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forward It has been said that the road of life is a long one, full of stopping places filled with memories. Although we have been at E.H.S. for six years, we hardly consider it a stopping place. Because through out the years that we have been here, we have been constantly moving forward toward bigger and better horizons. Now as our final year at E.H.S. draws to a close we recall all the events that have shaped the past years while we have been here. Not only the things we have done or the achievements we have accomplished, but also the friends we have made and the things we have learned by working with others which have made us better persons. As time goes on, these memories which now are so dear to us may fade. So we the class of '72, in order to preserve them, present to you the LANCE as a lasting token of the past, a work of the present, a hope for the future, and a picture of our final year at what is truly a "stepping stone" rather than a "stopping place" on our journey along the road of life.SUGAR GROVE FREE LIBRARY table of contents memoriams 5 administration faculty 9 photo essay seniors juniors 71 sophomores 75 underclassmen 81 activities athletics 95 123 advertising 155Dedication HP $8 wm a msps ggasn sail ms VIIaw I 11 ■ « 9 «« ■ I ns 11 s Speaking for all those of the Eisenhower High School family who knew Art in different re lationships -- for the administrators, for the faculty, for co-workers and for students -the LANCE staff pays tribute to the memory of this man whose selfless devotion to his school and his love for the students and staffs led him to service above and beyond the call of duty. His willingness to help endeared him to all who knew him. Integrity and thoughtfulness marked his footprints; generosity and kindness made his life sublime. "Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. " ... Henry W. Longfellow 4His laughter was better than birds in the morning; His smile turned the edge of the wind. His memory disarms death, and charms the surly grave. Early he went to bed. Too early we saw his light put out; Yet we could not grieve more than a little while. For he lives in the earth around us. Laughs from the sky. C. Day Lewis William Michael Elslager Robin M. Lord son of Mr. Mrs. Orlando Trask son of Mr. Mrs. Robert Lord August 26,1952 - October 2, 7 977 July 24, 7 952 — October 2, 7 977 5DAVID LEROY MARSH Born at Akeley, Pa. on July 25, 1934, died at his home at R. D. 2 Russell on August 18, 1971. Was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Marsh, who survive. Also survived by his wife, June Sadler Marsh, whom he married on December 11, 1954. He also leaves four children, Lucinda, 15; Darlene, 13; Brett, 10; and Brian 4. Graduated from Sugar Grove High School in 1952 and was very active in high school athletics, playing on the County All-Star team in his Senior year in basketball. His interest in sports continued on all through his life, and he was an ardent supporter of all Eisenhower High School sports activities. He was a registered PIAA Basketball Official for 17 years. Dave was a great lover of horseshoe pitching and had taken part in horseshoe tournaments all over the eastern part of the United States and Canada. In 1966 was Class B Champion of the State of Pennsylvania. He was the founder, and president at the time of his death, of the Warren County Horseshoe League. This league has its courts at the grounds of the Warren County Fair Association at Pittsfield. Since his death the name of these courts has been changed to the Dave Marsh Memorial Pits.Memories of the ones we've loved . . . Still cast their gentle glow . . . To grace our days and light our paths . . . Wherever we may go. 1968 graduates richard emory hale son of Mr. and Mrs. Emory P. Hale February 26, 1950-January 4, 1972. He was married to Amy Bowen on August 8, 1969, also surviving a daughter, Laura C. Hale. He was sal-utorian of his class and was an active athlete at Eisenhower High School where he graduated in 1968. He was a member of the United Methodist Church in Sugar Grove. paul hasson lindemuth, jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Lindemuth December 2, 1948-July 13, 1971. Surviving are his wife, Roberta Tower Lindemuth and two sons, John Walter Lindemuth and Paul Hasson Lindemuth III. He entered our school as a senior and resided with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. John McGann of Akeley, Pennsylvania. 7We would like to show our appreciation to our parents for the happy memories that we will always treasure in this book. In the confusion of today's world, we as youth seek many things as the answers to our problems. All through our school years, it has been you, our parents, who have through your guidance, assurance, unfailing confidence in us, and love for us, readied us to step forward into the world of tomorrow. This is a world that for us is full of dreams, promises, and challenges for a bigger and better future. Our search for the answers to many of our problems ends in you and all the encouragement and understanding that you have given us during our school years and will continue to provide us with in the future. We would also like to express our gratitude to our advisor, Mrs. Pauline Norton, who unselfishly devoted countless hours of her free time so that we could create this yearbook and share all our precious memories with our friends and loved ones. For all these things and more, we the class of seventy-two say, Thank-You.ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTYboard of education seated left to right R. Pierson Eaton, Solicitor Henry S. Petersen, Vice President Melvin G. Keller, President Howard A. Thompson, Superintendent of Schools Charles R. Beck, Secretary of the Board standing left to right William A, Hollister James W. Pearson William M. Hill, Jr., Solicitor John E. Eberly Robert S. Johnson Leonard A. Pearson Ronnie D. Weller Karl H. Hoffmann Myron E. Jewell 10We, the students and faculty, welcome Mr. Ralph Brown, as the new principal to our school. He is replacing Mr. Harold Guthrie, who has accepted a professorship in the graduate school at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has been a pleasure to have served as your principal these latter months of 1972. Your many acts of kindness to me personally, your consideration for your teachers and classmates, and your vitality as a senior class--all have impressed upon me the memory of the Class of 1972. There are some who view their graduation with a certain sense of loss, an understandable viewpoint, for there is no turning back. Do you remember the experience of coming back to a familiar place after a long absence? Do you remember the feeling of separation, a certain sence of things not being as you left them? Graduation may be like that. None of you is ever really coming back to Eisenhower High School. Eisenhower could never be for you again what it has been. Graduations are sad for that reason. Fortunately, however, life is not a backward-looking but a forward-looking proposition; and people, especially young people, are resilient and resourceful. You have been prepared for this change in your lives. If we have done our jobs well, you face the future with hope, self-confidence, and purpose. It is my wish that you go boldly from this place; that you each determine to live a life fully and joyfully; and that you find meaning and happiness in your lives by freely giving yourselves to your fellow man. 11The 1971-1972 school year was noticably different for both faculty and students as several days throughout the year were scheduled as partial days for students. This is one small indication of the change that is taking place at Eisenhower to improve educational offerings to students. We know that the mode of living is changing rapidly and that society is placing many new demands on its members. We also know that society expects its educational institutions to determine student interests and needs and prepare students to hold productive positions which contribute to the good of mankind. In an effort to operate the educational institution more efficiently and more in line with contemporary educational and social thought, the partial student days were used by the faculty and administration to launch an extensive self study. Our purpose was simple: To revise the existing program to better meet the needs of today's student. The Class of 1972 may not directly benefit from this specific study but they will benefit by having their secondary school experience in a school that was open to new ideas and was constantly searching for avenue of improvement. It may have been more expedient to resist change and to earnestly pursue the status quo. Doing the same kinds of things day after day without due regard to their educational and social merit is not in the true spirit of the Eisenhower High School, however. Be proud of the opportunities you have had as a student at Eisenhower to develop many of the skills needed for a responsible and wholesome life. As graduates of the school, each member of the Class of 1972 has a great responsibility to carry the spirit and tradition of the school always. DR. HAROLD D. GUTHRIE, Principal. The graduating class of 1972, graduates as one of distinction. You are the first to complete the cycle under the Eisenhower Plan. We have watched your growth, your maturation, your acceptance of challenge and responsibility given you by this school. You have done well, but it has not been without conflict. Our faith in each other as individuals has never been seriously challenged. This high school is better because you were here. You have helped this school mature because you were willing to work hard to make things better. Your graduation will mark another milestone which is a beginning and not an end for you. 1 have faith and pride in you because I know you will make this a better world to live in, because you will strive to achieve this end. Congratulations to you! May you achieve a greatness worthy of you and your ability as an individual. JOHN NEESE, Assistant Principal. 13guidance special education MRS. PAULENE SCHMIDT Indiana University of Pa. Penn State B.S., M.Ed. Guidance Couselor MR. CLAIR CABLE Special Education Master of Art Degree Secondary Education imc MR. ROBERT CLARNER B.A. in Ed. Penn State M.Ed. in Secondary Ed. Penn State P.D. in Guidance, University MISS MABEL REESE of Wyoming Seattle Pacific College B.S. Clarion State College Librarian Activity: Bible Club 14MRS. PAULINE NORTON Clarion State College B.S. Penn State M.Ed. English Activities: Yearbook, FTA MR. J. DENNIS ENCSTROM Upsala College, A.B. English and Speech Activities: Head Track Coach, Ass't. Football Coach, Cinderbelles MRS. LYNN WILTSIE Lock Haven State College B.S. English Activity: Lancer Advisor languages MRS. SHARON CROSSEN Point Park College Edinboro State College B.S. in English English Activity: National Honor Society MR. ROBERT HUNT Edinboro State College B.S. Spanish Activities: Ass't. Basketball Coach, Spanish Club MRS. CARMEN LIVEZEY Taylor University B.A. Latin and English Activity: Bible Club MR. THEODORE DORRION Clarion State College B.S. Edinboro State College M.Ed. English English Department Head MR. MICHAEL SCHULTZ Lock Haven State College B. S. Graduate Studies St. Bonaventure, Bucknell U., Temple U., University de Toulouse French MR. JOSEPH CROSSEN Gannon College B.A. Reading 15mathematics 4- X' A +■ V ■A 7- X ■r n -f x X 4 X ) -f MR. PATRICK BLACK B. S. and M. Ed. Mathematics Edinboro State College MR. JOHN BRUNECZ B. S. and M. Ed. Mathematics Edinboro State College Advanced Mathematics, Logic Activities: Sr. Class Advisor, Thespians MR. JERRY HOFFMAN Mathematics Edinboro State College Activities: Jr. High Track Coach Mathematics Indiana University B.S. Penn State M. Ed. MISS NATALIE PERRY Mathematics California State College B.S. Activity: Cheerleader Advisor MISS LINDA VINTON Mathematics Slippery Rock College B.S. P cr t cr p £ + n o 16science MR. ROBERT H. CARBERRY Clarion State College B. S. Edinboro State College M. Ed. Activities: Science Club, Golf Club. MR. WILLIAM SHERWOOD Science Edinboro State College B. S. Activity: Assist. Basketball Coach. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute B. S. MR. RICHARD RITTER Biology, Science Survey Washington-Jefferson College B. A. in Biology Activity: Photography Club. Activity: Chess Club. L" MR. ROBERT SWANSON Science Slippery Rock College B. S. Antioch College M. S.T. Activities: Outdoor and Conservation Club. 17MR. THOMAS FIRTH Boys' Phys. Ed. and Health Slippery Rock State College B. S. Activity: Head Football Coach. MR. BUDDNEIDIG Drivers Education Slippery Rock State College B. S. driver's education MRS. LUCILLE LEATHERS Girls' Phys. Ed. Oberlin College B. A. Activities: G.A.A. , Girls' Track, Girls' Intramurals, Girls' Intraschool Basketball and Volleyball, Girls' Bowling. physical education MR. ANTHONY ROSS Phys. Ed. and Health Kent State University Activity: Head Wrestling Coach. 18MR. ALAN BEAN Social Studies Edinboro State College Activity: Assistant Wrestling Coach. MRS. GWENDOLYN BURGETT MR. RONALD DUNBAR Social Studies Social Studies Edinboro State College B. S. Edinboro State College Activities: Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach. U "O O 3 MR. ALLEN NORTON Social Studies Indiana University of Pa. Activity: Assistant Football Coach. MR. WILLIAM D. OELSLAGER County Social Studies Coordinator Grove City B. A. , Kent State MR. RICHARD ROLLS University M. Ed. , Williams College, Social Studies Volparaiso University. Mansfield State College B. S. MR. WILLIAM WILSON Social Studies Gannon College B. A. 19business education MR. LARRY D. CONRAD Indiana University of PA. B. S. Business Education Activity: Press Club. MR. JAMES FALVO Robert Morris College B. S. Business Education Activities: F.B.L.A., Ass't. Football Coach. home-ec MR. THEODORE D. HEDMAN Edinboro State College Art Activities: Basketball Coach, Art Club. 20industrial arts vocational arts MR. SOLOMON SHEPLER California State College, B. S. Industrial Arts Activity: Girls' Hobby Club. MR. LEECROWTHERS California State College, B. S. Industrial Arts Activity: A-V Club. music MR. HARRIS J. LANZEL Music Education, B. S. Graduate Work at Northwestern U. Mansfield State College Music Activity: Instrumental music. MR. RAYMOND CAREY Penn State University, B. S. Agricultural Education Activity: F. F. A. MR. JAMES CASLER Eastern Nazarene College, B. S. Music Activities: Jr. and Sr. Choir, Guitar Class, German, Record Club. 21Mrs. Virginia Lindquist Secretary High School Office Mrs. Edna Durlin Secretary Library (IMC) Mrs. Joyce McNaughton Library (IMC) secretaries and aides Mrs. Sondra Brown Secretary and Central Treasurer High School Office (1st part of year) Mrs. Fay Mclnturff Audio- Visualhealth services Mes. Mary Schorman Millard Fillmore School of Nursing R. N. Edinboro State College B. S. Dr. Melbum Landin School Dentist Miss Karen Pelchar Speech Therapist 23cafeteria staff. Geraedine Marsh, Supervisor Doris Buchanan Terri e Lester Mary Lou Lindell Rose Christianson custodian staff. Roberta Van Ord o C Karen Johnson Pearl Hawkins Mae Anderson Lillian Rockwell 24busdrivers Claude Crosby Richard Gage William Roberts Laura Zuck Jannice Shaffer Vinton Finzer £ I Joe Rutsky Orie Pudder Carol Falconer Ralph Babcock Marion Tompson May Anderson Bruce Edwards Donald Turner o CL V o cr custodial staff Emerson Spicer - Head Custodian Walter Anderson Virgil Spicer Earl Hawkins Everill Waite 25MISS LaPOINT Science student teachers MRS. DIES Girls Phys. Ed. yearbook staff candids 26teacher "The return of . .. ? 27student teachers MRS . KATHERYNE ANN WATKINS English Edinboro State College B. S. 28 RICHARD ARTHUR GRIFFIN Mathematics Edinboro State College B. S.PHOTO ESSAYresponsibility . . . to whom? . . . how does one develop it? .. . does our system help? . . . yes . . . does it? ... Editor-in-chief Even though it seemed we could never find pictures, lists, or layout sheets and we were always on the verge of panic to meet our deadlines which came all too soon, the yearbook was finally completed. We think you will be pleased with the changes and additions in this year's book, and we sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it, especially twenty years from now when you glance through these pages, asking yourself if that's what we were really like. We would like to thank Mr. Ritter for his help with the photography, and Mrs. Norton, too, for her time, advise, knowledge, and help in preparing this book. In addition we would like to express our appreciation to the faculty for their cooperation when we needed it. We think you will agree that this is a very special yearbook. Chairman of Finance OuJ (RdtUj Chairman of Advertising 32It Loren" if Kim ii LOREN RICHARD ABBEY April 17, 1954 College College Prep. Basketball 9-12, letter 12; Volleyball 10-12; Bible Club 9-12; Art Club 10,1L CYNTHIA ROSE AGNEW September 2, 1954 Get a job Vo-Tech; Distributive Ed. Bible Club 7-11; F. B. L. A. 11,12. RALPH KIMBERLY A'HARR AH September 11, 1954 Whip Mohammed Ali College Prep. Wrestling 9,10,12; Football 1L MARCY ROSE ALLENS ON August 10, 1954 Nursing College Prep. Cinderbelles 10-12, Historian 12j‘ Lancers 9-12, commander 12; Student Council 10-12, Secretary 10; National Honor Society 11,12; G. A. A. 9-12, President 12; Senior Class Vice President; Choir 11,12; Girls Track 10; 100 Mile Club 10; Yearbook Staff; Bowling 10-12; Girls Intramural Volleyball S Basketball, U. V. A. L. Champs 11; Thespians Junior Class Play; F. T. A. 9-10; Executive Committee. "Cindy if 34 "Mouse""Fred" © FRED WILLIAM AISPAUGH August 16, 1954 Truck Driver Football 8-11; Track 8,10; Intramural; Volleyball 10,11. MARY KATHLEEN (Stiver) Andersen March 19, 1954 Secretary Work Secretarial Business Majorettes 9-12, jacket, letter, pin, Majorette Camp 1970-71; Choir; National Honor Society 11-12; Press Club 12; Junior Class Play 11; Gym Show 10; Yearbook Staff 12; Office Assistant 12; Student Council 2. MICHELE RUTH ARTHUR November 12, 1954 Vo-Tech School Vo-Tech; Distributive Ed. Girls Hobby Club 7-8, Secretary 8; librarian 9, certificate 9; Bible Club 8-9; F. B. L. A. 10-12, Secretary 11, award 10-11, pin 11, Second Place Shorthand I, Regional Convention; Girls Softball 7-12; Press Club 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Senior Banquet. JAMES WILLIAM BACKSTROM April 14, 1971 Mechanics General Cross Country-Track, 9-11 "Kathie” "Jim tt 35 "Michele”"Sue" SUZANNE RENEE BAUER March 4, 1954 Radio Announcer College Prep. Cinderbelles 9-12, chairman 12, Board of Directors 10, certificate, charm, letter, trophy; Lancers 9-12, secretary 11,12, chevrons, jacket, charm, certificate; Girls Track Team 9-12, letter 9-12; Student Council 10-12; Class President 10; Co-President 11; Yearbook Staff; F. T. A. 8-12, State Convention 10; Press Club 10,11; G. A. A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket, key; Gym Show 9-12; Thespians; Class Play 11; Choir 10-12; Intramural Volleyball C Basketball 10-12; Bowling 9- 12, trophy 9; Office £ Nurse Assistant 10-12; French Club 9-12; Camera Club 9; 100 Mile Club; Record Club 9. JO LYNN BEEDLE May 13, 1954 College Clerical Cheerleading 9; G. A. A. 10-12; Girls Track Club 9-12; Intramural Volleyball; U. A. V. L. Champs; Basketball 12; Press Club 12; Yearbook Staff; Thespians; G. A. A. Track Meet 9; Bowling 9,11, trophy, Tournament 10, Sports Booster 9; Softball 10. PAMELA SUE BENSON October 11, 1954 College College Prep. Lancers 9-12, chevron, brac-let, jackets; Cinderbelles 9-12, Statistition 12 charm, letter, trophy; National Honor Society 11,12; G. A. A. 10-12, secretary 12; Scorekeeper 11,12; Bowling 9-12; Class Play 11; Yearbook Staff 12. NATALIE JANE BEYELER March 6, 1954 Veterinarian College Prep. Thespians; Band 9-12; Class Play; Student Council 12; National Honor Society 11,12; G.A.A. 10-12; Volleyball 10-12; Bowling 11; Class President 12; Class Secretary 10; Varsity Club 10-12; Varsity Cheerleader 10- 12, letter, jacket, award; Cinderbelles 11,12, certificate, charm; Track 9-12, letter, 9-12; Yearbook Staff 12; Gym Show 10,11. "Jo' ’Nal" 36"Tim ’Curt’ ’Rose’ TIMOTHY MARK BRA LEY September 2, 1952 Civil Service, State Police College Prep. Bowling; Junior High Football £ Basketball, Junior High Choir. ROSE MARIE BRAN CHAU D September 4, 1952 Get a job Vo-Tech; Distributive Ed. Bible Club 7-10; F.B.IA. 11, 12; Girls Softball 8,10,12; Bowling Trophy 10,11; Bowling 8-12. DEBORAH LOUISE BRANT May 13, 1954 To help someone General Art G. A. A.; Bible Club; Student Council Parlimentarian 11,12; Prom Attendant 11. ELBURN CURTIS BRIGGS June 16, 1954 College-Engineer College Prep. National Honor Society 11,12, President 12; Track 9-12, letter 10-12; Basketball 10-12, letter 12; Varsity Club 11,12; Chess Club 11,12; A. V. Club 11; A. V. Crew 10-12; Choir 10-12, District Chorus 11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; Alumini Visitation Committee; Football Photographer; Intramural Volleyball. 37"Kathy" "Joy »i "Paul" JOY FRAN BRIGGS March 2S, 1971 College College Prep. G.A. A. 9-12, letter; Varsity Club 11-12, letter, jacket; Cheerleading 9-11, jacket, cheveron, pin, letter, varsity jacket; Thespians; Junior Class Play; Gym Show 10-12; Bowling 11, A. J. B. C. Tournament; Junior Homecoming Attendant; Volleyball Intramural; Yearbook Staff; Senior Banquet Committee; Student Council 12. KATHRYN E. BROWN December 29, 1954 Keypunch Operator Vo-Tech; Data Processing G.A. A. 10,12; F.B. L.A. 10-12; Girls Softball 8,10,12; Bowling 8-12, Bowling Trophy 9-11; Bible Club 9; Sports Boosters 9. PAUL RAYMOND BROWN February 9, 1954 Landscape Architecture College Prep. Football 7-12; letter 11-12; Wrestling 11-12; Track 9-12, letter 11; F. F. A. 9-12; Varsity Club 11-12. DENISE ROBIN BRUNEZ September 4, 1954 Professional Bum Undecided Bowling 9-12, Trophy 10-11, Bowling Tournament 11, First Place, Bowling Emblem 10, Captain 12; G. A. A. 11, letter, pin; Track 10-12, letter 10, pin bar 11; Bible Club 7-10; Sports Booster 8-11, Sports Booster Honor Sweater 10, Sports Booster Emblem 10; Gym Show 10; Trouble 9-12; Junior Class Play Make-up Committee; Volleyball; Basketball; Intramural Sports; Math Assistant 12; Gym Assistant 11; Track Shirt 10,11; G.A. A. Shirt 10. 38 "Robbie Lou”"W.B. " WENDY ELLEN BRYAN April 13, 1954 Teaching College Prep. Cinderbelles 9-12, Secretary 12; Lancers 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook Staff 12; Girls Track 10,12, 100 Mile Club; Choir 9-12, District Chorus 12; G. A. A. 10; Junior Class Play; Bowling 10; F. T. A. 9; Language Club 10, 11; Library Assistant 10,11. BARBARA ANN BURFORD February 23, 1954 Nursing College Prep. G. A. A. 10-12; Bible Club 9-12, President 12; Freshman Attendant; Student Council Treasurer 11; Honor Society 11-12; J.H. Cheerleader 8, J. V. 9, Varsity 10-12, Secretary 11, Co-Captain 12; Varsity Club 10-12; Choir 10,12. DEBRA ANNE CABLE April 14, 1954 Nursing School College Prep. Lancers 9; Girls Track 9; G.A. A. 10-12; Volleyball Team 10-12; Spanish Club 11,12; Secretary Junior Class; Student Council 12; Homecoming Attendant 10; Choir 10-12. CHRISTINE LOUISE CARLSON February 15, 1954 College- Physical Therapy College Prep. Cheerleading 8-12, Varsity 10-12; Cinderbelles 9-12; Honor Society 11-12, Vice President 12; Varsity Club 10-12; G.A. A. 10-12; Bowling 9-12; Volleyball 9-12; Choir 11; Class Play 11; Thespians. "Barb" Chris 39CURTIS DEAN CARLSON October 16, 1954 Agriculture Science College Prep. National Honor Society 11-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Track 9-12; letter 10-12; Volleyball All Star Team 10-12; Football 7-12, letter 10-12. GLORIA JEAN CATHCART May 15, 1954 College College Prep. Cinderbelles 10-12, certificate, charm, letter, Board of Directors 11-21; Scorekeeper football, Wrestling, Track; Bible Club 9-12, Vice President 11-12; G.A.A. 9-10; Choir 12, Volleyball 12. PATTI LOUISE CLARK June 3, 1954 College College Prep. Choir 9-12; G.A.A. 11-12; Volleyball 11; Bowling 11 Trophies; Bible Club 9-12; Yearbook. CAROL LEE CONSTABLE October 7, 1953 Undecided Clerical Business Cheerleading 9; Yearbook Staff 12; Prom Committee 1; Bible Club 9-10. "Jean it 40 STACEY ANN CURRY February 4, 1954 College Clerical Business G.A.A. 10-12 letter, pin, jacket, charm; Girls Basketball 10-12; Volleyball 10-12; Press Club 12; Lancers 9-10; Bowling 9-12; Girls Track 10-12 letter; F. T.A. 9-10; Yearbook Staff; Bowling Trophy 9-10. GAYLE FAYE DALRYMPLE January 6, 1954 Undecided Vo.-Tech; Health Assistant; G. A.A. 11-12 MICHAEL L. DRISCOLL July 7, 1954 College College Prep. Basketball 10-12; Track 10-12; Volleyball 11-12; Bible Club 11; Varsity Club 11-12. DAVID LEE DRUM November 18, 1954 Trade "Gayle” "Otis" 41"Bobbie" "Ick »» ROBERTA ANN DURLIN October 16, 1954 Teacher College Prep. Honor Society 11,12; Thespians; Lancers Equipment Manager 11, 12; Cinderbelles 11,12; G.A.A. 10-12; Librarian Assistant 10-12; Choir 11,12; Office Worker 12; Press Club 9; Bowling 10-12; Yearbook Staff 12; F.T. A. 10; Junior Class Play; Language Club 10. LYNN BRUCE EDWARDS December 25, 1954 Undecided Vo. Ag. NORMAN MICHAEL ENGLISH June 9, 1953 Travel General Choir; Football 12. TIMOTHY EUGENE ENGSTROM December 26, 1954 Stay Happy General Business Bible Club 9-12. 42"Susie-Q" EVERETT PAUL ENOS February 2, 1954 To be successful Vocational Agriculture Wrestling 10,11, letter 11; F. F.A. 10-12; Bible Club 9- 12. JUDITH ANN EVANS September 30, 1954 Secretary Secretarial Business Majorettes 10-12, jacket, letter, pin, Majorette Camp, trophy, medal; Student Council 11; Choir 11,12; Bible Club 9; Gym Show 10; Press Club 12; Junior Class Play. SUSAN ANN FALCONER June 11, 1954 College Clerical Business G. A. A. 10-12; Bowling 7-12; Marching Band Color Guard 10-12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Press Club 12; Yearbook 12; Bible Club 7-9; Wrestling 12. THOMAS F. FLEMING July 12, 1954 Undecided Vo-Tech; Drafting Designing Football 8-10,12; Treasurer 10; Track 9; Bible Club 11,12; Field and Stream 9. 43"Mar MARY ANN FORD December 24, 1953 Secretary Business Secretarial Bible Club 9; G. A. A. 10-12; Press Club 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Wrestling Club 12. CAROL LYNN FOX May 5, 1954 Beautician, to succeed General Lancers, certificate, chevron 9; Sports Boosters 9; Bible Club 9, 10; G. A. A. 10-12 letter, pin, jacket, Track Meet 9-12; Bowling 9-12; G.A.A. Xmas Tourney, 2nd place A. J. B. C. 11; Basketball Volleyball Intramural 10-12; junior Class Play; Thespian 11,12; Press Club Co-Editor 12; 100 Mile Club 10,11; Yearbook Staff 12; Lunch Stand 12. GORDON MARTIN FRANK April 3, 1954 College College Prep. Bowling 7-12, Jamestown Area Champion 1970 Football 11,12, letter 12; Golf Team 11; National Honor Society 11,12; Student Council 12; Intramural Volleyball 11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; Chess Club 11,12; Fire Crew 11,12. ROSALIE E. VALONE GAGE September 26, 1953 Undecided Clerical Business Majorettes 9,10; Bible Club 9-11; Press Club 12; Choir 12. 44 t "Kay-Ro" "Rose""Dave TERRIE LEE GAGE July 19, 1954 Registered Nursing, Danny Vo.-Tech; Health Assistant Press Club 9-11; F.T.A. 9; Record Club 9; Junior Class Play; Choir 9,10,11, Madrigal Choir; National Honor Society 11-12; U.A.V. L. Champs; Thespians; Girls Track Club 9; Girls Intramural Volleyball, Basketball 11-12; Lancers 8-12, jacket, chevrons, gunbearer, certificate; Student Council 9-12; Student Council Convention 10; Bowling 9; 12, League Manager 12; Cinderbelles 11-12; G.A. A. letter; Gym Show 10; Junior Class Parlamentarian; Gym Assistant; Yearbook. DAVID JOHN GIBBON March 13, 1954 College, Chemistry Major College Prep. A.V. Crew 10-12; National Honor Society treasurer 12; Bowling 10-12; Chess Club 11-12. LINDA MARIE GLOTZ January 6, 1954 Write a novel Clerical Business Lancers 9-10 letters, chevrons, jacket; Press Club 10,12; Sports Boosters 9; Gym Show 10; Soft-ball 7-10; Office Assistant; Blood Band 12; Yearbook Staff. EVELYN ALICE GOURLEY April 28, 1954 Health Work Vo. -Tech; Health Assistant Choir 9; G.A.A. 10-12; Intramural Volleyball 10,12; Bible Club 9-12; Girls Track 9. "Eve" 45DALE GROVES April 7, 1954 To become a guest of honor at a Hugh Hefner testimonial dinner. Vo-Tech; Graphic Arts Bible Club 7-12. LINDA LORRAINE HAIGHT April 20, 1953 Marriage General Art Volleyball 10; G.A.A. 10. MARTHA LOU HANER June 25, 1954 Professional Bum Undecided Bowling 7-12, Captain 11-12; Third place trophy 10-11; G.A.A. 10-12; letter, pin; Bowling Emblem 11; Track 9-12, letter 11, Track Captain 12; Bible Club 7-10; Sports Boosters 8-11, Vice-President 11, Board of Directors 10; Gym Show 10; Trouble 9-12; Junior Class Play Makeup Committee; Volleyball; Basketball; Intramural Sports; Math Assistant 12; Gym Assistant 11; Sports Booster Emblem 10; Sports Booster Honor Sweater 10; Track Shirt 10,11; G.A.A. Shirt 10. DENNIS JOHN HARKINS August 23, 1953 Undecided "Linda" 46"Charlie" "Will" CHARLES WILLIAM HICE December 8, 1954 To succeed General MARY EMMA HINSDALE February 2, 1954 Working in a doctors office Business Girls Track 9-10; Bible Club 9; Marching Band 9-12, Junior letter, Senior letter, jacket 11. WILLARD BELMER HITCHCOCK September 8, 1954 Farming Vo. -Ag. Wrestling 9-12, letter 9-12, Trophy Holiday Tournament 11; F. F.A. 10-12; Varsity Club 11-12. HAROLD ALLEN HODGES March 22, 1954 Carpenter Vo.-Tech; Carpentry Football 7-12, letter 11,12; Field and Stream 7-9; Bible Club 10-12; Class Vice President 10. »t Mary" "Harold" 47"Debbie" "B.J. " DEBORAH ANNE HUTLEY June 12, 1954 Music Business Secretarial Bible Club 7-12, second Vice-President 12; Student Council 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Choir 9-12; Majorettes 9-12, letter, pin, jacket, Majorette Camp 70-71; Gym Show 10; Junior Class Play. RICHARD LEROY JENKINS December 26, 1954 Automotive Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9-12; Bible Club 7-8. BYRON LYNN JESPERSEN September 28, 1954 Farm Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9-12. BRUCE ELWOOD JOHNSON September 22, 1954 Service Vo-Tech; Carpentry Basketball; Football; Bowling; Volleyball; Clubs. 48ft Kenn” "Bob' DALE L. JONES October 31, 1953 To live! General ROBERT L. KLARK September 16, 1953 To live! General. KENNETH WAYNE LAIRD March 11, 1954 Electronic Technician General Science Club 8-11; Thespians 12. JACK CHASE LINDELL May 1, 1954 Farmer Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9-12, Green Hand Degree, Chapter Farmer Degree, Trip to Harrisburg; Volleyball 10,12; Wrestling 8-9. "Screw” 49"Cindee" "Chomp" "Dale it DUANE E. LINDSEY May 24, 1954 Electronic Engineer College Prep. Field G Stream 7-8; Football 8; Basketball 9; Audio Visual 10, 11; Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook Photographer; Radio Ama-tuer Club 12; Photography Club 12. CYNTHIA ARLENE LOHNES March 11, 1954 Receptionist Secretarial Business Majorettes 9-12, Head Majorette 11 G 12, trophy, jacket, letter, pin, Majorette Camp 1970-71; National Honor Society 11-12; Choir 11-12; Press Club 12; Gym Show 10-12; Treasurer 11; Yearbook Staff. DALE HERBERT LUNDMARK February 16, 1954 Drafting Engineer Vo-Tech; Drafting and Designing Football 11; Basketball 9-12; Che$s Club 11-12, Secretary 12; Volleyball 10-12. ROGER VINCENT LUVISON March 4, 1954 College College Prep. Football 7-12, letter 11-12; Basketball 8-12, letter 12; Track 7-12, letter 11-12; Wrestling Club 7; Field G Stream 8; Varsity Club 11-12, Co-President 12. 50 MRog”"Greg" "Hair" GREGORY AMES MANELICK December 19, 1954 Ecologist College Prep National Honor Society 11-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Wrestling 7-12, letter 10-12; Football 7-12, letter 11-12; Track 7-10; Volleyball. CATHY JEAN MANGINI July 24, 1954 Undecided Vo-Tech; Health Assistant Bible Club 9; F. T. A. 9; G.A.A. 10,12. DOUGLAS RAY MARTIN February 7, 1954 To live and experience. Clerical Business Track 9; Junior Homecoming Escort; Bible Club 9-11. AMBER LENORE MATVE August 27, 1954 College College Prep. Bpwling 9-12; Spanish Club 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Press Club 12; Bible Club 9-10; Yearbook Staff. i 51DEBORAH ANN MAZE October 18, 1954 To live Vo-Tech; Graphic Arts G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Girls Hobbey Club 8; Choir 7-10; Sports Booster 7; Bowling 10-12; Basketball 11-12; Volleyball 12; Yearbook Staff. JANET CAROL McCLAIN April 6, 1953 Go to Art School General GROVER P. McMILLIN December 5, 1952 Blacksmith Vocational Agriculture CRYSTAL ANN MELEEN September 5, 1954 College College Prep. Cinderbelles 9-12, Treasurer 12; G.A.A. 11-12; Thespians 12; Junior Class Play; Bowling 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12. "Bozo »! "Critter" 52"Norma "Penny" PENNY SUE MELQUIST July 20, 1954 Live not merely survive Vo-Tech; Health Assistant Bowling. NORMA LEE MILLER June 1, 1953 Undecided Special Bible Club 7-11. KAREN RUTH NELSON April 9, 1954 To help someone Secretarial Business Bible Club 9; Gym Show 9; Girls Track 10; Bible Club 10; G.A.A. 11; Press Club 12; Choir; Scorekceper 12. JEAN MARIE (WILLIAMS) OLSEN May 3, 1954 To stay happy College Prep. G.A.A. , letter, pin, jacket; Volleyball Tournament 10,11; Intramurals 9-12; Bowling 9-12, trophies 10-11, A.J.B.C. Tournament, First Place 10, Christmas Father-Daughter Tournaments; Intermural Track j Meet 9-10, ribbon; Varsity Club 10-12, jacket; Junior Class Play; Thespians 11-12; Cheer-leading, Jr. High 9, jacket, Varsity 10-12, letter, jacket, cheveron; Spanish Club 11-12; Gym Show 9-12; Bible Club 9-10. 53 "Lin" "Susie f» "Pat ft SUSAN LEE PARK November 21, 1954 Undecided Clerical Business Bowling 9-12; G. A. A. 10-12; letter 11, Treasurer 12; Lancer 9; Prom Committee 11; Yearbook Staff 12; Homecoming Queen. LINDA MARIE PASCARELLA January 26, 1955 To stay happy General J.V. Cheerleader 9-10, jacket, pin; Varsity Cheerleader 11-12, jacket, letter, chevron; Varsity Club 11-12, jacket; Bowling 11-12, Captain 12, AJBC second place trophy 11; Volleyball 11-12; Basketball Intramural 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Press Club 12; Gym Show 11-12; Lunch-stand Committee 12; Thespian Club 12; G.A.A. 12. PATRICIA ANN QUICGLE April 14, 1954 Computer Programmer Vo-Tech; Data Processing Press Club 8,9,12, Co-editor 12; Choir 9-10; F. B.L.A. 10-12; President 11, Second place state trophy in Bookkeeping I 10, First place regional certificate in Shorthand 111; National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook Staff 12. BONNIE LOU REPINE May 2, 1954 Secretary Vo-Tech; Food Service Girls Hobby Club 7-8; Librarian 9; F.B.L.A. 10; F.H.A. 11; Press Club 12; Yearbook Staff 12. 54 "Bonnie”JAMES LEONARD REPINE May 25, 1953 Undecided gS Vo-Tech; Graphic Arts .§S Librarian 9. 3J|S GAIL LYNN RILEY ||| April 25, 1954 ijjfi College-Business Administration Mil College Prep jjjjp Lancers 9-12, treasurer 11, 12, certificate, jackets, chevrons; Cinderbelles 9- 12, certificate, charm, letter, trophy, jacket; jggj National Honor Society 11,12, ggff secretary 12; Yearbook Staff 12, Mg! treasurer; G.A.A. 10-12, letter,Bg pin, bowling 8-12, trophy 10; {feS Gym Show 8,10,12; F. T. A. 7- Eig 10; Blood Bank Committee 12. ggi DANNY LEROY RISTAU ||| December 24, 1954 |||| Business Management lji| Business ftglj Bowling 9; Press Club 10, 11; £ £ Bible Club 9, 10; Prom Com- ||| mittee; Yearbook Staff 12; pH Concession Stand 12. RONALD LEE RISTAU June 5, 1954 College !»jfl Vo-Tech; Data Processing . Thespians 12, treasurer; Chess jgJ Club 11; National Honor Society 11,12; Junior Class Play; Choir 9-11. $23 55TERRY LEE RISTAL January 20, 1954 Golf Pro General Golf 10-11; Wrestling Club 7. BRYAN DAVID RODGERS December 4, 1954 College College Prep. Basketball 9-12; Golf Team 11; Intramural Volleyball 9-12; Chess Club 11-12; Spanish Club 11-12; A. V. Club 10-12; A.V. Crew 10-11; Lunch Stand Committee. NANCY FLORENCE RUPCZYK June 25, 1954 Quc Bisco College Prep. Thespians; G.A.A. 10-12; Yearbook Staff; Makeup Junior Class Play; Bowling 10, trophy; Language Club 10; F. T.A. 8-10; Lancers 9-12, certificate, cheverons, jackets; Gym Show 10,12; Sports Boosters 8; American Legion Essay Winner 8; Talent Show 7, 1st place; Hobby Club 7. ROSE MARY SCHULTZ November 8, 1954 College College Prep. Bible Club; Sports Boosters; National Honor Society; Junior Play; Cinderbelles; Rotary Exchange Student 12. 'Rose' 56"Irv" GAYLE ELIZABETH SHEPHERD April 12, 1954 Psychology College Prep. Lancers 7-12, flag bearer 8, color sergeant 9-10, drill sergeant 11-12, certificates, jackets, pin, bracelet, charm, Board of Directors 9-12; F. T. A. 8- 12, Secretary 9, Vice-President 10, President 11, County President 11, Harrisburg Representative 10, Teachers Tea Committee; G. A. A. 10-12; Bloodmobile Committee 12; Executive Committee 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Thespians 12; Junior Class Play 11; All School Play 12; Yearbook Staff; Student Council 10-11; Spanish Club 9- 12; French Club 10-11; Junior-Senior Prom Crown-bearer 11. IRVING VINCENT SMITH July 13, 1954 Locksmith College Prep. Bible Club 9-10; A. V. Club 11; Spanish Club 11; Chess Club 11-12. REBECCA LYN SOUTHWELL August 15, 1953 Have fun General Yearbook Staff; Sports boosters, Secretary 9; Volleyball 11-12; Track Manager, letter 11; Press Club 12; Thespians 12; Lunch Stand 12. RODNEY L. SPENCER May 7, 1954 Undecided General "ThacT 57"Gail" 58 "Loren"PATRICK EDWARD SWEENEY June 16, 1954 Hotel, Motel, 6 Restaurant Management Vo-Tech; Food Service Student Council 8-12, Vice-President 11, President 12, Convention 10; Committee for the Misuse of Unscheduled Time 11-12; Dress Code Revision Committee 11; Class President 9; National Honor Society 11-12; Junior Class Play; Thespians 12; Yearbook Staff; Choir 8,10,11, District Chorus 10-11; Football 7-12, letter 12; Track Manager 9-10; Head Manager 10, letter 9-10; Bowling 7-8; Varsity Club 11-12; E. H. S. Fire Crew 11-12; F.F.A. 9-10; Bible Crew 7-9. SHARON MARIE THORSON November 8, 1953 College College Prep. Choir 9,12; 7th Grade Choir; Nurse's assistant 8; Bible Club 8-12, Secretary 12; F. H. A. 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Library assistant 11-12; Senior Class Secretary; American Legion Contest 9,11; Yearbook Staff. STEPHEN MARK THORSON November 8, 1953 College College Prep. Choir 11-12, 7th Grade Choir; Science Club 7; Wrestling 7; Bible Club 8-12; A-V Crew 11-12; Yearbook Staff, Editor; National Honor Society 11-12. LARRY PAUL VAN CISE August 27, 1953 Music College Prep. Choir 9-12; Bible Club 7-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Junior High Basketball 7-9; Junior Varsity Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11-12, letter 11-12. 59DAVID CHARLES VanORD March 29, 1954 Outdoors Work General Football 9-12, letter 10-12; Wrestling 7-12, letter 9,11,12; Track; Volleyball; Varsity Club; Marine Corp Team 9-12. ERIC VAUGHAN November 5, 1953 College College Prep. Field G Stream; Camera Club; Bible Club; Bowling; Science Club. THOMAS MILTON VOTY December 2, 1954 College College Prep. Football 8-11; Golf 10-11. RICHARD E. WADSWORTH, JR. August 4, 1954 Armed Service Vocational Agriculture Wrestling 11-12, letter 11-12; F.F.A. 9-12; Varsity Club 11-12. 60"P.J "Nancy" NANCY CLARICE WEBER October 12, 1954 College College Prep. F.T.A. 10-12; G.A.A. 11-12; Girls Intramural Basketball; Yearbook Staff 12; Choir 11-12, pin; Spanish Club 11-12; Junior Class Play Makeup Committee; Marching Band Color Guard 10-12, jacket, letter 11, commander, pin 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Gym Show 10-11. PAMELA JOAN WEBSTER May 11, 1954 To live Vo-Tech; Drafting Design Choir 7-10; Press Club 8-9; Hobby Club 7; G.A.A. 10-12, pin, letter, jacket; Bowling 9-12; Basketball 11-12; Yearbook Staff 12. CRAIG ROBERT WILCOX May 30, 1954 Undecided College Prep. Bible Club 9-12. SUSAN YVETTE WILLIAMS February 21, 1954 College, Phys. Ed Major College Prep. Yearbook Staff 12; Cinderbelles 11-12; certificate, charm, photographer 12; Gym Show 7-12; Spanish Club 9-12; Girls Bowling 9-12, Second place trophy 11; Chess Club 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Exchange Student 11; Bible Club 7-11; Class Parlimentarian 11; Gym Assistant 10-12. "Blue" 61"Gummy "Mark" MARK JAMES YEVERSKY October 6, 1954 Be a bum General Basketball 9; Track 9; Football 10; Volleyball 10-12; Bible Club 9-12; Art Club 11-12. LARRY BILL YORK February 3, 1954 Auto Mechanic Vo-Tech; Auto Mechanics F.F.A. 9-12; Chess Club 10-12. E. ERNEST CARLSON July 30, 1953 Hells Angel General Football 7-12, letter 11-12; Basketball, letter, 11-12; Track, letter 10,12; Varsity Club 10-12. "Swede’ RICHARD BRUCE MacLEES December 7, 1954 Electronics Technician General 62senior superlatives Shortest, Tallest C. Hice D. Maze Most Athletic C. Carlson S. Curry Best Natured J. Beedle W. Hitchcock Tallest, Shortest G. Frank S. Park Most Musical N. Beyeler L. VanCise Most Talkative B. Southwell P. Sweeney Biggest Tease E. Carlson C. Meleen 65Most Dramatic C. Meleen D. Ristau Best Dancers D. Martin J. Briggs Most Likely to Succeed C. Briggs C. Carlson Biggest Flirts D. Martin C. Constable Best All Around F. Alspaugh D. Cable Most Humerous N. Weber K. A'Harrah Most Attractive G. Manelick J. Briggs Class Hot Rods R. Jenkins C. Fox Best Personality J. Beedle F. Alspaugh Biggest Eaters M. Haner B. Jesperson 66Most Ambitious Curt Briggs Sue Bauer Most Stubborn Gayle Shepherd Steve Thorson Most Courteous Debbie Cable Dale Lundmark Wittiest Carol Fox Pat Sweeney Quietest Karen Nelson Gail Spicer Man and Woman Hater Sharon Thorson Steve Thorson Friendliest Karen Nelson Roger Lubison Best Dressed Sue Park Dan Ristau Sleepiest Penny Melquist Mike Driscoll Most School Spirit Natalie Beyeler Roger Luvison 676869(bewcw© A» -eS Sue Williams Last Summer's Exchange Student This past summer I had the privilege of being International Fellowship exchange student from our school. I was given a scholarship to live in Rosario, Argentina, from June 13 to September 1, where I lived with Dr. Raul Pereyra and his family, which consisted of: Guillermo (Bill), 18, Viviana (Vivian), 17, and Ricardo (Richard), 14. They treated me as though I had been there forever, and so I enjoyed my stay and would very much like to return again soon. It's a shame that every student can't have the opportunity I have had, because they could learn so much more than any book or teacher could teach. 70T. Abbot J. Agnew C. Akeley S. Aldrich S. Almendinger J. Andersen V. Anderson D. Bair C. Barlow C. Bauer C. Black S. Berlin D. Braely D. Brennan G. Briggs D. Brown R. Brown P. Brunecz L. Bundy C. Burch P. Burch S. Burch S. Burd M. Cable M. Capron C. Carlberg D. Cathcart L. Church L. Couse M. Critzer R. Curry S. Dean B. Decker R. Diethrick D. Dunn R. Dyke S. Dyke S. Edson J. Falconer M. Falconer 72$ S. Houghwot T. Hunt V. Jones J. Kane D. Lawson D. Lemmon M A. Frazier T. Gertsch D. Ferrie M. Ford M. Groves C. Hall R. Glotz D. Grieb M. Hollabaugh C. Horner B. Hansen S. Harvey G. Keller S. Kellogg B. Lewis M. Levinson P. Lindell R. Lindell K. Lundmark M. Luvison R. Loomis C. Loomis D. Lyon C. Mack T. Mazzu M. McCullough 73 M. Manross S. MartinJ. Mortensor M. Morton M. Muare L. Nelson W. Newark J. Olsen R. Pangborn R. Parker V. Peters D. Pratt R. Pratz S. Reist L. Rollingei H. Sanders S. Sanders C. Schuman D. Shagla L. Shepherd S. Sherry P. Sisk A. Smith C. Snyder D. Snyder P. Spencer R. Spencer L. Stanton K. Stewart L. Stewart R. Thorpe A. Troutman C. Utegg T. Walker W. Weatherby B. White C. Wilcox J. Williams C. Wilson K. Wright P. Yesky 74SOPHOMORESR. Abbey W. Allen R. Arthur D. Aucfley S. Bauer S. Beedle D. Benson R. Biekark M. Black W. Block K. Bloomgren K. Bloomgren D. Bosko T. Braley D. Brecht C. Briggs P. Brooks E. Brown L. Brunecz D. Burch B. Burnett S. Bush D. Cable D. Cable D. Case K. Chapman L. Christenson C. Coffaro R. Consla K. Custer C. Darylmple S. Dow R. Driscoll D. Drum L. Edson V. Edwards G. English 76L. Falconer B. Folts R. Gage R. Gage K. Glarner W. Gruber S. Hanson H. Hardy R. Harvey K. Haupt R. Hayes S. Himes C. Hoiser C. Holden R. Hollabaugh G. Holt G. Hunzinger K. Jenkins J. Johnson R. Johnson S. Johnson R. Jones W. Kanar J. Keller D. Kemery J. King S. Knapp B. Kopx J. Landin M. Landin D. Lank E. Larson 77B. Lauffenberger R. Lawson B. Lemmon D. Lester J. Lindell J. Lindell D. Lindsey J. Litizinger I. Lord J. Lundmark D. Lyons G. Mangini J. Mangini L. Marsh B. Martin P. Merkle D. Miller D. Morningstar A. Morse M. Mortenson A. Munsee D. Nelson B. Nework K. Nosel K. Olds S. Parks B. Phillips T. Prettyman D. Quiggle D. Riggle pm W. Rollinger K. Sanden J. Sanders S. Sanders G. Schultz 78P. Seleni S. Shaffer A. Siliano T. Sisk M. Skinner M. Southwell S. Spellings J. Spencer L. Stackton R. Staton M. Staswoiski K. Steber S. Storms D. Swanson L. Thompson P. Tidrick R. Trawick D. Vibbert D. Wadsworth S. Walker B. White R. Wilson M. Wright D. Yesky E. Young K. Younie Absent: Keith Brundy Debbie Bui ton Kevin Cable Ricky Conssla Terry Davis Cancetta Houghwat Kathy Jackson Edward Clark Larry Perrin Mark Thompson Sharon Wolfe 7980 Do ya think she'll see us? Getaway route.UNDERCLASSMENY. Abbey B. Abbott M. Abbott C. Akeley W. Akeley D. Beedle E. Belin G. Belin C. Berg W. Biekarck A. Brown T. Brown N. Brunecz D. Burd B. Button J. Anderson J. Andersen L. Anderson D. Avellino P. Baxter W. Birt C. Branstrom A. Brant S. Brecht T. Brooks I. Campbell M. Carlberg C. Carlson K. Carlson R. Carlson L. Carlstrom D. Cathcart A. Chase D. Clark K. Clark M. Clark S. Clark H. Condron G. Comes M. Couse 82J. Curtis C. Dahler J. Darts S. Decker G. Edgren K. Flasher L. Ford K. Frazier M. Gage D. Glotz S. Eggleston G. Elberg C. Fehlman B. Fink B. Fisk C. Gruber B. Haie S. Haner J. Head M. Hinsdale P. Gourley B. Grant A. Gregory B. Grieb D. Groves J. Hodges M. Hodges K. Hunt L. Hunzinger R. Hutley D. Johnson C. Jones K. Jones B. Kitchell B. Knisley C. Knisley K. Landin H. Langford J. Lascola R. Lauffenburger 83M. Legere H. Lindell S. Lindell S. Lindell S. Lindell B. Lindquist K. Loomis L. Loomis V. Lundberg R. Lyon J. Martin K. Martin C. Manross D. Maze T. McFarland M. Miller D. Moore M. Moore P. Moravek R. Morse J. Morton G. Nelson J. Pangbom S. Perrin B. Peterson K. Repine G. Resh J. Riggle S. Rollinger S. Sanden C. Peterson T. Pratz P. Reid R. Reist D. Repine R. Schmitt D. Schwone T. Shaffer L. Shepherd D. Skinner 84M. Smith S. Scott T. Smith S. Sopher R. Southwell L. Spade F. Spencer P. Spencer R. Spencer M. Spicer D. Stewart J. Stewart D. Summerson G. Swanson L. Swanson R. Turner C. Tutmaher L. Tutmaher J. Utegg S. VanOrd ) m , i T. Swanson N. Thelin D. Tingue K. Thorpe R. Troxel S. VanOrd R. Walker C. Warner T. Watson R. Webster J. Williams B. Wilson M. Wright E. Yoder R. Zobrist David Abbey Paul Barnes James Burch Absent: Richard Giordon George Kline Klint Haight David Nuttal Donald Hulihan Steven Rutsky 85 $ A $ 'V © js, r S. Abbot L. Allen B. Anderson C. Anderson W. Anderson D. Arp D. Avellino C. Bailey E. Barrett S. Bauer D. Beedle D. Berg J. Bergstrom D. Biekarck D. Bloomgren S. Braley D. Brecht C. Briggs L. Brooks N. Brown P. Bryan R. Buck C. Bundy J. Burch S. Burch V. Christian M. Clark P. Clark S. Collins L. Consla K. Burd B. Cable C. Campbell J. Cataldo J. Chase T. Courtney R Crissman G. Critzer M. Custer T. Da it B. Darymple K. Dietrick M. Donaldson D. Drum P. Dyke 86J. Eaton R. Edwards B. Evans V. Evans D. Falconer K. Falconer L. Falconer J. Fleming L. Fox G. Frahm J. Frank D. Grant L. Gray B. Gregory D. Grow C. Hanson J. Hanson P. Hanson K. Haupt J. Hepbler L. Himes B. Hoiser D. Hallabaugh C. Hornstrom D. Johnson D. Jones J. Jones T. Jones V. Jones K. Kane E. Kibbey D. King C. Kitchel E. Kuzminski D. Landin J. Larson R. Lauffenburger T. Lester B. Lewis B. Lindell J. Lindell T. Lindell K. Lindell B. Lohnes J. Loomis 87M. Lundmark D. Luther D. Marsh B. Martin C. Martin K. Martin M. Matthews D. Matve ]. Malntyre M. McMillan P. Melquist C. Merkle B. Miller G. Miller J. Miller £ Si R T. Miller N. Morton G. Neese R. Olds J. Olson T. Oniek M. Osborne D. Perrin W. Peters J. Peterson K. Peterson B. Pratz D. Ried K. Retter R. Rickerson C. Riel L. Riley M. Ristau T. Ristau M. Robeson K. Rodgers L. Sanden K. Sanders D. Savko L. Schultz B. Shaffer A. Smith E. Smith K. Smith L. Smith 88A. Snyder D. Stanton M. Stanton A. Stewart P. Stewart G. Stoddard K. Stover D. Sumner C. Swanson T. Sweeny J. Tinelli D. Tomson K. Troutman R. Turner D. Uber L. Utegg M. VanOrd S. Van Tassell R. Vibbert L. Vinton T. Wade D. Walker D. Wilson D. Wilson M. Wolfe C. Wright C. Wright L. Wright D. Wrableski B. Yeagle K. Yeversky Vemer Christian Robert Franklin William Glotz Gordon Godden Absent: George Hitchcock Todd Loomis Claudia Murphy Tim Quiggle Charleen Stevens Shonnon Wolfe Jomison Yoder Ronald Zuck 89C. Abby T. Abbey M. Agnew W. Allen F. Avellino D. Barrett C. Baxter D. Bennettt R. Benson L. Berg S. Beyeler W. Birt C. Bloomgren M. Branchaud L. Brecht B. Brennan A. Brunecz L. Burch S. Cable S. Carl burg K. Carlson J. Carlson C. Carter H. Caruso R. Chase S. Clark L. Condrom J. Craig L. Craker T. Critzer T. Curtis M. Decker R. Decker A. DeRemer R. DeRemer D. DeVore D. Drum M. Dunham R. Eaton J. Eckert 90S. Edson J. Edwards J. Embrey R. English S. Falconer L. Fisher G. Folts E. Forsgren J. Frangione J. Frank V. Frederick P. Garris A. Giordon D. Glotz S. Grant K. Grieb J. Grow S. Hagberg B. Hall C. Hanson L. Hildum J. Hodges T. Holden J. Holt M. Hook K. Howard C. Hunzinger G. Hutchinson R. Hutley D. Johnson J. Johnson L. Jones L. ICnarr R. Knisley T. Knopf S. Landin M. Lascola S. Lester C. Lindell B. Little 91L. Lookinhouse A. Lundberg D. Luther R. Luvison M. Manelick P. Mangini G. Martin J. Martin R. May L. Mazzu D. Mclntyer R. MclntyTe J. Morelli M. Morse B. Moyer J. Nelson J. Osborne S. Park M. Perrin C. Peters R. Peterson B. Phillips J. Phillips J. Phinney S. Porter D. Pudder T. Reist B. Repine B. Riel S. Robert S. Rodgers V. Rosendahl L. Rowley K. Sanden J. Sanders L. Sanders V. Savko J. Schmitt J. Schwankee S. ShepherdJ. Sisk A. Smith E. Smith K. Smith T. Smith J. Sopher R. Spear P. Spelling C. Staswoiski M. Steber K. Stewart K. Summerson C. Thompson T. Trawick P. Troxell R. Valone D. Vibbert D. Wadsworth S. Warner T. Webster ££ D. Welch J. Wells C. Wenzel D. Westfall N. White D. Whitten R. Wilson D. Young T. Younie R. York Absent: William Miller Randy Rutsky Kellie Zuck Julia Moore Randy SwansonThey were talking about little old me... Oh, your impossible! ! ! A new diet: Eat all ya want. Not bad considering... Water, water, water. Just to be alone. more candids Out new Janitorial Staff. 94ROW 1. Linda Church, Kim Lindell, Pam Merkle. ROW 2. M. Custer, J. Knapp, C. Bundy, C. Mur-phey, L. Riley, J. Neese, B. Peterson, S. Bauer, P. Clark, D. Wilson. ROW 5. L. Wright, G. Shepherd, S. Bauer, N. White, L. Brecht, D. Luther, L. Jones, M. Moore, R. Wilson, C. Abby, S. Bra-ley, A. Stewart. ROW 4. E. Brown, M. Osborne, T. Prettyman, M. Mortenson, W. Block, C. Akeley, C. Gruber, N. Weber, C. Merkle, L. Falconer, D. Miller, Mrs. Norton. F.T.A. F.B.L.A. Mr. Flavo, M. Falconer, S. Dyke, P. Quiggle, C. Wilson, V. Peters, S. Burd, M. Arthur, C. Ag-new, K. Brown. 96ROW 1: S. Shepherd, J. Darts, C. Carlson, G. Resh, T. Younie, D. Case, P. Melquist, J. Martin; ROW 2: N. Beyeler, J. Briggs, S. Bauer, M. Levinson, T. Onick, A. Smith, G. Hutchinson, M. Decker; ROW 3, Advisor Mr. Wilson, J. L. Johnson, S. Stuart, P. Sweeney, S. Kellogg, R. Parker, Advisor Mr. Black; ROW 4: G. Schultz, T. Walker, R. Brown, T. Gage, M. Allenson, B. Thelin, M. Luvison, D. Cable, L. Schultz, President P. Sweeney, Vice-President B. Thelin, Secretary J. L. Johnson, Treasure S. Stewart. student council a-v crew TOP: D. Lindsey, D. Gibbon; MIDDLE: B. Rodgers, G. Holt, S. Thorson, C. Briggs, Advisor Mr. Crowthers, BOTTOM: B. Lindquist, S. Aldrich, S. Decker, Absent: L. Church. 97ROW 1: D. Hutley, G. Riley, N. Beyeler, C. Lohnes, C. Carlson, C. Meleen, N. Rupczyk, S. Williams, C. Carlberg, P. Sweeney, S. Brown, C. Bauer, M. Levinson, M. Groves, C. Lindell,; ROW 2: Advisor Mrs. Cros-sen, G. Shepherd, S. Falconer, S. Curry, S. Stanton, W. Bryan, R. Durlin, S. Thorson, N. Weber, B. Burford, A. Matve, C. Utegg, C. Wilson, R. Ristau,; ROW 3: P. Benson, P. Quiggle, D. Lemmon, D. Gibbon, P. Bru-necz, S. Thorson, C. Briggs, D. Lindsey, M. Allenson, C. Johnson, T. Gage, R. Thelin, M. Luvinson, C. Carlson. honor society librarians SEATED: B. Lemmon, M. Mortenson, W. Allen, C. Black, R. Lyons, L. Edson; STANDING: D. Tingue, L. Smith, A. Chase, T. Braley, M. Smith, R. Decker, K. Haupt, Advisor Miss Reese, Mrs. McNaughton; ROW 2: G. Belin, J. Pangbom, S. Thorson, R. Durlin, C. Warner, R. Jones, E. Larson, Mrs. Durlin. 98ROW 1: S. Cable, B. Gregory, B. Folts, T. Siliano, I. Smith, M. Hollabaugh, S. Edson, Advisor B. Bacchetti, D. Gibbon, A. Smith, T. Reist, C. Carlson, A. Giordan; ROW 2: J. Frank, G. Hitchcock, K. Lundmark, S. Dean, C. Loomis, G. Frank, B. Rogers, P. Brunez, A. Crosby, M. Capron, K. Sanden, D. Lundmark, S. Bauer. chess club thespians ROW 1 SEATED: C. Carlberg, M. Levinson, S. Eggleston, B. Abbot, D. Summerson, D. Moore, A. Fraizer, V. Jones, S. Smith; ROW 2: D. Brown, C. Hall, N. Rupszyk, S. Bauer, G. Shepherd, T. Gage, M. Allenson, B. Durlin, D. Ristau; ROW 3: Advisor Mr. Brunecz, C. Carlson, N. Beyeler, C. Meleen, L. Swanson, C. Johnson, N. Brunecz, P. Sweeney, R. MacClees. 99SEATED: D. Breck, D. Repine, M. Legere, S. Rollinger, }. Moreili; STANDING: D. Burd, D. Tingue, T. Las-cola, D. Greib, Advisor Mr. Schultz, K. Bloomgren, D. Lindquist, T. McFarland, S. Edsen. french club Spanish club SEATED: S. Aldrich, L. Stockton, M. Black, K. Nosel, C. Carlberg; STANDING: C. Johnson, R. Brown, Advisor Mr. Hunt, K. Rogers, P. Benson, C. Carlson, C. Meleen. 100FRONT: C. Carlson, N. Beyeler, J. Briggs, L. Pascarella, J. (Williams) Olson, D. Wadsworth, W. Hitchcock, D. Van Ord, S. Kellogg. BACK: P. Sweeney, M. Driscoll, L. Van Cise, R. Parker, M. Yeversky, E. Carlson, G. Manelick, C. Carlson, B. Thelin, M. Levinson, R. Luvison, C. Akeley, C. Carlberg, C. Bauer, B. Burford, S. Stewart. varsity club wrestling club ROW 1: L. Utegg, G. Critzer, B. Glotz, G. Folts, M. Wolfe, M. Lundmark, D. Welch, R. Lauffenburger, D. Skinner. ROW 2: K. Diethrik, D. Tingue, R. Vibbert, D. Whitton, J. Nelson, K. Stewart, J. Williams, J. Keller, J. Lascola, D. Uber, B. Decker, D. Lauffenberger. ROW 3: Mr. Bean, advisor, A. Snyder, D. Bettle, L. Brooks, G. Hutchinson, M. Perrin, J. Jones, D. Pudder, L. Hildum, P. Dyke, B. Undell, T. Lindell, J. Lindell, T. Sweeney, Mr. Ross, advisor. ROW 4: J. Fleming, K. Martin, J. Olsen, S. Van Ord, D. Cathcart, K. Martin, R. Zobrist, J. Anderson, T. Swanson, M. Spicer. ROW 5: L. Glotz, S. Falconer, M. Ford, D. Maze, P. Webster, A. Matve, B. Grant, J. Anderson. 101senior LEFT TO RIGHT: L. York, E. Enos, B. Jesperson, W. Hitchcock, L. Edwards, R. Jenkins, M. Mortenson, D. Law-son, J. Lindell, L. Stanton, R. Brown, Mr. Carey, Advisor. junior f.f.a. BOTTOM: D. Blair, R. Fink, S. Borland, D. Lester, C. Johnson, S. Lindell, S. Breck, T. Mortenson, R. Turner, A. Chase, R. Thorpe, G. Kline, T. Weatherby. TOP: B. Jesperson, J. Anderson, T. Davis, D. Morningstar, R. Wilson, D. Lyons, R. Davis, H. Sanders, J. Williams, D. Lawson, J. Lindell, S. Harvey, L. Stanton, S. Kellogg. 102fha ROW 1: D. Repine, M. Legere, C. Loomis, J. Martin, M. Carlberg, K. Flasher; ROW 2: C. Repine, J. Martin, K. Carlson, M. Couse, J. Hodges, Y. Abbey, C. Warner, M. Hodges, B. Hale, Mrs. Siefert; Advisor. press club E. Falconer, C. Manross, A. Gregory, M. Arthur, Mr. Conrad, P. Quiggle, B. Repine, S. Falconer, D. Spicer, L. Pascarella, M. Ford, C. Lohnes, C. Fox, R. Gage, B. Southwell, K. Bloomgren, K. Andersen, S. Hansen, K. Nelson, A. Matve, J. Evans, J. Lindell, K. Bloomgren. 103conservation club ROW 1: M. Staswoiski, R. Southwell, P. Baxter; ROW 2: L. Tutmaher, K. Thorpe, D. Pudder, J. Craig, L. Hil-dum, J. Nelson, B. Birt, T. Luvison, J. Lindell, R. McIntyre, T. Knoff, S. Decker, M. Stever, M. Branchaud; ROW 3: E. Forsgren, L. Christenson, J. Johnson, M. Landin, J. Landin, S. Clark, B. White, J. Sanders, B. Hall, R. York, B. Chase, T. Smith, G. Shultz, Mr. Swanson, Advisor. " science club LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Carberry; Advisor, D. Hulihan, L. Hunzinger, K. Landin, J. Head, R. Webster, S. Sanden. 104amateur radio club LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Crowthers, WA39GR Advanced Class, B. Linquist, H. Condron, L. Swanson, D. Lindsey WN39GR Novice Class, S. Decker WN39ZG Novice Class, R. Schmidt WN3RXG Novice Class, J. Schmidt, M. Smith. stage crew LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Decker, G. Holt, B. Linquist, B. Johnson, W. Rollinger. 105photography club SEATED: Mr. Ritter, advisor, B. Johnson, L. Couse, T. Abbey. STANDING: R. Turner, T. Braley, C. Loomis, T. Webster, F. Avellino. SEATED: R. Trawick, K. Frazier, L. Carlstrom, F. Spencer, D. Glotz. STANDING: H. Caruso, K. Haupt, R. Kitchel, S. Rutsky, Mr. Hedman, advisor, B. Biekark, M. Gage, D. Abbey. 106ROW 1: N. Rupczyk, S. 'urry, M. Haner, G. Riley, G. Shepherd, T. Gage, M. Allenson, D. Maze, P. Webster, B. Durlin, M, Ford; ROW 2: J. L. Beedle, C. Meleen, C. Carlson, N. Beyeler, D. Spicer, P. Benson, L. Pascarella, C. Fox. S. Bauer, S. Falconer; ROW 3: J. Briggs, S. Parks, S. Stanton. seniors g.a.a. underclassmen ROW 1- C. Snyder, C. Carlberg, A. Frasier, C. Schuman, V. Anderson, L. Shepherd, J. Olson; ROW 2: J. Lin-dell S. Dyke, D. Brennan; ROW 3: S. Storms, S. Shaffer, R. Stanton, S. Himes, C. Mack, B. Phillips, S. Reist, J. Kane, L. Edson, L. Stockton, M. Southwell; ROW 4: B. Burnett, D. Brecht, D. Riggle, S. Hanson, S. Almendinger, S. Johnson, D. Benson, M. Wright, S. Beedle. M I 107ROW 1: R. Stanton, B. Burnett, M. Southwell, M. Black, K. Noselj ROW 2: D. Grieb, K. Lindell, S. Hanson, K. Chapman, S. Beedle, M. Wright, D. Benson, R. Lawson, Advisor: Mrs. Dias. dance club record club FRONT: R. Hayes, K. Wright, W. Gruber; ROW 1: L. Consla, P. Burch, S. Burch, M. Dunham, D. Burch, J. Carlson, C. Baxter, A. Raleigh, L. Kanarr, K. Hunzinger, P. Troxell, L. Burch, C. Bundy, B. Riel, C. Thompson, V. Fredricks, S. Edson, C. Wright, D. Johnson. ROW 2: J. Holt, S. Hagberg, D. Quiggle, C. Burch, L. Brunecz, L. Berg, K. Summerson, T. Younie, C. Grieb, J. Morelli, S. Lester, M. Critzer, C. Peterson, L. Fox, M. Manelick, D. Walker, J. Loomis, D. Drum, P. Mangini. ROW 3: S. Roberts, K. Campbell, K. Smith, S. Anderson, R. Lyons, J. Bergstrom, M. Hinsdale, G. Fehlmen, R. Hutley, D. Beedle, H. Lindell, G. Nelson, J. Knapp, B. Newark , A. Morse, E. Larson, D. Button, B. Miller, B. Fisk. ROW 4: M. Moore, K. Trawick, V. Savako, K. Sanden, D. Savako, E. Smith, C. Hoiser, C. Smith, C. Carter, V. Rosendahl, R. Loomis, A. Smith, T.. Davis, R. Gage, R. Hollabough, J. Lindell, L. Nelson, A. Smith, R. Davis, D. Nelson, D. Burd, E. Smith.office assistants ROW 1, R. Stanton, D. Hutley, J. Evans, C. Mack, L. Stockton, V. Peters, D. Breck. ROW 2, S. Bauer, J. Beedle, B. Durlin, S. Curry, L. Stwart, C. Wilson. C 03 • cr 03 CT) D C B. Decker, J. Lindell, C. Lindell, C. Wright. guidance assistants Elaine Smith, Donna Savko Debbie Spicer 109 Linda PascarellaROW 1: J. Moore, C. Bloomgren, J. Eckerd, C. Riel, C. Knisley, R. Knisley, D. Wilson, D. Luther, J. Heppler, D. Hutley, J. Cathcart, B. Burford, S. Thorson, Miss Reese. ROW 2: J. Johnson, C. Hanson, L. Craker, S. Landin, S. Porter, J. Hodges, S. Carlberg, S. Beyeler, J. Phillips, S. Shepherd, A. Lundberg, L. Mazzu, J. Sopher, C. Black, C. Marsh, D. Cathcart. ROW 3: D. Glotz, K. Howard, J. Osaborn, T. Shaffer, E. Belin, K. Hunt, S. Parks, L. Vinton, C. Scandreth, P. White, J. King, S. Storms, B. Lewis, T. Abbott, M. Cable. ROW 4: S. Warner, B. Phillips, M. Brown, G. Jones, P. Troxell., D. Marsh, R. Jones, D. Dunn, D. Braly, C. Lindell, T. Braley, G. Belin, M. Moore, C. Barlow, S. Thorson, bible club bible club officers President: B. Burford First Vice President: S. Thorson Second Vice President: D. Hutley Secretary: J. Cathcart Treasurer: C. MarshROW 1: C. Holden, D. Dunn, C. Jones, M. Moore, L. Edson, D. Blair, S. Burch, P. Buch, D. Burch, M. Critzer, C. Black, B. Decker, W. Allen, S. Parks, L. Brunecz, C. Wright, S. Wolfe. ROW 2: P. Merkle, S. Martin, C. Snyder, D. Brennen, C. Schuman, C. Lindell, C. Coffaro, D. Hutley, S. Sanden, M. Manross, J. Agnew, R. Arthur, S. Almendinger, G. Resh, D. Lindsey, T. Prettyman, L. Shepherd, V. Anderson. ROW 3: N. Weber, J. Evans, D. Brant, K. Nelson, C. Lohnes, J. Briggs, R. Glotz, B. White, D. Lindsey, L. Christensen, T. Me Farland, C. Felmen, P. Clark, J. Cathcart, J. Knapp, S. Bush. ROW 4: L. Swanson, M. Allenson, S. Thorson, B. Durlin, S. Bauer, W. Bryan, P. Brunecz, L. Van Cise, S. Thorson, M. English, C. Briggs, D. Cable, B. Burford, C. Marsh, B. Lelmon, Advisor, Mr. Casler. district choir M. Allenson L. Van Cise C. Briggs W. Bryan D. Hutley senior choir112 ROW 1: S. Burch, S. Lester, J. Hodges, M. Dunham, V. Fredericks, L. Mazzu, J. Johnson, T. Younie, S. Landin, N. White, C. Bailey, J, Burch, B. Lohnes, P. Gourley, B. May, D. Bennett, K. Howard, S. Beyeler, S. Shepherd, J. Phillips, L. Brecht, S. Edson, J. Sopher, D. Drum. ROW 2: E.’Smith, K. Zuck, S. Hagberg, J. Osborne, J. Holt, J. Moore, B. Bu Hon, D. Westfall, S. Roberts, D. Falconer, B. Dalrymple, T. Quiggle, L. Gray, D. Landin, D. Moore, A. Brunecz, B. Anderson, K. Summerson, M. Manelick, D. Walker, C. Carter, B. Phillips, L. Falconer, S. Parks. ROW 3: M. Osborne, D. Savako, D. Wrobleski, P. Ganis, J. Bergstrom, L. Craker, G. Jones, S. Bauer, S. Carlberg, K. Hunzinger, L. Wright, L. Smith, D. Sumner, A. Stewart, D. Stanton, D. Burd, P. Spelling, B. Chase, A. Smith, B. Pratz, S. Porter, D. Thompson, S. Collins, C. Briggs, K. Kane, P. Melquist, C. Bloomgren. ROW 4: E. Falconer, A. Gregory, C. Manross, C. Gruber, K. Hunt, C. Merkle, N. Brown, D. Perrin, C. Smith, D. Brecht, G. Nesse, T. Ristau, L. Schultz, B. Cable, S. Clark, S. Brecht, R. York, C. Martin, L. Riley, D. Marsh, K. Burd, J. Me Intyre, T. Onick, L. Fox, K. Jones, Advisor, Mr. Casler. junior choir senior concert band ROW 1: N. Beyeler, K. Lindell, P. Merkle, C. Fehlmen, ROW 2: D. Brown, L. Swanson, K. Olds, M. Hinsdale, B. Peterson, C. Caffaro. ROW 3: M. Moore, C. Carlson, L. Spade, C. Akeley, T. Prettyman, J. Morton, S. Dyke, B. Lemmon, D. Cable, ROW 4: S. Decker, S. Sanden, M. Morton, G. Resh, K. Landin, S. VanOrd, M. Landin, J. Landin, E. Young, K. Hutley. ROW 5: S. Bauer, V. Jones, C. Akeley, K. Sanden, R. Webster, L. Hunzinger, S. Dow, D. Hulihan, D. Nelson, K. Steber, C. Marsh. concert band officers: district band 1972 G. Resh-Assistant Librarian D. Dyke Steve Sanden-Librarian D. Brown V. Jones- President N. Beyeler M. Morton- Vice-President C. Akeley absent: D. Cable-Secretary-Treasurer 113►—• ROW Is C. Merkle, L. Mazzu, K. Sanden, K. Hunzinger, J. Phillips, J. Osborne, ROW 2: M. Osborne, C. Hanson, B. Riel, S. Beyeler, E. Smith, M. Branchaud, L. Hildum, D. Pudder, J. Martin, S. Parks, A. Lundmark, D. Westfall, ROW 3: S. Bauer, K. Kane, R. Turner, S. Abbott, K. Burd, S. Ed-son, M. Custer, S. Porter, J. Schwanke, M. Steber, J. Franjione, N. White, D. Young, S. Landin, N. Brown, A. Smith, B. Phillips, D. Glotz.’ROW 4: R. Dyke, V. Rosendahl, J. McIntyre, S. Cable, M. Decker, J. Sanders, D. Barrett, B. Olds, L. Sanden, D. Drum, B. Yeagle, M. Stanton, D. Landin, A. Stewart, M. Van Ord, M. Donaldson, D. McIntyre, J. Nelson, ROW 5: Mr. Lanzel, Jack Wells. junior band officers Lynn Sanden-Secretary-Treasurer Dale Drum-President Ella Barrett-Vice-President Dean Stanton-Librarian Arhtur Stewart-Librarian Cayne Lindell-Librarian-absentcolor guard FRONT: N. Weber; BACK: B. Hale, S. Falconer, D. Lindsey, M. Hodges, Y. Abbey. Sue Falconer Nancy Weber marching band officers FRONT: K. Sanden, D. Brown, N. Weber, P. Merkle, G. Resh, S. Sanden; BACK: M. Morton, C. Akley, C. Lohnes, D. Cable. 115the e.h.s. "knights" drum majorettes Dale Ann Brown Pam Merkle 116marching band "seniors C. Lohnes, N. Weber J. Evans, S. Falconer, D. Hutley, absent; M. Hinsdale, K. Andersen 117e.h.s. football squad ROW 1. V. Evans, C. Lohnes, P. Baxter ROW 2. D. Hutley, J. Evans, K. Andersen, K. Kane, head majorette "seniors" Kathie Andersen Cindee Lohnes 118 Judi Evans Debbie Hutleymajorettes candids 20 years later . . . basketball squad K. Kane, V. Evans, J. Evans, C. Lohnes, D. Hutley, P. Baxter. 119ROW 1: D. Cable, D. Brown, J. Morton, T. Prettyman, L. Dyke. ROW 2: C. Fehlman, D. Lindsey, C. Akeley, K. Sanden. ROW 3: Conductor, Mr. Lanzel, D. Hutley, E. Young, A. Stewart, M. Van Ord, D. Bosko, S. Decker, G. Resh, M. Mortenson, K. Landin, S. Sanden, absent B. Cable. stage band brass ensemble E. Young, D. Hutley, S. Van Ord, K. Steber, Mascot, S. Sanden, G. Resh, absent D. Cable. 120color guard M. Allenson; commander, G. Frahm, N. Rupczyk, K. Bloomgren, G. Riley, S. Bauer, P. Benson, B. Grieb, A. Brown, C. Tutmaher, D. Quiggle. drum line Eggleston, D. Grieb, W. Bryan, V. Jones corp line K. Akeley, L. Falconer, K. Clark, J. Hodhes, K. Carlson, L. Riley, L. Shepherd, G. Shepherd; commander, T. Gage, N. Thelin, J. Loomis, S. Shaffer, K. Hunt, C. Custer, L. Spade.commanders Pam, Gayle, Sue, Gail. Bobbi, Wendy, Nancy, Marcy, Terri. super seniors 1972 G. Shepherd, M. Allenson 70-77 lancers girls drill team. Niagara Falls Hurry up Bauer, that's an all BOYS corp in front of us!!! Arch Rivals-----Apollo Legionettes. Filling in at the State Parade, while our commander is on vacation. Our Fearless Leader! ??? If you don't do it right I'll make you carry a rock!! !varsity RIGHT TO LEFT: Jeff Sanders, Randy Brown, Stece Sanders, Dean Ferri, Paul Brown, Greg Manelick, Guy Shultz, Gary Briggs, Pete Brunecz, Steve Biekart, Zip Flemming, Harold Hodges, Rick Dyke, Tom Mazzu, Pat Sweeny, Ernie Carlson, Brad Folts, Sam Kellogg, Greg Manini, Randy Harvey, Jeff Mangini, Craig Briggs, Hobart Sanders, Raymond Parker, Dave Drum, Mike English, Dean Swanson, Rodger Luvison, Gordon Frank, Mike Smith, -Manager. MIDDLE: Dave VanOrd, Curt Carlson, Bob Thelin, Mike Luvison. 124jr. varsity ROW 1: Greg Mangeni, V. Edwards, H. Sanders, D. Ferrie, G. Griggs, Tom Mazzu, ROW 2: Jeff Mangini, J. Sanders, R. Dyke, S. Kellogg, R. Harvey, Mike, Smith, Manager, ROW 3: S. Sanders, S. Biekarch, R. Consla, G. Briggs, P. Brunecz, B. Folts, Coach, Mr. D. Engstrom.f Wol Wo G Q-t -( 5 ON} 126 mL 127jr. high football ROW 1; E. Kuczsninski, G. Foltzs, B. Decker, T. Curtis, J. Edwards, C. Carlson, C. Branstrom, D. Luther, M. Donaldson, J. Franjones. ROW 2: J. Frank, D. Summerson, L. Hunzinger, S. Smith, B. Lindell, J. Lindell, B. Yago, D. Landin, K. Falconer. ROW 3: J. King, G. Hitchcock, T. Pratz, L. Himes, B. Cable, D. Johnson, T. Luvison, R. Flemming, R. Shimdt, L. Tutmyer, D. Beedle, L. Lookenhouse. ROW 4: B. Brennen, J. Olsen, R. Goirdon, B. Shaffer, N. Brunecz, T. Sweeny, B. Kitchel, D. Cathc ft, J. Curtis, L. Schltuz, S. Lindell, ROW 5: R. Zuck, S. Biekark , T. Swanson, S. VanOrd, T. Ristau. 128coaches Mr. Falvo, Mr. Engstrom, Mr. Firth, Mr. Norton, Mr. Dunbar. managers Brian White Randy Rickerson Mike Smith Randy Laufenburger Absent, Head Manager Bob Curry scorekeepers Linda Church Gloria Cathcart 129varsity basketball FRONT: E. Carlson, L. Van Cise, M. Driscoll, L. Abbey, R. Driscoll. BACK: Manager, M. Yeversky, C. Briggs, B. Thelin, D. Lundmark, R. Brown, R. Luvison, Coach, Mr. Dunbar. ike 50 Sheffield 53 Southwestern 58 Clymer 49 Sheffield 49 Cassadaga 40 Clymer 53 Frewsburg 62 West Forest 83 Jamestown 51 Youngsville 49 East Forest 70 Sparta 55 Tidioute 49 Cassadaga 46 Frewsburg 53 Southwestern 31 46 47 53 52 47 130 opponent 77 75 79 99 44 65 46 83 27 58j. v. basketball FRONT: R. Abbey, M. Landin, D. Cable, D. Ferry, M. Luvison. BACK: Coach, Mr. Hedman, C. Johnson, E. Young, S. Dean, D. Swanson, J. Landin. ike opponent 47 39 43 44 39 58 52 65 68 48 43 55 64 45 53 45 39 69 48 48 Sheffield Southwestern Clymer Sheffield Cassadage Clymer Frewsburg West Forest Jamestown Youngsville East Forest Sparta Tidioute West Forest Jamestown East Forest Youngsville Sparta Frewsburg Southwestern crrij 131t v. X 'VVAJL-9th grade basketball FRONT: T. Pratz, D. Johnson, S. Smith, D. Summerson, S. Decker, R. Webster. BACK: Manager M. Smith, D. Maze, B. Kitchell, J. Curtis, N. Brunecz, S. Van Od, R. Giordan, Coach Mr. Hunt. ike opponent 32 Randolph 38 54 Tidioute 38 25 Corry 48 23 Sheffield 45 47 Sheffield 86 33 Sparta 32 17 Beaty 44 39 Youngsville 27 35 Sparta 37 30 Beaty 60 36 Tidioute 38 31 Youngsville 26 134jr. high basketball uui ROW 1: D. Young, B. Lohnes, R. Olds, L. Gray, D. Beedle, D. Landin, D. Johnson, M. Clark, L. Himes, L. Schultz, D. Sumner, R. Rickerson, R. Brennan, D. De Vore, J. Frank, T. Curtis. ROW 2: Coach, Mr. Sherwood, B. Birt, W. Allen, L. Hildum, J. Schwanke, A. Brunecz. L. Lookenhouse, D. McIntyre, C. Carlson, D. Burg, T. Sweeney, R. Zuck, G. Stoddard, R. Eaton, T. Luvison, M. Van Ord, S. Cable, M. Smith, T. Jones. The seventh and eighth grade basketball teams were very successful during the 1971-1972 season. Each team won the championship in their respective league. Other teams in the league were Youngsville, Sheffield and Tidioute. The seventh grade team finished with a record of seven wins and two losses, while the eighth grade completed their second straight undefeated season with nine wins and no losses. Every player contributed to the success of the team. The accomplishments of these players tends to make the future of Eisenhower basketball look very promising.coaches LEFT TO RIGHT Mr. Hunt Mr. Dunbar Mr. Hedman Mr. Sherwood managers Mark Yeversky Terry Jones Mike Smith Paul Bryan-Statistician scorekeepers LEFT TO RIGHT Linda Church Wendy Allen Pam Benson- absent 136varsity wrestling KNEELING: D. Bosko, S. Borland, W. Hitchcock, G. Spicer, J. Lindell, G. Spicer, J. Lindell, D. Schwone. STANDING: Coach; Mr. Ross, D. Van Ord, S. Kellogg, D. Wadsworth, R. Parker, G. Manelick, K. A'Harrah, P. Brown, Coach, Mr. Bean. ike opponent 27 Ripley 21 36 Randolph 21 36 Youngsville 12 30 Ridgeway 21 24 Oil City 30 41 Pine Valley 20 18 Southwestern 29 25 Salamanca 21 21 Falconer 36 36 Cassadage 10 43 Silver Creek 5 37 West Field 22 14 Maple Grove 33 35 Wattsburg 15 137AAV 138 oo A Oa cbAsj.v. wrestling ROW 1: K. Loomis, A. Brant, D. Skinner, D. Lauffenberger, L. Hunzinger, B. Martin. ROW 2: S. Van Qrd, T. Swanson, M. Spicer, C. Martin, G. Swanson, S. Lindell, B. Glotz, R. Spencer. ROW 3: J. Anderson, D. Cath-cart, B. Spencer, M. Morton, D. Lawson, J. Anderson, S. Grant, T. Watson, H. Lindell. ike 10 Ripley opponent 3 22 Randolph 3 42 Youngsville 17 46 Ridgeway 18 20 Oil City 33 10 Pine Valley 0 27 Southwestern 15 14 Salamanca 6 17 Falconer 23 9 Cassadaga 0 20 Silver Creek 15 34 Westfield 12 30 Maple Grove 15 9 Wattsburg 19 140jr. high wrestling ROW 1: J. Craig, M. Stanton, R. Benson, J. Nelson, B. Peterson, C. Lindell, D. Welsh, J. Lindell, M. Landmark. ROW 2: B. Chase, G. Hutchison, D. Uber, P. Dyke, R. Swanson, B. Yeagle, M. Donaldson, C. Wenzel, T. Smith. ROW 3: A. Snyder, K. Diethrick, J. Fleming, B. Cable, K. Martin, J. Olson, D. Stanton, T. Ristau, T. Knopf. The Jr. High Wrestlers work all season with one goal in mind: The Junior Olympic Tournament at the end of the year. It begins in Youngsville where the top two wrestlers in each weight class earn the right to compete at Ft. LeBouef. From there the champion wrestlers in each weight advance to the state finals at Dubois. We are looking forward to the trip to Dubois this year. 141Holiday Tournament Winners P. Spencer, D. Wadsworth, W. Hitchcock The Eisenhower grapplers coached by Tony Ross and A1 Bean turned in another successful season. The team began the year with basically a young and inexperienced squad. Where the team lacked wrestling experience and refined skill, complete teamwork combined with determination enabled them to put together a season of which they can be proud, Through their perseverance, the team posted a season with a dual meet record of 10 wins and 4 losses. The team was lead by Co-Captains Dick Wadsworth (15-0), and Dave Van Ord (11-4), and senior teammates Paul Brown (11-4-1), Kim A'Harrah (10-5), Willie Hitchcock (9-6-1), and Gail Spicer (4-8). The Knights placed third in their annual Holiday Tournament at Warren and came away with three individual champions, including Pete Spencer-95 lbs., Willie Hitchcock - 112 lbs., and Dick Wadsworth at 95 lbs. Paul Brown captured the runner-up trophy while all others placed third. The junior varsity wrestlers had a fine season on the mats compiling a record of 11 wins and 3 losses. Outstanding individual records were turned in by Mark Morton (10-2), Kurt Martin (6-0-1), Jeff Anderson (8-3), Tom Swanson (5-2), and Leslie Hunzinger (5-2). The entire junior varsity squad showed much promise in their ability to fill varsity spots to be vacated by senior wrestlers. The annual section IV tournament was held at Warren February 25th and 26th. The Knights scored 33 team points with 5 wrestlers placing and winning trophies. Willie Hitchcock 112 lbs. and Dick Wadsworth 154 lbs. advanced to the finals before they were eliminated, and forced to settle for second place. Dave Van Ord 133 lbs. and Sam Kellogg 138 lbs. both placed third while Ray Parker 165 lbs. placed fourth. 142coaches 143 Kim Lindell Sally Hanson Gloria CathcartIs this the right end? Next time you say your my best friend, I'm going to laugh! I saw a fish in there! You need scope! Yep, she said cat gut! ! ! I use brand X hairspray, can you tell? I won the Kentucky Derbe with her!girls basketball ROW 1. N. Beyeler, M. Haner, D. Spicer, S. Curry, B. Burnett, S. Himes, M. Stawoski. ROW 2. S. Stanton, S. Bauer, C. Carlburg, C. Bauer, K. Lindell, R. Stanton. ROW 3. J. Lindell, K. Bloomgran, S. Shaeffer, D. Brecht, C. Marsh, W. Block, C. Schumann. ROW 4. S. Beedle, D. Benson, N. Thelin, M. Carlberg, B. Pratz, D. Marsh. girls track ROW 1. S. Curry, T. Gage, M. Allenson, J. Beedle, D. Grieb. ROW 2. R. Stanton, S. Himes, M. Black, R. Lawson, M. Stawoski. ROW 3. Advisor Mrs. Dias, G. Hunzinger, K. Bloomgren, C. Marsh, W. Block, Advisor, Mrs. Leathers. 145varsity Natalie Linda Barb Chris Beyeler Pascarells Burford Carlson 146junior varsity Janice Debbie Case Diedra Sherri Olsen Brenda Phillips Benson Aldrich Luann Stockton junior high D. Grant B. Pratz J. Martin S. Collins M. Carlberg K. Lindellseniors 148 Linda Pascarellacandids Those mixed-up seniors! Only her hairdresser knows for sure. boy's bowling ROW 1. D. Falconer, T. Braley, A. Chase, D. Devore, J. Frank, B. Gregory, A. Giordan. ROW 2. M. Clark, M. Smith, S. Smith, J. Frank, G. Hitchcock. ROW 3. K. Loomis, G. Comes, L. Hunzinger, D. Nuttle, D. Lester, L. Christianson, ROW 4. B. Fisk, D. Beedle, D. Gibbon, G. Frank, ROW 5. D. Beedle, D. Maze, T. Braley, G. Balen, Advisor; Mr. Black.ROW 1: W. Allen, M. Levinson, N. Thelin, C. Carlberg, C. Marsh, K. Bloomgren, S. Shaffer, S. Hanson, D. Benson, L. Church. ROW 2: Mr. Engstrom, B. Decker, C. Bauer, R. Lawson, V. Jones, J. Cathcart, B. Burford, T. Gage, M. Carlberg, D. Cathcart, Mr. Hoffman. ROW 3: W. Block, S. Staton, B. Durlin, G. Riley, M. Allenson, W. Bryan, S. Bauer, P. Benson, C. Meleen, C. Carlson, N. Beyeler, S. Williams, D. Spicer. cinderbelle motto: officers: Chairman: Sue Bauer Secretary: Wendy Bryan Treasurer: Cris Meleen Historian: Marcy Allenson Public Relations: Bobbie Durlin Board of Directors: Seniors- Jean Cathcart Chris Carlson Junior- Connie Bauer Sophomore- Wendy Allen Freshman- Mary Carlberg We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about. Once upon a time there was a bunch of gals And they were known as the CINDERBELLES They had their rulebooks and they sure had fun At officiating track meets they are number 1 CINDERBELLES! Track and field officials CINDERBELLES! They have lots of fun CINDERBELLES! Track and field officials At officiating track meets they are number 1. 150"our eighth annual smorgasbord" 151 "Blowing Out the Candles on the Anniversary Cake." C-i-n-d-e-r-b-e-l-l-e!sugar grove bowling ROW 1: T. Gage, J. Beedle, S. Curry, M. Haner, S. Williams, S. Stanton, S. Bauer, G. Shepherd, P. Benson, C. Carlson, C. Meleen, C. Schumann, S. Falconer, A. Matve, R. Branchaud, K. Brown. ROW 2: M. Allenson, D. Maze, R. Lawson, B. Pratz, C. Bauer, G. Riley, D. Brennan, L. Shepherd, V. Anderson, I. Lord, P. Mel-quist, M. Wright, D. Benson. ROW 3: N. Thelin, K. Lindell, C. Akeley, B. Durlin, K. Hunzinger, C. Thompson, J. Carlson, S. Shepherd, M. Southwell, S. Beedle. ROW 4: S. Swanson, S. Almindinger, J. Lindell, S. Spelling, L. Sanders, J. Sanders, C. Caffaro, Advisor, Mrs. Dies. russell bowling ROW 1: J. Olson, N. Beyeler, S. Parks, C. Hall, A. Frazier, D. Spicer, L. Pascerella, C. Fox, P. Webster, D. Brown, L. Swanson, D. Riggle. ROW 2: L. Fox, J. Martin, R. Stanton, S. Himes, M. Black, B. Burnett, S. Dyke, J. Jones, S. Reist, J. Kane. ROW 3: L. Brecht, K. Frazier, S. Beyeler, B. Phillips, D. Brecht, W. Burt, B-Jones, A. Smith, S. Bauer, N. Brown, B. Peterson. ROW 4: T. Prettyman, D. Dunn, L. Mazzu, J. Phillips, A. Lundberg, K. Howard, S. Parks, Advisor, Mrs. Leathers.BACK: Father, Alicio Orlandi, Mother, Suzel Macedo Or-landi, Rose Schultz, 2nd son, Arnaldo Macedo Orlandi, oldest daughter, Angela Macedo Orlandi, oldest son, Alicio Orlandi Filho. FRONT: 3rd son, Aristrides Orlandi Neto, youngest daughter, Adriana Macedo Orlandi. rose in brazil Rose Schultz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schultz, and a member of the Class of 72, is the Warren Rotary Club's exchange student this year. Rose left last August for Sao Paulo, Brazil and will return this August. She was residing with the Orlandi family. She is now living with the Geraldo de Silria family and will be staying with another family before her return to the United States. She is attending school but is also learning other things, such as how to dance and how to cook-Brazilian style. Rose says she likes the food. She has found the people kind and sincere and is enjoying her stay very much. Rose wishes to thank the Rotary Club for making it possible for her to enjoy such an interesting and exciting experience. We the Class of 72 regret that Rose will not return in time for graduation and we wish her much success and happiness in the future. Mr. and Mrs. James Lamb, Rose's grandparents from Neward, New Jersey visited Rose in Sao Paulo at Christmas time. Below is a copy of the unique menu for Christmas dinner, including ten different fruits. PORK ROAST BEEF FARAFA RICE FISH SALAD SALAD LETTUCE TOMATO OLIVES PICKLES ROLLS BREAD HOLIDAY BREAD CHOCOLATE CAKE APPLES PEACHES PLUMS FIGS BANANAS ORANGES MANGAS PAPAYAS PINEAPPLE GRAPES Tried flour with dried fruit.our exchange student Mr. Matthew Beyeler, Mrs. Beyeler, holding Cara, Natalie (back), Sara, and Egda Zapata. Egda and Dana Beyeler Egda Marie Zapata came from El Viejo, a town in Nicaragua, in December of 1971. She has four brothers; Gilberto, Gustavo, Orlando, and Ramon, and four sisters; Rosa Lyllian Z de Arguello, Martha Z de Nunez, Myriam Z de Lanyos, and Janette Zapata. Her mother's name is Juana Francisco de Zapata. Egda stayed with the Beyelers in Russell. She likes the United States and Eisenhower High School. She is interested in our Secretarial Courses and the opportunity to become bilingual is her main reason for coming to the U. S., since it will open up better job positions for her. Egda's favorite pastime is shopping. She loves to buy clothes, especially since they are less expensive here in the United States than in Nicaragua. Egda was visited by the Forestville foreign exchange student, Hernaldo Zunga Gutierrez. He, also, is from Nicaragua. 154 Egda and Hernaldovaledictorian Stephen thorson salutatorian curt briggs historian roberta durlin honor students CYNTHIA LOHNES, CHRISTINE CARLSON, WENDY BRYAN, CRYSTAL MELEEN, GAIL RILEY, CURTIS CARLSON, SHARON THORSON, RONALD RISTAU, GAYLE SHEPHERD.reader's digest award Stephen thorson JO LYNN BEEDLE Physical Education Award. foreign language award susan williams CURT CARLSON Athlete of the Year Bauch and Lomb Award "1 Dare You" Award. speech award sue bauer library award roberta durlin NATALIE BEYELER instrumentalist of the year "I dare you" award. vocalist of the year debbie hutley JEAN MARIE (WILLIAMS) OLSEN too late ... but not forgotten.extras STEPHEN THORSON-National Merit Finalist-recieving NATALIE BE YELER-Instrumentalist of the Year, certificate from Mr. Brown, Principal. CORRY AKELEY-Jazz Musician of the Year. SHARON THOR SON-Letter, second year Library Voice of Democrary award Mr. Brown, Principal. SUE BAUER-First Place ROBERTA DURLIN-Pin, third year Library award. NANCY RUPCZYK-Third Place CHRIS CARLSON-Second Placetrack beginning track success endvolleyballGood Luck Class of '72 MR. MRS. CARLGLOTZ JR. WILLIS PHILLIPS BUILDING CONTRACTOR Rolling Hills Development New Quality Homes at Economy Prices Compliments of Russell, PA. Phone 757-4544 MIDTOWN MOTORS FORD Mustang • Falcon • fairlanc • Ford • Thundcrbird JOHN KOLSTEE ASSOCIATES □ FAULK VOLKS WAGON INC. Sales Parts Service Girin’s FLOWERS Sc GIFTS. INC. Your Friendly Service Florist Gary Olson, Owner Warren Penna. 16365 Volkswagen 2 Wire Services To Serve You Better 16 Hcrtid Street Phone 723-6100 Congradulations Class of’72 GLOTZ BUILDING REMODELINGj ttrn e I ADVERTISINGMELODY INN Compliments Busti-Sugar Grove Road of Jamestown, N.Y. Open Daily 12-1:00 VIRG-ANN FLOWER SHOP Compliments of DARLINGS JEAN CAROLL HAT SHOP Warren's Oldest Jewelers 334 Pa. Ave. W. Warren, PA. Warren, PA Compliments Audrey Carlson of COACH BEAUTY SHOP N. K. WENDLEBOE CO. Rt 2, Sugar Grove, PA Compliments of Compliments of THE STOKES STUDIO Fine Portraits STIENS LADIES SHOP 312 Second Ave. Warren, PA. 723-3060 334 Penna. Ave. Warren, PA BENSON’S YELLOW BLACK CHAS FOX GARAGE 5 Main St. Russell, Penna. Russell, Pa State Inspection Station 757-4710 33 Years Experience McCRAY'S HARLEY Congradulations Class of 1972 DAVIDSON SALES AKELEY GARAGE Jamestown N.Y. Akeley Pa. SWEENEY’S RED WHITE SUGAR GROVE WARREN DRYCLEANING 1507 Pa. Ave., E SWEENEY'S GROCERY Lander. PA Warren, Pennsylvania Compliments of TASTY BAKERY ANGES BEAUTY SALLON 330 Penna. Ave. W. 723-1480 Warren, Penna Warren, PA 156Best of Luck from THE SAVOY Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK CO. BOUTIQUE. WIG AND BEAUTY SALON SI4 Pennsylvania Ave.W. Warren. Pa.1 6365 814 723 -6610 Market St. Plaza Warren, Penna. Compliments of Compliments od J. V. C. C. CARSON FINANCE Warren. PA Compliments of JACKSON VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB LORETTS HARRY'S CERAMIC SHOP Warren. PA Compliments of JOHN POWLEY Compliments Nationwide Insurance LAWN GARDEN CENTER of B B SMOKE SHOP 14 mile E. of Glade Bridge Warren. PA DIANN’S FAB. SHOP Best Wishes Qulaity Fabrics Wide Selection 250 Penna. Ave. W. Warren. PA 723-8144 J. C. PENNEY STATE LINE SEED SERVICE Lloyd F. Wilcox, Dist. Stanford's Beachley-Hardy 157COMPLIMENTS OF NORTHWEST SAVINGS ASSOCIATION LIBERTY SECOND WARREN PA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS of 1972 SUGAR BOWL LANES Lloyd and Mildred Williams Sugar Grove, Penna. CONGRADULATIONS CLASS OF “72” MAHAN MOTORS S K G.M.C. C U R DATSON N PONY Horn of Km BIG TEE Bur? TRY OUR DELICIOUS TASTEE CRISP CHICKEN 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. 1606 P«. Av.., E. 726-1172 W rrtn, P«. 158WARREN STEEL THOMAS COUPLING DIV. REX CHAINBELTCADY'S CARD GIFT SHOP 22 Liberty Street Warren, PA 16365 Compliments of LEVI EPSTEIN SONS 410 Penna. Ave. W. Warren, PA 16365 R R FABRICS INTERIORS PHONE 723-3455 218 PENNSYLVANIA AVE., EAST WARREN, PA. RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. 31-35 Penna. Ave. E. “Complete Home Furnishings” HOUSE OF BIEKARCK 426 Penna. Ave. W “Warren's 400 Block” Everything in Music Phone 723-7910 THE RUSSELL FLOWER GARDEN 12 Liberty Street Ext. Russell, Penna. 16345 SMITH BUICK OLDS INC. Opel Cadett 11 Market Street Warren, PA 16365 w J £ □ 2 (J) 0 J □ Phon 723 1111 JARVIS CLEANERS - 219 Penn Ave West Warren. P . 16365 .5 2 po .s st o 160J i cuteA- “Where it’s at” COMPLIMENTS OF C. C. GREENE ENTERPRISES 161THE WARREN TIMES — MIRROR OBSERVER FIND OUT WHAT’S HAPPENING READ YOUR DAILY NEWSPAPER! NEWS, LOCAL, NATIONAL, WORLDWIDE SPORTS NEWS — WOMEN’S NEWS — ADVERTISING — — DIAL — 723-8200 DISPLAY ADVERTISING — CIRCULATION LOCAL NEWS — SOCIETY NEWS — SPORTS Classified Advertising Direct Line Dial 723-1400 162Compliments of PENNSYLVANIA BANK AND TRUST CO. 163COMPLIMENTS OF GAHRING OPTICAL LAB. WILCOX MARV'S STERLING BROTHERS SERVICE General Contractors “service is our specialty” Plumbing — Heating — Wiring Sugar Grove, PA Phone 489-3121 11 Main St. Sugar Grove, PA PA. State Inspection Station Phone 489-7435 164Best Of 92.3 Luck To The Class Of 1972 3 A° WALKER CREAMERY PRODUCTS CO. TURN-ON 92.3 U N 3A° NAE — AM RRN FM ARREN PA The only locally owner locally operated Dairy in Warren, PA 92.3 NEW PROCESS CO. II Million Customers Warren, PA Where over 11 million customers all over the United States shop and save by MAIL steadily growing since 1910 16bCompliments Compliments of of LES RETTBERG YANKEE AIRMAN Compliments of MARTIN KEYSTONE GEORGE’S FRIENDLY SERVICE STATE INSPECTION Chandler’s Valley 757-9534 DAIRY QUEEN OF WARREN AU New JEAN FROCK Same Location North Warren 326 Penna. Avenue Warren, Pa. CLYDE R. NORRIS TINY TOWN YOUTH CENTER Prescription Opticians 340 Penna. Avenue West 338 Penna. Avenue West, Warren Warren, Pa. Compliments of Compliments TOWN AND COUNTRY FOOD CENTER of Sugar Grove, Pa. PRINTZ COMPANY VALONE SHOE STORE Compliments of 336 Penn. Ave. GAUGHN’S DRUG Warren, Pa. Warren, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of LOGAN’S MARGARETS DRESS SHOP Best Wishes Compliments from of LEVINSON BROTHERS WAXMAN’S 166COWDRICKS PUTNAM’S DRUG STORE BOOK STORE Walgreen Agency Library Theater Bldg. Warren, PA. Warren, PA. Dependable Prescription Service Phone 726-0996 1972 RUSSELL Graduates CORNER GROCERY We love you 101 Conewango Street A A Russell, PA. Phone 757-8322 Congradulations to the DAN’S CHEVOLET class of 1972 413 PA Ave. East MISTER DONUT warren, PA. 723-7222 open 24 hours a day 7 days a week Warren, PA. 16365 SWANSON’S AMERICAN HARDWARE Compliments of Main Street Russell, Penna. BARRETTS Phone 757-8176 GARAGE 167Congratulations to the Class of “1972” BERTHOLD'S STUDIOCompliments Of UNITED REFINING CO. and Your Keystone Dealers CONGRADUALTIONS CLASS of 1972 from STRUTHERS NUCLEAR PROCESS DIVISION Division of Struthers Wells Corporation Designers and Manufactures of process equipment for chemical. Petroleum, Power and Nuclear Industry. G.T.E. PARTS DIVISION 816 Lexington Avenue Warren, Pennsylvania Phone 723-2000 169WALKER’S FEED STORE Russell, PA Phone 757-8446 CARTERSHOE STORE 106 Liberty Street Warren, PA. Put your Feet in our hands. STANTON BROTHERS AUTO CAR WASH BUILDING CONTRACTORS N. Warren Russell, PA A 4i Real Car Wash Phone 757-8859 or 757-8165 HANSON’S SKI SHOP Compliments of 213 Penna. Ave., East Warren, PA. 16365 TONY’S SANDWICH SHOP INFANTEENSHOP Compliments Warren’s Shop for Children of 229 Liberty Street Warren, PA. WARREN DRUG STORE Compliments of Good Luck Class of “72” NESMITH INSURANCE E. H. VOTY INSURANCE Phone 757-8224 Best Wishes From Compliments of WARREN SEWING CENTER ED JEN’S 231 Penna. Ave. W. Busti, New Yrok Compliments of COUNTRY DRTVF. IN w SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY R.D. 2, Russell, PA. 757-800U Sugar Grove, PA. WARREN GAS SERVICE Compliments Of Water Heaters — Stoves — Bottled Gas DAILY’S WARREN SUPER MARKET RUSSELL, PENNSYLVANIA 16345 Ray Rickerson Phone 757-4473 Warren, PA. 170DICK'S KEYSTONE SERVICE Official Inspection Station Tires Batteries Accessorires Comer of Jackson Run Rd. Jamestown Road Sugar Grove, PA. 16350 489-7815 the real thing Today's realities... Tomorrow's memories... Preserve them for always with your class ring... the ring people Represented by: RONALD E. RICHARDSON Box 771 Morgantown, West Virginia 26504 171PATRONS Mrs. W. A. Chuckhill Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Park Vo-Tech D. E. Store Charlie Carolyn Brant Aunt Sabe Mr. Mrs. William Tudor Drs. George Very! Riley Dolly Hice Mr. Mrs. Hagburg Carol. Sue, Dan Jim and Mickie liber Dan Cindy Vincent Mr. Mrs. Elwyn Ristau Davies Sons Sales Stervice Mr. Mrs. Frank Stroker Lewie Mayhe Mr. Mrs. Ed Baker, Eire, PA Mr. Mrs. Donald Valentine Bethany Brant Roxie Eldridge Irving Clutz Mr. and Mrs. James Gourley FACULTY Mr. Mrs. Edward Norton Mr. Robert Bacchetti Mr. Mrs. Richard Rolls Mr. Mrs. Merrill Livezey Mr. Mrs. Harland Brown Mrs. Joyce McNaughton Mrs. Marsh Mr. Mrs. John Mclnturff Miss M. J. Reese Mr. Mrs. John Brunecz Mr. Robert Hunt Mr. Mrs. William Wiltise Mrs. Edna Durlin Mrs. Virginia Lindquist Mr. Mrs. J. Denis Engstrom Mr. Mrs. Morton Williams 172lance staff SEATED: S. Thorson, G. Riley, C. Lohnes, L. Glotz, S. Bauer, Mrs. Norton, T. Gage. Absent: D. Ristau. editor-in-chief Stephen thorson Business Manager Gail Riley Advertising Editor Dan Ristau Copy-Co- Editor Cindee Lohnes Copy-Co-Editor Linda Glotz Layout-Co - Editor Sharon Thorson Layout-Co - Editor Terrie Gage Literary Editor Suzanne Bauer Photography Editor Duane Lindsey Sales Promotion Marcy Allenson Wendy Bryan Nancy Rupczyk Advisor Mrs. Pauline Norton editor's assistants D. Spicer, P. Sweeney, S. Falconer, B. Durlin, M. Arthur, B. Repine, B. Southwell, L. Pascarella, C. Constable, S. Parks. Absent: P. Quiggle, N. Weber. 173There's lots more interesting things we could be doing right now! All this for a chocolate chip cookie?! ?! ! ! Don't worry I'll pry it out of your hands. ! ! ! Duh. .. Ain't we industrious! It does not compute! If we don't do it my way, we WON'T do it at all! ! Now I won't need anymore barretts! !! Yeah, but we love it and we know it. ! !!Do you think I like their singing either??? I just drank 3 qts. of prune juice. ! It's my coloring book, and I want to color this one ! Latin Class I just ate the tops off of four of my fingers.autographs 176BV  ■ 1 "■ ■ - ' , Vj r K I J . Ml •!•'’ '»•%- 1 » 'ji' i.'.- 5 

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