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...A -"" ....'- - .4-1--' ' ,f ,,,' i ' :J-. uf:-V -fzi f -.....-........ . V 5"T"2':4'f'r-1 """-.M ...,.. ,, r -,........ ,,,...-- - ......--- -..- - -5,5 A+, Ni- -g .- N Q ---N.-. ' """---Q. ...,,' ..,.a,,.,- ,. --7..,L,,,- , ' ."- "S V -1-Q..,., -I--1-sq,-4' - ,,,g,,,.,f--.. -..-. , . - -.,,,, , tg--- ....,..-- -W --fi.. .k xg. . Ximbqgwl'-fx ff' QQQL QQQQ X041-Y Qc XSSA-LM, QKCUUB Pg MJD k,NmX,,f,. Gym My N ' , N I 7 P .f if ing A f. X 2 O Y A if 0 1 A X K 1 xx 4: ox ' lg., I X h ' , X rx 1 ' N, -1, , 3 ' I 1 ik t 3 Q , N' wi' -.fy 1 ' ' 1 'I x MI. M we - '- j 3 tx i A 1 K 1 ' , k X- L 1' , f X xl' 1 I ,Q i X , -1 xl ,X 5 Z gxfy 7 I f I L K, H 4 X - , x 1 A W X N ' x ' , M , E ' 1 A x, " L s Q4 1 A . L - i R' ' L xfv 1 , V fx an X . . a. W -' , , Q 'Q-D ' ll " 4 an XX " - Y' L N fn ,Ik 13 Xxx " 1 ' b 9 1 1 .' 1 Qi K 2 i ali f 1 s fu L Sw N 1 345 5 r h 1 2 5 'A" ku ff? ww by .A X XA "" I' . NNW WMQNX A W Nzwxxgixx yvmx. XNVXTNQ Nm K x E mx. ESX qgb. i r9MfQ, NNKNWXASNSX QoJWr1w'xXW'1D.KQ5lMwJ 'EW UML QANJQ X- o-uit Jud, ,Mug WMD .wwi - xg mjoehacwvdm Ck lf G N . Cjou-'Lx mi P. 5 d -----M f -L-f-i- i iif LW , My ' wwwfvww A W N PSQJLL X I WV iw wp WCP .J Mit QWVK WW K W9 Qgyw s N W ffiffgwi M333 W gjflfjw WMQQ WM dj U X, ? gg? WOWQQQW Q WY W W V Q Q if EE 2 W Qjiib E333 wfwjw PA W M My I Q. , llj , fl v 9 X P f Y X , Emil Mfzfpy g g gh WWW ww sf 5 Q If QVlL07'LnV'f01ijfi 3 S KW 1,1 Ji X Q NJ VV! X3 Vfmygi P mf W L7 ' f-, N A Q P X-3 P5 Q If lx !!.," l wlgj5y.,jMlQ8lh Annual of lhe J ! , , l Dwight D. Eisenhower High School V nj xlib J ,I Ad nis?'alixon81Facully . . . . Disiricl2l8 s Blue Island, Illinois K M g . ........... .. SCN s, Prganizalions . . . . . TA X' s ........ . . . v 2 le I f yd Y Page I2 Page 38 Page 106 Page l80 N if ..,g3fQXJxv P f f gggg J XJQJQJ lillliwgigws W M ., i ll PNIQRPX- UUQX 1 Wx I t ' wlslfisx s i ,sw5ijyu?f7MmW3 Ji' 0 I I J:--,QV 'tbgggg Nslxbigk K ' Nj f 1963 Q GW.. -I P . X A x fx ji g , v if y if if lg YN I sf, Ag C Card i nal wx E55 R Review of v 6 'ffl . N P. 1 I P E Eisenhower 1 Q f ic Q si X53 ex is 5 S Students and so N N , gl Q x P 5 P T Teachers S 'X I J N Sql l 'Q :""'5, gm. I E.: I ,X H, ,. , -.-f' Q W5 , AQLW. is , ..:., .. A W' 'J M W AJ E X thx ' M' fl J W C fly ' it it f 'CA jf, ft jlffl ' Q ffl? , , C .. L X L f , f vw , 1 fl, fj5,JVf,w flow? gm af f we ...s mBol.s WJ OF OUR SCHOOL SPIRIT XX Xl A X! XX X41 L -1 lx, lx ' J y X 'Xxx , S3 'J A M J . N, X 3 V I f' , J ,J BACKGROUND - CARDETTES Left, l to r: Judy Yehling, Diana Kazmarek, Janet Tomaszek, Elaine Gorcowski, Betty Pyle, Christine Beardsley, Barbara Baldwin, Dorothy Morrow, Beulah Weathingtan, Margo Berry. Center, l to rzMarylibbelts,MUrg0retBOyd,JGr1et Hempenius, Jean Cunningham, Karen Smith, LaWanda Williams, Diana Clement, Judy Sperry, Betty Byerly, Rosie Snoddy. Right, I to r: CheryllSauerbier,Evelyn Bouie,GIoria Coleman, Dorothy Wiese, Erma Smith, Gwen Ellis, Sandra Williams, Diana Toannon, Judy Wcinscott, Vivian Larson. FOREGROUND-CHEERLEADERS Jean Sidler, Rosemary Russert, Cheryl Bambach, Karen Besida Sherry Egbert, Jean Kias, Sue Brockman. f -.- --..,.. - .. U . .. , . V Superintendent of Public Instruction GQQII, l21en5X'G. Baumanngxond Dr. Richards. Gladys DEDICATION . . . l Eisenhower addresses large gathering Y . . at dedication of Campus Building in Lf I October of l950. Y Nelson, then a iunior at Community' High, pins Boutonjerefon 'WA' K , 1' ' R ' JI 5 B ,',,' I ,X , tg ,C L iff' 'N' C 1 1 lf XX fx l f f A X ,, kg t M X2 yy K , 1- L v 1 of Q ,X . f L FL ' r rx Axtx tp o - 5 r- V l J The Comp s Bluil ingjrwas officially dedicated on October 23rd, l95O by General 1 N ' v' ll .1 lx, rm. U QL' 0 Dwight1fDi! Eisergner, thbn president of Columbia University. More than 4,500 persons all ' C4 X' XX! wecsefon hand'las General Eisenhower said, "The material sacrifice, courage, and initia- C 'M lu . pl -r .tiye displayed by you people here in creating this high school seems to typify qualities ' ,1 , 1 y ,, , If X 'and co cepts vital to the future of America - that is one of the reasons I was roud to , 1 1 C p X I ' " gg ,ry 'accept the invitation to participate in the ceremonies here today." X yxftxf' The high school district was referred to as Community High School, District 2l8 for Q l the past twenty eight years. The Boardf of 'Education decided to clarify much of the confusion that existed regarding the proper'-BixdisinHty,ofthe school distrigtxi After conferring with many civic leaders and groups, itwdsdecjded to name the school after its Campus Building dedication speakejin Space llimits aqlecount of the marqfyflglorious events in the ' '.' ' ' 1 L, ,t , life of Dwight D.IfEise-nhpwer, maniykpf wltrfch oreltfdmiliar tdiholl of us. The publication staff proudly dedixcates the twentytfeiglgjbvvolurne to thje great military leader, educator m 2 ,Q Y, if , and thirty fourth President of thelUnited StatesQ " ,vt w K. ' f-V-l r -Nxt-"T, , t lv' ml . A Lvl A l tx? Lkgvf - 1 l X' ' ' L t ' ' rf , '- W 1-N 1 l' r my 1 tj VK. 'T . V, y ,-95 had 1 X UYJXP' y if X , L! pk! Ant X v-1 ,Q to A y ry 3 .. . M C I v I JW , . ,Aft .El his-J ,y N 6 Q, 7J XX lu Ll: N l .I M -Q' t, G , t' ' 'l i T 1. 'g TN-X fu ' t ,, ' N t fx ,J , 1 ,, 'jr J vp' V V hlfililt' 1 AV-y wjlti' . 'if' T ,is , J 4 M mv . X a 'XM l "H, tl 'I' .fie- no 9 s Campus Building Old Main Building COMMUNITY SPIRIT PROVIDES February 23rd, l963 proved to be an eventful day for the residents of the communities served by District2l8.0nthat day voters approved a much needed bond issue to provide forthe educational needs of a W school population which is expected to reach 8000 in l972. Q U MD CL! U ' 99TH ML I A I Lf . Ofbrwtw j Mi . . I ,, WWI, O! yy dp D ,MJ 5 LLIIJSQ RTHWES2 O ji I ,Mfr 1 . y r . My . 6 fb O I 7 . Q yr, 5 Cmvlpuiq X OLD AIN! Zj J ' plfj Mg' D W4 WW X H! X SOUTHWE V L D , if K, , X -- PRESENT DISTRICT SCHOOLS l J Et - NEW SITES . . . CID -- FUTURE LOCA ION OF NEW 9TH AND IoTI-I GRADE SCHOOL Eg FUTURE I. TION OF NEW IITI-I AND IzTI-I GRADE SCHOOL X G, MW! All oun GROWTH . . . nw! 6 I . Y , I ffl K ' ' E K a QLD, fu, I A .V V Engl, X , ICA! l WS" f f L! X if QQ 5, fd. Southwest Buildingxi Ulm 55 ' .C 0 ry I I I W X sl 3 v. l x dj 92 Nb O tx ill tt X Qt A El Northwest Building Nw , 'lx' fl 3 fl lv 7 NY fl xt' , ri? fi by GJ N N I , .If -I' I K I . , N' es. ' I b I E59 'Q I 9 '- - AWARDS PROGRAMS AT OUR PEP RALLIES BAND CONCERTS IN OUR CLASS ELECTIONS Lyle Warning, Sherry Egbert, John Vos and Kclllny Wonland campaign in senior class eleciion. -0791 INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES Gary Sauerbier bowls in Campus Build- ing league. i l f W CLUB PROGRAMS - ,, , f- Glen BdIer reifesenis warrior of Latin Club banquei. SCHOOL WE PARTICIPATE IN AMERICANS ABROAD ........ Cheryl Wulrobko, Sully Sieffon, Dove Johnson, and Joyce Springfield were selecied os Eisenhower cundidcles for Americans Abroad. Miss Holden is the foculiy sponsor, 'V' WE APPEAR ON TV .... Koren Jeffery d R R d epre- I d h D b f T Ch nnel 2 R b I SPIRIT HAS MANY FACES WE RECOGNIZE SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT ..... Khyos dlk WE SUPPORT OUR TEAMS . . . . 1 Q . - ., Rx j'-QEL3 N Evan' 3' N I , x i N. ,,W,mgM1wUfwvvuJ .,.N , X V 1 . 53':N'?k.fgLb . ' lf'-T31 Ax V3 . YJ X7 i . X . x -K-by I, eg, iv 61214 RT: 'W' WN- '--'- U x, 1 . O 4.1.4, U- 1.11, ix- Q' My ' dx-.LVD -A QS-1 J lfx X- x ui'-5 1 1.343 eff Af 81 A ,L " 3. 53' -S - ""f 4 3 - "Q-nf" A T .. as Xl I LK, N '- .Y 9-1 jx BJXQ D V- L f in -J '41 ,wyivb ,xx 4- Nj-J. F .I LX W 3 1- ,jf ,W K S Q-A .NX . x 1 1" 'agy'f, an 'W u..,f.w- Q, 5 I N' yn . w x-f 1 Au W ' . . .PQ " N x., , . I 4+ . C N. FACULTY QANI: 0 way VW ww K, QQ , N W Q .1 Y Q-Q a - 1 .mv ff ab' Q fpvx "5Si?yoQ?4P'yQX'157 NW if x'?31QQy',Qb Q VV UQ yy Q ' 7 'X , ' , 5 ,QU my 1 cw v , X W . 'X 1 ' fx KJ L' K mf D Sf N 1 - a fy I X by J LN UT 4 'P JV, 'K MJF, xii, KW, rv J -no V L ru' df A ' EU WUPQQJQV , Us YJ RQ XX pal Y. V N59 A X ix X Dr. Richards addresses student body at FallSpor1s award assembly. 33 DI' H L Richards Dr. H. L. Richards, in his twenty eighth year at the helm ofthe present Dwight D. Eisenhower High School, has witnessed the growth of the school district from two school buildings and approximately l l00 students to the present four buildings and 11300 students. Anoth- er significant milestone was reached in his career when the citizens of District 2l8 voiced an approval of a 55,600,00 bond issue on February 23rd, l963. Funds from this bond issue will provide addi- tional classrooms at the Campus Building, a renovation of Old Main, a new frosh-soph building, a new Campus Building, and additional land for a future 9th and l0th grade buildings. With a predicted enrollment of 8000 by l972, the building program has been a primary concern ofthe Board of Education. The student body, present and future, may rest assured that under the guidance of Dr. Richards, the quality of education provided in District 2l8 will continue at the high level the community has come to expect. Dr. Richards and administrative assistants Lto R Mr. Blanke, Mr Caauwe Dr Richards Mr Miller Mr Frobish. lnot pictured Mr Pooler THE BOARD OF EDUCATION l. to r, Dr, Kenneth Smith,Mr.GeorgeBenck, Mr. Elbert Smith, Mr, Leslie McCord, president, Dr. Richards, Mr. Lode. Harry Schuldt, secretary, Mr. Glen Hansen,Mr. Edvgard PARENT F, C QTY ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD , 9 Pl I "gl-jill EY it ,tflv J,lQf gf! Seated, from left to right: Edward Harrison, Robbins, treasurer, Mrs. Pauline Van Hook, Chicago Ridge, second vice-president and membership chairman, L.F. Schilling, Oak Lawn, president, Mrs. Mildred Rauch, Blue Island, first vice-president and program chairman, and Mrs. Hildegorde Schultz, Blue Island, secretary. Standing, Edward L. Wilson, Worth, Campus representative, Milan Craig, Chicago Ridge, Northwest representative, Mrs. PaulIRayon, Robbins, Southwest representative, Mrs, Donald Livesey, Chicago Ridge, membership committee, Arth rl Edlund Blue Island Old Main representative Clyde W. Blanke, Midlothian, administrative representative, Ixflgs Mil' n Craig Chicago Ridge Northwest representative, Mrs. Clara Lemon, Robbins, membership committee, QQ 'U lx lc E J. , Bl ' ' 7 R i ' Y F, . iv I . . I , , V . Y J f 5 '-.f I BQXL-igbd liarzell Moore, Robbins, Southwest representative. L X F Y I X-l' P 1 J r ,xj yy Q ,J F li' . Executive Board members not present for the picture include: M, Mrs. Phyllis Bell, Blue island, membership committee, Carl Cole, Blue Island, Old Main representative, Mrs. John Diezel, Blue Island, membership committee, Mrs. Robert Lydigsen, Oak Lawn, Campus representative, Mrs. Ray Schreiber, Blue Island, membership committee, Mrs. Kay Sobiski, Blue Island, hospitality chairman, Robert Storrs, Polos Heights, Campus representative, and Mrs. Henry Tinken, Blue Island, membership committee. few Russell M. Miller, B.A., M.A. Assistant Superintendent, Instruction 81 Student Service Birt E. Frobish, Ph. B. Assistant Superintendent, Business and Finance ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Rollin Pooler, B.A., M.A. Administrative Assistant, Registra- tion 8. Scheduling R. W. Coauwe, Ph.M. Administrative Assistant, Curriculum Clyde Wilbur Blunke, B.A., M.A. Administrative Assistant, Public ln- tormation 8K School Studies Lloyd J. Lowe, B.S., M.Ed. Sheldon C. Wesiman, B.M.E., M.M. Principal, Northwest Build- Principal, Campus Building ing BUILDING PRINCIPALS X I K. J. Fessler, B.A., M.A. Principal of the Senior Class J. E. Brodie, B.A., M.S. Ed. Principal, Souihwesi Build- in D.E. Bapsi, B.S., M.A. Principal, Old Main CLASS PRINCIPALS K. D. Slreifmofler, B.S., M.S. Principal of The Junior Class f fi . ' 4"mu--'1'f'- pci' Charles B. Price, B.S., M.A. Principal of Sophomore Class, Carn- pus Building C. L. Blunk, B.Ed., M.A. Principal of The Freshman Class Old Main Gordon G. Hill, B.S., M.A. Principal of The Sophomore Class, Old Main Dorolhy M. Cruise, B.S., M.A. Assislani Principal, Northwest Van J. Henderson, B.A., M.A. Assistant Principal, Soulhwesl George W. Porter, B.Ed., M.Ed. Warren J. Vorreyer, Ph.D. Coordinator of Boys' Activities Director of Guidance and Counseling Mary K. Dewey, B.A., M.A. Coordinator of Girls' Activities W. F. Gutches, B.S., M.A. Director of Athletics Clell Ledford, B.S., M.Ed. Audio Visual Director, Research Ray Termunde, School Engineer HELEN ADAMS, B.S. Business English Bookkeeping HELEN F. AIKEN, Pl1.B. English CARL M. ALBANO, B.S. General Science Health RUTH ANNE ALDRICH, B.S English Il GLENN AMBLER, B.S. Social Studies CLYDE BAILEY, B.A. Distributive Education THOMAS BANASZAK, B.S., M.S. Business Education THOMAS L. BARBER, B.S. Social Studies MORRIS BAREFIELD, B.S. Mathematics Administrative assistant Mr Frobish and Mr. Miller meet with Build- ing Princlpals Mr Westman Mr Bapst Mr. Lowe, Mr. Brodie NANCY BARROWCLIFF. B,S. Physical Education ERNEST J, BEAL, B.A. Physical Education MARJORY BEATTIE, B.S, English GENE BELL, B,S,, M.Ecl. Mathematics GAILVERNE BENGSTON, English, Speech CARL l. BERGQUIST, A.B. Social Studies B.S. sr?" frm X., -sum. fihpvv f ' QW 'Whig fm "lu..,,, gg :A it Wwe... ,, f"'fKar4 -vw. ,ik A A X N.-5, PETER BERTUCA, M.Ed. Bond, Instrumental Music ETHEL S. BITTA, B.S.Ed, Business Education MERRILL W. BONE. B.A., M.S. Woodwinds, Cadet Band CHARLES BONONI, B.S. Physical Education WILLIAM A. BOSNAK, B.S. General Science, Health WILLIAM A. BOURLAND, B.S.. M.S. Guidance Counselor FORREST A. BOYER, B.S., M.S. Woodwork ANNA MAY BROWN, A.B,, M.A. English LUCILLE D. BROWN, B.S. Biology PFA members serve refreshments to Mr Bapst Mr Bergqulst Mr Lowe and Mr. Kios. BANTA BUNDY, B.S. General Science EDWIN BYE, B.A., M.E. Mathematics BETTYE W. CAMPBELL, B.A. Librarian GRANT CARTER, B.S., M.A. Art MARJORIE E. cePHus, B.S. Business Education ,, IW JANE D.CHIERA,A.B, fb EWU' English iv X N . it , VV rd ff i THEDA CHILDS, B.A., M.A. English MARGARET CIFONELLI, B.E., M.S. Chairman, Science Department MARV CLARK. AQB., M.A. Foreign Languages ESTHER M. CLUVER, B.E., M.A. Chairman, Foreign Language Dep FRANCES C. COLLINS, R.N. School Nurse MARIAN CONELLY, M.A. Chairman, Physical Education Dep JOHN T. CONNELLY, B.Ed. Industrial Arts JOHN K. COOK, B.S. General Science, Health RICHARD D. COOK, B.S., M.S. Biology Mr Fessler Mr Strentrnatter Mr. Koprucki, Miss Mesenkop and Karen Kaiser at the l962 Senior Prom, ROBERT A. COTTER, B.S. English, Drama NANCY CUNNINGHAM, B.S. Ed. Physical Education JEANNE CUTLER, B.S. Director of Cafeterias KENNETH DARNER, B.S., M.S. Foreign Languages LEE D. DINSMORE, B.S. Science JOHN J. DOERR, B.S.M.Ed. Guidance Counselor "lf X.. W , v N., 5, kQf',1i i 2 ...Y JVM, v5 1' . ,, ,J , 'M 5 gf, .M cf' A isss 1 :wage yjwg ,ag A g ,pf WANDA DOLAN, B.S. English ROBERT DREGER, B.A. English, Foreign Languages MAURICE R. DUGGAN, B.S. Business Education VERNAL ECHOLS, B.S. Physical Education GLADYS D. ELPERS, B.A., M.A English SARA ENG, B.A., M.A. Mathematics PATRICIA I.. FESSLER, B.A. Physical Education JOHN W. FILDES, Ph.C., B.S. Science, Health GLENN A. EISCHER, A.B. Science John Quertermus presents Coach John Walker with king size whistle DOMINICK A. FRIGO, B.S., M S Counselor GLORIA GOODWIN, B.S. English BENNETT G. GRAY, A.B. English MARILYN GROMALA, B.A. English WELDON P. GROSS. B.S. Industrial Arts ROBERT A. GU ENZLER, B.M.Ed M M Ed Vocal Music, Harmony and Theory FRANCES GUY, B.E., M.S. Ed. Home Economics D. E. HABLEY, B.S., M.S. Ed. Band, Instrumental Music KATHRYN HAEBICH, Ph.B., M.A. Director, Educational Aids Center MARJORIE M. HALD, B.S., M.S.W. School Social Worker ELIZABETH E. HANSEN, B.A., M.A. Counselor ' ' . .. , H, frm-- tf Mm ' "!"".,, mf. . 'J-fafigsffig ,. iL,, y 4 T. fa I ,W K -xx I I 4 K i if -164' V 5 iz., Ja Sl i fs , ,-,,,.: S. I :wif 1 -57354: wif: '. v,,,"' we ff- I ,nf fi f 'were fs.- .Q ug .5-.: Q P 1' .ff W " "W, "" I '.,g"w' ,. if if - , " ' 2 H S ' - ' f ro.. ' if.. - . ww .,,.A., ,. ., ,. M. W. , 5 I .Q F I r ' 'wait '. t iffy. f f if fi wif' , ,K ! gjggfi: -,gh 7,1 M lr! K " .., .., -.i ,. ., I ,X ,...-. 4. -. .wwe .4 T .if lf, If h A 9 .gi 4' ,ff . J .21 BEN K. HARKINS, B.S., M.S. Ed. Industrial Arts EDWARD L. HARRISON, B.S., M.Ed. Librarian RICHARD J. HARTING, B.S. Social Studies EUVIER HAUG, B.Ed. Industrial Arts Mr. Gutches greets student body atfall Awards Assembly. ETHEL HAUGAN, B.S., M.Ed. Art DENNIS W. HAUSNER, B.S.Ed. Mathematics mlmvs MARLENE J. HENDERSON, B.E. Home Economics JEANNE HERBECK, B.A. Home Economics HARRIET B. HIGH, Ph.B. English CHARLES L. HILDRETH, B.M.Ed., M.M. Band, Choir - -'a K,,. ,Q X,,A, CHARLES W. HOENES, B.S.Ed. Art FLORENCE V. HOLDEN, A.B., M.A. English EDWIN HOLMAN, B.A., M.Ed., M.Ed., L.S. Librarian ORLAND W. HOLMES, M.Ed. Band, Chorus HOPTON HOWELL, B.S.C. English, Foreign Languages RICHARD HUMPHREY, B.A.. M.A. Social Studies EDWARDA JACHIM, B.A. Foreign Languages JOYCE JACQUES, B.A. English, Foreign Languages ROGER A. JAMES, B.S., M.S. Physical Education we-My-gf' Coach Lokanc huddles with Syd LaMore before sending him in GLADYS JAMISON, B.A. Physical Education ANTHONY JANKA, B.A. English, Foreign Languages RICHARD R. JAQUITH, B.E. Industrial Arts JAMES W. JENKINS, B.S. Social Studies CLAUDE E. JOHNSON, B.S., M.S. General Science, Health ERNEST E. JOHNSON, B.S., M.A. E 'im Guidance Counselor W 22 . . Qi: 25 , :img-ixggsi if 525 gwv CAROL JOHNSTON, B.S. Physical Education G,A. JOHNSTON, B.A., M.A. English Henry C. JUSTICE, B.M.Ed., M.M.Ecl Orchestra PATRICIA KARAMBIS, B.S. Mathematics EARL M. KERO, B.S. General Science, Health MARY ELLEN KERO, B.S. Physical Education ORVILLA A. KESSLER, Pl'l.D., M.E. Counselor NELSON KIAS, B.S., B.Ed., M.Ed. Social Studies PAUL V. KOPRUCKI, B.S. lndustrial Arts Chaperoning the Senior Prom were Mr. Price, Mrs. Strestmatter, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Fessler, Miss Miller and Miss Childs. ARLENE KOTIL, B.S., M.S. Physical Education GREGORY KU NKA, B.A., M.S.W. School Social Worker ROBERTA LACKI, B.S. Social Studies RODGER G. LANDRAF, B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts BERNHARD A. LANE, B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts WILLIAM C. LAST, B.S. Physical Education 26 5. MARY LATHAM, M.A., Ph.B. English EILEEN G. LAVENS, B.S. Foreign Languages CLARA F. LEMON, B.A., B.S.Ed. English PATRICIA LEONARD, B.A., M.S.W. Counselor ELSA LITTMAN, A.B., M.A. Counselor JEANNE LOITZ, B.A. English ALBERT P. LOKANC. B.S., M.Ed. Physical Educafion JANE E. LYONS, B.S. Foreign Languages ROBERT A. LYONS, B.A., M.A. Physical Education, Dehale Mr Ross and Mr Porler supervise scorekeeplng by Mr Guenzler Mr. Fierke is also piclured. JOSEPH B. LYZNICKI, B.S. Biology PAUL N. MALM, M.S.W. Counselor RICHARD MARSH, B.S. Business Education EMILY B. MASKE, Ph.B., M.A. English PATRICIA MATTHEWS, B.A. Librarian, Physical Education ALICE MCMAHON, B.S. Home Economics HOWARD McNAIR, B.S., M.S. Science JANET McQUISTAN, M.A. Chairman, Business Education ELIZABETH MESENKOP, B.A. Social Studies ALICE M. MCIHALAK, R.N., B.S. Chairman, School Health Services CATHERINE J. MILLER, B.Ed., M.S. Business Education ELIZABETH A. MILLER, B.S. Business Education ETHEL MILLER, A.B. Mathematics DOROTHEA MOORE, B.A., M.A. English WILLIAM H. MOORE, B.A. Business Education Miss Barrowclifl tries for a strike in Faculty Bowling League. PAUL C. MORZORATI, JR., B.S.Ed. Mathematics ROBERT E. MOSES, B.S.Ed. Social Studies WILLIAM M. MUTZ, B.S., M.A. Social Studies JUDITH J. NICHOLS, B.A. Social Studies MARY KAY O'GRADY, B.A. English KENNETH O'KANE, B.E. Director, Diversified Occupations eq?" MARCEL E. PACATTE, B.S.Ecl. English, Journalism HERBERT W. PARSLEY, JR., B.S.E., B Mathematics PORTIA W. PAYNE, A.B. Social Studies ROGER H. PERRIN, B.S.Ed. English EUGENE W. PETERSON. B.S., M.S. English, Speech OPAL A. PETERSON, B.A.., M.A. Foreign Languages HENRY P. PILLARD, B.S., M.S. Conservation MADELINE PORTER, B,Ed. Permanent Substitute, All Subiects GERALDINE POSTWELLER, A.B. English FTA members Peggy Lorek and Joyce Springfield serve faculty mem bers Miss Nichols Mr Winlock and Mr Schott THEODORE PRICE, Ph.B, Mathematics BEULAH PROTSMAN, A.B. Chairman, Mathematics Department ANDREW PURN ELL, 8.5. Mathematics JAMES L. RACEY, B.S. Conservation JOHN STANLEY RATTS, B.S., M,S. Ed Industrial Arts THOMAS E. REPKA, B.S. Industrial Arts LYNN RICHARDSON, B.A. Biology NELL RICHARDSON, R.N. School Nurse THOMAS S. RICHARDSON, B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed. Chairman, Music Department PETER RIZZO, A.B., A.M. Social Studies SUSAN T. ROBERTS, B.A. English GENE A. RODIE, B.E. Industrial Arts DOROTHY W. ROGERS, B.A. Business Education CHARLES R. ROSS, B.S., M.S. Mathematics JUDITH A. ROWLEY, B.A. Social Studies Mr. Rudy outlines basketball hopes for the season. JACK RUDY, B.A., M.S. Social Studies JOHN J. RUSH, A.B., M.A. Physics LUCILLE RUSH, A.B. Assistant Librarian GILBERT M. SCHOENOFF, M.S. Chairman, Industrial Arts ROBERT SCHOTT, B.S. Social Studies DON D. SCHRlNER,,B.E., M.S. Mathematics ,ew LILLIE SCOIT, B.S. Social Studies MARJORIE M. SCOVEL, B.A. Social Studies PATRICIA SHOFFNER, B.S., M.S Home Economics THOMAS F. SMERZ, B.S. Social Studies WANDA SMITH, B.A. Mathematics ALICE SOLDAN. B.A. Business Education DANA F. SOSE, B.A. Mathematics WILLARD D. SPIES, B.S.Ed., M.A Social Studies OTTO STASI, B.S. Physical Education Mr. Barefield, Mrs. Kero, lfront and Mr Bailey and Mr Delia rear were active members ofthe bowling league MARY STEGER, B.S. Home Economics HELEN L. STEVENS, B.S., M.Ed. Counselor DONALD W. STOKES. B.S.. M.Ed Mathematics GEORGE W. STREIN, B.S., M.Ed. Mathematics JANET STUPP, R,N. School Nurse CARL H. SWARI1, B.S., M.S. Science ENRICO TARAMELLI, B.S. Science ANTOINETTE THORP, B.S. Home Economics CHARLES E. TRAYLOR. B.S-, M.S. Choral WILLIAM A. VANDERBERG, B.S Business Education VERNON M. VICK, B.S. Industrial Arts JOHN A. WALKER, B.S., M.Ed. Physical Education BERNICE E. WALLACE, A.B. Chairman, Art Department LEONE WARING, A.B. Business Education ELIZABETH WATERS, B.S. Assistant Librarian ROBERT B. WEBER, B.A., M.F.S. Chairman, Social Studies Department NANCY WHITTEN, B.S. Mathematics RICHARD K. WIEN ER, B.A. Social Studies ECHO WILCOX, B.A. Librarian NELL WILLHOIT, B.S. Mathematics PETER R. WILLSON, B.S. Physical Education 'GW' 1 ,ik MILDRED WINKLEMAN, B.A. English GORDON WINLOCK, B.S., M.S. wwf ' ,X Social Studies J KATHLEEN WINTER, A.B., M.A. , Special Education F, HENRY T. WOJTON, B.S., A.E. Mathematics PAUL YATES, A.B., M.A. English JOSEPH S. ZlEMBA, A.B. " Social Studies CHARLES ZODA, B.A., M.A. Physical Education el. F. Delia, Counselor Carolyn Smith, Counselor Row I ll. to r.l Elizabeth Hansen, Kathleen Winter, Marjorie Hald, Warren J. Vorreyer, Director, Helen Lee Stevens, Orvilla Kessler, Elsa Littman. C G U N S E L I N G F F Row 2 ll. to r.l John Doerr, Gregory Kunka, Frank Delia, Paul Malm, Patricia Leonard, Ernest E. Johnson, Dominick A. Frigo, Carolyn Smith, William A. Bourland. Helen Duehr Office Manager, Campus Building Helen Tracy Secretary to Dr. Richards Elsie Mindeman Buyer, Campus Building Norinne Cox Secretary to Asst. Superintendents Helen Findorfl Secretary to Administrative Assistants Carrie Johnson Secretary to Principals, Campus Mae Carey Secretary to Curriculum Director Si Sr. Principal Julia Dyrcz l.B.M. Clerk Suzanne Waits Payroll Clerk, Campus Anne Smith Transcript Clerk, Campus Judy Janecyk Receptionist, Campus Olive Bostwick Clerk, Campus Geraldine Shiveler I,B.M. Clerk, Campus Patricia Peak Secretory to Athletic Director 81 Vlsuul Aids Director Thelma Steele Library Clerk, Campus Dorothy Zoda Library Clerk, Campus Eve Signorella Secretary, Old Main Irene Babcock Clerk, Old Moin Susanne Westman Secretary, Counseling Dept Anita Purnell Secretary, Southwest Barbara Teague Secretary, Southwest Doris Wright Clerk, Southwest Emily Hayes Secretary, Northwest Stella Sundquisl Clerk, Northwest aw CLASSES MMM llllwy , ull? WW tlffl W ll NW' lyk, x f' l ,z l 'N l 1 twwlhtwwl lj M lflf l ' ll A tl ft D V tter, Capt f th football team, C B b M I olm, queen of th P g Skin Pow-Wow. Seated tt B b D nnis Peloquin, who lected Big Wheel. Peggy C fd dBbD ltd OttdgBy d n o avis as U s an tOld Main. E . 'gil ggvfzei ll. to r.l John Geyer, vice-president, Frank Fencl, treasurer, Mr. Fessler, Dave Vetter, presi- dent, Don Nesbit, secretary. RONALD AARDEMA. Ronald is looking forward to graduation as his most mem- orable day in school. His advice to underclassmen is to stay in school. PHILLIP ADAIR ROBBIE L. ADAIR, Girls' Club l, Speech Club lg G.A.C. l,2,3,4, treasurer 4. Neal wishes she had worked harder in her English classes. MARIANNE AGGEN, Spanish Club l,2,3. Student Aide l,2,3,11. Girls' Club l. Being o legal secretary is in Marianne's future plans. PAMELA AGLER. G.A.C. l,2,4, Girls Club lg Spanish Club l, Speech Club 25 Girls' Bowling 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4. Leaders' Club 3,47 Student Aide 2. Pam has no pet peeves. She enioys swimming as u hobby. ELLEN ALKIRE EDWARD ALLAIRE JUDY ALLIND. Steno Club, An outdoor girl .ludy's hobby is horseback riding and her favorite sport is skiing. SHARON ALLYN. PHYLLIS ALSTERDA. Psychology has been Phyl's favorite subiect. Her favorite food is rice pudding. MARLENE AMATO. Bowling 2,3,11. Mer's hobby is talking onthe phone. PAT AMATO. Slow walkers on steps are Pat's pet peeve. She hopes to go on to school and become a beautician. TOM ANASTATIA ADRIAN ANCZER. The sports events at school win the appraisal of Adrian, JAMES L. ANDERSON. T.A,G. Club, President 4, V.A.C. Club. Class Officer 3. Varsity letters in football, cross country and track. .lim gives Mr. Waitas and Mr. Lyons creditfor being the most help to him in school. JAMES T. ANDERSON. Football I,2,3,4. Basketball I,2,3,A. Playing varsity foot- ball as a sophomore is Swede's most memorable day in school. LESLIE .l. ANDERSON. Chorus 2. Jody's hobby is dancing. She would like to be a hair stylist. MARGIE ANDERSON. Spanish Club I. Class secretary I. People who are late for appointments are Margie's pet peeve. RONALD ANDERSON. Girls' "kooky" hair styles draw Ran's criticism. He would like to see more pep rallies. BLAISE ANGELINO. Letters in football and baseball. Bill likes to collect coins. His ambition is to become o lawyer. CARMEN ARAUZ. KATHLEEN ARNOLD MICHAEL ASKEW. Pro Club I,2,3,4, Presiclentllg TAG Club 3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4g Vice-President 4, Award 3, Student Council ZA. National Honor Society 3,4. Cadet Band I,2, Latin Club I,3. Letters in Cross- Country, track and wrestling. Pancake doesn't like to be reminded of coming in last in his heat at the Moaseheart Relays. MARK ASPLUND. chorus l,2,3,A. A Cappella 4, PAPS 3,4 Biology Club 2. Attending college is Mark's ambition for the future, D AULDEN EVALIA AUSTIN. The day she was told that she was a finalist for the A.F.S., will always be memorable day for Gay. LENNART AXELSSON. Spanish Club 3. Basketball I. Golf I,2,3,4. Mathematics has been Lennort's most useful andfavaritesubiectand Miss Protsman his favorite teacher. LORENA BACHAR. An artistic person Lorry's favorite subiect has been art and she hopes to be o florist. THOMAS BACHMANN. German Club I, Football l,2,3,4. Track 2,3,4. Looking forward to graduation will be Tom's most memorable day in school. EDWARD BAGDON. To be a teacher of math or science is Ed's ambition in life. He enioys target shooting. JOYCE BAITY. G.A.C. I,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-arms 2, treasurer 3, Vice-President 4. A nonchalant girl, Joyce has no pet peeves, can be found at home after school watching T.V. NORMAN! BALCERAK. The Auto Shop has been Norman's favorite subiect. He hopes to become an electrician. BARBARA BALDWIN. G.A.C. l,2,3. Library Club 2, President 2. Girls' Club 3. Pep Club 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Barb will always remember being initiated in the National Honor Society. i fi-Q .. ew. MARY LEE BALL. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, letter l,bracelet 2, school letter 3, gold bar 4. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Library Club l,2,3,4g pin 2,3,4. Spanish Club 4, Vice-President 4. Tiny has praise for every teacher she has ever had. THOMAS BARBEE. Wrestling l,2. Music is Tom's hobby. He likes the friendliness ofthe students. JOY BARON. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, letter l, bracelet 2, varsityletter 3,5 Vice-President 4. Spanish Club l,2,3. Leaders' Club 3. The physical education department and its teachers win Joy's praise. CHARLES BARTHOLMEY. Building model aeroplanes is Charles' hobby. He hopes to become an electrical engineer. LaQUIDA BARTUSCH. Sewing has been LaQuida's favorite subject. Her greatest praise goes to Dr. Richards. CHARLES BARZYCKI. Chuck will always remember getting his first A in print shop. He thinks girls clothes are "way out." PHILIP BASTIAN. Waiters' Club 3,4. TAG Club 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4. Reading is Phil's favorite hobby. He would like to goto college and become a social studies teacher. NORMAN BAUER. Pro Club l. Chess Club 3. Norm can't attend too many social affairs because he works after school. STUART BEARDSLEY. Student Council l,2,3. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,A. Waiters' Club 3,4. Latin Club l,2.German Club 3,11, President 11. Library Club Biology Club. National Honor Society 3,4. Stu enioys playing the piano, DIANE BEEDY. Orchestra l,2,3, Chorus 4. Diane's advice to underclassmen - study, study, study. Her hobby is sewing. ROBERT BELL. Spanish Club A. His first track meet is Ding Ding's most mem- orable day in school. His hobby is hunting and fishing. ANTHONY BENICKI. D.O. 3,4. To be a respectable citizen is Anthony's goal in life. He attends the social affairs for entertainment. DENNIS BENJAMIN. Dennis is very non-committal on all subiects except to say he would like to have his own business. WILLIE BENNETT. Mashed potatoes are a favorite of Willie's, He can be found at home after school shooting baskets. CHARLES BERGERON. Sam's ambition is to be a photographer. He enioys attending the social affairs. ROBERT BERGSTROM. Varsity letters in football, wrestling and track. Bobsie's favorite sport is throwing snow balls and his hobby is sleeping. NANCY BERRY. An art scholarship for the summer study at Champaign was awarded Nancy. She would like to be o commercial artist. KAREN BESIDA. NANCY BIEDERMANN. FHA l. G.A.C. I,3,4. Girls' Chorus l. Any type of Italian food is Nan's favorite. BARBARA BIERNACKI. Spanish Club I,2,3, Secretary 3. Speech Club 2, Secre- tary 2. Girls' Club I,2,3,4. Student Council I,2. Office Aide 2,3,11. Student Aide l,3,4. Being aJegal secretary would fulfill Barb's life ambition. JIM BLAIR. STANLEY BLATT MICHAEL BLOCKER. Class President 2. Pra Club l. Mr. Henderson has been of the most help to Mike in his high school days. HOWARD BLOMBERG. Wood Shop has been Howard's most useful subject and he hopes to become a cabinet maker, DIANE BOBER. Speech Club 2. Home EC Club 2,3.Spanish Club I. Student Aide 4. Girls' Club p,2. Swimming is Dee's favorite sport. JOHN BOLLMAN. Baseball l,2,3,A, letter l. Bowling 3,4 Jack hopes to become a Certified Public Accountant. MARSHA BOND. G.A,C. l,2,3,A, award 341. Pro Club l,2,3, Secretary 3, Awards l,2,3,. Girls' Club 2,3, Board Member 3, Leaders' Club 3,4. Becoming a physical education teacher is Marsha's ambition. JAMES BONNY. The bus service gets Jim's praise. He enjoys collecting coins. ROBERT BOOMSMA. EVELYN BOUIE. Girls' Club, Art Club.G.A.C., lelter3.Student Council. Pep Club. Cheerleader. Becoming a senior was Evelyn's most memorable day in school. school. DONNA BOUND5. Bowling is Evelyn's excuse for working off her favorite food- spaghetti. She would like to be an IBM operator. ROBERT BRADSHAW. Gabby people get Brad's votefor his pet peeve. His hobby is working on cars. ROBERT BRADY. WARREN BRAZAS. MARY BRENNAN. DIANA BRINKMEYER. G.A.C. I,2,3. Speech Club 2. Hall Guard 2. Student Aide 4. Journalism Class 4. Journalism has been Dee's favorite subiect, Her favorite food is shrimp. Don Nesbit is about to steal the ball from the Thornton drib bler. Stella Labedz, Linda Magliola, and Mr. Bailey kibitz window display of Sally Zwiezyn in DE, display case. SUSAN BROCKMAN. Latin Club I,2,3,-4. Girls Club l,2,3,A,board member I. Stu- dent Aide 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Cheerleader 2,3,1l, Suzy wants to go to the University ol Illinois and eventually become a teacher. JOYCE BROERSMA. Latin Club I,2. Girls' Club l,2, Bowling 2. Student Aide 3, Steno Club -4. Shorthand has been .lo's most useful subject. ROBERT BROO. LEE BROOKS. LYNN BROOKS. CONSTANCE BROSS. Girls' Club 2,3,41. Connie enioys horseback riding as a hobby. Her advice to underclassm en - study! LINDA BROTSCHE. Girls' Club 2,3,11. G.A.C. 3,4 Leaders' Club Ll. Girls' Chorus I,2,3, Secretary 2. Treble Chorus 11. Orchestra I. Lindy's exotic tastes give her a liking for Mexican and Chinese foods. CHRISTINE BROWN. Girls' Club 2,3,4. Ediot: "We the Girls" A, Spanish Club 2 3,4 G.A.C. 2,3, Drawing is Chris' hobby. NORBERT BROWN. German Club I,2. Band I,2,3,4. Varsity Band. Being a high school teacher is Norbert's ambition. BETTE BRUEGGEMANN. Latin Club I. Spanish Club 2,3. Office Aide I,2,3,-4, Bette suggests that underclassmen study hard as the years go by fast. ALFREDA BRUTON. G.A.C. I,2,3. Pro Club I,2,3,4, award 4. Spanish Club l,2. Class President I. Girls' Club I,2. Speecn Club I. Camera Club I,2. Basketball is Alfreda's favorite sport. She enioys eating pizza. MELVIN BRUTON. Pro Club I,2,3,4. Wrestling 3,4. Irackletters I,2. Football I. The print shop has been Melvin's favorite subiect. DOROTHY BRYAN. German Club I,2,3, program chairman 2,3. Student Council I,2,4. Girls' Club l,2,3,-4. Library Club I. Biology Club 2. T.A.G. 3,4 Beth would like to become a registered nurse. ALLENB UKALA. PATRICIA BULGER. People walking too slowly in the halls earn first place on Pat's pet peeves list. She likes to collect records. CAROLE BULLOCK. Bowling IA, The teachers receive CaroIe's highest praise. She wants to become a secretary. JAMES BUNYEA. Jim rates the social affairs high on his list. He enioys hunting. VICKI BURICH. BONNIE BURKE. G,A.C. I,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, Letter 3, Girls' Bowling I. Chorus I,2,3,4. Girls' Club I,4. Bonnie suggests to the underclassmen that they study hard from the beginning and realize they are in school for a purpose. BARBARA BURNS. G.A.C. 2,3,4, Girls' Chorus I,2. Student Aide I,4. Spanish Club 3. Barbie wishes she had worked harder at shorthand. EUGENE BUSS. Pro Club I,2, President2.GeneisIooking forward to graduation as his most memorable day in school. FRED BUSSEAN. ROSIE LEE BUTLER. G.A.C. I,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Awards I,2,3,4. Girls' Choir. Student Aide, Red doesn't get ta attend too many social affairs because she works after school. ELIZABETH BYERLY. Library Club I,2. Latin Club I,2,3, Secretary 3. Girls' Club 3,4 Biology Club 2. Pep Club 3,4. Typing has been Betty's favorite subiect. LESLIE CALDWELL. RONALD CAPEK. JERRY CAPPS. DONNA CARLSON. Girls' Club I,2,3. Spanish Club I,2. Steno Club 4. Typing was Donna's favorite subject and she hopes to put it to good use in a well pay- ing position. RUTH CARRERO. JOHN CARRIERE. Varsity letter in golf. Naturally Jahn's hobby is golf. He ad- vised underclassmen to stay in school. JUDITH ANN CARROLL. ARLENE CASSIDY. Working after school hours keeps Arlenefrom attending social affairs. Her ambition is to be a good dental assistant. GREGORY CERCONE. Student Aide 2,11. "Anything Italian" describes Greg's favorite food. He has great praise for the faculty. JAMES CHAMPION. PATRICIA CHAPMAN-BEY. Speech Club 2, letter 2. Spanish Club 2. Girls' Club 2. Receiving a speech club letter was Pat's most memorable day in school. LESLIE CHAVKEN. Listening to records is LesIie's hobby. Leslie would like io become an accountant. JOHN CHLAPECKA. Baseball letters I,2, varsity letter 3, Basketball letters l,2,3. John's favorite subiect has been mechanical drawing. YVONNE CIANCI. Girls' Club I,2,3,4. Library Club I.Spanish Club I,2. Biology Club I. G.A.C. I,2,3. Yvonne would liketobe in nurses' training after graduation, KEN CIHLAR. Pro Club I,2. D.O. 3,4, president 4. Business training has been Ken's favorite subiect. Mr. O'Kane has been the most help to him in school. DIANE CISTARO. Spanish Club I,2,3,4. Girls' Chorus l. Girls' Club l,2,3,A. Drama Club 351. Art is Diane's hobby. BENJAMIN CLARK. The social affairs definitely meet with Reggie's approval. He enjoys watching a good football game, LOUIS CLAVIO. Biology Club 2. Pro Club 2. Latin Club l,2,3,4. T.A.G. 3,11. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, treasurer 4, National Honor Society 3,4 Waiters' Club 3,4. Mike will always remember receiving a Debate Trophy. He would like to be a nuclear engineer. DIANE CLEMENT. Pep Club 2,3,11. Chorus 2,3,11. Diane won 2nd place in the Chemistry Fair. She enioys a good steak after horseback riding. ROBERT H. COHEN. CAROL COLANTONIO. G.A.C, I,2,3, awards I,2. Operetta 3,4 Madrigals 3,4 CREST staff 11. Fine Arts Club 3,4 A Capella Choir, Steno Club 3,11, vice-president A. Carol has most praise for the school's music department. Her favorite sports is swimming. MARY COLE. G.A.C. letter. Mary would like to go to business college and be' come a private secretary. DWIGHT COLEMAN. All of Dwight's favorites and ambitions revolve around being a professional carpenter. GEORGE COLEMAN. Awards in track, wrestling, cross-country and football. Fixing radios is George's hobby. The phy ed department and the gym receive George's praise. BONITA COLQUITI. Girls' Club I,2, awards I,2. G.A.C. I,2,3,4, awards I,2. The zero hour and Nit do not agree, it's too early for her. Her favorite subject has been psychology. PETER CONSTAN. Conceiter people are Peter's pet peeve. He enioyed chemis- try and physics and hopes to become an aeronautical engineer. MARY CONTRERAS. Volleyball is Mary's favorite sport, She will eat mashed potatoes and steak anytime. ROSEMARY COON. Bowling 4. Graduation will be Rosie's most memorable day in school. She would like to become a nurse. SUSAN COSTELLO. Working after school keeps Sue from attending many social affairs. For her school would be complete without the ninth period. THEDA CRAWFORD. Typing and stenography have been the most helpful sub- iects for Theda. Swimming and water skiing are favorites with her. VERNA CROWL. The faculty merits Verna's praise, Her first day as a freshmen will always remain in her memories. CARL CROWNER. Letters in football and wrestling. Collecting mirrarsis a hobby with Carl, MICHAEL CRUMRINE. JACQUELINE CURE. Latin Club I,2,3. G.A.C, I,3,4, board member 3, secretary 11, National Honor Society 3,4 Girls' Club I,2,3,4. Spanish Club 3,4. I.A.G. 4. Induction into the National Honor Society is .lackie's most memorable occasion in school. RONALD CURRIE. Pro Club I,2. Math has been Ronald's most useful and favor- ite subject. BRUCE CUTLER. Swimming is Bruce's favorite sport. He enioys working an cars. LINDA CZERKAS. Bowling I,2,3,4, Secretary 4. Linda has won two bowling trophies. She is undecided about her future. TONY D'AMlCO. Study hard if you expect togroduateis Tony's advice to under- classm en. He has great praise for the selection of shops at school, ANTHONY DANALEWICH. Mu Alpha Theta, president 11. Waiters' Club 4. Latin Club 2,3,4. Chess Club 3,4 T.A.G. Club 3,4. National Honor Society. Iony's ambition is to be a doctor. sl ALBERT DANIELS. "Superman" keeps up his strength eating meatballs and spa- ghetti, He enjoys working on model cars. GERALDINE DANZA. F.T.A. I. G.A.C. I,2, award 2. Student Aide 2,3,4. Grad- uation day will be Geraldine's most memorable day at school. RONALD DAUGHERTY. Being a non-committal person Ron had little to praise or criticize, It is known that he likes to bowl. RICHARD DAUSMAN. National Honor Society 3,4.Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Chorus I,2,3. A Capella Choir 4, treasurer 4, Modrigal Choir 4. Latin I,2,3,4. Debate 2. Biology Club 2. Drama Club 3,4gtreasurer3,president 4. Class Play 3,4. Operetta 3,4 Student Aide 2. T.A,G. Club 3,4. Rich's ambition is to be a math teacher. ARTHUR DAVIS. Varsity letter in football. ltbeing hisfavorite part of the school, Art has great praise for the cafeteria. EARL DEADMORE. JOHN DEACON. Latin Club 2. Student Aide 3,4. Reading is Joan's hobby. DANIEL DEBIASE. A very'shy person Dan wouIdn't give forth with too much information except to state that his favorite food is a good hamburger. JAMES DeSANTO. Gossiping females rate low on Jim's list. He would like to eventually be in the recording business. Sherry Seidel models party dress at Girls' Club Fashion Show, KW? Ralph Lynch chuckles as he meets intended victim. LOUISE DeSANTO. Music is Louise's hobby. She willalways remember her junior prom. DAN DeVENUTO. The teachers and principals receive Jim's greatest praise. He is an advocate of weight lifting, DIANE DeWITI'. Spanish Club I,2, secretary 2. Girls' Club3,11. Speech Club l,2. Drama Club 4. Fine Arts Club 11. Girls' Chorus I. Orchestra l,2. Bowling l. Diane would like to go into the theatrical world. NANCY DICKEY. JoANN DILLER. Watching football games is a hobby with JoAnn. She advises underclassmen to study hard - it does pay off. CLIFFORD DILLON. EILEEN DISABATO. Pro Club l,2. Girls' Bowling 2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Home Economics Club IQ. EiIeen's hobby is sewing. DAVID DOHM. Steak and hot apple pie will bring Dave to the table anytime. He enjoys collecting coins. LORETTA DOODEMAN. Looking forward to graduation is Loretta's main objective. She will miss the bus service of her high school days. CARRYLE DORSEY. G.A.C. I,2. Chess Club I. Leaders' Club. Student Aide. Carryle hopes to attend beautician's school after graduation. She is a certified life guard. SHERRYLE DORSEY. G.A.C, l,2,3. Leaders' Club, Drama Club. The system of the activity ticket wins Sherry's praise. She would like to be a singer-actress. BARBARA DOTSON. G.A,C. l,2, letter, bracelet, American History has been Borbara's favorite subject. She enjoys fried chicken. LORRAINE DOWNS. Girls' Club l,2. G,A.C. Club I,2. Leaders' Club I, French Club I. Painting is Lorraine's hobby. GEORGE DOZIER. Latin Club I. Being a C.P.A. is George's ambition in life. His favorite subject has been chemistry, GEORGE DRAPER. JANET DREBLOW. G.A.C. I,2. Bowling 3,4. .lanet's one ambition is to travel. She enioys bowling and swimming. NANCY DRING, Girls' Club l,2,3,11. Latin Club I,2,3,4, Orchestra I,2. T.A.G, Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Fine Arts Club 4. Drama Club 3.StudentAide2,4.The National Honor Society installation is Nancy's most memorable day in school. ROGER DUCLOS. Spanish Club, l,2. Student Council, 3,11. Football I,2,3,11, Base- ball l,2,3,11, V.A.C. 3,A. Waiters Club, 3,11. TERRENCE DUHOSKI. Joining the service and taking up a trade is Terry's ambi- tion in life. DENIS DURLING. Aquiet boy who likestoleavethe city behind and go hunting. FRED DYRCZ. Spanish Club I,2, Biology Club I. T.A.G. 3,4 Waiters 3,4. Class vice-president I. Track letter 2. Cross Country ribbon I,2. Freddie dislikes con- ceited people. JOE DYSON. Listening to good music is Joe's hobby. He wants to be a success in business, ANTHONY DZIEDZIC. D.O, Club 3,4. Tony has no timefor social affairs because he works after school, Feed being his favorite hobby, he has great praise for the cafeteria. DENNIS EBERT. CREST staff. Latin Club l,2. Denny hopes to become a profes- sional entertainer. His pet peeve is homework. SUSAN ECKEL. Bowling l,2. Chorus 2,3,4, Student Aide 4. Chorus Accompanist 2,3,4. Library Aide 3,4. Sue's ambition is to be an airline stewarcless. SHARON EGBERT. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, board member I, general chairman 2, secretary 3. Student Council 2,4 Latin Club I,2,3,4. Biology Club 2,3. F.T.A. I. Red and White Court2. Delegate to Ill. Association of Student Councils 3, Cheer- leader 2,3,4. Sherry's most memorable momentwas cheerleading for the basket- ball garne when we nearly beat the inexorable Thornton. MICHELE EKEN. Bowling 3,4. Driving a car is MicheIe's hobby. SHARON EKSTROM. Three first place certificates in the science fair are accredit- ed to Sharon. Her ambition is to be an elementary school teacher. ROBERT ELLINGSON. Spanish Club. Bowling I,2, Baseball I,2. Working after school keeps Bob from attending too many social affairs. He hopes to be a meteorologist. CAROLE ENGLISH. G.A.C. I,3,4. Spanish Club 3. Girls' Club 4. Student Aide I. Library Aide 4. Carole has found typing and steongraphy to be her most useful subjects. WILLIAM G. EVANS. DAVID FAHLBUSCH. His first day as a senior is Dave's most memorable day at school. He wants to be an offset printer, JUDITH FAIRMAN. G.A.C. I,2. Spanish Club 2. Math has been Judy's most use- ful subiect. JOHN FARIS. THOMAS FEGAN. Latin Club I,2. Tom has great praise for the sports program at school. His ambition is to be a lawyer. FRANK FENCL. Waiters' Club 3,4. Student Council r1.Two varsity letters in track. Varsity letter in wrestling. Skip dislikes people who brag. Most memorable day was receiving o varsity track letter while a sophomore. 9. 'NVQ 3' 4? J A "S-R' 5? SANDFORD FERREE. English lll was Sandford's most useful and favorite subiect. Great praise for Miss Holden and Mr. Bell. RICHARD FERRIN. Rich attends the school social affairs because he likes people. His hobby is working on automobiles. ROBERT E. FIELD. Varsity letters for manager-football 2,3, wrestling 2. German Club l,2,3,4, Debate 3,11. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Waiters' Club 3,-4. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4 HOLLIS J. FIELDS. Class play 3. Student Aide l,A. Red and White Staff. Holly suggests to underclassmen: Study hard and eniay high school to its fullest extent. CAROLYN J. FISCHER. Bowling I. Girls' Club l,2,3. G.A.C. 2,3 Library Aide l,2,3,4, award 4. Carolyn hopes to become an elementary school teacher. JAMES FITZPATRICK. Bowling 11. Bowling is the hobby and favorite sport of Fitz. JOHN FLANDERS, Algebra has been John's most useful subiect. Mr. Woitan has been of greatest help to him. He hopes to be a success in the field of electronics. RICHARD FLAVIN. HELEN FLEET. Latin Club 2, Aide Pin 2. Girls' Club l,2,3,A. The lorge selection of business courses wins Helen's praise. JOHN FOLEY. RITA ANN FOLEY. Girls' Club l,2, Dancing is Rita's hobby. She likes roast beef and mashed potatoes. She wants to be an x-ray technician. RONALD FOSS. Bowling 3. Mr. Pillard and his conservation class get all of Ron's praise. RICHARD FOUTS. Anything Italian is Dick's favorite food. His hobby is model ships and planes. He plans on ioining the Navy after graduation. FREDDIE FRANKLIN. Varsity letter in cross country. Varsity Athletic club 3,4, Going down state in his first year with the cross country team will always be memorable to Freddie, He enioys listening to good music. PAMELA FRANRICK. BILL FREEBERN. Football letters l,2. The auto shop has been Willie's favorite. He hopes to be a welder. His favorite food is a cheeseburger. ROGER A. FREEMAN. Football letters, I,2,3,4. Basketball Letters l,2,3,4. Tennis Letters l,2,3,4. Bronson Brothers Award. National Honor Society. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. Class vice-president 3. Class Treasurer 2, Student Council l,3. Latin Club l,2. Waiters' Club 3,4. T.A.G. Club 4. Rog's most memorable day was being inducted in the National Honor Society. He hopes to enter the medical profession. CHERYL FRITZ. Girls' Club l,2,3. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Chorus l,2. Mixed Chorus 3. Library Aide l. Listening to her records is Cheryl's hobby. JACQUELING FULLER. G,A.C. l,2, vice president l, president 2. Letter 2. Girls' Club 3. Camera Club l. Library Aide l,2, secretary of library club ldistrictl, fice-president Library Club 2, Roller skating or eoting cherry pie could be either of Jackie's hobbies. DUAYNE FULTON. Track 2,3,4, Cross Country 3. Spanish Club l,2,3. Waiters' Club 3,4 Algebra has been the most useful and the favorite subiect for Duayne. GERALDINE GAETA. Girls' Club l,2,3. Bowling l,2,3. Library Club l,2. Gerrie has the greatest praise for the faculty. She enjoyed her office practice course. JON GAFFNEY. Track 2,3,11. Chorus 331, secretary 4. Cross Country 3. Jon had the operatic lead his junior year, LUCY GALE. Girls' Club l,2. Girls' Bowling I,2,4, award 2. G.A.C, I,2,3,4, letter 3. Being a good beautician is Lucy's ambition in life. JOSEPH GALVAN. Spanish Club I,2, Pro Club 3,A, patch 3. Speech Club I, English has been .loe's favorite subiect. ORALIA GARZA. G.A.C. This quiet girlcan always befound at home after school lending a helping hand. DOROTHY GEE. Library Club I,2. pin 2, Receiving her library award was Dottie's most memorable day at school. CYNTHIA GEPHART. D,O. 3,4, secretary 11. Speech and Drama have been Cindy's favorite subiects. Her hobby is sewing. JOHN GEYER. Football letters I,2,3,4. Wrestling 2. Waiters' Club 3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 3,A. Most valuable player award forthe varsity football team is John's most memorable day in school. He would like to be a football coach. CALVIN GIERMAN. ro Club I,2,3,4. All of his science courses have been Calvin's favorite subiects. He hopes to became a doctor. LINDA GILBERT. ROBERT GILBERT. French Club I,2, president 2. P.A.P.S. Club 3,11. Band I,2. T.A.G. Club 4. Track 2. Speech Club Letter. Football Manager 11, letter 4. Varsity Athletic Club 4. The Washington tripis Bob'sfavorite memory of high school days. ANTHONY GONZALES. Tony expects to be in the U.S. Marine Corps after graduation. JOHN GOODWIN. ELAINE GORCOWSKI. Pep Club 3,4 Bowling 3,4 Home Ec Club I. Hall Guard 4. The large selection ofbusiness education courseswins Elaine's praise. She hopes to go to l.B.M. school. GARY GORMAN. P.A.P.S. Club 3,4 Basketball and Baseball manager 2. Fine Arts Club 4, Class Play 4. Art and classical music are Gary's hobby. He hopes to be a commercial artist, RICH GORMAN. Dick gets away from it all by water skiing. He showed his physical prowess by doing the most pull ups while at Northwest, Mark Heineman and Sara Schilling served as marshals for the l962 graduation. , sm ,AN .. Dave Vetter, Bronson Trophy winner, and John Geyer, most valuable player award in football. an kiwi LYDIA GRAHOVEC. Bowling I. Girls' Club I,2,3,4, workroom representative. Leaders' Club 4. Performed in The Red Mill operetta. She enioys all the social affairs. BERTON GRAY. Bert has enioyed all of his shop courses. He wants to become a master auto mechanic. DAVID GREVES. Bowling 3. Any type of shrimp is Dave's favorite food. His hobby is bowling. EDNA GRIDER. The advanced foods and clothes course have been Evvie's most useful and favorite subiect. Working after school keeps her from attending too many social affairs. MARGO GRIFFIN. Steno Club 3,11. Fine Arts Club 4. G.A.C. 2,3. Hall Guard 2. Watching all varsity games is Margo's hobby. SHARON L. GRISON. Chorus I,2,3. The dismissal hour wins Sherrie's praise. When she finds the time she loves to dance, GRETCHEN GROSS. Spanish I. Girls' Club 2,A. Leaders' Club 3,4 G.A.C. I. "Study hard and ioin in on extra-curricular activities" is Gretchen's advise to underclassmen. JOANNE GRZEGORZEK. Home Economics Club. Water skiing is Joanne's favor- ite sport. JOANNE GULLY. Spanish Club 2,3,4. Leaders' Club 3,4 Girls' Club 4. Steno Club 11. Hall Guard 3,4 Steno and typing have been Jo's most useful subjects. Her ambition is to be successful and happy, BEVERLY GUMPRECHT. G.A.C. l,2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Leaders' Club 3,4 Speech Club I,2, vice-president 2. Chorus 2,3,4. Beverly hopes to go into nurses' train- ing after graduation. DOUGLAS GUST. Bowling 3. College and advanced algebra have been Doug- las' favorite subiects. He hopes to become a navigator in the air force. SANDRA GUZAK. Girls' Club 2. Home Ec Club 2. Girls' Club 11. Steno Club 4. The first day of high school is Sandy's most memorable day. RENETE HAAG. LYNN HAEDTLER. Girls' Club l,2,3,11, board member I,chairman2. A.F.S. mem- ber 11. Latin Club I,2,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,11. National Honor Society. Swimming is Lynn's favorite sport. DIANE HAGEN. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, workroom representative l. Office Aide 2, 4. Diane's ambition is to be a beautician. .IEAN HAGEN. Girls' Club 4. Spanish Club I. Reading is Jean's hobby, She can always be found working in the library after school. JOANN HAINES. Latin Club l,2. Bowling 3,41. Girls' Club. Bowling and playing the piano are Jo's hobbies. HELEN HALL. Mrs. Cephus has been the most help to Helen during her high school life. She enioys attending the social affairs. DURK HALLMAN. Pro Club l,2,3. Bowling 4. Mechanical Drawing has been Durk's favorite subiect. SELLEMEREE HAMPTON. G.A.C. l,2. Girls' Club I. Pro Club l. Biology and psychology have been her favorite subiects. She credits Mr. McNair as being the most help during her school career. DIANE HANSEN. G.A.C. l,3. Spanish Club 2. Girls' Club l,3. Graduation day will be Diane's most memorable occasion in school. RICHARD HANSEN. Baseball l,2,3,11. Wrestling l. Working after school keeps Dickfrom attending social affairs. He wants to be a dentist. CRAIG HARDEMAN. Orchestra 3. Chorus 2. Varsuty Track 3. French Club 4. Collecting Jazz LPs is Craig's hobby. SHEILA HARRELL. G.A.C, l.Beingan efficientreceptionistis Sheila's life ambition. ALFRED HARRIS. Varsity letter in track. Sports are Al's hobby. He would like to be a physical education teacher. HARRY HARRIS. Pro Club 11. Bowling 3. Library Aide, I,2,3,4, awards l,2,3,-fi. Harry would like to be a professional singer and a commercial artist. LETHANIEL HARRIS. The lad is so non-committal all he would admit is that his pet peeve is against people whispering. FRANK HARRISON, JR. Frank can be found at home after school waiting for the apple pie to cool. He has great praise for the Campus building. MARCIA HAUSER. Spanish Club l. Painting is Marcia's hobby. She will always remember playing in the orchestra for the operetta: "Annie Get Your Gun." CATHY HAVLAN. Spanish Club l. Typing and Steno have helped Cathy quite a bit and she hopes to be a good secretary. WALTER HAWKINS. IRENE HAXEL. A really quiet student who can usually be found at home after school enjoying her hobby of knitting. LYDIA HAZELWOOD. Girls' Club 41, pin 4. Kay has great praise for the large library and the exciting football games. DOUGLAS HEGYI. Football letters l,3. Wrestling letter 2. Wrestling manager letter 3,4. Varsity Athletic Club 3,-fi. Track l,2,3,A. Doug has praise of the person- al attention the teachers give to students. His favorite sport is wrestling. ALAN HEINDEL. T.A.G. Club A. Basketball l,2,3, letters l,2,3. Golf l,2,3,4, letters 3,4 Varsity Athletic Club 4. Al will always remember when the golf team won the district meet. MARK HEINEMAN. Latin Club l,2,3,4. Speech Club 2. Biology Club 2. T.A.G, Club 3,4. Waiters' Club 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Mathematical Association of American, Honor Roll. Mark would like to be a pro- fessor of mathematics. KAREN ANN HEITMANN. Karen hopes to become on l.B.M. operator, Her hobby is oil painting. PATRICIA HELWIG. Latin Club l,2. Leaders' Club 3,4. Pat's ambition is to be a professional diver, ALFRED HEMMONS. Track I,2,3, letters I,2,3. Wrestling l,2,3, letters I,2,3. Football l,2,3,4, letters I,2,3,4, Waiters' Club 3,A. Pro Club 2,3,4, Spanish Club l,2. Student Aide I,2,3. Al's life ambition is to be a dentist, JAENT HEMPENIUS. Latin Club I,2,3. Pep Club 3,4.Library Club 2. G,A.C. l,2,3. Student Aide I,2,3. Girls' Chorus I,2. A Cappella Chorus 3,11. Girls' Ensemble 4. Inner Chorus 4. When itcomes to activity Jon is partial to volley ball and water skiing. JOANNE HENDERSON RONALD A, HENDERSON. Waiters' Club 3,4. Spanish Club 3. Ron had great praise for the varsity basketball team. JAMES HENKE. Football is Jim'sfavorite sport. Retail selling has been his most useful and his favorite subiect. NATHAN HENRY. Baseball 2,3,4. .lerry's ambition is to be a major league ball player. THOMAS HESELTINE. ROBERT HICKEY. Bob was on a championship intramural football team. He says graduation day will be his most memorable day in school. GREGORY HILL. Wrestling I,2,3,11, letters 2,3,11. T.A.G. Club 3,A, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4. Chess Club 11, Being initiated in the Na- tional Honor Society is Greg's great memory of school. LINDA HILL. Bowling I,2,3,A, award 3. Girls' Club G.A.C. l,2,3. Lindo hopes to become a beoutician. ROBERT HILL. French Club I,2. Class Vice President 2. T.A.G. Club 11. Basketball I,2,3. Baseball I,2, Football 3. Baseball and basketball are Bob's favorite sports. DANIEL HILT. Being an outdoor individual Darby would like to be a forester. His hobby is fishing. ROBERT HOAG. French Club I,2. Biology Club 2. Basketball manager I, letter I. Miss Holden has been the greatest help to Bob during his high school days, JAMES HOCKETT. Pro Club 3,4, letter 3,4. Drama Club 3,11, Chess Club 3,4 Varsity Band 2,3,11, letter 2. Concert Band. Class play 3. Football manager letter I,2. Jim has derived the most benefit from his math courses. DON HOFFMEISTER. D.O. Club. Student Aide l,2. Don's ambition is to own a machine shop. LOUIS HOUDEK. Latin Club I,2. Pro Club I,2. Varsity Athletic Club 3,-4, secre- tary-treasurer 4. Biology Club 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Varsity letters in wrestling and track. Louis will always remember receiving a varsity letter in his freshman year. THOMAS HUISMAN. Track letter 2. Work room Representative. Student Aide I. Tom attends the social affairs to meet new people. DONALD HULBEN. D.O. Club. Student Aide. The auto shop was Don's favorite subiect and working on his car is his hobby. MARY HULL. French Club 3,4 Girls' Club I,3,4. Graduation will be Mary's most memorable time at school, REGINA HUNTER. GEORGE IFLAND. GERALDINE IFLAND. Latin Club l,2,3,11. Library Club 2, pin 2. T.A.G. Club 4. Nurses' Aide I, Gerry would like to be a pharmacist, WILLIAM ILLING. SUSAN INGRESS. Spanish Club 2,3. G.A.C. 2,3. Leaders' Club 3,4 American History has been Sue's favorite subiect. Her ambition is to be a secretary, BARBARA INMAN. Girls' Club, board member I. Girls' Chorus l,2. Barb is hoping for a good office position after graduation, SHARON ISKERKA. Home Ec Club l,2. Bowling l,2, trophy 2. G.A.C. I,2, letter I, Tardy people are Sharon's pet peeve. Her hobby is cooking. JACK L. JACOBS. JOANNE JACOBS. Latin Club I,2,3,4, secretary-treasurer 2. Girls' Club 2,3,4. G.A.C. l,2,3,4. Leaders' Club 3,4. T.A.G, Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Chorus I,2,3,4. A Capella 4. Making Mu Alpha Theta is Jake's most memorable occasion of school. WILLIAM L. JANKOWSKI. Waiters' Club 3,4 German Club l,2. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4. Biology Club 2. Varsity letters in football, basketball and baseball. National Honor Society. BiIl's ambition is to be a doctor. ANN JOHNSON. Bowling I. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Club l,2, Ann can be found at home after school enioying her hobby of loafing. JOHN W. JOHNSON. SANDRA JOHNSON. G.A.C. I,2. Spanish Club 2. Art has been Sandra's most useful and favorite subiect. BEVERLY JONES. Girls' Club l,2,3. Bev has the expensive hobby of shopping. She has great praise for the faculty. CATHERINE ANN JONES. Bill Jankowsld snares pass and crosses goal untouched. qu. ,Janu- .Q in X -N Royce Parks exhibits poise and restraint as Doreen McDowell announces "This is your Life, Royce" at Dad 23. Daughter Date Nite. ROSEAN JULIAN. Girls' Club I, Girls' Chorus l,2,3. G.A.C. l. Steno Club 4, Student Aide 11. Rosie has received a perfect attendance award. Shorthand and typing have been her favorite subiects. KAREN KAISER. RICHARD KAMPER. Spanish Club I. Wrestling 2,3,A. Cross Country 4. Varsity wrestling letter, Rich has the greatest praise for the Gil1l9iiC CIGFPOVIVWGUIA ARLENE KANE. Latin Club l,2. Student Aide. Conceited people are Arlene's pet peeve. Her favorite sport is bowling. ROBERT KARLSON. Pro Club l,2, vice-president l, president 2. PAPS Club 3,4. A success in the field of electronics would fulfill Bob's ambition. MARCIA KARLSTEDT. Bowling L1.Girls' Club l,2,3,11. Spanish Club l ,2. The school spirit has improved greatly, opines Marcia, She praises the business courses available. DENNIS KASPRAK. Latin Club l,2. National Honor Society 3,4 Pro Club l, letter l. T.A.G. 3,4. Chess Club 3. Entrance into the National Honor Society was Dennis' memorable time in school. JUDY KEASLER. Bowling I, trophy I, Library Aide I. Chorus I,2. Ice skating is .ludy's hobby. She can always enioy a good steak. RANDALL KEMP. Randy enioyed his speech class. His hobby is water skiing. .IANICE KERO. Steno Club 4.Beinganairlinestewardis Janice's ambition in life. .IEAN KIAS. Cheerleader 2,3,11. French Club l,2,3,4, secretary 2. German Club 3,4. Girls' Club 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Class secretary 2. Jean main- tains the pep for cheering by eating lots of fried chicken. BARBARA KICMAL. Home Ec Club 2. Leaders' Club 4. Steno Club A. Bowling 3,4, treasurer 4. Steno Class has been Barbara's favorite e she wishes she had worked harder at it. ROBERT KIEL, TONY KING. Pro Club l,2. English has been Tony's most useful subiect. His ambition is to be a social worker, RICHARD A. KINNEY. Rick came to our school as o iunior. His ambition is to be a success as a lawyer. GLEN A. KISTNER. Tennis 2,3,4, letters 2,3,11. Pro Club2. Spanish Club l. Chess Club 3,4. Basketball l. His advise to underclassmen is: "Dan't fool around, study hard." RAY C. KLECZKOWSKI. JEAN A. KLEINPASTE. Latin Club l. G.A.C. l. Girls' Club l,3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Girls' Chorus l,2. A Capella Choir 3,4, accompanist 2,3,11. Cheerleader 2. Madrigals 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta. Jean finds thatall of her high school days have been memorable for some reason or another DON C. KLINER. The zero hour is not appreciated by Don. He has great praise for the sports program at school. SHARON KLINGKAMER. LORRAL KLOPTOWSKY. Two trophiesfor bowling are in Lorrie's possession. French Club, Bowling. Her hobby is playing the violin. RAY KLUCHINS. SHARON KNOPP. Bowling 2,3,4. G.A.C. 2. Girls' Club l.Speech Club 2. Susie's ambition is to be an airline hostess. LERRY KNOX. Pro Club 4. Lerry attends the social affairs because he enioys being with other students. He would like to go an to a trade school. SHIRLEY KOBLISKA. Girls' Club 2,3,4, board member 11. Art has been Shirley's favorite subiect. Her hobby is decorating. JOE KOC. Bowling 3. When Joe isn't at work he expends his energy keeping his car in tip top shape. His most useful subject has been his shop work. PHYLIS ANN KOCK. French Club l,2. G.A.C. l. Girls' Club 2,3,4. Journalism 4. Biology Club 2. Girls' Chorus 4. Student Council 2,3,11, District Council 4. Red and White Staff, sports editor. Red and White Court Representative 3. Phyl's hobby is reading. EARL KOEHLER. Bowling 3. Dance Band, Varsity Band. The Duke's favorite sport is basketball. RONALD KOHLS. Mr. Woiton has been of the most help to Ron during his high school career. He has the most praise for the bus service. SALLY KOLOFF. To be a good secretary is Sally's ambition. Spaghetti is her favorite food. CLIFFORD KOLZE. Bowling 4. IfCliff had thetransportation he would attend more school social affairs. LORRAINE KOZEL. Baseball or swimming could be Lorraine's favorite sport. Her favorite subiect has been typing, DAVLE KRALL. LEO KRAMER. Latin Club l,2. Pro Club l. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Biology Club. Na- tional Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta. Chemistry has been Leo's most useful subiect as he hopes to become a research chemist. CATHY KREDENS. French Club l,2. Girls' Bowling 2,3,4. Girls' Chorus l. Class ploy 3,4. NationalHonor Society.Cathy's mostmemorableday in school was when she was chosen as a member of the National Honor Society. JOHN KRUIS. I. 'YS- ...med- lam ii JEAN KYSIAK. STELLA LABEDZ. MICHAEL LABRIOLA. Baseball I,2,3. Football 2,3. To be happy is Mike's ambi- tion in life. Cars are his hobby. PATRICK LABRIOLA. Current Affairs is the subiect Patrick enioyed the most. He is looking forward to graduation, CALVIN LAIRD. An after school position keeps Cal from attending too many social affairs. His hobby is karate lessons. MARYANN LAKOMY. Girls' Club l,A. Library Club 2. Spanish Club I,2. FTA. A. Fine Arts Club 11. Maryonn's ambition is to be an elementary school teacher. LESLIE LANGELAND. The print shop has been Leslie's most useful and favorite subiect. After graduation he wants to be a printer and own a neat car. LESTER LANGELAND. Lester is not a conceited boy, he just wishes the school would furnish more mirrors. His hobby is model cars, ROBERT LARSEN. Football I,2. T.A,G. Club. The school curriculum has won Bob's praise, FAYE LARSON. Spanish Club l,2. Chorus I,2,3,4. Girls' Club 3,4 T,A.G. Club 3. Student Aide. A person who likes to talk, Faye's pet peeve is one sided argu- ments. KAREN LARSON. Spanish Club I,2. Chorus I. Steno Club 11. Karen's advise to underclassmenz "Study hard, but don't neglect joining clubs. CAREY LAURIAN, Latin Club I. Drama Club 3. Journalism 4. F,T.A. 3. Editor, Red and White. Carey has praise for the friendly teachers. RONNIE SUE LAWRENCE. Bowling 4. The praise of the school as for as Ronnie is concerned would go to the student body, She wants to be a medical assistant. DAVE LAVLAND. French Club 2. Bowling 2,3. Biology Club 2, Dave's pet peeve is too much homework. RITA MARIE LEE. Modern Language Club I. Spanish Club 2, vice-president 2. G.A.C. l,2,3, Leader's Club 3. Rita's advise to underclassmen. "lf college is your goal, make the most of high school", JERRY LEGTERS. Sleeping is Jerry's hobby. His pet peeve is getting out of bed, His ambition is to be a millionaire. PETER LEYDORF. Bowling 3, Basketball I. Pete credits Mr. Wiener as being the most help to him in high school. CAROL LHAMON. Speech Club. Home Ec ll has been Carol's most useful and favorite subiecl. She hopes to attend a beauty culture school. RAY LINDGREN. Music is Ray's hobby. He dislikes people who gossip, ROBERT LINDSAY, Spanish Club I. Pro Club 2,3. All types of food could be considered Bob's favorite, but he still has a great fondness for turkey. MARY ALICIA LIPE. G.A.C. I. Girls' Club 2,3,A, representative 3, CREST staff 11. Student Aide A. Alicia has found typing to be her most useful subiect and publica- tions her favorite. THOMAS LLOYD. A plate of pork chops will bring Tom to the table at any time. He wants to be a carpenter, DAVID LOGSDON. Golf 2. Spanish Club I,2. Drama Club 3,4 Class Play 3. Speech has been a useful subiect for Dave. He hopes to be an actor. CECELIA LOGUE. Friendly people receive Cele's vote in praise for the school. The day she became a senior will always be her most memorable of high school days, NANCY LOHSE. F.T.A. I. Cheerleader I. Library Club 11. Girls' Club 331. Girls' Chorus I,3, letter 3. Pep Club 2. Readingor swimming could be listed as Nancy's hobby. RICH LOMBARDO. BONNIE LONGFIELD. Gossip is Bonnie's pet peeve. Sewing is her hobby. She doesn't have time for social affairs. , , . v 5 . . if ,. z '. - , 'I .L-.. -.. f' W M . . af .,... , ,, 'Z .f."o'.'.u ' L. . '53 f .- . . , 2" W . , . 'f Q ' ' '. f ' Y fi.. as 3' " . I ,. - . -1 -gf g ' i i. i 1 x RICHARD LOVATO. Football I,2, letters l,2, Rich has enioyed his work in the electric shop. He hopes to own his own business. SHARON LOVRICH. G.A.C. 3,4. Bowling 3. Girls' Club 331. Sharon's ambition is to be a teacher. She enter our school her iunior year. RITA LOWE. Latin Club I,2. Girls' Club 2. Comptometry has been Rita's favorite subject. Ice skating is her favorite sport. ROBERT LUNDIN. Pro Club I,2. Spanish Club I. Biology Club 2. Bob has the greatest praise for the social affairs at school. DONNA MacDONALD. Water skiing keeps Donna in condition for her ambition to be a model. She is looking forward to graduation as her most memorable occasion in school. BEVERLY MACKEL. G.A.C. I,2,3. Psychology has been Bev's favorite subiect. Her hobby is dancing. CAROL MAENHOUDT. Bowling 3,4. Girls' Club 3,4. Student Aide 1331, Trying to help thas less fortunate is Carol's ambition in life. LINDA MAGLIOLA. jACQUEI.INE MAGNESALES. With a fondness for pizza and spaghetti, Jacqueline has great praise for the lunches at school. Her ambition is to be a success. Har I '-ll' Judy Hutton, Tom Schwartz, Lydia Grahovec, Stuart Beardsley, and Judy Wainscott at the l962 Senior Prom. X sw he -as Queen Barbara Malcolm and "Big Wheel" Dennis Peloquin. JAMES MAILHOIT. Mechanical drawing has been Jim's favorite subiect and he wishes he had worked harder at it. He hopes to be a constructional engineer. BARBARA MALCOLM. G.A.C. l,2,3,A. Girls' Club l,2,3,11, representative 3, lst vice-president 4. French Club 2. Student Council A, District Council A. Class President I. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Chorus l,Q,3,4, A Cappella Choir 11, secretary 11. Student Aide l,2,3,4. Queen of Pig Skin PowWow 41. When Barbara isn't involved in any of her many activities she attends the social affairs. RAMIRO MANRIQUE, JR. Ramiro hopes that he can put to good use what he has learned in school. He has great praise for the Campus Building library, LINDA MANTHEI. Class President 2. Bowling 3. Class Play 3,4 Drama Club 11. Being her class president was Linda's most memorable time at school. She would like to see more pep rallies. MARK MANTIA. D.O. Club SA. Working on cars takes up Mark's spare time. He enjoyed his class in the auto shop. BARBARA MARKLE. Girls' Club. Steno Club. "Work hard because a good educa- tion is going to really count in years to come" is Barbara's advise to under class- men. EDWARD MARSH. Latin Club I. Spanish Club 2,3,4. Class Play 3. Drama Club Speech Club l,2,3. Pro Club A. Fine Arts Club 3,4. Playing the piano and eating shrimp are two of Eddie's pasttimes, JACQUELINE MARSHALL. Sleeping is Kay's ambition in life. Watching basketball games is her favorite form of recreation. BARBARA MARTIN. Girls' Club l,2,3,4. Bowling I. Latin Club l,2. Band l,2. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Fine Arts Club 4. Drama Club 3. Student Council 11, When finish- ed with college Barb would like to be an elementary teacher. LARRY MARTIN. D.O. Club 3,4. Larry believes there is quite an improvement in school spirit. DIANE MARTIN O. An extension of the lunch hour would meet with Diane's approval. Her junior year was her most memorable in school. ROBERT MARTINO. JACQUELINE MARVIN. Girls' Club l,2,3. French Club 2. F.T,A. 3. National Honor Society 3,4. Induction into the National Honor Society was exciting for Jackie. She wants to be a history teacher. KAREN MATA. Bowling 4, Latin Club l,2, G.A.C. T.A.G. Club 3. Discourteous people are Karen's pet peeve, LAURA MATHIS. Mr. Mutz receives Laura's praise as the teacher who has given her the most help in school. She wants to be a beoutician. LORNA MAXEY. G,A.C. l,2, letter 2. Girls' Club l. Student Council 3. Class Treasurer 2. An active girl, Lorna selects gym as her favorite subject. Her hobby is roller skating. BONNIE MAXSON. Girls' Club l,2. Spanish Club l. Girls' Club, board mem- ber. Every day has been memorable in school for Bonnie. RICHARD McCAMMON. Listening to stereo has become Rich's hobby, His favor- ite subject has been biology. LEE MCCASLAND. The first day in high school is Lee's most memorable day. Commercial law has been his favorite subject, BEVERLY MCCRARV. Spanish Club l. G,A.C. Chorus. Band, Girls' Club. Hall Guard. The faculty wins Beverly's praise. LINDA McCURDY. DOREEN McDOWELL. Spanish Club l,2,3,4, secretary 2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, board member 3. 2nd vice-president 11. Drama Club 3. F,T.A.11. Fine Arts Club 4. Doreen attends the social affairs because they are a part of school life. ROBERT McELLIGOTT. Pro Club l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,11.Bob has nothing but praise for the Pro Club and its activities. He wants to be an engineer. DIANE McGEOGHEGAN. LAWRENCE McGOOGAN. Horse back riding is Lar's hobby. He feels more se- cure since he has found his own way around the school. .IAMES MCGOVERN. Baskeball is Jimmie's favorite sport. He plans on going into the business world. ALBERT MCGUFFV. JUDITH McHUGH. Latin Club 2. Bowling 3,4 Judy has found typing to be her most useful subject. Her ambition is to become a nurse. MAUREEN McMAHON. G.A.C. l. Show-offs are Maureen's pet peeve, Her hobby and favorite sport is dancing. CHERYL MCPHAIL. Latin Club 2, Chorus l. Cheryl has the unusual hobby of collecting perfume bottles. SHARON MELCHER. Bowling 2,3,4. G.A.C. l,2. General Business has been Sharon's favorite subject. NOELLE MELTON. JACK MELVIN. Pro Club l,2. Bowling 2. Graduation from college and becoming a teacher are Jack's ambition, He enjoys collecting coins. CHARLENE METKE. JOHN MICHAELS. ROSEMARY MIKRUT. G.A.C. l, Watching T.V. and munching a polish sausage sandwich takes core of Rosie's after school free time. She also enjoys watching baseball and basketball games. JAMES MILLER. Waiters' Club 3,11, headwaiter 4. French Club I,2,3,A, vice- president 2. T,A.G. Club 3,11, secretary 3, treasurer 4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,-4. Stage Band I,2. ConcertBand3,4.0rchestra I,2,11.Varsity Band 2,3,-fl. Dance Band I,2,A. Class Play 3,4 Member of school Academic Team for T.V. Model Railroading is Jirn's hobby when he can find time for it. SHARON MILLER. Student Aide I. Library Aide 2, Pro Club 2, secretary 2. En- ioyirig life is Sharon's hobby. WILLIAM MILLER. WILLIE MILLS. JULIANA MILZ. Spanish Club I,2, vice-president 2. G.A.C. I,2,3, awards I,2. Leaders' Club 2. Student Aide A. F.T.A. 4, Girls' Club I,2,4. Julie's ambition is to be a good history teacher. MARY MIRONAS, Bowling 3. Library Pin. Mary wishes she had studied harder in all her subjects. Miss Holden has been the most help to her in school. ROSALIE MISKA. Graduation time will be Rosalie's mast memorable occasion at school. She enjoyed her typing classes. DIANE MISLICK. CECELLIA MOCK. G.A.C. I,2,3,4. Girls' Club I,2,3,A. F.T.A. 3,4 Speech Club I,2. Spanish Club I,3. Class Officer 2. Sewing is Cele's hobby. She enioyed attending the social affairs. NICK MOLSEN. French Club I,2. Nick has praise for the fine athletic system. his favorite subject has been science. DENNIS MONTET. Pro Club 2. ChessClub3,Ll.Denny has his goals set on being a physical therapist. ALEXANDER MOORE. JAMES R. MOORE, JR. Spanish Club 4. Varsity letters in track, cross country, Varsity Athletic Club 3,4 Running in 'the state cross country meet is Jim's most memorable time in school. ELIZABETH MORRONE. Steno Club 4. Elizabeth likes all kinds af Italian food her pet peeve is being mistaken for her twin sister. LAURA MORRONE. Steno Club 4. Short hand and typing have been Laura's most useful subiects. Her hobby is watching T.V. DOROTHY MORROW. CREST staff 4. Student Council I,2,3. District Council 3. Girls' Club I,4. Mixed Chorus I. Pep Club 3,4. Treble Chorus 4. Little Wheel of the Pig Skin Pow Wow 2. Dancing and playing jazz records are Sis' hobby. LYNETTE MRVA. Leaders' Club 3. Biology has been Nettie's most useful and favorite subiect. She hopes to become a registered nurse. SANDRA MULLER. Spanish Club 3,A, vice-president 4. Girls Club l,2,3,1i. Stu- dent Aide 4, "Study hard while you have the opportunity because four years go by fast" is Sandy's advise to underclassmen. ANN MURPHY. Latin Club I,2. G.A.C. I,2,3,4, treasurer 3, president 4. Girls' Club I,2,3,11, board member 41. Leaders' Club 3,4 Student Council 2, District Council 2. Ann had great praise for all the extra curricular activities. THOMAS MURRAY. LENORE MUSSON. Live lizards are something Lenore wishes to forget. To live on a ranch is her ambition. MARJORIE MEYERS. Spanish Club I Chorus I,2,3,11. Drama Club 11. Midge has a yen to travel would like to see Paris. KATHLEEN MYSLIEIEC. SHARON NEEL. LESLIE NEIBERT. The print shop has been Les' mostuseful and favorite subiect. His praise goes to the print shop - He wants to be a printer. CHERYL NELSON. DONNA NELSON. Spanish Club 2,3,Al. Donna has an after school affliction of talking onthe phone. Her pet peeve is a lot of homework on week ends. ATRICIA NEUMANN. Girls' Chorus I. Busy helping at home keeps Pat from too many outside activities. She dislikes noisy people. DONNA NEWELL, G.A.C, Girls' Club, Art Award. Cake is Donna's favorite food, Her favorite sport is swimming. MARY NIELSEN. Drawing is Mary's hobby. Mr. Wiener is the teacher who has given her the most help in school. WAYNE NIEMANN. German Club I,2, secretary 2. Speech Club 2. TAG Club 3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Tennis I,2,3,11, letters 2,4 Varsity football manager 4. Wayne's ambition is to be a chemical engineer. BOB NIGRO. SANDRA NITSCHE. Typing and shorthand have been Sandra's most useful sub' iects. She hopes to attend business college after graduation, CARRIE OATES. French Club I,2,3,A. Biology Club 2. German Club 3,4. Girls' Club 4, Student Aide I,2. 'Hall Guard 3. "Don't give up" is Carrie's advise to underclassmen. ROGER OKERSTROM. TIMOTHY OLSEN. Lunch time receives Tim's praise. His favorite subject was the machine shop. Seniors exhibit dancing talents at Pigskin Paw-Wow John Vos dunks ball against Lockport. TIMOTHY O'NEILL. MARY ORTEGEL. Steno Club. Modeling clothes she had made in Home Econo- mics class was Mary's most memorable event in high school. NORMAN OSTLING. Norman's life ambition is to be a pharmacist. He has no time for social affairs. JAMES PACANOWSKI. Collecting paper back books for his library is Jim's hobby. His favorite subjects have been geometry and world history. ROBERT E. PAGE. ROYCE PARKS. Latin Club l,2,3,A. Biology Club 2. Student Aide l,2,3,A. Chorus l,2. Fine Arts Club 4. TAG Club 331. National Honor Society 3,4 Speech Club 2. Girls' Club l,2,3,11, board member l, recorder 2, treasurer 3, president 11. Royce enjoyed watching football games "vetter" it rained or snowed. CLAUDIA PARR. Girls' Club l,2,3,11, board member 2. Speech Club 2, vice- president 2. Latin Club 2,3,A, vice-president 3. Drama Club 3. Claudia's life arn- bition is to be a medical technician. GEORGIA PATTERSON. CREST staff 4, Steno Club. Eine Arts Club 3,A. French Club. Student Aide 3,A. G.A.C. l. Girls' Club l,A. Chorus. Mixed Chorus. The history and english teachers receive Pat's praise. DIANE PAULASKAS. French Club 2. Bowling League 2, president 2, trophy 2. Student Aide 2, Chorus 3. G.A.C. l,2, letter 2, Lobster with drawn butter is Diane's expensive favorite food. RICHARD PAULSEN. Skiing is Richard's favorite sport. Biology has been his favorite subject. CAROLYN PEARSON. SHIRLEY PECHO. Latin Club I. Student Aide 2. A career in interior decorating is Shirley's ambition. MARY ANN PEKARIK. Spanish Club l,Mixed Chorus 2,3,11,Girls' Chorus. CREST staff 4. Fine Arts Club. Girls' Club, Typing has been Red's most useful subject. DENNIS PELOQUIN. The 9th period does not agree with Dennis. His hobby is working on cars. THOMAS PELOQUIN. FREDERICK PENNIX. Working after school keeps Fred from attending social affairs. His favorite sport is basketball. LINDA PETERSON. Library Club 2. Spanish Club l. Chorus l,2,3,11. Orchestra l,2,3,11. Leaders' Club 3,4 Quill and Scroll 3. Student Aide I, Library Aide 2. Miss Rowley has been the greatest help to Linda in school. KAREN PFEIFER. French Club l,2. Girls' Club i,2,11.G.A.C. l,2. Student Coun- cil i,2, district council l. Class treasurer 2. Karen was picked the outstanding sophomore in her class at Northwest. She wants to be a professional dancer, JOHN PHELPS. German Club. "work, work, work!" is Jack's advise to under- classmen. Model trains is his hobby. EUGENE PHIFER. JOHN PHILLIPS. John is looking forward to graduation as his most memorable time in school. His most useful and favorite subiect has been lunch. MARY ANNE PIDRAK. Red and White staff. Student Aide 2,11. Typing has been Mary Anne's most useful subiect. SUSAN PIOTROSKI. Bowling. G.A.C, Home Ec Club, l,2. Spaghetti is Sue's favorite food. She wears off its effects by bowling. PAMELA PITIMAN. Chorus l, Girls' Club l. Psychology has been Pam's favor- ite subiect and Mr. Spies her favorite teacher. Her hobby is dancing. CLEANDRESS PITTS. A Cappella Choir 3,11. Girls' Club l,2. Camera Club I,2. Speech Club l. Cle can be found at home cooking after school, however she cannofwhip up her favorite food, pizza. JACK PLAHM. Bowling l. Workroom representative. The electric shop has been Jack's favorite in school. He hopes to go into the field of electronics. HERMAN POLLARD. NICK POMPA. PATRICIA POMPA. ROGER POSTHUMUS. Basketball is Roger's favorite sport. Remote control model airoplanes are his hobby. RUTH POTASKY, JESSICA POTE. Male drivers are Jessica's pet peeve. The school's two-two plan wins her praise. ERIS POTSON. Girls' Club I,2,3,4, representative l,3. Spanish Club l,2,3,A, secretary 11. Drama Club 3,-4. F.T.A. 11. Student Aide 2,3,11. Being a kindergarten teacher is Eris' ambition. BILL POWERS. Bowling. Attending the social affairs is a must with Bill because he likes to meet people. CHARLES PRICE. VIRGINIA PRIGGIE. Bowling 3,-'1. Ginny's aim in life is to be a comptometry operator, PATRICIA PRISCHMAN. Latin Club 2,3,4 T.A,G. Club 4. Girls' Bowling 2,3. Orchestra l,2,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Being initiated into the National Honor Society was Patricia's most memorable day at school. ARNOLD PUGH. Hall Guard l.Mixed Choir 2.ACappello Choir 3,4 Ice skating is Arnie's hobby. Algebra has been his most useful subiect. DELORIS PURNELL. Girls' Club l,2, board member I, president 2. Spanish Club I. G.A.C. l,2, Leaders' Club 3,4 Dee likes all types of sports and wants to be a gym teacher. JOHN QUERTERMUS. Student Council l,2,3,4 speaker 2, president 4 Track l, 2,3,4, varsity letters l,4 Wrestling I,2,3,4, varsity letters 3,4 Cross Country I,2,3,4, varsity letters 3,4 Varsity Athletic Club 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 4 Waiters' Club 3,4 John's life ambition is to be an engineer. FRANCIS QUINT. Football and wrestling have been Butch's favorite sports. He has great praise for the schooI's sports program, CAROLE RABKA. MICHAEL RACHOWICZ. Spanish Club IQ, Photography is Mike's hobby. He hopes to go on to college. LYNN RASKE. G.A.C. 2,3,4 Leaders' Club 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Initiation into the National Honor Society was Lynn's most memorable day at school. Her hobby is reading. JAMES RAUCH. SUSAN REARDON. Library Club l,French Club l,2,3. Red and White Staff 3,4 ccreditor 4 Library Aide l,2. Sue's hobby is playing the bagpipes and highland dancing. SONDRA REED. Spending money is Sandy's hobby. Physical education was her favorite subiect. JACQUELINE REIHER. CREST staff 4 French Club 2,3. Fine Arts Club. Steno Club, Girls' Club I,3,4 Office Aide 3,4 Girls' Chorus I,2. People who take life slow and easy are Jockie's pet peeve. CHERYL REINICHE. G.A.C. l,2, patch 2. Stenography has been Cherri's favorite and most useful subiect. She hopes to become an IBM operator. DALE RETTKER. Football 4, letter 4 Basketball 3,4 letters 3,4 Varsity athletic Club 3,4 American history has been Dale's favorite subiect. He has the greatest praise for the athletic department. ROBERT REYNOLDS. Bob can be found in the bus after school. Mathematics has been his favorite subiect. EDWARD RHYNE. Spanish Club 3,4 Pro Club l,2,3,4 TAG Club 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Wrestling, Cross Country teams, Initiations into the National Honor Society is Ed's most memorable day at school. FRANKLIN RICK, Latin Club IQ. Football l,2,3,4, letters I,2,3,4 Basketball l,2, 3,4 letters l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,3,4 Fronk's biggest thrillwas playing varsity foot- ball as a sophomore. Frank hopes to become an accountant. JAMES RIEDEL. German Club l,2, vice-president2. TAG Club 3. Student Coun- dl 4 Football l,2,3, Baseball l,2,3,4 Coin Collecting is Jim's hobby. JOSEPH RIGGIO. Varsity band letter. Deer hunting with bow and arrow are Joe's hobby. He hopes to be an accordion teacher. ROBERT RIGGS. JAMES RILEY. RITA RITTER. Graduation looms high on RiTa's list of memories of high school. She lust hopes to be a success in whatever she does. PEGGY ANN ROBERTS. TAFT ROBINSON, .lR. WILLIAM ROBINSON. Student Council l,2,3,A. Bowling 2. T.A.G, Club 3,4 Var- sity Athletic Club 3,4 Baseball l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,A. Teaching high school social studies is Bill's ambition in life. LORI ROGGENKAMP. French Club IQ, treasurer 2. Girls' Club l,2,4. G.A.C. l,2,3,4. Leaders' Club 3. Student Aide 3. Lori hos great praise for the faculty. ROY J. ROOS. Latin Club l,Q. Varsity Athletic Club 3. Speech Club 2, Bowling 11. Football 2,3. Water skiing is .lim's hobby. DONALD ROTUNDA. Cross Country l. Track l. Debate 2,3, letters 2,3 Latin Club l,2,3,4. T,A.G. Club 3,4, treasurer 3. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 Biology Club 2. Waiters' Club 11. Boys' State Representative 3. Model U.N. Delegate. Don's ambi' tion is to be o political scientist. RONALD ROTUNDA. Cross Country l. Track I. Latin Club l,2,3,4, vice-president 2. Biology Club 2. Debate team 2,3,A, letters 2,3,4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Waiters' Club 3,4 Red and White reporter 2. President of General Assembly of Model U.N. 3. Boys' State Representative 3. Ronald's ambition is to be a lawyer or politician. JOENA RUSH. Bowling l. Organ l. Band l,2. Lotin Club 2,3,4. Girls' Club 2,3, A, Girls' Chorus 3. A Cappella Chorus 4. Girls' Ensemble 3. FTA. 11. Northern Ill. Cherry Pie Queen 2. MICHAEL RUSH. Miss Rowley has been the most help to Mike during his high school career. His favorite sport is drag racing. BATTINA RUSSELL. Lotin Club 2. Tina's ambition is to be a nurse. Her favorite subject has been biology. GAIL RUSSELL. F.T.A, 4. Steno Club 3,1i. Water skiing is Gail's favorite sport. ROSEMARY RUSSERT. Latin Club l,2. Girls' Club 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4. Mu'Alpho Theta 3,4. Cheer leader A. Student Council 2. Office Aide 4. Student Aide l. Workroom Representative. Rosie's most memorable day in school was when she became a varsity cheer leader. KATHY RYAN. Spanish Club 11. Shopping is Kathy's hobby.She can't attend social affairs because she works after school. MICHAEL RYAN. Advanced algebra and solid geometry were Mike's favorite subjects. He would like to see fencing added to the extra-curricular activities. Roger Freeman meets Cheryl Bambach at favorite meeting place between periods, John Quertermus receives cross-country award from Coach Walker. JACK SAGGAN. KAREN SARKAN. Karen enioys watching football games, but her favorite is archery, She dislikes rain on Sunday. DENNIS SAUERBIER. GARY SAUERBIER. German Club l,2, secretary-treasurer 2. Bowling 2,4, presi- dentd, Waiters' Club3,4.Biology Club2.PAPS 3,4 Tennis 2,3,4, letter 3,4 Sports of all kinds are Gary's hobby. LESTER SAUNORIS. SARA SCHILLING. Latin Club l,2,3, president 3, T.A,G. Club 3,4, vice-president 4. Mu Alpha Theta 3,11. National Honor Society 3,4, Girls' Club 2,3 Being initiated into the National Honor Society was Sara's most memorable occasion at school. DONNA SCHNEIDER. Band l,2,3,4. Miss Childs has been the most help to Danna during her high school career. MICHAEL SCHOOLEY. Pro Club l,2,3,4. D.O. 3,11. Photography anda ham radio are Mike's hobby. MARLENE SCHUFFERT. G.A,C. l,2, patch 2. To lead a long and exciting life is Marlene's ambition in life. HARRY SCHULDT. Spanish Club l,2,3,4. Science Club l. Biology Club 2. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Bowling l,2,3,11. Tests are l-larry's pet peeve. DEANNA SCHULTE. Owning her own beauty shop is Dee's desire in life. KENNETH SCHUL12. THOMAS SCHULIZ, Football I,2,3,4, letters 2,3. Track 2,3,4, letter 2. Band l,2, 3,4 Receiving his first athletic award is Tom's most memorable occasion in school. TOM SCHWARTZ. Class Play 3,4 Band l,2,3,4, letters 2,3,4. Bowling 2. Student Aide l,3,4. Varsity Band 2,3,11. Tom has the most praise for the music department HELEN SCOTT. LAWRENCE SCOTT. Hall Guard l. Collecting coins is Larry's hobby. He usually works after school. SANDRA SEIBT. SHARON SEIDEL. Latin Club l,2,3,11. Class Treasurer l, Student Aide l,2,3,11. Student Council 2, secretary 2. Girls' Club l,2,3,4, board member A. National Honor Society 3,11, Secretary, 11. Fine Arts Club 4. Student President of American Field Service 4. Sherry's most memorable day was being initiated in the National Honor Society, MARIANNE SENER. Spanish Club l,2. Bowling. Girls' Club 11. The steno class has been Mari's most useful class, Her ambition is to be a secretary. PHYLLIS SEPULA. REFUGIO SERBANTEZ. KENT SHAMBLIN. Bowling 331. Spanish Club, Debate Team. American history has been Kent's favorite subject andlvtrs. Scovel is the teacher who has given him the most help. JOHN SHIMASHITA. Spanish Club 2. Bowling l.Guncollectingis Shima's hobby. He would like ta be a commercial artist or a good photographer. MARILYN SHIVELER. Bowling l,2. Twirler for the band l,2,3. Office Aide l,2. IBM Aide 3,4 Her hobby is baton twirling. CONNIE SHUEV. GEORGE SIEKIERZYNSKI. German Club IQ. Baseball l,2,3,4, letters I,2,3,A. The sports program wins George's praise. History has been his favorite subject. RENELL SIEMIONE. G.A.C. l,2,3. Girls' Club l, Illinois Government has been the most useful subiect for Nell. DIANE SIGNORELLA. Red and White staff, editor 3. talking onthe phone is Diane's hobby, She dislikes people who are late. BARBARA SIGTENHORST. Latin Club l,2,3, secretary 2. Student Council l,2,3,A, vice-speaker I, secretary 3, recorder 11. Girls' Club l,2. National Honor Society 3,4. T.A.G. Club 3,4 Fine Arts Club 4, Bobbie enioys basketball, as a spectator. LEONARD SIS. German Club l. T.A.G. l,2. Len goes to the social affairs iust to have fun. THOMAS SITARZ. D.O.Club 3,4 Ice hockey would be a good addition to the pro- gram according to Thomas, He iust hopes to get the most out of life, JAMES SMILEY. KENNETH SMITH. President of band. His ambition is to be a musician and his hobby is music. LARRY SMITH. ROSIE SNODDY. G.A.C. l,2. Student Council I,2, secretary 2. Pep Club 3,4 Girls' Club l,2. Drama Club 3. Speech Club I,2. Rosie's ambition is to be a court reporter, JANET SOBISKI. JANICE SPRATT. French Club l,2. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, letter 3. Steno Club A. Girls' Club l,2,3,-4, vice-president l. Chorus l,2,3,4. A Cappella Chorus 3,4 "Take your school work seriously" is Janice's advise to underclassmen. LEONARD SPRING. ROBERT STALLEY. Track I,2, letter 2. Class president2. Class secretary 3. Foot- ball l,2,3, letters l,3. Bob's pet peeve is homework. STEPHEN STANLEY. Spanish Club l. T.A.G. Club l,The faculty receives Steve's praise. SHARON STARR. Sharon islookingforwardtograduationasher most memorable day in school. Art has been her favorite subiect. STEVE STEOKER. CAROLYN STEELE. Dress up day her junior year is Corolyn's foundest memory of school, KATHLEEN STEIN HART. SUSAN STEWART. BETTY STOBBA. G.A.C. l. Girls' Club l. Girls' Chorus l,2. A Cappella Choir 3. F.T.A. 4. Student Aide 2,3,A. Playing records is Betty's hobby. MARY LOU STONE, G.A.C. 2, letter 2. Bowling 2, Working as a beautician atter graduation is Mary Lou's ambition. KOBERT STORRS. CARL STOUT. JOYCE STRAND. G.A.C. 2,3. Spanish Club 2,3. Leaders' Club 3. Girls' Club 3,4. F.A.T. 11, treasurer 4. Student Aide 4. Conceited people are Joyce's pet peeve. She wants to be a teacher. ELAINE STREZO. Bowling 2,3. Steno Club 3,4. .CREST staff 4. Elaine is looking forward to graduation as her most memorable day at school, Typing has been her most useful subiect. BILL J. SUMMER. MARILYN SUMNER. Girls' Chorus I. Student Aide 2. G.A.C. I,2,3,4. Spanish Club 3. Leaders' Club 4. Steno Club 4. Tennis and basketball are Marilyn's favorite sports. RAYMOND SUNDLAND. Spanish Club l,2. T.A.G. l,2. BiologyClub2. Too many tests on one day are Ray's pet peeve. WILLIAM SVOBODA. Bowling l,2. Tennis l,2. Football l.The machine shop has been Bill's most useful subiect. BARBARA SWAIN. Journalism has been Barbara's favorite subiect. On other subiects she is non-committal. ROBERT SWANSON. FRANK TROMBINO. BRUNO TUCKER. D.O. Club 4 Football l, letter T. Baseball l, letter l. The auto shop class receives Bruno's praise. GEORGE TURCZYNOWSKY . There is no time in George's schedulefor him to attend social affairs. His ambition is to be an electrical engineer. ALICIA TURNER. Girls' Club. G.A.C., letter 3. Cooking is Alicia's hobby. Watch- ing basketball games is her favorite form of recreation. JOHN UMGELDER. Red's ambition is to be a produce manager. He is already in training after school hours in this field. WILLIAM UMGELDER. BARBARA URBANSKI. Girls Chorus l,2. G.A.C., l,2,3. Latin Club l,2,3. T.A.G. Club 3, Girls Club l,2,3, Treasurer 3. LARRY Van HOOK. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4 Chemistry Club 4 Football mana- ger 2,3,4 Basketball manager l,2,4 Baseball manager 2. The wide range and thoroughness of the school curriculum receives Whitey's praise. LYNN VAN WERMESKERKEN. French Club 2. Girls' Club 3,4 letter 3. G.A.C. l,2,3,4, awards l,2. Leaders' Club 3. Steno Club 4. Fine Arts Club 4. "Learn to study" is Lynn's advise to underclossmen. ALAN VARACINS. Pro Club l,2. Science Award, Chemistry has been Al's favor- ite subiect. His hobby is electronics. JOHN VAS. Basketball 3,4 letter 4. Baseball 3,4 letters 3,4 French Club l,2. Biology 2. Varsity Athletic Club 4 People strolling leisurely through the halls are .lohn's pet peeve. JAMES VERHAEREN. Pro Club l,2,3,4 Bowling 3,4 T.A.G. Club 4 Chess Club 4 The all American favorite, hamburger, wins John's vote for his favorite food. DAVE VETTER. Student Council l,4, district council 4 German Club l,2, presi- dent 2. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 Waiters' Club 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Var- sity Athletic Club 3,4, secretary-treasurer 3, president4 Football l,2,3,4, letters, l,2,3,4, captain 4 Track 2, letter 2. Bronson Brothers award 3. Class president 4 Dave's ambition is to attend the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. JAMES VEYETTE. WALTER VEYETIE. D.O. Club. "Study" is Walter's advise tounderclassmen. Work- ing prevents him from attending the social affairs. RONALD VINICKY. GERALD WAHLSTROM. French Club 2. Pepsi and pizza are Jerry's favorite combination for a meal. His favorite sport is swimming. JUDY WAINSCOIT. Pep Club 3,4 G.A.C, l,2. The foreign exchange program receives Jydy's praise. Her ambition is to be a grade school teacher. KATHY WANLAND. Latin Club l,2,3,4 Girls' Club l,2,3,4 Library Club 2, pin 2. National Honor Society 3,4 Reading and listening to FM are Kathy's way of relaxing. LYLE WARNING. German Club l,2. Bowling 2. Varsity Athletic Club 3,4 Biol- ogy Club 2. Football l,2,3,4, letters l,2,3,4 Bowling trophy 3. lntegrated Algebra has been Lyle's favorite subject. PAMELA WATSON. Latin Club l,2. Bowling l,4 Girls' Club l,2,3,4 T.A.G. Club 3. Speech Club 2. National Honor Society 3,4 Initiation in the National Honor Society was Pam's most memorable occasion in school. 1? VIRGINIA WATT. G.A.C. 2,3,4 Leaders' Club 4 Class Officer 2. Spanish Club 4 Student Aide 2,4 Girls' Chorus 2. To be a successful beoutician and own her own shop is Ginny's ambition. BEULAH WEATHINGTON. G.A.C., letter. Pep Club, Art Club I. Spanish Club. Hornemaking has been Beulah's most useful subject. SUSAN WEBB. Latin Club I,2. Girls' Club I,2,3,4 board member 2. Biology Club 2. G.A.C. 2. I.A.G. Club 3. Drama Club 3,4 Class Play 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Fishing is Sue's hobby. BARBARA WEEBER. Girls' Club 2,3,4 Lotin Club I,2. Speech Club 2. G.A.C. 2,3,4 Leaders' Club 3,4 Fine Arts Club 4 'l.A.G. Club 3,4 Girls' Choir 2, A Cappella 3. Inner Choir 4 Drama Club 4 Class Play 4 Mrs, Brown has been the most helpful teacher for Barbara, FREYA WEHRHEIM. Girls' Chorus I,2. Graduation will be the most memorable occasion for Freya. Her hobby is collecting stuffed animals. ROBERT WEIBEL. The sports program at school receives Bob's praise, Coin col- lecting is his hobby. DARLENE WERNER. G.A.C. 2. Bowling 4 Dee likes all types of food and all sports. Her ambition is to fly. MARILYN WHEELER. JAMES WHITE. Concert Bond, Jim entered D.D. Eisenhower school in his senior year. Hockey is his favorite sport. CONNIE WIELAND. Girls' Club I,2,3,4 Spanish Club 2. Steno Club 4 Art has been Connie's favorite subiect she hopes to become o portrait artist. GRAYCE WIELINGA. History has been Grayce's favorite subiect. She has great praise for the style shows put on in school, DOROTHY WIESE. Girls' Club I,3,4 Pep Club 3,4 Latin Club I. Dorothy's am- bition is to establish a day nursery. LOUIS WILENSKY. Band I,2,3,4 letter 3,4 Dance Band 4 Concert Band 2,3,4 German Club I. Homework should be discontinued overs Louie,.- His ambition is to be rich. ELAYNE WILLIAMS. Girls' Club. The cafeteria receives Elayne's praise. After school she can be food ata snack shop - her favorite food is a iuicy hamburger, MARY JO WILLIAMS. Girls' Chorus I. Mixed Chorus 2. A Cappella Choir 3,4 Girls' Ensemble 3. Inner Choir 4 Bowling 2,3. Playing the piano or bowling are Jo's hobby. DOUGLAS WILSON. Football is Daug's favorite sport. He can't attend too many social affairs because he works after school. DONNA WODARZYK. Girls' Club I,2,4 G.A.C. I,2,3,4 Bowling 3. Student Aide 2,3. Speech Club 3,4 Being a good lab technician is Donna's ambition in life. LYNNE WOODS. Raising and showings dachshunds are Lynne's hobby. She plans on being a veterinarian. EVELYN WRIGHT. Library Club I,2, pins I,2, secretary 2. G.A.C. I,2, awards I,2. Spanish Club I. F.T.A. I. Typing has been Red's most useful subiect. IRENE WRIGHT. G.A.C. "Study hard and learn all you can and whatever you do, respect your teachers" is Irene's advise ta underclassmen. PAUL WRIGHT. Meat loaf is PauI's favorite food. Basketball is his favorite sport. JUDITH ANN YEHLING. G ombITion is fo be 0 secreiory LORENZO YOUNG. JOE ZAVALA, KURT ZEIMETZ. MARYANN ZUREK. SALLY ANN ZWIEZYN. Candidates for class officesg Ron An Marge Anderson, Karen Besido. irls'CNubl.PepCIub3,11 Sfudeni A4de I 2 3 11 Judy S derson, Virginia Wat? 'S Abbe, Janice Acke, Michael Adams, Anne Adams, Nancy Aggen, Sharon Allie, Glen Anastasia, Daniel Andersen, Daniel Anderson, Cheryl l. Anderson, Cheryl L. Armwood Isaac Arner, Jacqueline Babcock, Judith Baer, Rita Baker, Brian Bambach, Cheryl Bandow, Paulette Barbee, Alice Barbee, Paula Barches, Louis Baugh, Betty Baumstein, Michael Beardsley, Christine Beaudry, Robert Beckman, Carl Bell, Walter Benegas, Joe Bennie, Barbara Berardi, Anne Berry, Margo Blomquist, Diane Body, Michael Bolstern, Carole Boomsma, Robert Borowicz, Bruce Bradtke, Patricia Bragalone, Eigene Bragalone, Sandra Brame, Nicholas Breckenridge, Daniel Ahern, Diane Ahlberg, Sandra Albrecht, William Allen, Carl Anderson, John Anderson, Patricia Anderson, Richard Anderson, Toby Baker, Judy Baker, Loretta Bako, George Balabon, Ronald Barhum, Nellie Bartee, Willis Batterson, Judy Baudo, Sharon Beedy, Dolores Behnke, Kathleen Bekkering, William Bell, Diane Bibbs, Leonard Bishop, David Blazeiak, Thomas Blocker, Lynne Borucke, Jacqueline Bowles, Brenda Boyd, Margaret Braden, David Brent, Dennis Brent, John Brescia, Kenneth Britton, Sharon i. : f 3 ' J ii in as ' 21g.r .,, , H .,, ......,.w,, .. Q 1 in ,M L if WRT' 1' zg' L se i Q ,K ,r n yr r .'-- 1Lf,uq?2"f?2rg if I ,V,, lr 917 , an , Q' A X 1 Y, e R: rrri, f f .s T N e if tr,, be 1 f 1 , 5 N5 . ,- -- --.. :A2-, ' - sky? J L VA gk, krk ,sy in fi BQ A eg, 1' .:B9':f,., if"'M'f'sQWl'lG3"2'!f"'Ll'95f?i32 -..fgf1f,-Q .-an ,Z J r ,.,,. 'K , 3 E ' .' . f,5:j.f,5 T. J if H rf' Us 21' .Mm I' B NI' A 7 - ' , S KI . 4 -W ri, , iv K R g Ax., , , .. M V' r - ' -- 'Sinai .., , .1 f 1, fm 'viii' .i- 'Is ' " ,L ' sygjrfl 5 "' as Q' . I is-iwsgf 0 ' ' " 'O - is ,,L. ,. :K in V W .7 -,k. ,Ml 1- i - ' agaiss W s .yr . we .4 -iw 1, ,N ' ' een f Z. I V. . - ki: , Wg, ,, -Ls er ,,,,, i f an W i ii , i C L A e,s Brooks, Lois Brouillette, Bernadette Brown, Cherry Brown, Keith Bruno, Larry Brugess, Sherry Burke. James Buroff, Neil Buttron, Jacqueline Buttron, Jill Canning, John Cannon, Janie Cantwell, Thomas Carlsen, Jo Ann Carlson, James Castro, Catarina Castro, Valentine Cavallo, Sally Chaflin, Barbara Chambers, Mary Christakes, William Christensen, Bonnie Christensen, James Ciadella, Gary Cione, Michael .ochrane, David Coffman, Eli Cole, Daniel Coleman, Gloria Collatz, Terry Cory, Elizabeth Cosmen, William Costello, Thomas Cowan, Frederick Crawford, Susan Crowley, Steve Cunningham, Jean A. Czaia, James Damico, Mary D'Angelo, Anthony Debias, James DeBow, Sandra DeChene, Glenn Decker, Judith De Forte, Dick Diver, Sandra Dockstader, Louis Doherty, Maureen Dolega, John Domagals, Eileen Drews, Sandra Driskell, William Drobny, Donald Drolen, Gerald Dubinskas, Pdtricia Dunne, Gary Dykstra, Joe Edgren, Nancy Edward, Sammy Egan, Janet Erickson, Richard Evans, Shirley Fagan, Nancy Fahlbusch, Mary Falat, Bob Bruno, Ronald Buchanan, Richard Buechele, Henry Bunn, Roscoe Buzinec, Nicholas Bytnar, Carol Ann Cabrera, Louis Calloun, Brenda Carney, Richard Carson, vtusky Ann Carter, Bertha Carter, Johnnell Chambers, Willie Chaney, Jean Chimino, Roger Cholly, Diane Cira, Joseph Clark, Annette Clark, Ronald Clayborn, Gloria Collins, Malcolm Constan, Louis Cooksey, Ladora Corriere, Larry Cresap, Linda Cripe, Sandra Crist, Mary Ellen Crosby, Vance Daniels, David Darr, Robert Davis, Thomas Denson, Dorthea DeWar, Kenneth Diezel, John Dilitkanich, John Dorsha, Richard Dotson, Mable Dougherty, Beverly Dozie, Carol Duff, Lois Dulany, Donald Dunn, Judith Dunn, Suzanne Egner, Russell Elbers, Richard Ellis, Gwyndolyn Emmeloth, Daniel Favia, Susan Felgenhauer, Laurie Feliz, Michael Ferrie, Linda Filewicz, Richard Finger, Kevin Fischer, Janet Fogle, Patricia Forgue, Gerald Gale, Roberta Golminas, Larry Gamble, Kathleen Gasper, Ronald Gavin, Joni M. George, Grace Gerber, Richard Gerhardt, Patricia Gese, Linda Gilbert, Wayne Glynn, Kenneth Gooley, Diane Gray, Martha Gregory, Mike Greve, Susan Gurgel, Ronald Gust, Sherry Hack, Thomas Haffner, Carolyn Hagenberg, Roger Hale, Velma Hall, Bonnie Hall, David Halm, Phillip Hanifin, John Harper, Derrell Harris, Mary Hartman, Jerry Hartzol, Lee Harvey, Kim Hayden, Donna Hazelwood, Keith Heffernan, Ellen Heintz, Peter Heinz, Judith Hill, Jenny Hinshelwood, Rondell Hoehn, Thomas Hoffman, Barbara Hoffman, Michael Horvath, Robert Hosmann Howatt, Kathleen Hoyne, Andrea Hoyne, Michele Huitzingh, Henderina Hults, Barbara Humphrey,LMaureen Hungerford, Patricia Hunhoff, Mary Ann Irby, Joseph lsler, Paulette Jackson, Patricia Jackson, Stanley Jaderberg, Mary Jo Janis, Robert Jankowski, Laurel Jebsen, Suzette Jefferson, Virginia Jeffrey, Karen Forys, Allen Franrick, Suzanne Funches, Velva Galayda, Janice Gavin, Toni S. Gehrke, Douglas Geiss'er, Paul Genis, Leonard Giusti, Marilyn Glas, Linda Gledhill, Joanne Glowacki, Nancy Griffin James Graskopf, Susan Graskopf, Wayne Gruba, Phyllis Haggard, Dennis Hagstrom, Kenneth Hale, Henry Hale, LC. Hankus, Marie Hanton, Edward Haras, Thomas Harms, Fred Hasenfang, Diane Hastings, Constance Hauck, William Hawkins, Virginia Henke, Betty Hense, Susan Heseltine, Gregory Hildebrand, Arthur Hogeveen, James Hogueisson, Lawrence Halle, Bruce Hootman, Judith Hubacek, William Hubl, Jeannette Huff, Diane Hughes, Terry Hunt, Linda lgnatov, Dorothy lngle, James Inman, Diane Jalloway, Christine Jalloway, Victoria Janecyk, Geraldine Janek, Frederick Jenner, Shirley Jensen, Ronald Jespersen, Laura Jochum, Donald N. 'fs I' ., so ' 4 ,, ries 'Wi gif 1'- 63 ' K Y' V ,, we - i it is is Q. K4 Q-f K hui' If ' E., '-we if ie fs i, s s fe? ,i LN 'si . new-9 mee. , . 5 4 :wwe we ! H 1 'iz gm. . . swf 5' I , Wig P ..i,, , ,V ,WM we x - V il' QQ -X1 5 Coach Wiener pres Fred Janek. sq. .. .1 ' , is V ., 'Kar x 5 11' ill' 1 foe, ie 'ii .. W,,, , ., v an ef Ne 'F El, A e , ' 1 ,iz " Q - a i t 1 , varsity letter to I rl 1 l ents iunior , A V AT. ff L ' ',7kk if V"'k'-i k r J' -, Johanson, Carol Johnson, John 45 V qi If I 5? Johnson, Constance Johnson.Rose Lee V lt I.. gh V ,Vx 'I il Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Sharon H I n V V I . A V Johnson, Gail Jones, Barbara , l 5 ','7 5 V 5 " 5 Johnson, Gordon A, , ki- 'A 4 A K ff MV Jones, Edith Jung, Janet ' ,k M F -1 ,J Jones, Jacqueline Jursa, Joseph ",. V 'Jin , f f -k--' I?'f A V g- , , .VN Jones, Mary Jusevitch, Anthony Gtr, ' ' " Q31 A Jones, Sharon Kahon, Don VV , QVC! k y' . Joyce, Joanna l , rk?h,- V Y ,,,47T?T-V JWSJ 5 .Q S- ' Karlstedt, Kenneth Keithley, James V ' L B 1 f?ifV : .. ,V ' 2 ,5VV:VVV V V "-:'1,1 Kasile, Louise Kendall, Robert I K ,V ' ' I -fr wlf Keane, Donald Keuch, Bonnie Lee J V I W if .:, N " l i Keasler, Charles Kevin, Dion 'Q c' ttii to eire, ,HV ,iti C. K J,,V , Keele, Jeffrey r,:i H'-' e-" J ttf'.f, 1. , it ife "-r"ti' ' - ,'21'2 5 1 -',. '-1e- t-1, ' it . VV, V3VV,, V ,.f- V ,VVV V A, . King' Hurry Klein' Richard if J Kissel, Eleanor Klein, Vicki B Kittler, Ruth Ann Klett, Robert Klett, Roger .es , 9 ' ' .L H ,liiiif TTI 1:.7' ' F ,Af F . DJ A M2 'i Klama, Jo Ann Klein, Peter Knocke, Norman Koehler, Arthur Koerber, Mary Konicek, John Ko Ko A Kohnke,Maryiane Kolo, Annamarie Kovach, Nancy K Kowalik, Thomas Koxok, Margaret Kozar, Kathryn Kraaz, Steve Labedz, Thomas Lacasse, Lea Ladika, Gail Lale, Audrey Lamore, Sydney Latimer, Ronald Lawson, Linda Leedy, Diane Lemm Le ons, Michael Monnier, Delores , fi 1 i - '-5 A . ei r,e iill lltl i tre . V V V V, V ,.,.. V VV ,. V V7 V, e V , V VV - V if, . . Q gg V V ., C VV V V . ee - A we-' , J J - - . ' - 1 eeire il if K .. ' V A so . C 4'-se' Af Q - as f- ., - 1- ,e'ee. 1 ,e' ,M Q , X y fe ' iret ' A, --Q, , .5 N X, A A 'Q ., e V ' f ' A f L 1 ' 1 ' l i L tl, 1 ' leffy , ,ee , . .,,,, 5.5: f.-V Q, , , . 7, ' A N ' -, i " If ' ' , 3' ,- ' ' Q1 gee .4-"E' .e". ff 4 , , ,- if . Z gee J' -ff ',', -fe-' if it J ,eeei r W V- f 1, K ' ,V V,V VV -, I-ffitx .eff i J W J , tyssye fe -, ee, e ,, - it , C , ,f sir e Q .. Q, -we L 1 -.1 f serre esir Tw ' .eg.e.- ee N .... . J, L reey C - C , L ' -eee '11 -1'e Y is , . , r 4, - -, we 'J 'gif esi, V V A 1 A ' f is , C . L f .,V Vx V MV VSV EV A 4 V,,VV V e V ee s VV V X fp Vi ve-1 , ' "-, f 1rV,,g.,jj's?f ',-r5 , , J ,.'- rbel, Jerome ssman, Alan Kostyu, Joel remlcau, Paul Krull, Dale Kuh, George Kupl-ca, Carl Lange, Billy Larkin, Georgia Larson, Vivian Latimer, Bonnie Lenson, Ron Lewa nd owski, Thomas Lewis, Kathleen Lexow, Lenore sic. fi Ll evil QBQQQ Q at Pl Ml klxxxt vi P P R K N x , X, -, li X x 4 ,Q .qs W L 1 N i by 9 Dave Steinhart was a capable representative ofthe iuniors onthe wrestling mat. l R i , P - 3 Libby. Jvdelle lindwvr Joseph c i. r i J 1 L s Liddell, Paulette Link, Barbara sf l r fl I , ll U E M , - X 1: Lind, George Lipinski, Leona - I , M K i 'ilk' J- " 'fir 4 ,wg 1, Lindquist, Nancy Lockman, Maryann , 9 A ' Q .fi Qggff I , . r .-i'il Qgiiy L? l l-mdrollll Bonme ill ' ' ' Q l L 'll'7l3il ' 5i"ll A L ,"' 3' - l Lockman, Sherry Lovato, Bonnie M ii :jg " ' , - - .,, Q UE" if i - ' A f ' - ,. .f-L My -' -ffl? r' , a"' -A - - Q, Lockman, Susan Lucas, Carl V iii .", I 7 '41 1, '- -f-5"' l 1.1: - V f, -' - , 'L - - ' , .' ' Logsdon, Kenneth Lund, Beverly Ann 'K I 'V , A ,, 'ff ,wx 'I H F . of Lopez, Robert Lu ndman, Robert h x rfii. ,,, ill! , I lf' 1 7 ? ' 5 L ,,,: :gf . . 4 X . L. ' ' - "' ' l Lopinski, Karen HVQ, igjjfi-35' H, j' i L 4 L t , 1 f A '4 Y: ' :ii-'Ki' ' 'ss -- ' :IE-f'E'2 'iz ' 29' " ' .i?.Z3:'?5i.i5:Sf " ' N Q llll , - Lundquist, Judith Machen, Pamela I " L 2' it 'fi W 'V 'P L K K , ' ' , Lydigsen, Katherine Madejczyk, John V , I Z A P , ,ll K ' 'li gk: f '71 i L I J - u5i.,.i 1 Lyerla, Lawrence Madsen, Judy Ann ' V 'lil 'P f" ,V Q N , I "" i Lysen, Thomas Maiors, Edelee , , ' h l ,.- 1 J ' ,I y - ' f X A Y 2- ' -z " ' . . 2' Mackay, Gretchen I 1, A' f J' Q:f,r,', f' . fx A K ' Makler, Karen Marine, Anthony I W I ' I , Malcolm, Ronald Markle, Sharon i , L ' , Q , N, , L , . L L H ' V - " All n 'f , , " Q ' ff' ' J W. - fili- Malquist, Ronald Marks, Sandra K gif? , gd, 5 if L lift ' r- ,L ii' ' :L Manning. Kenneth Marshall, Roberta jgdx K J' 'ki' ,VVV ,LA K M a y s! X 2- li z W :li 4 Mf1f1fifwe.JU0nf1 1' JZ. f , f 1 A X i wx Martin, Donna Masopust, Patricia r ' 1 V L - ' "" , ,, i ' sv r 1 , , , - - -"' - ' at 1" r' ' Martino, Judy Mathews, Beverly 54 J , Q , My , I V, . 'X Q , y MMO, rum Mm. Rohm L L L if L 'f L F G gif if get ' Martino, Robert Matuska, Joan ' A if A 1 'CTR Vip, fy: -in ,,,s. we P , ' X Mason' Sundm 'r . , 'Qc L wr' S,-fgiii i J l , - ,-gg iq K . ,grin fr? ..,V , , i l Wg, L i L -em ir- . ,Jr , Q Q y Moulding, Terry McConnell, Sandra O, , K , w ,X ' McCain, Marvell McDonald, Patricia L -5 V J I ,N : ,r , N, A McCall, Donald McEvoy, William h L 29 ig' P3 ., '31, in L McCarty, Rosemary McGill, Dennis W W ' V , ni, ggi 5 K 1, iz 1 l MCCW Tom L L' isl , P P ' l s fi f Y i , is L -. lZ"'fi- fi i, QM, ' 5 3 I . . , 3 McGuire, Edward Mcvay, James -L ' , . X 1 ' ' i 51519 iw ,. . . L 2, Lffig si Q- 'Z Mclnerney, Althea McVicker, Charlene '1 C 1 ,-'-f fi I , l M ' eff , , 't 2 -' 'TE' ' , v ' ni - Q , Q , -I ii, g s McKendree, Sandra Metz, Delores ' if W -:fi L ' if " L... , 'Wg V' P57 , 'i J ' es.: K ll 1'-41 3,4 . , --. I: McKeon, Patrick Meyer, Randall ,l K Lf 'if J , 'X 25, , 1 ' , ri, i f 411-ff . P- J , .afiiiifl r Wi S' McNally, James , 'Xi , -' Q5 5 I s,..y L Meyers' James Miller, Rena I .P I ii . ,.,.,. E. b ., -fr-. K H A A Michel, Charles Miller, Shown f , vx V Mikos, Bruno Millvvard, Sarah iiifl, W we 1 ., , 5 L 'I' Miller, Kathleen Mitchell, Georgia jg k Q "yd-7 Miller, Marvel ' , ,,' 6 .f , img' fi- Q or ef J ' ' 3 Q J L Xl i' 9 A W 3 ff- ., if I A 1,-11 . ,3 i 5, nail 6 x fl ' 3 ff' f' , f sv f I V1 V1 ? W 1 K P , ' Qi' 'Fiji' , '- I ,,ii'Lf ' ', -'W , , I 9 A .:,,1-s-:+L , Nigga, EL A L :,' R W ., 1- 5 15,9 f" Y. 'xfizl A555 "'f:?43x, 1:frS?5LfS:" 2 : ,, , M Q. I Q , 51 W 4 .:a. 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SOUTHWEST CLASS OFFICERS: lto r.: Diane Davis, secretary, Janice Fuller,treasurer, Thomas Tang, president, Wilma Williams, vice-president and Mr. Hen- derson, sophomore principal. Acke, Sandra Adamecz, Charles Adams, Don Adams, James Adams, Rudy Albrecht, Lawrence Alderson, Raymond Alessio, Jacqueline Allen, John Almassy, lmre Anderson, Kathleen Anderson, Rosemary Andrews, William Angel, Renne Apato, Robert Balcauski, James Bareishia, Dawn Barnes, Larry Barta, Dennis Bartlett, Gregory Bauer, John Bayer, Susan Beagley, Arthur Beasley, Brenda Beaudry, Raymond Bedford, Keith Beedy, Cynthia Behrens, Linda Bell, Larry Bella, Marian- Berry, Pearl Birmingham, Bernard Bishop, Susan Biorklund, Kenneth Bielunas, Pat Bobrowicz, Lindo Bockerich, Rita Bockerich, Rita Boersma, Jay Bohannon, Gary Adkison, Larry Aebischer, William Aggen, Render Ahern, Robert Altenbach, Pauline Altman, Steven Ames, John Anderson, Maurice Aulwurm, Sandra Axelsson, Ingrid Boker, Gloria Baker, Michael Barz, Dale Barzycki, Patricia Bastic, Edward Baudo, Robert Beck, Faye Becker, Carol Becker, Eugene Becker, Sharon Bennet, Theodore Bennet, Thomas Bentowski, Edward Berry, Donna Billingsley, Gary Blanchelte, Bonnie Blume, Joan Blume, Lynn Bond, George Bond, Marion Bonneau, Bonnie Borhauer, Bob 2, Wiri- I , Mi, - fi,,stf:,,1f'miW ,,g,A-msec 'eu s1:et3e,sP2:2tAEfsfA it ' 'J '5 'ffl . ,, 25, we sag A 2, 1, wat- c,,,c,,, M Jsfl 'fefgffi 351, ' m .cf , 1 qv V, if ,g SZ t , , -. - w,s ,ff ,ws .. 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Doris J, 'k" 1 Gosselink, Cornelius .? 1 Lili pi Gould, Lorna i Graves, Robert " L4 Green, Lillian George, Linda Gereau, Sharon Gerike, Louis Goetz, John Gonzales, Richard Goodman, Barbara Goodwin, Loren Green, Sybil Greenwood, Frank Greep, Lawrence Greer, John Gregor, Janice Greves, James Griffin, Ernestine Groenewold, Alice Grogan, Michael Gurney, Wayne Gutrich, Cheryl Habich, Donald Hagen, Charlene Hagen, Kathy Hanley, Linda Hanson, Russell Hardy, Harry Harms, James Harms, Linda Harth, William Hartig, Pamela Hartsfield, Dorothy Havlan, James Hayes, Linda Heintz, Diania Heitmann, Linda Helvey, Robert Hemrner, Linda Hemmons, Yvonne Henke, William Hensley, Charles Herron, Georgia Herron, Ruby Hill, Jeffery Hirschman, Carol Hlobasko, Richard Hoag, James Holger, Carol Holle, Douglas Hornoff, Kenneth Horvath, Kames Howath, Barbara Horwath, Janis Hottman, Ronald Howes, Jill Hubbard, Barbara Hubbard, Rodney Hucko, Roberta Huff, John Hungerford, Peggy Hunnell, Judith Hunter, Elanor Hunter, Katherine Hunter, Kenneth Irvin, Sharyn lserloth, Sheila lwinski, Dennis Jackson, lnice James, Denise Jans, Richard Jeanes, Don Jebsen, Lillian Jefferson, Emma Jeka, Richard Jester, Letha Jesewski, Terry Jezyk, Stephen Johnson, Amanda Johnson, Cecil Grow, Donna Guidas, Barbara Gully, Roger Gurney, Gary Haight, Penny Hall, Gwendolyn Halstead, Michael Hamil, Linda Harper, Donna Harris, Edwin Harris, Susan Harris, Theodore Haymore, Carl Headriclc, Harry Heckler, Sharon Heenan, Peter Henderson, Barbara Henderson, Cynthia Henderson, Walter Hendrix, Alan Hill, Sharyn Hillock, Cathie Hindel, Paul Hinrichs, Nancy Holmes, John Holmes, Kathleen Holste, Dennis Hoppe, Judy Howard, Carol Hoving, John Howarth, Ronald Howe, Michael Hughes, Linda Hughes, Sandra Huizenga, Donald Humphrie, Herman Hunter, Rosemary Igaczak, Diana llilra, Patricia lng, Dennis James, Mariorie Jamrock, Bernadine Janicak, Guy Janners, Stanley Jenrich, Charles Jensen, Dave Jensen, Richard Jensen, Wayne Johnson, Earl Johnson, Lynnie Johnson, Marilyn Jones, Claudia .V 3 ,Ir K , re- , ,M A12 V ,f V V Vi' I 7' if X ,E V .V A s s ,ss . .V . 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Moore, Sandra Morrow, Pam Morton, Robert Mrozek, Margaret Mugfor, Hugh Mulderink, George Musilek, Ronald Myers, Allen Myers, Christine Nagel, Joseph Nagel, Richard Nelson, Donald Nicholls, Robert Nicola, Michael Nielsen, Katherine Niemiec, Mathew Nowlin ,Lindo Novak, Marilyn Nowoc, Robert Obechy, Norbert Ogren, Tom O'Mahony, Kathle O'Neill, John Orphey, Susan Orton, Susan Orvis, Paul Moore, William Moreland, Melody Morrill, Gothy Morrison, Margaret Mullins, Gary Mullens, Marvin Murray, Madelyn Murray, Marilyn Nebel, Carol Neidl, Barbara Neldon, Robert Nelson, Dennis Noe, Dewey Nordstrom, Gregory Norris, Robert Norton, Carol O'Hanley, William Oksas, Charlene Okulczyk, Thomas Oleiniczak, Theodore en Ossowsl1i,W arren Overbeek, Rolaine Owall, Ann Padgett, Jeffrey Paiak, Maryann Plalcu, Sharon Pappas, Robert Parr, Mincy Pate, Mary Patelski, Gary Paus, Phyllis Osterman, David Ouwenga, Linda Overbeelc, Larry Palmer, Ronald Palomo, Mary Panichi, Lee Pepiez, Joanne Pawelczak, Dianne Payne, Rosalind Pearson, George Pearson, Norman Pech, Candy Peck, Pam Pelt, Kathleen Perry, Christine Perry, Robert Peterson, Carol Phelan, Francis Pidrak, Barbara Pier, Marilyn Pierce, Frederick Piolatto, Richard Pischl, Christine Pizza, Ronald Platek, Dale Pletsch, Linda Postweiler, John Pote, Walter Potts, Thomas Powers, Russell Powless, Elaine Pryor, John Przybysz, Andrea Puckett, Patricia Putnam, Cynthia Puyanic, Max Radwan, Edward Raizer, Edward Raizer, Josephine Ramirez, Caroline Rapp, Wayne Renner, Karen Revor, Charles Rice, Thomas Richardson, Joyce Rickman, Ronald Ritter, William Roberts, Cheryl Roberts, Starlyn Robertson, Thomas Robinson, Larry Rooda, Sue Roper, Edmond Rosenthal, Katherine Rosenwald, Robert Rothengass, Paul Ruehl, William Ruggio, Carla Rupeika, Linda Ann Salapetek, Dale Sallas, Mary Jeanne Sanders, Sharon Sarkan, Delores Schaal, William Schenk, Clare Scheffler, Marvin Schneider, Roger Schombert, Donna Schroeder, Donna Schuldt, Bonnie Schultz, Edward Schultz, Nancy Schutt, Raymond Schwartz, Lynnae Seal, Charmaine Selby, Ronnie Perryman, Karen Perryman, Larry Peters, Mary Anne Peterson, Ben Piersma, Donna Piersma, Gloria Piersma, Suzanne Pinta, Robert Podkluski, Donal Polchow, Sharon Polchaire, Virginia Pooler, Martha Price, Gregory Price, Qureda Pritchard, Roberta Pyres, Diana Quarles, Peter Quertermus, Richard Rachel, Larry Rack, Andre Reough, Thomas Rech, Randall Redman, Roberta Reckner, Lynn Riggs, Paul Rini, Francis Ripley, Claudia Risoli, James Rocco, Karen Rochon, Douglas Rozzniak, Daniel Rodr, Donna Rouhas, Gust Rudofski, David Rudolph, Bill Rudolph, Martin Salvato, Elizabeth Sandberg, Carolyn Sanderson, Edward Sanderson, Jeanine Schiera, John Schilling, Edward Schmidt, Richard Schneider, Michael Schultz, Howard Schultz, John Schultz, Judy Schultz, Michael Seleb, Janet Sepula, Richard Shandrew, Leona Shanto, Joseph ,.. -If , qc-,. ,la ,Q 1 p g, .V 'J -if j . - 'Qs ' ' . 4 f 9. f i 5 , ,A i, fx 6 , 5,2 l -31 'I Qi. r ' x wi .1 f The JKT Tsi,-i1,-3 . 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Tang, Thomas Tarqueno, Shirley Tate, Bruce Terrell, Johnnie Tesmond, Albert Thibeau, Timothy Thomas, Betty Thomas, Irma Tomaska, Joseph Tongren, Charles- Tonne, Beverly Tracy, George Tracy, Richard Trombino, John Trombino, Ronald Trotter, Robert Truschka, Lawrence TiJccl, Marlene Tysee, Jim Urbanski, William Shetzley, Kathleen Shields, Barbara Sieia, Carin Ann Signore, Charlene Sitarz, Barbara Skora, Ruthann Skowronski, Darlene Slawsonm, Thomas Smith, Kirby Smith, Marlene Smalen, Nancy Smolik, Mary Spaeth, Alan Spanos, Bob Spear, Robert Stadnicki, Diana Statler, Richard St. Aubin, Joan Stearney, Vivian Stein, Linda Stevenson, Elaine Stevo, Cynthia Steward, Zlohn Stewart, Sandra Stuk, Sharon Styx, John Styx, Wayne Sudds, William Swalec, Beverly Swanson, Mary Anr. Swanson, Melvin Sweeney, William Tellez, Armandina Tenuta, Edward Termunde, Melvin Terrones, Pedro Thompson, Donald Thoms, Gary Thune, Carolyn Toczyl, James Traczyk, Linda Trammell, Scherrilyn Trella, 'David Tribe, Tony Tucker, Bonnie Jean Turek, Jacqueline Turkovich, Terrence Turnquist, Sandra Vcelak, Marie Venhuizen, Elizabeth Vandermeeden, RonaldVeyette, Mary Van Dyck, Larry Van Gampler, Sylvia Vink, Johnny Vinson, Jess Visage, Clifford Voitech, Norman Voss, Richard Vuich, Kathy Walker, Alan Wallace, Jacqueline Wallace, Richard Wallace, Richard Wallace, Ronald Washick, Raymond Wasielewki, Raymond Watkins, Larry Weathington, Geraldine Weckler, Thomas West, Judy Westergren, Nancy Western, Margie Westlake, Janine White, Linda Wieringa, Katherine Wiersma, Cheryl Williams, Candice Williams, Jacqueline Williams, John Williams, Wilma Willis, Joan Willis, Orafee Winkler, Gunther Winiecki, Kim Woike, Janet Worlds, Delores Wollam, Suzanne Wolf, Nancy Woods, Gloria Zach, Ronald Zapata, Carl Zemanek, Frank Ziccardi, Lucille Zielinski, Joseph Wagner, Lydia Waigand, Paul Wainwright, Frank Walden, Thomas Walter, Rudolph Walters, Donna Ward Dell, Walter Wardrope, Judith Wencloft, Sandra Wenk, Julius Weseloh, Robert West, Dagmar White, Linda Kay Whitton, Linda Wicks, William Wielinga, Frances Williams, Marilyn Williams, Ronald Williams, Tenia Williams, Theodore Wisniewski, Patricia Witcher, Annette Withers, Geben Witt, Nanette Woods, James Woods, Margo Worsham, Marie Worthington, Thomas Zilewicz, John Zink, Jerome Zmuda, Francis Zondlo, Janet fa X. 'W"' 'I Christine Pischl, Edward Schilling and Steve Keck care for pets in biology class at Northwest, Coaches Last and Pillard and George Billows l39l John Pryor l32l and Pete Molsen l28l are ready to take on foe. Southwest Art Students, Helen Leach, Johnny Franklin, Larraine Willialms, James Dyson, Rose- ling Payne and Vernetta Sanders are construct- ing houses out of cardboard. When completed, these houses will be assembled into a model village and landscaped. Ken Kolwyck and Dale Barz examine dissection of crayfish, K, sc wee' ww, fn ,. ,.f, OLD MAIN CLASS OFFICERS: l to r.: Bonnie Gorman, Anette Groskoph, Mr. Blunk, Terry Hughes and Phyllis Nien- house. SOUTHWEST CLASS OFFICERS: l to r.: Vernelta Sanders, president, Barbara Mason, secretary, Mr. Brodie, freshman principal, Larry Snoddy, treasurer and Adele Hombrick, secretary. NORTHWEST CLASS OFFICERS: l to r.: Ronald Subka, vice-president, Pam Haight, president, Miss Cruise, Roger Stoh lak, vice-president, and Jerry King, treasurer. FRESHIVIEN CLASS OF ' K -f 3597 ,. , , J " F 'J '," if 12-gf . , ' my A J . ., . - Vf5 ? 9? ' " lv M -1 ' , . e -Vi :-:V "':21:1g4?'- 1.21: f ' . - A ' 'rwiiim R-'fiigeifni' --" 1 eg -f 7 in xullwg E il f-JH 'is 1 f is I l 1 Elin! ll, . s i..-h I M ' . 7 '.:' I . - ' . - V :Y ,fl V . e y . F IM: w:,, :ir-57:-fi Nw . V ' 'if r' . ... V wifi' ' ' ' i"i V"i'i'i' ' H "-- 1fms?f:5fs " -fs- n . v. . 'iq .,.. K ,, .. .s,..s,..s x J Xi'i . iimii fs' '- Q - A " ' s, 75-VV 3 Y.. V .Vw , - W'-1 ,-1: : :N , is iixfif' ,. . eff, V s:..,., f -A . , ,,,, ,,f, . . , V . V fi ff . M gl ff '- fe' 'M r ' . 13 V .,k,, E? 'E , Q X ,hx 4. V A fl: wc., ,fi gg ,. ,sv - V ., V - , a f , .Q V- Q- ,.-,,.- . J .skim qw . . V , siili , . V ... ,figs f V "' x 1" -' ff mi? V - gb .' A ff," ?i5gSe,. 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' V - ii 12' '?a: 7'1i:l -fl" I 'Q A U s I Q yn .. nf , uw f .NJ BSEEEY P EE ,g l, ,.,,,., ,'.- ilffigmefzl 'i-' LV -, , -'V, ,'V'Vi' ' " 'J ' J A 2. f . I if In I ' i'1ii1a, V. ' V K -I ' .. , ,fn 5 .. , rin " 5 . f J i 4 Ni -1 - f m v in 4'V::'i-35 Abbe, Roy Adair, Bruce Adrian, Theresa Aggen, James Alomprese, Patricia Allred, Charlotte Alm, Frances Alm, Raymond Ambriz, David Amren, Christine Anderson, Deborah Anderson, Gusteena Anderson, Judith Anderson, Leonard Anderson, Margaret Archey, Kenneth Arnell, Katherine Arnold, Alvie Arnold, Linda Ashley, Martha Baker, William Balaban, John Ball, Christopher Bull, Pamela Balogh, Patricia Barnes, David Barnes, James Boron, Victoria Barr, Kenneth Bartle, Susan Bauer, Roger Bougher, James Baumstein, Richard. Becatti, Linda Beck, Margaret Bednar, Gayle Bednarczyk, Edward Bednarczyk, Ronald Beeson, David Beeson, Robert Albertino, William Alexander, Cheryl Alger, Carol Allan, Shirden Anderson, Alan Andersen, John Andersen, Judy Andersen, Deborah Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Stella Andrews, Phyllis Antis, Arlene Ashmore, Valerie Asplund, Peter Avery, Richard Bailey, William Barbahen, Linda Baranowski, Carol Barbaro, Lillian Bard, Edward Bartz, Jeannine Bostick, John Batterson, Janet Bauch, Harlene Beck, Michael Becker, Patricia Becher, Susan Beckwith, Arnette Behrens, Nancy Bell, Fred Bell, Gloria Bell, Pamela Bella, Doreen Belser, Sharon Benton, Eddie Bentkowski, Donald Beran, Wayne Bertram, Susan Betts, Donald Bieschke, Paul Bilotto, Geno Billows, George Blanchette, Nancy Bobek, Edward Bochman, Shirley Baggan, George Bolin, Edward Bostick, William Bostrom, William Boswell, David Boswell, John Botkin, Harold Boyd, Boyd, Boye, Boyle, Gail Leroy Bradley June Bradberry, Mavis Braggs, Dorothy Bragiel, Georgiann Bram, Peter Bram e, Sherry Brandau, David Bretz, Julia Brewster, Juanona Bright, William Bronakowski, Alan Brooks, Patty Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Bulthu Burich, Burke, Burke, Bonnie Carolyn Darlene Donald Jean s, Linda Thomas Charles Karen Burkhart, Donna Burton, Vera Mae Bush, Kathleen Buss, Clifford Butler, Michael Buvelot, Faith Calabrese, Richard Callahan, Louise Callahan, Ronald Calmeter, Harold Carlsen, Lee Carptenter, Josie Carrero, Rosemary Carroll, Gwen Carlton, Jeanne Carter, Adrianne Cerullo, Rosemarie Chaftin, Edgar fr Chambers, Edward Chambers, Steven Champion, Mary i 'fav' "gr -. 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E' ,V . -' -EV 0- A . . , , V 91. v si , , , . ,.,.. , - Reynolds, Leslie Rhoades, Kenneth Rhodes, Nancy Ellen Richard, David Richards, Susan Riedel, Thomas Riggio, Kenneth Ring, Marvin Ring, Michael Rippe, Linda Robinson, Cynthia Robinson, Linda Rochwalilc, Joe Roegner, Thomas Rogers, Kathleen Rosselli, Daniel Rosselli, Phillip Rotolo, Jack Roufs, Karen Roufs, Katherine Russom, Janice Ryan, Thomas Rybski, Patricia Sagan, Carole Saggan, Betsy Sands, Patricia San Soucie, Milton Sarracino, Linda Sassone, Michael Schade, Anthony Schlegel, Linda Schlink, Norman Schmidt, Gary Schmidt, Leonard Schnackenberg, Janet Schroeder, Raymond Schuler, Susan Schuler, Sylvia Schulte, Donald Schulte, Richard Schwed, Donald Scott, Eddie Scott, Lucinda Scott, Roosevelt Sener, Suzanne Sharp, Jasper Shaw, Ernestine Sheehan, Patricia Shepard, Sharon Shepherd, Barbara Siller, Brenda Simmons, Christine Simpson, Christine Simpson, Jeanne Siniawski, Linda Richardson, John Richardson, Thomas Richmond, Robert Richter, Charles Rippe, Susan Roberts, Pamela Robinson, Andrea Robinson, Cynthia Romeo, Antoinette Roos, Thomas Rosenquest, Leslie Rosewald, Cheryl Rourke, Jane Rudolph, Barbara Rupeilra, John Rush, Sharon Saggione, Cynthia Sahs, Maureen Sanchez, Josephine Sanders, Vernetta Schaffner, Lester Scharnak, Barbara Schereck, Barbara Schirrnacher, Martha Schneider, Larry Schneider, Linda Schneider, Thomas Schombert, David Schultz, Mary Helen Schultz, Pamela Schultz, Thomas Schwalbach, Doloreus Serafine, Janice Seramur, Jack Sevening, James Sharkey, Kimberly Sheppy, William Sidler, Rae Silagyi, George Silke, Carol Slaichert, James Slaughter, Harry Sledge, Geraldine Small, Linda Smiley, Lissie Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Dale Everett Gwendolyn James B. Susan Thomas Smolik, Linda Sneyd, Geraldine Snoddy, Larry Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, , James Lucky Patricia Robert Snyder, James Sobiski, Ronald Soltys, Kathleen Sopko, Arthur 103 O4 Soria, Dominio Spencer, LaVerne Sparks, James Spitzer, Richard Sporar, Carolyn Staes, Georgia Stahlak, Roger Stamat, Nicholas Stang, Roberta Stanick, Steven Steffan, Susan Stein, Charles Stenek, Carol Stenstrom, Roy Stevenson, Arlene Stolarek, Thomas Stone, Richard Stovall, Constance St. Pere, Earle Strabel, Kathryn Sula, Michael Sullivan, Gerald Sullivan, Gloria Sullivan, Timothy Sumner, Dolores Sykes, James Sykes, Patricia Sykes, Ruby Synakiewicz, Ann Szalei, Linda Tarqueno, Joe Tediski, Ida Teeter, Arlene Tellefsen, Donald Templeton, David Thomann, Anthonett Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Arlene Barbara Carl Carrie Thompson, Gloria Thompson, John Thrawl, Linda Tibbs, Margaret Timke, Rudolph Todd, Gayle Tomerassen, Joe Ellen . Toniazzo, Harold Torrence, Clairdon Torres, Geraldine Trotter, Leslie Trout, Karen Turek, Patricia Tuszl, Michael Tyler, Wayne Umgelder, Sharon Unrine, Carolyn Urban, William Urbaniak, Carol Spotts, Thomas Springfield, Christine Sreniawski, Richard Staecker, Dwight Stanley, Charles Staras, Georgette Staszak, Marjorie Steffen, Richard Stevenson, Theodore Steward, Beulah Stockman, Jeanette Stolarek, Jacqueline Street, David Stupay, Carol Subke, Ronald Sudds, Karen Svihlik, Alan Swain, Edward Swain, Sharon Sweede, Charles Szeszycki, Robert Szwet, Judith Ann Tallent, Gregory Tannura, James Tenoria, John Terrell, Gloria Thibo, Carol Ann Thiele, Joan Thomas, Mark Thomas, Willie Thomison, Susan Thompson, Dorothy Tinken, Thomas Tisdale, Elvin Tkachuk, Henry Toannon, Burt Toth, James Trama, Nancy Trathen, Donna Treio, Andrew Tysse, Mary Louise Ullrich, Marian Ullrich, Ronald Umgelder, Darlene Urlacher, Linda Vanaria, La Verne Van Arkel, Barbara Vandermeeden, Robert Urbanski, Mary Kathleen Vanderpool, Chuck Venckus, Vincent Vanderwall, James C. Verhaeren, Kenneth Van Merkestyn, Fritz Veyette, Rita Vasilopulos, Charles Vidales, Richard Vena, Carmine 'alfa in Q.. f,-Aw gi ,yum-1 Q i wg- - 3: -s w 2 - ff C' 5 in 2 1' fr iii., li sw ' we -9' ' ,,,.,,,:W2r11 s.., m.,,,,sr if 5 "T, rfe-vev11w-sw: ,,, .,i,, , ..,, :uf wins .s i ,gs :rn ., T ,, A - - -xt T masse, , 4 , I f, .TW J ! '5 T 1 Q f - . Q, is Q Q'-TF , 93, ,. A,. -s .. N ,,,,, , 2 , " lie . 1, .v+f3f52g?4Qi1y.,'.,,walff' M, 1 - ,QQ ,. ,gn ., h ii: 'V E W :,,'5gg-:fm,,.FIgff,,I,, 'ig ' S f 'XA 'j1,,f,51 5 . K ,r, Q, ,, 9, ,ss ,, 1 , J, 3 P 1- fi r ., -'iii lit fix I me ,I If 'Z i six rs' . I .. Yr, ,,,, i . 1 i'fYi5?'2E32 E ,. at 3 5 ffl 'si 'K K 'iifzlff 'i,g'fRj.: , if EE,, . ss ,, 2 We kia' 4' Q. hair , W,-ezsXz.ss2z1 f,,g5,.: 7 :g,x.e,.e .M ig , 1 i . W, ,if , , 4 lzsif 15 1 fI ,J ' it .f,,s,gg,, - 4535 f 1 f ,I , SF' 34' 5- K . i ., ,es I ,:-, .,.I--I,-I,-fs, ' -K - .. . I 'K i ff t ,.,f.,,, - ,I-New ti ' Q . . 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' - I. -f L, 1, A MM , ,fi9t'aQQ'-I I , , mf 5 ' "iff f i Is- Q 2 L 05 '1rL""I lt, M ,J 5 ij. , .Mg , wig Vinces, Darlene Votteler, Carl Vuckovich, Katherine Wagener, Bonnie Wainscott, Edward Wallace, Marsha Wallace, Nancy Walshon, Kenneth Wanland, Janis Ward, Goldman Warren, Carol Washington, Artavia Watland, Vicki Watrobka, Edward Watrobka, Robert Weis, Christine Wendelsdorf, Wendy Werosh, Keith Weseloh, Norman Wessels, Alice Whipple, Linda White, Gloria Wiessner, John Wiessner, Robert Wiggins, Melvin Williams, Guy Williams, Henry Ira John Linda Ann Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Marie Williams, Timothy Willis, Tereecia Willmot, Donna Wilson, Gale Winslow, Christopher Witt, James Witte, Susan Wisniewski, Ronald Wadarzyk, Judith Woolfolk, Carol Workman, Marilyn Wright, Margaret Wroblewski, Richard Wucka, Jeanene Yuske, Joseph Zakes, Mike Zoorski, Donald Zapel, Barbara Ann Zeiler, Cheri Ziegler, Donald Zialkawski, Thomas Zimmer, Allen Zoda, Nancy Zohfeld, Karen Walczak, Joanne Walker, Dorothy Walker, Douglas Walker, Marsha Ward, Mary Wardell, Carol Ware, Clotea Warner, John Weatherspoon, Catherine Webster, Carolyn Weglowski, Joseph Weiner, Carole Westberg, Craig Westbrook, Susie Wheathley, Dale Wheeler, Susan Wilborn, Edith Wilensky, Minnette Wilkus, Richard Wilkus, Robert Williams, Williams, Williams Williams Linda Lois Lorraine ,Lucius Wilson, Greg Wilson, Kim Wine, Nancy Winiecki, Ronald Wollenzien, Barbara Wolske, Marion Woodrick, Estelle Woodworth, Janice Young, Kenneth Young, Michael Young, Patricia Yuske, Gerald Zeller, Alison Zemola, Alan Zenner, Mary Zibas, Frances Zurek, Thomas 1 -1 ---F-Qf,x.,:ffx,.H?..,.,Wf,4...: ., Q, wr V 1 1 '14-L' ' ff , - -r11w-www . 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N- A TX' i""1lP x , , A ' rf 11 f I Kr . , . 1 M, 1M F - ' .1 1 'W , ',..- 1.5, . 1+ ,. -1- " I 1 W ,,,,, ,Wm- '1 A , W - 1 Yx , , K Y 'mmhi 4 iii Q 'fa' -WJ 'W W' ' Eg' 1 , 1- 1 5- QN f " 1 We ' ww is . A -1 1' 1 ' 1 ""' ,Wm '15 mm " 'Q J, 5 sf" ' . ,Q . W ,. H W, ,. Hg ., R .K ..- -1 2 ,Q ,, ,,,, 4-Q, ,Q ' -Q. ig CLASSES CLUBS ACTIVITIES Scenef C lb ART Freddie Franklin is preparing his bisque ware before applying glaze while Nancy Berry is working on her painting. Marvin Swanson is the "kibiizer" in Mrs. Wal- lace Art l class. l Marni Craig and Nancy Bresnyan advise Tony Brode as he places the finishing touches on the Art Room l showcase at Northwest. Christine Brown and Buelah Weothington are carefully loading the kiln with greenware for their first firing. 'ale Siska is studying the still life which Sharon Aggen -as planned and is working on in Art I class. s ,uv ART John Shirnishita lleftl is working on a wire frame, preparing it for a paper mache head. Dwight Coleman lrightl is experimenting with a palette knife using his poster paints. John Meeker, Mike Cunningham, Gerald Yuska, and Edward Raizer practice printing in Miss Haugan's Art I class at Old Main. ll. to r.l Sybil Green, Harvey Brown, Earl Johnson, Pearl Berry, and Mattie Hunter, Mr. Carter's art stu- dents at Southwest, work on a unit in architectural landscape pointing. 5 .-A BUSINESS EDUCATION -,,..v i....Q -....,-mu -...,,,-as-0 Tile- Barbara Baldwin transcribes short hand notes into typed letter in Mrs. Soldan's Office Prac- tice class. Diane Signorelli, Sharan Termunde, Cheryl Nelson, and Mary Pidrak are working an class assignments in Mrs. Soldan's Office Practice class. Miss McQuistan's or an 7 ow Y 1 ' Sh th d II class QR lj L nn VanWermeskerl-:en Elai I Strezo, Marcia Hauser, Donna Neibor, Donna Carlson. lRow 2j Marily Sumner, Beverly Mackel. BUSINESS EDUCATION Mary Ann Lockman, Ellen Zimny, and Leslie Langeland, members of Mr. Banaszak's bookkeeping class, solve problems at the board. Mary Ann Zurek, Julianna Milz, and Elayne Williams practice typing in Miss Miller's Typing II class. William Gigenbauer, Melvin Friendman, and Diane Korvalski display consum'er reports in Mr. Duggan's Business Training class at Northwest. Donna Bounds, Nancy Lolwse, Danna Newell, Mary Stone, and Carol Robka learn to use office machines in Mrs. Rogers Complometry class. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Distribulive Education Club Row I ll. to r.j Jim Blair, parlieamentarian, Cathi Mysliwiec, reporter, Linda Magliola, secretary, Richard Lombardo, president, Robert Broo, viceepresidentg James Rauch, treasurer. Row 2: Jack Jacobs, Sally Zweizyn, Janet Sobiski, Peggy Roberts, Phyllis Sepula, Karen Kaiser, Nancy Dickey. Row 3: Joanne Henderson, Noelle Melton, Sharon Neel, Sharon Klingkamer, Stella Lobedz. Row 4: John Michaels, Gene Phifer, Jack Saggan, Dennis Kasprak, William Sumner, Kenneth Schultz, '-x. Kathy Steinhart, Dennis Sidler, Mr. Clyde Bailey, coordinator. Mr. George Streakle, of P. 8. S. Sunoco, shows John Michaels how to check the oil for a customer. Janet Sobiski shows her customer, Mrs. Norma Otte, 2lO7 High Street, Blue Island, some baby clothes with the help other fellow sales clerks, Pauline Kisef lus and Lucille Green. 11 sii'ii3En -' , - ,, Mr. Irving-King, assistant manager at Kline's Depart- ment Store, explains to Kathy Steinhart how credit transactions are handled, 114 Mr. Gene Brycheclc, owner of the Calumet Village Foodliner, and Bob Broo check the dairy case. DISTRIBUTIVE Ken Schultz learns how to display new merchandise from Mr. Irving Martino at Klines Department Store. Mr. Henry Baumann, owner of the Mayfair, shows Sharon Neel some ofthe newstockthathas iust arrived. EDUCATION Jim Rauch learns how to replenish the stock at Dad and Lad Tog Shop under the watchful eye of Mr. Ben Heltord. Mr. Brydon, manager,and Mr,Holly,assistantmanager, show Dennis Kasprak how to operate the new paint mixing machine at Sears. Mr. Dick Dohlman, of Vern's Supermart,,checks with Bill Sumner on records of the produce department. Denny Mansmith, produce manager, and Bob Brinkman, both former D.E. students, are in the background. Jack Saggan gets some good fatherly advice from Mr. Melvin Saggan at Hoigard Bros. Florists. mesa by me no ' li: ""7'f tai ,123 J If fi A f fi DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Q' sc is W 5 ,HQ as W ww if GP 3 S S 1 - sen 215.525 me KL M QEMA-Sf Y- V f5t1A5rZ5Si,w151L4f9" ' 2 els ' 'ffm wwf 4 sq:-gs2rsg,"wff.5, eggiesstigeimwia: Z- S if f" J 1 Mr. Harold Simmons, DataProcessing EngineeratClarkOil 81 Refinery Cynthia Gephart sets customers hair on rollers. Before Cynthia COA. Gnd Dove Steinhort look Over inventory report processed by finishes, Miss Know, proprietor of Mary's Hair Styling, will inspect l 620 l.B.M, computer. Tom Sitarz has iust completed printing the image on an emulsion by the use of the direct-method process. Mr. Bob Vernon, of Vernons Printing 8. Decal Co. is inspecting Tom's work. ... s,,.., , sew, :ss 5 Q if .ar 8 is ,Q it :Je -A- fl .1 ,.-f,, et . ,Q szewe3 t her work. Bruno Tucker is making the "hook-ups" for a power supply, while Mr. Jerry Orlewski, Maintenance engi- neer for Miller Pre-Pared Potator Company, ischecking the wiring diagrams and supervising Bruno's work. Nw: Mr. Weber, pressman at Vernons Printing B. Decal is inspecting the job Tony Dziedzic is running on tl ink coverage 442' 'tr . If Chandler Power Press, to see if there is satisfactot I , Nw K cgi i , Qi I, Mr. Ray Schwartz is showing Tony Benicki how to test and adjust a Dave Fahlbusch is "round cornering" a sample for Mr. Russell Wein- distributor on Sun Service Equipment. berger to inspect and approve before proceeding with the operation. Mr, Schcoleyl Owner of Sghogleyg TAVAI is Showing Mike Sghooley Neil Buroff, trainee at Colortone, receives instructions on screening how Q Syivgnig Electric Oggilloggope can bg Used to fest the gudio round plastic bottles from Mr. Michael Rita. Mr. Ernest Ohl inspects gn Q TIVI Seq, the finished iob. ENGLISH Chris Marszalek presents his views during 0 class discussion in Miss Holden's English lll class. Listening attentively are Sandra Debow, Sharon Baudo, Toni Gavin, Nancy Staffel, and Cheryl Bcmboch. Miss Holden's 7th period English Ill class officers in actiong ll. to r.l Sharon Boudo, Sandra DuBow, Toni Gavin, Nancy Staffel, Cheryl Bambach, Chris Marsza- lek, Jim Switenburg. Suzanne Wollam conducts and interview with John Vohs in Speech class at Old Main. .lohn Vohs reads a play to attentive listeners Peter Molsen, Chester Kolodziei, Diane Stahulak, and Carol Stanik, in Mr. Peterson's speech class. ENGLISH Members of Mrs. Lemon's English l class at Southwest write compositions. Row 'l: Ann Collins, LuciusWilliams, Harold Calmeter, Charles Russell, Theresa Thomas, lRow 2j Marvin Cole, Leslie Harrison, Henry Birdsong, Linda Williams. lRow 3l David Griffin, Carlette Crisp, Pamela Clark. Speech Class members make a tape recording. ll.to r.l Diane Stahulak, Carol Stanik, Jay Baersma, Judy Snow, Martin Mann, Michael Grogan. Miss O'Grody's English I class conducts a class meeting with Eugene Kasper acting as chairman. Sharon Dziedzic, Pat Dailey, Jackie Cunningham, Chris Springfield are reading poems in Old Main Speech class. 'Sri Muff Q ,-,fri f M . ,M X . " K 3 . fn age., Q l. sl" 'fl ,Vfx 2 J 2? -x x1 Nwgvw Q , V 3 1 W: 10141, ,l,A. 1 Kwfeill N K M if 5?li?iv-S151 L ol 2 'wfQ2,q'i1 xx 0 1 2 mfs QU QM' Q 4 1 9 '12 M . ,tie is Pg xi, Vg, , 0 ",5s,,. 5nzuLf.,n KR .,.L,,5M, Q , 5 3,y xx' ,uznmwjx-'ii I in Q :ry full" Ex Q Yi? - Q Hr-Si-f'i3?Jf.5"f5 iU5'?J?l.ffi,x 1 . ..Lt, M My Vwwfw, .. 25' -Q + 1 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Campus - Old Main Latin Club officers, ll. to r.l Larry Barnes, treasurer, Joan Blume, secretary, Mark Heine! mann, president, Barbara Urbanslci, vice-president. Carolyn Thune demonstrates howto don a toga in Mr. Janka's Latin class at Northwest, German club officers at Old Main. lStandingl Raymond Alderson, program chairman, Robert Bobb, treasurer, fSeatecll Judy Schultz, secretary, Stuart Beardsley, president, Kenneth Glynn, vice president. Miss Cluver is the club sponsor. Janet Bray and George Pearson present the story of the Argonauts in Mr. Janka's Latin ll class, rthwest French Club officers are, Lenore Winiecki, asurer, John Hutt, president, Jean Knoll, vice presi- nt, Dale Barz, secretary. ' JK K , 7-XRKIUKW, QM ami? ll3CllfiJS'5Lli Urpial i-qua tuna. ,li hula: Ina 9 au! 2 no- ul in wr a.'Pnn pu, v , u , L 731 ui n :Reiki 335. rm. x m un nyigfsgxu im..m-,mg . ,,,,,,, 0 BAD. A A ur 1-......,1 2' FOREIGN LANGUAGES Spanish Club officers - Northwest. lSEATEDl Rose Lubeck, secretary, Ruthann Kuikman, president, lStanding, l.tor.lTom Rice, Doris Gooley, vice-president, John Sullivan, treasurer, Miss Behrens, sponsor, Carol Howeord. Gary Long, Steve Altman, Wayne Styx don Roman costumes while giving readings in Latin class at Northwest. ...,.,s ...,. , M,,,,,:JWW FRANCF wr--elwtvie ff' new , FRANCE ,,-sv i, ' A. .. , " 11'-- X l Q Meeting in an executive session are the four officers of the Campus French Club, Armen Varteressian, secretary, Joan Matuska,president, Glen Allie, vice-president, and Fred Wollom. Sue Rooda is helping Lois Desmond in fitting he in Miss Herbeck's Home Economics lclass. Mrs, O. Peterson's French Ill class is grouped around a tape recorder listening to a tape lay a native Frenchman. lseated, l. to r,l Glen Allie, Mary Hull, Carolyn Haffner. Jackie Marvin. lstandingl James Wilson, Lynn Raske, Wayne Zarnecki, Bonnie Lovato, Gail Rousseau, Joan Matuska, Louis Constan. r first proiecl i 5 5 2 2 1 3 1 5 i S E 3 i I E s X s i E 4 3 i 2 E S E X HOME ECONOMICS 24 Carol Howard and Linda Harms are arranging awindow display of iumpers at Northwest. Mrs. Henderson's student aides receive instructions on how to operate the filmstrip proiector. lStandingl Pat Helwig, Diane Bober, Mrs. Henderson, LYNN Blocker lseatedl Diane Bolden, Diane Myers. Mrs. Henderson's Advanced Food class prepares for a student demonstration. ll. to r.l Susan Piotrowski, Mary Ann Zurek, Mrs. Henderson, Gloria Coleman, Janet Dreblow, Michele Eken, Rosemary LaRocco, Elayne -Williams, Mary Janes, Diane Meyers. Susan Piotrowslci acts as the patient, while Gloria Coleman, Diane Myers, and Michele Eken attempt to make an occupied bed. , . ,,,.v ti ii ll gi ij Helen Leoch, Diane Green, and Jayne Richardson practice setting table properly in Miss Steger's Home Econ. I class. Dorothy Mills, building winner in the cherry pie boke-off, practice her pie baking by demonstrating to Miss Shoffner's Home Econ. cla: at Southwest. HOME ECONOMICS Glorio Mochoy, Paulette Miller, Peggy Hungerford, and Linda Siniow- ski are ready to sample the results of their efforts in Mrs. Guy's Home Econ. I at Old Moin. Linda Rupckic, Roseann Forrester, Carol Peterson, Penny Modrigal, Dione LeFoger, and Pot Kozarewicz seem pleased with the outcome of their meringue shells. lHome Economics I- Mrs. Guy.l 5' it 2 i 2 Q i B twrwfsiir ...J . . has ,,s..i4e- we -4iiP"""' HOME ECONOMICS Sophomores Ruth Field and Earline Bouie prepare a casserole in Miss Shoffner's Home Econ. ll. Andrea Przybysz, Mary Veyette, and Leona Shandrew make use of resource material in their book center. lMiss Thorp's Home Econ. Ill. ll. to r.j Sandro Macek, Pat Lunglund, Carol Gamble, Wilma Metcalf, Beverly Galati, Sue Sener, and Lee Lyons prepare to sample drop doughnuts made in Mrs. Guy's Home Econ. l. Gloria Sullivan, Pat Becker, and Karen Sutsinger are engaged in pulling together net trees. i 11 ,xur1 iq '-age Mr. Joquith supervises the testing of Q distributor by Thomas Lobedz ond Ronald Henderson, in Auto Shop. YF?-A A,,..-42 AQ... x,,f 9 0 Aw' -,Am 'X INDUSTRIAL ARTS Albert McGuffey, Bob Nigro, and Lee Harris prepare to overhaul a Model A Ford engine. Ken Teel and Ed Allaire attempt to repair television sets in Mr. Connelly's Electric Shop ll. Mr. Koprucki supervises the turning of a lathe. lL. to r.l George Turczynowski, Randy Harrison, Bill Powers, Tim Olsen, Roger Oker- Strom. Terry Collatz operates the new belt sander in Mr. Gross'Wood ll. Ray Reisinger, Charles Keasler, and Stan Jackson work on proiects in wood shop. Mr. Schoenott prepares students in starting Vandercook proof press for production work. ll. to r.l Tom Anastasia, David Greves, Refugio Serbante, Leslie Neibert, Richard Fouts, Roy Tellefson. 'tp' INDUSTRIAL ARTS Leonard Timpone and James Griffin check make-ready for the operation of the press in Mr, Schoenott's Print Shop. Students make a Iayouttor a small metal box in Mr. Ratt's Orientation Shop. lL, to r.l Robert Watrabka, Robert Weiss- ner, Arthur Sopko, Dennis Marcinkewica, Mr. Ratts, Mike 129 Rapp. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Kenneth Pacyga and Thomas Kalislci make ready on Platens presses in Mr. Thomas' Print Shop l. LL iw i James Toczyl shapes a lamp base on the wood lathe in Mr. Boyer's class. M ,, h , Freshmen receive instruction on the use of a hand 'drill. ll. to r.l Richard Novak, James Gannuscio, Clifford Lill, Wil- liam Galati, Mr. Boyer, Val Radwan. Flim Moore, Myron Nesbitt, James Fells, and Ernest James distribute type in Mr. Vick's Print Shop I. , INDUSTRIA L ARTS 4 Frank Lee Travis and William Hill operate lalhe under guid- ance of Mr. Rodie. I I v.. " e -gg.: 2 W M' x MECHANICAL DRAWING William Urbanski prepares to make an ink lracing of his draw- ing. lMr. Landgraf's class.l Mr. Haug's class is working on orihographic proiection draw- ings. Row I: William Spanos, Mr. l-laug, John Bazinek, John Eken, Michael Halsiead. lllow 2j William Garrigan, Chris Marszalek, Charles Bergeron. lRow 3l John Konicek. 5lUde"'l5 PVOCHCS The proper way lo use their inslrumenis. lRow ll James Barnes, Randall Kraus, Michael Magliola. 13 lRow 2l Frank Carlsen, James Nickels, Mr. Landgraf. lRow 3l James Reda, Ed Refike. -tr' 5 Vivian Ragis and Sue Eckel stand before Their window display at the Campus library. 32 X4 'S 'S . is mn Xi!! ,W ,'3 4,5535 f KR? ff VL J , GX ,b XX -QNMMNN Kowwimv V NM'-N "N-. XXX QQ' 4' K 4 Q Q 2 Ze + 'V 5 fr ' A 4-V I V,Ez ' A .Qfk""-,uwka X w W in Joanne Jacobs shows Robert Broo and Kevin Finger how io use the slide rule fo solve problems in irigonomeiry. They ore siudenis in Mr. Bell's Trigono- metry class. 135 Algebra students learn to find powers b lo arithms in '-Ar. W 't ' l ...v- y 9 1 Ol on s cass. Mr. Barefield's Advanced Algebra students learn to multiply radicals and U, 10 'gl Gwyn Sfgier' Ngnqy Pong' Rgndy Gregg' James Anderson, binomials. ll. to r.l Mr. Barefield, Paul Wright, Albert Daniels, Jean Parker, Denise Teeter, Carolyn Hoflner, Fred Bernal. y MATHEMATICS Ronald Wine, Bruce Beck and John Hanifin discuss the conic sections formed Reginald Davenport explains how he constructed a figure on board in Mr by dissecting a cone in Mr. Barefield's Advanced Algebra class. Purnell's Plane Geometry class. 136 MM,,.,,.. 'sm ,,, ft' nf is 5 e ,X L 5,2 Q5 A X if K 2 ,wx 53 + ' fl. fi H ..,..,, 2 K . A ff 'a X ., V , ff .5 11 -X jl?i'E'l5'FIfiEl.ce?Eiili?5e?43- Zig,.ff-V555gg,,c,,:Wf2ff., fi, ' fi122f?1Ls5?Qi4Qzfeeffs?e1f5: v .9 4, ' .fizrgfesmee.Isis-554252121-is :Life - - sw ft' in se . '. fm:f:ezQgfesg - - , -X 1 , - J ggjj'f1g:fv,g Q. 1 , ' as all ,n Ronald Sublca leads discussion in Mrs, Whitten's Accelerated Algebra class. Keith MUYO does 0 C0f15lVUCll0n Pfoblem while Kvthleen O'M'Jli0nY Veflds 'he Attentive listeners are JoEllen Tameraasen, Jan Oberg, Gary Fullerton, and problem in Miss Karambis' Plane Geometry class, Kurt Lill. Mr. Strein discusses basic principles with students in Integrated Algebra, Students are Nancy Heitman, Ted Howarlt, Patricia Crowhurst, and Wayne Knocke. . , . gl c.,, c V-M A' ' si "V ' f 1 2 fy is i Z 1 '71 r 2 - S s W E is ff A i 'Wwwmm' s U. l I. .ll cj Cornelius Coleman works problem at board in Mr. Price's Algebra class at Southwest, 1' 1 ,21 ' - A-.. 2 ..lnii?tt!tEEifi,s'1f2'5Fi:?i' ' 3 71 2,55 5:15:45 T 1m Q 3 -1 W5g,ff.'f1--5:25rw L15 ' "s,.Jgfj:wf:f9s A 2aiii?fiTSiEf42'i234fgwssws . 5 f, ws,.,5i1x?'5Sfi'ffP'1l?ff "WI Q f mm, , , , M-W. ,if ,N A wk mg, 2 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Peggy McMellon, Pat Daley, Sandra Pontius, and Mary Urbonski engage in o lively basket- ball game during Miss Kotil's Sth period Phy Ed class. Conditioning exercises are a part ofthe Phy Ed program at Southwest during Mr. Walker's Atta period class. Doing "burpees"are Allen Gee, Ardis McKetson, Leslie Harrison, Irving Spear- man, Wayne Tyler, and James Dunn. Rudy Adams, Otis James, Alvin Christian, Fred Glet- ten, and Alonzo Butler are doing abdominal sit-ups. Mrs. Echols, Southwest, is surrounded by Carole Ratliffe, Dora Collins, Marie Jefferies, Gladys- tine Randall, Gwendolyn Hall, Donna Harper, Cynthia Henderson, GlarioJ1-:on Smithk- ' fn KQVLJ-it lil' M Vi l 'lll li will AN i,sXW1vf, ,xl A fi, yi fi' ' lk A ' FIV ylwi , ft JWQJJ4 ,CBJ l ,Q itll f .i X. I Carlton Lyman lidemonstratey Joe Reyer in Mr. Zodo's O period at Campus, Xlancy Bresnyon, Janel Bray, and Pat Full prac- -Qte lbgr-tLl,Q,QgQlGV head bandage on classmate Alison Zeller iigvtiss Barrowcliff's lst period Shysical Ed class. XWWTUUW' f ELEQTHUNILS, IWW- NUCLEAR FHYSIE5- 'U PHYSICAL SCIENCE Dennis Ing, Robert Davis, Lois Kittler, and .loan St. Aubin scrutinize specimens through microscopes. In- structor is Mr. Cook. Tony Jusevitch, Judy Lundquist, Beverly Lund conduct experiments in Chemistry class at Campus. Instructor is Mr. Swartz. Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures is being illustrated by Larry Van Hook, Ken Belgrave, and Lynn Haedtler, students in Mrs. Cifonelli's Advanced Placement Chem- istry. Mr. Albono explains the circulatory process to the officers ofthe Old Main Science Club. ll to r J Chris- tine Amren, vice-president, Terry Ericksen, president, Robert Cione, secretary-treasurer. Ar. Rush demonstrated the Tesla Coil at thefirst ieeting ofthe Physical Science Club. 14 Edwin Gartley, Jasper Sharp, and Grace Moore work on an experiment in Gust Rouhas awaits his turn as Linda Nowlin uses microscope to examine Mr- C, Johnsgrfg Phygicql Science class, microscopic organisms in Mr. Lyznicki's Biology class. PHYSICAL i 2 ,i L SCIENCE 5 E, -9-4' L.- No, it isn't follow the leader! Frank Rick, Jim Roos, W Bob Hill, Roger Freeman, Ray Sundlond, Larry Van Hook,and Wayne Niemann demonstrate how a com- pressional wave is formed in sound. Students are members of Mr. Rush' Physics Class. Joyce Strand, Saundro Mason, Mr. Fischer, Lee Mc- 142. Caslancl and Cecelia Mock carry on an experiment with filtration in chemistry class. I L ' -si i V 9? Row T: Suzanne Dunn, Nancy Dring, Mr. Dinsmore, Mrs. Cifonelli, sponsor, Stuart Beardsley, vice-president Larry Van Hook, vice-president, Mr. Swartz, Diane Gooley, Mark Heinemann, Row 2: .lim Skinner, Tom Hack, Al Varacins, Bob Larsen, Ken Belgrave, Harry Harris, Harvey Moore Ron Twine Row 3: Bob Hoag, Peter Constan, Jim Wilson, John Diezel, Eugene Sparing, Joe Shanto, Ken Tyler Mike Clavio Jack Phelps, Ray Sundlund, Norman Knacke. lnot pictured: Robert Field, presidentl. Brenda McCray, Thomas Smith, and Karen Ray work on a proiect in Mr. McNair's Physical Science class. Jack Phelps, Michael Crumrine, and Robert Larson attempt to deter- mine the volume occupied by one mole of gas. Class is Mrs. Cifonel- li's Advanced Placement Chemistry. These students are finding the specific heat of a metal by the method of mixtures. L. to r. - Sherry Egbert, Phil Bastian, Bob Field, Mr. Rush, Doug Hegyi, Rich Kinney, Norman Bauer. Members of American Government class watch member of the State' Attorneys staff do research on a case in the law library, ll. to r.l Tom Bachman, Jim Roos, Dave Layland, Gene Phifer, John Kruis, Jim L. Anderson, Doug Hegyi, Betty Stobba, Lyle Warning, Nick Pompa. ' -: Naam finite' Mr. Kias points to launching space at Cape Canaveral. Looking on are Richard Dickson, Josephine Raizer, and Carol Norton. Elizabeth Vanhuizen presents a history report to the class. Miss Rowley stands at desk. 12 -. 1:2 4255 fi? ,Ae f. ere DISTRICT STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: Mr. Bone, advisor, Karen Farrel, Connie Johnson, John Quertermus, Sharon Aggen, George Kuh, Phylis Koch, Row 2: Geraldine Coleman, Alison Zeller, Claudia Jones, Anne Adams, Karen Stalley, Barbara Malcolm, Peggy Crawford, Beth Bryan, Pat Lane, Sherry Egbert. Row 3: Clarence Echols, Barb Sigtenhorst, Vance Crosby, Frank Fencl, Dave Vetter, Frank Wainwright, Robert Burmeister. lnot pictured: Cheryl Watrobka.l OLD MAIN STUDENT COUNCIL SOUTHWEST STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: Linda Kloptowsky, recorder, Peggy Crawford, speaker: Patricia Lane, I to rl La Vern Spencer Barbara Snoddy Vernetta Sanders James Adams district reporter. Claudia Jones speaker MarlanBond recorder Anthony Koetzle Denise James Row 2: Barbara Dyke, Nanette Witt, Betty Lauteriung, Robert Davis, Lynda Mr Harrison sponsor Thomas Tang Susie Westbroom Clarence Echols Carlson, Judy Hoppe, Mr. Lyznicki, sponsor. district representative Geraldine Coleman NORTHWEST STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: Bill Klein, Alison Zeller, Karen Farrell, speaker, Michelle Boucher, DISTRICT COUNCIL OFFICERS recorder, Pam Haight, vice-speaker, Frank Wainwright. Row 2: Mr. Strein, sponsor, Jacquelyn Cross, Rogert Stahlak, Terry Chunis, Row I Connie Johnson vice president John Quertermus president Sharon Peter Krueger, Roberta Hucko, Annette Leo. Aggen secretary George Kuh treasurer Mr Bone sponsor I 1llI if l - Q 09 is-,A .nf NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society, under the sponsorship ot Mrs. Geraldine Postweiler, is limited to the highest T596 ot the senior class and the highest 596 ofthe junior class. ln addition, members are ranked by the faculty on qualities of service, character, and leadership. As a result, member- ship in this exclusive club constitutes a maior achievement for a student. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS ll. to r.l Sharon Seidel, secretary, Philip Bastian, president, Trudy Tomeraasen, vice president, Garrett Price, treasurer. Royce Parks was inducted into National Honor Society in spring of l962. Bob Woods and Kathy Olmstead participate in the ceremony. A NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 'I: Gregory Hill, Trudy Tomeraasen, Mrs. Postweiler, Philip Bastian, Sharon Seidel, Garrett Price, Stuart Beardsley, Patricia Prischman. Row 2: Kathy Wonland, Ronald Rotunda, Wayne Niemann, Susan Broglqmcnwlgcqueline Cure, Barbara Baldwin, Edward Rhyne and Michael Askew. Row 3: David Vetter, Roger Freeman, Mike Clavio, Mark Heinemann, Anthony Danaliwich, Charles Templin, William Jankovvski, Dennis Kasprak and Leo Kramer. Row 4: Lynn Haidtler, Jean Kias, Nancy Dring, Susan Webb, Sara Schilling, Royce Parks, Barbara Sigtenhorst, Jacqueling Marvin, Pamela Watson, Cathy Kredens and Lynn Raske. mi Q-41974 TOP SCHOLARS Nw . . . . . MGH: H - Mark Heinemann, National Honor Society Scholarship candi- so Glfiernorin Q d v r ri date and No. l scholar of Eisenhower High School. ffinalists U WGS 56COf7dfOA4 Sora Schilling N for N.H.S. scholarships not announced at time of yearbook ark in School sch IONOHGIMSFHS li I . . 0Gr5f7- COG, i lp . s , I prin IRQ, UChie,,emen,A :IJ semhfmolisfs Royce Parks, member of National Honor Society and Barb Baldwin, Barbara Sigtenhorst, and Barbara Bier- Ronald R0iUf1d0. ROSGVUGVY RUSSGVV, Gnd Charles Temp I t' n "Good nacki- placed among the "Top Twenty" in scholarship lin received NOtiOr1Gl Meri? SCl1OlUl'Sl1IP letters of Commendation. winner of Daughters of American Revou io , ' ' t. Citizenship Award", based on dependability, leader- achievemen ship, service and patriotism. ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM SEMI-FINALISTS Row 'lz Ron Rotunda, Nancy Dring, Joanne Jacobs, Jean Kleinpaste, Sara Schilling, Rosemary Russert, Wayne Nie- man, Gregory Hill. Row 2:Mike Clavio, Leo Kramer, Mark Heineman, Charles Templin, Phil Bastian, Anthony Danalewich. Ed Rhyne, Charles Templin, Joanne Jacobs, James Pocanowski, Mike Askew, were among the "Top Twenty" scholars. Leo Kramer, Mark Heinemann, Tony Danelewich, Sara Schilling, and Stuart Beardsley - 'Top Twenty" scholars. Wayne Nieman, Ron Rotunda, Mike Clavio, David Vetter, and Lynn Hoedtler -"Top Twenty' scholars. 4 1' ,gy .. GIRLS' CLUB The Girls' Club is one ofthe most popular organizations at Eisenhower High School. To its 250 members it offers three important things, lil an organization that provides unity and sociability among the girls. l2l opportunities for self direction. l3l many worthy school events to attend and sponsor. Girls gain admittance to the Girls' Club upon rendering service and attending meetings. OLD MAIN GIRLS' CLUB BOARD ll, to r.l Roseann Forrester, Roberta Redman, Elaine Danos, Miss Loitz, sponsor, Nanette Witt, Peggy Crawford. GIRLS' CLUB BOARD, SOUTHWEST Diane Davis, Marilyn Johnson, Mrs. Clara Lemon, sponsor, Denis Jamesq Janet Fuller. GIRLS' CLUB BOARD, NORTHWEST Audrey Cuttill, Debbie Ellis, Lenore McDonagh, Linda George, Miss Lynn Richardson. J GIRLS' CLUB BOARD - CAMPUS Row I: Carmen Arauz, Barbara Price, secretary, Barbara Malcolm, lst vice-president, Royce Parks, president, Doreen McDowell, 2nd vice president, Barbara Urbanski, treasurer, Sharon Baudo. Row 2:Miss Dewey, Lynn Blocker, Ann Murphy, Sheron Seidel, Shirley Koblislca, Ruth Kittler. 5 +1 4 "5 if? 535554 2'yF:! -T wgggiw X ifvrizssf . .. it 2 3, it i . 48 U FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row T: Roberta Mattish, librarian, Joyce Strand, treasurer, Vicki Klein, president, Sally Steffan, The Future Teachers of America, sponsored by Mrs. R. Lacki and Miss Winkleman, has a membership of twenty five students who are interested in entering the teaching profession. The FTA serve as ushers for the Parents Day football game, sponsor a faculty tea, and a faculty panel discussion on education, a Christmas party, and provide a skit for the National Education Sorority. STENO CLUB Row l: Judy Allind, Carol Colantonio, vice-president, Sandra Guzak, secretary, Marilyn Sumner, president, Joanne Gully, treasurer, Laura Morrone, Row 2: Estelle Synkiewicz, Charlene Metke, Linda Czerkas, Geargiann Cheatle, Jessica Pote, Lynn Van Wermeskerken. Row 3: Marilyn Shiveler, Cheryl Reinicke, Donna Carlson, Margo Griffin, Janice Kero, Connie Wieland, Georgia Patterson, Elaine Strezo, Barbara Kicmal, Karen Besida, Betty Morrone, Jackie Reiher, Karen Larson. ,YY uziearfififvufsvsa ,--,, flaws: i- 1iEs,- rw., 2. tear.. -f 'i2ffaslfwswsr1f- secretary, Kathleen Smith, vice president, Row 2: Cecilia Mock, Joyce Springfield, Judy Lundquist, Pat Thomas, Carol Thiel, Mary Anne Woike, Nancy Lindquist, Peggy Lorek, Vivian Ragis, Leona Lipinski. The Steno Club, sponsored by Miss Janet McQuis- tan and Miss Leona Waring, opens its membership to any girls who have Steno Il. The purpose of the club is to give the girls an insight into the business field and to further their ambitions to become good secretaries. Guest speakers from various business establishments are invited frequently to speak before the club. MU ALPHA TH ETA ll. to r.l Stuart Beardsley, Mike Askew, Rosemary Russert, Ronald Rotunda, James Miller, Joanne Jacobs, Dave Vetter, Sara Schilling and Mike Clavio. l i MU ALPHA TH ETA Row 'I: Mark Heinemann, Jean Kleinpaste and Nancy Dring. Row 2: Carol Thiel, Donald Rotunda, Leo Kramer, Gregory Hill, Charles Templin, John Quertermus, Tony Danalewich and Wayne Niemann. THE PAPS CLUB Row T: Gary Saurbier, Armen Varteressian and Tony Weeditz. Row 2: Fred Harms, Ronald Twine, Bob Karlson, Dan Cole, Mr. Bell, Bob Gilbert, Rich Lombardo, Mark Asplund, Gary Gormanand Mr. Bone. The PAPS Club operates the public address system for all campus building functions and announces the football and basketball games. The members also play records at the sock hops. 4 .L , at 'IH if .VM l -- lu -wQ ifs:-Q. Q1 .fi MATHEMATICS JOURNAL EDITORS Row I: Ronald Rotunda, Tony Danalewich and Donald Rotunda. Row 2: Robert Field, Mark Heinemann and Mike Clavio. T.A.G. OFFICERS Jim Miller, treasurer: Linda Hunt, secretary: Jim Anderson, president, and Sara Schilling, vice-president. I ,ig wayne Brown and Carl Crowner run movie in Little Theater. Harry Harris selects film to be shown. MV- MULZ Und MV- l-edfofdi PTO Club SPOUSUVS L K L I .A , L Ki' , ':- E Er H eg S if 'X s L L l L ft. ' '5 ' Ji s ' 3 " - ' QTL W , ' x4 sl Eiga 55531255253 ' , A f X . V-f ,,,,w: .m supervise splicing of film by Dennis Saurbier I 1 4 ,- Qui ,omg PRO CLUB - NORTHWEST PRO CLUB - OLD MAIN ll. to r.l Tom Knight,Ron Rickman,Melvin Friedman, Mickey Sansome, John Schultz, ll. to r.l Mr. Ambler, Eugene D'Aversa, Gino Marcheschi, Leslie McGrew, Charles Chuck Staszok, Norman Bauch, Larry Lamberth and Robert Nowac. Mager, Charles Vasilopoulis, Richard Voss, Robert Kaiser, Gregory Nordstrom. The Euclidean Club, under the direction of Miss Protsman important functions that are held in Eisenhower High School. L rw i , act as waiters at many EUCLIDIAN CLUB Row 'iz Donald Rotunda, Mike Henderson, Gary Saurbier, John Geyer, Robert Field, James Miller, head water, Ken Glynn, Mike Clavio, Glenn Allie, James Carlson and Ronald Rotunda. Row 2: Mark Heinemann, Frank Fencl, Alfred Hemmonds, Phil Bastian, Stuart Beard- sley, John Poucher, Charles Templin, William Jankowski, Tony Danalewich, Frank Rick and Fred Dyrcz. Row 3: Sydney LaMore, Bruce Cutler, Dave Vetter,Lennard Axelsson, Bob Lauteriung, Bruce DuClos, Dan Breckenridge, Dan Johnson, Roger Freeman, John Volk, Harold Mulderink and John Quertermus. ai, ws QLELLLH' ,Ls,s,L,,L We L Z , V , . Q - L, , err' 5 ig Lf " , L V, LL ,Ls f L K ,f-' rrk'. - , 1, - L. I, ' , " - - iii lil: 9 2 2 LLL, LL 42 f, sg A L s - x 'W f .- W, .,L L L-Ls ,-,-, LL sf. LL ,LL LL fr ,, L V f , fi L Q fffigif 1' 'V , t F Lf , LZ 5 L J R ...L "' 'K il if ri R iiii 'Q s ' ' 4 lifeszssrifihfizm L 40 Sie L L L ,CJL . . 3 -L ' ' 7 5-3, V ' f J - ' J 1 FQLL Q , V - lx 'Lx , l .. :fi . V'll' , ' - fl f Qi 'Q , , L ,L S H l : L ",. L L A Q-Q, Q' .,,,,,,.. rr,, L L Owl ,L UQ V f ll ,.g '- L Li 1 QL, L ,Q L 3 :L ,gf ji 3, .L L ,,.,, 'L -'FZ 5 Kwai, V. .V 1 sr i s , ,L ,.-L,-ug L ,L .iffy JLLL Ls ? fe- L 57 L L L L - , 1 M E , ...,,L , ,ML - ' , ,L ' , L W Y f be W- - ' M is ,LL,L V JL , L L L5, 3yLL K g,L-1223, .. H L , I : N' N", L. r 'W'---f' L L, L , L H V, L. ,E gs -Lgf,,LL,L,,Lp qw fi, if 3 L, iq , ' "U ' V V ' -V 1- LL Lf , , , F i ' 'Gsm' V ' E3QfE'f5J52l5E'l " F' ifi'f553gg? l"' l' iii? L A-f iw-W ,, MW..,,,e,,,,.,LLL,AL.,L , L L L L L N be-, ' t' ff 1P21Ll s?Lri3ifLfL L L i iii at - 1 l r J s if X My ,g,gAMmLL,LL,,mML -w w' LL ' A J , L L ,L Li ,,-LL 7,--r 1,,,L1L ,L,,L,, ,L, ,,L,,L LL We L1 L WWLL, L , E DEBATE TEAM Karen Jeffery and Captain Ron Rotunda receive last minute instructions from Mr. Sue Reardon, Bob Field, Cheryl Watrobka, and Mr. Schott plan to lend moral Robert Lyons, debate coach, as debators prepare to meet opponent in TV debate support to our TV debators. on "Rebuttal" C0031 l-YOUS Cll5UCCe5 debate 5l"Ule9Y Wlll' ll- to f-l Karen Jelf9fY- Bob Field. The debate squad goes to extremes to research a problem. Fortunately, Miss Ron Rotunda, Walter Bell, and Cheryl Wotrobka. Hgebigh, Aids Head, was n0tpre5ent, U10 r,j ...A l li? ll fill ' -mi . '1 r j !. !l'5 - ' ,Q Debale Team arrives al home base afler a viclorious lrip. ll. lo r.j Bob Field, Ron R0lUf"d0, C0Pl0lV', loses lempef Und Polnls lo Kvren Jeff9VY 05 Bob Field. Karen Jeffery, Bonnie Brown, Ron Rolunda, Waller Bell, Jim McNally, Roberlo Cl19l'Yl WGlVOblfU, W0ll9f Bell Gnd Jim MCNOHY 'Clie Sides- Rauch, Cheryl Walrobka, Mr. Scholl. DEBATE TEAM Frosh-Soph Debale Team, lsealedl Henry Tkalchuk, Jill Thiele, Tom Bradner. lSlandingl Mr. Scholl, coach, Sue Dunn, Bonnie Brown, Roberlo Rauch, Charles Gorecki. Debule Team Resulls Qualificalion for TV program "Rebullal", bul losl lo Aurora Easl. Normal Universily Tournamenl - Tied for lhird place, lorly schools parlicipaling. Soulhern Illinois Universily Tournamenl - Second place, lhirly eighl schools parlicipaling. Auguslana College Tournamenl - Sixlh place, lilly-four schools parlicipaling. Univ. of Illinois lNavy Pierl Tournamenl - Ninlh place, eighly four schools parlicipaling. Lincoln Day Tournament - Hosl and winner oflhird place, lwenly seven schools parlicipaling. Melropolilan Debale Union - Nineleen wins and eleven losses lo place 5lh wilh sixleen schools parlicipaling. lllllll llllllll 155 ay a ' 'Xyf N... ,,,,,..,...--f 'R WWW Reading the R914 and While Und C0mP0Vl"'9 if with Ollie' PUPEVS Ure ll- lo V-l Carl Clement, Shelby Armstrong, Joni Gavin, Cherry Brown,and Brenda Calhoun W Tom Haras, Bruce Modes, Bonnie Lovato, Sue Reardon, Pol Pinianski, and Henry Szczasny. LaQuido Bartusch, Hollis Fields, Louis DeSanto, and Barbara Biernocki look over exchange papers. pose for photographer Sue Greve. Sharon Starr lrightj points out good layout in Red and While to John Tomasko, Pat Risoli, and Rich McCammon. RED AND WHITE STAFF Editors ........ Sue Reardon, Carey Laurian Managing editors . Jeanne Parker, Sharon Termunde First page editors . Pat Pinianski, Kathy Gamble Second page editors Bonnie Lovato, Karen O'Connor Third page editor . .Sally Cavallo Greg Nagel lrightl demonstrates the finer points of Cartooning to Sally Cavallo, Karen O'Connor lseatedl and Jeanne Parker, Rich Lombardo lstandingl. Fourth page editors Ron Anderson, Rich Lombardo Fourth page assistant Phyllis Kock Faculty Advisor . . .Mr. Marcel Pacatte. Ken Shoemaker, Diana Brinkmeyer, Roy Tellefsen, and Diane Martino scan the many exchange papers received by the Red and While staff, Mary Ann Pekarik and Carol Colantonio sort individual pictures of underclassmen Arlene Tolmef, Evelyn Boule cseoledl and Ron Anderson Und Dennis Ebert select for the yearbook. photos to be used and scan opening section layout. as Elaine Strezo types copy for Mr. Ziemba, advisor. 1963 CREST STAFF The Crest staff is proud to present the largest yearbook ever published for the student body. The added number of pages have enabled us to present a better pictorial history of the school year l962-63. People who deserve a special thanks for assisting the staff include Mr. Kias, financial advisor, the Root Studio, Mr. Pat Corneio, our favorite photographer, the Norman King Company, responsible for the many ideas, layouts, and production of the year- book. A special thanks to the faculty for their fine coopera- tion in selling yearbook covers, identifying their respective groups, and posing the many groups for pictures. Jackie Reiher, Dorothy Morrow, and Georgia Patterson seem to like the sample Sue Costello and Mary Line type copy for the yearbook. cover for the yearbook, ww .. ...is, c H . -..,. W. c-t. . A , , M ., he S . a13, + f .. ' W r e at ew 1 '43 w ,s 4 M g f I t L . 4 rf S 1.3 . sg - Dr. Emmett fTom Schwartzl shows Mrs. Savage Diane Toannon around the sanitar l lo r 'lomce Sprull Rlcll Duusmon Undo Molhel James Mlller' and Dlone Toon' ium and introduces her to inmates, T. J. Spratt James Miller Richard Dausman non In this scene the Savage children Titus Jon Gaffney 8. Lilly Belle iCathy Kredensl Undo Mumhei' and Janice Sprou- SENIOR CLASS PLAY Florence . Hannibal. Fairy Mae Jeffery .... Mrs. Paddy Miss Willie Titus .... Lilly Belle. Bertha . . . Dr. Emmett. . . Mrs. Savage. . . Faculty Director. . . The art work of Mrs Paddy Linda Manthei is being evaluated by Fairy Mae lJanice Spratt hannlbal James Miller and Jeffery Richard Dausmanl. "THE CURIOUS SAVAGE 'THE cuklous SAVAGE" CAST . . Rita Lee . .James Miller . .Janice Spratt . . Richard Dausman . . Linda Manthei . . Sharon Termunde . .Jon Gaffney . .Cathy Kredens . . . Marge Myers . . Tom Schwartz . .Diane Toannon . . .Mr. Cotter The moneyehungry offspring of Mrs. Savage lCathy Kredensl and Titus iJon Gaffneyl. qi? we Fw! I1 K JUNIOR CLASS PLAY ' ' HARVEY' ' Mr. Wilson lDon Loposinskil tries to utilize his reading Elwood P. Dowd fJames Millerl and Vita Simmons of "How to Make Friends and Influence Peoplen upon lLinda Mantheil discuss the proper angle for the por- o weary Myrtle Simmons. fSusan Webb.l trait of Elwood and Harvey. CAST OF "HARVEY" Maid ....... Myrtle Simmons. . . . Veta Simmons . Elwood Dowd. . Mrs. Chauvener Miss Kelly .... Wilson ...... Dr. Sanderson . Dr. Chumley . . Betty Chumley. Judge Gaffney. Mental Patient . Cab Driver . . Directed by. . Marge Myers Susan Webb Linda Manthei Jim Miller Diane Olcott Rita Lee Don Lopocinslci Jim Hockett Tom Schwartz Diane Toannon Ed March Hollis Fields David Logsdon Mr. Robert Cotter M, 'Ace' lDave Logsdonl, our favorite cab driver tries to collect 52.75 from reluc- 9 tant Mrs. Simmons. fLinda Mantheil. Judge Gaffney lEd Morchl and Myrtle Simmons lSusan Webbj are interested listeners. Two "nuts" lMarge Myers and Hollis Fieldsl try to engage Mr. Wilson lDon Lopacinskil in an enioyable afternoon of butterfly hunting. '-li my name is Elwood P. Dowd. Here is one of my cards.", says Jim Miller to Mrs Betty Chumley. lDiane Toannonl 7 12" s ry . tj iw, ' xi R s 'Sf aww ,1 ff gl. f. . . . .- r I ff iff ' Q. 4 s fx X fi 1 fa 3 33? 4 M ings .7 ...gg mg it Veto Simmons lLinda Mantheij is relating her embarrassing and harrowing after- noon of adventure at Chumley's Sonitarium to Myrtle Simmons lSusan Webbl and Judge Gaffney fEd March.l . l Z M as for . Q . E33 2 is 5 Q Q fll ' J s P . M. -ft t ',.. rl' 2 .. ,- ' ti ..,. 5.5 f its ,..... ss.. l ' 311, t a Ftg ,fi Qi Us. Shirley Kobliska models a black velvet and white brocade semi-formal, Doreen McDowell makes her entrance in a gold and blggk broggde with chiffon semi-formal gown. GIRLS' CLUB FASI-HON SHOW "GOING PLACES" Lynne Blocker appears on the runway in a grey and white sweater, jacket Out-of-school outfit consisting of blue sweater and varied blue striped slacks and skirt outfit. add up to comfort for the model, Barbara Malcom. Large buttons on cuffs and bodice add to the striking red wool sheath worn Barbara Price displays the versatility of a deep blue wool sheath with match- by Sharon Baudo. ing iacket. Carmen is teaching the Spanish Club a Costa Rican dance. Spanish Club officers meet with Carmen Arauz, an honorary officer. lL. to r.l John Shimashita, Sgt.-at- Arrnsg Lolita Carriere, treasurer, Eris Potson, secre- tary, and Joseph Jursa, president. lnot picturedl Sandy Muller, vice-president. l Carmen Arauz and Royce Parks do their homework in the Parks home. OUR FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT Harman .Arauz Carmen Arauz came to Dwight D. Eisenhower High School through the American Field Service from Costa Rica, Central America. Carmen left her country on August 27th, l962 and arrived in Chicago on August 3lst. She spent the year at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Parks andtheir daughter Royce. Carmen is one of a family of eight. Her father is a princi- pal of thirty-three schools. Her mother is a homemaker. She has two brothers and three sisters. During her first few days at school, Carmen was bewildered by the size of the school and experienced some difficulty finding her classrooms. Gradually, she became acclimated, learned customs, participated in activities, andlearnedto speak the English language. Carmen feels her experience here have been very bene- ficial to her. Carmen modelsabrownatoast knit coardi- Piano playing provides relaxation for nate at Girls' Club Fashion Show. Carmen and Royce, H 11' -1.1 if me':s.11'24.f.iws1rsmasKfstI Kali 1 'lil Q iw I Lydia Grahovac and Rosemary Russert perform in an acrobatic dance. Donna BGVVY. Carlotta CWSP, Junice l:UlleI'. Doro C0lllnS. Gnd presented a hilarious skit revolving around the average fathers' Earlene Bouie day at home. Mr. Roy Parks enumerates misdeeds of daughter, Royce, in skit, "This ls Your l-indfl Dunning played several l'T10l'lmb0 SeleCll0l'1SfOTll'1e dads. Life, Royce." Also pictured are Doreen McDowell and Sandy Muller. DAD AND DAUGHTER DATE NITE Lindo George and Lenore McDonagh presented a comedy skit. ds. if , ef ,gf A ,Q 2 Ii., sa fx " 1 . 1 X . Y . f . , . L-A .if . l 4 , A 5' , K . Xi !w.,z fix' , . g K: R sy T ' fill 2', . fill ,V , :T l iw W i, Q i zz 5? ,'t gf 1, " 'la 1 is . x x Bobbi Platek and Marti Gray sing a duet. A L "Queen" Barbara Malcolm and 'Big Wheel' Dennis Peloquin reign ai the Pigskin Pow-Wow Dance. I, , X , I ' g " ff , 7 , , ff' ,f ,. . 74 ,c 4- ,I cf feud cwifu wc-fwf Q f M24 541' N-si. f - K ,W JJ i , , A iw ' f LFG is 642242 Aw rzmwcf Ari N 444 ff 1 'Zi 'ffl 'QM wig X , f 7 1, X, '1 1 VG Vw . . WUSYQX say raw ciciwffv cm i ffwf L L fr wwffff XJ' , LJ PIGSKIN POW-WOW Mzfeagyfz, I if , ci imma Cdwfv Mike Askew escorts Phylis Koch, second runners-up, Peggy Crawford and Bobby Davis were selecied as Souihwesiselecied Theodore Williams and Marian Bond io court of honor. Outstanding Boy and Girl ai Old Main. as Oulsidnding Boy and Girl. i l f ? D an mmf .fx , .,A, i eo' gk Bill McKay demonslroles proper way lo"Twis1", Carmen Arouz ond Siu Beordsley wolk off with bouquel Louis Houclek "fishes for o price ol the dance". of flowers. lusl unlvlng lor on enloyoble evemng me Vlclll Bunch 5l'1eVVY Seidel Und BillR0bif1SOfi P055 before lhelendel Doreen McDowell ond Louis Houdelc sil this one out. and Roger DuClos. Tropl 164 Enlertoinmenl wus provided by Corbin Jones, Gordon Johnson, Richard Smith, Ronold Clork, ond Hosie Olowumi. TURNABOUT DANCE FEBRUARY 16, 1963 1 .fib- l l Q Q l l i gl SALESROOMS Campus Building Salesroom - ll. to r.l Cathy Kredens, Janice Galayda, Sharon Termunde, Mr. Porter. This group runs the Campus Building salesroom, the activity ticket program, book sales for the bookstore, and the 'Lost and Found" for the Campus Building. Old Main Salesroom - Peggy McMellen, Lynda Dunning, Lee Ann Lyons, Georgianne Kocin, Mr. Cook. 'H-. , L. gmt, . -W W gif-3 1.. f I L ssir C y , ,,.,,,.. i, :g emww fl ggmzrn Southwest Salesroom - George Bond makes a sale to Leonard V 4 Moody and Charles Frison. Mr. Vick is in charge of this sales- in ' 2,55 Rv room. W' I -L , t I 1 -' . H L. gm kv M EQ , x 9 Northwest Salesroom - Claudia Ripley and Donna Rode assist Q.. L ,N ' 3 Lucille Brown in the Northwest Salesroom. ,, , F , ,- , Az -ml 1 f g giti f lz 1 J ? fe i1i'5' fe r SERVICE GROUPS Dr. Richards and student aide, Mary Ann Porter. OFFICE AIDES TO MR. WESTMAN lStanding, l. to r.j Betty Byerly, Lenora Musson, Donna Nelson, Susan Webb, Barbara Bti nacki, Judy Nash, Sherry Seidel, Diane Hagen, Jackie Reiher, Doreen McDowell, Marianr Sener, Hollis Fields. lSeatedl Lynn Van Werrneskerken, Audrey Planthaber, Georgia Patterson, Marianne Agge Mr. Westman, Betty Stobba, Mary Pekarik, Leslie Caldwell, Joyce Strand, lnot pictured Jean Kiasl. OFFICE AIDES TO MR. STREITMAITER Row I: K. D. Stretmatter, Cheryl Watrobka, Janice Weithe, Marian Nowak. Row 2: Ruth Kittler, Denise Teeter, Laura Jesperson, Vivian Lars son, Caryle Nagel, Beverly Mathews, Ceorgine Sinise, Linda Cianci, Marion Wessels lnot pictured - Susan J. Crawfordj. SENIOR OFFICE AIDES TO MR. FESSLER Row I: Eris Potson, Rosemary Russert, Sandra Miller, Betty Brueg- geman, Barbara Sigtenhorst, Royce Parks, Mr. Fessler. Row 2: Rita Baer, Dorothy Bryan, Anne Adams, Judy Yehling, Christine Beardsley, Lynn Haedtler. STUDENT AIDES - MISS DEWEY Row I:Marilyn Wheeler, Miss Dewey, Row 2: Joan Deacon, Dorothy Wiese, Pom Watson, Carol Colantonio, Christine Brown, lnot pictured- Barbara Bald- winl, STUDENT AIDES - MR. BLUNK ll. to r.l Pat Alampress, Beverly Glas, Pat Lane, Shirden Allan, Mr. Blunk, Lynda Carlson, Robert Cione, Linda I-leitmann, Peggy Crawford. STUDENT AIDES - MR. HILL lSeoted, I. to r.j Valerie Goetter, Martha Pooler, Mr. Hill, Russell DeVilbiss, Kenneth Archey, lStanding, I. to r.l Marilyn Peacock, Donna Lau, Elaine Danas, Kay Ciane, Carol Johanson. STUDENT AIDES - MR. PRICE ll. to r.l Susan Engel, Carey Laurian, Mr. Price, Cheryl Bambach. Sherry Ebgert, Mr. Price, Cathi Mysliwiec, Connie Leudi. 167 Q , W' ,ff , CAMPUS BUILDING I.B.M. AIDES s f I' 11225 L STUDENT AIDES - MR. BRODIE ll. to r.l Lynn Shiveler, Diane Signorella, Sara Schilling, Martha Noteware, Judy lseded' l"o '-lwllm Williams' Adele l-lumbrlck' Comme Dowson' Baker, Sharon Loverich, Geri Janecyk, Cheryl Bambach. STUDENT AIDES - MR. HENDERSON lSeatedl Cynthia Henderson, Mr. Henderson, Reginald Davenport. lSIandingl Brenda Siller, Denise James, Brenda Brown, VincentCulp. NURSES' AIDES - MRS. STUPP, Old Main NURSES' Lolita Carriere, Lynda Foose, and Mrs, Stupp keep a daily Lolita Lee, M list of students receiving attention in nurses' office. Brame. 1,, "vf , ,f we ,ii .fm if H ,,, lSIanding, I. to r.l Vernetta Sanders, Adrienne Carter, Tenia Williams, Frances Doug- an, Jackie Williams, Dorothy Mills, Dorothy Franklin, Diane Davis. NURSES' AIDES - MISS COLLINS, Northwest Carol Howard, Linda George Linda Hanley, Miss Collins in a demonstration of making 'hospital corners". AIDES - MRS. RICHARDSON, Soufhwest NURSES' AIDES - MISS COLLINS, Norihwesf incly Parr, Jassie Jones, Carol Ratliffe, Sherry ll. to r.l Debbie Ellis, .luanona Brewster, Nancy Hefferna Miss Collins, Kathy Rosenthal. is E. vp N iff 9 L ,j if 1, 4' -W., V wi 'izff 04, . ,X L 5 R i g Q Q., . ' . S- E in l CAF ETERIA SIAFF - CAMPUS CAFETERIA STAFF - OLD MAIN iSeated, I. to r.i Edith Schultz, Lydia Weisner, Grace Retke, Mrs. Cutler, Rita Dluzak, Row li Louise DeFO"l9' Lucille Peloquin, MVS- CUHEV. Gertrude Bfill. Jegsie Deiiriegel Fritz Smifi-,A Row 2: Florence Bachman, Jean Schultz, Anne Brish, Peggy Woike. iStondingi Helma Winterfelclt, Lorraine Mentz, Bernice Headrick, Rose Schwartz, Ann Vania, Louise Lanpher. CAF ETERIA STAFF - NORTHW 551' CAFETERIA STAFF - SOUTHWEST Row 1: ,loan Muselman, Pauline Van Hook, Mrs. Cutler, Grace Schutt, Margaret ll-'O "'l Eddie l-OU H0'Vl5vO55lBf0WV1. Ella CVUFQ, MVS- Cutler. Keslinke. Row 2: Bert Genens, Geraldine Kramer, Yolanda Janlnuslci. BUS DRIVERS Row I: Elmer Duplessis, Pat Pompa, Leonard Witt, Tony LePore, supervisor: John Tichan, Bud Blackmore. Row 2: Carmen Amato, Daventer Bond, Dave LaMorie, Zip Johnson, Walter Wozniak, Rich Anderson, Joan Sperk, ,-A ig: W? x r i 4 THE MARCHING BAND COLOR GUARD 8- DRUM MAJOR CONCERT BAND OFFICERS ll. to r.l Christine Beardsley, Betty Byerly, Earl Koehler, Diane Clement, Barbara Baldwin. ll. to r.l Peg Roberts, vice president, Ken Smith, president, Torn Schwartz, secretary. ' 70 J H is n .1 J ! 1 wi L is in 5 2 Q 4 5 3 THE CONCERT BAND The Color Guard in Action. THE CONCERT BAND Row lg Harold Mulderink, James Miller, Tom Schwartz, Larry Greep, Ronald Divilbiss, Joan Pompa, Sue Hansen, Madelene Milhoit, Joan Thiele, Diane Pritza, Elaine Danos, Sue Orton, Martha Pooler, Sherry Burgess, Nancy Zoda, Laurie Felgenhauer. Row 2: Joel Kostyu, Norbert Brown, Tom Davis, Judy Schultze, Phil Swanson, Sue Bishop, Jim Hockett, Janet Jung, Judith Sperry, Malcomb Collins, Coleman Ward, Ran Palmer, Larry Kutner, Carol Greenan, Arlene Christ, Carol Warren, John Huff, Dan Cole. Row 3: Joan Sedder, Mary Mehl, Peter Klein, Terry Guernter, Jael Lang, Wayne Gilbert, Wayne Sneed, Art Hildebrandt, John Hossman, Adele Hambrick, Art Beagley, Louis Wilenski, Bruce Modes, Janet Lode, Bruno Mikas, Randy Felgenhauer, Sue Dunn, Jeff Keck, Nancy Lindquist, Frank Wain- wright, Jim Christiansen. Row 4: Janet Joens, Jill Thiele, Kathy Arnell, Bob Nichols, Terry Elliott, Ron Livingston, Jim Witt, Geraldine Coleman, Flarzelle Moore, Joe Riggio, Jim Meyers, Ed Bastic, Ralph Ledet, John Buis, Dan Melbye, Sue Engle, Rich Erickson, Jerome Thomas, Don Mathiesen, Steve Keck, John Gill, Ron Hottman. Row 5: Lynda Dunning, Pat Pornpa, Annette Clark, Peg Roberts, Greg Mindeman, Sam Gardeakas, George Myers, Grant Cromwell, Earl Koehler, Eugene Sporing, Dick DaForte, Tom Schultz, Ken Smith, Jim Moore, Randy Myers, Richard Kuntzman. - 171 72 ORCHESTRA Row l: Mary Ellen Crist, president: Georgia Staes, Cheryl Sauerbier, Susan Witte, Richard Gerber, vice-president, o Larral Kloptowsky, Valerie Gaetter, Bernadette Brouillette, Marcia Hauser, Patricia Egan, Paula Gingerich. Row 2: Linda Small, Christine Simpson, Cheri Glowacki, Cheri Brouillette, Nick DeLeo, Leslie Reynolds, Patricia Packett, treasurer: Harold Popke, Tom Barbee, Roman Patempa, lnice Jackson, Mary Sedder. Row 3: Patricia Prischman, Linda Peterson, Donna Trathen, Rich McCammon, Christine Beardsley, Connie Cole, secretary, James Jackson, Peggy Sidler, Carolyn Sandberg, Cynthia Beedy, Sue Ann Hanson, Madeleine Mailhoit, Elaine Danos, Martha Pooler, Russell DeVilbiss and Joann Pompa. Row 4: Grace Moore, Linda Kloptowsky, Dan Cole, John Huff, Carol Warren, Arlene Crist, Jim Christianson, Randy Felganhauer, Paul Cummins, Rich Erickson, Ron Hottman, Gene Sparing, Jim Miller, Harold Mulderink, Row 5: Bob Lah, Jim Lundgren, Roberta Rauch, Ron Gurgel, Harry Clapeck, Ken Smith, and Rick Kunstman. Not Pictured: Theodora Street, Nancy Staecker, Greg Heseltine and Tom Schultz. NORTHWEST Bull-DING BAND bard, Kenneth Cozzie, Renne Angel, George Pearson, Robert Chess, Jim Balcauski, Gary Bytner, Bill Brown, Tom Burich, Jack Seramur, John Ketcham, Janet Lode, Frank Row 'l: Sue Orton, Joan Thiele, Charlene Hagen, Linda Hemmer, Linda De Pasquale, Wognwfighgu BOP Mofloni Ronald Pf1tmef.JUdy W0Vd"0Pe- Row 4: John Sill, Ronald Hottman, Steve Keck, Donald Matthieven, Jim Kallas, Robert RUW 22 l-UVVY Gfeep- TSVVY Elllollt SUSUV1 Bishop, Annellef Kluchensf MUVY LYVW Mehl. Perry, Chris Winslow, Sam Gardeakas, Bruce Bruckelmeyer, George Meyer, Richard Alan Hendrix, Curtis Chifo, Janine Westlake, Roger Mabley, James Sparks, Tim Grie- Kunstmqn, Ed Lode, Larry McGill, Suzanne DeChnteIIier, Ronald Rickman, ger, Larry Watkins, John Huff. Row 5:Mr. Habley, Sandra Turnquist lnot pictured: Raymond Schroeder, Mike Schnei- Row 3: Joel Tang, Ed Bastic, John Kallas, Jim Horvath, Elaine Powless, Rodney Hub- dell CAMPUS BAND Row I: Harold Mulderink, James Miller, Norbert Brown, Joann Pompo, Janet Jung, Judith Sperry, Malcomb Collins, Diane Prilzo, Sherry Burgess, Lourie Felgenhauer. Row 2: Joel Kostyu, Tom Davis, Phil Swanson, Peter Klein, Joe Riggio, James Meyers, Wayne Gilbert, Wayne Sneed, Art Hildebrondt,JohnHossman, James McGee, Dan Cole, Jim Hockett. Row 3: Jackie Jones, Joanne Sedderx Ron Livingston, Kathy Michanca, Bob Nichols, Robert Gore, Edward Stucky, Willis Bortee, Don Sedder, Louis Wil- inski, Bruce Modes, Sue Dunn, Bruno Mikos, Jett Keck, Nancy Lindquist, Jim Christiansen. Row 4: Annette Clark, Peg Roberts, Eorl Koehler, Eugene Sparing, John Buis, Don Malybe, Sue Engle, Nick Brame, Jerome Thomas, Rich Erickson. Row 5: Randy Meyer, Jim Griffin, Tom Schultz, George Coleman, Jim Moore, .lim Myers, Valentine Castro, Dick DeForIe, BUILDING BAND - OLD MAIN Row I: Elaine Danos, Martha Pooler, Nancy Zodo and Sharon Hill. Row 2: Russell DeVilbiss, George Koester, Judy Schultz, Kathy Arnell, Brenda Beasley, Rebecca Castro, Mike Dietz, Kathy Hill, Keith Egan, James Witt and Allen Kich. Rcwv 3: Carol Greenan, Arlene Crist, Carol Warren,Larry Kutnar, Bob Goskill, Jerry Quint, Jerry Fehser, Terry Gaertner, Tom Leverenz, Bruce Greeves, Art Beagley, Madeleine Mailhot, Sue Hanson, Doug I-Iolle. Row 4: Gary Bohannon, Don Jeanes and Bob Ditusa. Director: Peter F, Bertuca, BUILDING BAND - SOUTHWEST Row I: Richard Collier, Geraldine Coleman, Adele Hombrick, Leroy Boyd, Ethel King, Leonard Moody, Frederick Pierce, Robert Monroe, Clifton Ledet and Cornelius Coleman. Row 2: Reginald Jones, Florzeli Moore, Robert Gore, Charita Brown, Floyd Gletten and William Nowlin, Maurice Anderson, Ronnie Miller, John Bell, R.aIph Ledet, Vincent Culp, Row 3: Leslie Trotter, ScottBond, GoldmonWard, Charles Frisan, Fred Gletten, Patrick McCammon, Melvin Wiggins, Ernest Garrison. Row 4: Director Cl. Hildreth and Lend Frison. 173 A CAPPELLA CHOIR - CAMPUS BUILDING Row I: Barbara Vong, Margaret Tanis, Mary Jane Ricketts, Barbara Velko, Betty Spina zzola, Louise DeSonto, Mr. Guenzler, Margie Myers, Mary Lou Stone, Karen Jeffery, Gwen Stajer, Donna Martin, Kim Harvey, Annie Adams, Diane Clement and Jill Crow ford. Row 2: Charlotte Rangel, Susan Greve, Kathy Schuldt, Kathy Miller, Michele Hoyne, Diane Beedy, Bonnie Hall, Bonnie Burke, Linda Peterson, Faye Larson, Pat Masopust, Dorothea Russell, Joena Rush and Gail Johnson. CAMPUS GIRLS' CHORUS Row I: Judy Libby, Judy McGee, Rosie Butler, Phyllis Koch, Lucy Gale. Row 2: Sharon Melcher, Janet Preblow, Lawanda Williams, Gloria Coleman, Linda Hill, Beverly Gumprecht, Cynthia Stomiany, Row 3: Evelyn Bouie, Mariio Roe, Darlene Werner, Lydia Hazelwood, Diane Teeter, Sandra Ahlberg, Kathryn Cage, Janice Moore, Helen Shelby, Row 4: Connie Lendi, Mabel Dotson, Carolyn Steele, Alicia Turner, LaDora Cooksey, Helen Scott, Brenda Calhoun, Barbara l-lults, Lorraine Downs, Not Pictured: Susan Piotroski, Sharon Brown and Barbara Wallace, MADRIGAL SINGERS - CAMPUS BUILDING Seated: Joena Rush, Jean Kleinpaste. Row 2: Mary Jo Williams, Susan Greve, Anne Adams, Janet Hempenius, Barbara Vong, Mary Ann Woike, Carol Colontonio, Kathy Schuldt, Louise De- Santo and Jo Anne Jacobs. Row 3: Jill Crawford, Dennis Haggard, Mark Asplund, Lorenzo Young, Jon Gaffney, Glenn Bater, and Jim Moore. Not Pictured: Richard Dausman, Karen Jeffery, Bob Lundman, Barb Weeber and John Spraggins. TREBLE CHQIR - CAMPUS Row I: Jackie Marshall, Beulah Weathington, Maureen Humphrey,Jean Sidler, Kathy Schiavone, Diane Inman, Karen Hitz, Fran Sumner and Roberto Thomp: son. Row 2: Dorothy Morrow, Bertha Carter, Lenore Lexow, Vanna Spratford, Hendrina Huizingh, Barbara Wesselman, Sharon Allyn, Karen Stalley, Ann Johnson and Mr. Guenzler. Row 3: Andrea Hoyne, Barbara Schultz, Linda Blatsche, Pam Agler, Donna Bounds, Marilyn Giusti, Nancy Glowacki, Susan Eckel, Carolyn Fischer, Janet 174 Tennant, Georgia Mitchell and Pom Pierce. Not Pictured: Nancy Adams, Catarina Castro, Betty Cory, Patsy Figgins, Bonnie Latimer, Terese McLean, Rose Shelby, Susan Stewart and Bonnie Stupay. Row 3: Phyllis Sepula, Carol Colantonio, Lois Bogda, Bonnie Lovato, Gordon Johnson, Dennis Haggard, Rich Dausman, Jim Miller, Arnold Pugh,Fred King, Richard Wordlaw, Maryann Woike, Hosie Olawumi, Jon Gaffney, Joe Lindsay and Mary Jo Williams Row 4: Janet Hempenius, Jean Kleinpaste, Vickie Burich, Bob Bradshaw, John Bollman Richard Smith, Larry Knox, John Spraggins, LorenzaYoung,Kenneth Collins, Jim Moore Bob Lundman, Mark Asplund, Glenn Bater, Rita Lee, Barbara Malcolm, Janice Spratt Joanne Jacobs and Barbara Weeber. Not Pictured: David Bishop, Joseph Jura, Corbin Jones, Anita Neeley, Cleandriss Pitts, William Taylor, Robert Weiner. I CHOIRS A A I A CAPPELLA CHOIR - OLD MAIN Row I: Mary Ehleleacht, Marilyn Krenn, Gayle Bednar, lrudy Cox, Pom Bell, Ann Owall, Roxie Hauck, Judy Ander- son, Dolores Estrada, Sharon Mahood, Linda Kloptowsky, Mr. Traylor. Row 2: Karen Zohfeld, Janet Manning, Nanette Witt, Patricia Gasik, Ann Marie Syhnkiewicz, Gusteena Anderson, Joannine Bartz, Karen Know, Jenie Glow, Martha Dausman, Barbara Dyke, Paulette Langrider, Jackie Stolarek, Charles Host. Row 3: Richard Kreis, Jim Barnes, ignacio Contreras, Robert Bobb, Howard Schultz, Jack Laird, Jack Tormbino, Marc Mangold, Gary Mullens, Ray Edgren, Val Radwien, Peter Ridrack, Ed Coon, Lynn Fetters. Row 4: Theresa Adrian, Linda Smolik, Tom Tinken, Guy Jonicak, Marvin Scheffler, Jim Caspar, Henry Williams, Tom Roegner, Sam Kruis, Rick D'Amico, John Bonny, Dave Street, Doug Donahue, Ed Balin, Peter Asplund, Shuden Allen, Nancy Schultz. MIXED CHORUS - CAMPUS Row I: Leonard Springs, Anita Peterson, Velma Hale,Maryann Woike, Charlene McVicker, Sharon Markle. Row 2: E. Denson, Tom Schultz, Charles Motrono, Ken Smith, Dwight Moore, Kim McGovern, Gus Johnson, Willie Bennett. Row 3: Marti Gray, Sharon Carson, Cheryl Anderson, Loyal Moore, Leaonard Buckley, John Esparza, Betty Nitsche, Sandy Williams, Paulo Barbee. lNot pictured - George Ratliffe, Willie Mills, Bobbi Platek, Cornelius Spragginsl. 1'REBLE CHOIR - OLD MAIN Raw I: Peggy McMellon, Pam Peck, Carol Breese, Karen Vall- rath, Sharon Denny, Ange Madrigal, Sharon Heckler, Pamela Miroballi, Karen Cable, Carol Breese, Row 2: Mr. Traylor, Vonnie Jean, Dawn Bareishis, Helen Dominik, Lynn Brennan, Linda Stein, Nancy Corso, Pat Kozare- wicz, Josephine Martino, Penny Madrigal, Pat Koch. Row 3: Kathy Forster, Donna Miller, Helen Ebersole, Nancy Hinrichs, Roseanne Forrester, Marsha Decker, Linda Bullard, Linda Cantelo, Valerie Ferrin, Jacquelyn Ferguson, Linda Hamilton, Gwen Carroll. Row 4: Lorraine Rachel, Mary Elliott, Sandee Szwet, Bonnie Brown, Lois Breckenridge, Mary Cheney, Pauline Brodt, Cheri B. Glowacki, Judy Szwet, Barbara Piorak, Patricia Langland, Linda Nowlin. MIXED CHORUS - SOUTHWEST Row I: Mildred Mondane, Diane Kelly, Sylvia Barbee, Patricia Young, Sharon Currie, Barbara Kidd, Virginia Mc- Murty, Carolyn Webster, Deborah Outlaw, Dorothy Hicks, Arnetle Beckwith, Row 2: Narda Miller, Annie Carpenter, Brenda Murray, Brenda Siller Lee, Linda Robinson, Marietta Keith, Lucinda Scott, Patricia Hartsfield, Geraldine Sledge, Gloria Terrell. Row 3: Carl Thomas, Marilyn Williams, Roma Lee Holmes, Marian Jamison, Leaster J. Lynch, Helen Cook, Beulah Steward, Pauline Booker, Faris Brown, Elizabeth Moore, Wanda Henry. Row 4: Charles Allen Gee, Johnny Franklin, Harvey Goodman, Larry Snoddy, Goldman Ward, Roosevelt Scott, Otha Mabins, Charles Hersey, Gilbert Allen, James Fells, Orville Johnson. Pianist - Judith Moore. GIRLS' CHORUS - SOUTHWEST Row Ig Peggy Nelson, Ernestine Griffin, Vernetta Sanders, Nellie Lee Gillis, Rosemary Hunter, Mossouri Davis, Dorothy Bragg, Moline Brown, Shirley Cole, C.L, Hildreth, director. Row 2: Carolyna Ballentine, Johnnie Mae Terrell, Jackie Wil- liams, Chaletta Crisp, Darleen Boston, Nancy Dorsey, Marga- rett Beck, Faye Beck, Grace Moore, Evelyn Jones. 4? if I 'Syl' A CAPPELLA CHOIR - SOUTHWEST Row I: Luella Craig, Diane Davis, Mattie Hunter, Pearl Berry, Dinese James, Marlene Brown, Earlene Bouie, Marion Bond, Elsa Harris fpianol. Row 2: Brenda Charles, Gwendolyn Hall, Marie Jeffries, Bar- bara Snoddy, Krescine Clement, Donna Berry, Amanda John- son. Row 3: Theodore Harris, Kenneth Hawkins, Roosevelt Eiland, Kenneth Williams, Robert Gore, Josephus Crims, Roscoe Clark, Curtis Carter. 76 is A CAPPELLA CHOIR - NORTHWEST Row I: Diane Stadnicki, Sandra Turnquist, Bonnie Steinhauer, Glen Mauras, Bill Klein, Jim Lysen, John Reicher Richard Spitzer, Scott Newman, Roger Gully, Richard Hlebasko, Linda George Pat llika, Linda Hanley, Nancy Peck and Ruthann Kuikman: Row 2: Donna Rodr, Roberta Hucko, Elizabeth Venhuizen, Janel Bray, Pat Saluato, John Thompson, Bruce Barton Jerry Muzika, John Howatt, Ray Wasielewski, Larry Meter, Bill Urban, Tom Moheiser, Mike Rouen, Wayne Hlebasko Cindy Cooper, Jessie Crosby, Kim Winicki, Jill Howes, Cheryl Gutrich and Linda Hemmer. Row 31 Jeanne Knoll, Penny Haight, Linda Harms, Judy Klod, Rose Lubeck, Carolyn Thune, Richard Breckenridge Jim Konsoer, Bill Schaal, Ray Schutt, Edward Klemp, John Schultz, Neal Gosselink, Bruce Oltmon, Steve Gaffney, Jack Martello, Roger Stalak, Pat Full, Jackie King, Lenore McDonagh, Marilyn Murray, Lori Sarkan, Holly Fornell. GIRLS' CHOIR - NORTHWEST Row T: Bonnie Wagner, Linda Barbahan, Nancy Peck, Penny Fallis, Carol McCabe, Carol Weiner, Pat Palmer, Cindy Cooper, Barb Thomas, Patricia Solvuto, Arlene Thomas. Row 2: Diane Murray, Nancy Heitman, Helen Milstead, Janet Bray, Gail Boyd, Sandy Koonce, Pamela Hartig, Carol Dance, Sheila Fischer, Joan Edwards, Barb Rudolph, Jane Rourke, Chris Ball, Roberta Hucko, Barb Horvath. Row 3: Karen Farallel, Alison Zeller, Linda Hanley, Bonnie Nitschke, Phyliss Paus, Pat Scheen, Mary Grabler, Sandy Klimas, Elizabeth Van Huizen, Sandy Bladen, Harlem Rohls, Tonette Pentauskas, Georgian Bragiel, Maureen Canning, Sandy Revor, Tiana Rinstedt and Kathy Strable. Row 4: Linda Bulow, Pat Turek, Laura May, Lenore McDonagh, Janet Lode, Cynthia Robinson, Jackie Cross, Jolin Moor, Holly Fornell, Jean Knoll, Sandy Elia, Fran Alm, Judy Klod, Pat Manners, Jo Ellen Tomerassen, Beverly Kliner, Marilyn Murray, Charlene Oksas, Nancy Bresnyan. Row 5: Mary Ann Paterspn, Sandy Turnquist, Pam Haight, Pam Ball, Mary Ann McCormick, Mary Champion, Jean Brown, Gloria Clark, Linda Esser, Diane Stodnicki, Bonnie Steinhauer, Janice Luke, Linda Hobson, Michelle Martin, Diane Pawelczak, Pat Carr, Jessie Crosby, Sue Disabato. Row 6: Sue Johns, Carol Gustiafson, Judy West, Marilyn Rowak, Sandy Conway, Mary Ann Meyer, Carol Sparas, Nancy Wallace, Lynn Blume, Shirley Gentry, Sally Kiner, Judy McMahon, Cheryl Kupfer, Pat Poulin, Kathy Holmes, Janice Oberg, Marie Guzzo, Linda Larbach, Linda Becatti. Row 7: Diane Cooper, Linda Egan, Ruthann Skora, Rose Lubeck, Darlene Skoronski, Eileen Foyle, Lenore Winicki Gail Marks, Donna Rodr, Carolyn Thune, Christine Moore, Linda Bobrowicz, Clara Schenk, Ruthann Ruikman, Linda Harms, Linda George, Doris Gooley, Carolyn Sullivan, Cindy Hall, Pat Ryleski, Pam Roberts. 78 Scene from the Christmas Concert BOYS' CHORUS - NORTHWEST ll. to r.j Bill Sweeney, Dave Fiedler, David Osterman, Glen Mavras, Tony Broude, Jeff Geoffrey, Mike Raven, Wayne Hlebasko, Alan Law, Roger Conboy, at pian - Pat llika. NORTHWEST BEGINNING BAND Row I: Janice Oberg, Bill Bostrorn, Roger Shuey, Frank Rins, Donna Wilmot, Joan Moore, Gary Fullerton, Tarn Richardson. Row 2: Vincent Venkus, Scott Newman, Steve Chambers, Richard Fielcls, Bill Lange, Thomas Knight, Dennis Kline, Tom Daly, Dane Fiedler, Ronald Bednarczyk, Mickey Sans Soucie, Christine Picchl, Row 3: Mr. Habley lnot pictured: Dennis Kleczkawskij :sf 1 .tide ' .ll ' - ll f if-3 1' will-1 THE RED MILL Dancers - Dorothy Worthington, Connie Wolfe, Mary Beth Beattie fback-center - Cheryl Fortune, Jon Gaffney, Mark Asplund. "Con" Kidder. . "Kid" Conner. , . . . Jan Van Borken ........ . . Capt, Hendrik V Franz .......... . . . . . Willemina. .. Governor of Zeeland. . . . Jon Gaffney Mark Asplund Ron Boyd Glen Woike Larry Habenicht Connie Tanis Glen Nagel fbackgroundl A Cappella Choir. Juliana. . Tina .... Madame De La Fleur . . . . Gaston ......... . . Town Crier. . . . Dutch Girls Dawn Allen Cheryl Fortune Nancy Soelberg Richard Dausman Bill Mills Karen Adams, Roberta Esser, Sharon Fielder Joshua Pennyfeather . . . . John Spraggins Artists. . John Booker, Gretchen .... Linda Crawford Lorenzo Young Visiting Americans Mark Asplund and Jon Goffneyioinvilloge dancers, Connie Wolfe, Village dancers perform for visiting Americans, I. to r. Mary Beth Beattie Kathy Diane Harrington, and Mary Beth Hughes. Hagen, Susy Martschinke, Lydia Grohovec, Connie Wolfe. Capt. Hendrik Van Damm fGlen WoikeimeetwithJuliana, the Burgomaster's daughter Dawn Alleni. Kathy Hagen is a member of the dance group. iff sr f . X 2 ,THX Wfxxyk 5 - , " I 'LVN N2 A 'Q . aah if I, ww-. 1 1 M-M gg .W X.v, wr- W. 1 .f V' nw N1.,.,,,,,,,,,sr , 'Wig fi 3, 1 L ,fe 3 X -51" : 80 5 I D 'Ill W a K X N f gf JVWU M13 Gyn g KSU 'U Um 3 6 1,5 Jil YQ' My gifbb 1 , p, rx M Cxfvggqffwgf ga 1 it 3 pf AW MN ATHLETICS 1944 VARSITY FOOTBALL iffiib W , 7 , I X 9635 182 Row I: Dale Rettker, Joel Kostiu,I'om Haras,Bob Bergstrom, Jim McKee, Frank Rick, Glenn Bater, Ron Czaia, Wayne Nielson, mgr. Row 2: Larry Van Hook, mgr, Jim Anderson, Glenn Allie, Carl Crowner, Rich Wargo, John Geyer, Lyle Warning Herman Lindsey, Bob Albrecht, Frank Janek, Don Nesbit. Row 3: Mr. Tysell, Roger DuClos, Jim Volk, Roger Freeman, Bob Louteriung, Quedell Cochrane, Bob Hill Ralph Lynch, Dave Vetter, Syd LoMore, Mr. Lokanc. Row 4: Bob Gilbert, mgr., Dave Daniels, Bill Jankowski, Al Hemmans, Bruce Cullen, Jim McCaa, George Smith Bob Woitas, Dan Breckenridge, Mr. Ziemba lnat pictured - George Ratliffel. SEASON RESULTS Eisenhower H.S. . I9 Ooklawn H.S. . . . . . 6 Eisenhower H.S. . 20 Morgan Pork. . . . . . O Eisenhower H.S. . O Joliet H.S. . . . . I2 Eisenhower H.S.' . O Thornridge. . . . I2 Eisenhower H.S. . 28 Argo H.S. . . . . . O Eisenhower H.S. . O Lockport H.S. . . . . 6 Eisenhower H.S . 26 Thornton H.S. . . . . O Eisenhower H.S. . . . I4 Bloom H.S. .... . . . 7 Eisenhower H.S. . 7 Kankakee H.S.. . . . . 26 Won .... 5 Lost .... 4 Non-league Games Coach Lokanc and Captain Dave Vetter discuss strategy lim Anderson, offensive 81 defensive 1 end - All League,offense fi.. Q L. - 1: .,,. Bill Jankowski, offensive end John Geyer, Halfback, mosl valuable ww . T1, ' 2, 1 Q, .1 N, . ,mm , Q e f S , 1 'i-si MM ,,1,,,3 l ,i. Q A Don Nesbil, defensive halfback, if All League, defense z 1 gi: fi . H' - IA Af? XA l A fix ks f of . . A, T fs.K fig, ll iiss W v A s sese s IQ - 5 Jglgilll, L I 'I llli ff A N. ' ' Y 4? . . NBob Bergsfrom fackle, K Q M offense 8. defense , X ' ' Al Hemmons, George Ratliffe, halfback 1f-1 e fullback, linebacker we BEAT THORNTON! i x ,951 Mwk f ,. I ' ii' V MM ' Y L za' "': syv K r ' 5 gf T, T k Q5 W A Roger Freeman, qvarferback in Frank Rick, lr , if , if if Roger DeClos, fullback . fackle, offense ' M. T ff s i sfrr fi lm f Tgss T l i T.. g g s T ,T f We im' riii s X f X 15 T All,1 , -I 4 I i 'i'l In I . R hy' lkyk . K 1' 5 I ' .A E: f Eifiggfw 'Y , if 5, f Ralph Lynch, , Lyle Worn'n9' T .f ggi foffensive guard 1 ' ' defensive lackle. V . , ze All League, defense Q, A Dove Veffer Capfain, cenler 81 linebacker x 3 gl 22 ,- Vk-f Q n 5,51 fa. 3 Q Bob Lauteriung, guard, offense, 1 'V X e, ' - i fi rf Dale Rehker, end. offense t, J ' 'T ' ' V 'V Q K 'fi I ::' X . ' - .,... V .. :,,, h ii, A it X L 2 Q 35 ,1 xv' sl 1 ii T' I li l ,I fl ,k.kk K: l A J I :iw - ,Ig A -. 1 ' G f H -f or 'S . 5 i Syd LaMore,:Lhalfboclc, defense -f 0 I .., A iitiikyg' . ET5'ff3S . , it is-A P ,f d nnndd Bob Woilas, ' H, ' i i 1QQ5QQ V ig fullback and linebaclceri T S J Quedell cochmne, hqifback g J, ,il 2 g dz AT if g A J Q S "Eli . J Carl Crowner. guard. offense 3, Jim MCCGO. end, offense Eisenhower J.V. Eisenhower J.V. Eisenhower J.V. Eisenhower J.V. Eisenhower J.V. ...35 ...7 ...l5 ...l9 ...6 SEASON RESULTS Argo H.S. . Rich East. . Thornton. . Carl Sandburg . . . . Joliet H.S ..... . Won .... 4 Lost .... l O O 6 O 7 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL ,WV . ,, S67 A Q x ,Q an Y 1 is fi 1 'Q , Q 5 'ws ., Q -' , - g - ' gg, ,g,: a .V ,.., ,. M fe: ii , . A 1 .2 We e,,::v Ask? f JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1: Jim Czajo, Glenn Boter, Jim McKee, Joel Kostyu, Tom Haros, John Honifin, Tom Schultz, Tom Bochmon. Row 2: Bruce Cullen, Bill McCao, Bill Devine, Dave Daniels, Bob Hill, Ed Leonard, Jim Opyd, Rich Wurgo, Glen Allie, Paul Willis. Row 3: Bob Gilbert, Don Kcihon, Herman Lindsey, Terry Lekberg, Frank Janek, Harry e Albrecht, Ron Shanto, Doug Hegyi, Ron Clark, George Smith, Tim Thibeau, Mik Mr. Wiener, Mr. Tysall. ,. Q Orseno, A Q! ,l I 'I I fem. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Row I: Mr. Pillard, Dick D'Mico, Ignacio Contreras, Dick Statler, Gary Mullens, Bob Kupter, Kirby Smith, Bob DiTusa, Don Habich, Jess Vincent, John Michael, Mr. Ambler. Row 2: James Adams, Bill Rudolph, Jim Edlund, Ed Shilling, Ron Purtin, Bill Hill, Fred Ellison, Tom Tung, Ted Williams, Greg Jones, Steve Altman, Mr, Last. Row 3: Bob Kleinman, Mgr., Terry Chunis, Pete Molsen, Dennis Spada, Bob Davis, Kenneth Fencl, John Schultz, James Woods, Paul Lovrich, Keith Mayo, John Williams, Dick Chica, John Pryor. Row 4: John Kennedy, Bill DeNoyer, Roger Lekberg, Larry Van Dyke, Chuck Tongren, Richard Bye, John Postweiler, Bob Meiner, David Chandler, Bob Spanos, Bob Busic, Jerry Fehser, Richard Dick- son, mgr. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Row I: Ron Miller, Dan Rafacz, Bill Hopf, Tony Menella, Tom Chica, Tom Reidel, Rich Wilkus, Nick Stahat. Row 2: Manager Tom Hare, Manager Ken Archy, Gerald King, Mike Panovich, Bob Wisniewski, Bruce Edwards, Earle St. Pere, Tom Roos, James Gannuscio, Mike Davis, Manager Tom Spotts. Row 3: Coach Charles Bononi, Terry Poucher, Dale Wheatley, Cliff Lill, Sam Cummins, Bob Szeszcki, Roger Stahlak, Ran Griffin, George Silagyi, Coach Roger James. Row 4: Head Coach William Bosnak, Jim Cygan, Ken LaMore, Randy Felgenhauer, Bob Eskridge, Andy Kovacs, Dave Doorneweerd, Ken Verharen, Joe Lewandowski, Lucius Williams. SEASON RESULTS - SOPHS Our Opp, Score Opponent Score 26 Oaklawn H.S ....... I2 I2 Morgan Park H.S ..... O O Joliet H.S ......... I9 7 Thorniridge H.S ,.... 2I I9 Argo H.S .,.,.. . . I2 I3 Lockport H.S .... . . . 6 6 Thornton H.S. . . . . ,O 6 Bloom H.S .... . . . 3I 38 Kankakee H.S ....... O Won .... 6 Lost ..,. 3 :Q 45 : I . FI' ' :.:' I I if , Ir I A It ,. Y V X 1 77 'E I fffllm 1, If ,ii 5'-T." SEASON RESULTS - FRESHMEN Our Score Opponent I4 Oaklawn H.S. 25 Carl Sandburg I3 Joliet H.S. 25 Thornridge H.S, 7 Bremen H.S. I3 Argo H.S, 20 Lockport H.S. 6 Thornton H.S. 33 Bloom H.S. Won .... 8 L ost .... I Opp. Score 7 6 7 6 O O 6 I3 O : Y J w n.-nf a good illustration of "gong" tackling, Hohn Geyer is off for another long run. 1 l Roger Freeman almost got away on "keeper" play. John Geyer scores on 58 yard run against Morgan Park 1 l l FOOTBALL ACTION l Roger DuClos, Quedell Cochrane, Ralph Lynch and Dale Rettker watch action on the sidelines. Dove Daniels and Carl Crowner in pre-game warmup. 186 Offensive line, Varsity: Bill J0f1lf0W5l4i, Frank Rick, Bob Bergstrom, Lyle Warning, Offensive Backfield, Varsity: John Geyer, Al Hemmons, Roger DuClos, Roger Dave Vetter, Bob Lauteriung, Jim Anderson. Freeman, Dave Vetter fover balll, If anyone came through f36j Bob Bergstrom or around l28l Jim Anderson, Don Nesbitlljwasthereto stop him. Sophomore Offensive Unit - il. to r.j James, Adoms, John Pryor, Dick Chica, Dennis Spada, Fred Ellison, Sophomore defensive unity fl. to r.l Tom Tang, Rubin Cothern, Bill Rudolph, Pete Edmund 5hilling,pUUlLOVrgC1-L Molsen, Jim Edlund, John Schultz, Kirby Smith, Bob Kupfer, Dick D'mico, Bill Hill, Bucks: Keith Mayo,qucrterbaclc, John Michael, left half, Steve Altman. Kenneth Fencl, fullback, Ted Willicims, right half. VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY ll. to r.j Don Nesbit, George Kuh, Tony Jusevitch, Quedell Cochrane, Jim McKee, Jim Anderson, K n Collins B II ggjlsilliujalhn Vos, Dale Rettker, Bull McCoo, Bill Jonkowskl, Roger Freeman, Don Breckenridge, George Rotlitfe SEASON RESULTS - VARSITY 52 Joliet H.S. 57 Thornton Froct. South Our Opp, Argo Score Opponent Score 61 Bremen H-5. 58 Thornton H.S. 56 corn Sandburg H.S. 45 52 B'O0m H5- 34 Kankakee H.S. 28 64 Thomrldge HS' 46 Lockport H'S' 47 Won .... I2 Lost .... 53 St. Patrick fKankakeel 41 47 Joliet HS- 67 Regional Tournament 62 Argo H.S. 49 69 Galesburg H.S. 57 80 St. Francis DeSoles 37 Tl'1OrntOr1 H.S. 36 59 Thornton Froct. South 5l Bloom H.S. 56 7l Thornton H.S. 54 Oaklawn H.S. 3l 52 Thornridge H.S. 54 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 4l Kankakee H.S. 50 47 Lockport H.S. 54 35 Kankakee H.S- JUNIOR VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL L Row I: Bill Albrecht, Don Johnson, George Kuh, Tim O'Niel. Row 2: Cooch Lokonc, Don Breckenridge, Jim McKee, Bill Driskell, Bill McCao Tony Juse itch Y X. 'Sw 'Seite .ag 50' :SQQG tg' X, R 3 r Vjgfffr i ff--.g f- 'Sf John Vas forward m mat 24 ., 2 Q, :li ual ,H ' 1 L VSA" A5 3 ,ny rf, N xi 'M rn! X ,fl if f X 2 2 a f x X 9 f George Rafllffe guard ,W ,, .- A . f ,- , , ,f 5, Q 8, 1 Lf , ai Hg Q, SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM Row 'lz John Williams, James Dyson, Gary Billingsley, Allen Kiel, Tom Koppleman, Pete Kontos, Jim Adams. Row 2: Coach Wiener, Bob Carter, Willie Davis, Edwin Haras, Paul Lovrich, Bob Davis, Jim Woods, Charles Mc- Dnaiels, Karl Lukens, Jim Edlund, Lee Lampley, Frank Britt, mgr., Bob Cicne, mgr. TEAM SEASON RESULTS - SOPHOMORES 40 Oaklawn 36 Our Opp. 33 Thornridge 50 Score Opponent Score 38 Kankakee 42 43 Lockport 39 52 Carl Sandburg 45 40 Joliet 44 35 Kankakee 45 50 Thornton Fract. South 40 32 Lockport 43 40 Argo 50 46 St. Patrick lKankakeel 39 48 Bremen 38 49 Joliet 60 44 Thornton 51 37 Argo 53 44 Bloom 33 JB Galesburg 58 53 Thornridge 50 38 Thornton 47 28 Bloom 36 Won .... 8 Lost . . . I2 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Row 'I: Terry Poucher, Perry Denson, Art Ferguson, Michael Michanco, John Jacobson, Bill Hopf, Ron Polickey, Lloyd Lowe, mgr. Row 2: Ken Archey, mgr., Bob Bowers, Lorie Miller, Robert Stahlak, Tyrone Nesbitt, Mike Davis, Eddie Bolin, John Fletcher. Row 3: Coach Bosnak, Randy Felgenhauer, Dave Doorneweed, Milan Lukich, Jett Moleson, Fred Gletten, Larry Pudas, Floyd Gletten, James Weaver, Coach Bononi. px, if Wav fats, -vt' 4' Q i x 3---W . T Doggone JJ No CJ r U JO FJ do Ogam-J' fCOJJin5, JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Opponent Kankakee Joliet H.S. Argo H.S. Thornton H.S. Rich H.S. Thornriclge H.S Kankakee H.S. Joliet H.S. Argo H.S. Bremen H.S. Thornton H.S. Thornridge n O Om Owe C Won .... 9 Los 0 0 J OVTVPOI U 9 a ce baller d e."tVas,Jankow- J Stttus gthtge ykdtff'9 VARSITY WRESTLING SEASON RESULTS Our Score Opponent 37 Bremen H.S. 3l Rich East 24 Oaklawn H.S. 35 Lockport H.S. 9 Evergreen Park l9 Joliet H.S. 22 Argo H.S. 28 Thornton 20 Carl Sandburg VARSITY SQUAD VARSITY WRESTLING Row T: George Coleman, mgrg Joe Lindsay, Mike Askew, Leonard Bibbs, Greg Hill, Don Yost, John Quertermus, Doug Hegyi, mgr. Row 2: Coach Pillard, Coach Willson, Don Kahon, Glenn Allie, Bob Bergstrom, Ralph Lynch, Carl Crowner, Coach Last. Opp. 27 Bloom H.S. l5 Score 30 Thornridge H.S. I5 9 38 Tinley Park I6 9 45 Kankakee H.S. 5 l4 9 Won .... lO Lost .... 3 37 23 lst Place, Rockford West Christmas Tournament I9 3rd Place, South Suburban League I7 4th Place, State District Meet 22 8th Place, State Sectional Meet VARSITY SQUAD Row T:Joe Lindsay, Mike Askew, Leonard Bibbs, Greg Hill, Don Yost, John Quertermus. Row 2: Don Kahon, Ed Rhyne, Gary Taylor, Mike Baumstein, Lou Houdek, Rich Kemper, Bruce Holle, Syd LaMore. Row 3: Coach'Willson, George Coleman, mgr., Dave Steinhart, Glenn Allie, Jim Volk, Glenn Bater, Bob Bergstrom Ralph Lynch, Carl Crowner, Doug Hegyi, mgr. . H sfr- M, W- f W-tH2f -4-Q .vu 2 -mn-up ,M '7Ef?5U-Q?-i2w1.2b g ,, ., M6 o .AM fwfr . f il?.i,'E'-GW ?.ii2?Si2?'Y.i1' x ., a Km SOPHOMORE WRESTLING , . 'l g Row I: Gary Mullen, Roger Lekberg, Tom Knox, Ron Williams, Doug Holle, Dennis Barta, Carl Dean, Bernard Bir 5 mingham, Ted Harris, Dale Cluckey, Bob Nowoc. gi Row 2: Coach Pillard, John Schultz, mgr, Dick Chica, Curtis Carter, Pete Molsen, Keith Mayo, Dick Tracy, Ken Ver 4-f C ' aeren, Richard Quertermus, Steve Altman, Jack Cygan, Bill Henke, Bob Busic, Bill Bukauskas. 4 0 1 , L QJMZAQ, 55,lQ,flZb0LQf 0 rn ' z,uflhM-J LU-Q2 c' 25, , VQMLQ4 53119305 .. C1511-ara. Wwe Gi,ZZ,f'd5u we, gem ,tt Ovvvzi QL r gap .dwcfeede m 6.12, W 2 x K W1 FRESHMAN WRESTLING Leif, , Row I: Gregory Craig, Jim Sparks, Scott Newman, Allen Gee, Richard Collier, Gary Schmidt, Don Ladick. .2 Row 2: Ron Miller, Tom Burich, John Richardson, Steve Nagy, Gilbert Allen, Larry Snoddy, Melvin Wiggins, a Russell. Row 3: Coach Last, Charles Nelson, Jim Cygan,Ken LaMore, John Balabon, Ken Verhaeren, Bob Eskridge, Goldman Ward, Mike Minervini, mgr. . .emi 3 f f 1 ,dnl WRESTLING ACTION I I. Carl Cr Owner surpnses fo Bob Bergstrom gazes into the crystal ball. SOPHOMORE SEASON RESULTS Our Opp. Score Opponent Score 28 Bremen 211 I9 Rich East 27 45 Oaklawn IO 3I Lockport I6 I7 Evergreen Park 25 28 Joliet I8 30 Argo I4 311 Thornton I6 I3 Carl Sandburg 33 44 Bloom 8 I9 Thornridge 25 39 Tinley Pork I5 40 Kankakee IO Won..-..9 Lost....4 Ist Place, South Suburban League Tournament Ralph Lynch thinks he is on TV. e with Q fockle' FRESHMAN SEASON RESULTS Our Opp. Score Opponent Score 45 Rich East I I 36 Oaklown I8 55 Lockport 5 34 Evergreen Park I2 58 Argo O 44 Thornton 7 I5 Sandburg 311 A4 Bloom IO AI Joliet I I Won .... 8 Lost .... I 195 CROSS COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Row I: Isaac Armwood, John Quertermus, Fred Franklin, Bob Martino, Mike Askew, Rich Kamper. u E Row 2: George Coleman, Jim Henderson, Richard Smith, Bob Bell, Mr. Walker. Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower SEASON RESULTS Pk ..,, act. North .... -4-l7 Bremenm . . . 30 Evergreen ,..2l Joliet.... . , . I9 Thornridge . . . T6 Oaklawn . . . , Qi Thornton . . . . . I7 Lockport. . ,..l9 Bloom... . , . l8 Kankakee . Thornton Fr Thornton . . Argo .,,. Won .... ll Lost . . . .ol South Suburban League Meet SOPHOMORE SEASON RESULTS E' h . , . . . JITT Ower Won .... 8 Lost .... l o ie ..... . . . Th 'd . . . . . . 93 Blomrl ge 94 2nd Place, League Meet oom ..... . . . Kankakee .... , . T07 Thornton 134 Frosh Invitational Champions Lockport . . . . . IA6 Argo 25' South Suburban Meet District Meet Bloom 53 Eisenhower 59 Eisenhower ...... . . , 3l lllomrldge 64 Evergreen Park . . . . . . 64 Jollel gl Thornridge .,.. .., ll3 Argo H8 Joliet 126 Kankakee T64 Rich East. 4 . I. . ici l"0""0" '88 Lockport 223 South Suburban Champions . I State!District Champions Fresh lnvnahoncl llth Place in State Meet Eisenhower 42 Bloom 45 Thornridge 66 Argo 76 Thornton I I2 FROSH-SOPH CROSS COUNTRY Row I: Edward Mondane, manager, Scott Sond, Len Johnson, Frank Nelson, Tim Williams, Cornelius Coleman, George Bond, Melvin Wells, William Harper. Row 2: William Robinson, Del Ward, Harry Reed, George Ervin, Edwin Harris, Harold Fleming,James Dyson, Robert Carter, John Parham, Willie Davis. Row 3: George Coleman, manager, Edmund Roper, James Fells, Everett Smith,William Russell, Leonard Moody, Murray Bowens, Ted Harris, Bernard Bir- mingham, Carl Dean, Coach Walker. VARSITY SEASON RESULTS FROSH SOpH RESULTS Maine West Wan A Maine Wes' Hinsdale LOSTO Arlington Heights Arlington Heights Lost l Ottawa Ottawa Last 2 Hinsdale Oak Pork Lost l Oilk Pflfk York Lost 0- Elmlwfs' Lockport Won A - Lockporl Danville Won A 'lollel Stephen Dacautur Lost O - Bloom LaGrange Lost l Argo Rich East Lost l Joliet Won 4 Won 6 Losl A Bloom Won 5 I Dunville Won 5 South Suburban League Champions Kankakee Won 3 Y Dan Johnson, League Singles Champion Argo Wan A Won 8 Lost 8 lst Place, South Suburban League lst Place tie, State District Meet Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Won Won Won Won 3 O O O O 3 5 A 5 3 VARSITY 1962 TENNIS ll. to r.l Louis Lombardo, Don Lopacinski, Rich Lombardo, Lee Sauer Schaefer, Mr. Yates. Letterm en, Roger Freeman Glen Kistner Louis Lombardo Richard Lombardo bier, Roger Freeman, Dick Don Lopacinski Lee Sauerbier Dick Schaefer 1962 SOUTH SUBURBAN LEAGUE SOPHOMORE CHAMPIONS wi g wc' if x r, 351' A Roger Freeman and Louis Lombardo, League and Dis trict doubles champs. Row 'l: Daniel Johnson, Richard Hotz, Tom Koppelman. Row 2: Mr. Landgraf, Al Kiel, Robert Davis, James Edlund, Richard Humphreys. 197 1 if fn -we' SEASON RESULTS Eisenhower ,... 172 Kankakee . Bloom .......... Eisenhower ,... 173 Carl Sandburg ..... Eisenhower 170 Lockport ......... Bloom . . Eisenhower 314 Joliet .... Eisenhower 169 Thornton. . . Eisenhower 322 Joliet. . , Eisenhower 357 Lockport .... Tharnridge . . . Eisenhower 322 Thornton, . . TT1 MGZGIl1O Al Heindel Jochum. Won .... 9 Lost ..., 1 Tied 11th Place, South Suburban League Meet lst Place, State District Meet lOth Place, State Meet LETTERMEN Lennart Axelsson Richard Else Paul Bulman John Carrier Al Heindel Bob Heindel Tom Mazaika Paul Bulmann X uf. VARSITY GOLF ll. to r.1 Mr. Johnston Tom Mazaika Bob Helndel Paul Bulmann, Al Heindel Richard Else with State District lst place plaque FROSH SOPH GOLF Row 1: Tom Lewandowski Dick Kline Row 2: Mr. Johnston Al Hendrix Al Sanders Don X '94 . -. 1962 VARSITY BASEBALL Row T: Robert Bobb, Tom Peloquin, George Siekieczynski, Don Nesbit, George Ye, V f itz, . Lolvtorte, Leslie Lewis. Robinson, Roger DuClos, Couch Rodie. Row 2: Rich Kuzos, DoveBrooks,Bob HiIl,Dick Shrode, Don Breckenridge, Bill Row 3:John Chlopecko, Ed Bye, Bob Christensen, John Vos, Bill Jonkowski, Mike Lobriolo, Robert Woitos. l I . t had su , 2 . A S AI L A Our Score 3 A 9 3 8 2 7 5 A 6 2 2 A IO 7 5 l Won SEASON RESULTS Opponent Ooklown Rich Evergreen Pork Morton Eost Thornton Froct. Bloom Corl Sandburg Joliet Argo Thornton Lockport Thornridge Konkokee DISTRICT Evergreen Pork Little Flower Bloom REGIONAL Thornton . . . . T3 Lost . South Suburbon League Champions South ...4 Pitching Stott - ll, to r.lJohn DickShrode, Bob Woitos, John Chlcipecko, Bill Jonkowski, Ed Bye, George Siekierzynski, Tom Peloquin. Starting Line-up ll. to r.l George LoMorte, Rich Kuzos, Bill Robinson, Dick Schrode, Roger DuClos, Dove Brooks, Don Breckenridge, Ed Bye, Bob Christensen. Opp. Score i3 3 8 2 3 6 i 3 2 O O 0 7 A 2 2 4 199 one Ii 5 ., .. , +1 ., I: J Q, 3 x ,Q I Q . 1 , 'I Y if I I 1 1 A I Fx QKWV S.. I I -1' .i' i If E -is 1 ik 1535 N --at 'SWL- 5, fi ,. 1 'C I yy if .i . ID' SOPHOMORE BASEBALL RESULTS Our OPP' Score Opponent Score 4 Oak Lawn 3 7 Morton 9 5 Carl Sandburg 3 7 3 7 4 I I O Won Joliet Argo Thornton Lockport Thornridge Bloom Kankakee . . 5 Lost .... 5 SOPHOMORE BASEBALL Row I: Robert Olsen, William Webber, Thomas Kowalik, William Rudolph, William Albrecht, Michael Orseno, Thom- as O'NeiII. Row 2: Leslie McGrew, mgr.: Mike Cione, mgr.: John Koni' cek, Richard Worgo, George Karbakes, Robert Lauteriung, Glen DeChene, Robert Beaudry, Kenny Glynn, Coach Roger James. Row 3: James Opyd, Dave DonieIs,William McCaa, Harvey Moore, John Poucher, Ronald Sprycha, William Devine, Tony Jusevitch, Sydney LaMore. FR ESHMAN BASEBALL Row I: Bob Klienmann, mgr.: Ed SchiIIing,Greg Nordstrom Tony LePore, Bill Bukauskos, Steve Tarver, Dennis Dock- stader. Row 2: Robert Stevens, John Bussiere, Haydon Mitchell Steve Altman, Pete Kontos, Charles Koch, Mr. Kero, coach Row 3: Richard Bye, Bob Gaskill, Keith Mayo, Paul Lovrich Terry Chunis, Dick Chico, Ron Gabriska, Stan Strand FRESHMAN BASEBALL RESULTS A Lockport I I I I Joliet 9 3 Lockport O 7 Thornton O 8 Bloom 3 Won .... 4 Lost .... I VARSITY OUTFIELDERS ll. to r.I Mike Lobriola, Bob Hill, Ed Bye, Dick Shrode, Bill Robinson, Dave Brooks. 200 Oi Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower 4th Place, S 9th Place, S SEASON RESULTS - VARSITY 55 Oaklawn . . 53 Joliet . , , 48 Bloom ..... 96 Thornridge , , , 57 Kankakee , . . 62 Argo. ...l7 Harlan..... . . B9 Bremen. .58-U2 Evergreen Park . .25-lf2 auth Suburban Meet tate District Meet Mooseheart Invitational, 2nd, 2 Mile Relay, Ath, Mile Relay ...63 Lockport Row I: Coach Lyons, Coach Zoda, Lou Houdek, John Quertermus, Al Harris, Mike Askew, E. Rhyne, led William s, Coach Willson. Row 2: Bob Bergstrom, Jim Anderson, Dave Vetter, Dwayne Fulton, Jon Gaffney, Richard Smith, Al Hem- 1 mons, Fred Dyrcz, Bob Bell, Row 3: Bob Richards, Doug Hegyi, Frank Fencl, Tom Bachman, John Geyer, Jim Roos, Craig Hardiman, Tom Schultz, Warren Brazos, George Coleman. '65 Eisenhower 70 Eisenhower 22 Eisenhower 61 Eisenhower Q -69 Eisenhower ' -25 Eisenhower Eisenhower . . . . FROSH-SOPH SEASON RESULTS 7l-lf3 Oakluwn . ,. .. 46-213 45 Joliet . . . . . .73 27-U2 Bloom .. ...9O-U2 44 Thornton . . . . 711 83 Kankakee . . . . . .35 64 Argo .32 Harlan ...,.......... 52 57 Lockport. .64-U2 Evergreen Park . .58-lf2 Bremen . . lB 5th Place, South Suburban Meet 1962 SOPHONIORE TRACK Row T: Coach Zoda, Ted Harris, Jim Havlan, Glenn Allie, Tom Tang, Jim McVoy, Edmond Roper, Alfonza Lewis, Coach Willson. Row 2: Coach Lyons, Norman Smith, James Adams, Don Yost, Don Kahon, Lou Dockstader, Gary Mullens, Roger Lekberg, James Dyson. Row 3: Tom Haras, mgr., John Michael, John Parham, Roscoe Bunn, Curtis Carter, George Smith, Pete Molsen, Clarence Richards, Ed Harris. Row 4: Bob Carter, Schultz, Ken Fencl, John Hanifin, Terry Wilburn, Jerry Lekberg, Rich Buchanan, Lee Gilleard, Den- nis Brent, Ernest Sharp, Robert Kupfer. 201 :mil l we James l.. Anderson CISUVS Yhe VOUINHQ lJUI'. ' Frank Fencl ond Ted Williams in The IOO yard dash, led Williams in lhe brood lump evenll Dennis Brent approaches The bor in the high lump. Richard Smilh gnd Derflck Tlqigpen lead the Way. Al Hemmons and Donald Worlds in high hurdles event. .lon Gaffney clears the bar in high lump. Al HGYNS if! the bl'O0d IUFUD- wv Hu xxxxx 131i Q.: l lr. , 0' A. wk , K ' ,: :ll kv,. kk I V in ,M it if, 'L . q V' all i f 'll, fl Q V- m ' , W W ' fi E ,Q X Q if I + r . 'S X K K as -l,lll me l ' - ' W I 'vi Q 9 L Q 'Q Q 'iii - l"l l E' in W9 P CHEERLEADERS Sherry Egberf Sue Broclcmon Cheryl Bambach Karen Beslclc Rosemary Russerl 1 l Jean Klas if Q? fb Jean Sidler ,f X 1, SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS , fl. to nl Carol Thune, Brenda Anthony, Peggy Crawford, Elayne Danos, Vickie C00Per, .loelfe Forresler. Mrs. Johnston, cheerleader sponsor, introduces 0 cheerleader skit al assembly VARSITY ATHLETIC CLUB Row I: John Vas, Roger DuClos, Mike Askew, Fred Franklin, Jim Anderson, Dale Rettker, Dave Vetter, LyleWarning,BillJankowski, Mr. Gutches, sponsor. Row 2: Greg Hill, Glen Kistner, Robert Martino, James Moore, Doug Hegyl, John Geyer, John Quertermus, Louis Houdek, Roger Freeman. Row 3: Robert Hill, Dan Breckenridge, Jim McCaa, George Kuh, Syd LaMore, James Volk, Bob Gilbert, Al Heindel, Bill Robinson, Joel Kostyu. Row 4: Armen Varteressian, Larry Van Hook, Frank Rick, Frank Fencl, Jim Anderson, Tom Schultz, Richard Kamper, Jim Champion, Robert Bobb. GIRLS ATHLETIC CLUB - CAMPUS Row I:Joyce Baity, vice president, Ann Murphy, president, Jackie Cure, secretary, Robbie Adams, treasurer. Row 2: Diana Roberts, Lynne Raske, Sharon lskerka, Charolette Smiley, Lolita White, Sharon Johnson, ShirleeWilkens,PatFincher, Marilyn Sumner, Virginia Watt, Joanne Jacobs, Barb Weeber. Row 3: Barbara Williams, Loraine Downs, Mary Cole, Barbara Urbanski, Cathy Shiavone, Ruth Kittler, Kathy Smith, Roberta Mat- tish, Cecelia Mock, Evelyn Wright, Jackie Libby, Mary Ball, Lorrel Kloptowsky. Row 4: Mrs. Fessler, sponsor, Shirley Jenner, Estelle Synakiewicz, Nancy Kovach, Jeanne Parker, Katie Moore, Dernell Harper, Bev- erly Dougherty, Judy Nash, Marsha Bond, Deloris Purnell, Pat Masopust, Diane Pritza, Shirley Ward, Judy Heinz, Elizabeth Moore, Pat Pinianski. LEADERS CLUB ll. to r.l Katie Moore, Mary Ann Porter, Linda Grahovec, Lynn Raske, Barbara Weeber, Shirley Wilkens, Grace George, Joyce Batty, Rose Shelby, Deloris Purnell, Joanne Jacobs,ShirleyJenner, Jacki Cure, Cheryl Dorsey, Elizabeth Moore, Lolita White, Marsha Bond, Marilyn Sumner, Joann Gully, Linda Peterson, Vicki Burich, Cecelia Mock, Lorraine Downs. ..: . ..44:f"' , . 'e,"!i:::':..j'..'11H faLl::Z5s:'k,.':,.,: L,--"-' f"--if , 'Li 'fffffif NORTHWEST INTRAMURAL SOCCER CHAMPIONS Row I:'Wayne Galligiani, Rich Marek, Roy Stenstrom, Roger Langland. Row 2: Bob Bauda, Ken Zika, Bruce Oltman, Bob Graves, Mr. Morzorati, sponsor. NORTHWEST INTRAMURAL TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Row I:Tom Rice, Frank Wainwright, Ron Rickman, Ken Nowac, Row 2: Ron Rolickey, Mike Minervini, Ron Palmer, Mr. Morzorati. CH ESS CLUB L- Harry Harris, Dennis Montet, Mike Hoffman and David Logsdon R- Mr. Weber, Allen Forys, Diane Gooley, Carryle Dorsey and Glen Kistner Standing il. to r.j Jerome Thomas, Michael Crumrine, James Verhaeren and Ken Logsdon. GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB - NORTHWEST Row I: Annette Klutchins, Nancy Rosenthal, Sue Bishop, Pat llika, and Pam Haight Row 2: Diane Stadnicki, Jessica Crosby, Barbara Thomas, Pam Roberts, Jane Rourke, Diane Kowalski, Marlene Bauch, Allison Zeller, Marie Guzzo, Diane Murray, Lynn Blume, Helen Milstead, Sue Smith, Pam Ball and Carol Weiner, Row 3: Harlene Kohls, Barbara Horvath, Kathy Strable, Kathy Lange, Linda Lorbach Q s .gk ' . .I :Aft QU ' 1 1 7 N P 'ELA if ...asa 1'-aa? H, , .f Q -an 5 53113 GIRLS BOWLING - OLD MAIN Yvonne Miller means to get a strike. Roberta Redman, Linda Smalik, Gennie Glow, and Karen Knox scan scoresheet. Dawn Bereiskis, Linnae Schwartz, and Valerie Ferrin exchange recipes before 'We can still beat them."Il. to r.l Alice Wessels, Brenda Harrington, Sue Bertram, bowling, Martha Pooler, Linda Hamil. lsecrted, I. to r.j Marlene Tucci, Bonnie Wagener, Cindy Hall, Cheri Brouillette Maureen Canning, Sharon Markus, Nancy Wallace, Lois Pizer, Sandy Koonce Cherylynn Elliott. lstancling, I. to r.l Jackie Wallace, Angie Pyper, Paula Mickelson, Alison Zeller GIRIS BOWLING-NORTHWEST Rose Lubeck, Carol Dance, Ruthann Kuikman, Chris Moore, Miss Barrowclifl sponsor, Suzanne DeChattiller, Diane Cooper, Mary Chudzik, Cindy Cooper Cheri Brouillette hopes for the best with this throw. Dora Lynch. f Il f LAYOUT AND xv! PRINTING PRODUCTION BY THE NORMAN KING COMPANY, INC. BIO W. HIGGINS ROAD PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS 208 RODNEY 3-0642 'wif l-ii n fl "i4 el I a YH' f" "'- 11 A I A A . pa-5 , . V :,4i .,,Vl1 J i.- .15 M x,- , lj A 1 1 '. ' , ' V ' 2'?S"'mf:43- 211 ' H 0. fel 1,13 f., . ,. L 1 ' ' A 'Qfefr f .ff I.,-.' QI-E, .:g:" , 'r1i +?.f" Lf? ' , : , ' .. ,Q 1 "1 '- -' , ', ',,-V is-- . fajqf .J jg, 51 , C f . X 4 5 1,7 "". 5-1 1 -F 'fi-v: -',, ' fig-u" 5' 9-",'f5.fl5f' Qk11"-5 . 2' f 'V I 1 , 1 . , Q . . , V? . LQ, A. H ,fix JT, J 3 X 1. 3,-, :mm -E ,..5,V, E 5-L V E34 . , -'- ' -, -- 'x 1 x 'f -,-- 4 . xi r -2.2-I wwf --L um. . Y ' '- - .,'f.,x15',g,,5- 514. ' . , , ' ' - P- A W.-'if ,1.,.: ' Hgh, I Q 'u is ' -' X ' .f " r ":"3' A . Y' 1 ' 1':m9f3',Q1i'5FI,' . Q . -, v ,Q k -, iii , .' -.4 My sw A 4 1 153 11 J: I . ii L 5 f :ff ,' 'ffl , . .ini E' ' If 'fn I ggi- I ' ' QQ W Ulf? f r . MQ, in 4 'lf i L!! ,-M .h Jfij, . J N-,94 'MLK ' my 1 W W f I ' X ,W L1 V I L ft A t X t , KJ !4fJ A, A 'QU-,-7 - Im ar g 7' M 'Gy A 1' 1 I I ..L.-,e767.y ' 'Y M 5 Jug! 'rw' fffrfj if , F my IM X -'A -' 1 I r J Kb v fn tkzugj W - i J 5 ,QL - L' A "Y Q 4.7 V ' 1 X' .II -,VV U V f fn .JL-Lf .' f. - V L.. A 0 uf.. ' V gd, K 'ff ji 1 4 " . ff . ,, ,- 1 n 5 ' J f A . . V, .-, 'J' J' 094 V ' F' ' fi nf , L F! XJMVY! ' . 1 51, bu' 7 r4!'i,LfIj 'v r O ,L 0fK ily-y . L fy ow A' A f A t f L an f I: . I i' ,Jai ,, ,Q C+ 'Ai Q7 'fb " 1 My 7 fxr 4, 1. L , 4, 1 . f L' 5,7 fb , A . ,. ,,.. ff- ,Lf s 1 L M . dlp f YL 1, in 4 I I Q . ,J A f Lam' 5 KK V, 1 X, L 1 M J fx --,L J , - U I 14 1 1, 17 My fl! V.-I ffl. J! - . I I S :gy 1, ' ' I' ,A 5 'W' - 2 -f : ' J x 7 , ""L" U L .-0 V j ,Q K7 I .O A 5 ,ff ': J L' I G , iw' fi L, ,, .Cf ,I ,ff q if H6 ,Z L, 4 0' Q M A Lil,-If V, ,f" V7 N f V Y ' dj ' ' ' 1 x W I f? 51" ,. , j, "V li .M f- ,,,,f""'V' g If 1 1 j yr J , V gf' . 'Cf d v V, CX rid Cv5.f4A, f Q"" L V . Y, . ff' ,... Pdf 1' by V . , 'V Q -aw ff U 'f A , 7 C, ,L ' 5 ff if X J 4 A ,M . ,,', j it fc. , AL., eff , D g,Q?ff' 1. f' " ' ,ff bf A. .'-' , U' 'f' f - i L I gf., .ff ff J . ",' 5 ,v ly 1. 1' -fig" fi , , X ' 47" 1 I , 'A 1 1,6 -sk! JALZIIF7 juli! L! I K1 ' ,flfg Rf' gf!!! lie 1 fp, ff! ,f'fl,ff,-17' r ,-17.1, 'L L , V ' " A - U .A f ,f V J - L L' Vt' 'KV XL ch! I 5'-J, i 5 f f f J ,KI X CL. fav, , w -1 X. P' . 1 C", L' -ff -,. , In U1 V, if 'J 1- fy'4'L""'f N , J E V, , DIV A" Q54 DLE I sk . I ,Wil-.pf ?'L '96 E, 1, ..Q"' 1 'f WZ. . ""' "E .- 4- u . ..At Wbwfigpmb id LAMQL W-f'ff, JV in wlj v Wgf,Jff2g6'fjL fvVjQ W Wwfjy XMJQM MN 1 jf 5 0,0 Sfyxffw Q W W MWMJN ' yy W Wy Q U Nga M D Jpfzifw My ,Neil ',NNfJf?3QyfQ ,UW M NND Hgwygyklg Uwjixiixpyv W 33 ly W Q 53 jp 5,91 5,9 JK? ,gf Q K wwf ff 1 W QW ' z fa J Sf! X Q? GQ wiggg? bfiiig-5fL5f5f . F..-i10jJ A 1 f- J fv nl I A 12 I Vip! , QUL QW .mf ff-w Lf x .X A N ,f X . ' f Af' I 1 w I Clip f 11. U U, I X "FY I HJ . 1 , 1 , .f ' A if f R- , .. F, iz XJ . J x.. , I J , f 'Nj f f x . Jim co! KL!-qj J fjkww FW WML 1 H 'uaq' A i1f4.,'MW WM fm AQJPWLL I M' L 'Qu 'MZWAS WWQOWUW:-2 f N1 fx 1 , 1 J. L. U f 'Oy' JU? L L X H, bij., EXW! j Q U j yi ful' Ar! .1 fr JC I' my L,"'Ji 'J f Lfwj L, X Ly W IC LLN ff- I C l Xi t X AJ Ll KL V 4, j X I L AJ WMU 19 y 4 1 xv, L 1 f- X .- X-1 ,fi ', ku! 1 I.. yi.,-' v 1 'KK i N l K, I L y i 1 I I j L!!! f Ax R - 1 .ff 1 X, , ' f if . lv.- f ff - . I . A, I ff X X ,I XL

Suggestions in the Eisenhower High School - Crest Yearbook (Blue Island, IL) collection:

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