Eisenhower High School - Lance Yearbook (Russell, PA)

 - Class of 1956

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Eisenhower High School - Lance Yearbook (Russell, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1956 volume:

Zke Editor Speaks As the editor of this edition of the LANCE, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all the people who have contributed to this yearbook and who have helped make its publication possible. Foremost among these contributors are Mr. Binney and the staff of high school teachers of which he is a part who gave so generously of their time and guidance during the LANCE'S production. Next we recognize the sponsors who have donated so extensively in a financial way to help us to meet the financial obligations which have accompanied the production of this yearbook. Some of these gifts were not solicited but came as a very pleasant surprise. To the members of the yearbook staff, I would like to extend a personal thank you for the spirit of cooperation and teamwork which they displayed during the creation and production of the LANCE. Each member has worked out his assignment in a most commendable manner. The purpose of this yearbook is not to provide an accurate record of this school year's events. Rather its purpose is to present a review of the many interesting highlights of all the events and happenings that have made this year one to remember. It is the sincere hope of this staff that this edition of the LANCE will be greatly enjoyed by all who look upon its pages. During the future years, may it provide you with happy memories of the school year of 1955-56. Sylvia Mesler EditorDedication MR. JOHN BINNEY We, the Senior Class of 1956, would like to dedicate this edition of the LANCE to you, Mr. Binney. During our Junior year and especially during our Senior year, you have given generously of your time to help us with our various class projects, our class parties, the production of the LANCE, and all the other problems that go with being the Senior advisor. The guidance and understanding which you have shown us during these years have been greatly appreciated by each member of the Senior class. Please consider this dedication a lasting expression of that appreciation.Appreciation MRS. PAULINE SCHMIDT At this time, the entire Senior Class would like to express their appreciation to Mrs. Schmidt who so generously gave of her time toward the publications of the Northern Lite. MRS. GILBERT CARLSON A deep feeling of gratitude goes to "Marian" our friendly and helpful secretary, who contributed so much of her time to our "financial matters." MISS MABEL REESE One of the main events of our Senior year was the Senior Play. Without the guidance of Miss Reese our play would not have been the success that it was.MR. EVERETT LANDIN Supervising Principal Alfred University A.B., M.Ed One statement should be remembered as present school days slip into the zone of fond memories, and that is that as a citizen in the world’s most powerful free nation your future is strictly up to you. Your most important possession is a home and the opportunity to enjoy a career away from that land area which lies beneath the dictator's heel. As a senior class, your future is bright with promise. By using your training, recognizing and using opportunities, and careful planning of your future you will be able to play a tremendous part in building a better life and presenting a better America to the entire world. MR. HAROLD LANDIN High School Principal Industrial Arts Houghton College B. A. Syracuse University M.Ed Graduation, 1956—a moment filled with the buoyancy of youth, pointed hopes and fond memories for our graduates. It is one of the greatest thresholds of life and here you stand and ask yourselves--what next? You are going everywhere and do everything, and you will do it better than those who have gone before you. Yours is the greatest heritage ever received and your goals will likewise be the greatest ever achieved. We at Northern Area High will be pulling for you just as we have during your short stay with us. We have learned to know you, believe in you and we have sought to give you direction for every human mind is a great slumbering power until awakened by keen desire and definite resolution to do. May your desires be the keenest and your will to do, the most resolute.MR. RICHARD ANDERSEN English, Social Studies Allegheny College, B. A. Pennsylvania State University, M.A. MR. FRED BAUER Boys' Physical Education, Biology Slippery Rock State Teachers College, Syracuse University, M. Ed. MR. JOHN BINNEY, Vice Principal Social Studies Indiana State Teachers College, B. S. Pennsylvania State University, M.Ed. B.S. MR. LAWRENCE BRIGGS Mathematics, Science Slippery Rock State Teachers College, MRS. DOROTHY CURTIS Elementary Music, Home Economics Pennsylvania State University, B.S. MR. WILLARD EKDAHL Mathematics, Industrial Arts Edinboro State Teachers College, B. S. MR. WILLIAM GOLDSMITH Mathematics Clarion State Teachers College, B. S. MR. ROBERT GROSCH Driver Education, Social Studies Clarion State Teachers College, B. S. B.S.MRS. LUCILLE LEATHERS Girls’ Physical Education, General Science Oberlin College, B. S. MR. NORGE LUVISON Business Manager, Social Studies Clarion State Teachers College, B. S. Western Reserve University, M. A. MR. ALBERT LYFORD Music Pennsylvania State University, B.S., M.A. MRS. MADELINE McCLURE English Allegheny College MRS. PAULINE NORTON English, Geography Clarion State Teachers College MR. WILLIAM REDIN Mathematics, Science Pennsylvania State University, B.S., M. Ed MISS MABLE REESE, Librarian Latin, Algebra Seattle Pacific University, B.S. MRS. AVIS ROSENDAHL Art, Social Studies Taylor University, B.A. MR. DAVID VENNBERG Industrial Arts Fitchburg State Teachers College, B.S. North Park Seminary MRS. DOROTHY WINGERT Home Economics Pennsylvania State University, B.S. MRS. WINIFRED ANDERSON, R.N. School Nurse MRS. MARIAN CARLSON School Secretary Hoff Business College . MRS. PAULINE SCHMIDT Commercial Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. MRS. RUTH SOLINGER Geography Edinboro State Teachers College MR. JOSEPH SOPER Vocational Agriculture Pennsylvania State University, B.S. MRS. GERTRUDE STOHLBERG Languages Elmira College, B. A.Hoard of Education First row: Mrs. Hazel Kays, Mrs. Robert Walters, Mr, Beaton Bairstow, Mr. Axel Carlstrom, Mrs. Gerald Miller, Mrs. Allene Briggs. Second row: Dr. George Riley, Mr. Alden Abbott, Mr. Emerson Spicer, Mr. Arthur Cody, Mr. Dale Skinner, Mr. John Chandler. Third row: Mr. Travers Stohlberg, Mr. Wallace Barlow, Mr. Floyd Marsh, Mr. Alfred Akins, Mr. Ralph Way, Mr. Charles Peterson, Mr. John Stewart. Absent: Mr. Kenneth Frank. The Northern Area Joint School System is very fortunate in having a group of youth conscious citizens with far reaching visions and high goals. Among the many tangible products of long hours of planning is the partially constructed Eisenhower High School. The intangibles are too numerous to indicate but the theme is one of "educational progress."MentorsMaidens JOAN MAHAN BETSY FIRTH BETTY KIRBY BETTY KIRBY SUE ONINK BEVERLY STANTON BETTY KIRBY JOAN MAHAN SUE ONINK BETTY KIRBY SYLVIA MESLER CAROL SMITH PATTY CHASE SYLVIA MESLER NANCY SCHOONOVER BETSY FIRTH JOAN MAHAN BEVERLY STANTON BETTY KIRBY NANCY SCHOONOVER SUE ONINK RUT HIE VANCISE BETSY FIRTH BEVERLY STANTON SYLVIA MESLER PATTY CHASE BETSY FIRTH RUTH VANCISE HELEN SEARS Superlatives Quietest Most T alkative Most Popular Most School Spirit Best Writer Most Studious Best Looking Most Courteous Neatest Best-All-Around Biggest Flirt Most Humorous Biggest Tease Shyest Most Athletic Most Agreeable Most Likely to Succeed Friendliest Most Puzzling Tallest Shortest Most Stubborn Most Ambitious Most Artistic Biggest Cut-up Cutest Best Natured Knights DAVE MARQUIS ED ORCUTT TOM KNAPP TOM FIRTH TOM KNAPP LEVI CARLSTROM WESTON WILCOX JOHN JOHNSON JOHN JOHNSON TOM FIRTH WESTON WILCOX RAY HOLT ED ORCUTT DAVE MARQUIS DAVE WAITE TOM KNAPP RAY HOLT TOM KNAPP HARLAN HILL KEITH ROSENDAHL DON STUART LEVI CARLSTROM ED ORCUTT TOM KNAPP TOM KNAPP ELMER WELCH LEVI CARLSTROM DOUGLAS DILKERPATRICIA ANN CHASE "Pat" Cute, short, a square dance fan. Newspaper Staff; Girls' Chorus 10; Choir 11, 12; FHA 10; Dance Club 11,12; Field and Stream 10; GAA 11. "Doug- Nice looking, quiet but friendly. Football 10,11,12; Junior Play; Dance Club 11, 12; Varsity Club 10,11,12; Field and Stream 10. BETSY JANE FIRTH "Betsy" Honor student, talkative, big tease. Newspaper Staff; Girls' Chorus 10; Orchestra 10; Choir 11,12; Junior Play; Senior Play; FHA 10,11,12; County Council FHA President; GAA 11; Dance Club 11,12. w THOMAS NELSON FIRTH "Tom" Honor student, athletic, friendly Class Vice President 12; Yearbook Staff; Student Council 10,11,12; Newspaper Staff; Football 9, 10. 11,12; Basketball 10,11,12; Baseball 10; Junior Play; Senior Play; FFA 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club 10,11,12. BEVERLY JANE FISCHER "Bev" Blond, Cute, a willing worker Newspaper Staff; Girls’ Chorus 10; Choir 11, 12; Senior Play; FHA 10; Field and Stream 10; GAA 11; Dance Club 11,12. X ROSS ALBERT HAWKS "Wimp" Nice, a big cut-up, friendly. Football 12; Dance Club 11,12; Field and Stream 10. HARLAN MILLARD HILL "Harley" Friendly smile, nice, a lot of fun. Football 12; Senior Play; FFA 10,11,12; Dance Club 11; Field and Stream 10,12. JOHN P. JOHNSON "John" Neat, party lover, flirt. Class Vice President 10; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff; Football 10,11,12; Basketball 11; Choir 10; Senior Play; Camera Club 12; Varsity Club 10,11,12. BETTY ANN KIRBY "Betty” Good looking, ambitious, nice. Class President 10,11; Class Treasurer 12; Student Council 10,11; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff; Orchestra 10; Girls' Chorus 10; Choir 11, 12; Junior Play; Senior Play; Dance Club 11; GAA 11,12. THOMAS KENT KNAPP "Tom" Honor Student, athletic, comedian. Class Vice President 11; Student Council 10, 11; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff; Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 10,11,12; Baseball 10; Junior Play; Senior Play; Varsity Club 10,11,12.JOAN DORLISCA MAHAN "Joan" Honor Student, friendly smile, neat, ambitious. Student Council 12; Newspaper Staff; Girls' Chorus 10; Choir 11,12; Orchestra 10; Junior Play; Senior Play; Dance Club 10,11; Library DAVID CLARENCE MARQUIS "Dave" Quiet, witty, shy but friendly. FFA 10,11,12; Field and Stream 10; Dance Club 11. V SYLVIA JEAN MESLER "Sylvia" Honor Student, attractive; flirt. Class Treasurer 10; Class Secretary 11; Stu dent Council 10,11,12; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff; Alternate Varsity Cheerleader 12; Girls' Chorus 10; Choir 10,11,1! Senior Play; FHA 10,11; Dance Club 1L SUZANNE MARIE ONINK "Sue" Attractive, neat, nice clothes. Girls' Chorus 10; Choir 11,12; Junior Play; Dance Club 11; FHA 10,11,12. EDWARD LEE ORCUTT "Tink" Athletic, friendly, good sport. Football 11,12; Basketball 11,12; Field and Stream 10,11; Dance Club 11.GERALD KEITH ROSENDAHL “Keith" Love of science fiction, tall, nice looking. Junior Play; Choir 11,12; Dance Club 11,12. ROBERT GLENN RUHLMAN "Bob" Hard worker, good natured, a big tease. Basketball Manager 12; Field and Stream 10; Camera Club 12; Archery Club 11.NANCY LOU SCHOONOVER "Nancy" Honor Student, quiet, a willing worker. Newspaper Staff; Junior Play; Choir 10,11, 12; Girls' Chorus; FHA 10,11; Field and Stream 10; Dance Club 11; Bible Club 12. CAROL ANN SMITH "Carol" Nice looking, shy, friendly smile. Senior Play; FHA 10,11,12; Dance Club 11; Bible Club 12.MILDRED LUCILLE SPRANDLE "Millie" Willing helper, friendly, musical. Junior Play; Band 11,12; Choir 11,12; FHA 10; Field and Stream 10; Library 11.12; Bible Club 12. BEVERLY ANN STANTON "Ann" Friendly, willing worker, sure bet to succeed. Class Secretary 10; Class Treasurer 11; Student Council 12; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff; Orchestra 10; Girls' Chorus 10; Choir 11; Band 11,12; Junior Play; Senior Play; FHA 10,11; Dance Club 11. RONALD CHARLES STEWART "Smokey" Lively, devilish, the life of the party Dance Club 10,11,12; FFA 10,11,12; Field and Stream 10.IRENE MINERVA VAN CISE "Rene" A lot of fun, friendly, pleasing personality. Student Council 12; Newspaper Staff; Senior Play; Librarian 10; Choir 12; Bible Club 12. CATHERINE RUTH VAN CISE "Ruthie" Cute, blond, short, nice to be around. Class Secretary 12; Junior Play; Newspaper Staff; Choir 11; Dance Club 11; FHA 11,12; Bible Club 12; Yearbook Staff 12; FBLA 10.RONALD LEROY VAN ORD "Ronnie” Big tease, friendly, quiet. Senior Play; Orchestra 10; Band 11; Field and Stream 10; Archery Club 11; Camera Club 12. ELMER WESLEY WELCH "Bud" Cut-up, quiet, friendly. Basketball manager 10; Field and Stream 10, 11; Varsity Club 11,12; Football 10,11,12; Dance Club 12.WESTON WARREN WILCOX "Wes" Honor Student, tall, good looking. Senior Class President; Student Council 12; Senior Play; Junior Play; Basketball 10; Football 11,12; Varsity Club 12; Field and Stream 10; Dance Club 11,12; FFA 10,11, 12. Senior Officers President WESTON WILCOX Secretary RUTH VANCISE Vice President THOMAS FIRTH Treasurer BETTY KIRBYClass Will DONOR Senior Class Levi Carlstrom Patty Chase Douglas Dilker Betsy Firth Tom Firth Beverly Fischer Ross Hawks Harlan Hill Ray Holt John Johnson Betty Kirby Tom Knapp Bob Knopf Joan Mahan Keith Rosendahl Bob Ruhlman Nancy Schoonover Dave Marquis Sylvia Mesler Sue Onink Ed Orcutt Lyle Porter Helen Sears Carole Smith Beverly Stanton Donald Stuart Weston Wilcox Elmer Welch Mildred Sprandle Ronnie Stewart Ruth Van Cise Irene Van Cise Ronnie Van Ord Dave Waite PROPERTY BENEFICIARY Reputation for being the worst class Junior Class Quickness William Allenson Dancing Ability Lloyd Irwin Historical Knowledge Alan Marquis Talkativeness Dorothy Zurkan Mustache Bill Chase Commercial Ability John Feeny Chauffeurs Ability Barbara Anderson Ice Skating Ability Harry Carlson Dennis the Menace Comics Nancy Kirby Parties Beatrice Work Red Hair Jack Wilcox Athletic Ability Donald Nuttall Shyness Donald Hook Ambitiousness Perry Britton Humor Larry Larson Good naturedness Dave Rockwell Giggling Ability Boyd Benson Quietness Jim Darts Love for Music Margaret Jones Height Sally Siggins Teasing Ability Bill Lyon Freckles Bob V an Ord Blond Hair Merle Wightman Nice Smile Phyllis Penley Curly Hair Bob McCoy " Brawls" Dorothy Gage Flirting Ability John Gregory Plymouth Bob Mack Horn Catherine Van Cise Warren Girls Sherwood Olson Shortness Sandra West Love for the Navy Doris Swanson Power Wagon Carol Bailey Tardiness Pat BiehlsSmith Sisters . . Man Wife Maybe Cecil Raybon . . . Now, Miss Jonas The Roaring Twenties? Was it little Napoleon ? Slurp ! Ma PaWILLIAM ALLENSON BARBARA ANDERSON SALLY BABCOCK CAROL BAILEY CHARLES BAIR BOYD BENSON PATRICIA BIEHLS PERRY BRITTON EMMA CARLSON HARRY CARLSON WILLIAM CHASE EUNICE CLOVER Squires and 'Damsels JAMES DARTS JOHN FEENY DOROTHY GAGE VALERIE GAGE JOHN GREGORY JAMES GRUBER DONALD HOOK JANET HOUCK LLOYD IRWIN MARGARET JONES VIOLET JONES NANCY KIRBYLARRY LARSON WILLIAM LYON ROBERT McCOY FRED McKINNEY ROBERT MACK ALAN MARQUIS NANCY MOORE DONALD NUTTALL SHERWOOD OLSON PHYLLIS PENLEY DAVID ROCKWELL SALLY SIGGINS Squires and Damsels FRED STANTON DORIS SWANSON CATHERINE VAN CISE ROBERT VAN ORD MARTHA WEBSTER LARRY WELCH SANDRA WEST MERLE WIGHTMAN JACK WILCOX BEATRICE WORK DOROTHY ZURKANBackfield in Motion" Green Thumb ? ? Oh ! Where have you been? Where's your horse ? Hot Dog ! ! Gone Hollywood Pete Which is which ? ? Pool, anyone ? "Junior Napoleon" Sleeping Beauty Majorettes op()omoresiJerry Angove Shirley Bailey Shirley Bair Linda Capron Louise Capron Louise Carlberg Darlene Carlson Ruth Ann Carlson Ruth C arlstrom Jerry Chilcott Leslie Devereaux Dolores Dexter Carol Eberhart Gloria Ellberg James English Pages Barbara Flasher Grace Foster Judith Fox Jeanne Garrett Mary Ann Gebhart Gloria Hansen Elsa Harde Emmajean Harmon Beverly Hochhaus Vernon Holmquist Ted Holt Phyllis Hunt Marilyn Ingerson Ruth Johnson 1 : Heinrich Kutschke Barbara Lank Gary Lewis Melinda Lyford Howard Mcjunkin Clayton Mesler Marilyn Miller Judy Morando Patricia Passinger Bonnie Perrin Robert Porter Donald Rockwell Arnold Rowland Nancy Shaffer Mary Jane Southwell Pages Priscilla Spencer Donald Spink Bruce Swanson Nancy Swanson Richard Swanson Charles Tower Gloria VanHouten Virginia VanOrd Janet VanOrman Delores Wilcox Shirley Williams Nancy Ziegler Michael Zurkan"Brownie” Private Sec. ? Ray, Ruthie, Gloria, Val, Marty Study Hall I'll get you, you 7th grader! Bored of Education Celebrity Iner Mr. Redin Mrs. Leathers "I Predict ! !Kathleen Abbott Carolyn Allenson Robert Anderson Kenneth Atkins William Black Fredric Brasington Ralph Braley Dean Britton Deanna Carlson Larry Childs Kathie Clark Francis Craker Lee Devereaux Rita DeWatter Charles Dilker Sallie Dilker Vern Ecker Calvin Eckert Bonnie Ekdahl Bonnie Eriksen Vassals Lynn Firth James Fox Gayle Gage Peter Glotz Rodney Gourley Betty Gruber Joyce Gruber Ray Gruber Sally Griggs Alton Henning Ford Hitchcock Florence Irwin Mary Johnson Ronald Johnstone Richard Jones Minor Kaltenbach Baldur Kutschke Alan Lauffenburger Donna Longenecker Connie Lohnes ALarry Ludwick Jane Lundmark Cathie Mack Dennis McNally Carole Meredith Janice Michael Nancy Muczynski Norma Muntz Kenneth Nichols Dawn Nobbs Georgia Parks Franklin Penley Joelene Phillips Linda Rockwell Carol Sears Ralph Shaw Donald Sherrard Ronald Sherrard Dorothy Slocum Ora Smith Vassals Tom Smith Jerry Stewart Steven Stewart Martha Stohlberg Kaye Storms Sarah Stuart Linda Thompson Ronald Tubbs Donald Tudor Paul Tutmaher Robert Watson Donna Weilacher Patricia Weilacher Benard Weisbrod Nancy Werner Carol Wolcott Marvin Work Frederick Wright Lynda Wright David YounieApprentices Joan Anderson William Angove Dennis Arp Carol Atkins Sharon Atkins Gary Bailey Myrtle Bairstow Dale Bartholomew Maurice Beedle Charles Black Clara Black James Black Clarence Braley Terry Brant Barbara Brasington Frank Burgett Sheldon Carlson Stephanie Carlson Paul Carlstrom Catherine Caruso Tom Casey James Chase Joy Darling Robert Darts Donna Dexter Joyce Eberhart Gerald Fisher Brenda Gage Edna Gage Lois Gebhard Beverly Gray Delores Gregory Sheila Hartman Barbara Hitchcock Shirley Hohhaus Barbara Hook Phillip Ingerson Curtis Johnson Daniel Johnson Herbert Johnson Wayne Kipple Arden Knapp Wayne Longnecker Margaret LordApprentices Terrie Marquis Patricia McKinney Bonna Mesler Charles Morando Joan Muschick Tommy Nobbs Zane Nobbs Gary North Ruth Oviatt Gerald Onufer Joyce Penley Gerald Perrin Melvin Perryman Keith Peterson Thomas Phillips Lynn Quiggle Alan Robbins Howard Rutsky Robert Salhoff Carol Satterthwait Elaine Schuyler Joyce Sears Carol Shaffer Gail Shaw John Stewart Roberta Stewart Susan Stewart Caroline Sweeney Sandra Taylor Tommy Thompson Josephine VanCise Barbara Wells Douglas Weston Ronald Wilkins Violet Wilkins Kenneth Williams Louis Williams Ronald Wolcott Mildred Wood Dwight Work Shirley Brooks Norma Perrin Kay Williams Ralph Burton; ■ i Jean Allen Anne Marie A llenson Linda Bloomgren Carol Bosko Linda Brown few) 1 Lillian Bush Charlotte Carlson Sherry Cowles Shirley Dexter Charles Eriksen Patricia Flasher Rosemarie Glotz Janet Gruber Jim Hodges Richard Howard Doris Irwin Judy Jones Dorothy Marsh Betty McMillen Barbara Mead ■ Arlabelle Nelson Diane Nichols Priscilla Nobbs Toni Nobbs Juanita Reed Sandra Riggle Mollie Rockwell Georgia Skinner Nancy Sliter Ruthie Smith Delores Stornes Edna Sturdevant Mary Sweeney Marilyn Thelin Mary Ellen VanCise Cora V anOrd Linda Webster Robert Larson Kussell First row: Richard Gantz Richard Thompson Edvard Kutschke Richard Pratt William Southwell Edward Weisbrod Richard Tudor Second row. Gordon Bush Allan Concoby Herbert Allenson William Stuart Kenneth Gertsch Darrell Weilacher Ronald Craker Howard Flasher Terry Wolcott Third row: James Smith Lewis Gebhart Donald Marsh Hugh Porter Alan Ludwick Ronald Passinger Joseph Troxell Fourth row: Paul Brown Lyle Williams Lowell Livezey Arthur Kelsey James Carlson Angelo Vilardo Hayes Groves First row: Allen Swanson Rhody Hotaling Milton Johnson Dale Holt Darrell Michael Melbourne Eriksen Second row: Camille Wilcox Jeraldine Lauffenburger Carol Fehlman Sharon Anderson Beverly Shaw Sandra Jobes Nancy Laurence Patricia Goudy Sandra Haller Third row: Linda Wilkins Dora Hottel Carol Smith Marie V an Ord Brenda Lohnes Bonnie Hice Barbara Johnstone Kay Fox Peggy Stanton Jeanette Lauffenburger Mrs. Solinger Judy Britton Fourth row: Stephen Fogle Thomas Wood James Lang Robert Petersen Dennis Owens Ronald Jordan Murray Peterson Dennis SturdevantBev and Tom "Now Skip" Sign your name And away we go I ! Miss Reese Hall Monitor The Thinker Wrong way, SherwoodTOM KNAPP, Co-Captain TOM FIRTH ELMER WELCH RAY HOLT DON STUART SHERWOOD OLSON JIM DARTS fred mckinney LARRY WELCH LESLIE DEVEREAUX NA 12 Sheffield - - - 0 NA 13 Youngsville - - 13 NA 39 Silver Creek - 2 NA 35 Brocton - - - - 0 NA - - - - 31 Westfield - — 6 First row: D, Waite, W, Wilcox, H. Hill, R. Holt, E. Welch, J. Johnson, T, Knapp, T, Firth, R. Hawks, E. Orcutt, D. Dilker, D. Stuart. Second row: Mr. Luvison, J. Gruber, D. Spink, D. Rockwell, J. Darts, M. Wight-man, A. Rowland.HARLAN HILL WESTON WILCOX DOUGLAS DILKER JOHN JOHNSON EDWARD ORCUTT, Co-Captain JOHN FEENEY ARNOLD ROWLAND BOB McCOY DAVE ROCKWELL MERLE WIGHTMAN Cont.) Second row: F. McKinney, L. Welch, J. Feeney, R. Mc-oy, S. Olson, C. Mesler, M . Bauer. Third row: J. Wilcox, L. evereaux, D. Rockwell, J. English, D. Younie, D. McNally, A. lenning, J. Fox, J. Angove, C. Dilker, P. Tutmaher, M. Work, . A llenson.NA 42 Bemus Point 66 NA 46 Panama 50 NA 43 Spartansburg 33 NA 64 Wattsburg 41 NA 57 Cassadaga Valley 67 NA 52 Alumni 49 NA 59 Sherman 60 NA 53 North Clarion 54 NA 40 Youngsville 41 NA 62 Tidioute 51 NA 66 West Forrest 55 Varsiti FIRST STRING VARSITY TOM KNAPP, Captain LARRY WELCH BUD ROWLAND ED ORCUTT SHERWOOD OLSON First row: T. Knapp. A. Rowland. E. Orcutt. Second row: Mr. Grosch, M. Wightman. D. Hook, L. Welch. Third row: D. Rockwell, S. Olson. Absent: T. Firth.NA 59 East Forrest 42 NA 50 Spartensburg 52 NA 53 Pleasantville 54 NA 53 Youngsville 48 NA 54 East Forrest 49 NA 45 Cassadaga Valley 67 NA 75 West Forrest 48 NA 55 Tidioute 47 NA 67 Pleasantville PLAY-OFF GAME 57 NA 45 Pleasantville 53 SECOND STRING VARSITY TOM FIRTH BOB VAN ORD DON HOOK DAVE ROCKWELL MERLE WIGHTMAN First row: J. Darts, J, Angove, R. Van Ord, Second row: T. Holt, C Tower, J. English; Mr. Bauer. Third row: D. McNally, W. Allenson, J. Gregory.‘Junior High loot ball First row: Arden Knapp Ron Wilkins Keith Peterson Herb Johnson Ken Williams Alan Robbins Morris Beedle Bill Angove Second row: Mr. Grosch Frank Burgett Bob Darts Tom Casey Charles Black Bob Salhoff Mr. Binney Third row: Gary Bailey Sheldon Carlson Jim Hodges Dennis Arp Phil Ingerson Jim Chase Tom Nobbs Ray Gruber Donald Sherrard Dale Bartholomew Second row: Ronald Sherrard Keith Peterson Tom Casey Bob Darts Lynn Firth Mr. Luvison Third row: Jim Chase Herb Johnson Morris Beedle Vern Ecker Alton Henning Clarence Braley Junior Migli basketballCheerleaders Varsity Judy Morando Shirley Williams Melinda Lyford Nancy Kirby Linda Capron Sally Siggins Sylvia Mesler, Alternate Joyce Penley Ruth Carlstrom Connie Lohnes Marilyn Miller Carol Sears Carolyn Allenson TV O Junior High Cathie Mack Joyce Sears Nancy Muczynski Dawn Nobbs Bonnie EckdahlVarsity Club Initiation Huddle The Bench Get that rebound I Queen Betty J.V.’s Hike 1 I Mr. Luvisongcttoittesyearbook Staff First row: Tom Firth, Sports and Art; John Johnson, Photography. Second row: Tom Knapp, Sports and Art; Betty Kirby, Assistant Editor; Sylvia Mesler, Editor-in-Chief; Ruth VanCise, Advertising. Third row: Joan Mahan, Treasurer; Mr. John Binney, Advisor; Beverly Stanton, Business Manager. The main purpose of any yearbook is to furnish the student with a lasting memoir of all the events, high school friends and acquaintances that comprise the past year or years. It was with this purpose in mind that the staff, along with their capable advisor, Mr. Binney, would meet nights and work toward the production of this edition of the LANCE. At this time, it would be appropriate to extend a heart-felt "thanks" to each and every person who had a part in this yearbook. Without their cooperation and effort, this production would not have been possible. With the production of the LANCE completed, it is the sincere hope of the staff that the edition will be enjoyed by all and will become even more meaningful in the future years.Newspaper Staff First row: Mr. Binney, Betsy Firth, Tom Knapp, Betty Kirby, Co-Ed.; Beverly Stanton, Co-Ed.; Joan Mahan, Ruth Van Cise, Irene Van Cise, Mrs. Schmidt. Second row; Sylvia Mesler, Mrs. Stohlberg, Larry Ludwick, Donald Rockwell, Larry Larson, Robert Van Ord, Bonnie Ekdahl, Emmajean Harmon, Dorothy Marsh, Mrs. Norton, Mrs. McClure. Third row: Fatty Chase, Beverly Fischer, Dorothy Gage, Nancy Moore, Jim Darts, Larry Welch, John Johnson, Valerie Gage, Nancy Kirby, Nancy Schoonover. The purpose of the NORTHERN LITE is to bring the students up to date on the school activities, such as sports, club news, and other phases of high school life. Under the co-editorship of Beverly Stanton and Betty Kirby, the NORTHERN LITE is published every three weeks with special issues for football, basketball, and Commencement. There is a general feeling among students and faculty that the advantages of putting out an edition are many-fold. The experience gained by each person contributing to this publication will be most beneficial in future endeavors. First row: Mrs. Wingert, Linda Thompson, Carol Smith, Helen Sears, Sue Onink, Betsy Firth, Ruth Van-Cise, Shirley Williams, Judy Morando, Mrs. Curtis. Second row: Barbara Lank, Margaret Lord, Terrie Marquis, Patty Passinger, Carol Wolcott, Myrtle Bairstow, Sharon Atkins, Clara Black, Carolyn Sweeney, Barbara Flasher, Gloria Ellberg, Phyllis Hunt, Judy Fox, Carol Sears, Ora Smith, Kay Storms, Linda Rockwell, Martha Stohlberg, Linda Wright, Sally Dilker, Dorothy Slocum. First row: Ronald Sherrard, Calvin Eckert, Jim English, Gary Lewis, Donald Spink, James Gruber, Donald Nuttall, Donald Sherrard, James Fox, Kenneth Atkins, Fred McKinney. Second row: Henry Kutschke, Bob Mack, Dave Marquis, Robert Knopf, Bill Chase, Reporter; Tom Firth, Vice President; Weston Wilcox, President; Lyle Porter, Secretary; Boyd Benson, Treasurer; Dave Waite, Harlan Hill, Harry Carlson. Third row; Baldur Kutschke, Lynn Firth, Lee Devereaux, Ralph Braley, Lloyd Irwin, Kenneth Nichols, Charles Tower, Mr. Soper, Ricky Wright, Dick Swanson, Ted Holt, Bill Black, Rodney Gourley, Bob Porter, Dale Penley.Q.A-A- First row: Janet VanOrman, Melinda Lyford, Treasurer; Valerie Gage, Janet Houck, Betty Kirby, President; Dorothy Gage, Vice President; Elsa Harde, Jeanne Garrett, Beverly Hochhaus. Second row: Phyllis Penley, Gloria Hansen, Shirley Bailey, Carol Eberhart. Dolores Dexter, Priscilla Spencer, Louise Carl-berg, Marilyn Miller, Linda Capron, Mr. Leathers. Third row: Emmajean Harmon, Marilyn Ingerson, Nancy Moore, Delores Wilcox, Virginia VanOrd, Violet Jones. Absent: Doris Swanson, Secretary. Varsity Club First row: John Feeny, John Johnson, Douglas Dilker, Thomas Knapp, Vice President; Sally Siggins, Secretary-Treasurer; Elmer Welch, Nancy Kirby, Sherwood Olson. Second row: Mr. Bauer, Leslie Devereaux, Robert McCoy, Donald Spink, James Darts, Arnold Rowland, David Rockwell, Larry Welch, Merle Wight-man, Jackson Wilcox, Donald Rockwell, Mr. Luvison. Absent: Thomas Firth, President; Weston Wilcox, James Gruber, Fred McKinney.Bible Club First row: Francis Craker, Charles Black, Wayne Longnecker, Larry Ludwick, Ray Gruber, Alton Henning, Clayton Mesler, Bruce Swanson. Second row-. Kay Storms, Carol Sears, Dorothy Gage, Valerie Gage, Ruth VanCise. Helen Sears, Betty McMillen, Priscilla Nobbs, Sherry Cowles, Nancy Werner, Elaine Schuler, Brenda Gage. Third row-. Miss Reese, Patty McKinney, Joyce Sears, Linda Thompson, Betty Gruber, Ar labelle Nelson, Dawn Nobbs, Clara Black, Catherine VanCise, Irene VanCise, Ruth Carlson, Nancy Schoonover, Mildred Sprandle, Florence Irwin, Edna Gage, Mary Johnson, Nancy Zeigler, Mrs. Norton. Fourth row: Beverly Gray, Josephine VanCise, Bonna Mesler, Janet Gruber, Anne Marie Allenson, Carol Atkins. Donna Longnecker, Margaret Lord, Terrie Marquis, Carol Smith, Gloria Ellberg, Gloria Van-Houten, Bonnie Perrin, Carolyn Allenson, Deanna Carlson. Cibranans Club First row: Mildred Sprandle, Catherine VanCise, Sheila Hartman, Beverly Stanton, Joan Mahan, Mary Johnson. Mary Ann Gebhart. Second row: Carol Eberhart, Dolores Dexter, Deanna Carlson, Miss Reese, Caroline Allenson, Florence Irwin, Marilyn Ingerson.J.Z.A. First row: Charles Tower, Treasurer; Connie Lohnes, Vice President; Bonnie Eckdahl, Librarian; Virginia VanOrd, President; Delores Wilcox, Secretary; Linda Capron, Louise Capron. Second row; Don Rockwell, First row: Mrs. Leathers, Mrs. Wingert, Bob McCoy, Treasurer; Ross Hawks, President; Jim Darts, Vice President; Mr. Redin, Mr. Briggs. Second row; Mrs. Schmidt, Joyce Penley, President; Joan Muschick, Treasurer; Dennis McNally, Vice President; Nancy Werner, Secretary; Patty McKinney, Treasurer; Mrs. Norton.Camera Club Robert Ruhlman Ronald VanOrd, Vice Pres. John Johnson, President Mr. Briggs Margaret Jones, Secretary Eunice Clover Sharon Atkins First row: Jane Lundmark Norma Muntz Sarah Stuart Betty Gruber Linda Thompson Joyce Gruber, Secretary Katherine Clark Hobby Club Second row: Mrs. Rosendahl Myrtle Bairstow, President Priscilla Spencer, Vice Pres. Dennis McNally Louis Williams Donald Tudor Marvin Work, Treasurer Peter Glotz Zane NobbsFirst row: Larry Ludwick Nancy Kirby Barbara Anderson Sylvia Mesler, Secretary-Treasurer Georgia Skinner Beverly Stanton Joyce Gruber Doris Irwin Howard Rutsky Second row: Tom Firth, President Sherwood Olson Vice President Sheila Hartman Nancy Swanson Bonnie Eckdahl Joan Mahan Irene VanCise Ruth Carlstrom Louise Capron Bob McCoy Weston Wilcox Absent: Bob Porter Dale Penley First row: Charles Morando Juanita Reed Roxanne Sturdevant Doris Irwin Charlotte Carlson Carolyn Sweeney Ruth Carlstrom Secretary -Tre asurer Emmajean Harmon Wayne Kipple Second row: Janet VanOrman Gloria Hansen Shirley Bailey Mary Ann Gebhart Judy Fox Martha Stohlberg Darlene Carlson William Allenson Jackson Wilcox Robert VanOrd Nancy Swanson Patty Passinger John Stewart Mrs. Stohlberg Absent: Ruth Johnson, President Dramatics ClubChoir First row: Melinda Lyford, Nancy Kirby, Nancy Schoonover, Mildred Sprandle, Louise Capron, Linda Cap-ron, Louise Carlberg, Nancy Moore, Patty Biehls. Second row: Dan Holmquist, Mary Ann Gebhart, Ruth Carlstrom, Phyllis Hunt, Nancy Swanson, Elsa Harde, Barbara Flasher, Dolores Dexter, Sue Onink, Betsy Firth, Betty Kirby, Dorothy Gage, Mr. Lyford. Third row: Michael Zurkan, Charles Tower, Bob McCoy, Arnold Rowland, Bill Allenson, Jim Darts, Don Spink, Ricky Wright, Keith Rosendahl. First row: Judy Morando, Mary Southwell, Barbara Anderson, Valerie Gage, Carol Bailey, Irene VanCise, Patty Chase, Janet Houck, Shirley Williams. Second row: Emma Carlson, Darlene Carlson, Beverly Hoch-haus, Jeanne Garrett, Marilyn Miller, Gloria Elberg, Carol Eberhart, Beverly Fischer, Virginia VanOrd, Joan Mahan, Sylvia Mesler, Marilyn Ingerson, Mr. Lyford. Third row: Ruth Carlson, Gloria VanHouten, Clayton Mesler, Sherwood Olson. Harlan Hill, Gary Lewis, Bruce Swanson, Levi Carlstrom, Patty Passin-ger, Barbara Lank.Qlee Clubs First row: D. Dexter, M, Thelin, J, Jones, T, Nobbs, R. Glotz, J. Reed, J, Gruber, S. Taylor, C. Carlson, D. Irwin, S. Cowles, P. Nobbs, B. McMillen, C. Bosco, M. Rockwell, S. Riggles, L, Bloomgren, D. Marsh, Second row: S. Hartman, L. Brown, M. Stohlberg, P. McKinney, O. Smith, S. Atkins, B. Eckdahl, C. Lohnes, J, Gruber, N. Muntz, C. Allenson, D. Carlson, B. Gruber, C. Black, B. Hitchcock, D, Nobbs, N. Muczynski, N. Sliter, B. Schuler, B. Gage, D. Stornes, M. Sweeney, C, Sattherw, C. VanOrd, L. Gebhart, Mr. Lyford. Third row: S. Hochhaus, J. Muschick, B. Mesler, L. L. Thompson, D. Slocum, C. Shaffer, V. Wilkins, C. Caruso, B. Ericksen, S. Stewart, R. Sturdevant, M. Lord, T. Marquis, D. Longnecker, K. Abbott, C. Atkins, B. Brasington, S. Stuart, E. Gage, F. Irwin, J. Micheal, P. Flasher, G. Skinner, J. Allen. First row: Philip Ingerson, Daniel Johnson, Paul Carlstrom, Tom Nobbs, Zane Nobbs, Larry Ludwick, Charles Morando, Kenny Williams, Tom Thompson. Second row: Mr. Lyford, Bill Angove, Dennis McNally, Bob Darts, Donald Sherrard, Tom Casey, Ronald Sherrard, Ray Gruber, Don Tudor, Vem.Ecker.First row: C. VanOrd, D. Stornes, R. Carlstrom, D. Longnecker, S. Stuart, D. Nobbs, T. Nobbs, R. Watson, L. Webster, M. Sweeney, S. Cowles, S. Carlson, R. Carlson. Second row: M. Sprandle, J. Allen, V. VanOrd, D. Wilcox, C, Lohnes, B. Eckdahl, M. Lyford, L. Ludwick, B. Stanton, C. Stewart, M. Stohlberg, C. Morando, L. Carlstrom, P. Tutmaher, Third row: D. Carlson, M. Miller, G. Ellberg, S. Griggs, L. Carlberg, M. Webster, F. McKinney, B. Allenson, C, Mesler, B. Swanson, C. Allenson, K. Peterson. Senior Maud Members MILDRED SPRANDLE LEVI CARLSTROM BEVERLY STANTONEscapee ! ! We Three Merle and his first girl Sherwood and Friend "Holtski" Senior English Lee Charades ? ? "John" One Lung QuartetSPONSORS Jamestown Chamber of Commerce Warren, Pennsylvania Angove’s Market B B Smoke Shop Betty Lee Beyer Construction Co. Bevevino Electric Co. Biekarck’s Music House C. Beckley, Inc. C. C. Smith Co. Carter Shoe Store Carver Hotel, Inc. Charles Russo Plumbing and Heating Dan’s Chevrolet Evert’s Hardware Fernow Pontiac-Cadillac, Inc. Gaughn’s Drug Store Hanna Motor Sales H. L. Link J. C. Penney Co. Jean Carol Hat Shop King-Keystone Lester Shoe Store Levi Epstein Logan’s Mens Wear M. L. Satterlund Miller Shop Mullen Drug Store N. K. Wendelboe Co. Picketts Printz Co. Redding and Whren Reliable Furniture S. S. Kresge Co. Savoy Cafe The Style Shop Times Mirror United Cigar Store Valone Cleaners Valone Shoe Store Warren Bank Trust Co. Watt Office Supply Western Auto Abbott’s Red and White Store Akeley’s Grocery Store Baker’s G. L. F. Service Barlow Farm Dairy J. A. Jacobson,Inc. Barrett’s Garage Bill’s Atlantic Service Charles Fox Garage Decker’s Garage Dick’s Sterling Service Frank Darrow Hardware Hale Grocery Heilmans Grocery Louies Lunchenette Lundgren Motor Sales Mary’s Bake Shop Moll Hide Company Moyer Brothers Pat Ferrie Rickerson’s Red and White Store Russell Farm Service Russell Flower Garden Schoonover’s Furniture Store Sprandle’s Confectionery Sugar Grove Farm Supply Sugar Grove Garage The Cross Roads The Nobbs Shop Ungers Wholesale Foods Yellow and Black Store Arden Walters Dale Skinner Sands Store Mr. and Mrs. Axel Carlstrom Mr. and Mrs. Guy Chase Lt. Ben Firth Mrs. Viola Firth Mr. and Mrs. John Fischer Mrs. Vera Kantor Mr. and Mrs. Orval Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Knapp Mr. and Mrs. George Mahan Mr. and Mrs. James Mesler Mr. and Mrs. Howard Onink Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Orcutt Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ruhlman Mr. and Mrs. Burt Schoonover Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stanton Rev. and Mrs. Marvin VanCise Mr. and Mrs. Ernest VanCise Mr. and Mrs. Louis VanOrd, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Welch TAYlO ruWrtMINO COMPANY 0All AS l| A$v t -7 - ’• ' - • . •• • ' '.% vV '"- •-• ' • . - -■- % - V- . - c-w" -•’ -; -• .." " ''•' .'-v "' ' ...'.'• • "O'- 7 •' ; x % 4 - ,. . - - --• . . . % " v» • . • X v. -v-N - .-• ... v% ;• ...• • % ' - z t . ‘' ■ ,, ; • • . . v • » • . t •- - 'N • v. : v. . » •'k - v. • - f —-'- .- • -

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