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if if HIGH scuo -I 12 -I 11 -I il 1- 1 A L 111K P HANOVER - 'Pr 144 - 1 li 11 IZ 11 I1 If IY THE NORNIR Published by the CLASS OF l9lH 1,1 : 3 : ..gGlUDg'. Wnqfvlf T EICHELBERGER SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA Foreword So that we may keep a recorfl of our actions both here at school and at home we are striving to present in this, our 1941 Nornir, a record of our past and present accomplishments. But wc are going to go further and strive to foretell the future of our class- mates. We trust that our aims and accomplishments will measure up to the standards set by all those who read our Nornir. Table of Contents Admi11ist1'ati011 Classes Activities Athletics Features Advertising Dedication To our sincere and instructive deans, we, the CLASS OF '41, dedicate this Nor- nir as a means of showing our appreciation. MARY L. MENGES Dcruz of Girls JOHN XV. BANKERT Dean of Boys We are grateful to them for their guid- ance and cooperation in aiding us to meet our problems of vocation, personality, and character. Each of us has benefited from his association with them. We shall always remember tl1e kind efforts they have put forth in helping our class to gain success. Since this year is the twentieth anniversary of the Nornir, the meaning of the word itself has been chosen as the theme of the yearbook. The word HNornir,' means the Past, the Present, and the Future. In the upper left hand corners material from the 1921 Nornir is presented. This material tells of school life in high school twenty years ago. ln the lower right hand corners, predictions are made for twenty years in the future. Of course, these predictions may seem vagueg however, they represent our honest opinions and sincere aspirations. f X x X M Il. GOODFELLOXV Prcsiflcnl MR. SHUE Treasurer MH. BITTINGEIR MR. ZARTMAN School Board 10 MR. REBERT Vice-Presirlcnl M R. SHEPPAND MR. KINNEMAN MR. HAMME Secrelary Faculty Nlxm' L. BIICNGES Nlxm' M. E.xs'1'1cv NIUIQI, B. Sunni ROISEHT A. ISAGSHAXV Sllpl'I'fI1f1'I1f1l'Ilf of Svlmols LOUIS D. BALDXVIN lliglz School Prillcipfzl Language Department MA. An'1'1IUn F. Nli1lll?l.SlDN N.li1l AJS. Mun' S'1'lcvlcNs I.uNu.xN1cc:1u4:n A.l5 AJS. M.xn'1'lN F. RIll.l.l'Ill AJS 11 Faculty Social Studies Enuz K. DIEHL A.B. .Limits P. IJAVIS M.Ecl lNIlL'I'0N M. BAUGHER M.A. B. HENRY SHAFER A.B Science and Mathematics H1zNnl1c'1"1'.x Ii. l7l,lCliINGliR M.A. lflmxli C. V,xN1mmv.xI.1. M.Sc GI,,xm's I. HAMM A.B. JoHN XV. BANKICIYI' B.S Commercial Department CI'lliS'l'l'lR L. Siiismfifien B.S. l'lR.XNliI,lN S. RILEY B.S DORIS vox Blflmlix B.S. Vocational Department Louis B. Km1u,,xN1J M.Ed. PAUL G. 'Fuss B.S AsHI,1cY E. XVOOLRIDGE B.S. lNlALCOI.M CAMIQRUN Home Economics Bm"rv XVINIQS B.S. Music and Art Physical Education and Health IXIAHY C. ZINN M.Ed. LI1.1,1,xN B. SI.oUG1-1 B.S El.mNon R. TURNER B.S. A. G. IEALY B.S EuN1fs'r R. BOUCHICR M.lid. I5L1zA1uc'1'H SPANGLIER R.N Librarian ELLEN Zum' Gmz1':N A.B. 12 x T755 Classes The Orange and Black 1. As the days go by with swiflness That form the passing years, To our dear old Alma Mater, NVC raise our songs and cheers. To old high we pledge our favor No honor shall she lack VVhile we pledge ourselves defenders Ol' the Orange and the Black. 2. Through the three long years ol' high school Midst scenes we know so well And IllyStlC charms lo kllowledgef-we vainly seek to spell XVhen we win athletic victoriesfon lloor or field 01' track Still we pledge ourselves defenders Ol' the Orange and the Black. 3. When the cares of life O,61' take us and our locks are tinged with gray Our dearest hopes betray us false fortunes fall away. VVe can branish ea1'es and sadness-and turn our IH6ll101'iCS hack And recall the days of gladness 'Neath the Orange and the Black. 14 FRED SHULTZ President HELEN WEAVER Secreiary Senior Class Oflieers HORACE HULL Vive-Presidelrl ROBERT JONES Treasurer I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the nlenibers of the CLASS OF '41, but especially to the leaders and all the people who have helped to make this Senior Class one of the best of the Eichelberger High School. FRED SHULTZ 15 ,W NORNIR 1 The CLASS OF '21 will long be remembered for their out- standing achievements and contributions to the betterment ol' 9 our school. To those sixty-two pioneers, thc trail-blazers ot' 2 the Nornir, the CLASS OF '41 extends the most sincere congrat- ulations and hopes to duplicate their success. 1 HURNELL ALBRIGHT DONALD ALBRIGHT "Nell" "Don" Acmlenlic A4-arlvlizir' Orch tl, 2, 35: Operetta tl, 2. Ill: Boys' Chorus tl, 33: Mix- ed Chorus till: Soph Play: In- tra Sports til: Home lioom V Pl'es t2. IH: liio Club V Pres HJ: Camera Club C253 Mod Aleh Club C35 liaud tl, 25: Soph Play: .lr Play: All-Star Play tty: Fox ensic Contest til: .I V Foot- ball tll: Tennis 62, 333 Intra Sports tl, 2, IH: Home ltoom Pres tlijg All-American Club C153 Sportsman Club C253 Mod Alch Club C33 RICHARD ALLISON "Cork" ROY AMSPACHER "Pete" l'0t'llfi0lllll Jr Play: Stage Crew tl. 2, IH: Football tl, 21: XVrcstling tl, 23: Intra Sports tl, 25: Dane- ing Club til: F. C. A. 125: Aviation Club Pres till: Cook- ing Club tiij Vocational RUTH AULTHOUSE FRANCES BAIR "Ruthie" "Franny" CUIIllI1l'I'l'if1I General Jr Play: Dancing Club ill: Sports tl, 2. Mgr itll Dancing ' 1 Home Hygienic Club Pres t2J: Club l res fl? Library Club Q33 EMMA BAKER Academic JACK BAKER ' opal-emi qi, 2, :ng Girls' tzhfw- DOC us tl, 2, 33: Mixed Chorus Q2, V0l'!1ftfHll1I Mi Sollh 1'111y1 'Ir Play: lim" Stahte Crew fill! Archery Club ensic Contests tl, 23: Home i,IfU'g my Room See CID: Dramatic Club ' ' CID: Girl Scout Club 425g Bridge Club C35 16 MARIAN BAKER "Carrot" :lC'lllIt'INit' Orch Cl. 2, 35: Operetta C25: Jr Play: All-Star Play C151 Forensic Contest C253 Sports Cl, 2, 35: Drill Team Cl5: Home Room Sec C35 gif . .A- DORA BAN K ERT .Q if , "Izzie" ""' Cfommerrirzl Needlework Club Cl, V Pres BF' 25: Camera Club C35 ' X FABER BARNHART ,, :f- ' . G eu e rul I .lr Play: Dancing Club C152 R ' 'f" H All-American Club C25 Matin m ,:.. DILLER BEARD "Big Benny" Acadenzic Operetta C2, 35: Boys' Chorus Cl, 2, 35: Mixed Chorus C2, 353 .lr Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play Cl, 353 Contest Play C251 Football C151 Intra Sports Cl, 2, 35: Class Pres C151 Hi-Y D Club C2, l res 35: Home lloom Pres Cl, 25: Bio Club V Pres C151 Dramatic Club Pres C252 Mod Aleh Club V Pres C35 'l'he CLASS OF '41 has set an example for succeeding classes BURNELL BANKERT "liuckshot" General .Ir Play: Sr Playg Intra Sports C152 Aviation Club CI5: Sportsman Club C251 All- Ameriean Club C35 MIRIAM BARN ES Aeadenzie Uperella Cl, 2, 35: Girls' Chor- us Cl 2 'i5' lr Pl'1v' Drill Team C151 Typing Club C15: tlirl Scouts Club C25: Bridge Club C35 A v--1- 1,1 ELAINE BAUGH A rude m ic Orch Cl. 25: Operetta Cl, 25: Mixed Chorus C25g Forensic Contest Cl, 25: 0 X B Cl. 2, 35: Home Room Pres C251 Stu- dent Council C153 Dancing Club Cl5: Debate Club See C25: Art Club C35g Debating C15 CHARLES E. BECHTEL "Charlie" Vocational Wrestling Mgr C251 Aviation Club CI5: Camera Club C2, Pres 35 1 9 to follow, and so it goes forth to inspire the world. 'l'he important intelligent youths, and we, the CLASS OF '41, go forth to take positions ol' the world are gradually being lilled by ambitious, 6 our places! 17 NORNIR NORNIR 1 Our present Junior High School served as the Senior High 9 School for the CLASS OF '21, The class motto was "Not finished, just begun." The modest violet, symbol of humbleness, was the 2 class tlowerg and purple and white were chosen as class colors. 1 CLARK BECKER "Spark" General .l V Football Cl, 333 Forestry Club C133 All-American Club C233 Camera Club C33 LESTER BERKHEIMER "Berky" General Soccer Cl, 233 Tennis C133 In- lra Sports C133 Dancing Club C133 Camera Club C2, 33 JEAN BIRGENSMITH ..Bil,gy,, Home Economics 0 AE B CArt Staff 2, Art Ed 333 Sport C1, 2, Mgr 333 Dancing Club C133 Press Club C233 Ath Mgrs Club C333 Nornir Art Staff GERALDINE BOLDEN "Deanie" Academic Uperetta C1, 2, 333 Girls' Chor- us C1, 2, 333 Mixed Chorus C2, 333 .Yornir Staff: Drill Team C133 Home Hygiene Club Pres CU MARY BEMILLER "Teddy" A 011118111 ic O K B C2, 333 Sports C133 Dancing Club C131 Typing Club C233 Camera Club V Pres C33 RICHARD L. BERKHEIMER "Dick" General lntra Sports C1, 23: Dancing Club C133 Camera Club C2, 33 RICHARD BLOUSE iCBud9l Vovalional Jr Playg F. C. A. C1, 2, 333 Stage Crew C1, 2, 33 PAUL BOLLINGER Academic Operetta C133 Soph Playg Jr Play: All-Star Play C1, 233 Intra Sports C1, 233 Home Room CPrcs 1, V Pres 233 Bio Club V Pres C133 Dramatic Club C233 Chemistry Club C33 18 BETTY BOOSE "Roots" fl0IllIlll'I'C'll1I Soph Play: Drill Team C13g Gi1'l Reserves C132 HUIIIL' Room V Pres C13g Home Room Sec C231 Dancing Club C133 Girls' Athletic Club C23 BETTY BORTN ER A f'lllIt'II1tC Operetta C13: Girls' Chorus C23g Mixed Chorus C23: Class Sec C13g llolnc Room Sec- Treas C131 Dancing Club C13: Camera Club Sec-Treas C233 Art Club C33 BENJAMIN BOSTION "Ren" General Forestry Club C1, 333 Camera Club Sec C23 ROBERT BOYVMAN Academic .lr Play: All-Star Plav 2, 3 : , C 3 Camera Club C13: Forestry Club C23: Roy's Cooking Club NADINE BORDER "Buck" A 1-adam ie .lr Playg 0 K B Cl, 2, Adv Mgr .l3, Girl Reserves Cl, 235 Home Room Pres Cl, Sec 233 Typing Club CI3: Camera Club V Pres C23g Press Club L33 LAYVRENCE RORTNER "Rortner" Commercial Rand Cl, 23: Rand Club Cl, 233 Forensic Contest C133 Boys' Cooking Club C33 DANIEL BOWMAN "Dan" .-temleniic lli-Y Club C2, 33: lloxne Room Pres C131 Camera Club Cl. Pres 233 Boys' Cooking Club V53 BRUCE BRIDGE "Bridge" A1-ade1n1'c lntra Sports Cl, 23: Dancing Club C13: Forestry Club Pres C23: lioy's Cooking Club Sec C33 In 1961, the CLASS OF '41 is at the peak of perfection, 1 having benefited by twenty years of worldly experience. XVe have added to our knowledge considerably, forgotten a few of the facts we learned in school, but are, on the whole, a wiser and better prepared group of men and women. 19 9 6 1 NORNIR NORNIR 'I The steady helmsmen who steered the CLASS OF '21 safely into port Were: President, XVilliam Naillg Vice-President, Cath- 9 arine Shultzg Secretary, Anna Leschleyg Treasurer, Diller XVier- 2 maug Historian, Daniel Ehrhart. 1 ARCHIE BRILLHART Vflfllfflllllll Band C1, 25: Orch C1, 251 Upcretta C1, 25: Boys' Chorus C353 Band Club Cl. 25: Cam- era Club V Pres C35 ANNA COULSON "Abby" Academic Operctta C1, 2. 353 Girls' Chor- us C1. 2, 35: Girls' Trio Cl, 2, 353 Mixed Chorus C2, 353 Soph Play: Jr Playg Sr Play: All- Star Play C153 0 8: B C25: .Vnrnir Feat lid: Drill Team C15: Girl liescrves Cl5g Ath Club C153 Press Club C25: Dramatic Club C35 LEONA CROUMER "Shortec" Home Economics Sports C15: Drill Team C15: Girl Reserves C151 Home Room V Pres C1, 25: Dancing Club C155 Camera Club C25 J. CHARLES DAVIS "Chuck" General Jr Play: lntra Sports C253 Home Room Sec 8 Pres C25: All-AIIlCI'iC1ll1 Club Sec C25 DOROTHY J. COBLE family" Conmiercial Sports C1, Mgr 2, 35: Drill Team Cl, Mgr 25 LORETTA CROM ER "Penny" General Sports C2, 353 Girls' Ath Club 125: Needlework Club C35 PAULINE CULP "Polly" Home Economics .Yorliir Sr Sec C35: Student Council C15: Dancing Club C153 Camera Club C25 LLOYD DEAMER "Flash" Vocafional Football C1, 253 Soccer C353 Track Cl, 2, 353 Intra Sports Cl, 2, 35 20 ,C Wi' 5., DOROTHY DOLL mms ., Q . Nd Ilomc Fconomivs frm W-. i M NN HI, tn ll Y 1 1, ,gf . , 'I 2 J' 4 ' Sports 11, 23: Dancing Club I. ir' 'iv I 113: Camera Club 12, 33 3- .7 l 1 sn? Y GX: K ,L Ag, V, -44 C ll! CATHERINE DOYLE "Sale" C0lIlIIN"I'!'i!1l llllllll' lloom V Pres 1131 Dancing Club 113: Camera Club V Pres 12, 33 ROBERT DUBBS "Bob" General l V Basketball 11, 233 Basket- ball 133: .I V Football 11,331 Dancing Club 113: Sportsman Club 12, V Pres 33 RODNEY ERN ST "Ike" A 011110111 ir lntra Sports 11, 23: Home lioom 'l'reas 113: Dancing Club 113: Forestry Club V Pres 123: Boys' Cooking Club DOROTHY DONNELLY "Dot" Gem-ml Dancing Club 113: Alb Club 123: Library Club 133 LESTER E. B. DUBS "Les" Gl'lll'l'l11 .Ir Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play 133: Intra Sports 11, 2, 33: Dancing Club 113: Sports- man Club 123: Dramatie Club 1.13 GERALDINE EVANS "Gerry" .ttvralvzizic Soph Play: .lr Play: All-Star Play 12. 33: Sports 11. 2, 33: Drill Team 113: Girl lieserves 11, 2, Pres 33: Dancing Club 113: Bio Club 123: Ath Mgrs Club 133 HORACE FARLEY "Bull" General Soeecr 133: Intra Sports 133: Sportsman Club 113: Typing Club 123: Ath Club 133 1 lt is not surprising to see o11 the theater marquees of '61 the same names we saw on the programs ot' class plays and all-star 9 plays in 311. There were many up-and-coming actors and actress- 6 es in the class, and we know that their ultimate success was the reaping ot' a reward justly deserved. 21 1 NORNIR NORNIR 1 The able crew consisted of: Richard rxllfflllllll, Kingsbury Allen, Henrietta Allewelt, Emma Anthony, Myrna Bair, K. Jean 9 Bargelt, Mary .lane Beck, Edna Bemiller, Florence Bittinger, 2 Robert Bixler, 1 MARGARET FIROR apcgn Commercial Soph Play: Sr Play: Sports 11, 2, 35: Student Council 115 : Dancing Club 115: Dramatic Club 12, 35: Contest Play 135 BARBARA FORSCHT "Baths" Acarlemic Sr Play: All-Star Play 125: 0 X B 1Adv Staff 1, Mgr 2, Bus Mgt' 35: Home ltooin V Pres 11, Pres 25: Girl Scouts Club 115: Press Club 12, 35 WILLIAM FRECH "1Vi l l y" Af-adern in Boys' Chorus 135: Mixed Chorus 135: Jr Play: All-Star Play 135: 0 K If 1l3us Staff 1, 2. Sports 35: Soccer 11, 25: YVrestling 115: Intra Sports 11, 2, 35: Home li00l1l Pres 11, 35: Aviation Club Sec 115: Photo Club 125: Mod Alch Club 135 EDMOND FROCK "Eddie', General Football 11, 2, 35: Intra Sports 125: Dancing Club 115: Typing Club 125: Archery Club 135 IONA FLEMMING 65IjecI,37 Home E1'1Jll1IIIlf1'S Dancing Club 115: Girls' Ath Club 125: Camera Club 135 JEANNE FORSYTHE "Mousey" Commercial Operetta 11, 2, 35: Girls, Chorus 11, 2, 35: Mixed Chor- us 11, 2, 35: Forensic Contests tl, 25: Dancing Club 115: Bridge Club 12, 35 JANET FREY Culzzllwrcirzl tbperetta 115: Girls' Chorus tl, 2, 352 Mixed Chorus 135: .lr Play: Forensic Contests 11, 25: 0 K If 12, Circ Mgt- 35: Drill Team 115: Girl Reserves 11, 25: Student Council 125: Dancing Club 1152 tilee Club See-Treas 125: Press Club Sec- Treas 135 PAUL FROCK "Frockie" General Typing Club 11, 25: Forestry Club 135 22 it .g.. fu.r W BETTY FUHRM AN Commercial ,lr Play: Sports Cl, 2, 33: Drill Team C13: Dancing Club C13: Girl Scout Club C233 Gerlnan Club C33 YYILLIAM FUHRMAN "Big Bill" Vocalimial Basketball Cl, 23: Football Cl, 23: Intra Sports C33g All- American Club Cl, 233 Sports- man Club C33 DEAN GARRETT ilnivii Vocational Football Cl, 233 Track Mgr i23g Intra Sports C2, 33: Camera Club Cl3: F. C. A. C23 M ARGARET GARRETT "Margie" Commercial .Ynrnir Asst Sports Ed: Sports Cl, 2, 33: Drill Team C13: Home Room Sec C231 Dancing Club Cl3g Bridge Club C233 LAVERNE FUHRM AN "Cass" Vocaliozial Basketball Cl, 2, 33: Football 133: Soccer C13: Tennis C333 Sportsman Club Cl3g Camera Club C233 Aviation Club C33 CLAY GARRETT Academic lnlra Sports Cl, 2, 333 Danc- ing Club C13: Typing Club C231 Mod Alcll Club C33 DOROTHY GARRETT SBIDOQDQ A cmlenzic Dancing Club C13: Dramatic Club C23: German Club Pres 433 YVILLIAM GASS "Bill" VOCYICCUIICII Football C13: Camera Club Cl, 23: Archery Club V Pres C331 Stage Crew C13 Alb Mgrs Club C33 1 By 1961, bankruptcy in business is a thing of the past, thanks to the competency of Senior bookkeeping students. The Senior 9 secretaries proved their ability by serving the members of the faculty faithfully and eiliciently way back in '4l. Our prediction 6 of positions in the highest olliees of the land for our Comniercial zealots has come true. 1 NORNIR Alma Bortner, Hope Brame, Violet Dempsey, Robert Ehrhart, 1 Jessie limig, lNl:u'thu Fiekes, Arthur Froek, ll'2l GClSCllll2lll, E. 9 Helen Gitt, Ruby Graves, H. Reginald Greenliolt, George Haines, Elwood Hilllllll, Hilda Hzlrner, Robert Honibaeh, Helen Kell, Rulina 2 Lillich, Timothy Lingg, Romaine Livingston, 1 V-,.,,-.. ., . - .. 2 . CHARLES GEBENSLEBEN BETTY GEISELMAN "Knob" S15 Academic' Ilomr Et'0ll0lIlil'S .Ir Play? FUOUHIU ll. 2, ill! Sports C131 Drill 'l'e:un ill: lnlru Sporls Cl, 2, IH: Hi-Y Glee Club ply, Girls' Ath Club Club Cl, 2, Eljg Sportsman L25 Club Cl, 2, 35 .IEUNE GOOD MARILYNN GOOD Commerrirzl "Sissy" .lr Play: All-Star Play 12, 35, Home Economies 0 8: B CU: .Vornir Sr Seeg Drill 'l'e:un Ill: Girl Reserves ill: Home Room V Pres Cl, Drill Teznn ill: Girl Reserves ill: llonie lloom Pres fl, 23, Sec-'l'reas 2, 373 Dam-ing Club gifliilisillcgillli SCC KU: Cum- flj: Drzunatie Club CSL-e 2, 35 ' ' NT5'C4'U ".luynee" Affldvllliff Home Erononlics 0 62 B Cl, 2, 313 Girl Reserves , ' 14 flbz Home Room Sec 615: Glu-er Lending 12, Ill: D1-ill Studclll CUUIWH Us SCC 351 Tflillll ill: Girl Reserves CU, Dilllliillbi Clllll UDL Press Club Girls' Alh Club ill: Press f2, 33 Club 1273 Cheer Leading Club IRVIN HAMME ANNA GREENHOLTZ uh , N 'vin "Greeny" 6 General Affldelllltf x K 1 Band Cl, 2,331 Orch Cl, 2, lil, 0Pf'l'0ff3 ill? 5lW"l5 fl, 3- 355 Operellu 12, 353 Boys' Chorus Drill leum Cl, 2l2 Girl Seoul Pat Leader ill, Bridge Club Stage Crew KU: Intm Spurts C251 AU1 NKYS Club CJD fl, 25, mimi Club 41, Pres 25, in-mga Club my 24 , ...vt-. MELVIN HAMM Academic Soph Play: Jr Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play C2, 33: Bio Club C13: Camera Club C233 Ger- lnan Club C33 HARRY HEINDEL "Harry" Academic Hand Cl, 2, Ill: Orch C13: Op- eretta 113: Boys' Chorus C13: .lr Play: Band Club C13 : Avia- tion Club C23: Mod Alch Club V13 BERN ELL HELTEBRIDLE "Wilbur" General lntra Sports Cl, 2, 33: For- estry Club Cl3: Camera Club 423: Aviation Club C33 EM M A HILKER "Pinky" CUlIlIl1l'I'l'if1I quette Club Sec C23: Camera Club C33 Needlework Club C131 Eti- RUSSELL VV. HARTM AN "Russ" C:UlIlllll'I'Cllll liand C13: Orch Cll: School Danee Orch C131 J V Basket- ball C231 Intra Sports C1, 33: Band Club Mgr C13: Aviation Club Treas C23 BETTY H EL'l'El!RlDLl'l "Betts" A cudenz ic litiqnette Club Cl, 21: llridgc Club C33 CHARLO'l"l'li H ERSH EY "Dolly" C0lIllIH'l'l'fl1I .lr Play: Drill lcanx 113: Holne lllllllll V Pres C211 Dancing Club C13: Girl Scout Club C23: Camera Club till M A RG A R ET H OF F A C li ER Avllllvlrlfc' Sports tl, 2. Ill: Drill 'l'eanl 121: Girl Scouts Club tll: Bridge Club 123: Ath Mgrs Club C33 lixlraf 'l'he latest edition ol' TIN' lfofalor, most widely eir- 1 culated newspaper in the world, is rolling oll' the presses by the thousands ill 1961. 'l'he people responsible for its publication 9 are none other than those who had journalistic experience on the Ofllllfjl' llllll Hluclc, llumlboolc, and Nornir Stalls. 'l'o them goes 6 the credit for revolutionary advancements in newspapers and lllllgllllll es ot' today. 25 1 NORNIR NORNIR Anna Malaun, H. Carroll Mehrlng, Ruth Melholn GCOIQG Mel 1 horn, Jr., Nellie Melhorn, Anna Mlllel 1511141101 lxlllllllllb IeRoy 9 Nace, Clair Overmiller, Horace Polts, Isthel Potloltl J XV1lte1 2 Ransom, Harry Rhodes, 1 ROSCOE HOFFACKER "Ross" Academ ic Band C1, 2, 35: Orch C1, 2, 35: Opcretta C2, 35: J1' Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play C15: For- ensic Contests C2, 35: 0 8: B C.-Xsst Ed 1, Assoc Ed 2, Edi- tor-in-chict' 35: Handboolc Sta11': 'Class Pres C251 Hi-Y Club C353 Band Club C155 Press Club C2, Pres 35 HORACE HULL Senior Class Vice President General Operetta C1, 2, 35: Boys' Chor- us C1, 2, 35: Mixed Chorus C1, 2, 35: .Tr Play: Sr Play: .Vor- nir Art Ed: Hi-Y Sec C35: Home Room V Pres C25: Dra- matic Club C254 Boys' Cook- ing Cl11b Pres C35 ELVVOOD JAMISON "Jake" Vomtiollal 'l'raek CI, 2, 35: lntra Sports C1, 2, 35: Sportsman Club C2, 35 HARRIETT E. KEAGY Home EUUIIOINCIIS Opcrclla Cl5: Dancing Club C153 lllec Club C25 GLADYS HORNER Home Economics Dancing Club C15 LEYVIS YV. JACOBY "Lew" General Track C1, 2, 35: Intra Sports C1, 2, 35 ROBERT JONES Senior Class 'l'reasurcr Acurlcniic Boys' Chorus C1, 35: Mixed Gll0I'l1S C1, 35: Jr Play: A11- Star Play C15: .Yornir Photo Ed: Ilanflbool: Staff: Soccer C1, 2, 35: Tennis C1, 2,555,111- lra Sports Cl, 2, 35: Hi-Y Club C2, Treas 35: Home Room Pres C1, 25: Student Council C153 Photo Club Sec C153 Typ- ing Club C25: Mod Alch Club Sec C35 HARRIET C. KEAGY "Bon-lion" Academic Sopb Play: 0 8 If CAdv 15: Girl lleservcs C1, 25: Home Iioom Sec C151 Dancing Club Sec C15: Bridge Club C253 Press Club C35 26 - V- -bv ----V-T-Q----7 - .-.i..-......., A ROBERT KELLENBERGER GEORGE T. KERR "N00ts" "Chemical" Vocational Academic Band 11, 2, 333 Orch 11, 23, Home Room Sec 113: Bio Club Stage Crew 1133 Intra Sports 1133 Mod Alch Club 12, Pres 11, 2, 335 Band Club 1135 Avi- 33 ation Club 1Sec 2, V Pres 33 NANCY KINTZING BILL KESSLER ..N,m,, HGGCZCFD ,-lrademie Vocatwnal Operetta 11, 2, 33: Girls, Chor- liand 113, Soccer 12, 333 US 11, 2, 333 Gil'lS' Tl'i0 11, 2, XV,-Qsgling 11, 2, 33: Im,-41 33: Mixed Chorus 2, 33: Soph gpm-gs 1333 Hi-Y Club 1335 Play: 0 8: B 11, 2, Feat 151133: Ba nd Club 1135 Sportsman Drill Tcfllll U31 Girl ll0S0l'VOS Club gg, 33 113: Dancing Club 113: Press Club 12, 33 RUTH KITZMILLER WVALTER KOENIG nKil'lyn "3Valt" Commercial A1-ml!-,nip llome Room See-Treas 11, 23: Boys, qjhopus 133: Alixvd 13111101112 Club SCC CUZ Eti- Chorus 133: .Vomit Asst Bus quette Club 1233 Camera Club Mgr 133: Aviation Club 1V Pres 2, Pres 33 WILLIAM K RESS ROMAINE Kerr "lim" HKOMWU CUlHllll'!'l'iIIl G , I .lr Play: 0 X I? 133: lnlra emra Sports 12, 33: lli-Y Club 1333 UPCVCUII 113:-b'l'l:1y: DUIIC- Student Council 1V Pres 2, lllg Clllll C132 Tylllllg Clllh C23 Pres 33: Dancing Club 123: Bridge Club 12, Pres 253 NVilh the coming of 1961, the first Home Economics grads ol' 1 E. H. S. are renowned for their skill in opening cans. fP11l'K10l1, please, Miss XVines.3 All joking aside, with these culinary artists 9 daily discovering new, tempting dishes, cans are out of the ques- tion. XVhat's more, they are giving Adrian and Schiaperelli strong 6 competition in creative ability. 1Hi11t, sounds good, LlOCSll,t it boys?3 1 NORNIR 27 NORNIR 1 George Rodkey, Maville Shue, Russell Schue, Arnold Sell lxllfllllll Shaeller, Elizabeth Sheeley, Emnla Sheets, Jesse Shutt 9 Paul Spillman, Andrew Sterner, J. Richard Stover, Donald Strousc 2 Treva N. Sullivan, Emma Thoinan, Ethel Van Fossen. 1 ELIZABETH KRICHTEN "Betty" Commercial 0 8: B Typist C333 Sports C1, 2, 333 Home Room Sec C233 Dancing' Club C133 Girls' Ath Club C233 Camera Club C33 ELIZABETH KRUMRINE "Betty" A cadem ic .Vornir Assoc Ed3 Hamlboolc Staffg Drill Team C133 Home Room Pres C233 Dancing Club C133 Girls' Atb Club C233 Typ- ing Club C33 CLYDE LEFEVRE "Bill" General Intra Sports C1, 233 Bio Club C133 Boy's Atb Club C2, 33 DANA LOHR Home Economics Dancing Club C133 Librarv Club V Pres C23 YVILLIAM KRIDLER "Bill" Vocational lntra Sports Cl, 2, 333 Danc- ing Club C133 F. C. A. C233 Camera Club C33 PAULINE LAU Commercial Girls' Chorus C233 Jr Play3 Forensic Contest C233 Sports ' Cl, 2, 333 Drill Team C133 Stu- dent Council C133 Dancing Club C133 Lib1'ary Club Scc C233 Ath Mgrs Club C33 JAMES LOUGHRAN "Milt" Soccer C1, 233 Track C231 XVrcstling C1, 232 Intra Sports C333 Boys' Ath Club Cl, 233 Bridge Club C33 CHARLOTTE M ASEM ER "Chotts" Acadcm ic Dancing Club C133 Girls' Ath Club C23 28 DOROTHY MARKLE ..D0l,, JOHN MARKLE F . Vorrllionlzl .ommereml Football 113: Track Cl, IDL Intra Sports Cl, 31: Dancing Club 115: Camera Club 121 Home Room V Pres C231 Dancing Club 113: Etiquette Club V Pres 1251 Camera Club CH CHARLES MECKLEY PEARL MARKLE . "Charlie" AFIIIIPIIIIC l General Operetta C1, 2, 31: Girls' Chor- 4 9 l Y us C331 Mixed Chorus 12, 35: 'fund il' 275 Of"-'h ll' 'ld I .lr Play: Forensic Contest CUZ l',"""'i'll fDi""0'l'1"' lf' 'Hi 'l-Filing Clull lll: Girl Sclluls lraekl Ll, Z, .511 lnlra bports lllul, lg, 11, 2, .Hg Home Room Pres Cl, 211 Boys' Ath Club See L21 QU ENTON MICHAEL ALICE MICHAEL -'Miken A"Ude"'i" Vorufiomll .Ir Play: Girl Scout Club fl, ill. plan., Slllgc Crow lllll Ili- ZEH: Needlework Club Pres CID lH.lll.y Club SM. ll ll All-Amcl, iean Club 12, 31 ELMER MILLER "Caetus,' HARRY MILLER A cmlem ir Apmlmmc Forestry Club 115: All-AIlll'I'- lntra Sports 11, 2, 313 Dane- in-an Club C215 Mod Aleh Club ing' Club 115: Bridge Club L33 121: Boys' Cooking Club Q31 1 In the year 1961 the boys who played with saws and hammers way down in yonder shop, are on the top Cnot ol' the school, but 9 of their careersb. They are designing and building our highways, bridges, tunnels, homes, offices, and skyscrapers of today. The 6 CLASS OF '41 points with pride to these ZIIHIJIIICXIPOLIS youths, l'or1nerly ol' the Vocational Department. 1 NORNIR 29 NORNIR 1 The most notable contribution of the CLASS OF '21 was the Nornir, which since has been published annually. On January 21, 9 1921, Nornir was chosen as the name for the year book. The photography contract was awarded to the Poist Studio. The last 2 Nornir material went to press on March 15, 1921. 1 NADINE MILLER GUFCSSH Aeaflemie Band C1, 2, 353 Orch C1, 2, 355 Girls' Chorus C153 Soph Play, 0 ti: B C2, 35: Ilandboolc Statl': Sports C1, 2, 35: Home Room See C153 Band Club C153 Girls' Ath Club C25 RAYMOND E. MILLER "Eddie" General .Vornir Circ Staff: Soccer 435: Intra Sports Cl, 35: Home lloom Sec C35: Student Coun- eil C153 Dramatic Club C15: Camera Club C25g Mod Alch Club C35 RICHARD MUMMERT "Dick" Voenfional Aviation Club C153 Sportsman Club C2, 35 DONALD YV. NACE "Don" Vocational Band C1, 2, 35: Orch C1, 2, 351 Boys' 'Chorus C151 Jr Playg All-Star Play C151 Contest Play C153 Nornir Subscr Mgr, Ilandboolc Staff, Intra Sports C15g Home Room Sec-Treas C1, 25: Band Club C1, 25 3 F. C. A. Club C351 Stage Crew C15 PHILIP MILLER "Moose" General Xornir Adv Mgr: J V Football C15: Football C2, 354 VVrcst- ling C151 Intra Sports C2, 35: Class V Pres C255 Hi-Y Club C1, 2, 35: Home Room Pres C1, 2, 35: All-American Club C1, Treas 2, Sec 35 ROBERT MILLER "Bob" Vorulional .I V Football C153 Football C2, 353 Track C1, 2, 35g WVrestling C1, 2, 351 Aviation Club C153 Sportsman Club CV Pres 2, 35 HELEN MUNTZ "Skeezix" Commercial Soph Play: Sports C1, 2, 35g Drill Team C151 Home Room V Pres C25 3 Dancing Club C15g Girls' Ath Club C25 BETTY NICKEY "Nick" Home Economics .lr Play: Sports C1, 2, 35: Drill Team C153 Girl Reserves C153 Dancing Club C15: Girls' Ath Club C25: Camera Club C35 30 big EVELYN NOBLE EDI'I'H NOEL "Eve" "Blondie" Aradelnir :Il'llt1t'IIliI' .lr Plav: All-Star Plav CI, 25: Drill Team lll: Needlework Sportshtl, 2,351 Dancing Club Club tl. 2. IH 413: Dramatic Club 425: Bridge Club Q33 THOMAS O'DONNELL REBECCA NULL "Torn" MPQU, General Genenll Intra Smorts ll. 2, Ill: Home I Sports 623: Dancing Club CU: lloom Pres ill: Student Conn- J Girls' Ath Club Q25 eil LL, Ill: Dancing Club ill: Bridge Club 42, Treas 33 CLIFFORD PFAFF .. - ,, CLIFFORD PRICE Tip .. , ,- , x., Cmnnierrial I Hu Operetta L2, 33: Boys' Chorus 1"mmwn'mI CID: Mixed Chorus 635: Jr .Yornir Typist: llfuulbool: Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play Staff: Home Room See 121: ill: .Yornir Bus Mgr: Home Aviation Club lil: Camera lloom Pres KID: Dancing Club Club 42, 33 LU: Dramatic Club 62, 33 CHARLES E. RABENSTINE ,, ,, STEWART REBERT Charley sg U 'F' Vorafional A lux I' ' 1' I .lr Play: Camera Club fl, 25: W om mm' Bridge Club 133: Stage Crew 1111111 5l""'lN ill 1 The passing of twenty years finds our Academic students renowned for their accomplishments as ministers, lawyers, teach- 9 ers, scientists, and doctors. Never before has there been such a triumphant retrospect in the Academic course. XVe are proud to review their past successes and say, "IVe knew them when-." 1 NORNIR Sports Cl, 2. 31: Drill 'l'eau1 Ill: Home Room V Pres tl 3: llridge Club tl, Ill: Camera tlub t2J liaufl ill: Basketball fill: Iu- tra Sports tl, 23: Home lioom Pres 423: Baud Club ill: llritlge Club 123: Boys' Cook- ing Club CD GMER RICKRODE "PM" fqrup' :lt'l1dl'lIlf!' VU,-,,ff,,,,,,1 Soph Play: .Ir Play: Sr Play: , , I I , Drill Team Cll: Girl Reserves lL'llIIlS 12. .ll: Iutra Sports ll. 25: Home mmm V pres fl' rim Dancing Club co: image Club C2t: Mod Aluh Club tilj CHARLES ROI-IRBAUGH GEORGE RQHRBAUGH .-tvadenzic "Rabi" .lr Play: Library Club Clj: g4.,H.,-U1 All-American Club t2l: Mod I :Heh Club my Baud lib: Soccer Lid: Iutra Sports tl, 2, Ill: Baud Clu NORNIR 1 The athletic program of the school included: Basketball. 9 Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, and Girls' Varsity Basketball. Soccer was introduced and adopted as a regular sport through the ellorts 2 ot' the CLASS OF '2l. VVQ can truthfully say that they have cou- 1 tributed much to the aclvaueemeut of our present athletic system. FRANK REN A UT VIVIAN REED "Joe" "VH" .-ll'lllI4'lIlI!' A-llvlrlelllif' A I l -St a r Play ill: .Yu rn ir StatTZ Soeeer tl. 2. 33: lutra Sports fl, 2, IH: Hi-Y Club fiijg Home ltooum See-'l'reas tl, 25: Aviation Club flb: C1llll0l'Il Club 625' l3ov's Cooli- DONALD RESH "Don" DOROTHY RESH 'fn nr'-H ,-temlelnic U It lfnmmereinl Girls' Chorus fill: .lr Play: 0 K 13 Typist till: Daueiug Club Ali: Needlework Club 42, lit PATRICIA RIN EH A RDT ill: All-American Club 42, 35 32 K MARGARET ROSE "Margie" A cmlcm ic Opcretla 113: Soph Play: Sr Play: Cheer Leading 12, 33: Sports 11, 2, 33: Drill 'l'ea1n 113: Home Room See-Treas 11, 33: Vice President 123: Dancing Club 113: Bio Club Sec-Trcas 123: Cheer Leading Club V Pres 133 E. HENRY SALTZGIVER GSFI ii! , A rrulem ir lland 11, 2, 33: Orch 11, 2, 332 Operetta 133: Boy's Chorus 133: Mixed Chorus 133: Band Club 11, 23: Mod Aleh Club 133 NORMAN SAUR "Dc-un" General J V Football 11. 23: Traeli 113: lntra Sports 123: Por- estry Club 113: All-American Club 123: Art Club 133 DORIS SHADLE Acmlenzic All-Star Play 123 : 0 K I3 1Adv 2, 33: Sports 11, 2, 33: Girl ltcservcs 11, 23: Dancing Club 113: Bridge Club 123: Press Club 133 Hurrah! The winners! Athletic fans of '61 are thrilled by HELEN L. SALTZGIVER "SotZ" Comnzerriul Dperctta 123: Girls' Chorus 123 .lr Play: All-Star Play 133: Forensic Contest 123: Dancing Club 113: Dramatic Club 123: Library Club 133 CAROL M. SAULSBURY "Berries" Acadeniic Soph Play: Drill Team 113: Girl ltcscrves 113: llome ltoom Sec 113: Bridge Club 1Sec 1, 33: Typing Club 123: Bridge Club 133 NV. EDWARD SELL "Ed" A cmlem ic Hand 11, 2, 33: Orch 11. 2, 33: Dperetta 11, 23: Boys' Chorus 11, 2, 33: Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 33: Soph Play: Jr Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play 113: For- ensic Contest 123: 0 S: B Bus Stall' 113: Sport lid 12, 33: .Vurnir Sports lid 133: llanrl- lmul: Staff: Basketball Mgr 11, 2, 33: lntra Sports 113: Ili-Y Club 133: Band Club Libr 113: Press Club 12. V Pres 33 CHARLES A. SH AFFER "Cha rl ie" A 1-11110111 ie Boys' Chorus 133: Mixed Chorus 133: .lr Play: Sr Play: Contest Play 113: Forensic Contest 123: .Vnrnir liditor-in- chief: Class 'l'rcas 113: l'li-Y Club 11, 2. 33: Home Room Pres 113: Student Council 123: Dancing Club Pres 113: Debate Club V Pres 123: Mod Aleh Club 133 1 the stellar perforinances as coaches and managers ol' the athletes 9 of '41. XVe knew that we had many prospective Babe Ruths, Knute Roeknes, .lack Delnpseys, and Glenn Cunninghaxns among us. 3Vitl1 the CLASS OF 141 backing them, they have found no goal unattainable. 33 6 1 NORNIR NORNIR 1 The advice of Seniors given in the 1921 Nornzr to low Cl el iss nien was as follows: "Talk pl unly blletly n ltui lllv sensibly 9 truthfully, purely. Keep from slang Dont put on ins Sflv what you Inean, niean what you slv ind niost nnpoltlnt ol all 2 don't use big words." 1 NANCY SHRINER FRED SHULTZ "Jan" Senior Class President Academic Academic Gperelta 12, 33: Girls' Chorus 12, 33: Mixed Chorus 133: Soph Play: Jr Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play 11, 23: Contest Play 123: Forensic Contest 123: 0 8: B11, 2, Assoc Ed 33: Sports 12, 33: Girl Reserves 11, 23: Home Boom Sec-Treas 123: Dancing Club 123: Press Club 12, 33 NEVIN SNYDER uNevss Vocational Forestry Club See-Treas 113 MARIAM STAMBAUGH "Marney,' lfomnzerrial Operetta 11, 2, 33: Girls' Chor- us 11, 2, 33: Girls' Trio 11, 2, 33: Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 33: Sopb, Play: .lr Play: Forensic Contests 11, 23: Home Room Sec 11, 23: Dancing Club 113: Glee Club See-Treas 123: Bridge Club 133 ALBERT STARNER "Alby" Vocational xVI'CSlQllllg 133: lntra Sports 113: Dancing Club 113: Cam- era Club 123: F. C. A. 133 Orch 11, 2, 33: Gperetta 123: Boys' Chorus 11, 2, 33: Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 33: .Ir Play: J V Basketball 11, 23: V Basket- ball 12, 33: Soccer 12, 33: Ten- nis 11, 2, 33: Class V Pres 113: Ili-Y Club 11, 2, 33: Home Boom Pres 12, 33: Student Council 113: Bio Club 113: Typing Club 123: Mod Aleh Club 133 HOVVARD STAMBAUGH "Hobby" General intra Sports 11, 2, 33: Camera Club V. Pres 113 CHRISTINE STALEY "Teenie" Academic Girls' Chorus 12, 33: Mixed Chorus 12, 33: O K B 12, 33: Sports 11, 2, 33: Drill Team 113: Girl Reserves 113: Dane- ing Club 113: Bridge Club 123: Mod Alch Club 133 ETHEL STERNER "Buck" Academic Dancing Club 113: Home Hy- giene Club 123 34 EVELYN STONER 4sEvcss Aeaflem iz' Mixed Chorus C133 Soph Play: .lr Playg 0 .SE B fill: Dramatic muh 41, 25 LORETTA STRALEY ispccpii Commercial Dancing Club CU: Needle- work Club 121: Camera Club C39 ROBERT STREMMEL "Brush" General Soccer Cl, 2, Mgr 333 Track I LIB: Intra Sports tl, L, 35: Home Room V Pres CU: Avia- tion Club V Pres CU: Bridge Club 12, 35 MARY PATRICIA SUTTON "Mary Pat" A rarlem ic Soph Play: .lr Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play Qlj: Contest Play 125: Drill Team ill: Home Room Sec 12, 35: Dra- NADINE STORM "Dean ic" General Dancing Club KU: Girls' Ath Club Q25 JOYCE STREMMEL "Robin" A radem ic Library Club Cl. V Pres 23g Nedlework Club Q33 HELEN STRINE General Library Club tl, V Pres 21g Ncdlework Club C33 WVILLIAM TAYLOR "Bill" Avaflenzic .lr Playg All-Star Play CIE: Stage Crew Cl, 2, 35: Aviation Club fld: F. C. A. C2, Pub Mgr 33 matic Club fl, Pres 2, 35 XValking down the halls of the great art galleries of '61, we 1 see many liilllllllill' signatures on the great masterpieces. They are 9 the names of Miss Zinnts prodigies of '41, These dauhers have made the world more appreciative of the beauty of art. XVe 6 salute you, industrious artists! 1 35 NQRNIR NORNIR 1 ln 1921, the School Board xx IS composed ol bil S X Celsel lllllll. President: Mr. T. J. 131111 1 LI 1 v 1 ldv 111 9 Moul, Treasurer: Dr. H. M. Allem III 1 1 NI Sl 10 X 1 S 1111 2 T. XVltll10l' and Mr. Amos M. Klmg 1 JENNIE THOMAS "Jen" Awldelniz' Camera Club 115 JACOB THOMAS "Jake', 1-11711113111 ir Lland 11, 2, 35: Operetta 1215: Boys' Chorus 135: Mixed Chorus 135: Sopb Play: Jr Play: Sr Play: All-Star Play 11, 2, 35: Contest Play 125: 0 S: I3 Feat 135: liancl Club 115: Dramatic Club 12, Pres 35 MARY JANE TOPPER "Jayne" Home E1'!IllIlIIli1'S Drill Team 115: Dancing Club 115: Camera Club 12, 35 CORINNE VVAGAMAN "Connie" Home Earolmnzfrs Drill Team 115 : Needlework Club 115: Girls'Glee Cl11b 125: Typing Club 135 JOHN THOMAS .'ll'!l1I6HliC llzunllmolc Slalf: Bio Club Sec- Treas 115: Debate Club 125: Mod Aleh Club 135 KVILLIAM TOOT "Gl1ostie" VU1'!lIi0llllI .1 V Football 115: Football 12, 255: Track 11, 2, 35: XVrestling 11. 35: Intra Sports 11, 25: All-American Club 115: F. C. A. 1V Pres 2, Pres 35 HELEN TROSTLE "Ho1lie" Home Economies Drill Team 115: Dancing Club 115: Camera Club 125 JOANNE VVAGNER "Josie" A1-arlelnie 0 R If 11, 25: Girl Reserves 11, 2, 35: Class Secretary 125: Home Room Pres 11, 25: Bridge Club 115: Press Club 12, 35 36 ?i..-,. - , , , ..- .,. , LAVERE WARNER .IANET WALTERSDORFF ..S,mm,,, F 2 'ml - 'tm General Sports C1, 2, 33: Drill Team tl. 23: Home lloom Treas C333 Alh Mgrs Club Pres C33 J V Basketball C131 .l V Foot- ball C131 Football C2, 33: Track C1, 23: Intra Sports 133: All-American Club 12, Pres 33 HELEN XVEAVER GEORGE XVEAVER Senior Class Secretary "Rabbit" U Commercial l"""""""' 0 s 1: qi, 2, :ng llfmfzlmnli .lr Plav: Stage Crew C23: Soe- Staff: Sports 11, 2, 33: Drill cu C13 Track C13: lntra Team fl, 23: Home Room Sports Cl, 23 Pres C231 Dancing Club 113: Press Club 123 MARY VVEAVER MARLYN VVEAVER hhimlenm, General 0 8 If 133: Girl Reserves H33 l V Football 113: lntra Sports Home ltoom V Pres rl, See 2, fl, 2, 335 Forestry Club tl, Pres 37: l.iln'ary Club V Pres Pres33 113: liriclge Club 123: Press Club C33 G LEN DON WEEKS HMC uywksn CARROLL WVENTZ :ll'llllt'll1fl' 'GMOHH liancl Cl, 23: Orch CI, 23: De- Gwwrul bating 113: Forensic Contest Bllllfl tl, 23: Forensic Contest L13 : Hi-Y Club Ll, 2, 33: Home KI3: lntra Sports tl, 23: Band Itoom Pres II3: Band Club Club 1133 Bridge Club 12. 33 LIJ: Aviation Club C33 "Music is enchantment to thc soul." By 1961, this statement I has come to be ol' more consequence to all of us. For, now, the nieloclious strains of our band, orchestra, and vocal choruses are 9 soothing the hearts of millions. Valuable experience gained in 6 E. H. S. has always been an asset to these musicians of the CLASS OF '41. 1 NORNIR NORNIR The Forensic League was llOt 111 exlstene 111 1921 O1 ations 9 were given at C0ll1H1C11CGll16llt by 1111111113615 ol the bCl1l0l Class 1 HELEN WENTZ "Shorty" Home ECOIIIJlIlil'S Needlework Club C1, 23 BURNELL M. WETZEL "YVeasel" Vocational Jr Play: Sr Play: Stage Crew Cl, 2, 334 0 8 B C33: lntra Sports C1, 2, 33 3 Aviation Clul1 C133 F. C. A. C235 Typing Club C33 MARY WILDASIN General Girls' Chorus C133 Dancing Club C13 PEARL WINTERS Academic Home Room Sec C13: Needle- work Club C13 J LOUISE WENTZ "XVheeze1"' Home Econonzics Etiquette Club C1, Sec 23 JOHN WETZEL General Dancing Club C131 Czunera Club C33 NETTIE WILDASIN General Girls' Chorus C13: Dancing Club C13 HAZEL S. VVOLFORD ..Nut,, General Operetta C135 Girls' Chorus C133 Soph Playg All-Star Play C2, 333 0 8 B Art Stuff C331 Cheer Leading C2, 33: Sports C1, 2, 33: Drill Tealn C13 3 Dra- matic Club C13g Bio Club C23g Cheer Leading Club C33 38 S f In 1961, serving on the Sc .IULIANN YOUNG "Julie" RHODA YVORLEY General Cwlllrwrvirll Girls' Chorus 12m 0 X I3 133: 0 8 B fl-, -5,1 3 :N,,dI,, ,li Curl Reserves LIB: Home Club H3558 l l LL Ulm lloom See 411: Student Coun- ' eil Ll, 2, Ill: Dancing Club ill: Bio Club V Pres fgll Press Club C33 BETTY ZINNEMAN Home HU0llUIIliCS Home Room Pres KID: Needle- work Club C11 if a 9 5 'i 435 u hool Board is Il full-time occupa- tlx enl ll"'6Cl student bodv keep the lion. New courses and il QYCZI t' 2 , . t ' . v . 5 ,l, t , School Board in se decide upon important issues. ssion throughout the enlne school nu X 4 NORNI 1 9 6 1 R li. To Kenneth Brown, a former classmate and friend, who died May 12, 1938, this page is respect- fully dedicated. Our grief at his passing is alleviated only by the memories he left with us. His sincerity, sportsman- ship, and true character will never he forgotten. 40 Junior Class History On September 3, 1940, wc, the members of the CLASS OF '42 reported to our respective homerooms and prepared for another year dedicated to the improvement of our knowledge and character. This 19-10-41 session proved to be very successful. XVe gave the Sophs a warm reception at the Sophomore XVClCOlllC Dance o11 September 12. October 14 we had the election of class officers. The members of our class have been exceptionally active throughout the term, for every activity in our school was represented by Ju11io1's. Many of our members were stars in athletics: Jim Yingling and Charlie Little, in football, Ted Beidleman. Bob Jacobs and Red Hipp, in soccer, and "Pap" Lynerd and Ted Beidleman starred in wrestling. The largest number of representatives in girls' spo1'ts were from our class. Our standing in dramatics was also very high. In tl1e All-Star Play, "Stage Door", thirty-two out of the dual cast of sixty-four were Juniors with the leading role being held by Yvonne Good and Gloria Staulfer. For our Junior Play we pre- sented Louisa M. Alcott's beloved "Little XVomen," January 16 and 17. Four lmn- dred tickets were sold, the proceeds from which went into the treasury for our Nornir. Even the ever dependable stage crew was composed of Juniors. Of the three contest plays, we were represented with the 1110St cast members. The debating team, in which eight out of the eleven are from our class, has gained quite a number of honors chielly through the Junior veterans. Both instrumental and vocal music were composed of .lunior participants. Quite a large number of us took part in Miss Turner's successful chorus, which staged a beautiful Christmas Pageant that included several Ju11ior soloists. Then the chorus presented Tchaikowsky's beautiful music i11 the operetta "The Forest Prince," March 17, and finally the Easter Concert, likewise starring some of our Juniors. At the Southern District Band event, held at the beginning of school, Rupert Neary, Harry Swartzbaugh. Albert Shanabrook, and Ed Gobrecht Csome of our very capable instrumentalistsb participated. The majority of the events of the Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League were defended by Juniors. They included the poetry reading, the oration, the clarinet and soprano soloists, and also the debate. Even the popular quartet that was so successful in the contests depends on a Junior to supply the bass. Two new members, one from Philadelphia and one from Ohio, joined our class. Six new junior membel's were admitted into the Hi-Y Club, and we had the largest membership in the Girl Reserves. Finally the time arrived to prepare for the Junior Pl'0ll1. Everyone eagerly cooperated i11 making it a huge success. XVe bade farewell to the Seniors and wished them luck as we called to mind the fact that in tl1l0tl'lCl' year we too would be o11 the classified list to leave our beloved E. H. S. 41 NORNIR 1 In 1921 the Junior Class officers were: President, Roy Shane felterg Vice-President, Eleanor Van Hiseg Secretary, Leona Bol 2 linger, 'l'reasu1'er, Allen Gleitzg and Historian, Granville Heindel. 1 I wish to express my gratitude to the Junior Class, as a whole, for their line cooperation in class activities during the past year. Also, my hopes and beliefs are that the CLASS OF '42, in their Senior year, will have even greater success. So here's hats oll' to a swell class. Jmiiss Bn15NN1fn Junior Class Officers "1 LUIS MIiIil5lJI'l'H MAIIGAIIIET llICDONNELL Treasurer St'l'l'l'Illl'!l HERBISIIT Il l"l"l'lEliS .IAM IES BIRENNIEII Vice-Presiflent President Ifresirlenf-.IAMES Bin-zxxisn. VICE-IJFPSIIICII1-FLOYD BECKEH. Secrefury-Treusrlren-ELLEN Bos'rloN. Teacher-Mn. JoHN Baxklslvr. Helen Boyer, Edward Beidelman, Peggy Appler, Mildred Baker, Billie Bclniller, Zenia Baum- gardener, Mary Brickner, .lean Altland, Doris Asper, Patricia Baublitz, Gladys Bair, Doris Becker, Marion Barnitz, May Brown, Frances Bealing, Pearl Bond, June Bolin, Barbara An- thony, Betty .lane Allgaicr, Benjamin Berwager, Richard Bair, Boy Anderson, Xvililillll Bowman, Robert Beck, Earl Blettner. 42 l N 1 Pl'USidCl1f-DALE BIIINGMAN. Vll'0-PI'l3Sillt?Ilf-'-DAVID EnNs'r. Scaretary-Trwzsurer-FNANK Cox. Teacher--Mn. Mnxros lhxuulilelx. llobert Eekenrode, John Freeh, Lewis Garrett, George Buclnnan, Marilyn Bushbauln, Kathleen Cater, Jean Dick, Geraldine liyler, 'l'heda Cole- house, Xvlllllil Dubbs, Dorothy Dick, Malcolm Colchouse, XVilliam Crawford, lloswell Dubs, Harold Feeser, George Bubb, ltndolph Ecker, Merle Forney, Joseph Byrd, Ernest Crouse, Clyde Duhbs. Presirlvnl-.Ions Gialsm,nAx. l'fl'l'-1,l'l'SflIl'IlIf-DGIIIS Gnoss. Sec-relary-Treasurer-MARY Gumnax. Tmvlzvr-Mn. FRANK VAs1nsnw,u.x.. Barbara Gray, Gerald Good, June Harman, XVini- fred Gordon, Betty Hankle, Yvonne Good, Doro- thy Garrett, Olyveen Hannne, Pearl Hetrick. Mary Heusner, Jean l-larmon, Geraldine Helwig, Harriet Hetrick, Vernon Gilbert, Gene Hawk, Edward Gobreeht, Donald Hamme, XVillia1n lfrock, Warren George, Allan Gray, llobert Hep- burn, Dean Geiman, Eugene Hershey, lliehard llartinan, liurnell lletrick. In 1961, only high school grades are found in one enlarged building. A student body ot' approximately one thousand coin- prises the high school. NORNIR NORNIR 1 There were sixtv slx students 111 the Jlll1l0l Class The el iss was very active i11 spolts, especmllv SOCCCI lhe llll1l0l Cliss, 2 then as now, SII0llb016tl the PIOIII lOl the 50111015 1 PFUSHICIII--S'l'EIlLlNG Huooszvs. Vice-PresidenI-XV1LL1AM LYNERD. Secretary-Treusizrer-NAn1NE L1f:1s'1'1a11. Teacher-Mn. F11ANK1.1N RILEY. Naomi Louey, Burnell Hipp, Burnell Hottacker, Kathryn Jacoby, Henrietta Leister, Hele11 Markle, Mary Louise Hoover, Marie Klunli, Naomi Lemmon, Doris Loss, Mary Lloyd, Virgin Leonard, Marie Landis, Robert Houck, Jea1111e Keller, Maysie Lightner, Doris Lcese, Margaret McDonnell, Clyde Hlllllllll, Francis Lansinger, Charles Little, Robert Lynerd, Donald Markle, Robert Marchio. Edward Kress, Robert Johnson, Myrl Hilbert, Robert Jacobs, Dean Kreidler, Do11ald Marcl1io. PI'6Stfl0Ilf-hlAltK ME11En1'1'H. l'ice-Presidenl-flJoNA1,n NACE. Secretary-Treasu1'er--Lois ME11ED1'rH. TC'!U'llBl"-BIISS Doms vox Blznmzs. Elsie lxlllSS0ll'lltlli, Ruthanna Mummert, Edward Miller, Blanche ltlathias, Joyce Myers, HCIll'lCll1l Muininert, Myrna Myers, Patricia Markle, Eva NitCllllltlll, 'l'l1ercsa Marks, NVinifred Myers, Stanley Myers, Marian McCullough, Hele11 Mar- tin, Patricia liltlSL'lllCI', Abigail Moore. Anna Mae Miller, Shirley Moore, Robert Markle, Richard Meekley, Russell McCleat', Carey MeSl1e1'ry, Mil- lard Muntz, Robert Miller, Vernon Miekley, Alton lilllll1lTlCl'l, Rupert Neary. President-Roni-:a'r SEHFF. Vice-PresidenI-RICHARD SNx'msa. Scorefury-Treasurer-Louisla S'riNl-:. Tearrher+-llln. CHEs'rEn Sl-IEAFFHH. Gloria Stauffer, Margaret Ott, Richard Snyder, Dorothy Sheetz, Edna Mae Shipley, Harriet Savanuck, Mary Sipe, Betty Runk, Doris Shaef- fer, Janet lleindollar, Ester llahn, Quinetta Simpson, Robert Smith, Joseph Smith, George Rebert, .laqueline Rau, Earl Spangler, Reginald Runkle, Charles Redding, Clair Rohrbaugh, Burnell Slaglc, Max Rohrbaugli, Albert Shana- brook, Robert. 0rendortT, Harry Storm, Stephen 0'Neill, Harold ShalTer, Norman Simpson, Robert Prosise. 1,l'8Sfll't?llf-JABIES YINGLING. Vi:-e-PresidenI-VEnNoN XVILDASIN. Secretary-Treusurer--H,xnana'r 'l'YI,l-Ill. Terzeher-Miss MARY li,xs'rEP. Beatrice XVentz, Alvin 'l'rone, .lane Stitely, Betty XVentz, Elizabeth XVarehime. Ruby XVeaver. Henrietta Weaver, Arlene Warehime. Mildred Toomey, l"I'2lllCOS Tracy, Mary Xvllllllbilll, Marion XVildasin, Nadine Yealy, Ruth XVineka, Ruth- auna Swartz, Mary Zinn, .lane Zeigler, Glenn Unger, Harry Swartzbaugh, Dean Unger, Donald NVilliams, Llovd Yingling, Harold Yingling, Rodger XVrigl1t, Robert XVildasin, Glenn NVal- tersdorf, Clyde Zartman, Charles Warner, Har- old Trone, Harry NVeisensale. Richard XVisner. Ffnch el ISS wutes ltS own SQCtl0Il fOl the yearbook. There IS 1 lll!ll0I md 5011110111018 stall, IS xsell as 1 Senior staff. 1 NORNIR NORNIR The Sophomore Class officers includedg President, David Rodgers, Vice-President, Henrietta Schmuckg Secretary, Gladys Sell, TI'C2lSll1'6l', .lacob VVirtg and Historian, Richard Livingston. The class was composed of ninety-three members. Purple and gold were chosen as the class colors. Sophomore Class History NVitli a bewildered, yet ambitious expression upon Olll' countenances, we Sophomores entered the spacious portals of Eichelberger Senior High School. As we gradually became familiar with our duties, we vowed lo serve our Alma Mater and to emerge as one ol' the greatest classes ever to graduate from E. H. S. During the next three months, football and soccer occupied the greater part ol' our outside activities. XVe were very proud to have Earl Arthur, Bob Bollinger, Francis Brady, .lohn Carr, George Cole, Bill Coulson, Burnell Cromer, VVilbur Feeser, Charles Lego1'e, Riley Maus, Ralph Miller, Bill Sei- bert, Ordean Shanabrook, Richard Sponseller, Earl XValter, Ralph Varner out for football. .lohn Davis, Samuel Fitz, Gene McCarney, Kenneth Marsh, and Bill Dulling helped in making the soccer season successful. The All-Star play also claimed a l1llIl1b0l' ot' our talented students. Basketball was the next main source of entertainment. XVe Sopho- mores rejoiced in seeing Carroll Banke1't, Francis Brady, Bob Bollinger, John Carr, Bill Coulson, John Davis, Henry Mowery, Bill Seibert, Ordean Shanabrook, Bill Myers, Richard Sponseller, Ralph Varner, and Earl VValter on the floor. In wrestling, our star was Joe Erb. In April, the Sophomore play gave us a chance to show our dramatic ability. Jackie March, Roy Masenheimer, Earl XValters and .lean XVilde portrayed leading parts. NVe were rewarded for our el'l'orts in the Soph-Senior Dance by the pleased expressions upon the faces of the Seniors. VVe were well represented in debating by Rose Earner and Jean XVal- laceg in track by Leat Hammer, Henry Mowery, Robert Baker, Francis Brady, Richard Sponseller, and John Davis, in tennis by Bill Coulson, Roy Masenheimer, Samuel Fitz. In June we received our final reports and looked forward to an even greater year. 46 I Sophomore Class Officers DDBIS SXVISIIICB BALPH VABNBII Secretary Treasilrer .IIEANNB IAIAMM JOHN DAVIS , Vice-I'l'esi1le:1l President Prcsidf-nI-Flmxcls Bafuw. l'ffl'-1jl'l'Sil1l'llP'-ll0lililt'l' litll.I.lNGElt. Secretary-Treusurer-Cannom. liANKl'1lt'l'. Tern-her-Mn. hlAII'l'lN MlI.l.Iill. Bolin. Pauline Arthur. As president of the Sophomore Class, I wish lo express my thanks for the spirit the class as a whole has shown during the past year. 'l'he Sophomore Play and the Soph-Senior dance could not have been successful without the kind aid ot' each and every Inenlher. NVith such a class I am sure we can make Eichelherger High School proud ol' the CLASS OF '43, .IoHN DAVIS 1 9 In 1961. there are a class historian, poet, and composer, as well as the present oIIicers. 'l'his is true of every class, not only the Senior. 1 NORNIR .Iohn Bankert, Richard Amspacher. Bettie Bol- linger, Mildred Caldwell, Donald Baird, Edward .-hnspaeher, Francis Baugher, Robert Baker, Paul Blettner, Margaret Bausch. XVilliam Baker, Burnell Berwager, Harry Brown, Earl Arthur. .lean Baker, Mary Grace Bish, Mary Altland, lluth Bish, .lean Barnhart. Mary Louise Bank- crt, Arthur Bankert, Bath Brown, Jacqueline NORNIR The Sophomore Class was noted for participation in girls' athletics. The students in the Sophomore Class were not so "timid" as our present Sophomores, because in 1921 all four high school grades were in one building. P1'CSili8Il1-'W-IUHN DAv1s. Vice-PresidenI-LEDA Dumas. Secretary-Treasllrer-'l'1-nauow Cnomnn. Tellcller-Miss GLAnYs llam xi. Betty Cooley, John Carr, Marie Eck, Mary Ellen Dondorc, Anna Mae Eichelherger, ltose Earner, Esther Cleveland, Vesta Culp, Dorothy Foulk, Kathleen Flickinger, Margaret Ernst, XVilhur Feeser, Samuel Fitz. James Dick, Joseph Erb, Joyce Duhbs, Kathleen Colestoclt, Adrienne Dietz, Edward Elliot, James Croft, Dean Fanus, Robert. Colestock, Thomas Conrad, Ricllard Duhlxs, Erwin Fink, John Fischer, XVilliam Coulson, Burnell Cromer, YVilliam Dulling, Richard Flickinger. President'--PEGGY HARSHMAN. Vice-PresidenI-Blf1'r'rv Fiirrz. Secrefury-Treax11re1'4JEANNE HAM M. Teacher-MR. SAMUEL Sunni. Ellene Hoke, Roma Garrett, Joseph Hartman, Barbara Hershey, June Gohrecht, Josephine Hoffheins, Patricia Gass, Jayne Harner, Dorothy Garman, Miriam Hoover, Helene Hostetter, Sara Garrett, Georgia Gass, Doris Hampton, Guy Hostetter, Richard Henry, XVinifred Geiselman, Mary Heltehridle, Marjorie Ann Greenehanm, Robert Garrett, Bill Hansen, Charles Hershey, Luther Gulden, Richard Garvick, XVilliam Hof- facker, Leat Hammer, Charles Hull. 48 IJI't'Sfl1CIlt-GENE RICCARNAY. Vice-PresiclenI-NANCY Loma. Secretary-Treasilrar-SUSAN KlN'rz1Nu. Teacher--Mn. JAMxis P. DAVIS. Zora McKonley, Clare Logan, Jacqueline March, Grace Louey, Ruth James, Gladys Krenzer, Mary Katherine Markle, Kathleen Hunlbert, Katherine Krebs, Betty Lemmon, Shirley Julnp, Nadine ltlarkle, Lena Mae Jacobs, Dorothy Lamb, Margaret MaeAvoy, Mary Knippel, Olive Hyde, Dorothy Lull, Vivian Laughlnan, Kenneth Marsh, Clair Martin, Jean Leese, Betty Krug, Jean Kel- lenberger, Merle Lippy, Carroll Lingg, Ray Los- man, Roy Masenheimer, Lawrence Koontz, Har- old Kline, Carl Little, Charles Letlore, Riley Maus, Leon Kemper, Robert Kellenberger, Dean Kopp. PI't'Sfdl'Il1--ANNA RIESSINGER. Vice-I'residcnt-Caimna Mvnus. Seerelurn-Treasurer-JuNE Nuwxiixx. TeaclierA-Mn. ARTHUR F. Nlonorsos. Helen Neiderer, xvlllllllll Myers, Burnell Raben- stine, Anna Mae Mowrer, Betty Mununert, Bea- trice Mehring, Ruthanna Noel, Jeanne Miller .leanne Mehring, Myrtle Messinger, Betty Mich- ael, Charlotte ltcek, Nancy Nace, Earl Orondorit' Leo Nitchinan, Nevin Moul, Ralph Miller, Betty Michael, Henry Mowery, Charles Miller, Robert Miller, Norman Nace. Q s I'IOIllC-l'00lllS are sponsoring elaborate auditorium activities. Students are contesting eagerly for participation in these pro- grams. NORNIR BNORNIR In 1921, student QOXGIIIIIH-31112 had not made its appealance in E. H. Classes weie lead by capable student ofiieels, Slllllldl to the class organization of 41 PresidenI-GEn.u,n1NE Smrvsox. V168-PI'8Sil1EI1ffRICI-IARD SPUNSELLER. Serrefury-TreasnrvrAYVlLI.1AM SEIBEHT. Teavlier-Mn. Asnmsv XVOOLRIDGE. Eleanor Sell, Earl Stauh, Mildred Stauffer, Pearl Shryoek, Dorothy Slagle, Jeanne Sherman, Mary L. Scholl, Betty Reese, Pearl Smith, Hazel Ster- ner, Janet Rohrhaugh, Geraldine Spangler, Char- lotte Sipe, Carla Shal'l'er, Virginia Stover, La- verne Smith, Edgar Stover, Tlleron Snyder, Betty Shearer, Dorothy Smith, David Saur, James Rohrbaugh, Lloyd Snyder, Merle Sheeley, Ordean Shanabrook, Paul Bunk, YValter Seheiv- ert, John Stauh. Presirlenf-Doms Swlsman. Yire-Presirlelzl-EAN. XVITIVIER. SerreIary-Treusurer-GLOmA UFFELMAN. 7'vm'11er---Mas. ELLEN GREEN. .lean YVilde, Irene Thieret, Betty Yingling, Jean XVallaee, Betty Straushaugh, Josephine XVright, Betty XVitmer, Frances YVinters, Patricia Uriek, Mildred XVentz, Helen Storm, Bernice Wfright, Arlene Tliolnan, Aliene Thoman, Jean Thomas, Kathryn Zepp, Richard Zartman, George Swish- er, XVilliam Stenger, Cloyd YVillow, Ordean XVentz, Edgar XVisensale, Xxyilllllil' Unger, Buren 'uValtersdorff, James XVe1'tz, Timotlly Thinlis, Robert XVeaver, Ralph Varner, Earl VValter, YVil- liam Young. Student Council President ..... .... X VILLIAM KRRss Vice-President . . .. EDNVARD B12lnI.RMAN Secretary . . . . lNl0NTYCE GOODFELLOW Treasurer . . THOMAS O,lj0NNl'II.I. Adviser . . .......... . . MR. ERLE DIRHL MEMBERS IRENE 'llI'Il2Illli'l', EDVVARD lNlILLER, ALBERT SHANARROOR, NADINE BOR- DER, JULIANN YOUNG, CLAR12 LOGAN, JUN12 NEXVMAN, Bli'l"l'IIi BOLLING- RR, Joslzl-H HARTMAN, JOHN FRECH, JOHN CARR, BURNELL Huw, HARRY SXVARTZBAUGII, GRRALD GOOD. In 1961, Eichelherger High School is the proud possessor of a student court. There is also a police force, zu council, and :1 burgess. The school is governed exactly as Hanover is, but On 21 lHl'Ill2ltllI'C scale. 51 NORNIR Student Council The' Student Council of Hanover High School is composed ol' nineteen members. Each member is an elected representative from his home room. Its purpose is to cooperate with the faculty and student body for the better- ment and control of the school. The objectives are: To promote the ideals of democracy. To develop leadership and fellowship. To make each student feel individually responsible for the suc- cess of the school. To create sentiments of law and 0l'tlCl' and respect for the rights of others. To encourage the desire for higher scholarship. To determine what are the accepted forms of good usage in man- ners and morals and encourage the practice ot' them. To promote the general welfare ot' the school. During the year the Council conducted the student elections and social activities. As a special project this year members ot' the council polished and cleaned the trophies and the trophy case. Dead shrubbery on the cam- pus was replaced by new shrubbery as an Arbor Day program. On Class Day, the Oak Leaf pin and the Student Council award, were given to one boy and one girl of the Senior Class, who by scholarship, leadership, and outstanding character had made the greatest contribution during the three-year period at Senior High School. 52 Activities 3, NORNIR The Class of '21 chose as their Senior Class Play "Nothing but the Truth", a comedy in three acts. Tuesday evening, March 15, 1921, was the date of presentation. The play was directed by Mrs. Bair. 6tStage Doorn All-Star Play On Thursday and Friday evenings, December 5 and 6. 1940, a group of talented actors and actresses Jresented "Stage Door" to a lar-fc audience. Miss Marv Menges U rv L directed. The play concerns a large group of young girls who had come to New York to find jobs in the theatre. The entire action ol' the play takes place in Mrs. Orcutt's "Footlight's Club", a ll02l1'Cl1I1g house for girls where the hopes of sixteen young women a1'e revealed in scenes entertaining comedy. The entire play centers around Terry Randall who tights her way through thick and thin to gain recognition on the stage. The play ends with Ter1'y still sticking to her guns even though most of her friends left her. Characters: Olga Brandt Bernice Niemeyer Susan Paige Mattie Ccolored maidl Big Mary Little Mary Madelyne Vaudain Bobby Melrose Judith Canfield Ann Braddock Mrs. Orcutt Kay Hamilton Pat Devine Linda Shaw Jean Maitland Frank, the houseman Louise Mitchell Kendall Adams Gerry Randall Sam Hastings Jimmy Devereaux Fred Powell Lou Milhauser David Kingsley Keith Burgess Mrs. Shaw Tony Gillette Dr. Randall Ellen Fenwick Bill CphotographerD Lary Cpuhlicity manj Adolph Gretzel Thursday lu.-XRIAN MCCULLoUGH BIYRNA BIYERS TJORIS ASPIQR GICRALDINIE Ev.xNs JEAN tV11.nE HiKltllIIi'1' TYLER CI,.xnE Loo.xN IiA'l'HLIiIiN HUBlIiElt'l' JEAN XV.u.I..xcE RIARGARET O'1"1' PE.xuL BOND M.uio.xa1z'1' RICIJONNELL P,v1'nIc1,x M.xsEME1z PEGGY APPLER P.vr1ucI,x M.xu1ii,E li0BIiRT EckENnouE RIARJORIIE GRICIQNIEBAUBI Doms SH,-Uilfl-'ICR YVONNE Goon XVn.I.1,xM FRIECH DONALD I'IAMMli GUY HOS'l'lE'l"l'lCli LEoN KEMPEI: LEs'rEu Duns H0lt,XCE HULL VINHICRESA Mmms Dono'rHY LAMB RIELVIN HYKNIBI JANE ZE1o1.En J. RUPERT NEARY BEN BERWAGI-IR DILLE1: BEARD 54 Friday B E'r'r Y VV ITM Eli JEUNE NIENVMAN JJOROTIIY Flil'ISlilt Rosle: E.xnNEn JEAN 'l'noM.xs Hl4II.l'2N S,xI.'rzGIvi-:ii NANCY GoBr.Ecn'r Gronm UFI-'liI.MAN .Ii-:UNE Go1mEcn'r Doms SXVISHER HiXZl'Il. XVoLlfonn ANN lNiliSSlNGlElt BIARY K,vrHuYN lNlAll B E'r'r Y XV A R151-I lil M Ii BE'r'rY HANKLE D,u.E BRINGMAN Dono'1'llY Dlcli NANCY LONG GLoRl.x STAUFFER Enwano GOBRECHT ALBICRT SH,xNAImoo1i VEnNoN XVu.n,xsIN BURNISLI. XVI-l'l'ZIiL HARRY Sw,urrzB.xUoH XV11.1.I.xM GLENN bl.-KRIAN B,xRNrrz JEAN BAKER RonEn'r BONVMAN JEAN PIARBIAN RoY lNlASliNHlillNIliR ROY ANDERSON .Lxcois TnoMAs K L F Wfhe Late Cllristopher Bean" Senior Play On Thursday and Friday evenings, October 17 and 18, 1940, the Senior Class presented "The Late Christopher Bean," directed by Miss Mary Menges. Tl1e play, which was written by Sidney Howard, centered around the paintings of the deceased Christopher Bean. The valuable paintings changed hands several times before they linally fell into the hands of their rightful owner. Dr. Haggcll, who did everything in his power to gain possession of the paintings, was relieved ol' them by Abby, the maid. Although Abby seemed rather bewildered at first. she was wise enough to keep the paintings which she knew rightfully belonged to her. Characters: Dr. Haggctt Susan Haggett Abby Mrs. Haggett Ada Haggctt hVtll'l'0ll Creamer Tallant Rosen Davenport Thursday Miii.viN HAMMIQ PATIIICIA Il1N1sHAaD'r ANNA TXIARY CoU1.soN hiARGARlC'l' Rosie BTARY IDAT SU'r'roN Roscol-3 I'i0l4'l"ACKlili .Moon THOMAS 1,II.L1ill BEARIJ BUHNIQLL BANKIQRT Friday CHAm.1cs SI'lAFlflill BA1usA1zA Fonsci-rr liIARGARlC'l' Futon EMMA BAKER NANCX' SIIRINIQR Enwmm Slam. Curlfolm l'l+'Alf1f D1LI.1zn BIQARD LIESTIER Dumas In 1961, the dramatics department is in possession of a re- volving stage and several beautiful sets ol' scenery. There a1'e six dramatic coaches in charge of productions. A course is also ol'l'ered for those who wish to enter a theater arts profession. 55 NORNIR NORNIR The dramatics department in '21 was not nearly so large and complete as our present dramatic department is. The Senior Class was the only one which presented a play. alittle WOH1C11,, Junior Play On Thursday and Friday evenings, January 16 and 17, 1941, the Junior Class pi esented "Little XVOHICHH, adopted from the novel by Louisa M. Alcott, under the direction of Miss Mary Menges. The play dealt with one of the greatest ol' human cmotionsea mother's love for her children and their appreciation of it and her. No one Will fo1'get how Jo desi1'ed "to be man of the family." Jo sacrificed he-1 hair to finance her mother's trip to XVashington when her father was dying. Hel beautiful scenes with Little Beth, when they both knew the Angel of Death was hovering near, will linger i11 the minds of all. Long, too, will be remembered the scenes between Aunt March and the loxe affair of Meg and John Brooke a11d Laurie,s bewilderment upon discovering th it his heart and hand belonged to Amy and not Jo. But above all Marmee's sound motherly advice and counsel to her daughters was outstanding. Characters: Jo Meg Amy Beth Marmee Cmotherb Laurie John Brooke Aunt March Mr. March Cfatherl Professor Bhaer Thursday AIAIRGARICT BICDUNNIELL BIYRNA lNIY14:ns B,x1usAnA GRAY BIARIAN BICCULLOUGH GLADYS Blxin DONALD HAMME RUPHIV1' Nmm' ANNA BIILLER Emvanu Knifss V1cnNoN XVILDASIN 56 Friday FI:.xNcis BxcA1,1NG flLYVl5liN HAM M12 NAOMI L1-:MMoN P11.xnL Hli'l'lllI1Ii Miruiucn lhxlcizn Ro1z1zn'r EcK15Nnon12 JonN G1c1s12LMixN BIQTTY XVAREHIINIE Giconolz Rlcisiilri' S'r1f1u.1No HUKZGIENS 6GG0i1lg on SCVCIITTCCI17, Sophomore Play On Thursday and Friday evenings, April 24 and 25, l9-ll, the Sophomore Class presented "Going o11 Seventeen." The dual casts were under the direction ol' Mr. Samuel Shirk. The play, a co111edy, centers around Buddy Carhart who is a study of all the comic aspects ol' adolescence. Buddy ami his two friends. Paul and Shrimpie, organize a new magazine, "The Ha1'1'isville Town Topicsu, which conlirius the fact that the three boys are woman hate1's. The boys soon change their 1llll1tlS when l3uddy's elder sister, Florence, is visited by her school Chlllll, .loan, and Joan's younger sister, Lillums. Lillums severs the tie that Iiinds the three boys hy play- ing one against the other until havoc results. A sudden turn ol' events again unites the boys against womankind, especially Lillums. The play ends in a pleasing 111anner as Florence wins a young "millionaire'l. Characters: Thursday Friday Buddy Carhart EARL XVAi.'riaN Rox' lXlASl'lNl'lliIMlCIt Paul RICHARD HENRY CARI. LlT'1'LIE Shrilnpie L12A'r HAMMER EAiu. XVITMICR Florence NANCY LONG CI.A1ua LoGAN Craig Jo1e1N DAv1s Wn.1.IAM CoU1.soN Tom JOHN CA1ui .lonN CAM: Mr. C2l1'h3l't Mrs. Carhart R1c:nA1um SvoNsia1.L1au Rosle E.-xuN1cu lllCl'lAltlJ Sl'oNs1u.1.l ii Domus SNVISIIICR Elsa JIQAN XVAi.l.Ac112 ANNA lNlAl'I Eu:lil':i.1u John RU'1'ulcI.1.l':N HALL .ll'IUNl'1 GUliltliCll'l' Lillums .IAc:1inc iXl.tltCIl .HQAN XVu.n1a Helen JIQANNH THOMAS hl.tltY KNlI'l'll. Doris KA'i'111,1i1cN HlTBIlSlilt'l' NANCY Goinuamziri' Agnes Bia'r'rl1i BoI.i.1No1cu JUN14: NiawnAN Guests HliI.liNli HllS'l'l'1'l"l'l'1ll H1511-:Nia l'l0S'l'l'l'l"l'l'Ilt GU Y HlJS'l'li'l"l'lilt GUY Hos'1'l-1'l"rl-Lu Plays of '61 are being presented to capacity audiences and no play runs less than a week. Talent scouts from New York and Hollywood are always on hand to pick up good material for the stage and screen. 57 NORNIR NORNIR However, the Orange and Black was already a reputable school newspaper. Editor-in-chief, Richard Alleman, and a stall' of sixteen were responsible for the publication. The Orange and Black The thirteen issues of The Orange and Black represent the achievement of certain class members in another field-journalism. The tri-weekly received recognition not only in local contests at Lehigh University and at the York-Adams conference of the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association but also in national contests conducted by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. Nor was this recognition 1116CllOCl'C. The Orange and Black was rated with many papers from larger and suposedly superior high schools. Aside from the technical viewpoint, The Orange and Black exercised capably its duty as the recorder of the student activities. A new code of news valuation gave each faction of the school its share in the paper. The Orange and Black established a 11u1nber of new policies during the year. XVith the publishing of student editorials on issues concerning the school, the paperts editorial section IJGCHIIIC the voice of the student body. Feature articles o11 unusual incidents and persons added something new to the paper. Campaigns fo rbetter sportsmanship and for a public rec1'eation center aroused interest not only in tl1e school but also in the community. Through the efTorts of those stafi' members in the P1'ess Club a revision of "The Constitution ol' the Orange and Black Stall"' was worked out. Notable among the changes is the four-month probation period for all paper candi- dates. ln all, the CLASS OF 1941 C311 look back with pride on those class 1l1C1l1lJGl'S who made possible a better Orange and Black. 58 Erlilnr-in-Chief .4s.sm'i11l1' lfclilnr Iloscolc I'IuifmClu5u NANCY SIIIIINHII Efliluriul Sluff News- -NANCY 1ilN'I'ZlNG. ASS0l'illft'viwAllGARE'l' 0'r'r. .-tssislunls I,UNAl.ll ll,ui1ni4:, .l,u:m: 'l'ncmAs, JEAN DICK, JEAN Ai.'r1,ANn, JANE Goucmzn, .luslcvnixrz ii0I"l'llIilNS, .l,xCu1lc M,niCn. KI'l"l'lH Kliisnns, lSn,l, Klnass, JOHN Ihvis. Buys' Spnrls-Enw,um Suu.. Assislunls-Sn-:via 0'Nr:n.l,, Wll,1.1,nl Flllilill., .Iusicvn lliui'1'u,xN. Girls' Sporls-Doms Loss. Assislunlsf -JUN!-1 NHWMAN, M,xlu:Ains'r M,u:lJnNNm.1 I1l'lll'IflH'S-'-JOANNE XVAGNER. AssislunIsfllnnwrux' DICK, Ii,uns,xn,x Gimv, itE'l"l'Y Il,xNlu.r:, CHRISTINE S'1'Al.m'. :ifff-JEAN BIIIGENSMITH. ASSiStl1ll1fHAZHI, Womfonn. I'roof-rvmliny-PlanoY Al'vLielx. ASSfSfllllfS-fPA'l'llIIilA M,nnu,r1, AIAHY itl-1N1ll,l,lill Typisls -Blc'r'rx' KRlCll'l'EN, IIELHN S,u,'rzmvr:n, Ilnnarrin' lhasn, Ili-:max NVICAYICH, lhmm XVnoni.l-iv. Ifl'1IIDFf0FS-7HEI,EN XVlc,wr:n, iu0N'l'YCli fitNlIlFliI,I,0NV, NAIHNIH: Mn,1.lau, til.UltlA S'l'Al'I"Ifl41It, Ilinnnl-:'r SAVANUCK, EVELYN S1'oNEn, MAn.unnr: Glxm:Nmmim, AIAIQION MCCin,l,oi1Cn. Iliamcxia Hus- '1'E'l"I'liIl, Sul-: KINTZING, lim' MAsiaNHr:lxlmi, IELAINIQL ISAUCH, Snnn.m' Momn-1, .l,xi:u fil'1lSl'Il.- BIAN. BllSflIl'SS .tfllll1l!Il'l' B,unxAnA FolxsCn'1' Bilsincss Staff Arlvvrlising Jlflnrzger---NADINE BORDER. ASSiSflll1fS"fDUlllS SHADLE, YVCNNIQ Gunn, lim' .-tNmcn- SON, BIARY ANN STICK, GEnALmNE Snivsrm, HARl!lP21"l' C. IQEACY, VIQNNUN XVILIJASIN, Mun' XVEAVHR, J ULIAN You NC. CfI'l'lII!1fi0ll J,lIl1lIf11'l"" .IANr:'r Finav. riSSiSfllllfSfLOUlSA STINE, lil,mNun Sm.i,, I'N,xNCls LAN- slNCizn, Finzn LICMMUN, BUnNla1.l, NVC'rzm,, JEANNE Mn.1,l-zu, Lens AiI'IIililiI'l'lI, iXiAlllI'1 li1,nNu. l"m'ulIy Adnisvrs Mn. AIITHUII NlCn0l,soN, MR. Snivial, Snnni The Orungc' uml Black is operating its own printing prvss. The newspaper has increased considerably in size and now con- tains twelve pages and has a circulation of tive thousand copies. 59 NORNIIR Hoi lee G Potts edltol ot the 1991 Aornzr hid 1 Sllpptlltlll., st:1tTot' thnteen thc Nornlr, l0lltlll1lI12 one hunched slxtx p gms was dedu lted to XX :Ill un I Hotthelns, X B lIlStllllt0l of Huston and Ciuts Iiclitor-in-ehiet Assoeinte Senior Section Assistant Sports ...... Aft ........ Pllotogruptiy Features .... Business Mun: Assoeizlte Advertising .. tlireulutiion . Typist ...... Faculty Advisus lltthlxl is ll I x N n Suu ll Slllltlx Hzuulbook Staff Long In-l'orc lhc I9-ill-41 school term ln-gun llu- slalll' was working on llu- lluml- olc. so lhail new pupils could lm cliwclvil in llu-ii' new oxpcricuccs. 'l'l10 llumllmolc in ilscll' 1'UllllllllS vailuailxlc llll'0l'lllilll4lll com'0i'uiug llu- lmuilmliug. moursvs, clubs, schedule, ulhlclics, :incl i'2ll'llllX. The hook is pulrlishwl lay lliu honor uilvuls ol' lhc Senior Class. 'l'I'll'I S'l'Al"l": .loux 'l'umi.xs Bl-:'r'rx' lini'muNi-: fil,l.ll-'l-'Ullll Pimzlc liAun,xn,x l'iUliSlIll'l' lloscolf Holfl-'Mtiii-In NADINI5 Nlll.l.lill lDoN.xl.n Nutr: Romain' .loxlcs linwum Siam, H1-31.1-:N XVIQAVICII Advisors: Miss Dolus vox Bi-:lun-:N Mn. Blllxrox lf.Xl'Illll-IR Mn. Lows Blxwwix 'l'l10 19151 Ilrzmlboolc is living prinlcil on lho school priuling press. ll contains many phologrziphs :uul tll1lgl'2llIlS uncl zinswvrs :my qucslions lhul ncwcouwrs would ho likely lo ask. 'Flux slzlll' is composed of an very cupulilc group ol' sluclvnis. 61 N GRNIR The Glce Club ol' '21, under the direction of Miss Edna Senft, was the only vocal music organization in the school. Fourteen members comprised the cluh. I Q N, 1 9 Q Guls Cl10Il1S Boys Cl10111S 'I'he girls' chorus is composed ol' Senior, Boys from Sophomore Junior, and Senior Junior. and Sophomore girls who halve music as classes makes up the hoys' chorus. To this an selected studv ut school. froux helonq the Senior hovs' Illill'lL'lfCOII1- , in I . . l In this qmup ig ilwlmhu the gcnim. girls, posed of Horace Hull, Diller Beard, Sterling . f . . lluggens, and lloherl Jones: and the sho x-hovs' lrio composed ol Annu Marry Coulson, Nancy ' liinlzing, und Marian Stnmhaiugh. I . liI'llll11ll'l, Rodger XVrlgl1l, and llohert Colestock 62 q11:1rtet-4co1nposed of Norman Simpson. Archie Sopranos Q Ellllllil Baker, Anna Mary Coulson. Mixed Chorus Many were selected from the boys' and girls' choruses to constitute the mixed chorus. This group presented the Christmas and Easter entertainment in the forin of eantatas. Basses - - Ordean Sllanahrook, Charles Sliat1'0l'. Carl Little, llobert Jones, XValtcr Koenig, XVil- tin liam Freeli, Xvilliillll Bowman. Benjamin Bow- man. Benjamin Berwager, Sterling Huggens. ltohert Colestoek, ltiehard Sponseller, Alvin hl1lSL'llll'l', Dorothy Sheetz. Miriam liarnes, Chris- e Staley, Pearl Markle. Helen lioyer, Lena Jaeohs, Betty Lelnnlon, Clare Logan, Dorothy Lamb. Zora Melionly, Gladys lirenzer, llelen linipple, lilanehe Mathias, llelene llostetter. Trone. Frank Cox, lloclger XVright, ltoy Masen- Peggy llarshman. XVinit're1l Geiselinan. Nancy he i mer. Naee, lietty Mumlnert. Carrie Myers, Marv llelle- bridle, Margaret Ott, June Newman. liathleen Tenors -- Fred Shultz, ClitTord l't'at1', ltobert C"l1'5i"l'k- DUNS B'-'l'ki"" Baker. Horaee Hull, Jacob Thomas, Diller Beard, liurnell Albright, Albert Miller, Earl Stauh, iVil- lialn Kress, Norman Simpson, Archie lirillhart Allos -g lietty llankle, Mar'- ' - Edna Mae Shipley, Olyveen llan , . , J... it lxlunk, .I :nat luy. Marian Stamhangh, Pat Markle, Gloria StauI't'er. ini. l'earl llet- riek, June Harman, .lean llarlnan. Milclreal Geraldine Bolclen. Nancy Kintzing, Shirley Moore, Marian Metlullough, Margaret Mellonnell, Barbara Gray, Betty 1Varehinie. Kitty Krebs. .lackie Mareh, Anna Mae liiehelherger. Patricia Messinger, Dorothy ltesh. Baker. Marian liarnitz, Henrietta XVeaver, Arlene XVlll'L'hilll0, Sue Kintzing. lileanor Sell, Gerry Simpson, Nancy Golmreeht, .lean llaker, Mary Stick, Shirley Jump, Lois .layne llarner, Anna 1 The 1961 choruses are touring the stale giving concerts. 9 They present very lmeautiflllly the most ditlicnlt classic selections. Composers are constantly kept husy arranging special nlnnhcrs for them. 63 1 NORNIR NORNIR The orchestra in 1921 was under the leadership ot' Mr. Gantt. There was no band as yet. Paul Spillnian, a Senior, organized a jazz band to furnish music for dances. Band and Orchestra This year marks a milestone in the progress of instrumental music in ther high school. New uniforms were obtained for the entire band, drum majorettes, and color guard. The band played at all the football games, and two concerts were presented. The band members are: Clair Alvvine. Jean Barnhart, Rurnell Rervvager, James Croft, XVilbur Feeser, Merle Forney, .lohn Geiselnian, Edward Gobrecht, .Ieune Gobrecht, .leanne Hamm, Irvin Hamme, Donald Halnme, Ha1'1'y Heindel, Robert Hepburn, Charles Hershey. Myrl Hilbert, Rurnell Hollaclier, Roscoe Hollacker, Mary Louise Hoover, Guy Hostetter, Kathleen Hulnbert, Robert liellenberger, Fran- cis Lansinger, Nadine Miller, Ralph Miller, Robert Miller, XVilliam Myers, Donald M. Nace, Donald XV. Nace, J. Rupert Neary, Ruthanna Noel, Henry Saltzgivcr, Mary Louise Scholl, Edward Sell, Albert Shanabrooli, Theron Snyder, Irene Shieret, .Iacob Thomas, Harry XVeisensale, Edgar XVisensale, Kathryn Zepp, XViIliam Stenger, Harry Swartzbaugh. The orchestra furnished music for all ol' the d1'amatic p1'oductions presented this vear. Included as members arc: Rurnell Albright, Marian Baker, Irvin Hamme, Jeanine H-num Robert Hepburn, liurnell HolTacker, Roscoe Hollacker, Guy Hostet- . . , ter, Harold Kline, Nadine Miller, Donald XV. Nace, Nancy Nace, .l. Rupert Neary, lidward Sell, Fred Shultz, Theron Snyder, Edgar XVisensale, Kathryn Zepp. Mr. Ernest Boucher directed both organizations. 64 Wfhe Forest Prineei' Operetta "The Forest Prince", under the direction of Miss Eleanor Turner, was pre- sented Thursday evening, February 27, 1941. The Tschaikowsky music delighted a large audience. The operetta ccnte1's around Tatiana, a princess of Russia, who is held for Although Dimitri, prince of Russia and her fiance. is ransom by the Cossacks. general of Tsar Mikhail's army, he is too cowardly to rescue Tatiana or defend Russia against invading Tartars. Vaslav, chief of the Cossaeks, goes to the Tsar's court to get the ransom. He linds himself admiring the Tsar and offers the help of the Cossack forces against their eoxnmon enemy, the Tartars. The Tartars are beaten, and the two victorious people pledge peace. Events show that Yaslav is the son of Tsar Mikhail, long ago captured by the Cossacks. Since he is of royal blood, Tatiana, who has fallen in love with him, may marry him. Characters: Tatiana, Princess of Russia ...... NANCY KINTZINKZ Sonia, a Cossack girl ........ .. ANNA Main' Coimsox Vaslav, chief of Cossaelis ........ ...... l eltill.-H115 llIlI,l. Ivan. friend of Sonia and Vaslav ...... ..... l JII.l,l4:u linrxun 'l'aliana's Lady-in-waiting .............. ..... . .. G-1,oinA S'l'AlllfFlili llytch. a Cossack ncxl in rank to Vaslav .......... ....., X Vll.I.IAlNl lfinccn Mother Vanya, an old woman of the Cossack tribe ,. .. AIAIKIAN S'1'Mlimivmi Tsar Mikhail, aged ruler of Iiussia .............. .. S'ri-11n,lNu llnuuicxs Prince Dimitri, general ot' Russian arlnies .. ,...... li0lil41ll'l' .loxiss Jester at Tsar's Court .................... liov AIASICNIIHIRIHIR 1 The 1961 musical attraction at E. H. is the perforlnance of "Tristan and Isolde" by well-trained vocalists. The directors no longer "trifle" with operettas-grand opera is the thing! -I NORNIR Debatin Fate Cor rather snowl seemed to hinder the plans of the debate team for par- ticipating in a tournament in Ohio and one at llalmatia. However, our season linally opened with non-decision debates with the Gettysburg College Freshmen. Non-decision debates with Elizabethtown High School affirmative and negative fol- lowed. At last our Pennsylvania Forensic League debates opened in this southern triangle. The tlHll'lll2ltlVC- Dale Bringman and Rose liarner defeated XVest York negative and Gettysburg High negativeg the negativefFrank Cox and Dorothy Dick defeated Gettysburg High affirmative and lost to XVest York affirmative. Colgate University Freshman honored us with a non-decision debate. How- ever, in the Iirst big tournament at South XVhitehall, Pennsylvania, we won twelve out of twenty-two debates. On March 29, at the annual Gettysburg forensic meet, the allirmative ol' Hanover was defeated by Carlisle negative. The following Monday at Franklin and Marshall College, in a tournament to decide the district winner of the National Forensic League, Hanover came through as the victorious school. By virtue of being the winner, the two teams journeyed to Lexington, Kentucky, to compete for the National championship. In addition to the varsity teams previously mentioned, .lean Dick, Harriet Tyler, Peggy Appler, Betty Jane Allgaier, XVilliam Glenn, .lean XVallace, and Roy Masenheimer comprised the squad. Mr. B. Henry Shafer and Mr. Samuel Shirk were the coaches. 66 1 N N N- Mlm Ib WW Q 4 ,f f ff X' ? 5 Q A K F X r X 1' 6 1 5 , K 'N . NNN PQ, Q ,,, ff fy 93 xsx , A 'ex X av ww A X f '1 X x X X X XX Q rg J x .5 N X X X 1 QX NX as f , X Xxx XX A Qx QQ w J"'j L ' ,oy V. f K Q iv V X xv' E ' Wag' h I, 1, if NORNIR 1 In 1920-1921, there was no football team representing Hzm- over High School. However, soccer-footbzlll took the place ot' foot- 9 ball as the sch0ol's foremost full sport. Football Team Schedule H. V. H. September 1SeehIcSherrystown 6 6 October 19eShippensburg 39 September 20flxlGChZll11CSlJlll'g 0 7 October 25- fGettysburg 13 September 27-Hershey 20 0 November 1efC:1rlisle 6 October 5+Cl1ElIlllJCI'SlJllI'g 15 0 November 8--XVaynesboro 7 October 11-Columbia 6 6 November l5+I'I1lQCl'StOXVll 34 Reading from Iefl In right: FnoN'r Row-Coulson, Berwuger, Elliot, Hershey, E. Frock, E. Miller, J. Erb, ll. Mccklcv, XVQ-ntz, lfecser D. Saur, B. Hoffackcr, Manager. O Sscoxo liow-J. Crowe, Asst. Coach, A. G. Ealy, Coach, F. Becker, Little, Gebcnslebcn, P. Miller, Colt-house L. YVarner, C. Mcckley, R. Miller, Ernst, C. XVIIPIICF, Yingling, Toot, .l. P. Davis, Asst. Coach. Tuum Row-+Cromer, Maus, Muntz, Carr, Brady, Sl11ll1LllJ1'OOli, Sponscllcr, lt. Lyncrd, L. Fuhrmzm, Lcqore Seibert, Bollinger, Arthur, Varner, F. Cox, Manager. TOP ROWAR. Marcbio, Manager, Snyder, Bair, VVa1ter, Bubh, XV. Lynerd, Dubbs, Brenner, liamkerl, Flickinger C. Becker, D, Albrlght, Hetrxck, George, Meredxth, Mowery, E. Miller, Mamagcr. 68 The 19-lll edition ol' the liichelberger Senior High School Nighthawk Griddcrs tlll'll0t1 in one ol' the most successful seasons in the history of the high sehool, The boys tackled a ten-game schedule in a manly way and came out on top with a record of six victories, two ties, and two defeats. The 1940 Hanover football team was the tirst one in sixteen years to defeat the XVayuesbo1'o High School Gridders. who annually have a strong team. The season's success was largely due to the line work ot' Floyd Becker, Hannover triple-threat man. Becker led the South Pennsyl- vania Conference in individual scoring for the season. He was one ot' the nine starting men lost after the close ot' the season. The best victory for Hanover. from the standpoint ot' high scoring, was the Shippensburg game, in which the Hawks easily won by a score ot' 39 to 0. 1 ln 19130-19151 the football played in Hanover High will be 9 very much dil1'erent from that experienced in 1941. The Hawks will be members ot' a larger circuit, in which sehools from a wider area will be admitted. 1 NORNHR N O R N I R In 1920-1921, soccer-football was the major fall sport. Paul -I T. Gantt was the coach, Diller XVierman was the team captain. In the 1920 season, the only team to defeat Hanover in soccer was 9 F. 62 M. Academy. The 1920 soccer team was composed ol' Schue, 2 XVierman, Overbaugh, Ports, Gleitz, Beard, Naill, Shanefelter, 1 Heindel, Rhodes, B1'ockley, Allen, Bixler, Nace, and NVeber. The 1940 Nighthawk Gridders had eleven Seniors on the squad. The only two boys in the starting line-up that will he hack for the 1941 squad are Charles Little and .Iames Yingling who were lettermen this season. The Seniors who received letters for playing varsity football are: Philip Miller, Floyd Beck, Charles XV2ll'l1Cl', Lavere NVarner, XVilliam Toot, David Ernst, Charles Meckley, Charles Gehensleben, Malcolm Colehouse, Laverne Fuhrman, and Robert Miller. Floyd Becker was IIHIIICCI a member of the first team ol' the All-Conference Eleven. HANOVER HIEH NIIIHTHAVK5 LAVERE WARNER PHILIP MILLER MALKOLM COLEHOUSE CHARLES LITTLE ROBERT MILLER Laverne CFUHRMAN FLOYD BECKER -camxm , Divan ERNST JAMES V WILLIAM TOOT CHARLES IAECKLEY CHARLES GEBENSLEBEN CHARLES WARNER. I-..., B .. , 70 EES wir Reurling from Iefl io riglzl: l"noN'r Row---K. Marsh, S. Fitz, G. McCarney, L. Deanier, C. Redding, li. Kessler, G. liOlll'lHlll1.fh. Slccoxn llow f-lf. Lansinger, J. Geiselman, H. Farley, ll. SeriT, R. Miller, ll. Jacobs, ll. Miller, li. lleidelinan. Toi- Row---J. Zartinan, Manager, D. liringinan, l". ilenaut, I". Shultz, B. Hipp. ll. Jones, XV. Glenn, John llankert, Coach. Soccer Team The ISHU Hanover High Soccer ifblllll ended a ten-game season with a record ol' lhree tics and live defeats. Although the Soccer lads we1'e unable to gain a victory throughout the campaign, they gained from their coach and fellow players experience and cooperation which they shall never lose. Schedule H. V. H. Y. September 13-fliasl Berlin 0 l October l8flJover 0 l September 20f4Dillsburg 0 I October 25ffSpring Grove 0 0 September 27f-North York 0 2 October 29--Codorus l l October ll-Mt. Rose 0 0 November lehlanchester 0 2 l 'l'he soccer being played today in the liichelhergcr Senior High School is very dillerent from that played in 1941. 'l'he Hill 9 hooters are now in a much larger league. 'l'he rules for playing 6 soccer have undergone a drastic change. This year, our Booters won the District Soccer championship. 1 NORNIR NORNIR 2 1 December December December December .l a 11ll1ll'y January Jan u a ry .l an u a1'y .I an u a 1'y January Talmadge Nichols was the coach of basketball in 1920 1921 Allemau was the Senior manager. The Varsity basketball teuu 1 Vvllllillll Y. Naill was the captain of the team and Richaid B was composed ol' liowiuan, Shanefelter, Hollinger, R. Ehxhul Sterner, Ports, Loss, D. Ehrhart, and Captain Naill. vCol umbia f.lohu Harris McShcrrystown XVIII. Penn of York XVm. Penn of York Gettysburg Chambersbu XVaynesboro Hershey Carlisle Pg Basketball Schedule X7 24 .lan uary 31 February 18 February 44 February 42 February 36 Fcbru a ry 39 February 25 February 26 February 38 March Mcchanicsburg Gettysburg Chambersburg lNIcSherrystow11 XVaynesboro Hershey Shippensburg Carlisle Mechanicsburg 4Shippen sburg 72 Remling from Ief! In riglil: FnoN'r Row--ll. Bollinger, F. Shultz, J. Yingling, XV. Seiherl. D. lirnsl. ll. Mowcry. Siaeoxn llow7S. 0'Neill. Junior Manager, D. llesll, ll. Duhhs. .l. Davis, li. llipp, I-'. liecker. I.. Fnllrinan, li. Sell, Senior Manager. Varsity Basketball Team The l9-lll-1941 Iiichelherger High School Nighthawk cagers played a lwcnly- game season this year and linished the year with a record ol' eight wins and twelve losses. However. some ol' the schools which the Hill Drilmhlers played were mem- bers of other seholaslie circuits. 'l'he hoys reached the scoring height in the XVay- neshoro game which was played in XVayneshoro. ln this game the Hawks rolled up fifty points against XVayneshol'o's twenty-live. John Davis. Sophomore center. was the team's leading scorer with 109 points. Davis also gained the position ol' second team center on the All-Conference Five. Laverne Fuhrman. Hill guard. gained honorahle lnention as a guard on the All-Conl'erence team. Edward Sell was the Senior managerg Steve 0'Neill was the .lunior manager. Only six boys were able to win their letter for haskelhall during the 1940-I9-l-I season. 'l'hey were: Floyd lieeker, Laverne Fuhrman. Fred Shultz, .lohn Davis, David lirnsl. and Edward Sell, manager. Five varsity men, including Davis. will lie hack l'or next year's team. 'l'l1e Hanover High Cagers have played their inilial season in their new gymnasium constructed ol' glass liricks. 'l'he new gym K-3 holds six thousand persons. 'l'he Hawks have won their lhird if consecutive District litle and their second Slate Championship in lf? live years. They are lnemhers ol' the Greater Pennsylvania Scho- V' lastie Athlelie League. i . pa fri iii , X 73 All business pertaining to athletics was handled by the Ath- letic Council, composed of twenty-four members. Most ol' these ineinbers were representatives of the classes of the school. The council of this year aided in the introduction ol' soccer and track into the sports CllI'l'lCllllllll. Diller P. VVlCl'll11l11 was the President ol' the Athletic Council. Junior Varsity Basketball. Team The liichelberger Senior High School .lunior Varsity eagers, for the lirst time in three years, were forced to relinquish their title as champion of the South Penn Conference Reserve League. The Hill .layvees lost three conference games during the season and ended the league campaign a game and a halt' out ol' lirst place. Gettysburg High School was second place holder, and the Hawks took the third place berth. The team to take the Reserve title this year was Cl'l2lIlllJCl'Slllll':L2. Chambersburg was the greatest rival Hanover had for the past three years to gain the title. Mr. Percy XVilson, Hill Jayvee coach, together with Coach A. G. Ealy, de- veloped soine line inaterial from the inaterial o11 the Junior Varsity. Itemlilzg from Iefl lo rfghf: T'li0N'l' Row'--li. Helrlck, la. Walter, 0. Shanalmrook, L. lianliert, M. Muntz, lt. Xarner, A. Cray. SHCUNU llowfXV. Myers, .l. Carr, XV. Coulson, J. ltliner, li. Sponseller, F. Brady, and XV. Lynerd. 74 W'1'estli11g Team The 1940-1941 Nighthawk XVreslling team started the season with an eleven- .ltch schedule. The Grapplers won l'our matches and dropped seven. Although .he record was not the most impressive possible, the lmoys worked every minute ol' the time for victory. Two Hawks, Joe lirh, Sophomore, wrestling in the 95 lh. class. and liill Kessler, wrestling in the 125 lb. class, were almle to reach thc linals in the District Three XVrestling Championship Tournament held in Lancaster. March 8. The hoys who earned an "H" are: James Rohrlxaugh, .loc lirh, Kenneth Marsh. Robert Lynerd, Robert lNIarchio, Charles Meckley, liill Toot, llohert Miller, and Albert Starner. Other members ol' the squad. coached hy Mr. .loseph Crowe and Mr. Ashley XVoolridge, include Ted lieidleman, Clyde Homan. lid lirown, ltlertis Noble. Dave Humhert, Gene McCarney, Francis Lansinger, Russell lNlcCIeal', Carroll Graham, .lustice Arthur. Roy Kress and Francis Baugher were managers. Schedule V H. . December 1tlfPatton Trade 15 31 January Patton Trade lleeemher llfelf. K M. Academy tl 29 February Hershey January Sl -1XVest York ltl 34 February I.ancaster January lti -f'A Steelton 13 213 l"ehruary Manheim .lanuary 17' Carlisle 28 14 February XVayneslioro January 23 Lebanon 30 8 XVrestling is now a major sport in Hanover High. This year our wrestling team had l'our district champions and one state titlist on it. The tactics used in wrestling are entirely dill'erent l'rom those of 1941. The Jayvee Basketball team has gained prominence by winning the District championship for reserve teams. This is a newly created feature of district championship tournaments. 75 NORNIR In the 1920-1921 term, tennis was considered a main sport. 1 The Hill team of 1921, managed by Dan Ehrhart, was composed of R. Ehrhart, Naill, and Hombaeh. Instead of track, baseball 9 was the major sport of the school. Talmadge Nichols was the baseball coach and Robert Hombaeh was the manager. The only 2 bad defeat su1l'ered by our baseball team was at the hands of Gettysburg. Tennis Team This year's tennis squad was an unusually large one. Over twenty boys were on the team at one time or other. A. G. Ealy served as the tennis eoaeh. A number of veterans were back for this year's squad. Among these were Fred Shultz, Robert Jones, Rudolph Eeker, and Donald Albright. The boys entertained a nine-match new courts of asphalt were a scene of much activity in schedule this year. The the last months of school. April 22efRed Lion April 24-"fLlll1C2lSl.Cl' April 29--Meehaniesburg May 2nfCarson Long May 6AfRed Lion A way Home A way A way HQJIIIC Schedule May May May May Columbia Meehanicsburg Carson Long Columbia Home Away Home Away Reading from Iefl In right: FnoN'r Row---B. Coulson, R. Masenheimer, li. Miller, H. llutlers, A. Shanabrook, F. Cox, S. Fitz, XV. Kreidlu B. Froek, ll. Eeker. Siscosn Row-J. Fisher, L. XVarner, Manager, D. Albright, F. Shultz, XV. Kress, J. Davis, R. Anderson, Jones, D. Naee, H. Swartzbaugh, A. G. lialy, Coaeh. 76 Reading from Ivfl Io riglil: lfnoxr ltowfll. Garviek, l.. Jacoby, L. Deamer, li. Jamison, C. Meekley, I.. llalnmer, ll. Mowery. Si-Jcoxn llow-E. Miller. V. Gilbert, ll. Miller. ll. hvlllllllllS, XV. George, G. liubb. Toi' llow lt. Baker, NV. Lynerd. .l. P. Davis, Coach, lt. Lynn-rd, E. Crous Track Team 0. The Eiehelberger Senior High School Track team is being eoaehed by Mr. .lames Davis. A large number ol' veterans are back on this year's squad, including Deamer, Jamison, R. Miller, Jacoby, Mowery, and Meekley. This year the Hawk Cinderlnen again entered the Shippensburg State Teachers' College Invitation Track Meet. The Hillmen were among thirty-three schools participating in the event. Schedule April 19 Shippensburg Invitation Meet Away April 26 Columbia Away May 3 XVilliam Penn ol' York Away May 9 -XVaynesbor Home May I7 South Penn Conferem-e Meet Away May 21 Gettysburg Home 1 This year we had an extremely sueeessfnl traek and tennis season. In traek, the Hanover High mile relay team won the 9 National scholastic championship in that event. They have es- tablished a new world's record for the course. The tennis team 6 has turned out two tennis stars who will more than likely be 1 playing professional tennis in two years. NORNIR 77 NORNIR The Senior team was composed of Bixler, Rhodes, Hombach, XVlCl'Il11lIl, Alleman, Allen, Shutt, and Frock. The .Iunior team Intramural basketball was played in the 1920-1921 term. 9 had Brockley, Beard, Heiges, Schue, and Aumen playing the regu- lar positions. The Sophomore team was composed ot' Shealler, 2 Rudisill, Yohe, Shultz, Smith, Huston, and Atwood. The Fresh- man line-up included Bankert, Grenier, Maurath, Shultz, Morning, Lippy, and Rudisill. I1l.llf31l1lll'El1 Basketball This year the intramural basketball program was conducted by l-lead Coach A. G. lialy. The season was highly successful. The league took the name of the "Flower League" with each team having the name of a fllowcr. Frank ltcnaut was captain ot' the "liuttercups" who captured the league championship. Charles Davis headed the "Red Hoses" who ended the season in second place. The third place "Sweetpeas" were led by Laverc XVarner. Diller lieard's "Orchids" ended the season in fourth place. The '5Petunias" captained by NVilIiam Fuhrman, headed the lower bracket ot' the league. Bill Kress's "Dandelions" were sixth. The "Pansies," guided by Captain Philip Miller, linished the league season in seventh place while Charles Gebensleben's "Lilies" ended the season in last place. The program of intramural basketball was very eflicieut and interesting in that all those participating had an equal chance. Schedule FINAL STANDING OF THE FLOXVER LIEAOUIE TEAMS Frank llenaut's lluttercups Charles Davis' lied lloses .. Lavcre XVarner's Sweet Peas Diller l3eard's Orchids ..... Bill Fuhrman's Pctunias Bill Kress' Dandelions ..... Philip Mille1"s Pansies .... Charles Gehenslc-ben's Lilies XV. L. Percentage . ti 1 .857 5 2 .714 . 5 2 .714 . 4 It .571 . 3 4 .429 . It 4 .429 . 2 5 .286 . tl 7 .000 CAPTAINS 78 .'Jur::'.1v ' vi l f is ,X .E X, A it K fix K 451 .11 , . it ' if - ' fit B t in X. 11 1 x 1 i Frank Re11au.t's Cl1Ell11pi011Sl1iP c'lButte1'cups" Frank Renaut eaptained the "Buttercups" to the Intramural Basketball Championship for 1940-41. The "Buttercups" won six league games and dropped one. Besides Renaut, other members included Jack Geiselman, Elmer Miller, Albert Shanabrook, Dale Bringman, and George R0hl'billlgl1. The boys cooperated nicely with their captain to win the Flower League Championship, a novelty form of con- ducting the Intramural Basketball Program. The program of intramural sports has widened considerably 1 since 1941. There is now intramural competition in football, basketball, mushball, and tennis. There has been a great enthus- 9 iasm shown for these activities. Various organizations in the town are each sponsoring a team. Awards will be made at the 6 end ol' the year to the members ol' the victorious teams in the various sports. 1 NORNIR NORNIR -I In 1921, cheerleading seemed to be of less importance than it is today. The school had a wide variety ol' cheers but had but 9 one cheerleader to execute them. This cheerleader was Richard B. 2 Alleman of the Class of 1921. He gained a letter for his services. 1 E1Cl16lbClfgCl' Senior High School Cheers Locomotive E-Rah Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! E-Rall! If-Rah! E-Rall! H-A-N-O-V-E-R! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! H-A -N-O-V-li-R! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! H-A-N-O-V-E-R! Hanover - Hanover - Hanover! r w leam -- Team --e Team! Yea Team Yea! Team, light! FIGHT! FIGHT! Yea! Team, light! FIGHT! FIGHT! Yea! Team, light! FIGHT! FIGHT! T-e-A-m T-e - ---- - A-m T-e - - ----- A-m T-e -------- A-m Team, Team, Team! Tip It In the Center Tip it in the center, Dribble down the floor, Shoot it in the basket, Score! Score! Score ! Rickety-Ax Rickety-ax-ax-ax! liickety-ax-ax-ax! H-A -N-O-V-E-R ! Hanover - Hanover - Hanover! Team ee Team -- Team! Team, Team, Team! Hit 'Em High! Hit 'em high! Hit 'em low. COIIIO on Team fe Let's GO! Yea Orange! Yea Black! Yea Orange! Yea Black! Yea Team! Hold ,em back! V-a-r-s-i-t-y V-A-R-S-I-T-Y Varsity! Varsity! Varsity! Go Get 'Em Hanover Yea Cteamb, Go get 'em Hanover, XVe'll clip you, So help us, XVe'll mow you down! Razzle Dazzle Razzle dazzle, razzle dazzle, Sis-boom-bah! Hanover High School, Rah! Rah! Rah! CAre We in it?D VVell I guess! CYVill we win it'?D Yes! Yes! Yes! I t E + 1 l i 'Am 3 .Q, t S E 4 2 I 3 E S 1 Reading from Ivfl Io righl: Fn0N'r Row-Hazel tVolford, Doris Asper, Beatrice XVentz. BACK ltowgalargaret Hose, Kathleen Sullivan, Henrietta Mumlnert. Cheerleaders This year the Varsity Cheerleading Squad of Eichelberger Senior High School lillcd their year's engagement in splendid style. They worked constantly and con- scientiously to promote a greater feeling of team support in the student body. .lane Gouker, Hazel XVolford, and Margaret Rose won letters for three years ol' service as cheerleaders. The squad prepared a number ol' new cheers during the year and presented them at various athletic events. Th Juniors who were members of the Varsity Squad were Henrietta billllllllCl't, Doris Asper, and Beatrice XVentz. The girls made a neat appearance at the sporting events. They wore orange sweaters with black "H's" on them. The cheerleaders wore black skirts and anklets. Con- gratulations, cheerleaders, for a line llCl'f0l'llHll1CC this year. This year our cheerleaders were entered into state com- petition. Dressed in their new militaristic attire, the cheerleaders carried oll' first place and went on to the national contest where they placed third. Ten new chee1's have been adopted. NORNIR 1 , an Long black stockings and mlddy blouses xxele vxoin bv the Q girls in 1921. Those who composed the b lsltetbill team neu ,HD I. Allewelt, L. B0lllI1Q6l, R Ilppy 1 lxmsell tn little G Smith A R. Snyder, E. Van Hlsc Minor Sports Shutileboard is played upon a smooth paint- ed surface. The equipment includes wooden cues five-feet three-inches in length, and sets of wooden disks four-inches in diameter and one- and-one-fourth inches thick. Each set of disks consists of four disks painted the same color. The game may be played in the form of singles or doubles. The score is determined by the square on which the disk comes to rest. Bowling is usually played in alleys which have a smooth surface. The equipment used consists of ten duck pins, ten pins, or wooden pins, and a bowling ball which has two holes in it. This is for the purpose ot' inserting one or two fingers and the thumb. In each round ot' howling, the contestant receives two balls. lf, after rolling the first ball, he has knocked down all the pins, he does not receive his second ball. However, if he does not knock all the pins down with the first ball, he is able to use the second hall. Deck Tennis Deck Tennis was originally played aboard ships. This is where it secured its name. It is a very practical sport because it requires little space and is vcrv inexpensive. Deck tennis can be played as a game of singles or doubles. The equipment used consists of a net and a rubber ring six-inches in diameter. Three feet to each side of the center line is drawn a foul line. The doubles court also has a center line, which ex- tends from the back line to the. foul line. The usual alnount of points needed by a team to win is fifteen. However, if' the score is deadloekcd at 14-all, it is essential that one team win two consecutive points, or, on other words, to have a two point margin over the other pe1'son. A deck tennis match consists of the best out ot' three games. The teams change courts after each game. Only the server is able to gain points for his tealn and he continues to serve as long as he is gaining points. l Fieldball Eleven girls make up a tealn of lieldhall. The positions of the team al'e as follows: Left and right wings, left and right. inner, and een- ter forwards. These girls play the forward line. Left and right half-hack and center halt'-hack t'orm the second line. Left and right fullback and goalie play the haek part of field. These girls aim to get the ball to the opponents' side ot' the field and through the goalie. Basketball During the past year there were six basket- ball teams, two from each elass. Those who played on the teams were as follows: Senior team: H. NVeaver, J. XValtersdortT, and M. Baker, forwards: H. Muntz, A. Greenholtz, and J. llir- ginsmith, guards. Second team: M. Firor, M. Garrett. A. Mich- ael, P. Lau and K. Sullivan, forwords: F. Bair, M. ltose, and B. Fuhrman, guards. tWinnerJ. Junior team, one: J. Keller, D. Gross, and M. Brown, forwards: D. Leese, J. Myers, J. Zeig- ler, M. Zinn, and D. Garrett, guards. Second team: D. Loss, lt. XVeaver, M. Mc- Donnell, and M. L. Hoover, forwards: li. XVentz. M. Heusner, and M. Myel's, guards. Sophomore team, one: K. Hulnhert, R. Hall, and E. Hoke, forwards: J. Hol't'heins, lt. Garrett, and J. Dubbs, guards. Second team: B. Shearer, H. Storm, and K. Zepp, forwards: V. Culp, V. Stoner, and P. Gass, guards. The girls ol' 1961 are wearing various types of modern plas- tics. They are taking wo1'k in a new gym which contains all known ff 'mnasium ec ui ment. The Girls are takin f lessons in a D U large, well-equipped swimming pool. NORNIR Archery Archery is one form ot' recreation which can be equally well enjoyed by both young and old, male and female. Archery can be adapted to almost any available space either indoors or outdoors. The greatest amount ot' bow and arrow shooting consists of target shooting, in which the objective is the hitting ot' a bull's eye on the target with an arrow. The equip- ment used consists ot' bow, arrow, target, and linger and arm guards. In keeping score, a total ot' the points scored by all the arrows shot by a contestant is kept. The amount of points which each arrow scores is determined by the color ot' the circle in which the arrow lands. The yellow circle scores nine points. The red circle will score seven points. Five points can be secured by hitting the hlue circle. The black circle will score three points and the white circle one point. Mushball Nine girls compose a team of mushball. The batting line-up is as follows: catcher, pit- eher, first baseman, second baseman, third base- man, short stop, and Iicldcrs. You are allowed three strikes for one out, and three outs for one part ot' an inning, and nine innings to one game. The equipment used is a soft hall three inches in diameter, a bat, and three bases. s up .Q-Jfxx' ff iw' Qw 53 Ei ,mghv Inq ?-El -I I li? EBEIDIIJB M I Features Approved Pennsylvania Private Business School BUSINESS TRAINING - for Young Men and Women "fx . 3 GENERAL susmsss ,, SECRETARIAL TRAINING -is Jill? SPECIALIZED COURSES I ""i'?l"5i " i One, Two and Three Years Day ond Evening Courses Special Summer Session PEIRCE SCHOOL Pine St. West of Broad Philadelphia, Pu. Founded i865 Victor Records and Recordings Electrical and Radio Sales and Service CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES E. J. J. GOBRECHT 120 E. CHESTNUT ST. Hanover's First Broadcast Studio IT'S SMART T0 BE YOUNG We Cater to Youth MAY-PERL SHOP Hllistinctive Togs for Children and Missesi' BALTIMORE ST. HANOVER, PA. Compliments of MASEMER BAKERY 219 York Street PHONE 450 C R E M E R 9 S MFLOWERSU Quality Corsages - New and Novel Arrangements fwqzfwwi Compliments of THE EVENING SUN ALVIN R. NISSLY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Peoples Bank Building Rooms 3 and 4 1941 N ORNIR Bound by SI16PI1C1'd,S Bindery Commercial Bookbinding V. B. SHEPHERD 226 N. Newberry Street YORK, PA. H. A. BORTNER Myers Drug Store Bowlers Of CARBONATED SOFT On the Square DRINE?Nigg ALL HANOVER, PA. PALE DRY GINGER ALE HANOVER, PA. PHONE 623 SENIORS RALPH R. MYERS May Success Be Yours G1'0C61'i6S :MEI J. C. PENNEY CO. POIST .STUDIO Portrait cutcl Commercial Photographers MEMBER T06 9 0 'L . 'f' 5- V 5 VK O " Q' Blount" Makers of 1941 Nornir Photographs 24' E. MIDDLE STREET HANOVER, PENNA. Phone 784 J. H. BROUGH G? COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1898 Agency EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES New York Second Floor Peoples Bank Building HANOVER, PA. Telephone 595 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE SURETY BONDS ANNUITIES JOHN C. KREBS, '98 ROY E. SHANEFELTER, '22 Manager SOLICITUR 89 BORDERS GARAGE 425 EAST MIDDLE STREET Telephone 107 Hanover, Pa. Cadillac - Mack Trucks Sales and Service ESSO PRODUCTS WASHING, STORAGE, LUBRICATION REVONAH SPINNING MILLS HANOVER, PA. Superior Jute Carpet Yarns ELMER E. WENTZ SONS If It Covers the Floor, LONCE'S Cream Top Milk and Dairy Products Protected by Laboratory and Cellophane We Have It 877 York street Phone soo HANOVER, PA. HANOVER CORDACE COMPANY Makers of ALL TYPES OF TWINES AND CORDACE HANOVER, PA. X Il ORN . Inu Ylllfll-lll 1:2227 ' 5555: 2555521 .-5ErQ11?l 5 6555. .ffigifffii EE-I'IgZ:Z:I:., A fiesusreneo f ,. 5523555 5, HAN Vine I... , D 5232? Grade HA" Raw and Pasteurized Guernsey Milli RICHARD M. LITTLE 257 -W Phones 350-X You Can Do It Better WITH GAS Cooking Watel' Heating Refrigeration House Heating 10 YR. GUARANTEE-FREE SERVICE CONEWACO C-AS CO. 110 CARLISLE STREET Phone 425 Capital 5B200,000.00 Surplus 34501200.00 FIRST NATIONAL RANK OF HANOVER Member Federal Rvscrvc System C. N. Myers, Pres. WV. D. Cower, V. P. S. C. Hoffhcins, Cashier +grrggw'-"w- f- '-- '---' 'W " Y' - ' f -,Fur Compliments 0 f Hanover Hardware Company PERMANENT WAVING AND HAIR STYLING A SPECIALTY Lucela's Beauty Shoppe 115 CARLISLE STREET Phone 210X Hanover, Pa. LUCELA M. ROHRBAUGH COwnerJ Mummert-Dixon Co. HANOVER, PA. Manufacturers of Oilstone Tool Grinders, Radial Grinders, Boring Heads, Facing Heads, Spot Facing Tools, Swing Frame Grinders, W i r e c l 0 t h Weaving Equipment, Wood Patterns COMPLIMENTS OF Conewago Thrift Co. ROOM 1, SECOND FLOOR 11 CARLISLE ST. HANOVER, PA. C. Y. BROUGH PHONE AIS-I SCHMUCK COMPANY Coal - Lumber -- Building Materials I'1S'l'AliLISIIED 1852 PEOPLES BANK OF HANOVER Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HANOVER, PA. Sw0pe's Meat Market 36 FREDERICK STREET WILSON NACE -- Groceries Handles Only High 105 Frederick Street Grade Meats HANOVER, Pa. li Phone 740 Phone 40-X Free Delivery 93 607' HANOVER SHCJE 53.50 and 34.00 HANOVER STORE 16 CARLISLE STREET We Solicit Your , , , Compliments of Bltllilftllg Business Belicving Ou1'Facilitics Permit G. C. CO. Us to 0ll'c1' You l'Il'licicnt Scr- vicc in All FOFIIIS ol' Bzmking Aecomniodzllions Over a Century of Service 50 AND 100 STORE to the Community HANUVER SAVING wiv- With Selected Merchandise Member Federal Deposit to 351-00 Insurance Corp. I 94 vos vous S C. H O O L as C, O L L E C3 E PX N N U Px L S we vumsw N INV? -T ONES mm wwe Oevfwxixlxc PNO1 U PSLXX ..O J, W, FISCHER THOMPSON COLLEGE 85 YORK, PA. HARRISBURG, PA Books, Stationery, Office and School Supplies . Member of the American Typewriterse Ribbons, Association of Commer- . V 1 Carbon, Kodakso cial .Colleges anti tie National Council of l G'ftt . . am 1 Q Business Education 28 Carlisle Street . i I Business SO1'O1'1i1CS and HANOVER, PA' Fraternities This Annual Is from the Press of THE KERR PRINTING COMPANY Printers - Rulers - Binders 458-462 E. King Street CHAMBERSBURG, PENNA. Let Us Figure on Your Printing Requirements 96 Compliments of R. H. SHEPPARD COMPANY HANOVER, PA. IVIANU FACTURERS OF DIESEL ENGINES POWER UNITS BARGAINS IN USED CARS H O M A N 9 S Used Car Lot NEXT TO POOR HOUSE INN MIDWAY J. F. Rohrbaugh SI Co. MILLWORK LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL 564 BROADVVAY PHONE 334 WaIIie1' SZ Masemer Groceries and Meats QUALITY - SERVICE - ECONOMY 30 FULTON STREET Phone 286X For '41 HBest Buick Yetw MeIl1o1'11 Buick Co. 316 Broadway HANOVER, PA. COM PLIMENTS OF HEMLER'S ESSO SERVICE Cor. Park Ave. and Franklin St. HANOVER, PA. ESSO DEALER Compliments of WALTERSDORF Fll1'11Itl11'6 Store 219 BALTIMORE ST. THE 'HUB Exclusive Ladies Shop Baltimore Street HANOVER, PA. Compliments Of STYLE CRAFT SHOE STORE 47 BALTIMORE STREET Compliments of State Candy Shoppe State Theatre Bldg. BERNICE KEAGY Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF HANOVER NEWS AGENCY T. EARL CULP, Prop. 20 Baltimore Street HANOVER, PENNA. LIKE THE BEST ? Eat A N T H O N Y FOLIVIETVS ICE SHOE STORE CREAM ' HANOVER, PA. Harslnnan Motor CO. Ford Sales and Service Lincoln - Zephyr 630 CARLISLE ST., HANOVER, PA Phone 796 For a Real POTATO CHIP 81 PRETZEL Eat Uris V nL33T33ifR.9u Compliments of Western Maryland College WESTMINISTER, MD. uevggwffbu H 0 K E B A I R MONTGOMERY Coal and Feed ' WARD CO. PHONE 503 Compliments S H E R M A N , S Of , Clothinv Store Samuel Shnfk 81 S011 D Hardware Outfitters for Paint Sporting Goods THE ENTIRE FAMILY 40 BROLXDWAY HANOVER, PA. 32 sl 34 Carlisle st.. HANOVER, PA 99 Capital ff5250,000.00 Surplus S300,000.00 HANOVER TRUST COMPANY HANOVER, PA. H. D. SHEPPARD, President RALPH J. S. HOFFACKER, Treasmez C. N. MYERS, Vice-President H. C. THOMAN, Assistant Treasureo H. M. STOKES, Vice-President H. F. SLAGLE, Assistant Treasure? J. STANLEY MILLER, Trust Ojicer Member Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF MURPHY ELECTRIC CO. INC' Quality Quality The General Electric Store ..,.g.Q.l -Q-... Carlisle and Chestnut Streets PHONE 600 HANOVER, PA. E. LEINHARDT BROS. Jeweler Furniture -1' ....,.ggggg3',.4.... Terms or Cash Buy It for Less l-- 44 Baltimore St. Hanover, Pa. 33 BALTIMORE ST. The Friendly Furniture Store 100

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