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,gh L '32 X. N-L..L Kuuvioa 1 Q65oe.ia'l'-Q, Qdifof of- O-416. gofhi N' ftaaufee' OP P066 Club QLL- 5'l'af fzlaq Uuiof glaq if bieeueeion- NIFJ.. I 1 uma! Lines Seo. U' pfifb- H'OLLLC H5094 Debafiuq than 6145. bofzhouxofb plau.1 b Qu- em gsm, Mes. 0? Qfcss Club wifes? OP Ong- PRESENTIN6 THE NCDRNIR Published by the class of I LI, 2 Eichelberger Senior High School HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA 1 I F The NORNIR Staff Editor-in-Cbief ---- Auociate Editor Bufinen Managerf Circulation Manager! Sportf Editor! - Art Editor: - Feature Editors - Senior Clan Editorf Photography Editor.: Typirtx - - Faculty Adoirerf 4 - - Ja. - HARRY SWARTZBAUGH - - - - - - - - BETTY HANKLE - - ,KNADMI LEMMON, GEORGE REBERT - - DEAN UNGER, MARY GULDEN MARGARET MCDONNELL, STEPHEN O'NEILL '- -I ROY ANDERSEN, JEAN HARMAN - PEGGY APPLER, ALBERT SI-IANABROOK - DOROTHY DICK, BURNELL' HOFFACKER - DONALD HAMME, ROBERT HEPBURN - OLYVEEN HAMME, J. RUPERLI' NEARY, ALBERT SI-IANABROOK, DONALD NACE, JAMES BRENNER, JANET REINDOLLAR. MR. FRANKLIN RILEY, MR. SAMUEL SI-IIRK DEDICATION Q. f To our friend, instructor, and adviser, Mr. Erle K. Diehl, we, the class of 1942, dedicate this Nornir, not only in appreciation of his sincere and untiring efforts in helping us to attain our goal, hut also in appreciation of his interest in all our endeavors. We shall aways esteem and respect him as an instructor and a friend. FOREWORD To us, the graduating seniors, it seems almost impossible that three years could have passed so swiftly. Only yesterday we stood as sophomores upon the threshold of E. H. S. look- ing anxiously ahead to the joyous times that were to be ours, but all too soon they have come and gone. Now we stand upon the threshold of a new and most important career. For many of us, our high school days will be our last school days, and we will venture forth im- mediately to take our place in the struggle of life, hut others of us will go on to higher institutions of learning. No matter where we are in the years to come, however, we will always look hack upon our happy days at Eichelberger High with fond recollections. Therefore, in order that we may have a permanent record of our classmates, our school, and the events that took place there, we have brought forth this Nornir to serve as a milestone of the past. i ii i fjigimffa , 6.15 g?-3.3, 4 , 4 f M fT"' B LI? V. if 1 . 'U' 72 X "W - xi X' i L-uf. X XPS ff 629 if W ii i i 4-L. fm W. W4 -.Nt 5 'Wi I i XX i lr I' XX: ii X 1 i x X fi iii m 'g'Af if iii, Aida' X' A i if if ff , Administration I It 2nd 3rd Row-M. MENGES, D. SHAFER, O. NEWEORG, M. LONGANEQKER, M. EASTEP, B. WINES. Row-E. TURNER, G. XWALKER, G. HAMM, M. ZINN, H, FLICKINGER, M. BAUGI-IER. Row-M. MILLER, N. STONER, G. WERTZ. B. BRAMMER, F. VANDERWALL. E. DIEHL. 4th Row-E. BOUCHER, S. SHIRK, H. CARN. L. ORNER, B. H. SHAFER, 5th Row-C. SHEAFFER, A. G. EALY. J. P. DAVIS, F. RILEY, A. NICHOLSON. Senior High MILTON M. BAUGHER-W0rid Hiftory, Biology, Economic Geography. ERNEST R. BOUCHER-Inftramental Mmic. BARRY BRAMMER--W00dJh0p. HAROLD CARN-Mechanical Drawing I, II, lII,' Shop Coordinator. JAMES P. DAVIS-Indzutrial Hixtory, Problem! of Democracy, American Hiftory, World Hiftory. ERLE K. DIEHL-Problemf of Democracy. School Faculty A. G. EALY-Coach, Boyf Pbyfical Ediication and Health. IVIARY EASTEP-Englifh III, Spanifh. HENRIETTA FLICKINGER-AlgEbYd II, Bafinefx Mathematicf American Hixtory. GLADYS HAMM-Plane Geometry, Solid Geome- try, Plane Trigonometry, World Hiytory. MAIIY' STEVENS LONGANECKER-Latin I, II, III, IV. MARY MENGES-Englifla III, IV, VI. .Jw . ' .Luqfr-av-. Q 'Wm :v Wim: - fir ' ' Ii J MARTIN F. MILLER-French I, lI,' Englifh III. OLGA NBWBORG-Girly Playrical Education and Health. ARTHUR F. N1cHoLsoN-Englifla II,' Practical Bookkeeping. LAWRENCE T. ORNER-Vocational Mathematicx I, II, IlI,' Vocational Englixh II,' Related Science. FRANKLIN S. RILEY-Bookkeeping I, Il,' Explora- tory C ornmercialf Practical Bookkeeping. B. HENRY SHAFER-American Hixtory, Debate Coach. DORIS voN BERGEN SHAFER-Typing I, ll,- Stenography I, ll,' Academic Typing. me.M5J CHESTER L. SHEAFFER-Diftribatioe Education Coordinator. SAMUEL SHIRK-Englifb II, III, V. ELIZABETH SPANGLER-School Name. NORMAN C. STONER-Machine Shop. ELEANOR TURNER-Vocal Mtuic. FRANK C. VANDERWALL-Biologyg Faculty Ath- letic Manager. GERTRUDE WALKER-Librarian. GERALQD WERTZ-Chemixtry, Pbyxicx. BETTY WINES-HOM6 Economicr. MARY ZINN-Aflj Related Art. The School Board MR. W. HENRY BITTINGER - Prefident MR. J. F. REBERT Vice-Prefident MR. C. W. SCHUE Treaxnrer MR. H. M. FOLMER MR. L. B. SHEPPARD MR. GUY R. GOODFELLOW MR. CLYDE H. ZARTMAN MR. LLOYD WITMER Secretary 11 MR. LOUIS D. BALDWIN Principal 'Lt s.,-nf-"""5" Message to the Seniors Boys and girls who have learned that the world does not owe them a living, who have been led to see that a job is a privilege and an opportunity, will early forge to the front. Every manls work is always a portrait of himself, the more he tries to conceal himself, the more clearly will his character appear in spite of him. Nobody is born with the disposition to work. Work is an acquired characteristic. It is idle to say that we are going to need workers. We are going to need every one we can rear and train in every field of human activity. While the nations of the world roar at each other, the work of the world must wait, and the workers toog but the time of waste and worry is almost over. The world is going back to work, and when the dam breaks, it will be the person who is best prepared, the readiest worker, who will be called first. Prepare yourself thoroughly for the work you hope to do. No earnest effort, no knowledge, no skill, ever yet went to waste, but instead fed the power that incited it. Superintendentis Message Patriotism is more than an outward expression of enthusiasm shown toward our country. It is a quality of our inner selves which grows out of a genuine love for our country. Patriotism should not only make us proud of our country for what it is and has been but should also give us the desire' to make it better. In time of war it is natural for people to become "hard" and "bitter" in their dealings with one another. This tendency, if uncontrolled, will lower those qualities of our inner selves which are neces- sary to keep us highly civilized citizens of the country which we love. You of the class of 1942 must help your nation to uphold its level of citizenship and consequently its standard of patriotism. MR. ROBERT A. BAGSHAW Superintendent of Schoolr K" N f. f ' NV! X wg KU E-5:3 Seniors fx . 6K N N 1 fxf'X , X, x 5 Aff W f N SW? f fx 3' 'if A DM W Ng DALE BRINGMAN President ws, ELLEN BOSTION S ecretary HARRY SWARTZBAUGH Vice-President NAOMI LEMMON Treasurer Class SEN ICR History We, the class of 1942, were given a royal welcome in Eichelberger High School. Characteristic of all sophomores, we rather timidly began to build up as fine a class reputation as can be established. During our first year in E. H. S., we presented a fine dramatic pro- duction, Life Begins at Sixteen. Many members of our class participated in the operetta, The Mikado, and in the all-star play, What a Life. We can boast about quite a few green athletes who tried our for various sports. These boys stuck to their teams throughout their three years in high school and became exceedingly proficient in football, basketball, wrestling, track, soccer, and tennis. The girls, as well as the boys, participated in many sports events. At the end of our sophomore year, we gave a grand Soph-Senior farewell dance, the theme of which was a Mardi Gras. As juniors, we gained a little more confidence in our abilities. The debating team, composed almost entirely of juniors, won first place in the National Forensic League Tournament at Lancaster. Our drama- tic and music students gave outstanding performances in Stage Door, Little Women, and The Forest Prince. Page Ten Time will not dim the memory of the beautiful garden scene of our junior Prom which brought to a close another year. And now as seniors, who are thoroughly confident of themselves, we look back upon our last year. It does not seem very long ago that we presented that chilling, thrilling murder mystery, The Bat. The last chance the senior dramatic students had to display their talents was in the unique all-star play, The Night of january 16th. Many students from our class served on the Orange and Black staff, in the band and orchestra, and on the cheer-leading squad. During our last few days in school, we were re- paid for our efforts by being the guests of the under- classmen at their farewell dances. Our last week sped by swiftly. The bacculaureate service was beautifully presented, and, as we sat beneath the big oak tree on campus day, we began to wonder whether we were really anxious to leave our alma mater as we had thought we would be. The night of graduation arrived, and we realized that even greater things than those which we had accomplished were ahead of us. lsr How li. Golweelil. H, Swarlzhaugll, V. XVilcIasin, S'r,xNluxu J. .llllantl, D. xVllllillI1S, J. Xeary, li. Allgaier, l', lirelms, li. Eelaenrmle, D. Slizleffer. MTHE BAT" The 15.11. a mystery play in three acts, written by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood, was presented in the H. S. auditorium on Thursday and Friday nights, November I9 and 20. The story of the play had to deal with a maiden lady who rented a summer home which eventually turned out to he haunted. Mysterious murders, shivery rappings, and a very tricky lighting effect pro- vided numerous thrills throughout the entire performance. The play was under the direction of Mr. Shirk. THE CAST THURSDAY FRIDAY Miss VAN Gonm-:n Gloria Slauller Phyllis Krebs IMLI-1 f,GIlliN Hefty Jane Allgaier Margaret Nlellonnell Lizlllfi .'xl.I.liN Doris Sham-fTer Doris ShaelTer Illl.nA .lean Alilancl Jean Allland Awnmtsox Vernon Wildasin Vernon Wiltlasin lin:H.xnn Iflaaxilxn Harry Swartzbaugh Dale Iiringtnan linoons Donald XVilliams Donald Naee Dorrron XVI-:l.1.s litiward Gohreeht lirlward Golmreeht lll'iGlNAI,Il lflilil-ISI-'UNIN J. liupert Neary J. Rupert Neary Vxnxowx AIAN William Glenn llohert liekenrmie S'l'ANl1lxo J. Altlantl, J. NClll'y, D. Sll2ll'l'l'l'l', G. Stauller. li. flHlH'k'k'lll. V. NVilcIasin, D. liringman, M. Mellonnell, IJ. Naee. SIZATED- -XV. Glenn. Page lflemfn -A5 andy barb peg shorty BETTY JANE ALLGAIER UB. J." Academic Typing Club C25, V. Pres. Pan. Am. Club C353 O 8: B C25, Girl Reserves C25, Handbook C25, Debating C25, Minor Sports C35, Narnia' C35, Senior Play, Delphians C2, 355 Chorus C35. JE AN ELIZABETH ALTLAND "Jean" A cad emi 6 Soph. Play, Senior Play, Sec. Home Room Cl5, Bio. Club Cl5, Bridge Club C25, V. Pres. Needlework Club 135, Minor Sports Cl, 25,0 81 B Cl, 2, 353 Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 35g Chorus C35, Delphians Cl, 2, 35. ROY M. ANDERSEN "Andy" A cad emi c Senior Play, All-Star Play Cl, 2, 35, Dancing Club Cl5, Bridge Club C25, Mod. Alch. Club C35g Tennis Cl, 2, 35,0 8: B Cl5, Chorus C355 Hi-Y C35, Narnia Art Editor C35. BARBARA ANTHONY "Barb" Academic Glee Club Cl, 35, Camera Club C25, Girl Re- serves Cl, 2, 353 Sports Cl, 2, 35. Page Twelve gladys dick PEGGY APPLER "Peg" A cademic All-Star Play CZ, 35, Debating Cl, 25, Sports Cl, 2, 35, O 8: B Cl, 25, News Ed. C35, Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 35, Chorus C35, Nomir Feature Ed. C35. DORIS 1. ASPER "Shorty" General Dancing Club C 15, Cheerleaders Club C25, Girls' Mgr. Club C354 Cheerleader Cl, 2, 35, Sports Cl, 2, 35, Girl Reserves C25, All-Star Play C25, Minor Sports Cl, 2, 35- GLADYS E. BAIR "Gladys" General Girls' Ath. Club Cl5, Needlework Club C253 Study Club C35g Junior Play, Sports Cl5, Drill Team C l RICHARD W. BAIR "Dick" Dirtribative Education Dancing Club Cl5, All-Am. Club C25, Mod. Alch. Club C35, Intra-Sports C1, 2, 35, Football C25. MILDRED L. BAKER 'lMil" Academic Glee Club Cljg Sec.-Treas. Library Club 1253 Public Speaking Club U25 Operetta QI, Zjg Soph. Playg Junior Playg Sports Qljg Chorus QI, 2, SQL Poetry Reading QZJ. MARION E. BARNITZ "Sissy" Academic Soph. Playg All-Star Play CZ, 39g Dramatic Club 6.1, Zig Mod. Alch. Club Q35 Operetta QI, 223 Sports I 1 I- ZENIA BAUMGARDNER "Zenie" IJII-.fribu1iz'e Education Dancing Club 1194 Girls' Ath. Mgr. Club CZJQ Study Club Q32. FRANCES BEALING "Franny" lJi.rM'ibuziz'e Iicluculion All-Star Play C I bg junior Playg Dancing Club CID' Study Club 4223 Commerce Club CBJ. 7 mil sissy S ROBERT I.. BECK "Bob" Amclemfc Aviation Club il, 2, Pres. 393 Band Qlb. DORIS BECKER "Becky" Di.rlri!111liz'e lINillL'zlff07l Cvlee Club fl, 59g Library Club CZJQ Operetta I, 273 Chorus Cl, 29. EDWARD BEIDLEMAN "Ted" ilxifll-l-lf in - -f-- -'SL-Araf7SmiN'v1L-b'Xli.xJK' - f' 3- Typlisg lQf!1bAHP.l3- Cirlfiiiitim Ukhxgrg Boys' Coo inv Clu' 13? Stu nt Council QI, V. res. 2, Presji Q 1, 2, sig Hi-Y QI,2,JJ3Chorusi' Q 8LBfDm:t,iy EARL F. B1.ETTNI3R 'XJ "Blett" Commercial All-Am. Club CI, Zjg Study Club C5D. zenie franny il bob becky '9 Q' Q? ted blett Page Thirteen ben junie pearl ellen -. buffalo helen jim mary ' B. BENJAMIN BERWAGER "Ben" WILLIAM BOWMAN? GX , "Buffalo" Academic U 6. Mr ive . wmv Soph. Play5 All-Star Play C255 Dancing Club CI55 Sap Playbmta a ' Typing Club C255 Pan. Am. Club C355 Opererta C . res. ic I , 5-5 res. Bridge Cl, 255 Intra-Sports Cl, 255 Chorus Cl, 2, 35. Clu I i . tg. 'SYCQ ng Club C355 Operetta Cl, , . 5. ' 'N .. JUNE C. BOLIN "Junie" HELEN K. YER "Helen" C ommercial G eneml ' Q Needlework Club Cl, 255 Dancing Club C35. Bio. Club CI55 Camera Club C255 Study Club C355 Chorus Cl, 255 Girl Reserves Cl, 25. PEARL E. BOND "Pearl,' JAMES BRENNER "Jim" A mciemic Commercial Soph. Playg All-Star Play C2, 355 Dramatic Club Cl, 255 Camera Club C355 Sports C2, 35. ELLEN BOSTION "Ellen,' Dirtributive Education Home Room Sec. Cl, 2, 355 Dancing Club C155 Library Club C255 V. Pres. Commerce Club C35. Page Fourteen Home Room Pres. Cl, 255 All-Star Play C355 All- Am. Club CI55 Study Club C255 Boys' Cooking Club C355 Hi-Y CI, 2, 355 Chorus C355 Pres. Junior Class C255 Football, Basketball CI, 25. MARY . BRICKNER "Mary" Commercial Bio. Club C155 Study Club C255 Dancing Club C355 Sports C I, 255 Minor Sports CI, 255 Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 35- DALE S. BRINGMAN "Dale" Academic Soph. Play, All-Star Play C29g Senior Play C395 Home Room Pres. Cl, 2, 39g Intra-Sports Cl, 2, 39, Soccer 42, 39g Dramatic Club fl9g German Club V. Pres. 429, Mod. Alch. Club 1395 Debating fl, 2, 39, Pres. Hanover Chapter N. F. L. 129, Extemp. Speaking 1395 After Dinner Speaking 629, Hi-Y 42, Pres. 393 Handbook 129g Nat'l Debate Tournament, Ky. C29g Soph. Class Pres., Senior Class Pres. ROBERT G. BUCHMAN "Bob'l Academic Bio. Club 1 l 9g All-Star Club 129, Mod. Alch. Club 639, Soccer 12, 39. GEORGE BUBB "Angel" Vocalional Aviation Club Q l, 29g V. Pres. Aviation Club 139, Stage Crew il, 2, 39, Football 429, Track QZ, 395 Wrestling 42, 39. MARILYN BUSHBAUM MMarilyn" Academic Library Club 119, Art Club 129, Pan. Am. Club 459. dale V bob JOSEPH BYRD 'joe' Dirtribatizfe Education Model Airplane Club ll, 2, 39, Intra-Sports C29 THEDA COLEHOUSE "Theda' Home Iicrmomici' Girls' Ath. Club C l 9g Girl Scouts 6294 Girls' Arh Mgrs. Club 439, Sports ql, 2, 39g Girl Reserves QI9. WILLIAM FRANKLIN COX "F" A cademi c I Home Room Sec.-Treas. 1 l 9, V. Pres. Home Room 629, Public Speaking Club Cl, 295 Tennis 41, 2, 39' Football Mgr. 429g l1'1EI'tl-SPOITS 4394 Hl-Y 42, 392 Chorus 12, 39, Boys' Quartet C395 Operetta 129, De- bating ll, 2, 39. WILLIAM CRAWFORD "Bill" Vocational Future Craftsman Club il, 2, 39. angel marilyn joe theda X f bill Page Fifteen ernie dickie dot ross bob deanie ERNEST CROUSE "Ernie" Vocczziomzl Study Club Cl5, Camera Club C25, F. C. A. C355 Track C25. JEANNE DICK "Dickie', Academic All-Star Play Cl, 35, 0 6 B Cl, 2, 35, Dramatic Club Cl, 25, Needlework Club Sec. C35, Chorus C35, Debating C2, 35. DOROTHY DICK "Dot" A cad emi c Soph. Play, All-Star Play C2, 35, Handbook C25, Nornir Senior Class Editor C353 0 6 B Cl, 25, Drama- tic Club Cl, 25, Public Speaking Club C355 Debating Cl, 2, 35, Sec. of Hanover Chapter of N. F. L. C25, National Debate Tournament, Ky. C25, Sports Cl, 25. ROSWELI, DUBS "Ross" General Study Club Cl, 25, Mod. Alch. Club C35. Page Sixteen spigot johnny ROBERT ECKENRODE "Bob" A cnc! emi c All-Star Play Cl, 2, 35, Home Room Pres. Cl5, V. Pres. C25, lntra-Sports C35, Dancing Club V. Pres. Cl, 35, Dramatic Club C25. GERALDINE EYLER "Deanie" General Needlework Club C25, Dancing Club C35. MERLE FORNEY "Spigot" Academic Band Club Cl5, Camera Club C25, Cooking Club C35, Band C1, 2, 35. . psww LU V5.1 W' 'CRW JOHN FRECH 3 "j0hnny', Gen al Soph. Play, Senior Play, All-Star Play C35, Public Speaking Club C15, Debating Club C 25, Mod. Alch. Club C35, Student Council Cl, 2, 35, Track C35. WII.I.IAM FROCK "Bill" G en eral Sportsman Club Cl, Sec. Zh, Typing Club C35 Intra-Sports CZ, 39. DOROTHY GARRETT "Dorn Home Economics Girls' Ath. Club Clk, Girls' Ath. Mgr. Club CZ, 39, Sports Cl, Z, SJ. LEWIS GARRETT "LeW', General Aviation Club CZ, 35. DEAN GEIMAN "Dean" Commercial Typing Club CID, Bee Culture Club C5D. bill dot JOHN GEISELMAN "Jack" Academic Soph. Plxy, junior Play, All-Star Play 439, Home Room Pres. Cl, Z, 595 Band Club V. Pres. C193 Press Club CZJ, Dancing Club Pres. C373 Intra-Sports Cl, Z, 59, Soccer CZJ, Band Cl, Z, 39, Orchestra Cl, 59, Hi-Y CZ, 39, 0 6 B CZJ. WARREN GEORGE 'iW:1rdy" General All-Am. Club C l, ZJ, Lettermen's Club CSI, Foot- ball Cl, Z, 57, Basketball Cll, Track Cl, Z, 59. VERNON GILBERT "Vernie" Academic Dancing Club CI, 57, Camera Club CZ9, Intra- Sports Cl, ZJ. WILLIAM GLENN "Bill" A cazlemic Debating Club C l D, German Club CZ D, Mod. Alch. 139, Soph. Play, Senior Play, All-Star Play CZJ, Soccer CZJ, Intra-Sports GPL Chorus C331 Hi-Y CSD, Debat- ing CZ, 33, Boys' Quartet CSJ. lew dean jack Wardy vernie bill Page Scvenleun ed jim JMWWQ 'J '9,f?f5'MC"" al if fritch mary EDWARD GOBRECHT "Edu A caviemic Soph. Play3 Senior Play3 All-Star Play C1, 2, 353 Contest Play C253 Band Club Pres. C1 ' Dramatic duck peanut , M' BARB y1'lf 'ye "Fritch" vi' Y Q W jr Amagmic Dramatic C 'CIBNZ53 res. Needlework Club C353 Soph. ay' ll-Star Play C353 Operetta C1, 253 3 5' juni Club C253 Cooking Club C353 O C 3 B21 Cl Chorus C 3 0 if B C1, 2, 353 Delphians C13 2, Cl,2,353Orch. C153Soccer C3 . UV 3 , GERALD 899512, ' " PKRY ELIZABETH GULDEN '3Mafy3' 'wk if z ti ation MJ ' Commercial . P a ramat' 3 e e ub Sec. Dancing Club C153 Library Club C253 Danc- 353 ' C1 . ing Club C353 Home Room Sec. C23 353 Nornir Circ. Mgr. C35. YVONNE GOOD KtHCClY,, DONALD HAMME 'lDuck" G eueml A cademic Home Room Sec. C153 All-Star Play C2, 353 Press Club C1 53 Sec.-Treas. Art Club C253 College Club C353 0 G B C1, 253 Delphians C1, 2, 353 Girl Reserves C1, 2. 35. ALLAN GRAY "Al" Academic Home Room Pres. C153 Forestry Club Pres. C153 Forestry Club C2 5 3. Study Club C3 53 V. Football C153 Basketball C1, 2, 353 Track C35. Page Eighleen Soph. Play3 Junior Play3 All-Star Play C253 Press Club C153 Bridge Club C253 Mod. Alch. Club V. Pres. C353 Tennis C253 Band C253 O 6 B C1, 253 Contest Play C253 Chorus C353 Nornir Photo. Ed. C35. OLYVEEN HAMME "Peanut" C ommerciul Junior Play3 Operetta C13 253 Glee Club C153 Dramatic Club C253 Dancing Club C353 Sports C1, 253 Chorus C13 2, 353 Girls' Trio C2, 353 Special Chorus C35. BETTY LOU HANKLE "Bertha', Academic All-Star Play 11, 2, 39, Home Room Sec. 119, Press Club 119, Art Club Pres. 129, College Club Pres. 139, Minor Sports 11, 2, 39, Chorus 11, 29, Operertti 129, O G I3 11, 2, 39, Girl Reserves 11, 2, 3 9, Ixlflfflif' Associate Editor 139. JEAN HARMAN "Jem" A cadefzzir Debating Club 119, German Club 129, Pan Am. Pres. 139, Opsrerta 11 9, Chorus 11, 29, Girl Reserves 12, 39, Nomir Art Ed. 139. JUNE HARMAN "June" A cuff e mi c Soph. Play, Debating Club 119, German Club 129, Typing Club 1399 Chorus 11, 2, 39. BETTY HART "Shorty" Fo ne ia! 11 Clu 12 inor S 2 ' ' erves 1 2 Soph. lgy, Girl lu 1 9, Pres. Camera b t 1 , 9, rrl 1 , , 59 Vp! S RICHARD HARTMAN "Dick" Academic A11-Am. Club 119, Camera Club 129, Mod. Alch. Club 139, Soccer 11, 39, Wrestling 11, 39. GENE W. HAWK "Chicken" Vomziomzl Sec.-Treas. F. C. A. 11, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 39, State Pres. F. C. A. 129. ROBERT HEPBURN "Bob" Academic Intra-Sports 11, 39, Band 11, 2, 39, 0 6 B 119, Orch. 12, 39, Nomzir Photo. Ed. 139. EUGENE HERSHEY "Gene" Comm ezfcial Dancing Club 1193 Camera Club 129, Study Club 139g lnrra-Sports 11, 2, 39. june shorty cl ick chicken bob gene Page Nineteen burnie roots connie mary 'QM frog reds nell tooty BURNELL HETRICK "Burnie, MYRL D. HILBERT "Frog" Vocational Vocational Library Club Pres. C155 Study Club C255 F. C. A. Model Airplane Club C155 Camera Club C255 C355 Basketball Cl, 2, 35. Boys' Cooking Club C355 Band Cl, 2, 35. HARRIET HETRICK "TOOtS,' BURNELL' P1 .UR S" Home Economic! N KA If mb Girls' Ath. Club Cl55 Camera Club C255 Studygye Pl -9. o Pr - i lub Club C35. ' Sec. 5' C 5: Caeas. i .', I tter s b 335.500 IC 5,S cer , 55 ' P' : ' Q PEARL HETRICK "Connie" B NE HOF AC R i "Nell" Academic Academic Dramatic Club C155 Soph. Play5 Junior Playg All Star Play C355 Chorus Cl, 2, 355 Contest Chorus C15 Poetry Reading C355 Operetta Cl, 25. MARY LOUISE HEUSNER "Mary,' Diftribulive Education Camera Club Cl55 Study Club C2, 355 Girls' Sports Cl, 2, 35. Page Twenty Band Club Cl55 Bridge Club C255 Mod. Alch. Club C35g Student Council C155 Band Cl, 2, 355 Orch. Cl, 255 Hi-Y C355 Football Mgr. C255 lntra-Sports C35, Home Room Sec. C255 Nornir Senior Class Ed. C35. MARY LOUISE HOOVER "Tooty" Home Economics Soph. Play5 Band Club C155 Girls' Mgr. Club C2, 355 Sports Cl, 2, 355 Band Cl, 2, 355 Girl Re- serves C1, 2, 35. ROBERT HOUCK "Bob" Academic Library Club Cl9g Art Club C29g Dancing Club C59. STERLING HUGGENS "Sterl" Academic junior Playg Senior Playg All-Star Play C39g Home Room Pres. Cl, 29g Aviation Club Pres. C19g Camera Club Pres. C29g Public Speaking Club C595 Operetta C2 94 Chorus CZ, 5 95 Oration C29g Hi-Y CZ, 593 Boys' Quartet CZ, 593 Intra-Sports C393 Student Council C39. KATHRYN JACOBY "Kas" Commercial Girl Scouts Cl9g Girls' Mgr. Club C29g Dancing Club C595 Handbook C29g Sports Cl, 2, 59. ROBERT JOHNSON "Bob" Vocalifmal Dancing Club Sec.-Treas. Cl9g Study Club C2, W Z MCC Qlw on A JEANNE KELLER "Jean" Df.it1'ibatiL'c lfclacalimz Home Room Pres Cl9g Home Room V Pres C293 Girls' Ath Club Treas Cl9g Girls' Mgr. Club C2, Pres 39g Girls Sports Cl, 29. MARIE KLUNK "Klunkie" Academic Camera Club Cl, 295 Glee Club Sec.-Treas. C39g Operetta C29g Sports Cl, 29g Home Room Sec.-Treas. C39g Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 593 Delphians C2, 59g Chorus C29g O C? B C2, 59. PHYLLIS KREBS "Pete" Academic Senior Playg Mod. Alch. Club C593 Sports C39g Debating C394 Girl Reserves C39g All-Star Play C595 Shakespearian Reading C 5 9. EDWARD KRESS "Ed" A cazlemi c junior Playg All-American Club Cl9g Aviation Club C29g Typing Club C593 Student Council C29g Football C199 Intra-Sports C59. u QS Z I bob jamfbe b wc ierlh kas bob jean klu nkie pete ed Page Tlvenly-one tot hen fahiofiwkva. Wa' Down aeannie snookie daff porky MARIE LANDIS "Tot" Academic Typing Club C253 Glee Club C35. HENRIETTA LEISTER "Hen" Home Economicr Glee Club Cl5Q Needlework Club C253 Study Club C35. NADINE LEISTER "Deannie'l Academic Dancing Club C153 Library Club C253 Glee Club C553 Sec.-Treas, Home Room C25. NAOMI LEMMON "Snookie" Commercial junior Play3 Dramatic Club C153 Girls' Ath. Mgr. C253 Dancing Club C353 Home Room Sec. C153 Sports Cl, 2, 353 Senior Class Treas. C353 Nornir Bus. Mgr. C35. Page Twenfy-Iwo naomi pap MARY C. LLOYD uDaff" Home Ecoiiomicr Camera Club Cl, 353 Typing Club C25. DORIS LOSS "Porky" C ommercial Home Room Sec. C153 Press Club C153 Girls' Ath. Mgr. C253 Dancing Club C353 Sports Cl, 2, 553 0 6 B C1, 353 Girls' Sports Ed. O 6 B C253 Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 353 Student Council Cl 5. NAOMI LOUEY "Naomi" Academic Home Hygiene Club C153 Library Club C253 Public Speaking Club C35. ROBERT LYNERD "Pap', Gene I 19 :A dQJlMf4IQ1AMCfC me ,ome oom res. C 3 All-Am. Club C1, 253 V. P . t n's Club C353 all , 253 Football r. C, 3 asketball C153 Inc A-S 53 Track C1, 253 Wrestling C253 I-Ii-Y C55. WILLIAM LYNERD Vo catio nal "Bugs" F. C. A. Cl, 2, 33g Home Room V. Pres. C2, 333 Football Cl, 2, 33g J. V. B:sketball Cl, 2, 333 Track Mgr. Cl, 2, 339 Chorus C33g Hi-Y C33. DONALD MARKLE General Aviation Club Cl, 2, 33. HELEN MARKLE Commercial .iDonn "Helen" Dancing Club Cl, 33g Sec.-Treas. Needlework Club C233 0 6 B typist C33. PATRICIA MARKLE A cademic upatn Soph. Playg All-Star Play Cl, 2, 33: Home Room V. Pres. C13g Public Speaking Club Cl, V. Pres. 23g od. Alch. Club C333 Operetta Cl, 233 Band C1, 2, 333 pylbfihorus Cl, 2, 33g 0 if B Cl, 23g Sports Cl, 2, 33. 9 50' Q 'W' 6 ,X"6,.4-7 J KX- 9 0" ,. Gi. sag . don K THERESA MARKS "Trese" Commercial Dancing Club Cl, 33g Bridge Club C23. HELEN MARTIN "Helen" Academic Dancing Club C133 Study Club C233 Glee Club C33g Minor Sports C13. BLANCHE MATHIAS "Bunny" Q A cademic Dancing Club C13g Camera Club C233 Study Club C339 Sports Cl, 23g Drill Team C133 Chorus C23g Opetetta C23. RUSSELL MCCLEAF "Russ" Commercial Home Room Sec.-Treas. C133 All-Am. Club Cl, 2 3g Study Club C335 Wrestling Cl, 2, 33g Track C2, 335 lntra-Sports C33. helen pat . " 'PWW' trese helen bunny russ Page Twenly-three m. 1. peg . ,news - ' JL 4'V'fvqJxp w -'JJ' mcville V, dick lois dan MARIAN MCCULLOUGH L." Home Economicr Glee Club Cl5, Press Club C25, Operretta Cl, 25, Minor Sports Cl, 25, Chorus Cl, 2, 355 0 G B Cl, 25, Orch. C2, 35, junior Play, All-Star Play C2, 35, Typing Club C55. MARGARET McDONNELL "Peg" A cademi c Dramatic Club Cl, 25, V. Pres. Public Speaking Club C35, Operetta Cl, 25, Chorus Cl, 2, 555 Junior Play, Senior Play, All-Star Play C2, 35, Girls' Sports Cl, 2, 353 Girl Reserves Cl, 25, Pres. Girl Reserves C55, Girls' Trio C35, 0 6 B Cl, 25, Girls' Sports Editor 0 6 B C55, Music and Foresic Contest C355 junior Class Sec. CAREY MCSHERRY "McVille" Academic Debating Club Cl5, Bridge Club C25, College Club C55. RICHARD MECKLEY "Dick" General Sec. Forestry Club Cl5, Sportsman Club C25, Typing Club C35, Football Mgr. C 15, V. Basketball C15, J. V. Football C15, Intra-Sports C2, 35, Soccer C35. Page Twen ly-four vernie anna LOIS MEREDITH "Lois" Commercial Camera Club Cl, 25, Sec.-Treas. Commerce Club C35, Student Council Cl5, Delphians Cl, 2, V. Pres. 35, Girl Reserves C l, 2, 35, Home Room Sec.-Treas. C2, 35, Junior Class Treas. MARK MEREDITH "Dan" A cademic Home Room Pres. Cl, 25, Dancing Club C 15, Aviation Club C25, Typing Club C355 Hi-Y Cl, 2, 35, Football CI5, Intra-Sports Cl, 2, 35. VERNON MICKLEY "Vernie" Academic Dancing Club Cl5, Typing Club C25, Public Speaking Club C35. ANNA MAE MILLER "Anna" Dirtribuiive Education Glee Club C 15, Needlework Club C2, 55L Junior Play, Chorus Cl5. GW EDWARD K. MILLER "Harry" A cademic Pres. Forestry Club C155 V. Pres. Soph. Class5 Pres. Typing Club C255 Lettermen's Club C35' Hi-Y C1, 2 Treas. 355 Intra-Sports C1, 2, 355 Asst. Football Mgri Cl, 255 Head Football Mgr. C35. ELWOOD P. MILLER "Wood" General Model Airplane Club Cl, 355 Camera Club C255 J. V. Football C255 Intra-Sports C355 Track C25 35. ROBERT E. MILLER "Bob" General Band Club C1 55 Sportsman Club C255 Boys' Cook- ing Club C355 Band C1, 255 Soccer C255 Intra-Sports C2, 355 Football C35. IRENE A. MOORE "Gail" Academic Girl Scout Club C155 Typing Club C255 Glee Club C355 Drill Team C155 Sports C25. " harry H wood SHIRLEY MOORE "Shirley" Academic Press Club C1, 255 Glee Club C355 Operetta Cl, 255 Chorus C1, 2,355 O 6 B Cl, 2, 35. ALTON MUMMERT "Al" Vocational Study Club C155 Archery Club C255 F. C. A. C35. HENRIETTA MUMMERT "Hen" Home Economicr Dancing Club C155 Cheerleaders Club C255 Press C'mera Club C355 Cheerleader C1, 255 Girl Reserves CZ, 35. MILLARD MUNTZ "Fred" General Forestry Club C155 Sportsman Club C255 Letter- men's Club C355 Hi-Y C35. bob gail shirley al hen fred Page Twen ty-five joyce myrn l stan Winnie don j JOYCE A. MYERS "Joyce,' Home Economicr Dramatic Club Cl5, Sec. Girls' Ath. Mgr. Club C25, Camera Club C35g Girl Reserves C35, Treas. Girl Reserves C25, Sports Cl, 25, MYRNA MYERS "Myrn" Commercial Girls' Ath. Club Cl, 25, Dancing Club C35, Sec. Pome Room Cl5, Soph. Play, junior Play, All-Star Play C25, Cheerleader Cl5, Sports Cl, 2, 352 Drill Team Cl5, Girl Reserves C2, 35. STANLEY MYERS "Stan" General Sergeant-of-Arms All-Am. Club Cl5, All-Am. Club C25, Model Airplane Club C35, Intra-Sports C2, 35. WINIFRED MYERS "Winnie" Home Economicr Glee Club Cl5, Typing Club C2, 35, Sports Cl, 2, 3 5. Page Twenly-six evie DONALD M. NACE Academic , Home Room V. Pres. C25, Band Cl, 2, 35, Danc- ing Club Cl5, Bridge Club C25, Mod. Alch. Club C353 Tennis Cl, 2, 35, Senior Play, All-Star Play C35. J. RUPERT NEARY Academic Band Club Cl5, Forestry Club C25, Mod. Alch. Club C35, Orch. Cl, 2, 35, Chorus C35, Band Cl, 2, 35, District Band C2, 35, Junior Play, Senior Play, All-Star Play C2, 35, Clarinet Solo Contest Cl, 2, 35, Boys' Quartet C35. EVA NITCHMAN "Evie" Academic Typing Club Cl, 2, 35. STEPHEN O'NEILL "Steve" Academic Press Club Cl, 25, Pres. Press Club C359 0 6 B Cl, 25, Ed.-in-Chief 0 6 B C35, Sports Ed. Noriiir C35, Basketball Mgr. Cl, 2, 35, Intra-Sports C35, Ten- nis Cl, 2, 35. MARGARET OTT "Marg" A cailemic Home Room Pres. C l 5g Pres. Bio. Club C 15g Art Club C25g V. Pres. Press Club C35g Chorus Cl, 2, 35g Girl Reserves Cl5g All-Star Play C25g 0 6' B C253 Feature Ed. 0 6 B C355 Student Council Sec. C359 Operetta C25g Delphians Cl, 25. ROBERT PROSISE "Bob" Academic Bio. Club Cl5g Study Club C25g Dancing Club C355 V. Pres. Home Room C15. ESTHER RAHN "ESther', Commercial Dancing Club Cl, 553 Camera Club C255 Sports C15g Drill Team Cl5. GEORGE REBERT "Junior" Commercial Library Club C15g All-Am. Club C255 Public Sperking C35g junior Playg All-Star Play C35g Track Cl, 2, 355 Intra-Sports C1, 2, 35g Tennis C355 Nornir C 3 5 . marg bob CHARLES REDDING "Charlie" Vocational Dancing Club C155 Sportsman Club C25g F. C. A. C355 Soccer Cl, 25. JANET REINDOLLAR "jan" Commercial Girls' Ath. Club Cl, 25g Dancing Club C255 Drill Team C15g Girl Reserve I, 2, 35g Mgr. Girls' Sports Cl, 25g Sports C35. MAX ROHR G XC "Squeek" ' ' tive af ' limi was C2 ' C g Club C355 Wrestling C1,25gHo eR res.Cl5. Q REGINALD RUNKLE "Reg" Vocational F. C. A. Cl, 2, 555 Publicity Mgr. F. C. A. C35g Intra-Sports Cl, 2, 35. esther junior .L 'TR'-us: C 1?'f'5n F charlie jan squeek A reg Page Twenty-seven shaf harold My Q-0-ll G-0-0-vi'-'V74A shany sam ha K I . quinetta sipe DORIS SHAEFFER "Shaf" Academic Soph. Play3 All-Star Play Cl, 2, 373 Senior Playg Sec. Home Room C173 Dramatic Club Cl, 273 Sports Cl, 2, 373 Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 373 Needlework Club C37. HAROLD SI-IAFFER "I-Iaroldn General Intra-Sports Cl, 2, 373 Camera Club C173 Sports- mzn Club C273 Commerce Club C27. ALBERT SHANABROOK "Shany" Academic Debating Club C173 Dramatic Club C273 Mod. Alch. C373 Student Council Cl, 273 Tennis Cl, 2, 373 Intra-Sports Cl, 273 Contest Plays C173 All-Star Play C2, 373 Band C2, 373 V. Pres. Home Room C373 Nornir Feature Ed. C37. ROBERT SERFF "Sam', Academic Press Club Cl73 Typing Club C273 Mod. Alch. Club C373 Intra-Sports Cl, 2, 373 Soccer C2, 373 0 61 B C173 Hi-Y C2, 373 Home Room Pres. C2, 37. Page Twenfy-eight trin joe QUINETTA SIMPSON "Quinetta" General - Typing Club C173 Library Club C273 Sec. Library Club C37. MARY SIPE "Sipe" Dirtributive Education Glee Club C1, 373 Dramatic Club C273 Operetta C173 Chorus Cl, 273 Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 373 Sports Cl, 27. BURNELL SLAGLE "Trim" General Dancing Club C173 Study Club C273 Boys' Cook- i ing C373 Intra-Sports Cl, 2, 37. JOSEPH SMITH "joe" Dirtribntive Education Dancing Club C173 All-Am. Club C273 Commerce Club C373 0 6 B C1,37. ROBERT SMITH "Bob" LOUISA STINE "Stiney' Dirtribulive Education Academic Dancing Club C195 All-Am. Club CZ9g Commerce Home Room Sec. Cl, Z9g Press Club C194 Sec Club C395 Imm-Spoi-rs C59, Typing Club C295 Needlework Club C395 Sec. Soph. Class, O 6' B Cl, Z9g Girls' Sports C19g Nornir C395 HARRY STARNER "Ed" Dff1Ph'aUS 41, 2, 35- Vofmonal JANE STITELY 'Jane' U Study Club Cl9g F. C. A. CZ, 395 Wrestling CZ, Dmnbwwe Education MM Dancing Club Cl9g Typing Club CZ9g Study Club GLO ST 0,00 "Glor" C594 SPOUS Cl, 29- W ff - . . H, 6 QM t Lu 429, C. Mod. Alch' RUTHANNA SWARTL Ruthanna C, . s. e C.l,,39' 3 h. Classg General ay A I a 1 dr g.gh6iUMlB , 0 Z Seniggipizaili Needlework Club CZ9g Dancing Club C39. NM t P Z ' 'rl Reserves C , Sec. 394 Girls' ' GV, Offs 1574 De1Phiaf1S flf 2, Pfes' 59- HARRY SWARTZBAUGH "Swartzy" MARY ANN STICK "suck" Academic - Band Club C193 Sec. Bridge Club CZ9g Pres. Mod. Amffmff Arch. Club C394 So h. Pla , senior Pla 4 All-Star Pla n P Y Y , Y Home Room Pres. C19g Press Club Cl9g T in Cl, Z, 39g Band C1,Z, 39g Student Council C295 Treas. YP 8 Club C293 Needlework Club C39g Sports Cl, Z, 393 Student Council C39g V. Pres. Senior Classg Hi-Y C29g 0 G B Cl, Z, 395 Girl Reserves Cl, 39g Sec. Girl Re- Sec. Hi-Y C395 Handbook C29g Ed.-in-Chief Nornir serves CZ9g Operetra CZ9g Delphians Cl, Z, 39. C39g Chorus C39g Boys' Quartet C39. bob ed glor stick sriney jane ruthanna swartzy Page Twenty-nine fran al bones unger dave glenn Hash bette FRANCES TRACY "Fran" DAVID L. WALLACE "Dave" Acaclemic Vocational Study Club C153 Typing Club C253 Camera Club Home Room V. Pres. C153 F. C. A. Cl, 2, 55. C55. ALVIN R. TRONE "Al" GLENN WALTERSDORF "Glenn" Dirtfribzitioe Education General Aviation Club Cl, 55g Study Club C25g Chorus All-Am. Club C153 Sportsman Club C253 Com- Cl, 2, 35g Operetta C253 Cheerleader C353 Student merce Club C35g Intra-Sports Cl, 2, 35. Council Cl, 25. H. EUGENE TRONE "Bones" ARLENE WAREHIME "Flash" Dirtributioe Education Home Economicr Home Room V. Pres. C15g Dancing Club C153 Glee Club Cl5g Study Club C253 Pres. Glee Club Bridge Club C25g Pres. Commerce Club C55g Intra- C35g Chorus Cl, 2, 553 Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 353 Sports C1, 25. Operetta C25. DEAN UNGER "Unger" ELIZABETH WAREHIME "Bette" Commercial A cademic V. Pres. Bio. Club C15g Sec.-Treas. Forestry Club Dramatic Club C15g Study Club C25g College C25g Pres. Bee Culture Club C35g Handbook C255 Club C35g Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 359 Junior Playg All- Nornir Circulation Mgr. C55. Star Play C25g Operetta Cl, 25g Chorus CZ, 55g Del- phians C2, 35. Page Thirty HENRIETTA WEAVER "Hen" Commercial Glee Club 1195 Bridge Club 1295 Commerce Club 1595 Operetta 11, 295 Girl Reserves 11, 295 Chorus 11, 2, 59. RUBY E. XWEAVER "Butch,' General Glee Club 1195 Typing Club 1295 Girls' Ath. Club 1393 Minor Sports 11, 2, 595 Sports 11, 2, 39. HARRY WEISENSALE "Sparky" Vomtiomzl Bind Club 1195 F. C. A. 12, 395B1nd11, 2, 59. BEATRICE XVENTZ "Beary" General Home Room Pres. 1 195 Sec. Girls' Ath. Club 1195 Pres. Cheerleaders' Club 1295 Girls' Mgr. Club 1395 Cheerleader 11, 2, 595 Sports 11, 2, 395 Girl Reserves 12, 39. hen butch BETTY LOUISE WENTZ "Wentz" Academic Sec. Home Hygiene Club 1195 Girls' Mgr. Club 12, 395 Girl Reserves 11, 2, 395 Sports 11, Z, 59. DONALD D. WILLIAMS "Don" Academic Aviation Club 1295 Dancing Club Treas. 1395 Track 12, 395 Senior Playg All-Star Play 1395 Band 1395 Chorus 159. MARION WILDASIN "Mlm" Home Economirf Needlework Club 11, 295 Study Club 139. VERNON WILDASIN "Vernon" Dmribulirve Eclzfmlion Pres. Camera Club 1195 Press Club 12, 395 Home Room Pres. 11, 59g Home Room V. Pres. 1295 Soph. Plav5 All-Star Play 11, 2, 395 Junior Playg Senior Playg O 6' B 11, 295 Bus. Mgr. 0 5' B139. Sparky beaty Eg., is wentz don mim vernon Page Thirly-one ruth dick deanny im ying harvey zeltch mary RUTH WINEKA "Ruth" Distiibatioe Education Needlework Club C133 Study Club C233 Glee Club C533 Chorus C53. RICHARD WISNER "Dick" Vocational Sportsman Club C133 All-Am. Club C233 F. C. A. C533 Football Cl3. NADINE YEALY "Deanny" Commercial Camera Club Cl, 333 Study Club C23. ME . GLING "jim" 0 Academic C3'o om Pres. C233 Home Room Sec. C533 333 J. V. Basketball C1, 233 Basketball C P . Spprt an Club C1, 2 33 Sec. Lettermen's Club 53 1 C P ' age Thirty-two ub C1, 2, 333 Football 1, 2, 3 . LLOYD YINGLING "Ying' Vocational C: mera Club C133 Archery Club C233 F. C. A. CSJQ Stage Crew Cl, 2, 33. CLYDE H. ZARTMAN "Harvey" Diytribntiife Education All-Am. Club C133 Sec. All-Am. Club C233 Letter- men's Club C333 Football Mgr. C133 Soccer Mgr. C2, 33. JANE E. ZEIGLER "Zeltch,' Home Economicf Soph. Play3 All-Star Play C2 33 Dramatic Club C133 Girls' Ath. Club C2, 533 Minor Sports C1, 2, 333 Sports Cl, 2, 533 Girl Reserves Cl, 2, 533 Handbook C23. MARY ZINN "Mary'? Diytiibntiive Edacation Girl Scout Club C133 Typing Club C233 Girls Ath. Club C339 Sports Cl, 2, 33. v MISS MARY EASTEP Dam of Girly The students of Eichelberger High School will remember these faculty members for their willingness to aid and instruct us in developing our social and academic life in and outside of school. MR. GERALD WERTZ Dean of Boy! l'11yc Tllirly-llzrcn i I N up Juniors Itjz' p 2 'U 'lf 3 7, WWMW ami jf WILLIAM SEIBERT, V. Prei. FRANCIS BRADY,iPre NANCY LONG, Sec. JOSEPHINE HOFFHEINS, Treat. Cfass JUNIOR Histor Another year has rolled by, and we of the class of '43 feel that it has been ri very successful one. Looking back on our year as bewildered, am- bitious sophomores, we proudly recollect our accom- plishments. We had a total of forty-four boys out for the different phases of the athletic program. We were represented in debating by Rose Earner and jean Wallace. Going on Seventeen, our class play, and the All-Star play called many of us to service. We closed our first year in E. H. S. with a very suc- cessful Soph-Senior dance given as a final tribute to the graduating seniors. Our belated junior year began in the middle of September, and we were soon in full swing. Once again soccer, wrestling, and football claimed a good- Tli irly-si.l' ly number of our boys, while both basketball teams were comprised largely of juniors. After a successful election of officers, we turned our attention to debating and Forensic League Work. Fonr Danghzerr was presented as our junior play, with Katherine Krebs, jean Wilde, and William Dulling holding the leading roles. Many of us were also cast in the All-Star play, The Night of january 16th. One new member from New jersey joined our ranks, and a number of juniors were taken into the Hi-Y Club and Girl Reserves. The year drew to a close with the annual Junior Prom, which was a huge success. We said good-bye to our friends, the seniors, and prepared to face our last year in E. H. S. cf-:HI 5 A , 1 , 1 -. 4 v. ,fx 1 1. Ist Row Altlzinsl II1-Chic-I Garrvtt II:-iusvh Iinllinuor IIA-Iti-Ilrilllv I'Iy1I0 Gulmrvvht, I.aluzhman t'Ic-vm-In ml Hass Knippvl Garman Hnstvttvr .I limp Immmun Garrett. ,Im 2nd Row IIII mln-rt Iiish Iimmvor II. Iivrshvy V Culp . FZIIIIIK G. Krvnzvr Uimlvy I'Ia rnvr Ilumms- IIufI'huins I . Hass I'. Ilraun N. Gnlvrc-Chl, V. I.uL!:1n I'. Ilarshman M. .I uvnlrs . Lamb - 1 . w um' l,I:v+s1Top JIIIIIUI' l.Iass4IInlton1 3rd Row -ith Row 5th Row lst Row 2nd Row Ilrd Row ith Row IC. Iinkv IC. IJunsIm'c Iizimmer . Ilarnvi' W. 1Iuis0Ini:u1 I'I. Soil Ilzlmptun M. Iiunkort Iiish Fitz IS. Fritz J. Ilfrlin Ii. Mit-ht-l II:ulu'hvi' K. l'uIvstock Iivrwagcr Kvmper . Amspzichvr IVI. Ernst II. Rziilin-ristirw Wultt-l's4Im'I' .I. Kvllvllllvrpzvr I.im,r1: Garrvtt R. Miller I. 'I'hi0rc-t II. Witmm' Nitvhinuli I.. Ilulxs I'IrIx Kc-lIenb0r5:0r . IVIUWL-r W. Yuum.: N. Num- zuyI'vi' K. Iflivkimrvr Ilurtman Kline Staulr II. Smith Ii. Nm-I k J. I.t-csc Dick Crzmne-r . Thoman I". Winti-rs I'I. 'I'h4 1 i urkli- II. I"i-Qs:-1' Feescr Hanson I.uII II. Wright .I. IVI I' ' ipsum S. Kintzing Ilulxlms Iwuuro . Schull .I. Nvwman I'. S y'l , glp K. Krebs Alwino Colestuck . Stovm' .I. Sherman C. . L' Lung II. Ilvaril Iiullingvr II21l'lICl'l'l . Small II. SlI'HIISIl1lll1,fh IVI. vary ling.-r .I. Iiankvrt Ilakvr Davis . St:-xiltfvr J. Wallzu-0 .I 4-r Wilmer II. Fink Iiershvy Allvn . Marklv J. Wilde NMS vvly ZZIFIIYIIIII 0. Frey Iilvttnvr Coulson . Mmil J. Mohringr I Smi Ilntful-In-r C, Hull Garvick Littlv . Orniinrl' .I, 'Fhnmzis .. 1' salt' SIZIIIID F. Ilakc-r Koontz Ifustvttvr . Walter G. IItI'vImzm I. S vi' Sanus-r F. Iirady Kress Lippy . llrich N. Nm-o . ' ' -r Mans Fishc-r Conrad . Stow-r IL Imsrmgn Dulling Gulch-n b F:-inns Iirown Sth Ihlw Snyllui' St-ilrurt Nlt-ssimrvr Mvhrim.: Wt-nt z lin nlu-rt, Shl'ilI'l'I' Ort-mIm'tT Willnw Roh rlmuygh IVIc'i'ui'noy Imss Sh it-In-rt Shzilizilwuuk Swishvr 'l'himis Zvpp IVI as4'nht'inn'i Wt-:Ivor IVIy1-rs Aw- ! I I 'I K :I l'uyc 1'll1'rIgf-m'm':1 s, I . X ,I 1 ,Rv I I' I. 'Q G fifi' will f aww SEAT:-:D-f-XV. Dulling, K. KH.-bs, Il. Mzlsenhi-ixncr, N. Gobrccht, G. Hostettcr. STANDING-V-li. Z1lI'illl2lIl, S. Kintzing, N. Nance, G. Simpson, E. Orcndorff. MFOUR DAUGHTERS, On the nights of January 15 and 16, dual casts from the junior class presented the play Four Dauglzterr, directed by Mr. Shirk. Both casts gave a fine performance and succeeded in holding the audiences interest throughout the play. The setting was a private home, where the loving aunt and grumpy but devoted father were con- tinually concerned with the heartaches and gay escapades of the four daughters. THE CAST Adam Lemp .. . ...,.......................,........ GUY HDSTETTER Ann Lemp .... , . . . . . . . .. .Ii-:AN NVILDI-2 AND KA'rHE.n1N1a Kmsiss Emma Lamp .. NANCY LDNC AND GEDALDINE SIMPSON Kay Lemp ..,. ,.... K Z1.AnE LOGAN' AND NANCY GDHRECHT Thea Lemp . .IEVNIQ Gillilililllfl' AND SUSAN KINTZING Ernest ...... .................... E Am. OPENDOHFF Aunt Elia .... ,. NANCY NACE AND AIAIIGAHET BAUSCH Ben Crowley ........ ...... I KICHARD ZARTMAN Felix Dietz ...... .. . .. NVILLIAM DLVLLING Mickey Borden .................,,...........................,..... lim' AIASENHEIMEII cw-xl 2' QANN- ' M N we Sl-1A'l'ED- -C. Logan, li. NlilSC1lhL'llllCl', J. XVild0, VV. Dulling. S'I'ANDlNGfG. Hostettcr, M. Bausch, N. Long, E. Orendorff, J. Gohrecht, R. Z2lI't1l1ZlI'l. Page Thirly-eight C 'L f E153 Q QL Sophomores THOMAS WEAVER, V. Prey. NANCY O'NElLL, Sec. WENDELL YINGLING, Prey. SHIRLEY WILLET, Trear. Class SCPI-IOMCRE History We, the class of '44, entered Old High as sopho- mores with high ambitions and the hope of being one of the finest classes ever to graduate from E. H. S. Since December 7 we became steadily more conscious of our added responsibilities and duties as citizens and students. Realizing this, we made our contributions by purchasing defense stamps, bonds, and "Shares in Victoryj' and by joining various branches of local civilian defense. During the football season we were represented by Donald Bair, Robert Boyer, George Coulson, Thomas Diviney, Burtis Dubbs, Crosby Gobrecht, Victor Gouker, john Gross, Marvin Hershey, Lamar Lehigh, Gerald Marchio, Ernest Saulsbury, Donald Utz, Thomas Weaver, Donald Wentz, George Wis- ner, Donald Wood, and Wendell Yingling. Our boys also starred in wrestling and soccer. In early November, the election of class officers was held. With the opening of basketball season on December 9, Diviney, Downes, Gross, Weaver, and Yingling composed a junior Varsity of which we were justly proud because of its very successful Puqc Forly schedule. Also deserving praise were Allewelt, An- thony, Becker, Brown, Houck, Lambert, Null, and Shuman. The All-Star Play, The Night of january 16th, claimed the talents of many of our class members as did the successful Sophomore play, I 'rn in the Army Now, which was produced in May. In debating and track we were pleased to say that a number of the participants were from our class. A large percentage of sophomores showed their interest in the musical Held throughout the year by joining the orchestra, band, and choruses. The sophomore trio consisted of Mary Ellen Beard, Elaine Frock, and Martha Kintzing. During February, we were glad to welcome to our midst a new member from the Panama Canal Zone. The Soph-Senior dance brought a successful term to a fine Hnish and we looked eagerly forward to our junior year, anticipating greater achievements in the futurey ls! Row Sllvvly Sli-rlu'l' Svrll Mym-rs 0' Nm-ill lin-mgv Mins-r Nlillvr llvvlu-w' livwiyghlxvl' S1 nil' Hurt in-r llvvhh-l Smit h Rnl lvr Num- Arllc-y Rm-1-lx Nam- Shl'1lllSlHllllIll Rnhrlmugll S0l'll0MORl'I l'l,.XSS-'FUI' 2nd Row .l. Kill Swurtzluzilulli llllll' Slvrm-r Ruhrluiufih lim-vhu-I Ruhrlmuqli Sharllc- Ilnssunl lVl:lsvm4'i' lVl:1i'klv livivhzl rl .l. Null Tim! Rvivhslli lmhiih Urns: 'I'rfmm- Ynrill 3 rd Now l'x-:rr Svntz 'l'his-rv! Buys-r Mummvrl Nuvl Mists-1' liakvr H. H1-ziril Stim- Lumi Re-ynnlrls R.0lK'l'l1fll'l Nulxlv Parr Anisluwhv R. llrmvn Rmlflimr Snxilvr Swishvr -hh Row ll.41hl'l1al15:ll lh-own llnuvk Saulslxury Iialwnst inn' Arvnlz llllpzyrc-ns Arn-ritz Snymlvr liusluy Annu-ii llvalimg lialirmgarfl Null Anthony Watson liusvl' Garrvl R1-lwrl Sziltsxriwr 'l'rnn0 lll'l' U. M w iz. .l. if. .1. R, ll. J. li. N. ll. .lu J. li. W R. ll. ll Slh Raw lirillharl . Garrett . Sll'lUIl'l' Munlz Shun- R:-111 Rim-kruflv Thivrvt Strim- Stahl lioynr llrown Svhllman hu Hvrshcy Rivkrmlc Shui- . Anispzichs-1' Hutt Hail' Allvwvll li. R 4. C .l. I! li M .l. I, 5. .l. 11. li .l. ll J, la. Isl Raw Mi'SSlllLEl'l' Grayluill G4mln'c's'h1 lmluzhmzin Wsiimrvr Wilhs-Im Dull Millvr Williams Clapsmllllm- Willct llrawfurml l"ursythn- Wvnl z Murvhiu l"ul1l'm:-in llavulipoli flnml N. li, ll. SUl'll0MURl'I UIMXSS-li0'l"I'0M 2nd Row ll. Wm-mx R. Mummvrl . We-:svn-r W. Yinirliml ll. .lsimvs M. lVl1'lVl:mus .l. llmlsnu A. l'l':1lrIms .l. WnlI'm'1l li. Williams Kinlzimg lVl. . Wzillvrsslurl' . llrinws llwlm' . llartman , l"m'sy1hv llull . Willlu-:in Vrunwl' 3rd Ruu- Wzllmm llutli llulilwx' lluwm-5 llvury fhlrrl-H l'ruml'ilw Nlzilum- lVl linmu-rl l.1i1-lwlilvzillgli Yiimlim: llzurlmnu Klllllpvl flu rrvl Wilsml llurslivy 12:n'i'n-1 lflilu- Iii I lor Ks-:llfy Kopp llll Run I-ulirmaiu ll. lflivlxiliyxm' li Glh Row Wi r slit" Yu rt :min XNmul .l. llc-rmalli l.'1mlwl'l V. lmn-so Vmileull I". I,--ppl-nl l'l':iwl'm'1l l'l. V:1n Fuss lin-mlm' K. Wilslnsin llulw 'l'. llivinoy llznrmzili ll. llululis Wilslzlsin l.. Nlillvl' Mggrlxlv M. llm-rsllvy Xurlninn .l. l'Inn-rlml Williams ll. f'UlIlSUll lfvsww- .l. tl:-isa-lnmll llm-rwhl-5' V. flrllvor l':u1'lsnn li. lfrovk lluslvllvl' Nl. llvrr llulnln-11 'lr l"l'4'5' Ulf N Young: llrglylpill Y. Mllmms'l'l ll. I"Iim-liimrm-r li. Mummn-rt l'f1g14' l"n:'ly-nm' 1 1 1 H of 9, , M' 'Q -, , was ,Xff-L "4 in im x' l 7 Q NX ij, XL ag ' if IX Sf - Aff Xh NRE ' ' Xlx kf mf? Activities hiv :INST Row-f-J. llohrhaugli, li. Aliispat-lit-I', .l. lirh, ll. Muntz, li. Duhhs, D. l'tz, I., Lthiq L hohitt li. Boyer, M. Li Sictzoxn llow----Ht-ad Coach A. G. lialy, .l. Gross, F. Brady, C. Lt-gore, M. Muntz, C. Htls t DI C ll'lllk0I'l XV ScilIcI'i, ll. Bollinger, J. Yingling, ll. Varner, J. Carr, ll. Mans, Xsst Conch HIIIICS I. 1 , . '."f'j,." lk llllllllll Row---Asst. Coach Crowe, li. Miller, Senior Mgr.: T. XVeaveI', XX X lllglllll, D XXll'll7 D Bin 0. Shanahroolt, li. Miller, li. XVllllL'l', li. llt-trick, NV. George, J. Marchio, G. NVisner Ass Louth D Ins l'l0llll'l'H llow-C. Hull, L. Slllilll, Junior Mgrs.: li. llll1Illlll0l'l, Soph. Mgr.: D. XVood, G. Coulson V hou LI E. Saulshury, li. Myers, M. Hershey, ll. Garvick, 'l'. Divincy, ll. Nacc, F. Ltpptld B Dowl Soph. Mgrs.1 ll. LyllL'l'Kl, Senior Mgr. o-1" Hanover High School Football Season of 1941 For the first time in the history of scholastic football here at Hanover High, one of our teams has emerged through a season undefeated. This clean record gave them the title as Co-Champions with Mechanicsburg of the South Penn Confer- CHCC. After being delayed for almost a month be- cause of the infantile paralysis epidemic, Hanover had to revamp its l94l football schedule. Un- fortunately, Hanover was not able to schedule Gettysburg, Shippensburg, and Mechanicsburg who are all members in the South Penn Confer- points. Football Lettermen WILLIAM SEIBERT JOHN CARR JOHN GROSS RALPH VARNER CHARLES LEGORE ORDEAN SHANABROOR JOHN DAVIS CHARLES HERSHEY VVARREN GEORGE ROBERT BOLLINGER MILLARD MUNTZ ROBERT MILLER JAMES YINGLING FRANCIS BRADY ROBERT LYNERD CARROLL BANKERT RILEY MAUS EDWARD MILLER, Szudenz Manager llllfll' lforly-four ence, and Columbia, a non-conference foe because of the epidemic. Hanover opened IIS season on October 10 and closed it on November 76 Hanover's first undefeated football team was outweighed by every foe they met during the past season. But what this remarkable team lacked in weight they made up In fight and speed. Our first undefeated team won four of the six games they played and tied the other two games. During the season Hanover scored 8f points while the opponents could make only Z5 Hawks Open Season Against Lewistown n a rain-soaked muddy field, the Hanover High Nighthawks opened their 11141 i against Lewistown High, away. Tho Hawks scored twelve points in the first -r, which was enough to give them their tirst, victory. The score 01 the game 2 to 0 in favor of Hanover. anover's first score came early in the game as a resott of a 315-yard drive. llob per, Hawk fullback, scored froiYI the 10 yard line on .1 line pluntre. fter kickini: off to Lewistown, Hanover held them lor three downs. Un the : down, l,ewistown's attempted punt was blocked by Muntz. Hanover guard, 'at lfankcrt, Hawk end. fell on the ball on l.ewistown's 25-yard line. From the llawks drove to the Lewistown JS-yard line, lrom where lioll liollintrer the second Hanover touchdinvn. i the last three quarters, Lewistown went on the offensive alid Hanover played sive ball. Lewistown scored in the second period but could not do a repeat 'mancc. Lewistown out-scored Hanover 11 to 0 in tirst downs. Hawks Tie Strong Trojan Team i their first conference game ol' the season, the Nitththawks tied a powerful bersburg: High team on the Fairizrounds gridiron on October 17, lttttl. The was I to T. About 25,000 fans witnessed this thriller. hambersburg scored their touchdown first, when Miller, fullback for the 'is, scored and added a placement. for the extra point in the second quarter. 'er, however, came back to tie the game up on a pass play from Rube Varncr ey Mans, which was good for T25 yal'ds and a score. The pass itself' was good bout 10 yards and Maus ran the other 63 yards behind beautiful downtield ng by riiglit, half back liill Seibert. t'haniberslmi1,f had an advantage in tirst tif tl to Ii. i the closing minutes of the game, fll'l2lIlllN'l'Sl1lll'l,! starttd to drive toward the 'er goal line. With a tirst down on the Hanover lo, tne 'l'roJans could pick ily 24 yards in as many plays. With T seconds ol playing: time remaining, lvcrslxuri: elected to try a field goal. Gelsinizer, right,-h.ili, who had been kick- laccments from 110 yards out before game t1l'lll attempted the placement. Hut d Muntz, Hawk guard, crashed through the Trojan forward wall and blocked lck just as the frame ended. Much Heavier Carlisle Team Held to 0-0 Tie anovcr's light but hal'd and fast-charirintf forward wall llave llrobably theil' terlormance ot' the entiru season as they battled Farllsle lligh's much heavier -ii to a staiulltill on a rain-soalu-d l"airi:rounds p,:ridn'on. tiarlislt-'s line out- cd the Hawk line from 10 to 15 lbs. per man, Each man on the Hanover line, one end to the other, Lzave a bam:-up performance, l'1ach team made ti first he only real scoring threat. came late in the second quarter of the game, when nuiulerimg Herd drove to the Hanover 1,-yard line, but the Hawk line dug- in .-ld for downs. Probably the outstanding run of the gfanie immediately followed 'arlisle threat, when liill Scibert, Hawk right half-back, took the ball on the 1-yard line and carried it to the l'arlisle '10, where ht was Uillllllll. from behind. 'er had just seemed to start a drive when thc half ended. Waynesboro's Tornado Becomes Victim of Hawks nfore 2,000 fans, the Hanover High Niuhthawks, who had been tied in their us league games, moved into a tie for lirst place in the South l'enn Conference 'eating Waynesboro's Tornado on the l"air1,!round gridiron on November 14, 1041. mis game will probably be remembered by many of the Hanover fans. and the -sboro quarterback because of the "boiler" he pulled early in the first quarter, enabled Hanover to score its first, touchdown. With the ball deep in his own :ry and last down coming up, this quarterback failed to call a punt and iuently Waynesboro lost the ball on downs on their own 22-yard line. On colul play, after having gained nothing on the first play, Varner scored from on an end run. .lohn Carr, tackle, added the placement, for the extra point. 'ie Hawks' second score came about as the result of a 95-yard drive in the final tr. 'l'his drive was climaxed by a 22-yard naked reverse sending liill Seibert to score untouched, Riley Maus, Hawk end, converted a placenient for the point. Hanover outscored the 'l'ornado 11 to 0 in first downs. Hawks Run Wild Over Chocolatetowners their last conferciice irame of the season, the l'1ichelbert:er Senior High Night.- a defeated the Hershey High football team on the Hershey Stadium gridiron 1.500 fans on November 22, 10111, by the score of 20 to 12. Outstanding for iwks was lioli liollinger, who scored three of our touchdowns. and Jim Yintrling, cored the other six-pointer. .lohn Carr added the two conversions. linover took an early lead of 134 to 0, but before thel half ended, Hershey had to make the score lil to 0. When the second half began, the Hawks scored - points, followed by ti more for Hershey to make the scoreboard read 20 to 12. last quarter, 0 more points were added, while! Hershey was held scoreless. vo of the outstanding features of the game were a T0-yard run back of a ntcrception by t'harlie Hershey. llanovel' center, and a pass by .lohn Davis to Varner, which was good for only 20 yards, hut was a beautiful play. Out- nt: for Hershey was l.uciani, who threw both passes which resulted in -y's touchdowns. te Hawks outscored Hershey in tirst downs 17 to fl. Hawks End First llndefeated Football Season unover llii:h's Nighthawks ended their tirst undefeated football season on the 'ounds irridiron before 2,800 fans as they drubbed a weak llelone Catholic High 25 to 0 on November 20. 12141. -lone provided no competition for the Hawks as they rolled up 131 lirst-downs om-'s 2. 'l'he game was all Hanover with llelone unable to provide one real ie llawk's first score came on the third play of the second quarter when lloli :er scored from the ll-yard line. Carr kicked. the extra point. Hanover's next came as the result ol' a 41-yard drive just before the half ended. This drive imaxed by a pass from Varner to Yimzlimr, which was good for 10 yards and ln the third period, .lohn llavis scored from the 5, completing a 40-yard and making: the score I0 to 0. Hanover's linal score came in the last period game by a pass thrown by Rube Varner from the 11-yard line to Riley Maus Y YD rl-Lu' . If Wifi. 4..-s'r 316, 1 Inq . 'r1 s.bx!iJsJ- 1' EJ I 5I1i..,.ii-, nf amd H l l SEAT1-:nr -A. Mcssinger, S. Huggens, G. Simpson, E. Beidleman, M. Ott, H. Swzirlzbnugll, J. Frc-ch, J. Vllalluce. STANDING- -F. Lcpperd, C. Allcwelt, B. Bollinger. P. Hnrshmnn, J. Iloffht-ins, J. Frey, J. Myers, G. Toot, , y J. Geiselman, J. XVainge1'. ' Q14 The Student Council , -5 .Ml ,JJ-Ji, , . K A ,J trujowfk JK President ------ b TED BEIDLEMAN , ' A hjj ljj i l .1 f ,1 Vice-President - - - GERALDINE SIMPSON' , ff' , ,-J " 01111 ty. f M' Secretary ------ MARGARET OTT A I gr' -' Treasurer ----- HARRY SWARTZBAUGH - dx' " 0 "' 2 ISU' Adviser ------- MR. DIEHL , , dll M a W The Student Council inaugurated its activities by presiding over the class el conducting an election dance in late November. The Council held a very successful Christmas N dance with music by Dick Feeser's orchestra. At the beginning of the second semester the Council gave the students of the high school a chance to help in our country's "Share In Victory." Each student purchased, an initial share of one cent. Then, every Wednesday during the second semester, the students paid one cent l per week at a booth provided for that purpose. The money was used in buying five S25 Defense Bonds for use by the American Red Cross. In March, the Student Council, working in cooperation with Miss Eastep. sponsored a visit to Hanover High by Miss Elizabeth Connelly, the Dean of Wtnmen at Gettysburg College. A spring dance rounded out the Council's social activities for the year. On Class Day, the Council gave the Oak Leaf Award to a boy :nd a girl in the Senior Class who by scholarship, leadership, and outstanding character made the greatest contributions to our school. Page Forty-six I 4 .I ' 7. - M 1 M Of. ,Gyn-'O ., 1.5 4, .jL,Q,,,CJ'U' 4 lyvvryvafl . A , ,J - : 4 , I .44 I ,,,..- 1. gi Ellyn Gbrauw? wh 1112 Obmn nh H mxll W If M at DELoNI: 1Ia! ' uh ' alcgiuaimumfnkmmxhmlmmlmvk i ,:f?,'vlf :g f " " nil I I 13 gg .I Eh? Wang? 3 .5 P 1' 31192 Huh Mark A ,mm A Lf!-A,,g,.5,'!l.LiilX'x' 'The ufiiigvl-KIstrIIEIor fwelcm A DK-I B'IIQ:III.EtQ5:e2.:I.f -wI.I:.1:.:i:"e?'r-. I53'IIii"i:.'..r.2.. f 'te " r ' kWecklYbsvrvPdJ,. .M,.k.,,. . .Kii J 5:20, of Af... Bon . A -- ' . ....... .,...gdf,f..., ., in Sdn-ui hbnsrv J WM wht, ... 5 Vs mic "7 Mass I meh To Auepn N,J,,,, lsmllum Y. SIQATIQII Il. Grnv, CI. IAIQLIII, .I. XVaIll:Icc. P. Applcr, N. Lung, V. XVil ' . .. Weill. I, .l. H1ll'lIll1lll, 1 .l. Iirh, P. Mzurklc, M. KIIIIIII. G. SHIIIH1-I'. .L NlL'SSillgC'. SEIZIINII Huw -M. MI-IMIIIII-ll. J. Allluml. M. Stick, P. llaursh . , mli , K. p. li. Sc J Stine. J Mzlrch, I XVilIlc. .I Gund, M. GIIIIII-II, li. Fume M. .rls N. 'NL-ill, .' our-, H I I'. . I 4 li- . . I IL cv, I Slllll I, lx lx 'S. XVIIiIIgoI",.II. Xilll IiU'SSl'Il., li. LidlcIII'III, li. lli Q' " . '. TI-IIIIII Row'-J. Huf'I'lIciIIs, I.. 'l'hicI'c1, li. KIIipp0f..,- J 5 Ai 427233, 1X The X132 Q fx V L b 41 Eflizor-in-Cbief'STIiPHEN O'NElL .L :JNL-PEG , ...g IR K Afmcmze IflffflI7'TNANlIY LONG Q" EAU :I K A AY. IAQTEKUFFER Rl'f7UI'f!.'l'A'TSUSAN KINTZING. JEAN ALTLANEQJE SX , E1 I.s J' -ir ' E. MILIIREIJ GIILIJEN, JUAN HERSI-IE A ' ' R , -- . -- P : .-: O' EILL Fe4zzumr Eflimf-MARGARET OTT ' e E55 , A.vmzfmfI-JAIEQUELYN MAIRCH, JL7SIiPH 'f'5KAT . IN K f s, Ii ALDINE SIMPSON, JOHN CARR. BURNELL LQP I Spom Edizor-JOSEIJH HARTMAN K R N D ' A.l'.l'f,l'lcl1ZI.1'-MARGARET MIIDONNELL, RoIsER'I' BUYER, JAMES WA M Exchange Fzlilor-JEAN WALLACIIE Copy Editor-P CIA MARKLE Arr Eplimr-JOSEPH ERB A.f.fi.ffd71l.!'lELDRED VAN FOSSEN, N FANIIS Typzfz-DORIS Loss Bm-i1ze,r,I Ivlmldgw'-VERNON WILDASIN Advertixifzg Manager-CLARE LOGAN A.V.ff.I'l:l12l.I'-MARX' ANN STICK, LOUISE TI-IIERET, IRENE THIERET, KATHRYN ZEPP. PEGGY HARSI-IMAN, WINIFRED GEISELMAN, RICHARD KNIPPEL Cirwflulinfz Manager-MARIE KLUNK Anifmnt-ELEANOR SELL Faculzy Advifer-MR. ARTHUR F. NICI-IoLsoN Page Ifnrly-vigllrl Fms'r ltow S. Fitz, lt. St-rtT, li. liipp, li. lieidleman, G. Buehman, F. llau, IJ. llohrhaugh. SIGKIONII ltow ll. Loss, ll. Meeltley, li. Zartnian, li. 0rendortT, YV. llulling, li. lirown, ll. llartman. Ttlllux ltow lt. llartman. G. MeCarney, 0. lirillhart, li. llut't', li. Gohreeht. ll. l'll'lllf.fIlltIIl, It. Shaman. l'l0lllt'l'll llow S. llottaeker, Mgr., Goat-h Sliafer. Hanover High Sehool Soccer SEASON or 1941 The soccer team of the Eichelberger Senior High School went through an entire season without a victory, yet the sportsmanship and determination of the boys was as high, if not higher, at the end of the season than at the beginning. This kind of character is not often found, and Hanover High School can be proud that we have some athletes of this sort who realize that there is more to sports than just winning. Soccer Lettermen lil'l'NI-fl.l. lln-r ltttxnfxnn Mt-:t:KI,r1v Ilrtlnn' Loss iilililttil-I lil't1llMAN tinwann thmnntznr limmnn Hurr lilll4l'1lt'I' Slililfl-' S,-XINIITHI, Frrz l'Inw,tnn linowiv , Iinwunn liIillll.liNl.KN Grzsie Mcztlansm' XXii.t,1,tM IJol.1.1Nu Soeeermen Lost to Codorus Township The llanoyer lligh soeeer team sutTered their first defeat ot' the season at the hands ot' Codorus Township team hy the st-ore ot' 2 to ti. tlodnrus st-ored onee in the second period and again In the third period. lIanox'er's team laelied experienee. Hanover Hooters Lost to Champs North York's Championship soccer team defeated llanovt-r's hooters by the seore ot' 2 to tt. This was llanover's seeond loss in as many starts. llanover was eompletely outplayed and North York seored in the seeond and fourth pel'iods. Dillsburg Defeats Hanover Booters llanover's soeeermen snt't'ered their third straight setlnaelt, this one at the hands ot' Dillshnrg, hy the score ol' l to ll. liurnell llipp. llanover goalie, played an outstanding game making some wonderful stops. This game was played on the Fairgrounds field. CLYDIC Z.4n'l'M,xN. sliulenl innnugyer Hanover Ties Mt. Rose, 1 to l After losing three straight league eontests. tht llanover lllgh soeeermen tied Mt. ltose's soeeer tealn on the Fairgrounds tield by the seore ot' t to l. llanover's seore eanie tirst on a goal hy Gene Ille- Carney in the seeond period. only to have Ness otl Mt ltose tie the game up in the same period. Manchester Defeats Hanover in Closing Period After having taken an early lead on a goal' hy llielt Meekley, the Hanover lligh soeeermen lost a elose eon- test to Manchester Higlfs team in the last quarter. The Killllt' was played at hlanehester, and the seore was 2 to l. Maneht-ster's final seore was made on a penalty ltielt awarded to them. i Soccermen Lose Exhibition Game In an exhihition game, the llanover Soeeerlnen were tlefeated hy ltltlIlt'lll'Sll'l',S soeeer team hy the seore ot' .1 to tl. Manchester seored in every period and twice in the second quarter. This was the llanover soeeerlnen's last game ot' the season. Page Forty-n ine GIRLS' SPORTS The girls of our high school had a large variety of athletic activities to choose from. In the spring and fall, they played volleyball, mushball, fieldball, and en- gaged in archery. ln the winter, they had all indoor sports such as ping-pong, darts, quoits, shuffle-board, badminton, tenniquoit, box-hockey, bowling, paddle tennis, and basketball. Any girl who went out for sports received points for letters. She received 5 points for attending at least three-fourths of the practicesg 5 points for playing in tournaments, 5 points for being on a winning team, or on the runner-up teamg and 25 points in one sport. The manager received 25 points, the assistant manager received 20 points, and the sub-assistant received 15 points. No girl could earn more than 25 points in one sport. When a girl earned 100 points, she received her numeralsg when she earned 200 points, she re- ceived a letter "Hug and when she earned 500 points, she received an with a bar. The managers had certain duties to perform. They took charge of refereeing and directing the games, while the coach was overseer of all the activities. The managers were responsible for the nets, balls, and all Page Fifty other equipment. They had to keep a record of atten- dance and of all the points earned by the players. At the end of a season, the coach and managers appointed an honor team to represent each sport. In order to be placed on an honor team a girl had to fulfill specific requirements during the season of playing. She had to display good sportsmanship, and she had to ad- vance and improve in her playing. Every year the girls competed with the girls in some other school, usually Gettysburg and NXfaynesboto. The girls called this annual event Play Day because the program filled out the whole day. The girls in our class widely accepted this intra- mural program, and they always had the largest num- ber of representatives in every sport. Our players were known for their sportsmanship as well as for their skill. Many of the girls of the class of '42 have had a combined physical and mental education by their parti- cipation in athletics. When our girls go out to face life, they will always be able to display adaptability of quick thinking and their true sportsmanship. if," ' . ff "J ' ' i .Ji 'J it 1.1 V Au if ,ww iw, if if FIRST' Row-J. Dick, ll. Earner. D. Dick, J. VValluce, M. Gultlen SECOND ROWAD. Stine, P. Krebs, J. WVilde. fa! 0fI.,' ' 1' X", yi I A WW'- ixzf f WWW, THIRD How---Coach Shafer, XV. Glenn, D. Bringman, F. Cox. R. Kni el,. R. Musenheimer. The DEBATE Team Each year, debating becomes a more important ictivity of our high school. This year the current question, "Resolved, That as a permanent policy every able--bodied male citizen in the United States should be required to have one year of full-time military train- ing before attaining the present draft age," was dis- cussed. The novice debaters early proved their worth when they won the practice debate tournament at Beaverdale. These beginners were Doris Stine, Mildred Gulden, Richard Knippel, jean Wilde, and Phyllis Krebs. Our debaters then increased their knowledge by non-decision debates with Hershey, Carlisle, Bigler- ville, and the freshman of Gettysburg College. Public practice discussions were also held before our local Rotary Club. Finally, our season got under way by our varsities' tying for first place in the Lewistown tournament, while the same teams won third place in a similar tournament at Lock Haven. These experienced debaters, Rose Earner, Dorothy Dick, Frank Cox, Dale Bringman, jean Wzillace, and jean Dick, won eligibility to enter the annual G-burg forensic meet by defeating West York and Gettysburg. Regardless of wins or losses, however, their speech training will be an efifective key, admitting them as future citizens into a bigger and better America.. Page Fifty-one ,M 3 f 1, -L' ff? if ww if-iz, 'H 'Ziff ft 'l. A--- 1fll',1l.4l. lA.A4,. ,-9- -- Q SEA'1'EDfbV. Seibert, C. Bnnkert, J. Davis, li. Hipp, J. Carr, J. Yingling. S'l'ANDlNG'ffl'l, Loss, M. Muntz, li. Varner, E. YValter, A. Gray, li. Bollinger. Hanover High School 'Basketball Season of 1941-42 Hanover High's basketball team finished third in the South Penn Conference this year, winning 8 and losing 6 conference games. The record for the entire season was: 11 games won and 8 games lost, for a percentage of 579. All together during the season, the Hawks scored 658 points and their opponents scored 625 points. The Hanover Javees won the Championship of the Javee League in the South Penn Conference. The Javees won 13 and lost 1 league contest, and they won 18 and lost 1 during the entire season for an average of 947. Basketball Lettermen JOHN DAVIS JAMES YINGLING ALLAN GRAY RoBERT BOLLINGER JAMES BRENNER WILLIAM SEIBERT RALPH VARNER MILLARD MUNTZ STEPHEN O'NEILLA, ,rmflenz mmmger BURNELL HIPP BURNELL HETRICK Hawks Lose Opener to Spring Grove Hawks Not Too Impressive As They December 9, 1941 Home With only a week of practice, Hanover opened its basketball season at home playing Spring Grove who had played quite a nnmlrvr ol' games previous to this encounter. The Hanover team lacked cu-ordination in this first game. The score of the game ended at 38-29, and John Davis, center, was high scorer with 6 field goals and 2 fouls for a total of 14 points scored. Hanover's Javees won their opening game by the score of 224-19. Wendell Yingling was high scorer with 4 field goals and 2 fouls for a total of 10 points. Page Fifly-Iwo Defeat Delone December 12, 1941 Away The Nighthawks won their first game in two starts as they defeated Delone High's varsity on the latte-r's flour by the score of 27 to 21. John Davis, with Reds I-Iipp, led the Hillmen in scoring, with 11 and 9 points, respectively. Even though winning, the Hawks were still not veI'y impressive. The Hanover Javees won their second straight game by defeat- ing the Delone Javees 23 to 17. John Gross led the Hawks with 3 field goals and 2 fouls for eight points. '7' Hawks Lose Thriller to Spring Grove ecember 16. 1911 Away ln their third start of' the season, the Hawks played Spring Grove away. Spring ove won the maine by the seore of 231 to 21. Reds Hipp was high scorer for the iwks with 34 tield goals and l foul for a total of T points. With the seore ti-d 21 all in the closing seconds of the game, Riker, Spring ove tfnard, inafle a loin: shot to break the tie and win the game for Sprint: Grove. llanovei-'s .lavees won their third straight name by defeating Spring Gr0ve's vees ZH to IH. Toni XV.-:ivmr was high seort 1' with 7 field goals and 1 foul for a al ol' 15 points. Hawks Swamp Ilelfne on Hill Floor ecember 19, 19-11 Away The liiehelberuer Sfnior lligrh Niirhthiwka inade their best showiniz of the rrent eanipaiizn by running: roughshod over llelone 1ligh's basketball team in the lwk's fourth maine of' the si-ason. The scare was 44 to 15. .lohn llavis and Itill Sf-ibert led the llawks with 10 and 12 points, respectively. ere was no contest at all in the frame. The llawk .Iavees eontinued on their winning streak by defeating the Delone vees 27 to 134. Toni Weaver pared the Hawks with 10 points. Columbia Courtmen Fall Victims to Hawks eeember 30. 1911 Away ln their last non-eonfern-nee name and fhf-ir last game in 1041, the Hawks ved t'olnmbia lliuh's zone df-fense to defeat the "river-town" lads 28 to 24. This ine was the llawks' third win in five starts. Reds llipp paeed the llawks with 5 field goals and 2 fouls for a total of 12 ints. The flame was playtd at t'olnmbia. Wendell Yinu'linLr. seoriny: 11 points. led the Hawk .lavees to their fifth straight li in as many starts, as they dt-1'1'ated the thilllniliia .lavees 31 to 111. Tornado Hands Hillmen Surprise Defeat nuary 6. 1912 Away After solvinu t'oIunibia's zone p--rf:et'v a w'-ek earlier. the Hawks eould do thing.: atzainsl the zone defense used by the Waynesboro llixzh basketball team on ' 'l'ornado's floor. The st-ore ol' the Marne. whieh was the Hawks' first eonferenee ine. was 345 to 27. The llaxxlts were no rn-'il threat, Kids llipp was high seorer for the Hawks Ih ZS field goals and 2 fouls for a total ol' ti points. liy de1'ea1ini: the Waynesboro Javees. the Hanover Javees kept that slate clean. e seore ol' their mane- was 211 to IT. and Gross was high seorer with 4 field goals d 1 foul, making a total ol' El points. Hawks Win First League Victory nuary 9, 1912 Home l'aeed by lt:-ds llipp. who seored lil points, the Niiihthawks defeated the -ehaniesbnryg lliuh basketball team on the Hill floor to earn their first league tory in two starts. The seore was 40 to 23. The Hawks got. 011' to a fast start 'l Meehaniesburg never threatened the Hawks' lead. Hanover made about 50 ' eenl of' their shots in this Marne. whieh is phenomenal shunting in any league. Gettysburg. District 3 Champs, Beat Hanover nuary 13, 1912 Away lflven tbouuh it wasn't :I Friday, .lanl1'iry 13 proved to be unlucky for the wks when they met tl:-tlysburvr. the district 3 ehampions, on the battlefield floor. their third eonfl-renee gains- ol' the season, the Hawks proved to be no match for - superior "l4a1tle1ieId team." The seoru was 431 to 24. liill S:-ibert was high seorer for the llawks. with 5 field iroals and 2 fouls for points. Ross Sai-ks :ird llzivey Plank were outstanding for G-burpr. Although the iarsity lost. the .lavees won their eighth straight game by winning: -r the Gettysburg' .lavefs bv the seore of' 14 til 10. Gross was hiuh seorer for the llawk .lavees by scoring half his team's points. or 7. Hawks Pull Surprise Victory Over Hershey nuary 16. 1912 Away 1.1-d bv .lohn llavis, xx ho seored 124 points. and R'-ds Hipn. who scored 11 points, Nixlhthawks pulled a surprise viefory over the Hershey Hiirh basketball team on opponents' home floor. 'I'he seore was 212 to 215. .lim Yinulim: was exceptionally ul on defense. The llawk .lavees woo th--ir fourth straight league eontest and ninth straight ne during this season by def'4-ating: 11ersh"v's .l'ivees in a elose battle. 311 to 214. n Weaver. flashy forwartl. pared the llawk .lavees with 13 points. Hanover Loses to Chambersburg nuary 23, 1912 Home Althoutfh beaten, the Hawke gave an impressive showin: azainst a much stronger ions-nt, t'ham1u-rsburir lliuh. The score of this frame was 43 to 557. llill Seibert I .lohn llavis were hiuh si-orers for the Hawks. with 12 and 10 points, respectively. ile Mehalley nf' t'hain1if-rsluwu tallied 17 points for his team. The llanover .lavees lost their first iran-H of' the season when the referees awarded eehnie'-1 foul to t'h'in1li'-r-alulryg with 1h'- seore tied 20-all in a 3-minute extra iod. The final seore was 21 to 20. Torn Weaver was high scorer for the wks with ti points. Hawks Take Shippenshurg on Hill Floor nuary 27. 1912 Home After trailini: in the first quarter. the Niuhthawks earnf- baek to take the lead never relinquish it in the second period. Ev--n thoiurh the Hawks did win, v did r-ot. nrlke a vs-rv impressive showint The score was 244 to 21. Reds ri- paeed the winners with fl field Jruals and 25 fouls for a total of 11 points. The .lavees hit the winning trail again by wallonin-r Sl'llI1DPY1Sl1lll'f,!'S Javees 30 to in the preliminary eontest. Toni VVeavL-r paved thi- Hawk .lavees with 10 points. Hawks Roll Up Highest Score of Season To Defeat Carlisle January 30, 1942 Away The Eichelberger Senior High basketball team astonished them- selves when they scored 26 ponits in the third quarter to easily defeat the Carlisle High basketball team by a score of 52 to 32, at Carlisle. By winning this game, the Hawks were in undisputed possession of third place as their half-way mark in the seas0n's conference schedule. The Hawks' scoring was paced by Reds Hipp, John Davis, and liill Seibert, who scored 12, 10, and 10 points, respectively. ln the great third period, the Hawks made 70 per cent of their shots and scored 24 points in the first 6 minutes. l'aeed by Tom Weaver, who scored 17 points, the Hawk Javees vvon over Carlisle's Javees by the score of 41 to 23. Hawks Start Second Half of Season On Right Foot February 6, 1942 Home Our Nighthawks gained revenge for the defeat suffered earlier this season at the hands of Waynesboro, by defeating them on the Hill floor by the score of 48 to 35. This was also the first game in the second half' of the conference season, and by winning it the Hawks were temporarily in first place. By getting off to a fast start in the game, the Hawks were able to win. They scored 14 points in the first quarter and finished up the game with 19 points in the last quarter. Reds Hipp was high scorer with 11 points. Tom Weaver again led the Hawk Javees to a 23 to 18 victory as they beat the Waynesboro Javees. Weaver scored 10 of his team's 23 points. Yingling's Foul Beats Mechanicsburg February 10, 1942 Away Jim Yingling's foul shot in the last 20 seconds of the game en- abled the Hawks to defeat the Mechanicsburg Wildcats on the latter's floor by the score of 32 to 31. This was the Hawks' fourth straight victory and enabled them to still be tied witlo Chambersburg and Hu-shty for first place in the second half of the season race of the South Penn Conference. Davis and Hipp paced the locals with 10 and 9 points, respectively. Thr- Javees won their thirteenth game in fourteen starts as they defeated Mechanicsburg's Javees by the score of 34 to 22. Weaver, Wendell Yingling, and Gross paced the Javees with 8 points PIYIIUCP. Hawks Defeated on Hill Floor by Gettysburg February 13, 1942 Home Gettysburg's championship basketball team defeated the Hanover High Nighthawks on the Hill fioor by the score of 37 to 23. The Hawks showed lots of spirit and even looked as if they might threaten Gettysburg's lead until mid-way in the third quarter when the battlefield boys produced a rally which insured their victory. This was the Hawk's first defeat in the second half of the season and threw them into a tie with Gettysburg for second place in the South Penn Conference. Hipp, Davis, and Seibert each scored 6 points for the Hawks, as "Pooney" Carter registered 10 points for Gettysburg. Hershey Falls Victim to Hawks February 17, 1942 Home Hanover High remained tie for second place in the second-half race of the South Penn Conference as they defeated Hershey High's basketball team on the Hill Hour by the score of 30 to 35. The Hawks rolled up a fifteen-point lead in the first three quarters, but Hershey's team came back in the last quarter to give the Hawks a scare. After com ng within four points of tying the Hawks, Hershey could not manage to get any closer as the Hawks stayed off their last minute efforts. Reds Hipps played his best gums of the season. making 7 field goals and 1 foul for 15 points. Seibert also collected 12 points for the Hawks. The Hanover .Iavees continutd on their victory fiight by de- feating Hershey's Javees 29 to 16. Tom Weaver paced the Hawks with 10 points. Trojans Knock Hawks Out of Conference Race February 20, 1942 Away Chambersburg's Trojans killed the Nighthawks' chances of even tying for first place in the second half of the conference race. They beat the Hawks 56 to 26 on the Franklin County floor. The Hawks were outclassed and were never really a threat. Davis paced the Hawks with 5 field goals and 1 foul for a total of 11 points. Bruce MehaH'ey and Jeb Stewart scored 16 points apiece for the winners. Hanover's Javees avenged the defeat suffered earlier in the season by defeating Chambersburg's Javees 29 to 21 in the pre- liminary game. This win gave the Javees the Conference title in the Javee league. Tom Weaver was high scorer. Shippensburg Surprises Nighthawks February 24, 1942 Away Shippensburg High School's basketball team gained revenge on our Nighthawks for the defeat the Hanover boys gave them earlier this season by shellacking the Hawks on the Shippensburg floor by the score of 60 to 32. John Davis paced the Hawks' scoring with 12 points, while Koontz and Reed of Shippensburg scored 25 and 15 points, respectively. This was the Hawks' worst defeat of the season and they were completely off their stride. Hawks Close Season Defeating Carlisle February 27, 1942 Home Hanover High's Nighthawks closed their 1941-42 basketball season when they easily defeated Carlisle's basketball team on the Hill floor by the score of 45 to 27. This triumph clinched for the Hawks third place in the South Penn Conference. John Davis and Reds Hipp, playing his last game for the Hawks, were high scorer with 13 and 10 points, respectively. Jim Yingling, who also played his last game, was outstanding on the defensive. Tom Diviney, with 7 points, paced Hanover's .lavees to a win over Carlisle's Javees by the score of 30 to 13. SE.-t'I'EDfR. Houck, R. Null, VV. Downes, J. Gross, N. Brown, li. Shuinan. STANDING--lu. Becker, XV. Yingling, C. Allcwelt, B. Anthony, Dv Lelmbcrt, T. XVeaver. Page Fifly-fozzr s' i 4. Sl li f it t 4 0 l 1 i i S. Huggcns, J. Geiselman, R. Zartman, W. Lynerd, YV. Glenn, R. Runkle. Intramural Basketball During the past winter, a most successful intramural basketball campaign was carried out in Eichelberger Senior High. The league was composed of seven teams, and each was given a fiower nickname. In the past, one team has us- ually monopolized the league, but during this past season the teams were more evenly divided. Edward Miller's Daisies ended in first place in the league with five victories and one defeat. The Daisies' only defeat was suffered at the hands of the sixth place Sweetpeas in an overtime game. George Rebert's Buttercups started out the season with three straight victories, and they looked like the potential champs. In the middle of the season they hit the skids, however, they did get second place with four victories and two defeats. Bill Lynerd's Violets, who lost their first three games, played great ball in the last half to tie with Brady's Petunias and Allen's Roses for third place. It was decided to toss a coin to select a third place winner and then to let the remaining teams fight it out for fourth. Lynerd's Violets gained third place, and Brady's Petunias defeated the Roses in the playoff. Bob "Papl' Lynerd's Sweetpeas won two games and lost four to finish in next to last place, with Beidleman's Orchids winding up in the cellar. After the regular schedule was completed, the four leading teams played off the champion- ship of the league. The first game of the play- off placed "Chub" Brady's Petunias against Rebert's Buttercups. The Petunias won by a 24 to 19 score. The other game of the semi-finals placed the Violets against the Daisies, with the Violets taking this one by a close 18 to 16 score. In the championship game, Bill Lynerd's Violets defeated Brady's Petunias by the score of 24 to 18. Page Fifty live SEATED l.Eif'r----Y. Good, N. Long, XV. Bowman, .I. Thoinas, li. Gobreeht. STANDING C1-:NTI-in---.l. l:l'L'Cll, .l. YVallace, S. Huggens. SEATED llloH'1'-f-ll. Andersen, D. Diek, D. James, E. Froek, B. Gray. STANDING l.E1f'r-lil. Baruitz, R. l-Iarner, XV. XVildasin, D. Sbaelfer, ll. Boyer, J. Geiselman, G. llebert, M. Coulson, B. Hankle, F. Leppertl. SEATED BACK-J. Brenner, V. XVildasin. STANDING BACK-D. Garrett, P. Gass, D. Garrett, E. Van Fossen, XV. Dulling. SEATED BACK, RIG!-l'l'f'D. Naee, B. Allen, VV. Fesser, M. McCullough, A. Shanabrook, D. Swisher, P. Markle, J. lliekrode, F. Brady, P. Appler, M. Bausch. S'rAND1No BIGHT--P. Krebs, ll. Masenheimer, P. Hetriek, P. Bo11d, D. XlYlllllllllS, J. XVainger. All-Stair Play uTl1e Night of January 16th" The All-Star Play of '42, directed by Mr. Shirk and presented on March 19 and 20, was vastly different from any dramatic production ever presented in our high school thus far. The entire perfor- mance took place in a court room and involved not only the student actors but also the people of the audience who were the spectators in the court room. The policemen and policewomen, who acted as ushers, and the "plants, scattered throughout the audience added to the realism of the play. THE CAST THURSDAY FRIDAY KAREN ANDRE NANCY LEE DISTRIIl'l' A'I"l'URNEY DEF!-INSE A'rTonNEv JUDGE Mns. Hll'l'KlHlNS JANE CHANDLEH MA'rn.nA Znmznum ROBERTA XVHITFIELD JuNnQUls'r SXVEENEY REGAN Coulrr S'l'ENoon,xrHEn SECRETARIES llEl'0ll'l'l'IRS CLERK BAILIFF M ,vrnox KIRKLANE VAN FLEET POLICE MAN Yvonne Good Barbara Gray Sterling Huggens John Freeh Vernon NViltlasin Phyllis Krebs Pearl Helriek .lean XVallaee Bose Earner Dean James Donald YVilliams George Bebert XVilliam Bowman Betty Hankle Dorothy Dick Jean Thomas Gene Huggens Max Coulson .lames Brenner Floyd Lepperd Marion Barnitz llobert Boyer Boy Masenheinier Biehard Garrett Nancy Long Elaine Froek Sterling Huggens John Frech Vernon YVildasin Pearl Bond Doris Swisher .lane Ziegler Doris Shaeffer Boy Andersen .I. Rupert Neary Jack Geiselman Edward Gobreeht Betty Hankle Dorothy Dick Jean Thomas Gene Huggens Max Coulson James Brenner Floyd Leppertl Marion Barnitz VVinnimore XVllClilSIIl James VVainger lliehard Garrett JURY--lftillllld Naee, Samuel Fitz, James lliekrotle, Patriaeia Markle, NViIbur Fesser, Maigaxet Bausch, Gloria Uffellnan, Marian McCullough, Baylnond Allen, Peggy Appler, Francis Brady, Albert Shanabrook. PoI,icEMEN Asn POLICENVONIEN--Xxllllllllll Dulling, lildred Van Fossen, Earl Orendorff, Noah Brown, Dorothy Garrett, John Carr, Roy Null, Patricia Gass, Burnell Hipp. Page Fifty-sim Hanover High t chool restling Wrestling Lettermen .ll'S'l'lS .vXn'rnt'n .losiarn lima illl.ICY Mars .ltnias Itonnn,u'ou llossrzri. hlCfil.liAl" tiiaoiioif: lltrnn ltuiimno llAn'rn.xx linwfxnn lirzlormms WlAltYlN lll'1llSllI'1Y I-Inwunm Iinows GENE WICCANNI-LY ll,untv S'r.xnwi-:n Hill Matmen Outclass Lebanon Squad Hanover lligh's Wrestling Squad opened their season against the l.ehanon High Squad, on the Hill mats, and defeated their oppont nts hy the score of 43 to 5. The Hanover squad outclassed their opponents hy taking T matches by falls, I by referee's decision. and I hy forfeit. Hanover lost one match by a fall. G. Mct'arn1-y made the quickest pin of the evening by pin' ning his m'in in SH seconds. R. Hartman. J. Erb. R. McCleaf, R. Mans, M. Hershey, and H. Starner also registered pins. Strong West York Team Defeats Hanover ln the second wrestling meet of the season, the Hanover lligfh Matmen were defeated hy the strong West, York High mat squad, at West York. hy the score of 24 to lil. Although they lost, only two Hanover men were pinned, while J. lirh pinned his man for the Hillmen. R. McCleaf and ti. Mct'arney won referee's decisions for the Hanover squad. Arthur, of Hanover, and Brown, of West York. wrestled to a t l'1lXY. Hillman Win Close Match with Lancaster Hanovt-r's wrestling team defeated the squad from I.an- caster on the Ilill's mats hy the score of 23 to 22. .l. Arthur, .l. Rohrhaugh. R. McCleaf, and R. Maus won their matches on pins while J. Flrlm won his match hy a referee's decision. Only one Hanover man was pinned. Patton Trade Squad Becomes Victim of Hanover Wrestlers third match in Hanover lligh's wrestling team won their tour starts as they defeated Patton Trade's wrestlers at Patton Trade hy the score of 425 to 15. Hanover won six bouts by falls, 2 houts hy defaults, and l hy referee's decision. J, ldrh of Hanover registered a pin over seconds after .l. Arthur had pinned his man in 56 seconds. We received three points on the referee's decision because Marvin Hershey pinned Swank of Patton Trade in the third period af- ter Swank had pinned Hershey in the second period. The referee awarded Swank tive points. his man in 54 V ..:u.f,,, .5 . , VQV,?i.,......s,t, ff . . . M1 . Hershey Comes from Behind to Defeat Hillmen After Hanover had taken the tirst four houts on decisions. Hershey High's wrestling squad came through to take the re- maining bouts and the match hy the score of 25 to 12. This defeat eliminated all championship hopes for the Hillmen in the District 3 race. Unfortunately no Hanover men could pin their men in the lighter weights. hut .l. Arthur, J. Rohrhaugh, FI. llrown, ami .l. Erh won referee's decisions. League Leading Steelton Squad Defeats Hillmen Steelton High's championship wrestling squad defeated Hanover's grapplers Ill to 18 on the Steelton mats. This was the sixth hout of the season, J. Arthur, R. Maus. and M. Hershey won hy falls for the Hillmen, while G, liuhh won a referee's decision. The llillmeu made a rather good showing against the defending champions of the District Il league. Hillmen Close Season Defeating Manheim The Hanover High Wrestling Squad closed their lil-12 wrest- ling season hy pinning back the Manheim High School Wrest- ling Squad on the llill mats by the score ot' 28 to 23. lly this victory the Hanover mat men finished in fourth place in the District 3 Wrestling League. This was prohahly the most interesting home match ot' the entire season since the score was tied at 224 all with only the heavyweight hout remaining on the card. H. Starner, Hanover's heavyweight, was thrown oil' the mats and received a deep gash across the top of his left eye. He then returned to pin his man and win the hout. Arthur, Rohrhaugh, M. Hershey, and lirh also pinned their men for the Hill team. ' Q 1 . f . X 1 t 1 i E ' First Row E. Beidleman, J. Erh, E. Brown, R. Hartman, R. Rohrh ugh, .l. Arthur. Second Row-C. Hershey, H. Starner. M. Hershey, G. Bubb, R. Mans, G. Mctlarney, R. Mt-Cleat. Coach Ci-owt Third Row- -D. Strine, R. Shuman, S. Graham. D. Goueker, C. Laughman, .l. Kessler. G. Ilulihs. Fourth Row-D. Garrett, mgr., J. Bechtel, R. Markle, S. Hamme, D. Ilumhcrt, W. Amspacher. ll. Weaver. S. Henson, I.. Koontz, mgr. fm? ? llugc Ififly-sc1u'i1 PZWZWW 03,1 -9'-9.1 'V gr p . ' . .. . I . 1 . . ,.,,,,Q,l'ln55JLQyf-IQK ' arch, S. lXlI'llZlIlg, M. McDonnell, G. Stauffer, O. Hamme, h. Frock, M. Kmtzing, ll . Beard. in SEQQID ' M,. McCullough, P. Hetrick, P. Swartzhaugh, D. Stine, G. Krenzer, B. Gray, F. Roller, . Lem on, R. Bortner, P. Bechtel, V. Culp, J. Harman, V. Keugy, B. WVilhelm. Lf.-QQ ' t, E. Bahenstine, J. Altland, P. Appler, S. Hartman, ll. Bange, G. Garrett, M. Ott, G. Simpson, S. mp, M. Herr, J. Hostettt-r, L. Grimes, B. Yingling, S. Moore, M. Barnitz. ' B Alglr, T. Beecher, K. Colestock, B. Allgaier, J. Hershey, L. Stine, J. NVolford, M. XVilliams, M. 'ck, P. Harshman, J. Jacobs, P. Markle, D. Sheetz, P. Gztss, M. McAvoy, A. lVarehime, . Swisher. FIFTH Row-N. Nace, J. XVilson, R. Masenheimer, B. Baker, D. Wood, E. Snyder, B. Anderson, D. Bringman, 5-wo . Ql.gn.u,kwln,l.ynerd, N. Simpson, H. Swartzhaugh, E. Sell, H. YVeaver. ' SIXTH Rowgz. an, . Hostetter, XV. Bowman, .I. Brenner, VV. Coulson, R. Colestock, S. Huggens, F. Cox, . an , . itlle, B. Knippel, VV. Stenger, A. Trone, B. Boyer, B. Berwager. ' K The Mixed Chorus The mixed chorus, directed by Miss Turner, was a combination of the girls' chorus and the boys' chorus. Members of the three classes made this year's chorus one of the best in the history of the school. During the year, this vocal group sang two splendid cantatas at Christmas and Easter time. From time to time. small groups sang on the weekly auditorium programs. From the chorus were formed three fine class trios. The sophomore girls' trio consisted of Elaine Frock, Martha Kintzing, and Mary Ellen Beard. The junior girls' trio was composed of jacquelyn March, Susan Kintzing, and Katherine Krebs. Margaret McDonnell, Gloria Stauffer, and Olyveen Hamme comprised the senior girls' trio, of which we were justly proud. The school as a whole and the participating chorus students found that this extra-curricular activity was indeed Worthwhile. Page Fifty-eight , . W..- ..,... 5... - T K . . . i - . - 1, was l"lliS'I' How .l. li. Nt-ary. ll. SXX'2lI'lZlHlllQ.fll, A. Shauahrook, N. Masenlieimer. ll. lleimau. N. lit-own. li, Iiet'wa5.5et'. .l. Geiselmau, ll. XVL'lS0llS2llC. Slctiomm How T. Snyder. Nl. lforney. li. Miller, li. Ml'llL'lICj', .l. Sl1Illl'l'l'l'. l'. Carl. XY. llrumrine, Ii. Z1-pp, l.. Nace. Nl. I.. Scholl, NV. Iliee. li. Slenger. li. Noel. ll. Art-nlx. li. IlHlII'll1lllHll. 'llIllIHl How I. Thierel, Nl, l.. Hoover, .l. Markle, 'I'. Conrad, ll. Nuee. Ii. lIol'l'aelter, NI. Iioyer. ID. Trosllv. l'. sXYill'lZllilllgl1. li. XXX-isensale. RACK llow I.. Miller, M. Sipliug. .l. Gohreelil, li. Hepburn, li, Anlliony. C, .Xllvviue. IJ. NYiIliams. XV. Sit-m.5ei'. Mr. Boucher. flirt-elol': J. H2ll'Illlill'l, IC. lilPlH'L'L'lll, K. llumlicrl. l'. Markle. .l. llamme. 1Iol.on Gixutu A. .Xllmrii.fl1l, ll. liakev. ll. Kress. XY. XViltlasin. The Band and Orchestra The hand this year was composed of fifty-two student musicians from the Senior and junior High Schools who desired musical training and a chance to serve their school. ln addition to playing at the home football games, the band appeared in local parades. in auditorium programs. and in a puhlic concert given in the spring of the year. The hand, under the leadership of Mr. Boucher, always made a line appearance in their new orange and black cadet-style uniforms. The band also boasted of three very capable drum majorettes: Patricia Markle, jean Hamme, and Kathleen Humbert. lidwartl Ciohrecht was our drum major of no mean ability. The school orchestra was active throughout the year, playing at the weekly auditorium programs, at dramatic programs, and at the public spring concert. Mr. Boucher also conducted the orclve-atra. At the end of the year, awards were made to those hand and orchestra members who displayed musicianship and cooperation throughout the year. S Ifutsa' Row IR Swartxhaugh, A. Nlummerl, A. Crahhs, C. Nlummerl, J. Ilamme. 'l'. Sayclsr. .l. Il. Nt-ary. Si-ztzoxn Now li. Zepp. N. Naee. Ii. lleplmurn. li. XVeisensaIe, N. lirown. Ii. Iierwager, .l. lleiwelmau, 'lilllllll How l'. lll'L'lgllIlL'I', ll. Kline, M. Mellullough, .l. Geiselmau, XV. Slenger, .l. li1lI'lIll1ll'l. Nlr. lioueher, tl i rector. Page lfifly-liim 1 ' na! .1.'-' F1ns'r Row- fli. VVen1z, l.. Hamnmer. SECOND llow---A. Trone, ID. Aspcr, XV. Coulson, H. lloke, .l. Dick. School Songs and Cheers Fight Song The team we love the best of all Is our own Orange and Black- Have they pep! just watch them step- How they can pass that ball! Give them room and they spell doom For any team in sight- Yeh! Nighthawks! Fight! Fight! Fight! Yeh! Orange and Black-Fight! Victory Song Cheer, cheer for Hanover's fame, Wlake up the echo cheering her name. Send a volley cheer on high, Shake down the thunder from the sky. What though the odds be great or small Hanover High will win over all. While her loyal sons are marching Onward to victory. Yea, f,ll'3ll'fCl Yea, Black! Yea Orange! Yea Black!! Yea Team!! Hold 'em back! Page Sixly Razzle Dazzle Razzle, dazzle, razzle, dazzle, Sis-boom-bah! Hanover High School, Rah! Rah! Rah! fAre We in it?D Well I guess! CWill we win it?D Yes! Yes! Yes! Yea Team Yea! Team, Fight! FIGHT! FIGHT! Yea! Team, fight! FIGHT! FIGHT! Yea! Team, fight! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! T-e-A-m T-e --------- A-m T -e ----- H ---- A-m T-e --------- A-m TEAM, TEAM, TEAM! Last Will and Testament Kathryn Jacoby, will my freckles to Margaret Carlson. Bob Lynerd, will my scholastic ability to Bill Seibert. Betty Hankle, will my quietnerr to june Newman. Beatie Wentgrwill my ability to hold a man to Lorraine Diller. Frank Cox, will my bass voice to the future sophomore soprano boys. Pat Markle, will my majorette costume to Virginia Gruver. Bill Bowman, will "Elmer" to Ken Carr in order to get to school, provided that he has money for a license, tires, and a few other incidentals.. Peg McDonnell, will my place in the trio to Nancy Long. Burnell Hipp, will my ability to keep in shape to Wendell Yingling. Barbara Gray, will all my features and characteristics to jo Hoffheins. Bob Serif, will my speed to anyone who wants to get ahead. Marg Ott, will my natural blonde hair to jackie March. jim Brenner, will my big feet to any boy who wears a neat size seven. Doris Loss, will my athletic ability to "Pussie" Sterner. Ted Beidleman, will my French ability UD to "Snipe" Gross. Duck Hamme, will my camera phobia to those who want to know what is going on in E. H. S. Betty jane Allgaier, will my hair to "Mot" Kintzing. Jim Yingling, will my love for athletics to Roy Masenheimer. Yvonne Good, will my blue eyes to Anna Messinger. Mark Meredith, will my curly hair to john Hershey. Naomi Lemmon, will my .terioumerr to jean Wilde. Steve O'Neill, will my masculine pulchritude to "Chub" Brady. Gloria Staulfer, will my job as pianist to jean Barnhart. "Bones" Trone, will my place on the 'HN' honor roll to john Davis. Pearl Bond, will my general good will to the highest bidder. Harry Swartzbaugh, will my lack of sleep this year to anybody who drinks milk regularly. Mary Ann Stick, will my aggressiveness to Nancy O'Neill. Vernon Wildasin, will my dramatic ability to Bill Hoffacker. Jean Altland, will my natural rosy complexion to jean Mehring. Page Sixty-one Appreciation The N ornir staff wishes to extend their sincere appreciation and thanks to the following for the helpful services they rendered : Page Sixty-two POIST STUDIOS of Hanover, Penna. BASIL L. SMITH SYSTEM of Philadelphia, Penna. V. B. SHEPHERD BINDERY of York, Penna. KERR BROS. PRINTING Co. of Chambersburg, Penna. MR. FRANKLIN S. RILEY MR. SAMUEL B. SHIRK V -'QF 4+ , PQ X A iz 1 Q ,g y 3,5 Ulf , A F .. W' -A, Retty Jane Allgaier---pages 11, 12 58 Jean Elizabeth Altland-pages 11 12 Beatrice Wentz-pages 31, 60. 48, 58. Roy M. Andersen-pages 2, 12, 56, 58 Barbara Anthony-page 12. Peggy Applerg-pages 2, 12, 48, 56, 58 Doris I. Asper--'pages 12, 60. Gladys E. Bair-page 12.. Richard VV. Bairgpage 12.. Mildred L. Baker-page 13. Marion E. Barnitz-pages 13, Zenia Bamugardnen-page 13. Frances Bealing-page 13. Robert L. Beck4page 13. Doris Becker-page 13. Edward Beidleman-pages 13, 46, 48 49, 55, 57. Earl F. Blettner-page 13. Benjamin Berwager-pages 14, June C. Bolin-page 14. Pearl E. Bond-pages 14, 56.. Ellen Bostion--pages 10, 14. WVilliam Bowman-pages 14, 56, 58 Helen K. Boyer--page 14.. James Brenner-pages 2, 14, 515. Mary Brickner-page 14. Dale S. Bringman--pages 10, 49, 51, 58. George Bubbfpages 15, 57. Robert G. Buchman--pages 15, 49. Marilyn Bushbaum-page 15. - Joseph Byrd-page 15. Theda Colehouse-page 15. VVilliam Franklin Cox-pages 15, 51 58 56, 58 58. . 52, 56 11, 15 XVilliam Crawford-fpage 15. Ernest Crouse--page 16. Jeanne Dick-Apages 16, 51.. Dorothy Dick-pages 2, 16, 51, 56. Roswell Dubs-page 16. I A Robert Eckenrode -pages 11, 16. Geraldine Eyler-page 16. Merle Forney-pages 16, 59. John Frech-pages 16, 46, William Frock--page 17. Dorothy Garrett-page 17. Lewis Garrett-page 17. 56. Dean Geiman--page 17. John Geiselman-pages 17, 55, 56, 59 VVarren George-pages 17, 44. Vernon Gilbcrtw-page 17. YVilliam Glenn--pages 11, 17, 51, 55 58.. Edward Gobrcchtw-pages 11, 18, 49 56. 59. Gerald Good-page 18. Yvonne Goodfpages 18, 56. Allan Gray--pages 18, 52. Barbara Gray-pages 18, 48, 56, 58.. Mary Elizabeth Gulden-pages 2, 18. Donald Hamme--pages 2, 18. U Page Sixty-four 'PH Index of Seniors Olyveen Hamme-pages 2, 18, 58. Betty Lou Hankle-pages 2, 19. 56. Jean Harman'-pages 2, 19. June HarmanApages 19, 58.. Betty J. Hart-page 19. Richard Hartman-pages 19, 49. 57. Gene VV. Hawkgpage 19. Robert Hepburn-pages 2, 19, 59. Eugene Hershey-page 19. Burnell Hetrick-pages 20, 44, 52. Harriet Hetrick-page 20. Pearl Hetrick-pages 20, 56, 58. Mary Louise Heusner-page 20. Myrl D. Hilbert-pages 20, 59. Burnell Hipp-pages 20, 48. 56. Mary Louise Hoover-pages Robert Houck-page 21. Sterling Huggens-pages 21, 46, 56, 58. Kathryn Jacoby-page 21. Robert Johnson-page 21. Jeanne Keller--page 21. Marie Klunk-pages 21, 48. Phyllis Krebs-pages 11, 21, Edward Kress-page 21. Marie Landis--page 22. Henrietta Leister-page 22. Nadine Leister-page 22. ' Naomi Lemmon'-pages 2, 10, 22. Mary C. Lloyd-page 22. Naomi Louey-page '22. Doris Loss-pages 22, 48.. Robert Lynerd-pages 22, 44, 55. William Lynerd-pages 23, 55, 58. Donald Markle-page 23. Helen Markle-page 23. Patricia MarkleApages 23, 48, 56, 59.. Theresa Marks-page 23. Helen Martin-page 23. Blanche Mathias-page 23. Russell McCleaf-pages 23, 57. Marian McCullough-pages 24, 56, 59. Margaret McDonnell-pages 2, 11, 48, 58. Carey McSherry-page 24. Richard Meckley-vpages 24, 49. Lois Meredith-page 24. Mark Meredith-page 24. Vernon Mickley-page 24. Anna Mae Miller-page"24. Edward K. Miller-pages 25, 44, Elwood P. Miller-page 25. Robert E. Miller-pages 25, 44. Irene A. Mooregpage 25. Shirley Moore-pages 25, 48, 58. Alton Mummert-page 25. Henrietta Mummert-page 25. Millard Muntz-pages 25, 44, 52. I i l Joyce A. Myers-page 26. Myrna Myersw-page 26. 49, 52, Burnell Hoffackergpages 2, 20, 59. 20, 59. 51, 56 Stanley Myers---page 26. VVinifred Myers--page 26. Donald M. Nace4-pages 2, 11, 26, 56 59. J. Rupert Neary--pages 2, 11, 26, 59. Eva Nitchman-page 26. Stephen O'Neill-pages 2, 26, 48, Margaret Ottgpages 27, 46. 48, Robert Prosise-page 27.. Esther Rahn-page 27. George Rebertfpages 2, 27, Charles Redding-page 27. Janet Reindollar-pages 2, 27. Max Rohrbaugh-page 27. Reginald Runklev-pages 27. 55. Doris Shaeffergpages 11, 28, Harold Shaffer-page 28. 55, Albert Shanabrook- -pages 2, 28, 6 59. Robert Serff-pages 28, 49. Quinetta Simpson-page 28. Mary Sipe-page 28. Burnell Slagledpage 28. Joseph Smith--page 28. Robert Smith-page 29 Harry Starner-pages 29, 57.. Gloria Stauffer-pages 11, 29, 48, 58 Mary Ann Stick-pages 29, 48, 58 Louisa Stine--pages 29, 58. Jane Stitely-page 29. Ruthanna Swartz--page 29. Harry Swartzbaugh-pages 2, 10, 11 29, 46, 58, 59. Frances Tracy-page 30. Alvin R. Trone-pages 30, 58. H. Eugene Tronc-page 30. Dean Unger--pages 2, 30. David L. Wallace4page 30. Glenn Waltersdorf-page 30. Arlene Warehime-pages 30, 58. Elizabeth 1Warehime-page 30. Henrietta Weaver-pages 31, 58. Ruby E. Weaver-page 31. Harry Weisensale-pages 31, 59. 56. 55. Betty Louise Wentz-page 31. Vernon YVildasin- -pages 11, 31, 48, 1 56. 1 Marion NVildasin-page 31. Donald D. W'illiams-pages 11, 31, 56, 59. Ruth WinekaApages 32, 58. N11 Richard Vllisner--page 32. Nadine Yealy---page 32. ' James M. Yingling-pages 32, 44, 52. Lloyd Yingling--page 32.. 'U Clyde H. Zartman-pages 32, 49. 1 Jane E. Zeigler-pages 32, 56. I Mary Zinn-page 32. 1 ,l .J ad ll v J M Bywfzirjy 0fv'1'j.'f' 4.01.5 YW wwf-1m1, wg- wi, agmyf-Nw -wwf-S ' ,f fl 1. my 1-gf ww gal.. .fr 1 wi Zjsgglf-5 wr -wg! 75.53 yr. MM , -Iii-qfskm wk , - ,JV -gg yffgw. Y- JL 5f'fL'w4J76MfA, "fW' fWM-MW 1"'4'-Mwffw-f Mwffa-Q,4,, xx-'MM M174,+.wW fJLN4 ,,.,, WWW X9,m ,Inf-WMM? X9'-ffflfd 4f7WJW'6""i""""""d"Jnb.,1. I 4 4 f i f 5 '.fw ! !g ' ' " ' ' 'V "' 1 " " Lg: fum, .739 ' TMJ- Awww MM 4, hip ifvjiizwfiiigfff MZ 'QM df an I . ,uk ' M47 ZW MQJWJM4 7,517 MQW ZQQQZQWXLLM Wdegg M df' 5 M594 '?fff 5 ,, - L-1 -.,:. Q.,..1,:.,,.,.k. gm" .Q - --mv,

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