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Egg Harbor High School - Laurel Yearbook (Egg Harbor City, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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I , ,nm , , ,.,g,.,,,., ,,,, ,ww ,M , ,, Q, .,,.4.,., NNY, ,,,, ,,.. , VFTW. ,,.',, ,. , , . . , ,,,, .,,.. ., .. ,. ,. , ,,,,,, ,,,, ,K .,..V, ..,,..u,f.Z v...a,.,N..,K,.J,,,-5. ..v..,. ....,V,,.Y,-,Q ,sg ' V .1.'g".Q1.'," - --1,2 t.: 435 1 -.ffvszg-, ' E4+.-'-mia:-W..fawpgsg., -f' . ,g IJ: 'f.w5.-.f55ffff:.- xr, - ,rf,g,f1f1f--::x- farm: -av f X N-X N- x X X A ,f f I 1 f 'f34v?FZ":2-1-QNS . , q ' A 'f U15 laurel CLASS CDF I959 fgg Harbar fflgll Salma! EGG HARBOR CITY NEW JERSEY I, Q M E f"NN rwfl rw TABLE OF CONTENTS DIRECTORS STARS SUPPORTING CHARACTERS SOCIETIES SPORTS FANS DEDICATION 5beJicafion ...... T8 OUR PHRENTS I 0 xf'wfN-1 xfvxl 'B ' , :Q A X S A M Y 44,5 X Whoh lay tredtota rghtr rog Whoh et dtoh keth for ohae ord a HHSpo blea ld W h eryth gth y o r T h e of the La rel lo ngly ded e , 2 " h 4 5 s ' X x I .- f i Q5 A 7 ff x 'z' . QW Y 4? f ox W jf, , f S X f 4 ' " .I aveaw ' e hus i fomw n, av rie ow us how to ma e most o u selves, Wh v made u e ucation t E .... ssi nd ho ave do in e c u fo us o t em. th' ' u is vi icat d. BCA RD F EDUCATIO Left to Rxght W1ll1am L Karrer Secretary ProsperA Ruberton Presldent FrankH Senn George W Otto Marle Frank W1lberH Heltz CharlesL Spragg Supermtendent ADMINISTR TIO of Schools To the class of 1959 In your performance on the stage of Llfe may each of you play a lead1ng role When the f1na1 words The End flash on the screen may you be remembered for your act1ng 1n the lnterests of mankmd It IS my hope that each of you be nomlnated for an Academy Award and 1n applaudlng your ab1l1ty the cr1t1cs close their revlew w1th the words well done! Good luck to all of you Fanny D Rlttenberg Prlnclpal FANNY D RITTENBERG To the Class of 1959 As a dlrector of the great play Preparatlon for L1fe I know the cast has learned the hnes and the show IS ready for the premler showmg upon graduatlon Throughout l1fe constantly keep 1n mmd the 1mportance of do1ng your best 1n every task for whlch you assume the responslblllty Always re member that you and you alone must account to your God for your deeds My best W1Sh8S go wlth you Szncerely Charles L Spragg Superlntendent of Schools CHARLES L SPRAGG DIRECTQRS 1rg1n1a E Stewart Douglass College Hxstory Glorla D Ambros1o State Teachers College Sclence Carolyn K Butler Douglass College Enghsh R1der College Typewrltlngl ll Shorthand l Secretarlal Studles Charles Rlchard Segraves Morav1an College HISIOIY John Melneke MOIBVIHH College Mathematlcs V' ' ' . Josephine M. Mittnacht '91-Lui H rw 3, Thomas F Duffy t Joseph s College Engllsh Margaret V Doty Swarthmore College Unlverslty of Vermont Latln Spanish Engllsh Edlth T Flmg Bloomsburg State Teachers College Commerclal Subjects Margarethe V Nagel Douglass College 81 Unlversxty of Berlm German and French James C. Nearing Tufts College Science and Mathematics Jean Waespi Marywood College Home Economics DIRECTORS DIRECTCDRS Joseph Ph1ll1p Mohr La Salle College Columbla Unlverslty Health Physlcal Educatlon and Drivers Educatlon Ruth Crompton Klngs College Health Physxcal Educat1on Edgar T Wallace Rutgers Glassboro State Teachers College lndustrlal Arts LCVI Gene Harris Umverslty of Oklahoma Wayne Umverslty U C L A L A State College Claremont College Art Hester S Fagan Bloomsburg Normal Musrc Yvonne Thompson Douglass College and Unxverslty of Pennsylvama Llbrarxan C17 4--r -Jay R yqvrtw' 'vs rv if 9,9 -vffsps, V 9-9 .!.'.. ill n ' ' ll ' 1,1 'pf R ,. v g' 15' 2- Q- ,ga --vs w - Q I . . lvl' f 1 Q., ,wk fr ' , . A . , .as .-ff-sf' vf"A""' -wa' wwf ,gc as. ww -ei ia-Q W- OUR NEW GYM H9585 MA HE Ll E FCJREVER ALMA MATER Egg Harbor High we love thy very name We view with pride thy many deeds and fame Hail White and Blue! Steadfast and great and true Waving so proudly over our School Refrain Hail Alma Mater! May she live forever! And never die Egg Harbor High. Egg Harbor High as the years go by - - - We work and play till graduation day- Then we must say goodbye to all our fun To friendship shared, to duty done. Words - Joseph Geisenhoffer, '47 Tune - Finlandia By Jan Sielius ixxff J D if .14 I "' T 'v ' 1k Q W Qi Z, f,. F Ami. .- ""k X ll if' IBS Ut 5 0 I' .4 VIRGINIA E STEWART GLORIA D AMBROS IO WALTERM AYDELOTTE JR Sonny Strongly opinionated 51 Ford with customized rear smooth dancer Likes blondes and modified flatheads Dislikes onions and silly girls you want to run it? To make my parents proud of me Band 1 2 Class President 3 4 Math Club 3 Prom Com mittee 3 Varsity Club 2 3 4 Safety Patrol 3 Interclass Baseball 3 4 Inter class Football 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Base ball l 3 4 Laurel 4 BETTY ANN RICCI Ricci Gives advice freely takes life seri ously winning ways Likes school and friendly people Dislikes giddy girls and ignorance You can t ima gme To be a teacher Vice President 1 4 Cheerleaderl 3 4 Dance Committee 1 2 3 4 Interclass Basketball 234 Newspaper Staff 23 lnterclass baseball 3 Secretarial Club 3 Prom Committee 3 Safety Patrol 3 4 Laurel Staff 4 BERT!-IA V ROBINSON Bertie Acme s best customer friendly with everyone not much noise from this corner . . . Likes Ches and acertam blue Dodge . . . Dislikes hunting season isome- timesy and hot dogs . .. Ah come onl To be a receptionist . . . Freshman Dance Committee' Prom Committee 3- Ceramic Club 3' Dance Committee 1 3' Musicale 4' Athletic Association 4' rel Staff 4' Class Secretary 4' Interclass Basketball 4. GAIL EDNA EDELBACH is Neat and Sweet . . takes life seriously can be seen in a certain Chevy Likes Math and having fun . Dislikes studying for tests and nosy people . . . Charge . . . To be a successful school teacher , , . Band 1' President s Club 1' lnterclass Basketball 1 2' Musicale 2 3' Dancing Club 3' Prom Committee 3' Laurel Staff 4' Dance Committeel 2 3 4' Class Officer 4' Safety Patrol 4 enior aa: icer5 GEORGE BARRY ADE Puddln Llkes to work? easygomg always hoplng to bag a deer Llkes sports Dxslxkes gettlng up for school and stuck up glrls Let s Gol Go 1n the serv1ce A A Representatxve 1 2 4 Varslty Club 3 4 Interclass Basketball 2 3 4 Prom Commlttee 3 ELEANOR VERONICA ADAMS BOOISIG Loads of fun dynamlte on the bas ketball court always wlth the gang L1kes danclng and cool records D1s llkes raclng 1n cars and drive 1n movles That s lt To go abroad Wlfh Kat Muslc 1 2 3 4 lnterclassBas ketball l 3 4 lnterclass Baseball2 Dra matlc Club 3 PATRICIA SARA BAILEY Pat Nlckel please always prepared for exams Qu1et" L1kes danclng and a gray 50 Plymouth D1sl1kes the color yellow and slow people Want a Medal'7 To getajob 1n the busmess world Safety Patrol 3 4 Laurel 4 Danclng Club 3 lnterclass Basketball l 2 3 Dance Comm1ttee 1 2 3 4 Art 1 2 JOAN MARTHA BRAUN JOl'l1 congenlal company LIKGS convertl bles and lobster D1sl1kes lmpollte people and gettmg up early What dxd you say? To be an 1nter1or decorator Dance Commltteel 3 Mu SIC 2 4 Danc1ngClub3 PromComm1ttee RUTHH BRITTON Ruthle Jerry Jerry Jerry a teachers helpmg hand ready and rar1ng to Llkes danclng and swlmmmg Dslxkes surpr1se tests and lonesome w ekends Oh for Pete s sake! To marry Jerry Majorette 1 Cheerleader 2 Cheerleader Club 3 Dance Commlttees 12 4 A A Repre sentatxve 1 Mus1cale 1 4 Laurel Staff4 CATHERINE PHYLLIS BUTTERHOF Cathy Fresh off the farm loquaclous E H HS s party gwer Lnkes 1ce skatlng and Johnny Mathls records Dxslxkes dull parues and qu1et people How can you tell'7 To make Mom and Pop proud of me MUSICHIC 1 Freshmen Dance Commlttee l Basket ball 2 4 Interclass Basketball 1 2 3 4 Prom Commlttee 3 Safety Patrol 3 4 Ceramxcs Club 3 .. ... . .. . .. . .1 , ,J - .. ... u ' 'lr - A "' I I l U - rl: ' I il ll ,g 3 3 3 . .1 . .,3 .- Quiet as a mouse rosy cheeks 3 ' 1 - .1 I Z 3. U l - U , , , go... ' ' ' ' C ... , S 1 ,-2 - - ' I ,I - u H 3 . 1 2 - ,Q . .fl ' 3 .3 1 flu Seniors DORIS HANNAH ELLA DECAMP ..Dee,. Conscientious our little complainer . . . counts her calories. . . Likes dancing and friendly people Dislikes Snobs and horseback riding .. . "Queers" . . . To be a beautician Majorette 2,35 Musicale 2. ANTHONY CHARLES Dl GIACOMO "Di Jock' candidate for All American . . . sharp dresser . . . a real lady-killer . .. Likes winning football games . . . Dislikes get- ting up early for school and unreasonable people . . . "Let's go!" . . . To be a good coach . . . Class President 15 Dance Com- mittee 15 Varsity Football 1,2,3,45 Var- sity Basketball 1,2,3,45 Varsity Base- ball l,2,3,45 A. A. Representative 25 Newspaper Club 2,3,45 Laurel Staff 4. PATRICIA CLAIRE ECKRICH "Pat" Poised . . . chooses words carefully . . . always obliging .. . Likes weekends and Gary Dislikes getting up early and conceited people . . . "Oh, heck" . . . To be a secretary . . . Band 15 Athletic Association 15 Interclass Basketball 1, 45 Dance Committee l,3,45 Musicale 2, 35 Prom Committee 35 Safety Patrol 3,45 Dancing Club 35 Laurel Staff 4. MARJORIE EILEEN FOX "Margie" Dig that ponytail note third finger, left hand always seen in a yellow and white Ford . . . Likes Warren and a good time . . .Dislikes speeches and tests 'Now is that nice?" Make my parents proud of me. . .A.A. Representa- tive 25 Sophomore Hop Committee 25 Dance Committees 1,2,3,45 Ceramic Club 35 Music l,2,3,45 Safety Patrol 3,45 Glee Club 3. PERRY FRANK, JR. "Skip" A whiz in Spanish class . . . trouble comes easy to him has an answer for every- thing Likes Woody's and girls .. . Dislikes annoying teachers and accidents 'Easy" To be a success in the eyes of my parents . . . Varsity Football 3,45 Varsity Baseball45 VarsityClub3,45 Class Vice President 35 PromComrnittee 35 Math Club 35 Varsity Basketball 3,45 J,V, Basketball 1,25 Varsity Club Presi- dent 45 Laurel Staff 4, 959 2: 51 i i"""" BARBARA S FROHMAN Barb l..1kes Art but not the drawing klnd smoke gets 1n her eyes cute ways about her Llkes study halls and hav mg a good tlme D1sl1kes homework and washxng dxshes l don t know! To be a successful secretary Cheerleader 23 Cheerleader Club 3 C DONALD GAUPP Clem Mlssmg durlng huntmg season easy on the eyes flashy Ford Llkes Nancy and 225 automatlcs D1sl1kes homework and General Motor Products Get a Ford To joxn the A1r Force Math Club 3 PromComm1ttee 3 Athletlc Assoc1at1on 34 lnterclass Football 34 lnterclass Baseball 34 LAWRENCE GROSS Lummy A regular Casanova always ready wnth an answer everybody s pal Lxkes glrls and hot rods DlSllk8S qulet people and mxssmg gears Sweets To be a truck drlver Athletlc Assoc1at1on 2 Homeroom Pres ldent 3 Dancmg Club 3 lnterclass Bas ketball 2 3 4 Dance Commlttee 1 2 3 4 Prom Comm1ttee 3 JAMES A HAGEI.. Steady gum chewer partlal to Fresh man glrls comb consclous L1k8S archery and 1ce skatmg D1Sl1k8S Ford products and studymg for tests Yeah u To get ahead 1n the world A A Representat1ve 3 Sports Club 3 lnterclass Football 3 4 lnterclass Base ball 3 4 KATHERINE INGRUM Kat Always w1th the gang sweet personal clowns around IH law class Llkes shrlmp dmners and dancmg D1Sllk6S homework and loud boys That s tough To be an eff1c1ent secretary Athlenc Assoc1at1on 4 Majorette 3 4 lnterclass Basketball2 3 Majorette Club 3 PHYLLIS VERNEDA INGRUM Phll Always ready for a laugh man trouble 1n the groove Llkes sharp cars nd rock n roll records D1sl1kes snobblsh boys and wamng for people That s saylng a taste To go abroad w1th Kat and Bootsle Muslcale l 2 3 4 Majorette 3 4 lnterclass Basketball 3 lnterclass Baseball 3 .. ., - . .. . ,. I! ' .. ,. 1 . . ,. . . . . ,. .. . 3 I It .: ,- . . .. . , y - 7 D '- ..S ,,,S .. ,. Hagel . .. bt ,. . .2 ' ,. 1ty... .1 .1 ... A ..,i 12 , it- 'Nui Sensors Pi A RONALD JOSEPH R onnxe Ma1 that flat top the shy type whxz on the basketball court L1keS sports and havmg a good tlme Dzs llkes Ford products and any thmg that takes manpower I m too tlred Further my education Football 1 2 3 J V Basketball 2 Varslty Basketball 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Band 1 2 A A Rep resentatlve 1 Varslty Club 2 3 4 Safety Patrol 4 THOMAS F KING JR Red Blazlng newcomer math whxz t e offxce IS h1s home away from home Lxkes danclng wxth cute glrls and school on days off D1sl1kes homework What s the dlfference? To make my parents as proud of me as I am of them Math Club 3 Football 3 4 Varslty Club 4 PATRICIA ANNE KURTZ Blondle Neat ha1r styles watch that walk gentlemen prefer th1s blonde L1kes 1ce skatmg and a certam someone DISIIKCS mlsslng dances and dull partles Oh Beans To be a secretary Dance Commltteel Majorettel 2 lnter 3 Prom Commlttee 3 Safety Patrol3 4 ELAINE MARIE KUPPEL Fatso Sl1m and polsed sharp on the dance floor needs a year s supply of au' mall stamps Lxkes Butch and the color blue D1sl1kes loud people and gettlng up for school Thmk nothmg of II To marry Butch Band 1 2 Interclass Basketball 1 Art 1 2 Sopho more Hop Commxttee 2 Interclass Base ball 3 Prom Commlttee 3 Secretarial Club 3 Muslcal 4 Soccer 4 ARNEY J LlPPINCOT'I Cupld Plump pleasant and pert merry go round personallty L1keS drag racing and talkmg to the gxrls at Woody s DlS1lkeS weekdays and dress up days Don t get anapestlc Blueberry and Cranberry tycoon Dance Comnuttee 1 Football 1 Interclass Basketball 3 EMILY LOUISE LANGDON m Can t wa1t for 3 15 bee shy watch that glggle LIKCS danclng and 59 Chevys D1sl1kes drag raclng and chmese food Gosh darn ll Marry Bob Muslc 2 4 DanceComm1ttee2 3 4 Interclass Basketball 2 3 4 Prom Commlttee 3 Dancmg Club 3 Art 1 3 959 i ug t n , Q ' I Basketball. ,53l4g .Secretarial ' ' iz: V I . - ug' ,I -.....:..:uging,--. - - '-I. iz: I M Iii iw.-f Seniors YW 1f""" WILLIAM BARRY MOELLER "Bill' Blushes easily . . . target for teasing . . . million dollar smile Likes hunting and roller skating .. . Dislikes talkative people and school during hunting season . . . "How 'bout that " . . . To go into the Air Force. LAWRENCE L, MONTGOMERY "Larry" Shhhl bookworm . . . talks way down there a real swell guy Likes archery and barbecued chicken Dis- likes stuck-up people and loudmouths . . . 'How 'bout that!" . .. To be a chemical engineer . . . Basketball 2,43 Baseball 2, 3,4g Safety Patrol 3,45 Band 1,2gAthletic Association 1, Prom Committee 3. DARLEEN MARIE MORGENWECK "Dar" Natural blonde a real neat dresser . . . always ready with a smile . . . Likes Hans and dancing . . . Dislikes getting up early and showoffs . . . 'No kidding" . . . To be a secretary . . . Band lg Homeroom President 2g Treasurer 25 Dance Com- mittee l,2g Secretarial Club 3. KAREN LEE NORCROSS ..Kay,, Girl behind the team bubbling per- sonality . . . man! those crazy pep rallies! . .. Likes going with Bob and barbecued chicken . . . Dislikes not eating and boys that call her "fats" . . . "Juicy, don 't worry! " . . . To raise happy children . . . Athletic Association lg Band lg Home- room lg Vice President 2, Dance Com- mittee 1,2,3g Chorus 1,2g French Club 23 Interclass Basketball l,2,5g Cheer- leader 2,3,4g Laurel Staff 4. BARBARA A. O'SHEA 'Barb" Always batting her eyelashes never home . .. watch that Irish temper! .. . Likes Roger and Woody's Dislikes damp weather and boring lecturers "Ah, come off it!" . .. Tobea success. .. Prom Committee 3g Interclass Basket- ball 2,3,4g Dancing Club 33 Music 43 Dance Committees 2,3,4. ll '91 'Ir'-CT' 959 'E Seniors SHIRLEY ANN O'SHEA "Shirl" Heard everywhere can never make up her mind . . . constantly clowning . . . Likes Wade and pop music . . . Dislikes being bossed and people who don 't say hello . . . "Don'tI' .. . To be a success . . . Dance Committee 2,3g Prom Committee 33 Dramatic Club 35 Glee Club 3g Mu- sicale 3,4g Athletic Association 33 Inter- class Basketball 3,4g Laurel Staff 4. .IUDITI-I ANN PRATZNER "Judy" Always willing to lend a hand . . . quiet, please! . . . generous with gum . . . Likes going to the movies and her tan teddy- bear Dislikes people who walk fast and babysitting . . . "Whatta ya mean, not you?" . . . To join the W.A.F. . . . Presi- dent's Club 3g Secretarial Club 3g Prom Committee 33 Hop Committee 23 Inter- class Basketball 23 Laurel 4. EMILY ROSE RAMP "Chickie" A real man killer speak up, please full of giggles Likes ice skating and swimming . . . Dislikes stayinghome and jealous people . . . "I don 't care " . . . To be an Airline Receptionist A.A. Representative lg Prom Committee 3g In- terclass Basketball 2g Band lg Dance Committee 13 Secretary Club 3g Musicale 3. ALBERT ELLIS REICHENBACH, JR. "Opie" Never on time . . . hottest 6-cylinder around .. . Likes to drag at noontime . . . Likes all sports and good looking girls . . . Dislikes all sorts of work "What's that doojigger?" To make money at an easy job . . . Interclass Basketball 2,3. SHIRLEY ROBINSON "Toots" Tiny but mighty . . . easily embarrassed . .. a gunner on the basketball court . . . Likes cool boys and Friday nights Dislikes shy boys and washingdishes . . . 'You know, yeah!" . . . To be asecretary . . . Music 1,43 Interclass Basketball 1,2, 3,4g Art Club 1,2. Q-v I959 fn ,-,x ,A 5 Mt .,.Df?i"", sv sv ' .- ."'?' 1 71 ilrbli T' 'Jag if -at but S nlors T359 HELEN FAITH RUPP "Woopie" Always has somethmg to say admxrer of the OPPOSIIC sex at ease at the easel Lxkes dancmg and roller skatmg D1sl1kes fast dI'lVlI'lg and loud muslc Oh Come On' To be a Fashxon desxgner Band 1 Freshmen Dance Comm1ttee Ceramlcs Club 3 Prom Commlttee 3 Muslcale 34 Laurel 4 lnterclass Basketball 4 PATRICIA RYAN at Muslcal type pmt S126 laugh and laugh some more Llkes Larry and the color blue D1sl1kes argulng and grouchy people I almost dxed laugh ln To be happy Class Secretary l lnterclass Basketball 1 2 3 Musxcale 1 4 Class Treasurer 3 Band 1 Prom Commxttee 3 Laurel Staff 4 Dancing Club 3 Dance COITIITIIIIGC I 2 3 4 Safety Patrol 3 4 ROBERT W SCARLETT Bob Personallty plus a ham radlo en thusxast one of the gear grmders Lxkes Fords and Frxday mghts at Woody s D1sl1kes ramy days and Monday mormngs Mut1ny Joln the A1r Force Dance Commxttee 1 2 3 4 lnterclass Football 2 4 Prom Commlttee 3 Math Club 3 BRUCE A SCAMOFFA Bruce A real cut up no work from th1s corner Sklpper s accomphce Llkes cars and football D1sl1kes nolsy deer hunters and stuck up people Don t you l1ke lt? To be a mechamc Football 1 2 3 4 Varsity Club 3 4 Interclass Basketball 3 NORMAN BRUCE SCHAAB Norm One of the brams a lean and hungry look he th1nks too much g1VeS3dV1Ce freely Llkes Chevys and good tlmes D1sl1kes Chrysler products and clty water Absolutely notl Be a teacher and live 1n luxury Musxc 1 A A Representatxve 1 Newspaper 2 3 Safety Patrol 3 4 Laurel 4 ELEANOR VIRGINIA SCI-IENKER Lovey Qulet 1n school outslde? undercover drxver always ready for a good tlme Llkes boys and Woody s D1sl1kes concelted people and homework Hon estly To become a nurse Band 1 Danclng Club 3 Gxrls Basketball 2 Dance Commlttee 1 2 3 4 Laurel Staff 4 Artl 99 L-"X 1. . ru - Q 1 : 1 .: : Q . I 'w I . "P " ...M . g : ..: 0 .1 1 Q 1 : 1 ,. M. Pr 'I' 1 . r , ' " ' "...To I ' .1 , ..,. ' ,ill - ... glen, ' ' 4 . . . - . .. X N' L U, ll' I I I: . W E .. ' : vi I 4 yi i IA D -I . ... i . . ' : 1 A D ,wie , , . -0.5" nv MARCIA LOU SENN Marsh Schxeder s helpmg hand slstertroub es buddmg artlst Llkes gym class and weekends DlSllk6S care less drlvers and jealous people Don t be persnlckety To be a success Band 1 Class Treasurer 1 Athletlc Assoclauon 2 3 Presldent Club4 Safety Patrol 3 4 Prom Comm1ttee 3 Inter class Basketball 1 4 Newspaper Club 3 Laurel Staff 4 Dance Comm1ttee l 2 3 4 JEAN LOIS STEINMAN Jeanne Thls Joker IS w1ld neat dresser can be found 1n the mxdst of laughter Lxkes Ralph and French frles D1s lxkes unfrlendly people and people who dlsllke Jokes Well Llppedle To be a good wife Band l Athletlc Assoc1at1on l Dance Commxttee 1 2 3 lnterclass Basketball 1 2 3 Danc1ngClub 3 Glee Club 3 Laurel Staff 4 JAMESM WERNER JR Charley Drlves a rustlc bomb makes a lot of trlps to A C leads a double l1fe Llkes automoblle sound systems and females D1S1lk6S full house 47 Mercs and Mrs Paul s flsh st1cks From 10 M P H onl Mechan1cal engmeer Bandl 2 Basketba1l2 safe ty Pa rol 3 4 Laurel 4 Newspaper 2 3 Varslty Club 4 A A Representatlve 2 4 Track 3 4 ALFRED H TRETTNER Alf1e Always ready for a drag the mcotme kmd watch out gxrls teacher s pet? Lxkes blondes and dancmg D1sl1kes school and Fords What are you dolng Wllh my glrll To be a mxlllonatre Bandl Athlet1cAssoc1a t1on 2 Track Team3 4 PromComm1ttee 3 Dancmg Club 3 lnterclass Football 3 4 lnterclass Basketball3 4 lnterclass Baseball 3 4 'UU'-nw Sensors I959 HAZEL ANN LIMMER Haz Our Patr1ceMunsel executlve type always plannmg ahead Llkes good frlends and V1nce Dlsllkes pesslmlsts and bemg rushed Oh yeah Tobe happy Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Dance Com mlttee 1 2 3 lnterclass Basketball 1 2 3 4 Dance Club 3 Class Secretary 2 Safety Patrol 3 4 Prom Commlttee 3 Laurel 4 gf Kg , if, if L6?.?QyX AQ:.?6,1iMlLg 1 X j Ciqxg :QQ Xljgqmvigs Wa W2 M3225 Sgjfwhgw ' a VZTN Q22 Q-"WW 't"x":" Q 4 JE 'R ianmw 'X aw M X MJ! ? 2 - qv . , ,Q 4 rj f ' 'X I ' P n W sm 1, L Hx Q41 s P Q ch ' Qi 79 X Yr - 1- "' .Q f ' .x's xt X , xx: 'ro X fa, . ,, si? ffao mf La - XY xi X N " 6 ' I R. 4, , ., .' ,QM fb 5 XF ' W I ' 1 a , f ,f O 'Q 0 Q. .M 5' 9 U cg . , y ,t . A U J M, ' A. v Ca' fx" .1 X x f , S 5 Tx - nfs' 'VP' xl n' I sf Q Gy, 0 ,,4?f . xxx K' 3'6" x ' ' f ,x , - Wi - 'A of u I ,Cast WI!! and We the class of 1959 attendlng Egg Harbor Hlgh School ln the clty of Egg Harbor county of At1ant1c and state of New Jersey be1ng of sound and dlsposmg mmd memory and under standlng do hereby make publlsh and declare thlS as and to be our LAST WILL AND TEST AMENT hereby revokmg any and all former w11ls or cod1c1ls by us at any tlme made FIRST To the facultv and the school board we leave our Wlbheq for a more managable group of scmors SLCOND -lo Mlss Rlttcnberg we. lcave hcr offlce empty of dev1l1sh pranksters Also our thanks for her Ceaselcss guxdancc wxth the 1 aurel 'I HIRD To the class of 1962 we leave our abxlltv to pay class dues FOURTH To the class of 1961 we leave our f1ght1ng spxrlt FIFTH To the class of 1960 we leave the followmg We Eleanor Adams and Shlrley Robmson leave our love of sports to L1l11an Senn 1 Joan Braun lcave my qu1et manner to Cora Charters Wc Ruth Br1tton and Patr1c1a Balley leave our studlous hablts to Barbara Hall I Catherme Butterhof leave mv love of good t1mes to June Inman I Mlchele Casey leave, my talent for avo1d1ng gym classes to Catherme Laccagnlno We Mae Conrad and Marc1a Senn leave our blg brown eyes to Barbara Malson We Joyce COIIISS and Jean Ste1nman leave our patented way of tell1ng Jokes to Peggy Eckert We D1ane Cramer and Bertle Robmson leave our gregarlousness to Carol Osborne Dorls DeCamp leave my consc1ent1ous ways to Lols Breder Ga1l Edelbach leave my pollte wavs to Patr1c1a Llppmcott and Patr1c1a Sorento Pat Eckrlch leave my cute way of g1ggl1ng to Nancy Adams Elleen Fox leave my ponytall to Marv Lou Sugden Barbara Frohman leave my sllmness to .ludlth Hamllton Kather1ne Ingrum leave my place on the popularlty poll to Betty Ann L1eb We Phyllls Ingrum and Betty RICCI leave our saucy ways to Rlta Guerlcom 1 Patrlcla Kurtz leave my coquettlshness to Myrna Seeds 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' , . , . '- 1 3 V I , . -3 ' 1 ', ,. .iw . 5 I 1 E , ..w I N ' 1 - 1 - ,-. ' 5 ' , 1 . , . , . 1 1 ' - I , 1 1 - J . .. . . . 1 1 ' - 1 1 , - . 3 .. . f . . 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 , . I, , . I, , 1 . I, , . I, , 4 . I, , . I, , . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' ' - Cas Inman! Ela1ne Kuppel leave my soprano scream to Loulse Prtest Em1ly Langdon leave my long wavy ha1r to Betty Grams Darlene Morgenweck leave my natural blonde hatr to Elsle Magdtts Kay Norcross leave my cheerxng ab1l1ty to Carol Weller Barbara O Shea leave my absentee excuses to Susan Dunn Shtrley O Shea leave my troubles wlth the teachers to SYIVIH Lteb Judy Pratzner leave my small stature to V1rg1n1a Jlampeftl Em1ly Ramp leave my hab1t of blushlng to Carol Ramp Patr1c1a Ryan leave my cuteness to Mary Lou DIPICIIO Eleanor Schenker leave my place at Woody s to Helen Mangano Helen Rupp leave my g1ft of gab to Nancy Tapken Hazel Llmmer leave my helght to Joyce Farnsworth George Ade leave my easy golng ways to James Pltt Walt Aydelotte leave my technlque on the dance floor to James Thomas Charles DeLong leave my manners to Joseph McAnney and Leon Sarao Tony D1G1acomo leave my ab1l1ty on the football fteld to Edwln Doerr and James Earnest Skip Frank leave my dr1v1ng ab1l1ty to Nlck R1cc1 and Dale Snellbaker Donald Gaupp leave my good looks to Wllllam Mlchel Larry Gross leave my ab1l1ty to get along w1th the opposlte sex to Robert Bernhardt James Hagel leave my lazy ways to Mlchael Acheberg and Edward Harvey Ronald Joseph leave my love of basketball to W1ll1am James Thomas K1ng leave my way of annoylng teachers to W1ll1am Geller and Stephen Werner Arney Llpplncott leave my jOV1al1Cy to Rlchard Ftlllng W1ll1am Moeller leave my bashfullness to Roland Mueller Larry Montgomery leave my mus1cal ab1l1ty to Sammuel Harrls Albert Relchenbach leave my glasses to George Elsele and Wllllam Lentz Bruce Scamoffa leave my happy ways to Andrew Hand Robert Scarlett leave my ab1l1ty to get along Wlth others to John W1ll1ams and Anthony Gervlck Norman Schaab leave my place as an mtellectual to Gtldas Jones and John Saalman James Werner leave my hope for a drag Sfflp to Lewts Mllne and Otto Schm1dtke Alfred Trettner leave my fllrtatlous ways to Marlo Squlllace and Paul Mangold 1, . ' . . l I, ' , ' . I' ' , . . , . I, , . . . . . I, ' , . I' . . , , . . I 1, Y . . . . .I I, ' , ' ' . I, ' ' , ' ' . I, , ' . I, , ' . I, G' , ' . I, , ' ' . I, , ' . I, , . I, . , , . . . . I, . , . . . . . . . . I, , ' ' ' . I, , ' ' ' ' . I, , ' . I, , ' ' . I' . y . . . u I, . . ' . . . . . . I I, ' ' , . I, . , . . . - I, , . I, y .. . . . I, , "' " ' . It , . . . . . I, . . . . . - W Ri? we 8 . 'Q' . -9, A ' "'AM... A f-631 -'O nf" 1 K AJ U if xmss f .,..yu,u l 'arf W ' An!! xv 4 1' Q 'sf 5 ' 4 .gf 'X Af' 1 x 1' . Own a ra.. -. ,...',. 5 ,I 1 ., - .5 ,I-on 3,141 5541. -'Y"""l H-iv . IIJ: Page 26 1. Eileen Fox 2. Jean Steinman 3. Betty Ricci 4. Gail Edelbach 5. Larry Montgomery 6. Helen Rupp 7. Pat Bailey 8. Ronald Joseph 9. Diane Cramer 10. Bertie Robinson 11. Eleanor Schenker 12. Pat Kurtz 13. Darleen Morgenweck 14. Marcia Senn 15. Doris Decamp 16. Shirley O'Shea Page 27 1. Judy Pratzner 2. Kay Norcross 3. Hazel Zimmer 4. Bruce Scamoffa 5. Arney Lippencott 6. Pat Eckrich 7. Michele Casey 8. Jimmy Werner 9. Elaine Kuppel 10. Walt Aydelotte and Pat Ryan 11. Pat Ryan and Betty Ricci VL. " 5-I' , will-" W . Q..-D ned l'0Ul2w Th1s IS Mlchele Casey your Hollywood reporter wlth Screenland s latest gOSS1p Teenage 1dol Donald Gaupp IS all set to play the lead 1n the new western Blood on the Traxl W1ll1am Moeller IS playzng the smllmg gunman and newcomer Albert Relchenbach IS the sympathetlc bartender Emlly Ramp has been plcked for the part of the blush1ng school teacher fThe mov1e IS 1n techmcolor J Catherlne Butterhof and Shlrley O Shea are formlng thelr own corporatlon They re so much 1n demand for r1ot scenes No one 1n Hollywood can make as much no1se as they can Ruth Brltton and Patrlcla Balley are desxgnmg sets for d1rector James Werner s new est pxcture Dragstrlp Rlot Producer Betty RICCI has hlred the famous Helmar Fashlon Salon deslgners Helen Rupp and Marcla Senn to deslgn the costumes for her newest ep1c Thomas Kmg has lmported Lawrence Montgomery M I T s famous chem1stry professor as techmcal director for h1S new horror mov1e Frankensteln and the Wolfman Meet Br1g1tte Bardot Larry IS go1ng to make sure that 1n the f1lm the mad sc1ent1st s lab IS authent1c Thls f1lm IS reported to be so terrlfylng that the stars have 1ns1sted nurse Eleanor Schenker be standlng by w1th smelllng salts At any rate ll certalnly should be scary w1th that master of the macabre Norman Schaab playlng the mad sclentlst and Sklp Frank play 1ng the Wolfman Joyce Corllss Bflgllfe Bardot s stand 1n has a cold Ah well thats the prlce of fame SfUd1O guard Lawrence Gross reportedly spent so mucl t1me fllrtmg Wlfh the girls yesterday he forgot to open the gate for E H H S Studlo s m1ll1ona1re owner Alfred Trett ner Shlrley Roblnson stunt glrl spramed an ankle whlle teachmg mov1eland s newest Tarzan Anthony D1G1acomo how to fly through the trees Studlo secretarxes Eleanor Adams and Katherlne lngrum together wxth beautlclan Phyllls lngrum were g1ven a bon voyage party by the studmo The glrls are gettmg ready for a tr1p around the world Songstress Hazel Zlmmer IS havmg her 118 room mans1on decorated by Joan Braun Joan has bullt herself qulte a reputatlon among the Beverly H1lls set p . . . . . , , 1 1 1 ' ' - u 1 1 y . n . . . . . . . 1 1 . . . . 1 . . . , . . ' - , M . . n , . . . . M . 1, . 1 1 . . . 1 . 1 . . . 1, . . . . ,, ,, . . 1 . . . . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 . . . , . 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 v 1 1 5 . 1 . . . , . - . . , ' 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 , . 1 1 ' Bruce Scamoffa and Arney L1pp1ncott have been slgned for E H H S Studlo s newest comedy The Swamp Jockey and the Hot Rod Blonde bombshell Pat Kurtz has lnslsted on brlnglng her own ha1r styllsts Darlene Morgenweck and Dorls DeCamp w1th her when she makes her movle for E H H S Starlet Barbara O Shea has been seen pamt1ng the town red w1th some of Hollywood s most el1g1ble bachelors Ventrlloqulst Dlane Cramer has arrlved 1n town to talk about a forthcomlng T V ser1es w1th her agent Ronald Joseph Ronald has one of Hollywood s blggest talent agencles Gall Edelbach IS plannmg to produce a new comedy about three glrls trylng to get 1nto the movies Comedlenne Jean Stelnman and slnger Pat Ryan star w1th Kay Norcross as the French mgenue Robert Scarlett has been h1red as head of the sound department of E H H S Studxo D1rector George Ade IS start1ng a new f1lm Dlal F for Fear They are callmg George George s long suffer1ng secretarles Pat Eckrlch and Elleen Fox have been deluged w1th letters about h1s newest star James Hagel Seems the teenagers are absolutely wlld about h1m Admlral Walt Aydelotte IS supervlslng a new f1lm about navy llfe Atlantlc Clty D1ary HIS ass1stant Charles DeLong has been WI'1Ill'lg an expose on Mov1eland lt s to be called Have Dlrt W1ll Sp1ll Have I got somethmg to tell youll! I hear both Blame Kuppel and Bertle Roblnson are carrylng torches for boys back home Judy Pratzner fshe s the g1rl who yells All qu1et on the set' 5 IS gomg to psychlatrlst Mae Conrad Says Judy I m gettmg an 1nfer1or1ty complex from all the tall people around m Barbara Frohman and Emlly Langdon are playmg secretarles 1n a new movle called How to Marry Your Boss And that s all the news from Hollywood at th1s txme ef ga .4 ey the "new" Alfred Hitchcock. e. " W7icA e i., k I ' . ,gg 1 I Q- I C ' -. k ' .ts -tg-.A to -xx XX-h,':i3 , - A I Q" P-' Q5 Q5 gf O'- mf' a'Hi -'1' Sjsil ref'-f gl: :ff gs fl Eg' is El ' I5 gnc. mer, Betty Ricci, Walter Aydelott. 2 Most Dependable: berry mtci, Larry Montgomery, Hazel Zimmer. 3. Most Popular: Tony DiGiacomo, Kay Norcross, Catherine Butterhof, Arner Lippincott. 4. Shyest: Eileen Fox, Joan Braun, Darleen Morgenweck, Albert Reich- enbach. 5. Most School Spirit: Charles De- Long, Judy P ra t z n e r, Eleanor Schenker, Kay Norcross. W x,1 ,Zig 0 6. Most Art istic: Ruth Britton, Emily Langdon, Bruce Scamoffa, Marcia Senn. 7. Moat likely to succeed: Gail Edelbach, Norman Schaab, Michele Casey. 8. Noisiest: Shirley O'Shea, Skip Frank, Helen Rupp. Q. Best Dancer: Thomas King, Joyce Corliss, Elaine Kuppel, Walt- er Aydelotte. fc 1 j A '1' 5., 10. Class Clowns: Shirley O'Shea Arney Lippincott, Catherine Butter- hof. ll. Most Athletic: Eleanor Adams Tony DiGiacomo, Shirley Robinson 12, Class Flirts: Pat Kurtz, Bar- bara O'Shea, Emily Ramp, Larry Gross, Alfred Trettner. 13. Most Studious: Pat Bailey Norman Schaab, Doris DeCamp, Ronald Joseph, Mae Conrad. -:YW X 1' .. X I Q Q ii 14. Best Looking: Kathryn lngrum, Don Gaiipp, oyce Corliss, Bill Moeller. 15. Best Personality: James Hagel, Jean Stienman, Bob Scarlett, Diane Cramer. 16. Best All Round: Patricia Eck- rich, Bertie Robinson, George Ade, Barbara Frohman. 17. Most Musical: Larry Mont- gomery, Phyllis Ingrum, Pat Ryan. V s f"" 1., 'x f. - ' 's' ., ms' X .n, as If ,, N 1 f 32' '.i, Ja : Pi' 5-4 f 'X ' JI 'pqix' 'UT' Y F I 1 Q Q O Q' H' Supporting Klmracters ia 1' CL ,914 faflty P I Best Lookmg Betty Ann Lleb W1ll1am Mlchel Class Clowns June Inman Rlchard F1ll1ng Most Popular Carol Weller Edwm Doerr Best Personallty Carol We1ler EdW1n Doerr 1' Supporting Players C f Presldent .. . Edwm Doerr Seeretary .. C2-r01We11er V1ce Presxdent . .. Ronald Warr1ner Treasurer .. . Pat L1pPmC0ft i o ' 0 f f ' JU IORS HOME ROOM 24 Flrst Row V1rg1n1a J1ampett1 Mary D1 P1etro Betty Grams Judy Hamllton James Earnest Cora Charters Ellzabeth Lleb Sylvta Lxeb Susan Dunn Second Row Anthony Gervlck l.,O1S Breder Barb ara Holendorf Nancy Adams Barbara Hall Joyce Farnsworth Patrlcxa Llppmcott June Inman Peggy Eckert Glldas Jones Mrs Butler Thlrd Row Edward Harvey Edw1nDoerr George E1sele W1ll1am James W1ll1am Geller Robert Bernhardt M1chael Acheberg Rlchard Fxlllng Andrew Hand W1ll1am Lentz Samuel Harr1s HOME ROOM 25 Flrst Row Myrna Seeds LOUISE Prlest Helen Mangano Marv Lou Sugden Carol We1ler Carol Os borne Barbara Malson Catherme Laccagnlno Carol Ramp Second RON Nxck RICCI Steve Werner Paul Mangold Ronald Mueller Nancy Tapken Llllzan Senn Els1eMagd1ts W1ll1amM1chel James P1tt Marlo Squ1llace Mrs Mxttnacht 'Ih1rd Row Joseph McAnneV John Wllllams Otto Schmldtke Dale Snellbaker LEWIS M1lne John Saalman James Thomas Ronald Warrlner Leon Sarao ,, - GJ , Hr ' . 5 3 ' ' 4. ' ' , , , , , , , . I , , - l I I 1 U I , ' . - . I , . . . . T ,f 1 :V . . . M f V . . --J 2 A Q 2. S 1 , ' , . , . . - v I I I 1 S I I I I I S 1 I ' SGPHOMORE C ASS ,fl opu arify po!! Best Looking: James Tracy, Barbara Zimmer. Most Popular: James Tracy, Lynn Champion. Best Personality: Lynn Champion, Bruce Zac- cagnino. Class Clown: Joan Boerner, Gabe Gross Bit Players gfaaa Oficem !, I :ilrx j President ........... . . . Sharon Senn Secretary . .. .......... Lynn Champion Vice President .... . . . George Kendall Treasurer . . ..... Bob Parry HOME ROOM ll FIRST ROW: Carol Henderson, Bette Kolbe, Mary Lou Lacktis, Katherine Metz, Xetty Ann Norcross, Berna- dette Poirier, Vivian Harvey, Helen Keller, Carol Frye. SECOND ROW: Victoria Mueller, Patsy Langbein, Joy Kienzle, Hope Kemble, Charles Klein, Frank Jenkins, Paul Heck- ma , Rosalie Imperatore, Grace Nell, Mary Nell, Mr. Meineke. THIRD ROW: Ronald Mangold, John Marmentello, Harry Morgan, Robert Parry, George Kendall, Warren Pfeiffer, William Hahne, Ferdinand Michel, Frank Phy. ABSENT: Rob- ert Michel, Betty Mich,Susan Kelly. SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM 14 FIRST ROW: Beverly Schenker,Rose Rundio, Jo Anne Reichenbach, Shar- on Senn, James Tracey, Susan Wag- ner, Carol Zepfel, Nancy Sugden, Dorothy Vettese. SECOND ROW: Carol Steinman, Janice Schorp, Joy Rotellini, Jo Ann Sayers, Kathryn Shinn, Margaret Reed, Barbara Zimmer, Jeanette Schlienger, Rox- anne Richardson, Earl Weiler, Ru- dolf Williams, Mr. Duffy. THIRD ROW: Robert Ward, Richard Win- terbottom, William Saalmon, Wayne Ward, Alexander Trent, Bruce Zac- cagnino, Robert Schairer, Charles Rochardson, George Trettner, An- thony Thomas. HOME ROOM 12 FIRST ROW: Charlotte Aumack, Judy Dase, Kempton Adams, Joe Fenton, Charlotte Fleagle, Edward Adams. August Bader, Gloria Bail- ey, Carol Bender. SECOND ROW: William Guenther, Carl Ganiel, Hel- en Charters, Judy Mason, Joan Boerner, Laurey Fischer,CaroIynn Champion, Ruth Holendorf, Gabriel Gross, Mr. Seagraves. THIRD ROW: Gary Alloway, Edward Gaupp, Edward Bonek, Joseph Dellanoce, William Berggoetz, Carl Glasser, Douglas Cramer, Edward Engle- hardt, James Dressler. ABSENT: Betty Ford. 39 FRESHM N S ' CLASS opufarifg po!! occio. occio. Best Personality: Diane Conforti, Larry Gaupp Class Clowns: Judy Klingenberg, John Rupp Stage Hands G55 O Cel'.6 President Michael barrel Secretary Patricia Ade 40 Vice President Rose Marie CHIOCCIO Treasurer Larry Gaupp U fi Best Looking: Jerry Eaton, Rose Marie Car- Most Popular: Michael Farrel, Rose Marie Car- FRE HMA HOME ROOM 21 FIRST ROW John Rupp Bruce Scnalrer Lee Walther James Lmckgraf Henry Rundlo Joseph Robm son Ronald Vlgnalt Robert Stumpf Thomas Wood SECOND ROW Johanna Roberts Eva Suggs Yvonne Wlnd Mar1e Rlce Dlane W1ggg1ns Sharon Yanhko Sandy W1ll1ams Lorrame Ward Mrs Nage THIRD ROW Carey Qulgley Robert Shenkel Ronald Senn Robert Vettese George Wenzel Raymond Trettner GeorgeSt1eb1nger Ronald Rlslev ABSENT Frank Wxgglns HOME ROOM 22 FIRST ROW Gertrude Fzcken Barbara Dampf Rosemar1e Carocc1o George Flood Jerry Eaton John Contl John Btrch Phyllls DeClement1 V1ola East SECOND ROW Chester Flath John Flscher Dlane Confortx Susan Blakely Kathleen Blaschke Lucy Ferrarl Nancy Bauder Dlane De BISSB Mr Nearmg THIRD ROW Raymond East Mxchael Farrel Davld Bartllng James Baldt Chester Chase Paul Bubeck Charles Bozarth ' , . .. . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 - - . ' m- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 4. A . . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 FRE HMAN HOME ROOM 26 FIRST ROW Davxd Heaton V1rg1n1a C1ambat1sta PEETICIH Ade Rose Marle Husta Margle Harvev Anne Hepburn B111 Grams SECOND ROW MISE Doty John Jenson George Gllson Harvey Houston Lee Alder ton Larry Caupp Thomas Ade 'IHIRD ROW Thomas lmperatore Jeaneette Husta Jovce Cabert 'Iom HOME ROOM 27 FIRST ROW Judy Kaufman Lorralne Mathew Jo Ann Kurtz Judy Kllngenberg Edward Markowskl Anto1nette Natale Grace Mangano Francls Perry Janet Patten SECOND ROW Donald Prxester Joe Mohr Charles Lauer Bernard Mays Andrew Kmght WaIterLangdon Malcom McLean John Pltt Charles Mettlle M1ss Fllng THIRD ROW Kenneth Moran Mary Ellen Pellegrlno Robert Kmg Rudl Kuemmel Robert Mangold Donald Mxlne Terry Marzo D1aneLewandowsk1 W1ll1am Nolan my'Ayers, John Adams, Linda Glick, Donald Jones. ' y ' X 1 x , I If , 1 X ff XX J x 7 X D if If f Q' QViKgid'fQ3j XJ Sig' gli? I N? Q X XKLX xx xx J X N Y' fd! X7 G x X 'W -ff JLJCSK3 ?3 J L C, Xi 14 41 Aj X . JI! XLVX ad' M x R , xlb f 0? 1 KX I A AX -XXX' xxx!! If xf S Xl E . , +Eii'44QfQg .59 TN 1? fx XX: 42545?f v j M1 K, 9,4 X 0 my Q f 1 ,, s jr f pf Q I I Q L I 'X 1- AJ 1 NV fJ f 1 UREL STAFF FIRST ROW Shirley O Shea Elaine Kuppel Pat Ba1ley Pat Ryan Judy Pratzner Helen Rupp Bertie Rob lnson Pat Eckr1ch Hazel Llmmer SECOND ROW Marcia Senn Diane Cramer Ga1lEdelbach Michele Casey Ruth Britton Mae Conrad Betty Ricci Jean Steinman Kay Norcross THIRD ROW B111 Moeller Charles DeLong Walter Aydelotte Ronald Joseph Sklp Frank Tony D1G1acomo Norman Schaab James Werner We the Laurel Staff W1Sh to express our appreciation to Miss Rittenberg the faculty student body our advert1sers and patrons for the1r help and cooperation in making th1s year s book a success We hope you will accept this humble acknowledgement of your pat ronage and support .7Ae cfaure! Sf fI959 Norman Schaab Assistant Editor Busmess Manager Art Photography Advertismg Betty RICCI Ga11 Edelbach Marcia Senn Betty Ricci Kay Norcross Literary M1chele Casey Sports Walter Aydelotte TYPISIS Ruth Britton, Pat Eckr1ch Pat Bailey Bertie Robin son Jean Stemman ' 1 . . . . . V , . ' r . a 0 Co-Editors , , . . , , , , , . . . Hazel Zimmer, Circulation . . . . . . . Tony DiGiacomo un..-. .-..- s... .. -.. . ' p . g D I' . 1 - . . - . n l . Q . VAR ITY CLUB SIITHNQ Tom Dibiatomo l1dwinDoerr Skip Frank JaH1esLd1neet STANDING James Pitt Thomae King Jamee Werner Bruce btamoffa George Ade Ronald Joseph Billv Moeller Paul Mangold Joeeph Mt Annev Walter -Xxdelotte ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO 'S FIRST ROW: Joy Kienzle Rosemarie Caroccio Judy Kaufman John Rupp Patricia Ad- Judyglnlamilton Bertie Robinson. SECOND ROW: Johanna Roberts Andrew Hand Carol Ramp Paul Mangold Lynn Champ- ion Tommy lmperatore Katherine Ingrum.THIRDROW:MiChael Farrel Bruce Zaccagnino James Werner George Kendall, George Ade, Edward Englehardt, Robert Mangold. SAFETY P TROL Y . FlRST ROW: Pat Ryan, Pat Bailey, Marcia Senn, Norman Schaab, Pat Kurtz, Pat Eckrich, Betty Ricci. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Stewart, Barbara Holendorf, Elsie Magdits, Gail Edelbach, Lillian Senn, Eileen Fox, Mae Conrad, Hazel Zimmer. THIRD ROW: Diane Cramer, Larry Montgomery, Barbara Hall, Ronald Joseph, Catherine Butterhof, James Werner. ABSENT: Michele Casey. if T' , .,, , W E. O C er 5 Captain ..... ........... N orman Schaab Lieutenants ..... Betty Ricci, Hazel Zimmer Secretary . . . ............ Gail Edelbach Treasurer .. Mae Conrade The Safety Patrol is made up of Juniors and Seniors, nominated by the patrol members, and supervised by Mrs. Stewart. They are approved by each member of the faculty and sponsored by the New Jersey State Police. They maintain order and safety in the halls, during the changing of classes. PRESIDENTS CLUB -Q . VII' is x 2 f S FIRST ROW: Rosemarie Husta, Joyce Corliss, Marcia Semi, Betty Norcross, Carol Weller Charlotte Fleagle. SECOND ROW: James Tracey, Henry Rundio, Jerry Eaton, Edward Markowski James Earnest Katherine lngrum Jeanette Schlinger Margaret Reed Jeanette Husta Phyllis lngrum MAJORETTE il Social Whirl The Freshman Dance Our Freshman Dance was held 1n the All Purpose Room before the Chnstmas Hohdays The room was arusucly deco rated w1th a Chr1stmas wall scene re1n deer rooftops and all the other Chr1stmas Muslc was supplled by Mr Darlmg s band No queen was chosen for th1s dance however DIIZCS were gwen for noxelty dances A wonderful time was had by all who attended , , traditions. K 1 ' ' 7 0 On a beaut1ful Saturday evemng the Sophomore Hop was held 1n our All Purpose Room The room was handsomely decorated for us by the Class of 58 The theme was Rhapsody 1n Blue and was followed by covermg the ent1re room w1th blue and havmg dancers and notes palnted around the room The c11max of the evenmg was when Karen Lee Norcross was chosen queen, her kmg bemg Henry Obergfell. Those chosen to be her court were: Pat Kurtz, Pat Ryan, Marcia Senn, and Pat Eckrich. Both the queen and her court were presented witha lovely remembrance ofthe evenmg. 34 I-9mm On May 16 the class of 59 had the1r Prom It was the f1rst blg affalr to be held 1n our new gym. It was beautlfully decorated the theme belng Sprlngtlme whlch was spelled out wxth roses There were tables along the sldes of the gym cafe style whlch gave a warm appearance to the room MUSIC was supphed by The Four Mets Late 1n the evemng everyonelmed up for the Grand March Falth Snyder was chosen Queen Her escort was Jack Flllmg The Queen was presented wlth a bouquet of red roses Her court conslsted of s1x lovely young ladles Julia Prlest MHICIH Senn Barbara O'Shea, Helen Rupp, Kay Norcross, and Cora Ingrum. Glfts of Jewelry were gxven to the Queen and her court as souvenlrs of the eventful evemng, - W is, ,Q 3 ' .i l xi' F 1 N - f QQ 4 Z- x . , 1 ,X if fe Y 'I ,vw v 8 elll0l' lflllel' allfe On January 18 1959 the benlor Class held lts annual dmner dance at the Hofbrau Restaurant We could choose between roast ch1cken or roast beef W1IhfI'LI1ICOCkIa11 peas parsley potatoes salad coffee and xce cream for dessert After d1nner we danced to the muslc of the Four Mets Everyone had a wonderful t1me Y X671 as... QW' YQ! 'Nllill ng X A QQII ig W XX my f 1 N rg D f E 1 5. E 'N g V K .Q V Q f...--:-2. 4 1' 1 XL N, I 1- HEERI Th1s year the team was greatly supported by the cheerleaders puttmg on numerous and h1lar1ous pep ra1l1es Among the humorous themes made up by Captaln Kay Norcross were a fashlon show of sack dresses a take off on the football team a Thanksgwxng sk1t and several others Added to th1s were many Splflted cheers The cheerleaders ln splte of transportatlon problems weather and slckness were present at every basketball and football game I m sure the team could never have done wlthout them The cheerleaders were plcked by three faculty members 'N . . I ,y , . . . . 1 ' r 1 Q . I I F , . . . ,W ' - 1 QW , f - I., X AC' E fax I ' Q, A A , W, w 'if' . by 4. 'K V, 1- ,f ,,.-,, , r.?Ail1,E?-evv,AQff4.7'r. ---f . 1 VVS! ' is S SQUAD Left to Rxght Bev Schenker Carol Weller Joyce Corllss Betty RICCI Chlck Fleagle Carol Osborne Helen Mangano Lols Breder Carol Bauder Joy KIBHZIS Captaln Kay Norcross i..,w- ' X539 v Fl' 'Q av five 'wr' Qi- Wllllam Moeller Thomas Kmg Anthony D1G1acomo FOOTBALL The Egg Harbor Rockets lost ten VQISIIX men from last years team They were also hampered by numerous 1njur1es dur1ng the earlv part of the season consequently a lot of boys that wouldn t have played gamed valuable exper1ence In a couple of years we should have good teams because of th1s experlence Although the team d1dn t w1n a game they dlsplayed good sportsmansh1p and conduct all through the season The team was under the capable leadershlp of head coach Harry Fenstermaker and asslstant coach Joseph Mohr lst Row, left to r1ght Thomas Kmg, W11lxam Moeller, Sk1p Frank, Tony D1G1acomo, Bruce Scamoffa, Walt Aydelotte, 2nd Row Frank Phy, Paul Mangold, MBIIO Squlllace, W1ll1am Tames, Leon Sarao, Mlchael Echberg, Buddy Doerr, Steve Werner, Joseph Fenton. 3rd Row Coach Harry Fenstermaker, Joseph Del lanoce, James Tracy, W11l1am Hane, Bruce Zaccagnlno, George Kendall, Alex Trent, Carl Glaser, W1ll1am Solomon, Frank Jenkms, Gabe Gross, James Pltt. 4th Row Ronny Vlgnalll, Joseph Mohr, Eddle Markowskl, Malcolm Mc Lean, Donald Prxester, Andy Kmght, Kenneth Moran, Mlchael Farrell, Larry Gaupp, Warren Pfeiffer. 37 '-4 ,,- - ' ' E523-:E - 1 7 "4 7 fl 55522 5 ' '- ' ,, . ' J fl F'-f. .. n " f at - v '11 - fb -N-.5 ,- E ,X :W iiglif fm' -z f ' 2 , 1-Agfa W' 1:23272 A ' X A ' 7: '14, 3'fW.12' , ' 2 . , . rv W - .- J.: f sense-N . .. , ,V -1- - N ..-Q-..-w '-. ' " K," aj yi 'V ,am 1 , X' me ' ' F A - r x. --f . ' . 'f ' ifiifxtli ., G ' ' ,, ,x - .e 'ff 123532 -1, -- 't M - -' 4 , +5 fe'-M' t o r , , r,,,, nrr, , , ,. L, to F . ' y W5 . - . . .N 1 V ff' fgyg,,Aaef-in , g,gf5y 1.7 J ' a , A ' 1 1' 'cf oi.g,1a"-3',f- 'lffffili f' ' ,- U - f. ' , "fe-Qwfsf-'fr.tq:'LQEf'7'' ., Q: . Y: 1 i 4 fv.:',3riFx'f,1f1f,' 'gi ' - f . ' A K' Q g - 'grin V lg ' A' A 1 ' gag: ,, Q '4 '-A A V Eng:-Tk VV' , 1 'Q U f ,- V Mayo. .. M . , D I , , A in K if if Shift- ,V gg ' V . , . , I , . . . . . , , . . . t . r . wif .J P A 1 I c,. . If .r - 'Q I .A Ly R nalmvvz-uhh...-g.,9W Skxp Frank Walt Aydelotte Bruce Scamoffa ..f Schedule Mlddle Townshlp Allentown Pemberton Southern Reg1ona1 W11dwood Ocean C1ty Holy Splfll 'Nia ""' -HQ, 'luv 'QL ":r'x Cape May Hammonton Harry Fenstermaker AR ITY - Ronnie Joseph Larry Montgomery my The varsxty wound up a poor season thls year malnly because of the lack of experxence Wxth the loss of seven varslty members of last years squad the problem of rebulldlng a team was met w1th determmatlon by our coach Joe Mohr and the entxre squad Sklp Frank pndnlnll!-tA04""' ,W .mmwwf 'K' Left to Rlght W1l11am James Malcolm Lean George Kendall Skxp Frank Tony D1G1acomo Ronald Joseph Larry Montgomery J1m Earnest K., , .. . 1 . . X' 'N . ve' , I Y 'I A L if X g , M F , .fa V K a V' 2 L A 2 sf , wf! , -fa 5 ., tJs,, V f - f r fu , ,V at ' -up f A -s f f ,. . A - D W V fn , 'sr , V t, - . N ' ,V .'H,,NA r -pa.. , - ' M", My ' 9 'A I w f ' ' .-4 .. -f-Q1-a-saw.-.X -",., . A sv , , me fa W 'V' J' ff, from , A y M- or 6 : , Mc , , ' , ' ' , 9 O l Dec . Dec Dec Dec Jan, Jan. Jan. Jan, SCHEDULE 8-Pleasantville 10-St. Joseph's 16-Southern Regional 18-Wildwood Catholic 6-Cape May 9-Wildwood 14-Pleasantville 16-Ocean City Tony DiGiacomo Captain O 61 61 pp Joe Mohr Coach 7 O . 33 BASKETB LL 72 79 61 Jan, Jan, Jan, Jan. Feb. Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 21-Middle Township 23-Hammonton 28-St. Joseph's 30-Hammonton 3-Ocean City 6-Holy Spirit 10-Cape May 13-Middle Township 17-Wildwood 20-Southern Regional 24-Holy Spirit 27-Wildwood Catholic 45 60 54 67 83 85 65 69 61 70 W' 67 68 JU IORV RSITY N Kneeling, Left to Right: Bill Saalman, Joey Mohr, Ronny Risley, John Marmontello, Gabe Gross, Paul Heckman, James Pitt. Standing: Joseph Mohr, Coach, Eddie Englehardt, Douglas Cramer, Fred Michel, Alex Trent, Billy Hahne, Bruce Zaccagnino, Eddie Bonek, John Saalman, The J,V, squad was made up mostly of Freshman. For this reason we are looking forward to a successful Varsity sea- son in the future. If the attitude of our younger players keeps improving it will show up in future varsity games. GIHl'S BHSHETBHLL lst Row Lett to R1ght Joyce Farnsworth MSICIS Senn Barbara Holendorf Sylv1a Lleb Betty Ann L1eb 2nd Row MISS Crompton Dlane Cramer Catherme Butteroff Eleanor Schenker Helen Rupp Eleanor Adams Bert1e Robmson Betty RICCI Shxrley Robmson ThlS year our new gym teacher M1ss Crompton orgamzed a glrl s 1nterscho1ast1c basket ball team It cons1sted of a vars1ty made up of Jumors and Semors and a Junlor vars1ty made up of Freshmen and Sophomores We hope that 1n followmg years they w111 keep up the good work S' m. Q E- TT 4' Wamws... Left to R1ght Rosemary CSIOCCIO Beverly Schenker Gertrude Fxcken Lynn Champ1on Sharan Senn Mxss Crompton Charlotte Flagal Carol Henderson Nancy Bauder Rosahe Imperatore Susan Wagner Joy Klenzl JU IDR VARSITY rv t Qt - .. Q W i V fig'--'V 4: - , . f- ix T M ' - h A , , , - W . or A , . F b ' t . if ' t . ' ' - 1. 'iw ' ft 1, m' -X ' X cj' V I ' In w AM ? I v I f 6 N - 7 Il ' A f V Q A it -,. Qs.. g . A ' A t 4 I A J , , 1 1' ' 6 H A . gg I 7 ,L ,,Q"l'! - I - f t ' ff ' f Qfgffzggif n , ' 1 A QM. , A, jr N -Qi. , L - K ggi V I 'M' I . 4 t TTS' ,M " V 3 I - v . I I , , . I f I I - U I . 2- Left to R1ght Dlck Wmterbottom Donald Prelster B11ly James F W1111am Mlchel J1m Werner Jlmmy Pxtt Mr Duffy coach TRACK f rank Phy J 1m Earnest le- J oe McAnney SP T DISTANCE 1 0 1 T A 2 1 ' mx . .f A Q yn 7' ,, f ' A V ' 4' .Nj 'W K W, G , Y ' wgivy ' . 1 I l 1 5 1 1 1 1 l 1 F ' 9 ,, if 1 I 14 v L 'S 'T is A ASEB LL 0 , bf I: r . Qbt X f' I ' ,gf K . GQHARRQ Xt NG . M55 kk! Qs '790,f JV 9 Q: 1. k IQKLYR ia! biatkt gf? 1 g5ll.gH.l.s!sa 1 A .AAF BHAFQ lxkjj Pi Y QAQ mtg? -S K fl' f :I I lj to Q! S 'X lst Row left to Rlght Bruce fEiCClg'I11l'lO Joseph Mohr Ronny V1gnall1 John Rupp Ronny Rlsley Bllly James Jlmmy l-arnest Bobby Mangold Bllly Moeller 2nd Row Donald Prelster Eddle Bonek Earnest hnglehardt Malcolm Mc Lean Coach Mohr Tonv D1G1acomo George Ade Marlo Squ1llace Ronald Joseph This year the baseball team looks promlsmg although elght vars1ty lettermen graduated last year We have four lettermen returmng and are lookmg forward to another good season 'I'l'l1S year the team IS under the capable leadersh1p of Coach Joseph Mohr M '-'QU' f . I 1 . fl, - Y A 7 - . L y , v y n I 1 - l v - I , n , v y , 1 . - . . . - I va'! M IM.. S 4 , .. it, - - Q w, ' . k,,, W. , , Q .. ,. sf l v - 1 S 4 "Y yn A 5 t , - 1 1 . - , ' :KJ 2... 3 I 431 X s 1 '1 ' 3 K lf? w .V, i P QM' 4 I, x ti ....,-,.. 4 1 ,S L12 ig fx ' rf 'x sl- MJ MQ.-m-2 4 uaquuiii gms' . FP 3 5 M1 xii, ,"""'A X.,k ff' Y IN ,Lg X. JP'-gf, -vg A ...L--I , :b-155' W va- Che Smivr 611155 Of 1959 Wzslzcs to Chunk :ts FHHS 81 SUPPUHTERS far maklng ,zwsszifle Che faurcl This issue' af I I I I TO THE SENIOR CLASS OE 1959 PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATICDN GREETINGS d BEST WISHES Comphments C P LEEK 81 SONS Lower Bank New Iersey Congratulatlons and Best Wxshes to the CLASS OF 1959' Keep up the goocl work AND REMEMBER For makmg FINANCIAL prog lk lc e ular savmgs deposxts at a BANK We w1l1 welcome your account For now let us wxsh each of you success EGG HARBOR BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Egg Harbor City, N J Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon 3 Interest Paid on Savings Accounts 3 of . O I ress, all through life, therels nothing quite i e ma ing r g ' ' '70 ' ' 70 KIWANIS CLUB Egnb cfyN df' QNAN O ,"NA'0l,1 WE BUILD SINCERE WISH ES PCR SUCCESS TC THE SENIOR CLASS CE 1959 BETTER-BILT DOOR CO. EGG HAR BOR CITY. NEW IERSEY Compliments of of g ar or i, 'fy -1- . s I7 K Q m Q' if" IT PAYS TO SAVE AT . . . COLLECTIVE FEDERAL 3 If ON ALL ACCOUNTS LARGE OR SMALL Soles Service PI-IILCO BENDIX A C D O E R N B A C H CHINA GIFTS CUT GLASS COMPLIMENTS EGG HARBOR BOAT CO INC EGG HARBOR CITY N K A U F M A N N INSURANCE AGENCY Theft Accident Bonds Fire Workrnens Compensation EGG HARBOR CI'I'Y N I Phone 5 0724 W E S T E R N AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 301 PHILADELPHIA AVENUE Egg Harbor N I Phone WO 5 0845 COMPLIMENTS HENRY S EXPRESS Best Wishes to the Class of l958 T H E N E W S GEORGE E GRIES Publisher Published Every Thursday In the Interest cmd Welfare of Egg I-Iclrbor City cmd Area 129 CINCINNATI AVENUE Egg Harbor City N I IV! O i OE Automobile - Marine - Liability SAM GIUNTA cmd SID CAMIDAGHA or ' ' COMPLIMENTS OF EGG HARBOR CITY WOMEN S CIVIC CLUB CONGRATULATIONS FROM EGG HARBOR BOWLING CENTER PHILADELPHIA AVENUE Egg Harbor City N I GEORGE HOFFMANN ATLANTIC COUNTY S DEPENDABLE UPHOLSTERER COMPLIMENTS SENN OIL CO EGG HARBOR N I Phone Worth 5 0771 or 5 036K Best Wrshes From General Manne Supply Egg Harbor Crty N I WO 5 1499 Comphments oi South Shore Pcnnt 6: Supply Co Alummum Products Dutch Boy Pomts l5l Phzladelphm Ave Egg Hgrbor Crty N I WO 5 1607 WO 5 0229 A G Vcrutnnot Agency Insurance CS Recd Estate 134 Buffalo Avenue Egg Harbor C1ty N I Cornphments oi Iames H Werner PLUMBING and HEATING OF 339-41 Boston Avenue I Mr qnd Mrs Dr and Mrs Lawrence W1mberg Thomcrsl Petlngcr .X BY THE CREATORS OF OUTSTANDING YEARBOOKS AND OF MASTERKRO FULL COLOR LITHOGRAPH THE CHEERLEADERS COMPLIMENTS BETTY ANN BETTY ANN HELEN BEVERLY CHICKI LOIS THE O IOYCE CAROL CAROL CAROL VARSITY CLUB KAY Co pliments of Compymems f A NOT:-:ER FINE EDITION Best Wishes from OF COMPLIMENTS OF THE IUNIOR CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS CHAS M SAUER Sc and 10c STORE 121 PHILADELPHIA AVENUE Compliments of HOME ROOM 21 COMPLIMENTS TI-IE FRESHIVIAN CLASS THE LAUREATE PRESS INTELLIGENT SERVICE FOR THE PARTICULAR PRINTING BUYER WOrth 5 0448 5 0993 Comphmerlts of ATWOOD FUNERAL HOME Comphments of BUSH and SARTORIO Best W1shes F F SCHMIDT 5 0070 Best W1shes ATLANTIC DRUG CO 101 Phlladelphla Ave Egg Harbor WO 5 0845 Comphments of TED 6. NICK S MARKET Egg Harbor Clty N I WO 5 0181 COMPLIMENTS POMONA GARAGE CO INC Comphments of BUTLER S ESSO STATION OF WO - L. S. Lyon - S. Garfield OF Compliments of BEST WISHES FROM "IRELAND'S FRED I-IENSEL'S SUNOCO STATION NEWSPAPER AGENCY.. BILL'S PARKVIEW LUNCHEONETTE Subs, Pizza, Ice Cream WO 5-0511 COMPLIMENTS OF BEN FRANKLIN 5 - 10 129 PHILADELPHIA AVENUE Egg Harbor N I BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS ROBERT BOB WEILER OUR SERVICE AIR CONDITIONED IDEAL DINER WHITE HORSE PIKE Egg Harbor City N I Comphments PETER LUMBER CO OYSTER CREEK INN Leeds Pomt N I P v111e 7 COMPLIMENTS and MRS PERRY FRANK COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND Comp11mer1ts of OTTO SCI-IULTZ PAINT SUPPLIES Arago St 6. 7th Terrace Egg I-Iorrbor Clty N I Cornphments of REESERS STUDIO Phlladelphla Avenue Comphments oi SIEI-'ERTS BODY SHOP A11 Kmds of Body Repcnrs Arago St and Sth Terrace Egg Harbor Clty N I Comphmerxts of CENTRAL GLASS CO 223 Buffalo Ave Egg Harbor Cxty Clyde Lehnels Robert Nugent R E E S E R S Stcmonery Cords Gmfts Egg Harbor N I Phone 5 0888 Comphments of ALBERT SORG CLOTHING INC 24 H ' of ' ' 18 1 OF OF DR. . 31 ' ' '. WO 5-106 Egg Harbor City, N, I. Smcere W1shes for success to The Class of 1959 GEORGE SENN COMPANY FRANK H SENN Prop ALEX MICHEL Inc INSURANCE of All Kmds 238 LIVERPOOL AVENUE Egg Harbor City N I WOr Il 5 0347 RUTH S FASI-IIONS 141 PHILADELPHIA AVENUE COMPLIMENTS O B E R G F E L L YOUR LOCAL FLORIST BOB WHITE BAR Lew1s Flentz Cologne N I Comphments ol K 6. H AUTO STORE Egg Harbor Clty N I Comphments of IOES DINER PETE THE IEWELER Where Quahty Is Frrst Conslderatlon DIAMONDS WATCHES IEWELRY Watch Repamng Cash or Credlt COMPLIMENTS WEISBECKER CLEANERS 6 SHIRT LAUNDRY GUENTHER APPLIANCE STORE COLOGNE N I Worth 5 0400 Comphments of HARBOR LIQUOR STORE Bart and Tackle WO 5 0585 Egg Harbor Cxty Best W1shes HOWARD S SPORTING GOODS Whmte Horse Pxke Egg Harbor Clty N HENRY IVIERKORD TOWING and REPAIR WORK COLOGNE N I Phone Worth 5 0307I Il COMPLIMENTS BAKELY S CI'I'Y LINE GARAGE EGG HARBOR N I ROBERT L ADE BICYCLE and SHOE REPAIRING LAWNMOWERS SHARPENED 259 PHILADELPHIA AVENUE Worth 5 0964 COMPLIMENTS E A LAUER f 2 or I WESTINGHOUSE MOTOROLA OF - ' , . I. OF I " W We , ,, , OF IIMMIE S FLORIST IAMES GUERCIONI Prop FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 2855 WHITE HORSE PIKE h 5 0353 COMPLIMENTS OF CRESCENZO S ESSO STATION EGG HARBOR CITY N TO THE CLASS or 19591 COMPLIMENTS SCHIEDER S GULF AND CONFECTIONERY COMPLIMENTS LOLLY FUEL COMPANY WO 5 0205 IOHN K RUPP LINDER and CONCRETE BLOCKS EGG HARBOR N I Comphments of COMPTON MOTORS DODGE cmd PLYMOUTH DEALER IOSEPI-IS MENS :S BOY S SHOP ARROW cmd VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS ADAM and STETSON HATS 147 PHILADELPHIA AVENUE Phone 5 0894 HOLIDAY BEAUTY SALON Bette DeRosa WO 5 1110 430 Wcxshlngton Ave Egg Harbor C1ty Comphrnent ot DR 6. MRS ROBERT E SINDERBRAND Best W1shes WEILS SODA WO 5 0075 VACARELLO S MARKET 400 St Louxs Ave Meats for Home Freezers WO 5 0196 cut cmd Wrcrpped to your deslred needs FAIRMAN S HEATING O11 Burner Soles omd Serv1ce 5 1262 R 1 GEORGE E HABERSTROH Bu11d1ng Contractor WO 5 0891M Comphments ot RUSSELL M LORD MUHICIDGI Engr QS Lcmd Surveyor NO 2 2261 Comphments ot STATE FARM AUTO INSURANCE CO. Egg Harbor C1ty, N I WO 5 0206 WOODY'S SUB SHOP PIZZG, Spczgheth and Meot Bolls WO 5 0949 i I I I I . .I. WOrt - I A I OF I - worm 5-0343 I I 1 I -1 I - Wo - - - ROSAL SHOPPE S RIVE R CK FAC O R B I E CO of N I Wearrng Apparel Grrls :Sf Sub Teens Have Trowel wlll travel Let S Face It 812 Campe Street Bemle G Ed Crocus wa 5 0311 Egg Harbor ary N 1 Cornphments of HOFBRAU Cornpllrnents of IOSEPH PLUMBING 6. HEATING A NICG Place to Eat Comphmenls ol Cornplrments of 3 STAR GARAGE RAYS GULF STATION FRANNY RYANS GREENHOUSES Cornplxments O All lands of potted plants WO 5 l977 N 6 I TRUCKING Gravel F1ll TODSO1l Cologne N I Cornpllments of N ck RICCI Ioseph Perna THE SAFETY PATROL ' 1 MR. 6: MRS. Igckson Avenue, Cologne, TRONS Wade Archer Mr and Mrs Walter Aydelotte Babs and J1m Mr and Mrs A G Ba1ley Glorls Ba1ley Mr and Mrs Paul Bauder Mr and Mrs Norman Bennecoff B1lly and Chlp T1ny Boerner G11 and Helen BOSIGS Mr and Mrs Boyd and Ronn1e Brattans General Store Mr and Mrs John Braun Joseph Burrows Buster and Joyce Mrs Carolyn Butler Mr and Mrs Anthony Butterhof Fran Butterhof Mr Joseph Butterhof Mr and Mrs Dav1d Cav1le1r Ches and Bertle C1ty Servlce TaX1 Mr and Mrs Frank Compton Mrs Confortl Mrs J Corllss Mr and Mrs G D Ambrosxo Dey s Bakery M1ss Doty Thomas F Duffy Mr and Mrs Jos Echr1ch Mr and Mrs Ralph Edelbach J1mmy Ernest Esther Beauty Salon Mr and Mrs Fenton Mr and Mrs W1ll1am Flsher Mr and Mrs Chester Flath M1ss Edlth Flmg Frank and Barbara Frank and Charlotte Carol Ev and Bob Frye Future Mr and Mrs B Joe Galvm Edd1e and Larry Gaupp and Mrs Edwxn G Gaupp gl Janet and Mrs Al Haes and Mrs Dom1n1ck Hagel oe Hagelm Marle Hahne Hans and Darleen Mrs Martha Harr1s Mr and Mrs George Leroy Houser Hazel and Vmce Helen and Bucky M1ss Frieda Hennlss Anne Hepburn Mr Joe Kuehner Mr and Mrs Frank Kuppel N1ck Lalelll Lewls and Ga1l Mr and Mrs W1ll1am H Lop Mr and Mrs Thomas Lucas Gracle Mangano Jack Memeke and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Hames M1ck Lewls Mllne M1ttnacht Albert Morgenwe k Clarence Morgenweck Mrs Margarethe V Nael Mr and Mrs J C Nearmg W1ll1am Norcross Mr and Mrs John O Shea George F Otto Pat and Gary Pat and Larry Mr and Mrs George L1mmer Paul and D1anne Ralph and Jean and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Edd1e Rupp John Rupp Jr Wlllard Ranson W1ll1am Re1ter Chas Repa Jos Rob1nson Sr Joseph Rubba Mr and Mrs Wm Ryan Mr and Mrs WalterH Schenker Alberta Schhenger Mr and Mrs Frank Schnelder Mr and Mrs Thomas Sooy Mrs V1rg1n1a Stewart Mr and Mrs Joseph Thomas Yvonne Thompson V F W 341 Mr and Mrs E Waesp1 Mr and Mrs Bud Walker Walkers Super SCIVICG Mr and Mrs Charles Walters Warren and E1leen Delbert Weeks Carol Weller Mrs Emlly Weller Mr and Mrs Charles W61Sb6Ck6I . . ' Mr. ' , Mr, , ' ' . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . c . Mr. . . ' . . ' ' , Jr. Mrs. Charles De Long Palph and Joan ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' . . ' Mr. . . ' , . . . Mr, . ' . . . - 5 Mr. . ' . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' . . J . . PHOTOGRAPHS PHOTGGRAPHS Mfaj Ain gfon jfl.,J PHCDTOGRAPHS 7 ALITCGRAPHS ALITGGRAPHS . -,-,.,,5- L, ,ggw M- 1-z.x.:-- -- . ,nf-Q. .. ,L ,V .V A, ,,,. ., . LL F., .,sx1p55I'-Y:-E"" 9' ' 'H " ' umusy, , .lik ns WX, ,A-,.. . .Q - , 'Qi , im ,NT tm-- J X53 ., fi-i Lg- 555' xx Q-:CZ 74 i2 ' J Yl,.x.f,-ff,-Af' ' -' " agggg. -...'. ,: v- 1 - ' V - ..4- --.kk J., . --qv-, ,X ---g-.R X-Q, fg. -5'-.,-,-. '-,1.:-,-.k,'-eg":fx , . , -f,,,.,4-1..M1..4,4Q'.f: new ' f'fwff2if,1-agen:f5:2m.xwas 41: iraw..- W .zvf -'x-fl' ' ,, .L .,..:me2f-Hlagafzifkx:fzig,?.a.41iu- gm-.

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