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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1962 volume:

LANCE CLASS OF 1962 EISENHOWER HIGH SCHOOL AKELEY, PENNSYLVANIA 1 DEDICATION We would like to dedicate the Lance to our Mothers and Fathers in deep appreciation for helping our six most important years at Eisenhower High School. If it weren't for you behind us, giving us a helping hand here and disicipline there, we would not be the people we are today. Your guidance has helped in the formation of memories which happily end our high school career and make us ready to take that important step forward into the world of tomorrow. Class of '62DEDICATION To a man who lives before us in a silent manner but has set a wonderful example to all who have been under his leadership or in association with him in any way ... To one whose qualities of friendliness, loyalty and sportsmanship have won a place of high respect, deep admiration, and warm affection among both the student body and the faculty. With deep appreciation for his service to us as a teacher and friend we dedicate this, the 1962 Lance, to Peter Carnovale. 3THE EDITORS As our last high school days come to an end, we will all be going our individual ways into the fields we have been trained for. We, as editors, on behalf of the class of 1962, would like to thank first of all, the administration and the faculty for all that they have done for us in our past six years. Secondly, we would like to thank the staff that helped us to make this yearbook a success. We would like to express our sincere wishes to each member of the class of 62 and we hope that between the covers of this Lance, lie many memories that will never be forgotten.COPY EDITORS Louise Matthews Sandra Schott Shirley Jean Johnson SECRETARY Karen Knapp ART EDITORS John Ferry Rowena Yeskey Sharon Briggs Marilynn Morando LAYOUT EDITORS Donna Hale Esther Frazier Shirley Ann Johnson Carena Josefesson CIRCULATION MANAGERS Lee Darling Maurice Mahan Frank Wilcox BUSINESS MANAGER John Lyon PHOTOGRAPHY Carlton Torkin ADVISOR Pauline NortonMrs. Marian Carlson Mr. Albert Lyford Mrs. Paulene Schmidt IN APPRECIATION Mr. Dennis Engstrom We the class of '62 would like to express our sincere thanks for all the help you have given us in the years we have been in the school. We appreciate you, the complete staff of Eisenhower High School and especially the following: Mrs. Pauline Norton Mrs. Marian Carlson Mr. Dennis Engstrom Mr. Albert Lyford Mrs. Pauline Norton Mrs. Paulene Schmidt Mr. Michael Schultz Mr. Norge Luvison Mr. Michael Schultz 6BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Mr. Harold Spink, Mr. Chester Anderson, Mrs. AUene Briggs, Mrs. Hazel Kays, Mrs. Olive Mae Lindell, Mr. Alden Abbott, Mr. Francis Lewis. STANDING: Mr. Andrew Tutmaher, Mr. Paul Stanton, Mr. Lynn Burgett, Mr. Clarence Jones, Mr. Charles Peterson, Mr. Benton Bairstow, Mr. William Lester, Mr. Richard Leuthold. The Northern Area Board of Education is a group of tax payers who are elected by the people of the district to represent them in matters concerning property maintenance and administration of the district's schools. Without the Board of Education our public schools would have a slim chance for existence. We, Americans, proudly boast of our free education. The men and women elected to this office must be courageous, dependable, and trustworthy. The highest standards of education, as well as many other school functions, lie in the hands of these few men and women. The Board of Education deals with all problems confronting our school. We are grateful for the careful consideration the Board gives in arriving at each decision. President.............Mr. Alden Abbott Vice President........Mr. Francis Lewis Secretary-Treasurer . Mrs. Hazel Kays Attorney..............Mr. Richard Leuthold 8SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL "DR. EVERETT A. LANDIN’’ (On Being Young in a Noisy World) It has been aptly stated that one of the largest and most persistent problems which must be faced by every living generation of human beings is the task of determining whether the explosions of its time are merely the "pop" of a passing crisis or the serious and constantly feared crack of doom. History abundantly recounts the tragic loss of life and resource which has resulted when people have insisted that the events of their own times have been accompanied by the one final crack of doom which they have anticipated. It further records the folly with which those who have come later have regarded their unreasoning behavior and panic. No class of high school people has found this problem as difficult, as persistent, and as ominously close as does the senior class of this school year. Every move made today is carried out in an environment which trembles on the brink of indescribable thermonuclear warfare, and this would quite likely constitute the final crack of doom. To these priceless individuals one word seems to be in order. The history of the race reveals that this, too, is not likely to be the final crisis, and that it will someday take its place beside the relics of past crises. The ultimate rule of intelligent and moral reason is still likely to be the real force of control. All of this means that thorough and long range education and planning is still our society's deepest need and our most valuable and lasting personal resource and asset. 9MR. HAROLD LANDIN Principal Houghton College, A.B. Syracuse University, M. Ed. California State College-lnd. Arts MR. NORGE LUVISON Administrative Assistant Social Studies Clarion State College, B.S. Western Reserve University, M.A. MR. HOWARD THOMPSON Guidance Director Curriculum Co-ordinator Clarion State College, B.S. Pennsylvania State University, M. Ed. MR. FRED BAUER Activities Director Athletic Director Boys Physical Education and Health Slippery Rock, B.S. Syracuse University, M Ed. 10MR. MILLARD BOYER Social Studies, Geography Lock Haven State College, B.S. MR. EVERETT CARLSON Elementary Art, Dramatics Edinboro State College, B.S. MR. PETER J. CARNOVALE Commercial Indiana State College, B.S. MR. WILLARD EKDAHL Mathematics Edinboro State College, B.S MR. DALPH COCK Biology, General Science Clarion State College, B.S. MR. J. DENNIS ENGSTROM English 11-12, Speech Upsala College, A.B. MR. E. ROBERT GLARNER Social Studies Pennsylvania State University B.S., M. Ed. 11MR. JAMES HEDMAN Idustrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing Guidance-Part Time California State College. B.S. MR. DORN HOWLETT Art Education Pennsylvania State University B.S., M.Ed. MR. JOHN LASSINGER Mathematics Indiana College, B.S. MR. ERNEST LINDELL Science, Mathematics Taylor University, A.B, MRS. LUCILE LEATHERS Girls' Physical Education Health. Oberlin College, A.B. MRS. CARMEN L1VEZY English, Latin I and II Taylor University, A.B. MR. ALBERT P. LYFORD Supervisor of Music Pennsylvania State University B.S., M.Ed.MISS MARY MAGNUS Mixed Chorus. Mansfield State College, B.S., Pennsylvania State University, M. Ed. MRS, MADELINE McCLURE English Allegheny College, A.B. MR. BRUCE MELLRING General Science, English Clarion State College, B.S. MR. JOHN NEESE Social Studies, Drivers Education Clarion State College, B.S. MRS. ELIZABETH MITCHELL Home Economics Mansfield State College, B.S. MRS. PAULINE NORTON English Clarion State College, B.S. Pennsylvania State University, M. Ed. MR. MERLE E. NOSKER History, Geography Edinboro State College, B.S. 13MISS MABEL REESE Librarian Seattle Pacific College, B.S. Clarion State College MRS. AVIS ROSENDAHL Special Education Taylor University, A.B. MRS. PAULENE SCHMIDT Guidance Counselor Business Education Indiana State College, B.S. Pennsylvania State University, M. Ed. MR.JOSEPH SOPER Vocational Agriculture Pennsylvania State University, B.S. MR. MICHAEL SCHULTZ French, English Lock Haven State College, B.S. ON SABBATICAL Mr. William Redin Mr. William Redin, our well liked and greatly missed Science teacher, has been on sabbatical leave to attend Syracuse University. We eagerly await his return and hope that this year has been very successful for him. 14MEDICAL STAFF Dr. Veryl Riley Mrs. Orrie Maasz Dr. Grant Dr. Riley 15 Dr. Landin Dr. RoganCAFETERIA STAFF J. Briggs G. Marsh, Manager I. Williams CUSTODIAN STAFF D. Hagberg G. Carlson C. Sherrard L. Van Ord L. Rockwell E. Spicer BUS DRIVERS ROW 1: J. Decker, J. English, F. Robins, R. Smith, F. DeWater. ROW 2: B. Strong, V. Decker, E. Barrett, J. Rutsky, G. Van Ord, M. Sweeney, E. Hultberg.S 'H O I M a sSEATED: Sharon Briggs, Secretary; STANDING: Maurice Mahan, Treasurer; John Eggleston, President; Lee Darling, Vice President. In the fall of 1956 our class entered Eisenhower High School. We at once became aware of the many activities around us and began to participate in them. Many are the fond memories of the good times we have had within these halls. Our junior and senior years were highlighted by the many sport contests, musical events, arrival of our class rings. Prom with the theme "Evening in Paris,” and the winning class "C" Basketball championship in our junior year. To end all this came class night. Baccalaureate, and finally, Commencement night. Graduation will end the high school careers of the first class to go completely through this school from the seventh to twelth. Some of us will go on to further our education, others will seek careers in different fields, but we will always treasure the memories of our Alma Mater. THE SENIORSJOANNE LILLIAN ALLENSON April 21, 1944 "Joey” Academic Ambition: Nurse Activities: Basketball Intramurals 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, G.A.A. 10-11-12, F.H.A. 11, Volleyball Intramurals 10-11-12. Honors: G.A.A. Letter and Pin, G.A.A. Secretary 11, G.A.A. President 12. PETER JOHN ALLENSON January 4, 1945 "Pete" Scientific Ambition: History Teacher Activities: Basketball 10-11-12, Bible Club 10, Bowling 10-12, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 12, Volleyball 10-12. Honors: Basketball Letter 12, State Track 11-12, Track 11-12. DIANE LYNN ANDERSON February 4, 1944 "Diane" Academic Ambition: Phys. Ed. Teacher Activitie: Basketball, Bowling, Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 11, Senior Play. Honors: G.A.A. Letter, Pin and Sweater, G.A.A. Vice President 12. THOMAS MAYNARD BECK April 16. 1944 "Tom" Vocational Ag. Ambition: Carpenter Activities: Basketball 10-11-12, Bowling 10-11-12, Dance Club 10, F.F.A. 10-11-12, Student Council 12. Honors: Basketball Letter 11-12, F.F.A. Area Chaplain and local chaplain, F.F.A. Vice President 11, F.F.A. President 12, F.F.A. Green Hand Degree 10, F.F.A. Farmer Degree 11, Tenth Grade Secretary, Treasurer of Washington Trip 11, Second in Area Soil Judging 11.SHERYL LEE BEEDLE February 18, 1944 "Sherry” Academic Ambition: Phys. Ed. Teacher Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 11, G.A.A. 10-11-12, Intramurals 10-11-12, Senior Play. Honors: G.A.A. Letter, Pin, and Sweater. GERALD RUDELL BENNETT July 16,1943 Academic Activities: Bible Club 10 "Bennett" Ambition: Mechanic CLAIR LEROY BLACK November 10, 1943 "Clair” Academic Ambition: Law Activities: Basketball 10-11, Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 11-12, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 11-12. Honors: Track Letter 10-11-12. LEWIS FOX BRIGGS February 21, 1943 "Lew’ Scientific Ambition: Undecided Activities: Bible Club 10-11-12, Dance Club 11-12. 20SHARON ALLENE BRIGGS August 3, 1944 "Sharon Commercial Ambition: Secretary Activities: Bowling Intramurals 11, Choir 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 10-11-12, Press Club 11-12, Senior Play, Student Council 12, Volleyball Intramurals 10, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Co-Editor of Newspaper 12, County Chorus 12, F.H.A. County Officer 12, F.H.A. Junior Degree and Chapter Degree, F.H.A. Treasurer 12, National Honor Society 12, Senior Class Secretary. JAMES THEODORE CARLSON November 15, 1944 "Jim" Scientific Ambition: Math Teacher Activities: Camera Club 11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, Junior Play, Senior Play. Honors: National Honor Society 12, Research Class 12. KEITH ROBERT CLARK DRENA JOAN CLOVER April 4, 1943 "Joan" Home Economics Ambition: Service Choir 10-11, Dance Club 10. F.H.A. 10-11-12, G.A.A. 11-12, Junior Play Press Club 11-12. Honors: F.H.A. Junior and Chapter Degrees, Letter in G.A.A. September 20, 1943 "Keith" Vocational Ag. Ambition: Farmer Activities: F.F.A. 10-11-12, Sports Club 12. Honors: F.F.A. Area Treasurer 12, F.F.A. Reporter 11, F.F.A. Sentinel 12, Sports Club Treasurer 12. 21GERALD ERNEST CRAKER September 12, 1944 "Jake" Academic Ambition: Biology Teacher Activities: Basketball 11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, Track 11-12, Varsity Club 12, Volleyball 11-12. Honors: Basketball Letter 11-12, Track Letter 11-12. LEROY DAVID DARLING April 4, 1944 "Lee" Scientific Ambition: College Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 10-11-12 F.T.A. 11, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Student Council 10-11, Varsity Club 11-12. Honors: Football Letters 10-11-12, President of Class 10, Vice President of Class 11-12. CHERYL ANN DEEMER February 9, 1944 "Sherry" Home Economics Ambition: Teacher Activities: Dance Club 10, Choir 10-11-12, F.H.A. 10-11-12, Press Club 11-12. Honors: F H.A County Vice President 11. DARALYN JEANA DARTS July 10, 1944 "Daralyn" Home Economics Ambition: Travel Activities: F.H.A. 11, Press Club 11. 22EDWARD CLAYTON DEREMER June 27,1944 "Eddie- Vocational Ag. Ambition: Engineering Activities: Bowling 11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12 F.F.A. 10-11-12, Senior Play, Sports Club 12 Honors: F.F.A. Secretary 12, F.F.A. Sentinel 11. JANET MAY DEWATTER May 24, 1943 "Jannie May" Home Economics Ambition: Beautician Activities: Bible Club 10, Dance Club 10-11-12, Press Club 12, Sports Club 11. JOHN EDWARD EGGLESTON January 19, 1945 J°hn Scientific Ambition: Teacher Activities: Football 10-11-12, Basketball 10-11-12. Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, F.T.A 12, Volleyball 11-12, Junior Play, Senior Play, Student Council. Honors: President of Senior Class. Vice President of Varsity Club 12. LAVERN LUDVIC EKDAHL May 16, 1944 "Verne” Scientific Ambition: Teacher Activities: Band 10-11, Bowling 12, Junior Play, Senior Play, Track 11-12, Trainer of Basketball and Football 11-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Yearbook staff 12. 23DAVID ALAN ERIKSEN December 23, 1943 "Dave” Vocational Ag. Ambition: Navy Activities: F.F.A. 10-11, Football 11-12. MELBOURNE LEE ROY ERIKSEN June 21, 1942 "Rusty" Vocational Ag. Ambition: Farmer Activities: F.F.A. 10-11-12, Football 11-12, Sports Club 11-12. JOHN DAVID FERRY September 14, 1944 "John" Academic Ambition: Be an Artist Activities: Dramatics Club 11-12, Junior Play, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Art Staff 11-12. FRANCES MARILYNN FLASHER October 18, 1944 "Fran" Home Economics Ambition: Secretary Activities: Choir 10, Dance Club 10-11-12, Dramatics 10, G.A.A. 11-12, Press Club 12. Honors: F.H.A. Junior, Chapter and State Degree, F.H.A. Vice President 12, G.A.A. Letter. 24SYLVIA ANNE FRANK June 1,1944 "Soyia" General Ambition: Air Force Activities: Camera Club 12, Senior High Dance Club 11-12. ESTHER ELAINE FRAZIER March 27, 1944 "Esther Home Economics Ambition: Armed Services Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Choir 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 10-11-12, G.A.A. 11-12, Junior Play, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Art Staff, Senior Chairman 12, County Chorus 12, F.H.A. County Officer 12, F.H.A. Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees, F.H.A. Parlimen-tarian 11, F.H.A. President 12. DENNIS CHARLES GAGE June 7, 1944 General Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12. LINDA JANE GAGE December 3, 1944 "Lynn" Commercial Ambition: Beautician Activities: Choir 10-11-12, County Choir 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 11-12, G.A.A. 10-11-12, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff. 25SHERRY JEAN GRIGGS March 29. 1944 MSherry” Business Ambition: Secretary Activities: Bible Club 10. Dance Club 10-11, Bowling 11-12, F H.A. 10, Junior Class Play, National Honor Society 11-12, Press Club 11-12, Student Council 12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Class Treasurer 10, National Honor Society President 12, Newspaper Co-Editor 11, Newspaper Editor 12, Yearbook Editor. DONNA MARLENE HALE November 30, 1944 "Donna" Business Ambition: Secretary Activities: Bible Club 10-11-12, Choir 10-11-12, Dramatics Club 11-12, F.H.A. 10-11-12, Junior Play, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff. Honors: Dramatics Club Treasurer 12, F.H.A., Secretary 12, F.H.A. Junior and Chapter Degrees. ROY ERNEST HITCHCOCK May 26, 1943 ”R°y" Vocational Ag. Ambition: Construction Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, F.F.A. 10-11-12, Junior Play, Senior Play. Honors: F.F.A. Area Reporter 10, F.F.A. Reporter 11, F.F.A. Treasurer 12. MARTHA JEAN HOLMES November 20, 1944 "Marty Home Economics Ambition: Undecided Activities: Camera Club 12, Dance Club 10-11-12, Dramatics 11, Senior Play. 26 iBEVERLY ANN HORNER August 8, 1943 "Bev" Academic Ambition: Secretary Activities: Bible Club 10-11, Choir 10-11-12, Dramatics 11, Press Club 11. BONNIE LOU JACKSON January 26, 1943 "Boni" Home Economics Ambition: Homemaker Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A 12. Honors: F.H.A. Historian 12, Livestock Queen Court 12. SHIRLEY ANN JOHNSON September 2, 1943 "Shirley” General Ambition: News Reporter Activities: Camera Club 12, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff. SHIRLEY JEAN JOHNSON July 17. 1944 "Shirley" Business Ambition: Secretary Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, G.A.A. 10-11-12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: G.A.A. Letter, Pin, Sweater, G.A.A. Treasurer 11-12, Homecoming Attendant 11-12, Prom Attendant 11, Class Secretary 11. 27LENA CARINA JOSEFSSON June 30, 1944 "Carina" Academic Ambition: Swedish University Activities: Dance Club 12, F.H.A. 12, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Dance Club Secretary 12, Homecoming Queen, Honor Member of F.H.A. and G.A.A. KAREN RUTH KNAPP June 24, 1944 "Kay” Business Ambition: Secretary Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, G.A.A. 10-11-12, Junior Play 11, Senior Play 12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Homecoming Court 10, G.A.A. Letter, Pin, Sweater, Scorekeeper 11-12, Yearbook Secretary 12. JOHN EDWARD LYON January 6, 1944 "John” Business Ambition: Secretary Activities: Band 10-11-12, Camera Club 11-12, Choir 10-11, County Band 10, County Choir 10-11, Junior Play 11, News Reporter 11, Press Club 12, Senior Play 12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Camera Club President 12, Yearbook Business Manager 12, Yearbook Editor. JAMES MAURICE MAHAN December 10, 1944 "Maurice" Academic Ambition: Social Worker Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 10-11-12, F.T.A. 11-12, Student Council 10-11-12, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Class Treasurer 11-12, District Track Meet 10-11-12, F.T.A. District Vice President 12, Student Council Vice President 11, President 12. 28LOUISE JANET MATTHEWS August 2, 1944 "Louise" Commercial Ambition: Secretary Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 10-11-12, County Sec. F.H.A. 11, Junior Play 11, Press Club 11-12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Eisenhower High School Livestock Queen, Northwestern Pennsylvania Livestock Queen, Junior, Chapter, and State Homemaking Degrees. JAMES ARTHUR December 29, 1944 General Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12. MARQUIS "Jim " Ambition: Machinist GLORIA JEAN MICHAEL February 4, 1944 "Glory" Home Economics Ambition: Marriage Activities: Bible Club 10, Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 12, Press Club 12, Sports Club 11, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: F.H.A. Junior and Chapter Degrees, Press Club Treasurer 12. ROBERT GLENN MILLER May 6, 1944 "Bob" General Ambition: Machinist Activities: Dance Club 12, Football 12, Track 10-11-12, Varsity Club 11- 12. Honors: District Track 10-11-12, State Track 11, Varsity Club President 12. 29GEROULD ANDERSON MORAN April 23, 1944 "Jerry" General Ambition: To Graduate Activities: Basketball 10-12, Dance Club 10-12. Honors: Basketball Letters, Jr. Varsity 10, Varsity 12. MARILYNN ANDREA MORANDO August 27, 1943 "Marilynn" Academic Ambition: Phys. Ed. Teacher Activities: Bowling 11-12, Cheerleading 11-12, Choir 10-11-12, County Choir 12, Dance Club 10-11-12, Dramatics 11, G.A.A. 10-11-12, F.H.A. 11-12, Intramurals 10-11-12, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Cheerleading Letter 11-12, F.H.A. reporter 12, G.A.A. Letter, Pin, and Sweater 11, F.H.A. Junior Degree 11. RICHARD ANDREW MORANDO November 12, 1944 "Dick" Academic Ambition: Mechanic Activities: Band 10-11-12, Bowling 11-12, Choir 10-11-12, Dance Band 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-12, Junior Play, Senior Play. Honors: County Band 10, County Choir 10-11-12, District Choir 11, State Choir 11. SUSAN ANN MUCZYNSKI August 20, 1944 "Sue" Academic Ambition: Elementary Teacher Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 11, Junior Play, Senior Play, Student Council 10. Honors: Livestock Queen Court 11, Warren County Cherry Pie Champion 10. 30CAROL ANN OLSON LARRY EUGENE ONGLEY April 13, 1944 "Larry- Vocational Ag. Ambition: Naval Gunman Activities: F.F.A. 10-11-12, Football 10, Sports Club 12. Honors: F.F.A. Chaplain 12. June 11. 1944 "Carol" Academic Ambition: Beautician Activities: Cheerleader 10, Dance Club 10-11-12, Newspaper Reporter 10. Honors: Senior High Dance Club Treasurer 12. BRUCE ARCHIE PHILLIPS May 24, 1944 "Bruce" General Ambition: Air Force Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 11-12, Varsity Club 12. Honors: Football Letters 11-12. LUCINDA LOU PRATT December 21, 1943 "Cindy" Academic Ambition: Elementary Teacher Activities: Choir 10-12, Bible Club 10, Dance Club 10-11-12, Dramatics Club 11-12, F.T.A. 12. Honors: F.T.A. Historian. 31FRANCES LUCILLE RODGERS April 23, 1945 "Fran" Business Ambition: Business College Activities: Bowling 11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 10-11-12, Press Club 12, Senior Play, Songleader 11. Honors: Bowling Champions, F.H.A. Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees, National Honor Society 12, Livestock Queen 11, Livestock Queen Court 12, Press Club Assistant Sports Editor 12. JAMES WILLIAM ROGERS December 6, 1944 "Jim” Academic Ambition: Air Force Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Sports Club Secretary 12. Honors: Basketball Letter 10-11. JOHN LLEWELYN SCHOTT April 19, 1943 "Jack- General Ambition: Air Force Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 10-11-12, Varsity Club 10-11- 12. Honors: Bowling Champions 11, Dance Club President 12, District Track Meet 11, Football Letters 10-11-12, Track Letters 10-11-12. SANDRA LEE ANN SCHOTT July 4, 1944 "Sandy" Commercial Ambition: Secretary Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 11-12, G.A.A. 11-12, Yearbook Staff 12. 32WILLIAM CARL SCHUMANN JOAN KERRIN SEARS November 20, 1944 "Joanie" Business Ambition: Undecided Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Dramatics 10-11, G.A.A. 12, Junior Play, Yearbook Staff 12. March 1, 1943 "Bill- General Ambition: Plumbing and Heating Activities: Basketball 10, Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 10-11-12, F.F.A. 11, Varsity Club 11-12. Honors: Football Varsity Letters 11-12, Junior Varsity Football Letter 10. BONITA LEE SOUTH WORTH February 21, 1944 "Boni- Academic Ambition: Medical Doctor Activities: Dance Club 11-12, Senior Play, G.A.A. 11, Dramatics 11-12, Majorette 11-12, Cheerleading 9-10. ALBERTA ANN SPANGLER March 10, 1944 "Sue" Commercial Ambition: Secretary Activities: Dance Club 10-11, Dramatics Club 11, Press Club 12. 33KAREN LOUISE SWANSON June 1, 1944 "Karen" Academic Ambition: Nurse Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, G.A.A. 10-11-12, Librarian 11, Senior Play 12, Song Leader 11. Honors: G.A.A. Letter, Pin, and Sweater. ROBERT WAYNE TAYLOR September 18, 1944 "Chipper" Academic Ambition: Technical School Activities: Choir 10-11-12, Band 10-11-12, Dance Band 10-11-12, Junior Play 11, Senior Play, Track 11-12. Honors: County Chorus 11-12, District Choir 11, State Choir 11. JERALD LEE TRASK October 13, 1944 Scientific Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Choir Club 11. GWENDOLYN WEBSTER May 20, 1944 "Gwen” Academic Ambition: Nurse Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Choir 10-11, Dance Club 10-11-12, G.A.A. 10-11-12, Junior Play, Librarian 11, Senior Play, Song Leader 11. Honors: G.A.A. Letter, Pin, and Sweater, County Chorus 10-11, State Chorus 11. "Jerry" Ambition: Air Force 10, Dance Club 10-11-12, Sports 34FRANK CLAYTON WILCOX November 24, 1944 "Frank" Scientific Ambition: Electrician Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, Football 10-11-12, Sports Club 11, Stu dent Council 11, Varsity Club 11-12, Yearbook Staff 12. Honors: Class President 11, Varsity Club Secretary and Treasurer 12, Varsity Football Letter 11-12. NORMA JEAN WILKINS February 7, 1944 "Norm Home Economics Ambition: Undecided Activities: Choir 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, Dramatic Club 11, G.A.A. 10-12. CLAUDIA ARLENE WILLIS October 27, 1943 "Claudia" Academic Ambition: Nurse Activities: Band 10-11-12, Bible Club 11-12, Dance Club 10, Dramatic Club 11-12. County Band 10. DAVID JOHN WOLCOTT January 15, 1945 'Dave" Vocational Ag. Ambition: Air Force Activities: Bowling 10-11-12, Sports Club 12. Honors: Bowling Champions 10, F.F.A. Chaplain 11, F.F.A. Greenhand and Chapter Degrees, Sports Club President 12. 35CHARLES THOMAS WOOD January 12, 1943 " Woody” Vocational Ag. Ambition: Machinist Activities: Basketball 10-11, Dance Club 10-11, F.F.A. 10-11-12, Varsity Football 10-11-12, Volleyball 10-11-12. Honors: F.F.A. Area President, F.F.A. Public Speaking 10, F.F.A. Local Vice President 11, F.F.A. Soil Judging first place 11, F.F.A. Greenhand, F.F.A. Chapter Farmer, F.F.A. Star Farmer. ROWENA LYNN YESKEY December 15, 1943 "Row” Commercial Ambition: Clerical Worker Activities: Choir 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12, Dramatics 11, F.H.A. 12, Newspaper Staff 12, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff 12. HQnors: Dramatics Club Treasurer 11, F.H.A. Junior and Chapter Degrees, Sports Editor of the Newspaper. MARY LOU BLACK ROBERT EUGENE October 19, 1944 Vocational Ag. Activities: F.F.A., Football. October 31, 1942 Home Economics Activities: Bowling, Dance Club, Football "Mary" Ambition: Undecided 36RUTH MARIE INGERSON August 24, 1943 "Ruthie" Home Economics Ambition: Beautician Activities: Bible Club 10-11-12, Dance Club 10-11-12. RONALD LEE OLSON August 22, 1944 "Squeek" Vocational Ag. Ambition: Service Station Work Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12, F.F.A., Football, Track. BEVERLY May 3, 1944 Home Economics Activities: Dance Club 10-11-12. DONALD LEE PHILIPS April 1, 1944 Vocational Ag. Activities: Bowling, Dance Club, Football. -Don" Ambition: Undecided 37SENIOR BEST DANCERS C. Olson -- L. Ongley CLASS HOT RODS D. Gage — D. Anderson MAN HATER AND WOMAN HATER G. Bennett — C. Willis MOST HUMOROUS D. Wolcott — D. Hale CLASS CUT UP J. Sears — D. Wolcott FRIENDLIEST F. Wilcox — C. Josefsson DREAMIEST L. Darling — J. Allenson BIGGEST TEASE B. Miller — R. Yeskey SLEEPIEST L. Gage — D. Gage BEST NATURED G. Webster — J. Moran MOST TALKATIVE M. Morando — D. Wolcott J. Eggleston MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT AND MOST ATHLETIC S. Beedle — J. Eggleston 38PERSONALITIES MOST AMBITIOUS S. Griggs — J. Lyon MOST ARTISTIC E. Frazier — J. Ferry MOST COURTEOUS QUIETEST M. Mahan — S. Briggs C. Willis — L. Briggs MOST MUSICAL C. Willis — S. Briggs C. Taylor — D. Morando MOST AGREEABLE J. Craker — S. Schott F. Rodgers — P. Allenson BEST WRITERS J. Carlson — S. Briggs BEST ALL AROUND J. Schott — C. Josefsson MOST STUBBORN K. Knapp — J. Eggleston TALLEST AND SHORTEST E. Frazier — T. Wood M. Holmes — D. Morando 39MISCHIEF D. Hale C. JosefssonMAKERSC. Olson S. Spangler S. Muczynski C. Deemer J. Rogers K. A. Swanson D. D. Wolcott J. Clover R. J. De Watter M. Holmes C. Black L. Matthews R. Ingerson E. Frazier B. JacksonCLASSESJUNIORS M. Allenson R. Anderson L. Ash D. Atkins C. Baldwin G. Biehls C. Bjers D. Black L. Burroughs S. Carlson L. Carlstrom K. Collins R. Craker J. Dalrymple L. Duell J. Elslager B. Emehizer M. Fellows A. Firth J. Frank R. Gourley G. Hale C. Hale B. Haller L. Hinsdale J. Jackson S. Johnson E. Knapp C. Lindell C. Livezey 44 F. Lohnes W. MachemerPresident............Marilyn Allenson Vice President...................Walt Venman Secretary.........................Sue Carlson Treasurer.......................Carol Baldwin R. Martin E. Marquis G. McCullough K. McKinney R. McMillen R. Miller C. Morrison R. Muczynski E. Ongley J. Owens J. Peeples E. Rhodes D. Riggle C. Ristau T. Rutsky S. Saber R. Schumann S. Schuyler V. Smith S. Stanton K. Stewart R. Stewart C. Storms C. Swanson D. Sweeney M. Urbanski B. VanHouten G. VanHouten J. VanHouten W. Venman G. West D. Wolcott J. Younie 45SOPHOMORES S. Abbott L. Anderson M. Anderson J. Bairstow S. Barrett J. Baxter G. Bennett K. Birt A. M. Carlson A. S. Carlson J. Carlson L. Childs M. Clark J. Eggleston D. Ellberg L. Enos M. Falconer K. Ferrie M. Fox P. Gahring J. Garrett R. Gruber L. Jesperson C. Johnson D. Johnson T. Johnson B. Jones B. Irwin D. Irwin J. Hagberg M. Hansen K. Hartley C. Hartman R. Light L. Linder J. Lord B. Lyon T. Lyon D. Martin D. Martin 46Prsident ...............Jerry Penley Vice President .... Ann S. Carlson Secretary.........................Sue Abbott Treasurer.............Ann M. Carlson G. Martin B. McCoy L. Mineweaser S. Moore R. Morrison B. Niles B. Nobbs A. Norton B. Olson S. Pedersen J. Penley B. Peterson J. Peterson J. Peterson R. Portor W. Prowitt C. Richards J. Riggle S. Rockwell W. Schoonover J. Shaw R. Shield J. Sliter W. Smith A. Stewart J. Stewart P. Thomas C. Thompson C. Tonkin S. Troxell T. Trumbull M. Tutmaher M. Tutmaher E. VanHouten C. Voegle D. Weilacher B. Wilcox L. Williams M. Williams T. Wright 47FRESHMEN R. Abbott D. Allenson C. Anderson D. Angove S. Bartsch B. Beedle B. Benson E. Birt S. Black D. Boscko D. Brecht J. Brewster D. Briggs R. Briggs C. Brown J. Brown L. Brown J. Burford D. Burgett R. Burlingame C. Burroughs A. Byerly D. Cable J. Carlson F. Callan B. Carlstrom C. Channing K. Clark R. Comstock J. Constable L. Craker M. Craker W. Craker K. Crispin R. Crowl L. Dalrymple R. Darts E. Diethrick S. Dobson R. Eccles D. Engstrom M. Feeney 48 M. Furlow T. GibbonPresident...................Don Bosko Vice President ............ Pat Tarr Secretary............Beth Carlstrom Treasurer............Ruth Comstock A. Glotz C. Glotz D. Gourley D. Gourley D. Gray N. Gray P. Gray F. Gregory D. Gruber D. Gruber J. Gruber J. Hagberg E. Haite D. Haner D. Harkins B. Hodges C. Hook B. Jones J. Jones M. Jones M. Kelsey C. Koph L. Larson V. Larson L. Lester C. Lindell D. Lindell R. Lindell D. Lohnes S. Loomis N. Ludwick K. Lundmark W. Mack J. Mac Lees L. Madigan P. Malley B. Martin B. Mac Elhatten L. McMillen E. Miller S. Morrison J. Muczynski 49 A. Niles A. NoselFRESHMEN D. O’Donnell D. Ohmer J. Ongley J. Onink D. Peterson L. Peterson M. Peterson M. Peterson W. Peterson S. Roberts M. Sarvis W. Saunders J. Shaffner L. Schott S. Schwone K. Sears M. Shagla R. Shirley L. Siliano C. Skinner L. Southworth J. Stewart T. Stuart D. Swanson T. Swanson P. Tarr B. Thompson E. Thorpe D. Troxell M. Uber C. Van Ord K. Van Ord B. Wallace C. Weber D. Williams C. Williams J. Wilkins W. Wilkins L. Willis A. Wiltsie F. Yeskey F. Yeskey S. Yeversky E. Young 50CANDID SHOTS Fight” "So Lovable" Watch The Ball Doris" "Senior Pictures Have Arrived 51EIGHTH GRADE B. Abbott R. Abbott J. Allen J. Allenson M. Anderson J. Angove R. Blair S. Abbey B. Barlow D. Barlow P. Barton S. Barton R. Beck R. Birr F. Black F. Black A. Bloomgren R. Borton J. Briggs D. Brunez J. Carlson E. Collins D. Constable C. Davis R. Deemer L. DeReemer R. Diethrick H. Ellis B. Engstrom C. Enos R. Falconer M. Ferrie P. Ferry V. Ferry J. Fisk N. Fleming M. Forsgren W. Gourley L. Gruber N. Hale J. Haller K. Hansen S. Hansen R. Hartley E. Hartman P. Hodges H. Horner K. Horner C. Hotaling P. Ingerson R. Irwin J. Jesperson D. Johnson F. Johnson D. Joy A. Kobojek 52President..............David Werner Vice President...........Danny Barlow Secretary............Mike Andersen Treasurer..............Bonnie Barlow D. LaVigne G. Lester B. Lindquist N. Livezey R. Lord B. Ludwick J. Machemer L. Mahan S. Martin S. Martin D. Manelick M. Merritt S. Mesler A. MacLees L. Michael P. Nodzak J. North A. Nosel P. O'Brien J. Olsen B. Perrin A. Phillips B. Pratt T. Rea B. Robbins K. Rockwell W. Rodgers C. Sanders M. Sanders J. Schumann L. Siliano J. Skaggs K. Smith D. Spangler J. Stanton L. Stewart R. Stewart R. Stewart J. Swanson D. Sweeney D. Sweeney E. Thomas K. Tonkin J. Trumbull L. Trumbull D. VanHouten A. VanOrd D. Way D. Werner C. West F. Wilcox V. Wilcox D. Williams E. Williams B. Young R. Young 537TH GRADE R. Abbey F. Aldrich D. Anderson S. Atkins J. Barrett T. Birt B. Black S. Black H. Bloomgren E. Braley G. Braley M. Branshard M. Brezee D. Brown A. Brunecz D. Brunecz J. Cable J. Carlson S. Carlson T. Channing K. Concoby R. Davis L. Dexter J. Dilker S. Durnell T. Eggleston W. Emehizer B. Engstrom A. Falconer D. Falconer D. Feeny D. Fehlman M. Ferry S. Fisk D. Flasher D. Gibbon C. Glotz C. Gray M. Hale D. Haner E. Harde D. Johnson M. Johnson L. Jones D. Kopf S. Kopf C. Larson D. Larson G. Lawson L. Lester F. Lindell G. Lindell J. Lord D. Lundmark W. Lyon N. Mangini 54President . . , Vice President Secretary . . , Treasurer. . . . Fae Lindell Patsy Werner . Gail Lawson . Susan Fisk P. Marquis F. McCullough W. McFarland D. Melquist S. Michielson S. Nelson D. Passinger G. Peeples K. Penley K. Peterson J. Ruland R. Ruland A. Rupcyzk S. Rupcyzk J. Russell J. Seleni S. Shields C. Skinner D. Smith J. Smith S. Smith R. Southwell J. Spencer J. Stanton T. Stanton T. Stewart V. Stewart W. Stormer C. Stuart W. Sturdevant N. Swanson N. Sweeney F. Thomas D. Thompson M. Thompson T. Thompson C. Thorpe R. Tower D. Troxell J. Tutmaher D. Van Clse L. Van Otd D. Voty M. Wachter S. Webster R. Wellacher P. Werner D. Wilcox G. Wilcox L. Wilcox M. Wilcox H. Yeversky 55OUR EXCHANGE STUDENT FROM SWEDEN CARINA JOSEFSSON i Maurice Mahan, Student Council President, presenting Carina with her Christmas present. 56 Carina says, GOD JUL och GOTT NYTT AR, mean ing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Our Homecoming QueenCARINA’S FAMILY Carina's Family: Mr. and Mrs. Eric Josefsson, Lars and Carina. CARINA’S AMERICAN FAMILY Kathy LudwickCANDID SHOTS Youngsville F. B. L. A." 58 "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine 4 iMUSICBAND B. Wilcox M. Shagla N. Ludwick D. Briggs D. Ohmer M. Peterson J. Hagberg D. Angove L. Lester M. Merritt J. MacLees F. Yeskey C. Bjers PERCUSSION AND CLARINETS S. Webster G. Lawson D. Sweeney J. Angove D. Morando T. Lyon R. Shield L. Childs Si W w L. Williams D. Ellsberg M. Allenson ' i iT ar? j r S V ! ■ M C. Johnson J. Lyon BARITONES AND CORONETS FRENCH HORNS AND FLUTES B. Engstrom D. Flasher C. Rockwell R. Lindell A. MacLees S. Fisk B. Peterson S. Johnson S. Firth B. Wallace S. Stanton K. Stewart J. Hagberg C. Livezey D. Peterson 60F. Lindell S. Nelson D. Fehlman C. Glotz G. Lester M. Urbanski P. Malley D. Way C. Richards C. Willis D. Swanson D. Engstrom M. Sarvis B. Thompson M. Peterson CLARINETS B. Young W. McFarland C. Stewart T. Thompson N. Livezey R. Taylor B. Peterson E. Thomas D. Wilcox C. Hale R. Burlingame J. Baxter L. Mineweaser TROMBONES AND BASSES G. Lindell T. Stanton B. Carlstrom R. Stuart D. Young B. Haller F. Johnson G. Biehls D. Bosko 61DISTRICT BAND D. Morando, M. Allenson, K. Stewart, and C. Taylor JUNIOR HIGH BAND ROW 1: D. Koph, J. Kobojeck, D. Falcnor, M. Thompson, B. Ruland, J. Spencer, A. Falcnor. ROW 2: R. Falcnor, D. Manelick, E. Hardy, C. VanOrd, S. Koph, Shield, D. Joy, A. VanOrd, K. Smith. DANCE BAND ih ROW 1: B. Young, T. Stanton, D. Felhman, D. Sweeney. ROW 2: N. Livezey, K. Stewart, D. Morando, F. Lindell, B. Haller. ROW 3: T. Lyon, C. Taylor, J. Hagberg, C. Bjiers.CHOIR FIRST ROW: M. Holmes, C. Deemer, D. Morando. B. Horner, N. Wilkins. SECOND ROW: S. Briggs, R. Yeskey, S. Frank, C. Pratt, D. Hale, C. Josefsson THIRD ROW: E. Frazier, M. EriKson, S. Johnson, C. Taylor, D. Darts. FIRST ROW: E. Marquis, J. Elsager, J. Owens, S. Carlson, S. Firth, B. Haller. SECOND ROW: S. Schulyer, C. Baldwin, L.Duell, C. Hale, J. Jackson, S. Stanton, K. Stewart. THIRD ROW: L. Carlstrom, W. Venman, G. Beihls, K. McKinney, D. Riggle, B. Schumann, W. Machemar, F. Lohnes. FIRST ROW: S. Rockwell, B. Peterson, D. Martin, A. M. Carlson, B. Lyon, B. Jones. SECOND ROW: L. Anderson. A. S. Carlson, J. Johnson, B. Me Coy, J. Sliter, J. Peterson, K. Schumann. THIRD ROW: B. Wells, M. Williams, C. Thompson, W. Smith, D. Ellberg, C. Hartman. FOURTH ROW: L. Williams, T. Wright. R. Shields, W. Scoonover, M. Fox. B. Niles, J. Eggleston, J. Bairs-tow, J. Baxter.9TH GRADE MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: C. Skinner, S. Dobson, C. Anderson, F. Yeskey, C. Lindell, B. Jones, J. Gruber, C. Glotz, C. Kopf, D. Lohnes, E. Thorpe. SECOND ROW: B. Carlstrom, N. Gray, L. McMillen, R. Comstock, B. Benson, A. Wiltsie, R. Beedle, B. Wallace, K. Crispin, V. Larson, J. Brewster, C. Williams, J. Muczynski. THIRD ROW: D. Allenson, J. Jones, E. Young, D. Peterson, K. Sears, J. Burford, M. Craker, M. Sarvis, M. Jones, A. Niles, S. Black, D. Gourley, D. Troxell, A. Nosel. FOURTH ROW: R. Abbott, D. Lindell, W. Mack, J. Wilkins, M. Feeney, R. Darts, E. Birt, A. Glotz, T. Gibbon, D. Swanson, C. Hook, L. Craker, W. Peterson, D. Haner, D. Cable, D. Engstrom. MISS MARY MANGUS Miss Mary Mangus teaches music in our three Elementary schools, Russell, Lander, and Sugar Grove. She also teaches Junior High Mixed Choruses at Eisenhower High School. 647TH AND 8TH GRADE MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: K. Homer, J. Stanton, M. Sanders, D. Williams, A. Bloomgren, J. Allenson, D. Werner, J. Carlson, J. Olson, M. Anderson. SECOND ROW: P. O'Brien, K. Tonkin, B. Robbins, B. Abbott, E. Williams, L. Stewart, N. Hale, B. Ludwick, F. Wilcox, S. Martin, C. Davis, P. Goodman, K. Hanson. THIRD ROW: J. Trumbull, L. Gruber, N. Fleming, B. Barlow, S, Mesler, J. Fisk, S. Muschick, N. Engstrom, R.Falconer, D. Spangler, S. Hansen, R. Lord, D. Manelick. FOURTH ROW: B. Pratt, S. Martin, L. Mahan, V. Wilcox, J. North, S. Hotaling, V. Ferry, S. Abbey, F. Black, P. Hodges, P. Barton. FIRST ROW: L. Wilcox. D. Passinger, D. VanCise, A. Brunecz, A. Kobojek, L. Lester, D. Johnson. D. Voty, D. Feeney, J. Cable, W. Sturdevant, T. Channing, B. Storman. SECOND ROW: D. Johnson, K. Concoby, M. Ferry, S. Durnell, K. Harris, R. Tower, S. Carlson. J. Carlson, K. Gray, N. Swanson, T. Stanton, G. Lawson, L. Jones. S. Michielson, J. Lord, C. Stuart, S. Atkins. THIRD ROW: P. Marquis, D. Falconer. R. Werner. S. Shield, B. Black, C. Thorpe, S. Fisk, J. Russell, D. Fehlman, S. Black, S. Smith, B. Engstrom. FOURTH ROW: J. Seleni, S. Smith, M. Johnson, J. Diler, N. Mangini, D. Brown, H. Yeversky, L. Dexter, L. Manelick, J. Ruland, K. Peterson. M. Wilcox. FIFTH ROW: M. Branchard, T. Birt, D. Anderson, D. Gibbon, N. Sweeney. V. Stewart, L. VanOrd, F. Thomas, F. Aldrich, D. Troxell. C. Skinner, M. Hale, D. Larson. T. Eggleston, W. Emehizer, H. Bloomgren. J. Barrett. 65COUNTY CHORUS FIRST ROW: A. Firth, B. Haller, L. Gage, D. Martin, A. M. Carlson, J, Owens, H. Marquis. SECOND ROW: S. Schuyler, C. Baldwin, L. Anderson, B. Peterson, S. Rockwell, S. Frank, S. Stanton, J. Elslager, C. Deemer. THIRD ROW: S. Carlson, C. Hale, L. Duell, E. Frazier, T. Johnson, K. Stewart, S. Briggs, M. Morando. FOURTH ROW: D. Morando, F. Lohnes, D. Ellberg, R. Shield, M. Fox, J. Bairstow, W. Smith, J. Eggleston, C. Hart-’ man. FIFTH ROW: W. Venman, G. Biehls, L. Carlstrom, B. Wells, D. Sweeney, K. McKinney, D. Riggle, R. McMillen, C. Thompson, C. Taylor, J. Baxter, J, Williams. MR. ALBERT P. LYFORD 66DRAMATICS CLUB KNEELING: J. Shaw, J. Lord, J. Ferry, J. Carlson, N. Livezey, M. Ferrie, B. Lindquist, D. Engstrom, L. Childs. STANDING: C. Stewart, C. Hale, S. Schulyer, C. Baldwin, S. Carlson. K. Stewart, D. Hale, R. Gourley, M. Branchard, C. Pratt, G. Lindell. WRESTLING CLUB KNEELING: B. Irwin, E. Van Houten. Standing, FIRST ROW: A. Van Ord, L. Siliano, R. Stewart, D. Swanson, T. Swanson, M. Williams, E. Hartman. S. Trumbull. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lassinger, W. Wilkins, M. Fox, S. Anderson. M. Feeny, T. Trumbull, W. Smith, J. Baxter, D. Barlow, D. Burgett, J. Haller, Mr. Neese. 68STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: A. Firth,.M. Mahan, T. Johnson, Standing, FIRST ROW: K. Horner, D. Martin, S. Atkins, K. Knapp, J. Penley, J. Muczynski, J. Allen. SECOND ROW: J. Fisk, C. Burroughs, J. North, B. Van Houten, E. Knapp, M. Allenson, T. Thompson, D. Bosko, D. Thompson. THIRD ROW: D. Phillips, A. Carlson, T. Beck, J. Eggleston, D. Briggs, S. Griggs, M. Shagla. The Student Council consists of members elected by the students to represent them in a variety of projects. Our biggest project is promoting better world understanding through the exchange student program. We raised money for this project by the magazine sale, the Harlem Ambassadors Basketball game, a dance, the talent show, and our "share" selling program. OFFICERS 69 President ........ Vice President . . . Secretary-Treasurer Maurice Mahan . Alberta Firth .Trilby JohnsonNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society of Eisenhower High School is now in its second year. The Society was formed with the aid of the Warren Chapter. Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service are all considered for induction into the society. A student must have an 85% in the second and third or the fifth and sixth marking periods, and must have an 85% average in all subjects in order to be considered. The induction ceremony is held at the first of the school year and then again at the mid-term. Officers for the first half of this year are as follows: President..............Sherry Griggs Vice President.........Cherron Hale Secretary..............Sandy Johnson Treasurer..............Carla Livezey 70ART STAFF FIRST ROW: G. Lester, D. Troxell, B. Abbot, C. Koph, B. Lindell, C. Skinner. SECOND ROW: S. Mesler, L. Madigan, C. Rockwell, B. Thompson, D. Cable, M. Ferrie, M. Shagla, L. Linder. THIRD ROW: J. Brown, W. Peterson, L. Lester, R. Comstock, S. Yeversky, E. Fraizer, J. Ferry. Senior Members of Art Staff Esther Fraizer, John Ferry 71FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA SEATED: J. Carlson, K. Stewart, S. Firth, E. Knapp, Mrs. Norton. STANDING: C. Pratt, J. Eggleston, M. Mahan, S. Johnson. Membership is open to students in the Senior High grades. The club's purposes are: To interest good students in becoming teachers. To set a program for guidance in pre-professional service and development. To provide an opportunity to work with children so that members may realize potential satisfaction in teaching. To cultivate qualities of leadership, character, and scholarship among students. To study the lives of great teachers. To show members that teaching is preeminently a profession that serves--serves the school, the community, and the nation. President ........... Vice President . . . . Secretary ........... Treasurer............ Northwest District Vice President . . . Historian............ Parlimentarian . . . . Advisor: Mrs. Norton . Alberta Firth . Evelyn Knapp Kathryn Stewart James Carlson Maurice Mahan . . Cindy Pratt Sandra Johnson 72GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: E. Knapp, D. Wolcott. L. Linders, S. Beedle, D. Anderson, J. Allenson, S. J. Johnson, M. Allenson, B. Haller. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Leathers, B. Rhodes, M. Morando, G. Webster. E. Frazier, C. Josefsson, J. Sears, N. Wilkins, F. Flasher, S. Schott, L. Gage. THIRD ROW: L. Duell, S. Saber, J. Owens, J. Younie, C. Ristau, K. Collins, I. Norbeck, J. Jackson, S. Johnson, B. Black. FOURTH ROW: J. Sliter, L. Anderson, A. M. Carlson, B. Knobbs, S. Abbott, D. Martin, B. McCoy, R. Morrison, A. S. Carlson. OFFICERS SEATED: Marilyn Allenson, Secretary Diane Anderson, Vice President Joanne Allenson, President Shirley Jean Johnson, Treasurer Evelyn Knapp, Bowling Manager Diane Wolcott, Bowling Manager Sherry Beedle, Swimming Manager Linda Linders, Basketball Manager Barb Haller, Volleyball Manager 73CAMERA CLUB SEATED: C. Bjers, B. Peterson, J. Lyon. Standing, FIRST ROW: T. Thompson, S. Frank, B. Wilcox, M. Holmes, M. Tutmaher, J. Angove. SECOND ROW: R. Shields, W. Peterson, C. Voegele, C. Livezey, T. Johnson, T. Lyon. THIRD ROW: R. Schumann, J. Carlson, S. Johnson, J. Bairstow. GIRLS' HOBBY CLUB FIRST ROW: L. McMillen, D. Fehlman, J. Trumbull, S. Martin. SECOND ROW: Advisor, Reverend Venberg, M. Peterson, A. Niles, B. Van Houten, V. Smith. 74BIBLE CLUB FIRST ROW: A. Firth, D. Briggs, D. Allenson, C. Livezey, B. Lindquist, and C. Thompson. SECOND ROW: M. Hale, D. Troxell, T. Thompson, P. Ferry, D. Flasher, D. Hale, N. Livezey, S. Carlson, S. Shield, N. Swanson, N. Sweeney, and V. Stewart. THIRD ROW: B. Jones, M. Black, R. Shirley, G. Braley, S. Martin, S. Martin, B. Engs-trom, P. Hodges, F. Black, S. Schwone, A. Niles, B. Wallace, and F. Thomas. FOURTH ROW: L. Brown, S. Bart-sch, R. Ingerson, N. Gray, V. Ferry, K. Sears, M. Sarvis, B. Benson, B. Jones, and D. Johnson. FIFTH ROW: D. Harkins, H. Shirley, G. Peeples, M Peterson, J. Hagberg, M. Peterson, S. Barrett, M. Hansen, J. Peterson, B. Wilcox, B. Peterson, R. Tower, J. North, and J. Briggs. SIXTH ROW: D. Feeney, L. Jones, R. Lord, J. Ruland, F. Wilcox, J. Fisk, C. Gray, M. Brezee, B. Deemer, L. Mahan, D. Manelick, K. Hanson, D. Spangler. SEVENTH ROW: B. Engstrom, D. Fehlman, C. Thorpe, S. Webster, M. Wilcox, D. Anderson, T. Birt, J. Schaffner, L. Mc-Millen, C. Anderson, D. Gourley, C. Willis, S. Michielson, C. Stuart. EIGHTH ROW: L. Van Ord, D. Gibbon. P. Marquis, M. Thompson, R. Falconer, J. Trumbull, S. Hanson, P. Barton, S. Abbey, M. Ferry, S. Black, K. Horner, R. Borton, R. Diethrick. NINTH ROW: J. Carlson, R. Abbott, L. Craker, D. Haner, L. Manelick, S. Atkins, H. Bloomgren, E. Braley, T. Rea, J. Olsen, J. Carlson, R. Light, F. Callan, and F. Yeskey. TENTH ROW: D. Wilcox, J. Cable, W. Emehizer, E. Haight, S. Fisk, D. Smith, P. Gray, L. Dexter,C. Hotaling, M. Furlow, and K. Harris. ELEVENTH ROW: M. Andersen, T. Stuart, R. Bair, J. Russell, F. Lindell, H. Yeversky, S. Nelson. S. Durnell, J. Dilker, M. Kelsey, K. Peterson, T. Stanton, and P. Werner. TWELFTH ROW: R. Stewart, L. Briggs, E. Thomas, W. Craker, R. Craker, G. Biehls, B. Young, J. Spencer, W. McFarland, L. Wilcox, W. Mack, and B. Robbins. President....................Curt Thompson First Vice President.........Carla Livezey Second Vice President........Dorothy Allenson Secretary-Treasurer..........Dianne Briggs Reporter..................... Susie Firth Pianist......................Bruce Lindquist Roberts Wesleyan College Quartet of North Chili, New York. 75NEWSPAPER STAFF FIRST ROW: G. Michael, Treasurer; M. Urbanski, J. De Watter, C. Deemer, Feature Editor; E. Marquis, S. Griggs, Editor. SECOND ROW: Mr. Boyer, Advisor; S. Briggs, Co-Editor; F. Rodgers, Assistant Sports Editor, R. Yeskey, Sports Editor; J. Lyon, D. Darts, B. Horner, Mr. Carnovale, Advisor. 76 Special assignment. The paper goes to press.LIVESTOCK QUEEN LOUISE MATTHEWS Louise, a very talented young lady was chosen livestock queen of our school At the Northwest District meeting she was chosen to represent our district as Livestock Queen at the Farm Show in Harrisburg. May this be a rewarding experience. Have fun, Louise. 77FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA KNEELING: L. Childs and R. Muczynski. SEATED: G. Van Houten, C. Swanson, R. Hitchcock, T. Wood, C. Morrison, L. Ongley, and Mr. Soper (Club Advisor). Standing, FIRST ROW: A. Byerly, D. Wolcott, D. Sweeney, D. Gray, C. Burroughs, J. Lord, D. Eriksen, D. Gourley, D. Gruber, D. Lindell, L. Madigan, L. Larsen, and J. Ongley. SECOND ROW: E. Deithrick, C. Webber, R. Gruber, F. Gregory, D. Irwin, J. Larsen, M. Nodzak, M. Fellows, M. Clark, L. Enos, D. Gruber, M. Uber, B. Niles, R. Olson, A. Glotz, R. Dalrymple, B. Schumann, W. Saunders, B. Gray, R. Martin, and R. Emehizer. OFFICERS KNEELING: L. Childs and R. Muczynski. SEATED: J. Van Houten, Assistant Treasurer; C. Swanson, Reporter; Roy Hitchcock, Treasurer; Tom Beck, President; T. Wood, Vice President; Charles Morrison, Set in; Larry Ongley, Chaplin; and Mr. Soper, Advisor. 78FARM-SHOW Dick Muczynsik, Gary Hale, Gerald Van Houten, F.F.A. members looking at a vertical conveyer at Tom Wood, Larry Ongley, sizing up the new large the Farm Show. 8010 John Deer. It is capable of pulling a 31 foot wide random disc harrow. Grand Champion Guernsey at 1962 Farm Show. Grand Champion Holstein at 1962 Farm Show.FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA SEATED L. to R.: S. Briggs (Treasurer), D. Hale (Secretary), E. Fraizer (President), F. Flasher (Vice-President). STANDING: C. VanOrd, J. Constable, J. Riggle, C. Richards, C. Deemer, D. Briggs, S. Morrison, G. Michael, L. Matthews and B. Jackson. SECOND ROW: M. Morando, J. Hagberg, C. Brown, F. Rodgers, C. Josefsson (Honary Member), R, Yeskey, K. Schuman, and Mrs. E. Mitchell (Club Advisor). STATE DEGREES SEATED: F. Flasher and F. Rodgers. STANDING: L. Matthews and E. Fraizer. 80LIVESTOCK QUEEN CONTEST Livestock Queen Louise and her court Bonnie and Fran. F.F.A. President Tom Beck and Tom Wood, Vice-President presenting our 1962 Livestock Queen. F.F.A. Officers escorting Livestock Queen and her court to the stage. Eisenhower Livestock Queen, her court, and other contestents.VARSITY CLUB Officers: President; Bob Miller. Vice President; John Eggleston, Secretary-Treasurer; Frank Wilcox. BOYS HOBBY CLUB Officers: President; Ronnie Irwin, Vice President; Allan VanOrd, Secretary-Treasurer; Danny Barlow. 82SPORTSMAN CLUB President. . . . Vice President Secretary. . . . Advisor........ . Dave Wolcott Dennis Sweeney ... Jim Rogers . Mr. Engstrom FIELD AND STREAM President. . . . Vice President Secretary. . . . Treasurer. . . . Advisors . . . . . John Hagberg . . . Ray Shield . . Jerry Penley Louis Williams . . . . Mr. Cook Mr. Mellring 83SENIOR HIGH DANCE CLUB Officers: Jack Schott, President: Sherry Beedle, Vice-President: Carina Josefsson, Secretary; Advisors: Mr. Eng-strom, Mrs. Schmidt. 84Left to right: F. Thomas, M. Hansen, J. Hagberg, Mrs. Mitchell, R. Comstock, M. Peterson, D. Johnson. SCIENCE CLUB SEATED: Mr. Cook, J. Wilkins, J. Carlson, K. Van Ord. D. O’Donnell, Mr. Mellring. STANDING: D. Kopf, G. Lester, J. Stanton, E. Harde, S. Kopf, B. Stormer, J. Onink, C. Burroughs, D. Troxell, D. Bru-nez, D. VanCise, D. Troxell. 85President. . . . Vice President Secretary. . . . Reporter . . . . LIBRARIANS • ■ Janet Sliter . Esther Frazier . Bette Wilcox Carole Voegele SEATED: L. McMillen, C. Skinner. FIRST ROW: B. Wilcox, J. Schaffner, C. VanOrd, J. Muczynski, L. Dalrymple, K. VanOrd. SECOND ROW: P. Malley, J. Garrett, R. Morrison, D. Gourley, K. Lundmark, J. Sliter, C. Anderson. BACK ROW: M. Jones, S. A. Johnson, E. Frazier, C. Voegle. Absent: S. Roberts, R. Lord. Reading is fun." 86V? THLETICSVARSITY FOOTBALL Seated, FIRST ROW: D. Troxell, S. Anderson, P. Gahring, K. Hartley. SECOND ROW: J. Stewart, J. Ongley, D. Angove, C. Channing, T. Gibbon, P. Malley, P. Tarr, W. Peterson, R. Olson. KNEELING: C. Bjers, M. Uber, e! Birt, D. Burgett, D. Bosko, E. Van Houten, R. Shields, D. Gourley, R. Darts, D. Ellberg, L. Madigan, J. Penley, M. William, A. Ongley. Standing, FIRST ROW: Mr. D. Engstrom, R. Stewart, R. Miller, G. McCullough, C. Storms, J. Eggleston. D. Sweeney. J. Hagberg, J. Frank, W. Machemer, J. Norton, D. Atkins, L. Williams, A Stewart G Martin. Mr. N. Luvison, Mr. F. Bauer. SECOND ROW: V. Ekdahl, J. Stewart. W. Venman, R. Miller, W Schumann C. Black, J. Eggleston. J. Schott, F. Wilcox, L. Darling, M. Mahan, B. Phillips, M. Enkson. WE THEY Bemus Point .... . . . . 33 -- 21 Youngs ville .... 0 -- 42 Randolph . . . . 12 -- 0 Cassadaga . . . . 24 0 Silver Creek . . . 6 -- 25 Panama . . . . 32 -- 12 Westfield — 13 Southwestern . . . . . . . 12 -- 19 88SENIOR LETTERMENVARSITY CHEERLEADERS Top to Bottom: Marilynn Morando, Linda Anderson, Sue Carlson, and Joyce Jackson. Left side: Karen Swanson. Right side: Marilyn Allenson. 90 Marilynn KarenScorekeepers: Evelyn Knapp and Becky Peterson Junior High Cheerleaders: B. Ludwick, D. Lohnes, J. Gruber and D. Way. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: B. McCoy, J. Sliter, B. Nobbs, S. Abbot, A. Carlson, and D. Martin. 91TWIRLERS K. Concoby, K. Birt, J. Fisk, K. Crispin, S. Johnson, T. Birt, H. Yeversky, S. Muschick, S. Fisk, and L. Stewart. The twirlers, are a group of girls organized and advised by Mrs. Leathers. The girls take an active part in our sports activities, putting on exhibitions and adding a happy note to our school spirit. We are proud of you, girls, keep up the good work! "Watch him! " 92JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: L. Trumbull, A. VanOrd, J. Allenson, T. Rea, D. Werner, J. Carlson, E. Hartman, J. Haller, F. Johnson, D. Beck, and D. Barlow. SECOND ROW: R. Diethriek, M, Andersen, H. Bloomgren, L Lester. A. Falconer, D. Larson, T. Channing, R. Abbott, C. Skinner, E. Collins, R. Irwin, R. Ruland, J. Stanton, and J. Machemer. THIRD ROW: B. Stormer, T. Thompson, J. Barrett, M. Sanders, D. Constable, A. Bloomgren, J. Allen, A. Phillips, C. West, P. Ferry, J. Olsen, B. Stewart, J. Angove, and B. Ongley. FOURTH ROW: D. Feeney, C. Sanders, D. Sweeney, W. Rodgers, W. Sturdevant, D. Voty, T. Eggleston, D. Melquist, M. Wachter, B. Young, and D. Passenger. MANAGERS FIRST ROW: D. Troxell, K. Hartley, A. Bloomgren, and J. Angove. SECOND ROW: J. Eggleston, L. Hinsdale, T. Trumbull, R. Schumann, and S. Anderson. 93HOMECOMING Queen Carina Junior Attendent Sue Carlson Senior Attendent Shirley J. Johnson Freshmen Attendent Ruth Comstock Sophomore Attendent Darlene Martin Crowning of Carina by last years Homecoming Queen Louise Bessette 94FOOTBALL SNAPSHOTS Senior Letter men Get That Ball Larry Mel Dave Flag Down 95COACHES Football coaches: Mr. Bauer, Mr. Luvison, Mr. Lassinger. and Mr. Neese. Varsity Basketball Coach Mr. Hedman Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Mr. Boyer Junior High Basketball Coach Mr. Schultz Track Coach Mr. Howlett and Mr. EngstromVARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: J. Craker, P. Allenson, J. Eggleston, and J. Moran. SECOND ROW: F. Lohnes, G. Martin, J. Norton, R. Porter, C. Thompson, and K. Hartley. Northern Area 27 Flaconer 55 Northern Area 43 Sheffield 67 Northern Area 37 Panama 63 Northern Area 54 Bemus Point 70 Northern Area 50 Sheffield 67 Northern Area 26 Kane 60 Northern Area 36 Falconer 45 Northern Area 48 Tidioute 24 Northern Area 45 East Forest 31 Northern Area 48 Spartansburg 85 Northern Area 57 West Forest 50 Northern Area 56 Youngs ville 73 Northern Area 62 Pleasantville 44 Northern Area 42 Bemus Point 52 Northern Area 75 Tidioute 46 Northern Area 65 East Forest 43 Northern Area 52 Spartansburg 58 Northern Area 51 West Forest 54 Northern Area 36 Youngsville 54 Northern Area 79 Pleasantville 51 Northern Area 60 Clymer 53SENIOR LETTERMEN 98JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: J. Penley, T. Lyon, R. Shield, and L. Carlstrom. SECOND ROW: C. Lindell, W. Venman, G. Biehls, B. Niles, D. Johnson, and L. Mineweaser. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: J. Olsen, D. Werner, F. Johnson, and J. Stanton. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sanden, N. Livezey, D. Gour-ley, L. Craker, P. Tarr, J. Carlson, and Mr. Schultz. THIRD ROW: R. Darts, J. Brown, T. Gibbon, E. Birt, D. An-gove, C. Hook and D. Sweeney. 99BASKETBALL SNAPS 100 "Watch it Jack." Block that point."SENIOR PLAYS Left to Right: R. Morando, L. Briggs, D. Hale, C. Taylor, J. Carlson, J. Eggleston, F. Rodgers. 101LAYOUT E. Frazier, L. Matthews, D. Hale, R. Yeskey, S. Griggs, J. Lyon, F. Wilcox, G. Webster, S. Briggs, M. Mahan.Our Basketball stars. Assembly program entertainer Mel Arron." 103 Donna Hale and the D.A.R. award.” "G. Johnson, J. Lyon and Mrs. Johnston that attended the Youthpower Congress."Congratulations to the Class of 1962 Today's Graduates, the Builders of A Greater Jamestown Area Tomorrow THE JAMESTOWN AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INC. Congratulations to the Class of "62" BERTHOLD’S STUDIOSUGAR GROVE BRANCH WARREN BANK AND TRUST CO. Extends its Congratulations to the Class of "62" DALE SKINNER’ S DECKER’S KEYSTONE SAWMILL SERVICE Custom Work Hard and Softwood Lumber RD 3 Sugar Grove Phone PI 7-4446 Keystone Products, Goodrich Tires, Inspection Station, Auto and Farm Machinery Repair, and Welding Lander Pennsylvania Phone PI 7-8883 SAVOY RESTAURANT SENECA HIGHLANDS NURSERY 219 Liberty Street TREE FARMS Phone PL 7-8148 Warren, Penna. R.D.I., Akeley, Penna. STEWARTS YULE TREE FARM EDWARD H. VOTY Insurance Agent Akeley, Penna. 18 Main St., Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-8825 H. G. WALKER WALT'S FAMILY SHOE STORE Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-8446 G.L.F. Feeds General Hardware Builder Supplies We Give Green Stamps Shoes for the entire family Youngsville, Penna. "A FRIEND" Compliments of WARREN COUNTY MOTOR CLUB 201 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Penna. Congratulations to the Class of 1962 WILCOX BROTHERS General Contractors WARREN COUNTY OBSERVER Phone 489-3121 Sugar Grove, Penna. YOUNGSVILLE CO-OP G.L.F. SERVICE INC. WEBSTER PLUMBING AND HEATING 710 Penna. Ave. East Youngsville, Penna. Phone LO 3-7671 The finest in Bathrooms-Kitchens-Laundrys-Hydronic Heating-Forced Air Heating-Sheet Metal Works-Controls and Water System. COFFARO'S MARKET R. F. D. 3 PENN-LAUREL MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Coffee Shop and Cocktail Lounge Sugar Grove, Penna. Phone 489-7844 Warren, Penna. Phone RA 3-8300 RIVERSIDE LANES C. BECKLEY Bowl Where You See The For The Best In Anything Electrical 244 Penna. Ave. West "Magic AMF Triangle" Warren, Penna. Phone RA 3-2150Compliment's of ABBOTT'S RED AND WHITE Sugar Grove, Penna. Phone 489-7821 A B HEATING SHEET METAL CO. (Papalia Bros.) 419 Penna. Ave., East Phone RA 3-5670 Warren, Pennsylvania Heating-Spouting-Air Conditioning ANDERSON BODY SHOP PL 7-8854 Over 20 years Experience Collision and Body Painting AUDLEY'S T.V. REPAIR Sales and Service 106 Main Street Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Phone 489-7852 (Store) or 489-7907 R.C.A. Trained BARLOW DAIRY Pasturized and Homogenized Milk Phone 489-7780 Sugar Grove, Penna. BENSON'S YELLOW AND BLACK 5 Main Street Russell, Pennsylvania PLateau 7-4710 BLOOMQUIST FURNITURE SHOP CARL'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Phone No. 489-7815 State Inspection General Repairs CARTER SHOE STORE "Put your feet in our hands" 106 Liberty Street Warren, Pennsylvania COCOANUT GROVE RESTAURANT Frewsbrug, N.Y. Prop. Sara Lupia Phone 7-010 Compliments of the CROSS ROADS DRIVE IN DEVORE'S KEYSTONE SERVICE Donald C. DeVore Road Service and Minor Repairs Phone RA 3-5620 1039 Market St. Ext. R.D. Warren, Penna. A. M. ECKMAN Wholesale Meats Frewsbrug, N.Y. Frewsbrug 3265 EL-TRONICS INC. RA 3-1350 Warren, Penna. FLADRYS CORNER REST. Lunches, Mag., and Groceries North Warren, Penna. Phone RA 3-9865 FOX GARAGE 106 Main Street Russell, Penna. Night and Day Wrecker Service Compl iments of HELLMANN'S GROCERY International Sales and Service [slew Holland and Papec Sales and Service SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY Compl iments of JONES PHARMACY Youngsville, Penna. H. A. LUDWICK Wayne Feed Agrico Fertilizer Line and Twine Lander, Penna. Phone PL 7-4767 LAKES SERVICE Tires-Batteries-Accessories Compliments of LUNDGREN MOTOR SALES Pittsfield, Penna. Phone LO 3-9878 Akeley, Penna. Compl iments of MALL HIDE COMPANY Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-4515 JOHN'S JEWELERS 114 East Main Street Youngsville, Penna. "We'll Make Your Watch Tell The Truth" McJUNKINS KEYSTONE Main Street Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-4534 NESMITH INSURANCE AGENCY 212 State Street Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-8224 Rep. Erie Insurance Agency Auto-Fire-Life THE NOBBS SHOP Clothing, Gifts, and Varieties Sugar Grove, Penna. Phone 489-7842 WILLIS M. PHILLIPS Building Contractor Russell, Penna. PRESTON'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE ROSELAKE DAIRIES INC., Woolrick Clothing, Wolverine Shoes Lander, Penna. Phone PL 7-4700 Bear Lake, Warren County, Penna. Milk and Milk Products ROSS'S COFFEE STOP 8 Main Street Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-4344 Compliments of SALLY'S BEAUTY SALON North Warren, Penna. Phone RA 3-6800LIVEZEY'S Custom Butchering Country Style Meat Sugar Grove, Penna. Phone PL 7-8117 MARY-ALICE SHOPPE Youngsville, Penna Baby, Tots, Girls and Ladies Wear ENGSTROMS Youngsville, Penna. Men and Boys Clothes and Shoes "Quality" Since 1906 Shop In Youngsville And Save Compliments of NEW PROCESS COMPANY NEW PENN BEAUTY SCHOOL OSTRANDER BROS. Make your beauty our business 223 Penna. Ave. West Hardwood Lumber Frewsburg, Penna. Warren, Penna. 1000 Hair Training Day or night classes Phone RA 3-7113 PARISH BATTERY ELECTRIC SERVICE RUSSELL FLOWER GARDEN Bob Smith, owner lELECTRICAL 'Cnitio14 Automotive Electricians 6 Market Street Warren, Penna. Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-4594SHAWS COUNTRY DRIVE-IN Home-made soft ice cream Warren-Jamestown Road Russell, Penna. THE STYLE SHOP Best In Mens Wear 102 Liberty Street Warren, Penna. SUGAR BOWL LANES Sugar Grove, Penna. Phone 489-7411 Compl iments of WALKER'S CREAMERY PRODUCTS Snack Bar Restaurant LAWRENCE WERNER RADIO STATION WNAE Building Contractor Russell, Penna. 5000 Watts Dial 1310 k. c. F. M. Station W.R.R.N. Phone PL 7-8473 92.3 m. c. ANDERSON’S EARL E. YOUNG AND COMPANY Fine Bread Youngsville, Penna. Complete Home Furnishings Easy and Hotpoint Washers and Dryers T. V. and Portable Radios M-M-M! bakery- freshAMERICAN HARDWARE Main Street Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-8176 Compliments of ANDERSON'S G. L. F. Sugar Grove, Penna. BARRETT'S GARAGE Main Street Russell, Penna. Phone PL 7-4747 Official Inspection Station BIEKARCH MUSIC HOUSE National Known Musical Instruments School Instruments Rental Plan Warren's "400" Block Phone RA 3-1910 Soy it with ool SL loF Ml Pennsylvania Ava., W. facing HScliory St. bridge, Warren, Pennsylvania THE CHALET DRIVE IN 115 Main Avenue North Warren, Penna. LEVI EPSTEINS SONS Men's and Boys' Wear at Popular Prices Compl iments of GAUGHANS DRUG STOREMARV'S STERLING STATION AT Sugar Grove, Penna. YOUR (lj •' R SERVICE jjj| Compliments of UNITED REFINING CRISPIN BROTHERS COMPANY Egg Producers Rowley Road Sugar Grove, Penna. Makers of Guaranteed Eggs Keystone Gasolines The Best for Your Satisfaction Phone PL 7-4457 Quality Petroleum Products or Since 1902 Phone PL 7-4511 E. J. ABRAHAM SONS Dry Goods and Ladies1 and Children's Wear Youngsville, Penna. Better Shoes for Less Money LESTER SHOE CO. 216 Liberty Street Warren, Penna. Thomas F. Carroll, Proprietor YOUNGSVILLE CABINET SUPPLY "Custom Built Cabinets" 730 North Main Street Millwork LOgan 3-7536 Building Supplies YOUR OWN YOUNGSVILLE CLEANERS For quality cleaningBUSINESS PATRONS Angove's Market A. C. Peterson Co. Barnes Garage Printz Co., Inc. J. C. Penny Redding Whren Ben's Feed Store Reliable Furniture Betty Lee Steins Ladies Shop Blomquist Furniture Shop Tiny Town-Teen Town Dairy Queen Turner Radio Shop Mary Critell Virg Ann S. S. Kresge Co. Warren Drug Store Pace's Pizzeria Waxman Furniture Store YEARBOOK PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Anderson Mr. P. J. Carnovale Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Anderson Joe Casel Rev. and Mrs. Reed Bennett Mr. and Mrs. E. Luzen Comstock Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Bigelow Mr. Robert G. Darts Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Deemer Mr. and Mrs. Elburn Briggs Rita DeWatter Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burgett Mr. J. Dennis Engstrom Mr. and Mrs. Frank Callan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Frank Mrs. Marian Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Burgett Mr. and Mrs. J. Greenawalt 113Mr. and Mrs. Harold Griggs Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Hale Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kahle Mr. James D. Lang Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lassinger Mr. Ernest Lindell Mrs. Carmen Lovezey Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Ludwick Mrs. Cathrine E. Lyon Mrs . J. H. Maasz Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mahan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marley Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. M. C. McClure Mrs. R. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Benny Muczynski Mr. and Mrs. Mr. John Neese Mr. Merle E. Nosker A. C. Peterson Mr. William Peterson Mrs. A. Rosendahl Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rowland Mr. and Mrs. William Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sherrard Ronald W. Sherrard Mr. Emerson Spicer Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Swanson Miss Marulyn Thelin Mrs. Kate VanOrsdale Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Williams Mrs. Betty Willis Fred Yeskey 114AUTOGRAPHS 115 

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