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Eichelberger High School - Nornir Yearbook (Hanover, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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As the days go by with swiftness That form the passing years, To our dear old Alma Mater We raise our songs and cheers. To Old High we pledge our favor, No honor shall she lack, While we pledge ourselves defenders Of the Orange and the Black. When the cares of life o'ertake us And our locks are tinged with gray, Our dearest hopes betray us, False fortunes fall away, We can banish care and sadness, And turn our memories back, And recall the days of gladness 'neath The Orange and the Black. v we Wornlfr PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1944 Eichelberger Senior High School Hanover, Pennsylvania 'N M yf V Jf , fdf MW 1 5 I V 1 jaw N W 1 MW . -r 71, E KW R fWfem1 :Eff Zlfwjfw. MQW IL MWAMMWQQ Rsffffdwb IL WL- 14., g,1 wif 0 ' w reward THE Class of 1944 presents this N0l'l1l.l' to the students of Eichelberger High School with the hope that it will prove to be a cherished album, full of happy memories of the past three years of school life. IF this N0l'l11'7' brings about a better understanding of life. and a deeper apprecia- tion for education, the aim of our class will be accomplished. edicativn 9 VE, the Class of 1944, dedicate this N0l'l1Z,' to the many members of our class vvho are now serving, and vvho will be serving, in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. MAY this N0l'l1l.l' serve as a corner- stone in their lives, and as a tribute to those Who vvill make the Supreme Sacrifice. .. -,, .1 "'U"""' ,. mfav. N -1 .Jr 18 Vw Vi 'W' ""'-T 43" 55:42 Wa, a 2 R, L? V411 'igiiref' if Q N, f-7 ,gggu :gy XI gf"f"""fw,wV 4 , , Wi',wN--MMEH., L A -I gt JHIWWR VE:,1:1::,-4...,..-q":2.f'vFF Ek a x ,-45 'PA Q-5,44-Eggqyf' :iff L51 af,-W.-. - "-,X 11- ffw-'THEM 3' le' K QX f .P w- 1 1 'W ' 1 2 1 1 i QP 'il -W' Z ' 5 K F 5 11 'C W ' a a 53' 'fa E P? ,2" "' 'P T ' -1-.'373"' , Y . ' A 5 5' 5 - 5 1 eruua? THEH1 3 3 3 1 E I 2 EUUNTHY 5 3 i WW 1 50 4 N : si ROB?-Y' .QMES NL,- lun. im-' i:w,...,,. ,gf -Azuvauwuuuuaw L -0 A 1" N,,,..m..,w. .... 1 Eialhffffr . 'wgyrsfgf wmSz:1mN, 4- J," 37 .!',,,,-W-ff-mf. mx If '. 4 2 8 'EH ,pi 5 Q: ' 'Z' f , , A i F! E'-22' y' mv 'Sf 5 f .his , 6. y Pye. LAVERNE HENRY IRVIN SAU'-SBURY sfzc ELWOOD nor-maAueH ,fx is . 15,4 X A 5 Wlifefi 2 f :ii :fr 4. . Ni C 1 f zsff- -" 'kiwi 2 Q if P 5 2255 sz gf 4 1 5 '1 ' 3, I., , ZF f 5' 1 : 2 .-If f nie? we UZ, if S . : 1 :J r . X ' ' '41 5 s 'lil 'Y 'a : E E Pvf. CALVIN GARRETT K Phofos Noi Availalaiez EUGENE FUHRMAN ' PAUL HARMAN f P WKSNEP' KYLE Res:-1 "' ROBERT 5 4 GE 4 SU-C GEOR GRA YBlLL I M LE 1 5, WS. is 5 f' I . .,, V A+, .,,,. . a E '9i?iy., , , ,vii-51" . if f 5. "'S.2351:wW' " gif' Wg-. N 45 j 7- ' ' ., 6 44 - ' ' qi gr , : .3 r. i if , Q.,-f I Q .gg , , wvznfff' iw' ' . 5? YGQLM fa, xx 'ga' ,M?,w3f:,,3g.-,41-f ..,,,V1--,-34551.-.xf,,..f' 1, If gm' Q ' F., W 1' .3 , , 9 'V 'f'-3, , ' 4' . 'f , , 1'- gxzskla- ,. .pc nf if able of C'0ntentA ADMINISTRATIQN 0 SENIOR SECTION Q IUNIOR SECTIQN o SOPHOMORE SECTIGN 0 ACTIVITIES O ATHLETICS i-rsgl?-f -- i-7-S-f . .5756 U . '1 -4-.fxqg a ny ' ' ' Y... 1: ,.-.N M...f-h-kg 1 ,--N 1 iga-'Wan-, gl QQ, ifrlfl X , 1 1 a ,J 1Q s lf 5' '--'i' .gas-f11:12i f 1 . Aw 1 1 A V - ,1 'rg -AW 1 M, pkM' 1124, .Q , I mf- I Q ' g - j-eng, .' ,j'5'.2g1'-ZA!! " fl x - KA . . fp.-uq"" 'ani'--x GI Xxx. L ' ,9jII""i ,4""'nN:J'!AMwm1- E: 1' ,. 5 -..,w.,xT7u' if Mala., . " Q ' - 'V' 1.1: ""x.t if" ' I Q - 5 K 3--N.: 1-.., ze :Maw "ww--.,, 'X " ' -if U5 "R ,ffwj" kj x 5 'A J U " 'vb Y . ' w. N' I' ' .:y"f 'rI.- N - , , I " "' 3 D5 XXDMIINIISTRATIION Ru Rn nr ERUEATIU CLYDE H. ZARTMAN HARRY M. FOLMER , CLARK W. SCHUE President Vice President Treasurer MRS. ROMAINE E. MILLER L. B. SHEPPARD Acting Secretary GUY R. GOODFELLOW WILSON NACE W. HENRY BITTINGER Eight First Ron: G. llwullrer. C. Hummc. lf. Durborow. M. Menves. D. Shafer. C. Slmger. M. Longti- nevlfer. Second Row: R. lfugslmw. S. Diehl. Turner. H. Keefnurcr. ll. Flivkinger. l'lmmus R. Grny. Third Row: M. IZIIIIHIIQV. N. Stoner. ll. Brummer. F. l'lIIlllGl'IUIll1. C. Cook. .l. llurst. Fourth Row: llourher. F. Forster. H. Reese. F. Riley. ll. lirubalrer. C. liuwnmn. If. Diehl. THE FAC LTY MILTON M. BAl'GllElt .luni11ta. AB. University of Pemlsylwznin. A.M. Yvorld History Biology Arlviser: Pll0l0,'ll'ilIlllj' Club Glconcl-3 H. BOWMAN llvcstern Muryltmtl. BA. txl'll0l'il'1lfl History Arlvsier: Sm-ience Cl11b Bunn' BR.-mlm:-:R University of Pittslmrglz Yvootl Shop Arlviser: Future Craftsmen RICHARD H. Blwrmlu-:lc Muhlenberg. A.M. English III l'rau'ti4'nl Bookkeeping Adviser: Press Club CHARLES COOK Penn Stale. l?.S. D0lt0'l'IlY Dmnnourl-' llvvslern llluryluml. fl.ll. Physivs G1'lll'l'lll St'lCl11'C At'l'1lIltllllit'S ERLE K. llnam. Gettysburg. A.ll. l'rublcms ol' lh'ln0vru1'y Azlvixers Student Council ERNEST R- BUUCHER University of Pitlslmrgll, M.A.S. ,' Q Univ. of Pittsburgh, B.S., M.E1l. Related SI.iem.e SAR n twilight Band and Orchestral Mevllalnirall Drawing Gfglgglpgff, AB, Adviser: Band Club Adviser: Future Craftsmen hlglisl: II, III, V Nine I f Miss MARY WINES WAVE ESTHER M. DURRUROW Gettysburg, B.A. Temple, M.Ed. Spanish I, II English III Adviser: Spanish Club H. VERNON FERSTER Susquehanna, AB. Vocational Mathematics Vocational History Vocational Problems of Democracy Adviser: Boys' Athletics Club HENRIETTA K. FLICKINGER Millersville, AB. Susquehanna, M.E. Algebra I, II Business Mathematics World History dviser: Eeedlework 'C ub GLADYS I. HAINIDI Western Maryland, A.B. Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry World History Adviser: Dancing Club JOSEPH HU T Gettysburg, . Che ist P y ' Adviser: Mode chemists Club :X . Ten M HELEN R. KEEFAUVER Penn State, B.S. Home Economics Related Biology Adviser: Boys' Cooking Club MARY S. LONGANECKER Dickinson, AB. Latin II, III, IV Adviser: Bridge Club MARY L. MENGES Gettysburg, B.A. University of Pennsylvania, M.A. English II, IV Adviser: Study Club HAROLD REESE East Stroudsburg Teachers', B.S. Health Physical Education Adviser: Lettermen's Club FRANKLIN 5. RILEY Indiana State Teachers', B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. Salesmanship Bookkeeping Exploratory Commercial Economics .-ldviser: Commercial Club Nornir DORIS M. SHAEER Bloomsburg State Teachers', B.S Shorthand I, Il Typing I, II Adviser: Typing Club GENE H. SHE!-'Ftlkf Azbfigg, A.B:!XQ,7QjfJ .q f ,Ho jench , II y Dramatirs Club ., ELIZABETH SPANGLER Methodist Hospital, R.N. School Nurse Adviser: Home Nursing Club Adviser: Future Craftsme f f NORDIAN C. STONER Penn State Machine Shop America J. EVALYN THOMAS Penn State, B.S. Physical Education V Health Adviser: Girls' Athletic Club Bowling A ELEANOR R. TURNER Mansfield Teachers,, BS. Music Adviser: Chorus: Glee Club FRANK C. VANDERWALL Gettysburg, B.S.C. Rutgers University, M.S.C Biology Adviser: Biology Club GERTRUDE V. WALKER Susquehanna, AB. Librarian Adviser: Library Club MARY ZtNN Edinboro, B.S. State Teachers', M.A. Art PFC. B. HENRY SHAFFER nof Mr. Robert A. Bagshaw Mrs. Katherine Stackhouse Secretary Io Mr. Bagshaw oaloerinfenjenlf 3 ewage 0U members of the Class of 194-4 will probably witness the greatest changes to be experienced by any generation. The greatest scientific minds of your day are now engaged in an effort to produce the nlost massive and efficient instruments of destruction known to any generation. These instruments are being used to deal the knock-out blow to the enemies of civilized society, who have set themselves up as a master race to rule the remaining peoples of the world. When the knock-out blow will have been dealt, as it surely must be, the biggest task ever to face civilized society will be at hand. The greatest minds, scientific and others as well, must devote their efforts towards building a world where another great military struggle cannot be waged. You of the Class of 1944 will represent the genera- tion which must produce the leaders and informed citizens who will make this possible. You must, with- out sentiment or prejudice, think straight and you must exercise civic and moral motives which will not permit any race to regard itself as superior to all others. Freedom is something which none deserve who do not have the courage to defend it for all peoples. The defense of freedom, after the war has ceased, will require IHO115 straight thinking without prejudice or sentiment and much more courage than any of the pre-war isolationists or pacifists would include in their makeup and plans. R. A. Bagshaw, Supl. of Schools Eleven 23.31 Mr. Ray W. Gray PHI IIIP IIS ESS BE Usually in Writing a message to the Senior Class the principal attempts to add one last bit of priceless advice. I do not wish to add to the valuable advice and admonitions which you have had regularly from your classroom teachers. If their advice is followed I am sure you will luake hut few errors in your life. However, I do wish to point out to you a fact-a fact to which you may look forward with great pleasure. This fact isg in the years that lie ahead you will look hack to your days in High School and apply the lessons learned here in solving your immediate problems. You will look hack at your high school experiences and learn additional facts and lessons from them. Your education will not only continue to teach you, hut you will also look back to the pleasant days spent here with increasing joy as long as memory lasts. I also wish all of you good fortune and good health. Ray W. Cray, Principal Irene Thieret Secretary to Mr. Gray r - " .. 5,-4... I A V .. J A jawn N Q if , Jkt K 1 . 'EH' if 75-'33 -.Vx rf -rv ,Riff 43237 15- . 1 V V :fl f , , J wqz f .- 'f fi -: 1 - 53:4 73212 , 'L Sf", Q: 'fm- ffuivrfi' in -Q. f -ufj f ' ue" iss A ,x .- , ,Q V 1 3 -5 .1 .A '41, .,', . .JN92 fr. X fffwifi -- 2- , ng' .-:xg ' if SIENHURS ,Mdfory nr THE SENIIJP. EL!-iss WE, the class of 19414 were joyously admitted to Eichelberger High School. As Sophomores, we began to build up as fine a reputation as could be established. During our first year in E. H. S. we presented a fine dramatic performance, Ulim In the Army Now." Many members of our class participated in the All Star Play, '4The Night of January l6." We also boasted a few athletes who tried out for various sports. These boys stuck to their respective teams throughout our three short years of high school, and thus became very efficient. The girls as well as the boys participated in many sports and the chorus. The Seniors greatly appreciated the Soph-Senior fare- well dancc. Since this was a successful activity, we had bright hopes for the future years. With memories of our past year of suc- cess, as Juniors, we gained a little more confidence in our activities. Our dramatical success this year was 'AA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Courtf' Many of our class were seen in the All Star hit 4'Arsenic and Old Lace." In all the years to come wc will always remember the Soph-Senior Junior Prom. We appreciated the help the Sopho- mores gave us in making this dance a success. As Seniors, sometimes very confident of ourselves, we look back upon our last year. Not too long ago we introduced to many people that laughable, lovable person HCharley's Aunt." Many of our class left us this year for the Army, Navy or Marines and to these boys we wish success in the Armed Forces. Many of our class served on the Orange and Black Staff, in the Band and Orchestra, and on the Cheerleading Squad. During our last few days in school, we were repaid for our efforts by being guests of the Sophomores and Juniors at farewell dances. The last few days went by swiftly. The Baccalaureate Services were beautifully presented. As we sat beneath the Old Oak tree we wondered what the future had in store for us. The evening of graduation arrived and we left Eichelberger High School and all our kind and considerate teachers to become part of the school of the teachers. world, with its many cruel and some kincliq x BW A, sf rf 51 ,Slit Rf .5 9 HX grifiiifbwilw Q 3 535 1 Game nr THE SENIUHQ-lnrlaybialf J President Vice-president William Ceiselman ,lo Frey Secretary Treasurer Gene Huggens Mary Herr Fourteen jbe Cfaw of 1944 CIIARLES ALLEY5' ELT Academic Course Clubs: Letterman's 1. 2, 33 Boys' Chorus 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 1 Student Council 1. 2, 3 1 Operetta 2 1 .l. V. Basketball 1 1 Intra- mural Basketball 2. 3 1 Track 1. 2, 3 1 Tennis 1. 2. 3. XIELMA Amis:-Acura "Mehr" General Course Clubs: Study 1. 33 Camera 2. Future Ambition: Beautician BURNELI. ANTHONY 'KZIEIYCH General Course Clubs: Dancing lg Bridge 2, Athletiv 3 1 Band 1. 2, 3 1 J. V. Basketball 1 1 lntra-mural Sports. Captain 2, DOLIJRPIS AllEN'l'Z "Sis" Academic Course Clubs: Girls' Athletic 1, 2, 3 1 Band 1. 2. 3 1 Sports 1. 2, 3. Future Ambition: Mechanic JOHN AUM!-:N '5Divlf" General Course Clubs: Commerce 1g Bridge 2: Study 3. DONAI.D BAIR "Grin" Al'1lll0llliL' Course Clubs: Boys' Cooking 13 Letterman's 2. 3 1 Home- room Pres. 13 V. Pres. 2: Ser. 3 1 Band 1. 2 1 Hi-Y 1. 2. Sec. 3. Future Ambition: Plastir' uyllflf IRVIN BA1mcAul1NEk "Haumy" Vocational Course Clubs: F. C. A. 1, 2, Dramalirs 3 1 Sophomore Play 1 All Star Play 2 1 Senior Play. Future Ambition: Soldier NIARYELLEN BEARD "Whislvers" General Course Clubs: Glee 1g Bridge 2g Spanish 3 1 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 1 Operetta 2 1 Spring Convert 1 1 Girls' Trio 1. 2. 3 1 Delphians 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: lfeautit-ian Fifteen .7fte Cfadd 0 7944 JACOB BECHTEI. "fakes Vocational Course Clubs: F. C. A. Sec.-Trcas. lg F. C. A. Vice Pres. 2: F. C. A. Pres. 3. MARY BOUSUM Academic Course Clubs: Glee 1, 25 Typing 3 1 Girls' Chorus 2, 3 1 Operetta 2 1 Girl Reserves 2 1 Sports 2. Future Ambition: Nursing PAUL BREIGHNER "Flash" Vocational Course Clubs: F. C. A. 1, 2, .3 MARGARET CARLSON "Marg" Academic Course Clubs: Typing lg Sewing 2: Press 3 1 Girls' Chorus 2 1 Mixed Chorus 2 1 Operetta 2 1 Girl Reserves 1, 2 1 Delphians 2, 3 1 Orange Xi Black 1, 23 Feat. Ed. 3 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: To travel Sixteen GEORGE COULSON "Doug" Academic Course Clubs: Aviation lg Boys, Cooking 23 Music 3 A' Orange K Black 1 Football 1 1 Track 1. Serving with the U. S. Marines MAX CoULsON Academic Course Clubs: Typing lg Dramatic 2, 3 1 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 1 Boys, Chorus 2, 3 1 All Star Play 1 Senior Play. K o E? AN AM CR s id Fl '6 horty" omm'9rc ourse ubs. Ca era 1 Nee ework Com er I 3 1-chest , 2 1 irl se 1. Syr1b.i : ate eta y RAYIVIOND CRAWFORD "Pete" Commercial Course Clubs: Bee lg Biology 2g Study 3. Future Ambition: Taxidermisl W1 .MJ M y X A i ,IEA ' ook" General Course Clubs: Can aol: Study 23 Spanish 3 1 Girls' Chorus 22 J 1 Operetta 2 1 Junior Class , J T as r 1 I eserves 2, 3. AV Futz Ambition: Beautician AJ ?1Ylkf,:f'Ad.iQQ5f is ' J . W0ii.LIA'?UiCRUMRlNE ill?f Ap K Academic Course bsjffgping 1: Boys' Cooking 2, Band 3 1 00 V. Pres. 1, 3 1 Bama 1, 2, 3 1 Hi-Y 3. , re Ambition: Join the Marines DOROTHY DAVENPORT "Dot" Academic Course Clubs: Typing lg Study 2, 3 1 Girl Reserves 2 1 Delphians 1, 2, 3. Future A mb itipn : Nursing dw Luci DEHOFF " ne -Qourse in ' S fg eedlework 3. :W itioL1:, ry Worker ff WCM' ' J ffm. M1944 LORRAIN1-3 Dll.l.ER "Killer" Acarlemiv Course Clubs: Typing 1: Study 23 Spanish 3 1 Girls' Chorus 2, 3 1 Girl Reserves 1, 2. Future Ambition: Designing THOMAS DIVINEY "Tom" Vocational Course Clubs: F. C. A. 13 Lelterman's 2, 3 1 Football I, 2, 3 1 Basketball I, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Join the Navy PEARL DOLL General Course Clubs: Camera 1, 23 Study 3. Future Ambition: Beautivian WlLLlAN'I DOWNES "Bill" Academic Course Clubs: Airplane lg Lcllerman's 2, V. Pres. 3 1 Homeroom Pres. 3 1 Hi-Y 2, Treas. 3 1 Basketball 1, 2 1 Football Mgr. 1, 2, 3 1 Track 1, 2. Future Ambition: Merchant Marine Seventeen Ula Clam 0 1944 B URTIS Dumas "Burt" M - General Course Clubs DancingittjS1 121' Le tpf1ifan'S 3 1 Hi-Y 3 Fo ball 1,,-Q 3 'Basketball 1, 2, 3. gutzi-ie Am iiionxgjloin the Marines bflirijv QI. 3 af! 1735, is Qi, tlxgf IAR1' ELINE UR 4 Commercial Course , .yi Caigiera 1: Girls, Athletic 2. 3 1 Junior f- i P 'y 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. iq, SL ,fi Future Ambition: Wife Ji' I is YJG "tif, is f- at - I JAMES EHERTON "Jim" Academic Course Clubs: Connnerce 13 Letterman's 2, 3 1 Hi-Y 3 1 Track I. 2. Serving with the U. S. Navy Y N Foksx or terual Course F ugc A1 lol om the Army PAULINE FORSYTHE General Course Clubs: Dancing 1: Study 2: Camera 3 1 Sports 2. Future Ambition: Beautieian ,IOSEPHINR FREY "Joey Commercial Course Clubs: Press 1: Needlework, Pres. 2: Commercial, Pres. 3 1 V. Pres. of Senior Class 1 Homeroom Pres. 2, V. Pres. 3 1 Sophomore Play 1 Junior Play 1 Girl Reserves 1. 2 1 Delphians 1, 2, 3 1 Student Council 1 1 Nornir Staff, Business Mgr. 1 Sports 2. Future Ambition: Secretary ELAINE FROCK "Laney" Academic Course Clubs: Glee 1, 23 Girls' Athletic 3 1 Homeroom President 1, 2 1 Girls' K Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 1 Operetta 2 1 Spring Concert 1 1 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3 1 Delphinns 1, 2. 3 1 Girls, Trio 1, 2, 3 1 Orange K Black 1, 2, 3 1 Nornir Staff, Feature Editor 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Navy Nurse ELOUISE FUHRMAN "Weis" Academic Course Clubs: Girls, Athletic 1. 2, 3 1 Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3 1 Nornir Staff, Sports Editor 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Nursing HR -1, 1 I. 1 K. ' s' ll 1: Boy." . 0 g 2: Photography A, 3 r - ral'Baske al . Eighteen ' if UA. CARROLL G.u:Rr:'r'1'. JR. l"'or'uti0uuI Course Cfdfifi of 1944 Wn.uA M Gizlsl-:mu N C' A. 1. 2. 3' Clubs: Typing l: Briilgv. 'lll'lx1lS.. 2g Clubs: F. Future' Ambition: 1V1u'hinist I. Y. Pres. 2 1 Nornir Stuff. FPZIIIIFQ' Ecli Future Alnbitimi: Enginevriiig GLORIA GARki:'r'r "Cindy" General Course CROSBY GOBRECHT Clubs: Girls' Alhlelir l. 2,,3. Future Ambition: Beuutivinn Football 1. 2. 3. Future Ambition: Navy Nl-LYIN fiARRE'l"l' - n "lIutvlx" A fvulem ia' Coursl' Moda-rn All-bemisls. SPV.-Tl'f'iIS. 3 1 Svnior Class President 1 0l'l'll6Sll'1l I. 2. 3 1 Hi-Y 2. Pros. 3 1 Student Council l0l'. "Coby" Vomlional Course Clubs: Dum-ing lg I". C. A. 2: lA'il0l'l'lllll1,S 3 1 "Levi" V0!'1lli0llUI Course JANE C0011 Nl I F N 1 h I "Daisy June" Amrlemic Course Lula' ' in A ' 2' 51, v I . Clubs: Press lg Bridge 2g Spanish 3 1 Girl EK' A S"5b"'0":ible""""""' Reserves 1. 2 1 Orange K Blau-k 1. 2 1 llolpbiuns X A X' L!! 1. 2. 3. ,Ui A Future Ambition: Nurse .L L f llilwxucu RRE'r'1' Q fyxllx lil l Riff' GQIWHI Course VIc'rol: GOUKER lx l l 6 7' ll I Y Cl1Nrsi li t5lllllll'b:!X 3 UglogrQplrv72g Study 3 1 Fu' Vorulional Course All fri' ay 1 1 'Slaggif Crew lj 3 1 Hi-Y 3 1 Clubs: F. C. A. 1. 23 LCll0l'lIlilll,S 3 1 Boys' Chorus YVrq7tllingf,Il5Iajlic1' 1 1. 2. 3 1 Hi-X 2. 3 1 Football 1, 2, 3. fffjillire Ibi4iAlI abil th9TAC Future Ambition: Lick Joe Louis X I. V . I fy! j V Nineteen ' , , ,QM J CB ' ff ., Aff! ft ww' ' JD 1 ylfj, ff 1'1" - 1 uf 1 yy I' J ff fy? ,ff jifi , ,WM GSK-Bm You VI? Af ff? We 654,66 of f if ' LELA GRIMES DORIS HARBAUGH "Margy,' General Course 'fDoss', General Course Clubs: Glee 1: Girls, Athletic 2: Glee 3 1 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 1 Spring Concert 1 1 Operetta 2 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. Future Ambitions Beautician JOHN Glzoss "Snipe" Academic Course Clubs: Letterman's 1, Vice Pres. 2, Secretary 3 1 Vice Pres. of Homeroom 1, 2 1 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 1 Student Council 3 1 Athletic Rep. 3 1 Football 1, 2, 3 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: A Coach VIRGINIA GRUVER "Ginny" Academic Course Clubs: Glee 1: Girls, Athletic 2, 3 1 Vice Pres. of Homeroom 3 1 Chorus 1, 2 1 Sophomore Play 1 Band 2, 3 1 Girl Reserves 2, 3 1 Delphians 2, 3 1 Urange SI Black 3 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Nursing Clubs: Glee 1, 23 Study 3 1 Girl Reserves 1. Future Ambition: Beautician ROBERT HARTMAN Q' W "Bob" Ge e o r Clubs: Dancinlg ' o s' 'Co i ' Stage Crew' 1, Cf r tr r. Sp 't 1, 2, 3. at mbit' . dea 40 X 0. LEY HARTNIAN General Course Clubs. Glee 1, 2, 3 1 Sophomore P ay. Future Ambition: Bea cian View MILDREII GULDEN "Mil" Academic Course is eu hdemic COUTW Clubs: Press 1: Dramatic 2: Typing 3 1 Debating : ' 1 5 19110 3 f BOYS, 1, 2 1 Orange SI Black 1. 'Wu - Future Ambition: Nursing Y X Future Arn on: Pilot Twenty jfie Kfom of 7944 NIARY Hmm Academic Course Clubs: Glee 1. Pres. 2: Typing, Pres. 3 1 Girls, Chorus l. 2. 3 1 Mixed Chorus l. 2, 3 1 Class Secretary 2 1 Class Treasurer 3 1 Homeroom See. 3 1 Spring Concert 1 1 Operetta 2 1 Debating 2 1 Nornir Staff. Circulation Mgr. 1 Sports 3. Future Ambition: Teaching JOAN Hisasum' "JO-Joi' Academic Course Clubs: Dancing 1: Study 2: Typing 3 1 Homeroom Treas. 3 1 Orange K Black 1, 2 1 Sports 1, 2. Future Ambition: Cadet Nursing SW we , I 71Yv't-"W 1 ct . lub': .mr ll 1 ntra-mural . 'egmal . f .Q EDI' Fut nzbigaiijjports Announcer 'tp Jorma HERSHEY "J0y" General Course Clubs: Glee 1. 3: Study 2. Future Ambition: Secretary MARVIN HEIISIIEY "Moon" General Course Clubs: Boys' Cooking 1. 2. 3 1 Wicstling 1, 2. 3 1 Football 1, 2. 3. Future Ambition: Animal Trainer NIILDRED I-Iorrul-:INS "Mimi" Academic Course Clubs: Glee 1, 2: Spanish 3 1 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3 1 Sophomore Play 1 Junior Play. Future Ambition: Navy Nurse C1:1r:sTER Homx "Chet" Acarlemic Course Clubs: Dancing lg Boys' Cooking 23 L0llCl'llIilI'l,S 3 1 Wrestling 2 1 Track 2. Future Ambition: Join the AAC JU LI ET l'IOS'l'E'l"l'ER "Julie" Academic Course Clubs: Camera 13 Bridge 2g Typing 3 1 Girls' Chorus 1. 2 1 Homeroom Sec. 1 1 Operetta 2 1 Spring Concert 1 1 Girl Reserves I., 2, 3. Future Ambition: Librarian Twenty-one jim 6701.54 0 7944 RICHARD HoUcK 6'Monty,' Academic Course Clubs: Bee lg Spanish, Pres. 2g Modern Alche- mists 3 1 .l. V. Basketball 1 1 Varsity Basketball 2 1 lntra-mural Basketball 2, 3. Future Ambition : A viator GENE HUGGENS "Moe" Academic Course Clubs: College lg Spanish 2: Modern Alchemist, Pres. 3 1 Boys' Chorus 2, 3 1 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 1 Senior Class Secretary 1 Homeroom Pres. 3 1 All Star Play 1, 2 1 Operetta 2 1 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 1 Nornir Staff, Photographer 1 lntra-mural Tennis 1 1 Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3 1 Cheerleader 3. Future Ambition: Admiral Dems HULL "Hallie" Commercial Course Clubs: Dancing lg Glee 2: Home Nursing, Pres. 3. Future Ambition: Stenographer JAIVIES KESSLER V '6Zeke" Vocational Course Clubs: Future Craftsmen of America 2, 3 1 Wrestling 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Army Air Corps Twenty-two NIARTIIA KINTZINKJ "Mot" Academic Course Clubs: Glee 1, 2, Pres. 3 1 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 1 Operetta 2 1 Spring Con- cert 1 1 Girls, Trio 1, 2, 3 1 Girl Reserves 1 Del- phians 1, 2, 3 1 Orange and Black 2, 3 1 Cheer- leader 3. Future Ambition: Dog Breeder Lois KLUNK "Lo" General Course Clubs: Glee 2g Study 3 1 Girl Reserves 2. 3 1 Delpbians 2, Future Ambition: Dental Nurse I - RICHARD LP 'L " ickii L! ' mn cial Course fClu ' s. 15 cyl at -s , 291 Roysff . 1 ls' , , 3 -1, ho s 1, 1 H71 18103111 res. ebatix 1, reas. 1 V i-Y .fig o e Edit ' of or r,1 ude Q 'l, Pr 3 1 1 Of. ge f 1-ck 1, 3. ll ' A U1 XXV I J lbiion: If an g ICH: n LAMBERT 'iDick" Vocational Course Clubs: F. C. A. 1, 2: German 3 1 Basketball 1 1 lntra-mural Basketball 2 1 Track 1, 2. Future Ambition: Air Corps Engineer WV Ula CVM CllARl,ES IJAUGIIBIAN "Chas" Vocational Course Clubs: Airplane 1: Lilnmry 2: German 3 1 Wireslling 1, 2. Future Ambition: Army Air Corps LANIAR LEHIGH 6'LoBar" Vocational Course Clubs: Damcing 1: F. C. A. 2, 3 v Houleroom V. Pres. 1 1 Football 1. Future Ambition: Pattern llflaker NADINE LEISTER Home Economics Course Clubs: Needlework 1. 2: Study 3. Future Ambition: Army Nurse ETTA JAYNE LUCABAUGH "Etta" Academic Course Clubs: Camera lg Study 2: Typing 3 1 Sports 2, 3. Future Ambition: Teaching of 1944 THELNIA LUPP Home Economics Course Clubs: Camera 1: Needlework 2. 3. Future Ambition: Beaulician JAMES Nl.-KRKLE "Mark" Academic Course Clubs: Dancing 1: Spanish 2: Modern Alchemists 3 f Hnmeroom V. Pres. 2 1 Band 1. 2. Future Ambition: Engineer DoNA1.n MESSINGER "Donn Academic Course Clubs: Study lg Boys' Cooking 2: Boys' Athletic 3. lvl.-XRY NIILLER "Molly" Commercial Course Clubs: Dancing lg Needlework 25 Home Hygiene 3. Future Ambition: Secretary Twenty-three its CVM 0 1944 ALBA WIUMMERT "Aldie" Commercial Course Clubs: Camera lg Study 23 Commercial 3 1 Nornir Staff. Business Mgr. 1 Orchestra 1, 2. Future Ambition: Private Secretary RICHAIRIJ TVIUMMERT, JR. 'SDick,' General Course Clubs: Dancing lg Camera 2g Press 3 1 Sophomore Play 1 Junior Play 1 Senior Play 1 Orange X Black: Advt. Mgr. 1 Football Mgr. Serving with AA C JANET MYERS "janv Academic Course Clubs: College 1: Needlework, V. Pres. 2: Girls' Athletic 3 1 Sophomore Play 1 Girls' Chorus 2, 3 1 Operetta 2 1 "rl Reserves l, 2 1 Orange Sz Black 2 1 Student ouncil I 1 Delphians 3. K Future Ambition: Chemist 1 J- px ' J DELORYS N CE j D 'T of X Con zefal Course u E ing 1 eedlewo L 2 rslng 3 Norn 'IH s WFS!! gy I - 3 : Nm' is . C uture zbitioh Steno? her so ti ft fi W N LORETTA NACE "Long Academic Course Clubs: Dancing 1: Spanish 2: Band 3. Future Ambition: Teacher JANET NOBLE "Georgian Commercial Course Clubs: Dancing lg Study 2: Home Nursing 3 1 Sophomore Play. Future Ambition: Stenographer BETTY NULL "Slim', Academic Course Clubs: Glee 1: Girls, Athletic 2, 3 1 Girl Reserves 2 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Nurse ROY NULL General Course Clubs: Bee lg Dramatic 2, 3 1 Sophomore Play 1 Junior Play 1 Senior Play 1 Nornir Staff., Circu- lation Mgr. Future Ambition: Ofiicer in AAC . ' , 3 cg yy bfi U, L NY .f if Y? if. Al K5 3wpf4i32 f C' at Ugaifwiff A2 64155 0 1944 If ,ui NANCY fl.NEll,l, "Nan" Avatlenaic Course Clubs: Press 1, 2g Clee 3 1 Sopb. Class Sec. 1 Homeroom Pres. 1, 2. 3 1 Sopb. Play 1 .lunior Play 1 Senior Play 1 Delpbians 1, 2. Pres. 3 1 Orange and Black l. 2 1 Nornir Staff, Senior Editor. FI1 bitio11: Travel Lgpfib O53 jf Ui' yy IBISHARD PARR My " A' lc" A-DA, General Course lubQ: 'n g T wing 23 Study 3 1 Orange ' W Y' alicia, au" QW' fy ture Ambition: Aeronautics I N J' ,. X. J ai VIRGINIA PAIIII "Girmy" Academic Course Clubs: Dancing lg Study 2g Girls' Athletic 3. Future Ambition: Nursing EIJNA RABIf:Ns'I'INI: "Rally" General Course Clubs: Dancing lg Clee 2g Photography Future Ambition: Beauticiun FIIEIII-JIIICK Rau 'ilfulli' l 'ovalional Course Clubs: F. C. A. 1. 2. 3. Future A lllllfl ion: Mach in ist ylARY CA'I'III:IIINI: RI-:ck "Carlile" ll!'lIll0llliC Course Clubs: Glee 13 Girls' Athletic 2. 3 1 Cirl Reserves 3 1 Sports 2, 3. Future A mb itiou: Iieaztlirian . I I EM . Hurd!! D ' alllllwflll ,nurse . ubs: D' ll.'- ., 1 y 2, 3. f . Future Artllwyydgrfwt I A V , BI-" IALICIIAIIT J""c I N, me '.J We ff if "B hdfe' A ommervml .P , V Clubs: ee i ,Iv .' 3 6gHlHlC,Zi'illl 3 1 1 Spring .ohsggtz x ' 'U fl .. F ata nib? 'on: Secretary. 'V U f 1 Cjafffr Twenty-fi ve jim Cftm of 1944 HELEN RENOLL RODGER SALTZGIVER Academic Course "Salty" Academic Course Clubs: D1lIlC:'lg lg Tieecileyvork 23 Typ ng lu Bee 13 Biology 23 Boys, Athletic 3. uture m :tio irse f Future Ambition: Flying J ,v- E KR DP3 0 Doaoruf SENTZ 'glii' le" X 1 1 emic COUVSQ 6'Dottie" Academic Course C1 ws: ege 1' 1 1 ' oys' Cooking, Pres. Cl I U. G1 1 2 3 G, lu, Cl 4 3 Q tv 1 3 1 H meroo V ' 5. , 1 All Star Play 1 Sopho- ' uh' ee , ' 1. i lr B lorua 1 'por F ' lore Pl , .fl Play 1 Orange and Black 1- Future Ambition: Stenographer f e Ambition: Announcer ,IEANNE SERFF DFAN ROHRBAUGH "Queenie', Commercial Course General Course Clubs: Study 1, 25 Connnerciul 3 1 Homeroom Clubs: Dancing lg Study 2g Athletic 3 1 Soccer 1 1 Wrestling 2 1 Inlru-mural Basketball 2. Future Ambition: Join the Army Pres. 1, Sec.-Treas. 2, 3 1 Delplxiams 1, 2, Treats. 3 1 Non-nir StaH, Typist. Future Ambition: Secretary mild., t . 1V1IRIANI ROIIRBAUilIl N U TY SH M "Mimi" Home Economics Course Bebe Con UQQCDU Se Clubs: Sewing 1, 23 Study 3 1 Student Council 2. Clubs: Czuneru 1, nnner 1 I5 RQ Future Ambition: Navy Nurse Fmu Ambl ' Secre y 1 ' kg K n QA X Twenty-s ix 1 .- , W t ,, 1 4 . x , . 1 4 , A I 4 .' - " ' 027A C7 144 ' , ' .I f. e im 0 9 1 1 ' X r ,f JOHN SHUE EDWARD SNYDER "6GumbUot" V Commercial Course Weil" Ge"9""l Coursl' Clubs: Biology lg Letterman's 2. Treats. 3 1 All Star Play 2 1 Nornir Staff. Sports Editor 1 Track l. 2. 3!1 Intra-murals 1, 2. 3. Future Ambition: Uncle Sam Knot particular! LQRRAINE SHUE "Gum" Home Economics Course Clubs: Clllllefll 1. 2, 3 1 Sports 1, 3. Future Ambition: Navy Nurse STEWART SHUTTS "Shorty" Academic Course Clubs: Dancing 13 Bridge 23 Boys' Cooking 3. Future Ambition: ,loin the AAC ELIZABI-:TH SMITH "Smitt" General Course Clubs: Girls' Athletic lg Study 2, 3 1 Delphiams 3. Clubs: Dancing lg Cooking 23 Study 3 1 Boys' Chorus 3 1 Mixed Chorus 3. Future Ambition: A Wife and Kids WILLIAM SNYDEII f'BiIl" Academic Course Clubs: Bee 13 Biology. Pres. 23 Mo rn Alchemist 3 1 Boys' Chorus 1. 3 1 0lT6l'CllZl 2 Spring Con- cert 1 1 Orcllestr' 1 1 Nornir Stall ,lmtogr pller. F 3t r : We W K AH I ' a s n" e al lt I se I Ibs,: .mein g 1 g y ' Fu 1 Ambijof . Army Air .orps DEAN STAIR 5'Steps" Vocational Course Clubs: F. C. A. 1, 2. 3. Future Ambition: Machinist Twenty-seven jim gfvm 0 7944 DARYI. MAI: STERNER "Peg,' Academic Course Clubs: College 1: Glee 2: Typing 3 1 Soph. Play 1 Spring Concert 1 1 Operetta 2. Future Ambition: College l1flARY JANE STERNER "Snippy" Home Economics Course Clubs: Girls' Athletic 1, 2, Pres. 3 1 Girls, Chorus 2 1 Operetta 2 1 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 1 Delphians 3 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Physical Education Instructor DORIS STINE ' ,W fgixdeyn , Colirse s res ' h 'ng g r 'FlS, s , 1 lX8?Cm 1 enlor Pl 1 e etta 2 Debafing l,gOr' n e a id B 171 ditori'g'Gct'fR ' . ' I 1 gl M 4 4 5 PHYLLIS SWARTZBAUGH fi , "Butchu Academic Cour ie Clubs: Glee 1, 2: Swing Orchestra 3 1 Girls' Chor s 1, 2, 3 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 1 Operetta 2 1 Spring Concert 1 1 Sports 1 1 Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Cadet Nurse WILLIAM STRAUSBAUGH NBill" Academic Course Clubs: Airplane 1: Bridge 2: Boys' Cooking 3 1 lntra-mural Basketball 3 1 Intra-mural Mushball 1. Future Ambition: Pilot LOUISE THIERET "Katie', Academic Course Clubs: Needlework 1, Sec. 2g Spanish 3 1 Girl Reserves 1, 2 1 Delphians 2, 3 1 Orange and Black 1, 2 1 Nornir Staff, Art Editor 1 Sports 1, 2, 3. RICHARD THIERET "Dick', Vocational Course Clubs: Airplane 13 Cooking 2: Library 3 1 Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3. Future Ambition: Uniled States Marines J EAN Toor "Toot', General Course Clubs: Girls' Athletic 11 Study 2, 3 1 Student Council 1 1 Delphians 3. Future Ambition: Nursing Twenty-eight jbe Cftm of 7944 NADINE TRACEY Academic Course Clubs: Library 1, 2, 3. Future Ambition: Teaching CARLEAN TRONE ELDRED VAN FOSSEN "Van" Academic Course Clubs: Study 1: Press 2, 3 1 All Star Play 2 1 Sopll. Play 1 Senior Play 1 Orange and Black 2. 3 1 Nornir Staff, Art Editor. Future Ambition: Commercial Artist JAMES WAINGER NTl'0Yli6n General COUTSC "Jihlw Acadeynic Course Clubs: Glee lg Camera 2: Study 3 1 Sports 1. X gzlubgi Pfiff 1' 3' gras' 3AllIg0megi0m Pres' 1321 Fume A""'f:f0'H Secfmfy 2,3 , i'51..f1ys 5.5 ..p.N.if'f'L.af'f i1i?aF13f'3n'f Student 'h ' 1 Orange and Black 1: Asso. Edito , 0 -i ief 3. RICHARD TRONE y utu Ambiti Journalism "Dick" Academic Course W . ' Clubs: Study 1, 2, 3. M1 H , A'q?"'0"FF Future Ambition: Engineer 9 l si . General Course mx Cl 35.1 clrl An let 2, 3 1 sports 1, 2, 3. yvig ire lbition. Phys. Ed. Instructor DONALD UTz N 'SX ' "Porky,' Academic Course Clubs: Biology 1, 2, Sec. 3 1 J. V. Football 1 1 Intra-mural Basketball 2, 3. Future Ambition: Flyer ' DONALD WENTZ "Don" General Course Clubs: Study lg Letterman? 2, 3 1 Football 1, 2, 3 1 Hi-Y 3. Future Ambition: Marine Corps Twenty-n ine -rl- 'Y CGBOFQ Clubs: Clubs ffpinn y 1. ' Wy 1' . 1 X" lf if - J fl f 'f f fry' 1' x fy! j ii j A 9 ,,'f- , 1 be C4155 of f I, 77 ff J 1,1 ,W v jay!! X 'Jump or 'X ROBERT WENTZ NIINNIE LEE wfILLIlAMSjff j , .fir ,lf General Course "Minn Academic Co rse ' Bee lg Study 2, 3 1 Student Count-il 3. Clubs: Study lg Commerce 2:, Typing 3 '1, Chorus ,f7 Future Ambition. pilm 1. 2 1 Sophomore Play 1 Junior Play. I My ' Future Ambition: WAC f' ' . ff I CHARLOTTE NVILDASIN Commercial Course Dana-ing lg Needlework 2g Commercial 3. Future Ambition: Secretary WHNNIMORE WILDASIN Vocational Course Clubs: Dancing lg F. C. A. 2, 3 1 All Star Play 1 1 Band 1. 2. 3. Future Ambition: Machinist SHIRLEY WILLET "Fudge" Academic Course Clubs: V. Pres. Camera 1g Dranlzltics 23 Glee 3 1 Treas. Soph. Class 1 Sec.-Trens. of Homeroom 2, 3 1 Senior Play 1 Operetta 2 1 Girl Reserves 3 1 Delphians 1, 2, V. Pres. 3. Thirty Future Ambition: Translator 7,11 J r . JEUNE XVILSON Commercial Course Clubs: Glee lg Study 25 Commercial 3 1 Girls' Chorus 1, 2 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 1 Operetta 2 1 Spring Concert 1 1 Orange K Black 3 1 Editor-in Chief of Nornir. Future Ambition: Private Secretary ' VO JANET VVOLFORD XX "Jann Academic Course Clubs: Glee 1g Girls, Athletic- 2. 3. BARBARA YINGLINC "Barb', Commercial Course Clubs: Glee lg Dranlativs 2g Commercial 3 1 Girls, Chorus 1 1 Mixed Chorus 1 1 Spring Concert 1 1 Homeroom Pres. 3 1 Sophomore Play 1 All Star Play 2 1 Nornir Staff, Typist. Future Ambition: Secretary fl! or , xx! Ps! .jim Cfaw of 1944 ANN XTOUNG "Skill" Avmlemic Course Clubs: Girls' Athletic lg Dranmtic 2. 3 1 Sopbo- more Play 1 Junior Play 1 Senior Play 1 Orange K Black 1, 2 1 Library 3. NIARY LOUISE ZARTBIAN "Squeeze" Commerriul Course Clubs: Camera 1, 2g Commercial 3. Future Ambition: Secretary ROBERT ZARTMAN "Burk" General Course Clubs: Bee lg Study 2, 3 1 Intra-mural Sports 1, 3. Future Ambition: Farming Th irty-on e Nm 'N s I wk, , N ,N ifrfgzfff ' QMW, WA 2 i as Q 1 5 .1 0,1 T4- ...W aw fl: g , x H K . fm 1 Jael llnf jjhahzneenl UP THE CLASS HP 1944 I, "Zeke,' Anthony, will my taste for beans and onions to Bill Meckley. I, Charles Allewelt, ws ill my place in the army to anyone who wants it. I, Sis Arentz, will my athletic ability to Iris Sheely. I, Velma Amspacher, will my excessive fat to the government. I, John Aumen, would like to will my intelligence to William Meckley. I, "Grim" Bair, will the basketball managership to "Knob" fthe energetic boyl. I, Maryellen Beard, will my ability to make friends and keep them to .lean Gobrecht. I, Mary Bousum, will my love for Latin to Tom 0,Neill. I, Paul Breighner, will my Machine Shop ability to Marvin Caler. I, Raymond Crawford, will all my half-witted stories to Henry Malkus. I, Anna Mae Crabbs, will my ability to play the violin to Clyde Mummert. I., Margaret Carlson, will my blonde hair to Anne Whyte. I, Bill Crumrine, will my love for Spanish to any person who doesn't Want to travel to Spain. I, ,lean Crook, will my ability to argue to George Stonesifer and uCocky" Richman. I, Max Coulson, will my 299 bowling average to any Junior in the bowling club. I, Lucille Dehoff, will my blonde hair to Pauline Kopp. I, Burt Dubbs, will my swimming ability to Phil Knippel. Thirty-jour Pearl Doll. will my ability in Salesmanship UD to an underclassmate. Lorraine Diller, will my ability to drive the car to ,lim Goodfellow. Dot Davenport, will my love for the Navy Blue to Jane Shearer. Bill Downes, will Miss Durburow to Merle Blocker. Richard Garrett, will my ability to stay off the honor roll to "Merle" Blocker. Mary Eline, will my ability to get "H-Wu from the teachers to Mary .lane Boyer. .lo Frey, will my ability to argue with Anne Whyte to Doris Crouse-she'll need it. Elaine Frock, will my "Colgate Smile' to any soul who brushes his gums three times daily. Elouise Fuhrman, will my athletic ability to -.-Z.--? Pauline Forsythe, will my bowling ability CU to Winnie Leese. Crosby Gobrecht, give my football ability to the future guards of E. H. S. Jerry Geiselman, will my vitamin pills to "Cocky" Richman. Gloria Garrett, will my athletic ability f???l to Helen Allewelt. Carroll Garrett, will my driving ability to Phoebe Rider. Virginia Gruver, will my drum majorette uniform and ability to Violet Hoke. Mildred Gulden, will my fun on debate trips to the future debaters of E. H. S. Victor Gouker, will my stoutness to George Bowman. John Gross, will my ability to stay away from girls to Kenny Baublitz. John Hershey, will my ability to miss shots in basketball to anyone who wants it. Doris Harbaugh, will my ability to get fussed by Mr. Riley to Lillian Baumgardner. Gene Huggens, will my long, wavy hair to "Brush',, Good. Joyce Hershey, will my long eyelashes to any- one who wants them. .loe Herman, need about everything I ever had but the reputation which all the dear f?l teachers know me by, so I'll leave it to anyone who wants it CPoor Suckerl. Mary Herr, bequeath my studiousness to Janice Little. L I. L L L I. L I. L L L L L L I. L L I L I I I I I I L v Shirley Hartman, will my ability to talk to .loseph Hufnagle. Doris Hull, will my dimples to ,lim Sbaner. Martha Kintzing. will my sense of humor and ability to laugh to Gloria Hamme. Lois Klunk, will my height to Helen Allewelt. Thelma Lupp, will my position in Murphy's 5 and 10 to any lazy Soph. Etta Jayne Lucabaugh, will my Latin ability to Betty Royer. Charles Laughman, will my ability to forget trouble to Mr. Brammer. Nadine Leister, will my tranquillity to Annette Russo. Dick Lambert, will my ability to bowl 300 games to any person who can hit 100. Donald Messinger, will my Latin ability to Bill Allen. Janet Myers, will my love C?D of Latin to Eleanor Laird. James Markle, will my athletic ability to Bud Mussleman. Mary Miller, will my tininess to Mary Brilhart. Alda Mummerl, will my red hair to Joyce Meisenhelder. Loretta Nace, will my quietness to George Gebensleben. Betty Null, will my slimness to .lean Warner. Nancy 0'Neill, will my ability to always be on time to my brother Tom. Virginia Parr, will my skating ability to Jean Yvarner. Richard Parr, will my tallness to Calvin Bange. Fred Rau. will my loafing ability to Harold Leister. Miriam Rohrhaugh. will my Senior year note- book to Ethel Mae Garrett. Edna Rabenstine, will my hairdressing ability f?J to Betty Mowrer. Mary Catherine Keck, will my ability to giggle to Pearl Byrd. Dorothy Redding, will my freckles to Doris Crouse. Betty Reivharl, will my ability to write letters to seryiremen to Charlotte and Harriet Geisel- man. James Rickrode, will my height to George Bowman. L L L I. L L L L L L I. L L L L L L L L L L L L Dean Rohrbaugh, will my athletic ability to Kenneth Bailey. Bill Snyder, will my big mouth and ability to shoot the bull to my little vousin "Egghead" and to my sister, Steve, when she gets to Senior High. Mary .lane Sterner, will my sewing ability to Miss Keefauver. Phyllis Swartzbaugh, will my music talent f?l to anyone who is willing to practice three hours a day. Stewart Shults, because I ran't leave anything worthwhile, am going to take everything with me. Elizabeth Smith, will one of my shoe stamps to any poor soul who must go barefoot this summer. Edward Snyder, will my Senior year English notebook to any .lunior who deserves it. Lorraine Shue, will my speed to an underclass walliiower. Jack Stahl, will Illy wavy hair to Dave Wagal- man, so that hc may have a little hope in his remaining year in E. H. S. Dean Stair, will my English book to any am- bitious person. Bill Strausbnugh, will my driving ability to Bones Trite. Rodger Saltzgiver, will the last seat in the new row in English class to any Junior who wants it. John Shue, will my quietness to M. J. S. Carlean Trane, will my bowling ability to "Miv"' Klunk. Richard Trone, will my sugar stamp to any girl who isnit Nsweetf' Nadine Tracey, will my seal in Chemistry class to any future student who ran sit quiet. flt screechesl Louise Thieret, will my ability to stay awake CPI in Chemistry class to Fay Huggens. Richard Thieret, will my seat in English vlass to any ambitious person. Jean Toot, will my ability to keep quiet UD in Salesmanship class to anybody who wants it. Donald Utz, will my ability in P. F. A. to Ray- mond Etzler. Eldred Van Fussen, will my gold plated dice and ability to stay awake to Glenn Sheffer. Donald iffentz, will my ability to play football to Bill Wareliime. Robert Wentz, will my shyness to Bud Mussel- man or any other bold person. Thirty-fi ve I, Winnimore Wildasin, will my machine shop ability to Joe Loss. I, Shirley Willet, will my height to Nancy Albright. I, Elsa Waltersdorff, will my hangs to Lena Baker. I, Janet W'olford, will my seat in Latin Class to Sue Leppard. I, ,leune Wilson, will my job as bond and stamp salesman to any hardworking Junior. I, Charlotte Wildasin, will my ability to work after school in a defense plant to all those who are not doing so, but easily could. I, "Barb" Yingling, will my seriousness t?J to Thelma Harner. I, Robert Zartman, will my love for chewing gum to Marvin Caler. I, Mary Louise Zurtman, will my typing ability to William Rau. I, Delorys Naee, will my seat in Miss Menges' study hall to anyone who wants it. Thirty-six L I. L L L L L L L I. Jeanne Serff. will the task of typing the Orange any Black assignments to any poor soul who lakes my place. Betty Sheely. will my position as Miss Menges' secretary to Jean Cobrecht. Doris Stine. will my soprano voice to Marvin Stine. Janet Noble. will my southern accent to Harold Frock. ,lane Good. will my chemistry ability KYJ to any poor soul who wants it. Robert Hartman. will my curly hair and scholas- tic ahility to Raymond Cass. Richard Houck, will my ability to take my car through tight places to Dale Strine? Marvin Hershey. will my wrestling ability to Willizlnl McCleaf. Richard Knippel, will my size HM! feet to Violet Hoke. Glenn Forsythe, will my position on the "An Honor Roll WJ to Donald Trone. JMNIKDPRS JUNIUP. CLASS Maier? OFFICERS President-R. Koenig Vice-president-W. Naill Secretary-J. Muntz Treasurer-J. Wilde Wilde Muntz Koenig N aill Thirty-eight WE, the Class of 745, entered our second year at E. H. S. with a determination to surpass all previous efforts in sports, dramatics, and scholastic standings. Many of our boys and girls, with their untiring efforts, put everything they had into making this yearis selected play, MJunior Missf' a hit and not a miss as the competing sopho- mores prophesied. This year our Junior Class has liberally contributed to such charit- able organizations as the Red Cross and the U. S. O. drives. Our Junior Class can well take pride in their extended sale of United States War Bonds and Stamps, having exceeded their quotas in every in- stance. Many of our fine athletes have once more proven their worth upon the basketball floor, and upon the football fields of rival schools as well as at home. One of our football players, Bud Musselman, a Junior Class member, was the high-scorer in the Southern Pennsylvania Football Conference. The Junior Class is proud to an- nounce that several of its members are now in the training for the United States Armed Forces. They are giving everything they have and are going all out for Victory. All of us realize the Cost in sweat and toil of winning a war and these members of our Class, who are giving their efforts so unsel- fishly towards the welfare of the whole nation, are true patriots. Many of our boys and girls have participated in intramural sports, such as, boys' bowling, girls' bowling, intramural basketball, and many other fine recreations. Finally, we held the Junior Prom and bade the Seniors farewell, ever mindful of the fact that in the near future, we too would have to leave our beloved E. H. S. R. GIRLS: First Ron' Y. Koehler E.. Carrot L. Diller M. Reiggle T. Harner J. Dell B. Burk S. Flickinger P. Demerest K. Srlunnan D. Wilclib J. Myers S. Hamm D. Kress C. Boyer J. Stauffer B. Mowrer C. Amsparkel' Second Row P. Kopp W. Lccse M. Carvirk C. Hartman Neiclhammer . if 5 :L - x' ' ff 1' , - ibm 1 1 . ,. . ..-3 ' , 7 ,, -'jk 5 My X ., Wk- J r ,f A: 'N " b'Q-BAND I ns xy i li x f Q ' G4 X 1- ft . t el- P 1 T H E Ll U I U R ll L A S R f l dklivlit Qftelxfl b :Ml l l M. Bradner Wentz BOYS: Arentz e -1 ' vhe .l. Gardner Berwager , , Malkns IJADFS is f D. Wllisler Miller Fffsf how Nvagaman Mummert A. Crayhill LeFevre W. M ki.. L4-ister Trone C. Hamm Leer S. Crofiwitg Wvilliams Small M. Burg Brown W. HA Hoff M' Ziegler Lcister M. Barter Koenig Fourth Ron' f.. Bechtel N Mummcn Mnmmert Welmln D Carret Fourth RON' ' ' gtine Fc-rrec ,' 'I . W. Rn-e ', ' ', ly. Zlnncrman Albright In Krumrim, fvooclfellow Nalll J. Cohrccht Carman Tmne Myers WV. Wareheim II. lxmple 0I'Ill'10l'ff D. Xvcuver Richman Clmgan C. Ceiselman Basserman W Morriqon W:lllCl'SKl0t'iT llerwager M. Starner Slleilffer I' 'Miller L Tl D I P V Miller B. Royer Colestock J Kunkle "ff WN Haner Reindollar Resh Hasson Slonesifz-r Thirrl Row Eheflmr .l. Loss lgycilr grosllci D N ll' Lllt' Iiililll P. Carl illll IZ Q lllrltlli rt W. o 1 4, :ur D' Goukcr um rent Qllll' e C.. Wilt Muntz G Bowmqn Blocker Markle K. Hartlaub Rohrhaugh ' ' Ceiselman Spies J. Shearer Whyte S I I, V Eyler Crouse C. Duhhs Rhodes econ' Um Ports Rehert Il. Little Gerrick R. Panchakcr Garret Strinc E. Leppard Hufnagle R. Bair Swartz Musselman M. Stratt Lippy D. Markle Menvhey Starner P. Byrd Smith W. Wliislel' Snyder Barnhart J. Neumann Bowman H. Barnhart Elsner Richards Thirly-nine I 5 iw x W WWE E 1 Y I ?,n,,,.,k. mi, , ---V Rosen SOIPIHLQMURIES 1-RQQW .fs-5 WW al 5 'yy 4 , ,f , Mi ifwfiifwfw W". 0, . I Sourber Jacoby Leister H offheins OFFICERS President-E. Leister Vice-president-S. Hodheins Secretary-D. Jacoby Treasurer-C. Sourber SIJPHIHVIUHE EL!-X55 Forty-two ,Md for? WITH an assortment of bewildered expressions, we Sophomores of the class of '46, proudly entered the wide halls of Eichelberger High School to begin a new chapter in our lives. After the first confusions had cleared, we settled down to concen- trate on being credits to our Alma Mater. First to claim Sophomore attention was the welcome dance given in our honor. The election of class officers, the next item on the yearls program, proved to be a novel and interesting experience to us Sophomores. It was a very exciting moment for all of us when the election returns came in at the election dance. During the football season, many of our boys participated in this sport. The next sport to attract the atten- tion of the Sophomore boys was basketball in which they helped com- plete a rather successful season. Every Sophomore fully appreciated the keen rivalries between the home- rooms in the sale of bonds and stamps. We adopted an 'gall out for victoryw motto that was carried out by most of our members. Many of us participated in chorus work, in boys', girls' and mixed chorus. The Boys Quartette is made up of Elwood Leister, Gordon Culp, Larry Benford and Ned Masenheimer. The Sophomore-Junior play was quite a success. The Sophomores that participated in this play displayed promising acting ability under the direction of Miss Mary Menges. We of the class of '46 fervently hope that we may leave E. H. S. just as proudly as we entered. THE SUPHUMIJHE CLASS GIRLS: , Troirum M. f"olostovk ISOYS: iwoul J. Rc-od ,, 4 V TA1ll""Ol'Illi1H lv. P011-stewli F- U-I R - I:1unv"z1l'd110l' F. Gfilhillll "WH mm Stufio D. Crollsv X Nlhvlvl on . Uzlllgaox' K liuuhlilz J. Ill-vlxtl-l Goiselnmn M. llnyvl' I-,Im ' fl . Dulwlws M NVviIu-rl 11, Miller D. lfm-s.-1- .' Y"ff.f"L. Marc-hio nz. fmml1'vll..u- P. Kopp K. Rnhoxlstiso nlahflflflll XV, Mossingor .l. 0x'mlm'I'l' ll. XVUZIYPI' 'l'hir4l Row 11. Ilmwm' ,I UML' f'l'!'lXVf0l'd 5. Hul'l'hvins V. Hnlu- Xl-W,l.g F. Klmlkvr 5353311111 l'. Sllllll-lvl'l' J. Burg' ' A ' " J. Ilnusum " ' 'A v- ' Y J. Sl:1ul'l'v1' 0. 1-'.-W-r gmfm. P. fm-is ilbfllf ,"""1 um' 1'. win.-L M. Klunk Qvmwwl. 4D.xSD21ll2'l0I' 59- RQ-iilm' T.T!:" , .,. .. V12 " "L - P' ' ' IT L- gxllin I ml C. Ggpdw V T.11m'Ji5-xxlmzlflglx Gr I:.?ug.lh,l. In Hl,l.Shl,y Qumdt M. Bohml Ildiosillmgcl -,, ,. ' f . , , 'll mrnmn urs my Illbnqicrmislxmllll llillll Ron Sipling. Lum, yn-th Row J. 11011-!l1'l' G:.il,Siml1 Lu-so HfU'mW Henry x Il Cass pt Jm.m,y Goimml YS elltz Blllllllllgll H gig., Il. Shilkc- Gnm.m.h1 1'3""ff Shfufffl It Ilnrnvr F. 'FIIOITHIII qhei-fm. 1:'0uf'3 .. M5015 D Noida-run' w - , -- SlOllOSl1L'l' -ljlllfil' - 1 , I.. 511.11111 1 Mom YQ mera ,Ong JI.. huhh n . A , . . , I 14 llakc-I' O'Ycil1 QCHLIIITIN K 'Lllmh W . . V. , . . . Q D I U. Svwbllll lluw - Miller I'. Lvish Q i hh Mzslnlk J. Unix' 5 . . Rock 'Ty UQCI eb V- V. M:u'klc V. Kossh-r rlhomdb , I V' 'I "gee -3' ' IE. Lluyd R- mi,,,. Second Run . Bf2190lll'lt1iY'l1Pl G. Braun 11. IIYUWII Fourth now D. Krise ' S5f5'E',:- IL Ridor .I. Cflnpszulclh- B. Smith - K XV Allvn V. Fllhflllllll D. Loss f ' , P. Miller S. c'1.ms.1m11Q- A. Mcclenf K 'f0'll'5'uR0" 13, uloffhpins II. lirnwn H. XXYIIQTICY LYII. wff, Il. Gbilllllll 13. Diotz L. Kc-x'chueg", 1 J. Gllllldl M Imng: A. Fvltvh J. Hllfl1Rfl'1Lr Jl.,,R0ll'lmre1' C. 'l'llil.l'll A. Russo R. 1'1tz1ex',,V 1' LxDl'C0l'R1l IC. IWIVIIIOY K. Sam' Ii. UeYWag'Qlw-- lmesv Il. Ilonford J. -Rl'ifSI15'lll'I' XV. DUTY' 11,7 -' Ilnrtlaub K. lmilvy J. Illottnm' D. ,' or Name N Spanllglvr P. lllvttnor M. C..S0ur Q NV. Rau IC. Stu-mnwl -. ,xa 2 NX MTM 2 1 .-.. , G K K" ' A I Y X '4.x Q 'NJN Hx- , M.,-f' V. xl ,.'., .., 3... Q f Af" X . 1 Q Xrd kk, f. Heikki y vgQp'1VI 4 D . 4 Q fafrf J . If ' pl. .A ' ilfvxf, A ji! 1 Jam' 'NULL' -0 QKYQL , Flbflf'-I,ll'l'l' -"H '55 17, . ' ' Ylm, .UUC 5 mx f If P '1 ' ,"' , ' 1 , x If ., L fl 7 -AU' klqffif' Te 9 s w 1' .., if Y 3. Nr' gi 'ev ftkdfr ? 585-M. wr-L MV ,..,.1.-ff""' -A I ACTllWlHI'IlIES s s gas F First Row: D. Stine, I. Serg, 1. Frey, D. Nace, M. Herr, A. Mummcrt, N. 0'Neill. Second Row: E. Fuhrman, E. Frock, L. Thieret, B. Yingling, J. Wilson, G. Huggens. Third Row: 1. Geisel- man, R. Knipple, R. Null, 1. Shue, E. Van Fossen, W. Snyller. THE UH IH Editor-in-Chief - Associate Eflitor - Senior Editors - Feature Editors - Circulation Manrigers Business Managers Sports Editors - Art Editors - Typists - Faculty Advisers - Forty-six Je 1111 e 'Wilson - Richard Knippel - Doris Stine, Nancy 0'Neill Jerry Geiselnian, Elaine Frock - - Roy Null, Mary Herr Alda Mui 11111 ert, Josephine Frey John Shue, Elouise Fuhrnlan - Eldred Van Fossen, Louise Thicret - Delorys Nace, Jeanne Serff, Barbara Yingling Mr. Franklin Riley, Mr. Joseph Hurst, Mrs. Erle Diehl THE HHH EE A I1 BL!-llili EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief - - Margaret Carlson News Editor - - Eleanor Laircl Feature Editor - - Edith Lepperfl Sports Editor - - - Howard Trite Assistant Sports Editor - Thomas O'Neill Art Editor - - Eldred Van Fossen Exchangv Editor - - Martha Ziegler Contributing Ll'Il"ll1bl'TS4SllSlC Leppard. Doris Wilde, Martha Ziegler, Carlynu Hartman. .lean Cobreeht. Betty Royer, Harris Barn- hart, ,leune Nvilson, Iris Sheeley, Dolores Jaeolry, Betty Sheffer, Guy Coodfellow. Joanne Anthony, Mary lit-Fvviu-. Thomas 0,Neill. Thelma Haruer. Ceorffe Coulson. ' l" Virginia Grnver. Martha Kintzing Brsmass Suri-' Businvss Manager - - Richard Knippel Advertising ,Uanagvr - Christine Beelltvl Assistants-Dolores Shilkv, Dawn Shaeffer, Gloria Duhlis, Philip Kuippm-l. Robert Berwager. Circulation pllanagvrs-Ann Young. Shirley Golirecllt, Anne Xvhyte Faculty Advisor - Mr. Ricliarcl Brubaker First Row: P. Knippei, V. Holre. S. Cobrcvizt. D. Jaroby. D. Wilde. D. Sllillrv. C. llurtnmu. T. 0'NeiII. Sea-ond Row: E. Leppard. lf. Shaffer. T. Ilarner. M. Ziegler. I. Sheeiy. V. Fuhrlimn. Third Row: G. Dubbs, M. Lefevre. E. Laird. B. Rnhrlmugh. D. Shafer. C. Hf?l'illl'i. J. Gohrvvht. Fourth Row: H. Royer. M. Kinlzing. E. Frovk. A. Wiiytc. A. Young. M. Kohrbaugli. J. lluilson. Fifth Row: II. Barnhart, H. Trite. W. if'arehime. J. ifaigner. A. Mummerl. E. Van I"oss0n. G. Coodfelloir. R. Knippel. M. Carlson. Mr. Brubaker Adviser. iii Forty-.wrvn I ill First Row: lf. Leppard. J. Sluffle. L. Baker. C. Geimrm. 1. Heffner. Second Row: T. 0'NeilI. G. Sllf?'0'!?l'. J. Coorlfellozr. 1. Gross. D. Trone. M. Nlarkle. Third Row: R. lr'v87lfZ. R. Bair, C. Allczrclt. R. Knippel. THE STUIJE T IIIJU EIL At the organization meeting of the Student Council, held in assembly, Mr. Gray in stalled the following officers: President, Richard Knippel Vice-Prvsirlf-nt, Glenn Sheffer Secretary, Susan Leppard Treasurer, Charles Allcwelt Always keeping the purpose of student participation in mind, the Council sponsored the election of officers, followed by the elec- tion dance. This dance, as well as the dances held bi-monthly, were very successful and enjoyed by all. The Shares-For-Victory Plan was again carried on this year, with better results than ever before. To date, 3500 in bonds have been purchased. These bonds, together with Forty-eiglll several bonds purchased by the Council last year, were presented to a representative of the Hanover Chapter of the American Red Cross. After lnany years of obscurity, our trophy ease, through the Council's efforts, was rebuilt and placed in a more advantageous position. Since then, the cups and awards, newly polished, are receiving a just share of attention. As in previous years, the Oak Leaf Award will be presented to the boy and girl of our class who have been the nlost outstanding in scholarship and leadership throughout their high school careers. Ever conscious of the war effort, the Student Council has made this year one of participation and achievement that will help bring Victory closer to its goal. THE HA IJVEH HIGH SEHIJUI. Em! The hand of 1943-44 was colnposval of forty nlolnhcrs including thosv from Jr. Hign. Tha- hand nuldo its pn-smlcv wvll known at all Hanover High foothull gznnos all homo. Duo lo transportation llimcllllivs thvy wvrv nnahlo to appozn' ul gannvs plzlyml away from home. 'l'lu- hand hoastoml of throu llflllll lnzljor- vllvs and two drum nlujors who lllildl' il good appearance in front of Ihr' hunil. The Spring Convvrl also f1'illlll'l'll Ihr' High Svhool Band. l"nrly-n inf' A- N .15 'MJ lp MU! ji., ,Lf eff -, W Ali. VIZ Qf'i7fffff5W 'ny' jffydofjflyjff X? ' ,jf .sffffffjf M 1 1 ' 1 I THE IJHEHESTHA This year's orchestra consists of sixteen members from all three classes. As was their custom in previous years, they participated in plays, the operettu, and our weekly auflitorium programs. Their Spring Concert hrought their successful year to at close. The 1943-44 orchestra changed from classics to popular music, their new song heing, 'LGoofl Night Sweetheart." P J L' Vis! yr' First Row: C. Mummert, V. Hake, N. Masenheimer, K. Baublitz, Ap, 1 -' -'X P. Carl, I. Stauffer, P. Stauffer. Second Row: S. Gobrecht, J. Ji Geiselnum, M. Sipling, D. Rider, D. Myers, W. Rive, B. Went: , D. Trostle. Fifty RISK? ES e .. g , ' ,N ,W Q Q ' , it . 1 f 5 f : t , - a t i l - D 'L,. - x m .L I il l it .. ,. ,L m,x A , S, ,X 2 .402 K 1 s ii First Row: B. Royer, K. Schuman, J. Gobrevht, E. Frock, M. Beard, M. Kintzing, .l. Burg Second Row: M. Fisher, I. Feeser, P. Demarest, M. Laugerman, H. Little, I. Creenholtz, M Little. Third Row: P. Swartzbaugh, L. Diller, M. Colestock, A. Russo, C. Bechtel, L. Baker, J Myers. Fourth Row: S. Gobrecht, D. Jacoby, C. Hartman, I. Hefner. G. Rietzel, M. Bossum L. Grimes, M. Herr. Fifth Row: S. Leppard, E. Laird, V. Kessler, B. Deitz, A. Mummert. K. Rabenstine, F. Garrett, A. Spangler. Sixth Row: P. Bleltner, J. Blettner, T. Harner, L. Easley . P. Orris, J. Myers, H. Allewelt, J. Anthony. Seventh Row: S. Rhodes, D. Crouse, H. Knippel, R. Brown, J. Wolford, J. Hershey, N. Albright. THE EIHL5' EHUH Every Monday morning, the first period, a group of girls prac- ticed in room 103. The good work that they did was very evident when the time came to hear the various programs that they pre- sented. Among these programs we1'c the Easter and the Christmas cantatas. From this group of girls were chosen the individual trios. The senior trio was composed of Martha Kintzing, Mary Ellen Beard, and Elaine Froekg the junior trio was made up of Katherine Schuman, Betty Roycr, and ,lean Gohrechtg and the sophomore trio consisted of Lena Baker, Phyllis Blettner, and Betty Sheffer. Fifty-on: THE BlIYS'IIHl1H S Under the direction of Miss Turner, boys from all three classes made this year's chorus one that will be hard to equal in the future. Meetings were held each Tuesday morning in the music room. Philip Walte1'sdo1'f, Clyde Muxllmert, Marvin Stine, and Dean Yost, composed the Junior quartet from this group. They sang from time to time in the weekly auditorium pro- grams. The Sophomore quartet was composed of Dean Duhbs, Elwood Leister, Larry Benford, and Ned Masenheimer. First Row: T. 0'Neill, M. Stine, P. Waltersdorff, G. Sheffer, C. Sourber. Second Row W Nalll C. Allewelt, G. Huggens, R. Koenig, E. Leister. Third Row: J. Goodfellow, F. Elsner, E Snyder M. Coulson, D. Yost. Fourth Row: W. Warehime, A. Musselman, R. Knippel, W. Snyder Fifth Row: V. Couker, C. Mummert. F ifty-two 113 5 'es H '. 1. . it First Row: H. Royer, K. Shaman, 1. Gobrecht, M. Beard, M. Kintzing, E. Frovlc, M. Fisher, Miss Turner. Second Row: J. Myers, E. Leppard, J. Crook, L. Baker, B. Shaffer, F. Garrett, C. Will. Third Row: C. Feeser, D. Jacoby, C. Hartman, J. Anthony, J. Wolford, H. Knippel, L. Diller, H. Little. Fourth Row: M. Rohrbaugh, L. Grimes, S. Gobrerht, S. Michael, M. Myers. M. Herr. T. 0,Neill, C. -Sourber. Fifth Row: R. Koenig, N. Masenheimer, E. Snyder, F. Elsncr, P. fffaltersdorf. A. Musselnmn, C. Mnmmert. Sixth Row: E. Leister. W. Naill. M. Goodfellow, D. Yost. Seventh Row: G. Huygens, W. Warehime, W. Snyder, E. Snyder, C. Allewelt, M. Coulson G. Sheffer. THE MIXED IIHIIH The mixed chorus, directed by Miss 'l'urner, was at combination of the girls, and boys' choruses. The good work done hy lllClllllCl'S of all three classes gained them at reputation of which we are justly proud. During the year, this vocal group sung two splendid t-auttutasb-- at Christmas and at Easter time. Front time to time, small groups sang for the weekly auditorium programs. Throughout the year, the senior trio entertained various groups, cluhs, and societies. The school as a whole, and the participating chorus students, found that this extra-curricular activity was enjoyable as well as educational. Fi fl y-I hree Sealed: N. O,Neill, E. Van Fussen, D. Stine. Stzmfling: R. Null. A. Young, S. Willel, R. Mummvrl. J. Wuigner. l. Hulungurdlicr. M. Cnulxon. J. Frey, C. Allewcll. THE SE IUH PL!-XY lfAf0ll"LyZl .!4lfLlfLf 77 Tho Senior Class pi'vsc'l1t01l a three aw! voinvily, G'Cl1urlvy's Aunt," lYOV0llllll'I' AL, 1943. Nl r. Shirk directed. Tho plot of thc 1-omccly was cont01'c1l arouml lioril Funcorl Bahhcrly, who was substituting for f:llil1'lCY,S real Aunt. Thr- fun hcgan when Donna Lucia D'Alvaul0rcz, Cluu'ley's Aunt. finally showcfl up. H rfmwlt - .l1u:l.'Clwsnf'y - Clmrlvs W'ykr-lrxun Lorfl Fancort Bablwrly - Kitty Vvrrlun - Amy Spvtligzw - l"ifIy-four 'HH - Wax Coulson - .lumcs xxlliillgtfl' Riolmard Munnnorl liildrccl Van Fosscn - Nancy 0'Neill - Doris I. Stine CAST Sir Frflruris Clwsmfy - - Roy Null Slvplwn Spvlliguv - Irvin l3illllIliIZll'IlllCl' Donna Luria Difllvmlorvz - Ann Young Ela Dvlahay - - - Shirley Nvillct Farmer - - Charles Allcwelt illaud - - Josephine Frey w,J,0, Ali If 4 ' f I , I Q ' ff f .421 I A, L f 1,4 lf 4 If 1 " ,roy 4. ffl 'P .., -if if THE JUNIIIIH PL!-IY 'N 'f "' ,I .- H 77 nnior Am , I . . IIN Juniors guvv zu IIIHTVPIOIIS lN"l'I'0l'llll'lll0f' Iwforv an Iargv anuIl0m'v story 04-ntcrcd around il typical AIlN'I'Ii'ilIl family. llurry Cravvs .lov - - Crum' Crnvvs llillln - - Lois Cravvs - .lluly Crlwvs Fluffy flzlams .l. B. Curtis - Ellvn Curtis Barlow .fllllllllx 'I' III4, CA WI' - CIcnn SIwII'c1' PI1iIip Currvt - EI4'unorI,uir1I IVIau-llm Zivglm' - .Ivan Muntz Doris WiI4I1' - I,llciII1' DIIIDI' ,IOIlll IVIIIIIIIIIOFI - Anno WI1y'ta- CI1urI4's XVIIIIEIIIIS llaslfvll Czunnzings Ifillis Rrfynolrls - u"4'Sll'l'll Union Hoy .Ilvrrill I"l'1ll'lIlll'lI Stvrling Brown - .flllwrl Knnofly - Tommy f4Il'lI1H'lu'll' Clxarlvs - - llvnry - on IVIzu'vIl 2. I9-I-I. 'l'Iu- - IrI 'I' z'1rn14 - - Iiivl 1zll'a I Bair Dnvial Wang: nllla nn XViIIiz nlll Wa l'4- Ilimv - Willia nnnm Ri 4'4- - CIy1Iv M1 llllxl14-l 'l - IIzl l'l' is Iial l'l1 IliIl'I - II 4-l1n' y Nlulkus - Rol r4'l' I I'IurIaI4- Sealed: A. llyllyle. I. Trane, D. Ilyillle. L. Diller. II". Rivv. .l. Muntz, ll. lfurnlmrl. SISIIHIIIIIIZ M. Ziegler. D. lfuir. 1. Mummerl. C. Shefler. E. Laird. lf. II"iIliums. U. Uulltillllllllll. l'. Carroll. II". Wurehime. C. Mummerl. K. Markle. l"ifly-lim' 1 L U7 wx- will MI N.: S4-nlwl: D. Shufvr. 'l'. 0'Neill, H. Shaffer. L. Baker. M. Culer, L. lfuxlny. G. Culp. Slannlingz F. lluggvus. .l. Sfllll'0,9l'. D. Hiller. lf. Leixler. H. flllewell. lf. Sourlwr. 'l'. llI'0H7l1. 1. MIll'l'llllJ. K. Bvrwagpr. W. Mvssinger. N. Mrnwulu-'inwr. THE SIJPHUMIIHE PLAY zfmior iw This year thc Sopllomorcs and Juniors Cll0S0 the same play, ujunior Miss." The play was givcn on Wlarvlm 3. 1944. Tho Sopliomorvs sllowofl alrility that almost Oquallml that of tlw Juniors. Harry Crfwvs ,law - - Crum' GfIll7l'.Q Hilda - Lois Cravvs - .lurly Grrwvs Flugy Aclunzs J. B. Curtis Ellvn Curtis - Barlow Adams Fifty-six TIIE CAST - - Elwoorl Lcistm' - Jack lVlzu'ol1io Helen Allcwvlt - Fay Huggons - Lois Easley - Betty SllCHCl' Lena Mac Baker Donalcl Riclcl' Dawn Slmoffm-1' CllZlI'lPS Sourlbor Haslwll Cummings W'illis Rvynolfls - ll71fstvrn Union Boy Morrill Fvurlzllvlz - Stvrling Bro 14'1L - Albert Kunocly - Tor rllrl y Arlllwlrlv Charlvs - - Henry - - Tl10lll2lSflqNClll ,Iuuws Slilllllbl' - Tom Brown Noll Musmlhcinmr - lVlau'vin Calor Robert Borwugor - Conlon Culp - Nvitmm' Tronc NVilliam Mcssingcr - C1 awk' .....,fu Nam FDSSEN It , -5- - A - - --35 ATIHIILIETIICS First Row, left to right: Manager Downes Myers, Ceiselman, Dubbs, Rightmire, Baubi litz, Yost, Cross, lllusselman, Wentz, Gobrecht Diviney, Couker, Gebensleben. Second Row? Hershey, iVheeler, Dubbs, Long, Long? Coach Ealy, G. Goodfellow, Naill, Hostetter Waltersclorff, Loss, Bollinger, Graham. AU. Goodfellow, Shue. Third Row: Good, Hart, Resh, Masenheimer, Cass, Schuman, Shaner, Diviney, Markle, Willet, Rider, Haner, Cise, Benford, Hojfheins, Weikffrt, Gross. Asst. Coach Lilienfeld, Mgr. Trite, Rebling missing. AHSITY FIIUTBALI. The 1943 edition of our Orange and Black gridiron machine was far above the average. The Hawks could proudly say they out-fought every opponcntg had the games been decided on the basis of play, they still would be undefeated. The Nighthawks earned many places on the mythical All-Conference team, and some boys were placed on the All-State honor roll. f W All of the Seniors on the squad and solne under- 2 elassmen are either members, or soon will be members, of the greatest team on earth-The United States Armed Forces. Next year will see many boys back and to those fellows we all wish the best of luck. The 1943 football season brought to a close the highly successful coaching regime of Mr. A. G. Ealy. During his tenure, the football teams representing Hanover High School came to be a power in the Southern Penn- sylvania football WV0l'lfl. Each year, they have either succeeded in winning the Southern Conference champion- ship, or have been the team that had to be heat in order to capture the crown. A. G. EALY Head Football Coach Now Serving in the United States Navy Mr. Ealy is now serving in the United States Navy. Fifty-eight jhe .SDbtCC055!A,f 1943 .Shimon DELONE CATHOLIC HIGH "The Neighborhood Afairn Hanover opened its fairly ,successful season with a 31-6 victory over Delone. Although the score seems to he decidedly in favor of the Hawks, the game was strongly contested. A fumble set-up Hanover's first score and the Hawks continued to add six pointers all through the game. Deloneis only score was the result of a blocked punt. .lohn Gross made three touchdowns, Muss and Baublitz one each, Reds Right- mire made the only extra point. GETTYSBURG HIGH "Blitz on the Battlefield" The Hawks got off to a slow start in their first Conference game, but once they got rolling the weak Maroons c0uldn't stop them. Despite the fact that Coach A. G. Ealy elected to use his second team the last half, the Hawks continued to add to the 19-0 half time lead. Hanover outclassed their opponents 17-3 in first downs and outscored the Maroons 38-0 in points. ALFRED LILIENFELD Assistant Football Coach Head Coach Basketball MECI-IANICSBURG HIGH "We Doed If, Early in the second period the Cats struck with a scoring pass play that went from Engle to Dixon. The point after touchdown was good. Hanover soo11 scored a six pointer but could not convert the extra point. The score remained 7-6 in favor of the Cats during the entire third quarter and late in the fourth the Wild Cats still held their one point lead. Quo. ' +9-PM-ot, RJ.-4L-A4n iQ-.N. LINEUP, Line: Yost, Coulter, Gobrecht, Rebling, Wentz, Gebensleben, Divinvy. Backfield: Baublitz, Gross, Nlusselman, Rightmire. Fifty-nine 5 FRANK VANDERWALL Faculty Manager, Athletics Just 46 seconds before the final whistle Bud Musselman and Company pushed over their much needed and well deserved T. D. and Don Wentz added the extra point from placement. CHAMBERSBURG HIGH KW? Cetta Whippenii The Trojans gave Hanover their first defeat in twenty-two games. Chambersburg's touchdown came when Snipe Gross attempted a quick kick. The ball was blocked and Koutris slid over the goal line with the pig skin in his possession. The extra and game winning point was made by Lenker. As the second half got under way, Dean Yost recovered a Trojan fumble and set his team in a scoring position. The Hawks did score but could not add the extra point. Several times later in the game, the Hawks were within their opponents' ten yard line but could not score. COLUMBIA HIGH 'The Rebound" The Hawks regained their scoring ability to defeat Columbia 19-7. Sixty The Hawks' first score came after a drive of 45 yards. The last two scores came after 60 yard drives. Muss had two six pointers to his credit and Baublitz one T. D. Don Wentz added the only extra point. Columbia's only score was the result of an aerial attack. I CARLISLE HIGH "Butter On Our Fingersn The Ealy coached eleven from Bunker Hill not only fumbled in several dangerous situations, but they elected to try and run from their own end zone rather than punt. The Carlisle line crashed through and stopped the Hawk's ball carrier to account for the Herd's two points. The second half was only six plays old when Muss hit paydirt. Again in the fourth quarter, Snipe Gross traveled to T. D. land and gave his team a well deserved 12-2 victory. HERSHEY HIGH "The Downfall" Early in the game ,lim Rightmire fumbled a Hershey puntg the Chocolate- town boys recovered and soon had a touchdown. Hershey then started to use the one weapon which Hanover seemed to be un- able to stop-passing. A reverse that ended in a pass was used three times and got three touchdowns. Muss made Hanoverls only score on a long sprint. By winning the game Hersheyls team won the South Penn Championship. WAYNESBORO HIGH "The Happy Ending" Hanover took the field knowing that they couldn't be champs as a team but could have a champ on their team. So they proceeded to gather Bud Musselman the necessary points to make him scoring champ for the 1943 Season. They won the game 26-0, and they also won the scoring honor for a Hanover lad. That was enough to make the game more than entertainment for the fans and fun for the players. Front Row: Coach Lilivnfelclg Yost, guard: Goorlfvllow, forwardg Divinvy, rvntvrg Tritv, forwnrflg Cross, guard. Back Row: Cvbvnslvbvn, lllltllllgl'l'Q Hoflwins: Waltvrsdorffg Baublitzg Cvisvlnmn: Dubbs, Bair. managvr. VARSITY BASKETBALL DELOXE WEST YORK GETTYSBFRG DELONE WAYNESBORO WEST YORK CHA NIB ERSBURG DELONE Hanover Opponent Hanover Opponent NIECHANICSBITRG 43 YORK CATHOLIC 23 GETTYSBITRG 38 DELONE 33 WAYNESBORO 39 CHAMBERSBURG 49 NIECHANICSBURG 45 Sixty-on e JH.VAHSITY Hanover Opponeni DELONE 19 WEST YORK 20 GETTYSBURG 19 DELONE 18 EAST BERLIN 40 WEST YORK 23 S 23 My HANOVER JR. H1011 O21 go 1 AAL- an X 'T' 1 1 AA 1 W.: 1' 'Y ,. lf, I 1 ,, yu, 6 5 KX Ya,,J-f- .17 J U KX-N KJV, jilix IN J - ' 4 K 'kX'J Quik' ffl "..l'4 1 'C 1, 1 L, A, . ,vw ' 1, ff 1 1 BASKETBALL DELONE MECHANICSBURG YORK CATHOLIC GETTYSBURG DELONE X Wx ' EAST BERLIN I A MECHANICSBURG 'K 0 lzfmm-ef 0,,,mnem 24 27 32 38 18 16 25 24- 22 28 28 33 32 22 First ROME: C. Sourbvr, P. W'ill0t, S. Hoffheins, D. Dubbs, E. Divirwy, TW. Long, W1 Cross. Second Row: J. Shanvr, L. Benford, C. Good, TW. WPikl,ff, D. Cuisv, Coach Lilicnfvld. Sixty-I wo "K'!tf1."' ' Aff-Wftr. ,JJ'1Y" "Hn f' J- Front Row: G. Forsythe, M. Long, 1. Stonesifer, A. McCleaf, M. Blocher, W. Nnill, H. Barnhart. P. Knippel. Second Row: W. Trone, 1. Tanger, E. Snyder, R. Markle, G. Gebensleben. D. Yost. Third Row: D. Utz, K. Baublitz, C. Williams, R. Parr, C. Laughman. Fourth Row: R. Corcoran, A. Wheeler, D. Dubbs, D. Mark nkle, D. Hahn. Fifth Row: I. Shue, J. Loss. M. Cnler, P Wlllet Q1xt Zortman I Bechtel R Mlller , -X -dw ' , f :kv-S" XT ,lj-f QIKMK N lf' -I r - ffl, gpkw ve TIXSITY TH 1:14 The 1944 Nighthawks boasted few veterans, but what they lacked in ex- perience they gained by rugged conditioning and stiff determination. The Hawks opened their season in a dual meet on the Fair Grounds. The opposition was Carlisle. Next the boys of E. H. S. participated in the annual Class Meet. The South Penn Meet saw the Hawks fighting to retain the Conference Crown. They wound up the regular season at Gettysburg in a dual affair. The District Track Meet again saw the boys from the Hill giving their best and getting fine results. A iirst or second at the District Meet will send them to the State Track Meet at Altoona. 15'-' Sixty-three it QW' tp-. iff' w.f W V Wveive got a team Wcfve got a yell. Weive got a team H -A -N-0-V-E-R l Q Yea team f THE IIHEEH LE DEH5 On thc football field and the basketball floor, these faithful cheer leaders kept the crowd in high spirits whether the team was losing or winning. Under the coaching of Miss Eleanor Turner, several new cheers were introduced. Two of our four cheer leaders, Martha Kintzing, and Janet Wol- ford, were awarded letters for their efforts. The members were Gene Huggens, Willianl Warehime, Pauline Kopp, Anita Gerrick, ,lean Gobrecht. Sixty-four That fights like- TH Seniors First Row: R. Thieret. D. Utz. R. Hurlnlzm, R. Wentz. D. Rohr- lmugh, C. Huggens. W. Straus buugll. SCFOIHI Row: C. Forsythe, D Bair. J. Shue, R. Saltzgiver. B Duhhs. WH Snyder. Third Row: R. Houck. R. Null C. Allewelt, B. Anthony. R. Hari nmn. M. Hershey. Juniors First Row: E. Miller. R. Trieher l. Trone. P. Curl, D. Loss, W Mecklcy. S. Crosswhile. Scvnnri Row: R. Punchnker, L Myers. D. Swartz, H. Bzlrnhurl, J Kunkle. M. Becker. Thirtl How: D. Markle. R. Koe nig. J. Crumrine, D. Humbcrt. Fourth Row: G. Shaffer. B. Yvebh F. Speis, M. Blout-her. B. Arenlz YV. Hurt. Fifth Row: G. Slonesifer. W' Nalill, D. Trosllc, E. Menchey, R Small. G. Gehenslehen. L. Neider. C. Yvilliauns. Sophomorvs First How: P. Knippel. C. Warga- mnn. F. Zurtnmn. J. Bowersox. NV. Mrlllealf, H. Miller. C. Halter. Sevontl Row: M. Duhbs, W7. Trane, R. Hummc, S. Souher. P. Cram ford. Third Row: M. Sipling. G. Culp. 3 D. Krise. E. Leisler, N. BIZISCH- I lwimer, M. Caller. Fourth Row: R. Diller, J. Bech- tel. P. Slauffer, D. Rider. K. WOIH. L Fifth Row: J. Sluuffcr, P. Trish. If R. Cass, C. Goodfellow. R. Jmnes. W. Allen. w s L BASKETBALL Sixty-fit'e BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS. First Row: L. Zarlman, S. Reirulollur, P. Kopp. Second Row: M. Strut, F. Shearer. J. Hufnngle. BIBLE' SPUHT5 The 19-L3-1944 Eichelberger High School girls' sports program was a varied and popular one for most of the girls. The season started with a softball tournament in which the senior team won. This sport marked a successful beginning for the program. Tennis was also enjoyed by a large number of girls. As the weather grew colder the girls came indoors to enjoy basketball, ping-pong, badminton, volley- ball, goal-hi, bowling, and croquet. A croquet t0ul'- nament was added as a new sport this year by student request. Many participated in basketball and bowling. In volleyball and basketball approximately ten teams participated. The "Pigtails," a Junior team, bore the honors for basketball. For the spring program, brackets were drawn up Sixty-six for archery, tennis, track, and softball. Despite the fact that more girls worked this year part time in stores and industry than any other year. they were most faithful in attendance at sports. The program was climaxed for the school year 1943-1944 by the annual "Play Day" in the gym- nasium Saturday, May 6. The following schools were invited to play: Gettysburg, West York, Chambers- burg, New Oxford, and the ninth grade girls of Junior High, Hanover. Girls from all schools played together against similar teams, Our girls, by cooperating in this intra-mural pro- gram, have had a combined physical and mental education. They will always be able to display adaptability, quick thinking, and true sportsmanship. My 97' . V Y '43 First Row: D. Arentz, M. Eline. E. Waltersdorf, J. Toot, M. Sterner. Sea-ond Row: A. Russo. 1. Wvolforfl, E. Fuhrmun, H. Knippel, 1. Gobrecht. Third Row: C. Boyer. G. Garrett, M. Heard, Y I. Gruver. F. Shearer. E. Laird, A. Spangler. P. Kopp. Ping-Pong Champions P. Kopp D. Arenlz 1. Gobrerht Si xl y-xc L' an Sixty-eight GIRLS' BIJWLI I3 Seniors First Row: B. Sheeley, M. Reck, D. Sterner, J. Crook, J. Good. Second Row: D. Hnrhnugh. M Gulden, J. Hershey, L. Thieret. Third Row: B. Null, M. Slerner, E. Frovk, J. Myers, .l. Wolford. Fourth Row: C. Garrett. E. Wal- tersdorf, D. Arenlz, L. Crimes, E Fuhrman, V. Gruver. Juniors First Row: J. Cohreeht, G Dubhs. P. Byrd, T. Horner. Second Row: H. Knipel. J Shearer. M. Rollrlmugh, E. Laird Third Row: J. Newmzm. M Lzlfevre, D. Berwzlger. Fourth Row: L. Zarllnun. S Heindollnr, C. Bechtel. Sophom ores First Row: J. Heffner, D. Jaleohy P. Bechtel. .l. Sluflle. D. Shillie. R Brown. Second Row: M. Tl'i0Hil, B Bowersox, B. Sheffer, B. Moul, A Mummert, J. Meisenhelder, J Wvurner. Third Row: A. Spangler. P Orris, S. Michael, F. Huggens. D Thomas, J. Whgner. Fourth Row: J. Anthony, C Ceiman, D. Shafer, D. Crouse, C Simpson. B. Smith. BUYS' BIJWLI Ifi Svniors First Row: R. Hnrhnnn. C. For bythe. S. SllllllS, W. Sll'llllSllllllgl1.. G Huggens. J. Gross. Scroml Row: I. R:1u1ngm'dne1'. J Markle. R. Tronc. E. Snyder. C Collrcvlll. B. Dulrlms. Third Row: G. Gciselman. D Bair. M. Coulson. R. Anllxony, V Coukcr. Fourth Row: Com-ln Reese. li Null. T. Diviney. R. Knippel. R Znrlmnn. Juniors First Row: E. Trnne. I. Miller. C. Sllzlllvr. R. Koenig. W. Hart, W. Mevkley. Seronrl Row: R. Trielmcr, D. Yost F. Elsncr. J. Clingnn. H. Frovk. C Willizlnli. Third Row: ll. Myers. M Bl0lll'llCI'. W. Wa11'cl1ciln. R. Arentz. N. Shultz. Fourlh Row: C. Musselmnn., H Trile. R. Huncr. P. Wa1ltersdo1'f. D Ceisclnlaln. C. Cellcnslelmen. Sophomorvs First Row: C. Wfzlgcrnmn. T O'Neill. YV. Tronc. B. MvClcuf, J HllfI1ilgl0, C. Bnnge. Second Row: S. Hoflllcins, K llnuhlitz. ll. Krivc, C. Sourlmr, N Mnscnlncimcr. Third Row: A. Long. P. Willem ll. Dulllrs. A. lloslcllcr, M. Long: W. Allen. 1 Sixty-n ine 1 um H' .if xwwmmn., -.1 4weew...Mgb . ,mwwwf xv-M wmfwqmawmwxmwwmvzvm w,wm,xDww.1 f .I in 1 W- H559 wi! Seventy-two foloreczfvafion The Nornir staff wishes to extend their sincere appreciation and thanks to the following for making our hook possible: POIST STUDIOS of Hanover, Pennsylvania EVERYBODYS PUBLISHING COMPANY of Hanover, Pennsylvania MR. FRANKLIN S. RILEY MR. JOSEPH HURST MRS. ERLE K. DIEHL 4 -Z7 gd Q Maw ..,-. Qgwgy sh+a HKk ji? W' , Jmjkqb MWQQMJJMQW w1L' JfgjQj lwfiwww ww H MW! fwwAMWQf?fRgJ ' A 7WlT1gl St meGu'Qh ..,--"Z: -Y-v-V.-wg--fgqv-V7-.?'7...w.. Y' B 'NN .Nw-,sth YV T N K i , J .. P , N u .V . I ' I if ,, ' r : +-T545 Q .1ggwg'ff . , I ,f 1' ' , la 1 sf 1 1 I . 0 ' ! ' I f" W -' Lfvxf A 1 4 X LL 1 'f . K JS y ' V ' w 9 f 4 f X xl V if 5 Ufg . " f . I As the days go hy with swiftness, That form the passing years, To our dear old Alma Mater We raise our songs and cheers. To Old High we pledge our favor, No honor shall she lack, While we pledge ourselves defenders ' Of the Orange and the Black. When the cares of life o'ertake us And our locks are tinged with gray, Our dearest hopes betray us, False fortunes fall away, We can banish care and sadness, And turn our memories back, And recall the days of gladness 'neath The Orange and the Black. '

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