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PHUUUEEII HY EEE HAHBUH HIGH SEI-IUUL W T AW . J 1 A 1 A ' 1, ji , lllllllla ff' U' fi U ,Q gl, llnnl -0-"""'Al H A I 1 415 WI? . . T Q 'af.',. 'QQ' YQ RMK I A gb if F U Pt E W U ll U Come One! Come All! See The Greatest Show on Earth! Spectacular! Gigantic! Colossal! World-famous performers from the four corners of the World! Hear the crowd roar, as we present the second issue of THE PRODUCERS .... THE PERFORMERS ..... T 7, x " I I' 5-" 4 Q si' X sl ks 'N ik ... Lv U TENTS UNDER THE BIG TOP ..... THE ACROBATS ..,., THE CREW ....,..... MERRY-GO-ROUND .... THE LAUREL. Page l to 6 Page 7 to 23 Page 24 to 27 Page 28 to 33 Page 34 to 39 Page 40 to 5U 2 BOARD OF EDUCATION: Ernest Winterbottom, Alexander S. Butcher, W. A, Miller, Ir., Pros- per A. Ruberton, William L. Karrer, Frank O, Breder, UEUIEATIU Every organization has its behind-the-scenes staff, those hard-Working individuals, who are often unknown to most of us and Whose merits seldom receive the appreciation and acclaim they deserve, Often they serve without recompense and give freely of their time and energy to aid a community, who returns these efforts only with blame and adverse criticism. To adequately juggle the supplies problem, equipment, teachers Woes, and students trials, to keep them all in harmonious balance- To have had the fortitude to bear these tribulations for a quarter of a century-is no mean feat! So, to the Egg Harbor Board of Education and to Mr. Frank O. Breder, President, who this year rounds out a quarter century of service, We dedicate this, the second issue of the Laurel. "Well done, thou good and faithful servants." 4 AUlVllNlS'l'HA'l'lUN MR. WALTER A. MILLER, IR. Supervising Principal of Schools We have been most fortunate for the last two years in having Mr. Walter A. Mil- ler, lr., as supervising principal ot the Egg Harbor Public Schools. Mr. Miller has originated in our schools a philosophy of Scholarship and Citizenship. Posters bearing this inscription can be seen in every room. These act as a reminder that to be good scholars and citizens should al- ways be the aim of every student. MISS ANTOINETTE DOELL High School Principal lt is with deep regret that we bid fare- well this year to Miss Antoinette Doell, our High School Principal. To her we owe our sincere and everlasting appreciation tor 53 taithtul years ot teaching. Althouah gone from these portals, Miss Doell will long remain in our hearts and in the hearts of all who have known her. MISS FANNY D. RITTENBURG High School Principal After Miss Doell's retirement, Miss Fanny D. Rittenburg became principal ot the High School. Miss Rittenburg has taught tor eighteen years in our High School, and has given so generously of her time and in- terest for school activities. We greet Miss Rittenburg as a capable and etiicient suc- cessor to Miss Doell. 4 .67 e, EP PAEULTY Front row, left to right: Miss Terzano, Mr. Nearing, Mrs. Deitrich, Miss Doell, Miss Molinari, Mr. Vifallace, Miss Gilnrgrtin. Second row, lelt to right: I iss Henniganf iss Rittenbur , Mr. Heilman. Mrs. Thoms, Kizawich, iss Doty, Mr. Mohr. Mrs. Saalman, CATHERINE DEITRICH fMrs.l Bloomsburg State Teachers Col- lege. Business MARGARET DOTY University ot Vermont, Swarth- more, Harvard. Latin, English, Spanish HESTER FAGAN tMrs.J Columbia University, Glassboro State Teachers College. Music REGINA GILMARTIN Marywood College. Home Economics. Consumer Edu- cation IOSEPH GUARNERI University ot Scranton. Mathematics, English IAMES W. HEILMAN Moravian College. English CATHERINE I-IENNIGAN Marywood College, University of Scranton. X History lf EDNA HUTT, R. N. IIVIrs.l Pottstown General Hospital. School Nurse KATHERINE KEPNER Peirce School ot Business Ad- ministration. Business, Sociology, Commercial Geography IOHN KIZAWICH West Chester State Teachers Cole lege. General Science, English LILA MCQUILLAN Newark State Teachers College. Art IOSEPH MOHRX La Salle College. lf! Physical Education RITA MOLINARI Trenton State Teachers College United States History, English 5 IAMES NEARING Tufts University, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics FANNY RITTENBURG University ot Syracuse, University of Pennsylvania, English MARY SAALMAN fMrs.l Hood College, New Iersey Col- lege lor Women, Middleburg Col- lege, Biology, German VIRGINIA STEWART CMrs.l New Iersey College for Women. United States History MAE TERZANO Rider College. Business SARA THOMS tMrs.D New York University, Penn State, Kutztown. Mathematics EDGAR WALLACE Crlassboro State Teachers Col- lege. Industrial Arts HUB HIGH SEHUUL y ALMA MATER Egg Harbor High, we love thy very name, We View with pride thy many deeds and fame. Hail White and Blue! Steadfast and great and true, Waving so proudly over our school Refrain ' Hail, Alma Mater! May she live forever! And never die, Egg Harbor High. Egg Harbor High, as the years go by- - We work and play till graduation day, Then we' must say goodbye to all our frm, To friendship shared, to duty done. Refrain Hail, Alma Mater! May she live forever! And never die, Egg Harbor High. WORDS-loseph Geisenhoffer '47 TUNE-Finlandia by lan Sibelius 6 W M y LU! rf A Eliiflii, iii 5 ?0 U S g f Q W 5 " Wyj, Fnzsumew cafe A ,ff ..., H M' f JUNIORSQ x A x'7', LDV fl 7 Harold Leseman: President College Preparatory Goal: Aeronautical Engineer Hobby: The Serenaders Sez: Can't We get out ot class today? Marie Laielli: Secretary Commercial Goal: Private Secretary Hobby: Dancing and Roger Sez: Oh C'1non Betty lean Hood: Treasurer College Preparatory Goal: To be a good wife Hobby: Bob Sez: Honest to Iohn William Gabriel: Vice-president Commercial Goal: Produce Dealer Hobby: Ice skating, hunting and dancing Sez: Who's back? SPECIAL STUDENT Ruth A Faber Port Republic Note Studied at home, completed Tutor Mrs Carl Berggoetz. THE SENlUl3l CLASS l947 LOIS BADER NORMAN BARBETTO BETTY BARCLAY CLIFTON BASS Commercial Commercial General General Goal: Private Secretary. Goal: Middleweight boxer. Goal: To see the world Goal: Undertaker. Hobby: Hobby: Pennants. S e zz Hobby: Girls, the more the from a springboard. Hobby: Checking up on rnarks. Whatcha' know! rnerrier. Sez: atc that Pennants, stamps. Sez: Ohl Sez: Wait a minute, Mr. stuff! JY E For corn's sake. Heilman. , . WWW 6,m,4:zz',v y HENRY BAUER CORNELIA BENNETT IAMES BERCHTOLD IOSEPHINE BERNARD General College Preparatory Commercial Commercial Goal: Mechanic. Hobby: Goal: To go to a boarding Goal: Typist. Hobby: Sports, Goal: Housewife-Secretary Basketball and Bats to school. Hobby: Giving Min- rnovies, models. Sez: You're Hobby: Skating and bowl- belle. Sez: You got rocks in cey the brushsolf. Sez: Are so dumb. ing. Sez: Hubba-Hubba! your head? you kiddin'? AS PRESHMEN, There were l2l ot us, meek, bewildered and strange. Hall of the year sped by before we were adjusted to high school lite and fully acquainted with our surroundings. Alter blunders and experiences, betf ter forgotten, we left in lune with report cards marked Promoted! if it 'tri Qtt-krriik X . ,X EUNICE "EUNIE" BOSIES GRACE BRAUN ARTHUR BREDER 'CLAIRE BRITTON Commercial College Preparato A General Commercial Goal: Telephone Operator. Goal: To rate - Goal: To coach b sketball. Goal: Interior decorator. Hobby: Picture fiend. Sez: Agency. Ho y. hp gg ,Vie Athlet' ,gippings Hobby: Skating. Sez: No Whatcha' talking about, skating, c ct -Z ff 'a 3- Get y ear. kidding! girl? Sez: e . f ' V, - 3' Hy 0' D xo RICHARD CARLSON DIANE BOZARTH CLARK WILLIAM "BILL" CLASS HANNA DALY . General Commercial General Commercial Goal: Merchant Marines. Goal: To be a good house- Goal: Mechanic. Hobby: Goal: Secretary-Washing- ' Hobby: Chickens Cspecially wife. Hobby: Wedding Mo.m's ice box-and Pop's ton bound. Hobby: Read- one narned Ernilyj. Sez: bells. Sez: My Charlie- garage. Sez: Hey! Mokl ing. Sez: Oh! For heaven's 3 Hey, Morenol boy! sake! AS SOPHOMORES, We were 79. This year, much wiser, we organized with Arthur Breder, President, Barbara Peterson, Vice-President: Marie Laielle, Secretary, and Eleanor Tincher, Treasurer. A play, The Trysting Place, fol- lowed later. And the year ended with the Sophomore Hop. Pennywise, wel "borrowed" the Prom decorations, a Parisian Cabaret. IU l .THE SENIUH CLASS 1947 NORMAN D'AMBROSIO EMMA EVANGELIST GEORGE FAVRE Commercial Commercial College Preparatory Goal: Electrician. Hobby: Goal: Beautician. Hobby: Goal: Mechanical engineer. Horses. Sez: I'm not joking! Sports-swimming, skating. Hobby: Hunting. Sez: Bop, Sez: Beats the heck out of Bop! Bop! Bop! me! IAMES FILLING General Goal: To get out ot school and become a rnan. Hobby: Missing school bus-On purpose? Sez: l don't say nothing. WYNNE FILLING IOSEPH "IOE" LOUIS GIBSON PAUL GIOIA General GEISENHOFFER General Commercial Goal: Machinist. Hobby: General Goal: To graduate. Hobby: Goal: To see the World. Skating. Sez: I ain't got Goa-l: Electrician. Hobby: Building model airplanes. Hobby: Wolting. Sez: To none. Radios, homespun philos- Sez: Oh fooly'. Each His Own! To Each His ophy. Sez: Ye gadsl Own! AS IUNIORS, We elected Norman Barbetto, President, Harold Lese- man, Vice-Presidentg Grace Braun, Secretary, and Mervin Smolinsky, Treasur- er. ln the American Legion Oratorical Contest Mervin Smolinsky placed sec- ond tor Atlantic County. The year's biggest thrill, of course, was lunior Prom. For further details see page forty-two! I t I UB CLASS THE SENI ROBERT GR GOR College Pre ato ' . , A Goal: Bi fr.-f-, is ion. Horticul .91 , r ic l ish, go I 'Ji S D ri A WW ly 4-H fg my rav- SHIRLEY GRUNOW . College Preparatory . VIRGINIA HAHN Commercial 1947 HENRY HANSELMAN College Preparatory Goal: Beautician. Hobby: Goal: Taxidermist. Hobby: satin. Hobby: Strictly extra- Creating new hair do's and Hunting. Sez: Now wait a curricular. Sez: Whats the sports. Sez: Yes-'P minute. tOh! Can he talk?J Goal: Lohengrin and white matter, you chicken? KELLY LOIS HERMAN IOSEPH HUSTA College Preparatory Commercial Goal: Nurse. Hobby: Music, Goal: Professional athlete. old dishes, boats, Indian Hobby: Sports page. Sez: lore. Sez: Hi-ya! Sept. 4 Sept. 23 . . . .. Oct. l . . . Oct. 4 . . Nov. l . . . . Nov. 78 . . . . . Watch that stutt! WILLIAM "CISCO" Preparatory 4,41 . KOZUSHKO Goal: To go to colleg 4. neral Hobby: Dancing. Sez: Hon- oal: cian. Hobby est to goodness. o Work. Sez: Oh Ber- tha! SENIOR CALENDAR ...........We'reotf! Dec.9... ...Magazines tor sale Dec- M Laurel gets under Way S . Dec. 16 enior Dance . . .Alma Mater contest Dec -20 Thanksgiving Vacation Dec. 20 ml . . .Greens Show and Concert . . Basketball begins . . . .... Dramatic Club Play Candlelight Service Christmas Holidays THE SENIUH ELASS lt-147 IOSEPH KUEHNER Commercial Goal: Electrician. Hobby: Boats, cars and Ginny. Sez: Oh heck! HAROLD KURTZ SIGRID LEIPE Goal: Carpenter. Hobby: Goal: House Wife. Hobby: Shooting crows. Sez: All Dancing. Sez: Hey there. right. ETHEL LOVELAND College Preparatory Goal: Nurse. Hobby: Swim General Commercial ming. Sez: Oh G'Wan! do-I IUNE MICHEL DWIN MARTIN,C4,.vs,av!FRANK MARZOL!NO GEORGE MATHIS General College Preparatorylgql General General Goal: Beautician. Hobby: Goal: Chicken business,g,1Qpal: U. S. A. General. Goal: Auto mechanic. Hob- Dancing. Sez: Oh clear! Hobby: Hunting and i bby: Sports clippings. by: Sports. Sez: I did it, skating. Sez: Don't ask mel! ez: Watch out! Miss Terzano. SENIOR CALENDAR Ian. 6 . . , .....,,. Noses to the Grindstone. May 14 . , . . . . .Final Exams. Oh no-- Ian, 1U ...... Senior Dinner-Dance. Smooth. W1 y ? t A A ' -Washington Trip Ian. 2123 ...... Mictyear Exams. So Soon? I 1 B 1 t Feb. 3 . . . ..... Second Semester begins une ' ' ' ' ' ' GCCG awed e Apr. 3 . , . .... Easter and Spring Vacation lime 5 - ' 4 -'-A-"----44-4-'---- CIGSS DGY May 2 . . . . . .Iunior Prom. Deep secrets! tune 6 ...... Commencement. 'Bye tor now. I 3 'THE SENIUH CLASS 1947 HAINES MAXWELL MAXINE MAYS IOSEPH MAZZEO ROSE MERCANTO College Preparatory Commercial College Preparatory Commercial Goal: Rutgers. Hobby: Gcali Secretary. Hobby: Goal: To grow up Cabout Goal: Designer, Hobby: camera, procrastinating. The Bass Family. Sez: timel. Hobbyiflhgpyij-rig Singing and dancing. Sez: Sez: Wait a sec'. Next What will Martin say? Ihave so much Work to do! week, Miss Molinari. ALICE MERKORD WALTER ' SI ER ELLEN MILLER HELEN MILLER College Preparatory Colle : Pre - a ory Commercial Commercial Goal: Good wife. Hobby: idx . obby: Goal: Secretary. Hobby: Goal: Typist. Hobby: Get- Popular records. Sez: Oh u X 1, CW .l.Sez: hat? Reading. Sez: Are you kid- ting acquainted with the Gee! a . t? din'? lower classmen. Sez: I love that man! SENIOR COLORS-Sapphire and Silver SYMBOL-Hour Glass MOTTO-A quitter never Wins and a winner never quits. I-1 THE SENIUP1 CLASS . 1947 0' L, W ir 0 10 ,JI Q ' -94 :Ur I f' 9 UwQ',lAy5SfMINCEY OUI N BARBARA PETERSON IAMES 967' +C' aff .Geeeedl Colle Pre tory College Preparatory J9o od-,jg95QMiHteer or Physical al: arr argie d Goal: Secretary. Hobby: Goal: lfgvp- ffector. Hobby: Sports, chic ,Hob ker Dancing, sewing, walking -4.1 Sez: leez, oh man! ith in chanical vices. in the Woods. Sez: Hey fel- orne he? arlson! low! THEODORE REID THEODORE REINHARD IOSEPH ROEHL ALBERT ROSE General Commercial Commercial General Goal: Electrician. Hobby: Goal: Mechanic. Hobby: Goal: Professional football Goal: Electrician. Hobby: Sports. Sez: Whazzat? Woodwork, ice skating. player. Hobby: Hunting and Sleeping through German Sez: lHe makes like Harpo ice-skating. Sez: Hit 'em Class, Sez: Cheez! Marx.J hard! SENIOR WISH We, the Senior Class of '47, Wish Egg Harbor High a more extensive curriculum, including tor those who desire it, a four year shop course in a Well equipped shop, a tour year home economics course, and a larger laboratory with more extensive apparatus. Here's hoping! I Z M fijti ,., W, .1 1.. .. , I s . ll-llg SLNIUH LLA55 . . H147 MARIE RUBERTON LORRAINE SHELLHORN MERVI LINSKY IACQUELINE TOMKINSON College Preparatory Commercial College Preparatory Commercial Goal: Schoolrnarm. Hobby: Goal: Interior Decorator. Goal: Ph, D. Hobby: Wolf- Goal: Secretary. Hobby: D c' g, ez: Oh, Iimmy! - Hobby: Dancing. Sez: Gee ing, out-talking teachers. Foreign coins. Sez: Oh for fhiz! Sez: fDoes he ever stop'?l Pete's sake-! A. ,Of 'MW BERTHA TURNER LYDIA TURNER RODMAN VETTER HARRY WALKER Commercial Commercial College Preparatory General Goal: Secretary and house- Goal: Secretary. Hobby: Goal: Law, Medicine. Hob' Goal: Auto Mechanic. Hob- wife. Hobby: Roller skat- Roller skating. Sez: Hiya by: Music, golf, tennis. Sez: by: Gunning. Sez: Quit that ing. Sez: Oh Frenchy! keed! lust like in the city! stuff. THE SENlOR'S LAMENT We came to Egg Harbor with very high hopes, That our years would be fun, and chock full of jokes. Now that were here, we have found to our sorrow, That our years have been full,-MORE homework tomorrow. Teachers fill our poor brains with so very rnuch toil, They even expect us to burn midnight oil! At first they appeared to us, only as teachers, But we have found out that they also are preachers! They told us, "Please don't make so much noise! lt factuallyll could bother other girls and boys!" I 6 THE SENIUH CLASS 1947 LARRY WALKER MARGARET WALCZAK ALBERT WEBER ELMER WEBER General General Commercial General Goal: Auto Mechanic. Hob- Goal: Telephone Operator. Goal: Navy. Hobby: Hunt- Goal: U. S. A. A. F. Hobby: by: Hunting, vacation. Sez: Hobby: Stamps. Sez: Oh, ing, ice skating. Sez: That's Huntings ducks. Sez: Hello C'mon Harry! lor Pete's sake. not right. there. FRANCIS WEISBECKER SHIRLEY WEYMAN College Preparatory College Preparatory Goal: Engineering. Hobby: Goal: Housewife. Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Sez: Those dates-. Sez: George Now look here, Mervin. and I . . n And when they became angry, to us they would say, "I don't mean tomorrow, be quiet today." So you see what this high school to us has done, lt has shown us that school is definitely not lun. And taught us to Work from dusk until dawn, Were We timid and meek, or brassy With brawn. But the REAL lament of us seniors is this, We have only iour years of high school bliss. And We Wish they could stretch till seven times seven, Ch, dear, kind classmates, Wouldn't that be Heaven? ' wonder . . . MERVIN SMOLINSKY I 7 MARILYN ZELTMAN College Preparatory Goal: Housewifeqa good easy. one. Hobby: Frank. Sez: Franks coming home this weekend! E JUNIUH EL!-X55 COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Charles Schlue, Marian Eivich, Vlilliam Pappas, Beverly Caroc- cio, Mr. Nearing, Alice Keiser, William Stutzbach. Edith Burns, Iohn Alexander, Carol Waters, Evelyn Weiss, Dante Barone, Doris Ficken, Leo Huebner, Ramona Landis, Newell Fuhr- mann, Arlene Hanselman, Frances Iohnson, Ioseph Gibson. Louise Weber, Frederick Ruhl- man, Loretta Sorg. Adolf Schuster, Kathryn Hill, Carl Hanselman, Marie Completo. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,..,........,. Ioseph Daddario VICE PRESIDENT .... Andrew Lduloert SECRETARY ..,..,,......,..,.. Iune Boyd TREASURER . ,........., Beverly Caroccio YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVE Loretta Sorg COLORS , , , . . .Maroon and White EMBLEM .....,.,,............,...,.. Key MOTTO ...... We hold the key to success. CLASS OFFICERS: Ioseph Dclddario. Andrew Laubert, Iune Boyd, Beverly Caroccio, Loretta Sorg. I 8 COMMERCIAL: Eleanor Gorbig, Marie Becker, Eleanor Netolicka, Virginia Ireland, Theresa Giercyk, Mrs. Deitrich, Dorothy Ciocca, Carol Walters, Iune Boyd, Anita DeAngelis, Dorothy Merkord, Ieanette Mick, Marcelle Weil, Irma Blattner, Ethel Hailiinger, Beatrice Filling, Iean Hanselman, Anna Bonek, Alberta Schwarzl, Gladys Schorp, Norma Reiter, Margaret Under- wood, Anna Leipe, Betty Iorxes, Ruth Miller, Virginia Eichinger, Lucy Tortello, Mary Simp- kins, Lina Galli, Iosephine Ricci, Helen Kaenzig, Delores Wilson, Ieanette Sapienzo, lanet Christ. PROM COMMITTEE CLASS ADVISORS Mqflan Emch Wllham Pappas . it ' Mlss Mae Terzano Earle e Saplenzo Mrs. Callie-r1r1e Deitrlch fed Haqck . George liampettl Beatrice Filling Mr. lames C. Nearing GENERAL: Albert Dey, Richard Hesse, William Schneider, William Fuderer, Eugene Kurtz, Miss Terzano, Michael Iiampetti, Leon Cori, George Class, Eli Dammann, Ioseph Daddario, Robert Davidson, Ioseph Butterhoi, Robert Pratzner, Herbert Fuchs, Walter Weber, Bruce Winterbottom, Thomas Weber, Ronald Garbutt, Thomas Butterhof, Charles Morgenweck. Harvey Kaufman, William Schab, Ioseph Iiampetti, Andrew Laubert, George Iiampetti, Iack Leek, Iames Montgomery, Edward Gilson, Fred Haack, Maurice Roesch, William Ganiel. l 9 THE EUPHUIVIUHE ELA55 GENERAL: VVillia:n Bowen. Roy Bader, William Simmons, Carmen Romarielli, Mr. Kizawich, Cliilord Ierue, David Price. Thomas Breder, ernon Weller, Edward Price, Howard B:e:ler, VVil- bert Cramer, Howard Kendall, Iames Ross, Robert Montecalvo, Richard Gorbig, Ierry Ritchie, Theodore Iames, XVilliam Marzo, Carl Eckert, Ferdy Rotellini, Thomas McGeary, Auguut Reinhard, Iack Weiss, Ernest Cavalucci. Louis Lauer, William Butterhoi. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,,.......... loseph DeAugellS YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVE lean Weller VICE PRESIDENT .. ...,.. William Haes CLASS COLORS ,.,,..,,., Blue and Gold SECRETARY ...., .... W anita Guerrieri CLASS MOTTO ...... Upward and Onward TREASURER . . . . . ,Thomas Breder CLASS SYMBOL ,,.. Skull and Crossbones COMMERCIAL I: Betty lane Calimer, Doris Dampi, Nancy Tortello, Ianet Morgenweck, Mary Farina, Margaret Merlino, Rose Marie Dampi, Dorothy Turner, Daisy Heuman, Patricia Kin- iry, Gladys Mick. Ioan Iiampetti, Marie Casciano, Ioya Testa, Florence Kamensky, Calla Cramer, Lorraine Banner. 20 COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Hazel Champion, Iames Tortello. Gloria Mays. loseph Camp Miss Hennigan, Lloyd Wetjen, Ioan Roesch, Nick Warker. Bernice Guerrieri, William Eivich George McCarten, Roselyn Carton, Donald Ireland, Louise Strouse, Clarence Hanselman Morril Michel, Ioseph DeAngelis, Carolyn Weber, Paul Wilson. Margaret Thoms, Rita Near- ing, Ioyce Keiser, Thomas Hamilton, Peggy Regensburg, Frank Giercyk, Yvonne Bleichner Edwin Miller, lean Weiler, Fred Wessler, Wanita Guerrieri. SOPHOMORE ADVISORS Miss Catherine lflenniaan Miss Kathryn Kepner SOPH HOP COMMITTEE Ferdie Rotellini Ierry Ritchie Mr. Iohn Kizawich IOYCE Keisef Mrs. Virginia Stewart he amp Miss Rita Molinari COMMERCIAL ll: Ioseph Smith, Eileen Kohnow, Ralph Groil, Miss Molinari, William Haes, Marjorie Shellhom, Earl Ford, Ernestine Guilford, Lillian Schwarzman, Nancy Mazzeo, Wil- liam Bell, Louise Weisbecker, Ursula Will, Elaine Wormeclc, Delores Davidson, Louise Sharp- shire, Daisy Waters. Gertrude Miller. 2 I THE FHEEHMAN CLASS COMMERCIAL l: Edward McCormick, Bertha Laubert, Ruth Hagelin, Ioan Gehringer, Miss Doty, Virsey Austin, Ethel Crane, Mildred Hoenes, William Iohns, Lorraine Sartorio, Oscar Preidt, Sue Donaldson, Doris Filling, Anna McElhenny, Mary Geisenhotier, Ianice Hipkins, Edward Bubeck, Carolyn Kamensky, Viola Merkord. Phyllis Castrenze, Ioseph Stadtmueller, Mollie Wilkes, Dorothy Sohn, Fay Fleagle. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ..,.........., Vernon Lamkin CLASS COLORS 1 ' ' ' H A -Green cmd White CLASS MOTTO . . ,, .United We stand, Divided We fall. CLASS SYMBOL , i . , , .Four-leaied Clover VICE PRESIDENT .,...., Francis Tones SECRETARY ...... . . .Geraldine Adario TREASURER ,. .,...,........,.. Anita Hill YEARBCOK Representative . . .Anita Iaroile COLLEGE PREPARATORY I: Ann Schieder, William Schlue, Betty Dellngelis, William Struck, Anita Hill, Vernon Lamkin, Paulina Gabriel, Iohn Falciano, Iosephine Laielli, Iames Hanselman, Florence Gabriel, Charles Huntley, Beatrice Yanko, Paul Nye, Betty Weis- becker, Robert Nolan, Mary Pappas, Iames Friedhoier, Mary Ann Walczak, Nick Shicunott, Ioan Hess, Peter Schuck, Yanethia Crumley, Clare Kurtz, Alberta Green, Marilyn Haag, Beatrice Cramer, Ioseph Walker, Caroline Merkord. Henry Wilkes, Ianet Hanselman, Sue Wessler, Emily Lucas, Grace Bennett, Wanda Champion. 22 GENERAL AND COLLEGE PREPARATORY II: William Wilson. Calvin Heuman, Robert Houston, lack Corbett, Harold Iames, Mrs. Saalman, Lawrence Smith, George Williams, Iohn McC1ean, Bernard Dreager, Lawrence Iames, Eric Obenhaus, Charles Class, Donald Morgenweck, Raymond Kuehner, Fred Koester, Edward Kernan, Albert Sorg, Iohn Ross, Emil Eckert, Robert Senese, Frank Winkler, Howard Guenther, lack Lamkin, Ioseph Laielli, Charles Purzner, Henry Schairer, Gerald Dressler, Ralph Wegner, Thomas Langdon, Francis Iones. FRESHMAN ADVISERS Miss Margaret V. Doty Mr. lose-ph F. Guarneri if FRESHMAN DANCE COMMITTEE TICKETS . .,,........,... Ianet Hanselman DECORATIONS .,.., ,,.. B eatrice Yanhko . . . . ENTERTAINMENT . . . ,. ,Edward Kerman miss 1S1tjnMtDMg1.1SGgL REFRESHMENTS ...Anita Jerome iss G Y ' 1 6 Sig Mrs. Mary L. Saalman COMMERCIAL II: Harry Walascuk. Diane Verdine. Lawreather Graham, Betty Ficken, Mr. Guameri, Lorraine Eiiler, Margaret Shropshire, Marie Merkrod, Charles De Steiano, Gerald- ine Adario, Phoebe Merkord, Doris Loos, Deloyed Patten, Kenneth Cramer, Robert Dempsey, Christine Kolb, Nancy O'Shay. Betty lane Morgenweck, Iuanita Guilford, Anita Iarolle, Helen Seelman, Bertha Flegle, Ioan Williamson, Shirley Iones. Ruth Ford, Hortense Rodgers. 7? N IE THEME U NE TEE WW' Tw? SL fwe N K Mm M f , O5-. M b QW, 74 UNDER THE BTG TDP Library Assignment Sometimes Egg Harbor High School reminds us of a locust, perched on a leaf, moving wildly to shed its old too-tight skin, and to expand its custom built new one. For truly we are bursting our seams. We're growing! And although it's a good healthy sign, the process is often uncomfortable and sometimes peculiar. Already two class rooms have become four. Mr. Mohr has squatters quarters for his Phys. Ed. equipment in the old War Stamp Booth. The Lab has evicted Mr. Kizawichs General Science and Mrs. Saalman's Biolf ogy to the lower floor long since. fThe plants grow better too-no aasl. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." Study Hall--Wood-burning. The poor tired old gym gets its face lifted for so many affairs each year, and rallies so valiantly for the next one, it really de- serves a medal. The improved stage, with lights and new curtains, have been a great help. IN AND ARUUNU THE SEHUUL The Creative urge-But what will it be? "2 C. flour. 1 t. baking powder . . . cmd smell those This year's new oil burner, Mr. Mor- genWick's pride, has been our biggest, al- though invisible blessing. No more sooty film on the desks! Last year's record crop of ducks from Mr. Wallace's manual training classes has given Way to more domestic gadgets, tie and pants hangers, lamps, bookcases and the like, all to the tune of that rasping drill press. Across the Way, The Home Economics room, gives with the smells-cookies, onions . . . Luscious! Except just before lunch! O, my empty middle! onions!!" On the top of the library stacks Shakespeare and Washington still keep solitary vigil, apparently not too happy at the recent trends of Education. Mrs. l-lutt's office, reminder of the patch test and physical exams, would be crowded quarters if Drs. Brown and Frank didn't stagger office hours. The top floor holds classes to the clatter of the typewriters, mingled with the Easter egg dye smell of the ditto and those from the Chem. Lab. across the Way. The less said about them the better! Static Electricity! Medical Staihfgrs. Edna .N.. Dr. Ray mond Brown. D.D.S.. Dr. Myrt e Frank, M.D. DID YOU EVER: Wonder Where the bulletin board thumbtacks go? Locate the peripatetic salamander in the Biology lab? Wish that all fire drills came during tests? Find all erasers by the blackboard ledge? Remember to return your library book? Figure out who thinks up those late excuses? Wish that every rainy day could be a storm session? Something old .. .....,... Senior desks Something new ....... .... T he movie projector Something borrowed .... The Legion chairs Something blue .... ...,...... M onday 27 E E2 ZLULZ TFS F .Sy .fx "' Nffgff J M f JS, R 'I 5 . . K tm fi ,f 5 Q, Q-1 9 .J I' r l'LlU'l'BAL L J., . ,MS FOOTBALL TEAM: DeAngelis, Cavalucci. Hcmselm Ruhlmcm, Barbetto, Fctlciano, Lau- berl, Price, Camp. Schneider, Weller, ohn Kiztfwic 'Cocxch, Daddario, Hcrclck, Mincey. Mana selman. Montecalvo, ontgomery, Leek, Iicrmpetti, D'Ambrosio, Butter- of, Ioseph P. Mohr. As 't Coach. VARSITY FOOTBALL '46 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES GEORGE IIAMPETTI, '48 .4e,..LL Right End Sept. 27 Egg Harbor U Plegsgmvme CARI.. HANSELMAN, '48 . . . .,,. Lett End Oct 5 H 26 Pemberton IACK LEEK, '48 .......,,,......., Lett End ' ' H EDWARD PRICE, '49 .4e,.L..,... Lett End Oct- U 5 HOIY SPIN' CLARENCE HANSELMAN, '49 Right Tackle Oct. 19 O Cape May NORMAN DAMBROSIO, '47 ...Lett Tackle Oct. 26 l2 Middle Twp. IOSEPH BUTTERHOF, '48 ...... Left IOSEPH ROEHL, '47 .44,,...... Lett Tackle Tackle VERNON WELLER, '49 ,..,...,. Left Tackle ERNEST CAVALUCCI, '49 FRED HAACK, '48 .l.........,. Lett IOI-IN FALCIANO, '49 ...,..., IOSEPH DADDARIO, '48 ..... NORMAN BARBETTO, '47 ..., IOE DeANGELIS, '49 .,.,..... f IOE CAMP, 49 .,..4........ ANDREW LAUBERT, '48 ..,,. ,Right Guard Guard , .Lett Guard . . . . . .Center Quarterback Quarterback . I . . , .Center . . .Full Back WILLIAM SCHNEIDER, '48 ..,.,. Hall Back ROBERT MONTECALVO, '49 .... Hall Back EREDDY RUHLMANN, '48 ,,.... Halt Back IAMES MONTGOMERY, '48 ....,Hall Back IAMES MINCEY, '47 ..,.,....... Manager PHARLIS IAMES, '48 . ..,,..,,.., Manager BERNARD DREAGER, '49 ..,...,, Manager Nov. 2 7 Nov. 9 7 Nov. l6 6 Nov. 28 O Atl. City Voc. Ocean City Harrirnonton St, Th. More BLUE WHITE! l EIGHT! EIGHT I ! BLUE WHITE I l EIGHT! EIGHT I l BLUE WHITE! l EIGHT! EIGHT ! l EIGHT! TEAM! FIGHT! 27 O 19 30 13 I2 33 26 32 X WI if I om5 68871 an GUI' x xx N A m X V NSJKXEJXX fxgxflxjy X X yglraxxxti ,f RH QM R QQ? I H A 5 li 1 T BA Qgfy X f Cs-2 BASKETBALL TEAM: Mazzeo, Walker, Lcxubert, Leek. Husta, Ioseph Mohr, Coach, Breder, Bauer, Lamkin, Mincey, DeAngelis, Haack, Tortello, Iiampetti, Cori, Schneider, Icxmes. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Ianuary 29 ...... Ianuary 31 ...,.. February 5 . February 7 . February 11 February 14 February I9 February 21 February 26 February 28 December 11 December 13 December 18 December 20 Ianuary 3 . . Ianuary 8 . . Ianuary 15 ...... Ianuary 17 ...,.. Ianuary 22 ...... Ianuary 24 .,.., Barnegat . . , Sacred Heart Vineland . . . Hammonton Clayton .... Sacred Heart Pleasantville Holy Spirit . Cape May . , Vineland . . . Clayton .... Pleasantville Hammonton Cape May , . Holy Spirit . , Ocean City . Lower Regional ....... Barnegat . . . Ocean City . .Lower Regional ....,.. VARSITY IOE HUSTA .,.,...,........ ANDY LAUBERT .,., ARTHUR BREDER .. NICK WALKER ...,. IAMES TORTELLO HENRY BAUER ...,. IAMES MINCEY .... . IACK LEEK .,..i....... GEORGE IIAMPETTI ,...,. IOE MAZZEO .,...,..,.,.,... JAY VEES IOE De ANGELIS .....,.. GEORGE IIAMPETTI ......., ROBERT MONTECALVO .... WILLIAM SCHNEIDER ..,. EDWARD PRICE .,.,.... LEON CORI ....,..,.. VERNON LAMKIN .. PAUL WILSON ...,..,,.,.,.. THOMAS LANGDON .......... .. THREE CHEERS! Three Cheers, Success, E.H.H.S Three Cheers, Success, E.l-I.H.S Three Cheers, Success, E.H.H.S Team! Team! Team! SCHEDULE INCLUDES PLEASANTVILLE HOLY SPIRIT HAMMONTON TUCKERTON SACRED HEART BARNEGAT CAPE MAY VARSITY SQUAD A. BREDER N. BARBETTO I. I-IUSTA I. MAZZEO A. LAUBERT W. SCHNEIDER F. HAACK R. VETTER I. DADDARIO C. HANSELMAN CI. HANSELMAN BASEBALL VARSITY SWEATERMEN A Senior who has attained Varsity rating during his high school career is awarded a sweater with one sleeve stripe to represent each squad he made. This year's sweaters go to: A. BREDER ,... 3 stripes I, MAZZEO ..... .... 2 stripes N. BARBETTO ,...... 2 stripes I. I-IUSTA ...... . . .2 stripes I. MINCEY . . . ,... 2 stripes H. BAUER ......,.... I stripe I. PETERSON ....,... I stripe W. MESSINGER ...... I stripe R. VETTER ..... .... 1 stripe I. ROEHL ............ I stripe N. UAMBROSIO ..... I stripe ' 1 .Qtr F. RUI-ILMAN N. WARKER I ,Af BASEBALL TEAM: Cl. Hanselman. Ruhlman, C. Hunselmann, Hacxck. Barb to. Walker. vB5ljijxACU'A Daddcxno, Bauer. Mazzeo, Smolinsky. Husta, Schneider. Laubert. Vetter, Breder, Ioseph P. ohr, Coach C . Kgs X LHEEIILEAUEHS ANU LEAUEH IIUHPE CHEER LEADERS HELEN KAENZIG, Captain MARIE RUBERTON ...... DOLORES WILSON ..,. GERTRUDE KELLY .. ANITA DeANGELIS ..,, LOIS HERMAN ..,... ROY BADER ......,.,.... RICHARD BREITZMAN CHARLES HUNTLEY . .. MERVIN SMOLINSKY .... Stand up and cheer! Cheer loud and long for dear Egg Harbor. Eor tonight We raise the Blue and White above the other. Our sturdy band now is lighting, And we are sure to Win the fray. We've got the vim! we're sure to win! For this is dear Egg Harbors day. CHEERLEADERS: Bader, Hel iiian, Dc Angelis, Kelly, Smo linsky, Wilson, Ruberton Breitzman, Kaenzig, LEADER CORPS Helen Miller Iacaueline Tornkinson Grace Braun Barbara Peterson Gertrude Kelly Marie Ruberton Emma Evangelist Mrs. Deitrich Ieanette Mick Ioyce Keiser Loretta Sorg Eileen Kohnow Margaret Walzac lean Weiler Yvonne Bleichner Miss Hennigan Elaine Worrneck Margaret Shellhorn Ursula Will Louise Weisbecker Wanita Guerrieri Peggy Regensburg Rita Nearing RLS' INTEHMUHAL PHUEHAM l Bowling opened the program. lt was a howling success. Our girls cannot only bowl, but they are "Pin-Up Girls," yes, they actually set up pins. We bowled twice a week in Decem- ber and once a Week in Ianuary. Betty Barclay captained the team. Basketball started in lanuary. Inter-class games followed in February. Competition was keen and the girls had loads of fun. March, April, and May were devoted to baseball, Volleyball, and tennis. Games were held after school under the super- vision of Mrs. Deitrich and Miss l-lennigan, faculty advisors. At the close of school, awards were made to the Captains, Senior Members, and the highest scorer in each sport. 33 T E QEIBKE X sg X A ix I I if I X JL' ' 'JL JM, !1!,s. N I if NN Nylfl 46' 5,,...4..5 'S THE LAUREL LAUREL STAFF: Iacqueline Tomkinson, William Gabriel, Barbara Peterson, Haines Max- well, Betty Hood, Mervin Smolinsky, Iune Michel, Gertrude Kelly, Rodman Vetter, Mrs. Saalman, Mr. Heilman, Miss Molinari, Harold Lesemcm, Rose Mercanto, Anita Iarolle, Louis Moreno, Loretta Sorg, Iean Weiler. 'I'HE LAUREL STAFF COMMITTEES EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ....,... Haines Maxwell ASSISTANT EDITOR ...... William Gabriel BUSINESS MANAGER .. .Barbara Peterson ADVERTISING ...... Iacqueline Tomkinson DISTRIBUTION ...,,..... Mervin Smolinsky MAKE-UP ...... ........... B etty Hood ART ........,...... .... R odman Vetter PHOTOGRAPHY . . . ,.... Louis Moreno ATHLETICS ......., .,.. G ertrude Kelly LITERARY .........., ..... I une Michel STAFF SECRETARY ..,,... Rose Mercanto, Hanna Daly FACULTY ADVISORS Mrs. Mary L. Saalman Miss Rita M. Molinari Mr. Iames W. I-Ieilman CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Senior Class ............. Harold Leseman Iunior Class .,...... ...... L oretta Sorg Sophomore Class .,,. ..... I ean Weiler Freshman Class .... ..,. A nita Iarolle MAKE-UP Betty Hood Alice Merkord Eunice Bosies Lois Herman Marie Laielli TYPING Hanna Daly Lois Bader Bertha Turner Helen Miller Emma Evangelist Rose Mercanto Norma Reiter Alberta Schwarzl Virginia Eichinger Eleanor Gorbig ADVERTISING I. Tomkinson Arthur Breder Grace Braun Robert Gregory Helen Miller Shirley Grunow Eunice Bosies Richard Carlson DISTRIBUTION Mervin Smolinsky Harold Leseman Loretta Sorg Iean Weiler Anita Iarolle ART Rodman Vetter Robert Gregory THE EEHO ECHO STAFF: Hood, Peterson, Tomkinson, Christ, Caroccio, M. Laielli, Galli, Walters, Braun, Kelly, Ruberton, Miss Terzano, Hess. Del-lngelis, Weil, Clark, Bosies, Pappas, Weiler, Thoms Carton, Mrs. Deitrich, B. Guerrieri, W. Guerrieri, Seelmcm, Icxrolle, Bleichner. Hill, I. Laielli, Eivich, Complete, Michel, Kcrenzig, Wilson, Netolicka. The "Echo" is published live times a year and is sold to the students at l0 cents a copy. lt contains all the news ot the school-sports events, dances, class news, etc. ECHO STAFF Editor-in-chief ....,...,,.. Marie Laielli '47 Associate Editor .,.., Beverly Caroccio '48 Secretary .,......,........, Lina Galli '48 Business Manager ,,,...... lanet Christ '48 Circulation Managers .,.. Grace Braun '47 Gertrude Kelly '47 Iune Boyd '47 Sports Editor ...,... Barbara Peterson '47 Alumni Editor .,....... Helen Kaenzig '48 Advertising Managers .... I. 'Tornkinson '47 Marie Buberton '47 lean Weiler '49 Eerdi Botellini '49 Exchange Editor ......... Carol Walters '48 Faculty Advisors ,... Catherine M. Deitrich May E. Terzano TYPISTS: Diane Bozarth '47, Gertrude Kelly '47, Grace Braun '47, Betty Hood '47, Marie Buberton '47, Mervin Srnolinsky '47, Iacquelf ine Tomkinson '47, Bertha Turner '47, Eunice Bosies '47, Iune Michel '47, Shirley Weyman '47, William Gabriel '47, Boy Winterbottom '47, Haines Maxwell '47, Helen Kaenzig '48, Dolores Wilson '48, Marion Eivich '48, Ianet Christ '48, Carol Walters '48, Beverly Caroc- cio '48, Lina Galli '48, lune Boyd '48, Anita DeAngelis '48, Marcelle Weil '48, Marie Corn- pleto '48, Mildred Eieni '48, lean Weiler '49, Yvonne Bleichner '49, Peggy Regensburg '49, Bita Nearing '49, Mae Guerrieri '49, Bernice Guerrieri '49, Eerdy Botellini '49, Rosalyn Carton '49, lim Tortello '49, Nick Warker '49, Howard Breder '49, Thomas Breder '49, Marie Casciano '49, loseph De Angelis '49, Mary Farina '49, Wanita Guerrieri '49, loan Hess '50, Beatrice Yanko '50, Lorraine Sar- torio '50, Iosephine Laielli '50, Mary Papas '50, Anita larolle '50, Anita Hill '50, SAFETY PATROL VThe Safety Patrol System in public schools is sponsored by the New lersey State Police. Since its beginning in Egg Harbor, five years ago, no serious accident has occurred. We are justly proud of our Safety Patrol and of the fine record it holds in maintain- ing order in the halls and building. Members of the Safety Patrol are chosen by their school record and upon recom- mendation by teachers and other members of the Patrol. At meetings, held monthly, a talk is given by the trooper on the current hazard which Patrol Members should avoid. SAFETY PATROL TRAFFIC SIGNS Keep to the Right-in the halls. Speed limit: lU M.P.l-l.-3.15. Quiet! Hospital-Nurses Office. Men at work-Basketball Practice. Stop! Look! Listenlilpor a homework assign- ment. Slow! Down Grade!aThose Mid-term Marks. Curve Ahead-Those Senior gals. No "U" Turns-Between doors. Slow Traffic Circle-That Math! One Way Street-Freshman to Seniore that's me. CResume Speed!-Next Rat- ing Period. Stop Street-. SAFETY PATROL: Mr. Nearing, Herman, Merkord, Barbetto, Peterson. Maxwell. Kelly, Lese- man. Vetter, Weisbecker, Hanselman, Ruhlman, Sorg. Gabriel, Ficken, Smolinsky, Hood. Kurtz, Hanselman, Weiss, Mazzeo, Bader, Cori, Caroccio, Martin, Weber, Hanselman. MUSIEAL UlEtGANlZA'llllNS ORCHESTRA The students of E. l-l. H. S., could not help but be aware ot the orchestra, as they played at all the important programs, and in rehearsal every Thursday noon, they practiced long, loudly, and lustilyl ln spite ot only titteen members in the or- ganization, the music was enjoyed by every- one. Musical awards will be made at the end ot the school year. Mrs. Pagans work with this group is especially noteworthy since all instrumental training is acquired outside ol school. ORCHESTRA: Mary Pap- pas, Rodman Vetter, Lois Herman, Harold Leseman, Dorothy Sohn, Peter Schuck, Caroline Merkord. Robert Nolan. Mollie Wilkes, Iim- my Hanselman, Mrs. Fag- en, Paul Nye, Howard Ken- dall, William Pappas, Rich- ard Gorbig, Iohn Falciano, Viola Merkord. CHOIR: Cramer, Giercyk, Herman, Britton, Merccmto, Braun, Tomkinson,, Peter- son, Walczak, Mrs. Fagen. Ruberton, Kelly, Mick, Net- olicka, Grunow, Weyman, Weber, Roesch, Wessler, Guerrieri, Hess, Hill, Liaelli, Marjorie Shellhorn, Rod- Yanko, .DeAngelis, .Merk- ord. Pappas, Bonek. Haag, Iarolle, Gregory. CHOIR The Choir with its tour part harmony did not get under way until alter New Year. Mrs. Fagan is hoping to develop a perma- nent choral body which may, in time, tea- ture a Cappela work, the ultimate in high school singing. Work ot this type also pro- vides necessary training for All-State Chor- us Tryouts. Although Egg Harbor has sent representatives to the All-State Concerts in the past, no one went this year. More stu- dents should tryout tor these events. They combine tun with the thrill of singing with boys and girls trom all over lersey. llllAMATlE5 The Dramatic Club, newly organized, proposed to provide en- joyable entertainment for local audiences and ourselves. Our taculty adviser is the capable and genial Miss Rita Molinari. The first play produced by the Dramatic Club was a one act Christ- mas play, "Christmas Without Patsy." Future plans ot the Dramatic Club tor l947 include a full three-act play to be given in the spring. High on our wish list is a new audi- torium With a real stage, large enough to accommodate our props and sets adequately. PRESIDENT ........ ..... R odman Vetter VlCE-PRESIDENT . . , . . .Mervin Smolinsky SECRETARY .... .... M arjorie Shellhorn TREASURER . 4 . .... Robert Gregory DRAMATIC CLUB: Margaret Thoms, Francis Weisbecker, Robert Gregory, Margaret Shell- horn, Rodman Vetter, Mervin Smolinsky, Iacqueline Tomkinson, Barbara Peterson, Loretta Sorg, Miss Molinari, Marcelle Weil, Rita Nearing, Mary Ann Walczak, William Pappas. Mary Pappas, Beverly Caroccio, Doris Ficken, Dante Barone, Gerald Ritchie, Wcmita Guer- rieri, Eleanor Gorbig. Anita Del-lngelis, Ianet Hanselman, Arlene Hanselman, lean Hansel- man, Elaine Wormeck, Ianet Christ. Charles Schlue. lf! E WEG Q QUND W ff. gRfQ,Q?gN M X f 3 j QWQULFX Y 41- 40 SEPT. 20 OCT. 4 OCT. 18 OCT. 26 NOV. 1 NOV. 15 NOV. 22 DEC. 17 IAN. 10 MAR. 21 MAR. 28 APRIL 11 APRIL 18 APRIL 25 MAY 2 . MAY 9 . MAY 16 EI-IUUL UANEE5 1946-1947 DANCE PROGRAM Yearbook ......... Autumn leaves and the Serenaders. Sophomores ,.....,................,...... Barn Dance Cheerleaders ....,....................... Sports Dance Iuniors .......... Halloween Party -- Spooks 61 witches. Seniors ....... .,....... H ospitality Party - Freshmen Freshmen ......................... "Kilroy was here!" Dramatic Club ..........,... Christmas Play and Dance Senior Dinner Dance .... Formal. Best foot forward - Watch your fork!! Safety Patrol ....... We welcome Spring in Kelly green. Yearbook .... ...................,. E aster Parade. Echo .......,.. ...........,.........., B unny Hop Leader Corps .... ........ A pril Showers Dramatic Club ....... Play and Dance Iunior Prom .... ..... S h! - It's a surprise! Soph. I-lop . . . Seniors ..... 4l ....It's up to the Iuniors! ..... . ,Auld Lang Syne JUNIOR PRUM ! IUNIOR PROM ln the beginning of February 1946 the class of "47" started Working on the annual Iunior Prom. All the members Worked busily till it was finished. The committees were as follows: Decoration-Iacqueline Tomkinsonp Favors- Rose Mercantog Refreshments-Grace Braun, and Entertainment--Mervin Smolinsky. Rapidly the time passed and May 9 rolled around. As the Seniors arrived they were surprised to see a beautiful garden, com- plete With a Wishing Well. Suspended from a lattice ceiling were huge red cabbage roses-one for each member of the class. Upon entering everyone was given a little rake, hoe, and shovel tied with blue and White ribbons. The refreshments consisted of punch and cookies. The punch Was in an old- fashioned Well at the edge of the garden. The important feature of the evening was the crowning of the Prom Queen. Grace Braun was picked Queen and her escort, Charles Boesch, King. Mem- bers of the court of honor were Barbara Peterson, Bose Schiavo, Marie Ruber- ton, Betty lane Crowley, Betty Iane Yanko, Ruth Alber, Shirley Waters, Bev- erly Williams, Betty Hood, and Mary Hamilton. When the Prom was over, everyone left after having a most enjoyable evening. Due to such fine management and cooperation on the part of the class of "47' and its faculty advisors the Prom of 1946 was one of the best ever. 1 42 SENIUH DINNER-UA SENIOR DINNER-DANCE On Friday, Ianuary lU, l947, the annual Senior Dinner-Dance took place. This year it was held in the dining room and ball room of the Madison Hotel in Atlantic City. It was a Semi-formal affair with all the girls wearing evening gowns and most of the fellows, tuxedos. Before eating, the guests were received by the class officers, faculty advisors and their guests. After this had taken place everyone sat down to a delicious dinner which consisted of: Grapefruit Supreme, Clam Chowder, Bose Badishes, Celery, Olives, Banquet Boll, Butter, Baked Virginia Ham in Raisin Sauce, or, Lobster and Shrimp Newburg, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Baby Lima Beans, Waldorf Salad, Cake a la Mode, Coffee, Milk. All during the dinner beautiful music was played in the lobby. The program for the evening featured our class symbol, the hour glass. A lapse of thirty minutes took place and then everyone started dancing. Earl Applegate and his Orchestra supplied fine rnusic which everyone enjoyed. After dancing ten sets everyone said, "good night" with fond memories of a most wonderful time. Much credit must be given to Grace Braun, the faculty advisors and the other committees for arranging such a gala affair. 43 EIENIUH PUPULAHITY PULL if 1. fBESTA'A'fHI.ETES 'Xllrthur Breder Barliara "Peterson . NOISIEST Mervin Smolinsky Eunice Bosies BEST ALL AROUND Billy Gabriel Barbara Peterson 2. 6. 10. BEST DANCERS Ioe Mazzeo Marie Laielli QUIETEST Henry Hanselman Lorraine Shellhorn BEST DRESSED Billy Gabriel Iackie Tomkinson 3. 7. ll. BEST LOOKING Richard Carlson Betty Hood :ILKLLESTA so-3 lilrthur Breder ,df Lois Hermanx MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Francis Weisbecker Barbara Peterson 4. MOST STUDIOUS Roddy Vetter Alice Merkord 8. SHORTEST Louis Gibson Marie Huberton 12. MOST COMICAL Joe Mazzeo Eunice Bosies 44 L EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN Egg Harbor-September 4, 1,947 New Mammoth Circus Troupe bids fair to surpass last year's gala performance in spectacular feats of courage, skill and beauty, A huge company of over three hun- dred. Among the artists will appear: CLOWNSYTommy Breder, Iames Montgom- ery, Ioe Iiampetti, Dante Barone, Charles Schlue. ACROBATS-Ioe Daddario, Ioe De Angelis, Clare Kurtz, Andrew Laubert, Pharlis Iames. TIGHT ROPE WALKERS-William Pappas, Harry Walascuk, Francis Iones, Loretta Sorg. CREW--Richard Breitzman, Clarence Han- selman, Iack Corbett, Ferdy Rottelini, Cal- vin Heuman. BARKERS-Margaret Thoms, Iune Boyd, Er- nestine Guilford, Helen Seelman, Morril Michel, Eddie Kernan. BAND--Lina Galli, Mary Pappas, Viola Mer- kord, Beverly Caroccio, Cliff lerue. MANAGER-Don Ireland. PEANUT VENDER-Robert Davidson. HIGH DIVERS-Fred Ruhlman, Alice Keiser, Ioan Hess, Nancy Tortello. DARE DEVILS-HBruce Winterbottom, Iean Hanselman, Vernon Lamkin, Howard Guenther, SIDE SHOWS-Iames Tortello, Christian Kuenzner, Mickey lohnston, George Schoenstein, Lloyd Wetjen. RING MASTER--Nick Warker. DANCERS-Dolores Wilson, Yvonne Bleich- ner, Carol Waters, Helen Kaenzig, Anita Hill. WILD ANIMALS -- Fred Haack, Herbert Fuchs, George Class, Paul Wilson, lack Leek. RIDERS-Wanita Guerrieri, lean Weiler, Anita Iarolle, Ianet Hanselmann. FORTUNE TELLER-Virginia Ireland. BALLOON VENDER-Bill Stutzbach. ORGAN GRINDER-Maurice Roesch. AERIAL ACT-Ioyce Keiser, Weber Twins, Marion Eivich. COME ONE, COME ALLII AND ENIOY THE SHOWII Signed-William Gabriel LABUH 'l'llUUl:lLlj CIRCUS TROUPE OUT ON STRIKE Egg Harbor-Iune 6, IQ47 Suddenly, after tonights performance in St, Nicholas Hall the Senior Circus Troupe went out on strike for more pay, less work and shorter hours. Unsettled conditions make a speedy return to school doubtful. Mem- bers of the Greatest Show on Earth were: MANAGER-George Favre BOX OFFICE-Harold Kurtz, Frank Marzo- lino RING MASTER-Harold Leseman CLOWNSWHenry Bauer, Arthur Breder, Robert Gregory, William Kozushko, Iames Bertchtold, Elmer Weber, George Mathis ACROBATS-Richard Carlson, Wynne Fil- ling, Eunice Bosies, lackie Tornkinson, Alice Merkord, Sigrid Liepe, Marilyn Zelt- mann, Barbara Peterson TIGHT ROPE ARTISTS'-William Class, Al- bert Rose, Diane Bozarth Clark, Ellen Mil- ler, Cornelia Bennett. CREW-loseph Geisenhoffer, Iames Mincey, Albert Weber, Ioe Roehl, Edwin Martin BARKERS-Eunice Bosies, Walter Messinger, Louis Moreno, Shirley Grunow, Mervin Smolinsky BAND-Lois Herman, Roddy Vetter, Iune Michel, Theodore Reinhard PEANUT VENDER-Haines Maxwell HIGH DIVERS-Betty Barclay, Ethel Love- land, Peggy Walczak, Clifton Bass DARE DEVILS-Iames Peterson, Norman D'Ambrosio, Bill Gabriel, Paul Gioia, lose- phine Bernard, Emma Evangelist SIDE SHOWSwHarry CS Larry Walker, Ber- tha ci Lydia Turner, Marie Laielli, Grace Braun, Louis Gibson, Shirley Weyman DANCERS-Helen Miller, Rose Mercanto, Gertrude Kelly, Betty Hood WILD ANIMALS-Ioe Mazzeo, Ioe I-lusta, Iames Filling, Norman Barbetto BARE BACK RIDERS-Claire Britton, Maxine Mays AERIAL ACT-Roy Winterbottom, Marie Ruberton FORTUNE TELLER-Hanna Daly BALLOON MAN-Francis Weisbecker ORGAN GRINDER-Virginia Hahn MONKEY--Ioe Kuehner ERUSS MY PALM WITH SILVER! A circus has many out of the way corners. Most of these belong to concessionaires and hangers on, especially those who read the future. Making the rounds one afternoon I first wandered into a booth labeled "Madame Zimi, Crystal Gazer." Strange things we saw: Ioe Geisenhoffer, electrician, fixing the bells in E.H.H.S. They never were right. Ethel and Alice, still pals, graduate nurses, working in the Betty Bacharach Home. Appearing at the Steel Pier are Betty Barclay, Olympic diving champion, and Ioe Mazzeo, bobby-sox swooner-crooner. L Lorraine Shellhorn a librarian in the Library of Congress in Washington. ' No! lt can't be. But sure'n it is. Trudy Kelly teaching Algebra in Dublin. Norman Barbetto, Ioe Husta, and Ioe Roehl, all professional sportsmen. Barbetto, middle- weight champg Roehl on the N. Y. Giant football team, Husta, a guard on the Atlantic City Senators basketball team. Clifton Bass, funeral director of the Memorial Funeral Parlors in Atlantic City.-The sympathetic manner. Iimmy Berchtold, the chief butcher in the new Colossal Market, owner, Harold Leseman. And there's Bill Gabriel, just delivering fresh fruit. Still a farmer, eh Bill? Diane Bozarth Clark-still happily married to her soldier boy, and making headlines with her quads. Then-down the midway, a turn to the right and I met Princess Zorina, the palmist, who told me: Cornelia Bennett, Ph.D., and Iames Mincey, Physical Ed. instructor, are both teaching at Howard University. Do l hear strains of beautiful music? Why, it's the all-girl orchestra, and there's Lois Herman at the piano. lust as we always said, Marie never got thru college. She quit as a Iunior to marry that truck-driver, lim Peterson. Henry Bauer and George Mathis are co-owners of the local Ford agency. Where are the new cars? Lolly Bader, secretary to the principal of the new high school, has never grown an inch. Harry and Larry Walker are still tinkering around cars, as grease monkeys at Boney's Garage. Richard Carlson is seeing the world but not in the Navy. I-Ie's a Merchant Mariner. There goes Shirley Weyman in- a new super-duper "Caddy" I wonder if she has her license yet. That's one of us who is making money. Frank Marzolino and Elmer Weber are flying wing to wing in the U. S. Army Air Force. Marilyn Zeltman has just been titled "Miss Auburn Hair of l967." i x . . . Across the street Professor Abdul reads the cards: Q 'Tix Bice and confetti for Bob and Betty in 1947. They are living in marital bliss. lf xi, -9 Arthur Breder is "Coach Duck" of the E.H.l'I.S. big five. if Haines Maxwell, following in his father's footsteps, owns and captains an oil tanker. Norman D'Ambrosio is giving Albert Rose stiff competition as an electrician. Between the two, Egg Harbor is all lit up. Can a modeling mother be a model mother? Ask Grace Braun. She's a model with two Children. Their names? Oh, Henry and Henrietta. Of course: Emma Evangelist is now a fashionable Hollywood beautician giving Westmore a run for his money. Who's that beautiful girl on the cover of Look magazine? lt's Ginny Hahn, Powers model. Henry Hanselman operates his own little taxidermy shop. No 46 Harold Kurtz, quiet as he was, is now a famous Broadway comedian. Marie and Roger took the golden vows and they haven't had an argument since. George Favre is a mechanical engineer working for General Motors. Roddy finally got into West Point. He is now Colonel Vetter, if you please. 'Ten-shun! Bertha and Lydia Turner are Court Stenographers at Mays Landing. What's this? Dr. Timothy Tuttle, Phrenologist-who reads the bumps on your head-A Well! Here goes: Paul Gioia marries a rich widow and "see the world," on her money. Rose Mercanto and Claire Britton, famous designers for Saks Fifth Avenue. Wynne Filling and William Class maintain a machine shop in New York City. Hanna Daly is a Civil Service worker in Washington, D. C. Margaret Walczak is telephone operator in the local branch office. Louis Gibson has joined the circus as an acrobat. Edwin Martin is back in Brooklyn teaching Physics. Sigrid Liepe and Iosephine Bernard are inseparable. fStilll. They are housewives and back fence neighbors. Theo. Reid, the radio electrician, has so much money he needs two private secretaries, Maxine Mays and Ellen Miller to keep tabs on it. Heart trouble, maybe? Mousey is curing cats. Sounds funny, huh? But Dr. Messenger is a veterinarian. . . . Leaving the circus, I dropped into "Ye Little Gypsy Tea Shoppe" only to learn that: Roy Winterbottom is the latest artist producing feminine eye-openers for "Esquire" magazine. Mervin Smolinsky, M.D., has his office in the Atlantic City Medical Arts Building. Shirley Grunow is now the lab assistant to Professor Nearing in the new Egg Harbor High School. Iune is on her boss's lap taking dictation-Well! William Kozuhko is Radio-Tech. lst Class of the Navy. Ioe Kuehner, rnan-about-town is still giving Ginny a whirl. Looks like perpetual motion. Robert Gregory, bio-chemist, is hard at work discovering new germs every day. Francis is president of Weisbecker National Cleaning Co. ' Louie Moreno and his better half, Margie, have a little chicken farm over in Dorothy. Albert Weber is helping Uncle Sam run the U. S. Navy. Theo. Reinhard has succeeded the retired Mr. Morganweck as janitor of the High School. Any broken windows lately? james Filling is running his uncle's garage in Pomona. Eunice "Hedda" Bosies is broadcasting "The Latest Dirt" from Hollywood. Iackie Tomkinson was selected on the "The Ten Best Dressed Women in America" in 1967. Helen Miller has just won a National typing speed contest. Thoroughly exhausted as I wearily fight to get a seat on the trolley, I finally settle down with my newspaper. Turning to the "Wishing Well" I find, "You are destined to be a fortune teller!" Barbara Peterson 47 HISTIVIAS EANULELIBHT SERV -- I 9 4 6 - CHRISTMAS CANDLELIGHT SERVICE Cl-IIMES PROLOG-UE ....... ...,.....,,........,.......,...........,...,.,,... C lilton Bass '47 PROCESSIONAL .,..........,... ....... H ark! The Herald Angels Sing! CHRISTMAS STORY .......,....... .... M arie Laielle '47, Haines Maxwell '47 I..ORD'S PRAYER AND RESPONSE ,. ...................... . ...... CChoirl READING-The Last Name .,......,...,.... ..., R odman Vetter '47 CAROL-Silent Night! CANDLE LIGHTING AND CHRISTMAS WISH ........................ The Class Presidents Vernon Lamkin '50 Ioseph DeAngelis '49 Ioseph Daddario '48 Harold Leseman '47 CAROL-Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly READING-Christmas Catechism .,,......... ,..,........ B arbara Peterson '47 SOLO-Away in A Manger .............,., ............ L illian Schwarzman '49 ALMA MATER AWARD AND DEDICAATION ..... Miss Doell, Ioseph Geisenhoffer ANNOUNCEMENTS ,,....,...,.,,,....,.,........,.........,,.,..l....,,,.,.,.. Miss Doell RECESSIONAL-O Little Town of Bethlehem EPILOGUE .... ,......,..,,....,..............,.................,..,., C lifton Bass CHIMES ACCOMPANIST . . , .,..... Doris Ficken '48 - Chimes, Beverly Caroccio '48 THE PROCESSION TORCH BEARERS-William Schoenstein '50, Ioseph Gibson, Harold Leseman '47, Ioseph Daddario '48, Marie Laielle '47, Rodman Vetter '47, Ioseph Geisenhoffer '47, Ioseph De Angelis '49, Vernon Lamkin '50, Barbara Peterson '47, Haines Maxwell '47, Grace Braun '47 THE CHOIR-Lois Herman '47, Mary Pappas, '50, William Pappas '48, Ioseph Camp '49, Yvonne Bleichner '49, Ioyce Keiser '49, Mickey Iohnson '48, Thomas Hamilton '49 48 liHHl5TlVlA5 ACTIVITIES Christmas Without Patsy The Christmas Concert The tirst offering ot the new Dramatic Clubs Christmas Without Patsy- ---f4 a one-act play, was enthusiastically received by the student body at a Christ- mas entertainment and dance given December seventeenth in the gym. The cast, many of whom showed unexpected dramatic possibilities included: Anita DeAngelis, Roddy Vetter, Doris Ficken, Mervin Srnolinsky, lean Hanselman, Robert Gregory, Arlene Hanselman, Terry Richie. Miss Molinari, advisor ot the club, produced and directed the play. , The second annual Christmas Greens Show, sponsored by the Biology Department and the Parent-Teacher Association, was held December ninth in the gym. There were about eighty-tive entries this year. The exhibits 'com- prised tive classes: Logs with Candles and Greens, Door Sprays, Table pieces, Wreaths, and a new subject, miniature Christmas Trees decorated with nat- ural things. This class produced some weird ornaments-carrot tips, milk weed down, corn stars, pop corn and cranberry strings, string beans and wal- nut shells. Such ingenuity! Therewere twenty-six prize winners. The concert ot the evening was directed by Mrs. Fagan and featured the High School Orchestra, the Iunior High Chorus and the PTA. Glee Club. Guest soloists were: Wolf Iacobson, pianist, and William G. Saalman, lr., bari- tone. Included on the program were: ln Bethlehems Lowly Manger-Williams, Gesu Bambino-Yon CSoloist, Fred Schroederl, Prayer from Hansel and Gretel: Christmas LullabyiWarren CSoloist, Margery Bozarthl. Mr. lacobson played a medley ot modern American music. Mr. Saalman sang Christmas Night lVan de Waterl and The Sleigh Cliountzl. The High School Orchestra played a medley ot Christmas Carols. Mrs. Willard Bozarth accompanied. 49 4 Mr. ci Mrs. C. Raymond Kears Mr. 61 Mrs, Alexander Butcher Mr. ci Mrs. Esperanto De Angelis Mr. ci Mrs. W. A. Miller, Ir. Mr. ci Mrs. Francis Kern 6: Son Mr. of Mrs. Philip Boyd Mayor Ioseph Butterhot George Goetz Carl Tortello Walter A. Miller Ill W. L. Karrer Mrs. Ernilita Sooy Iohn I. Shuster Dorothy Breder f Florence Gabriel Mr. ci Mrs. August Grunow Bea Filling William H. Gabriel Shirley Grunow Paulina. Gabriel Mina Schwenger Henry R. Tornkinson, Ir. Mr. G Mrs. Charles E. Peterson loe Murray, Ir., U.S.N, Mr. ci Mrs. loseph A. Murray Iacqueline Tomkinson Mr. Harry Hess Mr. CS Mrs. Albert Kuehner 61 Family William Carney Mrs. Timothy Stewart Mr. of Mrs. Roesch of Family Ben Lucca Iohnny Breder Mr. G Mrs. Charles R. Braun Richard S. Mischlich Myrtle Frank, lr. Perry Frank August A. Breder, lr. Mr. Iohn Iarolle Mr. ci Mrs. I. Parlin Alex liampetti of Family PATHUNS Elvera Caroccio S. Hailtield Mr. CS Mrs. William G. Saalman, lr. Arrow Head lnn Mr. G Mrs. Arend Kraan Doc Ordille Bader Bros. Mrs. Clarence Thoms lzzi from Kornblau's Mr. 6. Mrs. Victor Fiene Mr. ci Mrs. M. A. Deitrich Miss Rita Molinari Mr, Clarence Thorns Charles A. Bleichner Mr. I. F. Guarneri Miss Margaret Doty Miss Fanny D. Rittenberg Mr. cS Mrs. Harry Weyrnan Miss Katherine Kepner Miss Catherine Hennigan Miss May Terzano Mr. CS Mrs. Albert Carlson CS Son Mr. of Mrs. Louis Gioia A Friend Mrs. Phillip Karrer Mr. George G, Dickerson Mrs. Esther Compton Mrs. Andrew Smith QS Daughters Eleanor Hurley A Friend Mr. ci Mrs. Mr. Gt Mrs, Bob Drake Mr CS: Mrs. Mr QS Mrs Mr CS Mrs, Mr ci Mrs. Mr CS Mrs. Mr CS Mrs Mr 6. Mrs. lohn Vetter, lr. ' Walter Roehl Ted Filling lack Turner loseph Gregory, Sr. Carl Stutzbach 61 Family Richard Lovett Ralph Gregory W. H. Maxwell KIWANIS CLUB OF EGG HARBOR CITY NEW JERSEY W2- 'f!4l'xwANLR s V X X I Y? K sf i'l'NA1Xol'l eff!! "WE BUILD" bl CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF EGG HARBOR CITY HIGH SCHOOL ir L. N. RENAULT 6. SONS, INC. Established 1870 Phone Extends Best Wishes CARL H. BRAUN 5c fs IUC STORE 94 COMPLIMENTS OF MR. 6. MRS. HENRY SORG 94 Congratulations IOE'S DINER 52 'Q GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1947 PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION COMPLIMEN TS OF LEE WILSON COMPANY, Inc. 245 Liverpool Avenue EGG HARBOR. N. I. C0mP1fm9f1fS Of Compliments of PE'I'E THE IEWELER IOHN K. RUPP Compliments of PURSNELL BEAUTY SALON Compffmems of 47 S- Virginia Avenue ESTHER BEAUTY SALON ATLANTIC CITY, N. I. 53 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1947 MR. and MRS. LAWRENCE WIMBERG and FAMILY COMPLIMENTS or EGG HARBOR CITY TRUST COMPANY Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation O 0.9 The Place To Spend An Enjoyable Evening I ENSEN 'S 319 Philadelphia Avenue EGG HARBOR, N. L COMPLIMENTS OF THE IDEAL GRILL The Place To Eat Where All The Kids Meet" D O N ' S EGG HARBOR CITY, N. 1. H E N R Y ' S coLD sToRAGE LOCKER PLANT Try Our Full Line of Frozen Food 55 o Best Wishes From The EREsHIvIEN CLASS O IACK ALTMAN Pembroke Clothes, Inc EGG HARBOR. N. l. o o Compliments of CITY LINE GARAGE 0 Best Wishes From The SOPHOMORE CLASS Compliments ot lOHNNY'S BARBER SHOP 250 Philadelphia Avenue EGG HARBOR, N. l. Compliments ot WEILER and COMPANY HANN 6- HOOD ADDING MACHINE A TYPEWRITER SALES is SERVICE 616 Landis Avenue VINELAND, N. I. Compliments of MR. and MRS. WOLFE IACOBSON IAYLINE MEG.. co., INC. SCHROEDER BROTHERS Comp,imen,S O, "Painting As You Like lt" CREATORS OgX5LIX1gl?CggIgERIORS AND 144 Darmstadt Avenue EGG HARBOR CITY, N. l. e: QBR-13 Compliments ot l LOLLY 5. PE'l'E ACME MARKET Compliments ot ROBERT lBobl WEILER ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES As In The Past, Shop At Schoppy's For Gilts That Last WM. SCHOPPY I IEWELER 1440 Atlantic Avenue ATLANTIC CITY, N. l. Open Saturday Evenings Until 9 WIMBERG'S HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS I-IOUSEFURNISHINGS EGG HARBOR CITY, N. I. Shop With Confidence at M. E. BLATT CO. Atlantic City's Greatest Dept. Store Compliments of POMONA CREST TURKEY RANCH H. N. F. CRAIGE, Prop. Compliments of GEORGE 6. TILLIE Compliments of POMONA GARAGE FILLING BROS. G. M. C. TRUCKS IOHN DEER TRACTORS BREADY GARDEN TRACTORS Compliments of "THE SERENADERSH William Pappas Richard Go THE Haines Maxwell Ioseph Iiamp tt . R d V tt B t ' Y HY-WAY MOTOR SERVICE O mn e efHm,d Lesemm ea C' 'Q' RORERT O. WARRINER FLORIST EGG HARBOR CITY. N. I. 'S' 57 'X Compliments of SAMUEL WINTERBOTTOM SONS Man uiacturers of TABLE, POCKET KNIFE and MANICURE HANDLES Made of Bone, Fancy Woods and Celluloid EGG HARBOR CITY, NEW IERSEY F94 TED cmd NICK'S MARKET, INC Phone 181 MEATS and GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS 207 Philadelphia Avenue EGG HARBOR CITY, N. I. 4 Compliments of PAUL H. BAUDER coAL and COKE 4 1 'Sq WEISBECKER CLEANERS MAIN STORE and PLANT EGG HARBOR CITY, N. I. A. C. SHELLHORN Contractor and Builder David Block Herman G. Leniz 37 Liverpgol Avenue Sweaters Made To Order BLoc:K's SWEATER sHoPs . EGG HARBOR CITY' N- 1- 1425 Pacific Avenue ATLANTIC CITY. N. 1. ' Phone 4-2482 RUBERTON'S MARKET , PRIME MEATS - FANCY GROCERIES 143 Philadelphia Avenue EGG HARBOR CITY. N. I. Compliments ol COLLECTIVE SAVINGS 6: LOAN ASSOCIATION EGG HARBOR CITY. N. I. A SAFE PLACE TO SAVE WARKER'S SERVICE STATION 0 ABC Authorized Dealer "Philco" Compliments of BREDER'S A. C. DOERNBACH 216 Philadelphia Avenue "We Sell Service and service what We sell" Phone: Egg Harbor 71 SERVICE STATION Compliments of ROYAL BEAUTY SHOP Permanent Waves A Specialty EGG HARBOR CITY. N. l. Phone 386 K, MILLWORK - PAINTS - HARDWARE EGG HARBOR LUMBER CO. Atlantic 6. Cincinnati Aves. Phone 340 FRED A. MORGENWECK, Treasurer Phone 297-M COMPLIMENTS THE NURRE COMPANIES, INC. EGG HARBOR CITY, NEW IERSEY o Compliments ol HENRY GABRIEL 6 SONS PRODUCE DEALERS POMONA, N. I. LA RAE GIFT SHOPPE For Gifts cmd Decorative Accessories 1404 Atlantic Avenue ATLANTIC CITY, N. I. Compliments of OBERGFELL FLORIST 217 Philadelphia Avenue EGG HARBOR CITY, N. I. Compliments ol DUCHESS BEAUTY SALON EGG -HARBOR CITY, N. 1. SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments ol HEINSHON'S Compliments GEORGE SENN LOTT'S NEWS AGENCY 140 Philadelphia Avenue EGG HARBOR CITY, N. I. Sincere Wishes tor the Success of the SENIOR CLASS or 1947 BETTER BILT DOOR COMPANY EGG HARBOR CITY. N. I. O 0,0 Compliments ot LEON COMPTON Compliments of REICH'S FOOD MARKET Dealer in Birds Eye Frosted Foods Phone 542 Free Delivery Phone 25 EGG HARBOR BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Lumber, Paint and Building Materials Bird Asphalt Roofing and Siding Office and Yard: London Avenue 6. Reading Railroad EGG HARBOR CITY, N. I. Ask for Burkard Coal Yard LOUIS C. KUEHNLE, Manager Phone 24-I-3 Prompt Service OCEAN BEVERAGE CO. WM. HOFFMAN, JR., Prop. Manufacturers and Distributors ot Carbonated Beverages SMALL SODAS - LARGE SODAS PEPSI-COLA Grube Ave. and White Horse Pike EGG HARBOR CITY, N. I. MILIOTI 6 VACARELLA'S Self Service Food .Market 400 St. Louis Avenue EGG HARBOR, N. I. Fresh Meats, Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables and Frozen Foods Phone 196 Compliments of EGG HARBOR GRANGE No. 146. P. of H. Compliments of EGG HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Compliments of FRANK O. BREDER President oi the Board of Education Compliments of MODERN CLEANERS DEWEY WATERS, Owner GERMANIO Pig, Cattle, and Produce Farms "We Buy and Sell Livestock" : Woodbine 8333 BELLEPLAIN. N. I. Wm. Hoffman and Sons. Inc. Ioe Husta Rich Hust Beer and Carbonated Beverages 116 Liverpool Avenue EGG HARBOR CITY. N. I. Phone 188 Compliments of POMONA VICTORY HARRY C. PFEIFFER C 150 Philadelphia Avenue EGG HARBOR CITY, N. I. 4'H CLUB Complete Insurance service Compliments of the ' DRAMATIC CLUB Compliments ot Comphmems O, WALTER HENSCHEL DELBERT WEEKS , Congratulations to the Class ot '47 DANIEL E. REARDON'S LAUNDRY, INC. Grant G Missouri .Avenues ATLANTIC CITY, N. I. EGG HARBOR CIVIC CLUB A Member Oi The National and New Iersey Federation of Women's Clubs Afternoon Club - Evening Membership Iuniors -- Sub-Iuniors COMPLIMENTS OF WEY MOUTH TOWNSHIP BOARD OF EDUCATION ' Compliments of Compliments Of SEELIVIAN BROS., INC. BUS LINES ATLANTIC CITY DOROTHY N I GAS COMPANY BUSES Pos HIRE . Mays Landing 7693 HOENES SERVICE STATION GREEN LAWN SODA FOUNTAIN Cologne Avenue -White Horse Pike COLOGNE, N. I. Route U. S. 30 GEORGE H. HOENES l 63 THE MERIN STUDIOS Specialists in yearbook photography. Providing highest quality workman- ship and efficient service for many outstanding schools and colleges yearly. Official photographers to the Laurel. All portraits appearing in this pub- lication have been placed on file in our studio and can be duplicated at any time for personal use. Call us for further information. MERIN STUDIOS 1010 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA. PA. Phone-Pennypacker 5-5776 0 0 Compliments of COMPLIMENTS or K 6: H AUTO STORES IUNIOR CLASS THE MADISON HOTEL Overlooking Boardwalk and Ocean at Illinois Avenue ATLANTIC CITY. NEW IERSEY Modern - Fireproof American and European Plans Garage - Dutch Bar Daily Concerts IOHN R. HOLLINGER, General Manager FRANK E. SUTCH, Manager Compliments H . . ,, GENERAL STORE THE ECHO DOROTHY. N. I. PHOTOGRAPHS compliments Weddings - Portraits Commercial FLOYD H. REESER SWEET SHOPPE Ph 383 EGG HARBOR CITY- N- I- som-x FOUNTAIN 5 LUNCHEONETTE 9 64

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