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l Y e H I ' f 'E ZA ' 2 1 1 E r E 5 Q1 1 f Q E 1 2 L s x v ,Ly 'ef H ar , fy , ,. wr, ,gm ww Q' :ww ,Msg N .Q-g., 72 1 LQ.. I5 ww Q V X . . ,E , ,Q . Qfwwm. :,,vl'L'l uw, M M1 , f f 1 A' A 13 ii 4 H .. Eb W' U ' 'M iieiiziailwii' J ' , ,.,, ,,V- I ,wf-lwrm-5'wGaagzwemrff,-, ,.,v,-MgmVf,'.4x7f7Tmmf . , Q g f 55, 1 W B 1 X , -Q W 1 4 ' P . , y ,q :pei X mf QM, M 'Q , f J X, X :fhwf gs N35 a VM fe ,ww w 1 M , x, a g 6 ,GW ,Q U31 Aff gedffm mfg. f J f Q A W ' ' My 1 QAAEXQY W' 1983 Egyptian Uofume gwafian iglz .gclzoof amm6, inoia rf ? fkiw?M'f+w. pf 5, fu ' ,, xv l 3 Wifi . ff 1145 ' ' PQf:QiTi??3bf:fwQ5Q ' ' ff? , ww 0 i if L' ' W H f - ' w f ' 5 ' , Vfllif-fig? -QU: 1 ' gg N he W -W E J ., Ei M if ggi' fn My jf W W H , 36164 of gonfenfa .Simian 3 Organizafiona 47 juniora I7 .fdllzdiica 57 Sopkomofea 23 54Jmznz3i,-ation 65 fl-airmen 29 i jf. Jekyll 75 .f4CtiUitie3 35 54013 85 6 gypfi an yearL0oL swf Seated: Poulo Horpole, Pom Kirby, Sondro Whitney. Standing: Mrs. Wilmo Miller, Cholen Totum, Wondo Smith, Rebecco Poole, Tino Tucker. SENIOR5 1, Here I come, Scott! M, ,- f 5, i've olmost QOT it! 8, This is the New Imoge. Key to pictures on poge 14. 2. Move over, Keith. 5 5 ww 'W' I K 4, Look Mom, no teeth M 3. Whotcho tolkin' obout? , J, J ' 'k ng H i f ,,,., ,V V . at X, rsr, .y . M5 6. Do you like my new permonent? 9. Bugger, quit loughing ond look ot the birdie. 7. Yohoo! Let's go, horse. 10, Woit for me! 2 .rii i .ff y Q . .... I efe WL K i or , X. 11. But you like John better thon me. 1. Mom, did I do something wrong? . . nnnn ' . ik 4 4. Ain'rI cure! 6. They coll me the srreok! ' H X g ,gg .1 Q ii f X. 1 ...f I .xfk 2. Miss America 1965. 3. I wonno go, foo. ,sf in I' ., 'X Y if ' ...xg 6. Look, Mom, one-handed. 7. I rwor I row o puddy cot. 5. Beoch Bunnie. younger eam. 9. Rodeo Queen of 1983! iv ,r ,, Q if ,..' I - xx sf ii 6 , k ,NA 10. Gum grins ore in. Key ro picfures on page 14 7 eni or lirecfory JAMES BETTS RONALD EUGENE BIGHAM, Art 2, Bus Captain 2. DONALD BLACK DON BLEDSOE SCOTT W. CARLTON, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 2, 8, 4, Journalism 2, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, CPres. 29, Student Council 2, 8, 4, CPres. 45, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Elementary Librarian 2, P.E. Assis- tant 3, 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, Most Distinguished American High School Society Aword 4. DEANNA LEA CARTER: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, COT-ficer 23, Student Council 1, Regional Honor Band 8, 4, Class Officer 1, CVice Pres.D, Band Award 2, 3, Biology Award 1, 2, Adv. English Award 1, 2, Health Award 1, Home Ec. Award 2, 3, P.E. Award 1. DEBRA CLARK, FHA 1, 2, 4, Nurse's Aide 8, 4, Yearbook 3, Basketball Manager 2. SANDRA K. CLUBB: Flag Corps 1, FHA 1, 2, FBLA 4, CSec.D, Art 1, 2, Library Assistant 2, Nurse's Assistant 3, MARY DIANE DOVER, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, Flag Corps 3, 4, Chorus 2, 8, 4, High School Librorion 1, 2, 3, Greenhand Award 8, Chorus Contest 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Singer 4. KENNY FOLTZ, FFA 1, 2, 3, CPres. 25, FFA Student Advisor 3, Greenhand and Star Greenhand Aword 1, Chapter Farmer and Stor Chapter Farmer 2, Chapter Leader- ship Award 2. MICHELLE GOWIN, Beta Club 1, 2, O, 4, CHist. 2, 33, Flag Corps 3, Science Club 3, High School Softball Scorekeeper 2, 3, FHA 4, Photography Club 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 4, P.E. Assistant 3, Teocher's Aide 1, 2, Mistress of Ceremonies 4, Photography Club Represen- totlve for Student Council 4, Art 1, 2, 3, Biology ll Awards 1, 2, Adv. English Awards 2, 8, Health Award 3, Spanish Aword 2, Algebra ll Award 8, Chemistry Aword 3, Varsity Letter in Softball 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. CHRIS GRAHAM JAMES HALE PAULA RAE HARPOLE: Algebra Award 1, Elementary Tutor 1, 3, Yearbook CEditorD 4, FBLA 4, FHA 1, 2, 8, Typ- ing I Award 2, Shorthand I Award 2, Shorthand ll Award 3. MICHAEL THOMAS HARVELL, JR., FFA 1, 2, 8, 4, CVice- Pres. 2, Pres. 3, 43, Greenhand Award 3, Chapter Farmer Degree 8, Star Chapter Farmer Degree 3, ln- dustrial Arts Club 4, Regional lndustrial Arts Award 3, Fine Arts Award 1, 2, Regional Fine Arts Award 3, 4, Science Club 2, Student Council 2. PAMELA HARVELL, Art 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Award 3, Jour- nalism 3, Yearbook 3, FHA 1, 2, Earth Science Award 2, Flag Corps 4, Teocher's Aide 1, 2, 8. PERRY C. HAZELWOOD Ill, FFA 2, 8, 4, COfficer 2, 3, 43: Physical Science Award 1, Elementary Aide 1, 2, Health Aword 3. JULIAN HOWARD, FFA 2, 3, 4, COfficer 4, Sent.D, Greenhand Degree 2, Chapter Farmer Degree 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, P.E. Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Baseball Manager 2. STEVE JOHNSON, Transferred to Cairo High School 4. KAREN KAROLYN JONES: Pep Club 1, Librarian 3, Volunteer Worker 3, Nurse's Aide 1, 4, Chorus 4, Jour- nalism 4. enior ibirecfory TROY JONES: Boseboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Bosketboll 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Bond 2, 3, 4, Bond Awords 1, 3, Student Council 3, 4, Closs Officer 3, 4, CVice-Pres. 8, Pres. 45. ERIC KEPPNER, FFA 1, 2, 3, Science Club 1, Welding Aword 2, 3, FFA Secretory 2. TONY LAFOREST, FHA 2, 3, 4, COfficer 45, Bosketboll 1, 2, 4, Boseboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Chorus Aword 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4. MIKE LAGRONE, Tronsferred From Century. Photogrophy Club 3, 4, FFA 3, Greenhond Degree 3, FHA 3. BRENT LAMBURTH: Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Heolth Aword 3. HELEN MAXWELL TAMI MCCOY: Bond 1, 2, 8, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Elementory Tutor 1, 2, 8, P.E. Assistont 4, Bus Coptoin 2, 3, 4, Softboll Scorekeeper 4, Heolth Occupotions Aword 3, Pep Club 2. WAYNE MCFARLAND: FFA 8, 4, Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Photogrophy Club 1. LISA JAN McKEE: Who's Who Among Americon High School Students 3, 4, Beto Club 1, 2, 8, 4, COfficer 3, 47, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Stote Conference 2, Student Council 2, 3, 4, COfficer 3, 4D, FBLA 4, Closs Officer 4, CSec.D, Mistress of Ceremonies 3, Girls' Stotisticion 2, Awords, Algebro I Aword 1, Biology I Aword 1, Heolth I Aword 1, Intro. to Bus. 1, Typing I Aword 2, Shorthond I Aword 2, Shorthond ll Aword 3, Pep Club 2, Teocher's Aide 4, Stote Beto Runner-Up Vice-President 3, FHA Represen- totive for Student Council 2, 13, 4. ROBYN MEGGS: Bond 1, CJ, FHA 1, 2, Chorus 4, Flog Corps 4. MICHAEL ALLEN MILLER, VICA Club 2, 3, Bond 1, 2, 3, Photogrophy Club 1, 2, Boslsetboll Monoger 1, 2, 3, 4, Bus Coptoin 1, 2, Student Council 3, Bond Awords 1, 2. MICHAEL SCOT MILLER: Bond 1, 2, 8, 4: Photogrophy Club 1, 2, Boseboll 4, Librory Assistont 2, Teocher's Aide 3, VICA Club 1, 2, 3. PAMELA JEAN MOORE: FHA 1, 2, 3, High School Librorion 3, Elementory Librorion 1, 4, Americon History Aword 3. CINDY DONETTE NELSON, FHA 1, Photogrophy Club 8: Who's Who Among Americon High School Students 3, Closs Officer 3, CTreos.b, Beto Club 2, -3, Homecoming Attendont 8, FBLA 4, Journolism 4, Elementory Librorion 3, High School Boys' Bosketboll Stotisticion 2, 3, 4, Bond 1, 2, 3, 4. GLORIA J. NEWBOLDS: FHA 1, 2, FFA 2, 3, 4, COfficer 83: P.E. Assistont 4, CVE 4, Teocher's Aide 4, Lunchroom Worl4er3. CAROLYN SUE PEARMAN, Closs Officer 1, CSec.D, Pep Club 2, Girls' Stotisticion Bosketboll 2, Bus Coptoin 2, 8, 4, Homecoming Attendont 2, 3, Homecoming Queen Condidote 4, Journolism 8, 4, FBLA 4, Elementory Teocher's Aide 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Flog Corps 1, 2, 8. ROBERT TERRY PEARMAN REBECCA ANN POOLE, FHA 1, 2, 8, 4, Pep Club 2: Teocher's Aide 2, Flog Corps 3, 4, CDriIl Sergeont, 45, Journolism 2, 3, Yeorbook CCo-Editor? 4, Vorsity Cheerleoder 4, Homecoming Queen Condidote 4, P.E. Assistont 4, Colro Evening Citizen Reporter 3, Typing I Aword 2, Model Office Aword 3. JAMES POWELL: FFA 8, FHA 1, Bosketboll 2, 8, 4, Cross Country 2. MICHAEL PROVO JESSE RADER MARSHA LYNN REYNOLDS: Porenting Aword 3, FHA 1, 2. BRUCE K. SCHWIEGER: Bond 1, 2, Photogrophy Club 1, 2, Student Council 3, VICA 1, 2, FFA 3, 4, Newspoper Stoff 2. LORETTA SIMMONS: FHA 2, 3, Cheerleoder 2, 8, Bosket- boll 4, Homecoming Attendont 2. REBECCA CHRISTINE SIMMONS: Softboll 1, 2, Closs Officer 2, CSec3, FHA 1, 2, 8, 4, Model Office Aword 3, FBLA 4, Nurse's Assistont 3. TIMOTHY MICHAEL SISSOM: FFA 1, 3, 4, CVice-Pres. 43, VICA 2, 3, P.E. Assistont 3, 4, Boseboll 1, 2, 8, 4, Bosket- boll 2, O, Cross Country 2, 8, Art 1, 2, 3, 4, Greenhond Degree 1, Chopter Former Degree 8, Regionol Art Aword 8, 4, Elementory Librory Assistont 2. WANDA SMITH: FHA 1, Pep Club 2, Yeorbook 4, Volunteer Worker 3. DANIELLA STEELE, Cheerleoder 1, 2, 8, 4, Homecoming Attendont 1, Beto Club 2, 8, 4, FHA 1, 2, Pep Club 2, Home Ec. I Aword 1, Heolth Aword 1, 3, Adv. History Aword 3, Homecoming Queen Condidote 4. JAMES THROWER: Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Art 1, 2, 3, Boseboll 1, 2, 3, 4, VICA 2, Science Club 3, P.E. Assistont 3, 4, Bond Aword 8, Construction ond Mointenonce Trode Aword 2, World History Aword 2, Art Aword 2, 8. TINA DEE TUCKER: Photogrophy Club 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, Closs Officer 1, CPres.3, Chorus Aword 1, Pep Club 2, Flog Corps 3, 4, FBLA 4, Yeorbook 4. DARREN WADE SANDRA DEE WHITNEY: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: C2nd Vice-Pres. 43: FHA Hero Aword 3, FHA Convention 2, 3, FHA Stote Conference Aword C2nd Ploce3 3, High School Librorion 1, 2, Closs Officer 3 CPres.3, Student Council 3, Shorthond ll Aword 3, Yeorbook 4, Journolism 2, Coiro Evening Citizen Reporter 2, FBLA 4. MICHELLE LERAY WILKINS, FHA 2, FBLA 4: Bosketboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Who's Who Among Americon High School Students 3, 4, Closs Officer CSec.3 3, Journolism 4, Heolth Aword 1, Homecoming Queen Condidote 4, Coiro Evening Citizen Reporter 4. DEBORAH ANN WILLOUGHBY, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, COfficer 1st Vice Pres. 43, FHA Stote Conference 2, 3, FBLA 4, Soft- boll 2, Student Council 2, 4, Closs Officer 2, CPres.3: Homecoming Mistress of Ceremonies 2, Who's Who Among Americon High School Students 3, 4, Elemen- tory Librorion 4, Pep Club 2, Yeorbook CCo-Editorb 2, Shorthond II Aword 3, Typing I Aword 2, SCOTT WILSON, Photogrophy Club 1: VICA 2. MELANIE A. WOLFORD: Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Bond Awords 2, 3, Softboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 4, Closs Officer 1, 2, 4, CTreos., Vice-Pres.3, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, COfficer 2, 3, 4,31 Elementory Librorion 3, 4. VERLENE WOODSON: FHA 1, Bosketboll 2, 4. BABY PICTURE IDENTIFICATION FROM PAGES 6 ond 7. 1. Liso McKee 2. Troy Jones 8. Sondro Whitney 4. Ronold Bighom 5. Michoel Scot Miller PAGE 6 6. Michelle Wilkins 7. Deonno Corter 8. Cindy Nelson 9. Corolyn ond Robert Peormon 10. Tim Sissom 11. Poulo Horpole 1. Doniello Steele 2. Melonie Wolford 8. Tino Tucker 4. Debbie Willoughby 5. Tomi McCoy 6. Rebecco Poole 7. Glorio Newbolds 8. Mike Horvell Q. Pom Horvell 10. Michelle Gowin PAGE 7 P A 37! Sl, flu!! Sf QW ........ fbum ?l..,., Song i..................1...1 0 Wouze ....... T Affof i .fdcfreu .-. ..... flazencl ..,, my - j0ClCA2F C6454 - ,W 1 cflpfmio 3000! l f.ZDfznL -..l... 1, UMW 1,.. fgaafimw EGYPTIAN SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - Left to Right: Liso McKee, Secretory, Troy Jones, Presidentg Scott Corlton Treasurer, Melonie Wolford, Vice-President. QUEEN AND CANDIDATES Michelle Wilkins, Rebecco Poole, Queen Melonie Wolford, Corolyn Peormon ond Doniello Steele JUNIORS uni om Tommese Arnold Tommie Arnold Chris Bougher Joon Betts Mlchoel Bevens I X EZ ..hh Wa' Kristy Bighom New 1964 Closs Rings Royshon Blokemore AJ' l tu w mm: fi if Michele Butcher Bill Coldwell Sheilo Cohen Michelle Dismore .QQ Wllllom Blghom Wendy Bone f .J 'AA Ronnie Foltz union lf Leno Hole 'bl' . ' I Kyle Hunter '23 I7 Kim Jensen is GX r qv' Nicole Horvell Rondy Held Rodney Houston Dorlo Howard JUNIOR YEAR I remember the times we've wolked down the holls, nothing oround us but imoges ond wolls. We still heor the voices of grodes we hove possed, we still heor the sounds of loughter in closs. Keilh Jackson The yeor's olmost over - we've one more to go, ond then we must leove - our own lood we'll tow. Well olwoys remember the yeors we've spent here ond forever hold neor memories . . . school doys, deor. - Kristy Bighom Lindo Jones Roy Jones Uxrft-. X L4 Q x ', fs Corl Kimmins Pomelo Kirby Melvin Lessor Yvonne Lessor 1 3 MIUOI' 64.56 Rose Love Suson McCoin Noncy McDonieI Keith McHorry wr ' wt ,- Mory MCH ughs Reno Mclntosh aff? FBLA sponsored dress up doy for students ot Egyption High. Archie Beosley CFreshmonD ond Gino Newell Uuniorb were oworded most originol Hollowe'en costumes. Scott McKee Connie Meadows was Trovis Meggs Wesley Merriweother Regina Newell Jomes Pote Gory Prewitt uniora 'Ain Down Reed Vickey Ruffin Cheryl Russell Srocey Souerbrunn Poul Shumperr l. r nXggW Q M, 41.3 Kenny Sissom Brion Smith ll F' f Y, A Vickey Ruffin, Leno Hole 4 S Brion Stemmer Cholen Totum Y VX Q-'7 . 1 ga, x G i i- Q , g Y L' 'W , S Jeff Thomos Greg Wolker Jennifer Wendling Shoron Wilkins Tiffony Willis union Andreo Woodord Vio Woodson JUNIORS NOT PICTUREDQ Joonjo Conner Chuck Jones Trocy Lutlser Y Students busy ot work! sms ,ss Mc. 1 ,Q Junior Closs Officers Cheryl Russell, President Tommie Arnold, Vice president Keith Jockson, Treosurer Tommese Arnold, Secretory SOPHOM ORE5 4.4 9,5 Q.. A' d1 'X'9 T A- sid NL' .., s Devin Bougher Roger Betts Doniel Bighorn Dennis Bighom Beth Colyer Mondy Cox ith.. Motthew Dore ti' N40 R:-:nv T .. 23 , 7 ,A i ' A YQ f ' f v- it ' A 5 3 ur. , I .WV J If Terry Dowdy x I Todd Dowdy FIN if- 'O ,rwlnn NT A .aff S we if i' Scott Dunning Timothy Foster Angelo Goforth Down Gowin Jeff Guffey .gyoplzomorea .4 ,ar SQ fame! l4R 'T'l' A ...Q ff' Williom Holl Curtis Hordomon Anthony Hoyes Mork Hill Michelle Hony Gregory Houston Mork Hill ond Mort Dore ., Morsholl Johnson Q 4 -...v-' kg FQQJI t ff yi-f' it 5, L Thenesso Jones '44 Chris Keppner es,-v ww sg it 9.4 or-f sa. QI'-vi' X., Trocie Kidd Dionne Kirby Dovid Locey Eddie Lipe Kevin Mosterson SOPAOMOPQJ Quinny e y A Por Moy Vickie McCoy We T Brion Shelton ond Todd Dowdy rf' ec- X -ff -- Jock McHughs Chuck McNelly rw 'W' -vrrzl' Vp,-4' 'hd' 1 ' az 7 R K x ' T 14 , I A A A Brion Meadows Tony Miller Pouline Moore Bruce Newbolds Tony Newbolds V51 MW 7' .f ' -e Jimmy Newell Jeff Perzoldt Steve Poole Lloyd Prort Ocrovio Prorr SOPAOMOFQJ C 3 0 nl , 3 U' S-f f 'Fr 3 . f KA S -is- t S ' Wi? . A .5 ,f:. I ,. l Q -it to Mott Dore Terry Schultz Lesio Show fill Steve Poole, Chuck McNeIly, ond Koren Wendling Brion Shelton Lynn Spence NAD L. Mio Stevens Lindo Toylor Koren Wendling Richord Wheeler Chuck Whitney Nr X ng. K Croig Willioms Tonyo Willis Dovid Wyott THE SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore Closs of '88 The closs of '85 . . . We're proud to be the closs we ore And proud to be olive. This Sophomore Closs knows it's the best 'couse we've got reol closs spirit. Whenever there's 0 question oslsed . . . The onswer's NGO FOR IT! Together we sholl olwoys stoyg We'll help eoch other thru Till high school sees its finol doy. And then we'Il stort onew. Thru thick ond thin we'll tough it out While we hove some fun. When we've mode it, there'll be no doubt, Our closs is 31 - Down Gowin ond Koren Wendling 6455 5 Karen Wendling, Secretoryg Steve Poole, Treosurerp Chuck McNelly, Presidentg Scott Dunning, Vice Preside nt FRESHMEN Mork Adoms Donnie Bioney Timmy Boker gI'e6lllYlel'l Qi, 'K l Archie Beosley Ford Bevens Reggie Blokemore FRESHMAN CLASS OF So One yeor down ond three ro go We ore sure the yeors won'r go slow. The freshrnon cioss of So We re the cioss you won rforger! Tommy Stokes ond Kerenso Jocobs . 5 X S Q Niio Borrh We ve Ioughed ond cried ond hod fun W Some soy we hoveiusr begun. I' - Beverly Poole Corlo Brown Greg Browning We ern A Q-'P +n '!l' -1v '! vw 5' W ix. 9 Rondy Coin Shelby Coin Scofr Coilins Monoliro Conner Deonno Dickerson 31054111211 ,uv pf' Jockie Doublin Melisso Dowdy George Fisher Leslie Foster Dovid Fronklin May' Wesley Gillilond Mott Gowin li These two Freshmen seem bored becouse they were osked ro pose for picture doy. My S fe I Tiso Guffey Dorrel Hole ,, ,,, 324 F K'- Arvetto Hoyes Kitty Henderson Poulo Henderson John Holmon Helen Hull . gm,g...,. --,U L A 5 1 . . -if ..i. - y.,.c a-,f- . N s X X i S is K X i X is N Xxx W Y X in P, x X ,Q X X N , is 5 Q. + X c xx ic New Q Q 3 , X ., yin New x N gs as . X i .X X ::..Nsm- Q - we fs N . A :Q ATN mr any ws is --1 X , 1 c ,RM 4 ss gm c A JN! Rx P X ns P + M 'P' sw Q x s jfejlllllell Kerenso Jocobs Melvin Johnson frhs ,,. ,cm -an v--...Q . 5 fi 4' i These Freshmon girls storr FHA Homecoming Week by modeling '50 foshions' Angel Jones Mike Kennedy K , I 'wa 6' Anthony LoGrone Srephonie LoGrone Ricky McDoniel Kevin McKelly Scott Mosrerson lomes Morris 32 'VC-5 ww-'v L ,,,,'. Gory Newell Beverly Poole Bridger! Prorr Jockie Prewift Condy Rodgers Gory Rodgers 3I'05lll'7l6ll ji l 'WK 'Su' r Ronnie Sams Dono Schwieger Tiso Guffey, Condy Rodgers, ond Melisso Dowdy. Q 1p' .af Jeffery Simmons 4? i Steve Sims Inge Sreffens Tommy Stokes Kerry Toylor Nba-F .paw-on .-fv ' ..- rf-X . Terry Tribour Donnie Tucker Vonnie Wolker Moria Westbrook jfeiklllan CXCC55 Donnie Bloney, Secretory, Melisso Dowdy, Treosurer, Dono Schwieger, President, Scorr Mosrerson, Vice President. x ROW 11 Steve Sims, Nilo Borth. ROW 2: Arverro Hoyes, Vonnie W Jockie Doublin, Kerenso Jocobs, Pouio Henderson. 34 olker, ROW 1: Angel Jones, Shelby Coin, Condy Rodgers, Melisso Dowdy, Tommy Stokes. ROW 21 Tiso Guffey A CTI VITIE5 ,MT ' z 'Sai' 'AAIIQQQ ' - V 'MPS A-ff M ,,.g!4.+3i ' 5--M: 155' 044542114 K -452, ' Bus? W --zzg . .,.:::: f ,L 7, , aw-::: 1,-mf9?E,.: ff ,i , - 2 , zswiie ,Q f , K :K ' . K - - x . k ' ' ' f 4 ' K Q iiiiifi. K . ,. - Yfgii, ' ' ' N' ' 'M V115-we 'fkfffl ,,,,, .... at h S Sfi M p w - ,fm- .:, :: N' ,,, ,, : , m. - - -K f'i1 1,, fi: 'S We K i M-I ,ff ' I 'f f.. -111 Avi -Fm: . inAfsfwvff':i??f4.Q5?asz TT 'fi ss?w1s555+f-251A--Wifi? 15 fi:--':.-f H- V , A if f W' M 53' 3 M L ' H .ff '55 '5E555-MI: ,.f31: 'f'.'::':'51::5: sw - ME'1'A5m'5' i W' 'L f 'A5'QQu v ' AfL?rEgi5:fP2,g.gfg.g5,j , ,,,,55g'g555, 1g,5g:'5 Qfg.,, ........lR 5,,, 1fff.Qg3,,-A ..... 1 ' ...N S -1 mf I -' .Q . ' - if A 1 ,,.,. U - .L 'Lif- K L 5 ..LW AAZZ. , 51 5' 4 ' ' , i , I : ' E ' - k , - :- K , W 7 Lg: wx . X , ., E , M, X A xxvhv 1 z,, , .A 'Rf'-A I WS? V 'X X Tvs-x X fn fig, 'X ' f - L ,K , , K X, i sn, Q - ,Sy ' W , 3 f 'W Wy ,. 2 f+A mx-i Q , 2 Hag -ffgx 'XR' E ' ' W 3 'S 3 4 if ii ,i 'W H f 5 , :X aa. 1 pf 1 - V i I H ,., A Q1 -- V ..:::- -: A--rw: HW' izzimiii' ' :L ' ff i ' f i: K ,I 'rf ' 'Q Q5 I A ' 7983 wg, 5' ff 11 4 QA JL D x. e J ,, g F x i + is , 1 Ov. 'ii S ' , 'Al' , e 4 Q K A ' 5' 4 1 xx , as of 5 4 :IMA v.. , Sc. KA 0 w . sir' 'X f m 2 tv? x gw Carolyn Peorman -Jeffery Simmons Rebecca Poole - Ronald Bighorn 7983 .jwlomecoming Cancliclafeb ana! 67560145 W I Daniella Steele - Gary Prewirr Michelle Will-:ins -Julian Howard 'Y eremony parficipanfb Moster ond Mistress of Ceremonies 5COf'C0 '0f' ond M'Che e Gowifi ENTERTAINERS - Angle Gofonn, Ronnie Foltz, Scott McKee, Dlone Dover, Cheryl Russell. Crown ond Flower Homecoming Queen ond Escort Beorers d Melonie Wolford ond Troy Jones Gary Anderson' Ashiey Hem on' Allison Herndon, Cory Anderson Attendants ond gt Escorts Il 64 I' Kim Jackson crowns Melonle Wolford' Jackle Prewlrt 5 Kerry Taylor 0 f 5 Krlsry Bigham Donnie Blaney Daniel Bigham Melissa Dowdy and Jennlfer Wendllng Klm Jackson Homecomlng Queen 1982 CROWN AND FLOWER BEARERS - Ashley Herndon, Gary Anderson, Cary Anderson, and Allison Herndon. . -, I X. swam 1 P' Crew ww.. LN S we A K -mv ms' , 5 A .4 Nc: .fw- k xg mee. ,,,,,,,,k ,Q 55 4 .. -as an-A. n wg ,Ji , ,.-- V 5 2-an em-. 5 up Q FQ -lx , A was word. HO hr: Mlchelle Wllklns and Jullon Fronr of Srage, Left fo Alllson Herndon, In ond Daniel Rose Love, Krlsry Blghom Nlg ond 1 X yk.. :J-5. X 11... X 'sg .. in vi n Y' 'Nu 1. 4 T g :BH f 5 I .ix A 5 .f- yi x I ,sf . KX .. v in ' ' C ggi?-.. C.- K C17 Scott Quesenberry, Liso McKee, Troy Jones, ond Melonie Wolford. C23 Tonyo Willis, Steven Sims, Mio Stevens, ond Bruce Schwieger. CSD Leno Hole ond Keith McHorry. C43 Seoted: Connie Meodows ond Mory McHughs. Stonding: Cindy Nelson, Kevin Anderson, Yvonne Lessor, Cheryl Russell, Michelle Dismore, Pom Kirby, ond Terry McKee. C53 .lohn Dovis, Julie Dovis, ond Uncle Briggs. C67 Tim Sissom, Melisso Dowdy, Condy Rodgers, .lomes Thrower, Kyle Hunter, Beverly Poole, ond Rebecco Poole. , if 2 C C C if mf if ws, .7lze Junior C6456 reaenfecl 6.145 Onen af fke pdlllatla .9Ylll, . 1' My if Q Cape Qzraroleau, Widdouri . on jriday, may 13, 1983. 391 ici .W .X Cl A 6, 3 .4n..e 1' ...w , ,,'e,i'c3 Y if 1' +- Iwi its l , l l X C13 Jimmy Simmons ond Poulo Horpole. C25 Brion Smith, Debbie Willoughby, Klm Jockson, ond Scott McKee. CSD Row 1: Sondy Clubb, Brad Som- ple, ond Glorio Newbolds. Row 2: Fronk Moore, Pom Moore, Rick Willioms, Pom Horvell, Jomes Hole, ond Tino Tucker. C45 Rodney Houston, Llndo Toylor, Doniello Steele, ond Richord King. C55 John Horpole ond Kim Jensen. 43 Q1 Ei 'T I ,E L ,155 X i L LL q L L ...i HONOR GRADUATES Liso McKee, Dohiello Steele, Scorr Ccmrlroh, Deonno Correr, Michelle Wilkins, Michelle Gowin. VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Michelle Gowin Deonno Corter J E at J 7 A A sniff A 9 X Q, ,,,, wfm 4, X 'N-M4 s Hamm Seniora 0 1983 Wea! jreedoma - Wew lgeoponaigigfiea l N I i L Q fa ' .4 E f ,J 92 ' -M' ,.,, ' wnihmy., , , .JH 7 4 f OR GA NIZA Tl ONS Beta CM 5 . J A-Zi: W A .Q l r , 5 W Txx' L, ' .. - 4, iff . X . vi.:g,.p' . 1 -is ROW 1: Mio Stevens, Down Gowin, Scott McKee, Liso McKee, Doniello Steele, Jennifer Wendling, Koren Wendling. ROW 2: Mr. Topley, Scott Corlton, Chuck McNelly, Ronnie Foltz, Michelle Gowin, Cheryl Russell, Kim Jensen, Mrs. L. Dovis. ROW 3: Deonno Corter, Dono Schwieger, Brion Meodows, Gory Newell, Jimmy Newell, Andreo Woodord. .gfuolenf Counci! ROW 1: Mrs. Shumoker, Cheryl Russell, Scott Corlton, Liso McKee, Mr. Groy. ROW 2: Nicole Horvell, Dono Schwieger, Tommie Arnold, Michelle Gowin. ROW 8: Brion Meodows, Scott Dunning, Scott Mosterson, Chuck McNelly, Debbie Willoughby. KNOT PICTURED1 Melonie Wolford ond Troy Jonesb. - Seniors, uniom am! icera xx ROW 1: Michelle Dismore, Jennifer Wendling, Kim Jensen, Tony LoForesr, Mio Stevens, Down Gowin. ROW 2: Michele Butcher, Mrs. Russell, Debbie Willoughby, Liso McKee, Sondy Whitney, Corolyn Peormon, Tino Tucker, Gino Newell. ROW 3: Michelle Gowin, Connie Meodovvs, Yvonne Lessor, Leno Hole, Kristy Bighom, Dione Dover, Deonno Cotter, Tommese Arnold, Tiffony Willis. ROW 4: Becky Simmons, Tomi Mc- Coy, Joon Betts, Tommie Arnold, Vickey Ruffin, Nicole Horvell, Rose Love, Pom Kirby, Rebecco Poole, Debro Clork, Corl Kimmins. CNOT PIC- TURED: Melonie Wolfordb. T SOFLOMOFQJ and gfebllfllefl s A 2 .X C , YS so , f ROW 1: Michelle Hony, Deonno Dickerson, Tommy Stokes, Jockie Doublin, Condy Rodgers, Melisso Dowdy, Vickie McCoy. ROW 21 Lindo Toylor, Trocie Kidd, Bridgett Prott, Angie Goforth, Tonyo Willis, Koren Wendling, Poulo Henderson, Jomes Morris. ROW 3: Lloyd Prott, Mork Westbrook, Jockie Prewitt, Arvetto Hoyes, Beverly Poole, lnge Steffens, Dono Schwieger, Shelby Coin. - Seniora, uniora unc! icerfb ROW 1: Nicole Harvell, Mike Harvell, Tim Sissam, Bruce Schwieger. ROW 2: Chuck Whitney, Chris Baugher, Julian Howard, Perry Hazelwood, Mr. Hett. ROW 3: Brian Stemmer, Michele Butcher, Eric Keppner. ' 3f'e.5Al'flel'l and Sophoniorej ROW 1: Daniel Bigham, Ricky McDaniel, Archie Beasley, Jock McHughs, Scott Collins, Terry Dowdy, Kerensa Jacobs, Melissa Dowdy. ROW 2: Mark Adams, Tony Miller, Mark Hill, Randy Cain, Terry Schultz, Chuck McNelly, Roger Betts, Vonnie Walker. ROW 3: Scott Masterson, David Franklin, Mickey Kennedy, Darrel Hale, Matt Dare, Kevin Masterson, Chris Keppner, lnge Steffens, Jeff Petzoldt, Tim Foster, Craig Williams. DUOSJ4 CM -vigil? num l ROW 1: Morsho Reynolds, Dione Dover, Suson McCoin, Kristy Bighorn. ROW 2: Tomi McCoy, Pomelo Moore, Tommie Arnold, Wesley Mer- riweorher. CNOT PICTURED: Mrs. Dumas, Advisorj. jgxd- .gweefllearfa LD,-um Scorr Dunning Melonie Wolford Keirh Joclsson Science ROW 1: Corl Kirnmins, Ford Bevens, Cheryl Russell, Mike Bevens, Kyle Hunter, Dono Schwieger, Mr. Wendling. ROW 2: Andreo Woodord. Mrs. Shumoker. ROW 3: Chuck Whitney, Pot Moy, Jeff Petzoldt, Shoron Wilkins, Scott Corlton, Gory Newell, Michelle Gowin, Connie Meodows, Ronnie Foltz, Koren Wendling. .gncfubfriaf C I 1 ROW 11 Mr. Coin, Mike Bevens, Mork Hill, Brion Meodows, Terry Dowdy, ROW 21Williorn Bighorn, Brion Shelton, Roger Betts, Chuck McNelly. ROW CJ: Mike Horvell, Dorrel Hole, Keith Jockson, Steve Poole, Jeff Guffey. 52 W i 60716014 KCUIJ Y Y ROW 1: Deonno Corter, Yvonne Lessor, Cindy Nelson, Mio Stevens, Koren Wendling, Michelle Dismore. ROW 2: Kyle Hunter, Tomi McCoy, Poul Shumpert, Shelby Coin, Cheryl Russell, Tonyo Willis, Bridgett Prott, Deonno Dickerson, George Fisher, Down Gowin, Connie Meodows. ROW 3: Tiffony Willis, Beth Colyer, Morsholl Johnson, Arvetto Hoyes, Tony Hoyes, Scott Dunning, Dono Schwieger, Rondy Held, Mike S. Miller, Jimmy Newell, Brion Meodows, Jennifer Wendling, Kenny Sissom, Scott McKee. ROW 4: Keith McHorry, Mondy Cox, Kim Jensen, Jomes Thrower, Greg Houston, Brent Lomburth, Gino Newell, Donnie Tucker, Scott Wilson, Steve Sims, Todd Dowdy, Curtis Hordomon. STANDING: Ronnie Foltz, Steve Poole, Trovis Meggs, Scott Corlron, Jeff Guffey, Mr. Winchester. Band YPTMN ROW 1: Mr. Winchester, Scott Dunning, Ronnie Foltz, Steve Poole, Trovis Meggs, Condy Rodgers, Melisso Dowdy, Jeff Guffey, Scott Corlton, Cheryl Russell, Pom Horvell, Trocie Kidd. ROW 2: Dione Dover, Deonno Dickerson, Bridgett Prott, Tonyo Willis, Cindy Nelson, George Fisher, Michelle Dismore, Koren Wendling, Down Gowin, Mio Stevens, Connie Meodows, Tino Tucker. ROW 3: Wendy Bone, Beth Colyer, Tiffony Willis, Arvetto Hoyes, Morsholl Johnson, Poul Shumpert, Kyle Hunter, Deonno Corter, Tomi McCoy, Yvonne Lessor, Shelby Coin, Vonnie Wolker, ROW 4: Beverly Poole, Tony Hoyes, Dono Schwieger, Rondy Held, Jimmy Newell, Mike S. Miller, Keith McHorry, Kenny Sissom, Scott McKee, Brion Meodows, Jennifer Wendling, Donnie Tucker, Robyn Meggs. ROW 5: Rebecco Poole, Scott Wilson, Kim Jensen, .lomes Thrower, Brent Lomburth, Greg Houston, Steve Sims, Curtis Hordomon, Todd Dowdy, Gino Newell, Mondy Cox, Shoron Wilkins. cars gm! mr 34, GOA, 6,,,,,, F! ?iS33'??!.'-SN EACH LEFT TO RIGHT: Candy Rodgers, Diane Dover, Wendy Bone, Beverly Poole, Rebecca Poole, Pam Harvell, Tracie Kidd, Sharon Wilkins, Robyn Meggs, Vonnie Walker, Tina Tucker, Melissa Dowdy. mixer! 6lloru.4 . fs -W. , 5 ' -' A sf-S ,, ----'fy v S? Q r xx ROW 1: Linda Taylor, Karen Jones, Andrea Woodard, Carla Brown, Angie Goforth, Karen Wendling, Mrs, Coffman, ROW 2: Arverra Hayes, Cheryl Russell, Dawn Reed, Sharon Wilkins, Wendy Bone, Pauline Moore, Paula Henderson, Beverly Poole. ROW 3: Lorerra Sim- mons, Via Woodson, Lynn Spence, Chuck Whitney, Tony Hayes, Tony LaForesr, Thenessa Jones, Robyn Meggs, Diane Dover. eiliglz .gclzoof Cliibrariangf i SITTING: Sondro Clubb, Deonno Corter, Mott Dore. STANDING: Vickey Ruffin, Leno Hole, Jeff Thomas, Scott Mosterson, Mrs, Brinkopf. gdmenfary ol,iLrarian.4 - 7 ROW 1: Timmy Boker. ROW 2: Yvonne Lessor, Rondy Coin, Pomelo Moore, Debbie Willoughby, ROW 3: Loretto Simmons Michelle Dismore, Lloyd Prott, Mrs. Leggett. CNOT PICTURED: Octovio Prott, Melonie Wolfordl. 312,134 6646 in I WW L X. l ROW 1: Yvonne Lessor, Debbie Willoughby, Vickey Ruffin, Michelle Dismore, Leno Hole, Sondy Clubb, Corolyn Peormon. ROW 2: Noncy McDoniel, Liso McKee, Connie Meodows, Tino Tucker, Lindo Jones, Dorlo Howord, Mrs. W. Miller. ROW 31 Mrs. Coldwell Michelle Wilkins, Sondy Whitney, Poulo Horpole, Porn Kirby, Kim Jensen. ROW 4: Gino Newell, Joon Berrs, Kristy Bighom, Tommie Ar- nold, Reno Mclnrosh, Down Reed. Oufflflndlll .. '-Q -X ' K- 'EE ' ' :sf in 5 ..,- . .sv ,ff R Q. 'S ai Mi , 'Q 'V 2525 I , X .W Ml I X ROW 1: Greg Wolker, Corolyn Peormon, Robyn Meggs, Dovid Wyorr. ROW 21 Cindy Nelson, Michelle Wilkins, Koren Jones, Andreo Woodord. ROW 3: Mrs. Coldwell. A THLETICS amify gaaebaf W ' Wi, Q, ' Row 1: Kevin Mosterson, Jimmy Newell, Todd Dowdy, Curtis Hordomon, Jomes Thrower, Scott McKee, Keith Jockson. Row 2: Cooch Biggerstoff, Kenny Sissom, Rondy Held, Scott Corlton, Brion Smith, Mike S. Miller, Troy Jones, Tony LoForest, Tim Sissom, Cooch Venson. unior Uaraify Z?a.4eLa!f +5 .. T -.'.iii?3'5'5Fs fsiivii, QQ 58 Row 1: Steve Poole, Donnie Tucker, Archie Beosley, Todd Dowdy, Chris Keppner. Row 2: Cooch Venson, Donnie Bloney, Kenny Sissom, Rondy Held, Kevin Mosterson, Scott Dunning, Steven Sims, Jeff Guffey. Crow gounfry ROW 1: Cheryl Russell, Nila Borth, Andrea Woodard, Donnie Tucker, Carl Kimmins, David Wyatt, Kerry Taylor, James Powell, Mark Westbrook. ROW 2: Jimmy Newell, Todd Dowdy, Scott McKee, Keith Jackson, Kenny Sissom, Brian Smith, Scott Carlton, Reggie Blakemore, Tony LaForest, Wesley Merriweather, Coach Biggerstoff. QUE, Qjamify Sofia!! ROW 1: Kim Garrison, Melanie Wolford, Gina Newell, Kim Jensen, Nila Barth, Down Gowin, Karen Wendling, Karla Smorhers. ROW 2: Tami McCoy, Jennifer Wendling, Cheryl Russell, Dana Schwieger, Lisa Shaw, Nicole l-larvell, Tiso Cuuffey, Mia Stevens, Coach Pensel, 'Uaraify Z?a5LefLa ROW 1: Mike A. Miller, Tony Hayes, Gary Newell, Darren Wade, Lloyd Pratt. ROW 2: Wesley Merriweather, Kenny Sissom, Scott McKee, Keith Jackson, Curtis Hordamon, James Powell. ROW 3: Tony LaForest, Scott Carlton, Brian Smith, Rodney Houston, Rayshan Blakemore, Gary Prewltt, Coach Biggerstaff. Opponent Place Cobden Home .loppo Home University High CCapeD Dongola Away Century Home Goreville Away Shawnee Away 'University High Christmas Tournament 'Scott City 'Advance 'U-High CCopeD 'Woodland Home Coiro Away Meridion WE 81 45 62 92 74 67 60 55 70 57 72 86 62 Boys' Basketball Summary THEY Opponent 32 'South Egyptian Conf. Tournament 53 CShowneeD 46 'Shawnee 48 'Century 93 'Goreville 56 Shawnee 53 Gorham Cairo 59 Cobden 39 Dongola 41 Century 59 Meridion ' 112 Vienna 67 'Regional Tournament CCairoD 'Cobden 'Coiro WON - 17 LOST - 9 Ploce Home Home Away Away Home Away Home Away THEY 51 67 42 63 66 97 A7 32 57 61 53 58 Q2 unior ,Uaruify Z?a5LefLa!K ROW 11 Jimmy Neweli, Todd Dowdy, Donnie Tucker, Doyid Wyott, Curtis Hordomon. ROW 2: Keith Jockson, Gregory Houston, Wesley Mer- riweother, Kenny Sissom, Cooch Biggerstoff. jl'25Ll'll6lfl'.S70,7L0fYl0l'e jeam Todd Dowdy, Jimmy Neweil, Gregory Houston, Dovid Wyott, Curtis Hordomon, Donnie Tucker. lljamify Clleerda Kim Jensen Cheryl Russell, Jennifer Wendling, Stacey Sauerbrunn, Rebecca Poole, Danielia Sreele. 62 unior lljamify Clzeerkaalers Mia Stevens Karen Wendling Dawn Gowin -Jackie Pre-win - Tisa Guffey Lesio Shaw gow, anal GMA, .J4AAi5fanf.4 ,fs l 'X Q X 1 I A 2 M' K R XM t S k - .....', cc, cclt ROW 11 Gory Prewitt, Todd Dowdy, Bruce Schwieger, Jomes Thrower, Tomi McCoy, ROW 21 Scott Corlton, Rodney Houston, Kenny Sissom, Rebecco Poole, Brion Smith, Mike A. Miller, Glorio Newbolds. 3coreLeeper5, Wanagerb, and Sfafi5fician5 ROW 1: Lloyd Prott, Dorren Wode, Gory Newell, Tony Hoyes, Mike A, Miller, ROW 2: Mio Stevens, Down Gowin, Tonyo Willis, Cindy Nelson, Tiso Gui-fey. BOYS' BASKETBALL A WARDS Free Throw Chompion ....................... Brion Smith - 712 Field Gool Chompion ..... .... R odney Houston - 657, Rebound Chompion . . . .... Rodney Houston - 288 Assist Co-Chompion .... ..... J omes Powell - 112 Assist Co-Chompion ...... .... G ory Prewitt -- 112 Cheerleoding Aword ..... ..,.... D oniello Steele BOYS' BASEBALL A WARDS Botting Chompion - Keith Jockson - .350 Pitching Aword - Brion Smith - E.R.A. - 2.13 GIRLS ' SOFTBALL A WARDS Botting Chompion - Cheryl Russell - .442 Pitching Aword - Gino Newell - E.R.A. - 6.93 ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS Bosketboll Boseboll Rodney Houston Brion Smith Troy Jones A WARDS PRESENTED A T A WARDS-DA Y ASSEMBL Y Mr. Venson presented these owords for elementory P.E. ossistonts: Julion Howord, Roger Betts, Doniel Bighom, Tim Sissom, Curtis Hordomon, ond Dovid Wyott. Ms. Pensel presented these owords for P.E. ossistonts: Tomi McCoy, Becky Poole, ond Glorio Newbolds. Mr. Biggerstoff presented these owords for P.E. ossistonts: Gory Rodgers, Rodney Houston, Mike A. Miller, Kenny Sissom, Scott Corlton, Todd Dowdy, Brion Smith, Gory Prewitt, Jomes Thrower, ond Bruce Schwieger. ADM INIS TRA TI ON ,, SUPERINTENDENT Barry Gowin BOARD OF EDUCATION Lowell Mendenhall, Marion Williams, James Newell, Curris l-lardarnon CPresidenrD, Larry Lamburrn, Edward Shafer, JoAnn King CSecreraryD 66 za , :sw Av, ,,,,. 5 ,,,, ,hx ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT JR.-SR. HIGH PRINCIPAL Michoel Corzine Leon Russell M915 X ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL Chorles Goforrh ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL - HS. SOCIAL STUDIES Dovid Fuemmeler AQ' Lindo Dovrs Genevieve Brinlsopf Sr High EngIish!Sponish Jr. ond Sr. High Librorion Dovid Topley Jr. High Moth Lindo Shumoker Sr. High Science Jere Gowin Jr. ond Sr. High Moth John Schwob Jr. High Science Joseph Wendling Sr. High MorhfScience L Q si , gc, . ' 'N .ui Julie Dovis Blonfon Bonduronr Jr. ond Sr. High Arr Jr ond Sr High Heolrh Fronk Winchester insrrumenrol Music Debro Coffmon Vocol Music Jeri Pensel Jr. ond Sr. High P.E, Elmo Venson Assisronf Cooch Geno McNeIIy Cheerleoder Sponsor Williom Biggersroff Jr, ond Sr. High P.E.!Cooch Angie Lingle Cheerleoder Sponsor 'anus Kenneth Cain Ron Gray Sr. High Trodesflndustry Kenneth Hett LaDonna Stoelzle Sr. High CVE!AgricuIture Special Education Wilma Miller Karen Adams Sr. High Business Ed. Guidance Counselor Alice Wendling Speech Pathologist Vicki Miller Sr. High Business Ed. Special Education Marilyn Russell Sr. High Horne Ec. Ruby Coldwell Spec. Ed. Coordinator and Guidance Counselor ' Julia Moses Raymond McCrite School Nurse Home School Coordinator Sr. High Health and Child Care Trans. Director and Bus Driver Carisa! SM!! LEFT TO RIGHT: Donno McNelIy, Secreroryp Judith Gibbord, Secretory CSupr.D: Joonno Adoms, Bookkeeperp Velmo Jockson, Secretory. jeacker .xdiclea i.,- 1., Y.. if .. -L - N fm- SEATED: Helen Willis, Jonice Torum, Corol Guffey. STANDING: Vicki Mize, Wilmo Browning, Agnes Lonier. gm ibriuera up i f an WI Q-we Arf,,-f STANDING: Mory Corner, Juonito Mowery, Mortho Bufford, Juonito Dowdy, Thelma Vick, Cleorn Browning. SEATED- Roy- mond McCrite, Herbert Proter, Mildred Held, Coroiyn Butcher, Mourice Browning, Curtis Kimmins. gafeferia SM!! 5 i 54 i ,K i 72 Louonno Corter, Gustovo Lowrence, Clemontene Hoyes, Mattie Grundy, Dorothy Smith, Mory Shofer CSupervisorD. NOT PICTURED Judy Coin. guafoclian , if eiiiri X Sf S 5 's Q i , rrrmq:-.V 51:-ri, me .2 .1 2 ,. 1 ,E 7JeQ'lf55ifi - . ,QT r E5 ti::is1r,sueeesf?' f ..sr31:f2sL 'vw - Motion Coin Leslie Beosley x 'Mme x Q + Pouline King law str X 2 is il, .,. K S ii Jomes Newbolds S , my 5 5 .ik , J.- Y Efq ee e ee eee .,......Nr OJ. Simmons X X X N Qff x 51 Q 5.5 Sellie gmifh William Trout Everett Vorner Supervisor Row 1: Robyn Meggs, Becky Poole, Andreo Woodord, Leno Hole, Corolyn Peormon. Row 21 Greg Wollser, Dorlo Howord, Dovid Wyott, Koren Jones, Michelle Wilkins, Wondo Smith, Vickey Ruffin, Cindy Nelson, Poulo Horpole. wif' ' A? QW ML 5,-1. M ie W 5 vi., si f l fr, f f f if 9 f 1 2 1 f Z' fs ...f oMcnos Corlo Brown - Vio Woodson S. Whitney W. Smith - G. Newbolds T. McCoy C. Nelson D. Steele B. Simmons D. Dover M. Wolford - V. Woodson l l Q lb ' xX .fl . 1. ll LLL Poulo Horpole Tiffany Willis WZ jllznl, BML on a Wonderfuf jim - a memory - and fnjoy .9l. Field Trip to Poducoh TV Stotion ond Newspaper Kim Jensen C' ga---' '- VV' ,ri 'Y if Ii :,k X 1 ' .11-'ix it .3555 s-..:55,N .sv Q NX is tl is Q N SQL X 41 Ps S H' X s X s Q W- T' 4 I ll-.fill ,LJ lllllllly lf.. r .itgqf I ll'v,',Ls 1 ,Q ui ...mlm Q : . I 2 -3 ili!'3!' li - l x W' 'S an X , ' wh 74 T' Tlldfef WE WERE FRAMED! JR . HIGH Tyler Boine Melissa Brown iv' Charles Cox J I -'r' John Fisher 6 va?-n G59 42, . Kevin Held 76 Oscar Barts an Q... t :tsl Mark Browning AQ! -we-11 Angie Creacy Slit fgs! is Q. if ks' pin v ' if-1 eil: Kimberly Ford - r A L ,,,. ,.: , ff A i :f i H Q Monica Henderson iglcfll Gracie -in 1 i 1 f X 4 ' s -.K .4 I - 'js it i t 'ff' it 9 1' . 1 Mary Baugher Jim Bighorn Elizabeth Doren rw L- n--ff' 12.7 Billy Burton Brion Burton Samantha Caraker Amy Dismore Jimmy Dowdy Traci Dunn S5 '9 is - Helen Foutch Steven Golemore Kim Gorrison Pi fi X5 g . af 5 .. Tex Henderson Wade Honey Michael Hornbeok Lloyd Bosecker Ivory Clark Kevin Durham X, Ruby Hall Steven Houston gi . Lorry Howord June LoGrone Koren Nelson Anthony Show l t Korlo Smothers Cynthio Jones LaRue Love l Terri Pillow ss.. Shown Sims Ann Toylor igllflz grade Morie Jones ' 3' Scott Jones ,. ,,.,. , IIA f' ' 12,-ifts 5, fat wi. : ' K t , . ' 4 ' Angelo McHorry Monico McHorry f Y X ' i, . X 5 .. X At AWA ,. I. wgw' -- fir S Ng Wx I is :'t S S . , Q ..1,g.g,:, 4 L wana- tw .J N-m ft Ester Powell Kotrino Reynolds Billy smith was Q ll Roberto Tribout Kelly Smith 'SQQQKX' I ' 1 Tetris Vaughn ,P do Cynthio Koufmon Sonio Minyord sw' 1 . , S 1 w Pomelo Reynolds Lorry Smith Luci Walker 'ad Liso Kennedy Eriko Moore Stocey Rodgers Rondy Smith er-v Nichole Webb 77 78 Gracie ,NFC 5 , . W. fflllii- La.. C 0, M- ,Zu-nl' nf Roger Weiss Timothy Willioms Melindo Wilmoth Andrew Woodard Steve Woodney Vicky Woodson unior gmebaf 3'-K '53 NNN.. 'ix X ' Row 1: Brion Dowdy, Jomie Sissorn, Terris Voughn, Chris Longston, Donny Hurst, Joe Osborne, Shonnon Jockson. Row 2: Kevin Held, Lorry Smith Chorles Cox, Mork Browning, Chuck Srilley, Porrick Russell, Jim Bledsoe, Cooch Gowin. Nor Pictured: Mike Hornbeok. Mike Hornbeok won the botting trophy for the boseboll seoson, ,,, .V,,, , , M, Ron Allen John Bosecker Joseph Collier Theresa Fedrick Angela Henderson eUelltA glide Curtis Bougher Tonya Baugher Angela Bennett X l 7 Q X , 2 J is A Ulonda Brazier Shelby Butcher Tommy Butler ,J-mf ,Www as iv Wh 5 Ruby Crawford Melissa Crider Tina Dickerson 4-4 A , -Q ,V EV 5 , ..,,..4 , !.. , 5 4 Bw W i ? 5 J J , . J if ' Yolanda Foster Doris Gaines Donald Hale .- Y. Bobby Johnson Charles Johnson Chris LoGrone ,.., I 'B Douglas Bighom 5 Geraldine Campbell Jenny Dixon Hope Hole Ruth Lovell James Bledsoe it E 'V Stacy Carter K1 an ,nf Brian Dowdy pw-or Brent Hart Zee? i-.1 3 Gary Maze 79 i Q. ll Kirk McCain Michael McKee T Tyrell Mitchell Wllllam Nale km Scott Rodgers Patrick Russell hgh Brandy Steinhouse vial.- Ir- - ' Kim Watson Sherri Wehmeyer 80 elleflfk GFGJQ F' my Michael Meadows Eric Miles -rf W, Connie Pearman Sharon Prater -pw Robert Sams Jamie Slssom ,Mp l In W -ilu-.Q FP-I -rk Sflllnv Eric Vorner 'Q I A .L 1 r , -at Joe Wilkins Michael Wilkins Vw' Lea Ann Miller Tricia Mitchell 'Q if Rachel Price Eric Robinson 'Q--K Teri Smith Alonzo Spraggs ww 'W -W. .. Nigel Wagner Sam Wallace 11 n. will Li jf. Build ROW 1: Wade Honey, Brandy Steinhouse, Nigel Wagner, Lea Ann Miller, Tricia Mitchell. ROW 2: Kim Garrison, Ruby Crawford, Erika Moore, Tim Williams, Tanya Baugher, Patrick Russell, Brian Dowdy, John Fisher, Kevin Held. ROW 3: Joey Collier, Mike Meadows, Charles Cox, Mark Browning, LaRue Love, Doris Gaines, Mary Beth Baugher, Larry Howard, Mr. Winchester. Jr. Clzorua ROW 1: Vicki Stevenson, Hope Hole, Erika Moore, Luci Walker, Jenny Dixon, Chris LaGrone, Katrina Reynolds, Monica Henderson, Angie Henderson, Sonia Minyord. ROW 2: Mary Beth Baugher, Ann Taylor, Tanya Baugher, June LaGrone, Lea Ann Miller, Brandy Steinhouse, Geraldine Campbell, Kim Ford, Roberta Tribout, Pam Reynolds, Mrs. Coffman. ROW 3: Cynthia Jones, Ester Powell, Melissa Brown, Doris Gaines, Vicky Woodson, Steve Houston, Tony Show, Eric Robertson, Eric Miles, Stacy Carter, Barbara Tims, Melissa Crider, Ulonda Brazier. 81 yr. 1,494 mia cm ROW 1- Koren Nelson, Stocey Rodgers, Korlo Srnothers, Kim Gorrison, Amy Disrnore ROW 2- Mrs L. Dovis, Monico Mcl-lorry, Mrs Stoelzle ROW 31 Tirn Willion'1s,Wode Honey, Mike Wilkins, Mory Bougher, Beth Boren, John Fisher, Potricls Russell, Joey Collier, l P i C' pl ll ll-so -of - LW ROW 11 Cynthio Jones, Ester Powell, Ann Toylor, Connie Peormon, Hope Hole. ROW 2: June LoGrone, Cindy Koufmon, Beth Boren, Ms. Ford Nicole Webb, Korlo Smothers, Stocey Rodgers. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY I 1 Kim Gorrison Stocey Rodgers Connie Peormon Cindy Koufmon Koren Nelson Sherri Wehrneyer - Melisso Crider - Ms. Vickie Miller Ester Powell Brondy Steinhouse Ulondo Brozier 9 Jr. .jwligll GMA Z?a5LefLafli ROW 1: Luci Wolker, Angie Creocy, Eriko Moore, Ann Toylor, Ester Powell, Terri Pillow. ROW 2: Ms. V. Miller, Vickey Woodson, Melisso Drown, Beth Boren, Cynthio Jones, Korlo Smothers, Ms. Pensel. 83 yr. gow, lljarfiify ga.4LefLa!! ROW 1: Doug Bighorn, Joe Wilkins, Kevin Held, Steven Houston, Ron Allen. ROW 2: Potrick Russell, Lorry Smith, Mork Browning, LoRue Love. Ivory Clork, Cooch Venson. yr. Kaya, Junior varaify gadfefbaff ROW 11 Joe Wilkins, Joey Collier, Shonnon McCoy, Kenyon Love, Joe Osborne, Donny Hurst, Mike Meodows, Mox Brown, Eric Houston, ROW 2: Donny Wolker, Doug Bighorn, Jornie Sissorn, Ron Allen, Potrick Russell, Poul Pillow, Terry Arnold, Brent Hort, Chris Longston, Shonnon Jockson, Cooch Venson. AD VER TISER5 um+n.i.s1nnn'lnilllIlIIIIIIlIIIIYJIIHIMMIIIII!lr!lwll4lllIllllullmmm mm aaf p ' by I!!! adsl i KQSKQAMW Tamms State Bank A Better Brand of Banking - Daily Interest - Auto Loans - Up Passbook Savings to 48 Months - Certificates - Money Market ot Deposit Deposit Accounts - Individual - Farm Loans - Including Retirement Accounts the Exclusive Ag-Reserve Program - Bank by Mail - Business Loans - Mortgage Loans Lobby Hours: 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:00 Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday Closed Wednesday can C6181 747-2308 Tamms State Bank ' 7 . . Second Er Russell Ave. Tamms, Illlnols 62988 86 ll - Home Improvement Loans - Night Depository - Drive-In Window Open 8:30-4:00 - Social Security Direct Deposit W g wun NOUIIIO LENDER heb afpwwf .mime lo uooooo ' vwlut Dlrow wwuucl CONOIAHON Small Town Living CHARLES J. BENNETT Real Estate and Auction Co. 213 1st Street P.0. Box 295 Mounds, Illinois 62964 Phones - Office 618-745-9596 Residence 747-2464 Ottice Hours: Monday through Friday: 8:30 to 12: 1 to 4:30 P.M. Saturday - 9 to 12 Noon Real Estate Farms - Homes - Business - Recreation F.H.A., V.A., Bank and Owner Financing Auctioneer Antiques, Household, Farm Machinery, Livestock, Real Estate lt Pays to Sell the Auction Way .Q 3- 31 X , 51 'TI ,Q 9. A , ,5 ,,., N Q X X S' as ff , fs is S Z 5, nr: 2 2 Q 3 Y Q Q x Q we ' X 4 4 5 i m E' ' if QQ? kkrkir 9 4 , A . ., ,. . 4... ' u 55.1 X ,. , ' 5 . Qi: , .,.-- ' '- --w-- -:U?',,Qgg: -4i -i- 1 ' -x--7 ing 1' k I ' 1 it A iyde D , .. Z.. K ,X ,Vyyyk yy , gf Q ..,, y ' Qi-r 5 ' 3 it W my is Congratulations Seniors 4.-1-...1-11-1... , l i. 5 1 1,7 5 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Cairo-Sikeston, Inc. 424 Eighth St.lP.0. Box 584 Cairo, Illinois 62914 lfmn, xi OGBORN'S IGA as 15- ' 'RWE ' Rt. 143 North F ., 1 ttto N Open 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. olive Branch, Q V Vk W . .,,,,,B,,., . 1 . . 4.:. . .. ,... ,A.. , ..,,......,s.,4,,,i,,.,... I Mon.-sat. l618j 776-5312 ,. Q40 G B O R N F O O D S 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday OGBORN BOOKKEEPING 8: TAX SERVICE Rt. 113 North 1843 Carolina Lane Olive Branch, IL 62969 Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 Phone 16183 776-5312 Phone 1310 334-1053 The Ogborn Family has been in the grocery business lor 27 years servicing the Tamms and Olive Branch area. The family-owned and operated grocery store is managed by Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Ogborn. In addition to the food business, Gary Ogborn offers a complete bookkeeping and tax service for the area. , Come Visit Our New Modern Facility and Receive Our Same Friendly Service and Low Prices as You Enjoyed at Ogborn's Food Basket. aa WAYNE VINCENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Builder - Utilities Contractor Telephone 833-2183 Area Code C6181 P.0. Box 289 Anna, Illinois 62906 303 South Street ANNA READY MIX CONCRETE CO., Plants at Anna, Illinois Cairo, Illinois Carbondale Illinois Herrin, Illinois Box 377 300 N. McKinley Anna, Illinois 62906 Phone I618I 833-7321 Carbondale, Illinois 62901 Phone 1618! 529-1626 C ' Ill' ois arro, in Phone I618I 734-0287 INC. No Job Too Large or Too Small Products Ready-Mixed Concrete Stone and Sand Contract Hauling Curb Stops 89 FOSTER IMPLEMENT COMPANY B.. Massey-Ferguson Sales and Service Hay Equipment Lawn and Garden New Holland Lawnboy Sidewinder Snapper Mowers Simplicity Service Mowers Rhino Blades Phone: 776-5258 Compliments of Rt 113 S Owners Olive Branch, Ill. Louis and Doris 62969 Maze 90 Congratulations Class ot 1983! ASSOCIATED LUMBER Helping Build Southern Illinois Complete Line ol Building Materials, Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Phone: 747-2303 Tamms, Illinois Compliments of FIRST BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 800 Washington Avenue Cairo, Illinois Complete Banking Service Since 1859 The Bank ol a Lifetime heh deponluw imual lo ll00.000. noun olrow msuuucl colronvwou HAGLER HOUSE OF FLQWERS A Continuing Service Nation-Wide Wire Service Plants, Silks. Cut Flowers lor Every Occasion 1-618-747 9373 Tamms, Illinois 62988 Compliments ot WHITNEY ACCOUNTING, INC. 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SERVICE THE FIRST STATE BANK OF Color and Black and White M 0 U N Phone: 618-776-5216 Olive Branch Capital S375,000 Surplus S625,000 Mounds, Illinois 62964 Illinois Asphalting Excavating S1-A-I-,ON DONALD JORDAN L bu in T, R I TRUCK SERVICE CHF llvash P General Contracting and Hauling R k George, ow Route 127-North Ph 618 827 3533 D g I ul Tam 's '0'S T k g C . Ph 618 747 2525 THE COUNTRY COMPANIES Office Phone 745-9429 H me Phon 745 6180 4 F AIIY E Form Bmuu Sovnco ul Nd Compliments of LANE'S GROCERY Dale Lane, Owner Highway 127 Tamms, Illinois ETHEL s VILLAGE Fl.onlsT S Phone: 747-2811 - 'Xi' ' 4 y 5 : - : ' ' 0 'Pi' ,f P.0. Box 179 - Russell Street open 00 00 Dany T2 . ,W hmm, minds 62988 . Except 9.00-3.00 Sundays ' 61a-747-2ss9 Fltlfllfll Full Line ot Groceries, Meats, and Produce i f Ethel Powless - Owner and Designer HORNBEAK INSURANCE AGENCY Russell Street Tamms, Illinois 62988 DR. WILLIAM H. 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Kingshighway Cape Girardeau, Mo. 63701 99 THE COUNTRY GARDEN Mounds, Illinois 745-6498 For the best country cooking aroundl KOZY KORNER Olive Branch, Illinois Phone 776-8396 Scott and Cheryl Miller WM. G. KNOWLES CONSTRUCTION CO. General Construction Sewer and Water Works a Specialty PROFESSIONAL FASHION UNIFORMS 2041 Independence Town Plaza Open Monday Thru Saturday Gerri Stone, R.N. and Margaret Edmundson, Mgr. Phone 618'8?6'4?17 Phone 314-651-3513 Cape Girardeau, M Chester, Illinois TAYLOR LUMBER co. STgb':'ZfloP 119 First Street l Mounds, Illinois 62964 Loxfgypxfjson Phone 7456452 Mounds, Illinois R. Khourie F. Khourie KHOURIE BROS. That's What Ah Said BUNNY SOFT-TWIST BREAD Men's, Women's, and Children's Ready-to-Wear Shoes 815 Commercial Phone 734-0956 Cairo, Illinois SUNNY HILL GARDEN 8. PET CENTER 335 Christine Street Cape Girardeau, MO CSISEOTSSPSIJ co' Retail Prices at Wholesale Price Levels C G. d 8 Mag 63701 Phone 335-5785 ape a' eau' RESCH PHARMACY 102 Front Street Dongola, Illinois 62926 Compliments of THE FIRST STATE BANK Dongola, Illinois 62926 Phone Member of TOWN PLAZA STANDARD THE PULASKI ENTERPRISE 2148 William St. Newspaper Cape Girardeau, M0 63701 315 1st Street, P.0. Box 248 Phone: 314-335-7518 Mounds, IL 62964 Fresh Fish Daily Cattish and Butlalo MOUNDS FISH MARKET 317 North Blanche Mounds, IL 62964 1983 EGYPTIAN STAFF Lots ot Penny Candy , Editor .......................... Paula Harpole From the 1983 Staff and Advisor: We wish to thank each advertiser because the sale of advertisements makes it possible to sell the yearbooks at a lower cost than would otherwise be possible. The staff also wishes to thank all others who helped in any way in the publication of the 1983 yearbook. 100 Assistant Editor Rebecca Poole Advertising ...... . . Sandy Whitney Seniors ...,.. . . . Sandy Whitney Juniors ...... .Wanda Smith Sophomores . . . . . Tina Tucker Freshmen ....,. . . . Tina Tucker Organizations ,............ Athletics .................... Administration and Faculty ..... . . . .Pam Kirby . . . Chalen Tatum Sandy Whitney .Chalen Tatum Junior High .................... Advisor .... .... M rs. Wilma Miller at Wefflefflbel' WOJJ Abouf cfb4!5' . . JAMES BETTS RONALD BIGHAM: Not Coming!!! DONALD BLACK DONNIE BLEDSOE: C.V.E. ond Auto Body closs. SCOTT CARLTON: All the good times I've hod with my friends ond, of course, I will never forget oll the homework I've done in Mr. Wendling's closses. DEANNA CARTER: All my friends. DEBRA CLARK SANDY CLUBB: All the friends I've mode over the lost 13 yeors. I olso hope I remember everything I've leorned in Accounting ond Shorthond. DIANE DOVER: Going to school here oll of my life ond the friends ond teochers thot I've hod olong the woy. KENNY FOLTZ MICHELLE GOWIN: All of the fun we hod, especiolly in Art, ond how much I despised oerobics ond the Constitution in Government. CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM JAMES HALE PAULA RAE HARPOLE CJ.R.S.D: Cropping pictures in Yeorbook, Sondy Whitney rolling my hoir up in the typewriter, ond getting out of here. MICHAEL THOMAS HARVELL, JR.: Simply the girls! Simply the girls! PAMELA HARVELL: All of my friends ond teochers. PERRY HAZELWOOD: The time when Bruce S's ink pen exploded in his mouth. JULIAN HOWARD KAREN KALLON JONES: All the fun times I hod with my friends Cyou know who you ore.D l'll miss you oll. TROY JONES: Get on the Iine! WILLIAM KEPPNER TONY LAFOREST: All right, tune in, guys, hit the line, give me two! MIKE LAGRONE: The lock of preporotion, they took for o big event. BRENT LAMBURTH: Mr. Russell's speeches 2nd hour. HELEN MAXWELL TAMI McCOY: All the good times with oll of my friends. And leorning to ochieve the proper technique ond volume of o whistle to moke the 8th groders reoct ond not go bonkers!! WAYNE McFARLAND: All the octivities I wos in- volved in FFA. LISA JAN McKEE: All the friends I hod. Without these friends, school would not hove been ony fun. We helped eoch other through good ond bod times. ROBYN DANEEN MEGGS: All of my friends thot I hove mode here ot EHS. MICHAEL ALLEN MILLER: All of my friends, get- ting cought skipping, oll the good times ot lunch, bosketboll seoson ond two speciol cheerleoders. MICHAEL S. MILLER CINDY CHUMLY NELSON: How me ond my friends fooled Gory Prewitt with our fomous secret odmirer. And most of oll thot greot song Pomp ond Circumstonce thot I heord on Moy 25, 1983! GLORIA NEWBOLDS: All my friends ond oll the hord times I gove Tommy Stokes. CAROLYN SUE PEARMAN: All the fun times with my friends - especiolly my cousin, Rebecco Simmons. ROBERT PEARMAN REBECCA CRlSSY POOLE: All of my speciol friends ond oll the fun i've hod during my Senior yeor. l'll olso remember Ms. Pensel for being o good friend ond teocher. JAMES H. POWELL JR.: When the Seniors won the SPIRIT STICK!!! MICHAEL PROVO JESSE RADER: The drug bust. MARSHA REYNOLDS: The good times my friends ond I hod out in the holls, ond I would olso like to remember some of my teochers. PAMELA SAMS MOORE: When I first gove o shower ot Greenbrior Nursing Home for Heolth Occupotions. BRUCE SCHWIEGER: All of the greot times, oll my friends, ond teochers ot EHS. LORETTA SIMMONS REBECCA SIMMONS TIMOTHY SISSOM WANDA KAY SMITH: All the good times ond the memories of the yeors gone by. Thcrnk goodness, it's olmost over. DANIELLA STEELE: My friends, the fun, Beto Con- vention '81, the chemistry lobs Cindy ond I never got right, cheerleoding my Junior Yeor, the Std quorter of my Junior yeor, ond being coiled Jorheod. JAMES THROWER: All of my friends, the greot times ond sleeping in Mr. Fuemmeler's govern- ment closs. TINA DEE TUCKER: CFMSD All my friends ot EHS. Also, the time I went to the prom with Woyne Mclforlondg I went home ot 10:00. DARREN WADE SANDY WlMPY WHITNEY: The doy I rolled Poulo Horpole's hoir up in the typewriter: my Freshmon yeor in Biology, especiolly oll those sentences Billy ond I wrote: My Junior yeor ond the prom ond most of oll Moy 25, 1983 . . . Groduotion! MICHELLE LARAY WILKINS: When we CThe closs of 'BCD won the spirit stick. When me ond some friends ployed o trick on GP. Also, oll the Beto Club tolent shows. DEBBIE WILLOUGHBY: All the good times i've hod with my friends. SCOTT WILSON MELANIE WOLFORD: The lice ond the good times ond my Senior Yeor, VERLENE WOODSON: The doy we ployed Coiro High girls bosketboll teom ond we won both JV. ond Vorsity, Michelle Wilkins ond Pomelo Horvell 1983 .J4warc!5 .fdmembfy The annual Awards Assembly was held on May 2. Gary Newell welcomed students and faculty members to the Assembly and then the faculty members made the presentations: Ms, Adams: Upward Bound Outstanding Participant - Scott Dunning, Illinois State Scholar -- Michelle Gowin, All Around Girl - Daniella Steele, All Around Boy -- Bruce Schwieger. Mr. Bonduranr: Health I - First Place, Donnie Blaney, Second Place, George Fisher, Third Place, Gary Newell, Fourth Place, Dana Schwieger. Health Ill - First, Ronnie Foltz, Second, Nicole Harvell, Third, Scott McKee, Fourth, Cheryl Russell. Mrs. Bonifield: Adv. English IV -- Lisa McKee, Adv. English Ill - Vickey Ruffin. Mrs. Brinkopf: H.S. Library Helpers - Jeff Thomas, Scott Masterson, Deanna Carter, Matt Dare, Sandra Clubb, Lena Hale, and Vickey Ruffin. Mr. Cain: Welding -- Mike Harvell, Small Engines and Basic Electricity -- Roger Betts, Trades and lndustry - Donnie Blaney, Woods - Eric Keppner, Metals and Welding - Daniel Bigham, Drafting - Brian Meadows, Best Work Attitude -- Bruce Schwieger. Mrs. Caldwell: Consumer Education - Perry Hazelwood, Journalism - Cindy Nelson and Wilkins, Award - Sandy Clubb, Shorthand ll Award - Lena Hale, Shorthand ll Certificates Howard, fin, Tina Tucker, and Melanie Wolford. Mrs. J. Davis: Art 1 - Certificate, Mandy Cox, Medal, Beth Colyer, Art 2 -- Art 3 - Certificate, Gina Newell, Medal, James Thr wir, Art 4 - Medals, and complishments -- Jenni Wendling and Michelle Go , I Mrs. L. Davis: Adv, English 2 - Dawn Gowin, Adv. En kEE,,.,... i Dana Schwieger, Spanish Mr. Fuemmeler: Am. I , ., .Cindy Nelson, Am. it - Michelle Gowin, ,N .--. as -::s- aw i:-. -rirs :X - ...:- fi A fe h Mr. Gowin: PracticaIMath ckie McCoy, Refresh jfqf: s. Mr. Gunning: World Hisro e- Gary Newell, , istory CA Group? Mr -rfff f K B J rr Awards . Herr: First- Ag .riyu - g - Wayne McFarland Scholarship -- ,.,,, ff ' ke Harvell, Star Chapter Farmer - Nicole Harvell rt EH Helpers - Lloyd Pratt Octavia Pratt, Michelle Dismore, Yvonne Simmons, I anie Wolford C2 yearsb Troy Jones Pam Moore and Debbie W. Miller: Introduction to Business - George Fisher, Typewriting I - Mandy Cox . ' . . - . A .V . ' , Lessar, and Melanie Wolford, Typewriting ll Lena Hale and Paula Harpole, Debbie Willoughby. Mr. Reid: Social Science -- Andrea Woodard, Kenny Mrs. Russell: Home Ec, I - Dana Schwieger, Gowinf Management -- Carolyn Peorman and Willoughby, and Melanie Wolford. Biology I Dana Schwieger Michelle Mrs. Coffman: Outstanding Senior - Diane Dover, Regional teachers' meeting Andrea Woodard, Angel Jones, Dawn Reed, Via Meggs, Bane. Music Contest Clll. High School Music Assoc.D -- Andrea Tony LaForest, Dawn Reed, Loretta Sim- mons, Arvetta Hayes, Thenessa Jones, and Mr. Winchester: IHSA Contest Awards CFirst Place Russell, Dana Schwieger, Ronnie Foltz, Steve Poole, Con- nie Meadows, Michelle Dismore, Kim Jensen, Gina Newell, James Thrower, Jeff Guffey, Travis Meggs, and Scott Carlton. Regional Honor Band CPlaquesD - Steve Poole, Deanne Carter, Jennifer Wendling, Troy Jones, Cheryl Russell, Ronnie Foltz, and Yvonne Lessar. Accompaniment Award for Service -- Yvonne Lessar. Class Awards - CGrade 93 - George Fisher and Dana Schwieger, CGrade 10? -- Karen Wendling and Steve Poole, CGrade 119 - Cheryl Russell, Ronnie Foltz, and Michelle Dismore, CGrade 123 - Cindy Nelson and Deanna Carter. Semper Fidelis Award - Melanie Wolford. John Philip Sousa Award - Troy Janes. Lisa McKee: Teacher Sunshine - Mr. Hett. Nate: Athletic Awards are given on page 64. 103 .geniorfb fibiapfay Hgfaaa of ,83H .glzirb . . . 'Q TF' fffffws CWNSS Wayne McForIond Sondro Clubb Eric Keppner Pomelo Horvell Tino Tucker Autographs , S 2 fi i2 5. ' l 1 ,

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