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4- fl ,gb ,-,gf-fvg, j,? E . gy ,V :Ay J- Vx- r . , FH ' L 'Maw' -'msm1,:e1'2f ,Half ,, 1 du m 124 .51 11 ff-Q-1.-.,q V ,, ,, , ry i. -A 4 in ,fa b ,. 5,1 .TL me ,,, 55 ? gg ,Ain ,, . . ,.,,,Q A if VW, in , ,W V f V Q 1 ,A 1 - A M. ui A - . , :,'-'VW z. This? ' 1 ,-11 f f3Lff' 51 ' f QU.: W? ' N, L wg f, , 'Yi' ' :QtW 'f iv - ' ' 1 ', ,, X L . av -' 1 '51, b 3: f ' ' V' Kr' 1 '2 T sm. 1 ,, f 2 -f' 1 -Af ' ' ' gh J' ' H ' - - ' I 15 1, V Q 1, A -1,1 4,5 Q W gag- K ky, A f. Y - ,EH , P 3 Tj. K 'Q I .V , ,n,,,1g .V 0 ,A ' -' X A 1 W1 ' .f , 1 I . ' x ' .- 1 Sinha ' , v .V 'u I - , , A 1 ' A 4' My , g , g ,.' -. , J X , in V ,,- .W 1 1 ' ' Ji. -ITE ' f K . .1 ' 'A D ,A K 0 Q: n vfv V ' ' 3 ' '. ,, M, ,1 ' ' W '44 A gjwf A - 1 ' ' f x ,Q V . . h ' ' 4 ff 1 ff S ' 0 f , , ' ' N '-3-1 , ' Q r X ' x . ' 5 -. , . 1 x ,V x , I ' V KA! . Q ', , - 4 -. J. I .4 , v . Y , 4 1 mf.. . 'Shiga A A N ' . . , . , , .S . 3 21' 4 - 2 ng, 1 , Q 1 WW .X t my . ' 5 ' l gf: L J., Z HQ L ,., ' Q 'iff ' A '14 , ' T, . f f ah- -wg , , V ,, , . ' V' 1 Y . 5 .yn , L- -il .'.'!k ua, 1' . ' 'e . fu U ' 7.,Q'5-' H5 , X ' , Q Q I I l F.-. , I M K ,fr A jV'5,.f,VhE.,L?fM B ' 'f ' 1' 1 , . . +1 -: 7? '1 'i?'5 ' ' 1 fn - , 'L',xfw'w: my - ff pf' W 1 352' 1: -uf . t . ,,, ,. A ,W M I . . 1 W ,577 V , , fx .V K W Mi V U V .. Q91 LM QT. . ff, - . . 5 : ' - ' 2 f ' G , fa ,,',f31g,:g' I I , A :A - ' Q , V. ,. y , , . U V ' -,5-5-M wQ.5,b ' fy- 1 x - '- - Y' 5 fifff- , ' . w I , -W 1 ,i Qfui ,ff ' .Q k :,.'H,af,g'g1f gg.. x f ,,,,fwA - . , ,, .. , , f3,5,.x Eg, , ' mi' V, ..,q,,. A J!!! ' iq . 'TFL wut , ' -r K f Hg: vw'-1 ' . V - . 1 . Q.--1 - 1 f J-4-gg, W ' r ' f ,131 . ' Q1-Ajgii ,Hg , W' if gr .f .wi 3Q:,?l' iz. J, , . Q gk A . V V. ,915 ' . I ,5?57 , f . T3 , 1 L . L 743211 , 'fm' I 4 1 , . it Q. ' . 1 ' 1 x n : iv , ' x 1 ' Q ' ff, ' t 0 1 V k , - , A 9 1 . . , ' ' 4, fl ! if - 1 Y, f ' ' I I -'Q ff? 'M-, Q gf Y, ,P - ,fgjw -4 -'A 1 - W ,A , . , ?'L:'-'f' . 3,,Wv.'. -f V 'V gig rf. VJ Mg , V 4 'gg le. Q ' Y M,-V,gf',.X:.f',' ,je f 4, V i? Z,1f1 I g ?E'g:Qi'Q2 pe - , Aff f' , ' - I , .X ' ' L T' Q'-'QT fix f? 75 5?-7g3 ' ' 15' . ' !fSf32'5?5zQw Qi? ' ' Q EJ 5 'Mi 'V M 1. 1 3f' .,,g, ,V-ww-. by 1- , ,:, 1-ij,-f u ' ' f - 1: .1 -, ,. mu., '-iiff-15 P img: , Y,-V , M- A Q. gm f , M .. ,-.xL+..,...,.,, , A -...gsi X Lfii.-,Qf'??5f I m , ,.,,,1,Ae,,.ifQilfvemiiirefggq ,itzli Q THE NCDRNIR PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF I943 if z 3 : .-pqlfg.. mme ' Eichelberger Senior High School Hanover, Pennsylvania Foreword The class of 1943 wishes to present this Nornir as a record not only for ourselves but for those wl10 follow. World Wfar II will in all probability change or dispense with many of the school activities as we have known them. We hope that this book will be a re- minder of happier days, and he an inspiration to future classes of our Alma Mater. FRANK C. VANDERWALL Dedication To our faithful faculty athletic manager, good friend and instructor, we the class of 1943 wish to dedicate this Nornir, not only for the aid he has given us in speeding our teams on to victory hut also for his untiring efforts in helping us to attain success in our curricular activities. We shall always remember and respect him as a friend and decisive influence in the successful completion of our high school career. Table of Contents Administration Senior Section Junior Section Sophomore Section Activities Athletics Administration Board of Directors W. HENRY BITTINGER CLYDE H. ZARTMAN Prerident Vice-Prefident L. B. SHEPPARD CLARK W. SCHUE GUY R. GOODFELLOW Treamrer HARRY M. FOLMER J. F. REBERT MRS. ROMAXNE E. MILLER Acting Secretary Page Six I Sr:A1'ian----G. Hamm, M. Mc-nges, G. XValkcr, E. Durhoruw, H. Flickingcr, D. Shafer, I-I. Thomas, E. Turner, li. XVinm-s, M. l40l1glll'l0l'k0l'. Row 2 -ll. Bil'Sl12lNY, V. Fersier, N. Stoner, ll. Bl'lllIlll10l', C. Cook, E. Diehl, C. XVOIlllL'l', M. lluughor, J. llursl. I-, R. Gray. Huw II I . Ilily, S. Shirk, F. Vuntlcrwall, A. G. Euly. li. H. Shafer, C. Sin-:HTL-l', ll. lirulmkcr, li. liouchcr. MILTON M. BAUGHER Vlorld History Biology ERNEST R. BOUCHER Instrumental Music BARRY BRAMMER Wood Shops RICHARD BRUBAKER English II Bookkeeping CHARLES COOK Mechanical Drawing Related Science FACU LTY ERLE K. DIEHL Problems of Democracy ESTHER DURBOROXV spanish 1, II English III A. G. EALY Coach Boys Health Physical Education HENRIETTA FLICKINGER Algebra II Vlorlcl History Business Math Pag e Seven VERNON F ERSTER Industrial History Problems of Democracy American History World History GLADYS HAMM Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry World History JOSEPH HURST Chemistry Physics HOLMAN LEESE Physics MARY STEVENS LONGANECKER Latin I, II, III, IV, V English . MARY MENGES English II, IV FRANKLIN S. RILEY Bookkeeping I, II Exploratory Commercial DORIS VON BERGEN SHAFER Salesmanship Stenography I, II Typing I, II B. HENRY SHAFER American History Debate Coach Page Eight ,rf--I' ' ,J NW sig.. V Faculty CHESTER L. SHEAFFER Distributive Education Coordinator SAMUEL SHIRK English II, III, IV ELIZABETH SPANGLER School Nurse NORMAN C. STONER Machine Shop ELEANOR TURNER Vocal Music EVELYN THOMAS Girls' Physical Education Health FRANK C. VANDERWALL Biology Faculty Athletic Manager CRAIG WONDER French I, II English III BETTY WINES Home Economics GERTRUDE WALKER Librarian MARY ZINN Art Related Art MR. ROBERT A. BAGSHAW Superinlendent Supe1fintendent's Message Memory is one of the mental functions which increasingly adds to the enjoyment of life as we grow older. The memory of a happy childhood enriches both our youth and that which is known as middle life. Old age may depend almost entirely upon memory for the artistry which enables people to grow old gracefully and be so highly admired by their fellow beings. The manner in which you are living now is determining what you will have to remember. It is my wish that your school experiences are creating for you a beautiful life picture and it is also my wish that this Nomir will aid you in remembering those prized experiences. Prineipalis Message It is most difficult for us to give advice or to preach to you seniors who are so soon to be summoned from a sheltered home and school life to play a strenuous and most important part, yet, a most important part in the re-making of the world. True none of you may become a world reknown leader in remolding our world society, but, collectively you and your contemporaries all over the world may be all powerful. It is our selhsh wish that you may be all powerful and build for us a secure peaceful democratic world. It is our unsellish wish that each of you individually may be successful because we like you. .Way A .M ,K .4 . vt v-ffl' V M 'uf MR. RAY W. GRAY Principal Page Nine Seniors JOHN CARR A KATHARINE KREBS President ' - Vice-President Secreiary Treasurer Senior Class History We, the class of '43, have come a long way since the day three years on which we timidly entered the huge portals of a very strange Eichelberger Senior High School. That first year thirty Sophomore boys eagerly participated in football, basketball, soccer, and wrestling. Those students who felt themselves dramatically inclined lent their talents in making the All-Star Play, Stage Door and the Sophomore Class Play, Going on Seventeen successful. The boys and girls who could sing joined the Operetta, The Forex! Prince. All these extra-curricular activities did not make us suffer scholastically as could easily be seen by glancing at the honor roll. The pleased expressions on faces of the seniors made all the efforts toward the Soph-Senior worthwhile. A belated beginning to our Junior year did not dampen the spirits of the boys and girls who were athletically inclined. We were well represented in debating by Rose Earner, jean Wallace, jean Wilde, and Roy Massenheimer. We presented Four Daugbterr as our Junior Play. And many of us were cast in the All-Star Play The Night of january the 16119. With the Annual Junior Prom our second year drew to a close. I As seniors we entered everything with a determination to do that thing well. We realized that a world at war had no place in it for slackers. An undefeated football team was the first result of that determination. The dramatic Letter! to Lucerne, the Senior Class Play, and the thrilling Arrenic and Old Lace, the All-Star Play, were two more results of that same determination. Many students from our class served on the Orange and Black Staff, the cheering squad, the debating team, and the band and orchestra. Because of the continued war effort extra courses were installed. These courses were taken after school by volunteers. For the bovs there was the pre-flight course, for the girls a course in the machine shop. Into the boys Physical Education routine was introduced commando training, which was taken four times a week. - The last few weeks spent in E. H. S. were unforvettable. Campus Day, Baccalaureate Service, and Graduation Day were the ends of three wonderful and we hope sifccessful years in Senior High. Manv of us were reluctant to leave Eichelberger High but we realized that there were greater things for us to tackle in the years ahead. Page Twelve JACQUELINE MARCH CARLA SHAEFFER lol-, STANIJINKE fi. llostelter. J. Wallace. S. Fitz. J. Iliuk. nv, Smirzn IL Iiznrner. Nlllmu: fi. Simpson, li. Walter. J. March. lio'r'mM, How I J. XVildc, .l. March, K. Krebs, J. Gohrecht. lio1 i'm1, How 2 ti. Simpson, li. Burner, N. Gohrechl, S. Kintzi MLettei's to I.lll'0l'll1'w On the night of October 22, the Senior Class presented the dramatic story of Lczferi' fn Lfzcewze, which was directed by Mr. Shirk. THE CAST Olga li'irinsl.'i ll.llSllIIH' I'll'l!ll Sfllllllfll - Grvlvlzvli l.imlr'r lllllIS Sflllllllll Jluryurvllzx' Jlrx. flIlIllf'I' - liinyn llill - l 1'li1'4' llfllilll' - .Sully .IIIPIJSIIII .llurirm Ifurumufl f l'lllIt'Ul.S Knppiar - .lzlvqllelillv Allll'l'll - Guy Iioslvthw' Gt-rnldim' Simpson Nancy Golnwsvllt liurl XVQIHCI' Jezln Wallace Rose liurncr Jn-ann XVildt' Susan liintzing Kullmi'im- Krebs Jun-nu Gohrechl Saunut-l Fitz - Jzunus Dick Page Thirteen Raymond Allen Academic Course Homeroom V. Pres. 2, 3 Clubs-2, Model Airplane 3, l.etterman's Nornir Staff, Art Dept. Plays-2, All-Star Hi-Y 2. 3 Football 2, 3 Track 2, 3 Operetta 3 Nickname-Ray Clair Alwine Vocational Course Clubsfl, Archery 2, Boys' Cooking 3, F. C. A. Intramural Softball 2 Band 1, 2, 3 Nickname!-Alwine Jean Baker Commercial Course Homeroom President 1 Girls' Chorus 1, 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Operetta 1, 3 All-Star Play 1 Delphians 3 Sports 1 Girl Reserves William Baker Vocational Course Clubs-1, F. C. A. 2, F. C. A. 3, F. C. A. Nickname-Bill Page Fourteen Maryellen Altland General Course Clubsfl, Dancing 2, Needlework 3, Needlework Nickname-.llary Richard Amspacher Distributive Education Homerooni Treas. l Homeroom Pres. 3 Study Club 1, 2, 3 Football l, 2 Nieknamefliirk Robert Baker Vocational Course Future Craftsman Club 2 3 Spring Concert 2 Band Forensic League Operetta l, 3 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Nickname-Bake John Bankert Vocational Course Clubs--ml, Archery 2, Study 3, F. C. A. Niekname4John NORNIR in-1'E l943 Mary L. Bankert Distrihutivc Education Clubs--1, Dancing 2, Study 3, Camera Nickname-Weeze Francis Baugher General Course Clubs--1, Study 2, Study 3, Chemistry VVrestling Manager 1 Nickname-Milt Doris Bechtel Academic Course Clubs--l, Dancing 2, Needlework 3, Needlework Mary Grace Bish Home Economics Course Clubsil, Study 2, Study 3, Needlework Sportsf-l, Minor Sports Volley Ball Mush Ball Nickname-Cookie Jean Barnhardt Academic Course Llullrz-V--l Study 2, College il, Modern Alchem- ists, Secy.-Treas. Choruses 2, 3 Spring Concert 2 Band 1, 2 Operetta. pianist 3 Nicknainc--Skeeziac Margaret Bausch Academic Course Clubs-2, Athletic 3, Needlework Plays--2, .lunior l, All-Star Sportsiflrchcry, Basketball Nickname-Shorty or Marge Burnell Berwager Vocational Course Band and Orchestra Ruth G. Bish Academic Course Modern Alchemists Club, 1, 2, Pres. 3 Homeroom Sec. 3 Page Fifteen ,, William Dulling Academic Course 1 Cluhs-- , Dancing 2, Model Airplane 3, Chemistry 3, Hi-Y Plays-2, Junior All-Star Intramural Track 1, 2 Soccer 1, 2 Nickname--Wm! Joseph Erb Academic Course, Avia- tion Club 1: Letterman's Club 2, Treas, 3: Orange 8: Blank, Art Editor 2, 3: Nonma Staff, Art Editor' Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Intramural Mushhall 2, 3: Intramural Track I, 3: Football 1, 2, 3: XVrestling I, 2, 33 All- Star Play Zig Nickname, Joe. John Fisher General Course Clubs4Forestry I Letterman's 2, 3 Tennis 1 Intramural Basketball 1, 3 Nickname-Mike Kathleen Flickinger Home Economics Course Clubsfl, Needlework 2, Needlework 3, Study Nickname-Flick Page Eighteen gif ew Q 9 i sn al' cz iic n rs - c .1 ' C Dr' at Cl .P .. 4 mm ' in e ' 1-4 CI 'o cil s , Sc . gy. P 1- ar P ay , M re M 1 Pl, f 1 . . u an t ix ' ti ' r or al ma- . ' 'ling -ag , reas. 3: ,. I Ile I1K- SIB. C Margaret Ernst Distrihutive Education LlulzsfAl't Needlework Sec. of Homeroom 3 Nicknamee--.llargie Earl Samuel Fitz, II Academic Course Clubsfl, Airplane 2, Airplane LCiiCl'lTli1Il,S NORNIR staff, photographer Plays42, All-Star 3, Senior Hi-Y 3 Soccer I, 2, 3 Tennis 2 Boys' Chorus 3 Operetta 3 Nickname-Sam Dorothy Foulk Academic Course Clubs---1, Typing 2, Needlework 3, Dancing Nickname!-Dot NORNIR X 1' ,oc y - I943 Mary L. Bankert Dist ributive Edueat ion Clubs-1, Dancing 2. Study 3, CillllL'I'1l Nieknanie-Weeze X ig...- ,,fj ! ' Francis Baugher General Course Clubs- -1, Study 2, Study 3, Chemistry VVrestling Manager 1 Nieknznrne-Mill Doris Bechtel Aeudemic Course Clubs--1, Dancing 2, Needlework 3, Needlework Mary Grace Bish Home Economics Course Clubs-1, Study 2, Study 3, Needlework Sports-fl, Minor Sports Volley Bull Mush Ball Nickname-Cookie Jean Barnhardt Academic Course Clubs- l Study 2, College isis, Seey.-'l'rens Chornses 2, 3 Spring Concert 2 Band l, 2 Operettu. pianist 3 Nieknume----Slcee:i.v Margaret Bausch Academic Course Cluhs- - A 2, Athletic Il, Needlework Plays--f-2, .Iunior I, All-Star Sports-if-Archery, Basketball Nickname-gShorly or .llurge Burnell Berwager Vocational Course Band and Orchestra Ruth G. Bish Academic Course Modern Alchemists Club, 1, 2, Pres. 3 Homeroom See. 3 Page Fifteen J, Modern Alchem- Paul E. Blettner, Jr. Vocational Course Clubs--I, Dancing 2, F. C. A. 3, F. C. A. lf. C. A. Convention 1 Nickname-Peb Jacqueline Bolin General Course Clubsgl, Dancing 2, ,Needlework 3, Study Nickname--Jackie Ruth Virginia Braun Home Economics Course Clubsfl, Dancing Study 3, Glee Esther Cleveland Commercial Course Clubs-1, Art 2, Study 3, Study Sports 3 N icknamc4HaHie Lan e Page Sixteen Bettie Bollinger Distrihutive Education Study Club 1, 2, 3 Student Council 1, 2 Nickname- -Bets Francis Xavier Brady Academic Course: Homt room Pres., lg Clubs Aviation: 2, Lettermans 3, i.CtiCl'll'l1lll,S Presideit Uranqe and Black, 3: .Nor nil' Statf, Sports Editor 2 All Stn S All Plays: ', I z 'Q Q, Star: Football 1, 2, 31 Bls kctball 1, Il: Basketn Manager 2: Class PILSI dent 2: Intramural Basket ball 2, 3: Intramural Soft ball 2, 3: lntramuxl 1 2 l H11 1 2 'l Track , ,Ig '-' , Nickname: Clzub. John Carr Academic Course Club'1---All-American 1 Lcttcrmans 2, IS Student Council 1 Sr. Class President Sophomore Play Operctta 3 lioys' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3 Spring Concert 2 Hi-Y 2, ll Orange K Black 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Nickname- -Reddy Kathleen Cofestgck Academic Course Clubs-1, Library tPresh 2, Library Girls' Chorus 1, 2 Operctta 1, 3 Nickname---Kutty NORNIR I943 ' Robert Colestock Academic Course Clubs-1, Aviation QSec.J v 2, Aviation Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3 w Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Spring Concert 2 Gperctta 1, 3 Intramural Basketball N ickname--Bob 3 Theron Cromer Vocation Course Soph. Homeroom Sec.-Treas. Clubs-1, 2, 3, F. C. A. Nickname-Reds John M. Davis . Academic Course, Home- room Pres. 1, 2, 3: Avia- tion Club 1g I.etterman's Club, Pres. 2, 3: Boys' Chorus 1: Soph. Play: Hi- Y 1, V.-Pres. 2, Pres. 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, Il: Soccer 1: Football 2, : Intramural Track 1, 2, .lg Intramural Softball 2. ll: Class Pres. 13 Nick- name, Long John. 4 Leda Dubbs Distributive Education V.-Pres. Homeroom 2 . , Clubs--Study 1, 2 A Needlework 3 Thomas Conrad General Course Clubs --l, Bee 2, Boys' Cooking Ii, liec Intramural Basketball 1 Intramural Softball 2 Band 2, 3 Orchestra 2, It Nick n a mc--- Tum Vesta Culp General Course llomeroom Treas. 2 Clubs--1, Study 2, Glee 3, Glcc Girls' Chorus 2, El Girls' Sports 1, 2 Operetta 3 Niekname4Ves James Dick Academic Course Clubs ---1, Dramatic 2, Typing 3, Chemistry 3, Hi-Y Senior Play Student Council 1 Intermural Basketball 1, 2, Intramural Softball 2 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3 Richard Dubs Vocational Course Future Craftsman Club 1 . ,-2,5 Track 1 Stage Crcw 1 Page Seventeen William Dulling Academic Course Clubs-1, Dancing 2, Model Airplane 3, Chemistry 3, Hi-Y I'laysi2, Junior All-Star Intramural Track 1, 2 Soccer 1, 2 Nickname--Wm! Joseph Erb Academic Course: Avia- tion Club I: Letterman's Club 2, 'l'reas. 33 Orange 8: Blank. Art Editor 2, 3: Notmm Staff, Art Editor' Hi-Y l, 2, ll: Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Intramural Mushball 2, 33 Intramural Track l, 3: Football 1, 2, 3: XVrestling l, 2, 35 All- Star Play 35 Nickname, Joe. John Fisher General Course Clubs-Forestry I L6tt9I'II'lZlI'l,S 2, 3 Tennis 1 Intramural Basketball 1, 3 Nickname-Mike Kathleen Flickinger Home Economics Course Clubs+1, Needlework 2, Needlework 3, Study NicknamefFlick Page Eighteen s f :R tl M Vllllg lg 1 is 8 Y' V: Amit? Sv al' ca i ' rs - c a ' C Dr' mat! Cl .P . . ' HH ' HI C ' I '1 er C o cil s , ar I' ay yy rc , , .11 x A, Q ' 3 l '1 ' u an t 1 ' 'oe y - ' ' r or al ma- . , , . . 2 , 'L , '01 l n. n or ' Margaret Ernst Distributive Education Clubs---Art Needlework Sec. of Homeroom 3 Nickname---.llurgie Earl Samuel Fitz, II Academic Course ClubsA1, Airplane 2, Airplane Letterman's NORNIR staff, photographer Plays-2, All-Star 3, Senior Hi-Y 3 Soccer 1, 2, 3 Tennis 2 Boys' Chorus 3 Operetta 3 Nickname-Sum Dorothy Foulk Academic Course Clubs---1, Typing 2, Needlework 3, Dancing Nickname-Dol NCJRNIR Dorothy R. Garman Oliver Frey COIlllllt'l'L'ltll Course Clubs l, Study Coluuu-rciul Course 2, Stud., Clubs l, Study 3. lgrmiu. 2, Commercial Sports 3 3, l5l lUlf-ly Girl li0sL'l'x'us l Nirlmulllv Ilollir' Roma Garrett Nickuauuc ---Willie Page .Yineleen Gloria Garrett .hl'lltlt'IIllL' Courst- llistributiw liduculiou Clubs l, Study Clubs -l, Dancing 2, Spuuish Club 2. Glcc Svc. Il, Girls' Athletic ll, Girls' Athlctic Girls' Chorus 2 V.-Pres. Girls' Sports l. 2 Nouxm Girls' Sports liditor Nll'liIl1lIilt'f'l,0Ilt'U Sports l. 2, Il Girl lKL'SL'l'YCS l, 2. Il Georgia Gass Patricia Gass Commercial Coursu Acaulciuic Coursv Clubs l, Art Girls' Chorus l. 2. Il 2. Study Spring Concert 2 Il, Bridge Sports l, 2, Il Girls' Sports l Clubs l, Gln-0 Nousux Stull' Typist 2, Glvc Nickuaum- Gvorglv Ii, llridgc Winifred Geiselman Jeune Gob,-echt G0'W f'l Ctliumf' Commercial: Dru matic' Clulwil- Qluflb' Club 11 study Club 2: gf l'l'f ' liridgc Club Il: Grunge 81 -l,B1'1dfi0l Black 1, 2, Circulation 0f'ilnP5'f4s5 Black-2. Maluagcr Il: Girls Chorus G11'lS'U1 11S1-2--5 1, 2, :sg Mimi 4111-H-us :sg Sl1 l'll5C 1'f 'l 2 Opt-rvttal l, ll: Soph., Jr.. OIWV'-'lla' lg 'l and Sr. Plays: All-Stair Dflllhlfflls 'l Play lg Dt-lphiuu 2, V-Pros. Gll'l5, 5lWl'lS l il: Sports lg Girl Rt'Sl'l'Vl'S Girl N0Sl 'WS 1- 2- 3 1, 2, :sg llalud 1. 2. :sg Nick- Mixcd Chorus 1. 2, Il name. 51-S- Nancy Gobrecht Academic Course Clubsf -l, Dramatic 2, Spanish 3, Bridge Girls' Chorus 1, 3 Plays- -All-Star l Sophomore Junior Senior Delphians 2, 3 Girl Reserves l, Sec. 3 Feature Editor ot' Nonsm Operetla l, Il Nickname Gaby L.eat Hammer General Course Clubs -l, Sportsmans' 2, Boys' Cooking 3, Study Sophomore Play Cheerleading 2, It Intramural Basketball l, 2 NiCliIl2lllltf?L. J. Lois Jane Harner General Course Clubs -1, Glee 2, Study 25, Study Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Operetta l Spring Concert 2 NiL'kllilIIlC '-Jllllffr' Joseph Hartman Academic Course Press Club l, 2, 3 Student Council 1 Orange S: Black 1 Sports Editor 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, Sec. 3 Intramural Basketball 2, 3 Nickname- -Joe Page Twenty Jean Hamm Academic Course Girls' Athletic Club V-Pres. l, Sec. 2, Pres 3 Class Vice-President l Band l, 2, 3 Orchestra l, 2, 3 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Delphians 1, 2, It Girls' Sports l, 2, 3 Nickname--Hummie Doris Hampton General Course Clubsgl, Needlework 2, Dancing Il, Needlework Margaret Harshman Academic: Homeroom Pres. 1: Dramatic Cluh 1: Typing Club 21 Bridge Club Pres. 3: Orange Sz Black 2, 3: Noimm Staff, senior co-editor, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Spring Con- cert 23 Operetta l, 33 Del- phians 1, 2, 3: Girls' Sports l, 33 Girl Reserves, l Sec., It Pres.: Student Council 2, Nickname-Peg. Barbara Hershey Academic Course Clubs-fl, Girl Scout 2, Study 3, Bridge Girl Reserves 1, 2 Nickname-Barb NGRNIR I943 Charles Hershey Academic Course Homeroom President 2, 3 Aviation Club Sec. l Letterlnan's Club 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 William Holfacker General Course Clubs--l, Bridge 2, Commerce 3, Boys' Cooking lntermural Basketball Xvrestling 2, 3 1, 2, 3 Intramural Basketball 2, 3 ickname-Bill W ' Band 1 MW it af ' W 021 , ll M. Hake C ourse B M53 :sl Athletic. sec. ' e . orts l, 2, . Jo i 1 0 I .ix i t ou sq I f Br' e Qi-.li CGI: cil , e . 3 - 2 Camera . ' I'-' - 0 lphl l, I l ' . C a Tr e rls' rts 'irl s ' ' n Jo 2 V.- pl, 2 - Cheerleading c 53 Sp 's Miriam Hoover Commercial Course Clubs-l, Needlework, Pres. 2, Glee 3, Glee Girl Reserves 1, 2 Nickname-Hoover Helene Hostetter Commercial Course Clubs--l, Camera 2, Needlework 3, Bridge Orange SL Black 1 Nonxm Staff Typist Girls' Chorus 1 Soph. Play Delphians l, 2, Treas. 3 Girls' Sports 1, 3 Girl Reserves 1 Nickname-Tud Cheerleader 1, 2, 3 Nickname-Hokie Guy Hostetter Academic Course: Biolo- gy Club 1: Chemistry Club 2: Dramatic 3: Nomwm Staff Photographer: Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3: Quartette I, 2, 3: Operetta 1, 3: Spring Concert 2: Soph. Play: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: All-Star Play 1, 3: Band 1, 2: Orchestra l, 2. Charles Hull Distributive Education Clubs-f-1, Camera 2, Study 3, Camera Stage Manager 1 Band 1 Football Manager l, 2 Nickname-Halley Page Twenty-one Kathleen M. Humbert Commercial Course Girls' Athletic Club 1, 2, V.-Pres. 3 All-Star Play 2 Sophomore Play Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3 Girl Reserves l, 2 Band l, 2, 3 Nickname-Kas Jean Kellenberger Home Economics Course Clubsfl, Debating 2, Glee 3, Sewing Girls' Chorus 3 Leon Kemper Academic Course Clubs-1, Boys' Athletic 2, Study 3, Letterman All-Star Play 1 Hi-Y 3 Intramural Basketball . 1, 2,3 Intramural Softball 2, 3 Football Manager 2 ,3 Nickname-f.lIonlc l Harold Kline Vocational Course Future Craftsman Club 1, 2,5 Orchestra I, 2 Niekname'wKlinie Page Twenty-two Lena Mae Jacobs Academic Course Clubsfl, Camera 2, Typing 3, Bridge Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Mixed 1, 2, 3 Spring Concert 2 Gperetta l, 3 Delphians 2, Librarian 3 Girl Reserves 1 NicknamefLem Robert Kellenberger Vocational Course Clubs-1, All-American 2, F. C. A. 3, F. C. A. Homeroom V.-Pres. l Intramural Basketball 3 Nickname-Mort Susan Kintzing Academic courseg Home room Sec.-Treas. 1, 3 Aviation Club lg Typing Club 25 Bridge Club 3 Grange 8: Black l, 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Trio 1, 2, 33 Spring Concert 2 0 Jerctta 1 3' Junior Plav 1 , , . Senior Playg Delphians 1 2, 39 Girl Reserves 1 Girls' Sports 1, 33 nick name, Suey. Mary Kathryn Kniple Commercial Course l-lomeroom President l Study Club l, 2 Bridge Club 3 Chorus l, 2 Spring Concert 2 Gperetta l Soph. Play Girl Reserves l, 2 Nickname-'Kas NGRNIR i943 r f ...i M. F bw., 70 4r'F i Lawrence Koontz Academic Course Clubsw-l, Photography 2, lice Culture 1, Biology, V.-Pres. lntralnural Softball 2 NVI1-stling Manager 2, 3 Football Manager 3 N ickname- 'Larry Gladys Krenzer Commercial Course Clubs--fl, Photography 2, Glee 3, Glee Choruses---Girls 1, 2, 3 Mixed I, 2, 3 Spring Concert 2 Gperctta 1, 3 Girl licservcs 1 Nickname-G Dorothy Lamb Colnmercial Course Clubs' -fl, Dramatic 2, Glec 3, Glcc Girls' Chorus 1, 3 Operetta l, 3 All-Star Play I Delphian 3 Girl Reserves I, 2, Treas. 3 A rcbery 1 N ickn am e--Doi Betty Lemmon Academic Course Clubs Al, Camera 2, Typing 3, Bridge Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Spring Concert 2 Operetta 1, 3 Delphians 2, 3 Katharine Krebs Academic Course: Home- room V.-Pres. 3: Aviation Club I: Typing Club Sec. 2: Bridge Club 3: Orange K Black I, 2, 3: Associate Editor of Nolwla: Girls' Chorus l. 2, 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2. 3: Trio 2, 3: Uperetta I, 3: Spring Con- cert 2: .lunior Play: Seni- or Play: Dclpbians 1, 2, Sec. 3: Senior Class Sec.: nickname, Kitty. Roy Kress Vocational Course Clubs -fl, Archery 2, F. C. A. 3. F. C. A. Band 2, 3 XVrestling Manager Charles LeGore Vocational Course Football I, 2 Clubs----l, F. C. A. 2, l.etterlnan's 3, l,etterman's Nickname- --Sleepy Lagoon Carroll Lingg Academic Course Clubs-f-sl, All-American 2, Typing 3, Study Intramural Basketball Nickname--'Cal Page Twenty-three Merle Lippy General Course Clubs---l, Study 2, Study 3, Camera Football 2 Intramnl'al Basketball 2, It Nickname- -Stub Clare Logan Academic course: Home- room Sec. 23 Press Club 2, 3: Student Council 1: Ad- vertising Manager, Orange K Blank 2: Managing Edi- tor, Orange 8: Black 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 3: Operetta l, Il: Soph., .lr. Play: All- Star Play 1 33 Delphians IS, Girl lleserves 1, 2, 3. Ray Losman Commercial Course Clubs -l, Typing 2, Study 3, Boys' Cooking Dorothy Lull Commercial Course: V.- Pres. Homeroom l: D a- matic Club 1: Study Club Sec. 2: Girls' Athletic Club 3: Business Manager of Nonsmg Manager of Bowl- ing and Archery: Decla- mation l: Original Oration 2: XVon first place in Dis- trict Championship at Shippenshurg: All-Star Play 3: nickname, Dolly. Page Twenty-four Y f 2 , Karl W. Little Academic Course Boys' Chorus l, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3 Sophomore Play All-Star Play 3 Operetta l, Ii Spring Concert 2 Nickname- Lylle Nancy V. Long Academic Course llomeroom V.-Pres. 1 Clubs---l, Debating, Sec. 2, Press, Treas. Il, Press, Pres. Asst. Editor, Orange it Black 2 liditor, Orange 8: Black fl Plays--1, Soph., All-Star 2, Junior, All-Star A N. F. L. State Contest 2 .lunior Class See. 2 Nieknamef.'Yan Harry Loss Academic Course Clubs- -1, Study 2, Boys' Cooking llomeroom V.-Pres. Soccer Basketball Nickname--Bud Margaret MacAv0y Commercial Course l-lomeroom Secretary 1 Glec Club 23 V.-Pres. 3 Nonrvm Staff Assistant Circulation Manager Girls' Chorus 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Spring Concert 2 Girls' Sports 3 NlCliI1ilIIlCf.l!llI'g NORNIR '!v,. P' ' I943 J acquelyn March Academic course: llome- room V.-Pres. I: Student Council 3: Grange 8: lilaek l, 2, 33 Grirls' Chorus l. 2, ll: Mixed Chorus l, 2, Il: Operetta 1, 3: Spring Con- eert 2: Sophomore, Senior Plays: llelphians 2, 33 Girl lleserves l, 3: Senior class V.-Pres.: Girls' Trio 1, 2, Il: Aviation Club lg Bridge Club 3g Neddlework Club 2: nickname, Jackie. Roy Masenheimer Commercial Course: llomcroom Sec. 33 Press Club l: Public Speaking Club See. 2, Pres. 3: Orange 8: Black lg l3oy's Chorus l, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2, Il: Operetta l: Sophomore Play: Junior Play: All-Star Play l, 2, 33 Hi-Y 2, 3: National For- senic League I, 2, 3: Soc- cer l: Tennis I: Intra- mural 'l'ennis 2: Debating 'l'eam l, 2: Dramatic ltead- ing 2, Il: Elxtemporaneous Speaking 2: nickname---Jr. Gene McCarney Academic Course llomeroom President l, 2, 3 Clubs l, Forestry 2, College 3, Letterman's Hi-Y 8 XVrestling l, 2, 3 Soccer l, 2 Intramural l, 2, 3 l-'ootball Manager It Nickname- --Mae Jeanne E. Mehring General Course Clubs- -I, Study 2, College 3, Study Mixed Chorus l Girls' Chorus 1 Trio 1 Girl Reserves 1, 2 Mary Kay Markle Academic Course Clubs -l, Girl Scout, Sec. 2, Study 3, Bridge Girls' Chorus Il All-Star Play l Girl lleserves l. 2, 3 Girl Sports 2, Il Nickname- -Markle Riley Maus Academic Course I.etterman's Club l, 2, Il Ili-Y 2, 3 Football l, 2, 3 Wrestling l, 2, 3 Track l, 2, 3 Beatrice Mehring .Vademie Course Clubs l, Dancing 2, Study Il, Spanish Nlflillilllll' -lice Ann Messinger .-tcademic course: llome- room Pres. l: Dramatic Club Sec. l: Press Club See. 2, Il: Student Council 2: Associate lfeature lidi- tor ot' Orange X Black 2: Feature liditor ol' Grange K Black 3: Mixed Chorus lg Uperetta l: All-Star Play 1: Dclphians l, 2, Zig Girl Reserves l, 2: nick- name- -.'lIe.r. Page Twenly-live Betty Jane Michael Home Economies Course Clubs-Al, Dancing 2, Library 3, Library, Sec. Minor Sports 1 Nickname--Mike Ralph Miller Vocational Course Clubs-l, Aviation 2, Aviation J, F. C. A. Band 1, 2 Anna Mae Mowrer General Course Clubsfl, Dancing 2, Study 3, Study Mixed Chorus l NlClil'llllllL'ff.-lllll Nancy Nace Commercial Course Clubs l, Girl Seoul 2, llllll-llb, Pins ll, Lihrziry llomeroom President 1 Junior Play 2 Girls' Chorus 3 Orchestra l, 2 Nonsln Business Staff Page Twenty-si.: Jeanne Miller Academic Course Clubs-1, Cheerleading 2, College 3, Study Grange 8: Black 1, 3 Girls' Sports 1 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Band 3 Cheerleader 1 Nickname-ef-.leanie Nevin Moul Commercial Course Clubs--1, Boys' Cooking ' 2, Study 3, Study William Myers Disiribulive Education Clubs--1, Dancing 2, Commerce 3, Bridge Band 1, 2 Football 2 Basketball l b Norman Nace Academic Cour' c Clubs- I, All-American 2, Bee Vouillilll 2 XVreslling 2, Ii A, Intramural Basketball 2, I5 4 A 4 Softball 2 N iek n a nie--.Y o rm NORNIR l9lt3 June Newman CUlllllll'l'Clltl Coursc: Ilomcrooln Scc. 1, 2: Dra- matic V.-Prcs. l: Glcc Club 2g Girls' Athletic Club 3: Student Council 1: Cir- culation Managcr, NOIINIIU Girls' Chorus 1, 3: Operctta I: Soph. Play: All-Star Play lg Girls' Sports 3: Girl ltcscrycs lg nickname, June. Clark Orndortf Academic Coursc Clubs-V -l, All-American 2, Bcc Culturc 3, lice Culture N icknamc-Jforlc Burnell Raubenstine Distributivc Education Clubs Yl, Boys' Cooking 2, Spanish Il, Study lntralnural Sports l, 2 N i c lt n a nic----.Vel I i c James Rohrbaugh Vocational Coursc lfuturc Craftsman Club 1, 2, It NVrcstling I, 2, It l. V. Football 2 Nickname-.lim Leo Nitchman Uistributivc Education Clubsk-Vl, liovs Cooking 2, lice Culture 3, Study Nickname--I.eu the Lion Earl Orendorff General Coursc Clubs -l, Dancing 2, Commcrcc Ii, Boys' Cooking Junior Play All-Star Play 2 Socccr 2 lntralnural liaskctball Il Charlotte Reck Coinincrcial Coursc Clubs I, Calncra 2, Study 3. Study liaskctball Nicltna Inc- f-Becky David Saur Gcncral Coursc Clubs l, Arcbcry 2, Airplanc Il, Biology .l. V. Football l Socccr 2 Intramural liafskctball 3 Nicknaln: llarum Page Twcnly-seven Walter Scheivert Vocational Course Future Craftsman Club 1. 2, J. V. Football 1 Nickname--Burl Emory Schwartz, Jr Vocational Course Clubs---1, F. C. A. 2. F. C. A. 3, F. C. A. Eleanor Sell Distributive Education Clubs- I, Press 2, Study 3, Bridge Student Council 3 Operetta I Spring Conecrt 2 Girls' Chorus l, 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Orange K Black 1, 2 Jeanne Sheaffer General Course Clubs, 1, Dancing 2, Study 3, Study Page Twenty-eight Mary Louise Scholl General Course Clubs--l, Dancing 2, Glee 3, Study Band l, 2 Nickname -'ASchoIIey William Seibert Academic Course Homeroom Pres. 2, 3 Clubs---l, All-American 2, l.etterman's Letterman's, Sec. 3 C,la's V.-Pres. 2 Hi-Y l, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Athletic Representative 3 Nickname--Bill W Carla Sheatfer Academic Course Homerooin V.-Pres. 2 Clubs- --l, Study 2, Tylfing Il, Bridge, V.-Pres. Student Council It Norxm Staff, senior editor Girl Reserves l Class officer, Treas. 3 Nickname--Spoop Betty Shearer General Course Clubs--l, Study 2, Typing il, Girls' Athletic - Girls' Sports 1, 2, ll Ping-Pong Manager NCJRNIR tr. I943 5 . if-1 i . liillf Merle T. Sheely Vo'-utional Course Clubs-fl, F. C. A. 2, F. C. A. Zi, F. C. A. , Nickname--Sheely Pearl Shryock Distributive Education Clubs-fl, Study 2, Study It, Camera Girl Reserves 1 Dorothy Slagle Dirztributive Education Clubs--1, Study 2. Study 3, Camera Girl Reserves l Nickname-Dolly Dorothy Smith Commercial Course Clubsil, Dancing 2, Study 3, Study Girls' Sports Nickname-Dol Jean Sherman lJi'tributive lidueation Clubs Nl. Study 2, Study It, Camera Geraldine Simpson Academic Course Homeroom Pres. l Student Couneil V.-Pres. 2 Junior and Senior Plays Operctta I. Il Girls' Mixed Chorus l. 2. 3 Spring Concert llelphians l, 2, Ji Girl Reserves I, 3 Orange K Black 1. 2, Ii Nickname---Gerry Nadine Small General Course l'lUlllUl'0Ulll Secretary l, 2 Club::-- l, llllllllllff Club, Speretarg 2, S'udy 3, Bridge Laverne E. Smith Vocational Course Future Craftsmen Club 1 2 3 Nickname--Smithy , i Page Twenly-11 ine Lloyd Snyder Vocational Course Clubs'-l. F. C. A. 2, F. C. A. 3, F. C. A. Nickname -Sneezy John Staub Voeational Course Clubs-A 1. F. C. A. 2. I-'. C. A. 3. F. C. A. Nickname- V-Johnny Edgar Stover Distributive Education Clubs--1. Dancing 2. Arehery 3. Bridge lntra mural Sports l N iekname-Smokey Betty Strawysbaugh Distributive Education Clubs- -l, Study 2, Study 2l,Needlework Girls' Sports 1 Nieknaine---Slruwsy Page Thirty Theron Snyder Aeadeinie Course Clubs----l, Art, Secretary 2, College Il, Publie Speaking, Secretary liand and Orchestra l. 2, 3 Nickname -Sneezy Mildred Stauffer Aeadc-lnie Course Clubs, l, Cheerleading 2, Home Hygiene, V.-Pres. Il. Study i'hfrerleader l. 2. ii Nieknalne--.lIiII E, Virginia Stover 2 Aeadeinie Course . Clubs -1. Cheerleaders, Treat. l 2, Camera, See. I 3, Library, Pres. Girl Reserves l Girls' Sports l, 2, 3 I Doris Swisher Aeadeinie Course: Home- room Pres. l, 2, V.-Pres. 3: Cheerleading Club, Treas. lg Home Hygiene Club. Pres. 2: Glee Club, See.- 'I'reas. 3: Soph. Class See.: Girls, Uiorus 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2. Zig Spring Concert 21 All-Star Play l, 2: Soph. Play: Cheerleader l, 2, Il: niekname. Uessy. NGRNIR I943 1 'I f A fi. .f-1' George Swisher General Course Clubs-1, Culncru, Pres. 2, Study Il, Study Nicknaunc-Swish Timmy Thimis Vocational Course Cluhs-'-l. F. G. A. 2, F. C.. A. 3, F. C. A. Arlene Thoman C0lI'lIllCl'Cl2li Course Club:-1, Dancing 2. Study 3, Study Gloria Uffelman General Course Humernom Secretary 2 Clubs-1, Drunlzllic 2, Cmnmcrcc 3, Study All-Star Play I, 2 Delphiuns 2, 3 N ickna mov- Te.1'as Irene Thieret Culnllwwizul Course Clubs-V-Al, Ar! 2, Caum-rn Studvnt Cnunvil I Orange K Blank 2. Il Girl lleservu. 1, 2, Cl Band 1. 2. 3 Aliene Thoman General Course Clubs---1, llznzlving 2, Study Il, Study Jean Th xmas Acudelnir: Course Cluhs- -I. CllUOI'lL'1lliL'l S Sci' 2. Hygiene, Sec. 3, Study Chuerlcudcl' 1. ll, Il Plays fel. Snph.: All-Stall' 2, All-Sian' Nicknunu- Tum Wilmer Dale Unger Vuczltimlul Cnursu Cluhswfl. I . C. A., Soc.-'l'r0:us 2, I . C. A.. V.-Pres Il, I . C. A.. Pres. Nickname f--- I'nyf-r Page Thirty-one Patricia Urick llistributive Education Clubs l, Dancing 2, Study Il. Bridge Nickname --Pal Jean Wallace Academic Course Homeroom Secretary 3 Club ,--f-1, Public Speaking 2, Public Speaking 3, Dramatic, V -Pre Student Council 2 Orange 8 Black 2, ll Exchange Editor 2 Plays -l, Sophomore Sl, Senior 2 and 3, All-Star Delphians It Girl lleserves 1, 2 Debating l, 2, 3 . ,x Buren Waltersdori General Course Clubs--1. Boys' Cooking 2, Pan-Alnerican 3. Chemistry Nicknamcfl'an Edgar Wisensale General Course Clubs l. Study 2, Study 3. Study Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra l. 2, Il N icknameilfd Page Thirty-two Ralph Varner Academic Course i Clubs-l, .Aviation 2, l.ctterman's 3, l.etterman's Soph. Claes Treas. Football l, 2, It Basketball 1, 2, It Track 2 l-li-Y 1, 2, 'l'reas. 3 Nickname--Rube Earl D. Walter Academic Course Clubsff fl, Boys' Cooking 2, Commerce 3, l.ettcrman's Plays-f-l, Sophomore 3, Senior Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 NlCkllillll0 '1flll'k Robert Weaver Vocational Cour-Le Clubsa-A-l. Camera 2, F. C. A. 3, F. C. A. Nickname-Bob Mildred Wentz Di:.tributive Education Clubs--Al, Needlework 2, Typing ll, Girls' Athletic Nickname--Mil NCDRNIR IQLL3 Jean Wilde Academic Course: Home- room V.-Pres. 24 Debating Club Pres. 1: Press Club 2: Dramatic Club, Sec. 33 Orange 8: Black 1, 2, 33 A11- Star Play 1: Soph. Play: Junior Play: Senior Play: Delphians 1, 2, 3: Girls' Sports l, 3: Girl Reserves l, 2, 39 Band lg Debating 2, 3: National Forensic League 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 3: Operetta Ii: nickname, Wilde. Betty Witmer Commercial Course Clubs-1, Art 2, Camera, Treas. 3, Spanish Girl Reserves 2, Il All-Star Play l Orange 8: Black 3 Richard Zartman Distributive Course Clubsgl, Photography 2, Pan-American 3, Photography Junior Play Soccer 2 Intramural Basketball 1 2 'I 9 9 ' Nicknameeflliclc Frances Winters Commercial Course Clubs-l, Dancing 2, Study 3, Study Nickname-Sis Earl Witmer Distributive Education Clubs -Y-l, Dancing 2, Orange 81 Black 3, Bridge l'iOIllCl'OOlll V.-Pres. l: Sec. 25 V.-Pres. Soph. Play Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Intramural Tennis 2 Kathryn Zepp Academic Course ClubsA-1, Study 2, Typing 3, Girls' Atbltics Orange 8: Black 2, 3 Girls' Sports l, 2, fl Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3 Orchestra l, 2, Il Nickname- -Kris Page Thirty-three Ln-- JOHN GROSS DEAN JAMES Vice-P7'eSid67lt President JEAN COOK YVONNE MUMMERT Treasurer Secretary i Junior Class History We, the Class of '44, having completed a very successful first year at high, started our second term with an all-out effort. We have really begun to take our job to help win this war with sincerity. We have con- tributed much in the selling of war stamps, and helping to buy bonds. Many of our junior boys participated in football, basketball, and wrestling again this year. The girls' intramural sports were very well represented by the junior girls. Each showing very successful teams. Our junior play, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, was a big hit. Many of our class participated in the All-Star Play, Arsenic and Old Lace. We have been represented very well in debating by james Wainger and Doris Stine. We are proud to say that there were a number from our class taken into the Hi-Y and Girl Reserves this year. Our junior prom brought our second year in high to a successful close. We are now lookin forward ea erl and et rieve to our last ear here, knowin that we will achieve 8 8 Y Y 8 Y 8 reater accom lishments in the comin ear. 8 Page Thirly-six AIII-well. II. Alnspm'Iwl'. I Antlmny. II. .-In-lull, IJ. Aumcn. .I. II. Hair. II. Iiznlllngzwmlm-r. I If licnrd. M. IIL'I'I1I1-I. J. II. Iluusum. M. Iiuycr, II. Ilroigllm-r. I'. Iiruwn, N. Iirnwn, Ii. II lIuII. II. N. I.znrIs1m, M. Ilmllmuu. G. Iluulsrm, M. Crallrlbs, A. M IIra1wI'm'1I. II. f.l'lNlII, J. I.I'llIIII'IIII', XV I,IlVl'IIIIUl'I, II Ilvlmff. I.. IC. IIUII. I'. Ilillvr, I.. Divinvy. 'I'. Ilnwnvn, II. Iluhhs. II. Iilinv. M. I'Il11v1'Iul1, J. I 00acl'. IJ. A. I 0cscr, J. M. Iflickingcr, E. S. I lII'5yIIIl', G. II. I 0l'syIIl0, II. I.. If rvy, J. I' VUCII. If. I llIII'IIIIllI, Ii. I uhrm:ln. Ii. I fIZlI'I'l'II, I.. Ii. Garrett, C. Ii. Gzn'rcII. G. Garrett, N. J. Gurrctt. II. Gcisn-Imam, .I. Gfmtl. J. Gnhrz-cI1I. C. Goukcr. V. Grzlyhill. II. II. Grimes. I.. Gruss, J. Gruvcr. V. Guldin, M. IIZIFIJZIUIIII. IJ. M. Ilumf II If I ' III, . II:u'Im:u1, II. I.. Iluriman. S. III-nry. I.. II. IIOVIIIIIII, J. I' Ju uiors Ilcrr, M. Ilcrslmvy, .I. Ilcrslloy, .I. I.. Iicrshcy, A. J. III-l'sIlcy, M. C IIoI'fI1cins, M. Ilokv. II. J. Ilustvttvlg .I. M IIollCk, II. IIuggm-ns, G. IIuII. IJ. Ilyclc. N. .Iu1nvs. D. Iiintzing, M. III-sslcr, J. IIIunk, I.. II. Knipplv. II. II I.nmI1cl'I. II. N IAIIIKIIIIIIIII, II. I.:-High, I.. Ii. I.visIol'. N. C. I.II1.'ZlIHlllQ'II, Ii. .I. I.upp. I. Mvssingcr, D. Markle. J. E. Miller, M. I.. Mincr. II. AIlIIIIIIIl'I'I, A. Mummcri, II. Mummcrt. Y. Myers, .I. Muntz. II. XV. Nucc, IJ. A. Nzlcc, I.. M. NHIJIC, J. I.. Null. Ii. J. Null. II. U'NOIII, N. I':lrl', II. I'nrl'. V. II:1I1cnsIinL', Ii. I'illl, F. G. IIuI1Iing. D. IIuic'Il:ll'I. II. IIvnoII, II. M. IIvsh, II. XV. IIiI'Iu'odL'. J. IIoI1rImugh, D. IIOIIl'IHllII.III, M. II. IIoIIcr, If. V. Szultzgivcr. II. S. Snlllslmry, I. A. S0l'II', IJ. J. Sc-rII', .I. Sha-cly. II. I.. Shuc. .I. Shun-. I.. V. Shutts. S. SmiIh. Ii. .I. Snyclvr. IV. I.. Snyder. Ii. If. Stahl, J. Stair. ID. A. SIL'l'lll'l', IJ. M. Storm-r. M. .I. SIl'u1lsI1:lllp:,I1, II. SXV1ll'IZIHlllHII, I' 'I'I1icl'0I. I.. II. 'I'him-rot. II. A. 'I'rmI. .ICZIII I.. 'I'r:lcy, N. Ii. 'l'rrmL'. C. I'Iz. II. AV1IIlIf,f0I'. J. IVIIIII'I'MI4II'IIv, Ii. IVvnIZ. D. XVCIIIZ, II. XViIzI:lsin. II. IViIdasin, IV. If XViIIu-Im, II. .I. IVIIII-I. S. IViIson, J. I.. XVIIIIZIIIIS. M. I.. IVism-r. G. XVnIfurrI. J. XVOOII, II. Yingling. II. A. Zzlrtmznn. M. I.. Zznrtnum. II. I.. Page Thirly-srwmn Row 14.1. Waingcr, M. Eline. How 2--M. Hoffhcins. Row Zi-V-J. llickrodc, A. Young, ll. Null, ll. RlUlllll1CI'l, D. JLIIIICIN, F. lloller, li. Boyer, N. O'Neill. A Connecticut Yankee in King Al'tl1l11',S Court The junior Class presented their play Thursday, December 10. Mr. Samuel directed. This comedy was the result of the very modern Hank Bennetts being transplanted into the medieval court of King Arthur. flank Bennet! . . . Morgan Lefrny .... Queen Qlenerfer .. King Arthur .... M ertin ....... Sandy . . . Elaine .. Clarence .... Sir Sagnrnor .. Mrf. Bennett . .. Marion Bennett . . . Sir Launceloz . . . Page Thirly-eight THE CAST . . . . Mildred Holfheins . . . . james Wiiingcr Ann Young Roy Null . . . . Dean james Frances Roller .. . Nancy O'Neill . . . . Robert Boyer . . . . james Rickrode Mary Eline Minnie Lee Williams . Richard Mummert Sophomore DEAN YOST MURRAY GOODFELLOW Treasurer Vice-President DONALD GEISELMAN ALBERT MUSSELMAN President Secretary Sophomore Class History With a slightly bewildered, but nevertheless determined, look upon our faces, we Sopho- mores crossed the threshold of Eichelberger Senior High School, our Alma Mater, for the next three year. We gradually became accustomed to our new surroundings, and now fully understanding our duties we hope to emerge a truly great class from E. H. S. The election of class oflicers first claimed our attentions. A straight ticket of four boys was chosen to govern the Sophomore class for the coming year. The opening months of school showed members of our class among the football candi- dates. We were justly proud of Francis Heck, Harold Catherman, Dean Yost, Albert Mussel- man, Ken Rebling, James Rightmire, and George Gebensleben. Basketball season next attracted a great number of our members to the junior Varsity team. We were pleased to see Albert Musselman, Howard Trite, Donald Geiselman, Glenn Markle, Phil Waltersdorf, Francis Heck, and George Stonesifer representing our class on the basketball Hoor. Betty Royer, Carolyn Hartman, and Jean Gobrecht made up the Sophomore trio in the musical field of our class. Page Forty Q---N .. .. .XII1x'lp.fI1l. M. M .I IllSlNlt'IIL'I'. I'I.I .XVI-l1lz.II.M. .Xlvlslmawllm-l', C. I'. .'Il'IIllll'. J. G. IIllIIIil'I'I. II. IC. Iizlir, II. J. Iinir, II. .I. IIZII'IIIl1ll'I, II. A. IIIlI'IlIl2lI'I., S. C. IIl'l'Ii0l', M. If. IIUCIIIUI, C. M. IIL'l'NVIlKl'I', IJ. V Iiwwrlgc-l'. II. I'II1n'Il0l'. M. I.. IIUSCVIIHIII, I.. Iiuwlnxm, G. M Iiuwmnn. J. IC. Iiuycr, CI. .I. Iiraulm-r, M. Ii. IIl'im'IulL'l', I . M IIriIuIwl'. .I. C. Iirmvn. A. Huck. II. I.. IIlII'1,.f, M. I.. Iiyrrl, I'. If. I.Ill'IHllH.fIl. .I. II Curl. I'. IC. tInIIu-rlnux1.II.I Clingzln, .I. YV. CnIm'sIm'k. .I. A Lrzlhlms, I.. I.. 4111-NswI1iIn-.S.II CFHIISU, J. M. I,1.'l'Iit'I'. S. lim-II. .I. A. I Ilclllurcsl, I. M Iluhs, G. .I. Ilvmzlrcst. II. M. IIIIIDS, G. J. Ihlttcrzl, Ii. I.. ICI:-am'r, F. Iimig, S. M. Ifylcr, Ii. M. Iflc-n1im,.C, .I. IC. I Il'IllIIIg, S. Ii. I IIt'IiIlIf.CL'l', I'. I Ul'I'0l', I.. Ii. I-'ox'ry, ID. C. I rm'k. II. N. IIIIVIIIAIII, A. C. II:1l'x'L'II, II. IIlll'I'L'II, Ii. Ilnrrm-II. If. II:u'l'0II. I'. tinrvicli. M. II:-Iu'nsIOIwl'. C IIuinmn. Il. III-iscI1n:1n, C. GL-isclmun. ID. E G0l'l'icIi. A. CuIn'0cI1I, .I GumII'0II4nv. Culllwr. D. hmvlmlll, A. M. IInInm, G. Ilnmm. S. Ilzlmptmn, I Ilzmcr. .I. II II:u'nvr, 'I'. Hari. YV. II:u'IIz1uIm, Ix Ilznrtmnn, C. Hock, If. M IIL-nsun. C. II:1IT, C. IJ. IIfmv0l'. M. Ilufnnglo, .I Ilumlwrt. IJ Kerr. Ii. P. Iiniplv. II. Iifwllig. II. Iiupp. I'. J. Iilinv. II. Iill0IlIL'I'. Y. N. Iircss, II. I.. Iirumvinc. .I. Iiunkm-I, .I. I.zlil'cI. If. C n-34.1 1' .,,.,,,...--- SOPIIOIIIOVPS I.cc'l', II. Imcsu, XV. If. I.cI 0vl'1.', M. .I. I.cisIL'l', If. II. I.01sIcl'. h. I.L-ppzlrcl, Ii. Lingg. G. W. Lippy, Ii. I.iIIIc, Il. E. I.itIIc, II. I.iIlIv, II. M. I.iIII0. J. M. Loss, J. Ii. I.rr1l1-yi Ii. II. I.uckc-nImugI1. Manlkus, II. Markle, IJ. II Markle, G. Muvklo. II. M01-klcy. XV. I Mollclwy. II. I Milln-l'. ID. Miller. I . Miller, I. Miller. I.. A. Muller. II. Mnhlcy, I.. Mmwisfm. IC. NV Mmvrcr. II. Mu III IlIl'l'I.f.. I.. Mm-umm-VI. I Mu IIIIIIUFI.-I. II. NIlllIIIIll'l'I,N I Muntz. .I. Mussm-Imam, A. Mya-rs. C. IJ Myx-rx. .I. Mycrs, I.. Nnill, XX .. Jn. Nc-irlcrcr, I NOIKIIHIIIIIIIUI' II NHlllll1IlllI,.I.xI. NoImI0. II. I 0rcmIm'IT, IIQ-nnowill. I'um-Imallu-l'. II. IIIIIIS IJ I Quin-In-I. J. I.. IIZIIIIICIISIIIII' V IIL-Iwrl. II. II4-Iwrl. II, I IIL-Imling, Ii III-igglv. A. Ilclmlnllnr. S. II4-uk. Ii. IIic'L', Ii. II. Iiiclmml. II. NN. IIin'Inn:m. M. Iilmdcs. S. 'I' ' ' rush. I'. Iiiglltmirv, .I. 'I'l'iIv. II. IIuI1l'Imzl1lf,:Il. Ii. 'I'l'wlu-. IJ. IIuI1rIx:1ugI1. M. 'I'l'um', I. Iiuya-V. II, A. 'I'runL'. NV. . . .I. Szll'I1:1x1gI1.NX.II. SCIIIIIIHIII. Ii.I.. I'ngvl'. J. l'nsIIO. II. SI1:lII's'l', II. I'II1,.fUI', M. SIM-:ll'1'l'. F. xvilgillllllll, SI11-:1l'c-l', J. XV:nIIvrs1Im'I I' SI1cf'I'vr, G. xv1lI'CIlIIIll', II SI1uIIz, N. xv1lI'Il1'l'., I.. NI Small. II. XVIIISUII, D. Smilh, ID. xVl'1lYt'l', ID. XXUIIIZ. IJ. NVI1isIcr, D Smith. I . Snymlvr. Ii. II. Snyrlvr. II. Spies. I . NVI1yIc. A. Sl:1mImug.:I1, IC. Wildc, IJ. SI:u'nvr, M. I.. XViIIi:nms, 1 K SIIllII.I.l'l'. .I. XViIIiums. .I I Slinc. M. XViI5un. M. Slum-siI'cl',Il. XViIl, C. SIl':ll. M. XVm'Im'y. M- Slrinc. II. Yost. ID. Sullivan. II. ' Swzlrll. II. 'Il-nl. II. II'l'L'IIIl'I'. II. ZIIVIIIIJIII. I Zim-glcr, M. Pugx' l Iz1'lg1-um' XVI1isIvl', M II A1lI'IIllilll., A ZIIIIIUIIIIIII. I. Larry The plot of the Sophomore Play centered about Larry and his college friends both male and female. Many of the incidents turned out to be very comical, some extremely serious. A well-trained cast under the direction of Mr. Shirk presented a very fine performance on May 17. Hildy Briggr . . . Fred Nichols . . . Bart Smith .. Boh Denton . .. Kid Miller . . . jack Thomax . . . The Tailor .. Henry Ward .. Al Butterfield .... Larry ....... Tom Burnt .. . Vin Carter .. Lucile ..... Mrs. Burnx .... Either Wolfe Pro fenor H nnt .... Mrr. Hunt .... Ruth ....... Stella Cooper .... Virginia Leighton Grace .......... Skinny Sloan .... Guerti ........ A Page Forty-two 'THE CAST Philip Waltersdorf George Stonesifer james Rightmire . . . Harold Frock . . . William Hart . . . Richard Bair David Wagaman Harold Catherman . Earl Mummert . . Robert Koeing Albert Musselman . Harris Barnhart Dorothy Geiman ....... Statia Hamme . . . Madaline Rohrbaugh . . . . Clyde Mummert Jeanne Neuman . . . Jean Gobrecht . . . . Helen Kniple . . . . . Jean Muntz Shirley Reindoliar Nevin Shultz nn Whyte, Katherine Schuman, Gloria Boyer, Carolyn Hartman, Betty Royer N II XR fdiiigir X xg, u . ii i' iT Activities SEAT!-in -J. Nc-wnmn, C. Sha-zllTe1', P. Harshman, J. Huffheins, K. Krebs, N. Gohreeht, N. Nacc H. Hosletlcr. STANDING fell. l.ull, G. Gauss, F. lirady, ll. Allen, M. MacAvoy, J. Erlm. AIISSING-Y S. Fitz, G. Ilostetler. The Nornir Staff Iidiror-in-Clbief .. .. JOSEPHINE HOFFHEINS Anocmze Iidimr . . .................... KATHARINE KREBS Senior Edizom . . . . CARLA SHAEFFER, MARGARET HARSHMAN Feature Eflimr ..... ................... N ANCY GOBRECHT C.'im-fflaziofz zvlfnmgen . . . . JUENE NEWMAN, MARGARET MCIAVOY Bznivzert Mumzgem' . . . ....... DOROTHY LULL, NANCY NACE Spom Iidinm .... FRANCIS BRADY, ROMA GARRETT Aw lidimn .. ..,. RAYMOND ALLEN, JOSEPH ERB T ypim .... . . GEORGIA GASS, HELENE HOSTETTER Pbomgmplvy .. .........,... SAM FITZ, GUY HOSTETTER Mt-fflzy Admef .. . MR. FRANKLIN RILEY, MR. JOSEPH HURST The Nornir Staff this year made several pleasing changes in this years Nowzir. All the girls, by a vote, chose to wear white blouses for their graduation picture. This change gave a certain harmony to the senior section. A senior popularity poll was held and the pictures taken according to the results. The staff hopes that these few changes will make this years book enjoyable for you. Page Forly-four Orange and Black lidimr-in-C,'!1ief .. . NANCY LDNI: Auociale Iiclitor .. . . . JAMES WAINLSEIR Neuu lidilor .. NANCY O'NIilI.l. Ifedmre Iidimr .. ANN IVIIESSINGIIR Spam lidimr .. JOSEPH HAR'I'MAN Arr Iiflimr ..... .. IILDRIID VAN FUSSEN Iixcbmzge Iidimr .. .... JEAN WAI.l.ALIIi Mmzuging lfrlilor .................. ............................... Q ILARE LOGAN Cflillffblllhlg ME7Ilb9f.l'TMARG CARLSON, JOHN CARR, ELAINE FRDIJR, FRANILIS BRADY, KI'I l'Y KREBS, JAIQIQIE MARIII, GERRY SIMPSON, JEAN WII-IJIi, SUSAN KINTZINII, JEAN GOBRECHT, SIISIE LEPPARD, NUNIE LAIRD, MAl!'IIfIA ZIEGLER, Jo HQEEIIEINS, DORIS WILDE, ALBERT MIISSELMAN, FRANK ELSNIIR, JANE GOOD, BETTY ROYER, HOWARD TRITIE. MARTIIA KINTZING, CHARLES WILLIAMS BUSINESS STAFF Advertiyirzg Manager ...... .................................... R ICHARD KN IPPI. E A.f.riIz.mr.I-I.oIIISE THIERET, PEG HARSHMAN, IRENE THIERITT, JANIET MYERS, GLORIA DIIES, PEARL BYRD, KAS ZIZPP. BILL WAREI-IEIM Cimflufimz ........... ............. J IIIENI3 GILEREIQHT, IDEAN JAMES 'I'ypi.ffI ...... .. GEORGIA GASS, BlEl I'Y Wl'l'MER, OLIVER FRIEY Faculty Adm-er ., . . MR. RICHARD BRIIBAKER SEATED--J. Myers, J. March, N. O'NeiII, J. Wilde. K. Krebs, J. Gobreclmt, N. Lung, S. Lcppznrd. .l. Wallace, J. Shearer, P.. Byrd, A. Young. Huw 2 Ii. XVitIIIcI', I. 'I'hicI'cI, K. Zcpp. J. Milla-I'. S. Kintzing. J. IIUIll'L'L'IlI., .I. IIIYITIIUIIIS, II. SIIIIJISUII, P. H11l'SIlIlI1lll, li. Laird, M. Cznrlsun, li. Fruuk, I.. 'l'IIiuI'4-1, l :II-Illty .-XIIviSI-I' II. Ifl'llIl1lIil'l'. Row II fS. Crusswhite, B. Buyer, E. Van Fussen, H. 'I'ritI-, J. IIuI'IIII:III, J. lirh, J. Curr, .l. NVaiIIgI-I-, R. Kniple, D. James, A. Messinger, C. Logan. Page Fnrlyejim' ,- Page Forty-six W'HO'S IN THE Most Scholastic In readin', writin', 'rithmetic Bi!! and Rore will always click. They know their A, B, Cs so well They never worry 'bout the bell. Best Dressed When turning now to Madamoiselle, Nancy is the topmost belle. And when Mr. Esquire takes the stand, Long john will get a great big hand. Best Actors Nancy and Roy Are our pride and joy When actors now take the stand. They certainly know how to put on 21 show To our way of thinking the-y're grand. Most Popular In E. H. S. our pride and joy Is none but Claub our glamour boy. When popularity comes around, He and Nancy take the crown. WHO SENIOR CLASS Best Figure and Build In Figure and build our models are jean and Ken right up to par. They're what we all would like to be. They certainly are a pleasure to see. Best Looking Their looks are really very line. Those for which we all do pine. Good looking Buck, and beautiful Nancy Are sure to take the people's fancy. Best Athletes Rube and Kar in sports rank high. Admirers often pass and sigh. You'll always find them in the gym From sun up 'till the lights grow dim. Best Dancers When dancers now come into sight, Jean and johnny take the light. From Rumbas to the jumpin' Jive, They're really hep and quite alive. Page Forty-seven Si-:.x'risu -li. Van lfosscn. J. Maircll, J. Gciselmaln, Ii. Iiurm-l'. J. HolTht-ins, IJ. James, E. Sell, C Sheuller. STANDING -C. Allewt-lt, H. Frock, li. linir, A. lllllSSClIl12lIl, J. Sl1cul'ei', XV. Lease, F. lioller, M. ZL'lgll'l Student Council Preridevzt .... ..... R osE EARNER Vice-Preiidenr . . . . . GERRY GEISELMAN Secretary .. JOSEPHINE HOFFHEINS Treumrer .. ........ DEAN JAMES Acitfiier . .. . . MR. DIEHL The Student Council started a very successful year with the annual election of class officers. An election dance was held at which the results of the election were announced. This year's Council decided to carry on the Share in Victory campaign that was inaugurated so successfully last year. The first big project of the Student Council was the scrap drive which was most successful. At the end of an undefeated football season the Student Council sponsored another very successful dance. Weekly Friday night dances and several other successful projects constituted the remainder of the Student Council Year. On class day the Oak Leaf was agwin given to the outstanding boy and girl of the senior class. Page Forty-eight Debating Debating this year has become the most important advantage for anyone interested in public speaking. The field of Debate has been limited due to traveling, but some practice has been made available. The question for Debate this year was Rerolved That a Federal World Government rhould be esmblirlaed. The first debate was a novice Debate Tournament with McSherrystown and West York. These debators, beginners, placed first. They were: Carolyn Hartman, Eleanor Laird, Thelma Harner, Mary Herr, Robert Koenig, james Dick, Charles Williams, and james Waigner. An interesting sidelight was the radio Debate in which Thelma Harner, Doris Stine, Dick Knipple, and Eleanor Laird participated. The varsity team received much experience through practice debates with Delone High School and a trip to Harrisburg at which Lewistown and Lock Haven were met. In the Gettysburg League, Hanover won for the Consecutive League by defeating Gettys- burg and West York. These loyal and victorious debators were: Rose Earner, Dick Knipple, James Waigner, and Doris Stine. These debators have tasted defeat and victory, but they have gained experience which will be valuable in their later life.. Their experience has been gained in two fields: speaking and also information on the important question of post-war organization. These debators will help build an America that we can be proud of in the future. Other members of the squad are Mildred Gulden and jean Wilde. B. Henry Shafer is the coach. . ., Page Forty nine mfw we--W Q. i. . --.M--t , , . .M .sat .1-.. .........,. .... .. .Y ,, ...M .. The Band This year's band is composed of approximately thirty-six members, some of which come from junior High. These members hope to gain additional training and practice in the use of their instruments. The band played at all home football games but was unable to attend any of those held out of town due to the lack of transportation facilities. A group from this organization helped to pep up the basketball team. The annual concert held in the spring of the year featured the Eichelberger High School Band. Page Fifty The Orellestra The orchestra, consisting of nineteen members, was very active this year. As is their custom they played at all auditorium programs and all class projects which were in the form of plays and an operetta. The orchestra played an outstanding part in the public spring concert. This year for the Hrst time all senior orchestra members were given appropriate pins to commemorate their belonging to and taking an active part in the senior high school orchestra. ' T T' ' lf if -,Lldfe 'Q ' Q.- f ' 'if , ' , A Page lfifiy-on The Girls' Chorus Every Monday morning, the first period, a group of girls practiced in the auditorium. The good work that they did was very evident when the time came to hear the various programs that they presented. Among these programs were the Christmas and Easter Cantatas, and the operetta. From this group of girls were chosen the individual trios. The senior trios composed of Jackie March, Kitty Krebs, and Sue Kintzingg the junior trio made up of Mary Ellen Beard, Elaine Frock, and Martha Kintzingg and the sophomore trio consisting of Carolyn Hartman, Betty Royer, and jean Gobrecht. Page Fifty-two The Boys' Chorus The boys did their practicing every Tuesday morning. Boys from all three classes participated in this very enjoyable extra-curricular activity. The boys quartets come from this group. The senior quartet is composed of: Guy Hostetter, Robert Baker, Robert Cole- stock, and john Carr. Victor Goucher, Donald Wood, Charles Allewelt, and Donald Bair made up the junior quartet while Leverne Miller, Clyde Mummert, Marvin Stine, and Dean Yost made up the Sophomore quartet. Donald Trostle serves as pianist for the group. M X Page Fifly-Ihrve The Mixed Chorus The mixed chorus was a combination of both the girls and boys chorus, The group worked on and presented very successfully appropriate Christmas and Easter programs. All the training gotten in this extra-curricular activity was of great help to all the students who were privileged to be under the direction of Miss Turner. The majority of the choruses for the operetta was taken from this group of boys and girls. The trios, which are a part of this chorus, entertained over the radio this year. Throughout the year groups have entertained in the auditorium. Page Fifty-four A WALTZ DREAM Oscar Strauss The lyrical fantasy was presented in the high school auditorium on April 15 and 16. The action was laid in Sylvania, a small bankrupt country in Europe. Maximilian's one chance to rescue his country is to marry his daughter Princess Helene to Lt. Nicki. The comedy that results in the action that follows made the whole production very entertaining. THE MAIN CHARACTERS WERE Maximilian X . Princerr Helene Rubert ....... Lt. Nicki ...... Kay Robinron . Princerr Matilda Lt. Montrcbi .. Louisa ...... . . . Bertram Bud gett Count Segimund N ichola: ...... Fifi .......... Annere . . . f.. .--..-...-........ Bill Wareheim . . . . Kitty Krebs Dean Yost . . . . Marvin Stine . . . . Jackie March Martha Kintzing . Glenn Sheffer . Lena Mae Jacobs, Mimi Hoifheins . . Guy Hostetter johnCarr Charles Allewelt Susan Kintzing Betty Wilhelm, Gladys Krenzer THE CHORUS WAS MADE UP OF THE FOLLOWING Anne Whyte, Christine Bechtel, Eleanor Laird, Mary Ellen Beard, jean Huffnagle, Helen Little, Constance Wilt, Martha Zeigler, Larraine Diller, Vesta Culp, Lela Grimes, Frances Garrett, Pat Demarest, Shirley Willet, Daryl Mae Sterner, Dorothy Garman, jean Wilde, Jean Myers, Jean Crook, Carolyn Hartman, jean Gobrecht, Betty Lemmon, Clare Logan, Dorothy Lamb, Nancy Gobrecht, Peggy Harshman, Winifred Geiselman, Jeune Gobrecht, jean Baker, Elaine Frock, Juliet Hostetter, Phyllis Swartzbaugh, janet Wolford, june Wilson, Mary jane Sterner, Helen Kniple, Edith Leppard, Gloria Boyer, Mary Bosum, June Newman, Margaret Caulson, janet Myers, Ruth Leer, Shirley Rhoades, Margaret MacAvoy, jane Hafner, Madaline Rohrbaugh, Doris Stine, Frank Elsner, Don Wood, Clyde Mummert, Sam Fitz, Philip Waltersdorf, Harold Gatherman, Bill Naill, Roy Masenheimer, Laverne Miller, Don Trostle, George Stonesifer, Raymond Allen, Gene Huggins, Robert Panabaker, Bill Snyder, Murray Goodfellow, Irl Trone, Noal Brown, Ed Snyder. The committee: that worked behind the Jcener were head by- Miss Wines .... ............... ' N .......... Cortumer Miss Hamm ......................s .................. . .. Propertier and Urberr Mr. Brammer .................................... T ..... ....... L iglating and Stage Miss Zinn, Mrs. Longanecker, Mr. Baugher, Miss Durborow ...... Ticketr and Advertising Mr. Shirk .......,,..................,,,,,,.,.,.,..... ........,...... M ake-Up Page Fifty five All-Star Play ARSENIC AND OLD LACE A dual cast presented this delightful comedy on the nights of February 18 and 19. Mr. Shirk directed. Included in this somewhat horrifying story were the two old maiden aunts and the quite dead bodies of twelve homeless gentlemen. As if this were not enough, a nephew, Jonathan, who quite resembled Boris Karloff, was always present just in case. THE CAST Abby Brewrter . . . jean Wallace Dorothy Lull Martba Brewyter . . . Barbara Yingling Martha Zeigler Dr. Harper ....... Bill Wareheim Max Coulson Teddy Brewrter . . . Francis Brady Officer Klein ..... james Dick George Coulson Officer Bropby .... ,lohn Shue Earl Mummert Elaine Harper .... Doris Wilde Clare Logan Ionatban .... William Naill Dr. Einrzein . . . Roy Massenheimer Mr. Gibby Irvin Baumgardner Gene Huggins Mortimer ...,.. Joseph Erb Eldred Van Fossen Oyfcer 0'Hara .... Marvin Stine Karl Little Lt. Rooney ...... LaurenCC Koontz Mr. Witberrpoon . .. Glenn Sheffer Guy Hostetter Page Fifty-six A List of Pupils Who Aided in the Picking and Canning of Food Last September SENIORS Mildred Stauffer Gloria Uffelrnan Clare Logan Winifred Geiselrnan Jeanne Hamm Kathleen Humbert Clark Orndorlf Roma Garrett Leon Kemper John Fisher Doris Swisher Jo Hoffheins Rose Earner Nancy Long Kitty Krebs Jean Wilde Kathryn Zepp Merle Sheely Guy Hostetter jean Thomas Mary K. Markle Sue Kintzing Nancy Gobrecht Peg Harshman Gerry Simpson jackie March Norman Nace William Baker Doris Hampton Walter Scheivert Bill Dulling Virginia Stover Helene Hostetter Jean Wallace JUNIORS Sterling Roser Robert Watson Paul Harman James Kessler Janet Myers Mildred Hoffheins Nancy O'Nei1l A Jeanne Crook Elwood Rohrbaugh George Wisner Ralph Butt Charles Laughman jacob Bechtel Louise Therit Shirley Willet Jane Good Dorothy Reichard Anna Mae Crabbs Janet Rohrbaugh Earl Flickinger Richard Lambert jim Emerton William Downes Maryellen Beard Dorothy Davenport Margaret Carlson Kenneth Wildasin SOPHOMORES Dave Weaver Robert Starner Malvin Richman Mary Strat james Quickel Robert Banker: Mertis Becker Dennis Hulfnagle Claude Kitzmiller Edgar Kerr Robert Haner Redd Kopp john Britcher Earl Amspacher Fred Rau Frances Shearer Page Fifty-seven Av X Y K 5K .Wig Q l'N se ix xg! xx. -bk grzgi x 'Ax E .-. ff e Q ',o 0 x5k 'x n QW fx, .gf -fX Q l 1 X L 5 Athletics S Hanover High Football Season 1942 For the second consecutive season the Hawks emerged with an undefeated team. This year they had. what is considered to be the finest all-around team ever to wear the Orange and Blackg. The Hawks has a well-balanced offense and a very good defense. This year they won their first undisputed Southern Penn Conference Championship by winning six games and losing none. They made quite a few new records among them. They scored 273 points for the season, averaged 27.3 points per game, won six straight games and won all their conference games. All of the boys on the Hawk Varsity received at least mention for the A11-conference Team selected by the Coaches. Co-Captain Chub Brady and Rube Varner, and Riley Maus gained berths on the Hrst mythical team. John Carr, John Gross, and Bob Bollinger were named to the second team. Honorable mention was gain by Dean Yost, Don Wentz, Charles Hershey, John Davis, and Bill Siebert. Page S ixty HAWKS OPEN SEASON WITH VICTORY The Hanover High Nighthawks opened their 1942 season the first in which they won a Southern Penn- sylvania Conference Championship, by defeating a stub- born Delone Catholic High 32-12. Striking within the first minute of play to score a touchdown and point, A. G. Ealy's veteran grid machine rolled up 19 points in the first quarter and were never in danger of being beaten. Six boys had a hand in the scoring: Seibert, Bollinger, Maus, Mussleman, and Varner made touhdowns: Varner and Carr made extra points. Hanover outscored Delone 14-5 in flrst downs. HAWKS CRUSH YORK CATHOLIC The Nighthawks breezed to a 60-0 victory over York Catholic on the Fairgrounds. The Crusaders were no match at all for the fast-starting Hawks. The Hawks scored 13 points in the first quarter, 25 in the second, to put the game on ice. The Hill team's Reserves played about half of the game and showed to be of exceptionally good caliber. Rube Varner scored 3 touchdowns to top this depart- ment. Thc Hawks held York Catholic without a first down while they were rolling up 18. HAWKS USE PASSING ATTACK TO DOWN ALUMNI The Hawks pushed across 25 points on the Alumni in the second half, to win their third game 32-0. After being held to a single score made by Varner from a pass by Siebert, the Hawks got under way with a terrific passing attack, Varner tossing two to Dean Yost for the scores. The Old Grads played good clean hall, but were no match for the precision play of the Hawks. Mussleman and Walters scored the other touchdowns. The Hawks outclassed the Old Grads 10-2 in first downs. HAWKS WIN CONFERENCE OPENER The Nighthawks easily defeated the Gettysburg High School in its first Southern Pennsylvania Conference game. This victory gave Coach Ealy's smooth function- ing grid machine a hold on first place which they never relinquished. The Hawks first score came late in the flrst period when Varner crossed from the 12-yard line. Varner scored again in the second period and Heck added the Hawks' last score. The Hawks were never in danger and outplayed the Battlefielders throughout. HAWKS SCORE FIRST DEFEAT ON WILDCATS The 1942 edition of the Nighthawks became the first ever to beat a Mechanicsburg team. They defeated Mechanicsburg by a score of 6-0. Heck, fleet Sophomore back, scored by galloping the last 6 yards to paydirt. The Hawks completely outplayed the Wildcats, beating them 21-4 in first downs and outgained them 342 yards to 77 yards from scrimmage. The Wildcats made no serious offensive threat while the Hawks were repeatedly hammering away at the Mechanicsburg goal line. 1 HAWKS DOWN TROJANS IN THE MUD The Hanover High Nighthawks won an unimpressivc 7-0 victory over Chambersburg on a rain-soaked field. Although the Hawks suffered a let-down they were still good enough to beat Chambersburg with ease. Bob Bollinger, hard-hitting fullback, scored the Hawks' only touchdown on a plunge from the 10-yard line in the second period. The 'Trojans never seriously threatened to score. The Hawks held a 9-6 edge in first downs. POWERFUL COLUMBIA DEADLOCKS HAWKS Playing without the injured Varner and Heck, the Hawks gained a 7-7 tie with a mighty Columbia team. The Hawks' magnificent precision and timing were sadly lacking and they had little offensive power. After Columbia scored early in the fourth quarter, Dean Yost blocked a punt, scooped up the ball and was finally thrown on the Columbia 15, from where the Hawks took over the ball with Seibert doing the honors. Maus then kicked the tieing point. Although the Hawks far from won this game, it showed they were truly a great team because only a great team can come from behind, especially against the odds the Hawks had. HAWKS WALLOP THUNDERING IIERD The Hawks crushed Carlisle High 54-0 under an avalanche of touchdowns. With Rube Varner hack at his tailback spot the Hawks regained their machine-like pre- cision in massacring a weak Carlisle team. Every play the Hawks tried worked. They ran through, around and passed over the Herd with ease. The Hawks held a large 17-6 edge in first downs. Riley Maus set a place-kicking record by kicking 7 extra points. HAWKS CLINCH CHAMPIONSHIP With Rube Varner running wild, the Hanover High Nighthawks won their first undisputed South Penn Con- ference Championship hy defeating Hershey 32-14. Var- scored five times to lead the Hawks, the longest being a beautiful 79-yard gallop thru the entire Hershey team. The Hawks, displaying magnificent blocking, struck twice within the first five minutes of play. After adding 13 more points in the second quarter they coasted to their Championship. Hershey didn't gain a first down until the second half and they did all their scoring then. The Hawks had an 11-9 advantage in first downs. Rube Varner became scoring king of the league by his five touchdowns. UNDEFEATED CHAMPS TRIUMPH IN FINALE The Hanover High Nighthawks brought to a fitting close a glorious t'ootball season as they sent down to a 24 to 6 defeat the Golden Tornadoes of Waynesboro. The Hawks had the Tornadoes in constant retreat as they ended their second consecutive undefeated season. Rube Varner ran his Conference total to 61 and clinched the scoring championship by scoring 2 touch- downs. Bollinger and Davis scored the others. The greatest team Hanover ever had increased their total points for the season to 273 while their opponents were being held to 46. The' Hawks had a 12-4 edge in first downs. Page Sixty-one Huw I ll llollingor, C. Ilcrslu-y. Huw 'J -XV Scihcrt, J. Gruss, H. Cantllcrnlzln. Huw Z! J. Davis, R. Malls, li. Vurncr. Huw 4 IJ. Yost, H. Allun, I . Iirauly. How 5- .l. Curr, J. lirh. linw ii IJ XVentz. H. XV:1ltur. Row T 'C01lL'll A. G. lialy. . . N --nun 4 X X CHAMPIONS 1942 0 Un . 0 n Varsity Basketball The l942-1943 Eichelberger High School Nighthawk Cagers finished a shortened season with nine wins and five losses. The Hawks ended in second place in the Southern division of the South Penn Conference. Bill Siebert was the team's leading individual point collector with 193 for the Season. john Gross was the runner-up in the division. The Hawks got off to a flying start winning their first six games. Then john Davis, tall center, left school and the Hawks dropped a one-point game to Mechanicsburg and during the rest of the season they were an in and out ball club. The members of this years Varsity Squad who received letters were Rube Varner, Bill Siebert, john Davis, Tom Diviney, Snipe Gross, Bill Downes, Buck Wtilters, john Carr, and Chub Brady. Witli only two men graduating from this year's team, Varner and Siehcrt, prospects for nc-xt year are very good. How l li. XlilI'llL'l', XV. Scilxcrf, .l. llavis, J. Gross, NV. llnwncs. How 2 IJ. Bair tiiianagt-rl, W. Yingling, 'l'. Divim-y, J. llarr, IC. Walla-rs. AIISSING I-'. liratly. Page Sixly-fhree The COIIIAGFOIICC Basketball Season-1942 HAVVKS TROUNCE TROJANS IN OPENER The Hanover High Nighthawks opened their 19-12 Southern Pennsylvania Conference Season by walloping Chambersburg High Trojans 37-17. The Hawks got oft' to a fast start and were never in danger of being beaten. Bill Siebert and .Iohn Davis topped the seorers with sixteen and eight respectively. HAWKS DOWN TORNADOS IN WILD CONTEST In a free scoring eontest the Hawks outseored a fight- ing NVaynesboro Tornado tealn -tti-38. The Hawks play- ing a radical game showed some otfensive strength but very little defensive. liill Siebert paced the winners with elevent points. Mower was tops for the losers, also with eleven. HAWKS DROP FIRST CONF. GAME TO MAROONS The Gettysburg High Maroons handed the Hawks their first defeat in Conference competition, 35-28. The Hawks greatly weakened, when Varner and Divin- ey left the game on personals, faltered in the last half after making a valiant hid in the first. Bill Siebert paced the Hawks with sixteen points, while George Bachner collected ten for Gettysburg. Page Sixty-four HAWKS AGAIN BEAT TROJANS In their seeond eonferenee engagement. the Hanover High Nighthawks defeated the Chambersburg Trojans -ln-dh. This game featured a scoring duel between Siebert and lfeisher, Siebert getting twenty-one and Feisher twenty. The Hawks regained their winning ways by showing a varied otfensive attack. HAWKS DEFEAT WAYNESBORO The Eiehelberger High tlagers defeated the lVaynes- boro Five 40-25 in their seeond eonferenee engagement. The Hawks, showing better form than during their last engagement, easily downed the Tornado. Not onee during the game did they threaten the huge score they had built in the first quarter. Bill Siebert with seventeen and .lohn Gross with eleven topped the Hill tealn scoring. G-BURG BEATS HAWKS TO RETAIN CHAM- PIONSHIP In their final game of the Conference Season, the Hawks lost to a powerful Gettysburg tealn 49-20. The Hawks were never onee in this ball game. The Maroons paced by XVicherham, with twelve, was tops for the winners. .Iohn Gross and Tom Diviney with five points were the best for the losers. Bill Siebert, high-scoring Hawk forward, was held to four points by magnificent guarding by Sacks. Junior Varsity Basketball Due to the fact that there was no J-V League in the Southern Pennsylvania Conference this year, the Hil1.j-V team played a short ll-game schedule. Mr. Ferster's boys were able to win eight and lose only three. The J-V's might have gone through their season without defeat, but Coach lialy elected to move two of Mr. Ferster's big men, Goodfellow and Yost, up to the Varsity. gc Sifly-ji: I a Intramural Basketball This year another successful Intramural season was carried out. A fast ten-team circuit was organized. Each team took the name of some war-time armament. Eachream played six games and at the close of the season a tournament among the top four teams was' used to decide the league championship. At the close of the regular season the League standing was as follows: f W. L. John Shue's Curtis Hawks- - - 5 1 Bob Wentz's Grenades - - A 4 2 Ray Allen's Time Bombs - - - 4 2 George Stonesifer's Dive Bombers - - 4 2 Leon Kemper's Jeeps - - - - 4 2 Norm Nace's Mustangs - -I 3 3 Zeke Anthony's Patriots - 3 3 Dick Houck's Wows - - - 2 4 Don Bair's Spitfires - - - 1 5 Charley Hershey's Fighting Five ------- 0 6 In the play-oifs that followed, Wentz's Grenades eliminated the Dive Bombers and Ketnper's Jeeps won from the Curtis Hawks in the semi-final round of play. In the final round Kempefs Jeeps beat Wentz's Grenades 29-20 to win the championship. Page Sixty-six The Hanover Higll Varsity Wl'CSl.lillig 1943 The Hawks in a short season won one match and dropped two. Even with this unimpressive season the Hawks had a good season for the matches they lost were to seasoned opponents. For the second consecutive year joe Erb won the district wrestling championship in the 127-pound class. Erb was eliminated for the State Championship. The boys who won letters were Bill Gross, Bill McCleaf, Carroll Graham, Jim Rohrbaugh, Earl Bollinger, Joe Erb, Gene McCarney, Charles Hershey, Riley Maus, Marvin Hershey, Ray Teal, and Robert Markle. Page Sirly-semen Girls' Sports This year there was a large attendance of girls in all sports. The season started with Softball, in which each class was represented by two teams, the junior teams being the winners. Archery was also enjoyed by a large number of girls. As the weather grew colder the girls came indoors to enjoy basketball, ping-pong, badmin- ton, and volley ball. There were approximately six teams in basketball, each team selecting a name and a captain. The Shooting Starsn bore the honors for this sport. A ping-pong tour- nament was staged with a large number of girls participating. In the badminton contest, a large number of girls also participated. There were eight teams of girls in volley ball. As in basketball, each team chose a name and a captain. A bowling league was started for all girls who wished to participate. This league met every Thursday afternoon at the Republican Club. The League awarded a trophy to the highest scorer of the season. On Thursday, April 1, a tournament was staged, in which any member of the league who had attended at least fifty per cent of the practices, could compete for a silver braceletg however, the winner of the trophy could not compete for this award. Page Sixty-eight Cheer Leaders A flash of orange was one thing always seen on the football held and the basketball floor. These faithful cheerleaders kept the crowd in high spirits whether the team was losing or winning. The snappy cheers and lively cheerleaders aroused pep that could not be excelled at both football and basketball games. Several new cheers were also introduced during the season. Six of the seven cheerleaders, being Seniors, were awarded letters for their efforts. The team was composed of Doris Swisher, Jean Thomas, Mildred Stauffer, Virginia Stover, Ellene Hoke, and Jim Dick. Miss Eleanor Turner coached the team this year. S'l'ANDlNIl+lu. St:1uf'I'er, E. Hoke, J. 'l'homns. KNEELINGYV. Stover, D. Swisher. Page Sixly-nine NAME RAYMOND ALLEN CLAIR ALWINE RICHARD AMSPACKER JEAN BAKER ROBERT BAKER WILLIAM BAKER JOHN BANKERT MARY L. BANKERT JEAN BARNHART FRANCIS BAUGHER DORIS BECHTEL BURNELL BERWAGER MARY GRACE BISH RUTH BISH PAUL BLETTNER JACQUILINE BOLIN BETTIE BOLLINGER FRANCIS BRADY Page Seventy OUR SENIORS FOOD SONG PASTIME Steak There Are Such Things Sports Ice Cream I've Heard That Song Outdoors Before Chicken My Devotion Swimming, Bowling Beef Stew Star Dust' Music Pineapples, Chicken I've Heard That Song Sports Before Ham Brazil Outdoor Sports Ham Black Magic Reading Ham Miss You Movies Anything as long as there's plenty of it. Black Magic Playing the piano Hamburgers Moonlight Becomes You Sports Hamburgers You'd Be So Nice to Come Dancing, Movies Home To Ice Cream Tonight We Love Airplane Modeling Ice Cream Why Don't You Fall in Being with him fBillJ Love With Me? Devil's Food Cake That Soldier of Mine Experimenting Chicken You Were Never Lovelier Music, Cards Chocolate Ice Cream As Time Goes By Reading Liver smothered in onions Two in Love Chili Con Carne ' 'Star Dust Writing Stories Sports REMIN DS US 0F He hates women, but it's not vice versa. Metal bender. Salesman. A zealous lass, but never too busy to smile. I-Ie warbles plenty sweet. Future Army brat. Success will not pass him by. Saleslady. Another Paderewski at heart. Screwball. She'd be so nice to come home to! Harry James. The future housewife of America Q71 The gal with the scientinc approach. Pattern maker. So shy that only the most observant boys notice her. Author. What can we say about Chub, his persqnalitb speaks for himself. NAME RUTH BRAUN JOHN CARR ESTHER CLEVELAND KATHLEEN COLESTOCK ROBERT COLESTOCK THOMAS CONRAD THERON CROMER VESTA CULP JOHN DAVIS JIM DICK LEDA DUBBS RICHARD DUBS BILL DULLING ROSE EARNER Jos ann uanonuzar aaNs'r san rrrz JOHN FISHER FOOD Hamburgers Chili Con Carne Spaghetti Carrots Turkey Turkey Chicken Ice Cream Baked Ham Macroni and Cheese Chocolate Ioe Cream Hamburgers Turkey and Stuff Ham Ham and Eggs Fried Country Ham Cherry Pie and Ice Cream Vegetable Salad OUR SENIORS SONG For Me and My Gal Red Skin Rumba l've Heard That Song Before For Me and My Gal Sleep Kentucky Babe Stardust Moonlight Becomes You Stardust Anchors Aweigh Stardust That Soldier of Mine Don't Get Around Much A nymore' ' This Is the Army, Mr. Jones Ole Man River Who As Time Goes By There Will Always Be an England I've Heard That Song Before PASTIME Movies Hitch-hiking Sports Listening to the radio Airplane modeling Movies Movies, Cards Singing Anything Basketball, Reading Roller skating Movies, Cards Hunting REMIND US OF Seamstress. The boy goes places on the football held. on the dance floor, and ln the parlor. No relation to Grover, but she's conscientious. Paient as Job himself. l-Ie stands and sings low. Miss Flickenger's pride and Joy- Minister. As cute as a picture. Mutt and Jeff. Walking Dictionary. Rink wizard. Machinist. A wiz at trig and as for other things . . . Ohl Writing letters and diaries Rosie the Rioter. She's an Sports Cards Nature Stories Dancing institution at Eichelberger. King of the Mat. Soda jerk. Cameraman. Rug cutter. Page Seventy-one .4 NAME KATHLEEN FLICKINGER DOROTHY FOULK OLIVER FREY DOROTHY GARMAN A GLORIA GARRETT ROMA GARRETT GEORGIA GASS PATRICIA GASS WINIFRED GEISELMAN JEUNE GOBRECI-IT NANCY GOBRECIIT JEAN IIAMM DORIS HAMPTON JANE HARNER PEG IIARSHMEN JOE HARTMAN BARBARA IIERSHEY CHARLES HERSHEY BILL HOFFACKER J OSEPIIIN E HOFFHEIN S OUR SEN IORS FOOD Cauliflower Ice Cream Hamburgers Pink Grapefruit Stuffed Pork Chops Chocolate Cake Apple Dumplings Chop Suey Chicken Chowmein Devil's Food Cake Devil's Food Cake Hardshell Crabs Carrots Elmo's Hamburgers Devil's Food Cake Roast Beef and Gravy Roast Turkey French Fries and Fried Ham Chicken, and I don't mean neck! Roast Beef ' Page -Seventy-two u u SONG Ah Sweet Mystery of Life As Time Goes By As Time Goes By Moonlight Becomes You It Started All Over Again Talk of the Town As Time Goes By When Day Is Done Blue Champagne Stardust As Time Goes By It Started All Over Again Black Magic Take Me MY-ou.. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 'As Time Goes By Why Don't You Do Right. PASTIME Playing records Movies and Dancing Watching a game of football Dancing Bowling, Movies Reading, Movies Drawing Swimming Parties Camping at the Creek Raising iiowers Dancing Reading Spending my time with a certain tall blonde someone Camping at the creek Sports Dancing, Badminton Dancing Sleeping Tormenting Susan REMIN DS US Ol' Bashful. Commando. Timid soul. Twinkle Toes. Super sales girl. Nurse. Artist. Nurse. Deep in the Heart of Texas' Drummer girl. Senorita. Veronica Lake. Bell of Pennville. War Widow. Peg 0' My Heart. Air Raid Siren. French student. Cassanova. Gone With the Wind. Debutante. NAME ELLEN HOKE MIRIAM HOOVEB GUY HOSTETTEB EELENE HOSTETTEB EAS HUMBERT CHARLES HULL LENA MAE JACOBS JEAN KELLENBERGEB ROBERT KELLENBERGER LEON KEMPER SUE KINTZING HAROLD KLINE MARY K. KNIPLE LAWRENCE KOONTZ KITTY KREBS GLADYS KRENZEB ROY KBESS DOROTHY LAMB FOOD Bananas Roast Chicken Steak Roast Beef Spaghetti and meat balls Chicken Fried Chicken French Fries Cheese Ice Cream French Fries French Fries Spaghetti Macaroni and Cheese Steak Spaghetti Turkey French Fries 5 OUR SEN IORS SONG I've Heard That Song Before You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To White Cliffs of Dover Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer As Time Goes By When the Lights Go On Again As Time Goes By As Time Goes By I've Heard That Song Before It Started All Over Again I'll Never Smile Again l've Heard That Song Before My Buddy It Started All Over Again As Time Goes By Until Tomorrow Black Magic Moonlight Cocktails PASTIME Sports and other things Movies and Dancing Riding and Reading. Carrying on Sports Traveling or Reading Horseback riding and dancing Corresponding Basketball Dancing Fightin' with Jo Movies Giraffe parties Airplane Modeling Carrying on Singing and something else. Reading Dancing BEMINDS US Ol' Good egg When Johnny comes march- ing home Seats down front fusherj. Little hut mighty Tomboy Stockboy Saks Fifth Avenue Domestic type Mortimer Snerd Arthur Murray Brown-eyed Susan The studying machinest Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition Jolly good !ellow Mutt and Jef! Lark Wood butcher Angel Page Seventy-three NAME CHARLES LEGORE BETTY LEMON CARROLL LINGG CARL LITTLE CLARE LOGAN NANCY LONG RAY LOSMAN HARRY LOSS DOROTHY LULL MARG McAVOY JACKIE MARCH MARY KAY MARKLE ROY MASENHEIMER RILEY MAUS GENE McCARNEY BEATRICE MEHRING 1 JEANNE MEHRING ANN MESSINGER BETTY MICHAEL JEANNE MILLER FOOD GreenhoItz's potato soup with ham Fried Chicken Chow Mein Spaghetti Shrimp Salad Angel Food Cake Hamburgers Italian Spaghetti Spaghetti Ice Cream Steak fwell done, Shrimp French Fries Turkey Italian Spaghetti Raw Carrots Macaroni and Cheese Devil Cake Chicken Macaroni and Cheese Page Seventy-four .4 H 4- u u H OUR SEN IORS SONG Chloe As Time Goes By As Time Goes By There Will Never Be Another You Intel-memo Stardust Der Fuehrer's Face As Time Goes By Brazil ' When the Lights Go On Again Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Stardust Stardust The Touch of Your Hand Stardust As Time Goes By Prince Charming The Man I Love Till We Meet Again Stardust PASTIME Fishing Day-Dreaming Eating Riding Talking Swimming and Dancing Hanging around up at Dick's Having a good time Movies and reading Doggy roasts Taking long walks Reading and having fun Writing plays Listening to the radio Playing records and eating Dancing Reading Writing Reading Reading letters . . . and well7? and Dancing REMINDS US OF Steel Bender Sweetie pie Cave man Tom Mix Junior Jersey Bounce Prize Winner Anchors Aweigh Senor Secretary Outdoor girl Nightingale Baby Mine Playwright Best kicker in South Penn Conference Mat-hugger Silence is. golden Juke girl A sailor's dream Casper Jeanie with the light brown hair ' NAME NEVIN MOUL ANNA MAE MOWRER BILL MYERS NANCY NACE NORMAN NACE JUNE NEWMAN LEO NITCIIMAN EARL ORNDORFF CLARK ORNDORFF RURNELL RAUBESTINE CHARLOTTE BECK JAMES ROHRBAUGH WALTER SCHEIVERT MARY L. BCHOLL EHORY SCHWARTZ ELEANOR SELL WILLIAM BIEBBERT I DARLA SHEAFFER IEANNE SHEAFFER 1' , FOOD Hamburgers French Fries French Fries Fish Chicken Ice Cream Spaghetti and meat balls T -Bone steak smothered in onions Chicken French Fries Squash Chicken Turkey Ice Cream Roast Chicken Cake Fried Chicken Corn on the cob Potato Chips u an .- u OUR SENIORS SONG For Me and My Gal As Time Goes By For Me and My Gal I've Heard That Song Before Stardust There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere As Time Goes By You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To Moonlight Becomes You I've Heard That Song Before I've Heard That Song Before I've Heard That Song Before As Time Goes By You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To As Time Goes By I've Heard That Song Before Smoke Gets in Your Eyes As Time Goes By Got a Touch of Texas PASTIME Bike Riding Reading Going to Hagerstown Listening to radio Sports Go on picnics and swim Roller-skating Spending'an evening at 122 M St., Little!- town Sports Eating Movies Swimming Swimming Reading Movies Movies and Dancing Sports Day Dreaming Auto-riding iwithout gasj REMINDS US OF Pen-pusher Farmer's daughter Star Violin lover Chemist Chatterbox Just a good patriot The Victory Lunch Fellow chemist Short stuff Goldie locks Sandpaper specialist Saw-pusher Choirester Silence is golden Salesgirl You've got to be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls Soft-hearted Heart of Gold Page Seventy-five NAME BETTY SHEARER MERLE SI-IEELY JEAN SHERMAN PEARL SHYBOCK GERALDINE SIMPSON DOROTHY SLAGLE NADINE SMALL DOROTHY SMITH LAVERNE SMITH LOYD SNYDER THERON SNYDER JOHN STAUB MILDRED STAUFFER VIRGINIA STOVEB EDGAR STOVER BETTY STRAUSBAUGH DORIS SWISHER GEORGE SWISIIER AILENE TIIOMAN ARLENE THOMAN IRENE TI-IIERET FOOD Fried Chicken Chicken and Wames Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake Hamburgers, Milk Shakes Oysters Spaghetti and Meatballs Chocolate Ice Cream U u OUR SENIORS SONG Moonlight Becomes You 5'For Me and My Gal Here Comes the Navy Don't Get Around Much Anymore As Time Goes By Moonlight Mood Temptation As Time Goes By Anything For Me and My Gal Turkey I've Heard That Song Before Sirloin steak, fried chicken Down by the Old Mill Stream Apples Stardust Fried country ham Ice Cream, french fries T-bone steak Ice Cream Ice Cream Hamburgers Ice Cream Ice Cream Cheese Page Seventy-sis: -4 -1 u You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To Till We Meet Again Moonlight Becomes You' Serenade in Blue High on a Windy Hill' Moonlight Mood For Me and My Gal There Are Such Things As Time Goes By PASTIME Movies Movies Archery Bowling Fun Movies and Records Camping at the creek Movies Sleeping Reading Examining used cars Reading Day-dreaming Sports Riding horses Skating Spending time with certain sailor Movies Movies Bicycling Dancing 8 REMINDS US OF Brutality Nothing can stop the army air corps She shot an arrow through my heart Ten-pin queen Boots and saddles Decorator Everything good comes ir small packages The efiicient secretary Photographer Marine Hymn The little minister Shanker mechanic Dark eyes Gobs of love for the Navy Cowboy Rink wizard There's something about a sailor Restless Always together Always together Flying fingers S NAME I EAN THOMAS TIHMY TIMMUS GLORIA UFFELMAN WILBUB UNGER PATRICIA UBICK RALPH VABNER IEAN WALLACE IDGAB WISENSALE EARL WALTER IUREN WALTERSDORF IDBERT WEAVER IILDRED WENTZ 'BANCES WINTERS IETTY WITMER :ARL WITMER EAN WILDE PICK ZARTMAN ITHEBYN ZEPP FOOD Hot beef sandwich and macaroni Steak Fried chicken and Wadles Sundaes Pickles Mrs. Brady's Chile Con Carne Chocolate marshmallow sundae with ice cream Army beans Fried chicken Chicken Turkey Italian Noodles ' Ice'Cream Chocolate cake Mashed potatoes and gravy Baked ham Banana Splits Fried chicken r u OUR SENIORS SONG Velvet Moon I've Heard That Song Before Saving Myself for Bill As Time Goes By As Time Goes By Stardust Stardust My Gal Sal Without a Song I'm Getting Sentimental Over You I've Heard That Song Before - The Army Air Corps I've Heard That Song Before It Started All Over Again String of Pearls I've Never Smile Again As Time Goes By Miss Yon s PASTIME Creek Collecting stamps Loaf at the creek Reading Dancing Giraffe parties Sleeping Music Sports Shooting rats fwhen you can get bulletsj Playing poker Playing mushball Reading Day-dreaming Listening to jazz music on the radio or victrola Any form of wholesome recreation Bowling Eating REMINDB US OF Snottie little cutie The little man that wasn't there Anchors Aweigh Short and mighty Salesgirl Molasses in January Good books Blow, Gabriel, blow Tall, dark. and handsome Miss Flickinger's pet peeve Wood butcher Take me out to the ball- Same Saucy little red-head Peaches and Cream Card-shark E. H. S. Brat Soda-jerk Air-minded Page Seventy-seven gn ml . ,sf xx, Q9 I' '-- X2 wp +1 Last Will and Testament 1' Katheryn Zepp, will my talent C?J on the violin to Phyllis Swartzbaugh. Gene McCarney, will my P. D. notebook to Ann Young. Kitty Krebs, will my place on the senior trio to Elaine Frock. ' james Dick, will my required book reports to anyone who doesn't like to read Jo Holfheins, will my place in ttigonometry to Mimi Holfheins. Robert Colestock, will my height to .George Bowman. Vesta Culp,,will my ability to carry on in class to Susie Leppard. Leon Kemper, will all my bad luck to Harold Catherman. Clare Logan, will the. dirty work of the Orange 8: Black to any poo to do it. Joseph Hartman, will my curly hair to Bud Musselman. Ann Messinger, will my worries with the printer to Marg Carlson. ll Lingg, will my blond hair to Gene Huggens. N Nancy Gobrecht, will my abundance of freckles to Yvonne Mummert. Charles Hershey, will my football ability to Ken Rebling. Kas Humbert, will my athletic ability to Marg Carlson. p Raymond Allen, will my ability in trigonometry to Snipe Gross. r soul who is willing ' Nancy Long, will my musical ability to anyone who is fool enough' to appreciate it. Roy Masenheimer, will all the good times I have had in plays to Bob Boyer. Jean Thomas, will my big eyes to anyone who has trouble seeing. Q- Chub Brady, will my ability to roll a natural seven times in a row to Grizz Bair. Helene Hostetter, will my ability to take dictation to jean Serif. John Carr, will my hitch-hiking ability to Ed Kerr. Sue Kintzing, will my false teeth to Susie Leppard. Buck Walters, will my ability to play straight in a poker game and still win to Ed Kerr. Girry Simpson, will my love for football to any poor soul who doesn't like it. Bill Seibert, will my ability to go to bed early to Snipe Gross. Jean Hamm, will my ears to Daryl Mae Sterner. Earl Orndorif, will my aility in chemistry to jim Wainger. Peg Harshman, will my blue eyes to Mot Kintzing. Joe Erb, will my seat in English class to any junior who sits in the last row the first day of school. 4 Page Seventy-nine 1 .., , Q - f' QT. .kr A , 1 - a .Aw f. Yi: g' ., , .l -v. . 1 . ' 52 yr. . TS' :Q 1 5? 'Y 4g..'Qg,, ,' X YF' x .,. jg, 1 k I , . -.I .W Sf P. ,'1 571 .' ,G 4 s kq.4e-NL' .l. ' . X r - fx , , ., , ff ,, . aw.- 1.19gjx-TA, 4. .V R f.-X T. f l 4 1-xiii V , nf- hiv' as-f ' 4-ff A 5 5 f' +4 ' :l1g:g,:eL 3 ' M ., ., . . ,f ' 'QS M-f 7' if MMV XA0',w mc -Jana!! 9 My ww wff MM,M W . , ' 2 ,,,L0W,,, 144-X am, ,,, f QW fw, ' Mginwim ff Mya 'Vim' I M' on ff ill LM M 7fMWlf 55 MMMWP M ' 5 -,QW-if ffvm Egyfrm

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