Eisenhower High School - Faded Purple Yearbook (Hopkins, MN)

 - Class of 1972

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Eisenhower High School - Faded Purple Yearbook (Hopkins, MN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1972 volume:

. v..l , r.u:,, X V ' , 'i .w , . 'ig gs, 4 ,. f ,. r " 4. 1 ' Aj-S. w. E . ,... r ' , 7 ? . EM X 1 ,, A 5 ' W f , . . 1 O " 1 ,hit by ' . 5 F P K , P ,, ,, . l la, 1 ' i Lai: V L41 .- Lifyywff ef- Q, 'YU1 R'-1 3, ' hifi 1 fliwaef + 155 'Q 'i rfigggx ', , gsqqesi- Q. if, V, " L X f V 1 . ,. LL 5 Lf , . . 1 il -.4 -1 1 . 4 . A N Afggiyggi-V V A .Q .' . f - 'Q SJ N, I 4 K' i r ., 2 ,oy z f vi 5.1 . W Q rv 'J 0 5, V ' -RJ Y 4 F X' W,-.1 Q.- .A-5 , 4, ' 4 x 1 A' X. . -.-:ff .,-:'5-'+- 1- , - . J 1.. ' Q. fs ' 1 . " . f A ff' -.V 4, , fx Q M- 1-Q my f agp, 1 'ffl1':,Q ,V , ,A A . ,, . ff-'2 4 -,f:4,,.'-'W 1 - 3,. , --w al. "'f+w. ,f1:- - Vg f1"52f'fLL,, A " ,,ff . c. - , -- ,wrffz 073411 Vg has .1 nw- 'i'i5'ff2'r,- w1LFg,sa.z' 2 il rs ,E ff i f ' w .M W" 'v' 91 -ew 'ft " ' - ' 3 1 "-"'f'f-- 4 1 www . 'Y -1 . . 'Yi 714. -ka, wk , rv ,, ., I , x 2- W f,x'-.Q.- . I .db , If-3 1 ,f fg . gf, ,- .5-+ if 1: nr 1Q,'3',. ,4 PL' -uw ., fa- fff' .6 ' -1-,.-ii-1... .--,i-1-u-1 3-sr .gs-1 Q L 1- V - 'Z--fl XHQDED puwlfi 4 H J YE -fQT'L1PFglLKET5EEEhH1dNPE?l -- l'H9klY'15JMlY'lNE3SIIR Q11 ix Dedicated to 5. aa K el Q nr 1 If J' ,,, ff, V 1, WM, QV? .W S. ,, U W. H, Q , W 10 ,- o CX: X ff IX .ff ,fy , -...msn s tx xt jf' 4 'u 6 ,f ,X 4 r' -f M' 3 u ,..,. 1 ffk- www L.A. , SCHGOL GAME . aw- ,gn in W I M571 .0 1 'Whi - www .. ' QQ . 0' ' Q f' Km, X I' ,gf 00 if "f Q " U G .W X' wk I really like it so far but I don't know about next year when the seniors are gone. Susan Hazlett lt's like weirdos screaming at your head and not your ears 'cause you got sticky, and I feel like saying "Scuzz it up lady and your baseballs, snowballs, and meatballs." Lot of beans, too. . . Eric Li 1 I 3 f F fi K. senhower has its ups and downs but 's the best roller coaster in town. his scho'ol is a desertp a vast wasteland. uch an engaging administration! hey're even funny to boot. Wearing the purple" denotes royaltyg purple prose" is profaneg 1 literature a "purple passage" s an ornate, delicate portion if mostly dull proseg "Purple Heart" is a national apology o a victim of bad diplomacyp 'purple power" is chauvinistic. 'faded purple?" l'm ambivalent, Mike Mannelly D. Mead Forshtay :elebrating and mourning at the same time. 7 Hubert H. Anderson l basically like Ike, mainly because it has a pretty friendly relaxed atmosphere. It may be a little too apathetic, but at least it's mellow. TomAbts The best plan is no plan at all julie Abeln was . WHAT lN THE NAME OF DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER IS GOING ON HERE? The government is too many committees in one. lt seems every idea that pops up, a committee is needed. Soon a committee will be needed to count the committees. t ,,tt jim Herold Modular scheduling is the best kind and I met a lot of people but school is school and I still hate having to worry about grades. Mike Sime I have a kind of love-hate relationship with school.. . love for what a school could and should be, hate for what it's reality too often is. Put into a paragraph your life for the past 13 years, yeah. . .sure. . .why not? It's a collage of images scratching at the surface. . . begging to come to life. .. School is a roller-coaster of emotions. . .When it becomes a steady ride, with a rider numb, touching nothing, nothing touching him. . .then the school has ceased to function. I become numb. .. too often. . . The question "why school?" is not asked often enough . . .we've spent so much of our lives drifting. Caroljones HOMECOMINC ROYALTY Sophomore Attendants: Mike Sime jody Gilbert luniorAttendant5: Mike Damke Mary Maetzold CMECOMING HOMECOMINC ROYALTY Left to right: Prince Paul Stang Princess Lori johnson King jerry Delaney Queen Sue Abullarde Prince Dave Skold Princess Michelle Behring l m 1 SADIE N 'W if LJ? W N. Q? , Mt ,, tg? ffxf -Riff , "ff X5 .F , AX X' fe vi L 9 Qs? f Fifi' ,gi Q Michelle Barber and Bill Strenglis 4, . .f . ll 2 J Wm gf ,Mdr 1 j,,f J. V-.N 1 IEE? Q4 Ulf! 9 J 2 I ' 5 S! E A l f ei.. 'KV Q gg, k I Mx J sw L fi 'K asf x 63 1 'S' it 63 4, .4 .X 'Q 0 Ysufs. va -sz ,rg '1 ,z if '51 3-P :QP is "It was very unorganized. I didn't like it at all. lt shouldn't have been stag."-junior "I wouldn't go again."- sophomore Homecoming "The dance was good on the whole but I wish they'd had more decorations." - senior We had a great time. Dancing was really fun."- senior Sadie Hawkins "Even though the dance was held at Lindbergh there were more Eisenhower people there which shows we have more school spirit."-junior "I liked it for two reasons: Everyone was dancing, and everyone was so friendly."- sophomore Sno-Daze 16 :IJ 1 -eq. 17 45 .lx g X x I b-2' - iv 5 99 ji N +3 cf Q . S -f' 9 Qqfgfgsmv 44- S any 9 93 r 13-M "QR r'f""' I Q 1' n ' 0 f W1 i -4 34 Y , Q ja! is S L 5-flux. 8 'YF-H' , 7 j v wi. . "Right now if l were to be kicked out into the world l'd be lost. "-anonymous "Everything l'm doing here seems so irrelevant. l'm doing things and merely existing for purposes that mean nothing to meg maintaining a grade average to please my parents, so I'll be accepted in a good college to please my parents. My whole life-spending time doing things ldon't even want to do. "-anonymous Q SMILING RELATIVE Special Sections for Parents Grandparents Aunts Uncles Etc. Q ? QNKN fs? 4 1 5 W 0 Wi? W 97 5 5 S 2 3 5 E 2 2 E Q 5 x, v 1: . ga 5 5 25 Q N w EN 2 5 5 s 5 2 5 E 5 5 Z 3 5 i E 5 S E E E 5 E , 3 5 5 s 5 ? E 5 z E E 5 S 5 5 E A Q 3 E S a is NI 2 E S E E Steve Allen Cris Alstad Susan Abullarade Mohamad Adwan loe Albright MP' Q' 3 ., A Q ' r i 1 . J , ' 1 g, i Ui 4' 12-'missxag Kay Amundson Gary Anderson Margie Anderson jocelyn Andres TOITI Andrirlg Michelle Barber Debra Baribeau " -: s wie? Mary Anderson Nancy Anderson Charles Angell Barbara Apple Debbie Bauman Kay Bauman Kristi Amdahl Gary Ammend Richard Anderson Richard Anderson Vicki Artishon Bradlev Bangston Kathleen Begin Debbi Behmen Michelle Behring LaDonna Berg Betty Berggren Timothy Bevins Mary Lou Black Vally Bock Ernest Boese 2 if , .fA,, ,T ii f s, , r wi 1' .,-if ' . , iz' jeff Borne Robert Branson Wayne Bren Susan Bruer Carol Brunzell Barbra Bryant Barbra Bull David Burgstahler Shelley Burich Bonnie Burns lack Burton if 'lr T? . f ,--,1,f..' A ii. 3 A :.,h , . ,ny K .... X 's 'if ' E . 'J 1 ' : r ' , Mike Burton Nancy Caine Robert Campbell Diane Capistran lon Carlson Stephen Carlson Kathryn Carney lill Chelberg 93" EEL, ,,,, , . L, , .V zgwzxmg Karl Christianson Linda Christianson David Clapper Scott Clarke Mara Coleman Colleen Colosky Reta Comer Mary Conover wt , . ry: fill, J l Meredith Coonley Chad Cox Ian Chrisman Ianet Dahlberg Patty Dahmen Brian Damerow Dennis David Michael David Karen Day Lil , lane Diers Stan Dittmar john Donnellan Ruben Duran Debbie Elander Allan Elliot lanice Fackler lanet Fall Mary Farber jerry Delaney Thomas Dornfeld Kristine Ellison Kenneth Fix Rita Delmore R Steve Drobnick Mary Englar Holly Flattum jerry Dibble Bonnie Duderstadt Barbra Ernst Kathleen Fleming Charles Deitering Dawn Dunklee Richard Evans Kris Forberg David Forshtay Cheryl Garten Lenore Gibbs IT' Z 111' ., Nl: V, : L ' L L i , ki , J' G L' Louise Goede Daniel Goodman Michael Goodman jim Guttormson Rita Haberlach Steven Haertzen aelan enll llnnl , . ,,.. ' , so si sa -ar 2 1-r fm.. fr, ' sl G ' H , J , Scott Gibbs joe Goodwin Frank Greenlee james Gullekson Richard Gulllckson Nancy Hales Carol Hallquist joseph Harmon Qu-an-:V Q RQ Debra Hartfiel Vicki Haugen john Hazlett Nita Heissel Ruth Hemker Mary Hendrickson jeff Herman Michele Hoey Mg Scott Hutchinson X Thomas Hersman Mary Ann Hoffman 'Q-Jai' Diane Inman if Margret Hesse ludy Higgins Rosemary Hill lohn Hlavac lohn Holmquist loann Hondlik Leslie Horton Richard Hosfield Robin Hughes ' Lf .f f I ' M , siyyye , eyii 2 i ,y, 2 1 . .. emma 2 E6 5 if 2 x is " wi Q5 9 xx 2: i is L Ts 2 4 G gas 1 f i I 1 l 2 ' T452 .. , Susan lacobs Barbara Jacobson Larry lanke Kathy lensen Duane leske Brett johnson Lori johnson Michael johnson Nancy johnson Nancy j0hr1S0r1 Stacey l0l1f1SI0n loan Iondahl l Q Carol jones Rosemary jones Meredith Kakach Gail Karash David Karwacki William Kelly Richard Kenaston Colleen Kendall Tom Kesslar jon Kilgore Mike Klobe julie Kloos Kevin Knight William Knoblauch 5, f i if 5 Q f f ,- llt L tt A g l ff' 41, l laa 1 ttrl iiit t i l ' ' Debra Koppelman Valerie Korbel Roger Kraft Kim Krantz judy Kresbach Lynn Krismer Laurie Kuipers laakko Lampo David Lang Bruce Lanners Michael Lapic l KL lana Larson loyce Larson lody Laughlin Mary Lee Robert Leeds Pat Leizinger Eric Li Ellen Lilligren Debbie Linc Greg Linde l L Tara Lockwood Karl Lohman ' lim Lonto Vince Lucas Marcia Lujan Richard Lund 9 5" .W ,L,, M Dawn Lundgren Dan MacKinnon john Madson Holly Mahnke X I jennifer Maiser Pat Mannelly Colleen Manning john Martinson Scott Martinson Kyle Maser Bruce Mason Joanne Mason Debra Matson Mary Beth Mattheisen Doug Mattson -. sf?" Mary Mauer Steve May Mara McClure Timothy McCIuske Alex McDonald Patty McGannon Caroline McGovern ,wel 44' L 35 gk I v I W 5 Jwiix Haig McNamee Peggy McNeil Kenley Merrill Deborah McGowan Patricia McKenzie Mary McLean an loan Michl Katie Miesen Lance Mohn ,ff l 1 i Carla Morin Beverly Mueller Gary Mullenmaster Roxanne Murphy Robin Myers Bradley Narr Q 1 Q X David Nelson Ralene Nelson Richard Nelson Christine Merriman Ralph Murphy Barbra Nelson ,K ,yllc . Wendy Nelson ,QQ 1 e Mark Nichols Pamela Nightingale Bert Norman Michael Oien Robert Olberg Patricia Olsen l Linda Olson Mark Olson Roger Olson Lorri Owens Alan Patten Gregg Paulson 41" 2 is vm, :Ili lg, -Q Aft V ., x .1 4 . if ii Dale Pearson Carol Perkins Roxanne Peterson Q-.Q Patty Podruch Richard Pokorny Peggy Porwoll , 4- , 1 Barbara Olson f 1, .... i .,. W l ,, i ,V:,,A, . .,,, M g 1. ,, K7 KAVL Q ! Ji, N. K N 1 ' 'wa Robin Pavelka Ford Petterson Patrick Power , W- X O it In gl X , H g -w lm ' ,gs ig 1 ,U i , il an i f l 1 if I A A ,V ' 1 Y pf 7 37 . si , ' sr! r , Qc.-1. i 4 A X Q K N Q- f lanine Premil Scott Preston I 1 .x ,llizi K . V .1 in 3 'MH , ,if 5 1' 1' 2 ,ff 4 , Deanne Reineke Linda Reinhardt lames Robinson Brenda Roeser Michael Prieve Tom Quinn Michael Quist Patty Ralph Sue Ramacher R W my ,X , 3 X W fs Ss? 0 as K s v NW 5 ludy Rendahl Kathy Reynolds Paul Romportl Randi Rood 5-' J , I' Michael Ripple Ann Roseborough x 1. XE? Richard Rishak Dan Rowland X Sally Robertson Timothy Russell lohn Rustad Cindy Ryden Naomi Sandberg Charles Saunders Terry Saunders Terry Schleif Sandi Schnabel Earl Schott Susan Schwartzman Peggy Shea Sheldon Smith i9 1 t. l xi R 1 I , , y 4 fl l M . 2 F 4 ir I t a - Z ll l v ' K, : :..:: K l A A I A 4 iii r 'i 3 2. , t Michael Schultz jeff Schulz Mary Schutte f s lon Scully Steven Severson Robert Shaw Steven Sidla Patricia Siedler Ronald Siewart David Skoldl Kathleen Smid Barbara Smith Mary Soland Mary Solheid Laurel Sorenson Rick Sorenson Kathy Stacey is 3 Paul Stang Scott Stavlo Bruce Steinbach Laurie Stellmaker Sue Stevenson Laurie Stoll Linda Stoltz Vickie Swanson Kelli Sweenson Loretta Swenson lon Tesar Susan Trusty loan Tschimperle Dawn Uherka Diane Uherka Sue Stransky Bill Strenglis lon Strom Janet Thorson Robin Torberg Kellene Tracy l 5 -: ,md y vb' iv s..,.1l David Undis Donald Undis Leonard VanLuyk Renata Vasko Michael Velner Theodora Wall ludd Ward Sue Wiborg Thomas Wille Grieg Woodstrom Cherilyn Wright David Vilipski l l 5 1 t , Q jill Waterhouse Karen Wilson Robert Wilson Linda Wolf Michele Wolf Nancy Zaltz Lori Zera DeLaine Zimmerman Katie Voight Scott Walcher Steven Waldo Robert Walkowiak X Teresa Westberg Gudrun Westerlu nd David Wetterlin Richard White QU? MK 9543 it hx YU' A ,-Qxw Ja lg, elst Q-Q? RL la wt St ,QQ-7 5 5 ' if J x 2 9 3 5 2 4 2 fi 'L 3 f S 5 2 34 2 E 2 Q 5 2 X 3 3 3 9 s.,- .QQ ' Q 4x XX n s is lvx 'fig julie Abeln janet Aisawa Cynthia Allen Connie Alstad Don Amundson Barbara Anderson Carolyn Anderson Paul Arbisi William Arimond Cynthia Baillie Nancy Barron Sue Bartz Missy Bell Debbie Berg Glenn Berry David Biebighauser Claudia Bloom Mark Bodin Patricia Boerner Noel Bohach Mark Bollig ludy Booth lack Boyan Colleen Brady David Brask Nancy Bren Michael Brenny Dean Bruer Lael Buehring David Bull Douglas Cahn Robin Campbell Kimberly Carney Lonny Carpenter Patrick Carver Elizabeth Cermak loan Chapman Paul Charnstrom lan Chermak Deborah Choban Thomas Christian lane Christianson Cindy Colosky Margaret Conover Steve Corcoran Richard Daily Belinda Dallens Patricia Dalquist Susan Danielson Paul Decosse john Dinwiddie Kevin Doyle Lori Dressen Mark Dressen Larry Dudycha leanne Durig Susan Eades Mary Elnes Todd Empanger Lisa Engler Nancy Erhard Donald Ericson Ruth Fackler QW? is H -ri 2 ff fl H " al" W? 1. L.,-we f -4-Q' ,, 45 Barry Farber Patricia Fargo lane Fischer Bill Fleming Wayne Freiberg Deanna Freng Charles Fuhrmann Leah Fujimoto Stephen Gagnon Teresa Garvey Susan Gifft Allan Godfrey Lavonne Good Robert Goodmanson Kathleen Gould Charles Grabowski Beth Greeley jennifer Green Thomas Grier joanne Haarala Douglas Hall Carol Halverson Marguerite Hanbery William Hanzlik Shawn Harroun jay T. Hartman Mary Heffington Kathleen Hegres Michael Heinzen Frances Henderson Dwayne Hendricks Randy Henke Rob Henningsgard William Hentges james Herold Tim Herzog Paul Hlavac Becky Hoffart Richard Hoffman jean Holden Wendy Holland Skip Holschuh joseph Hruska Pamela Hudak Ronald Hultgren Daryll Inman Nancy lrrgang jim jefferies Kristinejenstad Blaise johnson Brian johnson Clairejohnson Lyndon johnson Marylohnson Brucelohnston Cheryl lones David Kaehler Kimberly Karner lohn Keefe Susan Kelting Robyn Kempainen Nancy Kephart Paul Kinion Cindy Klarquist jeffrey Kleiner Steven Kloempken Cynthia Korpi Steve Krenzen Suzanne Krieg Leroy Kuklok Paul Lang Mark Lanners Mary Lapic in n I S it h ' s if 'Q 1 -'SZ 5 L at All if-. l 'S Becky Larson Daryl Larson David Larson julie Larson Tim Larson Bruce Lau Steve Laursen Patricia Lee 'T Cheryl Lehman, , Twig Leininger Q I Rosanne Lindberyi Mark Lindgren Karin,Lindquist EQQH CL isei Ned Litin Candace Loeffel Peter Macmillan Mary Maetzold Timothy Maetzold Theresa Martine Donna Matson Si Matthies Scot McDonald Percilla McC.rew Catherine McLean Scott McLearen Mary McMahon Lisa McNamee Mitzi McQueen Cheryl Menge jeffrey Mertz Scott Minnick Cheryl Moen Tom Moscoe james Moulton Kathie Moulton lames Mullins Sue Munson lay Nagro Deborah Nasser Nancy Naze Constance Nelson Elizabeth Nelson Gregg Nelson Rhonda Nelson Paul Nichols Mary Novak Nancy Oas Steven Ogdahl Elizabeth Olson Mark L. Olson Mark S. Olson Peggy Olson Pat Orth Eva Otterlai Kathryn Pakenham Mary Partridge Laura Patten Nancy Paul jerry Paulsrood -.aw wwisibu, aww Barbara Pearson Lori Pearson lean Peters Anne Peterson Garrett Peterson Larry Peterson Patricia Peterson Peggy Peterson Richard Peterson William Pierro Margaret Podruch julie Pohle Steven Pohle Stephen Porwoll Debby Quinn Randy Ralph Hal Ramsey Maureen Reagan Elizabeth Reid Carol Reimer Karen Reinhardt Pat Rienstra loyce Ripplinger Roberta Rix lam es Ryan Kristin Sandefur Denise Sander Douglas Pavelka Mark Saufferer Mary Savage Susan Schaefer janet Schelpletz Debra Schmidt Mary Schott Cynthia Schulte Pam Schulz Susan Scott Tom Segerstrom Cheryl Seifert loan Sester Eddie Sevold Timothy Siefles Andrea Silverstein jacki Sivanich Cameron Skold Mary Smith Scott Smith leanne Solheid Mari Sollom Michelle Sorenson Stacey Speaker Antoinette Spechio Toni St. Pierre Lynn Stalley Cherryl Stavlo lo Sterriker Lee Stilkey jerry Stocksett Karen Stone Diana Strachen lacquelin Strojan janet Swanson lon Swanson Becky Swenson lolene Swenson lohn Taylor jeff Tesar Donna Tharp Catherine Thayer Timothy Thompson Mark Throne Suzanne Thwing Holly Tinkham Peter Torberg Judy Towey Mike Trow Thomas Trusty J' 'flair 'szgsyl V , ' 1 T , ' ::iZ:,:.. -fs i si 4 J 0' 2 kwa ' 1. s rr um it qs 'M iw if .tx S 4 H A 'r 7 N z' fGL avi' X fa TQ? , X W -ft -s, , t 5 it , J, X .-4-'Z v ,f Kathy Tschimperle jill Underthun Steve Undis Nancy Urwin Glenda Vance David Vanek Richard Walsh Laurie Ward Brad Waryan Mike Weiss Patty Welsch Steven Westberg Doug White Paul White Shane White lacqueline Williams Karen Williams Karen Williams Steve Winge Robert Woods Tom Zimmerman Deborah Zipoy Debra Zuleski Nancy Zwart , , ' aj. - ,Q -We - ,-19,3-fg4L':, .35-'H 5,mlA '51 Q. U .A P, f A ' 13:55 ,g,j'.- -1 'W ,, u 1 ,'r,-.:f,,.- - K f-hm-5 ww' ' I ' W 1 f .1 I V 2.4 .-f'1!?,4.f ILf5'5,x , h ' 'A ,' 1 ' .'f'7, '.:" ,' g f Zlgfgsfx Q ,'Kf':,,',--M-.",.3-Z1-, -' ,,-' g.:gQ8v5- 1-.., ,gf- fw N-.ff2'1A1.?Q:'-l'- " 'il V55 ,.gf'.-jQ'i'-4 , i -..w' w YK ' r Q ,,g ,, 11 --Q. -l X ,Q 1 ...4 mv , a' J" P ! 2.71, I 1 ,,. , . x 1'-,xg 1 P 4 Q f w 4 qs-vi' M , k 3 ri Q , 33 fi S4 M 3 5 A , XJ fi Z1 H W 11 Q W V Z f Q E E ? 5 5 5 F S 1 f Q 5 3 S is 5 Q H, i 2 Q S F R 12 3 . r 5 Q E 5 V G 5 le 2 2 P 2 U 3 6 1 i N 2 E Q x f n 3 E 5 i 2 K 2 2 3 1 S 3 V 5 4 s 5 1 1 M ,Q ., V6 'I G.. I , ,i ,Q - -A , . 7 ,1 -,, Andrew Aarstad Stewart Abramson john Adamson Kari Amdahl Cheryl Anderson Diane Anderson Everett Anderson jay Anderson jeff Anderson Pat Anderson Mary Ardis Lynn Arlt Cathy Armajani Tony Arterburn james Avant Brent Balfanz Bradley Barclay Mimi Barzen Susan Bastian David Baztyr David Baumgard ner Lonnie Baumgardt Connie Beers Valerie Bengston Duane Benson Michael Bevins Thomas Birt Vickie Boklep Robert Bolts jennifer Borg jodena Bosaker julie Bowman Craig Brandenburg Thomas Brausen Shellie Breault Susan Brenny Dean Brodie Andrea Brown Kim Brown Kim Brown Susan Brown janice Bryant Debra Burns Richard Burton Thomas Bye Beverly Cahn William Cahn Daryl Capistran David Carlson Richard Carlson Sharon Cathers Lyle Cemenski Rodney Chelberg Ann Cashman janet Christenson Robert Christenson Ellen Christopherson Bradley Clift Constance Collias Colleen Connolly Scott Constans Kenneth Cooksey Myron Cooper ' yn: ffl- ,fin x 3 T ff' A 2 ff-4 .4 i at ,f if .533 if Q ,, , ,, W1 fd-. H QY5: We s we f te far Nancy Dahlof lane Dalquist Michael Delmore Susan Dibble Michael Dillon janise Dreyer Diane Dubuque Terry Dunsmore Keith Dwyer Melodee Dyar Deanne Enger Candace Engler Alan Erdahl Kimberly Erickson Richard Ericson Peggy Ernst Susan Even Cheryl Falconer Patricia Farber Gerald Faucher Allen Fazendin Dianne Fick Colleen Foley Mark Free Bruce Frieborg Marcia Fried Thomas Gagnon Tonja Garamella Garret Gardner Gerald Gebert Cheryl Geode Karen Gibbs Mark Giese Iody Gilbert RobertGilles Keith Golke Martha Grabowski Michael Grandner William Grodnik Renee Gullickson Connie Guthmiller Reid Gysland Marilee Hagel Ann Hales Marie Hall janet Haller Richard Hallquist Terry Handelman Curt Hanson Gregory Harkins jeffrey Harroun Christine Hartmann 15549, l"fXxwAk. K ...Q su- Kevin Hazlett Susan Hazlett Holly Hazuka Sue Heinzen Chris Helmes David Hermann Craig Hertzenberg Maureen Hessian Derry Hirsch Terresa Holmquist Nancy Horton Gary Hosfield David Hovinen Robin Huibregtse Ramona lllies Debra Irrgang Mathew Isaak Bruce Iverson Lori Iverson james Iacobsen Karen Iaffee Eliot Ianke 1 fm 'if My N J, lsjtrn Juscxlkgg CBQQNC5 5 NN X UL lm' xy Qvi kigiflelk Y5xNQkLuyi, Ch' X NU LR lxkllvwlwhgl QOMSX L tx egimm varies Cjqjemjw LL Lltwtxe is was Q t trees elses estemwtza einem hw K UM Q Mk ,Qugbwxqg eigfpx ,Lge lilxkfb DKQCQKQ X13 C I Ui if 'Q ,e,,fFw lvgxxxybg Clyki M0412 Q73 yD,CgQLQ,LK, elgemxmn Clk Us li Q 0 Cvwx ky,-QQK, is QLLX XJNLSL I - lglg ,XXX Qqgv K K bl Qwdq Jq,msiwtfKfe,r QSCLBLMQ lx t 5 f- KXLLSQ XfQjYwx5tl5XN 2 Q, S bf Qi lem, L lfgiklfb TQ, EY AX YUSS sbewwg MJNfYXCgL9v'enfy,3 , Michael jefferies Daniel jensen Patty jensen Sandra jensen Debbie johnson Deborah johnson Debra johnson james johnson Kristen johnson Lorri johnson Lowell johnson Stephen johnson Lisa johnston Mary Kaiser Kathi Karner Timothy Katz Laurie Kempfert Mark Kennedy Kelly Kidder Sherrie Kinde Karen King Linda King Scott Kistner Robert Kittay Kevin Kleiner Daniel Knoblauch Cathy Kohlstedt Kathy Kosanda Imam LK' U. .X , ,Y,, L pi Pqetryns uf, tv ,ULJY 8,04 Uzifltxilflmt llV'liQMH.llC L -"gg 'lwjg Q.ou:?xQ fp UW? 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V 9" 'FK 'Q Lorilee Morton Betty Mueller Kathleen Murphy Michelle Myers Gregory Narr joel Navickas Bernard Nelson Debra Nelson Teresa Nelson jim Nichols Peter Nordquist Sandra Norris james Odden Brian Olson Mark Olsen David Olson Debra Olson Doug Olson janel Olson Michael Olson Steven Olson Wendy Ostlund Kipton Oswald Kevin Oswald jonathan Parker Sherry Paterson jan Perlowski Deborah Peterson janet Peterson jean Peterson jill Peterson Margaret Petterson Charles Phillips Vicki Picha Linda Pierskalla Nancy Pollum Gregory Post Edward Potter Richard Preston Mary Prosen Katherine Pitzele Nancy Puelston Stephen Quello Ellen Ralph Robert Ralston Mark Ramsdell Kathy Reber Diana Redburn john Redpath Carl Rendahl Pamela Resch Karen Reynolds Deborah Rieger Robert Ringold Debra Ripley Lee Ann Rix james Roberts Constance Robinson Linda Rochford Laura Rolfe Lisa Rood Kay Rorgo Kim Rorgo Debra Rosen Nancy Rowland Marvin Rydberg Randy Saatzer William Sawyer Paul Schectman Mark Schermeister Pamela Schmidt David Schultz lon Schwartzman Elizabeth Scully Bonnie Sewall Nancy Shafer Brigid Shea Maureen Sheehan Cindy Shipp Michael Sime Janice Sletten Debra Sommerfeld Susan Specken Samuel St. Pierre loan Stacey Russell Slang Catherine Stanley Michelle Starich Ron Stark Kimberly Stilkey Kevin Stoll Kate Stone Vicki Strachota David Stram Bruce Strandberg Roy Stromquist Nancy Sundby Kathleen Swanson Mark Swanson Ronald Sween Richard Tanaka Patti Teply Dianne The-sing Elizabeth Thompson Susan Tiller Susan Timpane Bruce Tischbein Timothy Tollefson Scott Tower Diane Traaseth Chad Tschimperle Diane Tschimperle Michael Tudela Karen Tufvander Sharyl Turner Barbara Tyler Margaret Uram lan Vanderlinden Catherine Van Luyk Paula Velner Katherine Ventres Bill vilipski Thomas Wagner Tom Walkowiak Mary Walsh Susan Waterhouse Charles Watson Brian Webster Peter Wehner Susan Weiner Steven Werner Paul Westerberg Robert Werner Anita White Richard White Cathy Wigen Susan Wildberg Harold Wiley Robyn Wilkins Margaret Wille Gary Williams jeffrey Williams Kathy Wolf Charles Woodson lohn Woodstrom Brian Wyanrice Lilian Xochihus Sherlee Zaun Lisa Zera loette Zesbaugh I . , ' 4' f .H j I ,J , f'f f v, 41 p ,' 3,1 ,E - 'U' F' It ! V' 1 Q N. J ,fl ,J Q f . of f I . V 'TJ r . 4 i v r, ob , Quivml O ' 1 . . Q ,Vo A., Q -9 Q ' , ' kt' " -' 0 0 Q' ' ' O -1 U L 5-' 1 -' 1' ' . . G . A T- ' ' ' ' 0 ' '-. 1' . 4 Q I ' ' ' . ' 14.9 rf-'fa 'Q .,' f sf? 't K' " A' ' ' lr ad' . l T ' , ul' - , ' offf IU . , 0 'MA , GJ 'j',..-.Q I O .-.-'f' U Q 4 C-CLDEN RULERS 84 PURPLE SUBJECTS TLC K5 23 fi? , 0 GQ 42 I A AW f Qfigfgg 72 f,,. M Left: Chris Dukinfieldg English, French Right: Adrien Bouchardg French "We've have so much more freedom in classes than anyone realizesp it's all a matter of taking advantage of it "-junior ,Wm i I 9 X J f X . W W ".y,,. xD. f X gif fi - kg- . 73 xxx? " Q n 'XJ f N M mv' A J! , A " if is, .X L V A W W Y. L J W w ' Y' N' f QV 0 X Vw N fl f 44 'eff K Q4 Q . , . V kiwi: 4 u 5, U' :fn sf? '5 FX , X is W5 4 " wwf LJ 'N X N ff' if ew W M A w J fx gf X U-I Q LQ! X0 Q01 sk! .CLS , GJQY P05 X I7 Q ,nv N QA' OJ QQ, A QD Q w ff X .fe Q, ff Q XV xx 5 U Aja ofa C? DJ W CQ W 05 ff by i OV W F OW KNXLG Uk' JJN 6 K N W we W 0 XO QT K ff 17 0 1, 0 CDO Kofi A ,ing 9 Margaret Perryg German ,, "Most people I know are too worried about what's going on outside of class to notice what's happening in the classroom. "-senior s wil .535 iw A ,:,: i Abnerjacobyg Spanish ning ,.s Z. A 'balm-1-,fi ' ww mn-Htl f -r W. . -c -. 4' as 1 v ,fn - f ws I .N .- " 3 V1 '. ,Q , V4 7.1 5 4. .1 H qr, .f- O if W , ., ,r H3 F. A fl' 'fs-. I I i if W 'if- w 4 X 1 I Top left: Dan Kleinpastg Supervised Study Top right: Nicki Gerberdingg Supervised Study Bottom left: lamps Wernerg Special Education Bottom right: Ken Zopfig Supervised Study Left: Pat Sullivang Business Education Right: Norma Lundeg Business Educatiqn 77 ii' fi .t':i-if ' wxiiigf-ii:S1B?ei qaaiiiiiinilil E Q it W Wg Ei T ,mil-.i, :ig .545 -ii A it sg R , -:-f ii ,-:. W ,, va 5 5533 .::?!i5 'A5gi:w fi i2Ei5T.S'Qi:,' If' ' .I:- 5' 5i"Ei::fsif:'f:f- f : 'Eggs K 3 .3555 . . i UM If i ii ar .m1,, Above, this page: Fred Staileyp Social Studies iiitgj S Kg ii it Above, opposite page: Dan Conradg Social Studies . E? x x N. Mi Q 1 Robert lohnsong Social Studies i SSSS "All through my school years it seems like teachers have been trying to influence kids in the Wight" way. ln my classes this year the teachers bring in people who talk about what's really going on, "-sophomore "Discussion in some subjects help me form opinions about things that are important." -senior gs B. ,, 2? 2 Q i .ik ,fqtwr K .Nh gg, ,W w K, 6, ff if xr' f' fgzkgx 5, if . gf NL L. ,if V mi "" 13. qu- we Above: Harold Bartschg Math Dale Searlesg Math Left: Ric Ryndersg Math s.. I ,' R .df EV TNBJWNN Q K S -,H , I Lk ' - in Aj ---4-if X 4, M mfg, il XM :fury . jk: ,fl ,, - ,W r A L ,un 'fn J K A .3 ' Q. -:J Y- -1 ' " M 4 R, f ' fn...L2-2' 17 'K III "I like it here. I do pretty much what I want." -junior ,Mai ,..4 N , ,,,,,,,, Paul Hedblomg Scienc "I don't think I'll remember much of anything l've learned, just those l've learned with. "-junior Gladys Neiman - Science my T . I AZ.: Q' - 152 J. . ' :I as Above left: Gary McCueng Social Studies Above right: Don Holcherg Social Studies Bottom left: jon janssong Social Studies Bottom right: Mike Grandchampg Social Studies Top left to right: Tom Huttong Business Education Dewey Hindermang Social Studies james Holtang Vocational Coordinator Bottom left to right: Allen Godfreyp Social Studies Bob Howellsg Social Studies Earl Breaultp Social Studies 85 Right: Bill Stevensp English Below: Kathie Quinny English I E fffi Above: Klint Kasmap Work Exp. Coord. Right: Richard Robinsong Math ip ..,, .,,, ffm N-.aim , f , kkxbw A 'U .f,, ,, - E Q V fix- , ,, l I -, 5 X " f QW-xfffgiyigswgp i f f ' '- ' A, 4' ' ' L, , --i 5. A . . A ii iiiiiiii. -V ,. .,::: , .... M , . I -1' f"5. ffl'iYi1??f L. V7i?V'?ii4ni"'i'Zi51- ,, 5555 . in "--sef,,l .' if2esf , I. . gi '3 , vi use 'if 3 ' f ' " M555 , ggff:,.5gvy:11,, Above: Lewis Bennetg Astronomy Above right: Leonard Martinettog Reading Right: Bill Hbsong Social Studies 1' 'P3' Left: john Marblep Industrial Arts Below left: Lyle Wandreip Woodshop Left: Frank Ohlyg Industrial Arts Below far left: Al Chadwickg Graphic Arts Below: Dale Festep Auto Shop ND VACU HAMSM 88 Top left to right: Ralph Loveringg Drafting Tony Steblayg Theatre Arts Bottom left to right: Verne Andersong Art Carol Loweg Art Sue Muellerg Art w 5-if? t rree Q al Lt 'WG , ,M 1 "! Il-r ' f A- 'fvwft-fm,,,a,Mt Aw... A Fi x , fra, 1 af X X x Right: Martha Elstromg English Below: leanne Tibesarg English Below right: Cathy Nelsong English Below left to right: Ginnie Forslundg English Ted Perkinsg English Cheryl Hamerg English 'PKR aiu :df J 11727 .pc -, I I i s . ,, 0, 1' ,-i.....,.. av-nun.-...M i 5 , Above left: Hubert Anderson: English ' Above Right: loan Palm: English Newspaper Above: Pat Souleng English Far left: Anne Aandeng English Left: Carl'Alsakerg English Below: Margaret Kingg Business Education Right: Roger Petersong Driver Education Below left to right: Dianne Preblickg Business Education Larry Hansong Biology Margaret Perlichg Chemistry W ss i 'E-M 92 Top row left to right: Lorraine Stevensonp Phy. Ed. Ann Laursong Phy Ed. George Reynoldsg Athletic Director i Rolf Parsonsg Audio Visual Gary Greyg Phy. Ed Top left to right: Lana Laurenzg Home EC. Roger Westbyg Choir lane Carterg Home Ec Bottom left to right: Ned Kantarg Orchestra john Tesarg Band W my X Top left to right: Don Erpeldingg Math Don Erpg Math Bottom left to right: Marlene Vidmarg Math Floyd Knutsong Math Harold Touping Voc. Coordinator sn... Below left to right: Carol Adickesg Delores Pavelkag Admin. Lyn Weissg Helen Lovinfzflossp Secy Aide Secy Secy MQ-..,,mvJ f Above right: Don Coppinsp Prin. Al Schultzp Asst. Prin. Dennis Roofg Asst. Prin Above: Chuck Zielinp Asst. Prin. Bea Pladseng Counselor Secy Right: Harriet Prussingg Counselor Far right: john Morrisg Counselor elow: Ellis Tufvanderp Counselor Q lv X l t A l .. 97 SN loan Bartz: Counselor fl 'll' " ' julie Kaplan: Counselor THE ARTS S1 Q ,ii -, 5 Mm S jgigg g Q V, 53 Q 3 AQ Qi? 52 MMMV dxxwwwis ART CLASSES ' digg, mn In SW4, gr 'gw :"..z, 21 ,,f,-- ,J w Qizig-5' "' 21- 21. K ' X I hz ' ' L' S mg S ri -Lvfvw J 4-Qj1.J"" Q JY K ' -C1 Q W- i 3 . , ,L 5, 'Ly is Q lj . ,621 Q, Vw VPU MW .- Q s -fbllffif! , ' , LH. A ,f L fl f5!FfM W, sf A, A Q .EF - ., . , , 1 M f' a X ,Q 5, :LQ .6 xl Q fl fp' ' H15-YB I. - ' X 1 . f fx an-newfff'JHIl wsezwfew 219' , O Q, mf ia, 1, ff NEWSPAPER Staff: Seated: Vickie Swanson, Val Korbel, Mary Conover, loan Palm, Barb Olson. Standing, Ann Roseborough, jackie Strojan, Tom Abts, Mary Anderson, Steve Pohle. Not pictured, Peggy McNeil, Karen Williams, Karen Reynolds, Lynn Roseborough, Gary Solberg, Lance Mohn, Mark Gifford, Steve Laursen, Brad Waryan, Rose Hill, Sally Robertson. if N 0.- P .lts man... '46 '51 104 S 'W . Yqqfff Sw o QI, Q-gg QQZZL, like EP BIQQKMJ Y'X:,,X Qc'Qn,..lSijr16! OL? .. g,. 1 ' X . 'N " , Wg? NSS Al- WW S K N9 IX MJ-x X ce Lge O MQW 5DfqQ?'W.,QY ff0iA Tvbk You Q- x A - X Gr 1'N Cx pq-H Qiiffqf QQ xg ' Y Kuff N., xqj P 5 W V ' 'Go Q 456 9,1 ag MQ T QQ ELM ., MQ Q IJ"kLQQ'f'HQ V flgyqbif' WAM AmQA'NwmYf+ J wms'5KZ5f o o Q Hillfglf hw EQYUC QM ,C Q I ,B Jwyqkx my 5 is D ef iendly yearbook salesgirl selling our product. iii , ,W dfn IIIIW INDUSTRIAL ART EX 1, , ,iw .. W Q 3,3 'N 'fl , GlRL'S CILEE Row 1 Vida McQueen, jackie Sivanich, Nancy McDonald, DeeAnn Tiller, Mary Kay Foley, Pam Schmidt, janet Haller, Peggy Ernst Dianne Redburn, Laura Rolfe Row 2 Diann Traaseth, Paula Lee, Sue Specken Sue Weine r, Gwen Schelitzche, Vickie Boklep Connie Collias, Betsy Anderson, Mona Illies Nancy Puelston, Sandy Rosendahl, Kathy Wolt Row 3 Mary Prosan, Rene Gullickson, Katherine Carney, Cindy Shipp, Cindy Bailey Connie Robinson, Nancy Su ndby, jean Peters Mary Mason, Lynn Stalley, Lisa johnston janice Fackler, Nancy Zwartz CHOIR Row 1 jo Sterriker, vida McQueen, Debbie Nasser Mary Savage, Patty Ralph, Nancy Vren, Carl Morin, Tina Martine, Kris Forberg, Pa Gmitro Vickie Haugen, Paula DeCosse, Mitz McQueen, Mary Englai Row 2 Laurie Ward, Cheryl Stavlo, Laurie Ruegemei Liz Reid, Mary'Kay Elnes, Sue Scott. jan Dahlberg, joyce Larson, joanne Hondlm Karen Williams, Dawn Du nklee, Kristi Amdah Michele Barber, Sue Gifft, Carolyn Andersor Nancy Caine, Mar Smith, Connie Alsta Cathy Thayer, Wendy Hollan Row joan johndahl, jana Tibbs, Michel Wolf, Paul Loth, Daryll Inman, Do Amundson, Chris Helms, jay Hartman, Scot Minnick, Phil Mathiowetz, john Lang, Scot Smith, jerry Faucher, Bruce Yeager, Charle Grabowski, Pat Mullins, joan Sester, Cheryly Wright, Chris Alstaj Row john Taylor, Scott McDonald, Duane jeske David Karwacki, Brad Barclay, judd Ward, 1 Mathies, Bruce johnston, Ron Hultgren, Dou Hall, Paul Porter, Matthew Easley, Dav Carlson, Brent Balfanz, Peter McDonalci . 5 Q 109 FLUTES: Kathy Smid, janet Swanson, Sue Bartz, Debra Summerfeld, Stacey johnson, Paula Lee OBOE: Beth Greeley BASSOON: jim Ryan ALTO CLARINET: Carolyn Michaelson, Kris johnson BASS CLARINET: La Donna Berg, David Mackinnon, Ron Falk, Leah Fujimoto, Louis Goede CLARINETS: Shannon Breault, Meredith Kakach, Karen Tufvander, Pat Teply, Mary johnson, Debbie Olson, Debbie Lease, Dan jensen, Kris johnson, Diane Kosanda, Lynne johnson, Kathy Kosanda, Cindy Allen, Steve johnson ALTO SAX: Scott Walcher, Richard Tanaka, janet Christianson TENOR SAX: Greg Harkins, Todd Empanger, Bill Kelley BAR. SAX: Brian Weinreis CORONETS 84 TRUMPETS: Brad Narr, john Tesarek, Paul Stang, Greg Narr, Bruce Lau, Steve Schatz, Tim Seifkes, Mark Bodine, Pat Power, Karl Christianson, Marilee Hagel FRENCH HORNS: Don Ericson, joe Albright, Dave Herman TROMBONES: Kevin Knight, jim Gullekson, Bruce Holthus, Mark Swanson, Tom Birt .ipsu- TROMBONES lCONTl. Tim Velner, Scott Constans, Lee Stilkey BARI- TONES: RobertRingold, Charles Watson BASSES Rick Evans, Keith Magnusson PERCUSSION: Douglas Pavelka, Lance Mohn,1ackie Sivanich, Richard Daily, Allan Kennedy VIBRAHARPZ Derry Hirsch STRING BASS: Marvin Rydberg w Lf, if! S' 2 U' 'V F 1 13 48 A 0 5 f is Mk-que' Q 51 hi 1' in 4 'E 5 ,A im, Q' M Q X W if 4. gk -1 Ji -- Q, I gm as fu 1 A' 'F M fa 'RA 2? 'M Q ,if 10 , 59 3,21 Carol Bronson in Eric Li's production of L'il Red. "It really surprised me that a group of people such as those in Beginnings could create the atmosphere that we did up on stage." Charlie Hebert "Beginnings, more clearly than either Birthday or R-Evolution our two other efforts at improvisation indicates the style towards which this theatre is moving: doing our own plays through a combination of improvisations and scripting in a style that stresses image and pictures over wordsg a style that speaks to the needs, the feelings and the sensibilities of our own high school audience." Tony Steblay "One of the things I liked best about the play was working with people. lt's really a nice thing to get to know people while working with them." lody Laughlin I 32? . ,:: V, fi is 53 4 J if A WMP? I ,,,. 1 az: T T gifs "SARAH QUINCEYHGOES TO ALBANY The Eisenhower Theatre Company, with their production of "The Capture of Sarah Quincey" was selected as one of five theatre companies to represent the United States at an international children's theatre convention in Albany, New York. My rt. L I it if . W nv' 4 . fl tk A-wim., M What in the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower is going on here? As far as Paul Bengston is concerned ... volleyball, paddleball, canoeing, jumproping, cross country skiing, WRESTLING, etc m'm'm"""-W-N.. me glssg --3? --- 75-. - -1 -. Qs - - xv , , - - '-'..': ' - ' xi-. ..1. -vu... K - - -,,f:v:,,y.f.n-,g,: z' 1 1 ,S 'Q E22 1 1 7 . 1 Us nge' ., , Vail? ,gifgg gy, M J. im ,NPN ,. , .A J i H245 -N, 5? rag- 1 if M A J Eu --w.fs.,,, I, J 4. A Q rlifi 5 s W :NM f iw 5 wif! Z aafamgf 1 ni , wg fight ating! 51.35 if H, My , , S I 1 sei J nz f WH. V f f f . -iff ww .V V V g.,.. Jfx .,,, . 4 ij , ig H 1 ff 5 -if J-1, , Li - A 1? f 6 P ' Y, 4" S1 1- ' " 4 vw as wk , " ' 2 f 1 . r, Q 1 5 l m 3, S5 IL' fm .V K ei , Y , A 1 ' - ,H : V ,,-0' 4 f f zlzsdlltm Qgjz Link! 3534! 'gl A ELM if iv J 1 ffV""' 'M 1553111 af7m"1" fs f ,WEL rl Wx: Q mjilgy Ee- Jig J l fmmgnw 'g Q-g,!,,,!,m,,,F'm: M 5555 . 'gifK1.li'f-.I i. Q1 ,f KW 'W ' " ' . ' I Hf,Q2 ,L , -- U Wg? f , l H if wwf me Qiggli -m ips U, 1 -Qi551 g,?ji fir 25.5. ,,L,. :L ' A Q i 1 1 53' Sify' ifimi :f-1 f,: , Q, g , -i,,,:,. A ,, f i, uw? fr wr: fl 11511111 nm G THU' gig? 55-in Bl. g V N . 4-, 81 ru V -an ra 1.1 H .1-., , , 751-jg! mf L-1.. gi, ,ny I .,. 'ff 3 1 XX ,X .iw k Y xi . , ...,V H. . MQ, Q. 'Kg' W 1? W - ig' , 3 xl If , Q Q ,, Q., .Ag Q QXSYQQEWQ fggwgwvxp gtg'-'55 ' ew ai 'X -.30 ' 95'-f 1 ffw " f 1 . ,'jff..,Q in E , 1' , C M K fx 5 ,ki K, E x ' .R Hx K- V Q 7 Qaf 1: ml X M, I I . . 5 Fw J L 5 H im, f 1:5 512, ' M' L X k , X Q , bw-Q59 1 Cafe Orchestra Top Row: Peter MacMilIian Steve Haertzen, Pat Fargo, Brett johnson, Claire johnson Bottom Row: Mary Saufferer, Robin Pavelka, Carol jones, Carol Brunzell SURVIVAL GF THE FI KTHE GTHER HIGH SCHOOL GAMES ,G o Q, Y "I 11 O , 'ii W3 , 9 Yip rm V, B C WNQ pa wh Wifi 1,v. FFQQ 5 B-SQUAD SOCCER Row 1: G.Tieshbine R.Halquist, K.1effries S.Harroun, R.Burton T.Wagner, I.Lohman l.WiIliams, C.Fuhrmann Row 2: S.QuelIo A.Godfrey, j.Avant B.Strandberg, j.HazIett D.Lund, M.Brenny G.Berry, S.Smith R.Moan, B.Scattergood l.Matthowitz Row 3: Coach Litecky, Ljohnson B.Merriman, R.Hultgren R.Kate, G.Coppins l.Redpath, R.Scatzer D.Anderson, C.TschimperIe G,O'NeiIl, D.Erickson Coach Warner A-SQUAD CAPTAINS Greg Paulsen, lon Kilgore A-SQUAD SOCCER Row 1: D.SkoId M.Velner 1.Hutson M.Damke Llohnson Row 2: B.Barclay R.Stang V.Lucas M.EasIey M.Burton 1.Kilgore B.CampbeIl R.Duran Row 3: Coach Litecky K.HazIett T.Christian D.PaveIka l.KaIIas S.Matthies B.Narr P.Stang S.Walcher S.MCDOnald G.PauIsen Coach Warner Um' , 'I 5 K Vi A-SQUAD FOOTBALL Row 1: Kyle Maser M.Bodin, P.Mathiowetz S.May, D.Nelson B.Steinboch, j.Strom D.Lang, Mark Bollig Row 2: Tim Katz K.Doyle, M.Olson D.Hendricks, F.Petterson Hefferies, S.White P.Arbisi, T.Dornfield Row 3: Coach Howells Coach Bengston, R.McDougal T.Bevins, K.Barlage P.Walsh, B.lohnston M.Weiss, T.Schlief H.Ramsey, B.Narr Row 4: Coach lansson Coach johnson, B.Freiberg D.Rowland, P.Kinnion G.Anderson, G.Linde l.Keunzli, E.Boese T.Empanger, Row 5: Mr. Reynolds, M,Taylor K.Glynn, T.Larsor1 H.McNamei, C.Cosetta B.Damerow, G.Nelson l.Ryan, D.Patten QUAD FOOTBALL fv 1: Coach Godfrey, Tom Katz . Clair, D. Hovinen, M.Sime Ween, B.Sawyer, B.Holthus Jwer, C.Woodson Row 2: ost, l.Faucher, G.WilIiams viagney, S.OIson, M.Bevins leulpolder, K.Magnuson, S.Kadler v 3: Coach Hanson, Mr. Reynolds Iarlson, D.KnobIauch, l.Harroun idder, T.Bye, M.Swanson, Ljacobsen 25 A-SQUAD CAPTAINS Mike Weiss, Tim Bevins ff. f1 ' 2 Rf N i if E m:" 1 ' m:mAQ ff? fi ZKZ. . h :, 127 CROSS COUNTRY Coach-Pat Lanin Team-Row1: D.Bull Row 2: R.Pokorny M.Lindgren P.Lanin S.Gibbs G.Lee D.Vanek Row 3: G.Harkins M.Saufferer T.WaIkowiak D.BergstahIer B.KnobIauch l.Herold P.Leizinger R.CheIberg D.Lee Not Pictured: S.Kistner D.Wehner B.Walkowiak 1 X fn- fo 2, af' I M ,A-5 , 1-fur gf +45 5. X E4 , ,K 412297 X WL ,gg .. 1 if winwa W wr 128 ff an if v FE E 5 A. ,, . .. 1, ' All H , 'f"'f-3-'Q 'i Q' Ni" """'5k as - 35532 ,- .. Q ' b M Y .. , V I A My ,. ' i-0 :- ' ' "' A " vw--gf . Q ,F V. V LAg?Z.?,Q,g,iv V no .ff +5 .,,.vw,,, ,jr I Q l N . n M , - ki f, f' ,, f'QIf,j.Mfw1: we - , 'Z .. -fa f K' 2' ' 1. C 'QV t ir l'Q,',., , L ?f?'l??"2.,i"anN'x ?'?w4w'fL"" ,,'?'-'9"QMi7 4- fl Q' gg ' vs, 3W"3nf""'2'. i"'-...rj-Q hf"- 'V"f1i"i -M ,ff .,'fr"Yvr - " f i"-.4'tys,45 -'gif ,an-hu wi . 9 f , V .H - Y . -11 -w , " ' ' ."' . 1 ,ag H --,g:5q - a,5QQ5t.., - ' Vx f 'v My , i Lf, K "iii: 13. ff-N+1l,0b'3 ' "ff my A Y fe A Y . Y A Q '--4-J-BamaV,,,.ge-'f',g,,gA,',i?W - V H3 1.-3fgYf::,, '55 .1 -K v ' , , -,Chi fr ' rfmry'5'5S1 Q, , 'K' -' S Q f i ff 'Wt ' .wr -. f H Af V ,,,,."- . u',-i3wd,'-1, ' , 2 i' , , .' r- 9 1. 1 . - ay,-1 l"f' i""w " ,- L - - hr U J 'H an-5,,,kfPf'i9'V,M,,Y, u . v,,,,,,42g,,,,p,,.-,.. , ,Y ' .mv -Y' ' L W ,, 4-A " -Q, . 'X ur, 'YZ' - My L, ,V SEQ fwqg gg J. ...xy 43 Q f ,X , Visit-:I 35 -g U J my 1, ,Mfr fr-g W it f -- t .1 . A N -V 4 'f ' .. '- " f A ., f P ' ' ' R Q - at . , ,, 'W'-, Row 1: Tom Gardner, Bill Carstens, Todd johnson, Bruce jones, Dan Knoblauch, Steve Olson, Tom Walkowiak Row 2: Daryl Mason, Bruce Holthus, Randy Henke, Bill Hanzlik, Bill Knoblauch, jim Pohle, Chad Cox, Brett johnson, Scott Minnick, jim Hanzlik, Shawn Harroun Row 3: Coach Gray, Asst. Coach Cannon, Scott Korbel, Cam Skold, Rick Hoffman, Rick Petterson, john Rustad, Ben Nelson, Pat Dygart, Todd Garamella, Steve Nustad Not Pictured: Brad Bangston, Tom Gagnon, Steve Pohle, Dave Wetterlin, Dan Lee, Kenneth Cooksey fl' , 129 Q6 i 1 0 '- is 3, hz. ' ms.- 1 3 W ""'?S' 5? am Q 'Wa""w"' ' Jalal ,Q 4431 'M-H"-Piqp 'ummm' .LZQLYL NGA My Q 1, fqfsxrfivm- :,,,,, 4 wfw""""- ' W... May I have your attention please. This is Coach Bengston speaking, . .. J-ANP!! 'Q A' fi' gl' ' i N, ff! 419' ::- 9 :S 'i F ? it I ii S in it if V sz 'S 5 , F ' ,f S si as , af Fifi "1 5 'Fin 552, i ,wg QL 'WM' -.1 wap, :- .4.,,,,l. If it! A vm, . WRESTLING IUNIORS Manager Bill Fleming, Craig Kerstens, Tom Abts, Ron McDougald, Marvin Kmitz, jeff Kliner, Leroy Kuklok, Bruce Robinson, Lonnie Carpenter, Paul Porter, Paul White, Randy Ralph, lim Herold 1 Not Available for Picture: Tom Larson SENIORS Tom Kesslar Mike Schuttz Duane leske Dan Rowland Ford Petterson Tim Bevins Not Pictured: Scott Stavlo SOPHOMORES Row 1: leff Williams, Brent Balfanz, Steve Mantz, Kim Rorgo, Curt Hanson, Scott Kistner, C-ary Williams Row 2: Bill Sawyer, Mike Tudela, Mike Sime, Ed Potter, Greg Post, Rick Tanaka, Keith Magnuson Mike Bevins, Coach Paul Bengston, Asst. Coach lansson, Asst. Coach Hylbak "Faded Purple' '... refers most directly to the spirit of our school. The power of sports is fading not because of a radical change in attitude but because of a shifting of emphasis. Involvement in school activities isn't limited to Friday night football games where 990!0 of the student body congregates to socialize. The turnout at games has considerably decreased, but the size of the crowd doesn't necessarilydetermine the number of sports fans. The people who were excited are still there. Those who came for lack of anything better to do have found their something better. We are still in a period of transition. The indecision of some should not be mistaken for general apathy. l34 w Six i ,V 34-aiffifa, , 325: 1 3 igqr J ff' ..,1 w 1,54 'L A gg , f s f . W P I 5 Ag in 8 1. ' I gff "W ' 5"-5 fl 'I 1,1-'f'f 'f.:.. if 1' Q, YY '19 f Wu ,, 5, f F ,1 292-,Q 5 ,, . if . . ..s,, A A R 4713. '-3. J-'iw-"Il ., J ,sm . A U fl - f' 5,35 4.331 V' , 5. '-64:4 If ' ' MQ: ,A ., 1 I f ,Nw L MV' 1111, BASKETBALL IUNIOR VARSITY Row 1: Glen Berry, Steve Rakieton, Dave Burgstahler, Brad Narr, lohn Fetzek, Mike Weiss, David Hovinen Row 2: Si Mathies, Todd Empanger, Gene Coppins, Bob Freiberg, Stephen Gagnon, Rick Gullickson, Ron Hultgren Row 3: Dean Bruer, Mike Damke, Chuck Cosetta, Dwayne Hendricks, Steve Severson, Bob Campbell, Steve Drobnik, Manager Mark Bollig Row 4: Statistician Lori Pearson, Manager Keith Barladge, Coach Hutton, Asst. Coach Robinson, Asst. Coach Zopfi, Athletic Director Reynolds, Manager Dan lensen lc ll v SOPHOMORES Row 1: Roy Stromquist, Kelly Kidder, Kevin Kliner, Tom Birt, Tom Bye, Brian Webster Row 2: Scott St. Clair, Laricher, Harold Dragon, Dan Baumgardner, Peter McDonald Row 3: Manager Dan Jensen, Ron Stark, jon Parker, Dave Hovinen, Dave MacKinnon, Norman Tirgas Row 4: Coach Hutton, Asst. Coach Robinson, Asst. Coach Zopfi GYM NASTICS Top row: Steve Waldo, Mark Oison, Matt Easley, David Kaehler, Skip Holschuh, lack Boyan Greg Harkins, Coach Dale Feste. Bottom row: Bruce Iverson, Randy Henke, Matthew Isaak, Reid Gysland, Paul Lang, Pete Torberg. 'lt r A I 39 ,, Cm f xx' f Gfonde. 0 CCuf1C71'15 OL E ' HGCKEY W2 'ffm ZW 4'Mm'm of, frJZ2fnffl?.D Z M6 Captains: jerry Delane YI Q C Squad Back row: Lowell Meulpolder, James Avant, Myron Cooper, Jim Gleason, Dan Timmers, Rob Kittay, Jon Schwartzman, Dean Brodie, Chuck Woodson, Coach Sellnow. Front row: Dave Schultz, Kevin Jefferies, Alan Erdahl, Russ Stang, Rick Burton, Kip Oswald, Peter Wehner. B Squad Back row: Rick White, Blaise Johnson, Rick Olson, Brad Barclay, Brian Johnson, Bill Pierro, Coach Lovering. Front row: Randy Saatzer, Leroy Kloos, Bruce Strandberg, John Dinwiddie, Jay Nagro, Jeff Tesar. A Squad Row 1: Bruce Johnston, Mike Brenny, Steve May, Gregg Paulson, Jim Jefferies, Scott Gibbs. Row 2: Rob Good manson, Gary Ammend, Dave Bull, Tom Dornfeld, Al Godfrey. Row 3: Pete MacMillan, Mike Burton, Jon Kilgore, Jerry Delaney, Kenley Merrill, Mr. Sellnow. Row 4: Mr. Lovering, Coach Al Godfrey, Gregg Nelson, Brad Narr, Mark Lindgren, Louie Quinn, John Kingsley. W VOLLEYBALL "The Warr nt ey finished, with early victories over Mankato and Mound Fumbles l d . p aye a big part in the loss to Lindbergh 7 to 6. The Warriors fought valiantly in their 14 to 0 loss to th L k h e a e Conference Champion Edina and t en came back and beat Minnetonka 19 to 7. The team was lead by Tim Bevins and Mike Weiss as captains, Tom Dornfeld as an All Lake C f - on erence player and Mike Taylor was voted the Most Valuable Player on the team."- Football "The past year has been a building year for the Gymnastics team. l's very pleased with the 100070 effort the team has given, and I am very optimistic about next year."- Gymnastics "After high hopes, the season looked glum but the effort of the kids brought the team to a very lofty fourth place finish in the league. Co-captains jerry Delaney and jon Kilgore along with Goalie Scott Gibbs pulled the team along to maintain the winning tradition that has been established in the last few years. We lost six of our first ten games but lost only one out of the last ten. A truly satisfying season."-- Hockey "Our cross countr tea y m, coached by Pat Lanin, was the best in the state this year and has 90070 of the team returning Slalom has th . e potential for a peak season next year with all team members returning. This is also the case with jumpers, as our beginners are making great improvements."- Skiing iors started the 1971 season better tha h l l y . -VW, vs Jl .ITV XX xi " , W 75' bf. "1971 proved to be another successful year for the swimming ream. The team had a finish of third in the , T Q . 5 . rx, .wi-sg 'Ti Lake Conference after suffering defeats by tenths My 4 Q4 of a second to Edina and Cooper. These two schools, f - 7 A 3 however, were humiliated bythe Warriors inthe ' C 1 G ' x-gg -' 'fr' S L f , l , n , .,,Q,4K,,,5gA:gm.:',4ftfV9 -it vpv.Q.y+M,'2g,ft,,ui5q,,, District 18 championships when Ike grabbed second, 'f7Qi.9:T'V 'S fifty points ahead of third place Lindbergh."- Swimming it fs' gi SATL iitg G if "The injuries, the close games, a seemingly long l 7 g .U g season may have made the year more frustrating 1 G it i if Q than last year, but the willingness of the players H to fight back and never quit was very rewarding. - Basketball "For the second year in a row we' ' LL L , ,. .L 875' ve COYTIE In SeCOl'ld ITTOTC I. , , . - r- . I . I .I in ,- A K Q Lx V Q .. : ,, :: - Q A1 -,., :Q-fi M: 5-wig .:f:fffm-:w,,.,,,A.., --N, E S Qi, ' : W SE: in .1 1 :H Q f , " J W F nf A SL ,yew ifvgjiilfntfx. iw, "'5"5: 7,227f,,Ifgili"1gfff55?5'YQgVjI5?ffV,,,ifif55ifWf::SVj: :fJk:5'32f'f::55L, ' k U -Q h if S , , 23 Q JW , Ie 'V 1 .sf " K 7, , wg ' --w g? 1. N 'LM' f ' ,W ,uf . f ,wr I , " A , 5 15:22- 14'- fu 4 F .. My jumpers: Top to bottom, john Taylor Shane White Brad Waryan Slalom: Front row, Tim Thompson, Paul Charnstrom, Peter Mason Brad Waryan, Coach Werner, Back row, Chip Fuhrman, Scott Rettmer, Paul Schectman, john Redpath, Rolf Moen john Lohman, Tom Wagner, Tim Maetzold HEALTHY ORGANIZATIONS 84 ORGANIC STRUCTURES R 0 I - 1 if .Q Gm 'N 1 A N, 31 junior Board Top row: Leah Fujimoto, Mary Novak, Maureen Reagan, Toni St. Pierre, Mary Kay Elnes, Marlene Vidmar, Advisor. Bottom row: Ned Kantar, Pat Fargo, Steve Gagnon, Si Mathies, Social Actions Committee Top row: lody Laughlin, Peggy McNeil, Val Korbel, Toni St. Pierre, Kyle Maser. Middle row: Leah Fujimoto, Maureen Reagan, Barb Apple, Mary Novak, Barb Olson. Front: Si Mathies, Chuck Zielin. SOCIAL ACTIONS ff Q K - 15' 'V-nav' rw, ff., 132.1 ,ww kk i Sw A5 .. ii., 4' V ra fi gi, itil? K A.,,, W Q X tl-Ji ,, VM. ff L. v wlfgmi ir 4 ,Q v ws-aw 9-A 1l1 M-' HER ANX lflslr Q' 4,a,.., an 45- Above: Claire johnson, Steve Gagnon, Sue Gifft, Cheryl jones. Left to right: Mary Farber, Debbie Matson, Margie Anderson Mike Klobe, Bob Freiberg. Kneeling: lay Hartman .Mi-P . VICA Medecine Show CO-CP wwf we 5 I 353 0 Q : l M 'X 'Q ff , iwjfwif K uf 'yn ,., A iq K x 1 n' 'iff' J' Q ,. .. VICA EDICINE SHOW Sm Q if 'Q if Mahamad Adwan W 1 gay Gudrun Westerlund ,SF jaakko Lampo ff Zolla Novnllo thu'-M 'wk fa. J 2 .ii f fklg . Q .5 G i SR W k ? 5 .4 9 if .51 ' Qi 1 ,1 ' , V 5 ,2..Qm,,. it - N sf i Ps J O C nib x L f 5' f PEP CLUB Pep Club Officers Left to right: janet Dahlbergg vice president Suki Coonleyz treasurer leanne Solheidg secretary Carol Halquistg president A.F.S. Standing: Left to rightp Sue Kelting, Pat Lee, lon Swanson, Kneeling: Left to rightp laakko Lampo-Finland Gudrun Westerlund-Sweden Mohamad Adwan-Lebanon WARRIORETTES Row7: Kim Lidster Patti Teply Linda Reinhardt Nancy Hales Ann Roseborough Colleen Brady Beth Thompson Sherry Paterson Ruth Hemker jo Sterriker DeeAnn Tiller Row 2: Michelle Behring Connie Nelson Clairelohnson Barbie Anderson Connie Alstad Chris Merriman Linda Larson Susan Schaefer Kathy Fleming Sally Robertson Kari Amdahl Mary Walsh Carol Halverson B-SQUAD CHEERLEADERS Row7: Terri Holmquist Diana Redburn Ann Hales Row2: Mona lllies Connie Collias Peggy Ernst lody Gilbert Row 3: Lisalohnston Mary Mason lill Peterson PURPLE PEOPLE ., - , E 'M W 'K q gnb ' ' ' Z' Rctg' .. s V fbi. fix' j get ,. .- - ' J Fu 1' , " ' as A View ' ,Qt P. :fs f,g.2:,.4- 4' W -44, '-A-If 75,1 -'exit fs: 1' 4. 1 1 'm'!4,-gi , " tw 1 'f ' .MX , , , QU,-w,.. .H A A., 4 , .4 35 .- 3' N lf. A 5, . rf'-t. 7 u 0 , Q fat .L 4 ,af w.1Ls ' -. r f A Q Ei! -1 " , Q s " , Lg, ' ti -. . gf 1. V 4 Q .Sf 4 J A X xg Q X iff - 4 x 1 . abt v .. V Q T W' is ' 'QB 1 5' fin Y 1' .A , ,K - 5 H' Q A 4, y 4-I X 1 Y' 7 V if. P' L E T f K - if 4,4 it L ' jg K t,,,. . K, I tw f Q L t all X9 E f t . "Q fe . . as si L f ,L ,. ,4 1 1 I I , , ,Q , :K Q' N-Nl? -' 1 , P ft -, t Le' Kft .,v, 4 4H : .4TP, A 5 1 .I .5 1,I',ffi . it .5 4 2 5 Yi '- n . 3 i S POM-PON GIRLS Left to Right: Cindy Ryden Patty Ralph Patty Siedler Mary Conover Lynn Weidner Lori johnson Katie Murphy TJ. Litin lsn'the cute? A-SQUAD CHEERLLADERS Row1: Robyn Kempainen Stacey Speaker Leah Fujimoto Mary Maetzold Mlm McQueen Row 2: Maureen Reagan Laurie Kuipers Peggy Porwoll Val Korbel Dawn Lundgren Row3: Kathy Hegre Lael Buehring Barb Olson Peggy McNeil Nancy Kephart Not Pictured: Mary Novak DEBATE E 5 w X v W 'S ,W 2: V f -'isa 1911, Back row: Dave Undis, Paul Stang, Dave Lang, lack Burton. Front row: Lynn Arlt, Kathy Ventres, Sherry Turner, Frank Greenlee 0 sf 5 fgffff Marie Ganuza: Spanish Theo Iff: German 3 if RIA ww , .. f. K Qi gf ia ' 2 , ,L 'Y ww. ft. v.a.,,, - I . W6 ,gs 1 . , ,, 49,5 Q- 'ik ' 3 . :Lmi5,g1hy .W . . ,, ..,, Q ., 3 I 2 T E W is, 1 N - 4 .fly L W X 2 3 BROWNIE OPCINTS SUE ABULLARADE2 Big Brother 84 Sister Program, Girl's Track, Girl's Intramural Basketball, Orchestra, Pep Club MOHAMMED ADWAN: SoCCer ,IOE ALBRIC-HT: Band, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Orchestra STEVE ALLEN CHRIS ALSTAD: Choir, Pep Club KRISTI AMDAHL: Choir, French Club, SAC, Ski Club GARY AMMEND: Cioll, Hockey KAY AMUNDSONZ GRA, Pep Club GARY ANDERSON: Football, Intramural Hockey, Intramural Softball, Wrestling MARGIE ANDERSON: Bowling, Big Brother 84 Sister Program, Girl's Intramural Basketball, GRA MARY ANDERSON NANCY ANDERSON: MOEA, Pep Club, Variety Shows RICHARD A. ANDERSON RICHARD E. ANDERSON IOCELYN ANDRES: Home Ec. Club President, Pep Club, Spanish Club TOM ANDRING: Co-op,ludo CHARLES ANGELL: Golf, Intramural Hockey BARB APPLE: Cavalettes, Pep Club, SAC MARYAM ARMAIANI: Cavalettes, Intramural Softball, Yearbook VICKIE ARTISHON BRAD BANCISTONZ German Club, Swimming, Track MICHELLE BARBER DEBRA BARIBEAU DANIEL BARNES ROBERT BARNES MICHAEL BASTIAN DONALD BATTS: Co-op, Yearbook DEBBIE BAUMANZ Co-op KAY BAUMAN: Pep Club VALERIE BEAN: Girl's Track KATHLEEN BEGIN: Class Council, DECA Historian, Pep Club DEBBI BEHMEN1 DECA MICHELLE BEHRING: Cavalettes, junior Rotarian, Pep Club, Warriorettes iCapt.l LADONNA BERCI: Band, Orchestra, Pep Club BETTY BERCICIRENZ Co-op ,Taq-ved Ea if SUSAN BRUER: Cavalettes, French Club, Pep Club CAROL BRUNZELL: Cafe Orchestra DECA Treasurer,Girl'sGlee Club, Orchestra, Pep Club BARBARA BRYANT BARB BULL: Pep Club IEAN BURGOYNE IOAN BURGOYNE DAVID BURGSTAHLERZ Basketball, Cross Country, Debat SHELLEY BURICHZ DECA BONNIE BURNS: Big Brother8c Sister Program, French Club, Pep Club TIM BEVINS: Football, Intramural Hockey, Intramural Softball, Wrestling CAROLYN BIERLEIN IOAN BIERLEIN MARY LOU BLACK VALLY BOCK ERNEST BOESEZ Football ROBERT BOLTON IEFF BORNE: Concerts, Variety Shows ROBERT BRANSON2 Band WAYNE BREN Elma... 160 LINDA CHRISTIANSON DAVID CLAPPER SCOTT CLARKE: Baseball, Voter Registration MARA COLEMAN: DECA COLLEEN COLOSKY RETA COMER MARY CONOVER: Cavalettes, Cheerleader B, Newspaper, Pep Club, Pom Pon Girls tCapt.I IACK BURTON: Debate, Golf, Hockey MIKE BURTON: BasebalI,B.S.A., Hockey, Orchestra, Soccer NANCY CAINE BOB CAMPBELL: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Track DIANNE CAPISTRANZ Big Brother 84 Sister Program, French Club ION CARLSON: Hockey STEPHEN CARLSON: B.S.A., Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Hockey, Ike's Army, Track KAY CARNEY DANIEL CASHMAN: Ski Club, Yearbook CINDY CHASE IILL CHELBERG: German Club, Orchestra TOM CHRISTENSEN IAMES CHRISTENSEN KARL CHRISTIANSONZ Band cf tx 'iw I v-mapraff ,We W' H -1' C, N I, V ,. pf.--,gqftz wages:-. :M 'x, 'fre' Mwmwim' all I A ,,.- ,,:,., fi it A I, f IERRY DIBBLE CHARLES DEITERING IANE DIERSZ AFS, HONK,VICA SUKI COONLEY: Cavalettes, French Club, Pep Club Treasurer, SAC AL COOPER CHAD COX: Swimming LINDA COYNER IAN CRISMAN: French Club, Pep Club TOM CROWE DAVID DAGGETT IANET DAHLBERG2 AFS,Cav- alettes, Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Newspaper, Pep Club Secretary PATTY DAHMEN BRYAN DAMEROW: Basketball, Choir, Football, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Softball, German Club, Truckin' All Stars BENIAMIN DAVID DENNIS DAVID MICHAEL DAVID KAREN DAY IERRY DELANEY: Hockey RITA DELMORE: Cavalettes, DECA, Pep Club STAN DITTMER: Co-op JOHN DONELLAN1 Baseball, Intramural Hockey TOM DORNFELD: Biology Assistant Football IAII-Conferencel, Hockey, Intramural Softball STEVE DROBNIK BONNIE DUDERSTADT MICHAEL DUKATZ: Ch0ir,ClasS Council, Sophomore Class Pres. DAWN DUNKLEE2 Big Brother 84 Sister Program, Cavalettes, Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Homecoming Supplement Editor, Girl's Glee Club, Pep Club YVONNE DUNSMOREZ DECA,GRA Vice Pres. 84 Pres., Intramural Basketball, Pep Club RUBEN DURAN: Intramural Basketball, Soccer iOutstanding Senior 84 Most Spirited Playerl, Track DEBBIE ELANDER ALLAN ELLIOTT KRISTINE ELLISON MARY ENCILAR: Big Brother 8: Sister Program, Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Pep Club I STEVEN ENNENGA: Audio Visual, Choir Ensemble, Co-op, Judo Club, Soundwave '70, Variety Shows BARBARA ERNST: Cavalettes, FHA, MOEA RICK EVANS: Band,Intramural Basketball, Intramural Foot- ball, Variety Shows JANICE FACKLERZ Glee Club, GRA JANET FALL: AFs,oirl'solee Club, HONK, VICA MARY FARBER: Big Brother 84 Sister Program, GRA KENNETH FIX HOLLY FLATTUM KATHY FLEMING: Intramural Softball, Pep Club IBoard of Directorsj, Wa rriorettes GENE FLUEGGE KRIS FORBERG: Choir, French Club, Octet, Pep Club, Variety Shows DAVID FORSHTAY TAD GARDNER CHERYL GARTEN LEE GIBBS: AFS, Cavalettes, Elemen- tary Aide Assist., Girl's Intramural Basketball, HONK, Variety Shows SCOTT GIBBS: All Ike Board, Cross Country, Hockey, Track MARK GIFFORD: Band, Basketball, Cross Country, Plays, Variety Shows MIKE GILBERT KEVIN GLYNN: Baseball, Football PAM GMITRO: Choir, German Club, Home Ec. Club, Swimming Timer, Variety Shows LOUISE GOEDE: Pep Band JIM GOEMAN DANIEL GOODMAN MICHAEL GOODMAN 1oE oooDwlN FRANK GREENLEE JAMES GULLEKSON: Band, Stage Band, Swim Team Manager RICK GULLICKSONZ Baseball, Basketball, Intramural Football TOM GUTHMILLER JIM GUTTORMSON RITA HABERLACHZ DECA STEVEN HAERTZEN NANCY HALES: Choir, Pep Club, Warriorettes CAROL HALLQUIST: AFS, Cav- alettes, Pep Club Pres., Variety Shows PAUL HANSON IOSEPH HARMON DEBRA HARTFIEL: Cavalettes, FHA German Club, Pep Club VICKI HAUGEN: Cavalettes,Choir, French Club, GRA, Pep Club, TGA, VICA JOHN HAZLETT: Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Hockey, Soccer BARBARA HEINITZ NITA HEISSEL: VICA RUTH HEMKERZ GRA, Pep Club, Warriorettes MARY HENDRICKSON JEFF HERMAN TOM HERSMAN: Band, Hockey MARGARET HESSE JUDY HIGGINS: DECA, Pep Club ROSEMARY HILL: Newspaper, Pep Club, Yearbook Coach JOHN HLAVAC MICHELE HOEY: Big Brother 84 Sister Program MARYANNE HOFFMAN JOHN HOLMQUIST: Skiing JOANN HONDLIK: Big Brother 84 Sister Program, Cavalettes, Choir, Girl'sGlee Club LESLIE HORTON: Choir, Pep Club SkiClub RICK HOSFIELD: Baseball, Hockey, Intramural Basketball, Orchestra, Ski Club ROBIN HUGHES SCOTT HUTCHISON DIANE INMAN: Girl'sIntramural Basketball, GRA, Swimming Timer RICHARD IRRGANG ROBERT IRRGANG STEVE IVERSON SUSAN JACOBS: AFSlExchange Studentl, Concert Band, French Club Pres. 84 Sec., Pep Band BARBARA JACOBSON: Campus Life, Choir, Pep Club, VICA LARRY JANKE: German Club, Yearbook KATHY JENSEN DUANE JESKE: Choir, Track, Wrestling BRETT JOHNSON: Cafe Orchestra, Intramural Soccer, Orchestra, Soccer, Swimming, Swimming Guard, Tennis, Truckin' All-Stars LORI JOHNSON: Cavalettes, Pep Club, Pom Pon Girls MARK JOHNSON MICHAEL JOHNSON NANCY C. JOHNSON: French Club Vice Pres., Pep Club NANCY J. JOHNSON STACEY JOHNSON: Concert Band, Pep Band, Pep Club JOAN JOHNDAHL: Cavalettes, Choir, French Club, Pep Club, VICA CAROL JONES: All Ike Board, Cafe Orchestra, Plays ROSEMARY JONES TIMOTHY JONES: Audio Visual MEREDITH KAKACH: Band,GirI's Track, Orchestra, Pep Club JOHN KALLAS2 Golf, Soccer GAIL KARASH: German Club, Girl's Glee Club, Yearbook DAVID KARWACKI: Choir BILL KELLY: Band Vice Pres., Big Brother 8: Sister Program, Intramural Football, Intramural Softball, Sound Wave, Truckin' All Stars, Variety Shows RICK KENASTON: Newspaper, Yearbook COLLEEN KENDALL: Big Brother8c Sister Program, Cruisin' Babes, Debate, FAO, Guthrie Teen Council, Pep Club ALAN KENNEDY TOM KESSLAR JON KILGORE LESTER KITTLESON MIKE KLOBE: Big Bro'ther84 Sister Program JULIE KLOOS: Big Brother 84 Sister Program, Orchestra, Pep Club KEVIN KNIGHT: Band, Stage Band, Variety Shows BILL KNOBLAUCH: Cross Country Swimming, Swimming Guard, Track MICHAEL KOHOUT DEBRA KOPPELMAN VALERIE KORBEL ROGER KRAFT 161 KIM KRANTZ IUDY KRESBACH LYNN KRISMER CHRIS KUHLMANN: Co-op LAURIE KUIPERS: CheerleaderA84 B iCapt.I, Pep Club DAVID LAMBERT LINDA LAMBERT IAAKKO LAMPO: Soccer DAVID LANG BRUCE LANNERS MICHAEL LAPIC IANA LARSON: Big Brother 84 Sister Program, Orchestra, Pep Club IOYCE LARSON: Choir, Pep Club IODY LAUGHLIN: Agenda Committee, All Ike Board, Pep Club, Plays, SAC MARY LEE ROBERT LEEDS SCOTT LEHMAN LARRY LEININGER PATRICK LEIZINGERZ Basketball, Cross Country ERIC LI: Plays ELLEN LILLIGREN DEBBIE LINC: Big Brother84Sister Program, Pep Club, Ski Club U 1? I11 GREG LINDE: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Wrestling TARA LOCKWOOD KARL LOHMANNZ C0-Op, Truckin' All Stars IIM LONTO: National Trap Shooting Club, NHRA VINCE LUCAS: Biology Assist., Ike's Army, Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Hockey, Intramural Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling MARCIA LUIAN DICK LUND: Cross Country Skiing, Golf, Ike's Army, Intramural Basketball Manager, Intramural Volleyball, Soccer DAWN LUNDGREN: Cheerleader A, Gymnastics, Pep Club DANIEL MACKINNON: Band, Golf, Orchestra, Stage Bnd JOHN MADSON HOLLY MAHNKE: AFS, DECA, GRA, Pep Club IENNIFER MAISER: Pep Club PAT MANNELLY COLLEEN MANNING IOHN MARTINSON: Biology Assist., Golf, Hockey, Intramural Hockey, Intramural Volleyball, Football, Track SCOTT MARTINSON KYLE MASER: Cavalettes, German Club, Girl's Intramural Soft- ball, Girl's Ski Team, Football Manager, SAC, Track Manager, Yearbook BRUCE MASON! Debate, Intramural Football IOANNE MASON: CO-Op DEBRA MATSON GARY MATSON MARY BETH MATTHEISENZ Pep Club, Yearbook DOUG MATTSON MARY MAURIER: Big Bother 84 Sister Program STEVE MAY: Football, Hockey MARA MCCLUREI AFS, Girl's Intramural Basketball, Girl's Intramural Bowling, GRA TIM MCCLUSKE ALEX MCDONALD: VICA DANA MCEACHRANC Pep Club PATTY MCGANNON: Choir, DECA French Club, Pep Club, Ski Club CAROLINE MCGOVERNZ MOEA DEBBIE MCGOWAN: German Club Intramural Softball, Pep Club PATTY MCKENZIEZ C0-0p,GRA, Intramural Bowling MARY MCLEAN HAIG MCNAMEE: Football PEGGY MCNEIL: Cavalettes, Cheerleader A 84 B, Choir Pep Club, SAC VIDA MCQUEEN: Choir, Cross Country, Cross Country Skiing, Ensemble, Girl's Glee Club, Octet, Plays, Girl's Track, Variety Shows KENLEY MERRILL: Baseball, Hockey Orchestra CHRIS MERRIMAN: Pep Club, Warriorettes IOAN MICHL: DECA KATIE MIESEN IOYCE MINER I I LANCE MOHN: Band,Orechestra CARLA MORIN: Cavalettes,Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Pep Club NANCY MORLOCK BEV MUELLER: Choir,Girl'sGlee Club,MOEA BECKY MUNDIE GREG MUNSON GARY MULLENMASTER RALPH MURPHY ROXANNE MURPHY ROBIN MYERS BRAD NARR: Band,Basketball, German Club, Soccer, Truckin' All Stars BARB NELSON: French Club DAVID NELSON: Debate, Football Intramural Hockey RALENE NELSON: Pep Club RICK NELSON: DECA WENDY NELSON: Big Brother8i Sister Program, French Club, Pep Club, Yearbook MARK NICHOLS: Hockey, Soccer, VICA PAMELA NIGHTINGALE BERT NORMAN LEILA NOVILLO ROB ODDEN MICHAEL OIEN BOB OLBERG IAMES OLSEN PATRICIA OLSEN BARB OLSEN: CheerleaderA84 B ICapt.I, Newspaper, Pep Club, SAC, Student Council LINDA OLSON: Big Brother8iSister Program, Home Ec. Club MARK OLSON ROGER OLSON: Baseball, DECA, Orchestra CARL ORMAN MARILEE ORTH LORRI OWENS: Co-op, Swimming Timer, VICA Treasurer ALAN PATTEN GREGG PAULSONZ Baseball, Hockey, Soccer ROBIN PAVELKA: Cafe Orchestra, Orchestra KATHY PAVEY DALE PEARSON: Pontiac Club, TS8fP CAROL PERKINS: Girl's Glee Club, Pep Club, Ski Club, Warriorettes DOUG PETERSON ROXANNE PETERSON: Co-Op FORD PETERSON: Baseball, Football, Wrestling BYRON PFEIFER PATTY PODRUCH IIM POHLE: Swimming RICHARD POKORNY: Cross Country, Metropolitan Student, Coalition,Track I PEGGY PORWOLL: Agenda Committee, All Ike Board, Cheer- leader A 84 B ICapt.I, Choir, Class Council, German Club, Girl's Glee Club, Pep Club, Plays, Ski Club PATRICK POWER: Band DECA, Sophomore Class Vice Pres. IANINE PREMIL: German Club, VICA SCOTT PRESTON: Diving, DECA Pres., Newspaper, Yearbook MIKE PRIEVE: Plays,VICA WENDOLYN PRUDLO LOUIS QUINN: Hockey MIKE QUIST PATTY RALPH: Choir,Girl'sGlee Club, Pep Club, Pom Pon Girls SUE RAMACHER: DECA, Pep Club DEANNE REINEKE LINDA REINHARDT: Pep Club, Plays, Warriorettes IUDY RENDAHL: DECA, Pep Club KATHY REYNOLDS MICHAEL RIPPLE RICK RISHAK: Basketball,Football SALLY ROBERTSON: Girl's Track, Gymnastic Club, Newspaper, Warriorettes, Yearbook IAMES ROBINSON BRENDA ROESER PAUL ROMPORTL RANDI ROOD: Plays, Warriorettes ANN ROSEBOROUGH: Intramural Softball, Newspaper, Pep Club, SAC, Warriorettes, Variety Shows DAN ROWLAND: Football,Track, Wrestling TIMOTHY RUSSELL IOHN RUSTAD: Swimming CINDY RYDEN: All Ike Board,Choir, Big Brother 81 Sister Program, Newspaper, Pep Club, Plays, Pom Pon Girls tCapt.I, ski Club, Student Council NAOMI SANDBERG: Co-op CHUCK SAUNDERS: MOEA Pres. TERRY SAUNDERS: VlCA,Wrestling TERRY SCHLIEF: Football SANDI SCHNABEL: French Club, Pep Club Board of Directors, Ski Club, SkiTeam EARL SCHOTT DAN SCHUG MICHAEL SCHULTZ IEFF SCHULZ: Intramural Hockey, Hockey MARY SCHUTTE SUSAN SCHWARTZMAN ION SCULLY: Co-op STEVEN SEVERSON: Baseball, Basketball, Football, German Club, Intramural Football PENNY SHAW ROBERT SHAW: Astronomy Assist., Astronomy Club ANN SHEA PEGGY si-IEA: Pep Club BERNIE SHEATS STEVEN SIDLA PATTY SIEDLER: Girl's Basketball, Pep Club, Pom Pon Girls RONNIE SIEWERT DAVID SIME DAVID SKOLD: Basketball,Football German Club, Golf, Intramural Basketball, Orchestra, Soccer, Student Council, Truckin' All Stars KATHY SMID: Band, Pep Club BARB SMITH CLIFF SMITH: DECA SHELDON SMITH GARY SOBERG: Intramural Baseball MARY SOLAND MARY SOLHEID RITA SONG LAURIE SORENSON: French Club, Pep Club, Ski Club RICK SORENSON: Hockey KATHY STACEY PAUL STANG: Band, Baseball, Basketball, Debate, Orchestra, Soccer RICHARD STARR I6 'if'-ww,isE,f 'n9'vM:': SCOTT STAVLO BRUCE STEINVACH: football SUE STEVENSON: Choir LAURIE STOLL: Big Brother 84 Sister Program, French Club, Pep Club LINDA STOLTZ: Pep Club LAURIE STELLMAKERZ AFS, French Club Treasurer, Pep Club, Plays, Russian Club, Warriorettes SUE STRANSKY: Choir, Pep Club BILL STRENGLIS: Co-op, Harmony, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Intramural Softball, Truckin' All Stars ION STROM: Basketball, Football, ski Club ERIK SWALLENDER KELLI SWEENEY: A Coop, Pep Club LORETTA SWENSON MIKE TAYLOR: Football ION TESAR: Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bowling, Football RICHARD THEIS IANET THORSON IANA TIBBS ROBIN TORBERG KELLY TRACY: Cavalette Vice Pres., FHA, French Club, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Softball, Pep Club, Yearbook SUSAN TRUSTY: GRA IOAN TSCHIMPERLE: Pep Club, Yearbook DAWN UHERKA DIANE UHERKA DAVID UNDIS: Basketball, Debate DON UNDIS LEONARD VAN LUYKZ C0-Op, Orchestra, Tennis, Wrestling RENA VASKO: Pep Club, Variety Shows MICHAEL VELNER DAVID VILIPSKI KATHY VOIGT: Pep Club, Plays CHARLES WALBERG SCOTT WALCKER STEVE WALDO: Cross Country, Gymnastics ROBERT WALKOWIAK: Cross Crountry, Cross Country Skiing, Track THEODORA WALL IUDD WARD: Choir, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Tennis, VICA IILL WATERHOUSE: Art Club Pres., French Club, GRA, Metropolitan Student Coalition, Pep Club BRADLEY WEIBEL LYNN WEIDNER: Cavalettes,Choir, French Club, Pep Club, Pom Pon Girls TERESA WESTBURG: Metropolitan Student Coalition, Ski Club, Ski Team, Variety Shows GUDRUN WESTERLUND DAVE WETTERLAND RICHARD WHITE SUE WIBORG EARL WILCOX TOM WILLE: VICA KAREN WILSON ROBERT WILSON MARK WINSTON LINDA WOLF: Co-op, Pep Club, Plays, Variety Shows, VICA Vice Pres., Warriorettes MICHELE WOLF: AFS, Choir, Girl'S Track, GRA, Guard, Plays, Spanish Club GREG WOOSTROM CHERILYN WRIGHT: Ch0ir,Girl's Glee Club, Home Ec. Club NANCY ZALT: German Club LORI ZERA: GRA, Intramural Sports DELAINE ZIMMERMAN2 DECA ,El ts,,f,,,t,t,, Liga, S v A 51304 165 at aa' Y' i74!i2f,1QZ- rj Q ,f I ' 2 , mm. ,. . ,, . - L K -gi id'--s1'5 1 guna j ' mg-15,,Q,g 'v "wi ' A xv . . x 1-'f. VQ, Sf.: iimf 3' We - gn, ., ,Q .Y we xg, , 1 " ff lj . , a , Ah, L" J' ,- I .fm 1 Q I 1.4 fr? g':fa"T'ff1J.i A , I ,fl 5, fr 1, -4' Q fl?" ,Q 0,4 ' ' I Q: 4, ..,, W L my ,. tx: ,. I , ' ' 1f1YY'UF:im'd'El'!XY w""'m Photography Scherling-Pletsch Studio student photographers: Tom Grier Mark Kallas Rick Kenaston jerry Seck Art Dave Biebighauser Brad Waryan Copy Rosemary Hill Sally Robertson jackie Strojan Business Maryan Armajani Stephen Gagnon lay T. Hartman Kathy Ripley Editor-in-Chief-Rosemary Hill Business Manager-jay T. Hartman Art Editor--Brad Waryan Copy Editor--Sally Robertson Advisor-Al Chadwick til 'x 4

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1972, pg 116

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Eisenhower High School - Faded Purple Yearbook (Hopkins, MN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 172

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