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( aCo Due f H " ' " ' fe-tft Cat (Are -(fieAcls , To J. ■ a.- J •x ) ' y ■r c " ' t ■mr NEW CEMENT BENCHES are being used by the on-campus lunch eaters (Photo by Geoff Kneale) New Sights At Ike A new number stands at Eisenhower: 2,736 That was ' the number ot students enrolled at Ike by November for the 1987-88 school year. Many changes occurred to accomodate those students. New classrooms, labeled the M wing, were constructed between the J and L wings. To meet the district ' s teacher student ratio, thir- teen new teachers were hired. To help the students in their endeavor to find challenging classes, a new-to-Eisenhower Dr. Marsha Edmonds was appointed to the newly created position of Associate Principal in charge of Academics ' " Inch to the dismay of Eisenhower students, the new sigi ' ' he residential areas north of the campus were no pa " igns. Several students were informed of this wti ' ■ found tickets on their cars on registra- tion day For the i nee of on-campus lunch eaters, new concrete piciii . nches were installed near the snack bar over the summer Funding for these benches stem- med from the School Improvement Program as part of the Campus Beautification Project instituted by Prin- cipal Delbert Bredy The blue buildings located east of the K wing were built by the county as an effort to give the physically challenged a place to learn with easy access ports Such buildings have been built at other schools The construction began at the close of the 1987 school year and continued through January, 1988 Change is constant, and Eisenhower is constantly changing New sights are forever increasing the quality of education for Eisenhower students To show the changes, the yearbook theme, " A Splash of Color, " tried to reflect that the changes were colorful and tor the betterment of Eisenhower High School (By Geoff Kneale) 2 Opening (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) PARKING 7am 3 pm MON FRI " 1 ♦ X • NEW COUNTY BUILDINGS, constructed behind he J wing, will tie used by physically challenged students. NO PARKING SIGNS were put up by the police around the residential areas causing financial discomfort to many Ike students, who received tickets when they parked illegally. DR. MARSHA EDMONDS is the new associate principal in charge of academics. MRS. EDITH PICKENS, a new teacher to ike. teaches biology to college txund students NEW COMPUTERS are displayed by computers teacher Mrs Wanda t ahoney (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) Opening 3 Yearbook Dedicated to Mr. Miller " 7 " he two people who were voted most worthy of the ' 1987 — 88 yearbook dedication were Mr Ray Miller and Mrs Vassie Kyritsis. Mr Miller has worked at Eisenhower High School for 13 years He has worked as a long term substitute teacher and as a campus supervisor Mr. Miller taught life science and social studies for seven years. When asked what his job was as a campus supervisor, Mr. Miller replied, " My job is to try and keep the kids in line and to make sure they stay out of trouble. " When Mr. Miller walks the students to the office , he often takes the time to counsel them on their offense. He doesn ' t want to be the " bad " guy but wants the students to know that they can talk with him about the problem. Mr. Miller manages to do this and has earned the respect of the students. Mrs Kyntsis has worked at Eisenhower High School for 15 years Mrs. Kyritsis is an English teacher and a mentor teacher. About her job as a mentor teacher, Mrs. Kyritsis said, " My job as a mentor teacher is to help new teachers and work on developing materials for teachers along with Mrs. Scambray. Mrs. Scambray and I also give inservices whenever we ' re asked to do this " . Mrs. Kyntsis advises teachers not to forget what it was like when they were teenagers and how intimidating they also felt their teachers were. I ' m not saying we have to allow the kids to misbehave, but we need to allow them to overcome their mistakes and learn from them " . In 10 years, Mrs. Kyntsis sees herself still teaching for she enjoys working with and teaching young people. Thank you, Mr Miller and Mrs. Kyritsis for being such great influences on those at Eisenhower High School. (By Greg Peterson) AT AN INSERVICE, Mr Ray Miller and Mr. Ricky Williams discuss the upcoming Girls ' Basketball season Mr. Williams is the assistant coach (Photo by Wendy Bettar) WHERE ' S THE FIRE? is what Mr Ray Miller jokingly asks a Rialto fireman who came to answer a call to Ike ' s campus (Photo by Geoff Krieale) IN HER CLASSROOM, Mrs. Vassie Kyritsis grades some of the many papers written by students in her English classes (Photo by Geoff Kneale) (Page by Greg Peterson) 4 Dedication MRS. VASSIE KYRITSIS collects money lor CSF dues during lunch. Mrs. Kyritsis Is the sponsor tor the Calilornia Scholastic Federation, an honor club on campus (Photo by Patrice Walsh) WEARING A COLORFUL T-SHIRT, Mr. Ray Miller is on his way to the ot- tice to check on referrals lor period three. Mr. Miller often counsels the students who receive the referrals as he takes them to the office. (Photo by Geoff Kneale) AT THE SIZZLER RESTAURANT, Mrs. Vassie Kyritsis. department chairperson of the English Department, conducts an English Department meeting on one of the minimum days given txcause of the heat (Photo by Wendy Bettar) and Mrs. Kyritsis (Page by Greg Peterson) Dedication 5 Student Life V. o ® Students Have Fun On Off Campus Students participate in many activities at Eisenhower and off campus Some of tile activities on campus were sports, organizations, clubs, teacfier aides, and office workers. Off campus, students found places to study, work, swim, surf, bike ride, shop, or go to the movies. Most students at Ike were active in some activity either on or off campus during this school year. (By Caren Smith) (Page By Caren Smith) 6 Student Life Division Page (Page By Caren Smith) Student Life Divisi on Page ' Who ' s Got the Ball? Homecoming was held October 16, 1987. It all started at 3 p.m. with a parade that featured floats, clowns, Homcoming queen finalists, school board members, district personnel. Principal Del Bredy and bands from Eisenhower and two local junior high schools performing from Foothill Boulevard, up Riverside Avenue, to Ike. Then, at 730 p.m., the Eagles ' Varsity football team played the Riverside Poly Bears. While Tom Hoak, Ike ' s football coach was watching and cheering his team on to victory, Dennis Collier gained 234 yards for the Eagles. During halftime candidates for the Homcoming queen were waiting for the final results. Leilani Delgado was crowned queen, while Rachelle Malbrough was first run- ner up, and second runner up was Debi Bullock. The results of the parade floats were announced with the Azurettes winning first place, the Seniors winning second place, and the Sophomores winning third place. After the announcements, the Eisenhower ASB of- ficers set off a fireworks display. After halftime James Montfleury dislocated his shoulder while he was helping Eisenhower win the Homecoming game. At the close of the game, Eisenhower beat Riverside Poly 21 to 10 (By Caren Smith) CHEERLEADERS ye tor the victorious Eagles wlio won tlie foot- ball game against Riverside Poly. Many former ctieerleaders were ttiere supporting itie team. (Photo by Caren Smith) ROBBIE WALSH, Ihie youngest memtxr of the Homecoming parade, waits to join the band. He walked in front of the Golden Eagle Alliance in the parade (Photo by Cliff Harris) 8 Football THE BIG EAGLE FLOAT won first place lor the Azurettes in the Foottiai: Homecom- ing on Oct. 16. 1987. (Photo by Sue Walters of Varden Studios, Inc.) HOMECOMING QUEEEN, Leilani Delgado. is next planning to try lor the title f iss Rialto Leilani was nominated lor queen by MEChA. which nominated three Homecom- ing queens in three years (Photo by Caren Smith) (Page by Caren Smith) THE 1987 FOOTBALL HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER COURT are Jill Sisley, finalist: Rachelle Malbrough, first runner-up. Leilani Delgado. queen: Debt ullock. second runner-up: and Chieryl Gratiam, finalist. (Photo by Sue Walter of Varden Studios, Inc.) AT THE FOOTBALL GAME, Steve Hoak. Eagle quarterback, gets ready tor anottier successful play to Jomo Robinson, fiallback. Ike won the Homecoming game against the Riverside Poly Bears. 21-10 (Photo by Sue Walters of Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by Caren Smith) SENIORS work at a napkin folding party in preparation for their Homecoming float The senior float won secortd place (Photo by Ken Hubbs) Football Homecoming 9 Flaring Pizzaz in ' 88 Fashion is the way of the western world. Here in America, people have always dressed with style and have been in connpetitition with each other over clothes. The way in which a person dresses makes a state- ment about themselves. Most people have their own unique style or they dress like their friends and not necessarily as the fashion designers say. Some do follow fully the latest fads. But the fads are constantly changing; so, the fashion conscious people need a sharp fashion eye. When people dress nicely, they generally feel good about themselves which makes them even more attrac- tive and confident. This year ' s styles are in a wide variety with so many different fabrics and textures including cotton to suedes and colors m earth tones to pastels. Colors consisted of pastels such as peach, lime green, and mauve along with earth tones of teal, red, black and shades of khaki Fabrics being used were cotton, knits, washable silks, acid wash denim, leather and suedes Some of the fasionable looks include mini skirts and bomber jackets (By Amparo Elizondo) THE SKY is the limit in fashion as Daryl McChristian, Eddie Gallar- do, Alex Zuniga Steve Aldaco and Ruben Santascoy shorn their per- sonal fashion styles (Photo by Denise Morales) THE MANY STUDENTS at Eisenhower model different tads. (Photo by Caren Smith) (Page by An.rjaro Elizondo) 10 Fashion A SPLASH OF CLASS IS what these Eisenhower seniors show. BLACK IS BACKI Jen- nifer Soesman. Teresa Pedroza, Irma Saucedo. Raymond Martinez, Jason Hamblin, and Lamesio Washington display the black fashion craze PRESENTING IN- DIVIDUAL STYLES are Patricia Saucedo. Daryl Mc- Christian, Desiree Dibene. Raymond Martinez, and Isna Anderson. EVEN THOUGH THE MINI SKIRTS are in fashion again, Cheryl Graham. Isna Anderson, Sandra Gallardo, and Patricia Saucedo cover their knees with long skirts, dresses, or slacks READY TO ROLL, Ruben Santascoy. Jason Hamblin, Leilani Delgado, Marcy Lara, and Eddie Gallardo go shopping at In- land Center for fashion buys (Photos by Denise Morales) (Page by Amparo Elizondo) Fashion 1 Jobs Keep fisenhower students worked hard to earn money. The money earned was spent in different ways: Cammie Whitesell, " To buy things for my boyfriend " Chris Kruger, " I don ' t spend it, I bank it! " Vaughn Fahie, " My car " Jobs were held by students around Rialto and as far as Upland JAZZ BAND SAX PLAYER Vaughn Fahie awaits the next song Besides his job at Sun International Travel Service in Upland, Vaughn enjoys playing alto sax tor the Ike jazz band HAMBURGER STAND may sound generic but Chns Kruger says tiis job IS ' ' high class. ' ' CAMMIE WHITESELL ,a band member, babysits youngsters at First Assembly of God Church. According to Cammie, her job " is interesting! " (Photos by Craig Conner) (Page by Craig Conner) 12 Jobs People Busy aughn Fahie, who works at Sun International Travel v Service, says, " The job is fun and has good pay for my age, " Some students said it was hard to hold a job and keep up with school work; while, others said the extra time was hardly noticed. All agreed; however, that when the check came in, the work was well worth the time. (By Craig Conner) WAITING TO EXIT (he parking lot, students leave to go to their jobs IKE ' S CAREER CENTER is a jOb source for students Here Mr David C amarigg, work experience counselor, signs a student ' s work permit PIZZA s an American favorite, and Ixhind these doors Rick Col- eman works. (Photos by Craig Conner) (Page by Craig Conner) Jobs 1 Halloween Spirits Arrive SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN but tor Halloween. Todd Gordon and Betti Lord dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus without lt e other knowing what they would be for Halloween (Photo by Sandy Redwine) TIME TO WAKE UPI Keith Scott comes to school in his pajamas lor Halloween (Photo by GooM Kneale) WHO ' S THAT GIRL? Ifs not Madonna but Mr Bert Cassan. counselor, who dresses in the spint ot Halloween. (Photo by Geoff Kneale) 14 Halloween Halloween was a good time for make believe. Ghosts, goblins, panda bears, gremlins, pum- pkins, football players, Madonna looka-likes, and wit- ches filled the campus Students and teachers showed their school and Halloween spirit by dressing up for Oct. 30. Students showed up for the traditional costume con- test at lunch time in the quad, but Student Council did not hold it The Rialto Recreation Department planned a carnival complete with food, games, rides, haunted house, and costume contest for all ages Even though the ram was heavy for most of the week and for Halloween night, the spirits at Eisenhower High School were not dampened for the holiday (By Teresa Pedroza) GREAT PUMPKINS arrived on carr pus tor the dress — up day on Oct. 30- Ms Barbara Can- non and tier son Tyler wore the colortui orange and green costumes (Photo by GeoH Kneale) WHERE ARE THE PANCAKES? Mr. Frank Mason as Aunt Jemima conducts his math class while TA Sandra Gallardo corrects some papers (Photo by Geoff Kneale) NO CLOWNING AROUND in the office even on Halloween. Miss Amy Tavidian dresses as a clown, while, Mrs Beverly Martinez is Freddie Krueger ' s sister. (Photo by Wendy Bettar) TIME TO GIVE BLOODI is what Julie Bigler tries to assure everyone on Halloween. (Photo by Wendy Bettar) Halloween 15 Weekend Getaways Saturdays and Sundays were the two favorite days of the week, according to a survey of Eisenhower students. They also voted in a close second any holidays or days off that happened to come up such as days for inservlces or heat. The most popular weekend hangout activities named were skating, swimming, watching movies, football games, and parties Students ice skated and roller skated Popular beaches for swimming were Hun- tington and Newport beaches. " La Bamba, " " Fatal At- traction, " and " Summer School " were some of the favonte movies seen by Ike students. The most popular football game was the Eisenhower Eagles vs, the Fon- tana Steelers with a crowd of 10,000. Besides regular parties, students also attended napkin folding parties to work on floats. Some Eisenhower High School students had to work on their days off from school. They held jobs at fast food restaurants and clothing stores mainly. Weekends were looked forward to as a time to have fun and relax away from the hassles of school work. (By Jason Cox) IRtfflWttMSWffli (Page by Jaton Cox) 16 Weekends SHOWING HIS SKILLS WITH A BIKE, Mike Clements rides at Huntington Beach Mike is also a speed skater. TEARIN ' IT UP, Frank Perine, at Palosverdes, shows his surfing abilities. CASTLE PARK is a great place lor students who want to go miniature golfing and play arcade games. HANGING OUT at the movies was a favorite of most of the 1987- 88 Eisenhower students SKATING FOR FUN on Friday and Saturday nights was done at the Holiday Roller Rink in Rialto (Photos by Jason Cox) mmmmmmammmmm mm 1 mp (Page by Jason Cox) Weekends 17 3 Choices for Lunch stay Students at Ike have three choices for lunch: on campus, walk to lunch, or drive to lunch. Most people would prefer to go and get off campus away from school. If you chose to walk to lunch, you have your choice of Taco Bell, Wendy ' s, Lamppost Pizza, Mike ' s Super Subs, Mike ' s Yogurt, or your own house. Some students who drove their cars usually either went to Carl ' s Jr. or McDonalds. Staying on campus was not as bad as it seemed. To some people staying on campus there were advan- tages They could socialize freely while eating lunch outside on the benches or inside the cafetena. (By Sandy Redwine) KIDS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN. Students goof around after eating Itieir iunr.h, tx-u, ' ■ ne:nod five. COMING BACK FROM LUNCH, students hurry to tiftt) period before Itie lardy bell ringi. (Page by Sandy Redwine) 18 Lunch FRENCH CLUB LUNCHEON! Members of the French Club en oy a potluck lunch- eon to which they invited scvne teachers. WE ' RE IN THE ARMY NOW. Army representatives speak to students at lunch lime PALLING AROUND. Lunch is a time to unwind m between classes, and what better way to do it than with friends? (Page by Sandy Redwine) Lunch 19 Three Reign at Sweetheart Dance About 75 couples attended the Sweetheart Dance, held at the Student Union at Cal State San Bernardino, to see the Eisenhower High School queen and her court crowned The senior Queen was Nashaka Leon. Junior Darling was Jenny McBride, and the Sophomore Sweetheart was Tammy Reid. Michelle Lyon was first runner-up for queen. The dance was sponsored by the Sophomore Class of- ficers. Instead of a Basketball Homecoming court, the sophomore officers decided to have the Sweetheart Dance. The DJ ' s at the dance were from Cajon High School. (By Keith Clinscales) COLLECTING TICKETS, Christy Flares and Kerby Kunstler. sophomore class ollicers, greet students at the Sweetheart Dance. SOPHOMORE SWEETHEART, Tammy Reid admires the bouquet of llower ' i ijii ' ' ,fnii-(l In her CROWINING ihe Junior Darling. Jenny McBride, is Cheryl Graham, last year ' s Junior Darling. THE SWEETHEART QUEEN is Nashaka Leon, who is crowned by last year ' s Basketball Hoinnroming Queen Theresa Negrette (Photos by Robert Baccari of Varden St ' i ' ios, Inc.) (Page by Caren Smith) 20 Sweetheart Dance HE SWEETHEART QUEEN AND HER COURT: Jenny McBnde. Junior Darling, Michelle Lyon, first runner-up for queen, and Tammy Reid. Sophomore ' etheart. surround the Sweetheart Queen Nashaka Leon (Photo by Robert Baccari of Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by Caren Smith) J Sweetheart Dance 21 HIGH HONOR STUDENTS in Ihe Golden Stale Examinalions TesI are given awards by Principal Del Bredy The award winners are Lori Freitas, Paul Lynd, Cerena Culley, and Jell Lowe. PLACEMENT AWARD WINNERS lor the GSE tests are pictured with Prin- cipal Del Bredy Winners are Jenmler de la Ossa. Laurie Dunbar. Theresa Men- doza. Javier Varella. Edward Jay. Jell Blackey, Roll Wuerch, Brooke Malody, Fabiola Larois. Lyneite Jueneman, Adam Johnson, a nd Lam Razon HONOR WINNERS are Danelte Powell. Roberto Pedace, Kenneth Hubbs. Kaiheiine Scnii. Tmiiui Burks. Charlotte Peters, Lynn Douglass, and Casey Hall. (Photos by Wendy Better) (Page by Gerrie Lester) 22 Achievements Students Achieve O tudents at Eisenhower achieve in many different areas Four Eisenhower students won high honors for the Golden State Examination Eleven earned honors, and fifteen received school recognition The four high honors went to Lori Freitas, Cerena Culley, Jeff Lowe, and Paul Lynd The purpose of GSE is to identify students worthy of being recognized for their accomplishments, " To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday " was one of three plays to be honored by the Southern California Educa- tional Theater Association This was the first time Ike received this honor, Paul Lynd, Eagle ' s Eye editor in chief, wrote the longest story printed in the school newspaper Students from wood shop classes had their projects displayed in the display case in the mam office. Other athletic and academic awards high lighted the year for Eisenhower (By Gerrie Lester) STANDING beside his long story. Paul Lynd shows one ol his • lefa editoridls lor the Eagle ' s Eye newspaper (Photo by Wendy Bettar) IN A DRAMA SCENE, Shonda Gibtx ns as Rachel and Cerena ' ulley ,js GiUuin .-iri iheir parts in " To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday " (Photo by Barry Wallace) WOOD PROJECTS sAiow the achievements ol industrial arts ■.nlpnis (Photo by Cliff Harris) f m» (Page by Gerrie Lester) Achievements 23 L SoDhomores o © Sophomores Add New Color Shades 7 he 1 ,370 new sophomore students brought a new shade of color to replace the one that was lost when last year s seniors said their final farewells This large amount of new students, whose number size was more than last year ' s, gave each counselor an addition of 200 more students on top of the other junior and senior students they already had. This gave each counselor about 500 counselees Almost all of the sophomore classes were filled to the limit and had no more room to spare because of the vast number of sophomore students Each sophomore had to have English, World Cultures, PE, Driver ' s Education Health Education and a total of 100 credits to become a junior. Sophomores elected three officers in October; Mike Savage, president; Mike Hansen, vice president; and Scott MacDonald, social chairperson. The secretary and treasurer became appointed offices because no one ran for them during the elections Appointed to these posi- tions were Christy Flores as secretary and Kerby Kunt- sler as treasurer Only eight sophomores chose to run for office. When sophomores were asked why they didn ' t run, the mam reply was heard They felt that they needed to adjust and feel comfortable at Eisenhower before getting in- volved in activities. Immediately after elections, the officers had to plan the class float for the Homecoming parade Despite the short time period, the sophomore class float placed third in the contesi (By Theresa Gonzales) (Page by Theresa Gonzales) 24 Sophomores ' Division Page (Page by Theresa Gonzales) Sophomores ' Division Page 25 U-i yii M Iii ' mmi 111 Chris Agard ElidioAguayo Marwan Akeel Becky Akins Andrenette Alexander Jeff Aldrich Cathy Alevras Tony Alverson Chad Amedee Aimee Anderson Alana Anderson Barbara Anderson Clifton Anderson Ronnie Anderson Shawna Anderson Yusuf Anderson Jimmy Andrade Natalie Angle Jesse Apodacha Allen Aranda Claudia Aranda 26 Sophomores Jody Archibald Carlo Arellano Rebekah Arglo Abel Armenta Cynthia Armenia Bryan Armstrong Diana Arnnglon i fi Matt Aubel Edwin Aure Quinta Avance Stephanie Avila Gary Ayala Marji Ayers Jeremy Baca April Bailey David Bailey Steve Backer Claudia Balderama Anthony Baldwin Krista Ball Dawna Ballard Erick Ballesteros Tammy Barnes Jeanette Barney Curtis Barr James Barrett Leonardo Barriga Neil Barrington s i 1 11 2 Thin Ban Alex Banks Patress Bates Rodney Bates Ricky Batres Janelle Bautista Sonya Beasley Sophomores 27 Marcus Bell Michele Benedict Jose Benitez Jeff Berg Maria Berg Steven Berg Deborah Bergeron WW ■ Stephanie Bemal Jennifer Betcher John Bickers Bonnie Biglar Mike Bingham Laura Bird Dareen BIrks r n 4 Jeannette BIsh Aluln Blache Christopher Black Corey Black Stacy Blair Erica Bluff Michael Bocanegral Veronica Bocanegra Veronica Bogarin Thomas Boggan Garry Bolen Tameka Bonty Aurelio Borroto Joe Borroto David Bostice Kevin Boyd ON HIS WAY TO CLASS Joe Bonoln iememt)ers his c yis i,s in the library In dny 10 work on p o w (s (Photo By Caren Smith) 28 Sophomores B,.nd.nBn,.m R.,a,oMB,..o Cl.udl. B,.m„, BM.MBh.coe .„m.„, C.hB™.db.« .,,7.8.0 " , . , Bro ckelmeyer TM ,1 KimmieBuffington Dennis Bul.ard KathyBunton Staci Burch Denise Burd Judy Burken William Burnett Renee Burr Lisa Butler Shandrica Byrd Sophomores 29 W- RayCaldera Rebecca Catdera Julian Caldwell Gina Camarena CarlCampau Jim Campbell Tony Campbell Kenneth Cannon Chris Cardenas Lorenza Cardenas Linn Carlson CedricCarr HarlCarr LaSharryCarr Corinne Carrigan Raymond Carrillo Heather Castro Tanya Castro Robert Casanares Steve Causey Jorge Ceniceros " If III TriciaCerda Gina Cevantes Charles Chavez Priscilla Chavez Ruben Chavez Shannon Chavez Elaine Cheatham VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS, Shandi Byrd, i April Fellows, una .iMir-M Baulista watch team mates play Ri ' ii.mclF, (Photo by Cliff Harris) l: 30 Sophomores Vicki Childress Willie Childers Pierre Chiranian Doug Chisholm GeoH Chisholm Keith Chisholm Ted Chronopoulos f) " n Collette Clark Paula Clarkson Robert Clelland Ratonda Clemens Corey Cleveland Laqulsha Cleveland Jason Clffton Laura Clines Keith Clinscales Scott Clopton Shannon Cluff Raquel Cluise Carisa Cobb AT A WEDDING, the Rev James Markham perlormed the ceremony Mr Markham is a math teacher at EHS The wedding party irKluded some ot Ike ' s students and lormei students Eric French, Gregory Peterson. Steve Glasscock, Amber Apperson. Thomas Peterson, Matt Apperson, James Markham. Michelle Apperson, Dawn Ap person. Bobby Slayton. and Lori Peterson Sophomores 31 Broderick Connesro Richard Contreas Erika Conyette Aimee Cope Sonia Cordero Aaron Comejo Troy Comett r i: 1 : Nancy Corona Roy Corona Yvonne Corona Carlos Coronado Richard Correz Yadira Corrujedo Dion Corsey Ruben Cortez Phillip Cortez Sally Cortez Vince Cortez Annette Cowgill Elizabeth Cowley Becky Couch mki Tammy Cox Cynthia Crain Dock Cramer Jennifer Crandall Sean Crees Aviena Crew Detress Crew Jeremy Christiansen Kody Crittenden Chandra Cross Maria Cruz Tony Cueto KimCummings Ivan Curry 32 Sophomores liL-i ■lllliBniWl 1 MiOfirrhrn.. Ronald Curtis Matt Cutler Tynetta Dade Billy Dadey Victor Oail Daphne DaHon Molan Daniel IPJTISI La Cresha Oaiby Alicia Darcy Bryan Davis Chris Davis Julienne Davis Priscilla Davis Robert Davis Tyrone Davis Willie Davis Jesse Davison Michael De Jan Daniel Delreal Tammy Denton Janice Diaz Joanne Diaz John Diaz Ralph Diaz Juan Dibene Gloriel Diverse Rafael Diverse Charles Dodd Micia Dominguez Eddie Dominguez Jackie Dorance Tanya Dorsh Hayden Doyle Charles Dreier Carmen Duarle Sophomores 33 i, Kim Ougo Hayward Duncan Lisa Dunn Chris Duran Christopher Duran Sarah Duron Thearodis Eastland James Eberiy Camille Edgerson Lisa Edsinga Juliana Edwards Nona K. Effort Kimmy Eilar Leila Elfattal Bill Elliott Teri Elliott William Elwell Diane Emmershy Michael Emmershy April Emslie Marc Englander Jerome Facen IN SCIENCE CLASS on Halloween, Kim A p son watches some ol the other students who dressed up (Photo by Caren Smith) 34, " ophoinores Pete Farrell Jeanette Favello Kathleen Fay Link Feesago Monique Felix April Fellows Lisa Ferguson Michael Ferguson Sherrie Ferguson Mark Fernandez Sherri Fernandez Chris Fewell JennHer Fewell Michael Field Denise Floies Elaine Roras Erick Floras Misty Flows Derrik Royd April Ford Scott Fortner Polly Fortunate Jeremy Fortune MAKE A WISH is what Spanish teacher, Ms Caridad Me usto. acts out to Luis Alvarez on Halloween (Photo by Geoff Kneale) Sophomores 35 Kevin Foster Eddie Francisco Steve Freitas Jennifer Frey Danyall Fudge Sean Fulk Lisa Fuller Raymond Futch LisaGabaldon Arthur Gaines Heattier Gallagher Teresa Galvez Edward Gammage DelenaGandy Bryan Garcia David Garcia Janine Garcia Joe Garcia Lucia Garcia Marcos Garcia EvaGardea Scott Gardner Jason Garlinkel Nichole Garibay Jose Garza CelinaGaskin Alicia Gates TraclGaumont »-;f yAl Patty Gavin Daniel Qebara DELIVERING NEWSPAPERS lits into Robin Reece ' s costume lor Halloween (Photo by Wendy Bettar) 36 Sophomores mm0M Sarah GkMtlon Ql«nn Oorgus li Sophomores 37 Karen Greenup Sandra Gregory Nicole Griggs April Grisamore Paulamarie Guillen Jurea Guillory Steven Guisa Daleatric Hall Lazealtrice Hall Mike Hall Ronald Hall Shakenia Hall Nicole Hamby Candida Marie Hammer Skye Hampton Shiriey Hanley 38 Sophomores TanMiaHanto MIkaHantoon QhasMnHaaan MikaHayiwa Tracy Hayiwa Jason Hazaiton JotwiHaaty KavinHaama JannHarHaaron KanHaatar Mamica Hampataad MaMn Handrickaon Larry HaiM Sunyanl Hanry Jithony Hamartdai CaciHa Hamandai Danlal H nian l«z Jahna Hamandai Martha Hamandaz Raymond HarrMndez ChrtaHarrara Joaapt) Harrara Ntcota Harrara LOCKERS STORE MORE THAN 800KSI Danny Walsh and Jim King decorate their lockers to make their studies more interesting. (Photo by Patrtca Walah) Sophomores 39 Xochiti Herrera Michelle Hilber Pennulane Hockman Paul Hodges Yvonne Hodklnson Lisa Holcomb Raymond Holley David Jackson Lynn Jackson Myebha Jackson Stanley Jackson Tasa Jackson Theodore Jackson Joanne Jacobs Marc Jacobs Carol Jacobson 40 Sophomores Five Lead Sophomore Class APPOINTED OFFICERS, Kerby Kuntzler, treasurer, and Christy Floras, secretary, take ollice as Soptiomore Class Officers in November (Photo by Cliff Harris) MR. JEFF PERKINS serves as Associated Student Body adviser He supervises the ASB officers along with the Senior. Junior and Sophomore Class Officers in addition to teaching an English class and worthing with the independent study students (Photo by Cliff Harris) THREE ELECTED OFFICERS for the Sophomore Class are Mike Savage, president. Mike Hansen, vice president, and Scott MacDonald. social chairperson Sophomores elected them in October (Photo by Cliff Harris) The Sophomore Class members elected three young men to lead them this year Elected to serve as officers in the October election were Mike Savage, president. Mike Hansen, vice president and Scott Mac(5onald, social chairperson Then in November, two officers were appointed by a special Student Council committee Christy Flores was selected to serve as Sophomore Class Secretary and Kerby Kunstler was selected to serve as Sophomore Class Treasurer Sophomore officers had to change their schedules to be able to have Student Council during period 4 Activities that the officers took charge of were the Sophomore Class Float for the Football Homecoming Parade This year ' s float won third place They also are in charge of the Winter Homecoming for Basketball They help earn money for the sophomore budget by selling candy Sophomore Class Officers 41 IL. Ginger Jaross MichaelJackson Michelle Jacobs Latrise James Nancy Jaramjilo Cynthia Jarman Jason Jenkins Jennifer Jenkins Oemont Jennings Jose Jimenez Dana Jimmerson Aaron Johnson Anthony Johnson Cecelia Johnson Damian Johnson DanielJohnson DavidJohnson Mollis Johnson James Johnson Jimmy Johnson Karriem Johnson Loreshawna Johnson Vaughn Johnson Laurie Johnston Alicia Jones Angela Jones Jon Jones Larry Jones Marcia Jones Saunltre Jones Shelaun Jones Will Jones Jason Jordan Michelle Jore Nelson Judkins 42 i, phomores Cinnamon Kaiser Sheri Kane Jennifer Kelley Frank Kelly Alicia KeniMdy Randy Kenny Tim Kiel Lance Kienzle JoalieKim Julie Kim Evelyn King Monica Landis Kory Lane Jim King Jon King Matt Kiemm CarlKneclit Myette Knight Kim Knowles Jerrell Knox Stacy Knox Michiko Komiyama David Kong Jenni Krause Kerby Kunstler Anne Kurek Eric Kusko SItha Lam Aaron Lambdin Jason Lambert Sophomores 43 Jay Lee Russell Leedy Jodie Legen Thomas Lemmon Deanna Lerma Delano Leslie Christina Lewi « ' fBH w Jb M i r ,! l 1 1 Rhonda Lewis Sherri Lewis Eddie Limon Johnny Lin Todd Lindquist Tammie Little Henry Llamas Edward Long Jeromy Long Charles Longsworth Angelina Lopez Etanisia Lopez Gloria Lopez Juan Lopez 1 Juanita Lopez Leticia Lopez 44 .. homores Nicole Lowe Jason Luna Steve Luna Thanh Ly Richelle Lyford Travis Lynds Scott MacDonald Corina Macias Richard Maciaa Ebony Macon Elizabeth Madrid Joe Madrid Robie Madrigal C.J. Magdolen Eric Malbrough Stephanie Mankey Russell Mardis Gary Maret Greg Mamiffo Carrie Marsh Katrina Martin Genny Martinez Gloria Martinez Sophomores 45 Kenia Martinez Louis Martinez Nikki Martinez Raymond Martinez Ruben Martinez Soledad Martinez Lesley Masterson Michael Mathews Marcia Matlock Robert Matttews Lamone Maurice Tayari Mayfield Robert Mazzella Crystal McCain Michale McCain Peter McArron Thomas McConnjck James McCox Lana McCullough Angela McCurdy Tamika McDuffy JudWiMcOee Brandle McOinnis Corinna McGinty TinaMclntyre Jacqueline McKay Suzanne McKee DavM McNeil Bryan McWhorter Chris Medlock 46 homores f W P Bobby M«ndoza Danny Mendoza SoniaMendoza John Manor Catrena Messer Christian Meyer William Meyers Tasha MIckens Rechelle Miles Jimmy Mills Treva MImmifield JoseMinkah MandyMirlo Crystal Mitchell Damian Mttchell DeWayne Mitchell Sean Mitchell Jennifer Mobley Leonard Mojarro Cami Mojescick Lizeth Molina P2 iiy i Malcobn Molten Zack Montgomery Frank Montano Alicia Montilla Yvonne Moody Eileen Moore Erica Moore Sophomores 47 AFTER SERVING THE BALL, Ellen Adams gets back in the Junior Varsity Volleyball game. (Photo by Cliff Harrtt) 48 Sophomores wk. EisaOchoa An in Obles Cindy Oneal Charles Oreier Anthony Ortega SavangOumg Cart Overman V ISh IL iOverturf Gina Padilla JuanPadilla Ruben Palacios Chad Palmer JoePaniaqua Chandra Parker , Pearson Stephanie Pearson Dallas Peart Alyx Pedregon Derek Peel Michelle Peeples Andre Pendergraph NiarePenrice Juanita Peralta Norine Perez Rudy Perez Stephanie Perkins GIgit Perrone Latasha Perry Sophomores 49 MichMlP rMn StMrthM P«« ra »«wTyP«t ra ChftoPsyton BwiPhiMiM Brandofl Ptddlnglon EtfatynPlMda Bambl Paul Clay Pugd Jannod PuMnga 50 Sophomores Hf " f£g John Pulvers Isabel Quezada Kathy Raible Andy Ramirez Breondan Ramirez David Ramirez Lisa Ramirez ' m Marlene Ramirez Gilbert Ramos Paloma Ramos Veronica Ramos Richard Range! Jason Rawls Alfonso Real Melissa Redden Ken Redman KimberlyReed Shannon Reeder Angelica Reguero Sharon Reid Tammy Reid il Jason Renfro Joseph Renteria Tim Revels Carlos Reyes Kirtoy Reynolds Mana Reynoso Jennipher Rhode Carta Rice Angela Richards Angela Richards Staci Richards Jesse Rincon Jennifer Rivas Michelle RIvas Sophomores 51 Erik Rom DavW Sadtor R i «« Sali 52 Sophomores Ferdinand Sanchez Irene Sanchez Maudi Sanchez Michael Sanchez Roberta Sanchez Tanua Sanchez Clorre Sanders Scott Sandler Andy Sandoval Roberta Sandoval Ruben Santoscoy Debbie Saucedo Mike Savage Lisa Sawyer Raymond Schaffran Mike Scheckles David Schmidt Michelle Scholtz Amanda Schultz Dawn Schwartz Kathy Schwertteger Ericha Scott Jerry Scott Sophomores 53 Rhiianon Scott Swanebru Scott Jason Seccombe Cindy Seeman David Sehreck Joanna Sepulveda Gina Sema Josh Sipe Pam Skeens Bill Skinner Jennifer Slaby Athena Smith Brian Smith Caren Smith Dale Smith Dammon Smith Demond Smith Francheska Smith Lauren Smith Leveies Smith Mariow Smith 54 Sophomores Jose Soto Mary Soto Scott Sparks Demetrius Sprewell Monte Sprewell Christal Stallworth Cornell Stanton Carly Steffens Matthew Stelnhour Daren Stephens Nicole Stevens Shannon Stevens Tylor Stotler Jennie Stoval Matsoon Suleiman Ann Sung Anthony Swan Nyree Sweatt Brian Swift Alfred Tagle Norine Tagle j Justin Tanner MyeshaTanzy Jesse Tarazon Christie Tate Andrew Taylor Trayvon Taylor Wendy Terrazas Sophomores 55 Herbert Terrell AlanTMes Brandon Thomas Earl Thompson Gregory Thompson James Thompson Kimberly Thompson Mikel Thompson Regina Thompson Tina Thompson Trena Thompson Misti Thornton Beaker Tibbs JeffTinoco Michelle Toms Kyanh Ton J Tom Toner LeeTorian Dominick Torquato Frank Torres Rebecca Torres Sal Torres Erick Torreschico Roy Townshend Loan Im Tran Stanley Tullous Roxanna Ullery Eddie Urena Dennis Valero 56 Sophomores Angela Vargas Joey Vasquez Robert Vasquez Brenda Veliz Jaime Vera Rick Villegas Sony Villesca Diana Viloria Yvette Vinson Clint Vogei Jennifer Walde Bashire Wahid Allie Walker Corey Walker H i H H 7 H r ' David Wallace Heather Wallace Danny Walsh Angel Walters TristenWard Cheriyn Warren Mesha Washington Antwain Watson Lori Watson MarcWatton De Vole Webster Philip Webster Edward West Glenn Westfall Traci Whaley Ben Wheeler Donnavan Wheeler Keri Whitaker Josh Whittier Anna Wick Sophomores 57 SheHon Wicker Juan Wilford Traselle Williams Althea Williams Christopher Williams Eric Williams Juanesha Williams Justin Williams Kesha Williams Keishaa Williams Linda Williams Reginald Williams Roger Williams Deborah Williamson Candice Wilson James Wilson John Wilson Steve Wilson Jason Wollerton Ed Woods Eddie Woods (I .. v Meliknda Woods Michael Worden Ctaudell Wroten Nelson Yanes Manuel Yanez De Shun Young Lydia Youseef Rosa Zamora Sylvia Zamora Monaliza Zamorano Luis Zapata Tilly Zarate Charlene Zauala 58 Sophomores Following Are Late Photos Lilly Zavala Ison Zibowsky Richard Zuniga Cametria Hall Don Hardwick Renee Hayes Steven Mitchell S. Peters Jenny Quick D. Randall 0. Sanchez F. Sema Sophomores 59 Sport s o ® Winning by Flying Colors P isenhower students agree with one goal for sports — at school, that is to win. No matter what it may be, Eagles have competed on the football field, in the water, on tennis courts, on golf course, on wrestling mats, and on running tracks. This year ' s athletes took pride in the name Eagles and soared with flying colors m every sport. At games, support could be seen and heard through the cheers from the crowd and cheerleaders. Pride and spirit were shown when a team won. Encouragements were given when a game was lost. Whenever a trium- phant win took place, not only the players celebrated, but the crowd of Eisenhower students as well. Victory parties usually were held at pizza restaurants after a good game. To win took plenty of teamwork and collaboration. No one won a team trophy without the help of the team in any sport. The coaches encouraged their members to work for team effort. That was how Eagles stayed on top After all, what does every Eisenhower athlete have in common as a goaP As Derrik Law, Eisenhower ' s senior varsity football line-backer, said, " To win! " (By Laurie Smith) 60 Sports Division Page (Page by Laurie Smith) Sports Division Page 61 Varsity Volleyball Is a Team The Lady Eagles ' Varsity Volleyball Team was lead by Coach Paul Watkins and team captain Laurie Dunbar. The team ' s overall record was 10-10 for the season. According to one member, Teresa Pedrosa, the team was " pretty good. " The members felt that they worked together as a team. Teams that the Lady Eagles played were Colton, Riverside Poly, San Gorgonio, Moreno Valley, Fontana, Redlands, and Rubidoux. (By Patrice Walsh) KRIS MADISON hits the ball over the net for an EHS point. GETTING THE BALL OVER THE NET is Laurie Dunbar as Lyn Sipe is ready to assist IN A HUDDLE, Coach Watl ins goes over some pointers during a time-out. SUPPORT TALK is done between LaToya Glass and Krystal Gray. (Photos by Patrice Walsh) RAH: RAH! RAH! NEVER FAILING BRAVELY PLAYING, RAISE YOUR COLORS HIGH. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU AND TRUE TO EISENHOWER HIGH. fO-( tISf .muWEk mio»- i OLR D ' aR old alma M«Tf Vli. CA EOUR BEST TO iHql " ' ' : HERE WE SPENT OUR RISHEO YEARS PLEDGE OUR LOYAIT " TWILIGHT : ' ■ ,,iWS ' ROS- VPATHCfLI " :.,iSi%ssiNKiNg| WES 1 EET. ' INDC! TO VlEi I it J (Page by Patrice Walsh) 62 Varsity Volleyball THE 1987-M GIRLS ' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM (Sitting:) Lynn Sipe. Kirsten Kremer, Bemie Chalupnik (KnMlIng:) Teresa Pedroza. Debbie Bullock. Latoya Glass, (Standing:) Krystal Gray, Coach Paul Watkins, Lori Dunbar, and Kris Madison. (Photo by ClWf Harrlt) HEARINQ THE CALL, Lynn Sipe disagrees with the referee ' s decision (Photo by Cliff Hani ) THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM discusses the roster before starting the game (Photo by Cliff HaiTia) i (Page by Patrice Walsh) Varsity Volleyball 63 JV Volley Bumps into Season The 1987-88 JV Volleyball season was off to a very good start, placing fourth in league with a 9-5 Citrus Belt League record and a 15-8 overall record. Team members placed second out of 32 teams in the Alta Loma Montclair Tourney, losing only to Fontana in the cham- pionship game " We had a lot of team spirit, and we had fun, " said team member Natalie Angle, sophomore, who received the coaches ' award at the volleyball banquet. Also receiving awards was Ellen Adams, most inspirational; Janice Diaz, most most improved, and Shandi Byrd, the most valuable. Many players will return next year hoping to play varsity. (By Ryan Carrigan) THE COACHES watch and applaud the team on to a victory. (Photo by Cliff Harris) IN THE HUDDLE, the team and coaches discuss the strategies tor the next quarter (Photo by Ryan Carrigan) ELLEN ADAMS and the JV Volleylxill team make an important save again: Redlands (Photo by Ryan Carrigan) IKE MISSES THE BLOCK but team members save the ball (Photo by CH Harris) (Paga by Tareaa Pedroza) 64 JVVolleyball mill iipw K, 1 1987-88 JV VOLLEYBALL TEAM members and coach include (Back row:) Coach Barbara Schnabel, Janice Diaz, Shandi Byrd, Rene Hacket, Janelle Bautista, Ellen Adams, and Coach Paul Watkins (Middle row:) Carol Angle, Karin Parker, Natalie Angle, Aimee Anderson, and April Fellows. (Front row:) Nicole Griggs, Martha Hernandez, and Tami Conley, manager (Not pictured: Theary Eastland and Kerri Gray). NICOLE QRIQQ8 makes the spike for the point READY TO SWITCH places are Shandi Byrd and Natalie Angle (Photo by Ryan Carrlgan) (Pag by Ryan Carrlgan) JV Volleyball 65 XC Breaks Records The Eisenhower Cross Country program had one of its best seasons for 1987-1988. Lack of participation hurt the Eagles in past season but hopes were lifted after the good turnout this year. The boys ' varsity team placed 4th in the Citrus Belt League (CBL) and the boys ' JV team went undefeated with a record of 8-0. The boys ' sophomore team assembled to run only at the invitationals and also were undefeated. The team placed 1st at the Colton, Perris, Yucaipa, Arlington, and Mt. SAC Invitaitonals. The sophomores also made Eisenhower history by becoming the 1st team to ever win a championship at the prestigious Mt. SAC Invitational. The teams were comprised of seniors; Eric Thomas, Rolf Wuerch, Ross Velasco, and Steve Pitts; juniors: Frank Sharpe, Joe Madrid, Gary Motley, Chris Jacobs, David Cox, and Donald Bender; and sophomores: Luis Escanuela, Jason Jenkins, Ray Carrillo, Carlos Corondo, Mike Savage, Scott McDonald, Keith Chrisholm, and Corey Walker. Although the low number of girls prevented the team from winning all but two of their dual meets spirits were high. This was the first team the girls have had since 1984 and the changes of a team for next year are good, said Coach Tony Black. The team was made up of seniors: Tami Lawler, Denise Morales, Sharon Swift, and Lorin Guillory; and junior TD Jackson. For both the boys ' and girls ' teams, records were broken. Frank Sharpe set the varsity boys individual record of 15:39. The sophomore record was taken by Luis Escanela in a time of 15:49. The varsity girls ' individual record was set by Denise Morales in a time of 20:00. The boys ' varsity team record was changed to 79:32 by Frank Sharpe, Luis Escanuela, Rolf Wuerch, Carlos Coronodo and Jason Jenkins. The boys JV record was set by Ray Carrillo, Gary Motley, Mike Savage, Ross Velasco, and David Cox in a time of 87:02. Luis Escanuel came in 7th at CBL Finals at the Fon- tana course with a time of 7:24.. He was the only All- CBL runner from both teams. The girls ' varsity team record was set by Denise Morales, Tami Lawler, Sharon Swift, TD Jackson, and Lohn Guillory in a time of 1 15:57. Head Coach Tony Black said, " It was the most en- joyable season I ever had because everyone was a pleasure to work with, and they all had good attitudes. " (By Denise Morales) IKE ' S BOYS ' CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: (Top row:) Coach Roy Brocomonte Keith Chisholm, Frank Sharpe, Joe Madrid, Roll Wuerch, and Coach Tony Black (Middle row:) Mike Savage, David Cox, Ross Velasco, Jason Jenkins. Scot MacDonald, and Luis Escanuel (Front row:) Raymond Carrillo, Donald Bender Steve Pitts, Carlos Coronodo, Chns Jacot s, and Eric Thomas (Photo by Eddk Vellz) CAPTAIN ROLF WUERCH strives lor the linish line in a cross country meet (Photo by Eddie Vellz) (Page by Eddie Vellz) 66 Cross-Country I •ll E IN THE LEAD, Tami Lawler runs a 3. 1 mile cross country course. (Photo by Tony Black) COMING UP ON AN OPPONENT, Ike cross country runner, Sharon Swift will take the lead (Photo by Eddie Veliz) IN BETWEEN TWO OPPONENTS, T.D. Jackson gives the race her all to beat them and gain more points lor Eisenhower. (Photo by Tony Black) " i : gtSMi-JM (Page by Eddie Veliz) Cross Country 67 Tennis Serves with Pride I kes Girls ' Tennis Team consisted of nine team ' members The valuable player this year was Tina Thompson She was Ikes number one player in the singles games. The most improved player was Christy Ullrich She has been on Ike ' s Tennis Team for three years The Coach ' s Award went to Lynette Jueneman, who showed her dedication and support to the team. Coach Wilson said he was proud of the efforts given by every player at the games and tournaments. Some of opponents played were Riverside Poly, Rubidoux, San G, and Moreno Valley (By Miriam Phillips) READY FOR THE PLAY Christy Ullrich cor)centrates carefully on her next match. COACH WILSON is the Girls ' and Boys ' tennis coach. TAKING TIME OUT, Shawne Moruzzi and Valerie Bravo con - gratulate each other on a good game. (Photos by Patrice Walsh) (Page by Miriam Phillip ) 68 Girls ' Tennis EISENHOWER ' S QIRLS ' TENNIS TEAM ended the season with a 7-7 record (Back row:) Coach Richard Wilson, Valerie Bravo, Kim Jacobs, Shawne Moruzzi, and Tina Thompson (MIddl row:) Angela Richards, Lynette Jueneman, and Kim Lyiord (Front row:) Christy Ullrich and Jer ny McBride) (Photo by Sandy Radwina) SWINQINQ FOR THE WIN, Christy Ullrich wins the point lor the Eisenhower Tennis Team (Photo by Patrica Walah) (Paga by Miriam Phllllpt) Qlrls ' Tennis 69 Varsity Football Goes to Playoffs r he 1987-88 Eisenhower Varsity Fooball team once ' again got to the playoffs. The season started off with a bang as Eisenhower shut out Escondido. The following week Ike got a convincing win over Painn Springs. They then spanked Norco and went into league play with an impressive 3-0 record. The Eagles beat San G. in their first league game. They went on to beat Moreno Valley and then Riverside Poly in the Homecoming game. Ike had a 6-0 record going into the Fontana game. Before a record crowd of over 8,500 Eisenhower fought hard and gve Fontana a run for its money before suffer- ing its first defeat of the season. Ike then beat Rubidoux and Colton. The Eagles finish- ed league play with an overtime loss to Redlands. The Eagles drew a home game against Long Beach Wilson in the opening round of the playoffs. Ike led throughout most of the game and had a seven-point lead with a minute to play. Long Beach Wilson drove up filed and go a touch down to pull within 14-13. Long Beach decided to go for two and got it to give them a 15-14 lead. Eisenhowerthen had one last chance, but a 45-yard field goal came up short and the season had ended. This year ' s defense consisted of All-CIF linebacker, Michael Smalls; linebacker, Frank Sullivan; defensive end, Anthony Daulton; defensive backs, Jomo Robinson and Stacy Wilcots; defensive lineman, Alfonso Aquila; and linebacker LaRahn Cooper. Reserve linebacker Hondo Zuniga did a good job fill- ing in when Frank Sullivan was out with a pulled hamstr- ing muscle. The offense was led by quarterback Steve Hoak who passed for 932 yards and seven TDs in regular season play. Running back Dennis Collier rush- ed for 1,384 yards, a 7.56 average, and 15 TDs in regular season play. Dennis led the league in rushing through most of the season. Runningback Daryl McChristian was hampered by a back injury most of the season. Wide receiver Keith Horn had 25 receptions for a 13.7 yard average. The of- fense was led by Craig Bowman. The Eagles had eight players make All-CBL first team first year: Dennis Collier, Daryl McChristian, Steve Hoak, Craig Bowman, Stacy Wilcots, James Montfleury, Michael Smalls, and Anthony Daulton. Six Eagles, Keith Horn, Joe Martinez, Don Rentz, Maurice Wilson, Frank Sullivan, and LaRahn Cooper, made the second team. (By Mike Clark) DENNIS COLLIER breaks down the sideline to score one of his 17 regular season touchdowns. (Photo by Denlte Morales) WHILE RUNNING A PASS ROUTE, Daryl McChristian looks back to lind the hall (Photo by Varden Studlot, Inc.) (Pag by MIka Clailc) 70 Varsity Football • If t ? -f- I t THE 1987-88 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: (Top row:) Michael Smalls. Jim Loudermilk, Stacey Wilcots, Robert Matthews, Chris Wright, Craig Bowman, Chris Able, and Anthony Daulton (Fourth row:) Frank Sullivan, LaRahn Cooper, Steve Hoak, Don Rentz, Alfonso Aguila, Eddie Altamirano, James Montlleury, and Brian Hahn (Third row:) Hondo Zuniga, Scott Richardson, Coach Pat MacKenzie, Trainer Kevin Graf, Head Coach Tom Hoak, Coach Clarence Tropez, Coach Don Hoak, Jomo Robinson, and Craig Newsome (Second row:) John Flowers, Kenny Peterson, Mike Harbauer, Dennis Collier, Derrick Law, Rhqaa Gooden, Hollis Johnson, and John Ceaser (Bottom row:) Keith Horn, Daryl Mc- Christian, Eric Martinez, Richard Zuniga, Damn Manny, Joe Martinez, and Maurice Wilson. THE 1987-88 COACHINQ STAFF: (Top row:) Coach Gary Mayer, Coach Steve Nava, Head Coach Tom Hoak, Trainer Kevin Graf, Coach Don Hoak, Coach Pat MacKenzie (Bottom row:) Coach Clarence Tropez, Coach Brian Latner, and Coach Richard Norfolk- BILL ELLIOT drops a pass during a pre-game warm up. LEAVING THE FIELD is Frank Sullivan after pulling a hamstring muscle dur- ing the first quarter of the Homecoming game against Riverside Poly (Photos by Varden Studios, Inc. and Wendy Better) (Page by Mike Clark) Varsity Football 71 Mr. Big Stuff Craig Bowman, offensive line captain, has played varsity for two years. He hopes to attend college on a football scholarship. Craig is very proud of the fact that he was a Debutante escort. This year he was named first team, All-Citrus Belt League. As member of the school club, Brothers and Sisters United, Craig said that he enjoyed being part of the club. However his favorite extra curricular activity was football. (By Mike Clark) FOOTBALL TEAM MEMBERS, Craig Bowman, Frank Sullivan, and Michael Smalls run through the balloons that have become a tradition at Homecoming games. A HOST OF EAQLES receive instructions from the coach. WHILE TEAM MEMBERS, Craig Bowman, Hondo Zuniga. and Joe Martinez block, Steve Hoak han ds oil to All-League runningback, Dennnis Collier. STEVE HOAK drops back to pass. (Photos by Vardan Studios, Inc.) (Pag by MIka Claili) 72 Varsity Football One of the Best What stands 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 220 lbs.? It ' s Mike Smalls, the All-CIF linebacker. Mike has received scholarship offers from just about every major college and university in the country. He has lettered varsity three years in football, two years in basketball, and two years in baseball. He is a very strong candidate to win the prestigious Hubb ' s award given annually to the best all-around senior athlete in San Bernardino county. Michael is regarded by scouts as one of the best high school linebackers in the nation. Mike hopes to some- day play in the NFL. His family is very proud of him and attends every game. Mike also played tight end and punted. (By Mike Clark) DARYL MCCHRISTIAN tries to find a hole while Brian Hahn and Rhojaa Gooden block. (Photo by Denl«e Moralat) AFTER CATCHING A PASS, Michael Smalls turns uplield to gam bfg yardage (Photo by Denise Morales) AFTER TAKING THE SNAP, Sfeve Hoak turns to give the ball to three-year letter- man. Daryl McChnstian (Photo by Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by MIka Clark) Varsity Football 73 J.V. FOOTBALL PLAYERS recooperate from a tackle (Photo by Patrice Walsh) AN EISENHOWER JV FOOTBALL PLAYER is tackled after catching a pass. (Photo by Patric« Walsh) « THE 1987-88 JUNIOR VARSITY AND SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM (Photo by Denise Morales) (Page by Lauren Smith) 74 JV Football NUMBER 79 prepares to receive a pass (Photo by Patrice Walsh) Doing It All for the Team Cr isenhower Eagles finished the JV football season this year with a 2-5 record. Many people in the stands participated by getting together and cheering the Eagles on. A good yard gain, interception, pass or touchdown was not made just because of a good play. It was made because of team- work and dedication. Each football player did a lot to make a good team. Going to every practice takes dedication. Derrik Law said that being on the football team was a great feeling because the players were unified and stuck together. Just being part of a team meant a lot. Jose Soto, number 81 wide receiver on the J.V. football team, felt the same way. He said he thought football was a great sport and had played on a Junior All American League called the Spartans for three years. He worked and practiced hard to stay on the team. Practices ran from 2:45 to 5:15 p.m. for specialities. For grade point average a 2.0 was to be maintained, but teachers always expected more. Much dedication to go to practices was needed to make the team its best when they played games. Jose commented about be- ing a J.V. football player, " Don ' t give up. If you try hard enough you ' ll make it. Never let people discourage you. " Mollis Johnson, varsity line backer of the Eisenhower Eagles, said about football, " I do it all for my team I " (By Laurie Smith) (Page by Laur»n Smith) JV Football 75 ERIC MALBROUGH makes the tackle against a Cttino playci in the iophomofe gjn (Page by Greg Peterson) E SENHOV ER and Chino go at It in an Ct}ii ' ' - ■■■ , ., - ttie Sofjtiomore Footttall Team (Photos by Denise Morales) 76 Sophomore Football i2«iywii; THE EISENHOWER DEFENSE awaits the snap. CHINO ' S DEFENSE is at work at an Chino away game tor sophmore loolball. Sophomore Eagles Seven Wins The 1987-88 Sophomore Football Team had a suc- cessful year with an overall record of 7 wins and 2 losses. For the fifth consecutive season, Brian Latner coach- ed the team. In the 1986-87 season, the Sophomore Eagles went 4-6, but they turned that around. With a powerful defense and stong offense, the Eagles rolled over their opponents. There was not one great player but a team of great players, said the coach. It took a lot of team work for the Eagles to get where they ended, but it was worth it, Coach Latner added (By Greg Peterson) EISENHOWER ' S DEFENSE tackles one at China ' s players. (Photoa by Denise Morales) (Page by Greg Peterson) Sophomore Football 77 The Ups and Downs of Wrestling r he Eisenhower Varsity Wrestling Team had ' season similar to a roller coaster ride. The first half of the season the Eagles did well beating Ramona, San G, and Moreno Valley They plac- ed third at the Northview 28- team varsity tournament It, was the first time in five years an Ike team placed ' among the top three The team met with problems before the Ike vs Fohi showdown Senior Derek Parra, couldn ' t wrestle for fear of re-opening a cut received the Saturday before the match. Senior Shawn Crawford was unable to wrestle due to an illness, and Captain Paul Baeza wrestled despite his illness. Ike and the CBL title fell to Fohi. The Eagles came back to win Rubidoux with their fulll team wrestling but the rest of the season was down hilt. The loss of Derek Parra, Tony Arnold, Roderick Adams, and Robert Casanares weakend the team ' s strength. Without their complete team the Eagles lost i their last two matches to Colton and Redlands. " This season was the first season that I caa; remember where we were plagued with injuries and ill- . nesses at key matches. The team was young with only i three seniors in the line up We will be stronger next i year, " stated Head Coach Sid Gilbreath. (By Denise I Morales) { THE VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM: (Back row:) Colby Gilbreath, Paul Baeza, Todd Lauzon, Alex Zuniga, Malcom Moten, Randy Wyatt, Matt Vlllalavazo, and Robert Casaneres (Bottom row:) Tony Arnold, Roderick Adams, Steve Morales. Scott King, Derek Parra. Brad Fisher Kenny Williams, and David Garcia (Not pic- tured was Shawn Crawlord who was on the varsity line up) WINNING BY A FALL is senior Tony Arnold in a match against San G. (Photos by Oenise Morales) (Page by Oenise Morales) 78 Varsity Wrestling Tournament Results 12-1 2-87 Rubldoux Varsity Raauitt 105 lbs — Tony Arnold — third 112 lbs — Sfei ' e Morales — second 126 lbs — Derek Parra — third 145 lbs. — Colby Gilbreath — fourth 154 lbs. — Paul Baeza — second Team Results: tilth place out ol thirteen teams 12-18,19-67 Northvlaw Varsity Tournamant 098 lbs. — Roderick Adams — sixth 105 lbs. — Tony Arnold — second 1 12 lbs. — Steve Morales — first 126 lbs. — Derek Parra — third 145 lbs. — Colby Gilbreath — first 154 lbs. — Paul Baeza — fourth Team Results: Third place out ol twenty-eight teams 12-30,31-87 Upland Varsity Tourrtarriant 105 lbs — Tony Arnold — first 112 lbs — Steve Morales — first (MVP of lower weights) 126 lbs. — Derek Parra — third 154 lbs. — Paul Baeza — fourth Team Results: Fourth place out of ten teams 1-16-88 San Clemante Varsity Tournamant 100 lbs. — Tony Arnold — first (MVP of lower weights) 107 lbs. — Sfeve Morales — first 121 lbs. — Derek Parra — second 140 lbs. — Colby Gilbreath — third Team Results: Sixth place out of nineteen teams 2-6-68 Victor Vallay Varsity Tournament 10B lbs. — Sfei ' e Morales — first (MVP of lower weights) 141 lbs. — Colby Gilbreath — first 148 lbs. — Paul Baeza — fourth Team Results: Sixth out of twenty-two teams Citrus Bolt League Finals 101 Ib.-Tony Arnold — second 108 lb. -Steve Morales — first 135 Ib.-Shawn Crawford — first 141 Ib.-Colby Gilbreath — first 148 Ib.-Paul Baeza — third 1 78 lb. -Alex Zuniga — third Hvy. Wt. -Steve Causey— fourth Dual Meets Ike 51 : Ramona 15 Ike 28: Corona 39 Ike 36, San G 34 Ike 50; Moreno Valley 15 Ike 13;Fontana50 Ike 41 : Rubidoux 25 Ike 25; Colton 41 Ike 28: Redlands 39 Overall Record: 9-6-1 League Record: 3-3 SENIOR CAPTAIN Paul Baeza pins the San G wrestler USING THE HALF NELSON, Steve Morales, junior captain, pins his Colton opponent IN THE STARTING POSITION, Colby Gilbreath waits for the whis- tle. (Photos by Varden Studios, Inc.) H TV (Page by Denise Morales) ,n cjh t mt I U. reuY a re-ffy Coo av ci i iw CfC y l efjjoi l , X hof e you S- ' l - V(ya. i 1 T l op yea ( ' { J Mf- tc J A i5h yea IfjicK M fk- TC -(-iAr . ffof tt rai £ t f ' H yoo{ ; L o J-e ' -JO oO , Varsity Wrestling 79 i.lps No ' JV Wrestling ' s Winning Attitude. r he JV wrestlers did very well this year. Their iv " Jj fi ' " season record was 4-2 They met some very tough competitors Among them cheering ON THE JV WRESTLERS are lod i Courtney or was the toughest opponent Fontana, Hernandez, and Coach Brian Lamer The Coach for the team was Mr Brian Latner. THE JV WRESTLING TEAM: Sieve Causey (Front row): . usf n Studios, Inc.) (Top row ; Raymond Pitchlord. John Healy. Richard Valadez, Manuel Gonzales, Richard Mosely, Ricky Rivera, Roy Seeman. £« Williams, Nicholas Ramirez, Tommy Durrer, Danny Herriandez, Mike Hall. Chuck Chavez, and Chris Moulder (Photo by Varell] (Page by Caren Smith) 80 JV Wrestling IHI MfcRIUinfcS 511 n WRESTLING his way to victory is Nictiotas Ramirez VICTORY makes wrestlers, Ricky Rivera. Roy Seeman. and Mike Hall, happy MIKE HALL wfes es lor a win RICHARD MOSELY wrestles to victory (Page by Caren Smith) JV Wrestling 81 Varsity Boys ' Basketball Regroups " T he 1987-88 Varsity Boys ' Basketball team got off • to a rocky start but regrouped to end the season with a 6-8 record in league and 8-14 overall. The Eagles were lead by first year coach Martin Sipe Coach Sipe was not completely satisfied with his team ' s performance. He felt the members could have done better. The players included seniors Sean Evans, Damon Watson, Charles Stringer, and Ben Ramsdale Juniors were Kirk Warren and Sean Hardge. Sophomores in- cluded Nubian London, Kevin Foster, Demond Smith, and Josh Sipe (By Mike Clark) E ' ff T HI S H p 1 J A FREE THROW is shot by Charles Stringer SHOOTING A JUMPER is three-year letterman. Damon Watson. COMING OFF OF A FAST BREAK, Charles Stringer shoots a layup (Photos by Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by Mike Clark) 82 Varsity Boys ' Basketball THE VARSITY BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM: (Back row:)Head Coach Mar- tin Sipe. Kirk Warren. Damon Walson. Sean Evans. Charles Stnnger. Nubian Lon- don. Kevin Foster, and Coach Steve Johnson (Front row:)8en Ramsdale. De- mand Smith. Josh Sipe. and Sean Hardge. JUNIORSean Hardge drives to the basket WAITINQfof me JV game to end are Sean Hardge. Richard Hodges, manager: Kirk Warren, and Charles Stnnger (Photos by Cliff Harris) (Page by Mike Clark) Varsity Boys ' Basketball 83 s 7oo?s r .T° ° " " ABOUND. Josh Sipe and Sean Hardge watch as Damon Watson JI ' IT.M! ' - ' - ' ° ' ' ' P ' °° ' ' S ' or someone to pass to DAMON WATSON prepares to receive a pass Stu2iorinc.) ' ' " ' °° ' ' ' ' " ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ° ' ' " " ' ' " ' " ' " " ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ° ' °» " y harden (Page by Mike Clark) 84 Varsity Boys ' Basketball DURING TIME OUT, Coach S(pe gives instructions AGAINST RUBIDOUX, Sean Hardge and Josh Sipe go lor a retxmnd. SEAN EVANS delivers a pass. (Photos by Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by Mike Clark) Varsity Boys ' Basketball 85 JV Basketball Wins Basketball this year was a success in many ways, team of good players was the key to ttiis year good season One key player was Donyell (Packy) Collins wh played guard and sometimes forward His interest f this sport was because he felt it was a fast action, new stopping game The toughest opponents Donyell coul remember competing against were Redlands players The head coach for JV Basketball was Mr Geral Silvestri A banquet was held for the players, parent and coaches at the beginning of the season It was Team Parent Night to introduce parents to the team. The Eagles ' biggest victory that Packy could recj was against Moreno Valley. The JV Basketball team won a few championship and trophies this year, also They proved to have th Eagles ' pride and spirit (By Lauren Smith) DONYELL (PACKY) COLLINSyumps for a basket sAior . JV BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM: (Back row:) Cnnch Gerald Sylvestri. Julius Bums. Alvin Cdinfjbell. CIdy Pugh, Chns BUko. RoDcit i quez. Daminn Johnson, .nut Monle Slnw.nl (Front row:) Dana Jimmerson. Kendrick Davis. Donyell Collins. Ed West. Bryan Davis. Ka " Allah, and Maic Bell (Photo by Cliff Harris) (Page by Lauren Smith) 86 JV Boys ' Basketball SOPHMORE AND JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Christa Grossage. Joeli Crouch. Cathy Alveras. Cornne Carrigan. Heather Eubank, Gina Abrego. Kelly Hilbert, Nyree Sweatt, Jennifer Mobley. and Tammy Reid encourage the team with a quick cheer routine. AIR STEWART! Monte Stewart aggressive lor a basket shot LAMONT BURKS PAUSES from motion with the ball MARK BELL JUMPS to aim for a basket shot TIME OUT FOR J.V. BASKETBALL PLAYERS. Monte Stewart. Julius Burns. Mark Bell. Lamont Birks. Alvin Campbell. Eric Culberson, and head coach Gerald Sylvestri and head sophomore coach Jerry Tivey (Photos by Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by Lauren Smith) JV Boys ' Basketball 87 New Coach Joins Sophomore Basketball This year ' s Sophomore Boys ' Basketball Team was led by first year coach Jerry Tivey, who was a substitute teacher at Eisenhower. Top players included Dana Jammerson, Chris Blake, and Demond Smith who, late in the season, moved up to varsity. Opponents included Canyon Springs, Rubidoux, Nogales, Glendora, Boys ' Republic, and Fontana, (By Michael Clark) FIGHT FOR Mm. F)GHT WITM Ml yOWIMI I t««l(rtW,TWtW«IIWl l ■ TDIWUtlNMtDWHin I lAHl UHI lAHl I ii(vnmuK.MiM(ufni ' MUSI tout CUOKHIGK, I WEMKNOUOOFIOIIi l TO (tStDHOWd HN SHOOTING A J over a Canyon Springs player is Ed West while Roben Vasquez t i: ties lor position KARRIEM ALLAH diihhh-s the ball vvAii e floberf Vasquez and Ed West post up GOING AFTER A REBOUND ,ife Clay Pugh, Karriem Allah, and Ed West BATTLING FOR POSITION K.iiiiom Allah and Clay Pugh wait tor Ed West to shoot ,i tree throw (Photos by Cliff Harris) (Page by Mike Clark) 88 Sophomore Boys ' Basketball ■ • -c Li ■: i - c ' u ■;« ft «Kt PROUD Of ytJU AND IS HERE WE SPfKT out m TO EISENHOWER HIGH. ' ■ - " - " ' ■ wm. ■ i t i fl6NlT0UU0US 1 ytz rUktt L nGHTwmiAu aiinii v H K [YRumnHAWMnnL J B KtlKCKENANOWHrn K UKIIAIIUMI tmmmamnmik H uisdnNOiMSMai. KUtnOnVWUAND TiiKionsfnowwQi 5 1 KKi THE SOPHOMORE BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM FOR 1987-88: (Back row:) Coach Jerry Tivey. Damion Johnson, Steve Vasguez, Clay Pugh. and Christopher Herrera (Front row:) Demand Smith, Karriem Allah. Ed West, and Derrick Hall DERRICK HALL passes the ball to Karriem Allah LOOKING TO PASS is Ed West as Karriem Allah goes through the UP GOES THE BALL as Karriem Allah puts up a shot (Photos by Cliff Harris) (Page by Mike Clark) Sophomore Boys ' Basketball 89 Lady Eagles Basketball Ends in Top c " T he Lady Eagles pulled off another great year, rank- ' ing in the top three of the Citrus Belt League teams Under the direction of new head coach John Costas and assistant coach Ricky Willianns, the girls took on a whole new attitude about thennselves. This year ' s lead player and team captain was Krystal Gray (By Patrice Walsh) LADY EAGLES (Top row:) Tonya Barring, manager. Melody Lanigan, April Snavely, | Krystal Gray, Kenya Owens, Yvonne Moody, Natalie Hamner, Yvonne Longshore. Kim -j Stokes and Coach John Costa (Bottom row:) Chauncet Mitchell, Kern Gray, Lonn i Guillory, and Rachelle Malbrough (Photo by Teresa Pedroza) i GOING FOR THE POINTS, Kim Stokes shoals lor two points Krystal Gray goes lor the rebound (Photo by Varden Studios, Inc.) SHOOTI SHOOT! SHOOT! Krystal Gray goes lor the points as she is covered fn fw | Cotton players (Photo by Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by Patrice Walsh) 90 Girls ' Varsity Basketball ONE ON ONE Rachelle Malbrough runs down the court lor a lay up IT ' S SUPERMELODYI Delying the laws ol gravity. Melody Langin jumps high lor the points. APRIL SNAVELY looks lor an open team mate (Page by Patrice Walsh) Girls ' Varsity Basketball 91 JV Girls ' Baskeball Lead by Boese t:i Tan: ' S na m ?.PEr m ttHfti CHERISHED »{A8S WHEN TWIUOHT SHAOOiS fHiil WSSOURWTHOfJ ' i isoiissmiiifiG I unior Varsity Girls ' Basketball members were coached by a newcomer to the EHS coaching staff, Shawanda Boese The team consisted of Andrenette Alexander, Yulil Alonso, April Fellows, Allynn Jackson, Kimberly Jacobs, Shauna Johnson, Christal Stallworth, Raquel Rivera, Rondell Rivera and team captain Thearodisa Eastland. Playing their opponents from Norco, San Gorgonio. Moreno Valley, Riverside Poly, Fontana, Victor Valley, Rubidoux, Colton, and Redlands, the Ike girls came out with an overall record of 6-14 (By Teresa Pedroza) SHOOTING OVER a Fontana opponent. Apnl Fellows gels two pninis TEAM MEMBERS wnrm up 10 play Fontana opponents APRIL FELLOWS wd a Fontana player struggle lor the ball (Photos by Teresa Pedroza) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) 92 JV Girls ' Basketball LOOKING ON THE COURT, Coach Shawanda Boese watches the play THEARDOISA EASTLAND is the JV Basketball Team Captain THE JV GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM: (Back row:) April Fellows. Sylvia Robinson. Andrenetle Alexandra. Allynn Jackson. Christal Stallworth. and Theardosia Eastland (Front row:) Rondell Rivera and Raquel Rivera. (Photos by Teresa Pedroza) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) JV Girls ' Basketball 93 L Boys ' Varsity Soccer Places 4th Mii»MniMii ' J U-- • » WW ith an overall record of eleven wins, nine losses, and two ties this year ' s Varsity Soccer Team came in fourth place in their division The league record was six wins, two ties and six losses Under the coaching of Mr Joe Dumond and Mr Craig Wells the team did their best this year Both coaches teach history at Eisenhower (By Jason Cox) TsSSr IN A HUDDLE, the Boys ' Varsity Soccei Tedni jels p(c.pp«J up tielore the game (Photo by Jason Cox) USING HIS HEAD, Mike Lehmann practices before a soccer game. (Photo by Wendy Bettar) IN THE GAME, Matt Stotler scores tor Eisenhower (Photo by Jason Cox) S (Page by Jason Cox) 94 Varsity Boys ' Soccer I sr- !. ' -525 f.v j ' - " ■ ' ; — J T : THE BOYS ' VARSITY SOCCER TEAM: (Back row:) Coach Joseph Dumond, Matt Slotler. Frank Camacho. Jell Aldrich. Mike Her- bauer, Chris Poorman. Pal Basoco, Ted Chronopoulos. Ramsey Sam, and Coach Craig Wells (Front row:) Joe Juarez. Mike Savage. Shawn Branch. Robert Pedace. Mike Lehmann. Tim Hearon. Mac Reynoso, and Sail Hamidi (Photo by Wendy Bettar) SHAWN BRANCH warms up before a match against Fontana. (Photo by Wendy Bettar) GOAL TENDING practice keeps Chris Poorman alert for the game against Fontana (Photo by Jason Cox) (Page by Jason Cox) Varsity Boys ' Soccer 95 JV Soccer Adds New Head Coacl r he new head coach for the JV Boys ' Soccer Team ' was Mr. William (Rusty) Blanchard. He was the assistant coach for varsity last year and switched places with Mr. Craig Wells for the 1987-88 season. The team of 15 members earned a record of 3-10-5 overall, and in Citrus Belt League the record was 2-8-4. EISENHOWER JV SOCCER players go after the ball. GAINING POSSESSION of ttie ball. Mike Sloan will try for the Eisenhower goal- (Photos by Beth Lord) 96 JV Boys ' Soccer Will MCQUARTER mns up to kick the ball lor Eisenhower ' s goal A PEP TALK by the JV Soccer coach, Mr William Blanchard. is heard by the team txlore the game THE JV BOYS ' SOCCER TEAM: (Back row:) Coach William (Rusty) Blan- chard, Randy Smith. Mike Pally, William McOuarter. Scott Poll, JeflAldrich. Mike Sloan, Gary Maret, and Jeremy McChnstian. (Front row:) Mike Hansen, Frank Hernandez, Rick Correz, Chris Wessman, Gary Motley, Matt Klemm. Anthony Onega, and Carlos Biaz PREPARING TO TALK with their coach, the team will come together in a huddle (Photos by Beth Lord) (Page by Beth Lord) JV Boys ' Soccer 97 Varsity Girls ' Soccer Promising A ith a league record of 1-8-5 and an overall record ' ' • of 2-12-5, the Girls ' Varsity Soccer season came to an end. The star players of the team were Ken Maine and the goal keeper Sherrie Ward, said Head Coach Doug Shevalier " The toughest teams to play this year were defen- ding champions San Gorgonio and Riverside Poly, " said Coach Shevalier. A banquet was held in the cafeteria on March 9. Holly Newton, Sherrie Ward, and Ken Maine were the three white lettermen recipients this season. " Next year we will have lost five seniors, but with the help of the JV players and new players, our season will be better, " added Coach Shevalier. (By Keith Clinscales) VARSITY GIRLS ' SOCCER: (Back row:) Coach Doug Shevalier. Kl C.hd- ly I nclroy, Ch.irolelte Peters. April Swaim. Sherrie Ward. Ju I, t ' .iiil.i Cl.irksnn, und Jenniler Hearon (Front row:) Rachael Jac iii!.i ; ! i.i ii , hi ' ii Maine. Holly Newton. Kiislen Kremer. and Lyn Resenda SOCCER MEMBERS miit lot their coach to start practice USING HER HEAD, li iinilrr Hearon practices lor an upcoming f h (Photos by Ryan Carrlgan) (Page by Ryan Carrigan) 98 Varsity Girls ' Soccer ASSISTANT COACH Chris Haase passes the ball lo Jennifer Hearon TEAM MEMBERS i;t ' loi rlher each day In stretch helore practice COACH DOUG SHEVALIER gives Lynelle Resendez some helplul hints STRETCHING TOGETHER are Paula Clarf son and Jennifer Hearon as April aim and Kristina Shevalier look on (Photos by Ryan Carrlgan) (Page by Ryan Carrigan) Varsity Giris ' Soccer 99 ay the Ball Bounces for JV Soccei A ith a league record of 0-11-1 and an overall record " of 0-14-1 , the JV Girls ' Soccer season ended. On March 9, the team held the banquet in the cafeteria where they were awarded trophies and cer- tificates in various categories. (By Ryan Carrigan) JV GIRLS ' SOCCER: (Back row:) Erika Torrence, manager; Skye Hampton. Jivonne Blouni, Alison Eberhard, Jenny McBride, Maura Smithhammer, Victoria Ross, and Head Coach Ann Hearon. (Bottom row:) Angela Richards, Cindy Armenia, Ouinta Avance, Tammy Mahalley, and Teresa Galvez BEFORE PRACTICE team members stretch. (Photos by Ryan Carrigan) -i " --.- ■ — » « o» (Page by Ryan Carrigan) 100 JV Girls ' Soccer JV SOCCER MEMBERS .Vie op to pidClice some kick shots JENNIFER MCBRIDE .MCf ces kicking CINDY ARMENIA gets help from a lellow teammate with stretching al practice GETTING HINTS Imm Coach Ann Hearon. the JV soccer players will begin to put ll-iem into praclirr (Photos by Ryan Carrigan) (Page by Ryan Carrigan) JV Girls ' Soccer 101 } Football Coach Leads Softbal A new coach stepp ed into the Varsity §oftball coaching position this year. Mr. Tom Hoak, head foot- ball coach, took over when Mr. Ed Burns and Mr. Jess Angel were not able to coach the softball team. Coach Hoak had one year of softball coaching ex- perience at Pacific High School in 1982. His goals are to develop good team morale, have players enjoy playing, and work at winning. He said the main difference between coaching girls and boys is that the girls do not take the sport as seriously as the boys. The way he plans on coaching will take a lot of time and cooperation, he said. Coach Hoak plans to coach next year and hopes that the team will be very competitive. Teams which were faced by the 1988 Softball Team at Eisenhower were Alta Loma, Coachella Valley, Cajon. Ramona, San Gorgonio, Moreno Valley, Riverside Poly, Colton, Fontana, Redlands, and Rubidoux. (By Teresa Pedroza) V 3; ' - - DISCUSSING TME LAST PLAY, Coach Tom Hoak and team member Laurie Dunbar plan lor the next inning. ON HER TOES, Krystal Gray gets ready to throw out a njnner. WITH DETERMINATION on her lace, Teresa Pedroza looks lor a strike-out. (Photos by Vardon Studios) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) . 102 Varsity Softball VARSITY SOFTBALL TEAM: (Back row:) Laurie Dunbar, Krystal Gray, Julie Petersor), Coach Tom Hoak, Assistant Coacti Joe Martinez, Kim Kucherer, Christina ftowe, and Debtiie Bullock (Front row:) Shannon Ciutt, LaToya Glass, Alina Ponder, Kerri Gray, Becky Carreon, Janelle Bautista. Teresa Pedroza. and Elanda Jenkins (Missing from photo Jackie Gomez) (Photo by W n ty B«ttar) STRETCHINQ INTO HOME, Laurie Dunbar scores another run MAKINQ rr LOOK EASY, LaToya Glass makes the third and final out BRINOINQ IN THREE RUNS, Debbie Bullock puts all of her power into the play. (Action pitotoa by Vardon Studlot, Inc.) (Pago by Toraaa Pedroza) Varsity Softball 103 Couple Coaches JV Softbal The JV Softball Team was headed for new horizons. The new season began with new players and tv new coaches The coaches were Norma and Clarence (Bute Tropez With the new coaches, JV players started o on a good hit The team did well this season; and, according to tl coaches, it will have more good seasons. (By Trai Howard) READY TO MOVE TO ANOTHER BASE is JV Soltball player Sherne Ferguson MAKING THE CATCH is Raychelle Harper (Action photos by Varden Studios, Inc.) JV SOFTBALL TEAM: (Back row:) Coach Norma Tropez, Natalie Angle, Sherne Ferguson, Becky Aikins, Monica Landis, Rhonda Buchanan, April Snavely, and Coach Clarence Tropez, (Front row:) Martha Hernandez, Julissa Salgado, Lucy Garcia, Raychelle Harper, Denise Cervantez, Michelle Coleman, and Ellen Adams. (Photo by Wendy Bettar) (Page by Tracy Howard) 104 JV Softball a f ' 8l " H ■ r n - " " S . tt ' I i WI . •Vv- ' wj 4 jUw. i; ' " ' MAKING THE PLAY ftftonc a euc ,anan fags ,e ,,nalo jt (Pafle by Tracy Howard) JV Softball 105 Never Out-Hustledj The 1987-88 Eisenhower Varsity Baseball team was coached by Head Coach Tom Benedickt and Assistant Coach Monte Skidmore. Coach Benedickt worked with the pitchers and outfielders. Coach Skidmore was bat- ting instructor and worked with the infielders. The goal for the baseball team was to win the league championship. Ike ' s Varsity team consisted of seniors Al Causey, Lenny Duran, Steve Hoak, Daryl McChristian, Anthony Naberman, Steve Perry, Mike Smalls, Jerit Smith, Steve Soren, and Mike Stokes. The juniors of the team were Mike Clark, Don Gillespie, David Herrera, Scott Richard- son, Jeff Stanfield, Tom Tennision, Jimmy Wilson, and Danny Woofers. Coach Benedickt ' s goals for the year were " for all the players to improve through-out the season and to play as many people as much as possible. " Coach Benedickt said, " The strengths of the team are the defense and the depth of the pitching staff. The weakness is inexperience, especially with the pitchers. " " The Citrus Belt League isn ' t the toughest baseball league, " Coach Benedickt said, " but there are no weak sisters; everyone plays tough. Riverside Poly and Col- ton were returning several key players; so, they pro- bably are the toughest. " Coach Benedickt has many expectations for Eisenhower Baseball players. They are to do the best job possible representing Eisenhower. He also expects them to be examples for others, rather than being exceptions to the rules just because they are athletes. The most important expectation of an Eisenhower baseball player is to never be out-hustled. - aaaa II lifci ' iij» CHECKING HIS SWINQ during a game against Moreno Valley is Al Causey Ike hit lour home runs in an 118 victory MAKING A PLAY, Mike Smalls scoops the ball in an attempt to tag out the Moreno Valley player (Photos by Cliff Harris) (Pag by MIka Clartc) 106 Varsity Baseball w " " W THE 1987-88 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: (B«ck row:) Coach Tom Benedickt. Anthony Naberman, Steve Soren. Don Gillespie. Scott Richardson. Mike Smalis, Mike Clark, Tom Tennison. Jerit Smith, and Coach Monte Skidmore (Front row:) Daryl McChristian. Lenny Duran. Al Causey. Mike Stokes. Danny Wooters. David Herrera, Steve Perry. Jeff Stanfield. and Steve Hoak A WARM UP PITCH is delivered by Tom Tennison in a game against Moreno Valley THIRD YEAR LETTERMAN, Lenny Duran. throws the ball back to the pitcher Lenny was an all-League third baseman last year OIVINQ safely to first is Mike Stokes (Photos by Cliff Harrtt) (Page by Mike Clark) Varsity Baseball 107 Coaches Expect Great JV Team The JV Baseball season started with the first scrim- mage against Ganesha on Feb. 27. The head coach for JV was Mr. Keith Bailey, alter- native program teacher, with assistant coaches Mr. Mike Bender and Mr. Todd Courtney. The coaches ' expectations were high for the team. " I feel the team has a good balance of experience, " said Coach Bailey (By Ryan Carrigan) COACH " FAST TALKIN ' " BAILEY gives his instructions. (Photo by Ryan Carrigan) JV BASEBALL TEAM: (Top row:) Coach Mike Bender, Monte Stewart, Doug VJick, Scott Sparlfs, Dean Haidl, Head Coach Keith Bailey, Rick Batres, Eddy Altamirano, Chris Abel, Carlos Zendejus, Assistant Coach Todd Courtney. (Bottom row:) Sal Castrejon, Sean Monegan, Mario Commata, Demond Smith, Darrin Walker, Rich Valdez, Russ Bertram, John Ceaser, Jimmy Wilson. (Photo by Ryan Carrigan) , :} e% ' .V . ;? vv,. . ' ? (Page by Ryan Carrigan) 108 JV BASEBALL V t v ' 2Tx ' b- -i ' ' W % AT A GAME AGAINST SAN G Chns 4be s in ac- tion (Photo by Damen Newman) WARMING UP HIS PITCHING ARM, Rick Batres gels ready lor Ihe next inning (Photo by Ryan Car- rigan) WAITING TO BAT s Demond Smith as Chns Abel gets his gear oil lor his turn at t)at (Photo by Ryan Carrigan) GEARING UP FOR THE NEXT INNING is junior Chris Abel as catcher (Photo by Ryan Carrigan) (Page by Ryan Carrigan) 1. JV Baseball 109 Sophomore Baseball Starts 2-27 Eisenhower ' s Sophomore Baseball Team began its season on Feb. 27. The game was a scrimmage at Frisbie Junior High against Ganesha High School. The team ' s opponents were Ganesha, Victory Valley, San Pasqual, San Bernardino, Glendora, Warren, Indio, Boys ' Republic, Norte Vista, and Fontana. The head coach was Mr. Brian Latner. (By Caren Smith) AT BAT, Josh Sipe looks at an outside pitch. WARMINQ UP, Kendrick Davis gets ready for the game against Warren. READY TO GO UP TO BAT, Steve Vasquez and Pete Farrell will take some swings. (Photos by Clitf Harris) (Page by Caren Smith) 110 Sophomore Baseball SOPHOMORE BASEBALL TEAM: (Back row:) Coach Brian Latner, Kendrick Davis, Scotf Poll, Chris Morse, Chad Roberlson. Steve Vasquez, Pete Parrel. Josh Sipe, Brandon Piddington, and James Wilson. (Front row:) Bryan Fisher, Terari Maylield, Mike Bocanegra, Shawn Shoppe, Matt Klemm, Jeremy Baca, Scott Gard- ler, Kippy Payne, Mark Englander, and Luis Zapata. (Photo by Cliff Harris) PITCHmO is Chad flobets. vi IN A HUDDLE, the team discusses the next plays (Photea by CUff Harrta) (Paga by Caran Smttti) Sophomor Ba»«b«ll 1 11 THE BOYS ' TENNIS TEAM: (Standing:) Chris Wright. Bryan Bagwell, Bennie Gordon. Coach John Costa, Tony Campbell. Mike Gonzales. Ed Diaz. Basil D ' Souza, Brian Miller. George Theodorou, Steve Kent, and Nathan Glacier. (Kneeling:) Head Coach Richard Wilson. Boys ' Tennis Plays the Net " We have spirit! " is what Boys ' Tennis Team membe Bryan Bagwell, senior, said of this year ' s team. The team was small with eleven players, but it containec powerful players such as Brian Miller and Georg Theodorou, juniors, said Coach Richard Wilson A new assistant coach, Mr. John Costa, was hired t help Coach Wilson. The opponents of Eisenhower Boys ' Tennis were Sar Bernardino, Ramona, Hemet, Aquinas, Cajon, Colton Redlands, San Gorgonio, Moreno Valley, Riverside Poly Fontana, and Rubidoux High Schools. (By Geoffre] Kneale) (Page by Oeoftrey Kneal 112 Boys ' Tennis ■ ' TENNIS TEAM PLAYERS George Theodorou and Brian Miller are the best players according to some fellow members. PRACTICING HIS SERVE is team member Tony Campbell RETURNING THE BALL is Brian Miller as Steve Kent stands ready. PLAYING THE NET Coach Richard Wilson prac- tices with George Theodorou FOLLOWING THROUGH ON THE SERVE is Basil D ' Souza striving lor fluid strokes as well as power. THREE POSITIONS OF A SERVE are shown by Bryan Bagwell in this special effects shot (Photoa by Geoff Kneale) T mk mi (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) Boys ' Tennis 113 A Splash of Water Color 1 Under the coaching of Michelle Lonsert, the EHS swim team tried its best to meet its capabilities as a team. Because the team only had about 30 members, it did not win as many swim meets as it hoped to, Coach Lonsert said. Casey Hall again this year made the California In- terscholastic Federation (CIF) finals This year ' s team captains were Susan Rump and Casey Hall. League opponents were San Bernardino, Cajon, Alta Loma, San Gorgonio, Upland, Riverside Poly, Fontana, Rubidioux, Colton, and Redlands High Schools. The season started March 2 and ended May 5. (By Patrice Walsh) EHS SWIM TEAM CAPTAINS, Casey Hall and Susan Rump, are tx lh seniors SWIM TEAM: (Back row:) Coach Michelle Lonsert, Aaron Johnson. Randy Starbuck. Edward Cardona (Third row:) Casey Hall. Jason Cox. Chris Rodnguez. An- thony Akers, Lowell Smith. (Second row:) Mike Clements. Tina Thompson. Anna Wick. Stacy Cramer. Penny Clemans. Christy Haak. Caren Smith. Beth Lord, Susan Rump (Front row:) Cammie Whitesell. manager; Hope Doan. manager; Jennie Miller, Brooke Malody, Arlo Valles, Tully Price, David Cox, Craig Conner (Paga by Patrice Walsh) 114 Swimming I % -V SWIMMING, Robert Bennion is on the last lap of t)is race. COMING UP FOR AIR, Craig Conner comes up lor air and to see how much farther to the end. PRACTICING LAPS are Brooke l alody and Susan Rump. J.V. SWIMMER, Tina Thompson gets ready to swim the 50 freestyle event (Photos by Patrice Walsh) (Page by Patrice Walsh) Swimming 115 Jump for Success in Track SHOT PUT THROWER, Jim Loudermilk, shows his strength in the match against Rubidoux COMPLETING THE POLE VAULT, Keith Chisholm maizes his mark for Eisenhower (Photos courtesy of Varden Studios, Inc.) The Eisenhower Eagles Boys ' and Girls ' Track Teams were headed by Tony Black. He was assisted by Mr Frank Sharpe, Mr, Sam Obwocha, Ms Melanie Jernigan and Mr. Eric Rigney. The areas of competition were distance and sprin ' running, pole vaulting, shot put, hurdles, and jumping. Girls ' Track Team members included Veronicc Acosta, distance; Gloria Acosta, distance; Yulil Alonso shot put; Yulonda Bryant, sprint; Kathy Bunton, sprint Tami Conley, distance; Lavette Farlow, sprint; Celins Gaskin, sprint; Tashawna Hall, sprint; T.D Jackson sprint; Lynn Jackson, jump; Tami Lawler, distance; Kris Madison, jumper; Rachelle Malbrough, jump; Denist Morales, distance; Yvonne Moody, jump; Michelk Moon, jump; Staci Richards, sprint; Michelle Scholtz hurdles; Dadise Scott, sprint; and Sharon Swift, hurdles Included in the Boys ' Track Team lineup were Ton Babbe, shot put; Donald Bender, hurdles; Craic Bowman, shot put; William Burnett, distance; Pat Chell shot put; Dennis Collier, sprint; Dino Cisneros, sprint Mike Childress, sprint; Dock Cramer, sprint; Keitf Chisholm, pole vault; Luis Escanuela, distance; Kevir Fairman, distance; Sean Gaston, sprint; Randi Horstmeyer, distance; Jeff Lowe, shot put; Glennel Hamilton, sprint; Jason Jenkins, sprint; Eddie Lewis sprint; Derrick Law, sprint; Jim Loudermilk, sprint; Jo« Madrid, pole vault; Gary Maret, shot put; Erk Malbrough, sprint; Ruben Martinez, distance; Scot MacDonald, sprint; James Montfleury, shot put; Davk Padilla, pole vault; Troy Preston, shot put; Jason Roberts, jump; Frank Sharpe, sprint; Eric Thomas, jump Ross Velasco, pole vault; Maurice Wilson, sprint; Stace Wilcots, sprint; and Josh Whittier, pole vault (By Bett Lord and Greg Peterson) (Page by Beth Lord) 116 Track THE TRACK TEAM members stretch before their meet GOING FOR FIRST is Denise Morales in the two mile race WORKING HARD is Staci Richards as she jumps hurdles in a meet RUNNING THE LONG DISTANCE, Scoff MacDonald. Dino Cisneros. and Randy Horslmeyer strive lor the Ike wins (Photos by Cliff Harris) (Page by Beth Lord and Greg Peterson) Track 117 Golf Swings to Win Eisenhower ' s Golf Team practiced and played at El Rancho Verde Country Club in Rialto. Mr. Walter Wogee, special education teacher, was the head coach. Team members included Eric Adkisscm, Mike Harbauer, Dan Brown, Graeme Geib, Brandie Burton, Ben Ramsdell, Ken Hubbs, Bill Elwell, Eric Martinez, and John Wilson. Matches were played against San Bernardino, Big Bear, Aquinas, San Gorgonio, Moreno Valley, Riverside Poly, Fontana, Rubidoux, Redlands, and Colton. Invita- tionals included the Palmdale and Citrus Belt League events. Coach Wogee said he was proud of Brandie Burton and her achievements in the sport. He was pleased with the team this year. THE GOLF TEAM: (Back row:) Bill Elwell. Eric Martinez, Mike Harbauer, Ken Hubbs, Coach Walter Wogee, and Ben Ramsdell. (Front row:) Eric Adkisson, Graeme Geib, John Wilson, Dan Brown, and Brandie Burton. AT THE COUNTRY CLUB, Ike ' s Golf Team members get ready for a practice session. »j; -L - Queen of Clubs Brandie Burton One of the top golfers in America attends Eisenhower High School. Brandie Burton, sophomore, became the California State High School champion for the second year in a row. Brandie was named Toyota Player of the Year at the Southern California Professional Golf Association ban- quet. She was among the top six boys and top six girls on Toyota ' s All-Southern California junior team and was captain of the team. Rolex named its All-America first team for the American Junior Golf Association. Brandie was the youngest member of the lOplayer squad. Another honor was the Curtis Cup, the top honor for juniors in Southern California. Again she was the youngest player to achieve this honor. Out of 27 tournaments played this summer, Brandie won 17 and finished second or third in the rest. During the school year, she spent a week in Mexico for the Mexican Women ' s Amateur She set a new course record by shooting 64 (8 under par) on the last day of the tournament, which she lost by one stroke. The 64 broke the old record set by Nancy Lopez. At this event, Brandie broke the front 9 record with a 31, breaking the record held by Mollis Stacy who shot 32 118 Golf n in 1 1 J WATCHING THE SWING of Eric Martinez, are other Gall Club memtiers. Ben Ramsdell and Graeme Geib and Mr. Walt Wogee. sponsor READY TO HIT THE BALL, Eric Adkisson lees oil lor hole number 2 " FORE! " s (he call Dan Baker makes before he hits the ball (Photos by Wendy Bettar) L Golf 119 Juniors V o © Juniors Are the Color of Success " 7 " he 1987-88 Junior Class was hot! Graeme Geib, the ' junior class president, said he thought this class was the best athletically and academically. An estimated 720 juniors registered in September as juniors. The juniors two required classes were U.S. History and American Literature. Other junior Class officers were Eddie Gallardo, vice president; Natalie Hamner, secretary; Bill Mitchell, treasurer; and Apnl Kaminski, social chairperson. They were in charge of activities such as the junior float for Homecoming and the junior senior prom. (By Angle Houlemard) i (Page by Angie Houlemard) 120 Junior Division Page (Page by Angie Houlemard) Junior Division Page 121 (Pag by Craig Conner) 122 Junior Class Officers Leaders Help Out The Junior Class officers worked on different projects during thie year. They were in charge of school ac- tivities such as candy sales and field trips. Also they helped to plan the Junior Senior Prom. Junior officers worked on school projects with the senior and sophomore officers also during the meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Student Council Room. The advisers for the Junior Class were Mr. Jeff Perkins, ASB adviser; Mr. Robert Cisneros, counselor; and Mr. John Myerchin, counselor. (By Craig Conner) EAT AWAYI at the Thanksgiving luncheon. All of the student coun- cil ollicers took time out from their work to have a small banquet earlier this year STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS are a big part of planning the school ' s activities- (Back row:) Ken Hubbs and Casey Hall (3rd row:) Kirsten Kramer, Raquel Gonzales, Nicole Christopher, and Doris Jaramillo (2nd row:) Joeli Crouch and Jennifer Potter (Front row:) Dan Brown OFFICERS Nicole Christopher and April Kaminski get ready to help plan one ol the upcoming activities. 1987-88 JUNIOR OFFICERS are (Back row:) Ed Gallardo, v ce president, Graeme Geib, president: and April Kaminski, social chairperson. (Front row:) Natalie Hamner, secretary, and Bill Mit- chell, treasurer. (Pag by Craig Connar) Junior Claat Officers 123 124 Juniors Robert Bennion Russ Bertram Nicole Biggers Juniors 125 Lacnont Birks Kenneth Birks Jason Blackwell Rethea Blakley Talitha Bolden Richard Bond Connie Borrero David Bouch Phyllis Bradley Laurie Bouchard Shawn Branch Regan Brookllns Mykol Brookshire Daniel Brown TedBrunson Ronda Buchanan TedBullard 1 ' I 1HlWlfl{ iliil I Julius Bums Brandie Burton Erica Burton Kelcey Burton Marina Butler ChrystaByrd Mario Cabada Reggie Cain Francisco Camacho Alvin Campbell Tina Campbell Diane Carden 126 Juniors James Carter f f t Melonie Carter Sal Castrejon Adam Castro Christa Castro Culbert Cease ' W John Ceaser IN A THINKING POSI- TION, Rashid El Fatten ponders a question in his history class (Photo by Craig Conner) !v ■v. a Ml i L Juniors 127 1 Charles Cegers Denise Cervantez Bernie Chalupnik Steven Chambertand Mary Champlin MaryChau Dennis Collier Donyell Collins Vickie Collver Rautasha Conley Robert Copeland 128 Juniors STANDING OUTSIDE HIS DOOR, Mr Tom Benedickt wails lor one ol his junior hislory classes GOING TO CLASS, Jim Rodriguez and Clill Harris head lor rooms in Ihe J-wing. OUTSIDE THE l-WING, Tina Trappaso and Gilbert Aquirre meet during lunch IN THE ROP WORD PROCESSING CLASS, leacher. Mrs Kathy Walker, instructs juniors and seniors on the use ol various types ol computer programs (Photos by Sandy Redwine) Juniors 129 I Latahs Davis Sean Davis Trayvon Davis Michelle Dean Elisabeth Dennis Lona DeRose 130 Juniors Richard Duran Tommy Durrer Elizabeth Earl Christy Earnest Juniors 131 f Amparo Elizondo Valerie Farber 132 Juniors Raymond Futch Cheryl Gallagher Eddie Gallardo Christy Galloway AlmaGamez Kristin Garcia Melinda Garcia Rosie Garcia Michael Garrett Richard Gaspers Germaine Gates Carroll Gatewood Shannon Gatten Dana Gaydos Graeme Geib Danny Gerdes Edgar Gerardo Steven GIbb Juniors 133 Ann Gonzales Kathy Gonzales Raquel Gonzales Livia Gooden Jason Goodloe Nicolle Goolsby Bennie Gordon Janella Gordon Christa Gossage Kim Graves JeN Gray Jackie Gregory 1 4 sr Trajan Green Jerry Gutierrez Jutissa Gutierrez Mike Gutierrez Wendee Hagen Dean IHaidt Rhonda Hairston 134 Juniors — 1 w it l r m SaifHamidi Erika Hamilton Nancy Hamilton Natalie Hamner Tanaysha Handy Mike Harbauer TAKING A TEST in her lournalism class. Lisa Cerda will then work on a story tor the next issue ol the school newspaper (Photo by Wendy Bettar) AS AN ATTENDANCE OFFICE TA, Charles Longsworth collects the sheets from the Rwing and PE (Photo by Sandy Redwine) Juniors 135 Melly Huang Mercy Huffman Luzia Hunter Yvonne Hunter Khanh Huynh Mendy Inman 136 Juniors Marlon Jackson Michael Jackson Taneshia Jackson Christian Jacobs Kim Jacobs Kim Jacobs Steve Jacobson Latrisa James Edward Jay Natasha Jefferson Shanta Jones Fauzia Jonmahamed HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND HAPPY BIRTHDAYI Renee Hayes. Christina fiowe, and Tammi Global celebrate two special days on campus on Oct 30 (Photo by Wendy Bettar) Juniors 137 ! David Johnson LaChelJohnson Melanie Johnson Ron Johnson Shawndi Johnson Taura Johnson 1; ' I ' M « ■ Jocelyn Johnson Sophia Jordan Laura Juarez Ray Juarez JamalKabir April Kaminsky 138 Juniors Chris Krueger Audra Labelle Pamela Lacey Don Larson Jenna Larson Charlie Lavender AS A CAVE WOMAN lor Halloween, Lisa Shaver leaves her lilth period class on Ocl 30 She said she didn ' t see any dinosaurs on campus that day (Photo by Wendy Bettar) Eric Lavigne Belen Lavin Juniors 139 CONGRATULATIONS! is what Mr. Frank Mason says to student Tina Trapasso, who did well on a difficult math assignment. (Photo by Sandy Redwine) ON THE TENNIS COURTS, Jonny McBnde and Kim Jacobs congralulale each other on a good practice (Photo by Sandy Redwine) AT LUNCH III B U). Bill Gunz. Kim Eilar, and Shawne Moruzzi take pad in the French Club polluck (Photo by Wendy Bettar) 140 Juniors Jay Lee Maurice Lee Temple Leffingweli Michael Lehmann w Vanna LIm A undrette Logan Nubian London MikelleLong Charles Longsworth Carolina Lopez Christina Lopez Beth Lord Stacle Lord Paula Loudermillc Jennifer Love Jason Loya Kimberly Lyford Kris Madison Joe Madrid Juniors 141 Ellonda McCoy Chantea McCullough John McDaniel JUNIOR ir.ichei Ms Amy hivnimn helps one ol her students. Julie ' I ' i ' ii ' ison (Photo by Craig Conner) ' l MADRIGALS is another class in which juniors can parlicipulp They ' pciiitiiii .11 v.irious school and community events (Photo by Patrice ' Walsh) ' 142 Juniors 1 1miiii%%m Travaine McDaniel Colleen McDonald Mitchell McDowell Erik McElroy Kimberly McGentry Bernard McKinney |iRAD FISHER works on a history assign lent lor Mr Jim Gristiam ' s class Derrith Mitchell Juniors 143 A MR V Russell Mitchell Steven Mitchell William Mitchell Xavier Mitchell April Mobley Alisha Mohammed Shawne Moruzzi Gary Motley-Toliver Tiffani Moudy Neco Moss Dyanna Mounts Shana Moya Jack Mullen Ruben Murillo Michelle Munez Gregory Nagel Deema Nahas Mohammed Nasib 144 Juniors BRIDE FOR A DAY on Halloween is Glohel Diverse. Her attendant Is Silha Lam (Photo by Wendy Bettar) Juniors 145 T Jf Samantha Pabon David Padilla Dana Page Hector Palacios Christine Palencia Ruben Palacios Phillip Panis Terry Patton Teresa Pedroza Augustine Pelayes Hysyaa Pendergraph Monica Pereida r 1 ' Bl Graciela Perez Linda Perkins Julie Peterson Kenny Peterson Phyllis Petrie Chris PhlNips Kristie Powell Tanya Powell Shalamar Prince Chris Proa Yvette Quasada Yvonne Ouesada 146 Juniors tv; ' t . r M ' im . ii% ■ n e i. i f I r AT A COMPUTER, Robert Rogers gets ready to tiegin work on a Word Pro- EARNINO FREE TIME mear)s that Justin Tanner and Brian young can cessing disk in his ROP class. (Photo by Sandy Redwlnc) learn to play some computer games. (Photo by 8«ndy Rodwin ) Junior 147 Richard Rios Dana Ritter Laura Rivera Maurice Robinson Sylvia Robinson Willette Robinson f J Rene Robles Rico Robles Chris Rodriguez Jimmy Rodriguez Michael Romero Samantha Ross AT AN AZURETTE PARTY, members, Gina Grisham, Chrisli Ulrich. Melissa Grimm. ,ind Vir.toim Hos;, i. r i-.my ( " (Photo by Debbie Kohn) leiieshments to the prospective memti» 148 Juniors Paul Sanchez Lashandra Satterwhite Roberta Saucedo Abigail Schrock Kathy Scott Don Seibert Carmen Serrato Martin Serrato LeAnn Setinc Daniel Shaffer John Shelton Robbie Shirley Phil Shorts Kim Sibley L Juniors 149 ' r.l 1 Stacci SmKh Maura Smithhamtner Lisa Snyder Jennifer Soesman Robert Socha Song Sok Randy Starbuck Heather Starwas Teri Steward Jeff Stewart Monte Stewart T erry Stewart 150 Juniors IN A STUDY PERIOD Robert Bennion. Christopher Wessman, and Cori Carrigan go over their work (Photo by Craig Conner) Juniors 151 aW Cassandra Thomas Jeff Thomas Sean Thompson Bryon Tilman Talitha Tobias Suzanne Tootill V David Trapasso TinaTrepasso JeffTruelsen ToniTrujeque Richard Valdez Christine Valencia Teresa Valencia Shelia Vanderpool KimVanHouten Armando Vasquez Javier Vasquez Robert Vernon Gloria Villa Salvador Villa Rebecca Villanueva Matt Villarvazo 152 Juniors Karen White Scott Wtiitmon Doug Wick 1 w Albert Williams Kenneth Williams Juniors 153 IN ENQLISH CLASS, Ken Maylield raises his hand to answer a question ask- ed by Miss Amy Tavidian. teacher Other students Eric McElroy, April Swaim, and Christy Fodrey wait lor the response (Photo by Craig Conner j PAMMY PANDA is none other than Jenniler Love (Photo by B«th Lord) j DRESSED AS A BABY, Mary Chau walks to class with the 50s teenagar Kathy Scott on Halloween (Photo by Sandy Radwina) 154 Juniors AT A FRENCH CLUB LUNCHEON Christy Foldrey and Kim Jacobs eat some of the many foods that were brought. (Photo by Wendy Bettar) 1 Randy Wyatt Jackie Wynn Carlos Zandejas Cynthia Zaragoza Angel Zitter Alejandro Zuniga L Juniors 155 Donna Qoforth Kannatti Gray KatMOrawi EvtoRwifro II— tt f RoyM Qracto Samtora WAITING FOR THE PHONE, Constance Magdolen and Melissa Moore will make a call before reporting to the attendance office for a readmit. (Photo by Sandy Redwina) 156 Juniors PARENTS attended the presen- tations by PTSA, choir, and tmnd in the cafeteria for the Back-to- School Night. (Photo by Wendy B«ttar) THINKING about a test ques- tion, Trayvon Davis will complete his test and then work on some homework. (Photo by Cllfl Harria) LUNCH TIME sees many juniors, seniors, and sophomores in line at the snack t ar windows. (Photo by Wendy Better) ON THE PHONE, Robbie Baker answers some questions regar- ding ASB card sales Robbie was a member-at-large of ASB and work- ed in the financial secretary ' s of- fice (Photo by Cliff Harria) Juniors 157 Academic o © Education is Colorful " 7 " he start of the new school year brought a number of ' changes to the Eisenhower campus concerning academics. With the rise in student enrollment, the number of courses offered increased. There were more classes in economics, foreign language, visual art, physical educa- tion and English added. Several departments added addtional staff members in order to help carry the amount of students enrolled and to fill vacancies left by teachers who left last year and over the summer. Among the departments which added new staff members are math, science, social studies, foreign language and fine arts. Some courses made use of one inservice on cntical thinking skills and incorporated those skills in the Eisenhower curnculum. (By Gerrie Lester) (Page by Gerrie Lester) 158 Academics Division Page (Page by Gerrie Lester) Academics Division Page 159 MR. ROBERT BELLAH, ceramics teacher examines a pitcher made by one of his students. (Photo by Jason Cox) QETTINQ READY TO HAND OUT SUPPLIES, John Sykes and Anthony Dalt will assist Ms Elayne Davison in drawing class. (Photo by Jaaon Coi) i IN DRAWING CLASS, Steve Archiquette and Scott Gelinas will sifetch out son cartoons. (Photo by Jason Cox) Color Me Artistic Art was more than just a subject taught Monday through Friday agreed the EHS art teachers. They enjoyed the subjects, knew about famous works of art, encouraged students to polish their talents, and worked on their own art pieces. Mr. Paul Muckenfuss, department chairman, taught art history, painting, color design, and studio art. In 1-6, Mr. Robert Bellah taught advanced ceramics. Back in the art classroom after being the attitude ad- justment teacher, Ms Elayne Davison taught drawing. WORK WITH CLAY can tie quite messy but very rewarding when a project is cc- pleted. Tina Rea works on a vase for a class project. (Photo by Jaaon Coi) A 160 Art (Paga by Frank Partna) ERAMICS STUDENTS gef their clay to finish projects in Mr. Robert tah ' s class Here are Michael Smalls. Tom Rodriguez, Steve Stracke, Jackson. Carlos Coronado. and Lenny Duran M CERAMICS CLASS, Andrea Gonzales and Ruth Ann Daniels mold r pots lEFORE DRAWING, Chris Laskaris concentrates before beginning next step (Photos by Jason Cox) (Page by Frank Perine) Art 161 Business Skills Learned There were many business classes that Eisenhower students could sign up for this year. These included accounting, which taught students about keeping journals and records. In office operations, students were helped with the operations of various machines used in offices and the techniques of office procedures. Students learn- ed clerk typist and secretarial skills. Record keeping helped equip students with the basic vocational skills. Shorthand and transcription dealt with phrase building, vocabulary building, and speed reading. Students also could sign up for the various courses of type writing. (By Beth Lord) TYPING A BUSINESS LETTER, John Shelton does his classwork. COMPUTERS help George Piper with his work in £-5. (Photos by Kazuki Aoki) (Page by Bath Lord) 162 Business IN THE ACCOUNTING CLASS of Mrs Terry Blanke. studer ts Frank Szypusz. Robbie ' Bnen, and Vorn Seng work on a class pro eel IN TYPING CLASS, Talya Griggs works on a test PREPARING LESSONS, students practice the business letter IN HER ACCOUNTING CLASS, Robbie Stiirley helps her classmates with a computer question (Photos by KazukI Aokl) (Page by Beth Lord) Business 163 English on All Levels ' ' r be or not to be . . . " these are the questions ' asked in the senior Shakespeare class. Many seniors chose this class to learn more about Shakespeare ' s plays and sonnets. At the end of the semester a class project is assigned to create something from Shakespeare ' s time period. At Eisenhower students in the tenth grade could enroll in Sophomore English I, II, lll-P, or IV-P. Juniors could enroll in American Literature I, 11, lll-P, or IV-P. Seniors could enroll in Senior Composition, Great Works of English Literature, English Literature, and Advanced Placement English (By Sandy Redwine) JOURNALISM CLASS STUDENTS learn lo write news stories; so, they can submit articles to the Eagle ' s Eye newspaper WRITING ACT SUMMARIES is part of the grade in the Shakespeare class Cindi Norton, Mac Reynoso, and Irma Saucedo do the required classwork for the day (Photos by Wendy Bettar) (Page by Sandy Radwine) 164 English BALLOONS were given to Mrs Christine Mitchell on her birthday She answers an English question that Mark Reddick asks. WORKING ON AN ENGLISH PAPER, Lisa Snyder will then get a pass to do more research in the library DURING A TEST, Brett Clavio remembers the authors that he needed to know (Photo by Sandy Redwine) (Page by Sandy Radwins) English 165 Color of the Arts The Fine Arts Department was headed by Paul Muckenfuss and included drama production, band (jazz, marching and, concert), choir (Madrigals, and Ike Choir), and the visual arts (ceramics, drawing, and painting) The drama productions class was a class for those talented in acting The class perfomed about three ma- jor plays during the year To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday was the first play and it won the Southern California Educational Theater Association ' s award. That was a first for the high schools in the San Bernardino county. Harvey was the second play staged in R-1. Mr. Barry Wallace was the instructor. The group seen out at all the home football games was a part of the band In his first year at Eisenhower, Mr. Richard Siegel, band director, was well pleased with the group ' s achievements. They brought home many trophies that were won during the marching season This year ' s field show repertoire consisted of Amarillo, Old Time Rock ' n Roll, Chatanooga Choo- Choo, and When You Wish Upon A Star. The band per- formed at Dodger Stadium and Disneyland. The band was under the direction of the drum majors, Jeff Martin, senior, and Craig Conner, junior. Mr. Andres Luna was the director of the Eisenhower choirs. He lead the groups in daily warm-up exercises as well as performances. The top vocal group was the Madrigals. This group performed on television once again for KUCR ' s Christmas program. They had their annual Pop Show, and as usual the viewers said it was MADRIGALS: Eric Adkisson. Christopher Agard, Ken Allen, Virginia Band, Gregory Carter, Tami Corhins, Jerome Facen, Jennifer Fewell, Jami Fisher, Kristin Garcia, Trinidad Garcia, Michelle Hamilton, Sunyani Henry, James Hornback, Natasha Jellerson, Michelle Johnson, Derrick Law, Teresa Love, Angel Nelson, Carta Parkerson, Rodney Reid, Stephen Sutherland, Vicki Trull, Alexander Walker, Maryann Waller, Terrel Watson, Delecia While, and Sylvia Tamora. (Photo by Craig Conner) a success ; Art classes were for students talented in drawing,; painting, or ceramics Mr. Paul Muckenfuss was the; department chairman Ms Elayne Davison and Mr. j Robert Bellah also taught art classes (By Craig| Conner) : f0 ' mw |£ : i QOLDEN EAGLE ALLIANCE: (Top row:) Eric Adkinson, Mike Fields, Devoie Webster, i Nancy Jaramillo, Laura Bird, Anthony Judkins, Matt Cutler, Richard Flores, Marc Reddick ' (6th row:) Vincent Jackson. Doug Chisholm, Patrice Walsh, Jason Goodloe, Richard : Johnson, Ricky Coleman, Malcom Moten, Nathan Guill, Brandi Fairchild (5th row:) Jay Lee, Robert Bennion, Dons Jaramillo, Adam Johnson, Erika Harden, Jason Riddle, Mary i Smith, Skye Hampton, Emmanuel Haase (4th row:) Chns Wesman, Deshawn Young, Brian | Fisher, Julie Bigler, Rosie Valasco, Angel Nelson, Richell Lilord, Cindy Hoagland, Keith Chisholm (3rd row:) Craig Conner, Andrea Rea, Joy Polman, Danni Gebara, Desiree ' Oibene, Cammie Whitesell, Karrie Mendonka, Lynn Resendez, Cyndi Phillips, Debbie i Wilburn, Jell Martin (2nd row:) Marlene Zavala, Karen Oats, Rachel Cluise, Rautasha Corh ' ley, Alicia Gates, Ann Margaret Tovar, Connie Boriero. Julie Harden, Shelley Jones. Kim Clark, Melinda Jellries, Libby Dennise, Nicole Garibay (lit row:) Janella Gordon, Tina ' Rea, Mary Moran, Liz Moran, Raijeim Douglas, Dyanna Mounts, Candi Hunter, Christina i Smith. Vicki Hughes, and Susan Rump (Pag by Craig Conner) 166 Fine Arts sS..W.:? .LS2 ' i gLM J .i ' Mmihi n so Jl STUDENTS ' ART WORK will be displayed in the new art gallery next to J-6 (Photo by Jason Cox) THE QOLDEN EAQLE ALLIANCE hosted their own field show tournament on November 14, 1987 After all the guest bands performed the Alliance Performed ttieir own show. (Photo by Carolyn Conner) EISENHOWER MADRIQALS performed at the fall open house for ttm parents who came. (Photo by Patrtc Walsh) DRAMA: (Bottom row:) Tony Arratia, Kathy Purdy, Vince Polverini, Shirley Alex. Kim Staples, George Pieper, and Randal Pochmora (Middle row:) Shonda Gibbons, fvlarie Cervantes, Valerie Novak, Lisa Beckwith, Temple Leifingwell, Stacie Pollak, Jason Giacopalli, Julie Polman, Jennifer Krause, Cerena Galley, Robert Ivlartelt, James Martinez, Shanna Pochmara, and Cindy Phillips (Top row:) Anthony Akers, Angelika Pineda, Dave Bouch, Mike Carey, Marc Doolin, Troy Bess, Richie Gaspers, Clint Vogel, Mike Medlin, Dave Fitzgerald, and Rashid El Fattel. JAZZ BAND: Akane Ito, Kendrick Davis. Rosie Velasco, Manual Ridge, Richard Flores, Craig Conner, Cammie Whitesell, Phil Smith, Etanisia Lopez- Ortiz {not pictured ) Jason Goodloe, Cyndi Hoagland. Vicki Hughes, Dons Jaramillo. Vince Jackson, and Vaughn Fahie (Photo by Richard Slegel) (Page by Craig Conner) Fine Arts 167 Learn to Converse in Many Languages r he Foreign Language classes offered at Eisenhower ' were Spanish, French, and German. Each of the three courses stressed grammar, conver- sation, speaking, reading, and writing. Audio visual aides were used for additional practice. The more advanced classes, such as Spanish II and French II and III, further emphasized the basics taught in the first year courses and stressed more oral conversation. German II introduced German literature and culture. (By Gerrje Lester) IN SPANISH CLASS, students get ready to go over homework questions TAKING NOTES foreign language students review for a test wliich will be held the next day IN MISS OFELIA DELGADO ' S SPANISH CLASS, students prac- tice pronunciation skills. (Photos by Kazuki Aokl) (Page by Gerrie Lester) 168 Foreign Language STUDENTS await the next lesson to work on for homework TAKING A QUIZ, students wait for the next question BEFORE CLASS STARTS, foreign language students listen to the an ■ uncements on the public address system. (Photos by Kazuki Aoki) (Page by Gerrie Lester) Foreign Language 169 Health » ' w :j : DISCUSSING DRIVER EDUCATION with student Stacey Blair, Mr. Harry TAKING ATTENDANCE in his health driver education class, Mr Tod, Violette will have students sign up for after school driving. (Photo by Caren O ' Doherty, department chairman, reinforces the fact that good attendarnx is im- 1 Smith) portant for his class. (Photo by Caren Smith) IN THE DRIVER EDUCATION CAR, Mr Tod O ' Doherty and three students get ready lor the after school driving lesson. (Photo by Wendy Better) (Page by Caren Smith) 170 Driver Education Health Sophomores Learn to Drive r d: river Education and Health Education were re- quirements for all sophomore students at Eisenhower. In Health Education, there was instruction about rela- tionships, family life, substance abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases. The Driver Education course combined classroom work, simulator practice, and behind the wheel training in a quarter. Once the student passes the total instruc- tion, a license is issued. Teachers included Mr. Tod O ' Doherty, department chairman; Mr. Harry Violette, and Mr. Bill Crum. (By Caren Smith) ANSWERINQ QUESTIONS lor a driver education class assignmerit is Paula Clarkson HAVING AN OPEN BOOK TEST, DelatKi Leslie wants to earn his driver ' s license PAUSING TO THINK OF AN ANSWER is Jennie Stovall (Photos by Caren SmWi) (Page by Caren Smith) Driver Education Health 171 L Preparing To Color: Home Ecomomicd r he home economics department at EHS consists of ' sewing classes, foods ' classes, singles living, child care classes, and a marriage and family class. Students who took sewing were required to make two garments per semester. The student chooses the garment that they want to make, then it is approved by the teacher, Mrs Nancy Vanaken. Mrs. Vanaken also teaches the needlework classes in which students learn to crochet, knitt, macrame, and other crafts where needles are used. Mrs Judy Malody is the instructor for all of the foods classes Students don ' t just cook in her class, they plan the meal, and they also learn the nutritional value of all the foods they are cooking. Mrs. Malody ' s class is broken up into groups. Each group has their own stove, sink, oven, and dishwear that they use. Child care and child care aide are taught by Mrs. Maggie Busch. She says these are her favorite classes to teach because " the students who take these classes are interested and want to learn. " In child care the students learn about pregnancy from conception until pre-school age. Child care aide is a two hour class that is only offered second semester. Students go to various day care centers and help with the children. Mrs. Busch also teaches a class called singles living. Students learn the responsibility of being on their own. Mrs. Busch said " The main point stressed in this class is consumensm. " " Marriage and family, I feel, should be a required class, " said Georgia Frawley, the instructor. When ask- ed why, she replied, " People take classes such as typ- ing, welding, and trigonometry and may never use them again. Everyone will have to deal with a relationship and most with being a parent, but they don ' t know how to do it. " Marriage and family teaches you about yourself and others, and how to communicate, to choose a mate, get married, parent, and foresee problems in mar- riage and parenting. Georgia Frawley also teaches science classes, and this year she had to petition for her marriage and family class because there was a shortage of science classes. Mr. Tim Stephenson of- fered to teach an extra science class so that she might get to teach her marriage and family class, she wishes to acknowledge his efforts and thank him. (By Melissa Reynolds) WORKING TO FINISH her first semester project. Shelly Burbary sews an outfit GRADUATING FROM PRE-SCHOOL are Pepper Creek s four year olds This was one of the day care centers that EHS students went to COOKING WITH Irma Vasquez and Regan Brookins-long are trying out new recipK in Mrs Malody ' s foods class STUDYING FOR THEIR CHILD CARE FINAL are Mrs Buschs first period class ENJOYING THEIR MEAL are Mrs Malody ' s fifth period foods class (Page by Melissa Reynolds) 172 Home Economics (Page by Melissa Reynolds) Home Economics 173 L lA Gets Computerized r Jerry Bowen was department chairman of the In-Jj ' ' dustrial Arts Department He taught drafting, us- ' ing the computer to do drafting His class was held in J- 4. He did not teach graphic arts this year in L-4 as the class was cancelled. L-4 became the Attitude Adjust- ment room. In the Industrial Arts Department were four other teachers. They were Mr Alan Parker who taught metals; Mr. Clarence Vanaken who taught small engines, Mr. Sid Gilbreath who taught welding; and Mr Ken Blumen-i thai who taught wood ' ' In metals, students studied the areas of art metal„ sheet metal and bench metal. Machine safety and world I were also done. Small engine students learned the practical ex-t periences in repair and maintenance of small air cooled engines including engine overhaul, testing, and trouble shooting. Welding students studied the basic skills in gas and electric welding and the techniques of cutting and brazing. In wood, students acquired a basic understanding ol machines, hand tools, hand tool processes, wood, and wood products. They also learn related mathematics to work successfully with wood. (By Jason Cox) 1 QRINDINQ SOME METAL loi a pro ect is one ol the dass assignmenls in welding class ASKING HIS TEACHER, Mr Alan Parker, lor advice. Mike Holland gels inlormation on how to use a part in metal shop class LOOKING OVER DRAFTING LAYOUTS. Brian Colbert will then resketch part ol the txjildmg plan (Photos by Jaton Cox) (Pag by Jaaon Cox) 174 Industrial Arts AT THE COMPUTER, Mi Jerry Bowers. Industrial Arts Department chairman, checks over the work ol student, Jessie Sherman WORKING ON SMALL ENGINES ' ASSIGNMENTS, Edward Muwwakkil and Randy Cummmgs grind a metal pipe bar (Photos by Jason Cox) (Page by Jason Cox) Industrial Arts 175 Math is More Than Numbers r he Math Department at Ike is a valuable section of ' our curriculum. Math is an essential resourse, and the math teachers try to be successful in their efforts to help the students comprehend complicated math functions. This year students were instructed in basic mathematics operations, everyday living, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, introdution to computers, the metric system, statistics, computers, and calculus. One class. Every Day Living Math, covered the typical situations a person would encounter as a full time employee figuring paychecks with deductions, be- ing a wise consumer, keeping records of money spent, furnishing a room, buying a car, planning a vacation, moving into an apartment, and completing income tax forms. Computers was advised for more advanced math students, and those students learned to program a minicomputer using BASIC and or PASCAL and ad- vanced programming techniques. The course may be repeated for credit and may be used for either math or vocational credit. In Caculus P the students were given an opportunity to take the advanced placement test in calculus for possible colledge credits. (By Frank Ferine) IN MR. DEAN HOUSEL ' S CLASS ol Essential Math, students learn intomation needed lor t)alancing checkbooks STUDENTS work on math problems listed on the board (Photos by Qeotf Kneala) (Page by Frank Perlne) 176 Math MATH STUDENTS finish up on classwork, so, they don ' t have to do it tor homework AUDIO VISUALS help the students do the math work The overhead projector and television screen project assignments TESTS are given in the math classes to find out how much inlorma- tion is gained from each lesson IN MRS. PAULINE BRIGHAM ' S CLASS ol Algebra, students gain knowledge to enroll in Algebra II. (Photos by Qeotf Kneale) (Page by Frank Perina) Math 177 L Students who enrolled in the Medica Careers Nurses ' Training classes for the school year learned methods in the classroom as well as in the hospital. Various areas of instruction at hospitals were dietary aide, laboratory technician, nursing, medical records, pharmacy, and X-ray technician. Mrs. Brenda Holen and Mrs. Eula Hill were the instruc- tors who taught the class on and off campus. (By Miriam Phillips) MRS. BRENDA HOLEN is one of the instructors for Medical Careers She accompanies the students to various hospitals for hands-on training. (Photo by Miriam Phillips) MEDICAL CAREERS STUDENTS from first semester include Mrs. Brenda Holen, instructor: Joel Renfro, Kim Stokes, Diane Carden, Kelcey Burton, Arlea So berg, Carta Moore, Eric Olive, Eric Thomas, Charles Martinez, Ronnie Coronado, Marquita Facen, Shern Ward, and Erica Torrence. (Missing from the picture is Shannon Gatten) (Photo by Cliff Harris) Work in a Hospital ' ' l. U ' V A 178 Medical Careers THE BODY IS studied from the inside in Medical Careers Students use the form to learn body parts HEALTH CAREERS STUDENTS study in the classroom as well as in hospitals Students. Erika Torrence. Eric Thomas. Ronnie Coronado, and Charles Martinez get ready lor a class lesson PRACTICING WITH PATIENT DUMMIES is one ol the lessons in Medical Careers Students learn to give sponge baths and change beds us- ing the dummies as patients During VICA com- petitions, the students are also graded on how they talk to the patients (Photos by Miriam Phillips) Medical Careers 179 n f PE For All Seasons Physical education was made to provide regular ex- ercise and to teach skills in various sports and activ- ties. PE offered archery, tennis, basketball, jazz, aerobics, circuit training and swimming. It was required for all sophomores, but it was an elective for seniors and juniors. There were also classes such as contract and ex! tended day PE for juniors and seniors. Classes wer i held at business establishments such as bowling alleys i Students who enrolled had to have been in regular PI I classes (By Tracy Howard) i ; BASEBALL is a span that can 6© played during the PE classes. RUNNING lor weight training, exercise, track practice, or lun o I be done in PE MAKE THAT BASKETI is a shout heard during the game irt P (Photos by Kazuki Aoki) (Page by Tracy Howard) 180 Physical Education FOOTBALL games prepare the students to understand the game and possibly be prepared lor joining a team TENNIS PRACTICE benefits students in PE classes lor exercise and to perfect tennnis moves Claudell Wroten gets ready lor a tennis match RACQUET BALL is played next to the tennis courts during all periods ol PE. (Photos by Kazuki Aokl) (Page by Tracy Howard) Physical Education 181 Science Offers Variety of Subjects I n order to graduate, each student must take a ' physical and biological science. For those who need a different kind of science for a different career, there are nnany other kinds of classes offered. Anatomy and physiology would be most likely need - ed in a medical career. Other classes include Chemistry, Horticulture, Physics and Life science. Each class requires a term paper, book report, and daily homework. Chemistry students classes consist of studying atomic structure, periodic tables, chemical bonding, gas laws, oxidation reduction, solution chemistry, kinetics, structure of matter, states of matter, and reactions. Horticulture is a course in which students have an op- portunity to study the soil, water, and light requirements of plants. They will learn to grow plants and landscape yards. Biology classes will be disecting frogs and attending a whale watch. They will be studying the anatomy of humans, plants, and animals. Areas of concentrated study include animal behavior, a field of ecological study of the chaparral, cellular metabolism and com- parable animal physiology. Life science is the study of the plant and animal kingdom and their related areas. Physics explores the interrelationship of matter and energy and includes the study of time, space, motion, mechanics, light, electricity, magnetism, and atomic theory (By Jynnifer Seeman) DISECT THE FROG (s exactly what students in Mr Ken Eldred ' s biology class did WORKING TOGETHER Tracy Navarro and Steve Freitas help each other snip the larfft intestine ol the Irog STUDENTS move the large intestines to see the Irog ' s heart beat (Page by Jynnifer Seeman) 182 Science I (Pag« by Jynnif er S««inan) Science 183 Eisenhower Makes History r o make students more aware of their own history, • culture and society, as well as the societies and cultures of other peoples, a variety of social studies classes were offered at Eisenhower. The social studies classes offered were American Government, which concerns the basic principles of our government; Black History, which involves the apprecia- tion of the Black American; Chicane Studies, about the Mexican-American culture; Economics, a course dealing with the mechanics of the economy; Psychology, about the field and its most important findings; Sociology, a course on the workings of our society; United States History, concerning the history of our government from its foundations to the cold war; Western Civilization, the subject of which is the principle themes of European History; Women in American History, dealing with the status of women through the United States History; World Cultures, which contrasts the features of several societies; and You and the Law, about the American legal system. Gerrie Lester, a senior, said about Mr. Grisham ' s American Government class, " I feel that it is informative and interesting. It ' s not like some classes where you do book work all the time and don ' t care about what you ' re writing. " (By Geoff Kneale) REVIEWING FOR A TEST in Western Civilization, Todd Gordon and Ina Bolton will ask Jenniler de la Ossa atxtul one ol the studf questions. IN MR. SAM KIRK ' S CLASS ol Economics, students do classwork to prepare tor a test (Photos by Qeoff Knaale) (Page by Qaofi Kneale) 184 Social Studies Vr ' 1 ,4-. i rmo ' mSr-ir . DELVING IMTO MINDS is pan ol Ihe studies in psychology LECTURING ON HISTORICAL INFORMATION. Mr Willard Schmidt begins a discussion on the Presidential elections WAITING FOR CLASS TO START, students in Ihe ESL United Stales History class will listen to a lecture Irom their new teacher, Mr Eric Schessler (Photos by Geoff Kneale) (Page by Q«orf Kneale) Social Studies 185 Fill Out an Activity Form r id your club have any fund raisers this year? Did you ' - sell candles, candy, balloons, wrapping paper, or flowers? Did you have any car washes? Did yur club get fined for not filling out an activity form? Well, if you did, you experienced the everyday ritual of student council members. With adviser, Mr. Jeff Perkins, and ASB president, Brooke Malody, the class set up pep rallies, arranged for dances, changed the Baseline school sign, and put up the school flag. Student council members who were the student leaders of the school strived to boost the students ' morale and reputation. The class, held during fourth period, consisted of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and social chairperson of ASB. There were also officers for each of the classes: seniors, juniors, and sophomores. (By Patrice Walsh) PRESIDING OVER AN ICC MEETING are Mr Jeff Perkins, ASB sponsor, and Laurie Freitas, ASB vice-president DESIGNING A SIGN lor one ol the pep rallies are Bill Mitchell, Junior class treasurer: and Priscilla Niegel CHECKING THE CALENDAR lor upcoming events is Joeli Crouch, director ol Pep. (Photos by Patrice Walsh) (Page by Patrice Walsh) 186 Student Council iLiilL ' ii GOING OVER FUNDRAISING IDEAS are Dan Brown. Mike Hansen, Raquel Gonzales, Natalie Hamner, and Mr Jell Perkins MAKING COPIES, Natalie Hamner uses the new copying machine in tbe student council room The machine was available to all clubs at Ike STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS discuss a recent issue at one ol the business meetings SAL LOPEZ AND LORI FREITAS put the linal touches on the winter dance poster (Photos by Cliff Harris and Patrice Walsh) (Page by Patrice Walsh) Student Council 187 " WHAT WAS THE REASON FOR YOUR ABSENCE? " asks Tommy Galuszka. attendance of- . lice aide ■ ' GRADING PAPERS keeps Denise Morales as TA lor Shakespeare " EISENHOWER HIGH SCHOOL; STUDENT SPEAKING, " answers Amy Prescott. ollice aide (Photos by Wendy BeHar) 188 Teacher Office Aides Helping Make the Grade O tudents were able to help in the classrooms, offices, the library, and the AV Department. They received grades because the class in which they were enrolled was called TA. The director of the Teacher Aide program was Mr. Roger Reupert, athletic director. He handed out the forms at registration. Teachers then had their TAs fill them out for one period a day. Students were allowed to TA for only one class. They also had the opportunity to enroll as aides in any of the offices or the library. TAs graded papers, handed back assignments, ran errands, typed tests, put grades in the grade txx)k, handed out books, checked charge cards, and took call slips out. Teachers were grateful for the students who offered to help as TAs. The TAs did many jobs which then left more teaching time for the teachers. The indepth grading of essays still had to be done by teachers, though. The office and library TAs were able to also gain an understanding of the procedures for possible jobs in those areas. AS A TEACHER AIDE, Sandra Gallardo grades papers for Mr. Frank Mason ' s math classes THE TEACHER AIDE PROGRAM DIRECTOR is Mr Roger Reupert FILING AND LOOKING UP SCHEDULES, oflice aides. Unite Dix- on and Karen White, work lor Mrs Shahmar Horsley. assistant prin- cipal, and her secretary, Mrs. Beverly Martinez (Photos by Wsndy B«ttar) Teacher Aides Office Aides 189 Learning to Earn O everal different classes were available to students who wanted to enroll in Regional Occupations Pro- grams and Vocational Education classes. Classes were held on and off campus. Administration of Justice, Automotive, Aviation, Business, Food Services, Journalism, Landscaping, and Sales and Mechandising were among classes offered in the two categories. Students earned credits for graduation and in some classes found jobs as soon as the classes ended. STUDENTS EAT a free lunch ottered by ttie Regional Occupa- tional classes on January 75. The luncheon was open to students and teachers to promote ROP classes. (Photo by Clitf Harris) INSTRUCTING his Sales and Merchandising students, Mr. Michael Gordon tell them atx ut various sales techniques In his classroom he has several props to use in merchandising skits. (Photo by Wendy Bettar) 190 Voc.Ed. Rop R. o . p m tlM 1 i ' Liju i-y. V •( " i , H (U. 1LU.W il1i ' k OJrM . 5iL 7 ' ■ a j - " 1 ' J Jjl-L ' t " ■ r Lr -il-.AA ' ' Ull ' Ai:r U. i tui -r. s-L -A u f ciL C — .. v: - " ' iS, ' .i i— ' - ' • MERCHANDISING CLASS STUDENTS give a sales pitch demonstration leshea Boyd is the perspective buyer and Neco Moss is the salesman (Photo by Wondy Bettar) CHEFS from the ROP class of Food Services, under the direction ol Mr. Joe Spooner. serve at the ROP promotional luncheon (Photo by CIMf Harris) AT REQISTRATION, Mr. Manny Barmack and Mr. Joe Spooner, await the entrance ol juniors and seniors who will sign up lor their classes ol AV and Food Services, respectively (Photo by Wendy B«ttar) Voc.Ed. Rop 191 WORKING ON A ROUGH DRAFT, Jason Cox designs a possible layout lor his pages on weekends (Photo by Wendy Bettar) Aquila Staff Does It Again Because of the requirement for students to have a fine arts elective, many students tried out for the Aquila staff for the 1987-88 school ya The staff started out with 28 students which was the largest number in several years. Students in the yearbook class thought of a theme, designed the cover, planned what would go on each of the 320 pages, designed the ec sheets, counted ballots for the yearbook dedication, interviewed people for stories, planned page layouts, took pictures and typed copy ir computers. Phone calls were made by the staff members to check on pictures, camera equipment, and ads. Students also had to sell candy and a full page of advertising as part of their assignment. School and yearbook spirit was shown when the staff (Page by Tracy Howard) members purchased t-shirts with the cover desig printed on them When staff members could not be found in the clas room, they were found in the darkroom developing filr and printing pictures. 192 Yearbook ■ ' SA ANNOUNCEMENTS are made ar rAie beginning of each yearbook class by Mrs Wendy Bettar TELEPHONE CALLS to and from adver- tisers are a part of the daily yearbook class. Miriam Phillips answers questions about a business advertisment AT A DRAFTING TABLE, Jason Cox finishes his weekend pages YEARBOOK STUDENTS await a guest speaker on photography PUTTING COPY INTO THE COMP- TUTER, Craig Conner types several pages during the class period AT A WORKSHOP tor yearbook students, the Aquila staff learned more ideas for copy, layout, cover design, and theme. (Page by Tracy Howard) Yearbook 193 V. SENIORS A Splash of Class © From the time of September ' s registration to June ' s graduation, seniors were looking forward to the rest of their lives. " This IS the best year of your life, " had been told to seniors by many people this year. Included in the outgoing pile of finances for the senior year were many events to help make the senior year complete Items that seniors spent money on included senior portraits, class rings, SAT ' s , the Prom, and Grad Nite. Other activities included passing required senior classes, passing competencies, applying to colleges, attending college nights, and attending as many spor- ting games and pep rallies as possible. What is yet to come for some seniors, they can only guess; while, some have been accepted in colleges, in- to the military, or into full-time jobs upon graduation which will be June 15, 1988, By the end of the 1987-88 senior year, some seniors would have spent an average of $1,200 on their final year (By Jynnifer Seeman) (Page by Jynnifer Seeman) 194 Senior Division Page (Page by Jynnifer Seeman) Senior Division Page 1 95 WAVING TO FRIENDS, Annie Armstrong says " HI! " on her way to read the morning announcements. Annie read the bulletin on Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays during second period (Photo by Geoff Kneale) Brenda Baca Paul Baeza Bryan Bagwell 196 Seniors i PAUSING FOR A PICTURE, Sandy Woodward and mother, Mary Kay Woodward, go lo their car after ordering Sandy ' s senior pictures Many parents accompanied their seniors to pick out their pictures (Photo by Wendy Bettar) Ursula Ballard Christopher Barb Stephanie Bartcer Seniors 197 Chelsa Blackford Beth Blankenship JiVonne Blount Denlse Bluhn Doris Bolds Ina Bolton LAUGHING AT A JOKE, Lisa Ceballos waits for the bell to ring in her lirst period Sliakespeare class. (Photo by Wendy Better) Henry Bryant Roderic Bryant Yulonda Bryant 198 Seniors LOOKING NUMBER 1, Daryl McChristian was on the varsity football team as a running back (Photo by Geoff Kneale) Rommel Candari Julie Cannell Rebecca Carreon RyanCarrigan John Carter Jacqueline Camthers Lorenzo Cases Rachelle Castellon Albert Causey Lisa Ceballos Jesse Celaya Mdrie Cervantes Seniors 199 Sherice Chandler Chhoeun Chhin Nicole Christopher Noel Claude Mike Clements Cameron Coatney Samuel Cunningham Shaleta Cunningham Delores Curry Mary D ' Alessandro Raj Daniel Ruth Ann Daniels 200 Seniors IN CERAMICS, Debbie Kohn learns the do ' s and don ' ls of throwing clay from her teacher, Mr. Robert Bellah (Photo by Jason Hamblin) Leilani Delgado Edgardo Diaz Desire« Oib«ne Marc Doolin Raijeim Douglas Lynn Douglass John Duckworth Gwen Duggins Laurie Dunbar Frank Duran Leonard Duran Tammie Edwards Seniors 201 LEAVING CLASS EARLY, Al sia Theodorou goes to answer a call slip. (Photo by Wendy Bettar) Denise Evans Sean Evans Vaughn Fahie Pamela Falrman Lavette Farlow Andrea Fellows Laura Fleming Shelita Fleming Joe Flores Sylvia Flores Staria Fogal Pete Fonseca 202 Seniors Diane Fraire LoriFreitas Matthew Flicks Sandra Gallardo Tommy Galoszka ElkeGamboa Jacqueline Gomez Maria Gomez Patricia Gomez Michael Gonzales Melissa Gonzalez Anthony Goodman Seniors 203 iL t. i Melissa Grimm GinaGrisham LonnGuillory Richard Guinan Christina Haak RachaelHaak Glennell Hamilton Starlar Harbour Linda Harring Monique Harris Channon Haveman Jennifer Hazelton 204 Seniors Thomas Hernandez Shelly Herr Chris Hill Steve Hoak Desiree Hockless HAPPY BIRTHDAYIII Lynn Douglass presents Susan Rump with a cake on her seventeenth birthday Also celebrating her birthday are Tam- my Stoll and Todd Gordon. Afterward they all went to Mrs. Carole Scam- bray ' s classroom tor a lunch ol cake and sparkling apple cider. Susan ' s birthday is Oct 8. (Photo by Wendy Better) s Keith Horn James Homback Sylvia Howard Seniors 205 ACTING AS A GRANNY Van Robinson shows oti her Halloween costume. Many students wore unusual costumes (Photo by Clitt Harris) Vincinte Jackson RachelJacobo Danny Jacobs Doris Jaramillo Miosha Jefferson Yvonne Jimenez Janine Johns Adam Johnson Latasha Johnson Mia Johnson Michelle Johnson Andrea Joho 206 Seniors Seniors 207 Melissa Livingston Michelle Llywelyn Kimberly Logan Leon Long Yvonne Longshore Anna Lopez 208 Seniors Chris Manzano Jenise Mariscal Alex Marrero Megan Marshall Jeffrey Martin Debbie Martinez 208A Eisenhower Seniors Ready In a Splash of 208B for ' 88 Graduation Brilliant Color 208C U4il Joe Martinez Chris Mauricio Joselyn May Daryl McChristian Chelsea McClanahan Cheryl McGlothll George McGowen Michelle McKay Antoinette McPIke Joe Mendez Karia Mendez Liliana Mendez J Lorenzo Mills Sean Miner Robert Mlnjares Chauncet Mitchell Roshawn Montgomery 208D Carios Moran Sandra Moreno Ginger Morgan Kalandra Mosley Billy Muha Benigno Muratalla Robert Naucler Mario Navarrete Alexandra Navarrete Carmela Neal Penny Neil Angelica Nelson SENIOR SOLOIST Cyndi Hoagland practices a number before a rally at the football field bleachers Cyndi was the soloist in the band ' s performance of Old Time Rock ' n ' Roll (Photo by Geoff Kneale) Holly Newton Loan Nguyen Marcelinda Nickels Seniors 209 Eisenhower ' s These seniors participated in various sports or clubs throughout their high school years. All seniors were asked to fill out fornns stating what sports or clubs they were in at Eisenhower or any other high schools. Some activities available were football, baseball, volleyball, MEChA, BSU, Eagle ' s Eye, band, CSF, being statisti- cians, managers or cheerleaders. Steve Aldaco Wrestling: 10, 11, 12. Keri Allen Choir: 10, 1 1 , 12; Madrigals: 10, 1 1 , 12. Jennifer Allred Pep Club: 1 2; FBLA: 11,12. Henry Arizpe Who ' s Who: 1 1 . Melanie Armstrong Soccer: 11, 12; Swimming: 11, 1 2 ;Class Officer: 1 2; Key Club: 11,12; French Club: 1 2; Azurettes: 11, 12; Young Republicans: 11, 12; Junior Statesmen of America: 9, 10, 1 1 , 12. Ursula Ballard Pep Club: 12; Acapella Choir: 10; FBLA: 11; BSU: 12; Spanish Club: 12. Christopher Barb BSU: 12; Competitive Speech: 12; Key Club: 11; Track: 12. Tauria Burks Student Council: 12; House of Reps: 11; Who ' s Who: 10, 11, 12; BSU: 12; Spanish Club: 10; CSF: 12; Azurettes: 12; Speech: 1 1 ; Girls ' State: 1 1 . Lysandra Bell House of Reps: 10; Who ' s Who: 12; BSU: 12; Statistician for Boys ' Basketball: 10, 1 1 , 12. Julie Bigler Key Club: 12; Marching Band: 12; Con- cert Band: 11, 12. Ryan Carrigan Track: 9, 10; Cross Country: 9, 10; Photo Club: 9, 10; Aquila: 12; Eagles Eye: 11; French Club: 9, 10. Raj Daniel FBLA: 12; Spanish Club: 12; Speech: 11, 12. Leilani Delgado Volleyball: 10; Softball: 10, 11, 12; Who ' s Who: 12;Mecha: 10, 12; We Care Club: 12. Raijiem Douglas Rifles: 11; Tall Flags: 11, 12; Mar- ching Band: 11, 12. Vaughn Fahie Band: 10, 11, 12; Marching Band: 10, 11, 12; Concert Band: 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band: 10, 11, 12. Sandra Gallardo Azurettes: 10, 1 1 ; Wrestlerette: 12. STUDENTS visit between classes either making plans lor lunch, after school, or study time. (Photo by Geoff Kneale) 210 Senior Achievements Achievers Ursula Ballard Oarryl MCChristian Cammle Whitesell Angela Boyd Nathan Glazier Tennis: 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club: 12 Jacqueline Gomez Softball: 10, 11, 12. Krystal Gray Volleyball: 10, 11, 12; Basketball: 10, 11, 12; Softball: 10, 11, 12; House ofReps: 10; BSU: 12; JCR Partnership: 10, 11, 12. Melissa Grimm Pep Club: 12; Acapella Choir: 12; ey Club: 10, 1 1 , 12; Azurettes: 11, 12; JSA: 12; Band: 10, 1 1 ; Marching Band: 10, 1 1 ; Concert Band: 10, 1 1 . Gina Grisham Sobobans: 11, 12; CSF: 12; Azuret- es: 11,12. Cyndi Hoagland Band:10, 11, 12; Marching Band: 10, 11, 12; Concert Band: 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band: 11, 12. Vicki Hughes Tall Flags: 11, 12; Marching Band: 1 1 , 1 2; Concert Band: 1 1 ; Jazz Band: 1 2; Spanish Club: 1 1 . Vincente Jackson Band: 10, 11, 12; Concert Band: 10, 11, 12; Marching Band: 10, 11,12. Dan Jacobs Baseball: 10; Spanish Club: rO. Andrew Jacobson Baseball: 1 1 Doris Jaramillo Student Council: 12; Who ' s Who: 12; Key Club: 12; Spanish Club: 10, 1 1 ; Band: 10, 1 1 , 12; Marching Band: 10, 11, 12; Concert Band: 10, 11, 12, Jr. Statesmen of America: 12. Renee Jeter Drill Team: 10. Adam Johnson Band: 10, 11, 12; Marching Band: 10, 11, 12; Concert Band: 10, 11, 12. Michelle Johnson Who ' s Who: 12; Acapella Choir: 10, 1 1 , 12; Madrigals: 12; Concert Choir: 12. Richard Johnson Band: 12; Marching Band: 12; Concert Band: 12. Lynette Jueneman Tennis: 11, 12; Who ' s Who: 12; Eagle ' s Eye: 11, 12; Sobobans: 12; French Club: 11, 12; CSF: 10, 11, 12. Geoff Kneale Aquila: 12; Spanish Club: 11, Young Republicans: 12. Ursula Ballard Darryl McChristian Cammie Whitesell Angela Boyd Senior Achievements 211 Roderick Pendon Jennie Pennington Frank Perine 212 Seniors i Dan Pytel Stephen Quesada Daniel Ramirez Lani Razon Seniors 21 3 Eisenhower ' s! Melissa Estrada Andrea Fellows Ginger Morgan Pamela Fairman Michelle Lang Flags: 1 1 ; Key Club: 11,12; JSA: 12. Fabiola Larios French Club: 11; Student Council: 12;Mecha: 12. Gerrie Lester Aquila: 12. Jeff Lowe Wrestling: 10; Track: 10, 11, 12; Student Council: 11, 12; Who ' s Who: 11, 12; Key Club: 10, 11, 12; Young Republicans: 10, 11, 12. Paul Lynd Who ' s Who: 12; Eagles Eye: 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club:11, 12; CSF:10, 11, 12; Young Republicans: 11,12. Rachelle Malbrough Basketball: 10, 11, 12; Track: 10, 11, 12; Pep Club: 10; French Club: 11, 12; BSU: 12; Football Manager: 12 Jeff Malpica Who ' s Who: 12; Thespians: 12; Drama: 11, 12; FBLA: 12; Spanish Club: 10; Rifles: 11; Marching Band: 11. Jenise Mariscal Mecha: 11,12; French Club: 1 1 , 1 2. Jeff Martin Young Republicans: 10, 1 1 , 12; Marching Band: 10, 11, 12; Concert Band: 10, 11, 12; Band: 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band: 11; Assistant Drunnnnajor: 11, Head Drummajor: 12. | Denise Morales Cross Country: 12; Soccer: 11 ;i Track: 11, 12; Eagle ' s Eye: 11, 12; Football Manager: I2;i Wrestlerette: 11, 12; Baseball Statistician: 12 ; Angelica Nelson Pep Club: 12; Choir: 10, 11, 12;| Madngals: 12; Acapella Choir: 10, 11, 12; Band: 10, 11.| 12; Marching Band: 10, 11, 12; Concert Band: 10, 11. 12.j Aaron Olive Spanish Club: 10, 12; Student Council:! 1 1 ; House of Reps: 1 1 ; BSU: 1 2; FBLA: 1 2; Who ' s Whoi 1 1; Competitive Speech: 12. ; Frank Perine Aquila: 12, Eagle ' s Eye: 11,12. Amy Phillips Tall Flags 10; FBLA 10, 11; Studenti Council: 12; Aquila: 12. ] Miriam Phillips BSU: 10; Aquila: 11, 12; Publica-i tions: 11, 12; Vica: 11. I Joy Polman Sobobans: 11, 12; Key Club: 12: French, Club: 11, 12; Young Republicans : 10, 11, 12; Concert] Band: 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band: 11, Tina Rea Tall Flags: 10, 11, 12; Marching Band: lO.i 11, 12;Band: 10, 11, 12. • Melissa Estrada Andrea Fellows Ginger Morgan Pamela Fairman 214 Senior Achievements Achievers Leilani Delgado Patrice Walsh Aljna Ponder Andrea Rea Tall Flags: 10, 11, 12; Marching Band; 10, 11, 12; Band; 10,11, 12. Melissa Reynolds Aquila; 11, 12 Jennifer Seeman Eagle ' s Eye; 11, 12; Aquila; 12. Sheila Smith Drill Team; 1 1 ; Pep Squad; 1 2. Kim Staples Who ' s Who; 12; Drama; 12; Sobobans; 12;BSU; 12; French Club; 11. Alysia Theodorou Swimming; 10; Pep Flags; 11, 12; Azurettes; 12. Eric Thomas Cross Country; 12; Wrestling; 12; Track; 10, 11, 12. Christy Ullrich Tennis; 10, 11, 12; Key Club; 10, 11, 12; Azurettes; 11, 12. Laura Vasquez Mecha; 11, 12; Band; 10; Marching Band; 10; Concert Band; 10. Eddie Veliz Baseball; 10, 11; Cross Country; 11; Aquila; 12. Maryann Waller Volleyball; 10; Madrigals; 12; Young Republicans; 11, 12; Tall Flags; 11; Competitive Speech; 10, 11, 12. Patriece Walsh Class Officer; 12; Student Council; 12; FFA; 11; Aquila: 11, 12; Spanish Club; 10; Young Republicans; 11; Band; 10, 11, 12; Marching Band: 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band; 10, 11. Sherrie Ward Soccer: 10,11; Softball: 1 1 . Cammie Whitesell Drama: 1 1 ; Drill Team: 1 1 ; Band: 11, 12; Marching Band: 11, 12; Jazz Band; 12. Debbie Wilburn House of Reps: 12; Who ' s Who: 12, Drama: 11; Thespians: 12; FBLA: 12; Sobobans: 11, 12; Spanish Club: 10; CSF: 10, 12; Young Republicans: 11, 12; Tall Flags: 10, 11, 12; Marching Band; 10, 11, 12. Dianne Wilford DnII Team: 10, 1 1 ; Poms: 12. Tela Woods Cheerleader; 11, 12;BSU; 12. Senior Achievements 215 Cathy Rehbehn Chantal Reid Lisa Resendez Melissa Reynolds William Richardson Kenneth Rinck r Nick Ruiz Susan Rump Sheila Rutter Peter Saavedra Shaana Sams Yolanda Sanchez 216 Seniors 4i Patricia Saucedo James Schaffran Tom Schmidt Lorraine Schraner Oadise Scott Michael Smalls Deeya Smith Toni Smitherman Steve Soren Cindy Spencer Kim Staples l.yMi Kim Stokes Michael Stokes Matt Stotler Krista Stout Steven Stracke Carie Stubblefield Seniors 217 WE THE PEOPLE While the seniors had their portraits taken, they were asked to vote tor the 1988 Senior Personalities They were given a sheet with 23 personality choices, and on September 30, 1987 the sheets were all collected and tallied The results are listed here with pictures of some of the winners (By Patrice Walsh) TEACHERS ' PETS Annie Armstrong and Derrick Parra pay attention m class Tt)eir j classroom attitudes were appreciated by their teachers (Photo by Patrice Walsh) MOST ENTHUSIASTIC SCHOOL SPIRIT wnriei aw Eric Little and Jill Sisley who show spirit in their cheerleading uniforms (Photo by Geoff Kneale) MOST LIKELY TO TEACH AT IKE are Cindy Phillips and Jell Martin, who sit in the teachers ' lounge discussing their future careers at Eisenhower High School (Photo by Patrice Walsh) MOST ATHLETIC, Daryl McChristian wins lor his participation in lootbatl and I baseball (Photo by Wendy Bettar) i 218 Senior Personalities BEST DRESSED, Syeda Husain and Cortez BEST LOOKINQ, Leilani Hearn display their fashionable clothing Delgado and Steve Aldaco They said they enjoyed diessing up to attend made everybody look twice school (Photo by Patrice Walsh) with their good looks (Photo by Amparo Elizondo) TALLEST AND SHORTEST Lon Dunbar. Michael Smalls. Than Le and Lisa Ceballos show their dillerences in height. (Photo by Patrice Walsh) . MOST POPULAR Dayna Anas and nnk Sullivan received the ovenvhelming COOLEST people on campus are Melissa Estrada and Sean Miner (Photo by Wendy Bettar) MOST MISCHIEVIOUS is Arlo Valles. who makes himselt at home in Mr Armand Messer ' s ollice (Photo by Wendy Bettar) BIGGEST FLIRTS on campus said " Hil " to everyone They are Kristy Lavrusky and Jell Henry (Photo by Amparo Elizondo) Other Senior Personalities that deserve recognition are CRAZIEST, Ryan Carrigan and Patrice Walsh, FRIENDLIEST, Paul Baeza and Sylvia Flores. BEST PER- SONALITY, Roberto Pedace and Meisha Beyeler, SHYEST, Adam Johnson and Cindy Spencer. BEST EYES, Robby Rozhon and Anna Williams. BEST LEGS, Jason Hamblin and Tami Post. MOST INTELLIGENT, Jeff Blackey and Brooke Malody. BEST ALL AROUND, Trim Garza and Cheryl Graham. BEST SMILE, Tony Arnold and Patricia Saiicedo, MOST LIKELY TO SUCCED. Ken Hubbs and Lon Frietas, along wilh MOST ATHLETIC, Krystal Gray, and MOST MISCHIEVIOUS, Lavette harlow Senior Personalities 219 ir Shawn Stunkard Frank Sullivan Mia Sullivan Robert Sullivan Terrie Sullivan Manuel Summers PatToussaint RosaTrevino Christine Ullrich Patricia Urbina Chris Valdez 220 Seniors JkJm mm Robert Van Deroef Javier Varela Laura Vasquez Edward Veliz JoseVenegas Isela Villanueva KathyWatkins Damon Watson Susan Watson Terrel Watson Paul Wentworth Cammie Whitesell Debbie Wilbum Stacey Wilcots Dianne Wilford Anna Williams Lorenzo Williams Sherry Wilson Seniors 221 Tony Arnold Sylvia Flores George McGower« 222 Seniors ' Baby Pictures Antionette McPike Melissa Reynolds Tauria Bur1(s Patricia Saucedo Sandra Gallardo Lisa Resendez Seniors ' Baby Pictures 223 V M Kim Wiltshire Jill WInegar Nancy Wollerton tela Woods Michelle Woods Sharon Woodside Sandy Woodward Thomas Woyak Linda Wright Bk Rolf Wuerch Martha Yanez Minhee Yoo Edward Cardona Jason Hamblin ON THE BEACH AT HAWAII, Ken Hubbs vdMlions with reltilives over the summei (Photo submitted by Mrs. Hubbs) AT LUNCH TIME, Rhondd Davis and Angela Boyd have lunch at Taco Bell (Photo by Debbie Kohn) 224 Seni ASB and Seniors Work Together APPOINTED OFFICERS tor ASB are (Standing:) Doris Jaramillo. director of Fine Arts: Amy Phillips, director of publicity: Nicole Ctiristoptier, director of assemblies: Dan Brown, speaker of fhe house; Ken Hubtis, secretary of state: Casey Hall, director of atliletics: f obbie Baker, member-at-large: and Raquel Gonzales, secretary of stu- dent staff relations. (Sitting:) Kirsten Kremer, director of activities: Jennifer Potter, f istorian: Joeli Crouct), director of pep: and Victoria Ross, schoo txiard representative. (Photo by Patrice Walsh) FIVE ASB OFFICERS include (Back row:) Ctieryl Gratiam, treasurer: Tauria Burks, secretary: and Victoria Ross, sctiool txiard representative. (Front row:) Lori Freitas, vice president, and Brooke Ivfalody, president. (Photo by Patrice Walth) STANDING in ttie Student Council Room are Senior Class Officers: Patrice Walsti, treasurer: hAelanie Armstrong, social chairperson: Rolf Wuerch, president: Micttelle Lyon, secretary: and Me issa Gonzales, vice president. (Photo by Cliff Harris) RING REPRESENTATIVES from Jostens get help setting up their display from Scott MacDonald, sophomore social chairperson: Mike Savage, sophomore president: and Melanie Armstrong, senior social chairperson. (Photo by Cliff Harris) Officers of the Associated Student Body and of the Senior Class worked closely on projects throughout the year. Planning senior trips, graduation, Football Homecom- ing, and overseeing the Junor and Sophomore Class plans took up much time during the fourth period Stu- dent Council Class. Lori Freitas, ASB vice-president, said, " Mainly we all work together. " Specific duties performed by Senior Class officers in- cluded: president-preside over business meetings, suervises all members and activities, and acts as representative of Eisenhower; vice president-ICC presi- dent, assists president; secretary-takes minutes at business meetings for seniors and ASB; treasurer-in charge of purchase orders, works closely with the finan- cial secretary; social chairperson: oversees the plans for dances. The sponsor for both ASB and Seniors was Jeff Perkins. " WTx (Page by Beth Lord) Senior ASB Officers 225 Clubs V. o © Color Me Active D eing in a club at Eisenhower gave the students — ' spirit. They wore club shirts and were active in many campus and community events. MEChA, Choir, Aquila, Student Council, and Eagle ' s Eye were among clubs and organizations that purchased club shirts this year. Most clubs and organizations at Ike prompted fund raisers. These included candy sales, car washes, beef jerky sales, carnation sales, or spirit nbbon sales. Monies earned went for scholarships for members, for field tnps, or for helping meet budget requirements. Some field trips included trips to museums, col- leges, contests, whale watches, and restaurants. Not only did club members give up lunch times for club meetings, they also worked on Saturdays to clean up the campus or after school on community projects (By Sandy Redwine) (Page by Sandy Radwine) 226 Clubs (Page by Sandy Redwine) Clubs ' " ' J AQUILA STAFF lot second semester Mike Clark. Jason Cox, Ryan Carrigan. Denise Morales, Melissa Reynolds. Patrice Walsh. Beth Lord. Sandy Redwine Caren Smith. Gerne Lester. Teresa Pedroza. Tracy Howard. I aiirie Smith, Mrs Wendy Bettar, and Craig Conner (Photo by CliM Harris) j MADRIGALS perform tor the Back to School night (Photo by Patrice Walsh) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) 228 Aquila Madrigals IN THE BELL TOWER at UCR, Sandy Redwine, Robin fleece, and Caren Smith await the opening of the yearbook and newspaper workshops (Photo by Geoff neale) DECA CLUB OFFICERS AND SPONSORS: LaChel Johnson, secretary. Dan Ramirez, treasurer. Henry Anzpe. president. Mr Robert Rego. sponsor, and Mr ' ike Gordon, sponsor (Photo by Wendy Better) DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB OF AMERICA MEMBERS: Michael Medlin. Henry Anzpe. Frankie Taylor. Dan Ramirez. Gabriel Hernandez. Freddie respin. Tito Edwards. Joe Thorn. Anthony Smith. Lachel Johnson, Don Dobben. Kris Garcia. Robert Socha. and Carrie Mayse (Photo by Wendy Better) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) Publications DECA 229 Golden Eagle Alliancel THE GOLDEN EAGLE ALLIANCE shows their spirit as ttiey perform Old Time Hock and Roll with Cindy Hoagland playing the solo on her trumpet. BAND JACKETS, with the alliance logo printed on the back, are popular with band members MR. RICHARD SIEGEL made his appearance at the begining of the year with energy and hope for a prosperous year (Photos courtesy of band members) (Page by Craig Conner) 23Q Golden Eagle Alliance Colors The School! r his year ' s Golden Eagle Alliance started the year ' under the new direction of Mr. Richard Siegel Mr, Siegel canne over from Northview High School in River- side and got the band going with a new policy that a lot of students had to adjust to. Despite early troubles the group was able to pull out a quite prosperous season Drum majors were Jeff Martin and Craig Conner Tall Flag captains were Andrea Rea and Debbie Wilburn Drill Team captains were Connie Borrero and Julie Harden. The three units which make up the Golden Eagle Alliance brought home numerous trophies to show off their talents (By Craig Conner) I THE SNACK BAR was a major money maker when the Alliance had its own tournaments Vicki Hughes and Tina Rea await more customers ■ DRUM MAJORS, Jetf Martin and Craig Conner lead the Alliance in this year ' s band seasons i DURING REHEARSAL, Jell Martin, drum major, warms up the band I CONCERT BAND is the second semester lor band Most ol the many band members stayed in lor the new semester There were also a lew dditions (Page by Craig Conner) Golden Eagle Alliance 231 ( ■■■■iM H| , . WF ' ?vT i fli Rl fciK lUfl Btw J Jazz Band T " he 1987-88 Jazz Band was under the direction of MrJ ' Richard Siegel. The Ike Jazz Band did quite well thi i year as they were abel to pull a more full group of ir, strumentalists. Each year they attend several Jaz.l Festivals in different locations This year. they attendee festivals at Mt, Sac College and San Bernardino Valley Col lege. Alto Sax players: Ist-Vaughn Fahie, 2nd-Craig Con] ner Tenor Sax: Akane Ito and Vincent Jackson Baritomj Sax: Doris Jaramillo Trumpet: 1st-Cyndi Hoagland, 2nd ' Javier Vasquez. Trombone: Rosie Velasco and Cammiij Whitesell. Guitar: Richard Flores Bass Guitar: Manuel Ridge. Piano: Vicki Hughes. Drums: Phil Smith (By Crai(| Conner) GOLDEN EAGLE? The band logo is on the back of the band room without the word ' alliance ' LEAD TRUMPET Cyndi Hoagland gets ready to practice her trumpet (Page by Craig Conner) 232 Jazz Band SECOND SEMESTER brought a lull sax section to the Jazz Band oris Jaramillo and Vince Jackson joined the band second semester id tilled the saxes by playing Ban and Tenor Sax VAUGHN FAHIE with his Yamaha Alto Sax was the lead Alto Sax layer By earning lead Alto. Vaughn played the various solos that ere in the songs. AKANE ITO brought a new experience to Jazz Band. Akane was 1 exchange student and played Tenor Sax until she went back home early March. lU (Page by Craig Conner) Jazz Band 233 m :m w vw s , TEMPLE LEFFINGWELL AND ROBERT MARTELL rehears their parts in their second play ol the year Harney ; S.C.E.T.A. winner To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday ' ji presented by Gillian, Cerena Culley, and her husband, Robeni Marten ' IN REHEARSING FOR HARVEY, James Martinez and George f ' leper practice in front ot junior high journalists lor JournaliSfr Day. (Page by Craig Conner) 234 Drama MADRIGALS: (Clockwise:) Eric Adkisson, Jennifer Fewell, Tami Williams, Trim Garza, Chris Agard. Michelle Hamilton, Mr. Andres Luna, director: Michelle Johnson, Carta Parkerson, Natasha Jefferson, Teresa Love, Virginia Baird, Lori Watson, Delicia White, Greg Carter, Kristine Garcia, Terrel Watson. Vicki Trull, Mr. David Hamilton, accompanist: Tami Corkin, Jim Hornback, Su- nyani Henry, Rodney Reed, Keri Allen, Gary Sutherland, Maryann Waller. (Middle) Sylvia Zamora, and Angel Nelson (Page by Melissa Reynolds) Madrigals 235 CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION MEMBERS: (Back row:) Kathy Scotl, Graeme Geib. Ken Hubbs, Chris Wright. Laurie Dunbar. Jennifer de la Ossa, Dannette Powel l, Ton Burks, Brooke Malody, Lori Freitas. Mrs Vassie Kyrilsis, sponsor. (Third row:) Gary Motley, Mike Garrett, Caesar Maroquin, George Theodorou. and David Cox (Second row:) Elaine Nelson, Mary Chou, Julie Lee, Charlotte Peters, Lynette Jueneman, Lam Rozan, Nivin Joseph, TuHy Price, and Gina Gnsham (Front row:) Jen- nifer Lane, Kirsten Kramer, Christina Smith, Emily Morse, Bambi Paul, Pam Lacey, and Roy Corona The CSF Club members must have all A ' s or 3 A ' s and 1 B in college preparation classes (Photo by Teresa Pedroza) FUTURE FARMERS CLUB members, Tito Edwards, Sal Ramirez, and Danny Shatter, work on a display (Photo by Teresa Pedroza) TAKING A BREAK from cheerleading are Tina Lopez and Erica Burton (Photo by Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) 236 Clubs s6ac ' y A FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE meeting is lead by Presi dent Laura Bird (Photo by Cliff Harris) FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA: William Henry, Troy Preston. Danny Shatter, Sat Ramirez, Ronny Barker, Robert Bricarello, Henry Roa, Mr Richard Flet- cher. Chns Gendrean, and Tito Edwards (Photo by Teresa Pedroza) SOBOBANS (Back row:) Mrs. Wanda Mahoney, Brooke Malody, Lori Freitas, Kirsten Kremer, Angie Maloull, Laurie Dunbar. Colette Coloumbe, Julie Lee. Cathenne Scott, Jennifer Lowe, and Pamela Lacey. (Front row:) Cheryl Graham, Danette Powell, Jennifer de la Ossa, Mary Chau, Tuffy Price, Gina Grisham, Lani Razon, Charlotte Peters, Joy Potman, and Lynette Jueneman (Photo by Teresa Pedroza) CHEERLEADERS at the basketball homecoming game Jill Sisley, Sherrie Moore, Nashaka Leon, Tonya Barring. Erica Burton, and Bianca Banales (Photo by Varden Studios, Inc.) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) Clubs 237 Friday Night Lives Comes to Ike Friday Night Live was the new club on campus It IS an organization similar to Students Against Drunk Drivers (SADD), said Mrs Christine Mitchell, sponsor The club was started on campus when Laura Bird, sophomore, thought it was a good program, and it should be here She approached Mr Jeff Perkins, ASB sponsor, who sent Laura and Robbie Baker, another student in- terested in Friday Night Live, to a conference called Lean On Me, They then asked teachers to sponsor the club and Mrs. Mitchell agreed. Laura became president and Robbie became the treasurer. The club members strive to alert the public ' s and the student body ' s awareness of the hazards and tragedies caused by drinking or doing drugs and driving. The club members planned an assembly on March 1,! and handed out stickers on campus The club was pai| of a nation wide organization and locally funded by th San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors " Our sister school is Redlands High School, sai Laura " They are currently called SADD but are chan; ing to be Friday Night Live, " she added The Eisenhower Friday Night Live Club m( Wednesdays at lunch in F-4 Mrs Mitchell asked staff members to pass the wor along to students about Friday Night Live She and { r club members felt that it was a worthwhile club for j students on Eisenhower ' s campus to belong to Students were urged to listen to the bulletin ai nouncements and attend the meetings To get mar students involved in Friday Night Live was the goal ( the club members. FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE CLUB: (Back row:) li.n y Wh.ihy, M.inJii M.illork. Hny Corona. Julie Polman. Jenny Haiamg. Ueiaip Uveitiiil. Sn.iivn.i roxvm uomj fl ' ilhird, IJi ' ,ijI.i liill.iKl, Mrs Chrr.lini- Mili Iwll, .mil Hobhir lliki-r (Front row:) Jenny Slovall. Laura Bird. Carlee Slephans. Ginger Jarnse. Chris Ne,il. Ctrl Kned ' t Eric Morrison. ,inij Hnnno I lnyes (Pholo by Teresa Pedroza) j (Page by Teresa Pedroza) 238 Friday Night Live KEY CLUB: (Back row:) Mr Tom Sawyer, Kiwanis adviser; Kathy Scott. Shawna Powell, Jennie Stowall, Rod Pendon, Liz Mollis, Marlene Black, Christy Haak, Ken Hubbs, Mr Craig Wells, EHS Key Club sponsor; Tom Trujeque. Jennifer de la Ossa, Don Siebert, Jennifer Soesman, and Danette Powell (Front row:) Elaine Nelson, Mary Chau, Bambi Paul, Lisa Sawyer, Julie Bigler. Deirdre Overturf, and Fauzia Jan Mofiamed (Photo by Cliff Har- ris) FRENCH CLUB: (Back row:) Cfieryl Graham, Jenise Mariscal, Kimmy Eilar, Shawne Moruzzi, Patty Flaws, Ina Bolton, Steve Pitts, and Justin Williams. (Middle row:) Mrs Bernadine Pohlers, ad- viser; Laurie Freitas, Brooke Malody. Mary Chau, Kerby Kuntsler, Christy Flores, Kathie Myer, Lisa Fergussen, Stella Morris. Cesar Marroguin, , Emily Morse, Liz Moran, and Kathy Raible (Front row:) Elaine Nelson, Julie Lee, Rachelle Mlabrough, Chauncet Mit- chell. Christina Smith. Lynette Jueneman. April Smith, and Nicole Biggers. (Photo by Cliff Harris) AZURETTES: (Top row:) Kim Jacobs. Claudia Bremser. Tina Thompson. Valerie Bravo. Michelle Moon. Alyshia Theodorou. Tauria Burks. La Sandra Bell. Niven Joseph. Audra LaBell. a member, and Bill Mitchell. (Third row:) Laurie Bouchard. Jenny McBride. a member. Gina Grisham. Tuffy Price. Keri Maine. Holly Newton. Brooke Malody. Laurie Freitas. Michelle Hynek. and Rautasha Conley (Second row:) Melissa Grimm. Christy Ullrich. Jennifer Potter. Joeli Crouch. Angelee Almaderez. Laura Gaseon. Victoria Ross. Lyn Sipe. Michelle Lyon. Kirsten Kremer. Cheryl Graham, and Nicole Goolsby (Front row:) Kelly Hilber, Natalie Hamner, Kathy Alvarez, Christy Gossage, Staria Fogal. Debbie Kohn. Diane Fraire. Debbie Martinez, and Sal Lopez. (Photo by Cliff Harris) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) Clubs 239 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: (Top row:) Eric Little. (Standing:) Lisa Sole. Sherrie Moore, Dana Bitter, Jill Sisley, and Angie Maloull (Front row:) Angeiie Almendarez, Nashaka Leon, and Bianca Banales. S 7K Ms f A . » " ' i«w • ' ■ JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Nyree Sweatt, Heather Eubank. Kelly Hilbei. Jenniler Crandall. Tammy Reid, Kaltjy Alvarez. Jennifer Mobley. Ctinsta Gossage, Joelie Crouch, Gina Abrega, Diane Sanchez, and Con Carrigan (Photos by Cliff Harris) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) 240 Pep Squad POMS: Diane Wilford, Tonya Barring, Kathy Watkins, Sheila Smith, Terry Woods, Terisha Harris, Laurie Al.i FLAGS: (Back row:) Stephanie Owens. Tina Lopez, and April Kammski (Front row:) Alyshia Theodorou, Kim Shcllon. arid Chanel Chillis. (Photos by Cliff Harris) (Page by Teresa Pedroza) Pep Squad 241 Staff, ASB Join in Luncheoi STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS wait their turn to go ttiiough tlie secret pal luncheon line THREE student council ollicers make sure that the luncheon is going smoothly by chf( kinq last minute details WELCOMING guests to the luncheon, Raquel Gonzales. ASB secretary ol student stall relations, lets everyone know about upcoming secret pal events TEACHERS, Miss Cara Miller, Ms Judy Traughber, and Mrs Chrislirie Mitchell, begin the luncheon line j nvitatlons were issued for the Secret Pal I unchecj ' held in the Student Council Room on February 4 Council members and faculty met to on|oy eacj other ' s company at the potluck luncheon, according Raquel Gonzales, secretary of student staff relationj Staff members were instructed by Raquel to bring ( card for their secret pal Council members each have the names of up to thKJ staff members to correspond with during the year Staff and student council members are asked to i respond at least once a month Raquel had other activities planned for those p£! ticipating in the secret pal program, also 242 Secret Pal Luncheon THE STUDENT COUNCIL ROOM was filled with EHS stall members and their secret pal student council members lor the potluck luncheon STAFF MEMBERS go through the food line first at the secret pal luncheon (Photos by Wendy Bettar) Secret Pal Luncheon 243 Clubs Want to Do Service Project C lub members at Eisenhower do more than plan social gatherings, members of several clubs want their organizations to be known as service clubs. One such club, the Movimiento Estudiatil Chlcano de Aztlan (MEChA), received letters of commendation for work done for the Gents Organization and for a project for the Rialto ecumenical and Community Hospitality (REACH). MEChA members worked at the first 5k 10k run pro gram sponsored by the Gents, a nonprofit organization assisting the underpriveleged in the greater Inland Em- pire. The event was a fund raiser for the needy. " Seven gift wrapped boxes with shiny blue bows made our Christmas boxes for seven needy families much more colorful and festive, " read a letter by Betty Stewart, administrative associate of REACH to Mrs. Sylvia Payan, MEChA sponsor. MEChA members donated food to needy families of Rialto as part of their yearly Christmas service project. These club membrs also presented each of Eisenhower ' s staff with Christmas gifts of pencils, can- dy, and a pencil holder. Another club wanting to establish itself as a service organization is the Spanish Club. Aaron Olive, president brought up the idea to provide punch and cookies to teachers at the two-day spring semester registration. Friday Night Live, a new club, is sponsored by Mrs. Christine Mitchell. Students joined with the plans of allerting the student body ' s awareness of the hazards and tragedies caused by drinking or doing drugs and driving. Another established service club was We Care. Members helped with Special Olympics. Club sponsor was Mr. Doug Smith. -:h oi n SPANISH CLUB members meet at lunch time. SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS: (Back row:) Marquita Facen, Shawana Branch. Aaiil Olive, Bambi Paul, and Sherline Peters (Front row:) Ms Candad Mejusto, sponscj Kathleen Fay. Susanna Rossi. Dawn Clark. Meisha Washington, Kim Staples. Alice Jonel Mrs Grace Calderon. sponsor, and Miss Olelia Delgado. sponsor ' PRESIDENT ol tl)e Spanish Club. Aaron Olive, otters some refreshments Spamtih Cii,: CO sponsor Miss Card Miller, at the registration lor second semester j AT A CLUB MEETING, sponsors Ms. Cardidad Me usto. Miss Cara Miller. .ii : Wi ' Grace Calderon. listen to the students discuss an upcoming fund raiser (Photos by Cllj Harris) 244 Service Clubs AUiA MECHA OFFICERS: Charles Martinez. Patricia Saucedo. Melissa Estrada. Leilani Delgado, Mrs Sylvia Payan. Fabiola Lanos. Matey Lara, and Chris Proa (Photo by Teresa Pedroza) THE MECHA CLUB MEMBERS: (Back row:) Roy Lopez, a member. Jose Fabela. Sandra Navarelle. Charles Martinez, Chris Proa, Cynthia Ramor. Javier Vasquez. Sylvia Bocanegra, and Robert Garcia (Front row:) Sherry Ward. Martin Sar- rato. Erica Torrene. Yulil Alonzo. Mary Solliz. Jenise Mariscal. Carmen Murillo. Claudia Moran, Melissa Estrada, Patricia Saucedo. Marcy Lara, Mrs Sylvia Payan, Fabiola Larios, Leilani Delgado. Eunice Juarez, a member, Nellie Garcia, a member. Richard Valdez. and Jivonne Blount (Photo by Teresa Pedroza) SEVERAL STUDENTS in Mrs Sylvia Payans history classes nro enrolled in MEChA (Photo by Jynnifer Seaman) 245 Eagle ' s Eye Captures the News T he Eagle ' s Eye staff this year was lead by Paul ' Lynd, editor in chief. Paul was a national jour- nalism award winner, one of 12 finalists in the Southern California Journalisnn Education Association ' s scholar- ship contest, and the writer of the longest story in Eagle ' s Eye history Eagle ' s Eye was spotlighted in the Rialto Record when the Supreme Court ruling on censorship was passed. The high school journalists felt that the ruling giving administrators authority on what could or could not be published was an error in judgement The staff decided that it would continue with its policy of printing the campus news without fear of censorship Field trips consisted of a workshop to UCR, trips to the printers, a Journalism Day for the local junior high journalists, a press conference for the Academy Awards nominations, and Write-Off contests. AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS nominations preSs con- lerence, Eagle ' s Eye students hear Mr Robert Wise, president ol the Academy, and Shirley Mad aine, award winning actress, read a lisl ol the nomin ;es (Photo by Wendy Bettar) TELLING OF HIS FOOTBALL ACCOMPLISHMENTS, Michael Smalls is the guest speaker for the sports category on Journalism Day Denise Morales, sports editor, helps with the even! (Photo by Wendy Bettar) WAITING FOR OTHER REPORTERS to finish interviewing Mr Rohcil Wr.c, I ' aul I ynd and I ynette Jueneman will attempt to a;k (fiic ' .liiiii-, lor the Eagle ' ' , Lye (Photo by Jynnifer Seeman) FIRST SEMESTER EE: (Back row:) I rank ferine, artist, Jynnifer Soeman, darkroom technician, ptiolographer and advertising manager, Roderic Bryant, staff writer. Cliff Hams, darkroom assistant, photographer and business manager; I ' aul Lynd, editor in chief, and Susan Rump, news editor (Middle row:) Denise Morales, sports editor, I ynelte .luneiuaii. features edfilor, and Syeda Efusain, circulalirui manager (Front row:) Corey Sanders, staff writer, fiavina Hope, staff writer, .ind Mrs Wenrjy lieltar, arlvisi:r (Not piclureil Hill 0 ' Brii:n. ' ,lall wnlni ) (Photo by Amparo Ellzondo) 246 Eagle ' s Eye NEW STAFF MEMBERS In regie ' s Eye are Cammie Whilesell. Julie Bigler. and Lee Tnrian Cammie and Julie were stall reporters and Lee was the stall artist MOCK TRIAL PARTICIPANTS present case evidence at the Journalism Day riclivilies AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS nominations press conference. Paul Lynd, Jynniter Seemnn, ,ind Lynotte Jueneman wait to see il they can talk with Shirley MacLaine ACCEPTING the Sweepstakes trophy lor Rialto Junior High School. Sloan Hamilton receives cnngiatulations from Trayvon Davis (Photos by Wendy Bettar) Eagle ' s Eye 247 staff O © Staff Brightens 3,000 Lives M ' increased enrollment of students, the ' • Eisenhower staff was able to reach out to about 3,000 students this year. The staff, too, was increased to about 120 teachers and about 75 other personnel rn- cluding administrators, aides, secretaries, librarians, technicians, clerks, custodians, nurses, maintenance staff members, counselors, and campus supervisors. The staff worked together on planning inservices and incorporating the lessons learned in their classrooms. A new position was created this year in the counsel- ing office Dr Marsha Edmonds joined the staff as the new associate principal Ofelia Delgado joined the staff just as the new year began She substituted for Lisa Studebaker who return- ed to college to obtain another degree. Other new teachers included Martin Sipe, Edward D ' Sousa, Edith Pickens, Steven Howard, Judy Traughber, Tom Benedickt, Cara Miller, Richard Siegel, Steve Voisard, Janet Himmler, Kay Dobbertin, and Lowell Amrine. Other new personnel were Kim Chur- chill, budget clerk; Patricia Hadersbeck, attendance clerk; Rebecca Juarez, secretary to the associate prin- cipal, Jewel Parnsh, budget clerk; Oris Dancel, gardener; and Bill Egan, ROP and Adult Education director The Staff Club, lead by Judy Malody, also consisted of other officers Paul Muckenfuss, Beverly Martinez, Gordon Nicholson, June Nicholson, Frank Mason, and Bert Cassan They planned staff pot-luck luncheons, TGIF parties, and the Christmas party. 248 Staff staff 249 Associate Principal Is Hired The most recent member of the EHS administrative staff was Dr. Marsha Edmunds. She was hired to fill the newly created position of associate principal. Dr. Edmonds received a bachelor of arts degree in history and political science from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. (By Geoffrey Kneale) Mr. Delbert Bredy Principal Mr. Armand Messer Assistant Principal of Facilities Dr. Marsha Edmonds Associate Principal ol Student Academics Ms Shalimar Horsley Assistant Principal of Discipline Mr. Sam Fellows Counselor: GT-LC Mrs. Mary Hodson Counselor: LD-NL Mr. Bert Cassan Counselor: A-CM Hot Topics in Class " H m Jl r% V P ■ 1 ' -■ 1 1 i 1 Mr Robert Cisneros 1 Counselor: CN-GS 1 1 Mr. David Glover brought topics of interest to Eisenhower High School students by giving infor- mative classroonn lectures. He talked about college re- quirements and child abusers, along with other topics. He is studying to be a counselor. He tried to interact with students and their problems, utilizing a down-to- earth and funny approach. He also works with getting students enrolled at the California State University at San Bernardino. (By Geof- frey Kneale) Mr. John Myerchin Counselor SL-Z Mr. David Glover Intern Counselor (Pag by Q«offr«y Kn«al«) Counselors 251 Custodians Support Ike Custodians supported Ike ' s campus day and night with two different crews plus a gardener and maintenance man. They not only cleaned the campus and classrooms, but they also arranged the cafeteria, gym and fields for assemblies and sporting events. Windows and lights were also taken care of by them. (Page by Q«it1« Letter) 252 Custodians Mr. Bill Egan r he Regional Occupational Program (ROP) worked in ' many fields helping students get extra credits I towards their high school graduation. Students not only ' earned credits but also were able to learn job skills. In ROP, a student could earn 15 units per semester. Students Earn, Learn A maximum of 40 units could be earned in high school. ROP provided learning in Word Processing, Business Skills, Sales and Merchandising, and Audio Visual Oc- cupations among others (By Tracy Howard) (Page by Tracy Howard) ROP Adult Ed. Voc. Ed. Personnel 253 Campus Supervisors — Ever Alerl Eisenhower ' s campus supervisors numbered four. They had more areas to cover this year because of their lower number. Also they were in charge of the At- titude Adjustment room some periods of the school day because no teacher received the full-time assignment. The campus supervisors included Ms Melody Dunn, Mr. Ray Miller, Mr. Russell Thorpe and Mr. Bob Gibbs. A new gardener was hired to beautify the campus. He was Mr. Cns Dancel, who also wanted to end the lit- ter problem on campus. TALKING TO STUDENT, Tom Rodriguez, Ms Melody Dunn did not always takt students away lor disciplinary measures. At times campus supen isors counselec students, told them tt)at their car lights were on, let them know that the tardy bell was atxiut to ring, or let them know that there was a problem with their car PRETENDING TO TAKE AWAY Charles Longsworth, Mr Russell Thorpe lounO some time tor comic relief with his serious ob IKE PRIDE is displayed by campus supen isor, Mr Ray Miller AT A DESK, Mr. Bob Gibbs has paperwork to till out when he watches the Attitudt Adjustment class NEW TO EISENHOWER, Mr Oris Dancel, the gardener, began an anti-littt campaign , (Page by April Mobley) 254 Campus Supervisors Gardener From Teaching to Owning Business New teacher to the Business Department was Ms Janet Himmler who taught typing and office operations. Ms Himmler taught high school in Arizona and then at ubidoux High School in Riverside, California. She earned a master ' s degree in business education rom Northern Arizona University. " Every so often in teaching, you need to make teaching echnique changes, " she said. Shorthand was the subject she like to teach the best jecause it is challenging. One day Ms Himmler would like to own her own jusiness. Ms Janet Himmler Typing, Office Operations, FBLA Sponsor Ms Carmen Oominguez Office Operations, Typing, Shorthand, Department Chairperson, FBLA Co-Sponsor Mrs. Kathy Walker Mrs. Terry Blanke Ms Marcelta Curry Word Processing, FBLA Co-Sponosor Accounting, Typing (Page by Jynnlfer Seeman) Typing, Record Keeping Business Teachers 255 Helps for Life Six teachers from the Home Economics and Drivl Education Health departments felt that they wei preparing students for better lives after high school. These teachers helped students make their hon| lives better by teaching them about cooking, sewini and child care. Students had a chance to learn moj than just the basics in these classes as the teachel also taught advanced techniques, too. ' In Driver Education, the teachers not only taught tlj basics from the book; but they also gave studeni hands on experience behind the wheel. Simulators an cars played a big part in the class. The teachers all had serious discussions v ith the future drivers about I the hazards they could possibly encounter. i Mrs. Judy Malody Foods, Azurette Co-Sponsor, Home Ec. Department Chairperson Ms Margaret Busch Child Care, Singles Living Mrs. Nancy Vanaken Clothing, Needles Mr. Harry Violette Health Mr. Tnjman (Todd) O ' Doherty Driver Education, Department Chairman ot Orivj Education (Pag« by Jynnlfsr S«aman) 256 Home Economics Health Driver Education Teachers English Department Adds Teachers P ven though spelling, reading, and writing were part ' — of the English curriculum, addition and subtration played a big part. Mr. Frank Mason left the English Department to teach math. New to the school and the department this year were Mr. Lowell Amrine, Mrs. Judy Traughber, and Miss Cara Miller, who also taught in the Foreign Language Department. Ms Ann Taylor returned to teach full-time English; while. Miss Georgia Willis taught the Alternative English Program. Department chairperson was Mrs. Vassie Kyritsis. Miss Patricia Crampton Sophomore English, American Literature Mr. Lowell Amrine Sophomore English, American Literature Ms Mary Hobbs American Literature. Sophomore English, English Composition, Speech Coach, Pep Club Sponsor Mrs. Christine Mitchell American Literature, Friday Night Live Sponsor Mrs. Vassie Kyritsis tophomore English, American Literature, Lab, CSF Sponsor, Depart- Ttent Chairperson (Page by Patrice Walsh) English Teachers 257 258 Staff English as a Second Language, Sponsor ESL Club Ms Betly Diamond AP English, Sophomore English, English Literature Ms Barbara Gaze American Literature, Sophomore English, Composition Ms Ann Taylor Sophomore English, Composition Mrs. Judy Traughber Sophomore English, American Literature Mrs. Julie Wallace Sophomore English Mr Richard Bushong Sophomore English, English Literature (Page by Patrice Walsh) English Teachers 259 The Finer Things In Life Talented was a big adjective to describe the Fine Arts teachers. These teachers took part in various fine arts festivals by entering their own work. Mr. Barry Wallace took part in Little Theatre productions. Mr. Paul Muckenfuss entered art contests. Producing the Pop Show was a job for Mr. Andres Luna, and Mr. Wallace directed several of the high school plays. Mr Robert Bellah Ceramics Mr. Andres Luna General Music, Development of Voice, Acapella Choir, Madrigals (Page by Patrice Walsh) 260 Fine Arts Teachers m; m Kg | r nf l E 1 . 1 ft j0t B . d M ' i C ll ui %ir yi Ms Caridad Mejusto Spanish Mrs. Bernadine Pohlers French, French Club Adviser The Foreign Language Departnnent, chaired by Mrs Grace Calderon, added two new members: Miss Ofelia Delgado and Miss Cara Miller. Miss Miller taught English and Spanish (She is pictured on page 272 Taking over for a teacher who left to attend school full- time, Miss Delgado taught five Spanish classes She previously worked here as a bilingual aide. She earned a bachelor ' s degree in Spanish and pyschology from Cal State, San Bernardino and was work- ing on an administrative credential. Two More Speak the Language Mrs. Grace Calderon Spanish, Spanish Club Adviser, Department Chairperson (Page by QeoNrey Kneale) Foreign Language Teachers 261 Mr James Markham Alternative Studies Math The Equation for the Future r he Math Department was a valuable part of the cur- ' riculum not just for in school studies but for out of school living. The math teachers taught in a range from competen- cies to tngonometry and calculus. The head of the Math Department was Mr. Russell Wygant (By April Mobley) Mrs. Paula Malody Math Competency (Page by April Mobley) 262 Math Teachers (Page by April Moblay) Biology, Life Science Mrs. Brenda Holen Medical Careers, Physiology Anatomy Formulating The Unknown Mr. George Fleming Biology The Science Department instructors helped students through various problems They assisted students in searching out answers and speculating reasons. The department chairperson was Mr. Dane Scott. There were two new teachers who joined the depart- ment: Mr Edward D ' Souza and Mrs. Edith Pickens Mrs. Pickens joined the staff from Frisbie Junior High School. Before that she taught in Georgia and North Carolina She received an associate of arts degree frorr Mount Oliver College and a bachelor of arts degree frorr Saint Andrews University, both in North Carolina She is currently working on a master ' s degree in counseling Joining the staff from Kolb Junior High School, Mr D ' Souza earned his bachelor ' s degree from Grinell University in Iowa where he used to teach at a high- school Not only did he teach science, but he also:; taught French and geometry. (Pag by April Mobtoy) 264 Science Teachers Mr. Roger Massaro Chemistry Mr. Gordon Nicholsor) Lab Biology (Page by April Moblsy) Science Teachers 265 Mr. Martin Sipe Alternative World Cultures, Basl etball Coact) Mrs. Beverly Pcmell U.S. History, World Cultures Mr. Willard Schmidt U.S. History Mr Charles Grande You and the Law, Advanced World Cultures. Westen Civilization, Department Chairman Teachers Make History Come Alive T hree teachers joined the History Department, which ' found most of its department members in the B- wing portable classrooms. " History is my favorite subject to teach, " said new teacher Mr. Tom Benedickt, who also coached baseball, " because I like the past and old things. " Mr. Benedickt joined the EHS staff from Kolb Junior High School. According to new teacher, Mr. Steve Voisard, " Eisenhower has a good representation of cultures and ethnic groups which should be exciting for a social studies teacher. " He previously taught at Belmont High School in Los Angeles. Coming to Ike, Mr. Martin Sipe was hired not only to teach history but also to coach Boys ' Varsity Basket- ball. He has been teaching for over 20 years in Ohio, Arizona, and California. Mrs. Sylvia Payan American Government (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) 266 Social Studies Teachers Ml. Steve Voisard World Cultures Ms Vikki Rotierts U.S. History Mr. James Grisham American Governmer t Mr. Dan Rentz U.S. History Mr. Doug Smith Psychology Ms Carolyr} GInter American Government (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) Mr. Craig Wells £ World Cultures i I 3jf tP I 1 Mr. Tom Benedict U.S. History, Saseba Coach Mr. Joseph Dumond American Government, Soccer Coach H Q H Social Studies Teachers 267 Ms Lisa Noland English, Math Mrs. June Nicholson Resource Specialist Program, Oepartment Chairperson Mr Walter Wogee Learning Handicapped, Resource Specialist Program, Golf Coach Mr. Leon McGarrah Driver ' s Education, World History, Math Mrs. Linda Stoval Aide Ms Ozenia Knox S.E.D. Mr Tom Madison Resource Specialist Program (Pag by April Mobley) 268 Special Education Teachers Individual Specialities Refined Mr. Richard Wilsor) Health, English, Math, Tennis Coach Special Education classes increased for the 1987-88 school year. The staff consisted of seven teachers along with their classroom aides. The department was chaired by Mrs. June Nicholson, who was also a mentor teacher for the Rialto Unified School District. One teacher also took part in sponsoring after school sports. Mr. Richard Wilson coached the Boys ' and Girls ' Tennis teams and took several Ike tennis players to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs. On campus, the new buildings behind the J-wing were installed to house the county special education of- fices in which students would be interviewed for possi- ble placement at Eisenhower High School. The ROP class was held at Edison. Students learned to work in the Food Services Department. (By April Mobley) Mrs. Kathy Byers Instructional Aide 1 i|L v„J r P j9! ! | H Mr. Curt Elymod Science, English Ms Betty Morgan Instructional Aide Ms Susan (Becky) Carlson History, Economics, English, Government (Page by April Mobley) Special Education Staff 269 PE Teachers: Good Sports Physical Education teachers do not live by the adage, " Don ' t do as I do but do what I say. " The PE teachers practiced what they preached. They were ac- tive in running, jogging, and coaching on campus. Some of their other sports included tennis, raquetball, Softball, weight training, square dancing, basketball, and aerobics. (By Gerrie Lester) Mr. Roger Reupert Athletic Director Mr. Michael Malady Boys ' PE, Sports AnnoorKer Mr. Jerry Magr)ess Boys ' PE, Saseba Coach Ms Nellie Moore Girls ' PE (Pag by Qcrrl L«at«r) 270 PE Teachers Athletic Director Mrs. Charlotte Probst I Girls ' PE, Department Chairperson Mrs. Jill Sisley Pep Squad Sponsor w H HBi o H jjj K f|jr I i iLiC V H h Bh r H H B| B ' 1 Mrs. Doris McCaffeity Girls ' PE Mr. Keith Bailey Alternative Studies PE Mr Kewn Graf Trainer - frn . Mrs. Candace Kennet Adaptive PE i - rwi ?- ' (PagabyGerrtoL PE Teachers 271 No Place to Call Home KA any teachers specialize in one subject, but there ' ' are still a few who take time to branch out into various different fields. However, some of these teachers find themselves running all over the campus to reach their subjects which are taught in many different classrooms. New teachers Miss Cara Miller and Mr. Edward D ' Souza had the most varied subjects and room assignments. Mr. Jeff Perkins spent most of his time in the student council room, but then left to teach in a D- wing classroom, also. (By Miriam Phillips) TO STUDENT Gewe Lester Mrs. Wendy Better explair s a yearbook procedure. Mrs. Bet- tar taught Shakespeare, Jour- nalism, Eagle ' s Eye, and Aquita. MISS CARA MILLER taught English and Spanish and had live different classrooms for her subjects. LOOKING THROUGH HIS FILES, Mr. Jeff Perkins gets some independent study papers for his students. Mr. Perkins taught Student Coun- cil, Independent Study and English. GATHERING TEST PAPERS, Mr. Edward D ' Souza will then travel to live different classrooms. He taught French, Physical Science, and Geometry. He also taught dur- ing his conference period. (Pag« by Miriam Phillips) 272 Varied Subject Teachers Personnel Supplies Nutrition [ Cafeteria workers did a lot more than serve the food t lunchtime. They were in the l itchen early to prepare )od for students and staff members. For Thanksgiving, the cafeteria personnel served a ncheon for the teachers. Reservations were needed Before school, they also sold breakfast food and hot jffee. Many teachers would stop by the cafeteria be ire going to their mailboxes in the morning. n-a ' IT " CAFETERIA WORKERS get the dining area ready for the staff ' s Thanksgiving luncheon PREPARING FOR LUNCH. Ms Myrtle Bales wraps gnnders GETTING READY to prepare another batch of rolls is Ms Jan Novak, manager of the cafeteria (Page by Miriam Phillips) Cafetena Workers 272A Mrs. Gloria Kuboshlge. clerk typist Mrs. Linda Williams, clerk typist Mrs. Jo Anne Cardiff, attendance supervisor Mrs Andrea Harring, secretary Mrs. Beverly Martinez, secretary Mrs. Lupe Easley, foreign language tutor Mrs Dorotfiy Wdhers, nurse Mrs Rebecca Juarez, secretary (Page by Gerrie Lester) 272B Office Personnel Report to the Office Call slips came into the classrooms, and students re- ported to ttie office Tfiey were called in by counselors, secretaries, the re- corder, attendance clerks, or career center personnel. Teachers also reported to the office to hand in poor progress reports and report cards, pick up pay checks, find schedules for students, or sign out for school busi- ness. The office personnel had their own jobs to do plus they helped others with questions ' ' ■ ' Bsaiaksi m kV Mrs Dee Buysse. counselor ' s secretary Mrs. Jackie Morgan, financial secret Mrs. Linda Hallman recorder Mrs. Dorothy Fromm, principals secretary Mr Hugti Anderson, psychologist Mrs Kim Churchill, budget clerk ! Mr David Camangg. work experience counselor vm 4 Ms Sharon Lunsford clerk typist (Page by Gerrie Lester) OKice Personnel 272C Fact and Fiction Here The librarians kept quietly busy throughout the year. They checked books out to teachers, searched for answers to research questions, processed new books, inventoned media center items, and also taught soph- omore English classes about the Eisenhower High School Library. Mrs. Nancy Cooney Library Media Technician Mrs. Phyllis Trejo Librarian t p P jE w pH| H Y ■ i -- 1 ll I " H Mrs Sandra Guzy Library Media Technician Mrs. Ann Nolle Senior Library Media Technician Mrs Anne Hiatt, Senior Library Media Technician (Page by Gerrie Lester) 272D Librarians New lA Techniques Taught ndustrial Arts teachers took the time to instruct their students in several trades. Mr. Jerry Bowen, depart- lent chairman, taught computer drafting this year, everal new computers lined the walls in his classroom s students learned to be current in the drafting idustry. New welding techniques were taught by Mr. Sid ilbreath, who also coached wrestling. Several wood rejects were constructed by students of Mr. Ken lumenthal. Metal shop was taught by Mr. Alan Parker. Ir. Clarence Vanaken taught the small engines class. Mr. Sid Gilbreath Welding Mr. Jerry Bowen Drafting, Department Chairperson (Page by Patrice Walsh) Mr. Alan Parker Metal St)op Industrial Arts Teachers 273 Ads . o Color Me Green ® A dvertlsing was an important part of the Aquila. This ' year the annual staff sold 30 pages of ads to defray the cost of printing the yearbook. The Eisenhower High School yearbook staff would like to thank each advertiser for support and coopera- tion in making this annual an affordable one for the students who purchased it. Without the advertisers, the price of the yearbook would be too high for many to af- ford a memory of their 1987 — 88 school year. Melissa Reynolds was in charge of the advertising section, and the Aquila staff wishes to acknowledge all her work in making the ad section a place in which many advertisers wished to be included. (By April Mobley) 274 Ads Division Page Ads Division Page 275 rr Chase Ehrler ALDEN CHASE, DDS, MS Orthodontist 1747 N. 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Love, Mom, Dad the Gang r Cameron Coatney Dear Cameron, Congratulations . . . We knew you could make it. Keep on striving toward your goals. We love you. Mom, Dad Brandon IT Dionne Maldonado Congratulations, Dionne Marie Maldonado, We all love youl Mom, Dad, Steven Michelle Ads 279 IT Sandra Gallardo Congratulations, Sandy, full of candy. We love you. Grandma Grandpa Dear Sandy, We congratulate you on achievement of your goal and wish you success and happiness in the future. Best wishes from your Tia Juanita and Tia Nieves Sandy: We love you and are proud of you! The Carrascos Auntie Uncle Nikki Ricky Sarah Remember Psalm 32:8 " I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go: I will guide you with my eye. " Sandra, Congratulations You made it!! Praise God! Love, Mom, Dad Eddie Sandra Have a wonderful today and a bright tomorrow The Martinez family Abel, Lorinda, Jeaneill and Abel Jr. 280 Ads 1= Chamber of Commerce 120 N. 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Robert Wood, Ron Woodbury, Gail Woodward, Arline Wyand, Alee Wygani, Russ Yeandle. Brian Zahntser. Connie Zdilor.Kalhy Zerdeias. Jose Congratulations Class of 1988 From: Rialto Education Association CTA-NEA Ads 287 r- Michelle Lang To Michelle — Even though we don ' t say it very often, we love you very much and have always been proud of you. All our love forever — Mom Dad IP Melissa Reynolds Dear Munchkin, Take oride in your accomplishments. We are proud of you and for you. " Education is a journey: not a destination. " Wishing you Happy Trails, Your Family 288 Ads r Janine Johns To our daughter, Janine, Congratulations, Sweetheart, We ' re so proud of you. Love, Mom Dad ' Robbie Naucler Ginger Morgan Ginger, Twelve long years for you. Twelve short years for me. You ' ve done a great job and I ' m proud, " Punkie. " Love, Mom Congratulations! Love, Mom Dad Robbie, You have always made us very proud of you!! Beth Blanl enship Beth, Love and Congratulations! We are so proud of you. Isaiah 12:2 Mom Dad Ads 289 I- Cammie Whitesell r Brooke Malody Congratulations, Cammie! You finally made it. Best wishes in the future. Love, Dad, Mom, Donnie, Dewayne, David, Shira, and Megan IT Geoff Kneale Congratulations, Geoff, We ' re so proud of you. Love, Mom and Heather Brooke, Congratulations! We are very proud of all you have accomplished. Love, Mom and Dad R Michael Smalls You ' ve come long way, baby. We wish you success in the years to come. Love, Mom DacI 290 Ads : Lynette Jueneman Congrorulorions ro our daughter. You ore very special to us, end you will olwoys be our baby. Your beaury and lovely personoliry moke us very proud. Love you. Mom G Dod Ads 291 rr JOHNSON ' S HARDWARE liardware 115 5. Riverside Rialto, Ca 92376 875-1821 r Antonio Arratia " Our Baby " has come a long way! Congratulations, Son! Salvador and Susan Arratia IT ReneeSoroko Happiness Always! Love, Mom, John, and Ryan 292 Ads Sandy Woodward DccJi Scindy, Once small — but noLV sec how you ' ue gioLLU}! So gldd God sent us " You " on loan! " Well done, good a n d faithful seruant. " Congratulations on a Great Job! Amen! .oue Jog in Jesus! om (Mary Kay) , i k e , Bob. ' }awnette. all family friends the Vorld Book P.E.P. :rew. too! r= Peter Saavedra Joann Bingham Congratulations!!! I ' m proud of you. I wish you success in years to come. Loving you always, Mark A. Medina P.S. I love you. Coni ratulations, .Joann!!! We wish you the best in life. Love, Mr. and Mrs. Medina Congratulations! You have touched our hearts in all you have done. We will never fail you, as you have never failed us. Love you, Mom Dad — Josue Juarez To our son Josue, The years have gone so quickly from toddler to graduate. We just want you to know how very proud of you we are and how very much we love you. God bless you and let God guide you all the way. Love, Dad, Mom, Eunice David Ads 293 Laurie Dunbar Laurie, The Lord gave us a rose plant, all pink and lovely and new. By love, attention, and sacrifice, it grew and grew and grew! Now it is at full flower, a real work of art! You can see all our efforts, in your smile and in your heart. From your Daddy Mommie Garyjoe, Lisa, Mathew, Debyjoy, Sarah ? All your family who loves you, now and always! P.S. Grandpa Grandma McCue Grandpa Grandma Dunbar Aunt Sharon ' s Family Aunt Brenda ' s Family all love you, too! R Lisa Ceballos LISA ANDREA BELEN CEBALLOS Once there was a little girl who was so very dear and seemed to grow still sweeter and more lovable each year. And to that girl, who ' s grown up now, this comes with love to say, may every happiness be yours today and every- day. We love you so much, our beautiful little girl. God bless you and love always, Mom Pop 294 Ads r Gerrie Lester Gerrie This is from all of us who love you. We are so very proud of you and hope that all of your dreams for the future come true. Who would have thought you ' d grow into such a lovely young lady when you were such a little stinker. Honey, be all that you can be and never set- tle for second best. All your hard work has finally paid off, and you have made it to the big day. Have fun and enjoy because now you will have to get down to the seriousness of living. Just be yourself. Congratulations, Honey, we love you. Love, Mom, Dad, Terrie, Kerrie Ads 295 r— Doris Jaramillo Band ' 75 Band ' 88 How fast the years have gone. Congratulations! Love, Mom, Nancy, Donald Jami, Melissa, Denny Cathy, Samuel, Daryi, David, Cathy, Jeffrey Jaramillo Burnett Studio Senior Portraits Family Portraiture Copy Restoration of Old Photos RICHARQ ® ■B utmtt PHOTOGRAPHY 14U W l ' ialto Ave Riolto.CA 92376 (714)875-7937 Service Photography Studu ' 296 Ads Alysia C. Theodorou CONGRATUUVTIONS TO 0UR 1 DAUGHTER AND SISTER Well, this is your year and we can ' t believe thot it has come so fast. You ' re graduating from higli sctraol now and getting ready to experience even bigger, better and more ex- citing endeavors to come. What con we soy except that we are extremely proud of you in all that you have accomplished. We wish you much luck, success, and hoppiness in what lies before you. But we just want to let you know that even though you ' ve grown into o beautiful young lady . . . We will always think of you as our little " Aloho " baby. We love you Alysia, Mom, Dad, Annette, Gypsey, and Napoleon Keri Allen Reminiscence takes on special meaning when hose memories have lead to this very special day. )ur memories of you, Keri, are and always will be ipecial to us because of all the happiness and imiles you have brought into our lives. We are ex- remely proud of you, Keri, and we both love you ' ery much — Congratulations, Mom Dad Alina Ponder Congratulations, Alina, You are a great sister. Good luck in the ' iiture. Love your one and only Brother, Ronnie F MEYER JEWELERS JEO ELei lS of iaLlo id gudif 110 So. Riverside Ave. Rialto, Calll. 92376 (714) 875-S908 Ads 297 Cisneros Photography Photographer Posters Zed -Cards Gloss Tones Composites Rona Marie (714) 884-9178 Office (714) 884-6266 Barbizon Adt 299 rr G.A.Willardsen,DDS C. rtkur Wiffur Len, 2 .2).S. OFFICE 874 0323 HOME 820 1709 1788 N RIVERSIDE AVENUE SUITE 5 RIALTO CALIFORNIA 92376 r= Red Devil Pizza RED DEVIL PIZZA 378 So. Riverside 874-8820 We deliver after 5:00 pm Dan ' s Lawnmower I MT? :l CENTER DAN ' S LAWNMOWER CENTER Larry Peckinpaugh Service Manager 662 W. Riallo Ave Rialto, CA 92376 |714) 8750811 J 300 Ads fr=! Jack Fallucca A Ads 301 ro O ■« a c rrre 2 di?l £, 5L " ft, 3 (D •o :r - o ' o - ■ ■ x- 3 § O " 5 Q. 1 =3 O 2 ' " to S! " ■ O - ?r 3 Ql ti 3 " T» i - n : c- 51 2 N in t- " - - o ' c - - " O (0 S- 3 01 §-o 3- 01 o " a - 01 CO 1 — Best Friends 302 Ads := Mary Kathryn D ' Alessandro Kathy, From the top of your palm tree to the tip of your toes, we love you and are sooo proud of you; proud of your growth, accomplishments, and the young adult you have become. Congratulations on your high school graduation. We hope you continue to learn and grow throughout your life. Your loving parents. Mom Marce Daddy Cindy Sandra DeLaHoya Wishing you the very best in reaching your goal in the com- ing years. To our loving daughter, SANDRA DELAHOYA God Bless You! Mom, Dad, Brother Sister IF= Michelle Lang To my-shell my-bell. You have no idea how much our friendship means to me. I ' ll treasure it always. Your friend forever, Melissa r Cammie Whitesell To: My Sweetheart, Cammie Whitesell. Cammie, Congrats on making the grad list. Good luck in the future that will be with me. I LOVE YOU, CAMMIE. Love always forever, Craig Conner Ads 303 Jane Kaisel and Norma Ortiz Yearbook Specialists 562 Laguna Canyon Way Brea, CA 92621 (714)529-7738 Director: Mrs. Wendy Bettar Production Staff: Aquila Staff The Cast: The 1988 Eagles tIv " A terrific job by a tei rific adviser and stal . . . something yoi won ' t want to miss. " BTAYLOR rUllllHIKC COVPIIIT 304 Ads Farewell, Bryan Cy rJjii ' ine llhuter, grant fliaf J7 inciif not So niucli ieeh Uo be consoiea, as to cunsotc; ZJo he iindersfooJ, aS to unil( ' rsl(tn(l Uo be (oi ' fJ, as to love; for Ut is in (jii ' ing tftat we receive. Ut is in pardoning that we are naraonea. Uf is in ailing fliat we are born to fLternaf oLife. J„X,,„» W „„.„y„ flMrrJ Jki Jlil. ia.l Ccina. CJifornia !2)r,emt,r W, 1971 kUln. Cjif.,r.u.. !J),i4n,Lr 2S, l ' )S7 16 Iftars, an J 9 jba l t ...r, Si. Ln,..s nU CiLL CLr.k tiiJlo. CJ;f..r„iu 7tU .,fnrt li..n LLrlJ Si. riLm.., 7tL, CiUu CLr,l, DL,rJay. ' ' JbeitmL.r M. I9H7, lOMO • ? . CJ,U„, Dr. DLn,a (Ji(h pi. Or ar.i.1 DUn.e .Xr,p, JnUrn rnl %r.,l Juu,r 7tUo.i J P..rL Co.,nu. CJilornia ' hrun emenlA QrJJj.WJhurn, unj n ijio a.pj BRYAN GARCIA RIALTO — Bryan David Garcia, 16, a Rialto resident for 4 years, formerly of Hacienda Heigfits, passed away Dec 28, 1987 He was born in West Covina, He was a sopfiomore at Elsenhower High School in Rialto, and a member of St Thomas More Catholic Church, Survivors Include his father, Arthur D Gar- cia; mother Barbara J, Garcia; paternal grandparents, Mr Mrs. Ignacio Garcia, all of Rialto, mater- nal grandmother, Lebrada Acosta of Albuquerque, N M , paternal great-grandmother, Elaine Garcia of Montebello, and paternal great-grandmother, Agnpina Resales of Montebello, , maternal great-grandmother, Mary Acosta of Torrance; and brother, Michael Garcia of Rialto Visitation IS from 2 to 5 p.m. to- day in the Rialto Chapel of McNearney Family Mortuary, 875- 1 123 Rosary is at 730 p m today at St Thomas More Catholic Church Mass of Christian burial is at 10 a.m. Thursday at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, followed by interment at Forest Lawn Cemetery-Covina Hills. Memorial 305 Changes at Eisenhower J uring the last nine months, several changes have occurred at Eisenhower. New students have arriv- ed to fill the completed buildings between the " J " and " L " wings; most students are parking in the student parking lot with one more exit lane; computers were in- stalled in the counseling center and a new class was added to the curriculum second semester. Construction crews have frequented the Eisenhower campus for the last few years. Their latest project, the new special education buildings, was completed in January. From spring, 1987, through the first month of 1988, workmen hammered nails, laid concrete, put up dry-wall, and painted the buildings, transfoming the skeletal structures into classrooms. The classrooms are required by the district to be built on various school campuses and to be used by physically and mentally handicapped students. Mid-year, students were encouraged to park their personal vehicles in the student parking lot by the police and city (via the no parking signs) and by Prin- cipal Delbert Bredy. Principal Bredy asked students not to park in the vacant lot north of the campus in an an- nouncement made near the beginning of the year. To relieve the congestion in the parking lot, another exit lane was created by construction crews over winter break. For the safety of the students, the fruitless mulberry trees were tnmmed this school year. The trees were had not been pruned for five years, causing them to pose a potential threat to passers-by. For the second semester, a new class was added: Marriage and Family. The course was offered due to the pressures on the administration created by Mrs. Georgia Frawley. She feels that it should be a required course because the knowlege and skills attained in the class are relevant to the future married couples ' lives (seepage 172). To eliminate the stress and havoc created by tradi- tional Eisenhower registrations, computer terminals were installed in the counseling center in near the end of March. The Ike computer terminals are connected to a mainframe computer located at the district office. Registering students in the future will fill out cards and the computer will assign classes. As well, the com- puters will aid counselors in student academic planning On a personal level, as one looks around the campus, one cannot help but notice the changes in students. Sophomores appear to act more like juniors, juniors ap- pear to act more like seniors, and seniors fail to apfjear at all as senioritis set in. Everybody looks a little taller, and hopefully, a little wiser. Several events outside of Eisenhower ' s grounds af- fected students ' lives During the last school year, students starting watching allegedly prime time shows. Californians in general curbed their freeway dnving habits due to much media publicized freeway shootings. Television evangelists and politicians lost even more respect from students because of their respective scandals: the Jim and Tammy Bak- ker Jessica Hahn affair, the Gary Hart Donna Rice scandal and Contra-gate. Several people avoided flying due to the crash of a PSA airplane, lax airport security and, to a much lesser extent, the ban on smoking on all flights under two hours. Football fans were split on two occasions: the football players ' strike and the planned Raider ' s move to Irwindale. Students took sides on the subject of health clinics in schools. During the school year, health clinics were created on a few Los Angeles high school campuses. A greater awareness was pro- moted by the commandeering of David Horowitz dunng his Fight Back segment in the news It was a very scan- dalous and interesting year. Students were treated to a variety of films while wear- ing a new influx of fashions. They watched suspense films like Fatal Attraction, comedy films like Planes, Trains and Automobiles, controversial films like For Keeps, and fantasy films like Robocop. The most popular fashion was acid wash: acid washed jeans, acid washed shirts, acid washed everything The double belted pant was popular for men Mini skirts were the rage of women. Black tweed coats were worn by both, in the absence of an acid washed jean jacket. UTILIZING THE NEW LANES Eisenhower students leave school (Photo by Geoff Kneale) (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) 306 Closing PAUL BAEZA and RANDY HAKES check the damage on tires of a car that was the first casualty of the new gates It attempted to go in the exit. (Photo by Geoff Kneale) MR. ERIC SCHESSLER is the new ESL teacher at Eisenhower (Photo by Craig Conner) STUDENTS wait for fVlarriage and Family class to begin (Photo by Geoff Kneale) (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) Closing 307 SCENES LIKE THESE are gone. Pressure on students not to park in the lot nortti of the school was made by Principal Delbert Bredy and the city ol- ficials (Photos by Geoff Kneale) Visions Past 308 Closing (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) THE DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT, Mr. David Andrews and Principal Del Bredy visit classrooms. The superintendent made several trips to the Eisenhower campus NAKED TREES were the norm after they were pruned second semester A PEEK INSIDE fAie special education buildings reveals the mess during construction NO MORE GARBAGE BIN on the campus as the construction was completed (Photos by Geoffrey Kneale) (Page by Geoffrey Kneale) Closing 309 Ami- Miss Missy%Adventure r - N y three years at EHS have been a time in my life ' ' that I will never forget. I want to dedicate this page to all my family who have helped me be the best I can be. I also wish to thank few special people: my parents, for years of dedicated service; Michelle Lang, for understanding and being there; Mommy Lang, for look- ing out for me; Netta Bankston for being the best sister I could ever ask for; Wendy Bettar for being the best ad- viser ever; Dee-Dee and the Gang for getting me through the rough times. I couldn ' t have made it without any of you. Thanks Guys! I would like to tell the 1987 Aquila staff thanks for all your hard work and efforts. To the graduating class of ' 88: CONGRATULATIONS! and see you in 5 years! (By Melissa Reynolds) 310 Editor ' s Closing (Page by Melissa Reynolds) V E Hi. I ' m Nancy Reagan, not really, but seriously folks I ' m Lee laococo and I want to sell you your next car and your next one (tia, I kill me) Well, let me take this precious time to thank all the little people who helped me get to where I am today I thank Bozo the clown, ALF, and Pee Wee Herman for my high intellectuality and maturity, and Spuds Mac Kenzie, and some of my teachers for my brains But really folks, most of the thanks goes to my mommy and daddy Without them I would have been an orphan on a cloud Without tvla and Pa I would not be as smart and mature as I am today I thank you for all the love and guidance you two have given me throughout your most favorite 17 years of life You have always given us the best of everything from Christmas Trees, to all the clothes I do not like to match Thank you both, and may God Bless You Oh yeah. I also thank you for the duo citizenship to Ireland Some- day. I ' ll use it and that s a promise ' MERRY CHRISTtVIAS. Patrice Walsh J,i Editor ' s Closing 311 Christy Ullrich, Ken Kiecolt Superintendent Andrews. Principal Bredy irplane crashes and near misses news the Abel, Standi 26 Abel, Chris .71,124 Abrego, Gina 26, 87, 240 Acehedo, Art 26 Acosia, Lucy 26 Acreman, Debbie 796 Adams, Ellen 26, 48, 64, 65 Adams, Mall 26 Adams, Roderick 26, 78 Adkisson, Eric 119, 166, 235 Agard, Chris 26, 166, 235 Aguayo, Elidio 26 Aguila Alfonso 71, 124 Aguirre, Gilberl 24 Ainge, Ronald 196 Akeel, Marwan 26 Akers, Anihony 124, 167 Akers, Cory 124 Akins. Becky 26 Aland. Laurie 124, 241 Aldaco, Sleue 10, 196, 219 Aldrich. Jed 26, 95, 97 Alevras, Cathy 26 Alevras, Vasi 124 Alex, Shirley 167 Alexander, Andrenette 26, 93 Allah, Karriem 26, 86, 88, 89 Allen. Aric 26 Allen, Belinda 124 Allen, Chen 124 Allen, Ken 166, 196, 235 Allen, Sheilla 26 Allred, Jennifer 196 Almanzar, Teresa 26 Almendarez, Angelie 124, 239, 240 Alonso, Yulil 26, 245 Aliamirano, Clara 124 Altamirano, Ed 7, 71, 124 Alvarez, Ernie 26 Alvarez, Kalhy 239, 240 Alvarez. Luis 35 Alvarez. IVIarIha 26 Alveras. Calhy 87 Alverson. Tony 26 Amedee. Chad 26 Ammler, Anne 124 Amrdis. Angela 156 Anderson. Aimee 26 Anderson. Alana 26 Anderson. Barbara 26 Anderson. Cheri 196 Anderson. Clifton 26 Anderson. Isna 11 Anderson. Ronnie 26 Anderson, Shawna 26 Anderson, Yusuf 26 Andrade. Jimmy 26 Angle. Carol 125 Angle. Natalie 26, 65 Antista. Dana 125 Apodacha. Jesse 26 Aquirre. Gilbert 129 Aranda. Allen 26 Aranda. Claudia 26 Aranda, Phillip 125 Archibald. Jody ' . 27 Archiquefte. Sieve 196 Arellano. Carlo 27 Argio. Rebekah 27 Anas. Dayna 196, 219 Arizpe. Henry 196, 229 Armenia, Abel 27 Armenia. Cynthia 27, 100, 101 Armenia. Linda 196 Armslrong. Annie 196, 218 Armslrong. Bryan 27 Armstrong. Melanie 196 Arnold. Tony 78, 196, 222 Arralia. Tony f67 Arriela. Angela 125 Arrington. Diana 27 Arteaga. Tiffany t25 Arterberry. Rhonda 125 Aubel. f att 27 Aure. Edwin 27 Aure. Paul 125 Austin. Frankie 125 Avance. Ouinta 27, 100 Avila. Arianna 125 Avila. Reina 196 Avila. Stiern 196 Avila. Stephanie 27 Ayala. Gary 27 Ayala. Randi 125 Ayers. Marji 27 Barren. James 27 Barriga. Leonardo 27 Barring. Tonya 90, 237, 241 Barrington. Neil 27 Basoco, Patrick 95, 197 Bales, Palress 27 Bales, Rodney 27 Balres. Ricky 27 Baulisla. Janelle 27, 30, 65 Beasley. Sonya 27 Beaudoin. Jeff 125 Beckwilh. Lisa 125, 167 Bell. Gerald 197 Bell. Lysandra 197, 239 Bell. Marc 86, 87, 125 Bell. Marcus 26 Bell. Stacy 125 Bell. Tracy 197 Benavides. Rosa 156 Bender. Donald 66, 125 Benedict, Michele 28 Benitez, Jose 28 Bennett, Bobbie 197 Bennett, Juli 125 Bennion, Robert 115, 125, 166 Berg, Doug 197 Berg, JeH 28 Berg, Maria 28 Berg, Steven 28 Bergeron, Deborah 28 Bernal, Stephanie 28 Bertoldo, Anita 197 Bertram, Russ 125 Bess, Troy 167, 197 Belcher, Jennifer 28 Beyeler, Meisha 197 Biaz, Carlos 97 Bickers, John 28 Biggers, Nicole 125, 239 Bigler, Bonnie 28 Bigler, Julie 15, 197, 239, 247 Billinger, Kim 197 Bingham, Joann 197 Bingham, Mike 28 Binks, Lament 126 Bird, Laura 28, 166, 238 Bud, Mike 197 Birks, Dareen 28 Birks, Kenneth 126 Birks, Lamonl 87 Bish. Jeannelle 26 Blache, Alum 28 Black. Christopher 28 Black. Corey 28 Black. Marlene 197, 239 Blackey, Jeff 22, 197 Blackford, Chelsa 198 Blackv ell. Jason 126 Blair. Slacey 28, 170 Blake. Chris 86 Blakley. Rethea 126 Blankenship. Belh 198 Blount. Jivonne 100, 198, 245 BluH. Erica 28 B renda Winner causes nationwide con- troversy by carrying her braindead baby to ternn to donate his organs Babbe. Anthony 196 Baca. Brenda 196 Baca, Jeremy 27 Backer. Steve 27 Baeza. Paul 78, 79, 196, 307 Bagwell. Bryan 196 Bagwell. James 125 Bailey. April 27 Bailoy. David 27 Bam. Michael 125 Baird Virginia 125. 166, 235 Baker. Dan 119 Baker. Robbie 125, 157, 238 Baker, Sheila 125 Baldorama, Claudia 27 Baldwin, Anihony 27 Ball, Krisla 27 Ballard, Oawna 27 Ballard, Donna 238 Ballard, Ursula I»7, 211,238 Ballostoros. Erick 27 Ban. Thong 125 Ban. Thin 27 Banalos. Bianca 12S, 237. 240 Banks. Alex 27 Barakal. Ahmad 125 Barb. Christopher 197 Barker. Ronny 237 Barker. Stephanie 187 Barnes. Tammy 27 Barney. Jeanette 27 i Barr. Curtis 27 1 Bluhm, Denise 198 i Bocanegra. Michael 28 Bocanegra Sylvia 245 i Bocanegra, Veronica 28 i Bogarin , Veronica 28 i Boggan , Thomas 28 i BoWen, Taliiha 126 ' Bolds, Dons 198. 215 Bolen, Garry 28 I Bolton, Ina IM, 198. 239 Bond Richard 126 Booty Tamzka 28 i Borge, Reynaklo 198 I Borrero, Connie 126 j Borroto, Aurelio 28 . Borroto, Joe 28 Boslice. David 28 I Bouch, Dave 126, 167 ' Bouchard, Laurie 126, 239 ; Boughamer. Tammie 198 ; Bowman. Craig 71,72, 191 Boyd, Angela 198.211. 224 ] Boyd, leshea v 191 Boyd, Kevin ' 28 Boyd, Rochelle 198 Bradley, Phyllis 126 i Branch, Shawn 9S, 126. 244 Bravo, Raymond 29 ' Bravo, Valerie (8,69, 196, 239 i . Bremser. Claudia 29, 239 I Bricarello, Robert 237 i Briceno. Michelle 1(6 I Briscoe, Richard 29 I Brockelmeyer. Anthony 29 ; Broodt ent, Carl 29 i Brookins Long, Regan 126, 172 Brooks, Arnika 29 I Brookshire, Mykol 126 i Brown, Christine 26 Brown, Dan 123, 126, 1(7 | Brown, Demerick 1(6 j Brown, LaTanya 29 Brown, Michelle 196 Brown, Tanja 29 Browne, Erik 20 I Brunson, Ted 126 Bryant, Brandon 29 ] Bryant, Henry IN I Bryant . Jason 19 ! Bryant, Jefl It ' Bryant, Roderic IM, Ml ! Bryant, Yulonda f(t j Buchanan. Ronda fM | Buckhamon, Greg fM Buell, Lynn » Buffington, Kimmie S Bollard, Dennis II i Bullard, Ted Ill Bullock, Debbie CI Bullock, Debi t,n$ Bunion, Kathy I§ ■ Burbary. Shelly ttt, Ift Burch Slaci It Burdcttc, Craig lit ' Burkcll. Judy ' ■ tt Burks Lament 9T Burks, Tauria 22,199.223,236,111 Burncll, William M Burns, Julius (6t 97, fit ! Burt, Renee • ' Burton, Brandie fH ' Burton, Erica 126, 236, 137, Ml Burton, Kelcey 116, 171 Butler, Lisa tt Butlor, Marina fM ! Byrd, Chrysla Mft, I Bytd, Datin M Bytd, Donise V | Byrd, Shandnca 19,3fttt . lecilia Cirhan, 4, is the only survivor of Northwest Flight 255 which crashed in Michigan in August killing 153 people Caliiid,! Miino 126 ( Cam, Roqgio IM Caklora. Ray M j Caklota. Rebecca It1j Caldwell. Julian • ] Callahan. Patsy ii " !!! j] Camacho. Ftank 9t, fM J Camatona. Gina J! Campau Cart ii ' iV iJS i Campbell. Alvin (•, (7, IM Campbolt. Jim • • , Campboll. Tina IM J Campbell. Tony 30 Candan. Rommel f 99 Cannell. Julie 7. »99 Cannon, Kenneth ■ 30 Carden, Diane 126, 178 Cardenas, Chns 30 Cardenas, Lorenza 30 Cardona, Edward 224 Cardoza, Paul 127 Cardwell, Maurice 127 Carey, Mike 167 Carlson, Linn 30 Carpenter, Mitchell 127 Carr, Cedric 30 Carr, Harl 30 Carr, La Sharry 30 Carrenza, Stephanie 127 Carreon, Reticcca 199 Carrigan, Con 30, 67, tSI, 240 Carrigan, Corinne 30, 87 Carrigan, Ryan 199, 228 Carrillo, Raymond 30, 66 Carter, Greg 127, 235 Carter, Gregory 166 Carter, James 127 Carter, John »99 Carter, Melonie 127 Caruthers. Jacqueline 199 Casanares, Robert 30, 78 Casas, Lorenzo t99 Caslellon, Rachelle »99 Caslreion, Sal 127 Castro, Adam 27 Castro, Christa )27 Castro, Heather 30 Castro, Tanya 30 Causey, Albert t99 Causey, Steve 30, 80 Cease, Culbert »27 Ceaser, John 7), 127 Ceballos Lisa 198, 199, 219 Cegers, Charles 28 Celaya, Jesse 199 Ceniceros, Jorge 30 Cerda, Lisa ' 35 Cerda, Tncia 30 Cerena Culley 234 Cervantes, Mane 167, 199 Cervantez, Denise 28 Cevanles, Gina 30 Chalupnik, Bernie 63, 128 Chamberland, Steven 128 Champlm, Mary 128 Chandler, Sherice 200 Chau Mary 128, 154, 237, 239 Chavez, Charles 30, 80 Chavez, Elena 128 Chavez, Priscilla 30 Chavez, Roben 30 Chavez, Shannon 30 Chea Sokunthy 128 Chealham, Elaine 30 Chhin, Chhoeun 200 Chicas, Carlos 30 Childers, Willie 3) Childress, Michael 30, 128 Childress, Vicki 31 Chillis, Chanel 128, 24) Chiranian, Pierre 31 Chisholm, Doug 31, 166 Chisholm, GeoH 31 Chisholm, Keith 31,66 Christiansen, Jeremy 32 Christopher, Nicole 123, 200 Chronopoulos, Ted 31, 95 Clark Collette 31 Clark, Davm 128, 244 Clark Kimberly 128 Clark Mike 728, 228 Clarkson Paula 31, 98, 99, 171 Class, David 128 Claude Noel 200 Clavio, Brett 128, 165 Clelland, Robert ■. 31 Clements, Mike 17, 200 Clemons, Ralonda 31 Cleveland, Corey 31 Cleveland, Laquisha 31 Clifton, Jason 31 Clines, Laura 31 Clinscales, Keith 31 Cloplon, Scott 31 Clull Shannon ' .31 Cluise Raquel 31 Coatney, Cameron 200 Cobb, Carisa 31 Cobb, Chris 156 Cobb, David 31 Cobb, Develin 31 Cocroll, Robert I28 Cody, Rene 3J Colbert, Brian 128, 174 Cole, Jimmy 3t Coleman, Ethel 31 Coleman, Michelle 31 Coleman, Niqui 31 Coleman, Ricky f66 Collazo, Derek 128 Collier, Dennis 70, 71, 72, 128 Collins, Donyell 86, 128 Collins, Stacey 31 Collins, Titlany : 31 Collver, Vickie 128 Coloumbe, Colette 237 Conley, Rautasha 128, 239 Conley, Tamara 31, 65 Connell, Martin 200 Conner Craig 115, 128, 166, 167, 193, 228, 231 Connesro, Broderick 32 Contreas, Richard 32 Conyetle, Erika 32 Cook , Tracy 200 Cooper, LaRahn 71, 128 Cooper, Paul 200 Cope, Aimee 32 Copeland, Richard 200 Copeland, Rotiert 128 Cordero, Soma 32 Corkins, Tami 166, 235 Cornejo, Aaron 32 Cornell, Wesley 130 Cornett, Troy 32 Corona, Nancy 32 Corona, Roy 32, 236, 238 Corona, Yvonne 32 Coronado, Carlos ! . . 32, 66, 161 Coronado, Ronnie 178, 179, 200 Correz, Richard 32, 97 Corrujedo, Yadira 32 Corsey, Dion 32 Corlez, Phillip 32 Cortez , Rutwn 32 Cortez, Sally 32 Cortez , Vince 32 Cortez, Yvonne 130 Cosset, Kerne 200 Cosset, Kim 130 Couch, Becky 32 Coulombe, Colette 130 Cowan, Charles 130, 200 Cowgill, Annette 32 Cowley, Elizabeth 32 Cox, David 66, 130, 236 Cox, Jenniler 130 Cox, Sean 200 Cox, Tammy 32 Craig, Jamie 130 Cram, Cynthia 32 Cramer, Dock 32 Cramer, Stacey 130 Crandall. Jennifer 32, 240 Crawford. Shawn 200 Crees, Sean 32 Crespin, Freddie ; 229 Crew, Aviena 32 Crew, Detress 32 Crew, Richard 130 Crittenden, Kody 32 Crocket, Dianne 130 Cromwell, Emmett 130 Cronknite, Steve 130 Crosby, Angela 156 Cross, Chandra 32 Crouch, Joeli 87, 123, 130, 186, 239, 240 Crow, CarrFe 130 Crowe, Anne 130 Crump, Matt 130 Cruz, Maria 32 Cruz, Ricky 130 Cuellar, Katherjne 200 Cueto, John 200 Cueto, Tony 32 Culberson, Enc 87, 130 Culley, Cerena 22, 23, 167, 200 Cummings, Kim 32 Cummings, Randy 175 Cunningham. Jeannae 156 Cunningham. Samuel 200 Cunningham. Shaleta iOO Curry. Delores 200 Curry. Ivan J2 Curtis. Inishia SO Curtis. Ronald U Cutler Matt 3),19t D avid Horowitz is forced to read a state- ment by a man holding a gun on him on live television. D Atessandro, Mary 200 Dade, Tynetia M Dadey, Billy 33 Dahler. Kimberly f30 Dail. Victor 33 Dalton, Daphne 33 Dan Hernandez 00 Dan Ramirez . 229 Daniel. Molan 33 Daniel, Raj 200 Daniels. Ruth Ann 101, 200 Darby, La Cresha 33 Darby, Shawna 20f Darcy. Alicia 33 Daullon, Anihony 71 Davies, Waller ' 130 Davis, Alexis 20f Davis, Bryan 33, 00 Davis. Chns 33 Davis. Dwayne f30 Davis. Julienne 33 Davis, Kendnck 00, 197 Davis, Latahs f30 Davis, Priscilla 33 Davis, Rhonda 20f, 224 Davis. Robert 33 Davis, Sean 130, 201 Davis, Trayvon 130. 157, 247 Davis. Tyrone 33 Davis, Willie 33 Davison. Jesse 33 De La Ossa, Jennifer 194 Dean, Michelle 130 DeJan, Michael 33 Delacruz , Felisa 131 Delahoya, Sandra 201 Delarosa, Thomas 20Y Delgado. Leilan. 9, 9, If, 20f, 215, 219, 245 Delreal, Dantel 33 Dennis, Elizabeth f30 Denton, Tammy 33 Deroel, Robert Van 221 DeRose, Lona 130 DeRose, Ten 131 Diaz, Edgardo 20f Diaz, Janice 33,05 Diaz, Joanne 33 Diaz, John 33 Diaz, Ralph 33 Dibene. Desiree 11,166,201 Oit ene, Juan 33 Diverse. Gloriel 33, 145 Diverse, Ralael 33 Dixon, Tracie 131 Dixon, Unila , 131, 109 Doan, Dope 131 Dobbert, Don 229 Dodd. Charles 33 Dommguez, Alicia 33 Dominguez, Eddie 33 Doolin, Marc 107. 201 Dorance, Jackie 33 Dorsey, Ice 131 Dorsh, Tanya ■ 33 Doug, Miesha 130 Douglas, Gary 131 Douglas. Raijeim 166, 201 Douglas. RonaW 131 Douglass, Lynn 22, 201, 205 Doyle. Hayden 33 Dreier, Charles 33 Duarte, Carmen 33 Duckworth, John 201 Duggins. Gw en 201, 200 Ougo, Kim 34 Dumouchelle, Shellie 131 Dunbar, Laurie 22, 62, 63, 201, 219, 236, 237 Miss Miller, Ms. Traughber, Miss Willis Coach Paul Watkins Index 31 3 Duncan. Haywward -....; .34 Dunn. Lisa -.... ' .,!... . ' 34 Duran, Chris 34 Duran. Frank ' ... ' ..... 201 Duran, Lenny .,.. ' . 161 Duran. Leonard 201 Duran, Maraano J3t Duran Richard J3( Duron , Sarah 34 Durrer, Tommy .. . ' . ............ 80, I3f ighteen month old Jessica McClure falls down an abandoned well in Texas. Ear). Eli2abeth J3j Earnest. Christy 131 Earnest, Jamar J32 Easley. Sean 132 Eastland, Theardosia 34, 93 Eberhard, Alison JoQ J32 Eberly, James 34 Edgerson, Camille 34 Ednalaga, Marilou 122 Edsinga, Lisa 34 Edwards, Juliana 34 Edwards, Stephanie 132 Edwards. Tammie 201 Edwards. Tito 229, 236, 237 Efloft. Nona K 34 Eilar, Kimmy 34, J40, 239 Eilar. Sam 202 El Fattal, Leila 34 El Fattal. Rashtd 132 167 Elliott, Bill 34, 7J Elliott, Ten 34 Elwell, Shannon 732 Elwell. William 34 Emmershy. Diane 34 Emmershy. Michael 34 Emslie, April 34 Emslie. Janene 202 Eng, Tol f 32 Englander, Marc 34 Engl ander, Melvin 202 English. Jon 132 Ennis, Dorothy 202 Erskine. David 34 Escamilla, Hogo 132 Escanuela, Luis 34, 66 Escanuela, Sylvia J32 Escarsega, Dahlia 202 Estrada. Alex 34 Estrada. Karen 34 Estrada, Melissa 202, 214, 219, 245 Estrella, Nancy 132 Estvander. Brent 34 Eubank, Heather 37 240 Evans. Brenda . ' 132 Evans, Denise 202 Evans, Sean 83, 65, 202 Ewbank, Heather 34 reeway shootings prompt legislation, billboards, and bumper stickers. Fabela. Jose 34 245 Facen, Jerome 34, 166 Facen, Marquita 178 ' , 244 Fahie. Vaughn J2, 202. 233 Fairchild, Brandi 766 Fatrman, Pamela 202, 214 Falcone, Rudy ' 132 Farber, Valane 732 Farlow, Lavette 202, 210 Farr. Franze 34 Farrell. Pete 35 Fatten. Rashid El J27 Favela, Jose J33 Favetlo, Christie J33 Favelto, Jeanette 35 Kathleen Fay , . 35, 244 Feesago, Link 35 Felix. Monique 35 Fellows. Andrea 202, 214 Fellows April 30, 35, 65, 92, 93 Ferguson. Lisa .■ 35 239 Ferguson, Michael 35 Ferguson, Sherrie 35 Fernandez, Mark 35 Fefnande Ruben 733 Fernandez, Sherri 35 Ferrara Joe .133 Fewell, Chris 35 Fewell. Jennifer 35, t66, 235 Fields, Michael 35, (66 Figueroa, Gabriel 35 Figueroa, Greg 35 Finch, Sean 35 Fisher, Brad |33, 143 Fisher, Brian 35 Fisher. Jami ffi6 Fitzgerald, Dave t33, T67 Flaws, Patricia f33, 239 Fleming. Laura 202 Fleming, Shelita 202 Flores, Christy 20, 25,35,41, 239 Flores, Denise 35 Flores, Elaine 35 Flores, Elsa 733 Flores, Enck 35 Flores, Joe 202 Flores. Misty ' 35 Flores, Richard 133, i$6] 167 Flores, Sylvia 202, 222 Flowers. John 77 Flowers, Johnny 733 Floyd, Derrik 35 Fodrey, Christy 98, 733, J54, 155 Fogal. Staria 202, 239 Fonseca. Pete . , . , 202 Ford, April 35 Ford, Mark J33 Fortner, Scolt 35 Fortunalo, Polly 7, 35 Fortune, Jeremy 35 Foster, Kevin 36,83 Fraire, Diane 203, 239 Francisco, Eddie 36 Freitas Lon 22. 186, 203. 227, 236, 237, 239 Freitas, Steve 36, 782 Frey, Jennifer 3fi Fncks, Matthew 203 Fudge, Daryall 35 FulkSean 36 Fuller, Lisa .» 36 Futch, Raymond 36, 733 ■ ary Hart loses political favor as a ■ presidential candidate when an affair with Donna Rice IS investigated. Gabaldon, Lisa 35 Gaines, Arthur 36 Gallagher, Cheryl . ' .. ' . ' . ' .. ' . ' . 733 Gallagher, Heather ........ ' ........ . . . 36 Gallardo, Eddie TO, ff, 121, 123, 133 Gallardo, Sandra J T, f 5. 189, 203, 223 Galloway, Christy 733 Galuszka, Tommy jgg 203 Galvez, Teresa ' 35 Gamboa, EIke ' 203 Gamez , Alma . . ' . ' " , ' 733 Gammage, Edward ' . ' . . .36 Gandy. Delena .36 Gann, Jennifer 203 Garcia, Bryan ' " 35 Garcia, David .36,78,203 ga " = ' a, Eric 203 Garcia, Janine 35 Garcia. Joe ... ' .. ' . ' ... 36 Garcia, Johnny ' 203 Garcia, Kris ' 229 Garcia, Kristin ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 133, Y . 235 Garcia, Lucia 35 Garcia, Marcos 3 Garcia, Melinda 733 Garcia, Nellie V ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . .203 245 Garcia, Rosie 33 Garcia, Tfinidad ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .[ ' .[ ' . 166 Gardea, Eva 34: Gardner, Scott . ' . . ' . ' ... ' ... ' . 36 Garfirikel, Jason 3 Ganbay, Nichole " . ' . ' . " . . . ' , 36 Garrett, Mike tmmi Garrell Mitchel ... ' .. ' Si Garza Jose " . . ' . ' . . .M Garza Juanita !!! .! " . !]|| 1 Garza Trmi ...tK I Gascon. Laura ' ' Ji Hf 1 Gasktn Cetma . " jg Gaspers Rchte f j , ft7 1 Gates AJ»cia jg 1 Gales, Germair e ' .. ' iJil Gjles John . ' ., . M I Galewood Carwetl 1991 Galewood, LaTonya ] jgg Gatten Shanrnm |j| Gaumont, Traci M Gavin Pally ..... ...., ...Ji Gaydos Dana ' |jj Gebara, Daniel ji fgg Geib Graeme 119, 121, izi 139,999 Geiinas, Scott jn Gendrean Chns ' . ' .]. ' . 9tt Gendreau, Chns jy 1 Genlry Larry ' . ' . ' jtf Gerardo Edgar J .199 Gerardo. E smerakJa . ' . W Gerdes Danny U| German Carol jy Gherman, Cornelia . " . JF Giacopalli, Jason ' . fi? Gibb Steven fjg Gibbons Shonda m[ J7, ' ft? Gibson Kevin jy Gice Lance f J4 Gilt)ert , Brian jy Gilbert, Robert f J| Gilbreath, Cdby 37. 71, 7» Gill, Joe 293 Gilliard, Stephanie 134 ' Given Kyle . ' . ' . . ' . ' . 17 Glass Laloya 62. 63. 293 Glass, Melanie gg Glazier, Nathan .299 Glenn, Tiffian y 37 Global, Tammi fjy Goble, Timtierly 134 Godoy, Javier 37 i Godoy Jessie 37 ( Goede, Ted 37 | Goforth. Donna fS| | Gomez , David 99 Gomez Frank 37 Gomez Guadalupe 134 ! Gomez Jacqueline 203 Gomez, Maria 203 1 Gomez, Mathew 37 ' Gomez. Patncia 203 Gonzales, Abel 37 Gonzales. Andrea |34, 161 i jonzales, Ann 734 aonzales, Kathy 734 jonzales, Luis 37 , ionzales. Manuel 37, 00 ionzales, Michael 203 ! Gonzales, Michelle 37 Gonzales, Raquel 129, 134, J87 I Gonzales, Rebecca 59 | Gonzales, Rosano 37 j Gonzalez Art 37 J Gonzalez Marvin 37 Gonzalez, Melissa 203 j Gooden, Livia 134 1 Gooden, Rho Jaa 37, 71, 73 Goodloe, Jason 734, »66 I Goodman, Anthony 203 ! Goodwin, Mark 37 Goolsby. Nicole 734. 239 I Gordon. Benme 134 | Gordon, Consuela 37 Gordon, Dirk 37 ] Gordon, Janella 734. 766 Gordon, Sarah 7.31 ' Gordon, Todd f f 64, 204. 205 ; Gorgus, Glenn 37 1 Gossage. Chrisia J34, 240 ; Gossage, Christy 239 Graham, Cheryl 9. f f, 20, 264. 237, 239 , Graham, Sheila 3fi ,; Graham, Tedra 38 j Graves, Kim 98, 134 ' Gray Anna 30 | Gray. Corey 38 j Gray, Jelf 134 . Gray, Kenneth 1H i Gray, Kern 38, 90. 9l I Gray Krystal 62. 63, 90. 204 I Gray, Lon 38 . ' Tonya Barring, Mr Thorpe 314 Index Wl T r Ms. Taylor Publications students on field trip Greek, Jell 38 Green, Kalhi S6 Green, Sherne 204 Green, Tra)an 134 Greenup, Karen .38 Gregory, Jackie t34 Gregory, Sandra 38 Glider, Debra 34 Grider ErnesI 204 Griggs, Nicole 38, 65 Griggs, Talya 163, 204 Grimm, Melissa »48, 204, 239 Grisamore, April 38 Grisham, Gina f 48, 204, 236, 237, 239 Grossage, Chrisia 87 Guesrude, Scoll f34 Guill, Nathan 166 Guillen, Paulamarie 38 Guillory Jurea 38 Guilloiy, Lorin tf, 10, 204 Guinan, Richard 204 Guinn, Robert 134 Guisa, Steven 38 Gunz, Bill 140 Guptill, Jason 134 Gulhrie, Ben 38 Gutierrez, Diane 3S Gutierrez, George t34 Gutierrez, Irene 38 Gutierrez, Jerry 134 Gutierrez, John 38 Gutierrez, Julissa 134 Gulieriez, Mike 134 Gutierrez, Patricia 38 H armonic Convergence takes place Aua 15-16 H- y HaaK , Chf istina 204, 239 Haak.Rachael 204 Haase. Emanuel 38, 766 Hackett. Rene 38, 65 Hagen, Wendee t34 Hahn, Brian 71,73 Haidl, Dean t34 Haifslon, Rhonda 134 Hakes. Randy 307 Halim, Victor 204 Hall. Cametria 59 Hall Casey 22, t23, 204 Hall. Daheatnc 38 Hall, Deidre 204 Hall, Derrick 89 Hall, Lazeaiifice 38 Hall, Mike 38. 80, 81 Hall Ronald 38 Hall. Shakenia 38 Hall, Tashauna 204 Hallum, Kevin 204, 208 Hamblin, Jason 11, 224 Hamby, Nicole 38 Hamidi, Saif 95, t35 Hamilton. Dawna 204 Hamilton. Enka 135 Hamilton, Glennell 204 Hamilton, Michelle 166, 235 Hamilton, Nancy 135 Hammer Candid Mane 38 Hamner. Natalie 90. 121, 135. 187, 239 Hampton Skye 38. 100, 166 Handy, Tanaysha 135 Hanley, Shirley 38 Hansen, Karen 39 Hansen, Mike 25,39,97,187 Harbauer, Mike 71, 95, 135 Harbour, Starlar 204 Harden, Enka 39, 166 Hardge, Sean 83, 84, 85, 135 Hardin, Julie 135 Harding, Jennie 39 Harding , Jenny 238 Harding, Romalaino 39, 238 Hardwick. Don 59 Harper, Monique 135 Harper , Raychelle 39 Harnng, Linda 204 Harris ChH 129, 135, 246 Harris, Dale 135 Harris, Juanitit 39 Harris, Monique 204 Hams, Natalie 135 Harris, Shareese 135 Harris, Tanieka 39 Harris, Terisha 241 Harris, Tnsha 135 Harrison, Mike 39 Hasan, Ghassan 39 Haveman. Channon 204 ' Hayes, Renee 59. 137, 238 Haynes, Mike 39 Haynes, Tracy 39 Hazelton. Jason 39 Hazellon, Jennifer 204 Heagstedt, Jason 735 Healy, John 39, 80 Healy, Timmolhy jjg Heard. Jason 73 Hearn. Corlez 205, 219 Hearne, Kevin jg Hearon, Jennifer 39, 98, 99 Hearon, Tim 95, 136 Heater, Ken 39 Hempstead, Marnice 39 Hendrickson. Melvin 39 Heno, Larry 39 Henry, Jefl 205, 219 Henry, Sunyani 39, 1S6, 235 Henry, Taz 735 Henry. William 205, 237 Hernandez, Anthony •. 39 Hernandez , Cecilia 39 Hernandez, Daniel 39, 80 Hernandez. Frank 97 Hernandez. Gabriel {3$ 229 Hernandez, Gilbert 205 Hernandez, Hector 13$ Hernandez, Jaime 39 Hernandez, Joe 205 Hernandez, Manny f3fi Hernandez, Martha 39, 65 Hernandez, Patricia 205 Hernandez, Thomas 205 Hernendez, Raymond 39 Herf, Shelly 205 Herra, David 136 Herrera, Chris 39, 89 Herrera, Joseph 39 Herrera, Nicole 39 Herrera, Xochitl 40 Hiatt, Mark 205 Hilber, Alysha 13$ Hilber, Kelly $7, 239, 240 Hilber, Michelle 40 Hill, Chris ' , ' . , 205 Hill, Yolanda 13$ Hoagland, Cyndi 209, 232, 230 Hoak. Steve 9, 71, 72, 73, 205 Hockless, Desiree 205 Hockman, Glenn 205 Hockman, Mike 136 Hockman, Pennulane 40 Hodges. Paul 40 Hodges, Richard 83,136 Hodges, Solis 136 Hodkinson. Yvonne 40 Holcomb. Lisa 40 Holland, Andre 205 Holland, Mike 174 Holland, Rhonda 136 Holley , Raymond 40 Hollis, Elizabeth J36 Hollis, Liz 239 Hood, Kristy 136 Hooker, Darious 40 Hope, Davina 246 Hopkins Bill 136 Hopkins, Tim 205 Horn. Keith 71, 205 Hornback. Jim Y66, 205, 235 Horstall, Tina 40 Horstmeyer, Shawn 136 Horton, Stacy 136 Houlemard. Angela 40 Houser, Demetrius 40 Houston. Gabrielle 40 Howard. Dovard 136 Howard, Ebony 136 Howard, Eddie 136 Howard, Sylvia 205 Howard Tracy 40. f92. 193, 228 Howard, Trina 136 Howe, Bud 40 Hoyte Kendall 40 Huang, Melly 136 Hubbs Ken 22, f 23, 206, 224, 236, 239 Hudson. Shannon 206 Huffman, Mercy 136 Hughes, Cher 40 Hughes, Vickt T66, 206, 231 Hunter Candi 136, 166 Hunter, Cecil 40 Hunter, Luzia 136 Hunter, Panisha 40 Hurel, Arluro 40 Husain Syeda 219 Huynh, Khanh 136 Hyden Brandy 40 Hynek. Michelle 206, 239 Wencto, Lisa . . Inman, Mendy , llo. Akane . . . . [esse Unruh, August. state treasurer, dies in Jackson, Allynn 93 Jackson, Bill f6f Jackson. Davtd 40 Jackson. Lynn 40 Jackson, Marlon 137 Jackson, Michael 137 Jackson, Myebha 40 Jackson, Stanley 40 Jackson, T D 07 Jackson, Taneshia 137 Jackson, Tasa 40 Jackson, Theodore 40 Jackson, Vincent fM Jacobs, Chris 68. f 37 Jacobs, Joanne 40 Jacobs, Kim 69. f 37. f40. f55 Jacobs, Marc 40 Jacobs, Michelle 42 Jacobson, Carol 40 Jacobson. Steve t37 James, Latnsa 42, t37 Jaramillo, Dons f86 Jaramillo, Nancy 42, t66 Jarman, Cynthia 42 Jaross, Ginger 42 Jay, Edward 137 Jefferson, Natasha 137, 168 Jefferson, Tahlisa J37 Jenkins, Elanda J37 Jenkins, Jason 42, 66 Jenkins, Jennifer 42 Jenner, Josh 137 Jennings, Dement 42 Jimenez , Jose 42 Jimmerson, Dana 42 68 Johnson, Aaron 42 Johnson, Adam f68 Johnson, Anthony 42 Johnson. Bruce 137 Johnson, Cecelia 42 Johnson, Damion 42. 86, 89 Johnson. Dantel 42 Johnson, David 42, 138 Johnson. Hollis 42 71 Johnson, James 42 Johnson, Jimmy 42 Johnson, Jocelyn 138 Johnson, Karnem 42 Johnson. Lachel 138 Johnson. Loreshawnte 42 Johnson, Melanie 138 Johnson, Michelle 168 Johnson, Richard 166 Johnson, Ron 138 Johnson, Shawna 138 Johnson, Taura 138 Johnson, Vaughn 42 Johnston, Laurie 42 Jones, Altce 42; 244 Jones, Angela 42 Jones, Jon 42 Jones, Larry 42 Jones, Latonya 137 Jones, Marcta 42 Jones, Saunitre 42 Jones, Shanta 137 Jones, Shelaun 42 Jones, Will 42 JonmaharT ed, Fau2ia f37 Jwdan, Jason 42 Jordan. Sophia 138 Jore, Michelle 42 Juarez, Eunice 245 Juarez. Joe 96 Juarez. Laura 138 Juarez, Ray 138 Judkms, Anllv)ny 186 Judkms, Nelson 42 Juneman, Lynelle 69. 246. 247 K ris Nelson and brother Mark Harmon have a custody battle over her youngest rwindale is the new home to the Raiders Kabit JafTBl 138 i n r Kaiser Cinnamon 43 IndeX 3 I 5 .Cy % .; S v 1h ilabk MondaY fhru :Tiday •V ■P I " B ' Teachers at luncheon Poster in classroom Kammsky, April 138 Kane, Sheri 43 Kauai, James 138 Kelley, Jennifer 43 Kelley, Knsten 138 Kelly, Chrvnthia 138 Kelly, Frank 43 Kelly, Juanila 138 Kelly, Liz 138 Kennedy, Alicia 43 Kenny, Randy 43 Kent, Steve t38 Keyes. Denise 138 Keys Jason t38 Kiel. Tim 43 Kienzle, Lance 43 Kim, Joalie 43 Kim, Julte 43 Kim, Missy t38 Kim Staples 244 King, Evelyn 43 King. Jim 39,43 King. Jon 43 King, Koney 138 King. Marcel J38 King, Scott 78, 138 Kinoshita, Tokihiko t38 Kiptslhul, Jenny 138 Klemm, Mali 43 Knecht, Carl " . 43 Knight, Myette 43 Knowles, Devin 138 Knowles, Kim 43 Knox , Jerrell 43 Knox, Stacy 43 Koester, Christine 138 Komiyama, Michiko 43 Kong, David 43 Krause, Jennifer 43, J6 7 Kramer, Kirsten 63, 138 Kroll. Tina 139 Krueger, Chris 139 Kuntsler, Kerby 20,41,43 Kurek, Anne 43 Kusko, Eric 43 OS Angeles receives a visit from Pope John Paul III in September. Labelle, Audra 139 Lacey. Pamela 139 Lam, Sitha 43, 145 Lamb, Tasha 139 Lambdin, Aaron 43 Lambert , Jason 43 Landis, Monica 43 Lane, Kory 43 Langin, Melody 90, 91 Lara, Marcy 245 Lara, Valerie 44 Lanos, Fabiota 245 Larson, Don 139 Larson, Jeff 139 Larson, Jenna 139 Laskaris, Chris 161 Lasley, Kennelh ' 139 Latterman. Jerry 44 Lauzon, Todd 78, 139 Lavender, Charlie 139 Lavigne, Enc 139 Lavin, Belen •. . J39 Law, Derrick 7J, 166 Lawler, Tami 67 Le. Sonny 44 Ledesma. Anna 44 Lee. Aaron 44 Lee, Christine 44 Lee. Decuba 44 Lee. Jay 44, 141, 166 Lee, Julie 141 Lee, Maunce 141 Leedy. Russell 44 LeMingwell, Temple 14t, 167 Legen. Jodie 44 Lehmann. Mike 94. 95, 161 Lemmon, Thomas 44 Leon. Maria 141 Leon. Nashaka 21 Lerma. Deanna 44 Leslie. Delano 44, 171 Lewis, Christina 44 Lewis. Michelle 141 Lewis, Rhonda 44 » fit Lewis. Sherri 44 OlO index Lilly.Cary 141 Lilly, Tiffany 741 Lim, Vanna 141 Limon, Eddie . . , 44 Lin, Johnny 44 Lindquist, Todd ' 44 Little, Tammie 44 Llamas, Henry ' 44 Logan, Aundrette 141 London, Nubian 83, 141 Long, Edward 44 Long, Jeromy 44 Long, Mikelle 141 Longshore. Yvonne 90 Longswofth, Charles 44, 141 Lopez. Angelina 44 Lopez, Carolina 141 Lopez, Christina 141 Lopez, Gloria 44 Lopez, Juan 44 Lopez, Juanila 44 Lopez, Leiicia 44 Lopez, Michelle 45 Lopez, Monica 45 Lopez, Ray 45 Lopez. Roy 245 Lopez, Sal 187 Lopez, Victor 45 Lopez-Ortiz. Etanisla 144, 167 Lord. Beth 14, 114, 228, 141 Lord, Stacie 14T Loudermilk. Jim 71 Loudermilk. Paula 141 Love, Dorian 45 Love, Jennifer 141, 154 Love, Teresa 166 Love, Theresa 45 Lowe, Kim 45 Lowe, Nicole 45 Loya. Jason 141 Luna, Jason 45 Luna, Steve 45 Ly, Thanh 45 Lyfofd, Kim 69, 141 Lyiord, Richelle 45 Lynd, Paul 246, 247 Lynds. Travis 45 Lyneile Juneman 246 M atthew Brodenck is charged in Ireland in connection with the death of two women following a car accident. Macdonald, Scott 45, 66 Macias, Richard 45 Macon, Ebony 45 Madison, Kris 62, 63, 141 Madrid, Elizabeth 45 Madrid. Joe 45,66, 141 Magdolen, C J 45 Magdolen, Constance 156 MahaMey, Tammie 142 Malbrough, Eric 45, 76 Malbrough, Rachelle 90, 91 Maloufi, Angie 142 Mankey, Stephanie 45 Manny, Damn 71, 142 Mardis, Russell 45 Maret, Gary 45 Mariscal. Jenise 245 Marroquin, Cesar 142 Marruffo, Grog 45 Marsh, Carrie 45 Marlell, Robert 167 Martin. Jeff 166 Martin, Katrina 45 Martinez, Charles »7«, 179, 245 Martinez, Dereck 142 Martinez, Enc 71,142 Martinez , Genny 45 Martinez, Gloria 45 Marlincz, James 142, 167 Marlines, Joe 71, 72 Marlinez, John 142 Martinez , Konia 46 Martinez, Louis 46,142 Martinez, Nikki 46 Martinez , Raymond 46 Martinez , Ruben 46 Marlinez , Soledad 46 Mascotti, Irene 142 Mason, Jamol 142 Mason, Tricia 142 Mastorson, Lesley 46 Malhows, Michael 46 Mattock, Marcia 46 Matthews, Robert 46, 71 Maurice Lamor e 46 Maxwell, Jeff 142 Mayfield, Ken 154 Maytield, Tayan 46 Mayse, Carrie 142 Ma ville, Ken 142 Mazzella, Robert 46 McArron, Peter 46 McBride, Jenny 20. 2f. 140, 142 McCain, Crystal 46 McCain, Kyha 142 McCain, Michate 46 McCarthy, Chnsty 142 McChristian. Daryl 70. 71. 73 McCormick , Thomas 46 McCox , James 46 McCoy, Ellonda 142 McCullough, Chantea 142 McCullough, Lana 46 McCurdy, Angela 46 McDaniet John 142 McDaniel Travaine 143 McDonald, Colleen 143 McDowell. Mitchell 143 McDufty, Tamika 46 McElroy, Enc 154 McElroy, Erik 14J McGee, Judith 46 McGenlry, Kimberly 143 Mcginnis. Brandie 46 McGinty. Connna 46 Mclntyre, Tina 46 McKay, Jacqueline 46 McKee, Suzanne 46 McKinney, Bernard - , 143 McKinney, Jim 143 McNeil, David 46 McOuarter. William 143 McWhorler, Bryan 46 Mead, James 143 Medlin, Michael 143, 167 Medlock. Chns 46 Meek, Brian 46 Meek, Teresa ' 46 Meiia, Raul 46 Melin, JoAnn 46 Mendonca, Karne 143. 166 Mendoza, Bobby 47 Mendoza. Danny 47 Mendoza, Mike 47 Mendoza. Sonia 47 Menor. John 47 Messer, Calrena 47 Meyer, Christian 47 Meyer, Kathy 1J6, 143 Meyers, William 47 Meza. Juan 143 Michelle Lyon 21 Mickens, Tasha 47 Miles, Anthony 143 Miles, Rechelle 47 Miller, Brian 143 Miller, Chns 143 Miller, Jeanne 143 Miller. Jennifer 143 Miller, Tracie 143 Millian. Roczo 143 Mills, Jimmy 47 Mimmifteld, Treva 47 Minkah, Jose 47 Miranda, George 143 Mirlo. Andrew 143 Mirlo Mandy ' Mitchell, Chauncel W Mitchell, Crystal 47 Mitchell, Damian 47 Mitchell, Dequincy 143 Mitchell, Dernth 143 Mitchell. DeWayne . 47 Mitchell. Russell »44 Mitchell. Sean 47 Mitchell. Steven 59. 144 Mitchell, William 144 Mitchell, Xavier 144 Mobley, April ' 44 Mobley. Jennilor 47. 87 Mohammed, Alisha 44 Moiarro, Leonard ' Mojoscick, Cami " Mokuzzi. Shawne ' Molina. An 144 Molina, Lizelh 41 MoHen, Malcolm J Monegan. Sean ' Montano. Frank 47 Monitloury James ' Montgomery. Zack Monlilla. Ahcia Moody, Yvonne fftfl. 147 Moore, Caria ' ' • Moore. Eileen y Moore. Enc ' Moore, Germain 144 Moore, Jeanette 47 Moore, Jerome 47 Moore, Melissa 144, 156 Moore, Sherr 144 Morain, Tracy 47 Morales, Denise J88, 246 Morales, Hector t44 Morales, Rachael (44 Morales, Sieve 78, 79, 144 Morales, Tembi 47 Moran. Claudia 144, 245 Moran. Elizabeth 144 Mcran, George 47 Moran, Liz t66 Moran, Mary 47, 166 Morawski, Tricia ■ 47 Moreno, Paula 48 Morgan. James 4B Morgan, Robert 48 Mofier. Andrew 48 Moner. Juslin 48 Morris, Avis 48 Morris. Brenda - ' 44 Morns, lie 48 Morris, Stella 48 Morrison, Eric 48 Morse. Chris 48 Morse, Emily 144 Moruzzi. Shawne 68, 69, 140 Mosely, Richard 48, 80, 81 Moss, Neco 144, 191 Moten, Malcom 78, 166 Motley Toliver, Gary 144 Moudy. TiHam 144 Moulder. Chns 80, 148 Mounts, Dyanna 144, 166 Mcya, Shana 144 Mulder, Tracee 48 Mullen, Jack 1 44 Munez. Michelle 144 Munoz. Richard 48 Munoz, Sergio 48 Murillo, Carmen 48, 245 Murillo. Ruben 144 Murray, Tyron 48 Muvi vi akkil, Edward 175 Myhre, Larry 48 Myles, Angela 48 Myres, James 48 N ominee Robert Bork causes controversy when he is suggested as a Supreme Court Judge. Nagel. Gregory 144 Nahas, Deema 144 Nashaka Leon 20 Nasib, Mohammed 144 Navarelte, Sandra 245 Navarro, Tracy 48, 182 Neal, Chris 48 Neigal. Priscilla 145, 186 Nelasco, Rosalba 145 Nelson. Angel 166 Nelson, Elaine 145 Nelson. Kim 34 Nelson. Larry 48 Nevi man, Vaten 48 Newsome, Craig 71, 145 Nielson. Kim 48 Nixon. Mylene 48 Norns, Kenya 48 Nofns. Tom 145 Norton. Cindi 164 Novak. Valerie 145, 167 Nunez, Armando 48 Nunez. Cynthia 48 liver North is involved with Contra Hear- in gs and his secretary Fawn Hall defends her typing skills. Oberhotf. Lwayne 48 Obles, Arvin 49 Obregon, Tim 145 Ochoa, Eisa 49 Olive, Aaron 244 Olive, Eric 178 Ollom, Kim MS Oneal. Cindy ' 49 Oreier, Charles 49 Orosco, Chns t45 Orosco, Steve 145 Orozco, Karnwn M5 Ortega, Anthony 49 Ortega, Gilbert f45 Orliz, Michael 145 £)urng, Savang 49 Overman, Carl 49 Owens, Corey 745 Owens. Kenya 90, 145 nnne Time starts at 7:30 p.m. on NBC, Pabon, Samantha J46 Padilla, David 146 Padilla. Gina 49 Padilla, Juan 49 Page. Dana 146 Palacios, Hector 146 Palacios, Ruben 49. 146 Palencia. Christine 146 Palmer. Chad 49 Paniagua, Joe 49 Panis. Phillip 146 Parker. Chandra 49 Parker, Kann 49 Parkerson, Caria 166 Parra, Derek 78 Parson, Kila 49 Pasillas. Kns 49 Patton, Charles 49 Patton. Terry T46 Paul, Bambi 50, 244 Pauley, Christy 49 Pava, Annie 49 Payne. Kenneth 49 Pearson, Moneikta 49 Pearson, Stephanie 49 Peart, Dallas 49 Pedace. Robert 95 Pedregon, Alyx 49 Pedroza, Teresa 63, 146 Peel, Derek 49 Peeples, Michelle 49 Pelayes, Augustine 146 Pendergraph, Andre 49 Pendergraph, Hysyaa 146 Penrice, Niare 49 Peralta, Juamta 49 Pereida, Monica 146 Perez, Graciela 146 Perez, Nonne 49 Perez, Rudy 49 Perine. Frank 246 Perkins. Linda 146 Perkins. Stephanie 49 Perrone, Gigit 49 Perry, Latasha 49 Person. Michael 50 Peters, Sher 59 Peters, Sherline 50, 244 Peters, Sherry 50 Peterson, Gregory 31 Peterson, Julie 142, 146 Peterson, Kenny 71, 146 Petrie, Phyllis 146 Peyton, Chns 50 Phillips, Ben 50 Phillips. Chris 146 Phillips, Cindy 166, 167 Piatl. Cheryl 146 Piddington. Brandon 50 Pieper, George 167 Pineda. Angelika . ' 167 Pineda. Edelyn 50 Pinedo, Sonya 50 Piper, George 162 Pitchford. Raymond 50, 80 Puts. Mario 146 Pitls. Sieve M Placencia. Yvonrw 50 Pochmara. Randal 167 Pochmara. Shanna 107 Pott. Scott SO Pollak. Stacie f67 PoJman, Joy ; JM PoJman, Julie M, 167 Polvdrini, Vince fS7 Ponce, Christie 50 Poole, Donila 50 Poorman. Chns M Portalez, Maria f4| Portatez Robert 50 Porter. Genisa SO Porter. Jennifer 50 Porter, Jeremy 50 Post, Leann 14$ Poller, Jennifer 14$ Pou, Tony 14$ Powell. Kristie 146 Powell. Shawna 50 Powell. Tanya 14$ Powers, Sherry 50 Prescoll, Amy }66 Preston. Stacy 50 Price, Stacee 50 Prieto, Paul 50 Prince, Shalamar f46 Prinzen, Leesa SO Prilchett, Stacy 50 Pfoa, Chns f40. 245 Proctor, Mathew 50 Prudhomme, Derrwtna 50 Pryor, Tekesha 50 Pugh, Clay 50.00,00,09 Pullings, Jermod 50 Pulvers. John SI Purdy, Kathy f67 Q uiet IS shattered when fireworks explode at a Rialto fireworks plant on Sept. 25 Ouesada Stephen 213 Ouesada, Yvelte 146 Ouesada, Yvonne f46 Ouezada, Isabel 51 Ouezada, Lisa J47 Quick, Jenny 59 ? eligious scandal occurs with Jim and Tammy Bakker and his alleged affair with Jessica Hahn Raible, Kalhy 51, 23S Ramirez, Andy 5f Ramirez , Breondan 51 Ramirez, Daniel t47, 2»J, 228 Ramirez, David 51 Ramirez, Lisa 5f Ramirez , Marlene 5f Ramirez, Nicholas M, tf Ramirez, Pablo »47 Ramirez, Sal 147,2M,237 Ramor. Cynthia 245 Ramos, Brendan 147 Ramos, Gilbert 51 Ramos, Paloma 59 Ramos, Veronica 51 Ramsdale, Ben 53. f 19 Ramsdell, Ben 110 Randall, Doriha 5S Range!, Richard 51 Raquel Gonzales 242 Rawis, Jason 51 Ray, David 2M Ray Laura 147 Razon, Lam 22i213,237 Rea, Andrea 115, 21 J Rea Tina 1M, 213, 231 Real, Alfonso 51 Redden, Melissa 51 Reddck, Marc 147, 155, 1M Craig Conner Football Coaches Index 317 Redman. Ken 51 Redwine, Sandy 227, 228. 229 Reece Robin 36, 147,229 Reed Kimberty 51 Reed Rodney H7. 235 Reeder Shannon 51 Requero, Angelica 51 Rehbehn, Calhy 216 Reid, Chantal 216 Reid Reginald ' 7 Reid Rodney ' . ' 6 Reid, Sharon 57 Re.d Tammy 20, 2J, 51, 87. 240 Renfro, Evie ' 56 Renlro Jason 51 Rentro Joel ' 78 Rentena. Joseph 51 Reniz Don 71.147 Resendez Lisa 216, 223 Resendez Lynn 98, 99, 148, J66 Revels. Tim 51 Rey, Bernard 148 Reyes, Carlos 5J Reynolds. Kirby 5 J Reynolds, Melissa 216, 223, 228 Reynoso, Mac 95, J 64 Reynoso, Maria 51 Rhode, Jennipher 5 ' Rhode. Kelli ' 48 Rice, Caria 51 Richards, Angela 51, 69, ' 00 Richards, Staci 51 Richardson, Michael ' 48 Richardson. Scoll 7 ' , ' 48 Richardson. William 2 ' 6 Riddle, Jason ' 48, ' 66 Ridge, Manual ' 67 Rinck, Kenneth 2 ' 6 Rincon, Jesse 51 Ring, Regina 2 ' 6 Rios, Richard ' 48 Ritter, Dana ' 48, 240 Rivas, Jenniter 5 ' Rivas. Michelle -.5 ' Rivera. Carolyn 52 Rivera, Jose 52 Rivera, Laura T48 Rivera, Raquel 93, 2 ' 6 Rivera, Ricky 80, 81, 216 Rivera, Roberto 52 Rivera, Rondell 93, 2 ' 6 Rivero, Marlene 52 Roa, Henry 237 Roberts, Jason 2 ' 6 Roberts, Reggie 52 Robertson, Chad 52 Robie. Madngal 45 Rqbinson. Deidre 2 ' 6 Robinson. Jomo 9, 7 ' . 2 ' 6 Robinson, Maurice ' 48 Robinson, Sylvia 93, ' 48 Robinson, Van 206, 2 ' 6 Robinson, WiHette ' 48 Robles. Liz 52 Robles, Rene ' 48 Robles, Rico ' 48 Robles, Sylvia 52 Rodriguez, Alex 52 Rodriguez, Chris 52, ' 48 Rodriguez, Jim 129, ' 48 Rodriguez, Monica 52 Rodriguez, Robert 52 Rodriguez, Tom ' 6 ' Rogers. Robert ' 47 Rogers, Tnna 52 Romero, Cynthia 2 ' 6 Romero, Diane 52 Romero, Gina ' 52 Romero, Joelle 52 Romero, Michael ' 48 Romero. Patricia 52 Roseman. Jason 52 Ross, Erik 52 Ross. Samantha ' 48 Ross, Tim 52 Ross. Victoria tOO, T48, 149, 239 Rossi. Ruth 52 Rossi. Susanna 244 Rowe. Christina 137, ' 49 Roy, Jim 2 ' 6 Roy. Timothy 52 Royal. Lazelle 2 ' 6 Royce. Heather 156 Rozhon, Robby 216 Rubin, John 52 Ruiz , James 52 Ruiz. Nick 2 ' 6 Rump, Susan 1 15, 166, 205, 212, 216, 246 Runkle, Brian 52 Rutter. Sheila 216 ean Penn receives a jail term for pun- ching a movie extra. Saavedra Peler 216 Sad)ak Rachaet 7 Sadler DavKJ 52 Saiz Renee 52 Sajdak Rachael 53 Salado, Dan 53 Salazar. Carmen 149 Salazar, Richard 53 Salgado, Julissa 53 Sam, Ramsey 53, 95 Sampson Sherrell 149 Sams Shaana 216 Sanchez David 149 Sanchez, Dawn 149 Sanchez, Diane 53, 240 Sanchez. Eddie 53 Sanchez, Ferdinand 53 Sanchez, Irene 53 Sanchez, Maudi 53 Sanchez, Michael 53 Sanchez, Paul 149 Sanchez, Roberta 53 Sanchez, Tanua 53 Sanchez, Yolanda 216 Sanders. Clorre 53 Sanders Corey 246 Sanders Gracie 1S6 Sandler Scott 53 Sandoval, Andy 53 Sandoval, Roberta 53 Santascoy, Ruben 10,11 Santoscoy, Ruben 53 Sarrato Martin 245 Satterwhite Lashandra 149 Saucedo. Debbie 53 Saucedo Irma n, 164 Saucedo Patricia 11, 217. 223, 245 Saucedo Roberta 149 Savage Mike 21$, 53, 66, 95 Sawyer Lisa 53, 239 Schaflran, James 217 Schaflran. Raymond 53 Scheckles, Mike 53 Schmidt, David 53 Schmidt, Tom 217 Scholtz . Michelle 53 Schraner, Lorraine 217 Schrock, Abigail f49 Schultz , Amanda 53 Schwartz. Dawn 53 Schwertleger. Kathy 53 Scott, Dadise 2 ' 7 Scott, Ericha 53 Scott , Jerry 53 Scott, Kalhy 22, 149, 154, 236, 237, 239 Scott, Keith t4, 217 Scott, Rhnanon 54 Scott, Swanebru ,. .54 Seccombe, Jason 54 Seeman, Cindy 54 Seeman, Jynnifer f 94, 217, 246, 247 Seeman , Roy 80, 149 Sehreck , David 54 Seibert, Don J49 Seng Vorn J63 Sepulveda, Joanna 54 Serna. Fred 59 Serna. Gma 54 Serralles, Nelson 2 ' 7 Serrato, Carmen 749 Serrato, Martin 149 Setinc, LeAnn 149 Setinc, Tracy 54 Shaffer, Daniel 149, 236, 237 Shank. Jason 54 Sharp, John 54 Sharpe, Frank 66, 149 Shaver. Lisa 139, 149 Shaw. Connie 54 Shaw. Stephanie 54 Sheib. Salem 54 Sheline. James 149 Shelton, John 149, 152 Shelton, Kim 217, 241 Sheppard, Jackie 54 Sheppard, Veronica 54 Sherman, Jessie 54, 1 75 Shevalier, Knsttna 54, M, 99 Shin Jung 17 Shirley, Robbie . ' .. " . ' .. 149, 163 Short , Shannon 54 Short, Theresa 54 Shorts. Phil ' . ' . " . " . ' .... 149 Shroads. Chns 149 S»ttey Km 149 S«t eft Don 239 S a MiKe S4 Stmmons Erie S4 Stmmons, Oleta 1 50 Smglelon, Oiarkse 150 pe.Josh 54.83,84,05 S-pe Lyn 6Z 63. 239 Sipe Susan 750 Sisley JiM a 217, 216, 237, 240 Skeens. Pam 54 Skinner, Bil 54 Skippef Jason 150 Staby, Jennifer S4 Slayton Jackie 217 Stoan M ke 96 97. 156 Smalls Michael 71, 72, 73, 161. 217, 219, 246 Smavety. Apnl 91 Smith Anthony 229 Smith April 150, 239 Smith. Athena S4 Smith. Brian 54 Smith. Caren 6, 7, 8, 9. 54. 226. 229 Smith. Chansse 150 Smith. Christina 150, 166, 236, 239 Smith, Date 54 Smith, Oammon 54 Smith. Deeya 217 Smith. Demond S4. 63, 69 Smith. Francheska 54 Smith. Landon I50 Smith. Lauren 54 Smith. Levetes 54 Smith. Lowell 150 Smith, Manow 54 Smith, Mary 166 Smith, Phil 167 Smith. Randy 55, 97 Smith. Robert 150 Smith. ShaneBe 55 Smith. Sheila 241 Smith. Stacci 150 Smith. Steven 55 Smilherman. Torn 217 Smithhammer Maura 100. 150 Snavely. April 55. 90 Snedden, Jason 55 Snyder. Lisa 150. 165 Socha, Rob ert 150, 229 Soesman, Jennifer 11, 150, 239 Sok, Song 150 Solberg, Artea 150, ' 78 Sole. Lisa 150, 240 Sohz Mary ISO, 245 Sopheap, Kiv 55 Soren. Steve 217 Soto, Jose 55 Soto. Mary 55 Solo. Richard ISO Sparks. Scott 55 Spencer. Cindy 217 Sprewell, Demelnus 55 Sprewell, Monte 55 Stallworth, Christal 55, 93 Stantield, Guy 150 StantieW. Jetl 15O Stanton, Cornell 55 Staples. Kim 167.217 Starbuck, Randy 150 Starwas, Heather 1 50 Steffens, Carly 55 Steinhour, Matthew 55 Stephans, Cartee 236 Stephens, Daren 55 Stevens, Nicole 55 Stevens, Shannon 55 Steward, Teri 150 Stewart. Jefl 150 Stewart, Monte 86,67, 150 Stokes, Kim 90, ' 76, 217 Stokes. Michael 217 Stoll, Tammy 151. 205 Stotier, Man 94, 95. 2 ' 7 Stotler, Tylor 55 Stout. Krisia 21 7 Stovall, Jennie 55, 171. 236, 239 Stracke, Steven 161.217 Stringer Charles 82, 63 Slubblelteld, Cane 217 Stunkard, Shawn 220 Suleiman. Malsoon 55 Sullivan, Frank 71. 72, 219, 220 Sullivan, Mia 220 Sullivan, Robert 220 Sullivan, Terrie 220. 222 Summers, Manuel 220 Sung, Ann S5 Suraco. John 220 Sutherland, Garv 235 Cheerleaders at Pep Rally Doris Jaramillo. Tauria Burks g[ ' BH 318 Index Varden photographer and Lenny Duran Western Civilization class, period 6 Sutherland, Steve »66, 220 Sutton, Gwen S Swaim. Apfil M, 99, t5t, t54 Swan, Anthony 55 Swealt, Nyree 55, 07, 240 Swilt, Bnan 55 Swift, Sharon 6t, 67 Syeda Husain 246 Sykes, John 220 Szypusz, Frank 163, 220 ro smoke or not to smoke is an ordinance issue wntten to restrict places where people can smoke. Tabor, Brian 157 Tagle. Alfred 55 Tagle, Nonne 55 Tamora, Sylvia 166 Tanner, Justin 55, 747 Tanzy, Jerry 220 Tanzy, Myesha 55, 157 Tapper. Nathan 157 Tarazon. Jesse 55 Tate, Christie 55 Taylor, Andrewn 55 Taylor, Chris 220 Taylor, Darren 75j Taylor, Doug J57 Taylor, Frankie 229 Taylor, Trayvon 55 Tenner, Marc 220 Tennison, Tom I5J Terrazas, Norma J5j Terrazas, Wendy 55 Terrell, Herbert 55 Thaxton, Monica 220 Theodorou, Alysia 202i 220, 239, 241 Theodorou, George 75J, 236 Thies. Alan 5g Thomas, Brandon 56 Thomas, Cassandra 752 Thomas. Eric ' . ' w,i78, 179, 220 Thomas, Jefl 152 Thompson. Earl .56 Thompson, Gregory 56 Thompson. James ' , . , . .56 Thompson. Kimberly . ' . ' .. . ' .. " ... 56 Thompson, Miket .56 Thompson, Regina 56 Thompson. Sean J52 Thompson, Tina 56, ' 69, 239 Thompson. Trena 56 Thom, Joe 229 Thornton, Misti . ' . ' .. .,. 56 Tibbs, Beaker 56 Tice, Laura 220 Tilman, Bryon J52 Tina Trapasso 140 Tinoco, Jett . ' !. " . ;. ' . 56 Tiznado. Jesse 56 Toailoa, Sam 56 Tobias, Talitha , , J52 Tobin, Bill .. . ' ..!. 56 Toelle, Stacey 56 Tol, Reasey 56 Toms, Michelle . ... ' . ' . ' ... 56 Ton. Kyanh ' . ' . ' ... 56 Toner, Tom 56 Tonya Barring gQ Tootill, Suzanne J52 Tonan. Lee 56 247 Torquato, Dominick ' 55 Torrence, Enka 100, 170, 179, ' 220,245 Torres, Frank 56 Torres, Rebecca 56 Torres. Sal 56 Torreschico, Enck 56 Toussaint, Pat 220 Tovar, Anne 56 Townshend, Roy 56 Tran, Loan Im 56 Trapasso, David J52 Trappaso, Tina t29J 752 Trevino, Rosa 22O Truelsen, Jetf )52 Truieque. Tom . ' . 752, 239 Trull, Vicki 100 235 Tullous, Stanley 56 V oting for presidential candidates takes place to chose the Republican and Democratic nominees. u ted States hostages grow in number in foreign countries. UHery, Roxanna 56 Ullrich. Chnstine 68, 69, 748, 220, 239 Urbina. Patricia 220 Urena, Eddie 56 Valdez. Chris 220 Valdez. Richard 80, 152, 245 Valencia, Chnstirw 752 Valencia, Teresa 752 Valero. Dennis 56 Valles. Arlo 219, 220 Vanderpool, Shelia 752 VanHoulen, Kim 752 Varella. Javier 22, 227 Vargas, Angela 57 Vasquez, Armando 752 Vasquez, Irma 772 Vasquez. Javier 752, 245 Vasquez. Joey 57 Vasquez, Laura 227 Vasquez, Robert 57, 86, 66 Vasquez, Steve 89 Velasco, Rosie 767 Velasco, Ross 66 Veliz, Brenda 57 Veliz, Edward 227 Venegas. Jose 227 Vera, Jaime 57 Vernon, Robert 752 Villa, Gkjria 752 Villa. Salvador 752 Vittalvazo, Matt 78, 752 Villanueva. isela 227 Villanueva, Rebecca 752 Villegas, Renee 227 Villegas, Rick 57 Villesca, Sony 57 Vilona. Diana 57 Vinson, Henry 753 Vinson, Yvelle 57 Vogel. Clint 57, 767 Vrem, Michele 227 w all Street suffers a 508 point drop in the Dow Jones industrial average on Oct. 19. Wade. Debra 227 Wahid, Bashire 57 Walde, Jennifer 57 Walker, Alexander 766 Walker, Allie 57 Walker, Corey 57 Walker, Damn 753 Walker Rorey 753 Wallace, David 57 Wallace, Heather 57 Waller, John 753 Waller, Maryann 766, 221. 235 Walsh, Danny 39, 57 Walsh, Patrice 766, 275, 221, 228 Walters, Angel 57 Walters. Ken 753 Ward, Rulh 753 Ward. Sherry 96, 227, 245 Ward, Sherri 778 Ward. Tnsten 57 Warren, Cherlyn 57 Warren, Kirk 83, 753 Washinaton. Lamesio 7 7, 753 Washington Meisha 57, 244 Watkins, Kalhy 221, 241 Watson. Antwain 57 Watson, Damon 82, 63, 84, 227 Watson, Lon 57, 235 Watson, Susan 227 Watson, Terrel 106, 227, 235 Walton, Marc 57 Watts, Charles 753 Webb, Jacquin 753 Webster, Devoie 57, 766 Webster, Philip 57 Welch Kisha 5 Wendenitch Dena t$3 Wentworth, Paul 221 Werner, Jett |S3 Wessman, Chns 97 West Ed 57, 86, 88, 89 Westfall, Glenn 57 Whalen, Brian 753 Whaley, Tracy 57, 238 Wheeler, Ben 57 Wheeler Donnavan 57 Whiiaker, Ken i .57 White, Delecia 753, 766, 235 White, Karen J5J, 199 Whitesell, Cammie f2. f66, 167, 2f 1. 227, 247 Whttmon, Scott J53 Whittier. Josh 57 Wick, Anna 57 Wick, Doug 153 Wicker. Shellon 56 Wilburn, Debbie 166, 221 Wilcots, Stacey 71 221 Willord, Dianne , ' . 22ll 241 Wilford. Juan . . 56 Willardsen, Joe . ' . " . " . . . , " . t5S Williams, Albert ' ' , ' 153 Wtlltams. Althea 59 Williams. Anna 221 Willtams. Christopher ..... ' . ' . ' ..$$ Williams. Eric 59 Williams, Juanesha . ' 59 Williams, Justin ' . ' . . 56J 90 239 Williams. Kenneth fSJ Williams. Kesha ' ' ' . ,99 WtHiams. Linda 59 WtHiams. Lorenzo .... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .... 221 Williams. Reginald ' . ' . . ' . ' .. 59 Williams. Roger . ' .. " , .. ' .59 Williams, Salina ' .. ' . ' .. 155 Williams, Tami ' [[ 235 Williams. Tonya 155 Williams, Traselle 59 Williamson, Deborah ' , ' . . . ' . ' . " . ' , ' . ' . . 59 Wilms. David ] [59 Wilson, Candace .. ' .... ' . ' . ' .. ' . ' .$$ Wilson, James ! ' . 59; f55 Wilson. John 59, f55 Wilson. Maurice .7l[ f 55 Wilson. Sherry 221 Wilson. Steve ' . . . . ' ..,. ' ... 59 Wiltshire. Kim 224 Winegar, Jill . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 224 Wirrun, Nancy f55 Wollerton. Jason 59 Wollerton. Nancy 224 Woods. Eddte . 59 Woods. Lela 224 Woods. Melinda 59 Woods. Michelle 224 Woods, Steve f55 Woods, Terry 241 Woodside, Sharon 224 Woodward. Sandy J97, 224 Wooters. Alisa f 55 Wooters. Daniel f 55 Worden, Michael 59 Woyak, Thomas 224 Wright, Chris 7f, 155, 236 Wright, Linda 224 Wfoten, Claudell 59, 791 Wudyka. Stacy 155 Wuerch, Roll 22, 224 Wyatl. Randy 79, 155 Wynn. Jackie 155 -tra strong Santa Ana winds reach 80 mph in February ear-round school plan wins then loses in Los Angeles Yanes, Nelson 59 Yanez, Manuel 59 Yanez Martha 224 Yoo, Minhee 224 Young. Brian 147 Young, De Shun 59 Young, Ethan 224 Youseel, Lydia 59 Yzaguirre, Eric 224 Zimbabwe children claim that South African prison authorities tortured them, beat them, and put them in solitary con- finement for long periods. Zamora, Rosa 59 Zarrwra. Sylvia 59, 235 Zamorano. MonaJiza 59 ZarnJeias. Carlos 155 Zapata. Luis 56 Zaragoza, Cynitua 155 Zarate. Renee 224 Zarate. TiKy 59 Zauala. Charlerw 59 Zavala Lilly 59 Zibowsky. Ison 59 Zitter, Angel 155 Zuniga, Alex 19, 79, 155 Zuniga. Hondo 71, 72 i zitteTAngei Ysslndex 319 What ' s It All About? The Aquila Staff for 1987-88 put together a 328 page yearbook Extra pages were added to the senior and staff sections The staff names and the areas in which they worked follow. The staff hopes that the yearbook will add a " Splash of Color " to all the studemts annd staff at Eisenhower High School, Melissa Reynolds : co-editor in chief, advertising, seniors, class section, Patrice Walsh : co-editor in chief, seniors, class sec- tion, photography, sports, Miriam Phillips : seniors, class section, sports, Mike Clark sports Jason Cox : student life, sports, photography, darkroom, class section, Frank Perine : class section, art work, cover, endsheets, Jynnifer Seeman: division pages, photography, darkroom, class section, staff section. Theresa Gonzdies : division pages, sophomores, sports, Geoffrey Kneale : photography, opening, closing, student life, staff, class section, Tracy Howard : class section, division pages. Laurie Smith : sports, sophomores, division pages. Greg Peterson : sports, sophomores. Caren Smith division pages, student life, Colophon Special Thanks Volume XXIX of the Aquila yearbook of Eisenhower High School, Rialto, California, was published by the 25-member staff and printed by Taylor Publishing Com- pany in Dallas, Texas. The 328 pages of " A Splash of Color " for 1988 were printed on 80 lb high gloss enamel paper with two signatures of 80 lb. high gloss Celesta enamel paper, Taylor Publishing Company printed 1,100 copies of the 1988 Aquila. The Aquila cover was designed by the class members and was painted by Frank Perine and Ryan Carrigan, The printing was called Brush, Print inside was in styles of helvetica. The endsheets and division pages were drawn by Frank Perine, Cameras used were Pentax, Minolta, and Canon, About 3,000 black and white photos were taken and about 400 color photos were taken by students Varden Studios, Inc took the photos of the seniors, Homecom- ing, some staff members, and some sports, Varden pnnted the color photos; while, Aquila staff members and Varden printed the black and white photos. Total production cost of the 1988 Aquila was in ex- cess of $37,000. To defray production costs not covered by the sale of the annuals, the yearbook staff sold advertising and held a candy sale. | | | darkroom, class section. Craig Conner : index, darkroom, juniors, sem student life, classes Ryan Carrigan darkroom, sports Gerrie Lester student life, class section Teresa Pedrosa sports, clubs, division pac juniors Amparo Elizondo student life, sports, junu clubs Sandy Redwine index, juniors, class section Beth Lord juniors, classes, student life, divis pages. Wendy Bettar advising all sections of the yearbci rewarding us when we did well. j The yearbook staff decided on the theme of ! Splash of Color " to show a variety in the yearbook j as EHS IS a variety of people. Extra color was addec! the division pages. The cover, showing splashes of cl or, was designed by the students themselves. Special thanks needs to go to several people, on an oil cam who were helpful when the Aquila staff needed extra work done Glenda Smith of M Graphics who gave us paper for our c( design Debbie Kohn, senior, who took pictures, printed pictures, and errands for the yearbook. Suzanne Killingsworth of Don Lugo High School who pn us with paint for the cover design Michelle Lang, senior, Sandra Gallardo, senior; and Sh. Horstmeyer, junior, who helped with advertising and seniors Varden Studios, Inc. representatives Sue Walter, Mike Stevi Mary, TJ, Roberta, and Robert who helped answer questions look pictures Taylor Publishing Company representatives Jane Kasel Norma Ortiz who helped bring out the theme and who made sugi lions tor layout to belter the yearbook Taylor Publishing Company representatives in Dallas, Te who answered all of our computer questions Richard and Linda Burnett of Burnett Studios who took the ' lo pnni pictures, give us pointers, and clean equipment Andrea Marring, secretary, who proofed pages Cliff Harris, junior, and Kazuki Aoki, junior, who took rtevelofiod pictures Barbara Cannon, math teacher, who helped us set up prinliT Angle Houlemard, April Mobley, Erica Morris, Amy Philli and Eddie Veliz who helped on some yearbook pages EHS staff who allowed yearbook students out of class lo it ilr.ullifws The EHS attendance staff who looked up classrooms sii drnt cind allowed students to ctieck on correct spellings ' lis, ' people gave of their time and efforts to assist on the U yf.iiluuik ,ind work along with the Aquila staff We thank them foi tlum titilp, encouragement, ideas, and patience. 320 Colophon IP . J ih 0 ' t ' ' ff -J Ky flP i liJ Pi A .-b i v - L, ' ? o it J Si 1 J t V a ' !:) .- V . r 2. V) 5 1- OTVjl. ; V) O ' . v : .( ' V xV .... , ' 4i ' f H v ' 0 y j f { vy V ' ■ ■ -,k (y .L ,(F V V) ■n) i ' V ) K V . ' (V ' V) W y ,v v(K , - r l V V (yv L A i V A

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