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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1958 volume:

THE 1958 LANCE Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of Eisenhower High School R. D. 2 Akeley, PennsylvaniaDEDICATION BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Dale Skinner, Charles Peterson, Hazel Kays, Leona Walters, Allene Briggs, Audrey Miller, Benton Bairstow, Travers Stohlberg. STANDING: Floyd Marsh, Kenneth Frank, Ralph Way, Wallace Barlow, Arthur Cody, Emerson Spicer, Axel Carlstrom. ABSENT: John Stewart, John Chandler, Dr. George Riley, Alfred Akins, Alden Abbott. The Northern Area Joint School system will experience its fifth birthday on January 20, 1958. It came into being by the signing of a joint agreement between the Farmington Township, Pine Grove Township, Sugar Grove Township, and Sugar Grove Borough school boards during the hours of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's first inaugural festivities, and it was this factor which suggested the General Dwight D. Eisenhower name for the proposed new high school building. Our school board's policies have been formed and decisions made with the assistance of a very able staff. Mr. Everett Landin as Supervising Principal has carried the main responsibility for this staff. He has also provided an unlimited store of facts, inspiration and devotion to duty, which have made these accomplishments possible. To date thirty persons, whose names appear in the above listing, have been selected by the citizens of Northern Area to represent them on the Northern Area Joint school board. The program of facilities, personnel, equipment, and instructional standards which these persons have provided for Northern Area is tangible evidence of the conscientious consistency, competence, self-sacrifice, and vision with which these persons have served their community as school directors. Although all members have served exceedingly well, special mention is accorded those who have served on the building committee for the splendid work which has been completed. We, the members of the Senior Class of 1958, dedicate this yearbook to these people as a small token of our appreciation of what has been done for us, for our brothers and sisters, and for this entire community. Northern Area has never before possessed a group as small as this in number which has done so much for so many present and future citizens in such a brief period of time. This group's record is the kind of inspiration which we have needed to help and prod us toward still greater goals for ourselves, our community, and our nation. Much has been done which remains intangible and is best expressed in the true "Spirit of Northern Area. "DEDICATED To you, our Mothers and Fathers, we respectfully dedicate our yearbook in appreciation for all you have done for us. You have given us a good foundation on which to build our future. Your love and encouragement have inspired us to greater attainments and higher ideals. Your vision and sacrifices have made possible this new Eisenhower High School from which we are proud to be graduated. For all these things, we the Seniors of 1958, your sons and daughters, say "Thank You." The Class of 1958 3THE EDITORS SPEAK To all who have in any way helped in the compiling and publication of this volume, we, the co-editors, wish to express our thanks. We acknowledge, with sincere appreciation, the untiring efforts of the yearbook staff, the cooperation of our advisor, Mrs. Pauline Norton, and the interest and help of the student body as a whole. Also many thanks to those who have aided us in a financial way. Our class, the second to graduate from Eisenhower, is keenly aware of the privilege, which has been ours, of attending this beautiful new school, with its exceptionally fine facilities. Not least have we enjoyed the unsurpassed beauty of nature as displayed in the area in which our school is located. It is our hope that as you leaf through these pages, in days to come, you may be reminded of many happy experiences from school days which might otherwise be forgotten. So let this book be your passport to memory-land and the many happy days spent at Eisenhower. 4Mr. William Redin Mrs. Pauline Norton To Mr. Spencer we would like to express our sincere thanks and deepest appreciation for your interest in our school and class activities. To Mr. Felton we would like to extend our most gracious appreciation for his devoted attention in our senior class play. To Mrs. Norton we would like to express our most heartful thanks, for without her help this yearbook could not have been a success. To Mr. Redin we would like to extend our warmest thanks for all the photography of this yearbook. To Mr. Lassinger we would like to express appreciation and thanks for your helpful advice and guidance in our class projects. r Mr. Paul Felton Mr. John Lassinger 5IN MEMORIAM When the word came through the uneasy hours of the autumn sabbath evening that William Allenson had so unexpectedly departed from this earthly sphere, a bit of winter seemed to settle within the soul of each one who knew him. A ray of life's warming light went out as each person grasped the truth that the pleasant and inquisitive lad whose thirst for knowledge was so well matched by his ability to absorb it had been snatched from our midst. Normalcy of life, as it had been known, would not again exist for those who knew and loved him. Within the hearts and halls of Eisenhower High School Bill still lives. We see his tall form in memory as it walked the halls and spoke to his numerous friends. We see him helping in athletics and in the music department again we are reminded of him as he worked the solution of a stubborn problem, experiment, or assignment. We hear him asking questions about the intricate details of the public address system. Our's will be a life long debt to Bill for what he did for us. We pledge ourselves to make his memory a stepping stone to greater use and appreciation for all now with us. It is our deepest prayer that in Bill's priceless life each of us we may find a strength to realize what an unknown author has stated as follows: "How many Aprils had I known Before I kneeled to see Arbutus, where a moist brown stone And dead leaves seemed to be, How many autumns must have died Before I came to know That bright, orange bittersweet may "hide" Where wintry branches show; 6FACULTYEVERETT A. LANDIN Supervising Principal Alfred University, A.B., M.Ed. With the first opening of this volume an all important set of doors begins to close. With this event the 1957-1958 academic year becomes largely recorded history. It heralds the close of an era which can never be reopened because the events, persons, and influences typical of this year can never again reassemble. No era has ever ended without becoming the signal for a new one to begin. Human nature is such that each new era demands more from each person than die previous one demanded. There is no better assurance of success in any era of life than to have learned well from the previous era's events and influences. Never before has the yearbook of the American high school found such a strong Soviet accent in the world which it entered. It is our fervent hope that this yearbook and the year it records will assist all who read the book and partook of the year to work harder to assure the generations of citizens to come that the "beep" of the sputnik will be silenced by the quiet dignity of the American secret ballot! HAROLD W. LANDIN Principal Houghton College, A.B. Syracuse University, M.Ed. California State Teachers College Industrial Arts Certification We are told that what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Thus may we say to you the members of the class of 1958 that we trust your years as students here in our midst, have seen bom within you the direction, resolution and determination necessary to force you to the pinnacles of success in your chosen walk of life. Nourish that which is within you and determine that it shall grow into the best that life has to offer. 8Mrs. FRANCES BAUER Girls' Physical Education and Health Biological Science Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B.S. Mr. FRED BAUER Athletic Director Boys' Physical Education and Health Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B.S. Mr. JOHN BINNEY Assistant Principal Social Studies Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. Pennsylvania State University, M.Ed. Mr. WILLARD EKDAHL Mathematics Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S. Mr. PAUL FELTON English Social Studies General Science Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. Mrs. VADA KYLER Arithmetic 7-8 Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B.S. Mrs. LuANNE LASSINGER Home Economics Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. Mr. JOHN LASSINGER Mathematics Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. 9 Mrs. LUCILLE LEATHERS Girl's Physical Education and Health. Oberlin College, B.A. Mr. ROBERT LINDQUIST Art Supervisor; Art. University of Arizona, B.A., M.A. Mrs. CARMEN LIVEZEY Social Studies and English. Taylor University, A.B. Mr. NORGE LUVISON Administrative Assistant; Social Studies. Clarion State Teachers College, B.S.; Western Reserve University, M.A. Mr. ALBERT LYFORD Supervisor of Music; Music. Pennsylvania State University, B.S., M.Ed. Mrs. MADELENE McCLURE English. Allegheny College, B.A. Mrs. ORRIE W. MAASZ School Nurse. Clearfield Memorial Hospital, School of Nursing; Pennsylvania State University, R.N. Miss MARY MANGUS Music. Mansfield State Teachers College, B.S.; Pennsylvania State Teachers College, M.Ed. 10Mr. JOHN M. NEESE Social Studies, Biology, Drivers Education. Clarion State Teachers College, B.S. Mrs. PAULINE NORTON English, Social Studies. Clarion State Teachers College, B.S.; Pennsylvania State University, M.Ed. Mr. WILLIAM REDIN Science, Math. Pennsylvania State University, B.S., M.Ed. Miss MABEL REESE Librarian, Latin. Seattle Pacific College, B.S. Mrs. AVIS ROSENDAHL Art, Social Studies. Taylor University, B.A. Mrs. PAULINE SCHMIDT Girls' Counselor, Commercial. Indiana State Teachers College, B.S.j Pennsylvania State University, M.Ed. Mr. JOSEPH SOPER Vocational Agriculture. Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Mr. DAVID SPENCER Commercial. Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. 11Mr. RICHARD L. St. CLAIR Biology, General Science. Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. Mrs. GERTRUDE STOHLBERG English, French, Latin, Home Ec. Elmira College, B.A. Mr. HOWARD THOMPSON Director of Guidance, History. Clarion State Teachers College, B.S.; Penn State University, M.Ed. Mr. DARWIN ECKSTROM Industrial Arts, Agriculture. Jamestown Community College. Mrs. FREDA PYTCHER English. Roberts Wesleyan, A.B. Mrs. MARIAN CARLSON Former Secretary to the Supervising Principal. Miss PHYLLIS CURRY Secretary to the Supervising Principal. Miss BEVERLY FISCHER Secretary of the School. 12FIRST ROW: Mrs. Marion Van Ord, Mrs. Romaine Griggs, Mrs. Geraldine Marsh. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Evelyn Haller, Mrs. Jennie Bowers, Mrs. Jane Gage. CAFETERIA STAFF FIRST ROW: Bert Strong, John Chilcott, Charles Joy, Norman Shaffer, Frances Decker. SECOND ROW: Ed Barrett, Carl Burlingame, Michael Zurkan, Sr., Joseph Rutsky, LaVem Decker. ABSENT: Rev. Ostrander, Jack Decker. SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS STANDING: Clarence Sherrard, Lewis Van Ord, Emerson Spicer, Donald Hagberg. SEATED: Jennie Lyon. ABSENT: Lillian Rockwell. 13 CUSTODIANSIN MEMORIAM Denied the privilege of attending school and taking part in school activities, Roger Tubbs' one desire was to graduate from high school. Living, from the time he was in second grade in Russell school, with an enlarged heart the result of rheumatic fever, Roger had a teacher each year after school hours, so his days were spent studying for his after school classes. Roger looked forward to his classes as his teachers tried to give him a picture of life in the busy classroom and the basketball and football games, this gave him something to think about during his quiet, uneventful days. All who knew Roger loved him. He had a happy disposition in spite of his affliction. But all too soon he was to be taken from us and relieved from the pain that he suffered in this world. We may say with the poet, Tennyson: "I hold it true, whate'er befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; 'Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all."CLASS OF ’58 OFFICERS SEATED, Left to Right: Mike Zurkan, president; Janet Smith, vice president; Linda Capron, secretary; Clayton Mesler, treasurer. As seniors, we wish to express our thanks to the parents, faculty, school board members, and every other group or individual that has helped our class on to the road of success. Soon we shall leave the environment of this great school behind and seek the lights of the future. Some of us may regret the loss of these surroundings, others may not. Some may settle and live far from this minute portion of this nation, others may settle in this im mediate vicinity. But regardless of the various decisions we may make, we shall never forget the graciousness of our school days. 16JERAL LINDSAY ANGOVE "Jerry" Varsity Club 11,12; Basketball 10,11,12; Football 10,11,12; Field and Stream 10; Junior Play 11; Student Council 12. SHIRLEY ANN BAILEY "Shirley" Dance Club 10,11,12; Dramatics 10,11; GAA 10,11,12; Girls Basketball 12; Intramurals 10,11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; FHA 12. LINDA IRENE CAPRON "Wringie" Varsity Cheerleader 10,11,12; Choir 10; Dance Club 11,12; GAA 10; Varsity Club 11,12; Secretary of Class 12; FTA 10; Intramurals 10. LOUISE EDNA CAPRON "Lewie" Student Council 10; Student Council Convention; Dance Club 11,12; Secretary of Class 11; Choir 10; FTA 10. 17DARLENE CARLSON "Dar" Dramatics 10; Band 10,11; County Band 10,11; Choir 10,11,12; President Choir 12; District Chorus 11; County Chorus 10,11; Junior Class Play; Bible Club 11,12; Song-leader Bible Club 12. RUTH CARLSTROM "Swede" GAA 12; Dramatics 10; County Band 11,12; County Chorus 10,11,12; Student Council 10,11; FHA 11; Choir 10,11,12; Intramurals 10,11,12; Cheerleading 10,11; Yearbook 12; Student Council Convention 10; Newspaper Staff 12. GERALD CHILCOTT "Jerry" Choir 12; Bible Club 10,11,12; Hall Monitor 11. NANCY CHRISTENSEN "Nan" Junior Play 11; Bible Club 11,12; Dance Club 11, 12; Librarian 12; Senior Play 12.DOLORES JEAN DEXTER "Dee" Choir 10,11,12; Dramatics 11,12; Dance Club 11,12; Librarian 10,11; Junior Play; Senior Play; GAA 10,11,12; FTA 11; Girls Basketball Team 10,11,12. CAROL ANN EBERHART "Toots" Choir 10,11; GAA 10; Hall Monitor 11; Dance Club 10,11,12; Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room 11; Dramatics Club 11; Field and Stream 10; Librarian 10,11; Newspaper Staff 12; Yearbook Staff 12. GLORIA ROSE ELLBERG "Gloria" Band 10,11,12; Choir 10,11,12; County Band 10,11,12; County Choir 12; Majorette 10,11,12; Bible Club 10,11,12; President 11; Vice President 12; Quiz Team 11,12; FHA 10; County FHA Secretary 11; Archery Club 10; Librarian 12; Gym Exhibition 10,11,12. JAMES ENGLISH "Jingweed" Junior Play; Basketball 10,11,12; Football 10,11,12; Varsity Club 11,12; Field and Stream 10; FFA 10,11,12. 19 BONNIE CHRISTINE FOSTER Dance Club 11,12; FHA 11. Chris GRACE CAROLINE FOSTER "Grace" Choir 10; Dance Club 11,12; Dramatics 11; Librarian. JUDITH ANN FOX "Judy" FHA 10,11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; Dramatics 10,11; Intramurals 10; Hall Monitor 11; GAA 12 JEANNE GARRETT "Jeannie" Junior Play; Choir 10,11; GAA 10,12; FHA 11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; Newspaper Staff 11,12 (Editor 12); Hail Monitor 11; Dance Club 10,11,12; Intramurals 10,12. 20MARY ANN GEBHART "Mary Ann Yearbook Staff 12; Choir 10; Dramatics Club 10; Library 10,11,12; Library Reporter 10; Dance Club 11,12; FTA 12; Bowling Team 10; Intramurals 10; Hall Monitors 11. GLORIA HANSEN "Gloria" GAA 10; Dramatics 10; Choir 11,12; FHA 11,12; Intra-murals 10; Dance Club 11; Year Book 12; Hall Monitor 11; Newspaper Staff 12; Girls Basketball 12; Gym Exhibition 10,11,12. ELSA LOUISE HARDE "Elsa" Class Secretary 10; Dance Club 10,11,12; Intramurals 10; GAA 10,12; Newspaper Staff 11,12; Hall Monitor 11; FHA 11,12, (Secretary 12); Choir 10,11,12; County Choir 11; Homeroom News Reporter 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Assistant Editor for Newspaper 12; Gym Exhibition 10,11,12. EMMAJEAN HARMON "Emmy" Dramatics 10,11,12; President 12; GAA 10,11,12. Yearbook 11,12; Junior Play; Senior Play; Newspaper 10,12; Art Editor 12. 21THEODORE SILL HOLT "Ted" Junior Play; FFA 10,12; Basketball 10,11; Football 10,12; Varsity Club 12; Field Stream 10 PHYLLIS HELEN HUNT "Phyl" FHA 10; Dance Club 10,11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; Choir 10; GAA 12; Newspaper Staff 12. MARILYN ELAINE INGERSON "Marilyn" Dance Club 10,11; Dramatics Club 10,11; Choir 10,11,12; FTA 10; Newspaper Staff 10,11. RUTH MARIE JOHNSON "Ruthie' Dramatics Club 10, President; Camera Club 11,12; Bible Club 10,11,12; Archery Club 10; Choir 10,11,12; County Choir 10,11,12. 22 HEINRICH KUTSCHKE Field and Stream 10; Dance Club 10; FFA 10. Kutch GARY LEWIS "Red" FFA 10,11; Choir 10; Field and Stream 10; Football 12. MELINDA LYFORD "Linda" Varsity Cheerleader 10,11,12; District Chorus 10,11,12; District Band 10,11; Band 10,11,12; Choir 10,11,12; County Choir 10,11; County Band 10,11; Majorette 10,11,12; Girls Trio 10,11; GAA 10,12; Varsity Club 11,12; Class Treasurer 10; Dance Club 10; Class Play 11,12; Student Council 11; Erie Delegate 11; Basketball 10,11,12; Choir Accompanist 10,11,12. 23CLAYTON MESLER "Clayton" Band 10,11,12 (Pres. 10,11,12); County Band 10,11,12; District Band 12; Pep Band 11; Brass Quartet 10; Trumpet Trio 11; Choir 10,11,12 (Vice Pres. 12); County Choir 10,11,12; District Choir 11,12; Boys Quartet 11; Junior Play; Class Treasurer 11,12; Dance Club 12. MARILYN MILLER "Marilyn" Band 10,11; Cheerleader (J.V. 10,11; Varsity 12); GAA 10; Dance Club 10; Basketball 10,11,12; Choir 10,11,12; County Choir 11; County Band 10,11; Vice Pres. Class 11. JUDITH MORANDO "Judy" Varsity Cheerleader 10,11,12; Varsity Club 11,12; Class Pres. 11; Choir 10,11,12 (Sec. 12); Girls Trio 11; County Choir 11,12; Dance Club 10,11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; FHA 10; Senior Play; Hail Monitor 11. 24PATRICIA PASSINCER "Pat" Choir 10,11,12; FHA 10,11,12 (Local President and County Treasurer); Dramatics 10; Junior Play; Apple Dessert Winner 10,11. DONALD ROCKWELL "Rocky" Football 10,11,12; Dance Club 10,11,12; Varsity Club 10,11,12; Dramatics 11; Field Stream 10; Junior Play; Senior Play. ARNOLD ROWLAND "Bud Football 10,11,12; Basketball 10,11,12; Track 10,11,12; Choir 10,11,12; Boys Quartet 10,11; Varsity Club 10,11,12, (President 12); Student Council 11, Vice President; District Chorus 10; Drivers Education Convention 11; Dance Club 10,11,12; Archery Club 10; Junior Play; Senior Play. 25 M HELEN SCHENCK "Helen" Choir 10; F.B.L.A. 10,11; FHA 10; Dance Club 10,11,12; Yearbook Staff 10; Newspaper Staff 12. NANCY ELIZABETH SHAFFER Dance Club 10,11,12; Dramatics 11. JANET SMITH "Jan" Choir 10; Tri Hy Y 10; Camera Club 11,12; Dramatics 11; Librarian Assistant 11; Vice President of Class 12; Bible Club 12; Newspaper Staff 11. PRISCILLA SPENCER GAA 10,11,12; Dance Club 11; Hobby Club 10; Girls Basketball 10,11,12; Hall Monitors 11. 26BRUCE RAYMOND SWANSON “Bruce" Bible Club 10,11,12; Bible Club Pres. 12; Band 10,11,12; Band Vice Pres. 12; Choir 10,11,12; Boys Quartet 11; Brass Quartet 10; County Band 10,11,12; County Chorus 10,11,12; District Band 11,12; State Band 11; Yearbook Staff 12; Pep Band 11. NANCY JEAN SWANSON “Nance" GAA 11,12; Dance Club 11; Hall Monitor 11; Business Manager Junior Play; Student Director Senior Play; Student Council 10,11,12; Student Council Pres. 12; Dramatics Club 10; Choir 10,11,12; Choir Acc. 10,11,12; Scorekeeper 12; County Chorus 11,12; Field Stream 10; Newspaper Staff 11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; Intra-murals 10,11,12. RICHARD SWANSON "Dick" FFA 10,11,12; FFA Treasurer 12; Choir 12; Dance Club 10,11; Field Stream 10; Bible Club 12; Hall Monitor 11. CHARLES QUAY TOWER “Chuck" FFA 10,11,12; FFA Secretary 12; FTA 10; Choir 10,11; Boys Quartet 10,11; Basketball 10,11; District Chorus 10; County Chorus 10; Junior Play; Senior Play; County Chorus 11. 27GLORIA JEAN VAN HOUTEN "Gloria" Band 10,11; Choir 10; Bible Club 10,11,12; Camera Club 11,12; Assistant Librarian 11;12. VIRGINIA ESTHER VAN ORD "Ginger" Trio 11; Choir 10,11,12; Band 10,11; Girls Basketball 11,12; GAA 10,11,12; County Chorus 10,11; County Band 10,11; FTA 10; Field Stream 10; District Band 11; May Court 10; Yearbook 12; Newspaper Staff 11,12; Senior Play 12; JANET VAN ORMAN "Jan" GAA 10,11,12; Newspaper Staff 11,12; Dramatics 10,11; Dance Club 11,12. DELORES ELLEN WILCOX "Tookie GAA 10,11,12; Girls Basketball 11,12; Field Stream 10; FTA 10;. Band 10,11; District Band 11; Choir 10,11,12; County Chorus 11; County Band 10,11; Prompter, Junior Class Play; Newspaper Staff 12; Yearbook Staff 11,12; Senior Class Play. 28SHIRLEY ELAINE WILLIAMS "Shirley" Varsity Club 11,12 (Secretary-Treasurer 12); Student Council 10; Cheerleading 10,11,12; Choir 10,11; County Choir 11; Yearbook 12; FHA 10,11,12; FFA Livestock Queen 10,11,12; Girls Basketball 10,11,12; Intramurals 10; Junior Class Play 11; Dance Club 10,11; Junior Citizenship nominee 10; Homecoming Queen 12; Speak for Democracy (Winner) 12. NANCY ZEICLER "Nan" FHA 10,11; Bible Club 10,11,12, (Vice-President 11); Dramatics 12. MICHEAL ZURKAN "Mike" Choir 10,11,12; Dance Club 10,11; Field Stream 10; County Chorus 10,11,12; District Chorus 12; Class Play 11,12; Senior Class President. 29 SUPERLATIVES Helen Schenck . . Most Talkative Dolores Dexter Carol Eberhart Janet Van Orman . . . . . Prettiest Eyes Shirley Williams.... . . . Most Popular Shirley Williams.... . . . Most School Spirit Arnold Rowland Elsa Harde . . . Best Writer Janet Smith Grace Foster . . Best Dancer Elso Harde . . Best Looking Linda Lyford Gloria Van Houten . . . . . Most Courteous Jeanne Garrett Emmejean Harmon . . Louise Capron Ted Holt Gloria Hanson . . Best Natured . . Ho %ard Me Junkin Linda Lyford . . Most Musical Dolores Wilcox . . Best Driver . . . Howard Me Junkin Shirley Bailey . . Silliest Bonnie Foster . . Dreamiest Ted Holt Carol Eberhart . . Sleepiest Linda Lyford . . Best All Around Marilyn Miller Helen Schenck Priscilla Spencer . . . . . . . Shyest Emmajean Harmon . . . . . Biggest Tease Louise Capron . . Most Agreeable Ted Holt Janet Smith . . . Most Likely to Succeed . . Shirley Williams . . . . Priscilla Spencer . . . . . Tallest Nancy Zeigler Jeanne Garrett Judy Morando . . Shortest Dolores Dexter . . . Most Stubborn Ruth Johnson Judy Fox . . Worst Man Hater Worst Woman Hater .... Henry Kutschke 30 CLASS WILL Jerry Angove--wills his stubbomess to FLORENCE IRWIN. Shirley Bailey--wills her attraction to Warren to DONNA LONGNECKER. Linda Capron--wills her red hair to FRED BRASINGTON. Louise Capron--wills her bookkeeping to KAYE STORMS. Darlene Carlson--wills her singing ability to FRANCIS CRAKER. Ruth Carlstrom--wills her Dad's truck to LINDA ROCKWELL. Jerry Chilcott--wills his ability to cat-nap to LYNN FIRTH. Nancy Christenson--wills her pretty eyes to MINOR KALTENBACK. Dolores Dexter--wills her innocence to RAY WELLS. Carol Eberhart--wills her gum to LARRY LUDWICK. Gloria Ellberg--wills her speech ability to JIM FOX. Jim English--wills his teasing ability to MARTHA STHOLBERG. Bonnie Foster--wills her loyalty to JHS to DENNY McNALLY. Grace Foster--wills her peroxide bottle to TONI BONA VITA. Judy Fox--wills her car to SARAH STUART. Jean Garrett--wills her neighbors porch to LYNDA WRIGHT. Mary Ann Gebhart--wills her swing to CAROL WOLCOTT. Gloria Hanson--wills her long blond hair to RONNIE SHERRARD. Elsa Harde--wills her temper to PETER GLOTZ. Emmajean Harmon--wills her artistic temperament to CHARLES DILKER. Ted Holt--wills his roaming ability to CONNIE LOHNES. Phyllis Hunt--wills her crash helmet to DONNIE SHERRARD. Marilyn Ingerson--wills her school skipping ability to CAROLYN A. Ruth Johnson--wills her piano playing ability to RONNIE TUBES. Henry Kutschke--wills his horse riding to BETH CULBERTSON. Gary Lewis--wills his pilot's license to CALVIN ECKERT. Melinda Lyford--will$ her bass fiddle to ALTON HENNING. Howard MeJunkin--wills his Olds to CATHY MACK. Marilyn Miller--wills her black eye to PAUL TUTMAHER. Clayton Mesler--wills his sweaters to DAWN NOBBS. Judy Morando--wills her love for pizza to LARRY RIGAL. Pat Passinger--wills her homemaking ability to RAY GRUBER. Bob Porter--wills his shyness to ORA SMITH. Don Rockwell--wills his bachelors club membership card to GAYLE G. Bud Rowland--wills his guitar to BONNIE EKDAHL. Helen Schenck--wills her forwardness to MARVIN WORK. Nancy Shaffer--wills her wheel chair to DEANNA CARLSON. Janet Smith--wills her personality to LINDA THOMPSON. Priscilla Spencer--wills her athletic ability to BOB ANDERSON. Bruce Swanson--wills his trombone to NANCY TOWER. Nancy Swanson--wills her campaign speech to KATHY ABBOTT. Dick Swanson--wills his blue eyes to DALE PENLEY. Chuck Tower--wills his wavy hair to DON TUDOR. Gloria Van Houten--wills her interest in YHS to KATHIE CLARK. Virginia Van Ord--wills her diamond to NANCY MUCZYNSKI. Janet Van Orman--wills her neatness to RONNIE JOHNSTONE. Delores Wilcox--wills her sorority house to JOYCE GRUBER. Shirley Williams--wills her cheerleading ability to SALLY GRIGGS. Nancy Zeigler--wills her air of mystery to BONNIE ERIKSON. Mike Zurkan--wills his position of honor to MARY JOHNSON. Richard Lane--wills his shortness to JANE LUNDMARK.Dick Swanson 32 Emmajean Harmon »—»l JUNIORSK. Abbott C. A Henson R. Anderson W. Black T. Bonavita F. Brasington D. Carlson L. Childs K. Clark F. Craker B. Culbertson L. Devereaux C. Dilker S. Dilker B. Ekdahl CLASS OF G. Gage P. Glotz R. Gourley S. Griggs B. Gruber J. Gruber R. Gruber A. Henning F. Irwin M. Johnson R. Johnstone D. JonesM. Stholberg K. Storms S. Stuart L. Thompson N. Tower P. Tutmaher E. Voegele R. Wells C. Wolcott M. Work L. Wright D. Younnie 1959 R. Shaw D. Sherrard R. Sherrard D. Slocum O. Smith L. Ludwick J. Lundmark C. Mack D. McNally N. Muczynski D. Nobbs D. Penley L. Riga I L. Rockwell D. Schenck M. Kaltenbach B. Kutschke C. Larson C. Lohnes D. LongneckerWhat's it feel like Linda ? 36J. Anderson W. Angove D. Arp C. Atkins K. Atkins S. Atkins M. Bairstow G. Bailey M. Beedle J. Black C. Braley B. Barsington F. Burgett S. Carlson P. Carlstrom J. Chase J. Darling R. Darts J. Eberhart J. Falconer D. Fellows J. Fischer B. Gage E. Gage P. Gahring L. Gebhart B. Gray S. Hartman B. Hitchcock B. Hook P. Ingerson C. Johnson D. Johnson W. Kippie A. Knapp W. LongneckerM. Lord T. Marquis P. McKinney B. Mesler R. Moran C. Morando J. Muschick T. Nobbs Z. Nobbs G. North G. Onufer J. Penley G. Perrin T. Phillips A. Robbins H. Rutskey R. Salhoff C. Satterthwait C. Shaffer E. Schuyler J. Sears J. Stewart S. Stewart C. Smith J. Snyder S. Taylor T. Thompson J. Van Cise N. Vinton B. Wells I960 D. Weston R. Wilkins V. Wilkins K. Williams R. Wolcott D. WorkCareful ladies! Boy! has she flipped! 40hoih aoiNnrF. Aaron J. Allen A. Allenson H. Allenson S. Anderson L. Atkins L. Bioomgren P. Bonavita C. Bosco G. Brezee L. Brown G. Bush P. Bush C. Carlson J. Carlson A. Concoby J. Cost low S. Dexter J. Dufresne M. Erikson C. Fehlman P. Flasher S. Fogle K. Fox CLASS OF K. Gertsch R. Glotz D. Gregory R. Gordon S. Haller B. Hice D. Holt R. Hotaling R. Howard D. Irwin M. Jobes M. Johnson B. Johnstone J. Jones A. Kelsey E. Kutschke J. Lang R. Larson J. Lauffenburger J. Lauffenberger N. Laurence L. Livezey B. Lohnes A. LudwickB. McMillan D. Marsh D. Marsh T. Martin D. Michael M. Morrison P. Nobbs T. Nobbs S. O'Donnell D. Owens M. Peterson R. Peterson H. Porter L. Quiggle J. Reed S. Riggle M. Rockwell P. Schenck B. Shaw G. Shaw J. Siggins G. Skinner 1961 N. Sliter C. Smith J. Smith P. Stanton W. Stuart A. Swanson C. Sweeney M. Sweeney M. Thelin R. Thompson J. Troxell R. Tudor E. Uber C. Van Ord M. Van Ord A. Vilardo B. Voegele D. Weilacher C. Wilcox M. Wood T. Wood D. WolcottJ. A llenson P. Allenson D. Anderson T. Beck S. Beedle B. Black C. Black L. Briggs S. Briggs P. Brown J. Culbertson J. Carlson K. Clark C. Clover G. Craker R. Craker L. Darling D. Darts C. Deamer C. DeReemer J. DeWatter J. Dexter D. Dilker CLASS OF J. Dunn L. Ekdhal D. Eriksen J. Ferry F. Flasher F. Dufresne H. Flasher O. Frank E. Frasier G. Frodelius D. Gage L. Gage R. Gants S. Griggs H. Groves J. Gruber D. Hale R. Hitchcock B. Horner R. Howard B. Jackson R. Jordan S. A. Johnson S. J. JohnsonF. Kelsey G. Kelsey K. Knapp J. Lyon M. Mahan M. Morando R. Morando E. Marquis J. Marquis J. Martin L. Matthews G. Micheal R. Miller T. Moore J. Moran S. Muczynski C. Olson R. Passinger B. Phillips C. Pratt R. Pratt W. Pantall L. Richards 1962 F. Rodgers J. Schott S. Schott J. Sears J. Slocum J. Smith W. Southwell A. Spangler L. Stewart D. Stitik J. Swanson J. Swanson K. Swanson R. Taylor G. Trask G. Van Houten G. Webster F. Wilcox N. Wilkins C. Willis D. Wolcott T. Wolcott R. YeskeyM. Allenson R. Anderson L. Ash C. Baldwin G. Biehls D. Black H. Burrough L. Burrough C. Bush G. Bush S. Carlson L. Carlstrom K. Carter K. Collins C. Devereaux S. Dilker J. Duckett L. Duell R. Feeny M. Fellows N. Fellow A. Firth CLASS OF C. Fuller L. Gebhart L. Gourley K. Gourley B. Gray K. Gray C. Hale G. Hale R. Hagg B. Haller K. Hartley L. Hinsdale C. Hitchcock K. Ingerson J. Jackson L. Jesperson S. Johnson E. Knapp J. Larson D. Lauffenbuger C. LindellC. Livezey F. Lohnes G. McCullough K. McKinney L. McMillen W. Machemer R. Martin H. Mead R. Miller C. Morrison K. Muczynski I. Norbeck R. Olson J. Owens J. Peoples D. Riggle C. Ristau T. Rutsky S. Saber S. Schuyler A. Smith 1963 V. Smith W. Smith S. Stanton K. Stewart O. Stitik C. Storms R. Stuart T. Stuart C. Swanson D. Sweeney M. Urvanski B. Van Houten J. Van Houten T. Van Houten W. Venman C. Vilardo B. Wells G. West L. Williams D. Wolcott J. Younie'The Three Mouseketeers" "Sleepy-time Gals" "Peek A Boo ! " "Love Them Tender" "Go Man Go" "Young Love" "Daddy Cool" "Ain't She Sweet"ROW Is P. Allenson, P. Gahring, H. Allenson, Managers. ROW 2: A. Henning, R. Devereaux, T. Holt, J. Angove, A. Rowland, J. English, G. Lewis, D. Rockwell, D. McNally, F. Brasington. ROW 3: Coach Bauer, M. Work, A. Knapp, A. Ludwick, M. Beedle, P. Tut-maher, B. Darts, J. Fox, M. Kaltenbach, K. Williams, L. Firth, D. "JERRY"Work, A. Robbins, D. Owens, G. Bailey, Coach Luvison. ROW 4: Coach Binney, H. Porter, A. Concoby, P. Glotz, D. Moran, R. Wilkins, B. Peterson, D. Weston, J. Stewart, B. Angove, S. Carlson, T. Nobbs. ROW 5: D. Holt, G. Bush, D. Marsh, T. Wood, M. Southworth. ABSENT: E. Uber. Northern Area 42-12 Northern Area 20-0 Northern Area 6-24 Won 5 3 Brocton, (New York) Cassadaga Valley (New York) Silber Creek (New York) Lost "RED" "BUD" 51JAYVEE FOOTBALL ROW Is A. Robbins, L. Firth, R. Wilkins. ROW 2: A. Henning, M. Kalten-bach, B. Darts, J. Fox, P. Tutmaher, M. Beedle, F. Brasington. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL ROW 1: W. Pantcll, J. Troxell, L. Darling, D. Wolcott, D. Sweeney, G. Craker, R. Muczynski, R. Morando, M. Erickson, R. Miller. ROW 2: C. Swanson, C. Black, M. Peterson, T. Wolcott, T. Wood, T. Beck, J. Schott, H. Groves, Mr. Binney, Advisor. 52HOME-COMING-LIVESTOCK QUEEN SHIRLEY ELAINE WILLIAMS Her sweet disposition, her lovely personality, and her friendly nature make Shirley richly deserving of these honors. 53"Go Bud Go" Nice Catch! Pile Up! 55 Track TeamVARSITY BASKETBALL ROW 1: L. Rigal, M. Beedle, K. Williams. ROW 2: D. McNally, J. Angove, A. Rowland, J. English, Mr. Binney, Coach.JAYVEE BASKETBALL ROW X: T. Phillips, manager; C. Morando, P. Carlstrom, C. Braley, A. Ludwick, D. Work, P. Gahring, R. Thompson, M. Peterson, manager. ROW 2: Coach, R. St. Clair; J. Smith, C. Stewart, W. Longnecker, L. Livezey, R. Darts, S. Carlson, R. Johnstone. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ROW 1: T. Beck, J. Moran, A. Concoby, H. Allenson, S. Fogle, R. Thompson, R. Jordan, J. Smith, R. Peterson, J. Schott. ROW 2: F. Wilcox, manager; V. Ekdahl, Coach, J. Lassinger; G. Hale, J. Siggins, E. Uber, P. Brown, H. Groves, P. Allenson, G. Craker, D. Sweeney, D. Riggle, M. Mahan. 57VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L. Lyford, C. Lohnes, J. Morando, S. Williams, L. Capron, M. Miller. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS TOP to BOTTOM: C. Atkins, K. Abbott, J. Darling, J. Sears, J. Pen-ley, C. Allenson. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS ROW I: D. Anderson, J. Allenson, C. Olson. ROW II: B. Lohnes, P. Bonavita, K. Knapp.CHOIR ROW Is J. Morando, S. Taylor, N. Vinton, S. Hartman, D. Longnecker, R. Carlstrom, N. Swanson, V. Wilkins, L. Gebhart, F. Irwin, J. VanCise, M. Johnson, C. Satterthwait. ROW 2: B. Gage, M. Ingerson, P. Passinger, R. Johnson, D. Nobbs, D. Wilcox, C. Lohnes, M. Stholberg, M. Lyford, M. Miller, E. Harde, G. Ellberg, D. Dexter, G. Hansen, C. Sweeney, E. Schuyler, J. Falconer, B. Gruber. ROW 3: D. Carlson, E. Gage, J. Mus-chick, C. Smith, M. Lord, D. Fellows, R. Salhoff, C. Dilker, B. Swanson, L. Ludwick, B. Brasington, D. Gregory, J. Eberhart, S. Atkins, P. McKinney, V. VanOrd. ROW 4: J. Chilcott, R. Swanson, G. Gage, R. Johnstone, R. Gruber, M. Zurkan, C. Mesler, D. Weston, T. Phillips, Z. Nobbs, T. Nobbs, W. Kipple. STANDING: M. Zurkan, C. Mesler, L. Ludwick, B. Gruber, R. Carlstrom. SEATED: L. Lyford. ROW 1: J. Morando, S. Taylor, R. Carlstrom, E. Gage, M. Lord, N. Swanson, M. Johnson, F. Irwin. ROW 2: S. Atkins, R. Johnson, D. Carlson, C. Lohnes, V. VanOrd, L. Lyford, E. Harde, G. Ellberg, B. Gruber, M. Stholberg. ROW 3: Z. Nobbs, L. Ludwick, M. Zurkan, C. Mesler, B. Swanson, D. Weston, T. Nobbs, W. Kipple.MIXED CHORUS ROW Is A. Swanson, R. Hotaling, B. Haller, B. Lohnes, K. Stewart, S. Carlson, S. O'Donnell, C. Bosco, P. Bonavita, C. Olson, F. Aron, L. Atkins. ROW 2: M. Johnson, J. Troxell, N. Sliter, L. Bloomgreen, S. Hale, S. Haller, C. Fehlman, F. Rogers, S. Anderson, L. Brown, B. Vogle, S. Stanton, G. Skinner, C. Carlson, P. Flasher, Miss Mangus, Director. ROW 3: M. Thelin, P. Morrison, N. Lawrence, J. Allen, D. Holt, M. Peterson, R. Jordan, R. Tudor, D. Owens, E. Uber, R. Thompson, M. Concoby, J. Stuart, A. Ludwick, H. Porter, P. Allenson, S. Fogle, B. Stuart, J. Siggins, R. Hitchcock. "The Maestro" 61GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB ROW 1: C. Vilardo, F. Dufrense, K. Carter, S. Johnson, M. Urbanski, K. Collins, I. Norbeck, E. Knapp, S. Dilker, C. Bush, J. Duckett, D. Black, L. Burrough, K. Swanson. ROW 2: N. Wilkins, L. Gage, S. Deemer, C. Hitchcock, J. Younie, B. Jackson, J. Jackson, S. Schuyler, S. Riggle, M. Rockwell, R. Ingerson, S. Stanton, V. Smith, G. Brezee, S. Muczynski, J. VanHouten, C. Black, J. Owens, S. Schott, E. Marquis. ROW 3: K. Knapp, R. Gourley, B. Homer, L. Matthews, K. Stuart, S. Saber, C. Baldwin, E. Frazier, B. Hice, B. McMillen, J. Lauffenberger, D. Irwin, J. Jones, P. Nobbs, S. A. Johnson, S. Griggs, J. Clover, F. Flasher, A. Allenson, L. Perrin, D. Wolcott, O. Stitik, B. VanHouten. ROW 4: A. Smith, J. Peoples, S. Briggs, S. J. Johnson, D. Hale, G. Webster, R. Glotz, C. Pratt, S. Spangler, G. Lauffenberger, B. Johnson, J. DeWatter. BOYS' GLEE CLUB ROW Is F. Lohnes, R. Miller, B. Gray, D. Erickson, C. Morrison, R. Martin, T. Rutsky, G. Hale. ROW 2: R. Anderson, C. Lindell, L. Hinsdale, G. Moran, G. West, G. Kelsy, G. Craker, F. Kelsy. ROW 3: C. Fuller, D. Gage, R. Miller, J. Dexter. ROW 4: H. Burrow, G. McCullough, D. Lauffenberger, K. Gray, M. Fellows, P. Allenson, T. Briggs, L. Williams, F. Wilcox, B. Philips. ROW 5: J. Lyon, W. Machmer, T. Marquis, K. McKinney. ROW 6; J. Morgan, T. VanHouten, R. McMillen, D. Riggle, T. Beck, C. Black, K. Clark.BAND FLUTE „ o M. Stohlberg, K. Stewart, C. Livezey, S. Taylor, A. Firth, S. Johnson, S. Stanton. CLARINET C. Lohnes, J. Allen, J. Swanson, C. Bosko, G. Ellberg, C. Fehlman, J. Carbon, P. Stanton, K. Fox, C. Wilcox, C. Smith, W. Venman, M. Mahan, C. Willis, L. Carlstrom. SAXOPHONE B. Lohnes, D. Marsh, G. Biehls, S. Saber, R. Carlstrom, S. Haller. CORNET C. Mesler, B. Ekdahl, P. McKinney, C. VanOrd, D. Weston, M. Allenson. TRUMPET J. Dufresne, M. VanOrd, R. Moran do, J. Lyon. FRENCH HORN M. Sweeney, P. Nobbs, W. Smith. BARITONE L. Ludwick, L. Williams. TROMBONE B. Swanson, J. Stewart, D. Marsh, L. Darling, V. Ekdahl, C. Taylor, C. Swanson. BASSES L. Livezey, J. Swanson, M. Lyford. PERCUSSION B. Peterson, R. Gruber, B. Gruber, J. Culbertson, F. Durfesne. ROW ONE; M. Sweeney, M. Stholberg, C. Lohnes, S. Taylor, P. Nobbs. STANDING; L. Lyford, L. Ludwick, B. Swanson, C. Mesler, B. Ekdahl. P. McKinney, B. Ekdahl, C. Mesler, C. Lohnes, accompanist. DISTRICT BAND TRUMPET TRIOSTUDENT COUNCIL ROW Is C. Livezey, N. Swanson, President; E. Schuyler, Secretary; J. Gruber, C. Fehlman, S. Griggs, C. Baldwin, B. VanHouten, D. Longnecker. ROW 2: J. Siggins, F. Burgett, H. McJunkin, J. Angove, J. Swanson, D. Penley, Vice President; L. Darling, Advisor, Mr. Spencer. NEWSPAPER STAFF SEATED: D. Rockwell, S. Bailey, E. Harde, J. Garrett, M. Zurkan. ROW 1: L. Atkins, N. Lawrence, G. Ellberg, S. Johnson, R. Carlstrom, J. Fox, D. Wilcox, V. VanOrd, L. Capron, L. Rockwell, P. Hunt, G. Hansen, J. Morando. ROW 2: C. Eberhart, J. Smith, N. Swanson, J. Smith, S. Williams, S. Griggs, M. Ingerson, J, Darling, M. Miller, D. Dexter, E. Harmon, P. Passinger, L. Capron, Mr. Felton, Advisor; J. VanOrman. 66FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ROW 1: B. Kutschke, Reporter; R. Porter, President; D. Swanson, Treasurer; J. English, Sentinel; C. Tower, Secretary; D. Penely, Assistant Treasurer. ROW 2: M. Johnson, J. Dufrense, H. Porter, T. Wood, B. Larson, T. Wolcott, J. Costlow, J. Carlson, T. Martin. ROW 3: P. Ingerson, B. Carlstrom, J. Chase, A. Knapp, G. North, B. Salhoff, T. Thompson, D. Gage, C. Johnson. ROW 4: L. Childs, E. Eckert, J. Fox, R. Wells, J. Stewart, D. Younie, J. Chilcott, Mr. Soper, Advisor. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ROW Is O. Smith, Vice President; J. VanOrman, President; D. Slocum, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Norton, Advisor. ROW 2: C. Smith, C. VanOrd, M. Gebhart, C. Wilcox. 67FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ROW 1: D. Slocum, M. Sweeney, L. Thompson, M. Johnson, N. Vincent, S. Bailey, J. Van Cise, C. Satterwaite. ROW 2: T. Bona-vita, E. Schuyler, C. Walcott, J. Falconer, E. Harde, J. Eberhart, G. Hansen, J. Garrett, Mrs. Lassinger. Shirley Williams was the local winner of the BETTY CROCKER SEARCH FOR THE AMERICAN HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW, a nationwide contest sponsored annually by General Mills. Local, state, and national winners were determined on the basis of a written examination covering all phases of homemaking--family relationships, child development and care, health and safety, equipment, money management, foods, and clothing. 68 Shirley Williams, Mrs. Lassinger.VARSITY CLUB ROW Is R. Johnstone, P. Allenson, P. Gahring, D. Work, A. Robbins, J. Morando, L. Capron, S. Williams, L. Lyford. ROW 2: D. Rockwell, M. Beedle, P. Glotz, D. Owens, M. Work, K. Williams, A. Ludwick, F. Brasington, T. Holt, M. Kaltenbach, A. Henning. ROW 3: R. Darts, D. McNally, J. Fox, J. Angove, A. Rowland, J. English, P. Tutmaher. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL ROW Is S. Williams, J. Gruber, B. Culbertson, P. Spencer, D. Dexter, M. Miller. ROW 2: Mrs. Leathers, Advisor; G. Hansen, M. Bairstow, L. Gebhart, B. Hook, J. Lundmark, J. Falconer, D. Dexter, J. Muschick, S. Bailey, E. Harmon, D. Wilcox, V. VanOrd. 69GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ROW Is J. VanOrman; R. Carlstrom; S. Stuart; L. Gebhart; D. Dexter; D. Longnecker; N. Swanson; M. Gebhart; L. Capron; K. Abbott; J. Lundmark; G. Hansen. ROW 2: B. Gage; E. Schuyler; E. Gage; N. Muczynski; M. Bairstow; V. VanOrd; C. Atkins; B. Culbertson; B. Ekdahl; M. Miller; J. Gruber; J. Penley; S. Bailey; E. Harmon. ROW 3: J. Falconer; M. Stolberg; T. Bonavita; B. Hook; D. Carlson; P. Spencer; D. Dexter; J. Darling; P. Hunt; E. Harde; J. Garrett; Mrs. Leathers, Advisor. Absent: D. Wilcox. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ROW Is F. Dufrense; P. Bonavita; C. Olson; D. Anderson; J. Allenson; K. Knapp; J. Sears. ROW 2: L. Gage; C. Bosco; M. Morando; T. Nobbs; J. Culbertson; S. Muczynski; D. Irwin; M. Thelin; D. Deemer; C. Willis; B. Black; L. Mathews. ROW 3: Mrs. Leathers, Advisor; L. Bloomgreen; P. Stanton; N. Sliter; P. Nobbs, K. Fox; S. Briggs; B. McMilleni D. Hale; S. Beedle; C. Pratt. 70SENIOR HIGH LIBRARIANS LEFT to RIGHT: Miss Reese, N. Christenson, G. Ellberg, P. McKinney, J. Muschick, R. Johnson, T. Bonavita, D. Slocum, J. Sears, B. Gray, G. Van Houten, J. Smith, M. Johnson. Arranging books: M. Gebhart. JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARIANS Left to Right, ROW 1: P. Bush, L. Brown, J. Jackson, R. Glotz, I. Norbeck. ROW 2: E. Frazier, B. McMillen, R. Yeskey, S. A. Johnson. 71CAMERA CLUB Left to Right, ROW 1: R. Johnstone, C. Morando, R. Jordon, L. Livezey, R. Peterson, G. Gage. ROW 2: B. Vogle, M. Bairstow, R. Johnson, G. Van Houten, J. Smith, M. Johnson, F. Irwin, J. Culbertson. DRAMATICS CLUB Left to Right, ROW Is E. Kutschke, W. Kipple, D. Weston, C. Dilker, J. Onefer, T. Nobbs. ROW 2: J. VanOrman, M. Ingerson, D. Dexter, L. Rockwell, E. Harmon, R. Carlstrom. 72SENIOR HIGH BIBLE CLUB ROW Is R. Johnson, S. Atkins, G. Ellberg, B. Swanson, D. Carlson, L. Thompson. ROW 2: N. Ziegler, D. Schenck, M. Johnson, C. Abbott, D. Longnecker, B. Gray, J. Sears, D. Irwin, C. VanOrd, M. VanOrd, N. Vinton, C. Smith, J. Troxell. ROW 3: Miss Reese, F. Irwin, D. Nobbs, K. Mack, K. Storms, P. McKinney, B. Mesler, P. Nobbs, T. Nobbs, J. Reed, L. Brown, B. Shaw, S. Anderson, C. Smith, M. Lord, Mrs. Norton, Advisor. ROW 4: B. Gruber, C. Wolcott, T. Bonavita, D. Carlson, C. Alien-son, B. McMillen, J. Chilcott, P. Brown, B. Salhoff, R. Gruber, D. Sherrard, L. Livezey, R. Thompson, H. Allenson, H. Groves. JUNIOR HIGH BIBLE CLUB ROW 1: C. Vilardo, V. Smith, J. VanHouten, J. Duckett, L. Gage, L. Burroughs, S. Dilker, J. Sears. ROW 2: J. Younie, R. Gourley, D. Wolcott, K. Swanson, J. Slocum, J. Jackson, G. Micheal, C. Bush, J. Owens, D. Hale. ROW 3: J. Gruber, A. Smith, J. Peoples, C. Ristau, G. Webster, J. Smith, L. Mathews, S. J. Johnson, J. Dewater, S. Stanton. ROW 4: Miss Reese, B. Jackson, B. Horner, S. Schuyler, S. Spangler, D. Stitik, C. Livezey, E. Frazier, S. A. Johnson, J. Clover, L. Duell, Mrs. Norton, Adviser. 73CHEERLEADING CLUB ROW 1: R. Muczynski; C. Valardo; N. Wilkins; K. Collins; J. Jackson; K. Carter; A. Firth; M. Allenson; J. Sears; K. Knapp; R. McMillen. ROW 2: G. Webster; D. Wolcott; J. Owens; F. Rogers; M. Morando; E. Frazier; O. Frank; R. Yeskey; K. Swanson; S. Saber; I. Norbeck; K. Knapp; L. Gage; Mrs. Norton, Advisor. BOYS’ GYMNASTICS ROW X: C. Lindell; G. Hale; L. Carlstrom; G. Biehls; P. Allenson; G. Trask; M. Fellows;C. Swanson; T. Rutsky; G. West; R. Muczynski; J. Larson; B. Gray; R. Anderson; K. Hartley. ROW 2: L. Richards; R. Craker; W. Venman; D. Sweeny; C. Devereaux; C. Fuller; D. Work; A. Robbins; L. Williams; H. Burroughs; T. Stewart; W. Southwell; H. Groves; C. Storms. ROW 3: M. Peterson; J. Dufrense; T. Wood; J. Costlow; B. Larson; J. Carlson; R. Hagg; R. Feeny; P. Brown; A. Valardo; R. Howard; J. VanHouten; T. VanHouten; Mr. Neese, Advisor. 74SENIOR HIGH DANCE CLUB ROW 1: B. Gage, S. Hartman, M. Bairstow, G. Foster, S. Dilker, L. Wright, K. Mack, D. Schenck, K. Abbott, D. Longnecker, S. Stewart, B. Gray, C. Shaffer, S. Taylor, J. VanOrman, M. Gebhart, J. Morando, C. Satterthwait, J. VanCise, D. Dexter. ROW 2: T. Nobbs, J. Snyder, W. Kipple, H. Rutsky, E. Kutschke, J. Onufer, C. Wolcott, B. Gruber, T. Bonavita, D. Carlson, D. Nobbs, N. Muczynski, S. Stuart, J. Sears, H. Schenck, M. Miller, S. Williams, L. Lyford, G. Hanson, J. Garrett, J. Eberhart, V. Wilking, J. Falconer, Mrs. Schmidt, Advisor. ROW 3: Z. Nobbs, T. Philips, B. Salhoff, R. Wolcott, D. Moran, A. Knapp, J. Chase; K. Williams, A. Henning, J. Stewart, P. Tutmaher, F. Brasington, M. Kaltenbach, C. Atkins, B. Culbertson, B. Brasington, B. Hook, J. Darling, J. Penley, N. Shaffer, S. Bailey, C. Lohnes, E. Gage, M. Ingerson, J. Anderson, P. Lord, L. Gebhart, D. Gregory. ROW 4: F. Craker, S. Carlson, D. Weston, K. Atkins, L. Childs, D. McNally, A. Rowland, C. Morando, R. Gruber, M. Zurkan, D. Rockwell, B. Ekdahl, G. Gage, P. Hunt, C. Sweeney, D. Dexter. JUNIOR HIGH DANCE CLUB ROW Is K. Collins, E. Marquis, R. Ingerson, F. Dufrense, N. Wilkins, M. Morando, O. Frank, L. Gage, S. Muczynski, J. Culbertson, L. Burroughs, S. Dilker, S. Schott, J. Sears, C. Vilardo, B. Haller, S. Firth, B. Horner. ROW 2: J. Jones, C. Carlson, P. Flasher, S. Spangler, J. Smith, F. Flasher, S. Griggs, G. Webster, K. Swanson, I. Norbeck, S. Stanton, S. Saber, J. Owens, K. Carter, G. Michael, S. Johnson. ROW 3: M. Rockwell, T. Nobbs, M. Thelin, G. Brezee, S. Beedle, C. Olson, D. Anderson, C. Hitchcock, D. Stitik, C. Willis, C. Black, A. Smith, C. Baldwin, B. Lohnes, D. Marsh, K. Knapp, C. Hale, O. Stitik, B. VanHouten, S. Deemer, M. Sweeney, R. Gourley, D. Wolcott, S. O'Donnell, G. Biehls. ROW 4: J. Carlson, N. Sliter, P. Nobbs, C. Bush, R. McMillen, L. Duell, S. Johnson, A. Rogers, J. Jackson, B. Jackson, H. Groves, C. Storms, D. Sweeney, A. Vilardo, J. Siggins, D. Marsh, J. Allen, S. Haller, C. Pratt, K. Fox, S. Briggs, E. Frazier, L. Mathews, S. J. Johnson. 75"Tookie" "Ginger" Louise and LindaVirginia VanOrd Mary Ann Gebhart LANCE EDITORS Darlene Carlson - Co-Editor Bruce Swanson - Co-Editor Virginia VanOrd - Photographic Editor Ruth Carlstrom - Circulation Manager Ruth Carlstrom Mary Ann Gebhart - Art Editor Shirley Bailey - Copy Editor Nancy Swanson - Sport Editor Delores Wilcox - Business Manager Mrs. Pauline Norton - Advisor Shirley BaileyLANCE STAFF ROW 1: Delores Wilcox; Shirley Baileyj Darlene Carlson; Bruce Swanson; Mrs. Norton; Virginia Van Ord. ROW 2: Ruth Caristrom; Mary Ann Gebhart; Judy Fox; Judy Morando; Shirley Williams; Elsa Harde; Phyllis Hunt; Jeanne Garrett; Gloria Hansen; Clayton Mesler. ROW 3: Nancy Swanson; Dolores Dexter; Carol Eberhart. This year the Lance Staff was larger than ever before, and due to the cooperation of everyone much was accomplished during the meetings. Each meeting held this year was during study halls and after school between the hours of three and nine o’clock. This year we were very fortunate in getting our photographs. Our camera club sponsored by Mr. Redin did excellent work for our yearbook. We were very appreciative for the work that was done by Mr. Everett Landin, Mr. Harold Landin, Mr. William Redin and Mr. Travers Stohlberg. At this time, it would be appropriate to extend a heart-felt " thanks" to each and every person who had a part in this yearbook. It is the sincere hope of the staff that the edition will be enjoyed by all and will become even more meaningful in the future years. We wish the future annual staff success in their ventures. 7980 'Pat Hot Lips HarryCongratulations To The Class of 1958 Unlimited Opportunities Await YOU In The Jamestown Area JAMESTOWN AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WARREN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Warren, Sugar Grove, North Warren McIntosh Studios Seneca Lumber and Supply Company Miller Shop Warren National BankAbbott’s Red and White Angove’s Market Bairstow Studio Barretts Garage Bartsch Furniture Biekarch Music House Brown Boot Shop Crossroads Edgett Planning Mill Hanna Motor Sales, Inc. Heilman’s Grocery Hultman’s Cleaners Kofod Studios H. L. Link Marv’s Sterling Service Station Miller Shop M. L. Satterlund The Schaeffer Electric Company Schoonover’s Rugs and Floor Coverings Service Hardware Company Smith Buick, Inc. South Side Meat Market Redding and Wrhen Reliable Furniture Company Russell Flower Garden Texas Lunch Turner Radio Shop Warren Observer W. N. A. E. Borg Studio Carters Shoe Store Community Consumer Discount Co. Darrow and Chase Dyke's Esso Service Gaughn's Janes Sportswear and Grace Abergs Jean Carol Hat Shop LaBelle Beauty Shop Lester Shoe Company Louie's Lunch N. K. Wendelboe Company Pat Ferries Grocery Penn Restaurant Red and White Store, Lottsville Shulman's Steins Stokes Studio The Nobb's Shop The Savoy Restaurant Tiny Town Valone Cleaners Valone's Shoe Store WarTen Times-Mirror Watt Office Supply Akeley Grocery Store Betty Lee Brink Typewriter Service Ekey Flower Garden Epstein and Sons George's Friendly Service Station Hanson's Hardware and Gifts Hewitt's Yellow and Black James Jewelers Livezey’s Slaughter House Mary Critelli Beauty Shop Peterson Upholstery Schindler-Bindery Sellin Hatchery Sprandles Confectionery Strom Ericksen Company Swanson's Watch Shop United Cigar StorePATRONS Mr. Mis. Walter Abbott Mr. Steven Scott Phillips Mr. Mrs. Allan Barton Miss Mabel Reese Mr. Fred Bauer Mr. William Redin Mr. John Binney Mr. Mrs. Harmon Rockwell Mr. Mrs. Everett Bowers Mrs. Rosendahl Mr. Mrs. Clair Chapman 9 Mrs. Pauline Schmidt Mr. Donald Chestnutt Mr. Mrs. Marvin Sliter Mr. Willard Ekdahl Mr. Joe Soper Mr. Paul Felton Mr. David Spencer Miss Beverly Fischer Mr. Donald Spencer Mr. Mrs. Calvin Gage Mr. Mrs. Richard St. Clair Miss Valerie Gage Mr. Mrs. Travers Stohlberg Dr. Mrs. Gayle T. Garrett Mr. Mrs. Oliver Swanson Mr. Mrs. Harold Griggs Mr. Howard Thompson Mr. Mrs. Donald Hagberg Mr. Mrs. Joe Tutmaher Mr. Mrs. Leland Haller Mr. Mrs. Lewis Van Ord Mrs. Kelly Rev. David Vennberg Mr. Everett Landin Mr. Mrs. Bill Wygren Mr. Harold Landin Mr. Mrs. Gerald Younie Mr. Mrs. John Lassinger Barbara Brasington Mr. Mrs. Fancis Lewis Darlene Carlson Mr. Norge Luvison Jeanne Garrett Mr. Albert P. Lyford Joyce Gruber Mrs. Orrie Maasz Cherron Hale Miss Mary Mangus Barbara Haller Mr. Mrs. Floyd Marsh Elsa Harde Mrs. Madeline McClure Ruth Johnson Mr. Mrs. William Muschick Howard McJunkin Mr. John Neese Patrica Passinger Mrs. Pauline Norton Ronald Sherrard Mr. Ott David Sweeney Donna Hale Nancy Zeigler Barbara Voegele Mike Zurkan 83  Patricia Passenger BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS AND GUESTS - February 14, '58 State FHA Degree LEFT to RIGHT: Sharon Atkins, Reporter-Representative; Gloria Ellberg, Vice President; Rev. Douglas Carl ("Doug") - Director of Jamestown Area YOUTH FOR CHRIST Mel Johnson, Soloist (Former member of Wayne King's Orchestra - NBC-TV) Rev. Floyd Ankerberg, Eastern Regional Director YOUTH FOR CHRIST INTERNATIONAL Bruce Swanson - President Darlene Carlson - Song Leader Ruth Johnson - Pianist Absent when picture was taken - Lftida Thomoson, Secretary-T reasurer.

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