Eisenhower High School - Crest Yearbook (Blue Island, IL)

 - Class of 1965

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1, Ak 555, 4 Exif xv li DM' My 5:4115 W V WWW jff,ib2MQWgE'L wi W ' fdwwaiiwjzb' g W IW Mil QM Q W A2300-42 Q1Lw..,L, - dw , - Q-:QQ , ni I .nf , ryan m ' - s 'Tf . W W M Vw Jfjfgifgflffb y QW LQWJMW X a . K fri X Kai 2, I ifgfyyi If Y Qfixifwfx Qg gW2 W wh W 4 - W af WWW wijjlwffff CPM W ffydffwg Wwjwm ll K ' -s.,fi- inf ' A me S Q , "f b ....4.....i...,1..,..1....'J.z'..N..,..,m,.,....,m A .-,gf V, ' Y ' ' s Q A , ,, , QF XXXL WQWVM XQZJZZPQJJ EMM QM kh,b KLM. l, f if Qfyfgg www Q, QQWZQYT 0ffG,,fULl ,J , r , is W! W in ff wi W V fffwjffffj ff if SW W M fffgiiifiyg W SUfWfJ yi QQ NXWWJ Qian Qlxgwxg J Jig? H 41,2142 Ni Sf, v QE 'Q 5 if zggffay fig? ig J 51 2 XX ' Eg V335 6221 Ei, X QQ 19 9' 3 ' fm Q, 3 H252 ' Q -'Q SL Qi? X5 Q xxw H -f " cgi + fx 2 X 3 Qkghib SL QHEB cgff 5 A X .wb ' M + I -I If IW YIM X9 Q! X Ai fN o I j GV ' I . If QQ W pw Ish I I MW ,R , I QI! Q0 W' I I 5 Wy! fy My IUSIW M If I III I Y WI! f 'YD ff! III? W T ii w II I If O3 ' fb il , fp N f I I CII I I II wg 214 1 If I U J' f If Cb' QSM? if 4 I Jgf'7? II III! If I . If I v wi 'IQQQQLIM 'LJ' fx J 'UID I I 64. XX K-.X,hq-h XXDA A Q! AJ If I 4 , V , I of . qw Jyjdfy fy EbjQA,,f if: J I U Q ,lk Ji fy W! ,N,g,f?T'I X AI' If gf ,JJ ,XIV M Ky? If vywf-1 H JI' mu .,UO,,,eQ, ' wg, ,-,4,UJ'K47U-Ln uw' W I. I 1965 CREST DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER HIGH SCHOOL BI e Island, Illinois DEXDICATESX' the Northeast Building opened its doors in January of 9 ,Jo spa. H. L. RICHARDS I' if Q!! GJ ff will 'f xy l ." V' , N! ff ,,' 'M' Lg jf JD C x QgTmW,i.', A T K M,,,,..-f-'JV V 1936 1965 it fi -fi Dr. H.L. Richdlrdsffffst p d aj t L' scene in district Other bond issues were to win approval as Dr. Richards . 1 iv ' i x A 1? 2l8 in li928Qas ggi,-1eac , x -ov nngpht, ec nojwicsfgnd and the board interpreted the present and future needs of X '-s., QhistofryffKvQi.th thelid tioxiqfdg' s foil foo f ll goach i'The District 218 to the residents. gfffzlugoftfoj eadjgperceivddfbhel ualifill ofjefzderf The present Campus Building opened its doors in the ""sl1ip Theagt d D5tcwRic,,j ds, oi t'hg to the . V fgltl of l95O, followed by the dedication in October with - f F LJ tu .-J -9, L it 1 dufberirytefnd rickfi I 936f.J I .3 1 7 General Dwight D. Eisenhower as the dedication speaker. xiAt,EfhA Kiftrmeflx Jhiyppo5nffjneQjlkDlr Q hafdijejfdqdjd, 52,0 The Southeast Building was completed in l957. The North- .rgxsta 'off' -,elgihitxfith Q'nMenftol.l ll t'stiglfhtly!l "xc'q.dljn ' west Building welcomed its first student body in l96O and Lf stlfdentshiitgdse.,fbhjwgfguildini I irly yealkjklategil ! ,Ll Vt tjiiknhggver cOm1?l.exEPFfvhYsain's ojS'rlh!Q0O.s1ibdentsQrJZ get ust uh' 'Nh wide dl:-52d3a"f,fJ' Db, iltlplngs, w a unqerfcypkuctfggv., Lf? fi i "' ltfTlire"i wit D freziggnu g I plpgui-ngitheifpt A ct a'-rd th,eXnaH ?!9J Ri V d sunEjd'jhMs po5klDespite th 'Sdflfick o un 5, Dr Mgfgcha s Nu Feedld inf addin two ew . ft Ji ff3i."'gt 9 wingxiyig' r-c7Bwdhe5lfAOld , 'n:Bx9ilding with funds obtajf m Pgdliclwdrks Administration. Shortly thereaftpflt, nearily thief? aefoes were purchased by the Boa rd of Educffkgilgilbln tyfteibciejgof a survey proiecting future ed- ucational, X ,eds f'for- tfle district in the forthcoming twenty five years,itTlfiTeLJ,52t'lg purchased is the location of the pre- sent Campfiis filding. Dr. Richafdls served in World War ll inthe quartermaster corps. MQSt'of'his service was spent in Iceland, where he rose from second lieutenant to major within two years. Mrs. H.L.Richards served with competence as acting super- intendent during the absence of Dr. Richards. With return of peace, Dr. Richards, with the aid of the board, renewed his efforts to win approval of a bond issue to complete the stadium, a proiect initiated prior to the war. The voters responded favorably with the resulting completion of the stadium and athletic fields for baseball, softball, and basketball. l965. A second Campus Building is now under construction at lO7th and Central Avenue in Oak Lawn,and is scheduled to open in September of T965. Thus, Dr. Richards and the Board of Education have, with the foresight of a Solon, provided, the educational facilities to cope with the mush- rooming growth of the school population. Dr. Richards has given generously of his time to many educational organizations. He has served as president of the South Suburban League Council of Principals, president of the Secondary School Administrators of the Southern Area of Cook County. Dr. Richards founded the Association of Suburban Conferences and has served as its president: In l96l Dr. Richards was selected to be a candidate for president-elect of the American Association of School Ad- ministrators. Locally, Dr. Richards is a member and Past President of the Lions Club and a Past Commander of the American Legion. The Publications Staff is iustifiably proud in dedicating this T965 volume to Dr. H.L.Richards. The staff more fully comprehends the nationwide prestige enioyed by Dr. Richards upon receipt of the letters from many prominent personages that follow. From these, we can logically con- clude that District 2l8 has been exceedingly fortunate in having Dr. Richards guide its destiny. I I 1 lk 4 5 l K jyw ' , ' ' , fx 232.1 A iw 2' sv R Nw 1:2 - qw M , 05743 ELO t ' cl 3, 65 I R c at S erxnlgien Q Do or J. . i ht Eisenhow 1: igh School H 1 2,7 a ra to nue 4 1 s W M aww ar U ct h : ld ike 'L 0 ,ra J ate y on th o pletion of .1 D. Eisenhower I 1 shou ' n eude of the ' 1 your i t' th yea as l ' S' .I Pe ps ev mor , I shoul f 5 a late you on ' e ' Chat y ur stud nts pet yo 74 to dedicate t ' year M ok to M ' A A L P a c pt m st wi : ontinuing success sf f 9 w H, 'IDUGL A Mu 1 O I Of Y s and elfa . r Sincerely, rw 12,--' WW. ,, X' QL.: I 1 J ,,e,.... rss: Q, f Governor WM" QQ., ,ilwfmfk NCQ wivllffv- M M U. LL,,,W"2 My . ,mlm.U,.M ' 1 - ml, Ykr iiffkz. ,- 4 25121195 ' F25 ' , JO, i X v mums ifHgQ,lYlr'g5CONGMI x 'l OSLLAW 'leigh 52" t H , fupphal Ylvrf-ru-E I, ' 1 "'Ci.A,1, ' Q X. ' in-, ,, 4 v , A 'NL "few X X Mo A u . X " 'L V" fu 'W 'fy' Ci? 1 A . W, 4 P- N ,Q 4 a EIMM ' A "'-N 1.54, mf, 5 '-.1 Mum 5 K 'WJQY V fl, ' W3 -mx, X My MG 1 Y M ' 'N sly' , -:Q A ,gtvxm Y. X Y, J . , 1 .- +QIj5 5, V ' A 51132 LL f - 'B L,. "Ve,"f, I N A 2 4 43' 1 41,33 , WNQZTEQSLQHVZ X, Qvsifgf V, fx ' 2 , Jsfxwf W- 1 Q mg K , ' , W MM j , K A .sy Q "eg sax ,TN -'wwf f X xM'I,T2'f fl' Q' V52 :T f Y QC Rvws - .,, ,L K... N Y , A . ,A . M,,,,Q Yfj s2,w,.. w e-Y Q 1 J iff A ff QQ: N -- ef, . , 'Mu 'T' "'-- WWC ff is di? 21 V M5-'ie -2 W' 531' Q Q "fx , A'M'2A1f,s,, ' Q53 f if ,E E 511257 M ' g , ,gg M fQ,,W Q' y -X f 1-,M , 74? ., 4, A 262 dy N.,-Nui' ,, .f Q3 Xe. af as if - AU -A S' f I Sy, -3235310 k , Xii v k Hi ' if 2' 5,5 L3 QV Vufj-,. A- ag V 1.I , 'fv- Q we ,sw V rw-ff A f S- Hass: A X Digby L4 - l Mwgg, 4 ggmm-A ' cfggyv . f in ,f T 'A G Eli? ff mg -mrrrj QW, 'M , X 6 J X D md' Z7 4 Q -.tk C Q.LilEfVWlY ,Q Q Fm ai X4 RR gk 52 the OU Zu, M322 if u"'4fFi2 -we H" Q9 K1 I K V , uw 3 'M UQ N 14835 QAQQ 1 Nslgffsw, k A W 2 M 'Qs , XX fiom l 3 G Cgcord QJUSUQQ 2 Qycufg '--,TLuEiV71w WMV 09- ff-,, - " RJQS ' . T' Q 'L iff, iff? v 1--:REM , Mui' xr,y,.1 X' W. NX cv 'Q RQ 'N HC "N .. ifgqv. 5' GY-m ' M+,i,7 is ,uf 'Q pyg ffflfig H111 gf ' ggfkz, 'H x P. ' ' im' . IM-Gag V1 :elif if X .Q j N A CZ H alla' 1 Ty M xxx ,d 520 t V, 'Q V he Q f :X fm Fly MG sf me f 1'f:,js,s X' S A W 53232 ' '. 3 5 2 X N ff Z.Tg'3.,:k X 5 Milf? A -nag, MFT? M. , ,,, H K, X fl JL 5:1145 df x ' X U ' 'Wifi v " .Q , dll, 543351 e Q If X Q ,L,.:.,13s,s QQ X' xX 'X W , x A A XXX is S KA VA .Q fmgpig CEQA 'W' U21 I. ,,, ,, K ,l K Vk,,k ' - ,Q - V ""K" 'P'K5i:E3Kf.K,:L,,K f'5'?"f?5??fk5.52,':x zslfvsi - K K, K - 'IK'-K'Kj'5l'f 3, -' K QK H'f"?'1?57f'fKviXi- Q '- ,, ,,"fVg'1 ,'5.fi555,E,L,i'f-"KK ' 5'??'36..-EK' ' T'KJi:i.:i,, -, K ' K 'K '.wg.,iS,5, K '- ' 'K nr. , .,,-1L','?'1Y"w'f,-. 2 32" 'fKuKf:Kfg,:, K-' - -1'i??':K'K-'U 'vm - 'K":v'?f.ef'ffSf,K5':1" K K "EK1f'fS'?,: 4,11 'K , , , , 'K K K'K5':V5'51 K, 2-' ,, ':'::fj'flfE,4,,- . f ' 'K K K"K"d'QfLf ,Lil Kifwfffigzfi f.'5TS'f'T-Wi ,1KKKKi3'KK -' ' : ,, ' K K K f .i,gi'i 'K K 'K' , , 'K'5K"5'i1?eQ:5,,5,- f?"isg,iQ31Z,Q' 'V 'fl .K K KK fF:Ef,'-?i?'S'E"Kf f Jifffi' K ' " f ' f K , K , fl' LEADER . Y' w gif, ,,.- K -K . 'A K ' , . . , X q K V 4 ' A A ,J J K '2 ff ' J ' Kfe K ' M A I it .HKS wget! ,Q 'ev A - L - ' Q Q ' p K , K - 1 X , , K K K 4 K : , " X' I EMM? 2, i KK X ,U I , R X K . V ,', 'K K ' KN W I .f' 1 3' i' ' - ,f K ' , - f QKK, ih, K K , K K ., . K 4 K , K -f' A K K - ' A KK ' '-f ' 0' l' 'iii I KK f ' X, I I I if 1 ,N M535 ,1Kf,K,, 'K ' K K K. 1 K KK K ,, K, K K. K . M. . .,. ,M 1 f:,,,, KK , ' A 5 L , K -g"ffKK'EKx-Qiax, , ,:,,g K K K Y , -9 1 :K ' V, K .K f, K A ' ' ' , i 1: ' ' K K 1 K K K , 7 I K K S'f1KK.e,,f,1f:ai5'ilfS ' , 'v 1 1 ,' . K f if K r ' A V Km ,W ,Km V ' ' ' K ' K ," X 1 TM-W. mx. L L"A"fM K . WK K ' ' M ag . , v ' H J 1 ,K , " K, ' , H1-f, M ' ' K ,K ' ' W A K . : K K, 1' 01- Um, ,U i 4 K: LJ A I" K, , H. , KK K , A K .,..'L.,,..g LQ"f'+ VU- K A ' K KK 'HW K., My 'M Q, K K f - ,K 6 f " S W- -K . - v f .- K L f . W ' V ,. , R fn K,,, K e SLK? f52+1K.f5:g'Q,gfYZ K, K 5, Y ' .:. , - f ,K K, 5 , 51 K I K A ' , if 1 - 1 K M W I . KK K K K- , f K: 1 ' K, , , 1 ' - - K f ' f. W U - . 2 K... 4 - K W VK. K ,, K . 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K,K,, K J, ' K K ', :K v I I H , fl K K K K A ' - HX M- M. ,K y A ' 'K 5 Q -K K?'KJ'K5f5'q':QK,'s,"?f1Zj'iH K4K i1i"g:z,'5:,1f"37123gQiE , -"' ,, ' - 1 . ' f- - KK ' ' f. 'K 'V N , , 43, : '12 V K .K ,. 1 QQQwwf-740"1K'nEKEjL-,--771. fav'7,'--1li'1?f'wZ5f A ' M ' 1 4 ff' A 3 ' Q K X . 'fyflf 'IILT''3?Ji?'.xrz:-xi? if fN5'!?!1KKi'fQu".f, 'Z N " "" " fS'P1f'Ffw,,, K 'K .1T,i3,'GfFJKKi A'5:Q"g',kzU :JR ' ' K's1".iw5-231 'L','?ii"9'f2iZ,'5g1lQeffU1: A3E?331?"?'i"K'5 'WN 'Q sa, K-1 -K .K K. ,K Kgirig 3 I S ' f l - ' + f K . ' ' 13,'1?Qf'?J5'SSb5JNl?,i5:ff?w 'M - ' M . f w f f A .ia fu- f . K, K fff1,,Q,fS:s29S5-apzgd-rKf'K2'f -f -f 1- Mm, .K - K ' 1 1 f f': ' , ' . 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L. Richards, 1 D Eisenhower high Sc 5m6UtO Dwigh . th S RCF i27G0 Sou Sine isiend, iiiinois Dear haroid: Ar the ciose of the school year i96M-i965 you wiii have compieied thirty years as Superintendent of the Dwight D. Eisenhower High Schooi District. This is one of the iongest periods of service to a singie schooi district of any super- intendent ior many years. it is a tribute to the confidence, iove, and esteem in which you are heid by the many boards of education, your staff members, and the citizens of your high schooi district. we cherish the friendship of certain individuais for their personai quaiities, and we cherish others because of our great respect for their many taients. i cherish your friendship for both of these reasons, and wan: to express my pieasure for , K In . L having had the priviiege of knowing you, working with you, and having had your friendship for these thiriy wonderfui years. My staff join we in congraiuiations on the ouzsranding ieadership you have given over this iong period. Cordiaiiy yours, .WIVK-kfiv ' Superintendent N JP:MM .,41?.f,C:3. X553 in yw3v'3R ' S yr 'fx S- 4 f .ask 'Reiss ' H rifzicihn , -en,H ' vi- Bravo M L. in iyww -ei U. iii" , Q .. 1 !ii,i.r N--ii ct 1, if'riitx.5 N X V 'i' Fe, :HW i .x., Sqwia .j. i Nobie J. Vuffer, Cook County Puhiic Schoois "'lueA.JW5H ni 'iiiiix ,. 'i'i,::iz. Eiimwm , " f "Gin , .M V. M fr WU-fs. v. A i i D 1 IL mm K Si My fu En fi -uf 'L J Ungrfgg Uffb . , e flimteb 5,18 reg buns fgfii H15 . Eprfgtm , gbmnln ia at'hPs QGQQCQQ ff' AJ i i i i Y . ,fr i i i g:ZZ.0W"'g?U"'4"0W" U if 5 'mx ALSIP ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS uIsI-mov In I DISTRICT 126 mans ru ...uw .soo w,Irs.u sr musk. GLIENCOE PUBLIC SCHOOLS cg,'.I.f.II Img., fm .sr mf.. cus.. I s o uw.. .Lu su WMWD mm ,U hush' c-homo ue u.I.woIs n.m....,I "M H '-"' rm. s. H my ,I :Io Iwnf vin um. ns zoom Ifsbr-my za, Isss W Is-Iroh Q, was ' ,Marr 10, 1955 Q w M h h I 4 A ur. Imom I.. Iushnrus, supsrxnronannn pr. fi. I.. Iflchrrus, ouyssnhrshashe D,,,g,,t D. ,mmmver High school nr. Richards: Dwi:-hr D- bisenhwer Heh who 1 Inu, lu una, I Iruo j ,- 12700 Scum Sacramento . congrssumrions ulon the cd 1 sign of f f- - fffl?4U- in-W E GCI, Z Q ea wwf thirxy years as su :inte of School' 1 I 2- ro 6. . I I h - I I .pe I yeano serv: X Thirty years of 11 ,cr e the edww10I1r-1 1 F7 Dist Iss 2 , su our :hz yum I have snjoyfa Yours is s record to be nvioo by all no rogram of ten., Cf M S U ,fQ,,,,, aries fn y N H Eh you and an dee 1 dedicate their lives to professional suusunion, I ,, ' 7 . is ner 1. I 1 - I r. 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I X sincerely, ' N 'Q 4 Again, cohgpr ulucmh on chlrry year-:I of N k , du on hulceuy ship. . ,, , E . , 1' 4 , , ' s. . ,, Z -4110612 5. I I Paul J. nunsr nr. HoroIu I.. mon id , ' r' If I If uffQM,1,,,L if-L"p,I,, Dwight D. Isisenho ion .chool uf friflsioh IJ. Sznitn, Izvoo South 5.-.cr to Ausnuu , . ii-Ixwrimfmderfr n I Blue Island, Illinois WDVTS I df , .I f v JLVCA f h E!! Q' GAicago 9211192 Wulphs 45260116 I ,U I.I I 1 I :Q Is .III I L IJ LJ soo. soon., ...sfmsv Im. BLUE ISLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS I .- Q' I ' I ?,1.S:.ZLZt?' .I .I - UH , s..Imo,..uss..I msmlcr No. Ian , ,. . . I ' ' ' 5' ' f,,,,'gf1,1,'Q,fQ' 'WE'--mf BWI JE-J-.f.-IIQU.. BLUE ISLAND, ILLINOIS E'-un 53. Km. Svwhf.,J.,.I M953 D NEEDS' ' ' 'ff 1 V Rok-,I E. 5:.IJ. Dread..-I 25:5 WM wsu! SI-we ,,,,,.c,, ,I ,965 I-. Gm-I Lnar, Smfmv Murrh 1, was mor.. FUIIQ, 5-aaoo 1, ,. wIswsI6rIIcna " 3,.ll.i3EZ,2"qTfm' . Hmm 2, 19 es -.IWW ru -,ou Dr. Harold I.. Richards Sxmnmimit 1 4 127:30 South sacramento 1 . K nf. hsrom I, aarhsms, su:-sfanrsnaofu :ig fe QQ' iffcxwds . moe Island, Illinois Imqhz Is. Eisenhower nomunny high School msn-fm Q.. ?':,,.i4 fsf'A??"'5f MW' Sshwl ,. . I I Iz7oo sssrsn.-mo menus 'Al-'L J mr' V HWS Mawr P,P4!fRAJ,4fV'J 'I ' I I ' ' ,ear Hamm: MWWWNWQ: : rams mano, III,no.s SMF Dr- Rlchmhdsz nav 1 extend my hearriest oohqrunuxoeions upon your I K' I 5 f Deo' Dr' Mchardsz It is a pleasure io have was :pg.uyr,uIISry ro offs: Cfvwnlfgrivn of thirty years as Supcrywtendefnt of School ' I nf -I cnnofsnulsrions noon your mm, vs-urs of scr ice f my SETCSFS CQHPTYW-1lq35QI'S fm' 111191 YRQVS vi' wif' msuruoh 42212. Few meh can point 'ruth prxde no such n ,.Iwww.so.s.I..husso to mmm us. I sm proud to joan your oIher fra Io , in . ff9m:,'2ff 165'-PWIWF H5 -IUPUf"Y25'fUf?G'W G3 f'lHff'iPW continuous service in one Whoo, area. ...,,sI.,.swwsw-WI A coooofounu huh Inu yearbook slsf ' hrs mm Is vour IW- M1 - audsssrson sud worse. A 5 0 I During your tenure of office nishrics. 218 has grown ers- ' ,. ,. Th Y W t 2 , 5fri,,Tl21gfff1in,,'f-nfuufsfCifwfiinggi igrngxgsflssnft , ,, , . ,,. sssrosonouy nqs u you .I oo. row JA' V-In 'f fm: 3.6 'i'i"fQ'15.li' Lf' ation' p'fpu1B'fl'm' hBYedFroYLd"'1 Che, sv,,ssnfwff.yhr,Iuss gf ,mos ss I mum of your :our o my I Isla wh ff had 5992 V'f1f'1G?Q 52 vlffslnf 0PS2v'1v the M- gusirsnrp In F f. oonshrucmnn of nun ouII. mos, ssIoo:I.on fh..m..,:u.T,sn...nsmsI ft, fm ma, the ywrmok Sm, is mam, I is mmm' Q wfozzcevnrm s v sho oduuuuonol program urxdvrtf ymzr gum- s- u4.dIcI.onsI .ssuuy members, and rn qoncrzaily offerxnq new I ,I you ,S ,m,,wM O, we ,gh Wm, M um ,M uv rn: ban LN owe ws-ry right zu take r-sn unfin- sauourh-,noI opporrunirioo for ch-s boys ann fuirls of this ores. I I I I, hon, mommy and throng s surf? sf . -RCWOH D 2 Job 'fm'-1 dwg. I am sure that alrhouqh the pas: :kirby years have taken your ISEMWI-Um x si, A 5 lm Ivanov 0 -2 ww-wd swf-Q V ' friends. I1 1 Vemvml f'eP5W5E ami bww "NWS 50" Wiffflfsff Best esforzs. the results xmen rcvicwcd wdov must orinr you "G"'m'm'CU"'b I -W5 955392 'S SM UW fm' Pmfsibf d' Cafes ' ' ' " real satisfaction' - ,., I can inue: ro no f. II wi he Murm, sussuss, ana 5 asf, 'on. , UMW 1. I ,. , I c rd' my yours I , ' s-Incsrsly yours, I .- . I I I I , , I s ff' :Iv 1 , - ' non In, E-'inlog , . - I - I ' ., nsrihzunarhz ummm was ,..,, ,1 I 4"w L0 " ' smash: and . 'moi 1 WPC' 'YC U mms P- Km . I ' LI., I ,I supsvrncendoor 'j' U J jj , 'f :T t IN x shams . .,..,.I. , E - -one g I S i 1 "' ..I , ,A ,V ,Q ,V 5 A so mu Pd CAT N ron L -K 1 ' K' II ,,.. r A-A f-,M W, -M -A , f L ! ' I I ,I -- 9 'Eg ---'V IIDGE SCHOOL YOWEI SCHOOL LAIAMIE SCHOOL . 5IsI w. wan sv. 59:1 w,srms1. Iwsnsxumm. .f .1 1 I , A , l , :':I,2?:::.... f GIIYUIISIIIIJ 3411111 ysFI!UlX1 Ihufrut Zxh. 2111 vIsn:svI.v. II, .III.Ir,mY c-oLI.uI:II I ' , -- n OIPNCI 0 'RESZDBAT wumnlmrnoh cnqnw M fl. . 2 Clh!sTmi' R4 fsvm.-,NIA 199vsr.1-rxusnfsvus mIuI,yIsunIhorrrn.II.I.Luon woss oredf L ge C oo Mfrzcf 0. I4 N.-uu.uh susnmfro- I-.I.umr.f :Maman mr..-I.v. mm.. sI.prfmmI4enI nmnor I-I Broom sm-if msc so, ulmus AVENUE-MIBLDTHIAN IP,a.I. ILL so-M5 M E V H U , mm! I W m..sII.nxs la Mar-ch19G5 "mf", ' """'f ' ' ' " "' ,,, , ,,,,,,,, Auufufo suornnfnnfshz nmmf ugrmohnrz S""""""' , , M h III, I9r' Mzss Lmmla Pleisch are W PuIIIicatiozas Staff Dwight D. Eliscrxhowvr High School yank 8, ,965 12760 South Sacrzunemto Avenuu Blue Island, Illinois II. I.. I'IIohs.nIr, supsrxnsshaunm Dr. H, I.. Iuohsrds. sup.-rImoo4I.:nI Immun ima l X N , i nuhghz D. I:Isonhowor I-hgh School Iuue Iuxunfx, nunuIs D0-if MISS Plvfblhl D,S,,,,,, 2,3 , Izvoo souzh snorfu-nomo Avenue Dem' HUGH' Dr, Harold I.. Richards comrinution In secondary Blue Island. Illinois Hui I offer gy :insure aougntulntions eo YOu education in America ,faces him anaozeg those few adminis- I . . . . . . for 'er'-H5 index 215 for thirty l""9' irafors who :Iavv dIsLI:IguIslIed tnemselves among their peers, D H ld It has been W m.,v,,eg, m Bane in me use HIS Iwo-iwo plan of high school orgafzizaiion has not only CM am ' for the neue: para of that time. igxven xiecogmtlon Io. Brno Island but inure tII:1nIhat it is I wrhh Io oongrmulars you oo Ihu completion of nvny I dw' it A mtivnege to have been umchwd .n:11IrIaoIngj1y bfriuzmng the pattern or oI'gavIIz:stIoII for many yours of scrvxvc- as suporinmndenz of Dzetrict 215. The Dwigm ,ish you ,M ,Moy your Isausruhip, UL 12 Y frvmilwlllllffi- D. EII-nnhowsr Ifhgh sohooI Lhsmrm has b--on Ionunalu indeed Io have Ih., ss-rmhs of ons so uornpolsm In Ilamonohhl Ir-hosI-- The community hus Ihassa been run served . . , ., 4, . 1 , V -, , sha . your leadersh' , rsh hs I Isuuou W-II hsvond Ixssr-In Izhmugh your esduuatianal Iuuaurunxp ss I muy beliavu . fxs 'in e'duLTm"w' 'eadcr me maxmb among those Wh" Zlqlp h b xp rw HI I' S MI - I' f ua- IL o r . nas cmmswmlv malmmw, ,I ,t , W V I , I, as ooh n great s ,mu A Ion an, ss .soo In y u your beliefs in sduouciuh has dm-Is uuoh fo. the I-Iosz of iv ' . I L - Q-Ia.. y pI ogram exon Ihuugh Ins Cmeagucs thrmwhom thc United smug' Those 0, us who ,RW the szxagiszointgx :Z-is ngrgglguiniggehgggrxgszll.kssp I Istrmct has been unuer tremendous popuhmorx pressures. bww in lwdership Iwfnivns in high sch-mls oi the, chrosgu sub. ' ' I In-ooo area haw been moss grow.-IuI for your her,-mos ronnsszsd Again, congramlguons on your ,Wg nay at 1115 Alrrs Maier, the Pennsy1vaIIizI Military College, is with :hu sxssooisuon of Suburban Conferences and oxher District 218 we may you continue In your Iss-In-shxp proud Io IIIIIIIINII Dr, Richarcs as one of ins most c1isIIngIIIs.hed Gfsaniwlif-IH4 I am Proud U0 have had lhf UPPQYIIIHHY 'O Wfk N19 for WWY Years to COM' all-Illnrzi. Its ermre alumni body join me in exprfssing our with you' Shrwfrrrf coIIgratulaIiozIo to him un this Lim Ihirtieth annivm-sary sinooroly, V Of NIS Gutstandixgg ann IIe:lia:Ited serviue an me youth of Bfuc gmc,-,-.,I,, Yours, ,I I ,f Island and the Zkatiozz. Jai, X ,wr A X , . . , Lee X. Ponar, suyerihrendent Since:-ely, C ,A If f sohoox -Iisrrxoz 142 'II.' I.. sIIohennIysI' - su,uorI.IwndehI P.s. I don't nina mat ooohssohouy I an uiszuhsn for you, ns our oo1urIng and pnysiouu. stature are uInIIur ' ' ' HLS,m1n , H Imllu I1IofuIoII by Clftrence R. Moll Dr. Moll but signed in his absence, 1 30 YEARS OF L OYAL DEVOT1 ON TO DIST. 218 Mr. Birt E. Frobish , . I. , T if. I 6 Z? ' ' ix' 5 r ein- 11, 'TH ' Y 655' v "hk f A , ful. h 1 ' fee 'W I Q4 ami, -- 5 iwfaizrffez -7355? ,. '91, 11:15-,ffzm'-xgfs.,.5.tQ,,y',g Mr. Frobish received a Ph.B. degree from the University ot Chicago. Mr. Frobish has held a variety of positions during his long tenure in District218. In addition to teaching duties, he has served as chairman ot the Business Education deparhnent, chairman ofthe Faculty Advisory Committee, coach of football and baseball. His administrative positions include the tollowingp Principal ot the Junior Class, Building Principal ot Old Main, and his present position as Assistant Superintendent in charge ot Business and Finance. Mr. Frobish has also been very active in community attairs. He is a member ot the I.0.0.F., the Amer- ican Legion, a past president and secretary of the Kiwanis Club, and a moderator of the First Congregational Church. Mr. Frobish met the former Viola Eidan while teaching in the district. In 1919 she consented to become Mrs. Frobish. The Frobishes have three married daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Goodwin, Mrs. Jane Forry, and Mrs. Betty Massena. Miss Dorothea Moore Miss Moore is a graduate of North- western University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her grad- uate studies were continued at Colum- bia University where she obtained her master's degree. Prior to her arrival in District 218, Miss Moore taught at Wilmette and Huthinton, Iowa. She has taught history and english and for the past fifteen years has served as the chairman of the English Department at Eisenhower High. Miss Moore enioys reading, music, and cooking. She firmly believes that teaching in District 218 has been very challenging, but at the same time, very rewarding. As to the future,Miss Moore plans to continue to give her best efforts to Eisenhower High. Miss Beulah Protsman 5 ft, , , - fssmszsff - ,.,,,,..s,, , 1 X , 4 Miss Protsman received her B.A. degree from Hanover College in In- diana. After two years of teaching, Miss Protsman decided to enter the business world by accepting a position with an engineering firm. Friends con- vinced Miss Protsman that her proper calling was teaching and she returned to this field after one year. Miss Protsman accepted a position in District 218. After thirty years ol faithful service here, she is yetgrate- ful to her friends who influenced her to return to teaching. Miss Protsman is the chairman of the Mathematics Department, sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta, and founder of the Euclidean Club. Her outside interests are music and cooking. Miss Protsman has taken graduate work at the Universities of Chicagoand DePaul. Miss Janet McQuistan Miss McQuistan comes from the state of Nebraska, where she attended the University of Nebraska, Miss McQuis- tan received her masters degree from Columbia University and has com- pleted additional graduate work at De Paul University. Miss McQuistan teaches shorthand and typing and serves as the chair- man of the Business Education Depart- ment. She is the sponsor of the Steno Club. Her outside interests include travel, music, and reading drama. Her travels have taken her to such exoctic lands as Iran, Iraq, and Egypt. However, she was most impressed by her visits to England, Ireland, and Scotland. When asked about her future plans, Miss McQuistan answered, "None, let each day take care of itself." Miss McQuistan offers this sagecom- ment, "I realize there will be many changes in methods of teaching and equipment in the future, but the fun- damentals of building good study habits, clear thinking, and building of character will always remain the same." 9 Mr. Leslie McCord President The new Campus Building siteisinttiotedbyboord members fl. to nt Paul 3 W K sf. t P Q.. , , at ,Mm 1 if ,.-7,55 Huff, Elbert Smith, Gormond Schurr, Henry Schutdt, George Benck THE BOARD OF Mr. Henry Schuldl Secretory pf .of ,mt EDUCATION Mr. Garmond G. Schurr Member 3 '1 x Mr. Elbert Smith Mr. George Bend: Mr. Edward Lode Mr. J, Paul Huff Member Member Member Member eww CITE OF TQIIUK ISLAND it lllillllfl TUlfNSllll' lll 'l ff l 1 'L'-""1"f IACKSON KIE5 TER l'l Sul' lll' C er , L W x My km W AND commmtrv Cornish 5- JM' c 0fl'WJM C0"tMUN""' WSH SCHDUI-S -'OW' "'-'W' L ff rt mtttmru nrtrtms. ltttmtm , 'nc' rtuwwruw rnAc1toNA, 'mvwsttrv u1cH scnofv. n.r1.,..Svr..t.rm.f..rn., y,sxu.vut 'D'f'7'ilT11'f .3125 Rmb 2' 3955 :Lum February A905 Q tt.-.mr ,r .MN .Mfrs ,fn Febnmy 26, N65 A W ..,,.mW mm. MW nr. H. L. Richards, Supa. Dwight D. Eisenhower High Scrocl 12700 snuff. Sac:-amenw Avenue ,f,.,,uX ,Y :LV mr Ur- Fwld L- Richard: P. 0. Blue island, Yllinois S1-ww-rem-:M , ,A ,Q ungrn, n. swemtuer um. School Dr' Hawk 1-A Rwhaflf nvoo som- sm-wenw supcfantenarm, umm: :ta mug xmna, nmms nm. ward, num... near nr. Richards: n.. ts t,, u,rrt,f-fa. s1.r,m,,rWa.r1rt Dm' Hmeldl Dfarfhwtw .term n. Etf,...,s..7w.- mfr. s.-2001 - 1 new in , ngrlmanz. ww-mu., and A ,,,t,, , umm . - 4 W, V Q ,.,, , . . A ,wwf The completion or Lhirty years of aeaxcarerx Iwi, ,fix i1,,QmQ"M X pleasure w congrmxam ,nu on mm, years ot 4'?HX-L-"'a"'f'5 "P H lm ef' 'lf UMW D F Wt f A Esrviw as super-ineenaen: or 3 mgh seminal, ' " uuccenahl 1.,a.1,.t-Emp on me mama an hm, rugs. srhoct mmmwrtr at-am:-in wptrm mt ,wr romp 0.11 especially one Such 55 me awww I., Usenyowe, DMV ww K: wr.-mms. under your snyervmm, me schema mm nrvmfy wars M S-,pm-,f.mr.r. or mf .chem Gramer. inscicutioz. is Q record which is rm army upward ma devempga w mm. mf, awenrgr es fr um. ,Q ft grm hmm wan. your mrt.mrQ tm. tMm.Aa mashed in any 'barn of our Maxon. nm., W, , ,. Z F . ,, ,V , . ., , ,W , H-Nine Cmvlilv- The wearer sw- hw dw-loved - wot, for your MM.-,rut ,nm-, uf SQNQU r.w1r,m,ng I M lfvgg Z'. 72125 ff'?f,i,,, f,lf".fTf, . 'nd W' MN' Pm 'Mm You i'im"m me bc' Zim bf v wrmlf-Sw In is indeed 2 Privilege w re 5512 30 offer .1-4 N nm- Snm-, ut nt.. rv My ,tfflr-m-rt or - r KX :WP emma fc' om' mm 5iS'mE 'A' fcuw' K ' , . , , ,. 5 L he ' Q . .v,,. ., ., 1 Cuffs-Hwlfhivfw rv 5011 -01' NMS our bend YS YL Ord Li3.B.rU.at.r me .QM 1 Smttu wrt tm- ,wr M-Lr,,rp1m. ua: may me your xeam-ship new effective at ,apfvrmn Wm- me spar.: as mm? yum is y.t,vt,n-.fr tg I am Confidem that every Citizen an uw mme. you ,mg ,UW bm, to get M Cmiwg, of ,M gmtmf ..rtt...m1. tn mt., Ct,m.,.,,.mr, has ,t ,qn,.Qf.m islam feels pmud of Chi. ,x,kie,,e,e,,,, new I thumb ww 1 mah P W hw mi M V In W h X some y,,b,,,-y,,,, Hague du,-mg Lu we yew, ,,- ns xmmmtny. your mmf ,mu your Mfrs Wm 90 smut .r student, .mo me atnsnded cur mgh school during to dem Y 2,9 0. Vert' Q-12:11.11-'fi mvfalr -4 rf ,ter -, tt. exzsnet-,ce and new new me President of me Agrees. rtmrt-..ttf1.g are mm tri pr-Qpaf :mr mm, gm mmm M we your aminimmmon Men benefited by me Wm meme- A - M M1 Of- 0- mt KV mm Q: sunurnar corfm-ncaa, which you wma no we-wo plan xrnugw-.nec and originated by you. fmmrx. I gpm. only of msg em of we many Leader- My bm .Mmm are Wh wr., S,mm1,, whip pwamans yn have ma. They are, xmerer, ' As Mayor 1 .am graceful for we so-Qperanior received by our Guy and for vhs farm-ren, recog- ninion as 5 rerun or your effuns which has accrued no our City. your superintendency over gras long period H111 be long remembered and win stand as an achievemenz and example for your wccessore. Sincerely, A ' representative of your leadership in 5ecmra.r, edwa- V rm-. JLMSOA KRW l mm new wish-as for yu-xr consume mme. sincerely wus, ,Km HM-me n. Metcalf superanu-num ,,f' Sauce:-Qty page," -'Q ctfdn Parkn swpnsmmurrr of Srtmols ns-te e .Q-rs: 5 s My ,,.k ,. 2 Q ,, ,aw qw X galil . ,ua Row l: Mrs. Elaine Rauch, Claude Johnson, treasurer, Connie Staes, lst vice-president and program chairman, Mildred Rauch, presider1tgMrs, Phyllis Nyman, 2nd vice-presidentond membershipchairman,Mrs.Lenore Harding, secretary, Gilbert Sandberg. Row 2: Clyde W. Blanke, adminis- trative representativeg Jim Wilson, Mr. 8. Mrs. Milan Craig, Robert Kes- lirike, Leo Schilling, Scholarship Fund chairman, Mrs. Paul Rayon, Lee Riston. Mrs. Howard Edwards and Mrs, Kenneth DeVilbiss accept ments with a smile. THE PARENT- FACULTY ASSCCIATION Mrs. William Humphreys and Mrs. Raymond Dieball assist parents who wish to confer with teachers, 121 5.2555 7.15 .'If,i2ZLf,'l CAWMET PUB'-If 504005 ::::iz1,:.. ...m.. ..K.,"'Sf'1'C' 'H .,..,.,,,.M......, 33 :::,::c,:2:r:g,mr "Mm "Lawn raswrz 5, 1364 :gif wr ffl'-'.,. mf, mmm vgefsm vumfewom scar: aamniiefpr nm semi Jsvcci nawwmn A-mme mm rum., Jimmie some or roucnncv s, . , mam. emiiizf. .... 1, n,,,,,, Aw' :er :uw rumen: 7 LW Milfs: News .mem vids eumrmifmiqn as fmimw- M., A g,,m.i,-mm 0. rm:-,f mm ff .U V gauging rw nv, Rini-gras,-.mf-n :0mp1M1..y gehyee:-5 as CA,,,,,,,. Qm,,,, A me mmf, imzyim zur- imma, W -f..,-in -i.. siipersiisnmeiac of we .mmm D. zsssemimm- -nh sew-ix. W., ,,,, VO c iffcfzm s-in Q fm .if . --s rm w .f ' i--:fetmj .f1..m,i is at ...pw .. 11.0 ,-my aziuelszaed wt his pr-one or me mmm Leader-fmig A we L-I.,-we as It ,V ,Ns 1 - any -- .1-flew time nr. iemrfif im, in me 30 yuinis nf aerial-g M HM .ffl 12--sa ' V 1- 1 ,V :ss at mum. lewd er ssrcsl :nw-is' 212, eorisisfpmly .lem-msfpmwn. "0" 'M' ' 3 y -1, i .t .--ei msc ,vw .1 ,ca f -,n W we 15 aww w get-, .pine rwfuty, are 1,2 vrnwx 'W""f"W5l't'00L wfwwf wi W mmf :fm ww 1: am Gwynn' num-mr uw: 115 affompaiiges me puff Q32 A of rim ramsrien and Currie-num, gm, 1. is fmt 5 ,,,,, ,,, MN in rm mms ci im .mg My fi-me desi ef pr-me that L .ge mu :Q iam um: cf. , ,. 'mm--as' wry friends in -mqnamf um Qorusai mf wma: em-W...i, 4-mfuiaiory wiessnfe. 4 . 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A ml. ,. ww -nfl.-mm we mia. .wwe im e.Q mf rv nf :mmf 1 m no z im dum. : .Une mi mi me 1 me .msi--p y.. rum. R. uoucvuss i W. ,, MM em. neccel-1 eebefuee if rm-:aw mei w lm sqm, wmfwwm 4 yn cmemvy in mmm. .Femme .Lx .erinmfailm -nv. mm. -on zu- :min na .iw mmf nom in mme. 11 yn in mr- vu mmf mf. 1 sfwmg m me ma H fy ws zmw 1 am Q: nr sm. mm of an enum-amz: or H in Q, :ma mm vw ' we z -me :ww-M: mg vm rw. 1 h nf ar. :ey of A-. me - 1 el in: mm mic: mum. an nm nw wnmmuo-i m c U eu uf iz omni. mes r an mm ua me am, , when 1 was nr mf-. xv. , ua. is r can af. fm iv f-mm -1 :rm :auf na si. t. max 2.1-., .e.m:,v.r.w.-5 mx my Q at mzmauxb and in . Q mmm: erin,-me ry -.mm sn 1 wmv. me U emma .mom-. am im. ure 1 my gum. an-smxtuv ws cwuxx,-. i, mist. 4 m1 ix, ummm. A um me mm as f el if nr tm x it im u ws . I i ew O it ,W .. F , 5 w X 1 1 i ,,fn,2,9Q1i- L4 , W- K -.gm 1,322-. . .VW ,..,.mmi: Wi , few, A iff k 13' me M, . .M .X eff, li gf M2352 , Q, 3gfeggs,3m 3Ye5,'sgtQ.L 7 ,Q 5 sf ,L ,gg A Aiff ,wsu 5. W PWA .vfiiai f vw: I W6 'W I Q- - wifi: .. -1, .,, W ,,,,w5l?4 Q! f91,3gw?'Z+ L, wir' LW 2 ,. ... , fmwmf- ., ZF fx , l , K W1 mu .uf-L. fi- ' W f L fffiffw . A.. J., . ff , ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS H, !, I BIRT E. FROBISH, Ph.B. RUSSELL M. MILLER, B.A., M.A. Assistant Superintendent, Business 8. Finance Assistant Superintendent, Instruction, Student Services ROLLIN POOLER, B.A.,M.A. Administrative Assistant, Special Assignments CLYDE WILBUR BLANKE, B.A.M.A. R. w. CAAUWE, B.A., Ph.M. Administrative Assistant, Pubiic Reiotiotis is School Studies 14 Administrative Assistunt. Curriculum Campus Building WILLIAM M. MUIZ, B.S .,M.A. 2 -.22 22. 2 2,2-+222 223222 22 2.22 222-.-.2 2-q,2t, 222-N22 -pg:--22 2-22 SHELDON C. WESTMAN B M E M N Principal, Campus Building GORDON G. HILL, B.S., M.A. Assistant Principal, Campus Building Assistant Principal, Campus Building D E BAPST B S., M.A. Principal Old Main Building Old Main Entrance 15 r' 'wwf gun ERNEST E, JOHNSON, B.S., M.A. GEORGE W. STREIN, B.S,, M.Ed. Assistant Principal, Old Main Assistant Principfll, Old MUW1 ,ffl '35 P 2 5 Southeast Building J.E.BRODIE, B.S.,M.S. Ed. VAN J. HENDERSON, B.A., M.A. Principal, Southeast Building Assistant Principal, Southeast Building gf"""'i"w M' f Q? ,A if cf 1 " gi I 2 Z - P sl , . -f :wr 3 X 1? r,,,,,, My E, 4 Q it, i ,ga s l l a. i i Northwest Entrance Northeast Building LLOYD J. LOWE. B.S., M.Ed. Principal, Northwest Building - V - 'S P 2 J -'-- 5 7 if iwg., 1, H1591 gift-,?:.,"" ' ' E gfiy , i S S Q if A , 1-,gwzpzzze-.f:,..ii,. r - ' mszisfiiefis are , '-1--:. in -Wm HY' fist. . . it Q12 -' . ww W ',,1g51,51 'ggi j, Ji-nj , ,K k K' X lgrg izgf-,ii ig- '- ei . , -A it L 1- 'ff fr , sg ? so M ' 'r H P A ,f.sv,' :fQ21?fffEz,, - " Aww - ' it--571' , A '--' f, , ,Y f -f,-,fff,2t:f?!.q,5i,,,:fp-5 ,,- Mswpfgz, i'!:"'- sh' 'G--ff. im. ,. Mi-ws-. ,ffsf,1S,i91s5Q Z K 4sssi52125i'iHflw?ii?f IF?-e - W 'A xiii' ff, gf Hia.. Q-FN 51' I-u. AP' Mm-4225 A- 74: 'es 1 ,Am wt 'H-2-..."-P f::"S.,ggQ1. -- i, if ,331 , MQ yi wi ay saab -vfift ,..w . -ir .W f- is f, :fc V z.rw,+tw1mei f iw . . -,-:- . , V DOROTHY M. CRUISE, B.S., M.A. Assistant Principal, Northwest Building K.J. FESSLER, B.A., M.A. GENE BELL. B,S., M.Ed. Principal, Northeast Building Assistant Principal, Northeast Building , 17 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS WARREN J. VORREVER, Ph.D. W.F. GUTCHES, B.S., M.A, GEORGE W. PORTER, B.Ed., M.Ed Director of Guidonce8. Counseling Director of Athletics Coordinator, Boys' Activities Kuw- CLELL LEDFORD, B.S., M.Ed. MARJORY BEATTIE, B.A. Audio Visual Director, Research Coordinator, Girls' Activities ,K ,, . I THOMAS RICHARDSON, B.S., M.S.Ed, RAY TERMUNDE Director of Music School Engineer . I ART ,, f f . lA'l,m'F Xy A, . 2. 5, ' 4551: x 1' 5 ,iff g . i' Y BERNICE E. WALLACE, A.B. Chairman, Art Department Pictured here are the five finalists in the CREST cover design con- test. ll. to rll Virginia Prito, Nancy Hinrichs, Nick Keane with the winning design, Bruce Tate, John Buzinec, and Mrs. Huss, DEPARTMENT Ar xzgal,-. g I " A. S B .s. 6 , . , f,., A. Y , 'X , . , ,,. ... ' :, X. Ki: WT , I :JV , Y. Q. -:,f, It f-,, up xxx ., v H o i 4 4 'Q ' ' if ,Xg.g ys:g.33i Q, 551' If Q'.'fQ-- 4-.1'.:.:. .sm.i?Jf.'.'.'-"EQ Southeast Building gk i' s GRANT I. CARTER, B.S., M.A. MARGARET E. CRONIN, B.A. ETHEI. HAUGAN, B.S.Ed-,M Ed Northeast Building Old Main Building I hi'-iw 'IPP "Q W , . PATRICIA G. HUSS, B.Ed. Campus Building Nancy Henry, Carol Me of "house interpretations" CAROL L. MORRISON, B.F.A. Northwest Building ssana, and Gary Huggy admire the display created by Art I and II students. im .iii T, mes? ' li - A Ei! wit? . E Vi Jan Richardson, Nancy Heinrichy and Mike Moore are engaged in block prin- ting in Campus art class. - Susan Humphreys, Carol Post and Sharon Miller are busy with art pro- iect in Miss Haugan's class. il. to r.t Carol Trogu, Marijohn Nei- bor, and Patricia Heinz work on a prin- ting project in Miss Haugan's class. ART Mrs. Huss instructs Dennis Kline in tem- pero painting. Marilyn Workman and Jackie Turek are busy with their sketches, AIA mv sr e..-we 'U f T5 ai2'2," Tom Marsh scrutinizes tempera painting he has completed in Miss Cranin's class. Students inbockground are Denny Keane and Jim Hall. Working on brayer prints ond Garde board prints in Mrs, Morrison's class are Kathy Coverick, David Roegner, Ro- setta Davis, and Lynne Bohne. 43,27 ilu Qi ti ww., Art l students at Southeast work on paper mache and mural designs, ll. ta 11.l Vivian Kelly, Valnye Cooksey, Walter Short, Claudette Shaw, Linda Hudson. Mr, Carter's Art I students display a variety of protects they have carn- pleted. ll. to r.l Kathleen Stevens, San- dra Wright, Earskin Leach, Milton Col- lier, Margaret Bibbs, Audrey Ha rtstield. Tempera painting is the praiect in this picture. lRow tl Edward Staier, Ed Heff- ernan, Dennis Lindemann. lRow Qlliaren Blom, Miss Cronin, Janet Babcock, Sandy Kemp. I M fi JANET McQUlSTAN, M.A. Chairman, Business Edlication Depart- ment Campus Building l i l l l i l HELEN ADAMS, B.S. Bookkeeping 8. Business English Campus Building THOMAS BANASZAK, B.S. Bookkeeping 8. Retail Selling Campus Building ETHYLE BITTA, B.S. Shorthand, Notehand 8. Typing Campus Building MAURICE R. DUGGAN, B.S. Business Training Northwest Building MICHAELJ. HILL, B.Ed. Business Training Northwest Building NELSON KIAS, M.Ed. Geography 8. Conservation Old Main Building JOYCE A. KIMBELL, B.A. General Business 81 Conservation Southeast Building BEVERLY E, KLUTH, B.S. Steno8iTyping Campus Building KAREN E. LAURITZEN, B.S. Ed. Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping Campus Building RICHARD S. MARSH, B.S. Business Education Old Main Building CATHERINE J. MILLER, B.Ed., M.A. Bookkeeping 8 Typing Campus Building WILLIAM H. MOORE, B.A. Conservation 8- Geography Southeast Building EDMOND A. MURPHY, B.A., M.A. Conservation Old Main Building NANCY V. PANOZZO, B.S. Shorthand 8- Typing Campus Building HENRY P. PILLARD, B.S., M.S. Conservation 8. Physical Education Campus Building BUSIIQES ED TION 431- 'B for A Q 2. Lg ! L A may xx it ef' ti if T il " fr-gf 31? ,lr 'NA-'.' . - -.. if .5-mv. 3 wp..- -f--W. .. . .71-N-1 4 .. -,V ,W .fn Vx iz vs ff - is-ff I . F"- ., . 1' ,:,. 'jg M , , A J f ' lf . .Y at ' , Bala B B B B , wi- W f' H ' fe r' " 31" 1 I yyy W .7 V ,..,,.- ,X J z in rg 11 3 qv' Yr.. . -- 2 my X I-g li 2. if . f sw . ,gh 1 . .,,, 4 ,K J ,-:- . gf, ff , , -.-- L K 'Si ty 11 -ig eb . 5 IW : .nv kk'k I -- ,- . K E, , -as M -' ' V tk ' gg.- x' 5: g I we K fi., -Y -- 'vw T A315 4, -' 43' sms , 'F sgzissf ' ' ' " K JN, t.4i,-kmkyglgi 'X 3 , WALLACE L. WIRTH, B.S. Ed. Typing 8. Retail Merchandising M. Campus Building rw..- 'KZTP' The girls are learning the correct tech- nique in operating the comptometer in Mrs. Rogers class, Pictured are Kath- leen Anderson, Pom Ayres, and Judy Cianci. vt. RAYMOND J. PREGL, B.A., B.S. History 81 Geography Campus Building DOROTHY W. ROGERS, B.A. Comptometry 81 Typing Campus Building RITA SCHUMACHER, B.S., M.S. Ed. Office Practice 8. Typist Campus Building WILLIAM A. VANDERBERG, B.S. Geography 81 Conservation Northwest 8. Northeast Buildings LEONE WARING, A.B. Shorthand 8. Typing Campus Building MARJORIE E. WEBSTER, B.S. Steno 8. Typing Campus Building BUSINESS EDUCATION Beverly Swalec, Carole Malone, and Sharon Kremlcau are transcribing dic- tated shorthand letters in Miss McQuis- tan's Steno ll. l E ll. to r.l Maryann Paiak, Ruthann Kuikman, Carol Durano, Mrs. Schu- macher, Linda Krull, Paulette Miller. These students in Office Practice class learn to operate the mimeograph, adding machine, calcula- Busmfss EDUCATION Qrri iii , , N: 5 ii Kenneth Hunter and Sharon Hill work on assignment in Mrs. Roger's Janice Fox, Phyllis Paus, Katherine Nielsen, Josephine Rajzer, trans- Comptometry classi cribe notes in Miss McQuistan's Steno ll class. Linda Heitmann explains income tax form held by Vickie Cooper and Ed Mondane in Mr. Banaszak's Bookkeeping class. '--........,, ci in N SER vm' i ci N '- , ' ev ipfli its 451 .,,.T s .five f M.:-' ' f it QQ Miss Kimbell points out bulletin board materials to ll. to r.l Bettye Johnson, Drexel Johnson, Loretta Jones, and Martha Harris, Henry Walker does globe assignment in Mr. Moore's Geography class. Thomas Ellicksan looks on as Lillian Hubee and Michele Kazmarelc locate points of interest in Mr. Kias' Geog rapny class. Mr. Duggan shows the class various ways in which checks are en- dorsed. Standing at board are ll. to r.l Barbara Bauer, Maureen MCQueant, William Antonitis, Neil Workman, and Linda Heikes. Mr. Hill's Business Training class set up this display of bank service. ll. to r.l Karen Schaer, Ron Gunnarson, LaVerne Pacinskas, and Pam Nyman Dana Polchow and Sandy Polchaire lead their class in a discussion af the European industrial pattern. Mr, Vanderberg is the instructor. Q LH DOROTHEA MOORE, B.A., M.A. Chairman, English Department HELEN F. AIKEN, PhB. English Old Main SUE A. BROCKMEIER, B.S. English III Campus Building ANNA MARY BROWN, A.B., M English 'I 8 ll Old Main CHESTER A. BROWN, B.S. English Campus Building ROBERT A. COTTER, B.S. Speech 8 English Campus Building JOAN DOX, B.A. English l8i ll Northwest Building LORETTA M. FOLLMAN, B.A. English lll Campus Building BENNETT G. GRAY, B.A. English I 8. ll Southeast Building CAROL R. HILL, B.S.E. Prep English, English lll Campus Building HOPTON HOWELL B.A., B.S.E. English8i Spanish Southeast Building SHEILA E. LLINGER, B.A. English ' Northwest Building ANTHONY JANKA, B.A. English 81 Latin Northwest Building G.A.1OHNSTON, B.A., M.A. English Campus Building MARY KIAS, B.Ed. English Ill Campus Building CLARA F. LEMON, B.A., B.S. Ed. English Southeast ENGLISH . ., 12.4 5 ' A z fa 1 f't"'gff yi AVL., 'mgmw , Ma? .siss Q in it sf. X f ll 551382 y 'S 'MA 'ii ,J ' sits wi WX I i..,. 'X ' ' 'tr- .... g 'iw ,, .,, ., .msg Vrhl, , I F ... A , ,g g 4 ..,. Q wi . llll , 'ri' es' s's' 1 24 . A ' ,, , ' ., 21? env" .sa 'YN ' WV! J . S W- ii ' S M . is . . , . 71 i mg- mx.- ff' X Q, N. .A-'V' wg? V 5 . , 0Qlvv-'-J"'- -'wa-,. 'ifim I I api. .. .y y , Q k s .21 1 - ,. S. 111 V Jh i N .ii iw It l tl ii 'r ,' ,-VV sr , Fix .4 K Y - ,i Y , fir s A ll R f K 7 ' K "' f1f.v:.fi?'ffi' , Q, il -1--- -. L ff , , if ' 'J s isist X 'fir .32 A . "" . . K A ' A sies ,lf is I . if-ypw sit '-JSM ':,:ft+'f-fi A C. - gi,vg,fgiIZ, . ff3a.ziK:: fm-gi? ati wif ,,,a-'-nw.-g-N i... .,, V -in -ssh. 1. - ssi lx gf GERTRUDE LITTMAN, B.A. English Old Main JEANNE LOITZ, B.A., M.A. English I8. ll Old Main EMILY B. MASKE, PI1B., M.A. English 8. Speech Northeast Building MURIEL MU RRAY, B.A. English 8. Speech Northwest Building HELEN A. OPPENHEIM, B.A., M.A. English lll Campus Building MARCEL E. PACATTE, B.S., M.S. Prep English 8.Journalism Campus Building riff - JL 1 J Q - Jf' Roo ER H PERRIN B s Ed fl lx A l i English 07 Ni h ffl Campus Building l ll I EUGENE W. PETERSON, B.S., M.S. 'J English 8. Speech I Old Main LOIS D. PHEMISTER, B.A. English IB. ll Old Main GERALDINE POSTWEILER, A.B. English Campus Building KATHERINE PRAWL, B.A. English Campus Building JEANNETTE RIDDERHOFF, B.Ed. English lll 8. Prep English KATHLEEN A. RUGGER, B.A. English :S French Northeast Building .IUDITH A. SCHENK, B.A. English Old Main ELIZABETH TALLARICO, B.A. English 8. German Northwest Building MILDRED WINKLEMAN, B.A. English Campus Building PAUL S. YATES, A.B., M.A. English Old Main BEVERLY TERMAN, B.A., M.A. English Old Main MARTHA K. TRACY, B.S. Ed. English I Northeast Building WILLIAM E. TRACY, B.S. Ed. English Campus Building nl Not Pictured: Floyd Dougherty, Campus Building Mary Jane Grubbs, Southeast Building Richard Higgins, Northeast Building "Double, 'double, toil 8m trouble, Fire burn 8. Caldron bubble" recites "Witch" Roseanne Forrester os she adds a dainty morsel to the pot. This scene from Macbeth was presented in Mrs. Pastweilefs Prep English Class. ENGLISH Cheryl Hibbott prepares an informative speech as Robert Bye points Sally Gorecki recites a poem in Mr, Peterson's Speech class. to bulletin display in Mr. Peterson's Speech class, i a THE W 'woums , 5 sraowrwr Ai' . STGRIES SIX VORTHY PURPQS OF SPEECH I 2 li T8 !Sil'l.Y'lI5Cff THE l1iI,lHl'5 01' sursrurv ---, .Ma figlzefnzvbsH ' it li 'z X 4 ff s - .Qi 4 4 STU Qtildlii i.A1fiP.3ilENfiF5r WWW U'fUE1'5x ENGLISH Miss l-lollrnan's class works on an English grammar exercise. lRow l l. to Edwin Gartley, Marsha Decker, Richard Deason, lRow 2, I. to r.i Annie Collins, Daniel Berardi, Dan Ekirnovich, Fred Bur' rneister. , ,W ww' ,,,V:, f-.xr ,stef , ,gas M, Miss Follmarfs class works on an English grammar exercise lRow l lin Crump and Lalita Green dress the bulletin board, Gerald Staniszewski uses the telephone as a phase ot study in oral communication in Miss Maske's speech class. Kathleen Burke is giving an original introduction and setting for U prose reading af her own choice in Mrs. Aikerfs class. Scott McNally and Regina Slavik read poetry in Mrs. Murray's Accel- erated English class. .,', -M K .V , Y i . A i ESTHER M. CLUVER, M.A. Chairman, Language Department FOREIGN LANGUAGES BEVERLY A. BLOCK, B.A. French Old Main LILLIAN BRENNAN, A.B. Latin 81 English Northeast Building MARY CLARK, A.B., M.A. Latin Old Main RICHARD DALCHE, B.A. English 8. German Northeast Building KENNETH H. DARNER, B.S., M.S Spanish Campus MICHAEL J. GRIGGAS, B.S. Spanish Old Main PAUL R. GROVER, B.A. German Si English Old Main JOYCE JACQUES, B.A. Latin 8. English Old Main 8 Southeast Buildings MYRA J. MARKS, B.A. Ed. French 81 English Northwest Building MARY OTTEN, B.A. Spanish Northwest Building OPAL A. PETERSON, B.A., M.A. French 8. Latin Campus FRANCES L. SWISH ER, B.A. Spanish Northeast Building ..s ws L ,L B r W ,. . H MF . , .. , -i X .sf'i' INT ' igfwg.s5' Lqf. , 1' - N' KM VKLK 1 .51 -':. ik- rfb WN .ar .., ,i 5: g 1-as ' msg, T f ' ff ,.gw:,.i,. . -i 5 a 1 ai, L IS I pm T I wo- as Spanish Club Officers: Dawn Bareishis, Vice-President, Terry Kirch, President, Mike Poison, Secretaryg Tiana Kinstedt, Treasurer. ex, 'Z-.5 Ks ? 5 Compus-Old Moin Latin Club Officers: ll. to r.l Tom Anderson, Treo- surer, Neal Gooselink, President, Judy Anderson, Vice-President, Cheryl Hibbott, Secretory. Officers of theXCampus-Old Moin French Club: ll. to nl Diane Copi- ello, Treasurer, Dennis lng, President, Ninon Lovernia,Vice-President, Frank Lovernia, Secretary. Geno Bilotto, Steve Ncigey, Bob Kleinmann, and Jim Kerkstro enter- tain as troubadors at o Spanish Club meeting. Spanish class members display o yoriety of Latin American flags, lStonding I to r.j Vivion Stearney, Karen Trout, Helen Fulford, Lindo Killy, Debbie Ellis lSeatedl Jan Schnackenberg, Antoinette Romeo, Mike Young, Noncy Edmunds, Jan Oberg, Clorence Echols, Pat Turek, Patti Kline. 31 Shirley Dougan, -Paul Rayon, and Charles Robinson are ready la use the language lab facilities in Mrs. Block's French class. Linda Rynkarf Carolyn Shay, Nancy Voorn,8. Jane Roberts are busy al the board in Mr. Janka's Lalin ll class. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Pal Keslinke explains how the ancient Romans sei up Their calendar in Mr, Janka's class. Barbara Knox, Sue Kerkslra, and Chris Feravick are completing a Spanish quiz in Mrs. Oilen's class. Barbara Bober reads the Pledge of Allegiance in Lalin la Judy Pal- eany in Mr. Janka's Laiin I class. - 3, we lm :fn mf-6" A:-rn: fmlmlarn elfighs ya Qu QL De mai i ' 'i ibm: f , , f . f 'W 4 if f -, , f , f ' f f f f l, , ,Q l , 7 wi, .' ' x ' 1 f , l' f l f I ef S vb f f 1 if l X l f ' t, f 1 4, . J' if 1 i Y X X X 15- , I e .V tx rr ' i 1" jf! 7 re- ' ' r f f , Wir. DaIol'xe's German l stude.nts4are'Linfda Vyycislo,Jar1e Lausclmfand f" L ClLiarlesWalll E, L ' f N ff, H -' ,- f ' U V NA , f- , 5 ,541 , , c 1 I K x X A A ,- ft I J, , c V I H, ,: 4 f x 1 X, ,f K ,rl 1 ' X' ' X" . fl , ,L - l iff", , l I f , ,. y ff , W j l . ' V f Ronaldfimith andlHenry Bardwellyreceive explanation' of French class asstgnnnen1ffon1'Mr. Forsythf ' r gf K ' fl fl f ll, ' n fl r f I, Lance Hansen fexplains to Arlene Dickinson and Maricela Chavez V , ,V f tl1"e importance of the Spanish language to the American while in Mexiccljvlr, Griggas is the class instructor. , 'E 1 ,U iw it iii 40 .05 G?" . ,. 1 sew-f-wi A .. g li Q ,bfwwtfgest rr ? T? i f if5FEQ5??'-5 3 Z, 5 , f-5,53Qffi-Wgiryiqgg 1 2 7 Z I fzsisepw ws ws., ' i :Q ,..r5,, . .,. 353 5 c", 1 - ww f, may A Q, A A tr fr- si 'a -1.- AX X ,. 2 S 1 ,, ,Q ., k s ! Q Sanish I students at Old Main portray atypical scene at a "Mexican Mercado," ll. to r.l Alan Dieball, Carol Trogu, Mr, Griggas, Paul Carsiens, Wayne Kirk, Linda Forgue, Rosalie Skop. Mike Young and Clarence Ecnols appear ta be bargaining in Mr. Darner's 7th period class. ,X i A i f HOME ECONOMICS 1- D , A I ALICE L. MCMAHON, B.S. Q: X Chairman, Home Economics Deportmgit f 5 in . 1 1' 3 ' 1 f i " fu ' I J X 9 ' , V X ' 9 V J L Q N , I R 1 A gym., ' 14:4 fi ,W x -W A i, l lt' x l . Q J ff I I AJ N... Ja I ' W 2 3 J - ' i ' ' 1 v ,CAROl R.suREs,B.E. - .M O , e , .115 kg: it - . X . x - 1- . gui We 'I , I X .1 y l Campus 8. Southevost Buildings ,gr 5. 4 'N 5 5 .J 1 A . 'H gli? ' " 'l 4 Y ' ' 1 NN 1. at JEANNE M.cALlENDo,B.A. u. tv ' r I 1 1. : " Northwest BuiIding'x , ' 1 ,M B M Q' I . r V f ln , J VL R 7 Al' Q . X ff I I, f XY! Q , AL jj .J ' X ' .X I s J, X U - 3 , N VJ J 1 ISV' x ' FRANCES R. GUY, BAE., M.S. . , i XJQL 5 1 t oldtyian Building 1 lb V If , i' MARLFNEWJ1-HENDERSON,B.Ed. ' X .compxus Building B. ..:, lf 1 - , -. A, . . .x f I X X l Margie Moyer is shown cutting her locket under the supervision of Mrs,MCMc1hon. PATRICIA B. SHOFFNER, B.S., Southeast Building MARY STEGER. B.S. Northeost Building ANTOINETTE THORP, B.S. Old Main Building Lv if 7 .msafwgkx 'rdri B ,wafm i 'WW' L. Q l i Malinda Steger, Mrs. Guy's studentaide, rnixes powdered Bonnie Johnson, Sandra Roberson, and Diane Kraus are Sharon MOVQUSZ helps linda BOl1r19 fOllOW her direction. millcfor the Foods classes. setting the table and getting ready to eat the food pra- Sheet ift Mrs. COli9VtdO'S Class. Preparing potatoes for potato salad are Sandra Delohn, Rae Ritter, and Donna Elstner. The girls are Northwest students. ducts made in Mrs. Guy's Home Econ I class. HOME ECONOMICS This is not an advertisement for DASH! Vicki Carse, Sue Price, Pam Stancik, and linda Knoll are learning proper laundry techniques and the use of modern equipment in Mrs. Caliendo's class. Pam Duider is removing basting under the guidance ol Miss Steger, ws. ,-Nu as Nt J J fr, 'N , X N Wffftrn K Zi' as 9' ii? , " "W '5x'f?1'.e,' L' rin. .x - -.i' . J, wi ',1g5,,gyg,ii1 V' ,. L in 5 4 J, 32 HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Guy demonstrates the proper method for filling and topping a cream puff, Onlookers include Margaret Gonzales, Carolyn Kerkla, Janet Nieman, Diana Musselrnon, Gloria Carrillo, Barbara Zink, and Diane Palcu. Donna Freundt and Danna Hansen are following o pattern for cutting out a blouse. lMiss Steger's closs.l Miss Shoffner demonstrates an arrangement of fall leaves. Margar- et Parker, Sandro Nowlen, and Anita Michoux are the observers. Brenda Patterson stands at window display at Southeast. The aprons were made by freshmen and the canned goods were the product of the sophomores, MMMM! They look good! Students in Mrs, Bures' class, Verona Harris, Linda Shelby, and Ora Roberson, remove muffins from range. 36 . 3,,,,, . Wwwwf, , A L, A ,f ,W A 4? ,gmwiw Mrs. Guy's eighth period students copy a recipe for their lab class fl. to r.l Lynn Alomprese, Colleen Davis, Kathleen Papierski, Kathy Sullivan, Linda Adomiec, Karen Costello, Mrs. McMahon's Advance Clothing students Bonnie Blanchette and Roseanne Forrester are busy finishing their dresses while Arnette Scott presses the finished product. Rita ,Veyette and Debbie Bird are placing o pattern on lining ma- terial for o suit while Sue Sener keeps busy at the sewing machine, Lou Ann Callahan observes os linda Schlegel and Gail Kott demon- strate proper measuring techniques for flour and shortening. Who is going to eat all those muffins? Alvinice Stockard Stephanie Echols, Lydia Neeley, Lalewel Price, Betty Jean Johnson, ondVivian Kelley proudly display the finished product, dsx if Campus Building DONALD R. ANLIKER, B.S, Ed. Orientation 81 Print Shop Northwest 8 Northeast Buildings FORREST A. BOYER, B.S., M.S. Ed. Wood Shop Old Main JOHN T. CONNELLY, B.Ed. Electric Shop GILBERT M. SCHOENOFF, M.S. Chairman, Industrial Arts Department Campus Building WELDON P. GROSS, B.S. Wood Shop Campus BENJAMIN K. HARKINS, B.S., M.S. Ed. Orientation, Drawing, Metal, Wood Shop Southeast Building ELMER HAUG, B.Ed. Mechanical Drawing Campus Building RICHARD JAQUITH, B.S. Auto Shop Campus Building GORDON E. KANGAS, B.S. Orientation Metal8. Metal I Northeast8. Northwest Buildings PAUL V. KOPRUCKI, B,S. Machins Shop Campus Building ,, 4 N . .C A .,, " ti RODGER G. LANDGRAF, B.s.M.s. Mechanical Drawing i,r' Old l iil BERNHARD A. LANE, s.s., M.S. 'V '2,,. Auto 8. Machine Shop I VZ, 2 sl., .il Campus Building Ai' ' ' if t'tt"iit'i j John 5. mms, M.s.Ed. X lk Orientation Shop 8. Mathematics Old Main Building VERNON M. VICK, B.S. Graphic Arts 8. Woodworking Southeast Building GENE A. RODIE, B.Ed. N0'PiCtUfed1 Wood Shop 8 Mechanical Drawing ARTHUR D. AVERY, B.A. Metal 8. Wood Shops Old Main RONALD E. CHIPPAS, B.E. Northwest Building RAYMOND A SCHARF, B.S.Ed. Print, Wood 8. Electric Shops THURMAN J. THOMAS, B.S. Orientation 8. Print Shops, Mechanical Drawing Print Shop Southeast Building Old Main DEAN F. MCCORMICK, M.A. Wood Shop 8. Mechanical Drawing Northeast Building INDUSTRIAL .,,-.v- JW' . 5 ,,, ' :Z '- fiifiv ' , . B' i"l" 1, ,,,, ,": B ' ., 1 3.7,-13 1. ,Q , f, 5Hi, g iff- 'I wif, .1 . ARTS .,,. ,.,, , , ,.,... . ,E it . gf ,,.,, . Yff'- of 5' f ssgfiw sf' , '--' gt H ifffef Qai X . Fred Hernandez, Ben Peterson, and James Benbow are forquing a Diesel engine head under Mr. JacquiTh's super- vision, Bob Kleinmann watches Ken Fencl replace an oil pan. Gary Gleich and Angelo Olawumi pui finishing in Mr. Gross' Class. touch es on proieci af 4 2 3 it .f r K1 Wg A WWW' A 'llifib-5"'fE.'-7 J is L5-gwf 'QW fu,gQi':L,rvi:f'4?h5?.'. .-7, yy kfYj,i?9:iL7lf:5k'33f'- - --f ii.,-,7-,. ifze S ,W fii- , i P, if is S ff fp s za V ,I A r..-,-..:,-xr-iz.. -2' , ,ia 'df ,bv if X, ,Q V ,Q My 1 Mr, Rodie corrects drawing by John Giusti in Mechanical Drawing I. Mr. Landgraf checks the accuracy of measurements and the correct David Vander Woude, Carmine Vena 8. Al Bronalcowski work on Mr. Haug checks on drawing of Warren Killrrier. Also pictured are advanced projects in Mr. l-laug's Mechanical Drawing class. Carl Dietz and William Blewitt. Mechanical Drawing class at Southeast. lforegroundt Charles Stewart Mr. Anlil4er's Print Shop students are at work silk screen printing and Douglas Cook row 2 Mathews and John Sibley i .c my f ' I I K Rl -, Mr, Vick supervises the vvorlrof his student printers. lt. to r.l Willie Duff, Kenneth Barbee, Alton Echols, Earl Dorsey Jack Fisher finds that the Surform is a handy tool for the woodworlcer. lMr. Boyer's classl ll. to r.j Floyd Miller, James Irving, Ronald Moss, Antione Thomason Laurence Roysters find silk screen process to be intriguing in Mr Vick's class. Verle lvens and Richard Blatt are aware that the Coping Saw is 905V to U59 bl-tl CDU be dUnQ9"0U5- lMV- BOYQVS Clvsslv Mr. Boyer gives John St. Leger iointer instructions. Alan Duda is checking the operation of the Davidson Offset in Mr, Getting a RED AND Wi-HTE ready for printing are Terrence Parillo, Scharf's printing class. James Konsoer, and Frank Zrnuda. lMr. Schoenotf's classl INDUSTRIAL ARTS Ed Roper looks on as Tom Olawumi operates the Power Platen Press. Bud Aanerud's wiring work in Mr. Scharf's Electric Shop is closely Anthony Koetzle is turning a bowl, usinga wood late in Mr, Scharf's watched by Allen Gee lforegroundl and George Murphy, Wood ll class. it LIBRARIES .L is Ama 15 11 . 9 L tiiin i ' A' , is A -.., ,sr A - . ,Z ,LV .f H fy if: ECHO G. wlLcox, B.A. 1 9 Librarian 1 old Main rl ' L I ,H I ,Y Library Aides, Campus lsected, l. to r,l Cathy Klern, LaVerne Spen- cer, Bernadette Crema, Brenda McCray, Diane Stelzer, Donna Black- burm. lStanding I. to r.l Jacqueline Ferguson, Mr. Holman, Sheila Fier, Ethel King, Gayle Fernwalt, Margaret Mabins, Carol Stenele, Mary Ward. t 11" Aa, A ,- . LM.. BETTYE W. CAMPBELL, B.S., M.S. it ' . 'b'O"U" KATHRYN J. HAEBICH, Ph,B., M.A. N h ' ' on West Bulldmg Chairman, Libraries JANE D. CHIERA, A.B. Librarian Old Main ANNE S. ECHOLS, M.A. Librarian Northeast Building EDWARD L. HARRISON, B.A., M.Ed. Librarian Southeast Building EDWIN HOLMAN, A.B., M.Ed., M.L.S. Librarian Campus Building ELIZABETH A. WATERS, B.S. Librarian Campus Building Library Aides, Campus lseated I, to r.l Ernest Hamek, Wanda Henry, Patricia Kincaid, Grace Delvlico, Kathy Roulfs, Nancy Hinrichs. fStanding l. to r.l Miss Waters, Valerie Ferrin, Carole Peterson, Janet Zondla, Holly Fornell, Barbara Klaas, Vickie Lavelock, Q. fi J zz? N' 'Sli Student Aides, Northeast lSeatedl Judy Peck, Miss Echols. lStonding lRow ll Beth Cole, Cathy lckes, Miss Echols. lRow Qj Christine Peter- l. to r.l Linda Swanson, Larry Brice, Marta Hatch, Cindy Neubauer, san, Lynn Collins, Janice King, Shirley McKinney, Sherry Chisholm. Pat Turek Judy Peck and Linda Swanson arrange reference books at Northeast. Patricia lurek and Larry Brice shelve magazines in Northeast library. . Thomas Ernest, Terry Ellis, Mike Embke, and George Dotsori use their study period to read in the library at Northeast. Cathy Mione is shown doing research workin the Northwest library. '-N ,..--- A ,Qu A K X-""" 'i Us N-.......,,..-M., Northwest library aides Vicki Strus and Jan Wastak prepare an attractive iibrary display. The circulation desk is the center of much activity in the Northwest library. ll. to r.l Craig Glassner, Carol Curry, Gail Shimashita, Janet Crawhurst, Barbara Bauer, Karen Alkema, and Barbara Heinisch find some interesting books while working in the Northwest library. Andrea Presswood, Margaret White and Ralph Koetzel admire South- east library window display. Pam Hickey and Judy Williams arrange magazines and newspapers at Northwest .uypj The Southeast Library club officers, ll. to r,j Mr. Harrison, Ella John Secretary, Sylvia Lewis, President, LaJewell Price, Vice-Presidents Hattie Collins, Reparte r. MIDI- A ff-'E 11.5 PLATE? vnu mmm Southeast Library Club Row l: Bonnie Henry, Renee Miller, Cynthia Lewis, Francis Charles LaJewell Price, Sylvia Lewis, Ella John, Hattie Collins, Carol Burson Rosalind Hawkins, Dennis Warlaw, Terry Salter. Row Q1 Verna Harris Sandrea Denson, Rosemary Beasley, Sheryl Drake, Blondell McGee Cynthia Cartier, Roger Roberts, AAlvin Hunter, Linda Hinton, Dar- lene Parker, Margaret White, Anita Presswood, Joann McDowell Claranne Worgacki, Jim Rubino, and Ken Blackburn use the lacili- ties ofthe Old Main Library for a class proiect. Old Main library aides shelve books and browse in the short story collection. ll. to r.l Gail Placek, Pat Adams, Vicki Cavelli, Gwen Linda Hughes Joy Betzer and Phil Lipinski Old Main library aides Sullivan, Nicolette Orzech. get the first look at the new magazines in the eriodical collection 1:21 ,P i Q if if, , QXLZI' i W Mx lm,-j f'l 1: gig v L4 A sw W . X A - BEULAH A. PROTSMAN, B.A. Chairman, Mathematics Department . I MATHEMATICS DOROTHY w. ANWAY. B.s. V I Geometry 8. Mathematics " MORRIS BAREFIELD, B.S. ECI. ' ' . - fi A G. Advanced8rCollege Algebra I CampusBuilding K I K' ,. EDWIN BYE, B.A., M.Ed. i' J Ly OldMain f Q I' 9 'Aff Mathematics 8K Geometry Old Main ' Vi' ' 1 K 1 It SARA L. ENG, B.A., M.A. L A Integrated Algebra 8. GeometI'Y izgygz S if zfffl old Mom , I WILLIAM F. FIERKE, B,S. Ed. W M WQL 1 Accelerated Algebra, Mathematics A I old Mom 1'1 W fei f iigf 'G DENNIS w. HAUSNER, s.s. ttiit Accelerated Algebra 81 Geometry, Vigltff. 'V Mathematics I A .-., NortheastBuilding ,,., ly ..,... I I ,,t, . , A Q .f,, , ,KW JEAN M. Kozux, B.A. L K ir, .'fn 4 eAi' Algebra 8. Mathematics 'V A ki' ! ,tl old Main Q 1 " iiet - PAUL c. MORZORATI, s.s., M.s. I' y D if Advanced Algebra V. tj, mx Campus Building L, QUENTIN E. NOREM, s.s.,M.s. I gf' Advanced Algebra 8g Mathematics :E Campus Building HERBERT W. PARSLEY, B.S., M.S. Algebra 8. Geometry Northwest Building JOAN F. PEDERSON, B.S.Ed, Accelerated Geometry 8. Algebra Old Main THEODORE C. PRICE, A.B. Algebra 8. Mathematics Southeast Building fff- R.,.f'lm'f, ANDREW PURNELL, JR., a.s. . I . Algebra 8. Geometry "',' Q Southeast Building CHARLES R. ROSS, B.s., M.s, I ' i"i ii ' I I ii Q, 'I A Advanced 8. College Algebra K Af Campus Building CAROL A. SCHAAL, B.s. ' g Algebra 8. Geometry ky: Northeast Building In l 47 if - A A HFC! . ,M www , f' Y: e Ls 9' 5 'Z' it 5' f W' L If 12 W 5 , .. f nr' -4 ,""2w' lane i"C'1 t K I. Ufjifmvf 4, .R 47 -A -' I de 'Mfg ,, A MA THEM s i DON D. SCHRINER, B.Ed., M.S. g " Y K ' Algebra8iMathematics Northwest Building D Ti 'FEM . cARoLvN SHEVOKAS,B.S. Algebra 8. Mathematics ' i K Northwest Building LINDA A. SMITH. B.S. Algebra 81 Geometry .es , X it X ii W 'sw ' 1: :mb ,1 ' f ,'5. NE. rl is-H. 'yi Northeast Building DONALD W. STOKES, B.S., M.Ed. Algebra 8: Geometry South east Building DARLENE L. SYLAK, A.B. Geometry 8. Algebra Northwest Building HENRY T. WOJTAN, B.S.A.E. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry Campus Building MARILYN V. WOOD. B.A.. M.S. Advanced 8. College Algebra Campus Building Not Pictured: JO ANN C. MATTHEWS, B.S. Algebra 81 Geometry Northeast Building RONNA J. PAGE, B.S. Algebra 8. Mathematics XX 93 ' . Southeast Building Members at Miss Protsman's Calculus class are studying areas and volumes ot conic sections by integration. lSeated l. to r.l Bertil Ar- nlus' Karl Lukensf Frank Klum' Jerry Zfntilolm Hull' lslondlng l' lo "l Math Journal Editors, ll, to r.l Lynn Fetters, Dennis Dockstader, Bob Jeffery Padgett, Robert Kaiser, Richard Smith, John Styx. Kaiser' Bob spew' Jerry Zink' John Styx' pot Doleyl Mr. Barefield and students are discussing radicals and exponents which are two of the maior areas of study in Advanced Algebra. ll. to r.l Julius Huber, James Lysen, Allison Zeller, Randy Felgen- hauer, Mr. Baretield, Terry Hughes. Mr. Barefield Tells Peter Krueger howto use slide rule. Ken Archey, Barbara Mason and Karen Millett are interested watchers. MATHEMATICS Dan Linck receives aid from Mr, Fierl-ce in Accelerated Algebra class. lSeated l. to r.l Del Staecker, Bonnie Trelinski, Kay Twine, Jean Will- iams, Phyllis Woike Students are working with signed numbers in Miss Kozlik's Math ll class. At the board are Richard Newton, Charles Ziccardi, and Cath- erine Wesselhoft. Members ot Mrs. Eng's Integrated Algebra class are Mary Siniawski, Ellyn Storie, John Marks, and Gary Nordstrom. They are learning to verify computations by use of the principle of real numbers. MA THEMA Tl CS Nancy Bailey, Patricia Woznialc, Michael Disabato, and Daniel Ehle- bracht verify computations in Mrs, Eng's Integrated Algebra class. Mr. Hausner is assisting freshman algebra students to solve equations, Miss Sylak explains assignment in Accelerated Algebra class, Row l: Shirley Ferriola, Rat Keate. Row 2: Jerry Canning, Eugene Ricketts, Patricia Harvey. Row 3: Donald Larsen. Kathv Erickson A- Mr. Barefield is describing conic sections and other solid figures in Advanced Algebra to Alan Lau, Dennis Peglow, Wayne Knocke. X., i, "X, "" , N .. QQ, ' .Q I .. .:,.,, . 15, . ,X I , V, xy, f Q Y f .1 U ,. vfrw,-,K 1 1 5, . xg, , .,.,Cg. fii Q , MUSIC 2,7 Q 4 QQ ROBERT B. ALLAN Ba nd .,,,-W Campus Building PETER F. BERTUCA, B.S.S., M.Ed. Building Band 8. Instrumental Music Old Main WILLIAM R. CHAPMAN, B.S,, M.M. Vocal Music Northeast Building THOMAS RICHARDSON, B.S.M.S. Ed Director of Music PEGGY M. FOX, B.M.E,, M.M. Brass Instructor JOHN F. GEIS, B.S,, M.M. Choral Director . Northwest Building YQ ,, ROBERT A. GU ENZLER, B.M. Ed., M.M.Ed. Choral Director Campus Building it DAVE E. HABLEV, B.S.M.Ed.. M.M.Ed. Band Northwest Building ' f ORLAND W. HOLMES, M,M.Ed. f K Bond .1 Southeast Building GARRIET D. HOPPER, B.S. . Vocal Music Southeast Building WILLIAM H. IDLE, B.S.Ed., M.S.M.Ed. Instrumental Music Campus Building HENRY C. JUSTICE, B.M.Ed.,M.M.Ed. Orchestra Campus, Old Main, Northwest Buildings ROY E. LAUDERDALE, B.M.E. Band Northeast Building CHARLES E. TRAVLOR,B.S-, M.S. K Vocal Music I oi d Moen rf DUANE A. wicxisen, as. it C Instrumental Music ' Campus Building Not Pictured: JAMES HUFFMAN Orchestra ' ,,.4i"1 ' , ,' :5.s:isfQ'j: W f Campus 81 Northwest Building --e Mr. Allan 8 Mr . Idle accept first place trophy in band competition The l965 Orchestra officers are Roberta Rauch,PresidentgSusan Witte at Illinois State University of Normal. Larry Greep and Lindo Han- Secretaryg James Jackson, Vice-President. sen tied for first place in drum moior ategory. The Southeast Band performs daring the Pow-Wow Parade. rw. mx 1 Directors Idle and Allan pose with marching band trophies wan dur- ing the year. 52 The marching band performs at one of the football games. Mr. Allan readies marching band for performance between halves of football game, 'i P? .ge N. v, 'Q X.. s. r, Mx p M, 5 The band played an important role at the various pep rallies during the year. MUSIC Part of the brass section marches in the Pow-Wow Parade, The marching band forms an entrance to the football field for the cheerleaders and the football team. PHYSICAL EDUCATION -1 "f. X . A N 1 E. Q mdk aw.- F789 4 :cw , X ., gkxx ,5.E -,. , if if ni E., in w s K 5 KM X' Hi m'if I ' ix -w-LK- 5- R 'x X E ww: Q 7 1 1SQ3a,,,N ig., 151 .5 L- 4 'Wk X . X H' fax Z"E. f' jg ,QM . .R . Y' J I "X ,, ... 2- . ., I -. 1 ' i x 5, 12 isis si' X 'I Q6q,f ig 'fgffw x mm g Q 4, we .rw 1414 ..... . fi. 'iii I K, iff 'QP 1: - f K We ' ' 1 NANCY A. BARROWCLIFF, B.S.Ed. Northwest Building CHARLES D. BONONI, B.S. Campus Building WILLIAM A. BOSNAK, B.S., M.Ed. Northwest Building DONNA M. BROCKMEIER, B.S.Ed. Northeast Building NANCY A. CUNNINGHAM, B.S.Ed. Campus Building VERNAL U. ECHOLS, B.S. Southeast ROGER A. JAMES, B.S., M.S.Ed. Old Main Building FARALYN JAQUITH, B.S. Campus Building ARLENE A. KOTIL. B.S., M.S. Old Main Building WILLIAM C. LAST, B.S. Old Main Building WALLY E. LINN, B.S., M.A. Campus Building DONNA G. LISTON, B.S. Old Main Building ALBERT P. LOKANC, B.S., M.Ed. Campus Building R.A.I.YONS, B.A., M.A. Old Main Buildin ELEANOR P. NYSTRO , B.S.Ed. Campus Building 9 M 54 '. +V .,feWZ' I 7 gAyyqQ2,f71y' HH' X .gy Q Z ' a ir ' , i 'fm 1 f 6. ., .. A ,gh ,,,, ,,,,.,,.,- A K gif., ,, , MARIAN H. CONELLY, M.A. Chairman, Physical Education Department Margaret Morrison and WAYNE F. RABOLD, B.S. Northeast Building BARBARA A. SCHALK, B.S, Campus Building O.A. STASI, B.A., M.A. Campus Building JOHN A. WALKER, B.S., M.Ed. Southeast Building MARLENE R. WINTER, B.S. Ed. Old Main Building CHARLES ZODA, B.A., M.A. Campus Building asf' "mfs-v PHYSICAL EDUCATION i it M Clara Schenk check scores with Mrs. Jaquith. Shirley Larson artd Lois Kittler engage in a doubles match. Q Tom Kopplemon, Melvin Jessup, Chris Winslow, Lucky Smith, ond Alon Dudo enioy on outdoor basketball contest in Mr. Bononi's class, William DeNoyer smashes o hot liner Sondra Sneed Marilyn Boulder and os Colcher Gino Bilollo keeps his dis- Palfxflllchell executeso springboordleup Janet Rosenwold do G successful hand lance. in Old Munn gym floss slond In Old Moln gym closs Linda Katt exercises an the parallel bars in Old Main class. Rose Darlinger prefers the trampoline for her activity in Miss Kotil's class. GAC Board Members form a pyramid in Southeast gym class, Row l Lula Chambers, Presidentg Marcia Gleaves, Treasurerg Deborah Tur ner, Publicity, Row 2: Yolanda Johnson, Secretaryg Julianna Richard- sen. Row 3: Carol Pate. Maurice Stovall and Mike Michauz lead a Southeast gym class in push-up exercises, Old Main Boys' Physical ed. class has a "ball" with the giant pushluall Girls from 3rd period P.E. at Northeast practice first aid. ll. to r. Suzanne Anderson, Linda Granholm, Shari Strus, Ann Dilts. s f If if-.M if wir Sue Jozwiak practices the application of a temporary bandage for the sprained ankle of Darlene Geisbrecht. Miss Brockmeier llettl observes other members other class practicing first aid. Miss BarrowcIiff's lst period class practices bandaging for first aid. ll. to r.l Kim Brubach, Sue Houston, Vicki Corse, Loretta Esch, Terri Silke. PHYSICAL EDUCATION More square dancing! This time its Marcey Kovach, Judy Suchowslci and Mary Homan facing the camera. Linda Schoffner and Deborah Prestia eniay square dance sessions in Miss Barrowclift's P.E.class. ll. to r.j Barbara Janners, Rita Mitchell, Linda Wycislo, Sharon Par kansky, Sandra Kemp, and Linda l.aPore learn to square dance in Northwest gym class. MARGARET A. CIFONELLI, B.E., M.S. Chairman, Science Department O-XRL M. ALBANO, B.S. Science 8. Health Old Main JOHN L. ARAMOWIQ, B.A., M.A. Biology Northwest 8. Northeast Building MERRILL W. BONE, B.A., M.S. General Science Northeast Building LUCILLE D. BROWN, B.S. Biology Northwest Building BANTA BUNDY, B.S. Science St Health Old Main RICHARD D. COOK, B.S., M.S. Biology Old Main JOHN W. FILDES, Ph.C., B.S. Science8. Health Old Main PETER T. FRIGO, B.S.E. Chemistry Campus Building CLAUDE JOHNSON, B.S., M.S. Science 8. Health Southeast Building EARL M. KERO, B.S. Science S. Health Northwest Building LYNN LaMANTIA, B.A. Biology Old Main BONNIE A. LAU, B.S. Science8. Health Northeast Building JOSEPH B. LYZNICKI, B.S. Biology Northeast Building HOWARD McNAtL, B.S., M.S. Biology Southeast Building ROBERT A. RALSTON, B.S.EcJ. Chemistry Campus Building SCIENCE 'ESB N as SHN S., ,W ,,.. 'K wi I I WI... 'Sw i x gk N X x ' X. 'E JOHN J. RUSH, A.B., M.A. JAMES F. STAGE, B.S., M.S. Ed. ENRICO P- TARAMELLI, 35- ROBERT D- UNDERWOOD. 5-5. Physics Physics Science 81 Health Chemistry CGHWPUS Building Campus Building Northwest Building Campus Building Not Pictured: VANCE J. AHLF Science 8- Health Old Main DANIEL VANDERCAR Science 8. Health SCIENCE Southeast Building Mr, Rush instructs students in finding the coefficient of linear expansion. ll. to r.l Mr. Rush, Roger Lekberg, Karl Lukens, Janice Gregor, and Mary Ann Glavan. Ed Mr. Stage discusses Newton's Laws at Motion, and demonstrates the principle that "to every action there iscin equal and opposite reaction." Interested students are Tom Agler, Larry Barnes ond Margo ret Behrens. Working with the electrical generator in Mr. Stoge's class are Larry Greep, Martin Mann, Bill Flowers, Steve Campbell, Dennis Ing, Don Ladich, and Bill Gay. SCIENCE Mr. Rush conducts an experiment as Kathy Vuich, George Meyer, Bob Davis and Rudy Walter observe Gt William Bailey and Dawn Bareishis conduct on experiment under Mr. Stage's supervision. Art Beagley and Sandra Elia take notes. George Bond, Ed Englesen, Norm Burmeister, and Ron Gobriska measure the boiling paint of water and calibrate a thermometer in Mr. Rush's class. This group is measuring the specific heat of a subsidnce ll. lo r.l Jon Fenorgv Sue Povlok ond john Cgggidy org qwed by the food Mr. Rush, Bob DiCanis, Terry DuClos, Gloria Baker, Gary Billingsley, lg mouse, Mr, Lyzmcki Uses fo food rho howk gn me bogkground and Bruce Borlon. SCIENCE PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLUB: Row l: Ted Harris, Terry Kisch, Tony Colpeno,Bob Perry, Art Beagley, Jim Lysen, Row 21.leff Hill, Terry DuClos, Lynnas Schwartz, Secretary- Treasurer, Bob Spear, President, Carol Stenek, Vice-President, Don Malfhiesen, Kay Cione, Sieve Keck, Row 31 Mr. Underwood, Mrs. Cifonelli, Teena Anderson, Chris Amren, Connie Cole, Chris Pischl, Cynthis Henderson, Lila Carriere, Bonnie Fraser, Carol Sioncik, Ed Duckrow, Lynn Fellers, Martin Sosnowslci, Carl Lukens, Mr. Ralston, Jerry Zink. Row Ag Norm Pearson, Ernie Garrison, Larry Albrecht, Tom Signore, Imre Almossy, Neil Gooselink, Bob Kaiser. Tin yr Mrs. Citonelli's Chemistry class in action. ll. to r.l lmri Alrnassy, ,lim Harms, Rich Voss, Frank Calpenf, and Dennis Dockstader. Chris Pazoles, Linda Bram, Zandy Zebrowski, and Linda Wallner are engaged in a discussion ol birds in Mr, Lyznicl4i's biology class. Students in Mr. Aramowicz' Biology class use microscopes in lab work. ll. to r.l Tom Dusek, DonnaZimmerman,Joe Leone, and Michele Klein. The Advanced Placement Chemistry class: Row l: Chris Pischl, Frank Calpeno, Tom Brandner, Dennis Dockstader, Mrs. Cifonellt. Row 2: Tom Signore, Robert Spear,Bill Bulcauslcas,Bill Andrews, lmre Almassy, Steve Keck, Don Matthiesen, Rich Marke, Terry DuClos. John Martschinke points to the male partofa flower to Rosanna Lissak in Mr. Lyznicki's class. Working on leaf proiects are Larry Kalins, Terry Baliia, Larry Hansen, Susan Schumacher. Interested spectators are Kathy Purpura and Mr. Ararnowicz. llit lXii'l3Tx.XlItiXXl ,Y 5' Nlt.lRli'StNltti init ez i ,..-uv"""" . l 1' 0 at , Guy Leidolph and Carl Eaton, students in Mr, Albano's class, carry on a demonstration in electrical circuits, Students in Mr, Taramelli's class are being introduced to the metric system of weights and measures. ll. to r.l Andrew Przybysz, Mr. Tara- melli, Judy Paleany. A class discussion on the human eye is carried an by Cindy Krall, Daniel Roegner, and Michael Reid. Class is Mr. Taramelli's, Gb . N CD'ag 'gnu Patricia Roberts and Stephanie .James use microscopes in Mr. Mc Nair's biology class. Mr. Vandergar's Health Class studies a vision chart and a model of an eye, ll. to r.l Elverta Mock, Mr. Vandercar, Terry Salter, Kath- erine Smith, Lady Williams, Steven Wright. Linda Janicki, Gwen Gulik, Chris Gorz, and Linda Gorski present a skit in Miss Lau's Health class, illustrating points for the proper care at hair, WGN ROBERT B. WEBER, B.A., M.F.S. Chairman, Social Studies Department GLENN AMBLER, B.S. Social Studies 8. History Old Main Building THOMAS I.. BARBER, B.S.EcI. History, Am, Govt. 8. Economics Campus Building CARL I. BERGQUIST, B.A. American History Campus Building JON C. BOSMAN, B.A. World History8. Social Studies Southeast Building J. LEO CLEARV, B.S.E. Social Studies Old Main Building MARY ELLEN CONLEE, A.B., M.A. Economics 81 American Government Campus Building CHARLES G. DAVELIS, B.S., M.S. Social Studies Si Conservation Northwest Building RICHARD L. HANSEN, B.S. Ed. Economics 8. American Government Campus Building HAROLD J. HARRISON, B.A. Social Studies, Current Affairs Government Campus Building RICHARD J. HARTING, B.S. History, Current Affairs 81 Government Campus Building JAMES W. JENKINS, B.S. Social Studies 81 American History Campus Building RONALD G. LADWIG, B.S.Ed. Economics, Government, Current Affairs Campus Building SPENCER J. MAXEY, B.A., M.A. History, Current Affairs, Government Campus Building ELIZABETH G. MESENKOP, B.A. Psychology 8 History Campus Building FRED S. MONK, B.A. Social Studies 8. History Northwest 8. Northeast Buildings 65 SOCIAL STUDIES ., ,W -f,.,:.,,,: -iw --- . Pg . i f ...i. y A ""5"""' nr' X-v ,fwg.f" I we 7,4 is ii. ,W-Q 'Q '4 N,-J M i zu... 1-. .- f 'TV' 'Sag :J ff 4 mf' f gr swan. ' fie-'xi '- f, Af mzfff-'L'--am. if .fn V-I-:,,,.f1.-W... A.M.. , A we J' " ' fi filzwf f yi ,i1yg.f,.-.,.-,. 1 is . ,Ji 3- 'ff iz. . -,. rv. ,. as ..' W A 15.4 'Kris' SOCIAL STUDIES 'I i divixii -,ai N ff!! ' tif. kL" ' ff. 11: 1 K 'V , iifh W"- f . -it -,iw . i ii I 'X i .A GORDON WINLOCK, B.S., M.S. Economics S. Government Campus Building JOSEPH S. ZIEMBA, B.A. Economics8i Government Campus Building Not Pictured: MARIE J. SMITH, B.S. History 8. Social Studies Southeast Building , Law ROBERT E. MOSES, B.S.Ed. Governmentrif Economics Campus Building JUDITH J. NICHOLS, B.A. Psychology 81 Family Living Campus Building RAYMOND W. OWENS, A.B. History 8. Government Campus Building PORTIA W. PAYNE, A.B. World History Old Main JAMES K. RACEY, M.Ed. Economics 8 Government Campus Building PETER RIZZO, A.B., A.M. Economics8i Government Campus Building JACK RUDY, B.A., M.A. Sociology Campus Building ROBERT W. SCHOTT, B.S., M.S American History Campus Building MARJORIE M. SCOVEL, B.A. American History pus Building THOMAS F. SMERZ, B.S.Ed. Economics 81 Government Campus Building WILLIARD D. SPIES, B.S.Ed., M Psychology Campus Building RICHARD K. wlEN'ER, B.A. American History Campus Building ? Pm-zssiucmmi. mario l -uri, by i i i l fl if xii ?z w7 ' 6 'f my . I My - ,t if r' L 'X 5 xmtcmw . f for I ,M 'R ,L W U Retain ILUN D UJMNEW 9 4 l R R R ESFQQQEQQ gg- , 1 Rich Sepulo, Norman Voilech and Cyrv thia Starr prepare o bulletin board dis- ploy ofthe presidential elections of i960 and i964 in Mr. Srnerz's Government class. Mr. Smerz shows Reginald Hayes how to use the overhead protector for a class reporL Mr. Rizzo exploines democracy through the use ofa cartoon to Tom Agler ond Jacqueline Cross. Robert Bobb and Charles Adamecz post their favorite candidates in the Govern- ment class of Mr. Rizzo. W Wim, sig 25551 Q, .Q,L,x.,,xilA. 1 -i A f as fivfmws 9? iw, 3 PRESTDENTIAT. . . . . aes' iis ef 2255 W T' -' 5535 7 - N, . .4,,.,.5 Q55 fi if is is efgffi A 8033533 ,fi Wi ii 1. . lewis Siisrefm ELEGTTON ... riff sp 3, Aff eyegl a ss! , , , A., ,, , J we . .-Y it ti f i -,'S11?'fE9i'silQviEZW1' iii ' .- -- if , sm SSW , se, W' ii giraffe A-at f 'gL '- . T ' . f fe' A 8 li fgifk, 'if' 51 1 " L 'Lf' nfzfl-U15.,.f11"'i'7" f 'i'f2Q:'f".:, EX"-'di 5"3:.. -.g.,:,,,1:,, SW A ' ' f I .Vaio f- 7 'eww Sz. Y ,, in. 1 K Q mi- Ns -, is-'W A f sig, 3 " Q, f As 'T ' ,,.. s S5 si-t' xg l if J 'E l FWF? ,. 2 .. E R if as if X Q3 r' ' , f s Q , ' X I' ,ess -5. ws ' , :wsM?' if Q fc fs, J.-M ,at Q Q V ' Q ,Q The i964 election provided much material for bulletin boards in the Social Studies department. Vivian Pendergratt and Al Svihlik lstandingl and George Silagyi and Peggy Sidler lseatedl helped to solicit materials for Mr. Weber's bulletin board. Scott Newman and Carole Sagan point out the early settlements in this country. Students are in Mr. Weber's History class, Q X ,J ,sm John Bussiere, Jackie Vaughan, and Sharon Staras prepare a map showing the state-by-state election results for l964. They are mem- bers of Mr. Moses' Government class. More campaign posters! This time in Social Studies ll under Mr. Monk with Michael Trezekand Carol Kaloway at the bulletin board. Students in Miss Smith's World History class hold a map discussion at countries near Italy. ll. to r.l Willie Jones, lris Miller, Marilyn Cook, Barbara Wright, Miss Smith 0 1 1111 We .- s , NWN ,,,. V ' -- is 7 - i ,7,3.AunaswJ.T0lMN M.D.C.1?A"?.1K is K K iii ,vii 'X Q in x ..,, V T fs if 4 M- s ,Q JU , ' V fx ,, ,sf ig K V x 614' 37"7'v 45 Janis Wanland presents a report and uses the overhead proiector to make her presentation more effective. Mr. Jenkins is the instructor. District 2l8 must have a monopoly on campaign posters. Mr. Bar- ber admires display set up by his students. ll. to r.l Sue Bertram, Mary Anne Porozinski, Barbara Norton, Gary Schmidt, Larry Nesbit, Linda Having. SOCIAL STUDIES A map discussion takes place in Mr. Pregl's American History class. ll. to r.l Bob Hickman, Larry Pagliaro, Hal Swanson, Penny Kase, Pat Young. A series of pictures depicting highlights in our history are explained to members of Mr. Pregl's class by Phyllis Gregory. Tom Spotts and Richard Freeman lstandingl and Larry Pagliaro, Lourie Miller and Val Radwan lseatedl absorb this information. A it ,r-., , , ' N +2 1. MR. CLYDE BAILEY, B,A. Director, Distributive Education The Distributive Education Club is pictured around their lOth onni versary cake, Row lg Mr, Bailey, Pat Baizycki, Reporter, Bob Apcito, President: Bob Weseloh, Parliamentariang Betty Luuteriung, Secre tary, Cheryl Gutrich, Treasurer. Row 2: Jean Mahaffey, Jack Brady DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Don Adams, Sky Walters, John Hoving, Bil Lawler. Row 31Marylyn Linderborg, Judy Snow, Linda Heitmun, George Tracy, Cheryl Roberts, Dennis Holste, Sharon Becker, Darlene Westoby, Judy Schultz, Larry McGill, Diana Pryes. Not Pictured: Ed Bustic, Vice-President Tom Laydon checks Don Adams as he uses the change machine at the Blue Island News Agency. Mr. Baamann shows the proper way to display merchandise to DE. student Sharon Becker, at the Mayfair Store. Mr, George Sisce, A. 81 P. manager, shows Bob Wessclle how to order new stock. Mr. George Fatopoulous assists Bill Lawler in stocking shelves at the Alsip Certified Store. W-Ww,,,,..w-+L if fam:-:gang Q.. s'W'-Nl Jean Mahaffey student learner at the County Band 8. Trust Company shows Mr James Kennedy head cashier the first copy ofa cashiers check Mr Stan Wlerzbucky assistant manager at Qears in Blue lsland looks over a newly written order by student learner Judy Schultz DISTRIBUTI VE EDUCATION Mr. Bill Hammer, manager of High-Low Food Store, watches as stu- dent learner, Pat Barzycki checks groceries. Mr. Walter Brydon, manager of Sears in Blue Island, helps Edward Bastic write a Repair Parts Order for a phone customer. --1' nf" Darlene Westoby shows her customer a shipment of newly arrived artificial flowers that arrived at F.W. Woolworths while Mr, Vern Ellis, store manager, watches, Betty Louteriung waits for the signing of a letter by Mr. McCord, President of the lst National Bank of Blue Island. Mr. Mansfield, Vice President, and cashier looks on. Mrs. Marguerite Meiner, supervisor at Illinois Bell Telephone Co., listens while Judy Snow places a call, Mr. Frank Hall, manager at Scott's, advises student learner, Diane Pryes on the prices for hair spray. Dennis Holste receives information on plastic wares from his mdna- ger, Mr, Vern Ellis ofthe Woolworth store in Blue Island. KENNETH F. O'FANE, B.Ed. Diversified Occupations Coordinofor DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS DO. Club Officers: fSeofedj Bruce Muniiu, President Peggy Hungerford, Secreforyg fSiondingj Augie Pyper, Re- porterg .lirn Grojek, Vice-Presidentg Mike Miller, Treasurer. MLK Jim Giese is remaking a die under the watchful eye of Mr. William Giese, owner ofthe Giese Steel Rule Die Company. Mr. George Arnold, foreman at Formold Plastics Inc., has been the teacher of Michael NiCola during his two years as a trainee in the tool and die department. Mr. Herb Krueger, trainer at Southwest Printing Company, wants to be certain Terry O'Connell trainee, is runninga rush job correctly. Susuma Yanigsaws, head chef at the Beverly Woods Restaurant, teaches Ronald Williams howto carve a turkey. gm1mf12w+,:'u... fa- will in 1 bw fi ,-is ,,-- i f- Q, if ef Mr. Earnest Ohl, aformerD.O.student,is now employing and training students at Colortone of Illinois. Jim Graiek is another D.O. student who is grateful forthe D.O. program. Bob Stein is learning to be a pressman at Quality Stationers 8 Prin- ters, Inc. Mr. Disobato supervises the training prog ram. DI VERSI FIED EDUCATION Mr. Jeff Hilt, trainer atQuality Stationers and Printers, teaches paper cutting to Frank Zemanek, trainee. Mr, H. Markus, owner of the Beverly Ridge Auto Service, shows Steve Tarver, trainee, where to disconnect an air conditioning corn- pressor. Mr, Aldo Riccardjni, owner ofthe Milcast Company, tells Bruce San- tamarco how ta hold a partial chrome bridge so the final polish will be smooth. Bruce is in training as prosthetic mechanic. Mr, Puttkamer inspects decals that Tom Ogren has numbered. Torn is training to be a pressman at Calortone of Illinois. The D.O. Club holds a candy sale in October to raise money to defray club costs during the year. Richard LePore, Terry O'Connell, and Bill Giese practice sales talk. Norbert Olucny, trainee at Habich Bros. Ford Dealers, is being instructed in the use of the iitterbug sander. Mr. Tom Fassbender, head draltsman, and Mr. Walter Johnson, Sr. president of Enterprise Industries, lnc.,'discuss how to place steel ioints in a plan for an apartment building. Terry LaRotunda is in his first year of training as a structural steel draftsman. The D.O. Club also makes and sells pennants to kickoff the foot- ball season. ll. to r.l Ray Schutt.Ricl'1ardMarkus, and Terry LaRotonda. SPECIAL ,fs-N JAMES A. ATHERTON, B.A. Permanent Substitute LUN VE. BAREFIELD, B.S. Special Education Southeast Building ASSIGNMENTS il ff-gjt I , ,- 37:73 Jr. ---t- tv- .. N .:, 'f,' Jaw, ,Q Att . , isa ? ,V 1 W ., 18,26 1 . i t'St as S n if , tttl . SAAAA Q. T1 T' it ,,i, ,- .i.t TERRV G. CRONIS, B.S. Special Education Old Main Not Pictured: IRENE BRODIE Permanent Substitute JERRY MEDIRICH Permanent Substitute Ed. MADELEINE PORTER, B.Ed. Permanent Substitute LEO WILSON B S Ed M S Ed Special Education Old Main GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING DEPARTMENT COUNSELING 81 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Row lr Helen Stevens, Elizabeth Hansen, Marcia McGhee, W. J. Vorreyer, Dorothy Derks, Ethel Shufro, A. Cera- soli. Row 2: Jane Bradfield, W. Bourland, A. Ross, P. McGinnis, T. Rolloff, D. Erigo, K. Saravelas, F. Delia, C. Myers, Orvilla Kessler. P. Malm, ,fox I WWW wits. N M rrrr 7'!Nx ' 5 2' X X -Q .5 1 gi Q, - f. 'f!f1sQ:f,::xt.i-f '-sow?-4: sf . -A 'Ii vs - M E i' A,AA: fviiswgizs. -.. 5 .21,x,,. x D 'Aww n1"f"' t .gi,1jf1,,'g-S' X M .V i 'Yxi lv T.. ..,, YQSN' '54 AW ss-""""' 'fairs f .','2' ii' Q irr A . W 2 f. , - 1' K ,rx l HELEN L. STEVENS, M.Ed. Campus Building KATHLEEN WINTER, M.A. Elementary Schools JANE F. BRADFIELD, B.S., M.S. Campus Building WILLIAM A. BOURLAND, B.S.M.S.Ed Campus Building S.D.CERASOLI, B.S., M.S. Old Main FRANCIS B. DELIA, B.A., M.S. Campus Building DOROTHY DERKS, B.S.,M.S.Ed. Campus Building DOMINICK A. FRIGO, B.S., M.S.Ed. Northwest Building MARJORIE HALD, M.A, Elementary Schools ELIZABETH E. HANSEN, B.A., M.A. Old Main ORVILLA A. KESSLER, Ph.B.,M.E. Northwest Building PAUL N. MALM, M.S.W. Campus Building MARCIA M. MCGHEE, M.A. Southeast Building PATRICI T. McGINNIS, B.S., M.S. Campus Building CHARLES B. MYERS, B.A.,M.S. Old Main THOMAS E. ROLLOFF, B.A.,M.A. Northeast Building ARNOLD L. ROSS, B.S.EcI., M.S.Ed. Southeast Building ALICE M. MICHALAK, B.S., P.H.N. Chairman, Health Services Campus Building SCHOOL NURSES ,W,,S i i .H AMB , 2 l BE1'I'Y GROSS. R.N. Southeast Building -gi-.f'. - A fs p , Trix A ' sl -1.1 'IRQ A X v ., 'N , if I i Xxx k,'...V jg ,.ii ' I EVELYN MlDDAUGH,R.N. Northwest Building . . vi it - -fe' . f gy- -E lf . -:S ' T422 . ,,, - f ff 'i' Q ,. ,, ' f J' " : 'W 'X f vi t J , ll12flJi"S-"f"'if" J ' . l 1 k,--k, 15 . ..., . ' , . . Q '- ' K' ' 1 " N il S A hu .." 5' ' 11 J 5' - --'J .if fi ffl NELL RICHARDSON,R.N. Northeast Building JANET N. STUPP, R.N. Old Main Mrs. Stupp's student aides are shown making applicators. ll. tor.l Student aides lar Mrs, Richardson are making cotton balls a Annette Cirullo, Jacqueline Gilbert, Joanne Johnson, Bonnie Steger. app licators. ll. to r.l Sue Dahl, Sally Jarnell, Jane Keebler nd cotton x CAFETERIAS IZA L., I 5, - Ei" L V A1,- ' I' 2 JEANNE B. CUTLER, B.S. Director of Cafeterias Old Main Row l Florence Bachrnan, Jean Schultz, Gertrude Britt, Row 2 Laura Haupt, Margaret Knox, Anna Brish, Phyllis Schultz Southeast Building Eddie Lou Allen, Ella Craig, Lucille Peloquin .75 v,,, :A , gm , ,....4.,,.., , k .f ,,,, . , " I , .mx - A . 1 1"7'z'f ,Ii ' . My -'jf S," L, M Sf? lr 7 .QQ 3, , ie I ww,, , 11g i ? , thaw' ,f - 1 I ,Q I ,A 5,3 , 57 ,,,,.,lVVV53 My I L wg 5 6, 2 H Q We F' L, ' ig, Q Campus Building: Row l: Mrs. Cutler, Lorraine Mentz, Lydia Wiesner, Rita Dkuzak, Rose Schwartz, Hilma Winterfeldt. Row 2: .loan Mussel- man, Louise Lanpher, Grace Retke, Estelle Klutchin, Bernice Headrich, Fritz Smith, Jessie DeFriese, Lucille Peloquin Northwest Building, Rose Cirullo, Grace Schutt, Bert Genens Northeast Building: Row ln Yolanda Jankowski, Mildred Gutrich, Edith Schultz. Row 2: Elizabeth Chase, Martha Mazeika, Pauline Van Hook , . A , J, ., .i 515,49 a-Wi.. .fsimis , i, ,,,r,, T. K ,ru v,t,,, . we 5 f 5 , mf ' ,lg w-if - aft, 'Q ' L, - Q 2 T . 'X ' ...- GA -ADEM -fy, -vn- '5'-we A ne my me .-of M513 35: Lx Mft? , Y zeir to ,,,l L K K - i I :'V f H z .- 1 Q-A ii 3Qgr,,',,-ei- 1 fmt? ,' '?5"':il'ifT i iff-'51 SJMS5 1 i , ,A W f 1, : W a 4 5 f 1 1 ' A WQ2- fi 'i fgi 1 T' M ,5 ,. ir'-it ,z ., H3 , li K L55 'ff l t. is 5.1, I 1, ,g nc 755,37 , , , Q i r , K :ff - , ,,, 4, , ,,,, ,, E, 0 G V ,tt '52, M2 li 1 E will S2 PT W 4 M5 Q r if, , ,, I ff A-f"" ' ,J MR. TONY LePORE Bus Supervisor -"?"1i ',,,,,,,-" JVZ: rirs in ii fi ,, Q TRA NSPORTA TION ll. fo r.l Waller Wozniak, Richard Anderson, Orlando Pompo, Leonard Will, James Moscaio, James Robb, Roberi Englehardi. lNol Piclurex:l Bennie Williams, Harold Blackmore, Nick Gugliemucci, David LaMorie, Davenier Bond, Joe DiNovo, Elmer Duplesis, John Vondeering, Ray Kaczmarek, Robert Nathan, Bill Doepp, .loe Kessler, Elberl Johnson, Carmen Amaio, Leon Brazzil, HELEN DUEHR Office Ma noger NORINNE COX K Secretary, Assistant Superintendents DONNA NELSON Secreta ry, Administrative Assistants ELSIE MINDEMAN Purchasing Clerk OFFICE STAFF ww A S43 . A . 9 'dam if 3? fa, Qft,i.Q! if 354' is 'i',,,.fQ as 'fa ANNE SMTTH OLIVE BOSTWICK , , .K .ARE W, HELEN TRACY Secretary to Superintendent HELEN FINDORFF Secretary, Administrative Assistants U . STANLEY PERVENICKI l.B.M. Supervisor SUZANNE WATTS Payroll Clar JOYCE MARSH Registrar Clerk Clerk DIANE BAER DONNA HOTFINGER GERALDINE SHIVELER Clerk Switchboard Operator l.B,M. Clerk LUCILLE DRYJA CARRIE JOHNSON l-l5.M- Clerk Secretary, Building Principal MARY Menon LENORE Gizom PAmiciA sKARzvNsKi Junior Attendance Clerk Senior Attendance Clerk .lr. 8. Sr. Attendance Clerk LOIS PANICHI ROBERTA BARKER DELORES METZ ALVERA RIPPE Secretary, Counselors, Ca-mpus Secretary, Counselors,Carnpus Secretary,Atl1letic8. Audio Secretary, Music Director Visual Directors FLORENCE STROMBERG SUSANNE WESTMAN Clerk, Old Main Secretary, Counselors, Old Main DOROTHY ZODA THELMA STEELE EVA SIGNORELLA Library Clerk, Campus Library Clerk, Campus Secretary, Building Principal, Old Main , ..,, . qv--. v kr, I "-1115.255 " U I 'fi t ff-rt T- -1 . - A s',1 I if? r 'Mm OFFICE LEONORA OSBORNE Library Clerk, Old Main BARBARA TEAGUE I Secretary, Building Principal, Southeast STELLA SUNDQUIST BONNIE ARAMOWIQ LOIS I-AGING Clark, Northwest Secretary, Building Principal, Clerk' Northeast Northeast DORIS WILLIAMS EMILY HAYES Clerk, Southeast Secretary, Building Principal Northwest W HY POT EA .ma O L RI DAY E55 ENT NES 'C' 'Hu' if way W, wa V 1 WM CLASSES .lean Mahaffay and Judy Snow show one of the telephones from their Valentine's Display in Distributive Education Display window. H' L - ,it QQ Q V. MICHELLE ABRAHAM. ELAINE ABRAM. Spanish Club 3. Steno Club 4, The business courses have been Elaine's favorite subiects. She hopes to be a successful secretary. CHARLES ADAMECZ. Latin Club l,2. Bowling l,2. Varsity Tennis 3. JAMES ADAMS. Student Council 2,3. Class Officer l. National Honor Society A. Letters in football, track and basketball. RUDY C. ADAMS. LARRY ADKISON. German Club l,3. Cross Country Team l. Tennis l. Euclidean Club 3,4. Drama Club 3,A, vice-president 4. Speech Club l,2,3,4, president 2, vice-president 3. National Honor Society 3,A, vice-president 11, Class Play 3,4 Class vice-president 3, president 4. Student Council 4, Letter of commendation, National Merit Letter in Speech, 3rd place, State Speech Contest. RENDER AGGEN. THOMAS AGLER. Tom's special honors in school was receiving a scholastic achievement award. ROBERT AHERN. Chess Club, Debate team, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, lntra-mural basketball All-Stars. LAWRENCE ALBRECHT. Debate l. German Club l,2. T.A.G. 3,4. Phys- ical Science Club 3,4.F.T.A. A. Fine Arts Club 4. Red and White Staff editorial board 3,4, first page editor 3, assistant editor A. Quill and Scroll 4. RAYMOND ALDERSON. Biology Club 2. German Club l,2,3, Bowling l,2. Student Council l, IMRE ALMASSY. Latin Club l,2,3,4, president 2. T.A.G.Club 3,4. Phys- ical Science Club 4. Mu Alpha Theta 4, president A. Euclidean Club 4, lnternational Student Exchange Club 4. Find Arts Club 4. F.T.A. 4. National Honor Society 3,11. National Merit Scholarship, letter of commendation. Member of "lt's Academic" T.V. team. t ,gf 5, f 5 12 , 5, wt? A ve,-if-'T , f , ,.,.s:zu,gf f 2 ng ,, . H it 1, if an iw? x iii. E , ni iif ll'i .,, fvw, I 1" A Q: 'H it SENI ORS Senior Class Officers: Row lr Larry Adkinson, President, Mr. Mutz. Row 2: Cynthia Henderson, Treasurer, John Styx, Vice President, Linda George, Secretary s at 9' z if if ab if fi :A ..'."-.f,-i?f7iix.L l 4 9 J i ' 4122 f - f- -wr Jessie, f sg., 3 4.4, --We,f..,,H.. , . ......,.... C it . .... :VL if., iiwifif ll, fvw e"l E ,...,. . an ,,.' K , 5 , -meta i ,ye . T 5 ,git A, ,. 5, - . ,,.,,,,..,,. .Wy ,, , .,,, , ..,. ,,,. H -,,,f-fs ,,..,, . ,, ..,, , ,f .. . ,.,. M i t-,I wtf ' 3' 16+ ,,,, ,, , ff-,, P f ., . . A . i' if' 'vii' mxeiet '95 . N . f fjirfff ,,f I --.' 4 ... :h p f f ' Ni i , 5... if -.L K ' '- f' X wi: , . Yr f ff" S .Q .Q ,, 2 'TSN .Nak- , I f . 5, is 'Rt , v 4 ZII. gl I -W 5. 'tu . - We 5. K , . in 2152 . ,f if . x .,-N! fwfr . r' ff? i J 1 Wa" in ' Q -. by ., STEVEN ALTMAN. Student Council 3,45 District Council 3,4. V.A.C. 3,4, vice-president4. Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4. JOHN AMES. MAURICE ANDERSON. WILLIAM ANDREVVS. RENNE ANGEL. Band l,2, Varsity band 2, letter 2. Girls' Club 2,3,4 Spanish Club 3,4. GAC 2, award 2. Fine Arts Club 4. Student Aide 3,4. F,T.A. 3. BRENDA ANTHONY. Girls' Club l,2,4. G.A.C. l,2, award 2. Cheer- leading letter. F.T.A. 4. ROBERT APATO. Spanish Club l,2. D.E. Club 4, president 4. Junior Achievement, THOR ARNASON. Drama Club. Fine Arts Club 4. Thor was an Ex- change Student lrom Iceland. BERTIL ARNIUS. Euclidean Club 4. Fine Arts Club'4. Bert was an ln- ternational Exchange Student from Sweden. SANDRA AULWURM. Student Aide l,4. Latin Club l. Girls' Club l. INGRID AXELSSON. Being the Queen of the Pig Skin Pow Wow in i964 was Ingrid's most memorable day in school. PAMELA AYRES. Collecting stuffed animals is Pam's hobby. THOMAS BAILEY. WILLIAM BAILEY. Class Plays 3,4. Drama Club 3,4. Chess Club 3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. GLORIA BAKER. Bowling l. G.A.C. Leaders' Club 4. DAWN BAREISHIS. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. G.A,C. 2,3. Latin Club l,2,3,4. Spanish Club 3,4, vice-president 4, F.T.A. 3,4. Fine Arts Club 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Treble Choir 2. ACapella 3,-4. G-Clefs 4. Bowling 2,3,4, treasurer 4. Co-Editor: 'We The Girls". Office Aide 3. LARRY BARNES. Latin Club l,2, treasurer 2. Baseball 2. Bowling 3. Scholastic Achievement Award, MARY BARNES. KENNETH BARR. Kenneth is looking forward to graduation as his most memorable event at school. DENNIS BARTA. GREGORY BARTLETT. Bowling 4. Journalism has been Greg's most useful subiect. DALE BARZ. G.A.C. l,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, board member 3, lst vice-president 4. Student Aide l,2,3,A. French Club 2,3,4, secretary 2. National Honor Society. Mu Alpha Theta. T.A.G. Club 3,4, social chairman 3. I,S.E. 4, president 4. F.T,A. 4. PATRICIA BARZYCKI. G.A.C. 2. D.E. Club, reporter 4. EDWARD BASTIC. Pro Club l. Marching Band l,2,3. Concert Band l,2,3, Varisty Band 2,3. D.E. Club, vice-presidentri, Spanish Club l, ROBERT BAUDO. Art has been Bob's favorite subiect, JOHN BAUER. Working hard and saving money is John's ambition in life, SUSAN BAYER. CREST staff A. Bowling 3. ARTHUR BEAGLEY. Concert Band l,2,3,A. Varsity Band l,2,3,A, Cardi- nal Marching Band l,2,3,4. Biology Club 2. T.A.G. 3,4 Physical Sci- ence Club 3,4. German Club 2,3,4. Bowling 3,A. FAYE BECK. G.A.C. l,2. CREST 4, PATRICIA BECKER. G.A.C. l,2. SHARON BECKER. G.A.C. l,2,3, award 2. Bowling 2,3, trophy 2. French Club l. Student Aide l,2. D.E. Club. Girls' Club l. KEITH BEDFORD. Pro Club l,2. CYNTHIA BEEDY. G.A.C. l,2. French Club l,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,-fi, representative 4. Biology Club 2. T.A.G. Club 3. Drama Club 3,4, president 4. Speech Club 4. Fine Arts Club 11. Class Play 3,4 MARGARET BEHRENS. Girls' Club l,2,3,11. Spanish Club 2, Biology Club 2. F.T.A. Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,A. Na- tional Honor Society 3,4. MARIAN BELLA. Student Aide 2. Marian aspires to be a good secre tary. THEDORE BENNETT. EDWARD BENTKOWSKI. The Auto Shop has been thefavorite with Ed. DONNA BERRY. The basketball team receives all of Donna's praises. PEARL BERRY. Leader's Club 11, G.A.C. l,2,3,A. Girls' Club 4. GARY BILLINGSLEY. Basketball 2, letter 2. T.A.G. Club 1-1. GEORGE BILLOWS. Football 2, letter 2. Golf 3,4, letters 3,4. DEBORAH BIRD. Student Aide 4, Bowling 2, TF is if . . W. my :y K. . its H.. V. ,sw .es. , .. - .... we S5 . s 5 W.. fr f'f'f"""'aaQ me x iff X Q were X WNV- lg 1 .. z..-zz. .ii i ,ZWN -if AX YU' Q'-' . ... y YI' rf. X . . msn- .. 1 eire .T . - Q yez , gi Q l mi as gvjmb -1 . Y . , , Y W qi ff if fix iiw iqsb g -M . i K., .'-" V -"L: 1 ...sn 1 ii. 5. fy 553 5 -H... f z,gg3zfg:.s,f,f . f fi 5" "'l""5 , .,, ' ' " ' Qty x "ik I ,, is A17 . I ' re sf '41 .V . i Seniors Bill Taylor and Bob Davis plot strategy with Coach Linn for forthcoming game. .ac 5 -i if e H C iz. H Q gtigiif l ui: Ji M V 1 l 3' . ,SN I ' ' SS" S ' 11, ' 4.5, . .. Q .. R ::.,. . . , K. .- A ' 3 -. - - N- r r . ooo S S ' 'ffl . A 7 X , I rrroor . . A ' if r -. . Ali f .. W - if A X it qi as FRN. be ' i X 2 as XY rr,ta X .ff dll, R .3 K V ng if i is si . ,piggy ..'-' jk .W 0 V .Q I - is 0..- J. BIRKHOLTZ. SUSAN BISHOP. Band l,2,3. G.A.C. l,2. Class Treasurer 2, Class Secretary 3. Girls' Club 3,4 Student Aide l,2. BONNIE BLANCHETTE. Horseback riding is Bonnie's favorite form of recreation. JOAN BLUME. Latin Club l,2,3,4 secretary 2. Girls' Club 2,3,4 G,A. C. l,2. Biology Club 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 I.S.E. Club 4 Student Aide 2,3,4 Fine Arts Club 4 LYNN BLUME. Latin Club l. G.A.C. l,2,3,4 awards 2,3,4 Leoder's Club 3,4 Drama Club 3,4 Girls' Club l,2,3,4 Student Director Class Play 3,4 Treble Choir 4 president4 Student Aide l,2,4 ROBERT BOBB. Choir l,2, vice-president 2. A Cappella Choir 3,4 German Club l,2, treasurer 2. Varsity Athletic Club 2,3,4 business manager 4 T.A.G. Club 3,4 Euclidean Club 3,4 l.S.E. Club 4 Fine Arts Club 4 Student Council 2,3,4 District Student Council 4 Na- tional Student Council Workshop 3, Vice-President, South Suburban Congress of Student Councils, Class President 2. Wrestling l, letter I. Football manager l,3,4 Basketball manager l, Varsity Baseball Man- ager l. Golf 2,3,4 Student Aide 3,4 LINDA BOBROWICZ. Girls' Club l,2,3,4 Library Aide. Chorus l,2,3. RITA BOCKERICH. French Club 2. Steno Club 4 Student Aide 2,4 .IAY BOERSMA. GARY BOHANNON. Pro Club l,2,3. Band I,2. MARY BOHELSKI. GEORGE BOND. Wrestling l. Ihe athletic activities receive George's praise. MARION BOND. G.A.C. I,2. F.T.A. 4 Girls' Club 4 Leader's Club 4, secretary-treasurer 4 Student Council l,2, recorder I,2. NANCY BOONE. Drama Club 4 Red and White Staff 3,4 Girls Club 3,4 G.A.C. 3,4 F.T.A. 4 KENNETH BORCHARDT. RS:-M Ni.. -1- -- gszzss.zff:1izsfzz,Q 5 gy .. . 'Bfjf 2 XII . 'five Q, i 5' EARLENE BOUIE. G.A.C. l,2,3, awards l,2,3. Girls' Club, Class secre- tary 2. MURRAY BOWEN. DORIS BRADBERRY. Girls' Club l,3. Steno Club 4. Student Aide 4. JON BRADY. D.O. Club 3, D.E. Club 4. GEORGIE BRAWLEY. JANEL BRAY. Latin Club l,2,3,4, viceepresident 4. Girls' Club 2,3,4. Leader's Club 3,4, secretary-treasurer 3. G.A.C. 3. Choir l. A Cap- pella 2,3,4. G-Clefs 4. Fine Arts Club 4. F.T.A. 3,4 Scholastic Achievement Award 3. LOIS BRECKENRIDGE. Latin Club l,2,3,4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. Student Aide 4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. RICHARD BRECKENRIDGE. Latin Club l, blue ribbon l. CAROL BREESE, DIANE BRENKUS. Meditating is Diane's hobby. BARABARA BRENNAN. CREST, 4. LYN BRENNAN. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Latin Club l,2,3,4. G.A.C. 2,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. F,T.A. 3,4. Class Play 3. A Cappella Choir 3,4. Madrigals 4. Operetta 3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. LAURENCE BRETZ. FRANK BRITI. German Club 2. Bowling 2,4. Pro Club 3,4 Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. Basketball Manager 2,3,4. Wrestling Manager 3,4. HARVEY BROWN. BOB BORHAUER. Hunting and fishing are Bob's hobbies. BRUCE BORTON. Chorus I. A Cappella 2,3,4, Presidentzl. Latin Club , ' . l,2,4. Physical Science Club 3,4. l.S.E. Club 4. Fine Arts Club 4. ' Madrigals 3,4. Operetta 3,4. Class Play 4, Scholastic Achievement Award. LINDA BOS. Girls' Club 4. Student Aide 4. JOHN BOSGRAAF. Bowling I, award I, DARLENE BOSTON. Girls' Club l,2. G.A.C. I,2. CREST, 4. JOHN BOSWELL. Pro Club l. M. f- -.Y ,vc ':-si .yn-.Ng We uf 5' ...ii .. H' .G ' X .. .- , ., ,... . ,Qy .ysgcygg iii , Mg A Sll ' .... . X 'B kkrk. . Y X ' 3 ,.'s .. . X s"i 5.5 N M -47 'iw . . x,,c..i it QQ .A "" ' I gfbfhv Q an Q. at .,. .,,,sn.1 ,,..,., ... si , . fi . K ,,,.- .. ,,, ,fg,,6 1, , ,M f 1 rw B'-A ' H A-' 'TP T... fd: s. , f... , ...v.,,f,.,ig st I 1 " T W X x 3 ,X , X . we ft' .Ax- g:"':T" an , In 'LIPS . . 'Ui .g isles-f if ,i 'ls ilu ....Mgg3"fl:' ,za i ii ll C. - 1 figs. r 'Q at V is r WM N- uv'- cfm CHERYL BRUTON. G.A.C. l,2,3,4. Girls' Club 4. CHRISTINE BUCKNER. To be a dancing teacher is Christine's ambi- tion in life. THOMAS BUCZEK. German Club I,2. Football I, letter I. WILLIAM BUKAUSKAS. Class president I. Euclidean Club 3,4. Nation' al Honor Society 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. T.A,G. Club 3.4. Football 2,3,4, letters 2,3,4. Bronson Brothers Award 4, Member of "lt's Aca- demic" television team. LINDA BULLARD. Girls' Club I,3. Library Aide I. CREST staff 4. ANDREA BURDINSKI. Student Aide I,4. BARBARA BUSH. G.A.C. I,2,3,4. Bowling 2. French Club 2. Steno Club 4. KATHLEEN BUSH. G.A.C. I,2, award 2. BOB BUSIC. Football I,2,3,4. Wrestling l,2. Varsity Athletic Club 4. CLIFFORD BUSS. JAMES BUSSEAN. JOHN BUSSIERE. Baseball I,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4. JON BUZANIS. Spanish Club I. Student Aide 2. JOHN BUZINEC. John's ambition is to become a master mechanic. RICHARD BYE. Football I,2,3, Baseball I. Wrestling I. PAPS Club. Pro Club. Drama Club. F.T.A. 4. Class Play 3,4. GARY BVTNAR. FRANK CALPENO. Football l,2,3, letters 2,3. Wrestling 2,3, Track I,2,3, letter 2. T.A.G. 4. Physical Science Club 4. Fine Arts Club 4. I.S.E. Club 4, Scholastic Achievement Award 3. STEPHEN CAMPBELL. JOHN CAMERON. The Auto Shop has been most useful to John and his hobby is working on cars. MAUREEN CANNING. Bowling 2, award 2. Girls' Club I,2,3,4. Chor- us I,2,3,4. LINDA CANTELO. Listening to records is Linda's hobby, ANITA CARLSON. LYNDA CARLSON. Student Council l,2. Spanish Club l,2. Office Aide l,3,4. Biology Club 2, secretary-treasurer 2. Drum Major 3. Chorus l. Band 2,3. Girls' Club l,2. G.A.C. 2. PATRICIA CARR. Spanish Club l,2. Library Club l. Physical Science Club 3, Steno Club 4. Fine Arts Club 4. G.A.C. 4. Chorus l,2,3,4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Leader's Club 4. LUCILLE CARRERO. Chorus l,3,4. Girls' Chorus I. Mixed Chorus 3,4. LOLITA CARRIERE. Spanish Club l,2, treasurer 2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, board member 3. Physical Science Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. National Merit Scholar- ship semi-finalist. JOHNELL CARTER. ROBERT CARTER. WHITNEY CARTER. ROSE ANN CARU FEL. DIANE CASEY. Bowling I. SUSAN CASH. Band I. French Club l,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Student Aide l,2. THERESE CASPER. Acrobotics are Therese's favorite sport. ANTONIO CASTRO. All of his mathematics classes have been of help to Antonio and he hopes to be a mathematics teacher. CHARLES CHAMPION. Band l,2,3,4, letters 3,4. Marching band 3,4, Varsity band 3,4. Bowling l,2,3,4. Student Aide 4. MICHAEL CHAMPION. Physical Science Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. French Club l,2. Track 3,4. BRENDA CHARLES. RICHARD CHICA. Football l,2,3,4, letters 2,3,4. Wrestling 3. Base- ball l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. TERRANCE CHUNIS. Student Council 2. Football I,2, letters l,2, Bos- ketball l, letter I. Baseball I, letter I. JUDY CIANCI, Bookkeeping and Comptometry have been Judy's favorite subiects. KAY CIONE. French Club l,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Biology Club 2. T.A.G. 4. Physical Science Club 3,4. Drama Club 4. l.S.E. Club 4. Fine Arts Club 4. Office Aide l,2,3,4. Student Aide 4. PAT CIRULLO. 7.-.-Lg. . 75 .fi If-AA-1. ,..'- V 4 - ,ff -' . tit ,. . . . . .. . ,f.. . ...... . .. . J' 5 rf I ' a a I i 4 I E.w,. .,,.. if 11-vfilfiiili-...., .1 " V wc.. C.. - is "" i 'W' lin:-fe is 29 31N ' .... as X illittwmi E 2' H V I' N., .3 f kg,A.h H . , ' ' fe . ig: . zu: H 0 ,, ,kgr ..i.11, T' ..yyy - . fi . ...... it I A .,.. . we ,.-rf - -f..f...f- .ss,Q..:..m.-.., , ,,.. my 5... T' 3 Q E il ig w Roseann Forrester and Rick Bye enioyed the music'at the Pigskin Pow-Wow Dance. N v. 1. ' 'L W- L.. Wu 1: I " -4 . issi. I .V y , ,MQ wi -we . ,gf LI or PM A.. , ...sys In-1 I .L r R iv -3 A, .fe pos- 3 ' . , 'I ' fs ff' 1 S . ,.k I - 1 -I it ri is il 1 A xiii' .-- -- 5,5 it 1, . . Q. .Z .XV .vi f. I . 193 f, .gy X I . If 3 lk . kv V Q-ii, ll' ss i A ' an if sr A- -s. t S331 :,t . . 1221: sz. ig- may 1 . ,, ff... .vw J, A K. - W -. D- -7-' . 3frs,.- 4 . -.gui J,3'ts.7'-5 if- i . , QQ' , - i ' . .. fr- I s 4 . fi. .,. fm' .2 is .35 gli HARRY CLAPECK. Wrestling I,3,A, letters SA. Band I,2,3, letters 2,3. Pro Club 2,4, letters 2,d. French Club l,2. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. I.A.G. Club 11. ROSCOE CLARK. Pro Club I. Mixed Chorus I. A Cappella 2,3,4. Library Aide 2, pin 2. Wrestling I,2. Operelta 3,11. Drama Club 4. RICHARD CLOUD. Weightlifting is Richard's hobby. DALE CLUCKEY. Wrestling I,2, letters I,2. BERTHA COCHRAN. Bertha has enjoyed her history classes and hopes to become a history teacher. SHIRLEY COLE. Business English has been Shirley's favorite subiect. CORNELIUS COLEMAN. Wrestling I,2,3,A, letters I,2,3,4. Cornelius went to the state finals in wrestling his iunior year. DORA COLLINS. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. G.A.C, I,2, letter I, bracelet 2, board member 2. Drama Club 3. Mixed Choir I. Girls' Chorus 3. BONNIE CONROY. Lockers that stick are Bonnie's pet peeve. Her hobby is sleeping. ARTHUR CONTRERAS. Being a professional guitar player is Art's amibition in life. IGNACIO CONTRERAS. Football 2. Cross country 3.4. A Cappella Choir 3,4. WILLIAM COOGAN. Varsity football 331, letters 3,4, most valuable player 4. Varsity athletic club 3,4. ELEANOR COOK. Latin Club I,2,3. F.T.A. 3. Physical Science Club 3,4 T.A.G. Club 3,4. National Honor Society. G.A.C. I. Scholastic Achievement Award. HELEN COOK. Typing has been Helen's most useful subiect. She hopes to become a secretary. DIANE COOPER. Treble Choir l,2,3,4. Ensemble 3,4 Bowling 2,4, trophy 2. G.A.C. I,4. l.eader's Club 4. Steno Club 4. Student Aide 11. Operetta 3,1-1.GirIs' Clubl. ...Qs SHARON COOPER. VICKIE COOPER. French Club l. Cheer leader l,2. FRED CORBAN. Collecting war relics is Fred's hobby. He ribbon in inlramurol wrestling. l 'X NANCY CORSO. SUSAN COX. Drama Clu b 3,4. Class Play 3,4. Sluden brory Aide l, CREST Sloff 4. LARRY COYLE. EAC TT S NL JACQUELINE COZZI. Spanish Club l,2. Sludenl Aide 2. Leader's Club 3,A, Girls' Club 4. G.A.C. l. F.T.A. 4. Sleno Club 4. LARRY CRACHY. DONNA CRAIG. The school chorus and bond receive Donna's greal- esl praise. AG f X LUELLA CRAIG. G.A.C. I,2,3. CREST, A. MARNIE CRAIG. Gelling o good iob after gradualion is Marnies amibilion. TERRENCE CRONIN. Spanish Club l,2. Chess Club 3,4. QMS JESSICA cnosav. spanish club 1, 2. Girls' club 2. o.A.c. 2. P' KAREN cnosav.B i- rch l.G'l'Clb4.F' Al cub 1 ..,. ' , A owing orus lr s u ine r S U .. ... E R .. H. T, 1 -- 1 wi' ' Y Y LINDA cnosiev. o.A.c. 1, sie-no club 4. . . ,,.. .. , 331 , .. we - Y 5 N -A i"ii 5-iff 5 I JACQUELINE CROSS. Library Club I. Spanish Club l,2, Girls' Club 2,3. Drama Club 4. Chorus l,2,3,4, Sludenl Council I. Class secre- lary 2. Class Play 3,4 PATRICIA cuuv. Girls' club 3,4 l.S.E. 4. Drama Club 4. sii , PETER CWIKLA. Crowds are Pele's pel peeve. ! JOHN CYGAN. Foolball l, leller l.Wreslling l,2, lellers l,2. - .' 'EHIIBPII MARY BETH CZAJA. Being a professional model is Mary Bell'1's om- A iyi biiion. R , , CAROL CZYZ. Carol spends her free lime wriling and painling. 7 96 .L won a blue I Aide I.I-g "ff ' is wk NV 1 . -+vXNi'sfs- g . . '+R 5 . ,k ,r PUQ A -,. -. -. X , ' -x X i . t 1 si? ECW 1 558-sy an i I 1 ff! 32" 5 , xiii .5 ff? naw. 49' L' ' V ""'YH ye zwrff- j " sf , .' T '. ., li gc YRS Nr- TEW.-, . i,gMs,i as if , Q ' av A r gi my NW , 'f-W .' nt. 1-ww ,ix ,i.. JQl!r4',Q'f .s i ' fi in 4' K sg, , 4 ,few F iff' x u s..sX . 'P ,fee if . -- if V. .Q an . spy ' ' I f Sv .ix Ns y "of K 1 . .5 . R.. X A xr gg, K 1 ii Si .eff V.LA,. is M i '1 1' '54-A, ,. L , .. . f . ,m.. , gfjl A , iifgifiwvxfzf' mx- , 4- 3 Pg: Q., ' L' Tm: ' J. . .-.k. KENNETH DADO. Band l,2,3,-4. Marching Band 3,A. Varsity Band 3,4. Bond letters 2,3,4. Class Play 3. F.T.A. A. PATRICIA DALEY. F.T.A. 3,4, librarian 3, president A. Mu Alpha Theta 3,A, editor 11. National Honor Society 3,4 G.A.C. l,2,3,4, letter I, bracelet 2, badge 3, bar 4. Latin Club l,2,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Biolo- gy Club 2. omg' Club' I-,2,3,4. RICHARD D'AMICO. Football I,2. Track l,2,3. ' CAROLE DANCE. Bowling I. Spanish Club I. Girls' Club 2,3,4. A Cappella 3,4. Operetta 3,A. Student Aide 3,4. ELAINE DANOS. Spanish Club l.Girls' Club I,2,3,4, board member I, general chairman 2, secretary 3. Student Council I,3,4. District Council 3,4, recorder 4. Cheer leader 2,4. Fine Arts Club 4. Bowling I. Office Aide I,2,3,4. Science Club 3. T.A.G. 3,4. Class secretary 2. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Concert Band l,2, 3,4. Orchestra l,2,4. Operetta 2,3. FRED DARLINGER. JOHN DARLINGER. REGINALD DAVENPORT. Pro Club l,2, vice-president I. F.T.A. 4. Chess Club 4. Cross Country 2,3,A, award 4. Varsity Athletic Club 4. EUGENE D'AVERSA. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Latin Club 2,A. Pro Club l,2. Chess Club 3. MARIA D'AVERSA. Math has been Maria's favorite subiect. Her hobby is working crossword puzzles. DIANE DAVIS. Girls' Club I,2,3,4. Chorus 'Z,3,4, Class Officer 2. Student Council l. F.T.A. 3,4. G.A.C. l,2,3, letter I, bracelet 2. Fine Arts Club 4. Madrigal singers 11. Operetta 3,4, KENNETH DAVIS. The machine shop has been Ken's favorite course at school. His hobby is cars. MIKE DAVIS. ROBERT DAVIS. Basketball l,2,3,4, letters I,2,3,4. Football I,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4. Tennis l,2,3,11, letters l,2,3,4. Class President I. Eucli- dean Club 3,4, T.A.G. 3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 2,3,4, president 4. Student Council l,2,3,4, District Council 4. Runner up for "Big Wheel' 4. CONNIE DAWSON. MARY DEACON. Journalism Club 3. G.A.C. l,2. Girls' Club 41, VALERIE DEAK. F.T.A. Girls' Club 11. CARL DEAN. CAROL DECLEMENTS. JAMES DEGENER. NICHOLAS DeLEO. Latin Club l. Student Aide I,3. Track 3. .. iH ,, SHARON DENNY. G.A.C. l 2 34 treasurer 4. Girls Club l 2,3,4 representative 3,4. Student Aide 3,4. F.T.A. 4. Leader's Club 4. Fine WILLIAM DENOYER. Baseball, I 2,3,4 letters 2,3,4. FRED DeSANTO. 2 ..1 . . N gs Arts Club 4. Girls' Chorus l. Treble Choir 2. 'T , T Y ROBERT Di CANIO. Bob received second place in the Junior Aca- demy of Science exhibition. He hopes to become as electrical engi- neer. DOROTHY DICKENS. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, RICHARD DICKSON, Wrestling I, letter l. NANCY DIEBALL. G.A.C. I,2, secretary 2. French Club l,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Speech Club 2. Drama Club 3,4. ROBERT DITUSA. Bob has received awards for his participation in both band and athletic events. DENNIS DOCKSTADER. French Club 2. Biology Club 2, Physical Sci- ence Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Mu Alpha'Theta 3,4. Mathematics Journal, editor 4. Letter of Commendation from National Merit Scho- larship Board. SHERRY DOHL. CREST Staff 4. Red and White staff 3. Student Aide 3,4. JUDITH DONALDSON.French Club l. Steno Club 4. DARREN DONOFRIO. Pro Club l,2. Bowling l. RUTH ELLEN DOOGAN. The teachers receive Ruth's greatest praise. FRANCES DOUGAN. Bowling I. G.A,C. l. Girls' Club l, Latin Club. F.T.A. Chess Club. BARBARA DOWD. Bowling l,2. French Club l,2. G.A.C. l. Band l,2, 3,4. Drama Club 3. Physical Science Club 3, vice-president 3. T.A.G. Club 3. Girls' Club l,2,4. Class Play 3. Office Aide 4. Cheer leader 3,4. Student Council 4. CHARLES DOWDY. Looking forward to graduation is Charles' most pleasant experience in scho-ol. MARY DOWDY. Leacler's Club 3,4. G.A.C. l,2,3, Girls' Club I. Stu- dent Aide l,2,3,4. RALPH DRING. TERRY DUCLOS. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, treasurer 4. National Honor Society 3,4. Physical Science Club 3,4. Track 2,3,4, letters 2,3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. Letter of Commendation, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Board. ALAN DUDA. Track 3,4. Letter 3,4. SANDRA DUFF. L f 'hx 4-g" . 'gif PWR ! . -W zz Is 41- ' 3 - , .., . ss ' 5 f ' f . A. -e kk Q. was -if ti tgggf, 1 .1 .f-QU gage - i if , :wk 4 ,.. LES' ' I-3 XM 7 .51. t H' , cfs" I vw. . tts 1 .A g llssl is , f s. N y gg- we ' iii -1 Dr. Richards and Mr. Mutz welcome our foreign exchange students ll. to r.I Kiyoshi Kusaka, Bertil Arnius, Thor Arnason. , , I .za--' .. 2, V- M M.. C . if K, I it A' 'til' 1 . x Q . I f.,- x Tw- "' , 1 "fee .gi H. . 'if ' - i 1. 'I V V . f. 9. wx' , pl I , r 1. X E Q i -, . ' 'ff , it ' ' 542' I I I ' W. ,fl 491 8 pw fa L k . ,L x A I if wha .1 1. QW? ,, V i' " as 1 1. E 4 I,-f E X f f iftfh H", . wv-.Q f . . - v W -2 f y 1 .tt tffsf' .5 4, , 13.2, . E5 .Ma ,Iseli . :gi J 1 x vi. X N .. XX A LYNDA DUNNING. Varsity Band I,2,3,41. Dance Band I,2,3,4. March- ing Band I,2,3,4. Concert Band I,2,3,4. Orchestra I,2,3,r1. Band letter I,2,3,4. Operetta 3,4, Biology Club 2. Latin Club I,2. Fine Arts Club 4. CAROL DURANO. Carol's ambition is to be acsuccessful secretary. MELANIE DVORSKY. Bowling 3,4 Steno Club 4. Student Aide I,Q,3,A. Biology Club 2. BARBARA DYKE. French Club I. Girls' Club 2. Steno Club I. G.A.C. 2. Student Council. ANTHONY DYRKACZ. Collecting guns and antiques is Anthony's hobby. JAMES DYSON. SHARON DZIEDZIC. Girls' Club I. Spanish Club I. G.A.C. I,2,3, award I. F.T.A. 3. CLARENCE ECHOLS. Student Council I,2, district representative I,2. Spanish Club 3,4. Euclidean Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 331. Physical Sci- ence Club 3. Varsity Athletic Club 4. National Honor Society 3,4. Scholastic Achievement -Award. JAMES EDLUND. Basketball I,2,3,A. Tennis I,2. Golf 3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4, vice-president 3. PATRICIA EGAN. Orchestra I,2,3,4. DONNA EHLERS. Latin Club l,2,3,4. I.A.G. Club 3,4 Cardettes 3. F.T.A. 3. Girls' Club 3,4. Bowling 41. Scholastic Achievement Award 3, PAUL EHRENHAFT. Paul has the greatest praise for the Athletic De- partment. WILLIAM EIGENBAUER. His first day of high school is BilI's most memorable one. JOHN EKEN. Pro Club 2. Football I,2,4. SUSAN ELENDT. Sue's greatest ambition is to make something of herself. 00 's---.gs 1 533. f' N is x F T ,gi :fi 5 3 'L f ' 'SEX 25. 3. 3 S i z MT t JANET ERIKSON. Latin Club l,2,3,4. Girls' Club l,2,3,A, Student Aide 2. l.S.E. Club 4. PAUL ERLANDSON. Citizenship was Paul's favorite sublect. He found Retail Selling to be his most useful subject. DONNA ERVIN. Getting a good lab after graduation is Donna's ambition. GEORGE ERVIN. Cross country team 2, letter 2. Drama and Speech Club 2. Pro Club 2. SANDRA ETHERTON. French Club l,2,3. G.A.C. l,2, awards l,2. Girls' Club l. Bowling 2,3, trophy 2. Chorus l, Treble Choir 2,3. A Cappella 4. NANCY EVENSON. Student Aide 3,r1. Nancy is proficient enough to make her own clothes. ROBERT FANNING. French Club 3,11. KAREN FARRELL. G.A.C. l, secretary l. Girls' Club l, board member l. Latin Club l,2,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, secretary 4. National Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 2,3,A, speaker 2, vice- president 3, president 11. District Council 2,3,A. State convention of student councils 3. "American Abroad" Scholarship winner 3. GAIL FEDDELER. Spanish Club l,2. LINDA FEDDELER. Stamp Collecting is Linda's hobby. ROSALIE FEDERICO. G.A.C. 3. JERRY FEHSER. German Club l.Bowling 3. Pro Club 2. Band l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,11. KENNETH FENCL. VALERIE FERRIN. Bowling 2,11. LVNN Ferreizs. Latin Club l,2,3,4, o,A.c. 2,3,A. Girls' Club i,2,3,A, T.A.G. Club 3,4. FTA. 3,4. Mu Alp a Theta 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Physical Science Club A, G-Clets 4. A Cappella 3,4 SANDRA ELIA. Girl's Club l,2,4. Bowling 2,4. F.T.A. 3,4. T.A.G. Club 4. French Club 2,4 l.S.E. 4. Choir l,2,3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. Student Aide l,2. A Cappella 2. Girl's Choir l. Treble Choir 3,4. Operetta 3,11. Student Director of "Oklahoma" MARY ELLEN ELLIOTT. Chorus l,2,3,4. Biology Club 2. Girls' Club l,2. G.A.C. l,2, letter l. Student Aide 2,3,4. DEBORAH ELLIS, Spanish Club l,2. French Club 2,3,4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, recorder 2. G.A.C. l,2, awards l,2. Drama Club 3,4. Class Play 3,4. Fine Arts Club 41. A Cappella Choir 3,-fl, National Honor Society 3,-4. FRED ELLISON. Football l,2,3,A, letters 3,4 BRUCE ENDZEL. Fine Arts Club 4. National Merit Scholarship Semi- finalist. EDWARD ENGELSEN. Latin Club l ,2. Fine Arts Club 4. Taiirx N l 3 ' si 2 w g' . iiff stile" F1 ' -I 4 tx . sf X., X: , .ii V+. . .' Eff 3 ' 1 sg, ,f WW' .,. -,k gif ig - -A .L 1 , 1 .y 3,9 -. .W , - ff' ,ws F' , W 'QS' Ig Y at "' .. s . is f 14,5 'fs it Dt' ms, 1 s S is. k 'ii' lk ' ' if 1,1 W? lt? X41 gi -,,,i,.,flKF"' 'fc 'VN 'C Q 2' 2 t. 'mx -Q I 'Semi vw RUTH FIELDS. G.A.C. l,2, awards l,2. Chorus l,2,3,11. Pro Club l,2. SHEILA FIER. Student Aide 2. Girls' Club 4. CHALMERS FINCHER. PAPS Club A. Bowling l,3. LINDA FISCHER. Bowling I,2,4, Girls' Club I. IRENE FLORES. G.A.C. 2,3,4. Girls' Club 2,3,4. WILLIAM FLOWERS. Bill has the greatest praise for the Counseling Department. ROBERT FOGARTY. Bob has enioyed all of his courses in the Auto Shop and enioys keeping his cor in good running condition. MARY FOLEY. ' LYNDA FOOSE. French Club l,2,3,4. G.A.C. l,2,3. Student Aide l,2,3,A. HOLLY FORNELL. .IOETTE FORRESTER. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Cheer leader 2, letter 2. French Club l,G.A.C. I. Gowling l. Leader's Club 4. ROSEANNE FORRESTER. Girls' Club l,2,3,r1, board member 2. Drama Club l,2,3,4. French Club l,2,A. F.T.A. 3,4 Fine Arts Club 4. Treble Choir l,2,3,4. Operetta 3,4 Student Aide 2. Scholastic Achievement Award. KATHERINE FORSTER. German Club 2,3,11. Bowling l,2,3,4, treasurer 2. G.A.C. l,2,3,4. F.T.A. 331. Treble Choir I,2,3, Ensemble l,3. A Coppela 11. Class Play 4. Operetla 3,4 JANICE FOX. G.A.C. 2. Music l, DOROTHY FRANKLIN. Steno Club 11. Library Club 2. Girls' Club 4. JOHNNY FRANKLIN. Wrestling l,2, letter 2. MEL FRIEDMAN. Mel has learned that eating potato chips in class is not such a good idea. LINDA FRISBIE. Graduation day will be Linda's most memorable at school. LEN FRISON. Drama Club 3,4. Len has enjoyed the school band. PATRICIA FULL. French Club l,2. G.A.C. l,2,3. Steno Club 4. Girls' Club l,3,4. Student Aide l,2,3,4, I DOROTHY FULLEN. G.A.C. l,2,3. Girls' Club l. Bowling l. Scholastic Achievement Award. I0 02 JANICE FULLER. Girls' Club l,2,4, board member 2. Class Treasurer 2. T.A.G. Club 4. Physical Science Club 3. RONALD GABRISKO. Baseball l,2,3,4, letter 2,3. WILLIAM GAEBLER. Bill spends his spare time building models. we 5 .K S BEVERLY GAERTNER. To be a good beautician is Beverly's ambition. E ' TERRANCE GAERTNER. Band l,2,3,4, president2. Varsity Band 2,3,4, , 1 t tener 3,4 .gin lj JUDY GAETA. Library Aide I. Girls' Bowling 2,3. Girls' Club l,2. 'rf' Chorus l. Q K if 9 WAYNE GALLIGANI. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. WILLIAM GALLOY. DALE GALVIN. SAM GARDEAKOS. Red and White staff 3. CREST staff 4. Latin Club I,2. Football I,2. Chess Club 3. Physical Science Club 3. Band l,2,3,4. Varsity Band 2,3,11. JERRY GARDENER. CAROL GARDNER. Bowling l. Steno Club 11. Girls' Club I,2. MICHAEL GARNER. Chemistry has been Mike's favorite subiect. He hopes to work in that field some day. PATRICIA GASIK. Treble Choir l,3,4, A Cappella 2. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Club 3,4 Steno Club 4. Operetta 3. ROBERT GASKILL. Football l,2. Baseball I,2. BILL GAY. Mathematics, chemistry and physics have been Bill's fa- vorite subiects. CLARENCE GEBHARDT. Hunting and fishing are Clare-nce's hobbies. KENNETH GEHRKE. Physical Science Club 3. Euclidean Club 4. Base- ball 3,A. LINDA GEORGE. Girls' Choir I,2, president 2. Mixed Choir I. A Cappella Chair 2,3,4, vice-president 11. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, board member l, general chairman 2, 2nd vice-president 4. French Club l,2. F.T.A. 3,4 Drama Club 4. Operettu 3. Class Play 11. Madrigal Singers 3,4. Student Aide l,2,3,11. Music Camp Scholarship 3. Class secretary A. LOUIS GERIKE. A career in the Air Force is Louis' ambition. -CAROL GERSTENKORN. The start of her senior year was Carol's most memorable day at school. pre 556 'PBC h ' , 435522 ,, . l iwfi , 3 " ' ws." 'i r . ., 3"' Kew f .gre ,gif X' xx is-.ard 1 Q , . 3 .., Q ang' 5 .2.-.:1..x fi .55 "' I Qfttltt' 4 ns N N? tht: :wc ans 'Vx sl-X Our "lt's Academic" team, Row lz Bill Bukauskas, Jeff Padgett, Imre Almassy. Row 2: .lim Harms, Bob Kaiser, Larry Greep ..ii r, 1 , Qu,-I . W., . 5 9 , ,. L .. X. ig Q, Q fi 15. WY 4 ' 4' inf :L 5 b M' ,s r , H , If if ..' I . ,ms ,sn wc ff f'- , -1 if .'rr 1 r 'a a J rraa t T ' -' 1 A- fm., ., "" M ,T T 1 -. ., Q P' 1 its A rtrr mf qagpa 3 "Til"- GARY GIBSON. JAMES GIESE. Bowling is Jim's hobby. WILLIAM GIESE. D.O. Club. 'Bill has enioyed his work in the Print Shop. JOHN GILL. Concert Band l,2,3,4. Stage Band l,3. Marching Band 341, Orchestra l,2,3,4. Varsity Band 2. Operetta l,2,11. Two letters for bond. PAULA GINGERICH. Bowling 2,3. Orchestra l,2,3. Spanish Club l,2, G.A.C. l,2. MARY ANN GLAVAN. Girls' Club. Drama Club. T.A.G. Club, Ger- man Club. GARY GLEICH. NANCY GLOMB. VALERIE GOETTER. Latin Club 2,3,4. Girls' Club l,2,4. Biology Club 2. Class Play 3,4 Drama Club 4. Orchestra l,2,3,11. Treble Choir 3. A Cappella A. R. GONZALEZ. BARBARA GOODMAN. Girls' Club 2,3,4. G.A.C. 2. BOBBI GOODMAN. KENNETH GOODMAN. DORIS GOOLEY. G.A.C. l,2. Girls' Club 2,3,4. Spanish Club 2,3, vice-president 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4, secretaryetreasurer 4. l.S.E. Club 4, secretary 4. National Honor Society 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Letter of Commendation from National Merit Scholarship board. CORNELIUS GOSSELINK. Latin Club, president 4. F.T.A. 3,4. l.S.E. A. Physical Science Club 3,4 Chorus l,2. Student Aide 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Scholastic Achievement Award. 103 04 .fi-Qifies .-I sf . ia - 'Rx it . - f is E k is ' in ,s , W 5 gsm- 5'9- JANICE GREGOR. Latin Club I,2. Girls' Club 3,4. G.A.C. 2. Fine Arts Club 4. WALTER GREGOR. DONNA GROW. Bowling 2,3, trophy 2. Collecting stuffed animals is Donna's hobby. ROGER GULLY. CHERYL GUTRICH. Spanish Club I. G.A.C. I,2. Girls' Club I,2,4. Drama Club 4. Class Play 4. D.E. Club 4, treasurer 4. Debate 2, letter 2. Girls' Chorus I. A Cappella Choir 2. Treble Choir 3. CAROL HAASKMA. HENRY HABERKAMP. German Club l. Science Award l. DONALD HABICH. Pro Club I,2. Bowling I. CHARLENE HAGEN. Band l,2,3,4. Varsity Band 2,4. Concert Band 4. Marching Band 3,4. G.A.C. I,2. Spanish Club 2,3, F.I.A. 3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. I.S.E. 4. Girls' Club I,2,3,4, representative 2,4. Scholas- tic Achievement Award 3. KATHY HAGEN. Spanish Club I,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Student Coun- cil 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. G.A.C. I,2, awards I,2. Biology Club I,2. Physical Science Club 3. T.A.G. 3. Leader's Club 3, Student Aide 4. GREGORY HALL. LINDA HAMIL. G.A.C. l,2, awards I,2. Bowling I,2. Girls' Club l. Spanish Club I. Student Aide 2. LINDA HAMILTON. LINDA HANLEY. Spanish Club I,2,3. Bowling 4. Girls' Club 4. Stu- dent Aide I,2,4. G.A.C. 4. Fine Arts Club 4. Girls' Choir I. A Cop- pella 2. HARRY HARDY. LORNA GOULD. Spanish Club l. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Club 3. F.T.A. 4, Steno Club 4. T.A.G. Club 3,4, Library Aide 2. l.S,E. Club 4. Scholas- tic Achievement Award 3. JAMES GRAJEK. Latin Club 2. D.O. Club 3,4, vice-president 4. DIANA GRANT. RICHARD GREEN. CAROL GREENAN. Band i,2,3,4. Concert Band I,2,3,4. Varsity Band 2,3,4, awards 3,4. Orchestra 2,3,4. Operetta 3,4. Student Aide 4. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, awards I,2,3,4. Bowling 2,3,4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. LARRY GREEP, National Honor Society 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Euclidean Club 3,4. Concert Band, Marching Band, Varsity Band, l,2,3,4, vice-president concert band 4. Track 3,4, letter 3. Latin Club I,2. T.A.G. Club. 5 4 . fir N' , X ',, L 'oi nl . H '35 fr xg, 1 I . sh We 1. ,,,. N 1 f 3 as Q .M-. 3 SQA ' , ,,.. A - "xg, ur-fx . ,l cl fkbhk I J w I es ' ' -'- ' 'M' ' I ...., if 131 . Q ii. N:,e,.,:'s f.'-- 3 .if , N -S xx, .fl -ci' f . . . - ,ffl 1.1Q1gJt f Sf - is s lewis . 1 ,,.. gait NR S Q. Q 1A' ff! ,,.1 f fl , X up Emi? x 'ix iw!" 'S JAMES HARMS. Latin Club l,2,3,4, vice-president 3. Speech Club 2,3,4, vice-president 2. Physical Science Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 341. National Honor Society 3,4 T.A.G. Club 3,11. "It's Academic" TV team. Euclidean Club 3,4. LINDA HARMS. Girls' Club I,2,3,4. Bowling 2. l.S.E. 4. French Club l. Fine Arts Club 4. Steno Club 4. National l'lonor Society 3,4. F.T.A. 4. DONNA HARPER. G.A.C. l,2,3, letter l, bracelet 2, committee chair- man 3. Spanish Club l. WILLIAM HARPER. Student Aide l,2. Cross Country 2,3, letter 2. Track 2,3,4, letters 2,3,4. EDWIN HARRIS. Ed has won two letters in cross country, three in track and a freshman basketball letter. ELSA HARRIS. G.A.C. l,2. Madrigals 3,4. A Cappella Choir l,2,3,A. SUSAN HARRIS. Bowling 2,3. Marching Band 2,3,4. THEORDORE HARRIS. Library Club l,2, pin 2. Chess Club 3,4. Physi- cal Science Club 3,11. Pro Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Spanish Club 3,4. Wrestling l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4. Cross Country l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,11. Track l,2. PAMELA HARTIG. French Club l,2. Steno Club 4. Chorus'2,3,4, treasurer A. Class Play 3,A. Operetta 3. DOROTHY HARTSFIELD. Playing the piano or reading are Dorothy's forms for relaxation. JAMES HAVLAN. SHARON HECKLER. Latin Club l,2,3,-fi. Girls' Club I,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. PETER HEENAN. DIANIA HEINTZ. Band l,2. LINDA HEITMANN. Student Aide l,2. Bowling 3. Spanish Club 3. DE. Club A. LINDA HEMMER. Latin Club l,2, Marching Band 3,A, most outstand- ing member 11. A Cappella Chair 2,3,4. Operetta 3,4. Girls' Club 4. Girls' Choir 4. Concert Band 3. F.T.A. 3, vice-president 3. l.S.E. 4. Varsity Band 3,4. CYNTHIA HENDERSON. G.A.C. l,2, awards l,2, secretary 2. Girls' Club 2,3,4, representative 3, president 4, National Honor Society 3,4 Physical Science Club 3,4. l.S.E. 4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3, WALTER HENDERSON. Physical Science Club 3,l1. T.A.G. Club 3,41. DONNA HENRICKSON. French Club 2. Girls' Club, representative 4. Steno Club A. WILLIAM HENKE. RUBY HERRON. G.A.C. l,2,3, awards l,2,3. Girls' Club l,2,3. Girls' Chorus 2,3,4. 5 06 ROBERT HETZER. JEFFERY HILL. Lating Club l,2. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Physical Science Club 4. SHARON HILL. Band l,2,3,4, letter 3. G.A.C. l,2, award 2. Varsity Band 3,A. Office Aide 3. Marching Band 3,4. Concert Band 3,4. SHARYN HILL. French Club l. Girls' Club l. G.A.C. l. CATHIE HILLOCK. Latin Club l,2. Girls' Club 2,4. Bowling 2. G.A.C 2,3,4. PAUL HINDEL. Band l. Pro Club 2. Football l. NANCY HINRICHS. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. French Club l,2. Choir l,2, 3,4. A Cappella Choir 3,4. Operetta 3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. Madrigals 3. G-Clefs 4. F.T.A. 4. lSU Summer Art Studio. South Suburban Music Festival, CAROL HIRSCHMAN. Office Aide l. Student Aide 4. Spanish Club 2. Leader's Club 4, G.A.C. 3, award 3. Drama Club 4. Steno Club 4. JAMES HOAG. Jim advises underclassmen to "study as hard as possible." CAROL HOLGER. Latin Club l. Girls' Club l, DOUGLAS HOLLE. Wrestling 2,3,4. Track 3,4. Cross country 3,4, letter 3. French Club l,2. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 4. KATHLEEN HOLMES. DENNIS HOLSTE. DE. Club 4. Bowling 2,3. JUDITH HOPPE. G.A.C. l,2. Biology Club 2, president2. Girls' Club l,3. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Latin Club l,2. National Honor Society 3,-'1. Student Aide 3,4. KENNETH HORNOF. Latin Club l,2. Physical Science Club 3. JAMES HORVATH. Band l,2. Track 2. BARBARA HORWATH. Bowling l,3,4. Student Aide 3,4 RONALD HOTTMAN. Band. Ronald's ambition is to be a pilot. NICOLE HOULIHAN. French Club l,2, Girls' Club l,2,3. Two awards for typing. CAROL HOWARD. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Spanish Club l,2,3. Treble Choir 3. A Cappella Choir 4. Operetta 3,4. Nurse's Aide l,2,3,4. Scholas- tic Achievement Award 3. RODNEY HUBBARD. Marching Band. Letter for marching band. An amateur radio operation keeps Rod busy. k ., , Ai ' . ,f 'fttf iw , uv .. Q .fi "" .. , ..: -'51 wigs 'li at M. 'fcxznnz . 1 . g V.,, . K .. if ,. ' " - J 'ff' 1 I " i , ,Q Q . J wax kikr ,s fr ,fws.::. I.'J'V'ts ' . gage-,. gif ' -.,,,ff 4"'XW - -Y. sg if .T " , 3'- 7' x ti' g Q .2 S ll X Sue Cox and Chuck Jenrich were among those seniors at the very popular iurnabout Dance. 'Fig 1. ' -'f if f fyfik . - 1 1' g 4,313 'T .5 51 x 'x i I ' 1. . Q . it I ...M X V : A 5 N :XXX , . "'i' I .A Qi -7.-A X. J, 8 '55, Q, X 'fin QM. .. ,iq C T15 s . 5 5' i rg K ie' 5 fi- X22 k"' T53 L, ...L .. 5i,..f..,iw. ,N E 'Elf' E i ,- ,M , , ""2ff41i.:35-iq H ' 'Q'-, . .N we . .C it is -A .1 N N ly! 2. V .if I' 'S + .3 in - rf.. " V I YM' Ek. .. - ..-.2?1ifiiQ'- W Y ' illi ut... I . 7- .1ii,'i A o -lwzfiifwltp t 1 3 :4 . ' K- 'f i Q It .rrr A h. , il: kki, Wg, D. 1 zr.. ifgzsiiif 7' ROBERTA HUCKO. Class Officer I. Student Cctncil l,2. lzirst runner up in Pigskin Pow Wow. JOHN HUFF. Band l,2,3,4. French Club l,2, president 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Euclidean Club 3,4. Orchestra 2,3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. National Honor Society 3,-4. National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation. LINDA HUGHES. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. SANDRA HUGHES. Girls' Club I,2. PEGGY HUNGERFORD. DIANE HUNHOFF. JUDITH HUNNELL. G.A.C. 2. ELEANOR HUNTER. KATHERINE HUNTER. G.A.C. 3,A. Student Aide l,3. KENNETH HUNTER. Latin Club l,2. Red and White Staff, Assistant Sports Editor. Wrestling 2. Baseball i. Basketball I. MATTIE HUNTER. G.A.C. l,2,3. Leader's Club 3.4. ROSEMARY HUNTER. G.A.C. l,2, letter l, bracelet 2. Drama Club l,2, chairman 2. DIANA IGNACZAK. French Club l,2. G.A.C. l,2. PATRICIA ILIKA. French Club i,2. G.A.C. l,2, vice-president 2. Speech Club 2, vice-president 2. F.T.A. 3.11. T.A.G. Club 331. Girls' Club 3,4 Madrigals 3,4 Girls' Chorus l. A Cappella 2,3,4. Student Aide 3,4. SHARYN IRVIN. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. G.A.C. I,2,3,4, awards 2,3,-4, vice-president 4. Spanish Club 3. T.A.G. 3,4. Bowling 2,3,4. Student Aide I,2,3,A. 107 108 GUY JANICAK. RICHARD JANS. Baseball 2, letter 2. Collecting coins is Rich's hobby. DON JEANES. Orchestra 3,4 Band l,2,3,A. Dance Band 3,4. Concert Band 2,3,4, president 4. South Suburban Festival 3. State and Dis- trict Festivals 4. Outstanding member of Marching Band 4. Tennis 2. JACQUELINE JEBSEN. LILLIAN JEBSEN. Latin Club l. G.A.C. 2. Bowling 2,3. Library Aide 4. MARIE JEFFRIES. RICHARD JEKA. CHARLES JENRICH. Latin Club l,2. Physical Science Club 3. DAVE JENSEN. RICHARD JENSEN. Playing the guitar is Rich's way of relaxing. WAYNE JENSEN. Basketball l, letter l. DENNIS JESPERSEN, Dennis' life ambition is to be an automotive engineer, JANET JOENS. Band l,2,3,11, letter 3,4 JOHN JOENS. LVNNIE JOHNSON. Pro Club 2. Chess Club 3,4 SHEILA ISERLOTH. Steno Club 4. Mixed Chorus 4. Girls' Chorus 2,3. PAULETTE ISLER. INICE JACKSON. G.A.C. 2,4, bracelet 2. Orchestra l,2,3,4, DENISE JAMES. Girls' Club i,2,A. G.A.C. l,2. Student Council 2,4,' F.T.A. 3,A. Varsity Cheer leader 3,4. Operetta l,2. National Honor Society 3,4. A Cappella Choir. MARJORIE JAMES. BERNADINE JAMROCK. Girls' Club I,2,3,-'1. G.A.C. I,2. Student Aide 2,4 Steno Club 4. 'ff L : .i iii 2 S ii.. A... i ...EP X 53, . . .fc , '-gs, -- Q ii ,M -':,, H: " I A , f .., I . - - 'vii if .1 1-A -' ,z 12 ' Q, i I it .iiilsr 'hrs 1 av' Q 6 .1 is 5 s, f 'ta 52 . AR xx Si ia 5 '2 k T . A .st K X HQ. 4 Wxf . I . , I'-"9 1 ' ,.. Ti 2 it si A 'N 'Q ,gs , 'Z 1 i 'Q ,-' ' 'J . 9 T r 2 4 1 if Z' l . . bg .. C f' 'v .Mig C T I 'q'9l':vm 5 ,srl fr:- , 'I mu. Q If---- r- J s- n. W 'L,... 4 . -M E 5 ' is s ls I' ' ' , fc. s,sefq...5.. , r an fssi -C . L ,X K I agar: ' is 4 , .. , fl 1 'ti fi .ft J if s t Ml 'pda . s k ' Q . - ,.-. ff I lx .J .xv is 'Q A f it ies' ' aww' i MARILYN JOHNSON. G.A C. l. Girls' Club l,2,3, general chairman 2. LYN JOHNSTON. CLAUDIA JONES. G.A.C. l. Student Council l,2,3, vice-speaker I, Speaker 2, District Council 3. F.T.A. 3,4. Girls' Club I,2,3,4. A Cap- pella Choir 3,4. G-Clefs A. National Honor Society SA. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. EVELYN JONES. Collecting books is EveIyn's hobby. GREGORY JONES. Football 2, letter 2. Track 2,3, letter 2. Basketball I. Cross country 3. JOSSIE JONES. Speech Club I,2,3, president 3. Pro Club 2. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Club 2,3,A, board member 3. Chess Club 4. National Honor Society 3,4 Scholastic Achievement Award 3. REGINALD JONES. Band l,2,3,4, letter 3. TOM JORDAN. LINDA JURCIN. Linda dislikes people who are always in a hurry. BEVERLY JUSEVITCH. D.O. 4. Bowling is Bev's favorite sport. ROBERT KAISER. Pro Club I,2,3. French Club 2,3. l.A.G. Club 3,11. Physical Science Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4. Mathematics Journal, editor 4. National Merit Scholarship letter of commendation, CAROL KALINS. Student Aide 2. Latin Club 2. THOMAS KALISKI. Tom has enioyed his classes in the print shop and hopes to become an offset pressman. JAMES KALLAS. Spanish Club l. Band l,2,3,4. Varsity Band 2, letter 2. Marching band 3,4, letter 3. JOHN KALLAS. Spanish Club 2. Marching band 3,A, letter 3. Varsity Band 2,3,4, letter 3. Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band 3,4 JANET KAMINSKI. Steno Club 4. STEVEN KECK. T.A.G. Club 3,A, president A. Physical Science Club 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. THOMAS KEENE. JAMES KERKSTRA. Spanish Club 3,A. Spanish has been Jim's favorite subject. WILLIAM KESSLER. ALLEN KIEL. French Club l,2. Tennish l,2,3,4. Basketball l,2. 109 0 SALLY KINER. ETHEL KING. CREST Staff 11, Library Aide 2,3,13, awards 2,3,4. G.A.C. I,2,3, awards I,2,3. Speech Club I,2. JACQUELINE KING. G.A.C. I,2. Spanish Club I,2. Girls' Club I,2,3,4. G-Clefs 4. Fine Arts Club 11. ISE 4. Girls' Choir I. A Cap- pella Choir 2,3,4. Student Aide 2,4. Red and White Staff 4, SANDRA KING. G.A.C. I,2,3. Leader's Club I. JAMES KINSTEDT. HOWARD KIRSCHBAUM. Bowling I,2,3,4. Pro Club I,2,3,4. Chorus 3. Track 3. Band I,2, DONALD KISELUS. Bowling 2. RAY KITCHING. LOIS KITTLER. G.A.C. I,2,3,4, president 2. Girls' Club I,2,3,11, repre- sentative 3, board member 4. Biology Club 2. Steno Club 4. Na- tional Honor Society 3,4. BARBARA KLAAS. Girls' Club I,2,3,4, representative 3,4 G.A.C. l,2,3,4, award 2. F.T.A. 4. Library Aide I,2,4. Library Club I,2. DENNIS KLECZKOWSKI. THOMAS KLEIN. Latin Club I,2. Bowling 3. ROBERT KLEINMANN. Pro Club I,2. Spanish Club 4. Football I,2,3, letters I,2,3. Baseball I,2, letters I,2. Track 3. Varsity Athletic Club 3,1-1. EDWARD KLEMP. Spanish Club I,2, Boys' Chorus I, president I. Mixed Chorus 2. A Cappella Choir 2,3. Operetta 3. Madrigals 3. South Suburban Festival 3. NANCY KLIMAS. Girls' Club 3, Leader's Club. G.A.C. BARBARA KLIMEK. Student Aide 2. A good secretarial position is Barb's ambition in lite. LYNETTE KLINCKMAN. Spanish Club l. Girls' Club I,2. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. JUDY KLOD. Drawing is Judy's hobby. LINDA KLOPTOWSKY. National Honor Society 3,4 F,T.A. 3,4, treasur- er 3, librarian 11. Student Council 2, recorder 2. G.A.C. I,2,3,4, awards I,2,3,4, secretary 4. Latin Club I,2,3,11. Girls' Club I,2,3,A, representative 2,4 l'.A.G. Club 3. Fine Arts Club 11. Madrygal Ensem- ble 3,11. A Cappella Chorus 3,4. Student Aide I,3,4. South Suburban Chorus 3,4, accornpaniast 4. District Chorus 4, DAVID KLOS. Pro Club I,2,3. Coin Collecting is Dave's hobby. FRANK KLUN. Spanish Club I. Bowling 2. ,,-.- f sf .1 ... ., ., , -1,,,:5,,N .VZ,,,, , ZW? i LI 'I I if I .-,' fig : : .-- ' - 'g'r f Q . 5- ttf, s,.,,,. ,4 .MIN . . --"'- 1" . i.,f,.4i,,wMl. X 15'L,'s , f " -41. ff' v 5: 'iff f . ...L 7 'ff . -gi if-'IL A . is e' Em. - 'Qi is ' A 53 is ' IA I 4' Eg with 5 X he uu.. B sg J as Si is s . -r-2' - , ,,.,. by Q s 'i 5 . ee X- 1 " -Os it of I 'id sh .gim s Q i C - X f !9X L ,,.. Z v V551 nf ,ei . 2' :4e7x,,2.?' 1, N 153, 1. ' . ff 'fx' .,.. - ... , .. if . ,is w fe. xxx A ,fi '5' '. . .11 Q " .v- N, V ttil 51 ' , ,i..?9f"t uu., A Cf' , 'P-'ffl ai..-1.i.i f 11" .- ...if .:- . h ' X Y N L 9,... . fb, H is-Q Bill Rudolph leads the Cardinals through the Band line is . , . , i a . rg rx.. it U i 1, . in fc' ' .-A - " . 5 .K .I . M' -. 1 l f: ., as " EV ! 5 x xo, tv- KV' 2 P 4, Q X. .gf 1 LENNY KNIPPER. Len's ambition is to own his own motorcycle repair shop. THOMAS KNOX. Pro Club l,2. Library Club l,2. Wrestling i,2, letter 2. Cross country l, letter l. PATTI JO KOCH. German Club l. Chorus l,2. Girls' Club I. G.A,C. l,2, award 2. Student Aide l,3,4. Red and White Staff, 3rd page editor 3. GEORGIANNA KOCIN. Girls' Club l. G.A.C. l, award l. Science Club l. French Club 2, Marching Band 3. Varsity Band 3, letter 3. Drama Club 3,11. Fine Arts Club 4. Student Aide l,2,A. CHARLES KOCH. DONALD KOLESKI. KENNETH KOLWYCK. German Club l,2. SANDRA KONICEK. JOHN KONING. Water skiing is John's hobby. JAMES KONSOER. A Cappella Choir l,2,3,4, president 2. Operetta 3. THOMAS KOPPELMAN. Latin Club l,2,3. Physical Science Club 3. Class Treasurer 2. Tennis l,2,3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 4. FRANK KORBEI.. KAREN KOTT. GEORGE KOZIOL. PATRICIA KOZAREWICZ. Speech Club l,2, secretary 2. Steno Club 2. Operetta 3,4. 111 2 -5.2 X X 11 V x -i -i X ?f1'?il.i Q ,fix .. s R I 'N .T ' . i . .. Ke. ' - 'i""1w ' ..- 8.5 'J KlYOSHl KUSAKA. l.S.E. Club 4. Cross country 11, letter 4. Varsity Athletic Club 4. Kiyoshi is our exchange student from Japan. JOANNE LABRIOLA. Home Economics has been Joanne's most useful subiect. WAYNE LACOY. DONALD LADICK. BOB LAH. Bob's ambition is to be a iozz entertainer. JOHN LAIRD. Chemistry has been Jahn's favorite subiect. His ambi- tion is to be a chemist. LYNN LAIRD. Bowling 2. Girls' Club 2,3,4. G.A.C. 2,3,4. F.T.A. 4. Fine Arts Club 4. JAMES LAKOMY. Bowling l,2,3,A, secretary 2,3,11. Pro Club l. LAURENCE LAMBERTH. Reading is Laurence's hobby. Pro Club l,2. PATRICIA LANE. Class vice-president l. G.A.C. l. Bowling l. Student Council l,2,3,11, vice-speaker l, district representative 2,3,A. Student Aide l,2,3,A. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. French Club l,2. Cheerleader 3,11. Red and White Staft 3, Fine Arts Club -4. Class Play 3. JOEL LANG. German Club l,2, yiceepresident 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Physical Science Club 3,11. Varsity Band l,2. Concert Band l,2,3. Marching Band 2,3. Dance Band 2. Stage Band 3. ROGER LANGLAND. DIANA LANGLUME. Red and White Staff. Latin Club l. Student Aide l. Chorus 2. SHIRLEY LANGOWSKI. G.A.C. l,2,3. Shirley enioys bowling and swimming. BONNIE LARSON. if 'E ink ig kr 4 'RYE F 155, R if . .e is - sis. Y 1 S X i RONALD KRAISS. German Club l. History has been Ron's favorite subiect. SHARON KREMKAU. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Library Aide l. French Club 2. Steno Club 4. l.S.E. 4. Office Aide A. MARILYN KRENN. CHARLES KRZEWICKI. Electronics is Chuck's hobby. His most useful course has been the electric shop. RUTHANN KUIKMAN. Spanish Club l,2, president 2. Bowling l. Girls' Choir l. Mixed Choir 2. A Cappella Choir 3,4 Operetta 3,4 Student Aide l,2,4. Steno Club 11. ROBERT KUPFER. Football l, letter l. Track l, letter l. . L X. fi ' ii I.. '- '- ,::t" --12 1151? 0 '1 A Q.. .. PX F ., i . ix, .N N 'W-is ,'7. Q h K - . I A A - fm . as " 'zggijff .-.- 551 X 1.i .... 3 "1 S... ' wp. ffpvs-AW ,,., .. ,N - . "iii " . be X 6- I t 1-Q 'tx J u N-59: it I I av-s A mr-- VJ: N EI . I t .265 'ig . MHS 7 L "if XXX N 3 - 3' . - . ,- y I' r as 4 - is J . , ' fifirsx zf ' . . ,Lxk K kr r 1 H f' ii an iw ii... X? mn xx W ,near .711 5 ' ' ,xkr ss" 1.1 ' Vygyb A . ' 'ftx .1 R W -V SHIRLEY IARSON. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, awards l,2,3,4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, German Club l,2,3,4. Steno Club 4. GREGORY LASKY. BETTY LAUTERJUNG. French Club l,2. G-Clef Chorus, Student Council 2. Girls' Club 2. Bowling l,2. DE. Club 4, secretary 4, GREGORY LAVERY. D.O. Club 3,4. BILL LAWLER. Pro Club l, letter l. D.E. Club 3,4. JEANNE LAWLER. Latin Club I,2. Speech Club l,2. Girls' Club l,2, 3,4. l.S.E. 4. Fine Arts Club 4, T.A.G. Club 3. CLIFTON LEDET. Band l,2,3,4. Marching Band 3,4, letter 3,4. l.S.E. 4. Varsity Band 4. RALPH LEDET. DIANE Le FAGER. Bookkeeping has been Diane's favorite subject. ROGER LEKBERG. Football 2. Cross Country l,2,3, letters l,2,3. Wrestling l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4. Track I,2,3, letters 2,3. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. T.A,G. Club 3,4. JAMES LEMONS. GARY LEONARD. Cross Country 4. Track 3,4. MICHAEL LePORE. Latin Club l,2. Bowling. Euclidean Club 3,4. Base- ball I,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4. NANCY LETURNO. G,A.C. l,2,3,4, awards l,2,3,4. THOMAS LEVERENZ. D.O. Club 3. Library Club l. ALFONZA LEWIS. Speech Club 4. Chess Club 4. MARYLYN LINDERBORG. French Club l. Girls' Chorus I. D.E. Club 4. DONALD LIVESEY. Bowling 4. Student Aide l,2,3,4. JANET LODE. Bond l,2,3. Concert Band l,2,3. Choir 2. Girls' Club I,2. G.A.C. l,2, Leader's Club 4. French Club l,2. KAREN LONERGAN. VICKY LOVELOCK. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Library Aide 3,4. 3 4 PEGGY LOVRICH. Collecting records is Peggy's hobby. ROSE LUBECK. Chorus l. A Cappella 2. Student Aide l,2,3,4. Bow- ling! 2. Girls' Club l,2,4. Drama Club 4. Spanish Club l,2, secretary 2, Class Play 4. BARBARA LUCAS. Treble Chorus 2,3,11. Mixed Choir 2,3,A, THERESE LUEKEN. JO ANN LUKACEK. German Club 2, secretary 2. Bowling l. JANICE LUKE. French Club 2. Treble Choir, G.A.C. l,2,3, award 2 Mixed Chorus, KARL LUKENS. T,A.G. Club 3,A. Physical Science Club 3,4. Euclidean Club 3,11. DORA LYNCH. Bowling 2,3,4. Spanish Club 2. FRAN MACEWlQ.G.A.C. l. Girls' Chorus 2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3. CHIQUITA MAC MILLEN. JEROME MADEJ. Hunting and fishing are .lerr's favorite sports. ANGELITA MADRIGAL. Girls' Chorus l. Treble Choir 2,3,A. PENELOPE MADRIGAL, Bowling 2, award l,Hame Ec. Club 1-1. CHARLES MAGER. Pro Club l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4. German Club l,2. Euclidean Club 3,4. JEAN MAHAFFAY. French Club l,2. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Club 2,3. T.A.G. Club 3, D.E. Club 4, area 5 Treasurer. Student Aide 2,3 MADELEINE MAILHOIT. Marching Band 2,3,4. Concert Band 2,3,4. Orchestra 2,3,4. G.A.C. l,2,3,11, awards l,2,3,41. Varsity Band 2,3,11. Spanish Club 3. Student Aide 2,3,l1. GAYLE MALATINKA. Steno Club A. Office Aide 2,3,4. I.S.E. Club 4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. NANCY MALLORY. CREST 11. CAROL MALON E. MARTIN MANN. German Club l,2, Biology Club 2. T.A.G. Club 3. BRUCE MANTIA. D.O. Club 341, president 11, .-... ' A, r 1 A A 4 .1 f n., if 5. ', . 7 fl J? x" y g. if ' "ful . P5135 . N56 J 'Q fig-A 5 mg. ,ah- fx favs. ll ll - ' r- - -we-ae: . , Bgff fftll ,-F .- mf, A v v.fQ'ii' 'fl . - ' . 'QKXWLSTTL ff ' H M 7 ii?i55:ii37533L?X A fi '.'.'k!!f" - F' 'K , - ff.:i3g.x5:fgq.ji:s.. A 5 , L -'fiifl-'TSE - - .r...,. 'f +L ... M R f E 4. lx "fs -z The reward for effort and desire on the field of battle. Pete Molsen recieves his football letter from Mr. Murphy, line coach. . M. ..i,q Q ' W WWE 1 NA, ,..,gM., S 4' VW Nu . 'fs tl 450777 rf rf- ff- X 33:0 1,4 ,1 I' 9 i 1 ww rv 'iv OJ if ff fag , , a an - 3 I 4 Wm. f- K""'7' . In c fgi i g gfgiyzfsi i , TQ Q., . tte - nd-5. GINO MARCHESCHI. Pro Club l,2,3,4, president 11. Euclidean Club SA. Chess Club 3,-4. French Club 3. RICHARD MAREK. German Club 2,3. T.A.G. Club 3, Physical Science Club 3. PAPS Club 3,A, letter 3. RICHARD MARGIS. Football l,2,3,4, letter 3. MICHELE MARTIN. Chorus 3, Treble Choir 3,4. Student Aide 2. JOSEPHINE MARTINO. Girls' Chorus. Treble Choir, Mixed Choir. CHARLES MARTSCHINKE. Bowling A. A Cappella 2,3,4, CHRISTINE MARZEC. French Club 2,3, Student Aide l,3,4. G.A.C. 3,r1, award 2. Girls' Club 11. Fine Arts Club 4. Scholastic Achievement Award. THADDEUS MATRAS. The auto shop has been Ted's most useful and favorite course. DONALD MATIHIESEN. Latin Club l,2. Concert Band 2,3. Varsity Band 2,3, letters 2,3. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Physical Science Club 3,4 Fine Arts Club A. National Honor Society 3,4 LEE MATYSIK. Swimming is Lee's favorite sport. BARBARA MAUL. Typing has been Barb's most useful subiect. CRAIG MAXWELL. Being a radio announcer is Croig's life amibition, DIANA MAY. French Club l,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,11. F.T.A, 3,4 Na- tional Honor Society 3,-'1. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. LAURA MAY. Collecting pictures is Laura's hobby. NIARGIE MAYER, 5 6 .3 ,, ., .3 V 3 3 3 is Stl tw '53 f - -emi ' WE? , . .Q .N:, V , Q: 'T' 'fl' "L" tk ,is LARRY McGILL. Spanish Club. Band 2,3,4 letter 3. DE. Club. TOM Mc NAMARA. DONNA McWatters. Bowling l,2. Bowling and skating are Donna's hobbies. WILLIAM McWILLIAMS. BARBARA MEGSON. MARY LYNN MEHL. Latin Club l,2. Concert Band 2,3,4 Varsity Band 2,3,4 letters 2,3,4 Girls' Club 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 F.T.A. 3,4 T.A.G. Club 4 Fine Arts Club 4 Student Aide 3, Marching Band 3,4 National Merit Scholarship letter of Commenda- tion. ROBERT MEINER. JV basketball manager. All sports are Bob's hobby. .IUDY MEISTER. Judy hopes to became a fashion designer, at the moment her hobby is sketching. WILMA METCALF. Graduation day will be Wilma's most memorable in school. RITA METZGER. The friendly teachers receive Rita's praise. GEORGE MEYER. Concert Band l,2,3,4 Varsity and Marching Bands l,2,3,4 letters l,2,3,4 Latin Club l,2. Biology Club l,2. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Physical Science Club 3,4 Orchestra 3,4 Chess Club 3, NEIL MEZEI. Tennis l,2,3,4 letters 3,4 French Club l,2, Biology Club 2. Varsity Athletic Club 4 Physical Science Club 3. T.A,G. Club 3. LEONARD MEZYDLO. Having a piece of his art work on display at McCormick Place was Len's most memorable occasion af school, HAROLD MICKEY. DO. Club 3,4 Pro Club l,2. CHARLES MILHAM. KEITH MAYO. Basketball l, letter I. Baseball l, letter l, Football 2,3,4 letters 2,3,4 Wrestling 3, letter 3. Varsity Athletic Club 4 PATRICK MCCAMMON. Library Club l,2. Pro Club l,2. Spanish Club 3. Physical Science Club 3, RICHARD McCASLAND. SANDRA McDANlEL. LENORE MCDONAGH. A Cappella Choir 2,4 Girls' Chorus l. Mixed Chorus 3. Girls' Club l,2,3,4 board member 2. G.A.C. l,2,3. Latin Club l,2,3,4 treasurer 2, National Honor Society 3,4 treasurer 4 Leader's Club 3,4 vice-president 3, president 4 F,T.A, 3, T.A.G. Club 3. MARK McGARVEY. l aes an , L Nlyfss -. R., ,gee-f..,, ff. ,rf . ... , as ' ktrbgkmfgiir. 3 'wma X . V ogrogfib gc, a,2?siEskf - GQQQQMGS QQ. - , .. . 5' . Y ' 1 4 ' f""' . '- 'R N Qw" 'i krg. . ' is Q. XX ,, I f r -je ... 1-. . X., .. ' 1' .fc - 1" .We -1 f- . S - R r' ' i ,, 4.13 ii , Q .1 ff-Ffaifk.. M. lb -Mt 'fi 1 51 1, A ' ' I MELODV MILKINS. DONNA MILLER. 9' - 5 .f 1 Q , i igv4.i,..vtVst, . 5'-R "Q me Q fx di ALAN MILLER. Bowling l,2, trophy 2. Science Club I. Pro Club 2. MICHAEL MILLER. D. O. Club l,2, reporter l. treasurer 2. PAULETTE MILLER. Steno Club 4 Egotists are PauIette's pet peeve. RICHARD MILLER. Pro Club l,2,3,4, president 4 DOROTHY MILLS. Girls' Club l,2. G.A.C. l, letter I. Student Aide l. Office Aide 2. HELEN MILSTEAD. Latin Club l,2, secretary 2. G.A.C. 2. Leoder's Club 3. Red and White Staff 3,4 Student Aid 2,4 Choir 2,3,4 Scho- lastic Achievement award 3. NANCY MILZ. National Honor Society 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 T.A.G. Club 3,4 Mathematics .lournol Staff 4 Girls' Chorus l. Mixed Chorus l. Student Aide 2,3,4 Office Aide 2,3,4 Girls' Club l,2,3,4 G.A.C. l,2,3, award 2,3, Spanish Club l,2,3. Physical Science Club 4 Fine Arts Club 4 CREST staff 3,4 Scholastic Achievement Award 3. GREG MINDEMAN. Band l,2,3,4 letter 2,3,4 Red and White Staff 4 Student Aide 3,4 Concert Band 2,3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 Dance Bond l. MICHAEL MINERVINI. Latin Club 2. Red and White Staff 2,3,l1, sports editor 3,4 Wrestling l,2,3, manager 2,3. JOHN MIROBALLI. Pro Club 2,3,-fl, treasurer 4 HAYDEN MITCHELL. Baseball l,2,3,4 letters 2,3,4 Football I. Basket- ball l. PATRICIA MOJDEN. G.A.C. l,2,3. Drama l,2,3. A Cappella l,2,3,4 Modrigals 2,3,4 Speech Contest l,2,3, Operetta 3. 2nd in District Monologue Contest, lst in State on vocal solo. DALE MOLITOR. Dale is undecided about the future. PETER MOLSEN. Football l,2,3,4, letters I,2,3,4, captain 4 Honorable mention on South Suburban All Conference Team. Wrestling l,2,3,A, letters l,2,3,4 Latin Club l,2. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4 LEONARD MOODY. FLARZELL MOORE. Receiving a bond letter award was Florzell's most memorable day at school. JUDITH ANN MOORE. G.A.C. l,2. Girls' Club l,2,4.Treble Choir 3. A Cappella 4 MICHAEL MOORE. Cross Country, varsity manager's letter. SANDRA MOORE. G.A.C. l, letter. Speech Club 2, citation. Girls' Club 4 Bowling 3. 8 MELODY MORELAND. EDWARD MORRIS, Bowling l. MARGARET MORRISON. Spanish Club l. Girls' Club 2,4 Red and While Staff 3,4 Bowling 4, HUGH MUGFOR. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Physical Science Club 3,11. Ger' man Club 3, program chairman 3. GEORGE MULDERINK. D.O. Club 3,4. Pro Club 2. GARY MULLENS. Operetta 3,4 A Cappella Choir, treosurer3. Mad- rigols 3,4 Wrestling 2,3,4, letters 3,4. MARYELLEN MURPHY. Home Economics has been both the favorite and most useful subiect for Moryellen. MADELYN MURRAY. G.A.C. l,2, awards l,2. Latin Club 2. Student Aide l,2. MARILYN MURRAY. Spanish Club l,2. G.A.C. l,2,3. Chorus l,2,3, Girls' Club l,2,3. ROBERT MUSSELMAN. Bob was a varsity baseball player. He enioyed his class in wood shop. RICHARD MUSSON. Rich's life ambition is to be successful. ALLLEN MYERS. Physics and chemistry have held the most interest for Allen in school. CHRISTINE MYERS. Student Aide l,2,4. Red and White Staff 3. RICHARD NAGEL. All sports are Bob's hobby. CAROL NEBEL. G.A.C. l. Spanish Club l,2. Girls' Club l. Student Aide 3,4. BARBARA NEJDL. DENNIS NELSON. DONALD NELSON. Working on cars is Don's hobby. His favorite sport is racing. PEGGY NELSON. Steno Club 4. G.A.C. l,2, award 2. Student Aide l,2. MICHAEL NICOLA. Bowling l,2. D.O. Club 3,11. KATHERINE NIELSEN. Graduation will be Katherine's most memora- ble day atschool. i 'K ff' H 'l.. g at 1 4' Q5- 5 s"y.fs, mn fp.. , -VUE? i . L "" - K 4. il az Q? Niiga- iiiil I M 'S -X K 3 ...,. . Q:xf"QiQi?fflI Xi 4 V Qs ???3- N Nw ' 'iil i ff ll.. . .',, lei. A.. I 51. gizf :. L A . 1 ......,. . . .l.- A . Li , Kiyoshi Kusaka serves cake to Karen Farrell and Mr. Morzorati at Faculty Tea sponsored by the Student Council. ' ff .-.T X wiv mtv-1 . x ,s 1 ' - A K' P? wife .f 'WN Si .J K s X f X i Ni if A K Q t w J. ,. , x 1122,- . . I ' h , i P . L V ? 2 .4 f ...M A 7 , . , 1... 'Sex 1 VS: . W ANRC ROBERT NIXON. History has been Bob's favorite and most useful subiect. RICK NOAH. ' ANDREA NOLLEY. GREGORY NORDSTROM. ROBERT NORRIS. BARBARA NORTON. An after school iob keeps Barb from attending social affairs. CAROL NORTON. Bowling l,3,4. Steno Club 4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. F.T.A. 4. I.S.E. 4. Fine Arts Club 4. Student Aide 4. Cardettes 3,4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. MARILYN NOVAK. French Club I. Bowling l,2. Library Aide l. G.A.C. l. ROBERT NOWOC. LINDA NOWLIN. French Club 2,3. Girls' Club 2,3,4. G.A.C. 2. Var- sity Cheer leoder 3, letter 3. Scholastic Achievement Award 3, NORBERT OBECNY. German Club I. D,O. Club 3,4 TERRY 0'CONNELL. D.O. Club 3,4. TOM OGREN. D.O. Club 3,l1. ANGELO OLAWUMI. MARYANN OLOFSSOM. G.A.C. l,2, representative 2. Art Scholastic Certificate of Merit. 9 20 .. ,,::z 1' 'f,. A 'W 5 3' S... Q- i - 5 Ixz, DAVID OSTERMAN, KINDA OUWENGA. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Club 4. LARRY OVERBEEK. The amateur radio is Larry's hobby. ROLAINE OVERBEEK. Typing and bookkeeping have been Rolaine's favorite subiects. ANN OWALL. JEFFREY PADGETT. German Club 2,3. T.A.G. Club 3,4. National Merit Scholarship letter of Commendation, Captain of "lt's Academic" TV team. MARYANN PAJAK. Steno Club 4, vice-president 4. SHARON PALCU. Girls' Club l. Student Aide l,2,4. RONALD PALMER. Concert Band l,2,3. Debate l, letter l. MARY PALOMO. Cardettes l,2. LEE PANICHI. Lee received an art scholarship to The Art Institute. JOANNE PAPIEZ. Psychology has been Joanne's favorite subiect. DAVID PARKER. Pro Club 2. Government has been Dave's favorite subiect. MINCY PARR, Girls' Club l,2, board member l. G.A.C. l,2, award l,2. Nurse's Aide l,2,3. MARY PARRILLI. KATHLEEN O'MAHONY. Chorus l. ROBERT O'MARY. German Club l. Scholastic AchievementAward 3. SUSAN ORPHEY. Student Aide l,4. Biology Club 2. French Club 2. Steno Club 4. SUSAN ORTON. Concert Band 2,3,4. Varsity Band l,2,3, letter 2. Marching Band 3,4, letter 3,11. Spanish Club 2,3. Girls' Club 2,4. Physical Science Club 3. T.A.G. Club 4. F.T.A. A. Student Aide 4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. PAUL ORVIS. WARREN OSSOWSKI. Warren's ambition is to become a F.B.I. man. n- :C 1 J' Q if 2 - ly- -' . ,A ..--- -- ' 'Q' 4., f ,. . . X Aff-3-2-'J' . V -4" " x ' l' " 1 ' J., ' la li 7 f 3 ,.-'lil' 7 xw .., ?x ,Q-A .vs " if JVXE-3 xi " " : ' ' -J - ." -gp 'X' H' f fl - , ' if l SRT' - l T " l ""' I Q.-I . .f . T , t 'l me if: T' 1' .1 ffii 6 L. -bfi . W W' ' 5 ns. ll L-Q. , 1 1 A "" S gre 4154 S M.e"' , f I gag, wifi'-ss.L: we, i ii'f.!m mf Q- . . , . f . K -itwyiii: 'fi 2. ff- I .lf . 55513, -7.1. A . . ,. I . 177 . ., is-M f iiii 'Sw .1 lf A i Q i ,... , . W. 1 XB QF .. SKA i K Ns .iffy , 5 ,. ..,.B. ,..,.,.v?.3. .. r K. tw. W W ' W. , .N , . Mm, ' . it A MARY PATE. Student Aide l.G.A.C. I,2. WILLIAM PATTERSON. Latin Club 2. Biology Club 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4. F.l'.A. 4. PHYLLIS PAUS. Graduation will be Phyllis' most memorable day ot school. DIANE PAWELCZAK. ROSALIND PAYNE. Girls' Club 4. G.A.C. 2,3,4, awards 2,3,4. GEORGE PEARSON. Debate l,2, letter I. Latin Club l,2. Band l,2,3. Marching Band 3, letter 3. NORMAN PEARSON. Latin Club l,2. Biology Club 2. Speech Club 2. Science Club l,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4 Chorus I. District Science Fair 3. NANCY PECK. Choir I,2,3,4. Nancy has great praise for the fine teachers. PAM PECK. KATHLEEN PELT. G.A.C. 2,4, trophy 2. E.l.A. 4. CHRISTINE PERRY. ROBERT PERRY. Latin Club l,2. Physical Science Club 4. T.A.G. Club 4. Wrestling l, numeral l. Band 2,3,4, letters 3,4. KAREN PERRYMAN. BEN PETERSON. Coin collecting is the hobby that keeps Ben occupied. CAROL PETERSON. Library Aide 3,4. Sewing and knitting are Corol's hobbies. BARBARA PIDRAK. G.A.C. 2,3,4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, Bowling 3,4, secretary 4. Fine Arts Club 4. FREDERICK PIERCE. DONNA PIERSMA. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Club 4. Steno Club 4, secretary 4. German Club 4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. GLORIA PIERSMA. Student Aide 4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. SUZANNE PIERSMA. Steno Club 4, Spanish Club 4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. ROBERT PINTA. 22 RICHARD PIOLATTO. Sports are Rich's hobby. CHRISTINE PISCHL. G.A.C. l,2. German Club l,2. Leader's Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Physical Science Club 3,4.I.S.E.1-1. Fine Arts Club 4. National Honor Society 3,4. LINDA PLETSCH. Bowling 2,3, president 2. G.A.C. l,2,3, awards I,2,3. Student Aide 4. CREST Staff 4. SANDRA PONTIUS. Student Aide l,2. Her first prom was Sandra's most memorable event at school. MARTHA POOLER. Girls' Club I,2,3,11. T,A.G. Club 3. French Club l,2. Bowling l,2. National Honor Society 11. Concert Band I,2,3,11. Drum Maiorette. JOHN POSTWEILER. Latin Club l,2. Physical Science Club 3. T.A.G, Club 3,-'1. Varsity Athletic Club 4. Football I,2,3,4, letters I,2,3,4. Bronson Brothers Trophy l, CANDICE POUDER. Bowling 4, Candy as the most praise for the stu- dent exchange program. RUSSELL POWERS. Bowling I,2, trophies l,2. GREGORY PRICE. D.O. Club 3,4. The D.O. program rates all of Greg's praise, DIANA PRYES. Mixed Chorus. D.E. Club. JOHN PRYOR. Pro Club l,2. Bowling l,4. Football I,2,3,11, letters l,2,3,11. Baseball manager 2,3, letters 2,3. Student Aide 2,4 PATRICIA PUCKETT. Orchestra I,2,A, treasurer 2. G.A.C. I,2,3, award I. Bowling 2. French Club 2. Steno Club 4, treasurer 4, Cardettes 3,4 Student Aide 4. CYNTHIA PUTNAM. G.A.C. 2. Bowling 3. Steno Club 4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. MAX PUYANIC. Class treasurer I. A Cappella Choir 2,3,4. Latin Club I2, T.A.G. Club 3,11. Fine Arts Club 11. Operetta 3. PETER QUARLES. RICHARD QUERTERMUS. Physical Science Club 3. T.A.G. Club 4. Wrestling l,2, letters l,2. GERALD QUINT. Any type of ltalian food will keep Gerald happy, LARRY RACHEL. Latin Club I. Baseball 2,3,r1. EDWARD RADWAN. History has been Ed's favorite subiect. EDWARD RAJZER. Ed hopes to become a Tool and Die Maker. JOSEPHINE RAJZER. Student Aide 2. G.A.C. 2. CREST Staff 4. Library Aide A. Steno Club 4. ,apr .. Q W ., if T i' . ...W .. ,N W , i 1,5 5 ,gf ik My W ,Q f sw 'W QW. ,f 5 .... . .. srenes n !..,x T fi! 5 x 'K .ili K. g 06,1 ...-f . fr ii mi' .H AW r' Ni. Q' RB? i515's.s:' ' H5iE"TL.?Bf?ii.3ti:.fi ,, -.ef'.,SF.,,,. . ,s-wx.. - , -Y g Avg A- 1 L fe. AOQ . ,W . xy y . E av T H. 595 Wx I .WW I vig g X. . .W ' A F -"' " g . L.. . -- . X L . . . he r . 2 Q ,- , . ,. Y .... ,.. cilifm Why is dad smiling77 Daughter is footing the bill at annual Dad and Daughter Date Night. ll. to r.l Mr. Dowd, Barbara Dowd, Elaine Danos Mr Danos Mr Peacock, Marilyn Peacock. fi it? r It I ' '.,t3VY5,,5's fx ".. fi I .OFM '-4-sw ,que--.sb WAYNE RAPP. Spanish Club l. Wayne has found the Print Shop to be his most useful course. CAROL RATLIFFE. JOHN RAUWOLF. D.O. Club. John has great praise for the Pigskin Pow Wow. RANDALLRECH. LYNN RECKNER. Girls' Club i,2,4. Spanish Club i,2. ROBERTA REDMAN. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, awards 2,3. Girls' Club l,2. F.T,A. 3,11. Bowling l,2,3,4, secretary 2, trophy 3. Student Aide l,2, 3,4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. MICHAEL REISINGER. The day he passed Latin was Mike's most memorable day at school. KAREN RENNER. Red and White Staff 3,4 Steno Club -4. French Club 2. G.A.C. 2. CHARLES REVOR. Spanish Club l,2. F.T.A. 4. Physical Science Club 3,4. THOMAS RICE. RONALD RICKMAN. PAUL RIGGS. Electronics is Paul's hobby. SHIRLEY RILEY. FRANCIS RINI. Math has been Franl-Us most useful and favorite subiect. CLAUDIA RIPLEY. Steno Club A. Leader's Club A, Drama Club 3,4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. 24 i , - "' ' L Q 445' it -'fiifiqs'-:si'v fit , . N f Nas ' ya 1 ii. 0 5 4 hav- . Y?-ssfd' .21 X L. 4 ' fs... s-if f 1 ,Pi " "' L fl FN .. + sf DONNA RODR. Library Club l. Student Aide l,2. French Club l,2. Treble Choir l,3,A. A Cappella 2. Operetta 3,-fi. Mixed Choir 2. GERTRUDE ROESSNER. Library Club l,2. G.A.C. l,2,3. GirI's Club 3,A. EDMOND ROPER. KATHERINE ROSENTHAL. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. G.A.C. l,2, secretary 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4. French Club l,2,3,4. l.S.E. A. F.T.A. 3,A. Student Aide 2,4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. ROBERT ROSENWALD. Choir l,2,3. A Cappella 4. PAUL ROTHENGASS. Wrestling l, letter l. Chemistry and Biology have been Paul's favorite subiects. DAVID RUDOFSKI. Bowling 3. Pro Club 2,3,A, letter 3. CHRISTINE RUDOLPH. MARTIN RUDOLPH. WILLIAM RUDOLPH. Baseball 2,3,4, letters 2,3,4. Football 2,3,4, let- ters 2,3,4. captain 4. Most valuable 4. WILLIAM RUEHL. CARLA RUGGION. Boating is Carlo's favorite sport. LINDA RUPEIKA. G.A.C. 4. Steno Club 4. Student Aide l,4. Girls' Club 2. DALE SALAPETEK. Bowling l,2,3,4, trophy 3. Chess Club l,2. Pro Club l,2. MARY JEANE SALLAS. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Band l. French Club l,2. F.T.A. 3. G,A.C. l,2,3. Bowling 2, trophy 2. Biology Club 2. Student Aide 2. Girls' Chorus 2. WILLIAM RIT'I'ER. Bill's after school iob keeps him from attending too many social affairs. CHERYL ROBERTS. Girls' Chorus l,2,3. French Club l,2. G.A.C. l. Girls' Club l. Student Aide 2,4 D.E. 11. STARLYN ROBERTS. Student Council 2. Art is Starlyn's hobby. THOMAS ROBERTSON. Pro Club l,2,3,4. KAREN ROCCO. G.A.C. l,2. Treble Chorus l,2,3,4. Operetta 3,4 DANIEL ROCZNIAK. Football is Dan's favorite sport. His hobby is auto racing. .Y S. 7 . . s .ai 'Q ,ag onus. 735 fl We X... mm 9' nz x-Mun sd' ,t rs ix fi Ss it as 1 1.1 .gl . , L- ,Jinx l . ,f ,Q , .., . as i 'WN I 9 1 X 'iff we f'f vt f . -Ls. ' lt? W 2' J 3 "' X .f -., . . ff.. , xg -' ik ' 5 1--s:SL'l-5 ' ' . - , fi"'1'P" ' ' ' by K, My , .C . M, Lan 4 . Q ' i ' 'W i F . I ., X - j. . . ,ex K L i. ,',L 'M ' ' ,,..--2 x .h, A 1, " .fi t 'ls .ew WVPQ BND' ' J 'E' his i l ,ft . f' .4 if gf ns 'Eli iw " K waii .Q--f"' ' .U Vai, - y, Taft s 1, lf' X 4.- .,. :fav ,L ls, -,Q Q I ws v db, f Q A , ., ' ' C -mg " Fxfif. Ps "Wi"Al'- R - . ." 'l 'T+f1f"' ' A ...rf . .x,. 4 H '11,.: A 'S75-Zi '- in 1 N 2 i se, N N I "5 . z is S 5 3' 'G 1 gi' .. ' -, M it tr X i 55225225112 . -," -S7 I th 'Ja' . -.-ss, - ,qc 1.. .- .,. . -1.3 f-L e A iv ' W X 1 ' 1 ' 213 if ,.v- 'YL 115' as 5.1 . YQ r . 'fs .f . YL... .wi-,,..-,41 fm. if K' ha 1 ' BERGLUND SANDBERG. JEANNE SANDERSON. Bowling 3,4, president4. G.A.C. 2,3,A. Girls' Club 2,3,4. F.T.A. 3,4, French Club 2,3. Drama Club 3,A. Leader's Club 4. Student Aide 4. DOLORES SARKAN. WILLIAM SCHAAL. MARVIN SCHEFFLER. Drama Club 3,4. Chess Club 3. Class Play 3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. CLARA SCHENK. Girls' Club 3,A. Bowling l,3,4, Treble Choir 2. A Cappella 3. Fine Arts Club 4. Student Aide 4. SHERRY SCHERDIN. EDWARD SCHILLING. Latin Club l,2. Physical Science Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 4. Football l,2, letters l,2. Baseball l. RICHARD SCHMIDT. Bowling l,2,3,4. Pro Club 2. T.A.G. Club 4. Scho- lastic Achievement Award 3. DONNA SCHOMBERT. Cardettes 3,4. BONNIE JEAN SCHULDT. French Club l. G.A.C. 2. Biology Club 2. Spanish Club 3. Red and White Staff, second page editor 3, assistant editor 4. Fine Arts Club 4. HOWARD SCHULTZ. A Cappella Choir 3,-4. Madrigals 3,4. Special Ensemble 2. Mixed Chorus l,2. JOHN SCHULTZ. German Club l,2, president l. Pro Club l,2. A Cappella Chair l,2,3,A. Operetta 3,A. Football l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4. Track l,2,3,A. JUDY SCHULTZ. Student Council. G.A,C. l,2,3. German Club l,2,3, secretary 2,3. Bowling 2,3, trophy 2. Marching, varsity and concert band l,2,3. Girls' Club l,2,3. D.E. 11. National Honor Society 3,A. MICHAEL SCHULIZ. Pro Club l. Basketball l. Track 2. NANCY SCHULTZ. Girls' Club l,4. Latin Club l,2,3, Treble Choir l. A Cappella Choir 2,3,4. Ensemble l,2. Madrigals 4. Cardettes 3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. RAYMOND SCHU1T.D.O. Club 3,-4. Pro Club 2. LYNNAE SCHWARTZ. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, board member 4. G.A.C. l,2,3,4. Bowling l,2,3,4. Latin Club 2,3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. Biology Club 2, vice-president 2. Physical Science Club 3,4, secretary 3, treasurer 4. Speech Club 2. "We the Girls" editor 4, RONNIE SELBY. JANET SELEB. Janet's ambition is to be a teacher. RICHARD SEPULA. D.O. Club 3,A. 'tlfivn-iffifi 1 25 26 NANCY SHARP. TERRY SHEARER. Geometry has been Terry's most useful subiect. l-le hopes to become an engineer. THOMAS SHERMAN. VIRGINIA SHERMAN. Gossip is Virginia's pet peeve KATHY SHETZLEY. CREST Staff 4, CARIN SIEJA. G.A.C. 2,3. F.'l.A. 3,4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Leader'S Club 4. French Club 2. Class Play 3. T.A.G. Club 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4 Biology Club 2. CHARLENE SIGNORE. Skating in Charlene's favorite sport. THOMAS SIGNORE. Latin Club I,2,3,4. Student Aide 2,3,4. Physical Science Club 3,4. Biology 2. Varsity Baseball 3,4, letters 3,4 T.A.G. Club 3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. JOSEPHINE SIKORA. Latin Club I,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Biology Club 2. Chorus l,3. Treble Choir 3. National Honor Society 3,11. T.A.G. Club 3. F.T.A. 3,4. Ensemble l,2,3,4. Student Aide 2,3,11. BARBARA SILL. Ceramic Painting is Barb's hobby. MARCIA SIMONSEN. Girls' Chorus I. A Cappella Choir 2. HAROLD SIMPSON. Red and White Staff 3,4, managing editor 3, editor 4. Bowling 2,3. LYNN SINIAWSKI. Typing and shorthand have been Lynn's most useful subiects. She hopes to be a secretary. BARBARA SITARZ. G.A.C. l,2. Girls' Club l,2. Spanish Club I. RUTHANN SKORA. Leader's Club 4. Bowling 2, trophy 2. Girls' Club l,2,4. Drama Club 4. DARLENE SKOWRONSKI. Spanish Club l. Chorus l. Student Aide I,2. Girls' Club I. THOMAS SLAWSON. LISSIE SMILEY. MICHAEL SMIRNIOTIS. The Woodshop has been Mike's most useful course. GLORIA SMITH. G.A.C. l,2. Cardettes 3,4. GWENDOLYN SMITH. G.A.C. l,2,3. Girls' Club 2,3. Cardettes 3,4 1' if ' 'Q L .fl-....--5. Y . Q V., , S . ....,,, ..... ,, W like if .1 2,3 . .. ni, tx 'Y' . - .sy.s rtr 5 . 1 X fi 2 5 X, 'fig Q Y, fi .. l if Q. "' l 1 I s 5' x ws ' E , l v Phi' .e gf kg X ff 'P' .M sf' . ff 'ffm ff.. 5 VN ' '-siTI'5?l" 5"i'-1 " ' is ' -M wif' . , ,.., , N 10' . . ?, .qu "Vw jf, 'XF Q3 I .iI. 'R M53 f . f x ffl. X . Q N vw ci" A X- ,.,, fi 1 ""llflllll1. ,mx is -I. 1 4 ., , 4. pf x ,NX if , ...sw wtf-,V 4-A ijiub I V - ' ' Mr. Spies wouldn't be happy if .he saw this. Postweiler and Spacla drop popcorn boxes to be sold at basketball game. ,,. .7 . ,. Q , so H: .EL ,- .lrw ,V A ,-.5 v W X T gd... Y--A fir ,x i elbA llll lllgo t y llel " 7 JANE SMITH. KIRBY SMITH. MARLENE SMITH. Latin Club 3. Girls' Club 4. l.eader's Club 4. Scho- lastic Achievement Award 3. G.A.C. 2. NORMAN SMITH. Track l,2, letters I,2. STEVE SMITH. JUDITH SNOW. G.A.C. 2,3. French Club 2. Girls' Club 2,3,4. Student Aide 2,3,4. D.E. Club 11. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. SUE SODIN. Bowling I,2, award 2. French Club 2. Girls' Club, Scho- lastic Achievement Award 3. MARTIN SOSNOWSKI. Pro Club l,2,3,4. Science Club I. DENNIS SPADA. Football I,2,3,4. Track 2,3. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. BOB SPANOS. Basketball is Bob's favorite sport. ROBERT SPEAR. Latin Club I,2. Bowling 2, trophy 2. Wrestling I. T.A.G. Club 331. Physical Science Club 3,4, president 4. Euclidean Club A. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. I,S.E, Club 4. Fine Arts Club 4. Math Journal 11, WILLIAM STACK. DIANE STADNICKI. G.A.C. I,2. Leader's Club 3. Student Aide 2. Choir I,2,3,A. A Cappella 3,4. Madrigals 4. Latin Club 2,3. T.A.G. Club 3,11. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Mathematics Journalll. National Honor Society 3,4 Physical Science Club 3,A. LOIS STAGE. Orchestra I,2, letters I,2. Girls' Glee Club l,2, Girls' Club 4. DIANE STAHULAK. Girls' Club I,2. G.A.C. I,2. Girls' Bowling 2. Speech Club 2. I27 128 N Sa- wx, H, i!x4',M I ,.... ,aff 9' er-V 'ww -- If if I I .. 1 . A H i XZ? 4 3 f .-,3"44. X .. - 'Wie . y""j , A .. gi' I 'Uv ' .-1, 2 . ,,., r ' 'g.. . 5' ' " Nt., '... .,. N x 2' if xl w mv . I 'lx RX ' . I 2 BONNIE STEINHAUER. Chorus I. A Cappella 2,4 Treble Choir 3. Spanish Club I. Girls' Club I,3,4. Student Aide 4. Red and White Staff 3,4, reporter 3, assistant managing editor 4. ANGELA STEINYS.'French Club 2. Girls' Club 3,4. DOROTHY STERNAGLE. Graduation will be Dorothy's most memora- ble doy at school. LORRAINE STEVENS. G.A.C. l,2, letter I, bracelet 2. ROBERT STEVENS. Pro Club 2. Baseball l,2, letters l,2. ELAINE STEVENSON. Girls' Club I,2,3. G.A.C. I,2,3, letter 3. Stu- dent Aide l,2,3,11. CYNTHIA STEVO. Speech Club 2. G.A.C. I,2. Steno Club A. Student Aide l,2. JOHN STEWARD. SANDRA STEWART. Girls' Club I,2,3,4. G.A.C. l,2,3,4. JOHN STORRS. KENNETH STRENGE. JOHN STRZELECKI. SHARON STUK. G.A.C. I. Girls' Club I. French Club I. Student Aide 2,3. JOHN STYX. National Honor Society 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Eucli- dean Club 3,4. German Club I Chess Club 3. T.A.G. Club 3,4. WAYNE STYX. Latin Club l,2. CAROL srANclK. G.A.c. l,2,3,4. Latin Club 2,3,4. omg' Club i,2,3,f1. l.S.E. Club 4. T.A.G. Club 11. F.T.A. 3,4, secretary A. Fine Arts Club 4. Cardettes 3,4. Student Aide 4. Physical Science Club 3,4 ALICE STARNES. G.A.C. l,2. Alice's ambition is to be a nurse. JOAN ST. AUBIN. Latin Club l,2, G.A.C., l,2,r1, awards l,2,4. Student Aide 2,11. LINDA STEIN. Bowling l,2,3, award 2. ROBERT STEIN. Bowling 2,3. D.O. Club A. WILLIAM STEIN. . - 'es' - . J L ' 23-A . f t- ' Q. .lf,.e- Tlg ' z 3 i we is 5 sf . I, Ri.. N 'tt -. 1 ' 1' Ka 54 " I I i av-,..,.k i . W.. 2 . . I . .Quig- Zf 'Q it W 3 I " X- , If if-X 'Kbp- .A QWNKR' -ww' Y,-W' 'ILM' Aw . iv., . am K 'mx Q ,gb . I i I I W Af" few ' -. f- ajfgiffj i .. .fi L .""Q' "' W' I, xx W i ,r'. fait' F I . .L 22' LLL-1 1- st if 5 i .. 'Ti I Z ,A . L i 1. 1' 'rss it . L22 meg. ' R . M .2 .. Q fi it W Q its E' el .- 5' ,- ss si x X . Q 'jr ,. I in... , ,A ' . E . '-. .Q 4 . X Kg.. K my 1 4 . QQ- WILLIAM SUDDS. CAROLYN SULLIVAN. Student Aide 2. Listening to records is Car- olyn's hobby. BEVERLY SWALEC. The Art Department receives BeverIy's greatest praise. MARY ANN SWANSON. Latin Club 2. Student Council I. WILLIAM SWEENEY. THOMAS TANG. BRUCE TATE. French Club l,2. Dance Band I. Varsity Band I,2,3. SHIRLEY TAYLOR. WILLIAM TAYLOR. Bill received a letter in basketball. ARMANDINA TELLEZ. EDWARD TENUTA. MELVIN TERMUNDE. JOHNNIE MAE TERRELL. Student Aide pin. Sewing is Johnnie's hobby. TERRY WYMAN. IRMA THOMAS. DONNA THOMS. CAROLYN THUNE. Latin Club l,2. Spanish Club I. Girls' Club 3,4. Cheer leader 2,3,4. Drama Club 3,4 Leader's Club 3. Student Aide l,4. A Cappella Choir 3,4. JAMES TOCZYL. JOSEPH TOMASKA. Latin Club I,2. Joe will always remember the trip to Washington and New York. CHARLES TONGREN. Latin Club I,2. Writing to his pen pan is Chuck's hobby. GEORGE TRACY. D.O. Club, display chairman. Intramural wrestling champ 2. 129 30 RICHARD TRACY. Latin Club l,2,3. Physical Science Club 3. T.A,G. Club 3. LINDA TRACZYK. Bowling 2. G.A.C. 2. SCHERRILYN TRAMMELL. Girls' Club. G.A.C. l,2,3,A, awards l,2,3. Treble Choir 2,3,4, secretary 3. F.T.A. 3,4 Steno Club 4. ANNA TREJO. THOMAS TROGU. Working on cars is Tom's hobby. JOHN TROMBINO. Bowling l,2,3,A, trophies 3,4. Pro Club l,2,3,4, letters 3,4 Student Aide 2,4 Chess Club 3,11. Mixed Chorus l. A Cappella Choir 2,3,4. Operetta 3,A, Golf Team 2,3. PAUL TROST. Farming is Paul's ambition in life. ROBERT TROTTER. Pro Club l,2,3,4. Chess Club 3,4. MARLENE TUCCI. Spanish Club l,2. Bowling 2,3,A. G.A.C. 2,3,4, awards 2,3. Steno Club A. Girls' Club 3,-4. Leader's Club 4. Student Aide 2,4. JACQUELINE TUREK. A career in nursing in Jacqueline's ambition. SANDRA TURNQUIST. French Club l,2. Girls' Club l,2. Mixed Choir 2. Madrigals 3,4. Marching and Concert Bands 3. Fine Arts Club 4. Operetta 3,4 JAMES TYSEE. Latin Club l,2. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Euclidean Club 11. LINDA URLACHER. Student Aide l. SYLVIA VAN GAMPLER. MARIE VCEKAL. Steno and typing have been Marie's most useful subiecis. JOE VELLENGA. Bowling l,2. Latin Club l,2. MARY VEYETTE. Mary's ambition is to be an IBM operator. SHARON VICEVICH. CREST staff 4. Student Aide l,2,3. RICHARD VIDALES. JOHNNY VINK. Varsity Band l,2,3,4, letters 3,4. CLIFFORD VISAGE. Bookkeeping has been Clifford'siavorite subiect, . ...L 3 . .... .rr A L --f:' i'iC 'iii . ' 'M ' .. ' K ' fi V. " 'N l . " 3.135 Q-fb. Lift-Q .. L. , , f ui J -flies 5. 'sg- .. ' ,Jul . , A rif t- i l E . F' l is .N ,,.. ...i is -is -if yfk if gwiw -- sm.. f 1 ,M xx 1 XF ,if C C -2 . r 'Q '9- Nagy! P' ui - iii Z' i 4122 an li F Lynnae Schwartz models a houndstooth check coat at the Girls' Club Fashion Show. ' :Q l lx S: aa- -We 2... ...cm i sg , , fi Qs! .fe- 'va Qmv fm' Nurs., 1-'Si 'SA 4, 1 Y. 5, ,,,, , fin JOHN VOHS. Bowling 3. Working after school keeps John from ot- tending a lot of the social affairs. NORMAN VOJTECH. Norman has great praise for the school spirit KAREN VOLLRATH. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, awards l,2,3,4. Bowling 3. RICHARD VOSS. Pro Club l,2,3,4, letters 2,3,4. KATHRYN VUICH. Latin Club l,2,3,4. Physical Science Club 3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. LINDA WAGNER. Student Aide 2,3,4. Drawing and sketching are the hobbies of Linda. LYDIA WAGNER. Red and While Stoff 3,4, third page editor 3, as- sistant editor 4. Fine Arts Club 4. Student Aide 4. PAUL WAIGAND. FRANK WAINWRIGHT. T.A.G. Club 3,4, vice-president 4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. National Honor Society 3,-4. Euclidean Club 3,4. Physical Science Club 3. Baseball 2, letter 2. Student Council l,2,3,4. Class President2. Band l,2,3,4. JACQUELINE WALLACE. Office practice has been Jackie's favorite course. RICHARD WALLACE. German Club l,2. Wrestling l. Golf l,2,3,4. RUDOLPH WALTER. National Honor Society 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Chess Club. Euclidean Club 3,4 French Club, T.A.G. 3,4. l.S.E. Club 4. Cross Country 3,4, letters 3,4. Wrestling 2,3,4, letters 2,3,4. Golf 3,4, letters 3,4. DONNA WALTERS. Steno Club 4, president 4. G.A.C. 4. Girls' Club 4. SVLVESTER WALTERS. Pro Club l,2. DE. Club 4. DELL WARD. Cross Country 2, letter 2. I3 32 A JC I. , Q , K . - xv" -2. -J fx' . 5 If . 5 ai. e i' ' r Y x it ' T X kg 'I Q. I SANDRA WENCLOFF. ROBERT WESELOH. D.E. Club 3,4 Track 3,4 letter 3. JUDY WEST. Girls' Club l, Chorus l,2,3,4 NANCY WESTERGREN. Girls' Club 2,3,4 Bowling l. JANINE WESTLAKE. Girls' Club l,2,3,4 G.A.C. l, Band l,2,3,4 let- ters 2,3,4 Marching band 3,4 F.T.A. 3,4 Fine Arts Club 4 DARLENE WESTOBY. Girls' Club l, Junior Cheerleader 2, letter 2. D.E. 4 LINDA WHITE. Watching TV is Lindo's hobby. WILLIAM WICK5. FRANCES WIELINGA. Sludent Aide 3,4 KATHERINE WIERENGA. CREST Staff 4 Library Aid Pin. CHERYL WIERSEMA. CREST Staff 4 Bowling l. Steno Club 4 Student Aide l. Chorus l,2. JOHN WILLIAMS. KENNETH WILLIAMS. Mixed Chorus l,2. A Cappella Choir 3,4 Madri- gals 3. Operetta 3,4 Spanish Club 3, Track 2,3, letters 2,3. MARILYN WILLIAMS. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, awards l,2,3,4 Leader's Club 3,4 Pro Club 2. RONALD WILLIAMS. D.O. Club l,2,3,4 .IUDITH WARDROPE. German Club l,2. Latin Club 3. Band l,2,3,4 Concert Bond 2,3, Varsity Band 2,3,4. Marching Bond 3,4 band letters 2,3. T.A.G, Club 3,4 Physical Science Club 3,4 JOHN WARNER. Pro Club 2. Bowling l, RAYMOND WASIELEWSKI. Spanish Club l,2. A Cappella Choir l,2. Band 2. Orchestra 3,4 Theory and Harmony 3. Red and White Staff 3, CREST Staff 4 LAWRENCE WATKINS. Intramural wrestling champ 2. Larry plans on being a physicist. EDWARD WATROBKA. Bowling 2, Geometry has been Ed's favorite subiect. GERALDINE WEATHINGTON. J' 2? 2+ 'SBI vi. xi' JT' ,. ssi- L Q. 'W' . J' E - W, ,-.ie f, .. ' 4 .fv- A . 5 .,.. t C 12 In A .. -- S. 'i L ' - W - e i .1 Um- fl' ' . : ls.. X f f 3 l is.. 'ee' . se.. . ..,.. ...,.... ,. ..Y,,if.y A I I .j If , l C ....,. is .. H fm. f I , y my .A ORN N 'Fx O Q 75, ,IS V , kkr, ........ . .WS ,xx ' wi- " ":r g . ' rf , 1'-an r 3 f H5 L ,QX -, . . .my . .. ., V., Lf is Q X ,Ni if 1 t ,.,, gy ' "' i il' i .. r , N it I it ..- -. new xi f , . , X. Q. 1 ,bv f 'Na f T Mac' 1 if . . s H 'F' 1 1 , , X 'S A., ,,:...,, ,y,?.1.. 4 it - X gm ' - 1- , . , j g ? "J ' . T ' "' ' f""S.j 'i ' . 2 l -Q ' ' A W. I " ffffj' 'Z T r ' gl. eg. , ii? .,.k,,,... Q... ,ni I Silt Tm f 1 1' l Qin TENIA WILLIAMS. G.A.C. l,2, Girls' Club l,2. THEODORE WILLIAMS. WILMA WILLIAMS. JOAN WILLIS. G.A.C. l,2,3,4. Bowling l,2,3,4, president 2,4, trophy l,2,3, Girls' Club l,2,4. Fine Arts Club 4. JUANITA WITCHER. GALEN WITHERS. NANETTE WITT. Operetto 3,4. Modrigals 3,4. A Cappella Choir 2,3,4. Latin Club l,2,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3. Fine Arts Club 4. National Honor, Society 3,4, secretary 4. Student Council 2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, gen- eral recorder 2, treasurer 3, board member 4. Scholastic Achieve- ment Award 3. A' JANET WOIKE. Latin Club I,2. F.T.A. 3,4. Girls' Club L4. X suzANNe woiuim. science Club i. G.A.C. i,2. coder Band i. Student Aide l,3,4. Drama Club 3,4, treasurer 4. Latin Clulzl l,2,3,4. Fine Arts Club 4, Class play 3,4 GLORIA WOODS. CREST Staff 4. G.A.C. l, award l. Bowling l,2, trophy 2. French Club 21 Student Aide 2,4. JAMES WOODS. Football 2,3. Basketball l,2,3,4. MARGO WOODS. Spanish Club 3,4. Girls' Club 4. l.S.E. Club 4. "It's Academic" TV team. DELORIS WORLDS. Student Aide l,2. G.A.C. l,2, bracelet 2. MARIE WORSHAM. RONALD ZACH. The Shop courses have been most useful for Ron. FRANK ZEMENEK. D.O. Club 3,4 LUCILLE ZICCARDI. Girls' Club l,2,4. G.A.C. l,3. WILLIAM ZIEGLER. Physical Science Club 3,4 T.A.G. Club 4. F.T.A. 4, Red and White Staff 3, sports editor 3. Quill and Scroll Society 3,4. Scholastic Achievement Award 3. V KENNETH ZIKA. Latin Club l,2. F.T.A. 3,4. JOHN ZILEWICZ. Football l, letter I. Boating and skiing are John's favorite sports. JEROME ZINK. Latin Club l,2,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, vice-president 4. Physical Science Club 4. National Honor Society 3,4, president 4. F.T.A. 4. Fine Arts Club 4. National Merit Scholar- ship letter of commendation. 133 A A 1 f x 1 A' f ivkf'is5Q5,pg:, 'I fi' I N , , ., N , . "' an ' M ' M "r ', fs K W" , , ' 1 in .-- , . x ' W' A ' 'hu is , in .5-1 L I f M, www Nfv' W - . f . , K ' , fm' WM ' .4 Mn . . , W , , W K .gf Q ff' 3, -A w WV ' K , . 2.15. 'EF' A Q " 1 rs, 'MM 1 " ew- W1 , W," ,V S Q' 'Eg Haig -, . -'L , 'Sw 4 wig! M- .4 4. ff, Q, " gm 1 Y, -Q. , V fqm- -'ifh' B' W ,.,,, ., :Z A ' seg, ',, , '1.!"?g1- " fg.f-,,, ww. '- , , 4 Q, E -e 5' ' -f 'EQ ' we ".,.,EQ:b LQ' I f-lf. '- if 'A x 'A 'V Q' ws- S .-.- if XI Sig, ' " V Us W- h'.M"'l.aL.f A Xu- f 'fd -"ff f f- - 1 fa, f .f , .- Y M, . Z W 2 Q if Ji' AQ f W' ' M is V wr 5 -4 ,H - A, . , wk., ' W g Q f Q' - Zig. M fimm. J' f M 'K Rei-1' '52 Q ' -4 iw 'ffm L ' . f is A ' ,Sig , ,M fx ,rw 155595 ' ,gp i 'f ff, f 1146, . fi if-an M, R - V ' M .w ix 'in-Vt s. K AA ,. ' 04 .f ,4 . , K .nl ' in-' ' X, Y ' -- JP av " H - ' N' f W , 'fe 'ff Wi? M l . K '. . ,, " ' 1 M 0 91 "' f f 'iff' i If K., V' ,' 61, r 'tt K. fl g Gi 1' K' IA-71' .'.. 'atm' at 'QW -'lm , , if , f if A ff 9- f 'P' IMF? 1 gm ta uf , xv, A Y W I I ,f Q If - I wwf 4 ' f- , v .,,4 , . f ,J - Wt it Q. ww I I 4 sf' g x ,f,.,5 Qi: A , A ...sl ,J x wi , i-a.f,l.f 9 fer, -,H ',"3 -Q V afgfff ' Q N - ' i H 2: Q V! u E if 5 v Milk N 2 sg ,iw Si 342 -S , 3 JUNI ORS Junior Class Officers: l. to r.: Georgia Pech, Secretary, Peter Krueger, President, Peggy Sidler, Vice-President, Mr. Hill, Bob Carlson, Treasurer. i rrsrr . L L P c . "? "' 't A re L P. Q 5 ,f t7 t r 'll' PP film-I K ' A' " l"' f lr P r,rr rr.rr rrsrrrrss P P P yn H I- . I A fy i I i ' 1, ' U P N K ' K y Jw ' , P We, . ,.g, L A :: P Q Q . if P1 I ill, , 1 '1q""1 P P 4. J' A I A g 1 i H N 1PP 1 i 4, is .N P ,P , P P PM " P f. . 4 .V .tl 4 .1 4 9 5. 52 G X A - ' 1 " ll, ' X if rr' J 5y4Mtefitvl,1. ' 1' 'Pita' X ,fri P' ' V fr' we n'W!Pfw ' 1.11 l A ,,A. 23:2-jtfrv' l A A . 4, fggig P PP ,PP 5 H l,. ,PP,.i Vi A P3 4 fi -P a t f P, .. s Pr ee-:J 'ill ' si.. 'P ' 1,531 gl ff, .NA K ' A5539 i fli W P P., 1 i 'Bl P , . P.. A P 7? V P t ,,Pr t , A P, ' L ,P P, P P If nw PP we . PPP, . -.P ,, P F' P 'K Pig ' -' lll X lil P Y P Q4 'l A Q, P- .- A ' 'B iff-f ft Q2 is 'P' sz. Wife -P 1 it : A .P :J Q, V! N, L: .P A s ' f ff'P ' ' -r - ,fi-.Eff 'f ' f 34 kP.fP P 1' Q - . ' , X I iff:-,Q 1 .1 1911 PQ? ii- ' P ,,-Z! 'X f ji W V: 7' 1 -1 ' ,ffl ,H ' - 5 ... Pa - P rsPP A .P , . PPVP V ..PP in PP 1 r Lf Pr 4 1 r J it A '1 it if M i ,f , PPPP " y PPd P ef t r f i i N P JPP ,P P P fy . ff fy, Abbe, Roy Adler, Elke M. Alamprese, Patricia Alexander, Cheryl L. Alger, Carol Ann Amren, Christine Andersen, Marsha Lee Anderson, Deborah J, Anderson, Gusteena L. Anderson, Judith M. Ashmore, Valerie Asplund, Peter Avery, Richard K. Bagdon, Carol Baker, William Barnes, James Elmer Baron, Victoria , Barthel, Greg L. Bartz, Jeannine M. Batterson, Janet G. Beaudry, Raymond Becatti, Linda Beck, Margaret Beck, Michael Becker, Susan Beeson, David Beeson, Robert Behrens, Nancy Bell, Pamela Bella, Doreen Bernal, Flordeluz Berry, Rose Marie Bertram, Susan Joan Bilotto, Geno J. Blackburn, Donna Rae Bochman, Shirley C. Bond, Scott Bonny, John M. Booker, Pauline Borowicz, Robert B. l. Allan, Shirden Kay Allred, Charlotte Alm, Frances Lillian Alm, Raymond Anderson, Stella Antis, Arlene Rose Arnell, Catherine A, Ashley, Martha Ball, Pamela Baranowski, Carol Barbahen, Linda Barbara, Lillian L. Bauch, Harlene Baugher, James Baumstein, Richard Bean, Jereline Beckwith, Arnette Becola, Peter Bednar, Gayle Bednarczyk, Ronald Belser, Sharon Beran, Wayne Berardi, Daniel Berger, Holly Jean Bladin, Sandra Blanchette, Nancy L. Blanck, Carol Ann Blanks, Barbara J. Bostrom, William Bowman, Daniel Carl Boyd, Gail Boyle, June M. Bradberry, Mavis Brady, William A. Bragiel, Georgiann Bravo, Beverly A. Bresnyan, Nancy Lee Bretz, Julia Rose , I . I , IIf' Te.. , lv i W-f L : khirr .' Fil . l , cz gh 1 P El ,, -. '," , . ' f. A5525 T . . l ,df I' ,,-, PWC! A R y ' Qi A A Xen sie' 'mf J f ' t ESX Q L 1 .2 - -mg l K , . if i . -ew- .ziifi wg, xg, J. HL Brame Sherry L. Brewster Juanona fif. z A . ' ' -f B,-cndaUI David MI if v i i ,. ze, I I J A J i J . Bright, William L, Brown, Darlene J. :QI gl, r I I I , , Broude, Rosemarie Brown, William 2' I 1. "f 4" ' fy., 2, i 1 . 5- if l', J.. Y'Qfyf','f V-ff Z ' 'L , "I 3 'fi 7 '3 'i,' Brown, Beverly K. Bulger, John F, I I,II i f"' II ' Bown, Bonnie Jean Bullard, William E. T ' fIII f A i I X Brown, Carolyn C. ' V, ll fhntflli ' I Bulow, Linda Burmeister, Robert S. , -, ' " i 'fjw s A . . if ' . gi i I . ,Q I ft' ,L s ' ,, if Bunce, Arthur F. Busse, Pamela Sue 4' 5 .ff K . " 2 I II ff' ',,, f' Q Burich, Thomas Buvelot, Faith I ' I II L jl :,, ' D 5 fir I I 7'I Burke, Charles Cabrera, P tricia 1 ' f. Vtifz fl-' si' ' z q f fra 'f il l I V3 Q Sfxfilfxiilii. T is Bum" J . J 'f .T J ,a Calderone, Thomas A. Carpenter, Annie VIV, Vw I , II ,,, , ' Callahan, Louise Ann Carpenter, Jossie -Ji I :" ' J ' ,. I J-Li ' A , ' .4 .i I" f' " " Miz. '51 i 'fi T , Carlson, Anita M, Carrera, Rosemary ,:k4'- If AI ir , I' - , I Ji. Ann Coffoii. J r r J A Carlson, Robert C. I 7, X Q lx M A 6 W' 5 z 54 Air. ' 4. 4 eg Carter, Adrianne Champion, Mary A I, A ,I I llili will I It In ' J Carter, John Chase, Elizabeth A. Vzty F. ig, I, I 2 MQ' II W 'ff ' i C,--' - 'J ' 1 A :V f ,J Castro, Rebecca Cheney, Mary 'II II ' 12. II-Q KI A IIIVI fs :il ' 4IIIg.II I ,I .yds Cerullo, Rosemarie Chico, Thomas . ' ' I K ,AW 'njlgg hl fl - i ,..f 1" ' . 0 .- '. Chambers Edward ' "' A 1 si T, 77 V 'Lili iifllfii ' f Q4 'Qty ii gm lv fn Sli . ii. Vyyk II .iii ii wi .ii Chifo, Curtis Ciara, Patricia I. I, ' A . J J I Chin, Samuel Cione, Robert li f, -f , ,a I fn f ' Chrisler, James Clark, Kenneth " I , ge.. gg --i.gQ,':ffj?l 'P' ' "2 ' l 1 - ,T S, ,Q , . Christensen, Bradley Clement, Krescine I Q. ,'k'V . , f Ciancio, Loretta 4,-fig, , . .,bi. .- ,,:,'.bf. , , g : J tm l- gfv - t vfeeffgg .I '.... -'i.. - , '- a - - S ei., fa-HM . f1'1: 5 . 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Etzkoan, Michael Evans, Celia Evans, Robert Fabiano, Donna Faklis, Penelope Fernwalt, Gayle John Patty Eugene Shirley Fiedler, Fiedler, Fischer, Fischer, Forgue, Lynda Forrester, James Forys, Joseph Foyle, Eileen Francois, Marilyn Frett, Margaret Fritz, Peter Fulford, Helen Fullerton, Gary Egan, Keith Egan, Linda Ehlebracht, Mary F. Eiland, Roosevelt Esclaante, Maria Feli Eskridge, Robert Esser, Linda Estrada, Dolores Felgenhauer, Randall Fenwick, Desiree Ferguson, Arthur Ferguson, Jocquelyn Fitzhugh, John Fletcher, John Flowers, Cornelius Ford, Juna Faye Frank, George Franks, Donald Fraser, Bonnie Freeman, Richard Gaffney, Steven Galati, Beverly Galati, William Galowitch, Barbara 'i , , 'V f L W 1 ll ' 4 A x W if 3 , , '41 i ,J n f . lg. J ll" J ' iz .gr f-" y F 4 , A Vrvb fl' c 'M il k , A Q . g Q E v if I K A ' fs L! ll yi imff mg: ' ?"ig3,,n A in 1 ,M A -it 'A Q.-W Xu' ' fu i"' ' i it - s' 1 ,. fi . 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W I V .5 ' .. f' i x 5 5 K ' 7-5,1351 1 , , , QA T' , if J F T 'TVX . ,Sw iz .I fi it .W "1 T 4 'J "hr N J aff' 1' T I gif, - A rr. ,., J i ii Sheppy, William Shimoshita, Wesley Shirley, Gale Sidler, Peggy Silagyi, George Small, Linda Smith, Dale Smith, Gwendolyn Smith, James Smith, Lucky Sopko, Arthur Soria, Dominic Sparks, James Spencer, LaVerne Spitzer, Richard Stahlak, Roger Stamat, Nicholas Slang, Roberta Stanley, Charles Staras, Georgette Stenek, Carol Stevenson, Theodore Steward, Beulah Stockman, Jeanette Stone, Linda Sula, Michael Sullivan, Timothy Sumner, Dolores Sutton, Victoria Svihlik, Alan Synakiewicz, Ann Szalai, Linda Szeszyclci, Robert Szwet, Judith Taylor, Gwendolyn WV it i T 5- V' r f' , 15- J , '.. V' -fe ", , hh J ' ,,,, f1.,11E1 ...a, ' ee,, . , - o "T T it f :jfs , Q sf t i "- il' T . if Z A ' 'K 1 ' A if' fe T915 " if f A istf .Ac ' a,a, fo' , if T T I ,r 3 I , fb A Dj P in ' li , ,i . . 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M WW XV., . 7 . 9, .,,k is I tw- ,ryk , i X A , yy, T vi., 4 N -I K X, :v.,,, ,et4,y' VanHam, Lawrence 'V y A ,, K V g 1 L , W l I- LI: Vinces, Darlene T J ' 'jgwu , A, , 7 ,.,,L ,g V, .. fi Virgilio, Sara Q ,V l I EM ' l K Visser, Tony 1, s W I wr y i vpn is Vottler, Carl 'A 9 U l ' , V if li Bl. ' fi if' T iii' J ,TJJ " i + L . Wallace, Martha , , ,- - I' 'T ' A Wallace, Nancy -' , in gl -, iw .... . Walshon, Kenneth ' l f ' .A l JT' . ' me 9 .' W' - V. ' if .V Wanland, Janis ,f ' ' , W K 'J In ' . A W Q I M f 5 A Ward, Darrell Webber, Robert V f Cr .. Ward, Goldman Webster, Carolyn , Wa rd, Mary Weiner, Ca role i V , f . 1 It Warren, Carol Weis, Christine V sr V, my , fijwk ,. g 5:5--,535-.4ave3 wt :,f 0 A , Watland, Vicki 'ei " - ,Q .V ' " 'A T' .. 'T 'I 'Ya A N .' rlii. A ,,,,l f 1- .H fx.. N if J rev f - -my w- ry I lll ev . ,,,, W I 53 el fel ,M b T , ,,. M , Q, g- ,gg T V U K . , ' A ' f my was ' ,, , T " . LA2' -'wtf A. ' all M T A , I J? l 'l H l Yi W , 1 . T f M m e y J is 1, L , .,,, . , 'T , N - 'sl , , ., , .Mp ' T is J' L L i " ii " f ' Tl ,Q 'r .X T h i. . WM. 72, K ui .. -. I s. , ' w - -' , 1, -,, . I, .W-. I ' - ,J sim ,UL A 'Mr is A , . cz. M if to . A is AY , , . if Wells, Melvin Weseloh, Norman Wessels, Alice Westberg, Craig Westbrooks, Susie Wiessner, John Wiessner, Robert Wiggins, Melvin Wilborn, Edith Wilkus, Richard Williams, Lois Williams, Lorraine Williams, Marie Williams, Timothy Wilson, Greg Allen Witt, James Leonard Witte, Susan P. Wodarzyk, Judith M. Wollenzien, Barbara Wolske, Marion A, Young, Michael Zakes, Michael Zapel, Barbara Zeller, Cheri Zeller, Alison Wheatley, Dale Wheeler, John Wheeler, Susan White, Gloria Wilkus, Robert Williams, Guy Williams, John Williams, Linda Wilson, Kim Ellen Wine, Nancy Marie Winsfow, Christopher Wisniewski, Robert .l. Woodworth, Janice M Woolfolk, Carol E. Workman, Marilyn L. Young, Cindie Zemait, Sandra Zoda, Nancy Zohteld, Karen Zurek, Thomas Sophomore Class Ollicers - Southeast ll. to r.j Mr. Brodie, Reggie Cochrane, Vice-President, Ken Searcy, President, Clyde Hamilton, Treasurer, lNot Picturedl Pat Woolfolk, Secretary. Sophomore Class Officers - Northeast lSeatedj Christine Freiberg, President, Mr. Fessler. lStandingl LaVerne Posin- skas, Secretary, Tam Langer, Vice-President, Lindo Gutrich, Treasurer. SOPHOMORES Sophomore Class Officers - Old Main ll. to LJ Dawn Lund- gren, Secretary, Mr. Johnson, Tom Anderson, President, Robert Bye, Vice-President, Cheryl Hibbot, Treasurer, ., sag, 'C' ll Sophomore Class Oflicers - Northwest Row I: Guy Ort- mann, President, Mr. Lowe. Row 21 Linda Rynkor, Secre- tory, Jane Roberts, Vice-President, Pat Lenart, Treasurer. 144 SOPHOMORES Aanerud, Gordon Adam, Andrew Adomiec, Lindo Adams, Gerald B. Aggen, Norma Jean Amato, Sandro Ames, Lynn Amstutz, Wendell D. Andersen, Richard Anderson, Deborah L. Anderson, Michael Anderson, Sharon K. Anderson, Suzanne Anderson, Timothy Anderson, Tom Arnell, Carol Arnold, Linda L. Austin, Deborah Lynn Bailey, Donna Bailey, Robert A, Baliia, Terry Bolling, Susan Banks, Sharon Borbohen, John Barbee, William A. Barr, Laurie Barratt, George Barz, Diane Barzycki, Susan M. Basick, Ronald Bough, Joann Beasley, Rose Beattie, Harold Beckley, Elmer Beckman, Donald T. Bell, Michael Bell, William G. Belsan, James Beluch, Diana Louise Bender, Carolyn Bentkowski, Donald J. Benton, Eddie Bergman, Charles R, Berquist, Richard Bertram, Sally G. Binkley, Gregory Birkholtz, Linda Birmighom, David L. Block, Michael Blaclcmer, Le Roy H. Body, Barbara Bogan, George Bohne, Colleen Bohne, Lynne Boles, Alice Bos, .loan Bos, Lawrence M. Bostick, William Boston, Leonard Boulden, Marilyn Bradford, Gary Frank Brody, Norma L. Broglia, Daniel Bram, Linda Louise Brandt, Fred William Alfono, Don L. Allan, Patrick H. Allen, Adrienne Ald, Steven Anderson, Karen Mar Anderson, Keith Anderson, Lindo Anderson, Mark Andrich, Jelina H. Angelino, RobertJ. Antonitis, William Arcucci, Terrence Baird, John Balaban, John Balcerok, Kenneth Baldwin, Jack Barczak, Charlotte Bardwell, Henry Barnes, David W. Baron, Linda Bastick, John Bates, Edd Bauer, Beverly Bauer, Bonita Jean Behling, David G. Beisel, Allan Bekkering, Nancy Bell, Daniel Thomas Benegas, Michael Beniamin, Kathy Benson, Diane Marie Benson, Sandro Betts, Donald B. Bibbs, Margaret Bibeau, Joseph Bilotto, Dominic Biokemore, Carl Blomquist, Lois Blume, Douglas Bober, Barbara Bonner, Rebecca G. Booker, James Boomsma, John Boone, Bonita Marie Bovey, David Boye, Gail M. Boye, Linda Brodtord, David Bravo, Patricia Joyce Brdor, Curtis Breusch, Karen Brewster, Kenneth fi K xo ex x V Y' 5 we . LN , .i - 1 .5 ' " A , 3 , " " ' Q S1 i ,, ,, . gf L", ag! ' " S ' fe. "" 2 :f KKKKK A 1 ,f - , L I B Tl, A' i S i T .-fy egg ie fer' . is A V Q .tl . 1 Eff iff ' i to S' . .jf itii j T T H Y ff 1- 3 ' 'f"?ii" 'iff 'it i' 'Q Yrs," fz. ..., . , ,.', Q "aff ...i . A A 1 N ge A xo- ..,. . , A A S ' as K bgb' N J K Er: K -' K. ix KK Kjj ., xi, K Wixrk K -i , A . " . H. i,:. . K g ,JF . K g -, .exif-J A K ,K KKK KKK lKKtK5KK K, K K 'KK .QM 5,551 R-gg-.K , - KK gg K KK'-,K fr ,F kk 1 ' 5 'xg if ' , 'L ' . A " V llLi"i' Aff" . -llff ,K 5fK,h.Ksi "fig K .KV ee.. kfigrm 1525, , . -A ,, . X .. J 'K LK. .K Nea V.-. W A ,K KK ,K . we K'-K V 5, Ks Q N T1 , Z ers, -5 , J. , r ' 'ite , . 1 i ri .i K . it 5 ll . L , K K . .... R... A ' ,siis L ' ,.. , :Ein All fy! A X X' L ii L -. ..ss... . fi . ,K , jg ' 4. x .,, ." . ,L fri' .. tis.. J r my I ..... ii. Ml .... will .sl sses J' is 5 ...-. x - A ,K .. KK. 1:- www' J as .N r- , w "- S- V.. i V, L' K Q' , 35? , A g- ' flig 4 fr -' ' .V it 1 ' T 'J M L- 339 ff? Q' X? A --,.. 1 Q k"' I J J- T153 -"1 A . 5' 1 A K . K . kk,5 KK K K .j 2 K ll il 'B f r . . ,i 1. N' .Q T' t1'i . L+ 'N' :L QE- -' ' Q Qalf' E' B 71. .1 iro' is f . is v 'QR .2 5 ' ' X x iii? , L V n ' if'-f ' "N . F . ,..i 'i 're J ' fi ii i sag i'ifA If ' .1-,if L "-' ' L 'L ' ' . - 's.-, ' J f irr. - L I .5525 ..ss ' J- f "" A A A . , L KK F KKa K K s 1 i. ig- "T l , ...-. . ' T A A an Lvl T ix S f 1, K- - A 23355 '.. K .. :fx - -.Qs 1 ' 2.111 Q ess .5 We "i5ii,:.,: . S' we . . . . B is Q 1. f i ' 'QT "' ' . el -4 ' al -fi5:i-1551 fff.. B: ff-, L 35 is I ' ' lx P XX .-.. 'iiligi .2 .. za wi, 5- ., VZ ,Y ,g Vw . ' L 5l"'2'f fs s ' '.. f , f in-if ., ' A ' " . 5 if s 7 m J ' X - ll, Y""l "Jig .:.' ' ' l Q J - sQ ll:,,?l ' --f E. 1 , L 2' f , AIA IIA 'S C A C171 A 1 ' L gif l 1 f li 1" l , A 'l . .L 1f'Q 3? fiiWlf.'i1i'1r sss. 's S . 1 A l J it 1 R sg .sing gl Q E I K Q My K KA .4-.I 'TL N ffl - A A 1.1 i i srl . It N Q . i at ytbx :xi A L . l . L , in .. K V lf ', .li mail Q A W' R ,L r s W Ji!! ft z , . S5 A R. "L' A f fits 'fL Magic' T we 355 X L. - 'A ' f if . J "TMR I X .i 4-my 4 A W Vi I X . ,,':,5,f.,g:- 5.5 :Jr J kr K , I Q. ss ia X' - fi :gifs ' I f I l J , A , . ' 'Q'Q A - f f ,F sat . C g 5.5 L - . ef K2 1 1 fi.. , L l 1 W A w 412. is 6 f D' new f. -. .f., , Ji- I t M55 I -2129592-.:ff:.'. " K 251.1 4---'- 1 mes. . ,:'. - . . 11 - . 43 K ' N 'X , J- - is L .sl .W 2 Ag 55.1 L .. . 5 H A f-S get - Rav- .Q o f , L, .ll 5 K i J .fi .at Ty' xgk ki? ,":-: in SETEIVE J ii. .,f- ' fa L I l L 4 ' I , - 4 - N 5 1 , I . r i eu l I 'kk"' A X r 99 ,... 1 f ' L E .:1- Y i Eli, -211, - 5 Ir is . new it f , A it AE A wi .Q P C lffvc Q xm", 5" . W 1' ' 's - .1 s.. if ' 2 :rf . L g M- L V . LL . - ,L , , A "yi . . ,. ,g ,r ir , iv., . e 9 -:,- A , .v is 'fl' s .A as if 'if T' :ff 1 L e L xi L ,..,, t gf K :V Q .-L ,1..L, X 3 T1 ff 1.- C ii 'A lg. NK fx iii 4 1:1 Brice, Larry Brockman, Caryl Brodzinski, Linda J. Brooks, Patricia Ann Brouette, Henry E. Jr Brown, Loretta Brown, Marcelline Brown, Mary A. Brunette, Sandra M. Bryant, Ronald Bugyie, Frances Bunchak, Joyce Brukhart, Warren Burmeister, Kenneth Burmeister, Richard Cadenhead, Edward Calderone, Susan L. Calhoun, James C. Cali, Mary Lynn Caluori, Geoffrey Carlson, Larry Carlson, Patricia M. Carrero, Elizabeth Carson, Kaluzna Carstens, Paul Castro, Caroline Catani, Judy Cavera, Margaret C. Chalion, Jacob Chambers, Gerald Chavez, Marcella E. Cheskie, Richard Chess, Robert Chisholm, Glen Chocholek, Kenneth Cistaro, Maureen A. Clark, Linda Clark, Thomas Leroy Clausen, Martin Clement, Arnold Coffman, Terry Lee Colbert, James Collins, Hattie Collins, Lacey Comerford, Karen Cook, Douglas Cook, Marilyn Cooksey, Valerye Coon, Craig H. Corne, Jo Linda M. Coverick, Kathleen Cowan, Joyce Coyle, Shirley Cozzi, Sue Craig, John Crump, Marlin Cruzen, Theresa Cullen, Brian Cullivan, Daniel Culver, Steve Curran, John Cutsinger, James Cutsinger, Karen Cyplik, James Czak, Linda Brouse, Bonnie Jean Brown, Donald Keith Brown, Dorothy Brown, John Lloyd Buchanan, Henry E. Bucholz, Arthur R. Buckner, David Budnik, Larry Busch, Deborah L. Bussean, Suzanne Buzanis, Gary Bye, Robert Cameron, Ronald Canino, FrankE. Cappiello, Diane Carlsen, Lee Frank Carter, Evelyn M. Carter, Kenneth A. Carter, Suzanne Cassidy, John Chambers, Lula Mae Chancellor, Allan W. Charles, Frances Chase, Jean L. Chris, Christine Christianson, Robert Cialdella, Linda Cirullo, Annette Cloutier, Linda Cluth, Dennis Cobbs, Thomas Cochrane, Sharon Anne Conrad, Ronald K. Conroy, Ronald R. Constan, Margaret E. Contreras, Christine Cossey, Ray Gene Costello, Karen Cothern, Charlene Courtney, Lillian Cresap, Diane Crilly, George Cripe, Pamela Cross, Ann Cunningham, Eugene Cunningham, Michael Cupples, Shirley Cure, Carol Dada, Dianne Dahl, Carol Dahlke, Charles Dahlstrom, Roger 1115 46 Dalesandro, Sylvia Daluga, Ronald Daniel, Paul Danielson, Robert Darlinger, Dorothy Davis, Rosetta Dawes, Sandra Dean, Randall Deason, Richard Decker, Marsha Deleo, Christine De Lor, Roy Denny, George Denoyer, Wilbert Dertz, Arthur De Vries, John De Witt, Tim Dick, Lana Dickinson, Paul Dirolco, Gale Donato, Holly Doorneweerd, Craig Dorl, Sandra Dorotiak, Jerry Dorty, Richard Driskell, Lydia Du Bach, Sharon Duff, Willie Dugan, Daniel Dunn, Sherra Dyson, Sallie Ebert, William Eckel, Deborah Eckert, Thomas Echols, Howard Elsea, Lee Elstner, Donna Engle, Donna Englemann, George Erickson, Dave Faron, Nancy Feddeler, Emil Federico, Antonine Federico, James Ferovick, Christine Fischer, Richard Fisher, Allen Fitzgerald, Linda Flanagan, Stephen Flores, Ron Forgach, Janice Formosa, Karen Forrester, Thomas Fox, Patricia Fredrichs, James Frison, Jack Fromm, John Fumi, Leonard Funches, Esther Gaertner, Rich Gamboney, Daniel Garcia, Mary Garner, Robert Gavin, Cheri Gawrysiak, Mary Jane Darnell, James Davis, John Davis, Melvin Davis, Patricia' Deenihan, Barbara De Grow, James De John, Sandra Delelio, Bernice Dertz, Michael De Ruiter, Janice De Santo, Clifford De Velder, Steve Disabato, Alan Discher, Theresa Dluzak, Terry Donaldson, Darlene Doty, Jacqueline Dougan, Shirley Dowdy, Elizabeth Drenthe, Sandra Durmai, Judith Durrant, Paul Duschene, Nancy Dvoracek, Linda Eggert, Frederick Elich, Laurel Ellickson, Thomas Elliott, Diane Ermschler, Peggy Evropa, Albert Evans, Mary Lou Evanson, Ernest Ferrie, James Fetters, Jan Field, David Fischer, Arvilla Florey, Dave Flowers, Johnnie Mi Foca, Linda Ford, Marianne Fredericls, Lorna Fredrice, Ronald Freiberg, Christine Freundt, Donna Gaines, Ervin Galgan, Robert Gallina, Joy Galloway, Barbara Gay, Gary Gedmin, Janice Geierman, Elizabetl Geiger, Nancy Tig f,fQ Q? 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'H - V 0 1 V' ' 1 fl ff c at A 'J Potson, Michelene Powell, Leon Presswood, Andrea Price, Constance Price, La Jewell Pucik, Sharon Puckett, Linda Purpura, Kathleen Pyskaty, Arlene Quint, Richard Raizer, Bernard Ramis, Michael Rangel, Paul Ranson, Darlene Rappaport, Shelia Redd, George Reed, John Regan, Daniel Reilly, Betty Reis, Robert Richards, Emily Richardson, Juliana Richardson, Rebecca Ricketts, Eugene Ridderhoff, Joanne Roberts, Jane Roberts, Roger Roe, Eileen Rusas, Andrea Ross, Donna Rowe, Edward Rubino, Jerome Rubino, Marie Ruis, Dennis Runge, Pamela Ruthenberg, Eric Rynkar, Linda Sales, Raymond Sandberg, Betty Sands, Robert Schirmacher, Martha Schirmacher, Susan Schmaltz, Dan Schmiedl,AStephen Schneider, Ann Schroeder, Georgene Schultz, Kevin Schultz, Judith Schultz, Robert Schumann, Steven Searcy, Clarence Settani, James Sharka, Joanne Shaw, Diane Shay, Carolyn Sibley, John Siniawski, Catherine Sinise, John Skarski, Russell Skop, Robert Smirniotis, Gregory Smith, Ford Smith, Janice Smith, Ronald Smith, Yvonne Price, Raymond Prium, John Pruse, Jeffrey Pucik, Joseph Raddatz, Ronald Radosevich, John Raguso, Barbara Rainford, Lorree Raschke, Cynthia Rauch, Kenneth Rauch, Sandra Reaugh, Linda Reuss, Robert Rhodes, Nancy Rice, William Richard, Sandra Riley, Timothy Riston, Dennis Ritter, Nicholas Roberson, Ora Ross, Thelma Rosselli, Phillip Rousseau, Ann Roviaro, Robert Rush, Larry Rusnok, Deborah Russell, Barbara Russo, Gino Sarna, Christine Scalzo, John Schaer, Karen Schiera, Ronald Schneider, Larry Schneider, Thomas Schnosenberg, John Schroeder, Betty Schwarz, Peter Schweda, Janice Scott, Elizabeth Scott, Margaret Shelby, Linda Shelley, Goldberg Shimashita, Gail Short, Christine Skop, Rosalie Skowronski, Geraldine Slater, Rhehell Smirniotis, Gerald Smolen, Rosemary Smrha, John Sneecl, Sandra Snow, Henry 15 52 Sobiski, Larry Soltys, Carol Sowa, Linda Spanos, Larry Spear, Thomas Splayt, Thomas St, Pierre, Amelia St. Pierre, Richard Stahlak, Russell Staniszewski, Donna Steen, Linda Stegbauer, Diane Steger, Bonnie Stelzer, Christine Stelzer, Diane Stevens, Janie Stevens, John Stewart, Charles Stewart, Sammie Stigler, Louise Strenge, Ronald Stricker, Margaret Strohm, Richard Strozewski, Mark Strus, Shari Ann Sudds, Karen Sula, Sheila Sullivan, Gerald Sullivan, Gloria Surma, Stanley Swanson, Steven Swedko, Patricia Talaski, Wayne Tatum, Myrtle Taylor, Gary Thomason, Antoine Thompson, Monica Thurman, Fredine Tinkham, Bruce Toannon, Burt Trautmann, Linda Travis, Leslie Treio, Christine Trelinski, Nancy Trogu, Carol Turner, Deborah Tusack, Lynn Ulatowski, Nancy Ullrich, Marian Ullrich, Ronald Van Gampler, Joseph Vanlaten, Nancy Vanlatem, Nora VanMerkestyn, Karl Van Merkestyn, Peter Versher, Mitchell Vincelli, Barbara Visag e, Caralyn Visser, Randall Vollrath, Jean Walker, Gary Walker, Henry Walker, Robert Waller, Kenneth Walsh, Diane Spearmon, Norma Spencer, Charles Spiotto, James St. Leger, John Starks, Robert Starns, Loraine Stasinski, Judith Stateman, Janice' Stephens, Wayne Sternberg, Glenda Stevens, Carol Stevens, Gregory Stiglic, Anita Stockard, Alvinice Stopyak, Joseph Stott, Stephen Strutzenberg, Reed Stupay, Carol Suchie, Bonnie Suchowski, Judith Swafford, Richard Swain, Eddie Swanson, Karen Swanson, Linda Templin, Robert Tesar, Kenneth Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Russell Tobias, Robert: Todd, Camille Topping, Kenneth Troma, Karen Trombini, Joe Trost, Jean Truschka, Margaret Tucker, Kay Umgelder, Darlene Unrine, Carolyn Van Doren, Theresa Vail, Marilyn Vanoskey, Nancy Vecchitto, Nancy Vena, Carmine Veneris, Diane Voorn, Nancy Wachdorf, Sandra Waikasas, Bonnie Walczak, Linda Walters, Earlene Ward, Christine Warner, Susan Wasielewski, Darle , ws, wx. - 1-V.. 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L ",' 534- 55 i J L , if :fi if J J L J' Watland, Arnold Watrobka, Jan Watson, Jeff Waite, Paul Weatherspoon, Keith Welsoh, Pamela Werosh, Reita Wesselhoff, Catherine White, Margaret Wicherek, Edward Williams, Bill Williams, Gregory Williams, lra Williams, Linda Williams, Michael Woike, Roberta Woidyla, John Wolfer, Rudy Wollner, Linda Wood, Cheryl Wrig ht, Barbara Wrig ht, Sand ra Wroblewski, Charlotte Wucka, Jeonene Wysocki, Nicholas Zakhar, Lynne Zalpis, Gerald Zaorski, Donald Zapel, Thomas Zarnecki, Barbara Ziccardi, Charles Ziegler, Peggy Zimmerman, Donna Zuroske, Stanley Coppre, Irene Echols, Stephanie Gebert, Carole Gese, Janice Johnson, Sherry Miller, Shirley Mitziga, Barbara Neeley, Tulsa Randle, Bernice Roberts, Patricia Sirus, Dennis Stawicki, Larry Stovall, Maurice Stripens, Frank Sumner, Betty Weaver, Larry Webb, Joyce Weeber, Robert Weidenaar, Esther Wielgorecki, Matthew Wierenga, Donald Wikberg, Richard Wilkins, Orisia Williams, Pamela Winkler, Dawn Wiseman, Sandra Witcher, Jewell Wood, Mildred Woodworth, Jacqueline Woolfald, Cheryl Workman, Neil Yawn, Howard Yoshida, Donald Young, Bruce Yuske, Joseph Zavola, Reynoldo Zebrowski, Sandra Zenner, Cheryl Zenner, Mary Louis, Cynthia Mason, Robert McArthur, Will McDowell, Joanne Rogers, Lynda Royster, Lorraine Schaufele, Diana Short, Christine Triplett, Kathleen White, Sandra Wood, Sandra Zohfeld, Kenneth 153 FRESHMEN Freshman Class Officers - Old Main Row lp Don Pelo- quin, President, Bonnie Trelinski, Secreiary. Row 21Mr. Sfrein, Mike Lewis, Vice-President, Dennis Babb, Treasurer, Y, 1 V .. l 1 . , 73 ' - -' F -f ,gf f- -if self' V l' f A? 36' w1vf57Z5?5i? ff I 5 TY J- .1 H: f, mi ,: .,- .2gH.3f",,sf- ,rffkgfigx 1? :gi 55, 5 .f .- ' we fs 3,1 eff- ' x i . ' W 'W' 11 -fi ' "Cie 1 '9' ' 4 . Y .E:?Yf:ffi'5? Ni f 1 f F , r.i -- - ' ' -- iiiiflfli.. 'ai,'i5T,--'i'::f:Q,fJ K r ' f " .U ' s' ffififisii K f y - -Q , . ,f 1552117 H A-wk , , . A. fi, Freshman Class Officers - Norihwesi il. to rj Christine Reinecke, Secretary, Don Sirutzenberg, President, Sue Thorsen, Vice-Presideni, Miss Cruise, Andrew Przybysz, Treasurer. Aanerud, Wayne Achterhof, Linda Adair, Bruce Adamecz, Michael Adams, Gabrielle Alamprese, Lynn Albertino, Sandy Alberts, John Alexander, Deborah Alkerna, Karen Anderson, Catherine Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, James Anderson, Linda Anderson, Reva Babb, Daniel Babb, Dennis Babcock, Janet Bailey, Nancy Baity, Joan Barbee, Kenneth Barches, Thomas Bardwell, Terry Bareishis, Charles Barham, Michael Ba rtusch, Jerome Bastian, Paul Bastick, Daniel Bauer, Barbara Bauer, Paul Beagley, David Bean, Carol Bean, Valerie Beasley, Rickey Beauchamp, Sharon Bednarczyk, Edward Bell, Kathleen Bell, Michael Bemus, Kevin Bennett, Jacquetta Bermier, Janice Berry, Jacques Berry, Marcia Bertram, Shelly Bibbs, Diane Blackburn, Kenneth Blackman, Lester Blatt, Richard Blocker, Beverly Blom, Karen Boezio, Ca rolann Bona, Mark Bond, Jeffrey Bonneau, Joseph Bonner, Glen Boston, Bernard Boswell, Danny Botensten, Patricia Bowens, Clarence Boyd, Daniel Brandau, Doris Brasic, Robert Braswell, Joyce Brdar, Margaret Brdar, Thomas Adams, Patricia Adkison, Karen Agema, Dawn Akers, Jerry Allaire, Robert Allyn, Larry Alm, Donald Andersen, Linda Andrews, Patricia Anson, Mary Archibald, Patricia Armwood, Roosevelt Baker, Rosanne Balija, Charles Ball, Edmond Bandercb, Dennis Barnes, Charles Barnes, James Bartlett, Dexter Bartlett, Marilou Baumann, Christopher Baumann, Frances Bausor, Lynn Bayer, Norma Beck, Barbara Becker, Cathy Becker, Mariorie Beckwith, Robert Benson, Walter Bentkowski, Leonard Bergstrand, Cynthia Berinti, Maryanne Biggers, Robert Bilder, Jeffery Billups, Henry Black, John Blomquist, Mary Bobrowicz, James Boehm, Barbara Boersma, Cynthia Bonny, Thomas Boots, Richard Borne, Robert Bostick, Sharon Boyd, Kathryn Boyd, Vivian Boye, Bradley Brady, Nancy Bretz, Mathias Bretz, Nancy Brewer, Alice Brewer, Willie 1 3 1 z f ,,,.,. J ,. gk. ., , 14.4. ,Wy 4 -.f gift? fi' 'K ri? .5552 W1 ' ,gi ,. Y -'fiiS",, ' , ' fa. i. , lls J Z t V A 3 i 5, - ,ip if, 5 , ,iw is, 4 -+ve, 2 ,iw , 1 , A ' fsli i i A A I lelii J J ,,5 ,,: Q w , va? ' A x .rffyf . ' ',,, Q V'hi ii, A , .,,,, , t lf" f , - , A 1 ,,,, A J J l ' ' Sigh' 3 , 'ff Bri? T VCD? A Qc ,i'i , gi, , ,. Qffff 1 A fe - i i 1Q"fiT V 52 A gl? Hi i " ffl W W' ff-4141 r"i ' J we fl w 'ki' jt - "its, -ff' Z 1 J ' fl ' A mf l l ' ,,,. 5: ,, . M llll ll LLLJBL ,,,ls ttiaa Q H i , 3, C, A l'l' ' f , ' 9 L ii ' 'V' , f A V A - I , I ., i ' ' 2555 Sififis' ,i 2 - i Yffffkf few' 2 s 1 il r ,ga ,ji G A is ' J' EST ,,,,,'11" 5 - ' J L. , 'J" p , gt: , y ,,,, ' ,if 4 ,-.X J' ff? ,, W, , , .5 ,xxx - ..' is-2 K I I I sf , M i i't" . ., K 4 4, . ,I I A f . 3 f ' 7' V l22'Tl,,. ' x 5 in - "' , ,J B 'f' ,f ez. ,, '- . g. q - -ffezfrffffi, Li,,T'1 ,f N if 1' VFNH? . ,sql - . Q 'f it i'i'i"' ' 5. Q, , , t, '75 5, . A BM . 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X X ' so Q3 1 T v I Q' :N i, r nf - 5 ' tv wx fi Q 5 ' ,,,,, px Brewister, Michael Bright, James Brigman, Larry Broude, Donald Brown, Barbara Brownell, Craig Brtis, John Brubach, Kimberly Brummel, Carl Bryan, Kevin Bulow, Linda Bundza, Wayne Burch, Clifford Burke, Kathleen Burkhart, Judy Burress, April Burson, Carole Burt, Shirley Busby, William Busen, Barbara Cackler, Danny Calabrese, Florie Calbaw, Joyce Calhoun, Charles Cali, Kenneth Carnicle, John Carpenter, Margaret Carpita, Michael Carrillo, Gloria Corse, Victoria Carter, Wilda Case, Joyce Caston, Joyce Charles, Ronald Chatman, Andy Chisholm, Sherry Christensen, Diane Christensen, Judy Cirullo, Noel Claeson, Yvonne Coffman, Dean Cola ngelo, Lynette Colantonio, Phillip Colburn, Renee Cale, Barbara Collins, Cathy Collins, Linda Conboy, Michael Conley, William Conners, Mary Corneio, Lorraine Cornwell, Richard Cortez, Kathleen Cothern, David Cotrano, Dominic Coyle, William Cozzi, Bruce Crahal, Julie Cramer, Ramond Crandall, Roger Crowhurst, Janet Crurnmie, Maureen Culbreath, Robert Cummings, Sandra Curran, Michael Brown, James Brown, Neil Brown, Robert Brown, Thomas Bryant, Beverly Bryant, John Buchanan, Emma Buchinsky, Linda Burkhart, Robert Burks, Arthur Burm, Daniel Burmeister, Cheryl Butler, Kathleen Butler, Terrold Cabrera, Francis Cabrera, Leonard Calloway, Althea Canning, Jerry Carey, Carlyle Carlton, Alexander Carson, Suzette Carter, Cynthia Carter, Diane Carter, Ethel Chavez, Raul Cheatle, Charles Chico, Daniel Chicoine, Sharon Clark, Kenneth Clark, Patricia Cloud, Linda Cochran, Reggie Cole, Jae Cole, Margaret Cole, Vicki Coleman, Joseph Connors, John Cook, Donald Cook, James Corbett, Cherise Coulon, Susan Covelli, Vicky Covington, Elouise Doyle, Deborah Crema, Ferruccio Crilly, Donna Crosley, Douglas Crowell, Karen Curran, Patricia Currie, Tyree Curry, Carol Curulewski, John Cuthbert, Scott Cwirla, Joyce Czyz, Janis Dace, Emmettletta Dado, Linda Darlinger, Rose Daun, Ronald Davenport, Carol D Aversa, Maria Davidovitch, Peter Davis, Janice Davis, Kirby Davis, Robert Deak, Alexander Deason, Ronald DeGraw, Alvin Delelio, Robert Dellorto, Mary DeMay, Judith DePersia, Jim Dewar, Howard Dickinson, Arlene Dieboll, Allen Dillon, Patrick Dilts, Robert Dixson, Darrel Domagal, Thomas Domikaitis, Morielleri Dorniria, Gwen Dominick, Joseph Dorgan, John Darke, Martha Dorsey, Earl Dotson, George Dotson, John Doyle, James Dozie, Monlell Drake, Sheryl Dres, Robert Dresden, Pamela Dubinskas, Joe Dubinskas, Raymond Dugan, Terrence Dumais, Deborah Duncan, Roosevelt Duschene, Thomas Dyke, Joyce Dyrkacz, Ronald Eaton, Carl Ebeling, Toni Ehrenhaft, Judy Eklin, Karen Ellis, Terry Embke, Michael Epsicokhan, Sandullah Esch, Loretta Eschbach, Joseph Escoe, David Etherton, Calherina Evans, Howard Fasano, James Ferguson, Robert Ferriola, Shirl Fiedler, Wayne Fields, Jonlyn Dahl, Susan D Amico, Doreen Danalewich, James Dannowitz, Margaret Davies, Colleen Davis, Gerald Davis, l-lisar Davis, James Deeds, Patricia Deere, James Deere, Noreen Degener, Vicki DeRuiter, Joelyn Deuter, Alice Deuler, Linda Devine, Diane Dinaro, Floyd Disabato, Michael Disabato, Sharon Divello, John Donegan, Charles Doogan, Kenneth Doogan, Kevin Doote, Dorothy Dotson, Marie Dougherty, Robert Dowd, James Dowling William Dressler, Ronald Drews, Albert Drobny, Bonnie Drozdowski, Mark Dunn, Maureen Dunn, William Durano, Carl Durham, Toni Echols, Steven Edwa rds, Bryan Eggert, Karen Ehlebracht, Daniel Erickson, Kathleen Erlandson, Lenore Ernst, Ronald Escalante, Carlos Evans, Patricia Fallon, Daniel Fancher, Jacqueline Faron, Leon Fields, Nathaniel Fier, Annalee Finch, Richard Fischer, Edmund R 1' v-,Jw-ff in 'mi A - .C 2 X LC, .,.V CV K ,C , F,uu, ,4 ,L C i -fi siis is C was if S f fs i I it b ff A :A ' Y-.gif ,N fi 7 C C ' f f 'i RC J i A V' . 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Kent, Cheryl Kessinger, Ruth Ann Ketelaar, Robert Kincaid, Rodney A Kiner, Gary Kirk, Karen Joy Kirkey, Dennis Ben Kissel, Richard Kitching, Patrick Kloskowski, David Knoll, Geraldine Koch, Daniel Koehler, Donald Komoroski, Robert Konie, Gey Thomas Kontos, Jeffery Koonce, Donna Kroiss, William Kramer, John Kranich, Kathy Kredens, Gregory Kulovitz, Kent Kumingo, Janet Ku rzawski, Robert Kwiatkowski, James La Manna, Sam Lambreith, Cecil Lamont, Terry Lane, Ray Langland, Dennis Lankford, Margaret Lannan, Steven Lorkin, David Larkin, Michael Lathus, Susan Lavey, Donald Lawler, Larry Joseph Leach, Joseph Lee, Mary Ann Leonard, David Paul Lepore, Linda D. Lepore, Linda Marie Lesciotto, Lee Louis Letz, Pamela Lewis, MichaelJ Libby, Roland Liddell, Al Lightfoot, Curley Linck, Daniel Linn, Mike Linstra, Diane Lipinski, Ronald Lissak, Patricia Liveris, Maurice London, Arrie Lee Lonzo, Ernestine Look, James Lorbach, Steve Lorenzana, Bruce Lugo, Sandra Susan Lukey, Jacqueline Lundin, Judy Luspinis, Ona Lycligsen, Theodore Macauley, Marilou Mac Gregor, Michael Mack, Bruce Mackle, Lura Emma Mackrow, Gregory Mal-laffay, Francis Mal-iaffay, Vicki Maiors, Beverly Malachinski, Leon Maletich, Cynthia Marine, Nicholas Morinier, Linda Marks, John Marler, Sandra Marohn, Carol Marszalekf Christine Martin, Bruce Martin, Theresa Martinez, Marchino Martino, David May, Helen McAfee, Tyrone McArthur, Laurel McCarthy, Mary McCarthy, Theresa McGrath, Lue Anice McGrew, Michael McGuire, Patrick McGunnigal, Fred Mclntrye, James LaRotonda, James Larsen, Donald Larsen, Gayle Louise Lasky, William Lefager, Robert Leidolph, Guy Thomas Leipart, Susan Mary Lenzo, Philip Lewis, Catherine Lewis, Gerald Lewis, Florida Mae Lewis, Glenda Lou Linde, Pamela Lindemann, Terry Linderborg, Patricia Lindsey, Kenneth Lockwood, Frank Lode, Gene Loftus, Judith Lohse. James Lowe, Barry Eugene Lubieniecki, Victor Lucas, Mabel Marie Luenser, Carl Lutchen, Mark Lyons, Jerry Lysen, Richard Lyskawa, Beverly Madrigal, Robert Madsen, Gail Lynn Madziarczyk, Carol Maleloffay, Beverly Mallen, Jacquelyn Malone, Joyce Malone, Paul Mardielko, Lindo Marquez, Sharon Marsh, John Marsh, Leonard Marshall, Holly Martino, Robert Mortrona, Shirley Matthiesen, Diane Mattson, Patricia McCauley, Patricia McCoy, Jeffery McCray, Joseph McFalls, Thomas Mcliey, Sandra Gail McLaughlin, Karen McLaughlin, Thomas McLean, Donald a EW , , T L J C , ff- 5-' -he , , 1 . , - , I me S10 , 4 i i ,ug .- . ge , , bf . -..X W . , Q tr-X X ff C,-M. . W 'L --,' ' 'C-Q? . V W ' ' C ii! D wil ll ilil L ' t,qV'iT ' ' L o f Cff , ,.-sl. 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'SX Fl ' sf- Qfifsgl ...P A Tris J ' , W-gan 5 cf 0 4 Overpeck, Judith Pacinskas, Dolores Paialc, Susan Palcu, Diane Paleczny, Jucith Parchem, Kenneth Parchem, Ronald Parkansky, Sharon Parlcer, Michael Parr, Freddie Patno, Richard Patterson, Brenda Patterson, Mae Patterson, Roger Patton, Sharon Pease, Billy Peetz, Robert Peloquin, Donald Peloquin, John Peloquin, Richard Perry, Richard Perryman, Barbara Petersen, Nancy Peterson, Arthur Peterson, Christine Phillips, Patricia Piersma, David Pikoulas, Evelyn Pinkard, Rita Pinto, Gloria Polchow, Carolyn Palchow, Dana Polillca, Roger Porazinski, Thomas Post, James Prestia, Deborah Preston, Margaret Price, Daniel Price, Douglas Price, Susan Przybysz, Andrew Pudinofl, Mark Puente, Rosalie Pusateri, Jo Ann Putnam, Glen Raci, Don Radakovitz, Daniel Radakovitz, Michael Radwan, Richard Ragis, Phillip Ranzy, Janice Rapp, Lois Rauch, Susan Ray Karleric Rayon, Paul Reilly, Richard Reinecke, Christine Renn, Robert Renn, Russell Reyes, Frederick Richey, Veda Riles, Laverne Ripley, Louise Rippe, David Rippe, Larry Palermo, Donna Palomo, Juan Panichi, David Papierski, Kathleen Parsons, Jon Passo, Frank Pastiak, Michael Patches, Goldie Paus, Robert Payne, Mary Pearson, Jean Pearson, Russell Pempek, Larry Perez, Reuben Perillo, Donald Perry, Alzenia Peterson, Harold Peterson, Ronald Petrey, Lois Phillipp, Therese Pittman, Ronald Pizur, Julia Plahm, Linda Planis, Ronald Potempa, Stanley Potter, Sunny Powell, Emma Pratt, Denise Pries, Kimberly Priscal, Thomas Pritchard, James Prium, Mary Puyanic, Linda Quarles, Richard Quattrochi, Susan Rabka, Maribeth Ramming, Arnet John Ramos, Robert Randall, Sandra Randolph William Redman, Paul Reed, Tanya Reid, Michael Reihel, William Reyes, Luciano Rhodes, Pamela Richardella, Lucille Richards, Dan Risoli, Cinthia Rist, Susan Shirlee Roberson, Sandra Roberts, James 163 , K gzz , C , 'Q , , 'S l' S x , sv S L. Q " ' 'll' ' 'Nw ,.. ,I f ,, sa, , jill 1 'if -- it ' ff' J' , ., L ,,,,1. ,F in N M K4 1 I 'J W'w.t1-. , Q . , J f1 , i kk, Mifrf- ,T krrk K k k hgy illqi L - Q 1 X a Q'-f , iz., 'Ml - L S is , - -2"' ,' an Ni: wi' ' i Q s. i if ,J yy W Q ef is A I I A 3 7 3555 3 ' J 41 S is i Pl V f ' S . ..,,. x S irkftgti ts? 4 it 'LIW 1552 T its 3-flats? ' 3 , , ' "i , ,. ' L"'L 'A .S -'Q az, . . ' .. '- ali l': X , M J ,Q A ' - 1 f 1" Ti ' it 5 .S g,,., 'i My .-'gg' - ' , 1 S yy X i i ff, i ...,, ,1 W Vlfii lsissi A ' 5 is ' A 'S' rf l I f L, lt A 2 e A ,L ,B 3, i, ly, , . , 1 J YL. ,i- ,tb , qt D5 i. " V: - 'ii my , , tt L item i . ' -- f iffwsi Q., A it :AA J . A Wim , ,, -' ' We i 7" Y' . li i' f it l j f J it A f s. . stt, - - S I ' 1'-A -ttf ,Q ,.1, , - -- -'H 'rf 11- ' -'S' S ' "T 3 k"i4 ar: J A 'iff ' 5 Si S' L' I as if -Q , f -4 .:..-f :V.:k 4 h:g fl. ll ,glib ",- f ii," i - gf, J ' . , :,. . , - 1 if , ,Q t L- ,, . ,E-iz : l- , 41 ,iss ,se . 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Y 1. if A K:-av 5 c .,, i ,S , V . -sw . . iv. , ' l'1fzri3il-,ifl fi ' ' ff' ',jg ggi,.55"'i 1545 ,ws i Q i Von De, Woudel Judy an .rr, Van Huis, Robert Van Loten, Richard Vanwermeskerken, Ron Vayette, Denise Vidales, Irene Villarreal, Sylvia Viasage, Jerry ? ,,.- f gf- rj, W, 31? 1 T sl T ' Q ,i-- .96 .XX 4 'N ' 3.15, gm T A Q-f , as r I 1 " YL, is I , , .3 l E 'ifli ,.,. , S 1, ,Q , SMMWQ a,,, ,,i,c 5-1,6 5' ' ff' fs r .1- 'dir ,. 1 ., , 1. .,,:,,,,:, QJUJYXNP5-ii ':'f f 'vi iii: , - s.:x,,.. -I fi 5' Li xl' is N sq 3?: za Q, i lg X1 4 Minis! ,Z ,,,, 5 i W .V ,.,k QQ itffij Mwst gff fe, ,, swt., . 1 Z" f T as , . 3 1- 5 H , Tin xx ii' 4 '-ig YE 'sd F3 ,.f,' , .1 1, 1 ,Q ffc'fi'l" 1.5 off' fflrif fi ' 21: ,,..,i,.., 3, ::Y.L:,3,q is 3 et The ,., T i 1 - ' " fig, i ,j N if , , T . wifi fiiit , l ' i S S ilii my : 6 ' J? .Ll Vf,r fzftjiis fi, s KL ri, K 1 J fig 5 T T I V I il., T J K J W ,kL,., sighs' Lx K S y ' GK ky my . 5 X ff - ,T li pmo wwwf 5if J: ?"w kg. +V 545 ."' V- ' l iil A A nfss T , ' t'i in S ilritr 1 f T ' Q Ei we weft sfwgms zidlaa ie, -R ,fs ,,f A ,,, f 3 is ,ye T ' STJS i kv I , , I 1 .f S A S - Q . K , ,zf xv gc -. ,, i iv., L . ,N iff. , 5 i V 4 We rd 2:1 :n 'S' 1 W , V K ' ig- Qs as A V r ' r 3 D ffTfr mm, T , , ie I . X j ' 5 H Q fm: rf . if . 'T S ll , ' I ea, fffl S. Q i MM. . , M 3 ,Sie f W s 7 '- ici 1 . 165 ,, 'x f 4 5 if' 66 Von Feldt, Katherine Wagener, Edwin Wagner, David Wagner, Susan Wainwright, Gary Wall, Charles Wall, Janine Wallace, Lee Waller, Terrance Waller, Wayne Walton, William Wanda, Michael Ward, Deborah Wardell, Frank Wargacki, Cloiranne Wasielewski, Elaine Wastak, Jan Watkins, Debra Watrobka, Chester Watson, Patricia Welsh, Kenneth Weller, Robert Wesselhotf, Larry Western, Betty Whitaker, Sandra Wicker, Patrick Wicker, Penny Wieland, Kathleen Wielgorecki, Robert Wikberg, Greg Williams, Edward Williams, Emery Williams, Ernestine Williams, Gerard Williams, James Williams, Lenore Williams, Martha Williams, Rosie Williams, Terry Williamson, Earl Wirth, Melissa Woike, Phyllis Wollenzien, Robert Wood, Larry Wood, Willis Workman, Rosalyn Worlds, Stanley Wozniak, Patricia Wrehsnig, Noel Wright, Barbara Yonker, Charles York, Linda Young, Gail Young, Kenneth Young, Linda Zakhar, James Zarnecki, Linda Zarnecki, Mary Zemola, Randall Zerwick, Sylvia Ziolkowski, James Zmuda, Jacqueline Zohteld, Ronald Zolfo, Joyce Zuber, Angela Waleski, Susan Walker, Bettie Walker, Kathleen Walker, Margo ret Walling, Evalynn Walsh, Patrick Walsh, Randy Walter, Ka ren Warpock, Cynthia Woshack, Dennis Washack, Gerald Washick, Josephine fs Ns it Q ,Q 4 , ,, .. .- , Sree Watt, Margery Welsh, Daniel 1- sf- '5s. 'Self' ' Tile Weathington, Darlene ' 'L 'P L .15 J suv' , K t . 62" 1 -kB I EQ '. ' 1' Welsh James White, Juanita White, Wanda Whitelaw, Kathleen Whyte, Kathleen Wilaynski, James Wilhelmsen, Janice Willer, Cynthia Willer, Mark Williams, Jean Williams, Jerome Williams, Judy Williams, Lady Williford Ernie Wilson, Janice Wilson, Kurt Wilson, Pamela Woodin, William Woolfolk, Patricia Wordlow, Dennis Workma n, Michael Wright, Richa rd Wright, Stephen Wycislo, Linda Yancy, Sharon Young Young, Young, Mary Patricia Robert Zager, Nancy Zika, Karen Zilewizz, Donald Zima, Dennis Zint, Ba rbara Zurick, Michele ,-., I Vit., - se is ,es xx, r s , 4 N if: 'Ki A Q. i f " lf A ' ' 1 - :dv l g y gyyi J It . VP , J L fi "L 'A it efs J f . ' f 43551 ' l i . J I ' 'Q' -we-1 r 1- i 7 J , I J: - il, 'lii , r V , -.vp 5 M ,J ,L i gl,,M.,3 V - H ,sr 9, ' .,. - 7 1- 11 ",,,J?i 4 as ,,,V- , J BY yr E ,pg X. -"- ,,, XMNXWQ G" ,. if Q U s if -f':'f'i :iq ' L isy- a t , -geese-5. '. , , rsrff lf i - L w L L f ,,J fi N-L p -i ' - ,,, S' f-, ii' ' "f f it , J r rli, . X ir' is J I-' ii 1' - i' i, ,,i ri ' ,i - S J, J L, L. ' "" Eff ' r- l '-'i ,I 1 -1 l'5i'?l?':,' s, . J P .iri ,,r, . .fi sv 410 K ' J ze. -- J s - '53 " N in ,451 ' - r 3A s ' Sf' N lllee 'L ri , arr , , A . g y 6 K 5 i , l eei if is rl lelali K E E J' . l si ,V rf : A N ' A any x Y, 1 ll Pi fl ' ' "' ' , ,L , , 2 ll l"!fe + ' - L! gs, W. iv Y P fi? Y iii , ,ii QI J ' A E I ' ,, in R vytrli liffiegf ,v .,. , ., 0 9 " i 1 fs if ,lp V' ,- .V U V ll t if. ,, M' ,sii P ' ii ' f 1 J rsli Q Vw illi 1 51 4 'Qi J J ,i i - E :cg Jsfrivgfbfs- , fm- funn fr' . Q. H . , 'F ,,a,f3,i 5. , 5 4 w Mr. Lowe's student aides are Arvilla Fischer and Carol Stevens. Student Aides to Mr. Fesslerg Raw lz Mr. Fessler, Francine Karantzis, Sandra Zebrowski. Row 2: Bonnie Brouse, Linda Gutrich, Jane Lcusch, Barbara Gorz, Jacqueling Doty, Pamela Cripe, Terry Discher. Student Aides to Mr Johnson Row l Lynn Alamprese Karen Mezei Doreen Marshall Roger Crandall Row 2 Barbara Gentile Nancy Miller Micheline Potson Mr Johnson Harold Beattie Student Aides to Mr Strein Row l Marlene lalaski Robert Wonke Wendy Johnson Peggy Preston Row2 Donna Musselman Renee Colburn Suzanne Klas Mr Streln Mary Edmunds Ken Johanson. StudentAides to Miss Cruise- Row l:Dianne Dado Miss Cruise, Joyce Dyke. Row 2: Barb Hubbard Dawn Laging, Yvonne Hartman Geral- dine Knoll Cathy Ann Hayes, Geraldine Vartunal, Sue Thorsen. Student Aides to Mr. Bell, Row lg Mr. Bell, Pam Letz. Row 21 Mary Ellen Farrell, Sharon Parkansky, Linda King, Laurie Haedtler, Pam Nyman, Diann Schombert, Barbara Kuehn xx X f, flkflbiiif S ' :ZMAFEQESF -'af 51931549245 2.z,sh,, Q Q 30,5 ,,, 'IW ! r 11 ? N593 r swwim 2 N ,fa M ,L 4 W9 ,, . f 5,2 gawk wg Q14 i,b+LW fn K , efs::K2:fmv,vfw1w,,,nM,.5- Mix. , ' 3 Hf?S?iii?isi?2i?2Ei551',N-5523?,- 1 5: 1 E1-W4 119'-ifKzi':4w 51. z:'W ' mg ,vf1!s,e 41 ,fff 4 K, n, gfmiimg ,ri 5 ,1 , Ligiggui XE? Q 1: SEHK T3 1 las: x , s 5 S Q55 it QQ sw. M ffl- ., ,fs K w 1 'KA '- 1 6 1 1 3 ig 14, "mf 11 ' I Q 1 -. 1 1 4 1 1 .1 Q .1 il? ,ww 12, 131:11 1222521 Q- 1 1 1 3 1 N 1 1 1 STUDENT LIFE Rose Lubeclc, Barbara Dowd, Dale Platek, and Bill Bukauskas select their noontime favorites. 170 magic mst coo sz w l-...X l Marvin Schessler browses in the library prior to first peri Student life begins with the arrival of a fleet of buses to all buildings, unloading over five thousand stu- dents. This is followed by the inevitable bustle in the corridors trying to find breathing space prior to class. Some students find a haven in the library. Others converge on the cafeteria in search of familiar faces. Still others report to their respective principals in quest of a blue slip necessary for class admittance following an absence. The bell signals the start of the school day and the students soon adiust to the daily routine of classes, bells, classes, and more bells. A delightful interrup- tion in the form of lunch hour bolsters the student for his remaining classes. Finally, the closing bell and a return to the bus for the ride home. This in short, is the routine day after day, week after week, month after month. However, students life is filled with many activities, sports, dances, clubs, rallies, to allow students a periodic departure from the strenuous academic lite. The opening highlight of the school year was Parents' Day sponsored by the Future Teachers of America and held on October 3rd prior to the Eisenhower- Joliet West Football game. The corsages are ready as the girls await the arrival of the parents. ll. to r.l Pat Daly, Barbara Galowitch, Peggy Prosser, Sandy Eli, Linda Harms, Robert Rauch, Linda Kloptowski, Jean Knoll. Linda Harms and Sandy Eli greet Mr. and Mrs. Altman. Roberta Rauch places corsage an Mrs. Verhaeren. Fathers of the football players sat on the bench for this special occasion. STUDENT LIFE ,yy R ,iw sm. nv, ,,, -.. if, I M N-MW Q Y Ni l P it ' 9- ile 5 The International Student Exchange Club featured Sweden's The FTA float featured Robert Nowoc, Joan Pryor, Carol Bertil Arnius, lceland's Thor Arneson, Kiyosha Kus iw nl GRO. Q in gi s wa Qin- Ond lnot PiCiU Vedl Stancki, and Lynn Laird as Humpty Dumpty Student life was further enhanced with the presenta- tion of the Pigskin Pow-Wow Parade followed by the Pow-Wow Dance that evening. The Student Council sponsored this event on Saturday, October 24th. The Latin Club float provided a big kick to Jim Allan and Ken Harvey. The Spanish Clubfloatfeatured senoritas Chris Amren, Betty Sandberg, and Lynn Jepsen Marcelle Hambrie, Gail Shimashito, Diane Barz, and Karen Mezei ride the Girls' Club float, alrv' 'vi 'Ht in ' Ugly ,453 rm. my , , . L The Northwest building float featured a defiant Carainal ' The Girls' Athletic Ciub float is manned by Lois Kittler, Gloria Baker, Sharon Denny, and Sharon irvin. the Outstanding Girls choosen from each building were C Marilyn Cook, Joutheastg Lynn Zakhar, Old Main, Diane Dada, Northwest, Christine Freiberg, Northeast. The Outstanding Boys from each building were, Ericlfggert, Old Main, Charles Searcy, Southeast, Larry Spanos, North- west, Don Raddatz, Northeast. fe' OW yy file! 'l ff' ,Q 5 Q55 I E fq1:nx2Irr"i1"' ' flilf' W7 'E v Big Wheel COr1didG?9S were Bob DOWS, Dennis lUQ, Und Queen candidates were Ingrid Axelson, Jackie Cross, and Robert Bobb. Roberta Hucko. lull f '- 1 us:z::L ff , ' ww., ' K ' W 't 'Jfvtiff 4 s I 4 3 'ff r K, X ,uf fy' 'fn ' f , A Lx 2 , 'fam 5 ltltlll5ll35'iS y R ,Q ff L - , , N. 5 -4' J STUDENT LIFE The climax of the Pigskin Pow-Wow came with the announcement of the Queen and the Big Wheel. Flowers were presented to lngrid Axelson, selected as Queen, and a crown was placed atop the head ot Dennis lng, selected as the Big Wheel. Roberta Hucko and Jacqueline Cross won runner-up honors for the girls and Robert Bobb and Bob Davis cap- tured runner-up honors for the boys. Roberta Hucko and Robert Bobb receive first runner-up honors. Jackie Cross and Bob Davis won second runner-up honors. Bill Rudolph, football captain, and Cynthia Henderson, president at the Girls' Club, officially crown the Queen, Ingrid Axelsan, and the Big Wheel, Dennis Ing Anita Carlson and Bill Laging and Jock Brady demonstrate the "Twist" Pat Puckett and Frank Calpena preferredthefacultvtavorite, the waltz, !, i Zi 22 l V ,,..,, .. .. . . .i .W , ----- i-l--W-A----W Nanette Witt models a green-blue bulky sweater with green slacks. L' d G d l Cynthia Henderson wears an olive green chesterfield coat of herring- bone tweed. in a eorge mo e s a two piece suit with a pleated skirt. Lois Kittler wears a plaid sweater coat and orange stretch pants. Robert Babb is wearing an Arnold Palmer sweater, corddroy jeans and a nylon ski iacket. Linda Diane Sarracino, Cynthia Henderson, Dale Barz, Linda George and Murray model a variety of outfits. Free cokes after the fashion show. The Girls' Club, under the direction of Mrs. Beattie, presented a fall fashion show, "Thru The Looking Glass". A new twist was added, however, by adding male students to the model procession. ltwas rumored the ulterior motive was to lure some of the more hardy males to view this former all girl extravaganza. Additional bait was provided with the announcement that free cakes would be available. Pictured below are some of the brave moles, with and without sun glasses, who braved the scorn of the athletic coaches by attending this fine function. The fashions were provided by Carson, Pirie, and Scott. Thor Arneson, Kiyoshi Kusaka, Bertil Arnius, and Robert Babb display what the well dressed student should wear. STUDENT LIFE l K l E Student life is featured in the Chicago metropolitan area when qualified students are selected to appear on local television in the popular high school pro- grams, "lt's Academic", and "Rebuttal". The Eisenhower representation on these programs is one that, year after year, merits respect from the program directors, the audience, and the viewers. 76 Roberta Rauch is apprehensive about the camera ather back, Jim Harms, Larry Adlcison, and Henry Tkachulx pencil notes while Roberta has the floor. The "Ike" team - Bill Bukauskas, Jeffrey Padgett, lmre Almassy. Row 2: Mr. Lyons, coach, and Mr. Ed Gren- nan, prog ram moderator. The Eisenhower team and opponents Reavis and Elgin Larkin. Sage advice to the debatars from Mr. Lyons and Mr. Dougherty, coaches, prior to the program. -1 I su 'yi' Barbara Pidrak, Judy Gaeta, Kathy Forester, and Joan Willis presen- Denise James, Claudia Jones and Judith Moore presented a vocal ted a skit entitled "Farmer Bubble," selection, "How High The Moon." Gloria Machay does a comic dance. Betty Sandburg, Sue Barzycki, Lynn Jebsen, and Linda Puckett proved to be qualified folk singers. Dad and Daughter Date Nite is an annual event spon- sored by the Girls' Club. Dads are invited to view a number of skits followed by refreshments served in the cafeteria. Refreshments following the entertainment. fl. to r,l Mr. Wotland, Karen Clara Schenk and Janice Gregor serenade Mr. Gregor. Mezei, Mr. Mezei, Mr. Henderson, Cynthia Henderson. STUDENT LIFE The Seniors selected George Bernard Shaw's "Pyg- malion" as their choice for the class play, Two per- formances were given on October 29th and 30th. The cast included the following: Henry Higgins . . . Colonel Pickering . . Bystanders .... Mrs. Hill . . Miss Hill . . Freddy . . Eliza . . Taxi Driver . . Mrs. Higgins ..... Mr. Alfred Doolittle . . Mrs. Pearce ..... Other maids . . Parlor Maids . . . . Larry Adkison . . Curtis Carter . . Thor Arnason Bob Morton . . . Rose Lubeck Pam Hartig .Jacqueline Cross . . . Larry Greep Rick Bye . . Linda George Cynthia Beedy . . . Alfonza Lewis . . .Valerie Goetter . . Bruce Borton . . .Sue Wollam . . .Debby Ellis Nancy Dieball Georgianna Kocin Jeanne Sanderson Director8. Set Designer . . . . Mr. Chester Brown Student Director ..... . , . Lynne Blume "Now, look here, Governor. Is this reasonabIe?? Is it fairity to take advantage of a man like this?? The girls belongs to me. You got her. Where do I came in." ll. to r.I Debbie Ellis, Bob Morton, Larry Adkison, Jean Sanderson, Bruce Barton. "Sixty pounds! What are you talking about?? I never offered you sixty pounds. Where would I get. . . " ll. to r.j Sue Wollam, Rice Bye, Cindy Beady, Larry Adkison, Thor Arneson. I feel sure we have met before, Miss Doolittle. I remember your eyes. Yes, I believe it was Covert Gardens." ll. to r,I Jackie Cross, Larry Adkison, Valerie Goetter, Rose Lubeck, Linda George. "How do you do, Mrs. Higgins? Mr. Higgins told me I might come, II. to r.j Jackie Cross, Rose Lubeck, Linda George, Valerie Goetter, Larry Adkison. P .F -- NX W -, X 9' eff WM '- ,--. Jackie Trombino receives the congratulations of Dale Barz and Cyn- Cynthia Henderson, Girls' Club president, presents a club gift to thia Henderson upon being crowned Campus "Mr. Irresistable". Kiyoshi Kusaka exchange student. The Girls' Club sponsored the Turnabout Dance, "King Of My Heart" on February 20th, l965. Music was furnished by Jim Kleeman and his Orchestra. A capa- city crowd attended the ever popular dance. The evening featured the selection ot a "Mr, lrresistable" from each building. Dale Barz presents the traditional rose bouquet to Girls' Club presi- Lynn Koehler, Don Habich, Diane Murray, and Bill Hopf enioy the dent, Cynthia Henderson. music. Student lite means participation in many less publicized events which, nevertheless, constitute an important pa rt ot school-lite. A Chess Club was initiated at the Northeast Building. fl, to r.l Mr. Hill, sponsor, Steve Karis, Pam Nyman, Steve Lorbach, Sue Waleski, Carol Marchin, Ken Gooley, Dave Karr. Shapely limbs are displayed by cheerleaders Curtis Carter and Bob Davis at the same pep rally. D.E. students are readying "mums" tor sale tor the Pigskin Pow-Wow ll. to r.l George Tracy, Ed Bastic,.ludy Schultz, Jack Brady, Dan Adams, Bob Borhauer, Judy Snow, Bob Apato, Mr. Bailey. STUDENT LIFE Cheerleaders provide a skit at the pep rally preceding the Bloom game. Denise James as the coach, exhorts her charges to win this importantgame. l-lalttime ata basketball game. if t "'-. 1 I , Lynn Reckner, Cynthia Beedy, Leslie Hopt, Jean Sanderson' Bgrbqrq John Kallas, Den Dado Larry Adluson Cheri Brouxllette Theodora Dowd, and Lynn Blume. Slfeef, l-YV' BVSIWUU Barb Dowd, R il ' to .LW ci, ick Bye, Jane Smith. I Q.,,.,..,.,,,, 7-.- The Junior Class presented Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" on April 3rd and 4th, T964 The cast included the following: Stage Manager . Dr. Gibbs ..... Joe Crowell.. . Howie Newsome Mrs. Gibbs .... Mrs. Webb . . . George Gibbs . . . Larry Adkison .. Bill Bailey . . .Paul Dowd . . . Leslie Hopf .Theodora Street . .Valerie Goetter . . . Richord Bye Rebecca Gibbs . . ....... Barbara Dowd Willy Webb. . . Professor Willard . . . as young girli Jane Smith Cheri Brouillette . . .Cindy Beedy Mr. Webb .......... .... J oy Boersma Directed 8. Designed by ......., Mr. Robert Cotter Assistant Directors ...... Lynn Reckner, Lynn Blume The weddingg l. to r Cheri Broulllette Larry Adklson Rick Bye 1 . 1 , .Ir 7. ,f -is' Brigdaoon, a musical play by Alan Lerner and Fred- erick Loewe, was presented to Eisenhower students, parents and friends on April l7th 8. l8th, l964. A capacity crowd attended this fine production. Mr. Robert Guenzler served as the music director, and Mrs. Mariory Beattie and Mr. Roger Perrin served as the Dramatics Directors. Tommy Albright. Jett Douglas . . . Sandy Dean . . . Meg Brockie . . . Maggie MacGutfie Archie Beaton . . . Harry Beaton . . . Fiona MacLaren . Jean MacLaren . . Mr. MacLaren . . . Charlie Dalrymple Bonnie . ..... . Kate .... . Mr. Lundie. . . Bagpiper ..... Sword Dancer . . . MacGregor .... Stuart Dalrymple . Francis ....... Jane Ashton . . . Cheryl Bambach Barb Bennie Jill Crawford . . . .Bruce Borton .Robert Lundman . . Shirley Rauch . . .GailJohnson Linda George' . . Denise James ......JohnBuis . Dennis Haggard . . . Nanette Witt Kathy Schuldti' . Betty Spinazzola Sandee Turnquist' . . .David Bishop . . . Glenn Bater .Cheryl Bambach . . Barbara Price . Jim Konsoer . . .Sue Reardon . . Bob.Morton . . . Ken Williams . . . Ed Klemp . . .Lois Bogda . . .Pam Hartig Jill Crawford' Linda Hemmer Georgie Mitchell Katie Murphy "Love Ot My Life" is sung by Meg Brockie lLinda Georgel and the chorus. Tommy Albright lBruce Bortonl captivaies Jane Ashton lPam Hartigl while Jeff Douglas lBob Lundimanl pretends he tacesa similiar situa- tion. Elaine Danos Barb Price Nancy Glowacki Carolyn Thune Fantasy turns into reality as Fione McLaren lNanette Wittl is about Meg Brockie lLinda Georgel is determined to ensnare Jeff Douglas to be reunited with Tommy, lRoberl Lundimanl. , mm., 4: L , if ' V gfeifi ' me -Q, 5 1 I tm. X Bruce Endzel, Lolita Carriere, National Merit Semifinalists. NATIONALMERIT LETTERS OF COMMENDATION: STUDENT LIFE ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARSHIP SEMIFINALISTS1 Row I: Jim Harms, Holly Fornell, Imre Almassy, Lolita Carriere Lynn Fetters. Row 2: Bob Kaiser, Bill Bukauskas, John Hull, Doris Gooley, Bruce Endzel, Terry DuClos, Bruce Barton. The greater portion of student life is devoted to aca- demic endeavor. P.S.A.T., S.A.T., A.C.T., National Merit, are among the many tests a student faces. The results of these tests are eagerly awaited, in that they may mean admission to college, scholar- ships, academic prestige, and naturally, a bulging chest for dad. The students pictured on the following pages repre- sent Eisenhower's top academic talent on the basis of scholastic grades and achievement in testing pro- grams. ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARSHIP SEMIFINALISTS: Row l: Bill Ziegler, Christine Pischl, Norman Pearson, Rudy Walter, Jerry Zink, Nanette Witt. Row 2: Jeffrey Padgett, Nancy Milz, Diane Stadnicki, Don Matthieson, Steve Keck, Robert Spear, Margo Woods. 183 Row If Terry DuClos, Imre Almassy, Bob Kaiser, Jerry Zink, Mary Lynne Mehl, Doris Gooley. Row 2: Larry Adkison, Dennis Dockstader, Jeffrey Padgett, John Huff. Nitin TOP 1096 SCHOLARS: TOP lO96 SCHOLARS: l Row lc Larry Adkison, Lolita Carrier, MaryLynn Mehl, Doris Gooley, Row l: Elaine Danos, Diane May, Sandra Aulwurm, Joyce Susz. 1 Nanette Witt. Row 2: Robert Spear, Steve Keck, Jim Harms, lmre Row 21 Pat Daley, Christine Pischl, Bill Bukauskas, Lenore McDonagh, Almassy, Lynn Fetters, Robert Kaiser, Diane Stadnicki, Margo Woods. Donna Piersman, Jerry Zink, Janet Woike, Karen Farrell, Dennis l Dockstader. TOP IO96 SCHOLARS STUDENT LIFE Row l: Marlene Smith, John Huff, Dawn Bareishis, Janet Erikson, Nor- Row I1 Helen Milstead, Nancy Hinrich, Bill Ziegler, Linda Kloptowski, man Pearson, Christine Marzec, Linda Harms. Row 21 Josephine Si- Don Matthieson, Carol Hirshman, Denise James. Row 2: Judy Hoppe, kora, Bob Lah, Nancy Milz, Dale Barz, Joan Blume, Larry Greep, Judy Schulti, Rudy Walter, Jeffrey Padgett, Lois Kittler, Frank Wain- Debbie Ellis, Margaret Behrens 1,- wright, Sue Orton, John Styx. .,g.:5QiZi 'Q We F il ,S M., TOP IOZ SCHOLARS: Row l: Sharon Heckler, Eleanor Cook, Ron Trombino, Martha Pooler, Claudia Ripley, Janice Gregor, Row 2: Carol Greenan, Carin Sieia, Donna Ehlers, Larry Albrecht, Kathy Rosenthal, Torn Agler, Linda Hanley, Bruce Barton, Linda Rupeika. 185 TOP 1096 SCHOLARS: Row I: Sharon Dziedzic, Cynthia Henderson, James Adams. MOFl0n Bond, Bill Andrews, Lynn Brennan. Row 2: Janet Kaminski, Wayne Schroeder, Linda Nawlin, Pat llika, Terry DuCIos, Clarence EcholS. Kathy Hagen, Holly Fornell, Janet Bray TOP lO96 SCHOLARS Row I: Valerie Goetter, Tom Signore, Sue Sodin, Ron Hottman, Gloria Pieasma, Claudia Janes. Row 2: Roseanne Forrester, Jackie King, Richard Schmidt, Judith Snow, PeterMolsen, Lynda Foose, Lois Brecken- ridge. Karen Farrellwinner of Daughters of the American Revolution "Good Citizenship" award, based on dependability, leadership, service, and patriotism. il f Dan BOWITNJFI SESFTIS to VGSSITI' ble a Roman bootlegger. Lynn Brennan is dressed in Ro- man aristocratic style. Bev Galvin, Peggy Sidler, Kathy Vuich, Ronald Garner and Sue Wollam are waiting for the "goodies" to be served. Roberta Rauch, Debbie Ander- son, and Paul Cummings. 1344- be 'LSI .sw ' 5 Q? STUDENT LIFE The various language clubs receive a fuller under- standing of the languages they study by emulating certain traditions associated with the culturesiot these people. Thus, the Latin Clubs at Old Main and North- west hold annual banquets, Roman style, with the students wearingthe garb ofthe day. Jean Knoll tells Arthur Bunce and Bill Nickelson, "lt's O.K. to lie on the floor. It was cleaned with "Tap Job," Slave girl Peggy Frett feeds Ron Subka while Linda Rynliar awaits herturn. Nancy Heffernan, Chris Elliott, and Suzanne DeChatellierwere ofticers at the Northwest Latin Club. Judy Lurquin and BillNiclcelson. "Wilt thou goest to the Turn- about Dance with me?" Bertil Arnius and Mr. 8. Mrs. George Krunic. Bertil Arnius hails from Upsala, Swedan, about fifty miles from Stockholm. Bertil's father is a building engineer. Bertil has a younger brother and two younger sisters. When he completes this year at Eisenhower, Ber- til will have two remaining years to complete high school in Sweden. He then plans to attend college in pursuance of an engineering degree. The Youth For Understanding Program enabled Ber- til to come to this country. His American parents are Mr. and Mrs. Krunic of Calumet Park. In Sweden, Bertil belongs to a Railroad Club, which charters interesting excursions on various railroads and provides its members with facilities for model railroading. During the past year Bertil belonged to l.S.E., the Euclidean Club, Mu Alpha Theta, and the Fine Arts Club. His preferences are toward the outdoors with interestsin swimming,skating, sailing, andtennis. Bertil is impressed by the vastness and beauty of the United States, particularly in the west. Thor Arneson, Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas Dillon and Pat Dillon i evening of relaxation with music. 11. 'if' Bertil Arnius serves cake to Mr. Ziemba and Mr. Mutz, at l.S.E, Tea. A pleasant part of student life is the introduction of our student body to our foreign exchange students and the ensuing association with these fine, young people Our guests for i964-65 were Thor Arneson of lceland, Bertil Arnius of Sweden, and Klyoshl Kusaka of Japan. ain for an Vigful Thor Arneson is a native of Iceland and resides with his parents and two brothers and one sister in Reykiavik, the capitol of Iceland. Thor was selected by the l.C.Y.E. Committee of the First Congregational Church to live with the Dillon family of Oak Lawn. In comparing our schools with those of lceland, Thor was impressed by the number of extra curricular activities offered in U.S. schools and by the close relationship between the faculty and the student body at Eisenhower. During the year, Thor was a member of the Drama Club, l.S.E., and the Fine Arts Club. Thor also was cast in the Senior Play. Future plans include enrollment in college with a career in social work and drama. - Pat Dillon and Thor face an evening of study. 6 .WW fs :Ei A 3,7 C 'wc me WW wwe Mrs. Robert Bobb, Robert Bobb, Kiyoshi Kusuka, KentBobb pose for the CREST photographer. Thor Arneson and Lindo George model sports outfits at j,-,z1.gf"i.u': fix:-, :Q W .mw,?iLs1?sa.4rwi j 5smith:ieeiesfswaifaita we H fe 1L:"igfs5if gg, to-eggimfgssi-g.siff,gff l f,k . q,s,zg3f.f.1f1 j ' ifii lffvn- ' i Qf..f?' F 5- , 2' as , ., , c f M f 3, --:'- Um WM: v , ,--7,. ii:,,,.,. M ww-L.-iwy: 1,. .3 f , Kiyoshi points out to Robert his home base. Kiyoshi Kusaka is an exchange studenttrom Ogawar, Japan, sent to us through the l.S.E. program. Kiyoshi has a married sister and two brothers, one studying medicine and the other in high school. His father is a doctor. Kiyoshi must attend school for one more year to complete his high school program in Japan. His plans for the future are uncertain, but he does plan to attend college. Kiyoshi earned a varsity letter in cross country at Eisenhower. He is a member ot the l.S.E. club and the Varsity Athletic Club. In Japan, Kiyoshi was a member of his school's track team. Fashion Show. Diane Murray and Kiyosha model dress-up clothes. Nanette Witt and Bertil display casuals 7964 SENIOR PROM :Aj 'sy X9 ' if Fi 1 s F' f swiss ,f V. Z! 1 ff . X is s , jgssshfrna- f ,f,, Martha Pooler and Bob Westman admire Prom decorations. Betty Lauteriung, Joe Dykstra, Georgia Mitchell and Dick Humphries pause for refreshments. School social activities close with the staging of the Senior Prom. Within a few days tour seemingly long years become a book of memories as the seniors plan to attend college, enroll in trade schools, enter the business world, enlist in the armed services to mold their future careers. The book on student lite is ended. Donna Ehlers, Jeffrey Padgett, Judy Klod, and Ed Bastic dance away the hours. The Grand March. Shown are Robertllauch, Linda Hughes, Don Apoto, Arlene Antis, and John Zilewicz. 189 re Hg R f WY '53 me war ,,k. H ggi Q nfl? 218 QR , X COLOR GUARD: DRUM MAJORS AND GUIDE-oN CARRIERS: L. to R.: Deborah Austin, Pot Wozniak, Laurie Barr, Karen Anderson. L, to R.: Sue Harris, Linda Hanson, Larry Greep, Martha Pooler, Linda MARCHING BAND 1 CONCERTBAND Row lf Larry Greep, Monica Lauderdale, Terry Elliott, Karen Anderson, Russell DeVilbiss, Linda Hanson, Laurie Barr, Joan Thiele, Joyce Moore, Charlene Hagen, Charles Elkins, Sandra Rauch, Pamela Hickey, K-athy O'Hare, Sue Orton, Nancy Miller, Elaine Danos, Goldie Patches, Nancy Zoda, Martha Pooler. Row 2: Pat Wozniak, Gere aldine Coleman, Deborah Austin, Linda Corneio, Arnold Watland, Alan Hendrix, Adele Hambrick, Leslie Trotter, Cathy Arnell, Janine Westlake, Goldman Ward, Arthur Beagley, John Giusti, Sue Hanson, Linda Plahm, Made- leine Mailhiot, Georgianna Bragiel, Carroll Warren, Tom Richardson, Linda Having, John Huff, Marc Mangold, Carol Greenan. Row 3: Barbara Dowd, Annette Kluchins, Marylynn Mehl, Leonard Moody, Terry Gaertner, Kathy Hill, Marcelle Hambrick, Jerry Fehser, Darlene Kada, Ralph Ledet, John Kallas, Linda Hagstrom, John Vink, Marcia Gleaves, Joe Leone, Bob Templin, John Hickey, Jack Seramur, Wayne Schroeder, Bruce Huffman, Paul Cummins, Frank Wainwright. Row 4: Jim Opou, Linda Kelly,Sharon DisAbato, Frank Nelson, Alice Wessels, Ron Bednarczyk, Jim Sparks, Wayne Knocke, John Curran, Ron Hottmon, John Gill, Hal Beattie, Don Jeanes. Row 5: Janet Jones Mr. Richardson, Greg Mindemau, Grgnt Cromwell, Chris Winslow, George Moyet, Jim Adams, Jim Dertz, Paul Dickinson, Tom Spotts, Arlene Dickinson, Lynda Dunning. Row lg Larry Greep, Monica Lauderdale, Terry Elliott, Geraldine Coleman, Russell DeVilbiss, Gloria Terrell, Susan Harris, Mary Davis, Linda Lorbach, Sue Johnson, Linda Hemmer, Joan Thiele, Sharon Hill, Charlene Hagen, Sue Orton, Elaine Danos, Nancy Zoda, Martha Pooler. Row 2: Barbara Dowd, Annette Kluchins, Leonard Moody, Linda Kelly, James Witt, Kathy Mech, Leslie Trotter, Cathy Arnell, Alun Hendrix, Janine Westlake, Goldman Ward, Arthur Beagley, Judy Wordrope, Richard Collier, Sue Hanson, Madeleine Mailhiot, Carol Warren, John Thompson, Linda Having, Tam Richardson, Marc Mangold, John Huff, Carol Greenan. Raw 3: Kathy Hill, Frank Nelson, Rod Hubbard, Alan Kich, Cheryl Payne, Patty Mack, Terry Gaertner, James Opon, Alan Brouakowski, John Kallas, 'Jerry Fehser, Phillip Naplos, George Koester, Scott Bond, Steve Nagy, Kenneth Rhoades, Charles Champion, Jack Seramur, Gery Bytnar, Bill Brady, Tam Knight, Vincent Venckus, John Vink, Paul Cummins, Frank Wainwright. Row 4: Janet Jones, Linda Esser, Janice Oberg, Ron Garner, Greg Mindeman, Chris Winslow, Grant Cromwell, Clifton Ledet, James Kallas, Kenneth Dado, Alice Wessels, Ron Bednarczyk, James Sparks, Tom Pyle, Earnest Garrison, Ron Hott' man, John Gill, Don Jeanes, Row 5: William Idle, Robert Allan, Curt Chifo, Peter Becola, Ray Schroeder, Clifford Lill, Susanne DuChatillier, James Dertz, James Adams, Tom Spotts, Lynda Dunning. CAMPUS BAND I9 3 E5 sic :si Q CONCERT ORCHESTRA Row ln Georgia Staes, Susan Witte, Linda Small, Betty Sandberg, Patricia Pucket, Robert Small, Jean Vollrath, Stanley Surmo, Char- line Hendrix, Donna Engle, Patricia Egan, Nich DeLeo, Angela Zuber, Roman Potempa, Claudia Phillips, George Engleman, Ramona Davis, Row 2: Noel Cirulla Janice Heckler, Pamela Nethaway, Regina Slo- vik, Janice Klaptowsky, Joe Kloptowsky, David Grace, Charline Cath- ern, Mary Sedder, Stanley Potempa, Sondra Schultz, Richard Perez, Mary Homan, lnice Jackson, Jeanette Koopman, Tom Lesh, Valerie Goetter, Nancy Edmunds, Paul Kogut, Emily Richards, Cheri Struss, Carol Peterson. Row 3: Pat Lenart, Richard Kinstedt, Judy Suchowsky, my el Janice Jochums, Connie Cole, James Jackson, Carolyn Sandberg, Robert Lah, Victor Lubieniecki, Robert Modder, Roy Lane, Connie Huerta, Judy Williams, Louis Tonerpol, Charles Schultz, Elaine Danos, Martha Pooler, Linda Hansen, Russell DeVillbiss, Larry Greep,Moni- ca Lauderdale, Sue Hansen, Madeline Malhoit.Row11pCarol Greenan, John Hutt, Tom Richardson, Marc Mangold, Linda Hoving, Frank Wain- wright, Paul Commins, Ron Hottman, Grant Cromwell, John Gill, Don Jeanes. Row S: Roberto Rauch, Ray Wasielewski, Nancy Schaeff- ler, Linda Mercede, Ron Schierra, Som Steel, Ray Schroeder, Jim H Lit wi v i 1 5 aw Adams, Tom Spotts, Lynda Dunning. N Q5 . ' . iv ,t 1' v :' if Ag we if r, if wise, -Jie, S X M' ' s f ' L J X sf'Q,, S ' , 3 "l' S Q, S " 4: , staffs -- 1, , get - - - 4 . , ,L ,. ui. iw, E Q31 f L P -y i M ' 1 ' 5 1 sg ,f '- ' if ig' v N , ig 1 ,I ,i ff? ' 6322992 gssss.SQf,:a:'i,g't sea, . , ,st-fit w,,,fs2im,vtQ5,zsa V , quit , ya ,!. . . ,J- -3 . W N W ,m il f ,tems-V, .,.,, 2 . -- , mf ,,cw1.imw z1 ,.-if" iz-:siwz .m :wget- ,zfr , . m e -.5.: 1-,':fiMczc..s., Y. fi , -- an V . 5. -,:., --,,.:- I ' "" -X HERALD TRUMPET5 i' Q ll. to r.l Mo rs Mangold, John Thompson, Linda Having, Carol Grennan, 3 :E ,E . if ' ' fs Jw . P , - . P- .- .ff Ken Rhoades, Carol Warren, Tom Richardson y 5 it 5 , . J, L ,. . L. - ,92 -fi -.f ,dxf-if , Q., V- f -if. , is -...le 55, is ,mgge -2. . Q 'ii - C 1. C N . , . -Q L. . f5Q5i5,yf- f, r fi -N' -Vx - -gf' 1-"-?-gif, Pr, 5-'2:':: 'Q VEH f ' 5 fi x- ,-'Xi .- ,' ,j ,US 's. 'I-Q, "?f."F' JQEQU' 1-"2:f'4j,,"', 'i'VE,7':?.'5?,,1' .,, , . . . - , . , V , , s m,.,.,..,, A I - ,. ,.- ...H sz'- OLD MAIN BUILDING BAND Row I: Goldie Patches, Nancy Miller, Linda Puckett, Sandra Rauch, David Beagley, Laurie Barr, Linda Hanson. Row 2: Jane Harding, Larey Collins, Lorraine Corneio, Greg Schultz, Delmar Staeker, Larry Kohaus, Gary Taylor, Barbara Brown, Marsha Huffman, Linda Mabley, Linda Corneio, Debbie Austin, Pat Wozniok, Karen Anderson. Raw 3: Margaret Jeka, Richard Swafford, Arnold Watland, Mark Willer, Arnie Ramming, Penny Heinecke, Mike Lewis, Richard Quint, Paul Malone, Phil Colantonio, Linda Dada, Carl Blakemore, Tom Barches, Roger Crandall, Darlene Kadar, Linda Plahm, Bill Lasky, Cheryl Haley, Irene Vidales. Row 41 Joe Russo, Linda Hagstrom, Willeys McArthur, Derk Sargent, Robert Antis, Jim Schuch, Ken Burmeister, Eric Eggert, Steve Reed, Dave Field, John Curran, Bob Huscher, Larry Carlson, Craig Greenhill, Jake Ulvila, Greg Kredens, Hal Beattie. Row 5: Peter F. Bertuca lDirectorI, John Brtis, Paul Hunnell, Larry Hillegands, George Systma, Paul Dickinson, Arlene Dickinson, Not Pictured: Bruce Huffman, Cathy Dietz, Vince O'Mahoney, William Reihel, Tom Brdar. BUILDING BAND-SOUTHEAST Row I1 Wilbur Pelt, John Brown, Charles Robinson, Jewer Witcher Patricia Mickey, Louise Stigher, Joyce Moore, Charles Elkins. Row 2: Deborah Turner, Grace Harris, Verscher Mitchell, Pearl Coluin, Per- cival Harmon, Marcelle Hambrick, Cheri Woolfolk, Emmit George, Steven Echols. Row 3: Iris Miller, Kaluzna Carson, Sallie Dyson, William Bell, Lester Moody, Henry Mathews, Jeffery Bond, James Colhoun, Oscar McClinton, Joseph Coleman, Joseph McCroy, Karl Turner, Marcia Gleaves. Row 111 Charles Calhoun, Ronald Cameron, Lonnie Johnson, Keith Weatherspoon, Sylvia Lewis, Charles Steward, William George, Johnny Mills, Archie Smith, Leonard Boston, Darrel Dixon. NORTHWEST-NORTH EAST BAND Row Ig Kathy O'Hare, Pam Hickey, Patrick DilIon,Keith Anderson, Ken Hamel, Sharon Disabato, Hans Kasper, Jim Lukacek, John Giusti, Mar- tha Dorke, Peter Davidavitch, Judy Paleczny, Steve Alo. Row 2: Linda York, Lillian Hendrix, Leeann Oberto, Terry Beckman, Dave Johnston, Barbara Beck, Sue Hopkins, Randy Gilbert, Mike Mooney, Peter Gerike, Dan Strutzenberg, Jerry Canning, Gene Lode, Joe Eschbach, Frances Baumann, Joanne Ridderhoff, Bill Manders, John Smolinski. Raw 3: Art Nyberg, Louise Ripley, Leslie Stomiony, Christine DeLeo, Tim De- Witt, Debbie Dumais, John Hayes, Vicki Mahaftay, Faith Strickland, Karen EkIin,Mike Peglaw,SteveSchmiedl,MarkBona,Marianne Noble, Joe Pucik, Wayne Aanarud, David Kaar, Tom Eckert, Randy Moedin- ger, Dave Erickson, Chris Baumann, Shirley McKinney, Larry Hanson, John Moskal. Row 4: Larry Kalins, Steve Culver, Connie Price, Ed Klingkamer, Tom Dusek, Robert Swedko, Ed Scholtens, Nick Ritter, Ed Murphy, Bob Kittel, Reed Strutzenberg, David Escoe, Jerry Bartusch, Ken Larson, Tom Grey, Russell Stahlak, Chuck Bergman, Jim Gregor, Ken Karlson, Joe Leone, John Hickey, Row 5: Cynthia Bergstrand, Sandy Cummings, Louis Nota, Bob Reis, Dan Richards, John Scanlon, Sharon Tholl, Bob Elzey, Patricia Monahan, Ferruccio Crema, Mr. Lauderdale, Mr. Habley. Not Pictured: Steve Myer, George Keene, Dan Miller, Robert Templin, Don Larsen. midi i -"- L2 p , 5 ' L, 3 1 it ' 'M A i1,,y . Af. Q24 , I , J .Q 3 . , , C 'w t sais 4 f. il ,ln . 'n ' .f ' fs " MY' A -f' 31- L ' ' 45:53 A . 131'-. ,, f. X. .M-L ., If , 1 . .. . . ,ff ' eng' 5 A' ' ' f , .57 ee 5 f .V ', , 'S ' D ., J . J 1 . - 1 ,.,i, av ? ' -i 'L Q i I 5, k ' ' A -' fe ' 21 ,55 r L ' -L-Y ...JY - l . .V w X s- 5 E el l Q . new - .V ' f JG? f sa 1 'f Lil". L17 :""" in .f.ff"'d 'ff " Ji f + A1 f , ' 'f .Q -"' H 1 rd' . 1 ,W i Q if- Qffxu fi w, ' , ,.,. ..-- fn- M, ,, -1' y -, ,i - was ,ml 4' . .:"'5- wf?f5'r2iLf3?i.' 'f'f:Plii3ilJ,1 9458535 i.?L'i'33 :xl-fm. hr f l' M V J - s ' --Q .. X i 1 ,.,. , - if, .Q - M ., , - Q 1 - f f f I- i f ' ' . 7 "V -M -'11 ' ff' J i f uugrfiifds 'M 'TQFQH .EN V ' " -I X 'ifl'---'f ' 41, JV .i flux' yu' 1 ii' s --i " -C, ':.'-mfs wi WM - .f -ff-1 wwe - ' i'?' .-eww f L ef, A y -' L I L , ,, , 5 L sf i .. X, - i TUBA SECTION: DRUM SECTION: L. to R.: Larry Kinzel, Chris Winslow, Sam Gardeakos, Ron Garner, L. to R.: Goldman Ward, Lent Frison, Arlene Dickinson, Ray Schroe- Grey Mendeman, George Meyer and Grant Cromwell. der, Paul Hunnell, Jim Derlz, Sue Johnson, Lynda Dunning, Gloria Terrall, Paul Dickinson, Suzanne DuChalillier, Tom Spots, Arthur Beagley, Russ DeVilbiss. NORTHEAST A CAPPELLA CHOIR Row l: Linda Morrell, Francine Koranlsis, Karen Swanson, Judy Kremkau, Barbara Russell, Jane Lausch, Linda Gutrich, Carol Georgen, Christine Freiberg, Cynthia Kirk, Sandra Zebrowski, Judy Schultz, Sherry Chisholm, Laurel Elich. Row 2: Carol Hornerding, Lana Dick, Jackie Mollen, Shoren Haydock, Judy Lurquin, Pam Johnson, Sandra Dorl, Jan Felfers, Marilyn Kratochvil, Pat Swedko, Sandra Drenthe, Barbara Body, Glenda Slernberg, Linda Wycislo, Pal McCauley, Joyce Calbow, Jeanette Mul- vaney. Row 3: Mary Lorenz, Linda Wollner, Nancy Husayko, Barbara Bennett, De- lores Pacinskas, Jeff McCoy, Frank Lockwood, Robert Perry, Bill Fischer, Mike Pastiak, Chester Hackimiak, Mike Sullivan, Don Alm, Bill Rulien, Ed Ball, La Verne, Pacinskas, Sue Cozzi, Linda Foca, Theresa Discher. Row 41 Charles Wall, Duane Torrence, John Marlschinki, Jerry Chambers, Ken Topping, Richard Batson, Richard Cornwell, Robert Weeber, Wayne Trongeau, Bill lngle, Bill Dunn, John Alberts, Tom Jaros, Leon Mala- chinski, Ed Massolh, John Baird, Slebe Stott, Randy Visser, Florie Calabrese, Jim Look, John Schwab, Mr. Chapman, ix, ,4 ACAPPELLA CHOIR-CAMPUS Row ln Nancy Hinrichs, Claudia Jones, Sharon Heckler, Penny Madiigal, Pat Ilika, Lynn Fetters, Diane Davis, Sandee Turnquist, Dawn Bareishis, Sandy Etherton, Lynn Blume. Row 2. Mr. Guenzler, Judy Moore, Diane Stadnicki, Carol Howard, Carole Dance, Janel Bray, Bonnie Steinhauer, Marion Bond, Vernetta Sanders, Wanda Henry, Carol Brazzil, Linda George, Lyn. Brennan, Linda Kloptowsky, Anita Kidd, Debbie Anderson. Row 3. Pat Turke, Cindy Hall, Linda Egan, Mary Ann Glavin, Gwen Carol, Trudy Cox, Carol Stenek, Valerie Goetter, Carolyn Thune, Denise James, Jackie King, Kathy Forrester, Elsa Harris, Ruthann Kuikman, Linda Harms, Anne Owall. Row 4: Nan Witt, Marilyn Williams, Judy Lohse, Chris Simpson, Tina Anderson, Chris Moore, Judy Klod, Lenore McDonagh, Fran Alm, Sandie Elia, Deb- TREBLE CHOIR- CAMPUS Row lr Sharon Mahood, Ja Ann Lukacek, Kay Cione, Jessica Crosby, Linda Esser, Roseanne Forrester, Josephine Martino, Diane Pawelczak, Nancy Peck, Erline Bouie. Row 2: Jo An Sikora, Joette Forrester, Darlene Kuiken, Bernadette Crema, Nancy Boone, Carol Weiner, Diane Murray, Karen Vollrath, Helen Milstedt, Pam Cook. Row 31 Pat Gasik, Sandy Conway, Judy Cianci, Karen Rocco, Donna Rodr, Pat Paiak, bie Ellis, Cheri Glovacki, Pat Maiden, Nancy Schultz, Jeannie Knoll, Janice Oberg, Carol Fustafson. Row 5: Marie Jeffries, Ron Subka, Tom Tinkin, Tyrone Haymore, Max Puyanic, Bob Morton, Ken Verharen, Chuck Martchinski, Curtis Carter, Roscoe Clark, Ted Bennet, Joan Schultz, Ed Klemp, Orville Johnson, Henry Tkachuch, Jim Konsoer, Tom Roegner, Pete Asplund, Howard Schultz, Linda Hemmer, Maryellen Elliot. Row 6. Marilyn Krenn, Jim Chrisler, Gary Mullens, Bruce Barton, Nash Con- trais, Scott Newman, Robert Babb, Mike Beck, Ken Williams, Steve Gaffney, George Billows, Kyoshi Kusaka, Bob Rosenwald, Rich D'Amico, Bruce Tate, John Trombino, Pete Pedrok, Roy Edgren, Jim Barnes, Charles Dowdy. Barb Horvath, Narda Miller, Doris Gooley, Mr. Guenzler. Row 4: Grace Moore, Gwen Hall, Barb Lucas, Bev Kliner, Holly Fornell, Maryanne Meyer, Barb Podrak, Sherrilyn Trammell, Judy West, Donna Miller, Row 5: Michele Martin, Pam Hartig, Roberta Hucko, Linda Hamilton, Alison Zeller, Linda Rippe, Marie Ouzzo, Sandy Klimas, Diane Cooper, Maureen Canning, Linda Stein, Lynn Blume. gun! Elem V A .,,,, A x it fi ' P fig 'ff' J it , ..,, , . lj, . . . M3 y . . , ,H 4' 1 4 l N ACAPPELLA-SOUTHEAST Row l: Miss Kirnbell, Dennis Ristan, Theodore Griffin, Jacob Hen- dricks, Willie Joke, May Patterson, Phondall Hicks, Doris Scott, San- dra White, Sandra Benson, Margaret Scott, Loretta Brown, Jacques Berry, Danny Johnson, Mr. D. Hopper. Row 2: Alton Jones, Ronald Glasper, Gregory Williams, Ronald Smith, Linda Garrison, Bonnie Henry, Christine Chris, Emma Porter, Sharlene Hicks, Suzette Car- son, Ora Lee Roberson, Claude Hannah, Vernon Segar, Row 31 Robert Jefferson, Warren McReynolds, Marvin Hayley, Paul Rayon, Myrtle Tatum, Reeva Anderson, Stephanie James, Dianne Bibbs, Monica Johnson, Doris Hamilton, Mary Mapp, Patricia Roberts, HerbertFrison, Leonard Marsh. Row 11: Ronald Smith, Clarence Searcy, Donald Her- sey, Bobby McKinley, Kenneth Searcy, Sherra Dunn, Deborah Smith, Francis Charles, Seresta Collins, Brenda Foster, Katheleen Triplett, Tulsa Neeley, Marilyn Cook, Anthony Smith, William Thamos. GIRLS CHORUS-SOUTHEAST Row l: Cora Buckley, Carol Moten, Sheryl Drake, Ernestine Lonzo, Patricia Steveno, Althea Calloway, Golden Holt, Garnell Harmon, Vivian Boyd, Frances Craig, Andrea Presswood, Deborah Jones, Mr. Hopper. Row 2: Cynthia Lewis, Glenn Howard, Jeraldine Jones, Patricia Fleming, Betty Rovie, Rosie Lee Williams, Carol Davenport, Cassandra Thomas, Eloise McGee, Marcia Berry, Rita Pinkard, Jac- quetta Bennett, Joyce Groom. Row 3: Sharon Yancy, Pamela Rhodes, Ernestine Fletcher, Josie Stockard, Juanita White, Ernestine Williams, Deborah Russell, Gloria Jones, Mary Jane Young, Lucille Jeffrey, Elouise Covington, Patricia Phillips. CAMPUS MIXED CHORUS Row I1 Pat Carr, Paulette McDowell, Pat Young, Linda Thrawl, Julia Bretz, Bonnie Fraser, Sheila lserloth, Lucille Carrero.' Row 2: Nancy Klimas, Carol McCabe, Sandy Morrel, Pat Palmer, Pat Salvato, Donna Mulvaney, Carolyn Brown. Row3pLinda Sowa,Rosemary Hunter, Karen Millett, Brenda Siller, Judi Szwet, Christine Amren, Gayle Marks, Pat Langland, Mr, Guenzler. Row A1 John Bonny, Ken Goodman, Howard Kirschbaum, Robert Norem, Tom Kraus, Marvin Scheffler, Bobbie Goodman, Harvey Brown, Guy Janicak, RooseveltScotl. Row 5: Al Lewis, Fred Pierce, Bill Sweeney, Robert Harrison, Hank Bronette, Michael Williams, Roger Conboy, Will Mullens, Charles Hersey, Ellie Moore, Maurice Anderson. TREBLE CHOIR-OLD MAIN Row lg Sandra Fitak, Pat Philleps, Faye Suidat, Joyce Zolfo, Kathy Kenney, Lynn Jebsen, Esther Weidenaar, Cheryl Burmeister, Mar- garet Constan, Mary Jordan, Kathy Kranich. Row 2: Janet Rosenwald, Barb Papierski, Kathy Walker, Linda Trautmann, Sandy Helvvig, Linda Hagen, Cindy Anderson, Vicki Covelli, Linda Rogers, Kathy White- law, Gloria Lorotunda, Debbie Hehl. Row 3: Karen Formosa, Joyce Glenn, Lynn Alamprese, Karen Fogelman, Debbie Anderson, Gale Dirocco, Debbie Coyle, Bonnie Bauer, Wendy Karlstedt, Kathy New- ton, Chris Ward, Suzanne Kias, Ellyn Storie, Doreen Marshall. Row 11: Caryl Brockman, Rosalie Puente, Jean Williams, Pat Mitchell, Judy Lundin, Linda Brodzinski, Yvonne Over, Linda Baron, Joan Hinrichs, Chris Horvath, Pat Andrews, Cathey Mehrings, Nancy Brady, Lynn Bausor, Clairanne Wa rgacki. 196 NORTHWEST MADRIGAL SINGERS CHANTEES Row lg Gloria Pischl, Janie Stevens, Gail Kiner, Gerry Knoll, Patricia Row lg Bernadette Crema,Sharon Mahood, Lynn Bluem, Diane Cooper, Keslinke, Sue Bussean, Sandy Wachdorf, Linda Legatzke. Row 2: Mike Roseanne Forrester, Carol Stener. Row 2: Pam Hartig, Donna Radr, Brewster, Jon Parsons, Guy Ortman, Scott Hanawaldt, Bob Haan, Mike Joanne Sikora, Sandie Elia, Pat Gasik, Donna Miller, Mr. Guenzler. Reid, Bill Manders, Rich Cheslcie. "G" CLEFS - CAMPUS Row lg Lynn Fetters, Gwen Carroll, Carol Howard, Claudia Jones, Janel Bray, Dawn Barelshis, Cynthia Hall, Denise James, Nancy Hin- richs, Chris Moore, Cheri Glovacki, Carolyn Thume, Jackie King, Mr. Guenzler. fi? , i L E MADRIGAL SINGERS - CAMPUS Row l: .lim Christler, Lyn Brennan, Sandee Turnquist, Diane Stad- nicki, Diane Davis, Anne Owall, Linda George, Debrie Anderson Nancy Schultz, Elsa Harris, Janis Oberg, Pat Maiden, Nanette Witt Chris Simpson, Howard Schultz. Row 2: Linda Kloptowsky, Bruce Bor- ton, Pat lliko, Linda Hemmer, Ron Subka, Gary Mullens, Mr. Guen- zler, MikeB2ck,Edlilemp,PeteAsplund,SteveGaffney, Henry Tkachuk. P 197 NORTHWEST GIRLS CHOIR Row lt Jean Fredricks, Pamela Hern, Marilou Macauley, Susan Thorsen, Cathy Ether- ton, Joyce Malone, Linda Cloutier, Deborah Rusnak, Wendy Nelson, Scherise Corbett, Connie Tongren, Patricia Lakey, Merle Cazallas, Freda Galles. Row 2: Sharon Jones, Sharon Banks, Janet Kumingo, Karen Zika, Barbara Bober, Marcella Kovach, Barbara Kinstedt, Bonnie Miarecki, Joyce Dike, Dorothy Doot, Judy Vanderwood, Mary Blom- auist, Sharon Chicione, Donna Trazcek, Julia Pizur, Sharon Marques, Vicky Struss, Barbara Jones, Linda Bulow. Row 3: Sharon Galvin, Barbara Ost, Karen Naslund, Dawn Langing, Fran Kowalzok, LuAnice McGrath, Raebelle Garant, Sandy Marler, Cathy Becker, Fran Komar, Kathleen Erickson, Janet Muselman, Barbara Slabe, Sandy Miklian, Vicki Sedlack, Donna Koonce, Shirley, Holm, Barbara Heinisch, Patricia Fox, Virginia Gunn, Pom Stancik, Maureen Becker. Row 11: Helen Gardeakas, Kimberly Bruback, Sharon Konley, Sandy Randall, Gayle Shanta, Linda Mardiettlo, Cindy War- pack, Beverly Schurr, Linda Headrick, Mary Dellorto, Janice Gedmin, Georgene Sch- roeder, Sandra Cummings, Nancy Bekkering, Chris Sarna,Vicki Corse, Karen Alkema, Mary Prium, Ellen Foyle, Linda Osterman, Pat Keate. NORTHWESTA CAPPELLA CHOIR Row lg Kathy Coverick, Joanne Zaccdgnino, SuzieMic ow, Diane Dado, Linda Legatyke, Duane Grahovec, Eric Olson, Richard Cheskie, Craig Glosner, Richard Micetic, Bill Manders, Richard Roberts, Stanley Kulka, Terry Dugan, Edmund Glowacki, Karen Ko- merford, Jane Roberts, Janet Graves, Diane Kumingo,ElaineWasilewski. Row 2: Linda Boye, Nancy Moore, Linda Walczak, Carol Cure, Gloria Pischl, Marilyn Peterson, Linda Glondt, Carolyn Shay, Bill Kraiss, Richard Lysen, Bill Summer, Donald Larsen, Eugene Klinckman, Jon Parsons,JamesHudson,JohnCurulewski,James Doyle, Charles Schuffert, Suzanne Busseon, Sandy Wachdort, Debbie Helmer, Darlene Wasielewski, Gail Kiner, Linda Manders, Arletta Gustafson, Judy Gaffney, Sandy Stadnicki. Row 3: Janie Stevens, Jo Ann Sharka, Carol Stevens, Barbara Nyhart, Dianne Walsch, Ger- aldine Knoll, Linda Puyanic, Mike Brewster, Gary Kiner, Ronald Deasan, John Bar- bahen, Guy Ortmann, Greg Stevens, Dennis Landland, Robert Tobias, Don Wierenga, John Hickey, Bob Haan, Michael Workman, Eugene Ricketts, Mike Reid, Scott Hana- walt, Joe Cole, Cyril Strezo, Ron Daluga, Larry Brigmon, Wendell Armstutz, Leslie Travis, Barb Knox, Pat Keslinke, Nancy Voorn,JoAnn Korner, Nancy Oltman, Bobette Horskey. OLD MAIN ACAPPELLA CHOIR Row lg PotAdams, Barb Wilder, Karhy Wesselhofl, Janice Wilson, Gary Spade, Mike MacGregor, John Brtis, Joe Russo, Debbie Eckel, Susan Humphreys, Chris Marszalek, Donna Palermo. Row 2: Peggy Ermschler, Doreen D'Amico, Gayle Smith, Lois Blom- quist, Greg Glovacki, Tom Forester, Mike Curran, Larry Wesselhoff, Jackie Fancher, Judy Christensen, Monica Thompson, Denise Prott,Mr,Traylor. Row 3: Bonnie Drobny, Kerry Harvey, Gloria Henry, Kayla Twine, Roger Dahlstrom,Glenn Giles, Tom Bonny, Larry Jensen, Tim Kaczmarski, Pam Linde, Jenice Gese, Judy Hardy, Kathy Novak, Sue Jenner. Row 11: Stella Gomez, Donna Engle, Carolyn Visage, Kim Pierce, Roberta Woike, Rich Hillstrom, Rich Wickberg, Noel Sippel, Larry Sobiski, Rich Strahm, Pam Rungi, Mary Ann Hanes, Sheila Rappapart, Yvonne Glavan, Debbie Thompson. MIXED CHORUS-SOUTHEAST Row I: Miss Kimble, Clarence Bowens, Clyde Hamilton, Mary Joyner, Linda Hudson, Jill Tibbs, Patricia Brooks, Janis Davis, Florida Lewis, Beverly Bryant, Brenda Gosa, Bette Johnson, Linda Fitzgerald, Brenda Rollins, Samuel Hartzal, Gene Scott, Mr. Harper. Row 2: Willie Duff, Carlyle Corey, La Jewell Prico, Kathy Stevens, Marua Spearman, Shirley Miller, Lula Chambers, Lolita Green, Julianna Richardson, Elaine Tabor, Gail Young, Eunice Fuches, Katherine Smith,Alexander Carlton, Vernon Sigors. Row 3: Ronald Smith, Reginald Cocharm, William Golden, Janice Smith, Emma Buch- anon, Joyce Bradwell, Yvonne Smith, Fredine Therman, Delores Simpson, Berry Wal- ker, Joanne McDowell, Yvonne Haymore, Annie' Hudson, Beverly Lightfoot, Jerome Williams, Kenneth Newell, Row 4: Larry Jones, Elmore Mc Henry Williams, Aluinice Siockard, Leonare Williams, Shirley Hale Cynthia' Carter, Margaret White, Sandro Wright, Joyce Moody, Jackie Jackson, Cheryl Trammell, Emma Powell, Janis Murray, Anita Michaux, James Barnes, Curley Lightfoot. 198 .Mx DEL CANTOS QUARTER Seated: Pat llika-Pianist. Standing: Bruce Barton-Bass, Nanette Witt- Saprano, Linda George-Alto, Ed Klemp-Tenor. 199 GIRLS CHOIR-CAMPUS Row lz Arnetta Beckwith, Bonnie Wagner, Deborah Outlaw, Sandy Kaorce, Pam Miroballi, Karen Powers, Dorothy Hicks, Barb Thomas, Armandina Tellez. Row 2: Gloria Clark, Marie Worsham, Letha Smith, Ann Thomas, Carole Sanberg, Linda Barbahen, Marilyn Hagstrom, Sandy Disobato, Maryellen Murphy, Mr. Guenzler. Row 3: Lucinda Scott, Betty Popierski, Scarlett Ciancio, Linda Eischor, Sue Lucas, Helen Cook, Karen Bell, Elizabeth Moore, Brenda Murray. Row 4: Karen Roufs, Pat Sheehan, Irma Thomas, Ruby Herron, Linda Duson, Gloria Terrell, Nancy Wallace, Jeanne Mayer, Sue Wheeler, Rosemary Car- rera, Chris Weis. TREBLE CHOIR-NORTHEAST Row l: Linda Holm, Diane Verre, Maura McNamera, Bonnie Brause, Jay Gallina, Fran Bugyie, Margery Watt, Accornpanist-Ed Massoth. Row 2: Norma Shway, Donna Hanson, Deborah Busch, Jan Roberts, Kathy Jarchow, Judy Peck, Kathy Kemmerling, Donna Freundt, Sue Bolling, Joyce Cowan. Row 3: lStandingl Sue Jozwiak, Sandra Dawes, Linda Nicholson, Lynn Stamat, Daris Sheehan, Linda Granholm, Sue Anderson, Darlene Ranson, Sue Inns, Sandra Konetski. NROTHEAST GIRLS CHOIR Row I1 Mary Stoeck, Karen Milton, Linda Morice, Danna Gibson, Linda Marinier, Linda Zarnecki, Barbara Nopolos, Darlene Giesbrecht, Judy Martin, Moberta Dilts, Eileen Kot. Row 2: Pam Dresden, Linda Kanicki, Teresa Martin, Pat Lissak, Linda Gorski, Linda Gould, Carol,Boezio, Cheryl Gamboney, Elfrieda Roessner, Jenni Koontz, Karen Ramin, Linda Gould. Row 2: Rosanna Schiavone, Pat Curran, Leslie Stomiany, Margaret Walker, Diane Mathiessen, Sandro Gibson, Sally Gutierrez, Joyce Cwirla, Carol Bean, Gwen Gulik, Manette Salvoto, Linda An- derson, Vicki Novak. Row 4: Gydia Furman, Karen Crowell, Karen Blom, Cynthia Raschl-ce, Linda Buchinsky, Nancy Peterson, Beverly Lyskawa, Cathy Anderson, Carol Marohn, Sandro Kemp, Vicki Hub- bard, Joellyn DeRuiter, Sue Lathus, Mr. Chapman. NORTHEAST CONCERT CHORALE Row I: Ed Massoth, Carol Homerdine, Laurel Elich, Karen Swanson, Chris Freiberg, Marilyn Kratochvil, Pat Swedko, Jane Lausch, Jan Fetters. Row 2: Mr. Chapman, Sharen Haydock, Sue Cozzi, Ken Top- ping, Mike Pastiak, Randy Visser, Frank Lockwood, Tom Jaros, Richard Perry, Bob Weeber, Ed Boll, Richard Batson,Jim Look, John Marschinki. x Sf +1 ,, -, ,J AM' ,, ' 1. at S sa , , .iiygigwfiggsilfifife,11, fi , . 4 3, A f'k.',, f K . V, , ,asiiewwew K ft L xxaf NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Lenore McDomagh, treasurer, J vice-president, Nonette Witt, secretar erome Zink, president, Larry Adlcison, YA Joan Matuska and Kris Mulholl man Pearson tothe National Honor S ceremony. . me E, If ff NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY y reep, James Harms, Non ette Witt, Jerome Zink, Lenore McDonagh, Larry Adkison, Norman Pearson, John Huff, Corin Sieia, Patricia Daley, Row 2: Mrs, Post- weiler, Doris Gooley, Lolita Coriere, William Bakauskas, Joan Blume, Deborah Ellis, Dale Barz, lrnre Alrnassy, Steven Keck, Donald Matt- hiesen Cl , arence Echals, Terry DuClo5, James Adams, Frank Wain- wright, Eleanor Cook, Martha Pooler, Linda Harms, Juddy Hoppe, Row 31 Lynn Fetters, Cynthia Henderson, Mary Lynn Mehl, Margar- et Behrens, Thomas Signore, Josephine Silcora, Judy Schultz, Kathy H N ' agen, ancy Milz, lheodora Street, Nancy Hinrichs, Robert Spear, Rudolph Walter, Robert Kaiser, Elaine Danos, Claudia Jones, Chris' tine Pischl, Karen Farrell, Dawn Bareishis, Diane Stadnicki Linda Klaptowsky lnot picturedl Dianna May, John Styx, Thomas lang and welcome Martha Pooler and Nor- ociety during the l964 candle i i DISTRICT STUDENT COUNCIL Row lg Denise James, LaVerne Spencer, secretary, Karen Farrell, president, Alison Zeller, vice president, Mr. Merrill Bone, advisor. Row 2: Pat Lindgren, Cheryl Hibbott, Marilyn Francoise, Ronald Cameron, Don Peloquin, Jane Roberts. Row 3: Tom Langner, Arlene Lundin, Frank Lockwood, Pat Lane, Robert Babb, Roger Stahlak, Larry Adkison, Jim Lysen, treasurer, Paul Mirecki, Barbara Wright, lnot picturedl Robert Davis. CAMPUS STUDENT COUNCIL Row l: Pat Lane,Elaine Danos,Karen Farrell, Roger Stahlak, Mr. Bone, Row 2. Barbara Dowd, Kathy Hagen, LaVerne Spencer, Vicki Wat- land, Adele Hambrick, Jan Oberg, Shirley Jaunich, Denise James. Row 3: Marilyn Francois, Alison Zeller, Scott Burmeister, Jim Lysen, Frank Wainwright, Robert Babb, Bob Eskridge, Larry Adkison, lnat picturedj Robert Davis, Jim Cygan. STUDENT COUNCIL-OLD MAIN Row lz Rosalie Skop, Cheryl Hibbott, Arlene Lundin, Karen Formosa. Row 2: Mr. Marsh, sponsor, Tom Anderson, Richard Hammond, Frank l.aVernia, Alan Disabato, Jett Watson, Arnold Watland, Terry Ing. STUDENT COUNCIL-SOUTHEAST Row lz Emmet George, Deborah Turner, Ralph Koetzle, Rita Pinkard, Row 21 Mr, Harrison, sponsor, Clarence Searcy, president, Stephanie James, Reggie Cochrane, Barbara Wright, Ronald Camersomspeaker, Barbara E. Wright, recorder, Kenneth Searcy, lnot picturedl Joyce Moore. 201 v 1. STUDENT COUNCIL- NORTHWEST STUDENT COUNCIL- NORTHEAST Row I: Guy Ortmann, Dan Stutzenberg, Jane Roberts, Mark Ander- Row ln Diane Barz, recorder, Pat Lindgren, speaker, Frank Lockwood, son, Row 2: Charlene Hendrix, Peter Davidovitch, Linda Legatzke, Mr, Row 2: Zandy Zebrowski, Pat Povlak, Tam Langner, Gerald Langner, Vanderberg, sponsor, Diane Dada, Paul Mirecki, Dawn WinkIer,Karen Mr. Lyznicki, sponsor, Jane Gustafson, Ernie Maynard. Zika. GIRLS" CLUB BOARD-CAMPUS Row I: Diane Murray, Dole Barz, Cynthia Henderson, Linda George, Linda Sarracino, Row 2: Janis Wonland, Lynnae Schwartz, Diane Witt, Mrs, Beattie, sponsor, Lois Kittler, Pat Alampresse CF 1 1? Q54 ,,.-P' """'4-A GIRLS' CLUB BOARD- OLD MAIN ll, to r.I Karen Mezei, Wendy Karlsiadi, Karen Formosa, Miss Loitz, advisor, Janet Klee. GIRLS' CLUB BOARD-SOUTHEAST Row I: Louise Siigler, recorder, Marcelle Hambrick, presidenfg Mrs. Lemon, sponsor. Standing. Sandra Benson. GIRLS' CLUB BOARD- NORTHWEST fl. io LI Gail Shimashifa, Linda Mcnders, Diane Dado, Gail Kiner, Miss Hullinger, sponsor. GIRLS' CLUB BOARD-NORTHEAST II. to nj Pat Lindgren, recorder, Jane Lausch, Diane Ban, chairman, Sandy Zebrowski, Miss L. Smith, sponsor. 203 STENO CLUB Row ln Cynthia Steva, Lois Kittler, Josephine Raizer, Marlene Tucci, Doris Bradberry, Linda Rupeika, Lorna Gould, Bernadine Jarnrock Row 2: Rita Bockerich, Shirley Larson, Peggy Nelson, Dorothy Frank- lin. Row 3: Sharon Staras, Pat Gasik, Jackie Cozzi, Carol Gardner, Row 111 Gayle Molatinka, Paulette Miller, Donna Walters, Diane Cooper. Row 5: Janet Kaminski, Cherrilynn Trammell, Barbara Dyke, MaryAnn Paiak. Row 61 Pat Puckett, Sharon Kremkau, Donna Piersrna, Sue Piersma, Row 7: Barbara Rush, Donna Henderson, Linda Harms, Pat Full. , .3 M, , , X - x tm STENO CLUB OFFICERS ll. to r.l Pat Puckett, Donna Piersma, Donna Walters, Mary Ann Paiak FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA- OFFICERS ll. to r.j Janice Hatlner, vice president, Linda Kloptowsky, librarian, Patricia Daley, president, Donna Lau, treasurer, Carol Stancik, secre- tary, Mrs. Scl'1umacher,advisor. 201' TL E, MU ALPHA THETA Row lf Lolita Carriere, Terry DuClos, Jerry Zink, lmre Almassy, Karen Farrell, Elaine Danos. Raw 2: Dale Barz, Nancy Milz, Doris Cooley, Lynn Fetters, Diane Stadnicki, Pat Daley, Margaret Behrens. Row 3: John Hull, Larry Greep, Norman Pearson, Jim Harms, Steve Keck. Row 4: John Styx,RobertSpear, Bill Bukauskas, Dennis Dockstader, Frank Wainwright, Rudy Walter, Bob Kaiser. Jeni- f ' -1u...,.gp- I J T.A.G. CLUB Row li Wayne Knocke, Thomas Smith, Robert Kaiser, Frank Calpeno, Don Motthiesen, Julius Huber, Bill Bukauskas, Randy Eelgenhauer, Robert Spear, Ken Archey, Terry Kirch, Ed Duckrow, Row 21 lmre Almassy, Tom Signore, Bill Patterson, Jim Tysse, Neal Gosselink, Larry Albrecht, Frank Wainwright, vice president, Steye Keck, presi- dent, Doris Gooley, secretary,JeH Hill,KarlLukens,Ted Harris, Jerry Zink, Jim Harms. Row 3: Mr. Barelield, sponsor, Jim Lysen, Dan Disabato, Lynnae Schwartz, Pat Daley, Carol Stancik, Lynn Fetters, Dawn Boreishis, Carol Stenek, Bonnis Fraser, Mary Lyn Mehl, Carol Weiner, Bonnie Jerowski, Kay Cione, Carol Howard, Dee Stadmicki, Lyn Brennan, Rudy Walter, Miss Wood,sponsor.Row41Jim Tannura, Larry Greep, Connie Cole, Fran Alm, Sandie Elia, Terry DuClos, Jan Oberg, Georgia Pech, Bob Smith, Art Beagley, Norm Pearson. Row 5: Adrianne Carter, Beverly Brown, Margaret Mabins, Chris Amren, Adele Hambrick, Teena Anderson. 0 206 DRAMA CLUB Row lg Karen Route, Pat Palmer, Pat Kline, Sue Wollam, Marion James, Larry Adlrison, Cynthia Beedy, Swayzine Laster, Jay Boersma, Margaret Mabins, Jean Sanderson, Linda Sarracino, Pam Ball. Margaret Mabins, Jean Sanderson, Linda Sarracino, Pam Ball. Row 2: Mr. Brown, sponsor, Elaine Thompson, Sue Smith, Valerie Goetter, Vicki Watland, Tiena Kinstead, Joan Pryor, Len Frison, Bonnie Jerou- sek, Sherry Brame, Julie Bertz, Adrian Carter, Dorothy Walker, Mar- vin Scheffler, Roseann Forrester, Ralph Dring, Faith Douvelot, John Miller, Pat Culp, Bill Bailey, Yvonne McLauren, Kay Cione, Sharon Rush, Pam Schultz, Carol Hirschman, Claudia Ripley, Gayle Todd, Sue Stephan, Barbara Galowitch, John Thompson. CHESS CLUB Charles Dixon, Bob Trotter, Leslie Trotter, Ted Harris in chess duel. lm re Almassy challenges the master, Mr. Weber. Tom Sherner, Gino Marcheschi, Terry Cronin, and Dale Salapatek become so involved they missed the 9th period bus. PRO CLUB- CAMPUS Row lz Gary Bohannon, Ernest Garrison, Alon Svihlik, Ted Harris. Row 2: Martin Sosnowski, secretary, Robert Trotter, vice president, Gino Morcheschi, president. Row 31 Mr. Jenkins, sponsor, John Trom- bino, Ernest Humek, Tom Robertson, Chuck Staszok, John LaBrec, Harry Clapek, Chuck Host, Ron Trombino, Tom Keene. tnot picturedj John Mirobolli, treasurer, Davd Rudofski, PRO CLUB- OLD MAIN Row l: Bill Smith, Ernie Evanson, Mavro Mastandona, Jim Head, Ron Kacena. Row 2: Luciano Reyes, Frank Snow, secretary, Greg Glovacki, treasurer, John Sinise, vice president, Henry Snow, president, Noel Wrehsnig, Mike MacGregor. Row 3: Mike Merriman, Richard Boots, Bill Klee, Craig Hill, John Connors, Perry Jordan, Glenn Runge, Dave Leonard. Row 4: Mr, Fierke, Sponsor, Doug Laird, Tom Koehler, Scott Cuthbert, Richard Swattord, Jan Watrobka, Steve Swanson. Testing the audio system are Gary Bitner Martin Sosnowski Tom Bob Trotter and Martin Sosnowski show Ernest Humek and John Miro- Bailey Robert Trotter and Jim Hubba rd ball: how to operate the projector. , - ' rim, 3.f..,-il, ,A 1 ' S L f gil , ez J , mm.,. . ' ff ."'1QQT' 4 L45 if V iii ,. fi., J- J in 535' RF? he ' lf2"lf 1 f il . J + fr ff' il llrr N s - f R T Q W ""' in D-1 li J .i .J a d ' I 3 f ,AQ Qu i., 257,-jf,s L , A , ,J 'g ' -'QQ 'Yi' 5 . ii. - Qi- 'Mg ' gif 9 Q K -m-' iw' ' ef vi. -H f f x - . 3 EUCLIDEAN CLUB- SENIORS Row ln Jim Harms, Bertil Arnius, Jim Edlund, Bob Davis, Karl Lukens, Ken Gehrke, Jim Tysse, Clarance Echols. Row 2: John Styx, Doug Holle, Robert Babb, Gino Marcheschi, Frank Wainwright, John Hutt, Rudy Walters, Charles Mager, Imre Almassy, Larry Adkison, Mike LePore, Bob Spear, Bill Bukauskos, Larry Greep. EUCLIDEAN CLUB-JUNIORS 'stef' D1 of Row l: Bruce Oltman, Robert Smith, Dave Rettker, Ken LoMore, Don Schulte, Richard Leyerle, Roger Stahlak, Julius Huber. Row 21 Larry Greep, Jim Smith, Rich Mathews, .lim Cygan, Bob Eskridge, Randy Felgenhouer, Jett Molsen, Russ DeVelbiss, Jim Tannura, Lloyd Lowe, Peter Kruger, Bill Hopf, John Styx. P. A. P. S. CLUB 208 we ,, gf. 2 F' , - . J- ,L , eo-f if Us 2 Wi Q mf -4 .W fb. . NA. . grew., uk... n- e . I - J -'2 3 . E3 , , ll. to nl Rick Bye, Jesse McEIclowney, Pete Asplund, Bruce Edwards, Mr. Bone, sponsor, Tom Sherner, Chalmers Fincher, Rich Marek. fx Yd.,.,.....R if M J X e,W,ja'2u The T965 CREST represents the largest edition to be printed to date. It is the hope of the staff that it is well received. We wish to acknowledge our heavy reliance on the faculty in assembling the yearbook. ln a sense, they are members of the staff in that they are called on to schedule classroom pictures, identify photographs, sell yearbook covers and finally distribute yearbooks in the workrooms. In addition, a thank you to Mr. Nelson Kias, financial advisor, the Norman King Company, Root Studio, and Mr. Pat Corneio, Root Photographer, who is responsible for most ofthe yearbook photos. WMM'-lt-WN ,mv M,-,WM .,,. M., , ,..,,,,,,,,,., ,..,,.,. ,. ...4l""r-.-. CREST staffers examine yearbook cover suggestions from the Campus Art Depart- ment. lr. to l.l Sherry Dohl, Joey Raizer, Earline Bouie, Gloria Woods, Darlene Bos- ton, Luella Craig. Curtis Carter and Sam Gardeakos hope to acquire new yearbook ideas from other publications, Kathleen Shetzley, Kathy Wierenga, and Nancy Milz identify underclass pictures Darlene Boston, Ethel King, and Pam Hartig identify photos under supervision of Mr. Ziemba, advisor. Linda Pletsch and Sharon Vicevich type copy. Cheryl Wiersma, Tenia Williams and Faye Beck type underclass lists for the printer. I' 4 ' t, . K 5 C. 6 ls A , E xx C. ., f is . , 1 , -.. , ' st' X 'gk,,s1iXix K CREST STAFF Joey Raizer, Susanne Cox, Ray Wasielewski, and Carol Nowden scan yearbooks of previous years. Reel cnc! 4, ,W l Marlene Tucci prepares junior class list for the printer. Ad Dwight D. Eisenhower High School RED AND WHITE STAFF Row lz Karen Renner, managing editor, Bonnie Steinhauer, asst. managing editor, John Buzanis, sports editor. Row 2: Lydia Wagner, feature editor, Nancy Boone, asst. page editor, Mr. Pacatte, advisor. Ed Mondane and Sandy Reisdorf type copy. Bob Nowoc, Leslie Myers, and Bill Shippy are the critics. Staff members scan a recent RED 8. WHITE paper, Row li Bonnie Schuldt, asst, editor, Hal Simpsomeditor, Peggy Sidler, Page l editor. Row 2: Patti Koch, page3 editor, Larry Albrecht, asst. editor, Rick Fields, page 2 editor, Bill Sheppy, sports editor. Bruce Stevens, Linda Sowa, Dave Street, and Dennis Spada ready the newspapers for distribution. i 2 X f R TE W, if 'YW' 1: 3,-,V tie? P, 'X ll. to nl George Billows, Greg Bartlett, Judy Vasios, and Rick Alm RED AND WHITE STAFF Holly Fornell, Lois Kittler, and Bev Kliner are at the typewriters. me busy withthetypewriters, Jon Buzanis, Nancy Boone, Pat Barzycki, and Dorothy Hartsfield, are onlookers. Ann Dorke, Jerry Crumrine, and Tom Jordan compare cuts with re- production. Carol Haaksma, Priscilla Rayon, Julie Kuchto, Charles Stanley, and Carolyn Webster prepare papers for workroorns. Mary Cheney, Peggy Dailey, Frank Britt and Cheryl Bruton examine Seated: Paul Raci, Jackie King, Lizzie Smiley. Standingz Peggy Sidler, newspaper cuts for defects. Steve Smith, Laurie Rachel, Sgr Wi 6 15,61- , L. I S if .. E ff t f.... jr., f,-,- W. 5- --ww 425 -tiff. m f-5365 -me ,,f.i,. f y Y Z 223 T if ll: t fi 4 s 2 S 3 f S . Z 9, 4 2 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE- OFFICERS ll. to r,l Dale Barz, Doris Gooley, Fran Alm, Jean Knoll. DEBATE RESULTS Illinois State University lNormall Tournament Won Lost University of Illinois lNavy Pierl Tournament Won Lost Maine West Tournament Won Lost Wheeling Tournament Won Lost Bradley University Tournament Won Lost Northwestern University Won Lost Augustana Tournament Won Lost Lincoln Day Debates lat Eisenhowerl Won Lost Metropolitan Debate Won . . I4 Lost . Totals For Year Affirmative Won 23 Lost 29 Negative Won 35 Lost I7 Coaches Dougherty and Lyons, Terry Kirch, Henry Tlcachuk,Jerry King, Roberta Rauch Roberta Rauch and Henry Tkachulc plan strategy Z t sn' -W-1 s-' Jerry King and Terry Kirch discuss question to be debated. The results of the Lincoln's Birthday Debate Tournament, held February I2 at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Campus and Old Main Buildings were as follows: First place in both the varsity and sub-varsity levels of com- petition was won by Prospect High School, Mt. Prospect, lllinois. Second place at the varsity level was won by Rich East, last year's winners of both divisions. Rich East won the second place only on speaker points, as there was a six-way tie among Ar- lington, Niles West, Pekin, East Peoria, Proviso East, and Rich East, each with a 7 won, l lost record. Prospect also won at the Sub-Varsity level only after a three way tie with Lyons Township and Niles North, each with a 7 wins and one loss record. Prospect debaters scored 386 points to win. Lyons came in for second place with 368 speaker points, Terry Kirch argues his point in Lincoln Day Debate Tourney. Jane Stevens was a participant in Lincon Day Debate, John Thompson and Jane Stevens do some reserach on their topic. and Niles North was third with 364. Individual medal winners at the Varsity level were Bill Doty, Prospect, ITA points, Stan Martins, Arlington, llri points, tying for first place medal, Randy Blaisdell of Arlington and Jim Doran of Prospect, second place winners, and Ray Townsend, Watseka, and Jim Oliff, Highland Park, third place winners. At the Sub-Varsity level, individual medal winners were G. Edwards, Prospect, T05 points and first place medal winners, N. Huler of Prospect and B. Gugnzel, NewTrier, tying for second place with T04 points, and J. Garrett, New Trier and N. Malliss, Rich East, tying for third place medal with T03 points. Eisenhower, the host school, unfortunately did not place. The varsity team won six and lost two debates, and the sub- varsity won two and lost six. Roberta Rauch impresses iudges with her arguments. Nancy Dieball and Mr. Lyons and Lincoln Day Debate trophies. F 1 s ' s f K S f! if 2 , gg! Q, 5 . mf" M. 1 .3 L.lIfL-l715?il-L2ffkQ5Qf27.fin , -W iii. 3: viT5?fZfii'iE5f'L9If,7f 1,11 U 'gsx2Awgy,:,,,,fg,:M-'gay-i, 1 Qvciallskgg 13: Ise1W:ii5i5i:f.s35l ifmigfeligseii155524, 2 ' Qu, ws, Wwiw Sl -'f2f22'sw1ii2fQ52elvifx1-eaff L. ,,, 'ka :ms-ws .. ,lwfgfw 55.s:,, A K wslfe-fa,,.:1f,,:,5ei.eew f ,Q . SOUTHWEST SALESROOM Danfzler Newell, Edward Raul, James Irving. NORTHWEST SALESROOM Dale Kiner, Pal Kaslak, Mrs. Brown. L ' ' ' K :xiii Ni -J5fI'f'iK?i"lWY'5?TimE95QfiEYf?si33!i22?3f 'fifb - 5 . f . , Mfr- , liiiin .' ' ' ,Q " miligglgiififzii. A -, - K E- 3 ,ul , pg " . xi :f M, Qi. 13 K . my 3 I - W BN, ,l,, ,,, T1 1 . f 1' o new 5 ' , 52,9 V W 'Q in gg ' 5 l , , f 2 ,i ,lf "'f75f,,m' fl 'E - f , . N" f TS ' f ,Q if I 1 ' l lf. ' ' A ' 125 '--'- . Q .gfgqxw - ' I. -"- I ' X --1 fl- i f xp, f CAMPUS SALESROOM Sharon Rush, Leslie Jean Reynolds, Mr. Porter, Marion Wolslce, Cyn- llwis Beedy. 1 v-we gerv-A 4. . N. . swf Xa E wg, ,W 5122 1 5355 ,, ,. ,EC 1 slfnf .. : ui ww Wi: Wifi ' . f: ed m..w.,?,,,,,, f.. Www. T ee 5 ff L- . l Q- E? I vs3W.Al.2l gf! J fix! fn! ' , ,ff ,. 5 5355 5 if ,fe 3 2 Z, m 'l '2 41 if al ,Q W e 3 Ver? Wiki W X H 43 723315: 1 ,, E s, E WA .T A 1' I 9 ..f - ef E I TFQ51 '-:mm law ?!:2,?5iv5T5H V, ,.., N if 4,5 l,,,,y1.w -,:.7, OLD MAIN SALESROOM Elizabeth Gierman NORTHEAST SALESROOM Mr. Hausner and Diane Barz .gf Qu, ' ' DE. .. - 'ff I Q rd , V smrfl x" , X Q P STUDENT AIDES TO MR. WESTMAN Row lg Sherry Allen, Teena Anderson, Janis Hetfner, Mr. S.C. Westman, Dale Bari, Mary Iysse, Gayle Malatinka Row 21 Nancy Dieball, Beverly Glas, Roberta Rauch, Robert Cione, Jo Lynn Mooi, Terry Kirch, Janine Westlake Susan Rippe, Mary Ann Glovan, Pat Alamprese. STUDENT AIDES TO MR. MUTZ Row lp Linda Cantelo, Linda Burlthuis, Mr. Mut1, Sharon Kremkou, Susan Cox. Row 2: Chris Weis, Donna Ehlers Barbara Dowd, Elaine Donos, Vicki Watland, Sandro Revor, Pam Crandall, Judy Hoppe. Row 3: Harlene Bouch Cynthia Hall, Holly Fornell, Bonnie Schuldt, lan Mrva, Pat Lone. STUDENT AIDES TO MR. HILL Row l: Susan Liplce, Martha Wallace, Mr. Hill, Renee Angel. Row 21 Nancy Milz, Jean Lawler, Marilyn Peacock, Richard Marzek, Patricia Ilika, Donna Lou, Kathy Rosenthal, Kay Cione, Richard Krais, Joon Blume lnot picturedl Charlotte Alfred, Russell DeVilbissl STUDENT AIDES TO MRS. BEATTIE Row l: Dawn Bareishis, Marnie Craig, Mrs. Beattie, Sue Orphey, Linda George. Row 2: Carol Norton, Shirley Bachman, Gloria Piersma, Pat llilca, Donna Piersma. STUDENT AIDES- OLD MAIN PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Row l: Pat Watson,'Joy Hasmann, Linda Williams. Row 2: Diane Capiello, Sandy Kolodiei. Row 3: Eileen Lubisienslci, Cherie Vinces, Diane Cresop, Kathy Knewton. Mary Deacon, student aide to Mr, Schoenott, gives John Pryor job report. i I i 5 i 1 q,geE35T!?1E5g Q ilk , gl' , Qu. .ki 'gg' , M e-.. . ik gym, QW' 1, WH? 4' f ie? ,Aff ' Q' f , if x, 4, 'WE S M 5 ' was N SP Q if H' Ag ag. Qi,-ze 218 Mr. William F. Gutches Director of Athletics Mr. Gutches' duties as athletic director are many. The entire athletic program is mapped out in his office with the scheduling of games in all sports. ln the case of football and basketball, games are scheduled several years in advance. Scheduling involves more than just a phone call. Contracts must be signed, and officials must be agreed upon. From the fresh- man level through the varsity level over 250 games or matches are scheduled during one school year. involving all sports. Mr. Gutches is also responsible for the purchase of all athletic supplies and equipment and, again, forthe renovation of this equupmentafterthe season. Since athletic equipment is expensive, it is necessary for Mr. Gutches to excercise shrewd iudgement in selecting such. Additional duties include managing district, region- al, and sectional tournaments when requested to do so by the state athletic association. Mos ofthese duties are not apparent to the student body until we attend the various athletic contests and note how smoothly and efficiently they function. Mr. Carl Bergquist is the Faculty Athletic Manager for Eisenhower High and teaches a full schedule of American History classes. His duties include the sale of tickets for all ath- letic contests for home and away games, and setting up the ticket booths and manning them on the day ofa game. When the game is over, Mr. Bergquist compiles the statistics and follows this with phone calls to the metropolitan papers. This enables us to read about our athletic heroes the following day. Next, the local weeklies and bi-weeklies are mailed detailed accounts of each game. This keep Mr. Bergquist busy at the typewriter after all his previous work. Since many of our basketball and football games are played on Saturdays, much of the work on news releases must be done during the weekend. The Publication staff salutes Mr. Bergquist for a iob well done. ' 1- gsffdg, Q 'L Y .1 , . A sate fi? c ' . 4' .SS , .--, I-2 f 1 fix' J, Mr. Carl Bergquist Varsity Athletic Manager X: wi 'ffigw F N5 f A M , f ., Lv J Xi fx 1, fx px Jia. 0 F' 'H liii X i ...T .xi29lg5a r,gNf3'3 ri iii ll iii ri i s it J 5 J L31. . i X if 'xQF" ' 'l1 ' i it ti T f if 1 f' Sai ,gy of W2 lift H2111 Q B VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1: Bill Hopf, Bob Busic, Bill Rudolph, Tom Krolalc, Fred Ellison, Jim Adams, Roger Stahlak, Tom Tang, John Cosby, Steve Altman, Bill Bukausl-cas, Kirby Smith. Row 2: Keith Egan, mgr., Bob Cione, mgr., Julius Huber, mgr., Don Schulte, Jim Edlund, Dennis Spodo, Bob Bowers, Mike Davis, Jim Cygan, Bob Eslcridge, Dick Chica, Ty- rone Nesbit, Terry Hughes, Robert Bobb, mgr., Jim Lysen, mgr. Row 3: C. Davalis, Asst. Coach, E. Murphy, Asst. Coach, Floyd Miller, Bob Carlson, Andy Kovacs, John Pryor, Bill Coogan, John Postweiler, Keith Mayo, Fred Gletten, Ed Wainscott, Ken Verhaeren, Pete Molsen, Pete Krueger, C. Bononi, Asst. Coach, A. Lokanc, Head Coach. Row A1 Tony Menello, Dale Wheatley, George Silagyi, Ken LoMore, Tom Rettker, Dave Doorneweerd, John Schultz, Dwight Staecker, Paul Lourich, Jett Molsen, Bill Bailey, Randy Felgenhauer, Bob Nelson, John Egan, SCOREBOARD DDE... ..6 Bloom... ..25 DDE . . . . . 0 Thornton . . . .20 DDE . . . . . 0 Joliet West. . . . 21 DDE... ..6 Kankakee.. ..0 DDE . . . . .13 Thornridge . . . . 6 , DDE . . . . .19 Joliet East . . . ..0 DDE... Locl1port..... ..13 DDE . . . . . .27 Joliet Central . . . . .7 DDE... ...34 Argo...... ..7 Won...6 Lost...3 Coach Lokanc presents the Most Valuable Player trophy to Bill Rudolph and Bill Coogan. Mr. Lokanc congratulates Pete Molsen and Bill Rudolph as the 1964 Co-Captains. sr wwf: - S .Lx ,an .... 5, S f Z 1 I-if ff , ,,..,Q 3 , , i wg V A i ' ' f fffg 'i f ". 3 ,5 J? .1 Ti? I . 3522, . ww . N ,. , ,Ai f,..,.. .5E755'5i'f :Fit i'v,MFlf. fi ,'?,:"75f wg: .4 f 1 ' -. . .-fafswv?-f?Xv.?s',1 'fzfigifwfvs k Tom 3433355 6 'J Q: Line r x f f iii ' . n, ,,A . Qf-zfszkif ,, 'J'-wfiziii' f'fVi?Sf'1f E. ' X, W xv 1 QQ: ,V- EF 3? 'Sf New .1 -A t ' S 'z.,fiw,ZQ fmwgixa Pm. - .. ,M U- .W . K mmm Pete Molsen, co-copfoin Tockie swim: n fu- .:nm:R,zu:.mm.nf-nwvnumss.1w' Fred Ellison Defensive Tackle . A gage, gf, Bill Bukauskas Guard gn b e ,ff ,sf Dennis Spada Center John Postweiler Defensive tackle FOOTBALL fl 32 . 'J J i -Mi: i , . fr pi 71 1 , ' N W ' . W' f - 2 :af-1 , V -1" i . M51 i K iwi Y A fi ay Lzff? fi '- ' Il, 1T f..v j im i 5525, 'f - AY J W D: 1551 5 ,f2.e4xi2f Jim Adams l ' I K ia 3 V iv Q :F ' :f f End l -fixfiqiyf .W -gy ,,.W.i lr if , H W fizlffa ,fi iq 'tv f ' . gl , in se, H- cfm., , L .11-iw wifiii -ve,faE3gMxJ?4gf' X53 - Mwfeigi' 7 if QWQQPJ ,Q ,af X aim . J we -' fsgiegiikzi-H we umm . f wire? 5295 f 'W Jim Adams l8l clears the way for along gainer by Bill Coogan l22j 'wx John Egan Guard Jim Edlund Quarterback defensive hallback Keith Mayo End Linebacker ii l l' in ' if X J' 5, ' fs i I 4 k"g 2 ' .ll Rf 1 1. Y' - i "X . ,Q 5,-, lx IN if Q 5' 4 2 wg A X wx JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Row l: Tony Manella, Dale Wheatley, John Coslsy,George Silagyi, Bob Nelson, Bob Carlson, Floyd Miller, Tom Krolak, Bill Hopf. Row 2: Coach Davalis, Terry Hughes, Don Schulte, Mike Davis, Andy Kovacs, Randy Felgenhauer, Bob Eskridge, Bob Bowers, Ty Nesbil, Jim Cygan, Coach Bononi. Row 3: Pele Krueger, Roger Slahlak, Ken Ver- haeren, Jeff Molsen, Dave Doorneweerd, Dwight Slaeclcer, Tom Rellker, Ed Woinscoil, Fred Glellen, Ken LaMore. DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE SCOREBOARD 26 Rich Easl . . . .0 I9 Bloom .... . . 6 31 Joliet Wesf . . . . 0 12 Argo ...... . . 0 32 Rich Central . . . . . 0 26 Sandburg . . . . 22 VARSITY OFFENSE Row l: .lim Adams, Pele Molsen, Jim Cygan, Steve Allman, Jeff Molsen, Andy Kovacs, Paul Lovrich. Row 2: ll. lo r.l Bob Eskridge ll2l, Bill Coogan, l22l, Mike Davis l2l Bill Rudolph ll2l l it VARSITY DEFENSE ll. to r.l Bob Eskridge, Ed Wainscott, Tom Krolak, Ken Verhaeren, Floyd Miller, Bill Rudolph, Dave Doorneweerd, .lim Cygan, Bill Coogan, .lim Edlund, Keith Mayo. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Row l: Richard Hammond, Bill Angelino, Michael Palomo, Ron Doluga, Eugene Cun- ningham, Arnold Watland, Melvin Davis, Robert Sands, Greg Stevens, Co-ldberg Shelley. Row 21 John Egan, mgr., David Birmingham, Jerry Mathis, Steve Swanson, James LaMore, Terry Dluzak, Richard Nelson,John Radosovich, Robert Peterson, Dennis Ruis, Charles Spencer, William Grant, .left Watson, Ford Smith, mgr. Row 3: Coach Pillard, Eugene Klinkman, Daniel Bell, Arthur Dertz, Ron Strenge, Tom Koehler, Eric Eggert, Leonard Boston,Kenneth Searcy,PaulKagut,WilliamBell, Warren McReynolds, Ralph Koetzle, Coach Amblef, Coach Last. Row 41 Gary Taylor, Tom Linn, Marvin Haley, Russell Stahlak, Bill Jones, Robert Schultz, Richard Swafford, William Klecka, Patrick Allan, Richard Strom, William Pudnofl, Samuel Steele, Robert Weber, Scott McNally, Thomas Madrigal, Ross Henderson. DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE SCOREBOARD- SOPHS . . .T9 Bloom . . . . . 0 Thornton . . . . .'l3 Joliet West . . . .12 Kankakee . . . . .46 Joliet East . . . . 0 Lockport . . . . . .T9 Thornridge . . . .26 Joliet Central ...I2 Argo..... Won...6 Lost...2 Tied... .25 - V if . it X 7 ,a -'Y . ,S , w- 'L SOPHOMORE OFFENSIVE TEAM SOPHOMORE DEFENSIVE TEAM Row l: ll. to r.l Jerry Mathis, Jeff Watson, Terry Dluzak, Richard Ham- ll. to r.l Richard Nelson, Ronald Daluga, Robert Peterson Bill Ange mond, Greg Stevens, Marchial Palomo, Ron Strenge. Row ll. to nt lino, Charles Spencer, Donald Watland, Bob Sands Arthur Dertz Kenneth Searcy, Eric Eggert, James LaMore, Coldberg Shelley Leonard Boston, Melvin Davis, David Birmingham FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD Row lr Michael Linn, Howard Dewar, Michael Curran, Donald Pelo- quin, David Rippe, Robert Somerville, James Dowd, Elmer Guzman, Perry Jordan. Row 2: Richard Cornwell, Herbert Prison, Larry Sch- midt, Charles Schwer, Gerritt Kerkstra, Thomas Michalik, Kramer Williamson, Gera d Staniszews i. Row 3: Daniel Boyd, Ronald Smith, Kenneth Cali, Bruce Mack, William Ingle, Emmit George, John Marks, Dennis Babb, Bernard Boston, James Welsh, Barry Lowe. Row 4: Edmund Glowacki, Kevin Doogan, Mario Gagliano, Noel Sippel, Frederick Reyes, Robert Davis, Edward Wagener, Manager--Duane Grahovec, Ted Griffin. Row 5: Coach Zoda, Coach Weiner, Charles Robinson, Ivan Hall, Wayne Trongeau, Reggie Cochran, Ronald Dyr- kacz, Joseph Konicek, Gene l-lunziker, Nicholas Marine, Paul Rayon, Steve Gelsthorpe, Coach Bosnak. Row 6: James Wiczynski, Daniel Chico, Terrold Butler, Charles Yonker, Juan Palomo, Douglas Price, Patrick Walsh, Delmore Staecker, Roger Hankus, Fred McGunnigal, Glenn Giles, Dennis Gilbert, DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE SCOREBOARD- FROSH . . 6 Bloom . . . . 7 Thornton . . ...20 Argo..... . . .I3 Joliet West . . . .20 Thornriclge . . . .30 Kankakee . . . . .31 Joliet East . . . . .24 Lockport . . . . . 0 Joliet Central Won...8 Lost...I 51 RM QS? ali? gain K M9 w Schulte receives a pass and is off for 0 sizeable gain. Bill Coogan is ready to slice down a defender as Davis follows. Dovis looks for a receiver asthe defense closes in. Coogan decides to stop this foolish at- tempt to gain ground by a Joliet West carrier. "He's over here, boys,", Krolak beckons help from Verhaeren, Cygan, Nesbit, Gnd Doorneweerd. 225 -.Zu 'ft U ,, ii. -Q F, J Coogan offers protection as Davis readies a pass. Bob Eskridge isalfand running with hispursuers far behind. .1 W WA in ir!! 1143? .lim Edlund intercepts a Thornridge pass ond has Ver- haeren lead the way lor a good return. Bill Rudolph breaks through the Thornridge line fora long gain. Coldberg Shelley breaks into the open and runs for a touchdown in a Sophomore game. A bone crushing tackle by an unidentified soph as .lim Lalvlore and Leonard Boston move in. Wim VARSITY BASKETBALL Row lf Coach Wally Linn, assi., Coach Charles Bononi. Row 21Ty Nesbit, Laurie Miller, Art Ferguson, Pete Konlos, -Bob Davis, Jim Woods, Bill Taylor, Larry Pudas, SCoREBoARD'vARSITY John Williams, Mike Davis, Jim Edlund, Leslie Harrison. DDE . . .... 47 Carl Sandburg . . . . . DDE . . . . .66 Naperville . . . . . . DDE . . . . .69 Thornridge . . . . DDE.. ...65 Bloom..... . DDE.. ...54 Argo..... .. DDE . . . . .61 Joliet East . . . . . . DDE . . . . .54 Joliet West . . . . . . DDE . . . . .43 Lockport Central . . . DDE.. ...55 Thornton..... DDE . . . . .53 Kankakee . . . . . DDE . . . . .48 Joliet Central . . . . . . DDE . . . . . .57 Thornridge . . . . DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE .. ...70 Bloom.... . .. ...68 Argo..... .. ...57 ...67 . . . . . .72 Lockport Central . . . ...57 DANVILLE TOURNEY ...56 Rantoul'......... ...57 MortonWest..... . . . . . .50 Thornton Fract. South . . . . . .55 Trinity lBloomingtonl REGIONAL TOURNEY ...8l Reavis.... . . . . .... 45 DeLaSalle . . . . . Won... I4 Lost... I0 Won . . . I0 Lost . . . 6 l3rd Placel S.S.League Joliet East .... . . . Joliet West ....... Thornton ......... 227 32? JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Ro lg Coach Bononi, Julius Huber, Ed Lode, Bob Smith, Jim Lysen, Coach Linn. R 2: John Cosby, Art Ferguson, Torn Rettker, Larry Pudas, John Jacobson, Bob Bo ers Leslie Harrison. DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE SCOREBOARD-SOPHOMORES Sandburg . . Naperville . Thornridge . Bloom .... Argo ..... Joliet East . . Joliet West . Lockport . . . Thornton . . . KKK ...... Joliet Central Thornridge . Bloom .... Argo ..... Joliet East . . Joliet West . DDE Thornridge . . DDE Bloom ..... DDE Rich Central . DDE Argo ...... DDE Joliet East . . . DDE Riverside-Brookfield DDE Joliet West . . DDE Rich East . . . DDE Thornton . . . DDE Kankakee . . . DDE Joliet Central . DDE Thornridge . . DDE Tinley Park . . DDE Carl Sandburg DDE Argo ...... DDE Joliet East . . . DDE Joliet West . . Won...ll Lost...6 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Lockport ' ' ' Ernie Evanson, rngr., George Denny, Randall Dean, RobertBye, Richard Klaass B ll TD0l'nl'0n - - Bailey, Tom Linn, Tom Anderson. Row 2: Coach Wiener, Richard Ha d Won . . I Lost . l l 6 Holste, Melvin Davis,JoeHarris, RonSmith,JeffWatson, Ed Cadenhead La r W a er S 5 Ron Strenge, Maurice Stovall, Gary Buzanis, Dantzler Newell, Fran a 'Sl' Won ' ' ' Losl ' ' ' Anderson, Henry Walker. nawqmmg .J s 1 5555 4 1: H 5 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Row l: James Dowd, Richard Murray, Roosevelt Dunkin, Alton Jones, Michael Linn, Alexander Carlton, Earl' Dorsey. Row 2: Terrold But- ler, Thomas Golowitch, Charles Schwer, Lester Henderson, Gary Termunde, Jeffery Janek, David Haehn, Howard DeWar, Tyree Cur- rie, Bryan Edwards, Delmore Staecker. Row 3: Coach Bosnak, Michael Banks, Samuel Scaletta, James Bobrowirz, Robert McKinney, Emmit George, Ronald Lipinski, William Ruiz, Robert Weaver, David Bos- ton, Anthony Robinson, Dennis Gelsthorpe, Coach Davelis, BASKETBALL ACTION Ty Nesbit dunks a shot in warmup, Bob Davis' lump Sho' looks good --S. -.. 1 wg, sw ff K , gf' 1 9' 51,1 ' ,f 9 uv 1 5 V I 5 1 3 L s I 2 i 2 I I s Q wiv' ian VARSITY WRESTLING Row lr John Lazarra, Gary Mullens, Tom Calderone, Scott Bond, Harry Clapeck, Frank Britt, mgr. Row 21 Coach Pillard, Allan Gee, Cornelius Coleman, Melvin Wiggens, Marchial Palomo, Roger Lekberg, Tom Burich, Rudy Walter, George Williams. Row 3: Teddy Harris, John Cygan, Brian Cullen, Pete Molsen, Andy Kovacs, Kenneth LaMore, DDE - - - - Oak lawn ' - - - - - Fred Gletten, Bob Eskridge, Kenneth Verhaeren, Floyd Miller, James Cygan, Steve DDE . . . . .26 Thornridge ....... T9 AIHTHGH. DOUQ Holle- DDE . . . . .22 Thornton Fract. No. . . 20 DDE.. ...36 Bloom ....... ....7 DDE.. ...39 Argo.... ..T'l DDE . . . . .32 Joliet East . . . . . . T7 DDE. . . . .23 Carl Sandburg . . . . .17 DDE . . . . .T7 Homewood-Flossmoor 22 DDE.. ...27 Lockport ......... T9 DDE. . . . .29 Thornton. . . . . .15 DDE . . . . .43 Joliet Central . . . . 3 DDE . . . . .36 Joliet West . . . . T4 Won...'lT Lost...T Gary Mullens, J33 lbs. Won J8, LOST 7, 'lied l. Qnd. COD' Roger Lekberg, l38 lbs. Won ll, Lost3. Conference 8. Dis- Cornelius Coleman, l27 lbs. Won l5, Lost 3, Tied l. Dis- ference, lst. District, 2nd. Sectional, Ath State trict Champ, 3rd. Sectional. trictChamp, 3rd, Sectional. Q-..., wg dm. 2595329 iag,fwigf,s1 , NWS V ."' B. SOPHOMORE WRESTLING Row lz Dominic Bilotto, John Lazarra, Marcial Palomo, John Hernandez, Jeff Bond. William Bell, James LaMore, John Radasovich, Leonard, Boston, Eric Eggert, Kenneth Row 2: Ford Smith, Daniel Bell, John Pelt, Russell Stahlak, David Erickson, Coldherg Rauch, Terry Dluzak, Jerry Mathis, RobertAngelino, Arnold Watland. Shelley, John Brown, Thomas Clark. Row 3: Coach Last, Paul Kogut, John Kozak, SCOREBOARD-SOPHOMORES DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. Oak Lawn . . . . . 26 Thornridge ....... 2l Thornton Fract. No .... 3 Bloom .......... 20 Argo ..... . . 6 Joliet East ..... . .3 Carl Sandburg ..... I4 Joliet West ....... I6 Homewood-Flossmoor I9 Lockport .......... 9 Thornton .... . . .33 Joliet Central . . . . .3 Won...'lI Lost...l SCOREBOARD- FRESHMEN DDE.. ...45 Oaklawn.. .. I0 - DDE . . . . .48 Thornridge . . . . . I0 DDE . . . .37 Bloom ..... . . I5 DDE . . . . .34 Joliet East .... . . . I3 DDE . . . .25 Carl Sandburg .... . I9 DDE . . . . .38 Joliet West .... . . . I2 DDE . . . . .28 Homewood-Flossmoor I4 DDE . . . . .46 rhomion ....... . .io l DDE . . .... 44 Joliet Central . . . . .IO Won...9 Lost...0 i FR ESHMEN WRESTLING Row I: Donald Moore, Charles Schuffert,FrankLockwood,Jacques Berry, Joel McCrey, Frank Hopkins, Bill Klee. Row 2. John Groth, Kenneth Barbee, John Leonard, David Rippe, Dennis Gilbert, David Sykes, Steven Echols, Robert Davis, Kirby Davis, William Gay. Row 3: Coach Harold Harrison, Fred McGunnigaI, Doug Price, Jack Rogers, William Thomas, Juan Palomo,Jim Welsh, Gerald Stanisweski, Elmer Guzman, William Coyle, Herbert Frisson, Darrel Robinson. Trophy: First Place Evergreen Park Freshman Quadrangular Tournament. "l'll foreclose on your lather's mortgage if you lose." Kenneth Verhaeren triumphantly leaves the Wrestling mat. Harry Clapeck and Cornelius Coleman, captains For the wrestling ream against Thornton High School prepare for the "Flip" of the coin. John Lazarra proudly displays his l27 pound championship pairing chart for the South Subur- ban League Tournament. Kenneth Verhaeren scoring points enroute to a victory over Thornton, l511 poundweightclass. Roger Lekberg, l38 pound wrestler, in the ref- eree's position against Carl Sandburg High School. Rudy Walter l2O pound wrestler scores two points against opponent. Gary Mullens, I33 pound wrestler, scores points and a victory over his opponent. Harry Clapeck, 95 pound wrestler, scores a talcedown and two points against Thornton High School. Cornelius Coleman, IQ7 pound wrestler, preparing For a Takedown against Carl Sandburg High School. Morchiol Paloma, i318 pound wrestler, smiles in victory after pinning his opponenifrom Thornton Township High School. Marchial Paloma scores points against his opponent. ,J AJ' .av-' 238 VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY Row lg Michael Moore, Bob Evans, Randall Dean, James Jackson, Robert Davis, Ken Archey, Floyd Gletten, Roosevelt Ssott, Frank Nelson. Row 21 Coach John F, Walker, James Fells, Theodore Harris, Marvin Cole, Clarence Searcy, Douglas Holle, Anthony Koefzle, Manager Richard Collier. Row 3: Earl Dorsey, Clarence Bowens Ardis Nich Olson, George Williams, Reginald Davenport, Rudy Walter, Allan Gee lgnaclous Contreras, Kiyoshi Kusaka, CROSS COUNTRY- FROSH-SOPH SCOREBOARD-VARSITY DDE . , . Bremen , , DDE . . . . .34 Oak Lawn . . DDE . . . Bloom . . . DDE . . . . .26 Bloom . . . DDE . . . Thornton . . DDE . . . . .24 Thornton . . . DDE . . . Joliet West . . DDE . . . . .32 Joliet West . . . DDE . . . Knqkqkee ,,,, DDE . . . . .20 Kankakee . . . . DDE . . . Evergreen Park DDE . . . . .50 Evergreen Park DDE . . . Thornridge . . . DDE . . . . .38 Thornridge . . . DDE . . . Joliet East . . . DDE . . . . .21 Joliet East . . . DDE . . . . . Lockport ..... DDE . . . . .15 Lockport. . . . DDE . . , Joliet Central , DDE . . . . .20 Joliet Central . DDE ......... Argo ...... DDE . . . . .25 Argo . - - - - South Suburban League Meet, DDE, 'lst Place Won . . . 8 Lost . . . 3 Thornridge Frosh Invitational DDE, lst Place Won . . . II Lost . . . 0 South Suburban League Meet, 4th Place District Meet, 8th Place FROSH-SOPH CROSS-COUNTRY Row lp Lester Moody, Ron Deason, Alton Jones, Ran- dall Dean, Edward Codenhead, Joe Harris, Anthony Robinson, Bob Haugen, Larry Holmes, Row 2: Coach Walker, Robert Nelson, Walter Moore, Keith Weather- spoan, Wilbur Pelt, Charles Elkins, John Brown,George Williams, Manager Earl Dorsey. Row 3: Percival Har- mon, Jacques Berry, Clyde Hamilton, Ernest Fletcher, Dennis Riston, Tyree Currie, Roosevelt Dunkin, Roose- velt Armwood, Darrell Dixon, James McCroy, VARSITY TENNIS VARSITY TENNIS-1964 x ., DDE,.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. DDE.. Row lg Tom Davis, Neil Mezei, Bob Davis, Allen Kiel. Ro Forrester, Tom Koppelman, Dan Johnson, Art Ferguson SCOREBOARD-VARSITY Danville . . Maine West Hinsdale . . Richland . . Sterling . . . Rock lslancl . Oak Park . . Thornton . . New Trier . Oak Park . . Arlington Heights La Grange . Lockport . . . Rich East . . Ottawa . . . Joliet .... Willowbrook Elmhurst . . Danville . . Bloom . . . Kankakee . . Argo ..... Won...7 Lost...l3 Tied...2 South Suburban . . . Team, lst Place State District . . . Team, 3rd Place 1 Tom Koppelman, Dan Johnson Jim Forrester, Art Ferguson Neil Mezei Bob Davis Allen Kiel DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE SCOREBOARD-SOPHS ...I MaineWesl... ...I Hinsdale.... .... 0 OakPark... . . . .... 3 Thornton . . . . . .... 0 La Grange . . . . . .... 5 Lockport . . . . . . .... 5 Rich East . . . . . .... I la Grange . . .... 2 Joliet...... . . . .... 0 Willowbrook . . ...I Elmhurst.... .... I Homewood... .... 2 Bloom..... . . . .... 2 Kankakee . . . . . . .... 4 Argo . . . . . Won...4 Lost...II VARSITY GOLF FROSH-SOPH TENNIS DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE .. .I88 .. .I8I . . .I78 .. .I8I .. .346 ....347 ....359 ....345 ....336 ....330 SCOREBOARD Argo .... 2I 0Bremen . Bloom .... I75 Lockport Lockport ............ Thornton . . . . . . . Kankakee . . . . . Thornton . . . . Kankakee . . . . . Joliet ..... . . . Bloom . . . . . . Joliet ..... . . . South Suburban League, 3rd Place Won...4 Lost...8 I89 I60 I60 I80 352 348 354 325 352 317 Tom Lewandowski Al Sanders Rudy Waller Dick Klein f . A " fm: flfagwz ' SH 5, My f' 'z r ...ff ref? lr 41 . Ri f f 'J l 1.' 1 ' 44. George Billows Ed McGuire Al Sanders, Coach Lokonc I l ' - VARSITY BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL Row I: Tom Signore, mgr., Mike Orseno, Dave Daniels, Dale Plalek, Paul Loyrich, Ken Gehrke, Bernie Stephan, Jim Opyd, John Pryor, mgr. Row 21 Bill Denoyer, Bill Rudolph, Sieve Allman, Bill Albrechl, Dick Wargo, Tom O'Neill, Mike I.ePore, Coach Rudy. Row 3: Bob Lauleriung, John Bussiere, John Siaras, Hayden Mitchell, Dan Breck- enridge, George Kuh, Dick Chica, Bill Weber. we cf", .Cow ff .sill -lily, V ' Uk! We 5 1 fr f DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE . DDE DDE . . . SCOREBOARD . . 9 Carl Sandburg . . . . 5 Morgan Park . . . . .13 Oak Lawn . . . . 6 Oak Lawn .... . . . .I2 Evergreen Park . . . . . I Fraciional Souih . . . . 9 Kankakee .... . . . 5 Argo . . . . . 8 Thornion . . . . 0 Joliel' . . . . . 5 Lockport . . ..2 Reavis.... . . 4 Thornridge . . . . . 5 Bloom . . Won... I0 Losi...4 Souih Suburban League, 2nd Place ...7 0 2 3 4 ...7 0 6 .I ...8 2 3 3 2 ge Q, 'Ji' F w V: - l ' .f ' 41 a ' - f Wa K - " I 'M f ' ' 'll :DWR iw. .K A "M A 1. S f, X s .W . V X... - ' -,,. 73 ,reg-fr - 1 V M 5 x . eree f ' 'V' lf , , .,',. J i . .Q Vygg i an fe' - ' - A .L -1? , " 5 ' 'A f ,,.,,.1 .22 mi ff . n "?K,' 3 ' 3 . ' V' iii . f bf' swf, W, g si - on '- M. .F . 3 A SOPHOMORE BASEBALL Row l: Bill Sheppy, Jim Reidel, Bill l-lopt, Dennis Lanz, Tom Burich, Bob Wilkus. Row 2: Larry Pudas, Dave Door- anweerd, Milan Lukich, Randy Felgenhauer, Bob Szeszecki, Robert Stahlak, Ed Winscott, Rich Freeman, mgr. Row 3: Bob Schulte, Bob Bowers,John Crosby, DickSchulte-,George Silagyi, Bob Carlson, Tom Kralak, Rich Wilkus, Scott Bur- meister, Coach Roger James. DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE DDE SCOREBOARD - SOPHOMORES .5 .3 .2 ..I0 .5 .5 .,4 .8 .3 .3 Won Oak Lawn . . Morton East . . . Franctional South Kankakee ..... Thornton . Joliet . . Lockport . . Argo ..... Thornridge . . Bloom . . . Lost...7 ..6 DDE.. . ..4 DDE.. .. ..8 DDE.. .6 DDE.. ..3 DDE.. ..l6 DDE.. ..3 DDE.. .ll DDE.. .9 DDE.. .10 SCOREBOARD- FRESHMEN . . 5 Lockport ..... . . 'I6 . . .10 Lockport West . . . . .5 . . 7 Bloom ..... . . .TO . . .IT Thornton . . . .5 . . .10 Thornton.. . .5 ...TO Bloom.. ..4 . . 2 Rich East.. . .4 . . .T2 Lockport... . .8 . . 9 Rich Central . . .8 Won...6 Lost...3 EJ, ' Lai' f it fi r i. ,. '. 1. , A 2 f. . , Nw., 1,9 .. 1-, , f gif f . - H . 7, .- .mr gum, if sir .i . ..v ..1vi6?i.f 4 A . 1 ,A wil.. T Q it it Y init" fi ' ,, ,, ' i- i 'K . t--i 1 he -he fl . . rw.. -Mg 2 fi. 231. 1 R . f . 'INN' ', 1' ' ri " , 'Q ,.., 'VA Y k A , ' '- j ggi, , . H "' '- R '32, 5' ' H M' V 'K gn. . A... ,MS 'I ,,.,N WL, , . .V Q. 5, 1 352, ,md U i .Q il. gg- -.lf ,s 'V ff' le ,W V in ii ii 5: is .g.9..gi -V es? ,go H if . ,cw U Ml V .. Linh .ly ...f M, z , w e ,. lf., ,..5 W i 1 A, , ff Aii, ... . . 5 ,Q A 7 A ' :fi--Q ii ' R-wr' F 'A Ep?" Yi 5 ' L 'Wi' ' i yi is .- .. is H q . Y , fi J s , . J .... . it : i K his VGA' 1 if' 1 1 LW Si... ir ff D555 L ij. K .. Q 'M - ..3.-.sf -P .r . , . 3 5,5 LW. V. gow , k 3 FRESHMAN BASEBALL , si, f A . - f ...ie 'fs ai , '-..- 1 Row li Glen Chisholm, Richard Hammond, Ernest Johnson, Q J A James LaMore, Dan Cullivan, Richard Gordon, Daniel I M sf , v . fm. W , ' ' is 5557 ' ' i 1 i wilt. i J..-we ' Bell, Oscar McClinton. Row 2: James McMaster, Eric Eg- K' , , ,E 45.-5 Y Z Qefl, Jeff Watson, Albert Hillman, John Curran, Robert if "-f' M59 ' .'f'vf'f ' ' Mm li ' ll Angelina, Rich Nelson, John Radosevich. Row 3: Russell , ,V . . 'P 'CW ' " K s , ' 5 f Q Q ' Q , - 5- Pfii-iZ'i'l: l V Stalak, Terry Arcucci, Arnold Watland, WilliamJones,Jerry V Nfl. 4 j I Q K" . . " ' Y 4. , 1 Smirnioto, Ron Doluga, Steve Reed, Robert Bye, Robert hln, Ek Vrkk if-' X .khk :K li' I I , Schultz, Coach Earl Kero. .f' , ig. J ' . , X NX N " . ,Qi.,,m . , x K -' ' , K' ,Q 'J fx . ,, 2 JL - Nlkfisfeqi ih W- ,.4' f,' .Fi 2? . 7 2115- 'J' A ,.-We D 3 ff' f 5 . '13 T f A I , ' ,K " - . . .f ,:: sf- . f' . -.. ,if Aa .. H f , i Q1 A ' Q- ., f , , , , , . w if -,,, ' H - f 'Eff X5 .fr--..zqr1.4.fs,.-sfram- ...iw-ities:?.-.-iv.e...ff .Lgwzr gtftsztf, ,-sv: .1-.yi 1.1wa.,,'.v.:.--mugwif-srpws.-,fu...,.i" . 9 v - .vw s if -er. Q XM' W1 . - W fr- i-.-rf 3'7Z5,ff-'f-.f-T 'Q' .SV Q 'JEW' .?l'f" g'4iQffQf?'7'i' V525 l','fi,3'4:l'5fY""-4" Q' 'asf "3 "'if-f"s:.'f?Q5h'f- -?'3liE-f':-3-.:- ..'5f"T.24R ff. fr 1 f' L ' '- 'fs W 1-JV' 4 2 -. J z nj, f if . 1 3. ,3 g'5.,igg?g13,, ...sfit Q. ,Q , qg,2!,5fssi....i,Y..ggngf.,k ...V 1. .1 .f,m:,i5m I. . .Kr ,f gwrm M... TQ, MWQW, M. ,,. -,G ,gg ,Ah i I mf- v3' rf-'f-.fffirfrf :Fifi-.-f:'f,wgif1.g' isa 'fir-ff'wf-if -3.fti,?1w12w.f..iii"vi'1+.i.....--ygifiyr ifisiwfffg www ff? R . 4 u if xt ' M 1-4 -Q,--if ., ',.'..1.1,... Az. , .. ,,-5-jc' '51 fri.. fi,'b:..,1.-51-H :..f4.1,1 '. ff .Q r n " f g, .-fy:-gl gimme:-.tai-..i -1 ,".f,-alq--.wpi ifqxs -gp -he-,.-.wr-f.i'k if 3 ., iff'-' vi'-1-if-H' ww--.ifg ti mfs-zxszfg 1. Y me if 95.4 , . , '--1,3 Ijgfyqf-i-3215,-,g ,153--QSM.: V+. , A. 1, . .- mf.-1. , 1.41 ily,-. .,,, if-. -,ks a Q ie fly,-gf 1. . Tfi im -i m .J , .Ex ig' B,- Y' Q it 'un VARSITY BASEBALL Outfields, Bill Albrecht, Dick Wurgo, Mike Orseno, George Kuh Infield, Bill Rudolph, Bill Weber, Tom O'Neill, Bob Lczuter- iung. Pitching Stoll, Bill Rudolph, Ken Gehrke, Paul Lovrich, Hayden Mitchell, John Storrs, John Bussiere Catchers, Don Breckenridge, Dick Chico 243 244 VARSITY TRACK 'H Row l: Mike Champion, Edwin Harris, William Harper, Teddy Williams, James Adams, Arnold Calmeter, Don Yost. Row 2: Richard Smith, mgr., Syd LaMore, James Haulan, Gary Leonard, Dale Wheatly, Milton Arnold, Reginald Davenport, Terry Duclos, Frank Calpeno, Coach Murphy. Raw 3: Coach Walker, Tom Teng, Chester Kolodziei, John Williams, Steve Kraaz, Joel Koslyu, Bruce Cullen, Bill Coogan, Dennis Brent, Roscoe Bunn, John Schultz, Glen Allie. SCOREBOARD-VARSITY SCOREBOARD-SOPHOMORES DDE . . . . . .74 Carl Sandburg . . ..... 44 DDE . . .... 69 Carl Sandburg . . . . . . 45 DDE . . . . . .641f2 Thornridge . . . . . . 53112 DDE . . .... 76 Thornridge . . . .. . . . .41 DDE . . . . . .61 Oak Lawn . . . .... 57 DDE . . .... 741f2 Oak Lawn . . . . . .431f2 DDE . . . . . .471f2 Thornton . . . .. 701f2 DDE . . . .... 51 Thornton . . . . . . . 63 DDE... ...861f2 Argo. .... ...311f2 DDE 76 Argo........ .. 42 DDE . . . . . .65 Kankakee ........... 53 DDE 66 Kankakee ..... . . . . .48 DDE . . . . . .59 Evergreen Park ....... 36 DDE 45 Bloom . . .79 Argo . . . . . 24 Bremen . .32 Lockport . . 25 DDE 68 Evergreen Park ....... 37 DDE . . . . . .461f2 Bloom . . . 83 1f2Argo . . .19 Bremen .27 1f2 Lockport . .191f2 DDE .35 1f2 Bloom ........... 62 1f2 Won 5 Dual Meets Lost . . . 1 Won 1 Quadrangular Meet Won , , , 6 L.-,Sf , , , 3 SOPHOMORE TRACK Row lg Ronny Miller, Terry Huges, Russel Thomas, Anthony Koetzle, Shelley Colberg, Ralph Koetzle, Glen Mavros Row 21 D. Evans, Terry Elliot, David Erickson, Clarence Searcy, James Fells, Tyrone Nesbit, Robert Haan, Henry Tkachuk, Marvin Cole, Melvin Davis, Stan Culp. Row 3: Coach Walker, Ken LaMore, Ken Verhaeren, Jett Molsen Andy Kovacs, James Cygan, Bob Eskridge, Ken Archey, Ed Cadenhead, Terry Dluzak, Ronald Smoth. .L Joel Kostiu winning the half mile. Russell Thomas hits the tape first in win- ning the IZO High Hurdles. Terry Hughes, anchor man on 880 relay team, cinches a win at Thornridge. Dennis Brent clears the bar in meet with Thornridge. Dale Wheatley, Edwin Harris, and Ted Williams represent Ike Hi in the IOO yard dash. Anthony Koetzle adiusts his blocks prior W in a to race. 245 N iff Q asf' ij . . Elaine Danos Den-Se JCITTISS I Bovdq A Barbara Dowd PGH-one Alnson Zeller VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS Alison Zeller, Barbara Dowd, Carolyn Thune, Elaine Danos, Pai Lane, ROW l: Shirley Dougan, Lynn Zekhar, Dawn Lungren, Row 21 Debbie Denise James, Harlene Bunch, Anderson, Chris Reinecke, PatMitcl1ell, Joyce Glynn ff5?3????535i5ZSES?Qf a 21" if A Q fs 2' gr I 'Wi , E E K L was M ,K I - 512 Q1 Elf fTi5lf'21iTfii'f 7111 A A ffFi!i3ffSi2iQiShS'x A tags ' Ri? 52372551565 1 fin' " " 5 :az 55515 f igff iff. if 'U f 45241 ., PP 7 kia L K --nl s. 21. , 1 .gg x BEgiif sX " ' J . gdb VARSITY ATHLETIC CLUB Row I1 Frank Britt, Jim Forrester, James Lysen, Tom Tang, Steve Altman, Jim Cygan, Terry Hughes, Jett Molsen, Art Ferguson, Bill Bukauskas. Raw 2: Andy Kovacs, Peter Molsen, Robert Babb, Bob Davis, Jim Edlund, Dick Chica, Kiyoshi Kusaka, Fred Gletten, John Cosby, Don Schulte, W. F. Gutches, sponsor. Raw 3: Jim Havlan, Bill Taylor Harrt Clapeck, Keith Maya, Ken Verhaeran, Roger Lekberg, Doug Halle, Terry Duclos, Bob Busic, Julius Huber. Row 11: Clarence Echols, James Jackson, Reggie Davenport, Larry Greep, Bob Klingman, Bob Cione, John Pryor. GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB Row I: Harlene Kohls, Kathleen Lange, Darlene Vinces, Pam Cook, Lenare Mathis, Linda Small, Raxie Houck, Lucy Powers, Marilyn Francois, Judy Wodarzyk, Janet Schnackenburg, Cathy Klem, Georgia Pech, Margie Nurse, Janice Oberg. Row 2: Rosalind Payne, Nancy Troma, Chalotte Alfred, Toni Rentell, Cherleynn Elliott, Nancy Heffernan, Bonnie Nitsche, Frances Alrn, Linda Egan, Diane Kowalski, Peggy Prosser, Karen Johnson, Trudy Cox, Nancy Klei- mas. Row 31 Cheryl Bruton, Gloria Terrell, Cheryl Alexander, Sharon Mahaod, Jeri Carlson, Frances Dougan, Karen Rougs, Joan Willis, Barb Pidrak, Debbie Bird, Linda Rupika, Barb Klas. Raw 41 Shirley Larson, Lynn Laird, Cathy Hillock, Irene Flores, Karen Valbrath, Beverly Brown, Ruby Sykes, Josie Carpenter, Katherine Hunter, Barb Bush, Linda Hanley, Christine Marzec, Pat Carr. Row 51 Miss Schalk, sponsor, Annie Collins, Brenda McCray, Vir- gie Dozie, Marianne Jamison, Lyn Brennan, Lynn Fetters, Joette Forrester, Jeanne Sanderson, Marilyn Williams, Roseanne Forrester, Kathy Forster, Pearl Berry, Lynnae Schwartz, Row 6: Pauline Booker, Roma Holmes, Karen Raye, Charletta Crisp, Linda Lapinski, Lynn Blume, Diane Cooper, Gloria Baker, Cindi Cooper, Patty Paasch. , ,,,r ts.. G.A.C. Officers: Linda Kloptowsky, secretary, Sharyn Irvin, vice'president, Lois Kittler, president, Miss Barbara Schallgsponsor, Sharon Denny, treasurer, Madeline Mailliiot, sports coordinator. Northwest Co-Rec Volleyball Champs: Mark Bona, Eugene Klinkman, Michael Conboy, MiloMuzil-Q, Lewis Tarnopol, Row 2: Miss Barrowcliff, Janie Stevens, Gail Madsen, Barb Nyhart, Sandy Stadnicki, Coach Bosnak. Q5.Eli5,f'49 N'iEi?'f'fe, E 92155 wg it 2 l W sb m 515553. 6' Q- M iiifig SIHEUL :rzsxscnuub fs 1 19' M iisi A f i 'Q' l M55 l i lf Q M 'A A ' s kY,t- Ek E Qlvg kk , HHH SL-H400-L ' K K i I " Ti "' - i 1 A , Vk I X ,irs i Q' Q H Y, EM: 1 -sq Q Y if film we 3 'P 5 fu. is 3 3 i it y ,,,,, .. s 3 sl if i s ... , ' i' M a., " 5 57? ww vwf.,1f,1 eel? fir , 5.5, ' 4 in , . l 14 ie. 'G' 1- . -.f-.rf 7' CARDETTES: Row I: Brenda McCray, Marian Band, DarothyEllis,Brenda Anthony, Margaret Mabins, Leslie Myers, Kathy Rogers, Norda Miller, Pat Ciara, Carol Norton, Carole Sagan, Gayle Todd, Swayzine Laster, Becky Jankuski, Judy Szwet. L. to R.: Gwendolyn Smith, Earlene Bowie, Sandra Stasin- ski, Lee Lyons, Sandy Hardy, Pat Tureli, Judy Moore, Joyce Lander, Beverly Swalec, Pal Puckett, Gayle Boyd, Mary Papineau, Diane Veneris, Nancy Schultz, Chris Myers. L. to R.: Lynn Laird, LaVerne Spencer, Geraldine Coleman, Marsha Anderson, Carol Sfoncik, Krescine, Clement, Mary Paloma, Pam Schultz, Gayle Marks, Denise James, Marci Meriiam, Chris Simpson, Joan Thiele. 250 l , fr if H lv R E + --is QM - 2? s 9 5535 1215 f 1 ,L fa, F' ,EV wp W , Qgw gym. :S . QM. e-Q ,v . 35, 1' it '- S is 9 f 1 -raw Ll' G--We wr.. GIRLS BOWLING OLD MAIN Sue Wagner demonstrates the ability of a good "lefty" Three heads are better than one butwhat do you add to a spare7 Kathy Benlamen Karen Formosa and Debbie Thompson Bernadette Gorecki is sure it will be a strike, Carol Kupka is rather pensive about itat the moment. Even at the bowling alley teacher has the last word: Heed- ing the advise of Mrs. Liston are Malinda Steger and Carol Kupka. Arlene Lundin, Susan Jenner and Roxann Frederick all look happy, what could have happened to Dorothy Mulder- ink's score? We all bowled over 9O! Seated: Kathy Beiamen and ,f Yvonne Over, Standing: Karen Formosa, Bonnie Steger, Karen Fogelman. Lois Rapp uses "body english" to keep the ball on the alley. Do the gutters have to be so wide? muses Sandy Richards. 8,4- 5 M. , in I nf 1 "'-vm as - -my AM, ff' B., , lQ GIRLS' BOWLING-CAMPUS Cheri Zeiler throws a perfect strike. Linda Small was one of the league's high scorers. Linda Hanley, Clara Schenk, and Dora Lynch check scores Bowling Office rs: lseatedl Joan Willis, vice president, Jeanne Sanderson, president, DawnBereishis,treasurer,lStondingl Barb Pidrak, secretaryg Judy Wodarzyk, secretary, BOWLING-SOUTHEAST Ronald Cameron uses body english to getthatstrilce. Willie Smith is on the next alley. Grace Harris goes after a spare. lSeatedl Sylvia Lewis and Francis Charles. Standing l. to r, Larry Jones, Linda Hinton, Gregory McClain, Grace Harris, Deborah Smith, Ronald Cameron .MMWM we : ' , - sms, . K , K, 15,115- .ff jf ,,., X Robert Klingman and Robert Cione were the chiet oke dispensers at halftime of the basketballgames. The gym was filled to capacity by Ike Boosters at the home games. Jess Hill, Richard Quertermus, and Glenn Mcvros look like sporting goods salesmen. Actually they are getting equipment ready for use by the Cardinal hoopsters. VW! C Murray Bowens and Odell Malors fill popcorn boxes lust Mr, Gutches, Mr. Bergquist, Mr. Linn,Mr. Zoda, Mr. Wal- ker, and Mr. Bosnak took care of many of the details at the football games, We didn't know where to put this picture so the last page is as good as any. Pam Hartig is late again and her big smile is aimed at teacher so she might not have to get u ate slip from her principal. 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