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v ' t iT? - ' K ' ,. A ' . w; ■ a • ' A y- ; Y - J- f J,- v ly ' V i ' ' A =- ' : - A. c " %- , ; ' , 5 ' Cr . V f y d-y o " - x9 l y .; ' ,, A ■ I I Eii 13 1, - AQGILA VOLUME XXVI IP n CHANGES Eisenhower High School 1321 North Lilac Rialto, California 92376 Sherry Cortez Editor-in-Chief Betty Diamond Advisor i itle Page 1 Changes T t has been a year full of changes here at Eisenhower High — some good, some not as good. The business teachers and students were thrilled to get new correction tape typewriters. Ail of a sudden, correcting became a whole lot easier! That was one change that pleased students and faculty alike. For the Varsity Football team, penalties came at the worst possi- ble times and losses occurred because of them. Such changes were especially heartbreaking and difficult to accept. Another change that attracted a lot of interest on campus was the lifting of the restriction against girls in Key Club. The sexual bar- rier was broken and girls were allowed to become members of the most popular club on campus for the first time. Above: Having their first experience on a high school campus Krishna Zimmerman and friend enjoy the sun. Middle: Here ' s a picture of just a few of the active students on campus. Above: Students enjoy a peaceful chat among friends before school starts. 2 Theme Paula Taylor Christ! Panzer! PHOTOGRAPHERS Raquel Bermudez Wendy Tucker CLUBS Mrs. Betty Diamond ADVISOR 4 Aquila Staff Kelly Peoples, David Breland ADS AND INDEX Deborah Clark Cindy Lindsay Wendy Lohman SPORTS Bill Nicholson Lucila Procopio Jill Dunson and Luz Garcia FACGLTY TYPISTS Felicia Robinson Jeff Beckett PHOTOGRAPHER Victor Torres Rose Tarango ACADEMICS Lorena Ramirez STUDENT LIFE Aquila Staff 5 The Active Eagle rD eing active was a very impor- ' - tant part of an Eagle ' s life. Eagles never had a chance to relax before flying away to benefit Eisenhower. Not all students par- ticipated in the same activities, but there were many different ac- tivities and students never failed to see " The Dedicated One " mak- ing changes for the better. Above right: Looking tor Jim. Jeanette Mendez leans on the fence. Above center: Waving to the fans Ike ' s mascot raises spirits. Above: Posing for a picture, Brandi and friend show their school spirit. Center right: Taking a rest from cheering, these football fans stop to chat. Right: Enthusiastic fans get excited as Ike scores a touchdown against Palm Springs. 6 Fun Time MH-ve: Throwing a pass. Craig Resendez sees an Above: Standing for the l icl off Bret Baker watches Above: Sophomores. Paula Powers and friends have )pen teammate. • ■- intently. their first experience al a high school game Fun Time 7 The Academic Eagle The most unpopular change for the Academic Eagle was the addition of extra days and minutes to the 1984 85 school year. There were 4 more days and 4 more minutes of class time. Lockers were changed from last year ' s , - Middle left: Working haro to perfect her typing skills, green and gold to this year S bright Theresa ward, concentrates intently on her lesson. orange, but students didn ' t mind because the lockers looked much better. Mddli 10 «« 8 Class Time Middle: Trying to survive in hot wheather, students wait for class to resume. Below: Getting an Idea from Redland ' s annual, Raquel Bermudez plans her layout Top: Teaching the basics of layout Rhonda Gaines turns for a Above center: Nicki McKenzie, David Kondrit and Cesar Sotelo wait silently for the pdssing pic ' --e bell. .twv •- Makir.j pkns for lunch liene Pacheco and buddy decide on Above: This stylish student and young scholar listen to their teacher in English. Mickey Dees. (McDonalds) Class Time 9 ' 10 Student Life Divider SI r etting up in the wee hours of the morning to make it to school on time was the prime func- tion of everyone on campus, and the familiar comment of many was, " Thank goodness it ' s Friday! " . « ' rr Student Life Divider 1 1 Below: Showing off for his friends, Sonny Masterson passes the tinne on his bike uuQ o more pencils, no nriore books, no nnore teachers worn out looks. This was the feeling of many students as they left campus not to return for another three months. Many students took this opportunity to go on some very welcom- ed vacations either abroad to foreign countries, or just to enjoy the southern California Coast, the sun and to engage in the favorite pastime of most Eisenhower students looking for a " summer fling. " Other students didn ' t have much of a chance to enjoy the 100° degree weather because of a summer Job or summer school. Not even these things could stop them from living it up on Friday and Saturday nights. Unfortunately, this had to come to an end all too soon when all of a sudden students found themselves back at dear old IKE High for registration. Soon the sound of tardy bells and teachers laying down the rules would be all too familiar, but the memories of the summer of ' 84 would keep us going for nine months. Above: Standing in a state of shocl . Victor Torres has just been told he has just ridden Above: Adnniring the view of Lal e Michigan, Farrel Small gazes at the the wildest horse on his uncles ranch in Mexico. harbor. 12 Summer W!«| Below: Visiting her favorite pal, Snoopy, Christie Hernandez spends the day at Camp Snoopy ,(iil« Above: Visiting her family in England. Anna Dickinson poses with her little cousins after a Futball soccor game Above: Michelle Jacobo dances at a recital in her Jalisco Dress. Summer 13 And the Winner is . . . As ihe tension mounted, the Homecoming Queen finalists — escorted by their fathers — listened intently in hopes of hearing their names announced over the loud speaker. In a state of shock, Christi Hernandez turned ecstatically to her brother for an embrace of hap- piness, while Marcella Williams was being announced first prince ' - ' - - " I ' l n.m.i RusmII ,is hnt second princess. While the band finished " Chariots of Fire, " the fans waited for the second half to resume. They watched the football team play a very exciting game that end- ed in a victory for Eisenhower I Eisenhower 5 1984 Homecoming Queen 14 Homecoming Queen pirr L Privicess — Marrplla Williams Second Princess — Dana Russell Finalist — Tiffani Stotier and father Finalist — Rhea Mclver and father oming Court 16 Homecoming Parade Below: The Eishenhower team plans, prepares, and executes a winning play C or the past 3 years Eisenhower has lost its homecoming game, but this year their lu ck has changed. Hosting the Palm Springs Indians, the Eagles defense had the fans cheering at every pass. With the help of Craig Resendez. Taylor Cooper made two touchdowns in one half. Brian Holmes, also played well. but he had an interception called back. Holding the offensive line were Chris Dawson, Robert Shimahara, Derek Coats, Darren Gilbreath, and Scott Reed. Also on offensive was Brian Holmes with a 55 yards in receptions. The final score was 29 to in a victory for Eisenhower. Suijye middle: Escaping a Palm Springs tackle. Taylor . f i Ijiper runs for a touchdown. ve: Pursuing and stopping the Indians, the Eagles keep score a shutout. hi: First string members taking a break, watch the se d string hold back the Indians. ; Homecoming Game 17 i A Chan ge of Pace Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine ' s Day, April Fools Day and St. Patrick ' s Day these are some of the holidays enjoyed by many students and faculty members. Many times holidays were ex- cuses for many things out of the ordinary and brought a variety to the daily routine. Some holidays were looked forward to more than others because students did not have to go to school. Below: Some of the amusing and peculiar costumes can be seen here as worn by students and faculty. Below: One of the more unique and funnier costumes is worn by this anonymous penguin. - , , i! . » s 18 Holidays Above: Shaunalyn Watson and Arkellha Dunken pose with Santa, like they did when they were kids. Above: Returning to class after receiving a birth- day bouquet. Holly and Lori wonder who (he ad- mirer is. Holidays 19 i «, Right: Remembering his life back in Ghana South Africa, Anthony Ackah answers a questionnaire for the annual. Above: During her history class, Jan Catn listens attentively to homework instructions. Above: Listening to Mr. Wholers, explaining how to do Synthetic Division, Masao Omae prepares to get his work done. ti 20 Exchange Students A World of Memories On campus there were a few students who have some very different and exciting stories to tell. Some of these were told by the exchange students. They came from many different countries: Japan, China, Germany, South America, and Africa. To these students going to school in the United States was an adventure and something special. They had to adjust to many changes in their lives, but they learned one important lesson: to change is to grow. They grew, and matured, and learned — and now they are richer for having had the chance to expand their worlds. Other students who also had exciting adventures to tell about were those who helped out in the Los Angeles Olympic Games this summer. Maria Bar- ton helped at the Olympic Village at U.S.C. while Susanna Furfari and Brandi Courtney helped at Pepperdine University for the Water Polo events. Left: Showing off her collection of Olympic pins. Canadian Men s Volleyball jersey, and German Wrestlers jacket — all given to her by the athletes themselves — Is Maria Barton. 9 Synth " It didn ' t matter where you were from or what language you spoke — you could always communicate with each other in your own special way. " — Maria Barton Left: The Olympic stadium — as seen by Suzanna Furfari during dress rehearsals for the opening ceremonies Olympics 21 I ,l)V]iat e you looking forward to in your coming year(s) at Ike? ol, and get involved in Drama. " ' l wo d like to do bett£%»i ErikKreidar, 10th To graduate at the end ttfe ' c|id6l year " wlth the rest of my fellow classmates. To do as well as I can in my classes so that I can be proud of my last year at Ike. fm Domitila Medina, 12th t " I am looking forward to a greaffootball team, I think we have the talent and will to be the I 1 » i J J !. A i ; " ? . W IB T lafTc best around and even go to Anaheim. n i Derek Coats, 11th % What have you contributed to Eisenhower? " Two and a half years of clitching. " Dave Morgan, 12th ' P " . ' - ' l.haiii contribL d ng alents to the ' vearbook staff and my ' GAAY ' personality to my pals in 6th period. " f I B V - »] ., J|| I Lori Ramirez, 12th " I have helped to establish everlasting memories with 3 years of work on the annual staff. Helping to record the history of Eisenhower is a ' big contribution. " ' Tracie Scheppers, 12th ' f What will you remember ipost about Eisenhower? 10 " All my friends and the fun times we had together and some of the guys that I use to date or the ones I lij . " « ' n •Its staf in and fliiends and the helpithayhc • — - , as already beervgiven to me. ' " HeU ' Week, homework, and all tWe fihe girls " i 4. Stephanie Bl , 10th Ray Ortega, 11th • ' ' La wrenc Dixon, 12th T ' ' 1 h ; 22 Sound Off ;tti ;he What was the funniest thing that ever happened to you? " When I almost cracked my head on a concrete wall during drama rehearsal. It hurt, but that was fun. The next thing yo u kno w I ended up in tl|ie hospital for two days. " --::t7 hhh Marivic Samontin , 12th " Falling down the bleachers during a football gam ely ' i i ' J fk{ Tammy Wise, 12th I lals 2lh ;or What has Eisenhower offered you that will help you in the future? " Eisenhower offered me a good drama department with the best drama teacher and that will help me with my future drama plans. " , Susan Sandfrey, 12th " It ' s helped me tofind out howj eople really are; they are liars and cheats! " Robert Shimahara, 12th 2 , t( ' Soun(d Off 23 Favorite Soap 1. Days of Our Lives 2. All My Children 3. General Hospital 4. Zest Favorite Stor 1. Miller ' s Outpost 2. Kmart 3. Von ' s 4. Fashion Gal ' ■- K Favorite Prime-time Show 1. Cosby Show 2. Magnum P.I. 3. Dynasty 4. Miami Vice Favorite Baseball Player 1 . Steve Sax 2. Steve Garvey 3. Rod Crew Favorite Actor I.Bill Cosby 2. Clint Eastwood 3. Eddie Murphy 4. George Burns Favorite Male Singer 1. Prince 2. David Lee Roth 3. Billy Idol 4. Michael Jackson Favorite Football Player 1. Tony Dorsett 2. Marcus Allen 3. Vince Ferragamo rite Actress 1. Morgan Fairchild 2. Kim Fields 3. Joan Collins 4. Debbie Allen Favorite Singing Group . Duran Duran 2. New Edition 3. U2 4. PriOEfi W Favorite Basketball Player 1. Magic Johnson 2. Kareem Abdul Jabar 1. Purple Rain 2. Cool it now 3. Hot for teacher 4. Like a virgin 24 Favorites Favorites 25 Dress to Express Below: Patty Tovar relaxes after school in black shoes with florescent socks, white baggie pants and a black sweater. Above: Catching up on his school work is Dwayne Boyd in a " mod " suite. Right: Socializing before the start of another class Shannon Scheppers wears a blouse and skirt outfit com- pleted with eel skin pumps. Far right: Rhea Mclver sports a grey flowing blouse and a burgundy striped jacket. Right: After a long day, Kim, Tim, Shannon, Mark, and Diana look good enough for a night out on the town! M 26 Fads and Fashions I hether it was " dress to impress " or dress casual, the main idea was dress to express your personality. Many students felt this way, as expressed by Dwayne Boyd; " I dress the way I do because i feel the way you dress reflects the way you feel, and when I dress nice or in a certain style, it makes me feel good about myself. " The styl es seen around campus varied greatly, just like the personalities. In the past years, styles could be categorized as " prep- py " , " mod " , or " new romantic " , but as you looked at students and spoke to them, many couldn ' t be categorized. Many of the styles were combinations of attitudes or ideas. Left: Wearing the popular look seen In such magazines as G.Q. are Mark Martinez and Tim Munz. 1 Above: Thinking of someone special, 2 Diana Freitas wears the popular GUESS jacket and white shirt. Left: Returning from the counselors office, Kim Burnett stops to talk to some friends in a Florescent green tank sweater with a white checked shirt over it. and faded grey pants. Fads and Fashions 27 Best Friends ho was the person that helped you through the good times and the bad when you felt you needed so- meone to share your feelings with? Who was the somebody you confided in when you just couldn ' t talk to your parents? Who provided that extra sup- port at school when you were com- peting for the lead in the school play or head cheerleader, or having problems with a romance that just didn ' t seem to be working? A best friend, that ' s who!!! Some friendships came in pairs of two, others in a triangle of three, but all in all those were the people we called " friends. " Friends were very important to us. They made traveling the road of life just a little bit easier. It was good to have someone to share secrets with and to help out when we didn ' t make it home at the set time. It ' s really hard to say just what a friendship means, but it means a lot. Middle: Robert Watson and Michael Wheat. Below: Darrin Arias and Tony Gordon. Friend — A seeming mirror of myself, And I. of you. My shadow, my other half, my confidante. And I. yours. So alike that I often wonder — If we hadn f lived at the same time, At the same place. And fate had us not feel that something ■ A piece of ourselves — was missing? Or perhaps that we. in turn. Should be part of someone else? I am a puzzle with one piece missing. You are my missing piece. Sometimes I wish to be you — And you, me. Because we are so different We have so much to share — Because we are so alike, We understand each other so well. — Gina Gutierrez From TEEN Magazine -i Bottom right: Renee Lee, Cheryl Linnbrick, and Tracy Simmons. 28 Best Friends US Same Time, Same Place . . . E t The mad rush is on!! The parking lot is jammed. Lines circle around the lunch room, and outside they stretch almost to the middle of the quad. This familiar scene is seen everyday when the bell strikes the magical time of 1 1 :40. " Where shall we go today? " or " What are we doing for lunch?. " These were the most frequently heard sayings on campus at lunch-time. Wanting to get away from school or rushing to be one of the first in line to settle the groans and moans of their hungry stomachs, students hurried off to eat. Many headed for that long awaited hamburger, pizza or even " Chicken McNuggets. " While most stayed at school to finish homework and eat or just sit around with friends and eat. Top: Enjoying twc of th " popular foods, tacos and french ries. Louie Williams and .lohn High eat lunch with friends. .eft middle: Kathy Smith and friends wait for the line in Vendy ' s to dwindle before bjyjng their lunch. Uddle right: Hungry student awaits her change before she eaves the snack bar l Above: Socializing with friends. Kevin Robey Above: Unable to resist temptation. Renee Lee and Anthony Pratt wait to buy their lunch. and Katrina Nichols sample their french fries. I • htime 29 Right: After a light sprinkle, Kelly Oates goes to first period. Below: Many students leave the campus at lunchtime in search of tastier food or a different atmosphere. Above: One daytime activity, note passing, often produces plans for nighttime ac Above: Enjoying their lunchtime on campus, some students catch up on the tivities and dates. latest gossip. 30 Day Life II A Day in the Life . . . A student ' s average day usually con- sisted of getting up late about 30 minutes before the first bell, hurriedly dressing in 5 minutes, quick breakfast — usually consisting of chocolate chip cookies and a can of coke, and rushing off to first period to find himself being locked out of class and sent to Mrs. Young ' s office. Then at 11:40 the streets of the city of Rialto were mobbed with hungry teenagers looking for some " Food. " At about 7:00 p.m. a couple hundred showerheads stared working to prepare students for their night. out on the town. Some of the local favorite places to go to were " Vista Point, " " Market, " " Nicholodeon, " or the Movies. Below left: Getting ready to go dancing. Mike Ramirez adds the finishing touches. Left: A popular place to visit by many students is Disneyland Below: The hot spot on Riverside Avenue. pjilS Nightlife 31 T. he Homecoming game gave Ike basketball fans the excitement they had been waiting, for. The win agaist Fontana was 110% team effort. The players knew that it was their only entrance into the C.B.L. With total team effort and fast breaks, Ike beat Fon- tana 80-66. The five returning lettermen have great expectations, for capturing next year ' s CBL title. The " Jamming Juniors " with the big hopes were Tracey Lindsay, Alex Green, Tony Lewis, Gary Holland, and John Argentine. " We ' ll miss the seniors, but we ' ll take over where they left off, " stated the juniors confidently. At halftime the gym rippled with suspense as the winners of Basketball Homecoming Queen, Junior Darling, and Sophomore Sweetheart were announced: Rhea Mclver, Sheri McKeever, and Brandii Schmitt. [ Above: Sophomore Sweetheart — Brandii Schmitt Above Right: Junior Darling — Sheri McKeever Right: Cinching the victory, Steven Carter mal es the last play of the game 32 Basketball Homecoming f where •as the Junioi 5unced: Night of Spirit Night of Joy Top left: Basketball Queen — Rhea Mclver Above: First Princess — Tiffani Stotler Bottom left: 1985 Basketball Homecoming Court- Basketball Homecoming 33 For four boys and one girl it all started last year. They were in- terviewed by local Legionaires to see who would represent our school in Sacramento for Boys ' and Girls ' State ' 84. The young men selected were Ned Cooney, Mike Gonzales, Phil Jamison and Andre Lewis. The one girl was Rhea Mclver. After an all night bus ride to Cal State University, they ar- rived at Sacramento and for the next week they, along with 1,000 juniors from all over the state, " Boys ' State was the most ex citing and wor- thwhile experience any high schooler can have, | and it is something the four of us will never | forget, " concluded Ned Cooney. would experience and run a duplicate of the California govern- mental system. This would include city, state, and local governments, elections; making budgets; enac- ting laws; and having fun while do- ing it. All four of the boys held an office: Ned Cooney was city coun- cilman, Mike Gonzales was city fire chief (and winner of the billards competition), Phil Jamison was assistant district attorney and An- dre Lewis was state controller. 9 H6 eft 34 Boys ' and Girls ' State If Striving for Perfection Boys ' and Girls " State 35 or more than half the school year the big mystery on every student ' s mind was not, " Where ' s the beef? " but " Where ' s the Prom? " it first started in September with the controversy of a 35 mile distance limit, set to please some of the parents who complained that it was usually held to far away for some students to drive to it. The junior class officers first reserved the Red Lion Inn in On- tario, but were later cancelled by the Inn which gave priority to con- ventions over high school students. They then put down a deposit for the new Ramada Inn being built in San Bernardino, scheduled to open on time for the prom. But when the Inn needed more money, they used the deposit left by the students to con- tinue building and did assure the students the facilities for the date agreed upon. Again the junior class officers had to look for another location because of all the difficulties in fin- ding a location. Thus, the distance limit was lifted so that students could find a suitable location. By this time many rumors were started as to where it would be held (such as the Gym), but on February 22 the questions were answered and the rumors were halted with the announcement of its locatio n. To many mixed feel- ings of relief, disappointment, and contentment it was decided that the prom would be held at the California State University Com- mons and Student Union Complex. The band that played was Calmrads and if it wasn ' t for the initial surprise of its location, the prom did offer its share of special memories and good times. Problemed Prom Preparing himself for a night of enchantment, Kenny Davis decides to go all out. 36 Prom Prom 37 We ' ve got Pride!!! y»-vur class will be moving V ahead to newer and bigger goals. We are proud of our school, and glad we were able to add to its growth and traditions. We are a class with ambitions and leaders. The class of ' 85 ' is proud of its reputation and can always boast of the strength and originality put forth through the combined ef- forts of its students. " — Gannett Bell, senior Top: Standing around after assembly, students converse with friends. Right: In glittering green and gold Ike; Drill Team practices a routine. 38 Campus Life ■A Left: During the Prom Fashion Show some of Ike ' s most attractive people model formal wear before the cheering crowds. Middle: Seniors show their spirit at the football homecoming parade! Bottom: Pep squads perform at one of many pep rallies. Campus Life 39 ll lt£l|, ©)£ tM% 4B Sp©l t§l W@wl M.Mm.tw fi Out of all the games played this year the ones that we will remember the most are the Olympic Qanies. Ther Were 7,060 athletes, 5.5 million spectators, 2.5 billion television viewers and an unpresidented 83 gold medals for the G.S. The torch relay began in New York and ended in the Colosseum. " The memorable performances of Mary Lou , Retton, gymnastics; Carl Lewis, 4x100 meters; Greg Louganis, diving; Joan Benoit, marathon; and many more kept people glued to their TV sets. For 16 days the worlds ' attention was focus- ed on nearby Los Angeles for the most exciting games of ' 84. anfortunately, the world headlines did fWIShave as bright a tone as the local headlines. After a ten year drought and civil war one million Ethio- pians died of hunger. Late in the year a group of English bands joined talents to put out a Christmas song with all proceeds going to aid the starving masses in Ethiopia. In India, its prime minister, Indira Gandhi, was gunned down by two of her own security guards. The soviet leader Yuri Andropov died at age 69. In Beirut, the G.S. embassy was bombed and twelve people were killed, and in Mexico City a gas explosion killed 365 people. lij iiiji m Ifrnti©)!!). le U.S. IS ' ConstiftWy maKing fieadlines anc 1 was no exception. Major events such as the Sum- pner Olympics and the Mew Orleans World ' s Fair hnade International history. While such controversial JBvents as the loss of the Miss America title by Miss Vanessa Williams and the, murder of 21 people in the McDonalds ' s Restaurant of San Ysidro shocked the naiiQQ, Other heart touching stories included the implant or tne second artirioaf neart in William Schroder and the implant of a baboon ' s heart in Baby Fae at Loma Linda Hospital. The space shuttle also played its part in history: its crew rescued two out-of-orbit satellites for repairs. Even the Statue of Liberty got its share of attention, she began getting a makeover and will not be seen again until July 4, 1986. 40 World News m w tiu -. -. -. F©)]Ltt£€iS 1KB yeefs in the gnit States, elections C are held and ' 84 was no exception. The year was filled -with many and some not so unex- pected surprises. This was the first year a black man was running for president, but unfortunate- fy, Jesse Jackson was defeated early in the race. Another first was Geraldine Ferraro selection as the first woman on the national ticket for a major party. In the end, the final results came in and the re-eJ Pfion of President Ronald Reagan became a reality. This year was a very eventful year at Eisenhower. It started off on a sad note with the deaths of two students, Paul Rojas and Chaundra J. Jackson. We also had the continu- ing mystery of where the prom would be held. Familiar scenes around campus were stonewash- ed jeans and jackets, florescent clothes, and shirts saying things like " choose life. " Also the parking lot saw a change: instead of the usual V.W. population, small trucks took over the lot. H S!£Ut t ££ L£€ll. £ l.t The ' worOof entertainment was just that in ' 84 — very entertaining. With such stars making big hits like the Jackson ' s Victory Tour, Julian Lennon ' s debut album " Valott, " Prince ' s Purple Rain, Tina Turner ' s come back with Private Dancer and Clara Peller ' s famous saying, ' Where ' s the beef? " Other attention getters were Boy George, Grace Joit s, and Annie Lennox with their androgenous looks. Some of the popular movies of the time were " Ghost Busters, " " Gremliilft- " . " Purple Rain " and a number of " Break Dancing " movies. The entertain- ment world also had its share of losses; the deaths ' of such great people as Ethel Merman 75, Marvin Gaye 44, and Richard Burton 58, left thousands mourning. v . » World Mews 41 42 Student Life Student Life 43 c A b ' v 44 Sports Divider i iri) What a year in sports!! The soccer team was a winner and the sophomore football team was awesome. Many of our rivals were terrified when time came for them to engage in a losing battle with the tough-to-beat Eagles. Sports Divider 45 46 Varsity Football Left: At the line of scrimmage the offense prepares to reach the goalline in hopes of scoring a touchdown. Left: Looking on from the sidelines, Coach Don Hoak thinks of the next instructions he wants to give to the team. Right: Coach Don Hoak reacts to a decision during an exciting moment in the game. Varsity Football 47 Below: Under pressure to make a decision Craig Resendez looks for an open receiver. Below: Quarterback Craig Resendez gets information from head coacfi Tom Hoak ' s J 1 Front Row: Desi Fields, Brian Holmes, Michael Wheat, Greg Gray, Mike Curlee, Taylor Cooper. 2nd Row: Vince Brown, David Lang, Dennis Smith, Lawrence Dixon, Demetrious Coleman, Greg Temple, Casey Martinez. 3rd Row: Robert Miller, Marty Moore, Trainer Kevin Graf, Coach Pete Fotia, Coach Pat MacKenzie, Coach Tom Hoak, Coach Don Hoak, Coach David Day, Art Martinez, Derek Coates. 4th Row: Dayman Fleming, Demetrious Williams, Craig Resendez, David Dominquez, Darren Gilbreath, Robert Shimahara, Steve Carter, Derril Youngblood. Back Row: Chris Floyd, Jim McBride, Brett Hoeppner, Scott Reed, Phil Jamison, Chris Dawson, Robert Watson, Kenric King. Not Pictured: Marcus Sims, Derek Ancrum, George Delgado, John Hall. 48 Varsity Football 1 I VARSITY FOOTBALL Ike 29 Palm Springs Ike 28 Chaffey ike 26 Corona 6 ike 10 rSorco 6 Ike 10 Rubidoux 11 Ike 28 Colton Ike 10 Redlands 14 Ike 15 SanG. 17 Ike 14 Riverside 21 Ike Fontana 17 lisSm eiefi loyd, Jii» Narrowly escaping a tackle attempt, Stephen Carter tries to run back and gain some yardage. Looking on from the sideline. Varsity Captain Art Martinez waits patiently for tfie final score. Varsity Football 49 Below: Jerrell Wadell carries the ball in for a touchdow i» Above: Casey Martinez dives to make the tackle. JV FOOTBALL Ike 44 Chaffey Ike 28 Corona Ike 35 Norco Ike 28 Rubidoux Ike 28 Colton 14 Ike 6 Redlands 7 Ike SanG. 49 Ike 28 Palm Springs 7 Ike Poly 25 Ike Fontana 29 50 JV Football I Off to a Great Start Jw •. c- .u II T- f t J tu u John Brice: " The season could have been a little unior Varsity Football Team started with a bang (the first four games were shutouts), but ended in " e ' " ' uld have won a few more games, somewhat of a fizzle, (in three of the last four games but I think we did quite well. " they were shut out.) They finished the season with a i,.i„„. i„hnRr; o = „ , . , ,, , J ' J Below: John once goes in motion to start the play. 6-4 record. With the help of their head coach, Steve Mava, the team gained valuable experience that will Bottom left: David verbanatz goes up to catch a pass. help them in the future. Bottom right: The Eagles defense makes a tackle. J V Football 51 Below: The Eagles ' defense pile up on an Upland runner to make a tackle. IF, |,-. ' j g: w Sophomores Did It! T he Sophomore Football team finished in first place, setting a new record. The old record was 9-0. This team went undefeated and changed the record to 100. Hard work, dedication, and good coaching contributed to a great season. With the help of the captains, Charlie Redd and Rick Norfolk, the team was victorious. Above: Front Row: Ramon Torres, Marcus Sims, Manual Gonzales, Charles Redd, Jessie Rivas, Mark Medina. Row 2. David Spridgeon, Jerald Carter, Sam Lamar, Richard Norfolk, Ray Gutierrez. Row 3: Earnie Florez, Earnie Lopez, Brian Thompson, Graciano Velasquez, Greg Crayton, Michael Simanson. Row 4: Tim Meech, Danny Rentz, Jason Delaney, Thalleaus Wilcots. James Chapman, Dan Meyers. Row 5: Coach Dan Rentz, Coach Brian Latner. ophomore Football Below: Greg Crayton smashes through the line to make a tackle. Below: William Hamilton finds an opening to make a long run. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Ike 44 Chaffey Ike 20 Elsinore 6 Ike 50 El Rancho 15 Ike 36 Ontario 6 Ike 28 Redlands 14 Ike 20 Fontana 6 Ike 40 Vic. Val. Ike 32 Upland Ike 32 Fontana Ike 14 Redlands 8 Above: Danny Rentz prepares to complete a pass to Ramon Torres. Sophomore Football 53 Serving Gp a Fair Season Varsity Girls ' Voll eyball ended a disappointing season with an over-all record of 1 1-8. Their record in the CBL was 1-1. " We gave the best team a hard time in the beginning of the season, but we just lost our momentum and died, " said coach Jeff Kremer. Below: Angie Gutierrez served the winning point for her teammates. Below left: Coach Kremer calls a timeout to discuss his game plan. Vr T M if A y i Front Row: Yolanda Bustillos, Debra Maurer, Janeane Perez, Stacey Rains, Angie Gutierrez Back Row: Coach Jeff Kremer, Erin Crosson, Connie Lee, Kim Chalup nik. Lorri Scott, Tiffany Stotler. -i 54 Varsity Volleyball J Below: Erin Crosson waits intently for her opponent to serve. Below: LorrI Scott sets the ball so that her teammate can spil e it over. Ill ■ i ' iLIGHlbHP aS OUR PA SUN lb r Above: Tiffany Stotler prepares to serve the ball. = - % VARSITY VOLLEYBALL | Ike 15, 15 Aquinas 1, 10 Ike 15. 15 Sail Bdno 9. 12 Ike 15, 15 La Sierra 5. 12 Ike 15. 11 Norte Vista 11, 15 Ike 15, 15 San Bdno n, 1 Ike 15, 15 Rubidoux 11.12 Ike 12,7 Colton 15. 15 Ike 2,6 Redlands 15. 15 Ike 15, 15 San G. 9,9 Ike 10, 11 Palm Springs 15, 15 Ike 9,2 Poly 15, 15 Ike 15, 15 Fontana 6.7 Ike 11, 15 Rubidoux 15,3 Ike 16, 15 Colton 14,4 Ike 7.6 Redlands 15. 15 Ike 4, 15 San G. 15.9 Ike 13, 13 Palm Springs 15, 15 Ike 5.9 Poly 15, 15 Ike 15, 15 Fontana 13.2 Varsity Volleyball 55 Right: Preparing to return a serve, Tiffani Stotler shows. She ' s ready for her opponent. Below: Patiently, Connie Lee awaits the serve. Kerry Kenley: I thought we had a pretty good season. Most of the members were new and we worked very hard during the season. Connie Lee: I feel that we did not meet our expectations. With our potential and athletic ability we could have done better. -« ,- 56 Varsity Volleyball Spiking Gp a Good Season Below: Coach Jeff Kremer. Joann Contreras. Kerry Kenley. Racfielle Morurzi. Cecilia Kasperick, Anissa Fellows. T " " he Junior Varsity Volleyball team finished the season with a 9-8 record. Coach Jeff Kremer led the team to a good season. " This year the girls got some of the experience that they need if they are to play Varsity Volleyball. Hopeful- ly, next year ' s season will be better, and the girls will win more games. Even though, there were only five girls on the team, I think they did quite well, " assured Coach Kremer. ' ' ACUS S S JV VOLLEYBALL Ike 14,18 Aquinas 14,18 Ike 16,17 SBHS 14,15 Ike 3.1 Alta Loma 15.15 Ike 15,15 Rubidoux 7,4 Ike 15.13 Redlands 12,15 Ike 10.10 Colton 15,15 Ike 15.16 San G. 7,14 Ike 4,9 Palm Springs 15.15 Ike 7,15 Poly 15.8 Ike 4,15 Fontana 15,3 Ike 15,15 Rubidoux 6,7 Ike 15,15 Colton 9,10 Ike 1,10 Redlands 15,15 Ike 15,15 San G. 0,10 Ike 13,10 Palm Springs 15,15 Ike 11,11 Poly 15,15 Ike 8.14 Fontana 15.16 JV Volleyball 57 .u Below: Coach Dick Wilson Below: Gloria Jeffery makes a great effort to return the ball. I Front Row: Dana Escamilla, Joy Buckland, Maureen McKiernan. Laura Holguin. Back Row: Gloria Jeffery, Karen Matvey. Sherie Stephens, Jennifer Wilson, Arlene Booker, Stacey Hansen. 58 Girls ' Tennis Below: Slacey Hansen concentrates on her strategy before she serves. Girls Try Due to lack of participation, ike ' s girls ' tennis team did not do as well as they would have liked to. The girls kept up their spirit and held their heads high even when facing defeat. Hopefully, nnore girls will go out for the team in the future. If more people go out for the team, the team will have a chance to do better. Below: Laura Holguin magnificently returns the ball. GIRLS ' TENNIS Ike 9(72) Romona 9(75) Ike 9(70) Cajon 9(66) Ike 6 SanBdno 12 Ike 4 Rubidoux 14 Ike 11 Colton 7 Ike Redlands 18 Ike 4 SanG. 14 Ike 4 Palm Springs 14 Ike 5 Poly 13 Ike 12 Fontana 6 Ike 3 Rubidoux 15 Ike 6 Colton 12 Ike 4 Redlands 14 Ike 4 San G. 4 Ike 4 Palm Springs 14 Ike 2 Poly 16 Ike 13 Fontana 5 Above: Stacey fiansen graciously serves to her opponent. Girls ' Tennis 59 Team Records Good Marks ■ he Girls ' CrossCountry team did very well, even though they had a lot of problems. The girls had a very small team. Throughout the season, there were many injuries to the girls. Three of the six girls were injured. Doreen Assuma, the coach, encouraged the girls when they were hurt, and helped them strive to reach Below: Robin Smalls practices running to loosen up her muscles. their goals. The Boys ' CrossCountry team did well, even though, they were one man short. The team was good and the boys really stuck together throughout the season. They gave each other support through all of the races. f - u ' •;fVaSI- ' n Above; Front Row: Lance Kramer. Ray Sykes, Billy Harvey, Yousuf Hamidi. Back Row: Coach Doreen Assum- ma. Tammie Haumann, Ann Patteson, Becky Bresnick, Gretchen Wuerch, Robin Smalls, Kristy Andrews, and Christine Betcher. 1 " iS kJjt GIRLS ' CROSSCOUNTRY Ike 38 Rubidoux 18 Ike 23 Colton Ike 41 Redlands 21 Ike 20 Palm Springs Ike 45 Poly 16 Ike 32 Fontana BOYS ' CROSS-COUNTRY 25 Ike 27 Rubidoux Ike 43 Colton 18 Ike 41 Redlands 20 Ike Palm Springs 22 Ike Poly 23 Ike Fontana 60 Cross-Country Cross-Country 61 Below: Waiting for his teammates to get into position, Jorge Sanchez prepares himself for the toss. Middle left: In the clear at last, Kent Edwards heads down the field for a goal. I ' Kicking Gp a Victory |j Below: Leaving his opponent in the dust, Kent Edwards takes off with the ball. Above: Some people are just swifter than others. Lance KVemer Above: Doing what goalies do Middle right: First man on the spot, Ralph Hernandez takes knows how to take control. best Dennis Viduare blocks a control of the ball. score. Bottom right: Eric Jefferson and Ralph Hernandez out race their opponents. 62 Varsity Soccer v Soccer, also known as association football in other countries, is a game that is rapidly gaining pro- minence in the (Jnited States. Every year more and more people get in- volved in this lively sport. Each team sets out with one goal in mind: propel a ball into the oppo- nent ' s goal by kicking or by hitting it with any part of the body, except the hands and arms. The Eagles made much progress and growth this year. It was a season in which a lot of time was spent on improving such skills as dribbling and passing. During a critical moment in the game, Coach Du mond and Coach Wells agonize along with the players. ' jjyfc VARSITY SOCCER Ike 1 Rubidoux 2 Ike Colton 1 Ike Redlands Ike 1 San G. 5 Ike Ike Ike Palm Springs Poly Fontana 2 3 6 Ike 1 Rudidoux 3 Ike 3 Colton 3 Ike Redlands 6 Ike 2 San G. 2 Ike Ike Ike 1 Palm Springs Poly Fontana 7 3 Varsity Soccer 63 Go for the Goal As in all sports, to be good, you have to work for it. The Soccer team practiced after school everyday to gain the techniques and ex- perience they needed in the games. Although, the team was small, they used teamwork to get the job done. Top: From the sidelines. Scot Knutson spies a Top middle: Vying for control both teams move in close. Top: Protected from the icy winds, Kevin Raymer teammate to throw to. still roots for his team. Bottom middle: Kurt Edwards wastes no time. M Bottom: Karl Bracken and Scott Knutson use teamwork to gain control of the ball Bottom: Using teamwork, Alex Luna and Harold Warren gain the advantage. 64 JV Soccer II Wrestlers Go for The Pin Wrestling takes a lot of mental preparation as well as physical preparation. Though it was usually seen as a sport of muscle and brawn, many wrestlers felt it was just as much a sport of mental alertness. The wrestling team didn ' t win all of their matches, yet the team members stuck together to build up each other ' s con- fidence — and after all that ' s what sportsmanship and team- work are all about. Below: Brian Landry attempts to flip his opponent after a take down. Below left: Joe Woolley attempts to pin his opponent for a victory M5i VOUI COU)IS HIGH iM 10 usnuovn HiQi WE ARE PROUD OF YOU AND TRUE TO EISENHOWER HIGH. ' tis here we sp cherished yeaf we pledge our l twiught: iCROSS OUR jl» . ' OENSUN EST RIES Si COME NHOWEF BEST. Left to Right: Joe Woolley. Brian Landry, Corey Harrison, Greg Dixon, Glen Baskerville, Eric Sams, Frank Black, Keith Johnson. m HB g r ' ' WV J.V. WRESTLING Ike 30 Arlington 21 Ike 36 Ramona 24 Ike 18 Rubidoux 46 Ike 15 Colton 55 Ike 36 Redlands 27 Ike 30 San G. 33 Ike 31 Palm Springs 36 Ike 12 Fontana 30 J.V. Wrestling 65 Varsity Goes for Take Down In this time-honored sport which dates back thousands of years, two unarmed individuals struggle hand-to-hand with each attempting to subdue or unbalance ' ' ' " « ' ' ' " = " " ' " ' ' ■ ' " ' ' ' ' ° ' ' ' ' " ' ' l ' " " ' " ' ° p ' " ' opposite team. his opponent. Although lives are not aC- center: Tom McKleman gets set for his match. tuaiiy at stake in the modern version of . -J • Below: Albert Lopez makes a tough match look easy. the game, pride is. The members of the Eagle wrestling team worked hard and their tenacity was often rewarded with success. Top Row Robin Mayer. Marcie Williams, Coach Roth, Andre Lewis. Todd Fernandez. Darren Gilbreath, Matt Briones, Brian Archiquette, Jeff Ferreia, Shaun Chalupnik, Coach Qieniec, Maureen McKiernan, Traci Rodocker. Bottom Row: Darril Carlson. Dj Hernandez. Joe Morales, Malvin Conley. Anthony McPike, Tom McKiernan. Albert Lopez. Athletes square off for an attack. i 66 Varsity Wrestling Tom McKiernan prepares to pin his opponent fISENHOWER HIGH. lib Mtkb WE SPENT OUR CHERISHED YEARS WE PLEDGE OUR LOYAUY WHEN TWIUGHT SHADOWS ' ■■■. ACROSS OUR PATH ( 1 ike 5 Andre Lewis tries to capture some points for the team r v-v 4 — M WHEN TWIUGI FALL ACROSS THE GOLDEN SU IN THE WEST THr MEMORIES SHAUIHENCOIi DEAR EISENHOV LOVE THEE BES V. TLIMG VARSITY WRES Ike Opponent 33 Arlington 35 33 Ramona 38 27 Rubidoux 30 13 Colton 57 39 Redlands 24 12 San G. 58 14 Painn Springs 61 6 Fontana 66 SHALLTHENCOME INTO VIEW. DEAR EISENHOWER HIGH WE LOVE THEE BEST. Left: Albert Lopez pins the opponent for points Right: Albert Lopez scores more points for Ikes team with this pin. Counting carefully, the referee finally declare another win for the Eagles. Varsity Wrestling 67 The Spring in Sports!! Below: During a tension filled game, Stephen Carter attempts a shot from the free-throw line. T ke came out strong the first part of the season, and stayed there. They were an energetic team and they beat some extremely power- ful teams. They gained confidence with one another as the season progressed. Perhaps, that was why the season turned out as well as it did. Above; 1st Row: Jameel Wahid, Stephen Carter. Tracy Lindsey. 2nd Row: Coach Brian Latner, Mike Hunter, Gary Holland. Tracy Forte, Craig Aguillard, Tony Lewis, Jon Argentine, Chuck Straugter. Head Coach Dan Rentz. 3rd Row: Thomas Hatch, Alex Green. 68 Varsity Basketball Below: Craig Aguillard goes up for a layup. Below: Jameel Wahid goes up for the jump ball. n U= [ L L Coach Rentz calls a team conference. Alex Green. Mike Hunter. Craig Aguillard. Chuck Straughter all wait for the rebound. Boys ' Varsity Basketball 69 Top left: Mike Hunter blocks his opponent. Top right: Mike Hunter shoots for a score Above left: Alex Green nnakes a tremendous leap while making a shot- Above right: Stephen Carter looks for a teammate to pass the ball to during a game with the Colton Yellowjackets Right: Alex Green shoots a freethrow to make the lead even bigger. 70 Varsity Basketball r Left: Stephen Carter gets ready to shoot a basket Below: Eagle Stephen Carter goes up (or a rebound 5 Below left: Craig Aguillard fights his way to the basket to make the shot. Bottom: In the last seconds of the game, Craig Aguillard gets his shot off. O i.ssa- K. f: " S : - ' -i. -- Ike 74 Victor Valley 54 Ike 72 Ganesha 63 Ike 39 Sedno 61 Ike 63 Redlands 57 Ike 65 Fontana 66 Ike 72 Victor Valley 44 Ike 49 Redlands 51 Ike 76 Ganesha 71 Ike 61 Rubldoux 67 Ike 96 Colton 61 Ike 59 Victor Valley 49 Ike 54 Bonanza 57 Ike 60 Antelope Val 57 Ike 93 Redlands 56 Ike 68 Redlands 58 Ike 87 SanG 74 Ike 62 Palm Springs 56 Ike 75 Poly 62 Ike 71 Fontana 57 Ike 68 Rubldoux 65 Ike 93 Colton 63 Varsity Basketball 71 Jumping for Success!! Tony Gomes leaps to intercept the pass. Mike Mayo jumps and shoots for two points. Both the Junior Varsity and the Sophomore Basketball teams tried their hardest. They all seem- ed to be hoping that next year they would move up to the Varsity Team. They both performed well this season, but there will not be too many openings on the varsity team because very few of the members are leaving. Every player on the two teams con- tributed to the success of their team. 1 ' vCTly J JV BASKETBALL | Ike Opponent 45 Arlington 39 79 Hemet 49 65 Rubidoux 44 85 Redlands 60 61 San G. 59 67 Palm Springs 36 72 Poly 52 55 Fontana 65 73 Rubidoux 54 88 Colton 54 56 Redlands 54 74 San G. 64 56 Painn Springs 43 76 Poly 51 64 Fontana 52 y .i.M. Top: Coach Builteman. Rudy Zamorano, Jason Comer, Mike Mayo, Don Lessey, Fred Thomas, Gemi Young, Bruce Elerts, Coach Elwood. Bottom: Danny Rentz, Dennis Smith, Anthony Crawford, Tony Gomes, Pat Mills, Rafael Rodrigues. 72 Junior Varsity Basketball s!! Below: David Mendoza awaits Omar Curry ' s shot Below: Danny Rentz attempts a jump shot. Middle: Steve Stanfield at the free throw line Above: Front Row: Zac Murphy, Joseph Baca. Charlie Redd, Steve Stanfield. Adam Cox. Back Row: VInce Har ris. Hollis Hall, David Mendoza. Omar Curry, Lance Violette. y SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Ike Opponent 57 Chaffey 50 1 Alta Loma 74 Upland 27 67 Claremont Tourn. 24 83 Glendora Tourn, 71 81 S.B,H.S. 47 56 Fontana 61 66 Fontana 49 46 Fontana 34 64 Fontana 49 1 S.B.H.S. Sophomore Basketball 73 Talented and Tricky W hile other teams in the CBL depended upon individuals to win games, the talented girls basketball team concentrated on team unity for victories. As the season progressed, the players realized that they could go to the playoffs if they really worked together. Above: With perfection, Rochelle Miller makes her shot. Right: While in the air. June Lee makes two points for her team. Top middle: Despite her opponents attempt to block the shot, Katrina Nichols makes the point Above right: Lisa Archiquette lets go of a jump shot Photos by Bob Ramirez, ' ' •5 " " VARSITY GIRLS BAKSETBALL Ike 47 Rubldoux 41 Ike 45 Colton 23 Ike 60 Redlands 48 Ike 62 San G. 51 Ike 54 Palm Springs 39 Ike 43 Poly 53 Ike 44 Fontana 43 Ike 49 Rubldoux 44 Ike 80 Colton 30 Ike 64 Redlands 32 Ike 70 SanG. 42 Ike 52 Palm Springs 32 Ike 59 Poly 64 Ike 36 Fontana 50 74 Varsity Girls ' Basketball !y low: With the cheers of the crowd echoing across the gym. June Lee takes the il down court. Below: Getting ready for victory, the coacli peps up the team before a game Team Members: Rochelle Miller. Toya Washington. Connie Lee. June Lee, Karen Harrison, Malika Wahid, Jeri Sandilands. Lisa Archiquette, Katrina Nichols Tar my Martin Varsity Girls ' Basketball 75 JV Girls Gave It Their Best OS . Top left: Kristy Andrews looks for an opening to pass the ball off to a teammate. Top right: Scrambling for tfie ball, Kristy An- drews ' swiftness pays off in the last game of the season against the Fontana players. Above; Front Row: Felicia Foxworth, Kristy Andrews. Back Row: Latonia Jenkins, Christine Alvarez. Andrea Harris. 76 JV Girls ' Basketball k Left: Latonia Jenkins yells plays to her teammates. Below left: Felicia Foxworth leaps for the pass. Below right: The coach gives the girls a pep talk before the game. -« 1 S JV GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Ike 34 Hesperia 4 Ike 14 Yucapia 13 Ike 38 Motre Dame 40 Ike 47 Hemet 22 Ike 23 Rubidoux 24 Ike 18 Hemet 26 Ike 12 Colton 20, Ike 46 San G 34 Ike 19 Redlands 30 Ike 48 Palm Springs 28 Ike 41 Poly 48 Ike 20 Fontana 23 Ike 38 Rubidoux 25 Ike 51 Colton 7 Ike 23 Redlands 31 Ike 22 San G 20 Ike 35 Palm Springs 33 Ike 33 Poly 45 1 Ike 27 Fontana 3. JV Girls ' Basketball 77 A Moment of Rest . . . 78 Sports Collage Then More Fast Action Mixed Sports 79 Right: Speeding il to its destination, pitcher Art Lechuga delivers a devastating fast ball. Below: Arrayed in protective equipment, catcher Vince Gonzales moves in on the ball. Above; Bottom Row: Mike Coleman, Marty Prieto, Ernie Ramirez. Darin Lazio, Phil Jamison. Mike Sanchez, Aubrey Waggoner. James Villa. Middle Row: Vince Gon- zales, Manny Cerda, John Ciraulo, Mark Martinez, Darren Rudolph, Doug Bender, Chris Robertson, Scott Reed. Top Row: Jerry Magness, Michelle Schaeffer, Scott Soren, Larry Longsworth, Art Lechuga, Traci Melson, Jason Sinner. . 80 Varsity Baseball 1 Sluggers Slam Singles — i b Coach Larry Longsworth felt the Varsity Baseball Team worked exceptionally well together. Varsi- ty catcher Manuel Cerda was able to get the satisfaction of trying hard and winning. Vince Gonzales was hitting 519 this year. Coach Longsworth saw great potential in this year ' s pitching staff. ' " • Sf • ' ,:■ I: Middle right: Determined to strike out the next batter. Arthur Lechuga delivers the next pitch. Middle left: Vince Gonzales gets ready for the pitch. Top: Prepared to hit a homerun, Doug Bender makes full contact with the ball- Bottom left: Phil Jamison warms up for the game. Bottom right: The opposing coach watches the next strike pitched by Arthur Lechuga. Varsity Baseball 81 The Junior Varsity Baseball team consisted of many talented athletes. They played a lot of tough teams throughout their season. The players combin- ed their effort to make the wins a team achievement. Playing on the team was a privilege because not only did they get to represent their school, but also they got to have fun playing baseball. ■v ' V ' 85, A Tough Below: Steve Stanfield catches the fly ball for an out. Middle left: Eric Hawkins hits a long fly ball. Top: An Eagle is safe after sliding into second base. L . " ' " • T " ' Front Row: Scott West. Jeff Chacon. Michael Gomez. Eric Hawkins, Joe Baca, Steven Stanfield. Middle Row: Coach P. Watkins, Steve Hardin, Kenric King, David Serrano, Mauricio Capetillo, Dan Rentz, Randy Flowers. Back Row: Charles Redd, Lalo Zarate, John Mejia, Ron Jackson, Jim Schmitt, Ray Torres. 82 JV Baseball reason I The 1984-85 Sophomore Baseball team had a tough year. They had a very difficult schedule to follow. One major setback for the team was that other schools had freshmen teams and not a sophomore team; therefor , they were forc- ed to play with J.V. Teams. When asked what he looked for when recruiting new players, Coach Latner repiied, " Good grades, nice people, and baseball ability. " He also said that an attitude is a must. ' T Top: Trying to defend his position. Robby Renfro tags his opponent. Middle left: Preparing to tag the base run ner is Eddie Clark. Above: Warming up for the challenging game ahead are catcher Jason Delaney and batter Ron Smith f%7MfP Bottom Row Steve Mejia. Manuel Gonzales, Eddie Clark. Robby Renfro, Jason Delaney Top Row: B Latner, Adam Elerts, Luis Jimenez, Patrick Berg. Ron Smith. Robert Bingham. Sophomore Baseball 83 1 Striving for Better Belo»: f R iA liHinj into the bag, Karen Harris makes It safely. Eac ■T he Lady Eagles dpened th season with confidence and j y high hopes of a victorious season, i) fjjli- " There were a few returning players for this year ' s Varsity Soft- ball team, " stated Coach Cummings. J: 7m)i 0 iMD- QOi . Right: " Is there life after prac tice? " thinks Lisa Auzenne as she pitches another ball to the catcher Far right: Waiting for the right pitch. Regina Negrete concentrates on the ball -y - ' Cr- Ki ,»,! ' . r : Km n Top Row: Coach Angel. Karen Harris, Cheryl Rupe. Lisa Archiquette, Cecilia Kasperick, Regina Negrete, Sandra Caetro, Coach Cummings Bottom Row. Scott Trimble, Erica Parker, Stephanie Johnson, Wendy Above: After catching a line drive, Stephanie Pain, Yesenia San Gabriel, Lisa Auzeene, Dina Carrasco. Johnson is ready to make the play. 84 Varsity Softball Below: Catching the infield fly, Regina Nori makes the out. Below: Getting the grounder. Karen Harris makes the play at second. Middle left: Hardly making the play Cecilia Kasperick gets another player out. Right: Throwing balls to exercise her arm Lisa Archiquette practices before the game. Above: Making sure her foot is on base. Stephanie Johnson looks down Varsity Softball 85 w hat a victorious season for J.V. Softball! Their winning streaks all began with their first game against Alta Loma in which Michelle Fabroski ' s pitching speed allowed no mercy. She didn ' t let any of her opponents get a hit. According to Yvette Jenkins ( 8), they usually started off their games with leading points which led them to work harder towards the end to be victorious. Superstars Top Row: Head coach, Ricky Johnson, Michelle Fabroski, Yvette Jenkins, Tracy INash, Stacy Miller, Railene Hayes, Coach Rupe. Bottom Row: Yolanda Bastillos, Joy Buckland, Karen Overstreet, Trina Teol, Kim Campos. Middle left: The excitement builds, as an eagle takes a chance. Middle right: Testing the opponents defense skill, Staci Miller waits for a chance to steal base. Stacy Miller kicks up the dust 86 JV Softball Practice Pays Off A Ithough the track team did not win the title, ' they were able to qualify more people in CIF in any other team. Track coach Michael Powers said that records do not indicate how good the team is because lack of participation does not allow people to place in various events. " Our record does not depict the team because we have some very talented individuals, " com- mented Lawrence Dixon. Tammy Martin showed outstanding participation by placing fifth in the 300 hurdles. Top left: Lawrence Dixon and Dennis Smith " gut " out the last few steps of their 400 meter run. Bottom: Dennis Smith hands off the baton to Greg Gra y in the 440 relay. Middle right: Jerrell Waddell prepares to shotput Middle left: Sports trainer Kevin Graf tends to an injured track partici pant. Lawrence Dixon. Talented Individuals Take Charge ITTWASm Top left: Running way ahead of his opponents is Joe Hackett. Top right: Tammy Martin takes the lead while running hurdles. Middle: First Row: Todd Wilson. Tammy Martin, Joe Hackett, Greg Gray, Elaine Anderson Second Row: Alex Mash, Lawrence Dixon Stephanie Pendagraph, Paul Powell. Third Row: Jaime Alicea, Connie Lee, Johnny High, Victoria Keeler. Fourth Row: Carl Parker, Jerrell Wadell. James Chapmen, Leo Longoria, and Chris Floyd. Right: Catching up from behind is Lawrence Dixon. 88 Track Far left: Paul Powell begins his run for the high jump Left: Taking the lead in the 300 meters is Lawrence Dixon. Middle left: Mailing an attempt at the high jump is Paul Powell. Below: Tracl runner Tammy Martin takes the lead in the girls ' race. ■« » i » g » " Mii Ty ' ' jj- Jmif Above: Leo Longoria makes his first attempt at the high jump Left: After several attempts, Leo Longoria makes a successful jump. Track 89 Right: A daring dive was performed by one of the Ike swimmers. Middle: Hands penetrate the water after a successful dive. Below: A backflip is demonstrated by one of the team members. Making A Splash One of the hardest, yet least recognized sports at Eisenhower was swimming, which according to swimmer Sean Hall, required more practice than any other sport. The swimmers had some problems, as Lily Ammler pointed out, " We ' ve got to put more action in it. " On the whole, however, most team members have enjoyed the swimming season, as Carol Ambrose stated, " We ' re having fun. It ' s good to get exercise while you ' re having a great time. " All in all, IKE ' s swimmers had a splashing good time. I I ' I 90 Diving The Swim Team Row I: Stacey Acma, Mia Valles, Shannon Burgin. Chris Mobley. Tncia Skellenger. Sherri Summers, Scarlet Williams. Amy Eberhard Row 2: Gret Chen Kirchner, Carol Ambrose, Lily Ammler, David Kepper, Richard Lawler, Michael Malouff. David Moshcr Row 3: Collette Amadee, Wendy Lazie, Michelle Gray Kelly Oates. Tina Kapel, Dianna Hafletl, Nanci Poorman Row 4: Glen Baskerville, Kirk Allen, Pete Mahoney, Bobby Debozi, Frank Black, Tim Hoskinson, Sean Hall Row 5 JV Coach Tracy Beam. Bob Miller, Gary Bare, Malrin Bencik, Keith Johnson, Michelle Clements, January Mewlon. Coach Candy Kennett, i ' HLi:. VTA ' i ' -M Center: Making a wave. Tim Hoskinson back strokes to the finish Bottom left: Bobby Debozi contemplates the Universe and the coming meet. Swimming 91 Let ' s Tee Off Although, many people have never heard of the golf team, we do have one here at Eisenhower. The players had the drive and the determination it took to play. Their teamwork real- ly helped to keep their spirits up and hold the team together. Even without much support from the students at Ike, the golf team succeeded. Right: Paul Reif concentrates on the hole before making a putt Far right: Mark Camarigg prepares to hit the ball onto the green. Middle right: Larry Brown gets ready to stroke the ball past the sand trap. Bottom right: Derrel Youngblood calculates his shot. s.. s : Front Row: Steve Chen. Mark Camarigg, John Eagen. Jeff Loeb Back Row: Coach Wogee, Mark Wilson, Derrel Youngblood, Larry Brown, David Kondritt, John Argentine, Paul Reif. 92 Golf d Serves, Swings, and Smashes tfphey were young, mostly I sophomores and juniors, " confided Dick Wilson, Eisenhowers Tennis coach. Throughout their season, they spent most of their time behind the courts practicing and perfecting their techniques. For his exceptional ability as a tennis player and also as the captain of the team, Mike Aur- midis was sure to be noticed, according to Mr. Wilson. • ir -i Top: Front Row Larry Walker. John Galenec. Adam Cox, William Huff. Micke Auramidis. Coach Wilson Back Row Tim Ericsen. Lance Violette, Richard Dingeman. James McBride, Seamus Burlingame. Lance Kremer. Alex Cox. Doug Kang Middle left: Lance Violette awaits his opponents serve. Middle left: Lance Violette waits in anticipation for his opponent to serve the ball. Middle: Waiting for his turn to play. Auramidis moves into position for a return. Mike Middle right: One of the tennis members prac tices vigorously before his opponent arrives. Bottom left: A smash hit from one of the IKE members leads the team to another victory Bottom right: Jim Willardsen relaxes in his chair as he waits for the games to begin. Boys ' Tennis 93 ' I i i 94 Senior Divider Senioritis, grad night, the prom, and the an- ticipation of the long-awaited day, were all a part of being an upperclassman. June 13th was the magic evening for the class of 1985. Senior Divider 95 Presenti Class of 1985 t --♦ SEAMUS BURLINGAME, PRESIDENT DANA RUSSELL. SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Officers Acquire Responsibilities TIFFANI STGTLER, VICE PRES. Senior Officers 97 itklaiu coita C raig guitiara Cesar iha frhcUfe J Ja S andra .Jiiex atneb 93at cJLori vSacheiot Jennifer vSaileu Zriona ACa mnarain Alicia fjaniti Standi v arbet Cyary Ja odu jJarneit PaJEa r oberlo jjarrin -t- 98 Seniors ffJSecL J.ewii iieeli Cjward (Oci ' yAjfy (jannell liell fflarlin lOencim a JLeiha J ennett C.miiu ijermuae. i Jl J4enru vSertnude. Cfurie iSiancni f amtia iSivini ( aroiun JbiacK ord peter JJoni((a Above: While in weightlifting. Deymon Fleming shows us his strength, Jakawne J onfu Seniors 99 rlan« ijooket aUean V ordet r ooerta vSo% ' YHUrl, Bouck kirieen lOot atJwaune vSoud oDavid »Jreiand rmand vSrio. n I at hew £ rio. f icnard (Oroctt J arfa vSrc Vincent vSn. f ete vSruno J ennetn vSruanl vSrenda Xjunbci J ari Caito leather Campbeil fflarUne Cai ftlarto i apeiilto Cunihia Cardei 100 Seniors rKicnarao Casio Band members, Roberto Barring and Ray Gentry practice the alma mater without instruments. (enandra ( aiir J ami L.ai Ckarlei Ceoaifoi Jrt Cka yfim Lnalupnih usan Cnang mh iSill i. ktwninq f ugene C he onn Cirauio y intbertu C farit . -Katfiieen ( ' into J tnnu C oibtri ULneita CofLrrt rJLuntH C oUim f aui C ofui tflalt in C on leu Seniors 101 .ilward L c yjuru ( upeiana Jereia C oraot ' u S nerru C orfez S rana ' t i ourlney , Jim C roiKer f atritia C-rc fLtaine C rosbu rJLori L rout, k S u an C urfii liiiiir flornian Jai rr efinJa Jbanehe fiantia Jja Cnriitoplter Jjuwion llSobb Jjebo naeia Jbe (jenna Jina eiberi Cftorta JtJclt udo Jraii rJje i ' aiher Jtna e i ' ita u il nna JjicitinS Jf aac ofOicbii au rente iion U)eana rJ)ombek JLeona Jjunatdson 102 Seniors - I ' rri rum ( hrtfilit -. Arniirititi j eff rti W ' J .u DiMs JiJuvid ftunaq ' ' t uniitn ' (4 I -J ori . rfor VLru IL I ' l,.l,,, lU: . frtti u fortr Seniors 103 Js uzanrtf fititer rJLarru tt ■y - ' ' " ' y aren rruiiann fJLaurie rruiiano Jina Iruqe f ennu duller Susanna Zrurfart l Jeck ijade l trika Cjamho Merru (jifhert Jjarren Lfilbreatn . nna Cjiiei fflarnuce Lfiiei C.iizaoetn Cjitiara antoui Ljiim ZJrenl i iaicocb JOean i nehn olin yomez lllichael C onialei 104 Seniors f kiiip Cjrinaer okn Qrt fvia Cfuiiisn w nna Mackellial Carolyn balder Slefla ambfin iiriJ el J4amiUon fHe ' inJa,J4amifio rColand ria w. pril .J4awbin fwline Mauei Juawn Mau teve Medeniand nqtila MensUr ..y evin J-ierbert ' mi eJLaura J4oigu oLorttta Jrofai J!)oroiku Moflaert JCristi Jdoward Jiffanu Huhoi Seniors 105 Ik. . fwlaru J4uason ijancu Muffman JSiaceu .J4ugnie(( Ljuianaa J-tunaiejf WlLJLnle. JLionef enkini J artn Jenien djrenda Johnson Cyary ohn 0f k.f Uon ohn .y eiin ohnion f alrUia onei 106 Seniors M Lil Cnrii JCohfer Oat ia . onn flataiie Kurtek y eiln eJLa ll ff rKoo rl oLoi eiie JLa ohn rJLckwue tJjarin rJLazio . ri cJLechuaa f otMrf ' U.eiier r utk rJietkbriagt .J4ndrf rJLtM ' is J4ninonu rJiewii im oLfi Seniors 107 .Angela oLici Cunihia rJLindia Cnriitine JLin aOana rJiipscomb tanleu rJLoga .Xe(L W„ Wi(L rChonda ftlaco onn fflahoneu rCoqer fUlatot WuUle WaLk f of ftlann rCaauel Itlar. JDivina tUlursh ' ■iraS ftlarfin Arthur niar line 108 Seniors :w r® ' ilL L . MkJMt. I - eter fflaMengaie r Cftniie rrfeCfain (;.n. Wilh VhLu ' )! ; , ' }U.L Vhff. k ' L„.L VhL ftlitruarvl ff ontoua Seniors 109 tJjeanne ffluore f eidi it ft JLiia ff oi fffarion fno haunlae fflot teve f flora le i oDavid iflorga JrnoiJ Wou acKte rftoya Cjuadaiupe fffun uia O 2)Jce mi f amiHo ffiu CkriAline ileal Curlis ffeiion fflariorie ffeiso fffelanie rjetic Uraci ifeiSc Aanuaru flewto jCairina fhcltofei Bid flidtolic Cruz I lane ,y im L a cJ Salvador cho Chris {JConneii Caroiun vJ 110 Seniors fiou f arcelli I %L PaUt oDeiorii f alierion fflaru Paiierion nn f- ' aUeion Hancii Paifan ric PeavU KeuieniUa PenJon C nllua Pennington JCartn Penninglo Jon a f- tnrict eJLisa f trru Cf.la P.U Seniors 1 1 1 • ffSoifbu f- ierion IL.; JkL WuUfePinlo Waria Portdlo CURounJ ijradleu flowers aAon f ratci Stephen fralt pril f- resleu eJLuciia f- rocopio Uince f uiei nqelo r a. C.rnie r an cJLorena r an fniiAu f amiri n f oinan f u mnartne Amanda r au vSrian f au cJLawrence f a ( hrii Meddei L 1 fP, anara fCeaaicir ( efesle r eed rConi nCeed cotl Meed ftawn fCencn 112 Seniors I JDionne r ooinion Z relicia r ooinion ydmoertu r ooinion JLafrice iKooinSon ( nristina r obieao komai riodri frtiihelte f oiai r obert O? rCodoiio f oi ami f oi f ' lartt r ouir f n hard Koi hi ' barren KuJofph Ujunu KuMefl ff art KuiSttf ' H Seniors 113 Senior Achievements @ Zithlaly Acosta: Annual 10; House of Reps 10; VIC A 12 Pres. Craig A. Aguillard: Basketball 10, 11, 12 Amette L. Armstrong: Dranria ETC 11 Terri H. Armstrong: Annual 10; Basketball 10, 11, 12; House of Reps 12; Softball 10, 11; Spanish Club 10 Frank R. Arnold: Baseball 10; Cross-Country 10, 11, 12 Da vid M. Azmar: Football 10; Ski Club 10 Jennifer L. Bailey: Varsity Cheerleader 12; Banners 10, 11; French Club 10 Sandi K. Barber: Annual 10; Azurettes 10; Key Club 12; Stu- dent Council 12; Swimnning 12 Roberto Barring: Concert Band 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Mixed Choir 10; House of Reps 11, 12; Key Club 12; Soccer 10; Swimming 10 Maria E. Barton: Band 10, 11, 12; Madrigals Sobobans 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 1 1 Felicita Bautista: French Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 12 Edward L. Beighley: Concert 10 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band 11, 12; A ' Cappella 1 1 Gannett Bell: Annual 10, 11, 12; BSa 10,11,12; House of Reps 1 2; Who ' s Who Among Amer. High School Students; Azurettes 12 Talesha L. Bennett: Drill Team 10, 11; Essence 10, 12; Poms 12; Songleader 12 Peter A. Bonilla: Concert Band 11; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band 11, 12; Swimming 10; Wrestling 10 Arlene Y. Booker: Essence 12; House of Reps 11; Key Club 12; Tennis 11, 12; Sobobans 1 1 Roberta R. Borrero: House of Reps 10 Dwayne A. Boyd: Drama ETC 10; Essence 12; Pres. House of Reps 10, 11; Key Club 12; Tennis 11, 12; Thespians 10; Track 11 David J. Breland: Annual 12; Essence 12 Armand G. Briones: Speech Team 12 12 Vincent Brown: Essence 12; Football 10, 11, 12 Peter J. Bruno: French Club 11; Ski Club 11 Brenda J. Bunker: Volleyball 10 Seamus P. Burlingame: Class Officer 12; Key Club 11; Tennis 11, 12 Joseph W. Butler: Football 10; Track 10 l © Deanna L. Calderilla: Mecha 12; Spanish Club 1 1 Heather L. Campbell: Annual 10; Essence 11; Track 10 Cynthia L. Cardenas: Drill Team 10; Letter Carrier 11; Spanish Club 12 Richardo O. Caston: French Club 11; House of Reps 10; Foot- ball 10, 11; Track 12; Wrestling 12 Charles C. Ceballos: Football 10; Golf 10, 11 John J. Ciraulo: Baseball 10, 11, 12; Basketball 1 1 Matthew J. Briones: Wrestling Kimberly A. Clark: Azurettes 10, (joie - riarcon JUerek yincrum Pal BaiUt JLauinane Jarker friarineti fJarner C mma Ijarragan f icKu vSoraenave 114 Senior Accomplishments . 11, 12; Key Club 12; Student Council 12 Raul A. Colunga: Gabriela Mistrial 10; Key Club 12; Young Republicans 11,12 Edward Cooney: CSF 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Boys ' State 11 Sherry A. Cortez: Annual 11, 12; Key Club 12; Thespians 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Pres. Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 11; French Club 12; Concert Band 10; Drama ETC 11, 12; Marching Band 10; Mecha 10; Ballet Folkorico 10; Orchestra 10 Brand! A. Courtney: Azurettes 10, 11, 12; Drama 10; House of Reps 10, 11; Poms 11; Student Council 12 Jeffrey A. Crocker: Swimming 12 Timothy B. Crocker: Band 10, 11, 12; German Club 12; Swimm- ing 10 Christopher C. Dawson: Foot ball 10, 11, 12 Angela C. De Genna: Speech Team 12; Tall Flags 12 Bobby Debozi: Soccer 10, 1 1 , 12; Swimming 10, 11, 12 Tina M. Deibert: Drama 10; House of Reps 12; Softball 10 George Delgado: Football 10, 11, 12; House of Reps 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Young Republican 11, 12 Gloria Delgado: AFS 10; French Club 10, 11, 12;Sobobansl2 Traci L. DeVasher: Banners 10; Tall Flags 1 1 Ernestine DeVita: Annaul 11; Azurettes 10, 11, 12; Eagletisticles 11; House of Reps 10; Spanish Club 12 Anna M. Dickinson: Concert Band 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12 Leona Donaldson: A ' Cappella 10, 11, 12; Drill Team 10; Essence 11. 12; House of Reps 11; Mar- ching Band 10, 11 Andrea L. DuBois: Key Club 12; Marching Band 10, 11; Swimming 11 Jill Dunson: A ' Cappella 12; An- nual 12; Drill Team 11; Mixed Choir 11; Tall Flags 12. =!U Amy F. Eberhard: A ' Cappella 1 1 AFS 10; French Club II; CSF 10 Key Club 12; Sobabans 11, 12 Swimming 12; Tennis 10 Dana M. Escamilla: Key Club 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12 W Desi L. Fields: Varsity Football 11, 12 Deymon X. Fleming: Essence 12; Football 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10 Philip Florez: Hermanos Gnidos 10 Suzanne K. Foster: Annual 11; Drama ETC 10, 11, 12; French Club 11; House of Reps 10; Key Club 12; Speech Team 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Thespians 11, 12 Karen J. Fruciano: French Club 1 1; Letterman Club 11; Swimming 10 Laurie J. Fruciano: House of Reps 11; French Club 11; Sobobans 11, 12; Swimming 11, 12 Rhonda N. Gaines: Annual 11, jFamrJ C alawrli tJLazarus C amporff f- amrta C arofina JLiia C kaUoi rai ' ii Ciaifa t etnrtrioi C ouman Krnnetk oDavis Cjforg etaaao ZJracu tJjtnsmort Senior Accomplishments 1 15 fflartvii amontin C ftris anche rJLiia J anaefw J4eatner handler nna anzberro J eoastian anzberro Shannon cheppen Oracle cneppers W . II JLinda coll JLorri cott a konJa Seff T«jr Senegal aOonna er JfSnani ftah k L J onn S na nna keib f obert niman ZJraceu Silagor Zrarreii m Uanua maiiwood J aren miin tflaria J navei 116 Seniors ffliinete anford Seniors 117 Senior Achievements 12; Eagles ' Eye 12; Essence 12 Ulrika D. Gamboa: CSF 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Key Club 12;Sobobans 11, 12 Dawn D. Gilbert: A ' Cappella 12; Madrigals 12; Mixed Choir 11; Rifles 10 Jerry B. Gilbert: AFS 10; CSF 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Young Republicans 12 Darren W. Gilbreath: Football 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10, 11, 12 Elizabeth Gillard: CSF 12; French Club 12; Sobobans 12 Famous T. Gilmore: Basketball 11; Football 10 Trent L. Glascock: CSF 10, 11; Hermanos CJnidos 12; Young Republican 12 Michelle J. Gonzales: Class Of- ficer 11; House of Reps 10; Jr. Social Chair 11; Ski 11, 12; Stu- dent Council 12 Michael R. Gonzalez: CSF 10, 11, 12; Soccer 10, 11, 12 Gwen Gordon: Basketball 10; Essence 10, 11, 12; House of Reps 10, 11; Letterman 10; Student in Action 10, 11; Track 10, 11 Gregory J. Gray: Football 12; Track 12 C-kartei r dwardi JOavid fLdwardi r ooeri Zrranci ■JLinda jeiii [ ' intent C onzatei Cjwen Ljordon Eleven Cjuinan Cjaoriei J ernandez kawn Aei u L nriitopner J ovarik Sylvia M. Guillen: Concert Band 10, 11, 12; Eagles ' Eye 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Sobobans 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12 M Anna M. Hackethal: Concert Band 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; CSF 10; AFS 10; Pres. Student Council 12; Principal ' s Honor Roll 10, 11, 12 Carolyn M. Haider: Azurettes 12 Stella L. Hamblin: Azurettes 1 1 , 12; House of Reps 11, 12; Sobobans 11,12 Bridget L. Hamilton: Azurettes 11, 12; House of Reps 10; Student Council 1 1, 12 Marlinda K. Hamilton: Annual 12; A ' Cappella 10, 11; Dranna ETC 10; Madrigals 11, 12; Speech Team 12; Thespians 11, 12 April E. Hawkins: Annual 10; Essence 12 Steven P. Hedenland: FFA 10, 11, 12 Laura D. Holguin: CSF 10, 11; House of Reps 10; Key Club 12; Mecha 10; Sobobans 11, 12; Ten- nis 10, 11, 12 KristI M. Howard: Azurettes 1 1 , 12; Essence 10, 11, 12; Drill Team 11; French Club 10, 11; Ski Club 10, 11 Mary L. Hudson: Banners 1 1 Rhonda J. Hurt: Essence 12 Denise A. Jackson: Essence 10; Mixed Choir 10 Michelle B. Jacobo: Letterman Club 12; Mecha 12; Softball 11, 12; Volleyball 11 Phillip A. Jamison: Baseball 11, 12; Football 11, 12; House of Reps 12 Lionel R. Jenkins: Football 10 Brenda L. Johnson: Azurettes 12; JV Cheerleader 10; Ski Club 10. 11 Keith A. Johnson: Swimming 10, 11, 12 Lisa L. Johnson: Key Club 12 Tamara K. Johnson: Banners 10; Essence 10, 12; Spanish 10, 11, 12 Jataun M. Jordan: CSF 10, 11, 12; Eagles ' Eye 11; Essence 12; Drill Team 11, 12; Sobobans 11, 12; Track 10 118 K Shawn P. Kelly: Drama Etc 10, 11, 12; House of Rep ' s 10; Thes- pians 11,12 David K. Kohn: Announcer 12 Drama ETC 12; Cross-Country 10 Golf 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12 Swimming 10; Thespians 12 Young Republicans 12 David C. Kondritt: Golf 12 £i Keith J. Lane: Key Club 12 Robert A. Lansing: Baseball 11, 12; Football 10. 11; Letterman 12; Tennis 10; Young Republicans 12 Jesus Lara: Concert Band 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band 12; Key Club 11; Marching Band 10, 11, 12 Robert E. Lester: Basketball 12 Andre A. Lewis: Boys ' State 11; Essence 12; CSF 10, 11, 12; French Club 10, 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; Tennis 11, 12; Wrestling 11, 12 Cynthia L. Lindsay: Annual 12; SoftballJO, 11, 12 Dana G. Lipscomb: Azurettes 10, 11, 12;Sobobans 11, 12 Michael Lundgreen: Badminton 10; Drama Etc 11, 12; Speech 10; Thespian 12 h ' Kelly A. MacMillan: Azurettes 11,12; CSF 1 0; House of Reps 1 Rhonda L. Macon: Essence 10, 11; House of Reps 10, 11; JV Cheer 10; Pom ' s 11; Softball 11; Songleader 11; Track 10 Arthur Martinez: Football 10, 11, 12 Mark E. Martinez: Baseball 10, 11, 12; Key Club 10, 11 Jodi M. Maurus: Azurettes 12; Class Officer 10; Sen-Tetts 10; Ski 10; Student Council 10, 11 Evangelin L. McCoy: Annual 11; Essence 12; House of Reps 12; Student Council 12 Rhea J. Mclver: Azurettes 10, 11, 12; Class Officer 12; Essence 10, 11, 12; House of Reps 10, 11; JV Cheer 10, 11; Spanish 11, 12; Var- sity Cheer 12 Stacy A. Medina: Key Club 12; Spanish 1 1 Darik C. Miller: Speech Team 12; House of Reps 1 1 Rhonda L. Milo: A ' Cappella 12; Campus for Christ 11, 12; Essence 11, 12; Pep Club 10 Heidi M. Moore: Annual 12; Eagles ' Eye 12; Publications 10; Mixed Choir 10, 11; Radio Club 10; Who ' s Who Among High School Students 1 1 Marion D. Moore: Key Club 12; Sobobans 1 1, 12 Dulce R. Munro: Concert Band 11, 12; Gamers Club 10; Jazz Band 12; Marching Band 11,12 If William G. Nicholson: Annual 12 o Christopher D. O ' Connell: Basketball 10; CSF 10; Swimming 11 Carolyn J. Oh: Annual 11; Azurettes 11; CSF 10, 11, 12; Vice-Pres. House of Reps 11; Sobobans 11, 12; Student Council 12 Paul J. Olivolo: Wrestling 12 Debra E. Palmer: AFS 10; BSC 10, 11; Spanish 11 0M f W. ' 5 m ' m iSannu rJLa i ' ouch rd.au ina ' JLinarri f Ukara rJ.oprz ( krislopfter tflaiiartnkas Z ranm friarlin OkanL VU, M.orna ff iflrr .Ul VhuUf 119 ff aruarei ribhie lA endu JucKi om Judi ZJerri ZJuq coll SJuier RoLrl Wah. ..Jsim lA ebet JLaiia lAJet ZJoua lA ainin to Jbena While 120 Seniors J atl..n Wkil. Skari While fWie Cjienn lAJiiford Otmelriui lA itiia Ik. rnarceila lA illiami nlartin UJilliami r oxanne lA iWa Vhi mt Crystal Wi(L SkarnaWiLon pafcpss po jO i Seniors 121 j Senior Achievements Rose M. Parcells: Basketball 10, 11, 12;CSF 10, 11, 12; Drill Team 10; Key Club 12; Tall Flags 12; Swimming 10, 12 Karen Parker: CSF 12; French Club 12; Madrigals 12 Nila D. Patel: Annual 11; House of Reps 11; Key Club 12; Sobobans 12; Spanish Club 12 Mary S. Patterson: Concert Band 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12 Ann L. Patteson: Annual 1 1 ; Azurettes 11, 12; CSF 10, 11, 12; Drill Team 10; Class Officer 12; Cross-Country 12; Sobobans 11, 12; Student Council 12 Nancy ' A. Payan: Annual 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11 Cynthia L. Pennington: Concert Band 10, 11, 12; German Club 12; Pres. Marching Band 10, 11, 12; VIC A 12 Track 10, 11 Luciia Procopio: Annual 12; Eagletisticals 11; House or Reps 10; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12 " Ernest F. Ramirez: Baseball 10, 11, 12 Lorena A. Ramirez: Annual 10, 11, 12; Sobobans 11, 12 Amanda K. Ray: Azurettes 10, 11, 12; CSF 10; House of Reps 10, 12 Sandra L. Reddicic A ' Cappella 11; Banners 10 Nicholas E. Renna: Baseball 10, 11 Craig Resendez: Football 10, 11, 12 Marivic B. Samontina: Drama 10, 11, 12; Thespians 12 Micheie R. Sanford: Key Club 12 Anna M. Sanzberro: CSF 10, 11, 12; Sobobans 11, 12; Young Republicans 12; Spanish 10, 11 Shannon M. Scheppers: Hous e of Reps 10, 12; Ski 11, 12 Trade A. Scheppers: Annual 10, 11, 12; German 12; House of Reps 10 Ishani M. Shah: Annual 1 1 ; Her- manos Gnidos 11, 12; House of Reps 11; Sobobans 11, 12; Spanish 11, 12 Roberto Shimahara: Football 10, 11, 12 Tracey A. Slagor: Azurettes 11, 12; Ski 11 Kelly D. Peoples: Annual 11, 12; Essence 12 Janeane B. Perez: CSF 10, 11, 12; Key Club 12; Letterman Club 11, 12; Sobobans 11, 12; Vice- Pres. Track 10, 11, 12; Volleyball 10, 11, 12 Michelle A. Pinto: Pep Club 10, 11; Soccer 10; Student Council 10, 11; Swimming 10; Tennis 10; Michael A, Resendez: Concert Band 11, 12; Marching 10, 11, 12 Felicia A. Robinson: Annual 11, 12; Essence 12 Michelle L. Rojas: CSF 11, 12; French Club 12; Key Club 12; Sobobans 11, 12; Spanish Club Marc E. Russell: Swimming 10, 11,12 Oscar D. Smith Jr.: Cross- country 11; Key Club 12; Spanish 10, ll;-Track 10 Brandie L. Snelson: House of Reps 1 1 Doison L. Soarea: Drill Team 10; Essence 11, 12; Proms 11; Song Leader 11; Varsity Cheer 12 Scott D. Soren: Baseball 11, 12; aOiane tfloreno ina flavarro Wukeiie OrlU Stephanie LJraaz F evienida f- endon Irrankiun r eia lAJiniton r eid 122 Senior Accomplishments Basketball 1 1 Cesar G. Sotelo: Baseball 12 Phyl N. Sotelo: Azurettes 1 1 Victoria Stark: Drama 12; Drill Team 11, 12; Marching Band 11, 12 Noelle R. Still: CSF 10, 11; Sobobans 11,12 Tiffani S. Stotler: Azurettes 10, 11, 12; Class Officer 11, 12; Vice- Pres. CSF 10, 11; Ski 10, 11; Sobobans 11, 12; Volleyball 10, 11, 12 Tina M. Streifel: A ' Cappella 10, 11, 12; Madrigals 12; Mixed Choir 11, 12 Ronald J. Sumlar: Concert Band 11; Marching Band 11, 12; Track 11 Gregory L. Temple: A ' Cappella 11; Basketball 10, 11; Football 10, 11; Track 11, 12 Victor F. Torres: Annual 11, 12 Eagletisticals; Key Club 10, 11, 12 Soccer 10; Spanish 10, 11, 12 Tennis 10, 11, 12 Alfonso Veliz: Swimming 11,12 w Toya W. Washington: Basketball 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12 Dena R. White: AFS 10; CSF 10; French Club 1 1 ; Sobobans 11,12 Kalleen D. White: Azurettes 10, 11, 12; CSF 10, 11; House of Reps 10, 11 Joel D. Weismann: Track 10, 12 Shama R. Wilson: Drill Team 10, 11; Poms 12 Todd A. Wilson: Basketball 10, 11; Key Club 10, 11; Young Republicans 11; Track 12 Martha Wirruh: Sobobans 11, 12 Gretchen Wluerch: Azurettes 1 1 , 12; Cross-country 10, 11, 12 Cassandra R. Yjates: A ' Cappella 10; Essence 11; Mixed Choir 11; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12 Theresa Yeager: Concert Band 10, 11, 12; French Club 12; Jazz Band 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12 Sheri Yeneralli: A ' Cappella 10, 1 1; Madrigals 12 Bridget Y. Young: A ' Cappella 10. 11, 12; Madrigals 12 m Paul V. Zanzone: Drama 1 1 ; Thespians 12 rJLawrence -Sicotl If lit hael Jha er fffonio I rtiz ubrt li afgontr Senior Accomplishments 123 ' mrimytirr- ' M ' ' : ' W- , ' »c " . ■» " .- " » ' Bi rs)TC 4i,aiiii 124 Class of 85 Waves GoodBye 125 ! Senior Personalities V year to remember is what the class of ' 85 turned out to be. Great time and laughter filled the air as the year rolled on, but as it came to a close, the spirit of students became stronger, with the help of certain young people who really showed that they had the school spirit that was needed to keep the school alive. Ballots were sent to all senior English and Social Studies classes. Students chose who they thought would best fill the personalities described. They are noted for their outstan- ding personalities and achievements. . Ken Davis CRAZIEST Brandi Courtney CRAZIEST Ken Parker MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Traci Nelson MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Phillip Jamison SHYEST Gloria Delgado SHYEST Gregory Smiley BEST SMILE Dana Lipscomb BEST SMILE Bobby Debozi COOLEST 126 Personalities Robert Lansing FRIENDLIEST Evangeline McCoy FRIENDLIEST hen asked, " How does it feel to know your peers feel this way about you? " Robert replied, " At least I know someone out there loves me. " " I don ' t know why the seniors didn ' t pick someone like Frank Sinatra, " added Robert. Robert Shimahara BEST PERSONALITY Gannett Bell BEST PERSONALITY Andre Lewis TEACHERS PET Urika Gamboa TEACHERS PET David Breland MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Rhea Mclver MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mark Martinez BEST DRESSED ..|. Personalities 127 kA Lawrence Dixon MOST ATHLETIC Gretchen Wuerch MOST ATHLETIC Dana Russell MOST POPULAR Vince Brown BEST BODY Jim Willardsen MOST POPULAR Tracey Siagor BEST BODY Vince Brown Felicia Robinson CUTEST COUPLE Chad Pound Stella Hamblin - 1 EST COUPLE Tillie Soares ENTHUSIASTIC 128 Personalities James Villa MOST EMTHGSIASTIC Tom McKiernan MOST MISCHIEVOGS Dorothy Hollaert BIGGEST FLIRT f i m i k Brett Hoeppner BEST ALL AROUND Jodi Maurus MOST MISCHIEVOUS Steve Carter CLASS CLOWi, Christ! Hernandez BEST ALL AROGMD Carlie Parker BIGGEST FLIRT Bridget Hamilton CLASS CLOWN Personalities 129 « 7,. 130 Junior Divider jrwMriOMip " ( hanges! Changes! Changes! Darn those changes! " It ' s not always easy to be a junior — caught halfway between Sophomorism and Seniorhood. Yet the Juniors learned to persevere. Even when faced with prom changes and problems, they worked out the kinks and put on a spectacular prom. Junior Divider 131 The Wild Eagles! ■ he Junior Class Officers had their work cut out for them. They were busy with fund raisers, prom organiz- ing, and meetings. The prom was the largest event plan- ned by the Jr. Class. The prom was on- ly one of the many jobs tackled. It was difficult to find a prom site but they put their heads together and found one. In everything the officers did they had confidence. They worked hard all year, and proved to be a great team. ' im Clockwise: Rosie Willardson, Carol Ambrose, Diana Freita; ' r. Sheri McKeever not shown. 132 Officers • ' tan5e Kremei " " VhF ' 4- ! Rosie Willardson, Vice President V ' Carol AmbrQS ' Social Ghairman : - JL t; " " - MtA JRIp Diana Freitn. Secretary Officers 133 Stacey Jennifer Kevin Carol Stephen Acma Aiken Allen Ambrose Anderson Eva Roger Juna Collette Edward A cost a Aker Alonso Amedee Andrade Manuel Tania Annette Lily Michael Acosta Aidaco Alvarado Ammler Andrews Anne Derrick Christine Melissa Tami Aguayo Alexander Alvarez Anderson Arceneaux 134 Juniors Brian Arcbiquette Paul Armstrong Angela Asbcraft Lisa A uzenne Stacey Bailey Larry Arellano Robert Arrant Jazette Atlas Michael A vramidis Christina Banales Jonathan Argentine Andre Bailey Wendy Bancroft Darrin Arias Scott Bailey Kris tine Barker Juniors 135 Eric Maria Ray Kirsten Reginald Barnes Bedia Bernal Bishop Blocker Richard Latasha Theresa Shelila John Bateman Bell Betancourt Blache Boatman Candice Douglas Christine Frank Allean Bauer Bender Betcher Black Bolds Ruben Raquel Susan Cher Yalanunda Bautista Bermudez Bingham Bliss Booker 136 Juniors John Borup Johnnie Breen Camille Brown Don Brown Robert Bryant Larry Boyd Carta Brehm Carol Brown Wendell Brown Lori Burkland Kenneth Brantley John Brice Lawrence Brown Adrienne Braxton John Brock Sharon Brown Juniors 137 1 Lorie Buscemi Michael Campa Darril Carlson Dina Carrasco Rosalind Carter James Callan Angilene Campbell Araceli Caro Carlos Carreon Rosa Casas Mark Camarigg Leslie Campbell Scott Carpenter Monica Carrillo Laura Cassel Cheryl Cameron Carta Carlos liicole Can Sandra Carroll Lupe Celaya 138 Juniors Fearing the fall. Paul Atmslrong holds Julie Drouillard Manual Cerda Shaun Chalupnik Sean Chamness John Charbonneau DeDe Chau Crystal Cherry Emanuela Ciambelli Deborah Clark Michelle Clements Kenneth Cleveland Misshelin Cobbs Monica Chavez Pamela Clark Michael Coleman Juniors 139 Jason Comer Anthony Cra wford Maria Cruz Rosalyn Curry Mechelle Delain Kimberly Cooper Donna Cra wford Michael Cummings Dana Dahlquist David Deleon Monica Corona Valerie Crosby Gary Cunningham James Davis Richard Delgado Alexander Cox Erin Crosson Michael Curlee Shrarone Dees Jesus Diaz 140 Juniors Gregory Dixon Kenichi Dixon Dawn Dobbert Carmen Dominguez Richard Douglas Arkeitha Duncan Ruby Duron Bobby Dvorak David Edwards Karen Edwards Tina Duran Christina Duron Lorie Dyell Cendy Eads Keith Eggen Bruce Elerts Juniors 141 Mario Elizondo Donnell Escamilla Lorena Evans Todd Fernandez Michael Fleming Stacey Ellery Tina Escobar Kenneth Fain Michelle Fernandez Christopher Floyd Randy Emslie Thomas Estrada Veronica Fa vela Terri Fish Celita Forte Timothy Ericsen Andrea Evans Anissa Fellows Craig Fisher Felicia Fox worth 142 Juniors Bridget Freels Erica Gabler George Garcia Jose Garcia Lakita Garth Diana Freitas John Galenec Jess Garcia Christina Gardenhire Desnee Gary Christine Fuerte Kenneth Gant Kerri Garcia Paul Fuge Arlene Garcia Luz Garcia Juniors 143 Vikain Ghazarian Stephen Glasscock Steven Gomez Felicita Gonzales Timothy Gourley Anastasa Gibson Crystal Glare Andrew Gonzales Danny Gore Tanya Craddy David Gibson Deborah Godsey Rhonda Gonzales Tammy Gosney Altha Gray Victoria Gibson Gary Gomez Diane Gonzales Barry Gossage Michele Gray 144 Juniors i Glen Grebs Timothy Grimm Daniel Halim William Hall Patricia Hamilton Vincent Green Gary Grunezner Dwayne Hall Yousuf Hamidi Christopher Hamrick Robin Carta John April Lisa Gregory Guess Hall Hamilton Hankerson Elizabeth Grigg Angieleen Gutierrez Reginald Hall Paige Hamilton Stacey Hansen Juniors 145 Michelle Harbauer K dJL Karen Harris Maria Hawkins John Hearn A urelia Hernandez Gina Letecia Darron Anthor y Barlow Hardy Harris Hay wood Heim Hernandez Terry Venita Janette Karl Ralphael Hardy Harris Hazelton Hestreet Hernandez James Suhail Todd Jesse Jeff Harris Hasan Heagstedt Henry Heath 146 Juniors Sandra Hitchcock Kelley Holmes Adrienne Houston Kimberly Hudson Bob Hurtado David Holcomb John Hopkins Arie Howard William Huff Syeda Husain Gary Holland Kelly Hornback Rosa Howard Sonya Hunter Chaundra Jackson Brian Holmes Timothy Hoskinson Bettie Hudson Sylvia Hurston Da tony a Jackson Juniors 147 Ron Micfielle John Stephenie Ann Jackson Jeffries Johansen Johnson Juarez Patricia Latonia Cindi Charles Nancy Jacobo Jenkins Johnson Jones Julian Eric Anna Clifton Clayton Julie Jefferson Jofinstone Johnson Jones Kaer.el Joseph Lynn Jimmy Sonja Daniel Jefferson Jimenez Johnson Jones Kalberg 148 Juniors i% Kn f ( t x- f Moah Shawn Kevin Michelle Michelle Kang Kelly King Koontz Landry Cecilia Tammy Gretchen Lance David Kasperick Kies Kirchner Kremer Lang Charmaine Eun Sabrina Tom Robert Kelipio Kim Kirkaldy Kuchinskas Lansing Dorothy Kenric Jeanelle Clarice Sharon Kelly King Knecht Kyle Lark ins Juniors 149 f Theresa Labelle David Lee Don Lessey Regina Lines Leopoldo Lopez Kevin Larson Debbie Lee Debbie Lewis Tracy Little Patricia Lopez Wendy Lazio Mario Lee Jerome Lewis Jeffrey Loeb Tonia Lolt Paul Ledesma Andrew Leon Rosa Linares Wendy Lohman Lashondra Luckey 150 Juniors Monica Lujan Tina Lujan Pamela Lund Michael Luther Minh Ly Amy Lynds Michael Lyon Sandra Lyons Jennifer Mahan Diana Malouff Lori Mancino Richard Mariana Casey Damon Martinez Martin Kelley Jameal Martinez Martin Barbara Lisa Marko Martin Kimberly Tammy Marshall Martin Juniors 151 TfWf- 1 r Diane Marcella James Abby Robert Martinez Mauricio McBride McDonald McKinnon Diego Debra Jacqulin Karen Eric Martinez Maurer McClellan McGuire McNeill Patricia Robin Carmen Teresa Adolph Martinez Mayer McCoy Mclnnis McNeil Robert Jeffrey Randal Maureen Sfieri Mattiis Mays McCoy McKiernan McKeever Juniors 152 Peter Mahoney Felix Medina Martin Mena Paul Michel Linda Moore James McBride Augustine Mejia Anna Mendoza Shelly MichI Marty Moore Shannon McCreight Juan Mejia Jeanette Mendoza Hollie Milo Richard Moore Anthony McPike Milton Mejia Monja Mestlin Suzanna Mitchell Ronald Moore Juniors 153 Veronica Moreno Robin Morris Sonya Naberman Regina Negrete Denise Newcomer Bruce Morgan Jason Morlland Natalie rSagel Luz Nerey Allen Nock Rachelle Moruzzi Ernest Mounts Alexander Nash Regina Neri Tasha Nonnette Denise Morris Silvia Munguia WilliarT Nash Robert Nett Kelly Oates 154 Juniors Eric O ' Bannan Marhi Jonathan Michelle Gregory On Owen Pankulics Parker Damon Ogburn Juan Anne Ana Kevin Ortega Palencia Paniagua Parmenter Rodney Oien Harold Mario Arthur Stacey Osoria Panagiotopoul Panzer Patterson Christine Omalley Victoria Marcos Christopher Christian Osterkanr)p Paniagua Paredes Peacock Juniors 155 { (Pf5f5 Julie Vincent Nanci Carlisa Dominic Peel Phillips Poorman Pugh Ramirez Stephanie Gary Sichan Hilton Miguel Pendergraph Piatt Prak Pulley Ramirez Jerry Lalaniea Martin Marlene Steven Persall Pitts Pneto Quiroz Ramirez Stephanie Regina Maryann Stacey Raul Peterson Pointer Prosnik Rains Ranoa 156 Juniors t 1,1 v . H bl. Kevin Raymer Guadalupe Rivera Ronald Reif Timothy Rivera Christina Renfro Chrisopher Rotter t son Daniel Rent 2 Kelley Robertson Kevin Robey John Robinson Leticia Robles Traci Rodocker Delilah Rodriguez James Rodriguez Lisa Rodriguez Prudencio Rodriguez Staria Rollins Cynthia Ross Ladonna Rubin Dario Ruiz Juniors 157 Cheryl Rupe Jonelle Sanford Tra vis Schroyer David Shroads Maurice Small Shupai Rwizi James Schmitt Diane Schwing Chad Sims Robin Smalls Esgar Sanchez Michelle Schaffer Darlynn Sentipal John Singleton Berlinda Smith Jorge Sanchez Richard Schaeffer David Serrano Cammie Sinor Damon Smith Tiffany Sandilands Cynthia Savallos Karen Shepherd John Skipper Dennis Smith 158 Juniors Marcus Smith Mary Smith Daniel Soesman Suzette Sokolgz Darrell Standring Daphne Steele Laurie Tapia Michael Tate Brian Thomas Fredrick Thomas Melissa Smith Valerie Smitherman Lori Snyder Carmen Sotelo Alfred Spiers Larry Stamps James Steichen Clifford Stutson Sherri Summers Paula Taylor Roland Taylor Catalina Terrazas Melawn Thomas Darmon Thornton Traci Thurman Juniors 159 f lil b Robert Torrez Paul Trujeque Shireen Ullery David Verbanatz Monica Vogt Danita Trammell Carrie Ulery Mark Ullrich Denise Vigil Toni Wade Joseph Traylor Richard Sundskie Beatris Vasquez Robert Villanueva Randell Wagoner Scott Trimble Donetta Swinton Estanisia Velasquez Leticia Villescas Malika Wahid Angela Tripp Raymond Sykes Sylvia Velasquez Todd Violette Malik Wahid Juniors 1 nS Larry Walker James Watts Dawn Williams Mark Wilson Ten Wright Danny Wall Wendy Web Marcia Williams Robert Wilson Young Yoo John Walsh Scott West Michelle Williams Joel Woolley Gemi Young Steven Ward Linda Whitney Millie Williams Monica Wozniak Derrel Youngblood Camilla Washington Paul Wickmann Cynthia Wilson Tracy Wright Angela Zinni Juniors 161 162 Sophomore Divider PEi©li;©Hl The sophomores experienced more changes this year than perhaps any other segment of the student body. Coming from three separate junior high schools, these students learned not only how different high school life was from junior high life, but also how to drop the rivalries developed during their junior high days and come together as loyal and united Eagles. Sophomore Divider 163 Getting It Together rinrlc»i.i.- 1 ica PIpss .Iprpmy .inhnsnn Joy Riirkland. and Stephanie Naberman. Peeing a sophomore officer meant ' — ' working hard and having fun. These young people organized many fund raisers to help their class and were always on top of things. They were prepared for anything. The sophomores ran their class as well as any other class and showed good pro- spects for their two upcoming years at Eisenhower High. The sophomore ad- visor was always around to lend a help- ing hand. Together, the officers and the advisor made a great team in leading the class of ' 87. — 1 164 Sophomore Off icers , Jeremy jbhnson. Secretary rv ' -a. t iH r ' f •••af ■mjl yf Stephanie tSaberman, Treasur Daryl Adams Bobby Aguilar Phalan Alexander Maria Allison Monica Andrade Brenda Archiquette Debbie Adams Ben Aguilera Yolanda Alexander Robbyn Amedee Dionne Andrews Alexandra Argiro Jenkins Adrianet Margeret Alberti Kylen Alford Elaine Anderson Michael Andrews Leo Armendariz Jenny Aguayo Angelia Aldama Kimberly Allen Gina Anderson Todd Andrews Tony Arrington John Aguayo James Alex Lamar Allen Steven Anderson Marcelle Andronas Robin Ashton 166 Sophomores Dion Auck Denise Aznar Becky Barnett Leon Batieste Julie Beck Jeff Beckett Chandra Austell Joseph Baca Carrie Barton Patricia Bautista Pam Becker Jeffrey Behm Tony Auston John Baker Roberto Barton Kristina Beavers Tawny a Becker Dennick Bell Monica A Vila Ramona Baldwin Glen Baskerville Kim Ayala Jerry Barker Nicole Batchelor Sophomores 167 n ids pose for Ife ' " WP| ' i rs ' ; Wm carnB|during i Vv 1 Robert Bell Thomas Bencik Joseph Benites Heidi Bennett Patrick Berg Jim Bertoldo Alan Betts Kathi Bivins Hans Bixler Stephanie Blair Mark Bocanegra Sylvia Boccanegra Durnesia Body Damon Bogan Oliver Boles Antoinette Boyd Mike Boyd Paris Bradley Karl Bracken Pamela Branch Cina Bravo Rebecca Bresnick Dana Briscoe Nathaniel Brock 168 Sophomores %vr fs M Vernnndo Brock Timothy Brunson Christine Br u ton Susan Bruton Cynthia Bump Richard Bunch Monty Burch Shannon Burgin Kimberly Burnett Jeffrey Burnach Sonya Burroughs Jeff Butler III Kevin Butler Dawn Buttress Ronald Cahstrain Cleopas Cain Joanne Callan Kim Campos Edgar Capetillo Sherice Caraway Steve Carranza Steve Carrillo John Casalicchio Juan Castillo Joy Alicia Keith Clay Elizabeth Rebecca Buckland Burke Butler Caldwell Cardenas Castro Sophomores 169 Dawn Dolores James Joyce Gail Julie Carter Cedeno Chapman Chung Coconis Cooper Edward Kim Tricia Christopher Chris Michelle Carter Chalupnik Charter Clark Cocroft Cooper Jerald Roland James Edward Kim Willie Carter Chamberland Chavez Clark Cohn Copeland Ronald Robert Mary Joyce Richard Dale Castro Charbonneau Chavez Cleveland Colunga Correz Vicki Jun Stephen Laticia Joe Angela Caswell Chen Chavez Cleveland Contreras Coughlin 170 Sophomores IKSi ' A ' Christi says " Cheese. ' ; Adam Cox Sonya Crew Lisa Cueto Shana Damann Jason Delaney Ralph Delaossa Kathy Cox Michael Crouch Alejandra Cuevas Jacqueline Dana Jorge Delgado Christine Derr Jenell Crance Brice Crow Corey Cuiley Tabatha Danielson Sharon Crandell Yolanda Crowe Omar Curry nicole Daniels Gregory Cray ton Diane Crump Wendy Czaikoski Steven Daniels » ' I Sophomores 171 Sophomores greet the crowds during Home™7mg Parade. Danielle Desellem Clara Diaz Marlene Dobbert Rico Doss Dennis Dunigan Jon Eagan Karry Edwards Kristina Edwards Michelle Ehmer Randy Eichler Adam Elerts Ami Ellis Ramon Diaz Leatha Douglas Jenise Earl Kurt Edwards Lawrence Eisenhart Nancy Elton Ruben Diaz Duane Drost Daron Edelman Yolanda Diaz Corey Dubose Jenatte Edwards 172 Sophomores wmmr : WSm M Patricia Eninger Marjorie File Francine Flores Gia Flowers Josafat Franco Sean Gallagher Richard Fabela Thomas Finch Kristian Flores Randy Flowers Robert Frayer Pamela Gallimore Fabrione Farr Mora Fitzsimmons Robyn Flores Veronica Fonseca Manuel Gabaldon Candido Gamez Dacia Felix Karen Flaig Sylvia Flores Salvador Foulk Odilia Galdamez David Gammon tlicki Fields Ernest Flores Joann Florez Nancy Fraijo Bryan Gallacher Sharon Garbutt Sophomores 173 Carolina Garcia Rudy Garcia Jimmy afford Kenneth Girgg Shaun Golden Manuel Gonzales Jesse Garcia Laura Garcia Paige Garner Collette Gaskin Rachel Gilliard Shawn Girard Stacey Glover Richard Golden Jose Gomez Michael Gomez Lorena Gonzalez Joyce Gordon Leonard Garcia Shauna Gibbons Tracey Gosney Roseatte Garcia John Gice Francine Gray 174 Sophomores Thomas Gray Lori Creek Brian Greenup Carolyn Grinder Daniel Guerrero Brian Guinan Regina Gutierrez Shelly Gvesrude Dianna Hafletl Erick Halim Mollis Hall Abdul Hamidi William Hampton Deanna Haney Alan Hardesty Tina Hardy Bryan Harper Andrea Harris Jennifer Greer John Gregory Jessica Custafson Raymond Gutierrez Mildred Hale Patrick Haley Philip Hamilton William Hamilton Felicia Hardy Stephanie Hardy Cassandra Harris Dwayne Harris Sophomores 1 75 Melvina Harris William Harvey Kenneth Heagstedy Maria Hernandez noel Hill Sylvia Honesto Corey Harrison Eric Hawkins Edward Herman Steven Hernandez Tonia Hill Terrell Houston Michelle Harrison Raelene Hayes Joe Hernandez Victor Hernandez Michelle Hoagland Barbara Howard Jonathon High Debra Hoback Usa Howard Denise Hill Tanya Holmes Kynia Hudson I 176 Sophomores Stacy Johnson Daniel Hughbanks Sophia Inniss Yvonne Jauregui Cheryl Johnson La Vora Johnson Stephanie Johnson Brian Hunter Stacey Irvin Shawna Jefferson Erik Johnson Michelle Johnson Sybil Johnson Chanut Husbumrer Trone Jackson Gloria Jeffery Francine Johnson Sean Johnson Virginia Johnson Kimberly Iker Ryan Jacobs Latisha Jenkins Jeremy Johnson Sharon Johnson Freddie Johnson Jr. Sophomores 177 friends show school spirit whW riding in the homecoming parade. WEm Dashaun Jones Kerry Kenley Gail Kimbrough Candiss King Dennis Kirby Erik Kreider i Jennifer Jones David Kepper Mona Kindhardt Donald King Mike Knisley Michelle Kuhns Kimberly Jones Raymond Kidwell Cynthia Kindred Rosalie King Scott Knutson David Kusko David Joseph Kenneth Kiecolt Samuel Lamar II Victoria Keeler Leonard Kienzle Ruth Lang 178 Sophomores ' mwfr€ Valerie Lange Loreen Lansing Eric Lara tiathaniel Larry Katawnya Laurenscm Richard Lawler Charles Lee Constance Lee Rosella Lee Susan Lee Wendy Lemoine Michael Leppard Tracey Lesch Tony Lewis Leticia Linares Nicolas Linares Donja Lindsey Philip Lombard Leonel Longoria Loretta Longoria Maria Lopez Ernest Lopez George Lopez Loriann Lopez Martin Lopez Alex Luna Annette Luna Edward Lungstrum rSeal Lutterman Bee Luvert Sophomores 179 Soph. ' parad Tan Ly Richard Lynes Christina Macias Gary Maibrough Dawn Malobovich Michael Malouff Michael Mann Sammy Mariana Lisa Mariscal Lezlye Martin Sharil Martin Eric Martinez Maria Massengale Christopher Massey Gilbert Masterson Karen Matvey Michael Mayo Timothy Mayorga Hope Martinez Malissa Ma toy Jeanette Mazzella Victoria Martinez Michael Mattingly Frances McCallum 180 Sophomores Lisa McCorkle Linda McGinness Laura Mead Timothy Meech Frank Mendonca Staci Miller Kristina McCoy Dwayne McHaffie Tina Mead Elizabeth Mejia Daniel Meyers Lynn Millican Robert McDaniel Anthony McLain Claude Meadows Steven Mejia Kenneth Michaelsen Yolanda Miranda Stephanie McElroy Charles McLaughlin Sokunthy Meas Theresa Mena Donna Miller Michele Misch Viclfi McGee Ruby McMillan Mark Medina Diane Mendez Jeff Miller Christina Mobley Sophomores 181 Michael Shannon Shelly Antonio Laurence Stephanie Monroe Moore Morris Munguia Mum Naberman Lawrence Joseph David Maria Zachariah Tracy Montague Morales Mosher Munguia Murphy Nash Brian Lisa Eric James Katherine Dawn Moore Moreno Moulder Munro Myers nett Coleman Deborah Richard Moore Morris Mounts Terry Martin Lillian Moore Morris Moya 182 Sophomores Bertha Newman Chendia riicholass Stephanie tiiefson Julie tiiemala Richard Norfolk Kristin Norris Rosalie Nunez Rosalinda Nunez Felix Ocanas Thomas Ogaz Sherry Michelle Sabrian Marnee Olivas Ornelas Pacheco Patterson Soren Timothy Anna Tanya Olsen Orsick Palacio Patterson Roxana Karen Christina Richard Onliveros Over street Panzeri Payan Debra Jackie Erica Kimberly Ordaz Owens Parker Payne Marcella Jim Kimberly Wendy Ornelas Owensby , Parker Payne Sophomores 183 A-kL ' Regina Peacock Abelardo Pena Christine Perron Tamara Pharr Marc Polino Jacquelin Powell Melis sa Pecor Daryl Pennington Theresa Pershall tinda Philbrick Jessie Pollard Jonathon Powell Richard Pedroza Catherine Perez Daniel Peterson Gregory Phillips Monika Pollard Paul Powell Sheddie Pittman Darryl Polk Paula Powers Lisa Pless Michael Pounds Sean Prater 184 Sophomores ' C? ' f Kl W Anthony Pratt Michelle Price Clarence Quarles Victoria Quenga Sandra Ramirez Joseph Ramnarain Michelcar Rashed Charlie Reed Paul Renfro Daniel Rentz Kim Richardson Karen Rickard Jeffrey Pruitt Bryan Quihuis Arlene Ramos Tommy Reed Catrece Reyes Richard Ritter John Purdy Charles Quillen Don Randolph Walter Reed Christina Reyes Jesus Rivas Veronica Quakenbush Rene Quimby Hamilcar Rashed Enrica Rene Catrina Richardson Eunice Rivera Sophomores 185 Jacqueline Rivero Lorraine Robert Damond Robinson Marceen Robinson Prea Robinson Rudolph Robles Yvette Robles Christina Rodriquez James Rollins Anna Romero Margret Romero Corinne Romo Irene Romo Loyce Rowe Robert Rowel I Mitchell Rubin Julie Ruesch Lorraine Ruiz Louvinia Rush Mark Russel Kimberly Russell Fernando Rosales Da vid Ruiz Jewelene Russel 186 Sophomores Maurice Russell Guadalupe Serrato Richard Spengler Wayne Taggett Trina Teal Daniele Thomas Edward Rutmayer Letrice Shannon Ryan Stancel Samuel Tapper Melissa Templeton Josonjia Thompkins Benjo Sabio Tricia Skellenger Ronald Stewart Rosa Una Tarango Carlos Terrazas Brian Thompson Lucy Sarmiento Kira Smith Kristie Still Justin Taylor Cheryl Thaxton Joy Thompson Timothy Scott Martin Smith Shonyea Sweat Simon Taylor Kathryn Thaxton Kelhe Todd Sophomores 187 Robert Shannon Kamoran Maria Cynthia Sally Todd Trimble Valdez Vasquez Velasquez Vernon David Kurt Elizabeth Michael Michael Martin Toolan Troxell Vallentine Vega Velasquez Vidana John Heidi Richard Graciano Thomas Jeronimo Torres Tucker Vargo Velasquez Velasquez Villalpando Ramon Candy Gina Torres Turner Vasquez Raul Roy Irma Trevino Turner Vasquez 188 Sophomores Steven Villaroel Carolina Walters Harold Warren Devon Wheeler Joseph Wilford Lashon Williams Lance Violelta Danyelle Walker Joseph Watkms Sieve Wheeler Steven Wilkinson Ramona Williams Daryl Vogel Jennifer Wade Sonya Weaver Elgin White John Willardsen Scarlet Williams Andrea Vullaggio Sean Walsh Mark Weber Holly Wiesmann Andrew Williams Dale Williamson Christopher Walters LaShawan Walker Troy Weldon Thalleaus Wilcots Celeste Williams Jennifer Wilson Sophomores 189 Hendrick Wirruh Biafra Womack Steve Wood Todd Wood Letitia Woods Dana Kevin lammy Wooters Wright Young Richard Kevin Ruben Wooters Wright Zamorano Donald Abelardo Wyskocil Zarate Maria Krishna Yanez Zimmerman Tena Kenneth Yocom Zitter 190 Sophomores f Above left: Kristy McCoy and friends enjoy getting away at lun- chtime so they take advantage of the schools open campus policy. Above right: Sophomores. Karen Rickards and friend, get " crazy " at a football game. Left: It makes people wonder when Christi Panzeri has a smile on her face. Far left: Mary Weber and Richard Zavala carry on a conversa- tion while they walk back to their classes. Sophomores 191 ! ' I 192 Clubs Organizations Divider i ns oiii ' y %ltl ! JI01t I n ' v mm, oi ' 3 es All clubs on Eisenhower ' s campus whether service, social, or honorary played an impor- tant role in an Eagles ' life. Students put in many extra hours in order to see their club win the title of " Club of the year. " Students can rely on these clubs to bring long lasting memories of the ' 85 school year. Ti V r } » -I Clubs Organizations Divider 193 With a little determination, the Golden Eagle Alliance has become one of the most well- known bands. Mr. Toms, band director, has been part of their success. This past year they performed in many competitions. In [November they hosted their own tournament along with fourteen other bands. In October they performed at the West Covina Band Tournament placing 4th and at the Colton Band Tournament where they placed 3rd. They were 1st runner-up at the Chaffey Band Review. At the Lester Oaks Band Review at Ramona High Stadium, they placed 4th. Overall they did pretty well. Of course, this was without Banners and Rifles. It was Mr. Toms decision to have no Banners and Tall Flage due to ineligibility. Most of the members were new to the Alliance and still had a lot to learn. Band President, Maria Barton said, " Most of the members were sophomores com- ing from the jr. high school s, and were new to what competition between bands meant. Next year they will know what it is and want to strive more for Marching to Success Arlene Garcia participates in Homecoming activities at halftime. u success. itifmi i Top Row: Neil Lutterman. Jerny Persall, David Mosher. Tim Crocker. Roberto Barring, Thomas Koll, Roberto Barton, Jimmy Gifford. Latonya Jenkins. 2nd Row: Rot grt Eric, Mike Resendez, Veronica Harden. Gary Jotinson, Garry Baer, Ray Gentry, Russell Bennion, Mary Patterson, Dulce Monroe, Vickie Sargent. Tim Grimm. 3rd Row: Tonya Laurerson. Liz Valentine. Tracy Gratiam, Steve Anderson, James Alex, Jonathan High, Joe Benitas, Dane Hill, Raylene Hayes, Danny Wall, Roxsana Ontiveros 4th Row: Arlene Garcia. Demetrius Sealie, Richard Mounts, Nickie Fields, Tammt O ' Martin, Pam Branch, Sonya Weaver, LaShawn Williams, Felix Medina, Theresa Yeager, Christine Alvarez. 5th Row: Stacy Irving, Alejandra Cuevas, Laurie Gomez, Manuel Acosta, Anna Dickison, Maria Barton, Sylvia Guillen, Debbie Lee, Cynthia Alex. Drum Majors: Anna Hacketal and Edward Beighley. Tall Flags: Michelle Harrison, Sabrina Kirkaldy, Stephanie Pendergraph, Bonnie Brent, Rose Parcels, Dawn Jarret, 194 Band The band waits to perform at one of tfie many pep rallies during the year I Strutting their stuff, the band marches down Riverside Avenue. Middle left: Gathering energy for their two mile walk in the Homecoming Middle right: In the Homecoming Parade the band lets the spectators know Parade, David Flanigan and Tim Crocker rest in the shade. they ' re number one. Below left: Surrounded by Falcons. Eagle Tim Grimm shows older is better. Below right: During the Homecoming Parade the band takes a break. Band 195 Have you ever wondered what a drum major is? Just ask the Golden Eagle Alliance ' s drum major and majorette. Ed Beighly, drum major, could tell you. He has been involved with band for seven years, but this was only his first year as drum major. When ask- ed what the hardest thing to do in the Alliance was he replied, " When one of your friends get into trouble and you have to punish them. It ' s hard. " Anna Hackthal, the drum majorette, has been drum ma- jorette for two years. She is also section leader for clarinets. Their jobs are equally hard. They just put their heads together and overcome the problems. Perfecting With Practice Above: Anna Hackethal shows her expertise. Top right: Drum Majorette — Anna Hackethal. Middle right: Drum Major — Ed Beighly. Bottom right: The Golden Eagle Alliance performs at one of the football games. 196 Drum FLAGS FADE AWAY Michelle Harrison H s H n j B B 1 H • N % UflH p pp « Tall flag girls and band members develop friendships as they work together on fund raising and Five members of the " beginning " tall flags squad practice performing activities. for an upcoming football half-time performance last October. As the year progressed, the tall flags squad seemed to Vdiminish. No one knows quite how it happened; They just began to fade away. " We began with a good sized group at the start of the year. Then some moved away and others left. By 2nd semester, we were down to three girls, " explained a disappointed Mr. Toms. Tall Flags 197 Being a Drill Team member was not easy. It took a lot of hard work. It al so took a lot of hard training. Just ask any Drill Team member. They should know. They performed and placed in many tournaments. They placed at the Lester Oaks Band Review, Colton Band Tournament, and West Covina Band Review. The Drill Team was proud of its ac- complishments. Placing in those tour- naments would make any Drill Team proud. With so many bands com- peting, placing in the top four was a real challenge. Middle left: Danita Trimble shows her winning smile. Middle right: The Drill Team performs. Dancers Dazzle Crowds Below: Practice makes perfect. Just ask the girls dancing in the picture. Top Row: Donetta Swinton. Dawn Taggert. Captain Japaun Jordan. Valerie Crosby, Collete Amedee. Second Row: Julie Ruesch, Diane Crump, Danita Trimble, Katy Short. 198 Drill Team Thespians Fantastic in ' Talley ' s Folly " Top left: Trying to ice skate on a wooden decl , Matt (played by Johnnie Breen) strives to woo the heroine. Top right: Sally Talley (played by Heather Sandler) finally opens up to Matt and tells why she has been afraid to fall in love. Above: The hero, a St. Louis accountant, strives to break through the protective shell Sally has built up. I bove: Sally (Heather Sandler) attempts to help Matt (Johnnie Breen) balance limself on the ice skates in this scene fronn " Talley ' s Folly. " a winter presenta- ion by EHS Drama Dept. Performing Arts 199 Playing It M Right: Front Row: Cheryl Pollak. Nicki Fields, Lashon Williams. Second Row: David Rouse. Richard Mounts, Maria Barton. Third Row: Samuel Abram, Manuel Acosta, Stacey Irvin, Felix Medina Jr. Back Row: James Munro, James Gifford. Below; Front Row: Anna Hackethal, Tom Kohl, Anna Dickinson, Meal Lutterman. Second Row: Raelene Hayes, Rosa Casas, Arlene Garcia, Sonya Weaver. Third Row: Veronica Harden, Tracy Graham, Dawn Jarrett. Back Row: Joseph Benites, Rudolopho Robles, James Alex. First Row: Laura Gomez, Pam Branch, Dulce Munro. Second Row: Christine Alvarez, Kim Richard son. Back Row: Felix Medina, Jerry Persall, Theresa Yeager, Gary Johnson, Cynthia Alex. During concert band practice, Mr. Toms conducts a rehear- i j sal for an upcoming competition. I im 200 Concert Band All Night Long V oncert and jazz band are made up of people who know how to play their instruments well and per- form in front of live audiences such as parades and football games at Eagle stadium. The concert and jazz bands are headed by Mr. Toms. Anne Hackethal and Ed Beighley are drum majors of the marching band. The bands perform in such places as Dodger stadium, Disneyland, festivals all over Southern California, and in their own high school campus. Settling for nothing less than perfection, members of concert band rehearse a special piece one more time. Middle left: Saxophone players Sylvia Guillen, Tom Kohl. Cheryl Pollak rehearse for a spring performance. Above; Baritone Horns: James Qifford, James Munro. . Tromtione and Baritones Section: Stacey Irvin, James Munro, Felix Medina, Jerry Persall, Theresa Yeager, Gary Johnson, Cynthia Alex Concert and Jazz Band 201) I he Pep Squad was an organiza- tion with the main goal to represent Eisenhower High School. They also wanted to be a positive representative in spirit and enthusiasm for Football, Basketball, Wrestling and all school activities. The Junior Varsity Pep Squad had shown their outstanding talent through their exceptional performances in cheering com- Togetherness petitions. They won two 1st. place trophies in competitions during Nov. 1984. The first trophy was obtained at Blair High School, Pasadena. The second at Westminister High School. They will be competing in the Hibbard Festival Competition, Huntington Beach High School and Magic Mountain. " We plan to win 1st. place in all competitions, " quoted Mrs. Minnie Wyatt, Pep Squad Advisor. Being a Squad Leader and Co- Leader requires much time and patience. Their duties to provide leadership for squad activities were to organize practices, make decisions concerning perfor- mances and to report to Student Council meetings. 202 Pep Squad Varsity Cheerleaders 203 We ' ve Got 204 Varsity Flags Varsity Songs 205 Spirit Starters 206 JV Cheerleaders ' ' Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!! ' ' This number one song was also the motto of the Eisenhower female population. Among these girls were the members of the Pep Squad, who made games like football, basketball, and baseball not to mention pep rallies — much more rip-roaring. Their many hours of long laborious work paid off when the clamor of Student Body responded to the squads spectacular performances. Pep Page 207 Below: Spreading Christmas spirit, the Madrigals perform before the student body O ii STIELEIS ' TEttlEIS t«« © f r f ' ♦ f • • tr • t I? Above: In their own little singing world. Leona Donaldson and Bridget Young Above: Enjoying performing, members of Madrigals show off their great dancing j perform the big Tinale. ability. I 4 208 Madrigals Right: Imltdting his favorite singer. Ken points to the upperclassmen ' s side of the gym. Below: " Feeling confident and secure " these Madrigals wave with precise timing. On Broadway In order to produce the most productive choir possible, the Madrigals had to first improve their disciplining policy. " They improved their attitudes in a positive and productive choral setting " stated Mr. Luna. Madrigals throughout the year participated in. ac- tivities such as fund raisers and back-toschool night, which was open house for students and their parents. " Our most memorable performance was the show that we put on for the student body, " stated Melissa Ander- son, " The many roars for Kenny " Boom-Boom " Davis ' solo performance really made our day. " The Vocal Music officers were: President, Melissa Anderson; Vice-President, Denise Morris; Treasurer, Bridget Young; Secretary, Jennifer Mahan; Historian, Melinda Hamilton, and the new Madrigal sponsor, Mr. Luna. Above: Kneeling t efore the audience, the Madrigals demonstrated a classy dance step. Madrigals 209 .A Right: Mr Luna gives the cue to sing. Below: Noel Hill and Jill Dunson pose with accompanist, Mrs. Youngblood Sing Out Don ' t Shout! Right: Top: Vernando Brock, Debbie Lewis, Stephanie Nielson, Tonya Grad- dy. Honey Fennell, Tina Striefel, Rosie Tarrango, Rachael Gillard, Dionne An- drews, Mr. Andres Luna II. Bottom Row: Rhonda Milo, Jackie Hutchings, Yolanda Alexander, Michelle Kuhns, Wendy Lemoine. Sharon Garbutt, Noel hill, Jill Dunson, Mrs. Harriet Youngblood. Above: Caught with her eyes off the director, Jackie Hutchings stands quietly waiting for directions. Left: Sharon Garbutt watches the director for her cutoff . 210 Acapella Choir Who doesn ' t dream about becoming a famous singer? " Acapella choir provides musical ex- periences for high school students. The experiences in- clude learning and performing choral music, learning the fundamentals of music, and experiencing and learning to handle, as well as, carry out responsibilities, " explain- ed choir director Mr. Andres Luna. Acappella consisted of approximately 40 members in- cluding Kenny Davis, Acappella choir representative. As a fund-raiser, Acappella sold cookies which had a suc- cessful outcome. Outside of class, choir members met twice a month either on a Monday night or during lunch. " Acappella choir is a beginning choir class. It teaches breath control and how to breathe properly while singing. Top left: Vernando Brock tries his best to get his part right. Middle left: Mrs Youngblood plays the alto part. Below: Noel Hill and Jill Dunson concentrate on breath control while singing their part. " The twenty weeks that I had the class, I really enjoyed it. Mr. Luna can be hard at times, but he is an extremely dedicated teacher, " stated Jill Dunson. Acappella Choir 211 Drama club is an organization which has over 50 people that help make our little theatre seem as big as the Pantages Theatre. Drama ' s motto is: " act well your part; there all the honor lies. " Drama has staged many productions throughout the year. Some productions were The Male Animal, Talley ' s Folly, American Primitive, and Thurber Car- nival. The club also took part in many festivals through the year. In the past drama has receiv- ed an award for outstanding production at the Crafton Hills College competition. Little Theatre- 212 Drama Big Reputation Left: A little Romance is shown by Susan Foster and Shawn P. Kelly — a little jealousy Is shown by Jerry James. Left: Giving a little sister advice are Susan Sandfrey and Susan Foster. ■• Above: As drunks arguing. Jerry James and Todd Andrews debate who ' s right or wrong. Drama 213 I Fulfilling the needs of the Student Body was the primary duty of the ASB officers. The main focus of their energy was to organize ac- tivities which produced spirit and drew students out of their academic shell to enjoy the lighter side of their high school years. Some traditional activities included Football and Basketball Homecomings and the Junior-Senior Prom, as well as, special assemblies like Celebrity Basket- ball, pep rallies, various dances, and lunchtime DJ ' s. Jim Willardsen — President Patricia Martinez — Assennblies; Carolyn Oh — DSAC; Maureen McKiernan — Activities. 214 ASB k ASB: Always Striving for the Best Michelle Wozniak — Publicity Gaty Cunningham — Athletics; Stacey Hansen — Fine Arts Anna Hackenthal — Historian Mr Jeff Perkins — Advisor Andre Lewis — Speaker of House ASB 215 If House of Representative Members: Maureen McKiernan, Traci Rodocker, Sylvia Hurston, Anjssa Fellows, Gannett Bell. Karen Smith, Shannon Scheppers, Terri Arm strong. Frank Black. Michelle Carrier. Dwayne Hall. Sonya Weaver, Scarlet Williams. Derik Miller. Dolores Cedeno. Brenda Archiquette. Chantelle Brian. Matt Hudgens. Chnsti Hernandez. Phil Jamison. Tommy Frinch, Lisa Palacio, Stella Hamblin, Jennifer Wilson, Aissa Shamahara, Tina Deibert, Amanda Ray, Tonia Hill, Jacqueline Dana, Trade Scott, Vikki Martinez, Art Lechuga, Leon Batieste, Manuael Gonzales. Andre Brown. Mike Ramirez. Luz Garcia. Brian Holmes! Stephanie Pendergraph, Brandon Thomas, Valerie Smitherman, Kim McCall. " Change the food! " " Lets have a dance! ' Messengers of News ' " phe Voice of the People " was the best description of the House of Representatives. Their main objective was to act as a link between the students and Student Council, New changes which occurred included the presen- tation of a school dance. This was the first time the House of Representatives tried to put together a school dance, but with the lack of participation of the Student Body, the dance was cancelled. They also brought together a com- mittee which was mainly concerned with the type of food being sold in the lunch line. " The reason for the changes was that we thought it was necessary, and beneficial to our classmates. " stated Andre Lewis, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Above: Once asked a question during a House of Representatives meeting, Andre Lewis, President, begins to express his personal opinion. 216 House of Representatives rf fi ' - 5- Left: Outnumbered, but not overwhelmed, the president calls together representatives for a spontaneous meeting. Bottom left: The House of Reps show their school spirit by sitting in the shape of the school letter. Below: Andre Lewis and Sylvia Hurston walk back to class after taking pictures. . , . -. ' •sH House of Reps 217 -f- FFA stands for Future Farmers of America, The purpose of this club is " learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve, " or in other words learning to be a leader. Planned activities includ- ed going to Bloomington Field day, Kings River College, Cal Poly, Pemona, Fresno State Gniversity, and the state finals. A special award received by FFA was from B.O.A.C. (Building Our American Com- munities). FFA also took many trips. They went to the High Sierras camp- ing, Knott ' s Berry Farm, and to Magic Mountain. There were over 15 members in FFA for the 1984-85 year. ' Learning to Do » -■2;; 218 FFA , ith d sense of pride. FFA officers Steven Hedenland. Kelly Robertson. Wally Stutson, Karl Hemstreet, and Kevin Wright look out over tfie scfiool ' s n ursery etting ready to plant the tree. Steven Hedenland carries it for Kelly Wrigtit. Wally Stutson and Kevin Wrigfit are propagating cuttings to make new plants FFA 219 ■ftr- " Business of a New Generation p7 BLA was a new club on Eisenhower ' s campus. The Future Business Leaders of America is a state and national organization for students enrolled in business and office education programs. FBLA stresses leader- ship qualities. Sponsored by Miss Dominguez and co-sponsored by Mr. Walker, FBLA gave members the opportunity to enrich their business skills. Right: Front Row: Alicia Banks, Shaunalyn Wat- son Back Row: Arkeitha Duncan, Sylvia Hurston, Dwayne Boyd, Karen Ford, Pam Bivins. ' l H ¥- Above; Front Row: Andre Lewis, Alicia Banks. Leslie Campbell. Second Row: Sherry Summer. Sylvia Hurston. John Hopkins, Arkeitha Duncan Back Row: Dwayne Boyd, Shaunalyn Watson. Karen Ford. Pam Bivjn. Right: Co sponsor Miss Dominguez and Sponsor Mrs. Walker. 220 FBLA Memory Makers When a mixture of personalities come together for the first time in an effort to create something, sometimes their creative juices go astray because they attempt to go in too many directions at once. Many annual staffs fall into this same pit. The staff, however, quick- ly refocused its attention and set to work to accomplish the three main purposes of an annual. The first purpose is to create a pic- torial record of some of the most im- portant years of a student ' s life. Second, annual should serve as a practical laboratory for photography and journalism students. Many students active on annual staffs are there to learn if photojournalism is the field in which they want to seek a career. Even the student who does not go on to a career in the field at least develops a lifelong interest in design, photography, and writing — all skills which are honed on the annual. Finally, the annual is an important public relations tool for the school in dealing with the community. It cer- tainly is just as important as athletic events and Homecoming Queens. Far left: Taking pictures of a football game, Lessa Robinson attempts to capture special memories and moments on film. Left: After developing pictures, pfiotograpfier Christi Panzeri washes up the equipment. Below: Working to meet a crucial deadline. Raquel Bermudez pauses a moment to watch David Breland work on an ad. Aquila 221 I Involved Students " M.E.Ch.A dedicates this page in the loving memory of our beloved Paul Rojas, Sergeant-atArms 1984-85 222 MEChA Top Row: Art Chacon, Richard Payan. Leo Lopez, Mario Capetillo, Richard Lopez. Lupe Celaya, John Gomez. Andrew Leon, Henry Bermudez, Javier Rodriguez. Middle Row: Annette Luna. Veronica Segura. Jeanette Mazzella. Maria Munguia, Sandra Castro, Michelle Jefferles, Mrs. Payan, Regina Neri, JoAnn Flores, Sonya Naberman, Lupe Munguia, Christina Roblero Bottom Row: Marcelle Ornellas, Anna Johnstone, Rachel Bermudez and Michelle Ornellas Not pictured are Cynthia Savallos, DeAnna Calderilla. Luz Garcia, Robert Gutierrez, and Paul Rojas Above: M are Regina E.Ch.A. Officers: Sandra Castro, Michelle Jefferies, Mrs. Payan, and Richard Lopez Not pictured Neri, DeAnna Calderilla. Art Chacon, and Paul Rojas. What is MEChA? MEChA signifies Movimeinto Estudian- til Chicano de Azltan, which is Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan. it is a service club to get not only chicano, but also other students involved with the connmunity and education. The club first began in 1981. Since then it has been a club of togetherness and love. Mrs. Sylvia Payan has been the advisor for four years, since MEChA began. Ac- tivities planned by MEChA were fund raisers, service point activities, trips, and the Cinco de Mayo ac- tivities. MEChA has given out scholarships to students and has given out " Members of the Year " awards in the past four years. There was a time in the beginning of the year when things began to pick up and MEChA continued to exceed. Consequently, the 1984-1985 MEChA had another fun-loving year. MEChA 223 Academic Team Mates Sobonans was an exclusive, all girls academic honor club at Eisenhower. In order to have been accepted as a Soboban member, they must have been nominated by a faculty member, have high grades, and must have been active in the school and community. Sobobans main goals were to provide the selected girls to enjoy activities together and to raise money for scholarships to give to outstanding seniors in the club. Changes which increased the girls involvement with the club and brought them closer together included a summer party, Christmas party, shopping excursion and the sleep-athon. " The sleepathon was a very try- ing experience until Suzanna Furfari, President, brought out her guitar, and we all sang Christmas songs, " remembered Lori Ramirez, Historian. The Soboban Club was very active. They helped with stadium clean ups and sponsored an awakeathon as a fundraiser for scholarships during the Christmas vacation. They also had a Christmas party in which alumni from last year attended and they also ushered for a production of CLO. pght: After the installation, many of ipe s go to Parrel ' s Ice C ream parlor for dessert. ' Top left: Anna Sanzberro, Program maiden; Lorena Ramirez. Historian; Laura Holguin, Treasurer. Nila Patel, Sunshine Maiden; Laurie Fruciano. Alumni maiden; Carolyn Oh, Secretary; Janeane Perez, Vice President; Suzanna Furfari, President, Jataun Jordan, prayer maiden. Bottom left: The candle lighting Installation is an important tradition of the installation ceremonies Soboban Members: Lori Bachelor, Maria Barton, Arlene Booite, Gloria Delgado. Laurie Fruciano, Susanna Fur- fari. CJIrika Gamboa, Elizabeth Gillard, Sylvia Guillen, Stella Hamblin, Laura Holguin, Jataun Jordan, Carolyn Oh, Nila Patel, Ann Patteson. Janeane Perez, Lori Ramirez, Michelle Rojas, Anna Sanzberro, Ishani Shah, Mar- tha Wirruh, Dede Chau, Wendy Lohman, Carol Ambrose, Jamie Kim, Syeda Husain, Cynthia Savallos, Mia Valles, Carmen Sotelo, Sherie Summers. 224 Sobobans All Part of the Family rSSCI was an organization that pro- vided students with an opportuni- ty to develop and implement wor- thwhile services to the school and community. This year ' s President, Dwayne Boyd, attracted a great number of new students to BSCJ. He was also the first male President in a few years. BSG stands for Brothers and Sisters Gnited. It was a club not only for blacks, but for everyone. The club considered everybody a brother or sister. The club received recognition from the Gnited Negro College Fund for participating in its first fund raiser. During the year, BSG participated in a talent show- dance, and Black History Banquet. Far left: President Dwayne Boyd and Kim Gates speak to BStI members. Top right: Listening attentively, Damon Flemming finds out things about BSU. Left: BSCJ member. LaShon Williams, attended week- ly meetings for BSG. Back Row: Kim Richardson, Tamara Johnson, Jataun Jordon, Pam Bivins, Hollie Milo, Kim Benson, Nicky Fields, Sonya Weaver. LaShon Williams, Marny Patterson, Karen Ford. Middle Row: Van McCoy, Doison Soares, Kimberly Gates, Dwayne Boyd, Janet McCloud, M ' chele Inge, KristI Howard. Front: Damon Flemming. BSG 225 Reporting the Changes Eagle ' s Eye deserved more credit than they received. Each individual nnember of Eagle ' s Eye was dedicated and talented. They were willing to accept the respon- sibilities of researching and meeting deadlines. " Many of this year ' s Eagle ' s Eye members are planning to go on in journalism. Their writing showed that they should do well, " observed Wendy Bettar, Eagle ' s Eye advisor. Eagle ' s Eye is an organization responsible for the publication of news and activities for the school newspaper. The school newspaper has received special awards in the past from many well-known journalism associations. Some awards received by the school were given by Columbia, Quill and Scroll, and American Scholastic Press Association. One activity they enter each year was the annual IJEA (Inland Journalism Education Association) competition. The Eagle ' s Eye members did an excellent job of writing the school newspaper. " Things seem to be running well for Eagle ' s Eye. The staff does their equal share of work and have fun at the same time, " commented Sylvia Guillan, Editor. r- Ragle ' s eye Sylvia Guillen EditorinChief Section Editors Editorials — Dorothy Hollaert Sports — Larry Boyd Features — Michelle Harbauer hews — Heidi Moore Assistant Editors Editorials — Darmon Thornton Features — Jim Rodriguez Advertising Manager — Lorna Miller Adviser — Wendy Bettar Art Editor — Sebastian Sanzberro Jr. Business Manager — Cheri Isaac Darkroom Technician — Robert Mathis Exchange Editor — Lisa Keene Exchange Assistant — Bev Richardson Photographer — Larry Boyd Photographer — Don Brown Photographer — Robert Mathis Staff Writers Fourth Period Journalism Class Published 12 tinnes during the school year by the new spaper class of Eisenhower High School, 1321 N. Lilac, Rialto, Califor- nia 92376. Free to all EHS students. Advertising rates: S2.75 per col- umn inch. Classifieds: 25 cents for 10 words. Letters to the editor must be signed and not more than 250 words in length. They must be turned in one week before publication dat e. Staff reserves the right to edit all letters. Unsigned editorials represent the opinions of the Eagle ' s Eye staff. Printed at the Colton Courier, Colton, California. Top: Concentrating on putting the paper together before the deadline, Darmoi| Thornton lays out a story. Above: James Rodriguez and Michelle Harbauer concentrate under the ligh while laying out the lines of the story. fi«l 226 Eagle ' s Eye After concentrating hard, Robert Mathis takes a break. James Rodriguez leans over to help Michelle Harbauer on a layout. llV y} ' n " ' 9 ' " ,?° " ° ' " o? - ;. ' ° ' ' i h " Harbauer. Sylvia Guillen. Heidi Moore. Top Row: Mrs. Bettar, Robert Mathis, James Rodriguez, Sebastian banzberro. Darmon Thornton. Rhonda Gaines. Beverly Richardson, and Lisa Keene. . a ■ Mewspaper 227 The Key to i Key Club is an organization which strives to be of service to the community and to maintain respect- ful maturity on campus. Planned ac- tivities by Key Club were blood drives and Cystic Fibiosis dance-a- thon at Knott ' s Berry Farm. There were over 20 members in Key Club. Officers for the 1984-85 Key Club were Andre Lewis, President; Mar- cus Smith, Lieutenant Governor; David Lee, Historian; Steve Ward, Division Secretary; and Derrel Youngblood. Until this year, 1984-85, Key Club used to be an all male club. Now there are more females than males in the club. Top right: Officers of Key Club: Derrel Youngblood. Andre Lewis, and Victor Torres. Middle left: Preparig himself for group pictures is Darrel Youngblood. Middle right: Members of Key Club get ready for their meeting. Right: After their meeting Victor Torres, Dana Escamilla. and Laura Holguin walk to lunch. 228 Key Club Success I Right: Key Club sponsor, Ms. Pidzarko, poses for a pictun Below: Key Club members prepare to take group pictures. f i Zr c y v t! " °A- ° r " % ■ Sy ' a Hurston. Arlene Booker, Janene Perez, Stacy Medina, Andrea Dubois, Andrea Evans, Sherie Stephens, Michelle Rojas, bherry Cortez, Debbie Clark, Dana Escamilla, Sherri Summers, Monica Corona, Kim Jackson. Leslie Campbell, Laura Holguin, Nicole Batchelor, Ms. Pidzarko. Back Row: Kenny Branlely, Oscar Smith, Marc Smith, David Lee, Andre Lewis, Steve Ward, Keith Lane. David Kohn. Victor Torres. Derrel Youngblood. Key Club 229 Foreign Encounters he French Club enhances the stu- dent ' s life by exposing them to French surroundings and culture. Many trips attended by the French Club were to French restaurants such as Gigi Jean ' s and to L.A. for a show and dinner. They also took a trip to Claremont to see Gigi. The ad- visor for the 1984-1985 French Club was Mrs. Gilmetti. President of French Club was Liz Gillard and Vice President was Gloria Delgado. T he 1984-1985 Spanish Club had an enjoyable year. They took many trips to different places that gave them cultural experiences which showed them the Spanish way of life. Those students who were members of the Spanish Club were able to further their knowledge of the language and influence of the Spanish culture. Officers for the Spanish Club are chosen each semester. Right: Members of the French Club enjoy themselves at French restaurant. Gigi and Jean ' s. Atxive: Back Row: Mrs. Luccero, Victor Torres, Lori Ramirez, Mark Cruz. Middle Row: Mrs, Calderon. Cathy Myers, Monica Corona. Felicia Bautista, Diane Gonzalez, Pam Grubbs. Front Row: Tamara Johnson, riot Shown are: Lucila Procopio and Sherry Cortez, Wendy Lohman, 230 Spanish and French Club Goal Achievers (ft ' ' • •• m lCA stands for Vocational In- dustrial Clubs of America. It was an organization which promoted leadership and personal growth. ViCA also helped students develop vocational skills. This year ' s VICA participated in Regional Skill Olym- pics and ViCA State Olympics. Special awards received by them were a silver medal for placing se- cond and a bronze medal for placing third at the State Skill Olympic Com- petition. Officers were President, Kali Acosta; Vice President, Wendy Bancroft; Secretary, Lisa Perry; Treasurer, Michelle Clements. Top left: President Kali Acosta. Top right: Vice President, Wendy Bancroft. Left: Members and Sponsors of VICA. fine of the clubs that recognizes and promotes academic ex- cellence was CSF. CSF helped students to acknowledge and elevate their academic skills. There were approximately 50 members in the 1984-1985 CSF club. Activities held by CSF were car washes, CSF banquet, calendar sales, and flower sales. Special awards given by the club were Sealbearer and a 100% membership certificate. J Front Row: Laura Holguin, Ann Patteson. Mia Voiles. Linda Philbrick, Elizabeth Gillard Middle Row: Jataun Jordan, Janene Perez, Carolyn Oh, Anissa Fellows, Sylvia Hurston, Cllrika Gamboa, Susana Furfari Back Row: Jerry Gilbert, Edward Cooney, Anna Sanzberro, Tommy Peasley, Tim Huskinson, Andre Lewis. Michelle Rojas. Kim Jackson, Carolyn Grinder, Mrs. Kryitsis VICA CSF 231 Energetic Azurettes zurettes have won the " Club of the Year Award " for the past five years. The purpose of Azurettes is to serve the community and the school. Azurettes supported " The Special Olympics, " Junior All American Football, they sang for the patients at a convalescent hospital at Christmas, and put on the yearly Alana Aloha. Sponsors for Azurettes were Mrs. Judy Malody, Mr. Dori Bussone, and Mrs. Barbara Gaze. Officers: President. Gretchen Muerch; Vice President. Kelly White; Tiffani Stotler. Ann Patteson, Rhonda Gonzales, and Robin Mayer. First Row: Stacy Hansen, Jennifer Wilson, Sue Curtis, Lisa Cueto, Linda Filbrick, Gina Bravo, Maureen McKiernan, Roni Reed, Lori Dye!!, Anissa Fellows. Second Row: Shelly Gvesrude, Denise Aznar, Maria Massengale, Prea Robinson, Angela Coughlin, Donnell Escamilla. Third Row: Phyl Sotelo, Michelle Landry, Shireen Cillery. Diana Freitas, Tina Escabar. Fourth Row: Stephanie Naberman, Tina DeVita. Michelle Harbauer, Lori Greek, Christi Hernandez. Fifth Row: Paula Powers, Kris- ty McCoy. Tricia Eninger, Traci Rodocker, Vicky Quenga. Sixth Row: Marisa Woodstra, Gannett BelL 232 Azurettes Top left: Brenda Johnson, Brandi Courtney, Kelly White, and Ann Patterson. Top right: Tricia Eninger and Paula Powers are initiated into Azurettes. Above: During Education Night at Eisenhower, Christi Hernandez. Ann Patter son, and Patty Tover take a break. Above: Sponsors of Azurettes. Mrs. Dori Bussone and Mrs Judy Malody. Right: Honorary Azurettes are Chris ' Christy- Dawson. Tom ■Tamara ' McKier nan. and Robert ' Roberta " Shimahara. Azurettes 233 234 Club Nominees Below: Homecoming candidates await the introduction of the last nominees. Left: Basltelball Homecoming finalists await the moment when the queen, darling, and sweetheart will finally be announced. Middle left: At the conclusion of the assembly, club nominees chat a few moments before leaving to change out of their gowns. nm Dun ef$T fo THff IISHUti Wf SPfNI OUR CHtmSHiD YiAli ' , W£ PlEDOf OUk lOYi WHfN TWIiiGHI SHAOC: HU ACROSS OUd PA? THE GOIOEN IN th: IMYM ' Middle: Nominated for Junior Darling. Cynthia Savallos. allows escort Scott Reed to turn her to the audience. Above right: Aquiia nominee for Junior Darling, Raquei Ber mudez is escorted by Tom Rodriguez. Left: Basl etball Homecoming nominees for Sophomore Sweetheart and Junior Darling await the entrance of the Queen candidates. Club Nominees 235 Making Money li! I " und raisers are to put on to raise money for the clubs. Every club seems to have them. If the clubs did not have fund raisers, there would pro- bably not be enough money to keep the club going. Some of the fund raisers that were held included candy sales, Valentine ' s balloon sales, friend- ship grams, Valentine ' s carnation sales, and car washes. A Above: Holly Wiesmann and her friend are delivering Valentines Day flowers. Top: Chrystal Willis receives a Valentine balloon. Right: Van McCoy shows off her Valentines Day balloons. 236 Fund Raisers Dedicated People Above: The club sponsors spend part of their lunchtime discussing the scheduling of candy sales and other club activities. Left; Front Row: Mrs. Payan. Mecha. Miss Gilmetti. French Club; Miss Dominguez, FBLA; Ms. Kyrit sis. CSF Back Row: Mrs Lucero. Spanish Club; Mrs. Walker, FBLA; Mrs. Wallace. Speech; Mr Wallace. Thespians; Mrs. Bettar. Eagle ' s Eye. i Sponsors 237 .-f : N 238 Academic Divider I jesi Academic Divider 239 OrSOR ROLL HONOR ROLL HONOR ROLL HONOR ROLL HONOR ROLL HONOR : 5 Grade 12 Royce, Richard R. 3.500 Fellows, Anissa L. 3.600 Streifel, Tina M. 3.500 Gossage, Barry L. 3.600 Armstrong, Terri H. 4.000 White, KalleenD. 3.500 Mancino, Lori A. 3.600 Cooney, Edward B. 4.000 Valles, Andria M. 3.600 De Genna. Angela C. 4.000 Grade 1 1 Ambrose, Carol L. 3.571 Gade. Rebecca A. 4.000 Black, Frank A. 3.500 Gillard, Elizabeth 4.000 Hoskinson, Timothy B. 4.000 Ciambelli, Emanuela 3.500 Jones. Preston L. 4.000 Huff, William 4.000 Harbauer, Michelle L. 3.500 Mora, Juan C. 4.000 Jackson, Kimberly A. 4.000 Hasan, Suhail F. 3.500 Shah, Ishani M. 4.000 Lohman, Wendy J. 4.000 Jefferson, Joseph P. 3.500 Walker, Pauline G. 4.000 Lund, Pamela A. 4.000 McCreight, Shannon R. 3.500 Walsh, Carol M. 4.000 Massaro, Douglas J. 4.000 Ranoa, Raoul B. 3.500 Gamboa, GIrika D. 3.833 Patterson, Elizabeth A. 4.000 Rodriguez, Lisa M. 3.500 Hamblin, Stella L. 3.833 Carlos, CarlaC. 3.833 Soesman, Daniel R. 3.500 Licurse, Angela L. 3.833 Ericsen, Timothy J. 3.833 Sprowls, Kimberly A. 3.500 Mclver, Rhea J. Still, FHoelle R. Todd, Denlce M. 3.833 3.833 3.833 Standring, Darrell D. Tapia, Laurie C. Wilson, Mark T. 3.500 3.500 3.500 ■ ■K " Bass, Laura L. 3.800 :Wf ' i Devasher, Traci 3.800 .• ■• Grade 10 Gilbert, Jerry B. 3.800 Kapel, Tina M. 3.800 H Adams, Debbie 4.000 Ramnarine, Roshan S. 3.800 H Bump, Cynthia L. 4.000 Sanzberro, Sebastian 3.800 Clark, Edward W. 4.000 Wirruh, Martha 3.800 M H Cueto, Lisa K. 4.000 Fruciano, Laurie J. 3.750 - " •3 Fields, Nicki 4.000 Jordan, Jataun M. 3.750 iBB 1 Greek, Lori A. 4.000 Pacheco, Irene 3.750 ikH 1 J hnson, Stephanie G. 4.000 Sotelo, Cesar G. 3.750 WH 1 Maschack, Tina L. 4.000 Foster, Suzanne K. 3.714 w M Payne, Wendy S. 4.000 Aguillard. Craig A. 3.666 %M iv Powell, Paul D. 4.000 Fuller, Penny M. 3.666 Socha, Carola E. 4.000 Geist, Linda L. 3.666 H W Chung, Joyce H. 3.909 Haider, Carolyn M. 3.666 J H Thaxton, Kathryn L. 3.909 McKenzie, Nicki L. 3.666 JK m Bixler, HansM, 3.833 Oh, Carolyn J. 3.666 KL W File, Marjorie A. 3.833 Fields, Desi L. 3.600 w Price, Michelle R. 3.833 Glascock, Trent L. 3.600 k 1 Becker, Pamela J. 3.818 Jackson, Denise A. Jimenez, Sabrina M. 3.600 3.600 L. Grinder, Carolyn K. 3.818 3.818 Guerrero, Daniel V. Kline, April J. 3.600 Elizabeth Gillard | Valedictorian 19U H k Panzeri, Christina M. 3.818 Lo, Chih Kang 3.600 m Quenga, Victoria C. 3.818 Moore, Deanne M. 3.600 Stance!, Ryan J. Stedham, Jami S. 3.818 Moore, Heidi M. 3.600 3.818 Sanzberro, Anna M. 3.600 ' ersall, Jerry E. 3.833 Branch, Pamela 3.750 Snavely, Maria A. 3.600 ?uiz, Dario 3.833 Mounts, Richard B. 3.750 Lewis, Andre A. 3.571 Sotelo, Carmen R. 3.833 Ogburn, Damon A. 3.750 Parcells, Rose M. 3.571 Summers, Sherri L. 3.833 Richardson, Kim Y. 3.750 Banks, Alicia M. 3.500 Hall, John K. 3.800 Charbonneau, Robert J. 3.666 Bivins, Pamela A. 3.500 Husain, Syeda S. 3.800 Gray, Franclne E. 3.666 Brown, Vincent R. 3.500 Michl. Shelly M. 3.800 Jacobs, Ryan R. 3.666 Courtney, Brandi A. 3.500 Peel, Julie L. 3.800 Jeffery, Gloria J. 3.666 Dunbar, Gary J. 3.500 Mejia, Augustine 3.714 Parker, Erica C. 3.666 Geib, Lisa C. 3.500 Aker, Roger J. 3.666 Philbrick, Linda L. 3.666 Gonzalez, Michael 3.500 Chau, Dede 3.666 Still, KristieL. 3.666 Gross, John B. 3.500 Clark, Deborah 3.666 Yanez, Maria T. 3.666 Guillen, Sylvia M. 3.500 Johnson, Clifton E. 3.666 Gvesrude, Shelly R. 3.636 Hackethal, Anna M. 3.500 Julian, Nancy L. 3.666 Rentz Jr. .Daniel K. 3.636 Hoeppner, Brett L. 3.500 im, Eun C. 3.666 Lutterman, Neal C. 3.625 Holguin, Laura D. 3.500 irchner, Gretchen M. 3.666 Kidwell, Raymond E. 3.600 Johnson, Gary V. 3.500 arson, Kevin W. 3.666 Sanchez, Michael 3.600 Kirkbride, Kelli M. 3.500 -o, Chihte 3.666 Lemoine, Wendy L. 3.545 Lay, Vouch Leng 3.500 ujan, Tina M. 3.666 Batieste, Leon 3.500 Lopez Jr., Albert L. 3.500 Aartin, Lisa M. 3.666 Kenley, Kerry A. 3.500 McfHeil, Adolph 3.500 Dwen, Jonathan W. 3.666 McElroy, Stephanie C. 3.500 Miller, Julie 3.500 easley, Tommy L. 3.666 Misch.MicheleM. 3.500 Pain, Albert T. 3.500 Reinitz, Scott M. 3.666 Pounds, Michael D. 3.500 Patterson, Sean O. 3.500 Robertson ill, John A. 3.666 Purdy, John M. 3.500 Pinto, Michelle A. 3.500 Savallos, Cynthia J. 3.666 Redd Jr., Charles H. 3.500 Roberts, Cheryl L. 3.500 Truran, Richard R. 3.666 Weaver, Sonya D. 3.500 Rojas, Michelle L. 3.500 Camarigg, Mark T. 3.600 ■iONOR ROLL HONOR ROLL HONOR ROLL HONOR ROLL HONOR ROLL HONOR 240 Academic Excellence DGBLE VISION DOGBLE VISION DOUBLE VISION DOUBLE VISION DOUBLE VISlor Some twins are very much alike, and some twins are quite different. " i can ' t survive without having so- meone around, " proclaimed gregarious Daron Wyatt, senior, and identical twin brother to Gary Wyatt. Gary, on the other hand, was more of a naturalist. The one thing that was most important to him was being in an out of the way place — alone with nature. New to the district this year, the Wyatt brothers were born in Southern California (Mewport Beach), but actually grew up in Howick, South Africa. Daron liked meeting new people, playing rugby, and riding motorcycles — while Gary would spend his time horseback riding, shooting, or gamewatching. They were two examples of how in- dividualistic twins could really be. On the other hand, some twins en- joy being alike . . . Twins, Daron and Gary Wyatt, clown around In the same class, but dressed differently. Sta Tracey Patterson both plan to go to college school. " T he one thing that Stacey • • Patterson said most im- pressed her about her twin sister was that Tracey got along so well with people and liked school. The most interesting thing about that comment was that Tracey said the same thing about Stacey. They both liked to cook and they both enjoyed skating, swimming, and bowling during their leisure hours. Even their class schedules for second semester were almost identical. They both had English first period, U.S. History second, Child Care fourth, P.E. fifth, and Foods sixth. BLE VISION DOUBLE VISION DOUBLE VISION DOUBLE VISION DOUBLE VISION Twins 241 Changing " Pains Below left: Smiling through her metal braces, Dawn Jarrett hopes the results will b worth the discomfort she has had to endure. Below: Hoping that his braces will be coming off soon, Dwayne McHaffie looks foi ward to eating the " forbidden " foods like popcorn and nuts. P hat do changing schools and straight teeth have in com- mon? Pain, that ' s what! It ' s no fun being the new kid on campus. No one really likes to eat alone. Luckily, it ' s impossible to stay new forever. After awhile so- meone else comes along, and you make friends. How do you spell " pain? " Some people think it ' s spelled " B-R-A-OE S. " If the orthodontist isn ' t loosen- ing the teeth — then he ' s tighten- ing them. Not to mention all the discomfort that loose wires can cause or sore gums and lips. The guy that said these are the best years of our lives must have had straight teeth and lived in the same town all his life. Changing schools can be a painful experience, but Cliff Livingston is more worried at out the pain hell have in his arms if he doesn ' t geta iocker to store all his bpoKS -i-i I ,,; HIGHSCHpOI. g) ? DICTIONARY 242 Painful Experiences SMli Will Physical Attraction T n order for Ike students to graduate and go on to other things in life, they must first take all the required courses. One such course is P.E. (Physical Education). " In addition to physical fitness, P.E. also im parts health knowledge, group experiences, the effort of achievement, and it also teaches life long recreation experiences, " confirmed Jeff Kremer, one of the seven teachers in the Physical Education Department. Classes that were offered included Tennis Basketball, Swimming and even Square Dane ing, which everyone seemed to enjoy Although P.E. is just another requirement students enjoyed working with their bodies feeling physically fit, and having some relaxa tion from their other classes, which often call- ed for excessive brain exertion. One of the many students taking P.E. this semester, Candie King, replied, " I ' ve had a chance to try different activities such as ten- nis. However, in the future they should add gymnastics because it builds coordination and promotes good posture. " Top left: During 1st. period, sophomores begin to square dance class. Left: Having finished choosing P.E. classes. April Hamilton takes a break. P.E. 243 244 History Traveling Through Time .; Many students enjoyed their history and governnnent classes. One student, Tonisha Hudson, stated that her (J.S. History class was very interesting. She also felt that history was essential in everyday life. Tonisha claimed, " History can open everyone ' s eyes to the true meaning of life. " Another U.S. History student, Mark Cruz, also enjoyed his history class. However, he didn ' t feel that history classes were essential to everyday life. Mark felt that any class could be fun if you make it that way. Top above: Getting out of the history classroom, students work in a group to finish their work. Above: Working on his History test. Larry Arellano completes the last question Government and History 245 Mathematics is anything but easy for some, but with hard work, it is an essentia! element which is necessary for survival in the future world. With this impor- tant responsibility, the math department worked to upgrade its methods to enable the students to develop their own skills and minds. This was done with a varie- ty of classes to meet the needs of students on their different levels. In classes such as Algebra A, Algebra B, Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus students worked to gain skills at a comfortable rate. Keeping up with the ever- changing world of technology, three new Radio Shack TRS-80 model IV computers were added to the very impressive computer program. It ' s as Easy as 2 + 4 = 7 m Top right: Working out a trig, problem, Mark Smith works hard on his homework assignment. Above: During an Algebra test, Daphine Steel tries hard to give the right answers. Right: Asked to answer a math question, Mark Cruz stands up to share his knowledge. fSJ| 246 Mathematics Above: Escaping the classroom atmosphere, Juan Alonso and Steve Ramirez do their Algebra work on a picnic table. ve: Working on a Geometry problem, Raul Colonga, Above: During an oral math review. Above: Once in his Algebra class. Chuck Commeans listens s a minute to think Rocky Ontiveros quickly raises her hand closely to the directions for the homework assignment to give an answer. Mathematics 247 Below: Alex Green and Michael Luther begin a dissection project in Mr. Nicholson ' s 5th period Biology class Right: The " project " turns out to be a defunct pig. Bottom: Coilette Amadee doesn ' t like headless pigs and right now she likes dissectors even less. c 5 Soi the diS! 248 Science Close Inspection Studying science got- to be quite exciting in Mr. Nicholson ' s class. Sometimes students looked through microscopes and discovered a fascinating new world. Other times they could be spied in the process of dissecting pigs and other poor unfor- tunates. Whatever one found in room K-7, it was never dull! Below: Collette Amadee peers at a slide under a microscope in a 5tli period science class. Bottom left: Students listen as Mr. Micholson gives a Biology lecture. Bottom right: Collette Amadee and Candi Bauer look over their notes before beginning an experiment. Science 249 Speak Your Mind Students at Ike have been polishing their vocabulary and learning " to further develop the basic skills of communication " by taking speech, according to Julie Wallace, Speech instructor. Speech enabled a person to talk effectively when in front of a classroom or when relating to others throughout the day. Although Speech was another class offered as an elective, students got deeply involved and participated in Speech debates after school. " We have become members of the California Speech Association and CBSR (Citrus Belt Speech Region), " Wallace replied. " We ' re involved in Tournament competi- tions and not just service clubs. " During the school year, Suzanne Foster won first place in the local VFW Speech Competi- tion she is living proof that great achievements come from those who take speech classes. Above: Getting ready to begin his speech, Scott Mitchell awaits the judges approval. Above: Having announced his topic, Danny Gore begins his speech. 250 Speech What is Your Name? iQdmo Se Llama? Have you ever dreamed about go- ing somewhere far away where everybody speaks a different language, but were afraid to go because you didn ' t know how to speak it? Well, your prayers are answered because Ike offers many courses in foreign languages that will help you to get where you want to go. There is Spanish (the one most frequently used), French, German, and also Latin. Teachers added to the Foreign Language department were Carmen Dominguez from Cajon High and Bernie Pohlers from Rialto Jr. High. " I think that it ' s important to learn a foreign language because you may just come across something that will require it, " announced David Breland, senior. Top: In Spanish classes, the culture and music of the country Is studied, not just the language. Below: Foreign Language students learn to ask for American foods and beverages, such as Coca Cola, m other languages Left: Once put to work, a German studies student begins his book work Foreign Language 251 k H I Skilled Hands . . . ome of the most practical classes at Eisenhower were Home f Economics classes, such as Foods and Sewing. In these classes, students learned many things that will be beneficial to them in their everyday domestic life. For exam- ple, they learned to cook, knit, and sew fabrics. They learned things that are not only practical, but highly decorative and creative, such as em- broidery and entertaining foods. Top: One of Mrs. Vanaken ' s students learns to sew a hemline. Right: While in sewing class, students learn to use sewing machines to create custom wardrobes. I . 252 Home Economics and Minds £ mong the most important peo- ple in any school, especially one Eisenhower ' s size, are the stu- dent office aides and teachers ' assistants. These people ' s job essen- tially is keeping the school running smoothly. Office aides do many things every day, such as answering the telephone, taking messages, and helping students. " T.A. ' s " help teachers in a number of ways — from correcting students ' papers to making dittos on a machine. Without the help of these people, Eisenhower certainly wouldn ' t func- tion as efficiently. ♦ Above: With speed and accuracy. Pam Lund marks grammar papers for Mrs. Diamond Top: Grading a vocabulary test. Celeste Reed enjoys grading papers as a teachers aide in English Left:Chris Mobley assists Mrs. Ginter by verifying some information on the telephone. Office Aides T. A. ' s 253 Learning the Basics How would you define Industrial Arts? Hard? Difficult? A waste of time? Well, think again because In- dustrial Arts has helped many ike students to reach their destination or goal in life. They ' ve learned to build or rebuild specified parts in their Small Engines class or use their skills to create projects for Wood or Metal Shop and also prepare for a career in Drafting by learning to measure distances and shapes. Among the classes mentioned, there were also Graphic Arts classes, and even Welding classes. The main objective of the In- dustrial Arts Department, accor- ding to Jerry Bowen, was " to sup- plement the basic education and introduce students to meaning and methods of industry. " Although these classes were of- fered as electives, they were helpful to students who desired to find jobs in those areas. ' Bottom right: During Wood Shop, students sometimes ask each other for assltance. Top right: During 1st period, a wood shop student pays at- tention Mr. Hoeppner ' s Instructions. I y ■ - J ., 254 Industrial Arts A Work of Art Throughout the year, students at Eisenhower studied and practiced art techniques in an Art Drawing class, learned the basics of how to mold a project in a Ceramics class, and even studied how to coordinate color contrasts in a Color Design class. In order for a student to learn the basics of Fine Arts, it took a person who had patience to teach and help them. That person, of course, happened to be the teacher. Two new staff members were added to the Fine Arts Department. They were Robert Bellah who came from Norte Dame High and taught Ceramics and An- dy Luna who had just begun his teaching career as the assistant to Gary Toms in the Choral Music classes. Above: During 5th period an art student sketches B parrot. Right: Sketching, Roxanna Ontlveros finishes her project Top right: Mr Muckenfuss ' 5th period class sketches an exotic bird for their assignment Fine Arts 255 How Does Your Garden Grow? () ne of the many popular classes at Eisenhower was Agriculture. In this class, students learned many things that will help them in a career in farming — from cultivating plants to driving a tractor. They learned a lot about plants and had a hothouse and a greenhouse for raising them. With all this experience, most Agriculture students agreed that they will be well prepared for a future career in farming. Above:Wally Stutson takes precautions while spray- ing insecticides. Top: Patricia Robinson and Toni Hunter demonstrate tractor sitting skills. Middle: While explaining plant care techniques to two new students. Mr. Fletcher gets ready to do some pruning. 1 After quarts ing the tracl ■ ■e out, Mr. Fletcher suddenly finds hinnself swept up and aw -■oop for unauthorized purposes. . 256 Agriculture I Red Light, Green Light From simulators to behind-the-wheel driving, sophomores were taught how to drive properly and safely. This was one lucky year for all the students in Driver ' s Education because of the new materials that were received. There was, " all new equipment in the simulators: films, consoles, 16 m.m. projectors, and 16 new cars for the students too, " confirmed Harry Violette. The staff in charge of teaching students to drive con- sisted of Truman O ' Doherty, Harry Violette and William Crum. They also taught Health Education, along with Mrs. Busch. One of the many students that had Driver ' s Education replied, " It was informative and it was practical for everyday life. " Top left: Waiting for the bell to ring, students relax Above: After years of use, the driver education car gradually decays. Traffic Safety 257 Study Habits One period a day of any class is more than enough for most people, but how does 18 years of studying sound? Not too good? Students hope that someday they will receive a scholarship to a college so they may further their educations and expand their minds. Below right: Kim Payne. Daniele Thomas, and Kylen Alford pick up their pencils when it comes to working. Ate Above: While In the library Ami Ellis, Shannon Trimble, Linda McGulnness. and Paula Powers Above: Studying in his English class, Allen Belts prepares for think studying in a group is the only way to go. the final. 258 Studying Faking the Grade Methods used by students to make it through high school were not always completely honest as the posed pictures below show. Unfortunately, when a student found himself at a loss for answers, he decid- ed that sneaking a peek at a classmates test or a " cheat sheet " was worth the risk. One student said, " The problem with cheating is that the only one you really hurt is yourself. " Left: Unfortunately, cheating doesn ' t always pay, as Mr. Wells discovers Lalo Zarate " faking the grade. " Below: To be nice Loyce Rowe lets Julie Ruesch copy from her r - I I «» : Above: One popular cheating method is to hide study papers in a convenient folder like Kynia Hud- son does Above: Troy Basham. forgets to study for his English test, but remembers his cheat sheet Cheating 259 Teachers Really Care at Ike ■ I " he teachers in the English department not only endeavored to improve the literary and writing skills of their students, but they also tried to in- still lasting values that would bet- ter prepare students for the future. Advising students that hard work would reap rewards, Mrs. Bettar explained, " Study, do the best you can — try and you can achieve! " Stating the same advice, but in a different way Mr. Bushong add- ed. " To achieve, you must work. " " A good education is something that no one can take away from you — and you need an education to be successful and happy in this world! " advised Mrs. Diaz. " Wealth is knowledge, con- fidence, and attitude, " stressed Mrs. Hobbs as she shared a philosophy that put personal worth above financial assets. Mrs. Wyckoff tried to stress the importance of developing a sense of responsibility. While Mrs. Pohlers endeavored to show her students how perseverance, honesty, diligence, and a sense of the future could im- prove their lives. Mot putting their caring into words, but showing it by their ac- tions, Mrs. Scambray and Mrs. Kyritsis often remained in their classrooms during lunch just to be available to students should students need help. I i k I Above: After reading The House of Seven Gables. Jose Garcia, Sonya rSaberman, and David Verbanatz concen trate on the study questions. Abg 260 English Above top: Stephanie Blair studies hard to get a good grade in her English class 4- , Above: Given a story questionnaire James Steichen. begins by reading the story. Above: Put to work by Mrs Rucker. Erny Ramirez works on his British Authors assignment English 261 Lights, Camera, Action! In Audio Visual, " We learn how to work a T.V. camera, and also learn what happens on the other side of T.V., meaning you see a the different angles, " claimed Gigi Bell. " We also learn to splice films by putting two pictures together on one screen, " Bell added. To Mr. Bargmann, the main ob- jective of Audio Visual was, " to serve the staff with videos, A.V. equipment, and duplicating services. " This year, a four channel closed circuit T.V. system which showed four T.V. programs at once was added to their materials. " We hope to wire all classrooms into this system, " stated Bargmann. Above left: Once in ' 5th period class Tina Fuge and Darlene Benaventte. run copies for teachers. Right: While making a video, Mark Orr and Mark Ferguson, direct the action. 262 Audio-Visual Read a Book Lately? tfniHM)) ' hen research hen research papers, • reports and finals are book soon due, you can surely find many students in the library studying. The library wasn ' t just a place to cram facts into your brain, it could also be used to relax and enjoy a good book in peace and quiet. " To provide the students with the best possible materials and services to help with their academic assignments and to furnish books, magazines, and newspapers that enrich the curriculum and student ' s lives " was Phyllis Trejo ' s view of the role of the library. For the 500-700 students that visited the library daily, there were more than enough books, approx- imately 34,000 to be exact, to ac- comodate them. Above: Looking for a certain book, students use the card catalog to locate it. mi Above: Caught doing homework, Elaine Crosby glances up from her work. Left: During 5th period, a library student helps a junior check out a book. Library 263 Regional Occupational Program ■ I " he main Regional objectives of the Occupational Pro- gram (R.O.P.) and Work Ex- perience were to provide entry level skills for students who wanted to enter the job market. Two of the main programs that a lot of students seemed to enjoy were Work Experience and Work Processing. In R.O. P. there were three classes in which useful skills were learned. In Work Experience students were given the advan- tage of working after school to earning credits for graduation. R.O.P. and Work Experience gave students the opportunity for a brighter future! Right: Mr. Camarigg congratulates Regina Zamorano on her improvement in the RO.P. class Above: (Jsing a IBM typewriter, Lori Crouch begins her R.O.P. homework Above: Put to work by Mrs. Griffin, James Lee does his T.A. assignment. 264 R.O.P. Offers Work Experience Work Experience 265 p t li 266 Faculty Divider j ' ' MQUI W I ■ " T he faculty of Eisenhower High underwent a few changes. Teachers with many years of experience left other schools and other districts to join Ii e ' s staff. One faculty member ' noted, " When a staff works well together, the word gets around. " n -■ • Faculty Divider 267 The Principal of Eisenhower High School, Delbert E. Bredy has been serving the Rialto Unified School District for eleven years. He is an experienced administrator and has worked in administration for nineteen years. Mr. Bredy was one of three children. He was born in Oklahoma. He obtained his B.A. and Master ' s in education while attending Oklahoma State University, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, University of California at Riverside, and Cal State L.A. In addition to his interest in educa- tion, Mr. Bredy also likes traveling and camping. He is married to Mrs. Pat Bredy and has two daughters and a son. Mr. Bredy finds his work with the students and staff to be very rewar- ding. His patience is one of his big- gest assets. Even when interrupted, he always greets people with a friendly smile. C lj cli« 268 Principal Attitudes Adjusted Here Law enforcers of the Old West wore six shooters strapped to their hips and carried " wanted dead or alive posters. " Things haven ' t really changed all that much. Here at Eisenhower student violators who were caught might indeed have felt like they were being hunted Top left: Mrs. Edna Young — Assistant Principal in charge of Discipline- Above: Mr. Armand Messer — Assistant Principal in charge of Services,- down in a like fashion when they spotted security personnel toting walkie-talkies as they walked into classrooms to " cap- ture " student lawbreakers. For some, punishment meant the dreaded Attitude Adjustment Room. " AA helps attitudes of kids change, " stated Mrs. Edna Young, Assistant Principal in charge of Discipline. Some of the benefits of A. A. as opposed to suspension were that students remained in a school en- vironment instead of staying at home " kicking back. " As soon as a student was placed in A. A. they were given assignments to complete. A. A. did not allow the opportunity for time to be wasted. Mrs. Edna Young, administered this discipline program on campus and the program has significantly reduced the tar- diness problem on this campus. w v- Left: Mr. Harold Kinser — Assistant Principal in charge of Instruction. Below: Notifying a parent of her child ' s suspension. Mrs. Young makes an impor- tant call. -. Assistant Principals 269 Service for a Smile ■ I he counselors serve the students of Eisenhower in many ways. They advise them on a variety of academic matters, and counsel them on any personal problems they may have. Despite the overcrowding, most of the counselor ' s were enthusiastic about their work with students. As Mrs. Hodson stated, " I like counseling because I like being with young people. " Mr. Cisneros summed up his job in just five words: " We ' re here to serve students. " i P With her usual thoroughness, Mrs. Kuiper talks to 7 ammy Pharr about her future. Sitting pretty for Halloween. Mr Cassan shows the sense of humor for which he is popular. Bert Cassan A-CG Samuel Fellows CMK Joann Kuiper OSK Robert Cisneros CHGL Mary Hodson LN John Myerchin SLZ 270 Counselors Dee Buysse Counseling Joann Cardiff Attendance Nancy Cooney Library Sue Diamond Records Dorothy Fromm School Sec. Ill Kathy Griffin Career Center Andrea Harring Services Florence Haslma Attendance Anne Hiatt Library Gloira Kuboshige Attendance Elaine Lapioli Library Marilyn Lester Budget Supply Sharon Lunsford Nurse ' s Sec Beverly Martinez Discipline Jacky Morgan Finances Cecilia Villa Instruction Lindd Williams Attendance What are your special talents or interests? Mr. Muckenfuss — Painting, Sculpture. Ceramics, and travel. Ms. Dominquez — FBLA, singing Spanish songs, danc- ing, tennis, and skiing. Ms. Walker — Professional organizations, movies, crafts, and reading. Ms. Moore — Reading. Broad- vi ay musicals, and traveling. Mr. Gilbreath — All sports. hunting, and fishing. Mrs. Holen — Oil painting and sewing. Mr. Wohlers — Golf and Scuba diving. Mrs. Curry — Reading, swim- ming, and traveling. Mrs. Better — Sleeping. writing, reading, gardening and my husband and kids. Mrs. Carter — Cooking, reading, and taking care of my three children. Mr. Bushong — Reading, Bi- ble study, music, prestidigita- tion, woodworking, and spen- ding time with family. Secretaries 271 " Oh no. not the yearbook staff, again! ' b ' ' m ( , il m What are your special talents or interest? Mrs. Kremer — Sewing, cam- ping, and boating. Mrs. Cone — Reading, hiking. Mrs. Mahoney — Oneonone with Kareem. Mr. Kremer — Woodworking, hunting, sports, camping, and boating. Mr. Nicholson — Wilderness hiking, photography, sports, reading, and plants. Miss Gilmetti — Travel, gardening, and music. " Your dog ate your homework, again! " Pauline Brigham Math S Margaret Busch Home Econ. Richard Bushong English Dorothy Bussone English Grace Calderon Foreign Lang. 272 Faculty David Camarigg Career Center Barbara Cannon Math Diane Carter Math Evelyn Cone Business William Crum Traffic Safety Marcella Curry Business Betty Diamond English Susan Diaz English What are your goals for the future? Mrs. Hiatt — Live everyday with the Lord for the rest of my life. Mr. Dutnond — To raise my children to be responsible, suc- cessful, compassionate, human beings. Mr. Rentz — To be the best teacher and coach that I can possibly be. Mrs. Cone — Retirement, just relax, enjoy life, and travel. Mrs. Wyckoff — Uncertain at this point — perhaps some vol unteer work. Carmen Dominguez Foreign Lang. Joseph Dumond Social Std. Ken Eldred Science Curt Elwood Sf)ecial Ed. John Emerson ROP 7W frm Georgia Frawley Home Economics Barbara Gaze English Emma Gilmetti F oreign Lang. Carol Ginter English Charles Grande Social Std. George Fleming Science James Grisham Social Std. Faculty 273 What do you enjoy in your spare time? Mr. Wohlers Scuba Diving. Golf and Mrs. Lucero — Reading, Literature, Psychology and Philosphy. Mrs. Walker — Watching movies, reading, playing cards games, crafting, sleep- ing — but mostly, playing with my new daughter, Brianne. Mrs. Diaz — I enjoy being with my four children and volunteering with my mentally handicapped Girl Scout Troop. Miss Gilmetti — Read, garden, shop, travel. Mrs. Bettar — Sleeping, writing, reading, gardening. Mr. Mitchell — Making ceramics, reading, and traveling. Mr. Cann — Harassing my wife. Samuel Kirk Social Std. Bobbi Kremer P.E. Jeffrey Kremer P.E. Vassie Kyritsis English Siv Ljungwe Foreign Lang. Larry Longsworth Math Caridad Lucero Foreign Lang. Jerry Magness P.E. Judith Malody Home Economics Paula Malody Math Larry Marsh Math Frank Mason English 274 Faculty 1 3 ' Roger Massaro Science Gordon Nicholson Science Leon McQarrah Special Ed. Jack Mitchell Business Paul Muckenfuss Fine Arts June Nicholson Special Ed. Truman O ' Doherty Traffic Safety Sylvia Payan Social Std. How do you feel about the new fads? Mrs. Pohlers — The ultra- punk style is too " freaky " to look at even. Mr. Bowen — First creative thing w e ' ve seen in years. Mr. Bushong — What ' s new? Mrs. Wallace — Interested and amused. Mrs. Hobbs — Fads are nothing more than one ' s way of expressing the self. Mr. Rentz — Once they become unpopular kids will be quite embarrassed to see how ridiculous they looked. Mr. Dumond — They ' re fads. Mr. Violette — Fads come and go and I can ' t wait until this one goes. Bernadine Pohlers English-Spanish Beverly Powell Social Std. " Another day. another dollar. Faculty 275 You know you ' re a teacher when . . . Mr. Muckenfuss — You see the light in students faces when they suddenly see and understand what you have been struggling to put across. Mrs. Diamond — You take papers to grade to a soccer game, the theater, or a party. Mr. Mitchell — You have given same explanation of how to do something over 20 times. Mrs. Malody students pass. All my Mr. Fellows — Learning has been achieved. Mrs. Wyckoff — You have to discipline a student for his her own good, when you don ' t real- ly want to, and you know you won ' t be liked for it. Mrs. Bettar — You mark days off from school on your calendar. Mrs. Pohlers — Your fingers are always covered with ink. Mr. Bowen — Your whole class shows up. Mr. Bushong — You have a student (not a pupil). Mrs. Hobbs — You compare your pay check with other professionals. Mr. Cann — Your whole Math Comp. class shows up at the same time. Mr. Violette — You find 72 eyes starring at you on the first day of school and none of them are friendly. Ha!Ha! Mr. Rentz — You get paid once a month. Mr. Dumond — The student says, " say what? " Charlotte Probst P.E. Daniel Rentz Soc. Studies Roger Reupert Athletic Dir. Vikki Roberts Dir Soc. Studies " Who ' s popping gum this time? " Carole Scambray English Willard Schmidt Soc. Studies Phyllis Trejo Library Clarence Vanaken Small Engines Mancy Vanaken Home Economics 276 Faculty Harry Violette Traffic Safety Karen Wardell Medical Careers Kathryn Walker R.O.P. Barry Wallace Fine Arts Julie Wallace English Craig Wells English Peggy Wheeler Special Ed. Dorothy Withers School Nurse What do you try to stress to your students? Mrs. Bussone — That they are responsible for their own lives and the decisions they make. Mr. O ' Doherty — The positive side of life. To look for the beauty that surrounds us and that everything has a place in this world. Mr. Housel — There is no foolish question that is an honest question. Mo one should laugh at a question they think is funny because sooner or later they will have a question that someone else thinks is foolish. Joan Wyckoff English Russell Wygant Math ' Hev, do you like my moonwalk ' " Faculty 277 Carmen Qiglio sings a song of South America. Lupe Easley ESL Carmen Giglio ESL What was your most em- barrassing moment? Dianne Carter — At Rialto Jr. High, 1 was locked out of my own classroom by my students. Dan Rentz — Having to chase a male student into the girl ' s locker. Emma Gilmetti — Speaking to an Italian class in French for about three minutes. Peggy Bautista — Realizing I was walking around campus with a sock hanging out of the back of my jacket. Kevin Graf P.E. Candy Kennett P.E. Patti Morton Adult Ed ROP Patricia Nieves Math Lab Aurora Smith Special Ed. Frankie Sorensen R.O.P. Adult Ed. Cheryl Tanner Adult Ed. Louise Wilson Vocational i — 278 Instructional Aides How would you describe your job using one adjective? Delbert Bredy — Demanding! Walt Wohlers — Satisfying Samuel Fellows — Dynannic! Paula Malody — Exasperating! Caridad Lucero — Useful Elaine Lapioli — Challenging Dean Housel — Stimulating Jerry Bowen — Indescribable Kathryn Walker — Fulfilling Mrs Scambray discusses with a student tfie importance of good During a Varsity Basketball game, Mr Bredy and Mr Ruepert watch the game and comment on grades for those who intend to go to college Ike ' s skillful playing. What Was Your Most Embarrassing Moment? Ernest Cann: Getting caught with Hemstreet in Principal Keegan ' s supply room on a weekend. Joe Dumond: When my fly was open during a lecture. Julie Wallace: When my desk fell off a platform in the room. Jack Mitchell: Forgetting a good stu- dents name over the summer. Jeff Perkins: Unprintable! Annmarie Pidzarko: My bra snapped open and I had to try to calmly readjust it and finally get the guys out for a few minutes. Bi lingual aides. Carmen Giglio and Ofelia Delgado plan presentations that combine art and music. 280 Faculty Top: At the Christmas Faculty Banquet. Mrs Bettar stops to chat with Mrs Bussone about the day ' s events Bottom: As Mr Messers secretary. Mrs Marring takes pride in her work as she jots down a phone message. Right: After hearing a hilarious joke, Pidzarko braces herself against the Eisenhower sign. How Do You Feel About the Changes at Eisenhower Joan Wyckoff: The only certain thing in life is change. You have to be flexible. Mary Hobbs: I extol the following changes — I.D. cards and Junior English standardized. Peggy Bautista: Very good. I support them all the way. Dan Rentz: I haven ' t noticed any drastic changes. Emma Gilmetti: The disciplinary changes have worked. The cam- pus is quiet er. Phyllis Trejo: Most of them are improving Eisenhower. Jerry Bowen: Some good — some not good. Faculty 281 282 Faculty What do you try to stress the most to all your students? Evelyn J. Cone: Responsibility. J. Dumond: Responsibility! Kathy Walker: That proper at titudes and good work habits are the most important factor for pro- motability and that they have to be reinforced over time. One does not instantly have them just because he she is hired for a job. At the Christmas buffet, many teachers take time to share their vacation plans with their friends In the " K " building, Mr. Elwood gets ready for his next science class. Faculty 283 What Really Satisfies You? Emma Gilmetti progress. — Student Paul Muckenfuss — Having a students face light up as they suddenly understand the concept we are working on, feeling good about what they have done. Jeff Perkins — A job well done, whether it is recognized or not. Ernest Cann — Observing and helping students reach their full potential. Peggy Bautista — Showing a student an approach to learning something new, and seeing the in- terest shine in their eyes. Caridad Lucero — To hear my students speaking Spanish bet- ween them without the teacher asking them to speak Spanish. It is beautiful! Anne Hiatt — Knowing that I ' ve put forth my best effort in anything I accomplish. Myrtle Bales Cafeteria Doris Hansen Cafeteria ? - The Cafeteria Staff: Top Row: Mgr. Coleman Curry, Linda Stewart, Gloria Bryan. Eileen Barnes, Sweetie Welsfi, Helen Hernandez, Betty Smitherton. Bottom Row: Myrtle Bales, Doris Hansen, Domitila Medina, Mildred Bedford. Helen Hernandez Cafeteria Domitila Medina Cafeteria Eleanor Townsell Cafeteria 284 Cafeteria Workers The Campus Supervisors: Ray Miller. Bob Gibbs, Russel Thorpe Joe Faessler Custodian John Woolen Custodian What has been your most rewarding experience at Eisenhower? Jack Mitchell — Meeting some of my former students who made it big in life. Paula Malody — When students come back to see me after graduating from college. Emma Gilmetti — Students who have placed first in the National French Exam gave me the greatest reward. Anne Hiatt — Seeing a young man who was going the wrong way do a complete turn around and go to Berkeley to college and become an outstanding citizen. Harry Violette — Getting to know my students and being able to help some of them achieve. The Custodians; Top Row: John Latham. Phil Reasons. Mark Kleepsies. Bottom Row: Ken Benedict, Robert Brown. Frank Fox Senior Custodian Custodians Campus Supervisors 285 BONNIE RUCKER person who has taught Shakespeare, L British Authors, and Advanced Placenrient English for many years surely deserves to be recognized for her achievement as a talented per- son who has devoted her time to her students. In addition to teaching English, she was the senior class advisor, helping them with their projects throughout the year. She has earned a Master of Arts in English which prepared her for her teaching career. When not at school joking with or lecturing to her students, she enjoyed camping, off road driv- ing, and beach-combing. For her tremendous achievements as a teacher and senior class advisor, the 1985 Aquila recognizes Mrs. Bonnie Rucker. Top: Turning to her class to further explain a point she is making on the chalkboard, Mrs. Rucker explains Romanticism to her British Authors class. Bottom: Mrs. Rucker uses written as well as verbal teaching techniques to make her presentations clear. 286 Honored Teachers What was your most embar- rassing moment? " When I playfully pulled a stu- dent ' s pigtail, not knowing that it was fake, and had it come off in my hand! " What are your goals for the future? " Believe it or not, but it ' s not retirement. Work- ing with young people keeps me young. " n his classroom, this teacher showed patience, understanding and also a friendly attitude towards his students, which made them feel at ease and better able to learn. Stepbystep, he il- lustrated Algebra problems, from fractions to the more complicated equations. He took pride in the way that he taught and the way he got his point across to his pupils. Outside of his teaching career, he participated in special interests such as golf and scuba diving, which he enjoyed to a full extent. He attended the University of Nebraska and came out with a Master ' s in Education. Then he studied at the University of New Mexico and achieved a Master ' s in math. For his outstanding ability as an effective Algebra teacher, the 1985 Aquila honors, Mr. Walter Wohlers. WALTER WOHLERS Honored Teachers 287 .0- m Mi %fk ' y Z ' — ' ; ' . " - T- ,.i1 fe ' i( 288 Ads Divider %! A special thanks to the merchants and business people of Rialto. These generous people enabled us to create a yearbook that will be remennbered and cherished for many years to come. k Ads Divider 289 - Riley ' s RILEY ' S RELOADER 647 W. Foothill Blvd. Rialto (714)874-0991 - North Rialto NORTH RIALTO BARBER AND BEAUTY SALON 196 E. Baseline 874-4278 - Orthodontics ORTHODONTICS Children and Adults ALDEN B. CHASE, D.D.S., M.S. CLELAN G. EHRLER, D.D.S., M.S. Diplorndles, American Board ol Qrthodontif.s RIALTO 174 N RIVERSIDE AVE FHONE (7141 875 1901 FONTANA 9193 SIERRA AVE PHONEI7I4) 823-4246 RIVERSIDE (WOODCREST) I -i-i ' j VAN BUht.N BLVD PHONE (714) 780-7307 Flowers FLQWER5 BY STEVE 223 S. Riverside Ave. 874-2704 r Rialto Video Rentals Service R 4 hTB VIDEO 714-874-2271 166 W. Baseline or Riverside 290 Ads r: RIALTO MATTRESS I IALTC MATTPESS 123 S. Riverside Rialto 874-0821 IT BASKirS-ROBBlMS BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CnSAM STORE © 1978 BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM COMPANY 211 E. Foothill Rialto, CA 92376 875-3333 SEW ORIGINAL Fabrics Notions Classes Student Discount GLENN LOWNEY MAUREEN LOWNEY Sew Original 182 W. Baseline Rd. Rialto. CA 92376 rr BOGQUET BOGTIQGE FLORIST l ouauet ( outiaue Zrioridt 220 East Baseline Rialto (714)875-6123 Craft Supplies Located in Vons Center (714)874-5230 Ads 291 Century 0 21 Multiple listing Service MLS CENTURY ABILITY REALTY ELOY or DONNA MONTOYA 1154 N. Riverside Avenue (714) 874-9050 (714)875-5207 Rialto Chamber RIALTO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 120 N. Riverside Ave. Rialto (714)875-5364 Z Pizza RCD DGML PIZZf 378 Riverside Ave. 874-8820 Hardware JOHNSOM ' S-HARDWARE " A Complete Hardware Center " Over 25,000 Items Knowledgeable Personnel We Assist the Do-ityourselfer Competitive Price Open 7 Days Daily 8-6 Sun 9-5 Plumbing ' Tools • Bolts Grade 2, 5, 8 Metric ' Electrical ' Glass •Paint • Screens VISA m W fr rJ 714-875-1821 115 S. Riverside Ave. Rialto (South of Foothill) l :iMi i: l PAINT GLA VS 292 Ads Auto ll oivntocun crf-uto JDodu Foreign cars American Cars 635V2 North ■ t. ' ' street BAN BERNARDINO. CA 92410 P.O. Box 7 MANUEU ACOSTA i7IJi 884-2803 " Financial : American Pacific J inanc iai C.orporation la.EANORE KROPF Real Hsiaic And Invesimenis 401 I ..1 ( ildcncl [)r . Collon. CA 92324 (714) 824 .i:«)3 1 lonie: (714) 87. ' " i-98«0 Pharmacy RIALTO ETHICAL PHARMACY 2aO NORTH RIVERSIDe AVENUE RIALTD. CALIFORNIA 93376 PHONE (7l4t a ' 74-2020 J. WILLIAM QARRETT ReaiSTERED PHARMACIST Tools Rialto. CA 714-981-8974 Days Sloan ' s! L onqfatulationS to Snefru rnarle loan for J4er Irin ' t Ljeaf at C iAenni 3r lower ' -fom SLOAN ' S AUTOMOTIVE 685 W. Rialto Ave. Rialto, CA 92376 (714)874-4903 Ads 293 Z Rea mmwimmmm 308 Riverside Ave. Rialto 820-4074 Eleanor Aguilar Barbara Cannon Nancy Feldman Rose Howse Don Mahoney Nancy Patteson Ralph Sanders Trudy Vindiola Margaret Albert Alan Caprio Sam Fellows Ina Hudson Ralph Mahoney Sylvia Payan Jeannette Santiago Olivian Vining Monty Alcorn Richard Cardosi Sheryl Fellwock Patty Hudson Wanda Mahoney Carol Petazini Carole Scambray Harry Violette Emma AlexarKJer Susan Carlson Margery Ferguson Mary Humphrey Mike Malody Terri Pelazini Craig Schilling Karen Vorhies Tim Alexander Frances Carstensen Pam Fisher Glenna Huntley Paula Malody Vee Pelkey Willard Schmidt Carol Voshall Calli Anderson Bert Cassan George Fleming Marianne Hussey Steve Mailer ud Bill Pelto Nick Schoenmann Barbara Wafer Vetma Anderson Don Castle Diana Fletcher Helen Kay Ivy Chris Manning Mildred Penoyar Leah Schroeder Barry Wallace Linda Andrejko BillChaffin Dick Fletcher Barbara Jacober Jim Markham Janice Perez Randall Schurr Julienne Wallace Jess Angel Leslie Chambers Ann Fleuret Gladys Jamerson Diane Marsh Don Peterkin Larry Schwartz Mary Wambsganss Betty Archie Juanila Chavez Otga Fowler Laurel James Larry Marsh Bill Petrie Jane Seaman Karen Wardell Annie Ashley Robert Cisneros Georgia Frawley David Japs Carolyn Martinez Diane Pettersen-Blair Donna Sertic Beth Watkins Fannie Autry Robert Clarendon Joy Fulk Tanya Johnson Linda Martinez Mike Pettit Mort Shafer Paul Watkins Kathy Bachman Kevin Clark Steven Fulk Bennetta Jones Frank Mason Gloria Piccoli Sue Simpson Margaret Wheeler Bil l Baldwin Linda Clay White Mary Gaborko Elizabeth Jones Diane Mayhew Mike Pickup Deborah Sines Kathleen Whisler Barbara Bartow Sandra Clemens Eileen Gardner Faith Jozens Gary McAdams Annmarie Pidzardo William Slone Margaret White Janice Barnctt Aden Clifford Julia Garner Ethel Juliano Doris McCafferty Lloyd Piquet Bruce Smith Pat White Julee Barry Diana Clinton Carolyn Getchell Dawna Kanagy Pat McCafferty Raydean Piquet Doug Smith Steve White Claudia Bassler Sandra Cobb Diane Gibson Albert Keegan Ron McCafferty Marcia Plaxton Evelyn Smith Judy Wiefels Dotsie Bell Martha Cole Robert Gieniec Long Keelan Florence McClellan Bernie Pohlers Hugh Smith Karen Wiegmann Frank Bell Ken Collins Dwtght Giger Faith Kelly Wilma McClellan Stephen Porterfield Thralene Smith William Wilkin Robert Bellah Leila Conatser Sidney Gilbreath Matt Kelly Janet McCririe Beverly Powell Mike Southworth Howard Williams Tom Benedickt Evelyn Cone Emma Gilmetti Susan Kennedy Leon McGarrah Jackie Preciado Connie St John Joann Williams Kay Bereda Enid Cook Carolyn Ginter Candy Kennett Diane McKee Phil Preciado Louisa Stanfield Mary Williams Virginia Berry Gerald Cook Kathryn Givens Barbara Kezar Analaura Meachum David Price Gary Stanley Robert Williams Wendy Bettar Sue Coughenour Ramon Gomez Diane Kiefer Miki Meneses Kathleen Price Toni Stephan Ron Williams Karla Beziant Martial Coulombe Ron Gonzales Robin Knowlton Kathryn Metz Charlotte Probst Lucinda Stephenson Valarice Williams Charlotte Black Barbara Coulson Pam Gordon Nancy Kordyak Mildred Meyer Karen Pruitt George Stevens Virginia Williams Phyllis Blackey Robert Crook Betty Gower Sharon Kounas Joyce Miller Annette Purkart Nancianne Stobaugh Joan Wilson Gary Blair MyrlenCrow Charles Grande JaneKr;»S5 Steven Miller Marian Putnam Doris Stoltenberg Richard Wilson Terry Eltyne Blanke BiilCrum Mancy Greeley Barbara Kremer Jack Mitchell Barbara Ramirez Robin Stoppler Ron Wilson Ken Blumenthal Jose Cruz Pearl Gubey Jeff Kremer Mark Monroe Dora Ramirez Jerry Sturmer Dorothy Withers Linda Bolz Anthony Cummings Chris Guy Debra Krogman Rachael Montecino Lynne Ramsauer Iris Swailes Kris Wogee Jody Bookhamer Beverly Cunningham Jonathan Hanna Joann Kuiper John Montgomery Jean Randall Norma Sweet Walt Wogee Willie Boothe Deborah Curry Dian Harlin Vassie Kyritsis Nellie Moore Antonia Reardon Mary Swenson Walt Wohlers Floyd Braggs Marcella Curry Gayla Harris Sylvia Lanlz Nan Moores Jim Reasoner Betty Taff Bob Woll Geraldine Brame Angelena Curtis Sally Harris Bill Lantz Michele Morgan Hazel Reed Pam Talley Gail Woodbury Rhoda Brassfield Walt Davis Susan Hay Marvin Lassiter Jan Morton Dan Rentz BobTarbaux Arline Woodward Bob Brier Wayne Davis Cynthia Hayden Maria Lawlor Paul Muckenfuss Roger Reupert Sylvia Taylor Alice Wyand Velma Briggs Shirley Dayberry Robert Hayden Connie Lawrence Jan Murray Robert Richards Grace Teeter Joan Wyckoff Pauline Bngham Damian DeAntonio Roy Hayden Tern Lebus Angeline Myerchin Cleon Richmond Opie TerMeer Russ Wyganl Frances Brooks RuthDeSadier Neva Hayes Maria Leon John Myerchin Laurene Richmond Karen Theriault Brian Yeandle Frances Brown Jim DeYoung Naomi Head Catherine Letteer Joe) Newcomer Yvonne Roberson Barry Thompson Connie Zahniser Laura Browning Barbara Demianew Mary Healy Rosemarie Liles Jonnie Newcomer Vikki Roberts Fred Thompson Kathy Zdilor Lynne Brunner Betty Diamond Kathleen Hernandez Wilma Lmdgren Richard Nichol Anna Robison Marvelle Thompson John Bryant Susan Diaz Jay Higgs Siv Ljungwe Gordon Nicholson Regina Rocha Carol Thurman Bill Buchanan Annette Dinarci Ron Hill John Lonberg June Nicholson Mary Ann Rodriguez Helen Thurston Carol Buchanan Paul Doan RonHillibush Larry Longsworth Chester Nickell Joyce Roecker Gary Tiegs Jerry Bugh Mary Dobbs John Hinkleman Linda Lowe Lyie Nielsen Ron R.-jet- ' - ' Doris Tilden Ed Burns Mary Dominick Sheryll Hite Mary Lowe Margaret Norlen Judy Rougeau Gary Toms Margaret Busch Laurie Duarte Mary Hobbs Yvonne Lowrance Alice O ' Brien Maryann Rowe Richard Bushong Grace Duran Mary Hod son Caridad Lucero Gilbert ODoherty Bonnie Rucker ..uez Grace Calderon Alice Durio Ron Hoeppner Theresa Lujan Truman O ' Doherty Jerry Rucker Nick Vailentine David Camarigg Charlotte Edwards Pat Holder Willie Luvert Nancy OKelley Ted Ruiz Clarence Vanaken fNancy Camarigg Ken Eldred Brenda Holen Elizabeth Lyne Margaret Olinger Judy Ruliffson Nancy Vanaken Bill Campbell Kaye Espinosa Lillian Holguin Thomas Madison Rosalie Orrick Eleanor Rutherfurd Patti Vanderkamp Elisa Campos Rorxla Esposilo Melanie Hopkins Vera Madison Alan Parker Ed Rutmayer Jane Vanroekel Etnest Cann Dora Farris E)ean Housel Jerry Magness Mark Patteson Eileen Rutmayer Beverly Vincent Congratulations Class of 1985 From Rialto Education Association CTA NFA 294 Ads ■ " Beauty Congratulations Class of 1985 TERRY ' S HAIR FASHIONS 380 W. Foothill Blvd. 875-5020 Jewelry Ut :: ' :-- MEYER JEWELERS JUDY and HENRY MEYERS 1 10 So. Riverside Ave. 875-5908 ■ " Minute THE IviiiNdTE SHOP Keg Beer Fine Wines Catering Complete Deli BBQ Ribs and Chicken 1 146 Riverside Ave. 875-0555 Red Ryan — Owner AUlO J M Speed Centers Motor Sports Parts and Accessories 459 W. Base Line (714) 884-3177 San Bernardino. CA 92410 Printing ■ COPY centers! OFFICE SUPPLIES- INSTANT PRINTING • STATIONERY 1 36 South Riverside Avenue Ridlto, CA 92376 Telephone: (714) 874-5711 ■ Pets HURST PET SHOP Pets and Pet Supplies Dog and Cat Grooming Aquarium Birds and Cages 101 S. Riverside Ave. 820-1001 Dentistry 1786 N. Riverside Ave. Suite 5 Rialto, CA 92376 Office: 874-0323 Home: 820-1709 Ads 295 Jack Falluccas WKITTIN CUtRtNTEE 1 I I I ! I ! ! JRCK FRLLUCCR ' S PRINT RND BODY 421 W. Rialto Ave. 874-4470 296 Ads TAYLOR PUBLISHIJVG COMPAi Y . . . Jane Kasel, Representative 562 Laguna Canyon Way Brea,CA 92621 (714) 529-7738 . . . THE YEARBOOK PEOPLE Producing Ike ' s Changing Styles Ads 297 Varden Studios ' j . K ■ :;, «5r The ixlen Pcatrait mmsm Cucamonga, CA 91730 It ' s What You Want It To Be. The Varden Portrait is a timeless commemorative of your graduation. Your Varden portrait will speak with distinction. For over 30 years, the name Varden has meant the ultimate in portraiture. When you. graduate, don ' t settle for less. Varden " KludlOH. llM . (714) 987-7500 298 Ads Farmers JIM NEAL and JOE LIVELY AGENTS FARMERS INSURANCE OF COMPANIES Fast — Fair Friendly Dental 9T COMMCJNITY DENTAL BUILDING ALBERT K. MARTIN, D.D.S. 326 M. Riverside Riaito.CA 92376 (7 14) 875- 1464 Medical Phone 714-874-6600 C. SESHAIAH, M.D. INC. Dipiomate in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases 224 N. Riverside Ave. Office Hours Suite D by Appointment Rialto, Calif. 92376 Pete ' s T.V. i ANTENNA SERVICE Complete TV and Stereo Service on Most Brands 875-2222 875-1010 Serving All Areas Since 1958 9:00-6:00 Mon.-Fri. Sat. 9:00-2:00 Closed Sunday 650 S ' 7 i4M If30 FOOTHILL 875-1010 TR.caeto Ads 299 Photographer Posters Red-Cards Composites Post Cards Glass Tones A Unique Photographic Experience Exclusively by Appointment Portraits Weddings Portfolios Advertising Public Relations San Bernardino, CA 300 Ads Ciinerod nooti beautiful VUomen! (714) 884-9178 m HM tei ' a i 55 n ; Ads 301 Gingiss Open 7 Days Inland Center Mall 885-322 1 p Rainbow Floors Carpet • Linoleum • Vinyls • Tile • Ceramic • Hardwood RAINBOW FLOORS GREG SKEENS: Owner Phone: Bus. (714) 874- 1203 State License 4 18799 755 W. Rialto Ave., Unit G Rialto, CA 92376 r Plumbers Alterations and Repairs — " No Job Too Small ' RIALTO Plumbers LICENSED PLUMBERS STATELIC.no. 174644 RIALTO ' S RUSTY SMITH LITTLE PLUMBER 103 S.Riverside Ave. 875-1370 " L. J. Snow ga Aarks Our SOtt y rvice to the Cornv L.J. Snow Ford Isuzu La Cadena at Laurel Colton 825-1212 I 302 Ads Vern Craig STATE FARM INSURANCE VERN CRAIG IN9URANCE We con insure your life ondjusr obour everything in ir. 444 N. Willow Rialto 875-6016 Valley Animal VALLEY ANIMAL HOSPITAL INC. Arthur W. Shelby, D.V.M. KennerhR. Cox, D.V.M. Sherry L. Drorhers, D.V.M. Please Coll for Appoinrmenr Office Hours Weekdays 8-12 and 2-5 127 W. Volley Blvd. 877-2384 r= Rialto Paints PITTSBURG PAINTS JIM COE ' S RIALTO PAINTS 134 So. Riverside 875-1044 Rialto ( outiaue florist 220 East Baseline Rialto (714)875-612.3 • Connmunity Community PRINTING GRAPHIC Forms Flyers Invilalions Booklets Rubber Stamps Busmess Cards We Leave a Good Impression 445 N. Lilac 875-1811 r Clip IN Curl © ' PHlii 519 W. Foothill Rialto, CA 92376 874- 1042 Ads 303 Golden Touch Cliuch Cf St fan LjnuSKne ne Ljolaen Uoucn JEWELRY MART 875-2480 106 N. Riverside Ave. Rialto.CA 92376 Aries ARIES GENERAL INC. Congratulates the Class of 1985 Fabrics rAci ics 17079 E.Valley Blvd. Fontana, CA 92335 Phone 829-0182 Myers Myers School Staff Wishes All Seniors the Best of Luck and Success 7 Life Tile Congratulations Class of 1985 Best Wishes for a HealtNj and Happy Future Beautiful J roofs for the good life L I FETILE " Corporation 351 1 No. Riverside Ave. • Rialto, CA 92376 • 714 822-4407 Rmerica ' s Largest Roofing Tile Production Facility 304 Ads — Rialto Airport Congratulations Class of ' 85 RIAIvTO AIRPORT AMERICA] LEGIOI POSJT 844 Hall for Parties and Receptions Capacity to 250 people 225 So. Riverside Ave. Rialto, Calif. 92376 (714)820-9444 Ads 305 Escrow INLAND CITIES ES ;:R0 Y inc. Best of Luck, Eagles llflud lfD mmomow 337 N. Riverside Rialto (714) 874-2560 Grandlund ' s QR-HNDLUND ' S 1258 N. Riverside Ave. Rialto Vom Shopping Center 874-8865 Insurance Alec ffergussoi Insurance Agency (714) 874-0270 Commercial, Aviation Personal Coverages 149 W. Rialto Ave. • P.O. Box 280 • Rialto. CA 92376 - School Managers Congv tuhtions and Qood Cuc to a ( 1985 isen(iowev QvAdu itesl The Rialto School Managers Association Tux Rentals TUXEDO RENTAL bridel bouliquc THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 809 North " D ' Street 821 A North Main Street (Corner o(9th and DSLI Perkridge Plan San Bprnardino. CA 92401 ,,„,,, ,. . Corona. CA 91720 6193 Magnolia Ave. I7I4I8R86848 . -. %,, „,cn (7MI734-2380 Riverside, CA 92506 I7l4l684-61fi0 306 Ads Tracie Scheppers To my special daughter, Tracie Ann Gcheppers, Congratulations. I am so proud of you. Love, Mom ■hannon Scheppers Tracie Scheppers lA e are veru proud of our aranaaaugnter, Oracle nn cnepperi. lAJe appreciate the effort tkat Lai preceded tnii graduation. W ucIt love! Cfrandpa Cf (grandpa BrtsUl Do iduaii our grai J nannon ll l. cnenperA ijou ve made u5 proud cJLove and be At wiAneA cJLove from uour cJjad ZJim, S cneppers Lorena Ramirez X orena e. am irez more. JLet this be the beqlnnln to a future fiiied with, hap- pineii and all tnat i ou desire because ou can acnieve all tnat uou want ana a whole lot aeiante oLori, delante! (congratulation I ijour ivlom, Uad ll l ike and .Sandra Ka imirez m Patronages 307 Our 1 Graduate Rhondalynn Beavers: Con- gratulations!!! Love you, Mom Dad To our daughter Nancy Payan: Congratula- tions! We ' re proud of you honey. Love, Mom, Dad Carolyn Jennifer Bailey: Congratulations! Love, Mom, Ronda, Vicki, and Bunky. Lori Crouch, cute little angel of yesterday and our proud graduate of today: You have brought us happiness, pride, and fulfillment. We love and cherish you. Mom and Dad. Congratulations Sherry Cortez: I ' m very proud of you " Baby. " Love, Pop, Mom JaJa Melinda Daneke: You are so special to us. We love you! Mom, Dad, Debs Grama Sandie Reddick: You Ve made us very proud! Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations to our sister Sandi Reddick: Love, Cindy and Mark David Breland: We are proud and love you very much. Good luck in the future. Mom 308 Patrons I B 1 ! ■ 1 ( 1 1 L- 1st Semester Editor The 1985 Aquila has many special memories for me! After a year filled with two different themes, the jinxed cheerleading pictures, running out of ink both in our pens and stamp pads (30483 Ah! memories), and the " Mystery of the vanishing staff. " Well, we finally can take home our blankets and pillows (right — right). 1 would like to thank the loyal staff members from the bottom of my heart, and especially the laughter of a certain threesome (HIMT: how gay!) who brought smiles to all during late night deadlines. " I love and will miss you all. " My special thanks goes to Mrs. Diamond (Mrs. D), who I came to like very much. " We did it! " Also to Mr. Muckenfuss who gave his coopera- tion when it came down to answering questions we just couldn ' t figure out. " Hope you like the finished product, Mr. Muck. " Hope you like it, remember, WE DID IT ALL FOR YOU! Congrats, Class of ' 85 Keep good times in mind always, Sherry A. Cortez M LaoV U. uOife Ol©)§!tmir 0©)£m£m%mt This year has gone by so fast that it seems there wasn ' t enough time to enjoy it. Where does time go? Being in the Annual class was a true ex- perience for me. Deadlines were always hectic, but everybody was finished on time. Everybody pulled through together to make this yearbook one to remember. I can still remember on deadline day, when everybody rushed to get their pages done. Boy, was it ever fun. It ' s going to be sad to leave this school. The one teacher here at IKE that I think deserves a tremendous amount of credit is Mrs. Bettar. She has taught me many valuable assets that I will need to know. She was just like a stu- dent herself, always in a cheerful mood. Many people adored her, especially me! Thanks for everything, Mrs. Bettar! Another teacher who I think deserves recogni- tion is Mrs. Betty Diamond. This was her first year at IKE teaching an annual class, and she did just great. This yearbook will be one to remember!!! Good Luck to the Class of 85! You deserve it. Heidi Moore Vve c rrfot-u. Closing 309 fWWUme mi mite y iikever stay S« ' J aMay go by t- ' V 1 JVMea£Qa i success 3 . Ifj m I ' " David Kol y . r V ■-♦- ' i ' ' « . tckson £=. 1 •4- ? «• ' - -m - V .: fe-fln I 312 Closing " I ' m M ' lu " s iCOi-CRS r ' G ;S[N-CA:k - ' o- 1 FIGHT SONG Fight you Eagles, Fight for glory Fight with all your might. Ever loyal, true and faithful. To the Green and White RAH! RAMI RAH! Never failing, bravely playing. Raise your colors high. We are proud of you and True to EISENHOWER High. Closing 313 A Abram. Samuel B Acma. Slacey L Acosta. Manuel S, Acosta. Zilhlaly Adams. Debbie Aguilar, Bobby J Aguileta. Ben Jr Aguillard. Craig Andre Aiken. Jennifer Lee Aker, Roger James Alar con, Jose Alban. Cesar Mauricio Aldaco, Michelle Deann Aldaco. Tama Lorraine Alex, Cynlhia Fay Alex. James Geral Alex, Sandra Alexander. Derrick Andre Alexander. Ptialon Anton Alexander. YolaruJa Renee Alford, Kylen Lamar Allen. Kevin Allen. Kimberly Lynn Allen, Lamar III Allison Lopei, Maria Alicia Alonso. Juan Ramon Alvarado. Annette Sosa Alvarei. Christine Elizabeth Alvarei. Rebecca Louise Ambrose, Carol Lynne Amedee. Collette Mane Amedee. Robbyn Michelle AmmlerWalls. Lily E Ancrum. Derek Keith Anderson. Elaine Jasso Anderson. Gina Sue Anderson, Melissa Idell Anderson. Stephen Roger Anderson, Steven D Andrade. Monica Lynn Andrews. Dionne L Andrews. Krisly Lynn Andrews. Michael Josef Andrews. Michael Wayne Andrews. Todd Allen Archiquette. Brian L, Archiquette. Lisa Arellano. Larry Allen Argentine, Jonathan Gregory Argiro. Alexar dri Anas. Damn Dean Armendarii. Leo V Armstrong, Paul Edward Armstrong. Tern Hope Arnold, Frank Robert Arrant. Robert Leslie Arnngton, Tony Lafrance Arringlon, Volanda R Ashcraft. Angela B Ashton, Robin Michelle Aslacio. Gellermin Atlas, Jaiette Lashaun Austell, Chandra Nicole Auienne, Lisa Avraniidis, Michael Aznar. David Michael Aznar. Denise Michele Baca, Joseph Steven Baccan, David Joseph Bachelor. Lori Ann Baiiey. Andre Bailey, Jennifer Lynn Bailey, Scott Timothy Bailey. Stacey Ann Baker. John Gregory Baldwin. Ramor a Lynn Banales. Cristina Joy Bancroft. Wendy Mane Banks. Alicia Mane Barber, Sandi Kay Bare, Gary A Barker, Knstine Louise Barker, Layihanel Jr- Barner, Matshell D. Barnes. Enc Dean Barnetl, Becky Lynn Barriett, Jody Michael Barragan, Emma Mendoza Barne, Paul Andrew Barring. Roberto Barton, Carrie Lyvonne Barton. Maria E Barton, Roberto Francisco basham, Troy 200 Baskerville, Glen D 134 Bass, Laura Leann 134,200 98. 231 Batchelor, Nicole M 166 Baleman, Richard Lawrence III ' 66 Batiesle, Leon ' 66 Bauer. Candice Lynn Baulisla, Felicila 134 aaudsla, Patricia 134 Bautisla, Ruben 1 ' Beavers. Krislina Mane 98 Beavers, Rhonda L 98 Beck. Julie Ellen 134 Becker. Pamela Joy 200.201 Becker. Tawnya Chrisline 200 Becker. Roger Lee Jr 98 Beckett. Jeffrey Allen 134 Beckman. JeHery William 166 Behm. Jeffrey. William 166.210 Beigtiley. EdwarrJ Leroy 1 14. 166. 258 Bell. Gannett Louise 134 Bell.LaAstia 166 E)enavenle. Darlene Jeannette 166 Bencik. Martin Cfiristpfir 166 [3encik. Ttiomas Edward 134 Eiender. Douglas Lynn 134 Benites. Joseph William 76. 134, 200 Bennett. Heidi Ann 98 Bennett. Talesha Lashonet 132.133.134 Benson. Kimberly D. 134. 198. 249 Berg. Patrick Timolhy 166 Bermudez, Emily 134 E3ermudez, Henry 1 14 Bermudez, Raquel 166 Bernal. Ray Philip 166 Bertoldo. Jimmy Victor 134 Belcher. Christine Louise 134 Bells. Alan 166 Bingham. Susan Mane 166 Bishop, K listen Leanne 166.210 Bivins. Pame la Ann 60.61,76 Bixler. Hans Martin 98. 134 Blache. Shelila Maria 166 Black. Frank Angus 166 Blackford. Carolyn Renae 66, 1 35 Blair, Stephanie Dawn 74,75,114 Bliss, Cher Louise 135,245 Blocker, Reginald Benjamin 68, 135 Boatman, John William 166 tjocanegra, Mark R 28,135 Bocanegra, Sylvia Mane 166 Body, Durnesia Denene 135. 139 0 3 ' .ds. Allean Lavonyeta 98 Bonham. Brian A 98 Bonilla. Peter A 135 Bonty. Tahawne Luttrel 166 Booker. Arlene Yvonne 98 Booker. Yalanunda Dorothy 135 Bordenave. Ricky Pedro 166 Borders. Dean Edward 98 Borrero. Bradley 135 Borrero. Rofjerta Renay 167 Bouch. Mark Allen 135 Bowen. Shirleen M. 135 Boyd. Antoinette Ellen 98 Boyd. Dwayne Anthony 232 Boyd. Larry Eugene Bracken. Karl Hicfiolas Bradley. Sherry Brancti. Pamela Brantley. Kenneth Lemar Bravo. Gina Ramona Braxton. Adrienne L Breen. Johnnie Edward 73. 167 Breland. David Jeromr- 98 Bresnick. Rebecca S 98, 224 Brice, John 135 Briones, Arman 98, 203 Briones, Matthev; James 135 Briscoe. Dana L ' 35 Brock. Richard Alan 167 Brock. Vernando Raymore 167 Brown. Camille Elizabeth 135 Brown. Carol Cecilia 135,231 Brown, Don Michael 98,220 Brown, Karia Kimljerly 98 Brown. Lawrence James 98 Brown. Sharon Jeanine 135 Brown. Vincent Ray 114 Brown. Wendell Torey 1 14 Bruno. Peter John 136 Brunson, Timothy 167 Bruton. Christina Ann 98 Bruton. Susan Lynn 114 Bryan. Robert 98 Bryant. Kenneth Wade 98 167 21,99,200,224 167 259 65, 167 99 167.229 136 167.216 136,249 99.230 169 136 167 99 167 167 167 99 5, 167 99 167 99. 196 4.99. 127.232 136 262 99 168 80. 136 168,200 168 99,205 225 168 00 99 4,9. 136,235 136 168 60,61, 136 168.258 136,206 136 99, 220, 225 168 136,205 136 99 168, 191 136 136 136 168 168 168 136 99 99 99 58, 100.229 136 114 100 114 100 100 100 168 26, 100,220,225 137,227 64, 168 115 168,200 137,229 168, 232 137 137 5, 100, 127 60, 168 51 100 66, 100 168 100 169,211 137 137 137 100 137 137 100, 128 137 100 169 169 169 137 100 Buckland, Joy Elaine Bump, Cynthia Lynn Bunch, Richie Joseph Bunker, Brenda Jean Burch, Monty Wayne Burgin, Shannon Melissa Burke, Alicia J Burkett, John Alan Burkland, Lori Ann Burlingame. Seamus Peter Burnett, Kimberly Ann Buscemi, Lone Lynn Butler, Joseph William Butler, Keilh Butler, Kevin Maurice Butler, Kimberly Latrela Buttress, Dawn Joi Byrd, Todd Carl © , 165, 169 169 169 100 169, 190 169 169 100 137 97 27, 169 138 100 169 169 100 169 100 Cain, Cleopas Calderilla, Deanna Lynn Caldwell. Clay Ashley Caldwell, James Joesph Callan, James Michael Callan, Joanne Mane Camarigg, Mark Thomas Cameron, Cheryl D Campa, Michael Steven Campbell. Angilene Male Camptjell. Heather Laurie Campbell, Leslie Elizabeth Campos. Kim M Cannon. Marlene Gail Capetillo. Edgar Mauricio Caraway. Sherice Sherelle Cardenas. Cynthia Louise Cardenas. Elizabeth Ann Carlos. Caria Camille Carlson. Darril Robert Caro. Araceli Bustollo Carpenter, Scott Ellis Carranza, Steven Carrasco, Dina Mane Carreon, Carlos Milton Carrier. Michelle Vvette Carrillo. Steve P Carta, Marianne Carter, Jerald C Carter, Rosalind R Carter, Stephen Randall Carter. Yvonne Elizabeth Casalicchio, John Anthony Casas. Rosa Yevette Cassel. Laura Ann Caston. Ricfiardo Orlando Castro. Alexandra Mane Castro, Retjecca Castro, Ronald L Caswell, Vicki Anne Cate, Jami Sue Ceballos, Charles Christphr Cedeno, Dolores Ann Celaya, Lupe Robert Ceniceros. Lisa Danielle Cerda, Manuel J, Chacon. Art Chacon. Jeffrey Chalupnik. James Chalupnik. Kimberly Knstine Chalupnik. Shaun Chamfjerland. Roland Joseph Chamness. Sean Lee Chang. Susan Hyunsook Chapman. James E Charbonneau. John Lee Charbonneau, Rotjert Jason Charter, Tricia Lynn Chatlos, Lisa Ann Chau, Dede Chavez, Manela Chavez, Monica Lia Chen. Jun Te Cherry. Crystal Rochell Chewning. Eugene Bradley Chewning. William Gerald Chung. Joyce Hae Mi Ciamtielli, Emanuela Ciraulo, John Joseph Clark, Christopher Kevin Clark, Deljorah Clark, Edward Wayne Clark, Kimberly Ann Clark, Pamela Clements. Michelle Lorraine Cleveland. Joyce Lachelle Cleveland, Kenneth Loyd Cleveland, Laticia Ann 169 100 169 115 138 169 138 138 138 138 100 138.220,229 169 100 169 169 100 169 138,206 66, 138 138 138 169 138 138 16 169 101 170 138 32,48,49,68.70,71. 129! 161 169 138,200 138 101 101.223 169 170 170 101 101 170 138 139 80,139 101 139 101 170 66. 139 170 139 107 170 139 16. 170 170 115 139 170 139 170 139 10 101 120 139 80. 101 170 5, 139.229 170 101 139 139 170 135, 139 170 rr r : 314 index Clinton, Kalhkcn Diane CoQies. Derek Carl Cobbs. Miaahclln Anloirwn Coconts. Gall Ann Cocfofl. Chns Lw Cohn. Kimberly Ann Colberl, Krnnerh Robert Colbert, Waoetla Coleman. Demelrtos Lavelle Coleman. Michael George Cotun ga, Raul Adrian Comer. Jason Warren Conley. Matvin Harold Contreras. Joseph Pete Cooney, Edward Benjamin Cooper. Kimberley Cooper. Michelle Annette Cooper. Taylor Jr Cordova, Theresa Mane Corona, Monica Jo Correi, Dale Alan Coftei, Sherry Ann Coughlin. Angela Christmn Couftr ey Brar%di Ann Cox, Adam Lar e Cox, Alexarvler Lamar Crawfofd. Anthony Leon Crawford. Oonna Chimene Crayton. Gregory Alonio Crew. Sonya Denette Crocker, Timothy Brian Croom. Patricia Elaine Crosby, Elaine Crosby. Valene Denise Crosson, Enn Dawn Crouch. Lori Ann Crouch. Michael John Crow, Brice L Crowe, Yolanda Yvonne Crump, Diane Anita Cfuz. Maria Cruz. Mark Ricahard Cueto. Lisa Kathleen Cuevas, Alexandra Culley, Corey Eugene Curlec. Michael Anthony Curry, Omar Sirdon Curry. Rosalyn Mane Curtis, Susan Elizabeth Czaikoski. Wendy Lea 101 48 139 170 ITO 170 101 -toi 48 80. 139. 141 101 140 6e , 101 170 34. 102 ,231 140 170 17 102 140. 229, 230 170 4. 102, 229 309 170.232 102. 126,233 73 171 140 72 140 140 53 171 171 102 195 102 203 102 263 140 198 55 190 102 264 171 171 171 171 198 140 230 171 232 171 171 48, 140 70, 171 140 101, 232 171 Dunigan. Dennis Monroe It Dunson, Jill Mansse Duran, Mark Duran. Tina Marie Duron. Christina Dufon. Ruby Ann Durrer, Michael Allen Dvorak. Bobby Lee Dyell, Lone Barbara B Dahlqutst, Dana Jean Daily. Norman Virgil Damann, Shana Christine Darva Jacquelin Kay Daneke. Melmda Susan Daniels. Steven Gerald Davis. James Lee Davis. Kenneth Robert Davis, Shantia Renee Dawson. Christphr Carter De Genna, Angela Carmen Deboii, Bobby Dees. Shrarone Brashelle Deibert. Tirw Mane Oelain. Mechelle Deleon, David C Delgado. George Delgado. Gloria Delgado. Richard N Densmore. Tracy Thurston Desellem, Danielle Christine Devita. Ernestine Mane Diaz, Jesus Diaz. Ramon Diaz. Volaryja Diaz. Ruben Jr Dickinson. Anrwi Mane Dickson. Isaac Dixon, Gregory Laveil Dixon. Kentcht Maurice Dixon, Lawrence Andrew Dobbert. Dawn Dine Dobbert. Marlene May Domir guez. Carmen Leorxjra Dominguez. Davtd Mark Dor aldson. Leor a Douglas. Lcaiha Faye Douglass. Richard Wayne Drouillard. Julie Knslirw Dubois. Andrea Louise Dubose, Corey Anthony Dunbar. Gary Joe DurKan. Arkeiiha Lalnce MO 102 171 171 102 171 140 15.36. 126 102 48, 102.233 102.204 102. 126.312 140 102 140 140 115 102. 126 16. 140 115 172 232 140 172 172 172 13, 102.200 102 65, 141 141 46. 102. 128 141 172 141 48 102 172 141 139 103.229 172 103 19. 141.220 Eads, Cendy Dian Eagan, Jon Michael Earl, JeniseLatncia Earle, Linda Sue Ebcfhard, Amy Frances Edelman. Daron Mitchell Edwards. David Edwards, Jeanette Edwards, Karen Lynn Edwards, Karry Ann Edwards. Kent helson Edwards. Knstina Mane Edwards. Kurt Norman Ehmer. Michelle Lynn Elerts. Bruce Anthony Etizondo. Mario Ellery, Stacey Quinton Ellis. Ami Lynn Elton, Nancy Diane Emslie, Randy Allen Eninger. Patricia Anne Entrekin, Christina Mane Encsen. Timothy James Escamilta. Dana Mane Escamilla, Donnell Mane Escobar. Tina Leigh Estrella, Roberto Evans. Andrea Yvette Evmns, Diana Lynn Evans. Lorena Fabela. Richard Martinez Farmer. Timothy Sean Farr. Fabrione Denice Favela, Veronica Patricia Fellows. Anissa Lynn Ferguson, Mark Lavan Fernandez. Chrysta Mane Fernandez, Michelle Lenor Fernandez, Todd Alan Ferreira. Jeffrey William Fields. Desi L Fields, Nicki File. Marjone Ann Finch, Thomas Michael Fish. Tern lee Fisher, Craig Steven Fitzsimmons. Nora Marie Flanagan, David Eugene Fleming. Deymon X Fleming. Michael Robert Flores, Ernest Russell Flores, Francine Roselle Flores. Knsttan A ndrew Flores. Maryhelen Rubio Flores, Sylvia Mane Florez. Joann Frances Florez, Philip Flowers, Gia Elaine Flowers, Randy Lynn Floyd. Christphr Lynn Ford. Karen Elizabeth Forte. Celita N Forte. Tracy M Foster, Suzanne Kae Foulk. Salvador Joseph Foxworth. Felicia Arnetta Francis. Robert E Franco. Josafat B Freels. Bridget Dawn Freitas, Diana Maria Frey. Lawrence Eugerw Fruciarx). Karen Jean FruciarK), Laurie Jean Fuerte, Christine Fuge. Tir a Mart Furfan. Susanrwi m 172 5.210,211 103 141 141 141 103 141 141.232 141 192 172 103 103 172 118, 141 172 141 172 62. 103 172 64, 172 172 72. 141 142 142 172.258 172 142 173.232,233 103 142 58. 103.228,229 142, 232 142, 232 103 142,229 103 142 173 103 173 142 142.231,232 262 103 142 66, 142 66, 103 48, 103 173,200,225 173 173 142 142 173 103, 195 47,48,99. 103.225 16, 142 173 173 173 103 173 173 103 173 173 48, 142 220,225 142 68, 103 104,250 173 76, 77. 142 118 173 143 27,32,33, 143,205,232 104 104 104.224 143 104.262 21,97, 104,224,231 Or Gaboldon. M«nu«l OavHl Mlf, Rebrcca A Galrwi. Rhooda Michclk Galdamez. Odillo J Galenec, John Michael Gallachcr, Bryan Douglat Galtagh«f. Sean Patrick GambOB. Ulrika Oolorrt Gamei, Candlrjo CiammrDo, Dovkl Alan Orjn -Kenneth Garbun. Sharoi B Garcia, Arlerv Chris Garcia. Carolina Garcia, George ' " ■arcla. Jesse James rcia, Jose Hector Garcia, Karen Maurirw Garcia. Kern Ann Garcia, Laura Elena Garcia. Leonard Garcia. Luz Maria Gardenhire. Christina M, C- -T Paige Machalle G Lakita E Gary. Oesnee D, Gaskin. Collene Andrea Gales. Kimberly Michelle Gebara. Manuel Geib. Lisa Christine Gelst, Linda Lah Ghazarlan, VIkain Vahnch Gibbons, Shauna Le Gibson, Anaslasia Gibson. Bobby Ray Gibson, Victoria Lynn Glee. John Erwin Giffoid, Jimmy Lee Gilbert, Jerry Brian Gilbreath, Darren Wayne Giles, Anna Mane Gillard. Elizabeth Rachel Gilliard. Rachel Elizabeth Gilmore. Famous Taipharr Girard, Shawn Patrick Glascock. Trent Lee Glore, Crystal Lea Glover, Stacey Mane Gnehm, Dean Derle Godsey, Deborah L Golden. Richard Maurice Golden, Shaun Kelly Gomes. Anthony S Gomez, Gary Ray Gomez, Gina Michelle Gomez, John D Gomez. Jose Luis Gomez, Laura Ann Gomez, Michael D Gomez, Steven Anthony Gonzalez. Andrew Gonzales. Manuel Gonzales, Michelle Jeanette Gonzales, Rhonda Gonzales, Vincent EuJward Gonzalez, Diane Louise Gonzalez, Felicitas Marina Gonzalez, Lorer a Lillian Gonzalez, Michael Ray Gordon. Joyce Gordon, Tony J Gore, Danny Lee Gosney. Tammy Christine Gosney, Tracey Shannon Gossage, Barry Leroy Gourley, Timothy Edward Graddy, Tanya Mane Graham. Tracy Renee Gray. Altha Mane Gray, Francine Elizabeth Gray. Gregory Jerome Gray. Michele Janeen Gray. Thomas Edward Grebs, Glen Martin Greek, Lori Ann Green. Vincent Alex Greenup, Brian Lynn Greer, Jennifer Mane Gregory. John Stanley Gregory. Robin Michelle Grigg, Kenneth Daryl Grimm. Timothy William Grinder, Carolyn Kaye Grinder. Phillip Charles Gross, John Bryan Grubbs, Pamela Sue 173 104 9. 104.227 173 143 173 173 104. 127.231 173 173 lO 173.210 143.200 174 143 143. 174 143 104 143 174 174 143 143 174 143.206 143 174 22S 104 104 118 144 174 144 144 144 174 48. 104.231 66. 104 104 104.231.240 174.210 104 174 104. 127 144 174 104 144 174 174 72 144 206 104 174 200 174 144 63. 144 174 105 144.206.232 80. 118 144.230 144 174 35. 104 174 28 144.250 144 174 144 144 144.210 200 144 174 48. 105 144 175 145 175.232 68.69.70. 145.248 175 175 175 145 184 145. 195 175.231 105 105 230 Index 315 ] Gfuenincf, Gary Wayne Guerrero. Daniel Villela Guillen, Sylvia Mane Guinan. Brian Phillip Guinan, Steven M Gustafson, Jessica Ann Gulierrei, Ar giete n Luc|ue Gulierrez. Raymond Paul Gulierret, Regina Michelle Gvesrude. Shelly Rae Hockethal, Anna Magdalena Haflell, Dianna Joy Haider. Carolyn Mane Hale. Mildred Christina Haley, Patrick E Halim. Daniel Liemkiem Hahm Erick Hall. Dwayne Clayton Hall. John Kenneth Hall. Reginald Keith Hall. Witham Morns Hall. Holhs Jr Hamblin, Sleila Lynn Hamidi. Abdul Qadire Hamilton, April Mane Hamilton. Bridget Lynn Hamilton. Melinda Kelene Hamilton, Paige Andrea Hamilton. Philip Michael Hamilton, William Stacy Hampton. William Hamnck Chnstpht D Haney, Deanna Lynn Hankerson Lisa Renee Hansen Slacey Alayrw Harbauer, Michelle Lee Harden Veronica Delois Hardesty. Alan Leroy Hardy, Felicia Letncc Hardy. Gina Rerwe Hardy, Stephanie Lynn Hardy. Terry Bernard Hardy. Tina Louise Harper. Bryan Lemont Harri Harri Harn Harri Han Han Harn Han Han Harn Harn m 73, 105. 124, 125. 145.: 28, 105. M, 59, 145,: 146.226.227.; IS. Andrea IS. Cassandra Faye IS. Dwayne Vincent IS, James Walter IS, Karen Renee IS, Letecia R is. Michelle IS. Venita Renee ison, Corey Wendell ison. Michelle Antionetl ison. Roland Emmilt Harvey, William Lee Hasan, Suhail Faisal Hatch. Thomas Earl Haumann, Tammie Noel Hawkins, April Elaine Hawkins, Eric Gary Hawkins. Maria Renee Hayes. Michael Lynn Hayes, Raelene Demse Haynes. Dawn Renee Haywood. Darron Hazellon, Jar etle Elair e Heagstedl. Kenneth William Heagstedt. Todd Jeffrey Hedenland. Steven Perry Hcim, Anthony Ray Hemstreet, Karl Erik Henry, Jesse James HI Hensler, Angella Delynn Herbert Kevin E Herman, Edward Herr ar%dez, Aurelia Hetnandei. Barlow Hernandez. Christina Irene HernarxJez. Gabriel Castellon Hernandez. Joe Manuel Hernandez. Maria Guadalupe Hernandez. Ralphael HerrvarxJez. Steven Hernandez. Victor Castellon High. Jonathon Burdett Hill. Dane Andrew Hill. Deni e Louise Hill. Noel Mane Hill, TooiaD Ann Hitchcock, Sandra J HoaglarKJ, Michelle Teresa Hoback, Debra Mane Hoeppncf, Brett Lynn 73. 75. 105. 196.200 175 105 17 ' 171. 145 175 145 145 145 145 , 175 . 128 175 .243 . 129 105 145 175 . 175 175 145 175 145 .. ?32 .232 200 175 175 146 175 146 175 175 76 175 . 175 146 . 146 146 197 146 . 176 176 105 I 176 146 68 60 105 176 146 105 ..200 105 146 146 176 146 i. 219 146 1.219 146 105 105 176 146 146 13, 14. 105. 129,232.233.312 118 176 176 62. 146 176 176 176 105 176 176.210.211 176 147 176 176 48. 105. 129 105.218.; 146.; Holcomb. David Lee Holguin. Laura Duran Holguin, Loretia Ella Hotlaert. Dorothy Ruth Holland. Gary Wayne Holmes. Brian Kelly Holmes, Kelley Mane Holmes. Tanya Lynn Honeslo. Sylvia Ann Hopkins, John A Hornback, Kelly Jane Hoskmson. Timothy Brian Houston, Adrienne Houston, Terrell Lee Howard, Arie Marte Howard, Barbara Ann Howard, Krisll M Howard. Lisa Kay Howard, Rosa Ann Hubbs. Tiffany Allison Hudson, Bettie Lavern Hudson. Kimberly Renee Hudson, Kynia Monique Hudson, Mary Lestnce Huff. Rosalie Mae Huff, William Huffman. Mancy Kaye Hughbanks, Daniel Scott Hughlett. Stacey Mane Hunter. Brian K Hunter, Michael Allen Hunter. Sonya Lalrice Hunter, Tonnette Mane Hufston. Sylvia Ann Hurt, Rhonda Jeanine Hurtado Hubert Husain. Syeda Sakma Husband, Frances Mae Husbumrer. Chanut Iker. Kimbe.. " nne Inge. Michele Ingreso, Romy 1 Irby. Manci Jeannette Irvin. Stacey Anne Isaac, Cheri Annette Jackson. Demse Antoinetl Jackson. Kimberly Anne Jackson. Ronald Patrick Jackson, Trone Jacobo, Michelle Bernardii Jacobo, Patricia Estelle Jacobs. Ryan Ray James. Tern Lynn Jamison. Phillip Alan Japs. Tern Demse Jarrelt, Dawn Rene Jauregui. Yvonr e Jefferson, Eric Jefferson, Joseph Phelan Jcffery. Gloria J Jeffries. Michelle Lehua Jenkins, Latisha Lanette Jenkins. Lalonia Jenkins, Lionel Ricardo Jensen. Karen Sue Jimenez. Luis H Jimerwz, Lynn Mane Johansen. John Richard Johnson, Brenda Lynn Johnson, Cheryl D Johnson, CirMJa Lynn Johnson, Clifton Eugerw Johnson, Enk Shawn Johnson, Frar cir e S. Johnson. Gary V Johnson. Jeremy Michael Johnson, Jimmy Roy Johnson. Keilh Allen Johnson. La Vora Johnson, Lisa Lashawn Johnson. Michelle Lorcien Johnson. Sean Patrick Johnson, Sharon Y Johnson. Stacy Darcel Johnson, Stephanie Gay Johnson. Slephenie L Johnson. Sybil h or 106 34.48,80. 106. 126 106. 127 177. 197.200.242 177 62. 148 148 58. 177 148.223 177 76. 77. 148 106 106 177 148 148 106,233 177 148 148 177 177 106,200.201 164, 165. 177 148 106. 177 177 106,229 177 177 177 177.206 177 145 177 II Ldbelle. Theresa Rama Lamar. Samuel 11 Landry, Brian Joseph Landry. Michelle Ann Lane. Keith Jeffrey Lang. David Lang. Ruth Lansing, Loreen Jeanette Lansing. Robert Allen Lara. Jesus Larkins. Sharon Jean Larson. Kevin William L urenson. Katawnya Corvette Lawler. Richard Andrew Lawyer. John Scott Lay. Bun NY Lay. Vouch Leng Lazio. Darin Spencer Lazio. Wendy Lynn Lechuga. Arthur Lou Ledesma. Paul Ethan Lee. Charles Lemon Lee. Constance M Lee. David Louis Lee. Debbie Jar,ette Lee. James Richard Lee. June Lee. Mario 150 178 65 149.232 107.229 149 178 179 107. 127. 149 107 149 150 179 179 107 119 119 80. 107 150 80. 107 150 179 56.75. 179 150.229 150 264 74,75 150 147 Johnson. Tamara Kaye 106.225.230 1 105,224.228,229.231 Johnson. Virginia Lisa 177 105 Johnson. Von Eric 106 105, 129 Johnson, Freddie Lee Jr, 177 58. 147 Johnstone, Anna Marie 148 48. 147 Jones. Dashaun Lavee 178 147 Jones. Jennifer Leah 178 176 Jones. Patricia Arlene 106 176 Jones. Vincent Earl 107 147.220 Jones. Clayton Cozell II 148 147 Jordan, Dawn Elizabeth 107 147 Jordan, Jataun Mane 107. 198. 224. 225 231 147 Joseph, David 178 176 Joye. Julianne Marie 107 147 Juarez. Ann Mary 148 Julian, hancy Lynn 148 176 Julian. Sandra Kay 107 105.225 176 147 105 147 Jipt 147 Jr 176,259 si i 106 Kaenel, Julie Frances 148 177 Kang. Noah Douglas 111 149 147 Kaspenck. Cecilia Joan 149 106 Keeier. Victoria Elaine 178 177 106 Keene, Lisa Elaine 7. lo7 227 177 Keliipio. Charmaine Nalani 149 68. 69. 70. 106 Kelly. Shawn Patrick 118 149 147 Kenley. Kerry Ann 178 256 Kepper. David Edson 178 147,217,220.229.231 Kidwell. Raymond Earl 178 106 Kiecolt. Kennett Moon 178 147 Kienzle. Leonard James 178 147 Kies. Tammy Roberta 149 106 Kim. Eun Chul 149 177 Kimbrough. Gail 178 Kinhart. Mona Lee 178 Kindred. Cynthia Ann 178 King. Candace Jean 178 King. Donald W 178 King. Kenric 48 149 King. Kevin Gerald 149 King. Rosalie Ann 178 177 Kirby. Dennis Michael 178 106.225 Kirkaldy. Sabrina Lee 149 177 106 Kirchner. Gretchen Marie 149 177.200.201 106 Kirkbride. Kelli Maree 107 Kline. April Jeane 107 Knecht. Jeanelle Louise 149 Knisley. Mike Ralph 178 Knutson. Scott Marshall 64 178 Kohl. Thomas Daniel 200 201 Kohler. Christphr Edward 107 Kohn. David Karl 107 229 106 Kondrit. David Charles 9 107 229,231 Kreider, Erik Kenton 178 148 Kremer. Lance Jeffrey 60.62. 132. 133. 149 234 177 Kuhns, Michelle Kathleen 178 210 106 Kurtek, Natalie Carroll 107 13. 148 Kusko Jr , David Alan 178 177 Kyle. Clarice 149 316 Index Lev. RoielUi Rpnet Le , Susan Jin Lemofiine. Wrn Jy Lofine Leon. Andrew David Lrppard. Michael Jay Lesch, Tracey Lessey. Don M Leilpf. Robert Eugene Leihbndae. Rulh May Lewis. Arvdre Anion 34, 66. 67. Lewrs. Anthony George Lewis. Debbie Kay Lewis. Timothy Samuel Limbrick. Cheryl Lynn Linares. Ana Bertha Lirvares. Lelicia Carmtna Lirwres. Micolas Lirures. Rosa I LirxJsay. Cynthia J Lir d4ey. Donjd Lawone Lindsey. Tracy Renard Lines, Regiru Rer e Lipscomb. Dana Gail Little Tracy Lee Livingston. Cliff Alan Loeb, Jeffrey Scott Logan. Tonya Renee Logan. Stanley Christian Jr Lohman. Wendy Jar e Lombard. Philip Carter Longona, Leor el Longoria. Lorella L Lopez. Ana Maria Lopez. Err e5l Anthony Lopez. George Lopei. Leopoldo Lucero Lopei. Lofiann Marie Lopez, Martin Lopez. Richard A Lopez, Albert Leonard Jr Low, Roger Dean Lowder, Terry C Lowe. Deanrka Lynn Lowe, Patrick Wayr e Luckey. Lashondra Lu)an. Monica Marie Luru. Alei Lur a, Annette Lur a, Rebecca. Mane LurvJ Pamela Artcne Lund. Paul Allan Lungatrum, Edward Dee Luther, Michael Jay Lutlerman. heal Chnslpbr Luvert. Bee Ly. Minh Triev Ly. Tan Thanh Lyrvls. Amy Jo Michelle Lyr»es, Richard S Lyon, Michael Eugerw Lyons, Sandra Michelte Mactas. Chrislir a Mane Macmillan, Kelly Ann Macon. Rhonda Lashay Mahan, Jennifer Lynn Mahor ey. John Mahooey. Peter White Malbrough. Gary Malone. Roger Edward Malosh. Michelle Ann MakHjff. Diaru Lynrw Malooff. Michael JarT es MarKirx). Lori Ann Mann. Michael L Mann. Scott Alan A naru. RKhard Lee Manscaf. Lisa Mane Marko. Barbara Ann Marrero, Raguel Marshall. Divearu Dawn Marshall. Kimberly Ann , Martin. Aras L Martin. DarT on Scott Martin. Frank David Martin. Jameal Lashona Martin, Leilye Racf elle Martin. Lisa Mane Martin. ShanI Martin. Tammy Marte Martirwz. Arthur Martinez. Casey TocM Martinez. Diane Renee Martinez. Dtego Jo»e Martinez. EfK AntNanv 28. 179 179 179.210 150.245 179 179 72. 140 107 107 107. 127 150.210 107 28 119 179 179 150 S, 106 179 68 150.206 lOe. 126 150 242 190 108 108 5.150 179 179 179 179 179 179 150 1 79. 245 179 119.223 66,67. 106 106 108 108 108 150 151 64.179 179 106 150.205.253 106. 128 179 151.248 179.200 179 151 180 ISI 180 151 151 170 loe 103.203 151 loe 153 180 108 108 151 180 151 180 108 151 180 151 108 108 151 108 151 119 151 180 151 lao. 191 75, 151 46. 49. loe 48.50. 151 152 152 180 Martir ez, Hope Denise Martir ez. Kelley Anne Martir ez. Mark Eric Martifwz. Patricia E Martiriez. Victoria Mane Masser gale. Maria Hedwig Massengale. Peter Willy Massey, Christphr Travis Maaterson. Gilbert Eugene Maloy, Malissa Leanr e Mattingly, Michael John Matvey. Karen Ann Maurer. Debra Irene Mauricio. Marcella E. Maurus. Jodi Marte May, Melissa Renee Mayer. Robin Rer»ee Mayo, Michael James Mayorga, Timothy Scott Mays. Jeffrey Lee Mazzella, Jeanette McClellan, Jacqulin Denice McBride, James Alan McBride. James F McCallum, Frances Lavonr e McClain. Genise Michelle McCloud, Janet Yvonrw McCorkle. Lisa Michelle McCoy, Carmen Mane McCoy, Evangelin Lovelle McCoy, Knstina Noelle McCoy, Randal Sean McCreighl, Shanrxxi Renee McElroy. Stephanie C McGee, Vikki Anr e McGinness, Linda Ruth McMaffte, Dwayne Lawson Mclnnis, Eric Deon Mclnnis. Teresa Lynn Mclver, Rhea Jeanine McKeever. Sheri Lynn McKiernan, Maureen Kathenne McKiernan. Thomas Edward McKinrxjn. Robert Vaughan McLain, Anthony Euger e McLaughlin, Charles Irvin McMillan. Ruby Annette McNeil. Adolph McNeill, Ejic Anthony McFhke. Anthony J Mead, Laura Michaelle Meadows. Claude Randall Meas. Sokunthy Medirva. Domitila Maria Mediru), Mark Anthony Medir a, Stacy Ann Medir«, Felix Jr Meech, Timothy Allen Me)ia, Augustine Mejia. Elizabeth Mejia, Juan Ramon Mejia, Milton Jesus Mejia, Steven Jeremiah Mena. Martin Gerardo MerM, Theresa Mane MerKiez, Irma MerxJoza. Anna Mane MefkJoza. Jcar ette Bealnt e MerKloza. Julian David Mercado, Ros ana Mariru Mestlin, Monja Meyers, Daniel Joseph Micf aelien, Kenrwih Buch Michel. Paul Danuel MichI, Shelly Mar« Mile , Thanh Danh Miller, Donru Lynn Miller, Jeff Miller. Julie Miller, Lotno Michelle Miller, RachHleDrena Miller. Robert James Millef . Staci Camilte Millett. Kristin Lynn Millican. Lynn Nauiy Mills. Gene Patrick Mills. Mekmi Rose Mito. Hollie Lavette Mikj. Rhonda Lar ette Mirarvla. Yolanda Ann Misch. Michele Monica MitchHl. KHIy Anne MitchHI. Scott Leroy Mitchell. Suzaruu Louise Mo6 ey. Christirw Marie Montague. Lawrence E vin Jr. Moore. Bfian Keith Moofe. CotefTwin Hervy 15.26,33.35. 109. 127, 28,32. 133, 150. 58.66. 66,67. 109. 129, " 180 151 27.80, 109. 1 7 t 180. 182 180.232 109 180 180 180 180 56. 180 152 152 109. 129 109 66, 152.232 72. 180 180 152 180 152 48. 152 153 180 109 109.203.225 181 152 ». 127.225.236 181.232 152 153 181 181 181.256 121.242 109 152 203 206 232 233 152 181 181 181 152 152 153 181 181 181 109 181 229 201 181 153 181 151 153 181 153 109 153 133.204 73 109 153 181 181 153 153 119 181 181 109 119 74.75 46. 109 181 109 181 7Z 109 109 153 109,210 181 181 119 250 153 181.253 182 182 182 109. 153.200, Moore, Deanne Michele Moore. Heidi Mane Moore, Lisa Ann Moore, Marion Denise Moore, Marty Leroy Moore. Roruld e. Shannon Levay Moore. Shauntae Rael Moore, Terry James Moore. Richard Allen Jr Morales, Joseph Michael Morales, Steven Aguirre M erva, Lisa - er o, Veronica Chnstir e Morgan. Bruce Torres M-irgan, David M Mijtfis. Deborah Mane Morns, Denise Mane Morris. Martin FUgeraW ' • " Xris, Robin Myeko M- lis. 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Monika Faye 184 Poorman, Nanci Louise 156 Portillo, Mane 112 Pound. Chad W 112, 124. 125. 128 Pounds. Michael Douglas 184 Powell. Paul David 184 Powers, Bradley Stephen 112 Powers, Paula Mane 7. Prak, Sichan 156 Prater, Jason Edmonl 112 Prater, Sean Thomas 184 Pratt. Anthony M 185 Pratt. Stephen Robert 112 Prentice. Glen D 122 Presley. April Antoinette 112 Price. Michelle Rose 185 Prieto. Martine Anthony 80. 156 Prrxropio. Lucila 5. 112 Q) Quakenbush, Veronica Lynn Quenga. Victoria Corral Quthuis. Bryan Anthony Quillen, Charles Eugene Quimby, Rene Alex Quiroz. Marlene 156 IBS 156 156 185 112 185 185. 232 185 185 185 156 Rams, Stacey Elaine Ramirez, Angela Ramirez, Dominic Gaglio Ramirez, Ernest Frank Ramirez. Lorena Ambnz Ramirez. Melissa Ann Ramirez, Miguel Ambnz Ramirez. Sandra Ambriz Ramirez, Steven G Ramnarain, Fiona Yasmin Ramnarine, Roshan Scott Randolph. Don Evrelte Ranoa. Raoul Bautista Rashed, Hamilcar Khalid Rashed. Michelcar Sudanica Ray, Amanda Kathleen Raymer, Brian Aden Rea, Lawrence Ronald Jr Redd, Charles Howard Jr Redden. Chnslphr Ross Reddick, Sandra Lynn Reed, Celeste Jean Reed, Rom Sue Reed, Scott Thomas Reed. Thanong Reed. Walter D Reid, Franklyn Reid, Winston Reid, Ronald Paul Reo Rench. Shawn Anthony Rene. Enrica M Renfro, Christina Lynn Renfro, Paul Robert Jr Renna, Nicholas Eugene Rentz, Michielin Rachel Rentz. Daniel Kenneth Jr Resendez. Craig Edward Resendez. Michael Aaron Reyes, Catrece Lynn Reyes, Chnstinn Louise Rhodes, Carolyn Rena Rhodes. Victoria Mane Richardson. Beverly Tia Richardson. Catnna Lynne Richardson, Kim Yvette Rickard. Karen Sje Ritter. Richard Allen Jr Rivas, Jesus Jess Rivera. Eunice Mane Rivera, Guadalupe Catlina Rivera, Timothy S Roach, Deanne Louise Roach. Kenneth Duane Roberson. Derrick L Robertson. Chnslphr John Robertson, KeKey Jo Robey, Kevin Patrick Robinson, Damond Michael Robinson, Dionne Lamia Robinson. Felicia Ann Robinson. John Anthony Robinson. Kimberly Renae Robinson. Prea Mane Robledo, Christina Cynthia Robles. Leticia Robles, Rudolpho Jr Rodotker. Traci Lei Rodriguez. Christina Maria Rodriguez, Delilah Jean Rodriguez. James Joseph Rodriguez. Lisa Mane Rodriguez, Prudencio Salgado Rodriguez, Rafael Manuel Rodriguez, Thomas Rojas, Michelle Lynn Rojas, Paul Romero, Margret Ann Romero, Robert Anthony Romero, Rodolfo Bedia Romo. Irene Mane Rosa, Jami Leigh Rosales, Fernando D Ross. Cynthia Ann Rouse. David Robert Rowe, Loyce Labice Royce, Mark Kimble Rubin, Ladonna Rubin. Mitchell Rudolph, Darren W Ruesch. Julie Ann Ruiz. Dano Ruiz, David Rupe. Cherly Eileen Russell, Dana Anne Russell, Jewelene Frances Russell, Kimberly Diane Russell. Marc Edward Russell, Maurice Jr Rutmayer. Edward Joseph Rwizi. Shupai 186, 156 112 156 80. 112 5, 112,224,230 112 156 185 Sabio. Benjo Reyes 156 Samontina. Marivic Baclay 98. 185 Sams. Eric Eugene 112 Sanchez. Chris Jesus 185 Sanchez. Esgar Lopez 156 Sanchez. Jorge Lopez 185 Sanchez. Michael 185 Sandilands. Jeri Lyn 112.245 Sandilands. Tiffany Loraine 112 Sanford. Jonelle Laraee 112 Sanford. Michele R 73 Sanzberro. Anna M 112 Sanzerro. Sebastian 112 Sarmiento. Lucy Raquel 112 253 Savallos. Cynthia Jane 112.232 Schaelfer. Richard C 48.80. 112 Schaffer. Michelle Ann 5. 185 Scheppers. Shannon Mane 185 Scheppers. Tracie Ann 122 Schmitt. Brandii Christine 122 Schmitt. James Michael 157 Schroyer. Travis Lee 112 Scott. Lawrence Ben 185 Scott. Linda Ann 157 Scott. Lorn Eleen 185 Senegal. Alex E 113 Sentlpal. Darlynn Grace 113 Serna. Donna Mane 53.72.73. 157. 185 Serrano. David Ortiz 7,48. 113 Serrato. Guadalupe Jr 113 Shannon. Lattice Deshone 185 Sheib. Anna Mane 185 Shepherd. Karen Elane 113 Shimahara. Roberto 113 Short. Katherine May 227 Shroads. David M- 185 Simmons. Tracy Lynn 185. 200. 225 Simms. Marcus Asa 185. 191 Sims. Chad Mitchell 16. 185 Singleton. John D. 185 Sinor. Cammie Sue 185 Skellengei. Tricia Kay 157 Skipper. John Michael 157 Slagor. Tracey Ann 113 Small. Maurice Terrell 113 Smalls. Robin Mane 19. 113 Smallwood. Tanya Lynn 80. 157 Smiley. Gregory Steven 157.218.219 Smith. E)erlinda Temika 157 Smith. Damon Paul 186 Smith. Dennis Eric 113 Smith. Karen Lynn 5. 113, 128 Smith. Kira Raquel 157 Smith. Marcus Trevor 113 Smith. Martin Gerald 186.232 Smith. Melissa Jan 113 Smith. Oscar Delbert Jr. 157 Smithhammer. Bruce 186.200 Snavely. Maria Ann 66. 157.232 Snelson. Brandie Lee 186 Snyder. Lori Ann 157 Soares. Doison Laince 157.226.227 Soesman. Daniel R 157 Sokolgz. Suzette Felice 157 Soren. Scott David 72 Sonchta. Dana 1 113 Sotelo. Carmen Ruth s 229.231 222 186 113 113 186 113 186 157.204 200 186.259 113 157 186 80. 113 198.259 157 186. 191 158 14. 15.97. 113. 128.234 186 186 113. 186 187 187 158 187 116 65 116 158 62. 158 80 75 158 158 116 116.224.231 1 16. 227 187 4 158.235 158 80 26. 116. 128 4. 113. 116 32. 191.206 158 158 123 116 55. 1 16 116 158 116 158 187 187 116 158.204 48. 116. 127.233 198 158 28 190 158 158 158 187 158 16. 128 158 60.61. 158.229 116 126 158 158 48.72 158 116 187 159.229 187 159 1 16. 229 116 116 19. 117 159 117. 128.203.225 159 159 80. 117 117 159 318 index Solelo. Cesor 117 Self lo, Phyl Nofo 117.232.244 Sprars, Sammy L« 117 Sprnglrr. Richard Waller 187. 245 Spwr.. A Ifrrd M Sprldgeor . David Orir 117 Stamps. Larry Van Jr 159 Slancrl, Ryan J 187 Standrin ). Darrell Dean 199 Standeld, Steven Leroy 73 Starbuck, Julie Delann 117 Stark. Victoria 117 Steele. Daphne M 159 Stetchen. James Edward 159 Stephens. Shetie Marie 58 117,229 Still. Kristie Lynet 187 Still. Noelle Rener 117 Slotler. Tiflani Shannen 14. 117 232,235 Siroughter Charles H Jr 68,69,117 Stutson. Clifford James 159,219 Slutson. Waller Stanley 156 Sumlar. Ronald James 117 Summers. Sherri Lynn 159.220,229 Sunoskie. Richard Wayne 117. 160 Sweat. Shonyea Yvette 187 Swinlon. Donelta Gloria 160.198 Sykes. Raymond Leroy Jr 60.160 w !fp Tabof . Leon John Ta Qell. Dawn D«siree Taggrtl. Wayne J( Tapia. Laurie Christine Tapper. Samuel Anthony larar c)o. Rosalind Tate, Michael Anthony Taylor. Justin Richard Taylor. Paula Sue Taylor. Roland Nathaniel Taylor. Simon Taylor. TererKe Timothy Teal. Trina Lynn Temple. Gregory Leon Templeton. Melissa Jeane Terraus. Carlos Enrique Tetraias. Catalina Terrazas. Jose, Zacarias Thaxton. Cheryl Lynn Thaxton. Kalhryn Laverne Thayer, Michael John Thomas, Brandon Louis Thomas, Brian G Thomas, Daniele Mane Thomas, Fnednch Emanuel Thompkins, Joson}ia Rene Thompson, Brian Keith Thornton. Darmon C Thurman, Tract Michelle Todd Denice Mane Todd, Robert Merl foolan. David Patrick Torquato. Maria Therese Torres. John Torres. Ramon Torres, Victor F Torrei. Robert Peler Trammell, Danila Yvette Traylor. Joseph Trevirx). Raul TnbWc, Margaret Trimble, Scott William rri.Tible. Shannon Kathleen Tnpfi. Anqela D Troxell, Kurt Richard Trujeque. Paul E Tucker, Heidi Jeanne Tucker, Wendy Rer ee Tudor. Tom Arulrew Turner Candy Elaine Turner. Roy A III 117 198 187 159 187 5. 187.210 )39 187 159 159 187 117 187 48. 123 187 )67 159 123 187 187 123 117 159 187.258 72. 159 187 187 159,226.227 159 117 117 188 53. 188 5. 117.228.229,230 160 160 160 188 118 160 188,258 160 188 160 188 4.118 118.265 188 188 W CJIery.Carrie Cilery. Shireen Eliiabelh Clinch. Mark Wayne 160 160. 205. 232 160 Valdel. Jame Ray Valdei. Kamoran Annette Vallentlne. Elliatielh Call Valies. Andria Maria Vesquei. Beatrls R Vasquei. Irma R Vasquei. Maria Carmen Vega. Michael Anthony Velarde. Jesus Rat ert Velasquei. Cynlhia Ann Velasqt|ei. Estanlslado Velasquez. Eslellaa Velasquei. Graciano Quiroz Velasquez. Michael John Velasquez. Thomas Jr Veliz. Alfonso Verbanatz. David Wayne Vernon. Sally Mane VIdana. Martin Angel VIdaure. Dennis Villa. James Martin Jr Villanueva. Robert Anthony Villaruel. Steven Ray Vlllegas. Gina Michelle Villeqas. Pablo Jr Villescas. Juan Carlos Villescas. Leticia Irene Violette. Lance Gregory Violette. Todd J Vogel. Daryl Alexander Vultaggio. Andrea Marie 118 Ibi 188 231 160 188 188 188 160 118 188 188 188 123 , 160 lea 188 62 80. 118, 129 160 li;9 118 123 118 160 73, 189 160 189 189 il. w Waddell. Jerrell Scott Wade. Jennifer M Waggoner. Aubrey Wayne Wahid. Jameel Abdul Wahid. Malik Abdul Wahid. Mahka Abdul Walker. Danyelle Walker. La Shawan Cherese Walker. Larry Darnell Wallace. Barry Lynn Wallace. Sophia Evangeline Walsh. Carol Margaret Walsh. John A Walsh. Sean Joseph Walters. Carol Ann Walters. William Wayne Ward. Steven L Ward. Therease, Michealle Warren. Harold Barnard Washington. Camilla S Washington. Toya Yvette Waters. Ray Watkins. Joseph Glenn Watson. Shaunalyn Claire Watson. Robert Lee III Watts. James R Weaver. Sonya Darnell Webb. Wendy C Weber. Kimberly Ann Weber. Mark Allan Weldon. Troy Lee West. Scott D Wheat. Michael A Wheeler. Devon Scott Wheeler. Steve Spencer White Dena Rozelle While. Elgin Marcellus White. Kalleen Denise White. Shan Lyn Whitney. LirxJa Dianne Wichmann. Paul William Wiesmann. Holly Renee Wiesmann. Joel David Wilcots. Thalleaus Lorenzo Wilford. Glenn Paul Wllford. Joseph Edward Wilkinson. Steven Robert Willardsen. John Elliott Willardsen. Margaret Rosanne Williams. Andrew Michael Williams. Celeste Karen Williams. Dawn Mane Williams. Demetrius Lemon Williams. Lashon Jnice Williams. Marcella Leoru Williams. Marcia Renee Williams. Martin Drew Williams. Michelle Y 50 189 80. 123 18.69 75. 160 160 189 189 161 118 lis 118 161 189 189 lie 161,229 8 64, 189 161 75, 118 118 189 19,220 28,48, 118 161 189,200,225 161 118 189, 191 189 161 28.46,48 189 189 118 189 119. 128.232.233 119 161 161 189.236 119.234 181 119 189 189 128, 189 132. 133 189 189 161 48. 119 189. 200. 225 14. 15. 119 161 119 161 WllHam. Millie Annrtta WitllAmi, Roianne BernKe Williams, Scarlet Geneiie Wllllamton. Dale Edward Willis Crystal Jeanne Wilson. C ynthia Renee Wilson. Jennifer Arme Wilson. Mark Thomas Wilson. Robert Lee Wilson. Todd Allen Witruh. Hendrick WIrroh. Martha Wise. Tammy Lynn Womeck. Biafra f nean Wood. Todd Russell Woods. L etltia Donella W uDdstra. Marissa Dawn Woolley. Joel Franklin Wooten, Marvin Woofers. Richard Alan Wozniak.Michele J Wozniak. Monica A Wright. Kevin Kaneala Wright. Kevin Lamann Wright. Ten Lynn Wright. Tracy H Wuerch. Gretchen Wyatt. Daron Lawrence Wyatt. Garon Duell WyckoK. Randy Fredrick It Yanez. Maria Teresa Yates. Cassandra Renee Veager. Theresa Deanne Yocum. Tena Lynn Yoo. Young Ha Young. Bridget Yvette Young. Gemi Lee Youngblood. Derrel Wayne Zamorano. Regina Julie Zamorano. Ruben R. Zamorano. Rudy Zanone. Paul V Zarale. Abelardo Antonio Zavala. Richard Francis Zimmerman. Krishna Tara Zinni. Rae Angela Zitter. Kenneth Eugene 161 119 189 109 1 19. 236 161 M, IS9, 232 161 161 119 190 119 119 190 190 190 232 161 119 190 119 161,205 190 190 161 161,218,219 60, 119, 128,232 241 241 119 190 119 119,200,201 190 161 119 72. 161 48, 161,228.229 119,264 190 72, 119 119 190.259 191 2. 190 161 190 Index 319 320 COLOPHON Volume twenty-six of the Eisenhower High School Aquila, Rialto, California, was published by the 19 member yearbook staff and printed by Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, Texas. The 320 pages of Changes were printed on 801b. enamel paper. The Aquila cover is gold with a black overtone. The body type on all pages is Korinna. Titles on dividers and alpha letters on accomplishment pages and the index were printed in Vinetta type. All photographs were taken with either Minolta or Pentax cameras, using a variety of lenses ranging from a 55mm through a 70-210 zoom. The color and black and white photos were taken by the Aquila staff who took approximately 30,000 black and white pic- tures and 2,000 color pictures. The color photography was printed by Varden Studios. Total cost of produc- ing the 1985 Aquila was in excess of $32,000. To defray production costs, the Aquila staff sold approx- imately $3375 in advertising. Taylor Publishing Com- pany printed 1250 copies of the 1985 Aquila. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The 1985 Aquila staff would like to thank Paul Muckenfuss and Jane Kasel for all their help, friend- ship, time, and ideas: Nathan Tsukroff and the staff of Varden Studios Inc., Robert Cisneros, Krista Longsworth, Portrait World, Dick Diamond, Bob Ramirez and the Rialto Record for sharing photos with us. Colophon AQUILA STAFF 2nd Semester Editor-in-Chief: Heidi Moore Copy Editor: Jill Dunson Layout Editor: Gannett Bell Photography Editor; Paula Taylor Business Manager: Cindy Savallos Head Photographer: Trade Scheppers Sports: Cindy Lindsay Debbie Clark Ads: Sherry Cortez Cindy Lindsay Photographers: Chantelle Briar Tracie Scheppers Wendy Bancroft Kim Sprowls Paula Taylor Academics: Wendy Lohman Clubs Organizations: Raquel Bermuda Steve Hedenlanc Student Life: Lori Ramirez Gannett Bell Index: Bill Nicholson Advisor: Betty Diamond I i ■ i ' l ' ' ... 11- ' ,,r n: ' ' i 1 0 ' Mi f, f k f mf- .tlC hJ . - S ' M Vl r ■fW - ' r 3 y A ) e ¥ h 6 ■ ' - " " ■i. ■ ' . ■ •• , i h - - y-iiV.v . i kl :; :4 i5 ;?f f !Y) ! i .vW : ; ■«|tl -;MM Ou:, .V )i M jfM m. ,mM

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