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Eielson High School - Raven Yearbook (Eielson AFB, AK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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I. .1 ' vii-Q" ,,,,wg" , 'N-Y in 1Ilg'E-lil! q-7 ,, Q,,..,.,.f .,f" E -I , rl, X pi 17 rl A ! ,F fn X If . I , J , V 'I I .' I Y f y W' f I 1 i M213 El llamm mail gr ll g imma 1 ig l I I 1 I I 5 3 4 n - '-f , . . 4 1 5 1 v ' - ' ' 1"d. . HM , . Wa 1. 4,- 'f' I I K+' ve' X-ff wg' yw O A ".f5.,Wf- yin 'af'?'W ' A T7 .A.H,.- W an-www v' wx' .5 The Raven 1959 William R. Burke ..... Virginia D. Parsons Marian C. Wiseman Carter E. Son-d . Mr, C. H. Skelton .. Ben Eielson High School Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska . . . . Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Photographer , , Advisor Foreword The main hall at E. H. S. is like the hallway of life, The farther you go, the more distant seem memories and past experiences. So it is with 1959 at Eielson. Soon it will be but a dim light in your journey through life. But we hope this annual will add to that light, and help you to remember your school days here, This is a book of memories. Have fun look- ing through it! ---The Annual Staff Y I Dining Room Bar QC UB home of Alaska's best food, wishes all the students of Ben Eielson High School good luck in the coming school year. Lobby and Foyer Ballroom 9-0 ,si The Junior Class President, Eric Johnson, and his date, Debbie Riley, and the Senior Class President, Jerry Bennett, and his date, Sue Reeves, lead the grand march. .'SR. PROM This year's prom was a real success. It was held in the Officer's Club for the first time. The theme of the prom was 'Moonlight and Roses' and the Juniors, under Miss Sue Reeves, had done a marvelous job. The decorations included a false ceiling made out of crepe paper and a trellis, which had a bench and a fountain in it. Both the Juniors and the Seniors will always remember this ycar's prom. Also at the Prom was Miss Eielson, Sue Lilly, and her escort, Bill Pazeretsky. C77 sb my anew' Vhe Miss Iielson Con est had a new twist this year. Each of the girls entered had to display a talent Peside this each contestant had to model an evening gown. The third princess was uois Watkins, the second princes was Cathy Lupton, the first princess was Candy Diehl, and The Junior and Senior Honor Societies inducted new members this spring. Pictured here are the Junior National Honor Society members. They are: Sue Lilly, Jill Gibson, Doug Jones, Joe Seale, Roger Cook, and Carl Shogren. The Senior National Honor Society inducted Dave Bomersbach, Glenda Hood, Ed Simko, and Sandy Cordillo. Z3-5155,-.-f-NgwMw.wff C fb S O +1 C, 59 HD? T52 Wi, as Q -.-1 OH ,252 c+Q A o Hb '-so 0:11 "WS W S g w QE CXTP4 Q. Q: O cv C+ V. c U :ra :J-za mz P-1 Ham mr f+ :s-'U rua: HE? .. in LJ EW Ug- 22 Q32 1-az "SCD gt-4 r-1-+-f- :xc S77 do ' aff' SE 3: V' w W mm 5 C, fa Q -Q 2 av' -'o on-1 - o 3 'um an "'1l-A md 0 O 5 University of Alaska RRDUHTION H6 lil A ef-1---'fefw' -e.2.'QfI ' if 4? " fi..:.':'1w If at k X L . if as The class of 1963 is entertained by the chorus, directed by Miss Mary Askov. The graduated class of 1963 file out of the gym. .N LPMZY' f qs fe" -' ' e Mugabe,- Jo- A dissatisfied teacher, played by Pat Rile 1 , to . n Y, While the guidance counselor is helping two comp alms the gulfiance Counselors, Fritz students, Bert Snell and Mary Chipman, Mary Jones and Sandy Watkins. ' has a mysterious attack. The Drama Club produced NLock, Stock, and Lipsticku this year for the school and the public. It was a roaring success. The club and Mr. Shields are to be congratulated for putting on such a splendid performance. While Bert and Mary talk together, Bert's brother, Dave Bruffet, walks in. The cast and its director: Bert Snell, Mr. Shields, Hal Gillespie, Mary Chipmen, Dave Bruffet, Pat Riley, Kay Horton, Fritz Jones, Sandra Watkins, Judy Stahl, Linda Graaff, and Virginia Thomas. TR FUCK TEH CHHMPS CLASS HBH TRACK AND FIELD RESULTS May b, 1963 Eielson 1355 points Kenai 127 points Homer 825 points Palmer 68 points Valdez 9 points Dillingham S points New records were made by Jerry Bennett in the 220, Phil Hocking in the m1le, Lonnle Grisham in both the high hurdles and the low hurdles, and the team of Barker, Cooper, Bennett and Grisham in the 880 relay. 'R ws Qi, .. ff w w g - -lflf . 'ind innvfilnuv 'ici' df, Q, r FL. VK af' .! ,ff LSP i 2 SX wk A V521 4 K if S X 'Q 'sz f x + II! 6 C X ga 2.1-A f A 1 S l H- 1 4 A Q, X , wus K , i , 3 3, t , x DP F 2 5 -I0 wi. fu M 5 1 w 'S f A q , L, P , 1 Q lf ,,. .. A Q ...- . . ...- . 1 . I Qt W-lQ'ss ' Q .Q ' .' yy' . 5' E ' T55 is F 3 in I f .1 . E , 'G . if QQ N, 2 is 'ln E ryo is c ett and Danny Pape Swswuw Q 3' f QJWEK 051 Qs " , 1 Q ' S gg 'Q .R l?hi, Rpm iiii iiml K 4 if Q .NN ,Q if Wuuwfm' , wma. 11 zz fx JW E Q32 ...vii Q4 Qs u v .,.,.. ....... I in-an Siam. . , ef + 41' i 3' 1 'SF EX 5 ' J, n K.. .xA sg ii I X' E 3-on ,xg Admini tration PQ!! 3 I I , 5 K I n i V Administration MR. WILLARD FINDLEY Superintendent and High School Principal MRS. LOUISE SISK Secretary MR. JAMES STEVENS Custodian 4 "MQ-q.....,..,,v O- -S .ni 51 iw. wg 1 ., , age, , x High School Faculty Social Studies Latin and English MR. RAYMOND BELING MR. JOHN MOORE Science MR. PATRICK HARSTEAD MR. JOHN RE BER Mathematics A MR. C.I-L SKELTON English MISS GAIL GE UTHER Commercial MR. WILLIAM SHEARS Physical Education MISS MARGARE T HILTON Llbrary MISS HELEN SPEED Home Economlcs 7 MRS. ELAINE CLYMER Eighth Grade Junior High Faculty MRS. HANNAH BURKE Seventh Grade MISS HELEN WEST Seventh Grade MR. AUGUST ZADRA Eighth Grade Seniors P SE NIOR C LASS OF F IC ERS Mary Wilson, Treasurerg Becky Bouwman, Secretary, Jim Deason, Vice-President, David Nuttall, President. REBECCA BOUWMAN Transferred from Lynden Christian High, Washington, Jr. year Student Council Treasurer, 49 Class Vice-President, 3, Class Secretary, 4g Library Club Vice-President, 3, President, 4g Glee Club, 45 Latin Club, 4. 10 M ar.. A " FW fi A N1 , X gh I r,, inf? N-QW JAMES DEASON Transferred from Lathrop High, Fairbanks, Sr. year. Student Council Sgt. -at-Arms, 4g Basketball Co-Captain, sig Class Vice-President, -1. LINDA CUNNINGHA M Student Council, 3,45 Class President, 3, Library Club, 4, Span ish Club, 43 School Play, 3. Sho DAVID NUTTALL Transferred from Anchorage High, Sr. year. Basketball Manager, 4g Class President, 4, Science Club Presi- dent, 43 School Play, 4. ll TOM ORENBA UN Transferred from Waco High, Texas, Sr. year. MARY WILSON Class Treasurer, 4g Library Club Vice-President, 4g Glee Club 4g Pep Club, 4, School Play, 1,2,3,4. I2 ww .lx 24:5 , ' 'ggi gn' QW? N. 5 A,'w L Q .VLV if, K W X, F' NRA 5 KN I 5 f9fI,lfJ?l uffn Juniors JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Marian Wiseman, Treasurerg Joy Rowan, Secretaryg Mike Hanratty, Vice-Presidentg Bill Burke, President. .qv A ,V .1 A 'Ek Egqfillfifkffz J - h:S " ,SSS Jerry Berube Bill Burke Charles Clayton ' I4 4,19- QS' I .JB li - ,. Mike Hlllfaffy Sue Howard Bill Johnson Bill Moore Q' Q.. Q Jerry Olmstead ,a -3 Charles Nicholls Virginia Parsons Barbara Philpott Pat Pieper Q ' lcd Carol Noel Xl' Julia Perkins fy n lg . . , l ,A f I X, safe' Joy Rowan Carter Seed Louise Sims Jim Smith Judy Thomas Bonnie Touchton Jim Veazey 'Q Jim Wi11ia1T1S Marian Wiseman Ronnie Woodhouse Bob York 16 Sophomores 4, M W , ,ifwqwfmsfaffi ' A: Mgmwfglw Q. ,H , ,m.w25:A-Lam: f?Xw,..w.Q.fQ 3 A zissfmiir X .. :Y Sf' Q X, ,L 'wgfssg wi.3m:w.f, , ww, XV , ,mm xwii -xigwsgmq X , Q H D A,-,kfgfspx bww 5545.1 ,ggggftkgz wwf Q Q14 iw J X ffm. 2 im 'S M WM- al 2 s giibhQfis X V3 3,g.ey,gwqifw2aa, ssl NUM -SK Ms- fun Karin Allen Jerry Baker Paula Bingham Barbara Bradley Sophomores SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Diane Vroom, Vice-Presidentg Bill Cowan, Presidentg Barbara Bradley Secretary-Treasurer. I8 ik u Q W 1 'Z' fs 9 ff- A l A 6 f, Z A fi , 4' r dr- wg , Z Q , , 1-if 'ff I 1, . ' X Q- e -f' '7 1 y .ug 04.1 W 1 , V4 nu l.- --, 3 19 -Q Dianna Brewer Alice Buzby Bill Cowan Jim Crump Sherrie Diaz Barbara Duncan Ray Ertel Colleen Fogarty Sharron Hall Gary Handy C inda Holt Margie Howell Larry Koenig J amcs Loc Wayne Mayes Ronald McIntyre Gloria Miltner Dennis Nuttall Mary Ann Ogborn Mickey Olmstead Johnnie Payne Pat Potts Kathleen Rollf Walt Sims Sandra Steele Louise Sullivan Linda Swiney Diane Vroom Bill Wyser Q10- iw. Q5 Hn.. ...na 4 M-end? Freshmen 2 A 1 T Anne Arthur Howard Bennich Frank Bowen Steve Cholewinski Freshmen FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Pat O'Rourke, Vice-Presidentg Steve Peek, Treasurer Roberta Hansen Secretaryg Jim Mallard, President. rm K . ZII r e e r H? Km 5 X ,ff 22 wh' 1 -:sv Vi? Q X 4 Q31 ll if if w X .f- Q 'U' Q iP' '2'::- x,f Q I -., 7...- 3. ll gn ft-4: 23 Linda Dcsmul Bob Douthit John Edwards Phyllis F ur ughe r Becky Grissom Roberta Hanson Pam Harvey Fred Hnupt Steve Hays Churlic Howell Pat Hull JoAnne John Bette Johnson Carolyn Kennedy Jerry Kornegay Lynda Kornegay David LeBlanc Jim Mallard Dick Nicholls Terri Olson Put O'Rou1'ke Steve Peek Don A Pittillo Paula Rose Q-'lb 1 yi' Ken Schroeder Lois Seifert Jim Sims Mike Tuylor Ed Whitaker Linda Wiseman 7 Woodhouse '- Millie Wright lk Gai' Q " Y ff' 5 mfg fs. ,if 'Q Q V 0 W 5 x zz .J .iw . sf- gn mf . 1' KB Al 4,-H 17' ' 'r , . U kk! , AWA- ! Q Q4-X swf ix 54 ' e i X XL' or W N 35,2 is S fi -Eiieix . STX 5 Skim ' Q, ,., iq Q K x 19 ,ww Sports 4' tl 14' g 4 4 . , fifgal . ' .Wt as 'Q ' X X H , T 3: Q: gf ' W ifi 5 Mbf vf I 'S BILL SHEARS Coach Basketball "The LJ LJ TU -bu. UW U1 ZW Q-wif lf IE Front Row: Jim Lee, Dave LeBlanc, Jim Deason, Bob Douthit, Schroeder, Steve Peek, Walt Sims, Dennis Nuttall, Bill Burke, 26 Dl 32 Team Ravens" E2 40 f n l K X X J. 4 Y' ' Put 0'1murk0. Second Row: Bill Wyser, Gerald Berube, Ken Chuck Clayton, Dzlvicl Nuttall. Cheerleaders Karin Allen Diane Vroom Becky Grissom Linda Kornegay Sue Howard Not pictured: Virginia Parsons, Alternate Q-M 1. fjwf? X 'ff' sf , .la 'lf' M' 57 55 fi 7, .sk N , f - , ,J N .K K 4 ASQ kg A Ax 9 Q keigmg i 4 T? -il: 3 ,, X-fix November December December December December January January January January February February February February March 4, 28 6 12 13 20 9 12 23 24 6 7 27 28 5, Sz 6 usketbull Schedule Eielson. . . . . . Eielson . . . . . . Eielson. . . . . . Eielson Eielson. u 9 a 4 s Eielson Eie1son.... . . Eielson . ... .. Eielson Eielson Eielson, , . . . . Eielson, . . . . Eielson. . .. . . . Fort Greely . . Monroe. . . . . Lathrop J. V. . Fort Greely . Monroe . . . . . Lathrop J. V. . Fort Greely.. Monroe . .. . Lathrop J. V. . Fort Greely . . Copper Valley Lathrop J . V. . Monroe. . . Class "B" Tournament at Valdez Drgunizflfion V 1 ' -2: '5: : ,sZQ3lf f ' - ' f H , ,ix ,QW G 1. ' 5" 'fig-I 5-'f i'35'?1'- ' if ffm 'A I' ,Q Q ff' I 'ik W-10-f . AVI A BA Av-I icers ff Body -I- S 0 'B 3 -I- ill 0 ll U O S ll0l' O 01 X B 2 mm, 1 Barbara Duncan. Burke, Seated: Marian Wiseman, Diane Vroom. Standing: Cinda Holt, Bill Student Council NQXX First Row: C. H. Skelton--Advisory James Deason--Sgt. -at-Armsg Joy Rowan--Secretaryg Carter Seed--View Presiclcntg Pat Pioper--President. Back Row: Linda Cunningham--Sr. Class Rcpresentativog Julia Perki'1s-- Jr. Class Represcfntzztivug Karin Allen--Soph. Class Representativcg JoAnne John--Frosh Class Representative Nm Pictured: Rebecca Bouwman--Treasurer. 34 Glee Club Seated: JoAnne John, Barbara Bradley, Alice Buzby, Julia Perkins, Mary Wilson, Louise Sims. Standing: Carol Noel, Bette Johnson, Pat Hull, Virginia Parsons, Marian Wiseman, Pam Hz1rvey,Joy Rowan, Diane- Vroom, Linda DL-smul, Lois Seifert, Anne Arthur. 35 latin Club LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Joy Iiewzm ..... . . . President Dianne Brewer, . . ., ., ,Treasurer Bill Burke .,.. . , . Vice-Pres. Anne Arthur ..,, . , . Secretary Sezxteml: Qliutin HJ Bill Burke, Sandra Steele, Joy Rowan, Marian Wiseman, Julia Perkins. Standing: Carol Neel, Mr, Ilursteud, Sue Howard, Bill Cowan, Larry Koenig, Mike Hanrutty, Anne Arthur, Dianna Brewer, Dave Le- Blzme, Net Pictured: Rebecca Beuwrnun. 36 Spanish Club SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Colloon lfosgarty . . . . . . Soon-tzlry Linclu Dosmul . Rohortu Hanson JoAnne John . . . View-Prvs. . Prvsiclcnt ,T1'LlilSLlI'O1' SL-nu-ml: Linda Dcsmul, Colleen Fogarty, Mr. Moore, Roberta Hanson, JoAnm- John. Standing: Linda Cunning- ham, Bill Wysor, Fred Haupt, Bob York, Bette Johnson, 37 library Club LIBRARY C LUB OF FIC ERS Mary Wilson ., . . .... Vice-Pres. Dianna Brewer ........... . . . Sec. wTreas. Virginia Parsons .................. Reporter Not Pictured: Rebecca Bouwman, President Left to Right: Miss Hilton, Pat Pieper, Louise Sims, Paula Bingham, Joy Rowan, Linda Cunningham, Virginia Parsons, Colleen Fogarty, Johnnie Payne, Linda Swiney, Dianna Brewer, Mary Wilson, Alice Buzby. 38 Pep Club Front Row: Virginia Parsons, Sue Howard, Diane Vroom. Second Row: Margie Howell, Gloria Miltner, Linda Desmul, Marian Wiseman, Joy Rowan, Paula Rose, Terri Olson, Mary Ann Ogborn, Bonnie Touchton, Third Row: Pat Pieper, Karin Allen, Linda Swiney, Johnnie Payne, Carol Noel, Bette Johnson, Julia Perkins, Alice Buzhy, Dianna Brewer, Sandra Steele, Paula Bingham, Mike Hanratty, Fourth Row: Pat Hull, JoAnne John, Roberta Hansen, Lois Seifert, Anne Arthur, Carolyn Kennedy, Pam Harvey, Barbara Bradley, Mary Wilson, Colleen Fogarty, Louise Sims. PEP CLUB OFFIC ERS Colleen Fogarty . . . . . . Seo. -'l'1'Ul1S. Julia Perkins . . . . . .Viee-Pres. Mike Hanratty . . . . . . Pri-sicli-nt 39 Annual Stuff "THE RAVEN" STAFF OFFICERS Virginia Parsons. . . . . Assistant Editor Carter Seed. . . . . . . . .Photographer William Burke . . ., . . . . . . . . . . . Editor Marian Wiseman. . Q . . . .Assistant Editoi Acknowledgment: The Staff wishes to thank Chaplain Angus Youngblood for his invalu- able aid in taking group pictures, We also appreciate his export counsel. is Q- A 2519 e gas? :X f- -. as a was si if :sir Ri, X -, -Q Seated: Joy Rowan, Bill Burke, Marian Wiseman. Standing: Virginia Parsons, Johnnie Payne, Roberta Hans'-n, Alice Buzby, Dianna Brower, Carter Seed, Louise Sims, Julia Perkins. 40 Journalism Class Front Row: Marian Wiseman, Bonnie Touchton, Ronnie Woodhouse. Second Row: Pat Pieper, Virginia Parsons, Charles Nicholls, Mr, Skelton, Paula Bingham, Mary Wilson, The Journalism Class, under the direction of Mr. Skelton, staffs the "Husky Herald. " 41 Science Club SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Marian Wiseman. . . . . . Sec. -Treafs. David Nuttall . . . . . . . . .President Carter Seed . . . . . .Vice-Pres. Seated: Terri Olson, Joy Rowan, Louise Sims, Sue Howard, Marian Wiseman. Standing: Steve Cholewinski, Dennis Nuttall, John Moore, David Nuttall, Carter Seed, Bill Burke, Mike Taylor, Bob York, Jimmy Williams, Mr. Moore, Julia Perkins, 42 Fresh Initiation September Frosh Initiation began on Wednesday, September 24 at 8:30 A. M. It continued until 4:15 P. M. on Friday, September 26. The rules which governed the Initiation were as follows: I. Activities will be confined to the school building and grounds. Il. Each Freshman will wear a sign saying, "I am a lowly Freshman. " This sign will be worn from 8:30 to 4:15 all three days of initiation: Wednesday, Thurs- day, and Friday. Freshmen losing the sign or forgetting to wear it will pay a penalty of wearing a costume and certain cosmetics deemed appropriate by the Juniors. III. On Wednesday each Freshman will wear his clothes inside out and backwards - from 8:30 A. M. to 4:15 P. M. The penalty for failure to do this will be the payment of 351 to the Treasurer of the Student Body Fund. IV. On Thursday each Freshman, upon request, will kneel before any Junior or Senior who asks him, and say the following pledge: "Oh, dear, honored, precious, beloved upper class- man, I, a lowly Freshman, do humbly beg your pardon for being on this earth, But since I am here, just let me kneel and adore you, May I have the pleasure of kissing your honorable big toe?" A4 8. Cradle Rock 24-26 The penalty for failure to say the pledge is to scrub down one of the steps in the main hall with a toothbrush, V. On Friday each Freshman will wear pajamas. The boys will carry a dolly the girls will carry a teddybear. The penalty for failure to do this will be to push a peanut the length of the main hall - with the nose, VI. Each Senior will be served by two Freshman slaves each day of initiation, The slave will be expected to carry books, open doors, and do all manner of courteous service for his Senior Owner, VII. On Friday night the Junior Class will sponsor the "Cradle Rock" as the climax to Frosh Initiation. It will be held from 7:30 to 11:00. A Proclamation will be read by the Junior Class President, freeing thc Freshman slaves and admit- ting them as full-fledged high school members. 45 we ,A ,, www, 'MQYQL ef.. 14? ik 35. 5 gg . f Can-Can Dane Guy Nineties December CTS Lois Seifert, Carol Noel, Diane Vroom, Vir- ginia Parsons, Becky Grissom, Bette Jolinsor, Bzxrliaru Bradley, Linda Desmul, Pam H11l'VC5. Piano Solo--B ill Burke "Missouri Waltz" and "Stardust" Morologue--"He, She, and lt" Colleen F ogarty and Dick Nicholls, Girls Tri0--Karin AUGU, Carol Noel, and Diare Vroom, "Sentimental Journey" and "Good-Night, Sweetheart" xv 2 5 X '5 X ee Q A B .. 511 li Fx sts .Q ! . K- -' -K ' 'M s- ' '7,:55, - , V j, A i Q K , L -sizes: ees. 1' 7gW??i.Qi?Q2 if, 1-if 5 1 2121,-?e,i.fQ-.,g"j' f .s -,lg K . K zfesifg. . fe.: i Revue 5-6 Melodrama--"Dora, the Beautiful Dora Horne Hector Hyacinth Lorin Chillingsworth Andrea Morgan Esther Barlow Malvina Hyacinth Arnold Wise Acrolnatic Dance Dishwasher" Virginia Parsons Bill Burke Larry Koenig Pat Picpcr Pam Harvey Mary Wilson David Nuttall Beclqf Grissom and Diane Vroom, Baton Twirling Lynda Kornegay Hula Hoop 'Becky Grissom and Virginia Parsons, Pantomime- "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" The Miner. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Carter Seed Lou. . . Dan. . . Louise Sims Larry Locnig Louise Sims. . . Emcccs Julia Perkins Miss Geuthcr , .Advisors Mr. Harsteacl Sgt, Varda , . . Director Bonnie Touchton , . Student Director Jac Hayden . , . . . Technical Advisor l 1 .I N 4 iigilgi fi,i'5g35?Yx F: t +1 N 'ji' I N N Halloween Carnival H. Mr. Findley, Mr. Hall, and Major Marshall October 31 November I The official opening of the Ben Eielson High School took place on Saturday, Novem- ber 1, 1958, as part of the Carnival activi- ties, Major Marshall, Base Education Officer, dedicated the school. Mr. Hall, Assistant Director of On-Base Schools, and Mr., Findley, Superintendent of Eielson schools, also officiated, The first activity held in the new high school was the Halloween Carnival. Each class and club sponsored a booth. The profits went to the athletic fund. The climax of the Carnival was the crown- ing on Saturday night of Linda Swiney as the Carnival Queen. Her royal court consisted of Pat Pieper, JoAnne John, Jeannie Cole- man, and Barbara Martinez. Coronation of Queen Linda Christmas Formal December I9 Winter Wonderland 49 Twirp Twirl January 30 3 2 Twirp Kimi Jim Deason The girl-ask-boy event of the year was the Twirp Twirl, sponsored by the Junior Class. Twirp Week reached its climax when Jim Deason was crowned King of the Royal Order of Twirps. WV, ex ve x w r u L n J, .sae ' .f 1 ,J f I .K il , Af I Nh O , . ,I JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES Sue Howard and Bill Jnlmson SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES Mary Wilson and Jim Dczlson SOPHOMORIEI CLASS l"AVORI'I'liS Diane Vroom and Bill Cowan September September September October November November December December January January April May May May May 26... SC HOOL CALENDAR -November 1, , -6. . 52 FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES Dave LeBlanc and Anne Arthur . . Start of First Semester . . . . . Frosh Initiation . . . . . Cradle Rock . . Halloween Carnival . .Dedication of School . . . . . . Basket Ball . . .Gay Nineties Revue . . . . .Christmas Formal . Start of Second Semester .........TwirpTwirl Miss Eielson High Pageant Jr, -Sr. Banquet and Prom . . . . . . . Baccalaureate . . . . . .Graduation . . End of School Year Grades Faiyc Bethune Ed Buz IJ y J oun Czlnperson Milton Chance Andros Cintron Jean Coleman Candy Cowan Robert Crump Weldon Ezrslcy Larry Ferguson Jim Hzlnratty Phil H11 Fllnlllll Pat Hur Vey Lloyd Hopkins J udy J ones Mildred Juruxvick Ela ine King Mike K runs Rick lllzirlqsgrzif Marg Marsett Tom lNIcCarthney Harry Mo r rim un Bill Miller Edwina Monts Danny Pape Jim Parsons Sandra Philpott Ronald Pittillo Jackie Ruy Ed Rccardo .. YW? J ' tiff" H l 5 ll al -- M. ,il 1 - S x J - ft Q . J -N 3 'Jiffy i or K m gl? Q ,,,. : ' Q . if if " A Eighth Grade 'YT7 x W K, xl 91 Q 2 9 s 5 2 - M' - x . 2511 st 4 ' w '1 Li ff-Q' ' wif: I J liyr ' W li nn 3 QQ 1 P rf xi lg 1 in f As if WL L 5 X ,X 'L T --ex ..,.,, li s Kwan' 'N . my W 4 in ,s - gi .. i f 3 L .WJ vri. if ff .. L. " ,. Q 1 i -' v-' ll ' 9 1 gi ' , , . . S, .A 11, ,M Q 440 1 " Q- s as S , l ' li m ':'if i 'oi I .ay -C x X s 2 lg l 'nw , ,,,:,: pl A-is il M ., N' x. if Ll' ff, X , f ffnggnlm Alf l 3? if J 'Y X X K 5 Q . l 1- ' J . l I -' 1 fl E aww l A xMv,:v' K 5 W. ,, - Lg, V Q ,fi . we :Ma i 2 5 1 f' 2' T if 45 6 . X . wi d, 'XX kgf V luv V , . Y-I ,rf 'rf' f Ni N, 9 ,A , 5 wllillll Q Seventh Grade -2 Q 'A -5353! .A fx 1 R .eg fr 'Eg lf' f R ' - ' A W . ,e,,e 1 'Alla Q, .kkk i H :,.. ,i,ll, vV--- :,,- V. . ki kkmj R as , J Q l ll . Q ful' of J' 'Y 5 if i A YE'- ,,'V-lzglfamgi' ff V m'ff:f.f! fb -X . 2 J :"fEzll?' ini Cnrinen Reyes Riehal ul Ross Steve Rowan June Sunnis Riehzxrcl Seite rt. J amos Shaw Steve Stewart Courtney Tuylo r Walt Touehton Frank Trumleuux Bill Vain Hook David Veznxey Sharon Adams J im Alexander Billy Anderson J limes Anclrews Put Atchison Jerry Bamberg Bobby Bratton Lester Carlile Robert C nsperson Karen Coggins Alexa C ristopherson Donna Cruthers Georgunna Du vis 1.ill1'1'j' Deuson Elaine Desmuruis Daryl Donaldson Sylvia F 111' rar Robe rt Farrior Susan Guhn Roger Graihzim Russell Grissom Robert Hahn Sim Henry Sally Holt Stuart Jensen Ricky Kinsxila Donald Koenig Vicki Larson Paulette LeBlanc Wyoma Lee Jeri Mallard Stanley Mulner Barbara Martinez Red Mciiiddy Ed Miller J immy Minurd Gill Newcomb Spud Noel Fran Offield Carole Olson .xi 9 2 ,, Q my L nk Ruff x L . 5 2 by l ' f ii r D ffl gif S X W E K .K f r 556 L , if Nd J,-rf, --i 1 li X if ' SE , K Q V2 ff L L 5 'S l ,uf A f 3' 'NA K - 'z-aim i ,wg-. , iii 'L R i' 1,51 fi 595fQ?.i,- , 1: 1' - R .1 fm f sg sm S 'nf . Q 1 .4 - 1 Q l 1' R ' 4 . ' 4 f . 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Why the slwopish grin? i Didn't you know that was against the 7. Say "Cheese" rules? 8. Ah-hhh-h Resting? 9. Stolen from the "girls" Go ahead and kiss him, Pat, 10. Watch that tongue, Susie Present ll. Blow harder, Ed! All thumbs What 11 pose 60 lid ima ..,.... , ,ITL in I: Q 1 1' 1' 'Q X Fm 4' - , H Book Worm What :1 joke! Bottoms up! Gossiping again ? Is it contagious? Explosions" with Moore 7. Mad sciontist at work S, Christmas date 9, Good excuse 10, Prize Winner 11. Counselor 12. Playing olophant 1 t Monday's "tu.ff" 7. Worm's eye View Hot rod pin ups 8. Wow - that log! That won't stop her! 9. Out the Window you must go! "Coke?" 10. Day dreaming? Becky as usual 11. A lot of hot air Picnic bound 62 Autograph fy fi X um W, iw W 1? n.,-w" Autograph 251' 8004, '41-,-,,,I rl O bl ""4s,,, TED I- 'N Q1 13' wa, O Q, W .,, O '1""frf .- X X 4- QQ Pfizer-W ew x N. mv. .... ,Aga K- -.. 5, qi Q.. GM f 'x gg Q 4 F t. 3., 1 5 W E, N A K if ix , QVC ,E 3911. 5 ' . H53 --H---fy-N.,. . .MW x . 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Suggestions in the Eielson High School - Raven Yearbook (Eielson AFB, AK) collection:

Eielson High School - Raven Yearbook (Eielson AFB, AK) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Eielson High School - Raven Yearbook (Eielson AFB, AK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 50

1959, pg 50

Eielson High School - Raven Yearbook (Eielson AFB, AK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 72

1959, pg 72

Eielson High School - Raven Yearbook (Eielson AFB, AK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 9

1959, pg 9

Eielson High School - Raven Yearbook (Eielson AFB, AK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 80

1959, pg 80

Eielson High School - Raven Yearbook (Eielson AFB, AK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 22

1959, pg 22

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