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4- .4 - . ,"5 X f A :R K " V nw! ' 1 ' J, 5 y if C. ,fy ' 1 ,, vb! 'THD V' 'fN" ' G, X "lv ""'7""'5" fl . ' I 3 'R fb . I X , ' J A Mg, Z U-f M 3 M I-fV"'7 V JL-,,, Cf? f f' ' I n. A rl?5 " 4' 'fill 2-3?-f 1-3' . lil ' Wifi,-if' -' if 'jfluff'-'-' ,' .-1 4 . fry :W ,W fi Y - F Ja"5f'L".i if ,gi . -- fi, 1 '12-3. ,ff-32 'Q ,, -,IQ- -fff .t 1' 'fp--E fl-1, ' L4-iififfff , iii 'f V- 51543.-' 1, 1 - as-aff . pc , ' ,egiiifii -' . I ' 9.5 'fEL?f,iT'.F:' -:C k .'.' -gf: X . ssfsiiiqx : :I ' .li . f?.'v' jflsf' ! ' 0- . . Ivxfzcs J.. 'bg,!. . ov i, "' af' I ' . 'txj' 7" P. I 4' - r K . ' - "Shi" o , '0 , ,-' W a 3 ' 1. ' 'ins 1" Ng -g?'s.' e. .19 Asif. '-gsif 'w,,,f- I ' I ' . nurse' A 5535 EFFINGHAM HIGH DCHOOL I 'va' . fx' 4 . . . . fg hffmgham, Illmoxs s 14' f PAH? 1957 ' '-47.41 'T f'.a.' fig. 31.- ' vi 5 . , 2 ,gl- I g:?.. .1 5,1 5. ' --'I-A 5 s ,, ix . . 1 4 .fr ' . . 'six'-Es.. . ' - r.. . S , . ' gg xigffa. 5 ,- x . . 5 - . n 4 ., '. a'f 9 ', ' , , H.:-2,11 . -g.-.'1f9,"' xx'1a,3.u, hx K 4 0 L x's 40 ' CONTENTS - I SCHOOL CREED FOREWORD DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ADVERTISERS MW, STUDENT BODY OF EFFINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Each assembly program is opened by the student body reciting the school creed. EFFINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL CREED I believe in Effingham High School as an institution which upholds a strong faith in God, a firm practice in democratic principles, and furthers all activities for the betterment of the individual. I therefore believe it is my duty as a student of Effing- ham High School to promote and encourage these ideals. - Nr.. 055' ,- 4' as xxx '-NZ' """.X if-. '. .I 'L , -ca- 5.5" . 422' 1'-...'. .g::1: x:-. ..-z-Q z:::::5 "4-.:r" 'Siu 'swi v 'ii' :5fs:-:- :else .Ehr- frbx 45? -3-Y. "' -5.- as ,gt ,fi as sf 4' ah "r"v. .. ff-5: 'r-2: -.. . gg: 02"--2 .. P.'. . Ng.: 3 vi. 3... .- :.z-2- -'iii-I 257:-T 1., . 5133. 32:55 q.'.'. - : 5221.-5 ...IQ 2 - 5 '-13. 4' ...-gg ..'.:.s Zsfcs ..,,: -Q., .P ...nv .-- I 'Sa '- fs -'ffl .- - 1' ,-.x N. 59-co s -2'-f F :l:. 'EX-' zll' "if: :I::.'.' 5.5. .ra . .., D 143321 : -S., -259'-H -19274 ft: mg., 21:1- lg: .-,. ...g ..,,: FOREWORD The most memorable events ln our school year are re corded rn our annual Our act1ve school 11fe w111 remam flrm ly establlshed ln our memory srnce our Joys and achrevements are recorded by aptly chosen photographs and clear accounts We can share our memorres with others as we share the hves of our Amerrcan patrlots who have left behrnd a treasure trove Monuments whlch are dedlcated to famous men or great Amerrcan happenings remxnd us of our herrtage We wlll be a segment of that past 1n future years Th1S yearbook will be our monolrth that w111 lnsprre others to carry on the tradrtrons, accompllshments and enthustasm for good thrngs rn 11fe that have been a strong part of an Efflngham Hrgh School student We have charted our course, we have left behrnd us mem ones of the past and we have rarsed a shaft to them rn the form of a book our treasure of memorres Remrnded of Sara Teasdale s poem The Com we compose our own verse Into my heart s treasury I slrpped a memory That trme cannot take From you and me DEDICA TION The world of Amenca has been opened to our French frrend Bngltte Gour mel' She came to Effingham from Pau a southern crty of France to learn about us and to study rn our hrgh school thrs school term Bngrtte has been busy formxng new opxnrons of our mode of lrvmg studylng our language and understandlng our thlnlung It rs our great pleasure to have her We do not know lf the honor we have recerved IS nchly deserved but we are dellghted that we have been pnvrleged to have her wxth us thrs year The shreld beanng the banner of France long waved on our temtory before HIIHOIS became a state We always remember the engagrng manners fnend llness and wlsdom of the French explorers llke La Salle Hennepin Iolret and Marquette who won the good w11l and admrratron of our lndran mbes Nor do we forget the accomphshments of Marqurs de Lafayette General Rochambeau and Admrral De Grasse when we won our freedom from Great Brrtarn We have ever been on frrendly terms wxth Bngrtte s country and her vxsrt to us has only cemented more deeply and securely our good wrll toward France We wrsh Bngrtte and her countrymen success and happlness and when we brd her farewell at the end of the term we hope her stay wrth us has been so satxsfyrng that she w1l1 sl1p a golden corn 1nto her heart s treasury U - v 1 . I I . s I v 9 I r 1 . I u . . .. , .. I 1 ., . . .. , . SCHOOLS OF THE AREA The Effingham area is justly proud of its schools. Students come to Effingham High School from the following schools: Central and Sacred Heart in Effingham, Watson, Mason, Edgewood and Funkhouser. CENTRAL SCHOOL ,ff 'ff'-V Y"1f""-A Tl- I, , , . , f"f3 " H- in-,111 ,g .. V! 5 The original Central School was built in 1894 with additions being made in 1917 and 1927. SACRED HEART SCHOOL ST. ANTHONY GRADE SCHOOL Students from Sacred Heart Grade School attend Effingham High School The St. Anthony School system has and St. Anthony High School. This school was dedicated in 1956. its own high school. R " WATSON GRADE scHooL EDGEWOOD GRADE SC HOOL The MASON and FUNKHOUSER communities welcomed new school buildings, Mason in 1951 and Funk houser in 1953. MASON GRADE SCHOOL A-Q S AJ1. an-ful. A TYPICAL DAY IN THE LIFE OF A STUDENT To illustrate a typical school day for a student at Effingham High School we have chosen Kay King for our model. Kay is a senior, is an honor student, and is interested in the school s activities ' z law Kay laughs with some of her friends at her locker before school starts. There are: Frank Davis, Bar- bara Cameron, Butch Buchholz, Kay, Marilyn Dett- ro, Chuck Ealy. Among Kay's outside activities was the senior class play. Mrs. Tatge, the director, apphes makeup A job Kay likes very much is being editor of the Besides eating at lunch time Kay also relaxes and SIGNET, Don Thomas, assistant editor, is going chats with friends Marilyn Dettro Paula Engel over a copy with her. and Janice Gillespie enjoy this lunch hour with Ka F25 Another of Kay's activities in which she likes to partic- Much of 3 seniol-'S time is spent Studying. ipate is student council. The above members are Kay, Kay is studying her French assignment in the Connie Bosley, Glenda Marshall, Barbara Webb, Edith library, Matthews, Second row: Glenda Bushue, Kay Hankins, Beverly Tilley. A TYPICAL DAY Kay's hobby is dancing and her favorite dancing partner is Butch Buchholz. They are pictured at the "rec, " A favorite part of Kay's day is her Kay relaxes at the end of a typical day at home with her work after school as hostess on the sister, Marjo, as they play a duet, Request Club at WCRA. 3 SIGNET STAFF Nineteen members of the senior class are on the SIGNET staff. They work with Mrs. Strobel to publish the year- book. Staff members standing are David Steffen, Norma Newkirk, Mrs. Strobel, David Wernsing, Charles Stevens, Richard Wooley, Paul Tolch, Donna Stanton, Bette Neal, Judy Lewis, Glenda Broom, Zeanna Robertson, Jeanne Sen ior and Janet Voelker. Students seated are Don Thomas, Kay King, Emma Lou Edwards, Sally Siddens, Marilyn Strobel and Kathy Zimmermann. Center: David Wernsing, assistant advertising manager, and Charles Stevens, business manager, are checking sales receipts. Below: Typists Norma Newkirk and Emma Lou Edwards are kept as busy as anyone on the SIGNET Staff. . MASON MONUMENT DEDICATION M -MJ B22 N-fr' l Lynne Luttrell, right, president ofthe student council of EFFINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL, is pictured with Molly Mason, great-great-granddaughter of Roswell Mason. Below: The EFFING- HAM HIGH SCHOOL Band, under the direction of Mr. Everett Crane, played several selections at the dedication. .an-4' EFFINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL was rep- sented at the ceremony at Mason in September when the achievements of Roswell B. Mason, one of the greatest railroad builders of the nineteenth cen- tury, were recognized. Mr. Lane, su- perintendent of EFFINGHAM UNIT 40 schools was master of ceremonies for the program. Mr. Everett Crane, mus- ic dlrector, is at Mr. Lane's right, The national monument on the opposite page is the Capitol Building. 1 CA FETERIA K-ga VP' A group of senior girls are getting ready to eat their lunch. The girls sitting at the table are Judy Outs, Judy Lewis, Lynne Luttrell, Jane Dolbow, Connie Bosley, Sharon Scherer, F31 I and Edith Matthews. Underclassmen wait in line to be served. 1 - , -aiu L " Our capable cooks are Mrs. John Cooley, Mrs, Horatio Richeson, Mrs. Clarence Poynter and Mrs. Courtland Bolin. The betraying looks of the senior boys are smiled at by the cooks, Mrs. Poynter and Mrs, Bolin. The boys are Leonard Seward, Larry Allen, Frank Davis and Don Thomas. ,A pf .ff 1 1 l .4 A, YQ MAINTENANCE Custodians, Mr. Orville Lewis and Mr. C1audeSpeuce, are only clowning as they put Mr. Virgil Plummer in the garbage can. Nevertheless they are always around when needed and help to make a school we are proud to remember. ! 41 X Mrs. Louise Bradford takes care of the schoo1's laundry. 3 , g r 1 Ng..- TRANSPCRTA TION Dis. Unit 40 bus system runs thirteen busses every day school is in operation. These busses cover a total of 809 miles each day or about 145, 620 miles in a year. They carry 947 students to school each day. Out of that number only 100 live within one and a half miles of their school. Our busses are under the direction of Woody Freeman. The drivers for these school busses are: Top row: Olin Percival, Woody Freeman, Herman Kirchhoff, Wayne Arnold, Leonard Holmes, Claude Spence. Bottom row: Claude Rogers, Gene Gibbons, Bob Webb, Vern Shreve, Alan Evans, Eldred Letnrno. Mr. Evans has more experience than any of the other drivers, having driven for seven year. '13 f"H 25 ima 3,4 1 sv S3 SEC RETARIES 2 eijflp lf 2 If 5 KU i Gwen Mayhood is secretary to Mr. Arney and bookkeeper for Unit 4-0, She is a grad- uate of Effingham High School with the class of 1949. She enjoys working for the Unit and reports that there is never a dull moment. r-Q fr j U 13 24 4 30 N Mrs. Wilma Keplaz has been secretary to Mr. Voyles for the past three years. Wilma graduated from Effingham High School with the class of 1954. She enjoys working with students. Linna Byers is secretary to Mr, Lane, She graduated from Effingham High School in 1956. She enjoys working with teachers. Not all the work done in connection with the hot lunch program is done in the kitchen. Mrs. Roy Endebrock, lunch program supervis- or, spends many hours of her time at work at her desk in the office preparing menus and filling out reports. The national monument on the opposite page is the rear view of the White House. OFFICE Mr. Bachman faithfully keeps a re cord of each student's attendance along with his duties as a biology teacher. 0 R p,,-an-v-rl M1 A.. W X i 'is 'N W-rn' -4 , 'A BOARD OF EDUCATION ...ii When this picture was taken uansportation problems were being discussed by members of the board of education of Eftgigham Unit 40. In the picture are Dr. G. H. Starr, Mr. Earl Becker, MI. Clinton S. Cuuight, Mr. R. J. Wallace, president, and Mrs. Consuello Luttrell, secretary. Mr. Palmer Eubank and Mr. Allen Austin were unable to be present at this board meeting. ADM INISTRATORS Mr. Raymond H. Lane is the unit superintend- R ent for Effingham Unit 4-0. This is his sixth year in Effingham. 5 Mr. Harold Voyles has been principal of Effingham High School for the past four years. Mr. Brad Arney is the business manager of Eff- ingham Community Unit 40. He has served in this capacity for the past five years. Before assuming these duties he was a commercial teacher at Effing- ham High School. . Qi Above As Bngette center alights from the Greyhound bus which brought her to Ef fingham she is welcomed by studentcouncil members Glenda Marshall Lynne Luttrell and Judy Slifer R1 t School officials and interested towns people worked with the student council of Effingham High School to make a foreign exchange student possible Some of them were on hand to give Brigette a hearty wel come as she arrived 1n Effingham In the front row are Lynne Luttrell Glenda Mar shall Connie Bosley Brxgette Gourmel Karen Niccum and Judy Slifer Back row Mr Don Hancock Mr Harold Voyles Mr Ray Lane Jack Bourland Mrs Max Lamb Mrs Lawrence Brumleve Lower right Brigette was interested in learn ing about as many parts of the United States as possible She took trips with friends to neighboring states and in this pose she is study ing pictures which were on display in Mrs Stro bel s room of Glacier National Park ln Montana HIIGETTE GOURMEL of PAU, FRANCE OUR FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT We will treasure the memories we have of Brigette Gourmel Effingham High School s first foreign exchange student. ' The national monument on the opposite page is the Capitol Building Qu I x "f , , . I' f ,- .ghz . . . - Mr. Ed Opocensky, Mr. Ed. Kennedy. and . . . . . - A45 . Q5 . 'A - 1 . u L i . - ,Q Q - , I - I - 1 ' a 1 v l A ' Wx X' p ,. ,. wi. '-1 ', Y 'Q W' ,m1u,. ""r""'W 'W 1 'H y 'Q 'N WN lf: 9-he -no-nu-nf ,Slim MR. EVERETT B. CRANE Bandg Vocal Music. MRS. O. H. FREE Home Economics I, Il, Illg Future Homemakers of America Advisorg Future Nurses Advisor. MR. EARL T. GOODFELLOW Plane Geometry. Solid Geometryg Trigonometryg Advanced Algebrag Junior Class Advisor. MR. CARL L. GGWLER Vocational Agricultureg Future Farmers of America Advisor, MR. LEWIS HAGER Mathematics 9: Algebra. English Ilg SophomoreC1ass S ponsor . MR. BILLY LHEYDUCK Art I, II. Att Club Advisor. MR. RAYMOND L. BACHMAN Biology. Future Teachers of America MR. ROBERT BEALS Civics. American Historyg Assistant A Student Council, MR. AL BOSTIC Metal Shop. Mechanical Drawing. MISS MARY BURTSCHI English Literatureg American Literatu Rhetoricg Literati Advisor. Advisor. dvisor of reg Pre -College A f 33' ,1 1 MR. JACK KLOSTERMAN Athletic Directorg Head Football Coach: Head Track Coachg Assistant Basketball Coachg Boys' Physical Education: Lettermen's Club. MR. WILLIAM W. MORGAN World Historyg Drivers' Educationg Assistant Football Coach. MISS PATRICIA A. PIERSON Girls' Physical Education-Healthg GAA Advisorg Pep Club Advisorg Cheerleaders Advisorg Junior League Bowling Advisor. MR. RODNEY D. RICHARDSON American Historyg Boys' Physical Educationg Varsity Basketball Coachg Senior Class Advisor. rw MRS. BENSON MR. CLAYTON N, SLIFER if '3 General Businessg Personal Typewritingg Bookkeepingg Girls' Physical Educationp Junior Class Advisor. QI? Industrial Artsg Exploratory Woodworkg Woodwork I, llg Diversified Occupationsg Industrial Arts Club Advisor. MISS EUNA BLANCHE STATLER W5 American Literatureg English I, Il MRS. RICHARD L, STROBEL English Ig SIGNET Advisor. MISS MARY STYER Jeunesse Advisor. MRS, FRANCIS R, STEELE Librarian: Library Club Advisor. LIFE Advisor, Latin I, Ilg French I, Hg Latin Club Advisor: La 1 ' .V Q x B' ix X 27 ' b-- Y. MR. NOLAN SULLIVAN Mathematics 9g Algebra lg Physicsg Math Club Advisor MR. GALEN SWINGER Civicsg Sociology and Economics. Boys' Physical Ed- ucationg Freshman Basketball and Football Coachg Student Council Advisor. MRS. ARNOLD TATGE Speech I, llg American Literatureg Girls' Counselorg Class Play Director. MR. LAWRENCE VIA Chemistryg General Scienceg Freshman Class Advisorg Sci-Y Advisor. MR, JAMES W. WINANS Business Law: General Businessg Distributive Educationg Future Distributors of America Advisor. MISS STELLA YATES Shorthandg Typingg Stenographic Office Practiceg Commerce Club Advisor. The national monument on the opposite page is Mt. Rushmore Memorial. This is the first year that Effingham High School has been named as a cooperating school by Eastern Illinois State College at Charleston. A cooperating school is an off-campus school in which the student teacher gains guided teach ing experience by working in the classrooms under the supervision of the high school's coordinating teachers and the college's critic teachers. We picture on this page Effingham High School's first student teachers. Student Teachers MISS NORMA ANDERSON Girls' Physical Education. -'T MR. WILLIAM MARSHALL Q 3 ,. Speech 1,115 English l. MR. KARL SCHRINER Solid Geometryg Plane Geometryg Algebra ll. MR, JACK STOLDT Bookkeepingg General Businessg Typingg Boys' Physical Education. -Q-0 ,O .aff CLASSES Effingham High School is proud of its curriculum. For graduation from Effingham High School. a student must have successfully completed sixteen units of work. A unit is the credit earned for one full year in a subject. The following units are required before graduation: 1. Three units of English. 2. Two units of social studies, one of which must be American History. 3. One unit of science. 4. One unit of mathematics, 5. Four years of physical education. The other units may be made up of elective courses. :ff QSMW3 XA 'U 5 , .. s:,.'- fha- ir 's fix. Yo. .w,Q.i'flf'1g.2ai . at S it 'w ' :st r E hex KV 1 . f 'f ' 1 h fl f .4 ts g Q -91:1 ' , 5'-rj.. , .. r ENGLISH Il Mr. Hager and Miss Statler teach English Il classes. Ruth Davis, Sharon Davis, Lola Lee Scott, Janice Mc- Callen. Sharon Petty, Patsy Thomas and Wilma Loy are correcting tests in Mr. Hager's English ll class. ENGLISH I English I is taught by Miss Statler and Mrs. Strobel. This picture shows a cor- ner of Mrs. Strobel's room when her classes turned their classroom into a small museum last fall. This display showed the arts and crafts of the various countries whose literature the students had been studying. Mr. Marshall, stu- dent teacher, Ruth Anne Angel. and Mrs Strobel are in the picture. AMERICAN LITERATURE American literature students, Gerald Broom, John Castella and Shirley Wines, confer with Miss Statler. ENGLISH LITERATURE PRE-COLLEGE RHETORIC English literature is an elective course and is taken College bound students look to Miss Burtschi's pre by those students who have a fine appreciation for wllege Yhel0fiC COUISC HS 3 gfeal help I0 them. literature. Marilyn Strobel, Donna Stanton, Emma Harold EUb3Uk5- 10110 AUSUH and D00 Th0I'H8S are Lou Edwards and Sylvia Townsend are in a discussion Coflfeffmg with NUSS BUIlSChi- period with Miss Burtschi. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT English I, English II and American literature are required subjects. There are five teachers in the English depart- ment: Miss Burtschi, who has been teaching at Effingham High School for the past eighteen years, Mrs. Strobel, Miss Statler, Mr. Hager and Mrs. Tatge. SPEECH I SPEECH ll Students in speech I learned the international pho- Richard Wooley. Ted Gravenhorst, Rita McDaniel netic alphabet. Mrs. Tatge, Billie Ann Chance Sally Siddens, Edith Matthews and Frank Davis. and Wilmeta Loy observe as Pat Lankford translates Speech Il students. preview the senior class play, English into phonetics. "The Babbling Brooks." Mr. Marshall, student teacher, and Mrs. Tatge enjoy a laugh with the students. 1 Yr lf? CIVICS Linda Gasser, Sarah Gravenhorst, Artie Babbs and Mr. Beals are talking over world affairs in a civics class. Civics is a freshman subject. 41 WORLD HISTORY World history is a sophomore subject. First row: Janice McCa1len, Cecil McWhorter, Sharon Davis Judy Pagel, Karl Probst, Janet Plummer. Second row: Terry Foreman, Clarice Shadwell, Clarence Steele, Gerald Van Dyke, Rex Foreman, Dale Yemm. HISTORY DEPARTMENT Mr. Morgan, Mr. Beals, Mr. Swinger and Mr. Richardson are the instructors in the history department. Mr. Morgan is the senior member of this group. He has taught at Effingham High School for the past twenty-three y88l'S. AMERICAN HISTORY Helen Sinkler, Mr. Richardson and Vernon Babbs are discussing the crisis in the Egyptian-Israeli area. American history is required for graduation. It is taught to juniors. SOCIOLOGY Bottom row: Tom Utz, Ronnie Brown, Edith Matt- hews, David Hammer, Kathy Zimmermann, Mr. Swinger, Frances West, Janice Gillespie, Paula Eng- el, Larry Pagel, Donna Stanton, Ted Gravenhorst and Judy Lewis are having a political discussion in sociology class. The second semester the class will study economics. Sociology is an elective course open to seniors. v - X NINTH GRADE MATHEMATICS ALGEBRA I Mary Ann Weddle and Charlie Winchester have Mr Eddie Smllh 15 gefllllg help H1 algebra fI0m MI Sull Sullivan's help as they work with percents in ninth ivan Jeanne Spence Carol Smith R118 Whlre and grade math, Mary Jo Tolch are the other students in the picture MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. Goodfellow, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Hager teach the mathematics courses. Mr. Goodfel- low has been at Effingham High School since January 1931. PLANE GEOMETRY Plane geometry students learn logical thinking and how to handle various figures on a plane surface. Mr. Goodfellow, student teacher, Mr Schriner, and student, Wilma Polk, work togeth el. ADVANCED ALGEBRA SOLID GEOMETRY ln advanced algebra students acquire a knowledge In solid geometry spatial concept is acquired along of the more difficult branch of mathematics Mr with a working knowledge of geometric figures Don Goodfellow is watching Jim Collins work an equa Thomas is working under Mr Goodfellow s observa tion. tion Trigonometry is taught the second semester in X S GENERAL SCIENCE Many boys and girls have questions concerning their surroundings. General science gives an answer to their questions and provides a groundwork for those who wish to study the more advanced branches of science. General science is a freshman subject. Noble Brown, Evelyn Sowers and Mary Ann Weddle are performing experiments under Mr. Via's close observation. CHEMISTRY The chemistry classes learn how to distill various products by watching water distilled. Chemistry classes are composed of juniors and seniors. David Wernsing, Merril Habbe, Beverly Tilley, Caroline Condon, Phil Carlock, Karen Niccum and Mr. Via observe the process. BIOLOGY Marilyn Coats, Sandy Peters, Richard Wallace, Bob Bliss and Mr. Bachman study insects. Biology is con- sidered a sophomore subject. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Bachman Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Via are Effing- ham High School's science teachers, Mr. Bachman has been teaching here for the past thirty-three years. PHYSICS The members of Mr. Sullivans's physics class observe the results of an experiment about atmospheric pres- sures and vacuums. Students are: Jim Newbanks, Gary Kruger, John Austin, Chuck Keller, Frank Davis, Ron- nie Ziegler, Harold Eubanks, David Hammer and Mr. Sullivan, teacher. Physics is open to seniors. Boys usually make up the greater part of the class. This year it is an all boy class. ill ill Ill LATIN I LATIN II Connie Bosley, Alice Hays, Dale Yemm and Miss Jim Tamngef' MUS Sfyer. John Olden and Kathy Zim- Styer are looking at a model of a Trojan Horse made mefmalln are looking HI S0316 PI0lCCl8 made by Jim by Dale Yemm. Bild 10110. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Latin and French are the foreign languages offered in our high school. Miss Styer teaches the language classes and advises the Latin and French qLa Jeunessep clubs. FRENCH 1 FRENCH II Miss sryer, Glenda Marshall and Connie schnenz are Ronnie Woratoll. Caroline Condon. Kay King. Barbara having 3 conference, Webb, Lyle Boemgen, Marie Bell, Marianne Pippin, David Reed, Sally Slddens, and Lynne Luttrell are amused at something said by one of the members of the class. Miss Yates, Mrs. Rickelman and Mr, Winans teach ,f .....-:nv--E l PERSONAL TYPING Caught in the act! Personal typing students are not allowed-to erase! Sam Dargo, at the machine, is erasing on a personal letter. Students in the fore- ground are Rosie Deters and Doris James. In the background are Carl Probst, Steve Davis, Sam Dargo, Pat Ventxess and Jim Newbanks. Mrs. Rickelman is the teacher. Classes are taught the fundamentals of typing skill and control. They also work problems involving themes, outlines, letters, rough draft copy and manuscripts. Personal typing' ls open to all stu- dents with a sophomore or higher class rating. Students GENERAL BUSINESS Sharon Barbee, Sharon Croft, Carolyn Dugan, Loy Davidson and Mr. Winans are talking about the cost of small loans in a general business class. Students take general business one semester and personal typ- ing the other semester of the year. receive one half credit for the one semestler Eourse. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Credit for personal typing classes are taug t y Miss Yates and Mrs. Rickelman. BUSINESS LAW Jerry Bruver, Eddie Koester and David Steffens discuss employer and employee relations with Mr. Winans in this business law class. the commercial subjects. BOOKKEEPING Bookeeping students are receiving individual help with their problems involving work sheets. This class is open to juniors and seniors and is concerned with the fundamentals of record keeping, bookeeping and accounting. The class completes its study by working on an actual set of books involving a retail store Barbara Cameron Mrs Rickelman Elna jack son Marilyn Dettro and Mr Stoldt student teacher are working together V.. w-vu-p--. -Y i' AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT Mr. Gowler is in charge of the agri- culture department. He is new to Effingham High School this year. AGRICULTURE I Danny Macklin, Larry Verdeyen, Sam Townsend, Jim Wallace, Char- les Stiffler, Larry Marxmann, Robert Having and Mr. Gowler, standing, and David Plummer, Gary Stewart and Earl Sigrist, seated, are exam- ining soil texture in the agriculture I class. AGRICULTURE III and IV K ff' Mr. Gowler supervises as Elwood Webb, Jerry Ready, Ronald Ashbaugh and Fred Krueger measure the degree of slope of land in the study of soils. AGRICULTURE II Marion Higgs, Gary Ohnesorge, Ken- neth Bowman, Jerry Martin, Jeffrey Gillespie, John Chisler and Lee James study soil with Mr. Gowler in prepar- ation for the Land Use Selection Con- test. HOME ECONOMICS II Under Mrs. Free's watchful eye, JoAnn Medlin and Darlene Hetzel are demonstrating the correct way to set a table. JoAnn and Darlene BIC I1OfI'1C CCOUOITIICS I SILld6l'llS show- ing what home economics Il girls learned. HOME ECONOMICS III Mrs. Free is a believer in visual ed- ucation and the showing of movies play an important part in the instruc tion in her home economics classes. Students in the home economics III class are ready to view a movie. Standing: Mrs. Free. First row: Jean- ne Senior, Glenda Broom, Brigitte Gourmel, Betty Evans. Second row: Connie Bosley, Jane Dolbow, Bette Neal, Frances West. Third row: Pat- ty Lidy, Rosie Haarman. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Free in in charge of the home economics depart ment at Effingham High School. She has held this position for the past twelve years. The department was redecorated and remodeled during last summer. lt is one of the beauty spots in our high school that we like to remember. HOME ECONOMICS I Colleen Loy got an "A" on this dress that she made under Mrs. Free's supervision in the home economics I class. Hr- METAL SHOP I METAL-MACHINE SHOP II Jack Gandy, Mr. Bostic, Jerry Brown, Cecil Mc Mr. Bostic, Larry Bailey, Charles Saegesser, Bur- Whorter and Dale Bahrns are at work with this ton Fishburn, Jerry Garrett, Pearl Davis and David machine. Metal shop students learn how to han- McWhorter are discussing the mounting of stock dle various machines, read blueprints, and prepare in the chuck. themselves for jobs after graduation. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. Slifer and Mr. Bostic are the teachers of the industrial arts. Mr. Slifer has been teaching at Effingham High School for twenty years. 7 0 MECHANICAL DRAWING I EXPLORATORY SHOP These students, Bill MCC arty. Gary Kruger and Troy LeCrone and Bob Macklin are checking the Jim Bradham are learning to express ideas in the assembling of a TV stand. In exploratory shop form of drawings and diagrams, there is one semester of wood and electricity, and other is metal works and drawing. All work is done in learning the hand and bench process. INDUSTRIAL ARTS I INDUSTRIAL ARTS II Mr Slifer is checking Bob Niccum's frame assembly. Mr. Slifer is explaining the process of finishing a Ron Phillips and Calvin Pontious are working on their table to Elwood Webb and Floyd Pagel. projects X . x ffm. Al GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION This girls' physical education class is playing speed- ball. Participants are: Glenda Broom, Sharon Croft, Peggy Smith, Donna Stanton, Judy Lewis, Miss Pier- son, Paula Engel, Janet Voelker, Zeanna Robertson, Judy Pagel, Edith Matthews, Alice Goldstein, Clarice Shadwell, Janice Gillispie, Lynne Luttrell, Roberta Bogan, Mary Cox and Judy Cain. DRIVERS' TRAINING Drivers' Training teaches young people how a car op- erates, rules of the road and how to drive a car with safety. Credit is given for drivers' training. Billie Ann Chance, Ginger Leake, Mr. Morgan and David Teets take a look at the car's engine. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Coach Klosternian is trying to improve the form of these boys as they do push-ups, Front row: Leonard Coats, Chuck Keller, Sam Dargo and Lyndell Bell. Back row: Bob Starkey, Herbert Ort. Randall Schor- mann and Tom Utz. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Pierson and Mrs. Rickelman teach girls' physical education and Mr. Klosterman, Mr. Swinger and Mr. Richardson teach the boys. LIBRARY In our library students find the references, biograph- ies and fiction that are the mark of a well stocked library. This year our fiction shelves were padded by a loan of several hundred books from the state library Larry Pagel, Mrs. Steele, librarian, Donna Stanton and Sandra Brockett are using library facilities. 1 DI VERSIFIED OCCUPA TIONS Diversified occupations fD.O.J is a program new to Effingham High School this year. The program is designed to provide vocational training in a trade on a part-time basis for high school students during their junior and senior years. The students alternate on a half day basis between study in school and training on the job as an employee. During the time in employ- ment, the student is learning the occupation and prac ticing the skills. The advantages of diversified occupations for stu- dents are these: trains a student for a specific trade, permits student to start learning a trade while in high school, permits student to earn a learner's wage while in training, provides training in theory and practice in an occupation, offers an organized plan to training on the job under actual industrial conditions, and the stu- dent receives his regular high school diploma when grad- uating. Mr. Clayton Slifer is in charge of the diversified occupations program at Effingham High School. Janet Marten is employed each afternoon by Dr. G. R. Starr. She is training to be a dental assistant. ln this picture she is shown giving chairside assistance to Dr. Starr. in Dorothy Bush spends her afternoons on the job at the Effingham Daily News where she is learning to be a linotype operator under the direction of Albert Paugh Daily News shop foreman. Under the direction of Bill McClure of Bill's Body Shop, Leroy Buchholz is buffing an auto preparatory to repaint ing. X 0-'S puny 1' r i ""' 1 - Ml Ka y 1 : I f B51 f- f ' 1- A I 2' ' +. S Margaret White works in the laboratory at St. An- Bill Macklin is learning automotive body work at thony Memorial Hospital. She is training toward be- Bi1l's Body Shop under the direction of Dale Webb. ing a laboratory technician. In this picture she is learning how to rinse a syringe and needle. DI VERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Lee Kinden works at R 84 B Electric. When this pic- Larry Bailey is employed at Adermann's Machine ture was taken he was rewinding motors under Nor- Shop. Mr. Adermann is instructing him in the use man Gerth's supervision. of a piece of machinery. Wh Gerald Neal is employed by Merz Sheet Metal Jerry Katz is employed at Petty s Garage Mr He is being instructed on the job by Benny Kahtz Paul Petty left is his instructor in the on the DI VERS IFIED OCC UPA TIONS Archie Landreth is learning the art of being a farm mechanic from Leonard Niebrugge of the farm re- pair shop at Sears, Roebuck and Company. Archie will learn how to service and maintain all types of farm equipment used in this locality and sold by his employer. .,,,f Leonard Coats is learning how to maintain farm mach- Fred Katz is talking over inventory with his employ inery in top running order from Si Evans at Coats Bros. , er, M, F, Chrisman, of Chrisman Auto Parts. farm implement dealers. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Larry Poynter works at Kel1er's Town and Country Store. He installs television sets and in this pic- ture is shown repairing a piece of furniture under Leo Nosbisch's observation. E ' tiff-'uf' Norman Ungurait is working with Vic Holman at Dun- lap and Ballard Implement Company to learn how to be a farm machinery mechanic. J X l PS, ,.. Jake Rohde, assistant manager of Sears, Roebuck 8: DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Vocational education recognizes that preparation for entrance into the field of distribution re- quires direct and specific training for those who choose a distributive occupation as a vocation. A Co-operative Part-time Distributive Education program is a vocational program in which students are prepared for their chosen career in a distributive occupation. Distributive education has been offered at Effingham High School for the past eight years. Mr. James Winans is the teacher in charge of this program this year. 5: N-dv-1-" a3 I--nAL 4 C is showing Myron White the method of stock the many articles which Marilyn White sells. control at Sears. Mason Wilmore, manager of the John Green Store, is Don Lowry is being advised by his employer Phil showing Floyd Anderson as outstanding point about one Brown. about the selling of merchandise at Brown of the many shoes the store carries. Rexall Drug Store. Wg W, F"T M871 Jack West, manager of Jan.sen's, is displaying one of 1 I ' i iii ' In X JL Sharon Cruse is learning the funda-FHSHIBIS of the ICS- Mary Rentfrow started to work at various counters at taurant business from Mr. Deters at the Quality Grill, Murphy's, Now she prints signs for counter and win- dow display. Mr. McGinnis is instructing her. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Rita McDaniel started working in Murphy's stock room. Danny Ballard is being shown how to shelve merchan- Now she works at various counters, mainly the candy dise by Mr. McGinnis at the G. C. Murphy Company counter. Here Mrs. Kinkelaar is showing Rita some Store. important facts about hosiery. ? 31 478817 David McWhorter is getting pointers from his father, Mr. McWhorter, on how to greet the customer and the service to give him. David works at McWhorter's Curve Inn. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Leo Schmohe, left, is making out a sales ticket after Mrs. McCashen and Barbara Milligan are showing one waiting on a customer at E11man's. Gary Keplar, ag- of the many selections available at the ideal SQ 1043 sistant manager, is observing Leo. I0 31.00 Store. i I Q: mf' .S so .4- 51 ' I - , .4 . u 4 ' I v7f"'i-fix! 4 5 x, 'dpi hi., . ' I ' ,Y .kiflx , , x ' X In lit Q, I .-v'3Y3- f - ff' I I: 11.854 t'lf?'f'l X- X S X Home economics III girls learn to use the deep well, grill, broiler and automatic oven. Asked if Mrs. Free let the girls eat what they cooked in home economics classes, one girl replied, "Let us? She makes us! " Standing around the stove are Betty Evans, Jeanne Senior and Rosie Haarman. Standing in back- ground are Glenda Broom and Marilyn Strobel. Faculty members enjoy the newly decorated teachers' lounge. Mr. Stoldt, Mrs. Free, Miss Yates, Mr. Beals. Miss Anderson and Miss Pierson have assembled for a faculty meeting. The national monument on the opposite page is the Washington Memorial, A rntsurr semons The never -to-be -forgotten memories of good fellowship in happy days will remain long in the minds of the faculty. The wealth of humor, a quality that the Seniors possess to a great degree, can well be adapted to their future living. Seeing the amusing aspect of a situation which might upset the average student is a special talent that belongs to the Seniors. Such a remark is not intended to convey adverse criticism: on the contrary, few classes show such a serious purpose when studying. . Much of their success as a class is due to the great amount of energy expended so willingly and the enthusiasm with which they accomplish their tasks. Furthermore, they are not hasty in their decisions, they examine ideas and then decide whether or not they are based on facts or opinions. Such clear think- ing will be useful to them in the future. The Senior Class has maintained DOI only a standard of proficiency in many phases of school activities, but its leadership is promising. It was this class that inaugurated the honor study halls--an innovation that the faculty hopes will continue. Pleasant are our thoughts of the Seniors who have been friendly, co-operative, and delightful to in- struct. The memories of such happy days cannot easily be erased from our minds. We wish them the best of luck and happiness, and we are grateful for many happy memories. --1R.o.Jlwel1 LARRY D, ALLEN FLOYD LEO ANDERSON JOHN M. AUSTIN EHS 1,2,3,4: Track Manager 3: sus l,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3g Pep EHS 1,2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4g Football Manager 4: PCP Club 4: Band 3g Pep Club 3,45 LIFE Staff 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3, SCi 'Y 4: Lettermen's Club 4. Industrial Arts Club 45 FDA 4g DE 4. 4g Lettermen's Club 2,3,4g Sci-Y l,2,3,4g FTA l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 23 Boys' Chorus 23 Class Play 35 Literati 3,4, Literati Treas- urer 4g French Club 43 Student Coun cil 4. 1 SAM I. DARGO Muncie Central High School, Muncie Indiana l,2,3, EHS 4, Student Coun- cil 4, Pep Club 4, Pep Club Secretary- Treasurer 4, NORMAN DICKEY Metropolis Community High School 1,2,3, EHS 4, Basketball l, Baseball l,2, Football 3,4, Track 3,4, Letter- men's Club 3,4, if' 3.41 FRANK DAVIS EHS l,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3, 4, Lettermen's Club l,2,3,4, Letter- men's Club Secretary 3, Lettermen's Club Secretary-Treasurer 4, Pep Club l,2,3,4, Sci-Y l,2,3,4, Sci-Y President 4, Math Club l,'2,3,4, Literati 3, FTA 3,4, Class Play 3, Class Vice President 4. JANE LOUISE DOLBOW EHS l,2,3,4, Student Council l,2, 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Letter-Girl 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, FTA 2,3,4, Literati 3,4, Literati Secretary 4, Latin Club 3, French Club 4, French Club Vice President 4, Class Play 3,4. 'S Q MARILYN SUE DETTRO EHS l,2,3,4, Student Council l, Bowling l,2, Cheerleader l,2,3, 4, GAA 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 3,4, Mixed Chorus 1, Girls' Chorus 1, Homecoming Attendant 2, FNA 3, Commerce Club 4, French Club 4. CHARLES GLEN EALY EHS l,2,3,4, FTA l,2,3,4, Math Club 1,2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track l,2,3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Student Council 3,4, LIHE Staff 2,3,4, Class Play 3, Sci-Y 4, Sci-Y Secretary- Treasurer 4, Literati 4, Pep Club 4, is 'US L, I I I DALE GRACE Warsaw High School l,2g EHS 3,45 FFA 1,25 Pep Club lg Basketball 25 Track 35 Sci-Y 45 Literati 45 Latin Club 45 Class Play 4, SHARON KAY HICKMAN EHS l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 25 Pep Club 35 Commerce Club 45 Bowling 4. 'fi' THEODORE SAMUEL GRAVENHORST EHS l,2,3,45 Basketball Manager 1,25 Golf l,2,3,45 Football lg Math Club 1,2,3,45 Sci-Y 2,45 Letter- men's Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Li- terati 3,45 French Club 35 Bowling 35 LIFE Staff 4g FTA 4, FTA Secre- tary 4. ELNA JEAN JACKSON EHS l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 Sci-Y lg FNA l,2,35 FTA l,2,35 Bowling 2,35 Commerce Club 2,35 Pep Club 2,35 LIFE Staff 45 Class Play 45 Kin- dergarten Teacher 4. DAVID M, HAMMER EHS l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2g Foot- ball l,2g Bowling 35 Sci-Y 4g Math Club 4. FRED ALLEN KATZ EHS l,2,3,45 Industrial Arts Club 1,45 Art Club 45 DO 4. K .ff 715 4 - 'ff' WILLIAM EDGAR MCCARTY EHS l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Basketball 45 Letter- men's Club 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 2,3g Sci-Y 45 Literati 45 FTA 4, WILLIAM MORRIS MACKLIN EHS l,3,45 Joliet Township High School, Joliet, Illinois 25 Pep Club 45 Art Club 45 Industrial Arts Club 45 DO 4. f3"N 'Di' he fix. 3...- 1... X H417 " LORETTA MCDANIEL SMITH EHS l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 25 GAA 2,35 Pep Club 3,45 FDA 4, FDA President 45 Library Club 45 DE 4. TONY MANUEL EHS 1,2,3,45 Football i,2,3,45 Basketball l,45 Track l,2,45 Stu- dent Council 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Math Club l,2,3,45 Class President 15 FTA I,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Library Club 4, Library Club Secretary-Treasurer 45 Sci-Y 45 Art Club 45 Industrial Arts Club 45 Holi- day Dance Escort 4, i-n-1' T 'C' DAVID RONALD MCWHORTER EHS l,2,3,45 Industrial Arts Club 2, 3,4, Industrial Arts Club Reporter 45 FDA 45 DE 4. EDITH MARY MATTHEWS EHS l,2,3,45 Student Council l,2, 45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,45 Bowling 1,35 GAA l,2,3,45 FTA 2,3,4, FTA President 45 Literati 35 FHA 45 LIFE Staff 45 Class Play 45 Vocalaires 45 Pep Club 45 Holiday Dance Queen 4, 'R "1 E X -, .5 ef' ff Wi? 3 .QV fgngf N . Z my 1. 7 113-. ,, L ' L?'f'm if? Q' fi.: , ,f J. iff.. ,.-AJ' 5--, -. uv,-X.1F':, Q 1, 'A w l i. Ng.-.i1zLf -f., , ,, , 5' I .1 , A Q V. :rw -SSW hifi? Q, ? :Qs sq 3 ,,y,-..,-, ,R ""T"A ' 'iv w I! tim 7.5 ,, Q , ra, 'Qzv ' 'f 5. 1 1 4 1 M95 Q f x W -x if N 3 gi 7 , 1 I, 1 . 1 N ' M' 'R if,-if? .q-,W.,, 5 ,f.7?5?:E -f-'Z ' Y f ,fgjggidggzi-'f x f T 1 W 1 x . , ,, Q . Q wg' " 1 4 , . .5 m , f. '1"': ' : -if N X Q .' "bf -51" Yi' .ISL , - f Af -," i. J .1 RANDALL S. SCHORMANN EHS l,2,3,45 Band l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Vocal- aires 25 Literati 45 Class Play 4. OPAL KAY SHADWELL EHS 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Girls' Chorus 35 Literati 45 LIFE Staff 4. DOROTHY IEAN SENIOR EHS l,2,3,45 FNA l,2,3,45 Latin Club 2,3,45 French Club 45 FHA 45 SIGNET Staff 4. SALLY IO SIDDENS EHS l,2,3,45 Art Club l,2,4, Art Club Secretary 45 Art Scholarship 25 Mixed Chorus l,2,35 Girls' Chorus l,2,35 Vocalaires 1,25 Operetta 15 FTA 1,25 FNA 3,45 French Club 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Literati 45 Sci-Y 45 SIGNET Staff 4. iv-7 LEONARD DEAN SEWARD EHS 1,2,3,45 sci-Y i,2,45 LIFE Staff 15 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,25 Track l,2,3,45 Bowling 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Cheerleader 3 Pep Club 3,45 Pep Club President 45 Marr. Club 1,2, MAX DEE SINKLER EHS l,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45FFA 25 Class Treasurer 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Boys' Chorus 35 Class Play 3. 2' i 'QF1' ,fr 1 5, -L 'il 'bw QV'-,, , X, X 1 --, DON R, THOMAS EHS l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track l,2,3,45 Letterrnen's Club 3,45 Math Club 1,2, Math Club President 1,25 LIFE Staff 25 Literati 3,45 FTA 3,45 Class President 35 Class Play 35 Student Council 45 Library Club 45 Latin Club 45 Sci-Y 45 SIGNET Staff 4, SIGNET Assistant Editor 45 Holiday Dance Attendant 4. THOMAS W, UTZ St, Anthony High School 1,25 EHS 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Literati 4. x t -fi' vm'- 'abt 1:--'nr ,,, f Ak' . l -L.. ' . I PA UL EDWARD TOLCH EHS l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Math Club 15 Latin Club 35 Latin Club Vice President 35 Literati 3,45 Class Play 35 Sci-Y 45 SIGNET Staff 4. JANET B, VOELKER EHS l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Literati 3,45 Bowling 3,45 Sci-Y 45 Pep Club 45 SIGNET Staff 4. SYLVIA M, TOWNSEND EHS 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,3, 45 Operetta 15 Math Club 1,25 FNA 1,2,35 Sci-Y 25 Library Club 2,4, Literati 3,45 Latin Club 3,4, BARBARA E. WEBB EHS l,2,3,45 Student Council 1,45 Band l,2,3,45 Letter-Girl 3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocalaires 1,2,3,45 Accompanist 1,2,3,45 Rhythmaires 3,45 Operetta 15 Math Club 1,25 Sci-Y 25 Literati 3,45 FTA 35 FNA 3, FNA Vice President 35 Class Play 35 French Club 3,45 Commerce Club 4, Commerce Club Secretary 4. 34 Vu: 'Q' if if ' -f'-'fn-5,1 '- '2-' nu' 1 - Hz. ,M .A 14-A..'.v' Q, 1 . vw v :B 'f 3, f ,wg -. .mf im N ,A 'k 'Y ig N "May l have your attention please--may I have your attention please," This is a familiar sound to the stu- dents and faculty of EHS as Mr, Voyles makes the announcements of meetings and activities taking place during the day, This is a memory which will stand out in the minds of the students and remind them of their high school days. The officers of the Student Council are very well pleased with their outstanding project of the year, a foreign exchange student. They are shown here with Brigitte Gourmel, the foreign exchange student, from Pau, France. The officers are Connie Bosley, Secretaryg Beverly Tilley, District Recording Secretaryg Brigitte Gourmel, Foreign Exchange Studentg Lynne Luttrell, Presidentg Glenda Marshall, Vice Presidentg and Karen Niccum, Treasurer. VY f J- i 'Z T If' S ,, . v, X X . -fr 5-J 4 Xbx rw x X wx x,x-Q 1 1 ' v X , 1 x ,' I 1 ' A Q 1 X w K 1 .V 'Www ,v'0 3 fwmv J' ' . i f ,7 I If 1 ' Nr it I J 5 i Q 5 'pt'--..w ---1 plsuuus-me-ww ppwnww--. ,W 1, J- W.-R' -5 -ff' sur -AMW.-, , . mp, .--,,.,,.. , 4 5,1, , m ,-.. . , . , o Q 1 . . . X ,+ rn, v - . A ylie, x " 2 ' I 'L is f BROWN, GENE Knot picturedj BROWN, LARRY BRUVER, JERRY BUSH, DOROTHY BUSHUE, CLENDA BYERS, DONNA CABLE, PHILIP CARLOCR, PHIL CARROLL, CAROLYN CASTELLA, JOHN CHANCE, BILLIE ANN CLAAR, RATY 1' 1: 43 CE f' -if? A mix Rf.: - , R X , L Q 1 I'l",k 5' 3A f ARNOLD, BARBARA ASHBAUOH, RONALD BABBS, VERNON BAHRNS, DALE BECKER, JANE BELL, LINDELL BELL, MARIE BOURLAND, JACK BOWLIN, HM BRADHAM, JIM BROCRETT, SANDRA BROOM, GERALD St- Q'-Q COATS, LEONARD COLLIER, TOM COLLINS, IILI CONDON, CAROLINE COOLEY, JUDY CORNELL, DICK CRANE, CAROL DAVIDSON, LOY DAVIS, JOAN DAVIS, LINDA DAVIS, PEARL DETERS, ROSEMARY ,fl 1 A 'Ps' I A. :psf Iwi, A 2 L 5 Ag R ,.45'S 'F' ., ,K Ai Q4 J l SF, F' 11" IP' fs, .U fx s C I ,TW , N' 'C' FISHBURN, BERTON FISHER, CAROLYN FORTNER, PHYLLIS FRAZIER, SHEILA CARRETT, JERRY GOODFELLOW, JACK ORUNLOH, LARRY IIABEE, MARILEE IIARBE, MERRILL HAARNIAN, ROSEMARY HANKINS, KAY IIANSEN, HOPE F P .X f v .X --V EANDERS, JUDY LANE, LARRY LA NKFORD , LOELLA LAN KFORD , PA T LARIMER, RUBY LAYTON, KERRY LEAKE, GINGER LEGRONE, TROY LEVITT, WILIA LIDY, PATTY IOY, WILMETA LYBARGER, HELEN 1X 9 1 1 ff- 'H-.,,.,. 55 1 QV ,I iai- R 1 , 'fi 1 If HAVING, ROBERT JAMES, DORIS IANSEN, nm IANSEN, SUSAN JENKINS, NANCY IENNINGS, JANET KASINGER, THOMAS KISSINGER, ERMA ROESTER, ADOIPH KOESTER, NANCY KRUEGER, CAROLYN KRUEGER, FRED -nr , Nw' its-af .hi Y' I, ., I, J .x 1 l C Si R I 7 1 MCCALLEN, RACHEL MACKLIN, BOB MARTINS, JOHN R. MARTEN, JANET MARSHALL, GLENDA MORRISON, BEULAH NIOWE, KENT NEAL, GERALD NICCUNI, CONNIE NICCUM, KAREN NORRIS, CAROL OSEORN, EOR -I 'X 5 x I T, I 4 f I f 1 w 41 in I v A W S ff , . C 7 ' x-9 -'A 'I' I-If , , 1 f 7 , 1 4.1 I ,XJ , 1 1 -4 I X fax 'IR it A f I 6 PAGEL, FLOYD PETERS, BONNIE PETERS, RAY PHILLIPS, MAXINE PHILLIPS, RONALD PIPPIN, MARRIANNE POTTS, CAROLYN POYNTER, GARY POYNTER, LARRY REARDON, LEONARD REEDER, DONNA RICKELMAN, SAM , I fi A 'BWJEQN P 3 l ' Y L r O .E . ,J bf. TATE RAMON TEETS DAVID TIEFFEL JERRY TILLEY, BEVERLY UNGURAIT, NORMAN WALKER, STEPHANIE WEBB, ELwooD WEBER, PATTY WENTHE, DEBBIE WERNSING, JUDY WHITE, MARGARET SAEGESSER, CHARLES SAPP, LAURA SARVER, JOHN SCHMOHE, PHYLLIS SCHUETZ, CONNLE SINKLER, HELEN SLJFER, JIM SMITH, CARLENE SOLTWEDEL, MERILYN STARKEY, BOB STEELE, BARBARA STEVENSON, SHARON 1 19" 'Q 3-In A xg ru .l 1' S 1- lx!! N-r Q ' J R1 N ,, OZ .1 x ' 'X "M ' 'e haw JUNIOR CLASS FLOAT The junior class prophecy came true when the mem- bers used the slogans, "We're going to whip the Tigers," and "We've got them caged, for their Homecoming Parade float. Sandra Brock- ett, Hope Hansen, and Carolyn Condon are riding on the float. 4' NOON HOUR ACTIVITIES Many students enjoy relaxing in the newly constructed recreation room under the gym during the noon hour. Other students spend extra noon hour time studying in the community room, X 5 '+L E 'Hs' " gf "Lf A A 1 f .QA '- Barbara Webb and Charles Stevens study in the Glenda Bushue, Carlene Smith, and Carolyn Fisher community room. take advantage of noon hour study time. Dick Cornell, Jim Collins, Vernon Babbs, Merrill Ann Davidson, Pat Bush, Sarah Gravenhorst, and Mary Habbee, Bill McCarty, Leo Schmohe, Loy Davidson, Jo Hebron dance, Phil Carlock, Gary Poynter, and Lyle Boerngen group around the juke box. ,.,,q.m,w .. l The national monument on the opposite page is the Lincoln Memorial, . , -f ..4q" ' 4 iff Qu r' Nia' 5f3?LQflH32 12,11 A T2 Ashley, Larry Askew, Paul Baker, Louise Ball, David Barbee, Sharon Beasley, Ioan Beatty, Barbara Bennett, Gary Blake, Landis Bliss, Bob Boals, Linda Boone, Lucille Bosley, Larry Bowlin, Karen Bowman, Kenneth Breeden, Susan Brissenden, Jane Broom, Iudy Brown, Jerry Brown, Myrna l 'x 1"w- fi:- J ! , an 5 " 52' Q 1 ' 5: 4 fs-4" ff r "'- ' as , ' L ,N TN M 'tr' f , ff X 1f 1' QI' Jw if tx 7 ' N.. fo. x 'E a. BJ 'F' Q I J as if Q up is r lk Fix Q Brown, Wilma Burnett, Linda Bushue, Stanford Chisler, John Coats, Elaine Coats, Marilyn Cox, Mary Croft, Sharon Y' 439, 41:-rr' Cutright, David Dasenbrock, Virginia Davis, Ivan Davis, Ruth Ann Davis, Sharon Davis, Stephan Diehl, Carlene Dugan, Carolyn Ealy, Donald Epperson, Bill Evans, John Foreman, Rex Foreman, Terry Freeman, Patsy French, Ronald Gamble, Janice Gandy, Jack fnot picturedl Gillespie, Jeffrey Gillmore, Wanda Grace, Sterling iid K gs ii x an ,el -4 . 1 dxf. i' O Y' -if -v,' . I A 5 Q ' . v AJ 1 A A J a w is , , S' 4 -en Q-.14 flu. ' if "1 K lg- iw' , , ,Q V. If as Gramm, Karen Grobengieser, Don Hardiek, Kenneth Hays, Alice Heidbreder, Geraldine Higgs, Marion Kelley, Billy Landers, Linda 4 X VS' if Lange, Tom Langhorst, Edith Lankford, Linda Larimer, Faye Livingston, Beverly Loy, Wilma Lybarger, George McCallen, Janice McCarty, Jack McWhorter, Cecil Macklin, Danny Martin, Jerry Martin, Richard Martin, Newlin Medlin, Joann Minner, Bob Moore, Rose Moschenrose, Jim Moulton, Patty Mowe, Steve -J-9-A . Y LA N- . , 1 x NX v' 'xx ,4 5 ' 1 ,' 1, .1 g 5 ig- Nelson, Laverne Newkirk, Clyde Niccum, Bob Ohnesorge, Gary Olden, John Pagel, Judy Pagel, Vernabelle Parks, Billy Percival, Joan Peters, Sandra Petty, Sharon Plumer, Janet Polk, Wilma Pontious, Calvin Prigmore, John Probst, Karl Ragle, Cheryl Rentfrow, Don Reynolds, Charlene Richey, Ruby Rincker, Janice Robertson, Emma Rohde, Bob Scott, Lola Lee Shadwell, Clarice Shadwell, Richard Sigrist, Earl Slifer, Judy 4 L: 5? O Z' Q, .... . ,e -QA Q . ps. nu- QQZZP x... 1 1---4 Sligar, Judy Smith, Joann Spieler, Mary Springer, Albert Steele, Clarence Steely, Kay Stewart, David Taflinger, Jim Tate, Ronald Thomas, Patsy Tilley, Barbara Van Alst, John Van Dyke, Gerald Ventress, Pat Verdeyen, Larry Verdeyen, Lila Wagner, Janet Wagoner, Patsy Wallace, Richard Waugh, Jerry Weseloh, Jerry Wilder, Marvin Woodruff, Rebecca Wright, Rosalee X, 0. - 3 L. s-. CI' 1 X Q, v .... fel fi 1, , 1 i I z msg. -Z '4 , .. ' xx. Heb .I r , ' r -' Q Y .... .:'.-R: 1' '- , Q , - x e : ., .4 ..M. N05 f-My rs: V-of sf,-.. 4 TW! QL' Eli 04 px T? f' 'Q X , X ' fn O My ' P J N? X .Y JQAYK X I , Yemm, Dale p ac Ou 'QQ .47 x,. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS GERALD VAN DYKE President JUDY SLIFER Vice President LINDA BOALS Secretary-Treasurer The National Monument on the opposite page is the Jefferson Memorial. J' 9 s ns- , -E s ' v , I . ' . f oi 7 :ix I fr 1 f' l 4 ,QS ,' s -1-5' 'fl I 1-iii fe-fi l 'eff 1 C' N Black, Louis Bogan, Roberta Boone, Eugene Bradford, Larry Brockett, Theodore Brown, Noble Burgess, Dwain Burk, Russell Burnett, Marjo Bush, Pat Butcher, John Cain, Judy Campbell, Mary Ellen t Campton, Larry Cavanaugh, Clifford Leg Adermann, Carolyn Adermann, Tom Allen, Elizabeth Altman, Charles Angel, Ruth Anne Ashley, Ann Ashley, Garold Ashworth, Linda Babbs, Arthur Bailey, Martha Bailey, Randall Barker, Margaret Barnes, Jacky Bell, Suzanne Biggs, Jerry il' ti I lg. 5.1 A11 Y 'S- Q.-.Ma L C' N 4. '. 5, A Q Af rl : C if 4 5 Q 0 6 'Y 2 w ' 'K Y rf' 1 'T' , F, X , gs. Frese, Pete Fuesting, Iudy Gasser, Linda Gandy, Rodney Knot pictured, Gibson, Philip Goldstein, Alice Graham, David Gravenhorst, Sarah Greear, Larry Greear, Sally Io Greider, George Hansen, John Harris, Garry Harris, Wendell Claar, Karen Cleeton, Rhea Cornell, Tom Dammerman, Dick Davidson, Ann Devore, Carol Dutcher, Sherrill Ealy, Lee Ealy, Junior Edwards, Donna Edwards, Linda Eskew, Paul Feller, Donald Fishburn, JoAnn 5 ..4..., I g if 5 Q , -s 1 L W it ' , H iff , T x ' Kissinger, Donna Knierirn, Richard Koester, Barbara Kuhlman, Dean Laskowski, Barbara Leasher, Judith Leith, Mary Levitt, Harold Lewis, Judy E. Lewis, Judy Lewis, Williani Lidy Glenda Logan Johnnie Lohrmanr Mar Loy Colleen t . 1- ' r ft Iraq if fi ' Z , ' e 9- 43, D Q Q L, L 53 rfg , Y . .Jw it M p 'K i . 'Z' 0 ' ,M r 0 3 I :itil 4:1 .3 .Q J N Hartke, Clem Hastings, Ralph Having, Terry Hebron, Mary Jo Henderson, Jane Hetzel, Darlene Hines, Jack Holland, Betty Hubbard, Johnny Huntington, George James, Lee Katz, Patsy Kennedy, Bob Kirchlioff, Loleta r. ki: " If -'E S ,Q - Y ,L if 9 i a I 3" , A Q Pals, Alice Pearson, Janice Plummer, David Powell, Duon Prather, Loretta Purdy, Freddy Reardon, Jim Robertson, Michael Rogers, Dale Senior, Carole Shamhart, Clyde Sherrick, Iim Sinkler, Phillip Sinkler, Phyllis Loy, Harold Martins, Janet Marxmann, Donna Marxmann, Larry Matthews, Nicky Mason, Gary Mason, Ronald McDaniel, Richard Metzelaars, Sally Jo Miller, Judith Nicholson, Randall O'Leary, Roland Ort, Herbert Owens, Judy Pagel, Harley F3 1 3 3' ,n- Vf ff' Stracklejohn, Charles Teets, Karen Thomas, Harvey Tolch, Mary Jo Townsend, Sam Ullrich, June Valentine, George Verdeyen, Ada Walker, Donna Wallace, Jim Walls, Jacky Ward, Kay Warren, Mark Watson, Archie Weddle, Mary Ann xr Y it-at . A ' Q' 3' ' ' ' 9 n I 1, v A . ,lr ,. 'Z xv! if 'I ' if-'ttf ' V' , 'Ji no 3' Jv- . V g . I ,, -1 ff 1 A , ,,,, Smith Smith, Smith Smith Sowets, Carol Edward Jim Peggy Evelyn Sparrow, Elmer Sparrow, Joan Spence, Jeanne Sperry, Linda Stanley, Kaye Steele, Connie Stewart, Gary Stiffler, Charles Stortzum, Georgia -Q ,ff 4' T' .D-f 'E-' 4,1 4 . Welch, Gail Wenthe, Ronald -, .r.- Wharton, Marlene 'Cf' Wheeler, Janet White, Rita White, Roxanna Whitley, Randy Winchester, Charles Wines, Mary Wohltman, Lorelei ,L 6- 5 , X' A1 ,R I .xref '1" , '3 , X 4 Wood, Pat Ziegler, Melvin Zimmermann, Terry N- FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Sally Io Metzelaars, Presidentg Jim Sherrick, Vice President, Peggy Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. .'Q' y Q I Q f .4 , , -gg!! sv,- f ,. kt ,tv s' as f 'W A 3 'U -M. x ' I t i M' ' PA,-'.. -1 r t Q t li iff' ' - ' Yi' 'Q W' -" f 1 ' +4 wt. . ..- 't 1 5 -1 " X, r' ft mu. Candidates for homecoming queen were nominated by the football team and the student body voted on their choice, The qneen's identity was kept secret until the Coronation, The smiling queen candidates were Karen Niccum, Stevie Walker, Sharon Barbee, Judy Lewis, and Sharon Scherer. Waiting for the decision was quite exciting and stomachs were fluttering with anxiety for the big moment, HOMECOMING PRELIMINARIES The traditional homecoming bonfire was held on October ll, The celebration was well attended and school spirit was exceptionally high. Students are seen gathered around the bon- fire while they are led in cheers by the EHS cheerleaders. K .,.g,, to gms' 'Fl , 5 w g 'D 'B I 'V' Us ,A :Tm , Yay 'P' -ff f . xx ., f s Q ' x x -, ' --... ' x X-fx' wi D , r psi' h,. J L 1:-A" 1 m r, . , 1, I , , :L KAREN NICC UM Homecoming Queen Being helped from the car by Bob Rohde is the 1956 homecoming queen, Karen Nieeurn, Awaiting her is a night of happiness and honor. f LJ The honored queen is fnll of glee as she receives a kiss on each glowing cheek froin eo-captains, David Steffen and Richard Wooley, Karen was also presented with the traditional football nevlflaee by Richard Wooley. Her Majesty reigns over her court as she awaits the exciting night before her. Sharon Scherer, Judy Lewis, Stevie Walker, and Sharon Barbee are happy for Karen, and Judy Medlin again feels the excite- ment which she knew last year when she received the honor. v s 2 v This page is sponsored by D, A, NICCUM, OD and CHARLES I.. MILUNE, DDS. HOMECOMING DANCE On October l2, the annual Homecoming Dance was held at the high school gymnasium following the Effingham-Paris game. Beautiful fall colors in leaves and decorations set the mood for the evening and harmonized with the theme, "Autumn Promenade," The orchestra of Ray Ellis led the dancers into a night of delight and excitement. Queen Karen Niccum is leading the queen's dance with her escort, Richard Wooley, while those who watch gather the beauty and excitement which this night holds for her, W Af B-fivj, f The traditional grand march is an event to remember as the couples mix and find their way through the crowd. Facing the camera are Barbara Webb, Judy Cooley, Phil Carlock, Bob Osborn, Ginger Leake, Glenda Bushue, and Bob Smith, x ' N. Us ' ills.- A David Cutright and Phyllis Fortner have taken advantage of the park bench surrounded by trees whose leaves cast off beautiful colors. They have had an enjoyable evening and ries in the future, bn will treasure it and its memo- "We'll Plaster Paris" was the theme of the freshman class float, Representing the Flaming Hearts are Freddy Purdy and Noble Brown. Crying over the misfortune of the Paris Tigers are Dick Dammermann, Linda Ashworth, Marjo Burnett, Sally Metzelaars, Roberta Bogan, and JGCRY BGUICS. The sophomore class received second place with their float, "Paris Hasn't a Ghost of a Chance. " Ierry Brown reigns over the defeated player, Larry Bosley, while Ruthie Davis and Cheryl Ragel deal the fatal hand, HOMECOMING FLOATS The winning float, "The Last Time I Saw Paris," was displayed by the senior class. Chuck Ealy, Randall Schormann, Frank Davis, and Richard Wooley have gathered together in memory of the defeated rival of the Paris Tigers. Don Thomas lies silent in defeat while representing the opposing team. The D,E, float, "Skin-Um, " held first place in club competition. Students representing the club are David McWhorter, Rita Smith, Leo Schmohe, Marilyn White, Floyd Anderson, Mary Rentfrow, Don Lowry, and James Fagan. The students were very original in that they used a real tiger skin to represent the Paris Tigers. -UM HOLIDAY DANCE The queen candidates and attendants for the annual Holiday Dance are chosen from their classes and voted on by the student body. Only seniors are eligible for the honor of queen, but the underclassmen realize that in the near future they will have their chance. The girls show a merry holiday spirit as the big event comes near. Each is experiencing the thought of donning a beautiful gown and being a recognized part of the Holiday Dance. Not only the queen candidates and attendants felt the holiday spirit, but students were joyous and willing to participate in the various activities of the season. This poem was written by Sarah Gravenhorst in a freshman English class, and it shows how the students had captured the spirit of the event, HOLIDAY DANCE The Holiday Dance is coming, It sends all the girls running To the shops and to the towns, To purchase beautiful gowns. Whispers and rumors are circling 'round, Who is to wear the Queen's crown? It is sure to be a popular lass, We know she'll be from the senior class. Marilyn is so pretty and gay, Lynne looks quiet but has much to say, Edith has a sparkling personality, I'm sure our queen will be of quality! The happy queen candidates are, front row: Lynne Luttrell, Edith Matthews, and Marilyn Strobel, while the attendants, Carolyn Fisher, Beverly Tilley, Colleen Loy, Pat Bush, Joan Percival, and Sharon Barbee wonder who will be the chosen one. Will it be Lynne, Edith, or Marilyn? fi 4-A fx 'cf 5 l, "7 ff . 1 JY' "U f arf I d ,.-"' - , ' 'r "" ' , 1 . s .,',L CEI? Di it - "1 ovX db! 's gli THE CROWNING Edith Matthews feels a tingle of happiness as retiring queen, Mary Ann Thies, places the crown on her silky hair, congratulates her, and wishes her a wonderful evening. Edith's escort, Ron Ahten, stands beside her reassuringly and thinks what a beautiful queen she is, while Dick Petty and Kathy Voyles silently watch the ceremony. THE HOLIDAY DANCE QUEEN'S COURT Queen Edith Matthews sweetly smiles as her court stands watchfully beside her, She gives a sigh of relief and feels as though she is all mixed up inside. Harvey Thomas, Colleen Loy, Jim Collins, Ioan Percival, Jim Bradham, Beverly Tilley, Tony Manuel, Lynne Luttrell, Ron Ahten, Queen Edith Matthews, Mary Ann Thies, Dick Petty, Kathy Voyles, Marilyn Strobel, Howard Ward, Carolyn Fisher, Don Thomas, Sharon Barbee, David Steffen, Pat Bush, and Pearl Davis present a happy scene as they form the Queens Court at the dance, is Q f 'I ,J ao 4 I I fp v - r ' " r I , . 1 -i -1 v 4 I Xxx GN ix , I l I JUNIOR CLASS PLAY O "OUR TOWN" Frank Davis regards Sharon Scherer and Don Marilyn Strobel looks Thomas as they sip their sodas in this drug at the moon from her store scene. upstairs IOOYU OUR TOWN, by Thornton Wilder, was presented by the class of '57, in their junior year, This play was one of the most unusual ever presented at Effingham High School, The almost complete lack of props on the stage heightened the drama presented by the simple, substantial people of Grover's Corner, the scene of the play, The first act presents the characters in their everyday living. The Gibbs and Webb homes are shown on stage, and those families go about their normal routine. ln the second act the plot thickens. George Gibbs and Emily Webb are in love, This act shows their discovery of love and the problems which confront all young people, The climax is a wedding ceremony during which the basic emotions of life are brought sharply into focus, The final act takes place in the cemetery. The staging is simple and one's entire attention is focused on Emily who, after death, returns to Grover's Corners to revisit some of her childhood haunts. The basic theme of this moving play is the fact that the past cannot be relived, We often rush through life without stopping to realize how good and important small things really are, Mr. Newton, the director, double-cast the parts of Emily and Mrs. Webb. CAST Frank Davis, STAGE MANAGERg Marilyn Strobel, EMILY, Donna Stanton, MRS, GlBBSg Bette Neal, REBECCA, Barbara Webb, ORGANISTg Jane Dolbow, LADY IN BOX, Emma Lou Edwards, MRS, WEBB, Paul Tolch, BASEBALL PLAYER, Sharon Scherer, EMILY, Paula Engel, WOMAN OF TOWN. Second row: Tony Manuel, SIMON STIMSONg Richard Wooley, JOE STODDARDg David Steffen, SAM CRAIGg Max Sinkler, PROFESSOR WlLLARDg James Fagen, CROWELLQ Don Thomas, GEORGE, Ronald Worstell, HOWIE NEWSOMEQ David Wernsing, CONSTABLE WARREN: Charles Stevens, DR, GlBBSg John Austin, MR, WEBB, Charles Keller, WALLYg Connie Bosley, MRS, SOAMESg Sally Siddens, MRS, WEBB, Norma Newkirk, WOMAN OF THE TOWN. 1956 ' -" SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Brooks family, as portrayed by the class of '57, in the play, THE BABBLING BROOKS, was indeed a peculiar one. Nettie Brooks simply couldn't resist the chance to embroider any choice bits of gossip she obtained. Because of this weakness, she found her- self involved in a struggle with Hal Weston, the new young sheriff. When Hal comes to the Brooks home to ask Nettie to please refrain from talking, he meets her daughter, Norma, and immediately falls in love. Homer, Norma's fourteen year old brother, also has love troubles heightened by Betty's neighborhood news- paper. Betty, age fifteen, is a live wire who throws the whole neighborhood into a panic with her publica- tion. The family is rounded out by Granny Brooks who decides she's tired of feeling forty and looking seventy, Carol Kingsley and Julia Parker, the two young TV mystery play writers who live in the apartment on the second floor of the Brooks home, unknowingly provide Betty and her high school clique with a scoop for their first publication of the BABBLER. When they print all the facts about an undiscovered murder, things come to a vortex. In the course of events in this highly amusing play, Betty learns to deal with facts she's sure of, Nettie learns that gossip can be fatal, Hal decides the Brooks home is no suitable place for his beloved, and Granny emerges gloriously as a chic television actress. Homer, -- l. .1 well, unfortunately, Homer didn't learn anything, but he definitely enjoyed his grief when his romance was ruined, The seniors who worked on this play had a marvelous time and felt they had really accomplished something when the returns came rolling in. Mrs. Tatge directed the play. CAST Edith Matthews, Kay, Marilyn Strobel, Betty, Emma Lou Edwards, Mrs, Brooks, Paula Engel, Bessie, Donna Stanton, Grandma Brooks, Sally Siddens, Norma, Ronald Worstell, Hal Weston, Elna Jackson, Carol Kingsley. Second row, Kay King, Bonnie Burns, Charles Keller, Greg, Jane Dolbow, Madge, Dale Grace, Done, Randall Schormann, Homer, Lynne Luttrell, Julia Parker. Emma Lou Edwards is being told off by Paula Engel while Marilyn Strobel receives the same treatment from Randall Schormann with Jane Dolbow watching RE GY .19- INE- UNULW WM The national monument on the opposite page is Independence Hall in Philadelphia. O s ,if 3 -f-f..'.,.., "fZ3.!'?Y NJ' ' ,1" n., I Y- 4121 in : f A H' 45 S-5. 'it hu 3 5 .- 'r ' .. foyyk. . ! "1 is "if: H, ern. .. , ' uf 9'3"-5. rl F hi ,a 'I Q , mf is tw BAND The band played an unforgettable role in our treasure of memories when it marched with our team through an undefeated foot- ball season. We'll always remember how we felt when our band marched out on the field, and how, through the cold and mud, they performed so well. We'll long remember the letter girls and ma- jorettes who, though their legs turned blue and their feet went numb, performed with sureness and ability, The absence of the Dieterich students this year places our school in Class "B" for the music contest, This year the band will participate as an organization where as in the past only soloists and ensembles have participated. This will be the band's first contest in three years. Band officers are: Kent Mowe, Presi- dentg Judy Cooley, Vice Presidentg Caro- line Condon, Secretaryg Barbara Cameron, Treasurer, EFFINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND V 'I .Q ,' ,- 9, . 'I f Z," :'. 4' " " ,A R "'-3'+fi"'f'.t5, " T. - . . . 'iw-'i"J 'J J' 4 -' V f-" - I' -. .4 ' '-1' ' "' s 1 ,' 'L' ' ai .e -' 'W' 4 E31-ifij-,Fif tg' 'A e -!:" .pw 'f'?,grr,. " ' 3 9"v5f"? P - :Q f, -- f".ff.q,rgfW - fini. 1- -119' 4 -1' .,. 'ff , is c - ' ' " fgesgzfafi-e',J'r-3 A ' :fun '-7 -v "' v, -4 fQ,1f,, sz. FLUTES ' Barbara Webb Sheila Frazier ' Lynne Luttrell Judy Slifer OBOES Jane Brissenden Peggy Smith BASSOON Carlene Smith fMajorette Captainj CLARINETS Phyllis Fortner Judy Owens Ruby Richey Mary Lois Spieler Donna Reeder ' Jane Dolbow Mary Jo Hebron Sarah Gravenhorst Marilyn Coats Bob Kennedy BASS CLARINETS ' Ronald Worstell Caroline Condon 1TreasurerJ BASSES ' Harold Eubank Linda Sperry Don Feller 1 ' J Denotes Seniors EFFINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND ROSTER - 1957 EVERETT B. CRANE - Director ALTO CLARINET Linda Boals ALTO SAXOPHONES Glenda Marshall Rachel McCa1len Connie Schuetz Richard Wallace TENOR SA XOPHONES Katy Claar Patty Bush BARITONE SAXOPHONES Joan Percival fMajorettej Charlene Reynolds fMajorettey FRENCH HORNS Tom Kasinger Jack Hines ' Sylvia Townsend Paul Askew Fred Purdy TROMBONES ' Max Sinkler Bob Rohde fDrum Ma jorj Karen Niccum Gary Bennett Bob Starkey Karen Claar BARITONES Carol Crane Jack Bourland Jim Slifer Bob Osborn CORNETS Larry Lane Kent Mowe QPresidentj Bob Bliss Ann Davidson David Reed Stephen Mowe Dick Dammerman Jim Wallace Darlene Hetzel PERCUSSION O O Judy Cooley fBe1ls, Tympanij fVice Presidentj John Prigmore fSnare Drumj Barbara Cameron fBass Drum, Cymbalsy QSecretaryJ John Sarver fSnare Drumy Marcia Lohrmann fBells, Chimesj Brigitte Gourmel QBells, Vibraharpj Barbara Tilley fBass Drum , Cymbalsy CHORUS We're proud of our chorus and particularly of the number of boys singing. Outstanding in the fond memories of chorus members are those all-day rehearsals and the concerts of the festival chorus. Our chorus always plays an important part in the Christmas program, gives an annual spring concert, sends soloists and ensembles to contests, and this year is planning to present the modern opera, "Dawn In The Valley." gt. rf. V' 4 1 2 w. sv, VOCALAIRES Front row: Barbara Webb, Judy Cooley, Marcia Lohrmann Bonnie Peters, Carolyn Dugan, Glenda Marshall, Edith Matthews, Carlene Smith. Second row: Bob Bliss, Gary Bennett, Linda Sperry, Judy Owens, Barbara Cameron, Phyllis Fortner, Rachel McCallen, Connie Schuetz, Freddy Purdy, Bob Kennedy. Third row: Jack Bourland, Ronald Worstell, Tom Kasinger, Bob Rohde, Larry Lane, John Sarver, Jim Slifer. Front row: Nancy Koester, Bonnie Peters, Carolyn Dugan, Sheila Frazier, Carol Crane, Bob Kennedy, Freddy Purdy, Richard Martin, David Reed, Sterling Grace, Carlene Smith, Edith Matthews, Becky Woodruff, Second row: Judy Cooley, Marcia Lohrmann, Linda Edwards, Darlene Hetzel, Barbara Laskowski, Charlene Reynolds, John Van Alst, Jim Slifer, John Sarver, Ramon Tate, Bob Bliss, Pat Wood, Evelyn Sowers, Wilmeta Loy, Clarice Shadwell. Third row: Sylvia Townsend, Linda Sperry, Brigitte Gourmel, Jeanne Spence, Glenda Marshall, Mary Jo Tolch, Mary Jo Hebron, Gary Bennett, Ronald Worstell, Jack Bourland, Connie Schuetz, Phyllis Fortner, Rachel McCallen, Fourth row: Mr. Crane, Directorg Barbara Webb, Judy Owens, Barbara Cameron, Sally Metzelaars, Jane Brissenden, Larry Lane, Bob Rohde, Tom Kasinger, Carole Senior, Alice Pals, Carolyn Fisher, Donna Reeder. yi, 9 G 1 1 fi 3181! i g?i , . g . W ' 1 ' ! ,, , 8 gg ,Q , STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, sponsorer of many profit making and non-profit making activities, has given us this year the most challenging project ever undertaken, and this is Brigitte Gourmel from Pau, France, our first foreign exchange student at Effingham High School. Council members are now making plans to send an EHS student to Europe. This project will take a large sum of money, and council members are working toward this goal. The District Student Council convention was held in Effingham this year. Beverly Tilley, a junior, was elected recording secretary with her adequate slogan, "l may be small, but I'm on the ball. " The Student Council meets every Thursday morning in the community room with Mr. Swinger, the sponsor. Lynne Luttrell, president, presides over the meeting. All meetings are opened with the Student Council members repeating the Student Council oath which is: "l, as a chosen representative of my class, promise to represent that class to the best of my abilityg to uphold and further the traditions of Effingham High School, to give my wholehearted support to the constitution of the Student Council and the things for which it stands. I will at all times keep the interests of the school as a whole at heart as well as my class, and I shall not let my selfish desire enter into any decision I make. All in all, I will keep the aims of the school and my class in my mind, and I will do my best to further the interests of Effingham High School, " Many topics such as SOS fSe11 our Servicesj Day, Career Day, Dress Up Day, and the Homecoming Dance are discussed, Glenda Marshall, vice president, gives the list of workers to sell concessions at the next game. Connie Bosley, secretary, takes roll of tvventy-one regular members and all advisory members, She then reads the minutes. Following the minutes, Karen Niccum, treasurer, gives the treasurer's report, Lynne appoints committees and discusses activities. The Student Council members are rewarded at the end of each year with a banquet and an annual trip to Chicago. Front row: Connie Bosley, Secretaryg Lynne Luttrell, President, Glenda Marshall, Vice President, Karen Niccum, Treasurerg BeverlyTilley, Recording Secretary, Second row: Carolyn Fisher, Judy Cooley, Connie Schuetz, Linda Sperry, Marjo Burnett, Kay King, Marilyn Strobel, Edith Matthews, Pat Ventress, Barbara Tilley, Charlene Reynolds, Joan Percival, Judy Lewis, Ginger Leake, Phyllis Fortner. Third row: Judy Slifer, Jane Dolbow, Kay Hankins, Glenda Bushue, Sharon Scherer, Roxanne White, Sally Metzelaars Barbara Webb, Judy Cutts, Jane Brissenden, Kathleen Zimmermann, Hope Hansen, Barbara Beatty, Rachel McCallen, Brigitte Gourmel, Ruth Davis, Fourth row: Mr, Swinger, Advisor, Jim Sherrick, Jim Taflinger, Jim Collins, Richard Wooley, Chuck Ealy, David Steffen, John Austin, Jack Bourland, Phil Carlock, Richard Wallace, Don Thomas, Archie Watson, Sam Dargo, Frank Davis. The Student Council had the backing of the administration, teachers, cooks, and transportation supervisor when it undertook to raise funds to sponsor a foreign exchange student through the SOS fSell Our Servicesl program, Above: Mr. Lane, Coach Hen- son, Mr, Voyles, and Mr, Vandersnick are set to go. Lehi The Cooks. MTS- POYFNCT. Mrs. Endebrock, Mrs. Richeson, and Mrs. Bolin, ride in an "ambulance" driven by Mr, Woody Freeman to give first aid to the racers if needed, STUDENT CO Wilma Keplar, and Gwen Mayhood saw to it that the bicycles that the , racers were planning to use for the Right- Office girls, Myrtle Hays, race were not available. Past and present officers of the Shelbyville district of student councils participated in a district council meeting at Effingham High School in November. New officers were elected at the meeting and are shown seated, The retiring officers are in the back row, Effingham students in the picture are: front row, right, Beverly Tilley, newly elected secretary and back row, second from left, Lynne Luttrell, retiring corresponding secretary. A former EHS student, Virginia Monnet, now of Carbondale, is at the left in the second row. She is the retiring president. l l l .f v. V: f fv "TA LIFE STAFF Assignments to get! Stories to write! Deadlines to meet! LIFE Staff members were faced each month this year with assignments. This meant stories to write, and writing stories meant deadlines. Then came the problem of proofreading, The paper was then laid out and finally allowed to go to the printer's. A few days later found the editor, Kathy Zimmermann, and the advisor, Miss Euna Statler, at the printer's to proofread one last time. At last, the big day arrived and the edition came out, Reporters went from one home room to another to sell the paper, Students enjoyed reading about school activities, the latest gossip, their classmates and teachers, and other featured items of interest. The 1956-57 LIFE Staff included: Kathy Zimmermann Editor-in-Chiefg Chuck Ealy, Sports Editor, Chuck Keller, Business Managerg Kay Shadwell, Typistg Elna Jackson, Judy Cutts, Judy Lewis, Edith Matthews, Roberta Bogart, Pat Ventress, Marilee Habbe, Marjo Burnett, Peggy Barker, Barbara Beatty, Kay Steely, Sharon Davis, Rose Moore, Judy Sligar, Janet Marten, Cheryl Ragle, Sharon Cruse, Gary Poynter, Phil Carlock, Jerry Bruver, Richard Martins, Susan Breeden, Mary Speiler, Sandy Peters, Sharon Barbee, David Steffen, Ann Ashley, Sherrill Dutcher, Jeanne Spence, Janet Martins, Jane Henderson, Reporters. Kathy Zimmermann, editor, is workingwith Miss Statler, advisor, on a layout for the next issue of LIFE, Front row: Chuck Keller, Business Manager, Kathy Zimmermann, Editorg Miss Statler, Advisory Kay Shadwell, Typist, David Steffen, Typist. Second row: Sharon Barbee, Judy Sligar, Sharon Cruse, Cheryl Ragle, Sharon Davis, Mary Speiler, Jane Henderson, Edith Matthews, Peggy Barker, Janet Martins, Sherrill Dutcher, Ann Ashley, Jeanne Spence. Third row: JoAnn Medlin, Barbara Beatty, Judy Lewis, Marilee Habbe, Sharon Croft, Judy Cutts, Kay Steely, Susan Breeden, Janet Marten, Ruth Davis, Judy Slifer, Pat Ventress, Elna Jackson, Fourth row: Gary Poynter, Merrill Habbe, Phil Carlock, Chuck Ealy, Tony Manuel, Jim Jansen, Larry Pagel, Richard Martins. SIGNET The 1957 SIGNET staff aimed to tell the story of the school year in pictures and in copy, to edit a memory book, to build school spirit, and to serve as a link between the school and the community. Often it's just the little things that you remember about a school year, You remember the way a hand touched yours, your own group around your locker, the tense moments of a tied score, the good feeling of achievement when someone said, "Well done. " These are the incidents that you will remember and treasure as well as the big occasions. These are the things that make a year unforgettable, and we have tried to capture these events, Editing a yearbook is not an easy job, lt takes much planning and organization. Trials and tribula- tions are many as the months slip by, Writing and re-writing copy, typing copy, taking and retaking pictures, making layouts, counting and identifying characters, and measuring copy all add up to a big job, But when the deadline has been met, we heave a sigh of relief, All our worries and problems seem to be forgotten, and we only hope that those who read our book will feel as we do--that the 1957 SIGNET is a lasting reminder of our happy high schooldays, and that it is a record of memories we treasure. Members of this year's SIGNET staff are: Kay King, Editor, Don Thomas, Assistant Editor, Donna Stanton, Advertising Manager, David Wernsing, Assistant Advertising Manager, Charles Stevens, Business Manager: Marilyn Strobel, Photographic Editor, Kathy Zimmermann, Assistant Photographic Editor, Judy Lewis, Activities Editor, Bette Neal, Assistant Activities Editor, Richard Wooley, Sports Editor, Paul Tolch, Assistant Sports Editorg Janet Voelker, Layout Editor, Sally Siddens, Art Editor, Emma Lou Edwards, David Steffen, Glenda Broom, Zeanna Robertson, Norma Newkirk, Typists, Mrs. Helen Strobel is the SIGNET advisor. Front row: Kay King, Editor, Mrs. Strobel, Advisorg Don Thomas, Assistant Editor. Second row: Glenda Broom, Emma Lou Edwards, Norma Newkirk, Marilyn Strobel, Kathleen Zimmermann, Judy Lewis, Bette Neal. Third row: Sally Siddens, Donna Stanton, David Steffen, Richard Wooley, David Wernsing, Paul Tolch, Charles Stevens, Jeanne Senior, Zeanna Robertson, Janet Voelker. LITERATI For the past eight years our literary club has had its monthly meetings for the purpose of stimulating students to further reading, to supply enjoyment for readers, to awaken thought on literary subjects, and to supply students with a social life that will give them enjoyment and happiness. The memories of these meetings will long remain with each member. How can anyone forget Tom Kasinger as Lancelot Briggs, or Ginger Leake as Jessie or Kent Mowe as Mr. Engoldsby in "The Trysting Place," Booth Tarkington's little comedy that the juniors presented at the November meeting? It would be hard to forget that Marilyn Strobel won a tight race for president from Don Thomas and Kathy Zimmermann barely defeated Barbara Webb as vice president. Jane Dolbow became secretary, John Austin, treasurerg Caroline Condon, recording secretaryg and Charles Stevens, press reporter. Imme- diately all the officers began fulfilling their duties. Caroline wrote a note of appreciation to Mr, Voyles for his inspiring speech at the September meeting, and wrote another note answering Mrs. Jones' letter of invitation for the Literati to appear on a panel, discussing "Our Own James Hall," before the Vandalia Historical Society in May, 1957. Kathy Zimmermann pasted last year's clippings and photographs in the LITERATI NOTEBOOK and eagerly collected this year's material. John Austin proceeded to "hound" members for the money to be used for the SIGNET pages. Charles Stevens recorded all announcements and reports of meetings and parties. Marilyn Strobel lost no time 'in leading the club's activities. Front row: Charles Stevens, Press Reporter, Marilyn Strobel, Presidentg Miss Burtschi, Advisorg Kathy Zimmermann, Vice President, Jane Dolbow, Secretary, John Austin, Treasurer. Second row: Sheila Frazier, Beverly Tilley, Bonnie Peters, Glenda Bushue, Carlene Smith, Phyllis Fortner, Lynne Luttrell, Hope Hansen, Stephanie Walker, Glenda Marshall, Karen Niccum, Donna Reeder, Emma Lou Edwards, Kay Shadwell, Brigitte Gourmel, Carol Crane, Katheryn Loy. Third row: Billie Ann Chance, Jim Slifer, Kent Mowe, Judy Cooley, Connie Schuetz, Ginger Leake, Marilee Habbe, Carolyn Fisher, Sally Siddens, Janice Gillespie, Paula Engel, Judy Lewis, Barbara Webb, Rachel McCallen, Wilmeta Loy, Sylvia Town- send. Fourth row: Raymond Tate, Bob Osborn, David Reed, Merrill Habbe, Dale Grace, Ronald Worstell, Larry Lane, Paul Tolch, Lyle Boerngen, Donna Stanton, Janet Voelker, Frances West, Zeanna Robertson, Jim Jansen, Richard Martins. Fifth row: Don Thomas, David Wernsing, Bill McCarty, Tom Utz, Jack Bourland, Gary Kruger, Tom Kasinger, Randall Schormann, Phil Carlock. LITERA Tl The Literati presented a panel discussion over WCRA, the radio station, in October. The topic was "The Value of the Study of Literature in High School," with Miss Burtschi, Marilyn Strobel, Kathy Zimmermann, Donna Stanton, Don Thomas, and Charles Stevens. Jim Slifer was in charge of the November meeting in which the juniors discussed "Elements of Humor in our Twentieth Century Writers. " At the Christmas party, Glenda Marshall and her committee prepared a festive table of Christmas punch and cookies while Sheila Frazier was in charge of "Santa's Reindeer" and "Music Box," traditional Christmas games. Emma Lou Edwards arranged the program with Randall Schormann, Gary Kruger, Karen Niccum, and Jack Bourland presenting Christmas poems. In January, Glenda Marshall called a meeting at her home to arrange the program for January 21. She asked Mr, Clinton Cutright to speak on conservation and Sally Siddens to sing "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer. Larry Lane found some interesting ideas to present from Francis Bacon's essay "On Gardens. " and Stevie Walker found that Henry David Thoreau was a conservationist at heart in his essay "On Walking. Phil Carlock discussed the practices of conservation in dry regions from Bernard de Voto's 'Restoration in the Wasatch, " The officers held a planning session to decide on the program for the remaining months. A patriotic program will be presented in February, French literature honoring Brigitte Gourmel in March, a James Hall program in April, and a potluck picnic in May. To show appreciation for the guidance that Miss Burtschi has given to Literati members, Marilyn Strobel, Literati president, presents Miss Burtschi with a gift at the club's Christmas meeting and party, Members who took part in the evening's program are in the background. They are: Charles Stevens, Glenda Marshall, Barbara Webb, Emma Lou Edwards, Karen Niccum, Randall Schormann, Kathy Zimmermann, Ronald Worstell, Gary Kruger, Jane Dolbow, Jack Bourland, John Austin. T ' T LATIN CLUB g , .- Venimus, vidimus, vicimus! Who comes? Most of the students who are now studying or who have e studied Latin, We come where? To the Community Room every ' second Wednesday of the month during home room period, We also meet there for several night meet- ings during the year. ' Whom do we see? Our president, Susan Breeden, who S I' 1 ' ' I Q i presides over all of the meetings. Dale Grace, the L , 1 Q.- vice president, is also in charge of the programs, Charlene Reynolds is the secretary, and Larry Lane Susan Breeden and Mary Lois Speiler made this is the treasurer. Miss Styer, our sponsor, is always replica of a Roman House as their Latin project, there with us. They are describing the features of this house to What do we see and do? Due to the brevity of their classmate, Sam Rickelman. the home room period, it is used mostly for business meetings and our night meetings are given over to programs, What kind of programs? We see some films, play games, and, at our Christmas meetings, several members took part in a clever skit pertaining to Vergis' Aeneid, Programs are given by each of the classes. The club has been working in various ways to increase the treasury so that we may have money for a trip, What do we conquer? The Latin language? Well, not exactly, but we certainly do learn more about the life and customs of the Romans in an informal way. Front row: Dale Grace, Vice President, Larry Lane, Treasurer, Miss Styer, Advisor, Susan Breeden, Presi- dent: Charlene Reynolds, Secretary, Second row: Ruby Richey, Becky Woodruff, Sheila Frazier, Marilyn Strobel, Sharon Scherer, Connie Bosley, Carlene Diehl, Pat Ventress, Barbara Beatty, JoAnn Medlin, Mary Jo Hebron, Pat Wood, Janet Martins. Third row: Elaine Coats, Mary Speiler, Carolyn Krueger, Rosemary Deters, Pat Freeman, Sandra Peters, Jane Brissenden, Jeanne Senior, Kay Steely, Kathy Zimmer mann, Jane Henderson, Mary Leith, Connie Steele, Sylvia Townsend, Alice Hays, Fourth rowg John Han- sen, Don Thomas, Gary Bennett, Bob Kennedy, Ramon Tate, David Cutright, Jim Taflinger, Ronald Worstell, Bob Rohde, Bob Bliss, Dale Yemm, Jim Jansen, Albert Springer, Kenneth Hardiek, John Van Alst, John Olden, Terry Zimmermann, In November, the French Club held a French dinner. The dinner was planned and prepared by Brigitte Gourmel, the foreign exchange student from France, Assisting her were, front row: Caroline Condon, Miss Styer, advisor, and Brigitte Gourmel, Second row: Glenda Marshall, Hope Hansen, John Austin, and Ronald Worstell, The French Club members and their guests, Mrs. Free and Mr, Voyles, found the change in diet a rare treat, Front row: Barbara Webb, Sally Siddens, Glenda Marshall, and Ronald Worstell, Back row: Mrs Free, Miss Styer, John Austin, Brigitte Gourmel, Kay King, Lynne Luttrell, and Mr, Voyles, LA JEUNESSE Parley-vous francais? La Ieunesse of Effingham High School carries out many activities. It is made up of students who are taking or who have taken French in their high school years, One project which the club undertook was a French dinner prepared by the foreign exchange student, Brigitte Gourmel, with the help of the club members. Before Christmas, the club went out to sing the favorite French carols at the hospital and at various homes, In order to raise money, the club sponsored a sock-hop after the Cumberland game. The club has this goal, and it is to create the spirit of co-operation and further the interest in the French language, the French people, their customs and country, among the students of EHS, The officers are: Caroline Condon, Presidentg Jane Dolbow, Vice President, Marrianne Pippin, Secretary, Kay King, Treasurer, Front row: Marrianne Pippin, Secretary, Miss Styer, Advisor, Jane Dolbow, Vice President, Kay King, Treasurer, Second row: Barbara Webb, Lynne Luttrell, Rachel McCal1en, Glenda Marshall, Brigitte Gourmel, Sally Siddens, Marie Bell, Marilyn Dettro, Third row: Marilee Habbe, Hope Hansen, David Reed, Ronald Worstell, John Austin, Jeanne Senior, Stephanie Walker, Susan Jansen, T' E7 FUTURE DISTRIBUTORS OF AMERICA Purposes and Aims: l, Creating an abiding interest in distribution as a vocation. 2, Creating an appreciation of the contribution of distribution to a higher standard of living, 3. Developing respect for vocational education and a desire for vocational growth during school and adult life through co-opera- tive training, 4, Providing for exploration ofvocational opportunities in distribution, 5, Encouraging high ethical standards in business. 6, Fostering a realization of the civic, social, and moral responsibilities of business to society, '7, Nurturing appreciation for the contributions of the arts and sciences Mary Rentfrow and Rita McDaniel Smith to business- work in the DE Bookstore. FDA operaiCS the bookstore as a service to the school. Officers are: Rita Smith, President, Sharon Cruse, Vice President, This bookstore carries a COmP1efe line Of Mary Rentfrow, Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Milligan, Reporter, student supplies. Activities: l, Representation at the State Convention 2, Representation at the Area Convention 3. Employer -employee banquet 4, Operation of the DE bookstore 5, Annual trip to a metropolitan shopping center 6. Local meetings 7. Various local social activities Front row: Mr. Winans, Advisor, Rita Smith, President, Sharon Cruse, Vice President, Mary Rentfrow, Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Milligan, Reporter, Marilyn White, Second row: Danny Ballard, Floyd Anderson, Leo Schmohe, Myron White, David McWhorter, Don Lowry, FUTURE NURSES J The principal object of the Future Nurses Club is to acquaint girls interested in that field with the nursing profession. Girls who belong to the club are helped in their selection of a school and they also learn about the opportunities of nursing. Another important aim of Future Nurses is to foster the development of student leadership. Throughout the year, the girls take part in many interesting activi- ties which have to do with nursing, Tours are made through hospitals and institutions so the girls may actually see nurses in action, The nursing profession is a noble one and those girls who intend to enter it take their club worlf seriously. f- 1 Parient's Doing Fine! Sally Siddens and Elna Jackson, mem bers of the Future Nurses Club, are demonstrating the proper way to take a patient's tem- perature. At the present time the United States has over 400, 000 active graduate nurses and 100, 000 student nurses. Front row: Elna Jackson, Janice Gillespie, Mrs. Free, Advisor: Paula Engel, Sylvia Townsend. Second row: Marilyn Strobel, Myrna Brown, Connie Bosley, Sharon Scherer, Marcia Lohrmann, Darlene l-letzel, Janice McCal1en, Clarice Shadwell, Glenda Lidy, Billie Ann Chance, Linda Lankford, Peggy Barker. Third row: Carolyn Dugan, Linda Landers, Doris James, Patty Lidy, Barbara Beatty, JoAnn Medlin, Roxanne White, Ruby Larimer, Alice Pals, Barbara Koester, Ada Marie Verdeyen, Glenda Broom, Alice Hays. Fourth row: Linda Bergfeld, Rosemary Deters, Marilee Habbe, Sharon Croft, Carolyn Krueger, Judy Cutts, Jeanne Senior, Hope Hansen, Stephanie Walker, Alice Goldstein, Virginia Dasenbrock, Kathy Zimmermann, Nancy Jenkins. 4 . .. xf.bz1 QV' Thispage IS sponsored byJ R Burnett M D I J Devitt, M D P C Rumore M D f 1 -- " . rt -1. N' ' ,1 Q 1 -,ff ' t ,f X - Y . Jeffrey Gillespie, on right, gives Jerry Martin a hand on finishing his creep feeder in agriculture Il. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America isa local and national organization of farm boys pursuing farming as a vocation, ln the local chapter, through the various committees and co-operative activities, they are striving for better citizen- ship, so that they may be of service to their high school, their community, and their country, FFA officers are, Jerry Ready, President, Elwood Webb, Vice President, Jeffrey Gillespie, Secretary, Fred Krueger, Treasurer, Jerry Martin, Sentinel, Ron Ashbaugh, Reporter, Mr. Gowler, Advisor. FFA CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1956-1957 September 6 September 8 September 13 October 2 October 3 October 10 October 16 October 23 November 1 November 6 November 2 0 December 4 December 14 December 18 December 23 January 4, 1957 January 12 January 15 January 15 February 5 February 19 March 5 March 19 April 2 April ' io U. of I. Dairy Day Section FFA Fair Salem County Livestock Outlook FFA Meeting - Election of officers Leadership Training School for FFA officers at St, Elmo Deadline for Grain and Poultry Show entries FFA Meeting Land Use Selection Con- test - Effingham Grain and Poultry Show and Contest - Teutopolis FFA Meeting FFA Meeting FFA Meeting Greenhand initiation FFA Meeting Beginning of Pest Control Contest FFA Meeting Donkey Basketball Game FFA Meeting End of Pest Control Contest FFA Meeting FFA Meeting FFA Meeting FFA Meeting FFA Meeting Parliamentary Procedure Con test - Greenville Front row, Fred Krueger, Treasurer, Jeffrey Gillespie, Secretary, Jerry Ready, President, Mr, Gowler, Advisor, Jerry Martin, Sentinel, Elwood Webb, Vice President, Ron Ashbaugh, Reporter, Second row: Lee James, Larry Verdeyen, Earl Sigrist, Danny Macklin, Robert Having, Jim Wallace, Kenneth Bow- man, Gary Ohnesorge. Third row: Gary Stewart, Newlin Martin, David Plummer, Larry Marxmann, Charles Stiffler, Sam Townsend, John Chisler, Marion Higgs. FFA Calendar of Events fContinuedj April 16 FFA Meeting April 17 Section Award--Salem April 24 Public Speaking Contest Greenville April 26 Parent-Son Banquet Working on John's hog feeder are Mr. Gowler, John Chisler, and Jerry Martin, -zif 1 AG SHOP Agriculture III and IV class members about to try their luck welding are: Fred Krueger, Jerry Ready, Ron Ashbaugh, Elwood Webb, and Mr, Gowler, the Ag teacher, l P-' ' Working on Newlin Martin's beef feeder are Marion Higgs, Kenneth Bowman, and Newlin Martin, N-, : eg' Jeffrey Gillespie 's project is pictured as it gets the finishing touches by Jeff, Mr. Gowlet, Marion Higgs, and Newlin Martin. I 1- 5 1 M, N , sf' F . I V "1 xr, -u 1 H .,,,4lA,, n 41l:.-'-lv , ,g n3,.tO.' .0 K .h X i,:k-L I . --I I s I ' 0 A 6 J, 4 all WZ a JCL ' . r , I ' Q. 1 ISI 1-+1 fggi a Q .l r 1 o 7. , 'v 8 'b ft! if 4 S Xf' 4 , - "L, 1 s+"'L 'am -""" L +-1-'nw 1 ,ur 5 'H- I iff FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA "l will try to keep my body well and strong. I will study daily to keep my mind active and alert. I will seek to know the right and to live by it, I will cultivate in myself goodwill, friendliness, poise, upright bearing, and careful speech. I will learn the art of helping others by doing helpful things daily in school and home. I will fill my mind with worthy thoughts by observing the beautiful world around me, by reading the best books, and by association with the best companions, l will make my influence count on the side of right, avoiding habits that weaken and destroy. " This is the pledge of the Future Teachers of America, Every member has taken this pledge and strives to uphold it to the best of his ability, That is why F,T,A, is one of the best clubs at EHS, During the school year, many activities are undertaken. Speakers come from different places, all, of course, interested in teaching. A day is set aside when members go to the grade school for a day of "being teacher, " There are the kindergarten girls who are F.T,A, members. There is always the beauti- ful initiation service which is held soon after the beginning of school. Out of this club will come the backbone of America's public school system - men and women all devoted Connie Bosley, Sharon Scherer, Elna Jackson, Judy Cutts, and Betty Evans work with kindergarten teachers, Mrs, McGowan and Mrs. Hardiek. Teaching is the most popular professional career for women and there are 835, O00 of them in the United States school system, The well known writer, Jesse Stuart, has said, "A good teacher is the scarcest commodity in America today. " to teaching the children of America. After these days have departed, years later these members will look back at their storehouse of memories and realize that, as a successful teacher, they have found their treasure. F,T,A, officers are: Edith Matthews, Presidentg LoElla Lankford, Vice Presidentg Ted Gravenhorst, Secretary, Sharon Barbee, Treasurer. Mr. Bachman is the F,T,A, Advisor. Front row: Mr, Bachman, Lo Ella Lankford, Edith Matthews, Sharon Barbee, Second row: Elna Jackson, Kay King, Connie Bosley, Emma Lou Edwards, Judy Lewis, Marilyn Strobel, Kathleen Zimmermann, Sharon Croft, Sandra Peters, Pat Lankford, Third row: Sharon Scherer, Kay Hankins, Barbara Cameron, Judy Cutts, Jane Brissenden, Donna Stanton, Susan Jansen, Hope Hansen, Carolyn Fisher, Phyllis Fortner, Carlene Smith. Fourth row: Don Thomas, Chuck Keller, Bill McCarty, Frank Davis, David Steffen, Richard Wooley, Chuck Ealy, John Austin, Paul Tolch, Charles Stevens, David Wernsing, Tony Manuel, Ronald Ziegler, Ronald Worstell, Larry Pagel. i , if-ts Y, ' ,Ri Mrs, Free, home economics teacher and F, H,A, advisor, supervises Jane Dolbow and Edith Matthews in the hanging of drapes in the home economics department, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of the girls who have taken home economics during their high school years. The girls learn how to co-operate with one another and with the public, The activities of the F,H,A, are centered around the home, The high school girls of today are the homemakers of tomorrow, They face the future with warm courage and high hope, F,H,A, teaches the girls to do just that, Mrs, O, H. Free is the F,H,A, advisor, Officers are: Glenda Broom, Presidentg Connie Bosley, Vice President, Jane Becker, Secre- tary-Treasurerg Doris James, Parliamentariang Patty Lidy, Historian, Patty Weber and Cheryl Ragel, Recreation, Front row: Mrs, Free, Advisor, Connie Bosley, Vice President, Glenda Broom, President, Jane Becker, Secretary- Treasurer. Second row: Janice Pearson, Emma Robertson, Doris James, Patty Lidy, Sharon Scherer, Marcia Lohr- mann. Darlene Hetzel, Laura Belle Sapp, Patty Weber, Marilyn Soltwedel, Pat Lankford, Carol Crane, Marilyn White, Donna Marxmann, Third row: Joan Smith, Martha Bailey, Colleen Loy, Linda Ashworth, Cheryl Ragel, Edith Matthews, Jo Ann Medlin, Ada Marie Verdeyen, Wanda Gillmore, Loretta Prather, Judy Lewis, Lucille Boone, Louise Baker, Elizabeth Allen. Fourth row: Katheryn Loy, Wilmeta Loy, Judy Landers, Janet Wagner, Maxine Phillips, Willa Levitt, Betty Evans, Ruby Larimer, Jeanne Senior, Barbara Koester, Alice Pals, Beulah Morrison, Judy Broom, Mary Cox, Linda Burnett, Linda Bergfeld, BOOK WORMS This school year was marked in Effingham High by the addition of a new club, The new organization is for the benefit of the students who like to read and are interested in library practice, At the first meeting in October, the group chose the name of "Book- worms, " The new group, which has seventeen members, is sponsored by Mrs. Steele, the librarian, The president is Larry Pagel, vice president is Rosemary Haarman, and the secretary-treasurer is Tony Manuel, On the second Tuesday of each month, the club meets to discuss business and plan their parties which take place every two months. Front row: Virginia Dasenbrock, Carolyn Dugan Tony Manuel Secretary Treasurer Mrs Steele Advisor Rosemary Haarman, Vice President, Second row Vernabelle Pagel Mary Ann Weddle Sylvia Townsend Sandra Brockett, Patsy Wagoner, Rosemary Moore Peggy Barker Judy Sligar Third row David Steffen Don Thomas. 40 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB l The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to I foster the development of a strong foundation in the skills, knowledges, attitudes and technical matters that are needed for happy and effective living in America. Industrial Arts Club work encourages boys to take industrial arts work in order to learn to work with tools and materials and to acquire reasonable judgment and some degree of technical know-how. ' ' The Industrial Arts Club has something to offer In the presence of the principal, Mr. Voyles, Mr. the Students in Yet'-lm fOr The time. ITIOHCY. and Slifer, Industrial Arts Club Advisor, is presenting effort we expect of them in club work. That the Industrial Education Charter to Leo Schmohe, Something is attendance and participation in our President gf the Industrial Am Club. state meetings. In no other way can we round out their social training to balance the theory training we have given them, ln an Industrial Arts program we insist that work experience, where the student may apply what he has been taught, is as important as the theory we have been teaching, Industrial Arts Club officers for the 1956-1957 school year are: Leo Schmohe, President, Jerry Garrett, Vice President, Gary Poynter, Secretary, Ron Phillips, Treasurer, David McWhorter, Reporter, Mr. Clayton Slifer is the faculty advisor, Front row: Leo Schmohe, President, Jerry Garrett, Vice President, Gary Poynter, Secretary, Ron Phillips, Treasurer, David McWhorter, Reporter, Second row: Don Rentfrow, David Graham, Merrill Habbe, Charles Winchester, Gerald Neal, Mr. Slifer, Advisor, Larry Poynter, Cecil McWhorter, Elwood Webb, Bob Macklin, Fred Krueger. Third row, Danny Macklin, Floyd Pagel, Larry Bailey, Don Lowry, Dale Bahrns, Leonard Coats, David Steffen, Lyle Boerngen, Bill Macklin, Leroy Buchholz, Gary Kruger, Archie Landreth, Tony Manuel. COMMERCE CLUB "The Commerce Club, Room llO, and fourth -Tuesday-Home Room' --that is the announcement which means the members are to assemble for discussions, to hear speakers, see skits, or transact club business. The group is exclusive, yes, but you can belong by paying your dues and attending meetings if you have had or are taking at least one course in business. The club has had a selling project for the last few years, the profits from which are used for purchasing equipment for use in the commerce department, Things purchased are those which are needed and for which the school budget does not cover, ln December, to set the mood for the coming holidays, members bustled with plans for their annual Christmas party. As the end of the school year draws nigh, the members of the Commerce Club will long remember and treasure their memories of club activities. The dictaphone is one of many machines used in the commerce department, Emma Lou Edwards is ready to take shorthand, while Norma Jean Newkirk turns on the machine, Clerical work is the largest occupational field for women, Two thirds of clerical workers are women Over five million are employed, The best paid jobs in the field are as private secretaries, Front row: Erma Kissinger, Treasurer, Janet Jennings, Vice President, Miss Yates, Advisor, Donna Byers, President, Barbara Webb, Secretary. Second row: Marilyn Dettro, Elna Jackson, Kay Hickman, Norma Newkirk, Emma Lou Edwards, Bonnie Peters, Nancy Koester, Katy Claar, Carolyn Fisher, Phyllis Fortner, Glenda Bushue, Carlene Smith, Marie Bell, Helen Lybarger. Third row, Phyllis Schmohe, Rosemary Deters, Sharon Stevenson, Donna Reeder, Kay Hankins, Sandra Brockett, David Steffen, Zeanna Robertson, Gloria Lilley, Norma Wheeler, Barbara Arnold, Maxine Phillips, Marrianna Pippin. Jim Bradham, Frank Davis, and Charles Stevens are working a math puzzle, ,,r MATH CLUB The Math Club, sponsored by Mr. Sullivan, has organized a helper program this year. Through this program, members of the club receive help on their assignments from a chosen committee whose personnel is changed each month, Membership is limited to students who maintain a "C" average or above in mathematics, Officers are Charles Stevens, President, Frank Davis, Vice President, Jim Bradham, Secretary, Front row: Roland O'Leary, Frank Davis, Vice President: Charles Stevens, President, Jim Bradham, Secretary- Treasurerg Mr. Sullivan, Advisory Sam Dargo. Second row: Terry Zimmermann, Randall Bailey, Marjo Burnett, Roxanne White, Sarah Gravenhorst, Connie Steele, Barbara Laskowski, Donna Marxmann, Jack Goodfellow, Al- bert Springer, Third row: Dick Dammerman, Jim Wallace, Merrill Habbe, Harold Eubanks, Linda Sperry, Sally Metzelaars, Karen Claar, Ronald Ziegler, Tony Manuel, Archie Watson, Bob Kennedy, Freddy Purdy, Fourth row: George Huntington, Jim Taflinger, Chuck Keller, David Hammer, Chuck Ealy, Ted Gravenhorst, John Austin, Lyle Boerngen, David Wernsing, Ron Phillips, Tom Kasinger, Gary Kruger, Artie Babbs, Jack Hines, Jim Collins. ART CLUB A spray of blue, a mist of gold, and be- fore you is a lovely sunset, The Art Club has a membership of twenty- rwo, The purpose of the club is to give those students who are interested in art a chance to do extra art work outside of class. The group plans to make several sketching trips and to visit some art museums during the course of the Year. This Clllb is OPEN I0 HUYOUS HOW Archie Landreth, Connie Niccum, Myrna Wilder, and Kerry taking art or who has preVi0llS1Y taken one Layton put the finishing touches on the Paris mascot that was Year Of art. on the field the night of the Paris-Effingham football game, The officers for l956-57 are Bill Macklin, President, Kerry Layton, Vice President, Sally Siddens, Secretary-Treasurer, Art is a mode of expression, Front row: Sally Siddens, Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Macklin, President: Kerry Layton, Vice President, Mr. Heyduck, Advisor. Second row: Beulah Morrison, Pat Weber, Laura Bell Sapp, Wanda Gillmore, Pat Wagoner, Rose Moore, Judy Sligar, Sally Greear, Third row: Jim Moschenrose, Paul Eskew, David Reed, Fred Katz, Archie Landreth, Bob Minner, Bill Parks, Stanford Bushue, Larry Pagel. PEP CLUB The Pep Club of Effingham High School is one that instills school spirit in the student body. The members are those who are so interested in our competitive sports that they are willing to attend the games and back our team with yells to the finish, They are also interested in setting good examples in sportsmanship. Pompoms containing the school colors of red and white are proudly carried by Pep Club members to show that they are proud of their team and of their school. The Pep Club is directed by Mrs. Frese. The officers are: Leonard Seward, President: Judy Lewis, Vice President: Sam Dargo, Secretary-Treasurer. Front row: Leonard Seward, Presidentg Judy Lewis, Vice Presidentg Sam Dargo, Secretary-Treasurer, Susan Jansen, Carolyn Potts, Marilyn Dettro, Debbie Wenthe, Ginger Leake, Billie Chance, Linda Boals, Joan Percival, Joann Medlin, Sarah Gravenhorst, Ann Davidson, Judy Owens. Second row: Jerry Brown, Jerry Waugh, Cecil McWhorter, Sam Rickelman, Merrill I-labbe, Phil Carlock, Cheryl Ragel, Sharon Davis, Vernon Babbs, Charles Keller, Sterling Grace, Noble Brown, Larry Allen, Judy Slifer, David Ball, Jim Taflinger, Jack Goodfellow, Mrs. Frese, Advisor. Third row: Richard Martins, Sheila Frazier, Susan Breeden, Glenda Bushue, Carolyn Fisher, Carlene Smith, David Wernsing, Jim Collins, Gary Poynter, Leonard Coats, Billy Parks, Bob Minner, Donald Ealy, Sally Metzelaars, Roberta Bogan, Jacky Barnes, Harvey Thomas, Larry Brown. Fourth row: Gerald Broom, Dick Cornell, Mary Jo Hebron, Linda Ashworth, Marjo Burnett, Kay Steely, Sandra Peters, Sharon Barbee, Jane Brissenden, Glenda Marshall, Karen Niccum Hope Hansen, Myrna Brown, Rosemary Deters, Connie Bosley, Sharon Cruse, Sharon Croft, Barbara Beatty, Marilee Habbe, Barbara Tilley, Fifth row: David Reed, Pat Wagoner, Glenda Broom, Ann Ashley, Pat Thomas, Pat Moulton, Janice Gamble, Wilma Brown, Janet Plumer, Carolyn Dugan, Virginia Dasenbrock, Linda Burnett, Marie Bell, Marrianne Pippin, Judy Miller, Linda Landers, Linda Lankford, Carlene Diehl. Sixth row: Bob Macklin, Pearl Davis, Pat Bush, Stephanie Walker, Jerry Garrett. Alice Pals, Pat Wood, Evelyn Sowers, Linda Gasser, Sandra Brockett, Emma Robertson, Donna Edwards, Rita Smith, Edith Matthews, Bette Neal, Janet Voelker, Beverly Tilley, Jim Bradham. Seventh row: Mark Warren, Pat Ventress, Janet Martins, Adolph Koester, Carol Smith, Sally Jo Greear, Sherrill Dutcher, Albert Springer, Charles Stevens, Ronald Ziegler, David Hammer, Tony Manuel, Ted Gravenhorst, Zeanna Robertson, Lynne Luttrell, Mary Rentfrow, Loleta Kirchhoff, Jane Henderson, Jim Jansen. Marilyn Dettro, a G,A,A. member, demonstrates the use of the shuffleboard, one of the many recreational facilities in the new Rec, room, First row: Marilyn Dettro, Debbie Advisor: Carolyn Potts, Presidentg Ginger Leake, Elna Jackson, Ann Sowers, Ruthie Davis, Judy Slifer Shadwell, Karen Bowlin, Carolyn Sally Jo Greear, Sue Bell, Jo Ann GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION "Our name means growth in spirit, mind and body, We work and strive to reach our highest aim, The stars, the height, toward which we're ever climbing On G,A,A, , be worthy of your name," That is the song of G,A.A, which shows the high standards, the goal, and the demands of all members. The main purpose of the Girls' Athletic Association, is to further the interest of girls' Sports within the school, G,A,A. projects this year were a lightbulb drive and the selling of stuffed animals which included pandas and teddy bears wearing letter sweaters. G,A.A, is under the leadership of Mrs, Frese and during the year she has been assisted by two student teachers from Eastern College, Miss Anderson and Miss Hirschelman, The officers of 1956-1957 are: Carolyn Potts, President, Katy Claar, Vice President: Beverly Tilley, Secretary, Susan Jansen, Treasurer, The pledge of G,A.A, is: "I promise to uphold the ideals of the Girls' Athletic Association by promoting interest in athletics and the out -of-doors, by living so that I may be healthy and strong, and by making good sports- manship a constant factor in my conduct," Wenthe, Kathy Claar, Vice President: Susan Jansen, Treasurerg Mrs. Frese, Beverly Tilley, Secretary, Susan Breeden, Ruby Richey, Second row: Kay King, Ashworth, Marilyn Coats, Edith Matthews, Marjo Burnett, Peggy Smith, Evelyn , Karen Claar, Sarah Gravenhorst, Pat Bush, Janet Martins, Carol Smith, Clarice Adermann, Third row: Ann Davidson, Jacky Barnes, Linda Gasser, Janice Rincker Medlin, Marilee Habbe, Sharon Croft, Pat Ventress, Linda Boals, Joan Percival, Pat Wood, Ruth Ann Angel, Cheryl Ragel, Vernabelle Pagel, Alice Hays, Emma Robertson, Fourth row: Pat Lankford Lo Ella Lankford, Sherrill Dutcher, Jeanne Spence, Willa Levitt, Kay Hankins, Carolyn Krueger, Pat Thomas, Kay Steely, Sandra Brockett, Roberta Bogan, Sally Jo Metzelaars, Patty Moulton, Janice Gamble, Jane Henderson, Maxine Phillips, Janet Wagner, Barbara Arnold, Barbara Tilley. These seniors, Frank Davis, Richard Wooley, and John Austin are shown working in the Sci-Y photography room, SCI-Y The Sci-Y is offered to upper classmen who are taking or have taken classes in science, The purpose of the club is to increase the members' knowledge of science and to encourage more young people to pursue a career in the scientific field. Another equally important aim is to emphasize the importance of our future scientists being well rounded, integrated personalities who can contribute to the social betterment of our world in an atomic age. These purposes are carried out by demonstrations, discussions, films, and tours. Mr. L, R, Via is the Sci-Y advisor, Officers for the year are: Frank David, President, Jack Bourland, Vice President, Charles Ealy, Secretary Treasurer. First row: Sheila Frazier, Debbie Wenthe, Connie Bosley, Sharon Scherer, Billie Ann Chance, Jack Bourland, Vice President, Charles Ealy, Secretary, Frank Davis, President, Mr. Via, advisor, Carlene Smith, Glenda Marshall, Karen Niccum, Ginger Leake, Glenda Bushue, Second row: Beverly Tilley, Judy Lewis, Carol Crane, Stanford Bushue, Bob Minner, Don Thomas, Charles Keller, Vernon Babbs, Jack Goodfellow, Sam Dargo, Dale Yemm, John Olden, Carolyn Fisher, Paula Engel, Ramon Tate, Third row: Judy Cooley, Connie Schuetz, Rachel McCallen, Hope Hansen, Ronnie Brown, Larry Allen, Larry Lane, Charles Stevens, Donna Stanton, Janet Voelker, Carolyn Potts, Susan Jansen, Sally Siddens, Kay King, Janice Gillespie, Gary Poynter, James Slifer. Fourth row: Merrill Habbe, Dale Grace, Harold Eubank, John Castella, William McCarty, David Hammer, Leonard Seward, Ted Gravenhorst, Lyle Boerngen, John Austin, Paul Tolch, David Wernsing, Gary Kruger, Ronald Ziegler, Jim Collins, Tony Manuel, Phil Carlock, Kent Mowe, AWARD Marilyn Strobelwas named the winner of the D,A,R, Good Citizenship Award from Effingham High School. She was chosen by vote of the senior class and faculty. Scholarship, leadership, and school spirit were among the qualities considered, Marilyn Strobel D,A,R, Award Winner WIININERS Barbara Cameron was designated as the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, Barbara re- ceived the highest score in a written examination on homemaking knowledge and attitudes which was administered to the senior girls in the homemaking III class. .qs 5 , j - 2 Barbara Cameron Betty Crocker Home maker of Tomorrow r Je r 1 ' cr 1 ' 'D 5 L H -MT JUNIOR BOWLING LEAGUE Above: This is the third year bowlers at EHS have participated in the Christmas Tournament, This picture shows the winners of the boys' and girls' singles, doubles, and mixed bowling. Lynne Luttrell and Norma Newkirk were also winners in the national doubles tournament, Front row: Dale Yemm, boys' doublesg Norma Newkirk, Lynne Luttrell, girls' doublesg Bob Bliss, boys' doubles, Second row: Tom Kasinger, Susan Jansen, mixedg Marilee Habbe girls' singlesg and Leonard Seward, boys' singles. 911 Below: Miss Dorothy Hirschelman student teacher in girls' physical education classes, demonstrates the proper ping pong technique to Barbara Koester and Pat Thomas. The national monument on the opposite page is the flag raising scene on Iwo Jima, T 44 If l a""4r" 4 42:44 '41 4 42' 4 431 ir:-l"'4':, 1 44 1 4' 4 4 Y ff gi" RL .1 gb X. xx if 'Ihr 0a m , x , -XPW' Q :il xg. Q X W-' M-1.-HH M 9 fl 'fL3Q X 44 '.' . afqff Se 'rv sun 4 FOOTBALL DRILL This picture shows members ofthe liearts receiving their football equipment from Coach Richardson for the big season ahead, Coach Klosterman was unable to be there because of an emergency append- ectomy. Shown in the picture are Frank Davis, Richard Wooley, Coach Richardson, Larry Allen, and Larry Pagel. This picture shows varsity members Bill McCarty and Chuck Ealy, tackling during one of Varsitv members look or while Iohn Austin demonstrates the cross-body block under the 5 95 'f-54- 'L HISTORY OF FLAMING HEARTS Have you ever wondered where the name "Flaming Hearts" originated? The SIGNET staff did and pro- ceeded to find out, This is what we found, Since the Chamber of Commerce designated Effingham, Illinois, as the Heart of the U,S,A, it was appropriate to call the team "Hearts, " The name "Flaming" was added later in 1935 when the efficient Coach Harpstreit was having a very good season. It was in this year the team received new lettermen's jackets of moss green with a red heart, The team also had a large blanket to cover the bench in like colors and in the center of this blanket was a huge heart with rays shooting from the heart, A newspaper reporter, seeing the design which reminded him of a flaming heart, and with the team being such a good one that year, referred to them as Flaming Hearts. The name caught on and was soon adopted by everyone, 1956 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Effingham Effingham Effingham Effingham Effingham Effingham Effingham Effingham Effingham Vandalia Shelbyville Hillsboro Charleston Paris St, Elmo Newton Flora Casey 'X 5b 9- T X First row: Manager Gerald Van Dyke, Ronnie Brown, Richard Wooley, Frank Davis, Larry Pagel, Bill McCarty Gary Poynter, Norman Dickey, Manager Larry Allen. Second row: Loy Davidson, Don Thomas, Jerry Garrett Jim Bradham, Eddie Koester, Bob Macklin, Jim Collins, Leonard Reardon, Third row: Leonard Seward, John Austin, Paul Tolch, David Wernsing, Charles Ealy, Charles Stevens, Larry Lane, Bob Mayhaus, David Ball David Steffen. 3 "' -.5 -Q " WP Q Q " - 'D , FOOTBALL K2 I Q 1 cf' , X Football cheerleaders were X Ginger Leake, Marilyn Dertro, I X Carolyn Potts, Susan Jansen, Gr Chance. Debbie Wenrhe, and Billie Ann Y RONNIE BROWN Senior - End DAVID STEFFEN Co-Captain '56 RICHARD WOOLEY C0-Captain '56 Senior - Halfback Senior - Guard 3 I' I 91 ' 'fi JOHN AUSTIN FRANK DAVIS PAUL TOLCH Senior - Tackle Senior - Quarterback Senior - End 2 I 25 NVISIYOIS x X, F- VDSW 2" K x '- ffjqx 2591 777:27 NONE 41? ...le .a ,t fl'-f ul .' 1 4' 32 4 91 7 -.- 91' ' ,sn if 1 - f I --'11, , fs. ff 5 , a " 1 .,lv Db ' 'A if ,415 '-FW!" , The Effingham High School Flaming Hearts football coaching staff includes, head coach, Jack Kloster- man, and assistants, Rodney Richardson, William Morgan, and Galen Swinger, FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM Front row: Harvey Thomas, Jerry Biggs, George Greider, Elmer Sparrow, Jim Reardon, Paul Eskew, john Walker, Charles Winchester, Jack McCarty, Mark Warren, Archie Watson, Manager, Second row: Mike Robertson, Eddie Smith, Junior Ealy, Donnie Rentfrow, Lee Ealy, George Valentine, Tom Cornell, Pete Frese, Jim Wallace, Clem Hartke, Noble Brown. Back row: Jim Sherrick, Walter Harrison, Steve Mowe, Jerry Brown, Jack Hines, Steve Davis, Bob Minner, Philip Gibson, Paul Eskew, John Butcher, Bill Lewis, Pwr' FOOTBALL FLASHBACKS September 14, 1956 Effingham 14 - Vandalia 13 The Flaming Hearts squeezed by Vandalia in the opening game of the 1956 football season 14 to 13, Jerry Garrett and Richard Wooley scored touchdowns with Garrett and Ronnie Brown scoring the extra points Dan Michels scored both touchdowns for Vandalia, September 21, 1956 Effingham 35 - Shelbyville O Showing speed and good line play, the Hearts romped Shelby 35-O on the home opener, Ronnie Brown scored on a pass from Frank Davis, Davis also scored a touchdown, Jerry Garrett scored one touchdown and Richard Wooley scored two, Brown added two points on a safety in the last quarter, Garrett kicked three of his five tries for extra points, September 28, 1956 Effingham 32 - Hillsboro 13 Behind at halftime, the Hearts came back strong the second half to beat a fine Hillsboro team, Three touchdowns were scored by Richard Wooley and one by Jerry Garrett, Frank Davis connected on a pass to Ronnie Brown for the other touchdown. Garrett kicked one extra point and passed to Ealy for the other. October 5, 1956 Effingham 20 - Charleston 19 Showing power the second half, the Hearts defeated the Charleston Trojans 20 to 19, Jerry Garrett scored first for the Hearts on a 38 yard run in the first quarter. Richard Wooley returned a kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter, The Hearts trailed at halftime 13 to 12, Wooley scored again in the third quarter, Effingham scored again on a safety in the fourth quarter. Bob Thomas scored all three touchdowns for Charleston. This game proved to be one of the most thrilling of the season, October 12, 1956 Effingham 27 - Paris 7 The Hearts again came from behind to win in a thrilling Homecoming contest, Paris scored on the first play of the ballgame. Effingham scored in the second quarter on a run by Richard Wooley, The score at halftime was 7-7, Frank Davis passed to Ronnie Brown who lateraled to Larry Lane for the second touchdown Lane scored later on a run of 18 yards, On the last play of the game, Charles Ealy intercepted a Paris pass and ran 40 yards for another touchdown. Jerry Garrett kicked 3 extra points. October 19, 1956 Effingham 41 - St, Elmo G The Hearts scored freely against St, Elmo to boost their season record to six wins against no losses. Jerry Garrett was the first to break loose and he scored on a beautiful 60 yard run, The Hearts scored their second touchdown on an eight yard run by Richard Wooley, Garrett scored again on a sweep around the right end and the Hearts led atthe half 21-O, Ronnie Brown scored twice in the third quarter on two beau tiful pass plays from Frank Davis covering 45 yards on one and 56 yards on the other, Don Thomas scored in the fourth quarter on a pass play covering about 12 yards, Garrett kicked four extra points and Davis passed to Bill McCarty for the other one, October 26, 1956 Effingham 18 - Newton 14 The Hearts scored twice in the fourth quarter to run their string of victories to seven, Newton scored first and the Hearts scored late in the second quarter on a pass from Frank Davis to Ronnie Brown, Newton led at the half T-6, Neither team scored in the third quarter, but Effingham opened the fourth quarter with a touchdown run by Jerry Garrett, Newton scored immediately after this and led 14-12, Effingham then received the kickoff and traveled the length of the field on good blocking, good running, and very excellent passing by Frank Davis. Larry Lane carried the ball across from the 3 yard line, November 2, 1956 Effingham 39 - Flora 7 Effingham played a fine game in defeating the Flora Wolves for thc first time in modern football history at EHS, Richard Wooley scored four touchdowns and Jerry Garrett scored one behind the fine blocking of Ronnie Brown, John Austin, David Steffen, Bill McCarty, Jim Collins, Eddie Koester, and Paul Tolch, Garrett's touchdown came on a beautiful 61 yard jaunt, Ronnie Brown also broke into the scoring on a fine pass play from Frank Davis, Garrett kicked two extra points and Loy Davidson ran for the third, November 9, 1956 Effingham 39 - Casey O The Effingham Flaming Hearts finished the 1956 football season without a defeat as they romped over Casey in their final game, This game gave them the Eastern Illinois League Championship as well as an undefeated season. The Hearts scored on the opening kickoff as Richard Wooley ran 85 yards behind the fine blocking of the Effingham linemen, Ronnie Brown then scored on a pass play from Frank Davis. Wooley scored twice after Brown, Lane scored in the third quarter and Wooley scored again in the fourth quarter, Extra points were made by John Austin and Eddie Koester on pass plays from Davis, Wooley drop kicked the other extra point, FLAMING HEARTS DAY, NOVEMBER 27, l956 Tuesday, November 27, 1956, was proclaimed as Flaming Hearts Day in Effingham by Mayor Paul Taylor, Mayor Taylor issued the proclamation in connection with the fete which was arranged for the Hearts, Eastern Illinois League champions, Plans included a banquet at Effingham High School gym, followed by a specialprogram honoring the team and coaches, Mayor Taylor's proclamation follows: "Whereas the Effingham Flaming Hearts have just completed an undefeated football season and, "Whereas, the Effingham Flaming Hearts have captured the Eastern Illinois League Championship and, "Whereas, the Effingham Flaming Hearts have proven themselves to be good sportsmen thereby bringing good will to our community, and, "Whereas, the Quarterback Club of Effingham has decided to honor the Effingham Flaming Hearts on its fine achievements, "Therefore, I, Paul Taylor, Mayor of the City of Effingham, ,do hereby proclaim Tuesday, November 27, A,D, 1956, as Effingham Flaming Hearts Day. " Paul Taylor Mayor .7- ' ' 50' VS' FLAMING HEARTS DAY Members ofthe Effingham Flaming Hearts, champions of the Eastern Illinois league in football, display and look at hunks of goal posts giver, to them by Mr. Woody Freeman The sections of goal posts are souvenirs of the undefeated season. fr.. f Q. y1N' wr . ' "nm , I l..,r-44 , . url' 1 -.... Students paraded through the main street of Effingham doing a snake dance as part of the celebration of "Flaming Hearts Day. " ,- fit' 1 Apep session was held on the court house lawn after the snake dance through town. Students and teachers participated. P .. 'KJ . - ' yr 'J David Steffen and Richard Wooley, co-captains of the Eastern Illinois League champs, accept trophy from Mr, Voyles on behalf of the team, 4 4 N 3 Qi of 'tw ,X wx FOOTBA LL AWA RDS Mrs. Carroll Wooley pins the Quarterback Club sportsmanship award on her son, Richard, at tl.e annual grid banqueti At left is Mr. Wooley and at right is Howard Parker who presented the award on behalf of the club, Co-captains Steffen and Wooley receive their letters from head coach Klosterman in an afternoon school assembly. 91 Members of the varsity take notice as Coach Richardson diagrams a play with a chalk talk, Shown in the picture are Richard Wooley, Larry Lane, Ronnie Phillips, Paul Tolch, Chuck Keller, Jim Jansen, Jim Collins, Frank Davis, Coach Richardson, and John Austin. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Effingham 47 Salem 54 Effingham 70 Altamont 52 Effingham 62 Teutopolis 39 Effingham 49 Flora 29 Effingham 45 Lawrenceville 43 Effingham 59 Vandalia 50 Effingham 50 Olney 42 Effingham 70 Stewardson-Stras, 38 Effingham 50 Cumberland 67 Effingham 55 Robinson 46 Effingham 64 Pana 44 Effingham 63 St, Elmo 56 Effingham 53 Teutopolis 54 SALEM INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Effingham 3l Pinckneyville 55 Effingham 57 Flora 47 Effingham 60 Salem 59 EASTERN ILLINOIS LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Effingham 48 Neoga 38 Effingham 30 Robinson 45 Effingham 35 Charleston 52 Note: Scores are given for the games which were played before the SIGNET went to press. VARSITY BASKETBALL Front row: Ronnie Brown, Chuck Keller, Vernon Babbs, Jim Collins, Jim Jansen, Frank Davis, Second row: Coach Rodney Richardson, Richard Wooley, Jerry Garrett, Ronnie Phillips, Larry Lane, Paul Tolch, John Austin. VARSITY BASKETBALL 'nu JOHN AUSTIN Senior - Center - Forward 95 Fab- fs PAUL TOLCH Senior - Center 3 Forward Action in the T-Town game shows Richard Wooley U53 and Paul Tolch 1245 going after U a rebound. 'Xp I RICHARD WOOLEY Senior - Forward - Guard LARRY LANE Junior - Forward ,-Lglilff xf?1I, CHARLES KELLER IIIN1 IANSEN Senior - Guard 11111101 ' Guard FRANK DAVIS RONNIE BROWN Senior - Guard During the Salem game two ofthe Hearts, Senior - Guard Paul Tolch f24J and Richard Wooley 1325, fight for a loose ball, VERNON BABES JERRY GARR-ETT IUNOF ' Gllafd Junior - Forward RONNIE PHILLIPS During the Cumberland game, the Hearts IIIX1 COLLINS IUINOT ' Forward frglrt for a rebound, Paul Tolch is 24 and Junior - Guard - Forward Larry Lane is 25. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM First rowg Vernon Bahhs, Larry Bosley, Kenneth llardiek, Ronald Frcnvl., Jerry Brown, Richard Shadwell. Second row: Coach Jack Klosterrnart, Loy Davidson, Iini Collins, Jerry Garrett, David Ball, Steve Mowe, Richard Wallace, Boh Minner, FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Manager Paul Eskew, Dick McDaniel, Jirn Reardon, Torn Cornell, Garry Harris, Harvey Thomas, Pete Frese, Lee Ealy, Melvin Ziegler, Duon Powell, David Graham. Second row: Manager Philip Gibson, Jim Sherrick, Charlie Winchester, Jack Hines, Randy '1ley, Elmer Sparrow, Louis Black, Artie Babbs, John Hansen, Eddie Smith, and Coach Swinger. ,A NJ as 53 TROPHY WINNERS Effirzaham lliulr School basketball stars of today were also grade school bas ketball stars as we car: see here. This picture shows members of the Sacred Heart team after wirrirg the Mason Basketball Tour rtamentir: l953. Do you notice any resemblances to players you knownow" In the front row are David Steffen, Adolph Koester, Frank Davis, Chuck Keller Paul Tolch, Jim Jansen, and Coach Bud Frese. In the back row are Floyd Anderson and Eddie Koeste fbehind the trophyj. Effingham Flaming Hearts appear pleased with the consolation trophy which they won in the Salem In- vitational basketball tournament, Front row: Ronnie Brown, Jim Collins, Richard Wooley, Frank Davis, and Jim Jansen. Back row: John Austin, Ronnie Phillips, Coach Rodney Richardson, Larry Lane, Paul Tolch, and Charles Keller. MARILYIN DETTRO WEYNTHE Senior GING5-R QXE LE oil' Wim 1U,,,Or A E VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Carolyn Potts, Ginger Leake, Marilyn Dettro, Debbie Wenthe, Billie Ann Chance, and Susan Jansen did a good job of keeping the spirit of the team and fans high. BILLIE ANN C t SUSAN IA NSEN HANCE CAROLYN POTTS lunio, Jlmio . r Junior 41 I 3' X 4 inn' qw Q . . r' K. xy sb XX X x , 5.-U. ' ' 0 ,4 1 5, K 14 ' Q" 'if-.1 hw... inf. Mumi' ya .. fm LOY DAVIDSON S VERNQXN BABE u X Junror Drscus S K D 1956 TRACK TEAM vii, rfaagso 1 v lgs NJ 6 I A Ns. ' .. Flrst row Dale Grace Vernon Babbs Gerald Van Dyke Rrchard Martrn Loy Davrdson Ray Peters Jrm Plumer Norman Drckey Second row Davrd Ball Charles Morgan Frank Davrs Larry Smrlh Leonard Seward B111 Denton John Austrn Rrchard Wooley JIM JA NS RDON Jun O EN NARD REA f M116 JERRY GARRETT LEO Hx mum? Iunror 100 Yard Dash yuruof g TRACK This picture shows members of the 880 yard relay team that qualified for the state track meet at Champaign last spring, They are: Richard Wooley, Norman Dickey, Jim Robinson, and Dean Webb, GOLF The Effingham High School golf team of 1956, was undefeated in a schedule of eight matches. Matches were played with teams from Mattoon, Paris, Shelbyville, Casey, and Greenville High Schools, One match with Mattoon at Effingham resulted in a tie, however, The Effingham Country Club presented each letter winner with an individual medallion in recogni- tion of the team's accomplishment, Letter winners consisted of four seniors, Larry Romans, Bob Price, Topper Woelfer, Jim Kincaid, and one sophomore, Jack Goodfellow, First row: Mr. Goodfellow, Coachg Jack Goodfellow, Gary Kruger, Thomas Kasinger, Bob Osborn. Second row: Bob Price, Jim Kincaid, Larry Romans, Topper Woelfer, Ted Gravenhorst, Kenneth Kramer. ,I no -1 B' 55. ff .- -as. This page is sponsored by WENTE DAIRY, 5 C " MV in ,,- , Dj C' Through these gymnasium doors of Effingham High School, pass thousands of fans during the school year to cheer the Effingham Flaming Hearts to victory, LETTERMEN'S CLUB The l,ettcrmen's Cluh is an organization composed of all athletes and managers who have received a major letter for participation in varsity competition, The purpose of this club is to promote better sportsmanship and understanding among all athletes, and also to stimulate further interest in athletic contests among the student body as a whole, Mr, Klosterman and Mr, Richardson are the sponsors, The officers are: Richard Wooley, President, David Steffen, Vice President, and Frank Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, Front row: Mr. Richardson, Advisor, Richard Wooley, President, Frank Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, David Steffen, Vice Presidentg Mr, Klosterman, Advisor, Second row: Larry Pagel, Jim Jansen, Bill McCarty, Don Thomas, Tony Manuel, Vernon Babbs, Jack Goodfellow, Archie Watson, Third row: Gary Poynter, Chuck Keller, Jerry Garrett, Gerald Van Dyke, David Wernsing, Larry Allen, Ramon Tate, Loy Davidson, Leonard Reardon. Fourth row: Ronnie Brown, Charles Ealy, Leonard Seward, Larry Lane, John Austin, Paul Tolch, Charles Stevens, Eddie Koester, Gary Kruger, Jim Collins, llnl' mlm' 'tri - lil Blur: : Football fans fill these bleachers whenever the Flaming Hearts play a home game. C4 III 1, The varsity basketball team members look to these boys who played in the Freshman-Sophomore Eastern Illinois Tournament to take their places on the varsity team when varsity players have graduated, Front row: Artie Babbs, Eddie Smith, Jerry Brown, Ronnie French, David Graham. Back row: Gerald Van Dyke, Bob Minner, Kenneth Hardiek, Steve Mowe, David Ball. . 5 L ' I u . I I I - I n ,, l t S.. I E .fl Juniors Carolyn Potts, Jack Bour- land, and Kay Hankins look into I,,,,- ng' the future and wonder what the O! --. V-.3 lf future holds for them. 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BEST POLICY AT ALL TIMES HUMES INSURANCE AGENCY Bu11d1ng Effmngham I111no1s v EFFINGHAM BOWL Good Food GREYHOUND POST HOUSE Second and Fayette Effmgham I111no1s Cafeterla SGYVICC Meals and Short Orders Z4 Hour Serv1ce Edin Value ADAMS MEN'S STORE Effmgham I111no1s TO SUH 1 YOUR H 'V f TA re CHICKEN PLATE f f' CAFE in YJ Plate Lunches Short Orders Homemade P1es 401 W, Fayette Efflrlgharrli iii.-sn C0mp11ments of DEKALB EFFINGHAM HATCHERY Efhngham, I111no1s PETTY'S DAIRY QUEEN DEPARTMENT STORE The Cone W1th the Curl on Top Thermo .Tacs Malts , Shakes , Sodas Leadmg Sportswear Cfmesv S'-mdaes Orange, Coke, Root Beer Department ln A Treat for Taste A Food for Health Eff h F1fth and Fayette on Route 40 lng am J Effmgham, I111no1s 2 Q .fd f . ,., f V IL , . 1, .J af, il S 2 f 5 is 4 ' 1 .' ,Q 2' .a., A ff: f Register X 55 . . -+- N at S , i' . Q Xu- .Lax Q xx I 11 S f . .lf I for 'A' F' KT DUST 3 SERVICE STORE ki I It s Good Food You Want 193 South Banker Street Vim Phone 77 QAK CAFE f 5 ' f 5,11 Qi' 9'i LfU .f f eo ke . ,A A 'fe 'W NW -1 S .S .. ' - ' Y, - Y - .---ft 1:-. - ' f ' -I - ,x-uve, . ' r - F, Effingham, Illinois Route 37 Niason Congratulations to the Class of 1957 ' 6- s Q X 2 X R HENDERSON INSURANCE AGENCY Auto Life Fire and Casualty 116 East Section Telephone Building Phone 2147-W Effingham In Picture: Alice From EVANS STANDARD SERVICE Watson KATHERINE HOLMES SCHOOL OF DANCING Tap - Ballet - Toe Member of National Association if of Dance and 2 3 Affiliated Artists BILL'S SHELL SERVICE Complete Tire Service Propane Motor Fuel Bottle Gas Installations Sales and Service Watson Phone 20 KROGER EMPLOYEES Effingham MCWHORTER CURVE INN Texaco Gas and Oil Lunches U. S. 4-5 and 37 South Effingham room attendance, ' - A , Watches and Diamonds D f-fly x L ' Q Costum e Jewelry Q Q K '. RALPH'S JEWELRY .Q rw Effin ha g m, Illinois EFFINGHAM EQUIT Box 480 Y Effingham Illinois Faultless Feeds in Planters Fertilizer Petroleum Products Farm Supplies Anhydrous Ammonia -ng, Seeds R85 Phone 361 BU RKLAND GREENHOU SES 'QB lp Plants Cut Flowers wifi-P7 EE Floral Designs Corsages 311 Rineha rt Street Phone 570 Effingham Modern Fireproof 100 Roo Excel ms European W lent Dining Room 'X One flf N E 21,311 Elilmv li W HOTEL BENWOOD R FLEX Effingham, Illinois SER Manager of Southern Illinois' Finest Hotels Coffee Shop , . 0 If S- 24,5 , 4' f qi '44, 96 wg W 1 Q '- qns' . 'S ' N 1 " VE K -1:-llllif!-Qrll . , -' 11139. ..'m -king., 3 Q41 V-if ,- ' 1:- V' gr: V 451115 in - Q--L, f ef: f':1'jliQ4"' .. FTE 4555 l lllgzilijq 0:5 ' Q -. .- ily:-:ple . , A in TI . 1 I-L A Q 4 f'l 0 0 Q W. Vw. HARTMAIN SHOE SHOP " 'Q Docmr Shoes Neel Thm l Svutf Ban er ff mviarr Xu H , A iq A and Save Txcxr S4125 1 fl, 1 k - f 3 . Phone 7 for BENWOOD TAXI Ili Rain, Snow Sleet or Hail We Come Thmugh - Just L1kc the Mail. I I SIEMER 84 DEHN Attorneys at Law ' s?Z3"fF3fAj7? Congratulatxons to the Class of 1957 S7l:.A145, -QO1.:.EUCK AND COMPANY 111 South Banker Street Effingham, I11ino1s DOGS :mor I BOALS' FROSTOP DRIVE IN In msert Lmda Boals Gm., FRISINA THEATERS COMPANY Heart Theater Effxngham Theater Rust1c Starhte Drxve I Effmgham Ilhnoxs HRW at the MODEL Lad1es' Ready to Wear and Acces sor1es Phone 49 Effxngham gk cd? GOOD FOOD OUP Q 252- A V xwf xy Q D DEPENDABLE Tx! aa' M ROSILYN CAFE Amr Cond1t1oned AAA Recommended Duncan H1nes Recommended H C FISHER 309 West Jefferson Effmgham DRUGGIST Congratulatxons to the Class of 1957 You Are Always Welcome at Your Walgreen Agency Drug Store EFFINGHAIVI DRUG COMPANY Walgreen Agency Effmgharn I111no1s . -.'j:-2E K l W ...- .!. Q96 C fa M Q V I' vl:,..:- V C J N, " 1 Qbxj Via- ' K, ff- f A . h-' ,,,, 7 cw d O!! X lL.l-INDIE GLOVE COMPANY Manufacturer of Work Gloves for Farm and Industry Effingham, Illinois . , 1 ' Farm T 'DAIRY 'S-4 -, I la For PRAIRIE FARMS DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 1244 Effingham Hue ZH io' ,.I, is 0 He' JEMJUFM5 I PRODUCTS ff QJQQ MEQZ. SHEET METAL WORKS Heating and Air Conditioning CLETUS L. MERZ Effingham PRUPHNE GHS CU. Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas and Gas Appliances Phone 827 105 South Willow Effingham, Illinois , is -5 . , , : ' Q, p 1 . ' ' I - . 2 r - 5 I' 3.1. as-E-. . . -QA ' . I 12: . : - 2: -: .1 fs f. V.. :mia ,F,E'ffTfl-fb 'se' 2:22-ESQ! -A -g-:--, -. is-' - I --: 5: 2 ,M 2: : :,e - 3- - E 2- . . ,m -.- 5 0 0 0 l 0 0 0 Q M OR 'X EIXAATLL WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT XXI Ex! EF'-F'INC5I-LAM SCOIOAI 1: BAN K QA Trust Company, Officers GEORGE L. DEHN - - - - - - ------ President JOS, A, FELDHAKE - - - ------- Vice President LORRAINE LACY ----- ------ A sst. Trust Officer HENRY L, EVERSMAN - - - - - - Cashier and Trust Officer CORNELIA GARDEWINE - - - -------- Asst. Cashier Directors GEORGE L. DEHN, IOS. A. FELDHAKE, HOMER LUTTRELL, HAROLD TAYLOR, HENRY L. EVERSMAN. .allit BOB OSBORN, E. H. S. '58 Request Club Best in Music First in News WCRA 1090 On Your Dial KAY KING, E. H, S. '57 Request Club xqx -it In Picture: Jim Collins With Field Trail Dogs. Compliments of W ABASH CAFE Effingham fix: .. ,Vi 12 sf Congratulatxons to the Class of 1957 WENTHE BROS CO Lumber Blllldlflg Mater1a1 Coal Phone 65 Effmgharn X .WP x N., Cornphments of JOHNSON AND SONS Funeral D1rectors Efflngham e x VIRGIIJS SU PER MARKET General Merchandxse Store Hours 6 00 A M to 10 00 P M Effmgharn EFFINGHAM COUNTY SERVICE Dxstrubutors of F S Feeds F1e1d Seeds Plant Foods Petroleum Products Gram Markeung Crr1nd1ng Servxce For Better Farrrnng Phone 1680 410 South W111ow Street Efflngharn 21 ff ' a T 6 ' Se ' N gg 5.515 . ll, llef C O 0 'ff l CO. Equipped, Produ cing Farms and Ran ches Since 1900 Motels - Stor es - Gas Stations STROUT REALTY AGENCIES, Offices C MR. A oast to Coast ND MRS FLO . YD HOLDING Repres entati 505 Eas ves INC. t .Ieffer son Phone 1124 Effingham, Illinois Phone 1686 C .stems O 'Q 5502? AL BRAUN Super Service Sinclair Products Washing Polishin S Indexed Lubrication Goodyear Tire s BUILDING AND L ongratu lations to the Class of 57 From CITIZENS OAN ASSOCIATION JOSEPH B SIEMER Secretary Treasurer Effingham a fl nf! E ...,.x Plywo d Floor and Wal South Se Phone 485 o Paints Roofin Insulation Ceme cond and National St FFINGHAM BUILDERS SUPPLY CO Windows Doors Lumber Hardware g Siding nt 1 Tile reets Effingham f"5S. xp r I ll -ff f ax ff E gy ' - Q 33, '4 "qv Q Q 'S X 'fi' .215 Y!! Effingham NU-WAY CLEANERS z-J, .I .-rl! 5 I PE A RSON BROTHERS Effmgham 'fliq fr Wvgx ,Z 5- SEWING MACHINE SALES AND SERVICE 306 West Nauonal Avenue CARL H GIBSON Owner Authorlzed Dealer for Necchl Elna and Sewmor Sewmg Machmes All Makes Repaxred Congratulat1ons Semors CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB Important as the Autornob11e EDWARD L KENNEDY Manager BARBARA BARNES Travel Counsellor and Secretary F1re and Extended Coverage Lmcoln Nat1ona1 L1fe Personal L1ab1l1ty Burglary MICHAELREE INSURANCE AGENCY Effmgham State Bank Bu1ld1ng Phone 688 JOHN R MICHAELREE Hosp1tal Health and Acc1dent , Charter Servxce Fllght Instructlons Plane Rental Q BARKER FLYING SERVICE E ffmgham County Mernor1al A1rport Phone 9006 Cornphrnents of BORDEN'S ICE CREAM "If It's BORDEN'S lt's Got to Be Good' 203 Kreke E'ff1ngharn Phone 1088 4 61 RUHOLL S FEED AND SUPPLY Dealer 1n Poultry Eggs and Feed Corner Merchant and St Anthony Effmgham I111no1s Phone 626 L 8: M MOTOR SALES Your L1nco1n Mercury Dealer 600 East Fayette Avenue Eifmgharn Il11no1s Phones 605 and 606 Fann1e May Cand1es Always Fresh at LEO'S DRUG STORE South S1de of Court House Square Eifmgham 754, -'ss V ,V j .ig 4 , Q Q , my As ' ' I Q- Polio and Cancer - Automobile 1 .4 ff . K . V vf gfi . 'ks 'f Q. I K! Q 0 I ' , . , . . A7 L . , . . . Sksx-N In Picture: David Wernsing Use MARATHON Best in the Long Run" Petroleum Products Call 12.47 'J Courteous, Dependable Service MARATHON I . C. R. WERNSING Marathon Distributor 2 3 9 v -ja 1 ill Congratulations to the Class of '57 57 Q glad ' All Commercial Work and Weddings Effingham, Illinois EFFINGHAM COUNTY FARM BUREAU Thirty eight Years of Continuous Service to Farmers in Effingham County I? ,X Q' ,sw Over 1800 Members Working Together for the Betterment of Agriculture and the Farm Family IT PAYS TO BELONG Q '+' , E , Q A ' 1- it 1' ,.,' 1' ,-, k in y -ff, A A A 4d'i"'9FL F' gg G ' 'fr' M nVA!l.IN!1-f MOWE MOVING 81 STORAGE Across the Street! Across the State! Across the Nation! Your Possessions Moved With the Greatest Care -- Anywhere! Member Agent United Van Lines Effingham, Illinois - Phone 1260 Vandalia, Illinois - Phone 1660 "You can give your son or daughter no more appropriate graduation gift than a COUNTRY LIFE insurance policy," says RICHARD L. STROBEL, AGENCY MANAGER FOR THE I. A. A. INSURANCE SERVICES IN EFFINGHAM COUNTY. In picture: Mr. Strobel is presenting his daughter Marilyn, a member of the class of '57, with a COUNTRY LIFE insurance policy. at I -it-we W if. W 1 , 5 34 X 'ka Compliments of KORTE IRON 84 METAL COMPANY 1500 West Fayette Road Phone 457 Effingham, Illinois K . 5 5 . f WALLACE MOTOR COURT Effingham R ' ,. . A C if ,Q 'is yi, Z X 4. t N Q ly ms iv s"fNtl'1Sx, , if Avi A "ll Q 3.1345 'x'1 A , ,ri Z W L., -av .. "'g4C.A "W A Cb VJ A if N Congratulations ' Q" , x 7 V 'K I x EJ l to the Class of '57 5 1 Y -5, ALLEN CHEVROLET ' 1" ' f ff ',, Effingham, Illinois ,A 1 ,!, li af, fv is 'Lf -rigir A'w' C' " f v 1 '-'U' K A .ymwv A y K is rf, l ,I fv ,l g I g LTL., f ' K ' I' 'f ' f -1" 'Z' X X I s L, I!" . ,' f' 'H ,X-'fvfl .aw 0 ' ' ,Q Q, " K f ', ' it ' t 1 Q f W 1 'A-alla'-'fj"'ai1. y .43 K.-f flags, ghgv. ' f' fp .. 1' A'fI"f" A A "VZ 'K:!:"f.' fi-J ',1'vl.J A ' , A . aw -L, ,g QL E X 8 I ,'f'TF1'f23':"y ' ill J ' 1 s V 5-L N . M ,z E, ,E , Q K, ,pl -nfm' M:.tlN',:' .. I , .Q .Qiq 1 ,X LL ' KN ff' f. ' . 'f ' A Xu. .xy ' g ' K Ji.. -5- it rt.. dr 5:7 Q f 4? it jx -X s'f,kXb '-4-D, ,A .-J '- 5,53 'z 9' .-xl-X59 :M A M, as it xg, 4, ' K- K,'lg?,y,fg-rs: - J. J- . ' .U 1 ". Y-:L 'ggfvf rf- '-+ - N ' - ' . 'ff 4.4-.jf f' 2- wfffg? ll- 8 x A F ' ' ,sf Q 4' .xt , -f'Flgv ' ' '?x'QJf:F PM -'. ' - 3- gr' X ' fl -A 34.-' .FJ .R nf fl , . X , ,. - 1 ' - .-I-T "bfL.l't,t'xS,- lf' bf, ' s 'A?f'.l,'-, s , 'f.-n . J fl F, , .- -I -X ' F. "51,i"' YQ-va' iff " ,J ,fi xr'-'Q M F CHRISMAN ' s n I s v, I yt Ai . h ,Al A if 1 .. - - ' gl, .AlfTO PARTS LI ' ' ' g' sq! X S Lyn! J' ' A, sl -' A." 'K' ML 'N f.. Effingham 3 I . vii' Wishes for Success to the Class of 1957 From READY MIXED CONCRETE Phone 490 Efhngharrm Czo to the ECHO EN INTHE 2 M005 F050 GAYLE T LECRONE Manager JAP.. Route 45N Efflngharn EFFINGHAM ELECTRIC SHOP Everythxng E1ectr1c:al Phone 583 Reglster Bu1ld1ng When You Guys and Gals Need Someth1ng IH the Jewelry Llne See Heart Theatre Bumldmg Efhngharrl 6 m ANDERSONS JEWELRY v "F1ne Lxne of Card1nalD1amonds" X I C. J, - 'H vs , WH ' ED, RICHARDS, Prop. f" so ME Hi mneurs' Rn Ggost . ... 0 fr, F1 n ss B H ATQQY TO LC H SHOES Quality Shoes Always Effingham Serving Southern Illinois 5.3-:gg'2..:i'2Z-31:-: ,' P and Indiana 'Egg-5 E L Baldwin Pianos S Hammond Organs Wor1d's Finest Band Instruments Complete Repair Service SAM UE L. MUSIC COMPANY South Side of Square Effingham ol-'VER 3 "Finest in Farm Machinery" ei v., , ,,,.,. 'v1 4 A ' ' DAN KS OLIVER SALES Edgewood, Illinois Phone 2441 Complete Line of Farm Equipment KEI..I..ER'S TOWN AND COUNTRY STORE Best Wishes to the Class of '57 Top Most Like-Fre sh Foods Over 100 Years in the Quality Food Business ART MOWE, Representative HOLMES C LEANERS Free Pick Up and Delivery Quality Dry Cleaning Upholstery and Rug Cleaning Phone 858 Effingham The Loyal Order of MOOSE NO. 502 Effingham, Illinois L 'mlm Congratulates the Class of 1957 FEUI-:RBoRN lg MANUFACTURING COMPANY J' 51" I . A ' A ef., ' ' if 4 ' Church Furniture n I E 11 P 5, . 4 Effingham, Illinois 1 R if .U " m zlasvwwuqspwf, 4- .Q NGO Q' P- '1T"T,,j 'gr ' N YT-pw. 1-yu ,gm ,f ' A -or QT' ' Oi Q -'P , . - -0- ' ' ,., aux s wg ' O ' 6 5 " -6' t 1 , f Qo- ' In picture - Richard Wooley ' ' ,"" 1 ' A ' ' an k , 1 Q s Q 1 A-, 4.x1...- ,- Wm' A EFF I New-QAM I 4 POULTRY AND EGG COMPANY X Packers and Sh 1 . ippers of Effie's Quahty Eggs Effmgham I111no1s xl! 'll Phone 2.03 Effxngham Q nlgn S Phone 33201 Altamont 9 A x 5, , ,.:,!'-lp f' Eff1e s Brand H Em-V wwf JEWELRY Phone 1064 Efflngham 1104 Q' vi 4" 4 1 1 Effxngharn I111no1s WW READ K1-nmuml PASTRHES WZ B CHAQLIES F1ne Quahty Bak1ng Products BAKERY 1 Weddmg Cakes B1rthday Cakes Quahty Bread Pastmes P1es Phone 1758 307 West Jefferson 'QU Il.!" ci :"53H. 3252 'fx . , if' ' 4 'W WQW 5 P P 0 at BOTTLING COMPANY OF neo. u. s. ru. off. Vandalia, Illinois In picture: Sally Metzelaar s, Peggy Smith, .Tim Sherrick 'f-fh- EFFINGHAM FROZEN FOOD LOCKER AND IGA SUPER MARKET Featuring Groceries at Everyday Low Prices and Meats at Packing House Prices Catering to Home Unit Owners and Locker Patrons eff f 'NORGE DIR ISIOIN CCDQDCDQ A-Vi ON Effxngharn Plant Manufacturers of Quahty Gas and Electrlc Ranges and Dryers See Norge Beiore You Buy BOQG-WADNEQ as ,,'!P 5 , t was J , 1 'E 'J fi O Q 'Q 4 . Y' -' ' Cv I M. ,m,',,.7.' ma. . 2 I s , f V H , f s u 9 ,H L. Effingham HOME WOOD MP1 RKET if he In Picture: Emma Lou Edwards if ' -.m.,,, YE 5b ' 5' ' 'fe .f , Q7 41 ', ' A IFQJZ V 1 X ' wqwmwwfw 'f 14,1 A .mf JANSEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE A One Stop Style Center for the Entire Family Effingham, Illinois .J I r M6 LOA Compliments of PRlM'S BAKERY Since 1912 Bread - Buns - Pastries Decorated Cakes for All Occasions In Picture:Donna Stanton Sampling Cookie ffix CJJ X CP' fi A yqxk f .JQZEZE -7,-.1 ,K yf? NEAL FARM EQUIPMENT Quahty Products Courteous Dependable Serv1ce Beecher C1ty Phone 7 3101 7 C ompllme nts of GREAT PLAINS HATCHERIES Route 33 South Efhngharn kgjf +x,,,1' LOY HARDWARE COMPANY Quahty Hardware Smce 1906 Phone 374 Efflngham SEE U Q6 ff 'C f f M JOHN GREEN STORE :il Eff1ngharn's Leadxng Department Store Good Luck to the Class of 1957 - K3 2 ,,,f,., 'N E ":"j""'J:" T?-s ,. E' h P41 ,Yr . T' ig L-A. fl- 'N x f f X f AN qs 4 iffy' Z Q ,fff 4 JJ Congratulations to the Class of 1957 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Effingham, Illinois The above classmates, Don Thomas, Sally Siddens, Richard Wooley, and David Wernsing, are receiving instructions in the operation of the central proof machine at the First National Bank of Effingham, Illinois We Invite You to Open an Account With Us Q 3 1 U 1 Sufzei 0'W'w9 S in X4 9 Three of the Best Stores m Effumgharn THE SEL RITE STORES THIES BROS WM TOLCH 81 SON STEPHENS BROS fl T1 Nat1ona1 Maple St Lou1s TP ll Comphments of BAUER FUNERAL HOME Phone 23 Effmgham I11mo1s 308 South F1fth Street N h . S f - Tree Ripened Peaches Alberta, Hale, Haven, Georgia RAY STEWART ORCHARD I Mile South of Edgewood fi ,qpqf -fx 1 was V s , , ,fffT1'gA, -.cf we-'- ' Jl.l"l e,a! '5,,.-sA4- Be 432 X Q ERVIN'S STORE General Merchandise Over 50 Years of Service to the Community Since 1897 Phone 2211 Edgewood, Illinois Go to MIN AND DON'S CAFE Edgewood, Illinois Compliments of MINNIE AND DONALD GILLMORE Plate Lunches - Sandwiches Home Made Pie HARRY BURTON FEED AND FARM SUPPLIES INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Edgewood, Illinois Phone 2301 UNITED FARM AGENCY Real Estate HERSCHEL O. WHITE Representative Mason, Illinois Phone Edgewood 2502 ROGERS FEED AND HARDWARE STORE Eclipse Feeds Groceries and Hardware GILE ROGERS, Proprietor , Mason, Illinois BROWN'S GROCERY Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Ball Brand Footwear Phone 2611 Edgewood, Illinois GERBEL FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Edgewood, Illinois Phone 2221 In Picture: Glenda Broom in home economics department. .gh - rsvp,- FAQ N svvomr s-4 TV SERVICE Twenty-nine Years in Electronics Prompt Service V' Guaranteed Tubes and Parts Z11Wernsing Avenue Phone 399 Effingham IVICTQYQ 1 S ELECTRIC SHOP 113 West Section Street Phone 915 Effingham Illinois T! ,Tv "You'11 Be Happier With a Hoover" Route LEROY AND MARYANN BORRIES Proprietors ABE LINCOLN CAFE Phone 1078 BUTTER ADDED' it SWW' b X . X 7 , . . . 1- f 1 7 g I . . J" A of 40 4 1,4-1329121 , , A vo 214.-I . A I I ,Q 4 x I A . lb rwkq , , ' , 1 Cirhplirrients of SCHOTTMAN S VICTORY BEAUTY SHOP T pewriters Best Wishes pi Class of195T MCCASI-lEN'S IDEAL 3-10 to S1 STORE Q l 3 rf 4. 5 DR. JOHN R. SEHY Optometrist Effingham Theatre Building Effingham Phone 123 'Ki' SCHOTTMAN'S Gift and Art Center Effingham ox ,A r . i -. N4-0 -- . xl 'f a 4 , 14 qv,-1 ' mania-m uv:"ff'l'eT .. In Picture. Barbara Webb an accompanist for many Effingham High School musical events Insurance Is the One Thmg Hou Need Most When You Can't Get It See TZLACI4 INSURANCE AGENCY INC All Types of Insurance Phone 9 112 South Banker XIX I Congratulatlons to the Class of1957 From the Fol1ow1ng Efhngharn County Off1cers IX .l L E Brumleve County Judge John L Russell C11'cu1t Clerk George Verdeyen County Treasurer Lowell Lewls County Supenntendent of Schools UU P H Gruenewald County Clerk 'F D4'R'D c"'a Xxfvi Y X LAUE MOTOR C OMPANY INC Sales Serv1ce Eff1ngham I1l1no1s Success to the Graduatmg Class of 1957 "A1ways shop at ELLMAN'S" , t,?,, i . M xrxtx i . i : M51 S-c"3wxf l W will 0 u ---------- u l W WX - '::::::"' N xl Torn McDevitt ------- - - County Sheriff ANG rr-ISIN ' ' - ,.... - . . - - . ' 9 . L ' I K .y in 1 I I Effingham, Illinois Compliments of Designers and Originators of Qualitv Nionuments Phone -,136 Effingham Illinois EFFINGHAM MONUMENT WORKS CHARLIE AND GENE S Phone 1963 1 4:5 South Banker Effingham Illinois Phillips 66 Station lj Y 1 I., LUDWIG LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Material 318 West Jefferson Phone 233 T ie B 8a H STORES Effingham Illinois :nun-an-,i I Shoes - Clothing L. O. D.D.S. , X LAST MINUTE r I 11 X S7 EFFINGHAM DAILY NEWS "The Area Newspape Servrng 36 Towns 1n 7 Countles 'fk E21-,J Comphments of AMERICAN LEGION POST NO 120 Servrng the Communrty State and Natlon for Over Thrrty flve Years S Q IQ 6 v fl 1. US 4 'A S , 5531.04 WILLIAM L BROOM Commander RALPH RICHEY Sen1or V1ce Commander Effmgham 1111no1s 9513131 WEBER CLOTHING STORE E sun PlUHBIIIli X 4 x5 WENTE 'The Store for Dad and the Lad" PLUMBING AND HEATING CO Clothlngf Furmshmgs 109 111 South Merchant and Hats Efhngharn, I111no1s Quahty Materlals Eff1ngham, I111no1s and Expert Workmansh1p HQ rirx-4 X af SQNEW , I N .Yu qf H-.VIL 1 :FJ :, Z ,Q'fANkx, I , x E X3 1 ' ' r ,1 "1" U Y 4 ,m u A - If , P. I llll M X 1 f ' ssgul rug' 4591" Smvwg 3 ff Q. : ru W . : 3 'S+ QV 3 1 2, 'ifflg 5 I NW - -4 ful . . lf' I I M xr - It U :N JN ' 1 . ' 12 .V 1' - 'I 1 fy Q N 5 I If at I In Picture: Kay King and Don Thomas We Are Ready to Take Our Places in the Community Our seniors are stepping out of high School into our com- munity--Effingham. Fortunate in having reaped the benefits of the cooperation between school and community, they are now ready to patronize and join the advertisers of this book. To you, our advertisers, we, the students of Effingham High School, say "thank you." We hope you will profit by the advertisements placed in our book. We appreciate your friendliness, courtesy, and helpfulness. AUTOGRAPHS D K , 1 X ' f v I , , . ,w 'r 'U ev"

Suggestions in the Effingham High School - Signet Yearbook (Effingham, IL) collection:

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