Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1970

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Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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X 5 V158 F159 H60 H 61 E322 E322 IH65 I 1 :Zia H61 LAR 19' W Foreword EDWIN MARKHAM JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL officially opened on February 4, 1957. Her first principal was Mr. J. Cosby Stone, boys' vice principal Mr. William Zazueta, and girls vice principal Miss Takato Nakahara. Built to relieve the congestion at Jordan, then a six-year school, Gompers, and Edison, Markham represented a three million dollar investment, with a plant covering twenty acres of land bounded by Compton Avenue, East 104th Street, Grandee Avenue, and East 108th Street. The Archi- tect was William H. Harrison, construction firm was McDonald Brothers Building. Opening enrollment was 1600 students and 45 teachers. Teachers at Markham when it opened and presently em- ployed here areg Mr, Oswald Campfield, Mr. Charles Gar- cia, Mrs. Velma Lassiter, Mr. Zerl Persley, Mrs. Jerelene Wells, Mrs. Alcia Williams, and Mrs. Pernella Woods. THIS WE RESPECT V-ar 7 'W' FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB of 1957 qdresses familiar?3. Arrow shows Mrs. Yvonne Hutchinson, currently employed at Markham as dreams do come true! Markham's first class named itself the "ALPHA M'S. " How many do you know? wWNWw,,,,,,..-M , ,,,L,,, ,,, N.,,, ,,,..M-W" 2 A Us Q X t -E 4 THIS WE APPRECIA TE xt ,rt I, ROBERT DAVIS Contenty Administration . . . Ninth Grade Class . . Eighth Grade Class . . Music Service Organizations Selected Poems of Edw in Markham Seventh Grade Class . . . Student Government . Sports . . .... Mr. Sidney A. Thompson, Principal I ' 4 Miss Gloria Marchini, Girls' Vice Principal Mr. Gene Brody, Boys' Vice Principal Mrs. Jerelene Wells Registrar Mr. Hugo Fuerst Head Counselor 772 z n i 5 I 1' d I Z O 71 Vice Princzpals Ojfee Counselors O ce K Assistant Vice Principals Mrs. R. Ollie, Mrs. D. Iverson, Mrs. Y. Hutchin- son, Mr. G. McCallum, and Mr. G. McCallum. Mr. W. Huff, 9thg Mrs. B. Alexander, 7thg Mr. H. Fuerst, Miss S. Mednick, Mr. D. Olsen, AHC. Attendance O, ee Mnzn O ce 2 Quia fjfr P or , N--.M Rexx esnee Miss S. Ashley, Miss Gwenn Hammond, office monitors, and Mrs Johnson. rm.. 'I Mr. R. Higgins, Sthg Mrs. J. Wells, Mrs. G. Lasterg Mrs D. Bastisteg Mr. I. Moore, 9th Mrs. Smithg and Mrs. D. Coleman, 7th. 5 D. Olson, Assistant Head Counselor L. Lamont, Nurse W. White, PACT Coordinator N. Taira, Articulation Counselor I. French, Intern Counselor R. Stewart, Reading Coordinator J. Grant, Business Manager V. Stabler, Cafeteria Manager G. Jones, Librarian R. Adams, Textbook Clerk F. Brown, Reading Coordinator ART W. Bryant I. Gregorius B. Sanford, D. C. S. Thompson BUSINESS EDUCATION D. Coleman, D. C. I. Goolsby M. Gray ENGLISH C. L. Dancy L. Daniels V. Dent M. Edwards M. Forte A. Gross L. Hancock D. Hicks W. Hildebrand M. Hill T. Hines P. Humphrey Y. Hutchinson H. Pleszynska V. Pratt S. Redmon D. Smith A. Williams, D. C. HOME ECONOMICS S. Bledsole A. Hartunian L. Hoover P. Woods, D. C. INDUSTRIAL ARTS B. Bannatyne F. Hamilton G. Iverson R. Legington J. Lusk, D. C. LANGUAGE B. O'Rei11y Z. Vaque MATHEMATICS B. Alexander E. Deckard W. Gisr F. Hodge R. Hodge V. Lassiter O. Lott H. Matson G. McCallum, D. C, 6 Faculty and Staff R. Mulley G. Newbauer S. Newbauer O. Perez P. Teter P, Vaughn MUSIC D. Backhaus S. Heard Z, Persley, D.C. L. Peterson BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATIOIX J. Fiori, D.C. I. Jackson G. Kim R. Petterson GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION P. Bush, D.C. F. Butler P. Donesley D. Dreier A. Iones SCIENCE F. Alexander, D. C. R. Allison M. Baxter, Health Coordinator F. Gibbs F. Hall H. Sales U. Salisbury R. Travis SPECIAL EDUCATION G. Lancoff J. McGinnis B. White, D. C. SOCIAL STUDIES C. Campfield M. Cangey A. Dyer L. Feistman H. Gibson Z. Herritt R. Higgins W. Hornung W. Huff H. Liberman R. Lum S, Mednick, D. C. J. Moore W. Mullins C. Simpson P. Thomas STAFF E. Johnson G. Hammond A. Holloway A. Uribe D. Batiste G. Laster N. Collins M. Brown E. Smith P. Taylor 2 is I irirsrr F' '- I SCIENCE GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION SPECIAL EDUCATION SOCIAL STUDIES ' 'f fi -,', 2.4 J 5 STAFF MU SIC QQ K . -.fr Y M I X I . A ' in gs- A A X ' . Flii If ' ' I I 1? A rmstrong A shley Bruce Jackson Lewis Sand ers Williams Tack, Security Jones, Security Steele, Professional Expert 8 Custodial Sfdf Left to right: B. Tryon, F. Smith, W. Wilson, T. Polk, E. Shamell, W, Cason, J. Truscott, Houston, I. Hous- IOD. Cafeteria Staff Standing: G. Martin, B. Barnes, J. Rideout, J. Sutton, Kitchen Man, E. Martin, R. Troupe, M. Richards, R. Newman. Sitting. M. Caldwell, Range Cook, R. Johnson, Pastry Cook M. Jackson, V. Stabler, Manager, G. Jones, J. Burton, J. Stabler. Y "jig ft., y A , if Health :salsa if mga: 9 315252 'H-f"' ' 017506 L d iQ+zaggaai B,iil if Q' ' VF, , R 61 e i b , t K K ,Q A K F ,k,,: - I , E K Sf tru Q , I t i e Qi' .gg X , I Q4 L"L Student Aelaieoernent Center ,QiKW"""""W I k Library Service jordan Educational Complex HM Ax NINTH GRADE CLASS Name: "THE BOLD ONES" Colors: Royal Blue and Gold Motto: "TODAY WE ACHIEVE: TOMORROW WE SUCCEED" CLA SS SPONSORS Mr. F. Gibbs, Mrs. M. Hill, Mr. M. Cangey, Mr. P. Vaughn, Mrs. L. Feistman, Second row: Mr. J. Fiori, M. C. Simpson, Mrs. O. Lott, Mr. R. Hodge, Mrs. E. Deckard, Mr. F. Alexander Not shown: Mrs. F. Brown, Mrs. P. Bush, Mrs. E. Kawa saki, Miss D. Dreier, Mr. H Gibson, Mrs. M. Graves, Miss J. Gregorius, Miss F. Hall, Miss A. Hartunian, Mr. T. Hines, Mrs. S. Thompson, Mr. J. Mc- Ginnis, Mrs. U. Salisbury. Class l I Bertha Adams Donald Adams Doris Adams Eartlia A dams Betty A gredano Yvonne Allen Debora Alexander Vivian Alexander Sharon A nderson Ernestine Armstrong Sylvester Anthony Curtis Andrews Jimmy Apodaca Monica Archer Arvan Ashley Cheryl A shley Diana Atkins Juluis Atkins Laurenor Bailey Lettie Bailey Dennis Biddle Richard Baker Darrell Ballard Michael Bankhead Emmett Barnes Esettia Barnes Linda Barrow Andrew Baskerville Gail Bates Keith Battle Ray Bealey Marilyn Beasly Phyllis Beland Betty Bell Engine Bell Deborah Bell Donald Benford Dorothy Beard Bettie Berry Jonny Blair Emory Blanton Mary Bolden Tommie Bolden Diane Bonner Anthony Bownman Darlene Bowman David Bowen Jackyln Beverly Romalis Bougere Sandra Boyd Anthony Brackins Jesse Brandon John Brandon Marilyn Braford Betrice Brent Bettie Brooks Deborah Binder Debra Boswell Joyce Bryan Romeo Brooks Bennisa Brown Deborah Brown Dorthy Brown 'sr A x . s ' mi as I , 1 f ' ' .qqq is x , . ,ff iii 'hx w 11 is W-' 6 , . f v' i A N' J if u '51 - ' ' Q it 3 gy as ,f N.,, P x ,X . Q A V: ::'. k to es s N ' A .x ists s s X .. it A A --rr -- A ' E .. A - .J 231 A Q. X . snr ' f f W ' K 4 hrly 7, W A ..,,., l..., A or . ,ff . ff, . fr - 5 A isst iii A ssstst ' 1' , sri. f '-Q". 'ff As' iilsi A -' E 5 5 ' 1 ag 5 , A s i .,,,. an -11t' i I4 if ".-, y: N . A L: if J y yyss B A r..,t 5 ' f at . V Q 'V .. y A E 4 Ea .tss -A t s We 1 it + ry K t I F K, .. -A 1-' -- is l ,s 1 tst l S - I Diana Browing Keith Brown Reginald Brown Ronnie Brown SUMMER Brown Terrence Brown Vernice Brown William Brown Lesie Caldwell Sherrie Calhoun Charles Callies Juliet Cantrell Elizabeth Camper Aurelia Carlisle Corine Castanon Rickie Crayton Denise Crosby Johnny Castan Vickie Courtney Darlene Crumpton Janie Clark Linda Clausell Andrew Cleveland Gregory Clifford Yvonnie Crafter Michael Crafter Shermanita Craig Marilyn Charles Jadest Charlot Johnny Champion Kenneth Chaney Claude Chatman Robert Collins Gayle Coleman Mashall Coleman Joyce Coleman Charles Coley Jacqueline Cole Reginald Collins Lonny Cole Desiree Cowens Donny Cooper Ronald Cooper Lawrence David Rickey Davis Robert Davis Jackie Davis Cifford Dehughes Frankie Deloney Sabrina Denson Sandra Denson Cynthia Deny Reena Depugh Darlene Dickson Tanja Dinwiddie Debra Dixon Kirk Douglas Larry Downs Susan Duarte Charles Dudley Regina Eddings Sandra Edwards Phyllis Ellis i ': , XXX 0 . .. .,.. , W, , .E . l i l . seeing: zeeizfsai-. - M J Q . - t . DMT i 'be 'ts Maw -av Y . N' , Im. ,F gg, i ' , ,. Qg .-.., .. if if Q 45' 'N up - .-L 1 K , 'a ' , 1 5 ' raw we 3 ,,, K J 1 fhx cf' ef R sw E xx -.rr,, .h Q- irish Ok ,A as X 9 z . Ja... if-r ' lii , K f5' . ' ' TT ' 5 i59'i if siiss -1.---sv -ewes J: :rs : 1 asffifiifs ' ' f 5 F an B agar' J l -mi jun e: - ,-sea s 19' or u Q N' v E! is Y 1 fx gm' 1 sis ' as , K - S. L all J -: - Q Q a bp 'O X isqzlia' 'i s I fa. W s"f:a on 'Q u it Q ee: x zf' - ,S rv ' i f . fx.. s,.... .--1 -. 1.52" r- Vee . 1 1 X ' ' . -2 if - J P ,r Y- Q- ' we ,J s B iil if 1 .., we . Vsjf rsii 1 N it-. iffriiia ' V, ' N Sl J frf fi I J g Q ' ir ' ' bbqb 1 F L, '- .. r ,QA " K E' - 1 A I' of K ' iff-5 -rsss -..i X , ..s, g is 'f - Q rr. J ia? E- " i f R l em e s R B Q J I il 5 t , M ii A A ifii 21 . 1: -,-: ' ' ,'ri K irii ---.' J , ,rays fl K. ' X f .V KJ Z s F E . Q - .f se .11 af- f E R ' f i i i ' R t..., I ' ' lfflyx M it ii Don Ellison Elaine Eiland Denise Embry Mable Erby Leana Evans James Everett Joseph Faison James Farzier Chandra Felder Debra Felder Debra Fields Rhonda Fisher Ronald Fisher Pamela Flake Ronald Fletcher Deborah Fonteno Daniel Frazier Sylvester Gant Margaret Garcia Cynthia Gardner Dennis Gary Deborah Graham Larry Gray Earnest Grayson Shelly Green William Green Frankie Gresham Brenda Gilmore Cobert Gobert Bertha Golden Jacqueline Goodson David Goss Loretha Gossett Charlotte Goynes Kenneth Govan Wendell Guillary Gloria Gutierrez Reginald Gibbs Wilma Grudy Anita Hall Sheela Hall Pamela Hames Ronda Hampton Christi Hammonds Erskin Hancock Reginald Hands Bernice Hankins Belinda Hanzy Pamela Hanzy Tina Hannah Deborah Harris Michelle Harris Ray Harris Richard Harris Robert Harris Willie Harris Gregory Hargrave George Hamper Barbara Harmon Linda Hatter Eddie Haythore Debra Hennry Yvonne Henderson s,,,.,N,R ...., s rafts? mtef ssasaz - ..w -. .rs ,.,,. : wafer J -e '- fat, , K Q E 3:3 F x? his XX if t ' E X at 5 t 2, Q K .. , ' X 59 , gl X 1 rrrp G rrrrr.,y riilrrt :Tl . . 1,1 l Q x 5 1 P ,-: . K r ai . , 'ji,5j , X .' .- 22. f Q N 'X A J it 43' X 1 ., Qsfaisl -.., 4' rf " I Y 'Q 4 Us M A I as 1 il Ex 1 r X .. , x Q R t J als if :en .-,- .... 9 I J at R f 5 Jif Va: g,:. - K rr. 4 sraa ""1- J . ' I pw 5 R 4 of "',3'3gr ',:,,:' A k I f I Available X 1 g.? df 3 P Y at 5 " E - " V, A N l,,,sf' J J x ' Q K X if ik" 1 J LJ ra fs. Rose Hendley Alan Hines James Hines Stella Hines Katherine Hubbard Brenda Huey Renee Hughes Charles Hunt Robert Hunter Freddie Hulsey Cail Hill Carolyn Hill JoAnn Hill Valerie Hodge Cleveland Holbert Marciael Holmes Tommy Holt Janavie Holland Reginald Honore Reuben Howard Jeanie Howell Charles Howard Charles Hopkins Bertha Island Antoinette Jacksol Danny Jackson Gregory Jackson Norma Jackson Oillie Jackson Orlando Jackson Queen Jackson Jerry Jackson Willie Jackson Rodney Jamerson Billie Jefferson Marty Jenkins Renee Jenkins Queensetta Johnson Nancy Johnson Shelia Johnson Carol Jordan Cathy Jordan Debby Jones Debra E. Jones Debra J. Jones Loretta Jones Paul Johnson Bobby Johnson Calvin Johnson Paul Jones Walters Jones Deborah C. Jones Robert Jones Rosemary Jones Veneter Jones Clara King Charise King Melvin Kirkwood Michael Keith Deborah Keith Barbara Kennedy Leola Knott Mary Knox 3, N J , r M m ,., 9' 'S ZWA1 V f 'Vw , sig? 5 ga 1 iv yi fr: ya. , -5 ' 4 4 was WX. A X. J X J in 'x,5XJ , V vie: f J , r gs 2 lea 41 vim ills J W' A is 4 , Q-ai ,L 1 f V. ,lr , ,, R M " 04.1 'N .5 w W .K an gf. ,. Q. V X . O- .. if wry " JL ,,f":" f , .V RN ff 1 4 A . SL Hip We aff, new A F' na gee ,,ss1'ff1 sex: M- Ng egg, rim Ji 3 J,- .,.,- ' I L i 67 Mgjf 4 1 lf 3 Romaine Knox Leona Lacey Sandra Leland Rosslyn Lendsey Diane Lewis Linda Lewis Terry Lewis Patricia Lofton Mattie Lios David Lynch Jeffery Major Timothy Malone Charlie Mangrum Lorraine Manley A gnes Martin Josiah Martin Sammy Maxie Patricia Max Yvonnie May Willie Mays Gary Mays Vincent Mayo Creola McCarthy Janice McClaurin Michael McClaster Bruce McClelland Debra McCray Gloria McDaniel Sandra McDaniel Charlie McDowell Geneva Mack Betty McGill Edythe McGowan Janice McGuirk Steven Mclwlaryion Emory Medlock Angelia Mills Thelma Miles Wanda Miles Wanda Millender Angellene Miller Anthony Miller Billie Miller Shirly Miller James Miller Larry Mitchell Stacy Morgan Martha Moriel Clim Moore Joannie Moore Roslyn Moore Bernice Morris Michael Moore Jeffery Mozeke Sammie Murphrey Gwendolyn Muldrow Danny Murry Dennis Myers Wesley Nealon Albert Nelson James Nelson Marsha Nero Valerie Oillson LN 5. f A.. 'E' K fi B was " ' , ' . 'Ti .-sf.. N .....: ---Y, . ,g. 'Y' J it W .X ,ik X1 . 'T' is .. .4 ig QPF oft 'n .. Qifii.. , , f N 'liz I X Q 0 A Tm. D iffreif' it xr, Q.. W fx' . . . ..::. F- . , W -use sssi Hu -e ,m,., - N L J a N"' f a A Q k" 'T' ilif .. ' -J ,gg ,,,. 1 A ,, 1' 4 NX X ' gihrli 43 is M.. , 1 I .. b U Q H Q m i . ..,, . s tf, V , 1 .. -' .V il t 7 ,Q ' 1,.. ' I K '... ,.iL A .,: A ':.. 4 . VW., K . T K ig: K' ky . is .sf S , 5 - ts. sl ' +1-sf.-ss Abvby L 4 . ' f ,K"" v ' L ' i., ei, -4 tw. in ' H ' ' ge? ,fif- ' ' . ' - 1 'P Q' .,-' ... " 5 -'J rg W... a f . V i A A 'L A if T 'NY f 5' wr -'.,: 5 .,:.a x J sstts J 12 L J ssi. risi A ' A We ' iv ' xx an-LI ..1: -K ,xt f. K W'-'rr is A A s., sf tt ' , . Q L grr Wfjsff .' X N . A J' ir- W' Z A ' N S ssr A s P in fa lsif J ff J .ssf ini s'i L W . . . Nix . , 5 , gy f. ' Q 3, :lla kb", Q I f W 'V . ' A , I5 Darnell Oliver Cipriano Ortega Clarencee Otis Wayne Owens Adriene Page Arthur Parker Billie Parker Ezell Parker Javance Parker Vivian Parker Diana Paxton Jonnie Peoples Delores Peoples Lionel Peters Sherel Peter Christine Perkins Pasty Perry Betty Prescot Helene Phillips Debra Phillip Sherrell Pickens Jackie Pickens David Pompey Debra Pope Victoria Porter Jesse Powell Judy Powell Cheryl Ragsdale Kathleen Randle William Randall Burt Rankins James Racker Alvin Redmond Deborah Rich Hubert Richerson Peter Riley Darrell Rhodes Marlene Robinson John Robinson Johnny Robinson Oliver Roberts Keenan Robinson Mona Robertson Brenda Rochelle Leve Ross Yvette Ross Clomen Roy Carl Sams Rashell Sanders Alphonso Sanford Vera Sample Sharon Saxton George Scott Roslyn Scott Sabrina Scott Linda Sf urlock Tony Segrest Clarence Sellers Brenda Sims Sarah Sims Alonzo Simmons Michael Simon Jacqueline Simmons fi V 2: if is s -sf ,J . xg 5 "i es lx fi 5 . 1- J ' H -:L l as 1 f 1 is : Q - .s he QR. Q ttt 3 wi, I .1 -Q ff- .. an .EEA - lfli YP as gr Q X it X 2 x an ' we ff ,- 'iv' , X X . if , ,A frm .ag ' i 5 :lnff SW .- . . il! xii ,.... -i .t.1 SIN is or X W9 r , , iiiii J S t.. - Q, V 1 f R ,t-' S of fl KAL: X J r is R 1 tt ui . t 'L s rsv qt t- .4145 : Q. 35 ' v . isis? X SQ' 6' A.: 1 wk xi 3 s f r S s, 's --s 1 :st ki pf S .DQ 1 . if ,. C X fu X' J, 4 . is , I film 'if , , -it 5 W? 35' 3 P , x S M Q -i i ,z Lavon Simpson Sammie Shaw Sharonette Shelton Cathryn Shivers Sabrina Shine Rosemary Shivers Marshal Shorter Carolyn Smith Nathaniel Smith Reginald Smith Ricky Smith Thersa Smith Sylvia Soils Brenda Sorrells Debra Sparks Diana Spicer James Sylvers Sharon Spratt Herman Starks Jesse Stringfellow Claudia Stevenson Sharon Stewart Winston St. Julian Donald Strange Verna Speights Willie Sullivan James Sylvers Fred Tanner Debra Tate Esther Teele Allen Thomas Cathy Thomas Esther Thomas Harold Thomas David Thompson Julia Thompson Jacqueline Thompson Clarice Truss Donald Todd Betty Torrence Cynthia Tolliver Reginald Tyler Bessie Taylor Clarence Taylor Gary Taylor Rateysh Taylor James Tramumel Ricky Tucker Eddie Tunstall Nancy Turner Patricia Turner Dwayne Veals Anjetta Venters Vada Washington Ricky Washington Robert Washington Warren Washington Betty Mabry Lennie Walker Randy Walters Valerie Walters Nanette Walker Harvey Waller Jr. MA ' ' , "' an J 11" 5 xr had it SFX ' al. nip J sa KW gQw+h Qi .gas 'G Kr 'wr . .xv -ff i. TSI fi' 'K 4 Picture Noi' Available in ,.,-1'i5?fT'f'4 ' ' ' 4 , " ,H If A, , b I -1, .N .Q R x il. if R+ f , gi ,, ,. Qfmmii -MXY tawwwwm' 5 4Q?fw igr ff S 1 N J "vt J7 Vinetta Waller Carmen Ward Debra Ward Patricia Ward Arlene Warmack Diane Webb Deborah Welch Doris West Earl White Dwayne Wilbert Vernell Wilbert Harvey Wiley Elaine Williams A lice Wilson Ernestine Wilson Mary Wilson Alvin Williams Arnice Williams Charlene Williams Cheryl Williams Danny Williams Gertis Williams Speneetta Williams Rita Williams Debra Wright Larry Woods Michelle Womack Stephen Williams Tanja Williams James lVllIlDCl'ly Cathy Willis Kirk Wilson Cosette Wilson Norman Willis Priscilla Wilson Willie Williams Ernest Wilson Dennis Wingfield Charles Young Debra Youngblood Janet Young Ora Young Shaw Young Deborah Brown Darlene Broussard Diana Brisby John Burdette Vanessa Burns Donald Burries Lorena Burton Clifford De Hughes Connie Gunter Emory Medlock David Pompey Ella Bell Faison Portia Cooper Ronald .. .. 4 r LP -il! tx '. x l J J 37 E 1 N A 31552-sewn: sig- 1, - r fa X 1 1 J Y E KY :. ' tis?-'--' , ' i.'i , ' liftlif ' i H - iik .,:: gf-sig ogg Y ' . ss- s vi . .as - . f K... -,j ul. . .. ,i . ,... lg: iik i .,,.. . ig S trtsi lee 'E ' "' ' . H in ? .s.. mt V J s- 5 . i if V P -, xr , xx 'xx.....a . , air' J J 3 A a :Elie-QE 5 .. ' 5 ' ' J ,ZX if!! N K as " an X s X fr X f A A 1 .Eg E J X' Ns g J , JN as ' - zz QA as , fix, I 3' so X Y es 'R i n i: X xkki gg ii X EX - , N ' i ,-Q' 'ESF is ' . L Leg. r, 'L' c 3 E Cleanroom Hezppenzngf f f e. A Q A , 2 f 'e R eezefmg Maebme Science I ncizwtrzez! Crafty Imtmmenm! Mzuzc Computer Math Sewmg EDWIN MARKHAM by Arthur Wilson, Managing Editor of the MARKSMAN, November, 1962 On a day in Oregon City in 1852, Was born a famous man. Can you guess who? His name was' Edwin Markham, a poet to be, He proved by his poems, still in books we read. Besides being a poet, a lecturer he was too. He moved to California, where he taught school. Edwin Markham was also a Superintendent of Schools, Where he encouraged education, for people like me and you. He got the most recognition for his poem, "The Man With the Hoe", Which was dedicated to the working man, as we all know. Edwin Markham died in 1940, a famous poet was he. He made many contributions to his country. So when you read books, and if you're a poetry fan, For some of the best poems, Edwin Markham is the man. M emombilia Six Semesters of perfect attendance Sharon Dent 5'69 wud' ,,,,vt. 5 149' 5 1 1 i STUDENT TEACHERS CBoys Week - May 19583 Councilman Thomas PTA Bradley Can and Drive Mr. Margolis A WA RD S I NIGHT 5 1 " ,4 A 1 SMILE OF THE YEAR WINNERS N za rr ' Jaffa j, w XM, W ,....,. X s X Q A2 Y RAIN RAI ze, summu v W li OUTWITTED He drew a circle that shut me out Heretic, rebel, a thing to flount. But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in!' Edwin Markham Spilva Adams Randolph Adams Timothy A chkles Ethel Albritton Loretta Allen Margaret Anderson Donald Anderson Donald Anderson Cy retta Anthony Sharon Andrews Teri Arthur Yvonne Ashnry Doris Bariley Anthony Baker Bobbie Baker LaDonna Baker Gary Barncr Emma Barriers Gerald Barnett Chester Barror lxlarilyn Bcseomb lean Baskerville Sharon Battle Janet Beasley Beverly Beaver Emery Beekles Eloise Bell Joyce Benson Dearrry Berry Katherine Berry Shirley Berry Rhonda Bess Karen Blankenship Sammy Bonilla leanetta Booker Joseph Boykins Frederick Boyce Micheal Braxdon Janice Branthey Ralph Breedlove Phyllis Broach Carolyn Brooks Robin Brousord Dolores Brown Dwaine Brown Geraldine Brown James Brown Larece Brown Mary Brown Mary Brown Pamela Brown Ricky Brown Roosevelt Brown Sherman Brown Gregory Bryant Shirley Bryant Bruce Buckly Marilyn Buckley Diane Bnneh Andrew Bnrgc Sheena Bnrns Gayla Bnrron Dolores By ers Gwendolyn Byrd lrma Camarena Belinda Camper Lula Candler Lionel Carey Brian Carter Denise Carter Nathaniel Carter Phillip Carter Gerri Carson Bryant Charles Debra Chatman Mark Clemons Winnie Clifford Patricia Cole Gregory Cooper Brenda Cox Gerald Cox we-J Eighth Gmde 4 gy 2 Y K M Q J A J Y . Q X55 .".'!l' ggi. ' -6 v J JJ.. A :JJ rf? . sa: J W 1 J 'Q ew: F A- A 1 s.kV . h t -s J ttttt f - ' - if 1 1-s' t'1- . -slits- Ii A tt,t t J, i ' - A S . K Q .5 X xg: x Q-. :N -P B Lxkk 'Gil' I -57' L- Q ' it -sk V -A P N Q5 2' J ...- - W .- ' sgr- "' " V Liffit. Y- . Y - ' . N " 'fi 3 xii Ri 3 I tsts 'B 3, s . 255 ,JV Eg!! 3, 1, , 'S' J J' A K A jg? J. r ,, f , s,or 1 6- s J i hyby is A 2 x -kk JW? E - mr-: " s J A . Q I K it .tt,,, J. J N V t .W 't'- i J . so A . ii rar fi? R. J ,sf 0 W--2 ' A ,Joi A 5 J f J sll Fla "ti1'sll'rr11arl f b .ll' h r1s" s 1 1 i ' . ' ' 'rar' -,sf J s A 'X .wi XM av' MJ J X J l y ,F e' 'J 1 ' 'R A X a t .J K' siiy 5 J y ly R ,b r K Q XY f ' JJ 5 t ' fr--Q 's J J J J j s J it it A 'QE JJ 'BEE Va? J . tr' "' " ' 2 ,r, ' J is s .J ' X x J Q A rro A .IJ LJ at Q an at Q Q y yrss 5.311 'aft it gigs? gg 3 J si " J' J J ss f if JJ ' W' 'T J i " "" f--:QL . ,.L . 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'A r " li Y P641-' ' ' 1 K N , - 3 J, , J2 'fp , J --fr, lr 'B' sssrt sa W J Regina Cox Andrena Craig Dehra Crase Vondcll Cromwell Gary Crosby Jessie Crosby Sharon Cummings Beecher Curtis Barbara Dax is Christina Davis Harvey Davis Linda Davis Ramona Davis Lynette Dehnarn Terry Dent lilorcnee Doolittle lirie Dorton Rohhie Douglas Clarence Dukes Linda Duncan Gwendolyn Durrant Jacqueline Edgar Garvin Edmondson Willie Egans Otis Elzy Rita Embry Linda Evans Beverly Evans Debra Evans Sandra Farris Larry Fields Yielrie Flagg Roy llendy Phillip Ford lireddre Frazier Juanita Frcelin Yvonne Gaines Llarrlyn Gallagaer Christina Gardner Sandra Gntexvoed Linda Gatlin Nita Gatin Diane Gibbs Rhonda Gillespie Stir-lla Glen Yerdel Glox er Dt-siree Graham Danny Gray lfredriek Green Lucretia Green Stephanie Green Selma Gregory Minnie Griffin Anita Grady Wayne Guillary David Gutierrez Berry Harnrnoek Yvonne Hampton Willie Marie Haney Dwight Hanzy l-'rank Harris Google Harris Loretta Harris Xlary Harris lfrank Harmon Rickey Harney Dehrn Haynes Janice Haynes Marilyn Heads Kenneth l-lendelgon Melvin Henderson Pamela Henderson Sharon Henderson William Henderson Calvin Hendricks Timothy Hinpy Alvin Henry Janie Henry Frank Herron Danny Hensley gr 5 5 ti' ty . af 49-ik' 3' 1' as , . . 3 ull 4 if 1 as ,V S W V , V' X -I I , 4 il? sis 4 k , HK i 2 'L 11-1--,W N 3 aj md ,Qgjf 1. vgw s W Q F 4,5 fn ' ? .1 zikit . 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Fl 1,-f , , I J vt E-as If LY -if 5 x I V' 3 vxwi., e Ac 'Eli Y . , 'E' Glenn Hester Beryl Hightower Penny Hickey Carol Hill Mildred Hillord Lola Holbcrt Diane Holly Anthony llolnies Diane llonn Malcolm llokard Stephanie llndson La'l'anya llnlilinrd hliehcal Hughes Micheal linghes Micheal llnnt James llnntcr Debra Hurt Charles Jackson Howard Jackson Howard Jackson Lynell Jackson Ray Jackson Richard Jackson Ronald Jackson Timol Jenkins Tony Jefferson Freddie James Barbara Johnson Brenda Johnson Darrell Johnson Diane Johnson Hazel Johnson Jcneice Johnson John Johnson Nina Johnson Toni Johnson Charles Lopes Derrel Jones Diane Jones Jackie Jones Joan Jones Kenneth Jones Lavera Jones Micheal Jones Ronald Jones Rosie Jones Cosettie Jordan Denise Jordan Cheryl Joseph Stephanie JyC1S Cherry Lee Kennedy Delores King Tanya King Victor King Coley Knight Franklin Knight Clifton Knox Desirie Knox Jackie Knox F lorestine Labeaud Marsha Lacy Gregory Langston Anise Lavan Janice Leland Dock Lewis Sterling Lewis Gerald Logan Herman Lolenian Carol Lupoc Doreana Lyle lxlary Lynion Kevin Lynch Gwendolyn Mabon Karen Magee Andrew lxlanimon Jerry Maris Sharon lxlassey Gwendolyn Matlock Joanna Matthews Eric Nay , V 4 ' st. .D J., yy g J 2. 4 Jlld .4 it J .Ex a is - iiiflf J f rl"srs J sye J J , is ' JL' in gyirrr W, Ak ji' S . 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Diana- lxlaye Dwight Xlilyll Eddlt- Haj. field Daxid fCcCall Jessie klcClinton Willie YvlCDaCle George Mcllonald Shclia Llcllonald John fait-iiniglrt James XieOaatcr Rolvvrl Mellon Paul Xlutoya r Clirislnry ffilfcs Cxrithia Yilts I-rlarj, ffrlcs Brenda hlillcr linda F. ills lcancna I-.lills Lionel llills Barhara Milford Gail Fxlonion Dehhic Montgomery Barhara Moore Cheryl Moore Lanralcasc Bloort Linda Moore Yvonne Moore Loretta Morgan- Jocclyn kloricl Rodney Morris LaDonna Mosely Allen Moses Mark My-:rs Layman Myles Amelia Mnrry Victoria Ixlurry Carolyn Nccly Victor Nix Willie Norris Yolanda Norwood Dchra Otis 'l'lro1n.lsOrLtga Yelanette Patterson Gregory Paulk hicrdim Parker John Partner Dt-Fira Payne .lantcs Paine Dchra Person Dchra Peoples Elisha Peoples Gail Phelps Brenda Phillips Earl Phillips Gladys Phillips llarriclrc Pinson lcarzrmr Pizalnns Yrctvria Pittman Cllristuprzr Pleasant Diane Palos Garry Poll: Rosa-tra Polls Cornnr' Pompey Dchra Porrcr Derrivl: Powns lirncsi Preston Wilhu Pruitt Alan plll'Yli Willic Quinn linnny Range Donald Rather Russell Rawls jlarrha Ilayford linnnit' Recd Ellis Rucding Sannml Reese Debra Nelson Allen Rhone David Rhodes Cherthy Richards 4. 1. A Q s :rr it . .aaa - .rf :Pit fggi . . V - r '- ' L . gl .l 7' S 1 Tl T.: fd M5 325 lsl W iii 6 ikk llst 2 rarll s. . .P X QNQQ ky an . S-- qv l al - z ..ra1 wk I 'i-i .i"itM 5 ii.. ., .k.s. x sr a'r-- . S5555 E? EF. Y gf 51. 7-..4 .V 451: 1, . . , s g e 55 x x Rrar sffiaj.sfve.22f2z ii- 2 S? r f7Qg wan? ,A l.:l aw 'V V f' 1 ivy hge, K X N R ig ESQ Q . ' A rs? is Ss Q.. Sgr :,, . S 5 v ivlf ll , aa sw :--: Q 1. is X, E E s if a 58 .. -wg A QE ,-gas. wo' K1 .K R C' .. he NN S ,ii ii 5 4 FW and P Q P . . Qg ..'.. . A .nrlii 555 sr 1 ' il X a ll ,Xl Mix 1 rr la lr or in we Vanessa Richardson Donald Risper Jana Roberts Rickey Roberts Larry Roberts Linda Roberson Wanda Roberson Althea Robinson Antainette Robinson Cheryl Robinson Jaequelyn Rogers Julia Robinson Kathy Robinson Soncerca Robinson Elizabeth Rochelle Stephen Rochelle Iaeqnclyn Rogers Wanner Rugley Kenneth Samilton Anita Sampson Lionel Samuel Sandy Samuel Dianne Savage LaTanya Seott Nora Sheppard Regina Shirley Arlene Shorter Kennith Sugars Demerris Simmons Charles Simms Stephen Simms Gerald Smith Janet Smith Kay Smith Ixlargrct Smith Micheal Smith Tommie Smith Tony Smith Veronica Smith Jacqueline Sneed Walter Sorrell Cynthia Sparks Georgia Speed Cynthia Spencer Teddy Stafford Eric Stanley Dewitt Stevenson Robert Streator Denita Streets Roberta Sutton Kim Swafford Charlene Tate Doreen Taylor Jerry Thomas John Thomas Melvin Thomas Ora Thomas Phyllis Thomas Yolanda Thomas Helen Thornton Marilyn Thomplrins Robert Thompson David Timberlake Debra Tippins Cheryl Todd Earl Torrence Larry Townsend Thomas Townsend Valaric Trammell Garry Trztylor Floyd Tryon Donald 'l'uclrer Pamela Tueher Kenneth Vanhorn Nlartha Yasques Johnny Waherx Ronnie Wallace Judy Waller Arlene Walker . , -,,-' ff' rotr T lr W' 553: .V ft,? ga Q y f T vig, S-A25 .f , I " yr, 'P -, I Piclure , 5 V' Noi 7 W 2596 Available w A.. 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As, k,.1,,,, Q, V , Q. 1, 5 , . ff-Q -V -- . , 1 2 1 1 - 1 ' J . ,mm,,,, , O1fclJe5z'm 3 NJ. ' 5 ' Wk 'Ml W" K My - LM' 62,3 !4v,"1e,, 1 . E121 V , , w,.Nl53--- Wff--- fff- , 'KK' 1 A U 'rjyiyw QW J , yew .ffl , wir H-- L' V? 1 " 2 -,-' 2 ' f , WN" 'Eff -1 " J f 5 5 L . h J 123 A ,W ff 5 3 2 ' ' f -,- ,.., ,uf My 9 , -H . Wim . . V' I ' fy , H ,,,, x ' ,L b ' K' -, 5 .. " K RS " "' NH ,Q ' Z 1 ,,,, A, .f' ,! p4.f ,f ,, L wk ' - ' ' , V f wwf , -- 'Q K ,fffff I. r 1 f' "" f A kk.. , . ., , ,, ,,,, ...1A. ,,ll,, l,,.Lf1'Q"' .xI, , .,,2Zl,l,,1,, Qlgil, . ..,,.. ,, ,.lL,flLLllQ:,1. ilia. .,,: 117,i l,f,,, LL1ll,flLLt,, tz- , ,,,L11 , , , ,,,, 1 Q :1:2,1,,1 ,,,,,,:, , zlL,,,l,,1,,1,,iLQQg11Q,. ,lLL ,, ' E -1.71 f'5-5'-3551 2' 4 M' W zl.w1le4faalfQes '11143' aaefwa ' L. .,,. :ix 2 'T 1iiI35':1.i25 " fl - K BX ..Aa 3-U I . fm- f 2' ,z '. .?,. - ' "M fif.sf'? X ?Q-B ---- F-. ' -.,. Q . .. 5522 02 x b ex 'efisigifki . ' 5gq1ggf,Qfy,M,,ggi, Wg:ma:5gfssfseissssszzssazifzszfs' wvvssvwkfisf VKLL W af 31 Q-am ,-1-.-1, KD G-l CY! OD x-4 Z3 O 5x es a-knocking at ITI C0 When Duty depart only to come once more He will And bring seven other duties to your door. Edwin Markham , Poet Sqzmfettey Z1"6.S' Sqn .Y 6712266 O72 ZZ 6l7'ZZZ6l V8 "For all your days prepare, and meet them ever alike: When you are the anvil, bear-When you are the hammer, strike K n i 8 lo Z .Y d 11677 Cafe Store uclem' N C4 ren Room dc! Public A 1!1'!F??W'f' BB' ' in H ofteffey F' Casbzem . 1., :www ,Yiwu 1 7, we 'f '31 , Wa :W fm, i . v x.,,, . I sf, J, LM yu: ., K e . f- .1 ',,:.L' h , , .,. L x Q 1 'lllllli th : x . - E f i g X E 2 1 5 Y 1 2 MWMN ,.,,,,,..N MMWM. .- L , ,. 'Wir-mi ' , - ,, . , '.-',- ,'v'1'- F,,,.,-.usullI'l"" 61 1' 61 8 0 72 5 il? 9 E SX x 'Sf . .. Q 9' . ' ..: .QQQ T K Q., S U X +3 x mg. gax I Q! f X is iv W? Y . as is ,X Q X X ' -RFQ M fs , 3 Q Mx. ' '-...f..f- WK -if Q ' we WI! Q Q ., , - Elf Q M- Q' D i cl c 0 n i cz n 5 six N d 6 3 n l az Z i Q 0 n J v Selected Poems 0fEdwin Markham To Ninth Graders THEY WAIT FOR YOU Look not O'friend, withlunavailing tears Into the past-look to the brave young years! Look to the F uture: all is there in wait All that you fought for by the broken gate- The faith that faltered and the hope that fell, The song that died into a lonely knell. T0 Eighth Graders MA N MA KING ' We all are blind until we see That in the human plan Nothing is worth the making if It does not make the man lt is all there-the love that went astray With bitter cries on that remembered dayg The joys that were so needed by the heart, And all the tender dreams you saw depart. Nothing is lost forever that the soul Cried out for all is waiting at the goal. Why build these cities glorious In man vain we build the world, unless ' The builder also grows. To Seventh Graders THE LA ST FURROW The spirit of Earth, with still restoring hands Mid ruins moves in glimmering chasm gropes And mose mantle and the bright flower open: But death the Ploughman wanders in all lands And to the last of Earth his furrow stands. The grave is never hidden, fearful hopes Follow the dead upon the fading slopes, And there wild memories meet upon the sand. ,ro 5 L mv.. -w-,..-...-,-,,,,,,,, W, , J Petra Acosta Julie Adams Betty Adams Lafiehera Alexander Aurlia Alikhan Shirley Allen Stephnie Allen Rosie Alston Charles A nderson Darryl A nderson Cynthia Andrews Barbara Anthony Francine Armstrong Louie Ash Vernon Asbury Elander Ashley Antoine Atkins Melvin Austin Gilda Buckley Aefredia Bailey Dwayne Banks Calvin Baker Bernita Baldwin Darius Ballard Winnifred Blackman Timithy Blackwell Angie Blanton Carlos Blanton Sheila Blake Joyce Bardwell Marion Barker Larry Baker Billy Barsey Erastus Bastick Annette Baszile Deborah Bates Patricia Battle Ronald Battles Dana Beasley Sharon Backles Carolyn Bell Eddie Bell Edna Bell Janice Benford Cynthia Bentley Ernest Bentley Gregory Bernard Jacqueline Bell Perene Bennett Debra Biddle Georia Biggers Donald Bilbrea Willie Birden Firman Bingham Carol Blanch Clem Breedlove Barabara Brewster Zenovia Brim Barabara Brown Emory Brown Frank Brown Jeanett Borchett Rita Botts Herb Botts Mary Bowman aes' tw, Seventh Gmcfe .. X it t ..., ,.,..t., . , . J W X ttt , A Q 1. 3 . t . A """ Q ",, i 'CQ A ' L. ' fs' ' . -4 ' N' Q Q ttst, H L --t tt,r t . t'.i f ii"i Q B A N ii A - "'Q. ' . sa A r t E --'. ,V - , X . , I it , , Ari r 13? . .QQ 'L Q . J , J as "ti wg: J ii '- "'i B' " f H 7 i"f1"1'f ri I A 'SQ' X 'fa it at ' it - a" 'W' ' ' ' ' A J' A l f , ' Y' ' ' Y? - A . 'i Q Q 'ddd Q Qi- ,Q , k-:W Q it L - A ,, 5 . , Q FII QQ- R Xl, iw B ' is QF! I A Lk R J .F X' Ji J .., it 'l c't" f ,sss J M srsst ' ' l J ' i':' ' K ' ' , K-Q I . N B , ' K 4' 5 x ""-'.f Ifg : ,, IIW iw Q Q at J, ' A dd 4 A ..- L g, A Pai? 1 his -L Vg-'lf "?"fs sf' if X J 1 N . to X H Vg g ,st J' 'sl I '. I Q ,I3'f-ti X' wx X nxql 5, in . Q , G ..,, r.ssrtrsr A ' ' -lik J'ii fi .,,.. 22" 1 ' 1 ggi Q. Q, .,,,. P , , s -ir. fi .2 ' s 1 ,, tis, Q " If . .'f:f.1f,'a'f-',"J?f X li A N1 bs I egg Q A t 'qi L Q ii? J . iliiii use J. T, ii ' ts Xtiax L , A ' "" r.t ' .. J , :Q x ' ,,,:.,,,,.. Egi Eyggiy N ., t ' - gig! is 1 'af af R , ,ik rv if . if Q 5 f ssii L -5 'R'-F75 , ' W x A X .Q R - Q , fg V ' if :wx " X-It -N . Q L ?x. Fl , S'- K i - K .ft t, -an vase :Ai X 1 Q, . f ig: xg, , af' 3 Page A " if K :fa ff' . so K aaa. ai Addie Buckley Regina Burns James Burns Iverson Bunn Wayathinia Bunn Beverly Byrd Eugene Byrd Angela Carter Francis Carter Ronald Carter Virginia Carter Lola Craven Donna Crockett Sandra Crumpenstine Gloria Crumpton Stephanie Campbell Erin Cassius Gregory Castanon Sheryl Castlerry Mary Champion Ronald Champion Lawton Chaney Raymond Chatman Theron Chiles Loretta Clark Emmanuel Clayton Leonard Clifford Rhonda Cole Barbara Collier Bobby Collier Miranda Conston Arthur Courtney Denise Cox Karen Cummings Sheldon Curry Brenda Davis Morris Davis Rebecca Davis Sophia Davis Steven Davis Yvonne Davis Tanja Degrate Joyce Deloney Howard Dent Joseph Biggs Calvin Divinity Gary Dorton Gail Douglas Keith Douglas Derella Dotson Kathey Dread Broderick Drew Randy Drinkard Cynthia Edgar Clydie Edwards Shirley Edwards Georgie Ellis Sheryl Ellis Lillie Elzy Kenneth Esters Terry Estrada Ladora A. Faison Donnie Farley Mershillia Felder Pernice Fentress 41 Carna Field Fay Finley Evelyn Fisher Carol Flasg Robert Flager Malinda Flemions Marie Flenoy Paulette Floyd Kevin Frazier Essie Franklin Karl Franklin Sharon Frazier Shirley Frederick Monica Furlow Thayer Fitzgerald Joyce Fitzpatrick Shundra Gales David Garror Van Gaillory Michael Gaines Forest Gibson Bartholomew Gilliam Llewellyn Gilliam Ronnie Gipson Curtis Gassoway Michael Givan Lios Gresham Derek Grimes Robert Griffith Thyra Griffin Tanya Griffin Paulette Grider Roosevelt Green Oceal Green Natt Green Fountain Green Broderick Green Amos Greenwood Gary Grant A lice Green Besteria Grady Dietris Graham Belinda Gtays Vlywell Gray Fred Glaster Sherida Glaster Yvonne Glover Sandra Glbert Denise Golden Bobby Han David Hamilton David Hamilton Rodney Hamilton Gregoty Hanzy Leothas Hannah Vernice Hancox Patricia Hany Ale Harris Beverly Hargrave Bruce Harris Dollie Harris Gwendoyn Harris Marshall Harris Howard Harvey Stacy Henver A2 fi A ' NX M F W as sssis A A xx JR ss t J i I J J JF, i tttt J, if 2 e--:LF F -f sr f S ,F RX S gFF .ttl F' - 1 ' f A ll 1 5 . iii J A J F yytt F F F sf Q A s edrst J- A ' A F F A F J --.' Jw A it - , F F i t J iiii FFF.Fst g g Q ' J FF F FF F F Q J g g F if F FFFFFF F 1 FF R Ft.. FF NFF I ,L:.FFL ttsl 'F JF 1 F- 1 'K - Fiii F F.Q- fff J Yr N .F 1' ,FFF.F J ysvF J F.l F F rF Fs F iioct se- - F F F S F' F rm x:FF 1 -uzz A s ssss F f', if F J ' F ' "'-: 22- F3 J I rsl as F rlit V . osse - if "'f FFF F " f F ..F... 131 F F J i' F F F FFYF K F NLL: ' "11 A 'i' F EEL FFF- zfF-x -i-iw ffiff: A F FFFFFF FF FQF FasF I s s A FFFF FFFF FFFF L V FFF '::,, KF F F F - "F- 1 V sa1F A iiii J T olFF 1 is i is ss - 1- 2:51 F if - " -is ' F F F J F FFif F A J ii F H F :F F Fii ' if iiif S FFF F FF F S F K iff? FF A F, F if ttss J g Willie Haskin Betty Hasley Cheryl Hatter Rendu Hawkins Sally Hawkins Barbara Hawthorne Charlene Hayes Denise Henderson Kenneth Henderson Mark Henderson Patricia Herron Helen Hill Jimmie Hill Marilyn Hill Richard Hill Steven Hines William Hines William Hines Elaine Hines Dannie Hoard Denise Hobbs Gwendolyn Hogan Ana Hortada Eare Holt Bobby Holbert Michael Holloway Sheila Humphrey Donald Hunter Randy Howard Richard Howard Belinda Jackson Benjamin Jackson Floyd Jackson Howard Jackson Lawerence Jackson Marilyn Jackson Jeriel Jacobs Jason Jardell Aiva Jeter Marcel Jeter Anthony Jones Casey Jones Dessie Jones Diana Jones Geneva Jones Mary Jones Maxine Jones Rochell Jones Juanita Jones Runita Johnson Samuel Johnson Ben Johnson Debra Johnson Dexter Johnson Gary Johnson J. B. Johnson Nathaniel Johnson Regina Johnson Ricky Johnson Ricky Johnson Thomas Johnson F erne Keith Cheryle Kennedy Cheryle King Vincent LaBauve Gwendolyn Lacy Lfrank Lambkins Georgianna Lambkins Andre Landrum Connie Lee 'Ronald Lee Coleen Lewis ebra Lewis iane Lewis orothy Lewis anice Lewis IKayvon Lewis Lee Lewis oleta Lewis A amela Lewis Sharon Lewis Thelma Lewis Versalle Lewis IPhehan Little 'David Lockhart Jacqueline Lofton Theresa Lofton Michael Lones eborah Long obby Love Pebria Luchier Wyait Lyons Vera Mabon Anthony Mack Isabel Magdaleno Elaine Malone Millburn Morris en Martin ebra Martin enise Martin Gail Martin Charles Mason Joseph Mays Michael Mazes Frances McCall Georgia McCul1ouch Johnnie McClaurin Gus McCoy Tana McCoy James McDonald Cathy McGlothen Broderick McGraw Rita McGrew Terry McKinney Vanessa McLaurin Bobby McMiller Linda Moore Steven Moore Don Mukes Janis Murphy Leasie Murry Roy Myers Denise Nanning Patrick Newman ' Robert Noble Sandra Oatlin Stanley Oliver Jerry Owens lDebra Parker Svlyester Parker 3 as ,Ea t g K N F ' X, A gif J: z .nss Q if J if Q GG GGG J " A 'C Y' ' r , , J 1 ' A A b , ,Je I 4 ig? 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A .. 1 H g-'fig ,, ' J J U 4':- Q Q John Pentecost Pamela Peoples Debra Pererson Wilbert Perry Richard Pexton Roosevelt Perkins Ann Phillips Erwin Piper Jeff Pierce Lorraine Pinkard Keith Pipkins Rudolph Pittman Curtis Plain McKinley Prear Leonard Price Pamela Powns Beverly Purnell Evelyn Quarker Joseph Ragsdale Frederick Rainey Richard Rankin Alma Ray Lawana Reed Linda Reed Shirley Reed Mark Rhone Reginald Rich Wilbert Richardson Willie Richard Ray Richie Retinya Ridgell Gerald Riley Linda Riley Elfreida Rivers Robert Rocha Anthony Robertson Irving Robertson Keith Robertson Cynthia Robinson Debra Robinson 1 Desiree Robinson W Felicia Robinson 1 Karen Robinson Robert Robinson Q David Roberts Cheryl Rogers Adina Ross Jessie Ross W Eva Rvelas Lydia Sams Virginia Saucedo Robert Sanchez Gary Samford W Robert Sanchez Christopher Sanders ' Barbara Sandifer 1 Vanita Scott J Ronald Sherman J James Sneed Delores Scott R Thereasa Scurlock ' Gregory Shallowhorn Judith Shallowhorn Ronald Sherman Anthony Shepherd 43 Robin Sherrel Dorie Sims Glenda Sims Lamar Sims Steven Sims Joyce Small Byron Smith Dezie Smith Ester Smith Gene Smith Gloria Smith Judy Smith Larry Soils Tony Speed Willie Speed Debra Spratt Ruth Stewart Dave Sonier Venus Sotton Mark Tate Gary Taylor Tina Taylor Olivia Tyler 1. 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Washington Gregory Waters Henry Walter Christine Wattree Debra Watkins Richard Watkins Alicia Walker Christine Walker Leon Walker Oneeva Waiters Sylvester Webb Jesse Webbia Denise Wheeler Bernard White Eddie White Michael White Latrell Whitehead Robert Willis Debbie Wiley Danny Wilford Denise Wheeler Billy Wingfield Shirley Winston Annette Williams Brenda William Debra Williams Elisha William Frances William Laymond William Meridious Williams Yolanda William Mary Wilson Sharon Wilson Lileta Wilson Robert Wimley Alexander Woods Debria Washington Clarence Woods Josephine Mays Archie Miles Carol Miles Darlene Milton Ola Mills Dorothy -Miller Eugene Miller Shelly Miller Frank Henderson Patricia Herron Rebie Herron Betty Jackson Donna Johnson Michael Merritt Antonio Medina Vincent Mereadel Salvador Mesha Paul Miskell Alphonse Mitchell Julie Mitchell Melvin Mitchell Sandra Mitchell Renorldo Nixon Drone Moore Elvia Moore , ' ss, I ' f N ff k'k, . 2 ix, V NX I , fail! 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I ' k,k,,. .1 , ww ll STUDENT BODY OFFICERS, Fall 1969 Orlando Jackson, Boys Vice Presidentg Angellene Miller, Girls Vice Presidentg Robert Davis, Presidentg Arlene War- mack, General Vice Presidentg Doris West, Health and Safety Commissionerg Michael Hughes, Historiang Diane Bonner, Secretaryg lohn McKnight, Grounds Commissioner, Darlene Bowman , Treasurer. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS, Spring, 1970 Creola McCarthy, Girls Vice Presidentg Arlene Warmack, Presidentg Robert Davis, General Vice Presidentg Andrew Cleveland, Boys Vice Presidentg Bertha Adams, Treasurer Michael Hughes, Grounds Commissionerg Doris West, Sec retaryg Anjetta Venters, Historiang not pictured, Samuel Johnson, Health and Safety Commissioner. 49 9 6 72 6 I Z 8 5 5 z b 6 ' 6 I 61 1' 611 Hu fb 5 C O ZZ 72 C i I ' ' 4 ' W - . J, , ' f .9 - , K A , I Q K K, ,U .MN f f f . . 1- f . Sports O f f i c i a I Y 52 Night F ua gi, eff and Cloecke xii 2, K 5 .:J wr f .. xr W ,, x'M x W vm., A ,, . W , Gwen Muldrow, Cov er Design ru Q? XA , S 3' m ,Wi ,, , .f' M Z MA f Z gp fwklg, f jx ,J , nw gg, QW W fs 2 i a li W J Y 1 'ff ff , 1 Z, f Qi 3 by 5 6 M 4 My Q E 5 ,f . f , f 'af J r Z f ' 9 6 75 1 Ag 6 11 f " li If V Y , 1" . W, ,, , , fa' Laureate Staff -f ,f 4 F f 1 We 2 E 6 E mfkymazn Smf

Suggestions in the Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 6

1970, pg 6

Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 38

1970, pg 38

Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 15

1970, pg 15

Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 49

1970, pg 49

Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 52

1970, pg 52

Edwin Markham Junior High School - Laureate Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 31

1970, pg 31

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