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fr, f 1 -Z' ' 'A . 5 Z -- f:i-. fl, - jgyfi' XV vV H JN M f X T Dv xy ,VV LM 53' -Kr 1N,V ' w 1 , 'XM N WN ' J, 'J A My , Qty-'f,1 gi:22?g SU iw f Auf LN V, 'Q X NX V V v ' ,. 09 if Q , f by . I 1' xg Qtxx NL 71.1 iiy- :,fff,'ij:-:L:,g:,-vi,,M,:::-Ti,g,?-lfwwg I-I -1 . .. - ' ' G A -X 1 'Fi ',3?T:Qf"'11' f. 'fi-If'-l'J A WJ' ' ff' 1 5419 SQ' "AQ " ' 1 , JW Q X lg? fy L X 1 Xa , -"' ' ..,' A- . -Q " A Af, 15 L HJ Ac U v 1 5 M AGA fy 4 in . --M1 -Y up Q,,,,1- jf ff - 5 Vg Ay. w, UA, 1 vs' IW - y: A h N Y I , -Y V XX 2 up t U fvv 7 fu ' fx 17L,.-M , .wdlfm , 5555 Q ,xx Fx N ny GJ EJQQ f' 5 Y Q f X Ruby" , ,JJ f , pp- 1 - Xin ivcjf y ZZ k 'Y'fJL55 'WC gycff K K . 4. 5 ,KJ ., V QL' ,Lf ff? K F QA3'-ifyLQ74'N -f"P,ig, 4 -, ' 4, if ' ' T '4 ' S125 WU W -H f ,LTA .,AAC?1Qg:A1,,,g f'- gill: A I A'?ff 1.7. 1 A.-51' u.Aff.Z , AV via Y, W'T7f??'ig5i5'T ,5ijjA'A? A'A"' gfff A ' A A if' .fL!i?flZf'f-' . fi - - A ' QA-4 f f.,Qi4?,,gf "' ' M 'N' If A 5 A M , -,---, H A 1: 'L P, ff lf'5"'A Af J-fuk ':AA-?1f,'.A,,,,3e A I -". ' , ' E 1 . 6, ffggm - .td -qi Y W V V 1 ie- P EU 'N' 1-MM rwfll QQAQO- We 'K' wif, M ff W E ifwwmo A Qi -QAAAAAAAAAA YQ A QAAAKY ' A . 'T " w,"" ,V 'TAN Az QA' VW W W- ' ' Jo fqfifffff 'ff-4 ffviv A -v wel I . ww, vnu gum. ff 1 A A " , 0 'ff' " 7 'WWW 'Z J AA A AAAA A W -A AA rw: Jiffy 4221, fy ' fm- qz fjgf A in A3 1 ' Q 3" -A - 11 "'f . ' 'X' VVZA XX Q ,'V 4- . L' P T., , U A ' A A ' X , 'L " My 1 -- 1 El. - X kk V' I .A j'7ifg'L1?' f 1.11 Xi.: L .1 'N A A A5 E ' J ' tit. 1 A 4' "'1 ' f Q1 -rd if' fw-off? in at AV.. ,.:j,j1J' " ' Q -E, p ' X A'. wx! ' Aw' x L x K V W UWfWZAA,H-VX N L' 1 ' f' F :AA W A 19 My xv X 'E U AA A A A ' A: 'A A lip 1 'Jf'v'.,k A C Q V f A iii KJ -al rv 1" ' - I - AA. -1-:Q 6 EXW .A W -X mc: t . '--'f b l G L fL' ,A iff! fx P 3' mm mm, I I' V1 A ul, - QA' ' - . 'N - - A' ,A mill , W' - ALT 5 'I X L' 'KT' X32 Q . XX " ' " W-W " ly A A fi ' fifff 351 "" ! X A A S--,A A "U " A ,X A , ' A lx, q u Mm hmmm: Mum!! Ni . A 9 Eg -- 3 'f ' "L'A - 1 'ff L: A - K ' h?LT5 1fQj7f--IZLZL ig, , , fb 1:5 A -' if H 6 A A A .' iv - '- L' 1' 1 A A A ' 4 - N 'Y '!Fi'mi"'11 A - 'liifi' fi A A YQ -vr.A:'-'4TT ' . - ll!! !-:H 'm mm' E I gi I X lx l Z! ' xi HJ- it M, gigs' A Tf- ' . A , T' ' A . A,-il -.., v ii' 9 if ff. V, f V , - -23 Aer" ' , , , 1 'A M -Q Ax X 'w ,gs"2fu+4 , A w A A' X 'LL 1 1j"SJg1:YQfQ N: 55553 lj. l X, 1 1 All X 'X ,www ,WJ -, IN 3135- 'A 'M '3fL"t, 2 A4 7, 'X 53121 ,Mm K 4 r , 'QQ tf'fS1flJW1', A55, 0,51 jf A ,'Mlfg,gVA . A, i ' .. Y- - X If Eff! ' 'n74SX"" -' Wy' . V F HN., - ' A1 K 1 Ari ' X- Xxx N13 W Af A XX 'I y R 'VE 57 D7 W ' 'flY. ff 'inn X quff' ,W 6 ' 4 m 1 1f'1 - Aw A Q WWW fff fn X M-a,1'u,-s ,fx ' ff? 4? by NM :Av-H IFXKK Aftwnb, VV, Aixlq iii j, f . ,lf if V-'O '1 '15 TVX! ff"'v if V -W fA'QX52NX x -' ."' -fi 1, -Q X ' 2 , -- 2, -g::- IA1' f X if ur. f - 1 h A , --3, .K 5-57" V- Y Y 1 fb G X ,l -3w':g,,,a P d i .A . ,LX Y gif i - , . F ' 'A-' - - A, Z 'Z fs FX 2 'K -A -Ln.: 4 " H f' -X "flu V . A- - Affffv A ' 4 U : ax 1' "" n O Q , A .A Agevzskvim .-fig: A: ,,.l n i - E, ,I N'f4 ?:iMf'N fc Af, A a f ,Q ' f Af! A A., .X - 1 ' ,.. - A f" Ainfw af 40 A 1A f 1 ' Af A f 'fafw W" fww ' ' L'-612,12 Ls, ff jane 'J fiat? A H-f ' fffw' Y Lua' -'AA awww. AA - ffvwf.. A :W ' ' - Wu if-,fggcuy ' 1 cyfou if it ,fl xx Lf. ' ZQQULM f A 21542 CL ,A 1 7 5 I V T -. W A , ? A A - J Cac. . ' K If U. X 1mAl,-,f,. ,L .-A--1 f A, Li -fv , A qu ,AY A41 d I X ' W' M1 X Q- ' :' - ' , fi' wi f xr A ...L 4 -V N' A ' W i-,QQ G - -A-W A. - - A 7 f f F5. 'Af AA b A ' 1 - 1 W? f U5 Cum C- Q 0 f AA -..... -ii--vb A mx Q V J QW Q Q ffmwf. JJJWJ W if M 5222274 g , A 5 mf Jfg,w4M0,4Mmfwe Jiibfaw d -Q4-aL ,f f72:k, Mm, c,qm,', 1 vm QQ,Q+Q+l Lcff-ICFBQ' Q Laffy! J , , , , if l l x l l VU.: . rf ,MJ -E , .1 , l r 3 l I, ,, . ' , Published by the Student Body of Dwight D. Eisenhower High School, Rialto, California. Editor-in-Chief-Mike Burton. Assist- ant Editor-Karen Brotherton. Business Manager-Donna Kolb. Advisor--Richard Ramsauer. Photographer-Tom Bernard. 51,42 M1 pw .wt .-maid' we-me - 4.fw:,. 1, ref. it . iff' i, -If 4-1: gf' .,,..,.V.X.- .aw if Q, M- we -.--:iw - ,- sw ,-.s w Awww-,.s: fw ivii - .ye "uv: jxr. 'f..zf'v1g.-4. v, . I viwh l I at aaraoe . ,Qm A fw my vu gxa 1 if- l x Q A Vi' , xi? J' W W X is if h -JG, 4- . . hui :TF nw: -.., J l ,ff wwf is in qg1lQ5?.fjQ l l W ig Nlutgfi B if Si B 'E . ll? L" Jr l' . 7 i . , - ' ff 4 VU' A i yy -, -xl A V Fujgi X - X 1 X.,yV UQ FKQYWB l65,1 Qg1S WR NX My . xf Nf' Tx kfkwly ix cw GQ Dwi K, ! NL 1 M5 Rib? 'V PWWWY 'GK 9 if MW Www! 'FN' swf' PJJJL. C51 ,, Nm , M' .gw XA M Cx LN ,f ,.n, ..AA..A,A,, A 4 ,A uh 2 it,u.L.f4.1::,fA-Srl! A"'i pf V ' . eg. .,f., V My 1 4 U - f f ' ag xr a 151, ..,, I' 3Vfr, ku kb J 450' I ,, :f,5YQ2,, A' 6 Ag ffl A I 1 1 ,Q ' mm Af f fi W 1 ' 4 W f. IL' I-.ww . ,,. ,,.x. ,A , , W 434 A Mr' EQ ,, ' JY M41 gl -' rf QP ' AVA C1 f 1 H' 1 gf ,V Q' 1 I JCM 'vg""Q,Vif m 9 oi 'A . 'ii' M055 awk? . ' ' r u AQ 4- 'I X 05 1 5? 9 U1 Q3 W CJNNQ., K-NPN 5 ' ' Nw of? N I ,fi ifV1JYfMf , 's Qlixlg' Q Qfwa.,Q l x, x fT?fLAwW.M,:,2,1f: uw Mdlwf ta 3 G K9 r-jfbwfwf iii: MJ AAZZL 'vifgfffff F 'I Md 32.1. f2 aJ:fL N0 sl '-7 ', -A A ,. , -b , . N W 1 S I ' 1 4 sl E XIIX1 li - Z' X1 A. un Lf . 1 f . 1:1 - 1, ' 'H 'f .,.fw.,,,. ' . aoclxvv.-f ,. -M I AA M V' ' 5 :V -"lV' , L 1 1 w ,T . ,,-......i-., ,,,. , ,-, . n.gws "4 i A These pictures illustrate the patience and charm and love that eminates from Mrs. Margaret Todd. H . 4 DEDICATIGN We dedicate this book to Mrs. Margaret Todd Since this is the first Aquila to ever come off the presses for publication, the Aquila Staff wanted to honor someone very special and de- serving. The choice was easy because Mrs. Todd has been a resident of Rialto for over 30 years and during that time has served our community unself- ishly and untiringly. She was the first teacher for many of us in this area. This lovely lady was born in Edenkelly, Scot- land, and received her educational preparation at Breadelen Academy in her homeland. She is a graduate of Whittier College, class of l932, with maiors in English and Botany. Mrs. Todd was named Teacher of the Year in 1958 by the San Bernardino Federation of Wom- en's Clubs. At this time many people willingly expressed their love and respect for her. Neigh- bors and friends all agree that she has a genuine interest in all people. Many a friend or ex-student has been cheered by a book, bouquet or a basket of fruit, when they were ill, sent by Mrs. Todd. Because of the gratitude and love that we stu- dents at Eisenhower have for Mrs. Todd, we would like to 'rake this means to say "thank you" for her unselfish efforts to all she served throughout her glorious teaching career. Thank you, Mrs. Todd, our friend and teacher. GF AQUILA. Special Dedication ln the first year of Eisenhower High, the Aquila '60 couldn't bypass a man who has given so much of his time and energy to working with the stu- dents, the community and the school. This man has the respect of the entire student body and because of this, the Aquila '60 makes a special dedication to popular head football coach, Milt Smaha. Coach Smaha is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He played football for four years at the University of lllinois. He was on the championship frosh team of 1942. Most of this team appeared in the Rose Bowl Game of 1946 when lllinois beat Stan- ford 42-13. Coach Smaha put in three years in the United States Navy during the war years and afterwards returned to college. He transferred to Western Michigan University ia teachers collegel in 1946. There he played center for three seasons. ln his senior year, he transferred to,the University of Redlands where he got his B.A. and graduate work. His coaching career started as a student teacher and he helped coach the San Bernardino Sophs in 1950 and 1951. After this, he was named head coach at Bell Garden High School in the Montebello district. His second season saw the varsity take a co-cham- pionship of the tough San Gabriel Valley League. He left Bell Garden and took a iob in Fullerton as a driversinstructor and also as "B" football coach. His team won 14 and lost only four in two seasons. Coach Smaha was offered a iob as varsity line coach at Pacific High School, bringing him back to the San Bernardino area. After three years in this capacity, he was named head football coach of the new "Westside" High School, later to be named Eisenhower. lt seems that Pacific's loss was Eisenhower's gain. ln the first season, Coach Smaha's hard working teams rose to heights that no other new school Eisenhower's size had ever mastered. ln the first year on the playing field, the coach's team reached the pinnacle of the final playoffs of the CIF. This was an extremely great honor and can be credited to the hard work of our special dedicee. In Mr. Smaha's first year here, he helped select school colors, pick a fighting name, design uni- forms, order equipment, organize a coaching staff, draw up a schedule for varsity and "B's," act as a combination trainer, scout and coach, and help put the fighting Eagles on the map. Head Football Coach, Milt Smaha, was named as special dedicee of the Aquila '60 because of the tremendous iob he has done in working with the students and supporting the school. 5 working with the student body and community to help Eisenhower High School get off t such a good start We were under extreme adverse conditions for the first six weeks school when we were forced to attend double session at Rialto Junior High School. The school ran smoothly during this time with several of the main school events taking place such as elections formations of clubs, assemblies, etc. Throughout the year our students excelled in sport and academic contests. Our teach- ing staff worked long and hard with students preparing for such things as the County- wide Language Field Day speech contests, merit tests, scholastic tests and, of course, sporting events presented in CIF playoffs. Yes it has been a great honor for me to be the Vice Principal of Dwight David Eisen- hower High School during its first year, and l am looking forward anxiously to more such With the closing of our first year, l feel proud to have been one of the administrator c Erudite, excellent, enthusiastic, ethical, earnest. All these words, are descriptive of many of our students at Eisenhower High School. Considering the outstanding achievement that this school has had during its first year, it is conceivable that these words are descriptive of our entire school. Students and faculty have worked hard and successfully to make our school one that is already recognized as being outstanding. That this could be accomplished in such a short time is indeed amazing and yet it is necessary, so that our future students will have worthwhile educational goals toward which to strive. A special tribute needs to be paid to our class of '6O. Though small, in numbers, this group of seniors were high in quality and in demonstration of school loyalty. Future senior classes can well afford to use our first graduates as models when it comes to exhibiting outstanding citizenship and leader- ship. May I thank everyone who has worked so hard to make Eisenhower High accomplish many things in its first year, things that would have been a credit to schools that have been established for years. TEYW Mil' Edward V. Ryan Principal Wll WE LEAD THE EAGLES rHRoueH Opening our new school has been a proud occasion for us all, students, faculty and parents alike have combined to make this an outstanding year in each of our lives. Our beginnings were most difficult but by good sportsmanship, loyalty, and integrity our stu- dent body took on its problems and came out in perhaps as sensational a style as has been accomplished in the history of any school in its opening year. We could be referring to our athletic program, but not only that, we referring to the excellent clubs that have gotten under way, including the but not only that, we could be talking about our scholastic c that. Actually we are referring to the total picture of our school in its it is a matter of record and thus of everlasting pride with us all. lt of youth, faculty and parents to a dedicated cause. Helen Dollahan Vice Principal l.. R. Schumacher Vice Principal I. N ' 3 ,, . W" hf 1 .K W.. e W . an f' 2? All inn., -,LM I , , H, 255. 5 I, I iv F ' . Anne Alfier Latricia Davis Lillian Olivas Louise Taylor Ralph Thomas Financial Secretary Secretary Secretary Nurse Attendance Officer Doris Boyd Shirley Nicholson Rose Marie Stroh Randall Taylor Avonelle Tierney Receptionist Recorder Attendance Secretary Security Officer Librarian THEIR FIRST YEAR CDF GLCDRY. -4 x .. f Q is-N, 95.1122 A :, 'lei' 1,5443 1, V 4-5 'mn , N9 .42 Q' -fd . F. Foulk E. Gregoire R. Koehlor M. Miller I. Sandoval W. Fritsche A. Haynes S. Lopez D. Rorabaugh R. Turner ' I W. Fenwick Head Custodian Margaret Agretelis Richard Bristow Ernest Cann Physical Education Business Education Industrial Arts Leadership and GAA Sponsor John Dowd Patrick Eagan Clifford Eagles Science Social Science Science Sen-Tetts Sr. Class Sponsor Sam Curtis Social Science Douglas Emerson Applied Arts Key Club Sponsor WE ARE GLAD TO Katherine Eshelman Carl Fishel Emma Gilmetti Applied Arts Math-Science Language Arts Jr. Class Sponsor Mary Gottleib Language Arts Jr. Class Sponsor , fo Q 4- , up-1 V? 'F-:sig 'HIM' 4.-,, ,gy 4 321. Ernest Hadsell Mary Ann Haerer l-0990099 ANS Social Science Speech and Drama Clubs Sponsor Richard Marsh Ernest Matuschka Physical Education Counselor Sitzmarks Sponsor WW' Mary Harkins Business Education Jessie Mercado Language Arts Spanish Club Sponsor of "7.':" it s 7 A , Dick Ramsauer shows off some of his talent during one of his breaks. Besides being a favorite art teacher, he is ad- visor to the annual. Richard King ,, Social Studies Joseph Merritt Social Science i Doug Emerson looks over the Eagle B E Q F E E I S Azurettes presented to the student body. l Carol Naiberg June Newton HUYYY Page Don Peielson Social Science Business Education l-Ul'l9U99e Afls lndusmul Ads Foreign Correspondence Soph. Class Sponsors Sponsor tiff -9' A1 - q,,- K' 4 Friendly Bill Wilson was one of the top l- ' For counselors this year. This group did a tremendous iob getting the students off on the right foot when school started. ! 5 v e n 1 wr-A ,r 717' h , Ffed PlimleY William Priesrley Richard Ramsauer David Rinderknechl Math Club Sponsor Choir Sponsor Applied Arts-Annual Advisor Jr. Optimisls Sponsor Math-Science Applied Arts Math-Science gig, fi! E' A, Naomi Ruderman Modern Dance Club Sponsor Physical Educalion 5 . -19 xl ,..-.173 WE WERE THE GUIDES GN THE 1' 1 Es Lee Schullz Math-Science li- Jerold Siperslein Milton Smaha Marilee Thomas Math-Science Social Science Language Arts ff i for Yuui Q Anson Thompson Blair Uhl Joseph Vidal Nancy Violette Evan Welker Industrial Arts Language Arts Industrial Arts Azurettes Sponsor Special Education Applied Arts -ml ,, V: " ..I A ' -' , Wars " ' T T , I -1-0-4-.ww ..Mw.,,. K... TOUR OF GUR LITTLE D. C. lvon Wilson William Wilson Maralynann Wonfor Social Science Counselor Physical Education 1 , - n ' I-.B f 'V 'f :avi arg. - , iz in I ,sc - TE' ' . 1- WE ARE THE SENIORS THE SENIOR STORY We Seniors are the smallest class Eisenhower High will probably ever have. Although we are only l l0 strong, we are proud of our mighty spirit. We worked hard this year to earn money for our graduation program. The "Powderpuff Bowl" was a hilarious event. lt featured girl football players and boy cheerleaders and pompoms. Officers serving the class were lin order of the picturel z Marge Smithline, Treasurer, Kay Timmons, Social Chairmang Karen Kugler, President, Mike Burton, Vice Presidentg Phyllis Painter, Secretary. We will be the first graduating class sent out into the world by the Eagles. Although we only toured "Our Little D.C." for a short time it will remain in our memory forever as the greatest school ever built. We are proud to say we had a part in beginning what we believe will be a long and honorable EHS tradition. 1 i x ill' ,IX l la figlacwx 'ic J., 12 Q H as 25 K af Q 2" sg W, ...W ' M W E I 2 'Q H 3 1 Q g In H E M I Q E 1 H n 2 M A 5 H if-2 as ff ww nazi 5 W 5 F Q. ff? fi, 3 fx Mig va, 1' li , , few Q W' , Q '."- , ' xv Lv 1' WE, THE SENIORS, ARE FIRST DENNIS ASHBY-Advisory Board, Junior Optimists, Powderpuff Bowl. Dennis wants to go to a iunior college and complete his education. Sports, clubs, dates and dances rank as favorites. GLORIA AUGUST-Gloria wants to get a iob when she graduates from school. Home economics and bowling are her favorite pastimes. RICHARD BAKER-Dick wants to be an electronics engineer. His main interests are electronics, foot- ball and girls. GARY BARHAM-Gary hasn't decided what he wants to do after graduation, but thinks he might like the service. CLIFTON BENNETT-Clif wants to ioin the navy when school is out. He likes hobbies and his favor- ite saying is "Sol" JOHN BENSON-Football and baseball letterman. "Little John" wants to continue his education. He likes all sports and his favorite class is Senior Problems. ROBERT BORST-Christmas Comm., Special Choir. Bob plans on ioining the navy as soon as he grad- uates. "ls that right?" is his favorite saying and he likes football and baseball. DENNIS BOYER-ASB. Dennis likes to say "You're that thing I throw peanuts at" and spends his time playing basketball and baseball. His favorite subiect is algebra. LARRY BREEDING-Larry is going to work for a while before entering the services. "Butch" likes sports, especially football, baseball and swimming. PETE BRUNO-Pete says he is going to get mar- ried when he leaves school, He likes football cmd "dragging" most of all. MICHAEL BURTON-Sr. Class V.P., Key Club Pres., Advisory Board, Annual Editor, FB. Festival Chair- man, temp. Rally Committee Chair., Sitzmarks, Boys State, voted Busiest Boy. Mike wants to go to col- lege and be a millionaire. PAT BUSCEMI--Pat lists math as her favorite sub- ject. She also likes "dragging," dancing, and go- ing to the show. She plans on working after school. TO COMPLETE OUR TOUR OF D. C. if ff--K Sui Ss if HELEN BYBEE-Helen is undecided on what her future plans are. She would like to go to college. Math, CAP, sports and dancing are favorite activi- ties. "Don't believe it" is her favorite saying. CAROLYN CIAMPANELLA-"Susie" likes typing, bookkeeping, collecting pictures. She is undecided on her future occupation. JIM CONNELL-Football letterman, track. Jim wants to go to college after the service. He likes all sports and his top saying is "You said it, l didn't." DOUGLAS COOPER-Doug wants to go to junior college after graduating from Eisenhower. Cruising is his favorite pastime. WARREN COUGHLIN - "Red" likes basketball, cruising, working and baseball. His immediate plans include the navy. JERRY COX-Shop foreman, Powderpuff Bowl. Jer- ry's favorite pastime is being at Baker's Drive-in. He is uncertain on what he is going to do after graduation. ERNIE CRESSWELL-ASB Pres., football letterman, Key Club, Eagles Eye, Christmas Comm. Ernie wants to go to college and enter the forest service or be a teacher. He likes sports and being President. WILMA DAVISON-Wilma likes to read and is a collector of odds and ends. She wants to go to work as a secretary. BEVERLY DENNIS-Beverly wants to be a beauty operator. She likes art, tennis, dancing, reading. She says "I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it." CAROL DUNCAN-Mascot, Talent Club, Sitzmarks Pres., Speech, Powderpuff Bowl, Christmas Comm., Rally Comm. Carol thinks she will either ioin the air force or study nursing. She is a sports lover. SHARON EGLAND-"Sherry" wants to become an airline hostess or beautician. She likes most sports. "Yea-how about that!" is her favorite saying. DENNIS EISENLORD-Dennie plans to get a job in the Pepsi plant after he graduates. Art is his favor- ite subiect. His favorite saying is "Lovely-lovely." ,QQW at WE WILL NEVER FCDRGET OUR PAT ELLSWORTH-Christmas Comm., Sec. of Alumni, Advisory Board, Sen-tetts, Sitzmarks, Bask- etball- Court, Powderpuff Bowl, voted Friendliest Girl. Pat would like to go on to school or be a secretary. DEAN EVANS - Dean is called "Spider" by his friends, He is not sure of what he is going to do next year. His favorite sports are waterskiing and basketball. ROY FARLEY-Roy wants to go to college next year. His main interests are gym, cars and Penny Tibbits. RICHARD FISHER-Richard is going to go to San .lose State College in the fall. He likes physics and football. SAM FRISBY-Sam plans to work for a while then go to college. He likes mechanical drawing, foot- ball, baseball and Gayle Spalding. BRUCE GERMAINE-Football letterman. Bruce plans to retire and go to Hawaii with some friends. Among his favorite subiects are Senior Problems and football. Favorite saying is "lf you say so, George." Football co-captain Larry Whitely presents line coach John Drew a plaque for his hard work during our first football season. -l'..:', GARY GILBERT-Powderpuff Bowl, Christmas Comm. Gary is going to work for a while then go into the armed forces. GARY GLAZE 1 Advisory Board, Under Secretary of State, Powderpuff Bowl. Christmas Comm. Gary spends his time reading sci- ence fiction and in stimulat- ing debates. Gary is going on to college and study physics. LEA GOODRICH-Lea plans to go to college iUCLAl., His hobbies are girls, water skiing and football. His favorite sayings are "swinging" ond "like help." 061414. "hoof TRIP FDR WE FORGED THE PATH X ,ar , 1 JACK IRVIN-"Little Toad" is a baseball player who wants to go to a mortician's college. His favorite saying is old! DENNIS JENKINS - Dennis is another who is bound for mortician's college. He likes car pools and has the favor- ite saying of Hold!" FRANK JONES-"Lucky" will go to college and take mechanical engineering after he graduates. Spanish, sports car racing, and fishing rank high with him. DIANNA GREEN-Dianna was the first president of Girls' League. She wants to be a good wife and mother, BRUCE HARTER-"You can fool some of the peo- ple some of the time and that is good enough" is Bruce's top saying. He likes amateur radio and baseball. College or services are in his future plans. DOUG HELIE-Doug has the nickname of the "Seal." He plans to be a carpenter after he gradu- ates. He likes woodshop, football, cars and "drag- Qing... JUDY HORNSBY-Judy is called "Freckles" by many of her friends. She plans to go to work this summer, but isn't sure where. She likes to say "Holy smokes." LARRY HOUGH-Larry plans to go into an elec- trical apprenticeship. He likes Senior Problems, basketball, and has a large collection of iazz rec- ords. "Fungus" is his favorite saying. VICTOR HOVATTER-Vic is going to leave with the navy next year. His favorite activities are baseball and football. He likes "pop" music and girls. .ef 'ISE f'rx,Q:T i 1 . W 57- Qj -. I '-5--.SYM s , 'Q 6 Co-captain, John Benson, presents head coach Milt Smaha with a plaque indicating the high esteem the players had for their coach. OUR GRADUATION WILL BE THE KATHY .IUNG-Sen-Tetts, GAA Pres., Sitzmarks, Pre-med, Inter-club council, Advisory Board, Christ- mas Comm., Powderpuff Bowl. Kathy wants to be a doctor or a chaplain. "Gad" is her favorite ex- pression. PAT KLEIN-Powderpuff Bowl, Christmas Comm., Girls' League. Pat has been very good in gym this year, She is thinking of becoming a secretary. EDWARD KOHLER-ASB. Eddie, or "Son-of-a-gun" as he is called, wants to spend two years in the Navy and then ioin the Rialto Police Force. Favor- ite subjects are girls and "why sure" is his favor- ite saying. CHARLOTTE KOONCE-Baton twirler, Powderpuff Bowl, Christmas Comm. Charlie wants to work at the telephone company. She likes math, cooking and horseback riding. You can hear her saying "Nellie Bell." BONNIE KOVACS-Football Court, Rally Comm., Powderpuff Bowl, Bonnie is going to New York for the summer and then coming back to attend SBVC. She wants to get married after college. "O really" is her favorite saying. MERRY JO KROPF-Senior Class Editor Iannuall, Sobobans, Christmas Comm., Powderpuff Bowl. Merry Jo is going to Cal at Berkeley next year. ROSE KUBICEK-One of Rose's most outstanding talents is her writing ability. She plans to attend beauty school. She loves to swim and uses the saying "That's a winner" most of the time. KAREN KUGLER-Sr. Class Pres., 4th Football Prin- cess, Sen-tetts, Girls' League Sec., Powderpuff Bowl. "Saphire" wants to go to college and then to New York to be a model. She loves English, swimming, bowling, water skiing, dancing and piano playing. DAVID LAIR-Dave wants to drive a truck after he graduates. He likes history and he also enioys football. He works on a car lots and his favorite saying is "You look like the cat that iust swal- lowed the canary." SANDIE LANG-Head flag twirler, Powderpuff Bowl, Sen-tetts. "Sam" is going to attend SBVC and perhaps become a teacher. She likes Problems, bowling and knitting. Her favorite saying is "Brat," NORMAN LARSON-"Nummin" or "Ole" wants to attend SBVC after he graduates. He likes phys- ics and working on cars and he always says "esplain." JACKIE LEITHNER-Rally Comm., Powderpuff Bowl, ASB, Girls' League. She wants to become a good housewife. 3EGINNING OF A TRADITION 'W' K9 ...wr 'Wav' II' J , f jr" 'nr DONALD LLOYD-ASB. Don is going to either drive a truck or do carpenter work next year. His favorite pastimes are wood shop, football, cars and drag- ging. STEPHEN MATHERN - ASB, Figureheads. Steve wants to attend college. His favorite sport is bask- etball. His hobbies are practicing with bullwhips, acting and dancing. You can hear him say, "Don't bug me, l'm nutty." WILLIAM MEHESS - Sec. of Treasury, Pres. of Speech Club, member of Drama and Key Clubs, Inter-club Council, debate team. Bill wants to be a physicist after six years of college. CHARLENE MEYERS-ASB, Powderpuff Bowl, Christ- mas Comm. "Charlie" is going to work after grad- uation. She Iikes to watch basketball and football. ROBERT MILLER-ASB, FB varsity letterman, base- ball letterman. Bob is called "Bird" by his friends. He likes Senior Problems and sports. His favorite saying is "yesh." He is planning to go to Hawaii this summer. ALMON MOSHER-ASB, track team. Al is going to go to college. He likes Latin, basketball, track and cars. He is sometimes called "CurIy." BARBARA MOYLE-Powderpuff Bowl, Rally Comm., Christmas Comm., ASB. Barb is often called "Shorty." She plans to work next year. "Like crazy" is her favorite saying and gym her favorite class. LARRY NICKLE-Special Choir, Christmas Comm., Powderpuff Bowl, ASB. Larry plans to make a ca- reer of the USN. His favorites are football and Problems. He likes to say "Land 'O' goshen." MIKE OBERMEYER-ASB. Mike is going to work as a mechanic in a bowling alley. He likes most sports and "Gleep" is tops in his saying depart- ment. RICHARD OGLE-Track and Football Ietterman, voted most valuable lineman, ASB. Dick is going to go to work. He likes chemistry and football. "That's life" is his favorite saying. PHYLLIS PAINTER-Football 2nd Princess, head pom-pon, Sr. Class Secretary, Rally Comm., Christ- mas Comm., Powderpuff Bowl. Phyllis wants to be a secretary. She likes the radio and football. JUDY PALMER - Christmas Comm., Powderpuff Bowl, Girls' League, ASB. Judy likes horseback riding, fishing and hiking. She plans to work after graduation. WE WILL BASK IN THE GLORY OF PAM PALMER-Pam plans to work after gradua- tion. Algebra and shorthand are her best subiects. She enioys going to baseball games. VALERIE PERRAULT - Basketball Queen, Rally Comm,. Powderpuff Bowl. Valerie wants to get a typing job. She likes sports and dancing best of all. Her nickname is J.B. and she's always saying "But, Buscemi!" JOHN PYLANT-John's favorite pastime is debat- ing with Mr, Eagan, Senior Problems teacher. He hasn't made up his mind about after-graduation plans. KENNETH PYLANT-Ken is expecting to ioin the navy. He likes any and all kinds of sports. WILLIAM RADICH-Football Ietterman, voted cut- est bay. Bill has a liking for most sports. He is uncertain about furthering his education ARMOND RAYMER-The band president's nick- name is "slant eyes." He isn't sure what he is going to do next year. He likes band, algebrallqjfp Y andjsports. You can 'hear rpm .sayings "y7sh." I V 1 J' . f VJ! 1 I jj W f X J ff I ll Qfdryv' Qfvw ffl JK I J, fu Ufwjrv WU! :UD 1 XV fld UM I ol ul jd U I-Y" 3 LI L J Q 1 Lflv ju D fl do -QQ I ,LX ,LX f V Ur if 3 I X V L dev , JJ 5 ,V V . ,J . I , I , .g rf I Ha fl GI W ,rfllv 5 J AX! M 'V 2 lx I P if ff , - f l fl I , 1 f .I V, , . ,l l ,jf 0 Ll' Llfflx ,J W ' I qV Wy v X U lf L I 4' f J 1, 0 r I 1 If ' CU L! L L J I V Q lX K ad lx The Christmas dance, Snow-Flakes Serenade, was a huge success due to the hard work of the kids decorating. Above are Eldena Winchester, Kay Timmons, Dick Rhoades, and Ernie Cresswell. X I--r 'Hb-f 'T'-rl YN REEVES - Choir soloist Marilyn is going to Brigham Young University and then take a secretarial iob. She likes singing, danc- ing and out-door sports. "Oh, how darIing" and "ReaIly!" are her favorite sayings. NOEL RENTZ - Noel says that he is going to be a professional bum. He likes ceramics and bongos. His pet saying is "Put your hear on my shoulder." .gpg-..... if J""'x RICHARD RHOADES-Advisor Board Pres. n Y , U der Sec. of Activities, Rally Comm. Chairman, Key Club and Sitzmarks V.P., Pre-med. Dick wants to be a doctor, He likes swimming and golf. G? EISENHCWER, OUR ALMA MATER. 91' -in-. -R- me MERCEDES SABLE - A Cappella Choir, Junior Red Cross, Foreign Cor- respondence. Mercedes wants to go to college in Mexico City and study to be a practical nurse. She likes ani- mals and sports. "I shall return" is her fa- vorite saying. DAVID SAWYER-Dave is planning to ioin the Air Force. He enjoys going steady and likes to water ski. DON SCHAEFER-Football Ietterman. Don is go- ing to college. He says that his main activity is Shirley Roesslerh baseball, football and car racing. CHARLES RICE-ASB, football. Larry plans to loin the Marine Reserves and then enter the engineer- ing field. His favorite subiect is foreign history and he enioys baseball and bowling. DAN RIOS-ASB, football letterman. Danny is go- ing to work for a while and then go to college. He likes football, track and photography. SHIRLEY ROESSLER-Football Queen, band V.P., orchestra pianist, dance band. Shirley plans to go to San Jose States and study music. She likes sports and most music. LINDA ROSS-ASB, Girls' League. Linda plans to work next year. She likes Senior Problems and basketball. Her favorite saying is "Oh fudge." DENNIE ROWLAND-Dennie plans either to enter the service or go to college. His favorite activities are football and water skiing. DON SAAGER-"Don Juan" is going into the navy and work in electronics. He likes swimming and most outdoor sports. He says "Money isn't every- thing, but it helps a lot." M 1 tn-un Terry McKee and Bill Snell model the caps and gowns that the first graduating class will wear at their graduation, 21 WE ARE PROUD TO BE FIRST TO BEVERLEE SCHWAB-Beverlee brought a lot of dis- tinction to the Eagles by winning the Betty Crocker Home Maker of Tomorrow Contest. NANCY SHRADER-ASB Secretary, Advisory Board Sec., 3rd Football Princess, Pom Pon girl, Sen-tetts. Nancy likes swimming, tennis, pom pon and short- hand. She wants to be a secretary. JAMES SMITH-Powderpuff Bowl, Christmas Comm. Jim is going to SBVC and then join the air force. He likes Senior Problems and Mr. Eagan. "Kool, man, kool!" is a favorite pun. WILLIAM SMITH 1 Figureheads, Foreign Corres- pondents, Spanish Club. Bill wants to go to Hawaii this summer. He likes football, physics and girls. MARGARET SMITHLINE-Sr. Class Treasurer, Sen- tetts, Sitzmarks, voted Best All Around Girl, Pow- derpuff Bowl, Christmas Comm. Marge wants to go to Europe and attend SBVC. She likes sports and art. BILL SNELL-Football, basketball, voted Friendliest Boy. Bill wants to go to college and then ioin the navy. Sports and his car are tops in his book. AL STADELMAN-"Henry" is going to go to work for a while after graduation. He likes football. DAVID STRAIT-Special choir, Foreign Correspond- ence. Dave wants to be a teacher or a minister. He is going to Baylor University in Texas. Music is his hobby. MERILYN THEEP-"Beep, Beep" is going to UCLA for four years and then go to work at on aircraft plant in L.A. Art, football and swimming are tops with Merilyn. 1 .E 'Y' 2 - E IORS TAKE THE TOUR OF LITTLE D. C. ii' M 'Wim ff 'Nbr Ii.. 93 x MIKE THOMPSON-"Spider" likes girls, cars and sports most all. He has hopes of becoming a farmer. "My cow" is a favorite saying. EVELYN TIMMONS-Advisory Board, Sr. Class So- cial Chair., Football Court, Powerpuff Bowl, Christ- mas Comm., Sitzmarks, annual staff. Kay wants to go to SBVC, then to modeling school or get a "MRS." degree. RUDY URIBES-"Teddy Bear" isn't too sure what his plans are after graduation. He likes gym, music and girls best of all. LINDA UMPHREY-Sitzmarks, Pre-med, Christmas Comm. Linda wants to go to college. She likes horseback riding and biology. DAVID WARD-"Spider" likes girls and music. Dave would like to go on to college when he graduates. NORMAN WATSON-Powderpuff Bowl, Christmas Comm. Norm plans on getting married, going to college for two years and joining the navy. Su- ellen Miller and football are favorite subiects. LARRY WHITELEY-Football team co-captain, voted most inspirational team mate. "Lonzo" is going to Hawaii this summer. He is a real sports lover and likes to say "Tourist go home." ELDENA WINCHESTER-"Shotgun" wants to get married when she graduates. Her favorite subiect is Senior Problems. She helped with the Powder- puff Bowl and the Christmas Comm. SAM WINKLER-Sam is going to ioin the armed services. Racing ranks tops with him. He also likes shop. We are the Juniors THE JUNIOR CLASS ln our Sophomore year all of us were scattered in different schools. Not really belonging, but lust struggling forward with determination. This year the Class of '61 finally became or- ganized. Even though we were new at this busi- ness, we made the most of it. Planning and draw- ing up a full year of fun and excitement. There were many activities sponsored by the Junior Class. The bake sale, the candy sale at Christmas- time, and the hot dog sale for unfortunate students who forgot their lunches while the cafeteria was still closed. All these helped us boost our treasury for the fun we were to have later. We cannot forget the Prom, the first and very best. The theme for this occasion was "Balinese Ball." Colors of pink and orange made an exotic effect. Ending a year filled with excitement. Our very first Junior Class officers did a good job of picking up the pieces and making this year outstanding in the history of Eisenhower. They are June Reynolds, Secretary, Susie Blaylock, Vice President, Gary Blair, President, Maureen Short, Treasurerg Sharon Smith, Social Chairman. I I Q O 'run 9 '51 I S f is 0 f go ug: gpg :ill f' ' lil 5 5 in s, E , 4. 4 4' ,,, f, ,, 1, I '92 26 Q I Q ,, 55 A X L 'f Wy... ,., I 4143. "fl-N W 4 53 gm 14' E513 M. T L1 , ear' V610 ' 1 "'A "7 ,ff ff 1 I I ' 7 f ,, mg L ,ff wif VW f f? IZ fi WZ 6934 E52 James Ackman Don Adams Robert Adams John Aguilar Jackie Allen Pete Anderson Velma Anderson Jim Arr Carol Ashby Sandy Ashford James Aubert Richard Aznar Dorothy Ballesteros Sharon Barbrick Suzie Baumgartner Anne Baxter Clinton Bell Terry Bennett Carol Bergerson Barbara Berry Stephen Beyloas Gary Blair Susie Blaylock David Blunck Sandra Bole Danny Boone Joan Borst Shirley Braswell Karen Brotherton Pat Brown Roger Brown Mary Buckley Lillian Budner Penny Bunce James Butler Karen Cadenhead YCU ENTER CDUR SECTICDN wus...-v R E' f'1 if f K - "-' fe- yyV V r i:.A .. , A 1'i A K r K X W 'E 5? -,ix y li, ' n 1 3 2 'C-' wry. .. ,,,V I I ,, 1 .N : W 3 fi. 13, " 'YZ' r i , i X 1 R v Q9 Sr ' A La' l - 'Q B- 'TTT' f J , , 'ef' VD- it i i B J r a g ? Q rs: 'S We 4 . tw' si? JALJ fy X i ,L ! l of 'Ya HALF WAY THROUGH YOUR TCDUR I J 6 iT"""r' .al is 1 . 4, V ffm! lag, f y y f Kff 211' , -'am lx, mx' L, ' innvs- ' L --...Q 3-T: .Fix 15 1-5: - - - M.. 1 A E. T iz at f 2 .xl,, H T af M ' , V. I ' I ., 1 T, 4 31 Qs , gyf,,,,i l ,,,, I "-f 'fgiinir 5111 Q., " . X 1 L -1 " ji -4-M .1 . 1 11"'i " 'Z 9 , - ,-W, V J. L fy' if .T , G - '7f '54 i I A' ff, 1 .1-f gg I' , 1 , T T 34 1--I eoeo E f ea T l T , -.. Q "" N: fv- N A sid, ' I , J L' Z ,Q in I L - lg' I . 5.1 , L . on gc. gg V AA .5 ', -T AI N 4 . ' PN 'O A, S, 3-Er' 'janv' 1 'Q 4' X..,,, tr in L .L .ls H '- x T ' X N 11.1 A, 5 f Q " 49' C? I cv,,.6 im V, 3 'E' f My L- ,I Q -J' -Q1 1 4-1 N 'R xxx 3 x.. ff' V V L fda' JUBX f, ,,, 4' ,, Cs. .L Ls, X rx 15, , Q, 4 fi? Glen Cahill Vicky Caldwell Doug Cameron Manuel Cano Mark Carey Dale Carlson Christina Carr Sandy Carter Ronald Chaffin Harlin Cheatwood Larry Coble Ed Comer Ed Contrell Dennis Correll Edward Courtney Kenny Cox Ben Cranford .lack Culley Larry Culverhouse Gary Curtis Roberta Dalcerro eroy Daughenbaugh Danny Davis Robert Davis Sherry Dawson Don Deackoff Myrna Delbert Ted Dickey Lorraine Donovan Robert Downing Marilyn Drake Judy Dukenfield Kathy Duncan Sandra Eason Ted Easterling Joan Eastwood +, iv. I 4 5 , 1- v' -ec f ' Q - f M T l 1 2 2 I Z It looks as if Jackie Allen has found herself a date for the Prom. The Junior Class helped make this event a great SUCCESS, J flfa fax ink' 6, Marcia Edwards Gary Elsey Mike Evans Mary Jo Fawcett Eileen Feer Bob Feldt Janet Fellwock Kathy Fergusson Phil Fisher 'S QI M: C , e . T Ii, J ' sf' f iegffg it of .W .1 ', 3, N T 4' N slifytf M to T- 'A' 1 A .T if f 4? w. ""N' ., 4. I -ff ef A-if hi? ARE NOT THE MIGHTIEST BUT f W' G T. "gfN-IFA-J'-' 7 , ' 'Fjlflv v ' ' l Danny Flores X Bob Fortner 28 Joe Fraley June Francis David Francisco Bill Freels Kathy Friedrich Carolyn Frisby Gerald Fuge Diane Funderburg Carolyn Gain Jim Gallavan John Gardner Eddie Gaumont Sue Gebhart Steve Gentry Diane George Harriet Gill "1 4"""' 4 Q 5 3 S ri-, ,Q "i"'fv "CEM, ' T f f , S ff, ...va yy.. -Wt 1 5 ,J . ' T , 4, 4 1 ,an-V , " 4. b' 4 'X fl . ,N gs my inc 'aw 'i' my ,- by f M . .,,,,f X f' M.- w.'41:'T sf ,y grgjff ff 1- 1 f 'W ' ff .fam Q, A -si f s 4. ifd. A 's if 02, 5 fm.-,, 'ilsvi V ,L 1 1:2 1 2,2 V ff,,,,,, , 'N-,. xx , - JLHQ fy 11 ' G1 4 , ,Z ,.,... k i 'N 4 f , H. M 'M F ' 1 We 5 Q ml v ig? gg 7 f y an " Z ,, f ' 5 f f Af. I I: if A 2 N, '11 1 an 51 ' V , Z V is f I ,. if I, I f I ' q i! I I, ..,,f ,, ,EN 7 :'tc,7y L',,-rw ,V I A ,wwf , , f 1pZZ',,4. ry I -, K Hi. 'rv J' 'QI ,. , " , g y 1:7-fr I i WE ARE THE TALLEST IN SPIRIT l I :J ' ik .ki if A 1 -, X ' grin-f X I I af I 1 i .I r ,A Six 4 ,S . J' In ,..,...,,..Ar..7 k.,l E XL,,,II gy Q-. 'U 475' Jerry Hedding Mike Heuer Maior Hill Marilyn Hill Mary Lou Hill Wayne Hill Susan Hillman Roberl Hodge Janice Hodgson Linda Gilland Ricky Gillelt Bill Gillis Tom Glover Jimmy Graham Bill Gregory Margaret Grimes Delores Grimm Rosemarie Holder Jerry Hamel Jess Hamilton Judy Hanson Jack Hargeti Larry Harris Loren Harshman Diane Harly Joyce Hartzog Pam Healer Dick Piehler isn'f wasting anytime. He wanls lo gel his bid in first. Think he'Il make il? fn F . 0 K , 1 21 , 0 ,K Z F f .Q I I i -' I I iff! xi 5 . b, Q X rx ,. - xx' ' :A -hi l 1 I if? V V A gf' I ,I-' ' if f WE WGRKED HARD THIS YEAR Diane Hoffman Joyce Hogue Paul Hogue Jerry Holcomb Ramie Hopwood Sandy Hornbaker Ray Horner Ronnie Hovland Ray Howard Clara Howe Linda Jenkins Kenny Johnson Lloyd Johnson Ross Jones Ruih Jones Deanna Kahler Roy Kallas Jo nson Fred Keep Ed Killgore Mike King Judy Klein Nancy Kling Richard Kling Marianne Knapp Jerry Koch Hope Kochoff Donna Kolb Nick Kozloff Ann Kranfz Mildred Kraiz Deka Krenlz Virginia Lacey Linda Lafevre Virginia Lair Marie Lang M lf V I X6 AVA . 1 V A El X ff, A 2: Q fm, A gl if- ' J , ,ai ,,,' y Y' ' JA. . ,A Y- 4 , Y yy ,,,V 2 J 1 J 1 Z J 3 if lg y Z, id? he ,mf , 'tiff 'ir' c.. ...g if I L K fl J l ' J K ll , L X -521, 3 or ,4r' I-. any J 1 . Q, 4:2 - -A gc 1 1 I 'H' ' ' 4l-5 I , lefv ,lr A My J .,, f 1 M, -bw . - , V y J, l"4 2 X 'K if if f f f J i, fa' f ff' J le if My lecellcll - 4 gl !W44,,,,,,?, ,,,.,, ,. . I .,V.. 43,52 W.: .,.,,,..,,,, ,W I I ff , L Q ,til 5 ff X- ,M 19' Xi, " X J L., . 4' gv W, 'ff X, a ff zu 5. 3 , in my em f wx, ,N ' I 1 , , 7 , , ' ,7 , A y A 93 'yy ,, 'X l,w,,j X , X wx I li 7 'fr "wtf W, 1 Q. l , fzu W . ' -' V: 'f , , lllxamx 4 of 4, f 1 0 Y af SEEKING KNOWLEDGE if 9? 'S 1' 55, M VV, V L I , Lydia Larrillo Marvin Larson Lucy LaScala Steve LaVoie Susie Laymon Lynda Lees Nancy Lewis Norma Lewis Barry Lightfoot Ken MacDonald Sylvia Mansell Connie Maye Sharon McDonnell Bill McGregor Richard Mclnnis Margaret Mclnerny Frances McKinley Linda McLaughlin WE KNOW A LGT LIES AHEAD Wall Meers Barbara Jean Mehess Earl Mehl Larry Mendoza Kalhy Meyers Bob Meyers Bob Miller Suellen Miller Judy Mintz Randy Mohn Charles Manfague Richard Moore Bonnie Jean Mosher Skip Mosher Gordon Mosher Mickey Moren Bill Morris Mel Moss Brent Meyers Lynn Napier Jim Nedlick Kathy Nolan Dick Nordyke Marsha Olson Margarel Owens Judy Page Linda Painter Mike Palmer Sandy Park Burt Parker Dick Peihler Marty Powell Sandy Powell Shirley Powell Gayle Purdie Sandra Ralzlaff W' hw-fri? ff 27 HK 1, W4 "UOInanu,i 4-f -we 9- K x fl , ,,,, I ff kc X, any f , fm ,, rrrr ff srrf ylilf r 'K 4 , Awqytyy ,Q , cya Alena . l mr, 19656.11 . . QL D ,qv f ,qv xi '41, 7' 4 f f, Hr11f.,,, , In M V WJ' A-ew 4, Q f ff " A 'Q Jill , 2 f 1'V 1 4 she, AN J if? av'-1, '00 ,- ,, 'QNMQ v , J 43. gf - nz 1 'ali f i w ,Q M4 ' 4 ,y 4,04 75 "Q 424 ls rsa if Q K f 3, , ,V 1 U-I 1 , ,W I ,N :KVI I ,,,,f rx . M , W Y f,z:.jq f'- ' 'f " ,..., are J-M P 2 Z , .Q Q. Q xl DF US, BUT WE ARE PREPARED ' f -, 1 1, D- , av-x 1 ,Y 'Z V-.f Q t rn W4 63 M ,w kk "Kr-fav-i JH y K. is , G4-H ,,, ' f 'la , zlf. , .1 I 6 , fy VVRR ,J nz: 1- , 'wg-7 'ir -,fy ' , Elvv 51 ' V I f f F155 X! X .E A- ,, . ' .Vo if-T1--' ,. f, J ff -J. ' 'V l ' ',l. A SX'-, li 1 3 - 1 'flat T' f f 1 ww, yf'-'-'Y 1:4 fm, D e 4- A t 6-J ' T' .95 Q4 f we 0 . . we . ,. i M w4f.- . ., . r '1 ' "-'- 11'f:fff'-tffa '- , S Liz!" ffm' K, ,lk A ., or D, A . 5 . I O -151, V !,Qt,y I, bg 3 4 - ,4 ' l . . -, " M . ,ig A 4, l 'i Leilani Ray David Reeves Tim Regan John Reinhardt June Reynolds Pat Rimmer Jeanie Ringness Sandy Rix Bonita Roberts Ronnie Roberts Delores Rodriguez Bob Roseberry Jack Rosenthal Pat Sable John Sanders Nancy Schuman Ron Sentipal Sylvia Shackford Jerry Shannon Vernice Sheppard Roger Shores Clarence Shook Maureen Short Corine Sibley Johnnie Skipper Mary Slaven Elden Smith Joy Smith Sharon Smith Gayle Spalding Pat Spencer Wilma Stagg Doug Stancliff " ' it Mary cami Strom Paul Sudlow Cliff Sunde E WE ARE SMALL NOW, BUT WE Jim Swartz V N T I , foflllmlffl in f' V if E . it 55 W ' , W' 'A 'W v ff '. PatToImie . if "", ,V , -1' ,Xxx Marion Tudor Terry Turner ' ff 'fxfiflgg ,VA-5 'S-4 . if-wr ' Q, i ln , Ag Marilyn von Kirk E ' - 'W 1 Jill Vaus 4 fy 5 M4 1,17 4,9525 , I 'gf 4 'Mu f -.Xi ww ,..z I ,. I? 1 ,E ft V A , ff" Jack Viero 5 1, f " 4 Russell Vincent P ' fix ' , -11 1 E f 5 4 W E Bob Wnlde Sandy Warner .1 . I ' qw fv ,' -M A Q ., ,ew Maggie Watkins X ' , ' , gr' ", A Q' f ' f .,f, ' rjf ,, 1 ' 5 YJ' f lr L 'NLF Lit.-fi 3' I , WILL G-RCW IN THE FUTURE. .mf YQ 'u l "1" V 1 5 1 Q Q ,'--' C+. 5 -V H vu 4 B I 'i53-iv 1, .If .. , .,,, ,176 MAH ' Frank Welzig Duane White Gary Williams Glen Williams Larry Williams Sharon Willis Richard Wilson .lance Wifhinglon fy 1.,,Q-1:g,,,.fa , . ,,f?225,f4' ,. P ,'---. , ,gli ,V , J I 4 if-,, Z, in ' il ' if '-411 74, , gary Wynn Sharon Wilkauckas Vicki Yarwood Jeanne Young Werner Zander E I Q WE, THE SOPHOMGRES . THE SOPHOMORES We are the Sophomores-the youngest on the tour of Our Little D.C. We are fortunate in starting our high school education in our new school at the same time as the upper-classmen, and proud that we will be the first full time class to graduate from Eisenhower High School. Although today we are considered the "Pages" of this little D.C., tomorrow we will be its senior legislators and through our efforts, the future "bills" of Eisenhower High will either be passed or vetoed. lt is up to us to train the future ambas- sadors in the' way of true sportsmanship, true scholarship, and true achievement in all activities. Our officers planned many fun filled activities for us and the student body. These dedicated peo- ple are lfrom left to rightl: Jennifer Selbert, Treas- urer, Dottie Painter, Secretary, Sam Cecil, President, Nancy Smith, Vice-President, Katha Eaton, Social Chairman. As we, the first class to make the complete iourney through the halls of our great high school, advance to the future, we shall partake of all the advantages it has to offer. 4 f J al lfurnumlll MFE s 2 H in 'I Il in 132 1 :ffm I -Q I ' 1 I I - I - 4 I Q I -I I I I I I I I Q 3 IH I Q I r1J""-1. fy 3 fu Z ,ig 4 iz, 19, gf ea' Q2 Q A , Here, sophomores are busy eating and talking about the day's happenings during the 30-minute break for lunch. Our ultra modern cafeteria also serves as the auditorium. 38 WE LOOK TGWARDS Jerry Adams John Adams Sharon Adema Bob Albanez Kay Aldrich Mickey Alexander Irene Almaraz James Ambrose Barbara Armiio Donald Armitage Richard Armour Priscilla Armstrong Brenda Arnink Jim Atkins Jerry Ayres Cheryl Bader Barbara Baer Larry Barbour Evo Barraza Bruce Bartells Kathy Bauer Dorothy Baxter Dewey Bell James Benson Claire Berman Debra Bernard Connie Blair Janehe Bland 4 "'m,,,,,.., f fl ' QQJT' , ." Vs I ,' .W , 2? 2 ' V f ' ' '-M X 2 21 ' c Q, it f if L' ww mf rf, i " J A "" , ' '-".. J ' ' 'uf 3:37 52" Q. 3'-it ga, J -My Af" ' A .Q ar! f -rtr 'Zo Q J-,1 - ' ,M 4 J 77" ' 'f' f f A We -5.7, 1 Y ,, ' fir AQ' -A i t 1 Y or f YW, 'J-'si' ryv 'WT I .. l A -, 7: C J TS .Q 1.. All 'I' J r,r, l Q A 3' ' -A Y lk ' L ' '11 f A, l f has , 4 .M y if "1f"rf ,, J y Vvys , sg, ' D I , ' ev V . f ,,.!'f,.n IUNIOR YEAR WITH HIGH HCDPES ,,,'-v,, ,,r, V rl' .W ,. , , My Linda Blecker ,I ' 'fn If ' ' Jerry Bliss -'H , , gf' , 4 6 , William Blough Ai is X xg, N' K, gf. X, lg 0' " ' nm 'R Q Earlene Boggs L K X 1 -,,. ,I Q A N , 5 V Sharon Bonner ' X YL""f Z VS 7 ' ' 1,1 Chuck Bools A J X John Bowman Ronnie Boyer . "' 'X ff Belle Brady ' 4 'Q' , ,Af ft' 4 ,I I 'A an in 4 I Sharon Bradley rv ' " ' 4 ' 'V ' Anna Brown '15, h , "IW T" W7 V fr ' f Diane Brown , Efi, - f-,QM 5. - I ,, all ' rry ' ' 2' , - Johnny Brown V 5 Af Kathy Brown Q, ' V W Marry Brown ,Z , , I 1, ' ' ' .1 4' Ron Browning fl 45" I ' ,QM "" 5'-r ff' 'A f., , 1 Gayland Buchele 63 I ' iq.w I 7 A """ Gaylene Buchele 5 J 3'-W ' f ii -, ' , 4 A-, I r 1 4 John Bulmer linda Bunting Bob Burchard Judy Burklond c "' r ,syn g W A F., Tim Burleigh w 4' ' 'W' ts. Richard Burnell ,S , ' r - Jerry Burns my Bill Busby K all K' , :MARQ in ' .A f Sieve Bullress - y, , Q 14 46 -J ' James can ""' N. f A gy 'ff' - , L Armand Camaicni f " ,, tr 5 " , rrrl ,H - C ,,... wesley Cc-ff A LN is I 1 J , 7 Wade Carroll , J ' Judy Carier , . .gg ag. 'J AS, 'R Larry Case ie ,. 9' E ' iq ,A I I, - , Sam Cecil -,gf-" A ' '-' , J J rirl f-4 , 4 ay Gary chamn z A A A f "F:-" kj X! Richard Chase J E J Frank Chastain K ' V f Jeff Chilcotl F 4 ,,,, A ,, K A. r A y H Belly Christian . V N . " ' - y? ' " W - Tom Clowson ' ' ' 5 Y ' W, ' AN, fm Jean Clemenls 16", ' qu, 'AZ 4 W, candy Clifford X' - -. 'Mm ' ' V '-... .4-F The sludenl slore was something new for most sophomores. Here Bob Albanez fries ou? his salesmanship on Terry Coe, Jim Soren and Bruce Barlells. Belly Davison Ronald Demaree Richard Diekoff Judy Doan Julie Dobbings Sharon Doenilz Jim Donnelly Lynn Dorf Judy Doyle Carolee Drake Melodie Drake Dona Draper LITTLE D. C. DAZZLED GUR Sandra Cloud Donna Coe 'VK V ,M ., Terry Coe ' 1 Cf Q 4' I' Karen Comer VV VIA V ,Raw V gi Q., If J 1 V 22 , , L' ' L 1 ii"i 1 vs' ...,V X Richard Connel V , . ,V , Scoll Connell 'Z .V , , 5 v y 4. - ,, ' L , V Kay Correll if A I Vf' V is A ' , , I 'nf Merriel Colfman Ai' V- A fl' , 'TIT ,V 77 f 171 l , f Jim Cox . f ' Joan Cox " Q Earl Crane gm ' en' J ' I Tiny Crane , U , ' - ' ' y wwe --: ,V V V Q - Y f x lm A J gf, Rulh Crowell V' ,., H Sherrie Cummings .- Il Jim Cunningham , I Carole Cutler HV 'J' V V1 4? ,ff V Donna Dalcerro Harry Daughenbaugh John Davenport Chuck Davis ooe E ,V,,V,'f 1 if V. V V , V e ,Ali Y J' was 5 . gf H 5 5'- VVV .V VV . ' lf L 1 V VV l-. L V I . If ,I 4, ' V . . WV? 'f G.. .' J I -5 Vfl Z 4 V ' ., Vf "K-... is-v.,. rra, kk lX lv XY 4ii"' J , of L, , ff' '3 'N ,VV V V: , YQ.. 'Qi A ' ' ' ' -.4 --,f , C ,Vr 1 9 '4 'mfr EYES WITH ITS GRANDEUR , 2 A C f Q 1 'W' V fc' of J- G- li" I 4 A 'EV ' 74, 6,1 2 xg. 4, if visa 'mu ffl. ..,,,, I 'Se' .- g..A-v ' win,- C 'R ' Sa 5. H E' G W JG ' if T ! ' -X '1- 1 fi ,fs l' f'u'-',"'..v-f I1 I ' 5 z Mrfi , S, mf: .ff ,Y I 5 - v :Q 'S' fm X 690 I 1 1 41. 5...- 'rX 'IT' 5" l ' If 5 li-fy c.f tv' Carol Dunffee Danny Easterling Kathy Eaton Gregory Edwards Clare Elliot Darlene Enteirken lynn Erickson Alan Erickson Bill Escclndel Bill Estes Gene Evans Ronnie Featherstone Don Fernandez Warren Fields Doug Finch Diane Fletcher Jean Flowers Bob Ford Trudy Foulk Sharon Fox Ruth Fraley Judy Franks Ronnie Fuge Teri Gabrielli Art Galley Kathy Garcia Vineeta Garrett Ronnie Gueringer Mary Gavette John Gavin Trudy Gentry Roberta Gibbs Kris Goud Eddie Green Mike Griffiths Tommy Grimes John Hagmann Jan Hammer Dennis Hancock Sherry Hansen Gary Hanson Bob Hargett Don Hargis Skip Harness Margie Hart Frank Hasy David Hawk Sandra Heath Q' i no-fl lx, gf 'gp f'f"'! -- 7:-.. 2 N' 'D -ar-rg 3 ff -vz:-ggv If gg . , '-ey I . V. f I A' ' fl 1 -rf an--' , ff ' 3 , , .. r ga ,G I 2, i , 1 'ff' 7 I f 5 I 2 ff I it , W K it , H2 Q is S V if '43 M J A l l 5 if , t , H 1 , 1 Felix Hendrickson r Guy Henninger Al 4 ' Jo Ann Henninger . ff V, "2 J AA' A Larry Hernandez L f? 'Y 'V Qi U I " 3 Donna Hill ' 7, 7 ' " rw VL' V Steve Hillman J' 134 I ' , Q V A l'i x X ,,, I -1' , GUR TOUR LED US THRCDUGH Vince Hirman Ronald Holdridge Sharon Horbeck Judy Holmes Pete Hopkins Ronnie Hubbard Margie Hughes Gene Hulsey Gloria Huminik Berta Huntington Howard Hurst Linda Hustedt Jim lnglehart Dale Jarrett Sandy Jasper Billy Jetter Randy Johnson Victor Johnson Carolyn Jones Sandra Jones Roy Josi Jan Kaufman Shirley Keskes Donna Kelsey 05,1 fi- mf at JKT", ry., in ' ,ew fm r ' l 4 it-5 ,Gif ' y if W A ' A 'f 1 , A ink' N' 1 .,, -' 1: all x if :W N , X , V - , , 4 5, -, " 1' 'ff' GQ L L' .rf -V 4 t. , 1 has ' 4' ' """,," ' , - ' 5 wi y 12 J ' M fa. 4-'E Q' 4 , , 1-1 4' - L x 'ff ,Ol- ,ef J J J J y fe lt h e r M' Iiri, , fw- 'U ei , f W ,MQ Q L, 2 ,aa Pl l Q -W, ' lx ,, , ,, V 1 V ' , ff' Ci ' Q, T Af 4:l, L 'A L Q , ' -as -t - ,.., J ,li ,ty g A -, ,QL -ir e.. , in , . I 4 ' it fQj:,,,, r .,,,,, 5 L Mike Kingston John Kirker Linda Koehler ' f ' Ken Kropf Dave Kruse Kay Kruse V uns-' .V , -Y, ' -h V 1 1 Lu in Y Karen LaChance Jerry Lamoneaux Charles Lantes 'ah I Mike Larson L Ron Lechuga Q., Pat Leigh PEDESTALS OF KNCDWLEDGE 4 'I .1 'Q' x WN. f Y J, Z A 'v ' 7 ll r in T7! P6 Q 'Y fs fi 'Q " -1 g??'3?7fW:" Y , 'S sri. -Ga. 9 ' g LN " i V A Q , .um V U of , John Lewis Kay Lewis Larry Long Jack Lucas Robert Luton Franki Lynn Judy Lyons Terry McDonald Mike Malody Carole Mayer Larry Mayle Dottie McCoy r . Q-, Q T ls The Sophomores made a tidy sum of money this year by their cake sales. Above Mary Ann Vaughn sells some cake to Randy Mohn, Maureen Short, Maggie Watkins, Diane Funderburg, Karen Brother- ton, Gene Wheat, Terry Coe and Jean Rosenthal. 1 xfr KA l 43 34 , v, -KX l ,a lf l Marvin McDonald Jane McNelis Barbara Miller Jim Miller Marilyn Miller Sandy Miller Carol Mohn Cecilia Monroe Marilyn Mueller Bob Mummert Kathy Murphy Judy Muse John Nelson Neika Nichols Mike O'Bryant Ronnie Oge Paul Ogle Greg Oien Mary Oldendorf Carolyn Olson Bob Oyas Jolene Page Dottie Painter Bonnie Palmer Joe Parker Joan Peeters Flo Perez Robert Peeters Beverly Peterson Dennis Pezzato Carey Phillips Bill Powell Sendo Price Charles Pritchard Mary Provence Shirley Pruitt Dick Rau Carol Rauhauser Leslie Read Wendy Reid Mike Rielly Robert Rendleman Q.. ENTHUSIASM , A,X Wx-sf T Tm' 4 Hx. Y L rv- Q , nl Q. s .9 , C ff ..,. '7"" I Q.. xx' V IS THE KEY L C7 V1 ,.-5Q N. , , -4294 VX-Q1 1' fe , i WDM W I Hx .V-.Q 4.. - .,-A -41 ll Th 3 -7,5 Q " ie. 'X lea-ef CMAQ ., f I Y . ' . 4 C X h .-. -1.-9 K I 6: V A Q., - -' -B x 5' .Hn P -" , I1-. M- I . ...L ,ini 1 ' 0' As- . f S '-.1 xo, y 'T cg Yi ...- ., , 5 ' ' K, "' L 11 '. I ' X 5' ' X if ' P Fe' 'fag-3 '00 fi C- 'll' ' 8 .,,V I 'WT ' 4' I F I . 1 I J 1, 'vw' .c ' th 'elk , A 1.4! . 'P-7 , , .. if I 3. .Q X '8 K A ch, +--v . --.cd qu..- X TO OUR ' X ,lf 4 It iff: ,, I 'P , x 1 '. V lr, ,-.. G C0-CDPERATION 1 I ff g It I , , 5 a .,i, xl , wt f, K' ff i A Q V f N' ' ' f A Q ..- -my 'R 'f vi .ff X H44 Bxffk Jean Rosenthal , 4,2 Chuck Rowe 'Y' if Ellen Ruggles V , 7' L. Warren Russell ff? 4 N: ' H I ,Q sl W' ' V1 1 4 K Ron Rustick ft f, M , , ,,,, Steve Salman i Q QA, John Sandford X f Steve Sandford 4 'ff K f , ' N A A, i ,, H X I ' 'alyke Louie Scaff H 5 P A 'N-2 Q' Mary Schaub it T g ' V l Janet Scholeny Z M .5 4 AQ lffe, ty - ' Richard Schwarz P,-,I l 2 'B' ' Iilxf 1 I - ,. Jennifer Selbert IN F ,Q ,A - 0' Ken Shabell ID L K "Q g . , be Wayne Schliesser 1 3" X f - 1 -' . R V ' ' Duane Sharrow 315!ap:"'!l, I . M an RM J ,zz-. .W 5. ,l,,:,i3Z f' Danny Rentz Don Rice Ken Rice Ken Richardson Ronald Rios Arthur Robertson Sue Robohn Barbara Rodgers Carol Romero Velma Roma Felix Rondeau Sandy Rosengren I O ' Barbara Sheldon 'U' vs- 1 Q' sa, -lUdY Shcffkeb' Clair Elliot waits impatiently for Felix Hen K any 4 Jolzm Slffls rickson to open her locker so they can get x' L 4... " AlV'f1 Smlfh to their next class. Looks like Felix has his ' ' -' "" hands full! ' . t ' - , I , . Gary Smith Lee Smith Nancy Smith Nora Smith Roberta Smith Ronald Smith Suzie Smith Jim Soren Mary Ann Spears Thomas Spencer John Stead Johanna Steffek Leroy Strong Dale Summerville Scott Sumner Richard Svoboda Charolette Tarr Carlos Testa John Thienes Raymond Thrash Penny Tibitts Rebecca Timmons Carol Turner Sharon Ulrey WE ARE , .K ra , I '4 is Q J ef v-f , : 2, fi A, ,Q X THE SOPHOMCDRES tiff? V .U - - y Kyrie V ' V T 7 T K , E ' G f , bf 13 ,,AV V ,. .Q fl A . ' f evr ,fe-.f is ' 2 l ,, I or S ' xx l tw my w lf- or . S eier f ' , F' ...yi , ,,,, 4 I Q 3 s 4 Yr L V , 1 I f1.L,H if iv 'Qin W 157' f ,,... .,. -'J' Q, .T.1':'y.15.w ,, x T. 7 V f av-M -+1 f plc'-1,-'x W ,, ' -. 41 I G10 gy' wr' H AMD Mjvfffzf , Q, ,, jvxgjxfmml l KJ-.1 V V SON J fl ' E Q I to-fl' kj '3 QC JH 'ef' WEJ J WK? ff "W" 4 X T 1 ' 5 QL ,zhrgsljl E is F, fx. n- , Q CU XT ,xfp , ,XJ A In 0 ,L ,L rf' ,iw or T wffk We' lv A 1,- LAST TCD FINISH OUR TGUR. , Y 4 I' l wp: ' y W b ,',.1. 5 5 I. 2 G 6. , Q rg e fn Q .1 f-1' , f, 5 , 4 K w ,.g . f J " Q .fn Y X 'W A L ' , fr nm V, , tp ' gy W 'vw f f CH? 1 1 N Y, ' , ' E " iv-P' 'W slim "lf M 1 hw! , A ' . R , a f me if " 5 J f f , 1 f , " - J. S N .N f' , l J Q-1 'F 4 X- , ' 1 . A I , 1 ' H - ' n,a L W, W Q 'tb-. Ralph VanDerveen Cathy Van Kirk Linda Van Rassum Mary Ann Vaughn Larry Veres Steve Ward Bruce Warne Ron Watsen Bonita Weaver Gene Wheat Virgil White George Williams Mollie Williams Pat Williams Paul Williams Martha Willison Klarann Wilson Nancy Witbeck Kathy Wood Danny Wynn Claudia Young Danny Zank .lay Zercher Larry Zeinker x THE SPORTS SECTION OUR SPORTS STORY Our sports story began last September at the opening of the foot- ball season. lt started out with a coach and thirty-three boys. The beginning of Eisenhower High School's sports history was lying in their hands. These boys went, fought and won, seizing a victorious record of ten wins and two losses, Coach Milt Smaha's Eagles captured the Second Place Championship in the CIF Small Schools playoffs for the state. Sports had a tremendous bearing on the extra-curricular activities of the Eagles. Little D.C. society whirled around it. A dance or a party was always following the game. During the maior sports seasons the stands were usually packed with sports-minded crowds screaming their lungs out in support of their "underdog" teams that always managed to pull through. With the influence of the football teams victorious record, our basketball team began setting their goals, They, too lafter a ten win, three loss recordl, found themselves eligible for the CIF Class A playoffs. This made it a doubly unforgettable season. Our hard working baseball, track and tennis teams must not be overlooked for they are the last chapters in the first history volume of the Eagles sports teams. These boys displayed an unmistakable amount of inspiration and enthusiasm that was strictly a Little D.C. trait. Win or lose, the Eisenhower Eagles left the field with the feeling of sportsmanship and accomplishment. The members of the Eisenhower High School Student Body owe much gratitude and congratulations to those boys who participated in the T959-l96O sports season. lt is largely because of them that Our Little D.C. was put "on the map" so soon in its career. They have set forth a beginning which will never quite be equalled in significance. ln the first year of our small school they have proven to be men, not boys. They will always be remembered, honored and cherished in the hearts of today's Little D.C. citizens. Our men have developed a supreme idea of sportsmanship and fair-play. Next year most of them will return and their paths to glory and victory will even be stronger. They have set their goals and have planned to carry them through. Q9 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Ssconn Pmcz Sum. Scnoor. l!fo'iX76f' - .3 W an 14 L xv 49 .9 9.9 FIRST ROW, left to right: Bruce Bartells, Duane White, Jack Viero, Bob Miller, Rick Gillett, Skip Harness, Walt Meers, Frank Welzig, Dennis Hancock, John Benson, Bill Snell, Dick Nordyke, SECOND ROW: Coach Smaha, Larry Whitely, John Sanders, Jim Aubert, Ernie Cresswell, Dan Zank, Pete Anderson, Carlos Testa, Gene Wheat, Dan Rios, Lee Johnson, Jim Connell, Ron Stanford, Coach Dowd. THIRD ROW: Jim Swartz, Nick Kozloff, Jerry Hamel, Dick Ogle, Phil Fisher, Terry MacDonald, Jerry Koch, Jim Nedlick, Doug Sims, Jim Gallavan, Coach Drew. 'O THE TOUR THROUGH OUR SPORTS As Labor Day passed, a large turnout of prospective athletes began to work in the September heat for what was to become Eisenhower's first football team. The team was as green as its school colors, but eagerness and enthusi- asm were red hot. In three short weeks they found that they were in a football game with another new school, Rubidoux of Riverside. "Ike" High emerged victorious from this game with a 13-7 score. This started a pattern and two more straight wins over Yucaipa li8-ol and Indio l25-Ol were recorded before the Eagles were grounded by Desert. The latter game was later forfeited to EHS because of an ineligible player. Bouncing back after this defeat, the Eagles won three more games: Bosco Tech H3-'l2l, Rim of the World l32-l3l, and Lawndale lalso a forfeiti. Then a rude shock and shut-out were applied by Coronado. ln one of the roughest games of the season, our opponents won by a 20-0 score. The Eagles again got off the ground and beat Bishop Amat 27-O in a "Dad's Night Game." Each player's Dad was given special recognition during the game. With a season's record of 8 wins and 1 official losses, the Eagles were selected by the C.l.F. to participate in the Small School Playoffs. They iustified this honor by beating Black-Foxe 21-7 and then upset Mission Central of San Luis Obispo la game the Eagles had to travel 250 miles to playl. This put EHS into the CIF Championship Game versus Ramona of San Diego County. In a thrilling see-saw battle, the Eagles out rushed and out played the Bulldogs everyplace but on the score board, and came out second best 14-7. With a final recap of the season showing 10 wins and only 2 losses, everyone was tremendously pleased and proud of our team. Since the team had very few seniors, the experience gained this year by the Eagles, no doubt, indicates much promise for the season next year. However they will have to go far to surpass the record of the i959 team. 'su ' fm. 1. -nmv ww.: 7- , 'mn .4 ,,. 1 N . . - . . . V - V - Y This is a view of one of the many thrill-packed games that the Eagle fans were able to view in its first season. ,- SECTICDN WAS A THRILLING ONE 1 D E652 ff fwwgwqqqgq- 04" I C-y W OW! W One of the main reasons for the winning team were these four men of the Eisenhower H. S. coaching staff. Left to right are: John Drew, Head Coach, Milt Smaha, Dick Marsh and John Dowd. ...ef tn-as Ginn Right Tackle, Dick Ogle Left Tackle, Jim Connel Left End, Jerry Koch The 1959 version of the Eisenhower Eagle football team was the fusion of many types of high school athletes. Some were big and heavy like Dick Ogle l2l2l and Jim Connell i2l8l, the starting tackles. Sev- eral were short on weight, but heavy on courage like Dan Rios ll46l, Jim Gallavan il46l, and Walt Meers il45l. A few had experience as J.V.s at SBHS, our sister school. This group included Larry Whiteley, John Benson and Jack Viero. Others were stars in other sports like Duane White and Jerry Koch in baseball. Several of the boys are seniors, most of them are juniors, and even one sophomore, Danny Zank, made up the starting line up. At the conclusion of the season, many honors were won by these athletes. Larr Whitele and Jerry Koch were named tpggll-CJE hoggg in the small s E ' ision. Walt Meers ledt e scoring with 96 points. Dick Ogle was votedthe outstanding lineman. John Benson was voted the outstanding back. Larry Whiteley was the Most Inspirational. Jerry Koch was the Most Improved. Duane White was voted as the athlete dis- playing the Best Sportsmanship. Dan Zank was voted the Outstanding Sophomore. ' ouR FIRST STRING W y , ugfii -H 'Q My 'TSB' uw--n 'ff gi s. , Left Guard, Dan Zank Righl GK-'Grd' Dan Rios Right End, Jim Gallavan 52 Opponent i Eisenhower .nm tp Rubidoux .............. 7 .... 'I3 Yucciipci ............... 6 .... 18 Indio ................. 0 .... 25 ' Desert ................ O .... i Bosco Tech ............ 12 .... i3 Center, Larry Whitely, Co-Captain I-eff Hillfbdfkf J h 5 on C0'C P' Rim of the World ....... I3 .... 32 V001 , Lowndclle ............. 0 .... 1 'M T EN ,Z C - JW K 'E ju U W fi if 1 oronado ............ 1.0 .... Q O 1, ine R, f, KV! ,VA Exp W,, K Bishop Amat ........... O .... 27 gi 2 JW ,fi A ' IN- , Ni , , I 'I N g Clif Black-Foxe ............. 7 ..., 21 RX R N. lffqpl A Y fi X Q ta f f I , Clic San Luis Obispo ........ 6 .,.. 25 Exit i I Igfffbff it Ramona ............... I4 .... 7 Ki? ,f-11, g p S. i if 'f fQ,j5" 2 cifclfumiwkfpgame xx ex Jw or fy- R W Q , ii iff, , ,Jerky if N ,AFT 2 KXN x E ff' it Qxdflfif' ' 1 X X Q f M i f ff Q 1' ' Ti Ni? TV N N 67' ffwf'-' F .X X. ,. . Q ,Q ixixi 74 ' K x E ri 7 7 , eff , , 7 LJ ' L , THEY FQUGHT T0 THE VE Y ENDWH cf" 1 2 U I K ML' X651 J fr" I Z if dz Q M WJ it LL JH jr QW wx' BR! ,U-1 ,ZPL Q" ,. Jul, X5, fm v 1 lb 1 L5 Quarterback, D .QU White Right Halfback, Walt Meers Jiyywg X mx XQMI is K fi? ww 05336, 52 m'VU1i0LVwZEfj f ' ,ii .., 4,41 Quarterback Jack Viero 53 IT WAS A TQUGH BATTLE, BUT W l,""mw.-M119 . -ffM2m?ff2TA " , 'A 2 PV! ,,,-gn., . as 4, g fvlvg 4,1 ,WTA-gf., ... A '-1' I The climax of the football season was the championship game with Ramona High of San Diego Counly. The Eagles loss gave our leam sec- ond place in the Southern California Small School Playoffs. Above, Jack Viero closes in for a fackle during lhal game. Below, our man has recovered the ball afler a fumble. WE MADE IT The stands were packed as the Eis- enhower Eagles came onto the play- ing field to play their first CIF Cham- pionship Game. This was an out- standing honor for any school-espe- cially a school only a few months old. The team's opponent was Ramona High, a two-time CIF champion. The team fought its hardest, but went down to defeat by a score of l3 to 7. K' After the season was over, ourxt school received further honors by having two of its team members, Jerry Koch and Larry Whitely, named to 'Ku cur. 'T T W Xl X fr i 91 31.101 ,AA-Q The game with Ramona was one of the hardest fighting thrills of the season. The boys really outdid themselves pulling for their school. Jack Viero takes a flying leap to bring down a Ramona player as he rushes for an attempt to score. The opponents won by only one touchdown. 55 FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Aznar, Ben Cranford, Bruce Bartells, Dave Kruse, Dan Rentz, Don Fernandez, Felix Roneau, Dan Easterling, Dick Rau, Randy Mohn, John Aguilar. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Bob Albanez, Coach Dick King, Mike Malody, Lynn Dort, Tim Regan, John Stead, Ken MacDonald, Don Hargess, Steve Hillman, Gerald Fuge, Gene Wheat, Jeff Chilcott, Coach Ernie Matuschkha, Mgr. Sam Cecil. THIRD ROW: Bob Oyas, Larry Long, Ken Rice, Scott Sumner, Mel Moss, Tom Spencer, Charles Lantis, Dave Reeves, Ricky Svoboda, Ron Rustic, Gary Smith, Jim Soren, Joe Parker. THE SUCCESS OF TCDMORROW The Eisenhower "B" football team, although over- shadowed somewhat by the varsity, had a very fine season of their own. Winning 5 games and losing 3. Coaches Ernest Matuschka and Dick King worked hard with the boys and their efforts were greatly rewarded. The season opener was not too successful from a scoring standpoint as the Eagles lost l3-7 to Rubidoux of Riverside. From the statistics, the Eagles gained 230 yards from the line of scrimmage to the Falcons llO yards. Dan Easterling scored the lone touch down on a 34 yard end sweep. In the second game Pacific downed the Eagles l3-7 on a last minute effort, a 40 yard touchdown pass with 2 minutes left won the game for the Baby Bucs. Line- man Wayne Larson broke his leg during the lst quarter and was lost for the season. Jeff Chilcott and Ron Hub- bard made fine defensive showings and Ron Rustie picked up a punt blocked by Mike Malody, scampered 23 yards for the Eagles score. A group of hungry Eagles invaded Indio High and stunned the Raias 3l-l8. Felix Rondeau and Dan Rentz each scored two touchdowns. Rondeau's was the long- est of the day, an 8l yard reverse. Bruce Bartells hit Gary Smith with a 35 yard touchdown pass to round out the scoring. Colton was smashed by a fired up Eagle team 34-6. Bruce Bartells scored the opening touchdown and later hit Ron Rustic with a touchdown pass. Felix Rondeou, Randy Mohn, and Dan Easterling helped to build up the lead, The Eagles defensive team led by Lynn Dort, Gary Smith, Ken Rice and Bob Oyas stopped the Colton team in their tracks. The Eagles met Bosco Tech. J.V.'s next. ln Coach Matuschka's opinion it was one of the greatest come back wins he has ever seen. Behind l9-6 with 6 min- utes left in the game tl.: Eagles caught fire. Dick Rau, Don Rentz, and Felix lx- ndeou helped tie up the game l9-l9 on consecutive long runs. Then Felix Rondeou intercepted a pass with l5 seconds left. The Eagles advanced the ball to the 15 yard line with 4 seconds to go. Then Bruce Bartells hit Ron Rustic with a iump pass for the winning touchdown lust as the gun went off. Much credit of the win goes to the entire second team under the leadership of quarterback Dave Kruse. '34 .if . PA f4S Felix Rondeou, Don Rentz, and Dick Rau are our Bee team's scoring leaders. These boys pushed ahead for our winning touchdowns. EHS 6 Rubidoux . .. 13 EHS 7 Pacific .. l3 EHS 31 Indio .. I8 EHS 34 Colton . . . 6 EHS 27 Bosco Tech . . 19 EHS 12 Northview .. lg EHS 34 Coronado . . i4 EHS 26 Bishop Amat. 14 Left halfback Randy Mohn demonstrates some of the passing skills our Bee team used this year. THATS GUR BEE TEAM v. if xr The "B" team iourneyed to play the Northview High School varsity and found ci tougher battle than they had expected. Dan Rentz scored early in the first quar- ter for the Eagles only offensive threat. Gene Wheat, Larry Long and Tom Spencer did a fine job holding Northview to two touchdowns. The Eagles were on the short end of the l2-7 score. Coronado was favored to win over the Eagles but our speed, desire and strong defense pulled a surprise upset victory over Coronado. Felix Rondeou and Dick Rau each scored and Ben Cranford hit Jim Soren with a long pass. Dan Rentz and Ben Cranford scored in the third quarter and Bruce Bartells carried the ball over for the closing score and the Eagles won 34-l4. The Eagles proved victorious in their last game 26-l4 over Bishop Amat J.V.'s, Ben Cranford hit Gary Smith with a l5 yard touchdown, Dick Rau ran the second half kickoff back 85 yards for a touchdown, and Felix Rondeou and Dan Rentz also scored on long gains. The defensive unit held Bishop Amot.scoreless the second half. Practice makes perfect proved to be very true as our Bee team runs through one of their plays. 3 57 - cj .- 5 ., :C-S.. 'f z 1471: ' ,wx n, . Wawliif . .fa hp! . P ' ilk, I P I I O my an ff s4:' :kai ' ' -55' F1 4,47 ' ,f H' as-.mu-uwmvwavw , J 1537 If 6 gy 5 1 S A fyg 1 it QS my X1 J 4 ,f Q , H . M I 7,1 ,gfwf,i5fQAg2,21g3,m5W V.1?5,,,3g.tl?j,g.hkA V, U , 1 ,HK ,f ,Z V ' '-'21 M44 ,vjgffgg-I, fgglgf,-,,., VN, , Q , - -- .Lg-K Q f ff f,,,. ,',,- 'gfg H " . , ,V E , .1 4 5,11 ' ' A "-"5W12m1.rwm Q 4 I 9146924 zf Q 4 ,, if 4 1 Q as 1 AW' My -xy H! Q neg. 5 , , V, 4 ,,. .. WSL, 2 f, ,,,,, ' ""'llnr -gud' " 4""'UUAllnu3i11nuln'l17" The first EHS basketball team started the season without the services of many of its outstanding players. These boys were still involved in the football playoffs. Before Christmas the newly formed team had posted a one win, six loss record. However, with the termination of football, the team's attitude changed and they wound up with an outstanding record of ten wins, 3 losses. Starting with an Eisenhower victory over Desert High, they followed with a close decision over San Jaciento. ln the next game the Eagles lost by one point in an overtime game with Rubidoux. The Eagles then won three in a row over San Jaciento, Rim of the World, and strong Burroughs High lwho had won the Desert League Class AA Championshipl. Then the Eagles suffered a loss to Yucaipa, but won the next five games. The five consecutive wins were twice over Northview of Covina, and twice over Carlsbad and a 59-44 score over Rubidoux, which avenged an earlier one point loss. This made Eisenhower qualified for the C.l.F. Class A playoffs. ln the final scheduled game of the season, the Eagles were defeated by Aquinas in a 5l-48 game. The Eagles were known as traveling nomads because the basketball team was in the unusual position of being without a gym to call their own. Consequently, they had to travel not only to practice and home games, but to away games as well. With these handicaps, plus the fact that there were no seniors on the team, the ten win, three loss record and the ClF qualification made the first season a great one. x OOC! .,, l . fl-1 .M ll r ,I a I 7 - ,EE 1 , Ii, 1 If ix 15.4-f A Q1 - Hg ,gk . ? Q, 55 i if C' 'S- EXCITEMENT EVERY SECOND ' ol l F FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Albanez, Jay Zercher, Ron Smith, Bob Hargett, Randy Mohn. SECOND ROW: Roy Josi, Bruce Bartells, Dave Reeves, Lloyd Johnson, Bill Escandel, Mark Carey. THIRD ROW: Coach Richard King, Larry Long, Warren Fields, Jim Soren, Doug Sims, Jeff Chilcott, Felix Rondeau, Paul Williams, mgr. WE WONWBUT Two or OuR GAMES i959-60 basketball season for Eisenhower High School's first "B" team could be claimed extremely successful. The team, under coach Dick King's tutelage, compiled a record of sixteen wins and only two losses. The team was not large at all. ln fact, all of its opponents were larger and taller with the exception of Northview High School. However, the team made up for its lack of size with speed, hustle, and desire to win. lt is said that Lady Luck always plays a part in a successful season and this was' certainly true this year. With the team winning three games by one point and four games by two points. Throughout the eighteen game slate the "B's" scored a total of 686 points for an average of 38 points per game. Meanwhile the opposition scored a total of 578 points for an average of 32 points per contest. The team's leading scorer was forward Jim Soren with l68 points for an average of 9.3 points per game. He was followed by Bruce Bartells, a guard, with l2O points scored and an average of 7 points per contest. Three other players averaged over 5 points per game. Namely, Ron Smith with 5.6 points per game, Randy Mohn at 5.5 points per game, and Dan Rentz with 5.3 points per contest. This gave the team an advantage of fairly balanced scoring. The season's schedule and record was as follows with EHS scores first: 46, Big Bear 44, 43 Yucaipa 39, 39, Rim O'World 37, 33, Aquinas 28, 35, Big Bear 36, 30, Desert 26, 45, San Jacinto 32, 34, Rubidoux 33, 38, San Jacinto 32, 36, Rim O'World 28, 47, Burroughs 58, 37, Yucaipa 26, 46, North- view l8, 28, Carlsbad A 8. N 27, 32, Rubidoux 30, 50, Northview 20, 30, Carlsbad A 81 N 29, 37, Aquinas 35. 62 l i f C 'P , W' . 'T' , ,, x, , f ,Ap 4 g I 104 X . . ' .gf - Q ....VW ' , ', ,,,, V . v ' , ' ' '."-'T'Q'c-Aff" FIRST ROW, left to right: Earl Mehl, Dick Wilson, Ken Shabell, Vic Johnson, Ken Cox, Ken Kropf, Jim Arr. SECOND ROW: Coach Jerry Siperstein, Don Wilson, Larry Mayle, Sam Cecil, Felix Hendrickson, Bob Hargett, Claire Berman, .loe Fraley, Ken Richardson. WE FULFILLED ALL OUR AIMS. The new Eisenhower tennis courts were put to good use for the first time this year when the . varsity tennis team played Montclair High School on March ll. Although the match resulted in a loss, it was not long before the team bounded back for a victory over Rubidoux High. If it were not for Don WiIson's dramatic finish, the Falcons would have possibly overtaken the Eagles but Don Wilson saved the day with his winning game. Claire Berman deserves some credit for being the only female player on the team this year, however, next year many more lady players are being looked for. ,--f z-r-g fe-5-Q5-. .-, ye, A if N ' '-f-sr' , Wind, rain, or snow - the game must o on. That was the motto called for at the Desergf High il game., where the Eagles captured a 31 to 4 victory l , in spite of a forty-plus mile wind. In this match Ken Shabel, the number one man of the team, played a close match against the top man from , I n Banning. The set scores were: 6-5, 8-6, and 9-l l. 5 '.' .2"' Earl Mehl, who came out late in the season, has 1 progressed up to number four man, Jim Arr, who ' 1 45 , fig 1,51 i ff . A also came out late, has progressed to number 5 FTICD. The whole team worked hard to keep the name of the Eagle a mighty title. Earl Mehl is caught by the camera as he is in the middle of a match. Q 1" ei .- ,4 ,ge rx 1 ,-. ll 4 rv'-fr "1 ' V ., A I fe.-.f 5 4 f . , qs" '-,-f , 1 W-'Zn ff yr? .. ' Q., l IVKTL if , 3 Y., V A V -.,, A71 . Q , ,,., .I h ' 4,-f-c . . .,.. kj' C, ' - ' -ef' 'I-'fi' ...Dv 4 ,A . W , 4' .1 e ,,. , , .y ,' .5 A V A A , In 2 ', JV' 'u . ..' ya -. ml'-"f'S"g 1 .1 1 .. u-,,. .4-s , f'.1"w'Zflmv1,,:q-iff. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bruce Bartells, Dick Rau, John Sanders, Clarence Shook, .lim Gallavan, Warren Fields, Richard Mclnnis. SECOND ROW: Nick Kozloff, Jim Soren, Skip Harness, David Reeves, Almon Mosher, Dan Rios, Bill Collier. THIRD ROW: Coach Ernie Matuschka, Dick Ogle, Tim Burleigh, Louie Marques, Bruce Germaine, Dean Evans, Frank Welzig, Scott Sumner, Al Smith THE TRACK TEAM RAN, JUMPED imanqgeri Eisenhower. .60 Aquinas ..... 44 Eisenhower. .31 Victor Valley . .73 Eisenhower. .92 Northview .... 0 Eisenhower. .51 V2 Palmdale .... 52M Eisenhower. .36 Yucaipa ..... 68 Eisenhower. .68 Rubidoux .... 36 Eisenhower. .30' Colton ...... 74 Eisenhower. .51 Rubidoux .... 52 64 An inexperienced group of young men accepted the challenge of repre- senting the Eisenhower Eagles in their first year of track. The Varsity was composed not only of A track men but also B and C men who came to meet the challenge of the opposing varsity teams. Throughout the season each meet was highlighted with almost super-human efforts as each boy tried to do his part to gain points for the track team. Dan Rios and David Reeves were high point leaders during the season. Dan Rios compiling the points in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. Dave Reeves set records in the high iump and the 440 yard dash. Many boys showed a great deal of improvement and desire in the middle distance races. Jim Soren, in the 880, Bruce Germaine and Warren Fields, in the mile, put in a great deal of effort to win points for the varsity cindermen. Almon Mosher was ci steady competition in the hurdles as was Dean Evans in the pole vault. The total season was very gratifying for Coaches Matuschka and Marsh and with the fine display of enthusiasm and desire on the part of each man, track can be one of Eisenhowers strongest sports. Records set in the first year are: 100 yd. dash, Dan Rios i10.21, 220 yd. dash, Dan Rios 122.315 440 yd. dash, David Reeves i56.51, 880 yd. dash, Jim Soren i2:15.71, mile, Warren Fields i5:07.8l, 120 high hurdles, Almon Mosher i16.81, 180 low hurdles, Clarence Shook i22.41, 880 yd. relay, Almon Mosher, Bruce Bartells, David Reeves, Dan Rios i1:40.2l, broad iump, Richard Rau i19'4"1, high iump, David Reeves i5'8"1g pole vault, Dean Evans i10'J, shot put, Luis Marquez i42'6"l. rt' " , ' MQ 4: 111, . 1 , , . W f ,. .K , , ., Q-,,., , I . I - . . ' . ' A .ffl '.'4f'9nl4l.g1a11' 5 5-. ,w'i"Z7"" "f"i' ri, f......-.4 . . FIRST ROW, left to right: Lynn Dort, Jerry Lameroux, Dan Rentz, Dennis Hancock, John Lewis, Wesley Carr, John Aguilar. SECOND ROW: Mike Reilly lmanagerl, Ken MacDonald, David Blunck, Paul Ogle, Richard Burnett, Larry Long, Ted Easterling, .loe Parker, Dan Easterling, Bill Powell, Mike Kingston, Tim Regan. AND THREW IN OUR LITTLE D. C. The class B track team made a fair record for the first year, boasting six wins and two losses. Dan and Ted Easterling provided a one-two punch in the 100, 220 and broad iump. The leather lunged distance men, Larry Harris, Larry Long and John Lewis provided many extra points in class B. Dan Rentz, proving that power comes in small packages, set the shot put record that will stand for quite a while l46 feetl. Many of the B's moved between the Varsity and class B throughout the season, depend- ing upon where they were needed. Luis Marquez was either running class A or B hurdles and was doing a creditable iob wherever needed. Class B records set are: l00 yd. dash, Dan Easterling ll0.7l, 220 yd. dash, Dan Easterling l24.0l, 660 yd. dash, Jim Soren ll:35.T l, l320 yd. run, Larry Long l3:56.0l, 70 yd. high hurdles, Luis Markuez l9.9l, l20 low hurdles, David Reeves ll4.6l, 660 yd. relay, Clarence Shook, Richard Rau, Dan Rentz, Dave Reeves ll:l4.4l, broad iump, Dan Easterling ll8'3", high jump, David Reeves l5'6"l, pole vault, John Sanders l9'6"l. Eisenhower 70 Aquinas 25 Eisenhower 52 V2 Victor Valley 38 V2 Eisenhower 52 Northview 44 Eisenhower 30 Palmdale 65 Eisenhower 58 Yucaipa 37 Eisenhower 74 V2 Rubidoux 20 V2 Eisenhower 50 Colton 45 Eisenhower 40 Rubidoux 55 65 6 FIRST ROW left to right: Mark Carey, Chuck Bools, Lee Griffith, Brent Meyers, Larry Veres, Jim lnglehart. SECOND ROW Art Galley Don Hargls Jay Zercher, Gary Smith, Bob Albanez, Clifton Bennett, Ron Rios. X LITTLE DC. BLCCMED WITH THE of The class "C" track team had little difficulty in disposing of their opponents this season. Most of the scores were lopsided victories for the Eisenhower thin clads. Bruce Bartells led the team with the total number of points and in doing so set quite a few new records. Jay Zercher was a stellar competitor and showed excellent improvement and form in the hurdles. The 660 yard run with Mark Carey, Larry Harris and Bob Albanez found more competition among themselves than from the opposing schools. Lee Griffith and Brent Myers also were found dualing it out on the 100 yard dash and the 180 yard dash. ln the field events the most challenging was the pole vault and the team found Jim lglehart, Chuck Bools and Mark Carey doing their utmost to pick up points in this event. Art Galley was also a heavy point getter in the high iump and broad jump. Fortunately, for the opposing schools, many boys with "C" exponents were competing in A or B Class or the results would have been more devastating. The "C's" finest hour came during the Blythe Tri-State track meet when they placed second out of 14 schools. The champion Coachella Valley scored 64 points to EHS 56V2 and third place Twenty-Nine Palms had 16. First place gold medals were won by Bruce Bartells, Warren Fields, Mark Carey, and Clarence Shook. Class C records are: 100 yd. dash, Bruce Bartells ilO.7l, 180 yd. dash, Bruce Bartells l18.8l, 660 yd. run, Larry Harris ll:35.7l, 120 yd. low hurdles, Clarence Shook l14.7l, 1320 yd. run, Warren Fields l3:40.0lg 440 relay, Lee Griffith, Brent Meyers, Clarence Shook, Bruce Bartells 148.015 high iump, Bruce Bartells and Art Galley l5'3"l, broad iump, Bob Albanez l18'3"l, pole vault, Mark Carey l9'6"l, shot put, Bruce Bartells l47'8"l. a... fN ...sf - f-ts -- :wwf ' f fl FIRST ROW left to right: Mickey Alexander, Charles Montague, Ron Stimpson, Guy Henninger, Ron Boyer, Bill Escandel SECOND ROW Jeff Chilcott, Terry MacDonald, Paul Sudlow, Louie Scaff, Barry Lightfoot, Gary Curtis, Coach David Rinclerknect AC l IVI l IES OF l HESE l EAMS. The Eagles Junior Varsity Baseball team started off the season this year by winning their first five games. The team, composed mostly of sophomores, has had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and desire. The J.V.'s lor the future stars of the varsityl as a team have compiled an un- believeable batting average of 333. The pitching has been handled by Ronald Boyer and Bill Escandel. Boyer won 3 and lost 2 in the front of the season while Escandel was very successful in both of his first starts. The leading batters on the squad were Ron Stimpson, Jeff Chilcott, Barry Lightfoot and Terry MacDonald. Like many of the non-varsity teams thjs year, the J.V.'s were overshadowed by a winning varsity team. Unfortunately, the teams are sometimes overlooked, but with the tremendous record this team set, it is hardly fair to by pass them in the Aquila. ,fy Quinn--"-ff W' Shortstop Terry Coe is seen as he slugs the ball in the game against Chatfey. ln the lower picture he is shown as he passes home plate to add another score to the game. . A7 wi ,.,. ,V,, , L L '- u 1 'A.:rg,.r rr1e r Q r,,,,, 'e 4 Jack Lucas winds up for a pitch across home plate. W X After the pitch, .lack is ready for any infield hit. GUR BASEBALL TEAM PLAYED f" 1, ,y 68 John Benson is seen in his position as catcher for the team. With the baseball season not quite over as the annual goes to press the team had been defeated only once. As of April 26, 1960, the team had had nine victories and one loss and was looking forward to the final five games on its regular schedule with eagerness, hoping to gain a C.l.F. berth. Having to travel by bus every day for practice and ball games, the iob was made more difficult for the play- ers and they deserve much credit for their determination and desire to play baseball. Also the team's fighting spirit and its refusal to give up when ! L... ..e... - i , I ' Y ., 'J J , 0 - I l L 4 l '24 " ' ' l J QV ' ul I ," V, f W 1 4 L i. ic? . X if 1 X N, - ' " f , , s 'X N l -.pf T ' ' -. J ., ' J e ' I t - .lv 'sf ff fx v it 3 ,N , A I 4 5c J J X A Q I X., lt' . 1:14-il .05 ,I ,,,-.V V xy' S. ,YR K . A, Vyx' 'X X Mx Nat! t K x P , , ,ff ,. f f Vl ii t R 1. J '-.9 . 6, ' 2111 if N' lf, 'Q I - 4 1, if , J :ji 1 J N.v' :-: fl' 1 . 5 A 4 I x J 3-1 If 5 Y l, - E ' ij, -2 V s.. ' ' J"'. , Al "T 5, 1- I A' l .,A- I Q 'vA, f i, ,,4 : g a x , ., .,.f Sf ,.f,,,,? V , ,,, ,,,, ,,, j,QQ 6 , -, N , A vt - 1 . I-no FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Radcliffe iscore keeperl, Bob Miller, John Skipper, Dave Kruse, Terry Coe, Duane White, Rick Gillett. SECOND ROW: Coach Dick King, John Benson, Don Schaefer, Gene Wheat, Jack Lucas, Doug Sims, Walt Meers, John Gavin imanagerl. , ,L-Q lYTlSS,,-IL Lfsfulif xJH1T'e'LL'f -tw 41,14 6 - " tl -ld . b 4 l ,Vx 4 , QMWJJZQQ, W,,w'l We - if WKZMMWMX mli. AJ., -22 awww. 6, R AND WIDE APART l behind deserve mentioning and was clearly shown in the first ,Rubidoux game in March when the Eagles came from behind in the 7th inning with three runs to win the ball game 6-5. The players and their positions are as follows: John Benson, catcher, Terry Coe, shortstop, Rick Gillett, utility infielder, Dave Kruse, second base, Jack Lucas, pitcher, infielder, Bob Miller, outfielder, Walt Meers, outfielder, catcher, Don Schaefer, outfield, first base, Doug Sims, pitcher, John Skipper, outfield, Gene Wheat, catcher, outfield, Duane White, pitcher, first base, Larry Whiteley, outfield, and John Gavin, manager. A top game of the season with with Desert on the opponents own stomping grounds. It was one of the severest games of the season, weather wise. A heavy wind was blowing at approximately forty miles an hour across the field towards the batters. This posed a problem to the hitters, who would have their hits picked up in the wind and blown foul. Yet the team fought on to victory. Jack Lucas pitched a 14 strike-out game which he'ped the team win their 8-l victory. Jack also hit a home run through center field iand the windl out of the ball field. It seems the weather iust made the team more on its toes with Bob Miller, Walt Meers and John Skipper doing an exceptionally fine iob in the field. The whole team has proven what team work means. Their team spirit has brought them wins to be proud of - and the Eagles are proud of the team. 69 THE EAGLES CLUBS Our Clubs Under the bright lights of Washington, D.C., not only would you find the basic workings of our government but also a prominent social life. Eisen- hower High, Our Little D.C., also has this social life. It takes the form of clubs with almost every one on campus belonging to at least one. Key Club, an international boy's social service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis, was the first official club on campus. Azurettes, the second on-campus club, was formed during the summer. Founded as a girl's social group, its activities have been numerous and its popularity high. Sen-tetts, another girl's on-campus club, has also proved to be active and useful in social serv- ice. Possibly the hardest working club in school, it set up many services that the student body could enioy tcoke sales, lost and found, etc.i. Other clubs followed these three soon after the opening of school, and they too became hard working organizations that made good use of their time. Next year more clubs will be formed and more students will work harder to make these clubs even better. But the clubs you will find on the next pages were the first to take the tour of Our Little D.C. They were the pathfinders of later gen- erations of clubs that will find the going much easier because of the work done by them. --x' . -x 'cf' Ziff..-Qw-' ,- aI'l 6 1 Www- -. .. x.-:-wr: :,.1:I"I2Q fs' -4'11-1,511.5,',::a"qJ:-.'-gg K :ill 1lJl'f"' 1-T-3"-if-Y 1 Til , K 'Q l'.1:v1X1'2.::5?iT9.'.'i figs' i'?:i'fL:3. -fr:-1 :- 54 Vi K 3" K v '- .r K +--mlb.---,1. -K---., :fs-.f-31 L. -fx-2 , -1 -: U, ,if 1 -vu: -, ., -::,f5,:::.::,,,,r: 3,1.-4-,E LQ, ,hz --,Tk . '-.L:, -J - - ' , . -, V ..,. ---.-4-x32 .4"..f- -'-.-5:1-' - -W--ev-:'. - .- ' -'M , , f MVN.. 1,, -y,- - 1' .--- '3'- ""' ,J 5: V: --:.-HV" - 1- ' .,...q K .-.----1-V. -.H '1'T:-.,T1"" .-- - ' . .-. , N -,L .Q -.Y V, A.,-,, -.. u ' Qu'-nn.. 1 px ,-... Q V Q, 4 40: 4' 9' qw, gl , A , , 7 7 . V 4-3, ..., as ,.QQ ,xA -....... il- - A f . ."'. -1 s.. L.: ,.,.' Jw, .ik V '. , -.,,-,c ., NY- .,c,..:, in lx 5 1 'fr Iv WE ARE YOUR STUDENT CCDUNCIL Ernie Creswell Bonnie Mosher Nancy Shrader Bill Mehess Diane Funderburg Kathy Fergusson Deka Krentz Penny Bunce Ted Easterling Mike Heuer Jackie Allen Judy Hanson 4 x al 'PRESIDENT if I 555 ,f ffNAN6E H15 TORIAN SEC' 'E PUBUCITV csc ,f opnMorl0N5 'Q , I 'fr Q , . 93 Y ,' N9 , 'gif , , ' 'rv fx' X ' J . T f I I . E ' a , ' SEC. -f Amusrfcs 421:33 , W A . . Zi 'Tk' .S'ECI?E7'Al? A ,dif- . l 1 Q. 2 fa' . S ' g V , . ,Ji 'vi SEC. rf ACTIVITIES SEC. .ff INTERIOR HEAD ey-vp Karen Kugler Gary Blair Sam Cecil Don Wilson Joe Mobley Mike Burton Donna Kolb Pat Ellsworth Dick Rhoades Gary Glaze Sharon Wilkauckas Barbara Mehess ,ss -'3"" Tuna: lol ' -'A F' 'L Y .'.- K r. ROW I: Jackie Allen, Sharon Smith, Suzie Baumgartner, Donna Kolb, Karen Brotherton, Judy Hanson, Gayle Spalding. ROW 2: Pam Heater, GeeGee Telfair, Carol Bergerson Penny Bunce, Susie Blaylock, Carolyn Jones, Marilyn Hill, Maureen Short. ROW 3' Jeannie Ringness, Deka Krentz, Sue Smith, Jane McNealis, Martha Moehrle, June Reynolds. 1 AZURETTES The first social-service club of EHS was the Azurettes. They surprised and delighted the entire school by pres.ent- ing a stuffed eagle to EHS. The first co-sponsored activity with another school was the Alana loha dance, put on by Azurettes and E'Belles-of SBHS. The dance was a terrific success. Mrs. Viollete was the capable advisor. OUR TOUR WAS JCDINED BY THE SOBOBANS Sobobans is an honorary club in A ii" '-t, if which the girls must have certain qualifications to be a member. A girl must have a scholastic record of at least a B average and a commendable citizenship record. Each girl must ren- der service to her school and commu- nity, as well as be active in a religion. The active club sponsored the Thanks- giving food drive, the Valentine dance and the annual "Faculty Feed," where the members treat their teachers to dinner. ROW 1: Merry Jo Kropf, Kathy Fergusson, Sharon Witkuuckas, Diane George, Bonnie Mosher Sharon Barbrick, Connie Maye. ROW 2: Francis McKinley, Vickie Yarwood, Linda McLaughlin Marilyn Reeves, Sue Baumgartner, Jeannie Ringness, Delores Grimm. 74 SEN-TETTS The Sen-tetts have been active this . L' , L ' . Rl year ushering for the civic light opera M E' F and helping out the Arrowhead l United Fund. Their float "Magical Riches" met with the approval ot the entire stadium audience at the Foot- ball Festival. To promote school spirit the girls made hundreds of hand pom- poms for the games. They initiated the first Lost 81 Found service. Not present for the picture was president, Pat Brown, ROW 1: Diane George, Lucy La Scala, Shirley Kerby, Frances McKinley. ROW 2: Sandy Horn- baker, Sharon Witkauckas, Gayle Purdie, Linda Jenkins, Joan Eastwood, Terrie Bennett, Genie Young, Suellen Miller, Joy Smith, Ruth Ann Jones. ROW 3: Sandy Jasper, Leilani Ray, Jean Rosenthal, Vickie Yarwood, Sharon Barbrick, Nancy Kling, Mary Olendorf, Nancy Shrader. ROW 4: Merilyn Theep, Sue Gebhart, Margaret Owens, Karen Kugler, Marge Smithline, Kathy Jung, Pat Ellsworth, Kay Timmons. LEADING SGCIAL-SERVICE CLUBS ,T KEYCLUB A A- Last August a group of boys formed ' - the 2287th Key Club at EHS. Their of- ficers were Mike Burton, President, Dick Rhoades, Vice President, Pete An- derson, Secretary, Jack Hargett, Treas- urer, Gary Glaze, Lloyd Johnson, and Ken Shabell, class directors. Key Club is an international boys' organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. lts purpose is to pick out the key young men in high school and mold a better citizen out of them. 1. ROW 1: Pete Anderson, Gary Glaze, Dick Rhoades, Mike Burton, Jack Hargett, Lloyd Johnson, Ken Shabell. ROW 2: David Hawk, Ernie Cresswell, Phil Fisher, Ken Mobley, Kenny Cox, Mel Moss, Brent Myers, Bob Albanez, Bob Hargett, Gary Hanson. ROW 3: Jim Nedlik, Jim Arr, Bill Morris, Ben Devine, Richard Mclnnis, Ronnie Hovland, Ken Kropf, Scott Sumner. ROW 4: Dick Wilson, Glen Williams, Jim Swartz, John Sanders, Ray Howard, Jerry Holcomb, Don Wilson, Doug Stancliff, Bill Mehess. 75 INTER-CLUB COUNCIL Inter-Club Council is a bridge be- tween all the clubs on campus, the Presidential Cabinet and the Student Body. The president of each club is the representative on the council and Donna Kolb was president of the group. l' ROW 'l Mike Burton, Donna Kalb, Suzie Baumgartner, Penny Bunce. ROW 2: Don Wilson, Michele Morin Gayle Purdie, Shirley Kerby, Mary Oldendorf. ROW 3: Bill Mehess, Mike Radcliff, Claire Berman Kathy Jung, Carol Duncan. OUR CLUBS ARE THE BACKBONE DIPLOMATS The Diplomats, Junior Optimist Club of EHS, is sponsored by the San Ber- nardino Senior Optimist Club. This is a club whose main obiective is service. The club became official on December 3, 1959. The charter party was held ata nearby restaurant. The club char- ter, bell and banner were received by the presiding president, Bill Escandel. Sponsor of the club is Mr. David Rin- derknecht. 6 .. Us- -7- L I., Y--7-3 ROW 'lz Dennis Hancock, Sam Cecil, Bruce Bartells, Bill Escandel, Dave Kruse, Terry Coe, Randy Mohn. ROW 2: Jim Atkins, Jim lglehart, Roy Josi, Micky Alexander, Jerry Hamel, John Stead. ROW 3: Richard Chase, Gene Hulsey, Larry Veres, Gary Smith, Lea Goodrich, Mike Malody, Joe Parker. ROW 4: John Nelson, Vic Johnston, Lynn Dort, John Kirker, Tom Spencer, Dennis Ashby, Terry MacDonald, Johnny Brown. MODERN DANCE The purpose of the Modern Dance Club is to provide an organization for its talented members to express them- selves. The ultimate goal of the club is to provide not only the members, but the entire student body with a clearer understanding of the art of dancing. ROW 'lz Gayle Purdie, Sandra Rix, Linda Gilland, Barbara Mehess, Terry Bennett, Jeanan Young Ruth Ann Jones. ROW 2: Beverly Dennis, Penny Bunce, Susan Hillman, Suellen Miller. OF THE EAC-LE'S LITTLE D. C. ROW 1: Kathy Fergusson, Dick Rhoades, Barbara Mehess, Carol Duncan. ROW 2: Barbara Baer, Linda Jenkins, Linda Gillond, Kathy Jung, Pat Ellsworth, Marge Smithline, Kay Timmons, Barbara Miller, Christina Cow, Janet Fellwock, Gary Curtis, Mike Burton, Mel Moss, Lea Goodrich. ROW 4: Sandra Rosengren, Sandy Jasper, Claire Berman, Jill Vaus, Pat Tolmie, Jean Rosenthal, Linda Umphrey. SITZMARKS The ski club has more than contrib- uted their share of "sitzmarks" on the Snow Valley ski slopes. On many dif- ferent occasions, the club's members have encountered bruises, snow burns, etc. Confidence and embarrassment compose the spirit of the active skiers. For the beginner, it has been an ex- perience he or she will long remember. Watching the "pros" on film, learn- ing the fundamentals of skiing, and applying this learning are the maior accomplishments of the club. SPEECH One of the finest qualifications that a well rounded young American can possess is the ability to express him- self logically and intelligently. This is the basic aim of the Eisenhower Speech Club. The club aims to broaden the talents in speech that its members may already possess, as well as pro- vide the opportunity to learn new techniques for those new to the field ot public speaking. ROW 1: Bill Mehess, Frances McKinley, Mike Radcliff. ROW 2: Barbara Miller Nancy Klang Claire Berman, Helen Bair, Carolee Drake, Vickie Yarwood, Sharon Witkauckas ROW 3 Don Wilson, Chuck Montague, Don Adams, Richard Mclnnis, Ken Mobley Carol Duncan ON CDUR TOUR WE LEARNED SKILLS - - '- -i 4-... ROW 1: Marty Brown, Penny Bunce, Sandy Jasper, Diane Fletcher. ROW 2: Vickie Yarwood, Barbara Miller, Gayle Purdie, Nancy Smith, Carole Cutler. ROW 3: Frances McKinley, Ruth Ann Jones, Nancy Kling, Sharon Ulrey, Ruth Fraley, Carol Duncan. ROW 4: Bill Mehess, Chuck Montague, Mike Reilly, Don Adams. 78 DRAMA CLUB The main obiective of the Drama Club is to assist with the production of the several dramas presented by the high school Drama Department. The members of this club are working to learn the art of drama so that it may earn enough points to have a National Drama Club at EHS. They have ac- complished a great deal toward the success of the school plays at EHS, and have earned the respect and ad- miration of the entire student body. '- ,.: , .' 1. -..- - e - - c ' - - , A A , . A,- v ROW 1 Ken Mobley Don Wilson, Lloyd Johnson. ROW 2: Bill Morris, Ben Devine, Bill Smith, Nancy Taylor ROW 3 Larry Kingry, Mike Radcliff, Steve Matern, Skip Mosher, Bill Mehess. FIGUREHEADS The Math Club was organized to promote and increase an interest in math, even though it has other varied interests. The club has had several profitable field trips and has future plans for broadening its interests and activities to benefit the entire school and student body at E.H.S. TO HELP US LATER IN CDUR LIFE FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTS The purpose of the Foreign Corre- spondents. Club is to promote better understanding between the people of the United States and other nations. Aside from writing to the people of foreign countries to promote better understanding, the members of the club also correspond with the people of other nationalities for their own en- joyment and to learn about their lan- guage, customs and beliefs. ROW 1: Joan Cox, Mike Radcliff, Richard Schwarz, Myrna Deibert ROW 2 Lorraine Donovan, Velma Romo, Sandra Eason. ROW 3: Bill Morris Bill Smith Ben Devine, Mike Palmer. o.A.A. , Under the leadership of Kathy Jung the G.A.A. has gotten off to a flying start. The girls of the club have spirit and enthusiasm. They participate in sports after school and have various tournaments. The girls are also active- ly interested in the promotion of play- days at other schools. A M.l..,A. .. --M , .V ,, . I I , -v . N, - . ' ' 4 if . f ..-1 , 4 ' -f-- "wmv -. ROW I: Sandy Hornbaker, Eva Barraza, Kathy Jung, Linda Gilland. ROW 2: Carolyn Gain, Margaret Mclnerny, Margaret Grimes, Darlene Entriken, Jean Clements, Carol Turner. ROW 3: Sandra Rosengren, Carol Romo, Merriel Cottman, Sue Gebhart, Brenda Arnick, Cheri Pinegar, Bell Brady. TO MAKE ALL CDF US REMEMBERED SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club was organized to provide enioyment for students., an op- portunity to speak the language, and to promote better relations with Spanish-speaking countries by study- ing their literature and culture. Trips to movies and to Padua Hills are en- ioyed by the club. Combined social functions with Los Conzuestadores of PHS were well received and the trip to the bull fights in Tiiuana was one of the favorite activities this year. . I, F, ,,. -i.,-T . M, ROW 1: Kathy Nolan, Mary Oldendorf, Earl Mehl, Jan Kaufman. ROW 2: Myrna Deibert, Carolyn Gain, Sandra Eason, Lorraine Donovan, Merilyn Theep, Carolee Drake, Diane Brown. ROW 3: Delores Grimm, Dennis Hancock, Terry Coe, Lloyd Johnson, Diane Fletcher, Marty Brown, Deka Krentz. ROW 4: Lee Johnson, Gary Hanson. 80 JYHDYFWHQ- W.. ff- .W ,,,., . f., , - -, W- 1 f f ,I ., -V ,A , ., .. . , , Y,,, , ,,,- ---H .mf -- f- -,-v - -,--,H f - .-,,-- -r --A," -N.-..... .c... H ,.,y1:-wfzdf,-1, nf f. f W ,. 41:-0 ff5'fS6m'ff,fw,',f' in fry f f- . - 4 fy,-.fi :-r m y, i' 1 e .- --...-.. -,-A-., ..,., .,, ,f.f.,,..,A9,,,ff .,.f,1f4.. . fr- rw f,f,,..,,,,.m,, ,gy ,Mp , f, .,f,,,.,,, .., . 155, . ' ' -1 "" 1 -' f A' Z f -- fir , 4 v v . . ,fr 'fa 5 ft' ' ll BAND The band started its season playing for pep rallies and football games. An important event for the band came in December when it participated in the Rialto Christmas Parade and won sec- ond place in its division. Probably the most important thing to happen to the band was the purchase of new West Point style uniforms made possi- ble by the light bulb sale sponsored ROW 1: Cheri Pinegar, Joyce Hogue, Shirley Roessler, Bill Busby, Shirley Crane. ROW 2: Pam Loudon, Susan Mosher, Gayle Patterson, Sharon Bonner, Margaret Grimes, Barbara Lawhorn, Armond Raymer, Scott Connell, Ronald Blunk, Greg Oien, Pat Sable, Ricky Coleman, Randy Johnson, Kenny Painter, Anita Farfan. ROW 3: Gene Evans, Jerry Holcomb, Janet Bland, Rohn Reicharht, Craig Johnson, Clinton Bell, Tom Ashley, James Uhler, John Stowe, Diana Ukleia, Skipper Morgan. ROW 4: Jerry Burns, Bob Buck, Dean Hyatt, Jim Russell, Ronnie Browning, .gahnny Epp, Roy Polman, Ray Howard, Ralph Van Der Veen, Jim Aubert, Linda Bunting, Tom rlmes. by the Kiwanis Club of Rialto. With 51000 from them and the S2500 pro- vided in the budget, 52 uniforms were purchased. WE STUDY, PLAY AND PRACTICE. A CAPPELLA CHOIR One of the most talented organiza- tions that EHS has to offer is its mag- nificent A Cappella Choir. In its first public appearance we all realized its place at E.H.S. They performed bril- liantly at the Christmas. Pageant. lts next appearance was at the Mid-April Concert, a fund raising event which enabled the choir to purchase robes. The cantata at the Easter assembly was also one of the organization's highlights of our school year. They also participated in several festivals. ROW 1: Dan Rios, Jackie Allen, Pat Sable, Marilyn Van Kirk, Don Lloyd, Larry Breeding, Ron Boyer, Chuck Davis, Gerald Fuge, Mary Ann Stamm, Jane Timmons, Paul Sudlow. ROW 2: Pam Heater, Pat Rimmer, Mary Carol Strohte, Gee Gee Telfair, Gary Gilbert, Sandra Ratzloff, Gayle Spalding, Diane Brown, Linda Painter. ROW 3: Lydia Carrillo, Delores Rodrigues, Sandy Miller, Dale Woodruff, Nancy Lewis, Kay Correll, Sharon Fox, Kathie Bauer, Marcia Edwards, Harriet Gill, Sylvia Shackford, Eldena Winchester. ROW 4: Earlene Boggs, Ellen Ruggles, Carolyn Olson, Marty Powell, Shirley Powell, Anna Marie Brown, Wilma Davison, Sandy Rix, Sandy Warner, June Reynolds, Ruth Crowell, Velma Romo, Marilyn Hill, Mary Jo McKay, Helen Bybee, Genanne Young. 81 FIRST ROW left to right Jackie Allen Judy Hanson lheadl, and Sharon Smith SECOND ROW Suzy Baumgartner Kathy Friedrich and Donna Kolb. WE SUPPCDRTED CDUR TEAMS WITH Cheerleaders are a strong part of any school spirit. Our varsity cheerleaders spent many hours this year working out school cheers and building up school morale and enthusiasm. The cheerleaders deserve a big thanks for the hard work they put in despite the adverse working conditions they had to contend with during the first few weeks of school. They were always ready to lead a pep filled group in some rousing cheers, regardless of how tired and weary they were. Left to right: Gayle Spalding, Nancy Shrader, GeeGee Telfair, Diane Hoffman, Marcia Edwards. Head pompom Phyllis Painter is in the center. ROUSING PEP AND ENTHUSIASM x X!! f ,I I Here are the first pompom girls of Eisen- l hower High School. They performed at football l and basketball games, in assemblies, and were in several parades. After the pompom girls took a series of tests, Phyllis Painter was chosen as their leader. The pompom girls of Eisenhower High School deserve much credit for the fine iob of repre- senting their school. Edie and Eddie Eagle were played by Carol Duncan and Mary Jo McKay this year. Our mascots per- formed a big iob during the year helping to promote school spirit. FIRST ROW left to right Pam Heater Dottie Painter Katha Eaton, Jeannie Ring- ness SECOND ROW Carol Bergerson Mary Carol Strohte lheadl, Karen Brotherton. WE REPRESENT THE "Bee" Cheerleaders Under the supervision of Mrs. Agretelis the "B" cheerleaders have been an en- thusiastic group, performing at all the football and basketball games. At the beginning of the school year the girls wore white bermudas, white blouses and reversible vests which had green cor- duroy on one side and green and white check on the other. At the beginning of the basketball season the cheerleaders changed their bermudas for short white pleated skirts. SIDE ROW, front to back: Franki Lynn, Flo Perez, Kay Correll Nancy Schuman Jennifer Selbert Earlene Boggs Ellen Hill Pat Brown Marilyn Mueller Priscilla Armstrong, Susie Hillman, Ellen Ruggles. FIRST ROW left to right Charlotte Tarr Sandy Park Marilyn Drake Ruth Crowell Carol Mohr Lmda Jenkins SECOND ROW: Sharon Doenitz, Judy Dukinfield, Bonnie Mosher Connie Blair THIRD ROW Ann Kranz Diane Funderburg Anna Marie Brown Marg Hughes, Diane George, Sandy Price. AGLES IN BEST OF STYLE The Drill Team The smart, stylish drill team were named the Eisenhower Eaglettes, first appeared in public during the ceremonies of the Football Festival. They were used to es- cort the Football Court to their places on the field. The girls march at most home games, as well as in several parades in the South- land. Sandra Boles and Kathy Meyers were the two co-captains of the Eisenhower Eaglettes. They worked hard getting the entire team on the right foot at the right time. FLAG TWIRLERS The Flag Twirlers had a later start than any of the other pep groups. Determined to be the very best they practiced after school and as often as they could find free time. Their first appearance was before the entire student body at a pep assembly. They wore their new green and white princess style uniforms. We were very proud of their dexterity and maneuvers. They were well received by the crowd at the Christmas Parade. :xI'.'l!:.1. ram FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Holmes, Dorthy Baxter. SECOND ROW: Sandi Lang lHeadt, Janice Hogdson, Marilyn Van Kirk, Sandy Rosengren. WE TWIRLED AND WHIRLED AND MAJORETTES Our maiorettes should certainly be commended for the great iob they did this year. They devel- oped their skills despite their late organization date, and were ready to make public appearances long before we expected they would. We were proud of their glit- tering uniforms as they marched over the two mile route in the Rialto Christmas Parade. llflaa-fl! JHl'ICIYlni . a 4 . , 1..,:. '..."'i f -it Left to Right: Sanda Doing, Kathy Noland, Barbara Berry tHeadl , Charlotte Koonce, Carol Cutler ff' 2 , .ff .V f Q1 I . ia, 1 , 'fl 1 'H 1 i, Ernie Cresswell, Dick Rhoades, Dave Ward, Marilyn Hill, Kathie Bauer, and Cathie Collins listen to Editor-in-Chief Barbara Jean Mehess explain her critique of the latest issue ofthe Eagle's Eye. OUR TRIP WAS IN THE NEWS. The Eagles Eye, our school newspaper, was published for the first time on the second day of school. This was a big feat in itself considering that there wasn't a print shop or an organized staff. The paper has been printed by a publishing firm this year but our hard working newspaper staff has put an all out effort in its production. They have to rush every week to meet those ever pressing dead- lines that are always facing them. They are continually looking for new columns and fea- tures for the paper. The entire staff can be commended for a fine job. Our students and faculty are very proud of them. af .' ag -.-Nj E '- QV If ,Q f 1 7. .z-..f'f,,1. A-gs- Cathie Collins, Jim Nedlik and Jane McNelis look over a feature story ,..., gk Q, iv... fir? Q I V7 MAE K The Aquila Staff is lseated, left to rightl Diane Funderburg, Sports Editor, Mike Burton, Eritor-in-Chief, Donna Kolb, Business Manager, lstandingl Jill Vaus, Faculty Editor, Merry Jo Kropf, Senior Editor, Kay Timmons, Art Editor, Maggie Watkins, Sophomore Editor, Karen Brotherton, Junior Ed- itor, Maureen Short, Activities Editor, Sharon Smith, Clubs Editor. WE ARE THE AQUILA STAFF. i , gtg? .53 W, 4 V V , .. x S I 'fwcg:g1.y,j3I,y', ,. f ,....., We 'c s . ' ' -f N' Taxes, Lf? i Assistant Business Manager, Diane Hoffman, goes over an ad with ad- Dottie Painter and Sue Smith sort pictures for the class sections. Each visor, Richard Ramsauer, and Clubs Editor, Sharon Smith. picture had to be sorted, numbered and alphabetlzed, then placed in 88 a mailing envelope containing a layout sketch on its cover and mailed to the publishers. SENIOR WILLS I, John Benson, do hereby will all my tooth caps acquired in football games to Dan Zank. I, Mike Burton, do hereby leave my outdated address book to Dennis Hancock, my talent for volunteering to Terry Coe, my telephone number to Waggie Watkins and Sharon Smith. I, Ernie Cresswell, leave to the next ASB President a loud voice so that he may be heard over the commotions on the Presidential Cabinet. I, Pat Ellsworth, will some of the sharp times we've had this year and advice to every "oyster" to stay out of Mr, Egan's classes in their senior year. I, Kathy Jung, will Mr. Uhl to any unsuspecting Senior. I will my talking abilities to someone who doesn't. I will my freckle cream and personality to Diane Hoffman. I, Karen Kugler, do hereby leave my streamline shape to Douglas Air- craft Company and nickname, "Saphire," to Diane Funderburg. I, Bill Mehess, leave my book on vodoo and my term paper on commu- nism to Mr. Egan. I leave my own creative game of "Fun Incorp." to Pete Anderson. I, Dick Ogle, will my ability to dominate sophomores to John Kirker, my ability to practice sportsmanship at football games to Tiny Crane and to the Senior Class of '6l, I will Mr. Egan with all his imaginative ways of creating excitement within his Senior Problems classes. I, Bill Radich, do hereby will, my spot in cellblock G-2 to any poor, helpless creature who becomes a senior. I will all my leftover credits for graduation to Nick Zopfi, I leave "Pontiwagons" to Ted Dickey Ihelp stamp out cheviesI. I, Dick Rhoades, will my roller skates to Latricia Davis for inter-office travel. My golf clubs, golf balls, tees and ''vocabulary-of-the-greens" I leave to .lack Hargett. I will my car to Kathy Fergusson and to my succeeding friendly associates of the present class I will my methods and materials of getting out of classes. I, Shirley Roessler, will my Football Crown to the girl lucky enough to be queen next year. I, Bill Snell, do hereby leave the votes I received for Basketball Queen to Mike Radcliffe. I, Merilyn Theep, do hereby leave Dennis Hancock my old Igirdlet I never used and my flirting ability to Frank Welzig. I, Kay Timmons, do hereby will my outside contacts with boys to Sue Smith and my ability to debate in Annual to Dottie Painter. I will 2000 tons of lemons to anyone who is crazy for lemonade like I am. Q " ,1l ' , v -Y .S X It IIIIII -4 74? ACTIVITIES, 1960 Activities of the Year A main part of the social life of Our Little D.C. is pictured on the following pages. Life would never have been as gay if the successful activities hadn't taken place. Eisenhower's first year proved to be filled with many exciting activities. Promotion of the Student Body card came first and along with it came a skit for the "Hello Dance." The skit, starring people from the Advisory Board, showed the dangers of not owning a student body card. Barbara Jean Mehess, Mike Burton and Gary Blair took the leading roles, Soon after this came the colorful promotion of the annual, when the Aquila staff dressed in Hawaiian garb and set out to sell the book. As the football season started, many more activities began to take form, such as the Football Festival, sponsored by the Rally Committee. The ceremony and dance afterward were enioyed by everyone. Pep assemblies gained a lot of spirit to the student body. This pep was shown when the basketball court was named at the Basketball Festival. There were many dances, such as the Senior Class-sponsored Christ- mas Dance, the Valentines Dance lplanned by the Sobobansl, and the Azurette-sponsored Alona Aloha, which was decorated with exotic plants and greatly resembled a tropical isle. After the hard efforts of many iuniors, the class of '61 presented the prom, in great oriental splendor. The theme was Balinese Ball. As the year rolled around and the end was in sight, elections began. Four wees were filled with tense excitement awaiting the final results of all elections. Finally there was an end to our first year at lke High with the Senior Assembly, the most hilarious and interesting, by far. As usual, the Grand Finale to our tour of Little D.C. wasbthe beautiful twilight gradu- ation on the football field, long to be remembered by graduates and spectators, alike. X li ' K' l ' A . iililiifieiq H ' ,I ,yi 'E' X K A l li- lil gf whack., D M ,Ig iwltiia .. f ,,,-:2II':I i-fi Ie , , . , ,W x i, f f "iw Xxx K 'xx f F' lx Ns f xx X X QR N x, I 'I . X xi if i f I V0, K IC l Z I irq f if N S I A Mr, . A , A . tt' ' ,wifi ig K ,J I I as I 1 -se Q, vs J , fl Dy ii! J I Q 'ii v - 1, X , N- Z! I' X ll 'ilvgx I 2 f 'cj' 'S-, y L? y, . S l "" . ' Q. ,'f r - u fff' W f SQ! ZA I r f If f ,X X 1 1 fx X yt K , ' , X A If 17 wk 1 Zigi' ,K g Q 'ff 'V ,'iV V , f , ,W ,, , R qv , n N N , ff? W JE, .474 r 4 X W I 'N gli: , I X V NX X J?-'fn 1 X X wi, , 1 'fi " X I fs' . . 1 .X :NJ Kfl, l ,ll - "CZ ,, x 1 114449: I f,h.i,1"n'QL5 I 4 qxlggffjz X X X 'A m M" 5' 4 222111 1 3 4. ilufmlj 42535. X -TV. ' 'IKJ Qxssnf X J . 1 ' 1' 'U x1 ',4,k Vi, . 1' 'X 5,512 ff I ,L f f H. QL. m fg! : r ' ,V , X 'f 7, 1 f ff 1 If I f I, fc, Z' If: . 1 ,ef I X ,',"f7:L,A " -I..'s'-Q. 2 . :4 "'1'. ,, Vf iff xx X, 'lf' V, I if , ,X Y 5 ' I f " ' f WX S Pete Anderson, Scott Sumner, Mike Burton and Jack Hargett helped out the Arrowhead United Fund during a fund raising show given at EHS by panto- miming "The Battle of Coocamungaf' The Rally Committee raised enough money to finance the Foot- ball Festival by having its members carry people's books to class on "Tote-a-book Day." Kenny Cox is seen fulfilling his duties as a loyal Rally member. WE WGRKED HARD THIS Basketball games showed a lot of pep with crowds that were really out to support their team. The first activity of the year was the ASB Dance which pushed the sales of student body cards. In a skit called "Have Student Body Card-Will Travel" the cards were promoted at the dance. Above, Barbara Jean Mehess points out Dangerous Don lMike Burtonl to publum lGary Blairl who arrests him under the protests of saloon girl Katha Eaton. 92 Dv ,Q '74 CJ ggi if, l Sharon Barbrick, Suzy Baumgartner, Luanne Alfier and Lynn Dort smile happily A few Eisenhower students take time out from dancing for a after the latter two were named King and Queen of Hearts at the Valentine's few minutes of talk and refreshments. Sandy Meyers is Seen dance, "Swinging Sweethearts." The dance was sponsored by the EHS Sobobans serving Maggie Watkins, Bruce Bartells, Bob Miller, Larry and was a big success. Breeding and Mary Jo MacKay. YEAR AND HAD FUN. Dances were a big success this year. Many were held and seemed to be very popular with the Eagles. Clubs and organizations sponsored these and the crowd was at a capacity size at most events. The first dance of the year was held the third day of school and was for the promo- tion of student body card sales. Over 400 people attended the very festive and gala affair. Other dances soon followed. Such as: The Football Festival Dance lRally Committeel, Autumn Leaves iKey Clubl, Snowflake Serenade iSenior Classl, Sadie Hawkins Day Dance lStudent Councill, Swinging Sweethearts lSobobansl, The Basket Ball iRally Committeel and more. These dances were a lot of 'fun for the Eagles but it could not have been done without the hard work and co-operation of teachers, parents and the community. 93 Merilyn Theep , +11 v , P 1' r- O 4 , 1? n 0 ,Y 4 1 1' u if M i .h Ginn J 5 'L s V9 9 If , 4' Pat Ellsworth 'D Frank Jones f Huff-PA Mike Burton 101111 Benson 17 7. 5- J- if ,ff , ,pp . Q' 12 MQW Q . ny I ,L - fp i V ,. ,P P A ., , 2 f.,-f.f1Qf ,," , . I, X 'g- ' .fr --iam, M , , , jf, -fe 41,1 ff? r f . :J , 1 Q: 'P ' , " 1. 4 Gary Glaze Ernie Cresswell "FE"-"Q 9' ff!! Marilyn Reeves Valerie Perault Kathy Jung Pat Buscemi f -'fm jg ,swf f -, e R1chard F1sher -rx X SENICDR 'ffm ' , "' ,Z , 4 4 .H - l , , H ' FI I 'rs ,, A' 1 .1 Q .V ,Z , KIM '3'?iQi1F-X PERSONALITIES BUSIEST-Mike Burton and Kay Timmons. BEST LOOKING - Bill Ruclich and Shirley Roessler. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED- Ernie Crisswell and Marilyn Reeves. B E S T A L L ROUND-John Benson and Marge Smith- line. BEST DRESSED -Dick Rhoades and Karen Kug- ler. FRIENDLIEST - Pol Ellsworlh and Bill Snell. 'Mr f 9 'V 1 F' , , lb 2. '12, , ' if K. . I lei? A f L 45 Ji F w 1 ,,,jv 'ff 4 '-as . i r Not everyone was so lucky in the big game in the Powderpuff Bowl, Here one of the iniured players is carted away. SPIRIT PREVAILED THRCDUGHCDUT mafa The courageous team poses for its picture. Their victory was recorded in the history of women's sports. a its Q1 A Since the girls were treading in men's territory the Senior boys had to retaliate. Above are the cheerleaders and pom pon boys. 96 One of the biggest money makers the Senior Class held this year was the Powderpuff Bowl. This was a big football game with only female players. Every girl in the class chipped in with services as a player, manager or water girl. The boys, not to be left out, became the pep units and did an hilarious iob of imitating the cheerleaders and pom pon girls. The class sold tickets to students for 25 cents. The students were then allowed to leave their last period class a half an hour early in order to view the game. Bes.ides the team and the pep units, the coaches were girls gym teachers and the field officials were secretaries in the main office. OUR TCDUR CDF OUR LITTLE D. C. 1. il Q X " The Roman Banquet was a great success. The cafetorium was decorated to resemble an old Roman temple and the entertainment was much like something Caesar would have enioyed in Rome's heyday. ready ..... go ...... . I s . 'll set ...... Two friendly rivals, the Key Club and the Diplomats Junior Optimists, held their own field day in mid- February. The Key Club had challenged the Junior Optimists to a tug-of-war over a mud hole two feet deep. A lot of excitement was aroused because each of the club members claimed that they were on the winning team. When the big day arrived the two club presidents, Mike Burton and Terry Coe, took the head of their respective teams and the sixty boys began to pull. As the tension rose and the muscles strained the rope broke and all fell back. After many tries at the rope the boys lumped into the mud for a good old fashioned free-for-all, This pleased the spectators and was a messy conclusion to the event. ln the end the two teams agreed that it was a tie and decided to make it an annual event, complete with a trophy to go tothe winners. gt . A ,,, ,,,M .,, fx J, l 3 A' I Q" " 0 f A 5 M M .1 . li QL , WA g 'nu-su bl After the Eagles came to roost at Eisenhower High, the school was not quite finished. While the students were on the campus many changes took place. Here, on this page, you see two such changes that were undergone while the Eagles stood back and watched. Here, you see the student store soon after it had been started and then after it was opened for business. Also you see the chemistry lab only half finished and then ready for any experiment to be done by the young scientist. ...WBEFORE AND AFTER...... it i 1 E . , ' V' 4 wing. -'21 -Q' f 9.5 , if .I 444-Q2 K 3, ff 7,gf?:f!'L9' ,gf 3 1214 1 J N X 1 X fx I 'x QM' I XJ A. f Q 1 'mist ' 1 n ' Q i ,if-A -9-Z' 11 1'-'uri 9 'xr' 5 Z fx, ef jf xl- 5, l 1 . , ff, 0 ' ' 12 55 A M il A 'Q 5 uzigff ,. . THE PRGPHECIES OF THE FUTURE Finally!! A moment of silence. We have arrived safely in Our Little D.C. We can't mention names but a certain Mr. Cresswell was the driver and it was rather an odd or we might say an unusual trip. Senator Kathy Fergusson, who gave up her career as a housewife-chemist, is aboard our bus. She has been out on a study to see who eats more - Maggie Watkins or Sharon Smith. Kay Timmons and Pat Ellsworth were coming home after giving many talks around the country on women's suffrage. Scientist Bruce Germaine said it was very interesting how he drove backwards all the way. Bill Mehess was on his way to a convention after writing his latest book entitled, "How l Achieved My Greatness." Duane White, after his third unsuccessful attempt at winning the presidential nomination, finally retired to that all-year-'round resort in Patton, California. His rival was Miss Connie Blair, Commander of the Allied Forces. Deka Krentz, who could never quite decide which man to marry, was the most renowned hostess of Our Little D.C. Her parties were the talk of the town. Her last party had such guests as Secretary of the Agriculture, Donna Kolb, Ambassador to Great Britain, Dick Rhoades, President of the United Steel Workers, Karen Kugler, and Governor Marge Smithline of Hawaii. D.C. society was missing something when A. F. General Jack Hargett and wife inee Maureen Shortl went to Zulu land to hunt lions. Also missing was New York Yankee catcher, John Benson. The one-time Miss Universe, Shirley Roessler, was seen being driven around town by her chauffeur, Don Schaefer. ln the Pentagon, Chief-of-Staffs Ted Easterling, was seen chasing his secretaries Phyllis Painter, Mary Gavette and Marilyn Reeves around their desks. Meanwhile, next door, Admiral Scott Sumner was catching forty winks while his receptionist, Diane Fletcher, finally eloped with her Jack Scott. Bill Smith, now President of the L.R.S. Fanclub, has become famous through his escapades with internationally known millionaires Bob Miller and Larry Whitely. Karen Brotherton is head of a large modeling school which has such models as Merilyn Theep, Ellen Hill and Diane Hoffman teaching. During the trip we visited the large restaurant owned by Rick Gillett where we saw Barbara Jean Mehess and Jeannie Ringness waiting on tables on roller skates. Sue Smith was doing the cha-cha on a table while the head waiter, Felix Hendrickson, was trying to escort her out without the French Ambassador's wife, Clare Elliot, seeing the commotion. Dennis Hancock was giving tango lessons to Suzy Thaler, who had just returned from Europe. Dave Strait was trying to eat his soup while Carol Duncan was telling the famous doctor about her latest operation. Beauticians,Judy Hornsby and Kathyljung had iust released a new freckle cream which had been tested first on Dick Ogle and Dennis Ashby. Nuclear Physicist Bonnie Mosher was about ready for her trip to the moon with her co-pilot Judy Hanson. Marcia Edwards wanted to go along but couldn't leave her pet armadillo behind. Jerry Koch offered to take care of it but it was too shy. Besides, Jerry's next-door neighbor, Linda Jenkins, was afraid of it. Not to mention Hope Kochoff, who lives across the street. Golf pro, Ray Howard, was seen selling his prayer rugs on the corner of the White House lawn while head gard- ener, Suzie Baumgardner was trying to chase him away. Mike Radcliffe was giving an oration on "How to run the Senate" while Ed Gaumont was busy taking down his speech for the newspapers. . rr: ,'-- 1' - .' '-' '."i'-' -"'f- ..'f.-.f--fefe1..4.'s-1-ef-.. sf: . J x . fha 'ta . -Q. 'fr 9'5" V Qt-1-'f-,-'j",'.-J A ' , , W f ,.,, I 4- 5,1 D, 1 . 1:'ffT.y,1L.sQ.ff3:sgII1212." N V-z'g1:ts,q3g V ' .. is v'i"fg,Evf .. V41 V f' 'ff-fT'A?L"' c'f:'W"f-. v..1-'- 'I ' . A. - ' . f ' ' ' " -' if " w'1i3-EL' i is Z+Ql5.l.5f'Z.?:,f'Sl-,UZPf",.,:?,"f : ' teiififf T' " .f.:r--V '. V V ' P T 14 "'-'S-fic .arf .' ' fi -31 -+I. '. L f ..1.- f' "-t f . - YE-Jrf.:f-:-'-.5 X- -" '. " - ' "'f'f1iiTQsQfjfQC'-7'i - J. - 117-gr' 43, ft 3, 11' "fn, ff ip: L aw 4 ,iw ' K -I . -.-- ".Z - - .5 .f .- ge..-.N-. '- ' r.- J W- . .4-v,,R,wL.':-jfariw . .. -. ' A .ga , FZ., 5, 'V ,,, X.: R- K ,. I 'I 1 A-in j:Xf1"':4"if'ij'T'?'9':,::l. 1.-QMS, ,X 'xiff ' : . " A X 9. 1 2 1-.g . 'ffl' ss-'sx'4fH,5--f,g?,,.1. . O . -ci. .1 P ,,, Q1 1 . - -1-4-5.-1 ng ,., -.-gi. - 7 Af.-137T1IT.N -sg K 45, wh' -X1 - , Q ' . . U, 'Q Zpjm, ' sgrlgs-.. s . 'sy.r- - . ,-,Wye . 1 , -- - , -I.. . . s f -A 1 -,ff"..j ,rg 4 is '. :. K , , i 'C ??i+:!i, .- L 4. sfffifq- ' ' V -X -- w-.M .1 wifi- "rx LP 5523. - 552'-2-4-ffCs"s1s1Ff1'ii:L1f"' W" :-9152-' M. ,-- --h:-,qAyssf, -Aa -s, -sf. -iq.. . :A ,, :, . 1 , ,.,,.gf.g.r-,-4,-.,,..1s1- 4-,wth-A - . ist '41--+ - . nz", 'rt'-u -it . -' e- 1 f-1 ' ' ' - 1192- '- t .,,.-- 5.5, 'A ,' uni, 5533, gif.--1' 1 fs N 1 jp,-Ag.-. H ,.,-3-r-gif!" .nj 1 ' ..: +L-, --x V. , .E-. -'sr -X5 .Hr-5"f't Su L,'m , , . - ' N . 'ysfn f, . . V, ., 1 Q Q , V. ,lf .: m, I: ' ,f r 5 :ALJ -df-S 1 ti" "V-,-lifes ' fi' nj'-,,, ffgfisl 'F' QA' . ' 1 5 A . or . QQ- 'TL " 1 .- .,..L, ,Q-.fax we JJ k E. .,: 5. F1 A :X 7:5 ' fy, if .Eel ,X A .git T' R'u llir' - Qfffvfsgfu " ., ' 'ii iff .f 1 127-5' I tiff .V 2 if iff. f R-fy' A ' ffsfsa f if . - ' 31: wg., 1 . Q',.iw, , , .-f r ,P '1..fJ ,, -,J :zwf ' 4' ' I --tif ig, : ' " L . 5 ' ,J . vs ,. rrivt.-ffl ' ., . .9-H'-1,5 A , ' .- fs - Pi , -t sgf .-sg . 4 1 A 'U Q, ex., .- h - .A .j -W5 .14 4:1 " 'H .- -11'-f. , .s L . s as . - 4' 44' , f .Pl 2.1.-5 A5 LR: A 1,-,nys 55-' 1 I f- rx ft f - T I . ff ,f . - '..-.fs --..-. ? D , A 3,1-egg. ,-..17,5,. -Y, 4' r . ' J Q. - .5 My A1451 K M---2 . if . A U V V E: ... 1,,,, . . ,K Unk. 1 X n Y r Q ,Q-gf. -f s,,',.':p.s. R .ua 4111 - - 1,-I , ,.',' '-Jl'4aYT'+rf 'Es-'H TJ- '-k"?'J75':'? A 4- Ng ' ' A "Rf bi .-ea ' I, ff2.g,kL, 1 2 ..."-"2f:qaf.. Q . 0 ' s ' ,Cv-t' . 5 L 1 'iff' . t X V - Wm 'L' ' 1 5' Q.:-5- . .1 i v ' ' ' ,' 'E .. ' 1 i f ' ygQ5,fi:.w3,,' ,f 2 -an ff, New . A., , ., .1 y ' 2 ' -4'5iP,"i5"E'f' 5' ,QA -, ,V , , ' 51 'ff' ' - ' . ' 1. f fic' 1. ' .9 -5, If-JILFQ' ' -5, 7, , ' Q 4. - 1- . V- , .- 371930. 'g y ig ezgf' 4, .555 R, 3, A 4: ftp,-3,w:k '., . ,J ' . ., g, ' X -.ggi 151.5- ' . ' Q .4 -v i P I g .vi-3.. x v ,w , ,, U -M -' 112: , xg I 5' ,ix HW. .5 ' it 32' ' .3 S' 4 t ' . ' its -" '- ' , ., ' " u, Y.-viii , 2. Qt 1.3.-R,,,.. g. ,, V -vs-Y, . .-- - N sx..,,1,-11 X -x t ' I " ' 7 ' ' . X , T - fffg' - , -..-I - 1 n . - V W Br K I . -1ux,,x,R,X ,., W N XV A L4 :K ivzlgr: 4- J. Ad? -, 4 ,K . x , , ' L, , .J ' . ' W .....n.... -- -V r " -- ..-. , A . - . T ' Y 13? - . -......1,,...-G..--,. -4..,....... , -A -- ...sq . r . , HOLD MUCH IN STORE FOR US... Senator Marie Lang was teaching Kathy Friedrich how to drive a car so that she would have a better chance of getting into the FBI. International spy Gayle Spalding was breaking out of iail when news came of the quintuplets born to lucky l'?l Barbara Moyle who had written the novel, "I Like Small Families." Head-Mouseketeer Pete Anderson was still trying to convert Nancy Smith, now a maior in the Air Force. Home from his banana plantation in the wilds of Brazil was Richard Chase. Don Saager was iust named "TalIest Midget" by Janet Fellwock, President of the Tallest Midget Society. Editor of "The Washington Tribune", Jim Nedlick, is out of town on the "Marilyn Hill Wedding" story Ito a marine, at thatl. Terry Coe, the man that made a million by finding a diamond mine in his back yard, has iust bought an underwear factory from lovelorn columnist, Jennifer Selbert. On the last night of our stay in Our Little D.C. we couldn't miss Linda Painter in her new opera. Her sister, Dot- tie, was in the wings teaching stage hands Jerry Hamel and Ross Jones how to do flips. Since Kathy Bauer didn't like the music, she was taking bets on who would do the "soft shoe" the best - Judy Mintz or Carolyn Frisby. Bill Snell was there with escort Diane Funderburg, Mike Burton was there lstill campaigning after all these yearsl to give a speech for the President of the United States, Marilyn Van Kirk. Ron Stimpson, still driving his Chevy, was trying to outdress the new owner of "The Mug," Nick Kozloff. John Skipper was trying to tell everyone about his experiences in the northeast corner of Southwest Slavolia. Although June Reynolds wgs interested, she couIdn't take her eyes off box-office king Paul Sudlow. Mike Evans, who until recently had been hidden somewhere in Pennsylvania, came to the opera as a true music LOVER. Nancy Shrader was on a holiday from her used cor lot when she ran into Valerie Perrault who had iust bought a new rabbit fur coat. Our time was coming to leave and we wanted to say good-bye to Roy Kallas who was trying to invent the fly- Jim Connel, now a ballet teacher, is on the bus going ing machine. Hey, Roy, ever hear of the Wright brothers? homeward. Some of his students have been Randy MOl'1n, Bob Ablanez, Terry MacDonald and Bruce Bartells. Senate minority leader Don Lloyd was on his way to New York to see the latest Broadway show by -Beverly Peterson. Don Fernandez was taking the bus because doctors had warned him against driving anymore rage Cars, Bill Gillis, and fruit vendor, Kathy Meyers. Penny Bunce, In the bus station to say good-bye was shoeshine boy, retired Speaker of the House, came down to give a dance and Texas oilman Bob Meyers was busy watching. Jill Vaus would have liked to have come, but her boss, Gary Curtis, wouIdn't permit her to leave the office. Terry Mc- Kee even took time out from filibustering to come and so did Dave Ward. Linda Umphery, who had iust finished put- ting a fresh coat of paint on the Washington Monument was there with Paul Ogle, Secretary of State. Jan Hefele brought her Brownie troop down for the farewell. Some of the kids that grew up to be Brownies were Kris Goud, Kay Kruse, Jackie Allen, Pam Palmer, Pam Heater and and Danny Easterling lthat boy was always thinkingll. The Olympic team stopped by for a moment with Almon Mosher, Dan Rentz, Jack Viero and waterboy, Merry Jo Kropf. Sharon Barbrick and Nancy Kling, now partners in a cigar factory, came by with U.N. Secretary Sam Frisby. Sharon Witkauckas wanted to paint our picturegbefore we left, but we couldn't stay because Suzie Blaylock wanted to get back to her chicken ranch in Oklahoma where her partner Marilyn Mueller was waiting. The bus was ready to leave so we all boarded and 'waved good-bye to Our Little D.C. As we looked back we ,knew that we would return to the glamour spot of the nation and the soft-spot of our hearts. .- , - , . . ff" X 10 ."i L .n,,ga,.r-v.-,:g-iy-- : li .- '. 23-. A ,I . ,- if X Q- . .. H: :"-'1?G,-.vX-,-,'XY":- . . .A, 1 . Q, V 1-, Q -,. .4 . ,' ,- - fa A T' , F' .. 5 ' .M H 11 , '- cms?-gf Eigerggzi-,+' 5 v 3 Q Q -13, 1. -Rf 'S s2i'l'C.rff.v.IR 1 i' -.ff-'13-"V-'l '.l,.-17F7.'i7's'J.-Q' ' 5 - 3 ' . wif ik, .-'u Qillff' Wiki- ffifffii ' 1 1 8 - l'f'Y5'ffff- 2 Li if' Z. 5'3g.L5q:T4 Q ...:1s.f.-.-' -U: Zpf eff E12 K ,vii ' it 5531, 1715. .! ' 9 - Exif. VX-,,:.5ii.-,lj f' el. Seq' 1- 'TQ .' """ 11577-TT, ' .fi 1"-yrs ' Q' -1 T " 5 - Y'.ss5-S"'E'.1.5Q,-16.9 5 f ' N f' ., ,,'- ff s.g.fgf'-,f'r,1?'1-if 1-TQf,,gr,j:?, ' . 1 . rc: -U V , ,ja 9. 1,1 'X , I .-.lynx as Q - T q,.Gi:i . ,,3,.:55: ,Lqgfx A fit. I 9 ,,g,:. --sy Iv. A 2 F .E--. else,-we-f . RF, -l3,,:2,, 'zgsiff i 'lti Q-1s.1:'rY '1 4-ET. gain. -74 .L WL lf. I 12-7.-f .:,:,1:Fi:. ,fr P- tffggq: 1 ,I .MSR S W ' gzfiiifafilisz :ff?7?fSf"'U "aft-?"t 'X vffg'2-gxtfipfiflzrf' fini-n7?,'f.?fg: ':r4 fest I it ' R..5,5g,-auf,-g.,5: as if 431 sw-1. 1, .EEBLI-ff? 11:51. Q ,,r.1.'e, .,-X 1.5.-f1?v1,-t"' N -re ,ly-agf11',Zf,,t.-,z Q, -- Q. , 'a's+:3541:I-5? wi - . .'i..,-QS., qs- ebgi'5., -. .. A 51321535 .,-.Tru we ff A. . SE ,- Biffle W Q55 J-I Q Q f K .f tx . 7.5-1- . " wifi x Aki QA, 'Of ',- l L Q4 ,, ,qv . V ' ,- - .l . Sa .L ,WU X K, ,, Q, -,,3,,?:::, 1-, sv- . X5 ia ,X ma- N vi-.Qu H W L f Q v -LN I X 'iztf C ' X ,L gg. -165. . . -w ' 53: AT '-. v' - . I t'25.wwL'5'Lg,'s'1 42141-. 121 ' r ' ' t XL?-.,-.351 aff., 's , ' W.. A.-3l'Pg':1 'L' 1 1' -423.546 q .3 at -., , QA.. Ei, - -1. 4, K. ' . V w J ., . ,Z i 'tg . ,Q-, 1.. i W fi' ,gfiiir C inf: 75' ,,, QI X, -. I 51. 'g'gfi5F.'i'J-'H 1 .3 "SF " . . - L ' '- ff' 9 X if F' . N is 7 .- T .-7 if-"ft-"7' " A - vi f f 3'-1 1' t S A I at ff 'fit ' A Q '4 .5 ,5.,,g.-Q1 :if 1 1 j J U. .l-Q.,-L,. .lg I 'ggjiiif ..1 X X Fi -' , 4 -' , ,.- m y Xt X V, U --LY N-xg' 1,4 !,l . A - . . . 1. ' Y , lj it - ' 1 I 'Z f A 1 " "ri ' ' ' 'nl'-3-.. . - '41 I r' : ff : '-u-.. - 6' -.f W' - Q K, 'gg r,, .L-, 1 Y-,qihfi .-1 'QD ,L V g , -. ,Y -. Q., . .. . - 2 'EIAW2 . f A . A-f"'7-sum, Ce f S 5 XIII if L 2 x f l If VA ', ky ., . A f x ' - . ': - . 0 Haifa 'I+ " ,qvza 3,m'xx ur - 1 , A I I X I 1: Xa -a ,Kb W. mi. - N Y-f fi If , Whatcha lookin at, Terry Coe? . . . Rick Gillett looks like he's already for Hawaii . . . WE INVADED THE BEACHES ...... 'V Balboa Blast --A rf i , 1,1-ky f What now, Terry? . . . Although it was not a school-sponsored activity, many of Eisenhower's citizens ventured forth to the beaches during the Spring Vacation. Balboa seemed to be the favorite spot for the Eagles with several cabins full of Rialto kids. On these pages are the pictures of some of the many Eagles that "flew the coop" for a week and went out into the sun and the sea for a good down- to-earth sun tan. Many returned from that glorious week with a bright red tint and the relief of having a little privacy for a change lthe living space was a little tight wtih nine or ten people living in a three room apartment for a weekl. Regardless of this, they all came home with happy memories that none of them will forget for a long time. Duane White and Connie Blair soak in the sun Q Q wi it? fl, ' MM. N, if-Ei 41 'il' 423 I ,! "Not already time to leave says Kathy Fergusson, as she looks at her watch . . 103 YA ,ow gg 4 f f I Ted Easterling relaxes for a minute with lt seems Deka Krentz was a little camera John Sanders is just too good at ping- his bongo drums . . . shy . . . pong . . . ll'lN All smiles for Ann Krantz, Jackie Allen, Jean- Jack Hargett takes time out for forty winks while nie Ringness, Diane Hoffman lseatedl, Suzie Roy Baca keeps watch . . . Baumgartner and Gayle Spalding , . . txlfi X fp The Peninsula Apartment Dolls Maw " , "Get face. lO4 V I - A ' I 1' ,- "'A"A' -ik' Walt Meers is just in the mood for - that camera out of here," is the expression on Karen Brotherton's an old fashioned slesla ' ' ' N75 y if Z Ns, 414 , 41" , W A, -ff L6 Jackie Allen looks like she really enjoys the beach . , . ,Li -rv. Q N, "ow Yes, Connie Blair, you have a lan . . Don't look so serious Maureen Short and Jack Hargell . . . DETOURED THRCDUGH BALBOA. -ard' X 1 'G Take if easy with that fowel, Judy Hanson , , "Ah, 'WY fhe CCMGN-'l," SUYS Bill RUdiCh GS Marilyn Mueller digs into her purse for some Karen Kugler, Rose Kubicek and Merilyn Theep are seflling down for a day on the beach . . . Noel Rentz looks seaward . . . coke money , , A Mike BUNCH, KWSN Bfolhef- Hey, Diane Funderburg, get off that ton and Terry Coe ham ii up fence , , , for the camera . . . lO5 XXV XXV X ' The football season's crowning glory was the Football Festival in October. Above, excited Bonnie Mosher is crowned First Princess by Gary Blair, Jr. Class President, as Princesses Karen Kugler and Phyllis Painter look on. -si. - v V ,f 2' Her Royal Highness, Queen Shirley Roessler, smiles for her official portrait after being crowned the first Eisenhower High football queen. ON OUR TOUR OF LITTLE D. C. QW Clock-wise starting with Queen Shirley are First Princess Bonnie Mosher' Fourth Princess Karen Kugler- Third Princess Nancy Shraderg Second Princess, Phyllis Painter. 106 ' ev The happy winners await the start of the second half of the game against Don Bosco Technical School. -'U 'N Queen Shirley is congratulated by Gary Blair as she is escorted to her throne by Marcia Edwards and Ted Easterling. ,,,,r. Q Jerry Koch, sponsor of the First Princess, played hard in the game against Don Boscoe. His touchdown helped to win the game 13-12. WE MET THE NOBLEST OF ROYALTY October twenty-fourth played host to the first homecoming of Eisenhower High, Being that this was the first year, the event was named the Football Festival. lt was decided that the Festival ceremonies would take place during the half time at the Don Bosco game. Committees were formed from the Rally Committee members. Mike Burton and Carolyn Frisby were in charge with their co-workers being Felix Hendrickson, Marty Brown, Mike Evans, Dick Wilson, Kathy Eaton, Jack Hargett and Maureen Short. Elections were held and the twelve girls with the most votes were members of the court. These girls were Jackie Allen, Penny Bunce, Bonnie Kovacs., Karen Kuglar, Bonnie Mosher, Phyllis Painter, .lune Reynolds, Shirley Roessler, Maureen Short, Nancy Shrader, Gayle Spalding and Kay Timmons. Each girl was sponsored by a varsity football player. The night of the Festival the girls viewed the game from a reserved section in the stands. They then were presented to the audience in beautiful new convertibles which were loaned to the school by charitable car agencies. The court was escorted across the football field by the drill team which was performing for the first time. Then as the sus- pense grew greater the princesses were announced: Fourth Princess, Karen Kuglar, Third Princess, Nancy Shrader, Second Princess, Phyllis Painter, First Princess, Bonnie Mosher. And at last Queen Shirley Roessler's name was announced. After the game was completed a dance was held in honor of the court and another Coronation was held. At this time the queen was presented with a sterling silver necklace by the Key Club. A trophy and ribbons went to the clubs with the winning floats. Azurettes won first place with their float, Sen-tetts was second and Key Club was third. lO7 Guest speaker Les Rider of the L.A. Rams signs his autograph while Mr. Ryan stands by. The Awards Night was the biggest event of its kind in San Bernardino County history. Duane White receives the Sportsmanship Award during the Awards Banquet. Over six hundred people attended the dinner. Duane will be a co-captain next year. LITTLE D. C. HAD MANY HONORED Jerry Koch is awarded a trophy for Most Improved Player. The football team was just one of several organizations honored during the dinner. Jerry will also be a co-captain next year. 108 John Benson and Larry Whitely receive trophies for being co- captains. John was voted Most Valuable Back and Larry was Most Inspirational Player. L 'K' John Benson presents head coach Milt Smaha with a plaque from the team exemplifying their gratitude to him for his hard work. The other coaches also received awards. The Basketball Court poses after the announcement of the winners. From left to right are: First Princess Connie Blair, Ruth Crowell, Second Princess Susie Blaylock, Pat Ellsworth, Junior Darling Pam Heater, Diane Hoffman, Queen Valerie Parrault, ASB Presi- dent Ernie Cresswell, Second Princess Linda Jenkins, Linda Huestedt, Soph- omore Darling Dottie Painter, Deanna Kahler, Donna Kolb and Marge Smithline. RGYAL AND ATHLETIC RESIDENTS ,Z .f As January came to an end it was time to crown another queen and name another court. On lanu- ary twenty-first thirteen girls were escorted onto the floor of the Pacific gym and Master of Cere- monies Dick Rhoades began naming off the win- ners. Princesses were named in order of the votes they received after the naming of the Queen and the two Darlings. The honor of Second Princess was shared by Susie Blaylock and Linda Jenkins because ofa tie. First Princess was sophomore Connie Blair. Junior Darling was Pam Heater and Sophomore Darling was Dottie Painter. After much tension, Valerie Perrault was named first reigning Basketball Queen. After the game lwhich was a victory over Bur- roughs Highl a dance-The Basket Ball-was given in honor of the happy queen and her court. A lot of credit was given to Dick Rhoades and his committee in charge of the ceremonies. Mem- bers ofthe committee were: Bonnie Mosher, Sandy Ashford, Maureen Short and Kathy Meyers. Queen Valerie is congratulated by Kathy Meyers, Bonnie Mosher and Ernie Cress- well as the court looks on. ,, 5, W ,f l J n. v 6 IQWV x K' 3 Princess Bonnie Mosher W ly, 9 ' f,,f44Mfr, 0, 1 V I XT i 'R X2 KW I Y A ai ff W4 , Prince5fP62yLHi? cvftggfflj fjyldjf . rf' , , 1 ff, '- Jfp 'W 1 ,I J JL -93 Or J WW i' ' -iw Y ,r i an fy ,VN Q V ,,,.,, A ,r A ,N i , A n L ywafoyf Ci' wjm' fy , ,. rw A fjdf 0 m f ,k-,A A IJ ' I ' , Z ' lv 1' 4 rr M if n fir ,L I W J ww , Q.: ' - H- ,.'. 1 ,ff .Lwzmbwwf--',Mk li-N -wa 0 - 5 in r ' . o i f r r nnnnn I Princess Nancy Shrader gk, 3' L' Qi r H in 1+ K ' Q Princess Karen Kugler SHIRLEY ROESSLER, Football Queen, 1959-60 H0 'x 6 if M ,,,,., UW ,Q Q 9 Q 5' fi 1 Junior Darling Pam Heater l l . Sophomore Darling Dottie Painter Princess Connie Blair JXHNWOQJ .2-gj r 'SQ 4 Zeii jf s lyfs' 4 I M 4' . A, -f, , I I ii t . -f-v5'f."f'Pl L,-A,l.A.,'QJ-54 Princess Susie Blaylock Princess Linda Jenkins 7,4 . n H4 fm If f 'R WC' Y H2 ww ILL? :V-'+:g,, f' T,,F:x ,,,ZVyiM . y l . t v, . tk 5 ' Q lj, 'ki Q QR ,,'A wine V , -4 , , . f , ,I xfl 9, ' W ' ' ' 'vmawwrr N , a fn 4 ' 2' ' ff f i 4 Q f f 4 X 1 'lf 5 wi fr' x f. A f , V ,,.., ,.,.. fm K ,Q ,g,. 1. xp, -in ,Zig g . "T, x 1. 'J ft uk um. CDUR ADVERTISERS Advertising has made it possible for the staff of the Aquila '60 to bring you the tour of "Our Little D.C." That is why we would like to thank these firms for their wonderful support. Without the generosity of the businesses featured on the following pages we would not have been able to bring you our first annual and still maintain this quality. These firms were very co-operative to the Aquila business staff and our school, itself. They have proven that the interest of the community and its residents is very good in getting Dwight D. Eisenhower High School off to a good start. These businesses typify the tremendous support that everyone has given our school since its open- ing. Everyone seemed to want to lend a helping hand in building our great school. That is why we would like to thank, not only these advertisers, but the entire public for their wonderful support. Q. ' at V .Ns I A fawbqx -:Tau I ' 'x ws.-f' Q M if .. ifk., Q - 'Y-'JL if ,, 5 -1. .. vi ,Ax H , J' . - ,v f.. f 5 -.W 'lr , , 4, , A, ,S 'ln . is X-.,,,.y F, lm l iw, ,AQVETZAHV-54gQy't?SxQL .gl . , .1-., .I ,tm . 5. ik ,X V T. V t 'x sw W' ,Mp K sd 1' 5 w, 'fr' "M -ml- ,I . , g M ,,,, . W f M ' W? ' W5 X , 'K ' , 144741 mf v... x B? l JV' LANE o'LlTEs will JEANNETTES 623 East Foothill Blvd. GC "lt 1199 --E" street Ridlto, California San Bernardino, California l Y Seven Up Bottling Company NERVOUS NED 1248 Mt. Vernon 312 East Foothill San Bernardino, California Rialto, California NGRTH RIALTO DRUG DAVID PAINTING CO I72 E. Baseline P. O. Box 4 Rialto California Upland, California I L. A.WHITmI.EY GENERAL CONTRACTOR 908 N. Marcella Rialto, California ' .. A 1,23-., 5? E,-,rv,uf.,gL !4,4 .:, g.'j+? ! Vx, fi .F F if ., ww '3vf',,, f '.s'r4,.', '-g."l1.'Q,..,2Ii 5' ..5n'X,i 'Q if oggag V1 L ,V iL,,,n Q aid' 34 4 1 i' , I tx R W - V fi W we-M, fi W ff , 'ff rc ,, ,,,,,,, ,.f so V F A F 1:dTi.3"" " U "-fll3TiQLZl5fi1.'l'51j "MY ,N .,gf-4,-+ - .W 3 ,W ' 1. - V--,ew 43-4u.'2,,..,,,' Qnirj-4 ' t'..vb:..U,:..v ' Q "fy --, " 'V ' , , ,,, 'I Zi f,"j,: .are -fv"Y,', 'f "g.,,,-,fY -N....,.-,'s. .,,. ,af ,. it - ,V-,, M .., . gk. .. , , f f, -we-.-- M - ' Q k,.e,fTQ"f' 27,2 ,'+"'4 H 'W' - .am ,,.,.,A H a L. If .',:M ..,,,,,,,,h,',,At,4m mu An Q . , . Sawyer's Variety Store lO5 S. Riverside Rialto, California , I-.W ,,,,,,, WY. W-A, g I flf, F' ff F V EK: 'V .ua-vm-ann: , U'-5-,,,, .. ja .3 'gb it . --.4f,,......'axi.2.a. . ' Vitro .., .. --w 5- F 1, f b y-F--. -21 - fl -' x 'ff QTWTWV .Q A -rr .A , -'Q A-. .- 'f " ' ' i riff, ' R r eg -C Q i: ' ' exif Cauc:lill's Flying HA" Service 885 E. Foothill at Pepper Rialto, California get lleciewiiwi iF ELECTRICAL coliiicioi ALEC FERGUSSUN ELECTRICAL EUNTRAETUR 657 E. Foothill H8 Rialto, California Wi' if 5 RIALTU FLUWER SHUPPE lO8 N. Riverside Rialto, California C oncgrczfalztzbns to E I SE N HOWE R this year JOHNSON 81 SON HARDWARE ll5 S. Riverside Rialto, California fs wg ww ll by F ill FOSTER FREEZE 466 E. Foothill Rialto, California Corl Horvey Construction Beniestore's Dept. Store 411 W. Moin Street 114 5. Riverside Ontorio, Colifornio Rialto, Cclifornid VP J ARROW CLEANERS DON MUTH FORD no 138 S. Riverside 155 E. Foothill Rialto, Colifornio Riolto, Colifornio v 1' X .... ,, f- if , ' 'O K " 2 5 f Bl 5 en 1 5 1 ,- -, f -, 5 ff! ,. Li li, ', .5-My ., - ' , : ' Y f 'Zag , Q . "vi O ' if rg, fi S+-1 "a , -n5LIV 4, , " ,IAQJ 11 Lang Si Rs 7,7 41- ,-,--1: I, .. . '--------W... ,,NkW-mn ..-g,,k + r A , aa, ., V 1 4 BAKER BURGER WR North Riolto Barber Shop - 196 E I' 500 Eost Foothill X OS' Baseme I c C Rio fo, olifornio Riolfo, olifornio FOR ALL OCCASIONS K8.F PHOTOGRAPHY TROPHIES W AWAR DS R IB sons Phone TU-M2357 555 w. BASELINE sam BERNARDlNO,CALl F 121 Ygernarbk Slubio exhmhs fouralulalious! :ZZ his firsf 5anfor Class of Effenevwm' 5596 Sciiool O We , af Bernarhs Sfuhio 187355 fo Colgrafulafe you 51' Hia wnnberful accomplfsffmeufs you Have e5l'a5lfs3eb , as o recorb ,Hvr all of Hia flxhxre senior classes in sfvfve 'Ea alfalfa. gow' Anmaal J76ofo9rap6er .A 4 1 BLACK HAWK ELECTRIC T416 E. Highland San Bernardino, California 4 if I1 Mobilubricof on U! Mobilgas 9 , , ,, , , ,,.. - ,. ,. C.,,iT,.,,..M, H ff ,wa K V V ...W 'WTTNWII f-1 ..:....d...x,,J,..,! . -' W . -- 9 ' , s , ' 171' 'ffl . iii! 1 ig -+ 3 E' Wagga Q .. rp,,:H I ,,.. gb ' - " ' 1 'T "' A f , ' -' Aiii- -V fvwv -H , ii ' S 4 1 G J, tl .-uh-1, 'I , I .V , I.. ,A :-' MV, I ,,f,f,, 4.,-,,,,, , ll 1 ' ' .I .11 I H ' ""wS9'N 'WY , .,::k:s,,, M,.,,wQ:1,,L:,LQ,'f,,,4,gT"n,,,A:3L3fiTti-"Aw, I 'if . . ,, ,,,..i ,,..L...,u.M.... W , Q, ,I . f .if WZ. f'r9.'-M-'lf-4' F''-5fff"'Tf"'i3'ifi'ffifffi .Jw ,,,,ggfygwf,e4c4ry -, 1 1' - ' FfQL'?f'frWlgi'wv-,w41avsfs,5g my f I , ef - I - P9fU'fff'?4'1 ", , - ' ' ' ' , , " M .W 1, ..,.,f-4""'3 'f'-r' ' , 'f ' ' ' A 'T' "':'- ,Q wwidifeg-'j..:,. .M-,fK'f4-'QILY'-' - :,.4'. 'J- NORTH RIALTO SERVICE II6 E. Baseline Rialto, California A 8I W ROOT BEER DRIVE IN T279 W. Baseline and 4276 Sierra Way San Bernardino, California www if I f? W VIL 1 I It i .vziywf Q" RIALTO ANIMAL HOSPITAL 416 W. Foofhan Rialto, California I23 ECURATDR Piuo LANE'S FURNITURE C ongrafula ffbns from Calcor ORANGE BOWL CALCOR CORPORATION 924 E. Foothill 1514 W. Horvord 124 Riolfo, California Onforio, Colifornic W., ,H ,4.,,, yr 7 I, f .mf 'mf J 'fff-. fww,.14maz'. .yxfrffwfff '33, 24,3 ,..,g:.1.'w.g"' f ,ffl . , I, 1 ff .2 , ,V 'V ' ' , I 2 Ag, 1 f ? ' 3 , DRINK D M, In., si.. K. .....f:? P D 5 P COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. 1230 N. Arrowhead San Bernardino, California TIK-TOK COFFEE SHOP 1235 N. Riverside Rialto, California PATRONS Joe Lazar Cadillac, Inc., 731 E. St. San Bernardino, California Russell T. Smith, 649 E. Foothill, Rialto Clayton H. Wintermute, O. D., 209 N. Riverside Rialto Richard D. Pfeiffer, 234 N. Riverside, Rialto M. F. Gildner, D.D.S., 230 N. Riverside, Rialto Dr. Yonekazu Abe, D.D.S., 1135 N. D. St. San Bernardino Michael Burns, D.D.S., 649 E. Foothill, Rialto H. E. Schnepper, D.M.D., 232 N. Riverside Rialto 125 K0 ir. r PACIFIC TELEPHUNE 81 TELEGRAPH CUMPANY 279 E Sfreef San Bernardino, California lil zft 1 1 44" N lg - Q 'K . , I. X QA -.lJ...-,I r u X M? "W Q ,, , . 4- . 'f W ll' Q f - H 25 fp' .P , l gif- -sw- s . 22:9 kit, gin, x T ' . f. 'A X f Alma Maier of Eisenhower High School ' I' ' N By Rev. Keith cmd Edith Whittord X IR' ., X . I ' Where desert sands cmd mountain gl Qi ax Meet beneath the western sky, 6 ' ,, 'Tis there my heart forever . ' . wx' F E ylearns vu i ' ' h J or :sen ower Hug . , 4 T13 Cur dear old alma mater We owe our best to thee l- Fq 'Tis here we spend our cher- W1 ished years I Q ie" We pledge our loyalty. ' - ft li When twilight shadows tall I F it ' across our path of lite X Pl Rv The golden sun is sinking in , ' the west kg Thy memories sweet and clear X x 4 shall then come into view. .INS Dear EisfhnhoEverTHigh we love X X x ee es . I' tr -as .ms it that X 'ix T 2 X x , r 1 'J xr v -'t Y N. 3 - XX X Uv - 0 n ll 4 all " - 'I' ' 1 " 8 ""'. '.t.""'.. 2' .' ll2l'l!"luul ' 'll l'mll"'El' l it SQ g ll' ' In -. owl ni' ll - I I Q W 'X ti fum 0, .1 ,MC -ll T' V ' ' If 3' .i4'Z."f-i,---..i:'1w T f- it ' H 2 . fl I. 'li-. 'iv-'vu' " V 2 1 by K i 1 l ,I ,l, A 'ml I K A --M ' Q.. I.. Y 1 I i Vi' lllllll lll lllll llllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllm no.:-01 .gpg '- ,. . 1 2- i. ' ,I,1.1-.-f-i-l- w.,, , 0vnv-pn.aun, --,.,, ,,,.,. -,lj -pan- nwlu, My Sxllw 'ff Nl -Gt vw KN U NN ...gi p Cl Q85 l UGQQELQQQNXI L THANKS FOR THE MEMORY Yes, we've travelled far and wide together: Did we travel too fast? Now l reminisce and wonder whether Any good things ever last. But that, dear, is past. Thanks forthe memory of Eisenhower High. We remember you with a sigh, Our thoughts and moments that shall never die. How Lovely it was! Thanks for the memory of rainy afternoons, Swingy iazzy tunes, And motor trips and burning lips and Chalk-'Filled boards and brooms. How lovely it was! Many's the time that we feasted And many's the time that we fasted. Oh, well, it was swell while it lasted. We did have fun And no harm done. And thanks forthe memory of sunburns at the shore Homework by the score. You might have been a heiqdqche, But you never were a bore, So thank you so much. Thanks forthe memory of sentimental thought, All you ever taught, l And chuckles when the teacher Said, "You'd better not." How lovely it was! Thanks for the memory of all the little dreams That never did come true. Awfully glad we met you, Cheerio and toodle-oo And thank you so very much. X T62 Chas pF1g60 ill- 1 128 - Wlll NX, I af W W W W W M W MQ M fail, xp , Lux ii kcwuxu M M M WA ji W L ' -iwfgmil WW X1-,E JM 'W K. jg fin!! ZW 1 1 QSAKSSQEQJQY KM' ' S Q ff U w m,,, ,flqqp 47 ,425 CV ,, .liiQfffiilTfJ, qx ff,f g,kgQ 35 gg fdQghg X' QE Q fm' ox gp ff A W Q MAP J X W WM QA Q A fl ' A Wim QW NNNAY N., Q X'?xEmxQ4 A 14 ,ffl F . 1 . , - . 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Q: A if Jw? ,f Q Axfkgx W A, ' , Y1 X X. , Q, X 3 X' 'W xx 'xv NX X N X ' x Q x f like M F' ,..-, Z' C C , V ' i ,f ,,, ,V f ag' , W-Tit? 'ji' A , f-, f,,1m ' 1 nfgff: ' JBf91, L 7 ' Y - . ig, -1-27 P "--- "' V ' f "X-fx 3' 'ff ' ff "1 , ",-1 - 1'-f V " f ,520 Q- A,. .fs-iff?-f ' 2.5 TJ' 1 gf T , f xCf f 7,1 f'14 Y 7117? V .rm ,V ,.1Qk,,,k,,...,,- f f'f43"5f5?55Q1rfw Q M' rf EFEIQQ ff M S' f 'Q .- .Q ,4'. - ' -.Tr-fir nf TY- -A xx-5,.,..e-iv -Q W1 Q N , 'EH 1 -a' in '4,, f In " -wy-,1f1if51f,2flg'f' 56 ' N-N MC' 0 iz' " M" 1 C1 1 ' AI" O4 xx '.,'f 4 Cf, - CT D - QM ' - , . 4, ,A ? ut, -. - cw! ""-1 , ,.. '-X SN! jf 2231 -?5L"A-Lpg1i rf' , ,- ' ff Ne, Q . f 1: if , x .S M' V "" ' fr S-"xg, 1 f L fp LQ go ii J J if Q 27 af 4- 7579 f ' ' 2' , 1 ' 'fffplj , 'L' -L"7f'ifff1fC'i fm-5 gf' 2 :L f' Iwi! ' 1 XXV, "" - -' 1 ' - A," ' -fy-fry r':f4.C! ,pa , . E1 if H W 4 f 'Wi1 A f , J ' H f' N. , ' ' . ' 's.L J J ' d Q K M.. "A'A A 'Ln x I ' f J- -. 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" E1 ' f QPQW4 QGQW 'gw5Wfq'i " fx" V A - 4.4 Q xi, ?!'HMQ!',4gv !i,Q 3 . : H.,'r:1 X .V Q , .. , ra ..:-M .I -A b , .M ?x5,.vf' ' V 'i.:Nn,ff1'x dx' I . 3 W-J 'QT 333, ,-. .X , 'J .lg Q-11 fig? '27 Af " 'Q'- ,QNX Y 4 . E ., ' -5'fr,,' Q W Q -,iv-fb v ,T X 525:44 fx . is V B CI ' fx' . ' K -- 5 'f fgf if -' at ' Q-3 A 'V fq : ' - , Q mai!! I X X 'Ml' xf!EiE::5 , ' HL-Q- S y--Z tc' Y X I 0 fm YN N " . ab- iixxgv .f .7 , s, f-"'- 9 - ' Q , - an 'Qu 3 135 F ' i ff' J ki ,vm 4 31 V 5 'N rf cf' Q 2 I h ' ' ' f ' J ,rf f 5 A. N- --v Q EAM f wif E . 1 0 Ylx 4' A 5' mwm I H SX tlmiiiygik N X. - ,, - 2 ,.., 'A W Af ,Q 3 3 ' Y ' ' "' A W xx kg xW Y Q! -5 I L." Y 1 'YA K N-X xx fa - L iufrb Q-X ""' A. W 'L ' Q' ' , ff- QQ if- ,d , ' 'A fc:-+71 w . ' .--, Wim 0 X, M -, . - -, Z fd 1' ' GX -' "'5.....m'd-5 . Ki if G X 34" 5 -- "' ' N f 5 'ww' 'f-ff-ET. ' Q w Q- -. ' - ., Af 1 1 ' ' ,X 5 K Y ' ,L 'Qi - K, - .. " x M 3 X Ll

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