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THE SENIORS OF ’69 PRESENT THE LANCE EISENHOWER HIGH SCHOOL R.D. 2, RUSSELL, PA.1 Foreword The true goal of the Eisenhower Lance is to carry the student, parent and faculty member back through the past year and by doing so, thrust him forward into the future. We try to captivate the moments that are most exciting, the moments that characterize this year. We attempt to capture the pride and progress of Eisenhower High School, the days of socializing and scholarship alike. As you turn each page and read this, your Lance, we hope the days already past unfold before us once again. For it this your reaction; success is ours. 2Table of Contents Seniors 6 Administration 41 Faculty 45 Underclassmen 53 Activities 71 Sports 91 Advertising 122 HdjMi i 3- 3Mrs. Hagberg, a teacher of great dedication and a source of inspiration, whose quiet determination, sincerity, and warmth has won for her the admiration of the faculty and students alike in Eisenhower High School. Her pleasant presence fills the room where students are taught the fundamentals and details of the business world. To her credit, may go the success of many business personnel who graduated from Eisenhower High School. For these reasons, and many more that words cannot express, we, the Class of '69, dedicate the 1969 Lance to a fine teacher, Mrs. Hagberg. 4Parents’ Teachers’ Dedication We dedicate our 1969 Lance to you, our parents, as you were our guideposts through the airy uncertainty of our still ever-present youth. Our hearts glow with love and respect as we reflect on the many times you were a source of confidence and encouragement. Your life-long dedication, as parents, deserves ours, the class of sixty-nine. The perfect tribute to our up-coming generation, the guardians of freedom is the gift of knowledge, the expansion of young minds and lives through learning. This is what the teachers of Eisenhower High School present to this student body. With the tools of knowledge they hope to shape the destiny and insure the success of our nation. The greatness of todays teachers determine the greatness of tomorrow's America........................................... 5Those Were The Days 6SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Linda Greene Vice-President: Alan Swanson Treasurer: Mary Anne Wilcox Secretary: Marcia Fisk Advisor: Mr. Black Colors: Burgandy and Gold Flower: Yellow and White Chrysanthemum Motto: H £ 0p h T O U °CL 06 6 V H TTouri tr o u ocl vxr v"Jerry" Get a job W. Bruce A gens February 28, 1950 Vocational Agriculture "Bruce" Undecided Bible Club 9-12; FFA 12; Field G Stream 9-10; Intramural Volleyball 11-12; Junior Class Play; State Farm Show 12; Track Manager 9. Patricia Lynn Arthur November 4, 1951 College Prep "Pat" College Cinderbelles 10-12; Charm; Class Officer 10; F.T.A. 9; C.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin; Junior Play; Majorettes 9-12; Drum Majorette 12; National Thespian Society 12; Senior Play; Spanish Club 11-12; Student Council 10. Mark Backstrom "Buzz" October 9, 1951 College Prep Basketball Manager 10-12; Letter 11-12; Field G Stream 11-12- Track 10-12, letter 11. 8Michael James Becker May 8, 1951 College Prep. Mike College Bowling 9-12, Trophy 11; Football 9,10, 12; Key Club 10-12; Track 9-10; Weight Lifting 11-12. Charles E. Barrett August 6, 1951 College Prep "Chuck" Aeronautic Maintenance A.V. crew 11-12; Camera Club 12; Field Stream 9-11; Intramural Basketball 10; Junior Play; Senior Play; Yearbook photographer 12. Welcome Catherine Barhite June 16, 1951 Business "Welcome" Undecided Bible Club 9-11; Choir 11; F.H.A. 9-10; Guidance Assistant 10-12; Junior Class Play; Press Club; Senior Play. Martha Joyce Backstrom "Mardy" December 13, 1951 College American Legion Essay 2nd; Cinderbelles 10-12, letter, pin, sweater; Honor Society 11-12; Lancers 11-12, 2 chevrons; Track Club 12, Sec.-Treas. 12. 9Steve E. Black March 10, 1949 Edward' Rebecca Irene Birt January 14, 1952 Home Economics "Becky" To be a social worker F.H.A. 9-11. Dana Allen Beyelcr August 15, 1951 College Prep "Dana’' College Band 12; Bowling 12; Football 12, letter; Senior Play Committee; Track 12; Wrestling 12. Rebecca Ann Benson "Becky" January 7, 1952 College Prep College Cinderbelles 10-12 Board, Treasurer, G.A.A. 10-12 Secretary, Vice President; Intramural Sports 10-12; Junior Play; Senior Play; Spanish Club 11, National Thespians Society. 10"Pete1 Hans Peter Block June 9, 1951 College Prep College FFA 9-12, Pres. 12; Honor Society 10-12; NEDT Certificate 9-12; Varsity Club; Wrestling 10-12 Letter 10-12 Gerald Arthur Bloomgren November 27, 1950 Vocational Agriculture "Gary" Air Force Bible Club 11-12, second vice-president 12; Farm Show 12; FFA 9-12, sec. 10-11, vice-president 12; FFA--delegate to State Convention; Junior Class Play Jerald R. Bloomgren November 27, 1950 General "Jerry" Undecided Choir 11; Intramural Basketball; Volleyball 10-12 Andrew Philip Bosko "Andy" December 2, 1951 College Prep College Class President 9; Football 9-12, Letter 10-12; Key Club 10-11; National Honor Society 10-12; Student Council 9; Track 9-12, Letter 10-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Wrestling 9-11, Letter 11 11Beverly Branchaud "Bev" August 22, 1951 General Business To get a good job Girls Hobby Club 7-8; Library assistant 9-11. Deborah Gail Briggs July 4, 1951 College Prep "Debbie" College Bowling trophy 10; F.T.A. 9-10; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, sweater; Gym show 9-11; Intramural sports 10-12, Basketball manager 11; Junior play; Junior Prom Attendant; Lancers 11-12, chevron, jacket; National Thespian Society 12; Senior Play; Spanish Club 11-12; Yearbook staff 12. Steven Paul Brown February 26, 1951 General "Comer" Forestry Basketball 10-11; Football 10-12, letter 11-12; track 10-12, letter 12. Deborah Eileen Carlson "Debbie" May 17, 1951 College Prep Band 9-10; Marching Band 10; F.H.A. 10-12, Secretary 11, Treasurer 12, Warren County Council; Junior Play, Lunch Stand Committee, National Thespian Society, Senior Play 12Priscilla1 Priscilla Ann Coffaro September 9, 1951 College Prep. Elementary Education Bible Club 11-12; Bowling 10-12; Cinderbclles 10-12 Certificate, Charm, Secretary 12;F.H.A. 9-10; G.A.A. 10-12 letter, pin, jacket; Junior Play; National Honor Society 10-12; Senior Play; Thespians 12 Christopher Carlstrom October 9, 1951 General "Chris" Navy Bible Club 11; Bowling 9-11; Librarian Robert Thomas Carlson January 8, 1951 College Prep. "Ted" Electrical Engineer Class Day Committee 12; Essay Winner 8-10; Field Stream 9-10; Marching Band; Marine Corps Certificate 9-11; National Honor Society 11-12; NEDT Award 10-11; Wrestling Douglas Edward Carlson "Doug" September 6, 1951 College Prep. Art teacher Art Assistant; Bible Club 9-12; Football 9; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play Committee 13Gloria Crosby August 16, 1951 General "Kay" Computer school Gary Lee Crosby December 1, 1949 General "Gary" Mechanic Deborah Collins "Debbie" March 15, 1951 Vocational Home Economics 14Gary Dalrymple "Gary" March 3, 1951 College Prep. College Football 10-12, letter 10-12; Key Club 10-11; National Honor Society 10-12; Track 10-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Wrestling. Linda Elslager June 20, 1951 General Business "Linda" Undecided Bible Club 9-12; Guidance Office 10-11; Library 10-11. Lucinda Jean Engstrom July 27, 1948 General Business "Cindy" Model Bible Club 9-10; F.H.A. 9-10; Guidance Assistant 10-12; Junior Play Make-up 11; Press Club 9-10. 15Marcia Elaine Fisk "Marcia" May 10, 1951 Academic College Band 10-12; Bowling 9-12, Manager 11; Choir 10-11; Cinderbelles 9-12, secretary 10; Class Secretary 11-12; G.A.A. 10-12, President 12; Homecoming Attendant 11; Honor Society 10-12 Linda Fox May 13, 1951 Secretarial Business "Linda" Secretary Bowling 9-12, trophy 11; F.H.A. 9; Guidance Assistant 11-12; Press Club 10-12. Ann Marie Furlow December 8, 1951 Business Comprehensive "Annie" Clerical Worker Bowling 10-12, trophy 10; Cheerleading 10, letter, charm; G.A.A 10-12 letter, pin, jacket, charm; guidance assistance 10-12; Intramural Sports 9-12; Junior Play; Sports boosters 10-12 Joanne Gray "Bozo" June 12, 1950 General Business Marriage Cafeteria Assistance 11-12; F.H.A. 11; Lancers 10-12, chevrons, jacket; Yearbook staff 12 16Heff Martin John Hoffner November 17, 1951 General College Basketball 10-12; Football 9-12, letter 11; Track 7-12, letters 10-12; Trackman of the Year 11; Volleyball 10-12; Wrestling 11, letter 11. William Ralph Hinsdale October 27, 1951 Academic "Willie" Veterinarian Chapter Farmer 10; F.F.A. 9-11; Greenhand 9; National Honor Society 11-12. Kenneth Sherman Hanson August 16, 1950 Agricultural "Ken" Farmer F.F.A. 9-12; A. V. Crew 12; Press Club 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Choir 11-12. Linda Joy Greene "Lin" September 28, 1951 Academic Undecided Band 10-12; Cinderbelles 10-12, charm, letter; Class President 10-12; G.A.A. 10-12, letter; Gym Show 9-12; Intramural Sports 10-12; Junior Play; National Thespians Society 12; Senior Homecoming Attendant. 17Martin Charles Jesperson December 19, 1951 Vocational Agriculture "Marty" Air Force Band Manager; Choir 12; F.F.A. 9-12, reporter 12; Gym Show; State Farm Show Peter Hyde October 22, 1951 General "Pete" Carpenter Flora Je Maria Hospina Schaefer January 16, 1950 General "Flor" Lawyer G.A.A. 12; Model U.N. 12; Cin-derbelles 12; Student Council 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Spanish Club 12. David Arthur Hummel June 20, 1950 General "Dave" Undecided Camera Club 7-12; Yearbook Staff 12.Pamela Sue Johnson April 2, 1951 Secretarial Business "Pam" Secretary Bowling 11-12; Junior Play; Lancers 10-12, chevrons, jacket, charm; Sergeant of Arms; Press Club 11-12; Senior Choir 10-12; Senior Play; National Thespian Society; Yearbook Staff 12. Patricia Ann Kane "Pat" October 8, 1951 Secretarial Business College Bowling trophy 9; F.H.A. 10-12, president 11, secretary 12; Junior Play; Lancers 11-12, chevrons, jacket, Flag bearer, secretary 12; National Thespians Society; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff 12. 19Stephen Joseph Kobojek July 19, 1949 Secretarial Business Steve' IBM Programming Bowling 10; Choir 12; FTA 10-12; Junior Play; National Thespian Society; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff 12. Debbie Alberta Larson May 20, 1951 Secretarial Business "Debbie" Secretary Cheerleader 9-12, charm, letter G jacket; Choir 12; Freshman Attendant; F.T.A. 10-11; Homecoming Queen 12; National Honor Society 10-12, secretary 11-12; Press Club 12; Sport Booster 10-12; Yearbook Staff 12. Raymond Lawson March 26, 1951 College Prep. "Ray" College F.F.A. 9-12, treasurer 12; Honor Society 10-12; Vice President 12; Intramural Volleyball 11-12. Terry Thomas Lester "Red" March 13, 1951 20 Bible ClubJudy Marlene Long "Judy" March 5, 1951 General Business Library Assistance 9-11, pin; Nurses assistant 12, press club 11-12, yearbook staff 12. Barton Duane Lohnes April 25, 1951 College Prep "Bart" Undecided Basketball 9-12, letter 10-12; Football 9-12, letter 10-12; National Honor Society 10-12; Intramural Volleyball 10-12; Junior Play; Track 10-12, letter 10-12; Varsity 10- 12. Cynthia Dawn Lindsey October 10, 1951 General Business "Cindy" Business College Cinderbelles 10-12, certificate, charm, letter, Junior Play; National Thespians Society; National Honor Society Kae Marie Lindell "Kae" March 1, 1951 College Prep. Special Education Teacher Cinderbelles 10-12, historian 10, 11, Chairman 12; F.H.A. 9-10; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin , sweater; National Honor Society 11, 12; National Thespians Society 12; Scorekeeper 9-12; Student Council, treasurer 11 21Bruce Lundmark July 31, 1951 General "Bruce" Mickey A. Ludwick December 2, 1951 Academic "Mickey" College F.F.A. 9-12; Track 9-11; Volleyball 11; Wrestling 10. John F. Lord May 29, 1951 General "Lordie-Bee" Heavy Construction Basketball 10; Bible Club 11; Bowling 10-12, Trophy 11, father and son trophy; Choir 10-12; Field and Stream 10; Volleyball 10-12; Open Road 12. Katherine Loomis "Kathy" May 18, 1951 General Business Bowling 11-12; G. A. A. 11-12; Lancers 9-12; Livestock Queen 11-12. 22Andrew J. Machemer "Mac” July 20, 1951 Scientific Computer Technology Bowling 9-12, Field Stream 9; Football 9-12, Wrestling Club 9. Deborah Lynn Marquis August 12, 1951 Secretarial Business "Deb" Secretary Bible Club, reporter 10; F.T.A. 11; National Honor Society 12; Press Club; Sports Boosters 11-12; Yearbook Staif 12. Timothy L. Martin November 4, 1951 General "Tim" Undecided Football 10-12, Track 10-12; manager; Wrestling 9-12 Dale Eugene McCombs May 10, 1951 General 23Christine Virginia McGann "Chris" June 4, 1951 General Business Full Time Christian Service Bible Club 10-12; Bowling 10-12; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Girls Track Club 12; Guidance Assistant 10-12; Choir 10-12; Student Director Junior Play. Sharon Renee Merritt November 16, 1951 General Business "Sharon" Commercial Art Bible Club 10-11; Press Club 11-12. Mark Mikrut February 25, 1951 College Prep "Mark" College National Honor Society 10-12; N.E.D.T. 9-10; Model U.N. 11-12; Student Council 9-12; Parliamentarian 11-12. James C. Miller "Millwheel" October 9, 1951 General Navy Bible Club 10-11; Bowling 9-12; Junior Play; Thespians Society 12; Senior Play. 24Linda Anne Olson "Lin" August 16, 1951 Secretarial Business Secretary Band 10-12; Bowling 9-12 Manager 11, Trophies 9-11; Cinderbelles 11-12, Board of Directors 11; G.A. A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket, charm, secretary 12; Intramural Sports 10-12; Junior Play; National Thespian Society; Senior Play Patricia Ann Nosel March 19, 1951 General Business "Trish" Office Work Bible Club 10-11; Bowling 11; Lancers 11; Junior Play Committee; Press Club 12, Layout editor Manila Elvira Norton July 29, 1951 College Prep. ’’Scruffy" College Cinderbelles 11-12; Honor Society 10- 12; Junior Play; Model U.N. 11- 12; National Thespians Society; N.E.D.T. Award 9-10 Dorene Kay Nobles "Dorene" February 23, 1951 Secretarial Business Secretary Bowling 9-12, trophy 9; G. A. A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket, charm; Intramural Sports 10-12; Junior Play; Lancers 11-12, flag bearer 12, Chevrons Jacket; National Thespian Society 12; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff 12. 25Robert H. Passinger July 29, 1951 General 'Corn" Enlist for Draft Football 10, 12; Track 10-12; Volleyball 12 Jack Richard Passinger June 27, 1949 General "Zinger" Navy Choir 10-12; Football 7-11; Gym Show 11; Student Council 11; Track 7-11, letter 10, 11 Lawrence W. Pangbom January 30, 1951 Scientific "Larry" College or Tech School Open Road 12; Spanish Club 11 Aletha Pagett "Al" May 18, 1951 College Prep Undecided Choir 9-11, pin; Color Guard 12; Library Club 9-11 26Shirley Mae Passingcr December 16, 1950 General Business "Shirley" Undecided Bible Club 9; Choir 12; F.T.A. 10-12, president 12, vice president 11, state convention 11; Cym Show 11; Homecoming Attendant 10; J.H. Cheerleader, charm, J.V. Cheerleader 9-10, charm, pin; Press Club 11-12, recorder Yearbook Staff 12. Linda Louise Penley June 26, 1951 General Business "Linda" College Bowling 10-12, Manager 12; Cheerleader 9; Choir 12; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, sweater; Yearbook Staff treasurer 12. Debra Kay Petersen November 29, 1951 College Prep. "Debbie" Social Worker Bowling 7-12, trophies 10-11; Choir 10-12; F.H. A. 9-12; Junior Play; Honor Society 12; National Thespians Society 12; Yearbook co-editor. Randy S. Phillips June 23, 1951 General "Randy" Undecided Basketball 9-12; Gym Show 11; Intramural Basketball 10; Intramural Volleyball 10-12; Gym Assistant 12; Track 11-12. 27 Craig M. Pierson January 8, 1951 General "Craig" Marine Corps Intramural Basketball 10-12; Intramural Volleyball 10-12; Track 9-12, letter 11-12. James C. Roberts April 19, 1951 General Business "Jimmy" Heavy Equipment A. V. Crew 11-12; Camera Club 9-12; Intramural Volleyball 11; Junior Play; Senior Play; Yearbook Photographer 12. Philip H. Rockwell June 18, 1951 Industrial "Butch" Mechanic Bible Club; Wrestling Club Wayne Rodgers "Wayne" August 24, 1951 Voc. Agriculture Electrician Chapter Farmer Degree lljF.F.A. Reporter lljF.F.A. Sentinel 12; F.F.A. Star Greenhand Award 10; National Honor Society 12. 28James R. Sherry May 26, 1950 General Maynard" Mechanic Bowling 10-12; Gym Show 11; Intramural Basketball, Volleyball 10-11; Open Road Club 12, president; Wrestling 10-11, letter Mary Schumann June 12, 1951 Secretarial Business "Mary" Business College Choir 12; F.T.A. 11; Cheerleader 9-12, captain 12; Junior Play; National Honor Society 11-12; Press Club 11-12; Sports Boosters 9-12, president 12; Student Council 9; Yearbook Staff 12. Charles Irbine Sanders September 25, 1951 General "Charlie" Navy Bowling 11-12; Choir 11-12; Football 10-12, letter 10-12; Student Council 12; Varsity Club 10-12 Robert William Russell "Bob" March 3, 1951 College Prep. College Basketball 9-12, letter 11, 12; Football 9-12, letter 11, 12; Intramural Sports; Key Club 11; Varsity Club 11, 12.Craig Judson Stewart December 30, 1950 General "Stewy" Trade School Class Vice President 10; Choir 11; Intramural Sports 11-12; Junior Play-Committee; Key Club 10-12, President 12; Senior Play; Student Council 9-11; Yearbook Staff 12. Stephen Eugene Spencer September 13, 1951 General "Steve" Mechanic Bible Club; Open Road Club 12. Sandra Kay Slocum May 28, 1951 General Business "Sandy" College Bowling 9-12; G.A. A. 10-12 letter, pin, sweater; Gym Show 9; National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook Staff 12, co-editor. Randy Lee Sherry "Grease" April 26, 1951 General Mechanic Bowling 10-12; Field G Stream 10; Gym Show 11; Intramural Sports 10-12; Open Road Club 12; Senior Dance Committee; Track 9-10; Varsity Club 12; Wrestling 11-12 letter. 30Evora-Mac Thomas March 15, 1951 General Business "Evora" T eacher Bible Club 7-10; Camera Club 11-12; Choir 12; F.T.A. 9-12; Guidance Assistant 9-12; Marching Band 11; Physical Education Assistant 12; Senior Band 8-10; Yearbook Staff 12. Jan Thompson "Jan" September 4, 1951 College Prep College Bowling 10-12; Choir 10-11; Cinderbelles 10-12; Junior Play; Majorettes 10-11; Model U.N. 11-12; National Thespians Society 12; National Honor Society 12; N.E.D.T. 10. Jim Allen Stoddard July 3, 1951 General "Stud" Mechanic Bowling 11-12; Boys Hobby Club 9; Junior Play; Football 9; Field G Stream 10; Intramural Volleyball 10; Librarian 9; Open Road Club 12; Track 9-12. "Alan" Chemical Engineering Basketball 9-12, letter 10-12; concert Band 7-12; Junior District 9; Junior Play; Marching Band 8-12; National Honor Society 10-12, treasurer 11, president 12; Student Council 12; Track 9-12, letter 10-12; Varsity Club 11-12, Secretary-Treasurer 12. Alan Swanson October 3, 1951 College Prep 31Loanne Thompson December 23, 1951 Academic Loanne' College Bible Club 9-11; Bowling 10-12 Trophy 10; Clinic Aid 12; G.A.A. 12; G.A.A. 10-12 letter, pin, jacket; Intramural Sports 10-12; Honor So-ciety 12 Terri L. Tonkin September 14, 1951 College Prep ".Terri" Veterinarian Bowling 10-12; G.A.A. 10-12 letter, pin, jacket; Junior Play; National Thespian Society; Senior Play Arlene Tutmaher March 9, 1950 General Business "Tut" Beauty School Bible Club 10-11; Press Club 12 H. Bernard Uber "Bun" April 6, 1951 General Mechanic-Auto Body Bowling 11-12; Choir 10-12; Football 12; Gym Show 11; Junior Play; National Thespian Society; Senior Play; Volleyball Tournament 10-11 32Rebecca Ann Webster February 16, 1951 College Prep. "Becky” College Bowling 10-12, Trophy 10-11; G.A.A. 10-12 letter, pin, jacket, charm; Gym Show 11; Intramural Sports 10-12; Junior Play Committee; Lancer Equipment Manager 12; Lunchstand Committee; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff Tim Walker November 26, 1951 College Prep. "Tim" College Bowling 9-12; Golf 10; Junior Play; Senior Play; Track 9-12 Randall Edward Voty June 21, 1951 College Prep. "Randy" College Class Treasurer 11; Football 9-12 letter 10-12; Key Club 10-11; Track 9-10; Varsity Club 10-12 Orrie Van Ord "Bill" November 8, 1951 General Air Force Bible Club 7-12; Football 8-12 letter 12; Gym Show 11; Physical Fitness Team 11-12; Senior Class Play; Sports Booster 11-12; Track 12 letter 12; Volleyball Team 12; Wrestling 11-12. letter 12; Wrestling Club 8-11 33Dennis Seymour Williams "Denny" August 26, 1951 General Draftsmen Bowling 9-12; Football Manager 9; Gym Show 11; Junior Play; Open Road Club 12; Physical Education Assistant 12; Senior Play; Volleyball 12; Wrestling 9-12 letter 12; Wrestling Club 8-11 Nancy Jo Wilcox July 17, 1951 College Prep. "Nancy" College Bowling 9-12; Choir 10-11; G.A.A. 10-12 letter, pin, sweater; Intramural Sports 9-12; Junior Play; Lancers chevrons, star, jacket, second-in-command 11; commander 12; Honor Society 11-12; National Thespians Society 12; Yearbook Staff Sports Editor Mary Anne Wilcox June 20, 1951 College Prep. "Mary Anne" Nursing Bible Club 10-12, Vice-president 12; Bowling 12; Class Treasurer 12; Class Vice-president 11; Intramural Volleyball 11-12; Junior Play; Model U. N. 11-12; Honor Society 10-12; Thespians Society 12; NEDT 10; Sports Boosters 10-11; Student Council 10-12 Secretary 10 Vice-president 11; President 12; Wrestling Scorekeeper "Debbie" To Write Guidance Assistant 10; Lancers 12; 34Dennis Wright "Denny" February 24, 1951 General Heavy Equipment Operator F.F.A. 9-11 Patrick Wright August 15, 1951 General "Wright" Basketball 10; Bowling 9-12; Key Club 9-11; Volleyball 10-12 Martha Louise Yeversky April 13, 1951 Vocational Home Economics "Martha" College Bible Club 9-10; Bowling 9-12; Color Guard 12; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, sweater; Girls Track Club 12; Girls Track Team 11-12; Doris Young September 19, 1951 College Prep "Doris" College Camera Club; District Band; F. T. A.; G. A. A. , letter, pin, sweater; Girls Track Club; Marching Band, National Honor Society; Track Swimming Manager 35Carol Ann Westfall October IS, 1951 General Business "Carol" Beautician Mary Elizabeth Younie September 7, 1951 College Prep. "Mary" Social Worker G.A.A. 10; Pep Club 9-10. F.H.A. 9; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Junior Play; Sports Boosters 10-12 Richard Burroughs "Rich" October 1, 1951 General Hell's Angels John Terrence Evans "Terry" August 23, 1951 General Undecided Gregory Gray "Greg" February 15, 1950 General Undecided Louis A. Wenzel "Lou" October 10, 1950 General To Be A Success 36Senior Honors District Chorus SEATED--Linda Granquist, Beth Channing, Pat Arthur, Debbie Petersen STANDING--Steve Kobojek, Charles Barrett, Earl Quaker, Craig Miller SEATED--Sally Weber, Debbie Durlin STANDING--Marcia Fisk, Barb Hagberg Outstanding Teenagers Mary Anne Wilcox Mr. Salerno Gary Dalrymple Carol Lawson District Band 37The cafeteria reflects the student body, through neatness and art work on the bulletin board. It is their place even under the watchful eye of Mr. Salerno. There are no restrictions on conversation. It's our thingOur students have an advantage with the addition of new resource centers. The theory is work relaxed in the library, the history and science, language, and mathematics research centers. Take advantage and expand . . . LookGail Riley The Loner Someone turned the tables on Red. You're gonna get it now Bob! Escape to the Art Room(SEATED) Mrs. Mary Walters, Mrs. Helen Mattews, Dr. T. K. Barrett, Mr. Howard Thompson (STANDING) Mr. Frank Cristy, Dr. John Jacka, Mr. George Frits, Dr. J. Blair Logan, Mr. Harold Landin, Mr. Norge Luvison Education is not a "sometime" thing. It is not restricted to experiences within a formal instructional program. Learning is changed behavior, caused by increased understanding of relationships or outcomes, greater insight into the effects one's actions have upon the attitudes and actions of others, or a finer ability to work with materials or appreciate appearance and performances of things or people. Each person "learns" throughout his life time. The quality, durability and usefulness of our learning is ours to determine. Make every effort to live your life as the best person you are capable of being. To do this you must make a great effort to educate yourself learn the worth of living, and so live that your life will be valuable, to you and to the world. Appreciate our moral, spiritual, and material heritages--also strive to add to this heritage. Your public school education has provided the simple base upon which you must construct your life. On behalf of the patrons, School Board, student body, and staff of the Warren County School District. Those whose cooperative effort have made possible your attendance in the schools. Congratulations upon attainment of your diploma and best wishes for success and happiness. T. K. Barrett Superintendent of Schools 42(SEATED) Charles Beck, Mr. Harold Thompson, Dr. Thomas Barrett, Mr. M G. Kel!ler Mrs. Ellen Smith (STANDING) Mr. Henry Peterson, Mr. Phillip Anundson, Mr. Myron Jewell, Mr. John Ebcrly, . . . Pearirson, Mr. Kenneth Franklin, Mr. R. Pierson Eaton, Mr. Hill Secretaries Mrs. Margaret J. Tickner Mrs. Barbara B. English Mrs. Phillis S. Matri Miss E. Mae Swanson Mrs. Shirley M. Marti Mrs. Bertha H. Bowler Mrs. Marian E. Finley Miss Donna Snaw Miss Sandra Smith Mrs. Barbara Campbell Miss Mary Franklin 43The class of '69 will long remember their senior year here at Eisenhower. The constant shifting of classes due to construction. Glasses and study halls in many places and the necessity of constantly checking one's schedule to find out what class has been missed. Yes, it was a hectic year but it was also a year of excitement and anticipation. As the days rolled by, new and exciting areas of the building were completed and opened for student use. The promises of past years were finally fulfilled. At last we were able to attend classes in a building designed to improve our instructional program and open the door to many more educational opportunities. It is unfortunate that the class of '69 did not have the opportunity to utilize the full potential of our new facilities, but the class should feel no small measure of satisfaction in the manner in which it cooperated in helping make these new facilities a reality. The cooperation exhibited by the seniors during the difficult days of construction was most outstanding. The class of 1969 is to be congratulated for this most welcoming cooperation. With this type of cooperation, I have no doubt that the members of the class of 1969 will be most successful in their attempt to solve the problems of adult life. Fred S. Bauer Principal I personally wish to thank each member of the class of 1969 for having the opportunity to have known you during a short period of your life. May your future provide you with the opportunity to fulfill your life’s desires. Each of you as graduating seniors, will leave this high school better than when you arrived. Your contribution to this high school is recorded forever in the annals of this high school. You should, you must be proud of your accomplishments and ever striving to accomplish your best regardless of the odds. Look for the good, the worthwhile of this world, don't ponder the wrong and the evil. I challenge you to work and strive to make this a better world to live in. I hope with all sincerity that you have just begun and are not ending. We, at Eisenhower, have high hopes for all you that you will go on to make us even prouder to say, "They graduated from Eisenhower in 1969." I am very glad you shared your high school days with me. Congratulations and good luck to each and everyone of you. John M. Neese Assistant Principal 44Mr. John A. Brunecz Geometry, Advanced Math Edinboro State College, B.S. Activities: Field Stream; Sports Boosters Mr. Clair Cable Special Education Master of Art Degree Secondary Education Mrs. Udine Belt Home Economics Tenn. Tech. U., B.S. Activities: F.H.A. Mr. Robert H. Carberry Science Clarion State College, B.S. Activities: Science Club Mr. Allan Bean Edinboro State College, B.S. Social Studies Activities: Wrestling Mr. Raymond Carey Agricultural Education, B.S. Penn State University Activities: F.F.A. Mrs. Gwendolyn Burgett English Social Studies Edinboro State College, B.S. Activities: Sports Boosters Mr. Patrick J. Black B.S. Mathematics Edinboro State College Activities: Senior Advisor 45Mr. Peter Camovale Business Education University of Pa., B. S. Mr. Dennis Engstrom English G Speech Upsala College, A.B. Activities: Head Track Coach; Cinderbelle Advisor Mr. Robert Glamer B.A. in Ed. Penn State M.Ed. in Secondary Ed., Penn State P. D. in Guidance, University of Wyoming Mr. Ted Dorrion English G Social Studies Clarion State College, B. S. Mrs. Geraldine Hagberg Business Education Indiana University of Pa., B.S. Activities; Press Club Mr. John L. Green Indiana University of Pa. Master's Equivalent Activities: Science Club Mr. Thomas Firth Boy's Physical Education Slippery Rock State College, B. S. Activities: Football Coach G Ass't Track Coach Mr. Ronald Dunbar Social Studies Edinboro State College, B. S. Activities: Head Basketball Coach G Ass't Football Coach 46Mr. John Lassinger Mathematics Indiana University of Pa., M. Ed. Penn State Mr. Robert Hunt Spanish Edinboro State College, B.A. Activities: Spanish Club Advisor; Ass't Basketball Coach B.S. Mr. Theodore C. Hedman Art Edinboro State College Mrs. Lucille Leathers Girls Phys. Ed. Health Oberlin College, A.B. Activities: G.A.A. Mr. Samuel Hopkins Science Westminster, B.S. Mr. Harris L. Lanzel Music B. S. Music Education Mansfield State College Activities: Band a Mrs. Carmen Livezey English Latin Taylor University, A.B. Activities: Bible Club; National Honor Society 47Mr. Keith L. McKinney Librarian Clarion State College, B.S. Mrs. Pauline Norton English Clarion State College, B.S. Penn State, M.Ed. Activities: Yearbook Advisor; F.T. A. Mr. John Proksa Social Studies Morehead State University, A.B. Mr. Robert Mitstifer Administrative Intern Penn. State University Mansfield State Teachers College, B.S. Miss Mabel Reese Librarian Seattle Pacific College, B. Clarion State College Mr. Allen Norton Social Studies Indiana University of Pa. Activities: Ass't Football Coach Mr. Budd Neidig Driver Ed. G Social Studies Slippery Rock State College, B.S. Activities: Open Road Club 48Mr. William Sherwood Biology General Science Edinboro State College, B.S. Mr. Michael Schultz French Lock Haven State College, B.S. Activities: Varsity Club Mr. Louis J. Salerno Guidance Counselor Clarion State College Gannon B.S. M.Ed. Mr. Anthony Ross Health Phys. Ed. Kent State University Activities: Wrestling Coach; Key Club Mr. Donald Smith English G Social Studies Edinboro State, B.S. Arizona State Mrs. Pauline Schmidt Guidance Counselor Indiana University of Pa. B.S. Penn State, M. of Ed. Mr. Solomon Shepler California State College of Pa. Industrial Arts, B.S. Activities: Girl's Hobby Club Mr. Robert Swanson Science Slippery Rock College, B.S. 49Mrs. Virginia Linquist Secretary- High School Office Miss Linda Vinton Mathematics Slippery Rock College, B. S. Activities: Cheerleader Advisor Mrs. Marilynn Wick Fhysical Education Jamestown Community College Activites: G. A. A. Mrs. Lynne Wiltsie English Lock Haven State College Activities: Lancer Advisor Mrs. Mary Schorman School Nurse Mrs. Sondra Brown Secretary High School Office Mrs. Beverly Elberg Secretary High School Office 50Dr. Veryl Riley School Doctor Dr. George Riley School Doctor Medical Staff Dr. Blair Rogan School Dentist Dr. Melburn Landin School Dentist 51CUSTODIANS 52CLASS OF “70” President Vice President Secretary Treasurer J. Nesmith J. Horner D. Schultz A. Saunders 53D. Agens J. Aldrich W. Bennett D. Allenson T. Bowen K. Burford L. Branstrom K. Burford p. Carlberg Junior T. Anderson c- Brown G- CareV V. Barrett • Bryan W. Bauer 54E. Miller L. McFarland A. Morando D. Lyon T. McLaughlin L. Nelson J. Lester N. Mack n. Meleen Class D. Harkins K. Harris A. Jones B. Hitchcock D. Jones C. Johnson P. Larson C. Lawson D. Lawson J. Linde 11 T. Lund mark B. Martin W. Lundmark G. Mazzu C. Melquist R. McCullough M. Mikrut C. Miller K. Nesmith B. North F. Ognibene 55J. Olsen A. Ostrander G. Pratz B. Parker J. Quiggle C. Sherry J. Scandreth J. Skinner A. Stanton Juniors D. Parker J. Penley D. Perrin R. Southwell J. Schwone R Spicer G. Seleni N. Spoffard D. Sheehan K. Stiver B. Swanson D. Swanson A. Williams B. Whisner T. Wilson L. Tower H. Wilcox C. Yeskey P. Tower K. Wilcox T. Troxell 56 D. StantonB. Burnett D. Brecht G. Carlson D. Abbey D. Akeley T. Allen N. Arthur A. Audley C. Bair M. Breeze D. Brown L. Carlson M. Eggleston E. Craker N. Elberg B. Channing D. Davis M. Elslager K. Christianson r. Diethrick Sophomores J. Carlstrom J. Coffaro L. Dyke L. Constable D. Edwards B. Fox D. Egar D. Gage D. Gleaton 57C. Glotz D. Glotz G. Gourley J. Hardy D. Harkins D. Hildum R. Kitchell G. Knisley M. Lawson Sophomore C. Loomis D. Ludwick G. McFarland M. Lyon S. Mead R. Nelson M. Groves S. Gruber C. Hale J. Horner W. Hunzinger B. Johnson S. Lester C. Lindell R. Lohnes C. Ohmer D. Morningstar J Olson K. Machemer C• Motz B. Onufer C. Manelick Nelson H. McCombs C. Petersen C. Peterson H. Peterson 58M. Work J. Van Guilder F. Wright S. Swanson S. Weber B. Yaegle Class D. Siliano A. Stewart K. Tidrick D. Stoddard M. Trozell R. Wilcox B. Tutmaher C. Williams P. Willis 59Bird's the word. Dog tired. Met your match, Gary? The pool hall spoiled a good thing. Russell's racket. 60 Who'll be the next in line?President Vice President Sectetary Treasurer President Vice President Secretary Treasurer President Vice President Secretary Treasurer UNDERCLASSMEN Class Of “74” 61 P. Sweeney C. Carlson C. Meleen A. Norris M. McCullough P. Spencer R. Brown C. Loomis C. Marsh W. Gruber B. Phillips R. MartinL. Abbey C. Agnew M. Allenson F. Alspaugh M. Arthur J. Backstrom J. Beedle P. Benson N. Beyeler L. Black R. Branchaud D. Brant C. Briggs J. Briggs K. Brown D. Brunecz W. Rryon P. Burch B. Burford C. Burroughs R. Burt D. Cable C. Carlson C. Carlson E. Carlson S. Carlson G. Cathcart P. Clark C. Constable Freshmen C. Coveil C. Critzer S. Curry D. Drum R. Durlin L. Edwards J. Elder N. English T. Engstrom E. Enos J. Evans S. Falconer J. Fields D. Filegar T. Fleming M. Ford C. Fox G. Frank T. Gage D. Gibbon L. Glotz 62G. Head C. Hice M. Hinsdale W. Hitchcock H. Hodges R. Hoffner D. Hutley R. Jenkins B. Jesperson B. Johnson D. Jones J. Lank D. Larson P. Larson T. Light J. Lindell D. Lindsey C. Lohnes R. Lord R. Lookinghouse D. Lundmark R. MacLees G. Manelick K. Mangini Class J. Mansowick R. Marsh C. Martin A. Matve D. Maze S. McLaughlin G. McMillan C. Meleen P. Melquist D. Miller R. Mlaske K. Nelson A. Norris G. Osborne S. Park L. Pascarella H. Peterson P. Quiggle B. Repine J. Repine G. Riley 63R. Schultz G. Shephard I. Srriith R. Southwell R. Spencer D. Spicer G. Spicer S. Stanton K. Stiver P. Sweeney C. Taylor S. Thorson S. Thorson B. Triplett R. V alone L. Van Cise L. Van Guilder D. VanOrd E. Vaughn T. Voty K. Watcher R. Wadsworth N. Weber P. Webster Freshmen C. Wilcox J. Williams S. Williams C. Wilson M. Yeversky L. York P. Brown R. Luvison 64T. Abbott J. Agnew C. Akeley S. Aldrich S. Almondinger J. Anderson V. Anderson D. Bair C. Barlow C. Bauer D. Brennan G. Briggs D. Brown R. Brown P. Brunecz S. Burch S. Burd M. Cable M. C apron C. Carl berg K. Carry D. Cathcart L. Church B. Craig M. Critzer R. Curry E. Davis B. Decker R. Diethrick Eighth D. Dunn R. Dyke S. Dyke J. Falconer M. Falconer D. Ferric A. Frazier M. Ford T. Gertsch R. Glotz D. Grieb M. Groves B. Hanson C. Hall S. Harvey C. Homer M. Hollabaugh T. Hunt R. Jenks C. Johnson J. Johnson 65K. Larson D. Lawson M. Levinson B. Lewis K. Lindell P. Lindell R. Lindell C. Loomis R. Loomis K. Lundmark M. Luvinson D. Lyon C. Mack M. Manross L. Martin L. Marsh T. Mazzu M. McCullough D. Moringstar J. Mortenson M. Morton D. Motz L. Nelson B. Newark Eighth J. Olson R. Pangborn R. Parker B. Parks A. Peters V. Peters D. Pratt J. Pratz R. Pratz S. Reist L. Rollinger D. Fuland A. Sage H. Sanders S. Sanders R. Schuchard C. Schumann D. Shagla L. Shephard S. Sherry P. Sisk 66P. Spencer R. Spencer L. Stanton L. Stewart E. Stoker L. Swanson R. Thelin R. Thorpe A. Troutman C. Utegg Grade T. Walker W. Weatherbee B. White C. Wilcox J. Williams C. Wright 67S. Babcock P. Barnes S. Bauer S. Beedle D. Benson R. Biekarck K. Bloomgren K. Bloomgren D. Bosko D. Brecht C. Briggs P. Brooks E. Brown L. Brunecz D. Burch B. Burnett L. Burroughs S. Burt D. Cable D. Cable S. Capron R. Carey K. Carey D. Case Seventh J. Chapman K. Chapman L. Christianson E. Clark C. Coffaro K. Custer C. Dalrymple C. Davis T. Davis D. Drum G. English K. Exley L. Falconer D. Fehlman A. Fields B. Folts H. Fry R. Gage R. Gage K. Glarner W. Gruber 68R. Hollabaugh C. Houghwot G. Hunzinger K. Hyde K. Jackson C. Jenkins D. Johnson R. Johnson R. Jones W. Kanarr J. Keller S. Kellog J. King B. Kopf K. Hosier J. Landin M. Landin D. Lank E. Larson T. Lascola B. Laufenberger R. Lawson D. Lester J. Lindell S. Hanson H. Hardy R. Harvey R. Hayes C. Himes Grade J. Lindell D. Lindsey J. Litzinger J. Lundmark D. Lyon G. Mangini J. Mangini W. Mann L. Marsh R. Martin P. Merkle D. Miller D. Morningstar A. Morse M. Mortenson D. Nelson B. Newark K. Nosel K. Olds S. Parks L. Peters 69B. Phillips T. Prettyman G. Reid D. Riggle W. Rollinger K. Sanden J. Sanders G. Schultz P. Seleni S. Shaffer A. Siliano T. Sisk M. Skinner L. Smith M. Southwell S. Spelling J. Spencer R. Stanton M. Stawoiski K. Steber S. Storms D. Swanson R. Taylor L. Thompson M. Thompson P. Tidrick R. Trawick D. Wadsworth S. Walker Seventh B. White R. Wilson S. Wolfe N. Wright P. Yesky P. Yesky E. Young 70 o H H m co •v 4 b STUDENT COUNCIL BAND W Student Council (SEATED) Mark Mikrut, Chris Allenson, Mary Anne Wilcox, Craig Miller, Barb Hagberg, Linda Granquist. ROW 1: Mr. Shepler, M. Staswoiski, L. Marsh, R. Lindell, R. Gage, M. Eggleston, J. Williams, S. Weber, B. Tut-maher. ROW 2: W. Block, G. Shepherd, V. Jones, P. Merkle, K. Lindell, G. Manelick, V. Folkrod. ROW 3: C. Sanders, M. Mascalla, J. Nesmith, A. Swanson, A. Ostrander, J. Stoddard, B. Theleen. Absent: Linda Greene, Pat Sweeney, Bob Hagberg, Fred Alspaugh. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarians Advisor Mary Anne Wilcox Craig Miller Chris Allenson Barb Hagberg Mark Mikrut Linda Grandquist Mr. Sol Shepler 72Exchange Students Ignacio Lopez Alan, Mr. Swanson, Ignacio, Mrs. Swanson, Dale Flor Hospina Schaefer Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Jack Norton, Jack, Flor, Jona, Marilla 73National Honor Society SEATED--B. Bauer, D. Larson, A. Swanson, R. Lawson, ROW 1: Mr. Salerno; advisor, D. Petersen, L. Thompson, S. Slocum, P. Coffaro, D. Durlin, J. Olson, M. Wilcox, J. Thompson, M. Wilcox, V. Barrett, C. Lindsey; ROW 2--D. Marquis, N. Wilcox, M. Fisk, C. Lawson, M. Schumann, P. Tower, K. Burford, M. Backstrom, M. Yeversky; ROW 3--D. Bryan, C. Melquist, B. Hagberg, V. Faulkrod, D. Carlson, N. Spofford, K. Lindell, D. Stanton, B. Lohnes; ROW 4--M. Norton, D. Young, P. Block, C. Brown, P. Carlberg, W. Rodgers, M. Mikrut, B. Carlson, D. Meleen. The Eisenhower Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized to give conscientious students recognition for their outstanding ability. President A. Swanson Vice President R. Lawson Secretary D. Larson Treasurer B. Bauer Advisors Mr. Lewis Salerno Mrs. Carmen Livezey 74Record Club ROW 1--C. Custer, D. Lank, C. Dalrymple, K. Chapman, Sec. B. Burnett, Pres. L. Dyke, V. Pres., M. Critzer, Treas. D. Case, R. Trawick, R. Hollabough, M. Menross, J. Keller; ROW2-B. Curry; R. Gage, Frahm, S. Martin, S. Himes, D. Felhman, B. Phillips, C. Loomis, C. Bauer, K. Linde 11, C. Davis, M. Smith; ROW 3-S. Spelling, J. King, P. Tidrick, L. Lauffenburger, S. Hanson, R. Carey, M. Groves, D. Cable, K. Stiver, E. Young, B. White, W. Gruber; ROW 4--M. Wright, S. Dyke, M. Lyons, D. Momingstar, T. Gage, B. Spenser, M. Hollabough, R. Shuchard, R. Loomis, D. Gage, P. Brunecz, D. Wolfe, (advisor) Mr. Lanzel SEATED--V. Pres. C. Yesky, Treas. C. Mazzu, Sec. J. Skinner, S. of A. C. Lindell, (advisor) Mr. Swanson; ROW 1--J. Falconer, R. Brown, C. Ohmer, T. Fleming, L. Stanton, J. Lindell, G. Schultz, V. Edwards, D. Audley, C. Carey, P. Yesky, R. Lindell, R. Jones; ROW 2--M. Thorpe, M. Backstrom, A. Stanton, B. Stanton, C. Motz, T. Wilkins, R. Lord, B. Johnson, D. Stanton, S. Kellogg; ROW 3--L. Branstrom, H. Wilkins, C. Schuyler, M. Saunders, P. Carlberg, B. Kane, G. Frank, D. Brecht, D. Lindsey. Absent--Pres. D. Stanton, Chaplain G. Byerly.Future Teachers Of America ROW 1--S. Aldrich, S. Capron, C. Uteg, L. Nelson, N. Rupczyk, W. Bryan, L. Shephard, D. Brennen, D. Durlin, M. Troxell, C. Lindell, B. Tutmaher, D. Merritt; ROW 2--C. Lawson, K. Nesmith, D. Carlson, C. Mangini, A. Norris, C. Lohnes, R. Durlin, L. McFarland, L. Nelson, S. Bauer, S. Weber; ROW 3--T. Gage, S. Curry, S. Gruber, D. Akeley, M. Allenson, K. Charming, N. Weber, K. Stiver, R. Brown, R. Ristau, D.’ Young. "Now back to neat old 106." 76 Excedrin headache number 69.Spanish Club ROW 1—T. Troxell, A. Morando, S. Weber, M. Eggleston, K. Thorpe, C. Lindell, J. Thompson, M. Back-strom, Mr. Hunt. ROW 2--B. Hagberg, M. Mikrut, D. Briggs, C. Miller, D. Young, B. Bauer, C. Melquist, P. Arthur. ROW 1--D. Newark, D. Durlin, K. Channing, L. McFarland, E. Thomas, B. Johnson. ROW 2--P. Lindell, B. Decker, J. Evans, M. Arthur, T. Lascola, D. Lyon, Mr. McKinney. ROW 3--B. Repine, C. Agnew, D. Fileger, M. Groves, B. Jesperson, L. Edwards, R. Spencer. ROW 4—R. Branchaud, D. Shagla, F. Ognibene, D. Morn-ingstar, L. York, D. Wolfe, Advisor: Miss Reese. 77Key Club ROW 1--T. Troxell, B. Stanton, J. Nesmith, D. Landin, T. Shields, B. Jones, D. Allenson, B. North, J. Aldrich, K. Burford, C. Linde 11. Martin; ROW 2--W. Lundmark, A. Camera Club ROW 1--E. Vaughn, E. Clark, R. Peterson, J. VanGuilder; ROW 2--D. Hummel, J. Roberts C. Barrett 78Thesbians ROW 1--D. Carlson, D. Nobles, A. Furlow, N. Wilcox, J. Thompson, M. Wilcox, P. Coffaro, D. Petersen; ROW 2--T. Tonkin, D. Briggs, P. Kane, K. Lindell, P. Arthur, M. Schumann, B. Benson, K. Loomis, ROW 3--C. Barrett, K. Hanson, S. Kobojek, J. Roberts, B. Uber, A. Swanson, C. McGann, D. Williams, M. Norton. Science ClubBible Club Senior High Pres. - -Mary Ann Wilcox V. Pres-Marcia Wilcox 2nd V. Pres-Gary Bloomgren Sec. - -Barb Burford Treas. - -Karen Burford Pianist--Becky Pangborn Junior High 80Future Homemakers Of America SEATED--Officers Treas. D. Carlson, Sec. P. Kane, V. Pres. B. Hitchcock, Pres. K. Ferric; ROW 1--D. Petersen, S. Swanson, W. Bennett, C. Sherry, J. Scandreth, H. Peterson, Mrs. Belt (advisor); ROW 2--C. Peterson, D. Hildum, B. Onufer, D. Stoddard, T. Wilson, B. Roberts, R. Kobojek. SEATED--V. Pres.--D. Grieb, Pres. D. Spicer, Sec.--M. Arthur; ROW 1--(advisor) Mr. Shepler, K. Nosel, R. Stanton, L. Rollinger, T. Sisk, S. Parks, J. Evans; ROW 2—K. Haupt, A. Morse, H. Fry, P. Linde 11, C. Burck, L. Martin, L. Glotz. 81Open Road ROW 1 — Mr. Green, J. Penley, R. Phillips, T. Haner, S. Spencer, T. Troxell. ROW 2-J. Stoddard, T. Anderson, E. Quaker, K. Elberg, R. Kitchell, R. McCollough. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Jim Sherry Jim Stoddard Steve Spencer Jim Penley y 82Senior High Press Club ROW 1--P. Johnson, S. Passinger, C. Sherry, B. Courtney, T. Allen, G. McFarland, C. Miller ROW 2— Mrs. Hagberg, G. Pratz, M. Eggleston, D. Glotz, J.Long, B. Swanson, G. Bennett ROW 3--N. Elberg, C. Hale, J. Schwone, B. Hagberg, M. Brezee, J. Homer ROW 4--A. Tutmaher, C. Engstrom, J. Quiggle, F. Ognibene, B. Channing, W. Barhite. Junior High Press Club ROW 1--R. Stanton, K. Nosel, D. Lindsey, B. Phillips, P. Webster, S. Capron, S. Dyke, Mrs. Hagberg ROW 2—T. Gage, K. Hall, C. Carlberg, C. Barlow, S. Aldrich, C. Horner, L. Shepherd, S. Curry. Not Shown: Debbie Lyon, Pat Quiggle, Gayle Shepard, Kathy Mangini, Janice Kane. 83Girl’s Athletic Association Seniors SEATED--Treas. B. Hagberg, Pres. M. Fisk, V. Pres. B. Benson, Sec. L. Olson; ROW 1--(advisor) Mrs. Wick, S. Slocum, L. Penley, A. Furlow, M. Blackstrom, B. Webster, D. Nobles, P. Coffaro, L. Thompson; ROW 2-N. Wilcox, K. Linde 11, K. Loomis, D. Young, C. McGann, D. Briggs, M. Yeversky, P. Arthur, M. Younie. Underclassmen ROW 1--K. Machemar, L. Tower, V. Edwards, M. Troxell, T. Bowen, N. Hoffman, G. Pratz, R. Wilcox, M. Eggleston, P. Casey; ROW 2--(advisor) Mrs. Wick, B. Courtney, M. Eggleston, M. Carlson, K. Thorpe, B. Tutmaher, D. Davis, C. Brunecz, B. Yeagle, D. Ludwick, P. Park, B. Burnett; ROW 3--D. Brecht, C. Burroughs, J. Olsen, L. Greene, K. Nesmith, D. Tarr, M. Gage, D. Werner, E. Ford, B. Parker, B. Lindell; ROW 4--J. Schwone, K. Ferrie, K. Christianson, D. Carlson, J. Branstrom, D. Lyons, V. Foulkrod, N. Mack C. Melquist, P. Tower. 84Future Farmers Of America SEATED: Officers. ROW 1--D. Edwards, R. Jenkins, L. York, B. Jesperson, J. Lindell, J. Coffaro, B. Burdick, M. Lawson, D. Sherlock, D. Morningstar. ROW 2: L. Hanson, F. Wright, H. Peterson, H. Rutzsky, B. Agens, G. McMillen, P. Brown, S. Mead, G. Gourley, M. Ludwick. Pres.--Pete Block V. Pres. - -Gary Bloomgren Sec.--Ken Hanson Treas.--Ray Lawson Reporter--Marty Jesperson Sentinel--Wayne RogersLivestock Queen Kathy LoomisThe Eisenhower F.F.A. elected Kathy Loomis to represent us in the Northwest Pennsylvania Livestock Queen Contest. She will reign as the 1968-69 Warren County Livestock Queen. Kathy is a senior in high school, lives on a dairy farm, and is well liked by her classmates. At the moment she is undecided about what she will be doing after she graduates from high school. "It has been a great privilege to serve as the Livestock Queen of our school and county. I hope I have been able to fulfill the hopes of those who made my reign possible this year. I thank everyone that has helped me in this past year, for I have learned many things." 87 The trip to Harrisburg Farm ShowEisenhower’s Senior Concert Band ROW 1--L. Carlson, B. Courtney, N. Beyeler; ROW 2--C. Allenson, S. Weber, D. Durlin, L. Olson, B. Hagberg, M. Fisk; ROW 3--L. Swanson, M. Hinsdale, D. Brown, L. Dyke, C. Davis, D. Beyeler; ROW 4--V. Jones, B. Hagberg, A. Swanson, A. Jones, T. Benson, C. Carey, Mr. Lanzel, (director), R. Sliter, K. Burford. Junior Band ROW1-C. Wilcox, K. Linde 11, P. Merkle, K. Chapman; ROW 2-D. Brown, L. Swanson, C. Sanders, C. Custer, C. Coffaro, C. Olds, C. Dalrymple, T. Prettyman, S. Dyke; ROW 3--R. Schuchard, J. Martin, B. Mark, R. Dyke, K. Mann, R. Stanton, R. Davis, E. Young, S. Kellogg, R. Pangbom, M. Landin, K. Steber; ROW 4-D. Nelson, V. Jones, C. Akeley, D. Grieb, C. Carey, D. Bosko, K. Sanden, R. Hollabouzh, M. Thompson. 88Senior High Choir ROW 1: G. Pratz, D. White, M. Schumann, K. Loomis, L. Carlson, B. Courtney, L. Thompson, C. Davis, L. Grantquist, Carlson, M. Backstrom, M. Yeversky, K. Burford, P. Arthur, Mr. Lanzel (director). ROW 2: K. Christianson, S. Merritt, D. Carlson, J. Olson, C. Melquist, B. Hagberg, P. Johnson, C. McCann, B. Lindell, B. Parker, S. Passingcr, D. Marquis, K. Ferrie, D. Larson, E. Thomas, D. Petersen, R. Wilcox, ROW 3: M. Jesperson, B. Martin, D. Landin, C. Miller, B. Uber, E. Quaker, K. Channing, A. Ostrander, K. Elberg, S. Kobojek, K. Hanson, C. Barrett, J. Gray. Pres.--Ken Hanson V. Pres.--Gloria Pratz Sec. Treas.--Bev Parker Librarian--Priscilla Coffaro Junior High Choir ROW 1: D. Brecht, W. Allen, C. Sanders, P. Webster, P. Quiggle, L. Davis, J. Lundmark, B. White, M. Thompson, T. Gage, I. Lord, D. Benson, D. Fehlman, D. Case, B. Phillips, S. Himes, R. Stanton, K. Custer, R. Gage, W. Bryan, P. Melquist, D. Maze, R. Ristau, L. VanCise, D. Groves, R. Davis, S. Thor-son, M. Allenson, C. Jenkins. ROW 2: L. Marsh, S. Hanson, P. Clark, B. Burford, N. Weber, M. Ford, E. Young, C. Briggs, M. Yeversky,, S. Thorson, M. Allenson, K. Bloomgren, D. Benson, E. Gourley, D. Hutley. 89DISTRICT CHORUS Steve Kobjek Chuck Barrett Earl Craker Creig Miller Linda Carlson Beth Channing Pat Arthur Debbie Petersen 90Varsity Cheerleaders FRONT--Diane Ludwick, ROW 1--Carin Petersen, Mary Schmann, Vicky Foulkrod, Marcia Wilcox; ROW 2--Kathy Nesmith, Debbie Larson, Penny Park. 92Junior Varsity Cheerleaders ROW 1--Christine Carlson, Linda Pascarella, JoLynn Beedle; ROW 2--Katie Machemar, Barbara Burford, Carol Constable. Junior High Cheerleaders ROW 1--Mara Levinson; ROW 2--Janice Olson, Linda Constable, Joy Briggs, Jean Williams; TOP--Sparky Stewart. 93Lancers ROW 1--Nancy Wilcox, Debbie Briggs, Pan Johnson, Martha Backstrom ROW 2 Debbie White, Patty Kane, JoAnne Gray, Kathy Loomis, Dorene Nobles Graduates 9rol?f Ser8eant Commander Sergeant at Arms Kathy Loomis Nancy Wilcox Pam Johnson 94Cinderbelles SEATED--P. Coffaro, G. Pratz, K. Lindell, D. Meleen, B. Benson. ROW 1--R. Wilcox, B. Tutmaher, J. Olsen, P. Benson, M. Backstrom, M. Fisk, D. Brecht, S. Bauer, C.Lindell. ROW 2--C. Sherry, J. Thompson, M. Wilcox, B. Lindell, B. Parker, D. Tarr, C. Meleen, C. Carlson. ROW 3--C. Lawson, N. Spoffard, L. Olsen, D. Lyons, M. Norton, V. Faulkrod, K. Ferrie, C. Melquist, C. Lindsey. Chairman--Kae Lindell Sec.— Priscilla Coffaro Treas. -- Becky Benson Historian— Debbie Meleen Pub. Relations--Gloria Pratz Jr. member— JoAnn Olsen Fresh, member--Pam Benson Soph, member— Diane Brecht Senior member— Marty Backstrom Senior member--Marcia Fisk WE ACT AS THOUGH COMFORT AND LUXURY WERE THE CHIEF REQUIREMENTS OF LIFE, WHEN! ALL THAT WE NEED TO MAKE US HAPPY IS SOMETHING TO BE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT. 96Our year started with a big success. We served 600 people at the fifth Annual Smorgasbord and profits were beyond our highest expectations. With these profits we added to track and field incentive by purchasing special equipment and sportswear. A new patch will be awarded annually by the Cinderbelles for the Boy's 400 Mile Club as well as for the Girl's 100 Mile Club. Our organization includes thirty-three members and Flor Hospina, our honorary member. We have officiated at all home meets including the A.A.U. Boy's Meet which we sponsored. In Memory of our outstanding trackman of 1966, the Cinderbelles have presented a new trophy to the school which reads: The William C. Olson Memorial Trackman of the Year Trophy C-I-N-D-E-R-B-E-L-L-E, CINDERBELLES WE’RE THE BEST! CINDERBELLES WE NEVER REST! FOREVER LET US HOLD OUR RULE BOOKS HIGH, HIGH, HIGH! COME ALONG AND SING OUR SONG AND JOIN OUR HARMONY C-I-N-D-E-R-B-E-L-L-E!!! 97Varsity Club ROW 1 — Mr. Schultz (advisor), S. Mead, B. Bauer, D. Lawson, P. Cathcart, G. Mazzu, R. Sliter, Mr. Rolls (advisor); ROW 2—B. Lohnes, B. Hagberg, C. Sanders, D. Tutmaher, G. Dalrymple, D. Beyeler, A. Mache-mar; ROW 3--A. Swanson, C. Brown, P. Block, W. Lundmark, A. Bosko, K. Burford, R. Voty, Mr. Norton (advisor); ROW 4--G. Johnson, B. Hoffner, D. Allenson, M. Hoffner, B. Russell, A. Jones, S. Brown. President Paul Cathcart Vice-President Andy Bosko Secretary -T reasurer Alan Swanson Sergeant At Arms Gary DalrympleSports Boosters SEATED: C. Carlson, D. Larson, M. Schumann, P. Benson, R. Schultz, ROW 1: W. Allen, G. Pratz, J. Man-rovich, A. Frazier, C. Fox, D. Brunecz, B. Phillips, M. Southwell ROW 2: P. Melquist, L. Church, B. South-well, K. Reist, V. Peters, D. Brecht, M. Luvison, C. Petersen, P. Willis ROW 3: D. Melquist, E. Gourley, M. Lyons, T. Gage, D. Johnson, M. Haner, C. Meleen, A. Matve, M. Falconer ROW 4: L. Davis, K. Nesmith, D. Werner, K. Brown, D. Maze, D. Gage, V. Foulkrod, M. Wilcox, M. Wilcox. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary News Reporter Mary Schumann Debbie Larson Pam Benson Chris Carlson Rose Schultz 99 Hut 1, Hut 2 . . .Homecoming Is . . Our Queen, “Debbie Larson” The Crowning Senior And Junior Attendants: Linda And Mitzie Sophomore And Freshmen Attendants: „ Chris And BarbHomecoming Queen Debbie Larson‘Andy” “Charlie” “Gary” “Puss’ “Bernie” “Andy” FootballJunior Varsity Football KNEELING: D. Drum, G. Hodges, P. Sweeny, R. Luvison, B. Jonson, R. Brown, C. Carlson, E. Carlson, G. Mane lick, T. Voty, M. Sanders, F. Alsbaugh, D. VanOrd, STANDING: Coach Norton, T. Fleming, B. Russell, G. Hunzinger, D. Brown, H. Peterson, T. Brown, M. Pierson, T. Shield, C. Alsbaugh, Coach Eng-strom. Junior High Football KNEELING: G. Briggs, S. Sanders, J. Mangini, T. Mazzu, R. Loomis, T. C. Briggs, D. Briggs, D. Bosko, E. Young, R. Jenks, V. Edward, D. Lyons, G. Mangini, L. Smith, STANDING: Mr. Proska, (Coach), M. Luvison, R. Parker, D. Ferry, C. Loomis, G. Schultz, M. Schultz, B. , B. Sanders, R. Brown, T. Walker, D. Cable, Mr. Barner, (Coach). 103Varsity Football ROW 1--T. Martin, C. Sanders, B. Lohnes, G. Dalrymple, R. Voty, B. Russell, M. Hoffner ROW 2—S. Brown, B. Uber, M. Becker, A. Machemer, B. Hagberg, P. Cathcart, D. Allenson, K. Burford, J. Nesmith, C. Brown, A. Jones, O. VanOrd, D. Beyler, B. Passinger ROW 3—coach T. Firth, B. Whisner, B. Hoffner, H. Wilkins, W. Lundmark, J. Skinner, B. Bauer, T. Wilkins, R. Irwin, C. Miller, D. Tutmaher, B. Peterson, coach R. Dunbar. Date Eisenhower Opponent September 21 Wellsville 6 54 28 Frewsburg 31 0 October 5 Maple Grove 6 6 12 Westfield 0 18 19 Cassadaga Valley 0 14 26 Forestville 36 0 November 2 Randolf 0 7 9 Silver Creek 0 0 104Varsity Cagers ROW i—Barton Lohnes, Ken Burford, Alan Swanson, Randy Phillips, Wayne Lundmark ROW 2--Greg Johnson, Alan Jones, Bob North, Bob Russell, Martin Hoffner, Dave Allenson Date Eisenhower Opponent January 3 Tidioute 81 52 7 East Forest 49 51 14 Spartansburg 72 54 17 West Forest 55 63 21 Youngsville 62 68 24 Pleasantville 80 55 31 Tidioute 83 58 February 4 East Forest 79 41 11 Spartansburg 70 67 14 West Forest 63 51 18 Youngsville 52 66 21 Pleasantville 74 44 105 Martin Senior Cagers Alan Barton Greg Randy Bob 106Junior Varsity Cagers pQW 1 Olstrander, J. Olson, B. Nelson, G. McFarland; ROW 2—Coach Ted Hedman, T. Allen, R. Grow, J. Nesmith, T. Shields, J. Aldrich, C. Lindell, B. Stanton (Manager). Junior High Cagers ROW 1--M. Morton, D. Nelson, M. Landin, R. Abbey, E. Young, T. Siliano, C. Johnson; ROW2-T. Hunt, R. Spencer, P. Brunecz, R. Jenkins, R. Wilson, R. Hayes, D. Ferrie, S. Sanders, J. Sanders, R. Hol-labaugh; ROW 3--Coach Bill Sherwood, C. Glarner, R. Dyke, M. Hollabaugh, A. Troutman, R. Brown, B. Tehlein, K. Lundmark, M. Luvison, R. Schuchard, C. Akeley, W. Weatherby, M. Thompson. 107Kathie Stiver Cindee Lohnes Majorettes Bev Mary Courtney Eggleston co-captains Debbie Hutley Rose Valone a Alternates: Ginny Barrett Becky Pangborn Marching Band 108Varsity Wrestlers KNEELING: G. Spicer. W. Hitchcock, R. Spicer, P. Cathcart, O. VanOrd STANDING: Coach Ross, D. Beyeler, P. Block, M. Elslager, B. Hoffner, B. Hagberg, D. Swanson, Coach Bean Date Eisenhower Opponent December 7 Westfield 38 18 10 Youngsville 39 15 17 Salamanca 25 23 January 7 Townville 23 28 9 Randolf 15 33 17 Southwestern 15 39 24 Pine Valley 28 22 30 Falconer 20 24 February 7 Silver Creek 38 10 11 Panama 39 12 13 Maple Grove 30 17 18 Cassadaga Valley 23 20 109Senior Wrestlers noROW 1--R. Irwin, M. Peterson, L. Hanson, D. VanOrd, A. Williams. ROW 2--H. McCombs, G. Swanson, I. Schyler, H. Peterson, D. Anderson, G. Manelick, A1 Bean (coach). MAPLE GROVE HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT Paul C a the art 1st Place 120 Orrie Van Ord 4th Place 127 Mike Elslager 4th Place 154 Pete Block 3rd Place 133 illSports CandidsNinth Grade Cagers ROW 1 —L. Edwards, M. Yeversky, D. Gibbon, B. Johnson, L. Abbey, B. Rodgers, D. Lundmark, B. Jesper-son ROW 2-Coach Mr. Hunt, R. Lord, E. Carlson, L. VanCise, J. Martin, B. Birt, G. Frank, R. Luvison, D. Lindsey, J. Backstrom Coach Candids 113Managers Scorekeepers--ROW 1 C. Lindell, L. Granquist, S. Basketball--B. Stanton, G. Resh, M. Weber ROW 2 K. Lindell, E. Craker, W. Bauer, Backstrom M. Wilcox. JoAnn Kane, Second in Command of Lancers, was absent because of illness, but not forgotten. Lancers Diana Lyons Rebecca Webster Sandra Gruber Karen Channing Lancer coach-- Mrs. Lynn Wiltsie Football--ROW 1 C. Church, J. Carlstrom, D. Anderson, C. Wrestling--C. Motts Motts, ROW 2 G. McFarland, C. Mead, T. Benson 114Mr. Tom Ingram University of Colorado English Mr. Richard Rolls Mansfield State College Social Studies Miss Patricia Dobson Clarion State College Library Science and Social Studies Miss Cynthia Jaynes Clarion State College Library Science and Social Studies FIRST ROW: Miss Virginia Dunham Science Mrs. Gwendolyn Burgett Social Studies SECOND ROW: Mr. Gary Martin Social Studies Mr. Harry Schaeffer Social Studies Mr. Tim Barner English 115Yearbook Co-Editors Through the mess of potato chips and carbon paper emerged the 1969 Lance. Yes, even though rolls of film were ruined, and countless lay-out sheets went to the incinerator, the yearbook must go on, and so we ended up with what we sincerely hope will be an enjoyable book for you. Through our own style and gentle humor we filled the pages with many memories, some of special importance to you, and others that will just remind you of our school. Through constant bickering and battling we all learned to love Mrs. Norton. Even though she was always busy with meetings, F.T.A., dumb dumb seventh graders, and a never ending cleaning up of 106, she always had time for the yearbook. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts. We all gained a great deal of experience from creating this book, and as we see it come to a close, I think we can all say that it was worthwhile. 116 Sandy Slocum Debbie PetersenYearbook Staff Linda Penley, Evora Thomas, Becky Webster, Mrs. Morton, Sandy Slocum, Debbie Petersen, Nancy Wilcox, Pam Johnson, Craig Stewart STANDING—David Hummel, Steve Kobojek Advisor Co-Editors Business Manager Copy Editors Layout Editors Photographic Editor Advertising Editors Sports Editor Secretary Mrs. Pauline Norton Debbie Petersen Sandy Slocum Linda Penley Pam Johnson Debbie White Steve Kobojek David Hummel David Hummel Craig Stewart Evora Thomas Nancy Wilcox Becky Webster Debbie White Whatever the future brings, if a glance at these pages will lighten your spirits for only a single moment, we consider our yearbook worthwhile. 117 •4ieww tM 1) Sgt. William Craig Olson, 21, of R. D. 2, Russell, Pennsylvania was killed in action in Vietnam, Wednesday, January 15, 1969. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gail L. Olson of R. D. 2, Russell, and the husband of Linda Greene, a senior at this school. Sgt. Olson was graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1966. He was an outstanding student and excelled in sports. Hospital Corpsman 3 c Quentin Edward Slocum, Jr., 21, of 130 Egypt Rd., Warren, Pennsylvania was killed in action on May 17 in Vietnam. He was the son of Mrs. Everett Silvis. He graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1965. Frank Gregory of R. D. 2, Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania was killed in action if Vietnam, June 6, 1968. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gregory. He was graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1965. Three kindly hearts were called away. Our hearts were saddened by this day. But it's true what they say, God chooses the best. 118ADVERTISEMENTS AND PATRONS The following pages contain the recognition of the businesses and the people that helped finance the publishing of this book. The Staff would like to extend their appreciation to these people . Thank you 119Congratu lations to the C lass of 1969 . . . Today's Graduates, the builders of a Greater Jamestown Area tomorrow . . . The Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 101 West Fifth Street Jamestown, New YorkCong ratulations to the Class of "69" Berthold’s Studio 121Compl imerits of Warren Times Mirror 122Compliments of Pennsylvania Bank and Trust Sugar Grove, Office Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Member of FDIC Compliments of Art Hitchcock 123Compl ments of Gahring Optical Lab. NEW PROCESS COMPANY SYLVAN 1A Warren, Pennsylvania 12 Second Avenue Warren, Pennsylvania Where over 6 million customers all over the United States shop and save by mail 723-2000 STEADILY GROWING SINCE 1910Congratulations to the Class of 1969 Congratulations to the Class of 1969 from WALKER CREAMERY SUGAR BOWL LANES PRODUCTS CO. Lloyd and Mildred Williams Sugar Grove, Penna. The only locally owned and locally operated dairy in Warren. SMITH’S BAIT SHOP STATELINE SPEEDWAY 1917 Penna . Ave . East Warren, Penna. Phone: 726-1889 Busti, New York Late Model Sportman's Races Every Sat. at 8:30 p.m. Starting 2nd. Sat. in MayAUTO BODY REPAIR CO. Warren, Penna. Phone 723-6060 Corner Park Penna. Ave. ALL-STATE INSURANCE Gene Kline Russell, Pa. Business 723-5540 Home 757-8140 SMITH, BUICK-OLDSMOBILE INC. "Opel Kadett" 11 Market Street Warren, Penna. 16365 LAWRENCE E. WERNER Building Contractor Russell, Pennsylvania Phone 757-8473 HOUSE OF BIEKARCK 426 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Pa. Phone 723-1910 EVERYTHING IN MUSIC BENSON'S YELLOW BLACK STORE Louis Benson Quality Meats Groceries Russell, Pennsylvania SWANSON'S AMERICAN HARDWARE Main Street Russell, Pennsylvania Phone 757-8176JAMES JEWELERS "Your Gift Shop" Silver—China—Crystal —Diamonds Compliments of 208 Liberty Street Warren, Panna. Phone: 723-7740 HOWARD CURTIS AND SON WATT OFFICE SUPPLY 104 Liberty Street Warren, Penna. Phone: 723-9140 LIVEZEY'S CUSTOM BUTCHERING Country Style Meats Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Phone: 81 17 G. G. GREENE ENTERPRISES Warren, Penna. GO, GO, GO You '69ers DIG, DIG, DIG, Like The '49ere SPARKLE CAR WASH (Home of Beep-Beep Gas) WILCOX BROTHERS General Contractors "Service is our Specialty" Plumbing—Heating—Wiring Sugar-Grove, Penna. Phone: 489-3121 THE STYLE SHOP Best in Men's Wear 102 Liberty Street Warren, PennsylvaniaRELIABLE FURNITURE CO. 31-35 Penna. Ave . East "Complete Home Furnishings" YOUNGSVILLE FLORAL GARDENS Corsages and Flowers For all Occasions Youngsville, Penna. KOFOD'S GENERAL STORE "You name it, we try to have it!" Main Center Bear Lake, Penna. Phone: 668-2223 BARNHART-DAVIS, INC. Auto Parts Supplies Youngsville Warren, Penna. 563-4463—723-5600 F. M. RADIO STATION WRRN 92.3 me "Listen to the Swinging Seven and Pittsburgh Pirate Baseball Broadcasts" Warren, Pennsylvania Congratulations to the Class of '69 from WARREN NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Compliments of YOUNGSVILLE OFFICE WARREN NATIONAL BANK Compliments of WARREN MEADOW BROOK DAIRY 100 Lookout Street Warren, PennsylvaniaFAUST ELECTRIC, INC. 135 Pennsylvania, W. Warren, Penna. Phone 814-726-1841 COMMUNITY CONSUMER DISCOUNT CO. Loans and Financing Corner of Penna. Ave. at Hickory St. Warren, Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of NATIONAL FORGE COMPANY WARREN STEEL COMPANY Success to the Class of '69 from BILL'S WELDING SHOP Warren, Pennsylvania Compliments of WIRE METAL SPECIALITIES CORPORATION "A FRIEND" Compliments of THE WARREN NATIONAL BANKNESMITH INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance for every need Woodland Drive Russell, Pennsylvania Phone 757-4544 EDWARD H. VOTY Old Warren—Jamestown Road Russell, Pennsylvania 16345 Phone 757-8825 Nationwide Insurance Home Car Life Health Business Home Office-Columbus, Ohio MARTIN'S KEYSTONE STATION State Inspection 4 ply Tires Batteries Phone 757-4534 TASTY BAKERY 330 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Pennsylvania JEAN FROCKS 326 Pennsylvania Avenue Warren, Pennsylvania VALONE SHOE STORE Quality Shoes for the Entire Family 336 Pennsylvania Avenue West Warren, Pennsylvania RUSSELL BARBER SHOP Hours Tues. Thurs. Fri. 12 to 7 PM Sat 10A.M. to 5 P.M. closed Ron Trawick Prop. Phone 757-8370 BORG STUDIO Film-Photos Camera 124 Pa . Ave . West Warren, Pa. Phone 723-8900 Compliments of STEINS 344 Penna. Ave. Warren, Pa. TINY TOWN YOUTH CENTER 340 Pennsylvania Ave. West Warren, Pennsylvania S. S. KRESGE CO. 204 Liberty Street Warren, Pennsylvania 16365 Compliments of CUNNINGHAMS RESTAURANT Compliments of SAVOY LEVI EPSTEIN AND SONS 410 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Pa. 16365 WALKERS WEST STORE Compliments of 438 Penna. Ave. West MARGARET'S DRESS SHOPBETTY’S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of 1948 Jackson Run Road Warren, Pennsylvania RUSSELL POST OFFICE Russell, Pennsylvania 16345 KOFOD STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY 106 Pennsylvania Avenue West Warren, Pennsylvania Congratulations to the C lass of 1969 from JOYCE RUSSELL’S BEAUTY SALON BEVEVINO ELECTRIC CO. 418 Penna. Ave . 723-2560 Commercial, Industrial, Residential Wiring and Electrical Service Compliments of ANTHONY F. PRATZ CALDWELL'S Ladies and Junior Petite Fashions 219 and 225 Second Avenue Warren, Pennsylvania Compliments of CARL C. MACHEMER COMPANY Sugar Grove, Pa. PACES RESTAURANT Warren, Pennsylvania Success to the Class of '69 WARREN DRY CLEANERS Warren, Pennsylvania N. K. WENDLEBOE "Since 1876" 217 Liberty Street Warren, Pennsylvania Compliments of THE INFANTEEN SHOP "Warren's Shop for Children ." 229 Liberty Street Warren, Pennsylvania Me GARRY STUDIO 316 4th Avenue Warren, Pennsylvania Portraits—Weddings—Commercial Fine Students Portraiture Compliments of SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY Sugar Grove, Penna. T. FOX Excavating and Grading Russell, Pennsylvania Compliments of ABBOTT'S RED AND WHITE Sugar Grove, Penna. Phone 489-782 1 Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY FOOD CENTER Warren, Pennsylvania J. M. RADIO T. V. Warren County's R. C. A. Color T. V. Headquarters Warren, Pennsylvania Compliments of EDBORGS'S INC. Compliments of Home of Magnavox T.V. Stereo's 316 Penna. Ave. East Warren, Pa. 16365 GAUGHAN'S DRUG STORE Warren, Penna. Compliments of YOUNGS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 1 East Main St. Youngsville, Pa. Compliments of J. C. HALL T.V. - Radio - Appliances Youngsville, Pa. 16371 Congratulations to the Class of 1969 WIGGERS CHEVROLET Youngsville, Pa. CARL'S KEYSTONE SERVICE State Inspection General Tires Phone: 489-7815 LOGAN'S MEN WEAR For the Future it's Logan's Men's Wear Congratulations to the Class of 1969 For clothing with you in mind. Warren, Pa. LESTER SHOE STORE Warren, Pennsylvania RETTA LaJOIE Your Hair Dresser 17 Market Street Warren, Penna. 16365 Success and Happiness to the Class of '69 from SNO-KLEEN LAUNDRY Russell, Pa. 16345 Compliments to the Class of 1969 from MR. MRS. JOSEPH B. AGNEW SR. Compliments of SUDS YOUR DUDS LAUNDRAMAT Sugar Grove, Penna. DAIRY QUEEN OF WARREN "with the curl on top" Market St. Ext. North Warren A N SAW FILING SERVICE Hand, Band Circular Saws Sharpened Sugar Grove - Lander Rd. 489-7826Compliments of VIRG-ANN FLOWER SHOP GIRTON'S FLOWERS Corsages Flowers for all Occasions 16 Hertzel Street, Warren, Pa. Phone: 723-6100 CARTER'S SHOE STORE "Put your feet in our hands" 106 Liberty Street Warren, Pennsylvania CHECKERED APRON DINETTE Dinners—Homemade Pies Sandwiches—Good Coffee Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Compliments of LARIMER NORTON INC. Akeley, Penna . GUIFFRES MARKET 1006 Penna. Ave. East Warren, Penna . Compliments of JAMESWAY North Warren, Penna. Compliments of CARL ALLEN "Lime and Fertilizer" Phone: 489-7833 W. T. GRANTS CO. Ill Market Street Plaza Warren, Pennsylvania BARLOW DAIRY Pasturized and Homogenized Milk Phone: 489-7780 Compliments of SCHOONOVER FUNERAL HOME Phone: 489-7933 COFFARO'S CUSTOM BUTCHERING R. D. 3 Sugar Grove, Penna. Compliments of SWEENEY'S GRAVEL EXCAVATING Sugar Grove, Penna. G. G. ALDRICH MANUFACTURING CORP. Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Precision, Stamping, Machines JENSEN PAINT COMPANY Wholesale - Retail Penna. Ave . East at Carver St. Warren, Pa. 16365 Phone: 723-4560 Compliments of WARREN GLASS AND PARTS CO.OLIVER'S BOUTIQUE DAN'S ICE CREAM PARLOR 17 Market Street Warren, Penna. Bear Lake Trailer Park Homemade Ice Cream—Donuts "Camping day or week" COWDRICK'S DRUG STORE "Your Friendly Walgreen Agency" Compliments of JOHN POWLEY INSURANCE AGENCY "The man from Nationwide is on your side" EKEY FLORISTS 110 East Saint Clair Street Warren, Penna. WALT FAMILY SHOE STORE "Shoes for the Entire Family" 112 East Main Street Youngsville, Pennsylvania CHALET DRIVE-IN "Eat a snack and you'll be back" North Warren, Penna. ONEIDA Lumber and Supply Company "Oneida Satisfies" Warren, Pa. Compliments of VALENTINE DISPOSAL BIGELOW'S LEATHER STORE Pet Supplies Custom-Made Leather Work Saddle and Leather Repairs SWANSON'S WATCH SHOP 126 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Penna. SOLAR ELECTRIC Warren, Penna. EARL W. SMITH GAS SERVICE L. P. Bottled--Bulk—Appliances Bear Lake, Penna. Phone: 663-3621 317-319 Penna. Ave. W. Warren, Pa. CROSBY SERVICE GARAGE Bear Lake, Penna. Phone: 668-6185 Compliments of MORRISON'S 223 Liberty Street Warren, PennsylvaniaCompliments of MARV'S STERLING STATION Sugar Grove, Penna. 16350 Congratulations to the Class of 1969 from ORRIE PUDDER Compliments of TRY-M FINANCE CO. 210 1 2 Liberty Street Warren, Pennsylvania Your "Home Town" Consumer Finance Company Compliments of W. H. DYKE Compliments of MR. MRS. R. A. BOWEN Compliments of ANDERSON BAKING COMPANY Compliments of NORTH WARREN KIWANIS CLUB Compliments of BLEECHES-JET GO GROCERY Compliments of WARREN DRUG STORE Compliments of WARREN CONCRETE COMPANY Compliments of PROSEN BARBER SHOP A B HEATING and SHEET METAL CO . 419 Penna. Ave. East Warren, Penna. MEANS LUMBER CO. Warren, Penna . Congratulations to the Class of 1969 from SHERWIN WILLIAMS COMPANY' QUACK'S MOTORS "Warren's Cleanest Used Cars" 2690 Penna. Ave . West Warren, Pennsylvania Phone: 723-2717 KEYSTONE PRINTING CO. Commercial Printing—Letterpress Photo-Offset 101 Oak Street, Warren, Penna-Phone: 723-8870Patrons Beverly Abbott James G. Akeley Mr. Mrs. James Anthony Mr. Mrs. Victor Battko Mr. Mrs. Thomas Beck Mr. Mrs. Andrew Bosko Mr. Mrs. Ed Branstrom Mr. Mrs. Ray Briggs Mr. Mrs. Alex Brown Mrs. Gwendolyn Burgett Mr. Carl Cacnarn Mr. Mrs. Clair Carlson Mr. Mrs. Alton Chase Mr. Mrs. Charles Chase Mr. Mrs. Guy Chase ' Mrs. Mable Chase Mr. Ned Chase Mr. Mrs. William Chase Mr. Mrs. Charles Fox Mr. Mrs. Earnest Furlow "F Friend" "A Friend" "A Friend" Mr. Mrs. Andrew Glotz Mr. Mrs. Tage Grant Mr. Mrs. Leslie Healey Mr. Mrs. Robert Helmandollar Rev. Mrs. Arthur Hummel Mr. Mrs. Fred Johnson Mrs. Selma Johnson Mr. Mrs. Leo B. Kobojek Rev. Mrs. Kunselman Mr. Mrs. Harold Landin Mr. Mrs. William Lester Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Lindell Mr. Mrs. Richard Lindell Mr. Mrs. Francis J. Long Mr. Mrs. Myron Ludwick Mr. Mrs. W. H. Mallison Mrs. M. C. McClure Mr. Mrs. Conrad Melquist Mr. Mrs. Charles H. Miller Mrs. Gladys R. Miller Mr. Mrs. H. T. Moll Mr. Mrs. William Muschick Kara Lyn Nadal Mr. Mrs. Edward Norton Mr. Mrs. Theodore Pagett Mr. Mrs. Larry Park Mr. Mrs. Paul Passinger Mr. Mrs. Calvin Penley "Pest" Mr. Mrs. Edgar Petersen Miss Mabel Reese Marion Rinfrette Mr. Mrs. Harvey Sanden Mr. Mrs. Gary Shepherd Mr. Mrs. Donald Sherrard Mrs. Dorothy Slocum Mr. Mrs. Robert Slocum Mrs. Jack Stewart Mr. Mrs. Allen Stoddard Mr. Mrs. Scott Stuart, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Guy Summerson Miss Carribelle Swanson Mr. Mrs. Perry Swanson Mr. Mrs. Ralph Swanson Mr. Mrs. Tom Thompson Avanell Vaughan Mr. Mrs. Ralph Walker Mr. Mrs. Harry White Miss Thelma White Mrs. Tillie White Mrs. Marilyn Wick Mr. Mrs. Frank E. Wilcox Ann Wiltsie Bill Wiltsie Mr. Mrs. Dwight Work Mr. Mrs. David Wright Mr. Mrs. LaVern Gebhart 137Those Were The Days (identification to page 6) SUGAR GROVE ROW 1--Dan Heldum, Grover McMillan, Andy Machemer, Evora Thomas, Jan Thompson, Sue Ann Baker, Donald Ferry, ?, C. Bush. ROW 2--Andy Bosko, Mark Mikrut, Steve Brown, Jeff Benny, Kathy Lumpeki, Ron Wachter, Bob Russell, Martha Yeversky, Doris Young. RUSSELL ROW 1--Jim Miller, Tim Kraft, Chuck Barrett, Martin Jesperson, Bob Passinger, Orrie Van Ord. ROW 2--Debbie Marquis, Heather Feeney, ?, Pam Johnson, Pat Kane, Becky Birt, ?, Sharon Merritt. ROW 3--Bob Carlson, Richard Burroughs, ?, Lynne Daley, Debbie Briggs, Tim Walker, Greg Johnson, ?. ROW 4--?, Alan Swanson, Danny Brecht, Ken Hanson, Jack Sears, Jerry Sears, Kevin Elberg, Randy Phillips. RUSSELL ROW 1—Jim Stoddard, Jerry Sears, ?, Jack Sears, Bob Carlson. ROW 2--Sharon Merritt, Debbie Briggs, Debbie Carlson, Pam Johnson, Lynne Daley, Debbie Larson. ROW 3--Pat Nosel, ?, Bruce Alain, Barton Lohnes, Danny Brecht, Chris Gahring, Alan Swanson, Jim Mason. ROW 4--Tim Walker, Steve Spencer, Orrie Van Ord, ?, Becky Birt, Marty Jesperson, Cindy Lindsey, Jerry Abbey. SUGAR GROVE--Mrs. Anderson ROW 1—Nancy Thorpe, ?, Mary Younie, Crystal Barlow, Linda Ruland, Judy Ruland, Nancy Wilcox, Arlene Tutmaher, Ann Furlow, Sandy Slocum. ROW 2—?, ?, George Hunzinger, Dennis Williams, Raymond Lawson, Bev Branchaud, Jennifer Spink, Pat Wright, Doug Hinsdale, Gary Collins, William Hinsdale. ROW 3--John Lord, Doug Carlson, John Crowl, Steve Black, Donald Bush. LANDER ROW 1—Jerry Bloomgren, Gary Dalrymple, Dennis Parker, David Peterson, Charles Sanders, ?, Phillip Rockwell, Gary Bloomgren, Dennis Costlow, Russell Southwell. ROW 2—Elaine Miller, Kathy Bair, Jackie Stewart, Priscilla Coffaro, Kae Lindell, Kathy Loomis, Mary Anne Wilcox, Debbie White, Marcia Fisk, Linda Penley, Loanne Thompson. ROW 3--Bernie Uber, Bobby Dilker, Terry Engstrom, Gary Dexter, Mary Bair, Joanne Gray, Mickey Ludwick, David Tutmaher, Dennis Dumell. 138AutographsAutographs —V' "" N. - v -; -v C—-..• '-'" '.v -w - Ct, . n : -r .-■ • ., .-■ . :---' . • -- — - '• b -s

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