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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1971 volume:

LANCE 71 THEFOREWORD "He that governs well leads the blind But he that teaches gives them eyes" With the passage of years, you may look back upon this school year as the time when the darkness of ignorance suddenly became bright with the gleam of knowledge . To preserve these moments and countless other experiences of our Senior Class and the classes that will follow in their footsteps, we have strived to capture the "eyes" and "mind" of the scholarship, the leadership, the activities, and character of Eisenhower High School. 2TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION 4 SENIORS 8 FACULTY 43 UNDERCLASSMEN 61 CLASS OFFICERS 65, 83 ACTIVITIES 85 ATHLETICS 111 STUDENT TEACHERS 142 YEARBOOK STAFF 144 ADVERTISING 147 Tl -0 3TIMOTHY LEROY BENSON October 29, 1953 — August 5, 1970(Dedication We remember -- His friendly smile --His laughter --His constant joy. We remember -- The fun we shared --The happiness he gave --The value of his friendship. We remember So much -- for he was one of us --And we dedicate this book That we may never forget. I cannot say, and I will not say That he is dead -- he is just away! With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand, He has wandered into an unknown land, And left us dreaming how very fair It needs must be, since he lingers there. And you -- O you, who the wildest yearn For the old time step and glad return, Think of him faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here; Think of him still as the same, I say: He is not dead -- he is just away! James Whitcomb RileyWe, the Senior Class, appreciate all the love and guidance, you, our parents have bestowed upon us. In response to the trust and confidence you have placed in us, we pledge ourselves to perpetuate your ideals which are embodied in these lines: To respect my children and in return To be worthy of their respect -- To have unbounded faith in my children, To allow them the dignity of their personalities, Not trying to make them over to my own desires -- To care well for my children's bodies, But not at the expense of their minds and spirit --To be cheerful and ready to laugh because Children love laughter as they love sunshine. To have infinite patience with my children And to make allowances for them, Because they have so much to learn, And I myself am not so very wise. To help them to choose The life’s work they are best fitted for Instead of gratifying through them My personal ambition -- To fit my children to meet life and people Bravely, honestly, and independently -- And through all misdemeanors both trivial and serious To love them steadfastly -- May love and understanding help me. We love you, parents of ours, for being so understanding and we thank you for the wisdom and courage you have instilled in us, and for making our youthful years with you so wonderful. 6There's an open gate At the end of the road Through which each must go alone, And there is a light we cannot see Our Father claims His own Beyond the gate your loved one Finds happiness and rest And there is comfort In the thought That a loving God knows best. John 14:2-3 Graduate 1959 Kathryn Eline Clark daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark January 30, 1942 -- November 1, 1969 Graduate 1965 Leslie Martin Graker son of Mr. and Mrs. George Craker husband of Linda Parker Craker June 19, 1946 -- September 19, 1970 Graduate 1965 Sandra Dobson King daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dobson May 22, 1947 -- February 22, 1970 7T. Shield T. Shield B. Fox R. Lohnes G. Head T. Allen B. Hoffner H. McCombs G. Resh J. Nesmith N. Arthur J. Carlstrom M. Elslager D. Gleaton C. Church C. Church T. Shields C. Motz G. McFarland B. Russell M. Groves B. Fox D. Gleaton M. Groves B. Hagberg T. Shield R. Parker R. Sliter T. Shield G. Alspaugh SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Best Dresser Most Attractive Class Cut-ups Most Artistic Shortest Tallest Most Musical Most Dramatic Most Athletic Quietest Most Talkative Biggest Tease Biggest Flirts Most Ambitious Most Likely to Succeed Best All Around Biggest Eaters Sleepiest Wittiest Man Women Hater Class Hot Rods Best Dancers Most Stubborn Most School Spirit Friendliest Most Courteous Most Humerous Best Personality Best Natured C. Nelson P. Park M. Troxell B. Onifer K. Machemer B. Channing S. Weber M. Eggleston D. Ludwick C. Loomis S. Gruber B. Channing L. Schowne L. Schowne M. Eggleston L. Carlson D. Schultz P. Park L. Carlson S. Weber B. Onfer B. Tutmaher B. Burnett A. Saunders K. Machemer A. Ramos G. Bennett S. Weber J. Branstrom D. Merritt D. SchultzVice-president Timothy Shields Secretary Caroline Lindell President Dorothy Schultz Treasurer Charles Church MOTTO: Our footsteps shall echo through the corridors of time. COLORS: Lemon and Lime FLOWER: Lily-of-the-Valley 9Dianne Louise Abbey "Dianne" April 29, 1953 Undecided General Color Guard 11-12, Comdr. 12, shirt, jacket, letter; Class Play Makeup Committee 11; Press Club 9-11; Record Club, President 12; Thespians; Yearbook Staff Dawn Darlene Akeley "Dawn" February 15, 1953 Undecided Secretarial Business Choir 11; F.T.A. 10; National Honor Society 11-12; Class Plays 11-12; Lancers 10-11, chevrons, jacket, treas. 11; Press Club 9; Thespians Tod Christopher Allen "Hoopie" March 17, 1953 Criminologist, outfielder College Prep. Basketball 9-12, letter 12; Football Manager 12; Hot Stove League; Class Plays 11-12; Marching Band 9; National Honor Society 11-12; Press Club 9-12; Thespians Christine L. Allenson "Chris" November 21, 1953 Special Ed. Teacher College Prep. Band 9-12, sec-treas. 12; Bible Club 10-12, sec. 12; Choir 12; Cinderbelles 12, sec. 12; F.T.A. 9-11; National Honor Society 11-12, pres. 12; Junior Class Play; Marching Band 10, 12; Student Council 10, 12; Yearbook Staff 10George L. Alspaugh "George” June 6, 1953 Driving General Football 9-12; Track 9-12; Varsity Club 12, president Donald James Anderson "Gum" December 3, 1953 Service General Track 9-12; Varsity Club 12; Wrestling 9-12 Neal Curtis Arthur ,rNeal" September 9, 1953 None General Track 9,10,12 Arthur Robert Audley "Art" July 1, 1953 New York Catcher, Funeral Director Thespian 11, 12; Hot Stove League Baseball 9-10; Science Club 9-12, President 9-12; Class Play 11-12 11Kathryn Jean Bair "Kathy" September 15, 1952 Undecided General Bible Club 9-12; Camera Club 12; Girl's Hobby Club 9; Girl's Track 11, letter lljF.H.A. 11; Record Club 9; Majorette 9, charm Gladys Virginia Bennett "Gladys" October 15, 1953 Secretarial Work General Business Choir 10-12; Class Play 12; F.H.A. 11-12, vice-pres. 12; Press Club 9-10; Thespians 12; Yearbook Staff 0 Lois Marie Black "Lois" May 11, 1952 Beautician Vocational Home Ec. Bible Club 9-12; Choir 12; Guidance Assistant 11-12 Janice Lenore Branstrom "Jan" December 27, 1952 College College Prep. Bowling 9-12; Choir 11-12; Class Play 11-12; Cinderbelles 11-12, treas. 12; G.A.A. 10-12, treas. 12, letter, pin, Jacket; Football Scorekeeper 12; Model U.N. 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Student Council 11-12; Thespians 12David Kermit Brown "Brown" April 1, 1953 Mechanics General Football 9-12; Track 9-12, letter 10-12; Varsity Club 11-12 Cynthia Terri Brunecz "Cindy" December 27, 1952 Undecided General Bowling 9-12, third place trophy; G.A.A., letter, pin, jacket, 10-12; Lancers 10, chevron, certificate; Press Club 10-12; Yearbook staff 12 Brian Burdick "Bird" December 25, 1953 Conservationist General F.F.A. 9-12, reporter 11, secretary 12, greenhouse and chapter degree; Gym Show 11; Field and Stream 9; Wrestling 9; Vo-Ag 9-11 Thomas LeRoy Brown "Hairy" April 28, 1952 To live College Football 9-12, letter 11, track 9-12, letter 9-12 13Bonnie Lynn Burnett "Bonnie" October 23, 1952 Undecided General Bible Club 9; G.A.A. 10G11; Girls Track 9-11; Gym Show 10; Press Club 10-11, Yearbook staff 12 Sandra Lester Carey "Sandy" May 30, 1953 Undecided Business Secretarial Cinderbelles 11, certificate Linda Louise Carlson "Lin" February 2, 1953 College College Prep. Band 9-10; Bible Club 9-12, Vice Pres. 11, President 12; Choir 10-12; District Chorus 10-11; Honor Society 11-12; Girls Volleyball 12; Marching Band 10, Sec. of Honor Society 12; Senior Class Play; Thespians Jeffrey Lynn Carlstrom "J. Carlstrom" June 29, 1953 Make Money College Prep. Bible Club 9; Football Manager 10; Intramural Volleyball 11-12; Nuisance 9-12; Science Club 10-12; Stage Crew 11-12; Track 11 14Elizabeth Anne Channing "Beth" July 4, 1953 Fashion Merchandiser College Prep. Choir 10-12, District 10-11; Class Play 11-12; Track 9-10, Volleyball 2; Intramural Sports 9-12; Lancers 10-12, Drill Sgt. 11-12, Board of Directors 11-12, certificate, pin, jacket, chevrons; Press Club; Thespians; Yearbook Staff 12 Kathleen Ann Christianson "Kay" September 3, 1953 Probation Officer College Prep. Band 9-12; Bowling 10-12; Cinder-belles 11-12; Choir 10-12, District 11; Class Plays 11-12; F.T.A. 9; G.A.A. 10-12; Marching Band 11; Thespians; Volleyball 12 Charles Clair Church "Charlie" September 5, 1953 Physical Engineer College Prep. Chess Club 12; Football Manager 10-12; Junior Class Play; National Honor Society 11-12; Science Club 9-11; Thespians; Yearbook Staff Business Manager and Editor Judy Bonita Clark "Judy" April 7, 1953 None General Business Bible 11-12; Librarian Assistant 9-10; Press Club 11-12 15Joseph Paul Coffaro "Joe" August 7, 1953 Undecided College Prep. Football 11-12 Linda Marie Constable "Linda" May 7, 1952 To Succeed General F.H.A. 9-10; Gym Show 9; J.V. Cheerleader 10, pin; Student Council 11; Yearbook Staff 12. Betty Joanne Cornelius "Betty Jo" October 17, 1953 Happy and Successful Life Vocational Home Ec. Cadets 9-10; Choir 9-10; F.T.A. 10; Lancers 11, certificate and chevron; Pep Council 10; National Honor Society 11-12. 16 Beverly Ann Courtney "Bev" January 24, 1954 Medical Technologist College Prep. Band 9-10; Choir 10-12; Gym Show 11;G.A.A. 10-12, Bowling Manager 11, Trophy, pin, and letter; Honor Society 11-12; Librarian 11; Marching Band Letter and Jacket; Majorette 9-12; Head Majorette 10, Drum Majorette 11-12; Volleyball 11.Randall Warren Diethrick "Randy" June 5, 1953 Trade School College Prep. Football 11-12. Lona Marie Dyke "Lona" September 17, 1952 College College Prep. Sr. Choir 12; County Band 11; Jr. District Band 9; Concert Band 9-12, Vice Pres. 12; Dance Band 9-12, Letter; Marching Band 9-12; assistant Librarian 12, Jacket, Letter, Pin, Shirt; Bible Club 9; Record Club 10, 12, Pres. 10, Sec-Treas. 12; Gym Show 9, 11; French Club 11-12; Press Club 11; Thespians 12; Yearbook advertising manager; senior, junior plays; Sr. District Band 12. Darlene Lynn Davis "Darlene" August 28, 1953 Undecided Business Bible Club 11; G.A.A. 10-11; Girls Track 10—11; Gym Show 10; Press Club 11-12. Doreen Ann Eger "Doreen" August 10, 1952 None General Bible Club 9-10; Choir 12; F.H.A. 9-10; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, jacket; Student Council 9.Mary Eggleston "Mary" September 17, 1953 To be a writer College Prep. Choir 10; Cinderbelles 12; G.A.A. 10- 12, letter, jacket, bowling trophy, v.p. 12; Homecoming Senior Attendant; Honor Society 11- 12; Jr. and Sr. Class Plays; Thespians; Lancer manager 11-12; Majorette 9-11; Yearbook Staff 12, Co-Business Manager. Nancv Jo Ellberg "Nancy" January 9, 1954 College College Prep. Bowling 9-12; Choir 10-12, district 12, G.A.A. 11-12; Jr. and Sr. Class Plays; Thespians; Press Club 9-12; Yearbook Staff, layout editor 12. William Michael Elslager "Joey" August 26, 1952 Make Money General Bible Club 9-12; Junior Homecoming Escort 11; Wrestling 9-12, letter 9-12. Gene Leroy Falconer "Gene" June 13, 1952 Go to a Tech. School General 18Diane Brecht Fox "D iane" November 20, 1952 Undecided Secretarial Business Cinderbelles 10-11, Board of Directors 10, charm, certificate; G.A.A. 9-11, letter; Gym Show 9 11; Track 9-11, letter 9-11, trophy, medals. Charles Bruce Fox "Bruce" March 1, 1953 Mechanic General Mechanic Club; Bible Club. Dan Glcaton "Gleaton" March 25, 1952 Motorcycle Thud General Stage Crew; Junior Class Play; Thespians. Dorothy Glotz "Dork" September 10, 1953 Secretary Secretarial Business Lancers 10-12, Chevrons, jacket; Press Club 11-12. 19Gary Allen Gourley "Gary" October 22, 1952 Undecided Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9-12; Secy. 11, Pres. 12; Livestock management 11, Penn State F.F.A. Week 10; Star Green Hand 9; Steer Show and Sale 9-12; Soil and Water Management 11; Varsity Club 11-12; Varsity letter 11; Varsity Wrestling 11-12; WICU T.V. 9-10. Mike Groves "Mike" November 20, 1952 College College Prep. Football 12, letter. Sandra Kay Gruber "San" March 10, 1953 Undecided Secretarial Business Choir 10-11; F.T.A. 10-12; Honor Society 11-12; Junior play committee 11; Lancer manager 10; Press Club; State convention 10. Robert Allen Hagberg "Bob" June 10, 1953 Unknown College Prep. Varsity Football 9-12, letter 9-12; Wrestling 9-12, letter 9-12, Varsity Club 9-12. 20Carol Marie Hale "Carol" March 10, 1953 Undecided Secretarial Business Band Color Guard 11-12, Shirt, Jacket, Letter; Gym Show 9-11; Junior Class Play Make-up; Press Club 9-12. Janet Elizabeth Hardy "Janet" August 25, 1953 Undecided General Bible Club 9-12; Camera Club 10; Press Club 10-12; Yearbook Staff 12. George William Head Jr. "George" August 6, 1953 Aeronautical Engineer College Prep. Science Club 10-12. Harold Hice "Harold" October 24, 1952 Homestead Alaska General Bible Club 9-12. 21Deborah Ann Hildum "Deb" February 2, 1952 To get a job General Business Bible Club 9; F.H.A. 10-12, Treas. 12. Judy Mae Homer "Jude" October 14, 1953 Undecided General Business Bible Club 9-12; Class Vice-Pres. 10; Press Club 9-12; Prom Junior attendant. Wayne Douglas Hunzinger "Hunz" March 17, 1953 Carpenter General Bowling 9-12, letter 11-12; Bible Club 10; Football 9-12, letter 11-12; Play Committee 11; Track 10- 12, letter 11-12; Volleyball 11- 12; Varsity Club 9-11; Wrestling Club 9; Team 11-12. George Hunzinger "George" General 22Joanne Marie Kane "Jo" December 21, 1953 Business Secretarial Bible Club 9; F.T.A. 9; Homecoming Attendant 11; Lancers 8-10, Chevrons, charm, jacket, certificate, star, second commander 10; Press Club 11-12; Junior Class Play; Yearbook Staff 12; Thespians. Gladys Virginia Knilsey "Fuzz" December 17, 1952 Undecided General Bible Club 9-12; Girl's Track 9- 12. Ruth Elizabeth Knapp "Ruth" September 8, 1953 Novelist General F.H.A. 11-12. Norma Smith, Larson "Norma" October 26, 1953 Undecided Secretarial Business 23Mark Edward Lawson •Tats" January 18, 1954 Agriculture Economist College Prep. F.F.A. 9-12; Track 9-12. Michael David Lemmon ’’Mike" October 29, 1953 Electronics Engineer College Prep. Audio-Visual 11-12. Caroline Elizabeth Lindell "Linney" July 2, 1953 College College Prep. Choir 10-12; Cinderbelles 10-12, certificate, charm, letter, Public Relations 12; Class Secretary 12; F.T.A. 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Scorekeeper 10-12; Spanish Club 11-12, secy. 11; Class Plays 11-12; Thespians 11-12; Yearbook Staff 12. 24 Royal Dean Lohnes "Royal" March 19, 1953 College College Prep. Basketball 9-12, letter 11-12; Bible Club 9-10; Track 9-12, letter 10-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Volleyball 9-12; All Star Team 11-12.Christine Marie Loomis "Chris" June 10, 1953 Undecided General Business Bible Club 9-12; Bowling 9-12; F.B.L.A. 12; F .H.A. 10-12. Diane Alane Ludwick "Diane" March 18, 1953 College College Prep. Basketball Intramurals 11-12; Bowling 9-12; Cinderbelles 11-12; Board of Directors 11; Girls Track 9-12, Sec.-Treas. 11, Letter 11; Model U.N. 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Spanish Club 10-11; Varsity Cheerleader 10; Volleyball 9-12. Kathryn Carter Machemer "Katie" September 16, 1953 Medical Technician College Prep. Bowling 9-10, Manager 12; Cheerleader 9 — 12, Captain 12, Letter, Pin, Jacket; G.A.A. 10-12, Letter, Pin; Student Council 9-10-12; Varsity Club 11-12. Lucinda Lynn Manelick "Cindy" July 23, 1953 Undecided General Business National Honor Society 11-12. 25Barry Allen Markham "Goober" July 19, 1953 Undecided General Business David M. Martin "Fud" April 1, 1953 Go To Alaska General Bible Club 9-12; Junior Class Play. Hugh Bradley McCombs "Hugh" February 20, 1953 Phy. Ed. Teacher College Prep. Band 9-12; Dance Band 11-12; Intramural Volleyball 9-12; Marine Corp. Phys Fitness Team 11-12; Wrestling 10-12, Letter 11-12, Holiday Wrestling Tournament Trophy 11, Most Improved trophy. Gordon John McFarland "Goots" October 17, 1953 Preacher College Prep. Football Manager 9-12; Basketball 9- 10; Cross Country 12; Fire Fighters 12; Band 9-11; Press Club 10- 12; Track 9-12, letter 10-12; Senior Play. 26Scott Allan Mead "Meat" October 3, 1953 Undecided Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9-12, treas. 12; Football Manager 9-12; Stage Crew 11-12; Varsity Club 9-12; Intramural Volleyball 11-12. Diane Merritt "Em" December 15, 1953 Undecided General Business Bible Club 10-11; F.T.A. 9-10; Press Club 11-12. Diane Lynn Miller "Diane" August 19, 1953 Undecided General Bible Club 9-12. Dewey John Momingstar "Screwy" January 15, 1954 Operating Engineer Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9-12, treas. 11, reporter 12. 27Charles Howard Motz "Charley" August 30, 1953 To Live ! General Football 11-12; Football Manager 10; Field and Stream 9-10; Track 9-11. Robert A. Nelson "Bob" October 18, 1953 Undecided General Bible Club 9-10; Varsity Club 11; Key Club 12. B. Christine Nelson "Chris" April 17, 1953 Dental Hygenist College Prep. Homecoming Attendant 10; National Honor Society 11-12; Class Play 11-12; Lancers 9-11, Rifle Sargent 11, certificate, chevron, pin, jacket; Thespians; Volleyball Intramurals 12. James Elliott Nesmith II "Jamie" September 25, 1953 Success College Prep. Key Club 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Class President 10; Student Council 9-11, Vice-Pres. 11; Basketball 9-12, letter 11-12; Football 9-12, letter 9-12; Track 9-12, letter 9-12; Varsity Club 9- 28Deborah Jean Newark ''Debbie" August 22, 1953 Undecided General Bible Club 10-11; Librarian assistant 10; Office assistant 11; Press Club 11. Charles Edward Ohmer "Charlie" October 10, 1953 School General John Amil Olsen "John" January 26, 1954 Undecided General Basketball 9-12, letter; Football 11-12, letter; Volleyball 9-12. Brenda Lynn Onufer "Brenda" November 10, 1952 Art School General Bible Club 9; F.H.A. 10-11; Choir 12. 29Rebecca Ann Pangbom "Becky" September 15, 1952 Nurse College Prep. Bible Club, pianist 8-12; Bowling 8,9, 11, 12, First Place Trophy 11, captain 12; AJBC; Girls softball 7-12; Gym show 7, Majorette 10; Sr. Choir 9-12, District 12; Thespians 11, 12; Yearbook Staff, Secy, Copywriter. Penny Jeannine Park "Penny" August 29, 1953 College Prep. Basketball; Bowling 9-12; Cheer-leading 9-12; Cindcrbellcs 11-12; G.A.A. 9-12; Girls Track 9-12, Pres. 12, Letter 9-12; Homecoming Queen 12; Jr. Class Play; Model U.N.; Spanish Club 10-12; Student Council 11, Treas. 11; Volleyball 10-12. Richard Charles Parker "Rick" December 6, 1953 Math teacher College Prep. Chess club 12; Football manager 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Science club 9-12; Thespians; Track 9-12; Yearbook staff 12. Carin Mae Peterson "Carin" October 5, 1953 Secretary Bowling 9-12; Cheerleading 9-12; G.A.A. 11-12; Intramural sports; National Honor Society 11-12; Volleyball team 11. 30Colleen May Peterson "Leen" F ebruary 23, 1953 Undecided General Business Bible Club 9; Bowling 9-10; F.H.A. 10-12, Secretary 12, Pin 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook Staff 12. Harlan Allen Peterson "Hard-on" May 30, 1953 Heavy Equipment Operator Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9-12; Football 9; Wrestling 10-12. Mark Wallace Peterson "Titsie" November 6, 1952 Trade School General Seq. All-star Volleyball team 11; Bible Club 9-10; Co. class President 11; Football 9 G 12; Golf Team 10; Homecoming Escort 10; Marine Corp. team 11; Student Council 11; Track 11, Vice President 9; Volleyball Team 9-12; Wrestling 10. Ana Clemencia Ramos C. "Anita" November 12, 1951 Bilingual Secretary Academic F.T.A. 12; G.A.A . 12; Homecoming Honor Attendant 12; Spanish Club f2; Student Council 12; Volleyball Intramurals 12. 31Gary Robert Resh "Robert" August 4, 1953 College -Engineering College Prep. Basketball manager 10-11; Class play 11; Chess Club 10-12; Football manager 12; Science Club 10-12. James Riggle "Mini" April 13, 1952 Graduate General Bible Club 9-12; Class Play 12;% Thespians 12. Terrance Lee Ristau "Terry" January 20, 1954 Golf Pro General Rebecca Anne Roberts "Becky" November 13, 1953 Undecided General Business Bible Club 10; F.H.A. 9; Press Club 11-12. 32Bradley Jordon Russell Band 9-10; Football 9-12, letter "Brad" 12; Student Council 8; Track 9- September 5, 1953 12, letter 12. Electrician College Prep Henry Kenneth Rutsky "Chip" June 14, 1952 Heavy Equipment Operator Vocational Ag. F.F.A. 9-12. Anne Marie Saunders "Annie" September 22, 1953 College College Prep Bowling 11-12, 1st place 11; Cheerleading 9; Class secretary 9; Treasurer 10;G.A.A. 11-12; Lancers 10, certificate, chevron; Lunch Stand 12; Press Club 9-12; A. J. B.C. tournament; Volleyball 11-12. Linda Marie Schwone "Linda" May 17, 1953 Secretary General Bowling 10-12; G.A.A. 10-12; F.H.A. 9. 33Dorothy Margaret Schultz Class co-pres. 11; Class pres. 12; "Dottle" Cinderbelles 11-12, certificate, February 22, 1953 charm; Choir 10-12; Exchange Social Worker Student 12;F.T.A. 9-12, pres. College Prep 12; Honor Society 11-12; Class Plays 11-12; Marching Band 9-12, jacket; Model U.N. 11-12; Senior Band 9-12, district 12; Thespians. Erwin Wayne Schuyler "Derwood" March 4, 1953 Heavy Equipment General Bowling 10-11; Field and Stream 9-12; Intramural Volleyball 11; Wrestling 10; Wrestling Manager 11; Stage Crew 11-12. Timothy Clair Shields "Tim" April 16, 1953 College College Prep Bible Club 9; Band 9-11; Basket ball 10-12, letter; Football 9-1-letter; Golf Team 11; Key Club 9-12; Model U.N. 11-12; Prom Crown Bearer 11; Class vice-president 12. Randal E. Sliter "Randy" July 31, 1953 College College Prep Band 9-10; Basketball 10; G team 9-12; Volleyball 9-12 34Arlin Stewart "Arnie" Sept. 29, 1951 Bowling 9-10; Homecoming Escort Co-pilot 9; Track 9-11, letter 10-11; Model General U .N.; Lunch Stand 12 . Deborah Ann Stoddard "Debbie" February 14, 1953 Secretary General Business Bible Club 9; Bowling 9-12; Choir 12; Play 11. Susan Swanson "Sue" May 23, 1953 Undecided College Prep. Bowling 9-12, Trophies 9-11; Bible Club 9-12; F.H.A. 10; G.A .A. 11-12; Marching Band, Color Guard 10-12; letter, jacket. Karlene Ann Thorpe "Chip" December 6, 1953 College Academic Bowling 9-11; Lancers 10-11, certificate, jacket, cheveron; G.A.A. 10; Junior and Senior Plays; National Honor Society 11-12; Spanish Club 9-12; Junior Member, Board of Directors; Press Club 9-10; Thespians; Yearbook Staff 12. 35Kirk L. Tidrick "Kirk" July 30, 1953 Secret Agent College Prep Golf 9-11. Bowling 10-12, Manager 12, trophy lljG.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Concert Band 10-12; Choir 12; Dance Band 10-12, letter 11; F.T.A. 9-12, treas. 12; Intermural volleyball 10-12, captain 12; Junior G Senior Class Plays; Marching Band 12; Spanish Club 11-12; Student Council 12; Thespians; Yearbook Staff; District Band 12. Beverly J. D. Tutmahcr "BeavJ. Tut" August 14, 1953 Lawyer College Prep Band 11; Cinderbelle 11-12, historian 12; Choir 12; F.T.A. 9-11; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin; Honor Society 11-12; Intramural Sports; Junior G Senior Plays; Student Council 9-12, Convention 10, Pres. 12; Yearbook Staff; Thespians. Sally Marie Weber "Sal" October 12, 1953 Peace Corp College Prep County Band 11; Dance Band 10-12; F.T.A. 10-12, vice-president 12; Marching Band 9-12, sec-treas, 12, jacket, letter, pin; Senior Band 9-12, Pres. 12; District Band 10 G 12, Junior Music Award; Senior Choir 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12; Student Council 10 G 12; Yearbook Staff co-editor; Class Plays 11-12; Thespians 12; Wrestling Scorekcepcr 10-12. 36Harry Todd White "Todd" October 9, 1952 To Succeed General Rose Lynn Wilcox "Rose" May 11, 1953 Physical Therapist College Prep. Bowling 7-12; Cinderbelles 10-12, Chairman 12; GAA 10-12; Secy. 12, letter 10, pin and jacket; Honor Society 11-12; Senior Choir 10-12; Class Play 11-12; Thespians; Volleyball team 9-12. Carl Terry Williams "Carl" July 11, 1953 Professional Bowler. College Prep. Donald Eugene Willings "Don" October 6, 1951 Undecided General 37Linda Lou Willings "Linda" October 31, 1952 Housewife General Patricia Anne Willis "Patty" October 17, 1953 Beautician General Marlene Rae Work Lancers 9-12, Chevrons and "Mo" Jacket. April 9, 1953 Business School Secretarial Business FredD. Wright Jr. "Wilbur" January 11, 1953 Heavy Construction Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 10-12. 38Rebecca Lea Yaegle "Becky" March 15, 1953 Airlines General Business Bowling 9-12, trophy 11; G.A.A. 10- 12; National Honor Society 11- 12; Yearbook Staff 12. Timothy Mark Bra ley "Tim" September 2, 1952 College College Prep Bible Club 12. Bob Hoffner "Goober" January 21, 1952 Trade School General Bible Club 9; Football 9-12, letter 9-12; All-Star 10-12, Honorable mention 9, Allcounty 10; Track 9-12, letter 9-11; Varsity Club 9-12; Volleyball 10-12; Wrestling 9-10. Marvin Allen Sanders "Marv" March 15, 1953 Undecided General 39Dorothy Schultz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schultz, was chosen to be an International Fellowship Service exchange student representing our high school, for three months, in Santiago, Chile. She lived with Senor and Senora Alfredo Horment and their four daughters Vicki, Elliana, Marta and Isabel. Dorothy attended a German Catholic school for girls, Colegio de Maria Immaculada. Here she took the scientific course, consisting of religion, chemistry, physics, geometry, mechanics, economics, social studies, art, music, physical education, and biology. She enjoyed her stay and would like to return to Chile in the near future. Marta Senor and Senora HormentAna, Karlene, Mr. Thorpe, Mrs. Thorpe, Kevin, and Kurt This year the seniors of Eisenhower High School were privileged to have in their midst Ana Clemencia Ramos Canizales. Ana is from Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A. She is the daughter of Senor and Senora Rafael Ramos . In Guatamala, Ana has two brothers Rafael and Luis, and two sisters, Maria-Luisa and Ruth. During her stay, she resided with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thorpe and their three children; Karlene, Kevin, and Kurt in Sugar Grove. What a party!!! When asked to comment on her stay here she said, "You are the nicest people I have know." Ana would like to remain in contact with the many friends she has here. Her address in Guatemala is: Ana Clemencia Ramos C. Finca la Salva Cerritos Chiquimulilla Depto., Santa Rosa, Guatemala C.A. Cheater! ! ! 41Not with me you don’t'.! bCat f tx V ■ tf xi i My name is Rosie. yours? taught t vem evetytVtxrtg, tiae-y Vrtow . But it doesn't TASTE like chocolate pudding.Graduation is not an end, but a beginning. Each year a class is graduated fron this high school. At graduation each member receives a diploma certifying he has completed his public education. The next phase can be stated as past graduate adulthood. This is the phase that will give one a place in society which can be of worth, one of contribution, one of correction, or one of nothingness. You have had the tools and the means available for mastery; how well have you mastered them? Which place in society, will you hold? Congratulations to the seniors of Eisenhower's graduating class of 1971. May you achieve greatness and success throughout life. 44 JOHN NEESE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL As students complete their formal years of training in high school they, at one time or another, think back over those years and the experiences and opportunities that were a very influencial part of their maturation process. Graduating from Eisenhower High School indicates that the student has made a number of important decisions that will affect his life after he has left the rank of a student. The opportunity to experience and explore, in a broad spectrum of subject areas and student activities, has been carefully planned to meet many interests held by members of your class. The faculty, staff, and administration of your school has been committed to an innovative structure and program so students could make important decisions while still in the school structure. We believe that if students are to make a successful adjustment in adult life they must learn to be responsible for their actions long before assuming the adult role. HAROLD D. GUTHRIE PRINCIPAL challenges of adulthood. Meet these challenges make our school and our society even better fc School experiences have helped the student to lay the foundation for his future. Concepts, attitudes, and abilities, which have developed largely in the school structure, become the major part of one's philosophy as he meets the with maturity and integrity and the resolve to r those who follow.Guidance Mr. Robert Glarner Guidance Counselor B.A. in Ed. Penn State M.Ed. in Secondary Ed. Penn State P.D. in Guidance University of Wyoming Miss Mabel Reese Librarian Seattle Pacific College, Clarion State College Mrs. Pauline Schmidt Guidance Counselor Indiana University of Pa. B.S. Penn State, M.Ed. IMC Library Keeping in step with the trend of modern school libraries, the Eisenhower High School library has undergone much change. Even its new name -- the B.S. Instructional Materials Center -- reflects this change. But what's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." The aim remains the same: to provide the best possible service by way of media and methods for YOU, the reason for the IMC's existence. 45Business Education Mr. Larry Conrad Business Education Indiana University of Pa. Activities: Advisor of Press Club Mr. James S. Falvo Business Education Robert Morris College B.S. Activities: Ass’t Football Coach Miss Margaret Wainwright Business Education and English Indiana University of Pa. B.S. Activities: F. B. L. A. 46Drivers’ Education Mr. BuddF. Ncidig Drivers Education Slippery Rock State College, B. S. Activities: Open Road Club Phys-Ed Mr. Thomas M. Firth Boys' Phys. Ed. Slippery Rock State College, B. S. Activities: Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach Mrs. Lucille Leathers Girls' Phys. Ed. and Health Oberlin College, A.B. Activities: G.A.A. Mr. Anthony Ross Phys. Ed. and Health Kent State University Activities: Wrestling Coach 47Mathematics Mr. Patrick Black B.S. Mathematics Edinboro State College Mr. John Brunecz B.S. Edinboro State College Advanced Mathematics, Logic Activities: Sr. Class Advisor, Chess Club, Thespians Mr. Jerry Hoffman Mathematics Edinboro State College Activities: Jr. High Track Coach Miss Natalie Perry Mathematics California State College B.S. Activities: Cheerleader advisor Mr. John Lassinger Mathematics Indiana University B. S. M.Ed. Peftn State Miss Linda Vinton Ma thematics Slippery Rock College B.S. 48Science Mr. Robert Bachetti Chemistry Physics Rensselaer Polyteclinic Institute B. S. Mr. Robert Carberry M.Ed. Edinboro State College Slippery Rock College B.S. Activities: Field Stream Mr. Richard Ritter Advanced Biology, Biology, and Science Survey Washington-Jefferson College B.A. in Biology Activities: Science Club Mr. William Sherwood Science Edinboro State College B.S. Activities: Ass’t Bsk-Coach Mr. Robert Swanson Science Slippery Rock College B.S Antioch College M.S.T. Activities: Field Stream 49Mr. Kenneth Bakewell Social Studies California State College B.S. Mr. Alan Bean Social Studies Edinboro State College B.S. Activities: Ass't Wrestling Coach Mr. Ronald Dunbar Social Studies Edinboro State College Activities: Head Basketball Coach and Ass't Football Coach Mr. Allen Norton Social Studies Indiana University of Pa. Activities: Ass't Football Coach Mr. William D. Oelslager Social Studies Grove City College B. S. Kent State University M.Ed. Williams College Mr. Richard Rolls Social Studies Manfield State College B.S. Mr. William Wilson Social Studies Gannon College B.A. Social Studies 50Languages Mr. Eugene Rolls Reading Clarion State College, B. S. Mrs. Sharon Crossen Point Park College Edinboro State College B.S. in English Activities: National Honor Society Mr. Robert Hunt Spanish Edinboro State College, B.S. Activities: Ass't Basketball Coach, Spanish Club, Key Club Mr. Theodore Dorrion English Department Head English Clarion State College, B.S. Edinboro College, Master in Education Mr. J. Dennis Engstrom English and Speech Upsala College, A.B. Head Track Coach and Cinderbclle Advisor Mrs. Carmen Livezey Latin and English Taylor University, A.B. Activities: Bible Club Mr. Michael Schultz F rench Lock Haven State College, B.S. Graduate Studies, St. Bonaventure, BucknellU. Temple U. University de Toulouse Mrs. Pauline Norton English Clarion State College, B.S. Penn State, M.Ed. Activities: Yearbook, F.T.A. Mrs. Lynn Wiltsie English Lock Haven State College Lancer Advisor 51Music Mr. James Casler Music Eastern Nazarene College, B.S. Activities: Jr. and Sr. Choir, Bible Club, Guitar Class, Marching Band Ass't. Mr. Harris J. Lanzel Music Music Education B.S. Graduate Work at Northwestern U. Mansfield State College Activities: Instrumental music 52Home Ec Mrs. Jean Rolls Home Economics Mansfield State College, B. S. Activities: F. H.A . Mrs. Charlotte Siefcrt Home Economics University of Pa. Activities: F.H.A. Mr. Clair Cable Special Education Master of Art Degree Secondary Education Special Education 53Industrial Arts Mr. Lee Crowthers Industrial Arts California State College, B.S. Activities: A-V Club Mr. Solomon Shepler Industrial Arts California State College, B.S. Activities: Girls' Hobby Club, Student Council Advisor Vocational Arts Mr. Raymond Carey Agricultural Education Penn State University, B.S. Activities: F.F.A. The agriculture program is vast and changing everyday. We want the students to become aware of the importance of agriculture in the economy of the United States and our community. We want to better the image of agriculture among the people of our society. The agriculture program has changed to meet the needs of the students. We have changed from strictly Agriculture Production to related Business and Industry of Agriculture. With over 40% of the labor force engaged in Agriculture and related occupations of Agriculture we have to train students in different areas other than farming. Some of the different courses are as follows: Plant Science, Animal Science, Soil Science, Small Gasoline Engines, Dairy Cattle Management, Turf Management, Ornamental Horticulture, and Animal Health and Sanitation. 54Secretaries And Aides Mrs. Sondra Brown Mrs. Jeanne Machemmcr Secretary G Central Treas. Secretary High School Office Guidance Office Mrs. Edna Durlin Secretary Library (IMC) Mrs. Joyce McNaughton Library (IMC) Mrs. Ella Chase Art High School Office Mrs. Fay Mclnturff Audio-Visual Mrs. Valerie Craker 55Dr. George Riley School Doctor Dr. Veryl Riley School Doctor Mrs. Mary Schorman Millard Fillmore School of Nursing R.N. Edinboro State College B. S. 5657Society to day is so complex, complicated and confused that it is difficult to comprehend what the future will be. As a result, education and youth are facing unprecedented challenges and decisions. It would appear that there are four responses or courses of action which may be taken concerning the universal conviction that the world is not as it should be. They are: (1) We can conform meekly and pretend that things are really as they should be. (2) We can write off the larger world and withdraw to a private world of self-indulgence . (3) We can condemn society in all its workings and seek, like today's revolutionary, to tear down everything and hope that from the ruins a new and better world will emerge. (4) We can begin with what we have and work to build something better. The world today is crying for leadership and it is my hope that the educational experiences which you have received will enable you to assume a positive leadership role so that you may take an active part in creating a better world from the imperfection that exists today.SEATED: Samuel A. Marek, Dir. of Vocational Technical Education; Mrs. Mary A. Walter, Ass't. Chief Accountant; Howard A. Thompson, Superintendent of Schools; Mrs. Helen W. Matthews, Supervisor of Feed Services; Charles R. Beck, Chief Accountant and School Board Secretary; Harold E. Miller, Director of Athletics, Phys. Education, Health and Recreation. STANDING: George M. Frits, Business Manager; Norge E. Luvison, Dir. of Buildings and Grounds; Harold W. Landin, Dir. of Secondary Education; C. Frank Christy, Dir. of Pupil Personnel Services; J. Blair Logan, Dir. of Elementary Education; James V. Grinnen, Purchasing Agent, Vance C. Wright, Supervisor of Pupil Transportation; Joseph V. Passaro, Dir. of Professional Personnel. SEATED: Miss E. Mae Swanson, Sccy. to the Dir. of Pupil Personnel; Mrs. Phyllis S. Marti, Receptionist; Mrs. Marian E. Finley, Secy, to the Dir. of Secondary Education, the Dir. of Elementary Education, and the Dir. of Athletics, Phys. Ed. and Health and Recreation; Miss Mary E. Franklin, Secy, to the Dir. of Buildings and Grounds and the Supervisor of Pupil Transportation; Mrs. DeLeo Reiff, Secy, to the Dir. of Professional Personnel; Mrs. Shirley M. Marti, Secy, to the Business Manager and the Purchasing Agent. STANDING: Miss Donna L. Snow, Secy, to the Supervisor of Food Services; Mrs. Barbata B. English, Secy, to the Superintendent of Schools; Mrs. Meredith S. Grady, Payroll Clerk; Mrs. Lorraine Rohlin, Payroll Clerk; Mrs. Norma V. Pye, Secy, to the Dir. of Vocational Technical Education; La Rue Whipple, Machine Operator; Mrs. Bertha H. Bowler, Order and Invoice Secy. ABSENT: Mrs. Sylvia M. Sprandle, Data Processing Supervisor. 59Cafeteria Staff A. Hitchcock R. Christianson D. Buchanan M. Lindell T. Larson G. Bloom gren G. Marsh A. McFarland Custodians Head Custodians R. Carey E. Spicer L. Rockwell, L. Miller, P. Hawkins, B. VanOrd, A. Hitchcock, E. Hawkins Bus Drivers B. Barret, R. Lewis, V. Finzer, J. English, D. Gage, F. Decker, S. Decker, O. Lindell, F. Robbins, M. Anderson, R. Babcock, C. Crosby, K. Ekey, H. Falsoner, R. Jones, O. Putter, J. Shaffer, M. Thompson, M. York, L. Zuck. 60L. Abbey C. Agncw K. A'Harr ah M. Allenson F. Alspaugh M. Arthur S. Bauer J. Bcedle P. Benson N. Beyeler R. Branchaud D. Brant C. Briggs J. Briggs K. Brown P. Brown D. Brunecz W. Bryan B. Burford D. Cable C. Covell S. Curry M. Driscoll D. Drum T. Fleming M. Ford C. Fox G. Frank C. Carlson C. Carlson E. Carlson G. Cathcart C. Constable R. Durlin L. Edwards T. Engstrom E. Enos J. Evans S. Falconer 62T. Gage D. Gibbon L. Glotz E. Goodman L. Greene D. Groves L. Haight M. Haner L. Harkins C. Hice M. Hinsdale W. Hitchcock D. Hutley R. Jenkins B. Jesperson B. Johnson J. Linde 11 D. Lindsey C. Lohnes D. Lundmark R. Luvison G. Manelick K. Mangini D. Martin A. Matve D. Maze G. McMillian C. Meleen P. Melquist D. Miller K. Nelson A. Norris S. Park L. Pascarella P. Quiggle B. Repine G. Riley D. Ristau 63R. Ristau B. Rogers R. Schultz G. Shepherd I. Sm ith R. Southwell D. Spicer G. Spicer S. Stanton K. Stiver P. Sweeney S. Thorson S. Thorson R. Valone L. Van Cise E. Vaughn T. Voty C. Wilcox S. Williams J. Williams P. Webster M. Yevcrsky L. York G. Dalrymple Absentees: D. Braley N. English D. Haight D. Jones R. Klark K. Laird P. Larsen R. MacLees 64 N. Rupczy k J. Repine R. Spencer B. Triplett D. V an Ord N. WeberJunior Class Officers Co. Pres. Co. Pres. Sec. Treas. Sue Bauer Rose Schultz Diane Cable Cindy Lohnes Pres. Mara Levison V. Pres. Bob Thelin Sec. Tom Walker Treas. Corey Akeley Sophomore Class Officers 65Now Dawn !! ! 66 Smile (pretty)???UNDERCLASSMEN ►tv. J. Anderson V. Anderson D. Bair C. Barlow T. Abbot C. Akeley Z. Albright S. Aldrich S. Almendinger J. Agnew C. Bauer C. Black S. Borland D. Brennan G. Briggs D. Brown R. Brown P. Brunecz C. Burch P. Burch S. Burch S. Burd M. Cable M. Capron S. Capron C. Carlberg D. Cathcart L. Church M. Critzer B. Curry J. Falconer M. Falconer D. Ferry M. Ford B. Decker R. Diethrick D. Dunn R. Dyke S. Dyke M. Eckcnrod Sophomores 68A. Frazier T. Gertsch R. Glotz M. Godden D. Grieb M. Groves C. Hall S. Harvey M. Hollabaugh C. Homer S. Houghwot T. Hunt C. Johnson R. Jones V. Jones J. Kane G. Keller N. Knisely T. Lascola S. Kellogg D. Lawson D. Lemmon M. Levinson B. Lewis C. Linde 11 K. Linde 11 P. Lindell R. Lindell C. Loomis R- Loomis K. Lundmark M. Luvison D. Lyons M. Manross T. Mazzu S. Martin D. Morning-star J. Mortenson M. Morton L. Nelson 69B. Newark J. Olsen R. Pangbom R. Parker V. Peters S. Reist D. Ruland A. Sage H. Sanders S. Sanders C. Schuman D. Shagla L. Shepherd S. Sherry P. Sisk C. Snyder D. Snyder P. Spencer R. Spencer L. Stanton K. Stewart S. Stewart E. Stoker L. Swanson R. Thelin R. Thorpe A. Troutman C. Utegg T. Walker W. Weatherbea B. White C. Wilcox C. Wilson J. Williams D. Wolf K. Wright ABSENTEES R. O'Harrah B. Hanson C. Mack L. Marsh M. McCullough D. Motz B. Parks D. Pratt J. Pratz R. Pratz L. Rollinger 70FRESHMEN R. Abbey W. Allen R. Arthur S. Bauer S. Beedle D. Benson W. Block K. Bloomgrcn K. Bloom gren D. Bosko D. Brecht C. Briggs P. Brooks E. Brown L. Brunecz D. Burch L. Burroughs B. Burnett S. Bush D. Cable D. Cable K. Carey R. Carey D. Case K. Chapman L. Christenson C. Coffaro V. Consla K. Custer C. Darymple C. Davis T. Davis R. Driscoll D. Drum S. Dow V. Edwards G. English K. Exley L. Flaconer D. Fehlman B. Foltz C. Frahm H. Fry R. Gage C. Glarner W. Gruber S. Hanson H. Hardy 71R. Harvey K. Haupt P. Hawley R. Hayes S. Himes R. Hollabaugh G. Holt K. Hosier C. Houghwot G. Hunzinger K. Jackson K. Jenkins J. Johnson B. Johnson T. Johnson R. Jones J. Keller D. Kemcry J. King J. Knapp B. Kopf J. Land in M. Landin D. Lank E. Larson R. Lawson B. Lemmon D. Lester J. Lindell J. Lindell D. Lindsey J. Litzinger I. Lord J. Lundmark D. Lyon G. Mangini J. Mangini K. Mahan L. Marsh R. Martin P. Merkle E. Miaski D. Miller D. Morningstar A. Morse M. Mortenson D. Nelson B. Newark 72K. Nosel C. Olds S. Parks B. Phillips T. Pretty man W. Ranar D. Riggle K. Sandcn J. Sanders S. Sanders P. Skinner M. Southwell S. Spelling J. Spencer R. Stanton S. Schaffer G. Schultz P. Seleni T. Siliano T. Sisk M. Stawiaski K. Stcber L. Stockton S. Storms D. Swanson L. Thompson M. Thompson R. Trawick D. Vivert D. Wadsworth S. Walker S. Welsh B. White R. Wilson S. Wolfe ABSENTEES: D. Audley S. Diekarck M. Black T. Braley W. Kanarr E. Klark B. Lauffenberger E. Markham L. Perrin W. Rollinger P. Tidrick R. Younie E. Young 73 M. Wright P. YeskeyHenry Lindell July 5, 1957-August 20, 1970 r In Memoriam We, the class of 1975, would like to remember Henry Lindell as a dear friend and classmate. To know him was to love him. As years roll on and days pass by, In our hearts a memory is kept Of one we love and will never forget. Near shady wall a rose once grew, Budded and blossomed in God's free light, Watered and fed by morning dew, Shedding its sweetness day and night. As it grew and blossomed fair and tall, Slowly rising to loftier height, It came to a crevice in the wall, Through which there shone a beam of light. Onward it crept with added strength, With never a thought of fear or pride; It followed the light through the crevice-length And unfolded itself on the other side. The light, the dew, the broadening view, Were found the same as they were before; And lost itself in beauties new, Breathing its fragrance more and more. Shall claim of death cause us to grieve And make our courage faint or fall? Nay, let us faith and hope receive; The rose still grows beyond the wall, Scattering fragrance far and wide, Just as it did in days of yore, Just as it did on the other side, Just as it will forevermore. A. L. FrinkEighth Grade Y. Abbey E. Abbott M. Abbott C. Akeley W. Akeley J. Anderson L. Anderson D. Avellino D. Beedle E. Belin G. Belin C. Berg W. Biekarck W. Burt C. Branstrom A. Brant S. Brecht T. Brooks A. Brown N. Brunecz W. Burd 1. Campbell C. C apron M. Carlberg C. Carlson K. Carlson R. Carlson L. Carlstrom D. Cathcart A. Chase D. Clark K. Clark M. Clark S. Clark H. Condron G. Comes J. Curtis C. Dahler J. Darts S. Decker 75S. Eggleston G. Ellberg E. Falconer C. Fehlman B. Fisk K. Flasher L. Ford K. Frazier R. Gage R. Giordon D. Glotz P. Gourley R. Grant A. Gregory B. Grieb D. Groves C. Gruber C. Haight B. Hale N. Hawley J. Head M. Hinsdale J. Hodges M. Hodge P. Hulihan K. Hunt L. Hunzinger R. Hutley D. Johnson C. Jones K. Jones B. Kitchell G. Kline C, Knisley W. Knisley K. Landin J. Lascola R. Lauffenburger M. Legere H. Lindell 76S. Linde 11 S. Lindell S. Lindell B. Lindquist K. Loomis L. Loomis V. Lundberg C. Manross K. Martin J. Martin D. Maze T. McFarland M. Miller D. Moore M. Moore P. Moravek R. Morse J. Martin G. Nelson J. Norris B. Ostrander J. Pangbom S. Perrin B. Peterson C. Peterson T. Prantz D. Repine K. Repine G. Resh R. Reist J. Riggle S. Rutsky S. Sandcn C. Scandreth R. Schmitt D. Schwone T. Shaffer L. Shephard D. Skinner M. Smith 77T. Smith S. Sopher R. Southwell L. Spade F. Spencer P. Spencer R. Spencer M. Spicer D. Stewart J. Stewart D. Summcrson B. Swanson G. Swanson L. Swanson T. Swanson N. Thelin K. Thorpe E. Troxell R. Turner C. Tutmaher L. Tutmaher J. Utcgg S. VanOrd S. VanOrd R. Walker C. Warner T. Watson R. Webster J. Williams B. Wilson M. Wright E. Yoder A. Young R. Zobrist J. Anderson P. Baxter P. Barnes ABSENTEES E. Elgren S. Haner H. Langford D. Nuttall S. Rollinger S. Smith P. Tingue G. Watcher 78Seventh Grade Ak S. Abbott L. Allen B. Anderson C. Anderson D. Arp P. Avellino C. Bailey E. Barrett S. Bauer D. Beedle D. Biechark D. Berg D. Bloomgren D. Brecht C. Briggs L. Brooks N. Brown P. Bryan B. Buck J. Burch S. Burch B. Cable K. Burd C. Campbell J. Cataldo K. C apron J. Chase W. Christian M. Clark P. Clark S. Collins L. Consla R. Crissman G. Critzer M. Custer B. Dairym pie K. Diethrick D. Drum P. Dyke J. Easton R. Edwards V. Evans D. Falconer L. Falconer G. Felhman J. Fleming L. Fox 79G. Frahm J. Frank B. Franklin C. Franklin D. Fry B. Glotz G. Godden L. Gray B. Gregory D. Grow C. Hanson J. Hanson P. Hanson K. Haupt J. He pier L. Himes G. Hitchcock D. Hollabough B. Hoiser C. Hornstrom D. Johnson D. Jones J. Jones T. Jones K. Kane E. Kibbey C. Kitchel W. Knisley D. Landin J. Larson S. Lamar R. Lauffenburger T. Lester B. Lewis C. Liechenburger B. Linde 11 J. Linde 11 K. Linde 11 T. Lindell B. Lohnes J. Loomis T. Loomis M. Lundmark D. Luther C. Mann D. Marsh 80B. Martin C. Martin K. Martin M. Mathews D. Matve J. McIntyre M. McMillan P. Melquist C. Merkle B. Miller G. Miller J. Miller T. Miller N. Morton G. Neese R. Norris R. Olds J. Olson T. On ink M. Osborne D. Perrin J. Peterson K. Peterson B. Pratz K. Retterer R. Rickerson C. Riel L. Riley M. Ristau T. Ristau M. Robeson K. Rodgers S. Rutsky L. Sanden K. Sanders D. Savko P. Scandreth L. Schultz B. Shaffer A. Sm ith E. Smith K. Smith L. Smith A. Snyder D. Stanton M. Stanton A. Stewart D. Stewart 81G. Stoddard K. Stover D. Sumner D. Thompson K. Trountman R. Turner D. Ubcr L. Utegg M. VanOrd S. Van Tassel D. Vibber L. Vinton T. Wade D. Walker D. Wilson D. Wilson M. Wolfe S. Wolfe C. Wright C. Wright L. Wright D. Wrobleski B. Yaegle K. Yeversky R. Zuck ABSENTEES: J. Yoder J. Bergstrom S. Bailey T. Courtney V. Crissman T. Darr D. Grant L. Parker C. Stevens 82Freshman Class Officers D. Cable Pres. J. Johnson V. Pres. D. Audley Sec. D. Cable Treas. Eighth Grade Class Officers C. Fehlman Pres. D. Glotz V. Pres. J. Martin Sec. B. Abbot Treas.DIVERSIONSSEATED: Mrs. Norton, advisor, D. Schultz; S. Weber; A. Ramos; M. Troxell; G. Shepherd. ROW 1: D. Cable; R. Troxell; J. Neese; L. Riley; J. Norris; D. Brecht; S. Bauer; K. Custer. ROW 2: T.Prettyman; C. Allenson; C. Gruber; P. Merkle; B. Lemmon; M. Mortonson; W. Block; N. Weber. Future Teachers Of America Developing Future Leaders In our present day, competitive world, it is important for an individual to specialize in a particular field of endeavor. Eisenhower's club program gives students the opportunity to gain practical insights into various professions. This is accomplished through student teaching, preparation of medical aids, and through studies of the essential fundamentals of homemaking. Films and noted speakers provice the students with personal accounts based on their occupational interests. Field trips to various business schools, liberal arts colleges, and nursing schools afford club members with a general background of the necessary preparation for their chosen careers. The community can well be proud of this program which is extremely beneficial to our country's future leaders and the security of our nation. 86Science Club SEATED: Mr. Ritter, advisor; S. Sanden; A. Audley; T. Laid; G. Head; Mr. Carbcrry, advisor. STANDING: G. Resh; C. Church; R. Parker; E. Vaughan. Press Club ROW 1: D. Merrit; J. Horner; J. Kane; B. Roberts; G. McFarland; T. Allen. ROW 2: C. Hale; J. Clark; J. Lindell; K. Bloomgren; S. Eggleston; S. Bauer; T. Gage. ROW 3: B. Curry; D. Riggle; S. Shaefer; P. Yeskey; K. Bloomgren; D. Brecht; D. Benson; Advisor Mr. Conrad. 871 Chess Club SEATED: R. Parker, S. Williams, V. Michelson, GC. Church STANDING: Advisor J. Brunecz, G. Resh, G. Frank, J. Landin, D. Lundmark, D. Audley, M. Landin, I. Smith, G. Nelson, P. Brunecz, R. Turner, B. Rodgers, P. Bryan, J. Frank, C. Briggs, B. Gregory, D. Gibbon, D. Moore, R. Ristau, N. Avellino Thespians ROW 1: L. Dyke, N. Ellberg, R. Pangborn, L. Carlson, G. Bennett, J. Branstrom, B. Tutmaher, D. Akeley, K. Thorpe, B. Charming, C. Lindell, M. Eggleston, D. Schultz, S. Weber, M. Troxell, R. Wilcox. ROW 2: Advisor J. Brunecz, C. Church, G. McFarland, R. Parker, T. Allen, A. Audley, G, ReshSEATED- Pres. B. Tutmaher, Vice-Pres. P. Sweeney, Treas. C. Carlberg, Sec. B. Burford FIRST ROW standing- K. Machemers, M. Troxell, E. Snyder, R. Ostrander, L. Brooks, D. Landin, J. Martin, J. Lindell SECOND ROW standing; D. Hutley, M. Levison, D. Benson, K. Kane, L. Shepherd, G. Resh, B. Bauer, N. Thelin, Doc. Schultz THIRD ROW stand; D. Brown, J. Evans, C. Lindell, M. Eggleston, A. Ramos, S. Weber, D. Schultz, C. Allenson, J. Branstrom. FOURTH ROW standing; M. Allenson, T. Gage, B. Greene, B. Thelin, R. Parker, M. Luvison, D. Cable, T. Shields.Honor Society SITTING: T. Allen, R. Parker, C. Church, J. Nesmith, G. Resh, KNEELING: B. Courtney, M. Eggleston, C. Peterson, C. Manelick, C. Linde 11, K. Thorpe, B. Cornelius, L. Carlson. FIRST ROW Standing: Advisor — Mrs. Crossen, B. Tutmaher, S. Gruber, D. Akeley, J. Branstrom, C. Allenson. SECOND ROW Standing: C. Peterson, D. Schultz, C. Nelson, D. Ludwick, B. Yeagle, R. Wilsox. Key Club SITTING; D. Gleaton, J. Nesmith, J. Carlstrom, J. Olsen. STANDING; M. Peterson, B. Nelson, C. Loomis. 90w SEATED: C. Lindell; A. Ramosj Mr. Hunt, Advisor; K. Thorpe; S. Weber; D. Schultz STANDING: L. Allen; L. Consla; E. Barrett; P. Nosel; C. Meleen; D. Benson; G. Shephard; J. Nesmith; N. Weber; C. Carlson; N. Beyeler; J. Williams; M. Troxell Spanish Club French Club SEATED: S. Bauer; M. Allenson; R. Durlin; C. Bauer; S. Capron STANDING: G. Shephard; L. Dyke; V. Jones; K. Lindell; S. Dyke; Mr. Schultz, Advisor 91Varsity Club SEATED: W. Hunzinger, C. Carlson, G Alspargh, J. Nesmith, D. Brown, R. Lohnes. ROW TWO: I C. Machemer, J. Briggs, J. Williams, C. Carlson, N. Beyeler, M. Levinson, B. Burford, L. Pascarella. ROW THREE: P. Spencer, S. Kellegg, R. Hagberg, G. Gourley, S. Mead, Advisor — Mr. Norton Arts And Crafts Officers -- SEATED: J. Darts -- Pres., J. Hodges — Vice. Pres.; K. Carlson -- Treas.; M. Hodges — Sec. 92Seniors G.A.A. FIRST ROW -- M. Troxel, R. Wilcox, K. Macamcr. SECOND ROW -- M. Eggleston, B. Burnett, N. Elberg, A. Saunders, B. Yeagle. THIRD ROW -- Advisor Mrs. L. Leathers, L. Schowne, V. Michealson, S. Swanson, B. Courtney, P. Park, D. Ludwich, B. Tutmaher, D. Eger, J. Branstrom, K. Christianson. FIRST ROW; Advisor Mrs. L. Leathers, C. Carlberg, C. Fox, L. Greene, S. Park, A. Raiser, S. Dyke, C. Wilxoc, D. Cathcart, C. Mack, SECOND ROW; L. Sheperd, S. Stanton, K. Hall, K. Lindell, D. Cable, C. Bower, M. Levison, D. Cable, N. Weber, J. Cathcart, B. Burford, P. Clark. THIRD ROW; D. Morningstar, S. Curry, M. Hancr, G. Dalrymple, B. Durlin, S. Bower, J. Williams, N. Beyeler, C. Carlson, J. Briggs, R. Brunccz, D. Brcncn, FOURTH ROW;T. Gage, M. Allenson, A. Norse, G. Shepherd, G. Riley, D. Maze, P. Webster, P. Benson, C. Melleen, V. Jones, D. Grieb, J. Olsen, V. Anderson 93 UnderclassmenA.V. Club ROW lj G. Critter, D. Mative, L. Vinton, L. Swanson, T. Jones, V. Christian, L. Utegg, C. Bailey, M. Smith, E. Markham. ROW 2; Mr. Crowthers, Advisor, R. Buck, J. Hanson, S. Lindell, G. Jolt, I. Smith, R. Schmitt, B. Lindquist, D. Lundmark. SEATED; M. Southwell, Sergeant of Arms, W. Allen, Secretary; D. Bosko, President; G. Shultt, V. President Conservation Club 94SEATED; J. Lindell, D. Momingstar, M. Lawson, G. Gourley, S. Mead, G. McMillen, L. York, Mr. Carey, Advisor. STANDING; D. Wadsworth, D. Momingstar, W. Hitchcock, E. Enos, J. Mortenson, R. Spencer, D. Brown, D. Lawson, H. Perterson, L. Stanton, B. Jesperson, S. Harvey, S. Kellogg, J. Williams, S. Borland, C. Johnson, W. Weatherby, R. Wilson, F. Wright.Girls Hobby Club ROW ONE: D. Skinner, K. Selini, M. Wright, M. Critzer, K. Bair, J. Utcgg ROW TWO: K. Wright, C. Kitchcl, E. Young, D. Avellino, H. Langford, K. Jones. F.B.L.A. ROW ONE: S. Burd, S. Wilson V. Peters, M. Arthur, P. Quiggle, C. Brown. ROW TWC Miss Wainwright, Advisor, M. Falconer, C. Agncw, R Branchard, M. Groves, D. Lyon 96Bible Club Senior High OFFICERS. D. Cathcart, Treas., J. Cathcart, 2nd. Vice-Pres., B. Burford, 1st Vice-Pres., C Allenson, Sec., B. Pangbom, Pianist, L. Carlson, Pres. Junior High ADVISORS. Mr. Cable, Mrs. Livezey, Miss Reese, Mr. Casler. 97Librarians SEATED: Mrs. Durlin, B. Decker, S. Thorson, R. Durlin, M. Falconer, C. Black, Mrs. McNaughton. STANDING: J. Keller, C. Hosier, C. Marsh, D. Miller, R. Jones, C. Warner, D. Summerson, G. Holt, B. Lindquist, Miss Andrews, C. Haupt, H. Fry, R. Trawick, S. Hanson, Miss Reese, S. Smith, B. Wilson, E. Larson. "Consider what you have in the smallest chosen Library. A company of the wisest and wittiest men that could be picked out of all civil countries, in a thousand years, have set in best order the results of their learning and wisdom. The men themselves were hid and inaccesible, solitary, impatient of interruption, fenced I by etquette; but the thought which they did not uncover to their bosom friend is here written out in transparent words to us, the strangers of another age." . . . Ralph Waldo Emerson, SOCIETY AND SOLITUDE: BOOKS 98F.H.A. SEATED D. Hildum, Treas., D. Stoddard, Pres., G. Bcnnet, V. Pres., C. Peterson, Sec., STANDING R. Knapp, B. Onefer, S. Walker, K. Haupt, advisor Mrs. Rolls. Record Club SEATED Lona Dyke, Sec., Mark Morton, Treas., Corey Akeley, Pres., Kent Sanden, Don Nelson 99Senior High Choir District Choir FRONT ROW, Pat Sweeney — Tenor Linda Carlstrom — Soprano Becky Pangbom — Alto BACK ROW, Curt Briggs -- Tenor Larry VanCise — Bass Randy Brown — Tenor Junior High Choir 100ROW 1:N. Bcylcr, C. Allenson, K. Lindell, P. Merkle. ROW 2: K. Custer, S. Weber, D. Brown, L. Swanson, M. Hinsdale, D. Schultz, C. Cafarro. ROW 3: K. Olds, D. Cable, L. Dyke, T. lYettyman, S. Dyke, D. Cable, H. McCombs. ROW 4: K. Mann, R. Dyke, M. Morton, M. Troxcll, E. Young, M. Landin, J. Landin, R. Pangbom, C. Marsh. ROW 5: D. Nelson, V. Jones, K. Sanden, S. Dow, Mr. Lanzel (Conductor), S. Bauer, C. Akcley, K. Stcbcr, D. Bosko. Senior Concert Band Officers Asst. Librarian, K. Steber Librarian, D. Cable Vice-President, L. Dyke President, S. Weber Secretary, C. AllensonJunior Band ROW 1: K. Fehlman, C. Merkle, N. Morton, R. Edwards, G. Jones, G. Lundberg ROW 2: R. Turner, S. Abbott, S. Bauer, J. Morton, B. Peterson, L. Spade, M. Hinsdale, C. Carlson, M. Moore, K. Jones ROW 3: M. Custer, M. Osborne, K. Burd, B. Olds, M. Stanton, B. Yaegle, D. Drum, L. Sanden, T. McFarland, S. Smith, N. Brown, A. Smith ROW 4: E. Barrett, C. Akeley, D. Stanton, D. Landin, S. VanOrd, S. Sanden, S. Decker, K. Landin, G. Rcsh, R. Hutley, M. VanOrd, A. Stewart ROW 5: R. Webster, L. Hunzinger, P. Dyke, J. MacIntyre, D. Skinner, M. Smith, Mr. Lanzel Missing: D. Hulihan, J. Head Officers S. Decker — Librarian G. Resh -- President R. Hutley — Ass't- Librarian C. Carlson— Sec.-Treas. K. Landin — Vice-prcs. 102Color Guard C. Barlow, N. Weber, S. Falconer, S. Swanson, C. Hale Majorettes P. Baxter, D. Hutley, B. Courtney, K. Stiver, C. Lohnes, J. Evans, Y. Abbey Drum Majorette Bev Courtney104 Marching Band ROW 1 L. Dyke, T. Prettyman, N. Brown, A. Smith, V. Janes, K. Sanden, L. Hunzingcr, D. Nelson, P. Dyke, D. Hulihan, S. Dow, R. Webster, S. Dyke, D. Schultz, C. Coffaro, D. Cable. ROW 2 M. Morton, G. Resh, K. Landin, R. Olds, M. Stanton, C. Akeley, E. Barrett, S. VanOrd, R. Dyke, S. Sanden, D. Stanton, D. Drum, B. Yeagle, L. Sanden, D. Landin, S. Decker. ROW 3 S. Weber, K. Olds, M. Moore, L. Spade, M. Hinsdale, S. Bauer, M. Hinsdale, D. Brown, K. Custer, C. Carlson, K. Fchlmen, R. Turner, S. Abbott, B. Peterson, L. Swanson. ROW 4 E. Young, M. Landin, A. Stewart, M. VanOrd, M. Troxell, C. Marsh, R. Hutley, J. Landin, C. Akeley, K. Steber, K. Lindell, P. Merklc, C. Merkle, C. Allenson, K. Kane, K. Burd, M. Osborne. ROW 5 P. Baxter, D. Hutley, J. Evans, P. Yeskcy, C. Lohnes, K. Stiver, B. Courtney, C. Barlow, N. Weber, S. Falconer, S. Swanson, C. Hale.Seniors FIRST ROW: B. Courtney, Lon a Dyke, M. Troxel, S. Weber. SECOND ROW: C. Hale, D. Schultz, C. Allenson, S. Swanson. “70 Officers 71” THIRD ROW: Don Nelson — Manager, Kent Sandcn — Assist. Manger, Mark Morton — Acting President. SECOND ROW: Lona Dyke — Assist. Librarian, Gale Resh — Librarian, Sally Weber -- Sec.-Treas. FIRST ROW: Bev Courtney Drum Majorette, Cindee Lohnes -- Head Majorette Rank Leaders R. Dyke E. Young M. Morton L. Dyke D. Brown K. Lindell S. Weber V. Jones 105All Shook Up Jr. Play ’70 If you don't do it, it won't get done Blight, you're disgusting. Oh brother. HO- KAY! ! ! 106 Did you hear about the Polack who .Senior Plays I've just been to the dressing room . (girls) True Blue And Trusted WHY!?!? Capricious Pearls A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Itchin’ To Get Hitched 107 Everybody needs somebody?????? A Rose is a Rose is a LILY????Eugenia Torres was an exchange student from the Province of Concepcion in Chile. She lived in the United States for three months, from January through March. Eugenia resided with the family of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wilcox, in Sugar Grove. She has two older sisters, Patricia and Marta. When she came, she was a junior in high school and when she returns, will start her senior year. 108ATHLETICS .r.vwwggr.v.'Homecoming Queen Penny ParkExcitement fiills the air. FORMER QUEEN GLORIA PRATZ CROWNS PENNY PARK inHomecoming Court Freshmen Attendant: Patsy Brooks, Escort: Greg Mangini Sophomore Attendant: Veryl Jones, Escort: Sam Kellogg Junior Attendant: Joy Briggs, Escort: Doug Martin Senior Attendant: Mary Eggleston, Escort: Dan Gleaton Honor Attendant: Ana Ramos, Escort: Rick Parker Queen: Penny Park, Escort: Don Anderson PENNY AND DON 112VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW 1: J. Coffaro, D. Brown, B. Russell, B. Hagberg, J. Nesmith, T. Brown, J. Olsen, M. Peterson. ROW 2: M. Groves, E. Carlson, G. Manclick, D. VanOrd, T. Shield, C. Motz, G. Alspaugh. ROW 3: B. Thelin, S. Sanders, R. Luvison, F. Alspaugh, C. Carlson, D. Drum, W. Hunzingcr. ROW 4: P. Brown, T. Voty, T. Hunt, D. Ferric, D. Lundmark, T. Mazzu. ROW 5: G. Briggs, R. Brown, G. Frank, P. Sweehey, R. Parker, M. Luvison. September 18 EHS 8 Northeast 15 26 EHS 0 Randolph 40 October 3 EHS 12 Silver Creek 8 9 EHS 8 Brocton 6 17 EHS 0 Maple Grove 20 24 EHS 13 Westfield 12 31 EHS 0 Cassadaga Valley 20 November 7 EHS 39 Forestville 0 , Jr. High Football ROW I; S. Smith, D. Landin, D. Johnson, M. Clark, T. Ristau, J. King, B. Lindell, T. McFarland, D. Biekark. B. Lohnes, L. Gray, D. Luther, K. Falconer, T. Courtney, T. Pratz, A. Snyder, L. Tutmaher. ROW II; M. Smith, D. Cathcart, J. Fleming, R. Jordon, B. Biekarck, B. Foltx, L. Shultz, J. Curtis, G. Hitchcock, R. Rickerson, B. Cable, L. Himes, D. Summerson, J. Lindell, K. Thorpe. ROW III; R. Schaffer, B. Kitchel, G. Kline, N. Brunecz, D. Drum, S. Biekark, D. Swanson, Coach: Mr. Falvo, G. Schultz, T. Swanson, C. Briggs, M. Thompson, R. Consla, R. Harvey. 116COACHES Allan G. Norton, J. Dennis Engstrom, Tom Firth (head coach), Jim Falvo, Ron Dunbar, Absent: Dick Burlingame MANAGERS Rick Parker Charlie Church Gordon McFarland Bob Curry Tod Allen Blitz Resh SCOREKEEPERS Caroline Lindcll Jan Branstrom Jeanie Cathcart 117Varsity Basketball KNEELING: C. Briggs, L. VanCise, R. Lohnes, J. Nesmith, J. Olsen, B. Johnson. STANDING: T. Allen, E. Carlson, T. Brown, R. Luvison, R. Brown, B. Thelin, Coach, Mr. Dunbar. EHS OPPONENT 60 Sparta 68 43 Youngsville 94 76 East Forest 64 61 West Forest 67 57 Tidioute 75 74 Sparta 85 64 Youngsville 78 77 East Forest 89 68 West Forest 75 59 Tidioute 60 118J.V. Basketball STANDING: Dale Lundmark, Roger Luvison, Randy Brown, Bob Thelin, Curt Briggs, and Coach Hedman. KNEELING: Carl Johnson, Dean Ferric, Mike Luvison, Loran Abbey, and Bruce Johnson. E.H.S. OPPONEN 32 Sparta 37 36 Youngsville 45 54 Tidioute 30 48 East Forest 56 63 West Forest 57 33 Sparta 59 50 Youngsville 64 84 East Forest 80 52 West Forest 61 51 Tidioute 32 119Senior Basketball Players W $| TTSLuounv • fc t » r 10 f s T h % f f Q. OJUU e Cc 120 »9th Grade Basketball KNEELING: D. Cable, R. Driscoll, M. Lan-din, C. Glamer. STANDING: Coach, Mr. Robert Hunt, E. Young, J. Land in, T. Mazzu, D. Swanson. Jr. High Basketball ROW 1:D. Beedle, D. Land in, B. Lohnes, D. Matve, B. Olds. ROW 2: S. Smith, D. Johnson, B. Ostrander, M. Clark, K. Peterson, S. Decker. ROW 3:D. Johnson, T. Pratz, H. Summerson, H. Lindcll, M. VanOrd. ROW 4:K. Loomis, D. Sumner, M. Matthews, L. Himes. ROW 5: G. Kline, N. Brunecz, B. Kitchel, L. Schultz, R. Rickerson. 121Coaches: Mr. Robert Hunt Mr. Ronald Dunbar Mr. Ted Hedman Mr. William Sherwood 122Wrestling SITTING P. Spencer, G. Keller, J. Keller, R. Jones, J. Spencer, J. Lindell, W. Hitchcock, Assistant Coach A1 Bean. KNEELING: Coach Tony Ross, C. Gourley, D. Wadsworth, D. Lemmon, R. Hollabaugh, D. Bosco, S. Borlind, E. Enos, R. Wilson, S. Kellogg, D. VanOrd. STANDING: B. Hagbcrg, M. Elslager, R. Parker, B. Russell, C. Akeley, H. Peterson, W. Hunzinger, D. Wadsworth, P. Brown, D. Anderson, H. McCombs. 123Varsity Wrestling SITTING G. Spicer, J. LindeU, W. Hitchcock. KNEELING: G. Keller, D. Lemmon, D. VanOrd, G. Gourley, B. Russell. STANDING: H. McCombs, B. Hagberg, D. Wadsworth, M. Elslager, D. Anderson, H. Peterson. EHS 44 Panama 10 EHS 39 Youngsville 11 EHS 2nd Place Holiday Tournament — Warren EHS 42 Silver Creek 10 EHS 26 Southwestern 21 EHS 29 Salamanca 18 EHS 17 Maple Grove 26 EHS 31 Ripley 20 EHS 21 Falconer 26 EHS 35 Westfield 13 EHS 32 Pine Valley 15 EHS 33 Randolph 20 EHS 28 Smethport 18 EHS 32 Cassadaga Valley 14 EHS 33 Wattsburg 19 12 Wins — 2 Losses 124 (ft fj Cr.GrOURL E '£. - 44 4' y. pfcTEgsOYil ! ! Senior Wrestlers B Ht e BF £E P rf,J rs- r Wayne HunziugerJ.V. Wrestling KNEELING E. Enos, R. Hollabaugh, M. Morton, S. Borland. STANDING: D. Bosko, W. Hunzinger, R. Parker, R. Wilson, D. Wadsworth. EHS 39 Panama 8 EHS 13 Youngsville 23 EHS 32 Silver Creek 13 EHS 33 Southwestern 19 EHS 30 Salamanca 10 EHS 29 Maple Grove 6 EHS 19 Falconer 28 EHS 13 Randolph 6 EHS 19 Smethport 9 EHS 22 Cassadaga Valley 7 EHS 13 Wattsburg 5 9 Wins — 2 Losses 126Jr. High Wrestling ROW 1 M. Spicer, A. Brant, B. Lindell, B. Martin, ]. Lindell. ROW 2:D. Cathcart, B. Grant, D. Stanton, J. Olsen, P. Dyke, D. Tingu. ROW 3:J. Anderson, T. Swanson, G. Ellberg, T. Anderson, S. Lindell. The Junior High matmen under the great supervision of Alan Bean, Douglas Mathers, a student teacher, and Tony Ross, head coach, have enjoyed much hardwork and effort to pick up basic moves in preparation for next year's wrestling. They have had no matches, but will attend a tournament in March at Fort La Bouf, if successful they will attend the AAU Junior Olympic State finals. 127Knights Outstanding Wrestlers Warren Holiday Tournament Winners Willard Hitchcock, Don Andersen, Mike Elslager, Bob Hagbcrg. 'SENHOtyf 1 ageiw mm, WREST-' ijfl I mnifo EISENfWft t j msim Section IV Wrestlers who placed: Dave VanOrd, third; Dick Wadsworth, third; Mike Elslager, first; Hugh McCombs, fourth. The 1970-71 wrestling season began with much optimism. The coaches, Tony Ross and A1 Bean, as well as all the wrestlers were in hopes of a championship year. The Knight wrestling team was to be led by 11 returning lettermen, and from the beginning it was obvious that the wrestlers were not afraid of long hours of work in grueling practice sessions. The hard work and the determination paid off as the Knights compiled a 12-2 record for the yea Eisenhower was tied with Maple Grove and Southwestern in the Southern Tier Wrestling League with a 9-2 league record. Important victories came when the Blue Gold defeated Southwestern 26-21, Salamanca 28-18, and Cassadaga Valley 32-14. The following Knight grapplers had outstanding dual meet records; Dave VanOrd 11-1-2, Gary Gourley 11-2-1, High McCombs 13-1, Bob Hagberg 11-0, Mike Elslager 12-2, and Don Andersen 10-3. Eisenhower participated in a 4 team Warren Holiday Tournament where they totaled 84 pts placing second. Tournament champions included Willard Hitchcock, Bob Hagberg, Mike El lager, and Don Andersen. In the Sectionals at Oil City, Eisenhower placed four wrestlers, the highlight coming when Mike Elslager decisioned Tony Bona of Warren, 9-1 in overtime. This victory gives Mike right to compete in the District 10 meet at Meadville, Mike’s first place finish made him t second wrestler in Eisenhower’s history to win a Section IV title. Dick Wadsworth, a last minute replacement at 154 lbs. did an outstanding job in wrestling his way into third place in the sectionals at Oil City. Dave VanOrd also wrestled well in c£ turing the third place trophy at 127 lb. Senior, Hugh McCombs placed fourth at the 145 lb. weight fclass. 128Wrestling Head Coach: Mr. Tony Ross Assistant: Mr. A1 Bean Managers Coaches Steve Harvey Tom Walker Corey Akeley Scorekeepers Jeannie Cathcart Sally Weber Absent: Kim Lindell 129130Golf Team Mr. CarberryjD. Ristau; G. Frank; B. Johnson; R. Sliter; D. Wadsworth 131Girl’s Volleyball Sr. High ROWjS. Curry, R. Brunecz, L. Carlson, K. Machcmcr, M. Eggleston, B. Channing, G. Shepherd, M. Allenson, L. Schwone. ROW 2: K. Christianson, V. Michelson, J. Williams, N. Beyeler, C. Carlson, D. Cable, A. Saunders, P. Park, D. Ludwick, T. Gage, Mrs. Leathers. Ninth Grade ROW 1; P. Merklc, M. Southwell, M. Staswioski, D. Cable, P. Brooks, B. Burnett, S. Himes, I. Lord, S. Spelling. ROW 2; W. Block, K. Bloomgren, D. Benson, C. Marsh, M. Wright, D. Brecht, P. Yeskey, B. Phillips, G. Hunzingcr, P. Tidrick. 132Varsity Cheerleaders TOP ROW: Linda Pascarclla Joy Briggs MIDDLE ROW: Barb Burford Katie Machemer BOTTOM ROW: Maria Levison Chris Carlson Natilie Beycler Jean Williams 133J.V. Cheerleaders STANDING: Janis Olsen Sparky Stewart Brenda Phillips Connie Bauer Deidre Benson Sharon Aldrich • 1 —■ Jr. High Cheerleaders Marcia Stawoiski Sally Becdle Julie Martin Mary Carlberg Deb Lank KNEELING: Madline SouthwellLancers KNEELING, M. Work, B. Channing, T. Gage ROW 1 Mrs. Wiltsie, S. Shaffer, D. Fehlman, S. Burch, K. Clark ROW 2 L. Shepherd, B. Grieb ROW 3 J. Hodges, K. Carlson, K. Hunt ROW 4 A. Norris, G. Riley, N. Thelin, L. Shepherd, P. Benson 136 Gail Shepherd, Color Sgt. Beth Channing, Drill Sgt.137 Nancy Rupczyk Seniors: Marlene Work, Beth CharmingCinderbelles ROW 1. C. Marsh, V. Jones, J. Cathcart, B. Tutmaher, J- Brans'trom, R. Wilcox, C. Allenson, C. Lindell, P. Park, D. LudwickROW2. M. Eggleston, S. Bauer, B. Burford, S. Williams, G. Riley, W. Bryan, C. Meleen, N. Beyeler, C. Carlson, P. Benson, D. Brecht ROW 3. Mr. Hoffman, advisor, C. Bauer, C. Carlberg, D. Benson, K. Bloomgren, W. Block, M. Allenson, R. Durlin, T. Gage, D. Schultz, Mr. Engstrom, advisor BOARD OF DIRECTORS Seniors: Diane Ludwick Penny Park Juniors: Jeannie Cathcart Sophomore: Veryl Jones Freshman: Cindy Marsh OFFICERS CHAIRMAN: ROSE WILCOX SECRETARY: CHRIS ALLENSON TREASURER: JAN BRANSTROM HISTORIAN: BEV TUTMAHER PUBLIC RELATIONS: CINDERBELLE MOTTO: We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about. CAROLINE LINDELL 138THE TRACKMEN'S SONG THE CINDER BELLES' SONG MMMMMMMMMMMM: ENKY LOVES US . . . THIS WE KNOW. FOR THE CINDER - BELLES TELL US SO. ALL OUR BODS, TO HIM BELONG. HE IS WEAK . . . BUT WE ARE STRONG! YES ENKY LOVES US YES ENKY LOVES US YES ENKY LOVES US THE CINDERBELLES TELL US SO. C i n D e R B E L L E CINDERBELLES WE'RE THE BEST!!! CINDERBELLES WE NEVER REST!!! FOREVER LET US HOLD OUR RULEBOOKS HIGH!!! HIGH!!! HIGH!!! COME ALONG AND SING OUR SONG AND JOIN OUR HARMONY C I N D E R B e L L E 139Girl’s Track Club ROW 1:M. Ristau, M. McMillan, P. Brooks, V. Jones, C. Carlberg, A. Fraser, P. Park, D. Lud-wick, C. Marsh, B. Pratz, J. McIntyre, E. Barrett, C. Franklin, D. Walker ROW 2: V. Anderson, D. Brennen, L. Shepherd, C. Snyder, K. Lindell, C. Bauer, M. Staswioski, N. Thelin, C. Frahm, D. Case, D. Cable, C. Custer, M. Wright, S. Himes, B. Phillips, C. Chapman, S. Welsh, S. Shaffer ROW 3: Mrs. Leathers, R. Brunecz, M. Haner, S. Curry, B. Burnett, D. Momingstar, S. Bauer, K. Bloomgrcn, D. Brecht, C. Dow, W. Block, B. Lemmon, B. Burnett, S. Bcedle, C. Jenkins, K. Nelson, S. Dyke, M. Carlberg, D. Brecht, J. Lindell, D. Rigglc R. Parker, Mr. Carey, G. McFarland 140 LJk. 1 Our beauty queen getting ready for a big date. All set for lover boy. "It looks good dear, but what is it?" 141Lance Staff SEATED: N. Ellberg; C. Lindell; C. Church; Mrs. .Norton, advisor STANDING: M. Eggleston; C. Peterson; J. Hardy; R. Parker; G. Resh; L. Dyke Mrs. Pauline Norton Charles Church Caroline Lindell Sally Weber Mary Eggleston Rick Parker Gary Resh Nancy Ellberg Becky Pangborn Janet Hardy Colleen Peterson Gladys Bennett Lona Dyke Linda Constable Karlene Thorpe Beverly J. Tutmaher Advisor T ri-Editor T ri-Editor Tri-Editor Business Manager Money Layouts Security Layout Editor Secretary Copy Copy Copy Circulation Advertising Technical Advisor Foreign Correspondent 142Tri-Editors As the Class of "71" passes into history, we would like to leave something for those who remain. This book is a tangible result of that desire. In the years that follow we hope this book will show what we were like and how we felt about our school. We of the yearbook staff of 1971 wish to thank the faculty for the help and cooperation. Our special thanks go to Mr. Schultz and Mr. Dorrion for their help photographing and to Mrs. Norton for putting up with us. 143"I'd rather fight than switch . . . but I can be persuaded. " Wouldn't you be more careful if you were the one?" "But he's the neighbor's child. " "Bah, Humbug!" "Does your nose shine?" "Oh, dear! A wart on my nose!" "Another one of those artificial trees?" 144ADVERTISING ■n-T-r-TUTV.Tjcra mvy '-tj 'L'Ll Liu u r- uy-r. ' Congratulations to the Class of "71" Berthold’s Studio 146147 1971 GRADUATES 1 LOGAN’S MEN'S WEAR In your future it's Logans Men's Wear for clothing for YOU in mind. Warren, Pa. We Love You THE STYLE SHOP "The Best In Men's Wear" 102 Liberty Street Warren, Pa. LEVI EPSTEIN AND SONS 410 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Pa. 16365 BENSON'S YELLOW AND BLACK STORE Louis Benson Quality Meats Groceries Russell, Pa. MARV'S STERLING SERVICE j 11 Main Street Sugar Grove, Pa. Pa. State Inspection Station 489-7435 THE RUSSELL FLOWER GARDEN 12 Liberty St. Extension Russell, Pennsylvania 757-4594 COWDRICK'S DRUG STORE Walgren Agency 212-214 Liberty St. Warren, Pa. 723-1743 Dependable Prescription Service 148N. K. WENDELBOE CO. Compliments of TOWN COUNTRY FOOD Sugar Grove, Pa. Compliments of THE STOKES STUDIO Fine Portraits 312 Second Ave . Warren, Pa. Phone 723-3060 Compliments of N. K. WENDELBOE CO. Compliments of WARREN DRUG STORE Compliments of Savoy Liberty St. Near 3rd. Warren, Pa. Compliments of BETTY LEE Compliments of JEAN CARROLL HAT SHOP 231 Liberty Street Warren, Pa. VALONE SHOE STORE Quality Shoes for the whole family 336 Penna, Ave. West Warren, Pa. Best Wishes J. C. PENNY JEAN FROCKS 326 Penna. Ave . Warren, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of "71" PROSEN BARBER SHOP RIFLE SHOP 106 Main Street Sugar Grove, Pa. Compliments of STIENS LADIES SHOP 344 Penna . Ave . Warren, Pa. INFANTEEN SHOP "Warren's shop for children" 229 Liberty Street Warren, Pa. PRESTON STORE Wool-Rich Clothing Wolverine Shoes Bail-Bond Boots 149COMPLIMENTS of G. G. GREENS ENTERPRISES COMPLIMENTS UNITED REFINING COMPANY and YOUR KEYSTONE DEALERSTASTY BAKERY 330 Penna. Ave , West Warren, Pa. CARTER SHOE STORE 106 Liberty Street Warren, Pa. "Put your feet in our Hands" Compliments of ROBERTS PRINTING SERVICE 7 Main Street Russell, Pa. 757-9935 Congratulations To The Class of "71" FROM MR. MARTIN DARLING'S "Warren's Oldest Jewelers" 334 Pa. Ave . West Warren, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of "71" OR IE PUDDER J »ir rMHThWi, a ., w. WAJttIN MMN1TIVANIA IUU commit c homc rutNisnm JIIVINO TNI WAtllN AHA UNCI ItOJ Compliments of VIRG-ANN FLOWER SHOP Best Wishes LEVINSON BROTHERS Warren, Pa. Compliments of j CARSON FINANCE 2$4 P.nn. At . W. PSon«: 723-1800 TINY TOWN YOUTH CENTER 340 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Pa. "Everything from infant to 14" State Line Seed Service Lloyd F. Wilcox, Dist. STANFORD'S AND BEACHLEY-HARDY "Dependable Seed At A Saving" Old State Rd. 757-8421 Russell, Pa. Compliments of PRINTZ SHOP MARTIN'S KEYSTONE official inspection station Russell, Pa. Compliments of SWEENEY'S RED AND WHITE Main Street, Sugar Grove CROSBY SERVICE GARAGE Bear Lake Pa. 668-6185 151COMPLIMENTS OF PENNSYLVANIA BANK AND TRUST CO. FAULK VOLKSWAGON INC. Sales — Parts — Service Warren Penna. 16365 Suds Your Duds at the SUGAR GROVE LAUNDROMAT Sugar Grove, Penna. Open Daily 7:30 A.M. TO 10:00 P.M. 152James Jewelers your Bridal Headquarters Keepsake Diamonds and Wedding Bands Phone 723-7740 Congratulations to the Class of 1971 from Warren County's youngest but largest consumer finance company "When You Need Money" See your "Home Town" Consumer Credit Service Congratulations to the Class of '71 TRY-M Consumer Credit Service STRUTHERS WELLS 210 Liberty St. Warren, Pa. 153Compliments of Art Hitchcock NEW PROCESS CO. Warren, Pennsylvania Where over 7 million customers all over the United States shop and save by mail Steadily Growing Since 1910 154NATIONAL FORGE CO. Irvine, Pa. SYLVANIA 12 Second Avenue Warren, Pennsylvania 723-2000 Congratulations Seniors from DICK MUNCH'S CUSTOM FLOORS AND FURNITURE 70-76 N. State St. N. Warren, Pa, Congratulations to the Class of "71 " WADES WOODS 155Compliments of 3 ie. 1211 FOURTH AVENUE • WARREN, PENNSYLVANIA 1636S Blackstone Washers Dryers Sold and Serviced by Sugar Grove Farm Supply 489-7711 LORANGER PLASTICS Warren, Pa. Compliments of P. F. RANCH Horse and Pony Trail Rides Snowmobile Rentals Open Daily Tel. 757-8134 Scandia Mountains, Pa. ANDERSON'S BAKING CO. AUTO CAR WASH N . Warren, Pa. "Real Car Care" Congratulations to The Class of "71 " FROM LADIES AUX. VFW POST 631 Compliments of SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY Sugar Grove, Penna. Compliments of MAXINE DICKERSON Compliments of TONY'S SANDWICH SHOP Sugar Grove, Pa. Evelyn Tony Pratz 156Compliments of Gahring Optical Lab. Walker Swanson’s Creamery American Products Hardware Co. The only locally owned and locally operated dairy in Warren. Main Street Russell, Pennsylvania Phone 757-8176 w 157PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. James Anthony Mr. Jeff Barrett Mrs. Laura Bennett Rothard Roth Expert Blacksmith MR. AND MRS. LEONARD BRIGGS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Church Ruth Daklin Mr. and Mrs. John English Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Hagberg Mr. and Mrs. David Klenck Rev. and Mrs. John Kunselman Mr. and Mrs. Byron Lindell Mrs. Helen Lindell Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mayer MR. AND MRS. CHARLES MOORE Mr. and Mrs. Guy Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parker Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Murray Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Resh Mr. and Mrs. William Saunders William Saunders, Jr. Randy Sliter Mr. and Mrs. Allen Stoddard Mr . and Mrs. Jim Stoddard Mr. and Mrs. Otto Weber Mrs. Betty Willis FACULTY Mr. Bacchetti Mr. Blakewell Mr. Brunecz Mrs. Crossen Mr. Dunbar Mr. Engstrom Mr. Falvo Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Hagberg Mr. Hoffman Mr. Hunt Mr. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Edward Norton Miss Perry Miss Reese Mr. E. Rolls Mr. R. Rolls Mrs. Schmidt Mr. Schultz Mr. Emerson Spicer Mr. Spicer Miss Wainwright Mr. Wilson Mrs. Wiltsie 158 Congratulations to the Class of 1971 1 Wilcox Brothers Sugar Bowl Lanes Lloyd and Mildred Williams Sugar Grove, Penna. General Contractors "Service is our Specialty" Plumbing—Heating—Wiring Sugar Grove, Penna. Phone: 489-3121 PUTNAM'S BOOK SHOP Library Theater Bldg. Warren, Pa. 16365 Phone 726-0996 Phone 723-1111 JARVIS CLEANERS 219 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Pa. Congratulations They said you would never make it. SPARKLE CARWASH HOUSE OF BIEKARCK 426 Penna. Ave. West Warren's "400 Block" Everything in Music Phone 723-1910 159 » s Peace Paiz Frieden Paz Fred Pax Peace 160 V » , V« V .v Ml .VJ AV -4« •. - - W v- - v W , M V? . • r M — - $M • ,s ' - ' - v v . '.xfc- •. ?¥ ■- - mUC f Nit'.V i . . «s ■ m% %. “ -' ’•'A. » «. » ' v ; -. .- - 'v — ' . » -.- ‘----- »■ v ,, t S-N ■ T-M? ' UC”j| '• » --V . . AmA A • ■. - V . v - • «■ -V - ■»- - - • V- m Si - v ■— ■ - r- v w1 «r —. • . i • !•• - • -v: ■ + -w 2 -- C 5 c3bW(g5niBWjp£- ‘ v x . . - - i».,jv v . .— . MMkx r ■ - v ' - • . ' • - a - mm • - . N. - r - M -- - . .VN ' - . •--. —- v.... ' - HBCScm -tA .- —at -? ' -■ - ' ft® !f '“- 5 . vAI. „. ,«SI M WTA v. »■ . °% ‘ H - - •- - S % 1 .V - . •-' - ' - - v -■ 3 a- .i'l .. -, pCffy'v •- . 4s, v (in v«WJfrsi A -• c.' «Cs ' [► m iU r - - • -'.a « • ““' V . -•■ • - • “ ' ■ - «. -• f .- » « • . •- . — -

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