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EDWARDSVILLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 145 West Street Edwardsville, IL 62025 (618)656-7100 Student Population — 1,650 Volume 75CC4t UO title yCU Colli 6c fo ctunyc, coc ou ttc yc 6oot otu decided It le time tA t coc mute £cco ctuuyee, too. Tto louyc colli coc 6c only 6l ctt onuuyc, yeuy, elloc o yold, 6ut ttlo yea colli 6c col-oncd %cd, yelloco, pice ,, and 6luc UO )£ coc oe tutcu you 6y eu%-finlccf coc ufioloylje, 6ut coc elm-fily decided ttut ttle you lo oux yea . So to ccle6 tcf title ye cocll 6c TtCutUy 4 Sfiluetr ( entente Do it in style STUDENT LIFE A step above the rest PEOPLE Making it work ORGANIZATIONS Not just splashing around SPORTS Splash to the top ACADEMICS ADS 4 56 170 188 222 230 2 OPENINGjj in1 Edwardsville High School has a history of excellence and is strong in tradition. This year continues that excellence and tradition with accomplishments in academic as well as extra curricular activities. The class of 1988 witnessed changes throughout their four years at EHS. This year began with changes in the smoking policy and the residency policy. Changes also occurred with revision of the English, Health, and Physical Education curricula as well as remodeling the science laboratories. The class of 1988 has left its impression. They have made their splash! — George Halsey EHS Principal 4 STUDENT LIFESTUDENT LIFE 5No: late nights. suntans, jams, vacations or fun: It’s not summer anymore Summer is a time for parties, fun and NO SCHOOL, but every year students all across America make one of the most difficult transitions — going back to school. No one quite understands why it is so difficult to make this back-to-school transition. Maybe it is the thought of the boring ride on the bus to school or sitting in class after class or the memory of homework. Could it be that school is just no fun?? OF COURSE NOT! Where else can you be updated about who is dating whom? Where else do you get to dress up in crazy costumes for Spirit Week? Where else do you squeeze talking to friends into only 5 minutes between classes, and get almost 2 weeks vacation every Christmas? But on the negative side, where else do you get to take the dreaded final exams TWICE a year? Where else can you get after-schools and inschools, AND get only a half hour for lunch! Actually school’s not THAT bad — it’s the switch from freedom to “rules” that’s so hard. Well, it’s almost over for you SENIORS, but it’s only beginning for the FRESHMEN! Just enjoy it while you can because you’ll treasure these times forever! 6 STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE 7and Remodeling of Edwardsville Senior High If you haven’t noticed the construction work on the third floor then you must not attend Edwardsville Senior High. When classes terminated at the close of the 1987 school year the real work of remodeling the science laboratories, then counseling offices and an English room had only begun. The work started off on schedule but was delayed upon the discovery of asbestos in the classrooms. It was pushed so far behind schedule that the High School had to make revisions as to where classes would meet for the first semester of the 1988 school year. The third floor currently isn’t a very pretty sight, what with half of the hallway gone and boards and hoses everywhere, but the results should be well worth the inconvenience. The science laboratories will be fully equipped with the latest innovations and the ventilation of the air is to be improved. The students who make that embarrassing trek over to the Junior High every day are the only ones who really suffered because of the wait. Even though it was chaotic the first few weeks of school, we will have new and improved classrooms to look forward to once work is completed. 8 STUDENT LIFESTUDENT LIFE 910 STUDENT LIFETOP TEN 1. CARDINALS 2. MINI SKIRTS 3. “OLD” JEANS 4. T-SHIRTS 5. JEANS JACKETS 6. ICED JEANS 7. HI-TOPS 8. BOXER SHORTS 9. BERMUDA SHORTS 10. LEATHER SHOES What’s Hot and What’s Not T A. he 1988 school year brought about many different trends. The most prominently displayed of these trends are the fashion statements made by all of E.H.S.’s students. The statements this year come from all over and are based more on the individual wearing them than ever. One of the favorite looks this year is the “iced” or “acid” denim look. This is a pair of jeans that has been made to look old. If you don’t want to invest the $40.00 it takes to buy a pair of these jeans, then the next best thing is jeans that have actually been worn out. The next hot item in denim is the everlasting jeans jacket, everyone’s best friend! The jacket that has been “through everything” is what to wear nowadays, and for those trendier people, the jacket should be midriff-baring to go along with all those mini-skirts. Yes, mini-skirts are back, for all you GUYS who haven’t noticed yet!! Over the summer one of the hottest items was still the Bermuda short. Whether it was printed in a tropical print, plaid, striped, or just a solid color, it had to brush the knee or they were “too short!” The girls came up with a good variation of the bermuda short — BOXER SHORTS! These were sported all over Edwardsville during the summer. And what goes best with shorts, but those wonderful T-shirts. Adorned with Spuds Mac-Kenzie, Corona Beach Club, GUESS, Swatch, island names and all sorts of rock groups, they went with anything and everything! The 1988 school year will be an interesting one all around, but the fashion-conscious people of E.H.S. will help make it even more interesting and memorable. REMEMBER: be creative and original and “YOU LOOK MAAAAARVELOUS!!” BOTTOM TEN 1. BELL BOTTOM 6. HIGH HEELED JEANS SHOES 2. DRIVING 7. PREPPY DRUNK LOOKS 3. IZODS 8. MICHAEL 4. TESTS JACKSON 5. TIGHT JEANS 9. LONG COLLARED SHORTS 10. CLASS OF 1987!! STUDENT LIFE 1112 STUDENT LIFE•4 STUDENT LIFEEverybody Needs One! Friends play a major role in our lives. They help us when we’re down and make us feel better. If things get shaken up in their lives, they know they can come to us. Friends are there to share a bad mood or a good joke, sad times and fun times. Here’s a look at some of E.H.S. ’s friends: STUDENT LIFE 1516 STUDENT LIFEIn Corning, New York, a small group of parents ask that Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play. Death of a Salesman, be removed from their local high school curriculum because it contains “gutter language” and “condones stealing.” Environmentalists in Oregon attempt to ban a fourth grade social studies text they claim is “pro-industry.” Parents in Church Hill, Tennessee, challenge the entire reading program of their children’s school district. Among the books in question: The Wizard of Oz and Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Across the United States the debate is raging: Who will decide what students read and study? Usually matters like this are decided by those who reflect the majority opinion — elected and appointed officials and school boards. But such officials find it increasingly difficult to make decisions on education when threatened by lawsuits brought on by small groups of disgruntled citizens. People For The American Way (PFAW), a civil-liberties watchdog group, seeks to promote freedom of the press and freedom of speech. In 1987, the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, the group has taken an active role in the current debate over censorship in America’s public schools. We asked PFAW President Anthony Podesta about it. How prevalent is censorship in the U.S. today? We’ve done a survey of censorship in the public schools every year for the last five years, and we’ve found that things have gotten worse. There have been book and record bannings in every state — books are being removed from high schools and public libraries, and textbooks are being censored. And not only are there more incidents of attempted censorship today, but the attempts are twice as likely to be successful. Even if the initial lawsuits are successful, aren’t cases like these routinely overturned to higher courts? They might be, but the problem is that no matter what happens with the lawsuits, material gets taken out of the books. We’ve just released a study of civics and government textbooks to coincide with the bicentennial. Watergate? You can barely find it. Civil rights? It might as well not be there. Anything that might be controversial gets taken out. Is the problem that textbook publishers shy away from printing anything that might involve them in controversy and costly lawsuits? Yes. There’s a short story called “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson, which came under attack a few years ago as depressing and anti-Christian. The Texas state school board announced that it would no longer buy any textbook that contained “The Lottery.” Now it’s almost impossible to find. We can’t find a single literary anthology published in the U.S. today that has an unexpurgated version of Romeo and Juliet. Several publishers of high school dictionaries have even started taking words out of dictionaries. In talking about censorship, aren't we also talking about the rights of parents to have a say in what their children read or study? We think that the whole climate of trying to restrict things from teens in this country is deplorable. Over a whole range of issues you end up with small groups successfully taking books out of libraries and material out of texts. The publisher of the most widely used high school health textbook in the country does not even include a chapter on human reproduction. In Texas, which has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the country, we got the state board of education to reject the book for that reason. What does PFAW do to respond to attempts at censorship? Lobbying, litigation, public education, and research. We also have a staff of people who are there just to help teachers, parents, and students who are concerned about censorship. If a local group attempts to ban a book in your town, you can call us up and we’ll try to prevent that from happening — before it goes to court. Does your organization have any specific plans for the bicentennial of the Constitution? Besides releasing our textbook study, we’re planning an all-day reading of the Constitution on September 17 at Federal Hall in New York — where the first Congress met. Celebrities, kids, and judges will be doing the reading. And we’re planning a series of radio spots that will be available to schools. People like Kathleen Turner, Walter Cronkite, and Martin Sheen will be doing two-and-a-half-minute readings from the Constitution and other historic documents. — Robert Love The following is a partial list of books that have been challenged the most often in the past five years, as compiled by the Washington-based anti-censorship group People For The American Way. 1. “The Chocolate War,” by Robert Cormier, has been formally challenged nine times since 1982, including twice last year. 2. and 3. (tie) “The Catcher in the Rye,” by J. D. Salinger, and “Of Mice and Men,” by John Steinbeck have both been formally challenged at least eight times since 1982. 4. and 5. (tie) “A Light in the Attic,” by Shel Silverstein, and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” by Mark Twain, within the last five years, have both been formally challenged at least seven times. Reprinted from SEVENTEEN® Magazine. Copyright © 1987 by Triangle Comm. Inc. All rights reserved. STUDENT LIFE 171987 Homecoming premiered a fantastic Spirit Week. Columbus Day cut this year’s Spirit Week short, but it didn’t take a five day week to push Tiger fans into high gear. Class Color Day, Hippie Day, and Fifties Day produced quite a few interesting characters, but proved to be only a preview of what was to come Friday. Friday was Orange and Black Day and it brought EHS’s Tiger spirit to a roaring peak. To top things off, a Pep Assembly was held at the end of the day, readying EHS for another spectacular Homecoming weekend. — Christina Johnson 18 STUDENT LIFEThe E’Ville Following an exiting Spirit Week, EHS Tiger fans showed a final burst of energy before attending the evening game. This came at the Homecoming Assembly held in the large gym Friday afternoon. The theme for this year’s assembly was “EHS Shuffle.” This theme must have tapped into the students’ and administrators’ creativity, for many interesting and original raps resulted from it. Many of the varsity fall sports participated in this rap along with the teachers, coaches, and administrators, but almost everyone agreed that the football team put forth the best showing. Along with a rap that made the others look sad, the football players tried something different this year. Even though they are not quite the Righteous Brothers, the team wrapped up the assembly with a couple from “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” Thanks to the participants for an exciting pre-game booster. — Christina Johnson STUDENT LIFE 19The 1987 Homecoming football game started (and ended) on a traditional note with rain for the third consecutive year. The game was a little rougher, but it didn't discourage the fans. They sat armed with umbrellas and raincoats to watch the game in the new E.H.S. Sports Complex. “We all played our hardest and gave it our best shot, but one slip in the mud and it meant a touchdown, ” says Dan Rose of his experiences on the muddy field. 20 STUDENT LIFE Our mighty Tigers played the always tough Althojf Crusaders, and despite the support of the fans the Tigers fell to the Crusaders, 14-0. Quarterback Rob McNally comments: “It was a disappointment to lose because everyone played their - off. We were definitely as good as Althojf. Althojf just came up with two big plays." PHOTOS BY STEVE BROWN OF THE T’ STUDENT LIFE 2122 STUDENT LIFESTUDENT LIFE 23 U U lii—— This year’s Homecoming Parade started on a hopeful note with a lull in the storm clouds renewing everyone’s spirit that this year’s parade would not be a wet one. Everyone scurried frantically around as the last touches were put on their artistic floats; the band played a few last notes and the parade began. Unfortunately, the dry spell did not last long as the rain began to slowly come down. This signaling that Edwardsville would have its 3rd consecutive wet Homecoming Parade. Spirits were still high, though, as parade watchers and participants were accustomed to rainy Homecoming Parades. The parade crawled down Main St. then St. Louis St., ending just when the real downpour began. — Keni Uhe 24 STUDENT LIFESTUDENT LIFE 25FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS: Mr. Charles Metzler and Miss Angel Farley; Mr. Joseph Scerba and Miss Andrea Armour; Mr. Garth Hull and Miss Monica Delgado SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS: Mr. Robert Hunter and Miss Mellissa McDonough; Mr. Neil Strader and Miss Jennifer Fanning; Mr. Richard Dunnavant and Miss Edie Deconcini JUNIOR ATTENDANTS: Mr. Jason Thompson and Miss Jill Florini; Mr. Nathan Mudc and Miss Amy Pomeroy; Mr. Robert Harris and Miss Nicole Wydra 26 STUDENT LIFESENIOR ATTENDANTS: Mr. Stephen Hartman and Miss Christy Ruyle; Mr. Gary Bums and Miss Tracey Woll; Mr. Curt West and Miss Kimberly Jordan; Mr. Aaron Lippoldt and Miss Lori Clements RETIRING QUEEN AND ROYAL ESCORT: Mr. Dan Farmer and Miss Beth Riley 1987 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ROYAL ESCORT: Mr. Eric Carlson and Miss Susan Metzler STUDENT LIFE 27Homecoming 1987 28 STUDENT LIFEGhouls Galore It’s that time of year again: ghouls, goblins, spirits of other dimensions, and creatures of other habits. Along with the age-old Halloween traditions of toilet papering, soaping, and egging (not to mention “borrowing” your little sister’s trick-or-treat candy), a new tradition has been formed. That tradition is the second annual Halloween Costume Contest, sponsored by the Yearbook Staff. All contestants are judged on a scale of one to ten in the areas of originality, technicality, and how artistic their costume was. The first prize of $50 was awarded to Senior Amy Nelson who was dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh; California Raisin Gerald Lieurance, a Sophomore, claimed the second prize of $25; and Juniors Sara Schrieber and Julie Kanning took $ 15 for third place as Mickie and Minnie Mouse, respectively. — Cyndi Trueman FIRST PLACE: SECOND PLACE THIRD PLACE: AMY NELSON GERALD LIEURANCE SARA SCHRIEBER AND JULIE KANNING 30 STUDENT LIFEAnd Even More! STUDENT LIFE 3132 STUDENT LIFEucible STUDENT LIFE 33Behind the Scenes: 34 STUDENT LIFEThe following are entries taken from the weekly journal of one cast member of The Crucible, Heather Burress. 9 25 Well, the first week is al-eady over. I still can’t believe I got i part! The cast was picked very veil. So far nothing real exciting las happened, but it has been fun. We’re still working with the books n our hands. The blocking Mon-lay was just a read-through. Jeff Powell) better hope his voice hanges before the play, or we night have another cracking voice ncident!! The blocking started on Wednesday. 10 2 This week was a little more xciting! Tuesday was Open House, so we had rehearsal later so hat the parents could come in and vatch us. It gave us all some prac-ice performing in front of an au-lience. I was NERVOUS! But we ill did great. More blocking this .veek, and we still have the books n our hands. 10 9 Started memorization! Not oing so well, but I think it'll be all ight. We’re starting to get a lot nore comfortable around each ther. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we did run-throughs of he acts. Had lots of fun!! We have i few clowns in the cast like Kyle Burress), Tim (Baker), and Amy Pomeroy) that makes it all the nore fun! 10 23 I know, I skipped last veek, but we only had three re-learsals last week, so I put last week’s with this week’s, and, whew! I’m starting to feel the pressure! Memorization still isn’t going as well as I think Mrs. Motley would like it, but we’re trying! We’ve been working the scenes and we’re starting to get a lot more serious about the play. Only two more weeks til the play! 10 30 Things are really getting tense! Lincoln (Lounsbury), Shervin (Karimpour), and Soo (Cho) came this week to take pictures. I wish I could see them now!! Brian (Oberdieck) and Elizabeth (Carter) really do well in their final scene together! Amy (Pomeroy) also does a good job of making people hate her, hah-hah!! I think we’re going to do real good!! One week!! I’M NERVOUS!! 11 6 This week has been something else!! We all call it “Hell Week” and it is!! Every night has been a dress rehearsal; that means costumes, make-up, props, lights, EVERYTHING!! Everybody is doing great! One problem though — MY POPPET!! They couldn’t get the right one, so the props people got this “Super-Nut” thing! It’s this stuffed peanut with a cape and these gangly arms and legs!! It was IMPOSSIBLE to be serious with this “Super-Nut” flopping around! But, it was fun. Tonight is our first production. This is it!! We did Act I, Scene I for the second hour English classes. I think they liked it. I HOPE they liked it! LATER THAT NIGHT ... WE DID IT!!! IT WENT GREAT!!! A TOTAL success! All that work was worth it. I can’t wait until tomorrow night! A bunch of us went to Panterra’s after the play to celebrate. If tomorrow’s Cast and Crew Party is any better — well, I’ll write on that tomorrow. I am BEAT! 11 7 ANOTHER EXCELLENT SHOW BY EHS DRAMA!!! We did great, AGAIN!!! I’m so proud of us!!! I’m kind of happy and sad both. Happy because we did so well, but sad because it’s over. Oh well, there’s always the next play!! The Cast and Crew Party was FUN!! We had it at C. J.’s (Reckman) house and we didn’t leave until around 3:30 A.M. It was great!! I made lots of new friends and shared in a very “interesting” experience! It was worth every ounce of work we put into it, and hopefully everyone noticed!! 11 16 I made the Christmas play!!! TO BE CONTINUED ... STUDENT LIFE 35First Place — Rebecca Knezik 36 ART CONTESTA Talent Search Third Place — Lincoln Lounsbury Second Place — Christina Johnson Fourth Place — Brad Lawrence EHS recently got a chance to recognize some of its artistic talent in a Yearbook Staff sponsored contest. This contest was previously sponsored by the Bank of Ed-wardsville and had students draw a site or structure in the Ed-wardsville area. Then, after the judging, the bank would incorporate the top twelve winners into a Bank of Edwardsville calendar. Since the bank failed to continue with their contest this year, the Yearbook Staff thought it would be appropriate to go ahead and hold a contest this year. The contest was open to all EHS students, and the drawings were to be in pen and ink on an 8 2 x 11 piece of paper. Mrs. Moore, the Yearbook Staff sponsor, decided to extend the drawings to a site or structure in the St. Louis area. The turn-out was very pleasing. The rewards for placement were as follows: First Place: $50 and a free yearbook Second Place: $25 and a free yearbook Third Place: $10 and a free yearbook Fourth Place: a free yearbook The Yearbook Staff would like to congratulate Rebecca Knezik for an outstanding drawing that captured. We also extend our congratulations to Christina Johnson, who took second; Lincoln Lounsbury for third; Brad Lawrence for taking fourth, and Wayne Long, Missy McDonough, for receiving honorable mentions. We also thank Mr. DeToyc and Mrs. Obranovich for handling the judging. — Christina Johnson ART CONTEST 37ebruary 25-March 4 I can’t believe it! I’m Oliver! I’m ■ally excited about it. We have a reat cast. Dawn Bocdecker is iancy, Tom Harvey is Bill Sykes, teve Gnojewski is The Artful odgcr, Tim Baker is Fagin, Brian 'derdick is Mr. Bumble, Wendy loore is Widow Corney, and tephanic Reed is Bet. There are ts of others — too many to ame, but everyone is doing great ) far! We’ve been working with ie music, choreography, and the mtines. Mr. Bradley is preparing ie music, and he has really clped! Well, that's really all that’s appened so far. larch 8-March 11 We are still working on the aoreograhy, but we’re getting bet-r. We did a run-through on Mon-ay and smoothed out some of the ugh spots, but there is work still be done. larch 14-March 24 Sorry, it’s been a while since I rote, but I’ve been really busy! oday was the last day of cho-ography alone. We will not have hearsals over Easter break, but mt doesn’t mean we don’t prac-ce. When we return, Mrs. Mainer ill be working with us on the locking. (That’s like the lines and uff.) It’s getting better every day. pril 4-April 8 We’re working on the blocking ow, but we are still working on ie choreography. The sets are up ow, so now we get to work with them. I can’t believe it’s only three and a half weeks until the play! I get so nervous every time I think about it. A funny thing happened yesterday, Thursday the 7th. I was supposed to beat up Noah Clay-pole, the character played by Kyle, my brother. It was great at first, I mean getting to beat up Kyle, but then I was supposed to dive and tackle Noah (no easy feat). Instead, I missed and landed, literally, right on my forehead! It scared me to death, but I was okay; I think! April 11-April 15 Tuesday we rehearsed with the orchestra. It’s kind of hard at first to get yourself in time with them, but once it gets straight, it sounds great! The play is coming along great. Oh, we also got our costumes this week! Artful Dodger’s and Fa-gin’s are really crazy! Mine is not so bad. Brian Oberdick, Mr. Bumble, had quite an accident. When Wendy Moore, Mrs. Bumble, pushed him down the stairs, he fell and split his chin open! It gave us all quite a scare, especially Brian. April 18-April 22 We rehearsed with the orchestra again on Tuesday. It sounded much better this time. The orchestra sounds great! Everything is coming together well. We did an entire run-through today and we sounded good. There are a few rough spots, but they can be improved. April 25-April 29 (The show is tonight.) Whew! What a week! It was what we affectionately call “Hell Week!” I don’t think it could’ve been described better. Practice is every night from 5:30 to 10:00! But it has been worth it. We have a great show in store for the audience. The orchestra has been doing a good job of making themselves at home in the pit. They’re great to work with. Well, tonight’s the night! I’ll write when all of the three shows are over. I’m so nervous!! April 29, 30, and May 1 Well, it’s all over. The shows -I went Great!! There were lots of people there, too! Everything went smoothly. The audience was great, also!! We had fun performing for them. I only had one accident when my knee got cut pretty bad. When Noah, Charlotte, and Mrs. Sowerbury threw me in the coffin, they slammed the lid on my knee. I’m glad they didn’t have my body mike on when I was in the coffin!!! (I’m not sure that what I said was really the character speaking!!) Sunday we had a clear-up strike. It was so weird to look at the stage with all the sets gone and all the desks back up. It was kind of sad, too. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find something to do with myself!!(?) Heather Burress STUDENT LIFE 039A. Abram, A. Adair, R. Ahrens, B. Alford, J. Anderson, K. Anderson, C. Adres, L. Armstrong, T. Arth, S. Atkins, R. Aurelio, J. Bailey, P. Bailey, T. Ballwin, T. Ballard, L. Barber, M. Bares, D. Barnard, M. Barnard, K. Barton, K. Baumann, M. Bautsch, J. Baxter, J. Beegle, C. Bell, J. Bell, J. Bell, B. Belt, R. Bench, K. Bender, J. Berdick, N. Beyer, J. Bielicke, J. Bigham, L. Bird, T. Bizaillion, C. Blair, J. Blair, J. Blaske, A. Bleier, S. Blevins, S. Boehm, C. Bollman, S. Bollman, W. Bomey, D. Bowman, C. Boyd, W. Boyd, D. Brase, J. Bratten, J. Brewer, L. Brewster, C. Brickman, M. Brill, K. Budny, S. Burgett, T. Burnett, G. Bums, N. Byrd, B. Byron, S. Camplain, J. Cannon, E. Carlson, D. Clarkin, S. Clayton, L. Clements, J. Clow, B. Coffey, K. Cole, M. Coleman, S. Coleman, M. Combs, M. Crally, M. Crane, T. Cummings, N. Cutler, J. Cuvar, R. Darnell, M. Davidson, H. Davis, N. Davis, S. Davis, B. Dean, K. Decker, C. Decon-cini, L. Deconcini, A. Deist, E. Denny, M. Denue, A. Dettmer, M. Devers, A. Dickmann, D. Donald, J. Doniff, D. Doolen, T. Dorrman, C. Drew, J. Depureur, L. Dykema, C. Eden, T. Edgworth, A. Ellis, C. Epperson, K. Erickson, C. Farrell, K. Ferguson, M. Fields, T. Fischer, J. Flamer, P. Foege, S. Fox, W. Frazer, G. Freymuth, N. Fritsche, R. Funke, M. Galli, M. Garde, J. Gardiner, T. Gehrs, D. Gilbert, C. Golisch, L. Gonzalez, R. Graham, R. Greenhill, D. Gregory, C. Grieser, C. Gusewelle, K. Haag, M. Hack, J. Hackett, T. Hacking, A. Hakeem, P. Hamill, A. Hamilton, K. Hansen, A. Harbers, J. Harlan, M. Harris, D. Harsh, A. Hart, S. Hartman, G. Hartmann, K. Hawk, R. Hayden, J. Hays, J. Head, K. Hedger, G. Heifer, J. Helle, S. Hellinger, R. Helms, J. Henson, M. Herman, A. Hess, C. Hill, B. Hilla, W. Hindman, M. Hinton, R. Ho, K. Hoffman, L. Hollowich, J. Holt, C. Honeck, D. Horman, P. Homberger, E. Horton, S. Horvath, C. Hosto, M. Hudson, J. Hughes, C. Hunter, J. Hutson, B. Hyde, E. Ingram, D Isenberg, M. Jack-son, C. Jacobs, D. Jarosik, D. Jennings, C. Johnson, K. Johnson, S. Johnston, O. Jones, K. Jordan, T. Juergens, M. Kampman, S. Karimpour, L. Keiler, K. Kim, D. King, S. KJingsik, M. Klocke, J. Knoll, K. Koenig, F. Kolesa, K. Kopel, 91 J9 S 'ftittrfu The Class 40 STUDENT LIFEJ. Krapf, L. Kreuiter, A. Ladd, B. Ladd, J. Ladd, H. Lautner, J. Lawrence, L. Leardi, M. Lembcke, M. Leonard, S. Leonard, J. Lewis, A. Lin, R. Lindner, A. Lippoldt, S. Lockett, M. Loew, L. Lohr, T. Lopretta, L. Lounsbury, M. Love, L. Lucas, J. Luckshis, R. Lynn, M. MacMillan, P. Mackie, R. Mahan, B. Malone, M. Marchbank, C. Martin, T. Martin, S. Mathenia, D. Mathews, L. Matlock, G. May, C. McDonald, M. McKinnon, T. McMahan, T. McQuig-gan, M. Mehranfar, A. Mellenthin, L. Meng, T. Metcalf, S. Metzler, C. Muenier, J. Meyer, L. Meyer, P. Miller, M. Milton, B. Moore, M. Moore, W. Moore, L. Morrison, T. Moye-Hogg, B. Murray, J. Nabe, A. Nelson, S. Nelson, J. Nuehaus, J. Neutzling, K. Nolan, S. Nolan, R. Norton, Y. Nothdurft, R. Notter, B. Oberdieck, B. Odell, A. Orhen, S. Owens, A. Paolucci, J. Perry, K. Perry, T. Picklesimer, G. Pinion, J. Ponder, M. Prater, J. Price, A. Priestley, E. Puckett, T. Radford, G. Ranek, J. Ranek, K. Ratliff, A. Razeghi, P. Reagan, D. Reuterman, K. Rhodes, D. Richard, K. Richardson, J. Robbins, D. Robinson, A. Rodgers, B. Rohrkaste, D. Rose, J. Roseman, S. Ross, D. Roth, T. Rothe, P. Rudloff, B. Russell, C. Ruyle, A. Sackville-West, L. Sanchez, V. Sanders, D. Savoca, L. Scar- borough, T. Scerba, M. Schaefer, I. Shaffer, S. Schilling, T. Schipkowski, J. Schmidt, A. Schubert, D. Schumacher, C. Schwalb, J. Schwalb, A. Schwartzkopf, K. Scott, W. Scott, H. Seiber, B. Sever, R. Sexton, J. Shannon, S. Sharp, L. Shele, B. Shelton, D. Siglock, B. Simmons, M. Singler, K. Skaer, B. Skief, B. Skief, J. Smart, D. Smith, S. Smith, W. Smith, M. Smolar, A. Smucker, D. Snell, R. Solomon, R. Stahlhut, K. Stapleton, R. Stark, F. Steinkuehler, D. Stephenson, S. Stevens, R. Stewart, R. Stoces, A. Stoecklin, A. Suess, B. Suhling, P. Svoboda, B. Swiecicki, J. Talley, E. Terry, J. Tewell, C. Thomas, T. Thompson, C. Threlkeld, K. Tieman, R. Tilden, S. Toring, L. Torrini, P. Torti, J. Travis, M. Traxler, M. Tripp, L. Trueman, J. Unger, J. Urban, R. Van Hout, J. Van Orden, J. Vanardsdale, L. Vandiver, J. Verson, N. Vaugniaux, C. Walter, C. Ward, K. Warren, H. Warrington, K. Waters, K. Weber, R. Werden, C. West, D. Westbrook, J. Westfall, J. Wetzel, J. Whitaker, C. White, P. Wiegand, J. Wiemers. T. Wildman, B. Wilkinson, C. Williams, R. Williams, V. Willour, S. Winchester, T. Wise, K. Wolf, R. Woll, T. Woll, D. Wuellner, K. Wyvell, J. Yates, S. Yates, T. Young of 1988 STUDENT LIFE 41“Heaven In Your Eyes” Beautiful women, gorgeous men all splendid in their best formal attire. They are dressed to the nines and dressed to kill. The music is soft, seductive, the lights are low and a breeze is gently blowing, sending the smell of fresh flowers wafting about the room. The time is right. The night has begun — Prom Night 1988. Held once again in the Meridian Ballroom at SIDE, Prom was deemed successful by all who attended. Junior class Treasurer, Stephanie Rogier said that she loved planning it and had a lot of fun in both the preparation and attending. She said it was “a very special evening and definitely worth all the work.” Senior, Dean Savoca agreed with Stephanie, saying that it was crowded, but fun with really good music and a lot of people dancing. With a theme like “Heaven in Your Eyes,” Prom was bound to be a heavenly evening. One Senior had such a good time that he described Prom as an event that “inspired me to want to succeed in life so I can always enjoy the similar luxuries that life provides.” Out of the three candidates for Queen and King — Susan Metzler, Christy Ruyle, Tracy Woll, Gary Burns, Eric Carlson, and Steve Hartman — Steve and Tracy were voted to be the 1988 Prom King and Queen. Tracy said that she didn’t expect it, but that being crowned Queen was “a great way to conclude my last year at EHS.” Steve said he felt really proud and honored and that it was a great once in a lifetime experience, but he follows the advice he gives for future Prom Kings: ‘‘Be proud, but don’t let it go to your head.” Cyndi Trueman 44 PROM46 PROMEAT Y OUR HEARTS OUT SENIORS! Senior Breakfast 1988 This year’s Senior Breakfast was quite a memorable one. It began at 8 a.m. in the cafeteria, giving the Seniors one last chance to taste some of that fantastic school food. The morning was highlighted with a humorous video made by Mr. DeToye. The video featured class Valedictorian Ron Ho cheating on a test and various faculty members torturing students. Senior Class President Elaine Denny gave a speech covering the high and low points of the year. Students said their final goodbyes to friends and teachers and wished each other well in all of their future plans. Leslie Trueman commented, “Mr. Gregor’s part in the video made the breakfast great! [He kept repeating “I love you. I love you all.”] It was probably the first and last time I’ll ever see the whole class looking that nice — with the exception of Jeff Robbins and Sam Blevins who wore their bathrobes.” Kelly Parker 48 SENIOR BREAKFASTSENIOR BREAKFAST 491 lie Edwardsville Senior High School held the annual Senior Honor Night on Tuesday, May 17. The following Seniors were recognized for their various achievements. Mary Alford ... Illinois State Scholar, Lambuth College Deans Scholarship; Tona Arth ... Top 10%, Illinois State Scholar, National Honor Society, Southwest Missouri State Scholarship, University of Missouri Excellence Award Scholarship; John Bailey ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, Southern Illinois University — Carbondale Scholarship; laurel Barber ... National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar; Kara Barton ... Dean Harris Award; Ijiura Bird ... Top 10%, Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Scholarship Commendation; Jessica Blaske ... Illinois State Scholar, Jaycee Scholarship, University of Kentucky Barnhart Scholarship; Deanna Brase ... Top 10%, National Honor Society; Jason Brewer ... Howard University Scholarship; Linda Brewster ... Top 10%, Illinois State Scholar; David Brickman ... Top 10%, National Honor So- ciety, Illinois State Scholar, Nalco Chemical Company Scholarship; Michael Brill... Cornell Scholarship. Dungan Music Scholarship; Kevin Budny ... Illinois State Scholar; Barbara Byron ... U.S. Congressional Scholar; Eric Carlson ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar; Julie Chandler ... McKendree College Presidential Scholarship; David Clarkin ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Scholar Finalist; Ix ri Clements ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, DAR Citizenship Award, SIU-E Presidential Scholarship. Salutatorian; Brett Coffey ... Top 10%, National Honor Society. Illinois State Scholar, Naval Academy Appointment; Kort Cole ... Southwest Missouri State Athletic Scholarship, Army Reserve National Scholar — Athlete Award; Mark Crane ... Illinois State Scholar; Eric Dettmer ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Scholarship Commendation, University of California — Berkeley Scholarship; Cara Eden ... Lewis Clark Athletic Scholarship; Candace Farrell ... Kiwanis Vocational Scholarship; Katherine Ferguson ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Lena Stanley Scholarship, Leila Leitner Anderson Trust; Patrick Foege ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, University of Missouri Ex- cellence Award Scholarship. Naval Academy Appointment, Olin Corporation Scholarship; Wayne Frazer ... Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Scholarship Commendation, A. Gordon Dodds Literary Award; Michelle Garde ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Scholarship Commendation; James Gardiner ... Top 10%, Illinois State Scholar, Chris McDonald Scholarship, Clarence B. Richards Scholarship; Douglas Gilbert... Top 10%, National Honor Society; Karen Haag ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar; Atiya Hakeem ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Finalist, University of Chicago Merit Scholarship; Kerry Hansen ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Bethalto Edwardsville Knights of Columbus Scholarships; David Harsh ... Illinois State Scholar; Richard Hauschild ... Perfect Attendance; Reynolds Hayden ... Southwest Missouri State Athletic Scholarship; Kristine Iledger ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Ray Kuchta Award; Gary Heifer ... Illinois State Scholar; Blake Ililla ... Ray Heincmeier Award; Michelle Hinton ... Colorado State University Athletic Scholarship; Ronald IIo ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, II-lir jis State Scholar, National Merit Final-st, National Merit Scholarship, GSX Cor- 8 • E • N • I IGast Ulill and Slestament I, Amy Nelson, leave the basketball team our 2 mile runs, the great times, and 10; to Courtney W., my volleyball uniform; to or-lando J., I leave a SWEEZA. I, Jim Anderson, leave Liz W. all my good grades and my wonderful teachers. I, Kara Barton, leave my NIKE airs to Tisha S. and my Shaka Kahn records to Annie D., and my study habits to B. J. Russell. I, Diana Snell leave all the boring times in school and the great times out to Valarie; to the upcoming seniors I leave the understanding that brown nosing is the only way out. I, Carol Threlkeld, leave 2 concrete lawn frogs and a night out on the roof to Lea, Mary, and Greg. I, Darren Siglock, leave my aggressive driving techniques to my great brother; to Todd thanks for a great friendship! And finally, to L.L. Cool Bell and Panama Jax my music, hips, and sweat! I. Kathy Perry, leave all my love to Rick, and all the happiness of our future years ahead; to Candace, I leave all the memories of our school years, and a big thank you! I, Lincoln 50 STUDENT LIFE IxHinsbury, leave nothing — I’m gonna take everything and leave town. I, Cynthia Bell, leave my good looks to Tracy Brooks; my driving skills to Jackie Johnson. I, Lori Ann Green, leave my sympathy to all the upcoming seniors. I, Kimberly Hawk, I leave my extra senior skip days to Shelly; My bashing weekends to Laura; and all my empty cigarette packs to the smoking monitors. I. Mark Crane, leave all the memories that aren’t reserved for my G.C. Crew to Tiffany W.; and to all the really obnoxious people (you know who you are), I leave a kick in the head. I, Craig DeConcini, leave four years of happiness and good times to all my friends, and to Marcie and Mike Harris — I hope our friendship lasts forever. I, Nikki Vuagniaux, leave my brothers, Andre Nathan, all of the luck in the world and to have a good time at E’ville high. I, Tanya Fischer, leave the memories of surprising people. To Blake, I will a thank you for everything you did. I, Candace Farrell, will all the trash in my locker to my little sister, Tara. And yes, Tara, you can have all my Chippendale posters! I, Cheryl Ward, will locker 1 to Jim B ratten; to Mr. DeToye I leave Hardees Big Cookies. I, Rhonda Graham, leave all my love to Todd S.; my car to Andrea and Dulcie; and my pictures to Cindy. I, Dan Rose, leave all the fun times we had running Lombardi’s to the 1989 varsity football team; to Markus A Neil S., I leave the weights. I, Jason Brewer, leave my jazz skills to the stage band, my "super C” to Anna H.; and my roll step to the concert band trumpet players. I, Wayne Frazer, leave my laziness and my gratitude to Mr. Pile; to Mr. Rogers, a year with no parades; to Mr. Dempsey and the Stage band, a European tour! I, Cara Walter, leave Anahita P. a picture of G.O.; to "Conrad" and Stacy S. a thanks for being good sports and helping me through Analytical Geometry Calculus. I, Jenny Hays, leave thanks to S.S. for being such a great friend, I hope I always helped you. I, Sheila Terring, will “North Kansas" to Debbie H.; and my erasers to John Bell. I, Bob Helms, leave my boots, hats, 4 by 4 Ford to Matt G. I, Marty Moore, will all my Student Council headaches to Ellen L.; my 1st chair in band to Krisi S., and all the band geek parties to Anna H. I, Susan Metzler, leave Chrisy and Amy all the great memories of the past six years, to Cheryl Morton I leave another year of cheerleading, parties, and guys! To Nate my love and friendship. I. Rich Greenhill, leave Mike Paulsmeyer my bruises and 4th quarter nervousness. To Jeff Robbins, I leave my mousse. To Liz Spencer, I leave my love and kisses and a great friend. I, Dana Bar-oration Scholarship, Valedictorian; dward Horton ... Kiwanis Vocational cholarship; Bonita Hyde ... Junior Service ward; Denise Isenberg ... Lewis Clark thletic Scholarship; Darrin Jennings ... londay Club Scholarship; Kimberly Jor-an ... National Honor Society, AKA Miss ashionetta Scholarship; Shervin arimpour ... Illinois State Scholar; Daniel ing ... Southwest Missouri State Athletic cholarship; Kendra Kopel... Top 10%, Na-onal Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar; my tadd ... Illinois State Scholar, Uni-crsity of Miami Scholarship; Anthony Lin Top 10%, National Honor Society, II-nois State Scholar, National Merit Final-t, Clarence B. Richards Scholarship; Lin- ln Lounsbury ... Top 10%, National Merit cholarship Commendation, Southern II-nois University — Carbondale Scholar-lip; Meredith Marchbank ... Illinois State cholar; Christopher McDonald ... Top )%, National Honor Society, Illinois State cholar. National Merit Scholarship Com-endation; Catherine Meunier ... Perfect ttendance; Jeffrey Meyer ... Top 10%, II-nois State Scholar. Linda Meyer ... Top )%, National Honor Society; Marty loore ... Top 10%, National Honor So-ety, Illinois State Scholar; Wendy Moore Top 10%, National Honor Society, linois State Scholar; Tawny a Moye ... Lin- coln School Alumni Scholarship; Amy Nelson ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, Southwest Missouri State Athletic Scholarship; Brian Oberdieck ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, Concordia College Presidential Scholarship; Andrew Razeghi ... Illinois Wesleyan University Talent Award; Derrick Richard ... Illinois State Scholar; Jefferson Robbins ... Illinois State Scholar, Naitonal Merit Scholarship Commendation; Andrew SackviHe-West ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Scholarship Commendation; Tricia Scerba ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Scholarship Commendation, St. Louis University Presidential Merit Scholarship; Michelle Schaeffer ... Lewis Clark Athletic Scholarship; Stewart Schilling ... Illinois State Scholar; Denise Schumacher ... National Honor Society; Jeffrey Schwalb ... Illinois State Scholar; The Christopher McDonald Scholarship was made possible through the donation of funds by the Senior Class. The McDonald family hopes to continue the scholarship next year. Jeffrey Shannon ... Massachusettes AFL CIO Scholarship; Elizabeth Shele ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, University of Missouri Excellence Award Scholarship; Fred Steinkuehler... National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, University of Missouri, Rolla, Academic Alumni Scholarship; Susan Stevens ... Kiwanis Vocational Scholarship; Carol Threlkeld ... National Merit Semifinalist; Lori Torrini ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar; Melanie Traxler ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar; I eslie Trueman ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, University of Missouri Excellence Award Scholarship; Cara Walter ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, Illinois Wesleyan University Merit Scholarship; Heather Warrington ... Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Finalist, Shell Companies Merit Scholarship; Karl Weber ... National Honor Society, Ilinois State Scholar; Jennifer Wiemers ... National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar; Virginia Willour ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Finalist; Kristi Wolf ... Top 10%, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar. National Merit Scholarship Commendation, Chris McDonald Scholarship. • O • R • 8 ard, leave Stephanie K. many trips to D.Q. r her senior year. To Barb, many years of iendship and to Roger B. anything he ants. I, Phyllis Bailey, leave all my gum to ora Bollman. my fingernail-file to Claire )., and my lock to Erin H. I, Jeff Lewis, ave Rob Hernandez all my flirting tech-iques. I. Michael Timmons, leave every-ling to Steve Hartman and Blake Hilla. Bonita Hyde, leave my V i extra credit oints to the non-graduating seniors; my rchestral talent to Jessica P.; and my fun mes to Andy M. Also, I leave my love to om H. and my outgoing personality to yan R. I. Rob Werden, leave my strength Buckwheat W.; my fishing abilities to latt S. and my good looks to Craig W. I. aron Suess, leave all my fat to my brother, yan, my baseball skills to Matt S. and to iy dad, I leave all the days I got in trouble nd he never found out! I. Linda Brewster, ill all the wonderful homework assign-lents and hours of high school work to my ister, Sarah and to all the graduating seni-rs — good luck in all you do. I, Atiya lakeem, leave all my favorite classes to ext year’s seniors. I, Shelly Bares, gladly :ave the forever monotonous, twisting alls of EHS to the under classmen that )llow. I, Colette Boyd, leave to Jackie ohnson the good times we had and will ontinue to have. To Tisha S., I leave a brain of her own, some smartness, and the ability to talk to her parents. I, Eric Dettmer, leave all my empty beer cans to the code of conduct. I, I eslie Trueman, will my car and many future good times in Madame Russell’s class to my sister. I, Lee Vandiver, leave my convertible to Angie B.; I leave Tina B. the good times we’ve had! I, Shelly Nelson, will all of next year’s seniors to party it up! I, Fred Steinkuehler, leave the hassel of finding parking places to the sophomores and juniors; to next years football team, I leave all the luck in the world to make the playoffs. I, Orlando Jones, leave an electric razor to Bigfoot and my good hair to A.W. I, Angie Bleier, will my many hours of stud-ing to Diana; to Tina and Julie, the walks to 6th hour; to Ellen B., my Algebra 2 grades! Finally, I leave John Bell a place to stay next time he is homeless! I. Steve Hartman, will my girl troubles to Tom Harvey. I, Eric Carlson, will the presidency of the Third Row to Tim Baker; I will Tom D. my speed, endurance and flat stomach (and my razor)! I, Jason Hughes, leave all my love to L.L., with the deepest regrets that things didn’t work out; to Christy W., I leave the patience and wisdom that I’ve gained in high school. STUDENT LIFE 51A New Beginning Edwardsville Senior High School Class of 1988 Commencement Exercises were held on Friday, June third at the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville’s Vadalabene Center at eight o’clock. The Invocation and Benediction were given by Reverend Jim Johnston, and the Welcome by Senior Class President Elaine Denny. Speeches were given by Valedictorian Ronald Ho, Principal George Halsey, and School Superintendent Dr. Allen McCowen. Board of Education President Gene Vanek presented over 300 diplomas that evening. When asked about his general feelings on the class of’88 and their future, Mr. Halsey replied, “With their talent, ability, and confidence, they could make quite a positive impact on society.” Christina Johnson June 3, 1988 52 GRADUATIONChristopher McDonald 1969-1988 Christopher McDonald Memorial Scholarship Fund: The Gary McDonald family wishes the graduating senior class to know that they will be establishing the Christopher McDonald Memorial Scholarship Fund as an ongoing annual presentation. The senior class represents a body of individuals respecting ideas and ideals that establish credibility to a community. These ideals are those a community would like to see in every graduating, class. They are the kinds of qualities that a community wants to hold and flourish in their young adults and in their citizens of the future. Christopher McDonald was a part of this class and held these ideals as strongly as those who honored him with the Chris McDonald Scholarship. As a family and part of this community, we wish to honor the year’s 1988 graduating class and our Christopher by the continuation of this scholarship on an annual basis, keeping the criteria this class has set and keeping the reason for its presentation. In doing so, the ideals that you, as individuals expect of yourselves and expected of your class, can be permeated to the minds of future graduating classes. In doing so, the ideas and ideals that our Christopher held in esteem as part of your class will always be there as a reminder to help set goals. In doing so, a challenge will be set forth to future classes to be or become as strong an influence as this class has demonstrated. To the Class of 1988 and Friends of Christopher McDonald We speak to each and every one of you. We’d like to hold and to hug each of you and say things will be Okay — but we can’t. So, through this imperfect medium, we wish to express to you our deep appreciation for the beautiful flowers which will be held in our hearts forever; your generous donation which helped to bury our Chris; and, most important, your love when you stayed by us in our most agonizing days. We’d all like to wake up and find this was just one bad dream. We’d like to close the book and say this was one of King’s best novels. But we can’t. This is a real tragedy; and like the tragedies we have all studied, we will search for and hold onto the good points that make the end so tragic. Our Chris was not perfect yet he was impatient with imperfection — with us for being human and having human faults and with himself for making errors and striving so hard. Please join us, each of you, in searching for his good points. Reach for his patience in explaining and helping others to understand written words. Reach for his strong and methodical logic. Stretch your mind out for his love of reading or his joy in music. Grab on to the determination he had to excel within himself and to respect others. Search for that strength of character to say no when necessary and stick to it. We, like him, will never be perfect but we will be happiest when we are striving for it. As you finish your high school year, each of you will go on to bigger and better things. It may not seem so now, but it is true. We will follow you and pray for your strength and know that what our Chris was, lives on in you. Chris’ job is great, for he will be on call to help each of us to find the one good point we liked the best. All we have to do is ask. Our Chris is Okay now. He has achieved the highest — being with his Maker. There is no greater achievement. He’s finally reached it. Now it’s up to us. Thank you all. — Gary and Janice McDonald and family 54 MEMORIALDr. George Halsey The class of’88 shall be the last to leave EHS having George Halsey as their principal for four years. After seven years of being the EHS principal. Dr. Halsey is becoming the administrator of both the Worden Elementary and the alternative school. He will have his work cut out for him just as we will, breaking in a new administrator. Best Wishes Dr. Halsey Dr. Halsey received his Bachelor and Master Degrees in Education from Northeast University. He has an Educational Specialist Degree from Western Illinois University. His most recent degree, which he received this year, is his Doctorate of Education from St. Louis University. Dr. Halsey has seen numerous changes in Edwardsville High School throughout his administration. He wanted to see a change in the exterior and interior of our building (which, for those who had to move around, realized the changes were being made). He also wanted to see an increase in graduation requirements. Most goals he set upon his arrival have been reached and some beyond expectations. Just as we know he will miss EHS and the student body, we can feel confident that change means progress. We shall miss Dr. Halsey’s presence and guidance in EHS next year. We can still hold on to the memories and carry on with improvements set into motion by Dr. Halsey through our new administration. On behalf of the student body, the Tiger Yearbook staff would like to wish Dr. Halsey all the best in his future. THANKS! Get Well Soon, Rick!! Rick Solomon, a member of the Class of 1988 and the Boys’ Basketball Team, has never been one to give up without giving it his all. Due to an auto accident, Rick was hospitalized and unable to attend the graduation ceremonies. We feel that Rick will be fine because he is a fighter and has the love and support of his family and his friends. On behalf of the EHS student body, administrators, and the faculty, the Tiger Yearbook Staff would like to send our best wishes and prayers to Rick for a speedy recovery. GET WELL SOON, RICK! GET WELL AND BEST WISHES 55Forget the 1987-88 experience at EHS? Never! Nostalgia is something that we will all experience sooner or later and probably find remarkably acceptable (considering that we now look upon the age associated with nostalgic memories as a curse) when we have times like these to remember. We, for the most part, are still not considered as adults, and thus can behave as irresponsible as needed and still blame our mistakes and misdemeanors on our lack of maturity. And people accept this!?! We’ve learned to take advantage of this without becoming totally unbelievable, which can be considered quite an accomplishment. But more importantly, through all this, the majority of us have been able to keep our heads clear and not completely forget what is about to be thrown on us. The question, “Is there life after EHS?” is often posed, and within the next one to four years (or maybe more for those of us trying for the five year plan) we are all going to get an answer. But we can do it. If our parents, who graduated out of the 60’s, and just plain out of it, made it through high school, we will do anything but short of that. Our quests and our pride — driven accomplishments have shown that already. We are a class that not only has already shown that we can hold our own in sports, academics, artistic talent, and creativity, but a class that has the thirst for future knowledge and a hunger for conquest and accomplishments. Believe me, it’s there — it’s just a little hard to see. In the KEZK filled halls a dream is beginning — or the effects of leftover asbestos! But even through the bad aspects of school, which mostly consists of school itself, it is easy to see something exciting coming. Future artists, musicians, geniuses, peace negotiators, maybe even president — actors may now roam the halls of EHS. Who knows? But what better time to start planning for world domination (or presidency of the local PTO) than the future. Strike the match, EHS! — Cristina Johnson 56 PEOPLEPEOPLE 57Being a senior has got to be the greatest thing in the world. We are at the top of the whole school It is true that our classes have lost a lot of their importance and school has become even more boring than it used to be, but we have one thing that none of the other classes have: the promise that if we make it through this year, no matter how lousy it is, we get freedom, or at least a taste of it. There are a few distinctive downfalls of being a senior, though. A major one is that if we are going to be any sort of people at all in later life we have to start taking on more responsibilities, facing our faults, learning to cope, and becoming more independent. Now is the time we actually have to decide who we are going to be. Let’s face it, our senior year is one of the best and worst times of our lives, but if we live through it we will have really accomplished something. — Lisa Schott 58 PEOPLEPEOPLE 59Andrea Beth Janies E. Abram Alford Anderson Chris A. Tona Shawn M. Andres Arth Atkins John A. Thomas P. Tammy Bailey Baldwin Ballard 60 SENIORS Kris Anderson Rebecca A. Aurelio Laurel R. BallardMichelle L. Dana M. Michael D. Kara L. Bares Barnard Barnard Barton James A. Bell Jennifer M. Bell Rachel L. Bench Keli Bender SENIORS 61Jefrey Berdick Laura E. Bird Christopher Blair Jennifer Blair Jessica L. Blaske Nina K. Beyer Gerald S. Bielicke Jennifer Bigham Angela M. Bleier Sam E. Blevins Suzanne Boehm Craig Bollman 62 SENIORSKevin W. Budny Seth Tammy L. Gary E. Burgett Burnett Burns SENIORS 63Barbara Byron Shenae Clayton Kort E. Cole 64 SENIORS » Sandy L. James H. Eric J. Camplain Cannon CarlsonMark Currier Nancy J. Cutler Jeffrey A. Curar Rachel L. Darnell Craig W. Larry G. Elaine R. Matthew D. Deconcini Deconcini Denny Denue SENIORS 6566 SENIORSKatherine Ferguson Matthew Fields Tanya C. Fischer Candace A. Farrell Frederick Matthew R. Michelle A. Janies S. Funke Galli Garde Gardiner SENIORS 67Jesse Getter Lori Ann Green Karen A. Haag 68 SENIORS David M. Clayton Gregory Gusewelle Richard D. Greenhill Mark L. Tammy L. Hack Hacking Atiya Y. HakeemStephen J. Hartman Julie A. Harlan David J. Harsh Amy E. Hart Richard J. Hauschild Kimberly Hawk Reynolds C. Hayden Jennifer L. Hays SENIORS 69Mark A. Herman Amy M. Hess Shawn M. Hellinger Janis R. Henson Crystal D. Blake D. William D. Hill Hilla Hindman Michele M. Hinton 70 SENIORSDennis W. Paul Edward D. Christopher Horman Hornberger Horton Hosto Martez A. Cole B. William Eric L. Hudson Hunter Hunter Ingram SENIORS 71Denise R. Isenberg Michelle Jackson ' A J T r f V Cheryl L. Jacobs Darrin Jennings David Johnson Stephen D. Johnston Orlando L. Jones Kimberly R. Jordan Todd E. Shervin E. Lance T. Kyong H. Juergens Karimpour Keller Kim 72 SENIORSDaniel W. King Scott Klingsick Frederic A. Kolesa Kelly Kuhn Amy E. Ladd Kelly J. Koenig Lori H. Kreuiter Jason M. Krapf Bryon C. Ladd SENIORS 73 Melinda L. Klocke Kendra C. Kopel Jean L. KnollJennifer A. Heather M. Judith L. Lisa E. Ladd Lautner Lawrence Leardi Scott L. Leonard Jeffrey A. Lewis 74 SENIORSLisa A. Tammy Lisa L. Jamie L. Lohr Lopretta Lucas Luckshis Meridith A. Marchbank Christopher B. Martin Stephanie A. Dewey L. Mathenia Mathews SENIORS 75Lisa R. Matlock Gary A. May Christopher McDonald Margaret McKinnon Timothy P. Mehdi McQuiggan Mehranfar Lisa E. Meng Susan B. Metzler Catherine Meunier Jeffrey C. Meyer 76 SENIORSMarty E. Moore Wendy C. Moore Lisa Morrison Mary B. Morrison Shantel L. Nelson Jarid Neuhaus Kimberly Nolan Sean P. Nolan SENIORS 77Robert E. Norton Yvonne N. Nothdurft Robert L. Notter Brian N. Oberdieck Kathleen Tony L. Gary R. Melissa J. Perry Picklesimer Pinion Prater 78 SENIORSErik S. Puckett Gary M. Ranek Kellie M. Ratliff Andrew Razeghi Patricia E. Reagan David C. Reuterman Kelly S. Derrick L. Kristin R. Jefferson Rhodes Richards Richardson Robbins SENIORS 799W 80 SENIORS Dean M. Saroca Tricia L. Scerba Michelle L. Schaefer Donald A. Robinson David C. Roth Daniel M. Rose Christy A. Ruyie John D. Roseman Andrew Sackville-West Shaura S. Ross Lester L. SanchezSkip Schilling Denise C. Schumacher Tiffany A. Scott Todd M. Schipkowski Joy A. Schmidt Arthur R. Schubert Corey C. Jeff D. Angie L. Schwalb Schwalb Schwartzkopf Jeffrey M. Shannon Walter C. Scott Renee M. Sexton SENIORS 81Sherri Sharp Libby Shele Derren M. Siglock Christine Simons Karen M. Janell E. Skaer Smart Samantha Smith Julian E. Smart William P. Smith Mary E. Smolar Andrew W. Smucker Diana M. Snell 82 SENIORSSusan R. Stevens Amy L. Stoecklin Aaron Suess Paul Sroboda Bill M. Jamie L. Eric M. Julie E. Swiecicki Talley Terry Tewell SENIORS 83Cassandra Thomas Sheila K. Toring Michael W. Tripp 84 SENIORS Brian Jennifer L. Tucker Unger Jocelyn A. Travis Melanie A. Traxler Traci L. Thompson Lori A. Torrini Leslie M. TruemanJoseph M. Urban Nicole C. Vuagniaux Heather I. Warrington Ryan M. Van Hout Jim Van Orden Lee Vandiver Cara L. Walter Cheryl A. Ward A Kimberly Warren Karl A. Robert W. Curt Weber Werden West SENIORS 85Joseph P. Westfall Paul N. Wiegand Carl Williams 86 SENIORS John K. Wetzel John F. Whitaker Craig S. WhiteDamian John T. Tracey L. John H. Wuellner Yates Young Flamer Congratulations Seniors!! — THE YEARBOOK STAFF SENIORS 8790 SENIORSSENIORS 9192 BESTBEST 93Christy Ruyle and Sean Nolan Sean Beagle and Kara Barton Best Physique Biggest Partiers Most Intelligent Ron Ho and Lori Clemente Biggest Threat to Pedestrians Lee Ann Vandiver and Jim Bell SENIOR BESTBest Dressed Best Looking Orlando Jones and Shaura Ross Eric Carlson and Christy Ruyle Most Talkative Sean Nolan and Kristen Richardson SENIOR BEST 95Most Athletic Best Smile Christy Ruyle and Blake Hilla Gary Burns and Amy Nelson Jason Brewer and Elaine DennyMost Spirited Most Likely to Succeed Kristen Richardson and Steve Hartman Ron Ho and Lori Clements Best Eyes Jenny Ladd and Jerry Holt SENIOR BEST 97Best Strut Shyest People Best Per- sonality Tracey Woll and Sieve Hartman Kim Jordan and Jeff Schwalb Bests Not Pictured: Jason Hughes and Lynn Hollowich (Not pictured) Biggest Flirts: Jeff Lewis and Rhonda Graham Best Actor Actress: Brian Oberdeick and Angie OhrenCutest Couple Best Legs Eric Carlson and Tammy Edgeworth Kara Barton and Kort Cole Class Clowns Best Hair Sherrie Sharp and Eric Carlson Jenny Hays and Steve Hartman SENIOR BEST 99Left: Best Personality: Mark Trone and Nicole Wydra Below: Biggest Flirts: Rob Luster and Debbie Jacober Left: Best Eyes: Rachel Gaertner and Brian McAllister Above: Most Athletic: Marcus Atkins and Courtney Ward 100 JUNIOR BESTAbove: Most Spirited: Matt Firsch-ing and Evannah Rouse (Not pictured) Most Talkative: Jason Thompson and Kierstyn Gullicksrud Above: Best Looking: Adam Lynn and Jenny Latham Below: Best Dressed: Matt Holshouser and Rhonda Roth JUNIOR BEST 101Best Eyes: Parish Lowrie and Kelli Dusky Most Athletic: Christina Perozzi and Neil Strader Best Dressed: Mamie McCarthy and Andre Williams Shyest People: Leah McCance and Dear Anne Best Legs: Beth Wadlow and Ty Howton 102 SOPHOMORE BESTSophomore and Mark Little Best Smile: Beth Wadlow and Rob Hunter Biggest Flirts: Jenny Peel and Matt Curry Class Clowns: John Bell and Amy Werden Best Personality: Karin Garbe and Parish Lowrie Best SOPHOMORE BEST 103Best Dressed: John Droste and Carla Howell 104 FRESHMEN BEST Best Personality: J. J. Scerba and Dana Reed Freshman Best Best Legs: Heather Perry and David Slem-merBiggest Flirts: Jack McPike and Heather Rumfelt Best Eyes: Ben Broom and Suzie Carlson Class Clown: Jack McPike and Meredith Hess I Most Athletic: Jason Heien and Melissa Dorsey FRESHMEN BEST 105Ah! We have finally reached our first awesome upperclassman year. We may “officially” drive to school and get that obscene orange parking sticker (or the more obscene neon orange parking ticket). Rushing in the morning after lunch to find a half-way decent parking spot makes things hectic. Yes, battling the traffic drive to lunch is a pleasure compared to eating in the cafeteria, A + W, or at the new Convenient Mart, a.k.a. E-zy Stop. Our athletes took over Varsity spots compared to J. V. and Sophomore positions held last year. Our class is led by Rhonda Roth, President; Evannah Rouse, Vice-President; Jill Florini, Secretary; and Stephanie Rogier, Treasurer. Plans are being made for the Spring Prom, and counselors are reminding us of the ACT’s, SAT’s, and applying to colleges. Pressure to pass the all-important American History class, along with the U.S. and Illinois Constitution tests hangs over our heads. We are looking forward to the fact we have one year left at EHS, but we are also reminded that we have only one more year to “let the good times roll!” We know the class of 1989 will leave the rest in awe and that our energy and spirit is something to take pride in and leave EHS to remember us by! 106 PEOPLEDavid Ackman Marcus Adkins Christopher Ahring James Allison Sheri Ammon Eric Anderson Greg Anderson Sondra Andrews Eric Arth Michael Ashaucr Michele Attey Katie Augustine Kimberly Bach Rich Bailey Scott Bailey Timothy Baker Erin Bardon Jeffrey Bares Asagay Barker Jules Bartony Mark Bass Kcri Bauer Lisa Baugh James Beck Dyann Bcngston Timothy Bennett Jennifer Bcrends Chad Bernhardt Kevin Betts Kim Bingham Karen Block Brad Blumcnstock Cheryl Bockstruck 108 JUNIORSDawn Boedecker Brian Boehm Robin Boehm Scott Boehm Brian Boston Paige Brase Darla Breen Robert Brickner Andy Brown Tracy Brown Lisa Buckley Stacy Budt Kelly Bullard Chris Burnett Kyle Burress Wendy Burris Blake Burress Rach Byrd Renatto Carr Jeffrey Carroll David Cason Erin Celuch Robert Cemy Chad Champion Amanda Chandler Sarah Chapman Vanda Chomhirun Eric Clark Marleta Clark Yvette Clark Tom Clarkin Becky Clayton Dianne Collins Graham Collins JUNIORS 109Jennifer Conroy Dawn Coombs Judy Cooper Monica Cooper Phil Copeland Brenda Crabtree Rennae Crabtree Mona Crawford Eric Cremcr Amy Crook Jeffrey Cross Tonya Crow Dawn Curry Salvatore Cusumano Tammy Cusumano Beth Cuvar Diane Delaney Peter Delgado Thomas Deticnne Anthony Dettmcr Sam Divine Emilic Droste Andrea DuBay Thomas Duckworth Jeffrey Duncan Darla Dunn Michele Dustman John Dutton Darla Duvall Darren Duvall Dawn Eardley Michelle Edwards Stacy El ledge 110 JUNIORSKurt Emshousen Aaron Etcheson Joey Evans Kim Evola Christine Ezell Julie Farrell Marissa Feeney Eric Fields Matt Firsching Lciana Fish Michael Fitzpatrick Loftus Fitzwater Chris Flamer Sheri Flanigan Maureen Floeter Jill Florini Derek Ford Ronald Foster Carrie Freitag Rachel Gaertner Aaron Gallatin Joseph Garwood Jennifer Gehmer Robert Gcrstenccker Debra Giebe Jeffrey Glascow Tricia Gobel Melissa Goff David Goldenbaum Cheryl Golisch Rachel Goodman Mary Gude Amy Gucldencr JUNIORS 111Kierstyn Gullicksrud Dan Gusewelle James Gusewelle Ron Hadley Kory Hagemann Brian Hahn Rashida Hakeem Tonya Hall Darlene Hampton Randy Hanks Douglas Hanna Jean Hansel Anna Harris Robert Harris Jamie Harsh Mark Hawkins Michelle Hayes Dena Heater Lisa Hecpkc Rhonda Hciney Debra Hengehold Jay Hepler Patricia Herman Robert Hernandez Craig Hettcnhouse Gina Higgins Mike Hildebrand Shae Hilcman Craig Hindelang Daniel Hodge Carla Hoffner Carla Holem Annabel Holland Janette Holly 112 JUNIORSEric Holshouser Matt Holshouser Melanie Hooks Julie Horton Jamie Hoskins James Hudson Elisa Huffer John Hulme Don Hunter Greg Hunter Gary Hynson David Hyten Shelli Hyten Deborah Jacober Thomas Jacober Kathie Jenkins Eric Jennings Jackie Johnson Jennifer Johnson Bill Johnson David Jones Menyoun Jordan Kim Kahn Donna Kampman Julie Kanning Portia Keil Dennis Kent John Kerkemeyer Kris Kershaw Levina Kibbons Stacey King Cheryl Kirsch Adrian K1 ingel JUNIORS 113Tara Kluckcr Stephanie Knect Heather Kniffcl JoAnn Knoll Paula Kocn Linda Kovar Lorinda Kovarik Stacy Kovarik Katherine Kuntz Tara Landers Laura Landin Donal Langcndorf Mary Latham Richard Leisure Lori Lembeke Michelle Lentz Lynnette Leopold Jennifer Lewis Jason Lickficld John Linafeltcr Brian Linck Matthew Lippoldt Tia Liston Chad Little Jennifer Little Richard Llewellyn Bobbie Lowry Ellen Luan Catherine Lumma Kathy Lundak Robert Luster Amy Lybarger Adam Lynn Dawn Major 114 JUNIORSMike Malone Rachclle Mansholt Anthony Marghcrio Chris Marshall Brian Martin Dorothy Martin Danny Mayberry Tammy McAdam Brian McAllister Susan McBraycr Physhawne McCarter Nancy McEnary Steven McGauley Shelly McKeon Robert McNally Paul McNeill Dana Meek Mehrdad Mehranfar Steven Meininger Cathy Mellot Jim Merritt Jim Mcrsinger Katherine Metzger Andrew Meyer Matt Meyer Susan Meyer Jodi Michel Steven Miller Steven Miller Blake Misukonis Rosannc Moehle Lynn Moore Jeff Moore JUNIORS 115Onnie Moore Cheryl Morton Shannon Moss Nathan Mudd Andrew Mueller Chcri Mulach Cheryl Murray Shelley Myers Darren Nelson Brett Newton Joseph Nicolussi Joseph Nolan Robert Noud Laurie Nunes Dan O'Brien Cindy Oates Gregory Organ Kim Ottc Kelly Owens George Pal Shelia Palmer Christopher Parker Aimee Parrill Michael Paulsmcyer Kevin Payne Leslie Peck Brian Peterson Timothy Peterson John Pile Chris Pindcll David Pochlein Amy Pomeroy Jeremy Potthast 116 JUNIORSLorcna Prater Michael Pringle David Radcmachcr John RafTaellc Anthony Rankin Jason Ray Collin Reckman Matthew Reckman Ryan Redd Daren Reding Debbie Reed Andrew Reinking Antuan Rogers Steph Rogier Rhonda Roth Evannah Rouse Jim Roustio Molly Rucks R. J. Russell Joseph Russo Rebecca Sackville-West Ronda Saddler E. V. Saverson Jason Sawyer Mathew Schaefer Kreg Schneider Janet Schoch Sarah Schreiber Treavor Schroder Blair Schwalb Leonard Schwartz Andy Schwartzkopf Jamie Schwear Kimberly Seals JUNIORS 117Shani Shaffer Kevin Shashack Melanie Shaw Todd Shaw Rodney Sheets David Sherrod Nikkie Shipp Tina Sidener Brandon Simmons William Slemer Shawn Smith Thomas Smucker Angela Snell Michelle Soto Patricia Soto Shelly Southard Michele Sparks Christine Speciale Teresa Speciale Elizabeth Spencer Angelica Spider Tisha Spider David Sporrer Stacy St. John Angela Stack Jamie Stack Carissa Stauffer K. Steingraber Sarah Stemler Craig Stewart Richard Stolze Robert Stolze Eric Stueber 118 JUNIORSTracy Sullivan William Summers Thomas Tegeler Tiffany Telford Angela Thomas Cheryl Thomas Jeffrey Thomas Jason Thompson Kelli Towell Matthew T reat Jennifer Trebing Michael Trobaugh Mark Trone Marc Tuttle Kendra Uhe Casandra Vaden Kerry Vanzo Trixy Wallace Courtney Ward Elizabeth Warrington David Waun Stacy Weakley Jason Weber Mary Weingartner Mike Wesley Frank Wilkinson Wanda Wilkinson Ralph Willis Jim Wilson Melanie Wilson Melody Wilson Mikcll Winchester Sara Worthey JUNIORS 119 As Sophomores, we should all be laving the academic foundation of our lives, on which our future shall be built. We should be striving to reach and surpass our academic goals, planning for the ACT and the SAT, choosing a career goal, and setting our sight on a college or two. Yeah — Right! That may be what our parents and counselors say — but we know better!! This year, since we aren't Freshmen, we have more freedom, possible access to a car — (legal or not), more friends who are Seniors, and we have more of that required EHS partying spirit under our belts. This is the year we become PEOPLE! No more ‘Frosh!" jokes, insults, or embarrassing moments — like walking into the boy's (or girl's) locker room after asking a Senior for directions to the cafeteria! We are now respected — even looked up to by Frosh! People (Juniors and Seniors) listen to us now — they actually almost care about what we have to say! And to think, next year, everything will be even better, until finally, we become Seniors and are Cooler Than Cool! — Cyndi Trueman aJon Abcrle Amy Abram Kevin Acra Jason Adair Edward Adams Dean Ahne Kaisa Ahola Cheryl Ahrens Brian Albl Jill Alexander Jesse Allen Jay Allison Atonize Anderson Laura Anderson Tonya Atkinson Trisha Bain Andrew Balmcr Shawn Barge Amy Barnett Chad Bartels Diallo Bartley Jennie Bauer Martha Becker John Bell Jenna Bender Craig Bengston Doug Bielicke Kimberly Bilyeu Melinda Blackwell Jason Blair Diana Bleier Barbara Blocmker Gary Blocmker 126 SOPHOMORESEllen Bloom Dcana Blumcnstock James Bocscr Subha Bollini Lora Bollman Christine Bonaldi Dionna Boner Lance Bonney Tony Bostick Mitzi Bowman Gerald Bradford Scott Brady Bonnie Brakhane John Bramhall Jim Bratten William Braun Angela Brimer Janice Brock Tracy Brooks Amie Brown Don Brown Amy Bruce Kristina Buck Brian Budny Edith Buehler Amy Burch Andrew Bums Tracy Bush Christopher Byron Michael Calvo Jack Carr Daniel Carter Elizabeth Carter SOPHOMORES 127Gerald Carter Peter Cemy Shelby Chapman Carrie Chariton Kimberly Chvis Vance Clark Kai Clarke Barbara Cleveland Angie Cluster Andy Colligan William Cook Steve Cooper Todd Copeland Tanya Coughlin Billy Cox James Cox Jennifer Crane Michael Cross Andrew Curran Matthew Curry Dennis Dailey Bruce Davis Joseph Davis Shelley Dean Edic Dcconcini Michael Deichmann Lea Dcllamano Shannon Denkler Darran Denning Michael Dennis Danielle Dcnuc James Denue Sarah Dettmer 128 SOPHOMORESCasonda Dickerson Kristen Dicterich Patrick Donnelly Terra Dorman Brian Douglas Jackie Dunn Darin Dunnagan Rich Dunnavant Kellie Dusky Neil Duvall Tony Dycus Scott Eder Todd Edwards Karen Elfrink Deric Elkins Garry Ellison Tonia Ems Laurel Enochs Jeni Fanning Nick Feco Marjock Fenner Michael Fink Laura Fischer Shannon Flanigan Steve Flowers Kcrsondra Franklin Larry Freitag Dawn French Paul Fuller David Funk Timothy Funkhouser Karin Garbe Colette Gates SOPHOMORES 129Carla Gathing Elizabeth Gersman Leonard Getter Donna Gibson Jill Glaser Stephen Gnojewski Darrell Godier Amy Goebel James Goodman Heather Grant Katherine Grimes Robert Grosze Matt Gusewcllc Steven Gusewcllc Angie Halemeyer Helena Hales Tina Hall Kristen Halsey Tracy Hamann Erin Hamilton Matthew Hamilton Kellie Hanks Lotonia Harmon Marcella Harris Thomas Harvey Keather Hawkes Kevin Hawkins Monica Haxton James Haynes Jocelyn Hedlund Elizabeth Heilman Greg Helm Janice Hendricks 130 SOPHOMORESDaniel Hcngchold Julie Henke Jerry Hester Debbie Hill James Hilt Ronald Hilt Michael Hindman Chris Hiscox Andrew Holshouser Corey Holshouser Dixie Holtmann Robert Hormell Stefan Homberger Ty Howton Otez Hudson Amy HufT John Hughes Stephen Hughes Demond Hunt Erin Hunter Robb Hunter Leroy Hutson Zipporah Jacks Amy Jackson Jamil Jackson Darryl Jacobs Dawn Jenkins Jason A. Jenkins Jason W. Jenkins Christabette Johnson Christina Johnson Darin Johnson Dennis Johnson SOPHOMORES 131Ronald Johnson Marcy Jones Theresa Racer Jennifer Karkut Kerri Kelley Chad Kelso Ryan Kennedy Jeff Kerkemyer Paula Kerper Kris Kcslcr Latonya Kinder Patrick King Tim Knecht Rebecca Knezik Michelle Koelker Kenton Krieg Jeffrey Kuethe Charity Lantz Travis Lapierre Amy Larrabce Brad Lawrence Andrew Lcbro Shawn Lehman Laura Lewin Christopher Lewis Gerald Lieurancc Mark Little Wayne Long Jenny Looney Kenneth Lopretta Randy Loucks Yvonne Lowe Parish Lowrie 132 SOPHOMORESMichelle Loyet Nicole Madison Billyc Magrudcr Brad Maher Susan Maher Kevin Major Michael Major Jude Mansell Linda Marinko Matthew Marshall Matthew Matevey Denise Mattca Nicole Mayfield Leah McCance Mamie McCarthy Steve McClard Sean McClearey Beth McClellan Patricia McDermott Melissa McDonough Daniel McFerran Elizabeth McMahan Bobic McMillan Garrett McNally Anna McReaken Ken McShan Toby Meador Angela Mehelic Karen Meier Melissa Metcalf Deanna Meyer Eric Mike Matthew Miller SOPHOMORES 133Carlos Mitchell Yvette Mitchell Denise Molina Melissa Morris Gregory Morrison Michelle Morton Robert Mosby Jennifer Murphy Melissa Nappicr James Nelson Robert Nelson Gary Nicholas Nathan Nicbling Craig Nielson Katie Nordhouser Karen Nuemberger Perry Nuemberger Scott Nycrgcs Trade Onley Jenny Owens Stacy Paddock Jennifer Palmer Kristine Parke Anahita Partovi Jessica Patterson Kevin Paur Jessica Paxson Jennifer Peel Chris Pegg Christina Pcrozzi Candi Peterson Christy Phillips Daniel Pitman 134 SOPHOMORESAmy Powell Jim Powell Crystal Price Thomas Price Shephen Primas Ray John Lisa Raymond Dustin Rcames Carrie Reding Shephanie Reed Cynthia Reilly Andrew Reinke Deveron Rcising Mary Richards Dena Robbers Chris Roberts James Rorie Paul Roseman Amy Rouggly Melanie Roustio Charles Ruyle Chad Sanders Akira Sato Timothy Saucier Shannon Saulys Douglas Schaefer David Schcibal Samuel Scheibal Stephen Scherff Jason Schmid Craig Schmidt Todd Schuerman Wade Schuerman SOPHOMORES 135Christcl Schumacher Kristin Schumacher Fayeshclle Scott David Sethaler Brian Shannon John Sharp Tamma Shaw Lynctte Sherman Justin Short Phillip Siglock Barbara Simmons Tadd Simmons Jason Slaughter Hillary Smith Jenni Smith Jill Smith Valeric Snell Jason Sobkowski Nickic Sodam Kellie Sommers Arland Sparks Jill Stahlhut Christine Stambaugh Michcal Stanley Rachel Steelman Craig Steinmann Valerie Stephens Greg Stevens Yvonne Stewart Robert Stockcrt Brett Strader Neil Strader Derek Stralman 136 SOPHOMORESTraci Stroder Craig Suhre Alexis Tharp Donya Thompson Sarah Towslee Anthony Traxler Dana Tretter Cyndi Trueman Elmo Tumaliuan Cameron Turner Dwane Tuner Gayle Unterbrink Laura Van Natta Timothy Van Patten Jennifer Vargo Rob Veith Scott Veith Alison Vilicco Lori Volrab Andre Vuagniaux Elizabeth Wadlow Chris Wallace C. T. Watkins Jeffrey Weeks Paul Wegeng William Wegrzyn Mark Weiler Charlotte Welbum Heather Wendler Amy Werden John Wertz Gregory West Lori Whitehead Christa Whittaker SOPHOMORES 137Christy Widener Sarah Wieldt Craig Wieseman Liz Wilcoxson Dawn Willett Andre Williams Corey Williams Dana Wilson James Wilson Erik Wolf Julie Wooldridge Jennifer Wright Christol Yancy Travis Yates Charles YouchofT Maria Youngs Michelle Youngs Jeffrey Zacha Picture Not Available Picture Not Available 138 SOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES 141 Being a Freshman has its good and bad points (mostly bad but that’s beside the point). One really great thing about being a Freshman is not being a “jr. high kid” anymore. We can say we are in high school! But hey, what can we say? Is it our fault we were born that year? No, don’t think so! What can we do about it. Should we skip one year and just automatically become sophomores? We admit it would be very nice, but it’s just not possible. — Kelly ParkerPEOPLE 143Mark Abcrlc Chad Abernathy James Aleman Lora Andrews Cecily Arenas Andrea Armour Aaron Arth Timothy Arth Cheryl Ashauer Rodney Ashbum Joel Attey Pamela Attey Laura Barnard Buddy Barnes Monica Barry Dulcic Barth Rashida Bartley Amy Bates Derek Baugh Mathew Beatty Jonathan Becker Brent Beckwith David Bell Michael Belt David Bertels Dean Bertels Tia Betts Jackie Beyer Keith Bivcr Steve Blackmon Staci Bom Marcus Bostick Cheryl Bough Andrew Bowers Eric Brase Mark Brase 144 FRESHMENShawn Brase Steve Brase Ben Broom Dana Brown Gerald Brown Stacy Brown Kevin Brunworth Kerri Buchanan Craig Burnett Morris Bums Heather Burrcss Michael Busch Caleb Bush Kathleen Callahan Tommy Campbell Susie Carlson Laura Catalano Kirk Chapman Brad Chasteen Denise Chesnutt Soomin Cho Kay Coats Annette Collins Jason Collins Thomas Cook Jamie Cooper Barbara Cope Casey Cosby Amy Cox Carma Crabtree Bryan Crainc Jennifer Crisler Brian Cross FRESHMEN 145Kim Cummings Paul Dasbach Evan Davis Andy Davison Jamie Deconcini Clay Dcgiacinto Monica Delgado Christopher Dixon Claire Donclson Kevin Donclson David Donnelly Melissa Dorsey Jacquc Drcsch John Drostc Jeremy Dudley Melissa Duncan Joseph Dupureur Brett Dustmann Kelly Eder Rich Ely Erika Enos Dawn Fagala Julie Fagan Dan Fantcr Angcll Farley Michael Farmer Tara Farrell Wendy Faulkner Sean Feco Billy Felchlin Meghan Fields Aaron Fischer Jennifer Fischer 146 FRESHMENErica Fitzpatrick Thomas Gazda Michael Gehner Chris Gent Christopher George Brendan Gibbons Gregory Gieseking Shayna Gocken Shae Godfrey Dave Golem Wendy Green Paul Gude Cathy Gusewelle Christopher Hale Cory Hall Charlotte Hamann Sarah Hammon Doran Hampson Julie Hanna Bob Hansen Christie Harbry Beth Harrick Crystal Harrison Randy Hart Lisa Hartley Mariah Harvey Wendy Hawk Jeremy Hays Bill Haywood Joseph Hedger Jasen Heien Vicki Helms Erika Helsel s FRESHMEN 147Stephen Henderson Jeffrey Hengehold Beth Henry Lisa Hentz Melissa Hernandez Meredith Hess Todd Hickman Katie Hill Brian Hindclang Brian Hlavsa Donald Hodge Ginger Hocnig Joel Hogendobler Andrea Hommert Matt Honnen Amy Hooks Aisha Homberger Tammy Hornbergcr Roxana Howard Carla Howell John Huber Garth Hull Peter Hulmc Nick IfTrig Tamara Isenberg Indira Isringhausen Ginny Jackson Mary Jackson Paul Jennetten Mike Jennings Ronda Johnson Craig Jones Jason Jones 148 FRESHMENJeff Jones Grade Jordan Stacie Judd Michelle Kahrig Kris Kaufmann Dustin Keller Jenny Kim Russell King Tonia Kinney Nikki Kinsey Pete Kinsey Todd Klucker Lee Ann Koenig Brian Kohlmiller Gretchen Kovarik Kristy Kovarik Kristin Krebs Kevin Krieg Tonya Kruse Amy Kubicek Brian Kuchta Dawn Kynion Jason Ladd Anthony Langendorf Danielle Langston Brian Leardi Alec Lebro Pat Lewis Andrea Linafelter Jenny Linafelter Victoria Liston Eric Lohman Stephanie Long FRESHMEN 149Adam Lutlcy Joic Lyles Tiffany Manion Mail Marco Amy Matintoni Mark Massi James Matteson Holly Mattingly Michelle McDonald J. D. McFarland John McKeon Ted McKinney Deidre McQuillen Stacy McCance Christopher McCoy David McDougal Pat McDougal Laura McKane Randall McKcever Jack McPike Eric Meek Stephen Mellott Alia Merla Jeremy Merritt Darrin Mcrsingcr Chip Metzler Michelle Meunier Gary Meyer Carrie Michel Amy Milgrim Jamie Minor Michael Modrusic Megan Mohlke 150 FRESHMENSheila Moody William Moore Keith Moran Chris Morris Brandi Morrison Bart Mount Brennan Murphy Michelle Meyers Terrance Neutzling Vonchie Nicholson Sheila Nolan Shawn Noll Nelson Nolte Andrew O’Connell Darren Onwiller Brett Palmier Brian Pape Chad Parker Kelly Parker John Parrick Sara Pate Michael Penelton Heather Perry Treena Persons Matthew Peters Raymond Pfeffer Heather Piggott Mathew Pindell Lesley Pinion Mark Piper Keri Pitra Laura Popelar Jeffrey Powell FRESHMEN 151Timothy Pratt Joe Priestley Matthew Pringle J. J. Prott Melissa Pulliam Jamie Quade Chad Quick Stacy RadclifT Mami Raffaclle Shay Ranck Monica Rankin Charlotte Rapp Alan Razeghi Dana Read Joe Regna Tami Rczabck Jami Rice Cartherine Richard Jason Richardson Sarah Roberson Nicole Rolfes Ryan Roth Heather Rumfelt Christine Sander Tsutomu Sato J. J. Scerba Paticia Schaake Brett Schipkowski Lisa Schott Carla Schreiber Mike Schwab Brett Schwalb Kerri Schwalb Shelly Schweiger 152 FRESHMENTara Sexton Eddie Shane Stephanie Sheets Edward Sido John Slemer David Slemmer Briana Smith Dave Smith Derik Spencer Eric Springs Julie Stahlhut Jason Steingrabcr Sherri Steinmetz Jeffrey Stephens Michelle Steward Donnell Stidhum Ryan Suess Steve Suhre Jennifer Sullivan Laura Summers Dennis Swanson Marcy Taylor Albert Tenllado Keith Terrell Jayme Tewell Michelle Tilson Kerry Timmons Mylinda Tucker Travis Tutka James Van Arsdale Robert Varady Jeffrey Vargo Jennifer Voigt Danny Von Forell Jeff Wahl Trevon Walker FRESHMEN 153Tiffany Wallace Toby Wallace Eric Walter Andy Ward Nathan Waukazo Robyn Weigler Brandon Wesley Kevin West Jill Wetzel Bradley Wieseman Dan Wilkinson Jeff Williams Charles Willour Amy Wilson Keenan Wilson Matt Wilson TifTany Wilson Russell Winkler Heather Winterowd Tracy Wisdom Anne Witschie Richard Wooldridge Jarvis Wooten John Woycke Ling Lei Xu Juan Ybarra JoMichelle Yehling Carrie ZezofT Todd Zude 154 FRESHMENAUTOGRAPHS 159 School is many things to us students. It is a chance to socialize and participate in the great sports program at EHS. It is also band concerts and orchestra concerts. It is even the crush in the halls and the smell of the locker rooms. Last but certainly not least, as the saying goes, it is our classes ... Wait, aren't we forgetting something very important? Yes, how could we forget? School is also the faculty. (tWho are the faculty?” you ask. The faculty are the ones who make the school whatever it is to us. They coach our teams and teach our classes. They help us win and help us deal with losing. They make us think even when we’d really rather not. They make us ask questions and help us find the answers. The faculty is the backbone of our school. Stop and think: What would EHS be without them? — Lisa Schott 160 PEOPLEDistrict 7 Administrative Staff t Mr. Allen McCowan Superintendent of Schools Mr. Rue Foe Assistant Superintendent Ms. Laurie Kocur Director of Personnel Mr. Robert Stuart Director of Instruction Board of Education Gene Vanek, President Jackie Eadie, Vice-President Susan Welch, Secretary Ruth Ann Baugh Jane Delaney Bruce Hoffman Rudy Wilson 162 FACULTYMr. Robert Gregor Assistant Principal Mr. Richard Ford Activities Director Mr. George Halsey Principal E.H.S. Administrative Staff Mrs. Carol McCormick Assistant Principal Mrs. Jane Westerhold Director of Student Support Services Secretarial Linda Bums Jenell Emerich Nancy Gcbhart Barbara Krebs Sandy Pringle Kathi Shannon Amelia Werden Not Pictured: Gerry Burlan Staff FACULTY 163Mr. Gerald Baker, Biology Mrs. R. Beal; Chem Bio Ms. Cathy Bohnack; Spanish French Mr. L. Bollinger; Chem Physics Mr. G. Bradley; Voc. Music Ms. Carolyn Brown; Media Specialist Mr. W. Brown; S.S. Mr. Darrell Butler, S.S. Mr. Bill Collman; Applied Arts Ms. Pamela Cook; Business Mr. D. Cooper, Applied Arts Ms. D. DanKcnbring; Nurse Mrs. Dolores Day; Business Mr. G. Day; Biology Mr. Richard Dempsey; Band Mr. Dennis DeToye; Art Mr. Charles Finley; Counselor Mr. Elliot French; Mathematics Mr. Paul Fuchs; S.S. Mr. Wm. Funkhouser; Phys. Ed. Mrs. D. Gebhardt; Business Mrs. A. Gregor, Business Mrs. M. Hansen; Business Mrs. Chris Head; English 164 FACULTYMs. J. Highlander; Special Ed. Mrs. Sharon Jackson; English Ms. N. Jacobsmeyer; Chem. Mrs. A. Jacox; English Mr. R. Jenkins; Math Mr. Pat Johannes; Counselor Ms. Bemece Johnson; SED Work Experience Mr. Jesse Joiner; Applied Arts Ms. P. Kaganish; Sp. Ed. Mrs. E. Kasten; Business Mrs. C. Kuethe; Home Economics Mrs. M. Lancaster, Math Mrs. Donna Lawless; Drug Counselor Mr. Craig Louer, Business Mr. J. McCarty; S.S. Mrs. Emily Monika; Phys. Ed. Mrs. Leilani Moore; Art Mrs. Kate Motley; English Mr. Wm. Nunes; Social Studies Ms. S. Obranovich; Art Mr. Jack Ott; English Ms. P. Penelton; Sp. Ed. Ms. Sharon Petty; Phys. Ed. Mr. Tom Pile; Social Studies FACULTY 165Mr. R. Pilney; Counselor Mrs. Linda Powell; Math Mr. Pat Price; Drivers Education Mrs. Jacqueline Rader; English Mr. James Richmond; Orchestra Mr. Thomas Rivers; Spanish Mrs. Mary Ann Russell; French Mr. G. Salovich; Business Ms. P. Schulthcis; Math Mrs. Lcssic Shashack; English Ms. Sherry Skelton; Health Drivers Ed. Ms. Peg Spellman; Eng. Mr. Warren Stahlhcr; Phys. Ed. Ms. A. Starkey; Math Ms. Trudy Stilwcll; Phys. Ed. Mr. Dan Sucss; Math Ms. Vicki Summers; Math Mr. J. Symanskii; Psych Spcc. Ed. Mr. E. Szekely; Science Mrs. Marion Thompson; Spanish 166 FACULTYCustodial Staff Esther Buchlcr Vernon Carter Jim Culbertson Gary Heidemann John McCarry Darrel Miller Roy Pleggc Robert Thompson Michael Utechtt Terry Weiler Harold Williams Bill Morris F.R.: Elisabeth Arth, Vi Rood, Barb Dippold, Joann Ladd. S.R.: Marian Utechtt, Barb Peterson, Shirley Orman, Marylin Tcnlando, Tina O'dcll Carolyn Lauthcr. FACULTY 167FACULTY 169 A Strong Second It happens every year somewhere — someone or something comes in second place in a contest or a similar event. So in honor of placing second, behind the Sports, the EHS Yearbook Staff would like to present this award to the Organizations of our school... Seriously now, the organizational groups and clubs of EHS do rank a strong second behind sports in popularity. Where all of the sports can be considered as a major river, the organizations are tributary creeks and streams. The organizations represent what our school is really about, not necessarily the cut-throat competitiveness of the sports, but the fun, easy-going, social diverseness which is truly our school. — Cyndi Trueman 170 ORGANIZATIONSThis year’s Drama Club has been very busy. First, the Fall production, “The Crucible” went very well. Second, the Christmas play “Partridge in a Pear Tree” was performed at neighboring elementary schools and nursing homes. Next was the ISU Theaterfest where Drama and Thespian members attended workshops and performances hosted by other schools. Later they hosted their own workshop for high school and junior high school students. There was also a performance for the Ed-wardsville Rotasians at a banquet. Finally, the Spring musical, “Oliver” turned out to be very successful. The people who help make these performances possible are the student actors and actresses, the backstage workers and the teachers. When asked how she like working with the Drama Club, Mrs. Motley replied that she was "having a ball” and that she was very pleased with the outcome of the Drama Club’s work. Heather Burress First Row: Meridith Hess, Tim Baker, Angie Ohren, Tammy Hacking. Brian Oberdieck, Melanie Hooks, Sheri Ammon, Erin Bardon; Second Row: Paul Gudc, Darren Duvall, Mark Bass, Alia Merla, Matt Marco, Tiffany Wallace. Lisa Raymond, Janis Henson; Third Row: Amy Pomeroy, Gina Higgins. Annabel Holland, Vanda Chomhirun, Sara Stcmler, Tona Arth, Amy Hooks, Anna Harris, Steve Gnojewski; Fourth Row: Dani Langston. Jenny Kim, Kevin Shashack. Tom Clarkin, Brad Blumenstock, Pat Lewis, Wendy Moore, Kris Parke, Jamie Stack, Debbie Hill, Orlando Jones; Fifth Row: Clay Degiaceto, Tom Harvey, David Clarkin, Christina Johnson, Marty Moore, Becky Sackville-West, John Linafelter, Rob Brickner, Stacy Elledge. Beth Carter, Kristin Deitrich; Sixth Row: Inoira Isring Hausen, Patricia Schaake. Sarah Robberson, Jennifer Lewis, James Denuc, Cathy Mellon, Mike Hildcn-brand; Seventh Row: Perry Nu-ernberger, Jeff Powell, C.J. Reckman. Soomin Cho, Craig Wieseman, R.J. Russell, Carol Threlkeld, Kyle Burress; Eighth Row: Heather Burress, Russell King x rx First Row: Melanie Hooks, Tona Arth, Rob Brickner, Wendy Moore, Anna Harris, Tim Baker, Second Row: Marty Moore, Stacy Elledge, Tammy Hacking, Brian Oberdieck 172 ORGANIZATIONSThis year’s Tiger Yearbook Staff joined together to bring out the best possible 1988 yearbook. Many long hours were spent in writing, lay-outs, photography, and in the general publication of the book. The book was sold twice to enable the entire, student body to participate. Not only did the members construct the book, but the business staff held a Christmas fundraiser and kept publicity of the book high. The many hours spent during this year helped to secure the yearbook as a credit worthy class for the years to come. From the typing to the Final preparations, the entire staff, with two-year sponsor Mrs. Moore and editors Elizabeth Spencer and Tish Wurl, worked exceedingly hard on this year’s book. Keni Uhe Front Row: Ellen Bloom. Layout Editor; Dave Goldenbaum, Photography Co-Editor; Christina Johnson, Copy Co-Editor, Cyndi Trueman, Copy Editor. Back Row: Elizabeth Spencer, Editor- in-Chief; Tish Wurl, Managing Editor; Shervin Karimpour, Photography Editor; Cheryl Golisch, Lay-out Editor; Barb Bloemker, Business Manager. ORGANIZATIONS 173 Row One: Michelle Lentz, Soo Min Cho, Ling Lei Xu, Cheryl Golisch, Eric Walter, C. J. Reckman. Row Two: Heather Burress, Heather Wendler, Greg West, Cara Walter, Shani Schaffer, Erin Celuch, Candy Peterson, Christina Johnson. Row Three: Bonita Hyde, Angie Sch wartzkopf, David Goldenbaum, Tish Wurl, Ellen Bloom, Elizabeth Spencer, Helena Hales. Row Four: Mrs. Lei-lani Moore (sponsor), Shervin Karimpour, Keni Uhe, Cyndi Trueman, Jeff Bares, Barbara Bloemaker. Not Pictured: Joceylyn Hedlund, Kelly Parker, Lisa Schott, Cecily Arenas, Lori Clements, Janis Henson, Rich Greenhill, Alexis Tharp, and Chris Lewis. Row One: Rhonda Graham, Jennifer Ladd, Corey Schwalb, Susan Stevens. Row Two: Norma Davis, Kelly Koenig, Shelley Nelson, Shenae Clayton, George Salovich. Row Three: Tracey Woll, Rachel Bench, Samantha Smith, Suzanne Boehm, Christine Simms. Row Four: Mike Harris, Dawn Westbrook, Julie Towell, Nicole Vaugniaux. Third Row: Judy Lawrence, Cathy Meunier, Barbara Moore, Heather Lautner. Second Row: Deanna Brase, Kristie Hedger, Amy Hess, Mr. Salovich, Jean Knoll, Joy Schmidt. Front Row: Dawn Westbrook, Stephanie Malhenia, Amy Stoelklin, Jennifer Baxter, Kathy Perry, Rick Funke. Office Occupations is a program in which Seniors gain valuable work experience in office-related fields. Participants in the program work in doc-tor’s offices, and with such companies as Shell and Olin. For their work, students receive a salary and two credits for a full year’s work. An Office Occupations class is taught by Mr. Salovich and meets daily at the school. Cyndi Trueman Student Venture, sponsored by Charles Finley, is the high school’s equivalent to a church youth group. However, this group welcomes students of all religions. According to a member of the group, the members get together and discuss different religions and then they go on field trips that delve deeper into their topics of discussion. Student Venture has also sponsored a hayridc and a “film festival” of sorts this year. 174 Cyndi Trueman Row One: Joic Lyles, Tonya Atkinson, Kerri Schwalb, Jackie Dunn, Barb Cleveland. Row Two: Paula Koen, Ren-nac Crabtree, Darla Breen, Lora Bollman, Stacy King. Row Three: Nicole Mayfield, Jan Hendricks, Wendy Moore, Cheryl Thomas. Row Four: Aaron Fischer, Brendon Gibbons, Zip Jacks, Marty Moore, Stacy Radcliff, Melanie Wilson. Row Five: Angela Brimcr, Janice Brock, Karen Nu-ernberger, Trixcy Wallace, Amy Werdcn.Front Row: Heather Wendler, Diane Blier, Missy McDonough, Kristen Halsey, Karein Garbc, Jill Alexander, SooMin Cho, Jenny Kim. Second Row: Alexis Tharp, Monika Rankin, Marry Taylor, LaTonya Kinder, Nicole Mayfield, Kcnyetta McShan, Carla Gathing, Kris Parke. Third Row: Jenny Crisler, Ling-Lei Xu, Dianna Bonner, Amy Huff, Ka- ren Meier, Linda Marinko, Amy Werden, Jill Stahlnut. Fourth Row: Toby Meador, Clay DeGiacinto, Hillary Smith, Ellen Bloom, Debbie Hill, Corey Hol-shouscr, Gary Nicyolas, Melissa Hernandez, Kristen Dieterich, Fifth Row: Meghan Fields, Erika Helsel, Tina Buck, Missy Duncan, Angell Farley, Amy Wilson, Rashiida Bartley, Amy Bruce, Matt Marco. nt Row: Vanda Chomhirun, irty Moore, Wendy Moore, k Solomon, Orlando Jones, cey Elledge, Brian Oberdicck. ond Row: Amy Pomeroy, anya Hogg, Renee Sexton, mmy Ballard, Barb Dean, , hclle Jackson. Delta Donald. Third Row: Amy Crook, Ellen Luan (President), Stacey King, Rennac Crabtree, Patty Soto, Bonita Hyde, Shawn Atkins. Fourth Row: Mary Weingartner, Jolly Rucks, Stephanie Rogier, Tona Arth, Sarah Stemler, Kate Ferguson, Tara Klucker, Stephanie Knecht. Fifth Row: Cheryl Kirsch, Dana Meek, Laura Landin, Jenny Conroy, Janice Henson, Shervub Karimpour, Collin Reckman, Annabel Holland. Sixth Row: Dave Brickman, Leslie Trueman, Craig Hindclang, Aimee Hamilton, Libby Shele, Dave Clarkin, Amy Hart, Lisa Leardi, Kristen Richardson. This year's student council plans to do many things for the EHS student body. They arc usually responsible for the assemblies. They also hold exchanges at other schools in the district. A school newspaper, “Scribe” has evolved from them. Other than this, many things have also been done, such as dances and fund raisers. They have held quite a number of dances throughout the year. There was a “Back to School” dance and a Christmas dance. Spring dances were held. There was a “Black History” dance. There also was a community dance for anyone to attend. Then, of course, in October, there was Homecoming. Student Council has held many types of fund raisers. A really good fund raiser was the canned food drive, held in November. Another was the blood drive. That helped a great deal of people out. The Student Council hopes to gain the recognition of being an “Honor Council”. They plan to attend state and district conventions. Some of the members will have to show good leadership in order to be chosen to go. Cecily Arenas 175The EHS band and all its branches is a great organization. It is filled with a variety of wonderful, talented people and is directed by Mr. Rogers and Mr. Dempsey. The band and its directors are both extraordinary in the time and effort they put into band. Mr. Dempsey is especially great and deserves a lot of thanks. The band has several different parts: marching band, symphonic and concert bands are what all band members must participate in, then for band members own time is stage band. First of all in the school year is marching band. The marching season is very demanding of the band members and the director, Mr. Dempsey's, time and effort. This season, as compared to other seasons, was better. The shows get more difficult and complex each year, and this year, as in past years, the band has performed fairly well. The only major complaint Mr. Dempsey had about this season was the lack of self-discipline. With more of this, a lot more could have been accomplished. One section that showed a lot of self-discipline by making themselves work was the flag corps. They worked very hard and accomplished quite a bit. The most improved section was percussion. They started the season with quite a few Freshmen, two Sophomores, two Juniors, and two Seniors. They worked hard, and it showed as far as contest scores go. The all-around favorite band competition that the EHS Marching Tigers travel to is Busch Stadium for the remarkable feeling of excitement it brings out. It is a very memorable! Goals for the band in the future arc to sec the shows change every year and make them better, and to bring about a feeling of unity and pride in the band to make their already outstanding performances even better. The second half of the year is devoted to concert season. The band is divided into symphonic band, the “high band,’’ and concert band. Mr. Rogers directs the symphonic band, while the concert band is directed by Mr. Dempsey. The concert season for both bands is going fairly well and should continue to do so. Stage Band, an entirely extracurricular activity, is made up of top individuals who audition for spots. Row One: Elaine Denny, Krisi Steingraber, Marty Moore, Laurie Nunes, Lisa Morrison, Jason Steingraber, Wendy Moore, Cathy Lumma, Kristen Krebs, Karen Haag, Kim Bach. Row Two: Jenny Kim, Stephanie Reed, Rhonda Heiney, Matt Fir-sching, Michelle Garde, John Hughes, Matt Galli, Marni Raf-felle, Elizabeth Warrington, Patty Herman, Connie Drew, Jennifer Vargo, Sarah Dettmer. Row Three: Lynette Sherman, Missy Morris, Danielle Denue, Lisa Schott, Ida Schaffer, Rich Haus-child, Marissa Feeney, Kris Parke, David Funk, Wayne Frazer, Brian Hlavsa, Jeff Kerkemeyer, Jason Weber, Bill Swiecicki, Mark Hack, Jason Schmid, Will Smith, Dean Savo- ca, Dewey Mathews. Anna Hi ris, Jason Brewer, Mike Bri Row Four: Jennifer Fischer. P tricia Schaakc, Rob Brickm Scott Vcith. Matt Hamilton, Ri sell King, A. J. Dettmer, Ma Trone, Mike Farmer. 176 ORGANIZATIONSAbove: Row One: Patty Herman. Row Two: Darla Dum, Sarah Chapman. Row Three: Connie Drew. Above Right: Jason Brewer, Marissa Feeney, Elaine Denny. Below: Row One: Jenny Kim, Stephanie Reed, Rhonda Heiney, Ling Lei Xu, Ellen Luan, Marty Moore, Wendy Moore, Cathy Lumma, Kristen Krebs, Elaine Denny, Krisi Steingraber. Row Two: Linda Kovar, Rennac Crabtree, Danielle Langston, Matt Firsching, Kris Parke, Jason Weber, Marissa Feeney, Anna Harris, Dewey Mathews, Mike Brill, Jason Schmid, Jason Brewer, Ron Ho, Andy Razcghi. Row Three: Mark Trone, Jeff Kerkrmeyer. ow One: Paula Kcrpcr, Cheryl shauer, Carrie Zezoff, Erika nos, Briana Smith, Matt Denue, lia Merla, Sarah Chapman, ow Two: Dcidre McQuillen, ris Sanders, Kim Sarich, Tanya ischcr, Sarah Roberson, Gina iggins, Steve Brase, Brase, hcryl Bough, Michele Attey, aula Kocn, Stacy Budt, Christie arbry, Christie Phillips, Vicki Liston. Row Three: Shayna Gocken, Steve Mcllott, Wendy Burris, Danny Von Forrell, Dana Brown, Joic Lyles, Jeff Powell, Jesse Allen, Brian Hlavsa, Aaron Paolucci, Jimmy Goodman, Jeff Freeman, Greg West, Carla Schrciber, Antuan Rogers, Chad Abernathy, James Wilson. Row Four Brandon Wesley, Trevon Walker, Andy Bowers, Jarvis Wooten, Mark Piper, Tia Liston, Will Moore, Diallo Bartley, Andy Colligan, Rob Veith, Garrett McNally, Jim Merritt, Andre Williams. It’s directed by Mr. Dempsey, who really puts himself into it. They all do it purely for their own satisfaction. This year the band has had several engagements — including a performance at a St. Louis Steamer’s soccer game, the Pop’s Concert, various pep bands, and several small community performances. They are taking a trip to California to make an appearance at Disneyland. They have worked very hard for this honor. The Stage Band has had to do tremendous amounts of fundraising for their trip. They have done everything from massive amounts of mailing to local businesses asking for donations to selling pizzas to selling candy. They nave achieved a lot! Goals for the Stage Band in future years include keeping the excitement going and spreading it elementary school students to get them interested in band, while getting other high school students excited enough to put forth their effort the way that Stage Band members do. Lisa Schott ORGANIZATIONS 177The Edwardsville High School Orchestra has had a very exciting year. They were asked to perform at the Sixteeneth International Youth and Music Festival in Vienna, Austria where they shared the first place award. They were one of only three groups to receive the Prize of Vienna. While the orchestra was overseas, they visited many exciting places such as Munich, West Germany; Salzburg, the “City of Mozart”; the birthplaces, homes, memorials, and gravesites of famous composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, and Strauss. The orchestra also visited radio stations where they performed live for all of Austria to hear. They also watched a performance of the Vienna Boys’ Choir. The orchestra worked very hard to raise enough money to play at this prestigious festival by holding car washes and many other fundraisers. Mr. James Richmond, the orchestra director, was very proud of the hard work and time that everyone put into making the trip to Vienna possible. CONGRATULATIONS E.H.S. ORCHESTRA!!! First Row: Ellen Luan. Suba Bol-lini. Rcnnae Crabtree, Melissa Goff, Stacy Elledge. Ling Le Xu, Asagay Barker, David Goldcnbaum. Second Row: Linda Rovai. Dane Langston, Jessica Paxton, Bonita Hyde, Katie Nordhouser, David Ruelcrman, Kellie Parker, Susan Maher. Keny-etla Neshan, Jennifer Crisler, Laura Landin, Amy Ziegler. Third Row: Chris Pegg, Jenny Conroy, Angie Halemeycr, Tim Knecht, Brian Oberdieck. Jennifer Sullivan. Angel Farley. Heather Kniffcl, Stephan Hornberger, Laura Fischer, Amy Wilson, Tom Havcry, Mary Wcin-gartner, Mr. Richmond (Sponsor). 178 ORCHESTRAORCHESTRA 179Taught by Mr. Norman Reuscher, the Inter-Related Co-op program is much like the other work-study programs offered here. It is for students who are interested in careers in the industrial or agricultural fields. Participants in the program receive two credits total — one for the related class and the other for their on-the-job training. Students work a half day at a job related to their specific field of interest, such as: horticulture, welding, electronics, plumbing, manufacturing, drafting, small engine repair, mechanics, carpenters, and aeronautics. Mr. Dave Cooper, who will be in charge of the co-op next year remarked that the program offers students the valuable opportunity of experiencing what the job would be like before deciding on making a career out of it. Cyndi Trueman First Row: Jeff Cuvar, William Hindman, Mike Leonard, Bret Skief, Todd Gehrs, Allen Harbers. Second Row: Robert -rlONSirst Row: Lori Green, Janet rice, Kristen Decker, Tracy oung. Missy Prater, Nina eyer. Second Row: Tammy umette, Mindi Lembche, Cyn- thia Bell, Sonny Hayden, Shane Winchester. Third Row: Mr. Louer, Don Robinson, Monica Bautsch, Jarid Neuhaus. Fourth Row: Todd Juergens, Lisa Lohr, Andy Smucker, Michelle Jack-son. Fifth Row: Jeff Helle, Craig DeConcini, Kelly Rhodes, Joe Westfall, Ray Tilden. DECA is a full year cooperative work program designed to prepare students for entry level jobs in the field of marketing. Students receive two credits — one for classroom instruction, and one for the on-the-job training. The students are paid for their work at their place of employment. Participants in the program attend school for only half of the day. While on the job, the workers learn about basic business awareness in the community. The students also learn how to relate to people and earn money while gaining valuable work experience. Cyndi Trueman Row One: Sandy Camplain, Barb Dean, John Ranek, Bob Linder. Row Two: Shawn Atkins, Becky Simmons, Todd Schipkowski, Larry DeConcini. Row Three: Candace Farrell, Shaura Ross, Dina Bender, Lance Keller, Steve Johnson, Sheila Toring, Matthew Galli. Row Four: Chris Blair, Peter RudlofT, Jason Head, Karen Skaer, Craig Louer. ORGANIZATIONS 181Front Row: Soo Min Cho, Carrie Richardson, Stacie Judd, Wendy Moore, Vanda Chomirun, Annabel Holland, Rachel Darnell, Laurel Barber (President), Kristin Wolf (Secretary), Kim Jordan (Vice-President), Jenny Kim. Second Row: Tom Gazda, Marty Moore, Cecily Arenas, Kerry Buchanan, Renee Sexton, Tammy Ballard, Julie Harlan, Linda Brewster, Shervin Karimpour, Anna Harris, Trixie Wallace, Laura Landin. Third Row: Angie Brimer, Melinda Tucker, Kellie Parker, Lisa Schott, Jamie DeConcini, Christie Harbry, Jennifer Voigt, Kaisa Ahola, Laura McKane. The French Club is a Social Club that consists of approximately thirty members. Anyone who is interested in the French culture and language many join. They have done things for EHS events, gone on field trips, and held fund raisers. Members enjoy going on field trips in order to experience French culture. They also attend French plays. In the past, they have traveled to St. Genevieve, Fort Chartres and many French restaurants and shops. In order to do all of this, fund raisers are held. Along with the other clubs, the French Club holds an International Dinner. The International Dinner consists of foods from various cultures. Many people come to this and experience different types of food. During Homecoming many different clubs contributed for Homecoming. The French Club made a float for the parade. Many hours were spent working on it. Cecily Arenas Front Row: Rachel Darnell, Shervin Karimpour, Kathryn Ferguson (Treasurer), Will Smith (President), Vanda Chomirun (Vice-President), Annabell Holland, Keni Uhe, Lori Torrini. Second Row: Mr. Meister (Sponsor), Karl Weber, Ginny Willour, Ellen Luan, Amy Zieglerr, Stacy St.John, Stacy El-ledge (Secretary), Darren Duvall. Third Row: Gary Nicholas, Janice Menson, C. J. Reckman, Tara Clucker, Mark Bass, Tom Clarkin, James Unger, Kurt Em-shouser, Brad Blumenstock. 182German Club (or Deutsch Klub) is for those who enjoy the German language. Participants in the club worked long hours building the Homecoming Float entitled “Sock It To ’Em,” The International dinner was enthusiastically worked on with the unfortunate snow storm disastrously cancelling it. In the spring the much loved Gummi Bears are sold with the supplies diminishing quickly. German students this year will be taking a cultural trip to Germany to experience the many aspects of the German culture. Anyone who has taken the language for three or more years is qualified to go on this unique trip. Keni Uhe ront Row: Andy Schwartzkopf, om Jacober, Kristen Wolf, Ka-c Davidson, Kellie Ratliff, Se-ora Thompson, Jamie Stack, econd Row: Christina Johnson, 'arren Duvall, Scott Nyerges, 11 Nobc, Senor Dwyer, Senors ohnak, Joic Lyles. Third Row: inda Marinko, Tiffany Manion, mic Brown, Jan Hendricks, lartha Becker, Atiya Hakeem, Meredith Marchbank. Fourth Row: Cara Walter, Rachel Darnell, Zip Jacks. Not Pictured: Melinda Klocke, Beth Alford, Tawanya Cheise Moye-Hogg, Ron Maham, Melanie Hooks, Karen Elfrink, Eric Walter, Kristen Wolf, President; Katie Davidson, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Beth Alford, Vice President. jHola amigos! Here is a club where you can have fun with the second most spoken language in the United States. Spanish Club works to help people in this or other countries. They raise money by having bake sales and by selling different items, including friendship bracelets, to send off as aid to places that need money. Eric Walter 183Front Row: Barbara Simmons, Kathy Lundak. Holly Davis, Tiffany Telford. Deanne Moore, Dawn Kynion, Andy Balmcr. Second Row: Tiffany Wallace, Julie Horton, Kim Bilyeu, Tami Rczabek, Jenna Bender. The Literary Magazine, sponsored by Mrs. Head, is having a busy year. In addition to the annual poetry contest, the Magazine is holding a short story contest open to all students. Also, a few of the Magazine staff members, along with Mr. Symanski’s class, the foreign langauge clubs, and a few others are planning an eleven day jaunt through England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales this summer. Regardless of how busy the Magazine staff will be this year, they are still going to publish the annual collection of short stories, poetry, cartoons, and illustrations. Cyndi Trueman First Row: Stacy Elledge, Shcrvin Karimpour, Kathic Jenkins, Erin Bardon. Second Row: Melanie Hooks, Sheri Flanigan, Vanda Chomirun, Annabel Holland. Third Row: Rachael Byrd, Cheryl Kirsch, Amy Pomeroy, Dana Meek, Scott Nyerges. Fourth Row: Tim Baker, Darren Duvall, Sam Blevins, Tracy Sullivan, and Mrs. Chris Head (sponsor). 184 ORGANIZATIONSEach year students are given the opportunity to work one hour a day in the library assisting the librarians. The students work behind the desk checking in and out books, sorting, and shelving. They also work in the periodical room and with the vertical file. The library workers receive a half credit for working a full year in the library. Cyndi Trueman Front Row: Jeff Meyer, Sam Blevins, Cheryl Thomas. Back Row: Scott Nyerges, Shervin Karimpour, Shani Schaffer. History Club This informative club is open to all students. Their project is that of the “World View Newsletter,” a newsletter dealing exclusively with foreign affairs. This interesting piece of work contains, crosswords, political cartoons, opinion editorials, word-searches and “fun type quizzes.” The newsletter is not biased and it pokes fun at both the liberals and conservatives. This very different newspaper holds interest for all types of people. Keni Uhe ORGANIZATIONS 185Row One: Mr. Bradley, Janet Price, Kai Clarke, Kristen Decker, David Schcibal, Carl Williams, Steve Gnojewski, Michelle McDonald, Angie Ohren, Becky Sackvillc-Wcst. Row Two: Lori Green, Melanie Milton, Jocelyn Hcdlund, J. D. Rodgers, Craig Wieseman, David Jones, Jenny Murphy, Anna Harris, Tammy Hacking. Row Three: Karen Nuemberger, Latonia Harmon, Dawn Bocdeckcr, Rob Brickner, Brian Oberdicck, Cara Walters, Cheryl Thomas, Maureen Floeter. As an organization, SADD does not intend to stand in judgement or condemn anyone who chooses to drink. Our message is — please do not drink and drive. The choice you make is personal and it is yours. We only ask that you consider the people affected by your choice. When you drive drunk you could permanently maim or kill yourself or a friend. A careless mistake while driving drunk can also affect the lives of innocent victims in other cars, bringing grief to friends and relatives. SADD is approaching its busiest time of the year starting with Alcohol Awareness Week, which is the week before Prom. SADD plans many activities to generate attention to our message. During the week there will be a poster contest, a scavenger hunt, guest speakers that will bring us a message at school assemblies, a door decorating contest, and on Prom Night — a Safe Ride Program. The Safe Ride Program is conducted with our motto in mind: “No speeches — just a safe ride home — no questions asked.” If you have been drinking, we will provide transportation from anywhere to anywhere, no questions asked. We also hosted our second annual Spring Dance in April at the Moose Lodge. The band that is to provide music this year is Straight Curves. This year SADD sponsored the visit of the founder, Robert Anastas, who spoke to us at an assembly. We had a hayridc. a lock-in and a Pepsi assembly. The Edwardsvillc Chapter of SADD was started in 1983 by Ms. Doris Dankenbrink and Ms. Sherry Skelton. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Janis Henson Front Row: Melanie Hooks, Stacy Elledgc, Gina Grieser, Lisa Raymond, Erin Bardon, Collette Gates, Ms. Sherry Skelton, and Ms. Doris Dankcnbring (Sponsors). Second Row: Vanda Chomirum, Janis Henson, Annabel Holland, Darin Reding, Amy Brown. Third Row: Kim Evola, Gary Nicholas, Onnie Moore, Michelle Dustman, Tricia Gobel. Fourth Row: Eric Cremer, Sarah Stemler, Melanie Wilson, Greg West, Amy Hooks, Steve Cooper. Fifth Row: Tona Arth, Jenny Kim, Tiffany Telford, Sheri Flanigan, Cathy Mellot, Mike Hildebrand. Sixth Row: Angela Brimer, Missy Morris, Shervin Karimpour. Seventh Row: Jenny Gehner, Yvonne Lowe, Jill Alexander, Stacy Kovarik, Lori Torrini. Eighth Row: Kate Ferguson, David Wuan, Linda Brewster. 186 ORGANIZATIONSTop to Bottom: Dawn Boedeck-er, Anna Harris, Angie Ohren, Steve Gnojewski. Row One: Trish McDermott. Row Two: Camille Brown, Sarah Chapman. Row Three: Cheryl Golisch. Row One: Janet Price. Row Two: Angie Ohren, Steve Gnojewski, Lori Green. Row Three: Melanie Milton, Carl Williams, Cheryl Thomas. Row Four: Craig Wieseman, Rob Brickner. low One: Monica Barry . Camille Irown, Tiffany Wallace, Trish IcDermott, Jamie Harsh. Row Two: Tabasha Smith, Cheryl Golisch, Sarah Chapman, Crystal Hill, Tracy Brown, Mr. Bradley. ORGANIZATIONS 187 SpOrtS• Most high schools have them and few can survive without them. Sports can bring an entire town together and show the outside just how much spirit some of the other people have. Many people come to sports events because they enjoy watching the high school kids get together to play as a team. But sports aren't always just fun and games. The players must come to the practices, learn the plays,and most importantly, get good grades. Many people don’t want to admit it (or just don’t know it) but most ‘jocks” are smarter than they jkink. It takes quite a bit of intelligence to be able to call out a series of numbers or yell “wheel” and have every player immediately where they are supposed to be and do what they are supposed to do. Participating in sports can also lead to creating a better future for a player, if he gets a college scholarship. But first he or she must play exceptionally well. Even if they aren’t the leading scorer in that particular sport they can always look back on their high school years and remember how much fun they had playing on that good old high school team. — Kelly Parker 188 SPORTSSPORTS 189Varsity F ootball E’ville Vs. Roxana (L) 34-10 E’vi le Vs. O’Fallon (L) 10-7 E’ville Vs. Jacksonville (W) 28-10 E’ville Vs. Alton (W) 17-10 E’ville Vs. Collinsville (W) 21-7 E’ville Vs. Spgfld. Grfn (L) 34-3 E’ville Vs. B’villc Atlf (L) 14-0 E’ville Vs. Cahokia (W) 14-0 E’ville Vs. Ml. Vernon (W) 12-6 Sophomore Football Sophomore Jamboree: 2nd Place Vs. AlthofT (W) 8-0 Vs. Alton (L) 8-6 E’ville Vs. Jacksonville (W) 20-0 E’ville Vs. O'Fallon (L) 16-20 E’ville Vs. Granite City (L) 8-13 E’ville Vs. Alton (L) 20-12 E’ville Vs. Collinsville (W) 14-0 E’ville Vs. Cahokia (W) 16-6 Cross Country Jcrscyvillc Vs. Civic Memorial Vs. E’ville.....................Boys — 2; Girls — 1 First Central Invitational — Team Ninth Overall (22 teams) McClucr North Invitational — Team Tenth Overall (14 teams) Sophomores: Fourth Place Tiger Invitational — Team Fourteenth Overall (20 teams) Hazelwood East Invitational — Team Ninth Overall (18 teams) Madison County Invitational — Team Seventh Overall (7 teams) Belleville East Invitational — Team Tenth Overall (12 teams) Regional — Team Ninth Overall (12 teams) Stefan Hornberger advanced to the sectional level to compete in Springfield. Varsity Soccer E’ville Vs. Lebanon (W) 6-0 E’ville Vs. Alton (W) 1-0 E’ville Vs. Marquette (W) 2-1 E’ville Vs. Collinsville (L) 0-3 E’ville Vs. Roxana (W) 5-0 E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) 4-0 E’ville Vs. B’ville Altf. (W) 2-1 E’ville Vs. Mascoutah (W) 3-2 E’ville Vs. Metro East (W) 5-1 E’ville Vs. B'ville West (L) 1-2 E'ville Vs. Triad (T) 1-1 E’ville Vs. O'Fallon (W) 4-0 E’ville Vs. B’ville East (W) 2-1 E’ville Vs. Carbondale (W) 4-2 E’ville Vs. B'ville Alft. (L) 0-1 E’ville Vs. Roxana (W) 6-0 E’ville Vs. Alton (W) 3-0 E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) 5-0 E’ville Vs. O’Fallon (L) 1-5 190 SCOREBOARDJr. Varsity Soccer E iHe Vs. Collinsville (L) 0-2 E'ville Vs. B'villc East (W) 1-0 E’vi lc Vs. Marquette (L) 2-3 E'ville Vs. Carbondale (L) 0-1 E’vi lc Vs. Granite City (L) 0-4 E’vi lc Vs. AlthofT (L) 0-1 E’ville Vs. Mascoutah (W) 3-0 E’ville Vs. Roxana (W) 12-0 E’ville Vs. Cahokia (W) 4-0 E’ville Vs. Triad (L) 2-3 E’ville Vs. Alton (L) 1-2 £V 7 c Vs. B'villc West (W) 2-1 E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) 1-0 E'ville Vs. O’Fallon (T) 0-0 E’ville Vs. Breeze (L) E’ville Vs. AlthofT (W) E'ville Vs. Granite City (W) Tournament: E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) E’ville Vs. Carolton (W) E’ville Vs. Civic Memorial (W) E’ville Vs. Highland (W) E'ville Vs. Collinsville (W) E’ville Vs. Cahokia (W) E'ville Vs. AlthofT (L) E’ville Vs. Mascoutah (W) E’ville Vs. Alton (W) E'ville Vs. Madison (W) E’ville Vs. Bunker Hill (W) E'ville Vs. B’ville East (W) E'ville Vs. Wood River (W) E’ville Vs. Highland (L) E’ville Vs. Hazelwood East (W) E'ville Vs. Civic Memorial (W) E’ville Vs. Cahokia (W) E’ville Vs. B'ville East (L) E’ville Vs. Roxana (W) E'ville Vs. Staunton (W) Frosh Soccer E’ville Vs. Collinsville (L) 3-0 E’ville Vs. AlthofT (W) 4-1 E’ville Vs. B'villc West (T) 2-2 E’ville Vs. AlthofT (W) 2-1 E’ville Vs. B'villc East (L) 2-1 E’ville Vs. Bcthalto (L) 2-1 E’ville Vs. Alton (T) 1-1 £V V c Vs. O’Fallon (T) 1-1 Varsity Volleyball Tournament: E'ville Vs. O'Fallon (W) E'ville Vs. Rivcrvicw (W) E’ville Vs. Jerscyvillc (W) Jr. Varsity Volleyball E'ville Vs. AlthofT L) E’ville Vs. Granite City (W) E’ville Vs. Collinsville (W) E’ville Vs. Cahokia (W) E'ville Vs. AlthofT (L) E'ville Vs. Mascoutah (L) E’ville Vs. Alton (W) E’ville Vs. Madison (W) E’ville Vs. Bunker Hill L) E’ville Vs. B’ville East (L) E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) SCOREBOARD 191E’ville Vs. Highland (W) E’ville Vs. Hazelwood East (W) E’ville Vs. Civic Memorial (W) E’ville Vs. Cahokia (W) E’ville Vs. B’ville East (L) E’ville Vs. Roxana (W) E'ville Vs. Stauton (W) Frosh Volleyball E’ville Vs. AlthofT (L) E’ville Vs. Granite City (W) E’ville Vs. B'ville East (W) E’ville Vs. Wood River (L) E’ville Vs. AlthofT (L) E’ville Vs. Bcthalto (L) E’ville Vs. Hazelwood East (W) E’ville Vs. B’ville East (L) E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) E’ville Vs. B’ville West (L) E’ville Vs. Stauton (W) Varsity Wrestling E’ville Vs. Jcrscyville (W) E’ville Vs. Roxana (W) E’ville Vs. Ccntrailia (W) E’ville Vs. Carbondalc (W) E’ville Vs. Granite City (W) E’ville Vs. Mascoutah (W) E’ville Vs. Jerseyvillc (W) E’ville Vs. Benton (W) E’ville Vs. Parkway S. (W) E'ville Vs. Bcthalto (W) E’ville Vs. B'ville West (W) E’ville Vs. Collinsville (W) E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) E’ville Vs. O’Fallon (W) E’ville Vs. Riverview (W) E’ville Vs. Quincy (L) E’ville Vs. Murphysboro (W) E’ville Vs. Mt. Vernon (W) E’ville Vs. Triad (W) E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) E’ville Vs. Hazelwood W (W) E’ville Vs. Jacksonvill (W) E’ville Vs. E. St. Loui (W) E’ville Vs. AlthofT (W) E’ville Vs. Lincoln (W) Varsity Softball E’ville Vs. B’ville West (L) E’villeVs. Triad (L) E'ville Vs. Granite City (W) E’ville Vs. O’Fallon (L) E’ville Vs. Mascoutah (L) E’ville Vs. O’Fallon (W) E’ville Vs. Cahokia (L) E’ville Vs. B’ville East (L) E’ville Vs. Alton (W) E’ville Vs. Highland (W) E’ville Vs. Althoff (L) E’ville Vs. Roxana (W) E’ville Vs. Collinsville (W) E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) 39-19 E’villeVs. Cahokia (W) 50-11 E’villeVs. Quincy (L) 48-18 E’villeVs. B’ville West (L) 47- 30 E’villeVs. Madison (W) 31-30 E’villeVs. Cahokia (L) 48- 20 E’ville Vs. Marquette (W) 54-14 E’villeVs. AlthofT (L) 50-18 E’villeVs. Wood River (W) 50-14 30-26 26-18 49- 13 192 SCOREBOARDJr. Varsity Softball E'ville Vs. Highland (L) E’ville Vs. B'villc West (L) E’ville Vs. Triad (W) E’ville Vs. Granite City (W) E’ville Vs. O’Fallon (L) E’ville Vs. Mascoutah (L) E’ville Vs. O'Fallon (L) E'ville Vs. Cahokia (L) E’ville Vs. B’villc East (L) E’ville Vs. Highland (L) E’ville Vs. Althoff (L) E’ville Vs. Roxana (W) E’ville Vs. Collinsville (W) E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) E’ville Vs. Cahokia (L) E’ville Vs. Gillespie (W-L) E’ville Vs. Althoff (L) E’ville Vs. Wood River (W) Scores Not Available Varsity Field Hockey V. and Frosh Field Hockey :rosh Football jirls’ Varsity Basketball jirls' J.V. and Frosh Basketball Joys' Varsity Basketball Joys' J.V. and Frosh Basketball Varsity and J.V. Baseball lophomorc and Frosh Baseball Joys' and Girls' Tennis Joys' and Girls' Golf SCOREBOARD 193Taking into consideration the number of players (11 by the end of the season) and all of the injuries sustained by those players throughout the season, the Sophomore Football Team did well this year. As individuals, the guys contributed long practice hours and a lot of hard work to come up with a team with a record of 4 and 3. As a result of the small team, Todd Schuerman feels that he and his teammates “played more as a team.” He also feels that by the time the Sophomore team plays Varsity (as Seniors) that their performance as a team will be better. Coach Greg Wolk described the Sophomore team by saying, “We suffered a lack of numbers, but we didn’t suffer in determination or desire. This was a hard working group and many players will contribute to the Varsity program next year.” At the Fall Sports Awards Banquet, Coach Wolk named Kevin Acra as the Leading Passer, Demond Hunt as the Leading Rusher, Darin Dunnagan as the Leading Tackier, and Jim Powell, Andre Williams, and Todd Schuerman as the Leading Receivers. Chad Sanders and Tom Harvey were named the Best Offensive Linemen and the Best Defensive Linemen were Elmo Tumaliuan and Ken Lopretta. Due to the lack of players, there was no Junior Varsity Football team for the entire season. The first (and last) game they played was against Roxana in which Edwardsville won 14-2. This year's Freshman Football Team was the smallest team EHS has had. The team ended the season with eighteen players. Their record was five wins and three losses. The team was impressive in that they never gave up. no matter what the score. They made great comebacks and came from behind in four out of the five games they won, including their win against Alton with a score of sixtccn-fourteen. In this, their most memorable game, they scored eight of their points in the last minute. That is pretty incredible! When asked about individuals. Coach Stahlhut listed these: MVP was J. J. Scerba who had 101 tackles; best offensive player was Jascn Hien with 946 yards rushing and fifteen touchdowns, and last but not least Coach Stahlut listed Derek Baugh as most dependable. Row One: Jeff Wahl, Brent Schwalb, Mike Belt, Derrick Baugh, Jonathan Becker. Row Two: Joe Rcgna, Matt Wilson, Ryan Suess, Todd KJucker, Buddy Barnes, Stacey Radcliff. Row Three: Coach Dennis Detoye, Gary Meyer, J. J. Scerba, Ben Broom, Jeremy Hays, Evan Davis, Chad Parker, Coach Warren Stahlhut. Lisa Schott 194 SPORTSRow One: Elmo Tumaliaun, Todd Schuerman, Rich Dunna-vant, Chad Sanders, Ken Lopret-ta, Kevin Acra. Row Two: Andre Williams, Darin Dunnagan, Tom Harvey, Jason Adair, Wade Schuerman, Bill Wegrzyn, Dcmond Hunt, Jim Powell, Ryan Kennedy. This year’s Varsity Football Team had a very good year. They won many games and had a number of outstanding plays. No matter how far behind or ahead they were, our guys always did what they could to win, putting forth all of their power to win for the team and Edwardsville High School. We’re proud of our team. Way to go guys! Coach Louer named Brett Coffey as Most Valuable Player, Blake Hilla as offensive MVP, Sean Nolan as defensive MVP, and Dan Rose as the most improved player. • One: Dave Ackman. Rich Dunnavant. i Lopretta. Rob Hernandez. Dave amacher, Ron Fosier. Demond Hunt. Wegrzyn. Chad Sanders. Suzi McBrayer nagcr). Row Two: Coach Louer, Jim rill. John Bailey . Steve Hartman. Chris to. Dennis Doolin. Todd Schuerman. Dan Rose. Jason Adair, Eric Jennings, Tyrone Hunt. Bill Johnson. Row Three: Elmo Tumaliaun. Jeff Carrol. Jim Wilson. Chris Pindel, Kevin Acra. Brett Coffey. Ryan Kennedy. Andre Williams. Darin Dunnagan. Jim Powell. Coach Lybarger. Row Four: Coach Wolk, Coach Fahmer. Marc Tuttle, Ryan Redd, Darren Nelson. Rob McNally, Neil Strader. Sean Nolan. Blake Hilla. Gary Bums. Marcus Adkins. Mark Trone. Tom Harvey. Fred Steinkuehler. Wayne Frazer, Wade Schuerman, Coach Schumacher. Not Pictured: Tony Margherio. Marc Tuttle had the most touchdowns, Brett Coffey had the most tackles, and Dan Rose ran the most yards for the team. Two area newspapers, the Belleville News Democrat and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, bestowed postseason awards on four players from Edwardsville. Brett Coffey was named to the Democrat’s first team as a Linebacker and also to the Post-Dispatch’s All-Metro East first team as a Linebacker. Rob McNally was named to the Democrat’s second team as Quarterback and was the Honorable Mention Quarterback on the Post-Dispatch’s team. Marc Tuttle was named as the Belleville News-Democrat’s third team receiver. Blake Hilla was named as the Democrat’s and Post’s second team Tight End. Several school records were also set this year. Receiving records for both receptions and yards were set by Marc Tuttle and Blake Hilla, and Rob McNally set passing records for attempts, completions, and total yardage for games, season, and career. With a season record of 5-4, and all the awards and records, the players and coaches had a great year! Kelly Parker SPORTS 195Row One: Phil Siglock, Lance Bonney, Mike Paulsmeyer, Jon Aberle, Akira Sato, Erin Celuch (Manager). Row Two: Coach Symanski, Steve Gnojewski, Brian Shannon, John Pile, Andy Ward, Kevin Donaldson, Cindy Oates (Manager). Row Three: Tom Smucker, Tom DeTienne, Peter Hulme, Chris Byron, Jason Sobkowski, Greg Morrison, Scott Bailey, Craig Hindelang. What started off as a slow season for the Freshman Soccer Team ended up as a real team effort by the second half of the season. The players impressed Coach Fayollat with their teamwork even though, according to him, the team had no real super-stars. One offensive player felt the team was not too good, but that they played well anyway. He also felt that all of the practice (this year and next) will help the team to play better in the future and improve their record of 2-3-3. Tstume Sato was named both defensive and all-around MVP. Mike Jennings was named the offensive MVP, and Mike Biver received Tiger Spirit Award. Row One: Mike Jennings, J. D. McFarland, Chris Gent, Eric Springs, Mark Aberle, Debbie Hill (Manager). Row Two: Keith Biver, Travis Tutka, Andy Ward, Kevin Donaldson, Tstume Sato, Cory Holshouser. Rwo Three: Coach Tom Fayollat, Garth Hull, David Slemmer, Ryan Roth, Peter Hulme, Chip Met-zler, Keenan Wilson. 196 SPORTS Cyndi TruemanThe Junior Varsity Soccer Team had a great season in terms of player attitude and ability. Their record was 6-7-1, and Coach Joe Symanski seemed very pleased. “The Junior Varsity team scored 28 goals compared to the opponents 17,” he said. “Goalie Mike Paulsmeyer had 97 saves for the season, and the high scorers were Peter Hulme, John Pile, Greg Morrison, and Dan Pitman.” Greg Morrison agreed with Coach Symanski saying, “It was a good season; we had a lot of fun and Mr. Symanski is a lively coach. After the first game (against Collinsville) I realized that we had more ability than I originally thought.” Phil Siglock thought that they all worked well together as a team, but Mike Paulsmeyer got more indepth to say that the season was “a lot tougher than last year — we played tougher teams, but the games were closer. We were one step away from a really great team, and a player or two short of being a dominating team.” Defensive player Lance Bonney thought the team had a strong defense, although he also thought the offense needed a little work. However, Lance said that when the team puts it all together next year, “Varsity will be great!” Coach Symanski also said that the J.V. team had “an outstanding defense this year with Steve Gnowjewski, Jason Sobkowski, Scott Bailey, Lance Bonney, and Phil Siglock.” The Most Valuable Players were Greg Morrison for offense, Steve Gnojewski for defense, and Mike Paulsmeyer was the All-Around MVP. Tom Deteinne received the Sportsmanship Award. Cyndi Trueman ow One: Erin Celuch lanager), Matt Meyer, Tom etienne, Paul Mackie, Sonny ayden. Mike Paulsmeyer, Rich reenhill, Eric Carlson, Brent avis, Ty Howton, (Managers) Corey Holshouser, Cindy Oates. Row Two: (Manager) Debbie Hill, Steve Gnojewski, Matt Hol-shouscr. Craig Hindelang, Tom Smucker, Kort Cole, Jason Krapf, Andy Smucker, John Pile. Row Three: Coach Joe Symanski, Nate Mudd, Jason Weber, Greg Morrison. Pat Foege, Dan King, Scot Bailey, Ryan Van Hout, Coach Francis Dwyer. This year the Varsity Soccer Team finished its record breaking season with 15 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie. Among its many highlights was an all-state forward, most goals scored in a season (24), most shutouts in a season (9), and most career goals (44). This year’s Most Valuable Player award went to Kort Cole, the Most Valuable Defender was Dan King, and the Most Valuable Offensive Player was also Kort Cole. Coach Dwyer says of the players, “This team wasn't the most skilled I’ve had, but they played as a team. They never lost their poise and showed good character on the field.” The team’s senior goalkeeper, Rich Greenhill, says, “The reason for our success was an all-around team effort. We always seemed to come back in the fourth quarter. This team just wouldn’t give up.” The team captains, Kort Cole and Jason Krapf, also had opinions on this year’s success. Says Kort, “This team was the best that Edwardsville has ever had. It was a ... of a team.” Jason states that, “Team work was a big part in our many victories. We really worked the ball to each other better than our opponents.” With all their accomplishments and players like those, Coach Dwyer can certainly be proud of this 1988 season. Rich Greenhill SPORTS 197Row One: Cathi Hill, Tia Betts, Susie Carlson, Michelle Meyers, Stacie McCanee, Missy Metcalf, Angie Halemeyer, Mary Beth Richards, Wendy Hawk. Row Two: Sarah Towslee, Deana Blumenstock, Monica Delgado, Stephanie Rogier, Heather Perry, Sherry Steinmeitz, Amy Burch, Jenny Owens, Beth Gersman, Tricia Goebel, Sherri Ammon. Row Three: Erin Hamilton, Trisha Spiller, Amy Barnett, Cheri Bough, Brandi Morrison, Head Coach Sharon Petty, Asst Coach Dave Tissier, Beth Har rick, Rhonda Roth. Heather Pig gott, Carrie Frictag, Krister Krebs, Stacy Weakly. 198 SPORTS(ow One: Kara Barton, Tisha piller, Nancy Cutler, Rhonda '.oth, Carrie Frietag, Elaine Den-iy. Row Two: Melanie Traxler, Christy Ruyle, Diane Delaney, Melissa Goff, Tricia Goebel. Row Three: Head Coach Sharon Petty, Asst. Coach Dave Tissier, Lisa Baugh, Jenny Johnson, Tracie Onley, Stacy Weakly, Erin Bardon. The Varsity Field Hockey Team traveled through a transition season this year, one in which much experience was gained. The girls ended the season with a record of 6 wins and 9 losses, yet this does not show how they matured individually and as a whole team. Coaches Sharon Petty and Dave Tissier pushed the field hockey squad to put forth their best effort, emphasizing that the experience each girl gained is more important than the final score. Coach Sharon Petty comments about the varsity field hockey team’s season: “We played tough teams extremely well, but came away with a number of one point losses rather than victories. The team played with a lot of heart and determination-qualities that will make them a winner in life.” The addition of the Edward-sville Sports Complex provided a much needed area for practice and competition. It also seemed to draw more spectators during the field hockey season. The five seniors Kara Barton, Nancy Cutler, Elaine Denny, Christy Ruyle, and Melanie Traxler will be missed for their skills and their leadership abilities. This season was one of growth and change, and it should provide the basis for an improved hockey squad. Jenny Johnson The Junior Varsity Field Hockey Squad was so large this year that it was possible to have a Freshman team. This shows a growing enthusiasm for field hockey among those who are new to EHS. Commenting on the two younger teams. Coach Sharon Petty states: “The JV Squad was very young and inexperienced considering our competitors, but the team learned the skills necessary to become a good hockey team by the end of the season. This was also the first year to have a Freshman squad. They worked hard and played well. Since most of our competition has a couple of more years experience over us — we felt very good about this year’s JV and Freshman squads and progress.” Both the JV and Freshman field hockey teams played very well. Often losing by small margins and surprising their toughest competition with their newly acquired skills. The experience the girls gained this past season will be necessary for the higher levels of competition they may face next season. Jenny Johnson SPORTS 199The Freshman Volleyball Team ended with a complimentary record of 8-9. They won two big games early in the season against Granite City and Belleville East. Melissa Dorsey showed as a well-rounded player in serving and spiking. The outstanding setter turned out to be Tammy Isenberg with Kathie Gusewelle being a strong server and spiker. Gret-chen Kovarik’s outstanding saves helped the team out many times. The other starters, Stacey Born and Julie Stalhut, were good, consistent players. Laura McKane helped the team maintain their spirit and was awarded Most Spirited at the end of the season. This year’s coach Ms. Jacob-smeyer, in her first year, enjoyed the girls and loved their patience with the game as well as with her. “The girls played truly shocking,” comments a well-satisfied coach. Keni Uhe Row One: Gretchen Kovarik, Julie Stahlhut, Laura McKane, Cathy Gusewelle. Row Two: Vonchie Nicholson, Tami Isenburg, Melissa Dorsey, Jenny Fischer, Stacy Bom, Coach Nancy Jacobsmeyer. Not Pictured: Manager Sarah Hammon. 200 SPORTSRow Two: Coach Hytcn, Denise Isenburg, Michelle Hayes, Melissa Dorsey. Sarah Schreiber, Sue Meyer, Cara Edan, Jenny Wiemers. This year’s Volleyball Team had one of its best seasons ever. That team made it to the Regionals and played tough in every game. The Varsity team ended with an outstanding record of 22-4, winning the Wood River Tournament and coming in second at the Edwardsville Tournament. The Junior Varsity team followed the awesome display of Varsity with an exceptional record of 12-6. Amy Nelson leads the school in all time service points and was named to the All-Metro team. Kara Eden was leading all-time blocker and setter for three and one-half years. Varsity starters also included Denise Isenberg, Sara Schreiber, Jennie Wiemers and Sue Meyer. Other outstanding players include Row One: Cheryl Ahrens, Tammy Isenburg, Lisa Buckley, Michelle Schaefer, Amy Nelson. ow One: Martha Becker, Cheryl hrens, Tammy Isenburg, Gret-hen Kovarik, Cathy Gusewelle, essica Patterson, Tina Hall. Row Two: Lisa Buckley, Lora Bollman, Michelle Hayes, Jenny Wright, Melissa Dorsey, Stacy Bom, Coach Hyten. Michele Schaeffer, Courtney Ward, Lisa Buckely, and Michele Hayes. Keni Uhe SPORTS 201First Row: Doug Gilbert, Toby Meador, Stefan Hornberger. Rich Bailey, Chris Pegg, Jimmy Hudson. Second Row: Shayna Gock- en, Trevon Williams, Joe Nico-lussi, Rob Werden, Aaron Suess, Nelson Nolle, Dani Langston. Third Row: Eric Cremer, Jim Gusewcllc, Dave Sporrer, Steve Scherff, Pat Donnelly, Jim Depureur, Coach Price. uoimrj The Boy’s Cross Country Team, coached by Jim Price did surprisingly well considering the number of first-year runners that went out for the team. Although the team did not keep track of it’s standings in the invitationals, the runners did very well. Stefan Hornberger was the only sectional qualifier while Trevon Williams, a freshman, did exceptionally well this season. Coach Price is hopeful the team will only get better next year. Stefan Hornberger received the M.V.P. award, Doug Gilbert received the Varsity Spirit award, and Eric Cremer received the Junior Varsity Spirit award. This year there was not an actual Girls’ Cross Country Team. There must be five people to qualify as a team, and the season started out with five. Many of the girls dropped out, leaving the team with only two Freshman runners, Danielle Langston and Shayna Gocken. The team trained by running several miles every day, even in sweltering heat. They started out by running long distances at a slow pace, then gradually speeding up the pace. Occasionally they would run short distances at high speeds. Their longest run while training was about six miles. The actual season started at the beginning of the school year and continued until early October. Regional are in mid October. The girls ran nine races including the regional. The races consist of two miles for girls in Illinois and three in Missouri. Both Danielle and Shayna did well enough to qualify for the regionals. Shayna finished 8th and Danielle placed 11th. This is impressive considering they are just Freshmen. Jim Price, the coach, was very supportive and helpful during Danielle and Shayna’s first cross country season. Danielle and Shayna both received the Spirit Award for the Girls’ Cross Country team. 202 SPORTSThe 1987-88 Swim and Dive Teams, coached by Mrs. Ann Gregor, was relatively small compared to years past. The swim team had three members and the dive team — Edward-sville’s first — was composed of one member. Although no one went to the State level of competition, the teams did very well over-all at their first meet, the Sectional in Spring-field. Shannon Moss placed 2nd in the 100m breast stroke and 4th in the 200m Individual Medley; Greg Organ placed 7th in the 100m backstroke; and Erin Celuch placed 6th in the 100m breast stroke and 8th in the 50m freestyle. Edwardsville’s first and only diver, Jill Glaser, placed 3rd. When asked, Jill said she felt “special to be the first diver” at EHS, and that she gained a lot of experience this year. Mrs. Gregor said she would have liked a state qualifier, but they all did well and will hopefully be back next year to try again. Cyndi Trueman SPORTS 203f The Girls’ Goll Team did very well this year with an average of 47.01. They were undefeated and owon the sectional and regional tournaments, and then went on to rank 5th at State. Their MVP was Le-ann Vandiver. The team’s best victory was “probably over Lafayette” said Coach Dick Gerber. Coach Gerber and Coach Paul Lancaster both said this year was an excellent team, although they had problems at State. They plan on placing 1st next year and if they play the way they did this year, they should. Heather Burress Left to Right: Jill Florini, Sara Lancaster, Lee Ann Vandiver, Christy Harbry Worthy, Tina Buck, Coach Paul Jennifer Bigham. Meghan Fields, 204Row One: John Drostc, Jack Lowrie, Brian Lcardi. Row Two: Woll, Jay Hepler, Brett Newton, McPike, Andy Davison, Mike Richie Stolze, Kris Anderson, David Hyten. Calvo, Gary Ranek, Parish Sam Scheibal, Brian Hahn, Ryan w One: Nancy McEnary, Lau-Lewin, Debbie Jacober, Jenni lith, Kristin Richardson, Kelli mmcrs, Carrie Richard. Row vo: Dana Wilson, Alison liocco, Mamie McCarthy, Shelly Hyten, Dana Read. Carla Howell, Holly Mattingly. Karin Garbe, Sheila Toring. Row Three: Coach Dennis Joyce, Missy McDonough, Kristen Halsey, Erin Hunter, Laura VanNat- ta, Jenny Looney, Jennie Little, Nicole Wydra, Kim Evola, Amy Hart. Not Pictured: Cecily Arenas, Christcl Schumacher. POINT! Our Girls’ Tennis Team heard this over and over during this year’s season. With the help of great school spirit and Mr. Joyce, the new Girls’ Team coach, our team went to Sectionals. Most of the players on the team are relatively young, with only three Seniors. Our team ended the season with a 6-8 record. Even with her injured knee, Laura Lewin was the team’s M.V.P., Mamie McCarthy was voted the Most Improved, and Jenny Little was voted the Most Spirited. Karin Garby and Erin Hunter won the most games for the season. Jocelyn Hedlund 205The EHS Pom Pon Squad consists of sixteen members. Grades eight through eleven may try out for the squad. Tryouts are held during the spring every year. They perform at half-time during football and basketball games. Sometimes they perform in community parades. They also perform at school assemblies. They belong to the Illinois Drill Association. The Illinois Drill Association sponsors all of the regional competitions. EHS competes three times yearly in regionals. They also have placed quite well in them. So far, the squad has placed first in the Althoff regional in the “kick” category. They made second place in Jacksonville and were rated superior in the “kick” and “dance” categories. Since they did so well, they get to go to the state competition. On March 12, they will go to state and perform in the “dance” and “kick” categories. The sponsor, Mrs. Beal, has put forth much time and effort in helping the EHS Pom Pon Squad perform successfully. Cecily Arenas Row One: Natalie Fritschc. Row Two: Cassie Thomas, Aimcc Hamilton. Row Three: Annie DuBay. Emilie Droste, Debbie Geibe. Row Four: Joey Evans, Karen Block. Mikcll Winchester, Shelley Dean. Row Five: Jill Wetzel. Denise Mattea, Angie Cluster. Row Six. Melissa Pulliam, Tracy Wisdom. Row Seven: Laura Summers 206 SPORTStow One: Jenny Peel, Christy Erika Hclscl, Nickie Madison, sons, Angell Farley. Vidcncr, Dana Read. Row Two: Melanie Roustio, Treena Per- The 1987-88 Varsity Cheerleaders began their season in preparation for competing in the largest National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) camp in the U.S. located at S.E.M.O. Preparation included many hours of work throughout the summer months (up to six hours a day). As a result, the squad finished in the top seven squads of 92, received several blue ribbons, and a spirit stick. Both Evannah Rouse and Kierstin Gullicksrud were chosen to compete individually for the All-American title of which Kierstin received the honor. The squad took 1st place at the NCA Regional ow One: Cheryl Morton. Row Row Three: Lori Clements, Row Four. Beth Wadlow, Edie mo: Susan Metzler, Mary Mor- Evannah Rouse. DeConcini, Charity Lantz, Char- son. lotte Welbum. Competition in Normal, IL; thus qualifying for the NCA National Cheerleading Competition in Dallas, Texas. In addition, the squad placed first at the Jamestown Mall Competition and second at the Salem Tournament in which Susan Metzler was chosen best cheerleader. Overall, the squad used their talents and abilities to raise the school enthusiasm throughout the football, basketball, and soccer seasons. The Varsity Cheerleading squad would like to thank Tricia Scerba (manager) and Mrs. Gullicksrud (sponsor) for their time and efforts. Lori Clements SPORTS 207Row One: Les Pinion, Will Row Two: Rod Ashbum, Bob Row Three: Brian Hindelang Moore, Chuck Willour, Chris Hanson. Buddy Barnes, Aaron Andy O’Connell, Evan Davis. Burnett, Eric Lohman. Fischer, Keith Terrell, Sean Feco. Dave Hart, Jim Matteson. Row One: Dean Ahne, Dustin Reames, Kerry' Timmons. Row Two: Brandon Simmons, Jason Weber, Jim Mersinger, Phil Siglock. Row Three: Neil Strader, Stacy Radcliff, Sean McCleary, Rob Hormell, Brett Strader. 208 SPORTStow One: Jerry Holt. Derek laugh. Rich Dunnavant, Bill ohnson. Jeff Meyer. Larry rreitag. Row Two: Trevon Williams, Ronzell Williams, Rob Werden. Steve McGauley, Paul Svoboda, James Dupurcur, Jeff Farley. Row Three: Coach Winkle, Amy Hess (Mgr.). Karl Weber, Sean Nolan, Chad Little, Coach Stahlhut. This year’s 1987-88 Tiger Wrestling Team wrestled exceptionally well. They ended the year with a record of 25-3, and became the Regional Champions for the first time. The team also set a school record for the most dual meet victories in a season, 25. Coach Stahlhut named Ronzell Williams and Rich Dunnavant this year’s Most Improved Wrestlers. Trevon Williams was the team’s Best Wrestler. He set a school record for the Most Victories in a season, with 37, and was also a state qualifier. Kelly Parker SPORTS 209“I’m proud of their academic achievements as well. Quite a few of these young men were on the Honor Roll,” states Coach Butler of the Freshman Boys' Basketball Team. Anybody who’s ever played basketball or is involved in any extracurricular activity knows what an achievement this is. The long, hard hours of practice, not to mention games, and upkeep of academics standards becomes a real struggle, but these talented individuals pulled it off. Coach Butler was very proud of the team’s ability, and said that the “B” Team was great to coach. The Boys’ Varsity Basketball coach, Mr. Vallino sees next year as very promising, although their record this season of 9-15 was nothing to hang their heads about. They had many exciting games this year including their toughest, a game against Belleville West. While they did lose this game, one must remember that they were missing three of their starters and against many odds, lost to a twenty game winner by only two points. Not bad, guys! Their best offensive player, also one of their tallest along with Rob Harris at 6'4", was David Sherrod. He averaged fourteen points per game. Their best defensive player was Tony Lockett. They have many players with the promise of being outstanding in their Senior year. The team has tremendous spirit and unity which we hope will bring them a sensational winning season next year. Lisa Schott When asked about best of-fensive and defensive players, he said that they played as a team. There was no “best” players. He also remarked on their outstanding team spirit. Their most memorable game was beating Belleville West with Jeremy Hays’ “turn around jump shot” with eight seconds left. They had a major disappointment with Althoff. After leading the whole game, they lost by six points. They finished the year better than expected. The “A” Team had a record of 17-6 while the “B” Team’s record was 11-3. Lisa Schott Row One: Adam Lynn, Matt Schaeffer, James Gusewellc, Gerald Bradford, Jason Helen, Tom Price. Row Two: Tim Funkhouscr, Tony Lockett, Aaron Suess, Mark Little, Craig Zudc. Row Three: Dick Hutton (Trainer), Ass’t Coach Greg Wolk, Pat Foege, David Sherrod, Marc Tuttle, Kevin Paur, Scott Eder (Mgr), Coach Bud Vallino. Not Pictured: Rob Harris. 210 SPORTSRow One: John Droste, Todd Klucker, Jason Jones, Keenan ingraber, Paul Jennetten, Jeremy Zude, Rusty Walker, Jeff Wilson. Row Two: Jarvis Hays, Ryan Suess, Brett Schwalb, Hengehold, Eric Springs, Todd Wooten, J. J. Scerba, Jason Ste- Ted McKinney, Coach Butler. ow One: Craig Zude, Eric Mike, erald Bradford, Tom Price, hn Bramhall. Row Two: Tim Funkhouser, Mark Little, Jason Heien, Steve Flowers. Row Three: Coach Greg Wolk, Dever- on Reising, James Gusewelle, Kevin Paur, Brad Lawrence, Scott Eder (Mgr). The J.V. Boys’ Basketball Team had a record of 8-10 this year. They were a young, fairly small, but very competitive team. They had great spirit and team unity. Their most exciting game was against Althoff, where they won with an excellent last second shot by Jim Gusewelle. Jason Heien was their leading scorer. Their best defensive players were Mark Little and Tim Funkhouser. Gerald Bradford led in rebounds. Kevin Paur was the most improved throughout the year. Coach Wolk also commented that they will improve as they continue to mature physically. They promise to make an outstanding team in the future. Lisa Schott SPORTS 211When asked about this year’s Girls’ Freshman Basketball Team, their coach, Mr. Pile, used one very descriptive word: BEST! They had an extremely impressive record of 12 wins and 2 losses. This was outstanding! They averaged 49 points per game and gave up only 27 points per game. Their great offense was due largely to Missy Dorsey, who Mr. Pile said was their best offensive player. Their best defensive player was Briana Smith, who deserves this title. He also mentioned Kathy Gusewelle as having the most assists. Joie Lyles was another outstanding individual with a large number of steals. Their most memorable game was their hard-fought victory at Belleville East. This was a great game that reflects their successful playing season. Lisa Schott Row One: Michele Meyers, Tia Crabtree. Joie Lyles. Row Two: Linafelter, Stacey Born Betts, Kathy Gusewelle, Briana Mariah Harvey, Mgr.; Shayna Harnck, Coach Tom Pile. Smith, Carla Howell, Carma Gocken. Missy Dorsey, Jenny The 1987-88 Girls' Basketball Teams had a fantastic year. The Varsity team finished the season 24-5, setting a school record for the most wins in the history of EHS. This year was their fourth straight 20 win season, and their fifth straight year to win a Regional title. The toughest game the girls played was against East St. Louis. We beat them twice — the first time any team has beat them twice in a single season. Senior Amy Nelson had an excellent year in basketball. She set the state record for the most assists in a career with 716 and was the first EHS girls Basketball player to be named in All-State. Amy was also the leader in points (478), assists (284), and steals (160). These were all single season records. Cara Edan and Jamie Schwear also had a great year. Cara set the school record for the most rebounds in a career (720), and the most rebounds in a single season with 342. Jamie led the entire St. Louis area by making 84.1% of her free throws. “This team finished 11th in the state of Illinois and won 17 straight games, but most of all, we had fun being together,” comments Coach Dave Tidier (The Girls’ J.V. Team was not pictured this year for the yearbook.) 212 SPORTSRow One: Jamie Schwear, Tissicr, Tracey Onley, Deanna Eden, Denise Isenburg, Tammy Michelle Schaeffer, Amy Nelson, Meyer, Dawn Boedecker, Jenny Isenburg, Coach Mainer, Stacey Lisa Buckley. Row Two: C oach Linafelter, Sara Schreiber, Cara St. John (Mgr.). 213Row One: J. J. Scerba, A. Suess, B. Burras, D. Nelson, D. Jones. Row Two: G. Burns, N. Mudd, M. Little, A. Lynn, F. Kolesa, J. Bailey. Row Three: C. Zude, T. Funkhouser, D. Rademacker, C. Bollman, E. Jennings. Row Four: Coach T. Pile, T. Price, B. Hilla, D. Poehlein, T. Margherio, Asst. Coach M. Waldo, Asst. Coach K. Cartee. This year’s Varsity Baseball Team had a tremendous year ending with the record of 31-9 and also being 3rd in the state. The team did not let their being ranked 6th in the nation early in the season by USA Today go to their heads. Pitchers, Price and Lynn did a terrific job having ERA’S of 2.15 and 3.23 respectively during the playoff games. The team’s batting average was approximately .334, an exceptional average. The team was led by Seniors, Blake Hilla, catcher with a batting average of .405; Gary Bums, first baseman with a .337 average; Tony Lockett, third baseman with a .340 average; and John Bailey, cen-terfielder with an average of .320 for the season. Lockett made a team record of 35 stolen bases for the season. Juniors, Eric Jennings had 30 RBI’s for the season and pitcher Adam Lynn had a pitching record of 8-2 for the season. The team had three other outstanding pitchers with great records too. They are; Tom Price with a 6-1 record, Aaron Suess with a 5-2 record, and junior Marc Tuttle with a 6-3 record and 5 saves. The playoff games started as the Tigers won their Regional title on March 31st by defeating Jerseyville 7-1. They then went on to beat East St. Louis 3-2 following up with a win over Carbon-dale 9-1 sending the Tigers to the quarterfinals. The great victory over Central Catholic 4-0, led them to the semifinals. Unfortunately they lost this game 9-6 to Barrington. The team did absolutely great under the direction of Coach Tom Pile. Congratulations on all your wonderful achievements Tigers! Row One: Derek Baugh, Otez Hopson, Rich Dunnavant, Tim Knecht, Phil Siglock, Dan Carter. Row Two: Coach Tissier, Steve Rowers, John Bramhall, Cameron Turner, Brad Lawrence, Mike Calvo, Brett Schwalb, Coach Box. 214 SPORTSRow One: Mike Bell, Eric Springs, Dan Fantcr, Todd Kluckcr. Row Two: Jason Jones, Craig Jones, Terry Netzling, Ted McKinney, Dave Slcmmer, Mike Jennings. Row Three: John Droste, Tim Arth, Rob Varady, Todd Zude, Mike Pcnclton. Row Four: J. J. Scerra, Jason Heien, Ryan Suess, Jeremy Hays, Jeff Hengchold, Mike Modrusic, Coach Butler. SPORTS 215The Junior Varsity Softball I eam played with the motto of “It's nice to win, but it’s not necessary." The J.V. team played for the fun of the game and for the valuable experience they gained. They ended the season with a record of 7-12, but the record doesn’t show the true talent of the team. The team was made up of 13 Freshmen and a few Sophomores. Mary Beth Richards turned out a strong performance as catcher, and short stop, Cheryl Ahrens got to experience some Varsity action. The other three Sophomores all turned out good performances, as did the entire team. This young team has the ambition to be a great contender. Kcni Uhe Row One: Christy Harbry, Heather Perry, Cathy Gusewcllc, Cheryl Ashauer, Gretchan Kovarik, Kristy Kovarik, Rebec- ca Knezik, Joey Lyles. Row Two: Ms. Mezzanno, Jennie Little, Staci Born, Lora Bollman, Danielle Denue, Cheryl Ahrens, Beth Harrick, Amy Birch, Dixie Holtman. 216 SPORTSThe Varsity Softball Team ended their season with an extremely respectable record of 12-12. This young team contained only one Senior, so the prospects for next year looks great. Junior pitcher Lori Kovarik ended her pitching season with a 10-8 record, an ERA of 3.84, and had more strikes than base hits. She proved to be good not only at pitching, but also when up to bat — hitting .300 for the season. Michele Hays led the team in RBIs with a grand total of 20. The team played solidly all season and is looking forward to having all the younger players return for next year’s season. Lori Kovarik agrees that the team matured and played better as a result. Lori also feels EHS had a good team this year with the potential to go far. However, Lori is hopeful the team will be even better next year. Keni Uhe Kovarik. Jill Smith. Row Two: linger, Melissa Dorsey, Cheri Ms. Hyten, Courtney Ward, Mulach, Tracey Onley, Andrea Michelle Hayes, Shawn Hel- Buckey, Ms. Mezzanno. Row One: Kim Seals, Diane Delaney, Jamie Stack, Cheryl Ahrens, Stacey St. John, Lori SPORTS 217The Edwardsville Senior High School Track Team did very well this year. They placed third in the Tiger relays, first in the Madison County meet, and third in the sectional. A particular girl on this team has set some almost unbeatable records. Christina Perozzi ran the 100 in eleven and eight-tenths of a second. She ran the 200 in twenty-four and nine-tenths of a second. She also ran the 400 in fifty-eight and one-half seconds. This seems to be quite a record. She also placed fifth in state. At state, the Medley relay placed with Shawn Atkins, Kara Barton, Bri-ana Smith, and Tish Spil-ler. The runners in the 4X 100 relay were Shawn Atkins, Kara Barton, Christina Perozzi, and Tisha Spiller. The relay teams did not place in the state meet. Cecily Arenas Row One: Slom Saio, Trcvon Williams, Ester Savcrson, Chip Melzlcr, Steve Blackman (Mgr.), Scott Leonard. Row Two: Jim Hudson. Todd Schucrman, Kevin Acra, Jim Wilson, Jason Schmid, Jason Sobkowski, Marjock Fenner. Patrick Donnelly, Leonard Getler, Yvonne Stewart (scorer), Angela Brimcr (Mgr.). Row Three: Coach Winston Brown. Toby Meador, Ray Pfeffer, Stefan Hombcrgcr, Darin Dunnagan. Wade Schu- crman, Steve Scherff, James Gusewellc, Will Sommers, Eric Cremcr, Dave Sporrcr, Coach Royal Baird, Coach Bill Coleman. Row Four: Rob Harris, Jason Hughes, Eric Clark.Row One: Laurie Nunes, Julie Kara Barton, Andrea Armour, ry Jackson, Jami Rice, Janice Fagan, Shayna Gocken, Tisha Latonia Kinder, Fayshelle Scott, Hendricks, Coach Babe Stahlhut, Spiller, Annie DuBay, Michelle Laura Catalano, Briana Smith, Jenny Looney, Christina Perozzi, Sparks, Laura McKane, Robin Amy Werdcn, Trixy Wallace. Mamie McCarthy, Maria Weiglcr, Erika Enos. Row Two: Row Three: Yvonne Stewart, Ma- Youngs. esse Allen, Aaron Arth, Jim tcck, Bryan Belt. Robin Boehm, 'levin Brunworth, Chris Byron, ndy Colligan. Steve Cooper, ndy Curran, Chris Hale, Kevin lawkins, Brian Hlavsa, David Hytcn, Kris Kaufmann, Tony Langendorf, Mark Massey, Brian McAllister, Paul McNeill, Jack McPike, Joe Mehranfar, Nelson Nolle, Chris Roberts, Akira Sato, Dean Savoca, Andy Schwartzkopf, Bill Swiecicki, Anthony Traxler, Danny Von Forell, Andre Vuagniaux, James Wilson. The 1988 Boys’ Tennis Team has had a very good year and their future looks very promising. They ended this season with a record of 9 wins and 4 losses. Coach Dennis Joyce says that their success is greatly due to their many experienced players and an ex-‘ ceptional Varsity team. Coach Joyce named Senior Bill Swiecicki the best all around player and mentioned other outstanding players as Dave Hyten, Brian Belt, and Mark Bass. Christina Johnson SPORTS 219SPORTS 221 The Role Academics Plays at EHS Many of us feel that the best part of EHS is the sports that take place throughout the year. Sports are a great part of our school, but they aren’t the only things. There are many ideas and events, other than athletic, that make up our school. For example, the academic part. Many students do not really think about the important role that academics plays at EHS. Then again, many others do see the importance of academics. Many clubs and organizations that are academically oriented help EHS to become better and better. An example of such a club is the Math Team, who placed eighth overall at State last year. A lot of people would consider most of the classes available at EHS academic in some way. What would we be doing at school without them? Academics, as well as everything else, is a big part of our school. — Cecily Arenas 222 ACADEMICSThe Jets Team, sponsored by Mr. Elam, is off to a great start this year. Recently, on February 21, the Junior Engineering Technical Society completed the first level of competition and will move on to the second and possibly third, or state, levels. Each person enrolled in the competition takes two tests out of the seven categories: biology, chemistry, physics, math, English, computer science, and graphics. Although the Jets Team is mostly for Juniors and Seniors, two Sophomores, Chris Lewis and Jessica Patterson, have met the requirements needed to become part of the team. Christina Johnson The Math Team is also sponsored by Mr. Elam, but has a team for each grade level. The team has thirty members and normally competes about twelve times a year. Christina Johnson Front Row: Ling Lei Xu, Krisi Steingrabcr, Stacy St. John, Eric Wolf. Second Row: Subha Bol-lini, David Hyten, Ellen Luan, David Clarkin, Tony Lin. Third Row: Chuck Willour, Mary Beth Richards, Greg Organ, Ginny Willour, Ronald Ho. Fourth Row: Chris Lewis, Eric Dettmer, Trish Scerba, David Brickman, Clay DeGiacinto. Fifth Row: Dan Fanter, Blair Schwalb, Akira Sato, Eric Holshouser, Jack McPike. Sixth Row: Coach Elam, Jeff Powell. Front Row: Tony Lin, David Clarkin, Ellen Luan. Second Row: Stacy St. John, Eric Hol- shouscr, Jessica Patterson. Third Row: Doug Gilbert, Greg Organ, Ginny Willour, Ronald Ho. Fourth Row: Chris Lewis, Eric Dettmer, Trish Scerba, Lori Clements. Fifth Row: Coach Elam. 224 ACADEMICSfont Row: Shelly Bares, Lincoln ounsbury, Jim Anderson, Susan lctzlcr, Kristin Richardson, ammy Bazaillion. Second Row: yong Kim. Shervin Karim pour, lichelle Hinton. Steve Hartman, ri Clements. Julie Clow. Third ow: Candice Farrell, Angie hwartzkopf, Michelle Love, Lori Kreuiter, Holly Davis. Fourth Row: Kelly Koeing. Chris Golisch, Alisa Adair. Angie Di-est, Scott Klingsick. Fifth Row: Chris Honeck, Cole Hunter, Phil Hamil, Jeanne Ponder, Clay Guscwelle. Sixth Row: Jason Hughes, Biil Boyd, Missy Prater, Brendan Malone. Seventh Row: Lori Scarborough. Sam Blevins, Gary Ranek. Becky Simmons, Barbi Byron. Top Row: Mr. Detoye Lisa Leardi. Melanie Traxlcr. Lauren Gonzalez, Shannon Horvath, Lee Long. Karen Skacr, Carol Threlkeld. Art Seminar, a class held just for Seniors, provides the art students with a maximum of artistic options. The class only requires that a certain number of projects be turned in every semester. These projects can be almost anything helping the students to create his own individual artistic talent. The class is taught by the well-liked Dennis DeToye who assists the students in their various projects. This class also does things for the community such as making stained glass windows for the Esic Baptist Church. The Seniors work hard during the year for their annual final Senior Art Show that takes place in the Spring of each year. Keni Uhe ACADEMICS 225The Chess Team, sponsored by Mr. Hindelang, is bringing in a great sixteenth year for EHS. The ten members compete throughout the year against many schools in Front Row: Dave Brickman, Dave Clarkin. Second Row: Dennis Swanson, Chris Pegg, Tony the St. Louis area. For the first semester of the ’87-’88 school year, the team had a record of four wins and four losses. Christina Johnson Lin. Third Row: Fred Steinkuehler, Mr. Hindelang, Eric Dcttmer. Existing now for four years at EHS, the Computer Team is going on as strong as ever. Sponsored by Mr. Hindelang, the club provides experience for students interested in working with, or just increasing their knowledge of computers. With approximately twenty members, the Computer Club has no trouble coming up with ample material to place in the competitions that they enter during the year. Christina Johnson Front Row: Yvonne Stewart, Jamie Rice, Christol Yancy. Second Row: Jan Hendricks, Latonia Kinder, Zip Jackson, Nicole Mayfield. Third Row: Rusty Walker, Eric Mike, James Ale- man, Mrs. Powell. Not Picturec Ling-Lei Xu, Jeff Zacha, Jarvi Wooten, Orlando Jones. 226 ACADEMICSFront Row: Kerry Hansen, Wendy Moore, Marty Moore, Tona Arth, Katherine Ferguson, Second Row: Leslie Trueman. Denise Schumacher, Michelle Garde, Karen Haag, Kristen Wolf, Kim Jordan. Third Row: Ron Ho, Fred Steinkuchler. Brian Obcrdicck, Libby Shcle, Laurel Barber, Dave Clarkin, Eric Dettmer. Fourth Row: Pat Foege, Melanie Traxlcr, Trish Sccrba, Doug Gilbert, Lori Clements, Tony Lin, Andy Sackvillc-Wcst, Karl Weber. First Row: Dave Brickman, Mr. Hindclang, Dave Clarkin. Second Row: Tony Lin, Fred Steinkuchler. This year’s National Honor Society consists of many members. Mrs. Johannes presently is their sponsor. The members are chosen by: good character, leadership, services and high academic levels. Much is expected from the members. Throughout the year the National Honor Society has done many things for others. During Christmas, they helped at the Santa’s helper’s house. Funds raised from this went to The Pantry. An Honors Punch meeting was held in early February for Honor Roll students throughout EHS. In mid-March an induction was held. Towards the end of the year in May, an Honors Banquet was held. The National Honor Society’s members are placed into committees. There are three separate committees. The Committees are: Honor’s Punch, Induction and Scrapbook. Cecily Arenas ACADEMICS 227 v'ttpnaaa 228 CANDIDS Itiii ®aSo far on these divider pages, we’ve all seen students, faculty, sports, organizations, and academic clubs. Now, however, as we near the end of yet another year and another yearbook, comes the serious section: the advertising pages. 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Resume’s Printed Busy Bee Copy Service Call 311 N.Main 656-7155 THE GYM BAG CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988! 244 ADSBrooks Jewelers Estimates Appraisals Phone (618)656-1841 213 NORTH MAIN Edwardsville, IL Diamonds • Watches • Gifts • Repairs 246 ADS ADS 247Alford, Beth: Bcthro, Bothers Spanish Club 1, 2, 4; S.A.D.D. 2 Anderson, Janies E.: Jimbo Football 1; Art Seminar 4; “Forget not forgive” Arth, Tona R.: Student Senate 3; Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4; Thespians 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; S.A.D.D. 4; Who’s Who 3, 4; National Honor Roll 3, 4; Student Council 4; Tiger Voice 3; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 1, 2, 3, 4 Atkins, Shawn Marchell: Bear-Bear Track 1,2, 3,4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Student Council 1; D.E.C.A. 1 4; Cross Country 3; “I don’t mean no harm” Ballard, Tammy R.: French Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4 Barber, Laurel: Band 1, 2, 3; Auxiliary Corps 2, 3; Pep Band 1, 2, 3; Marching Band I, 2, 3; Model U.N. 3; French Club 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 Bares, Michelle L.: Shelly Drama Club 1, 2; French Club 1; Student Council 1; Jr. Class Secretary; Art Seminar 4; “We are living in a world of multiple realities.” Barnard, Dana: Dane “Don’t even think about it.” Barnard, Michael: Mike Baumann, Kellie: Smcllie Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Baxter, Jennifer: Office Occupations Vice President 4; Teens-n-Tact “There’s always tomorrow!” Bell, Cynthia A.: LuLu “Dang!” Bench, Rachel Lynn: Art Seminar 4; Office Occupations 4 Bi aillion, Tamara: Tammy Student Council 2, 3; S.A.D.D. 2; Drama Club 2 Blair, Jennifer: Jen 10 Blaske, Jessica: Debate Team 4; S.A.D.D. 3, 4; Drama Club 3, 4; Student Council 4 Boehm, Suzanne M.: Office Occupations 4; Student Council 2 “What’s da-hold up?” Bollman, Craig: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Boyd, Colette Patrice: Cutty Track I, 2, 3; “Good things come to those who wait” Brase, Deanna K.: Basketball I; Basketball Manager 2, 3; Softball 2; 248 SENIOR ACTIVITIES National Honor Society 3, 4; Who's Who 4; Offio Occupations 4; “1 wish the best to the class of 1988.' Brewer, Jason: Jay Bee Jazz Band 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonii Band 3, 4; Church Band 2, 3; Pomp and Circuni stance 4; Concert Band I, 2; School of Performinj Arts 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Track 1,2; “Band: I never los my loyalty.” Brewster, Linda Jo: French Club 2, 3, 4; S.A.D.D. 2, 3, 4; Student Venturi 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; “C’est la vie.” Brill, Mike: Marching Band 4; Symphonic Band 4; Stage Band 4 “Thanks to all my friends at EHS who made my firs and last years here a lot of fun.” Burgett, Seth I).: The Boog Man Cross Country 3; Inter-Related Co-op 4 Burnett, Tammy: Burnctta D.E.C.A. I; “Cold hands — warm heart.” Byron, Barbara E.: Student Council 1; Yearbook Staff 2; Art Seminar 4 Carlson, Eric: Drama Club 1, 2, 3; Student Senate 3; Soccer 1,2,3 4; Homecoming Court 2, 4; Who’s Who, Intramural! 1, 2, 3; Illinois State Scholar Clayton, Shenae lunette: Nac-Nac Track 1, 2; German Club 1; Office Occupations 4 Clements, Ix ri: Cheerleading I, 2, 3, 4 Captain 2, 4; National Honoi Society 3, 4; French Club 2; Who’s Who 4; Home coming Court 2, 4; Art Seminar 4 Clow, Julie Ann: Jules Field Hockey 1; Art Seminar 4; “Coo man coo” Coffey, Brett William: Cupa Student Council 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Illinois Stati Scholar; Who’s Who; Wrestling 1, 2; National Hono Society 3, 4; “If wishes were horses, beggars wouk ride.” Crane, Mark: Vampyre “Everything seems to cost more when you’re broke!’ Cuvar, Jeff: Squire Track I; Inter-related Co-op 4; “SO” Cutler, Nancy: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-captain 2, 4 MVP 4; Stu dent Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Darnell, Rachel L.: Chiquita Banana Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Germai Club 4; “iQue dices hombre?” Davis, Holly: Drama Club 3; Newspaper 3; “Thank god it’s over!' Davis, Norma: Office Occupations 4; Art Seminar 4; Mixed Choru 1, 2, 3; “To all the rest ... GOOD LUCK!”Davidson, M. Kathleen: Katie Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; A Capclla 2 Decker, Kristen: Spanish Club 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; A Capclla 2, 3, 4 Denny, Elaine R.: Mr. Ed Class President 4; Class Secretary 2; Band Secretary 3; Field Hockey I, 2, 3, 4 Captain 4; Basketball 1; Softball I, 2; Stage Band; Drum Major 4; Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All-District 2, 3, 4; All-County Band 2; Solo and Ensemble I, 2, 3, 4; “Gotta go to the second floor ... Band Kicks!” Devers, Mathew E.: Devs “The world is a place for many, but there is room for so few.” Dickmann, Anne Marie: Anski, Andi Softball 2, 3 Captain 4; Basketball 2, 4; French Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 3; Student Council 3, 4; E'villc Spirits 2, 3; Class Officer 2, 3; Tecns-n-Tact 3, 4; “BigTen” University Athletic Scholar 4; “Never forget that it is possible to achieve what you dream.” Doolen, Dennis J.: Football I, 2, 3, 4; Weightlifting 2, 3, 4 Dorman, Toy: Bubble “Shut up, fool" Drew, Mary C.: Connie Concert Band I, 2; Symphonic Band 3, 4; Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4; Flags 3, 4; Rifles 4 Men, Cara: Tippy Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; “Hold on to your dreams because sometimes that’s all you have.” Ellis, Aaron: Crazy Man Epperson, Chris: The Hippy “Later days!” Erickson, Kipp D.: “You only live life once, but if you live it right, once is enough.” Ferguson, Katherine A.: Kate, Smurf S.A.D.D. 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4; Drama Club 4; German Club 1,2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 2; Student Council 4; Newspaper Staff 4; “Smartness isn’t everything, Dave.” Fischer, Tanya Christina Elaine: Toni Elaine Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Venture 2, 3, 4; S.A.D.D. 2; Girl’s Chorus 1; Student Council 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 4; Flag Corps 4; “It doesn’t matter what others think of you, it only matters what you think of yourself.” Foege, Patrick: Soccer 2, 3,4; Basketball 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; “What’s a quote?” Freymuth, Geoffrey: Yearbook Staff 2; Soccer 1; German Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Eritsche, Natalie A.: Yearbook Staff 2; Pom Pon Squad 2, 3, 4 Garde, Michelle Ann: Mickey Volleyball I; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Who’s Who 4; Illinois State Scholar; “Belter to be polyester and down-to-earth, than to be silk but untouchable.” Gehrs Todd: Stud Basketball 1, 2; Inter-Related Co-op 4 Gilbert, Douglas: Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4; Track I, 2, 3, 4; Jets Team 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Basketball 1 Graham, Rhonda R.: Rhoda Basketball 1; Office Occupations 4 Vice President; “Hey, Bucco!" Green, l ori Ann: Loralie Girl’s Chorus 2; A Capclla 3, 4; Drama Club 2; All-District Chorus Festival 3, 4; “Goodbye EHS!” Green hi 11, Richard D.: Dale-Boy. Richie Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; “Thank God it's Friday ... or at least 6th hour!!” Golisch, C hristine E.: XX-Ralcd Art Seminar 4, D.E.C.A. I; “You never know who your friends arc, so choose wisely.” Gonzalez, laura: Lauren Art Seminar 4; Drama Club I, 2; A Capclla 2; “Help, I’m being oppressed.” — Monty Python’s Holy Grail Haag, Karen: Froggy Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4; All-District Band 2, 3; Who’s Who; Illinois Stale Scholar; National Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 2 Hacking, Tammy Lynne: Girl’s Chorus 3; A Capclla 4; Drama Club I, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 3, 4 Scribe 4 Hakeem, Atiya: Spanish Club 3, 4; Jets Team 3, 4; Math Team 3, 4 Hamilton, Aimee E.: Aimers Student Council 3, 4; Pom Pons 2, 3, 4; Who's Who 3 Hansen, Kerry J.: 7 Kcr-Bcar Volleyball 1; Softball 2, 3; Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3; Marching Band I, 2, 3; Flag Corps 2, 3 Captain 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Who’s Who Harlan, Julie Ann: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary; Yearbook Staff I, 2 Sophomore Editor 2 Harris, Michael: Office Occupations Hart, Amy: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Student Senate 3, 4; Yearbook Staff I; Tiger Spirits I, 2, 3; Drama Club 2, 3 SENIOR ACTIVITIES 249Hartman, Stephen J.: Opus Track 1, 2, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2; Pep Band 1, 2; Student Council 4; Art Seminar 4; Class Vice-President 4; “Quote, quote, bo bote, banana fanna fo fote, fee fi mo mote ... this is my quote.” Hartmann, Greg: Tiger “All right, man.” Hauschild, Richard J.: Marching Band 1,2, 3,4; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4; Computer Club 1; Computer Team 3, 4; Chess Team 4 Hawk, Kimberly Ann: Kimmers II Band 1; “To all my friends I leave a partying senior year.” Hayden, Reynolds C.: Sonny Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; “Anything you heard about me ... it’s TRUE!" Hays, Jenny: Spuds 1 Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 2; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1; “The life of a party animal is rough, but someone’s got to do it!” Hedger, Kristine L.: Basketball Manager 2, 3; Office Occupations 4; “Best wishes to the class of ’88.” Hellinger, Shawn: Volleyball I, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Softball 2, 3, 4; Office Occupations 4 Hess, Amy: Football Manager 3, 4; Wrestling Manager 2, 3, 4; S.A.D.D. 1, 2 Hill, Crystal Dawn: Uni. “Good luck EHS in the years to come!” Hilla, Blake D.: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 Hindman, Bill: Baby Face Auto Mechanics 3, 4; Inter-Related Co-op 4 Holt, Jerry I..: Bad II Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3 Hermann, Dennis: Squirrel “School was the greatest” Hornberger, Paul J.: Track 1 Horton, Eddie: Charger Auto Mechanics 3, 4; Inter-Related Co-op 4; “Let’s rock-n-roll!” Hosto, Chris: Football I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Hout, Ryan Van: Soccer 4 Hudson, Martez A.: L’il Disco Football 3; Wrestling 4; Track 3, 4 250 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Hughes, Jason: Iceman Basketball 1, 2, 4; Football 1; Track 1, 3, 4; Art Seminar 4; “to all I give “Him”.” Hunter, Bill: The Kid Wrestling 1, 2; “It’s better to bum out than to fade away.” Hyde, Bonita: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; All-District Orchestra 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Student Council 3, 4; “When in doubt ... mumble.” Isenburg, Denise Rene: Niece Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Captain 4; Volleyball 1,2,3, 4 Co-Captain 4; “A winner says I can, not I think I can. Jackson, Michelle: Student Council 3, 4 Jones, Orlando: Lando Spanish Club 1; Computer Club 4; Student Council 1, 3, 4; Track 3; Madia Aid 2; Drama Club 4; Who’s Who 3; “To M.H.: I leave my wardrobe ’cause you can’t dress.” Jordan, Kimberly Renee: Orchestra 1,2,3; French Club 1, 4 Vice-President 4; Student Council 4; Class Secretary 4; Homecoming Court 4; Intramurals 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 Karimpour, Shervin: Student Council 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Art Seminar 4; Literaiy Magazine 4; S.A.D.D. 3, 4; German Club; History Club 4; Yearbook Staff 3, 4 Photography Editor 4 Kim, Kyong: Kay Art Seminar 4 Klingsik, Scott: The Possum Football 1, 2; Art Seminar 4; “Where’s the party?” Klocke, Melinda Lou: Spanish 2, 3, 4; “Murf the Surf says A-R!" Knoll, Jean Louise: Office Occupations Koenig, Kelly: Kel Office Occupations; Faculty Aide; “Finally ... I’m out of here!!” Kolesa, Frederic A.: Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3 Krapf, Jason M.: Little Cheese Varsity Soccer 3, 4; “Hey, beautiful!” Ladd, Amy: Ame 8 Ladd, Jennifer A.: Office Occupations 4 Lautner, Heather M.: Homeless Office Occupations 4 Lawrence, Judith: Library Worker 2; Office Occupations 4A'ardi, Lisa: Theerleading 1 Mascot 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; vlodel U.N. 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2 -eonard, Mike: Airborne nter-Related Co-op 4; Vocational 3, 4; “On a quiet light, you can hear a Chevy rust.” ippoldt, Aaron: 7ootball 2; Homecoming Court 3; “Cows are udderly leautiful.” an, Anthony: vtath Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Com- utcr Team 1,2, 3, 4; Jets Team 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 ove, Michelle Leigh: Krt Seminar 4; Yearbook Staff 2 uckshis, Jamie Lynn: ‘Underclassmen: PARTY as much as possible!” ,ynn, Rhonda: People are like aging wine, we get better with time.” vfackie, Paul: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2; “Good luck to King L ind Roach for the next 10 years.” vlacMillan, Mike: Mikey Computer Club 2, 3; “Class of’88 rules!” vlahan, Ron: Ice Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Attendance Office 1, 2, 3, 4; They’re coming to take me away!” ►lathews, Dewey: Jarching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Marching Band Leader 2, 3; ep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1, 2,3, 4; AU-’ounty Band 1, 2, 4; All-District 4; All-State 4; Bi-State Festival 4; Solo and Ensemble 3, 4; Stage Band ; Phantom Regiment 3; Black Knights 1, 2 -lay, Gary: Beak Keep smilin’!” letzler, Susan: Suzie-Q rack 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Homecoming Court 2 Queen 4 Ieunier, Catherine Renee: Cathi iffice Occupations 4 leyer, Jeffrey: lodel U.N. 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; History Club , 2, 3, 4; Literary Magazine 4 loore, Barbara: Barbie Sue iffice Occupations 4; “Is there life after the week-ad?” loore, Marty E.: larching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1,2, 3, 4; 11-District Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All-State Band 3; Pep and 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Local and •istrict President 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; ield Hockey 2, 3; Track 3; Drama Club 1, 2, 'Officer 2; Thespian 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 4; tudent Venture 4 Moore, Wendy C.: Class Vice President 1; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All-District 1,2, 3, 4; All-State Orchestra 3, 4; Stage Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; French Club 4; Student Venture 4 Morrison, Lisa: Lee S.A.D.D. 2, 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Flags 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; Marching Band 2 Morrison, Mary Beth: Marf Cheerleading 1, 3, 4; Band (Marching) 1, 2; Class Officer 3; Homecoming Court 3; Pep Club 1, 3; “Some things are better left unsaid.” Moye, Tawnya Cherice: Lady Bug Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 2; Student Senate 3 Murray, Brad S.: Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 4 Nelson, Amy: Aim Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Edwardsville Sr. High’s Recipient of the Scholar Athlete Award Nelson, Shantel L.: Shelly Office Occupations 4; “We finally made it!” Nolan, Kimberly M.: Hcllmann S.A.D.D. 2 Nothdurft, Yvonne Nicole: Nicki Art Seminar 4; Office Occupations 4; “What a cheez man!” Notter, Robert: Mr. Ski Vocational 3, 4; Inter-Related Co-op 4; “No way!” Oberdieck, Brian: Who’s Who 3, 4; Art Seminar 4; Student Venture 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club President 4; S.A.D.D. 2, 3; Thespians 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1,2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; “Act well your part there in your honor lies.” O’Dell, Brian: Wrestling 2; Track 3, 4 Paolucci, Aaron: Pooch Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Perry, Jason D.: Jay Football 1 Perry, Kathy: Pickles Office Occupations 4; “You’re such a loser!” Picklesimer, Tony: Pickle Inter-Related Co-op 4; “Sometimes you have to say what the %$ !!!” Prater, Melissa Jean: Art Seminar 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4; Library Worker 1; Distributive Ed. 4 SENIOR ACTIVITIES 251Price, Janet Marie: Dopie Girl's Chorus 1; A Capclla 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2; D.E.C.A. II 4; Rifle Corps 2; Marching Band 2; “Having a southern 'twang' doesn’t get you Friends, a good personality does.’’ Puckett, Erik: The Night Ranger German Club I, 2; Computer Club 2; “Never judge a book by its cover or you’ll never get by the inside flaps.’’ Kanek, Gary Michael: “I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in yesterday.” Ratliff, Kellie Michelle: Odic Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; “It’s a jungle out there.” Rhodes, Kelly: Wrestling I Richard, Derrik: Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Intramural Softball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Volleyball 4 Robbins, Jefferson M.: “4 out of 5 doctors recommend.” Robinson, Donald: Lov. DcBob Football I; Basketball 1; “Live to learn.” Rose, Daniel M.: Wrestling I, 2; Baseball 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Roseman, John D.: Rocky Football 1, 2, 3; “Mess with the best, you die like the rest — "MARINES”.” Ross, Shaura Shantell: Big Bear, Whitney Track I; Spanish Club 1, 2; Yearbook Staff 3; D.E.C.A. I 4; "Never settle for less.” Roth, David Charles: Band 1, 2 Russell, Bobby: B.J. Soccer 1,2, 3; Baseball 1,2; “I can’t wait to get out of here.” Ruyle, Christy: Homecoming Court 1 Queen Candidate 4; Field Hockey I, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 3; “I’m sorry.” Savoca, Dean: Dean-o Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 3, 4; Who’s Who; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; “It’s just part of the game!” Scerba, Tricia L.: National Honor Society 3, 4; French Club 2; Math Team 3, 4; Illinois State Scholar 4; National Merit Commended Scholar 4; Who’s Who 4 Schaefer, Michelle: Chilly Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4; “When you !;ot it you got it and when you don’t, you go on ooking stupid anyway.” Schaffer, Ida: Student Venture 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 2, 3; Sym- 252 SENIOR ACTIVITIES phonic Band 4; Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Band Leade 4; “Never give up your dreams they are the can dlelight in darkness and the sunshine when things an going well.” Schubert, Arthur: Trouble Inter-Related Co-op 4; Vocational 3, 4 Schubert, Denise Carol: Neesie Drama Club I; Concert Band I; Symphonic Band 2 3; Marching Band I, 2, 3; Drum Majorette 2, 3 Student Council I, 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4 Who’s Who; “UGH!!” Schwalb, Corey C.: Office Occupations 4 President 4 Schwalb, Jeff: Baseball I, 2 Sexton, Renee: Na NA French Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4 Shele, Elizabeth F..: Libby French Club I; J V Field Hockey 2, 3; Student Counci 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Who’s Who; Foot ball Statistician I Siglock, Derren Michael: Cross Country I, 2; “Never say goodbye.” Simons, Christine L.: Office Occupations Skief, Bret: Ice Man Auto Mechanics 3, 4; Inter-Related Co-op 4; “We art the best of the best, the top 1%, the elite.” Smart, Janell Elaine: Student Council; Computer Club; Spanish Club Smart, Julian: Buster D Track I, 2, 3, 4; “Always chill in the place 2 B.” Smith, Samantha: Sammic Office Occupations 4; “Anyone can be born Anier ican, but you have to be born a Texan.” Smolar, Mary: Smo Student Council 2; “You’re a dork.” Smucker, Andrew W.: Pugs Soccer 1; Wrestling 1; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Homecomin Court 3 Snell, Diana: Smidget Faculty Aide 2, 3, 4 Solomon, Rick: Ricker Basketball I, 2, 3; Baseball 2; Student Council 2, 3, 4 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; French Club I, 2; “What’ hangin’?” Stahlhut, Renee A.: 9 Nator Volleyball I; Softball 2, 3; Symphonic Band I, 2, 3 Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Flag Corps 2, 3; Who’s Who Steinkulhler, Fred R.: Freddie Football 1,2, 3, 4; German Club 2, 4; Track 2; Chcs Team 3, 4; National Honor Society 3. 4 Vice’resident 4; C omputer Team 4; History Club 4; Experience life to the fullest, or you’ll miss a lot of arties and good limes.” devens, Susan Rente: ield Hockey 1, 2; Office Occupations 4 Secrctary 4; attendance Worker 4; "It’s been real, it’s been fun, ut it has NOT been real fun!” doecklin, Amy: Amers heerleading 3; Homecoming Court 3; Softball I, 2, , 4; Pep Club 3; Intramurals iuess, Aaron L.: oolball I, 2; Cross Country 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; lasketball I, 2, 3, 4 voboda, Paul: Svobie Vreslling 2, 3, 4; Basketball I erry, Eric: oolball I; Student Council 3; "Love ’em and leave homas, Cassandra: .larching Band I, 2, 3; Auxiliary Corps 2; Pep Band , 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 2; Student Venture 1, 2; Pom ’ons 3, 4 hrclkcld, C arol: land 1, 2; Drama Club 2, 4; Art Seminar 4; “It’s all a acadc, just a cardboard prop.” orrini, Ixrri A.: ierman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A.D.D. 1, 2, 3, 4; Model J.N. 2; Computer Club I; Peer Leadership 2, 3; listory Club 2, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; .A.D.D. President 3 Secretary 2, 4; “All knowledge s important.” I ravis, Jocelyn Alissia: ’Lil Buffy vlarching Band I, 2, 3; Symphonic Band 3; Concert land 1,2; German Club 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, I; Track Manager 3; "Going to the packing house.” I'raxler, Melanie Anne: dudent Council 1,2, 3; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Na-lonal Honor Society 3, 4; Swimming 1; Who’s Who; llinois State Scholar; Model U.N. rueman, Leslie M.: jymnastics 1; French Club 1; Football Statistician 1; V Field Hockey 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; dudent Council 3, 4; Who’s Who 4; Illinois State icholar 4 Inger, Jennifer Lynn: Esprit8 rench Club 3; “Let’s cruise up town!” Valter, Cara: panish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 4; Choir , 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; A Capella 4 Veber, Karl: A.D.D. 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Wrestling , 2, 3, 4; Peer Counselor 4; German Club 4; Illinois tate Scholar; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; “I can’t believe Hat I ate the whole thing!” Werden, Robert W.: Rob Cross Country 4; Football 1; Student Council 3; Soccer 2; Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4; “It’s better to remain silent and thought dumb than to speak and remove all doubt.” Westfall, Joseph Patrick: Face "Burn ’em, smoke ’em, roast ’em, light ’em up ... but don’t forget to check the oil!” WieRand, Paul N.: Zeke “Go Rams! Raiders stink! Yea Dan, so does Green Bay!!” Wiemers, Jennifer: Wiener Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Illinois State Scholar; Who’s Who Wildman, Tracy Lynnette: Twacy “It’s better to have a few precious friends than numerous false ones.” Williams, Ronzell: Ron-Jon Track 2; Wrestling 3, 4; “Thanks for all the happy times.” Wise, Todd: Studmuffin Wrestling Woll, Tracey Lynn: Trace Chcerlcading 1; Office Occupations 4; Student Senate 3; Football Manager 3; Student Council 1; Homecoming Court 1 Queen Candidate 4; Prom Queen; “That’s ate up in life, man!!” Wuellner, Damian: Football 1; Wrestling I; Track 1; “And I don’t know why!” Vandiver, Lee Ann: Lee, Crash Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf Co-Captain 3 Captain 4; Basketball 1, 3; Student Senate 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4; “Remember to always have fun.” Vuagniaux, Nicole G.: Volleyball 1, 2; Office Occupations 4 Young, Tracey: Distributive Education; “Good luck to all the upcoming seniors!” SENIOR ACTIVITIES 253Seniors Not Pictured Alisa F. Adair, Rachel A. Ahrens, Laurie E. Armstrong, Phyllis L. Bailey, Sean Beegje, Bryan Belt, Tamara R. Bazaillion, William C. Borney, Deidra E. Bowman, Jerry W. Bratten, Nathaniel G. Byrd, Dave Clarkin, Shannette C. Clayton, Michael S. Combs, Tim M. Cummings, Shawn E. Davis, Barbara L. Dean, Angela L. Deist, Jennifer L. Doniff, Toy D. Dorman, Leesa D. Dykema, John H. Flamer, Wayne G. Frazer, Todd J. Gehrs, Christine E. Golisch, Gina L. Grieser, Jennifer A. Hackett, Michael E. Harris, Gregory A. Hartman, Robert J. Helms, Lynette M. Hollowich, Shannon M. Horvath, Jason D. Hughes, John C. Hutson, Bonita G. Gyde, Dean H. Jarosik, Craig E. Johnson, Michael Kampman, Suskin T. Lockett, Michael D. Loew, Lincoln J. Lounsbury, Michelle L. Love, Rhonda M. Lynn, Tammy Martin, Timothy S. McMahon, Andrew Mellinthin, Thomas Metcalf, Pat Miller, Melanie R. Milton, Jeffrey A. Neutzling, Shannon Owens, Jeane M. Ponder, Timothy L. Radford, John C. Ranek, Arthur F. Rodgers, Tony A. Rothe, Peter W. Rudloff, Bobby Joe Russell, Vincent E. Sanders, Lori M. Scarborough, Harland E. Seiber, Brett A. Sever, Basil N. Shelton, Becky T. Simmons, Michael P. Singler, Bart R. Skief, Bret W. Skief, Douglas D. Smith, Richard D. Stark, Dawn M. Stephenson, Robert S. Stewart, Robert C. Stoces, Bill Suhling, Kathleen E. Tieman, Michael Timmons, Paul R. Torti, Janell D. VanArsdale, Kirk Waters, Dawn Westbrook, Kevin M. Wyvell, Shawnna L. Yates Freshmen Not Pictured Lora Andrews, Marcus Bostick, Wendy Faulkner, Bill Haywood, Aisha Homberger, Nikki Kinsey, John McKoen, Christopher Mcoy, Bart Mount, Timothy Pratt, Nicole Rolfes, James Van Arsdale, JoMichelle Yehling SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Elaine Denny (President), Kim Jordan (Secretary), Steve Hartman (Vice President). Not Pictured: Amy Hart (Treas.). SENIOR SPONSORS: Mrs. FROSH SPONSORS: Obra-Johannes and Mrs. Woodard, novich and Mrs. Verseman. FROSH CLASS OFFICERS: Carla Howell (Treasurer), Holly Mattingly (Secretary), Monica Delgado (Vice President), Angell Farley (President). 254 STUDENTS NOT PICTUREDJUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Jill Florini (Secretary), Stephanie Rogier (Treasurer), Evannah Rouse (Vice President), Rhonda Roth (President). JUNIOR SPONSORS: Mrs. SOPHOMORE SPONSORS: Head and Mr. River. Mr. Szekely and Ms. Bohnak SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Kristen Halsey (Secretary), Melanie Roustio (Treasurer), Kathy Garbe (Vice President), John Bell (President). Juniors Not Pictured Michael Ahring, Marcy Albatt, Dana Behrhorst, Keli Bender, Kenneth Bertrand, Jay Boeck, James BroHammer, David Brown, Tyrone Brown, Tony Carroll, Julie Chandler, David Chasteen, Patrick Cockarell, Brent Davis, James Doolin, Charles Dykema, Oscar Estrada, Jeffrey Farley, Tamara Foster, James Hayes, Mary Horman, Thomas Huber, Clarence Hunt, Denise Johnson, Hanna Kastel, William Knect, Penny LaRue, Melissa Lavin, Frank Long, Alec MacDonald, Jennifer Mason, Michelle McDonald, Angie Menoni, Roy Middleton, Steven G. Miller, Bobby Moler, Wilma Noland, Shawn Primas, Stephanie Radcliff, Kelli Raski, John Raymond, Christine Roney, Cnady Sanders, Christopher Schwab, Rae Sharp, Lauren Shock-ey, Eric Smith, Tabasha Smith, Joe Tilden, Rachel Tottleben, James Unger, O. Vasconcelos, Kirk Ventura, Jon Warren, Brian White, Trevon Williams, Hayes Wright Sophomores Not Pictured Jesse Allen, Andrew Balmer, Shawn Barge, Craig Bengston, Doug Bielicke, Melinda Blackwell, Tony Bostick, Vance Clark, Dennis Dailey, Joseph Davis, Cason-dra Dickerson, Garry Ellison, Ker-sondra Franklin, Matt Gusewelle, Kevin Hawkins, Demond Hunt, Christabette Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Johnny MacKintosh, Jude Mansell, Pra-tricia McDermott, Daniel McFer-ran, Carlos Mitchell, Nathan Niebling, Jennifer Peel, James Rorie, Fayeshelle Scott, Barbara Simmons, Derek Stratman, Elmo Tumaliuan, William Wegrzyn, Christol Yancy, Charles Youchoff STUDENTS NOT PICTURED 255 What?? You’re still here?

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