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K ff lm ,,-Biwfff ,Q , f ff f ,425 f egg Q f H , .3Zf?ieUX4ii2? 1 Mffifn . Q P2 5 1 a i ! E i ff H fl fi fi Y. L gi 1 HANOVER at -e-nc-.H scuooo. 'EEF' I - Tl-IE NCDRNIR Published by the Class of l945 Eichelberger Senior High School Hanover, Pennsylvania Foreword WE, the class of 1945, present this NORNIR as a record of our achievements and of the events Which took place during our three fleeting years in high school. To some of us, graduation is simply one more of the many steps toward our life's Work. To others, it is a final achievement before entering the armed forces of the United States of America. To a few of our former classmates, who are already serving in the various branches of the armed forces, it is a dream Whose realization is deferred. To all three of these groups, es- pecially to those Who may Wander to the four cor- ners of the earth, may this volume bring fond memories and dreams of the happy days spent in E. I-l. S. Dedication WE, the Class of l945, Wish to dedi- cate this, our NORNlR, to an honest, faithful, ener- getic instructor in the Commercial and Distributive Education departments of this school, to a man who is respected throughout the school as a fair and square friend of all those With Whom he associates, to a man who has unselfishly given of his time in order to bring to a successful issue each new NORNIR. MAY this Volume be a small token of the great appreciation of all those students in this class that have benefited by his expert advice and good taste in this l945 edition of the NORNlR. Mr. Franklin S. Riley g i Table of Contents Administration - Page 7 Senior Section - Page 13 Iunior Section Page 37 Sophomore Section - Page 41 Activities - Page 45 Athletics Page 59 Features - Page 73 .Af-f:ffwA:::vA,Af:::-ffff..A,-xfx,-fff. .,x. ADMINISTRATICDN HK 5 2 MU E 6: . . jun! mwfic cAarmA fn fenowzzcfge M vain!!! dee! lo Afoeff. . V H ...l 1i.--f1l- r 7 BOARD OF EDUCATION CLYDE H. ZARTMAN HARRY M. FOLMER CLARK W, SCHUE President Vice President Treasure,- MRS. ROMAINE E. MILLER L. B. SHEPPARD Acting Secretary GUY R. GOODFELLOW WILSON NACE W. HENRY BITTINGER Eight First row: J. Beamenderfer, E. Durborow, M. Blettner, G. Vllalker, G. Hamm. Second row: M. Zinn, M. Menges, G. SheHer, H. Flickinger, E. Thomas. Third row: S. Diehl, J. Marts, D. Deardorff, H. Keefauver, E. Turner. THE FACULTY .IEAN BEAMENDERFER Susquehanna B.S. '39g U. of N. Car. Bookkeeping I and II, Exploratory Commercial, and Salesmanship Orange and Black Business Adviser Girl Reserves Adviser War Bond Drive M. PEARL BLETTNER Gettysburg College B.S., '28 Penn State M.Ed. History Red Cross Sewing Club Adviser DOROTHY DEARDORFF Western Maryland College A.B. '32 Pre-Flight Aeronautics, Biology, and Vocational Science Biology Club Adviser SARAH R. DIEHL Gettysburg College A.B. '16 English II, III, V Nornir Adviser Red Cross Home Nursing Club ESTHER M. DURBOROW Gettysburg A.B. '25 U. of P., Temple M.Ed. '33 Latin, Spanish, English Spanish Club Adviser HENRIETTA K. FLICKINGER Millersville S. T. C., A.B. 1900 Susquehanna University M.Ed. '33 Algebra I and II, Business Math., and World History Needlework Club Adviser GLADYS I. HAMM Western Maryland College AB. '28 Mathematics and History Dancing Club Adviser HELEN R. KEEFAUVER Pennsylvania State College B.S. '43 Home Economics and Biology Senior Class Adviser Boys' Cooking Club Adviser .IEANNE D. MARTS Shippensburg S. T. C., B.S. '43 Shorthand and Typing Typing Club Adviser MARY L. MENGES Gettysburg A.B. '28g U. of P., M.A. Cornell U.g Iowa State U. English IV and Latin IV Dramatic Coach Nine GENE L. SHEFFER Albright College AB. '40 English, Latin, French Orange and Black Adivser Press Club Adviser H. ELIZABETH SPANGLER University of P., KJV., U. of Mich. School Nurse Red Cross Home Nursing Adviser EVALYN THOMAS Mansfield S. T. C., Penn State B.S. Health and Physical Education Girls' Athletic Club Adviser Girls' Bowling League Coach ELEANOR R. TURNER Mansfield State Teachers B.S. '34 Music, English Bridge Club Adviser Chorus and Operetta Coach GERTRUDE V. WALKER Susquehanna University A.B. '27 Librarian Library Club Adviser MARY C. ZINN Edinboro S. T. C., B.S. '28 Penn State College M.E'd. '32 Art and Related Art GEORGE H. BOWMAN Western Maryland A.B. '33 American History Science Club Adviser BARRY BRAMMER University of Pittsburgh Wood Shop Adviser, Future Craftsmen RICHARD H. BRUBAKER Muhlenberg, Penn State, Millersville AB. English Faculty Manager of Athletics ERLE K. DIEHL Gettysburg College A.B. '13 Problems of Democracy and Industrial History Student Council Adviser THE FACULTY H. VERNON FERSTER Susquehanna University AB. ,36 Physics, Vocational Math .l. V. Football Coach JOSEPH H. HURST Gettysburg AB., A.M. '12 Chemistry and Physics Modern Alchemists Club Adviser L. H. KEMP Muhlenberg B.S. '28 Penn State College M.Ecl. '38 Biology Photo Club Adviser HOLMAN Z. LEESE Shippensburg State Teachers College B.S. Vlfood Shop Girls' Shop Club Adviser HAROLD L. REESE East Stroudsburg State Teachers College B.S. '35 Health and Physical Education for Boys Head Coach of Football, Basket- ball, Track FRANKLIN S. RILEY Indiana State Teachers College B.S. ,34 University of Buffalo University of Pittsburgh M.Ed. ,42 Distributive Education Business Adviser of Nornir JACK H. SCHULER Lebanon Valley College Columbia University B.S. '36 Instrumental Music Band and Orchestra NORMAN Z. STONER Penn State Machine Shop Girls' Shop Club Adviser R First row: R. Gray, B. Brammer, H. Kemp, H. Leese, J. Hurst, R. Bagshaw. Secoml row: J. Schuler, N. Stoner, V. Forster, G. Bowman, E. Diehl. Third row: H. Reese, F. Riley, R. Brubaker. Ten 1 Mr. Robert A. Bagshaw Superintendents Message You members of the class of 1945 will have completed your high school experiences in an era which is thus far unsurpassed in many respects. Your Senior High School studies have been pursued in their entirety during a period when our nation has been engaged in an all out war. Your older brothers and sisters have made extreme sacrifices. You have perhaps been inconvenienced. Your parents have been inconvenienced and, in many cases, have undergone much sacrifice and intense anxiety. If the freedom for which your older brothers have fought and died is to be maintained, you must do more than merely take that freedom for granted. lt requires more work upon the part of the humble and individual citizen to maintain representative government which guarantees that freedom than to maintain any other form of government. Among my many good Wishes to you of the class of 1945, is my Wish that this Nornir may cause you to remember the critical era in which your schooling was pursued and that it may, therefore, challenge you to accept a great civic responsibility to maintain representative government and freedom. Very sincerely, R. A. Bagshaw Superintendent of Schools Mus. IQATHERINE STACKI-xouss Secretary to Mr. Bagshaw Eleven Mr. Hay W. Gray Principc:11's Message To the seniors we wish the most of the hest from life. The world is at present in violent change. All of us are hoping and praying that out of the turmoil will Colne a better world. Many are also doing something toward making this a better world. We wish our graduates to take a foremost part in the ranks of those who are 'adoingn something to apply the knowledge learned here in school in shaping the world to our ideals. IRENE THIERET Secretary to Mr. Gray Twelve SENICDRS '-rd-1-2 5 -::.,-" 0 .T 1, ' an i' 2'! 45 H -Q IM, X '1 f X XX . X 5 X XXX Mm X Nfl Ekfzzi? ENNANQN f A X T SX 4 f 'QQ Me Jaw go Ly wifi Jwihnedd wwf Arm dw foaming year! . . . , lu W H, , SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS William Warehime Philip Waltersdorf Madeline Rohrbaugh Carlynn Hartman President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Senior Closs History We, the class of 1945, have accomplished much since we timidly entered this huge Eichelberger Senior High School three years ago. During our Sophomore year, many of us lent our talents to making our class play 'fliarryl' successful. Those of us who were musically inclined helped to present the Operetta MA Waltz Dream." Many of the Sophomore boys eagerly participated in football, basketball, and track. Allthough we were enthusiastic in extra-curricular activities, many of our names lengthened the honor rolls. The election of class officers attracted much attention. During our Sophomore and .lunior year, a straight party ticket was chosen to rule our class. For our class production in our Junior year, we proudly presented wjunior Miss." Many of us took part in presenting the Easter Cantata Wllhe Cruciiixionf' As Seniors we returned to good old E. H. S. for our final year. Already many members of our class have left us to serve in the various branches of the United States Armed Forces. This year we generously bought War Bonds and Stamps to hasten our long-desired Peace. Many of us served on the Orange and Black Staff, the band and orchestra, the choruses, the debating team, and the cheering squad. Our class play this year, the uFamily Portraitf' was a different type from those we had presented in previous years. It depicted the life of the family of Jesus. We received gratifying praise for this production. How swiftly our last few weeks at E. H. S. flew! The Juniors and Sophomores rewarded us for all our efforts by giving us a formal Spring Dance. The Baccalaureate Service and our Campus Day program brought to an end the three best years in our lives. As we left the auditorium after our beautiful Graduation Ceremony, we all wondered what this huge world had in store for us. Fourteen MARION ALBRIGHT Commercial Course Girls Athletic Club l, 23 Girls Shop 33 Orange and Black l, 2. GRACE AMSPACIIER "Gracie,, General Course Dancing Club 13 Home Nursing Club, Secretary 23 Study Club 33 Girl Reserves 3. ROBERT M. ARENTZ "Baby Academic Course Typing Club lg Science Club 23 Biology Club 3g Wrestling 1, 33 Intramural Basketball 2g Bowling 23 Mixed Chorus 3. HAROLD JOHN BAIR "Shorty" Vocational Course F. C. A., Secretary-Treasurer 13 Vice-President 2g President 33 Nornir Stall. RICHARD BAIR 'SDickv Academic Course Camera Club, President 13 Typing Club, Secre- tary 23 Bridge Club 33 Sophomore Playg Junior Play3 Senior Playg Wrestling 1, Manager 3g Student Council 1, 23 Football Manager 2, 3. HARRIS A. BARNHART "Barney,' Academic Course Boys' Cooking Club lg Boys, Athletic Club 23 Lettermanis Club 33 Sophomore Play! .lunior Playg Senior Playg Track l, 2, 3g Intramural Basketball l, 2, 33 Orange and Black l, 2, 33 Homeroom Vice-President 2. STERLING C. BARNHART "Squire" Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 3. CHRISTINE M. BECHTEL "Chris" Commercial Course Photography Club 13 Press Club 2g Bridge Club 3g Senior Play3 Bowling 2, 33 Orange and Black l, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Girl Reserves l, 3g Spring Concert 2g Operetta 13 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3. Fifteen Sixteen Doms BERWAGER Commercial Course Glee Club 1, 25 Bridge Club 33 Bowling 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 23 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. RUSSELL BERWAGER "Russ" General Course Photography Club lg Study Club 2, 3. MERLE L. BLOCHER "Bloc,' Academic Course Study Club lg Boys, Athletic Club 2:, Boys' Cooking Club 35 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Bowling 2. Lois BOSSERMAN "Reds" Home Economics Course Dancing Club lg Needlework Club 2, 3g Senior Play. GEORGE BOWMAN "Big George" Academic Course Boys' Cooking Club 1, 3g Boys' Athletic Club 23 Senior Play, Intramural Basketball 2, 3. JANET BOWMAN "Agnes', Distributive Education Dancing Club lg Study Club 2g Homeroom Secretary lg Homeroom President 3. GLORIA JEUNE BOYER "Glo" ' General Course Glee Club lg Girls, Athletic Club 2g Hobby Club, Vice-President 33 Sophomore Play, Girls' Chorus 1, 2g Girls' Sports 3. MADELEINE BRADNER '.MH6l,, Commercial C ourse Glee Club lg Needlework Club 2g Girls' Shop 33 Senior Play, Orange and Black 2, 3. ARLENE BROWN "Skip" Commercial Course Needlework Club lg Biology Club 2:, Girls' Shop 3g Nornir Staff. MARGARET BURG "Peggy" Academic Course Girls' Athletic Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, Girls' Sports 1, 2, 39 Girl Reserves 1, 2, Treas- urer 3g Band 1, 2, 3. PEARL E. BYRD "Byrdie,, Commercial Course Study Club 1, 2g Girls' Shop 33 Girls' Sports 2, 3g Homeroom Vice-President 1, Secretary 2g Orange and Black 13 Nornir Staff. PAUL E. CARL Academic Course Photography Club 1g Dance Orchestra 2, Chem- istry Club 3g Track 1, 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH CLINGAN 'floel' General Course Typing Club 13 Photography Club 25 Boys, Cooking Club 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 33 Bowling 2, Band 1, 2 3. JULIA COLESTOCK "Judy" Academic Course Dancing Club lg Study Club 2, 3. STANLEY DECKER "Toof' Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 3. JOYCE DELIJ Commercial Course Study Club 1, 23 Girls' Shop 3. Seventeen L 11 Eighteen LUCILLE MAAE DILLER "Dilly" General Course Needlework Club 2, 35 Junior Playg Senior Playg Orange and Black 2, 35 Girls, Chorus 35 Band 2. GLORIA JEAN DUBS "Dubber', Academic Course Study Club 15 Spanish Club 25 Bridge Club 35 Girls' Sports 25 Orange and Black 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. FRANK ELSNER, JR. "Pancho,' Academic Course Dancing Club 15 Spanish Club 25 Bowling 25 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3. SHIRLEY E. FLEMING Distributive Education Dancing Club 15 Study Club 2. HAROLD FROCK "Frockie', Commercial C oursc Photography Club 15 Boys' Cooking Club 2, 35 Sophomore Playg Senior Playg Bowling 25 Stu- dent Council 15 Homeroom President 3. JEAN GARDNER '6Henny,' Academic Course Library Club 2, 3. ANNIE C. GARMAN Home Economics Course Study Club 1., 25 American Bed Cross 3. DOROTHY GARRETT "Dottie,' Commercial Course Study Club 1, 2, 3. ETHEL GARRETT Home Economics Course Needlework Club 1, 33 Home Nursing Club 2. FRANCES B. GARRETT 'Trang Distributive Education Dramatic Club 13 Study Club 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Student Council 33 Operetta 1. PHILIP GARRETT '6Phil" Academic Course Typing Club lg Photography Club 23 Dramatic Club 33 .lunior Playg Senior Playg Mixed Chorus 3. MARION GARVICK "Mimi, Home Economics Course Needlework Club 13 Study Club 2g Girls' Shop 3g Girl Reserves 3. GEORGE GEBENSLEBEN "Knob,' Academic C curse Bee Club 13 Letterman's Club 2, 3g Football 1, 2, 3g Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Bowling 2. CHARLOTTE L. GEISELMAN "Char,, General Course Glee Club lg Needlework Club 2, 33 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3. DONALD GEISELMAN "Donn Academic Course Typing Club, President 13 Lettermanis Club, President 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Bowling 2g Class President 13 Homeroom President 1, 2, 33 Boys' Chorus 33 Mixed Chorus 3. ANITA M. GERRICK "Terry,' Distributive Education Dancing Club lg Study Club 23 Homeroom Secretary 33 Cheerleader 1, 2. Nineteen Twenty JEANE GOBRECHT "Gaby" Commercial Course Debating Club, Secretary 15 Spanish Club 23 Bridge Club 3, Sophomore Play, Senior Play, Orange and Black 1, 2, 33 Debate 13 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3g Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Trio 1, 2, 33 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 33 Operetta lg Cheerleader 2, 33 Spring Con- cert 2. ' MURRAY GOODFELLOW "Coodie" Academic Course Typing Club, Secretary-Treasurer 1, Letter- man's Club 2, Treasurer 33 Football 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 35 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Student Council 2, Class Vice- President 1. DONALD GOUKER "Donn Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 3, Football lg Intramural Basket- ball lg Bowling 2. ANNA MAE GRAYBILL General Course Study Club 1, 2g American Red Cross, Secretary- Treasurer 3. GLORIA HAMM "Hammie,' Commercial Course Dancing Club 13 Study Club 2, 3g Nornir Staff, Band 1, 2, 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3. STATIA M. HAMM "Sadie" Academic Course Dancing Club lg Photography Club 2, 3, Sophomore Play. PAUL L. HAMPTON Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 3. JOHN HANER "Half, Academic Course Dramatics Club 1, Study Club 25 Photography Club, President 3, Senior Play, Football 2g Intramural Basketball 33 Bowling 2. THELMA I-IARNEI: Commercial Course Dancing Club 13 Home Nursing Club 23 Bridge Club 3g Bowling 2, 3g Orange and Black 2, 33 Nornir Staffg Debate lg Girls, Chorus 23 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM EADVVARD HART "Soapy,' General Course Dancing Club lg Boys' Athletic Club 23 Letter- man's Club 3g Sophomore Play3 Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1 2g Track 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3g Bowling 2. KATHLEEN MAY HARTLAUB "Kas', Home Economics Dancing Club lg Study Club 2g Girls, Shop 3. CARLYNN TIARTMAN "Hedgy" Academic Course Glee Club 13 Dramatic Club, Secretary-Treas urer 2g Study Club 3g Sophomore Playg Senior Play3 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Orange and Black 1, 2, 33 Debate 13 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Class Treasurer 33 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 33 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 23 Girls' Trio 13 Operetta 1. CARL HENSON "Sweden Vocational Course Study Club 1, 23 Boys' Cooking Club 3. CURTIS DAVID HOFF "Curt" Academic Course Biology Club lg Chemistry Club 2g Study Club 3g Basketball 2. JEANNE E. HUFNAGLE Commercial Course Glee Club lg Study Club 23 Bridge Club 33 Basketball 1, 23 Track 13 Bowling 3g Orange and Black 3g Girls, Chorus lg Mixed Chorus 1, 2g Girl Reserves 2, 3g Operetta 2. DAVID F. HUMBERT "Dave" Academic Course All-American Club 13 Sports Club 23 Football 13 Wrestling 13 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. Twen Ly-one ru.. lM Twenty-two RoY KLINE, JR. "Henny,' Vocational Course Dancing Club 15 F. C. A. 2, 3. HELEN KNIPEL "Bertha', Commercial Course Dancing Club 15 Spanish Club 25 Bridge Club 35 Sophomore Play5 Bowling 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Girls Sports 15 Operetta 15 Spring Concert 2. ROBERT B. KOENIG "Sharky" Academic Course Study Club 15 Boys' Athletic Club 25 Biology Club 35 Sophomore Playg Senior Play5 Wrest- ling 35 Intramural Basketball 25 Bowling 25 Nornir Staff 35 Debate 15 Boys' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Class President 25 Homeroom President 2, 3. JAMES KRUMRINE "Jim" Academic Course Dancing Club 15 Science Club 25 Study Club 35 Senior Playg Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. JAMES KUNKEL "Jim" Academic Course Study Club 1, 2, 35 Basketball 15 Track 25 Intramural Basketball, Captain 1, 2, 35 Orches- tra 35 Band 1, 2, 3. ELEANOR LAIRD "Nonie" Academic Course Glee Club 15 Press Club 2, 35 .lunior Play5 Senior Playg Basketball 1, 2, 35 Bowling 2, 35 Orange and Black 1, 2, 35 Nornir Staff 35 Debate 15 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Vice- President 15 Homeroom Treasurer 2. RUTH E. LEER "Babe" Distributive Education Study Club 1, 25 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Operetta 1. WINIFRED LEESE "Winnie" Home Economics Study Club 1, 25 Girls' Shop 35 Student Council 1, Girl Reserves. MARY LEFEVRE I 9 4 5 "Fever', Academic Course Glee Club 1, 23 Girls, Shop 33 Senior Play3 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Bowling 2, 3g Orange and Black 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 3g Girl Reserves 3. GLADYS LEISTER Commercial Course Glee Club 13 Study Club 23 Girls, Shop 3g Orange and Black 3. HAROLD LEISTER "Snap,' Vocational Course Chemistry Club 13 Boys' Cooking Club 2g F. C. A. 3. EDITH LEPPERD "Susie" Academic Course Glee Club lg Girls' Athletic Club 23 Press Club 3g Basketball 1, 2, 33 Orange and Black 1, 2, 33 Nornir Staff 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Student Council 2. KATIILEEN LIPPY "Kas,' Commercial Course Dancing Club 13 Study Club 2g Girls' Shop 33 Orange and Black 33 Nornir Staff 3. HAROLD J. LITTLE "Tup,, Vocational Course Dancing Club lg Typing Club 23 Boys' Cooking Club 3. HELEN MAE LITTLE "Skipper', Distribulive Education Dramatic Club lg Glee Club 2g Girls' Chorus 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 2g Operetta 1. JANICE LITTLE I ".lf1n', Distributive Education Study Club 1, 2. if Twenty-three Twenty-four HENRY MALKUS General Course Typing Club 15 Study Club 2, 35 Junior Play. DEAN R. MARKLE Academic Course Study Club lg Boys' Athletic Club 25 Letter- man's Club 35 Senior Play, Football 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. ROBERT E. MARKLE "Bob" Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 23 Chess Club 3, Track 1, 25 Wrestling 1, 3, Band 1, 2, 3. EARL MENCIIEY "Mench', Academic Course Study Club 1, 2, Chemistry Club 3g lntramural Basketball 1, 2, Captain 3, Band 1, 23 Or- chestra 1. DORIS MILLER General Course Dancing Club 1g Study Club 2g Home Nursing Club 35 Girl Reserves 2, 3. FRANCIS D. MILI.ER "Bud" Distributive Education Study Club 1, 2. IRL MILLER "Squirtv Academic Course Boys' Athletic Club 1, 2g Study Club 3: Foot- ball 2g Basketball lg Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Captain 3, Bowling 2. J RICHARD MILLER "Dick,' Vocational Course Dancing Club 1g Study Club 2, 3. WILLIAM E. MORRISON "Bill" Commercial Course Study Club 1, 25 Boys' Cooking Club 35 Nornir Stall 3. BETTY L. MowRER "Peanutv Distributive Education Dancing Club 15 Home Nursing Club 25 Homeroom Treasurer. CLYDE MUMMERT "Chub', Academic Course Dancing Club 15 Study Club 25 Chess Club 35 Sophomore Playg Junior Playg Intramural Basketball 35 Boys, Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Band 15 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. EARL MUMMERT "Curly" Commercial Course Dancing Club 15 Boys, Cooking Club 2, 35 Sophomore Play5 Senior Play, All Star Play5 Bowling 2, 35 Homeroom Vice-President 3. JOHN H. MUMMERT, JR. 'flohnnyi' General Course Dancing Club 15 Study Club 2, 35 Junior Playg Senior Playg Intramural Basketball 3. NORMAN L. MUMMERT "Norma Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3. JEAN MUNTZ Academic Course Girls' Athletic Club 15 Typing Club 25 Alche- mist Club 35 Sophomore Play5 Junior Play5 Senior Playg Basketball 1, 2, 35 Nornir Stall 35 Girls' Chorus 35 Class Secretary 25 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Secretary 2. C. ALBERT MUSSELMAN "Mass" Academic Course Dancing Club 15 Lettermanis Club 2, 35 Sophomore Playg Football 1, 2., 35 Basketball 1, 25 Track 2, 35 Wrestling 35 Bowling 25 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Student Council 15 Class Secretary 1. i... ,, . Twenty-five Twenty-six LAWRENCE E. MYERS "Larry,, Commercial Course Study Club 1, 23 Boys' Cooking Club 33 Bas- ketball 13 Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Bowling 2g Nornir Staff 33 Student Council 3. JEAN L. MYERS uleaniei' Distributive Education Glee Club 1, 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 2g Operetta 1. WILLIAM NAILL, JR. "Billi, Academic Course Dancing Club 13 Lettermanls Club 2, 33 All Star Play lg Football 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Boyls Chorus 13 Mixed Chorus lg Class Vice-President 23 Home- room Vice-President lg I-Iomeroom President 23 I-lomeroom Vice-President 3. LAVERNE NEIDERER "Doon Academic Course Typing Club lg Swing Band 2g Chess Club 33 Senior Playg Intramural Basketball 2, Captain 33 Mixed Chorus 3. RUTH E. NEIDHAMMER "Ruthie,' Distributive Education Photography Club 13 Study Club 2. JEANNE M. NEUMANN Nfeanniev Commercial Course Study Club 1, 23 Girls' Shop 3g Sophomore Playg Basketball 2, 33 Bowling 1, 2, 33 Nornir Stall 3g Girls' Sports 1, 2, 33 Homeroom Treasurer 3. DoRoTHY NOBLE "Dain Academic Course Dancing Club 13 Study Club 23 Needlework Club 33 Senior Play3 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Bowling 2, 33 Softball 1, 2, 3. ALICE ORENDORFF Home Economics Dancing Club lg Study Club 2, 3g Girl Reserves. , ROBERT PANEBAKER "Panny', Academic Course Study Club 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 25 Basketball 1g Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3g Bowling 2. DEAN L. PORTS "Sm0ke', Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 3g Bowling 2, 3. JAMES L. QUICKEL "Jim" Vocational Course Dramatic Club 15 Boys, Athletic Club 23 Boys' Cooking Club 3. VIVIAN M. RAUBENSTINE "Viv,' Distributive Education Needlework Club lg Study Club 2. BURNELL REBERT "Shrieue" Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 3. MARIAN REIGCLE Commercial Course Dancing Club 15 Study Club 2, Girls' Nornir Staff 3. Shop 3g SHIRLEY REINDOLLAR General Course Girls' Athletic Club 1, 2, 33 Sophomore Play, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Bowling 1, 2. HELEN RENAUT "Renny', Academic Course Study Club 3g Basketball 3. 1 w Twenty-seven Twenty-eight SHIRLEY MAXINA RHODES "Shirl" Commercial Course Glee Club 13 Dramatic Club 2, 3g Speech Club 3g Senior Playg Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Operetta 1. WILLIAM RICE "Billy Academic Course Biology Club lg Swing Band 23 Bridge Club 33 Junior Play3 Senior Playg Intramural Basket- ball, Captain 33 Nornir Stai13 Student Council Secretary 33 Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 23 Homeroom President 13 Homeroom Vice- President 2. WILBUR RICHARD "Pete" Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 3. MADELINE L. ROHRBAUCH "Madge,, Academic Course Glee Club 13 Spanish Club 23 Dramatic Club 3g Sophomore Play3 Operetta lg Girls' Sports 1, 2, 33 Bowling 1, 2, 3g Orange and Black 1, 2, 3g Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Class Secretary 33 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. BETTY ARLENE ROYER "Betsy,' Academic Course Glee Club 13 Dramatic Club 23 Sophomore Play? Senior Play3 Operetta 1, 33 Bowling 1, 2, 33 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 33 Orange and Black 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2. 3g Mixed Chorusf 1, 2, 33 Trio 1, 2, 33 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3g Spring Concert 2. KATHERINE L. SCHUMAN "Kassie,, Academic Course Girls' Athletic Club lg Study Club 2g Com- mercial Club 33 Sophomore Playg Senior Playg Girls, Sports 1, 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Bowling 1, 23 Orange and Black 2, 33 Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Trio 2, 33 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. DORIS M. SHAFFER :'Doss" Distributive Education Dancing Club 13 Study Club 2. FRANCES SHEARER "Franie" Distributive Education Study Club 1, 23 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Bowling 13 Girls' Sports 1, 2. FLOYD SPIES "Spig5,' Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 23 Lettermanis Club 33 Football 1, 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Bowling 3. EDWARD H. SNYDER "Eddie" Academic Course Dancing Club 13 Boys' Athletic Club 23 Letter- man's Club 3g Track l, 2. 33 Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 33 Boys, Chorus l, 23 Mixed Chorus l, 23 Operetta 1. FRANCES SMITH 'cSmitty,' Distributive Education Dancing Club lg Study Club 23 Intramural Basketball 1, 2g Girls' Sports 1, 2. DONALD RICHARD SMITH '6Smitty,' Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 3. ROBERT SMALL "Smallie,' Commercial Course Typing Club 13 Boys' Cooking Club 2, 3g Track 33 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. NEVIN E. SHULTZ "Neva Commercial Course Study Club lg Boys, Cooking Club 23 Alchem- ists Club 33 Sophomore Playg Senior Playg Track 33 Intramural Basketball 33 Bowling 2, 33 Homeroom Secretary 3. GLENN SHEFFER "Simpy', Academic Course Dancing Club 13 Dramatic Club 23 Press Club 33 Junior Play3 Senior Playg All Star Play 13 Intramural Basketball 1. 2, 3g Bowling 2, 3g Boys, Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 33 Student Council 2, 33 Homeroom President 1. A. JANE SHEARER 'isnipsi' General Course Dancing Club 13 Study Club 2g Typing Club 3g Bowling l, 2, 33 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 33 Orange and Black 1, 2, 33 Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer 23 Girl Reserves 1, 3. Twentygnine Thirty EUGENE STAMBAUGH "Stomy" Vocational Course Photography Club 1, 2, 3, Football 35 Wrestling 3g Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. MARY LOUISE STARNER Commercial Course Glee Club 15 Study Club 2g Girls' Shop 3. ROBERT B. STARNER "Bali, Vocational Course Typing Club 1, 25 Boys, Cooking Club 3. JEANNE M. STAUFFER Commercial Course Girls' Athletic Club lg Study Club 2, Girls' Shop 33 Bowling 33 Nornir 3. MARVIN STINE "Stiney', Academic Course Dancing Club 13 Spanish Club 2g Bridge Club 35 Sophomore Play, Junior Play, All Star Play lg Football 13 Intramural Basketball 1g Boys' Chorus 1. 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Operetta 1, 3, Boys Quartet 1, 2, 3. GEORGE STONESIFER "Stoney', Academic Course Photography Club lg Spanish Club 2, Biology Club 3g Sophomore Playg Basketball 15 Track 13 Intramural Basketball 1, 2g Boys' Chorus 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 1, 2. MARY G. STRAT Distributive Education Study Club 1, 2g Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Bowling 1, 2g Girls' Sports 1, 2. DALE STRINE "Glut', Academic Course Dancing Club 1g Camera Club 2:, Intramural Basketball 1. DONALD J. SWARTZ "Duck', Distributive Education Typing Club lg Commercial Club 23 Sopho- more Playg Basketball 13 Intramural Basket- ball 1, 23 Bowling 23 Student Council 13 Home- room Secretary 1, Vice-President 2, 3. RAYMOND TEAL "Ray,' Vocational Course Biology Club 13 Letterman's Club 2, 33 Wrestling 1. HOWARD HARRY VPRITE "Bones,' Academic Course Press Club 13 Lettermanis Club 2, 3g Football, Manager 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Track 13 Bowling 2, 3g Orange and Black 1, 2, 3g Nornir. DONALD TRONE "Donn Commercial Course Dancing Club 13 Commercial Club 2g Cooking Club 33 Student Council 2. IRL TRONE "Tronie,, Academic Course Typing Club 13 Camera Club 23 Dramatic Club 3g .lunior Playg Senior Playg Intramural Basketball 23 Bowling 2g Operetta 13 Cheer- leader 1. WILLIAM EARL TRONE "Billy Vocational Course Biology Club 13 Boys' Cooking Club 2, 3. DONALD LEE TROSTLE "Trosky" Academic Course Dancing Club3 Dance Band 23 Boys, Cooking Club 33 Operetta 13 Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Boys' Chorus 13 Mixed Chorus 1, 2g Band 1, 2, 3g Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Boys' Quartet 1, 3. MARLENE UNOER General Course Library Club 1, 2, 3. Thirty-two DAVID WAGAMAN "Dave" Academic Course Spanish Club 13 Study Club 2, 3g Sophomore Play, Junior Play, Band 1. PHILIP WALTERSDORF "Phil,, Academic Course Dancing Club lg Spanish Club 2, Letterman's Club 3, Sophomore Play, Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball l, 2, 33 Bowling 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3g Class Vice President 3. J. WILLIAM WAREHIME "Bill,, Academic Course Dancing Club lg Camera Club 2g Press Club 33 .lunior Play, Senior Play, All Star Play 13 Bowling 23 Orange and Black 1, 25 Nornir 3g Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3g Class President 3, Operetta lg Band lg Cheer- leader 2, 3. DAVID CHARLES WEAVER "Mogus', Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, Camera Club 2. BRUCE WEBB "Webb" Academic Course Camera Club 2, Study Club 3, Basketball 2, 3. DORIS WENTZ "Chick" Commercial Course Clee Club 1, 2g Bridge Club 3, Bowling 3g Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. DORIS WHISLER Commercial Course Dancing Club 1, Home Nursing Club 2g Girls, Shop 3. WALTER DAVID WHISLER Commercial Course Study Club 1, 23 Boys' Cooking Club 3. ANNE WHYTE Commercial Course Glee Club 13 Spanish Club 23 Bridge Club 33 Sophomore Play3 .lunior Play? Senior Playg Girls' Chorus 13 Mixed Chorus 13 Orange and Black 2, 33 Homeroom Vice-President 23 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Operetta 1. DORIS WILDE "Wilde,, Academic Course Dramatic Club 1, 3g Typing Club 23 Sophomore Play3 Junior Playg All Star Play 13 Basketball 23 Orange and Black 1, 2, 33 Class Treasurer 23 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Librarian 3g Girl Scouts 3. CHARLES WILLIAMS "Chucky Academic Course Press Club 13 Spanish Club 23 Bridge Club 33 Junior Play? Track 23 lntramural Basketball 1, 23 Bowling 23 Debate 1. CONSTANCE L. WIILT "Connie" Academic Course Glee Club 13 Camera Club 23 Girls' Athletic Club 3g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Girl Reserves 1g Bowling 1. MAURICE R. WORLEY "Worley', Vocational Course F. C. A. 1, 2, 33 Senior Play. DEAN EDWIN YosT "Wilb" Academic Course Letterman"s Club 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Track 1, 2, 33 Bowling 23 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 33 Class Treasurer lg Boy's Quartet 1, 2, 33 Operetta 1. LUCILLE ZARTMAN "Sis" General Course Girls' Athletic Club 1, 2, 33 Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 33 Bowling 1, 23 Girls, Sports 1, 2, 33 Girl Reserves. MARTHA ZIEGLER "Zig', ' Academic Course Glee Club 13 Typing Club 23 Dramatics Club 33 Junior Playg All Star Play 13 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Orange and Black 1, 2, 33 Girls Chorus lg Mixed Chorus 13 Student Council lg Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. 'H I I Thirty-three 1945 GLADYS ZINNEMAN General Course Dancing Club lg Camera Club 2g Girls' Athletic Club 33 Intramural Basketball 3g Girls' Sports 3g Girl Reserves. IN MEMORIAM VIRGINIA WALTERSDORF Born July 3, 1927 Died January 29, 1943 Thirty-f our Justus Robert Erwin Thirty-five OUR FRIEND Jfrank QE. 'tfianherhaall Born June 4, 1907 Died August 20, 19441 Vacationing students of the Hanover schools were deeply shocked on August 18th by the announcement of the death of Mr. Frank C. Vanderwall, popular and beloved member of the Eichelberger High teach- ing staff. Mr. Vanderwall began his teaching assignment in Hanover in 1937, and during the years he spent with us, earned the affection and respect of a wide circle of friends in the community. Students and former students, fellow teachers and school ofiicials, a host of town folks and others who learned to know himg-- all admired Frank Vanderwall and all mourn his untimely passing. He was a teacher of marked ability, combining a complete knowledge of his subjects with a per- sonality and a character that inspired confidence and a spirit of cooperation among all students who sat in his classes. He was a kindly man possessed of that quiet dignity and warm friendliness which command respect. To the students he was both teacher and friend, and his advice and counsel helped many boys and girls over the rough spots in their school life. Frank Vanderwall was a leader and so regarded by all who knew him. His leadership was of that type and quality so desperately needed by the young people of America. His influence was wholesome and fine, and none who were associated with him could fail to benefit by that association. He has been struck down in the prime of life, in the midst of a husy and worthwhile career. His passing leaves a place that will be difficult if not impossible to fill. But to those of us who have had the rare good fortune to know him and to study under him, he has left an example that is certain to he an inspiration. We shall miss Frank Vanderwall, yes, miss him terribly, but we shall always count it one of the fine things in our life that we were privileged to know him. Th irty-six JUNTGRS f 5' A +Y f ffiQX X ,3 ,MWQWQ XfY Pg 3xfL5NUi?5?f 4 HQQAQ ,,ffff,9""'k 2 X X Qi? A, ALA Me cfayd go Ly WMA Jwihneu jAaf Arm me paw 9 yearn . . . H IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS CLAm Coon JAMES STAUFFER Treasurer Vice President ELwoon LEISTER JOANNE BURG President Secretary Junior Class History With a look of conhdence we of the class of 1946 entered the old familiar halls of Eichelberger High School to begin our second eventful year. After introducing the Sophomores to E. H. S. we settled down to a year of hard Work and play, determined to surpass all of our previous efforts. The first thing that attracted our attention was the election of our class officers which proved to be very interesting, especially when the returns were announced at the annual election dance. During football, basketball and track seasons many of our boys showed their abilities and contributed their aid to the success of each event. Many of the boys also played on the baseball team that was formed this year. The Sophomore-Junior play was presented with all of the large cast endeavoring to make the Junior presentation better than the Sophomore. Many of us participated in the boys', girls', and mixed choruses who in the early spring presented a very successful operetta, 6'The Merry Widow7', under the direction of Miss Turner and Miss Menges. Finally, we brought our second year to a successful close with 'the Sophomore-Junior Prom and in bidding the Seniors farewell we thought of the time in the near future when we would have to leave our beloved Eichel- berger High School. Thirty-eight Top Picture-First row: Gladys Shriver, Frances Thoman, Dolores Shilke, Jeanne Wagner, Mary Jane Smith, Mary Troino. Second row: Jean Warner, Phyllis Wallet, Doris Thomas, Jeanne Stufhe, Bernice Smith, Maynard Weikert. Third row: Nancy Sterner, Beatrice Wfeaver, Martha Wildasin, Ann Spangler, Eleanor Wezlver. Fourth row: Janire Yingling, Sara Strine, Leanne Stremmel, Millard Weikert, Charles Sourber. Fifth row: Harlan Worley, Paul Trish, Witmer Trone, Charles Stonesifer, Kenneth Wold. Sixth row: W'illiam Doll, Arthur Soullaird, Charles Tharp, Philip Willet, Kenneth Thoman, Marvin Spangler. Bottom Picture-First row: Janet Bair, Joanne Burg, Betty Eline, Buth Shaffer, Irene Bair, Jeanne Clap- saddle, Doris Brown. Second row: Shirley Clapsaddle, Mary Jo Anderson, Doris Feeser, Maxine Bolin, .leanne Blettner, Phyllis 'Blettner. Third row: Lois Esaley, Doris Crouse, Dolores Colestock, Betty Dietz, Mary Jane Boyer, Betty Duck. Fourth row: Lena Baker, Phyllis Bechtel, Dorothy Crawford, Marjorie Colestock, Josephine Bousom, Jean Bollinger, Lillian Baumgardner. Fifth row: Betty Bowersox, Joanne Anthony, Helen Allewelt, Nancy Albright, Mary Brillhart, James Bowersox, Calvin Bange. Sixth row: Robert Crawford, George Brawn, Robert Berwager, Kenneth Baublitz, Kenneth Baugher, Merle Dubbs. Seventh row: Earl Butt, Larry Benford, Kenneth Bailey. Top Picture-First row: Betty Sheffer, Joyce Heffner, Christine Geiman, Shirley Gohrecht, Bernadine Mil- ler, Mary Myers, Merle Markle. Second row: Mildred Heagy, Iris Sheely, Jean Greenholt, Anna Mae Mummert, Kathleen Rabenstine, Harold Miller. Third row: Harriet Geiselman, Emma George, Margaret Miller, Betty Ann Moul, Dolores Noel, Maria Myers, Tom 0'Neill. Fourth row: Susan Michel, Doris Minor, Clair Good, Patricia Orris, Charles Halter, Ned Moul, Burnell Gulden, William Rau, Donald Neiderer Messinger, Rohert Moul, Guy Goodfellow. Seventh row Robert Orndorff, Wm. Messinger, Homer Gise. Eighth row Bottom Picture-First row: Pauline Kopp, Violet Hoke, Mildred Klunk, Virginia Kessler. Second row: Justine Masenheimer. Fifth row: Ray Hamm, Roger Sixth row: Earl Neider, Russel Miller, Ralph Roger Nace, Richard Harner, Richard Geiman, Geo. Hartlaub, Raymond Markle, John Orndorff. Robert Reck, Lois Hershey, Madge Laugerman, Reifsnider, Helen Deefer, Annette Russo, Ruth Anna Brown, Katherine Saur, Mary Little. Third row: Dawn Shaeffer, Helen Huff, Joan Markle, Roberta Lease, Gladys Reitzel, Fay Huggens. Fourth row: John Little, Gladys Hoover, Joseph Hufnagle, Charles Hershey, William McCleaf, Elwood Leister. Fifth row: Armin Hostetter, John Hoffacker, Ronald Lloyd, Eugene Resser, Donald Rider. Sixth row: Dean Leese, John Reed, Robert James, Beryl Jenkins. SCDPHCDMCDRES F X 'af l"'X 5 1 A9 'X 5 Z 2 Q J X gigs?" MQ , X rl f Z ZA Me afayd go Ay :vim Jwznnem jAaf!1rm Me faawing Ward . . . H h . I X ? f X, xx SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JACK TANGER Ronsm' Urz DANIEL EHRHART ANNA ERB Treasurer Vice President President Secretary Sophomore Closs History We, the Sophomore Class, entered Eichelberger High School with the hope of accomplishing our high ambitions and ideals. Knowing our responsibilities .and duties, we hope to emerge as one of the greatest classes ever to graduate. During the first few months of '44, football attracted much attention. We were very proud to have Alvin Resh, Arthur Eckert, Robert Utz, Reginald Hershey, Richard Hahn, and Berl Biddle represent us in football. A few uneventful months elapsed after the class election, which was held in early November. With the opening of basketball season, ,lack Stonesifer, Eugene Long, Herbert Bowman, Robert Utz, Berl Biddle, Richard Jones, Merl Sanders, and Thomas Waltersdorf composed a swell team of which we were very proud. In wrestling, which followed basketball, we were represented by Reginald Hershey, Jere Swam, and Burnell Weaver. In March, the dramatic ability of many of our Sophomores was displayed in the Sophomore-Junior play, Excursion. The boys' quartet of the Sophomore Class included Oscar Knipel, Edward Stenger, Berl Biddle, and Philip Swartzbaugh. The girls' trio consisted of Mary Lou Bollinger, Anne Wentz, and Dorothy Stine. A dance in May brought an exciting and successful term to a close. All of us look forward to greater achievements in our Junior year. F orty-two Top Picture-First row: J. Emig, S. Clowe, L. Arentz, K. Cromer, B. Collins, C. Becker, T. Fissell. Second row: E. Barnitz, S. Flickinger, R. Eline, M. Fasnacht, P. Flickinger, B. Dick, A. Eckert. Third row: B. Be- miller, P. Baughman, N. Faher, N. Erb, G. Baumgardner, H. Alban, C. Boyer. Fourth row: M. Buchman, D. Clauser, D. Deagan, H. Bankert, A. Erh. Fifth row: T. Anthony, J. Bemiller, L. Diviney, L. Crouse, J. Beck, C. Becker. Sixth row: R. Achenhach, L. Doyle, W. Barnhart, F. Esker, N. Witmer, B. Biddle, C. Butt- ner. Seventh row: G. Earner, R. Cover, H. Bowman, S. Wildasin, R. Bittinger, H. Fogle. Bottom Picture-First row: J. Kemper, D. Zepp, J. Hoover, S. Haverstock, V. Hoffacker. Second row: B. Lookenbill, B. Henry, H. Heltibridle, J. Zepp, D. Leppo, C. Fuhrman, W. Fulco. Third row: D. Heindel, D. Laughman, F. Little, M. Kerchner, N. Hamm, E. James, N. Draft. Fourth row: G. Fritz, N. Lippy, R. Jones, J. Forney, D. Leister, R. Kuntz, P. Lawyer. Fifth row: E. Krug, J. Freet, R. Hahn, C. Leppo, E. Fuhrman, J. Hotz, J. Krise, R. Hershey, R. Leppo. Sixth row: E. Henry, C. Fritz., E. Long, W. Grant, M. Hilbert, A. Fuhrman, C. Fuhrman. F orty-three Top Picture--First row: A. Pisle, P. Muntz, D. Miller, P. Reese, R. Luckenbaugh, E. Boyer, E. Scholl, D. Runk. Second row: J. Myers, L. Markle, R. Rinker,D. Mclntire, D. Mummert, C. Mummert, H. Ringler. Third row: M. Roberts, G. Myers, B. McGonigal, L. Mummert, J. Martin, M. Markle. Fourth row: N. Mc- Cullough, H. Rohrbaugh, E. Mummert, J. I. Martin, D. Rebling, J. Redding, T. Moul. Fifth row: M. Myers, N. Resh, C. Reichart, L. Miller, D. McManus, E. Saulsbury, M. Sanders. Sixth row: S. Myers, J. Rice, R. Reindollar, M. Miller, G. Ruby, L. Rebert, M. L. Bollinger. Seventh row: C. Wonder, C. Bair, C. Rebert, E. Pennewill, O. Knipel, G. Markle, A. Resh, R. Saltzgiver, H. Resh. Bottom Picture-First row: A. Simpson, A. Stonesifer, M. E. Schumann, V. Yingling, J. Sentz, A. Weaver, B. Weaver. Second row: A. Wentz, S. Sterner, M. Scholl, E. Shriver, B. Thieret, N. Stoner, F. Shaffer. Third row: J. A. Yeiser, T. Shanabrook, V. Snyder, M. Unger, D. Walker, M. Swartz, B. A. Sterner. Fourth row: N. Spangler, B. Sponseller, B. Wildasin, E. Sponseller, C. Stover, M. Sterner, D. Sterner. Fifth row: R. Utz, C. Warren, L. Wege, D. Stine, F. Wainger, M. Wendler, M. Tome. Sixth row: T. Waltersdorf, J. Tanger, W. Slagle, C. Strausbaugh, J. Stonesifer, E. Shorb, W. Shanabrook, R. Stonesifer. Seventh row: J. Stonesifer, P. Swartzbaugh, B. Stauffer, C. Wallick, C. Stenger, B. Smith, J. Swam. ACTIVITIES QI 2 X e xX' , E K If g 'j an A Zyffy 3 f I If ZZ I I f f x f X lj: ofJ..Mg!L we fozzalge our kwor, Wo Aonor 5Aaff5Ae ACL . . . H First row: M. Reiggle, G. Hamm, T. Horner, S. Lepperd, J. Stauffer. Second row: A. Brown, K. L1pp5 .l Neuman, E. Laird, J. Muntz. Third row: R. Koenig, W. Morrison, W. Warehime, F. Eisner, W. Rice Editor-in-ohief - Associate Editor - Senior Editors - Feature Editors - Circulation Managers Business Managers - Sports Editors - Art Editors - Typists - - Photographic Editor Faculty Advisers - The Nomir Robert Koenig - - - Edith Lepperd William Rice, Pearl Byrd, Marion Reiggle William Morrison, Thelma Harner - VVilliam Wareheim, Jeanne Neuman Lawrence Myers, Jeanne Stauffer Howard Trite, Eleanor Laird - Harold Bair, Jean Muntz - Gloria Hamm, Arlene Brown, Kathleen Lippy F orty-six - - - Frank Elsner - Mr. Franklin Riley, Mr. Joseph Hurst, Mrs. Erle K. Diehl The Grange cincl Black ELEANOR LAIRD - Editorial Stag - - - EDITH LEPPERD - DOLORES JACOBY Make-up Editor - - DORIS WILDE - GUY GOODFELLOW - BETTIE ELINE Feature Editor News Editor - Sports Editor - Exchange Editor FACULTY ADvIsER: Mrs. Gene Shaffer. CHRISTINE BECHTEL - Business Staff ADVERTISING MANAGER: Gloria Dubbs. Assistants: Dolores Shilke, Dawn Shaffer, Robert Berwager, Marion Albright, Katharine Schuman, Madelyn Bradner, Norma Wise, Nancy Hamm. - Editor-in-Chief ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Sports, Robert Ulz. Features, Betty Sheffer. Editorials, Iris Sheely. News, Thelma Harner. Art, Violet Hoke. CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS! Carolyn Hartman, Mary LeFevre, ,lean Gobrecht, .loanne Anthony, Betty Boyer, Harris Barnhart, William Warehime, Made- line Rohrbaugh, Carolyn Mummert, Marian W'endler, Florence Wainger, Phyllis Baughman, ,lane Martin, Lucille Diller. - Business Manager CIRCULATION MANAGER: Anne Whyte. Assistant: Shirley Gobrecht. TYPISTS: Kathleen Lippy, Gladys Leister, Jean Hufnagle. FACULTY ADVISER: Miss .lean Beamenderfer. First row: T. Harner, C. Hartman. L. Diller, C. Dubs, C. Bechtel, N. Wise, T. O,Neill. Second row: M. Albright, M. LeFevre, M. Bradner, S. Gobrecht, P. Blettner, D. Jacoby. Third row: C. Leister, J. Gobrecht, E. Lepperd, B. Royer, N. Hamm, D. Shilke, B. Sheffer. Fourth row: K. Lippy, K. Schuman, E. Laird, .l. Hufnagle, 1. Sheely, D. Stine. Fifth row: F. Wainger, D. Shaffer, M. Wendler, N. Faber, Miss Beamenderfer, Faculty Adviser. Sixth row: H. Barnhart, W. Warehime, M. Rohrbaugh, A. Whyte, Mrs. Shaffer, Faculty Adviser, G. Goodfellow, R. Berwager. F arty-seven 1 The Student Council President - - Glenn Sheffer Secretary - - William Rice Vice-President - - Phyllis Blettner Treasurer - - - Lawrence Myers Adviser - - Mr. Erle K. Diehl At the beginning of our school year, the Student Council conducted the election of class oflicers. An election dance was held at which the results of the election were announced. The Shares-For-Victory Plan was again carried on successfully this year, its fourth in E. H. S. Dances were sponsored by the Council after several of our home basketball games. These dances proved very successful. Candy was also sold by the Council at some of the games. 1 w Through the efforts of the Council, a refund was obtained on the budget tickets. A hemlock tree, presented by the State Depart- ment of Forests and Waters, was planted on the lower end of the campus in honor of William Penn. As in previous years, the Oak Leaf Award will be presented to the boy and the girl of our class who have been most outstanding in scholarship and leadership throughout their three years in E. H. S. First row: Harris Barnhart, The Hemlock Tree, Glenn Sheffer. Second row: Carolyn Mummert, Virginia Hoffarker, Phyllis Blettner, Betty Dick, Substituteg Anne Wentz. Third row: Mary Ellen Schuman, Frances Garrett, Sue Michael! Christine Geiman. Fourth row: Sherman Wildasin, Bill Rice, Lawrence Myers, Paul Stauffer. Fay Huggens and Daniel Ehrhart were absent when this picture was taken. F arty-eight Front row: Ruth Neidhammer, Janice Little, Jean Myers, Frances Garrett, Shirley Fleming, Betty Mowrer Second row: Doris Shaffer, Ruth Leer, Mary Strat, Janet Bowman, Helen Little. Third row: Francis M11 ler Frances Smith, Anita Gerrick, Frances Shearer, Vivian Raubenstine, Donald Swartz. Distributive Fducotion The Distrihutive Education program was organized under the Federal George-Deen Act. The purpose of the program is the training of High School Seniors and in-service people engaged in the selling of merchandise and services. It has proved particularly valuable in training young people of our High School in filling, in our local stores, the gaps resulting from the demands of the military forces. Several of our Distrihutive Education students are now in Uncle Sam's Service. Some of them are Leo Nitchman, Joe Smith, Joe Byrd, Harold Trone, William Myers, Richard Amspacker, lrl Witmer, Richard Zortman, Francis Miller, and Burnell Raubenstine. Forty-nine i 1 First row: G. Bowman, K. Schuman, M. Bradner, J. Gobrecht, B. Royer, M. LeFevre, C. Bechtel, I. Trone. Second row: D. Noble, S. Rhodes, L. Bosserman, L. Diller, J. Krumrine, D. Markle, H. Frock, G. Sheffer, E. Mummert, J. Muntz, E. Laird, C. Hartman. Third row: R. Haner, R. Bair, C. Mummert, P. Garrett, N. Shultz, R. Koenig, J. Mummert, L. Neiderer, A. Whyte, W. Warehime, M. Zeigler, H. Barnhart. The Senior Play The simple but dramatic story of the life of the family of Jesus was the theme of the Seniors' class play-4LFamily Portrait." This sacred drama, under the direction of Miss Menges, was presented before enthusiastic audiences on the nights of November 30 and December 1, 1944. Mary, Jesus, mother Daniel, Simon's son Joseph, Jesus' brother A Shepherd - Naomi, Simon's wife The Cast - Eleanor Laird George Bowman - - William Warehime Richard Bair Martha Zeigler Juda, Jesus, youngest brother - - Irl Trone Mary Cleophas, Mary's sister-in-law - Jean Muntz Reba, .losephis wife - - - Anne Whyte Simon, Jesus, brother - - Harris Barnhart James, Jesus' oldest brother - Laverne Neiderer Mordecai - - Clyde Mummert Selma - - - - Lucille Diller Amos - James Krumrine Eben - Dean Markle Mathias - - Harold Frock A Disciple - LM, M , L Philip Garrett Hepzibah - Appius Hadrian Anna - - Rabbi Samuel - - Betty Royer Robert Koenig .leane Gobrecht Nevin Shultz Mendel - William Rice Girl at Well - Dorothy Noble Wfoman of Jerusalem - - Madeline Bradner Mary of Magdala - - Lois Bosserman Nathan - - - - Glenn Sheffer Esther, Joseph's daughter - Carlynn Hartman Leban - - - - John Mummert .loshua ---- Earl Mummert Beulah ----- Shirley Rhodes Extras in Wineshop - John Haner, Kathryn Schuman Mary LeFeVre, Dorothy Noble Christine Bechtel, Maurice Worley Fifty The Junior Ploy The last trip of an excursion boat aiforded the main plot for this unique drama, all scenes of which took place aboard the boat. 'GExcursion" was produced by the capable Junior players on the night of March 2, 1945. Miss Menges directed. Capt. Obadiah Rich - Stevens - Linton - Pop - Matson - Gilchrist - Jonathan Rich Mrs. Ceasling Mike Geasling Mac Colman Miss Dowdie Martha - Lollie - Mr. Winch - Mrs. Winch - Pauline Winch Dora Winch The Cast Elwood Leister James Stauffer Floyd Alban Charles Stonesifer Cordon Culp - Tom Brown - Donald Rider Annette Russo - Tom O'Neill Millard Sipling - Fay Huggens Dolores Shilke - Lena Baker - Charles Halter - Nancy Albright - Joyce Heffner - Lois Easley Mr. Boomer Mrs. Boomer - Child - Candy Girl - Aikens - Mrs. Fitchel - Mr. F itchel - Photo Girls - Tessie - - Daisy Loschavio Red Magoon - Eileen Loschavio Lee Pitman - Richard Pitman Pat Sloan - Woods - Tony - Dawn Shaffer, - John Reed - Sue Michael - Pauline Kopp - Phyllis Bechtel Robert Berwager - Betty Sheffer James Bowersox Justine Reifsnider Burnell Jenkins - Patricia Orris - Robert James - Joanne Burg - Iris Sheely Ned Masenheimer Beryl Jenkins Ronald Lloyd - Dean Leese First row: C. Halter, T. 0,Neill, L. Easley, P. Kopp, J. Heffner, J. Burg, R. Berwager, T. Brown, R. Lloyd, F. Alban. Second row: C. Stonesifer, G. Culp, J. Reed, M. Sipling, J. Reifsnider, N. Albright, D. Shaffer, B. Jenkens, P. Orris, B. Jenkins. Third row: L. Baker, S. Michael, A. Russo, I. Sheely, P. Bechtel, D. Shilke, F. Huggens, E. Leister, D. Rider, J. Stauffer, N. Masenheimer, J. Bowersox, R. James, B. Sheffer, D. Leese. Fifty-one The Sophomore Ploy Again this year, the Sophomore and Juniors chose the same play, nExcursion.77 On the night of March 1, 1945, the sophomores presented their version of the drama hefore a large audience. Miss Menges also directed this production. Capt. Obadiah Rich Stevens - - Linton - Pop - Matson - Gilchrist - Jonathan Rich - Mrs. Geasling - Mike Ceasling - Mac Colman - Miss Dowdie - Martha - Lollie - Mr. Winch - Mrs. Winch - Pauline Winch - Dora Winch - The Cast - George Kopp - Craig Wonder - Ned Wilmer - Beryl Stauffer - Ed Stenger - Skip Eckert - Dan Ehrhart - Becky Rinker Freeland Shaffer Sherman Wildasin - Martha Myers - Jane Martin Marian Wendler Burnell Krumrine - ,lean Myers - Ethel Royer - Ann Weaver Mr. Boomer - Mrs. Boomer Child - Candy Girl - Aikens - Mrs. Fitchel - Mr. Fitchel - Photo Girls - Tessie - Daisy Loschavio Red Magnon Eileen Loschavio Lee Pitman - Richard Pitman Pat Sloan - Woods - Tony - Connie Bec - Harry Fogle - Susan Myers - Lois Arentz - Shirley Sterner - John Smith Carolyn Mummert - Charles Leppo ker, Naomi Faber Sally Flickinger Flossie Wainger Oscar Knipel - Sophia Clowe Phyllis Baughman Carville Butlner - Clillord Bair Edward Mummert - Tom Fissel n First row: B. Krumrine, F. Shaffer, A. Weaver, L. Arentz, E. Royer, S. Clowe, J. Smith, E. Mummert, S. Eckert, N. Wilmer. Second row: B. Stauffer, E. Stenger, H. Fogle, S. Wildasin, C. Becker, J. Myers, N. Faber, F. Wainger, S. Flickinger, C. Bair. Third row: M. Wendler, S. Myers, B. Rinker, P. Baughman, S. Sterner, J. Martin, M. Myers, G. Kopp, D. Ehrhart, C. Wonder, C. Buttner, C. Leppo, 0. Knipel, C. Mummert, T. Fissel. F ifty-two First row: A. Erb, J. Myers, J. Heffner, J. Burg, D. Jacoby, C. Becker, W. Fulco, C. Graham, V. Hoffacker E. Boyer, L. Arentz, B. Jenkins. Second row: S. Myers, B. Bice, L. Esaley, N. Wfallick, M. Rohrbaugh, G Myers, E. Leister, L. Baker, M. Stine, A. Weaver, F. Huggens, B. Sheiier, J. Blettner, P. Blettner, M. Myers M. A. Myers, K. Rahenstine. Third row: B. Jenkins, R. Arentz, C. Souber, M. Bollinger, S. Rhodes, N. Sterner J. Smith, M. Schuman, B. Biddle, D. Ceiselman, L. Benford, G. Sheffer, P. Wlaltersdorf, D. Duhhs, W. Ware hime, D. Trostle, B. Koenig, H. Allewelt, R. Achenbach, N. Erb, E. Stenger, M. Weikert, T. O'Neill. The Qperette Under the direction of Miss Turner, Wllhe Merry Widow" was presented in the E. H. S. auditorium on April 12 and 13, 1945. The action of this well- loved fantasy was laid in the mythical country of Marsovia. The romance between Prince Danilo and Xenia, the 4'Merry Widow," furnished the main plot of the tale. Many delightful songs and musical numbers made this pro- duction highly entertaining. The combined girls' and boys' choruses furnished musical numbers for this gala production. The Main Characters: Raymond - - - Donald Trostle Natasha - - - Gloria Myers Count de la Crochc - - Dean Dubhs Marquis Zanangra - - Philip Waltersdorf M. Derval - - Donald Geiselman Mme. Derzwal - - - Madeline Rohrhaugh Count de Rockford - - Bill Warehime Mme. Nikojf - - - Dorothy Stine Nikoff - - Glenn Shaffer Dianne - - - - Anne Wentz Baron Mazzi - - Elwood Leister Xenia fMerry Wido1uj - Lena Baker Prince Danilo - - - Marvin Stine M. Maxim - - v Larry Benford Waiter - - Tom 0'Neill F ifty-three 9 9 The Girls' Chorus Every Monday morning, the Girls' Chorus could he heard faithfully prac- ticing. This group, under the capable direction of Miss Turner, participated in many auditorium programs and staged the Christmas program. They also took part in the Operetta, contributing greatly towards its success. The trio for each class is as follows: Seniors-Jean Gobrecht, Katherine Schuman, and Betty Boyer. Juniors-Lena Baker, Phyllis Blettner, and Kathleen Rauhenstine. Sophomores--Mary Lou Bollinger, Dorothy Stine, and Ann Wentz. First row fpianistsj: S. Gohrecht, C. Mummert. Second row: L. Baker, P. Blettner, K. Raubenstine, B. Boyer, J. Cohrecht, K. Schuman, D. Stine, A. Wentz, M. Bollinger. Third row: J. Myers, M. Myers, N. Walliek, C Graham, C. Becker, J. Burg, Clowe, L. Arentz, E. Shull, L. Diller. Fourth row: B. Bemiller, L. Markle C. Myers, S. Myers, D. Shilke, D. Erb, D. McManus, W. Fulco. Fifth row: D. Sterner, P. Muntz, D. Clouser B. Luckenbill, B. Collins, D. Jacoby, V. Reindollnr, A. Russo, J. HeHner. Sixth row: C. Bechtel, B. Rinker C. Hartman, A. Erb, B. Dietz, M. Klunk, M. Schuman, B. Sheffer, V. Hoffacker, E. Lepperd. Seventh row. B. Rice, E. Sponseller, N. Lippy, D. Heindel, M. Laugerman, S. Michael, J. Blettner, J. Martin. Eighth row: S. Knipel, M. Little, M. Wendler, R. Brown, A. Mummert, M. LeFevre. Ninth row: C. Wilt, J. Bemiller, J Muntz, B. Moul, F. Huggens, E. Barnitz, P. Orris, K. Saur. Tenth row: S. Rhodes, H. Allewelt, M. Rohr- haugh, E. Laird, N. Albright, P. Baughman, J. Krise, M. Myers. Fifty-four 1 5 a First row: D. Jacoby, S. Gobrecht, S. Clowe, V. Hoifacker, C. Graham, C. Hartman, L. Arentz, W. Fulco, C. Bechtel. Second row: J. Myers, M. Myers, N. Wallick, A. Wentz, D. Erb, B. Sheffer, C. Becker, D. Sterner. Third row: S. Lepperd, K. Schuman, K. Raubenstine, A. Mummert, G. Myers, P. Blettner, L. Baker. Fourth row: L. Markle, E. Laird, J. Gobrecht, B. Royer, E. Barnitz, M. Myers, D. Stine, M. Schuman. Fifth row: S. Myers, H. Knipel, M. Wendler, M. Rohrbaugh, M. Bollinger, 0. Knipel, C. Buttner. Sixth raw: L. Neiderer, R. Arentz, K. Baublitz, M. Weikert, E. Stenger, M. Stine, G. SheHer. Seventh row: T. Waltersdorf, L. Ben- ford, B. Biddle, R. Ackenbach, E. Leister, C. Souber. Eighth row: P. Swartzhaugh, D. Geiselman, D. Dubbs, Miss Turner fdirectorl, P. Waltersdorf, A. Musselman, W. Warehime. The Mixed Chorus The mixed chorus, directed by Miss Turner, was a combination of the girls' and boys' choruses. The good work done by members of all three classes gained them a reputation of which E. H. S. is justly proud. This vocal group sang special seasonal music-at Christmas and at Easter time. Throughout the year, small groups sang for Weekly auditorium programs. The school as a whole, as well as the participating students, found that this extra-curricular activity was entertaining as well as educational. F ifty-five T Y The Boys' Chorus Under the direction of Miss Turner, hoys from all three classes made this year's chorus one of the finest yet heard in E. H. S. Meetings were held each Tuesday morning in the music room. The Senior quartet was composed of Clyde Mummert, Philip Waltersdorf Marvin Stine, and Dean Yost. They sang from time to time in weekly auditorium programs. ff Y!! xr 'i flimis Y First row: M. Weikert, T. Waltersdorf, 0. Knipel, M. Stine, G. Sheffer, C. Buttner. Second row: R. Arentz E. Leister, C. Souher, R. Ackenbacll. Third row: K. Baublitz, P. Swartzbaugh, B. Biddle, L. Benford, E. Slen ger. Fourth row: L. Neiderer, A. Musselman, D. Ceiselman, P. Waltersdorf, D. Dubbs, W. Warehime. 1 F ifty-six First row: Rex VVonder, James Stauffer, Burnell Gulden, Margaret Burg, Mildred Scholl, Gloria Hamm, Berle Stauffer, Paul Stauffer, Edward Pennewill. Second row: Bernice Baker, Clifford Bair, Bernard Boose, Edward Stenger, Betty Duck, Robert Millheim, Mary Bollinger. Thirrl row: Christine Geiman, Josephine Bousum, Raymond Kline, William Noel, Franklin Leinhardt, Richard Weaver, James Kunkle. Fourth row: Bnrnell Wentz, Charles Hubley, Gordon Culp, George Kopp, Ronald Panehaker, William Rice. Sixth row: Norman Mummert, Philip Swartzhaugh, Russell Smith, Jolm Noel, Joseph Clingan, George Markle, Donald Trostle, Donald Louey, Robert Markle. The Bend This year's hand was composed of approximately forty-five members, in- cluding those from Junior High. The hand under a new director, Jack Schuler, who has accomplished wonders, gave several very well maneuvered drills at the football games. This year the hand was featured in two concerts, a preliminary concert given at the Junior and Senior High Schools and the annual spring concert. F ifty-seven The Che-erleclders Warehime Wege Royer Kopp f ATHLETICS f fqbqoxsfw DQ F A fy, VY 7411 S JJ? XX , T I, 118 D 75 Q 5127 I BRS Q' X JR If F E' X X 'if' 15 ' . . . , . 5 . -3 'Q .fXr,.f.1 iv XX Ul,l,,,,' Y jxy - M C L , f -M cg N : f X . f ,, , f W ff ,,, , QQ, ff Nj X f' 7 W1 t , K ,Q 2 ff! F lgigiil X 11" ni lll x"' i H x fU"!"3Af'f,lfl, 6,83 X AKwAen we win afAAL'ic uicfor On !Aor, or Ae!! or ZPJLCL H Front row: Coach Lilienfeld, Cross, Dubbs, Hostetter, Waltersdorf, Cass, Goodfellow, Loss, Gebensleben Naill, Markle, Coach Reese. Second row: Diviney, Hahn, Leister, Hart, Yost, Musselman, Geiselman Baublitz, Hershey, A. Resh. Third row: McCleaf, Crawford, Eckert, Stambaugh, Rider, Spies, Wfeikert Good, E. Resh. The Football Team Richard Bair, Managerg Coach Reeseg Mr. Brubaker, Faculty Manager, Coach Lilienfeldg Ray Hamme, Manager. Sixty .hm Gfooosauow CENTER EBEN Geonaif GEBENSL Anmm TAgw.x.E 1'AcxLe. Sixty-one CONFERENCE CQ-CI-IAMPICDNS NIGHTHAWKS OUTCLASS DELONE 19-7 "Over and Over Againv Meeting Delone in their initial fray the Nighthawks proved to be too strong for the Catholic Eleven, coming out on the long end of the I9 to 7 score. There were 3,200 enthusiastic fans watching Coach Reese make his debut as coach of E. H. S. Bud Musselman, Dean Yost, and Don Geiselman tallied all of the Hawks' points, while Keffer passed to Small in the last minute of play for Delone's only score. Bud Musselman dashed thirty-six yards on the fifth play of the game to score. Dean Yost added the extra point with a place- ment. On the first play of the second quarter Ken Baublitz tossed a short pass to Dean Yost, who skirted twenty yards for the Hillmen's second tally. The Hawks, last score came as the result of a Delone fumble, which the Hillmen recovered on the Delone twenty-two. After plunging half the distance to the goal line, Don Geisel- man crossed pay dirt standing up, as a result of a cleverly executed quarterback sneak. The conclusion was I9 to 7, with the result being a very healthy victory for Coach Reese and his Nighthawks. If 1 'I NIGHTHAWKS SWAMP LANCASTER CATHOLIC 53-0 "Sweet Revengev Scoring in every period the Hillmen gave Coach Reese sweet revenge against a team which he had never beaten while coaching elsewhere. Watching the Hawks steam-roll over Lancaster to their second victory in as many starts were 2,000 spellbound spectators. Bud Musselman sprinted thirty yards for the Hill.men's initial score. Dean Yost's placement was good. Shortly after Sixty-two the second period got underway, Dean Yost plunged five yards to cross the broad stripe and give the Hawks their second touch- down. Yost also tallied the third touchdown for the Hawks, escorting the pigskin from the six yard line to pay dirt. He then con- verted the extra point. Bud Musselman dashed twenty-seven yards to score the Hawks, last points for the half. Dean Yost added the conversion. With the Hawks in the van at 27 to 0 Coach Reese allowed his substitutes to play most of the second half. Ken Baublitz, Dean Yost, Don Geiselman, and Millard Weikert scored the Hawks' touchdowns in the last half, which gave the Nighthawks an over-whelming 53 to 0 decision. 'I 'I' '1 NIGHTHAWKS TAME WILD CATS 25-0 "Hold That Tigern Improvement of Nighthawks' playing reached a new high as they performed beautifully before 1,500 mist-moistened patrons in downing the Wild Cat Eleven to the tune of 25 to 0. After the Hawks received Mechanicsburg's kickoff, on the first scrimage play, Bud Musselman, Han- over's big gun, exploded to trample fifty- four yards through the entire Cat Eleven with the all important blocking which was a beautiful sight to see. Dean Yost made good his attempt at the crossbars to give the Hawks a 7 to 0 lead. In the same initial period 4'lVIuss" made his second excursion across the broad stripe, this being a twenty-six yard maneuver. Shortly after the keystone period started the Hawks drove forty-two yards to score, with Bud Musselman being the anchor man in escorting the leather across the goal from the fifteen yard marker. The Nighthawks drove fifty-five yards for their final score of the game, with Musselman lugging the pigskin over from the six yard line. NIGHTHAWKS ROUT GETTYSBURG 27-0 "There Goes That Song Againv A crowd of 2,600 chilled fans were thrilled as Bud Musselman tallied four touchdowns to pace the Nighthawks to victory over an inexperienced Maroon and White Eleven. Scoring one of his touch- downs in the first quarter, he had to skirt thirty-four yards which preceded a brilliant run of twenty-six yards by Kenny Baublitz. Later in the same period Musselman escorted the pigskin four yards off tackle to score. Dean Yost converted to make the count 13 to 0. Neither team scored in the second period, but on the eighth play after intermission, Bud Musselman had number three accounted to the Hawks' score. Again Yost added his placement to make the score 20 to 0. Late in the final quarter, Dean Yost intercepted a Maroon pass and spearheaded towards the goal, only to be brought down on the Maroon fifteen yard line. Four plays later Bud Musselman plunged for his fourth counter. Dean Yost made his usual placement and ended the scoring, making the final consultant read Hanover 27, Gettysburg 0. If 1 1 NIGHTHAWKS PLAY CHAMBERS- BURG TO DEADLOCK 14-14 "Time W'aits For No One" Performing one of the most spectacular comebacks a Hanover team has ever made, Coach Reese's boys thrilled and excited the 3,000 breathless fans with their game spirit. The Nighthawks had sixteen first down to Chambersburg's mere four. The Hill Eleven started to move fast after the kickoff for we were on the Chambersburg thirty- eight yard line before disaster overtook us. With the game only three minutes old, Bricker, the Trojan quarterback, took a Hawk pass off his shoestrings and sprinted sixty-two yards with no one near him. It had been a pass on the fiat, which had back fired in the Nighthawks' faces. Boyles, Chambersburg guard, calmly converted with his talented toe. Neither team scored until the third period, although the Night- hawk Eleven camped in the Trojan terri- tory most of the game. Here again things went wrong for the Hillmen. They fumbled on their own forty-eight, which was the second break that the Trojans received, but they made sure to capitalize on this break, for on their sixth play Ted Lesher caught a flat pass for another Trojan score. Again the Trojan guard stepped in to make the extra point. With eight minutes remaining, the Hillmen drove to a touch- down, with Bud Musselman scoring from the five. Dean Yost then place-kicked the extra point making the count 14 to 7 with Chambersburg in the van. But a few minutes later the Hawks started another drive, which ended with Musselman passing to Yost for a touchdown about thirty-five seconds before gameis end. Bud Musselman then escorted the ball over for the point that made the final count 14 to 14. '1 '1' 1 NIGHT HAWKS TRAMPLE THUNDERING HERD 20-7 '6Don,t Fence Me Inv Playing before the largest crowd of the year, which was 4,000, our Hillmen won a well deserved Victory in a rough game. Drawing first blood, the Hawks drove twenty-eight yards to score with Bud Musselman scoring from the one yard line. Bud then pulled the same stunt to make the score 7 to 0. Hanover kicked off to start second half and Reese, a track sprint star, streaked through the entire Hawk Eleven to score Carlisle's only touchdown. Blosser place-kicked the extra point to make the count 7 to 7. A short time later, Goodfellow, Hill Center, broke in to block a Herd punt and scooped the pigskin up to race to the Carlisle goal line, breaking the tie. 'LMuss" escorted the ball over for the extra point. Before the period was over Musselman had again scored, this time from the twenty-three yard line. Dean Yost's placement was muffed and the final score stood 20 to 7, with our Nighthaws again on the long end of the count. S ixty-three COLUMBIA BOWS TO SUPERIOR NIGHTHAWKS 24-0 "Down By The Old Mill Streamn The Nighthawks again met a classy and scrappy Columbia Eleven before 2,500 frost bitten fans. The Riverside boys put up a game fight, but the Hawks were just too much for Columbia. In the first quarter Musselman skirted the end for fifteen yards to score one of his three touchdowns. '4Muss7' then bucked the line for the extra point and the Hawks led 7 to 0. Neither team scored in the second period, but in the third period Musselman tallied his second score, after Joe Loss recovered a Columbia blocked kick deep in Columbia territory. Dean Yost's placement was per- fect. ln the final quarter Musselman escorted the ball twenty-three yards to pay dirt with Dean Yost again booting the extra point. Close to gameis end, Bud Musselman became the second Hanover High player to boot a field goal, the pig- skin covering twenty-five yards. Floyd Becker was the first one to boot a field goal, this being a twenty-five yard goal, but it was against Chambersburg in 1940. 1 1 1 NIGHTHAWKS STOP HERSHEY 21-6 "Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" Hanover dethroned Hershey Trojans, last year's South Penn Champs, before excited and anxious Hawk followers who packed the Hanover Municipal Stadium, by repulsing all Hershey's bids for victory as they piled up twenty-one to a mere six for the Chocolate town boys. Nighthawks caravaned fifty yards to their first score early in the second period, with Bud Musselman bull-dogging his way over from the one yard line. "lVIuss'7 also smashed through the center for the extra point. Two and one-half minutes later nlVIuss" got loose on a fifty-seven yard excursion, with the necessary blocking which the Hill blockers had been giving him during the entire evening. Bud again added the extra point to give the Hawks a substantial lead of 14 to 0 at intermission. After inter- mission the Hawks traveled eighty-five yards in five plays to make their final tally, but this drive extended into the final frame with Dean Yost doing most of the lugging as he stepped off the last ten yards, follow- ing his forty-two yard gallop, to give Hanover a 20 to 0 lead. Dean Yost place- kicked our last point of the game. Sponaugle tallied Hersheyls only score from the one yard line. That ended the scoring for the evening. 1 1 1 NIGHTHAWKS BEAT WAYNESBORO 39-6 "There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonightn An audience of about 1,500 witnessed the crowning of the new South Penn Champs at Waynesboro on Friday, Novem- ber 17, 1944, as the Nighthawks completely outclassed the Tornado in a one-sided 39 to 6 score. During the first quarter Bud Musselman, leading scorer in South Penn, journeyed to three touchdowns of one yard, ten yards, and twelve yards respec- tively, and also added one extra point to make the count 19 to 0 at the end of the initial period. In the second period uSoapy" Hart made a brilliant run of thirty-five yards to the Waynesboro three, from where he lugged the pigskin over for his only touchdown as a Nighthawk player, and it was a well deserved one. Dean Yost added the placement. At the start of the third period, the Hawks drove forty-three yards to score for the fifth time with Dean Yost traveling the last seventeen yards. Early in the final frame, Toms, of Wayneslaoro, stepped off five yards to make the only Tornado score after they drove from the Hawks twenty-eight yard line. Albert Musselman passed thirteen yards to Don Geiselman for the Hillmen's final touch- down of the 1944-45 season, and what a happy ending! MlVIuss" centered the pig- skin to Murray Goodfellow and he calmly drop kicked the leather over the uprights for a perfect extra point! Sixty-four Hanover 22 Hanover 17 Hanover 41 Hanover 34 Hanover 50 THanover 45 '1'Hanover 38 e'Hanover 3 'I'Hanover 28 Hanover 11 First row: E. Diviney, D. Dubbs, P. Waltersdorf, M. Weikert, P. Stauffer. Second row: K. Baublitz, D. Geiselman, J. Goodfellow, H. Trite, D. Yost, G. Gebensleben QManagerJ. Varsity Basketball Won 10, Lost 8. Delone 19 Delone 37 West York 24 Mt. St. Joseph 20 Arendtsville 28 Waynesboro 26 Chambersburg 48 York Catho1ic 32 Gettysburg 33 Delone 27 S ixty-fi Hanover 31 Hanover 23 'I'Hanover 43 Hanover 25 THanover 36 Hanover 30 YHHHOVCI 26 Hanover 32 West York 24 Mechanicsburg 25 Waynesboro 21 Delone 34 Chambersburg 38 York Catholic 23 Gettysburg 50 Mechanicsburg 30 T-denotes conference games as-denotes 2 extra periods U8 First row: Bixler, Masenheimer, Hamer, McCleaf, Webb, Tanger, Stuflle, Milheim, Warehelm R Markle Second row: Hart, Smith, Shorb, Naill, Ehrhart, Musselman, Biddle, Eckert, Mange, Gobrecht Barnhart Third row: Snyder, Rebert, Carl, Diviney, Hostetter, Resh, 1. Stonesifer, Hahn, Hershey D Markle P Stonesifer. The Truck Team Of the forty candidates who responded to Coach Reeseis call on March 19 only seven, Edward Snyder, Bob Markle, Bill Naill, Harris Barnhart, Albert Musselman, J ack Tanger, and John Stonesifer were veterans of last year s squad April zo April 27 May 4 May 12 May 19 The Schedule Carlisle-Dual Meet Class Meet Gettysburg-Dual Meet Gettysburg-Conference District Meet S ixty-six fAWayJ fH0meJ C I-Iomeb KAWIWJ fAwayJ Fzrst row: R. Arthur, E. Bixler, E. Miller, R. Arentz, M. Markle, B. Weaver. Second row: Coach Lillenfeld J Swam, W. McCleaf, R. Markle, R. Koenig, Cranzdorf, R. Bair. Third row: E. Stambaugh, R. Miller R Hershey, R. Markle, R. Smith. The Wrestling Team The Hanover Nighthawk Grapplers, who won but two matches in ten attempts, ended this poor record by sending the squad to the District Championship Match on March 10. By working hard and improving rapidly as the season progressed, two Hawk mat men, Boh Markle and Reginald Hershey, copped the District Title in the one hundred and sixty-eight and the one hundred and fifty-five pound class respectively. Both of these hoys were eliminated in the first round at the State Championship matches. Coach Lilienfeld will have the majority of this year's squad hack next year, since Arentz, Koenig, Bob Markle and Stamhaugh are the only seniors on the team. S ixty-seven First row: D. Jones, J. Saunders, M. Weikert, B. Biddle, T. Waltersdorf, R. Utz Second row: L. Benford, H. Bowman, J. Stonesifer, A. Hostetter, P. Willet J. Long. Junior Varsity Basketball Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Won 13, Lost 5. Delone 17 Hanover Delone 24 Hanover VV est York 12 Hanover East Berlin 25 Hanover Arendtsville 20 Hanover Waynesboro 31 Hanover Chambersburg 38 Hanover York Catholic 23 Hanover Gettysburg 24 Hanover Sixty-eight Delone West York Mechanicsburg Waynesboro Delone Chambersburg York Catho1ic Gettysburg East Berlin 2 2 17 34 17 3 10 2 19 Girls' Sports COI.OR CONTEST CAPTAINS Front row: Dolores Shilke, Chris- tine Geiman, Doris Crouse, Jean Gobrecht, Gloria Duhs, Madeline Rohrbaugh. Second row: Edith Lepperd, Lucille Zartman. Phyllis Blettner, Margaret Burg, Lorna Di- viney, Betty Ann Moul, Mary Troiani, Gladys Reitzel, Ruthanna Brown. Third row: Carlynn Hart- man, Dolores Jacoby, Shirley Rein- dollar, Anna Erb, Florence Wain- ger, Marion Wendler, Katharine Schuman, Susan Myers, Kathleen Saur, and Annette Russo. SENIOR SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS Front row: Lucille Zartman, Shir- ley Reindollar, Jeanne Neuman, Pearl Byrd. Second row: Gladys Zinnaman, Ruthanna Brown, Mary Le Fevre, Margaret Burg. JUNIOR SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS First row: Betty Sheffer, Christine Geilrlan, Joyce Heffner. Joanne Burg. Second row: Jean Greenholt, Lois Esaley, Shirley Gobrecht, Lena Baker, Fay Huggens. Third row: Helen Allewelt, Betty Ann Moul. Sixty-nine Girls' Sports Seventy SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Front row: Gladys Zinneman, Shir- ley Reindollar, Jeanne Neuman. Second row: Edith Lepperd, Mary Le Fevre, Lucille Znrtman, Dorothy Noble, Pearl Byrd. ARCIIERY Violet Hoke, Dolores Shilke, and Christine Geimnn. BOWLING OFFICERS Christine Geiman, Vice Presidentg Eleanor Laird, Presidentg Eliza- beth Sheifer, Secretary. Girls' Sports SENIOR BOWLERS Front row: Doris Wentz, Thelma Harner, Margaret Burg, Jeanne Stauifer, Christine Bechtel. Second row: Mary LeFevre, Gloria Dubs, Jean Gobrecht, Doris Berwager, Jeanne Neuman. Third row: Pearl Byrd, Jane Shearer, Jean Hufnagle and Helen Kniple. fEleanor Laird was absent when the picture was taken.J JUNIOR BOWLERS Front row: Joanne Burg, Joyce Heffner, Dolores Shilke, Dolores Jacoby, Annette Russo, Jean Stufiie, Jean Clapsaddle. Second row: Helen Eline, Elizabeth Sheffer, Shirley Cobrecht, Bernadine Mil- ler, Sue Michael, Jean Warner. Third row: Ruthanna Brown, Elea- nor Weaver, Doris Crouse, Dolores Colestock, Betty Bowersox, Joanne Anthony. Fourth row: Lena Baker, Lois Easley, Maria Myers, Anna Mummert, Kathleen Rabenstine. Fifth row: Jean Bollinger, Dolores Noel, Fay Huggens, Iris Sheely, Betty Ann Moul, Ann Spangler. Last row: Christine Ceiman, Helen Allewelt, Dawn Shaeffer, Nancy Albright, Mary Brillhart and Kath- leen Kiser. SOPHOMORE BOWLERS Front row: Phyllis Baughman, Vir- ginia Hoffacker, Sophia Clowe, Vivian Yingling, Winifred Fulco, Ann Wentz. Second row: Martha Myers, Joyce Krise, Norma Stoner, Carolyn Mummert, Jane Martin, Rebecca Rinker, Mona Roberts. Third row: Betty Bemiller, Jean Myers, Naomi Faber, Dorothy Hen- del. Fourth row: Susan Myers, Anna Erb, Nancy Erb. Seventy-one Left to Right: Dean Markle, Curvin Fritz, Homer Gise, George Hartlaub, John Reed. iWebb, Gross not present when picture was takenl. ry l Intramural Basketball K "Dartmouth,,-League Champions LINEUP Whitt 11, lost 4. Hartlaub, forward Markle, forward Gise, center Webb, guard Scores of playoffs- , Gross, guard I Reed, sub Georgia 30 Dartmouth 31 Fritz, sub Army 25, Dartmouth 52 The game with Georgia ended with a tie. An extra period was played. The score was tie again. Now the team who made the first point would win. Finally the game was won by a free toss and Dartmouth won by one point. In the Army game, there was little competition. Army was never ahead and Dartmouth finally won hy a score of 52-25, thus making Dartmouth the top team in the league. Gise, top scorer with 22 points. Seventy-two FEATURES K. X I p I fx 'f- A - I! I I 1 ,hhu -:Nix fy nw, J X a h A ' My Y.. W . if l , X351 S whiff- xi xl lg ll ' X 3 1? -Za x A . I H ll I f , A V in li 3,-. K If f . l' Lf " A I' K ,N ' . , , , , ' f Q11 f U my K , ,ffl W . L ii Tiff' VIWKMIII! ll!!! on " X A v' jd .9 Q P 4 x I a Q 2 K 4 , gf' Ah l W ia 111 :if 5 ,I Q . f 6 Y , , yn. 1. . 5 - f 'X KMV, A I f ti 'Xl fl xl A nn J 'A' F aff' E ikzumfic 1 ,U lx!!! X H AHL WL 7-uw! I ' l. V f W All l H lfllu 114' ff ,I ,M ,Z ffff lffflh I :I ff D 1 X un 3 - 'Q ' I X 7 Nj I llllllllq 1 A 'Z X - A GSIHIHHUIEUMl'H!fff!A,IHry, ff "icq ' WWW P4 Kunz., Jil' W Ib V0 I My naw I , ml f 4' l it ffl' f A 2 5' lu gulf xllnwil JIM, 1' ' I lnl 4 H , J ll uf!!! I "hu 'hh' I l I ffl - ffl M012 ' , li7Al"ougA 1445 fAree Ang ffeald .glhmf mich Acenej we Zfnow do weff . . . U THIS Favorife Favorife Favorife Pei' SENlOR'S Food Song Pasfime Ambition MARION ALBRIGHT ..... Roast Chicken Always Talking Private Secretary GRACE AMSPACHER .... Milk Shakes Stardust Daydreaming To be 5'1" ROBERT ARENTZ ....... Ice Cream Don't Fence Me In Eating College HAROLD BAIR .......... Hamburgers Accentuate the Fishing and HuntingMachinist Positive RICHARD BAIR ........, Fried Chicken l'll Be Seeing You Sports Teaching HARRIS BARNHART ..... Meat Loaf Stardust Sportsggirls, U. S. Navy Myers' and creek STERLING BARNHART . .Ice Cream Don't Fence Me In Fishing Navy CHRISTINE BECHTEL ...Ice Cream Always Dancing Beautician DORIS BERWAGER ...... Chicken and WaHilesSt:xrdust Running Around Secretary RUSSELL BERWAGER . . .Ice Cream A Little On The Studying Music Musician Lonely Side LOIS BOSSERMAN ....... Italian Spagetti Begin the Beguine Reading Nursing GEORGE BOWMAN ,..... French Fries I'll Get By Sleeping Lots of money JANET BOWMAN ........ Country Ham There I Said It AgainDancing Stylist GLORIA BOYER ......... Spagetti Always Sports Typist MADELINE BRADNER . . .Fried Chicken Goodnight, Sweet Daydreaming Accountant Dreams, Sweetheart ARLENE BROWN ........ Fruit Salad Stardust Swimming Typist MARGARET BURG ...... Ice Cream Stardust Dancing and SportsLive in Calif. or Florida PEARL BYRD ...... .... B readed Veal My Heart Sings Being with Tom Undecided PAUL CARL ............. Ice Cream Always Skating Drummer JOSEPH CLINGAN ....... Ice Cream Together Swimming Ice Cream Business JULIA COLESTOCK ...... Milk Shakes Stardust Good movies Nurse JOYCE DELL ............. Angel Food Cake My Heart Sings A Certain Boy Secretary LUCILLE DILLER ....... Ice Cream and My Heart Sings Reading Beautician GLORIA DUBS .... SHIRLEY FLEMING ...... HAROLD FROCK . JEAN GARDNER . . ANNIE GARMAN . . DOROTHY GARRETT .... ETHEL GARRETT ....... FRANCES GARRETT ..... PHIL GARRETT ......... MARION GARVICK ...... GEORGE GEBENSLEBEN Spagetti Shrimp Fried Chicken French Fries Choc. Ice Cream Cold Fudge Sundae Snitz and Knepp Hamburg and French Fries Ham and Eggs Fried Chicken Ice Cream .Chili-Con-Carne CHARLOTTE GEISELMAN Potato Chips . DON GEISELMAN ....... ANITA GERRICK ....... . Spagetti .IEANE GOBRECHT ...... MURRAY GOODFELLOW .French Fries Fried Chicken .Hamburgers Everything I Love Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart Always Stardust My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time Little On The Lonely Side Stardust Always National Anthem Stardust I'll Get By Smoke Gets In Your Eyes There I Said It Again Stardust Together There I Said It Again Seventy-four Creek and Myers' Good Mystery Ford V-8 Reading Sports Skating Cooking Dancing Reading Reading Baseball Sports Football Dancing and Dancing Swimming Football Navy Nurse Dept. Store Buyer Air Corps English Teacher Dietitian Private Secretary Seamstress Pharmacist Teaching Designing Navy Teacher Five Star Admiral Waves or Clerk Receptionist Coach r I E . bv 2 ,K K 1- 5 1 5 Q E 2 if if 5 5 Q 5 1 5, PZ 7. . THIS Favorife Favorite Favorife Pei' SENlOR'S Food Song Pasfime Ambifion DONALD GOUKER ...... Chicken Rum 81 Coca-Cola Hunting and Navy Swimming ANNA MAE GRAYBILL . .Hot Fudge Sundae Stardust' Playing piano Stenographer GLORIA HAMM .......... Meat Loaf There I Said It Again'gDog,' Civil Service Secretary STATIA HAMM .... Fried Chicken A Little On The Writing a Beautician Lonely Side Special Letter PAUL HAMPTON ........ Hamburgers Sentimental Journey Skating Mechanic JOHN HANER ...... .... C hicken and Always A-hem! ! I U. S. Navy French Fries THELMA HARNER ...... Baked Ham Stardust Reading Medical Secretary BILL HART .............. Pork Chops Always Sleeping U. S. Marines KATHLEEN HARTLAUB .Sauted Chicken Stardust Sewing Dietician CARLYNN HARTMAN . . . Shrimp Salad Always Dancing Nursing CARL HENSON .......... T Bone Steak Candy Movies Grocer CURTIS HOFF ........... Choc. Milk Shakes Sentimental Journey Girls Army Air Corps .IEANNE HUFNAGLE Roast Beef There I Said It Again Carrying On Secretary ROY KLINE ......... .... S pagetti and Let's Take The Women Machinist Meat Balls Long Wray Home HELEN KNIPEL .... Chili-Con-Carne Stardust , Creek Secretary BOB KOENIG ............ Graham Cracker Pie Anchors Aweigh Fishing Medical Corps JAMES KRUMRINE ...... French Fries My Dreams Are Bicycle Riding Industry Getting Better All The Time JIM KUNKEL ....... .... M eats and Beets There I Said It AgainDrive- Navy ELEANOR LAIRD ........ Steak and Schuherfs Ave Swimming Travel mushrooms Marie RUTH LEER ....... Chicken and duck Always Certain Someone Housewife WINIFRED LEESE ....... Chicken Stardust Swimming Interior Decorator MARY LEFEVRE . . . .... Chili-Con-Carne Stardust Navy Navy Nurse GLADYS LEISTER ....... Fried Chicken Stardust Carrying on Typist HAROLD LEISTER Grapefruit There Goes That Working on motors Machinist Song Again EDITH LEPPERD ........ Steamed Clams Dipsy Doodle Having fun Loaf KATHLEEN LIPPY ....... Fried Chicken I Always Carrying on Typist HAROLD LITTLE ........ Chicken Each Night At Parking at night Play in an Nine Orchestra HELEN LITTLE ..... .... C herry Pies Stardust Sleeping Show Business HENRY MALKUS ........ French Fries Don't Fence Me In Loafing U. S. Navy DEAN MARKLE .... .... F rench Fries A Sleigh Ride Swimming U. S. Navy In July ROBERT MARKLE Fish Goodnight, Sweet Swimming and Army Dreams, Sweetheart fishing EARL MENCHEY ........ Fried Chicken Daybreak Annoying other Coast Guard people DORIS MILLER .... Ice Cream Stardust Reading Secretary IRL MILLER ....... Hamburg Loaf with There I Said It AgainBowling Mechanic Filling and Gravy WILLIAM MORRISON . . .Steak and French Let's Take The Movies Navy Yeoman Fries Long Way Home BETTY MOWRER ........ French Fries Sweet Dreams Dancing Sleep Sweetheart Seventy-six E v Q 4 2 S 2 X 1 X v X 2 s E THIS Favorife Favorife Favorife Pei' SENIOR'S Food Song Pasfime Ambifion CLYDE MUMMERT ...... Lettuce I'll Get By Playing fiddle Violinist EARL MUMMERT ....... Olives I Dream of You Sleeping Pres. of my chain of Barber Shops JOHN MUMMERT ....... Chicken Goodnight, Sweet Dancing Army Air Corps Dreams, Sweetheart .IEAN MUNTZ ........... Beef Stew Evening Star Drawing Chemical Engineer BUD MUSSELMAN ....... French Fries I Understand Football Five Star General in U. S. M. C. LAWRENCE MYERS ..... Liver and Onions Make Believe Creek fBrown'sJ Accountant JEAN MYERS ............ Chicken and French The Lord's Prayer Sleeping - Singer Fries BILL NAILL ............. Apple Pie with Stardust Swimming General Sugar and Cream LAVERNE NEIDERER . . . Spagetti Together Sports College or Navy DOROTHY NOBLE ...... Ice Cream Stardust Reading Travel BOB PANEBAKER ....... Cabbage and There I Said It Again Swimming Service DEAN PORTS .... ..... JAMES QUICKEL ........ VIVIAN RAUBENSTINE .. BURNELL REBERT ...... MARIAN REIGGLE ...... SHIRLEY REINDOLLAR HELEN RENAUT ........ SHIRLEY RHODES ...... BILL RICE .,........... WILBUR RICHARD ..... Potatoes Lima Beans Seafood Fried Chicken Seafood Ice Cream Ham Pork Chops and French Fries Chili-Con-Carne . Hamburgers Hamburg and French Fries MADELINE ROHRBAUGH Pop Corn BETTY ROYER ......... KATHERINE SCHUMAN .Fried Chicken DORIS SHAFFER ........ FRANCES SHEARER ..... JANE SHEARER ......... GLENN SHEFFER ....... NEVIN SHULTZ . . . . . .. BOB SMALL ...... ..... DONALD SMITH ........ FRANCES SMITH ....... ED SNYDER... . Ice Cream Chicken Spagetti U Breaded Veal Brussel Sprouts with butter Oysters Zinn's Cherry Pies . Chicken . Hamburgers Steak and Spinach Pistol Packin, Mama Women There I Said It Again Sleeping Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart I Donit Want To Love You Daybreak More and More Right As Rain The Lordis Prayer Anvil Chorus Reading Fishing Reading Sports Dancing or rea ding Listen to the Metropolitan Opera Playing trumpet Be married to .loan Leslie Be out of school Housewife Machinist like Mr. Stoner Secretary Undecided Nurse Opera Singer Chemical Engineer Always Loafing Electrician Stardust Having fun College Because Music Musical career Stardust Swimming Nurse Goodnight, Sweet Skating Salesclerk Dreams, Sweetheart Eager Beaver Dancing and Navy Nurse Sleeping There I Said It Again Creek Travel Laura Collecting Records Navy Goodnight, Sweet Girls Air Corps Success Dreams, Sweetheart Always 6'Spang" Malingerer Always Building Model Pilot Airplanes There I Said It Again Sleeping and Navy Nurse Dancing Laura .lust a little bit n1oreRadio Gunner or Pilot Seventy-e ight EMF' " ff. Q is 'i iff THIS Favorite Favorite Favorife Pef I 0 I O SENIOR S Food Song Pashme Ambmon FLOYD SPIES ............ Heavenly Love Goodnight, Sweet Running around Millionaire EUGENE STAMBAUGH . .Hamburger MARY LOUISE STARNER Fried Chicken ROBERT STARNER ...... Fruit Cocktail JEANNE STAUFFER ..... MARVIN STINE .......... GEORGE STONESIFER MARY STRAT ............ DONALD SWARTZ ....... RAYMOND TEAL HOWARD TRITE DONALD TRONE WILLIAM TRONE ........ DON TROSTLE ........... MABLENE UNGER ...... DAVID WAGAMAN ...... PHIL WALTERSDORF WILLIAM WAREHIME BRUCE WEBB ........... DORIS WENTZ . . . DORIS WHISLER ........ WALTER WHISLER ...... ANNE WHYTE ..... DORIS WILDE .......... CHARLES WILLIAMS CONSTANCE WILT ...... MAURICE WORLEY ..... LUCILLE ZARTMAN ..... MARTHA ZIEGLER ...... GLADYS ZINNEMAN Spagetti and meat balls Spagetti and meat balls Country Ham Cokes and egg and olive sandwiches Hamburg and French Fries Roast Beef French Fries Fried Chicken Pie Dreams, Sweetheart I'm Beginning To See The Light My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart Stardust There I Said It Again Tonight We Love Till Then Sentimental Journey How Many Hearts Have You Broken My Heart Sings There I Said It Again Racing With The Moon Ice Cream I Dream Of You Italian Spagetti Stardust Chicken More and More Chicken There I Said It Again Lobster Rum and Coca Cola Steak A Little On The Lonely Side Beef Steak Xt Stardust French Fries Chocolate Pie with Daybreak Whipped Cream Fried Chicken 81 White Cliffs French Fries of Dover Meat Loaf Stardust .Potatoes in any formWhy Do I Love You Steak Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Country Ham Because Turkey with all the trimmings Watermelon Mince Pie French Fries My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time Stardust Because There I Said It Again Eighty Sports and Sleeping Listening to the Radio Music Reading Sleeping Sleeping Dancing Sports Sports Basketball Reading Outdoor Life .lam Sessions Dancing Flying Dancing Laughing Sleeping Dancing Reading Typing Dancing Reading Sleeping Dancing Swimming Eating Reading Dancing Stay out of Infantry Secretary Musician Secretary Business Success Biologist or Research Chemist Interior Decorator Marines Machinist Army Air Corps Pilot Accounting Have a Sporting Goods Shop Dance Band Leader Housewife Pilot in the Marine Air Corps Merchant Marine Ofiicer Admiral United States Army Stenographer Secretary Secretarial- Bookkeeping Teacher To make a success of myself Navy Undecided Electrical engineer Undecided To write books Undecided sf 3 5 Q 'E ef p 5? E 5 5 5 ii Q Q B i as I E C DL JL JC JL JL JL JL JL JL JL 4 D457 Wil AND I'f57'14MflV7' or 'run CLASS or 1945 C 'JC K 'Il' 'JK' 7C 'JC 'JC 'JC 'JC WC UC U I, Marion Albright, bequeath my love for mush- ball to any poor soul who doesn't like it. I, Grace Amspacher, bequeath my twenty inch waistline to Madge Laugerman. I, Robert Arentz, bequeath my seat in Chemistry class to any Junior who wants it. I, Richard Bair, bequeath my 4-l apen pals" to brother '4Nev". I I, Harris Barnhart, bequeath my dark complexion to Tom 0'Neill, because he really needs color. I, Christine Bechtel, bequeath my ability to get around this building fast to any slow moving underclassman. I, Doris Berwager, bequeath my giggle to Lois Esaley. I, Russell Berwager, Ir., bequeath to Melvin Nace my great musical ability. I, Lois Elaine Bossernran, bequeath my red hair to Dolly Shilkc. I, George Bowman, bequeath my shortness to Sherman Wildasin. I, ,Ianet Bowman, bequeath my love for talking in school to Bernadine Miller. I, Gloria Boyer, bequeath my blonde hair to Doris Brown. I, Madeleine Bradner, bequeath my tranquillity to Annette Russo. I, Arlene Brown, bequeath my broken-down type- writer to Helen Keefer. I, Margaret Burg, bequeath my seat in Chemistry class to anyone who likes to get splashed with acids. I, Pearl E. Byrd, bequeath my fun in McVille to anyone with extra bus tokens. I, Paul Carl, bequeath my ability to argue with Mr. Hurst to anyone who likes to argue. I, ,Ioseph Clingan, bequeath my job of hoisting the flag to anyone who is ambitious. I, Julia Colestock, bequeath my seat in English class to Helen HUH. I, ,Ioyce Dell, bequeath my P. D. notebook to any studious person. I, Lucille M. Diller, bequeath my height to Nancy Albright. I, Gloria Dabs, bequeath my seat in the auditorium to anybody who has bad eyes. I, Shirley E. Fleming, bequeath my fairly good health to anyone who needs it. I, Harold N. Frock, bequeath my extra gas stamps to anyone that will bother to come for them. I, H. ,lean Gardner, bequeath my membership in Library club to Gladys Shriver. I, Annie Garman, bequeath my athletic ability to Loretta Mummert. I, Dorothy Garrett, bequeath my cheerful disposi- tion to .lean Martz. I, Ethel Garrett, bequeath my height to Helen Allewelt. I, Frances Garrett, bequeath my position behind a soda fountain to Virginia Fuhrman. I, Marion L. Garvick, bequeath my dark eyes to Betty .lane Bowersox. I, George Gebensleben, bequeath my basketball managership to nSkip". I, Charlotte L. Geiselman, bequeath my love for sports to Lois Markle. I, Donald Geiselman, bequeath my trigonometry ability ? to uNev" Dubbs. , I, Anita Gerrich, bequeath my ability to blush to anyone who wants it ??!! I, .Ieane Gobrecht, bequeath my dancing ability to Bobbie Utz. I, Jim Goodfellow, bequeath my speed to .lack Tanger. , I, Donald Gonker, bequeath my ability in English to Ray Markle. . I, Anna Mae Graybill, bequeath my ability of typewriting to Helen Allewelt. I, Gloria Hamme, bequeath my love UD for the McVille boys to Dolores Colestock. I, Statia Hamm, bequeath some of my mail to Lois Wege. I, "Hap" Haner, bequeath my bashfullness with women to UBruiser', Gass. t I. Thelma Harner, bequeath my Chemistry seat, with all its loose screws, to any Junior ambitious enough to tix it. 1 I, Bill Hart, bequeath my happygw-histling to anyone in Miss Flickingefs homeroomf A I, Kathleen May Hartlaub, bequeath my blonde hair to Doris Brown. ' I, Carlynn Lucille Hartman, bequeath my ability to dodgethe boys going to gym class, to any girl who happens to get in their way. I, Curtis Hoff, bequeath to Raymond Cass my abilities to study C?l. I, Jeanne E. Hufnagle, bequeath my black hair and black eyes to F6Stevie" Snyder. I, Helen Knipel, bequeath my laughter to .lohn Hotz. I, Robert Koenig, bequeath my pleasing personality to Miss Hamme. I, Jim Kunkel, bequeath my A-i-'s in study hall to Cookie Stine. I, Eleanor Laird, bequeath my job on the Orange and Black to poor Dolores Jacoby. E ighty-two I, Ruth Leer, bequeath my thinness to Madge Laugherman. g I, Minifred Leese, bequeath my P, D. book to anyone who wants it. I t I, Mary LeFevre, bequeath my fuzzy hair to Maria Myers. i I, Gladys Leister, bequeath my natural curly hair to Anna Mummert. , I, Susie Lepperd, bequeath my seat in Spanish class to either Homer Gise or Merle Markle. I, Kathleen Lippy,'bequeath my seat in P.'D. class to anyone who wants it. I, Helen Little, bequeath my ability to play the piano to Mary Little. I, Janice Little, bequeath my ability to write letters to any poor soul who never writes a letter. I, Henry Malkus, bequeath to Jack Stonesifer all my jokes and unwitty sayings. I, Earl Menchey, bequeath my seat in English class to Frances Thoman. I, Doris Miller, bequeath my P. D. notebook to Anna Mummert. I, Irl Miller, bequeath my eating ability to the 'Gpromising senior", Witmer QChairJ Trone. I, Betty Mowrer, bequeath my height to Helen Allewelt. A 1 I, William Morrison, bequeath my dentist bills to anyone who has money to pay them. I, Earl Muminert, bequeath my oil refinery to anyone who could use some extra gas. I, Clyde Mummert, bequeath my place in the Senior Quartet to Ned Masenheimer. I, Jean Muntz, bequeath my ability to get to places on time QD to anyone' who wants it. I, Bud Musselman, bequeath my ability to pin coach7s ears back to Jere Swam. I, ,lean Myers, bequeath my blushing to Norma Wise. I, Larry Myers, bequeath my voice to Virginia Hoffacker. I, William Naill, bequeath nothing to somebody, because I need all I have and then some. I, J. Laverne Neiderer, bequeath my ability to play a uhot" trombone to Philip Swartzbaugh. I, Jeanne Neumann, bequeath my ability to keep quiet in shorthand class to Bernadine Miller. I, Dorothy Noble, bequeath to Doris Brown my fair complexion, blue eyes, and blond tresses. I, Alice Mae Orendorff, bequeath my slimness to Madge Laugherman. A - I, Dean Ports, bequeath to Snipe Gross my seat at Benis Round Table. I, James Quickel, bequeath my place in shop to anyone who wants it. I, Burnell Rebert, bequeath my superb ability to play hookey to any poor sucker who wants il. I, Marion Reiggle, bequeath my shorthand ability f?D to anyone who wants it. I, Shirley Reindollar, bequeath my glasses to "Bones" Greenholt because one pair doesn't seem suliicient. I, Helen Renaut, bequeath my love for sports to Iris Sheely. I, Shirley Rhodes, bequeath my ability to dislike boys to Joyce Helfner. I, Madeline Rohrbaugh, bequeath my ability to raise my left eyebrow to anyone who can't raise his. I, Betty Royer, bequeath my ability to spend a quiet evening at home to my sister, Ethel Mae. I, Kassis Schuman, bequeath my ability to write Navy letters to Doris Crouse. I, Doris Shaffer, bequeath my calmness to Daryle Clouser. I, Frances Shearer, bequeath my good alarm clock, which helped me get to school on time every day, to Jean Bollinger. I, Snips Shearer, bequeath my ability to get along with upper classmates all during high school to anyone who wants to have a lot of fun. I, Glenn Shejffer, bequeath my ability to always get to school on time to any sleepy Junior .who doesnit feel like getting up in the morning. I, Nevin Shultz, bequeath my skill in baseball to anyone who can use it. Cln other words, to all of them.J 1 I, Robert Small, bequeath my laziness f?J to any poor sad soul who wishes to get anyplace in this world. ' I, Frances Smith, bequeath my ability to stay home nights to anyone who likes to knit. I, Floyd Spies, bequeath my seat in homeroom, which I am sorry to leave. I, Robert Starner, bequeath to Chinky Kuntz, all my shyness. I, Mary Louise Starner, bequeath my broken typewriter to any poor Junior who has to use it. I, Jeanne Staufjfer, bequeath the advice my 4'Mommie" gives me to anyone who needs it. I, Marvin Stine, bequeath my place in the in- fantry to any unlucky draftee who gets it. I, George Stonesifer, bequeath my ability to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to Clair Good. I, Mary Strat, bequeath my ability to keep quiet in class to Mary Myers. I, Howard Trite, bequeath my ability to stay out of trouble to Ken Baublitz. I, Donald Trane, bequeath my patience to study to anyone who wants it. I, Don Trostle, bequeath my shyness to Philip Swartzbaugh. I, Marlene Unger, bequeath my ability to obtain good grades in Math to John Hoffacker. I, David Wagaman, bequeath my ability to Hy to Ken Woolf. I, Bill Warelzime, bequeath my ability f?D to have a good time in English class to any sad Junior who doesn't have a sense of humor. I, Bruce Webb, bequeath to George Markle my power to get into trouble. I l, Walter Whisler, bequeath my extensive P. D. notebook to any Junior who wants it. I, Anne Whyte, bequeath my height to Sophie Clowe---,she needs it! I, Doris Wilde, bequeath my ability to run to school to anyone who is always late. I, Charles Williams, bequeath my front row seat in English to anyone who doesn't need sleep. I, Martha Ziegler, bequeath any ability I ever had in Algebra to all the Sophomores in my Plane Geometry class who are brave enough to take it. E ighty-three r T' W Y 'V ' 1 V ' 4+ . . F ' H". 1 if '- li' - 'L ff Ki ' . . Y Q ' ' Q, ' , ' AV ' .' . x' - Wig E'-L' .1 1 - w '5 3 Q . V . -, -.. , ii - if la P ' L . ,-Y ' 3 ' , . ' " 'Af' ,' W . f V ,. e .. -' ' ' as r V ' V f V+. A ., e ff g,..Q4.,, 4 V iffii ' . K X ' . K - , V 1 ' .K ' ,A , F 'f fp.. ' Qii',viN,, X3 I WL, ' -. . ,+fga.1.ff - . 1 '. 5- A. ' - 3 .Vs .arp 3 - M V A A, ag 35 ' " "V.L- , ' A V ' , f, ' 5' if 1 f " 191, 'ii fix' fi? ' W .,. if 11,1 1 ' ' ' ' ' , V Vs, K iih p '- . 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D l Q 3 1 Q-'. ,, I-f.V ,V-w.,. , , I at az 5' J .F K , e - , f ' ' Everybodys Publishing Co., Hanover, Penna. x l x ' 1Wr. Franklin 'S.yR:iley , Mr. Joseph Hurst 2' 1- K Mrs. Erle K. Diehl . , ' y if G x H if 5 1 r K h ' V Q ,I , , sa . R ,A'E:4,xLik '1.f 1 ,- ,. . A K Q my Zlrwxri i ' . "Pn i v... il . K ' , 'K an W " z :nf -w ' ff ' -V. is if ' , Q , -A 3 . . ' an ., . ag V' , , 1 , . . f':1'h-' 1, 1 . V .. 'E +1-V, an Q '- 'T' 4.1 -. Q sf-av k'5W"?'a-,iff-:iii M 5 , :A2e.i--1.5, V- -jf YU - Q -Q ' : t -' gf 313- K it ,. ,Vg ,VZ 4,1 ff" X . 7 -. 1 ' 'gf s . UV',,g,5r - .. fgadf . 5, 5 f' : V A -'ie' 1' 'a , L f - 43 1-e , lg 'o 1' 'f'..fI 0 V ' 52'W,,fQ-ifiiif V -V, ' , 4 V QV" . -. 4. '- .Hi I L - 1 , JH.. ,, , " ing? , FW s.W'g.-'fl in ' " ' W y . -. 55,6 Yi i'.i' if L fi- ' 1 a ' . V. vi M331'li359'5i AEE' .. I- To 4 ,. V. ' ' ir 4 :il ' "roi, ' la V4 -A ' 35 " f -Mfrs V. ' lk V, ,V ffl' 49 . ' . s' V . fi . 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Suggestions in the Eichelberger High School - Nornir Yearbook (Hanover, PA) collection:

Eichelberger High School - Nornir Yearbook (Hanover, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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Eichelberger High School - Nornir Yearbook (Hanover, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Eichelberger High School - Nornir Yearbook (Hanover, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Eichelberger High School - Nornir Yearbook (Hanover, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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