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THE LANCEDEDICA TION We, the class of 1964, wish to dedicate this yearbook to our parents. They have understood us, encouraged us, guided us, and most of all, loved us. For these things we are very grateful. But even more we are thankful for the small kindnesses and deeds which too often may pass unheeded. For the understanding ear and the words of wisdom to guide us and to provide for our growth and future we are very appreciative, more than words can express. Thank you, Mothers and Fathers, for everything. The Yearbook Staff of 1964 has chosen to dedicate this Lance to Mr. John Lassinger. As our advisor, he has helped us in every way possible, and has given of his talents and time liberally. We dedicate the 1964 Lance to Mr. Lassinger, not simply because he has been our Senior advisor, but because of the high quality of leadership and character he has demonstrated throughout this past year. He has done more than his share to make our last year in high school a successful one. We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, Mr. Lassinger, for your guidance and untiring efforts on our behalf. 3BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Joyce Russell, Mary Alice Walters, Francis Lewis, Paul Stanton, Harold Spink. STANDING: Joseph Tarr, Carl Spink, Howard Curtis, Charles Peterson, Evan Wilcox, Lynn Burgett, Henry Petersen. OFFICERS: Francis C. Lewis...................President Paul K. Stanton......... 1st Vice-President Harold Spink..............2nd Vice-President Mary A. Walters....................Secretary Richard Leuthold...................Solicitor NEW SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Howard Curtis.......................Sugar Grove Charles Peterson....................Sugar Grove Evan Wilcox..............R.D. 2, Russell No unit of quality nor of quantity can measure the service done by this Board to our community. Generations yet unborn will be much richer because of this priceless service. 4ADMINISTRA AND FACULTYNORTHERN AREA ADMINISTRATION Education is many things, but it is never complete. Our proudest hope as a school system, is that we have helped you not only to achieve the basic skills you need to build a worthwhile life experience, but that we have helped create within you a desire to learn. All of the facilities the Northern Area Joint School System can command, are dedicated to this end. However, it does not end here. You must continually strive to improve if you would truly give of your best. Commencement, although it closes out one important phase of your life, opens the door to many new influences that will affect your decisions. These are the experiences that mean real growth in the knowledge and skills that living processes demand, and we trust your years with us have helped you build a substantial background for such positions of responsibility you will now be obliged to assume. Congratulations, and best wishes to all of you and especially to you who graduate this year. Harold W. Landin Supervising Principal MR. HOWARD A. THOMPSON Elementary Supervisor Clarion State College, B. S. Penn State University, M. Ed. MISS BARBARA BRASINGTON Secretary to Supervising Principal 6EISENHO WER HIGH ADMINISTRATION MR. NORGE E. LUVISON Assistant High School Principal Social Studies Clarion State College, B. S. Western Reserve University, M. A. MR. FRED S. BAUER High School Principal Slippery Rock State College, B.S. Syracuse University, M.Ed. MRS. PAULINE SCHMIDT Guidance Counselor Indiana State College, B.S. Penn State University, M.Ed, MISS BETSY RHODES Secretary to Guidance and Library MRS. MARIAN CARLSON High School Secretary 7MR. MILLARD BOYER Social Studies, Geography Lock Haven State College, B.S. F A C U L r r MR. PETER CARNOVALE Commercial Indiana State College, B.S. MR. DALPH COOK Biology General Chemistry Physical Science Clarion State College, B.S. Syracuse University, M. S. MR. J. DENNIS ENCSTROM English 11-12, Speech Upsala College, A.B. 8MR. THOMAS FIRTH Boys' Physical Education Slippery’ Rock State College, B. S. FACULTY MR. E. ROBERT GLARNER Social Studies Penn State MRS. GERALDINE HAGBERG Business Education Indiana State College, B. S. MISS BARBARA JOHNSON Mathematics Edinboro State College, B.S. MR. JOHN LASSINGER Mathematics Indiana State College, B.S. 9MRS. LUCILE LEATHERS Girls' Physical Education Oberlin College, A.B. MRS. CARMEN LrVEZEY English, Latin Taylor University, A.B. MISS MARY MANGUS Mixed Chorus Mansfield State College, B. S. MRS. ELIZABETH MITCHELL Home Economics Mansfield State College, B. S. MRS. LYNN NADAL English Lock Haven State College, B. S. 10MR. JOHN NEESE Social Studies, Drivers Education Clarion State College, B. S. Penn State, M. Ed. MRS. PAULINE NORTON English Clarion State College, B. S. Penn State, M. Ed. MR. MERLE E. NOSKER History, Geography Edinboro State College, B. S. MR. RALPH RALPH Geography, History Clarion State College, B. S. MR. WILLIAM REDIN Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Penn State, B. S. , M.Ed. Syracuse University, M. S. MISS MABEL REESE Librarian Seattle Pacific College, B.S. Clarion State College 11MR. EUGENE ROLLS English, Reading, Geography, General Math Clarion State College, B. S. MRS. AVIS ROSENDAHL Special Education Taylor University, A.B. MR. MICHAEL SCHULTZ French Lock Haven State College, B.S. MR. WILLIAM SHERWOOD Biology, General Science Geography Edinboro State College, B.S. MR. JOSEPH SOPER Vocational Agriculture Penn State, B.S. MR. KENNETH WILLI AMS Industrial Arts California State College, B.S. 12MEDICAL STAFF 13BUS DRIVERS: Left to right, STANDING: Bert Strong Virgil Williams John English Ray Smith Jay Hinsdale Emery Hultberg Jack Decker SITTING: Joe Rutsky Cecil Lyons Dick Warner Bob Van Ord. CAFETERIA STAFF: Mrs. Geraldine Marsh Mrs. Margaret Wilcox Mrs. Gladys Skinner Mrs. Mildred Wright CUSTODIANS: Left to Right Emerson Spicer Mrs. Lyons George Craker ABSENT: Mrs. Rockwell Don Hagberg Louie VanOrd 14JANICE PETERSON JOANN SEYBERT SUE ROCKWELL DON JOHNSONSusan Carol Abbott "Sue" Beautician March 1, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Cheerleading JV 10, Varsity 11-12, G. A. A. “•0-11-12, Intramurals 10-11-12, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12, Secretary-Treasurer Senior High Dance Club 12. Honors: Cheerlcading Letters 11-12, First Place Bowling Trophy 11, C. A. A. Letter, Pin, Sweater, Varsity Cheerleading Trophy. Linda Jane Andersen "De De" Medical Secretary October 12, 1946 Academic Activities: Bowling Manager 12, G. A. A. 10-11-12, G. A. A. Secretary 11, Intramurals 10-11-12, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12, Varsity Cheerleader 10-11-12. Honors: Cheerleading Letters, Trophy, Pins 10-11-12, G. A. A. Letter, Pin, Sweater. James Bairstow "Jimsey" Electrical Engineer October 21, 1946 Scientific Activities: Camera Club 10, Choir 10, Class President 11-12, Field 6 Stream Club 10-11, Football 11-12, Honor Society 10-11-12, Secretary-Treasurer Varsity Club 12, Treasurer Field Stream 1!, Varsity Club 11-12. Honors: County Choir 10, Football Letters 11-12. Sharon Barrett Sharon" Nurse ctober 13, 1946 Scientific activities: Bowling 10, Dance Club 10, G. A. A. 12, Intra nirals 12, Junior Play. 16Geraldine Bennett "Gerry” Nurse May 7, 1946 Academic Activities: Bible Club 11, F. T. A. 12, Junior Play, Honor Society 11, Student Council 12, Yearbook 12. Karen L. Birt "Karen" Secretary September 6, 1946 Business Course Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Drill Team 12, Drill Team Treasurer 12, F. H. A. 11-12, Twirling 10-11. Frank Paul Callan "Frank" Undecided November 18, 1946 Scientific Activities: Bible Club 10-11, Field and Stream 10-11, Track 10-12, Yearbook Business Manager. Anne Shirley Carlson "Anne" English Teacher June 6, 1946 Scientific Activities: Class Vice President 10, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12, G. A. A. 10-11-12, Junior Play. Honors: G. A. A. Letter. 17Ann Marie Carlson Gerald R. Carlson "Jerry" Undecided September 8, 1946 General Activities: Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12, Sports Club 10. "Ann" Secretary October 21, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Basketball Intramurals 10-11-12, Bowling 10-11-12, J. V. Cheerleading 10-11, Choir 10-11-12, Class Secretary 11-12, Class Treasurer 10, Dance Club 10-11, G. A. A. 10-11-12, G. A. A. Vice President 12, Ikc-Hi-Locttes, Junior Play, Student Council 11, Volleyball Intramurals 10-11-12, Yearbook Staff. Honors: Cheerleading Pin 11, County Chorus 10, G. A. A. Letter, Pin, and Sweater. Lance L. Childs "Lanny" College November 9, 1946 Vocational Agriculture Activities: Band 10-11-12, Dramatics Club 10, Library Assistant 10-12, Track 10-11, Vocational Agriculture 10-11-12, Wrestling 11. Honors: Activity Week at Penn State 11-12, Farm Show 11-12, Officers Trip to Canada 11, State F. F. A. Band 11-12. Michael Clark "Mike" November 6, 1944 Activities: Dance Club 10-12, F. F. A. 10-11. Navy General 18James Eggleston "Egghead" Football Coach March 13, 1946 Academic Activities: Basketball 10-11, Dance Club 10-11, Football 10-11-12, Student Council 11, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 10-11-12, Honors: County Choir 10, Football Letter 10-11-12, Track Letters 10-11-12. Darryl Ellberg "Darryl" Undecided February 7, 1946 General Activities: Band 10-11-12, Bible Club 10-11-12, Choir 10-11, Football 10-11, Ike-Hi-Tones, Sports Club 10-11, Volleyball Intramurals. Honors: County Choir 10, District Choir 11. Louis H. Enos "Lou" Undecided June 25, 1945 Vocational Agriculture Activities: F. F. A. 10-11-12, F. F. A. President 12. Martha Falconer "Marty" Secretary October 3, 1946 Business Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12, F. H. A. 11-12, F. H. A. Queen Contestant 11, Lunch Stand Committee 12. 19Kelly Ferric Judith Sue Garrett "Judy" Teacher May 21, 1946 Academic Activities: Debate Club 12, Dramatics 10, F. T. A. 11-12, Junior Play, Senior Play. Ronald Gruber "Ron" Dairy Farmer December 19, 1945 Vocational Agriculture Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, F. F. A. 10-11-12, F. F. A. Treasurer 12, Wrestling Club 10-11-12, Wrestling Club Treasurer 12, Honors: F. F. A. -Chapter Farmer Degree, F. F. A. -Green Hand Degree, F. F. A. -State Dairy Judging Contest 10. 20John Hagberg "Big John" Forestry June 14, 1946 Scientific Activities: Dance Band 10-11, Field Stream 10, Field Stream President 10, National Honor Society 10, Track 10-12, Varsity Club 10-11-12, Varsity Football 10-11-12. Honors: Varsity Football Letters 10-11-12. Mary Lou Hansen "Mary Lou" Undecided June 5, 1946 Academic Activities: Senior High Dance Club 10-11, Junior Play, Senior Play. Keith Ronald Hartley "Keefer" Farming June 18, 1945 Commercial Activities: Basketball 10-11-12, Varsity Club 10-11-12. Honors: Varsity Basketball Letters 11-12. Craig Ernest Hartman "Hardy" Undecided July 20, 1945 General Activities: Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12, Senior Dance Club Vice President 12. 21Barry Wayne Irwin "Barry" Undecided October 7, 1946 Academic Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 12, Track 12. David Irwin "Dave" Draftsman September 17, 1945 Academic Activities: Assistant Secretary F. F. A. 11, Dance Club 10-12, F.F.A. 10-11, Gym Exhibition 11, Vice President Wrestling Club 11-12, Wrestling Club 11,12. Honors: Class Wrestling Champion 11, F.F.A. Chapter Degree, F.F.A. Greenhand Degree. Larry Jespersen "Jasbo" Heavy Equipment Operator September 23, 1945 General Activities: Field G Stream 10-11-12, Science Club 10, Wrestling Club 11-12. Betty Jane Jones "Bet" Undecided June 29, 1945 Home Economics Activities: Bible Club 10-11-12, Library Assistant 11-12. Honors: Library Certificate. 22Carl Henry Johnson "Carl" Electrical Contractor February 12, 1946 Scientific Activities: Band 10-11, Bible Club 10-11-12. Honors: Heart Association Award 10. David William Johnson "Swede" Farming September 1, 1946 General Activities: Basketball 10-11-12, Track 10. Honors: Basketball Letter-Varsity 11-12. Donald Lee Johnson "Don" Machinist August 1, 1946 General Activities: Wrestling Club. Trilby Ann Johnson "Tril" Social Service April 6, 1946 Scientific Activities: Camera Club 10-11-12, F. T. A. 10-11-12, Junior Play, President F. T. A. , Secretary National Honor Society 11, Secretary Student Council 10, Student Council 10-11, Yearbook Co-Editor. Honors: Heart Association Award 10, National Honor Society 10-11-12. 23Randall Carlson Light "Randy" Heavy Equipment Operator September 2, 1946 General Activities: Blood Donors Committee 12, Track Manager 10-11-12, Honors: Varsity Track Letter 10-11-12. Linda Lee Linder "Lyn" Physical Education Teacher February 8, 1946 Academic Activities: Art Staff 10-11-12, Basketball 10-11-12, Basketball Manager 10-11, Bowling 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, G. A. A. 10-11-12, G. A. A. President 12, Junior Play, Senior Play, Volleyball 10-11-12, Yearbook Advertising Editor. Honors: G. A. A. Letter, Pin, Sweater. Vercil Sue Loomis "Susie" Undecided May 24, 1946 Business Activities: Bible Club 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12. James Robert Lord "Jim" Dairy Farmer November 24, 1945 Vocational Agriculture Activities: Blood Donors Committee 12, F. F. A. 10-11-12, F. F. A. Vice President 12. 24Betty Louise Lyon "Toots" Secretary August 6, 1946 Commercial Activities: Bowling 11-12, Choir 10-12, F. H. A. 11-12, Vice President F. H. A. 12, G. A. A. 11-12, Junior Play, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12. Honors: G. A. A. Letter, Pin, G Sweater, Librarian Certificate. Brenda Jean McCoy "Bren" Secretary November 24, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Basketball Intramurals 10-11-12, Bowling 10-11-12, Cheerleading, J. V. 10, Choir 10-12, Choir Play 10, Dance Club 10-11-12, G. A. A. 10-11-12, G. A. A. Secretary 12, Junior Play, Volleyball Intramurals 10-11-12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Cheerleading Letter J. V. , G. A. A. Letter, Pin, G Sweater. Lawerance Alan Madigan "Larry" Physical Education Teacher April 13, 1945 General Activities: Art Club 12, Art Staff 10-11, Dance Committee 12, F. F. A. 10-11, Football 10-11-12, Secretary Sports Club 12, Sports Club 10-11-12, Varsity Club 12. Honors: Football Letter 12. Darlene Carol Martin "Dar" Secretary July 31, 1946 Commercial Activities: Bowling Manager 11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H. A. 11-12, G. A. A. 10-11-12, High School Newspaper Reporter, J. V. Cheerleader 10, Secretary of F. H. A., Student Council 10. Honors: G. A. A. Letter, Pin, G Sweater, Homecoming Queen's Court 10-11, J. V. Cheerleading Letter 10. 25Glynn Martin "Clown" Electrician July 23, 1944 General Activities: Basketball 10-11, Football 10-11, President Senior High Dance Club 12, Dance Club 10-11-12, Track 10-11, Varsity Club 10-11-12. Honors: Basketball Letters 10-11, Football Letters 10-11, Track Letters 10-11. Louis Mineweaser "Louie" College December 20, 1946 Scientific Activities: Band 10, Bowling 11-12, Choir 11-12, Field Stream Club 10-11-12, J.V. Basketball 10, Junior Play, Secretary of Field and Stream, Vice President of Field and Stream. Rose Morrison "Rose" Teacher December 12, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Blood Mobile 12, F.H. A. 11, F.H. A. Queen Contest 11-12, G.A.A. 10-11-12, Librarian 10-11 -12, Librarian Secretary 11. Honors: Librarian Awards 10-11. Budd Neidig "Budd" Air Force August 26, 1946 Academic Activities: F. F. A. 10-11, F.F.A. Treasurer 10, Senior High Dance Club 12, Wrestling Club 12. Honors: F.F.A. Public Speaking Area Champion 11. 26Bruce Niles "Bruce" Air Force October 29, 1945 Vocational Agriculture Activities: Basketball 10-11-12, Choir 10-11-12, Choir Play 10, County Chorus 10, F.F.A. 10-11-12, F.F. A. Assistant Secretary, Volleyball 10-11-12. Honors: Chapter Farmer Degree, F.F.A. Greenhand Award. Barbara Nobbs "Bobbi" Dancer August 31, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, C.A.A. 10-11-12, J. V. Cheerleader 10, Varsity Cheerleader 11-12. Honors: Homecoming Queen 1963. Michael Nodzak "Mouse" Navy April 14, 1946 General Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, F.F.A. 10-11-12. Allen G. Norton "Jack" College August 31, 1946 Scientific Activities: Basketball 10-11-12, Football 10-11-12, Honor Society 10-11-12, Varsity Club 10-11-12. Honors: Varsity Basketball Letter 10-11-12, Varsity Football Letters 9-10-11-12. 27Barbara Olson "Barb" Beautician November 30, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Cheerleading 11-12, Class Night Committee 12. Honors: Chccrlcading awards. Stephan Pederson "Steve” To Be Successful May 1, 1946 Vocational Agriculture Activities: Assistant Treasurer F. F. A. 12, F. F. A. 10-11-12, Track 11-12, Wrestling Club 11-12. Honors: "300" Club 11-12. Jerald LeeRoy Penley "Jerry" Engineer December 27, 1945 Scientific Activities: Basketball 10-11-12, Bowling 10-11-12, Class President 10, Class Vice President 11-12, Field Stream Club 10, Football 10-11-12, Secretary of Field Stream Club 10, Student Council President 12, Student Council Vice President 11, Varsity Club 11-12. Honors: Varsity Football Letters 11-12. w ju Becky Ann Petersen "Becky" Kindergarten Teacher November 23, 1946 Academic Activities: Bible Club 10, Bowling 10-11-12, Camera Club 10-11-12, Choir Play 10, F. T. A. 11-12, Secretary of Yearbook 12, Secretary-Treasurer of Camera Club 10-12, Vice President of F. T. A. Honors: Second Place Bowling Trophy 11. 28Janice Peterson "Jan" To Get A Job August 26, 1945 Business Activities: Bible Club 10-11, Dance Club 12. Joyce Ann Peterson "Joyce" Secretary January 4, 1947 Business Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Choir 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, G. A. A. 10-11-12, Lunchstand Committee 12. Honors: G. A. A. Letter. Judy Lee Pratz "Judy" Medical Secretary May 18, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Dance Club 12. Ross Porter "Rosie" College September 15, 1946 Scientific Activities: President of Varsity Club 12, Varsity Club 9-10-11-12. Honors: Basketball Letters 10-11-12, Football Letters 9-10-11-12, Track 9-10-11-12. 29William E. Prowitt "Bill" Automobile Mechanic September 21, 1946 General Activities: Field G Stream 10. Janice Riggle "Wiggle" Secretary October 26, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, F. H. A. 10-11-12, F. H. A. Queen Contest 11, Lunch Stand Committee 12. Susan Rockwell "Sue" Medical Secretary April 23, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12, Student Director of Junior Play, Press Club 12. Wayne Brown Schoonover "Wayne" Carpenter August 17, 1946 General Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Dance Club 11-12, Field G Stream 10, Sports Club 10. Honors: Bowling Trophy's 10-11 30Catherine Schumann "Cathy" Beautician April 15, 1946 Home Economics Activities: F. H. A. County Secretary 12, F. H. A. 12, G. A. A. 12, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12. Honors: 1961 Most Outstanding F. H. A. Member. Joann Louise Seybert "Jo" Nurse June 19, 1946 General Business Activities: Art Club 10, Dance Club 12, Girls' Chorus 11, Junior Library 10, Junior Nurses Club 10, Mixed Chorus 10, Reporter for Art Club 10, Reporter for Library Club 10, Reporter for Nurses Club 10-11, Senior Library Club 11, Senior Nurses Club 11. Raymond Shield Janet Ann Sliter "Janet" Nurse September 20, 1946 Academic Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Chcerleading 10-11-12, Choir 10-11, Dance Club 10-11-12, President of Library Service Club 10. Honors: Chcerleading Letters 11-12, G. A. A. Letter, Pin, G Sweater, Library Service Club Pin. "Rayscy" College May 12, 1946 Scientific Activities: Band 10-11-12, Basketball 10-11-12, Bowling 10-11-12, Choir 10-11-12, Choir Play 10, Field G Stream 10-11, Football 10-11-12, Junior Play 11, President Field G Stream 10, Senior Class Treasurer 12, Senior Play, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Vice President Field G Stream 11. Honors: Basketball Letters 11-12, County Chorus 10, District Band 11-12, Football Letters 11-12, Track Letters 11-12. 31Wayne Shield Smith "Smitty" Armed Forces March 24, 1945 General Activities: Bible Club 11-12, Choir Play 10, Wrestling Club 11. Allen D. Stewart "Al" Physical Education Teacher October 19, 1944 Scientific Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 10-11-12, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 10-11-12. Honors: Sergeant of Arms — Varsity Club. James Michael Stuart "Jamie" Automobile Mechanic November 30, 1946 General Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Dance Club 11-12, Field and Stream 10, Football 10-11-12, Sports Club 10, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 11-12. Honors: Varsity Football Letter 11-12. Curtis Elbert Thompson "Curt" Social Worker January 6, 1947 Scientific Activities: Basketball 10-11-12, Bible Club 10-11-12, Bible Club President 10-11-12, Class Treasurer 11, President of Honor Society 11, Student Council 12, Volleyball 10- 11-12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Honor Society 10- 11- 12. 32Carlton Jerome Tonkin, II "C. J. " Air Force October 19, 1946 General Activities: Camera Club 10-11-12, Debate Club 12, President Camera Club 11-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Vice President Camera Club 11, Vice President Debate Club 12, Yearbook Staff 10-11-12. Honors: Track Letter 10-11-12. Sharon Gail Troxell "Sharon" Librarian August 1, 1944 General Activities: Bible Club 11, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12. Marie Tutmaher "Frossy" Beautician April 24, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 11, J. V. Cheerleader 11, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12. Honors: Senior Homecoming Attendant. Marlene Tutmaher "Tut" Receptionist April 24, 1946 Comprehensive Business Activities: F. H. A. 10-11-12, F. H. A. Queens Contest 11, Senior High Dance Club 10-11-12, Vice President F. H. A. County Council 12. 33Ernest Van Houten "Ernie" Forester April 11, 1946 Scientific Activities: Field and Stream 11, Football 10-11-12, President of Wrestling Club 10, Sergeant at Arms -- Field and Stream 11, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Wrestling Club 10. Honors: Football Letters 10-11-12, Track Letters 11-12. Carol Louise Voegele "Carol" Secretarial Work October 31, 1946 Business Activities: Bible Club 10, Bowling 10-11-12, Camera Club 10-11-12, Camera Club Secretary 1-1, Dance Club 11, Dance Committee 12, Librarian 10. Honors: Librarian certificate and pin. Bruce S. Wells "Johnny" Navy September 15, 1945 General Activities: Bible Club 10, Bowling 10, Dance Club 10, librarian 10-12. Dale Lloyd Weilacher ,fWiry" Undecided January 27, 1946 General Activities: Bible Club 10-11, Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 12, Librarian 12. 34Louis Williams "Budda" Mechanic July 4, 1945 General Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Field Stream 10-11, Football 10-11, Track 10-11, Treasurer of Field Stream 10, Varsity Club 10-11-12. Honors: Varsity Football Letter 10-11, Varsity Track Letter 10-11. Myrl James Williams ,rWillyM Carpenter August 10, 1946 General Activities: Football 10-11, Track 10-11, Wrestling Club 11-12. "Slim" September 19, 1945 Activities: Choir 10-11 Bette Wilcox "Bette" Laboratory Technician August 2, 1946 Scientific Activities: Bible Club 10, Bowling 11-12, Camera Club 10, F.T.A. 11-12, G.A.A. 11-12, Gym Exhibition 11, Marching Band 12, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff. Timothy Wright Public Accountant Business -12, Senior Dance Club 10-11-12. 35Terry Lane Trumbull "Terry" Undecided October 27, 1946 General Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Football Manager 10-11-12, Senior Play, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 10-11-12. Honors: Football Manager Letter 10-12. CLASS OFFICERS Jim Bairstow . . Jerry Penley . . Ann M. Carlson Ray Shield . . . . . . President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . .Treasurer Class Colors..............Turquoise White Class Flower......................Carnation Class Motto .... "The first step to success is the want to succeed." 36OUR JUNIOR TEAR "DIRTY WORK AT THE CROSSROADS" "ISLE OF PARADISE" 37SUPERL G. Bennett QUIETEST C. Johnson MOST MUSICAL R. Shield B. Wilcox BIGGEST FLIRTS L. Linder G. Martin CLASS HOT RODS L. Jesperson J. Sliter BEST DANCERS B. Nobbs T. Wright BEST ATHLETES R. Porter L. Linder BIGGEST EATERS L. Andersen R. Shield TALLEST AND SHORTEST B. McCoy B. Niles D. Johnson J. Seybert MOST STUBBORN B. Lyon J. Hagberg 38ATIVES MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT A. Carlson S. Pederson MOST ARTISTIC J. Peterson L. Madagan BEST WRITERS S. Barrett B. Irwin MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED T. Johnson C. Thompson J. Pratz SLEEPIEST E. VanHouten FRIENDLIEST G. Bennett J. Eggleston CLASS CUT-UPS B. Olson E. VanHouten BEST ALL AROUND A. Carlson C. Thompson BEST ACTORS T. Johnson J. Eggleston 39R. Abbott D. Allenson S. Anderson D. Angove J. Barton S. Bartsch B. Beedle B. Benson E. Birt D. Black S. Black D. Bosko JUNIOR D. Brecht J. Brewster D. Briggs R. Briggs C. Brown J. Brown L. Brown J. Burford D. Burgett R. Burlingame C. Burroughs A. Byerly D. Cable J. Carlson C. Channing K. Clark R. Comstock J. Constable L. Craker M. Craker W. Craker K. Crispin R. Crowl L. Dalrymple R. Darts E. Dietrick S. Dobson D. Ekey D. Engstrom F. Fink 40N. Johnson B. Jones J. Jones M. Jones L. Larson V. Larson W. McElhatten L. McMillian K. Miller S. Morrison J. Muczynski A. Niles J. Gruber J. Hagberg D. Haner D. Harkins C. Hook D. Hummel L. Lester C. Linde 11 D. Lindell R. Lindell D. Lohnes M. Long N. Ludwick K. Lundmark W. Mack J. MacLees P. Malley B. Martin M. Furlow D. Gertsch T. Gibbon A. Glotz C. Glotz D. Gourley D. Gourley D. Gray N. Gray F. Gregory D. Gruber D. Gruber 41C. Williams R. Williams L. Willis A. Wiltsie F. Yeskey F. Yeskey C. Van Ord K. Van Ord B. Wallace C. Weber J. Wilkins W. Wilkins J. Stewart T. Swanson P. Tarr B. Thompson D. Troxell L. Uber K. Sears M. Shagla C. Stearns L. Siliano C. Skinner T. Stuart A. Nosel D. Ohmer J. Ongley J. Onink D. Peterson s. Schwone L. Peterson S. Yeversky D. Young 42JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pat Tarr ............ President Bill Peterson . . . Vice-President Bonnie Benson.........Secretary Ruth Comstock.........Treasurer 43S. Abbey B. Abbott R. Abbott J. Allen J. Allenson M. Andersen G. Anderson J. Angove B. Barlow D. Barlow P. Barton S. Barton J. Briggs D. Brunez J. Carlson E. Collins D. Constable C. Davis R. Deemer L. DeReemer R. Dietrick B. Engstrom C. Enos R. Falconer R. Beck T. Birt F. Black F. Black A. Bloomgren R. Borton 44 M. Ferrie P. Ferry V. Ferry J. Fisk N. Fleming M. Forsgren W. Gourley L. Gruber N. Hale J. Haller K. Hanson S. HansonD. Hamilton R. Hartley E. Hartman P. Hodges R. Hoffner H. Homer K. Horner C. Hotaling R. Ingerson R. Irwin J. Jesperson D. Johnson F. Johnson A. Kobojek D. LaVigne T. Laird G. Lester B. Lindquist N. Livezey B. Ludwick J. Machemer A. MacLees L. Mahan D. Manelick S. Martin S. Martin M. Merritt S. Mesler S. Muschick P. Nodzak J. North D. Nosel P. O'Brien J. Olsen B. Olson W. Parks A. Phillips T. Rea K. Rockwell W. Rodgers M. Sanders J. SchumannL. Siliano J. Skaggs K. Smith B. Songer L. Trumbull D. Van Houten A. Van Ord D. Way D. Werner C. West E. Williams F. Wilcox B. Young V. Wilcox R. Young D. Williams J. Stanton L. Stewart J. Swanson D. Sweeney D. Sweeney E. Thomas K. Tonkin J. Trumbull OFFICERS: Fred Johnson..............President Bob Abbott...........Vice-President Sandy Muschick............Secretary Jim Stanton...............Treasurer 46STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: John Brown, Steve Anderson, Jerry Penley, Linda Mahan, Jim Bairstow. ROW 1 STANDING: Allen Johnson, Jeff Spencer, Randy Phillips, Andy Bosko, Gary Dalrympie, Jack Passinger, Mary Schumann, Susie Spencer. ROW 2: Susie Loomis, David Werner, Mark Briggs, Geraldine Bennett, Sharon Yeversky, Sandy Morrison, Lillian Lester, Curt Thompson, Rosemary Christianson, Dan Pratz, Laurie Manelick, Dennis Voty, Bonnie Barlow, Dale McKinney, Bob Duff, Mr. Firth, Fred Johnson. Absent: Gail Lawson. OFFICERS: President.................Jerry Penley Vice-President.........Steve Anderson Secretary-Treasurer . . . Linda Mahan Advisor.....................Mr. FirthOFFICERS: President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . . .Jack Norton . . . Pat Tarr Valerie Larson . Bill Peterson HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1: Nancy Hale, L. Stewart, L. Mahan, T. Johnson, L. Lester, C. Glotz, D. Peterson, N. Ludwick. ROW 2: V. Larson, S. Yeversky, B. Jones, D. Allenson, F. Yeskey, D. Hummel, M. Shagla, A. Wiltsie, J. Fisk. ROW 3: B. Peterson, J. Bairstow, J. Norton, C. Thompson, K. Van Ord, D. Williams, D. Cabel, Mr. Lassing-er; advisor.F. T. A. SEATED L. TO R.: B. Petersen; T. Johnson; Mrs. Norton, advisor; F. Yeskey, K. Sears. STANDING: D. Hummel, D. Nosel, V. Larson, B. Wilcox, S. Nelson, G. Bennett, D. Fehlman, D. Sweeney, P. Malley, S. Shield, G. Lawson, K. Lundmark, B. Lindell, P. O'Brien. OFFICERS: President..............Trilby Johnson Vice-President.........Becky Petersen Secretary.................Kathy Sears Treasurer ................ Faye Yeskey 50BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS: President..........................Curt Thompson 1st Vice President..................Wes Craker 2nd Vice President.........Diane Briggs Treasurer.......................Dorothy Allenson Secretary..................Mabel Craker 51LIBRARY ASSISTANTS LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Eggleston, M. Ferrie, B. Jones, B. Petersen, L. Childs, P. Hodges, D. Falconer, P. O'Brien, T. Johnson, F. Thomas, B. Wells, A. Branchaud, P. Barton, C. Wallace. ABSENT: S. Abbey, F. Black, S. Dumell, C. Hotaling, R. Morrison. 52ROW 1, L. to R. T. Johnson, R. Carlson, R. Landin, G. Johnson, J. Stoddard, B. Petersen, ROW 2, Mr, Redin; Advisor, D. Wilcox, R. Steams, D. Hummel, J. Mac-Lees, C. Voegele. ABSENT: Carlton Tonkin. CAMERA CLUB DRAMATICS CLUB ROW 1, L. to R. Mr. Nosker, advisor, Trudy Stanton, Vice-President, Kathy Peterson, Secretary-Treas., Bruce Lindquist. ROW 2, Dan Kopf, Heather Feeney, Kathy Walker, Christine Stuart, Gary Lester, Gail Lawson, Linda Fox, Martha Blackstrom, Dan Troxell. ABSENT: Sue Shield, President. 53DANCE CLUBS SENIOR HIGH OFFICERS: President.................Glynn Martin Vice President...................Craig Hartman Secretary-Treasurer .... Sue Abbott JUNIOR HIGH OFFICERS: President..................Denny Voty Vice-President.........Laural Manelick Secretary-Treasurer . . Patty Marquis 54SCIENCE CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Smith; G. Anderson; J. Skaggs; J. Swanson; J. Riggle; J. Skaggs; B. Ingerson; secretary-treasurer; J. Bloomgren; M. Ferric; D. Nosel; G. Bloomgrcn; D. Gruber; D. Alspaugh; Mr. Sherwood, advisor; G. Stanton; J. Barrett; D. Jones; J. Schumann; M. Wachter, vice-president; D. Black; L. Kobojcck; J. Stanton, president; J. Schumann. FIELD AND STREAM ROW 1: R. Burroughs, C. Carlstrom, D. Jones, A. Machemer, B. Lundmark, P. Wright, C. Skinner. ROW 2: Mr. Cook, advisor; D. Burlingame, secretary; B. McElhattcn, president; L. Mineweascr, vice-president; J. Onick, treasurer. ROW 3: B. Agnes, D. Lavignc, C. Sanders, S. Barton, J. Barrett, L. Siliano, W. Rogers, J. Roberts. 55GIRLS’ HOBBY CLUB ROW 1: B. Saunders; C. Skinner, president; B. Linde 11, vice-president; M. Wilcox, secretary-treasurer. ROW 2: S. Spencer, K. Gahring, P. Coffaro. ROW 3: D. Hoffman, M. Long, D. Falconer, M. Smith, L. Smith, D. Morgan, K. Jesperson. BOYS’ HOBBY CLUB ROW 1: D. Burford, D. Williams, C. Sanders, G. Stanton, J. Abbey, G. Arthur. ROW 2: J. Martin, president; G. Gage, vice-president; S. Wilson, secretary-treasurer. ROW 3: J. Sears, D. Johnson, G. Bloomgren, J. Sears, V. Spicer, D. Burnett, J. Stoddard, T. Young. 56PRESS CL UB SEATED: D. Martin, assistant editor; K. Miller, editor; S. Yeversky, assistant editor; C. Brown, editor. ROW 2: S. Morrison, C. Van Od, C. Skinner, J. Muczynski. ROW 3: D. Crispin, B. Benson, M. Shagla, C. Glotz, S. Martin, F. Yeskey, C. Hotaling, V. Larson. ADVISORS: Mr. Carnovale and Mrs. Hagberg. 57WRESTLING KNEELING: R. Voty, B. Uber, M. Jesperson, J. Passenger, B. Russell, C. Barrett, J. Lord. SEATED: A. Byerly, B. Duff, D. Burlingame, L. Uber, M. Williams, R. Gruber, H. Bloomgren. STANDING: B. Abbey, B. McElbatten, L. Peterson, B. Wilkins, D. Engstrom, D. Gruber, L. Siliano, S. Barton, D. Melquist, D. Thompson, W. Emehizer. JUNIOR HIGH OFFICERS: President.................Jeff Lindell Vice-President................Bob Duff Secretary-Treasurer................. Harold Bloomgren SENIOR HIGH OFFICERS: President.............Dick Burlingame Vice-President.............Dave Irwin Secretary-Treasurer . . . .Ron Gruber W RES TUNG TEAM: Don Johnson Dan Burgett James Stuart Dick Burlingame Stan Barton Merle Williams Cliff Weber Jim Wilkins Larry Peterson Ron Irwin Ron Deitrick Leonard Siliano 58LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Hoffner, B. Engstrom, S. Nelson, C. VanOrd, K. Birt, H. Yeversky, R. Southwell, K. Cannon K. Clark, D. Johnson, J. Russell, M. Thompson, D. Briggs, N. Mangani, M. Tutmaher, M. Falconer j Lord, F. Lindell, J. Riggle, R. Tower, S. Shield, D. Sweeney, J. Hagberg, R. Crowl, L. Jones, C. Schumann, D. Young, N. Sweeney, D. Felmann, G. Brailey, A. Niles. SEATED: S. Yeversky, L. Gruber, C. Lindell, B. Lyon. FHA Carol Lindell .... President Betty Lyon . . . Vice-President Darlene Martin .... Secretary Judy Gruber .... Treasurer Judy Hagberg..........Historian STATE HOMEMAKERS DEGREES Cathy Schumann Martha Falconer Janice Riggle Marlene Tutmaher 59F.F.A HOLDING BANNER, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Childs, and Bruce Niles. SEATED: Mr. Sopher, A. Byerly, A. Glotz, J. Lord, L. Enos, R. Gruber, D. Lindell, D. Gruber. STANDING: J. Stanton, A. Rupsczyk, F. Black, T. Brunez, C. Enos, H. Roberts, J. Jcspersen, S. Pedersen, T. Stewart, B. Saunders, D. Ekey, T. Birt, D. Gruber, C . Larson, D . Johnson, B. Gourley. F.F.A. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Mr. Soper, advisor; Alan Byerly, Sentinal; Andy Glotz, Secretary; Jim Lord, Vice-President; Louis Enos, President; Ronald Gruber, Treasurer; Dennis Lindell, Reporter; Donald Gruber, Chaplain. HOLDING THE BANNER, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lance Childs and Bruce Niles. 60FFA SNAPS Bruce, Steve, Don, and Andy look over one of the new tractors at the exhibit at the Farm Show. Our F.F.A. delegation studying a 4-Wheel Drive Tractor at the Farm Show. LIVESTOCK QUEEN Dorothy Young crowned queen by Karen Clark. A lake boat being raised in the lock at the Welland canal. F.F.A. officers visit the Ontario Stock Yard while on their annual summer education tour. 61GIRLS’ A THLETIC ASS0CIA TIOJV ROW 1: S. Martin, C. Hotaling, B. Barlow, C. Davis, P. Hodges, P. Barton, V. Wilcox, K. Tonkin, F. Wilcox, E. Williams. ROW 2: L. Andersen, J. Sliter, B. Nobbs, B. Beedle, B. McCoy, L. Linder, A. Carlson, D. Martin, S. Abbott, C. Lindell, K. Crispen, J. North. ROW 3: Mrs. Leathers, advisor; D. Lohnes, J. Brewster, V. Larson, S. Schwone, K. Lundmark, K. Clark, A. Wiltsie, M. Craker, C. Schumann, J. Burford, A. Carlson, S. Barrett, C. Brown, B. Wilcox, B. Lyon, K. Miller. ROW 4: D. Sweeney, B. Abbott, N. Hale, D. Manelick, L. Mahan, B. Ludwick. OFFICERS: President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . . Linda Linder . Ann Carlson Brenda McCoy . Becky Beedle MANAGERS: Bowling Manager........Darlene Martin Volleyball and............Jane North Basketball Manager Swimming Manager . . . Ruth Comstock Bowling Manager. . . . Linda Andersen 62VARSITY CLUB ROW 1: E. Hartman, D. Barlow, J. Carlson, A. Bloomgren, D. Werner. ROW 2: Mr. Luvison, advisor; A. Stewart, J. Norton, R. Porter, J. Bairstow, Mr. Bower, advisor. ROW 3: J. Eggleston, G. Martin, L. Mada-gan, E. Van Houten, K. Hartley, J. Stuart, T. Trumbull, L. Williams, J. Penley, R. Shield, J. Hagberg. ROW 4: J. Stewart, J. Wilkins, J. Ongley, D. Burgett, D. Bosko, E. Birt, S. Anderson, R. Darts, D. Williams, T. Gibbon, D. Angove. OFFICERS: President.................Ross Porter Vice-President...................Jack Norton Secretary-Treasurer . . . Jim Bairstow Sergeant of Arms...................A1 StewartHOMECOMING 1963 Sophomore Attendant -- Barbara Ludwick Senior Attendant — Marie Tutmaher Junior Attendant — Jane Burford Freshman Attendant — Susan Fisk QUEEN BARBARA NO BBS Our Queen crowned by Sue Carlson. 64TIMES-MIRROR PHOTO Coach Norge LuvisonV h A R S I BACK ROW: Coach Lassinger, J. Ongley, D. Bosko, J. Brown, D. An-gove, E. Birt, R. Darts, D. Burgett, D. Burlingame, J. Stewart, D. Williams, T. Gibbon, J. Wilkins. SECOND ROW: Coach Neese, B. Irwin, J. Penley, J. Hagberg, J. Eggleston, J. Norton, A. Stewart, J. Northern Area 34 Northern Area 6 Northern Area 26 Northern Area 27 Northern Area 19 Northern Area 26 Northern Area 8 Northern Area 0 The final record for the season was 7 with Pine Valley for the championship.F Stuart, E. Van Houten, R. Porter, R. Shield, J. Bairs tow, L. Madi-gan, D. Weilacher. FIRST ROW: D. Troxell, E. Hartman, D. Sweeney, D. Barlow, J. Carlson, B. Olson, J. Machamer, R. Hoffner, D. Werner and Head Coach Luvison. 0 0 r B Panama 13 Silver Creek 0 Randolph 7 Youngsville 21 Cassadaga Valley 6 Bemus Point 6 Westfield 7 Pine Valley 14 wins and 1 loss; and a tie L LBOTTOM TO TOP: Sue Abbott, Barb Olson, Linda Andersen, Barb Nobbs, Becky Beedle, and Janet Sliter. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 68POMPON GIRLS' L. to R. Debby Gibbon, Karen Coneoby, Karen Jesperson, Beverly Engstrom, Nonna Swanson, Karen Penley, Bonnie Barlow, Jackie Werner, Laura Manelick, Lorren Stewart, Tanya Birt. L. to R. Jackie Werner, Karen Birt, Lorren Stewart, Martha Trumbull, Hazel Yeversky, Sharon Yeversky, Substitute: Cynthia Glotz. MAJORETTES L. to R. Susan Putnam, Sandy Mushick, Judy Fisk. ADVISOR: Mrs. Mitchell REPORTERS: Becky Petersen Carol Lindcll 69J. V. FOOTBALL RO 1: J. Olsen, B. Davis, D. Larson, A. Falconer, L. Lester, T. Eggleston, D. Melquist, T. Thompson, ii.0tter Weilacher, D. Voty. ROW 2: Mr. Kassi, assistant coach; J. Angove, B. Abbott, J. Allen, E. Collins, D. Williams, A. VanQrd, T. Laird, N. Livezy, J. Carlson, J. Allenson. J.v. CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Beverly Abbott, Darlene Lohnes, Barbara Ludwick, Emma Williams, Doris Way, Vickie Wilcox. 70SENIOR PL A YERS VARSITY N. A. Opp. 49 Panama 50 65 Sheffield 37 55 Bemus Point 54 76 Southwestern 73 70 Sheffield 63 55 Alumni 42 42 Bemus Point 44 45 Spartensburg 75 72 West Forest 48 46 Youngsville 58 78 Pleasantville 47 72 Tidioute 56 70 East Forest 53 54 Panama 61 58 Spartensburg 56 70 West Forest 72 81 Youngsville 58 51 Pleasantville 68 106 Tidioute 49 57 East Forest 61 45 Southwestern 50 "Curt1 "Bruce" "Dave" "Jerry' 71VARSITY BASKETBALL STANDING: Mr. Sherwood, coach; Ross Porter, Bruce Niles, Dave Johnson, Jack Norton, Curt Thompson, Ray Shield. KNEELING: Doug Angove, Pat Tarr, Keith Hartley, John Brown, Jerry Penley. COACHES: Mr. Kassi...............Junior Varsity Mr. Sherwood...................Varsity Mr. Rolls...............Junior VarsityROUND-UP POM POM GIRLS ' , , ROW 1: J. Werner, K. Concoby, K. Birt, K. Jesperson, K. Penley. ROW 2: B. Engstrom, K. Swanson, L. Stewart, B. MAJORETTES: Barlow, D. Gibbon. ROW 3: L. Manelick, C. Glotz, M. Trum- S. Muschick bull, S. Yeversky, H. Yeversky, T. Birt. J. Fisk S. Putnam ADVISOR MRS . MITCHELL N. A. TRACK-1963 Opp 54 Dunkirk 55 31 Jamestown 78 60 Youngsville 67 78 1 2 Panama 30 1 2 34 Southwestern 75 61 Falconer 48 75 1 2 Pine Valley 53 1 2 14 1 2 points . , . Youngsville Invitional ... 8th place 47 points . . . Chautauqua Co. Class B-C 1st place UAVL 2nd place Ross Porter went to State for the 100 and 220 yd. dash.J. V. BASKETBALL STANDING: Mr. Kassi, coach; D. Barlow; C. Hook; C. Channing; D. Williams; R. Darts; Mr. Rolls, coach. KNEELING: J. Olson, J. Allen, B. Abbott, D. Werner, F. Johnson, J. Stanton. TRA CK ’63 ROW 1: J. Stewart, J. Eggleston, C. Tonkin, G. Martin, R. Shield, D. Barlow, A. Nosel. ROW 2: Mr. Firth, coach; C. Weber; E. Van Houten; E. Collins; J. Carlson; E. Hartman; E. Birt; D. Burgett; D. Bosko; J. Wilkins; L. Trumbull; J. Allenson; Mr. Engstrom, coach. ROW 3: R. Light, L. Williams, B. Wilkins, M. Williams, L. Uber, T. Trumbull, D. Sweeney, J. Stuart, R. Porter, D. Burlingame, T. Gibbon, R. Hoffner. 74NINTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President: Danny Pratz Vice-President: Tom Eggleston Secretary: Kathy Peterson Treasurer: Donna Smith EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President: Rosemary Christianson Vice President: Jeff Lindell Secretary: Tom Bosco Treasurer: Dick Hale SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President: Gary Dalrymple Vice-President: Barton Lohnes Secretary: Debra White Treasurer: Gary Bloomgren 75FRESHMEN R. Abbey F. Aldrich G. Anderson S. Atkins M. Barnes J. Barrett C. Bentley T. Birt B. Black S. Black H. Bloomgrcn E. Braley G. Braley M. Branchard M. Brezee D. Brown A. Brunecz D. Brunecz J. Cable K. Cannon J. Carlson S. Carlson T. Charming K. Concoby J. Crcwl R. Davis L. Dexter J. Dilker S. Dumell T. Eggleston W. Emehizer B. Engstrom A. Falconer D. Falconer D. Feeny D. Fehlman M. Ferry S. Fisk D. Flasher M. Frank D. Gibbon C. Glotz M. Glotz C. Gray R. Groves M. Hale D. Haner E. Harde K. Harris N. Hoffner D. Johnson D. Johnson M. Johnson L. Jones D. Kopf S. Kopf C. Larson D. Larson G. Lawson L. Lester 76CLASS F. Lindcll G. Lindell J. Lord V. Luce D. Lundmark L. Manelick N. Mangini P. Marquis F. McCullough W. McFarland D. Melquist S. Michelsen N. Miller S. Nelson D. Passinger G. Peeples K. Penley K. Peterson D. Potter D. Pratz H. Proctor H. Roberts J. Ruland R. Ruland A. Rupcyzk J. Russell J. Seleni S. Shield C. Skinner D. Smith M. Smith S. Smith R. Southwell J. Spencer J. Stanton T. Stanton T. Stewart V. Stewart C. Stuart N. Swanson N. Sweeney F. Thomas D. Thompson M. Thompson T. Thompson R. Tower D. Troxell J. Tutmaher D. Van Cise L. Van Ord D. Voty M. Wachter S. Webster R. Weilacher P. Werner D. Wilcox G. Wilcox L. Wilcox M. Wilcox H. Yeversky 77EIGHTH R. Barlow D. Bennett T. Bosko M. Briggs K. Brown D. Burford L. Burlingame R. Burlingame D. Burnett T. Burroughs J. Cable R. Cable R. Christianson A. Collins H. Critzer C. Deveraux S. DeWatter G. Duff R. Duff K. Dunn L. Durnell T. Engstrom S. Fleming S. Forsgren J. Foulkrod M. Fur low G. Gage B. Gantz J. Gourley D. Hale G. Hildum S. Hodges D. Hoffman L. Hoffner H. Hunsinger J. Jackson K. Jespersen A. Johnson D. Jones M. Kane R. Kersteeter J. Landin W. Landin M. Lawson D. Linde 11 J. Lindell V. Allenson D. Alspaugh J. Anderson R. Anderson D. Arthur S. Arthur 78GRADE K. Ludwick R. MacLees V. Manelick J. Martin V. Martin D. McKinney K. Merritt C. Mineweaser E. Moravek D. Morgan R. Nelson W. North G. Olson J. Peterson B. Porter T. Pratz S. Putnam D. Retterer J. Riggle G. Russ M. Sanders B. Saunders J. Schumann J. Siliano J. Skaggs R. Sliter L. Smith C. Songer L. Southwell S. Spencer V. Spicer G. Stanton R. Steams L. Thompson C. Tidrick M. Trumbull A. Tutmaher V. Tutmaher C. VanOrd K. Wade K. Walker C. Wallace J. Wemer R. Whisner D. Williams G. Williams O. Williams S. Wilson J. Wiltsie B. Yaegle S. Yeversky L. York 79SEVENTH J. Abbey B. Agens G. Arthur P. Arthur M. Backstrom M. Backstrom W. Barhite C. Barrett R. Benson R. Birt P. Block G. Bloomgren J. Bloomgren A. Bosko B. Branchaud D. Briggs S. Brown R. Burroughs D. Carlson D. Carlson R. Carlson C. Carlstrom P. Coffaro G. Collins W. Constable R. Crowl C. Dalrymple B. Dilker J. Eleslager L. Engstrom H. Feeney M. Fisk L. Fox J. Frank A. Furlow K. Gahring C. Gray J. Gray F. Haight K. Hansen W. Hinsdale M. Hoffner D. Hummel M. Jespersen G. Johnson P. Johnson P. Kane S. Kobojek D. Larson R. Lawson K. Lindell C. Lindsey G. Lester B. Lohnes K. Loomis J. Long J. Lord M. Luchvick B. Lundmark A. Machemer 80GRADE D. Marquis S. Merritt M. Mikrut J. MiUer G. Morris S. Niles M. Norton P. Nosel L. Olson L. Pangbom J. Passinger R. Passinger S. Passinger L. Penley S. Perrin D. Peterson R. Phillips C. Pierson D. Potter N. Rea S. Ristau E. Roberts J. Roberts W. Rogers R. RusseU C. Sanders M. Schumann J. Sears J. Sears P. Shirley S. Slocum J. Smith B. Snyder S. Spencer J. Spink R. Steams C. Stewart J. Stewart J. Stoddard A. Swanson E. Thomas J. Thompson L. Thompson T. Tonkins L. Trask A. Tutmaher B. Uber O. VanOrd R. Voty T. Walker V. Watson R. Webster D. White D. Williams M. Wilcox N. Wilcox P. Wright M. Yeversky M. Younie D. Young T. Young 81JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL ROW 1: P. Wright, J. Passinger, B. Passinger, C. Collins, G. Dalrymple, A. Bosko, A. Machemer, C. Pierson, J. Miller. ROW 2: G. Andersen, B. Uber, B. Lohnes, C. Stewart, W. Rogers, S. Brown, R. Stearns, R. Voty, D. Reddier, J. Riggle. ROW 3: G. Gage, J. Lindell, T. Pratz, B. Lundmark, G. Duff, G. Stanton, R. Barlow, T. Bosko, D. Arthur, P. Ferry. ROW 4: Mr. Firth, coach; L. Thompson; R. Anderson; H. Critzer; J. Crowl, R. Sliter, B. Duff, D. Alspaugh, J. Martin, D. Hale, Mr. Schultz, coach. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS: Jennifer Spink Faye Lindell Violet Allenson Carol Bentley Shirley Passinger 82JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL KNEELING: G. Bloomgren, G. Lester, G. Duff, D. Wilcox, J. Linde 11, D. Kopf. STANDING: Mr. Boyer, coach; B. Sliter, B. Duff, D. VanCise, B. Thompson, B. MacFarland, T. Thompson, S. Kopf. JUNIOR HIGH VARSITY CLUB ROW 1: J. Machemer, F. Johnson, D. Williams, B. Abbott, J. Olson. ROW 2: Mr. Boyer, advisor; J. Allen; J. Briggs; R. Hoffner; J. Haller; A. VanOrd; J. Angove; Mr. Engstrom, advisor. 83MR. WEIBLER Social Studies MR. BELL Mathematics MR. KASSI Mathematics EISENHO WER’S STUDENT TEACHERS MR. BLODGETT Chemistry, Physical Science MR. ROOT Social Studies 84BAND CLARINETS ROW 1: G. Dalrymple, W. Hinsdale, B. Carlson. ROW 2: K. Ludwick, D. Kopf, G. Mine-weaser, D. Carlson, S. Hodges. ROW 3: S. Nelson, M. Petersen, V. Martin, D. Fehlman, S. Shield, R. Christianson, L. Olson. ROW 4: M. Peterson, M. Shagla, N. Ludwick, B. Burlingame, J. Hagberg, M. Kane, S. Kopf, P. Malley, M. Sarvis. FLUTES AND SAXOPHONES ROW 1: M. Thompson, J. Landin, D. Peterson, A. MacLees. ROW 2: S. Fisk, R. Anderson, B. Petersen, B. Wallace, M. Fisk, J. Hagberg. ROW 3: F. Johnson, D . Bosko, D . An-gove, J. Allen, C. Glotz, G. Linde 11. TRUMPET AND CORNET ROW 1: J. Landin, D. Lawson, D. Sweeney, G. Arthur, J. Thompson. ROW 2: M. Micrut, L. Burlingame, S. Webster, M. Briggs, K. Smith, D. Lindell. ROW 3: R. Shield, D. Elberg, B. Olson, J. Angove, L. Childs. 86BAND BARITONES, TROMBONES, AND BASSES ROW 1: D. Burford, V. Allenson, G. Lawson, L Thomspon, L. Wilcox. ROW 2: D. Young, T. VanHouten, B. Peterson, N. Livezey, B. Mac-Farland, J. Cable. ROW 3: T. Thompson, W. Mack, B. Lindquist, D. Burlingame, C. Stuart. DRUMS ROW 1: K. Dunn, C. Hildum, A. Swanson. ROW 2: B. Wilcox, B. MacLees. MARCHING BAND ROW 1: J. Landin, B. Young, D. Sweeney, G. Lawson, T. Stanton. ROW 2: S. Webster, D. Linde 11, B. Wilcox, N. Ludwick, D. Young. ROW 3: C. Glotz, S. Fisk, J. Hagberg, B. Lin-dell, D. Way, M. Peterson. ROW 4: D. Wilcox, M. Briggs, B. MacFarland, B. Lindquist, B. Peterson, P. Malley, W. Mack. 87IKE-HI-LO-ETTES Ann Carlson; Linda Gruber; Bonnie Benson; Janie Burford; Sharon Yeversky; Mabel Craker; Bev Jones, pianist. RUSSELLBURG QUARTET Louie Mineweaser; Bev Jones; John Briggs; Bonnie Benson; and Bruce Lindquist, pianist. DISTRICT CHORUS Dorothy Young, Bonnie Benson, Bev Jones, Louie Mineweaser, John Briggs, Bruce Lindquist, Terry Rea. Absent: Doris Way and Noble Livezey. DISTRICT BAND Judy Hagberg, Mae Peterson, Ray Shield, Dorothy Young. 88CHOIR ROW 1: J. Fisk, D. Lohnes, S. Mesler, S. Loomis, S. Bartsch, R. Crowl, D. Young, S. Troxell. ROW 2: L. Gruber, J. Burford, B. Jones, B. Benson, S. Hanson, S. Hotaling, B. Lyon, A. Carlson, C. Williams, B. Jones, D. Hummel. ROW 3: M. Craker, L. Mahann, K. Clark, S. Yeversky, J. North, D. Way, A. Wiltsie, B. McCoy, C. Sears, A. Niles, S. Black. ROW 4: B. Lindquist, L. Mineweaser, R. Shield, J. Briggs, N. Livezy, L. Craker, D. Lavene, B. Niles, M. Foresgren, J. Carlson, F. Johnson, D. Barlow, M. Andersen, I . Laird, J. Olson. MR. ALBERT LYFORD Choir and Band Director 897 A AND 7B CHORUS ROW 1: P. Coffaro, L. Thompson, R. Birt, M. Backstrom. ROW 2: J. Long, J. Spink, D. Petersen, K. Gahring, N. Wilcox, C. Fox, T. Walker, R. Burroughs, G. Morris, D. Pierson. ROW 3: J. Smith, D. White, H. Feeney, P. Nosel, M. Wilcox, R. Benson, C. Sanders, R. Phillips, B. Lundmark, C. Carlstrom, M. Jesperson, C. Barrett. ROW 4: D. Briggs, P. Arthur, K. Linde 11, P. Johnson, M. Norton, M. Yeversky, J. Lord, B. Russell, W. Rodgers, D. Carlson, G. Gray, M. Uber, G. Collins. 8C AND 8D CHORUS ROW 1: G. Gage, J. Gourlcy, S. DeWatter, D. Saunders, S. Spencer, V. Manclick, C. VanOrd, C. Wallace. ROW 2: T. Engstrom, G. Duff, L. Smith, V. Tutmaher, J. Foulkrod, R. Prentice, S. Arthur, L. Durnell, P. Hun-zinger, T. Pratz. ROW 3: C. Songer, B. Sliter, S. Yeversky, K. Brown, D. Hoffman, J. Cable, L. Hoffner, R. Nelson, A. Johnson, G. Stanton, D. Jones. ROW 4: V. Spicer, J. Martin, D. Burnett, R. Stearns, D. McKinney, S. Wilson, J. Wiltsie, H. Critzer, G. Russ, J. Schumann, J. Skaggs, G. Williams. 7C AND 7D CHORUS ROW t: B. Passinger, A. Bosko, A. Tutmaher, M. Schumann, D. Potter, D. Marquis, L. Penley, L. Trask, A. Furlow, D. Williams, A. Machemer. ROW 2: E. Thomas, S. Ristau, J. Stewart, P. Procter, V. Watson, D. Larson, M. Younie, P. Wright, P. Block, J. Passinger, S. Spencer, J. Abbey, J. Miller, O. VanOrd. ROW 3: S. Passinger, W. Barhite, E. Roberts, S. Perin, S. Niles, L. Engstrom, J. Frank, J. Bloomgren, C. Stewart, J. Sears, M. Baron, B. Lohnes, G. Bloomgren, J. Elslager. ROW 4: J. Gray, S. Kobojek, J. Sears, G. Lester, J. Roberts, T. Young, S. Brown, P. Hummel, J. Baron, J. Stoddard, R. Stearns, M. Hoffner, K. Hanson, L. Pangborn, R. Voty, B. Agens. 908A AND 8B AND 9 CHORUS ROW 1: J. Werner, R. Anderson, M. Lawson, B. Porter, B. Yaegle, C. Deveraux, M. Sanders, K. Walker, L. Jones, D. Johnson. ROW 2: B. North, L. Southwell, K. Jesperson, S. Putnam, A. Tutmaher, K. Wade, D. Williams, A. Collins, M. Furlow, D. Brunecz, L. York, M. Trumbull, R. Tower, R. Barlow. ROW 3: J. Anderson, B. Whisner, J. Riggle, T. Burroughs, P. Morgan, S. Fleming, K. Merritt, D. Arthur, D. Pratz, D. Brown, G. Brailey, N. Sweeney, B. Gantz, D. VanCise, D. Bennett, C. Tidrick. ROW 4: S. Foresgren, M. Wachter, J. Peterson, T. Bosco, D. Alspaugh, B. Duff, T. Birt, B. Black, P. Werner, D. Voty, G. Wilcox, H. Bloomgren, J. Barrett, M. Hale, J. Stanton, T. Brunecz. 91 MISS MARY MANGUS Junior High Choir DirectorSENIOR For the first time our school is participating in the American Abroad Summer program co-sponsored by the American Field service and the school participating. The two candidates selected from our school were Sharon Yeversky and Patrick Tarr. Qualifications: 1. A candidate must be a member of the Junior class. 2. A candidate must have two years of a foreign language by June 1964. 3. Candidates must be at least 16 by June 30, 1964 and preferably older. 4. A candidate must have an excellent academic record. A student who does not take his school work seriously is considered not mature enough for this experience. The Lance Staff wishes Pat or Sharon bon voyage. Sharon Yeversky 92 Patrick TarrHAROLD W. LANDIN HOWARD A. THOMPSON FRED S. BAUER NORGE E. LUVISON MRS. PAULENE SCHMIDT MRS. MARIAN CARLSON MILLARD BOYER EVERETT CARLSON PETER CARNOVALE DALPH COOK DENNIS SENGSTROM THOMAS FIRTH ROBERT GLARNER TEACHER APPRECIATION In appreciation, we the class of "64" would like to thank all our teachers at this time for trying to start us out, in seventh grade, on the right foot, encouraged us, guided us, and helped us with our many problems, large and small, up through our years at Eisenhower . Then as we grew older you guided us in interesting clubs and extracurricular activities. Art and music projects, sports and cheerleading, farming and homemaking clubs, and hobby and career clubs have all been made available to us. For all these mentioned and all the small but unforgotten kindnesses you have done for us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. MRS. GERALDINE HAGBERG MISS BARBARA JOHNSON JOHN LASSINGER MRS. LUCILE LEATHERS MRS. CARMEN LIVEZEY ALBERT LYFORD MISS MARY MANGUS MRS. ELIZABETH MITCHELL MRS. LYNN NADAL JOHN NEESE MRS. PAULINE NORTOI MERLE NOSKER RALPH RALPH WILLIAM REDIN MISS MABEL REESE EUGENE ROLLS MRS. AVIS ROSENDAHL MICHAEL SCHULTZ WILLIAM SHERWOOD JOSEPH SOPER KENNETH WILLIAMS 93YEARBOOK STAFF Dear Reader: We, of the Lance Staff, hope that in future years this yearbook will be a cherished memento of happy years at Northern Area --a reminder of favorite classmates and of the wonderful hours outside the classroom. Whatever the future brings, if a glance at these pages will lighten your spirits for only a single moment, we consider our yearbook worthwhile. Sincerely, The Editorial Staff YEARBOOK STAFF: Trilby Johnson Curtis Thompson Frank Callan . . Ann M. Carlson . Geraldine Bennett Linda Linder . . Becky Petersen . Bette Wilcox . . . Betty Lyon . . . Carlton Tonkin . James Bairstow . Pauline Norton ........Co -editor ........Co-editor . Business Manager ........Copy Editor . . . Layout Editor Advertising Editor . . . Secretary and Sports Editor . Circulation Editor . . . . Circulation Photographic Editor Photographic Editor ............Advisor 94THE CO-EDITORS We, the co-editors of this 1964 Lance, sincerely hope you will enjoy the pictures and memories of your friends and high school activities which are in this yearbook. We trust this book will become more valuable to each of you as the years pass and life takes you on your separate ways. We know that it will bring back memories of the dedicated teachers who gave of themselves to prepare us for our future. As we near the end of our high school career, we realize that these have indeed been meaningful years. Although there has been hard work, we realize it has been for our benefit and we are appreciative for the sense of responsibility it has given us. Throughout this year, we have been made aware of not only our scholastic but also our social responsibilities. Without the fine cooperation of teachers, staff members and, most of all, our advisor, Mrs. Norton, this 1964 Lance could not have been completed. We give a hearty thanks to Mrs. Norton, Mr. Redin and our fine photographers, Jim Bairstow and Carlton Tonkin. In closing, we wish to express our encouragement to the students we leave behind at Eisenhower High School and our hopes that they will profit as much as we have at Eisenhower High School. (3 yCo'tjt) ( 95PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Norman Abbott Mrs. Catherine E. Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Alden Bennett Mrs. H. J. Maasz Gerald Bennett Mr. John McAulay Rev. and Mrs. Reed Bennett Mr. and Mrs. James Nordine Mr. and Mrs. Hans Block Mr. and Mrs. Edward Norton Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Burgett Bob Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Callan Doris Petersen Mrs. Marian Carlson Mrs. James Petersen Miss Sue Carlson Doris Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carnovale Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Petersen Robert Duff Margaret Petersen Mr. Arthur Hitchock Miss Mabel Reese Mrs. Chris Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Spicer Mr. and Mrs. Edward Linder Mr. and Mrs. Sprandle Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Livezey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walters Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lyford Mr. and Mrs. Walter Yeskey.WARREN COUNTY'S FAMILY NEWSPAPER With The Largest Circulation In Area Printing Today's News - Today! You'll Read "IT" First In The - Times - . Local News . Area News . National News . Features . Sports . Comics Established 1900 Dial RA 3-1401 Editorial Society Sports RA 3-1400 Publisher Advertising Business 203-05 Pennsylvania Ave., W., Warren, Pa. BUSINESS PATRONS Anonymous Beverly’s China Gijl Shop Bigelow’s Leather Goods Big Joes Bloomquist Furniture Ekey’s Flowers S. S. Kresge Iven Carlson Kiser Book Store Loomis Read White Millers Redding and Whren Russell Post Office S. F. Heating Times Squares Sandwich ShopBOB SANDERS Finest Quality Fresh Eggs Sugar Grove, Pa. Phone 489-3154 Continued Success To Eisenhower Students THE WARREN COUNTY OBSERVER Largest Circulation in Warren County Home Appliance Headquarters TURNER RADIO SHOP Liberty at Third, Warren Compliments of STEINS COWDRICK'S DRUG STORE "Your Friendly Walgren Agency" 212-214 Liberty Street Warren, Penna. RA 3-1743 Phone RA 3-3420 PARISH Parish Battery Electrical Service Bob Smith, Owner Automotive Electricians 6 Market St., Warren, Pa. Compliments of SCHAEFFER ELECTRIC Supply Company J. C. HALL Appliances, Radio, Television Youngsville, Pa. "Service is a By Product" Compliments of WESTERN AUTO Youngsville, Pa. Compliments of MORLEY'S SUPER DUPER Youngsville, Pa. MELEEN "PROP." DRUGS Gifts-Sundries-Cosme tics Soda Fountain Phone 563-9222 Compliments of THE JONES PHARMACY "Prescription Specialists" Youngsville, Pa. E. J. ABRAHAM AND SONS Dry Goods Ladies' Children's Wear Youngsville, Pa. JOHN'S JEWELERS 114 East Main Street Youngsville, Penna. "We'll Make Your Watch Tell The Truth" 563-7534 WALT'S FAMILY SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family Youngsville, Penna. 563-9271 Compliments of TIMMIS BROTHERS ESSO Service Station Warren, Pa. GEORGE JOHNSON STUDIOS Complete Music Service Instruction-Music Accessories-Orchestra 114 Penna. Ave. East, Phone 723-2540 TAYLOR PHARMACY B. H. Taylor 215 Penna Ave., E., Warren, Penna. Phone RA 3-4450 GARRISON-WOLFE COMPANY 113 Pennsylvania Avenue West Warren, Pennsylvania Phone: Randolph 2-2300 FLADRY'S CORNER RESTAURANT Lunches, Magazines, Groceries North Warren PENN-LAUREL MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Coffee Shop and Cocktail Lounge Warren, Penna., Phone RA 3-8300 WATT OFFICE SUPPLY Stationery, Furniture, Machines Equipment PRINTZ COMPANY Serving the Warren area for 77 years Men, Women and Boys Warren, Pa. THE STYLE SHOP Best In Men's Wear 102 Liberty Street Warren, Penna. Case Sales Service Used Auto Parts Homlite Chain Saws DAVIES AND SONS 1503 Cone wan go Avenue DeVORE'S KEYSTONE SERVICE Donald C. DeVore 1039 Market St. Ext. R.D. Warren, Pa . CARTER SHOE STORE "Put your feet in our hands" 106 Liberty Street Warren, Pennsylvania C. BECKLEY For The Best in Anything Electrical 224 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Penna., Phone RA 3-2150 Best Wishes to the Class of '64 from JULIA'S RESTAURANT Frewsburg, N.Y. WARREN DRUG STORE 233 Liberty Street Phone RA 3-3400 "Serving Warren Families Since 1891" Compliments of HALE' S RED AND WHITE BLUE MANOR RESTAURANT Warren, Pa. Akeley, Pa. International Sales and Service New Holland and Paper Sales and Service Compliments of SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY MOSTERT'S BAKERY Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY FOOD CENTER Fresh Meats and Groceries Sugar Grove, Pa., Phone 489-7854 CHECKERED APRON DINETTE Dinners-Home-made pies Sandwiches-Good Coffee Sugar Grove, Penna. ROBBIN'S PARK LUNCH AUDLEY'S T.V. 8 Main Street, Sugar Grove, Pa. Phone 489-7852 Authorized Admiral Dealer Beer-Ale-Food Service on all makes Radios-Record Players-Antennas Compliments of ABBOTT'S RED AND WHITE Sugar Grove, Penna. Phone 489-7821 Compliments of THE CORNER RESTAURANT Our Speciality Home-made pies and Home Cooking 1931 Pennsylvania Ave. E., 723-9976 BEVEVINO ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contracting and Complete Appliance Dept. 418 Penna. Ave. W., Warren, Pa. LEVINSON 1 ABROTHERS Warren's Own Department Store Compliments of N.K. WENDELBOE CO. VIRG-ANN FLOWER SHOP "Since 1876" 217 Liberty St., Warren, Pa, Compl iments of Compliments of WARREN NATIONAL BANK GAUG-HN'S DRUG STORE JENSON PAINT CO. Paints, Wall Paper, Glass Cor. Penna. Ave. Carver St. Telephone 723-4560 Wholesale Retail, Warren, Pa. CALDWELL'S 225 Second Avenue Quality Fashions at Popular Prices SAVOY RESTAURANT 219 Liberty Street Warren , Penna. BROWN'S BOOT SHOP 342 Pennsylvania Ave., W. facing Hickory St. bridge, Warren, Pennsylvania VILLAGE RESTAURANT Corner of Liberty and Main Russell, Pa . Compliments of GIRTON'S FLOWERS AND GIFTS Warren, Pa. and Jamestown, N.Y. SEASTEAD PHARMACY Your Personal Service Pharmacy Compliments of 332 Pa. Ave. W., RA 3-3030 Warren, Pa. S. K. TATE FURS GEORGE'S FRIENDLY SERVICE Chandlers Valley, Pennsylvania Phone 489-7922 BORG STUDIO 124 Penna. Ave. West, Phone 723-8900 Cameras - Supplies - Films Portrait Photographs Commercial HAROLD R. THOMPSON INSURANCE Auto-Life-Fire-Hospitalization 1 W. Main St., Youngsville, Pa. Phone 563-7754 LUNGREN MOTOR SALES Akeley, Pa. Chevelle, Corvair, Chevy II, Corvette BEN'S FEED STORE Wayne Feed Service Ph. 563-4121 11 North Maine St. Youngsville, Pa. Compliments of KEYSTONE CONCRETE TANKS Mfg. By Warren Concrete Products, Inc. JOHN POWLEY Nationwide Insurance Compliments of the 301 Penna. Ave. W., Warren, Pa. Phone 726-9420 SKINNER LUMBER CO. For The Future It's LOGAN'S MEN WEAR BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP For Clothing With You in Mind Chandlers Valley, Pa. YOUNG'S '"Am A bowladrome 4 0 (5) o V6) FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 2 q 3 .Summer Bowling "Where The Service Doesn't A .Balls and Drilling End With The Sale" .Free Instruction 723-9807 Market Street Ext. North Warren, Pa. GAHRING OPTICAL Best Wishes From LABORATORY BARRET'S 2 Penna. W., Warren, Pa. GARAGE ANDERSON'S AMERICAN HARDWARE Fine Bread BAKERY Main Street Russell, Penna. Phone: PL 7-8176 Compliments LIVEZEY'S of Custom Butchering Country Style Meat Sugar Grove, Penna. THE COMMUNITY CONSUMER DISCOUNT CO. Phone PL 7-8117 Loans Financing Warren, Pennsylvania PORTER INSURANCE AGENCY BIEKARCK MUSIC HOUSE All Forms of Insurance and Bonds 201 Warren National Bank Building 723-2125 Insurance with Integrity and Service National Known Musical Instruments School Instruments Rental Plan Warren's "400" Block ” Say it with music BARN HART-DAVIS CO. Compl iments of Automobile and Truck Parts Phones 723-5600 and 5601 Branch Store Youngsville, Pa., Phone LO 3-4463 ANDERSEN'S G.L.F. Sugar Grove, Penna. WILCOX BROTHERS Pi umbing-Hea ting-Wiring Service is our Speciality Phone 489-3125, Main Street Sugar Grove, Pa. Compliments of WARREN COUNTY DAIRY Compliments of A FRIEND BENSON'S YELLOW BLACK 5 Main St. Russell, Pa .Compliments of THE PENNSYLVANIA BANK TRUST CO. SUGAR GROVE OFFICE Sugar Grove, Penna. Congratulations To The Class of '64 TOUNGSVILLE NATIONAL BANKCongratulations to the Class of "64" BERTHOLD’S STUDIOCongratulations To The Class of 1964 . . . Today's Graduates, The Builders of A Greater Jamestown Area Tomorrow . . . THE JAMESTOWN AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INC. 101 West Fifth Street Jamestown, New YorkNEW PENN BEAUTY SCHOOL 223 Penna. Ave. W. Warren, Pennsylvania WARREN NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION 413 Pennsylvania Avenue East Warren, Pennsylvania Compliments of MEANS LUMBER COMPANY ABC Store Youngsville, Penna. 5 10 Variety .25 to $1.00 MARY-ALICE SHOPPE Youngsville, Penna. Baby, Tots, Girls, and Ladies Wear Compliments of NEW PROCESS Warren, Pennsylvania Compliments of WARREN TRANSFER AND STORAGE COMPANY Compliments of LESTER SHOE STORE 216 Liberty Street Warren, Pa. ENGSTROM'S Youngsville, Penna. Men and Boys Clothes and Shoes "Quality" Since 1906A UTOGRAPHS mm -»-vC -■.tfroL

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