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Eichelberger High School - Nornir Yearbook (Hanover, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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OUR CONTRIBUTION That we 'nay contribute to a world where all agfee ln a frievidlv understanding way With true per pectlve we must see The true worth of vt hat 1 taught each day With foresight we must choose aright The tact we should retain That all may profit by our gain Ot strength and courage to maintain The right which serves the best for all Forgetting sell and selfish gain Always prepared for duty s call We ll thus influence those less strong And obediently follow where upremacy leads With spiri undaunted, en masse and trong We will reach the goal decreed Pul Mau 1 A , - . V S . x 7 -S . s ' - ' Within the mind, to aid our sight .J I ' s . . ., A L , Q THE UH IH Pubhshed by The Class of I948 H WOVEQ HIGH BLHOOL :Iii ICHELBERGER SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL HANOVFR PENNSYLVANIA . A Av O---- -. , L .. ,-,,,- A,, . 'F .7 -IL. A L L - JH- at-s Ll 1 ILURLWUHU 'r 71 ' ' Hu' rrp Q.: ' : 11. III"IlffN'fi' ,Z 1 M. 'f t 1 ,.lI f1::1l f1'+':'.'.'mgil tx FVVTI gf-ffyrpf gi-fr1.u,r 12.5, :Qf':1Lml, Uxr LIIQI-,ihlllilill gn A , , , . , 1 .1, 4, 5 . '- R H-:V : f 'Q fir! E4 :Lr.'1i1x: I Anil: gf - i A ' ' ' ' 1,1 f fn' 1 .. fx If "'f " :E H 'mix i- 'i YJ 1' f-it 1' f' 1 H J 'Jf111:.1:.:" 411. 'QVC 9.5- Newman!! M Harold Reeee Mr L H Kemp Q86 lLCl!l0Ifl We +ve clue 0 1948 r me ttutlv dedtcate th Normr to Mr I H Kemp and Mr Harold L Hee-be e r dthgen :md wt r WJ ettofte rt ttletr re yec tve flSldS the-tr keen Interest wrt all oqr end :Ive t e rt ve Help d u ceteve our goal We mall Ulf C1 ci em tn t'1e qreate t e teem cmd respect as our mstructors and trtende, '2 UUH ALMA MATEH K Q X X fo ff Y KQQQ X rl? M4452 xi. AUMI ISTHATIU ff ' M fi, in 'S 1 V ij in if xx Q , YY.. X 2' X ' 4 ,x I A Us - 21' X 1 ii ' 'Q ! j ,- 9 X Ca l if -, 2-' , N W, 1,- K I ' 'X . V? 1 I XXX H V I N 'W ' y 71 k 'ir f I yi. I' 1 . Vw, if - 3: l 1 Ziff "', I , ' Ol f ff xr Q S ay Ac, Q 1 X , R ,fr If Z3 Q A 0 1 xy f , xxx -: 3 1 fp QXQ1 T X' iiiK9J 2 ' ,L 4. . Av. 1 o 1a 11 111y oofl ellow V1ce e llPT'll Henry 1' Bo 1 W wfrea ,I Flyrle H 7a 11ar1 C Home-r Mer dllh Reuben W Snyder VJl on M ka e Dr Karl Boll rl oupe nlenden Lawrence B Sheppa 'l Premdenl Ha ry IV' Fol11e1 Bolo ll La1rcl SOllCl'O l I1 Members BOARD OF EDUCATION Our Board of l7cl11r'al1e11 e 'l1e Hanover Boro11al1 School D wlflfl 1 com ooeed of eeven r11e1nlae1w e e o llC vo e1 ll r1over The e members some ol wl1o111 IIHIVG been 1 1er a c all 11eCe 111l rr1er1 ol our Qo1111r1u111ty The work o 11e Board or1d11Q1ed lll ll1e A1110 1rar1 way me democrahc way lmporlanl 1 ue are p e eo ed lo the proper 1omm1ltoe1 for advlce and recorr1mer1dat1or1 Tle member alter farel111 ons1dera11or1 present the reeult for l1r1al or 'lCTl lo lll' l'1ole Board The DCIIGIDOIIVH p ololero or 111e Boeud Fdll l1or1 1 e 'IOCSIHQ and obeervmg per o11r1el l1lc1r1a 3 e o1 lhe l1l'lUI'lCCw the srliool syelem and prov1d1ng QQUVDIHGU' md rrwaler 4l1 r1ece 'Irv o 11e aolea11a'e and proper eduCat1or1o Me V1lld'CI'l o l r1over IIC Boer J f if e W e ,,L1blC amd me g ve deC1S1one o at l '1r e111ed enever DOQQI 16 K2 l,e't 1 B' l I C R, G Al , ' V Pr .1 Q, 5 " l1, ll'I'lLVPY, S ,ia ', , 1 , 11 rl 1 g Q '1 g o e, 1:1 ' Cog ' . 1 re , C' ,ri 7.1 , r 1 1 1- ' err .1 ' ' '1 r . -A .o - 1 1 . Q 1 1m .1 . 1 o , 1 1. 1 , 1, 1 1: ,, S Y - N . l f-7 ' -1 - I . - , . 1 o f. -1 Med 1, 1 iff, o1 fl , e1 , , 1 , V , Qffifl . fs, rs fi 1 ,.':.s' , , ' , ' . 1 , , .. A . , . A 1 1 , 1 11 o ,1 , , , '.,. K. v- ,Y 1 f ' f- ' ' 3 ,L V . . l ,. ' ' .11 . 'L 11, , 4, 1 U , 1 S ' ,if ' 'v W1 -1 or ,fp "N 1' of 1 hae C1 ' ' , s ' f- r 5 1 rw: ' ' ' F N af F ,, 1 , .' F 1 1 .1 1 11 1 . ,.,, 1 i 1 1 1 . . 1 ' 1 1 -M 1 1 lf, T' Nrf held? reaulfzr 1':'1e1:t1p1::' 1:.'l11f2. re ix,-11. to the rw I' 1 1 ' y 1 " 1- 1-f.1'. . ll .A YYLN ' l 1 ,11 . 1 ,Q1 ,l'l1C 3111x1113 1 , b PRESENTATION OF ATHLETIC FIELD TO DISTRICT C Myers H Sheppad L Sheppard H Bollmger November 25th l947 w1ll be long re'ne"1bered 1n Hanover as the beg1nn1ng ot an extens1ve program for the promot1on of phys1 al educat on and recreat1on I vxas a spec1al meet1ng ID the mornrng of ts day that a tract of land contamrng approx1ma e1y 15 a res ta mg on McAll1ster Street W1rt Avenue and Iohn Street 1n Penn Townshrp was presented to the s hool d1str1ct by H D Sheppard C N Myers and L B Sheppard the plo be na to 'ne ly owned by the Hanove Shoe Fa 'ns ln presentmg the deed Mr H D Sheppard sa1d For a long t1me my assoc1ates and myself have had 1n m1nd bu1ld1ng an athlet1c held for Hanover for the promohon of phys1cal educahon and we feel now lS the trrne when the school d1str1 should be domg so'neth1ng about 1' We have gotten together an dec1ded to QIVS 1t to you Here IS the deed to about l5 acres of land wh1ch we bel1eve IS 1deally s1u ated for your purposes Mr C N Mye s repr sentmg the Cl1nton N Mye s Foundat on lnc then gave Secretary Bollmger a l 'er and a Sl50U0 check after wh1ch Attorney Rob t M l.a1 d se re ary ot the Lawrence B Sheppard Foundauon lnc presen ed a Sl'YlllGI le te and check to Sl5UUO to the se re'ary T'1el tters were den 1cal as follow We herew1th tender to the S hool DISIIICI 0' th Bo ough of Hanover Pa as a grft the co ed check by he under 1gn d Corporat1on The glll IS "tad w1thou cond11ons or quallfl a n lt lS the hope o' he donor crgan1zat1on and o t othce s that th D s 1 w1ll use the fund tor e furtherance of the phys1 a educat1on phase o 1t p aram and rt the D1str1c' elects to so use e fund we hope ha we 'nay Us vour plans prog 'nake lu 'her contnbuuons to such prolect ae ee1 e C 'le 0' ad tt at otSlU00ayear On Dec 1"1ber 2nd the Adv sc J C 1t-ee o C1 z '1 a po nt d fl a repo t of a prellmmary survey an outlned he po s1 t es o a oo s C1CilJ"f'l c b ho nd dy '1as1u"1 baseball held and tenn1s Th n on De e"1 e 24 1947 lf' L B Sheppard he H '1 ver Shoe In agreeably sur o l0 c o the po"1ot1on of t e phy '11 du at1on and r eatrona r 'J a'n o h t o t ebene 1to 1 1t1zens 7 1 Y , 1 ' , , I 1 e1 11 I I I 1 V ' 1 'Q 1 ' 1 1 1 1- ' ' ' ' th' . 1 . A , F F. . , 1 V f '- 1 f ' 14 ' ' 1: '1 ' . , 1 . 0 Q v v- v- v . 1 e , 1 . 1 4 11 1 1 e1 1 11 , ' ' ' 'ct 1 ' 1 ' d . . 1 A . . I . 1 . .1 - , r , ec 1' 1 ' , r' 1 1 , ' et. , 1' er . 'r , c t 1 . ' ,, 1 s t '1 ' I r 1 r 1. , 1 7 c 1 I e 1 t' , s: M ' 1 C ' ' 1 e r , , A en- el s t1 e s' e ' . -1 I 11 9 I 1 I Cf' ' A 'C tio , ' 1 t1 ' ' fis 11 e r1 e itrct ' th- .1 , Qc I ' f ' s ro! 5 1 ' ' ' 1 - th , t1 1 1 ' A ress, 11 - r11 ' ' ' At a l Cer mwtng the H':no':er Ella: Club ple1g-d 55,00 .o be p 11 a he r e 1. , 1 e11 I el 1 r' ornrnit - i 'ti e1 s D i1 e made r 1 ' ' d 1 et t se'bil11i ' f f tball t " lu I use '11 a 4111, , Q , ' courts 1 e 1 -C 11 bg , , 1: I , President cf t. e a. c . c, - prifed the School 'Scart by II'.fIklH'I '1 ftiainiflceni '11ft it E' 0000 1 be used f r 11 , 7 1. ' h 1 sro e- c ' ect, ' Qpro. r 1 ft.e distric f r h. .1 ,t t 'ts c" 1 RETIRING SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE You members of the class of l948 may have wondered at ttmes whether the l1I'1'1e that you were spendmg IH school was be1ng used 1n the most profrtable manner You have probably observed that some of your former school assoclates who have left school after gaxnmg a hmrted knowledge of the fundamental school subyects are apparently makrng a monetary l1v1ng and are hav mg money to spend for passrng pleasures whtch you have had to forego 1n order to complete your hlgh school educatlon I congratulate you on the wlsdom of your declslon to complete your h1gh school educatlon and I extend to you my very best wtshes for your contlnued progress and suc cess whether 1n Lnst1tut1ons of hlgher learnmg or 1n any productxve enterprrse into whlch you may be about to enter Present world cond1t1ons demand the frnest tra1ts of character and hablts of c1t1zensh1p wh1ch you can develop w1th1n yourself W1th the beneflts of flnest tram 1ng whlch you can secure R A Bagshaw SUPERINTENDENT S MESSAGE Thts graduatlon may be the f1rst great accompl1shment ln the l1ves of many of you the one long task to whrch you can say I have done that well Each year from now on w1ll brmg other opportunxtles for 1ust as much sat1sfact1on and happlness 1f you meet them w1th the same Splfll as you met your school tasks The goal of elghteen years of your hfe was graduatron from Hlgh School You are now equlppecl to begln a hfe for whlch you have to set your own goal Make 1t as worth whlle and as def1n1te as your school career has been and you w1ll f1nd many happy graduatlons IU all your comlng years Dr Karl Bohren PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE Every senlor class carrles forth from our hlgh school the best wlshes of the entrre faculty for a successful useful and happy future Not all of you are golng to be leaders To produce a leader of ten rn1ll1on followers xt requlres twenty thou sand hrgh schools and a hundred thousand graduattng classes However we trust and we beheve that the ma1or1ty H1 fact nearly everyone of you because of your rearlng 1n th1s f1ne communlty and because of your educahon ln the free publ1c school system of your home town Wlll be found on the rlght and truthful stde of any xssue R W Gray 8 1 1 1 1 1 tt 11 , . I 1 1 ' 1 . . ,. . 1, . . . 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 PAEUL lY M PEARL BLETTNER Getty burg College B S Penn State M Ed H1story Dancmg Club Advlser BARRY BRAMMER Un1vers1ty ot Plttsburgh Carnegte lnstltute of Tech nology Dtrector Voc Ed and Drattmg Future Craftsmen Club Advtser FRANCES K BRUBAKER Hood College A B Umversrty of Pennsylvama Problems of Democracy Student Councll Advlser RICHARD H BRUBAKER Muhlenberg College AB Penn State and U ot P Englxsh Geometry Bookkeepmg Actmg Super mtendent Faculty Manager ot Athlettcs ERLE K DIEHL Gettysburg A B Problems of Democracy Student Counctl Advtser SAHAH R DIEHL Club Advtser MURIEL R EVERHART Penn State B S Home Econom1cs F H A Advrser HENRIETTA K FLICKINGER M llersvxlle S T College M E Susquehanna mverslty A B Algebra l ll Busmess Math Hlstory Kn1tt1ng Club Advlser RAY W GRAY Penn State MA Wabash College Prtnctpal HAROLD S GRUV ER Gett3 sburg College AB Penn State French l Engllsh Lat1n ll lll Press Club Advtser Orange and Black Advxser 9 Gettysburg AB., English, ll, lll, V, Home Nursing f , ,, , ' , ll, PAEU LTY GLADYS I HAMM V estern Maryland College A B Gettysburg College Duke Unrversrty Mathemancs Hlstory Study Club Advlser IANE S HARRISON Luck Haven S T C BS Penn State Health Physrcal Educatron Grrls Athlet1c Club Advlser Y Teen Advlser L H KEMP Muhlenberg BS Penn State MEd Blology Rl oto Club and H1 Y Advlser Norntr Advlser RUTH P LAWRENCE Temple Umversrty BS Spamsh Engl1sh HOLMAN Z LEESE Sh ppensburg S T C BS Physrcs Voc Math Pre Il1glr1t Aeronaut1cs Bunker H1ll Ir R1tle Club Advrser MARY MENGES Storte Un1vers1ty Engl1sh Dramatlc Club Advlser KARL M MEYERS We t Chester BS Remedral and Correctlve Phys td 1n the Elementary Schools Drlvtng Club Advlser HAROLD H MURRAY Wtlllamson Trade School Wood Patternrnaker U exel Instltute Woodshop Instructor Model Club Advrser GENEVIEVE V NISEWONDER Snlppensburg S T C BS Exploratory Com rn rclal Booklceeplng I Ofhce Practrce Danclng Club Adv1ser IOHN H PAUL Susquehanna Umverstty BS Stenography I II Salesmanshtp Typewrmng II Bookkeepmg II lhrector of Band Musrc Apprec1at1o1'1 Club Adv1ser T l, 'I A - ' -1 - -1 1 1 Q . Gettysburg AB., U. of R, M.A,, Cornell, Iowa Fr . y FACULTY FLORENCE A REITZ Susauehanna University BS Penn State Typing I II Shorthand I Il Typing Club Advi er Y Teens Adviser HAL L REESE Ea t Stroud bu g S T C B S Health Physical Educa ion Athletic Club Adviser IACK H SCHULER Columbia Unive ity B S Lebanon Valley College Irstrurnental Music B HENRY SHAFER Su quehanna University A B Columbia Uni versity M A American I-I1 tory Public Speaking Club Adviser H ELIZABETH SPANGLER Michigan School Nurse Horne Nursing Club NORMAN Z STONER Penn State Voc Machine Shop Instructor Girls Shop Club Adviser ELEANOR R TURNER M nstleld S T C BS Penn State Peabody Conservatory Vocal Music GERTRUDE V WALKER Susquehanna University A B Columbia University Penn State Librarian Library Club GERALD M WERTZ Penn State BS University of Wyoming Uni versity ot Minnesota Chemistry Related Science Guidance Counselor H1 Y Adviser MARY C ZINN Pennsylvania State College MEd Edinboro S T C BS Millersville S T C Art Related Art 11 L I ' ' ' rs . ., , . 1 I s .. ' ' . ., ' '- University of Pennsylvania R.N., University ot - -1 1 ' , , 'QW ,4 SE 111151 EL me dow 5 move oone ox too w Tue term no eroded C11 1:1 1 T C111 f1FC1C11,lCl111'1g Seflo 16111119 no gone oo ore Homework fame lr 1oroe omoums To I1G1D1'1 urt wer dvimfe 1 51 I e J1 or, You re ov 1 '1 ' 1 Ll mem f L e efevef o 5 9 s Ns X 1 l , , . ' s 1 T? ' J ' if f'.J1fr1y 1 1 o 1 J .Q T1 " 1 of-9 to 1 xt. A 1 V ' v . , ,, Q . . . .. o o Bu' i11 21 'yedr 51 '1of fun, With flfliff' tznd sport: and donor Seno F'F'I'-f"1'IZC1 +o211'1l1."':1o ' ' 3 .jxout on-fn, 1 14, B111 f'O1li,.'f1.1.IlflVQ yo 5 . .ofa To eyQ'.'.'l1,. A. you go SENIOR CLASS HISTORY ls tt posstble that three fleettng years ago we the future semors of l948 frrst entered the classroom of E H S a sel consctous sophomores? ln the three years that we have spent at hrgh school the ma1ortty of us have gone a long way toward moldmg our char acters 1nto the types of people we wtsh to be As sophomores we worked hard not only tn cla ses but also tn extra currtcular act1v1 tres There were many of our boys who we e acttve tn football wrestlmg baseball and basketball We gtrls proved that the boys were not the only class athletes when we took part tn seven gtrls sports namely mushball basketball volleyball ptng pong bowltng tenms and badmtnton ln our class play Trger House we offered proof that many sophomores could play dramatlc roles Very well Those of us who were musrcally mcltned took part 1n the band chorus quartet and tr1o Although very few sophomores were rn the operetta Blossom Ttme we attended the performances wrth great joy When we uddenly found that our sophomore year was clostng we wtth the 1un1ors gave a memorable Sprmg Formal or the semors of 1946 ln our Jumor year we felt that at last E H S belonged to u l Agam we took promtnent parts rn school acttvtttes For a few weeks our attentton was centered on poltttc whtle we selected our class offtcers After Chrtstmas we won acclatm m our productton of Every Famtly Has One Many of us played hosts to the v1s1tLng band members who came for the D1str1ct Band Festtval held IH Hanover In the sprmg we proudly watched our fellow class men tn the operetta My Maryland Frnally we ended our 1un1or year a year of great accompltshments w1th the beauttful ltghts and rythmlc mustc of the annual dance held by the underclassmen for the semors ln the summer that followed the last day of our 1un1or year the malortty of us obta1ned part trme or full ttme yobs tn stores factortes or farms ln no ttme at all the summer flew by and we once aga1n returned to school for our last year As semors we realtzed that our fxnal year tn E H S should be full of accompltshments greater than before As a result our football players worked as hard as posstble and suc ceeded rn wmntng the South Penn Conference Champtonshtp Our class members who be longed to Student Counctl or to school clubs managed to supply the school wtth soctal affatrs such as the electron dance and the Sadte Hawktns Dance When we presented our sentor play Out of the Frytng Pan we acknowledged the reports that tt was one of our be t performances tn our htgh school years A large percentage of us took part rn the dr1ll and mtxed cnoruses the band cheerleadmg the Orange and Black staff and the Normr staff ln the prtng we once aga1n won pratses for our class members who parttctpated IN the operetta New Moon Near the end of school we attended our last hlgh school formal gtven for us by the sophomores and Jumors As we danced to the dreamy muslc we realtzed that we could no longer be carefree students but that we were raptdly becomtng respons1ble adults After we had attended Baccalaureate Service and the Campus Day program we were no longer semors but men and women who would soon seek our fortunes rn the huge world When we the class of l948 graduated we knew that we would always remember the toys and sorrows of our tnree years at E H S l4 1 1 1 1 . . , S .' . 1 . I Q - ' A 1 1 1 . . 1 . , , 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I - 11 , 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 ' c- , . .1 1 1 1 , . . . - D. - . , 0 . . . . . t1 ' 1 , . , - A 11 11 . . . 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 -- 1 1 1 . . . . I - - 1 1 , 1 1 - 5 . ' ' - 1. 11 .1 - 11 1 1 1 1 0 - . , . . . . , Q A -1 11 1 . ' 1 . . I 1 A . 1 I 1 ' 1 1 ' .. ,, 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DEAN s'rAUn Lawyer "Dean" Academic Iust getting around l'That's a racket!" Through cur Sophomore and Senior years Dean has led our c as The many tasks that he has done are hard to surpass Clubs Boys Athletlc l Publlc Speakmg 23 Homeroom Pres1dent l 2 Sophomore play Orange and Black Staff l 2 Ed1tor 1n Ch1ef 3 Football manager 2 3 Debatmg 2 3 H1 Y Z Secretary 3 Class Pres1dent l 3 DAVID EARL LeFEVRE N R O T C Ears Acadermc Pltchmg Horseshoes Censored l l l The answer he IS always ready to tell He has what 1t takes to hear real well Clubs Boys Athlet1c l23 Lettermens 2 I V Football 1 Vars1ty Football 2 3 I V Basketball l VGTSIGY Basketball 2 3 Baseballl 3 H1 Y l 2 3 Class V1ce Pres1dent 3 ELEANOR RUTH FORMWALT Ioumallst E y Academ1c Readmg Oh grunt' A pleasant sm1le and a wmmng way Her talents burst forth 1n bnght array Clubs Dancmq Secretary l Press 2 3 Homeroom Pres1dent 3 Mlxed Chorus l 2 3 Operetta 2 3 Dr1ll Chorus 3 Orange and Black Staff l 2 Feature Ed1tor J Norn1r Staff Assoc1ate Edttor Glrls Sportsl 2 3 G1rl Reserves l Y Teens Iumor Class Pres1dent 2 Presxdent 3 Class Secre tary 3 PHILIP LEE STONESIFER Travel Phi General Movxes Good gnef He s not toc heavy though QUIIQ tall Wlrose heart and soul IS 1I"l basketball Clubs Boys Athlet1c l DFIVIHQ 2 Photography 3 Student Counc1l l Vlce Pres1dent 2 M1XSd Chorus l Operetta 1 I V Basketball l Varsxty Basketball 2 3 Track l 2 3 H1 Yl 2 3 Class Treasure-rl 2 3 WILBUR IACOB GOBRECHT Pro Ball Player Goby ACGd9m1C Eatxng and sleep1ng 'P 'P 'P In athletlcs Goby IS unsurpassed Where could you f1nd another so last? 'P 'P Clubs Boys Athletrcl Dr1v1ng 2 3 Lettermens 2 Mlxed Chorus l 2 3 Operettal 2 3 I V Football l Varslty Football 2 3 I V Basketball l Vars1ty Basketball 2 3 Track l 2 3 H1 Y l 2 3 Class VICE Pres1dent l Pres1dent 2 Athletlc Representahve 3 15 ,Cl Al 55 Hgh tif? E' .Hv,1J T 5 :JJ 1 4 IUENE ALBAN Typxst luerle Commerclal Dcmcmg Oh heavensl Wtth graclcus ways and pearly teeth Her rntelltgence she d not bequeath Clubs Dancrngl Typtng 2 Study 3 Homeroom Sec Treas l Secretary 2 Prestdent 3 Orange and Black Bustness Manager 3 Gtrls Sports 2 Gtrl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 BERNICE L ARENTZ To go to Phxladelphxa Peanut Dreamtng Monk IS the flame of th1s gtrl s heart To Ph1ladelph1a she hopes to depart Clubs Danctngl Typtng 2 Study 3 Gtrls Sport l Y Teens 2 3 PEGGY SUSAN ARTLEY To succeed m llfe Peg Eatmg Peg thmks guys arent worth her gaze But we ll fcrglve as her talent ttlls our plays General You know xt Grrl Reserves Commerc1al Gee zoote Clubs Danclng l Drtvmg 2 Dramatlcs 3 Student Councll 2 3 Homeroom Vtce Pres l G1rl Reserves Sophomore V1ce Pres Y Teens 2 3 ARNETTA ALTHOUSE Nurse Netty Ltstentng to the radio Netty s blond hatr IS hard to beat Her manne s dellghttul her smtle very sweet Clubs Danctng l Gtrls Athlettc 2 Home Nurstng Sports l 2 3 Gt l Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 ETHEL LORRAINE AUMEN To be cz success Pee Wee Readtng To be a success leads the way Honest to truth youll hear her say Clubs Glee l Study Z Knttttng 3 Y Teens 2 3 GLENN LUTHER BI-UR Farmer Glenn Bemg Outdoors Thts out door lad no energy lacks Everyone knows he plays a sax Clubs Studyl 3 Spamsh 2 Bandl 2 3 ESTHER BANGE Ofhce work Esther Readtng Her votce 1 so o o gen le to everyone And she a most alway has her work done Clubs Glee l Study 2 3 Acadernxc Gee whlz Sec Treas 3 Gtrls General Honest to truth Academtc I guess Comrnerctal SENIUH ELASS 16 SENIUH ELASS FRANCES BARNES Beautlcmn Comme C1Gt Howdy Fran Rldlflg tr' a 47 Chevy Rrdmg 1n a Chevy gtves her a thrtll Of basketball and Arm1n she can t ge her hll Clubs Dancmg 1 Gtrls Shop 2 Typmg 3 G1rls Sportsl Gtrl Re-serv IEANNE BARNES Typist Commercta Ftddlesttcks Barnel Rtdmg 1n a C rratn Ford She has a contagtous warm teelmg ot happtness May her talents blend to brmg success Clubs Dan mg l Glrls Shop 2 Typlng Normr Art Edttor G1rl Re serves 1 CYRIL BECHTEI. Own my own grocery and restaurant Cyrll Vocattonal Sports Ntce day A quiet but studlous boy IS he A grocer he wtshes to De ubsFCA 23Bandl CONSTANCE BECKER Smger Rack General Dancrng Dont know do you? An attractlxe mtss w1th a canary votce A Ghost ot a Chance IS her present cho1ce Clubs Danctng l Gtrls Athletlc 2 3 Sophomore Play Mtxed Chorus l 2 3 Operettal 2 3 Orange and Black Stall l Gtrls Sports l 7 Cheerleader 2 Chorus 3 Glrl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 BETTY CHRISTINE BERWAGER Musxcxan Gene al Beante Yea Uh huhl Loatmg Thx short husky lass w1th a heart of gold Loves mustc and sports so I am told Clubs Danctnq l Gxrls Athletlc 2 3 Band 2 3 Gtrls Sports 2 3 WILLIAM HENRY BITTINGER Own and operate a cham oi stores Academtc 1 Holy smokes Collectmg old postage stamps H1 Y Pre tdent and Norn1r head For one such as he not enough can be satd Clubs Boys Athlettcl Secretary 2 Typtng 3 Homeroom Presrdent l 2 Normr Ed1tortn chtef I V Football l 2 Basketball Manager l 2 3 Tennts 2 3 Htstory Qutz Team 3 Hx Y I Vtce Presrd nt 2 Prestdent 3 EUGENE RALPH BIXLER Machzmst lx Vocattonal Btx IS a Nrestler for E H S A good na ured chap full of hetplulness Clubs F C A 2 Lettermensl 2 Track 2 3 Wrestlmgl 2 3 I7 uv 'I rv 0 nr U 'I ' 11 4 ti 'ul 1 4:,. l"tJ4 "turd S411 3 ju rn . Sam I lJJ:fp J W '-617' f" 5 I fa 'lr 4 U3 U2 run G l 4' at " zu :fa 1 t ct ORPHA LOIS BLACK Teacher Orphte Playlng the ptano Her talent for debatmg ts apropos She s very neat from her head to her toe Clubs Dramatxc l Pubhc Speaklng Secretary Z Typxng 3 l 2 3 Normr Stat! 3 Glrls Sportsl 2 I BNET VIOLA BLOCHER To become a Mrs an Dancmg Neat as a pm and sharp as a tack Dcot knows th1s to be a tact Clubs Dancmg l Drtvtng 2 Glrls Athlettc 3 Glrls Reserves l Y 'I' ens 2 3 IOYCE ODESSA BOLIN Ioyce Readmg Thls red natred freckle faced blue eyed gal Proves to be a genutne pal Clubs Dancmg l Study 2 3 BERNARD BOOSE Boose ACGdemlC Ohl Phooeyl Mtxed Chorus Commerclal Oh schucksl Sports l 2 3 Gxrl General Oh Brother' Commerclal Loafmg Get out ol my hcur He plays the sax and Jltterbugs too As a cla Casanova he really sends you Clubs Dancmg l Study 2 3 Homeroom Secretary 3 Student Councll 1 Plays l 2 3 D1str1ct Band 2 3 Orchestral 2 3 Normr Staff Boys Sports 2 Boys Quartet 3 Operetta2 3 Mlxed Chorus 2 3 Bandl 2 3 H1 Y 2 3 MINERVA BOWERSOX Housewlfe Nerv1e Commerclal Readtng anythma I can grasp Holy cow She has dark velvet halr you ll agree To everyore s heart she has a key Clubs Dancmg l Dr1v1ng Z Dramattc 3 Homeroom Treasurer 2 Plays l 2 3 Orange and Black Stall 2 Glrls Sports l Glrl Reserves 1 Y Teens 2 IRA BROWN IR- Accountant Brown Commerclal R1d1ng a motor blke Thats alnght When w need a character for our plays Whom do we call on? Ira Wllh hts helpful ways Clubs Study l Btology Z Dramatlc 3 Plays l 2 3 Operetta 2 3 Nornlr Staff IBNICE MARIE BROWN Secretary an Commerclal Watchtng a cer am football player You talked me 1nto It Dancmg at Strausy s wxth a certaxn you know who Rootm at football practlce well I guess you would too Clubs GIYIS Shop l Typtng 2 Study 3 Orange and Black Staff 2 Normr Stall Gxrls Sports 1 Gtrl Reserves l Y Teens 2 SENIUH CLASS 18 . . 11 11 1 - 1 '- 1 1 . 1 . , 1 1 1 1 1 - - 11 11 , . 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . Q 1 - 1 - . 11 11 , 1 . , - I . . , , . 11 11 . . 1. 1 11 1 :SS , . - 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I - I 4 1. ,11 - . . 11 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . 1 . I I I I I I ' 1 11 11 . . . . 11 1 . 11 9 . , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . A . 11 . 111 I . 1 . . 11 11 1 1 1 . , . . ' ' ' . . ' - 1 1 1 1 I I I - ' SENIUH CLASS ROSELLA M BROWN To travel Home Econom1cs You know Shnmp Lrstenlng to the radlo bhrtmp asset IS her flammg crown Her abxlltv 1n Home Ec has no bound Clubs Kmttlngl Study 2 F H A 3 Gtrls orts l YTeens 2 3 EDWIN BUBB Travel over the U Ed-Clie General See1ng rrovles A class character lt there ever were one Hes full ol devtlment and lots ot fun Clubs Studyl 2 Rlfle and P1stol3 Boys Sports It doesnt matter NEVIN CLINE Travel Nev General Ea mg A great btc. bru1ser on our football team Hrs maneuvers wrth teachers are qutte a scream Clubs Study 1 Boys Athlettc 2 Lettermens Z 3 Vars1ty Football 3 I V Basketballl Baseball 3 Boys Sportsl 2 3 Ruby baby huh' HAROLD E COLESTOCK To be a carp nter Coly Vocattonal Readtng You know lt 'lo be a carpenter IS thrs lad s pet vocatton Hrs shyne s w1ll last for a long duratlon Clubs Study l Boys Athlettc Z 3 PATRICIA COMITZ Duncmg a Commerclal Day dreammg lt ll matter The grace of th1s lassle IS hard to beat Wlth her ab1l1ty to dance no one can compete Clubs Danclng l Study 2 Grrls Shop 3 M1xed Chorus l 2 Operetta 2 Glrls Sportsl 2 3 G1rlReserves1 Y Teens 2 3 HENRY G CULP College I-len Academrc Loahng You arnt a krddm A class clown who w1ll always come thru To Culp News Agency hell remam true Clubs Study 1 4. 3 Homeroom Sec Treas 2 Plays l 2 Mlxed Chorus l 2 3 Dr ll Chorus 1 Senlor Boys Ouartette Boys Chorus 1 2 3 Ope retta Z 3 Cheerleader 3 Student Councll 1 Boys Sports 1 2 LOIS IRENE DOYLE To be a nurse Lols Academtc Readmg ' Yeah, Uh Huh' Thls cute llttle number IS qulte pettte Her personahty IS very sweet Clubs Gtee l, Home Nursmg 2, Dramatlcs 3, Homeroom Secretary 3, Girls Sports l, 2 Y Teens 3 19 ,. 1 6 J QQ' 'Ol RUTH SHIRLEY DUBBS To get a mem Ruth1e Academ1c Dancmq Uh Huh' lntellectually and mus1cally 1ncl1ned Our Rurme IS a true lrlend ot all mank1nd Clubs Dancmg 1 Typlng 2 Dramat1c 3 Plays 2 3 Mlxed Chorusl 2 3 Op retta 3 Orange and Black Staff l Z 3 Gxrls Sports l 2 3 GIYIS Tr1o l 2 3 Dr1ll Chorus 3 Bowlmg l 3 Gul Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 VIRGINIA ELIZABETH ELINE Stenographer Imny Commerc1al Dancmg Yeah An asset ct the Penney store She s lull ot pep and lun galore Clubs Dancxng l GITIS AthIet1c Z 3 Study 3 G1rls Sports l Z 3 Glrl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 PATRICIA IULIA ERNST Nurslng a Academ1c Sports and dan mg Yeah Uh huhl Ar' energe IC m1ss Wllh charm and grace An A tudent IS always the case Clubs Dancmg l GITIS Athlet1c Manager 2 3 Typ1ng 3 Homeroom VICE Pres1clent l 3 Nornlr Staff Sen1or Ed1IOT G1flS Sports l 2 3 H1s tory QUIZ Team 3 G1rl Reserves l Y Teens 2 Sen1or VICE Pres1dent 3 lumor Class Secretary ROBERT LEE FAKE To travel Bumpy Vocat1onal Sports lt happens t e best tam1l1es They call hlm Bumpy He s qu1te tall A xocahonal who hkes basketball Clubs Studyl Boys Athletlc 2 3 I V Basketball MILES R FASNACHT Businessman Bud Academu: Studymg for MISS Menges Nuts Happy go lucky and yolly IS he He ll be a busmess man? 7 7 lust wa1t and see IOHN FISHER A11 Corps P1lot ohn Vocatlonal Bu1ld1ng model a1rplanes A mechamcally m1nded guy 1n the Vocat1onal course Who has a des1re to be 1n the U S A1r Force Cubs F C A 1 2 3 IANET LEE FOLMER Ianet Academlc L1sten1ng to Dlck s records Youd be surprlsed Her respon e to Home Ec IS very qulck She ll need 1t when she rnarrles Dxck. Clubs: Needlecraft-Treasurer l- Home Nursing-Secretary 2, 3, Girls Sportsl 2 3. to SENIUH ELI-XSS 20 SENIUP1 ELAS5 RUTH LOUISE FORHY Travelmg Ruth S ports W1th great school Splflf for E H S Th1S g1rl always seems to do her best Clubs Glee l Study 2 Mustc Apprec1at1on 3 General Im hungry IOAN LOUISE FROCK To become a Mrs Academ1c Im hungry oan Seemg Burnell Our Penelope of the Iumor play Is a short l1ttle gtrl who IS always gay Clubs Study l Pract1cal Psychology 2 Dramahc 3 Iumor Play Student Counc1l Pres1d nt 3 G1rls Sports 3 MYRNA FROCK Becrutzclcm General Crunch Frockle Dancmg ThlS tall blonde halred lassle IS qu1et and shy But w1th her qual1t1es she ll always get by Clubs Dancmgl Typmg 2 Study 3 G1rls Sportsl 2 3 DOLORES FUHRMAN Nurse Academm: You know 1t Snooks Be1ng at the creek To be dressed 1n Whlle IS her 1deal Her love tor the creek she car t conceal Clubs Dancmg l Knlttlng 2 Study 3 HOMER GOBRECHT FUHRMAN Mcrchxmst Homer Workmg around mechamcal 1tems A fr1endly guy who s always pol1te H15 trombone play1ng IS qu1te a dehght Clubs F C A12 3 Bandl 2 3 Track2 DORIS EVELYN FULCO Alrlme Hostess o Commerctal Llstenmg to th rad1o Thats for sure An a1r mmded lass IH 12 C 7 She has eyes of brown and a heart really true Clubs Dancmg l Study Z 3 Glrls Sports l G1rl Reserves l YTeens 2 CHARMAINE FUNK Dancer ' Char Commerc1al Drawtng 'More fun Tw1nkl1ng toes and an C1TflSl s hand W1th all the stars, she ll take her stand Clubs Dancmg l DYIVIHQ 2 Study 3, Glrls Sports 2 3 Glrl Reserves l Y Teens 2 .l"vfuA E P I ml: Ig 'a rn L ft pl- v 'fm Mm ,Q-ng swf ...N 21 ul 11 ' I. 11 1 H ' D l A I I - , 1'Lfn 'Lf'.fLfL"L'3fgH11?LfIfL',?n'afa 'Q' 193151315 !a'::'.rLfyfLf.'.'.:1 1 .f.1.f.1L1.I1'--5 --1151101 51- .1 1.1.n1nI1uu,I'-vt.I-1! --:Brel 1. Mr...-.,,..,,h,l.1, .V It-4. J1k1if.?S'Lf1'If .2.1?L!L.i?f. 1- L1 ---I I 1... I 11.01. pt 1 ' no-l?L?l?-3 II :-on-I1nws:11fb 11 II . Vasu-171 f1rf:1.3rz41n u- nffifygf I 1.1 r.?,!,'B,rs1.1r,..1. ...-..L.. . ,, , ,, -13 . f .,.1.1:1a-7 14111 13,3-,-an . if. .'I?s?.'ffI'I9.'.-'S .hu-.J I 1.Qu11:1-1,11o1amkgLnI.1g?Y1l - nw- .1.1- .1.. 1 -1. .11I I1.... l' " ' an II2Al!A1XlJ4l'htlllllvlP4r UF' nl J itll! 7 lr UI..r1 rvvilwl 1 - - SIL I IS L38 .KPN 312 Sufi? 1.1.1 ,1f1I1.-I 'ML 5 anna I ' lt!!! lillldlblllti lbll :a1a1I1...Lp5f'-.pl u'flIU'alfLpia . . . 1 1 1 . . . . . .,:.'L .ra 1. .P L1 .. .v,.,1., . , , , , .. . - . - - e g . ll - I- 'A . 11 ,I - J I - I I I I I I I - 11 I. . . 11 , ., 1 . 3 5 5 . N l xv 931 ,2, .1 I 4. ' . ll 11 Q . . , ai' ' if K A I I - - - 1 I I I I I I - - 11 I, , D t . . Q . 1. I .I - I 7 I I I I ' - 1 "'L7 'E' DEAN MILTON GARRETT To be an undertaker M1 I Academxc Walkrng mmmm mm next You can t guess thts lad s future ambttlon For thls IO ly clown hopes to be a mort1c1an Clubs Btology l 2 Study 3 Senior Play MIXSG Chorus 2 3 Operetta FRANCES IEAN GARRETT To become cx Mrs FTCIU General Kn1tt1ng Oh Gosh For kmttmg th1s General student has zeal The song Near You to her has appeal Club Danctng l Study 2 3 MARY LOUISE GARRETT Music Duector Becky Academtc L1sten1nq to records Good grletl Becky s heart and soul IS musrcally bound Its 1n her throat when Sparky s around Clubs Danclng l Typ1ng 2 Mus1c Apprec1at1on 3 Homeroom Sec Treas l M1xed Chorus l 2 3 Orange and Black l 2 Clrculatton Manager 3 Student Counctl 2 G1rl Reserves l Y Teens Sec 2 Semor Pres 3 ROBERT BALTZLEY GARRETT Coach Bob Academ1c Playmg golf Thats for sure Sports edltor and basketball star H1s athletl ab1l1ty has no par Clubs Press l 3 Dancmg l Boys Athletlc 2 Homeroom Presxdent l Mtxed Chorus 7 3 Nornlr Staff Sports Edltor I V Basketballl Varsxty Basketball 2 3 Tennls 2 3 H1 YZ 3 CHARLOTTE GLADFELTER Saleswork Char General Danc1ng at Straustes Gee Whlz Thts attractxve mtss Wllh teeth ltke pearls Has good posture and pretty black curls Clubs Dancmg 1 Dramatic Z Study 3 Gtrl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 EUGENIA IRENE ELIZABETH GLANT Dancer Ieame Academlc Dancmg Holy Matrxmony A wrxter or a dan er thus lGSS19 hopes to be We wrsh her success lm sure you ll agree Clubs Dancmg l Dramat1c 2 Press Vlce Prestdent 3 Orange and Black 2 3 Gul Sports l Z 3 Glrl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 MELVIN GOOD Sclentxst Good1e Academtc Loqhng Know what I mean? One dev1l1 h angel IS he A sc1entx t he wants to be Clubs Boys Atnlet1c l Rxlle and Pxstol 2 Dr1v1ng 3 Homeroom Sec l I V Football l 2 Track l 3 Boys Sports 2 HIY 2 3 SENIUH ELASS 72 SENIUH CLASS AUDREY LOUISE GROVE Travel Chub Acadermc DGUCITIQ Isnt that PGIIIEIICQ A popular g1rl who IS always 1n style One who w1ll make a tnend worthwhrle Clubs Danclng l Typmg 2 Press 3 Mlxed Chorus l 2 3 Operetta 2 3 Orange and Black 2 3 Norn1r Staff Seruor Edrtor Drxll Chorus 3 Glrls Sports 2 Glrl Re erves Vrce Pres 1 Y Teens 2 Treas 3 MARY CECILIA GULDEN Nurse Mary Academrc Dancrng Hello to you too Her tavonte colors are red and blue But to Orange and Black shell remam true Clubs Dancmg l Practrcal Psychology 2 Home Nursxng Pres 3 Glrls Sports l 2 3 Glrl Reserves l Y Teens Iumor Class Treas 3 MARY HART To succeed Soap General Danc1ng at Strausles I belleve Farr complexxoned and Hart so true Thls lass rs called Soapy too Clubs Studyl 2 3 Grrls Sports 2 Y Teens 2 3 LESTER EARL HERSHEY IR Own a Department Store Feet Academ1c Playmg the prano Gee Wh1z Thrs boy has such hrm foundahons For sports and photography deserves congratulahons Clubs Boys Athletlcl 2 3 Norn1r Staff Photography Edrtor Track l 2 3 Wrestl1ng managerl 2 Boys Sportsl 2 3 I-I1 Y 2 3 GILBERT H01-'FMAN To be a star m Hollywood re Academrc General Roller skatrng Good men are scarce take care ot me Thrs dark Casanova rs very gay Wrth mo t ot the lad1es he has a way Clubs Boys Athletrcl 3 Vars1ty Football 3 Track l 3 IACQUELINE SNYDER HOKE College Iackle Academxc Dancmg I eat that up In our plays for all three years To Iackxe we owe honors and cheers Clubs Typmgl Press 2 Dramattc 3 Playsl 2 3 Mrxed Chorus l 2 3 Operettas l 3 Orange and Black l 2 3 Norn1r Stall Feature Edltor Gxrls Sports l 3 G1rl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 Hxstory Ourz Team 3 WALLACE FRANKLIN HOOVER Ioumalxst Wally Genera Go I-I1 ya kld A blonde Casanova who lrkes :ce cream That Old Devxl Moon really makes h1m dream Clubs Danclng l Press 2 R1lle 3 Band l Orange and Black Sports Wnter 2 3 Ba eba1l2 3 Boys Sports 1 2 3 l'I1Y 2 3 23 kg 141 T' fsv, Ea., Q-nn xxx: .A B-.5'l".:a:-E i Q' :...'5'jz"'j'2-.LJ ,use 4 is 'gli I i5E'.x.1"'i:: 534 x AJ! .fits R 5 :sc at-L3 I 'JSI'-t m 1 FQ -32SfE"i'zf-1- gl 4 lil: .s.. Lx.'i'1 XSS.. 4- .J M max 3 .fi , .Q S.:,Z,L. -, 4. 253' x l K2 I-Q 47 L- A O- ' f' .c "2'xf" Q. wal X4 P4 Silt? the Q7 14.4. 1 1 5' CHARLES HUBLEY See the world Chuck Academ1c Getuna the ca l know what you are Tl'11s tru'r1petplay1ng guy 13 really up to par H tavorrte past r'1e lS aettrna the car Cubs luancrng l Rrtle and P1stol2 Boys Ath et1c 3 Band l 2 3 Or e tra 3 Pays Spots GENEVIEVE MARIE HYDE Stewurdess Gen Coma t1sh1ng ID a yeep Gen IS a s1ncere lass Ore of the quretest of our class Clubs C1rls Shopl 2 3 Grrls Sportsl DOLLIE FAITH IACOBS Typlst lJoll1e L1 tenmq to my tery stones Blond blu eyed and pretty too I-wrong h favor1tes lS Near You Cubs Ty prna Study 2 3 MARGARET LOIS IENSEN To hve ln Iapcm Marg1e Dancmg An attra lxfargre lV6 rn1ss for many years leads us IH our cheers Club Typmg Dr1ll Chorus 3 Co'nmerc1al General Yeah Cornmercral cant help rt Academ1c Honestly l Pe 2 Drarnahc 3 Plays 2 3 Mrxed Chorus l 2 3 Operetta 3 Orange a d Black l G1rls Sports l 2 3 Cueerl adrna 2 3 Student Counc1l l G1rl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 NADINE ANNA IONES I ad ne W l11l'lQ fx 1 nrrll true and very cute th a cheerful personahty to boot lb llancmq 1 Stu ly 2 Kn1t1r1a 3 G1rl S orts MARY LOUISE KARLUS Jnookre H1K1na N91 ve y tfxlkatrve really q111te shy M ry faxorrte food 1s baked potato pre ll J L b a v Stud MARIAN KEENEY Learn how to dnve lf Commercral Oh Gollyl General Irmrnrny Iehosophats General H1 L Gee whrz Thrs petrte lass who 1s always n atly dressed H 1 natural wavy ha1 hat alfvay at1ts best lf r 1na Dra'r1a1Q e 1 en u r s or s Q ves l Y Teen 2 3 S uden CGUnCl SE IUP1 FLAGS 24 1 9 I 1 .' 1 - 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 . l 1 1 1 1 - Chas l,2, p , 1 r l,2,3. ..- Us I. 1 . 'fag' 1 , . . . 1. 11 'I .- I 1 . 1- 1' 5 - A 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 - , 1 19 1 ' "t' - -S rl 13:25. 'L 1 ,Le h - .x.1.....a- , 1 . . --Ei qi... F. "':,.:- , - . ... 1- 4. .4 .-...' ' 1 .4 .K--ve... .1-..-.. . -1. -1 arab -1+---W - -:gt . iq.: .A . in 13533: - - . -- .--:- ---. -. 1 ' ' ' 'S . 1 .,'5.g.gv.::g. 151- 1 'K in -5--....:.:.:': x ' I ' . , . 1. 1 . 11 " -4- 1 A , 5" .": '53 - .3 Q I - w-.. .-. .1. , ,M . , , 1 If ...rg :ga-5 . -3311, - A , - -gf 5. --- 3--3: ...1,.-. ,.. an ,--0 5,1 5. ' fih--J? 51 f N 1 f ..... a .V Q. -::z. . D, ' ' 1' " I - A- .vu .q.g... . 1. -1 ---1' -, :Qi ':::':"'., -43-Q-4 -v 1 - - .. "4 :.. . 'as .--- f 1 f 1 1 . . f:'!:"""t' 's' Fi? :xii :tr ...Jr ...A.-HH... ' 2.. .4 i ""z':... '- . . - 5-.Q -4: a ' : .--.:'- . rl Q1.1:, I ' ,.-..:.? f- . - ., .-Q-.. 1.-. 1- . 11 - 1. ....-..,... -a,,:,i2:..':1'2a!f3:':':5:!:1-:Ca L. -:..... 5 .'.i:z.1.1-..,.- , ., ,, . 5,.1..... -4 2 ..-..:.-.:.z':'1:: .as.. "" "a ."f'r'a'r.'1:'q'-"Q ,, 5 - K . - .-4... . "' -...-?'e:f.::' -,- - f 4-za :-'. . - - ---- V- 1 H' . .1 ,. '.'i-i...,..J .zh .1 , 11 . e 1 L --gk, 4.-. . 5. I . -- 1" --.JE "5':2:EztA'z ' ' ' .. 1... ...- ,x....., ... 1, -0:-.1 z-J.-......-.,..:...i- - - - 1 5 L J i.,.-s...--.q..!.-4-,A Q- - y gg 1 - - - ,Q Au ,YL -rr:-5 ak. - 1 -- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s ex--. ' ' 'gf - A 1 1 J, Li 1... .K Fit..-.!i2..' 5 5 I1 5 1 , , I ' .A . ' 1 ' . ' . V , 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 41 Q . 1 1 1 . Ili 1 rQ - . Sh , is sr . 1 , , ' Wi v- - J ' f- ' . ' 1 , 1 '. . ' U' - N- 1,11 .1 , 1 , 1 , , 11 p 1 l. -.1 L. - ........-.-.... :.,.g.,1:q:Qjg.:.:.r:::z::. 11 , H -h 7-7- . .-.1....-... . . 1 Hina-:ggf3?7if12F2s:a:::z!q .1 . . 11 .-...-..1. . 312 5:,:-:::1zi.2i " ' Z'i'-3s"if1". 6'-'FC-"'-'41 ' -g:a..,-4. --,-:1:..':fv1:':r I . A,-31212i"w:a::aa':'1!:':'111:.2 1 ' r 1 . lifajgjkigifisqfg15.265213iii: 1 ' 1 ' . 3:.:5:-5-.santa4i.!..Zar:t:2:1 r1 rs . , 5:5533-31.iii-aiiiziaiifztrai f 1 :2:'!.1a2.f.f:'r2r31afE:fzE77:' Cl I 1 1 ' r l- y 2 3 1g.:1:-.sn-.r.e.q-sggsgl' " A ' A A ' ' ' -if?5a'2i225Q..11!1. .fd antics. T 212121.-.f.:.fs2a11:Qzfa2s-:.:- -jf wg-Q-3s..l..-....... :1:,i ' -.,-11- .','.a2:f:fz':"," 1-' 1 I lflr ran l'l'1v1 j f 'n - ' 1 ' 'Q' . e . . ' 4 1 ' 1-' O . 5 . ' ' . 1 Clubz l, ,116 4 lg 1 t -Pr.sd 112, S1 dy 3, G1 l. Sp t. l, 2, 3, Grrl Hes 7' . 1 ' S . T - 1 13 A J SENIUH CLASS NANCY ANNE KETTERMAN Secretary an Commerc1al Dancmg You know 1t Seen at the MauDra most every n1ght Eats frencn fr1es to tease her appet1te Clubs Danclng l Study 2 Glrls Athlet1c 3 Homeroom Sec Treas 2 Mtxed Chorus 3 Operetta 3 Orange and Black 3 G1rls Sports 3 Cheer leadmg 2 G1rl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 NORMAN MELVIN KRANZDORF Lawyer Yukle Academ1c Loafmg It matters not He plans to be a lawyer some day H1s talklng sk1ll should lead the way Clubs Study l Debate 2 Pres1dent 3 Lettermen s 2 3 Norn1r Stall ClfCUlGllOn Manager I V Football l Varstty Football 2 3 Wrestlmg 3 H1 Y VELMA IEWEI. KRUG Secretary Velma Commerc1al Fleadmg Amt 1t the truth Here IS a glrl l1ked by all In every sport she carr1es the ball Clubs Glrls Athlet1cl 2 Kmttmg 3 G1rls Sportsl 2 ROBERT LAIRD IR College Bob ACGd9m1C Sleep1ng An artlst 777 IS thxs tall guy He plays basketball for Hanover H1gh Clubs Boys Athletlc 1 2 Dr1v1ng 3 M1xed Chorus Oper al I V Basketball l Vars1ty Basketball 2 3 FREDA E LAU To succeed Freda ACGd6mlC Readlng My goshl Her future ambxtlon lS to succeed Wh1le h lavonte pastlme IS to read Clubs Study l 2 Home Nurstng 3 IEANNE ADELLE LAU Typxst Ieanne Commerc1al Workmg on my hope chest She twlrls the baton at the head of the band At Commerc1al work she ll take her stand Clubs Gtrls Athletlcl G1rls Shop2 3 Bandl 2 3 Love you MARY CATHERINE LAUGHMAN To travel Cas Home Econom1cs Dr1v1ng the Plymouth IS that fight? A fleet looted skater who moves w1th ease, A Home EC student, lf you please. Clubs: Dancing lg Girls' Shop 2g F. H. A,-Vice-President 2, 3. 25 at 1 5,4 YF! 'inf T 3 .ff yin.. PAULINE MARIE LEESE Rear a large lamrly PONY Acadermc Wrrtmg letters Ah hal Tally colored harr and eyes of blue An academic student Wrth heart so true Clubs Dancmg l Drrvrng 2 Typrng 3 Homeroom Prestdent l Orange and Black Asst tant Feature Edrtor l Z Feature Edrtor 3 Glrls Sports l 2 3 Gul Reserves l f Teens Assrstant Secretary 2 DORIS RUTH LEISTER Secretary DOTIS Academrc Readmg Ye gadds and lrttle flshes She wants to be a secretary th1s lrttle mrss so true Her tavorrte pastrme lS readrng and her lavorlte color blue Clubs Dancmg 1 Drrvrng Z Typmg 3 l-lomeroom Pres1dent2 Secretary 3 Plays l 2 Gul Reserves Sophomore Presrdent l Y Teens Vrce Presr dent 2 3 SHIRLFY LEPPO Typrst Shrrley Commercral Sports kxddrn Busy neat and 1olly lS she Always wrllmg to help you and me Clubs Dancmg l Glrls Shop 2 Study 3 Grrls Sports IOAN DOLORES LI'l'TLE Ioanre Berng wrth that certam someone fDonJ Ioame remmds us of the cheery brlght sun She s neat elfrclent and full ot fun Clubs Dancrng l Typmg 2 Kmttrng 3 Orange and Sports l 3 G1rl Reserves l Y Teens 2 DOLORES MARIE MARKLE Nursmg Dory Lrstemnq to the radlo In all athletrcs our Dory rs tops Her desrre for nursrng never stops Cornmerclal Oh my gollyl Black 2 3 Grrls Academrc Oh heavensl Clubs Dancmgl Grrls Athletlc 2 3 Mlxed Chorus 3 Grrls Sports 3 Stud nt Councrl 2 Y Teens 2 3 GEORGE R. MARKLE Au Corps Reds Vocatlonal Drrvrng the car Guess that ll learn you l-le hopes to Jom the A1r Corps some day Thls red headed guy wlth the wmmng way Clubs Dancrng l Drrvmg 2 Sec 3 Band l Z 3 Boys BARBARA .ANN MASENHEIMER Physlcal Educahon Teacher Babs R admg good books A pleasant vorce has th1s farr lass She s a c edlt to the Senlor Class Sports 2 3 Academrc l-lonestlyl Clubs Dancmg l Glrls Athlet1c 2 3 Mlxed Chorus l 2 3 Operetta 2 3 Drrll Chorus 3 Gtrls Tr1ol 2 3 Normr Stall Gtrls Sports Edltor Gxrls Sports l 2 3 Sudent Counc1l 3 Grrl Reserves Soph Treas l YTeen SENIUH ELI-XSS 25 SENIUH CLASS GEORGE MATHIAS Navy Shorty Vocational Sleepxng Good gnefl A blonde Casanova who rsnt very tall Hts heart is fxlled wlth gtrls and football Club Dancmgl Drrvmg 2 FCA 3 I V Football 2 Wrestling 1 ERNEST CLAIR MILLER Electncxan Ernle Academ1c Sports Yeh' Ernle ts a wrestllng star And tn foo ball he has gone qulte far Clubs Lettermens l 2 3 DFIVIDQ 2 Study 3 Varslty Football l 2 Wrestlmgl 2 3 FRANK BERTRAM MOORE Pro baseball ack Academlc Sports Whelpl Baseball pttcher football back Three hurrahs for handsome Iack Clubs Danctng l Lettermans 2 Study 3 Homeroom Pres 1 V Pres 2 Pres 3 Varslty Football 1 2 3 Baseballl 2 3 Boys Sports l 2 3 H1Yl 2 3 Class V Pres 2 ELDON MOUL Aeronautlcal Mcnntenance Engmeer Readmg av1at1on books Gee whlzl Hell always go along wtth the crowd Th1s lad who has h1s head tn a cloud Clubs Boys Ath1et1c l Typmg 2 Study 3 I V Football 2 BETTY MUMMEBT Betty Academlc Sw1mm1ng I reckon Her plea nq sm1le her auburn halr Make ev rybody turn and stare Clubs Dramatxcl 2 3 Mxxed Chorus 3 Operetta STEDE MUMMERT Travel Speed Vocatlonal Sleepmg Is that rlght? Hts pastlme IS sleeping yet hrs nlckname IS Speed He play a bass horn he does yes mdeed Clubs Dancmq l Drxvlng 2 P C A 3 Bandl 2 3 Baseball 3 Wrest hng 2 3 DELORES I NACE Typxst Dory Commercxal Readtng true t nes or skatmg You keep tellmg yourself Dory can make one s heart stand stxll But before you get xdeas ask Avertll Clubs Dramatxc 2 Glrls Shop3 Glrls Sport 2 27 , si ' , ' ' 5 . . . 5 . . 1gV, 5 ' . . ' T ' . . ' . ' ' . . ' Q. ' l I I I V I I VA . . - Y . ' . I . - J , . : , . 1 , , 1 - , , 5 . . . . "Eldon" Academic . . . i ' I ' 5 ' 5 g , . , e . 1 ' , . 1 ' 1 33 S , , . I ' 1 " : . . . 1 , , 1 1 - , . . X SC. . .. . .. . 4 , . . i ' 5 ' ' 5 ' ' ,3. FRED LEON NEIDEHER To own a sporting goods store Fred Commercial General Loafing at the creek Gee Whiz' A tall lanl'y senior who s really in tune His tlashy blue yacket makes the girls swoon Clubs Dancmgl StudyZ Photography 3 Bandl 2 WILLIAM LLOYD NEIDI-IAMMER Have cx good time 1 Academic List ning to the radio uessl A cunnmg rascal in more ways than one He s always around when mischief is done Clubs Boys Athleticl Boys Chet 2 Study 3 I V Footballl 2 Base ball 2 3 Track l IANET LOUISE NEWMAN Private Secretary an Commercial Dancing Yeahl Active cu and lull ot fun Girls Sports 3 Girl Reserves I Y Teens 2 3 Clubs Dancingl Dramatic 2 Study 3 Girls Athletic Pres 3 Home room Treas l 3 Mixed Chorusl Z 3 Drill Chorus 3 Operettas 2 3 Orange and Black 2 Advertising Manager 3 Normr Staff Typist 3 Girls Sports 3 G rl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 PEARL GRACE NOBLE Beautxcxan Pearl Commercial Talking and having fun Yehl Pearls ambition has made her an outstanding student of E H S In the future her ability can only bring success Operetta 3 Orange and Black 2 3 Normr Stall Semor Editor Girls Sports 2 3 Girl Reserves l Y Teens 3 AUDREY CHRISTINE PARR Travel Aud General Dancing Uh huh rlght away Short blonde cute and sweet Here s a r end who s hard to beat Clubs Dancing l Driving 2 Study 3 Sophomore Play Orange and Black l 2 3 Girls Sports l Student Council l Girl Reserves l Y Teens 2 IANICE ELIZABETH PENNEWILL Ohll a secretary Penny Commercial Getting around Hardly ln her eyes is a twinkle of rascality She s vivacious sweet and full of personahty Clubs Dancing l Glrls Athletic 2 3 Typing 3 Orange and Black Girls Sports l Z 3 Girl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 DAWN PRICE Nursing Shoriy Academic Dancing at? KS You know lt This song kxrd can warble a tune Our class lturbi will make you swoon Clubs Dancing l Girls Athletic 2 3 Homeroom President 3 Mixed Chorus l 2 3 Operetta 3 Drill Chorus 3 Girls T lol 2 3 Girls Sports l 2 3 Girl Reserves l YTeens Z 3 SENIUH ELI-XSS 28 , -- , I ' z 1 1 , - t.B.H,, . . 3 . . ..I g I ' ' : ' : : . . , 1 - ' , te, , V 1 ' 1 ' 1 J 'A ' ' - A 1 - - V 2 J ' . ' , . 1 ' A J . . I A 1 I ' : i 5 - , - Clubs: Dancing lg Study 25 Knitting 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Drill Chorus 35 . .. . .. V, KZ , ,I . I A . i ' 7 ' ' ' . 1 ' : J ' ' , W .. . ,, . ,. A I . f . , T. V I I . , SENIUH CLASS HAROLD PRICE Salesman Bud Commercral General Drlvtng around 1n cr car You sard tt Baseball kasketball mustc too Bud knows the thtng to do Clubs Boys Athletrc 1 2 Photography 3 M1xed Chorus l Operetta I V Basketball l Varstty Basketball 2 Baseball l 2 3 Boys Quartet GERALDINE MARTHA REBERT Housewife Gerry Home Economtcs Dreormtng I belteve Husky frtendly and qutte a talker Gerry ha eyes for only Walker Clubs Dancmg l Home Nursmg 2 Study 3 MARY HELEN REBERT Wrxter Mary Academtc Playtng the ptaro Sure Ill do tt Qutet studlous and lournaltsttcally mclmed Our Marv 1 tallored and refmed Clubs Danctng l Home Nurstng 2 Typmg 3 YTeens Sentor Secre tary 3 RALEIGH SELL REDDING Au' Corps Ralelgh Vocattonal Wtesthng track and photography too He hopes some day to fly tn the blue Clubs Btology l Drlvlng 2 Fftfle and Ptstol 3 Lettermens 2 3 Norntr Staff Photography Edttor Trackl Z 3 Wrestltng 2 3 RICHARD EUGENE REESE Naval Ofhcer Dtck Academtc Sleepmg IIITIIIIY Crrckets A football player a basketball star A tall blonde fellow who ll really go far Clubs Boys Alhletlc l 3 Study 2 Homeroom Pres1dent 2 Vtce Presr dent 3 Varslty Football l 2 3 I V Basketball 1 Varsrty Basketball 2 3 Track 2 Ba eball 3 HOWARD RESH Mechamc Howard Vocattonal A llttle short a lxttle shy A vocattonal student and a really nrce guy Clubs Blology l Study 2 Rtfle and Prstol 3 NANCY REIGLE Secretary Nan Commerctal Readlng Honestly Brlmmlng wxth v1m and vrtallty She ll mak some person an efftctent secretary Clubs Dancmg l Drtvmg 2 Study 3 Glrls Sports l 2 YTeens 2 3 29 V Y I A V I ' ' , 1 1 A : lr . , z 1 , . 2 3- - , , . .. ,. q V I A : ' 5 A 1 - - A - Eating and sleeping "Prove it" l ' I I 1 I . I . . I . , i , I I . - 1 . , 1 , . , . , : . . A i I - . ' . h .- : , . J . A 5 , 5 5 s . , , 3 ' 5 g ' ' . , e . . ' I A 1 A' J 1 A A , 1 - , - Dar. hi 7-+-f X7 I I-l.A 'Cs 'nfl .::.i..v1 fggelkt, X7 LAVERNE W RESSER Cxvxl Engmeer Punk Academxc I-Iuntmg I guess A quxet fellow but a frlend to all And IU h work he ll never stall Club Chess l B ology 2 R1fle and Plstol 3 RAOUL COLEMAN RICHTER Dental Techmcmn R1-:ky Academlc Sw1mm1ng Iumpln catflsh For dramot1c abrllty he has a yen Hell talk nght up to the very end Clubs Boys Che' I Rifle and Ptsfol 2 3 Student Councxl l Iunlor Play Senlor Play Operetta 2 H1 Y 3 MARY ANN SHOEMAKER To become a Mrs Mary Commercxal Lookmg 1nto the future wxth cl certaln someone t.1ttIe but mtghty t1s often scud Of her l1ttle famrly she ll be the head Cubs Lancmg l Debate 2 Knxttmg 3 Ho"1eroorn Secretary l Student C,o.xn 1l 2 Gxrl Reserv s l Y Teens 2 Oh my heavensl DORIS SHRIVER Secretary Dons Commerclal Readme Its a great hte 1f you dont weaken Suence IS golden tts often sa1d But who knows what goes on IH thxs blond curly head? Clubs Studyl yprng 2 3 CARROLL DAVID SMEAK Naval Ofhcer Cards Academ1c Danctng and trcvellng Now Just calm yourself A hnemarx on our Varslty team He s a guv who s established danc1ng esteem Clubs Dancxng Pres l DTIVIHQ Z Study 3 Homeraom Pres l V Pres 2 Mtxed Chorus l 2 Orange and Black Sports Ed1tor and Photographer 2 3 Football Manager 2 V Football 3 Track 2 Boys Sports 3 H1 Y 2 3 BONNIE ELOUISE SMITH Rehrement Smxtty ACadem1C lnstemng to th radio O I 1oy Thls golden hatred Amazon really goes to town When Kerny brlngs h1s motorcycles around Clubs Dancmg l Glrls Shop 2 Kmttmg 3 Gxrl Reserves l YTeens 3 MILDRED LOUISE SMITH Anime hostetss M1ll1e Commercxal l. stemng to records and dancmg Ill b1te An eff1c1e'1' l1ttle typlst who s always on the go Her heart belongs to Barn y or dtdnt you know? C ubs lfancrnq l Glrls Shop 2 Kntttmg 3 Grrls Athletlc 3 Homeroom V Pres 3 MIX d Chorus 3 Operetta 3 Orange and Black l 2 3 Normr S aff Buslness Manager Glrls Sports l 3 Gtrl Reserves l Y Teens 2 3 SENIOR EL!-X55 30 SENIUH ELA55 BEVERLY DEARDORFF SNYDER Psychoanalyst SV Academic Walking Oh Shootl An artist with a pleasant voice Snyder s potato chlps are her choice Clubs Girls Athleticl 2 3 Homeroom Sec l Mixed Chorus l 2 3 Operetta 3 Normr Staff Art Editor Girls Sportsl 2 3 Girl Reserves Y Teens 2 3 YVONNE SOUILLAIRD Live at the creek IS ACGdSm1C Loafing It ll Do Her jet black hair and shining face Give this girl her feminine grace Clubs Dancing l Girls Athletic 2 Girls Sportsl 2 3 Girl Fteservesl Y Teens 2 3 HARRIETT MARIE STAUFFER Secretary Squirt Commercial Skating Thats a good question For roller skatlng this girl has a yen She likes dancing chicken and Stede is her man Clubs Danclngl Girls Shop 2 3 Girls Sports l BURDETTE LEWIS STERNER To own u cabinet shop Burny Vocational Making Whatnots At carp ntry he possesses skill But from wrestling he gets a thrill Clubs F C A 1 2 3 Wrestling 2 3 Yeah boy ETHEL MAE STERNER To travel Ethel Home Economics Listening to the radio I guess A bit of rwatness a bit of grace Explain our Ethel with her smiling face Clubs Gleel Study2 F H A 2 Treas 3 PEGGY ANN STERNER Typist Peg Commercial Skating Yeh' Light on her feet at danclnq and skating For a career IH typing she IS Wdlllllg. Clubs: Dancing l- Girls Shop 2 3' Girls' Sports l, 2A Gir Reserves l. DEAN STUFFLE Cabinet Maker "Skip" Vocational Eating "Prove i " D-an is short and noisy too, Whenever you're working he is bothering you. ubs: F. C. A, l 3' Band l 2 3' I. V. Footba l' Wre ling l, , g Boys Sportsl J, 31 1' :M ffl '!"!f C? ,ar ww,-f wi.-x.-1 g: 1- -a.s-33 I., 5-a+ 'S- 111455- wail 411-7' if UI-:wi EMMA SEVILLA SWARTZ Typxst COOkl9 Commerclal L1sten1ng to the rad1o Qu1et and shy all the day Pleasant tc, be near 1n every way Clubs Typmgl Study Z 3 You dont say? DONALD TASTO Pnnter Don Vocat1onal Sleepmg Heyl A vocat1onal boy Wllh plenty ol pep When playmg h1s trombone he s really hep Clubs F C A 1 2 3 Bandl 2 3 Orchestral 2 3 Boys Sportsl 2 3 MARY TAYLOR College Mary Acadermc Pamtmg Intelltgent qu1et and unobservea For college her future lS reserved Clubs Dancmg l Typmg 2 Publ1c' Speakmg J Homeroom Pres l V Pres 2 Sec Treas 3 Orange and Black 2 3 Glrls Sports l Glrl Re serves l Y Teens 3 WILLIAM MAURICE THERIT Salesman 1 Vocat1onal An eager vocat1onal student who IS l1ked by all ln sports he exceeds 1n the game basketball Clubs Dancmgl F C A 2 3 Band l 2 I V Basketball Baseball 2 3 Boys Sportsl Z 3 ESTHER MAE THOMAN Office Worker Estre Commerc1al Readmg ESll9 s heart 1S 1n the r1ght place When you see her 1n gym you apprecla e her grace Clubs Gleel Study2 3 ROBERT TRONE Bob Academxc Re :1d1ng Check Bob s hard work has proved 1t pays That s why he s gett1ng many A s Clubs Chess I Typmg 2 Publ1c Speak1ng 3 Senlor Play Operetta Z Vars1ty Footbal' l 2 Tenms Z Semor Boys Quartet H1 Y 2 Treasurer 3 CORA WAGAMAN To leave Hanover for a while Cudy General Kmttmg Uh Huhl She s land and sweet and a worthwh1le pal We hope lots of success comes to th1s gal Clubs Dancmgl G1rls Shop2 Kn1tt1ng 3 GIIIS Sportsl 2 3 SENIUH CLASS 32 SENIUH CLASS HAROLD MERVIN WAREHIME Designer Sparky Vocational Singing and sports Uh Huhl Who was George in our Senior Play? Who doe Mr Stoner fuss all day? Clubs Dancing 1 F C A 2 3 Senior Play Mixed Chorus 3 Operetta 3 L lgslfootball l Wrestling 2 3 Tennis 3 Boys Sports 3 Drill Chorus 3 1 BEVERLY ELAINE WEAVER Typist Bev Commercial Movies Ieepers Kind sweet attractive and neat With a pa of dimples that are hard to beat Clubs Dancing l Girls Shop Z Knitting 3 Girls Sportsl 2 3 Girl Re serves 1 Y Te ns 2 3 PHYLLIS MAE WILDASIN Housewife Phyl Home Economics Ride around in a convertible How can you tell? Phyl dreams ot becoming a housewife so true She swoons over Stardust and the color blue Clubs Dancingl Study2 F H A 2 3 MARY L WISENSALE Receptionist Mary Academic Dreaming Gollyl Full of fu'1 and fancy free Thats the way she ll always be Clubs Gleel Study 2 3 Homeroom Secretary 2 Girls Sportsl 2 3 Cheerleader Z 3 Student Council l Girl Reserves l YTeens 2 3 DOLORES MAY WOLFF Ofhce Worker Wolffie Commercial Skating Oh your fathers mustache ln skating Dolly paves the way She becomes more lovable every day Clubs Dancxngl Girls Shop 2 Knitting 3 Girls Sports l 2 Girl Re serves 1 WILLIAM IACOB WORLEY Machinist 1 Vocational Sleeping Do you really mean it? As a machinist many projects 'Bill' had made 'Tis along this line that he'll build his trade. Clubs: F. C, A.-Secretary l V. President 2 President 3- Band l 2, MARY ELIZABETH YOST Beauticicm ue ' Commercial Dancing "Ohl Yeah" Not a care in the world has little "Sue", But she'll get by with her "P's" and "O's". Clubs: Girls' Athletic lg Study 2g Girls' Shop 31 Girls Sports lg Girl Re- serves l, Y-Teens 3. 33 'L ,-Q ROY B ZUMBRUM 'H Mechcxmc SENIUH CLASS Zummy Vocational Spots Thats O K you ll learn Zummy i rather shy but at heart a swell guy I-le goes all ou fo sports has ho rs on his reports 1 Z- F , . t r . .5 . . . ne . I .. 515 'N 'miie' Vg Clubs. Boys' Athletic lg F. C. A, 2, 35 Nornir Staff-Senior 'Editor5 Boys' ! If Sports 35 Student Council 35 Track 1, 25 35 Wrestling 3. F . A- 3 .f--e 5 w JI 11 gllllvmnrram Ra ph E Mumrnert 15 Years Born lune 2 l93O D1 Cl December 19 l945 Marvin C Whisler 13 Years ti Born May lO, l93U K ' Died March 31, l943 W N. 34 an "!'..,"' H095 K s UNIUHS A uno rJLq't1Q-XUC1 H Wm oem To Ken ., W :Jem 'wr T 'XV' n,C1n C V6 FCC1 .4 c"1 , x 5 rcrcgli t'.-:C lang years if lllgili 5221: I 1 Tre KEN 1 H. 1,j l'a1rr121tA B11 t:1cf,':fT1.l A ve ri Vero '-UQTIT . ' 7f'N ,rf ' :ight T did :ieirf1C7:e','.'37k . 7 C .' Md tri ' 'Q gain 'Cie kiC'.-35425 vkllfllff1C:'I'.'.'i1lHGnL'i1!f f'lf1lYC':'CQ1!' '.'.'11Qrit:1Q',' '.-:HQ gr: I3 'viQ.w:f- Jn1cr.2,'.-.'hAr1g'oLg re 3:5 Sd Yipg ll tliirik cbcgt '5'C'gY pjzfst Q,:d','f1Qlrtrgx :C be Serxcr Beth? use he S6IilCf'3'C1f'l.EllrIi. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presrdent Fttchard Gruver VICE Presrdent Charles Markle Secretary Harold Yost Treasurer Floyd Rtghtmtre IUNIOB CLASS HISTCRY The year of 1948 f1nds us who last year were lowly Sophomores rarsed to the posttton of hrghly respected lumors Even before the begtnntng of school members of our energettc class began preparatton for the events of the 47 48 school term The class was duly proua of tts members who won places on the varstty and rumor varstty football squads Wrth great prrde we attended these games and cheered for our classmates An accompllshment 1n whlch our class can feel tt had a part was the productton of an undefeated untled foot ball team whrch won the conference champronshtp Stlll another mtlestone tn athlet1c prog ress was the work begun for the erectton of a frrst class athlet1c freld Late December found the dramat1c members competmg for parts rn the Iumor Class All who wttnessed the performance wrll agree that tt was a great success Wrth the New Year came a new basketball season lt was wtth great mterest that we watched our 49er s help dr1bble pass and goal the team to a vtctortous season Wrth bas ketball came wrestlmg whrch took tts place tn the successful sports column Sprtng found the musrcal members of our class hard at work practtcmg for the annnal sprtng concerts and tne operetta the New Moon Many of the solotsts tn the band and the operetta were loyal members of our class Agatn a proud feeltng overwhelmed us as we V1eWGd these events Sprmg brought our athletes another chance to flex therr muscles tn baseball and track These sports too were partrctpated m by our classmates and wtth thelr help the season was brought to a successful close Before rt seemed posstble ftnal tests were gtven the gym was bemg decorated for the Prom and the school was betng prepared for closmg Wrtn a sense of regret we danced at the Prom realtztng all too well that two o our three years at Etchelberger f-hgh have been completed We feel that the e have been good years and we hope our last year wtll be even better Wrth these hopes and ambrhons we prepare to become Sophtsttcated Senrors 36 X :N 5 Play, "And Came the Sprtngff After innumerable hours of practice the play was presented. I - - f A . . I . s , ' IUNIOR CLASS P1f.'1RC'J.' R St3?11,K 'v'v"11tCR if I'-'irifk Lf '.'.'f:r:'-r,. :Tf'.'."EY.' IZ T?1:':13.' I Shiner, IN Wentz Sntoiii RCW G 3ett111Ie7,G Trcho, Il Spimzlei lf Sir-AVL: l IvKv'f1fY16f, A Mlller. 2 Lcngmger, 2 Lanier 3 Kg?m,I Leztzrxcz, I Sterrier, L '.'f2r-2:1 Thrd Rev: A Miller, Y Hpxficgie G TI'1f9,: Tepper, G SZQILQI Teil H Yiiglizig V Tizylcr 2 Zegthnet, M Stshl. Fsgrtfz P Stciibzggh T Se-thus R Sixth Ycsi F 'Handler 'ff Strerirnel S Th1er1t,I'.' Vfilcicxsiri M Steiner IUNIGR CLASS fx Ll ,Q ,Q H10 Q 3 I I I , . N - . K - A A WNV v ,V Y, F'1t.2tRCv.' I Husfzn J Ucgfs, 1 rrcin C IJff:grL:': ri Emi' J ,,,.,,..,I H..-94, L Lfzrkle S-eicxi Ecu-.' Tl S111 C Qzwfe E 3'QLCL,' 'lzzi f FQ:-I I Eisley S Flitkmger I 337-eff S P95527 Lf Hixik Tizri Fila' I G'31'f:III :K I Hjzffft I Hike I Hdtier, S ECketi,I FlEfT.lf1'l I Heiik lf 'i3'lf'1:'?f F Hike 'ff 31" Fix? Fit-U Q52 ff TI.vYT R Grxve-T .. Kliie I5 G59 'ff HQrfF1e',' R I:if","Ege Fra? lUNIOB CLASS First Bow D Markle, C Miller, C Markle B Bcwzr cn, ll Hixrrtiin, C Blccher, L. Murri- rnert, H, Brrgensrnith, B Becker Second Bev: M M1ller,l Alletnzn, Ii Berniller, D Bankert, E. Brillhcrt, P. Brown, I Bair, lr' Cluclc, l-l Crosswhzte, M. Berwager, I Al'NlH9, l Keller Third Bow: G Lcxugnrnon, Bradley, l Bollinger, B Crller, M Coulscn, E Brown, G Brec1m,E Alilcrnd, A Baurngardner, E Bznge, N Asrxer. Fourth Bow P Keller, B Becker, L. Luckenbc1uglr1,C. Leese, Becxling, B. Allewelt, S Benlcrdl Brady IUNICB CLASS FetBowBSc1:1 BBG fJ '1 Mcvro C SH B l l u l ir. n ers, C llchle, benaine, l Lenign, H Myern, B l.c' l, D. Siztl, A. C .ue L Stnxtn Second cv: M llev::t.:n, ll Binker, B Mange, D Sisf1,TI. M:3.seQrr.3:n,l Mgtirfier' P Leefe L Srtgf- V Sie luf Berk Tr1.r'iB3'.'.' A Parr ff Beei H lIa1Ql,II lIit:r1:i:n,B Ber,ert,l Menus: l Sify: P h:r.r:3g'::r Q S:..i:.et: l Leeqe, TI Perry I QllN'9Y,l Sncneircsk, A Beth l'1:1g'ir1B:'1.' . Ufferll, E f.fi'Clff'1f, F perni- rn1re,l:' lfeilf l2 B','i1.fzll B B3'1ke'f,L Srrewr G Sheri, P R 58 4 n"11ifl ,Lhql f 'fe 7L 7C 7 ff -'C ' JL.-.H J CJD '3 ' EJ MDC? SUPHUMURE5 As the days Went by wrth sw1ftness That formed thls passmg year We v atcned eacfl labormg Sophomore And called hrm a stud1ous9 'P 9 dear Wlth books prled fugn upon hrs arm He trudged qu1ck1y home to study And da1ly he was at cnool on hme Even mougn xt fra nowy or muddy We 'rope Sophomore that you 11 not change Wnen you be ome a Iumor Please s udf hard to pass each year Your ment v 111 come much sooner DL 1 U 'o 9 6 5 C I Y o 5 I 1' L . . , . , . 5 A .,, - 1 . , . Y D I ' ' ' ,. f- , Y 5 5 . - . , A 1 A I Y xl V V C . 5 -- . L ' , , V. 1 - . SOPHOMORE CLASS GFFICIIPS Presldent Glenn Letster Vtce Presldent Robert Myers Secretary lean Baker Treasurer lOG1'1 LUdW1Q SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Confused but determmed We the class of 50 entered Etchelberger I-hgh Wtth the hope of becommg a class of htgh achrevement There were four boys representtng the sophomore class on the varstty football team A number alsa part1c1pated on the l V football team The en t1re jumor varsrty basketball team was composed of sophomores Several members of our class snowea competmon tn wrestltng baseball and track ln October our attentton was clalmed by the elect1on of class offtcers lt was announced at the elecnon dance that a stra1ght ttcket had been chosen Mary Shanabrook Elmo Myers and lanet N Markle made up the sopho more gtrls tr1o The boys quartette was composed of Robert Wmebrenner Robert Gemmtll Robert Myer and Glen Letster The soph 1un1or play was en1oyed w1th a talented cast turnmg 1n a good performance A number of tudents from the class of 50 asststed m maklng the operetta a success Many of our gtrls gave tl e1r t1me and effort to mtramural sports through out the year A large percentaae of mustcally mclmed students showed thetr ab1l1ty ln the band orchestra and choruses 40 F' , l . , . . a 1 I f - H , . . . . . , I , . T' - , - 1 - ' 1 , Q, . A f , w . . V . - c, rr I 1 ' ' SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: I Barbour, S. Falco, B Bair, G. Gobrecht, V. Erisrrziriger, C. Carripbell, G Go- brecht, I. Glarit, M. Deageh. Second Bow P. Browri, P Fuhrrnari, N Fliclciriger, I Baker F Earrier, M Bechtel, M Baker, I Garwick, I, Dubs N Funk Third How' D. Fcrry, P, Easley B Fritz, E. Grimes, M Flickiriger, S Dubbs, N. Forsell, E Feeser, C Frock, F, Forbes, S Garrett, E Gass Fourth Bow: C, Bemiller, S. Bechtel, B Garrett, F. Fisher, C. Carbaugh, B, Fasriacht, C Berriiller, I. Grant, W. Dusmari, M. Gemmill, E. Aurrien. Fifth Bow: A, Ferree, G. Foreman, D. Crouse, B Giriter, B. Elirie, D. Diehl, B. Crawford, I. Feeser, R Carloaugh, K. Diehl, W. Geiselmari SOPHOMORE CLASS lr I Blo 'ie B Iohri ri F Ka.1ff'wa'i A Iarm on G Goaix e une 5 arm or ow' M Hearie 'i eric lc o e eri ei er B w 3 B Hoke D l'1a'i'i I Cove B Kesele I Byer l Keewey G Knecht G Boa D Helwig G Biddle Bow 4 W Hollinger E Keith W Hloer P Barige I Hum Ko ir P H ri y E Ha lamb N Berwager 41 I KJ l, S Berwager, M Col i .s, , :Q r, . . .so ,, i .. i, . js , . ' Ter, S Kline, I. H rsriey, P Go ' r, I. Gros , E. I . 'S . B ' 2. . y, D, Holfl eiris, I Good, B Keeney, I Balaauf, S H . 'tic s, P. Cr us , E. Di ll, M H 'S , H Hess, I Henry o- , , r, . r, . 5, rf . , ., r"r1 ' , ' ' . . ' , . ' , i ' 2, , . bert, I SOPHOMORE CLASS Row l I Maul, I P. Markle, l-l Reichart, I Ludwig, S. Muller, H. Potorff, D Reed, I. Rauben- stine, M Miller, S Miller, S Myers. Row 2 B. LeFevre, I. Miller, I Nace, E Myers, I. N Markle, I. Myers, M Miller, P Resh, B Rezgle, D Menges Row 3 N. Rabenstme, D. Myers, H Rhodes, G Kruger, I. Lrttle, M Kraft, T LeGore, F Michael, A. Pennewill, A. Myers. Row 4 L Reilsruder, F. Laughrrran, C Myers, B. Myers, G. Newman, G Leister, R. Crise, W Penne-will, F Leirrhardt Row 5. D Raberrslirme, W Muller, D Re-bert, W. Noel, L. Mum- eri, I. Noble, G Rehrn, G Pittinger SOPHOMORE CLASS r. JV lf SH ao ook Ioarr Rohrbaugln a N Za rrar' a W bp L, J R S Hiram S S N dwg .v 5 R Toppe B r-I T 'p 42 How l N Spahul-ef, 'S I eivef, Iean Rerxrbiugh, I Sine, -. .an ' r , . ., A Shefler, I Fl1CEV:r'i.i E Sfixell, K S1r:1r..'::,S Ye1.'f,M Sl ulfer Ro' 2 C rf: ., ff Fiber" F1 RifL'lC'l"QTfI P Sheet: F Ymzlzrzu fl Wetzel, ld Stcnesifer, G alll, L Streixrriel, M 'ffeiiz I S:t.1'r. 3 R 'Nmebreiier I Zxeiler, M Wrxxxler, R Se-lbert, D Ze"a, 'S T31geTe', ll Wifzr. F Weitz E 'Weaver Rev 4 R Rildisill, C .'.. . ,D Wilmer, lrf uitxfrr, H Srrutir M 'Nerlcefi R Slothcur I ' . fer RG' f r, Slay- Ef:.':?1 P Sf-tif-f P? S'.'J'7"2 l. .Tire 'ff llfarrwer H Weiile' M Sfauifer, W' S..1tr1 Xxx 7. L IE, x W kv! SPORTS f ma SUUTHEHN PENNSYLVANIA FUU1 HALL LHANIPIUNQ SCORES Won 1U S H Sh1ppe'1 bu G V Durj CHCVV113 C 1 1 44 3 JU 15147 1 A Lozif U E H S 45 1 Frm cis 18 De1c:2 38 ' .5 r. 44 fe-tt. ,s' L 34 Tffechznicsburgz 13 . .. ersb' rl 6 511Tmbi:1 13 C:1r.ifs1e 34 Henahey 25 Wiynssbo. 270 rx mhuuaw 1. .2 31 w S , :i Rowl G Le1ster I Brody R Sfflllll H lhomos G Mcitluo N Krcmzdorf C Smeck R Reese L Good Row 3 R Frock P G1 e R Gmv r l-l Yost D Hahn C Markle E Teol F Fhghtmlre F Moore W Gobrecht VARSITY FOOTBALL Football Managers and Coaches Kn e '1 P eulmg E A 're rx '1 l Gel l"1o'1 Stem '13 C1 Q 1 K J ve Asm on Cool h R B calc r Fo ol 1 Mcmoger D Stcmo S xo lflcmcm 15 Q f ' 5 T I . I N - V . 1. W L W .Q ,J qc kv K, K r 'K -- M f ' Q ww- - , , 5' - f A D. Leljevre. Row' 2..G. Hofllnon, N. Glinhe, N. lierwoger, C.'Miller, SA. Hclrtloub, I. Stcfrrler,'E. Mille? 1. e lx. g- . B ' , u.. rm, G. K ed t, . 'se.. .. dx. ,-H Reese, l-le 'i Co cl, l.eA rs, .slat t C , ru' 'e c't1 . , . V, en' 7 . 4er. A Hanover is the team to get. Ask the boys from S. F. Prep. Running us their biggest score ever made by a Hanover High team in an opening game, Hal Reese's charges sub- dued St. Francis Prep 45-U The Hawks scored three touchdowns in the opening period and 25 more points after intermission to win by a knock out, The Bunker Hill line gave a commendable performance as did the fast Hill backfield. Rightrnire, Moore, and Neill had two touchdowns, while Gobrecht made the other one Delone's backs were in their prime Until they met the Hanover line. Six thousand patrons saw the Eichelberger Senior High Nighthawks defeat the Delone Catholic High School Squires l8-6 in a hard fought battle on the McSherrystown grid. The two lines were very evenly matched but the Hawk ba kfield ran wild which was the games deciding factor Delone drew first blood scoring early in the second period to lead 6 0 Hal Reeses boys fought back Rightmire went ov r forr the four after a 60 yard drive featured by a pass fro Moore to Gobrecht and a long run off tackle by Goby se ved to tie the score 5 5 Minutes later Moore running and dodaing magnificently broke off tackle for 57 yards and a The sco e remained 12 6 until the final quarter when Right rnire went ove from the one foot line The touchdown clirriaxed a 7l yard drive by he Bunker Hill boys Final score l8 Pass em hlgh hrt em low Three wlns already seven to go E H S had little trouble in administering a 38 U defeat to the Shippensburg Greyhounds The Hawks held a twelve to even edge in f1rst downs Most of Shippensburgs first downs were made in the last 14 minutes fhen the Hill first tearri watched from the bench When the second string Hawk eleven were on the field they found it tough to keep the Gr lhounds from scoring Gob echt scored thrice Rightmire twice and Moore once for the Hillrnen Coach Reeses charges took to the air And beat G burg wxth plenty to spare T Hgh School football earn had no more 'roube with Ge ysbu a than they had with Shipperisburg High and br ezed triroi ah to a 44 U vic ory The Hawkrnen outs o ed h oat lefield opponent l8 7 in first downs Exe Nth substitu es playing fo the Orange ana Black G ourg was iust not in it If k Moo e passing arrn accounted for three Hanover TD and he helped set up other 6 pointers with his ac curacy Rightmire scored two touchdowns Reese Moore Teal G uve and Good one each l' was th Hawk s 'ourth win o no loses N 'po CU N CG' T ag: Hanover s backs Showed the facts e Naathawks came through agan this 'ne d e i a crig Mechanicsbu a Wild at tearn by a 34 6 sco e Pe h a Hanover foo ball p we house in action "ie Reese ook he important Sou h Periri Con erence garne with uc'i ouole The e was rio question about wh ch one the be te team The H l 'wen cuts atisticized h Wild evey dep rn The Mechanicsburg lads cart e e ooas ein conference 'earn to core ps' h Hawks e men outs orea fl ,vn e ' uchdowns for Hanove we e made by Moore Right an eese nie Mi er o cre o he safet Me han c bu g 6 9 .Y ri . ' ., M TD r - . , - . s r . . . Q . . . , -6 . , . et . t . ' Y ,... . , , , , , . he i . . t .. 1 " ee 2 i . - ' 5 . .c r t eir' i ' s - ' ' . .. ' n ' 't . . ' t : Q r ' ic r 's . A 7 e '. t t ., . . Th i I ' i , .' ti.. 'ef a"n4 a sr . ' . rf ' c . - s r r- formirmg before lO,UUO spectators, the largest crowd ever to ' atc. . t . o rt . ' ' , .1 ,c- .eflf '1 '. 1. .. t . t rn l tr ' r ' . . ' . ' i . ' as .. ' 1 r , . il., . .,t .' ' ' t e ' - ts in r ort. ent . ' . ,. ., how v r, ' .2 of b ' g the first c .t . e .e again-. t. e . Th Hill.. uc -' the Gai team l5-4 in first ,ci 5 mire 2, d R 2. Er L, 'll g t dit f r t. s . y 'List c i s r After the game, the Troians were sick, The Nighthawk's victory did the trick. Coach Hal Reese .1 Hanover High football teatri rerriairiei undefeated by whtppzna a strong Chambersburg High team 13-6 before 8,000 spectators Hanover showed they were the better team even though tne hard lighting Chambersburg squad gave H111 fans a scare The Birds held an upper hand the entire game, but victory was not oertazn untzl the frnal whistle had sounded. First downs totaled Hanover 14, the Trojans 8 A.l the scoring was done in the second 12 minute period, Moore and Rightrnire scored TD's for the hotnesters while Kane tallied for the Blue and White ln the hard-fought game, Chambersburg was lucky to hold the Hawks to 2 touchdowns and to get 1 themselves The Crimson Tide Almost took Hanover's hide. e Rve on boy o' Colurnbia a e nto Han ve he rnght ot Octobe 24 and neld the s ona Hanoxe 11 h hawlfs to one touichdown bu was enoutgh the 11 6 0 The battle was n so close as ne s ore eerns to tndi cate Columbi neve got past the Hawk 35 va d st 1pe lt was the seventh stratght v1ctory forthe Hawks The Orange and Black touchdown was made by Ernte Millet in the lirst quarter when he caught a 20 yard pass from lack Moore and raced 8 yards into the end zone The longest un of h eventna was 'node by lack Moo e raced 60 ya ds r his own 0 to e 1 ito Hanover High was headed for fame After this South Penn Conference game Coach Hal Reeses charges all butt clinched the South Penn Conference as well as an unbeaten season by crush ing Carlisle High before 9500 people at the lair grounds The game matchlna two unbea en elevens was as eve y bodf had expec ed the garne ' the year Bo h teams we e up to par to he o g aarn The Hawks line soppeal ne upposedly st ong Ca isle 1 e and Hanovers eet 'oo d backs ran supe bly ben nd X ellen block ng e Hawks aatned 1311 edg t1 sl dow 13 12 victory The Hershey Buds were sweet But not much for Hanover to beat The Hanover High 1 gh hawks were rowined charrpon atter winntna thts aarne l He shey 346 Coa h Hal Reese s Bunker H111 boy we e detin te 1 he C6 teanc t thel aid no' p ove it un 11 ne se ond hal' of ne ball aa e ough the ti st hal' ' th b le w tnessed by 5000 ans the Reese tea nt look nO good A the ha the s o e was Hanove 6 He sney 0 A e 1n e m1ss1on 'ne O ange and Black played l1ke he charnps they a e They scored 4 tou hdowns to Hersheys 1 The Hawks had a 15 8 advan ta e n ltrst downs ove he Cn ola e en It was Kings dethroned Kings crowned The game started promptly at eight At 930 Waynesboro knew its fate vtc o v a e o 1 ne a e n e easor a v no ses a Ha Reese art eleveri ad e o w 1 ne Blue and Go v ay 'tough h Cha an e a e apab e p Cl ne I Wav esbc e e .va n mi e s e 51 e n ca e p 1 inal o e o e a e 47 eau PLAYERS BASKETBALL COACHES SCORES MANAGERS Worn 13 14015 Percentaae 722 A pam per Carr 497 S Franc Jelone Frederlck De on Shrppensbu g M CLLGYIIC DJTQ Waynesboro Chamber bu Q He ney Ge y bur C 1 Ie Shrppensburq Mechamc burg C'1G"'1D6 0 Wavn bc C H QHQV Ge Y burr parh 48 L to R P Stonestter G Fuhrman R Reese R Gruver W Gobrecht D LeFevre R Latrd R Garrett P Glse F Rlqhlmlfe VARSITY BASKETBALL The Etchelloerger Sentor Htgh court team had a season s record of 13 wms ard 5 defeat Coach Hal Reese s boys lust couldn t come through The team but thetr effort to wtn the South Penn Conference tell short The Hawks out scored thetr opponents 894 to 666 Three ot the ftve starters were among the top ttve scorers ot the Confer ence Lee Lynch of Shtppensburg won the t1tle w1th 185 potnts Bolo Garrett was runner up wth 175 potnts Garrett scored the h1ghest numbers of held goals tn the league ttve more than hls teammate Reese Gobrecht of I-lan over and Rtchenpaugh ot Hershey were next tn lme wtth 172 potnts and next came Dtck Reese wttn 169 potnts Dave Leljevre had 77 potnts and Phll Stone stfer 53 49 1 ts, ' ' ' . was perhaps one of the best quintets to play under the title of Hanover High, ' s ' . HANOVER DOWNS ST. FRANCIS IN OPENER Hanover's court team won their first game of the 47-48 basketball season by outpointing St. Francis Prep 53-37. Coach Reese's boys wasted no time in taking the lead ten seconds after the game started, and they held on to it the rest of the evening. The Hawks looked like the better team even though it was their first game of the season, and they gave promise of furnishing stiff competition against all others Wilbur Gobrecht was high scorer with 18 points Dick R se racked up ll points Bob Garrett 9 and Phil Stonesifer 3 o cont ibute to he victory HILL FIVE DEFEATS DELONE 53 43 the Nighthawks made it two straight by triumphing over h 1 neighboring rivals Delone The final score was 53 43 Coach Reeses lads took an early lead and held on to it the entire game Delones scrappy little team fought to the end but couldnt quite keep up with the Orange and Black s offer rve Vxitbur Gobrecht and Bob Garrett forwards for the Hill co iitteam scored 34 points between them Each had 7 goal 3 fouls for 17 points Dick Reese contributed l0 points to ie Winning cause HANOVER BEATS DELONE AGAIN Phe Bunker Hill court team continued its winning streak bv downing Delone by a 45 3l score lt was the second time of the season for Delones downfall at the hands of Gobrecht Garrett Stonesifer Reese and LeF'evre The other sco e was 53 43 Gcbrecht and Garrett the Hawks forwards led the Han at ack by chalking up 29 points between them SHIPPENSBURG FALLS TO HAWKS oach Hal Reeses boys won their first Conference game at the mercy of a Shippensburg team The Hillmen had very littl trouble disposing of the weak Greyhounds 56 34 Dick Re se made 15 Bob Garrett 14 and Wilbur Gobrecht 10 for he ro'ne team HAWKS TROUNCE MECHANICSBURG The steadily improving Nighthawks had no trouble what so ver in administering a 56 l7 defeat to the Wildcats The Hawks took the lead 7 seconds after the opening tip ed their lead to l53 at th quarter 267 at the half 42 l0 a the end of the third frame and 56 l7 at the games en lie Hawk defense p oved hard to attack DY Mechanics bu g The Orange and Black offensive was fast although the! missed a large number of shots Of the first stringers Gaby was high with 17 points Garrett had l2 Reese 9 WAYNESBORO NO MATCH FOR HILLMEN Joynesboro was ompletely outplayed by the Hanover Hawks and as a result went down to a 23 56 defeat Paced bv Garrett Gobrecht and Reese who scored 50 of the points tne Bunker Hill boys were superior in winning their seventh s ai h game Chub Gruver took Phil Stonesifers place Phil prained his ankle early in the first pe od CHAMBERSBURG STOPS HAWKS Hanove High suffered their first set back of the season D1 bowing to the Troians of Chambersburg 40 36 Th n played perhaps their sorriest garne of the year They N9 e definitely no up to par Hanove s hiree high o w e held o eleven goals a'nong thern Gob ech arid ese mi s d a large percentage of shots a d Gar et open o hoo uch The Hawk afte D9 'ig ahead nea all the firt half lost their lead late in the second and never regained it lt wa the first defeat for a ei a s 50 ee- ' ., ' ' 1 r' ' t ' . m , , . , . t er ' ' ' . ' . . - . , . si . ,.. . , , V g- . is, . ' . ' ' ' . FL X L T 0 1 1 'I - over t . f. , . . NJ . ' e X ' - 4' Q . - , . , . t . . . L 3 . . . . - , ' ' ' ' , in- creas ' - e - . 0 A ' ' tvvl ' , rd. . ' . Stony 8, and l.eFevre 3 ' I . c " 'ff t ' ' ' when ' s ' A i ' ' ri . or ' ' ' - . . ' ' ' .' S - , e Reeserne . 5 . ' , ' , . - . so ters er Z . . . r t i Re . c . 's.e , , n r f wasnt t s 1 . . s, .. r ' i. . rly ' s , . ' ' . :erica 1 ' . s . H :over in 'ghf sf rt. GETTYSBURG TURNS BACK HANOVER The Hanover Nighthawk.: ocntihued to pe :rt a .fluttip as they tell at the hands of the G-burg Maroon.: 25-24 fleiiher team was up to par, but the Reesernen were detznttely way ott their usual game Going into the last period it appeared that the Hillrneh would tie the score, but after Gobreaht and Reese left the garne on personal fouls the Battlefielders pulled away to thetr four point victory margin. Gohrecht and Reese were held to 6 point: each and Gar- ret IC I0 HANOVER DEFEATS SHIPPENSBURG. 77-53 la he ruarteet o mg game ot the South Perm Come rt 'I vea trte Hartover oaeketball earn tu ne b k S p rr odg ya7753 ore 'I were akert oy Boo a 'rt drvdual cotrtareod c C ee e Hee e aaa l8 porn -, artd Wtlbur Goore 'I Dave rev e Phl S ee e an Itey Ibute ae I7 pot REESEMEN TURN BACK CATS Lrach Pleeee 5 cou t team nad lrttle trouble In over power Ina he lvlecrlantoxburg Wtldcats 48 22 The NI'1 ted the Hawk wttrt Ca ltsle or tt et place In trte e crmd 'tal' ham o vup a e The po nte we e equally dtstrtbuted araona trte ft Q team Reese had ll Gar e 10 Gobre ht 9 l.eFevre 9 ana S one e 6 Rghtrru e was the only second trmge to b eak Inta the ecortna rrak 'Ig 3 pomts HANOVER 60 HERSHEY 38 Paced by Dck Reese the E H S cager u plaved and out Co ed He ehey H gh 60 38 Dlck rnade 9 he d goal and cu 5 o o a om s o II ho - were ande I o amod l5tee ou Thr Hawke aaa a hard t me the tt st hat and we e lead 'ICI 2l If at haltrrrre They go hot the las halt and pulled av y Gob ecrt and Garrett had 28 pomte dtvtded be ween h 1 S ones te had 6 and LeFevre 8 G BURG NOSES OUT HANOVER HIGH 'Ie arae of the ea on one e oe eve played o 'te H art Soho l floor trte Ge v pd a N 'eae e Cl hart ng Nghthaw 5 4 Hawke w a d oppe o a Cnartpl n 'I p he Sou h Penn Con e er' e tv bu a h d a a rt e t the aarne Hartove dtd not g1ve up artd cloee o betrta ony l porn' behmd NI ff a e ern houart detea ed pl yed NC d e e v .I d e 'tel 'tow o he eea a e oe rt l2 Axe ,go rw: :J 1' HAWKS CLOSE SEASON WITH VICTORY OVER CARLISLE rua art' I he a 39 Ha: k H K I appea H wk Dl . t. 1'gl o... so r .n .. re ce t.Il.- A r, 1 . ' : t . . r d ao ht - pe ' r E: - so High scoring loncrs ' t . ' ' G rrett wztl 26 points to tte the In " ri ' 5 r'. J o r t r HIS ont r nc DICE: S It ' ' ti . ' ' pol! 16 Le' r , i -ton iii r, d Wh. Rightrnire oontr' a the oil r p nts N , . . . Q : 5 r - - Y t. l or ' - . ' . I 'ls If r' I 'r' ' I so I .o. ..- pt nfj r o . i ' ' r ' ' .. g 1 'rot . , .T A ' + , , . .. , - . , , . sit-r . I .fr ' ' S ' r r ' I 3 . fs o t .f r r.. I - , ' . l s 4tr:htsforattlot22p't,Mostfl.s3.t.: one-h rr fr ' ' t t t. '.o -1' I. I. 'r .'i ' r' I., 'V 5' Q 0 Ja , r lt . ' , ' ' t t en t I r. . lrt tl, ttnal horne g .. S- S , . of th ' at , ,r n tl Ll I o . ., I tt s' ' r .aroona de.. t-d th, har .gl ti I .1 ' ks In a thriller 9-5 . The 4' t, bj loetn. r n d ut of the running for the '-r. o Sl1'x1I'1f. t f ro .ca Get As r .el l4-O le d I. the ttrft tour minutes of .. A , . . -r ' . ' . oarne very . to viot ry Q. A l ' . .' ' th 3 and half mtrtutes to go In the garne They couldnt quite rnake It, The Reesemen . t. gl .o t a , a ' n 'erful dame and dos-r'ea rn' oh cre It for their areat Corn pack T1 QA put on a great sl f r t. ,, son? horie ttn l Garrett wzth 14 points, Go' r olt with , Reese ll, Stone- ,-iter 9, Hidrhtrrizre 2, and Gr' xr 2, "ore tl... playxs who forlrrted thezr fffortr to fall 7nI.st short of viator? The EZCHEITZETQEI Sef r High fligl .rawks brought rl.-ir Seaton to a lose wtth 50- triuriph over Carlisle lt was the thirteenth 'szotorw' :rt elahteen starts for th- 'rear Bolo Garrett pat the . e into a lead they were :ever to lose Bop soared I1 poznts 1:1 the first quarter of play The . aw' held the upper hand and at no txrne dzd fhinar - r rianaeroue for the .a" s R Wmebrenner R Selbert M Whlsler IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL St FYGHCIS Delone Frederlck Delorxe Shlppensburg Mechanrcsburg Waynesboro Charrbersburg Hershey Won 13 Lost 5 Per entage 722 Opp 52 L to R D Crouse, W. Warner, N. Berwager, H. Trone, R. Wendler, G. Newman, F Stambaugh . 27 . ' 20 33 ' 15 40 ' , 1 ' 16 30 ' 1 15 45 ' 15 13 ' 7 22 18 15 . 32 19 ' 17 537 Ge-itysburg Carhsle Shlppensburg Mechamcsburg Chambersburg Waynesboro Hershey Gettysburg Carlrsle Standmg l to r H Birgensmith I Lehigh I Hershey E Bvcler C Bemlller R Redding S Mumrrert H Wa ehime E rlartlaub E Miller W Fuhrrnan R Rabensteln Second Row Coachl Leeclv R Kline R Zumbrurn W Marchio Manager W Dusman Fir t Row H Lartman I Smith WRESTLING The wrestlers ot Eichelberger Senior School this year enyoyed their most The Hawks tarted the year off with a bang by defeating Hershey In dustrial School and Hershey High before being turned back by Lancaster High The team was composed mostly ol veterans with plenty of know how Tl ere N111 be six varsity letterman returning to next year s team Richard Rabentsine was the only E H S Grappler able to gain a victory at the district mee' and set himself up as Hanovers only D1SlI'1Cl 3 champ Frnie Miller and Eugene Bixler were also f nalists at districts but were closely bea'en This year s team Nas oa hed bw a new omer to our ranks Inn Leedy Nfio succeeded Fred Llllenfeld 53 Q S ' , V7 , . T A-V .- I - I - I Y - successful season in four years, winning seven and losing five matches. A Y . 4 R. , , I .7 . A . ,R . . H A . . . A i .K . . L . 'f 'T T i f c c. ' c 1 ' , Y , . . THE SQUAD AND SCORES Th1s year s team was as follows Harold Bergensrnrth Hrchard Rabenstrne lohn Lehrgh Wrlltarn Euhrrnan Wrllrarn Hershey Harold Warehlme Eugene Brxler Carl Bernrller Earl Hartlaub Burdette Sterner A complete run down ot ht year s scores ts Hanover 2 Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanove Hanover 29 Hanove' l9 54 Hershey Ind He hey Lancaster Manherrn West York Hershey Hershey Ind Lan aster West York Stevens Trade Stevens Trade Manhetrn class class class c as class c as c as class class class 20 24 ' , .,,. ..,. 9 5 lb, ' ' .,.. r..4.. l O3 lb, ' ..,,, .. .. ,. . ll2 lb. A ' . ,... l2U lb. l s ' ' ..... A . l27 lb. ' .... . r..... l33 lb. l s ' ......., ,. , 138 lb. l s Ernie Miller ...,...... r,...... l 45 lb. class ' ...,,.. .... l54 lb. ........r.r...,,.l65lb. ....,...r......l85lb. 3 r , 18 26 rs l9 ll 32 l6 ' 22 33 13 l6 26 21 , . 20 7 c. 34 1 28 . 17 . r 39 . . 6 F1rst Row W Fuhrman H PFICE R Leppo G Luckenblll A Ferree P Ban I Kane Second Row Wm Neaxl B Bowman R Fake R Garrett F Nea1l R Gruver T Cllfle Staufter BASEBALL Thrs year the Hanover baseball team had a twelve game schedule on 1lS hands Coach Hal Reese was the coach The Hawk ntne was entered m the South Penn Conference league COI'1S1Sl1l'1Q of Hanover Chambersburg Shlppensburg and Gettysburg The Reese-men played each team twrce The Hawks also played two games a plece wlth Delone and B1glerv1lle and one game each w1th Mechamcsburg and St Francrs The baseball season was the trrst spnng sport to get under way openrng tts season on Aprxl 9 Thrrty or more boys turned out and the prospects looked good for a successful season 55 Third Row: F. Moore, D. LeFevre, N., Cline, R. Gruver, Hightmiyrey C. Marlclel H, Davidson, M ' 1 . . . , N FlPS1ROW C Schue D Vllalton I Sowers W Hershey K Wal on Second Row R Rodkey Mgr L Warren L Hershey L Mummert R Zurnbrurn P Glse l Starner K Myers Coach L Shearer TRACK Wrth Coach Karl Meyers as the tracl' lnstructor the Hawk cmder path boys were entered 1n slx meets The Hawks got the1r season under way Aprrl 17 gomg to the Shlpp nsburg lr1v1tat1on Meet The Meyers team met Car hsle 1n a nlght meet at Carhsle and took on Chambersburg and Gettysburg at home before partrcrpatmg rn the conference meet at Gettysburg The H111 men were also represented ln the D1str1ct Meet at Lanbaster the wmners belng el1g1ble for State honors 5m Third Rowi W. Stremmel, W, Hilbert, R, Allewelt, W, Shaner, R. Redding, R. Wendler, E, McLeat W Luttmger VK lrou er C Smeak L l-le shey ll Vla ehlme l Byers G Knecht TENNIS 1948 marked the hrst year smce the war that Hanover l-hgh had an act1ve tennls team Coach Irm Leedy was the tenrus coach The home matches were played on the Hoffman courts on Frederlck Street The Bunker H1ll boys had an e1ght match schedule Lancaster Mt Ioy Patton Trade and St Francrs were the teams the Hawks met one match belng played at home and one match away w1th each team Q7 .,,. , y . . . . , ' S, , . 1' , . I' ,. , . . 1 - 1 , - .I . Ftrst Row I Teal I Sterner I Carvtck N Forsell I Baldaut S Dubbs C Campbell M Mlller G Gobrecht V Ensmtnger L Glant A Iamtson I Fox I Alle-man A Good B Scholl I Myers Second Row C Doyle S Fulco N Forry F Cass S Berwaqer M Coll1ns B Lelrevre I Baker I Blocher I Flemtng E Bem1ller S Eckert I P Markle M Wentz N Spangler Thtrd Row A Baumaardner I Gross I Hershey I Dubs N Funk N Rtnker P Ernst H Hess C Wagaman G Wolf E Iormtson C Fro k F Forbes E Feeser M Gardner Fourth Row N Asper D Lanslnge N Fltcktnaer S M1ll9T D Markle B Fltcktnger I Pennewlll B Masenhetmer M Straub G Hyde G Ladghrnan M Mtller E Dtehl P Crouse S Garrett M Hetser P Comttz R Potdortt M Shanabrook M Retchart A Shelter I Good B Keeney S Myers GIRL SPORTS Ah September' September meant tc the E l-l S gtrls the begtnntng of thelr extenstve trammg tn the held ot sports The season s arted w1th a number of teams competmg 1n the soccer tournament tn Whtch the S1lver Streaks Won The cold and snowy days tound the g1rls play ng volley ball m wh1ch the Skeeter Ktngs composed ot gtrls from all three classes recetved the award Basketball came m Wtth a bounce brtngmg Wlth 1t the eager semors and the eneraettc sopho mores and 1un1ors The senlor team The Sextette IH B came through wtth the tlyrng colors On Wednesday even1ngs the vtgorous gtrls could be found at the bowllng alley maktng almost protesstonal scores After basketball the gtrls partlclpated the ever lovlng p1ng pong badrmnton and shuttleboard When the sprtng weather arrtved the gtrls went outstde to parttctpate ID tennts archery and softball The tralntng came to an end wtth tn colortul and exctttng Play Day lr the gym Glrls from Gettysburg Chambersbtrg Sh1ppensburg Waynesboro Mechan lcsburg Hershey and Carltsle were 1nv1te:l to part1c1pat wtth the Hanover gtrls ln the many competrttve sports A dance held tn tne gym was the grand hnale The E H S glrls have gatned sktll tn mental pdystcal and soctal educatton They wlll be able to dtsplay adaptab1l1ty qulck thtnktng and true sportsmanshtp 58 I I . , , , . 7 ' , , , . , . , . , . I , f . , I T, . ' ' , K , , , ' I , . I , Fifth Row: E. Altland, D Leister, P, Esaley, B, Arentz, D, Price, B. Dubbss, M, Wlsensale, R, Iohnson, . . . . . A , . A 5 . . . . l n l . . . in -3 c A . V I . ' . , ' ' . . 9 f ' . . . . . 1 L A ' , 3 0' M su . -:Q 1, Ja'-' 11 Ik Z fm I ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL Presldent Ioan Frock Vrce Pres1dent loan Alleman Secretary Peggy Artley Treasurer Helen Na1ll The mam purpose ot the Student Councll IS to glve the students a chance to express the1r Op1l'l1OI'1S on school matters Democratlc representatlon 1S as ured by the practlce ot havlng each counc1l member elected by h1s home room electrons and sponsor a dance at whlch the returns ot the electlon were an nounced Frlday n1ght basketball games were followed by dances sponsored by the Councll and candy Was sold durmg the games by members ot thls group A large Chrlstmas tree was purchased decorated by the Counctl and placed m the hall outslde the PT11'1C1pGlS ofhce Numerous other proyects Were sponsored by the Councll the last of Whrch was the presentatlon of the Oak Leaf Award on Campus Day Thls award IS a1ven to one boy and one g1rl ot the Semor class who by leadershlp schol arshlp and outstandmg character have made the greatest contrlbutlon to the school hte durmg the1r three years at E1chelberger Senlor Hlgh School Seated R Gemm1ll,H Na1ll,I Alleman,I Frock, P A "ey,l Ludwlg, F Wentz Standmg P Bange, M Keeney, R Zumbrum, P G1se,G Newman B Masenhe1mer, D Spangler, D Hahn 62 One ot the first steps taken by the Council was to conduct student class Seated B Masenhexmer R Zumbrurn P Noble P Ernst W Brttrnger E Formwalt R Garrett L Hershey R Baker Standmg S Eckert O Black I Brown I Ba nes I Hoke I Newman C Smeak I Gerselmcm R Reddang M Srmth B Snyder A Grove I Bown B Boose NORNIR STAFF Assoc1ate Edltor Eleanor Eormwalt Iunlor Edltor Ira Gerselrnan SENIOR EDITORS Audrey Grove Patr1c1a Ernst Pearl Noble Roy Zumbrum FEATURE EDITORS Iacauelme Hoke Bernard Boose CIRCULATION MANAGERS Norman Kranzdorl Orpha Black BUSINESS MANAGERS Ira Brown Mrldrecl Smxth SPORTS EDITORS Robert Garrett Barbara Masenhermer ART EDITORS Ieanne Barnes Beverly Snyder IUNIOR ART EDITORS Slnrley Eckert Donald Henry TYPISTS Ianet Newman Ianlce Brown PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Lester Hershey Ralelgh Reddmg 63 I , , M-. I Editorfln-Chief . . . ,,4...... William Bittinger I Y ORANGE AND BLACK STAFF Editor-in-Chief, Dean Staub, News Editors, Iacqueline Hoke, Eugenia Glant, Feature Editors, Pauline Leese, Eleanor Formwalt, Make-up Editor, Nancy Perry, Sports Editors, Robert Garrett, Carroll Smeak, Exchange Editor, Nancy Bradley, Art Editor, Shirley Eckert. Associate Editors. News, Audrey Grove, Iudith Shanabrook, Feature, William Gitt, Make-up, Doris Leister, Sports, Nancy Rinker, Wallace Hoover, Art, Donald Henry. Contributing Members: Ann Roth, Ioan Alleman, Mary Newman, Ioyce Easley, Ruth Dubbs, Mary Taylor, Doris Bankert, Ianet Markle, Delores Strevig, Ieune Blocher, Shirley Myers, Ioan Ludwig, Ieanne Dubbs, Barbara Keeney, Iecm Baldaul, Iean Baker, Ieanne Good, Ann Sheller, Barbara LeFevre, Barbara Sholl, Nancy Funk, Vivian Ensminger, Iacqueline Myers, Nancy Reed, Ioan Bollinger, Iohn Lehigh, Steve Benford, Louise Glant, and Io Ann Mcul. Faculty Advisor, Mr. Harold Gruver, Business Manager, Ieune Alban, Advertising Manager, Ianet Newman. Assistants' Betty Flickinger, Ioanne Garrett, Ira Geiselman, Earl Houck, Shirley Dubbs, Nancy Flick- inger, Nancy Forsell. Typists Nancy Ketterman Mildred Smith Ianice Penmwill Ieanne Lau Ioan Little Circu lation Manager Mary L Garrett Assistants Ianet Hoke Ruth Hoke Margaret Gardner Ia queline Hilb rt Pearl Noble Mildred Smith Faculty Advisor Miss Genevieve Nisewond r First Row A Shelter I Blocher L Myers R Dubbs B Garrett A Grove V Ensminger I Ludwig I Dubs N Funk Dubs S Hendricks D Strevig Third Row Mr Gruver B Flickinger I Markle P Noble B Shaw I Mvers E Formwalt P Leese M Taylor N Bradley Fourth Bow I Shanabrook N Perry I Hoke I Hilbert B l-loke B Gardner I Fox I Hoke I Baker B LeFevre Fifth Row C Myers I Geisleman I Lehigh W Hoover C Smeak R Garrett D Staub 64 Second Row: I. Newman, I. Good, B, Keeney, I. Baldaul, E. Glant, N. Rinker, N, Flickinger, S. Sandlna B Shafer advtsor N Kranzdorf D Staub F Wentz Seated M Taylor E Ea ne G Gobrecht S Myers A Sheffer D Spangler THE PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB The publrc speakmg club Mr B Henry Snafer faculty advtsor has as tt offtcers th1s year Dean Staub prestdent Norman Kranzdorf vtce prestdent and Mary Taylor secretary and treasurer Tne clubs mam mterest IS debatmg The nattonal debate questxon was Resolved that the federal government should regulre compulsory arbltratton of labor dtsputes tn all bastc Amertcan mdustrtes When the Norntr went to press plan for the debate season were mcomplete but tndtcated the follow1ng act1v1t1es for the year Members of the club attended a speecn cltntc at the Untverstty of Ptttsburgh on lanuary l7 This cl1n1c acqualnted the club members wtth forenstc contest t cnntaues Work on debate speeches began on December ll Hanover part1c1pated ln tne Pennsylvanta Mustc and Forenslc League state wtde organtzatton sponsored by tne Untv rslty of Plttsburgh Tfus league sponsored contests 1n d bate d1scuss1on extemporaneous speak mg ongmal oratron sertous and humorous declamatton poetry readtng Shake spearean readmg and radto speaktng Mr Dtenl asststed Mr Snafer tn coacntng the contestants Tne dtstrtct contests were neld ID Aprtl The state fmals were held ln the S utnfvestern dtstrtct also tn Apnl 65 A . . . ' . , . Y' Y . , , . . . V ,- . .Q A . , . . , , c I I 1 ' 1 , . l ". I 3 I . . , . x Q s., . . . . , . . . . , ' 3 . H . 3 . , - - -f I f 1 f f 1 ' , , H . . .A , . ,. D, . I I 7 . , , . , , . A 1 S I f- l ' U . , . GIRLS TMO DHAMATIV AND MUSIC CQBCHT Q llll Uubb awn Prlcc aux Bubara Ha tleahor Turner THE MIXED CHORUS ITP mrxed ch Us uhaer Y lrech I1 M Turner Jmp sed o Oy and guls from the three cl see The Chorus parhupated m the Chrlstrha and Ea ter pr grams pecral musl cal assemblv program the Band and Choral Concert and the splehdld operetta New Moon ehtertammeht here at sc 1001 and al c through ut me orrrrrluhuy The Class o 1948 Ju th, proud of me hhe reputa1or1 cmd e,x elehr work done by the chorue F'1'T' QQQQQBQGQPQ acmmnae enanaaa 4 Q hernia I I I H I I, as, D T 1' 4 X , V ':3QHTl':l!' ..1 1 Lf :ry L Mr nge: and IA!--1 T 4, 1 T' , ' cr 1 ' .he d 'c cf X. , CT o f b Throughout the year, auarfettes and mos from the Chorus have provrded hhe ' T E . ' . c . c ' '. ' .E f ' 15 ' 3 ' r t' "C T " , ' I Y V F w V T T K g 1 ff . . ia I 5' , W Y in 7 . gs . K 4 ml y, Wx ,Wi JE' v . A i N W .Q L ,aim ' ' ' '-I r W 4 t , - 4' 4. N ., W , ukffc' , ' -Q., ' J iw 'S if ra. l:'1rstRow F Leinhart L Marlcl E Keid I Ri hard D Srruth F Wentz E Aumen D Strevig I Shan arbroclc cond Ron W Pennefill D Sultle R Be wa Dus R Stahl ur 'nan C Shie C Hc R ley Le1 Third R oo a Be Goo ech C Mill r M Whi ler E Creaqe E Beche taufl f f t 11 e R Rauben ine N Ra,1bent'1e O lvlehring u h n en z teai D Ste ne D Tasto ou '1 Ro aben '1 Bo her A Pcnnewi R it 'iyd r L Muna r THE BAND As in me wears past t'1e titty loui piece marching band under its new director Mr Iohn Paul appeared at all tre football games where it play ing and drilling were well received by the spectators S X ITlGlTlDGtS ot tie six y piece concert band were ent to tne Sou hern D t ic' B nd Fe tival at Camp l'lll Pennsylvania where they acquired three resen ed F orn the can ert oand Mr Paul cao e a group ot twenty tive musicians KNO fm a tae Asserno y Band Viicn p ov ded music lor assembly p ograrns a d pe 1 ida event no re eep ep e '1 an itsiniaperane-I t e wear wa tne cornrnen ernent exercise I6 e e'noe s Q band tcr le st three ears fea s n11 evce andleter reregven C GUM I L l 1 Se' ' , 1 , ' 1c, I Little, r" aer, I Fee-ser, l-I Hess, W. 'man, 1 , L F hr..11, 1 1 , 1 uck, Kline, C Hui , I liwh 1' ow R B se, G R ir, C rniller, G 'r 1, . e, s , r, t l, M S . er, S lutznrnert, G Markle, H Berqfnsini h, I. 'llb.rt, si 4, ' S11 c, , ' ll F r1r:na , R Schuman, W, W t , F li' 'l, 1 r r, r F ril w R R sti1e, C l c , - 'll, L e'1s1 e , 1 .rgte t. 1 ' ' 1 I 1' f A 1 ' t 1: Y' L G v 4 'll v A ' first chairs and a second chair position in the particular instrumentation rep- , 1 r ' 1 c ' , , 1 I 1 e ' N' ' 1 I Y A ' ' t 1 ' ' ' l 4- - .- :, 1. 1 1 , J 1. Y L 1 , plays, n sn cial hcl' y Ti' cc 1: rts r play fi ly th ba1 cl, d ' f a' np a cc .or ll j c sfor c 1 1, : ' Eiant sefiiors '.-:hc is r 1 V ri of Ill' . at a y 1-.yr wardecl i5'.-:eaterf for their faithfil Spf 1, a ' t S if i 1 tc the underclassmen liyihie fc: this award NEW MOON The operetta cast put thelr talents on a musrcal romance by Srgmund Ro'nberg In l788 1n New Orleans Monsreur Beaunolr a wealthy cttlzen has a nu'nber ot bondservants shrppea over from France Robert one of the bondservants falls m love wrth Marranne the masters daughter Captarn Duval arrrves on the shrp New Moon to capture Robert Robert and hrs trrend Phtllrpe set up a Republrc on an rsland and the rslanders thead d by Robert and Martannel set up therr own govern ment The Cast Marranne Constance Becker Robert Bernard Boose Captatn Duval Glenn Barr Beaunorr Glenn Lerster Besac Harold Yost R baud W1lbur Gobrecht ulre Dawn PTICE Alexand Robert Becker Phrllrppe Robert Myers Brunet Glenn Newman De lean Dean Garrett lacques lack Husson Fouchette Donald Sterner Droprretor Robert Wrnebrenner Clotrlde Ianet Markle Spaniard Leroy Smltn Seamstress Eugenra Glant Butler Fred Wentz BOYS CHORUS Ray Pope lra Gerselman Preston Stambauah Russell Wellborn Glanard B1ddle Leon Markle Rober Rud1s1ll Robert Krrse Edward Kerth Robert Carbaugh Ar hur Myers Melvm Warner Rrch ard Wendler lames Zregler Charles Noble Mark Werkert Harold Rhodes W1ll1am Shaner Samuel Threret Donald Smlth Wrllram Hollmger lay Hrlbet Franklln Lernhardt GIRLS CHORUS Ianet Newman Mrldred Smrtn Nan y Ketterman Audrey Grove Eleanor Myers Ann Shetfer Betty Mummer lean Barr Barbaa Masenhe 'ner Mary Lear e Gar et lean T 16 Ruth Caler Beverly Snyd r Glorra Stuttle Dorrs Warner loan Stone Glorra Trone Mary Shanabrook Shlrley Mrller Nancy Reed Dorothy Zeucnner lean Nace Myrlene Mrller Anna Mae Mtlrer leanne Ketrrcks Nadrne Nttchman, Margaret COulSOn, Lee Myers Peal Noble, lanet Hoke la kre Hrlbert, Nancy Bradley Ruth Hake, Ianet Blocher 68 ll ll - . . . . I ' I 1 ' A - l l , . , Q , , - . , . . , . Q . er , . , , , .,..,, . Rosita .........,.. .,...........,.... R uth Dubbs , ., A 1 ' I 1 1 I r A .. . , Q . . - 1 1 1 1 1 r k 1 1 1 1 1 7. - t ' , ' 'Y H -- , t, ', r , "s r tt, r't , , Q . . , . . s ,,,,. , , . . ., . . SENIOR PLAY The Semor Class presents Out ot the Frymg Pan A comedy 1n three acts d1rected by Mlss Mary L Menges Nov 20h and 2lst 1947 at 8 P M Out of the Frymg Pan ls a heart Warmlng and h1lar1ous play about the show busmess Three young men and three young Women all would be actors and actres es are shar1ng one apartment for hnanctal reasons They ar rehearsmg a play for productlon but the problem IS how to get a Broad Way producer to see lt? When the klds fmally succeed ln gett1ng a producer to see the1r show thelr troubles beg1n How they deal Wlth the polrcemen the landlady and the smppy young frtend of one of the gtrls turns the play into a ser1es of humorous sltuatrons Norman Reese Geo ge Bodell Tony Denntson Ma ge Benson Dottle Coburn Mr Cobu n Ka e Ault M Ga net Mu rel Foste Ar hur Kenny F1rst Cop Se ond Cop THE cAsT 69 Berna d Boose old Warehelm Henry Culp Margaret lensen Iackxe l-loke Mtnerva Bowersox Pegav A ley Ru '1 Dubb Robe t Trone Ira B own Dean Ga ret 5 . . , , . , - - I - S , . Q I I Y A- - J , , - , I I A t . r . . Har ' V . r . .. . . . , .. . . Raoul Richter A . rs r ..,. . . ,, J. rt r' r .. .., . . , .,.... .. A. ., .. tl s 1. .. . ., . . .. .,., .. . .. ., Y IUNIOR PLAY On March 12 1948 the Iuntors presented a comedy of modern youth AND CAME THE SPRING Unt1l Sprmg comes around the Hartman s enyoy a reasonable amount ot peace and qu1et On the t1rst day ot sprtng the youngest Hartman Mrdge chooses her older s1sters boy tnend for her f1rst love M1dge uses some d1S astrous methods to have thmgs come out for her own ends She causes her S1Sfef to be suspected as a th1ef and almost to lose her boytrrend she drops a bombshell 1nto her fathers buslness threatentng her srsters college edu canon she d1srupts her brother s plans to become a wnter and even mter feres Wlth a New York glamour g1rl who VlS1tS them On the ntght ot the Sprtng Prom Mtdge sets matters stralght rn a heart warm1ng and funny manner By the end of the t1rst week of spnng the Hart mans have made a b1g change for the good THE IUNIOR CAST Mr Iettrey Hartman Ioseph Brady Elhot Hartman W1ll1am Grtt Buzz Lmdsay Leroy Smrth Kelth Nolan Iay H1lbert Mr Fxelds Ray Rodkey Alan Frelds Charles Markle Clancy Ira Gexselman Messenger Boy Clyde Schue Mrs LOUISS Hartman Shxrley Eckert V1rg1n1a Hartman Nancy Perry Carollyn Webster Ioan Alleman Gabby Allen Ann Roth Edna Ioan Flemmg Mrs Flelds Iudlth Shanabrook Chnstme Myers Helen Narll Freddle North Pat Keller N Perry I Lemmon I Alleman A Roth Second Row 1 to r A Gelsleman W Grtt I Brady L Smtth I Hllbert P Keller 70 Midge Hartman ..... ..l.....'.-.AIanet Lemmon FITST How: ly to r. C. Shue, R, Rodkey, I, Shanabrook, I. Fleming, S, Eckert, H, Naill, C. Markle Flrst Row l to r G Brddle A Sheffer I Ludw1g R Hoke B Keeney I Baker Second Row l to r H Rhodes I Markle G P1tt1nger I Gobrecht D Warner P Easley G Lelster B Leljevre R Myers F Wentz I Zelgler SOPHOMORE PLAY AND CAME THE SPRING a dellghtful comedy of modern youth was presented by the Sophomores on Thursday evenlng March ll 1948 The Hartman tamlly IS Just an ordlnary fam1ly untll Spflng enters the scene M1dge the youngest chooses for her flrst love her slsters boyfnend The compl1cat1ons mto wh1ch she plunges her famlly prove dtsastrous She causes her stster father brother and even a New York glamour g1rl who IS v1s1t1ng a b1g mess ot trouble When Sprrng Prom ttme comes at the end of the Week Mtdge steps IH and sets matters stralght The Hartman fam1ly learned a tew thmgs 1n one short week THE SOPHOMORE CAST Mr Ietfrey Hartman El lOl Hartman Buzz Lmdsay Freddle North Mr F1elds Alan Flelds Clancy Mrs Lou1se Hartman Messenger Boy Mxdge Hartman V1rg1n1a Hartman Carollyn Webster Gabby Allen Davxd Warner Glen Lelster Robert Myers Fred Wentz George P1tt1nger Rrchard Hoke Glanard Brddle Ann Shelter Harold Rhodes Ioan Ludwxg Barbara LeFevre Iean Baker Barbara Keeney Edna Geraldine Gobrecht Mrs F1elds Ianet Markle Chnstme Myers Phyllls Easley 71 I I - f , , . ' I I I - A , . , . l' .....,,....,.. ' Keith Nolan ,....... . ..,.. Iames Ziegler Y-TEENS The Y-Teens got rolling this year with a hobo meeting, which was held at the Y.W.C.A. Then there followed a merry whirl of social events such as a hay ride, a sox dance, a boy-girl sociable, a covered dish supper, and innumerable song sessions. In the middle of November the membership drive ended with the Blue Team getting the most members. The White Team, being the loosers, held a party for the winners. During the Christmas holidays the Y Teens held a party for fifty small children Santa Claus was present with a gift for each child The girls with the Hi Y Club went Christmas caroling a few nights before Christmas Some of the other activities of the club included a trip to Harrisburg to see Alex Templeton a Spring Formal and many other parties on meeting nights Miss Harrison Miss Reitz and Miss Krumrine were the advisers for the Y Teens this year The officers for the club were a follows L......... First Row D Reed I Sterner G Gobrecht M Shanabrook P Gouker I Garvick R Iohnson N Flickinger A Roth R Pottorff E Brillhart C Campbell D Price S Kline D Spangler Second Row E Formwalt D Leister E Glant L Glant G Gouker I Baldauf M Miller Myers P Noble V Eline I Richards P Ernst S Miller I Dubbs N Funk I Gross Brown V Ensmmger Third Row H Naill I Hoke I Oliver R Dubbs I Alban B Arentz I Alleman E Bemlller Earner D Scott L Doyle G Gobrecht S Fulco A Sheffer I Baker E Weaver I Markle B Keeney G Trone Fourth Row M Rebert V Krug N Perry S Eckert I Fox N Rinker l Shue I Newman M Heiser S Hendricks I E Blocher I Blo her B Masenheimer I Penniwell D Markle B Snyder R Brown F1 th Row I Rohrbaugh A Good G Riclcrode N Bradley D Bankert N Reed P Leese N Forsell S Dubbs M Smith N Ketterman L Aumen I Good A M Miller B Mange B Weaver Sixth Row B Smith I Fleming P Artley I Bollinger M Taylor A Aulthouse P Crouse A M A thouse I N Markle H Hess E Myers S Miller N Reigle I Hoke I Henry M 72 ' I - I r I I ' I I - . 3 I .' I ,., ., VY . I A I fell I 5 + t E ' l C . A xx I - A - 1 - 1 - I - G . A -1 f - I 1 - I I - 1 A, Grove, M. L. Garrett, I. Ludwig. W""T Frrst Row E Weaver D Markle C Noble H Myers D Hahn H Rhodes I Zetgler P Aumen M Kraft D Zepp Second Row W Sterner C Markle F Moore R Hoke H Yost B Bowman I Brady R Garrett M Good G Letster Thlrd Row R Becker H Warehtme G Knecht W Gobrecht G Newman F Rlghtmlre R Trone tD Staub W Blttmger Fourth Row W G1tt R Wtnebrenner G Btddle R Gemmrll M Sanders N Berwager D LeFevre C Smeak S Benford R Rtchter Frith Row R Fasnacht L Hershey W Hrlbert R Wendler P Stoneslfer R Wendler R Gruver N Kranzdorf THE HANOVER HI Y CLUB ln September 1947 the Hanover H1Y Club became afftllated w1th Elchel berg Senlor Hlgh School The H1 Y Club has always attracted the tndustrtous progresswe male populatton of the schcol The club has served not only as a socral organ1zat1on but also a ph1lanthrcp1c and enllghtentng 1nst1tut1on No other words can express the functions of the club more expllcltly than the adopted code To create ma1nta1n and extend throughout the school and communtty hrgh stand ards of Chrlsttan character The OlllC6fS of the current school year were the followmg Pres1dent W1ll1am Blttlnger V1cePres1dent Rtchard Gruver Treasurer Robert Trone Secretary Dean Staub Two members of the faculty Mr L H Kemp Mr Gerald Wertz and Rev NGVID Smtth served as advlsers for the club durlng th1s year Thls year the club 1n1t1ated a system of scheduled programs for the club meetmgs These programs conststed of movxes lectures and student sponsored programs To obta1n funds for club QCt1V1l1eS the members engaged tn a concesston at the cornmuntty Halloween celebratron a club skattng party and the sale of pennants and penclls In furthertng the purposes of the club the members ass1sted rn the communttys Chnstmas parade The club also donated money and effort to the local YWCA and Red Cross dr1ves Durlng the Chrtstrnas season the club aga1n gave baskets of food to some of the needy lCl'IT1ll1SS of the comrnunlty Durmg the years events the club held two dances and a father son banquet Thus the club provtded a well rounded schedule of acttvlttes whtch contr1buted to the success of tts endeavors 73 ,t'u.- . oo ' ' ' I . l 05. , - Hi. ' ' 'll A ' "M ' ' 1 Y T 1 U: . Z 1 1 - -1 ., r . . . Wa ,,, .. 1 I 4 I ' r - I 4 I - A - I ' I ' I . , . . 1 . 1 r 1 . 1 - 1 . 1 , 1, 1 . 1 I . 1 1 1 . 1 V . . 1 . 1 1 1 . , . . , . , . , . . : - 1 - A 4 r ' 1 - r 1 r - I 1 I ' ' ' - I A 1 - A 1 1 ' 1 I , I 1 . , . . . , . , . , . - 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 , ' . I - I I HOWMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America is new in the Nornir this year but well known throughout the school. Those delicious odors floating through the halls usually meant another project of the F. H. A.-such as homemade doughnuts during home room period or chicken corn soup for lunch. The girls have put themselves "on the map" by bringing home prizes in the Home Economics division from both the York County Fair an-d the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Anyone will definitely say the F HA has lived up to its creed Toward New Horizons lts officers are as follows President Doris Leister Vice President Mary Laugh man Secretary Doris Topper Songleader Gloria Stullle Treasurer Ethel Sterner Historian Phyllis Wildasin First Row D Menges Y Hufnagle B Kuhn M Rohrbaugh G Gobrecht D Reed S Fulco A Banker! B Baker R Brown Second Row I Rabenstine E Grimes M Flickinger E Sierner G Stuffle D Forry L Shue P Luce M I Heiser N Miller Thid Row P Grouse E Feeser D Leister D Topper M Laughman I Hamer I Mummert E Biddle S King P Wildasin 74 1 , ' 1 , 2' , ' ' , . I OO I ll U 'r Z.o ,, . ,. ' , ,, , , ,. F1rstRow M Sterner H Myers G MGlhlUS S Bechtel D Wlne R Elme E Kessler T Hart laub I Frsher M Werkert H Beard E Becker Secord Flow R Gmter K Walton R Smlth M Warner K Dlehl R Ellne L Mummert R Barn hart W Hershey R Slothour H Warehrme Thlrd Row N Raubenstme W W1ldGS1H R Moul E Brxler W Worley S Mummert D Rebert R Pope S Th1er1t M Sanders Fourth Row E Teal B Sterner C Leese E Houck L Lucabaugh N Eckert D Crouse R Crawford R Swarts H Hoover Fltth Row H Fuhrman B Ge1selman G Shorb B Noel D Raubensttne G Fuhrman R Topper W Th1er1t P Henry FUTURE CRAFTSMEN OF AMERICA CLUB OFFICERS Adv1ser Mr Brammer VICE Presrdent Earl Teal Secretary Treasurer Sterlmg Bechtel Reporter Burdette Sterner PROGRAMS OF WORK The F C A has club funds ralsed by selhng hot dogs ICS cream and Candy at basketball games Varrous soclal functlons are held at mtervals durlng the year as well as a yearly banauet Wlth the Ktwanls Club and a pxcnxc at the close of school lndustrlal movles are shown dur1ng club perrods SCOPE OF THE ORGANIZA'I'ION The Future Craftsmen of Amerlca IS an organrzatlon operatlng through the publ1c school systems of the Umted States for the promotlon of mterest rn crattsmanshlp It IS for boys who are regularly enrolled IH mdustrral classes ln secondary schools havlng organlzed courses of rnstructlon for the develop ment ot crattsrnanshlp elther for consumer and hobby use or for a vocatton Schools 1n Wh1ch chapters are formed have deflnrte vocatlonal alms and the courses IH Wh1ch the members of the group are enrolled are those Wh1ch place emphasls upon vocauonal knowledge and skxlls Members may not retam act1ve merr1bersh1p tn the organrzanon after droppmg out of 1ndust1al classes or after graduahon from school It IS an organlzatron ln whxch boys take part and do the thmgs boys fmd pleasure and value xn domg 75 Oli N i . , I I 1 I ' V ' A l' I I ' A 4 h A . A V ' ' I ' - 1 1 I .President ...........,.....,............,......,. William Worley ' - I 4 I I , , . CHEERLEADERS Durlng the school term of l947 l948 seven students enthusxostlcolly led the howlmg mob tn cheers for the school ond the team ot czll the school oth let1c c1ct1v1t1es A few of the fovonte cheers We wont CI touchdown heolr em slng We wcrnt ct touchdown thot s the thmg lust let some great b1g brmser Husky ond tctll corrry the bolll ln no t1me ot dll We ll have C1 touchdown When lts over let us heor you make some no1se A We womnt o touchdown boy Wotsh em outl Rmg em out' l-long em on the lme' We ll beolt Any old t1me' l71rtRow H Culp M Wlsensotle H Hess P Stcmbouqh Second Row V' Campbell N Rxnker P Ernt 76 He- -ffNf-OffVfE-R , sl i' 'A' i' i' 1' PROPHECY OF THE CLASS OF' 1948 The doorbell rrngs Father Trme opens the door and admlts Doctor Bohren Good mornmg Doctor says Father Trme Good mornmg returns Doctor Bohren Father Tlme contmues Doctor Bohren I asked you over here thxs mormng for a pur pose I would hke to show you what your senlors w1ll be dorng seven years from now rf you are 1nterested7 I would be dehghted replles Dr Bohren Upon saylng the maglc word Father Tlm and Dr Bohren wrthout further ado fl1t from the kmadom of real1ty mto the realm of 1mag1nat1on Father Trme says We mlght as well start our Journey rn your hrgh school Doctor Bohren Mary Taylor IS your Sophomore Enghsh teacher fMr Brubaker IS prrncrpall and Orpha Black IS capably servma as the head of the Enghsh Department tn the nrnth grade Leavmg the school Dr Bohren and Father Tlme begm rovmg over the streets of Han over On Carl1sle street they see Pauhne Leese W1th her nme chrldren fthree sets of tr1p lets? followmg rn graduated order Across the street from her stand f1ve marrred ladles graduates of 48 they were formerly Ianet Blocher Mary Shoemaker Audrey Grove Ioan Frock and Pegay Artley In front of the Y W C A stand Audrey Parr Mary Lauahman Mlnerva Bowersox Ruth Dubb Rosella Brown Lorrarne Aumen Bonme Smrth Ethel Sterner Mary Hart and Mrs Noel formerly Ianet Folmer At th1s afternoon s Study Club meetrng the two prmcrpal speakers were Eleanor Formwalt and Mary Rebert Eleanor Formwalt IS now a feature wrrter for the New York Trmes Mary Hebert has yust completed her thrrd novel entltled Love and the Bam An arrhammer begms 1ts loud staccato roar on the square Th1s sounds attracts Dr Bohren and Father T1me Arr1v1ng at the sc ne of act1v1ty they ftnd that a water mam has burst Laverne Resser a c1v1l engrneer IS dlrectmg the reparr work Edwm Bubb and W1ll1am Ne1dhe1rner are operatmg the rnachrne Suddenly the sounds of Wl'l1Slll1'1g t1res and the deafenmg roar of a Ford englne are heard A small panel truck speeds past the excavahon On the s1de IS the 1nscr1pt1on Ernest Mlller EIGCITICICIH A mrlk truck pass1ng the cavrty toots 1ts horn at the workers Its drlver IS none other than Carroll Smeak now the proud owner of a large da1ry1n Hanover As Dr Bohren and Father Tlme turn arc md they spy Fred Nelderers new dry goods store on the corner of Baltrmore Street and the square Dr Bohren and Father Trme mspect Lest r Hersheys new department store on Fred errck Street Th1s establlshment IS the most modern store rn Southern Pennsylvanra Some of the clerks found ln the store are Mary Karlus Freda Lau Yvonne Sourllard Charlotte Gladfelter Marlan Keeney Cora Wagaman and Bermce Arentz Nancy Rergle Velma Krug Dorrs Lerster and Ianrce Pennewlll are employed as secretarres rn the OIIICG Four attractrve grrls dressed rn whrte emerge from a car that has Just parked rn front of Hershey s department store Why rt s Mary Gulden Pat Ernst Dolores Markle and Dawn PTICG regrstered nurses employed at the Hanover General Hosprtal Rambllng down Baltrmore Street Doctor Bohren and Father Ttme see Henry Culp a wholesale magazrne dealer comma out of the telephone company off1ce The Wanderers passmg the telephone company offlce see Phylhs Wrldasrn Frances Garrett Geraldme Ftebert and Ruth Forry operatmg swrtch boards Down the street a httle further Howard Resh a mechan1c IS towmg Donald Tasto s car Tasto 15 a successful prrnter whose hobby rs playma frrst trombone rn the Hanover CIVIC Orchestra Next Dr Bohren and Father Tlme pay a v1s1t to Harold Warehlme s machme shop o York Street They f1nd that Homer Fuhrmon Eugene Blxler and W1ll1am Worley are em ployed by Warehlme as machlmsts Besrde Warehrrnes machme shop rs the cab1net shop of Burdette Sterner and Dean Shuffle At the far end of Baresvrlle 1S located the mam Cannery of the W1ll1am Brttmger Food Co Brttrnger Hanover s foremost frreman ls the owner of the largest food processrng com pany m Pennsylvanla Glenn Barr an agrrculturxst supervlses the many farms of the Blttmger estabhshment Iuene Alban Nadme Iones Dolores Wolff Shtrley Leppo and Dolores Nace are employed rn the offrce Cy rl Bechtel IS manager of the vast Cham of grocery stores that dot the natlon Mlles Fasnacht IS the travellng audrtor of the frrm Har old Prrce and W1ll1am Therrt are rovmg salesmen of the Brttmger Cannery Concludrng therr 1ourney ln Hanover D Bohren and Father Tlme v1s1t the Doubleday 80 11 - 11 . 1 I - 11 - 11 , . . . 1. . . 1 1 ' - - 11 -1 . 11 . , . . Q , V . . .1 . . , . 1 1 . . . . . 11 . . - , 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 , . - - 1 . 1 1 1 51 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . . - 1 1 11 . 11 Q . V , 1 . , , . - . 1 11 . . . 1, , . , . . . 1 1 . . 1 . 9 ' - 1 1 I 1 1 1 - 1 ' , . 1 1 1 . 1 I - , 1 1 , Y . 1 . 1 V ' 1 1 , . . . . . , . . 1 1 , 1 1 ' . . . . 1 - 1 1 1 . . 1 . . . . . 1 . . - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 , 1 1 I , r. . A . , 1. APPRECIATION

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