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Tarun.. 7 1 -fe P C - uAg',A 15 , b Q Eh haf. 2 - I n u 1 GW' M 'W ' , .QV .,. Magnmwsx f 'v -X., -f-f--- s V -fx ' It-3, R . 'Z ' AE! V. " LO I K xx R -1----L-J-'-' Al. 5' I L. N J 5 1 W BOOKS "HN ' 1 1 ml r All N5llN ..-s- ' 'CT-5 1 X--1,,-w'Huf Q Q, Wu 1 L- 1, ling, iQ' K Y 'N ' I 1' 'fa 4 S ll ff if I ' X f ms l, 4 L 'QV X " 4 W, Pifsagnmwzig 1' X5 S03 ,if VALE QV : . 7 Q 0' .km Qi HER J? I X 254 HL :ff f V , raw, f' ., Y 'ff' Q OA :fl-,? -39 f til. 7 W Q f f - zi' na " I Q r T4 wig-'U ' ' ,iugj b E . Am VV W Y 'ilu- I Q Xemk 2 Q32 l U x um swf gg , D, 1 1 as . mmm 4 Jw N Q I N 1' J F' ,egg A Ly.. ! INS' , Wg v N 'X 'P A!! QP Q -'Y X 9 d " U i . mv .3 SX 'J' ' 4 N' , ,, M X V V Q f ,v x 4 5N H if A l 4 Q- , ! ' L L-J . I l ' N i ,' Q ,. , ,I 1 r X A , V Ni In 1. I - LI. ,M HJ, ,. I I . i 5 I E i I . i I i I i f-fl ff 66? -.7' Xxkv-,fur kxfyf .-N-.- W-X. T' ff A SALLITE TO THE NIGHTHAWK The class of 1955 salutes the Night- hawk--the symbol and mascot of our school. To do this, we feel, is quite fitting and proper, for the nighthawk has long been identified with even the smallest of Eichelberger events. It has symbolized the high ideals and purposes of the student body. It has inspired us to try to improve ourselves and our school. We wish to impress upon the readers' minds the growth which is at- tempted at our school from the time the fledgling Sophomore gazes into the halls to the time the graduating Senior is ready to embark upon larger ventures. For these reasons we have chosen the nighthawk for the theme of the 1955 Nornir. Our yearbook--a salute to the Nighthawk. vs! I 5 w,:R1f ii: 'N msffifqf Wham ,e-'iff 'E Q s W " - 526 95Qg,,-Qu W W my 1-. I HI ni P f' an L iz Hi? 441 1: g -em .Q f .' , W ...,. z- 5' Q - f'?.,5i:W1w -1 5 Wff'?5E fra' 2 f' Qw- Y .Y A! 2, QQQABQH - :W - Y , 5 T f1fA:'Q,, 3 f 1 ' ' -,,..g- "fi T V uf 5121565 ' ' rf 1, 7,1 .. . - L P ,Q , J V fm sb ' Z Q , , ,, 8? N . n 2 if y 4,5 L ai E , F T3 . g . zf im V,-35, Ln - ni E v r i ,P u Y? ii ..w..qg,3'r I 4,1 'X gig' ,, 1. is--. if A' ZR ns of .,' "1 ings , gn? in EPP Y I I f if l K h V, m Q Q , W 31 ' -ii M 'A4' ' 'A , T1 sam :I V!! A xxx' , r "iw ' Y I J l .2 iiiagkkl J s s 5 Y Q at " A-"hi 1 f f ' ti ' +-f l ,,,, - Q' WW J' if 4. 4.1, :Q "-W9-r ' -- . Am. A 'Gui hlvwwlf ,. I is WW k x Mr. Sheely. our superintendent, en- grossed in his work. Miss Overbaugh The Managers Determine The Policies For The Brood The preparation and publication of a school yearbook has become a cus- tom in many schools. We, the class of 1955, feel proud that the powers who determine the policy of Eichel- berger High School, the superintend- ent and the school board, have placed this task in our hands. We hope that the administration will be pleased by the result of our efforts. From the time we entered high school, one of our aims has been the completion of our Nornir. The superintendent and the school board have made our goal more easily at- tainable. Many of our efforts have been bent toward the raising of funds to enable us to publish this yearbook. The superintendent and school board have guided us in this field also. The continual striving toward a goal and the willingness to devote the time and energy required to reach that goal have been an excellent experi- ence. Without the guidance and co- operation of the superintendent and school board we would not have had experience nor would this Nornir have been possible. Row 1: George Lawrenceg E. B.Frock, Presidentg C. H.Meredithg H. Vernon Ferster. Row 2: Henry M. Bollinger. Secretaryg Lawrence B. Sheppard: W. Edward Sheely, Superintendent: James V. Witrnerg Kenneth W. Leister, Vice-President. Miss Wentz Mr. Gray, our principal. signs on the dotted line. The Supervisor Extends a Message To The Brood I am sure that you seniors are leaving your school with mixed feel- ings. Some have looked forward to graduation day as the goal of their education and feel happy and probably somewhat relieved that the race is finished. Others are happy because they have finished the first lap and are already looking forward to ad- vanced education. In either category, however, you are not finishedwith your high school. You will use the knowledge gained he re over and over again in your future life. The record you have made here is kept, and it will be used for reference for many years in the future. Whatever your past record is, and whatever your aspirations may be, congratulations, and may the lessons learned here and the friendships formed at Eichelberger be the basis for future success and happiness. There's never a dull moment in the office. ENGLISH DEP RTMENT ICHARD A. BRUBAKER duhlenberg A.B. lnglish, Faculty Manager of Athletics MARY MENGES Gettysburg College A.B. University of Pennsylvania M.A. Cornell University Iowa State University English SARAH R. DIEHL Q Gettysburg A.B. English. Nornir Adviser, Sophomore Class Adviser GLENN E. SMITH Carlisle Commercial School Shippensburg B.S. English, Biology. Practical Chemistry Junior Class Adviser VILLIAM J. FRECH 'enn State University B.S. English Mr. Brubaker checking sentences. A good story-don't you think? SOCIAL STUDIES AND FOREIG LA GLIAGES A lighter moment A. PEARL BLETTNER iettysburg B.S. P V . enn State M Ed. orld History, Red Cross Adviser ienior Class Adviser BERNARD E. THRUSH Lebanon Valley B.S. Gettysburg Penn State University A m e r ic a n History, Industrial History, Problems of Democracy, Consumer Edu- cation, Store Practice. ERLE K. DIEHL Gettysburg A.B. Problems of Democracy, Student Council Adviser HAROLD W. CAREY Bloomsburg B.S. Spanish, English Dramatics Coach IRA L. GEISELMAN II Gettysburg A.B. American History, Jr. Class Adviser HAROLD S. GRUVER Gettysburg A.B. Penn State University Latin. French, Orange and Black Adviser Que chiste tan divertidoi K' lil 393254 MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE THOMAS E. DIVINEY Gettysburg A.B. Algebra, Plane Geometry, Shop Math, Senior Class Adviser JAMES L. LEEDY East Stroudsburg B.S. Penn State University M. Ed. Advanced General Science, Driver's Training, Wrestling Coac' GLADYS HAMM Western Maryland A.B. Plane and Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Practical Math, World History HOLMAN Z. LEESE Shippensburg B.S. Western Maryland M. Ed. Physics, Chemistry Sophomore Class Adviser ,. H. KEMP luhlenberg B.S. enn State University M. Ed. io1oSY. Nornir Adviser GERALD WERTZ Penn State University B.S. University of Wyoming University of Minnesota University of Pennsylvania Chemistry, Guidance Counselor Proof: Statements, Reasons. Could the distillate be alcohol? t - M . 10 COMMERCIAL A D VOCATIONAL . JANE OYLER rippensburg B.S. ffice Practice, Stenography ROBERT OVERLY Penn State University B.S. Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautic Industrial Arts JOHN PAUL Susquehanna University B.S. Lebanon Valley Temple University Bookkeeping, Business Math CALVIN STOTT Millersville B.S. Gettysburg Industrial Arts VILSON STREIGHTIFF nippensburg B.S. yping, Jr. Business Training MARIAN ZEIGLER York Junior College Penn State University B.S. Home Economics, F.l-l.A. Advise 150 words per minute? Dig those crazy pattern tracers ill LIBRARY, HEALTH, A D PHYSICAL EDLICATIO GERTRUDE V. WALKER Susquehanna University A.B. Columbia University Penn State University Librarian, Library Club Adviser West Chester B S Health, Physical Education Geography, Basketball, KARL M. MEYERS Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach , JANE H. HANKLE Lock Haven B.S. Penn State University Health, Physical Education V HAROLD L. REESE East Stroudsburg B.S. Health, Physical Education, Football and Baseball Coach, Director of Athletics Find what your looking for? This is a gym class? r I J 7 1 1 U 5 LJ x' - ' 1 r i E Y 1 X w -,a-" N 1 l 3 3 3 CLASS Class officers: Dick Grove, Vice-Presidentg Janice Ferster, Secretary: Norm Palmer, Treasurerg Nancy Kessler, President. We, the Sophomore Class, entered Eichelberger High School on Septem- ber 8, 1954, with a slightly bewildered, but nevertheless determined look upon our faces. We gradually became ac- customed to our new surroundings and learned what was expected of us. The election of officers first claimed our attention. The opening months of school showed among the boys on the football team members of our class of whom we were extremely proud. Basketball season next attracted a number of our class members and we were pleased to see them on the bas- ketball floor. Many Sophomores took part in the instrumental musical activities, band, and orchestra. Even more represented our class in the Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, and the Girls' Ensemble. We, the class of '57, sincerely hope that we have made a marked con- tribution to E. H. S. and will continue to do so during our remaining years here. Aduel during the campaign assembly. Row 1. 1 M.Bortner 2 G.Bau hman 3 N Brown, ' Q 1 1 S u 1 . 4.P.Bril1hart, 5.D.Becker, 6. D.Baumgardnet. Row2 1. J.Bankert, 2. S. Baumgardner, 3. S. Brammer, 4. A Bechtel, 5. L. Blumenthal, 6.1. Charmbury. Row 3 1.F.Bo1in, 2.S.Brown, 3.J.Barnhart. 4. L.B1umenthal, 5. R.Birgensmith, 6. I.Anthony. Row 4: 1.R.Bankert, 2. J. Berwager, 3. G. Bowser, 4. J. Brady, 5. L. Bolin, 6. G. Bechtel. Row 5: 1. E. Bortner, 2. F. Boone. 3 I.Arter, 4. R. Alwine, 5. L. Bankert. 6. P. Berkheimer Row 1: N. Doll, E. Eline, J. Dubbs, B. Doll, N. Ernst C. Fink. Row 2: N. Carbaugh, P. Buckley, I. Caler I . Ferster, E. Dickensheets. C. Cramer. Row 3: P. Duck M. Chronister. H. Crawford, D. Clarton, L. Day, M Crawford. Row4g L.Eisenberger,S.Feeset, D.Ebaugh R. Cromer, S. Dutterer, M. Chronister. Row 5: B Ehrhart, G. Blouse. D. Ensor, C. Clauser, F. Clark G. Eisenhart, B. Forry, H. Epley. The Pinfeathered Sophomores Row 1: 1. D. Flickinger, 2. I. Lau, 3. R. Fuhrman, 4. N. Laughman, 5.1. Gantz. 6.1. Metcalfe. Row 2: N.Ginter. 2.M.Hahn, 3. F.Fuhrman, 4. S.Greenho1tz, 5. B. Gouker, 6. H. Gamble. Row 3: 1. S. Garrett, 2. P.I-Ieilman, 3. L. Friese, 4. M. Frantz, 5. S. Easley, 6. N. Grove. Row 4: 1. D. Grove, 2. R. Gearis, 3. R. Garrett. 4. A. Hahn. 5. D. Gordon, 6. P. Henry. Row 5: 1. L. Hess, 2. L. Goodermuth, 3. C. Dubbs, 4. L.Corbin, 5. D. Garland, 6. A. Graff,- 7. G. Gilbert, 8 A. Flickinget. Row 1: J. Kehr. N. Grove, N. Kessler, A. Gladhill. M Hoffman, S. James, S. Greenholtz, M. Jones. Row 2 J. Leg01'C-I -Metcalfe. N. Laughman, B. Leistet, P.Keith A. Garrett, D. Kagarise, I. Kopp. Row 3: J. Harget R.Ka1treider, R.Leese, W.Hoover, W.KoPP. D. Leppo H. Leese, D. Long. Row 4: J. Kipple, P. Hoff, D Hippensteel, L. Kerchner, W. Howe, D. Gordon, C Klinedinst, C. Keeney, L. Goodermuth. Row 1: 1. E. Little, 2. S. Martin, 3. F. Milner, 4. D Markle, 5. P. Morehead. Row 2: 1. D. Miller. 2. A Musselman, 3. R. Moul, 4. N. Miller, 5. S. Myers, 6 G. Mummert. Row 3: 1.R. Meckley, 2.W. Krout: 3.M. Krug, 4. N.Myers, 5.I.Murray, 6. B. Muntz Row 4: 1. D. Miller, 2.P. Masenheimer, 3. F Masenheimer, 4 R.March 5.1 Martin, 6. B Markle Row 5. 1. S.Mir:hae1, 2. 'B. Markie, 3.1. Krug, 4. B: Menchey, 5. E. Lockard, 6. C. McManus, 7. R. Martz, 8 . L. Kerchner. Row 1: J. Noble, S. Pennewill, A. Royer, M. Shaffer, S. Shafer, -J. Shafer. Row 2: R. Null, L. Shaffer, A. Rudisill, D. Shank, P. Rohrbaugh, K. Rebert. Row 3: J. Sell. I. Rabenstine, A. Shaffer, S. Nickey, N. Nace. S. Reichart. Row 4: M. Rohrbaugh, B. Renoll, L. Rickrode, B.Schievert. J.Ruh1man, T.Rickrode. Row 5: E. Reitzel, N. Palmer, B. Ross, B. Plowman, S. Riddle, V. Null, B. Poist. Peeking Out Of The Nest Row 1: B. Stambaugh, L. Stover, D. Todd, L. Trone, M.Sul1ivan.J.Schol1. Row2: J .Spangler,A.Spang1er, M . Sidenstricker, D. Sidenstricker.J . Snyder, G. Sterner. Row 3: A. Sterner. C. Sterner, P. Stremmel, I. Trimmer, N. Trone, W. Smith. Row 4: D. Stair, R. Smith, E. Stull, L. Stair. L. Stauffer, N. Sullivan. Row 5: R. Taylor, D. Sullivan, D. Shelleman, C.Shearer, D. Smith. E. Shriver. Row 1: S. Zacharias, Dffingling, N.Wentz. J.Weikert D. Uffleman. Row 2: G. Wagaman, I. Wildasin, S Zartman, S. Werner, C. Wentz. Row 3: D. Wine, E Wisensale, E. Zelsnick, D. Zumbrum. M. Warner Row4: C.Weaver, L.Weaver, M.Warehime, B.Trone G. Vanderslice. Row 5: L. Wagner. W. Winemiller G. Weaver, D. Weber, K. Unger. CLASS Upon arriving at E.H.S. for a second year, we made campaign speeches while posters were being distributed for the election of our class officers. After this, we began working on our class projects--sell- ing pins to the girls and T-shirts to the boys. As the year progressed, we hoped that our Junior year would prove to be as successful as our Sophomore year was. S. Irons, Pres.g S. Trone, Sec.g P. Luckie, V.-Pres.: and M. Bollinger, Treas. "A Murder Has Been Arranged" was chosen as our class play. Our excellent cast made it a smash hit. We eagerly attended the activi- ties of school life, such as sports' events, Y-Teens, Hi-Y, and Student Council. Now, with all our troubles and good times as Sophomores and Jun- iors behind us, we are looking for- ward to our last year as a very memorable one. "1'1l vote for you if you vote for me. 17 Row 1: P. Bixler, E. Baumgardner, G. Bousum, S. Bol- linger,J. Blocher, C. Blumenthal, J. Bollinger. Row 2: M. Bollinger, E. Albin, N. Berkheimer, S. Anthony. J. Berkheimer,P. Aliminosa, A. Bish. Row 3: A. Bower- sox,F.Auchey, R. Albright, H. Alwood, D. Blumenthal, P.Bowman, P. Bell. Row 4: K. Becker, D. Alwine, D. Becker, C.Becker, D.Bo11inger, D. Bemiller, H. Banb- lirz. Row 1: C. Feeser, B. Cornbower, S. Fout, R. Eiserman, J. Glick, V. Gobrecht, N. Ensminger, M. Bowers. Row 2: J. Ehrhart, S. Cramer, D. Cassatt, V. Gooderrnuth, J.Coffman, B. Crooks, J. Garrett. Row 3: E. Brillhart, D. Carl, J. Colehouse, L. Cutshall, K. Ensminger, W. Formwalt, G. Freeman, J. Frey. Row 4: C. Folmer, E. Comitz, L. Crosswhite, J. Carbaugh, J. Buckley, G. Fuhrman, W. Bricka, R. Crook. THE FLEDGLINC5 JU IORS Row 1: J. Kehr, C. Krug, B. Hoffacker, B. Hollinger, S. Honess, S. Hamm. Row 2: R. Jacobs, G. Layman, W. Koehler, E. Jones, D. Klepper, G. Hanrahan. Row 3: J. Huston, K. Hess, S. Hughes, G. Kitzmiller,R. Klinedinst, W. Helwig, S. Grubb. Row 4: D. Gordon, 2.Grove, C. Grubb, D. Gobrecht, I. Graff, E. Kopp, P. rug. Row 1: L. McGill, A. Manahan, P. Louey, V. Lucken- baugh, B. Laughman, E. Meckley, M. Riley. Row 2: M. Luckenbaugh, L. Leppo, S. Kump, C. Leese, E. Reindollar, S. Morrison, S. Leppo. Row 3: A. Loss, L. Myers, H. MacDonald, D. Miller, A. Miller, P. Liv- ingston, T. Miller. Row 4: H. Luckenbaugh, P. Menges,S.1rons, P. Luckie, K. Kuhn, L. Masenheirner. Row 1: J. Saltzgiver, S. Nace, R. Mummert, S. Parr, Row 1: S. Trone, I. Storm, N. T1-one, M. Tinkler, T C. Rudisill, S. Rabenstine. Row 2: I. Null, J. Rohr- Sterner, C. Slagle. Row 2: E. Strausbaugh, J. Snyder baugh,B.Nogg1e,B.Muntz,C. Mudge, A. Rutters. Row S. Shoff, B.WaQner, B.Shi11ing, J. Weaver. Row 3: D 3: V. Richards, M. Pottorff, L. Sanders, R. Rohrbaugh, Werner, L. Wentz, M. Sponseller, F. Warehime, E D. Ruby, T. Riddle. Row 4: D. Rudisill, J. Sabaka, L. Stambaugh, G. Tressler. Row 4: R. Smith, R. Swartz Pitts,H. Pratt,D. Ness. Row 5: I. Pittman, G. Rhodes, C. Wadd1e,.T. Smith, G. Smith, L. Weaver. Row 5: P M. Plank, W. Noble. L Spangler, R. Winter, R. Underwood, I. Schuman, P Wheeler, L. Wentz. FLLITTERI G FRO THE NEST Row 1: J .1 Spang1er,I. Way, L. Shaffer, S. Sanderson, P. Win- and. Row 2: N. Wentz, A. Wentz, A. Wentz, S. Yohe, C. Yost. Row 3: S. Smith, S. Wentz, D. Wolfskill, T. Zartman. Row 4: L. Zorbaugh, P. Winand, L. Zumbrum, M. Wine, R. Wolfe. 19 Q I 6. I I Peanuts -- Big Business. CLASS PRCJ ECTS The first projectof the New Sopho- more class was abang-up Prom Peanut Sale. The sale lasted a week--Novem- ber Z0 to November Z7. A door to door campaign was staged. Also, the pea- nuts were sold in the business district in Hanover on the two Saturdays which were included in the week long cam- paign. As the first project, it was a rnagnificient beginning. There was a profit of S451 and sales ofZ,82.2 bags of peanuts. The class intends to sponsor this Peanut Campaign in its two rel rnaining years. The energetic Junior Class spon- sored two projects so far this yearg namely, t-shirts for the boys and pins for the girls. Many dozens of the t- shirts, emblazoned with nighthawks, in both orange and black. The t-shirts were even taken down to Junior High to be sold. The response was very good. The pins were fondly received by the girls. The pin consisted of a large "E" with the year in which the girl will graduate. Anyone for T -shirts? xg,- wk, K ,A ug 5 fi A + J: .F . , , lit ,,: T .mais--f ,, X . H iff HTL- ig.: K 1: A 1 A in ks . I I wk - 1: - 1, f- W Lal Q , his wwf? Sgr .gli fgfghf' f df we W '- ' f' ' "E ff' ff, t A. X k S ' 415 2,5 -A gg. .4-J' X l s 5 Il' ,V S. Irons V.-Pres. S. Parr, Sec. Mr. Diehl, Adviser D. Wallick, Treas. P. Schott, Pres. STUDENT COUNCIL Ina school such as ours there must be some type of organization to pro- mote the welfare of the students in E.H.S.g the Student Council fills this need. Members of the Council, one from every homeroom and two at large from each class, meet every Friday morning to try to iron out current prob- lems. They report to their horneroorns in the afternoon to let the students know the activities of the Council. Mr. Diehl guides the council's ac- tivities, which annually include super- vising the elections in the fall, enter- taining the faculty at a tea, acting as guides at open house and the career conference, and sponsoring the fresh- man orientation day in the spring. In addition to this,in the interest of scholarship, the Student Council awards the Oak Leaf in the Spring to the out- standing boy and girl in the Senior Class. Row 1: S. Zacharias, S. Smith, J. Blocher, I. Spangler, S. Shafer, I. Shafer, N. Miller. Row 2: S. Brown, L. Fullerton, S. Kelbaugh, E. Amspacher, S. Parr, B. Doll, R. Cromer. Row 3: W. Formwalt, D. Phillip, D. Wallick, P. Schott, P. Winand, M. Bollinger. C. Rodman, Pres. S. Rabenstine, Treas. Miss Blettner, Adviser K. Mummert, Sec. l R. Eiserman, V.-Pres. RED CROSS COUNCIL Once again the Junior Red Cross Council of Eichelberger undertook the job of filling a school chest. Some seven hundred items--school and per- sonal supplies , recreational equipment, musical instruments, first aid kits and books--went into this chest. The Junior Red Cross Council of E.H.S., under the direction of Miss Pearl Blettner, carries out many simi- lar projects every year. To obtain the student co-operation and participation necessary for the success of these projects,an assembly program is given each year. Dieter Philippe, a German exchange student and member of the class of 1955, sparked this year's as- sembly with afascinating talk about his homeland and the Red Cross there. Row 1: N. Sterner, L. Fullerton, J. Baumgardner, H. Crawford, M. Chronister, S. Brammer, J. Ehrhart, G. Way, D. Cassatt, J. Shafer, A. Wentz. Row 2: P. Bailey, J. Bo1in,,G. Feeser, B. l-loffacker, M. Pottorff, S. Honess, B. Hollinger, J. Berkheimer, M. A. Bowers, S. Trone, I. Rohrbaugh, C. Yost. Row 3: S. Kelbaugh, P. Moorehead, A.Musse1man, D. Yingling, S. Zartman, S. Baumgardner, B. Bethas, N. Edwards, C. Leister, J. Trone, A. Glad- hill, N. Schuman. Row 4: C. Karst, E. Jones, W. Formwalt, P. Spangler, D. Phillip, W. Smith, L. Frieze, E, Reitzel, R. Young, A. Gearis, W. Vanderslice. Staff Editor-in-chief ............ Jack Baublitz Associate Editor ............ Larry Wentz Business Manager ......... Mary Rohrbaugh Sonja Hudson, Kay Mummert, Jane Trone, Charlotte Leister Senior Department ..... Barb Stevens, editorg Jean Winter, Beverly Frock, Carol Zacharias, George l-lostetter, Fay Weaver Feature Department .... . Emmie Amspacher, Editor, Carol Rodman, Mary Ann Oyer, Eleanor Hamm, Shirley Black, Bertha Leese Art Department . . . Sally Bixler, Editor: Nancy Sterner,Jean Baumgardner, Sally Gray, Barhara Dull, Bruce Wolff, Dawn Descheemaeker Sports Department ...... Pete Schott, Editor: Malc Riddle, Linda Fullerton, Girls' Sports Circulation Department ..... Dick Patterson, Editorg Judy Conrad, Ted Barnhart, Larry Bow- man, Ed Slevin, Steve Myers, Susan Trostle Student Photographer ....... George Layman Mr. Kemp, Adviserg L. Wentz, Associate Editorg Mrs. Diehl, Adviser: J. Baublitz, Editor-in-chief. OR IR Together with the nighthawk, seen maturing throughout these pages, we, the class of 1955, have reacheda jump- ing off place. Our Nornir is the record of feathers added during the three years at E. H. S.: classes, sports, clubs, mu- sical organizations -- all have con- tributed their share. The 1955 Nornir staff exerted tire- less effort to obtain and combine the best pictures, articles and features in- to a layout begun in the middle of our Junior year. Our Senior year arrived and we found we had really only begun. No fledglings now, we plunged into a vigorous sales campaign. Next, the photographer's schedule had to be planned and carried outg deadlines were set for the articles. Deadline--that was the key word. But somehow the goal was achieved: the 1955 Nornir, out- wardly resplendent with white cover, inwardly rich in never to be forgotten memories. Row 1: B. Leese, M. Rohrbaugh, J. Winters, J. Baumgardner, D. Kemp, J. Trone, L. Fullerton, S. Forney. Row 2: E. Hamm, J. Conrod, B. Stevens, C. Leister, S. Gray, E. Amspacher, C. Zacharics, S. Hudson. Row 3: P. Short, S. Black, K.Mummert,C. Rodman,N. Sterner, S. Bix1er,B. Frock, M. Oyer. Row 4: D. Weaver, B. Wolff, G. Hostetter, M. Riddle, L. Wentz, L. Bowman, S. Myers. I. Baublitz, D. Patterson. f:"'3' J. 1. I QRS? 619' . . - mill mmm -+- Qjlaugx . . PM Mean. r.. mr-:W .. ., W hm, n,,,,..Q: 'M':,m um sr... X , f. rx... -1:11 .Ms r -- r-..:..s1gly:vW'iun ,,Tfx..1'. 1 ...M Z 55.5271 ,, m,W.I', lr- - K ..-W ' --,ggi .. ,. .V , U.. - I, ,N p' ' A elf nw Seated: E. Amspacher, Editor: H. Gruver, Advisor. Standing: A. Loss, Make-up Editorg E.1ones, Make -up Editorg G. Hostetter, Business Manager. THE ORANGE A D BLACK The first student publication of Han- over High School began in the year 1905 under the name, THE HANOVERIAN. It was issued by the Hanover High School Athletic Association and sold for thirty-five cents a copy. It was sus- pended from publication two years later, in 1907. In 1914 the publication was begun again under the name of THE ORANGE AND BLACK. Since then its policy has been to provide a medium for the honest expression of student opinion and to re- cord all important activities and events . Thus it constitutes the real history of Eichelberger. Since its beginning it has won many awards in national and state contests. Repeatedly it has been awarded First- Class Honors in the National Scholastic Press Association competition,making a record of which we are justly proud. Row 1: N. Kessler, B. Stambaugh, S. Shoff, L. Mc Gill, G. Bousum, S. Bollinger, C. Meredith, D. Reichart, M. Matthews,V. Blouse. Row 2: G. Hostetter, E. Amspacher, E. Reindollar, C. Leese, I. Garrett-, K. Ensminger, S. Werner, T. Rebert, R. Null, C. Shearer. Row 3: L. Wentz, P. Schott, J. Glick, D. Yiugling, P. Brilhart, B. Leister, L. Trone, C. Blumenthal, R. Eiserman, V. Gobrecht. Row 4: L. Friese, E. Jones, I. Brody, S. Dutterer, C. Clauser, A. boss, J. Schuman, W. Grubb, W. Vanderslice, P. Winand, W. Formwalt. V This year's Hi-Y Club was one that will never be forgotten by its members. Headed by its officers, Larry Wentz, Presidentg Howdie Pratt, Vice Presi- dent, Pete Schott, Secretaryg Jack Bau- blitz, Treasurerg and Dick Patterson, Corresponding Secretaryg the club sponsored many projects and events such as a Hal1owe'en stand,a hay ride, a Christmas dance, swimming at the York Y.M.C.A., a bake-sale, and a Spring dance. The Club was proud of its 65 mem- bers which were obtained through a HI-Y Row 1: H. Pratt, V.-Pres.: L. Wentz, Pres.g and P. Schott, Sec. Row 2: J. Baublitz, Treas. and D. Patterson, Cor. Sec. furious membership contest among the Sophomore,Junior,and Senior classesg naturally the Seniors won the contest. No one will ever forget the transporta- tion the Hi-Y provided for the Y-Teen conference - it seems the Hi-Y could always be found near the Y-Teens - nor the mumbling of the "Platform" and "Purpose" - "Clean Speech - Clean Sports - Clean Scholarship - Clean Living". "To create,maintain, and ex- tend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character." Row 1: W. Krout, P. Bowman, J. Krug, P. Masenhimer, M. Bollinger, M. Sponseller, K. Unger, M. Menchey, E. Schriver, J. Martin, R. Leese, M. Krug. Row 2: T. Newman, W. Coppersmith, D. Ebaugh, L. Blumenthal, D. Grove, E. Reitzel, J. Sabaka, S. Brown, P. Bell, H. Alwood, P. Winand, F. Bolin. Row 3: I. Schuman, D. Rudi- sill, B. Trone, S. Rudisill, S. Myers, W. Hollinger, D. Wallick, J. Rahn, M. Riddle, C. Becker, L. Aumen, K. Allison. Row 4: L. Myers, G. Layman, S. Duterer, D. Weaver, D. Krug, R. Cromer, W. Poist, P. Luckie, G. Hostetter, K. Parr, L. Bowman, J. Bittinger, L. Masenhimer. .. 26 Y-TEENS Row lg B. Stevens, Sec., and E. Amspacher, Pres. Row 2: J. Trone, Treas,, and S. Rabenstine, V.-Pres. This year's activities of the 'Y- Teens included joint meetings with the Hi-Y, Work Days planned to collect money for the Centennial Fund, the Mid-Winter Conference held at the Y, and many dances provided for our en- tertainment. The Y-TeenCharmSchool did much to help beautify the girls of E.H.S. Thru all these efforts the Y- Teens have greatly augmented the youth program of Hanover. Setting-up conference -- Labor or Palaver? K ' : We X 'li k Q K I-fp' M. A . . , . 5, . 5 ,fr 2 Row 1: M. Riley, J. Weaver, J. Sterner, Miss Walker, E. Garrett, S. Nickey, R. Moul. Row 2: M. Luckenbaugh, S. Nace, E. Strausbaugh, J. Snyder, S. Martin, L. Keagy, G. Feeser, G. Wagaman, S. Mummert, J. Buckley. Library Club The members of the Library Club have one main objective: to assist the librarian in her many duties. These girls used their activity periods and study halls for this purpose. However, they did take time for fun as well illus- trated by the lovely Christmas party which they held. Row 1: M. Bankert, L. Shaffer, J. Null, S. F. H. A. The Future Homemakers ofAmeri- ca is a national organization. The theme of the club this year was "Better Homes." The F. H. A. members were kept busy by attending the county rally, entertaining a float in the Halloween parade, sponsoring a skating party, and holding several bake sales. An irn- portant contribution of the F. H. A. to E. H. S. was the redecoration of the windows in the cafeteria, with curtains made and financed by the F. H. A. mem- bers. Nace, A. Rutters, L. Shaffer. Row 2: J. Dubs, D. Wine, V. Goodermuth, T. Garrett, S. Utz, N. Trone, V. Luckenbaugh, M. Zeigler, adviser. Row 3: M. Hahn, J. Weikert, B. Laughman, D. Rife, J. Storm, D. Wetzel, M. Hempfing. 28 . New Adventures The students of Hanover High ven- tured forth this year into many new clubs, created for the purpose of pro- viding opportunity for individual stu- dents to develop their own interests. The activity period on Tuesday was reserved every two weeks so that there would be no conflicting activities . Many fledglings participated in the clubs and found that their participation did much to prepare them for full flight. Art Illustration Club Some of the many projects the Art Club has undertaken this year were de- sign and illustration of fashions. The members also made Christmas cards. These accomplishments have con- tributed much to the life of the school. Bridge Club The Bridge Club teaches students to play bridge onlyg no other card games are allowed. The purpose ofthis club is not only to teach the students to play bridge, but also to develop social poise. Shucks, he trumped my Ace! It's in the book. College and Career Club The College and Career Club con- sisted of fourteen members. The main purpose of the club was to help its members choose a profession. This was accomplished through various tests. Members also took many field trips in order to study different voca- tions more closely. This school is co -ed. Dilettantes of Design. Cooking and Sewing Club The Cooking and Sewing Club,com- posed of girls who are not in the Home Economics course,but who wish to ob- tain some knowledge in this subject for their future use. The girls made most of their plans in class and did much of the work at home. Athletic Club Girls' The Girls' Athletic C1ub,with Miss Blocher as faculty adviser,met to fur- ther interest in good sportsmanship and provide athletic activities for girls who cannot participate in intramurals. In addition to the regular intramural sports, they engage in bowling and horseback riding. Two points -- maybe. '--. Beware -- Women at work. Girls' Shop Club Thirty girls met once a week to make foil plaques, bracelets, letter openers,trays, letter holders, and book ends. Enthusiasm was so keen that many of the girls used their free peri- ods to complete their work. Music Appreciation Club The Music Appreciation Club, which is not confined to musicians but is de- signed to develop appreciation for mu- sic in non-musicians, studied the rudi- ments of music and the composition of such outstanding types as classical, semi-classical, jazz, and folk tunes. From Bach to Bop! Who has the next fish story? Hunting 8 Fishing Club The objective of the Hunting and Fishing Club is to develop safety habits in hunting and fishing. Some of the other purposes of the club are to en- courage good sportsmanship, to in- crease the knowledge and appreciation of our wild life, and to discuss hunting and fishing methods. Projector Club The aims of this active club are: to become familiar with different kinds ofprojectors,to learn the various parts of projectors and their adjustments, and to develop skill in operating the machines and in splicing torn film. This turns on the light -- I think! Novice Heads and Headings. Press Club The Press Club is open only to sophomores and has as its ultimate aim to produce a better high school news- paper. Activities include the study of all phases of news writing,make-up,head- line writing, photography, typography and printing. Highlights are films and field trips to nearby printing plants and newspaper offices. The Press Club was first organized in 1936 and reorganized in 1953. Rhetoric Club Twelve students met during the club periods to learn and practice the "skill- ful use of speech." Arthur Norris was president of the Rhetoric Clubg Sally Gray was vice-presidentg Sandra Wil- dasin,secretary. Miss Menges was the adviser. "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" -- Lines, curves, and charm. Tap and Ballet Club The Tap and Ballet Club was or- ganized to teach the fundamentals of dancing. The students also learn danc- ing exercises under the direction of Miss Hamm and the capable student in- structors Fay Weaver, Barb Crooks, and Eileen Weisensale. Going up? Tumbling Club The Tumbling Club offers oppor- tunitiesi for self-expression, for de- velopment of leadership, and for .in- dividual and group responsibility. The benefits one can attain are of health, educational, social, and recre- ational value. Typing Club Every other 'luesday found many Seniors pecking away at typewriters under the capable direction of Miss Oyler. With this knowledge of typing, many reports and themes will be com- pleted in less time and they will appear much neater. Eyes to the rightg not on the keyboard. 32 Q yi , f' . S if A -1' Grease paint before the Sophomore-Junior play. N The Officers Standing: C. Blumenthal, Vice President: Iean Winter, Treasurer, Seated: B. Stevens, Presidentg S. Shoff, Secretary. THE DRAMATICS CLUB The members ofthe Dramatics Club enjoyed helping many new ideas concerning the production of plays. with the Senior Play and the Sophomore-Junior Play. At regular meetings guest speakers reviewed plays, They also helped to present the All-School Play for recommended others for viewing, and demonstrated which they provided the necessary committees. make-up procedure and paper-bag dramatics. Club They enjoyed atrip to Penn State where they learned members produced several one -act plays for assemblies. Row 1: J. LeGore, S. Iames, J. Cauffman, D. Cassatt, gardner. Row 4: N. Ernst, A. Royer, I. Shafer, P. Al- J. Way. Row 2: M. Jones, M. Bankert, L. Shaffer, I. minosa,C. Blumenthal, B. Stevens. Row 5: D. Markle, Baumgardner, C. Rodman. Row 3: S. Shoff, J. Rohr- S. Dutterer, A. Loss, M. Sponseller, I. Brady, B. Hol- baugh, S, Rabenstine, R. Eiserman, I. Glick, S. Baum- linger. 33 Nu.-.zf "A Murder Has Been Arranged," the Sophomore Junior Play, proved a success from the first audience- startling scream preceding the open- ing of the curtain, to the unusual epi- logue given by the maid at the end. Strange and marrow-chilling adven- ture: a deaf mute gypsy girl wander- Put 'em up, you crumb! Mr. Carey, the director. A M U RDE ing senseless about the stage, and being found later dead of shockg the ghost of a. murdered man appearing to expose his murderer: all this provided quite a diversification of emotion which the Sophomores enacted most realistically. Row 1: M. Jones, R. Ieese, A, Royer, D. Cromer. Row 2: A. Garrett,I. Berwager, N. Miller, J. Brady, L. Blumenthal. Tempers flare when a murder is arranged. HAS BEEN ARRANGED The old theme of the scoundrel and the will took a sharp and refresh- ing turn in "A Murder Has Been Ar- ranged." The setting was the stage of the Eichelberger Auditoriurng here a dinner was held at ll P.M. to celebrate Mr. Charles Jasper's inheritance of five million dollars. A pre-arranged murder was executed amidst strange circumstances, all of which were pre- destined by a curse. The drama and suspense involved in such a plot was excellently handled by the Junior cast. Their success prompts them to look forward to their largest and final dramatic undertaking -their Senior Play. Row 1: S, Parr, I. Glick, S. Honess, S. Rabenstine. Row 2: E. Reindollar, W. Formwalt, A. Loss, L. Myers, G. Layman. Mrs, Griswald didn't seem to like Mr. Barry's etchings. "Fifties, hundreds of phony fifties!" What a plot for a thrilling play! Mr. Barry and his kind heart provided an interesting time for all the participants of the play: the cool blonde, Fifty, and her side-kick, Saw- buck Samg dumb Daisy: and Mrs. Griz- zly-oops ! -Griswald. These were only a few of the characters. A T-man always gets his girl, MR. BARRY The plot was all about an artist, Mr. Barry, whose thoughts turned to etching -etching fifty dollar bills. With this money he plans to help other people. After electing his friend Sam Jordan, mayor, Mr. Barry continued to help others until his money attract- ed the attention of the officials of the nation and also of the underground. Row 1: C. Rodman, N. Stemer, I. Winter, J. Baumgardner, S. Bixler, I. Conrad. Row 2: D. Pat- terson, J. Baublitz, L. Wentz, D. Weaver, S. Myers, T. Barnhart, D. Wallick. Mr. Barry and his etchings. ETCHINGS The T-man Crosby falls in love with Barry's niece, Evelyn. Fifty Ferris appears on the scene to try to persuade Barry to join her gang. Barry refuses and then turns her over to Crosby. When faced with all his debts caused by his phony fifties, Barry doesn't know how to repay them until a movie producer buys his life story. The play ends on the happy note that all people were repaid with fifty-two genuine bills. Criminals at bay. sf 'All 'all 5 -, a 3,3 ,z wrt ? VW F -Q, 51415 fr Haifa-' n W I, . - ' V Q? V I 3 If , if ,Q .Qi ' X, f ' L "ks-'xvfvl , ,, . , , Q Q, . S 1 , . l ' YQ, ' ,Mi ' I W ' ' ' ' .. ,Q ig A A k S' it K .L I wk it I 1 ,Q M ' vxf N I ig ak " li if W - 'fl L kg? K x 1 ff , A F. I A F In K M? -I nf , . , 3 , if X i my Row 1: J. Winter, L. Wentz, E. Hamme, D. Klepper, S. Easley. Row 2: N. Furhman, S. Honess, M. Men- chey, L. Stauffer, G. Bousum, I. Berkheimer, K. Warner, P. Keith, S. Trostle, N. Sell. Row 3: R. Birgen- smith, T. Newman, P. Goodfellow, C. Meredith, J. Schuman, S. Zacharias, M, Matthews, I. Metcalf, N Grove, G, Furhman, W, Helwig, I. Gantz, S. Grubb, J. Wildasin. Row 4: W. Grubb, S. Pennewill, S Trone,C, Grubb, B. Gouker, S, Myers, B. Gorman, S, Zartman, J. Murray, B, Egger, C, Slagle, F. Wentz Row 5: B. Leister, Mr. Schuler, A. Wentz. AND CDRCHESTRA Row 1: E. Shearer, I, Schuler, 1. Ferster. Row 2: G. Yingling, F. Stauffer, L. Bortner. Row 3: B. Egger G. Fuhrman, S. Honess, L. Wentz, D. Lippy, M. Menchey. Row 4: I. Winter, B. Shilling, D. Klepper R. Winters, P. Spangler, D. Patterson, W. Reese. , 39 Row 1: C. Pagliaro, L. Fullerton, B. Hollinger, J. Charmbury. J. Garrett, J. Schuman, S. Parr. J. Glick, P. Stremmel, S. Baumgardner. 1. Dubbs. C. Rudisill, S. Hudson, M. Bowers, J. Bankert, A. Sterner, J. Donsen. Row 2: M. Frantz, N. Ensminger, E. Reindollar, E. Wisensale, S. Smith, L. McGill, A. Bechtal, M. Hoffman, E. Rabenstine, D. Cassatt, J.Cauffman,A.Royer,L. Blumenthal, S. Hamm, B. Frock, M. Fidler, C. Zacharias, K. Small, K. Krebs, J. Berwager, Row 3: C. Leese, C. Mudge, I. Trone, B. Bethas, A. Wentz, D. Bankert, A. Manahan, S. Sanderson, A. Gladhill, N. Ginter,S.Mowery, P. Pagliaro, A. Shaffer, D. Yingling, M. Oyer, S. Sterner, J. Ferster, N. Kessler. Row 4: A. Rut- ters,S.Brammer, D. Kagarise, K. Rebert, A. Garrett, C. Sterner, J. Sell, J. Spangler, N. Miller, B. Doll, S. Bollinger, P. Spangler, V. Miller, S. Bixler, J. Way, A. Spangler, E. Zelesnick, B. Crooks, S. Kelbaugh, L. Leppo, B. Muntz, J. THE GIRLS' CHORUS THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR Row 1: L. McGill, C, Mudge, S, Kump, T. Riddle, N, Sell, E. Weisensale, E. Rinedollar, S. Trone, I. Berkhimer, L. Fullerton, S. Smith, J. Ferster. Row 2: G, Bousum, B. Gouker, A. Spangler, L. Leppo, C, Sterner, I. Spangler, E. Zelesnick, C. Frock, B. Muntz, I. Bankert, Row 3: P. Keith, A. Rutters, D, Kagarise, K. Rebert, S. Brammar, A. Garrett, J. Trone, S. Bixler, M, Oyer, B, Doll, S, Gray, M. Bowers, Row 4: W. Grubb, W. Formwalt, I, Berwager, J, Krug, F. Bowser, S. Grubb, R. Winters. Bankert. 40 THE Jack H. Schuler Lebanon Valley B.S, Instrumental Music Among the very important or- ganizations at high school are the band and the choruses. The band, under the direction of Mr. Jack Schuler, has done much to strengthen the cultural life of our school. During the year the band has provided entertainment at the football games and assemblies. Two of their most important annual projects are the winter concert and DIRECTQRS George E, Rutledge Lebanon Valley B.S, Senior High Vocal,Iunior High and 5th Grade Instrumental the spring concert. The choruses, A Cappella Choir and the Girls' Chorus, under the di- rection of Mr. George Rutledge, also play a very important part in the school activities. These active groups participated in the Christmas pro- gram, assembly programs, and the winter concert. Row 1: C. Yost, J. Garrett, A. Sterner, I. Charmbury, I. Winter, B. Frock, L. Blumenthal, B, Noggle, K, Small, J. Berwager, J. Wildasin, N, Ensminger, Row 2: C. Rudisill, N, Kessler, A, Shaffer, M, Fiddler, S, Hamm, A. Bechtel, N. Miller, C. Zacharias, S, Sterner, M. Warner, I. Bollinger, K. Krebs. Row 3: C. Fout, S. Parr, J. Glick, N, Schuman, S, Hudson, B. Dull, V. Miller, D. Bankert, E. Raubenstine, S, Kel- baugh, I. Conrad, E, Hamm. Row 4: D. Worley, P, Winand, W. Helwig, B, Garrett, L. Bowman, S, Myers, A. Norris, L. Masenheimer. 9 Row 1: L. Bange, R, Bechtel, H. Pratt, D. Bemiller, E. Slevin, E. Kopp, L. Pitts, G. Hanrahan, D. James. Row 2 P, Bowman, W. Bankert, R. Forry, P. Bell, N. Palmer, L. Crosswhite, I. Carbaugh, R. Shelleman, R. Furhman, K Hess, D.Wolfskill. Row 3: L. Stair, W. Muntz, G. Mummert, R. Livingstone, L. Corbin, D. Laughman, N. Markle L. Aumen, B. Wolfe, R. l-lartlaub. Row 4: L. Blumenthal, D. Ebaugh, S. Feeser, R. Cromer, C. McManus, M Chronister,C.Klindenst, E. Reitzel, R. Waltman, P. Heilman, D, Leppo. Row 5: S. Brown, R. Grove, W. Markle W. Howe, S. Hughes, C. Fuhrman, D. Blumenthal, D. Sullivan, F. Bolin, J. Weaver. FOOTB LL Hanover High School's Football Nighthawks, long a power in the South Penn Conference, showed signs of awakening to real grid prominence in the years to come witha fine 7 won, 2 lost, one tied log for 1954. The Hawks, featuring a fine underclass backfield and a powerful senior line placed second in the confer- ence. The birds ope ne d the campaign with a 27-18 vic tory over the Delone Squires and rolled over three more opponents before being stopped by "This is a good quick-opener." Mechanicsburg. The high point of the season came in Chambers- burg where the Hawks won for the first time in the school's history. The score was 33-6. Elmer Kopp, senior tackle and Bob Forry, Soph- more tailback, were placed on the All-South Penn Team for 1954. The Nighthawks turned in their best seasonal per- formance since 1950, and big things are expected next season. The Scores Delone 27-18 Lancaster Catholic Z0-6 Shippensburg 36-6 Gettysburg 38-O Mechanicsburg O-19 Chambersburg 32.-6 Westminster Zl-14 Carlisle ' O-28 Hershey 13-13 York Catholic Zl-7 Dave Wolfskill, Louie Pitts, Fib Bell, and Bob Forry composed this year's Hawk backfield, This rugged foursome packed the scoring punch that previous Hawk backfields have lacked. All mem - bers scored at least one touchdown. Fib, before he was injured in the Chambers- burg game, became renowned for his line plunging and vicious blocking and tackling. Bob was feared for his off- tackle slants and spectacular punt re- turns. Dave ran his reverse plays well and Louie blocked effectively and pul- passes. THE BACKFIELD Don James, Norm Palmer, and Bruce Wolff were more than sensational in their fill-in roles. Donny and Bruce, the only seniors to play regularly in the Hawk backfield, were outstanding on several oc- casions, Donny was tough on defense throughout the season, and Bruce, who ran a punt back for a touch- down against Gettysburg,was as fast as they make the backs. Norm established himself as a capable full- back after Fib Bel1's injury-and hit the line hard enough to earn himself a spot on the all-conference second team. Norm will be back again next year to team up with the four retuming backs. led down many of Bob's bullet-like .- , -' vxf ' ,fl A '- Kopp, Bankert, Slevin, Bange, and Bechtel---the Hawks "Big Six", all seniors and hard to replace! THE LI E "Reds" Furhman and Ken Hess---senior end and junior line backer who formed a dangerous combination. ' -w , ,f' G e o r g e Hanrahan a n d Ia c k Bemiller---pass snagging wingmen. The 1954 edition of the Nighthawk football team was greatly bolstered by the fine work of the line. The seven boys up front, who opened the holes for the "speed boys", deserve a hand from the students of E.H.S. In several games the line held their opponents to a minus total on the ground . The Hawk line, sparked by the "Big Six" seniors , recovered many fumbles and smothered many rival quarterbakcs before they could pass, This was per- haps the best, and heaviest line to represent E,H,S, in the past seven or eight years. Our extra-point team -- -juniors Phil Bowman and Jim Car- baugh, 4-4 N He's on his way! . f 4 5l9'E'7'5 f ,Af 1-align.-Ass" Q f,-X - Z if A job well done! Touchdown ! X Q., fy 'xy 524,34 I ' as ., 45 .a pw P' Q H 1 W xl' ,g is, Q, 1 5' 'fb A if . X! , 'QQ dw Q .M Q 5 A V W. " fa Q' , if wr 49 jg' 5 X S S x l 5: 2 mi I L 352 I r' fy x, Q 3, I l Q 5- :L 1' Q .L.Hf?Jv'1 I ff 4:4 gsm A ,Lx UE I ' .Nw r. Jw , , ,,',.. Milf , V ?'g ., -' We ggi! W M' x x 4, xg 9 WEA 'E inn iw, 5 SX 5-k wifi Q gi "The forward cuts toward the basket." l The Scores Westminster 5'7-38 Lancaster 62-60 Delone 57-28 York 60-67 Hershey 51-52 Mechanicsburg 48 -60 Spring Grove 58-42 Gettysburg 69-52 Waynesboro 95 -82 Shippensburg 83-'74 Carlisle 51-45 Chambersburg 51 -66 Middletown 68 -60 York Catholic 45 -68 Hershey '73-56 Mechanicsburg 51 -61 Delone '73-49 Gettysburg 95 -62 Waynesboro '78-'74 Shippensburg '77 -46 Carlisle 40-68 Chambersburg 58-'71 Middletown '73-66 BASKETB LL The 1954-55 Hanover High School Basketball machine won 15 games while dropping 8. The Hawks were one of the better teams in the South Penn Conference, and proved this by beating the conference champion , Carlisle, by a score of 51-45. Outstanding victories were over McCaskey, 62- 60gDe1one, '73-49g Waynesboro, 95-82g Middletown, '73-68, and Carlisle. 1954-55 was a season for breaking records. The team set a scoring record for the high school at 95, Cagainst Waynesboro and Gettysburgj and a new season's high. The conference records broken by Sophomore Bob Forry looked like this: most points in one game, best seasonal average, most goals in one game, most goals in one season, and highest individual scorer for one season. Needless to say Bob was on the all-conference team. Five seniors completed their basketball careers at Hanover High this season-Co-captain Ed Slevin, Co-captain T erry Ne wman , Steve Rudisill, Paul Wheeler, and Dick Patterson. L. Zorbaugh, R, Patterson, R. Forry, T. Newman, H. Pratt, E. Slevin, R. Cromer, P. Wheeler, D. Blumenthal, S. Rudisill, P. Bowman. Ed Sle Terry Newman Steve Rudisill Bob Forry Larry Zumbrum Ray Cromer Howdie Pratt Pre -game instructions A new scoring record for E.H.S. FD. - "This is radio station WHVR bringing you the Eichelberger High School basketball games. " Up and in! "You've got to shoot when you're open!" The fellows behind the team--the managers. The Scores Westminster 55-31 McCoskey 59-43 Delone 40 -39 York 51 -53 Hershey 42-26 Mechanicsburg '12 -24 Spring Grove 53 -37 Gettysburg 59-37 Waynesboro 63 -38 Shippe nsburg 68 -37 Carlisle 46 -42 Chambersburg 49 -47 Middletown 56 -47 York Catolic 51-46 Hershey 53 -34 Mechanicsburg 67 -31 Delone 29 -27 Gettysburg 48 -47 - Waynesboro 51 -47 Chambersburg 56 -43 Shippensburg 86 -33 Carlisle 52 -46 J. V. BASKETBALL Eichelberger High School's J.V. Basketball team once again took top honors in the reserve division of the South Penn Conference. The J.V.'s, composed of sopho- mores, and coached by Thomas Div- iney, dropped only one game for the season: that setback came at the hands of the York J.V.'s by twoxpoints. The J.V.'s finished the season with 19 consecutive victories, and were four games atop the conference when the final whistle sounded. Pacing the little Hawks were Carl Klinedinst and Bill Howe, both of whom were recognized as al1-con- ference material. With the varsity regulars being backed up by this fine J.V. outfit, the Hawks pose as a definite threat to C a r li s l e, this year's conference champs. ' Row 1: R. Grove, L. Little, E. Reitzel. R. Smith, J. Yingling, S. Brown. Row 2: P. Hoff, C. Klindenst, M, Chronister, W. Poist, W. Howe, N. Palmer. Defense, boys, defense I Tome out for a breather. Too many hands in the pie. 51 Wrestling Team W. I-Iartlaub, R. Hartlaub, W. Feeser, R. Stauffer, W. Bankert, L. Bowman, D. Laughman, D. Wolf- skill, R. Furhman, I. Bemiller, W. Hollinger. WRESTLING Coach Jim Leedy's wrestling Nighthawks turned in an impressive season with a 5-4-1 record. The Hill matmen encountered a very rough ll match schedule for 1954-55. The Hawks were seldom outscored, and never out-fought. Coach Leedy explains a new hold. Seniors bidding farewell to their E.H.S. wrestling careers this season were Captain Ralph Hartlaub, Bill Bankert, Larry Bowman, Bob Stauf- fer, Bill Hollinger, Dennis Laughman, and John Rahn. Larry Bowman turned in the best performance for the season with only one defeat to his record. Hartlaub and Bowman entered the Regional Consolation Bouts , and Ralph receiiveda medalfor his victory. Jun- iors Jack Bemiller and Davey Wolf- skill did not compete in bouts for which they were eligible. The Hawk wrestling squad loses seven seniors this season, but there are some promising candidates com- ing up next year. The Scores A Milton Hershey 16-30 West York 32- 8 Manheim Central 21-22 York High 23 -23 Solance 26-18 McCaskey of Lancaster 33- 8 Reading 9-32 Columbia 22- 8 Hershey 3 -41 Spring Grove 28-14 Working for a pin. Shake hands and come out wrestling "Work on it, Reds: you have a chance to pin him." J. Garrett, N. Ensminger, P. Pagliaro, L. Fullerton, D. Deechemaker, D. Kemp, C. Mudge, S. Kump. THE CHEERLEADERS These lovely young misses, ma- jorettes and cheerleaders, did much to keep-up the morale and spirit of the cheering section throughout the year. While the cheerleaders gave "fifteen cheers for Hanover's team", the rnajorettes high-stepped to the "Washington Post March." The lively, spry cheerleaders not only perfected the old standard cheers such as "Open the Gates", but they devised new cheers which will become standards. The strutting majorettes this year added dancing and singing to their ordinary routine of high-step- ping and twirling. THE MAJORETTES Row 1: F. Weaver. Row 2: E. Amspacher, S. Black Row 3: I. Conrad, E. Reindollar, S. Zacharias. GIRLS' INTRAMURALS Kick the ball--not the shinsl After finishing basket- ball, they once more looked forward to the warm spring days and baseball. Among the several in- dividual sports the girls participated in are badmin- ton, ping -pong, shuffleboard, and tennis. A tense moment in the finals. During the past three years of high school, the girls have enjoyed several differ- ent intramural sports. In the fall, soccer and hockey were played on the campus. But, as the days grew colder, the girls turned their attention to indoor sports. Organizing different teams, but often keeping the same teammates, they found volleyball next on the agenda. Over here. Judy! Fighting for a rebound. The Intramural Champs-- Row 1: C. Dubbs, W. Coppersmith, R. Smith. Row 2: D. James, E. Grizzel, W. Reese. 56 A jump shot by the scoring champion of the intramural league. BOYS INTRAMURALS The Intramural League was composed of ten teams in which about eighty boys participated. The games were played on the E.H.S. gym floor every Monday and Wednesday evenings , under the direction of Coach Harold Reese. The winner of this year's league was Michigang led by their able captain Bill Coppersmith, this team finished the season with an unblemished record. Coppersmith set a new high for one game as he poured through sixty-one points. John Bittinger's Temple rankeda tight second. Mighigan played a game with the Hanover High School J.V.'s at the annual Has-Been Will-Be game. They put up a terrific battle before going downto defeat, 62-58. Some of the outstanding players of the league, based on individual scoring, were Bill Coppersmith, Larry Blumenthal, Charles Dubbs, Jack Bemiller, Malc Riddle, Louis Pitts, Guy Caler, Steve Riddle, Don Wallick, Mark Rickrode, Larry Wentz, and Gene Bowser. KENNETH D. ALLISON Academic Ken Hi y 2 3 Drivers' Training 25 Typing Club 3. Architect or Mechanical Engineer LARRY W. AUMEN Academic Homeroom Vice -President lg Football 1,2,3g Wrestling 1, 2.3g Track 1.2,3: Boys' Intramurals 1,2,3: Hi-Y 1.3. To Become A Success RICHARD E. ALTLAND Industrial Arts Dick Shop Club 1,2,3. Cabinet Making Pl-IYLLIS R. BAILEY Academic Phyl Red Cross Council 2,3g Y-Teens 35 Drivers' Training 25 Typing Club 33 Girls' Intramurals 33 Girls' Shop 3. Obtain An R.N. Degree YVONNE B. ALWOOD Commercial Vonnie Y Teens l,2.3g Nornir 2.3:-Teacher's Secretary 3g Girls' Intramurals 1 ,2 , 3 5 Girls' Metal Shop 2,35 Cooking and Sewing Club 3. Live in Canada RUTH N. HAIR Commercial Ruthie Teachers Secretary 33 Music Club 3. Obtain a "Mrs." Degree EMILY If AMSPACHER Academic Emmie Orange and Black 1. Make -up Editor 2, Editor 3g Y-Teens 1 Vice President 2, President 33 Delphians 1.2.31 Class Play 1 Nornir 2,3 3 Dramatics Club lg Girls' Intramurals 1 2 3 Student Council 1.2.35 Majorette 1,2,3g Typing Club 3 Class President 1. ' Nursing LA VERNE H. BANGE Academic Bunny F00tba11 2,35 Hi-Y 3. Diesel Mechanicg Racing Driver. 58 The jolly juniors in the election assembly. WILLIAM P. BANKERT Industrial Arts 5 Be Be Football 1.2.35 Wrestling 1.2.35 Track 1,25 Boys' Intra- murals 2,35 Machine Shop Club 15 Hi -Y 1.3. To Be A Bachelor DOLORES E. BANKERT Commercial Deb ACappella Choir2,35Girls'Chorus 35 Teacher's Secretary 35 Girls' Intramurals 2,35 Drivers' Training 3. Hope To Be A Success In Whatever I Do. MARIORIE E. BARNHART Commercial Margie Teacher's Secretary 2.35 Nornir Typist 2,35 Cooking and Sewing Club 3. To Lead A Happy And Successful Life. LORETTA C. BANKERT Commercial Becky Y-Teens2.35Nomir2,35Girls'Shop2,35 Teacher's Secre- tary 35 Girls"Intramurals 2.35 Cooking and Sewing Club 3. To Succeed In Anything I May Do. THEODORE N. BARNHART Academic Snorkle Band 1.2.35 Orchestra 1.2.35 Class Play 1.2.35 Boys' Intra- murals 2.35 Homeroom Treasurer 1. To Be A Professional Drummer And To Be A Geologist. MARIE A. BANKERT Commercial Dere Y-Teens 1.35 Nornir 2,3 5 Teacher's Secretary2,35 Cooking and Sewing Club 35 Glrls' Shop 2.3. Fashion Co-Ord lnator JOHN E. BAUBLITZ Academic Jack I-Ii-Y 1. Treasurer 2.35 Class Play 1.2.35 Nornir Editor-In Chief 35 Homeroom President 1,2,35 Class Treasurer 35 Basketball Manager 1.2.35 Football Manager 2,35 Tennis 2.3. To Make A Million And Travel Around The World Before I'm 30. MILDRED A. BANKERT Home Economics Millie Dramatlcs Club 2,35 F.H.A. 35 Girls' Metal Shop 35 Drivers' Training 25 Girls' Intramurals 3. Obtain A "Mrs." Degree 59 if I the day. SHIRLEY A. BAUGHER Commercial Shirley Teacher's Secretary 2,35 Nornir Typist 2.33 Cooking and Sewing Club 3. To Be A Private Secretary BARBARA A. BETHAS General Bunny Y-Teens 1,2,33Red Cross Council l,2,33 Orange and Black 1 , 2 ,3 3 Girls' ShopClub 23 Girls' Chorus 33 Dramatics Club 1. To Obtain.A "Mrs." Degree. JEAN M. BAUMGARDNER Academic Jeannie Orange and Black 1.2, Circulating Manager 33 Y-Teens 1,2 .3 3 Delphians 1.2.33 Class Play 33 Nornir 2,31 Dra- matics Club 33 Drivers' Training 23 Band 13 Red Cross 1, 2,32 Typing Club 33 Girls' Shop 2. To Tour The World InA Chevy Corvette. JOHN R. BITTINGER Academic Sketter H i - Y 1,2 ,33 Class Play 1,23 Basketball lg Wrestling 23 Tennis 33 Boys' Intramurals 3. Architectural Engineer ROBERT L. BECHTEL Industrial Arts Breezy Football l .2 ,33 Machine Shop Club 13 Intramurals 2,32 Hi-Y Club 1. 4 , To Become A Plumbing Contractor SARAH A. BIXLER Academic Sally Orange and Black 1,2,33 Y-Teens 1.2.33 Class Play 33 Operetta 23 Nornir 2,33 Dramatics Club 13 Girls' Intra- murals 2 ,33 Homeroom Vice -President 2,33 Drivers' Training 23 ACappel1aChoir 1.2.33 Girls' Chorus 2.33 Girls' Ensemble 33 Art Club 3. Illustrator JOYCE E. BERWAGER Commercial Shorty Teacher's S e c re t ary 33 Girls' Chorus 1,2 ,33 A Cappella Choir 1,2,3j Girls' Ensemble 1.2.33 Girls' Intramurals 2.3. To Be Successful In Whatever I Do. SHIRLEY A. BLACK Academic Burley Orange and Black 1.2.31 Y-Teens 1,33 Nornir 33 Dra- matics Club 13 Girls' Intramurals 23 Majorette 1,2,3. Nurse 60 1' ssil 3 ' Nothing like an "A" in P.D. to brighten "1 f 'Rise-'fis,.' A 24, Wilt 1- -' l - I L, . if 'y .sf 2 1 'il-557 i 3 3 raiif- Y .sf I Who's the wise guy that voted for Mickey Mouse? LARRY D. BOWMAN General Loop Band 1,2,3g Wrestling 1,2,3gHi-Y 1,2,3g Boys' Intramurals 1,2,3: ACappel1aChoir 35 Nornir 3g Operetta 3: Hunting and Fishing Club 3. College VIVIAN A. BLOUSE Commercial Viv Orange and Black 2 ,3g Y -Teens 1,2 ,3g Delphians 2 ,3g Girls' Me tal S hop Club 2,3g Teacher's Secretary 2.35 Girls' Intramurals 1,2,3g Nornir 1.3: Cooking and Sewing Club SANDRA J. BRILLHART Commercial Sandy Nornir2,3g Y-Teens 1,2,3g,Metal Shop Club 25 Teacher's Secretary 3gGir1s' Intramura1s2,3g Cooking and Sewing Club 3. Secretary Jumru Y.. BOLIN d Academic Ju y Girls ' Shop Club 33 Girls' Intramurals 1,2,3g Red Cross Council 33 Cooking and Sewing Club 3. To Become A Nurse. PATRICIA A. BROWN Comerrtrcial Pat Orange and Black 3: Y-Teens 1,3g Delphians 2,35 Girls' S hop C lub 2,3g Nornir 3: Cooking and Sewing Club 35 Teacher's Secretary 3g Girls' Intramurals 1,2.3. Physical Education Teacher BARBARA L. BOLLINGER Commercial Barb Y -Teens 1,2,3g Orange and Black 2,3: Delphians 2.3g Nornir3g Teacher's Secretary 35 Girls' Intramurals 1,2 .34 Cooking and Sewing Club 35 Girls' Shop Club 2,3. Accountant RICHARD C. BRUMGARD Industrial Arts Dick Wood Shop Club lg Boys' Intramurals2g ACappe1la Choir 2. General To Succeed In Whatever Task I Tackle I EDWARD BORTNER Ed Boys' Intramurals 1,2,3g Career and College Club 3. To Be Successful Hard work in the woodshop. JANET M. BUCKLEY Commercial Janet Y-Teens 1,33De1phians 1.2: Teach'er's Secretary 3g Girls' Intramurals 1,2,3gDrivers'Training 3: Cooking and Sew- ing Club 33 Library Club 1.2.3. Go To California WILLIAM J. COPPERSMITH General Bill Hi-Y 1,3g Boys' Intramurals 1,2.3g Typing Club 3. To Be A Successful Interior Decorator GUY W. CALER General Melvin Baseba1l2,3gBoys'lntramura1s 1,2,3g Hunting and Fishing Club Secretary 3. To Be A Success In Any Work CHARLES D. CRAUMER Industrial Arts Donnie United States Marine Corps Reserve KENNETH R. CLOUSHER Industrial Arts Ken Machine Shop Club lg Boys' Intramurals 2.3. United States Marine Corps BEVERLY B. CROSSWHITE Academic Pepita DramaticsC1ub 1.Y-Teens 1.3. Student council 1: Girls' Chorus 1: Girls' Shop Club 3. Take Another Trip To Italy! JUDITH A. CONRAD Academic Judy Orange and Black 1.2.35 Y-Teens 1.2.33 Delphians 1.2.3. Play 1.2,3g Nornir 2,35 Dramatics Club 1.2.34 Student Council lg Girls' Intramurals 2,3g Band 2,3g Majorette 1. 2 . 3g Orchestra 1,2,3g ACappel1a.Choir 1.2.35 Red Cross Council 1.2: Typing Club 3. B.S. and A.M. In Nursing HAROLD O. CROUSE Academic Crousie H i -Y 1 . 2 g Stage Crew 1.2.35 Homeroom Treasurer 23 Projector Club 3. Be A Success In Something Our cafeteria -- the ultimate in good food and dependability. BEVERLY A. EGGER Academic ' Bea Band 1,2,3g Girls' Intramurals 1,2,3g Orchestra 35 Girls' Athletic Club 35 Y-Teens 1. Quien Sabe? DAWN C. DESCHEEMAKER General A Desch Delphians 1: Y-Teens 1,2,3g Nornir 3: Homeroom Secre- tary lg Red Cross Council 1: Cheerleading 1,2,3g Girls' Shop 3. Dental Hygienist WILLIAM D. EISENBERGER General Wimpy Boys' Intramurals 2,33 Homeroom Officer 3: Football 13 Hunting and Fishing Club 2. President.3. Football Coach. IUDITH K. DONSEN General Judy Y-Teens 3g Girls' Chorus 3g Drivers' Training 2: Girls' Intramurals 3. Store Clerk . LOWELL E. EISENHART General lke Hunting and Fishing Club 2,3gBoys' Intramurals 2.3. Build A Hot Rod BARBARA I. DULL Academic Fuzzy Orange and Black 1,2.3g Y-Teens 1,2,3g Delphians 1,2,3g Nornir2,3r Girls' Intramurals 2,35 Student Council 1,2,3g Class Secretary 2: Band 1,2,3g Orchestra1,2gACappella Choir 1,2,3g Typing Club 3. Nursing MARILYN K. FIDLER General Marilyn Y-Teens 1,2,3g Operetta 2: Delphians 1,2,3g Girls' Intra- murals 1.2,3: ACappellaChoir 1,2,3: Girls' Chorus 1,2.3g Girls' Ensemble 1.2,3: Girls' Athletic Club 3. Be A Success NANCY J. EDWARDS General Nancy Dramatics C lub lg Red Cross 1.2.33 Cheerleading 1,25 Y-Teens 1.2.35 Girls' Shop Club 2.3: Tumbling Club 33 Homeroorn Secretary 2,3. i Learn To Save Money For A Certain GUY i 68 Not all our rules are stringent. QSnow balling is illegalj SYLVIA A. FORNEY Commercial Mike Orange and Black 2,3g Y-Teens 1,2,3g Delphians 1,2,3g Girls' Intramurals 3: Band 1,2,3g Nornir 2,35 Music Appreciation 3. Secretary to Foreign Embassy. CAROLYN I. FROCK Academic Carolyn Operetta 2g A Cappella Choir 213. Successful CAROLYN Y. Four General C-UQ1 Girls' Intramurals 1.2,3g Y -Teens 1,2 ,asia Cappella Choir 2,3g Tumbling Club 3. ' Make A Certain Soldier Happy. RICHARD L. FROCK General Frockie- Boys' Intramurals 3. Have a "Hot Rod". " ANN E. FRIZZELL General Friz Y-Teens 1,2,3g Girls' Shop Club 3g Library Club 1,2. Air Line Hostess NANCY C. .FUHRMAN Commercial Nance Band 1.2,3g Girls' Intramurals 2: Teacher's Secretary 3g Music Appreciation Club 3. Private Secretary BEVERLY I. FROCK 1,2 ,3g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3. Academic Bugs Y - Te ens 1.2.35 Delphians 1,2.3g Operetta 2g Nornir 3: Girls' Intramurals 35 Class Secretary lg ACappella Choir Successful RICHARD B. FUHRMAN General Tuffy Football 33 Wrestling 2 5 Hunting and Fishing Club 1. Make An HonestLiving. 54 The assemblies are always entertaining. SBCIBUIY NANCY G. GISE Commercial Nance Y -T eens 1.2.33 Delphlana 1.25 Teacher's Secretary 33 ?l5lgIXlU8l1'll.ll'818 1.2,33RBd Cross Council lg Library Club LINDA I. FULLERTON Academic Linl Orange and Black 1.2.35 Y-Teens 1,2.3g Delphlans 1.2. Treasurer 33 Class Play 2: Nornir 35 Dramatlcs Club 1,35 Girls ' Intramurals 2.3: Homeroom President 2: Student Council 1.2.35 Drivers'Trainlng 2g A Capella Choir 1.2.33 Girl 's Chorus 35 Red Cross Coimcil 2.3: Bridge Club 3: Girls' Shop 2: Cheerleading 1.2, Carataln 3. Home Ec. Teac er PATRICIA M. GOODFELLOW Academic Pat Band 1,2,3p Girls' Shop 2: Sewing and Cooking Club 33 Y-Teens 3. Obtain a certain degree. ELAINE M. GARRETT Commercial Elaine Y-Teens 1,2gC1ass Play 15 Teacher's Secretary 2.3: Girls' lntramurals 1,2,3: Home Room President 1.3. Library Club ,2.3. Successful home maker BEVERLY L GORMAN Commercial Bev Te ac her 's Secretary 33 Girls' Intramurals 23 Drivers' Training 2: Band 1.2.3g Red Cross Council 1: Tap and Ballet Dancing Club 3. Be an honorable wlfe for a certain guy TERESA N. GARRETT Home Economics Tess grlllwgers' Training 25 F. H. A. 1.2 . Treasurer 3. Art Illustration 3. Commercial Artist DOROTHY M. GRAF General Dot Drivers' Training 2: A Capella Choir 3. Business School WILLIAM H. GARRETT Academic Bill Band 1,2,3g A Capella Choir 2.3: Operetta 2: Gauge and Black 1.2.35 Typing Club 3. Be a successful college graduate. 65 SARAH L. GRAY Academic Sally Orange and Black 1.2.3g Y-Teens 1.2,3g Nornir 3g Dra- matics Club lg Girls' Intramurals 1,2,3g A Capella Choir 1,2,3g Girls' Shop Club 35 Rhetoric, Vice-president 3. To succeed. RALPH L. HARTLAUB Industrial Arts Classroom movies often help the student to understand the subject. Cue-ball Wrestling 1.2,3g Football 1,2.3g Track 2,3p Intramurals 1, 2,3g Tumbling Club 35 Stage Crew 1,2,3. Jockey EUGENE T. GRIZZELL Industrial Arts Sonny Hunting and Fishing Club 3. Gunsmith DALE E. HEMPFING Industrial Arts Humphl S oft b all Intramurals 2,3g Typing Club 3g Hunting and Fishing Club 2g Machine Shop Club 1,2,3g Stage Crew 1, 2. . State Trooper CARL L. I-IAMM General Carl Hunting and Fishing Club 2.3. Undecided. MIRIAM L. HEMPFING Home Economics Typing Club 33 F.H.A. 3: Drivers' Training 2 Mimmie Be a good wife to a certain fellow: S. ELEANOR HAMME Academic Ellie Orange and Black 1.2.33 Y-Teens 1,2.3g Nornir 2,35 Band 1,2,3g A Capella Choir 1.3: Forensics 1,25 Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3. Indeciso BARBARA L. HENRY Home Economics Y-Teens3gF.l-LA. 1,2,3gTypingClub 35 Drive 2. Obtain a Mrs. Degree. 66 Barb rs' Training The band--instrumentally, and now vocally, great. WILLIAM G. HOLLINGER Academic Wild Bill Boys' Intramurals 1,2,3: Softball 2: Wrestling 2.3: Typing Club 3: I-lomeroom VicelPresident 1.2. To get around the world SUZANNE HERSHEY Commercial Susie Metal Shop 2.3: Y-Teens 1.3: Nornlr 3: Teacher's Secre- tal? 2.3: Cooking and Sewing Club 3: Girls' Intramurals 1. ,3. To succeed GEORGE C. HOSTETTER Academic Chris Hi-Y 1,2.3:Orange and Black 2: Business Manager 3: Nor- nlr 3: Boys' Intramurals 1.2.3: Homeroom Vice-President 3: Student Council 1: Class Vice-President 2.3: Typing Club 3: Basketball Manager 1. Be a professional dancer. DONALD E. HEUSNER Commercial Spud Boys' Intramurals 3. Become a successful businessman SONYA A. HUDSON Commercial Sonnle Y - Teens 1,2.3: Delphians 1,2.3:Operetta 2: Nornlr 3: T e a c h e r 's Secretary 3: Girls' Intramurals 2.3: Student Council 1:A Capella Choir 1.2,3: Girls' Chorus 1,2,3: Tap and Ballet Club 3: Red Cross Council 1. Successful Model RICHARD S. HOFF Industrial Arts Dick Soft Ball 1.2: Shop Club 1.2.3. A masonry contractor KENNETH I. HULL. IR. Commercial Skip Teachers Secretary 2.3: Boys' Intramurals 2. Go into business JAMES W. HOFFACKER Commercial Goose Boys' Intramurals 1.2.3. Bookkeeper 67 Mr. Geiselman lecturing during his first year at E.H.S. DONALD E. JAMES 1 Academic Peepers l-lomeroom President 1.2g Boys' Intramurals 1,2.3g Football 1.2.3. Baseball 2.3. Hi-Y 3. Wrestling 1. Live on Mars RAYMOND L. KENNEY General Reverend Track 1. Boys' Intramurals 2. Hunting and Fishing 3. I Farmer ' SHIRLEY M. JENKENS Academic Jess Y-Teens 1.2.3. Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3. Girls' Shop 2.3. Typing Club 3. Girls' Athletic Club 3. Own a new Ford convertible ' SHIRLEY M. KELBAUGH General Kelby Y - Teens lg Girls' Chorus 1.2.3. A Capella Choir 2.3. Operetta 2. Girls' Shop 2.3. Girls' Intramurals 2,3g Dra- matics Club 1.3. Red Cross Council 2.3: Student Council 1.3. Lead a successful life CHARLES E. B. KARST General - Carlos Red Cross Council 1. Secretary 2,33 Student Council 2.3. Radio 8a Television Serviceman , L DIANE L. KEMP Academic Dede Orange and Black 1.2.32 Y-Teens 1.2.35 Delphians 1.2.3. Nort1lr3g Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3. A Capella Choir 1.2.3g Girls' Chorus 1.2.3g Typing Club 33 Cheerleading 1.2.3. Girls' Ensemble 2.3g Operetta 2. Teacher LOUISE E. KEAGY Commercial Lou Y-Teens 1.2.3. Teacher's Secretary 2.3. Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3g Cooking 8: Sewing 35 Girls' Shop 2.3: Library Club 3. Money and a Buick ELMER M. KOPP Academic 'Kootle Football 1.2.3. Wrestling 1.2. Boys' Intramurals 1.2.35 Hunting and Fishing Club 2. Track 1.2. Join the Navy 63 A tense moment at curtain time. if ' I r A I E CHARLOTTE A. LEISTER Commercial Shots Orange and Black3gY-Teens 1.2,3g Delphians 1.2, Secre- tary 35 Nornir 35 Teacher's Secretary 3g Girls' Intramurals 1.2.35 Red Cross Council 1.2.3. Career and College Club 3g Girls' Shop 3. Teacher KATHERINE E. KREBS Commercial Bobble Y-Teens 1.2.33 Girls' Chorus 1.25 A Capella Cholr 1.23 Girls' Shop lg Tap and Ballet Club 3: Homeroom Officer lg Teacher's Secretary 3. Private Secretary MARIETTA R. LEPPO Home Economics Music Appreciation Club 3. To Be successful DENNIS L. LAUGHMAN Academic Dennis " The Menace' Football 1.2.35 Wrestling 1.2.33 Track 1.2.3g Boys' Intra- murals 2.3. Farmer PATSY A. LIN DER General Pat Y-Teens 1.25 Girls' Intramurals 1.2: Girls Athletic Club 3. F.B,I, Agent BERT!-IA N. LEESE Academic Q Berta Drivers' Tralnlng 25 Typlng Club 3g Nornlr 2.3. Trained Nurse RICHARD F. LITTLE Commercial Dlck Boys' Intramurals 1.2. Certified Public Accountant - ELEANOR L. LeGORE p Commercial El Y-Teens 3: Delphlans 1.2,3g Teacher's Secretary 35 Dra- matics Club 3g Girls' Intramurals 1.2.33 Bridge Club 3. Join the Waves Fulcrums, force arms, moments, and levers NORMA J. MANAHAN Commercial Norma Y-Teens 3: Girls' Intramurals 1,2,3g Homeroom Officer 3: Teacher's Secretary 3: Drivers' Training 23 Bridge Club 3. Private Secretary JANET 1. MELLOTT Commercial Janet Teacher s Secretary 3 Music Appreciation Club 3 ' Be a success in everything I do NORMAN R MARKLE General Norm Football 1 2 3 Boys Intramurals 2 Air Force CAROLE MEREDITH Band 1 2 3 Y Teens 2 Orange and Black 2 3 Delphians 2 3 Drivers Training 2 Nornlr 3 Teacher s Secretary 3 Kindergarten teacher Commercial SHIRLEY V MASENHEIMER Home Economics Shirl Y Teens 2 3 Typing Club 3 Hair Stylist LEE C MILLER General Etch Red Cross Council 1 Basketball 1 Hunting and Fishing Club 2 3 Softball 2 Be in business for myself MARTHA E MATTHEWS Commercial Martha Orange and Black 2 3 Y Teens 2 Delphlans 2 3 Driven Training 2 Band 1 2 3 Teacher s Secretary 3 Secretary VERNA LEE MILLER Academic Peaches Y Teens 1 2 3 Girls Chorus 1 2 3 A Capella Choir 1 2 3 Ensemble 1 2 3 Dramatic: Club 1 Music Club 1 Singer ln the Met The boys of the orchestra were always will- ing to provide good dance music. SHIRLEY A. MUMMERT Commercial Liz Orange andBlack2.3:Y-Teens 1.2.3: Delphlans 1.2: Nor- nir 2.3: Teacher's Secretary 2,3:Cooking and Sewing Club 3: Girls' Shop 2.3: Library Club 3: Girls' Intramurals 1.2. 3. loin the Waves NANCY I. MOUL Commercial Nancy Teacher's Secretary 3: Drlvers' Training 2: Girls Intra- murals3: Nornlr 3: Cooking and Sewing Club 3. Secretary SHIRLEY A. MUMMERT Commercial Shlrl Drivers' Training 3: Teacher's Secretary 3: Y-Teens 3: Girls' Athletic Club 3: Tap and Ballet 3. Secretary to a millionaire SONIA M. MOWERY Commercial Sonie Y - Teens 3: Teacher 's Secretary 3: Girls' Chorus 3: Tumbling Club 3. To succeed in whatever I undertake J. STEPHEN MYERS Academic Steve Hi-Y 1.2.3:Operetta 2: Play 3: Nornlr 3: A Capella Choir 2.3: Typing Club 3. Florist FRANCES MUMMERT Home Economics Fran Drivers' Training 2: Typing Club 3: Girls' Shop Club 3. Be a mother ofa small family ANNIE V. NACE General Ann Drivers' Training 2: Girls' Intramurals 3. To get married KAY' M. MUMMERT Academic K-K StudentCouncll 1.2: Y-Teens 1,2,3: Orange and Black 1. 2,3: Red Cross 1.2: Secretary 3: Dramatlcs Club 1: Girls' Intramurals 1.2,3: l-lomeroom Officer 1: Noruir 3: Bridge Club 3. Dieticlan 71 Future housewives in training TERRY L. NEWMAN Academic I ace Band 1.2.35 Baseball 1.2.35 Basketball 1.2.35 Hi-Y 1.2.35 C o - e d Council, President 35 College and Career,Club. President 35 Homeroom President 1.3. Therapist MARYANN OYER Academic Snookie Y-Teens 2.35 Orange and Black 2.35 Nornir 35 Homeroom Vice-President 25 Typing Club 35 A Capella Choir 2.35 Girls' Ensemble 1,35 Girls' Chorus 1,35 Operetta 25 Girls' Intramurals, 3. To be successful. Academic 3. ARTHUR G. NORRIS Operetta 25 Band -2.35 A Capella Choir 2,35 Rhetoric CIIIIIJ Be educated CHRISTINE L. PAGLIARO General Chris Y-Teens 1.2.35 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 25 Orange and Black 2.35 Girls' Chorus 35 Art Club 3. Dress designer MARY L. NULL General Mary Y-Teens35 Girls' Intramurals 35 Drivers' Training 35 Tap and Ballet Club 35 Athletic Club 3. Teacher PATRICIA A. PAGLIARO General Pat Y-Teens 1.2.35 Cheerleading 1.2.35 Tap and Ballet Club 35 Girls' Chorus 3 5 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 1. To be a success. RICHARD P. ORNDORFF Industrial Arts Dick Boys' Shop Club 15 Boys' Intramurals 2. 20 years in the Marines KENNETH W. PARR Academic Ken Hi-Y 1.35 Boys' Intramurals 1.2.35 Typing Club 3. T. V. Engineer 72 Members of the Senior Eichelberger faction demonstrating party harmony. if 1:- 152' WILLIAM E. REESE Academic Band 1,2,3g Orchestra 2,3g Boys' Intramurals 2.3. Navy Band G. RICHARD PATTERSON Academic Weed Hi-Y2.Corresponding Secretary3g Play 3g Nornir 3g Boys' Intramurals 1gBand1,2,3g Orchestra 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball 2.3: Typing Club 3. Architect DELORES A. REICHART Commercial Boog Orange and Black 33 Nornir 35 Teacher's Secretary 3: Girls' Intramurals 1.2. Music Club 3. Secretary DIETER PHILIPP Academic Hi-Y 3 g StudentCounci13gDrlvers' Training 35 Red Cross Council 3g Projector Club 3. Diplomat GLENN W. RESH General Boys' Intramurals 2.3. Member of the U.S. Air Force JOHN P. RAHN Academic Wrestling 3g Typing Club 33 I-ll-Y 3: Track 3. Astronomer MARK L. RICKRODE General Boys' Intramurals 1.2.33 Typing Club 3. A career in the U.S. Marine Corp. EVELYN M. RAUBENSTINE Commercial Operetta 2g Nornir 2.3, Teacher's Secretary 33 Glrls' Chorus 3g A Capella Choir 2,33 Music Club 3. Secretary 73 Mickey Marquis Farm Show. MALCOLM E. RIDDLE Academic Malc Hi - Y 1 .2 ,3: Basketball 1: College and Career Club 3: P lay 1 . 2: Nornir 3: Homeroom Vice-President 1. Boys' Intramurals 2.3. Go to college and succeed. RICHARD R. RUNK General Band 1,2,3: Track 1. Make a lot of money. CAROL L. RODMAN Academic Orange and Black 1,2,3: Y-Teens 1.2,3: Delphlans 1.2: Vice-President 3: Play 1.2.3: Nornir 3: Dramatics Club 1.2.3: Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3: Student Council 2: Orches- tra 1: Red Gross Council 1.2: President 3: Rhetoric Club The office was crowded the morning after the Dick MARY K. ROHRBAUGH Do my utmost ln my profession. LAUREN R. SCHOTT Academic Pete Orange and Black 1.2. Sports Editor 3: I-Ii-Y 1, Corre- sponding Secretary 2, Secretary 3: Play 1.2: Nornir 2.3: l-Iomeroom President 1. Vice-President 2: Student Council 1.2. President 3: Football Manager 2.3: Basketball Man- ager 2.3: Basketball 1: Typing Club 3. Fumiture Manufacturer Commercial Katie Ora nge and Black 3: Y-Teens 1: Nornir 2.3: Teacher's Secretary 2.3: Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3: College and Ca- reer Club 3. College NORMA I. SCHUMAN General Blackie Y-Teens 1.2.3: Orange and Black 3: Red Cross Council 2. 3: Girls' Chorus 3: A Capella Choir 2,3: Delphians 1.2.3: Bridge Club3: Dramatics Club 3: Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3. Model STEPHEN G. RUDISILL Academic 3 Steve Hi-Y3: Boys' Intramurals 2: l-Iomeroom officer 1.2: Base- ball 1.2.3: Basketball 1.2.3: Typing Club 3. Engineer NANCY E. SELL Commercial Nance Y-Teens3: Athletic Club 3: Band 1.2.3 : A Capella Choir 3: Orchestra 1.2,3: Teacher's Secretary 3: Nornir 3. Secretary 74, Warm weather produces much outside activity. KAY SMALL Commercial Kay Y-Teens 1.2.3g Delphians 1.2.33 Operetta 2g Teacher's Secretary 2.3gDramaticsClub 35 Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3 I-Iomeroom Treasurer lg A Capella Choi: 2.3: Girls' Choms 2,3g Girls' Ensemble 2.3g Tap and Ballet Club 3 To succeed in whatever 'I undertake W. EDWARD SELL General Hunting and Fishing Club 2,35 Track 2.35 Intramurals 1 2.3. To see the U.S.A. in my Model A LINFORDC SMALL General Short Football 1.2: Basketball 1.2g Boys' Intramurals 2.3: Huntln and Fishing Club Treasurer 3g Horneroom Treasurer 1.2 Navy LORETTA E. SHAFFER Home Economics Loretta Dramatlcs Club 3: Girls' Metal Shop 3: Girls' Intramurals 3: F.H.A. 3. A successful home-maker EARLE R SNYDER Commercial Earle l-ll-Y lg Boys' Intramurals 1,3g Teacher's Secretary 3 Certified Public Accountant EDWARD SHRIVER Commercial Eddie Band 1.2.35 Teacher's Secretary 3 Do something useful for a change PEGGY L. SPANGLER General Peg Y-Teens 1,3g Girls' Chorus 3 To be an F.B.I. agent and travel abroad EDWARD D. SLEVIN Academic Slev Hi-Y 1.2.33 Football 1.2.33 Basketball 1,2,3g Tennis 1.2. 33 Homeroom President 1.2.3. Successful lawyer. 75 Cool, crazy cats at the noon-day dance ROBERT G. STAUFFER Commercial Bob Band 1.2: Boys' Intramurals 1,2,3: Teacher's Secretary 2, 3: Hunting and Fishing Club 3: Baseball 3: Wrestling 3. To see the world with the Navy. CHARLES D. SULLIVAN. IR. Industrial Arts Charlie Hi-Y 1: Boys' Shop 1.2.3. To learn a trade. NANCY E. STERNER Academic Kitten Orange and Black 1.2,3: Y-Teens 3: Play 3: Red Cross Council3: Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3: Nornir 3: Typing Club 2: Hgmeroom Vice-President 3 : Rhetoric Club 3: Dramatics Clu 1. Interior Decorator. BARBARA E. SWOPE Commercial Barb Drivers' Training 2: Girls' Intramurals 2.3: Teacher's Secretary 2.3: Y-Teens 3: Tap and Ballet Club 3. Private Secretary A l SANDRA A. STERNER Academic Sandy Girls' Chorus 1.2.3: ACape1la Choir 1.2.3: Girls' Ensemble 1.2.3: Red Cross Council 1: Y-Teens 1.2.3: Girls' Intra- murals 3: Typing Club 3: Operetta 2. To find happiness. GERALD B. THOMAN General Jerry Boys' Intramurals 2.3: Red Cross Council 3: Hunting and Fishing Club 2.3. Truck Driver BARBARA I. STEVENS Academic Barb Orange and Black 1.2. Feature Editor 3: Y-Teens 1,2 Secretary 3: Delphians 1. Historian 2.3: Class Play 1.2, Nornir 2.3: Drarnatics Club 2: President 3: Girls' Intra- murals 1.2,3:l-Iomeroom Officer 2.3: Drivers' Training 2: Class Treasurer 1.2: Red Cross Council 1. Treasurer 2.3: Rhetoric Club 8. Nurse BARRY E. TRONE Industrial Arts Tronie Shop Club 1.2.3: Drivers' Training 2: Hi-Y 3. Mechanic Mr. Sheely checking the statement for the '55 Nornir. ' Q DONALD L. WALLICK Academic Don Hi-Y 1.2.3g Class Play 1.3: Nornir 3g Student Council 1, 2. Treasurer 3: Basketball 1.2g Baseball 1.2.3. Teacher JANE A. TRONE General Jane Ora nge a nd Black 3. Class Play 2gN0l'l1jI 3: Red Cross Council2,3g Y-Teens 1.2, Treasurer3g Delphians 1, Vice- President 2,3gClass Secretary3g Girls'Chorus 3: A Capella Choir 2,3g Homeroom Secretary 3: Bridge Club 33 Girls' gntramurals 1.2.3. Dramatlcs Club -3g Teacher's Secretary Nurse RI-IEA G. WALLICK General Drivers' Training 2. To travel M. SUSAN TROSTLE Academic Sue Orange and Black 2,33 Nornlr 3: Delphians 2.35 Band 1.2, 3gOrchestra 1.2,3g Y-Teens 1.2.33 Girls' Intramurals 2,35 RedCross Council2,3gMusic Club 3g Class Vice-President Live at the seashore KENNETH H. WARNER Kell Commercial Band 1.2.33 Boys' Intramurals 2.3. Teacher's Secretary 35 Work in the business field . DALE E. UNGER Basketball 1. Academic Flip Class Play lg Tumbling Club 3g Track 2.3. Mechanical Engineer FAY WEAVER General Fay Y-Teens 1.3g Majorette 1.2.3. Tap and Ballet Club 33 Red Cross Council lg Dramatics Club 1. Dancing teacher WILLIAM M. VANDERSLICE General 'Willie Orange and Black 3g Boys' Intramurals 2.3. Red Cross Council 1,2,3g Hunting and Fishing Club 2.3. Radlo and electronic technlclan in the Navy 77 , Reading. writing. speaking. andthinking NANCY D. WEAVER Commercial Nance , Class Play 1: Teacher's Secretary 3: Girls' Intramurals 2. Bridge Club 3. ' 1 To succeed in whatever I do H. LARRY WENTZ Academic Larry Orange and Black 1.2.3. Hi-Y 1. Vice-President 2. Presi- ' dent 3: Class Play 1.2.3g Nornir assistant Editor 3g Boys' Intramurals 2.33 Homeroom President 3g Class President 2.3gBand 1.2.3g0rchestra 1.2,3g Basketball 15 Music Club 3. Chemist or engineer S. DAVID WEAVER Academic Dave Class Play 1.3. Nornir3g H1-Y 2.3gBand 1.2.3. Lab assistant 3. Be a chemist LARRY G. WENTZ Industrial Arts Larry Shop Club 1.2.3. Farmer EDWARD L. WENTZ Industrial Arts Eddie Store manager for McCroy's store DOROTHY 1. WETZEL Home Economics Dot F.l-LA. 1.2.33 Drivers' Training 2. To be successful FRANKLIN E. WENTZ Industrial Arts Frank Shop Club 1.2.33 Band 1.2.3. To succeed BEVERLY A. WILDASIN - General Bev Girls' Intramurals 2.3: Y-Teens 3: Delphians 2. Drivers' Training 2. To become a nurse Entering the semester grades in the roll books. BRUCE N. WOLFF General Lobo Football 1.2.3g Boys' Intramurals 1.2.35 Nornir 3g Home- Officer 1. Commercial artist M. DIANE WILDASIN Academic Diane Y-Teens 2.3g Girls' Intramurals 2.35 Typing Club 3. Private Secretary DONALD E. WORLEY Industrial Arts Don ShopClub 1.2.35 Band 1,2.3g Operetta 2g A Capella Choir 2.3. To succeed SANDRA K. WILDASIN Academic Sandy Y-Teens 2,35 Girls' Shop Club 2g Girls' Intramurals 2.3g Rhetoric Club 3. A Masseure ROBERT C. YOUNG General Bob Hunting and Fishing Club 3: Red Cross Council 3. To be successful in the Marine Corps. RICHARD L, WINAND Industrial Arts Dick Shop Club 1.2.35 Hunting and Fishing Club 2. ' To become a forest ranger CAROL C. ZACHARIAS Academic e Y-Teens 1.2,3g Class Play lg Red Cross Council 1: Girls' 1ntramurals3.Girls'Chorus 1.2.35 A Capella Choir 1,2.3g Operetta 2. Delphians 1,2g Typing Club 33 Nornir 3. R.N. Degree JEAN M. WINTER Academic Shelley Y-Teens 1.2.35 Band 1.2.3g Orchestra 1.2.3. Class Play 1.2.35 Dramatic Club Treasurer 3. Delphians 1.2. President 3. A Capella Choir 3. -Nornir 3g Girls' Intramurals 1.2.3g Typing Club 3. Zacki Nursing 79 N ' 1 ' ,ff I BETTY E. ZUMBRUM DAVID L. ZUMBRUM General Betty Industrial Arts Dave Orange and Black 3g Y-Teens 2,3g Delphians 2,33 Shop Club 1.2.3. Girls' Intramurals 1.2.2-lg Red Cross Council 3g Bridge Machinist Clu 3. ' To be a nurse The day is done, and the darkness He sees the lights of the future Falls from the wings of Night Glearn through the toil just ahead, As a feather is waited downward As he sets his mind on his homework From the Night Hawk in his flight. Before he thinks of bed. The end of the day at E.H.S. E X Q 0 g 1 E 'Zi 2' if 3 Qi' W ' ' Q' 2 5 P 'W 39" L' J 11: A : ' ., -'H I -1 2: 2 2 W' X 1' '52 M 1 W 'W A! .init M Q, me ,L 3, , 2 --L ' ' :strip 3 wif! ff ' '- P ' . "' 1 1 5 A X ! ?L"-I"1"""- . 'Ullp 'L MWF' E ef -Ju., NL W i : La ura I Q ' ,nm ' rx i w i '. ,1'fJ5,'g1,L,g,,g,1.mQM. A my ff,---'l1.11.,Qg.,LJ,-W,Ag, , ,Y,,Qfux.y,4-.g.' . I -. ,.:,w.-,. . M . , .. -1 mx.-,ff , - , Jw , K - -Q 6 - M T MXH X QEQZEEY Q VAQH W ,ff v . I X gd? ', ng'-' X P' 5 E f fw Y N ff JD , A EP' JVM "fp ' f ---"- i P: gh L 6 UW 4 1 Y 5 me 1 EERE f' ' XJ. M Q 14' L N f -X'gX '? '.g f A fs W' QP 7 N ' 'L -"Qs: g j 9 " f--xl L a - ww ' af Jr , E 2 - M PM 0 . -0 f Y N Z Y .1 I 1 ,td i i I -4 l i . + ' f M E I F IN fi , ,l -rg A

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