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i I ,- 4 v 3 X l 5 5 5 Z 5. 1 5 S 5 3 Z S F s 3 5 5 S f 5 E L a I E E ? E 2 E 1 5 s Q e 5 S E E . s 2 i a X E H 1 Y a 5 I 5 ! 2 2 5 5 E 5 s I 1 E 3 E , SW is THE WR' we 41 X1 fi -2 UI. as V we wg , E533 - 'Q 53 " Jug Q.-wg ., EK V figs? E N -, 31 it F Ak 551' J? X 5 L5 iff U1 M 1 2 X ..,, ff .A., k 5 if . .k - sf' , , Q QWY1 : my if 5 Y ,ax f 9 W ,.., .. ..., QQ- if A ug, A ergfw In l v ..,:..! 1 - 1 fs h ,if ,Q W, . f I k 4 K Q :",' Q 7 a 1 p' 4 W AQ' K K 2 ' 3' SN -., I- - we wi , if " E4 'F - wfW'ggfiQfTj 3 1 '-1 ..' In wx N! ,W P 5 'sf gk k , ,K W. ...ri f 3 A r 1 X, X' HK Jig Y I 5, My Q 3 A 1 . ' . K' -- 5 -I Kwik he W i Q ff 1 s f i af! M f , . it rg ,E it ..,. I , ..,: :.A A gl Q ja . I my SE 4 Q W Q sg M A Q W was li if ff X ' gg EQ Q A ig ., Q 42 M W ,, Q' if Q f if f Ml' QV M 'Q swf' W if A iff? k. , fix fa as N' k , M gy' asf, A V My , K f - ' ff? ,- if 'f gp Q , f W 14 4' 5 A 'figs 4 V Q5 'Eg as X . gy X A W wi Qi , ' I ' i fi Q Q WMA . Q fic V if W 1 Nw E6 X in M ,Q Q I W s ,ff fi s 5 TU IJUH DEAR ULD ALMA MATEH WE RAISE UUH Pzz12I1'5hc'1Z by THE CLASS OF 1950 Sdaiefgwgevz Seadafz 75694 Scioof HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA J SUNES AND EHEEH5. " TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Administration ............. .... 6 - 9 Seniors ............ .. II-34 Inniors and Sophs .... .... 3 5-39 Athletics ..............i .... 4 3-56 A Little Bit of Everything .. S7 Councils ............. 53 Crangc and Black .... SQ Y-Teens ............ 6o HifY ...,........ 61 FCA ancl FHA .... .. 62 Nornir ........... . . 63 Chorus ............. 64 liancl and Orchestra .... .... I 15 Sophomorc-lunior Play .. . .... 66-67 Senior Play .......... .. 68 Camera Capers . .... 69-72 Class nf 1950 i 3 afzewafw! 53252 In planning the Hrst year book of EHS, the staff appealed to Mrs. Mabel C. Wolcott of the Hanover Public Library for suggestions for suitable and unusual names. From the list that Mrs. Wolcott submitted, the name, Norfzir, was selected. Nornir, or Norns, are the three fates of Scandi- navian mythology. They represent the. Past, Pres- ent, and Future. While sitting under an ash tree they spin the events of human life. Besides these three Norns, every human creature has a personal Norn or Fate. The home of the Norns is called "Doomstead" in Scandinavian mythology. With this issue, the Class of 1950 presents its record of past and present with a glance toward the future, in the hope that our record of accom- plishments may continue. Dedication We sincerely dedicate this 1950 edition of the yearbook to the memories of our alma mater, Eichelherger High School. Our memories are precious things. They are reminders of days gone hy, of thoughts to he cherished always. They are the little things that are great in value. Perhaps when we grow older, we shall fondly recall our teen-age years. MRemem- ber when--?" To this memory-this immortal memory -we dedicate our Nornir. vw WM wma f as y eeey y gg s iitiir yy 0 Qi in .,,.': E - Q.: A . . Zzlqllg V i fi, y ffdm ' ' Zim CAROLYN MUMMERT, Secretary A dehnite asset, Carolyn is most helpful to the students in every possible way. She could be called the ambassador of the office, for it is she Whom We must see in order to accomplish all our minor tasks of interest to the office. 6 RAY W. GRAY, Principal The typical high school principal, Mr. Gray is known by all students of our high school. His familiar figure can be seen in the office and throughout the halls. Perhaps most of us seldom see Mr. Gray except in our regular assembly programs. This is the time when he comes before us with timely and im- portant announcements. THE OFFICE To get "excuses excused, permits permitted, and signatures signedf, We must journey to the oilice. There the most familiar figures are the principal and his secretary. DR. BOHREN SPEAKS The challenges to American youth upon graduation from high school are many. These challenges become real only when the individual develops an awareness of the problems of society and a realization of how closely these problems are related to his own life. Education challenges a person through better understanding, to make a constructive effort to improve the society in which he lives. Each chal- l?BSCeImlSt he ,.SQDff9UfQil. .tSSlll?lQYi whether or not we like what meets our eyes. It is the educated citizen who must act to correct any unsatisfactory condi- tions in our way of life. The challenge is especially for the youth whose ideals are undimmed and who normally pos- sess greater courage and determination than do their elders to tackle difficult or seemingly impossible tasks. Karl Bohren Superintendent of schools BOARD OF EDUCATION Lawrence B. Sheppard, Preri-- dentf Clyde H. Zartman, C. Homer Meredith, Harry M Folmer, Wilson M. Nace, Dr. Karl Bohren, Superinzend- ent: Henry M. Bollinger, Sec relaryf Guy R. Goodfellow, Vice-President: Robert M. Laird, Solicilor. new ww 5 Ynuxh Yvenneu Home Efonomics World an Hiscary 76W qavffffwteei cad Bletmer barry Brammef el Industrial Related Dvafring and Science Farulry Athletic baker Anabelle Cvsyzewicz Voeal Music mm Hxchatd Bm English Manager lnslez er Harohi Gruv er An Englxsh, Hahn Elizabeth Girls' Physical Education, Health Henriena Yhckmg, d Practiral Lat: , French Business an Math, Algebra Sames Lee5y Wrestling Coacbg ball Coafh we mem ' sarah mem Pvoblerns 01 Democracy, English World Histovy Gladys Hamm Math, Plane and Salial GEOflZEI7'j, Carol Huey Plane Trigonomelvy Engligb :el an L. H. Kemp Biology Ruth Lawrence Nofnir Adviser Spanish Asst. Foot Tennis Coach 8 Holman Leese Mary enges Harold World 404' 1110012411 Efzglifb Hiflary, Adzwzred General Jrfeute, P6yJir.r Murray C Wavdfbap I free! enevieve Nisewonder llflflffldf Typhzg, .Yrs Frank Noonanf " K '108'4P6J' llfff. Fa f 0275411 0466, ffifff. 7841665411 C'o4r6, V fiffl. B4fe6411'C'a4r6 Steve Padjen Afff, F4016 I I John Paul Harold Reese Jack Sclzuler B. enry Shafer 411 Co4r6, Blrfifzeff -41416, Bajff' P6yffr41 O1-r6fffr4 llnlrlzdar, 11221260411 Hiffary, Auf. Tm!! C0456 Bookkeeping, Typing, E4'4r4riafr, He41I6, J'4perz'ifaf of Ef1g11J6 B4214' llzflrlfrlaf Faol6411 Cddfb, lynn-zfmezytql Affair Bdfffdll C'04r6 Bernard Thrush Erwzomirf, Bllflklfff L4Zc', .Y41e.r 4114 C' ' 1 ' Norman Stoner M1ZiZdH5Z7'm'7' Gerald Wertz 11144-61519 ,fbgp 5df6e,541l and Tgdff C8I'fI'lIdf5 Wlillfffl' C6emff.'ry, G' ' 1?ZflfllFl0f Coq,-5 Lihqrifm lrlddfift' Calmfelor Mary Zinn Aft MASSES UF CLASSES Although we sometimes grumbled over long and tedious hours of homework, our studies were quite an experience. Eichelberger taught us many things which We shall never forget. Through three years of study we learned many things of material value. Even more important, our alma mater was the place in which each one of us started to draw a blueprint for a future life. "--we pledge ourselves defenders of the Orange and the Black." ,loan Lee, Marlene, and Pat gazing at posters. Action at the rip-saw! Pounding at the typewriter! I0 Co ahead! Burn your fingers! '4 QW WWE QI! FUH SE IUHS IJ LY CAP 'N' GOWN 'N' DIPLOMA TIME INCLUDES US-the class of 1950! Perhaps it should be a gay time, perhaps a serious time, perhaps both. Each year whizzed by even faster than the preceding one, and now our senior year is gone. Our memories of Eichelberger . . . what are they now? What will they be? Friendships made and friendships broken . . . some lasting forever, others gone with the wind. Teachers respected and teachers criticized . . . how can we ever thank some of them for end- lessly contributing knowledge and just plain common sense? Words could never express the grati- tude we feel when a teacher steps down among us and urges us to greater things. High school introduced dances . . . the magic of the music, going out-of-town for something to eat, later hours! Gradually, the fellows began to drive the family cars. Even more gradually, they learned to jitterbug! Do, re, mi! Stay in character! . . . our class found music and dramatics completely likeable. We were, and still are, proud of our achievements in those Helds. They were challenging, but more than rewarding. Sports aroused all of us . . . our new stadium made us feel quite professional. The fellows played hard, we cheered from the bottom of our hearts-and lungs. Regardless of the score, we followed our athletic males. They symbolized fair play. The class of 1950 has a record of which it can be proud. We learned that hard work counts. As sophomores, we presented a delightful comedy, "And Came the Spring." lust to prove our ability, we chose the dramatic "The Little Foxes" in our junior year. For a finale of our stage work, a huge cast produced "The Skin of Our Teeth." if The operettas for our sophomore and junior years were "New Moon" and "The Red Mill," respectively. Hard work and fun were combined in both musicals. We knew we had been successful when, in the springs of '48 and ,49, the proms we gave were praised. How could we ever forget the Candy Cane Ball of our sophomore year, and the Mint Iulep of our junior year? As Spring rolled around this year, we were swamped by the traditions of Campus Day, Commencement, and dances. When our underclassmen held the Prom in honor of us, we really felt like sophisticated seniors! But our class history and our high school memories won't stop now. Theywillgoon...andon...andon... QlQQMQf GLEN F. LEISTER, President Medicine "Leister" Academic Class President 1, 2, 33 Varsity Football 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 1, Vice-President 2, President 32 HR President 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 23 A Cappella 33 Operetta 1, lg Play 1, 2, 3 Intramural Basketball 2, 3Q Red Cross Council IQ Co-Ed Council 1, President 2g Boys Athletic 1, 23 Psychology 33 Nornir Business Manager 3. I: our foothall captain? middle name really Ferdinand? Ark him! DONALD L. HAHN, Vice President Sport: Announcer uD0f1,, Academic Class Vice-President 2, 33 Varsity Football 1, 2, 33 Varsity Track 1, 2Q Hi-Y 1, 2, 32 HR President 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Student Council IQ Ril'le and Pistol IQ Boys' Athletic 21 Nornir Associate Editor 3. Who'.v that lilzle guy on .fhe gridiron? . . . no one but Hahnie! JEAN L. BAKER, Secretary College "Baker" Commercial Class Secretary 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 1, Vice-President 2, President 3g HR President 1, 2, Vice-President 35 Orange and Black 1, 2, Exchange Editor 31 Mixed Chorus 23 Girls' Chorus 31 A Cappella 33 Operctta 23 Play 1, 2, 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Red Cross Council IQ Co-Ed Council 1, Vice-President 23 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 33 Press IQ Glee 23 Psychology 33 Nornir Editor-in-Chief 3. . Iean'.f conlented when :he has a nice fire, rome popcorn, and .rome shrimp! HENRIETTA MAMIE HESS, Treasurer Gym Instructor "Hen" Academic Class Treasurer 33 HR Vice-President 1, Secretary 3g Cheerleader 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, President 3g Dancing IQ Typing 2g Bridge 3Q Nornir, Girls' Sports Editor 33 Play 3. Hen: "Yer, mazlam, I'm :ure this hat really .fltflf your facial characteristics." 13 ww' ? EVELYN ANTHONY Nurse "Evie" Academic Band 3g Intramurals 3Q Girls' Athletic 33 Dramatic 3. ADA MAY AULTHOUSE Waves "Ada May" Home Economics Intramurals 1, 33 Girls' Athletic I, 33 FHA 2, 33 Girls' Shop 1 P. EDWARD AUMEN To get something finished "Eddie" Academic Football Manager 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Band 1- Mixer Chorus 23 Operetta 22 Play 33 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Boys Athletic I, 3Q Rifle 2. BETTY J. BATR Pianist "Betty" Commercial Knitting IQ Study 2, 3. l afzel!6e476aaZ4,.. MARY C. E. BAKER ffskippyv To succeed Commercial Y-Teens IQ Intramurals I, 2, 3Q Girls' Athletic IQ Dancing I' Music Appreciation 25 Psychology 3. JEAN M. BALDAUF "Baldy" CONE? Academic Debating 2, 31 Y-Teens I, 2: HR Secretary 21 Orange and Black I, 2Q Feature Editor 3g Play 31 Intramurals I, 2. 33 Girls' Athletic I, 2, 31 Press IQ Glee 25 Public Speaking 5: Nornir, Feature Editor 3. PATRICK BANGE Radio announcer K5Pat,5 Academic Baseball I: HR Vice-President 2Q Student Council ig Press IQ Photography, Secretary 21 Boys' Cooking 3. JOYCE IRENE BARBOUR Housewife and mother "Chic" Commercial A Cappella 3g Girls' Chorus 3Q Play 3: Y-Teens IQ Intra- murals 1, 2, 3Q Girls' Athletic I, 23 Girls' Shop IQ Spanish 23 Driving 3. Evie, the soda jerk . . . Works at Li' t"' A 'WZLTZP Lge ts, da May is our Harvest Queen . , . has coal black llllifg Eddie makes everyone like him despite his pranks . . . pals with Bob: our shy and studious Betty . . . an example of a good typist3 Marr with th- 4' ' ' " ' ' ' y c quiet voice . . . bllflgb delicious candy to school: debating 'n' datinghno one but Baldy: Pat's always seen with his neat Iiuickg Chic's an engaged gal . . . always has an answer for everything. JANET MARIE BARNES To succeed "Polly,' Commercial Y-Teens 25 Play 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 32 Dancing IQ Study 2, 35 Gymnastics 35 Nornir 3. ROY BARNHART Draftsman "Barny" Vocational Red Cross Council 35 FCA 1, 2, 3. .IUANNE B. BEARD Airline hostess "Ioanie" Home Economics Intramurals 31 Red Cross Council 25 Girls, Athletic 1, 3 Girls' Shop IQ Typing 25 Driving 35 Play 3. MARY BECI-ITEL Nurse "Mary', Academic Intramurals I, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 31 Dramatic IQ Glee 2 Psychology 3. ffddzon, , STERLING BECHTEL M aclzinist "Bechtel" Vocational FCA Secretary 1, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 3. CARL RICHARD BEMILLER College HGorgeous George" Academic Football 1, 25 Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Baseball 25 Track IQ Hi-Y 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 35 Play 32 Dance Band 1, 2, 35 Dancing 15 Spanish 25 Study 3. STEPHEN RENAULT BENFORD To be 21 so I can vote "Benny,' General Football IQ Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Orange and Black 1, 25 Intramural Basketball IQ Rifle and Pistol 1, 2, Treasurer 3: Camera Club 3. NELSON BERWAGER Electrical technician "Nellie'l Vocational Football 15 Basketball IQ Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 RiHe Club I, 25 FCA 3. Friendly, red'-haired Polly . . . a liking for G'hurg5 Roy is Mr. Stoner's right-hand man . . . enjoys hunting and lashing: "California, here I come!" says Ioanie: Mary "Heeftal" prefers baby sitting . . . especially with big babicsg our "Sterling" mayor of Pleasant Hill . . . fond of home-made tlevil's food cake: Carl's the co-captain of our pretzel-bending team: it's Raymond's pet advertisement . . . Steve "Windsor-Knot" Benford, Nellie's corn-cob pipe is essential to his Wardrobe. GUY L. BROWN Maclz1'nz'st "Brownie" Vocational Football 2g Driving rg Study 2, 3. PHYLLIS ROSE BROWN Travel "Brownie', Commercial Dancing IQ Rifle 23 Driving 3. JUNE ELIZABETH BUBB Wrftcv' "Bugs,' General Intramurals 2, 32 Dramatic 33 Debating 35 Nornir 3. KENNETH BUBB Navy 'LKenny" General Photography 33 Play 3. SHIRLEY A. BERWAGER "Shirl" TWWZ Commercial Y-Teens 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Dancing rg Study 2g Gym- nastics 3. GLANARD L. BIDDLE "Ish" Teacher Academic Tennis 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 A Cappella 3, Operetta 1, 2g Play 1, 2g Intramural Basketball 2, 3g Student Council 25 Boys' Athletic IQ Rifie 2Q Boys' Cooking 3. JEUNE E. BLOCHER "Ieune,' Dlflfflfm Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 3g Orange and Black 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Play 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3g Red Cross Council 3, Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 3, Dramatic IQ Typing 2, Bridge 33 Nornir 3. JOAN V. BOLLINGER "Ioanie" G0 10 5511001 General Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Orange and Black 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2g Girls' Chorus 3, A Cappella 3, Operetta IQ Student Council IQ Red Cross Council 2, Girls' Athletic 2, 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 3g Dancing rg Press 23 Typing 3. ! ,metyelaf S Shirl has pretty brown hair for an asset . . . a likeable galg Ish is a typical clown . . . likes to differ in opiniong Ieune's an admirer of Atlantic City . . . chums with Goodieg Ioanie with the jovial smile . . . easy to talk with, our Guy is fond of girls . . . but you'd never know it: St. Francis Prep and YIC attract Brownie, a good sport in more ways than one . . . Iunc Bubb, of course, Ken's a newcomer to our class . . . but is liked by everyone. 16 l JACK BYERS Position with Eastman Kodak "Foo" Academic Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 35 Basketball Manager I, 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 33 I-IR Treasurer 25 Operetta 25 Play 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3g Dancing IQ Camera I, 2, President 35 Nornir, Photography Editor 3. CHARLES CARBAUGH Army Reserve "Chas,' General Rifle 1, 25 Photography 3. MARIE COLLINS Travel 'AReds" Commercial Play 35 Intramurals I, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 35 Dancing I1 Study 25 Gymnastics 3. RICHARD D. CRAWFORD TdIIidCl'mI'Sf "Harvey" Vocational Baseball 25 FCA 1, 2, 3. mam! if ,img I I PHYLLIS M. CROUSE To become Mrs. Coppersmizh "CharleyH Home Economics Y-Teens 1: Play 3: Property Committee I, 2, 31 Intramurals I, 2, 31 Girls' Athletic I, 2, 3: FHA 1, Historian 2, Local Presi- dent 3, State Historian 31 Girls' Woodshop 3. MARY LOUISE DEAGEN To live in the deep South "Squirt" Commercial Study 1, 2, 3. ESTHER DIEHL College i'EstherU Academic Y-Teens I, 2, 35 Cheerleader 2, 35 Play 32 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 Girls' Shop i5 Spanish 21 Psychology 3. .IEANNE M. DUBBS Private Secretary '6Ieannie" Commercial Y-Teens I, 2, 35 Orange and Black 1, 2, 35 Play 35 Intra- murals I, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic I, 2, 35 Dancing IQ Dramatic 2: Bridge 35 Nornir, Typist 3. Most distinctive laugh . . . talent for photography . . . "Iack's Photo Service"5 Chas has a slow drawling voice . . . typical Southern accentg Marie will make some man a good wife . . . a skating fan: what more can We say about Harvey? . . . he's just "Harvey"5 Phyllis has a husky voice . . . picture of a good homemakerg Squirt has a flair for drawing . . . vivacious and activeg Dinosaur Diehl . , . liking for sports5 Icannie with the dark hair . . . dark eyes, too. I7 'tfx KH' 'rw ' 'W sle ep -?5rSw Magi? is SHIRLEY MAE DUBBS Go to School "Dubber" Commercial Y-Teens 1, 22 Orange and Black 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 3, Dancing 1, Glee 2, Bridge 3, Nornir 3. WILLIAM DUSMAN Doctor "Bill,' Academic XVrestling Manager 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Operetta 2, Play 3, Boys' Athletic 1, Photography 2, Boys' Cooking 3. EMMA R. EARNER College K'Emma" Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Play Prompter 2, 3, Intramurals 2, 3, Girls Athletic 3, Public Speaking 2, Debating 1, 2, 3, Dramatic 1, Vice-President 3, American History Award 2. ROBERT K. ELINE Trade School "Bob" Vocational Operetta 2, FCA 1, 2, 3. owe me ,Mag ' VIVIAN ENSMINGER Travel "Chub', Commercial Y-Teens I, 2, HR Treasurer 2, Orange and Black 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 3, Dramatic 1, 25 Bridge 3. PHYLLIS ESALEY Musical College "PhlisU Academic Y-Teens 2, Treasurer 3, HR Vice-President 1, Secretary 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Girls' Chorus 3, A Cappella 3, Operetta 2, Play 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Dramatic 1, 2, President 3, Nornir, Senior Editor 3. JOHN R. FEESER, JR. Maclzz'nz'.vt "Feez" Vocational Track 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, FCA 1, 3, Rilie and Pistol 2. ARTHUR FERREE Professional baseball "Art" General Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 3, Boys' Athletic 1, 2, 3. Ei' 4 '55 : I fi Dubber's pretty eyes always flash a friendly smile Wherever she goes, Bill's the nursemaid to the 'rasslin' team, Emma . . . love that Steve Van Buren and the Philadelphia Eaglcslg Bob's an admirer of Mr. Murray's lectures CPD, Viv's devoted to North Carolina . . . Chub tool, Phyllis . . . make mine a twenty-cent milkshakel, Where will you see anyone who has curly hair like Fez'sP, Art's proud of his ability to tie First aid bandages. 18 n LLOYD FISHER Farmer "Chink" Vocational Driving IQ FCA 2, 3. MARIAN A. FLICKINGER Art school "Salley" Home Economics FHA I, 2, 32 Girls' Athletic 55 Nornir 3g Girls' Wootlshop 3. NANCY LEE FLICKINGER Nurse "Spickie" Academic Y-Teens I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Orange and Black I1 Recl Cross Council 21 Girls' Athletic I, 2, 32 Dancing IQ Spanish 2g Bridge 3. FRANCES LOUISE FORBES W7'Z'fE7' "Fran" Commercial Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic ig Dancing IQ Glec 2, Psychology 3. E ..,ameZZaaf9fzecwe,acz6nt. DOLORES FORRY WAVES "Fuzz" Home Economics Intramurals 1, 2, 3: FHA 1, 2, 3. PHYLLIS FRITZ N urse "Phil" General Play gg Intramurals I, 2, 35 HomeiNursing 1, Glee 2, Psychol- ogy 3: Gymnastics 3. CHARLOTTE FROCK Secretary "Shots" Commercial Intramurals 1, 2, 31 Girls' Athletic 1, 2g Dancing IQ Music Appreciation 23 Psychology 3. PAULINE ELIZABETH FUHRMAN Private Secretary "Polly" Commercial Dancing IQ Music Appreciation 2g Psychology 3. Lloyd is Mr. Gray's hancly man . . . our Sherlock Holmcsg Marian has talent for art . . . no one can compareg Aunt Mary's pumpkin pie has Spickie's eye: Francis is a shy gal . . . So'thern lilt in her voiceg Fuzzy VVuzzy was a Forry . . . Dolores. of course: Phyllis has a craving for our cafeteria footl . . . and howl, Charlotte's personal odclity is that thar climple in her ching Pauline has school spirit . . . her orange sweater catches everyone's eye! 19 is 'Q' ELIZABETH L. CASS Disc jockey "Lizzie" Commercial Y-Teens 25 HR Secretary 1, Treasurer 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Red Cross Council 25 Dancing IQ Study 25 Gymnastics 32 Nornir 3. WILLIAM GEISELMAN To succeed "Bill" Vocational FCA 1, 2, 3. ROBERT MICHAEL GEMMILL College "Mike" Academic Baseball 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 32 Orange and Black 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Student Council I, Treasurer 31 Driving IQ Boys' Athletic 2, 35 Nornir, Boys' Sports Editor 3. GERALDINE GOBRECHT Piano tuner "Toppy" Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Orange and Black 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 32 HR Secretary IQ Play IQ Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 31 Dramatic 15 Bridge 3. SHIRLEY M. FULCO Successful homemalqer "Tink Tonk" Home Economics Y-Teens IQ Intramurals IQ FHA 1, 2, Secretary 35 Home Nursing IQ Girls' Woodshop 3. NANCY ELIZABETH FUNK Secretary "Nan" Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 25 A Cappella 35 Girls' Chorus 35 Girls' Ensemble 21 Play 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 31 Girls' Athletic, 1, 2, 33 Dancing 15 Glee 25 Study 33 Orange and Black 1, 2, 3. RICHARD GARRETT M aclzinist "Garrett" Vocational Rifle and Pistol 1, 25 FCA 2, 3. , JANE E. GARVICK Secretary "Libit" Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Play 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 Dancing IQ Glee 25 Study 35 Nornir 3. I M I Fellasl Shirley Won the cherry-pie baking contest . . . uummm!5 Nan says her talent is loafing . . . "considering the source": look out, Garrett . . . the scenery's falling!5 brrr, Iane . . . that open rumble seatlg Lizzie's another gal Who's California-bound . . . fond of drawing5 Bill . . . Mr. Murray's favorite paint-1nixer5 Mike appreciates Canasta, po'k chops, home-fried potatoes . . . basketball, too!5 popcorn, doughnuts, letters . . . all for Toppy! GLADYS GLORIA GOBRECHT a bald man a permanent To give "Goby" Home Economics Y-Teens IQ Girls' Chorus 35 Property Committee 25 Intra- murals 1, 35 Girls' Athletic IQ FHA 1, 2g Driving 3. .IEANE LOUISE GOOD College "Goodie" Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 HR Secretarylfreasurer IQ Orange and Black I, 2, 35 Play 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 Dramatic IQ Typing 25 Bridge, President 35 Nornir 3. PATRICIA ANN GOUKER To succeed "Pat" Commercial Y-Teens 1, 25 Girls' Chorus 35 A Cappella 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 31 Dancing IQ Glee 25 Psychology 3, ELIZABETH C. CRIMES 71 To feed Mr. Fulzrma "Betty" Home Economics Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Property Committee 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic - 4 ' V lshop 3. 1, 2, 3g FHA 1, 2, 3, Girls Y out fwaclaca Wear "ZW Q 5, .ga N X Q ag, 2 T r, . S , I It ,jx ' 4 I I I JULIA ANN GROSS "Iulie" Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 V Dancing IQ Glee 25 Bridge 3. EARL HARTLAUB Professional Football "Earl" Vocational ' ' 35 Track 1 Varsity Football 1, 2, 35 Varsity Wrestling I, 2, ' B 's' Athletic 15 FCA 25 Study 3. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, oy THOMAS HARTLAUB Maelzlnzst "Tom,' Vocational Intramural Basketball 35 FCA 1, 2, 3. MARY ANN HEANEY l Private secretary and a go fer " Commercial "Mary Ann "TID" 3 Q Dancing IQ Needlework 2. 1 qi, f-f- , :' '- 531515363 , , , , , ,555 ,,,..,:': , Goby's delight . . . listening to the radio, eating macaroni and cheese5 Goodie is fond of dancing . . . has a distinctive Way of Writingg keep trying, Pat . . . someday you'll reach five feetg Elizabeth . . . our Miss Future Homemaker of EHS5 dancing and eating . . . that's for Iuliag "Oh, l1oW I hate to get up in the morning!" says Earl5 Tom's the silent Sam of the class of '5o5 Mary Ann's moved from know she is someone else's gain. Hanover . . . but we 2I MARY JANE HEISER To succeed "lane" Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Majorctte IQ Play 33 Library Assistant 35 Intramurals r, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 Nornir 3g Dra- matics 3. DEAN S. HELWIG College "Reds" General IV Iiootball IQ Track r, 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 Play 35 Photography IQ Rifle and Pistol 2. PAUL HENRY To own a new Packard "Pablo,' Vocational FCA r, 2, 3. WILLIAM H. HILBERT Travel "Bil1', Commercial Red Cross Council 2, 3. 444606 , tae dau DOLORES MAY HOF F HEINS "HoHie'l Home Economics Dancing IQ Study 25 Girls' Woodshop 3. RICHARD V. HOKE Teacher K'Hokey" Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 31 Orange and Black I, 2, 3: Band IQ Mixcd Chorus 1, 2: A Cappella 35 Operetta 2Q Play 1, 2, 35 Intra- mural Basketball 1, 2, 35 Red Cross Council IQ Co-Ed Council 1, 25 Rifle and Pistol IQ Photography 25 Study 35 Nornir 3. WILLIAM GITT HOLLINGER Florist "Bill" Academic Mixed Chorus 1, 25 A Cappella 35 Operetta r, 2g Photography I, 25 Red Cross Council 3. JOHN F. HUMBERT llffarines "FrankH General Football IQ Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 35 Rifle I5 Boys' Athletic 2, 3. Mary Iane's favorite song is "Ears and Ears Ago" . . . wonder WhyP5 "Reds, Fill'er up . . . I'm going to the Ice FolliesI"5 Paul likes Women and Norwegian pancakes . , . what a combinationlg Bill's the only boy in section 12S . . . oh, brother!5 "Sew and save" is HofIie's motto . . . a good one!5 Richard "I love 'em all" Hoke! . . . nuff said!5 Bill, the boy with the giggles . . . hates women drivers5 Iohn is an expert bowler . . . a bicycle mechanic. 22 t Track IQ Mixed Chorus IQ Hi-Y I, 2, 35 Photography 1, 22 RITA MARY JOHNSON To rear a football team "Gert" Home Economics Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Dramatic 1, 2, 3g Play 3, Cafeteria 2, 3 Girls' Athletic I, 2, 3g Nornir 3. BARBARA J. KEENEY Meet Charles C. Charles "Barb" Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2g HR President rg Orange and Black 1, 2, 3 Play IQ Intramurals 1, 2, 32 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 3g Dramatic 1, Secretary-Treasurer 2g Bridge 33 Red Cross Council 1. SHIRLEY KLINE Travel "Sandy" Commercial Y-Teens IQ Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic IQ Dancing IQ Music Appreciation 2Q Driving 3. JOHN ADQQMCKOHRP Own a gym Hluann VOC3IlOI13l Study xg FCA 2, 3. sl.. MARVIN R. KRAF T College "Marv" Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Tennis 2, 3g Operetta 25 Intramural Basketball 3 Press IQ Photography 2, 3. GENE KREEGER Farmer 'Triggerl' Vocational Band I, 2, 3g Play 3g Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Dancing I FCA 2, 3. ROBERT ALLEN KRISE Bartender "Bob" General Football 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 23 Baseball Manager 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Play 3, Intramural Basketball 3 Boys' Athletic 1, 2, 3. FRED J. LAUGHMAN Maehz'nist "Fred" Vocational Driving IQ FCA 2, 3. Rita's our make-up instructress . . . corned beef 'n' cabbage is her joy, Barb's a banker's delight . . . Charlie's too, we betchal, "Are you ill or don't you feel well?" . . . when you hear that, Shirley's aroundg Iohn's gift . . . weight-liftingg the seat beside Miss Menges' desk . . . that's Marv's!g Kreeger's the fella who sells tasty pretzels, Bob says, "Alabama, here I come!"g Fred's our Pennsylvania Dutchman . . . he loves it, though! l 23 BARBARA LeFEVRE Travel "Fevie,' Commercial Y-Teens 1, 23 Orange and Black 1, 2, Editor 35 Play IQ Intra- murals 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 Press IQ Dramatic 25 Bridge 3. JOHN DANIEL LEESE Palternmalqer "Sonny,' Vocational Track Manager 1, 2, 35 Stage Crew 1, 2, 35 FCA 1, 2, 3. TED ALWYN LeGORE Bachelor "Ted,, Academic Baseball Manager 1, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 25 Dancing 15 Boys' Athletic 25 Typing 3. FRANKLYN LEINHARDT College "Frank,' Academic Band 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus IQ A Cappella 35 Orchestra 15 Hi-Y IQ Play 35 Orange and Black 35 Photography 15 Music Appreciation 25 Psychology 3. eioeolatea at JOHN R. LITTLE, JR, "Little" Fflfmff Vocational Play 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Dancing IQ FCA 2, 3. G. JOAN LUDWIG United Nation: Interpreter "Shorty,' Academic Class Treasurer 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Orange and Black 1, News Editor 2, 35 Chorus IQ Play 1, 2, 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 Public Speaking 1, 2, 35 Press 1, Dramatics 35 Nornir 3. JANET N. MARKLE ffspikev To become a Mrs. Academic Y-Teens 1, 25 Orange and Black 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 A Cappella 35 Trio 25 Quartet 35 Sextet 35 Girls' Chorus 35 Opcretta 1, 25 Play 1, 35 Majorcttc 21 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 Press IQ Dramatic 25 Driving 3. JANET P. MARKLE "Sue" Mu-'lf Academic Y-Teens 1, 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Red Cross Council 25 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 35 Music Appreciation IQ Typing 25 Driving 3. Oh boy! Fevie made another one of her creationslg "The Great Iohn L." . . . our switchboard stand-by5 don't be afraid, Ted, it's only the radio! . . . memories?5 Frank's chewing that licorice stick again . . . a first chair holder in bandg Iohn, remember . . . B-9, I-23, O-I2 . . . bingo5 Shorty's our very own "Midge" . . . a little gal5 singing and becoming engaged typify Ianet5 specs and freckles seem to spell Sue Markle . . . a letter writer! MARGARET M. MARKLE Travel "Margy" Commercial Y-Teens 2, 35 Play 35 Intramurals 1, 2g Girls' Athletic 35 Dancing IQ Music Appreciation 25 Bridge 3. OWEN H. MEHRING Air Force "Hubby" General Hi-Y 2, 35 Band I, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 21 A Cappella 33 Op- eretta 25 Play 35 Boys' Athletic 1, 35 Music Appreciation 2. DOLORES MAY MENGES To earn my bread and butter "Polly" Home Economics FHA 1, 2, Vice-President 35 Cafeteria 2, 35 Assistant Manager of Boys' Cooking 3. JEAN A. MILLER To be successful "Ieanie" Commercial Music Appreciation 1, 25 Psychology 35 Nornir 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Me mace-elm . . . JOAN F. MILLER To run a nursery li 57 ' loan Commercial Y-Teens I, 2, 35 HR Secretary 2, President 35 Student Council 2, 3: Music Appreciation 1, 25 Psychology 3g Nornir 3. MYRLENE MILLER To lead a successful life "Myrt', Academic Y-Teens I, 2, 31 Orange and Black I, 2: Majorette I, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 25 Operctta I, 2: Play 31 Intramurals I, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic I, 2, 35 Dancing IQ Bridge 25 Debating 25 Driving 3. SHIRLEY MARIE MILLER ,R To be a great singer ami 'KShirley" Commercial Y-Teens I, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 A Cappella 31 Sextet 1, 2, 35 Operctta 1, 2, 35 Play 31 Girls' Athletic 2, 35 Press IQ fi 'frills W ' - ' ' Dramatic 2, Treasurer 3g Nornir 3. SUSAN ELIZABETH MILLER K fa, - ' ij? "Sue,' NW'-If Academic M N lg Qi ' 15.1 Y-Teens I, 21 Majorctte 35 Cheerleader 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 fi r A Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 33 Dramatic IQ Bridge 2, 3. Baby sitting and ice cream . . . especially for Margie5 "Holy cow" . . . Owen in his Fire-engine red car5 Dolores is left-handed when writing at a desk . . . right-handed at the board5 want a permanent for that crew cut? . . . see Iean5 hear that? it's just Ioan cleaning houseg Myrt's really Terpsichore . . . class of '5o5 Shirley, the dogs aren't sticking to the sidewalks after all5 Sue was seen as Queen of I-Iallowe'en. 25 WILLIAM H. MULLER Carpentry "Bill" Vocational RiHe and Pistol IQ Photography 23 FCA 3. LESTER MUMMERT, JR. To own a trucking company "Les" General Band 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Basketball 23 Intramural Basket ball 33 Dancing IQ Music Appreciation 23 Driving 3. ARTHUR L. MYERS Electrical engineer "Squirt" Vocational Chorus 1, 23 Operetta IQ Ride and Pistol 1, 2. ELINOR MYERS M mica! career 'KEliU Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 23 A Cappella 33 Girls' Chorus 33 Trio IQ Sextet 23 Operetta 1, 23 Play 2, 33 Intra- murals 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 3g HR Vice-President 2, Treasurer 33 Dancing IQ Music Appreciation 2. .IACQUELIN LOUISE MYERS "Iackie" New-'PaPf"' ffpoffff' Academic Orange and Black 1, 2, 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 33 Red Cross Council 33 Press 1, 2. ROBERT D. MYERS HBCU' Actor or writer Academic Class Vice-President IQ Hi-Y 1, Secretary 2, 33 Operetta 1, 2' Mixed Chorus 1, 21 A Cappella President 33 Play 1, 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Student Council 33 Public Speak- ing IQ Boys' Athletic 2, .33 Nornir 3. SHIRLEY MYERS "Lee" Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2Q Girls' Chorus 33 A Cap- pella 33 Operetta 1, 23 Play 33 Band 23 Orange and Black 1, 2 Art Editor 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 3' Debate IQ Dramatic IQ Rifle and Pistol 23 Bridge 33 Nornir 3. GLENN RODNEY NEWMAN "I'Iorse', Oftfofnnh Academic s a IV Football 1, Varsity 2, 33 IV Basketball 1, Varsity 23 Base- ball 2, 35 HR Vice-President 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 23 A Cap- pella 3Q Operetta IQ Play 33 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Intramural Basket- ball 3j Student Council IQ Boys' Athletic 1, 2. Bill's pastime is dating his girl, his work is taking care of chickens . . . any connection?3 Les is our Heet-footed relay man . . . Hen's, IOO3 Squirt's the Einstein of the vocational boysg sweet in manner and in voice . , . that's Elig Iackie's an admirer of anyone with a good memory3 Bob will oHer Laurence Olivier stiff competition someday . . . he can sing, tool3 Ripley's Believe It or Not . . . Lee beat the tortoise in the raceg just ask Horse who the intramural basketball champs were! .IOHN NOBLE Sleep ohnv Academic KLI Boys' Athletic IQ Photography 2, 3g Intramural Basketball 3. ALLEN PENNEWILL Drummer "Penny" Vocational Band I, 2, 3g FCA I, 2, 3g Driving 33 RiHe IQ Intramural Basketball 3. WILBUR Z. PENNEWILL Writer "Penny" Academic Football 2g Hi-Y 1, 2, 31 Band IQ Operctta 2g Play 32 Public Speaking 2, 33 Boys' Athletic I, 3g Typing 2. GEORGE E. PITTINGER Travel 'lGeorgie'l Commercial Ili-Y ,QQ Play IQ Intramural Basketlmill 2, 33 Dancing IQ Dra- matic lL llritlge 3. I I I Z ace 0 I 1 H. RAYMOND POPE Machinist "Ray" Vocational Chorus IQ Operetta IQ FCA IQ Study 2, 3. RUTH ,IEANNETTE POTTORFF To get rielz without worlqing "Ruthie', Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 HR Secretary 35 Operetta 2g Play 3g Intra- murals 1, 2, 33 Student Council 3g Dramatic IQ Glee 2Q Psy- chology 3. R. DONALD RAUBENSTINE M aclzinist "Don" Vocational Band 1, 2, 32 FCA x, 2, 3g Play 3. JANET MAY RAUBENSTINE To be iz eoolg for some Fulzrman fellow "Homer" Home Economics FHA I, Treasurer 2, 32 Intramurals 33 Assistant Manager of Boys' Cooking Club. Iohn and his bike are faithful pals . . . come wind or raing Allcn's a lover of drumsticks . . . both wooden and meaty typcsg milkman Wilbur . . . keep those bottles quietlg if you don't know all the angles to cards, just ask Georgielg twcet! twcet! where's that Canary? . . . it must be Raylg did you know Ruthie milks cows every day?3 Don's a tall girl's dreamlg Ianet's a speed demon on the electric sewing machine . . . but oh! ripping those seams! 27 NEVIN E. RAUBENSTINE Cabinet maker "Nev,' Vocational Band 1, 2, 35 FCA 1, 2, 3. DENNIS M. REBERT Electrician "Curly" Vocational FCA 1, 2, 3. DOLORES M. REED To receive a Mrs. degree "Reed,' Home Economics Y-Teens 1, 23 FHA 1, 25 Intramurals 25 Study 3. GERALD E. REHM College 'lChip,' Academic Hi-Y 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 25 Boys' Athletic 1, 2, ddfzlflddq M945 HARRIET REICHART To obtain a Mrs. degree "Spurs,' General Intramurals IQ Girls' Athletic IQ Driving IQ Bridge 25 Typing 3. LOUIS REIFSNIDER "Lawn Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 A Cappella 35 Operetta 25 Play 35 Driving IQ Public Speaking 25 Intramural Basketball 2. PHEBE NAOMI RESH Secretary t'PhebeH Commercial Dancing IQ Music Appreciation 25 Psychology 3. HAROLD B. RHODES, JR. Candy maker "Skip', Academic Hi-Y 1, 25 Intramural Basketball 25 Chorus IQ A Cappella 35 Operetta IQ Play 1, 2g Rifle and Pistol 1, 25 Red Cross Council 2, 3. Watch yourself! . . . Nev's sliding on his trombone againg gosh . . . just look at Denny's hair5 Dolores, would you have any idea where these potato chips came fromP5 ask Chip anything about fishing . . . he's experienced along that lineg hear that laughter? . . . Harriet, of course5 take a whiff of Louie's cake a-baking!5 Phebe's lovely red hair is really an assetg "Sweets to the sweet" . . . Harold's slogan . . . another Canasta lover. 3 JOAN LEE RICHARDS College 'iLee,, Academic Y-Teens I, 25 Band 1, 25 Orchestra I, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2' Sextet 25 String Quartet 35 Girls' Athletic I, 2, 35 Driving 1 Pulvlic Speaking I, 25 Bridge 3. NADINE B. RINEHART Travel "Deanie" Home Economics Mixed Chorus 2, 35 FHA 2, 35 Play 35 Girls' Athletic 35 Girls Woodshop 3. JOAN LOUISE ROHRBAUGH To go away to school "loan" Commercial Y-Teens 25 Girls' Athletic I, 2: Dancing IQ Rifle and Pistol 2' Driving 3. MARIE C. UQHRBAUGH Learn to drive a ear "Shortyl' Home Economics FI-IA 1, 2, 35 Cafeteria I, 35 Assistant Manager of Boys' Cook- ing Club. elaaeee cum! elated 53,5 GG- l .,.. RAY F. SCHUMAN Printer 'iThermond" General Band I, 2, 35 Boys' Athletic 35 Rifle and Pistol I, 2. ROBERT SEIBERT D0 something and do it well c'Bob" Academic Basketball I, 2, 35 Track 25 Baseball 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 HR Vice- President 35 Play 35 Red Cross Council 25 Boys' Athletic I, 35 Spanish 2. MARY SHANABROOK Mrs. degree 'LShanie" General Y-Teens I, 2, 3: IIR Secretary I, 21 Mixed Chorus I, 25 A Cappella 35 Operetta I, 25 Trio I1 Play 35 Intramurals I, 2, 31 Girls' Athletic I, 2, Secretary 35 Dramatic IQ Rifle and Pistol 25 Psychology 3. PHYLLIS E. SHEETS To become a Mrs. "Corkl' Home Economics Play 35 FHA 2, 35 Intramurals 2, 35 Cafeteria 2, 35 Girls' Athletic 35 Dancing IQ Driving 3. Ioan Lce's a water safety gal . . . seen in 21 black Buickg some like picking fights, some like picking clothes . . . Deanie likes picking beans5 Ioanie, where to now? . . . St. Francis, I bctlg Marie bakes luscious cherry pies5 whiz . . . there goes Ray's red convertible5 Bob chipped many tombstones in his carecr5 Shanie's the one with the ski-jump nose . . . trilling voiceg sidewalks were built two feet high when Phyllis learned to drive! ANN SHEF F ER Buc nel! She Academic Y-Teens I 2 3' HR President 1- Orange and Black 1 2 3' ,V,- I Mixed Chorus I 2' Operetta 1 2- Sextet 2- Ensemble 3 President I 2 3' Student Council 2 President 3' Girls Athletic 1 2 3' Debating 1- Public Speaking 2' Press Secretary 1. Cl fi, k 7 Y I 7 5 3 5 If i i':' Play I, 3, Prompter 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 3g Red Cross Council H .,... , , , , , 3 , 3 . , . 3 3 3 I J 7 BARBARA J. SHOLL To succeed "Barb" Academic Orange and Black 1, 2, 3Q Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 33 Dancing IQ Typing 25 Dramatic 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 3. HAROLD SMITH Mechanic "Smitty" Vocational Football 2g Intramural Basketball 2g Study 1, 2, 3. ' JANE CAROL SMITH Private secretary "Smitty,' Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 32 Red Cross Council 1, 2, 33 HR Secretary IQ Music Appreciation 1, 2g Nornir 3. tie limi!! WILBUR SMITH State trooper , 'AWUV Gfnfffal and Pistol I, 25 Typing 3' . ,.... . .... L V -z NANCY SPANGLER ,' Dress designer if in K "Spang,' Home Economics ' D Y-Teens 1, 2, 3g Intramurals I, 2, 3g Press IQ Typing 23 ' I Driving 3. "I' A1351 ' .,.,, ' , , , w ROBERT SPRINGER 4 I ii' M if ""' Q E' To sell Studebalqers A'Bob" General Band 33 Play 3. FREDERICK STAMBAUGH State trooper 3 M ,E "Fred,' Vocational IV Basketball IQ Tennis 2Q Dancing IQ Boys' Athletic 2, 3. Shef's favorite food . . . hog mavv . . . yumlg Barb can never seem to find her pencils . . . must be the weather, or somethinglg even the hydrogen bomb couldn't speed Smitty's walking paceg Iane's eating chicken again . . . "for heaven's sake!"3 love those singing telegrams, Wilb?3 Spang's another of the California-bound trio3 Bob . . . selling those Studebakers again?g we'll never forget Freddie's beloved clodhoppers3 how could we? 30 MALCOLM STAUFFER Patternmaker "Baby" Vocational Band 1, 2, 35 Baseball IQ Orchcstra 1, 2, 35 Boys' Athletic 1 Rifle and Pistol 23 FCA 3. MARIE E. STAUFFER Travel "Mariel' Commercial Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Dancing IQ Study 2, 3. DONALD STERNER 'KDon" Academic Hi-Y IQ Band 1, 2, 3g Dance Band 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2 Operetta 1, 2g Chorus 1, 2g A Cappella 35 Music Apprecia- tion IQ Spanish 25 Forensics 25 Typing 3. WILLIAM STERNER Own a service stazion 'iTank" Vocational Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Dancing 15 Camera 25 FCA 3g Track 1, 2, 3. awzlcwz' fm-,,, V ,,. sam' -ef 3 .. RJ, K 1 are JOAN P. STONE Be a second Amelia Elzrhart "Stony,' Academic Y-Teens 2, 33 HR Treasurer IQ Chorus 25 Operetta 1, 2 Majorette 2, 31 Red Cr:-ss Council IQ Student Council 2, 3 Music Appreciation IQ Rifle 25 Study 35 Co-Ed Council Presi dent 35 Play 3. MARGARET STONESIFER Typist "Margie" Commercial Y-Teens IQ Girls' Shop IQ Study 2, 3. LADORA STREMMEL Go to New England "Dorie" Commercial Dancing IQ Study 2, 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 3. DAVID R. STROCK Naval Officer "Turtle,' General IV Football 1, 2Q Varsity Basketball 35 Intramural Basketball 2 Rifle 1, 25 Study 3. Malcolm . . . boom! the boy behind the big bass horn5 Marie's pet pastime is baby sitting . . . has a friendly personalityg announcing the "champeen" trombone player . . . the one and only Don Sternerg it's a B-29, it's a destroyer . . . no! it's "Tank"5 Stony . . . tap dancer and baton teacher5 Ma1'gie's a daydreamer . . . of what, Margie?5 a quiet, poised, fun-loving miss . . . Ladora5 Dave . . . what ever happened to that nitric acid . . . "wanna beth? l tat WW? ' ffm , ' as H ,gay -f gi' 27 , Q i 3 ,V f L G - I me DONALD WALTON Travel "Donn Vocational IV Football IQ Track rg Baseball 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Rifle 1, 2, FCA 3. WILLIAM WARNER Land a good job "Poodles" Vocational IV Football 1, Varsity 2, 3g IV Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 35 Boys' Athletic IQ FCA 2, 3. EVELYN WEAVER WA VES "Ev', Commercial Y-Teens IQ Girls' Athletic 1, 2, Dancing IQ Study 2, 3g Intra- murals 1. MARJ ORIE WEIGLE DORIS MARIE THARP Receptionist "Doris" Commercial Y-Teens 2, 3Q Play 35 Girls' Chorus 3Q Glee 2Q Girls' Athletic 3 Bridge 3. CURTIS THIERIT "Snook,' Vocational FCA 1, 2, 3. RAYMOND TOPPER Aeronautical career "Ray" Vocational Football 35 Play 33 Model Car Vice-President IQ FCA 1, 2, 3 Auditorium Lighting 1, 2, 3. HAROLD TRONE Travel "Harp" Vocational IV Basketball IQ Varsity 2, 33 FCA 1, 2, 3. Secretary "Weegie" Commercial Y-Teens 3, Bridge 35 Intramurals 3g Girls' Athletic 3. , Doris is a G'burg fan . . . hmm, wonder whylg Curt! . . . you're just terrible!g Topper! lights . . . sound . . . camera . . . actionlg Harp is the "littlest angel" in room III? . . . halg umm! . . . just taste that date and nut pudding, Don!g Poodles . . . remember . . . don't pass the Mau-Dra with your eyes closed!g if it's anything by Ralph Flannigan, it's okay with Evelyng Margie's devoted to French fries and hamburgers . . . you're not alone, Margie! I 32 MARK WEIKERT To be a :lucky Basketball 2, 35 FCA 1, 2, 3. 5 fi "Mr, Hanover" Vocational Hi-Y 32 Chorus 1, 25 Operetta 1, 25 Football 1, 35 Intramural RICHARD L. WENDLER Veterinarian "Dick" Academic IV Basketball IQ Varsity 2, 35 Track 2, 35 I-IR President 1, 2Q Hi-Y r, 2, 35 Band IQ Mixed Chorus 25 Operetta IQ Play 32 Boys' Athletic 1, 2, 3. FREDERICK H. WENTZ College "Fred" Academic Play 1, 33 Band 1, 2, 35 Operetta 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Debating 1, 2, 35 Student Council 1, 2g Dramatic IQ Typing 25 Psychology 3. DAVID WERN ER M inisler A'Dave,' Academic Play IQ Mixed Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Boys' Athletic 2, 3. 0405 MERLE WHISLER M usician "Mud" Vocational ciation 2, 35 Track 2, 3. 5 5 ROBERT WINEBRENNER Businafsman 'AWir1ey,' Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 IV Basketball 1, 25 Track 2, 35 HR President 31 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Operetta IQ Intramural Basketball 23 Student Council 35 Play 33 Boys' Athletic 1, 2, 3. GERALDINE WOLFF Secretary "Ioe,' Commercial Dancing IQ Music Appreciation 25 Psychology 23 Girls' Athletic 1, 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN YINGLING um Secretary 5 'KBarb', Commercial Girls' Shop IQ Music Appreciation 23 Psychology 3. Mark . . . why don't you get a haircut . . . huh?5 Chinny's proud of his cake-baking ability . . . of his elongated feet, too!5 Freddy! Shadrack! . . . our Casanova5 Dave has a tendency to be attracted to the rear ends of trailer trucks!5 ah! listen to the Whisler's French horn!5 Winey's the canning company's QDewcoj little kernel of corn5 roller skating queen . . . never, never mean . . . of course, Geraldine!5 Barb says she has two left feet when she tries to dance! 33 Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Photography IQ Music Appre- DONALD ZEPP College "Don" Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Play 39 Driving IQ Study 25 Boys' Cooking 3 Don really loves those algebra tests! . . . sometimes. JAMES ZIEGLER "lim" Academic Hi-Y IQ Mixed ,Chorus 1, 23 A Cappella 33 Operetta I, 2 Play 1, 2, 33 Red Cross Council 2g Dramatic 1, Typing 2 Psychology 3. Last, not least, do we see a boy whose name is Iimmy Z. afeciwziadzfeaeme '. The pieces of our puzzle of high school life have finally interlocked into a pattern. Each senior is an individual example of his own workmanship. Yes, our high school years are over. What have we, as a class, to show for them? This yearbook is a specimen of the creativeness of the 1950 Nornir stafT,tEach member contributed much effort, willingness, dependability and service. While this was done by a staff, it would not have been possible if our class had not been behind us in every way. Through tense campaigns and "just plain hard work" we united. l There was never a project that was too demanding for our class. We were never uncertain of our capability-feeling this because each one of us knew that our class could accomplish things. There is a definite distinction between conceit and pride. We are not unjustly proud of our class. We are filled with a sense of gratefulness when "The Class of I95O,, is mentioned. May we individually fulfill the promise of a great future which we have shown as a class. ww SITTING! B. Barnhart, Secretary A. Parthemer, ,President STANDING I J. Kane, Treasurer R. Leppo, Vice-President FIRST Row: B. Bollinger, A. Ban- kert, N. Thcrit, B. Becker, C. Tronc, I. Zinn, I. Zartman. SECOND Row: B. Barnhart, M. Baublitz, . Yingling, I. Utz, E. Spangler, C P. Stevens, P. Sterner. THIRD Row: B. Bair, A. Whisler, E. Bowman, E. Wine, M. Thoman, B. Snyder, I. Strcvig, H. Zartman. FoIIRTH Row: G. Bish, R. Staub, L. Bech- tel, I. Spangler, D. Strock, G. Thrush. FIFTH Row: T. Bortner, S. Blouse, W. Dchoff, L. Zwally, D. Sowers, D. Walton. SIXTH Row: R. Bixler, T. Bair, I. Diller, R. Swartz, R. Wise, F. Strock, D. Thoman. FIRST Row: B. Grim, A. Garrett, K. Gladfelter, D. Fahs, L. Brown, S. Anthony, M. Garrett. SECOND Row: F. Godfrey, C. Bowman, D. Chronister, E. Dull, I. Deschee- maeker, N. Charmbury, W. Good- fellow. THIRD Row: P. Frey, C. Beck, N. Dull, S. Feeser, D. Feeser, I. Cline, R. Fissel. FOURTH Row: L. Gobrecht, S. Gobrecht, C. Clowe, A. Ferree, B. Geiman, W. Foreman, R. Fuhrman. FIFTH Row: K. Hawk, R. Doner, R. Greenholt, G. Garrett, C. Brown. Uur J aunt .Iuninrs Frightened? Well, maybe-but just plain scared would describe it much better. You see, wc, the class of ,5I, had just entered EHS as a group of eager sophomores. But now we are juniors fin fact, almost seniorsj, and the halls and campus are familiar sights. During our first two years, stay, we accomplished many things. Earnest cam- paigning for class ofiicers, the speeches, posters and ballot boxes were all taken in our stride. Our record in athletics deserves praise. The final goal of our achievement in this Held will be met next year. Football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, track or tennis-have your choice! Dramatic ability was willingly displayed in our two productions. In our sopho- more year, "The Little Foxes" gave the cast an inner satisfaction. It was worthy of applause. This year, we staged the unforgettable "I Remember Mama." The performance was excellently done. We sincerely hope to progress in all fields of scholastic life, and to be worthy to carry on the traditions of EHS. FIRST Row: P. Kaltreider, P. Mills, P. Moul, M. Freilich, M. Houck, S. Halter, G. Fink. SECOND Row: I. Moul, N. Moore, L. Kline, B. Kopp, M. Long, L. Harmon, I. Kress, L. LeFevre. THIRD Row: I. Menges, S. Lcese, I. Lease, C.i Hamme, E. Lau, P. Henry, B. Hartlaub. Founrir Row: G. Miller, I. Miller, G. Hublcy, I. Markle, A. LcGore, S. Howe, M. Markle. FIFTH Row: I. Humbert, I. Kohr, I. Kane, I. Houck, W. Houser, R. Meckley, F. Kauffman. SIXTII Row: M. Masemer, R. Glenn, R. Gruver, F. Marsh, R. Klein, W. Marchio, L. Kiick. 'Fmsr Row: D. Raubenstinc, R. Rebert, L. Smith, R. Shriver, P. Sipe, M. Rohrbaugh, D. Myers. Secorm Row: D. Nace, B. Reber, I. Neidhammer, S. Beard, R. Reed, C. Scheivert, D. Scheivert, I. Rohr- baugh. THIRD Row: I. Simpson, M. Sholly, I. Reck, D. Becker, B. Myers, I. Varner, A. Parthemer, B. Smith. FOURTII Row: T. Pitts, W. Neail, R. Rhodes, D. Shearer, C. Sell, I. Mummert, I. Mussel- man. FIIfTfl Row: R. Bankert, C. Altland, R. Geiselman, A. Pearson, G. Pittinger. Ill. I B kiwi?-2i'1hf'2"2:s-it l ' SITTING! A Cltt, Secretary .l Roth, Treasurer STANDING! F Stlne, Vice-President D Geiselman, President FIRST Row: W. Cramer, A. Hull, A. Fidler, I. Emig, B. Bankert, B. Comm-y, R. Brown. Seccrru Row: H. Ernst, B. Ficlielberger, B. Felix, B. Diehl, H. Dehoflf, B. llyers, A. Chronister. THIIQD Row: D. Crowl, C. Dulnlis, S. Gin- ter, I. Colstock, C. Bublu, S. Bech- tel, S. Flickinger. FOIIIITH Row: P. Bair, M. Fulirman, C. Fhrhart, S. Bzinkert, L. Bunkert. N. Bun- kert, R. Beard, W. Beziling. FIFTII Row: G. Fulirman, I. Cunning- ham, F. De Golyer, K. Brubaker, D. Fusnuclit, L. Altlzmml, R. Car- baugh, VV. Auchcy. SIXTH Row: F. Crone, V. Crawford, E. Fox, C. Alwine, E. Gnrvick, D. Becker, I. Flickinger. SICVENTH Row: E. Biddle, YV. Baker, R. Carman, B. Bunkert, G. Bnnkert, I. Bair, G, Dubs. EIGHTH Row: E. Fuhrmnn, N. Alwine. FIRST Row: R. Leppo, P. Mes- singer, D. Mellolt, D. Myers, I. Markle, I. Leschey, D. Michael. SECOND Row: I. Mummert, D. Lockctt, B. Miller, M. Kohr, F. Mummert, I. Little, P. Miller. THIRD Row: N. Markle, S. Krebs, P. Becker, M. Laughman, I. Naylor, D. Bollinger, D. Bousum. FOURTH Row: A. Keeney, K. lic- millcr, D. Brown. S. Bollinger, M. Lippy, I. Iohnson, W. Nzice. FIFTH Row: E. Morgret, I. LeFevre, I. Kleimlinst, P. Kellenberger, C. Iones, I. 'Messinger, D. Moul, I. Brown, D. Krebs. SIXTII Row: I. Kessler, I. LeFevre, R. Luekie, F. Brown, D. Miller, I. Lzrzus, G. Lookenliill. SEVENTH Row: R. Krentler, D. Boyer, A. Lawyer, I. Kling, H. Krenzer, R. Maiscmer. EIGHTII Row: I. Keeney, P. Nace, R. Leppo, I. Kessler, P. March, D. Kemper. Hur Splrltml Snphnmnres Although the Class of 1952 has only been here at lichelherirer one year, ll alreadv has experienced much of the liveliness of lulrh school life Our first class prolect was th ll of electinff our class officers What a campaign Week that vvasl All those posters Ill the halls and that never to be forgotten assemhly program! In the sports field We cheered until our voices were hoarse when our protevees fiexed their muscles on the gridiron, court, mat, track, and diamond and whv shouldn't We? Our lxids did a good Iobl Some of us even went so far as to Hex our vocal cords we were an Important part of the chorus Then too, a few more of us started memorizing the lines for the class play. The show was so successful that an extra performance was demanded Inithe literary field many of our names appeared IH the masthead of our school paper, even though most of us were only reporters Surely, we Sophomores shall continue the spirit which we have already shown FIRST Row: R. Strevig, R. Pottorff, C. Reithart, I. Smith, S. Rohr- baugh. S. Stump, I. Roth, F. Stine. Seeoxrn Row: R. Nickey, P. Ster- ner, A. Newman, I. Stoner. A. Greenholt, G. Ruhlman. I. Rudi- sill. Truim Row: I. Goodling, I. Storm. S. Royer, C. Palmer, D. Saur. I. Leppo, F. Stauffer. FoI7R'rII Row: A. Gitt, I. PfaH, B. Spon- sellcr. I. Neidercr, S. Noggle, P. Reed, C. Sprenkle. FIIf'I'II Row: E. Simpson, F. Sowers, I. Rohr- haugh, M. Orndorff. B. Rhodes, C. Rohrhaugh, T. Sell. SIXTII Row: B. Stauffer, M. Smith. I. Parr, R. Neail, S. Goodfelloxv, I. Storm, D. Simpson. Sr.vrN'rII Row: I. Sadler, R. Shultz. T. Saur, E. Stauh, L. Strickler, R. Good. Rife. PIGHTII Row: W. Sarhziugh, C. Spangler, R. Sanders, D. Smith, R. Reese, I. Grimes. E. Spangler. FIRST Row: K. Myers, N. Toot, N. Zepp, P. Trone, I. Thoman, B. Worley, L. Weaver, G. Warner. SIeCoNIJ Row: I. Tracy, A. Houck, P. Iacohs, P. Houck, D. Grove, R. Harrison, A. Hartlaub, T. Winebrenner. TIIIRD Row: I. Wildasin, G. Hart, M. Hyde, I. Hyde, S. Tressler, P. Wolford, N. XVarner. FOURTII Row: R. Tasto, I. Trump, R. Hahn, M. Gruver, D. Wallick, D. Weaver, D. Topper, B. Wildasin. FIFTH Row: G. War- ren, R. Wildasin, A. Hostetter, I. Young, H. Heaney, P. Wildasin, I. Weaver. SIXTII Row: L. Wentz, K. Hilbert, R. Hilbert, I. Gulden, T. Groupe, I. Wagner, M. VVetzel. SEVI-:NTII Row: R. Wolff, W. Trostle, K. Watson, D. Taughin- baugh, W. Hess, H. Hansford, D. Trump, R. XVarner. EIGHTII Row: I.. Yost, I. Zinneman, L. Wildasin, T. Wildasin, W. Houck, H. Holm, R. Iacohy, I. Wildasin. EL SS WILL WE, THE CLASS OF 1950, being in a sane state of mind, do hereby will the good characteristics of each one of us to aid as guide posts to the faithful followers of our alma mater. I, Pat Bange, will all my talent for beautiful penmanship to any fool who wants it. I, Esther Diehl, will my cheer-leading uniform to any ambitious sophomore. I, Marion Flielqinger, bequeath my locker number 275 to anyone who can open it. I, Marla Wez'lqert, will my long hair to Harry Hansford. I, Doris Tharp, will to Anna Hartlaub, who is bow-legged, my knock-knees. I, George Pittinger, will my bicycle to Arthur Pearson. I, Ioan Ludwig, bequeath to Mr. Gruver the baked potatoes I enjoyed at the press conference. I, Marie Rohrhaiigh, will my ability to squeeze through large crowds in the halls to anyone who wants it. I, Carl Bemiller, will my ability to sing to Bill Foreman. I, Lee Myers, bequeath my "speed" to Bill Trostle. I, Bill Hilbert, will my typewriter to the boy who wants it in 204. I, Phyllis Fritz, bequeath my ability to break chemistry equipment to any junior who can afford it. I, Milqe Gemmill, do hereby bequeath my dislike of Stan Kenton to George Fink. I, Bob Seiherz, will my seat on the bench at basketball games to Al Gruver. I, Margie Markle, will my typing eraser to anyone who may need it. I, Gladys Gohreeht, will to Patsy Sterner all the pencils she has borrowed from me during the past year. I, Shirley Falco, bequeath my cherry-pie baking ability to anyone who has the nerve to work before judges. I, Earl Hartlaab, will my wrestling helmet to the next cauliflower ear. I, john Leese, will the use of the auditorium switchboard to Donald Michael. I, lane Garvielq, will my Als in study hall to my brother, Chuck. I, Phyllis Esaley, bequeath my athletic ability to Chick Howe. John and his ineffable switchboard. At last! Marion opened her locker! CUfl,S wobbly seat in room 111 """"Q - w I ,Hifi Shirley Berwager, will to any underclassman my desire to eat between classes. Ioan Lee Richards, bequeath my concert maestro's chair in the orchestra to Rodney Strevig. Wilb Pennewill, will my special seat in Miss Lawrence's study hall to any other person who doesn't know when to shut up. Nevin Raubenstine, will my PD grades to anyone stupid enough to accept them. Nancy Lee Flielqinger, bequeath my glowing personality and sweet disposition to Pat Mills. Iohn Feeser, will my wrestling uniform to any person who will take care of it. lane Smith, will to Phyllis Wolford my ability to vacate my seat in typing when the bell rings. Dave Stroclq, will my bottle of nitric acid and penny to Lynn Kiick. Dolores Menges, will my ability to wash dishes in the cafeteria to anyone who wants ir. Mary Deagen, bequeath my special seat in the teachers' workroom to any poor soul who can't keep quiet in classes. Ann Shejer, bequeath to Marilyn Freilich all the A's I made in my senior year. Bill Sterner, will my parking space "down at the endn to anyone who wants it. Dielq Wendler, will my little basketball sneaks to "Soap" Hart. Barbara LeFezfre, will my love of food to Mitt. Elizabeth Gass, leave nothing, for I am taking it all with me. Iaclq Byers, bequeath my ability to awake at eight o'clock, eat breakfast, and make the first bell, to the next eager beaver who is lucky enough to live in the shadow of Eichelberger gym. Curtis Thierit, will my wobbly seat in room III to some new senior. Kenneth Babb, will my traveling experiences to Francis Crone. Glen Leister, will my football nose-guard to Bill Neail. Bob Myers, will my Hi-Y secretarial books to the next person who wishes to get wr1ter's cramp. Bob Wz'nebrenner, will my great intramural basketball team to Marvin Under- wood. We ll have the secretary's report!" No dishpan hands here! Wendler gazes ln admiration' .a I l i ow wait-I'll find ilfu BELOW, left: Roy slruggling at the machine. Right: The janitor and his rag mop, Slwlr-tolls in Ilw closvtf swag HUMEMAKFQS AMEWQA "Floatin' " in the Hallowe,en Parade! WW . Q . fn - if: T11 ' - A f H, W:JZig:f4 Q Mis I rf 3 ii'Zi:z?v?,3xP'Ei ficiiyiiiiiimiiiilf Q-9 ?'i:' T369 ? 15 I fi '12 ' S ' K ' Q A ,Q S fliiiikwskiiisxi ?':Lm ' 531552223 ii Qs1xiQ?F35?2.'f'sS24iS'.S:95iQ'5siE' ZH A235555 542199 19? iii2?,LM.L?-Zs?Qw3i'X'F5fWH5WiWi'5S ASWQZQZZ: xg QQ! Q1 1:4 wx NE Q , Exercises Conducted Prior To Exchelbergar-Delano --Formally Presented By L. On Behalf 0 ommumty Bw Famer Judge 'GYOU CANIT SEE THE GAME WITHOUT A TICKET!" QQ' Y 646' ggi? 6' 159 gain QQQ MPROGRA MS! PENNANTS! PULEEZE BUY A PENNANTV' 'O 25' fs. of' 9, fs. accepted far X ,ge M oss, T' nm Bill a'I'LL GET YOU THIS TIME!" 459 ily F'2ge3,e3b X rw. ..m,.I2,xl....l..1 ,QQ 8' if keg: O X c A I 'Q fe. GROUPSTGQ FGOTBALL M I Th. ox ggwz if giS?,f3.Qgf W- Q' M I 5f10i6f5fQ2b iwilie Members Of Eichelberges T 65,2255 igiffgvgwtggw Deione High Teams Wi!! Qligabgfggiyiifjfnfxo QQ Quests At Banquet AnI4'9.2?rf'3gc9 -e-592, YH. 125231, any 0 '13 Ty sf gp -95: 09 '83 . ff we Dance Next Month vfz'-53364. Qwgapgx Q14 3,0 Q43 5 Q ' fx f, .xmas qfwwe xv xg , """"T Q -uve' 'C' 1 fa? Y, xv WH vi' 25 Qc Grgazamamions of me cowmmizy 395 ?fiX'fe'6oQ,wQfeP:5X ,gemegxkbbagxi Mp- - ' S .Q ' Qqacfbb ,eip qsxgxgfjx ivgwj If 056330 xv' QTQQSSQQB Q' LQ 1 1 9 'f '97 'Bagel TVESX' QQ! 1 QQYTXQXTBQ X-xc 99' 'IHE GANG b ALL HERE. 06922' 6' sffiflj Qu' 1134 wp?-2 5 K9 'O' 56 ,pq'Q'95iQx'H gQ.,9fgf5' Q52 131159 X QQ. T999 41 Keieig QW wav, , ' - Q 'O R 'Q 'YH V I www my me fum: M were fm.. m99X"?,WDYf ASSTQI in Qxwegmxiawynggkf lst-D12 W C Defeat Hawks, 14-U we up L lcon. .......... E - M.- ,, fn b Myers Rum 45 Yards For South Penn Conference First Score """ Clyde !.iXS'l' ?'lf,i:l'l"S sqjmmg wxw 1' ,1 ..f.'l 1 W, Cleveland intercepts Passi Milli..lf,'.1'?.W l1f"'lClln.'.,v 14 ' K l Vlxawlwrpsmxryr TH, Slnippmxxlnxxzgx' 0 evehl For Second cm-xnsnv 21 xswmwv H., el She, - .- 2 gat mp, era! y - ale f WHEACH FUR THE SKY, PARDNER. DSI" el THE NIGHTHAWKS JEST BLEW IN!" tl ii, L ,ll 0 1 We MSnlHlQM',,.lzi mg ASHI? Make Fine Wits 1' 0 Wad Sf H. sf, M -M Confgats 'U ghbhpavojwh LSUHIHSE A - 4 T0 fill? Zlanffsb me " .'5l,'2'ff'I,I"A"1ff'7' ,I I offfereq fy mf C 2 li L Peg 1213, dis QV . ,HQ-fs to bejnggh 86.320 33I3z112ggg1n1iLG fm M- CC gh thx QU fszp . mf, 1: I sn, WNNX, .anovez , 5 Q' zw0'f' 1."'1"' s " v. D - fencilisoiigmiiiifid .Sli Wad. 'Ja ,:?Yffrzf4.,Hfff-':s:'fi"'i4'H L fm Qfgfgiivfae ff? pejfgsh gras NYM 'lf""fm,f 'fm., 1i1'i'3k-"-Egff ,v.e,,e,. , . Dm Syj 0. f 1 A11 "Y of , SW, ' 92 elle' Wie 1 80 V8 Wee: .V 131' I W- "1 fl T 501 N! 8310123 they t Q S1213 "I4l1f'Cfi'b"f'f'4e 1 W' 'f'fv.f,1 OS' 4, 13 , 1 -. Q, Q ,X . mf 0001501 wbefpa 053+-ww ff-ISM-ffif1,+,fff1f ,, -A L ' L 1 5 Cum " Wan ready? ,, If f 01' gut ik MGANGWAYI COMING-READY OR NOT!" L ,LYQ .- ,11 5 . Ur Sfg 3753203 P168 H hfuz se 0 Can 1 -Pia Ie 2 be . rm-M fwgga' ing R? M M 'J""f mtxeffl' 7 D-,..-1" ',w,,,.-""',,f""iQo9. gh!! 4 4 , Sun Q X1 Team M im Lf --3.f,'."m We . - . S . 'wsczfref Q HY egendmi ami? qpfdjiff. U , Mfufl. Wlanlan For XL xx - K' " D rn Klfiwxl' nh Lv"l' 'NAU :ll v .-""Ullx' H Wm - mf. 111 SQ ea 223025 iz ' 3 "gmc ce Cont 'XfSfif'Xil.i4U Wk 'wuierfv . Riff? 'lil '11'.'..-'fig ma W limgh LAY? 5 Lit .,... .. S HW Sw: if eau endif-'fe If F 3 6, GUHOG O11 ,Qi 'E ' th lug nik l"'wexffxua0 fl' K A.-H" U. ow llilnv 'V xml 1 0 1' 6 -,I ,Xl 'N "'1M"'0xxxX3? Az' X f K ' 5, 'rehx .p,1xxXrNf' fm: 'M .ig-1y1l"7 M N ff s- wxgd' wfrlxl. - HEADING FOR THE SHOWERS! f S 4 , QQ, 'S QAM - ffg, px v ' kv 016 04 aff" 1 eafgl I 5:11 " W: f QI? 161 A! f'y"o , 34' C ell "' wlfigswfm' ' M911 W, 67 , Uv- ,,.f'cYQ, 9J1fq,Nx lmafllf - 'G'1SbZ?"5fbllle"'bf,fffixwM2211'WfTncKETs REMAIN Pole ,Q f "r- V 011. Qfirfl 148' ull' f' QQ bf, FWS' A Q ON an 'ES G.. hiilflorln llr0?."". .w Q ,bw 8 121.5-f"ff+Qf,5f,f:gf5.f,,l-.:g,,:g,., pf mmm 'nuff fx0moRR0w S 8 114 4, Ur 00 df IQITQIZU1 Ag? - , G' . . 9 gp 012fej2"f' rlfflpfmsffzgzf Approximately 800 Reserved Seats S 0 p1'0,1"l.! 51 67 Still Available Here And In Mc- ' 12 Lf 411 R1 -. ' up -T9 U79 J' 1l5fB?f30f',1,, F 19113:-Q Njwo 00 Sherrybtown, Officialn Rvveal v Sll?-bt?':N.vj pg I ffl S30 "Af-2 px If 00.73 53126 V !fmIi,,xbePXNQj1f. Ah 0b1"'!'fZ!' Q Qlzq 171111 wzfiw We 'G ff If-Q' fromx gz 005 tg, 81, lt. jb1fbQ"O0 Ol' ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL! I2 'V A QgwS5 . L -UA, Q .a3wflA'r'd1'll H-15 iw A MQW' FMU Q' wi UN THE BALI. F101 82 3-0 Fmsr Row: R. Sanders, R. Leppo, H. Trone. SECOND Row: R. Gruver, G. Hart. THIRD Row: R. Seibert, R. Wcndlcr, R. Rhodes. FIRST Row: I. LeFevre, R. Staub, I. Byers, I. Lazas. SECOND Row: B. Thrush, F. Noonan. AL 48 HUB VARSITY Fnzsr Row: Mr. Frank Noonan, assistant coach, Mr. Bernard Thrush, coach. Sncoxm Row: George Hart, Theron Cline, Gene Lookenbill, Iames Zinneman, Richard Vfcndler, Robert Reese, Robert Lcppo, Richard Sanders, Roger Gruver, Richard Rhodes. JUNIUH VAH5lwX W. Goodfcllow, D. Gciselman, I. Diller, I. Kccney, H. Holm, G. Lookenbill, R. Esalcy, K. Brubaker, L. Weaver. 49 U .l-.l"5vflvK-I-'l-v Lfb l Catholic High Cagers gf Ijfig-fift Near Ganie's L 30 , 4 WO-26 WinA ' 1 A 35'33iItAH61fQl LU!! 'N "' A-. ! IN Wins 1 IT'S UNDER WAY EiB7'i'ia! ,, gg? W1 fa- 6 SW?1"""x NW C' xo 'OMC 056. as A S QC' S 1 . ,J A 3 fha, '15 A 5, Q0 DE, Q5 fb, Hfgygfywd 'LQ' 3 5 R 'rj 2 QSQM A A A ,wwefiigg vs- 22 W o s Mm-, AAA A AGO O R 4 ff' W' 1 -2, A, L ,f4. ZA W In Hai? ' , ,636 ,Shiga wwm had ' A Q' UA Q . fgli:?iXex'Q0ng D455 QE- Ea? S 5?-aw S I JOIN THE CROWD igswggiiifgig ggR,,,,, A gi A"""" l Mechamcsburg High Ha. 5 ......-.......m. 5 'll School Cagers, 55-1 PU? D NL eDefeat Suffered Heres CD 5 , Qg3:g1's At Dinner 3, E A ' A A S T v 12 thai? ffuifier O gift 5 .M Ang A A' fi'-A 4 T 1,25 55 1 GOOD BLOCK BY HART 669 Ss ,,, I V " f N ' .32?5Ei"Cha1,xvO L QQ0 Q,x Ziberge HO . . Qx E ide QQ? N13 56' 04 6 k Z ., A .ggcgs AA' f'ff61f,,5vxRXg,w"Qj Af 555146 W Reno Q'h'wC533f ,gf-:Q 1-A Q10 Qfy' 35? 98' Q QW Q85 f 4 fx fm- gg, LETS HOLD HANDS 5536 is , A 93 rg, +5 ,, - 4: 1 f A .Q E 'Y Pfzvifwfzif Af 01511 15 691,11 OAFQSQQSV 3111 pgnu Luwwsfaf ' . r ?Ra'.2 F , fansec A W est York, 1 F31-F293 Gage-Fra x In Luc Gpening Special Q n 0 - X --1 V V. ,M 4 Qu mod T08 wln gage llswwver Gfsijl r!43,ffg'l'i'fw,g,x urgq-191 E"n'3f'ZTE f""mO 7 'Fi:z13kg3E,am.sLfff4O3ii:::R:.E, 'f'2,sf2z3,: W ighthawk 'Nm' FE' E esttni WENOLER OFF HIS FEET? Anal iggui in ,Last BANKS U. BiI'dS Qygjvif' gb 5 i G' H11 F' Egg Dlgzionl- HQbvP.FFig??M W- 21 Thabn High 45.27 22 iyaiganttflg ,S Hg1uJhSp wW, E Zig Hahovef E -3 TRO CRLancaster R 3 O ,,, vicii A F f f RHODES LOAFINO AGAIN 5152 R1'1OVx ' QCII? i V 6 Delone Quint, 43- 34 if Thrush Eggers Win! ba ' 'i J frfffi After Grabbing Z1-4--f'wJ O is E Q55 Lead II! M30 O V F ff A ,U ' gil fi 1 ,gi ,gginllw M O,,OeF'gf:5 Q F ex 915, ,, Tlaazvgidfg Naqg A f f 'Wg 3 fkm-Tiff' Y 3 5 S HA '35 NOT ENOUGH MUD FOR SOCCER X O N .www A gm gpattarvb L O 45' To 44548 ' W. bblefsr 1 WM' A v R F 0 ,3 mal f F 6 Cage 50-F 22552 31 n 2 F 5 ' h P-5' 'iii 0141 Htg ef Hatvua WFFKFRETOF-2219 ff 11017 .ff fffafh. j Ha time Hx IT'S ALL OVER ' , C5 3 gf. fx. if 'chi -dug B . Gig X ffl nmsxgxa S""11,.A'I sg.:-335511 U ll BH PPLEHS LEFT 'ro RIGHT: L. Bowers, I. Roth, D. Raubenstine, I. Smith, G. Hartlaub, W. Fore- man, I. Feeser, W. Marchio, C. Bemiller, T. Saurs, E. Hartlaub, W. Dusman, Manager, I. Leedy, Coach. THE WHESTLEHS Hanover entered ten men in the District Three Tournament at Hershey, Pennsylvania, and emerged with live district Champions: Iim Roth, 103, Bill Foremen, 133g Bill Marchio, 1455 Carl Bemiller, 154, and Earl Hartlaub, 185. This is the greatest number of district champions in the history of the school. The five district champions were entered in the state wrestling championships held at Washington, Pennsylvania, on March 10 and ll. Carl Bemiller and Bill Marchio reached the semi-final rounds, where they were both eliminated by boys who went on to win the state championships in their weight classes. Wrestling is increasing in popularity as a high school sport. This year we had the largest crowds ever to attend wrestling in Hanover. The wrestling squad's record for the year was five wins and four defeats. In District Three league competition they had a record of four wins and three defeats to give them third place in the eight-team league. Teams competed against and scores were as follows: Hanover Opponents Hanover Opponent: York . . . 38 IO Lancaster . . . . . . I9 23 York ....... . . 40 6 Shamokin ....... . . . I2 34 Shippensburg . . . 43 5 Hershey Industrial . . . . . I5 25 Manheim .... . . IQ 23 West York ..... . . . 31 II Hershey . . . . . 23 2I 52 l IMP Row, lrff fn rfghl: Earl Hurtlaub, Inhn Fu-scr, Carl Bcmillcr, Coach Iamcs Lculy. Mmnue: I. Mumf murt, I'. Stcrner, Ii. Iliclml, I. Vnrnrr, H. Hem, A. Purthcmcr. li. HllFIlIlUl7, II. Tmnc-our cheery clmccrlcudsrs. HO'I'l'UM. lrff: Lctk keep it clam, boys! Bo'1"mx1, fllghlj Bottoms up! 53 cm' mae BELOW! Ready for the kick-off! Swing your partner, do-si-do! Shanie, guard that gal while Shirley gives with the fight! Ruthie gives Robin Hood a chase. Keep ,em covered! Ping, Pong Armit wo cu fbong! Lpp YI' lumbar! I can reach hig on, to Get that ba I dare y har tha Come urn! ll ! OIL to rv you can drop her! 11699 The Mixcaixoo The Pc0nXeixc YkeX5f'5eQ'xexK90et 6 CYS Sbegga X9 A9 eww Hoff EMM Had Ernss Enuncil Fmsr Row, left to right: Beverly Barri- hart, Iane Smith, Ann Sheffer, Bill Hilbert, Ioyce Colestock, Pat Stevens. SECOND Row, lrfz Ia rfghl: Barbara Worley, Dorcus Bosum, Pearl Miller, Francis Godfrey, Anna Mac Hostetter, Lillian LcFevre. THIRD Row, Iefl lo righl: Nevin Alwine, Frecl Marsh, Rob- ert Nickey, Iacqueline Myers, William Hollinger, Daryl Schievert, Aclcle Reetl, Kenneth Hawk, Harold Rhodes. Mir:- ingf R. Harrison, I. Little, I. Blocher, W. Hilbert. Student lfuuncil FIRST Row: P. Kcllenbcrger, I. Mum- mert, D. Brown, I. Stone, L. LeFevre, B. Sponseller, R. Pottorff, I. Thoman. SECOND Row: A. Parthemer, R. Staub, R. Kline, R. Bixlcr, R. Winebrenncr, R. Myers, M. Gruver, L. Gobrccht, T. Winebrenner. Mining: I. Neitlercr, S. Flickinger. Our Student Council! i Long may it reign! MIKE GEMMILL, Tremvzzrer ANN SHEFFER, Prcridcm MR. E. K. DIEHL, Arizxircr ALICE VVHISLER, Vice-Pmsidcfzt IOAN MILLER, Sc'w'eZa1'y The Red Cross Council did an excellenr job in service work NUI!! Gbrttttgv auth Mark L. XXXVI NO. 12 W Zaner Directs th Poetry Contest SBA announces the fifth yearly st in Writing Creative Verse, to all students of the schools in and Adams Counties. dio Station WSBA in York, ate of the American Broadcasting Dany sponsors the Poet.Scout 'am as a public service. The pro- is dedicated to youth and the erance of youthful ambitions. Di- ig this work is Ray Zaner, the Scout. idents whose poems are selected. avitcd to appear on the program the l'oet Scout. and at the con- vn oi the contest, all poems are id, and the winners receive cash s as follows: first award twenty- ollars, second award Fifteen dol- third award ten dollars, and three ional awards of five dollars each. May first, 1950, the awards wil iade to the winners at a speei icast, when the first three in each of the above groups their winning poems. Certihcate of Appreciatio , warded to each student fx i was read or accepted for Scout Program during the t These certificates will be awar-. udents in their respective schoo regular assembly after May first l poems must be written on suit- HANOVER. PA. October 28, 1949 Students Respond to School Paper Appeal At the beginning of each school year an appeal is made by the Orange and Black for new members. This year's response added new members to each department. Mae Rohrbaugh and Joyce Cole- stock have joined the Advertising Staff. The Circulation Department has added Dolores Crowl, Avis Fidler, and Patricia Sterner to its staff. New contributing members on the Editorial Staff are Sylvia Flickinger, Constance Dubbs, Faith DeGolyer, Janice Cunningham, Patsy Kellen- berger, Patsy Messinger, Marlene Gruver, Marlene Lippy, Hchard Geisel- man, Barbara Worley, Janet Storm, Mary Anne Kohr. 'Sylvia Stump, and Joan Pfaff. Se .' - Comedy 'Y Alice Whisler Chosen Student Council Head The annual election of Student Council Representatives was held early in the third week of the school term. Those chosen for service on this student organization are as follows: Joan Miller, acting secretary: Joan Stone, Robert Myers, and Mike Gem- mill-Seniors. Alice Whisler, acting presidentp Alice Parthemer, Lewis Gobrecht, Robert Bixler, and Robert Klein-Juniors. Darlene Brown, Sylvia Flickinger, Marlene Gruver, Patricia Kellenberger, Jean Mummert, Barbara Sponseller, and Jackie Thoman-Sophomores. The council has already taken action concerning the election of class officers, noon-hour dances, selection of clubs, and the printing of a Student Direc- tory. e future the council hopes to her aid from the student ' sz the school as effectively H is possi - he s et. .1 H--W S 'Q Ei A --s .s on s.r. ii ll'lIml 51,0-", if 73's Yi ' Luuuykasalzmgmlznmlp ylfgmamduggmw 1 H fi' i tl' ' - EE' . -in 1 ri: ,tu 1 "fi:1i'J 'i 1- 1 :rurgif . .11 411 1-iv' Making o vmir '1 I-, ,Q rnwuay, ummm to i " ' HHN IM C0'MWl'l'1 rm., ummm n some . Mmm' n grbllidlull - , Our Freedom and Security Nui In ldumtlon 7. L! K M' , .. -,..,,'.Ag?f,l-IW, .I : .- ,E f+ g L '1 - It" I Il- '51 ' - ..:'f.45: rfi t . ...gn ' gk 1-..-:. -. , 5 V' -' " SS ".-.?..."vgTfi,, , s -5 - Sf K- .,....-n -75 Q g- : -3 R - .. :J E. A, ' ', ' 1 2 : 'vt L t, Hanover Public Schools To Observe National Education Week Nov. 6 to 12 Scholarships Listed For Hill Students Students interested in a Science Scholarship should investigate the Bausch and Lomb Science Scholar- ships. Four scholarships of 31800- payable S600 each year for three years- are available. All scholarship applica- tions must be filed b Starch 10th. Boys who are hi between the ages ualify for a Na ' liege if be ol graduates nd 21 may ' . .... ., A FO- Parents Invited to Open House Wednesday Evening Education week is from Novel 6th to November 12th. Amei Education Week is observed thro out the country: It is sponseret the National Education Associa The American Legion. United S Office of Education and the Nat Congress of Parents and Teac The P. T. A. and the American Le are being invited to participate ir American Education Week activiti Hanover. Th eral theme for Educ: ear is"Making Demof addition there is a 1 week. 1 of the Indivii l Opportur Ie Citizensl I ., and Safer Q1 nd Commt dom and Secu N Next Decade paper, size 8 l-12 x 11. It s ou I ritten in ink or typed on one sid that short editc he paper only. This perrr ll BDDEHT in the frm hling and handling. x e week. ime of the author, his .1 Mogen I-:Iousf al, grade, and teacher's - gn as" oge iture should appear in 3 Hiflei and if hand corner of the ma r grgngs :Sigel :achers are requested to nned in the poems each week, using s -. to acclai, ted envelopes which are pr ,X L work 0 ae may be secured by ad r- parents to lrd to Ray Zaner, Poet S 5 1 K ers. Of WSBA. Y0fk. Perma. -I aterials for publit ie receipt of all poems Week halfe been Se' owledged by the Poe .- M, teacher s vorganizz b ' s Committee of nglish teachers an ed by Mr. G Hanover schools m -se distributic Ray Zaner, if . irlrgindinl " ' N t ure trailer vu ne 0 3 Loca theat d ictive pau in t e n ducation Week.erSA ral poems by local studen , ,Wm 'also be pres nitted. FIRST ROW, P N V. R. during the -l m- V, fiiisminxclicr -Q Messenger, Q gt mgczriatd: txovhalye in , , . - - r ee s or Chelbergel' We Ifunlt, A 'Shag-dflthony, G. Golgmpii A. Firffcr M R ilubs during the wee - . Glzirlfl - l Cr, I, H, I FCC 1' B. H 'l ' Oflrbau t Council may ass iw Members t M. Kohrllftr' M- Garrgtr T-llclauf, B. Balnhf Olhnf-'CB I. Ludwgh, E' Bowman erent activities here at s - ' ' lg. I ,F l 5' Nfyersj H K., 'HRD Row. I C Jff- M. Freilieh Ig. Sr2r:oND ROW., I. Storm, ur Open House, V H, 54 has added to her 'S Cvrgv N. D ' KCHCIV, L. I x , ' unfllnghum t Baker, F x ' B- Worlc , A special invitation will be isst bu , ull -cl-QV , I C 1 . f y . . teachers. They are ' VL M. Bgublit 1' Good, I B1 FC, P, Shun' - 'Oestoclg IJ. K .II forffrey, E, L1 , that parents to visit the school during nett, Home Ee., Miss A. Pllrthw ' Z- P11-"pH ROW. OCIIC,-D Bum 5, I. Simpson C Q C enbgrger I D ' U' . week and particularly to come t n' lnmum' of gms' D- Fecst il? P' Sfcrner sl It DCG0l5'cr I NIJ' I' Myers, H Sli ll Ylnrvlinfl. I-'oeiz i ubbs, Oven House programs in each Sf sical education, Mrs. I ' T- . Liu V 1 -. Flick- ' - 1 aylor E ' 0 , A, W -t TH RQW. --------- er, substituting for 1' LCFevre, M, GJMQS- Fceser, G. gxnfglfi I. Markle Doll, I. Paug, D Cfmlcf, N. Charm- l N. J. Boy Wins Contest r in Math and Miss Caro mmlll. 'O Techy, D C, ' ' 'lt1CFtF. Six f ' JOWI, M. Gr . ,vi teaches one class Of -English. ' an . irtenholty T. Bair 'IH Row, Mr G uvtff, r Fifteen.yCm-.old Richard C,-um liss Bennett hails from Belsano. Z tsiseem to he ' ' f R. Hokc, D Geis iuvffi S- student at the Oratory School in Last year she taught at Ebens- her heart' N0 matter what hap s V V man, Ei: i1?g.NljLiggayv2:itgesglgmgrgsowgnl ? and while a student at 'Iumina she wiil cheer the Pittsburgh Pirates! ' ' es ar Ia' ' d - - Z h g completed her student teaching She claims Pittsburgh as her home' Stremmet and Han-y 1' I ' n competition sponsored by t e 't here at Eichelberger' She liked Now with the football season here one slghbseeing ln Florida' T " h H, h - I Six mal? Eiga: Comlamlgi A srlapsl vweevememmmmmwmmwnmwwwmmesaamsmmmxmmwsmwi e position teaching the Home Ec 5 sewing and cooking. Besides ming ways to decorate her new ntry home, Miss Bennett tunes up asionally on her French horn. She lso very fnuch interested in the F. Lions at Penn State, During the seventh period room 207 is favored with the fourth of the new teachers. Miss Carol Huey, a gradu- ate of West Chester State Teachers f-,.n,...- t..-Mia... M.. fi-,as nf Fmflaah members of the class of '47 are, the proud parents of a baby girl. Vivian Ensminger enjoyed a weekend at Chapel Hills, N. C. where she saw the famed Choo- rtm.. mari.-a in .,-fin.. fm Nmrh veals the following: Wood shop, 1003 Machine shop, 501 related drafting, 271 commercial course, 10 and related mathematics, 26. The instructors are Mr, Stoner, and 5600. A total of 347 high school sti. from all section of the country s in the 3500 in prizes awarded ir national contest. Y-Teens Purpose: 'LTO build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. ln this endeavor we seek to understand Iesus, to share his love for all people, and to grow in the knowledge and love of Godf' Prcrzidcrzl .... . . Vive-P7'c:1'dcnl .,......Iean Baker . .Beverly Barnhart Serrfftary .... ..., B arbara Bollinger Treaxurcr . . .Phyllis Esaley fam 1 W wwgli 3 Starting the school year with a campaign for new members and ending with a g1gH1'1K1C Spring formal in the NYU gym, the Y-Teens had quite an agenda this year. Iust take a brief glance-square dancing in the fall, caroling with the Hi-Y in the winter, making Easter favors for the hospital in the spring-plus a Youth Rally, Lenten Services, forrnals, hayrides, and boxes to Finland! This club of over 100 members was really something! 60 The Hi -Y The Hanoxer HiY Club, composed of seventy nine members, began operations on September 21 1949 After inducting thirty-four new members into the organization, the club got down to business. Pennants were sold at the home football games. A concession stand was established for the Community HalloWe'en Celebration. Basketball and wrestling pencils were sold. Bean soup suppers, rallies, and Lenten services were parts of our Well-rounded program. Highlights of the year for the Hi-Y were the formal Christmas and Spring Dances. "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian charaeteru is the clubis purpose. The platform is clean speech, clean scholarship, clean sports, clean living. President .... Vive-Prexident . . . S.en'etary .... Treasurer .......... .Glen Leister Robert Leppo . . , .Robert Myers Roger Gruver Secretary of Revenue .... ..... R obert Winebrcnner ru. Q-1...ff'ee-jp , "" The FCA, one of the larg- est clubs in Eichelberger, is a "must,' for vocational boys. FEA Prcrident ...... ........ I ohn Little Via'-President . . . .... Thomas Hartlaub Sc'c1'ftw'y ..... . . .Thomas Bortncr Trcaszzrer . . ..... Sterling Bechtel Adviser . .................. Mr. Barry Brammer The boys of the Future Craftsmen of America Club have adopted a new project this year. This is selling ice cream to the veterans at night classes, and to the basketball fans at games. With these funds, the club visited various factories in the spring, and had an annual picnic on the last day of final exams. Seated, FIRST Row: V. Craw- ford, R. Neail, A. Hartlaub, I. Iohnson, I. Reck, C. Bow- man. Seated, SECOND Row: M. Wetzel, G. Fuhrman, S. Krebs, Shared, THIRD Row: E. Grimes, M. Flickinger, I.,LeFevre, N. Warner, A. Aulthouse, Sealed, FOURTH Row: P. Sheets, P. Bair, M. Garrett, F. Mummert, D. Saur. Standing: R. Bennett, M. Rohrbaugh, D. Menges, N. Rcimlollar, P. Crouse, I. Rau- bcnstine, S. Fulco. FH Prcrz'a'cnt .............. .... P hyllis Crouse WVTCC'-Pl'CJ'l'dt?7Yl . . . .... Dolores Menges Scrrrlary ...... ...... S hirley Fulco T7'E6Z5lll'C7 .... .... I anet Raubcnstine Historian .... ..... N airline Rinehart Song Leader .. .... Marie Rohrbaugh AKJUIISCI' ..... .......... M iss Ruth Bennett Our Future Homemakers of America Club is one of which we are quite proud. Always a helping hand, these girls are on the spot whenever needed. Therefore, we take this opportunity to say K'Thanks ever so much!" for doing all the unre- warded work you've done. Seated: I. Miller, M. Flickinger, L. Myers, R. Iohnson. Standing: M. Collins, S. Miller, I. Dubbs, M. Heiser, I. Barnes, I. Baldauf, I. Miller, S. Dubbs, E. Gass, I. Garvick, S. Berwager, B. Keeney, I. Smith. SECOND Row: P. Esaley, R. Myers, H. Hess, R. Gemmill, R. Hoke, I. Blocher. Launching of the Nornir campaign. LEFT 'ro RIGHT: I. Byers, I. Baker, L. Kemp, S. Diehl, G. Leister, D. Hahn. 74a 1950 Aduixers ...... ..... M r. L. H. Kemp, Mrs. Sarah Diehl Editor-in-Chief ....................... Iean Baker Afxoeiate Editor .... .... D onald Hahn Burinets Manager . .... Glen Leister Photography Editor . ..... Iack Byers Typists Iean Miller, Elizabeth Gass, Icanne Dubbs, Shirley Berwager, Marie Collins, Ianet Barnes, Iane Garvick, Shirley Dubbs, Barbara Keeney, Shirley Miller, Mary Iane Heiser 7ZwwaSmgt Circulation Editor: ........ Senior Editor: . .. Feature Editor: .. Treasurer ...... Sports Editor: .... Art Editor: .. Reporters . . . 63 Robert Myers, Edward Aumen ...............Rita Iohnson, Phyllis Esaley, Ioan Miller ....Iean Baldauf, Ioan Ludwig ....................Iane Smith Mike Gemmill, Henrietta Hess Lee Myers, Marion Flickinger ...Ieane Good, Ieune Blocher, Iune Bubb, Richard Hoke def-fdma Www Fmsr Row: G. Gobrechr, D. Bousum, M. Shannbrook, S. Miller, R. Harrison, L. Myers, N. Funk, P. Sipe, S. Beard, B. Miller, D. Myers, P. Gouker, S. Stump. SECOND Row: M. Rohrlvnugh, A. Reed, P. Sterner, D. Krebs, C. Hamm, N. Markle, S. Nogle, C. Yingling, A. Houck, B. Snyder, I. Naylor, D. Weaver, N. Therit, B. Barnhart, I. Mummcrt, A. Bankert, B. Grim. TIIIRD Row: I. Neiclheimmer, B. Harrlnub, E. Morgret, B. Mavros, E. Dull, I. Bollinger, C. Bubb, S. Flickinger, P. Esuley, Ii. Myers, A. Purthemer, K. Bcmillcr, I. Leese, I. Baker, I. Markle, D. Becker, B. Smith. FOURTH Row: C. Sell, R. Esaley, C. Altlancl, G. Newman, F. Stine, P. Kaltreider, I. Zeigler, D. Miller, H. Rhodes, O. Mehring, R. Geiselman, W. Hollinger, T. Bair, D. Sterncr, F. Leinharmlt, G. Bimlulle, W. Houck, R. Myers, G. Lcister, R. Gemmill. 64 mm! lfiiisr Row: I. Moul, P. Mills. M. Cnrrctt, C. Yingling. N. Cliairmliury, M. Bfiulnlitz, E. Suwcrs, F. DeGolycr, S. Miller, I. Stunt-. I. Young, I. Smut-r, li. Rt-lwur. Snvoxn Row: M. Millar, R. Strevig, R, Lcppo, D. Grove. A. Pcnncwill, P. Kiiltrcitlur, K. Myers, I. Kcvricy, R. Tiisto, M. VVliislcr. P. li.iir. G. Krecgcr, G. Thrush. THIRD Row: F. VVentz, I. Little, F. I.uinligir4lt. I. Strcvig, l.. Rcifsnytlcr, R. Luckic. I. M.irltlt-, XV. linker. B. Bair, L. Kiick, G. Hulwlcy, G. Gobrccht. FOURTH Row: F. Kiiufflmuri, VV. Trostlu, R. Springer, VV. Diismzm, R. Gt-ist-lmzin, I. Kling. D. Fccscr, S. Fccscr, C. Alwinc, I. Fcescr. ITIVVII Row: R. Rccsc. D. Stcrncr, O. Mchring. R. Scliumain. S. Gobrecht, VV. llouscr, N. Raubenstinc, H. Holm, D. Rniilvumlinc, C. Fccscr. SIXTH Row: Mi Stuuffer, VV. llmick, C. Altlgintl. i 5 3 W-nu?-H M mffwwiift I. -WMV-M WM ' I - ff" ""' . --'. ez'-532.3 -'-- grffttfw.. q L .A ,. .. M. ,AM . Filzsi' Ruwz I.. l.11pli:im. I. Mrlhmligilil, D. liisciiligirt, N. Kessler, S. Miclizicl. Srictrmwrm Row: I. llzilwr, D. BlfCll, F- IVIQCHSHIC I. Stliiilrr, l". Sl.llllICl', I. Calc-r. Vllllllill Row: li. Krsxlw, II. Smith, G. XIII!-Qllligt I. lfcrslcr. G. Gilbert. I:OUR'I'lI Row I. Riiliirils. R. Strung. K.. Rinlmiii. S. Iirgiy, I. Miller, li. Stnriii, llllll RIN S li vtlt I Miitl X 1 I li r 7 ': "ws '. .. 2 . Cxrrctt, . Ulm' Q V. Mirlalc. R. Tiixtii, I.. Stliiimgin, I. Strcvig, Sixiir Rrvw: I. Wintt-r. piiiriistz D. Kc-nip, ll. Frcick, C. Fmck, C. Markle, I. Willlmiii. N. I3ivimii'. M. W'li1xlt'i', M. Mcliriiig, R. l'.ittt-iwn, G. Stcrncr. Si-.x1,N'i1I Row: K. Mycrs. M. Stnuffcr. 65 'Or - wwf .fu if . 4 M . f.. t,.. YF! SUPH-JUNIIJH PLAY BELOW, top: Something new FIRST Row, lvl! to right: P. Mcssinger, P. Brown, C. Ehrhart, B. Worley, A. Fidler. SECOND has been added! Row: D. Becker. M. Smith, S. Flickinger, A. Gitt, I. Kling, I. Pfafl, D. Brown. TIIIRD Row: B 2 Th , I B. Sponseller, I. Brown, I. Thoman, F. Stine, R. Wildasin, M. Gruvcr, M, Orndorff, Hilbert, llgjrgzlmeu eres no P ace R. Flickinger, I. Lazas, I. Kessler, R. Pottorfl, I. Cunningham, B. Nickey, B. Luckie. " I Remember Mama " But most of all 'll Remember Mama." Who will ever forget those lines from the Sophomore-Iunior Play? "I Remember Mama" is the story of how Mama, with the help of her husband and good- hearted Uncle Chris, brings up the children-three lovable daughters and an understanding son-in their modest San Fran- cisco home during the early years of the twentieth century. The family is a typical group attempting to live as happily as their poor economic conditions will permit. The family includes Mama with her sweet Norwegian accent, Papa, so dependent on Mama, Katrin, Hthe dramatic oneng Christine, "the stubborn onevg Dagmar, "the gentle one", and Nels, "the kind onef' The three aunts-bold Ienny, loquacious Sigrid, and timid Trina-add a bit of humor to the plot. Also, there is stormy, good-hearted Uncle Chris, whom all the relatives fear-all except Mama. The play includes many minor characters who add both sugar and spice to the play. Mama, a sweet and capable manager, sees her children through the problems of childhood, manages to educate them, and to see one of her daughters begin her career as a writer. 66 MARCH 9 and 10, 1950 BELOW top: Uncle Chris FIRST Row: D. Fahs, H. Hartlaub, H. Zartman, B. Bollinger, A. Bankert, N. Moore, D. Rauben- ' Stine, L. Brown. SECOND Row: P. Kaltreider, P. Mills, B. Reber, I. Varner, I. Simpson, ' I. Strcvig, C. Yingling. THIRD Row: T. Pitts, S. Anthony, E. Clowe, M. Baublitz, K. Hawk, BOTTOM: Ye olde family B. Klein, L. Kiick, T. Bair, C. Brown, L. Gobrecht, F. Godfrey, F. Marsh. ponmu' MEMBERS OF THE CAST Characler: Sophomore: Iunior: KATRIN .. . Ann Gitt Mary Lou Baublitz MAMA . Sylvia Flickingcr Ianet Varner PAPA . . Morgan Smith Lynn Kiick DAGINIAR .. Connie Ehrhart Barbara Bollinger CHRISTINE .. Barbara Worley Audrey Bankert MR. HYDE . .. NELS ....... AUNT TRINA . . . AUNT SIGRID . . . AUNT IENNY . . . UNCLE CHRIS .. A WOMAN ..... MR. THORKFLSON . . . . . . DR. IOHNSON ..... .... ARNE ......... A NURsE ...... .. ANOTHER NURSE . . . .... Som. CLERK . .... . . . . MADELINE ........ .... DOROTHY SCHILLER FLORENCE MOOREIII-:AD . ..... BELL BOY .......... . . . . SCRUBWOMAN . . ORDFRLY . . . . HoTIaL GUESTS . Kenneth Hilbert Ivan Kling Ianice Cunningham Darlene Brown Ioan Pfaff Dean Becker Iucly Brown Robert Flickingcr Robert Nickey Ronald Pottorff Iackie Thoman Barbara Sponseller Fred Stine Patsy Mcssinger Avis Fidler Marlene Gruver Robert Brown Ruth Wildasin Robert Luckie Mary Lou Orndorff Ioe Kessler Iohn Lazas Kenneth Hawk Ted Bair Ianet Strevig Beverly Reber IoAnn Simpson Robert Klein Sylvia Anthony Clyde Brown Lewis Gobrecht Dale Raubenstine Francis Godfrey Pat Mills Pius Kaltreider Bernice Hartlaub Nancy Moore Charlotte Yingling Horace Zartman Betty Iane Smith Fred Marsh Ed Clowe Dolores Fahs Louise Brown Tom Pitts 57 causes anxiety. Miss Menges and the Antrobuses "Apoplexy.' Brightis Disease! Keck' survive the ice age. "The Skin uf Uur Teeth" by THORNTON WILDER Directed by Miss Mary L. Menges December 8 and 9, 1949 "The Skin of Our Teeth" is a high comedy of the Antrobus family. George Antrohus, the inventor of the wheel and the multiplication table, is the provider of the home until vamped by the shapely Miss Atlantic City. George's wife is the matter-of-fact mother vvho would see all stretched dead at her feet to save one child of hers. Henry Antrobus is a typical boy who has one fault--throwing stones which sometimes kill people, such as an older brother. Gladys Antrobus is her father's angel but can't keep her skirt down or be a lady. Lily Sabina is the tempting, Hirtatious maid. The Antrobuses survive the ice age, the Hoods, the fire, the pestilence, the seven-year locusts, the black pox, the double feature, a dozen wars, and as many depressions. They are all true off- spring of Adam and Eve, victims to all that flesh is heir to. They survive a thousand disasters by the skin of their teeth. This play is a tribute to the indestructibility of the Antrobuses and of all man-kind. Believe it or not! Inhabitants of N0ah's Ark, Ice Age Here are the ones that you didn? see in the play re ugees, and prophetsgall under the same roof. but they certainly helped behind the scenes' Q MSHA Li m-sf-':,2:L2ZE ..-... M, ffl V I . -l rm X W ,, .ff Y 'hx E 1 'Ar "" Z H CAMERA II!-KPEHS On the following pages We present a variety of snapshots . . . a brief resume of what we are like in our lighter moments . . . full of . The ladies fwm Mars- fun . . . fancy free. The more the merrierf ,, K gf' T Bill and his double whammy! l W- "Now in the good old days lv Last one 0'ut's a sissy! Itss Friday afternoon! Poor Illr. Mau-Dru! Getting ready for the date ,S Eddie Doubleclayf E i 5? 70 RIGHT, top: Which is funnier -the guys or the comics? RIGHT, bottom: Put a nickel in it! Perhaps the most fantastic things happened over the Week-ends. We could "let our hair downu and really relax. Friday afternoons were our pride and joy. They hinted of a fun-filled Week-end-Saturday jobs, evening dates, movies with the gang, Sun- day Ngo-to-meetin, H day. Finally, Monday morn- ing brought everything to a close .... if i 5 is i ul siaigpff ,F X r kltlllllt MP! 1 1, W 1 ? F 5 E e T 2 ? Q, Q 5 2 E Y 5 E, 2+ ,Q 3 2 g 8 is Q ww meal- 77 0 Thursday, May 25, 1950 the same familiar faces of "the kidsn passed by as we danced. With "Stairway to the Starsn as its theme, our Prom was a dance that had appeared all too soon . . . for it meant the beginning of the end of our high school days. I shall never forget it. Dear Diary, It seems impossible that my last Prom has come to a close. I always thought that being a senior at an EHS dance would be different, that everything would change that night. but the gym was still our gymg the lovely decorations reminded us of how we, as sophs and juniors, had worked to please our upperclassmeng the orchestra provided dreamy music to blend with our thoughtsg TOP: A birrl's eye view. CENTER! The receiving line and orchestra BELOW: "Stairway zo the Starsf' ' ' ' ah' 3' 'Z in . i A ,, E A, if 1 . + r A we -V,-4 il 4 - 4 X, 4' 'W' fi- is 4: Wm, K A , 4' "' 4 4 442 4 4 ' t " " . W , it at X S.. we , - my as NSY t 2 im at l rg Vw ht Mgr a.,,wmw,ff,ggt wi l it A 1 V "' ' f L - VM 'X f ' +I " . 1-a'a if 'few -vt xi . , 4' at wr s tp w I Q g. as R ,Q -V ' av 7 gf i 'Y . e.. ' LL' 4, 5' 4' Q A Q ' ti . E3 A' Q asf gf '? N K 4 ,K 5 , 4 ,z ffw .. at ., "" ' '. 'f 'ff ll , , l ' ,.., ' ' tw ' ln conference competition, our baseball team carried a .500 average in wins and lossesg how- ever, its seasonal average was .555 with live Wins and four defeats. With the exception of Art Ferree, all underclassrnen composed the team-next year, opponents beware! Tor LEFT: Out of the ball park this time, Art. RIfIHTZ Wanna bet that Bob doesn't let this one go by? BEI.0W:World Series, here we come! BASEBALL Tllfllfli The Sonny Sheppard Relays, held in the Sheppard-Myers Stadium, was the "high-spot" of the track season. Eighteen nearby high schools participated in the inauguration of the relays. In the State Track Meet, Bill Foreman was Hanover's only representative. He won second place in the javelin throw. TOP RIGHT: Dick threw a discus into the air. Where it landedhlze knew not where. LEFT: Off for the races! BELOW: Brothers of Mer- cury. Nicky has Il Iflltlfk tunnis! This is un urlrertisern TENNIS for ent for Juclf's Photo S9rL'izTe.' Reds is reaching for I Freddy's ready wit racquet! This is a racquet requiring plenty of guts. he sky. Coach lim Leecly's tennis team participated in six inter- scholastic tennis matches. Although they failed to Win a single match, the boys showed themselves to good advantage and demonstrated that tennis is certainly on the up-grade at Eichelherger. The team showed promise and since it loses only lack Byers and Glanartl Biddle, promises much for future years at Eichelberger! h the Un The music swells above the trees, To bend their emerald boughs In tribute to the honored few Who humbly swear their vows. The anthem's swelling note of praise Re-echoes on our ears, The Alma Mater's lulling strains Ring out through mists of tears. Upon the threshold of our lives We stand, forever free, Like ships that leave the sheltered bay To face the toilsome sea. The years of high school are behind Us few who face the world. The Hashing banner: orange and black, Henceforth, for us, is furled. We leave behind the honored wallsg We leave the empty chairs. Our steps will no more stir the halls Nor wake the sleeping stairs. We leave behind the verdant green That decks the campus now, VVC leave behind the scarlet birds That sing in yonder bough. But now our campus is the world, And gardeners all are weg And we must plant our little crops, And work on land and sea, To nourish for the harvesting The seeds we garnered here, And spread throughout our current world Our crops of help and cheer. Class Day consists of three maior activities, which are typified on this page. Original work is demonstrated by our class poemg awards are ex- emplified by Phyllis Crouse receiving the Girls' Vocational Award, presentations are sub- mitted by Barbara LeFevre giving bound copies of this year's Orange and Black to Miss Walker. 0 YERS 1 For when the world remains the same, When it improves no more, The task of this, our high school, ls then forever o'er. The world must change and readjust For all new minds that comeg And when these minds grow cold and still It yet must alter some. We'll say 'iGoodbye," we honored few, Our livesnaref straight ahead. And we must choose the actual path That we most wish to tread. But if weire not the leaders there, lf we're but of the mass, We'll work and strive our whole lives through The leaders to surpass. .Phyllis Esaley Phyllis Crouse Raymond Pope Raymond Pope Emma Earner ... lean Baker .. . ,jean Baker ..Glen Leister lean Baker Ministerial Association Lewis Gobreeht Beverly Harnhart DAR American History Alice Parthemer Lewls Gobrecht Girls Scxtflt Mr. Wertz, fllllllll lllllllf LIEE THHHUEH THE AHT5 A feature of our Commencement program was the singing of our class song. Written and directed by Ioan Lee Richards, our song is indeed a composition of which we can be proud. t l J t l Ioan Richards directing the orchestra. Reverend Smith, our Baccalaureate speaker. H!-HL TU THE EIASS HE 'SU Verse: For twelve long years we've pledged our hearts and souls, Preparing so that We might reach our goals, And now at last our story is complete, As lifted horns blare loudly and drums beat. Refrain! Oh! Hail to the Class of '5ol Hail to our friends of old, We are forever striving, Striving to reach our goal. And here's to our dear old classmates, Fond memories they'll bring back. Hail to the Class of 'gol Hail to the orange and black! 4 l I l l 1 41.4

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