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TIGER 1980 Edwardsville High School 145 West St. Edwardsville, Illinois Volume 72 TIGER YEARBOOK EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Samantha Paolucci CO-EDITOR Terri McCarty BUSINESS MANAGERS Donna Menoni Betty Hartzel SENIOR SECTION Ellen Ladd PHOTOGRAPHER Chris Brammeier INDEX EDITOR Kris Bautsch SPORTS EDITOR Tracy Stahlhut STAFF Wendy Campbell Cathy Forsting Shawn Grubb Julie Harlan Melissa Harlan Betty Hartzel Katy Meyer Jody Michlitsch Jill Milligan Jenny Milligan Dawn Sullivan Debbie Sullivan Steve Woods ADVISOR Mr. Mike Maag OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN FACULTY HOMECOMING SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS SEN. ACTIVITIES INDEX ADVERTISEMENTS PRICE LIST ALBUM $8.99 CONCERT TICKET $14.50 REGULAR GAS $4.49 CIGARETTES $4.00 SIX PACK $2.79 PROM TICKETS $20.00 BIG MAC $4.25 MOVIE TICKET $3.50 CANDY BAR $.35 MINIMUM WAGE $3.35 SODA $.50 SCHOOL GAME TICKET $4.50 PACK OF GUM S35 BASEBALL TICKET $6.50 LEVI'S 504 $241.99 LARGE PIZZA $8.99 FOOTBALL TICKET $15.00 45 RECORD HAIRCUT 3 BURRITO $.75 REEBOK HIGHTOPS $49.99 SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE $41.50 MAZDA RX7 $13,645.00 BLIZZARD $41.49 TIGER YEARBOOK $412.00 BIG IN ’85 Levi’s Forenza Sweaters Perms Layered Clothing Tanning Spas Long Wool Coats MTV Dark Sunglasses Colored Contacs Flourescent Look Nutrasweet Fitness Craze OUT IN 85 Tight Jeans IZods Bandanas Parachute Pants Tab Pac Man 8 Track Tapes Michael Jackson KHTRR Class Of ‘84 IN MEMORY OF Richard Curry March 25, 1967 - April 7, 1984 Paul Bender July 2, 1968 - August 2, 1985 Robin Johnson February 7, 1969 - August 2, 1985 SENIORS ADAMS ROBERT A. AEBEL LISA L. AHRENS CHARLES MICHAEL T. AHRING ALLEN ERIK ANDERSON JULIE AUGUSTINE R. TODD BAIN BLYNDA C. BAIRD STEVEN BANCROFT TRISHA ALISA BARNES BARNETT KRISTIN BARTON =p AARON C. BASS VICKI BATSON BEST HAIR JOHN BEATTY AND LISA TURNBULL Ser? eae. a: KRISTINE JOHN M. BAUTSCH BEATTY DIANNE BECKER ANDREA DARREN S. BEELER BELL STEVEN MICHAEL BENWAY BEYER THOMAS BIGGS MICHELE CHRISTI L. BIGHAM BLAND LARRY BLOEMKER GARY LARRY BLOODWORTH BLOODWORTH KAREN j. BOCKSTRUCK CHRISTOPHER JENNY : BODA BOEDEKER STACY R. SONDRA BOEKER BOESER JOANNE BONNGARD MICHAEL L. DANIEL B. BOOM BOWEN 2 ' - . CLASS CLOWN STEVE BENWAY AND KAREN FARMER a “ea SAMANTHA DAVID BOZACK BRADLEY a CATHERINE BRANZ me 6CYNTHIA LISA BROWN BROOKS RITA M. BROWN BARBARA BRUHN JOE BURLINGAME CONNIE TIMOTHY BURNETT BURNS TROY D. BURRUS CHRISSY ROB CARLSON CARPENTER TONY | i CARPENTER " . Az DESIREE TAMMY A au CHAFFEE CHARTRAND FLOYD F COLEMAN CAROLYN BENNET COLLINS CONROY cf . ! te eal ‘ ' . a = SMARTEST @ ANNE CHEN AND GEORGE TURNER = i RUSSELL COOKE CLAY CONROY RACHELLE COOPER ROBERT CAROL COPELAND CRABTREE ees eo : Ae Be 5 Bs, ESS ek % my JEFFREY CRAINE STACEY CROOK JAMES L. CUVAR REBECCA DABBS TED DANIELS JACK DAUGHERTY PEGGY CELESTE DAVIDSON DEBOLT HANKE LORI DECONCINI JOE A. DENT DAVAUGHN DICKERSON DEANCA C. LINDSEY DICKEY DONALD BRIAN DONELSON RICHARD DONNER KELLY A. ye DOOLEN a SUE DRAGICH BEST DRESSED DEANCA DICKEY AND DARYL DURELL DUDACEK TRACY DARYL DURELL DUNAWAY FAITH B. FREDERICK DURER DURER JENNIFER FANNING KAREN E. MARLA C. FARMER FEENEY ANGIE FELCHLIN TAMIKO TIMOTHY FLAMER FLAMER RITA M. FLOR JERRI LAURA L. FORD FOEHRKOLB BETH A. CHARLES FOX FOSTER DANA M. FRANKE SABRINA FRENTZEL BRIAN S. FREY MOST MUSICAL ROBERT W. DAN LUMMA AND MARLA FREY FEENEY GARY M. GARBE MARY JAMES GASPER GARRISON 1. Joel Misukonis, 2. Dana Franke, 3. Kip Sorenson, 10. Maylean Rouse, 11. Ann Wedel, 12. Kristin 4. Paula Rozycki, 5. Barb Gueldener, 6. Ron Smith, 7. Barton, 13. Tom Biggs, 14. Lori DeConcini, 15. Sue Marohl, 8. Danny Picarella, 9. Sondie Boeser Karen Kirk, 16. Casie Herb, 17. Stacy Boeker iv and ] e1904mH yasioj ] ‘10430304 Te 4 yaa ATyeuy I 44M “OT ‘| 8¥ eau se 8,90 ON “1 428919904 °8 WOW ‘adpayd Aue 40x) “¢ S143 OF] 8,91 “1M ‘yey] Moi3yno | Ing os go1snw geq7 [peo Aayy, “1 ysapow aq 04 pasn | " fp SdNO WHOLL 1. Kory Tretter, 2. Ronna Reckman, 3. Anne Chen, 4. Sheri Gibson, 5. Tim Kummer, 6. Beth Parrill, 7. Felchlin, 13. Christi Bland, 14. Jackie Ott, 15. Angie Suzanne Hacking, 8. Stacey Crook, 9. Karen Hack- Oyan-Wilke, 16. Ellen Ladd, 17. Joe Hamilton, 18. ethal, 10. Melissa Long, 11. Tom Ponder, 12. Angie Shelly Bigham jase Aw yy {sdn-zIg “91 “IGAO §,J1 UBYM OUI aye “CT ‘wom Au uMOp Ind saBYy upmoys J Meuy ] “LI — ii@D ON “UR ON IT s]yBO Aue 4o3 raaou | " NOA Joy 83] ‘T f “yoo] er [| wey 1343030 : | { ; a10ul Wy g ' —s . . .° wal ae 1’ « ” ® « ad 07 paey : a Surkeld uy ‘Z ; DAVID C. GEHRS DAVID G. GERBER SHERI K. GIBSON DAWN M. GIEBE See GIEDEMAN DOUG GIESEKING PAT GILLESPIE JONATHAN GOFF DAVID GORSAGE TERRY KYMAR GRAHAM GRANGER CHRISTINE JENNIFER GRAY GREZLAK PAMELA D. GRIMES BARB GARY GUELDNER GUILLORY MOST TALKATIVE DENEEN HANSEN AND JEFF HYTEN a ea Se” KAREN KEVIN HACKETHAL HACKETHAL SUZANNE HACKING JOSEPH AIMEE L. HAMILTON HANES MARK KEVIN J. HANGSLEBEN HANKE ELMER W. D HANSEL ENEEN HANSEN JOLI A. HARRIS ” £ STEPHANIE HARRIS DEBRA DONALD HAUSCHILD HEMPHILL GARY HENDERSON MIKE MARC A. HENRY HENGEHOLD CASSANDRA TINA R. HERB HERMANN ROBERT B. HESS JAY A. HESSE BEST STRUT DESIREE CHAFFEE AND JAY HESSE ” YOLANDA HOGAN MONA M. HOLT KIMBERLY HORMELL I, Samantha Paolucci leave the longest Senior year ever to my brother, Aaron, and thanks to Marc for making Chem-Physics bearable. To the next wrestling fan club, the greatest memories from Sam, Kris, Ellen, and Jen nifer. To Terri and all fellow skippers, the great times, and thanks to Trish for the “Wire and Dove” memories. Finally, to all future Yearbook Editors, all the headaches and missed dead lines, and to the Party Mongrels, the best summer of °85! I, Stacey Lynn, leave my dirty P.E. clothes to Jean L. To Cheryl, I leave a spelling dictio nary, and to Lori, I leave the memories. To my sister, Amy, | leave the good times to come. and to David G., I leave the sum mer. To Sam McClelland, I leave my psych grade, and to Toph, | leave my love and a razor. David Meinzen’s Last Will and Testament: Fair Thee Well, Hia watha! I, Gary Garbe, leave to FR-OT the memories of Gumby and “Pokie”, to the Sc haefer Broth- ers, a merry x-mas from Madison County at the sandpit. To all iron bridge rockers in the future, the state police, to “Slick,” I leave my tow chain and tractor in hopes he’ll stay out of fields. I, Gary Guillory, leave Rock Review to Radical Ronnie Thorp, my space in Art Seminar to any wild art student that likes the off side of life, my locker to my little brother who one day might be as Radical, Wild, Crazy, Loud, and Totally off-the-wall as I am. I, Misty Munro, will all the fun times of high school to the un- derclassmen. To Jill Piefer, I will all the friendship and love that I am able to give her, (Sorry, Jill, the car is mine!) I will to the new pom-pon squad all the luck in the world. I, Yolanda Hogan, leave all my athletic ability to Janet Cook, my brains to my little brother. I also leave my conduct grades to my brother and my ability to go to class when I’m supposed to. I leave Kim Jordan all my great luck. I, Kristin Barton, leave to Kara B. all of the great times I had at E.H.S. To E., R., S., and R., I leave all of the trips to the W.P. To Sherri and Jodi, I leave my flag skills, and to the flag corps and Mr. D., I wish all the luck in the world. To the rest of the class of ’85, I wish good luck in whatever they do. I, Kristi Schwab, leave to the underclassmen all the fun and joy that high school brings. To Lynne and Stein, I leave all the bashing times. Remember, PAR- TY TIME! I, Rita Flor, would like to leave everything to Sue Sawler for be- ing such a good friend. I know we had our bad times, but you have to admit we had our good times, too. Have fun your senior year, 26 SENIOR WILLS and stay out of trouble. Take care of my little sister; she was yours once I, Peggy Davidson, being of sil ly mind and short body, do leave Cristi S., the frogs and owls, Ka tie D., the space H’s and 3 more years, Angie S., my entire bar rette collection, Juleigh, an extra pair of tennis shoes, Lisa L., my music collection, and to Richard lr. and Bob M., I leave my par ties I, Pam Grimes, leave my good friends, Dawn Werner and Sprout Hintz, all the fun and Ss Uley lave av E.H.S. Do not forget all those we had. I know I won't. I leave my thanks to Mr. Salovich and Mr. Louer for putting up with me in 0.0. and Accounting. I, Sharon Whitaker, do hereby leave to my younger brother a few very fond memories of many parties and other partying times. Remember to have a great time these four years. They were great for me, and hopefully they will be great for you, too. I, Carol Crabtree, leave to my brother, Richard, 2 more years of fun. To my sister, Brenda, I leave my locker in the most crowded corner of the building. I leave to Ann Raffaelle Muttley Dogvie Bisucits, to Lynda and Kory, empty bottles of Asti without ’ Stacey, I leave a McDonalds, so she doesn’t have to eat Arf -n Barf I, Scott Skief, in sound mind? and body, do leave a bad case of Senioritis to all of next year’s seniors. Start an epidemic! To a poor, incoming freshman, I leave a vacant locker, and to all left, great memories in the halls and classes of E.H.S. God bless you all. I, Ron Smith, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Gary Reller all those Wood River women. I, Peggy Skaggs, leave my re- maining credits (if any) to Curt West. To Sherry Adams, I leave the best of luck. I, Tim Flamer, do hereby will my running shoes and good looks to Thad Summers. I leave my soccer skills to Tim Norton and Thad Vuagniaux, which they both could use! To my brother, Johnny, I leave all the terrific basketball games. To D.., all my love. I, Ann Minner, do leave to Ni- cole Hess all the fantastic memo- ries, plane tickets to North Caro- glasses. To OITOr lot of love. Chris gets my Con- sumer Ed project, and Pat H. can have my Trig book. To the teach- ers, a big thanks for your time, concern, and help. I, Chris Lammert, leave the following: Tom Pile a double burst, the captain vacancy to “Hipcheck,” a simple nail to Dana, Reller-SIKE, and Bettorf my part fungus. To Allison, my album collection for her excel- lent taste in music, my beer can Jamie S., my math intelligence to Kyro, and a shot at the championship to Nillson and team I, Kristi Kline, leave Ann Ne! son and Stephanie Ruyle a great senior year in volleyball, to Val collection to Koelker, I leave a new purse so she won’t have to cut up her old jeans anymore. To Mr. Louer, | leave a permanent room at the Hamel Hilton so maybe he’ll stop joanin’, and I also leave him a pack of gum. To Stacy Boeker, I leave all the memories of the past and all the good times to all my green pens, a fantastic senior year, and all my love! 1, Anne Chen, leave to Jennifer and David my condolences, and the hope that those who deserve will receive eventually. To Melanie and Patty, I leave a bulldozer. Finally, to the stu- dents and teachers of E.H.S., I leave my gratitude and all the best wishes for the future. I, Jenny Boedeker, leave to isa Levy my jogging shoes and t alcony of the gym. To Sarah Beard, I leave luck for her senior year, and to the whole class of " 86, I leave the fun times that come with being a senior. Good Luck! I, Terri Mac, Do leave to the “Party Mongrels” all the memo- ries of the wild 'n crazy times. To Neener, I leave Bruce and the obnoxious list engraved in gold letters. To Mr. Detoye, I leave a new shipment of freshmen and another Art Seminar class who throws clay against the walls. Fi- nally, to Sam, Ellen, Kris, and Deneen, my love and thanks for a great senior year. I, George Turner, leave my drumming talents to Jerry Holt and the other drummers, my carefree outlook on life to Jenni- fer Chen, my dietary habits to everyone who’s fat (and Kris- tiane, too), my car to anyone who'll take it. I leave my good wishes to all my friends and love and respect to (most of) my sa Schmidt, will to Lynne and Stein all the great times of senior year. To Mrs. Gregor, I leave the memories of the two great years in her class. To every- one else I leave the bashing memories of E.H.S., Remember- PARTY TIME! ‘o the Freshmen, I bequesth three progressively more enjoy- ” NOT) at a So) os welcome you to the ranks of the upperclassmen. To the Juniors, the new ruling class, I salute you. To the Seniors and Faculty, I thank you for the best years of my life. Phillip Metzger My four years here at E.H.S. have been the best. I’ve shared some good times and bad. To my friends I leave the memories. Girls, we’ve had some times. You will always have a special place in my heart. Your true friend, Chelsea Johnson I, Jeffrey Scott Hyten, being of sound mind, wordly possessions to P.J. to help him pay back what he owes me, my good times to Tom, Toph, Her aldo, Kip, and Hawkeye, and the rest of my existence to a poor, sweet, innocent, little girl named Sue. I, Maria Moehle, dedicate ev ery party, dance, and day of my life to my sister, Rosanne, who will never have the chance. Ev ery day I walk, I will think of her. We are all lucky to have the things we have. I wish everyone to go on with their own lives and achieve their highest goal. I, Kay Wisnasky, will to my sister, Lynn, the patience and understanding it takes to make it through. To Michael, our won derful memories of 1985 and a smile forever. To my friends, | leave the memories of all the crazy times, and to the 1985-86 Tigerettes, a short message: Good luck and go for state! I, Robert Wood, leave to Jim Cannon my brain, to Andy Mel lenthin my strength, to Shawn Coleman, my telephone number, to John Leady my good looks, to Brian Tweedy my money, and last, to Connie Mellenthin, any- thing she wants! I, Shawn Uhe, do will the fol lowing: Ronna, patience for next year; Marina, a “nice” guy; Jeff, a new skateboard, with lights; Chuck, a phone that rings; Rick, a better badminton partner; Neil, Marilyn; Kirsten, tall, dark, handsome turtle; and Chrissy, a chauffer license. I leave good luck to all my friends. I, Grant Paul, do hereby will to all the fellow scholars-in-train- ing absolutely nothing. You can have the school; I don’t want it. All I got out of it was a few head aches and a little trivial knowl- edge. Oh yeah, thanks to those of you who did make school fun. | leave you luck. I, Eric Onley, leave Chris Re- velle my ability to play football and wrestle. To Jason Hughes, I leave a mouth muzzle. To Lori Ackman, I leave 20 pounds. To Sean Nolan and Chuck Nelson, I leave memberships to the Guppy Club for wrestling for their re- maining years, and to all the punkers, I leave nothing but good taste and tact. I, Jackie Ott, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave the following: Bob Riess’s drab, green locker to his sister Carrie, my Trig. and Analyt. books to Mr. Elam so that he may torture future students, my smile to Mr. Hindelang assuming his face will not crack upon wearing it, my parking space to all the peo- ple who banged up my doors with theirs. I leave the school and all my friends my best wish- es for the future. I, Robert Aebel, leave Frank Zoeller, my breakfast Club Mem- bership and to Mrs. McCormick, leave my Hardee whicn on one was Mr. Halsey nd tl Board, I leave all the left beer bottles from our F.F.A next years seniors, over con ventions. have a great I, Lori DeConcini, sound mind and body hind all the times I have had at E.H.S. I leave to all the juniors the excitement of Con sumer’s Ed. and Senior P.E. To Tricia Howell and Stephanie Ruyle, I leave all of my Spanish knowledge, and to Dana Martin all of my passing grades. I hope for a good and prosperous future, and lots of luck to everyone I, David Bradley, leave to all upcoming seniors my favorite ex tra-curricular activity, zation known as the Breakfast Club. I also leave you poor souls all of Mr. Cooper’s fables. I leave to Mrs. Mac, all my bad behavior and unsigned Hardees Lives! I, Barbara Bruhn, will the re mainder of my patience to the next Office Occupations girl that will have my job. She will need all the patience she can obtain in order to refrain from killing the runners. Most of all, I would like to will joy and happiness to the underclassmen and in-coming freshmen. I hope their high school years help them as much as they’ve helped me I, Deneen Hansen, bequeath: to Terri Mac, all our “obnoxious” times-may the list go on and on, to Kerry H., all the good times, my party spot, Mr. D. and Mr. R., to Mr. D., my infamous half shirt, to Kurt E., a maid to clean up after his horatious bashes and a “comfortable” matress I never used. To all remaining, I leave my house for further entertain ment and destruction by the sec year being of leave be good an organi passes Mongrels. I, Lisa Young, leave to Sherry all the fun times at , I leave all my excused absences, and to the Class of ’86, only one more year. I, David Gerber, will my car, GERB 3, to Jay Hesse, my entire Polo wardrobe to Dan Luketich, and the summer to Stacey Lynn. To Jeff Hyten, I leave my com- puter skills, to everyone that loves to swim, my pool, and to Desiree, my “only child” status and my love. I, Ellen Ladd, leave my little sister Amy three more fun years, finally without all those frosh jokes. To Jenny, good luck with the guys, one at a time. To the iuniors, a partyin’ senior year trying to live up to the class of ’85, and the formation of the sec- ond generation of the Party Mongrels. To all the seniors, I leave love, happy memories, and wishes of good luck for the fu- ture. I, Chris Stoces, leave to Topher Stapleton, a pillow so he can continue his education in college, to Cheryl Lee, my old weight set, to Lori DeConcini, a big box of tissues, to Steve Ben- way, some ice cream that floats, to Mike Hengehold, Christie secki Reilly to everyone who hel it through the past My locker tents, I will to Daniel Farmer Enjoy it, hon! Good luck to all ’85 students. Hope to see yo future We, the unwilling class led by the unknowing teachers E.H.S for the men I, Denise Hughe W oa the kids here a prayer and some laughter because I’m never com- ing back. I will to all minorities a dance or event that has a variety of music, not just rock. I leave the pom pon girls some rhythm and a new tape recorder. To my little brother, Jason, I leave some of my quietness and good behav- ior. I leave my little sister, Jan, a boyfriend who is not a thug. I ill to all seniors unlimited jc and Asti Spumanti. And finally, to all people who think they’re important, I say ou don’t run nothin’ around here but your mouth.” I, Sam McCleland, leave Dar- ren Bell a vacuum cleaner, and to Stacey Lynn, I leave a cheating book. To my little sister, I leave : ann : T. including are doing t Greg Tim Gasper and Karen Farmer, I leave Classic Dark Michelob I, Carolyn Luketich, will to Chris Scheibal all the coneys with onions at A W, and all the rotten jokes he’s told. To Jim Musch, I leave all the confetti in the world to throw in someone else’s face at football games. To Lee Clark, I leave those two love birds by my locker and all the good times in Madame’s class. I, Samantha Bozack, leave to all the teachers a big sigh of relief ' " t Have LO pul Up with me anymore. To my good friend, Dana Martin, I leave the memories of all the good times we've had. I hope our weekends go on the partying way. Have a great year everyone! I, Laura McLaughlin, leave all my ex-boyfriends to Kim Davis, if she promises to leave me hers. I leave my excused absences to Diane Collins, and to all the un- derclassmen, I leave lots of luck for the years to come. I, Kris Reilly, being of drugged body, do hereby leave all my pos- sessions to Tim Williams. I leave » to Mr. Louer, with which he is to purchase a new pair of pants with a zipper which will stay I love you, I, Rob Wiemers, leave to Dan Farmer many more hours in the weight room, to Sarah Beard, the leading goal-scoring spot on the 1986 Chiefs. To Chris Kyro, I leave a new pair of sunglasses, to Amy, Chris and Dana, all of the friendship in the world, and to Gary Reller, “Sike”’. To all my partyin’ friends, I leave the everlasting, low-ridin’, heavy-cruzin’ omnibus. I leave all my Huey Lewis tapes to all my Michelob-drinkin’ buddies. friend K-SHE b n, and to ZIN Flo Daniel Lumma, d Spanish dramatic skills hour Spanist Hindelanc herebd i | mie I i n and | hope your senior year will be as great as mine was. To my friend, Jim Bain, I leave somebody else to hit on and pester. I, Jim Cuvar, do leave Mr. Louer a new pair of pants with a zipper that will stay up. I leave Mrs. Gregor a blow-horn so she kicks people out of the she can save her voice, and more luck when she tells us to stop our Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. I, Carolyn Collins, want to leave all of my bashing years at E.H.S. to my little sister Dianne, who will be a freshman next year. I hope she has as much fun as I have had, and carries it on to my smaller sister Annette. Good luck to both of them. Joel Misukoni being of ak pe ' : all my common sense to my little brothers, I know they need it! | also leave my forging ability and many passes to those people who get stopped in the halls during lunch. Finally, I leave my sanity to Mr. Detoye because I know the freshmen drive him crazy. I, Kris Bautsch, being of half way sound mind, hereby leave all my great times here at E.H.S. to my sisters Niki and Monica, when they get out of the house To all my friends, I leave the memories We all nad as the Hen- ry Fan Club. To Ann Raffaelle, all those Collinsville guys, and to Tim, I only hope he remember. I, John Beatty, leave the 1985 golf team another undefeated season, to Hal Patton, my 150 yard wedge shot. To all the guy I leave my bad luck with the gir I liked. Last but not least, I leave sy Schaefer all the memories hould have had that her first boyfriend got. , Mare Henry, leave to my brother Corey my locker and my membership as a guppy to him and Jerry Holt. To my wrestling fan club; Jennifer, Ellen, Sam and Kris, my ev erlasting phy- sique. To Aaron, I leave all my breakfast parties and a great sen- Ev Rein, being of sound mind and body, leave Mr. Detoye his priceless art tables which would make Homer Formby cringe in horror. I, Lynda Wegrzyn, leave my sister, Laura, 2 years of fun. To Bill, I leave my Volvo, to Kory, everything she wants, (Bick’s legs!), thanks for being my best friend. To Carrol, I leave Dori- toes for her Asti, to Stacey, I leave a pillow and a box of tis- sues. To Sefior, I leave a roll of toilet paper, and I leave a bottle Mrs. Thompsor Good luck! tion, | Peter Bouman child I have along. With your en and lll power I'm ll be v successful. I leave It has been the nurtured about not alwa r be easy, but it “ orth it Casie Herb I, Marina Mosby, leave Chuck Havens and Neil Rodenmeyer my place in study hall and to t rest of the guys, all the memorig§ of good times we had. T Neil Probst, I leave all the happ ness he needs to make it throug® his senior year, and to my siste¥ Sue, I leave our car, so she cag have fun trying to park it. To one of my closest friendg Chelsea, I leave all my best wist es for the future. To Rhode leave my energy for Mr. Sal vich’s 4th hour. You'll need it fog that man! Good luck to all thg upcoming seniors; take it slo and easy. All my best. D Vaughn Dickerson. I, Chris Primas, leave to m brother, Rob, all my in-schools To Ron Thorp, I leave my par ing space. I leave both pairs cf =? + a —— 1 mie, I leave Brian Stewart, and to Barb Moore, I leave whatever she wants from me I, Don Hemphill, being of semi-sound mind, do leave all the good senior times to the Ju niors, also, I leave the challenge for the Tiger soccer team to win the state championship. Finally, I leave all SS duties to the junior agents; Bono, Deo, Matric, and Nort When you get to the end, it’s very hard. I’m here to tell you all to take one step at a time. T Bundles, I leave one good fun filled year that I had. To “Ten”, I leave my half of the locker and 2 tripped-out years. To everyone else, hope it’s exciting. “Be Kool” Babbit I, Dawn Sullivan, do hereby leave John and Debbie the rest of school to be nice, Cindy, all those mornings before school. To Lori, Kim, Angie, and Sheryl, I leave another year of Mrs. Holcomb. Have Fun! To Mrs. Highlander, I leave all our first hour discus and “Dennis Coming Home!” To Jamie, I leave John! Have fun and be careful with him I, Chris Montague, will to my little sister, Teresa all the party times left in her next few years and the ability to try to make peace with everyone at her house. I wish her the bes t of luck in all she does and hope she keeps her head straight. Remem ber, PARTY TIME! I, Shelly Bigham, being of a half-way sound mind (because of this great school) do leave all the fun and excitement of golf season and Coach Gerber to the girl’s golf team, (Yes, EHS, there is a girl’s golf team!) To the new sen- iors, | leave the right to Party Hardy!! sions DAVID W. ROBERT G. HORTON HOSTO LARI HOWERTON- HENKE SALLY CRYSTAL HOWERTON HUGHES DENISE HUGHES DONISE HUGHES ROBIN HUGHES KATHLEEN HUNT KELLEY JEFFERY S. HUNTER HYTEN CHANTELLE SHERI JACOBS JOHNSON ae CHELSEA JOHNSON DEBORAH CHARMAINE KAYSER KEMP PRETTIEST SMILE DEANCA DICKEY AND JACK DAUGHERTY wet MICHELLE DOROTHY KESSINGER KINDER CATHERINE KING ELIZABETH KING KATHRYN KING KRISTI R. KAREN S. KIRK KLINE KELLY KNECHT ERNIE VAL KOELKER {KOQHLENBERGER ALAN KOHLMILLER DIANE TIMOTHY KUEHNEL KUMMER ELLEN K. LADD SUSAN E. LADD MICHELLE LAGEMAN CHRIS AMY LAMMERT LANCASTER JEAN LANGENWALTER BILL R. LASH GREG LAWRENCE CHRIS LEADY BEST PARTIERS JEAN LANGENWALTER AND ERIK ANDERSON | £5 CHERYL A. LEE : } LISA M. LERCH KARL LEWIN THOSE WERE THE DAYS “Mud pies are the best!” “I'm a lumberjack and ...’ “I’m outta here.” “Let's dance away.” “But I wanted to bake a cake.” “T got it!” “They say she takes after me.” ‘(Iz)uosuyor [JeyueYD ‘(0Z)yONWsyo0q Ueey ‘(61)°4N umeyg ‘(gT)Jexoepaog Auuar ‘(11 )s1e4 [AIeYS “(9T)POOM sagtuuar “(GT )Arequeyg BuUBYS ‘(pI)IeAeW queg ‘(eT)INY “WyeIg AowlL, ‘(ZI)yosNeg sy ‘(T1)sweH erueYyderg night ‘‘Daddy, wanna play ball?” “Starlight, starbright ...” “(O1)19y9eq ouUEIC “(g)KONJORT eyjueueg ‘(g)ieuUIW UUY ‘(L)spoom eAeIg ‘(9)PMIUIN] ueq ‘(¢)seyseouey] Aury ‘(p)seyany{ estuog pue astueq ““(g)aulTy nsuy ‘(Z)MueQeW wey, “(T)xUqueyU ) BANE] Wendy Powers(1), Marla Feeney(2), Marc Henry(3), Denanne Savoca(4), Carolyn Luketich(5), Becky Reilly(6), Mary Ann Sheeley(7), Marina Mosby(8), Troy Burrus(9), Jennifer Fan- ning(10), Barb Bruhn(11), Linda Wegrzyn(12). aie nod «@2Utur 10 aoetd snoXx,, Chery! Lee(13), Carol Crabtree(14), David Meinzen(15), Tracy Poos(16), Dawn Sullivan(17), Misty Monroe(18), Kirsten Weingartner(19), Michelle Rogier(20), Chris Montague(21), Deneen Hansen(22), Debbie Kayser(23), Carlyn Collins(24). ,souaned TFs pue au sexe] Ajneeg,, ? LZ — : y= 4 cc OUL OHI] z,ussop Auung J03seq ay, ch 4818148 yoo, einjoid ayy sa0q,, PATRICK LEWIS SAM LLEWELLYN TRACY A. LOEWER MELISSA LONG SCOTT A. LOONEY EMIGDIO LOPEZ CAROLYN DANIEL H. LUKETICH LUMMA LAURA A. LUNA RON D. LYNN STACEY E. LYNN KIRK M. GREGG E. MAEDGE MAGAC WILLIAM MAHER JOHN MARINKO PAUL A. MARKS BEST LOOKING JAMIE MCDONOUGH AND JOHN BEATTY EDITH M. MARLER SUE A. MAROHL CAROLYN MARTIN CHRIS W. DANIEL MARTIN MARTIN TARNELL TODD A. MARTIN MARTIN DANIEL MATEYKA LISA M. TERRI K. McADAMS McCARTY SAM McLELLAND JAMIE MICHAEL McDONOUGH McENARY LAURA McLAUGHLIN DAVID KEITH S. MENK MEINZEN DONNA C. RICHARD MENONI MERRICK " | ELAINE MESSER PHILLIP BARBARA METZGER NICEST CHRISSY CARLSON AND JOEL MISUKONIS we’ tl TED W. MEYER JOHN T. MIKES ANN E. MINNER JOEL JAMES MODENE MISUKONIS SENIOR WILLS AND FAVORITES I, Donise Hughes, being of sound mind, leave the following: to my brother, Jason, I leave three years of fun (though he will have to find a different school, cuz this one is DEAD!), to Kas- sie, I leave an x-cellent senior year, since mine wasn’t so hot. To Mr. Louer, I leave a quiet and happy back, right corner, since Kelley and I will be gone. I, Pete Stemler, leave all the good times in the parking lot during lunch hour with Greg, Rob, Hickman, Gasper and ev- eryone else. I leave Vocational School to anyone stupid enough to take it. I leave my sister, Sarah, my ability to stay awake in class and my small amounts of homework. In the future, I see myself as an electrician earning $50,000 a year, married, and hap py. I, Sue Marohl, do will Kathy Perry all my referrals for talking in Mrs. Shashak’s class and a warning to her not to talk! To my brother, Dan, I leave all my ex- periences of in-school detention and a wish of good luck to him in his senior year. To the class of 86, I leave all the patience to hang in there when the going Terry Graham Favorite Food: Lobster Class: Office Occupations Music Group: ZZ Top Song: “Tush” Movie or TV Show: Hill Street Blues Pastime: Partyin’ Kelly Hunter Favorite Food: Pizza Class: Office Occupations’ Music Group: Lynyrd Skynyrd Song: “Sweet Home Alabama” Movie or TV Show: An Officer and a Gentleman Pastime: Partyin’! Melissa Long Favorite Food: Pizza Class: French and Adv. American Scott Ahart Shaundra Allen Amy Bramstedt Henry Burge Thomas Chapman William Cooper Karen Corley Melissa Delgado Thomas Dujka Mark Dunnagan William Dycus Paul Edmond gets tough cause you're almost out. To all the students of EHS, good luck in everything you try. I enjoyed my four fun years here. I will miss teachers and students. To Julie Woods, I leave the best times of my life. Good luck be cause you're the best there ever was. Jon Goff I, Debbie Kayser, will to my underclassman friends: Alison Steiner, Lynne Highland, Becki Lippoldt, and Cathy Ursprung all of the good times of senior year. I will to my teachers the memories of me in their classes. Was it great or what? Good luck to everyone and good-bye. Re- member, PARTY TIME! To Madison County, I leave the memories of the merry X- mas they gave me at the sandpit. To the state of Illinois, the memories of the happy birthday they wished me. To Rosie and Pokie, I leave my waterbed be- cause they will put use. Jay Ringering I, Lisa Brown, leave to Liza Decoteau the flute section and all the solos she can handle. To Lori Scarborough, Jill Nabe and all the punkers, I leave all the it to good History Music Group: REO Song: “Can't Fight This Feelin’ Movie or TV Show: Gone With The Wind Pastime: Shopping Jackie Watsek Favorite Food: Lasagna Class: Ady. Placement English Music Group: Chicago Song: “You're the Inspiration” Movie or TV Show: Cagney and Lacey or The Cosby Show Sheryl Myers Favorite Food: Fried Chicken Class: English Music Group: Chicago Song: “You're the Inspiration” Movie or TV Show: Karate Kid future “Pipeline” shows and the right to be different. Finally, to Lolly Ford and Robin Clay, I leave love and luck for the fu ture. To Dawn, Paula and June: | leave you all my parking space in Idlewood and my great coat hanger antenna to jam on K- SHE! I also leave the great skill and knowledge to survive the rest of the EHS searches. Hey, we all made it through the first one. Take care and try to have fun. Sally Howerton I, Debbie Hauschild, will my band chair to Maria Carter. I will my place as flag captain to the next captain with lots of luck and patience. I leave to my brother the greatest years of his life. | leave to the class of ’86 the hope of a great senior year. I, Tammy Sidener, being of sound mind, do hereby leave all my locker posters of Def Leppard to Becki Zwick. To my cousin, Beth, I leave my parking space on the upper parking lot (if she ever gets a car.) To all the under- classmen, I leave the classrooms (prison cells) of E.H.S. I, Kory Tretter, leave Lynda a bottle of Asti, Carol, an empty Pastime: Playing the piano Sheri Jacobs Favorite Food: Tofu Class: English (Shack) Music Group: The Beach Boys Song: “Good Vibrations” Movie or TV Show: Danger mouse Pastime: Yelling at Kenny (my brother) Karen Bockstruck Favorite Food: Taco Bell’s food Class: Art Music Group: Bruce Springsteen Song: “Boys of Summer” Movie or TV Show: An Officer and a Gentleman Pastime: Party! SENIORS NOT PICTURED Sherry Geronimo Theresa Guth Brian Hamby Gary Hamel James Hammond Shaun Haubrick Mark Henson William Jones Eric Kampman Jeffrey Lane Michael Lavin Troy Liticker Michael Lowry Mark Martin David Mayhall Lori McCord Daniel McEwen Dian Mor Patrick Nelson Rick Nelson Kathleen Nieland Melissa Peters Kevin Price Lonny Primas McDonald’s milk carton and free tennis Stacey, a diet book and a gag, Sheryl, a Dog 'n Suds receipt and a New Year's Eve hat. To Mrs. Thompson, I leave a bottle of Windex, Mr. Dwyer, a roll of toilet paper, and to my sister, my entire wardrobe. 1, Stacy Boeker, being of sound body but worn-out mind, leave the following: To Mr. Louer, I leave the name of a good tailor so he can get his zippers fixed. To Mrs. Gregor, I leave the memo ries of our sex, booze, and drug discussions and a year’s supply of the pill. To Sue Eberhardt, | leave my height so she can beat “THE GOON” next year. To Ann Raffaelle, I leave the memo ries of Mr. Wolk’s 4th hour class. To Dan L., Dan M., and Mike W., I leave all the exciting mo ments we shared trying to get to school alive. To Kristi Kline, | leave all the great times we'll have at LS.U. lessons, Stacey Crook Favorite Food: Pizza Class: Spanish Music Group: U2 Song: “New Year’s Day” Movie or TV Show: The Breakfast Club Pastime: Sleeping Erik Marcellus Anderson Favorite Food: Mom's Nachos Class: Moto's Pup Class Music Group: The Beatles Song: “Lucky Man”, “Layla”, “Fire”, and “Magic Carpet Ride” Movie or TV Show: The Deer Hunter Pastime: Wrasslin’ Vernon Radford Charles Reiter Debra Reynolds Johranne “Jody” Rogers Robert Rudloff Brian Scheffel Edward Shea Michelle Thatcher Larry Wallace William Wells Michael Zika Rebecca Zwick SENIOR BEST ce MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED GEORGE TURNER AND VAL KOELKER eat ak BEST LEGS RONNA RECKMAN AND BOB RIESS BIGGEST FLIRT ERIC MORAN AND SHAUN UHE MOST SPIRITED CHERYL LEE AND TOM PONDER BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS TED MEYER AND ANN MINNER MARIA KYLE L. MOEHLE MONROE CHRIS M. MONTAGUE KIMBERLY MOORE ERIC S. MORAN o a af Ob: MARINA L. MOSBY MELISSA L. DEBORAH MUNRO MURPHEY JOHN R. MURPHY CHERYL A. SHERYL L. MUSCH MYERS STEPHANIE BERNELL NEELEY NOLAN PATRICK NOVOTNY JEFFREY A. NULL eee ANGIE OGAN- WILKE . ELAINE A. MOST ATHLETIC ONLEY ELAINE ONLEY AND TODD SPILLER ERIC D. ONLEY JACQUELYN M. TONYA L. OTTE OTT SAMANTHA ELIZABETH PAOLUCCI PARRILL GRANT S. PAUL DANIEL BRIAN PERRY PICARELLA LORI A. PITMAN Beeeee TRACY L. POOS LISA POTTER WENDY DAVID A. POWERS RADER TIMOTHY RONNA RAFFAELLE RECKMAN KRISTINE REILLY REBECCA WILLIAM REILLY REITER ; HYEST TAMMY CHARTRAND AND TIM RAFFAELLE 2: LISA A. STEPHEN RENKEN RENKEN CHARLES RICHARDS ROBERT G. PAUL “PJ” RIESS RILEY Four years ago, in Aug., 1981, we entered Edwards- ville Senior High School as frightened, awestruck freshmen. It was so big! We spent the first few weeks trying not to act like freshmen, but getting lost any- way. It took us most of the first semester just to find our lockers! As the year went on, we got involved in school activities, led by class officers, Denanne Sa- voca, Kay Wisnasky, Val Koelker and Anne Chen. We finally learned to ignore all those frosh jokes! As we grew in knowledge and experience, we began to notice changes in the world around us. The Voyager II Spacecraft took the first pictures of Saturn, while commercial flights were hampered by a strike of the Air Traffic Controllers. The first woman justice was elected to the Supreme Court, and the World’s Fair opened in Knoxville, Tenn., as our freshman year drew to a close. Our Sophomore year started out with a bang as the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series against the Milwaukee Brewers. We began to play a larger role in the activities of the school. Val Koelker, Deanca Dickey and Mary Ann Sheeley, escorted by Joel Mis- ukonis, Kip Sorenson, and Doug Gieseking got into the “Spirit of the Rose” as our Homecoming atten- dants. Our pom pon squad took first place at the state competition, and added to our tiger pride. As Juniors, we finally reached the ranks of upper- classmen, second only to the Seniors. Most of us had received our drivers licenses, therefore obtaining the privilege to park wherever we wanted to, usually ending up in a pot hole in Idlewood. Along with the fun came a lot of hard work, as we dreaded taking our ACT and SAT tests. We spent our spring raising money and organizing the Junior-Senior Prom, enti- tled “We’ve Only Just Begun,” the last big event of the year. Our Senior year came more quickly than we’d ex- pected. We were finally number one!! The year was an eventful one, not only for us, but for the entire world. We finally began to take notice of the world into which we would soon enter. As the world watched, Americans won many medals in both the winter and summer Olympic Games. Ronald Reagan was once again elected President of the United States, defeating Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for the office of Vice President. Deanca Dickey and Joel Misukonis “Colored Our World” as our Homecoming Queen and Royal Escort. As spring came, decisions about the future were foremost in our minds. Plans were made for college, work, maybe even marriage, but we all knew our days at EHS were almost over. Prom and Senior Breakfast only re- minded us that the end was near. On June 7, 1985, we donned our caps and gowns and walked together for the last time to receive our diplomas, the keys to the future. High school was now behind us, and what lies ahead is unknown and sometimes frightening. We can only hope the last 4 years have prepared us well for the challenges life will place before us. Though we may never see some of our fellow class- mates again, the memories will be with us forever. Years from now, we can all look back on our days at EHS, the good times, the friends, and the memories, and feel proud to have been a part of the Class of ’85. Class Sponsors Mr. Bill Funkhouser Mrs. Sharon Jackson Class Officers George Turner-Pres. Erik Anderson-Vice. Pres. Sue Marohl-Treas. Joel Misukonis-Sec JAMES MICHELLE = RINGERING ROGIER aur MAYLEAN ROUSE JOEDY T. PAULA ROZYCKI SARFEL, DENANNE SAVOCA DANIEL B. GENA K. SAWLER SCHEIBAL JANN “DEENI” SCHERFF JENNY R. LISA SCHMIDT SCHMIDT RICHARD A. ROBERT SCHMIDT SCHROEDER TIMOTHY SCHROEDER KRISTI L. ARWA M. SCHWAB SHAHIN CUTEST COUPLE SONDIE BOESER AND GARY SOMMER ! MARY ANN TAMMY M. SHEELEY SIDENER ‘ “ i if 7 b AMY SIRTAK PEGGY SKAGGS SCOTT W. SKIEF LAURA E. RONALD E. q SMITH SMITH GARY W. SOMMER TODD E. | KIP SORENSON SPILLER | TRACY CHRISTOPHER STAHLHUT “TOPHER” SHANNA STAPLETON 4 STANBERRY RAY R. STECKLING PETER JAMES L. STEMLER STEWARD CHRIS M. PAMELA STOCES STOECKLIN LISA STRAUSBAUGH STEVE R. STEPHEN STROHMEYER STUART PRETTIEST EYES . LISA TURNBULL AND JOEL = MISUKONIS : ay = = CRAIG DAWN SUERMANN SULLIVAN CLINTON K. TABER TODD TIMOTHY M. THOMPSON THORP KOREEN L. LISA N. TRETTER TURNBULL rr a Al t 4 GEORGE A TURNER» ROGER TURNER SHAWN R. UHE LAURA UNTERBRINK CHERIE VAN ROBERT VAN CAMP PATTON ANGELA WALTON ROBERT JACKIE S. WARREN WATSEK TODD R. DOUGLAS WATSON WEAKLEY ANNE M. WEDEL LYNDA KIRSTEN WEGRZYN WEINGARTNER JAMIE WEISS SHARON ROBERT W. WHITAKER WIEMERS MERLE F. WILDER GARY A. DAVID WILKENING WILKINSON TIMOTHY ROQUE WILLIAMS WINCHESTER BARBARA WINFIELD ELIZABETH KAY A. WING WISNASKY JENNIFER WOOD SUSANNA ROBERT WOOD WOODARD STEVEN L. WOODS D O. ve uk LISA D. YOUNG ennrwrre Jove set S Cs ZCLEGE iRiver iitatts IN DICTIONARY FORM 7 THE LATER, ORIGINAL Mas AND ANTONY rd “WKY WEITER memey eeerem wee pees SOOM TAL 108 bemOe mome Cindy Bingham Tammy Blakey Lisa Bockstruck Ginger Boda Carla Bowen Arlinda Boyd There is a lot of time left, isn’t there? Dianna Ahlers Mark Allen Melissa Allisor Kathy Anderson Steve Archer David Ashby Jim Bain Roger Baker Sherrie Barnes Juleigh Barringer Sean Baublitz Sarah Beard Dary| Beetner Paul Bender Lavay Bengtson Julie Bequette Mark Berry Amy Bertels Cindy Bertels Mike Bettorf Jay, Broadwater Gina Brown Rex Buckingham Steven Budny Chris Burns Jeff Burns Steve Burnside Bill Burnside Lora Callahan Benobra Carr Maria Carter Jennifer Chen Nathan Claudson Janet Cook Donna Coppola Bryan Corley Stephanie Corsere Larry Cralley Kim Crow John Cullen Me? Pull a fire alarm? Never! Kim Bratten Mary Brewster Dee Brickner Sheri Brinkmann 56 Maybe someday I'll find my locker. Dawn Curtis Cara Davis Kim Davis Melissa Dean Angie Deppe Ann Deppe Tim Dial Beverly Dickerson Warren Dissen Theresa Doolen Kristine Dorsey Ursla Doty Trevor Dumar Kelly Dumas Missy Dunaway Kim Dusky Leesa Dykema Susan Eberhart Tom Ellis Kurt Ellsworth Missy Emrich Glenn Enz Angela Evans Christy Faber Steve Farmer Brian Farrell MORNING “Buzz” went the alarm as she fell out of bed. “Ouch” she said as a lump formed on her head. “Whoosh” went the water as she turned on the shower. She had to be ready to leave in an hour. She rushed ‘round the house thumping and thudding, Getting a chance at some last- minute studying. Rushing out the door she sighed in dismay, She had done this for nothing, to- day was Saturday! Two C’s and a D. So much for higher education. Greg Rebecca Franke Theresa Frazer Steve Fruit Michelle Fuentes Chris Garbe Matt Gehrs Valerie Gibbons Diane Giebe Paula Giles Neal Glasgow Beth Goff Mike Going Steve Goldman Ricky Goodwin Paul Gorby Victoria Gorman Teresa Goth Julie Grapperhaus Eric Gregory Cheryl Grimm Suzanne Gude Maria Gusewelle Driving sure beats Donald Hawk Bill Hawkins Mike Hayes Jeff Heinemeier Jean Helms Matt Henke Doug Herwig Jeff Highley Lynne Hiland walking! l'amiko Guyton Ron Haarmann srett Halemeyer Kerry Hanke Jim Hanks Melissa Harlan Rick Harmon Ellen Hartley Thomas Hartze! Billy Hawk Bob Hintz Janet Hoeke Patrick Hoffman Melanie Holland Paul Holshouser Jim Holt Dawn Holtmann Toni Hopmann Monica Hoskins Richard Hosto The cafeteria is a nice place to visit ... but disco lights? Tiffany Howard Tricia Howell Kassie Hudson Matt Hull Dawn Ingram Dwynn Isringhausen Mike Jacober Nick Jakich Deirdre Johnson Tammie Johnston Mike Kafka Greg Kasten Caine Kelso June Kerley Paul Kessman Tina Kessmann Bob Kinder Jeff King Kirsten Kirby Brian Klenke Don Klingsick Jeff Klunk Brett Knight Dave Kohlenberger MONEY Robbers seize it, Rich increase it Gamblers lose it (I could use it! 60 I wonder if I'll go to prom? Dana Krapf Brent Krebs Steve Kre pp Todd Kruse Melissa Ladd Margaret Lanahan Jill Lang Richard Lange Dan Langendorf Randy Lanham Nancy Lawrence Angie Lebro Melanie Lentz Kristan Leonardi Lisa Levy Karla Lickfield Deidre Lightfoot Becky Lippoldt Dennis Loew Dan Long Edward Luan Dan Luketich Keith Magac Lisa Mainer Research paper? .. be for real! McCardle Bryant McCown Anne McFerran Kelly McGinnis Jeff McKeon Marck McMahan lami McMahan Randy McMurray Connie Mellenthin Chris Meyer Kathy Meyer Kevin Meyer Linda Meyer Laura Meyers Jenny Miller Kimberly Mills Aaron Misukonis Maurice Moore Tim Morrison l'ravis Morrison 61 Debra Olsen Kammy Opel Chris Otterstedde Jennifer Ottwell Steven Palmer Sam Partovi Hemingway what president was he? Kerrie Mortland Janet Mueggenburg Diane Mueller Pat Murphy Narayan Nair Clay Naugle Ann Nelson Chuck Nelson Michelle Nelson Mike Newmann Rose Nicol Julie Nilsson Noeltner Jamie Nolan Nikki Nolte John Norton Tim Norton Ray Notter Pat Nuernberger Steve Nunes IT WASN’T MY DAY My cereal was soggy, The eggs were cold, The juice was sour And the bread was old. I was late for homeroom, Rushing down the hall The heel on my shoe broke And I took a fall The rain feel hard On me and my clothes, It ruined my hair And gave me a runny nose I failed a test On the history of France, I got caught on a nail And ripped my pants. I went home early, I couldn’t take anymore, I was cold and wet And my pants were torn. I went to bed early And began to pray, “Please make tomorrow A much better day!” Dan Piper Lisa Poeling Janet Ponce Debby Ponder Neil Probst Eric Provaznik Gieta Rademacher Ann Raffaelle Jeff Rallo Mike Rami Amy Ramon Susan Ray Amy Razeghi Gary Reller Scott Rendleman Bryce Renken Chris Revelle Scott Reynolds Meredith Robinson Danny Rolens School Spirit — Kill a Kahok! Heather Paxson Lanea Peters Dawn Petras Elizabeth Pile “Go out with whom?!?” — Steve Roney FRIENDS Chris Rothe : Sharing secrets, Dreaming dreams, Talks of guys, Devising schemes Shopping together, Trying on clothes, What we'll buy, No one knows! Going to s¢ hool, David Roustio Roaming the halls, Amity Ruth Staring the guys, Bumping into walls Weekends together, Spending the night, Parties to go to, To find “Mr. Right.” Best friends always, There care, Passing notes, a : Secrets hare Rodney Rutz . Stephanie Ruyle Glen Sammon Susan Sawler Mark Schaefer Dave Schaepper koetter Tammy Schipkowski Cheryl Schlechte Jeff Schmidt Rob Schmidt Theresa Schoch Amy Schofield Ann Schofield Jennifer Schrumpf Chris Schulze Ted Schwalb Lori Sedlacek Brett Sever Laura Sexton Michael Shaheen Angie Sharp Jamiee Siedhoff 64 ife? These are the best years of my life? 65 66 Three years of French — And all I know is “oui.” Mary Pat Traxler Mike Tulgetske Lisa Tweedy Nick Twesten Cathy Ursprung Alex Vandiver stacey Stoops Mike Suhre John Sullivan Chad Summers Kimberly Swift Angie Tenllado Stephanie Thomas Chris Threlkeld GROWING UP Life gets so confusing And hard to figure out. I'm growing up so fast, What’s it all about? [Things are changing quickly, lime is flying by I'm becoming a different person, Sometimes I wonder why Sometimes it gets real scary And I want to run away 3ut I know things will fit together Somehow, sometime, someday Amy Vanek Kristi Vanek Debbie Van Patten Rhoda Vaughn Michelle Veith Beth Vogt Larry Vrabec Thad Vuagniaux John Washburne Ray Watsek Only one more year! liffany Wilkinsor David Wilson Debbie Wilson Rich Winkler Cindra Winslow Ben Wisnasky Keith Wyvell Tonia Yehling Frank Zoeller 67 David Perry : Junior Class Sponsors: Mrs. Lisbeth Brown and Mrs. Patricia Penelton NOT PICTURED: Michael Arnett Patrick Higgins Cecil Bell Trevor Hubbard Larry Bertels Roger Jacobs Kara Catalano Cheryl Judd Carl Cauble Todd Lebegue Lisa Deconcini Elizabeth Maher Thomas Devers Tim McCalla Clyde Faulkner Jeff Mount David Fisher Ann Owens Scott Grimm Rosalind Perkins Tina Hall Gary Rockamann Shannon William Sheeley Halverson John Smith Michelle Hanna Annette Travis : ; ; Edith Hard John Warren Junior Class Officers: vice pres., Julie Nilsson; treas., Renee Mattingly; Malik Haskins sec., Missy Emrich; pres., Chris Garbe Roger Strohmeier, Daman Steelman, Rob Schmidt, Matt Henke, Steve Burnside, and Jim Bain taking it easy during lunch. Jeff Roderick, Julie Nilsson, and Tree Pauli at Busch Stadium. SOPHOMORES 5 Vv, . 9 . RSIRIS Mt eo | Two Years and I still haven’t found my locker. Paul Aberli Kevin Abernathy Suzie Abert Alisa Adair Michelle Aebel John Aleman Doug Allen . Scott Archibald Deana Avery Kirsten Barber Battoe Rachel . Niki Bautsch Mike Beatty Angie Becler Rhonda Beetner Glen Bertels Kyle Betts Ed Beyer Scott Bianco Angie Bland Daniel Block David Blumenstock Dennis Boehm Ramalakshmi Bollini Christy Bough Rodney Bourn Brien Bowers Betty Bowles John Boyer Susan Boyer Grammar Again? Adriane Bradford Chris Brammeier Earnell Branson Dana Brase Dawn Brase Marshall Br ase Larry Brown Mary Beth Broyles Ken Buck Byron Buckman Jon Buford John Burk Andrew Burns Patrick Burns Jim Busch Andy Byron Kim Calhoun Wendy Campbell Stephanie Chris Carpenter Carpenter Kevin Brett Chaffee Chartrand Elizabeth Clark , a ’ Lee Clark Brett Coffey Brett Colligan Lemond Collins Gwen Conway Dean Corgiat Lisa Corl So, this is a car? Kendall Couch Dana Cover Kevin Cox Richard Crabtree Sherrie Crane Stuart Dabbs Tammy Dalhaus Dan Davidson Dwayne Davis John Dean Brian Debolt Robert Deconcini Liza Decoteau John Dickerson Joe Divine Mike Donald Steve Donelson Tamara Dorsey Erika Doty Eric Duncan Don Durell Lisa Durer Ron Dycus Bill Eadie Alicia Eaker Shelli Eden Diane Elfrink Aleasa Ellis David Evans Martin Evans I’m an excellent driver-where’s the ignition? Philip Evans Dan Farmer Tom Fayollat Janine Felchlin Paula Felchlin Colleen Fields Carrie Fisher Bonita Flor Scott Florini Cathy Forsting Tammi Fraley Mare Franke Mark Frey Linda Frisse Debbie Funkhouser Vincent Geronimo lan Gibbons Gail Gieseking Pat Gillham Misty Gillmore Christine Golisch Laura Grezlak Lisa Grezlak Michael Grist Shawn Grubb Jeff Guerra Darian Guillory Kari Gullicksrud Beth Gusewelle Cheron Guyton Can I Have A Car? C’mon Mom!!!! Dale Hadley Kevin Hahn Lewis Haines Yvette Hairston Alena Hall Jackie Hamilton Laura Hamilton Priscilla Hammon Lesley Hangsleben Greg Hann Clay Hanvey Jane Harper Kim Harrick Debbie Harris Betty Hartzel Chuck Havens Debbie Hawkins Dallas Haynes Rodney Hellinger Julie Hellman Brian Helm Jane Helms Joanne Henderson Shari Henderson Chris Henke Corey Henry Jeni Henry Sara Hepler Jennifer Herb Edward Hess Kenneth Hess Nicole Hess Robert Hesse Matt Hillman Julia Hilt Paula Hintz Kurt Hofmann Julie Hohenstein Susan Holderread Lanette Holley Bob Horton Debbie Horvath Lee Horvath Charlene Hubbard Christine Huff Steve Hypes Jamal Jackson Jackie Jeffers Creston Johnson Dave Johnson Robin Johnson Rohan Johnson Chris Jones Drake Kaase Mike Kampman Scott Kane Ton ya Kast Leland Kee Anita Keith Laura Kerkemeyer Someday this will all make sense. Rick Kibort Sandra Kim Alvina Kinder Darrell King Shelley Kinsey Eddie Koenig Krista Koenig Geoff Koller Rose Kovar Julie Kovarik John Kralemann Paul Krapf Alex Kropp Lori Kuether Janee Kummer Chris Kyro Brent Lambert Angie Landers Pattie Larue Jon Leady Anita Lebro Cathy Lee Alton Lewis Robert Littlejohn David Loge Mike Long Ron Long Lesley Loyd Mike Luster Amy Lynn The cafeteria is a nice place to visit but Bill MacDonald Dale Madison Nicole Maher Shellee Mahlandt Deanne Mallory Brendan Malone Rhoda Malone Bill Markowitz Lori Marks Beth Martin Tatiana Martinez Anne Matta Daven McCalla Monica McCarthy Bob McClellan Julie McClelland Sandra McCord Darla McCoy Karla McDaniel Christy McGauley Amy McReaken Darrell Meek Richard Meikamp Tom Metcalf Amy Meyer Dan Meyer Beth Meyer Gary Meyer Brett Meyer Katie Meyer Integers? Cosines? Jennie Milligan Rita Monroe Kelly Moore Just tell me how much my lunch is. Steve Meyer Michelle Meyers Jody Michlitsch Mike Mick Steve Miller Tina Miller Diane Mitchell Teresa Montague Kristin Moore pe John Morris Pat Morrison Tracy Morrison Susan Mosby Ben Moyer Karen Mueggenberg Bob Murphy James Musch Kristiane Naegler Dan Nelson Steve Neuhaus Gary Niemeier Jon Nolen Eric Nordhauser Michele Noto Ann Notter Bill Noud Beth Null Why is it called an “institute of learning’? Heather Phillips Jill Pifer | Fy sy Todd O’ Laughlin Clark Oberlag Steve Ohren Carla Opel Becky Otto Gretchen Otto Teresa Paddock Darlene Parham Dale Patterson Scott Paur Steve Paur David Peel Rosalind Perkins Tim Peters Dan Peterson Dawn Peterson Pat Peterson Jeff Petroff John Phillips Bill Piggott Steve Piper Craig Poeling Laura Pointer Carrie Pomeroy T.C. Porter George Proksha Ronni Ramsey Oh, the phone takes a quarter now? Stephanie Range Melody Rankin Greg Rapp Gina Reeves Erin Reilly Darrell Reinacher Dal Vernon Reising Shawn Reiter Mark Renken Matt Reutermann Ben Richards Beth Riley Mark Ringering Lisa Ripper Michelle Roberts Ranae Roberts Jeff Roderick Kirsti Rogers Brian Rohrkaste Randy Roth David Rushing Eric Sample Greg Santoni Esta Saverson Ed Sawyer Rhonda Shaake Missy Schaefer Wendy Schaefer Sherri Schafer Chris Scheibal Funny Idlewood And “High” School Eh Le’ ge os. Tim Scheibal Tom Scheibal Jodi Schindewolf Scott Schipowski Angie Schlueter Jill Schmidt Todd Schmidt Kelly Schmitt Lee Schreiber Steve Schriefer Missy Schroeder Darsha Scott Bryan Scroggins Michele Shaheen Bill Sharp Sara Shaw Ramona Sheppard Beth Sidener Lara Sikes Jenny Siliven Alisa Sims John Singler Karen Sisson Shelly Sisson Vicki Sittner Keith Skaer Stacy Skaer Julia Slemer Jenny Smith Charles Soroka Excuse me, that soda machine took my money. Kathy Sotelo Penny Sparks Sonetta Spillers Tracy Sporrer Kelly Spotanski Missy Stevenson Susie Stille Eric Stoces Robert Stoces James Stotts Wanda Stram Ronald Stroder Roger Strohmeier Derek Sturniolo Kelly Sullenger Debbie Sullivan Jimmie Sullivan Sangeeta Swamy Dan Swiecicki Rachel Symanski Lisa Telford Jennifer Therien Rich Thompson Raymond Trebing Tina Tretter Jeff Tripp Brian Tutka Robyn Vanek Eric Vanzo Vicki Vrabec What’s becoming of me, and them? Charlie Wallace Jeni Wallace Shawn Walton Lori Warren Craig Watson Travia Watts June Weber Scott Weber Laura Wegrzyn Mike Weissman Dan Werner Craig West Michele West James Westerhold Kim Wetzel Craig White James Whitsell Patty Wickham Mat Wiemers David Wilkinson Jody Wilkinson Vern Wilkinson Paul Williams Patricia Wilson Windy Winfield Cathy Wing Becky Winkler Kermit Winslow Lynn Wisnasky Amy Witschie Sophomore Leaders Dayle Womack Joel Wood Melissa Wood Andy Woods Julie Woods Kevin Woolfolk Paul Worthey Donna Yates Pam Yehling Sarah Ziegler Bob Zoelzer Tom Zupanci PICTURED: Mike Blaine I 1a ver Matthew Mue Renee Brown Michael Hel: John Petrokovict Dero Surr Lance Jakich Rhonda Rinaldi Sean eary Phuoe Due PI lis Kathy Rollberg Bethany Cunn nan Khuu Janet Stoft Juanita Curry Milford Marsha Ronald Throp Richard Delgado Melanie Milton Jeff ‘Turner Reggie Dixon Vance Morgan Brenda Mueller Sophomore Class Sponsors: Marion Thompson and Pam Cook. Sarah Shaw, helping other Sophomore Class Officers: vice pres., Karla McDaniels; pres., Sophomores cover Robin Scott Florini; treas., Laura Grezlak; sec., Robin Vanek. Vanek in the present wrap- ping race at the Christmas Assembly. FRESHMEN No, I was not late ... I was lost. Rachel Ahrens Beth Alford Ed Almandinger Jim Anderson Kris Anderson Chris Andres Tona Arth Don Astorga Shawn Atkins John Bailey Tammy Ballard Laurel Barber Michelle Bares Dana Barnard Michelle Bartle Kara Barton Kellie Baumann Monica Bautsch Sean Beegle Cynthia Bell Jim Bell Kevin Bell Rachel Bench Dina Bender Jeff Berdick Jerry Bielicke Jenny Bigham Tammy Bizaillion Chris Blair Jennifer Blair Angie Bleier Sam Blevins Suzanne Boehm 88 Do I need a hall pass? What’s a hall pass? Criag Bollman Shelly Bollman Charles Borney Peter Bouman Jonathan Bowen Colette Boyd William Boyd Deanna Brase Jerry Bratten Jason Brewer Linda Brewster Kevin Budney Tammy Burnett Gary Burns Nathaniel Byrd Barbi Byron Sandy Camplain James Cannon Eric Carlson Tina Carpenter Jeff Cato David Clarkin Shenae Clayton Lori Clements Julie Clow Kort Cole Mike Coleman Shawn Coleman Mike Combs Mike Cralley Mark Crane Bill Cravens Tim Cummings Holly Davis Norma Davis Shawn Davis Barb Dean Kristen Decker Craig Deconcini Larry Deconcini Elaine Denny Matthew Denue Jim Deppe Eric Dettmer Matt Devers Anne Dickmann Sean Dillon Donald Deetta Dennis Doolen Shawn Doolin Gary Doty Tranon Dozier Connie Drew Mark Dunnagan Food Fights! And they call us juvenile. Beth Curtis Nancy Cutler Jeff Cuvar Rachel Darnell Katie Davidson To everything, a beginning (but will it ever end?) Cara Eden Mike Ellinger Aaron Ellis Chris Epperson Candace Farrell Kathy Ferguson Matt Fields Tanya Fischer John Flamer Steve Fox Wayne Frazer Geoff Freymuth Natalie Fritsche Crystal Fultz Matt Galli Michelle Ann Garde James Gardiner Todd Gehrs Callie Gleason Leslie Golliday Laura Gonzalez Rhonda Graham Lori Green Richard Greenhill Paul Gregory Clay Gusewelle ho said this was going to be easy? Jennifer Hackett Tammy Hacking Yvette Haire Ativa Hakeem Matt Hall Julie Hamel Phil Hamill Aimee Hamilton Tara Hamilton Bill Hannon Kerry Hansen Alan Harbers Julie Harlan Darenda Harrell a Harris Mike Harris David Harsh Amy Hart Greg Hartman Stephen Hartman Jackie Hartzel Rich Hauschild Kim Hawk Sonny Hayden Tim Haymaker Jennifer Hays Jason Head Tina Heal 92 I’ve been here a year, and haven’t found my locker. Kristine Hedger Gary Helfer Jeff Helle Shawn Hellinger Robert Helms Lynne Henry Janis Henson Mark Herman Amy Hess Wendy |} Wendy Highley Bill Hindman Michele Hinton Shawn Hippey Ronald Ho Tim Hoffman Karla Hofmann Tawnya Hogg Lynn Hollowich Jerry Holt Dennis Horman Paul Hornberger Edward Horton Stephen Horvath Chris Hosto Jason Hughes Cole Hunter Bill Hunter John Hutson Monica Hutter I really resent being called Frosh to my face! Bonita Hyde : Eric Ingram = Denise Isenberg Michelle Jackson Chery! Jacobs Dean Jarosik Darrin Jennings Craig Johnson David Johnson Kim Johnson Orlando Jones Sam Jones Kim Jordan Lance Keller Don Kelsay Dan King Stefan King Scott Klingsick Melinda Klocke Arthur Knight Jean Knoll Kelly Koenig Fred Kolesa Kendra Kopel Someday this will all make sense. } Lori Kreuiter - » Amy Ladd Bryon Ladd Jennifer Ladd Heather Lautner Melissa Lavin Judith Lawrence Lisa Leardi Michael Leonard Scott Leonard Jeff Lewis Anthony Lin Chris Lindley Aaron Lippolt Barbara Logan Lisa Lohr Tammy Lopretta Lincoln Lounsbury Michelle Love Lisa Lucas Jamie Luckshis Rhonda Lynn Paul Mackie Michael Macmillan Ron Mahan Meredith Marchbank Chris Martin Dewey Mathews Lisa Matlock McDonald Kelly McFerran Shannon McMahan Tim McMahan Andrew Mellenthin Lisa Meng Susan Metzler Catherine Meunier Charles Meyer Jeff Meyer Linda Meyer Mike Miller Pat Miller Tricia Miller Jill Milligan Mike Mitchell Barbara Moore Marty Moore Wendy Moore Lisa Morrison Mary Morrison Tawnya Moye Brad Murray Jill Nabe Jarid Neuhaus Jeff Neutzling Kim Nolan Blake Nilla 96 Me? Pull a fire alarm? Never. Give me time ... I'll get taller. Sean Nolan Rob Norton Yvonne Nothdurft Robert Notter Brian O'Dell Brian Oberdieck Angela Ohren Jackie Palmer Aaron Paolucci Yvette Pashia James Perry Jason Perry Kathy Perry Tony Picklesimer Scott Pingel Adrienne Podner Jeane Ponder Melissa Prater Robert Primas Erik Puckett Tim Radford Gary Ranek John Ranek Fred Ray Andy Razeghi Patty Reagan David Reuterman Kelly Rhodes Derrik Richard Kristin Richardson Jeff Robbins Loretta Roberts Shaura Ros s David Roth Tony Rothe Renee Rowe Leah Russell Christy Ruyle Andrew Sackville- West Dean Savoca Lori Scarborough Tricia Scerba Michelle Schaefer Todd Schipkowski Darren Schmidt Joy Schmidt Denise Schumacher Corey Schwalb Jeff Schwalb Angela Schwartzkopf Renee Sexton Jeff Shannon Sherri Sharp Is that smoke coming out of the bathroom? Donald Robinson Neil Rodenmeyer Arthur Rodgers Dan Rose John Roseman Pll graduate someday! Nikki Shaw Libby Shele Derren Siglock Becky Simmons Eric Simmons Christine Simons Mike Singler Karen Skaer Bart Skief Bret Skief Ron Skopitz Janell Smart Julian Smart Scott Smart Doug Smith Will Smith Mary Smolar Andy Smucker Diana Snell Richard Solomon Renee Stahlhut Kevin Stapleton Richard Stark Fred Steinkuehler Darlene Stennis Dawn Stephenson I can’t go out - my curling iron is broken. Susan Stevens Robert Stewart Amy Stoecklin Janet Stoff Julie Strubberg Michael Struempf Aaron Suess Paul Svoboda Bill Swiecicki Eric Terry Julie Tewell Cassandra Thomas Traci Thompson Carol Threlkeld Kathleen Tieman Shauna Timpe Lori Torrini Paul Torti Jocelyn Travis Melanie Traxler Michael Tripp Leslie Trueman Joseph Urban Janell Vanarsdale 100 I’m not really sure where I’m heading Lee Vandiver Mike Vengan Brian Verson Nicole Vuagniaux Cheryl Ward Karl Weber Rob Werden Curt West Dawn Westbrook John Wetzel John Whitaker Craig White Jenna White Joyce White Paul Wiegand Jennifer Wiemers Bob Wilkinson Car! Williams Ronzell Williams Kelli Winchester Shane Winchester Todd Wise Kristin Wolf Ryan Woll No, I was not late rn . Richard Edwards Lisa Hanna Michelle Johnson Eric Jost Shervin Karimpour Kelly Kuhn Stephen Lasica NOT PICTURED Michael Loew Tammy Martin Maureen Renaud Peter Rudloff William Russell Craig Sergerson William Suhling .. 1 was lost. Raymond Tilden Brian Tweedy George Venegas William Waters Joseph Westfall Jerry Woodin Michael Yureck Tracey Woll Damien Wuellner Kevin Wyvell Amy Yates Shawnna Yates Tracey Young THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK “What’s cruisin’ dudes?” asks Scott Pingle as he meets Stephanie Range, Laura Bar- ber, and Carol Threlkeld strolling on the balcony. This is not exactly what I expected. “What was the assignment? I must have dozed off,” says Jeff Freymuth. “But we just cleaned it two months ago, Mr. Janitor. Our locker is not as bad as the kids next door!” say Laurel Barber and Wendy Moore. “You can’t be serious, Senora,” says Eric Carlson as his teacher informs him of a 5 page Spanish paper due tomor- row. “Tt’s not fair,” says Meriteth Marchbank and Natalie “Seniors get to go out for lunch.” LEFT: A freshman classroom scene with students “hard at work.” Fs t ¥. RIGHT: Rowdy freshman at the — . Christmas Assembly trying to help win re : ( the cheering contest. a. ae FROSH LEADERS Freshman Class Sponsors: Carolyn Kuethe, and Wini- fred Woodard. Freshman Class Officers: sec., Kristin Richard- son; vice pres., Wendy Moore; pres., Ronald Ho; Treas., Karl Weber. FACULTY — | Oe eer ise 7, he ; ees 8) eee =a District 7 Administrative Staff Mr. Roy Olive Superintendent of Schools Mr. Rue Foe Mr. Bob Stuart Mr. Gerald Webb Asst. Superintendent of Business Affairs Director of Instruction Director of Personnel Board Of Education Mr. Roland Nelson Mr. Nick Hamilos Mrs. Dianne Franke Mrs. Pat Scerba Mrs. Susan Welch Mr. Rudy Wilson Mr. Dave Woelfel EHS Administrative Staff Mr. George Halsey Principal Mrs. Carol McCormack Mr. Don Dillow Mr. Robert Gregor ; alma 4 , Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Secretarial Staff Mrs. Borgstede-Guidance Office Mrs. Burian-Secretary Mrs. Burns-Bookkeeper Mrs. Emrich-Registrar Mrs. Jackson-Secretary Mrs. Leady-Attendance Secretary Mrs. Shannon- Receptionist Applied Arts - an Mr. Bill Collman Mr. Dave Cooper Mr. Jesse Joiner Ms. Carolyn Kuethe Mr. Mike Maag Mr. Norm Reusher Driver’s Ed. And Health Librarian Mr. Pat Price Miss Sherry Skelton Mr. Bud Vallino Ms. Lynn Brown Business Who is that Masked Man!? Ms. Pam Cook Ms. Dolores Day Ms. Diane Gebhardt Ms. Anne Gregor Ms. Martha Hanson Mr. George - Ms. Judy Verseman Salovitch Ms. Liz Kasten Mr. Craig Louer Counselors Ms. Doris Dankenbring Mr. Charles Finley Mr. Dan Oberle Mr. Richard Pilney Mr. Jim Tilashalski “Gotcha, Hanson!” “What did PJ do Now?!” “Another ‘whoopie’ in your seat?!” zB ' EE ‘ (EZ Ms. E ti Ms. Liz Brown , Ms. Ann Jacox Ms. Sharon Jackson en Mr. Jack Ott Ms. Jacqueline Ms. Lessie Shashack Ms. Peg Spellman Ms. Dianne Rader Williams 110 Foreign Languages yt : a “A : Biss Mrs. Sandee Harmon Mr. Fran Dwyer Mr. Bill Meister Humanities a Mr. Richard Mr. Gerald Bradley : Dempsey Mr. Dennis DeToye Ms. Lea Mainer Mr. Jim Richmond Mr. Dick Rogers Ms. Mary Ann Russell Ms. Bonnie Enos Sciences Mr. Gerald Baker Ms. Rebecca Beal Mr. Lee Bollinger Mr. Gayle Day Ms. Marion Thompson Ms. Winifred Woodard “Is that really you Mr. DeToye?!” Mr. Robert . Jim Price Remmert Mr. Jack Elam Mr. Elliott French Ms. Peg Schultheis Mr. Dan Suess Mr. Dick Ford = Ms. Sharon Petty - Mr. Jim Hindelang Mr. Robert Jenkins Ms. Mary Lancaster Ms. Linda Powell Ms. Vicki Summers Mr. Gary Winkle Physical Ed. u Ms. Kay Hyten 4 ‘ Mr. Warren Stahlhut Ms. Chery! Landalt . Emily Monika Ms. Trudy Stilwell Mr. Gregory Wolk “Thinking hard, or hardly thinking?!” Social Studies La= éN| Mr. Winston Mr. Paul Fuchs Mr. Jack McCarty Brown “It’s Miller time!” ‘ — Sa: = — 7 Mr. Bill Nunes Mr. Tom Pile Ms. Delores Regna Not Pictured: Mr. Jim Jackson Ms. Nola Kepper Special Ed. “Thanks! He’ll look great in my bath room.” ‘ SA A) aN | Mr. Steve Heal Ms. Jan Ms. Bernece Ms. Patricia Ms. Saralee Mr. Joseph Highlander Johnson Penelton Strauss Symanski Cafeteria Workers Top Row: Marion Uttecht, Shirley Orman, Mary Lou Hoenig, and Rose Schweiger. Bot- tom Row: Vi Rood, Barb Peterson, Elizabeth Arth, Jim Modene, and Dorothy Dustman. HOMECOMING ’84 A rainbow stretches across the sky, A vision of life as time goes by. Yellow is a tiny baby brought into the world, Orange is the happiness of a little girl. Red is knowledge, hopes dreams only hers alone, Green is new beginnings as she goes out on her own. Purple is success in life, the reaching of her goals, Blue is rest and peacefulness that comes with growing old. Life, like rainbows, fades away, But will be reborn another day. Ellen Ladd toonel « “ale + a , oa ee, r PR ‘ tee ae SENIORS It’s been a long, long four years, and we finally made it ... SENIORS!!! With the help of our class officers: George Turner, Erik Anderson, Joel Misu- konis, and Sue Marohl, we made our Senior year the best ever. As we approached the school on the first day, we anticipated a year full of good times, home- work, parties, homegames, killing the Kahoks, and finally, GRADUATION!!! Tiger spirit exploded dur- ing Spirit Week, September 24-28, with students dressing up differently each day. Costumes included sweats, hats and buttons, Hawaiian and clashing out- fits. Spirit Week culminated Friday with students wearing black and orange and painting their faces to prepare for the Big Game against the Alton Red- birds. Even though we lost the game, spirits were still high and the parade was a great success. Coronation was memorable with Deanca Dickey being crowned as Queen and Joel Misukonis as Royal Escort. King and Queen crowned, Homecoming was offi- cially ended. EHS had never witnessed so many Sen- iors participating in Homecoming before Soon Halloween was upon us, and Seniors participat- ed by dressing in costumes and masks. “What are those bleachers doing in front of the school?” “No, you’re kidding.” To the Senior class’s complete sur- prise, today was the scheduled class picture. With “Dr.” Halsey sitting in the front row, things went quite well. The Halloween parade, soaping and T.P.ing were popular during this time. Seniors pulled t hrough at the Red Cross Blood Drive sponsored by Student Council, raising 126 pints. Senioritis set in, and as the end of the year approached, plans for Spring Break and Graduation were made. We all looked toward the future, and although we won’t always have our old friends, the memories will last forever. During the 1984 Home- coming week, students showed their neverending enthusiasm by participating in Spirit Week. Kids dressed up as Hawaiian islanders, and wore hats, glasses, and buttons. On Friday, the day of the big contest, everyone colored their faces and hair with black and orange paint, really show- ing the E’ville Tiger Spirit. The Homecoming Assembly was led by Val Koelker, Student Council President. The assembly was highlighted by class competitions in various games. The ad- ministration even joined in the fun as Mr. Halsey and Mr. Gregor demonstrated a game. Some of the Tiger football players donned dressed and heels, while their “boyfriends” wore football uniforms and helmets. These couples competed to see who was the sexiest, and were judged by the loudest cheers from the audience. The final outcome was a close decision between Erica Onley and Geraldine Rogers, with Erica receiving First Place. Her reward was an egg cracked over his head. The class competition was a fierce battle be- tween the Juniors and the Seniors, with the Mighty Seniors triumphing in the end. By Friday night during the parade, the Tiger spirit was high, and all the Tiger fans were ready to meet the Alton Red- birds in the Homecoming football game just minutes away. = = bp = = fo oO D = 3° an ‘@ 5 @ S¢ Se Homecoming 1984 started out with a bang this year with the Tiger spirit flying high. Throughout the entire Homecoming week and weeks before that, clubs furiously began to organize floats for the annual parade. All the clubs were trying to convey a message to the students ---““Stomp the Redbirds” and they all did a super job. Traditional Homecoming mums were sold by the Junior class members and the lucky girls who received them could keep them as momentos. Signs were strung around the school, halls, on lockers, and in the gym and cafeteria. Involved E’ville Spirits members tried to get the rest of the students in the mood for Homecoming and its various activities. Friday was the day everyone was looking forward to and when it arrived many Seniors began to realize that this was their last Homecoming of their high-school years, and Saturday represented the end. A pep rally assembly for the football Tigers kept the students and players in a winning mood. That night the Homecoming parade started at 6:30, holding the high spirits until the game. There were many clubs in the parade with the German Club winning first, DECA receiving second, and a float submitted by Sophomore Robin Johnson and friends capturing third. The three Homecoming Queen candi- dates, Tammy Chartrand, Deanca Dickey, and Lisa Turnbull, and their Royal Escorts, Fred Durer, Joel Misukonis, and Bob Riess, along with the winning floats, were shown to the crowd at the football game. Edwardsville Tigers played the Alton Red- birds which ended with a 27-16 score. The loss did not affect the fans because of the enthusiasm of Homecoming. Saturday night the Homecoming Coronation and dance was held in the large gym. Deanca Dickey and Joel Misukonis won the queen and royal escort titles. Afterwards the band Spec- trum jammed some tunes, while couples danced, then later going to dinner at Rascals, the Spaghetti Factory, and other places. Homecoming 1984 was a success and an experience, with the thrills of winning for the candidates and the closeness of the students, for all that participated and speculated. 1984 Homecoming Court HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ROYAL ESCORT: Miss Deanca Caprice Dickey and Mr. Joel Misukonis Queen Candidates And Royal Escorts Tammy Chartrand and Fred Durer Senior Attendants Lisa Turnbull and Bob Riess Mary Ann Sheeley and Doug Gieseking Jackie Ott and Tom Ponder Junior Attendants Renee Mattingly and Chuck Nelson Stephanie Ruyle and Vic Marinko Jaimee Siedhoff and Steve Burnside Sophomore Attendants Jane Helms and Greg Hann Janee Kummer and Pat Burns Freshman Attendants Lynn Hollowich and Gary Burns Christy Ruyle and John Flamer Tracy Woll and Sean Nolan Retiring Queen and Royal Escort: Debbie Schwartz and Tim Broderick Mistress and Master of Ceremonies: Rebecca Franke and Bob Murphey ENSEMBLE: Angie Sharp and Sandra Kim, piano; Dan Lumma, guitar; Dan Bowen, Peggy Davidson, Marla Feeney, Suzanne Hacking, Jean Helms, Tricia Howell, Lisa Levy, Sue Marohl, Ann Minner, Eric Moran, Heather Pax- ton, Melissa Peters, Gina Reeves, Scott Skief, and Kirsten Weingartner. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders started their hard work over the summer where VARSITY . KAREN KIRK they attended camp at Cape Gir- SPIRIT AWARDS ardeau. Due to all their hard work JUNIOR VARSITY they were chosen in the top 10 'N CURTIS . sec ig S squads and Nikki Nolte was run- DANN CURT ner up to All-American which is SOPHOMORES... LISA one of the highest awards a Cheer- eg GREZLAK leader can receive. Throughout all Tee and downs all the Cheer. (i. eaders worked closely with the METZLER Mascots to support EHS! SENIOR SENIOR DEANCA DICKEY KAREN KIRK VARSITY Row 1: Karen Kirk, Deanca Dickey. Row 2: Nikki Nolte, Kelly McGinnis, Rhoda Vaughn. Row 3: Michelle Nelson, Dobby Pile. GO TIGERS, LET’S GO! HHH S WOHnZac Row 1: Kari Gullicksrud, Julie McClelland, Row 2: Tonya Weatherly, Dawn Curtis. Row 3: Jamie Seidhoff SOPHOMORE Row 1: Rhonda Rinaldi, Lisa Grezlak, Lisa Leardi, Row 2: Angie Beeler, Charlene Hubbard, Row 3: Sheri Schafer. FRESHMEN Row 1: Jeanne Ponder, Tracy Woll, Row 2: Mary Morrison, Kara Barton, Row 3: Susan Metzler, Lori Clements. The Pom-Pon squad provided halftime entertainment at games and at pep assemblies. Otherwise known as the Tigerettes, led by their captains Misty Munroe and Desiree Chaffee they began there work over the summer where they attained camp at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., to practice for performances and up coming competition. All the girls worked very hard under the direc- tion of Mrs. Peggy Washburne and Mrs. Becky Beal. POM-PON SQUAD COMPETITION 2nd in Pom-Pon Lebanon, 2nd in Pom-Pon in Benten Ist in Dance in Jacksonville AWARDS Tigerette of the year Spirit Award Row 1: Becky Franke, Beth Meyer, Misty Munroe. Row 2: Dawm Simpson, Alisa Sims, Tonya Kast, Kay Wis- nasky, Lynn Wisnasky. Row 3: Amy Lancaster, Shellee Mahlandt. Row 4: Amy Schoield, Jill Pifer, Missy Em- rich, Desiree Chaffee, Stephanie Thomas, Dawn Holt- man. Row 5: Ann Schofield. Kay Wisnasky Misty Munroe Kay Wisnasky Kay Wisnasky, SENIOR TIGERETTES Desiree Chaffee, Misty Munroe, Amy Lancaster. VARSITY FOOTBALL C4 ome | 8° 5C2 $9 977.72 a7 6 ‘87 3 4: ‘ 6 " es es 7% ° ted “85% Pd ry o . We 4) Ae ND SZ 30 a eS Row 1: Mg. Cecil Macardo, Tank Spiller, Danny Picarella, B ill Mg. Ann Tosovsky, Row 3: Mg. Sam Bozack, Earnell Branson, Burnside, Ray Steckling, Gary Reller, Glen Sammon, Scott Tolie, Gary Niemeier, Steve Burnside, Rich Hosto, Trevor Dumar, Clay Bob Kinder, Kymar Granger, John Washburne, Robbie Schmidt, Naugle, Mike Wilkening, Mike Allen, Randy McMurray, Ed Hess, Dan Piper, Chuck Richards, Row 2: Mg. Michelle Veith, Eric John Sullivan, Bob Sirtak, Ben Richards, Row 4: Craig White, Anderson, Vic Marinko, Dan Long, Jody Rogers, Tim Throp, Jay Mike Mick, Tom Metcaif, Mike Grist, Mark Ringering, Michael Hesse, Eric Onley, Tom Ponder, Dave Horton, Tarnell Marton, Newmann, David Blumenstock, Don Stark, Rohan Johnson, Bob Chris Revelle, Allen Kohlmiller, Larry Bertels, Mg. Beth Vogt, Horton, T.C. Porter, Bill Cooper, Todd Spiller. SENIOR VARSITY PLAYERS Kymar Granger 2 (Not Pictured) Erik Anderson 14 Mike Allen 27 Split end, Cornerback Quarterback, Strong Safety, Captain Tight end WF Todd Spiller 33 Jay Hesse 34 Dan Picarella 40 Captain, Tailback, Cornerback Split end, Safety Guard Alan Kohlmiller 55 Defense end Tarnell Martin 66 Guard, Defensive end Chuck Richards 82 Flanker, Defense end Dave Horton 56 Center, Defensive end Eric Onley 76 Captain, Offensive Defensive Tackle Jody Rogers 87 Flanker, Free Safety Outstanding Varsity Player- Jody Rogers Best Defensive Player- Eric Onley Best Offensive Player- Todd Spiller Most Improved Player- Tom Ponder Outstanding Sophomore Player- Brett Coffey Outstanding Freshmen Player- John Bailey ZZ Tom Ponder 61 Offensive Guard, Line back Ray Steckling 80 (Not Pictured) Split end Record 4-5 16-27 Granite City 25-13 Chaminade 0-3 Althoff 19-12 Cahokia 0-16 0-26 Collinsville 0-6 forfeit win O'Fallon 0-7 St Charles 22-8 lost won lost won lost won lost lost We want to thank our football seniors for the great four years of memories they have given us at the games, and the juniors for helping them do so. “WAY TO GO GUYS!!” SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL - A pst A 61 76 g: ee gf (sce LE: 0, an a4 | ‘9! in. IP em. be me Ba Row 1: Steve Oren, Tom Metcalf, Ed Hess, Jeff Petroff, Earnell Meikamp, Kyle Betts, Brett Coffey, Darsha Scott, Dan Farmer, Branson, Tracey Morrsion, Marty Evans, Billy Noud, Row 2: Ben Richards, Gary Neimeier, Rich Delgado, Phil Evans, Row 4: Laura Gonzales, T.C. Porter, Alonzo Hogan, Jon Leady, Steve Bob Zoeler, Kevin Hahn, Mark Ringering, Mike Mick, Roger Miller, Marshall Brase, Dave Blumenstock, Bob Horton, Dan Strohmeier, Rohan Johnson, Mike Grist, Dean Corgiat, Craig Meyer, Mg. Angie Ohran, Row 3: Bob Hesse, Rob Deconcini, Rich White, Coach Wolk Outside Linebacker, Brett Cof- Record 3-3 fey was the team’s leading tackler Roxana 6-7 Lost as he lead an outstanding defen- Bell. Althoff 6-26 Lost sive unit. Fullback, Mark Ringer- Collinsville 7-0 Win ing was the leading rusher and Granite City 0-3 Lost scorer. Quarterback, Gary Nie- Bell. West 12-0 Win meier was the leading passer and Alton 7-0 Win Tight end, and Bob Horton lead the team in pass reception. MVP: Brett Coffey; Spirit Award: Don Meyer FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 00 SA led! See veal sue bat Row 1: Don Robinson, Paul Wiegand, Mike Singler, Jared Neu Dennis Doolen, Fred Steikhuler, Mike Strumph, Chris Hosto, house, Damian Weiner, Alan Harbers, Eric Terry, Mike Mitchell, Corey Schwalb, Jason Perry, Jeff Helle, Art Rodgers, Craig White, John Bailey, Karl Weber, Row 2: John Roseman, Chris Andres, Ron Ho, Scott Klingslick, Row 4: Jason Brewer, Wayne Frazer, Gary Burns, Bob Helms, Dan Rose, Mark Dunnagan, Aaron Suess, Tony Rothe, Sean Nolan, Jason Hughes, Blake Hilla, Jim Ander Rob Werden, Eric Jost, Chris McDonald, Row 3: Phil Hamil, son, Brad Murry Record 5-2 Cahokia lost Roxana won Belleville Althoff won Granite City won Alton lost Collinsville won Mascoutah won 14-0 M.P.V. John Bailey VARSITY SOCCER The Tigers finished the 1984 OPPONENT SCORE RECORD Roxana season with a record of 11 wins, 8 , Lebanon Laieeaic 12 ties Metro East 5-1 Alton osses, and 2Z ties. Alton 2-0 4 B’ville East Althoff 1-0 Triad Roxana 3-1 Cahokia “A highly competitive team. Carbondale 6-0 | B'ville West j » Marquette 2-1 Wood River We set a new school record.” Mascoutah ’ Collinsville — Coach Dwyer Granite - Cahokia % Althoff 3-2 . Granite FRONT ROW: Jack Daugherty, Thad Vuagniax, Mike way, Mike Smith, Don Hemphill, Chris Stoces, Steve Rami, PJ Riley, Neil Glasgow, Tom Fayolatt, Bob Fruit, Fred Durer, Tim Norton, Eric Moran, and Riess, Brett Chaffee, Dianne Becker. BACK ROW: Coach Dwyer. Sheri Jacobs, Sam Smucker, Paul Edmond, Steve Ben- Mike Rami up against a Metro East opponent, Jack Daugherty and Mike Rami after a game. GRADUATING VARSITY PLAYERS 5 Fred Durer Don Hemphill Paul Edmond P.J. Riley Chris St Bob Riess a eee TIGER SPIRIT AWARD: Bob Riess. MVP DEFENSE: Paul Edmond. MVP OFFENSE: Tom Fayolatt. All- AROUND MVP: Fred Durer. Mike Rami goes for the ball. Coach Dwyer gives the team a pep talk. VARSITY TEAM CAPTAINS: Jack Daugherty, PJ Riley, and Fred Durer. Against all odds. Fred Durer uses his head. 7 - .) “ye " es 5 ' pie? tye = anes paite E: ha xp 9 ee Net SITTING: Bill Markowitz, Dan King, Will Smith, Eric Carlson, Andy Fergusson, Andy Smucker. KNEELING: Dale Had- ley, Geoff Freymuth, Sonny Hayden, Rich The Junior Varsity soccer team had a record of 5 wins, 7 losses, and 3 ties. There were 19 goals scored all season with only 21 scored on them. OUTSTANDING PLAYERS: Rich Greenhill --- 79 saves Andy Smucker --- 6 goals John Flamer --- 2 goals cn 4 AN Jeff Roderick, John Flamer, Richard Dale Hadley --- 2 goals Eric Carlson --- 2 goals, 3 assists Sonny Hayden --- 2 goals “It was a team effort.” — Coach Symanski , . mn . on f 5 at . ; als 4 ese ae a ‘- 4 " VA ; ek Naka oF PM Ss Greenhill, Brian Tutka, Kort Cole, Todd Schipkowski. STANDING: Dianne Becker, Sheri Jacobs, Ben Moyer, Lewis Haines, Stark, Paul Mackie, Sam Partovi, Paul Krapf, and Coach Symanski. There were 4 Freshman games also. They had a record of 2 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. OPPONENT Alton Belleville East Collinsville Marquette J.V. SOCCER FIELD HOCKEY “We had one of the best, if not the best teams The most valuable player was The Tiger field hockey team ever.” Jerri Foehrkolb. She was selected had a sensational season. They ae Coach Petty to play on a team for Missouri at won eleven games out of the thir- ; the 1984 Hockey Festival in Cali- teen games played. They finished “We had depth, talent, fornia. Paula Rozycki got the spir- in the eight top teams in the Mid- and determination. An it award for Varsity. Christy west Tournament. They ended up unbeatable combina- Ruyle got the spirit award for Ju- second in the Independent tion.” nior Varsity. Elaine Onley got the League. — Coach Petty. All-Conference team award. Varsity: Row 1: Paula Rozycki, Cheryl Lee, Sue Dragich, Beth Riley, Denanne Savoca, Amy Lynn, Elaine Onley. Row 2: Ms. Petty, Gita Rademacher, Stephanie Corsere, Lolly Ford, Stacey Lynn, Val Koekler, Karen Farmer, Lori Pitman, Jerri Foehrkolb, Gena Scheibal, Mr. Tis- sier, Tammy Dorsey (Manager). Junior Varsity: Row 1: Christy Bough, Dawn Peterson, Kim Harrick, Windy Winfield, Missy Stevenson, Elaine Denny, Sue Stevens, Nancy Cutler. Row 2: Ms. Petty, Ann Tovosky, Julie Clow, Susan Holdereid, Jane Helms, Michelle Meyers, Missy Ladd, Patty Gilliam, Christy Ruyle, Yvette Pashia, Mr. Tissier, Tammy Dorsey (Manager). SENIOR VARSITY PLAYERS Sue Dragich Karen Farmer Jerri Foehrkolb Lolly Ford Val Koelker Chery! Lee Stacey Lynn Elaine Onley Lori Pittman Paula Rozycki Denanne Savoca Gena Scheibal The volleyball teams at EHS have done amazingly well this year. Of twenty-six games EHS has been successful in seventeen. There was a tournament at Edwardsville on September 8 with Bunker Hill, Cardinal Rit- ter, and Alton Marquette in which Edwards- ville took first place. September 14-15 marked the days that Edwardsville took first place in the Wood River tournament in which Edwardsville, Wood River, Madison, and Highland participated. FRESHMAN: Niki Vuagiaux, Cara Eden, Kerry Hansen, Renee Stahl- hut, Michele Schafer, Row 2: Mi- chelle Garde, Jenny Wiemers, Den- ise Isenberg, Joy Schmidt, Coach Kay Hyten. JUNIOR VARSITY: Row 1: Cara Eden, Michelle Schafer, Karla Lick- field, Jenny Wiemers, Denise Isen- berg, Row 2: Coach Kay Hyten, Sue Tomko, Lisa Durer, Susie Stille, Debby Ponder, Shawn Hellinger. “Season was a big success due to “Total Team Effort!” All players that made up this years team worked hard and it showed in their perfor- mance. The following players deserve a special thanks from EHS: MVP-Kristi Kline Co-Captains-Kristi Kline, Boeker, Maylean Rouse Served most pts.-Kristi Klinew 190 Served most aces-Kristi Klinew 56 Top spikers-Ann Nelson, Stacey Boeker Top diggers-Susan Eberhart, Maylean Rouse Most improved-Stephanie Ruyle A special thanks goes out to Missy Schaefer for the games through this season she was able to participate in. Stacey Row 1: Missy Schaefer, Cara Eden, Sue Tomko, Karla Lickfield, Debby Ponder, Row 2: Sue Eberhart, Stephanie Ruyle, Ann Nelson, Kristi Kline, Stacy Boeker, Maylean Rouse, Top: Coach Kay Hyten. The EHS golf team went unde- feated in dual meets while win- ning four tournaments including regionals and sectionals titles. They had another outstanding year!! They topped off the season with another strong state tourna- ment appearance for the third consecutive year. We would like to congratulate Coach Gerber and his Varsity Team for great year! another SENIOR GOLFERS: Troy Burrus, Rich Don- ner, Jeff Hyten, Steve Woods, and John Beat- ty. GOLF “Golfers reach horizons of excellence.” The girls golf team also had an- other great year. Winning region- als and placing in sectionals gave the girls team a birth in their sec- ond consecutive state appearance. Congratulations girls!! VARSITY: Top: Chris Schieble, Paul Worthy, Rich Donner, Scott Ren- dellman, Hal Patton. Bottom: John Beatty, Troy Burrus, Alex Vandiver, Jeff Hyten, Steven Woods. JUNIOR VARSITY: Top: Tom Zupanci, Pat Morrisan, Clay Hanvey, David Evans, Scott Weber, Tim Morris, Ryan Woll. Bottom: Kris Anderson, Clark Oberlag, Dave Peel, Brian Helm, Scott Florini, Gary Ranek, Jerry Bielicke. GIRLS GOLF Top: Sara Hepler, Shelly Bigham, Kathy Tieman, Lee Ann Vandiver, Beth Gusewelle. Bottom: Jenifer Bigham, Me- lanie Lentz, Laura Grezlack, Robyn Vanek, Carolyn Luketich. h “i : sire l tn — ate G IR L S ft E N N I S year. Coach Jackson coached an impressive group of 16 SEASON RECORD 1984 girls. ve ay ; : OPPONENT SCORE RECORD Woodriver 4-3 ad | was very proud of Highland 4-3 W Belleville East 7-0 K th d D ‘f, Alton 4-3 L Roxana 7-0 a y an eeni tor Belleville Althoff 7-0 L Mascoutah 7-0 winning the Double- Belleville West 6-1 L Roxana 5-2 . . ’ O'Fallon 7- L Belleville Althoff 4-rain RAIN Sectional Title. Carbondale 5-3 ; Collinsville 7-0 W --- Coach Jackson Marquette : L Alton rain’ RAIN = 4 FRONT: Jenny Thereon, Gina Reeves, BACK: Lise Debetex, Rachel Symanski, ABOVE: Kathy Dudacek Amy Vanek, Kathy Dudacek, Deeni Amy Hart, Tina Tretter, Laura Wygerson, = “4 a , BELOW: Rachel Symnnski Scherff, Chris Garbe, Rene Mattingly, Kory Tretter, Lynda Wygerson, Amy Ra- Dana Krapf. mon. ABOVE: Janet Ponce RIGHT: Denni Scherff FRONT ROW: Pat Hoffman, Karl Lewin, Eric Fruit, Matt Reutermann, Paul Mackie, Andy Fer- Moran, Matt Denue, Larry Brown, Dean Aavoca. guson, Mr. Joyce. BACK ROW: Steve Archer, Jeff Hyten, Steve The team had a winning season with a record of 9 wins and 6 losses. Members not pictured: Alex Kropp, Mark Rummergun, Tim Schroeder, Todd Watson, Steve Kropp, Chris Oberstedde, Bill Swiecicki, Clark Oberlog. WHAT'S ALL THAT “RACQUET”? — 7 ‘Oo... aaa PAAAAL SL) Ser on) ae CROSS COUNTRY Row 1: Patty Wickham, Juleigh Barringer, Melanie Hol- Row 3: Chuck Nelson, Steve Nunes, Kevin Abernathy, land. Row 2: Tbad Summers, Tim Flamer, David John- Paul Williams, Dale Patterson, Derrin Siglock, Mike son, Floyd Coleman, Grant Paul, Ben Carr, Dan Block. Luster, Coach Dean. 1st Capitol Invitational (St. Charles) Varsity Boys - 12th Medalists: Tim Flamer - 4th Juleigh Barringer - 3rd McClure North Invitational Varsity Boys - 8th Sopbomore Boys - 4th ° Medalists: David Johnson - 4th Soph Paul Williams - 7th Soph J. R. Doty - 11th Frosh Triad Invitational Varsity Boys - 4th Medalists: Tim Flamer - 4th Grant Paul - 35th Ben Carr - 40tb Thad Summers - 44th Juleigh Barringer - Ist (set course record) Melanie Holland - 13th Mr. Vernon Invitational Varsity Boys - 8th Edwardsville Invitational Varsity Boys - 8th Sophomore Boys - 5th Medalists: Tim Flamer - 3rd Juleigh Barringer - 1st (tied meet record) Hazelwood East Invitational Varsity Boys - 11th Junior Varsity Boys - 2nd Medalists: Tim Flamer - 9th Juleigh Barringer - 4th Melanie Holland - 14th Madison Co. Meet Varsity Boys - 2nd Frosh Soph Boys - 2nd Medalists: Tim Flamer - 2nd Grant Paul - 8th Thad Summers - 10th Floyd Coleman - 11th Ben Carr - 19th Dan Block - 3rd Frosh Soph David Johnson - 4th Frosh Soph J. R. Doty - 6th Frosh Soph Paul Williams - 9th Frosh Soph Kevin Abernathy - 16th Frosh Soph Melanie Holland - 10th Patty Wickham - 19th Belleville East Invitational Varsity Boys - 4th Medalists: Tim Flamer - 2nd Thad Summers - 22nd Floyd Coleman - 26th Melanie Holland - 18th MVP-Tim Flamer Juleigh Barringer ™ a- Juleigh Barringer qualified for the Section- al Meet for the 3rd season in a row. Tim Flamer and Juleigh Barringer were named top ten “Journals” all metro all star cross country team. Regional Meet: Varsity Boys - 4th - Quali- fied for Sectional Meet in Springfield. First team to do so in 12 years. FRESHMEN J.V. BOYS BASKETBALL J.V. Mike Grist MGR, Craig White, Creston Johnson, Ro- han Johnson, Mike Going, Mike Smith, Reggie Dixon, Eric Koleaa, Melissa Ladd MGR, Asst. Coach Stu Wei- den Kneeling- Gary Nei- meier, Cecil Bell, Todd Schmidt, Pat Burns, Ray Per- kins. FRESHMEN Leading Scorer-Rick Solomon Leading Rebounder-Jason Hughes MVP-John Flamer Most Improved-Aaron Suess Mr. Tiger-Gary Burns, John Bailey Junior Varsity Leading Scorer-Alex Vandiver Leading Rebounder-Alex Vandiver Junior Most Improved-Mike Smith Sophomore Most Improved-Pat Burns Freshmen lst Row: Todd Gehrs, Aaron Suess, Fred Kolesa, Don Rob inson, John Flamer. 2nd Row: Charles Borney, Gary Burns, Jeff Lewis, John Bai- ley. 3rd Row: Paul Sveboda, Art Rodgers, Jason Hughes, Rich Solomon, Jason Head, Coach Wolk Not Pictured: Matt Fields, Denick Richard, Eric Jost, Blake Hilla. VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL The boys varsity basketball team ended its season with a 12-13 record and, although the team wasn’t as successful as in past years, the spirit was certainly there. Once again they succeeded in pulling EHS together and pro- vided a source of entertainment for students, teachers and parents. TOP ROW: Coach Valino, Missy Ladd MGR, Mike Smith, Jim Steward, Dave Gerber, Mike Going, P.J. Riley, Mike Grist This year’s fans showed an un- usually strong amount of enthusi- asm, especially against the Ka- hoks. Coach Bud Vallino began the season with a strong team and even after dismissing 3 members from the team, managed to hold it together for the remainder of the season. Trainer Rich Hutton. MGR, Asst. Coach Weider. BOTTOM ROW: Eric Kolesa, Jody MVP-Todd Spiller Mr. Tiger-Dave Gerber, Eric Kolesa Leading Scorer-Todd Spiller Leading Rebounder-Mike Going Co-Captains-Todd Spiller, Dave Gerber, Jim Steward National Bank Free Throw Award-Jim Steward Rogers, Cecil Bell, Brent Krebs, Kelly Dumas, Todd Spiller, SENIOR VARSITY: Dave Gerber, Todd Spiller, Jim Steward. nal a “ a HW : wert a = — = " 6 a ‘q e FRESHMAN J.V. GIRLS BASKETBALL This year’s Freshmen girls bas- ketball had new incoming talent and skill. Some of thy girls who pulled the Freshman team to vic- tory, also helped the J.V. team and Varsity team triumph. Through hard work, practice, and good coaching by Lea Mainer and Dave Tissier, the upcoming Varsi- ty team can look forward to a win- ning season. FRESHMAN: Row 1: Rhonda Gra- ham, Cara Eden, Elaine Denny, Lee Ann Vandiver, Michelle Schafer, Row 2: Denise Isenberg, Jenny Weimers, Jenny Hays, Deanna Brase JUNIOR VARSITY: Manager Debbie Hor- Bland, Manager Christine Golash, Floor: vath, Denise Isenberg, Rebecca, Cara Eden, Tammy Dorsey, Amy Nelson, Amy Lynn, Laura Sporrer, Wendy Winfield, Christi Julie Slemer. 8 Givis Badkethall 90-7 5 Our Score Opponent Their Score 41 O'Fallon 38 GHA SSESsASSssss5sssssgag 50 Collinsville 27 62 Belleville 54 66 Madison 30 59 Althoff 62 4] Wood River 30 66 Roxana 29 54 O’Fallon 42 70 Granite City 33 71 Riverview 61 61 Alton 66 68 Triad 66 Cahokia 31 Belleville 66 Madison 38 Althoff 51 Mascoutah 52 Brussels 55 Cahokia 46 EB nD) Ww AY FR D SS] Vv qf Lh E, eB This Year’s girls basketball experienced an outpouring of fans unlike any other year. IaMOg 934901931 TIGERETTES TRIUMPH WITH RECORD Tigerette basketball ended the season with a killer record- 20-7! This season was a unique one in its self. It was the first one in which the Tigerettes beat Belleville West, Triad, Althoff, and Mascou- tah and the first that 20 games have been won. Varsity Standing: Elaine Onley, Pau- i, Stephanie Ruyle, Amy Nelson, Coach Sharon Petty. Kneeling, Ann Nelson, Denise Isenberg, Missy Schaefer, Julie Slemer. Sit- ting: Eberhart, Kara Eden, Amy Lynn. Sue SEASON Although the girls were success- ful through team work and spirit, Elaine Onley and Paula Rozycki helped to pull the team through with their outstanding perfor- mances. Elaine Onley ended the season by setting the records for Most Points in One Season-467, Total Career Rebounds-595, Rebounds in One Season-340, and Most Re- bounds in One Game-27. Paula Rozycki set a record for Most Sea- son Assists-77. The team also won its 2nd Regional title by defeating Triad 68-62. Paula Royzcki dribbles away from O’Fal lon opponent Senior Players Deeni Scherff Paula Rozycki Christi Bland Not pictured Elaine Onley FRESH.-J.V. WRESTLERS FRESHMEN Row 1: Mike Mitchell, Jarid Neuhaus, Kelly Rhodes, Jeff Meyer Shane Winchester, Jerry Holt. Row 2: Rob Werden, Dave Harsh, Dan Rose, Brad Murray, Andy Smucker, Karl Weber, Corey Schwalb. Row Wayne Frazier, Shawn Hippey, Nate Byrd, Shawn Nolan, Jeff Helle, Brian O'Dell Freshman Record - 2 wins, | loss Sophomore Record - 3 wins, 3 losses J.V. Record - 8 wins, 4 losses, 1 tie The Freshman, Sophomore and J.V. squads made a good showing this year and promise to continue the Tiger wrestlers’ winning tradi tion in years to come. The J.V. squad was led by Bill Noud with a record of 18-0, Ed Hess with a re- cord of 13-0, and Corey Henry with a record of 13-2. The Sopho- mores were led by Steve Miller with a record of 8-2. The Fresh- men were led by Jeff Meyer with a record of 9-2. JUNIOR VARSITY Row 1: Brian Rohrkaste, Stuart Dabbs, Shawn Reiter, Row 3: Jeff King, Brett Coffey, Benoit Henry, Dan Farm- Dale Patterson. Row 2: Tom Zupanci, Steve Ohren, Andy — er, Aaron Misukonis. Row 4: Rod Rutz, Marshall Brase, Ferguson, Brian Debolt, Kendall Couch, Steve Miller. Chris Revelle, Bob Hesse, Ben Richards, Matt Hull. VARSITY Row 1: Marck McMahon, Marty Evans, Brian Erik Anderson, Corey Henry, Coach Stahlhut. Tutka, Jim Holt. Row 2: Becky Reilly, Joel Misu- Row 4: Mike Wilkening, Ed Hess, Eric Onley, Jay konis, Bob Reiss, Chuck Nelson, Ron Smith, Kris », Marc Henry, Bill Noud. Dorsey. Row 3: Coach Winkle, Thad Summers, The Varsity wrestlers had a very successful season with a record of 18 wins, 6 losses and 1 tie. Of their four tournaments, they took first place against Bethalto and Car- bondale, second place against Ha- zelwood East, and fourth place against Mascoutah. The Tigers also received fourth place at Re- gionals. Thad Summers, Erik An- derson, Joel Misukonis, Bob Riess, and Marck McMahon advanced to the Sectional Tournament. Marck McMahon advanced to State. The Varsity wrestling team was cap- tained by Seniors Erik Anderson, Marc Henry, Joel Misukonis, and Bob Riess. The Tigers’ winning season was led by leading scorers Bob Riess, Marck McMahon and Erik Anderson. Eric Onley led the team in falls with 16, the fastest one in 17 seconds. SENIOR VARSITY WRESTLERS Row 1: Becky Reilly- Manager, Bob Riess, Joel Misukonis, Ron Smith. Row 2: Marc Henry, Erik Anderson, Eric Onley, Jay Hesse. i. JAY HESSE (Not Po pictured) ¥} Career Record - 18-17 ERIK ANDERSON MARC HENRY JOEL MISUKONIS Career Record - 72-35-2 Career Record - 35-42-2 Career Record - 48-21-2 ERIC ONLEY BOB RIESS RON SMITH Career Record - 19-7 Career Record - 67-36-1 Career Record - 25-15 BOY’S TRACK HOME BALL OW Wee! Mx 7 a Row 1: Julian Smart, Mike Mitchel, Paul Wil- liams, Paul Hornberger, Glenn Sammon, Jeff Cuver, Mick Hutter, J.R. Doty, Matt Hull, Robbie Wiemers, Dan Farmer. Row 2: Steve Hartman, Ben Carr, Jim Perry, Joel Misu- konis, Thad Summers, Phillip Metzger, Ear- nell Branson, Grant Paul, Aaron Misukonis, Tim Flamer. Row 3: Amy McReaken, Coach + | rime on ooWe YOST Se , os — " Coleman, Kevin Hahn, Rohan Johnson, Dan Block, Jason Hughes, David Johnson, Doug Allen, Patrick Gillespie, Richard Schimdt, Dan Piper, Mike Wilkening, Bob Horton, Chuck Richards, Alan Kohlmiller, Paul Ed- mond, Scott Ahart, Cathy Wing, Coach Price, and Coach Brown. Row 1: Esta Saverson, Christi Ruyl, Kara Bar- ton, Kerri Mortland, Melanie Holland, Ju- leigh Barringer, Jane Harper, Andrea Van- mill. Row 2: DaVaughn Dickerson, Sonnetta Spillers, Collette Boyd, Lisa Meng, Susan Metzler, Monica Hutter, Patty Wickham, Nikki Shaw. Row 3: Shawn Atkins, Lolly Ford, Paula Rozycki, Mary Garrison, Ronnie Ramsey, Pam Yehling, Angie Bleir, Jacki Jef- fers, Sarah Ziegler, Coach Dean. ine ” ans rene, 3d ww ee, ia x 2 Wee Washo te ual AGRE Ress ott ; tend 95 Bo VS RE? GIRLS SOFTBALL Sitting: Sheri Schafer, Christi Bland, Jennifer Smith, Marlean Rouse. Row 2: Ann Tosovsky, Stephanie Corsere, Sue Stevens, TIGERS Elaine Denny, Lynne Highland, Sue Tompko, Standing: Coach This year’s girls Softball team ended its season with a 11-9 re- cord. With the help of the two Senior pitchers, Christi Bland and Elaine Onley, the team proved successful. Christi ended her sea- son with an 8-6 record and Elaine with a 3-3 record. Coach Kay Hy- “The season was a win- ner. We all worked to- gether as a team.” — Christi Bland Kay Hyten, Wendy Winfield, Christy Bough, Lisa Mainer, Elaine Onley, Rebecca Patterson, Deeni Scherff, Karen Farmer. ten tried a different approach at winning this year and tried play- ers in different positions to find the best combination. It evidently paid off. With the loss of 5 starting players, the team will have to re- build in its next season. Good luck, ’86 Tigers! SENIORS Deeni Scherff, Karen Farmer, Elaine Onley, Christi Bland, Maylean Rouse » Sa] one ti . —— — ps v a : P SA,,. e a Se . , A... en - sad, ae et Maylean Rouse Pat Lewis Steve Stuart Fred Durer Not Pictured: P. J. Riley Mike Lowry Troy Burrus Bob Hosto DN an = — = ] aa DN ee = N zs ee ZA, ca N Row 1: Gary Niemeier, Dean Corgiat, Kyle Betts. Row 2: Mark Evans, Phil Evans, Tom Zupanci, Richie Meikamp, Vince Geronimo. Row 3: Pat Burns, Roger Strohmeir, Mike Long, David Evans, Bob Hesse, Paul Aberly, Dan Meyer. Row 1: Larry DeConcini, John Bailey, Jeff Lewis, Wayne Frazer, Fred Ko- lesa, Gary Burns, Eric In- gram. Row 2: Jeff Schwalb, Craig Bollman, Todd Schippowski, Aaron Suess, Derrik Richards, Chris Hosto. Row 3: Mike Miller, Jason Head, Eric Jost, Blake Aldrige, Sean Nolan, Jeff Helle, Coach Schumacher. Row 1: Steve Stuart, Dan Long, Chris Burns, Pat Lewis, Bob Sirtak, Eric Kolesa. Row 2: Lori Sedlack, Dan Bolens, Cec il Bell, Dan Lan- gendorf, Fred Durer, Mark Ringer- ing, Todd Schmidt. Row 3: Coach Pile, Bob Hosto, Tom Fayollat, Scott Tolie, Chuck Nelson, Jeff Rallo. Row 4: Troy Burrus, David Gerber, Mike Lowry, Mike Going, P.J. Riley, Jeff Burns, Coach Nebez- nek. “It’s a good program and Coach Pile has made it into a solid program. Every year we have a win- ning team.” Steve Stuart BUSCH STADIUM On April 17, over 200 Edwardsville fans gathered at Busch Stadium to watch their Edw. Tigers play ball against Je rseyville. Our Tigers showed considerable talent and stamina in the neck to neck game, but in the seventh inning Jerseyville pulled ahead, winning the game 2 to 1. Many Evillians stayed to watch the Cards play. » = SWIM TEAM BOYS SWIM TEAM Row 1: Pedro D’Ascooa, Sponsor-Mrs. Gregor, Randy Roth Row 2: Richard Thompson, Dan Mateyka, Topher Stapleton. GIRLS SWIM TEAM Melanie Traxler, Sarah Ziegler, Michele Hinton. This year, the entire boys team Topher Stapleton, Randy, Pedro and competed in the Illinois High Dan, captured second in the 400 Relay. School Association Boys Sectional Swim Meet. Topher Stapleton z Michele Hinton qualified for state qualified in the 200 Freestyle with Ren. this year by capturing first place in the a time of 1 minute 48.85 seconds. 200 Individual Medley. Her time was 2 He placed second in the event. minutes 17.35 seconds. Michele also Dan Mateyka took second in both : took second in the 100 Breast. She the 200 Individual Medley and in 4 placed tenth at state with a time of 2 the 100 Butterfly. Pedro D’Ascola minutes 16.20 seconds in the Individual took third in the 100 Butterfly; Medley. and the relay team, consisting of EHS! ? op aw fx) Z, Z = ee © et © —] x a) a0 ica © The 1985 Tiger was produced by a hardworking staff under the leadership of Editor Samantha Paolucci. The staff met after school twice a week, all year long. Yearbook was hard work - people had to be interviewed, copies and cap tions written, pictures taken and devel- oped, designs formed, and then all of these pieces had to be placed together like a puzzle. Deadlines seemed to arise when pictures weren’t ready, or certain pages weren't designed. Frequently, ex- tra hours were put in by the senior staff to complete the deadlines, and work went well into the summer. All of this hard work was not done in vain. When the product began to take form, the staff showed smiles of pride at the new yearbook of 1985. Row one Jenny Milligan, Katy Meyer, Betty Hart- Steve Woods, Kris Bautsch, Tracy Stahl- zel, Jody Michlitsch, Julie Harlan, and hut, Ellen Ladd, Samantha Paolucci, and Chris Brammier. Row three - Wendy Terri McCarty. Row two - Jill Milligan, Campbell and Mr. Maag. ne Oo O ae ae l ee Note From the Editor: I apologize for any inconvenience the lateness of the 1985 Yearbook caused anyone. Our staff was very motivated this year, but too often our ideas were bigger than our capability. Both I and the co-editor, Terri, knew almost nothing about the intricacies of Yearbook, and our spon- sor, Mr. Maag, was new also. Although it took us twice as long to finish, through all our struggles we learned a lot, and gained a new friend (Mr. Maag). I think we can be proud of our 85 Tiger Yearbook. — Samantha Pao- had Senior Staff: Samantha Paolucci, Kris Bautsch, Terri Yearbook Sponsor: ucci McCarty, Steve Woods, Ellen Ladd, and Tracy Stahl- Mr. Mike Maag hut. = in " SS DE! wee = = - 7 SHE® Yearbook Co-Editor: Yearbook Senior Editor: The Yearbook Photographer: Terri McCarty Ellen Ladd Chris Brammier Yearbook Index Editor: Kris Bautsch. Yearbook Sports Editor: Tracy Stahlhut. Members Not Pictured in Group Shot: Cathy Forsting Shawn Grubb Melissa Harlan Dawn Sullivan Debbie Sullivan The Voice is the EHS student newspaper. The staff consisted of two journalism classes taught by Mr. Ott, which coordinated to produce a unified publica- tion. The Voice covered areas of concern to students; changes in school policy, recognition of achievements, sports, and of- fered students an opportunity to express their point of view. There were also Classified’s where students paid a small sum to have a message printed. Voice Staff: Row 1: Julie Augustine, Stephanie Harris, Kim Swift, Dawn Werner. Row 2: Gary Guillory, Rob VanPatton, Kathy Nieland, Row 3: Tami McMahan, Rick Harmon, Rich Winkler, John Wegeng, Sue Marohl, Jaime Siedhoff. Row 4: Lisa Young, Charmaine Kemp. Row 5: Tina Herman, Missy Dunaway, Jen- ny Miller, Jean Helms, Alison Steiner, Joe Burlingame. Row 6: Sheri Gibson, Robin Hughes. Row 7: Janet Pounce, Lisa Sittner, Jennifer Wood, Chris Grezlack. Row 8: Tim Kummer, Mary Ann Sheeley, Jody Rodgers. Mr. Jack Ott, the Voice su- pervisor. Drama Club Row 1: Susanna Woodard, Tonya Otte, Debbie Frunk- houser, Dee Brickner, Debra Olsen, Lisa Levy, Theresa Doo- len Row 2: Lisa Brown, Liza Decoteau, Debbie Harris, Brian Oberdieck, Angie Ohren, Laura Gonzales, Amy Meyer, Tricia Howell, Wendy Camp- bell Row 3: Michelle Rogier, Wendy Moore, Michele Shaheen, Bob Murphy, Kirsten Kirby, Merle Wilder, Shawn Grubb Row 4: Suzanne Hacking, Denanne Savoca, Ann Minner, Nicole Hess, Pat Novotny, Aaron Bass, Greg Giedeman, Emigdio Lopez Drama Club not pictured: Tona Arth, Shely Barnes, Juleigh Barringer, Michael Beatty, Dianne Becker, Angie Bland, Chris Boda, Dan Bowen, Pernille Dam, Lise Debetaz, Kristen Decker, Kristina Dorsey, Kathy Dudacek, Diane Elfrink, Tom Ellis, — gsc we id eos beg “con yg Kari SS rs The EHS Drama Club ex- Hac ing, Joanne enderson, Amy Hess, Janet Hoeke, Tawnya Hogg, Me anie Ho perienced a very good year land, Chris Huff, Bonita Hyde, Kim Johnson, Charmaine Kemp, Kendra Kopel, Amy hie Both “ a ‘ Lancaster, Bill Markowitz, Tatiana Martinez, David Meinzen, Beth Meyer, Kathy ur is year. Bot the fall play, Meyer, Jody Michlitsch, Marty Moore, Eric Moran, Krista Motley, Ben Moyer, Misty Equus, and the spring musi- Munro, Jill Nabe, Heather Paxson, Ann Piper, Carrie Pomeroy, Janet Price, Robin cal, Annie, were outstanding Price, Gina Reeves, David Roustio, Dean Savoca, Gena Scheibal, Denise Schumacher, productions. They were both Sam Smucker, Kevin Stapleton, Dorothea Wiehe, Tammy Ballard ‘ warmly received by many theatre fans who were great- ly moved and highly im- pressed with the EHS Drama Club’s achievements. ‘The drama pro- gram at Edwardsville High School is alive and well.’ oO me e s- es This year marked the eigh- teenth year of hard work that Mrs. Mainer has spent with Drama Club. Her knowledge and experience has been a great help to the many students in- volved in Drama Club in the past. Thespians . P Row 1: Susanna Woodard, Tonya Otte, Dee Brickner, Lisa Levy, Theresa Doolen Fg csai re. apne the Row 2: Lisa Brown, Bob Murphy, Kathy Meyer, Tricia Howell Row 3: Suzanne aa : ” are: onya Hacking, Denanne Savoca, Aaron Bass, Greg Giedeman, Shawn Grubb Otte — President, Susanna Woodard — Scribe, and Dee Brickner — Historian. The fall production, Equus, was a very successful one. After being pre- sented to nearly full houses at the high school, Equus was one of four full-length high school dramas from Illinois that was chosen to be pre- sented at the Illinois State High School Theatre Festival in January. Over 500 theatre fans received Equus with a spontaneous standing ovation. CAST OF CHARACTERS Martin Dysart . Dan Bowen Alan Strang .... Tom Ellis Nurse Ann Minner Hesther Salomon . D. Wiehe Frank Strang . Pat Novotny Dora Strang . Dee Brickner Horseman Nugget ... Bob Murphy Harry Dalton Kevin Stapleton Jill Mason . Tricia Howell Mares . Debbie Funkhouser, Nicole Hess, Marty Moore, Charmaine Kemp, Wendy Moore Stage Managers .... Aaron Bass, Greg Giedeman House Manager .... Tonya Otte Directed by Mrs. L. Mainer 85 CAST OF EQUUS CREW Row 1: Susanna Woodard, Tonya Otte, Dee Brickner, Theresa Doolen, Debra Olsen Row 2: Wendy Moore, Bob Murphy, Kathy Meyer, Tricia Howell, Debbie Funkhouser Row 3: Marty Moore, Denanne Savoca, Aaron Bass, Kirsten Kirby, Greg Giedeman, Tom Ellis Row 4: Dorothea Wiehe, Ann Minner, Nicole Hess, Pat Novotny, Dan Bowen, Kevin Stapleton CAST OF ANNIE Debbie Funkhouser Oliver Warbucks .. David Meinzen Miss Hannigan . Susanna Woodard Orphans: Julie Krista Motley Tessie Denanne Savoca Molly Gena Scheibal July Kari Gullicksrud Marty Moore Amy Lancaster Robin Price Grace Farrell .... Dorothea Wiehe Rooster Michael Beatty Lily Tricia Howell Bert Healy Eric Moran Roosevelt Tom Ellis “It’s a hard knock life!’’, but ... The sun’ll come out Tomorrow!” Greg Giedeman as Lt. Ward, and Debbie Funkhouser portraying An- nie; “Tomorrow” Other cast members include: Tona Arth, Shelly Bares, Dianne Becker, Dee Brickner, Pernille Dam, Lise Debetaz, Kathy Dudacek, Diane Elfrink, Mark Frey, Greg Giedeman, Laura Gon- zales, Suzanne Hacking, Matt Hall, Debbie Harris, Nicole Hess, Beth Meyer, Wendy Moore, Brian Ober- dick, Angie Ohren, Janet Price, Carrie Pomeroy, Mi- chelle Rogier, David Roustio, Denise Schumacher, Sam Smucker, Kevin Stapleton, and Jeff Bradley, Nate Tricia Howell — Lily, Michael Beatty — Mainer, Mark Motley dard Miss Hannigan; “Easy Street” Stage Manager Mr. Aaron Bass Asst. State Manager . Miss Beth Goff Costumes Mr. Michael Beatty Directed by Mrs. Lea Mainer At the orphange; “Hard Knock Life” The Hooverville-ites; “Hoover 85 ville” Dorothea Wiehe portraying Grace Far- rell, and Debbie Funkhouser as Annie. Susanna Woodard as Miss Hannigan; “Little Girls” Debbie Funkhouser as Annie, Dorothea Wiehe — Grace Farrell, and Warbuck’s Servants; “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” 183 Denanne Savoca — Tessie, Gena Scheibal Molly, and Amy Lancaster — } et . Duffy, at the orphange; “Fully Dressed” Debbie Harris singing her solo during , 7 B st INS ee ee Tom Ellis portraying Roosevelt, and Debbie Funkhouser as Annie; “To- morrow” Eric Moran as Bert Healy, and Debbie Funkhouser as Annie, on The Oxydent Hour of Smiles; “Fully Dressed” Eric Moran as Bert Healy, and David 85 Meinzen as Oliver Warbucks, on The Oxydent Hour of Smiles. Michael Beatty as Rooster, and Susanna Woo- dard as Miss Hannigan; “Easy Street” Tricia Howell as Lilly, and Michael Beatty as Rooster, on the streets of “N. Y.C.” The Boylan Sisters: Ronnie — Suzanne Hacking, Bonnie — Beth Meyer, Connie — Janet Price; and Sam Smucker as Fred McCracken and Wacky. NO TRESPASSING | VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECT 'O ARREST AND WILL BE PROSECUTED BY ORDER OF BOARD OF EDUCATION EDW. COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DIST. 7 AUTOGRAPHS Computer 8 Team O The computer team com- petes with the ACSL and at various team events. They work BASIC, PASCAL, LISP, FORTH and Assem- bly languages. Row 1: Ron Ho, Mark Hangesleben, Peter Bouman, Eric Dettmer. Row 2: David Fisher, Karl Lewin, Mr. Hindle- lang. Computer Club has learned the BASIC language, graphics, and ground usuage of computers. Officers: President: Andy Sackville-West Vice President: Anthony Lin Secretary-Treasurer: Lee Clark Row 1: Debbie Hauschild, Anthony Lin, David Clarkin. Row 3: Eric Dettner, Mrs. Kevin Budney, Lee Clark. Row 2: Danny Powell, Jonathan Bowen, James Perry, Werner, Roger Baker, Richard Hauschild, Andy Sackville-West. Math qfV1IO YH LOd NOD Team Row 1: Sangeeta Swamy, Debra Olsen, Melanie Holland, Ed Luan, David Fisher, Mr. Elam. Row 2: Kirsten Barber, Sandra Kim, Laura Meyers, Jennifer Chen, Steve Nunes, Linda Frisse. Row 3: Andy Sackville-West, Tom Biggs, Marla Feeney, Anne Chen, Tracy Dunaway, Steve Woods, Tim Raffaelle. Row 4: John Bailey, Ron Ho, Lee Clark, Pat Morrison, Peter Bouman, Eric Dettner, Dave Clarkin, Chris McDonald, Linda Brewater, Shelly Bollman. Z = zt = nl Z, © x) pe Oo The Foreign Legion is a new organization this year. It consists of nine foreign ex- change students and a num- ber of American students. The organization was found- ed and headed by Mr. Dennis DeToye. He thought that since there were so many ex- change students coming to our school, they needed a group of their own. As the year progressed, the foreign students began to fit in won- derfully. Mr. DeToye com- mented, “These eight foreign ex- change stu- dents are some of the best Americans I know.” The Foreign Legion had a really good time getting to know everybody. They had parties, entered their own float in the 1984 Homecom- ing Parade, and had an “All- Sports Day”. The exchange students also took a trip to Springfield in April. All in all, Mr. DeToye said it had been a very fun and interest- ing year. Members not pictured: Mari Keha, Val Sobol, Becky Dabbs, and Ben Moyer. FRONT: Lise Debetex, Angie Bland, Tonya Otte, Anne Chen, Paula Ro- zycki. SECOND: Ann Piper, Toddy Martinez, Dorothea Weihe, Mary Gar- ABOVE LEFT: She’fi Huassain. RIGHT: Dennis Bengtsson. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Dennis DeToye. BELOW RIGHT: Lise Debetex. rison, Pernille Dam, Gieta Radamacher, Pedro D’Ascola Steve Woods. THIRD: Shelly Baers, Kellie Baumann, Rick Harmon, Paul Smith, Benoit Henry, She’fi Hussain. BACK: Michael Murphey, Dennis Bengstson, Chris Otter- seder, Nick Tweston. Dennis Bengtsson Pernille Dam Pedro D’Ascola Lise Debetex Benoit Henry Mari Keha Chris Ottersedder Dorothea Weihe WE’LL MISS YOU! Foreign Language consisted of French, German and Span- ish. The French club was spon- sored by Mrs. Russell, German club by Mr. Meister, and Span- ish club by Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Dwyer. Almost every year the 3rd and 4th year students are given an opportunity to vis- it a foreign country. This year the French classes toured France over Spring Vacation. The foreign languages also held an International Dinner where the students prepared foods from their foreign country. FOREIGN LANGUAGE 85 qn{Q youery Row 1: Leslie Trueman, Libby Shele, Linda Brewster, Melissa Long, Marla Feeney, Christi Bland, Tonya Otte, Row 2: Mrs. Russell, Tina Tretter, Amy Meyer, Julie Lee Clark, Row 4: Sandra Kim, Bill Eadie, Eric Moran, Harlan, Melissa Harlan, Valerie Gibbons, Janet Hoeke, Suzanna Woodard Jackie Palmer, Row 3: Carolyn Luketich, Merle Wilder, Row 1: Sponser-Mrs. Thomp son, Merle Wilder, Stacy Crook, Dee Brickner, Greg Lawrence, Sponsor-Mr. Dwyer. Row 2: Tonya Fi- scher, Kelly McFerran, Tina Carpenter, Michelle Noto, Julie Bequette, Cathy Urs- prung, Monika McCarthy, Ann Raffaelle, Carol Crab- tree. Row 3: Diane Mitchell, Colleen Fields, June Weber, Toti Martinez, Tonya Hogg, Steve Woods, Tim Raffaelle, Row 4: Debbie Sullivan, Amy Witschie, Gary Hefler, Lynda Wegryzn, Kory Tretter, Row 5: Rich Thompson. 2 = O a a S e 2. DN Bottom Row: Debbie Mur- phy, Shawn Uhe, Jackie Ott, 2nd Row: Tina Miller, Pat Novotny, 3rd Row: Kirsti Rogers, Debra Olsen, Teresa Doolen, Erik Puckett, 4th Row: Jackie Hamilton, 5th Row: Beth Goff, Gary Wil kening, Chris Huff, Mr. Meis- ter. qni) ueulte+ The Chess Club wins 3 out of 8 meets. The top 7 players are: Ist Gary Wilkening, 2nd Eric Moran, 3rd George Turner, 4th David Fisher, 5th Tom Ellis, 6th Ron Ho, 7th Karl Lewis. CHESS CLUB Bottom: Karl Lewin, David Fisher, Ron Ho. Top: George Turner, Gary Wilkening. The 3 students who got outstanding debate scores in committee’s are Mike Sha- heen, Peter Bouman, and Ja- net Hoeke. In History Club they discuss international is- sues. They learn about for- eign policies of foreign poli- tics. The 3 countries EHS re- presents are Nicaragua, Ja- pan, and Anglia. For their debates they go to McKen- dree College. ae ae = O a ae Ee Zz an ist row: Jeff Meyer, Valerie Gibbons, Janet Hoeke, David Fish- er. Heather Paxson. 2nd row: Jim Stotts, David Clarkin, Nar- avan Nair. 3rd row: Brian Farrell, Steve Nunes, Sam Smucker, Mary Pat Traxler, Melanie Traxler, Peter Bouman. 4th row: Jack Daugherty, Floyd Coleman, Pat Novotny, George Turner, Marla Feeney $ 0 g gz Majestic Sunset Tranquil is the mighty heavenly body in Its most tender form, the sunset. As this romantic creation retires Beyond the distant horizon, lovers woo in its presence, In the sunset. To peer into this peaceful scene, That only appears but once a day, Will bring to sight a fiery charioteer and his team sauntering casually on the brink And have the happiness back of the earth, As if to pause for but only a moment before the team is brought to rest in their abode. — LC Will Dreams Come True? Once upon a day dream, where only fairy tales come true, Where believing was the magic That makes your dreams come true. Where magic fountains spring cool waters, Green icicles overflow, Where Unicorns and Rainbows flourish In green meadows under the sun. Happiness was all we knew, And roses were all that grew. But then a nightmare came to pass, All the happiness was in the past, All the magic has long since gone, The dreams weren’t there all along, The fountains all went dry. The icicles would never over lie. The Unicorns and Rainbows grew rare, The roses only wilted and faded there: If there was something in between, Of what we say and what we mean, We'd have that fairy tale land, again. : i) — Amy Meyer : 35 Fast Forward Staff: Row 1: De- bra Olsen, Julie Bequette, Me- lissa Harlan, Teresa Doolen. Row 2: Laura Pointer, Beth Goff, Dee Brickner, Dayle Wo- mack, Lori Warren. Row 3: Ca- sie Herb, Ann Piper, Julie Ho- henstein, Carrie Pomeroy. S.LT. is an organization that publishes a magazine entitled Fast Forward. The booklet consists of poems, short stories, and other creative writings submitted by the student body. The hardworking staff is sponsored by Mrs. Lisbeth Brown, and to- gether the group, recruit- ing and proofreading stu- dent literature, produces an excellent student writ- ing talent book. The two poems on this page were taken from an issue of Fast Forward in ANIZVOVIN AYVEHLI'T LIBRARY WORKERS 8 Ce ao Te Gee 2 Row 1: Shauna Timpe, Beth Maher, Dawn Petras, Jennifer Smith. Row 2: Arlinda Boyd, Amie Sparks, June Kerley. Row 3: Missy Prater, Sue Sawler, Rita Flor, Pam Grimes. Row 4: Lesley Loyd, Shannon Allen. Row 1: Christy McGauley, Darlene Parham, Ra- chel Bench, John Wegeng. Row 2: Amy Vanek, Chris Primas, Matt Mueller, John Boyer. A U D I O V I S U A L A I D 1D) S Help For Credit OFFICE WORKERS Office W orker Members: Row 1: Bob Woods, Chris Boda, Ginger Boda, Da- vid Loge, Marilyn Mayberry, Elmer Hansel. Row 2: Craig White, Carolyn Collins, Barb Bruhn, Mary Mockler, Kami Opal, Maurice Moore. Row 3: Beth Sidener, Suzy Stille, Tracy Poos, Paul Smith, Paul Worthey, Mike Weis- man. Row 4: Jane Helms, Christine Si- mons, Shelly Kinsey, Eric Stoces, Ted Schwab, Mike Combs. The office workers at Ed- wardsville High help the secre- taries in the main office deliver office memos to students and teachers. Some also work in the attendance office under the guidance of Mrs. Leady collect- ing the attendance envelopes, handling signing in and out, and, this past year, working on the new computer containing every student’s name attending EHS. There are also Guidance Office Workers who help the counselors for one class period a day, but they are not pictured this year. All of the workers re- ceive one quarter credit for their services, and are a great help to the secretaries and the counselors. OFESSIONAL This year there were three types of Co-op Programs. Distributive Education was a cooperative education program designed to meet the needs of students prepar- ing for a career in marketing. Students that were enrolled in this program received one credit for related classroom and one for on-the-job train- ing. Study in DE included display, advertising, sales demonstrations, and office machines. Office Occupations was a business program in which a student went to school half a day and worked in some business office the other half. While students were re- ceiving on-the-job training in secretarial, clerical, ac- counting, data processing, or other office related areas, they were also earning an in- come. Interelated Cooperative was a work program for sen- iors interested in vocations related to specific occupa- tions. The student acquired experience and marketable skills through supervised on- the-job training. A related class is taken covering areas such as job interviewing, or- ganized labor, and business principles. The three Co-op programs were a great success during the 1984-85 school year, and provided early experience for the students. C O O r P R O G R A M S Liz Wing was elected as Area Two President for the 1984-85 school year. She participated in the area competition at Southern Illinois University. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Row 1: Mrs. Verseman. Row 2: Lori McCord, Michelle Kessinger, Jennifer Gray, Jeff Null, Liz Wing, Beth King, Michelle Thatcher, Wendy Powers, Ja mie McDonough, Roque Winchester. Row 3: Rod Yehling, Karen Hackethal, Rachelle Hubbard, Tammy Chartrand, D.E. OFFICERS: Kip Sorenson, vice pres.; Liz Wing, treasurer; Wendy Pow- ers, pres.; Beth King, secretary. Row 2: Jennifer Wood, Tony Carpenter, Connie Burnett, Clint Taber, Billy Dycus. Row 4: Jon Goff, Tammy Sidener, Gary Blood worth, Kip Sorenson, Karen Kirk, Lari Howerton, Kris Bautsch, Angie Ogan Wilke, Robin Clay, and David Wilkinson. Jennifer Wood, Project Manager; Karen Kirk, Project Manager; Kris Bautsch, Sales Manager. Row 1: Lisa Renken, Barb Bruhn, Karen Bock- struck, Sharon Whitaker, Carolyn Collins, Kelly Hunter, Daryl Durell. Row 2: Lisa Lerch, Kris Reilly, Rita Flor, Chelsea Johnson, Kristi Schwalb, Lisa Potter, Terri Graham. Row 3: Pam Grimes, Sally Howerton, Edith Marler, Peggy Skaggs, Chris Montague, Debbie Kayser. Row 4: Shannon Allen, Donise Hughes, Mr. Salovich. CO Or O F F I C K O C C U P A si I O N S 0.0. OFFICERS: Row 1: Karen Bockstruck-Parliamentar- ian; Kristi Schwalb-Secretary; Barb Bruhn-Area Vice Presi- dent. Row 2: Chelsea Johnson-President; Carolyn Collins- Treasuree; Daryl Durell-Class Vice President Area Presi- dent. Row 1: Bob Hess, Joe Hamilton, Mike Lavin, David Bradley, Brian Scheffel. Row 2: Mr. Reuscher, Rob Warren, Kirk Maedge, John Mar- inko, Sam McCleland, Kevin Price, Bob Aebel. Row 3: Doug Geisking, Rob Hosto, Brian Donelson, Elmer Hansel, Mike Zika. Row 4: Charles Ahring, Bill Maher, Robert Frey, Gary Garbe, Chris Primas, Jay Rin- gering, Russell Cooke. Row 5: Brian Frey, Rob Carpenter, Bill Cooper, Dan Sawler, Todd Bain, Gary Ha- mel. Art Seminar was a one year class which consisted of seniors experiencing such things as movie making, photography, silk screening, pottery, weav- ing, air brushing, and jewelry making. The class took several fieldtrips visiting various art museums and towards the end of the year, the class held its annual “Pot Day” where the students participated in the making of Raku pottery, which was fired in a kiln built outside of school. The Senior Art show was held on May 10th, and the pieces were judged as Kelly Doolen-Best Art Show piece Gary Guillory-Best Photography Dorothea Weihe-Best Painting Brian Hamby-Best Drawing Tom Chapman-Best Pottery Honorable Mention: Kathy Brans Susan Ladd Carol Martin Terri McCarty Joel Misukonis Mike Allen Steve Bancroft Vicki Batson Steve Benway Mike Beyer Larry Bloemker Gary Bloodworth Kathy Branz Chrissy Carlson Tom Chapman Kelly Doolen Jennifer Fanning Beth Foster Susie Gude Brian Hamby Crystal Hughes Susan Ladd Gregg Magac Carol Martin Terri McCarty Steve Menk Joel Misukonis Elaine Onley Samantha Paolucci Missy Peters Evert Rein Ron Smith Shawn Uhe Jamie Weiss Dorothea Wiehe Art Seminar also won Grand Prize in a Six Flags poster con- test. The entire class received free Season Passes and the class also re- ceived $200.00. Raku Pottery kiln = YY 5 = z = Z, Ss = = me = op Instrumental music con- sisted of Marching, Concert, Symphonic, Stage, and Jazz bands. The Marching bands performed half-time shows at home football games and participated in area parades. The Marching band also at- tended area competitions, leading up to the Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festi- val held at Cardinal Stadi- um, where they placed 13th among 35 bands. The Pep band entertained at home basketball games and assemblies and was an important factor in raising the spirit of EHS. The Con- cert, Symphonic and Jazz bands held concerts periodi- cally throughout the year, the Christmas concert being a favorite. Music directors were Rich- ard Rogers and Richard Dempsey. Steve Strohmeyer, George Turner- President, Marla Feeney-Vice Pres., Christi Bland, Sec. Treas. A drum roll please-bdahbdahbdahbdahb- This section always got E-ville spirit dah. The Percussion is summed up in one flying high! Don’t stop reading now, you’re on a “roll”. Drum Majors: Marla Feeney and Steve Nunes. Pat Morrison FRONT: Kathy Wiley, Mi- chelle Noto, Sherri Schafer, Carlisa Simburger. ROW 1: Kirsten Barber, Debbie Haus- child, Kristin Barton, Patty Gilham. ROW 2: Dawn Brase, Lori Marks, Christi Bland, Jodi Schindewolf, Ursla Doty. ROW 3: Carla Bowen, Chery! Grimm, Maria Carter. ae . = Z C2 ND. ee er Poe ey SYMPHO ae) ry SYMPHONIC BAND Front row: Ron Stroder, Na- than Claudson, Beth Goff, Rhonda Shaake, Stephanie Range. 2nd row: Kristiane Naegler, Lisa Bockstruck, Pat Morrison, Clark Oberlag, Dewey Mathews, 3rd row: David Meinzen, Steve Stroh- meier, Pat Hoffman, Bill Ea- die, Glen Enz, Joel Wood. Back row: Jill Schmidt, Tim Hoffman, Todd Watson, Ran- dy Lanham, Bill Siecicki, Jenny Schmidt, David Koh- lonberger Row 1: Kim Moore, Brian Ferrell, Chris Threlkeld. Row 2: Laura Kerkemeyer, Christy Bough, Bill Markowitz, Aar- on Bass. Row 3: Brett Knight, David Johnson, Angie Schlueter, Jerry Holt, Marc Hickman, George Turner, Karl Lewin, Jamie Nolan. Front row: Lisa Brown, Ka- ren Haag, Lisa Decoteau, Debbie Harris. Row 2: Debbie Hauschild, Wendy Moore, Carla Bowen, Kristin Barton, Vicki Gorman, Kirsten Bar- ber. Row 3: Ursla Doty, Elaine Denny, Kerry Hansen, Renae Stalhut, Christi Bland, Marla Feeney, Steve Nunes. Back row: Marty Moore, Dawn Brase, Jenny Weiler, R. Price, Dee Brickner, Chery! Grimm, Dave Rader. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS: Kristin Barton Aaron Bass Christi Bland Dan Bowen Lisa Brown Marla Feeney Deneen Hansen Debbie Hauschild Mare Hickman Marty Jones Karl Lewin Jenny Schmidt Rob Schroeder Steve Strohmeyer George Turner Todd Watson Back Row: John Flamer, Mike Weissman, Diane Giege, Brian Ladd. Front: Bill MacDonald, Ron Skopitz, Kelly Schmitt LYHONOO Back Row: Cathy Wiley Matt Hall David Peel Janet Price Sam Jones Steve Ohien Steve Paur Rob Schroeder Michelle Garde Nicole Hess Dean Savoca Mike Jacober Middle Row: Kyle Betts John Phillips Rick Delgado Matt Galli Aaron Paolucci Will Smith Steve Piper Scott Pingle David Roth Front Row: Jeff Heele Mark Hack Brenda Mattea Jon Bowen Kan Swiecicki Back row: Tanya Fischer, Lori Marks, Laurel Barber, Travis, Janet Stoff, Sherri Schafer, Maria Carter, Cas- Kara Barton, Jodi Shindewolf, Richard Hauschild, sie Thomas. Carlissa Simburger. Front Row: Matt Michelle Noto, Steve Hartman, Jill Nabe, Julie Stru- Denue, Connie Drew, Mary Morrison, Carol Threl- berg, David Johnson. Middle Row: Kim Hawk, Jocelyn keld, Denise Schumacher, Stephanie Carpenter. This year’s high school orchestra is one of the finest in the country. The students enrolled in this class are given the opportunity to further their skills in stringed instrument playing. The orchestra gives various concerts and participates in many contests and activities throughout the school year. The orchestra received excellent comments from judges at an orches- tra consortium at the University of Illinois. They were also one of the two orchestras in the country to be accepted to perform at the Mid-West Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chica- go next year. “Twinkle twinkle squeek ... little squeek ... star ... IT’S SOUNDING BETTER!” In addition to qualifying for the clinic in Chicago, the orchestra sent students to Row 1: Bob Murphy, Richard Thompson Row 2: Casie Herb, Peg gy Davidson, Angie Sharp, Stacey Crook, Lisa Levy, Scott Skief Row 3: Sandra Kim, Jennifer Chen, Lisa Brown, Brian Farrell, Liza Deco- teau, Beth Goff, Sangeeta Swamy, Joanne Henderson Row 4: Angie Row 1: Jennifer Chen, Scott Skie f, Lisa Levy. Row 2: Sandra Kim, San- Schlueter, George Turner, Tim Hoffman, Pat Morrison, Pat Hoff- man, Bill Eadie, Wendy Moore, Rhonda Schaake Row 5: Edward Luan, Shanna Stanberry, Merle Wilder, Anne Chen, Susanna Woo- dard, Marla Feeney, Marty Moore Shanna Stanberry. Row 3: George Turner, Anne Chen, Pat Hoffman, Solo and Ensemble contest. geeta Swamy, Edward Luan, Marla Feeney, Susanna Woodard The following students re- ceived excellent ratings: Jen- nifer Chen, Kirsten Wein- gartner, Edward Luan, Shanna Stanberry, Joanne Henderson, Susanna Woo- dard, Sangeeta Swamy, Lakshmi Bollini, David Per- ry, and Laura Unterbrink. The orchestra also had students qualify for the All-State Orchestra. These students include: Edward Luan, Sandra Kim, Sangeeta Swamy, Susanna Woodard, Anne Chen, Jen- nifer Chen, and Shanna Stanberry. CONGRATULATIONS! ee a N ae O ae O Row 1: David Perry, Edward Luan, Sangeeta Swamy, Woodard, Andy Razeghi Row 3: Rose Nicol, Heather Joanne Henderson, Anne Chen, Laura Unterbrink, Paxson, Bonita Hyde, Dawn Giebe, Linda Meyer, Shanna Stanberry, Jennifer Chen Row 2: Sandra Kim, Kathy Tieman, Kelly Sullenger, Stephanie Thomas, Lakshmi Bollini, Julie McCleland, Monica Hutter, David Reuterman, Laura Pionter, Kirsten Wein- Kirsten Kirby, Kim Jordan, Merle Wilder, Susanna gartner Choir Officers Scott Skief, Diane Becker, Juleigh Barringer, and All-District: Standing: Ann Piper, Lisa Stanberry, Debbie Harris. Sitting: Eric Amy Lancaster. Levy, Angie Schleter, Michelle Hanna, Moran, Bob Murphy, Scott Skief, David Lisa Hanna, Peggy Davidson, Shanna Meinzen. The Choral groups worked under Gerald Bradley. Mixed Chorus is open to any EHS student. Students must audition for A Cappella. Scott Skief and Lisa Levy went to State Choir this year. The Top Three Choir mem- bers were Peggy Davidson, Amy Lancaster, and David Meinzen. Contest Medal Winners: Tonya Kast - Vocal Solo Peggy Davidson - Vocal Solo Michelle Hanna - Vocal ‘ Solo Mixed Chorus: Bottom Row: Suzanne Wing, Tim Thorp, Scott Skief, Rob Car- Juleigh Barringer - Vocal Hacking, Casey Herb, Juleigh Barringer, penter, Diane Becker, Angie Sharp. Row 3: Solo Bob Murphy, Suzanne Woodard, Paul Karla Lickfield, Peggy Davidson, Shelley Lisa Levy - Vocal Solo Smith, Shanna Stanberry, David Meinzen, Kinsey, Katy Meyer, Lisa Hanna, Michelle “ | ee 7 “J Lisa Levy, Tricia Howell. Row 2: Mr. Brad- Shaheen, Tonya Kast, Michelle Hanna, oo eal : arg ley, Stacey Crook, Amy Lancaster, Kathy Beth Meyer. Hy Z ‘ Michelle and Lisa Hanna - Vocal Duet Michelle Hanna, Peggy Davidson, Lisa Levy - Vocal Trio Angie Sharp - Piano Solo A CAPPELLA CHOIR Mr. Webb at a Chorus Con- cert. Row 1: Theresa Pauli, Laura Smith, Rich Donner, Cathy Ursprung, Tom Zupanci. Row 2: Lori Warren, Dayle Womack, Beth Goff, Linda Brewster, Merle Wilder. Row 3: Jennifer Smith, Anita Lebro, Lori Torrini, Dianne Becker, Jenny Boedeker. Row 4: Jody Michlitsch, Toni Haptmann, Shelley Kinsey, Jenna White “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk!” — BAAS. S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving) is a nation wide organization for students. This chapter was started last year and is sponsored by Mrs. Dan- kenbring and Mrs. Skelton. This year S.A.D.D. presented E.J. Junior of the St. Louis Car- dinals, at an assembly that was taped by Channel 4 News. Also this year, a few of the members gave a presentation at SIUE. S.A.D.D.’s biggest project this year was the selling of carna- tions for Valentines Day. This project went over very well and helped to increase everyone’s awareness of S.A.D.D. Row 1: Cheryl Musch Row 2: Julie Nilsson, Stephanie Har- ris Row 1: Melissa Long, Carolyn Luke- tich, Jamie Sedolf, Kari Gullicksrud, Julie McCleland, Cheryl! Musch Row 2: Stephanie Harris Row 3: Patty LaRue Row 4: Cathy Ursprung Row 5: Dianne Becker, Chris Huff, Lori Clemments, Susan Metzler, Ginger Boda Row 6: Amy Lancaster Row 7: Jenny Boedecker Row 8: Shelley Bigham Row 9: Julie Nilsson, Teresa Pauli, Lisa Leardi, Marilyn May- berry, Kelly Schmidt The E’ville Spirits is an organi- zation that helps boost the school spirit at EHS. The group was formed last year and is sponsored by Miss Sherry Skeleton. The spirits par- ticipate in school assem- blies, parades, and other activities. They help cheer on the teams at the home and away games each sea- son. The spirits hold con- tests and various other ac- tivities to raise the spirit of the school. The club sells balloons, buttons, and other Tiger items. They have done a great deal in helping to raise spirit. eats © op) Z. | ae = NM “We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, HOW " BOUT YOU?” Homecoming is usually the big- gest event of the year here at EHS, and the E’ville Spirits play a big part in this event. The club par- ticipates in the float contest and does a great job in getting the crowd excited. At the game they join in with the cheerleaders and chant the team on. Although we don’t always win, the spirits don’t lack in the boosting of hopes. The spirits also sponsor Spirit Week, the week of Homecoming. Each day is assigned a certain activity and the whole school is invited to participate. A few examples of these days are: Hawaiian day, class color day, and hat, glasses, buttons, and accessories day. Student Council is a student orga- nization whose main purpose is to serve the students by promoting in and out of school projects. Student Council sponsors Homecoming, blood drives, student teacher rela- tion projects, assemblies, charities, and it also serves as the mediator between the students and the admin- istration. The EHSSC is actively a member of both the Kaskaskia Dis- trict of SC and the Illinois Associ- ation of SC. This year Tracy Dunaway was the KDSC president, Denanne Savoca was the workshop secretary, and Val Koelker also served as the IASC president. The IASC convention was held in Chicago and was attended by four- teen of our council members. These students raised money to help pay for the trip and paid the remainder of the fee themselves. “T would like to am- mend the ammend- ment to the ammend- ment to the ammend- ment to the motion that was made ten minutes ago eS The students that attend- ed the convention include Carrie Fisher, Gina Reeves, Debbie Funkhouser, Val Koelker, Tracy Dunaway, Missy Dunaway, Missy Em- rich, Cathy King, Sandra Kim, Denanne Savoca, Kirsti Rogers, Linda Frisse, Dale Womack, Brian Oberdeck, and SC sponsor, Mr. Hinde- lang. The convention was held to elect state officers and also to involve the members in discussion groups and other various activities. The council holds meetings each week which allow any student wish- ing to attend to be heard. Anyone that wants to make suggestions or get involved with the projects are wel- come to attend. © S = © O aa S o oS = aE op) Row 1: Mr. Hindeland, Sandra Kim, Gina Reeves, Tracy Dunaway, Val Koelker Row 2: Denanne Savoca, Monica McCarthy, Jill Pifer, Debbie Funkhouser, Carrie Fisher, Betty Hartzel Row 3: Wendy Moore, Marty Morre, Marilyn Mayberry, Ginger Boda, Brian Oberdeck, Twayna Hoog, Linda Frisse Row 4: George Turner, Ann Minner, Anne Chen, Barb Dean, Lisa Brown, Dale Womack, Lori War- ren, Kirsti Rogers Row 5: Bob Mur- phy, Lynn Wisnasky, Eric Moran, Ro- byn Vanek, Beth Gusewelle, Teresa Paddock, Jody Michlitsh Row 6: Becky Otto, Kris Richardson, Misty Munro, Karl Lewin, Karla McDaniel, Laura Grezlak, Jennifer Therien Row 1: Debbie Funkhouser-Scribe, Carrie Fisher- Treasurer, Row 2: Bert Malench-Secretary, Sandra Kim-President, Missy Emrich-Vice President. Row 1: Mrs. Gebhardt, Tracy Dunaway, Kristi Kline, Stacey Lynn, Anne Chen, Denanne Savoca, Ann Minner, Casie Herb, Tom Biggs, Deneen Hansen, Mrs. Verse- man Row 2: Suzanne Hacking, Val Koelker, PJ Riley, Jerri Foehrkolb, Tracy Stahlhut, Laura Smith, Erik Anderson, Tom Dujka, Steve Stuart Row 3: Debbie Hauschild, Lynda Row 1: Eric Kolesa, Renee Mattingly, Dobby Pile, Kelly McGinnis, Chris Garbe, Dana Krapf Row 2: Thad Sum- mers, Eric Gregory, Michael Smith, Dan Long, Julie Nilsson, Dan Lan- gendorf Row 3: Ron Haarman, Caro- lyn Luketich, Juleigh Barringer, Becky Franke, Missy Emrich Row 4: Wegrzyn, Joel Misukonis, Christi Bland, Paula Rozycki, Kay Wis- nasky, Tom Ponder, Troy Burrus, Kirsten Weingartner, Susanna Woo- dard, Lisa Brown, Jackie Watsek, Marina Mosby, Jackie Ott, Steve Woods, Marla Feeney, Mark Hangs- leben Row 5: Merle Wilder, Carol Crabtree, Stacy Boeker Maylean Rouse, Peggy Davidson, Beth Goff, Aaron Bass, Row 5: Lisa Bockstruck, Bert Malench, Tim Raf- faelle, Mary Brewster, Valerie Gib- bons, Janet Hoeke Row 6: Debra Ol- sen, Dee Brickner, Steve Nunes, The- resa Doolen, Lisa Levy, Michael Sha- heen, Pat Hoffman ONOR SOCI oe The National Honor Society is an organization of juniors and sen- iors with grade point averages of 3.0 or above. These stu- dents must be recom- mended by the faculty. The society recognizes the students across the coun- try who display outstand- ing characteristics, leader- ship, and scholarship. The National Honor Society inducts new members into the club each year. These inductees may either be juniors or seniors meeting the above requirements. The NHS officers are elected each year by the present members. This year’s officers are as fol- lows: Anne Chen-Presi- dent, Joel Misukonis-Vice President, Marla Feeney- Secretary, and Ann Min- ner-Treasurer. These offi- cers are pictured below. Ajato0g IoUOP{ [BUOTIeN ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES 2 HONORS anp SENIOR TOP TEN PERCENT Erik Anderson Jennifer Boedeker Lisa Brown : i Stacey Crook Kelly Doolen Kathleen Dudacek Tracy Dunaway Marla Feeney Mark Hangsleben Debra Hauschild Ellen Ladd Melissa Long 1 A e) 4 Stacey Lynn Tonya Otte Tim Raffaelle Tracy Stahlhut Kirsten Weingartner Ne. 4. - . {3 Ann Minner Samantha Paolucci Paula Rozycki Lisa Turnbull Merle Wilder Deborah Murphey a David Perry George Turner Susanna Woodard Jackie Ott ma. Al Thomas Ponder Laura Smith Cherie Van Camp Steven Woods 1985 JUNIOR AND SENIOR PROM 1985 PROM QUEEN AND KING: MISS LISA TURNBULL AND MR. FRED DURER " MS ees ae eee a LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT The annual Junior - Senior Prom was held at the Meridian Ballroom at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on Saturday, May 4. Music for the evening was provided by the band “Spectrum.” Couples attending the dance elected Lisa Turnbull and Fred Durer as Queen and King. Other King and Queen candidates, were, left, Joel Misukonis and Deance Dickey; and, right, Bob Riess and Jamie MacDonough. - Representing the Junior class, who paid for the Mr. D : . i ’ . ” t dh fe hel Prom, the 4 Junior class officers; Chris Garbe, icmaieeia aaa sadeatan “ah “ha Julie Nissson, Renee Mattingly, and Missy Emer- of Prom ich. ; Showing his great musical talent once again, Dan Lumma added a personal touch to the band, “Spectrum”, when he joined in with them on one song. Jamming on the guitar, Dan had the Prom participants cheering him on all the way. Spectrum jammed the night away, providing the — bond to go, Ae an! music for the evening. They played a variety of music, adding a nice touch to prom. Carefree JUNIORS “Putting On The Ritz,” knowing there’s always next year’s Prom. pe aay 4)’ he he | “UR ‘Sy Tans ae ‘ 4 a@ ‘7 Reckless SENIORS “Playing it to the Hilt,” storing up last minute memories of high school and Prom. 1985 SENIOR Presenting the “Class of 1985” BELOW: : . Sam BELOW: It’s : x Deneen, too early for Terri, Kris Sam But , and Ellen not for . CHOW Dennis!! DOWN!!! And some don’t! Some stand in line BREAKFAST 1985 Our visitors from afar P nm . ! “T can’t believe he ate the yet ’ a, f ’ Tom, “Are they talking behind my back again?” Joel, Dan and Steve. What’s Gary dreaming up now? LEFT: Bobby and Jackie Together Again. RIGHT: Shades and Legs!! Smile Girls It’s almost over! A NEW START Presenting the Class of 1985 Look out life, here I come! Commencement is a dawn of new beginning that enables the senior to begin a new life-either attending col- lege or entering the job market. On June 7, 360 seniors participated in the graduation ceremony that took place in the Lucco Gymnasium at EHS. Rain didn’t dampen the thrill of graduation as a standing room only crowd attended the graduation ceremonies. The entire gym bleach- ers were filled with anxious parents and relatives, waiting to see their son or daughter, niece or nephew, receive a diploma. After the invocation, George Turn- er and Val Koelker, two graduates of the 1985 class, delivered inspiring speeches. George Halsey, principal, presented the class to Superinten- dent Roy Olive, who then acknowl- edged the Class of 1985. The 360 faces lit up when they knew they were the unforgetable class of ’85 - nothing could take that away from them. Finally came the peak of the ceremony when Roland Nelson awarded the diplomas. As the names droaned on, seniors became anxious for the end. After Rebecca Zwick re- ceived her diploma, the seniors yelled and they knew they had made it. As hats flew, the audience cheered, and tears were wiped away, the seniors officially graduated. GRADUATION - to all seasons and times, an ending. But for Ed- wardsville High School’s Class of 1985, it was just the beginning. . ‘ George Turner, President of the Senior Val Koelker, President of Student Chasing dreams isn’t really so bad, is Class, giving an inspiring welcome Council, also speaking at Graduation. it? speech. Good times, good people, growing up. Graduation - Wow this is freaky! Congratulations, Graduates! ... and I’m going to buy an island, write a book, and ... 224 SENIOR INDEX Bob Aebel F.F.A. 2,3,4, (Pres. 4); Interrelated Co- op 4. Erik M. Anderson Football 1,2,3,4, (Co-Captain 4); Wrestling 1,2,3,4, (Co-Captain 4); Baseball 1; Intramurals 2,4. Blynda Baird Basketball 1. Kristin Barton Concert Band 1,2; Symphonic Band Sy 3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Flag Corp. 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 3. Aaron Bass Marching Band 2,3,4; Concert Band 2; Symphonic Band 3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Thespians 3,4; N.H.S. 4; Computer Club 3. Kris Bautsch Flags 1; Attendence Office Worker 1,2,3; Yearbook 4. John Beatty Golf 1,2,3,4. Diane Becker JV Soccer Manager 4; S.A.D.D. 3,4; E’ville Spirits 3,4; A Capella 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1. Steven Benway Soccer 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Who’s Who 4. Tom Biggs Baseball 2; N.H.S. 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Foreign Legion 4; Math Team 1,2,3,4. Michele Leigh Bigham Orchestra 1,2; Pep Club 3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4, (Captain 4). Christi Bland Basketball 4; Softball 1,2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Flag Corps 4; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Intramurals 3,4. Karen Sue Bockstruck Concert Band 1,2; Symphonie Band 3; Marching Band 1; Rifle Corps 2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Who’s Who 3; 0.0. 4. Jenny Boedeker German 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; N.H.S. 4: S.CT. 2.3:'S.A.D.D. 4. Stacy R. Boeker Volleyball 1,2,3,4, (Captain 4), (Spirit Award 2); N.H.S. 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3, (Scribe 2); Who’s Who 4; Top Ten Vocational Education Students 4. Sondra Boeser Drama Club 1,2; Track 1,2. Dan Bowen Football 1,2; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Symphonic Band 2,3,4 All-District Band 3; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Drama Club 4. David Bradley Soccer 1,2; Basketball 1; Interelated Co-op 4; J.A. 1. Kathryn A. Branz The Print 3; Art Seminar 4. Cynthia Brooks Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Pen N. Inkling 1,2,3; Library Aide 1,2; Model U.N. 3. Lisa Brown Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; March Band 1,2,3,4; Symphonic Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; A Cappella 2; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Thespians 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Who’s Who 4; Il. State Scholar 4; Spanish Club 1; $.1.T. 1; E’ville Spir- its 3; Swim Team 1; Mistress of Cere- monies 3; All-District Band 3,4; All- County Band 3,4. Barb Bruhn Chorus 1; Guidance Office Worker 1,2; 0.0. 4; O.E.A. 4, (Vice-Pres.); Atten- dance Office Worker 4. Troy Burrus Basketball 1,2; Golf 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Il. State Scholar 4; Who’s Who 4. Desiree Chaffee Pom Pon Squad 3,4, (Captain 4). Tammy Chartrand D.E.C.A. 4; Homecoming Court 1,4; Yearbook 3. Anne Chen Orchestra 1,3,4; All-District Orchestra 1,3,4; All-State Orchestra 3,4; Drama Club 1,2; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Class Pres. 1; Class Treas. 2; N.H.S. 3,4, (Pres. 4); Il. State Scholar 4; National Merit Scholar 4; A Cap- pella Choir 2; Student Council 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,4. Robyn Clay D.E.C.A. 4. Floyd Coleman Model U.N. 2,3,4; Track 1,2; German Club 1,2,3; Cross Country 3,4; Intra- murals 3,4. Carolyn Collins Girl’s Basketball Manager 1; Speech and Debate Team 2; French Club 1; 0.0. 4, (Treas.). Carol Crabtree Basketball 1; H.H.S. 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Who’s Who 4; Intramurals 2,3; Il. State Scholar 4; E’ville Spirits 3. Stacey Crook Mixed Chorus 1; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; All-District Choir 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3,4, (Treas. 4), Intramurals 3. Peggy Davidson Concert Choir 1; Chorale 2,3; A Cap- pella Choir 4; Jazz Choir 3,4; District Choir 2,4; Contest 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 4. Lori DeConcini ; Field Hockey 1; Homecoming Court 1; Yearbook 2; N.H.S. 4; Intramurals 4. Brian Donelson Vocational School; V.I.C.A. Richard Donner Golf 1,2,3,4. Kathy Kudacek Tennis 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; N.H.S. 4; Tiger Mascot 3; Drama Club 4; E’ville Spirits 3. Tim Flamer Track 1,2,3,4, (Captain 4); Country 3,4, (Captain 4). Cross Rita Flor 0.0.; Library Aide. Lolly Ford Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Track 1. Sabrina Frentzel Baketball 1,2,3; Yearbook 1. Brian Frey Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2; Stage Band 2; Interrelated Co-op 4. Robert Frey C.A.V.C. Electronics 3,4. David Gerber Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; In- tramurals 1,2,3; Homecoming Parade Committee 4. Sheri Gibson Track 1,2; E’ville Spirits 3,4; The Voice 4. Dawn Giebe Orchestra 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; E’ville Spirits 3,4; Volleyball 2, (Manager 3); Who’s Who 4. Patrick Gillespie Football 1,2,3; Track 4. Jon Goff Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 1,2. Terry Graham Basketball 1; Faculty Aide 4; 0.0. 4. Pamela D. Grimes Attendance Office Worker 2,3; 0.0. 4. Karen Hackethal Student Council 1; D.E.C.A. 4. Suzanne Hacking Mixed Chorus 1; A Cappella Choir 2,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; N.H.S.3,4. Elmer Hansel Faculty Aide 2,4; C.A.V.C. 3,4; J.T. 1,2,3,4. Deneen Hansen Volleyball Manager 1,2; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 4; All-District 4; Flag Corps 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Who’s Who 4; II. State Scholar 4. Stephanie Jean Harris S.A.D.D. 3,4; E’ville Spirits 3,4, (Secr. 4); Student Council 1; The Voice 4, (Business Manager 4). Don Hemphill Soccer 1,2,3,4. Gary Henderson S.A.D.D.. 1,2,3:4. Casie Herb Drama Club 1,2,3; Thespians 2,3,4; Literary Magazine 3,4, (Editor); S.LT. 2, (Secr.); Eville Spirits 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; A Cappella 2,3,4; Wrote Homecoming Script 3,4; All-District Choir 4. Jay Hesse Football 1,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4. Dave Horton Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1. Sally A. Howerton 0.0. 4. Rachelle Hubbard D.E.C.A. 4; Basketball 1. Denise Hughes Orchestra 1,2,3; E’ville Spirits 3; Who’s Who 3; D.E. 4, (Humanitarian 4). Donise Hughes Orchestra 1,2,3; E’ville Spirits 3; 0.0. A, Kelly Hunter Flag Corps 2,3; Band 1,2,3; 0.0. 4; Of- fice Worker 3. Shafi Hussain Intramurals 3. Jeffrey Scott Hyten Golf 1,2,3,4, (Co-Captain 2); Tennis 1,2,4. Sheri Jacobs Varsity Soccer Manager 2,3,4. Chantelle Johnson Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 3,4; Or- chestra 1,2; Yearbook 3; N.H.S. 3,4. Karen Kirk Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1; E’ville Spirits 3,4; Print 3; Intramur- als 2,3; D.E.C.A. 4. Kristi Kline Volleyball 1,2,3,4, (Tri-Captain 4); Prom Committee 3; Student Council 2; Tiger Mascot 3; Pep Club 3; Intra- murals 4; Who’s Who 4; N.HLS. 3,4. Alan Kohlmiller Football 1,2,3,4. Ellen Ladd Gymnastics 1,2; E’ville Spirits 2; Dra- ma Club 1,2; Thespians 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Student Council 2; Year- book 3,4, (Senior Editor 4); N.H.S. 4; Il. State Scholar 4; National Merit Fi- nalist 4. Chris Lammert Intramurals 2,3,4. Amy Lancaster Gymnastics 1,2; Pom Pon Squad 2,3,4; A Cappella 2,3,4, (Vice-pres. 4); Pep Club 3,4. Greg Lawrence Football 1; Speech and Debate Team 2; Spanish Club 3,4, (Vice President); Computer Club 3; Intramurals 3,4. Pat Lewis Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3: Golf 1; Intramurals 3,4. Melissa A. Long French Club 1,2,3,4; E’Ville Spirits 3,4; N.H.S. 4; Who’s Who 4. Emigdio Lopez Spanish Club 1,2,4; Track 1; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 1; Computer Club y 2M hi ie: Carolyn A. Luketich Golf 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Guid- ance Office 2; E’ville Spirits 3,4; Intra- murals 2; N.H.S. 4. Dan Lumma Football 1,2; Stageband 4; Godspell and Annie; “Arion” 2,3; N.H.S. 4; In- tramurals 3. Stacey Lynn Fieldhockey 2,3,4; Basketball Who’s Who; 2s Intramurals 1,2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4. John R. Marinko Football 1,2; Track 2; Wrestling 2; Au- tobody 1,2. Sue A. Marohl Gymnastics 1; Student Council 1,2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 2,3; A Cappella 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Voice 4; Class Secre- tary 4. Daniel Martin Track 1; Cross Country 1; Baseball 2,3; Basketball 2,3,4. Terri McCarty Basketball 1; Student Council 3; Year- book 3,4, (Co-Editor 4); Art Seminar 4; Intramurals 3,4. Jamie McDonough Basketball 1,2; Softball 2,3; Home- coming Court 3, D.E.C.A. 4. Mike McEnary Soccer 1,2. Laura McLaughlin French Club 1; Student Council 1; Drama Club 1; Pom Pon Squad 2,3; E’ville Spirits 3; Print Staff 3. David Meinzen Marching Band 1,3; Concert Band 1,2; Symphonic Band 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Cross Country 3; A Cappella 4; Com- puter Club 2. Elaine Messer Basketball 1. Barb Meyer Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1,2; Symphonic Band; Rifles 2,3; Manager Girls Basketball. Ted Meyer German Club 1,2,3, (Vice-Pres. 4); Drama Club 2,3; Intramurals 4. Ann Minner Basketball 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; J.T. 3,4; Intramurals 1,3,4; Il. State Scholar; E’ville Spirits 3; Who’s Who; National History and Government Award. Joel Misukonis N.H.S. 3,4, (Vice Pres. 4); Class Trea- surer 4; Football 1,2; Cross Country 3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Art Seminar 4; Homecoming 2,4, (Royal Escort 4); Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Christine Montague 0.0.; Who’s Who; Student Council 1. Eric Moran French Club, Chess Team, Jass Choir, Drama Club, Soccer, Tennis, Intra- — Student Council, Computer lub. Marina Mosby Gymnastics 1; Drama Club 1,2; E’ville Spirits 3; N.H.S. 3,4; Who’s Who. Melissa L. Munro Pom Pons 2,3,4, (Captain 4); E’ville Spirits 2; Marching Band 1,2,3; Con- cert Band 1,2; Symphonic Band 3. Cheryl Musch Student Council 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; A Capella 2; E’ville Spirits 3,4. Pat Novotny German Club 1,2,3, (Pres. 4); Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Model U.N. 2,3,4; Intra- murals 4. Elaine Onley Basketball 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4. Jackie Ott N.H.S. 3,4; Homecoming 3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4, (Vice-pres. 2); Intramur- als 4; Il. State Scholar 4; Who’s Who 4. Samantha Paolucci Spanish Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2; Thespians 2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 2; Yearbook 3,4, (Editor-in-Chief 4); N.H.S. 3,4; Who’s Who 4; Art Seminar 4; Il. State Scholar 4. 226 Grant Paul Band 1,2,3; Stage Band 2,3; Cross Country 3,4; Track 3,4. Lori Pitman Field Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Intramurals 2,4; Pep Club 3. Tom Ponder Student Council 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Who’s Who 4; Il. State Scholar 4; Homecoming Court 4; Tiger Spirit Award 3; Most Improved Football Varsity Player 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; D.E.C.A. 4. Wendy A. Powers D.E.C.A. 4, (Pres. 4); Freshman Base- ball Statician 1; Drama Club 2. Chris Primas Drama Club 1,2,3. Tim Raffaelle Math Team 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; N.H.S. 4; Intramurals 2; Il. State Scholar 4. Ronna Reckman German Club 1,2,3,4, (Treas. 2), (Sec. 4); Gymnastics 1,2; E’ville Spirits 3; Intramurals 3. Becki Reilly Wrestling Manager 2,3,4. Kris Reillyo Volleyball 1; Pom Pons 2,3; 0.0. 4. Bill Reiter Football 2; Wrestling 2,3; Intramurals 2,3. Lisa Renken 0.0. 4; Who’s Who 3,4. Charles Richard Track 2,3,4; Football 3,4. P.J. Riley Soccer 1,2,3,4, (Captain 4); Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4, (Capt. 4); N.H.S. 3,4. Michelle Rogier Volleyball 1; Basketball 1; Drama Club 3,4; French Club 2,3; Intramur- als 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4. Maylean Rouse German Club 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Gym- nastics 1,2; Volleyball 2,3,4; Softball 2,3,4; Pep Club 3. Paula Rozycki Marching, Symphonic, and Pep Band; Field Hockey; Basketball; Track; Stu- dent Council; E’ville Spirits. Gena Scheibal Field Hockey 1,2,3,4, (Manager 3); In- tramurals 1,3,4; S.A.D.D. 3; Who’s Who 3,4. Deeni Scherff Tennis 1,2,3,4; Basketball Softball 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4. Lisa Schmidt Who’s Who 4; 0.0. 4; Yearbook 3. 1,2,3,4; Kristi Schwab Pep Club 3; 0.0. 4, (Secretary); Who’s Who 4. Mary Ann Sheeley Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 3; E’ville Spirits 3,4; Homecoming Court 2,4; Basketball 1,2; S.A.D.D. 3; Print- Voice 3,4; D.E.C.A. 4. Peggy Skaggs Social Occupations 3; O.O. 4. Scott Skief Drama Club 1,2,3; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; A Cappella 2,3,4, (Pres. 4); Contest 2,3,4; All-District Choir 2,3,4; All-State Choir 4; Out- standing Choir Member 4. Laura E. Smith Intramurals 3,4; Peer Listening 3; N.H.S. 3,4; S.A.D.D. 3,4, (Pres. 4). Ron Smith Wrestling 1,2,3,4. Gary Sommer N.HLS. 3,4; “Arion” 3; Intramurals 1,2. Kip Sorenson Basketball 1,2; Football 2,3; Tennis 1,2; D.E.C.A. 4. Todd Spiller Football 1,2,3,4, (Captain); Basketball 1,2,3,4, (Captain); Baseball 1,3; Track py Tracy Stahlhut Gymnastics 1,2; N.H.S. 3,4; Intramur- als 1,2; Yearbook 4, (Sports Editor 4). Shanna Stanberry Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,4; SIUE Orchestra 3,4; A Cappella Choir 4, Chris Stoces Soccer 1,2,3,4, (J.V. Captain 2); Track 1,2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Math Team 3. Dawn Sullivan Yearbook 2,3,4. Lisa Turnbull Print Staff 3; Class Treasurer 3; Homecoming Court 3,4; Pep Club 3; Prom Queen 4; Intramurals 3; Office Worker 2. George Turner Band 1,2,3,4, (Pres. 4); All-State Hon- ors Orchestra 4; Chess Team; Math Team; Golf 1,2,3; Student Council; N.H.S. 3,4; Class President 4. Shawn Uhe Gymnastics 1; German Club 2,3,4, (Vice-pres. 3), (Treas. 4), Drama Club 2; E’ville Spirits 3; Print Staff 3; Intra- murals 3; Art Seminar 4. Laura Unterbrink All-District Orchestra; All-State Or- chestra; Solo and Ensemble; German Club; Pit Orchestra; Social Occupa- tions; Orchestra, (Vice-pres.). Jackie Watsek Basketball 1; Intramurals 2; German Club 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; First Place Optimist Essay Contest. Todd Watson Tennis 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Orchestra 3,4. Linda Wegrzyn Tennis 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4. Dorothea Wiehe Drama Club 4; Foreign Legion 4; Mo- del U.N. 4. Robert Wiemers Track 2,3,4; Golf 1,2; 2,3,4; 0.0. 4. Merle Wilder N.H.S. 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4, (Pres. 3,4); French Club 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; All-District Orch. 4; S.A.D.D. 4; Dra- ma Club 4; J.T. 3,4; J.A. 2; Who’s Who 4. Intramurals Kay Wisnasky Pom Pon Squad 2,3,4; Student Coun- cil 1,4; Class Secretary 1; N.H.S. 3,4; Chair of Tutoring Club 4; Drama Club a; Marching Band 1,2,3; Symphonic Band 2,3; Concert Band 1; Pep Band 1,2,3; E’Ville Spirits 3,4. Jennifer Wood Cheerleading 1; Student Council 1,2; S.A.D.D. 3; Peer Listening 3; Variety Show 3; Intramurals 3; D.E.C.A. 4; Snowball Leader 3. Robert Wood Track 1,2; Football 2. Susanna B. Woodard Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Thespian Scribe 4; French Club 1,4; German Club 1; N.H.S. 3,4; A Cappella 4; Who’s Who 4, Steve Woods Baseball 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Bas- ketball Manager 1,2, (Stats 3); Golf 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Math Team 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Who’s Who 3,4; Il. State Scholar. Lisa Young Basketball 1; E’ville Spirits 3,4; Voice Staff 4. The above index does not in- clude the entire Senior Class. It only lists the names of the Seniors who filled out a questionnaire stating their accomplishments. A FOR THE APPLE COMPUTER Aberli, Paul 70, 171 Abernathy, Kevin 70, 151 Abert, Suzanne 70 Adair, Alisa 70 Adams, Karl 8 Adams, Sheryl Aebel, Michelle 70 Aebel, Robert 8, 197, 219, 220 Ahart, Scott 163, 164, 220 Ahlers, Dianna 54 Ahrens, Lisa 8 Ahrens, Rachel 88 Ahring, Charles 8, 197 Aleman, John 70 Alford, Mary 88 Allen, Douglas 70, 163 Allen, Mark 54 Allen, Michael 8, 44, 133, 199, 210, 217, 218 Allen, Shannon 194, 197 Allison, Melissa 54 Almandinger, Edward 88 Anderson, Erik 6, 8, 31, 45, 119, 133, 161, 162, 212, 219 Anderson, James 88, 137 Anderson, Kathy 54 Anderson, Kristopher 88, 146 Andres, Chris 88, 137 Archer, Steven 54, 150, 174, 216 Archibald, Scott 70 Arnett, Michael Arth, Tona 9, 88, 96 Ashby, David 54 Astorga, Don 88 Atkins, Shawn 88, 165 Augustine, Julie 8, 178 Avery, Deana 70 B FOR THE BASKETBALL GAMES Bailey, John 88, 137, 171, 187 Bain, James 54, 68, 153 Bain, Todd 8, 197 Baird, Blynda 8 Baker, Roger 187 Ballard, Tammy 88 Bancroft, Steven 8 Barber, Kirsten 70, 187, 201, 202 Barber, Laurel 88, 102, 103, 203 Bares, Michelle 88, 188 Barker, David 8 Barnard, Dana 88 Barnes, Alisa 9 Barnes, Sherrie 54 Barnett, Trisha 9 Barringer, Juleigh 54, 151, 152, 165, 166, 205 Bartle, Michelle 88 Barton, Kara 88, 131, 165, 203 Barton, Kristin 9, 20, 201, 202 Bass, Aaron 9, 44, 179, 181, 202 Batson, Vicki 9 Battoe, Rachel 70 Baublitz, Sean 54 Baumann, Kellie 88, 188 Bautsch, Kris 6, 9, 32, 45, 176, 177, 196, 218, 222 Bautsch, Monica 88 Bautsch, Nicole 70 Beard, Sarah 54 INDEX Beatty, John 9, 35, 146, 247 Beatty, Michael 70, 182, 183, 185 Becker, Dianne 9, 32, 138, 141, 205, 207, 210 Beagle, Sean 88 Beeler, Andrea 9 Beeler, Angela 70, 117 Beetner,Dary! 54 Beetner, Rhonda 70 Bell, Cecil 153, 154, 171 Bell, Cynthia 88 Bell, Darren 9, 222, 223 Bell, James 88 Bell, Kevin 8 8 Bench, Rachel 88, 194 Bender, Dina 88 Bender, Paul 5, 54 Bengston, Dennis 157, 188, 189, 218 Bengston, Lavay 54 Benway, Steven 6, 10, 11, 138, 139, 140, 199, 220, 247 Bequette, Julie 54, 191, 193 Berdick, Jeffrey 88 Berry, Mark 54 Bertels, Amy 54 Bertels, Cindy 54 Bertels, Glen 70 Bertels, Larry 133 Bettorf, Michael 54 Betts, Kyle 70, 136, 171, 203 Beyer, Edward 70 Beyer, Michael 10, 216, 218, 220, 221, 222 Bianco, Scott 70 Bielicke, Jerry 88, 146 Biggs, Thomas 10, 20, 187, 212, 220 Bigham, Jenifer 88, 147 Bigham, Michele 10, 21, 118, 147, 207, 223 Bingham, Cindy 54 Bizaillion, Tamara 88 Blair, Christopher 88 Blair, Jennifer 88 Blakey, Tammy 54 Bland, Angela 70, 128, 188 Bland, Christi 10, 21, 159, 167, 169, 190, 191, 200, 201, 202, 212 Bleier, Angie 88, 165 Blevins, Sam 88 Block, Daniel 70, 151, 163 Bloemker, Larry 6, 10 Bloodworth, Gary 10, 196 Bloodworth, Larry 10 Blumenstock, David 70, 133, 136 Bockstruck, Karen 10, 32, 197, 219 Bockstruck, Lisa 54, 202 Boda, Ginger 54, 195, 207, 208 Boda, Gerome 10, 195 Boedeker, Jennifer 10, 32, 206, 207 Boehm, Dennis 70 Boehm, Suzanne 88 Boeker, Stacy 11, 20, 119, 145, 217 Boeser, Sondra 11, 20 Bollini, Ramalakshmi 70 Bollman, Craig 89, 171 Bollman, Shelly 89, 187 Bonngard, Joanne 11 Boom, Michael 11 Borney, William 89, 153 Bough, Christine 70, 142, 167, 202 Bouman, Peter 89, 187, 192 Bourn, Rodney 70 Bowen, Carla 54, 201, 202 Bowen, Daniel 11, 180, 181 Bowen, Jonathan 89, 187, 203 Bowers, Brien 70 Bowles, Betty 70 Boyd, Arlinda 54, 194 Boyd, Colette 89, 165 Boyd, William 89 Boyer, John 70, 194 Boyer, Susan 70 Bozack, Samantha 11, 133 Bradford, Adriane 71 Bradley, David 11, 197 Bradshaw, Jamie 55 Bramhall, Stacey 55 Brammeier, Christopher 71, 176 Bramstedt, Amy Branson, Earnell 71, 133, 136, 163 Branz, Catherine 11 Brase, Dana 71, 89 Brase, Dawn 71, 201, 202 Brase, Deanna 156 Brase, Marshall 71, 136, 160 Bratten, Jerry 89 Bratten, Kimberly 55 Brewer, Jason 89, 137 Brewster, Linda 89, 187, 191 Brewster, Mary 55, 206 Brickner, Deanne 55, 179, 181, 191, 193, 202 Brinkmann, Sheryl! 55, 217 Broadwater, Jay 55 Brooks, Cynthia 11 Brown, Gina 55 Brown, Larry 71 Brown, Lisa 11, 166, 179, 202, 204, 208, 212 Brown, Portia Brown, Rita 12 Broyles, Mary 71 Bruhn, Barbara 12, 33, 195, 197 Buck, Kenneth 71 Buckingham, Rex 55 Buckman, Byron 71 Budney, Kevin 89 Budny, Frank 55, 187 Buford, Jon 71 Burge, Henry Burk, John 71 Burlingame, Joe 12, 178 Burnett, Connie 12, 100, 196 Burnett, Tammy 89 Burns, Andrew 71 Burns, Christopher 55, 171 Burns, Gary 89, 126, 128, 137, 153, 171 Burns, Jeffery 55, 171 Burns, Patrick 71, 125, 128, 153, 171 Burns, Timothy 12 Burnside, Steven 55, 68, 124, 133 Burnside, William 55, 133 Burrus, Deron Burrus, Troy 12, 33, 146, 170, 212, 223 Busch, James 71 Byrd, Nathaniel 89 Byron, Andrew 71 Byron, Barbara 89 C FOR CLIFF NOTES Calhoun, Kimberly 71 Callahan, Lora 55 Campbell, Wendy 71, 176, 179 Camplain, Sandy 89 Cannon, James 89 Carlson, Christine 12, 37, 190, 199, 210, 248 Carlson, Eric 89, 103, 141 Carpenter, Christopher 71 Carpenter, Daniel Carpenter, Robert 12, 197, 205 Carpenter, Stephanie 71, 203 Carpenter, Tina 89, 191 Carpenter, Tony 12, 196 Carr, Benobra 55, 151, 152 Carter, Maria 55, 203, 201 Catalano, Dara Cato, Jeff 89 Cauble, Carl Chaffee, Brett 71, 138 Chaffee, Desiree 12, 25, 132, 212 Chapman, Mike Chapman, Thomas 45, 248 Chartrand, Tammy 12, 43, 123, 196 Chen, Anne 13, 21, 55, 166, 187, 188, 204, 208, 212 Chen, Jennifer 187, 204, 220 Clark, Elizabeth 71 Clark, Lee 71, 187, 191 Clarkin, David 89, 187, 192 Claudson, Nathaniel 55, 202 Clay, Robyn 13, 196 Clayton, Shenae 89 Cleary, Sean Clements, Lori 89, 131, 207 Clow, Julia 89, 142 Coffey, Brett 136, 160 Cole, Kort 89, 141 Coleman, Floyd 13, 151, 152, 192, 223, 248 Coleman, Michael 89 Coleman, Shawnette 89 Colligan, Brett 71 Collins, Carolyn 13, 33, 195, 197 Collins, Lemond 71 Combs, Michael 89, 195 Conroy, Bennet 13 Conroy, Clay 13 Conway, Gwendolyn 71 Cook, Janet 55 Cooke, Russell 13, 197 Cooper, Rachelle 13, 196 Cooper, William 188, 197 Copeland, Robert 13 Coppola, Donna 55 Corgiat, Dean 71, 136, 171 Corl, Lisa 71 Corley, Bryan 55 Corley, Karen Corsere, Stephanie 55, 130, 142, 167, 168 Couch, Kendall 71, 160 Cover, Dana 72 Cox, Kevin 72 Crabtree, Carol 13, 33, 191, 212, 222 Crabtree, Richard 72 Craine, Jeffrey 16 Cralley, Lawrence 55 Cralley, Michael 89 Crane, Mark 89 Crane, Sherrie 72 Cravens, William 89 Crook, Stacey 16, 21, 190, 191, 204, 205, 212, 222 Crow, Kimberly 55 Cullen, John 55 Cummings, Tim 89 Cunningham, Bethany Curry, Juanita Curtis, Beth 90 Curtis, Dawn 56, 63, 131 Cutler, Nancy 90, 142 Cuvar, James 16 Cuvar, Jeffrey 90, 163 D FOR DRIVER’S EDUCATION D’Ascola, Pedro 115, 173, 188, 189 Dabbs, Rebecca 16 Dabbs, Stuart 72, 160 Delhaus, Tammy 72 Dam, Pernille 188, 189 Daniels, Teddy 16 Darnell, Rachel 90 Daugherty, John 16, 29, 138, 139, 140, 190, 192 Davidson, Danny 72 Davidson, Margaret 16, 127, 204, 205 Davidson, Martha 90 Davis, Cara 56 Davis,Dwayne 72 Davis, Holly 90 Davis, Kimberly 56 Davis, Norma 90 Davis, Shawn 90 Dean, Barbara 90, 208 Dean, John 72 Dean, Melissa 56, 130 Debetaz, Lise 148, 188, 189 Debolt, Brian 72, 160 Debolt-Hanke, Celeste 16 Decker, Kristen 90 Deconcini, Craig 90 Deconcini, Larry 90, 171 Deconcini, Lisa Deconcini, Lori 16, 20, 212 Deconcini, Robert 72, 136 Decoteau, Liza 72, 179, 202, 204 Delgado, Melissa Delgado, Richard 136, 203 Denny, Elaine 90, 142, 156, 167, 202 Dent, Joe 16 Denue, Matthew 90, 203 Deppe, Angelia 56 Deppe, Ann 56 Deppe, James 90 Dettmer, Eric 90, 187 Devers, Matthew 90 Devers, Thomas Dial, Timothy 56 Dickerson, Beverly 56 Dickerson, Davaughn 16, 165 Dickerson, John 72 Dickey, Deanca 17, 29, 122, 128, 130, 215 Dickmann, Anne 90 Dillon, Sean 90 Dissen, Warren 56 Divine, Joseph 72 Dixon, Reggie 153 Donald, Deetta 90 Donald, Lindsey 17 Donald, Michael 72 Donelson, Brian 17, 197 Donelson, Steven 72 Donner, Richard 17, 146, 206 Doolen, Dennis 90, 137 Doolen, Kelly 17, 199, 212 Doolen, Theresa 56, 179, 181, 191, 193 Doolin, Shaun 90 Dorsey, Kristine 56, 161 Dorsey, Tamara 72, 142, 156 Doty, Erika 72 Doty, Gary 90, 163 Doty, Ursla 56, 201, 202 Dozier, Tranon 90 Dragich, Susan 17, 142, 217 Drew, Mary 90, 203 Dudacek, Kathleen 17, 148, 150, 183, 212, 217 Dujka, Thomas Dumar, Trevor 56, 133 Dumas, Kelly 56, 154 Dunaway, Melissa 56, 178 Duncan, Eric 72 Dunnagan, Mark Dunnagan, Mark 90, 137 Durell, Daryl 17, 197 Durell, Donald 72 Durer, Faith 18 Durer, Frederick 18, 114, 123, 138, 139, 140, 170, 171, 190, 214, 215, 216, 219 Durer, Lisa 72, 144 Dusky, Kimberly 56 Dustmann, Rodney Dycus, Ronald 72 Dycus, William 196 Dykema, Leesa 56 E FOR EARLY BIRD P.E. Eadie, William 72, 191, 202, 204 Eaker, Alicia 72 Eberhart, Susan 56, 145, 158 Eden, Cara 91, 144, 145, 156, 158 Eden, Shelli 72 Edmond, Paul 138, 139, 140, 163 Edwards, Richard Elfrink, Diane 72 Ellinger, Michael 91 Ellis, Aaron 91 Ellis, Aleasa 72 Ellis, Thomas 56, 180, 181, 184 Ellsworth, Kurt 56 Emrich, Melissa 56, 59, 68, 132, 208, 215 Enz, Glenn 56, 202 Epperson, Christopher 91 Evans, Angela 56 Evans, David 72, 146, 171 Evans, Martin 72, 136, 161, 171 Evans, Philip 73, 136, 171 F FOR THE FOOTBALL GAMES Faber, Christy 56 Fanning, Jennifer 6, 18, 33, 199, 217, 221, 223 Farmer, Daniel 73, 136, 160, 163 Farmer, Karen 11, 18, 142, 167, 169, 247 Farmer, Stephen 56 Farrell, Brian 56, 192, 202, 204 Farrell, Candace 91, 93 Faulkner, Clyde Fayollat, Thomas 138, 140, 171 Feeney, Marla 18, 33, 187, 190, 191, 192, 200, 202, 204, 212 Felchlin, Angie 18, 21 Felchlin, Janine 73 Felchlin, Paula 73 Ferguson, Andrew 141, 160 Ferguson, Katherine 91 Ferguson, Rebecca 57 Fields, Colleen 73, 191 Fields, Matt 91 Fife, Mark 57 Fischer, Tanya 91, 191, 203 Fisher, Carrie 73, 208 Fisher, David 187, 192 Flamer, John 91, 126, 141, 153, 203 Flamer, Tamiko 18 Flamer, Timothy 18, 163, 164 Flor, Bonita 73 Flor, Rita 18, 194, 197 Florini, Scott 73, 84, 146 Flowers, Kenneth Foehrkolb, Jerri 18, 142 Foehrkolb, Lynne 57 Ford, Laura 18, 142, 165, 222 Forsting, Cathleen 73, 177, 210 Foster, Beth 19 Foster, Gregory 57 Fox, Charles (jr.) 19, 45 Fox, Steven 91 Fraley, Tammi 73 Franke, Rebecca 57, 118, 127, Frazer, Theresa 57 Frazer, Wayne 91, 137, 171 Frentzel, Sabrina 19 Frey, Brian 19, 197 Frey, Mark 73 Frey, Robert 19, 197 Freymuth, Geoffrey 91, 103, 141 Frisse, Linda 73, 187, 208 Fritsche, Natalie 91 Fruit, Stephen 57, 138 Fuentes, Michelle 57 Fultz, Crystal 91 Funkhouser, Debra 73, 179, 181, 182, 183, 184, 208 G FOR GRADUATION Galli, Matthew 91, 203 Garbe, Christine 57, 59, 68, 148, 215 Garbe, Gary 19, 197 yarde, Michelle 91, 101, 144, 201 Gardiner, James 91 Garrison, Mary 19, 165, 165, 166, 188 Gasper, James 19, 223 Gehrs, David 22, 44, 247 Gehrs, Matthew 57, 210, 217 Gehrs, Todd 91, 153 yerber, David 22, 117, 154, 170, 171 Geronimo, Sherry Geronimo, Vincent 73, 171 Gibbons, Ian 73 Gibbons, Valerie 57, 191, 192 Gibson, Sheri 21, 22, 178, 221 Giebe, Dawn 22 Giebe, Diane 57, 203 : Giedeman, Gregory 22, 179, 181, 182 Gieseking, Douglas 22, 123, 197, 218 Gieseking, Gail 73 Giles, Paula 57 Gillespie, Patrick 22 Gillham, Patricia 73, 142, 163, 210 Gillmore, Misty 73 Glasgow, Neal 57, 138 Gleason, Catherine 91 Glover, Timothy Goff, Elizabeth 57, 191, 193, 202, 204, 206 Goff, Jonathan 22, 196 Going, Michael 57, 58, 153, 154, 171 Goldman, Steve 57 Golisch, Christine 73, 156 Golliday, Leslie 91 Gonzalez, Laura 91, 136, 179, 183 Goodwin, Richard 57 Gorman, Vicki 57, 202 Gorsage, David 22 Graham, Rhonda 91, 156 Graham, Terry 22, 197 Granger, Kymar 6, 22, 116, 117, 133 Grapperhaus, Julia 57 Gray, Jennifer 23, 296 Green, Lori 91 Greenhill, Richard 91, 141 Gregory, Eric 57, 58 Gregory, Paul 91 Grezlak, Christine 23, 178 Grezlak, Laura 73, 84, 147, 208 Grezlak, Lisa 73, 131 Grimes, Pamela 23, 194, 197, 217 Grimm, Cheryl 57, 201, 202 Grimm, Scott Grist, Michael 73, 133, 136, 153 Grubb, Shawn 73, 179 Gude, Suzanne 57 Gueldener, Barbara 20, 2% Guerra, Jeffrey 73 Guillory, Charles 73 Guillory, Gary 23, 178 Gullicksrud, Kari 73, 131, 182, 207 Gusewelle, Beth 73, 147, 208 Guswelle, Clayton 91 Gusewelle, Maria 57 Guth, Teresa 57 Guyton, Cheron 73 Guyton, Tamiko 58 H FOR HOMEWORK Haag, Karen 92, 202 Haarmann, Ronald 58 Hack, Mark 92, 203 Hackethal, Karerr 21, 23, 196 Hackethal, Kevin 23 Kackett, Jennifer 92 Hacking, Suzanne 21, 23, 127, 179, 185, 205 Hacking, Tammy 90, 92, 93 Hadley, Dale 74, 141 Hahn, Kevin 74, 125, 136, 163 Haines, Lewis 74, 141 Haire, Yvette 92 Hairston, Yvette 74 Hakeem, Atiya 92 Halemeyer, Brett 58 Hall, Alena 74 Hall, Matthew 92, 203 Hall, Tina Halverson, Shannon Hamby, Brian 199 Hamel, Gary 197 Hamel, Julie 92 Hamill, Philip 92, 137, 150 Hamilton, Aimee 92 Hamilton, Jacqueline 74, 191 Hamilton, Joseph 21, 23, 197 Hamilt on, Laura 74 Hamilton, Tara 92 Hammon, Priscilla 74 Hammond, James Hanes, Aimee 23 Hangsleben, Lesley 74 Hangsleben, Mark 24, 187, 212 Hanke, Kerry 58 Hanke, Kevin 24 Hanks, James 58 Hann, Gregory 74 Hanna, Lisa 205 Hanna, Michelle 205 Hannon, William 92 Hansel, Elmer 24, 195, 197 Hansen, Deneen 6, 23, 24, 33, 218, 221, 223 Hansen, Kerry 92, 144, 202 Hanvey, Clay 74, 146 Harbers, Alan 92, 137 Hard, Edith Harlan, Julie 92, 176, 177, 191 Harlan, Melissa 58, 191, 193 Harmon, Richard 58, 178, 188, 216 Harper, Jane 74, 165 Harrell, Darenda 92 Harrick, Kimberly 74, 142 Harris, Deana 92 Harris, Deborah 74, 179, 183, 184, 202, 205 Harris, Joli 24 Harris, Michael 92 Harris, Stephanie 24, 44, 118, 178, 207 Harsh, David 92, 160 Hart, Amy 92, 148 Hartley, Ellen 58 Hartman, Gregory 92 Hartman, Stephen 92, Hartzel, Jackie 92 Hartzel, Thomas 58 Hartzell, Betty 74, 176, 177, 208 Haskins, Malik Haubrick, Shaun Hauschild, Debra 24, 187, 201, 202, 203, 212 Hauschild, Richard 92, 187 Havens, Charles 74 Hawk, Donald 58 Hawk, Kimberly 92, 203 Hawk, William 58 Hawkins, Deborah 74 Hawkins, William 58 Hayden, Reynolds 92, 99, 141 Hayes, Michael 58 Haymaker, Tim 92 Haynew, Dallas 74 Hays, Jennifer 92, 156 Head, Jason 92, 153, 171 Heal, Tina 92 Hedger, Kristine 93 Heinemeier, Jeffery 58 Helfer, Gary 93, 191 Helle, Jeffrey 93, 137, 171, 203 Hellinger, Rodney 74 Hellinger, Shawn 93, 144 Hellman, Julie 74 Helm, Brian 74, 146 Helms, Jane 74, 125, 142, 195 Helms, Jean 58, 178 Helms, Robert 93, 137 Hemphill, Donald 24, 138, 139, 140 Henderson, Gary 24, 199, 219 Henderson, Joanne 74, 204 Henderson, Shari 74 Hengehold, Michael 24 Henke, Christopher 74 Henke, Matthew 58, 68 Henry, Benoit 160, 188, 189 Henry, Corey 74, 161 Henry, Jeni 74 Henry, Marc 6, 24, 33, 161, 162, 217, 247 Henry, Tammy Henson, Janis 93 Henson, Mark 190 Hepler, Sara 74, 147, 174 Herb, Cassandra 20, 25, 193, 204, 205 Herb, Jennifer 74 Herman, Mark 93 Hermann, Tina 25, 178 Herwig, Doug 58 Hess, Amy 93 Hess, Edward 74, 133, 136, 161 Hess, Kenneth 75 Hess, Robert 25, 197 Hess, Veruschka 75, 179, 181, 85, 203 Hesse, Jay 25, 117, 133, 161, 162, 219 Hesse, Robert 75, 136, 160, 171 Hickman, Marc 25, 44, 202 Higgins, Wendy 93 Highley, Jeffrey 58 Highley, Wendy 93 Hiland, Lynne 58, 167 Hilla, Blake 137, 171 Hillman, Matthew 75 Hilt, Julia 75 Hindman, William 93 Hinton, Michele 93, 173 163, 203 230 Hintz, Paula 75 Hintz, Robert 58 Hippey, Shawn 93 Hitch, Dennis 25 Ho, Ronald 93, 103, 137, 187, 192 Hoeke, Janet 58, 191, 192 Hoffman, Patrick 58, 202, 204 Hoffman, Timothy 93, 204 Hofmann, Karla 93 Hofmann, Kurt 75 Hogan, Alonza 136 Hogan, Yolanda 25 Hogg, Tawyna 93, 191, 208 Hohenstein, Julie 75, 193 Holderread, Susan 75, 142 Holland, Melanie 58, 150, 165, 174, 187 Holley, Lanette 75 Hollowich, Lynette 93, 126 Holshouser, Paul 58 Holt, James 58, 161 Holt, Jerry 93, 160, 202 Holt, Mona 25 Holtmann, Dawn 58, 132 Hopmann, Antoinette 58 Hormann, Dennis 93 Hormell, Kimberly 25 Hornberger, Paul 93, 163 Horton, Clifford 75, 133, 136, 163 Horton, David 6, 28, 133, 223 Horton, Edward 93 Horvath, Debra 75, 156 Horvath, Leroy 75 Horvath, Stephen 93 Hoskins, Monica 58 Hosto, Christopher 93, 137, 171 Hosto, Richard 58, 60, 133 Hosto, Robert 28, 170, 171, 172, 196, 235 Housen, Rich (Jr.) Howard, Tiffany 59 Howell, Patricia 57, 59, 127, 179, 181, 182, 183, 185, 205 Howerton-Henke, Lari 196 Howerton, Sally 28, 197 Hubbard, Charlene 75, 131 Hubbard, Trevor Hudson, Kassie 59 Huene, Greg Huff, Christine 75, 191, 207 Hughes, Crystal 28 Hughes, Denise 28, 32 Hughes, Donise 28, 32, 197 Hughes, Jason 93, 137, 153, Hughes, Robin 28, 178 Hull, Matthew 59, 160, 163 Hunt, Kathleen 28 Hunter, Bill 93 Hunter, Cole 93 Hunter, Kelly 28, 197 Hussain, Shafiuddin 188, 189 Hutson, John 93 Hutter, Monica 93, 98, 100, 165 Hutter, Mike Hyde, Bonita 85, 94 Hypes, Steven 75 Hyten, Jeffrey 23, 28, 146, 150, 217 I FOR IN-SCHOOL Ingram, Dawn 59 Ingram, Eric 94, 171 Isenberg, Denise 94, 144, 156, 158 Isringhausen, Dwynn 59 J FOR THE JOCKS Jackson, Jamal 75 Jackson, Michelle 94 Jacober, Michael 59, 203 Jacobs, Cheryl 94 Jacobs, Roger Jacobs, Sheri 29, 138, 141 Jakich, Lance Jakich, Nicholas 59 Jarosik, Dean 94 Jeffers, Jacqueline 75, 165 Jennings, Darrin 94 Johnson, Chantelle 29, 32 Johnson, Chelsea 29, 197 Johnson, Craig 94 Johnson, Creston 75, 153 Johnson, David 94, 202, 203 Johnson, David 75, 151, 152, 163 Johnson, Deirdre 59 Johnson, Gary 59 Johnson, Kimberly 94 Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Robin 5, 75, 125 Johnson, Rohan 133, 136, 153, 163 Johnston, Tammie 59 Jones, Christine 75 Jones, Orlando 94 Jones, Samuel 94, 203 Jones, William Jordan, Kimberly 94 Jost, Eric 137, 171 Judd, Cheryl K FOR KNOWLEDGE GAINED Kaase, Drake 75 Kafka, Michael 59 Kampman, Eric Kampman, Michael 75 Kane, Scott 75 Karimpour, Shervin Kast, Tonya 75, 132, ¢ Kasten, Gregory 59 Kayser, Deborah 29, Kee, Leland 75 Keha, Mari 189 Keith, Anita 75 Keller, Lance 94 Kelsay, Donald 94 Kelso, Caine 59 Kemp, Charmaine 29, 178 Kerkemeyer, Laura 75, 202 Kerley, June 59, 194 Kessinger, Michelle 29, 196 Keesman, Paul 59 Kessmann, Tina 59, 118 Khuu, Phuoc Duc Phyllis Kibort, Rick 76 Kim, Sandra 76, 127, 187, 191, 204, 208 Kinder, Alvina 76 Kinder, Dorothy 29 Kinder, Robert 59, 133 King, Catherine 29 King, Daniel 94, 141 King, Darrell 76 King, Elizabeth 29, 196 King, Jeffrey 59, 160 King, Kathryn 29 King, Stefan 94 Kinsey, Shelley 76, 195, 205, 206 Kirby, Kirsten 59, 179, 181 Kirk, Karen 20, 30, 44, 130, 196 Klenke, Brian 59 Kline, Kr isti 30, 32, 145, 217 Klingsick, Donald 59 Klingsick, Scott 94, 137 Klocke, Melinda 94 Klunk, Jeffrey 59 Kneckt, Kelly 30 Knight, Arthur 94 Knight, Brett 59, 202 Knoll, Jean 94 Koelker, Valerie 6, 30, 39, 44, 116, 2, 208, 219, 220, 247 Koenig, Edward 76 Koenig, Kelly 94 Koenig, Krista 76 Koeller, Jeff 76 Kohlenberger, David 59, 202 Kohlenberger, Ernest 30 Kohmiller, Alan 6, 30, 133, 134, 163 Kolesa, Eric 60, 153, 154, 157, 171, 174 Kolesa, Frederic 153, 171, 172 Koller, Geoffrey 94 Kopel, Kendra 94 Kovar, Rose 76 Kovarik, Julie 76 Kralemann, John 76 Krapf, Dana 59, 60, 148 Krapf, Paul 76, 141 Krebs, Brent 60, 154 Kreuiter, Lori 95 Kropp, Alexander 76 Kropp, Stephen 60 Kruse, Todd 60 Kuehnel, Diane 30 Kuether, Lori 76 Kuhn, Kelly Kummer, Janee 76, 118, 125 Kummer, Timothy 21, 30, 178 Kyro, Christopher 76 L FOR ALL THE LAUGHS Ladd, Amy 95 Ladd, Bryon 95, 203 Ladd, Ellen 6, 21, 30, 176, 177, 212, 218, 223 Ladd, Jennifer Ladd, Mary 55, 60, 142, 153, 154 Ladd, Susan 30, 223, 247 Lagemann, Michelle Lambert, Randall 76 Lammert, Christopher 31 Lanahan, Margaret 60 Lancaster, Amy 31, 32, 44, 132, 182, 205, 207 Landers, Angela 76 Lane, Jeffrey Lang, Jill 60 Lange, Richard 60 Langendorf, Daniel 59, 60, 157, 171 Langenwalter, Jean 31, 44 Lanham, Randy 60, 202 Larue, Patricia 76, 207 Lash, Bill 31 Lasica, Stephen Lautner, Heather 95 Lavin, Melissa 95 Lavin, Michael 197 Lawrence, Gregory 31, 114, 191 Lawrence, Judith 95 Lawrence, Nancy 60 Leady, Christopher 31 Leady, Jon 76, 136 Leardi, Lisa 95, 131, 207 Lebro, Angelina 60 Lebro, Anita 76, 206 Lee, Catherine 76 Lee, Cheryl 31, 33, 39, 142, 247 Lentz, Melanie 60, 147 Leonard, Michael 95 Leonard, Scott 95 Leonardi, Kristan 60 Lerch, Lisa 31, 197 Levy, Lisa 60, 127, 179, 204 210 Lewin, Karl 31, 150, 187, 192, 202, 208 Lewis, Alton 76 Lewis, Jeffrey 95, 153, 170, 171 Lewis, Patrick 34, 170, 171, 217 Lickfield, Karla 60, 144, 145, 205 Lightfoot, Deidre 60 Lin, Anthony 95, 187 Lindley, Thomas Lippoldt, Aaron 95 Lippoldt, Rebecca 60 Liticker, Troy Littlejohn, Robert 76 Llewellyn, Samuel 34, 223 Lockett, Michael Loew, Dennis 60 Loew, Michael Loewer, Tracy 34 Logan, Barbara 95 Loge, David 76, 195 Lohr, Lisa 95, 100 Long, Dan 60, 133, 171, 174 Long, Melissa 21, 34, 191, 207, 212, 223 Long, Michael 76, 171 Long, Ronald 76 Looney, Scott 34, 190, 223 Lopez, Emigdio 34, 179, 190 Lopretta, Tamara 95 Lounsbury, Lincoln 95 Love, Michelle 95 Lowry, Michael 170, 171 Loyd, Leasley 76, 194 Luan, Edward 60, 187, 204, 220 Lucas, Lisa 95 Luckshis, Jamie 95 Luketich, Carolyn 33, 34, 128, 147, 191, 207, 217 Luketich, Daniel 60 Lumma, Daniel 32, 34, 57, 126, 215, 216, 219 Luna, Laura 34 Luster, Michael 76, 151 Lynn, Amy 76, 142, 156, 158 Lynn, Rhonda 95 Lynn, Ron 34 Lynn, Stacey 34, 142, 213 M FOR MCDONALD LUNCHES MacDonald, William 77, 203 Mackie, Paul 95, 141, 248 MacMillan, Michael 95 Madison, Dale 77 Maedge, Kirk 35, 197, 199, 218, 221 Magac, Gregg 35 Magac, Keith 60 Mahan, Ronald 96 Maher, Elizabeth 194 Maher, Nicole 77 Maher, William 35 Mahlandt, Shelle 77, 132 Mainer, Lisa 60, 167 Makler, Mary 61, 195 Malench, Roberta 61, 208 Mallory, Deanne 77 Malone, Brendan 77 Malone, Jason 61 Malone, Rhoda 77 Marchbank, Meredith 96, 103 Marinko, John 35, 45, 197 Marinko, Victor 60, 61, 124, 133 Markowitz, William 77, 141, 202 Marks, Lori 77, 201, 203 Marks, Paul 35 Marler, Edith 35, 197 Marohl, Danny 61 Marohl, Sue 6, 20, 35, 45, 126, 178, 247 Marshal, Milford Martin, Carolyn 35, 210 Martin, Christopher 95 Martin, Christopher W. 35, 217 Martin, Dana 61 Martin, Daniel 35, 221 Martin, Keri 77 Martin, Mark Martin, Tammy Martin, Tarnell 6, 36, 133, 134, 221 Martin, Todd 36 Martinez, Tatiana 77, 188, 191 Mateyka, Daniel 36, 173 Mathews, Dewey 96, 202 Matlock, Lisa 96 Matta, Anne 77 Mattea, Brenda 61, 203 Mattingly, Renee 59, 61, 68, 124, 148, 215 Mayberry, Marilyn 195, 207, 208 McAdams, Lisa 36 McCalla, Daven 77 McCalla, Tim McCardle, Cecelia 61 McCarthy, Monica 77, 191, 208 McCarty, Terri 32, 36, 45, 176, 177, 218, 223, 248 McCleland, Samuel 36, 197, 218 McClellan, Robert 77 McClelland, Julia 77, 131, 207 McCord, Lori 196 McCord, Sandra 77 McCown, Jennings 61 McCoy, Darla 77 McDaniel, Karla 77, 84, 208 McDonald, Christopher 96, 137, 187 McDonough, Jamie 35, 36, 196, 215 McEnary, Michael 36, 247 McEwen, Daniel McFerran, Anne 61 McFerran, Kelly 91, 96, 191 McGauley, Christy 77, 194 McGinnis, Kelly 54, 61, 130 McKeon, Jeffrey 61 McLaughlin, Laura McMahan, Marck 61, 161 McMahan, Tami 61, 178 McMahan, Shannon 96 McMahan, Timothy 96 McMurray, Randy 60, 61, 133 McReaken, Amy 77, 163 Meek, Darrel 77 Meikamp, Richard 77, 136, 171 Meinzen, David 33, 36, 185, 202, 205, 210 Mellenthin, 96 Mellenthin, Connie 61 Meng, Lisa 96, 165 Menk, Keith 36, 210, 248 Menoni, Donna 37 Merrick, Richard 37 Messer, Elaine 37 Metcalf, Thomas 77, 133, 136 Metzger, Phillip 37, 163 Metzler, Susan 96, 131, 165, 207 Meunier, Catherine 96 Meyer, Amy 77, 179 Meyer, Barbara 37, 216 Meyer, Charles 96 Meyer, Christopher 61 Meyer, Daniel 77, 136, 171 Meyer, Elizabeth 77, 132, 185, 205 Meyer, Gerald 77 Meyer, Jeffrey 160, 192 Meyer, Joseph 77 Meyer, Katherine 77, 176, 177, 205 Meyer, Kathleen 61, 181 Meyer, Kevin 61 Meyer, Linda 96 Meyer, Linda R. 61 Meyer, Steven 78 Meyer, Theodore 37, 39 Meyers, Laura 61, 187 Meyers, Michelle 78, 142 Michlitsch, Jody 78, 176, 206, 208 Mick, Mickael 78, 133, 136 Mikes, John 37, 223 Miller, Jennifer 61, 178 Miller, Michael 96, 171 Miller, Pat 96 Miller, Steven 78, 136, 160 Miller, Tina 78, 191 Miller, Tricia 96 Milligan, Jennifer 78, 176, 210 Milligan, Jill 92, 96, 176, 177 Mills, Kimberly 61 Milton, Melanie Minner, Ann 32, 37, 39, 86, 119, 127, 179, 181, 208, 213, 190 Misukonis, Aaron 61, 160, 163, 164 Misukonis, Joel 20, 37, 45, 49, 114, 122, 128, 161, 162, 163, 199, 215, 248 Mitchell, Diane 78, 191 Mitchell, Michael 96, 137, 160, 163 Modene, James 37 Moehle, Maria 40, 223 Monroe, Kyle 40, 217 Monroe, Rita 78 Montague, Christine 33, 40, 197 Montague, Teresa 78 Moore, Barbara 96 Moore, Kelly 78 Moore, Kimberly 40, 202 Moore, Kristin 78 Moore, Marty 96, 181, 182, 202, 204, 208 Moore, Maurice 61, 195 Moore, Wendy 91, 96, 103, 104, 179, 181, 183, 185, 202, 204, 208 Moran, Eric 39, 40, 44, 127, 138, 139, 140, 150, 184, 185, 191, 205, 208 Morgan, Vance Morris, John 78, 146 Morrison, Lisa 96 Morrison, Mary 96, 96, 131, 203 Morrison, Patrick 78, 146, 187, 202, 204 Morrison, Timothy 61 Morrison, Travis 61 Morrison, Tracy 78, 136 Mortland, Kerrie 62, 165, 174, 217 Mosby, Marina 33, 40, 221 Mosby, Susan 78 Mount, Jeff 248 Moye-Hogg, Tawnya 96 Moyer, Jenjamin 78, 141 Mueggenberg, Karen 78 Mueggenberg, Janet 62 Mueller, Brenda Mueller, Diane 62 Munro, Melissa 33, 40, 132, 208, 221 Murphey, Deborah 40, 191, 213, 221 Murphy, John 40 Murphy, Patrick 62, 188, 216 Murphy, Robert 78, 126, 179, 181, 204, 208, 210 Murray, Brad 96, 137, 160 Musch, Cheryl 40, 207 Musch, James 78 Myers, Sheryl 32, 40, 44 N FOR NOSTALGIA Nabe, Jill 96, 203 Naegler, Kristiane 78, 202 Nair, Narayan 62, 192 Naugle, Clayton 62, 133 Neeley, Stephanie 41, 158 Nelson, Amy 156 Nelson, Ann 62, 119, 145, 157, 158 Nelson, Charles 62, 124, 151, 161, 171, 217 Nelson, Daniel 78 Nelson, Michelle 62, 67, 130 Nelson, Patrick Nelson, Rick Neuhaus, Jarid 96 Neuhaus, Stephan 78, 137, 160 Neutzling, Jeffrey 96 Newmann, Michael 62, 133 Nicol, Rose 62 Nieland, Kathleen 178 Niemeier, Gary 78, 133, 136, 153, 171 Nilla, Blake 96 Nilsson, Julie 59, 62, 68, 207, 215 Noeltner, Michael 62 Nolan, Bernell 41 Nolan, Kimberly 96 Nolan, Sean 95, 97, 126, 128, 137, Nolen, Jamie 62, 67, 202 Nolen, Jonathan 78 Nolte, Nikki 54, 62, 67, 130 Nordhauser, Eric 78 Norton, Johnny 62 Norton, Robert 97 Norton, Timothy 62, 138 Nothdurft, Yvonne 97 Noto, Michele 78, 191, 201, 203 Notter, Ann 78 Notter, Raymond 62 Notter, Robert 97 Noud, William 78, 136, 161 Novotny, Patrick 41, 170, 181, 190, 191, 192 Nuernberger, Patrick 62, 118 Null, Elizabeth 78 Null, Jeffrey 41, 196 Nunes, Steven 62, 151, 187, 192, 202 O FOR OUTRAGEOUS TIMES O'Dell, Brian 97 O’Laughlin, Todd 79 Oberdieck, Brian 97, 179, 208 Oberlag, Clark 79, 146, 202 Ochoa, Nicholas Ogan-Wilke, Andie 21, 41, 196 Ohren, Angela 97, 136, 179, 183 Ohren, Steven 79, 136, 160, 203 Olsen, Debra 62, 179, 181, 187, 191, 193 Onley, Elaine 41, 142, 157, 158, 167, 169, 199 Onley, Eric 41, 133, 134, 161, 162 Opel, Carla 79 Opel, Kammy 62, 195 Ott, Jackie 6, 21, 41, 123, 128, 191, 213, 219, 223 Otte, Tonya 41, 181, 188, 179, 191, 213, 223 Otterstedde, Christain 62, 89, 157, 188 Otto, Becky 79, 208 Otto, Gretchen 79 Ottwell, Jennifer 62 Owens, Ann P FOR THE PARTIES Paddock, Teresa 79, 208 Palmer, Jacluelyn 97, 191 Palmer, Steven 62 Paolucci, Aaron 97, 203 Paolucci, Samantha 6, 32, 42, 176, 190, 199, 213, 218, 223 Parham, Darlene 79, 194 Parrill, Elizabeth 21, 42 Partovi, Sam 62, 141 Pashia, Yvette 97, 142 Patterson, Kenneth 79, 151, 160 Patterson, Rebecca 167 Patton, Harold 63, 146 Paul, Grant 42, 151, 163, 164 Pauli, Theresa 63, 68, 206, 207 Paur, Scott 77, 203 Paur, Steven 79 Paxson, Heather 63, 192 Peel, David 79, 146, 203 Perkins, Douglas 153 Perkins, Rosalind 79 Perry, Brian 42 Perry, David 68, 213 Perry, James 97, 163, 187 Perry, Jason 97, 137 Perry, Kathleen 97 Peters, Lanea 63 Peters, Melissa 199 Peters, Timothy 79 Peterson, Dan 79 Peterson, Dawn 79, 142 Peterson, Patrick 79 Petras, Dawn 63, 194 Petroff, Jeff 79, 136 Petrokovich, John Phan, Trung Phillips, Heather 79 Phillips, John 79, 203 Picarella, Daniel 20, 42, 133, 216 Picklesimer, Tony 97 Piger, Jill 79, 118, 132 Piggott, William 79 Pile, Elizabeth 59, 63, 67, 116, 130 Pingel, Scott 97, 102, 203 Piper, Ann 79, 163, 188, 193, 205 Piper, Daniel 63, 133 Piper, Steven 79, 203 Pitman, Lori 42, 142 Podner, Adrienne 97 Poeling, Craig 79 Poeling, Lisa 63 Pointer, Laura 79, 193 Pomeroy, Carrie 79, 193 Ponce, Janet 63, 178 Ponder, Deborah 63, 144, 145, 216 Ponder, Jeane 97, 131 Ponder, Thomas 6, 21, 39, 42, 116, 117, 123, 128, 133, 134, 213, 219, 247 Poos. Tracy 33, 42, 195 Porter, Terrance 79, 133, 136 Potter, Lisa 42, 197 Powers, Wendy 33, 42, 45, 196 Prater, Melissa 97, 194 Price, Janer 185, 203 Price, Kevin 197 Price, Robin 182, 202 Primas, Lonny 194, 197 Primas, Robert 97 Probst, Neil 63 Proksha, George 79 Provaznik, Deven 63 Puckett, Erik 97, 191 R FOR ALL OUR RIVALS Rademacher, Gieta 63, 142, 188, 216 Rader, David 42, 202 Radford, Timothy 97 Raffaelle, Ann 63, 191 Raffaelle, Timothy 43, 187, 190, 191, 213, 221, 223 Rallo, Jeffrey 63, 171, 172 Rami, Michael 63, 138, 140, 217 Ramon, Amy 63, 148 Ramsey, Ronni 79, 165, 191 Ranek, Gary 97, 146 Ranek, John 97 Range, Stephanie 80, 102, 202 Rankin, Melody 80 Rapp, Gregory 80 Ray, Frederick 97 Ray, Susan 63 Razeghi, Amy 63 Razeghi, Andrew 97 Reagan, Patricia 97 Reckman, Ronna 21, 39, 43, 25 Reeves, Gina 80, 148, 208 Reilly, Erin 80 Reilly, Kristine 43, 197 Reilly, Rebecca 33, 43, 161, Reinacher, Darrell 80 Reising, Dal 80 Reiter, Charles 221, 248 Reiter, Shawn 80, 160 Reiter, William 43, 221 Reller, Gerard 63, 116, 133, Renaud, Maureen Rendleman, David 63, 146 Renken, Bryce 63 Renken, Lisa 43, 197 Renken, Mark 80 Renken, Stephen 43 Reuterman, David 97 Reuterman, Matthew 80 Revelle, Christopher 63, 133, 160 Reynolds, Debra Reynolds, Scott 63 Rhodes, Kelly 97, 160 Richard, Charles 43, 133, 163 Richard, Derrik 97, 171 Richards, Ben 80, 133, 136, 160 Richardson, Kristin 97, 104, 208 Riess, Robert 39, 43, 114, 138, 189, 140, 161, 162, 215, 216, 219, 247 Riley, Elizabeth 80, 142 Riley, Paul 43, 138, 139, 140, 154, 171 Rinaldi, Rhonda 131 Ringering, James 46, 197 Ringering, Mark 80, 133, 136, 171 Ripper, Lisa 80 Robbins, Jefferson 97 Roberts, Loretta 97 Roberts, Michelle 80 Roberts, Ranae Robinson, Donald 98, 136, 153 Robinson, Meredith 63 Rockamann, Gary Rodenmeyer, Neil 98 Roderick, Jeffrey 68, 80, 141 Rodgers, Arthur 98, 137, 153 Rogers, Johranne 6, 133, 154, 178 Rogers, Kirsti 80, 191, 208 Rogier, Michelle 33, 46, 179 Rohrkaste, Brian 80, 160 Rolens, Danny 63 Rollberg, Kathy Roney, Steven 64 Rose, Daniel 137, 160 Roseman, John 98, 137 Ross, Shaura 98 Roth, David 98, 203 Roth, Randall 80, 173 Rothe, Elmer 98, 137 Rothe, Christopher 64 Rouse, Maylean 20, 46, 118, 145, 167, 169, 222 Roustio, David 61, 64 Rowe, Lucretia 98 Rozycki, Paula 6, 20, 46, 142, 157, 158, 159, 166, 174, 188, 213, 222 Rudloff, Peter Rudloff, Robert Rushing, David 80 Russell, Leah 98 Russell, William Ruth, Amity 64 Rutz, Rodney 64, 160 Ruyle, Christy 98, 126, 142, 165, 217 Ruyle, Stephanie 64, 124, 145, 158 S FOR THE SENIORS Sackville-West, Andrew 98, 187 Saffel, Joedy 46 Sammon, Glen 64, 133, 163 Sample, Eric 80 Santon, Greg 80 Saverson, Esta 80, 165, 166 Savoca, Dean 98, 104, 203 Savoca, Denanne 33, 46, 118, 128, 142, 179, 181, 182, 184, 208, 222 Sawler, Daniel 46, 197 Sawler, Susan 64, 194 Sawyer, Edwin 80 Scarborough, Lori 98 Scerba, Tricia 98 Schaake, Rhonda 80, 202, 204 Schaefer, Mark 64 Schaefer, Missy 80, 145 Schaefer, Michelle 98, 144, 156 Schaefer, Wendy 80 Schaepperkoetter, David 64 Schafer, Sherri 80, 131, 167, 201, 203 Scheffel, Brian 197 Scheibal, Chris 80, 146 Scheibal, Gena 46, 142, 182, 184 Scheibal, Thomas 81 Scheibal, Timothy 81 Scherff, Jann 46, 148, 150, 159, 167, 169, 213 Schindewolf, Jodi 81, 201, 203 Schipkowski, Scott 81 Schipkowski, Tammy 64 Schipkowski, Todd 98, 141, 171 Schlechte, Cheryl 69 Schlueter, Angela 81, 191, 202, 204, 205 Schmidt, Darren 98 Schmidt, Jeffrey 64 Schmidt, Jenny 46, 202 Schmidt, Jill 81, 202 Schmidt, Joy 98, 144 Schmidt, Lisa 46 Schmidt, Richard 47, 163 Schmidt, Robert 60, 64, 68, 133 Schmidt, Todd 81, 125, 153, 171 Schmitt, Kelly 81, 203, 207 Schoch, Theresa 64 Schofield, Amy 64, 132 Schofield, Ann 64, 132 Schreiber, Lee 81 Schriefer, Steven 81 Schroeder, Melissa 81 Schroeder, Robert 47, 174, 203 Schroeder, Timothy 44, 47, 216 Schrumpf, Jennifer 64 Schulze, Christine 64 Schumacher, Denise 98, 203 Schwab, Kristi 47, 197 Schwalb, Corey 98, 137, 160 Schwalb, Jeff 98, 171 Schwalb, Teddy 64, 195 Schwartzkopf, Angela 98 Scott, Darsha 81, 136 Scroggins, Bryan 81 Sedlacek, Lori 64, 171 Sergerson, Craig Sever, Brett 64 Sexton, Laura 98 Sexton, Renee Shaheen, Michael 64, 179 Shaheen, Michele 81, 205 Shahin, Arwa 47 Shannon, Jeffrey 98 Sharp, Angie 64, 204, 205 Sharp, Sherri 98 Sharp, William 81 Shaw, Sara 81, 84 Shaw, Sonique 99, 165 Shea, Edward Sheeley, Mary Ann 33, 47, 123, 178 Sheeley, William Shele, Elizabeth 99, 191 Sheppard, Ramona 81 Sidener, Beth 81, 195 Sidener, Tammy 47 Siedhoff, Jaimee 64, 124, 131, 178, 207 Siedhoff, James 65 Siglock, Derren 99, 151 Sikes, Lara 81 Siliven, Jennifer 81 Simburger, Carlisa 65, 201, 203 Simmons, Becky 99 Simmons, Eric 99 Simons, Christine 99, 195 Simpson, Dawn 65, 132 Sims, Alisa 81, 132 Sinclair, Laura 65 Singler, John 81 Singler, Michael 99, 137 Sirtak, Amy 47 Sirtak, Robert 60, 65, 116, 133, 171, 172 Sisson, Karen 81 Sisson, Shelly 81 Sittner, Leisa 65, 178 Sittner, Vicki 81 Skaer, Karen 99 Skaer, Keith 81 Skaer, Stacy 81 Skaggs, Peggy 47, 197 Skief, Bart 99 Skief, Bret 99 Skief, Scott 47, 127, 205, 205, 247 Skipitz, Ronald 99, 203 Slaughter, Christi 65 Slemer, Julia 81, 156, 158 Smart, Janell 99 Smart, Julian 99, 163 Smart, Scott 99 Smith, Alison 65 Smith, Douglas 99 Smith, Jennifer 81, 167, 168, 194, Smith, Laura 48, 206, 213, 223 Smith, Lonnie 65 Smith, Marva 65 Smith, Michael 65, 138, 153, 154, 216 Smith, Paul 65, 188, 195, 205 Smith, Ronald 20, 48, 161, 162, 247 Smith, William 99, 141, 203 Smolar, Mary 99 Smucker, Andrew 99, 141, 160 Smucker, Samuel 65, 138, 192 Snell, Christine 65 Snell, Diana 99 Sobol, Valerie Solomon, Richard 99, 153 Sommer, Gary 48 Sorenson, Kip 20, 44, 48, 196 Soroka, Charles 81 Sotelo, Kathy 82 Sparks, Amie 65, 194 Sparks, Penny 82 Spencer, Cami 65 Spencer, Cari 65 Sperandio, Neil Spiller, Terrance 65, 133 Spiller, Todd 6, 41, 48, 133, 154, 155 Spillers, Sonetta 82, 165 Sporrer, Laura 65 Sporrer, Theresa 82, 156 Spotanski, Kelly 82 Springs, Stacy 65 Stade, Gregg 65 Stahlhut, Renee 99, 144, 202 Stahlhut, Tracy 32, 48, 176, 177, 213, 222 Stanberry, Shanna 32, 48, 204, 205 Stapleton, Christopher 48, 117, 173 Stapleton, Kevin 94, 99, 181 Stark, Don 65, 133 Stark, Richard 99, 141 Steckling, Raymond 6, 48, 133 Steelman, Daman 65, 68 Steiner, Alison 65, 178 Steinkuehler, Frederick 99, 137 Stemler, Peter 48 Stennis, Darlene 99 Stephenson, Dawn 99 Stevens, Susan 100, 142, q67 Stevenson, Melissa 82, 142 Steward, James 48, 154 Stewart, Brian 65 Stewart, Robert 100 Stille, Susan 82, 144, 195, 216 Stoces, Christopher 49, 138, 140 Stoces, Eric 82, 195 Stoces, Robert 82 Stoecklin, Amy 100 Stoecklin, Pamela 49 Stoff, Janet 100, 203 Stoops, Stacey 66 Stotts, James 82, 192 Stram, Wanda 82 Strausbaugh, Lisa 49 Stroder, Ronald 82, 202 Strohmeier, Roger 82, 68, 136, 171 Strohmeyer, Stephen 49, 200, 202 Strubberg, Julie 100, 101, 203 Struempf, Michael 100, 137 Stuart, Robert 49, 170, 171, 172, 174, 219 Suermann, Craig 49 Suess, Aaron 100, 137, 153, 171 Suhling, William Suhre, Michael 66 Sullenger, Kelly 82 Sullivan, Dawn 33, 49 Sullivan, Debra 82, 177, 191 Sullivan, Jimmie 82 Sullivan, John 65, 66, 133 Summers, Thaddeus 59, 66, 151, 152, 161, 163, 164 Svoboda, Paul 100, 153 Swamy, Sangeeta 82, 187, 204 Swiecicki, Bill 100 Swiecicki, Daniel 82, 203 Swift, Kimberly 66, 178 Syddall, Shawn 66 Symanski, Ann 82, 148, 150 T FOR TERRIBLE IDLEWOOD Taber, Clinton 49, 196 Take, Duane 66 Telford, Lisa 82 Tenllado, Angela 66 Terry, Eric 100, 137 Tewell, Julie 100 Thatcher, Michelle 196 Therien, Jennifer 82, 148, 208 Thomas, Cassandra 100, 101, 203 Thomas, Stephanie 66, 132 Thompson, Richard 82, 173, 204 Thompson, Todd 49 234 Thompson, Traci 100 Thorp, Ronald Thorp, Timothy 49, 133, 205 Threlkeld, Carol 100, 102, 103 Threlkeld, Christopher 66, 202 Tieman, Kathleen 100, 147 Tilden, Raymond Timpe, Shauna 100, 194 Tolie, Scott 66, 133, 171, 172 Tomko, Susan 66, 144, 145, 167 Torrini, Lori 100, 206 Torti, Paul 100 Tosovsky, Ann 66, 133, 143, 167, 168 Travis, Jocelyn 100, 203 Traxler, Mary Pat 66, 192 Traxler, Melanie 100, 104, 173, 192 Trebing, Raymond 82 Tretter, Christina 82, 148, 191 Tretter, Koreen 21, 50, 148, 191 Tripp, Jeff 82 Tripp, Michael 100 Trueman, Leslie 100, 191 Tulgetske, Michael 66 Turnbull, Lisa 9, 49, 50, 213, 214, 215, 216, 219 Turner, George 13, 39, 45, 50, 190, 192, 200, 202, 204, 208, 213, 220, 247 Turner, Jeff Turner, Roger 50 Tutka, Brian 82, 141, 161 Tweedy, Brian Tweedy, Lisa 66 Twesten, Nickolas 66, 188 U FOR THE UNIQUE Uhe, Shawn 32, 39, 50, 191 Unterbrink, Laura 32, 50, 219 Urban, Joseph 100 Ursprung, Catherine 66, 117, 206, 207 V FOR VICTORIES Van Camp, Cherie 50, 213 Van Mill, Andrea 165 Van Patton, Robert 50, 178 Vanarsdale, Janell 100 Vandiver, Alexander 66 Vandiver, Lee Ann 101, 147, 156 Vanek, Amy 59, 66, 148, 194 Vanek, Kristi 66 Vanek, Robyn 82, 84, 128, 147, 208 Vanpatten, Deborah 66 Vanzo, Eric 82 Vaughn, Rhoda 66, 130 Veith, Michelle 66, 133 Venegas, George 101 Verson, James 101 Vogt, Elizabeth 66, 133 Vrabec, Larry 66 Vrabec, Vicki 82 Vuagniaux, Nicole 101, 144 Vuagniaux, Thad 66, 138 W FOR THE WILD WEEKENDS Wallace, Charles 83 Wallace, Jenifer 83 Walton, Angela 50 Walton, Shawn 83 Ward, Chery! 101 Warren, Johnny Warren, Lori 83, 193, 206, 208 Warren, Robert 45, 50, 197, 235 Washburne, John 66, 116, 133 Waters, William Watsek, Jacqueline 50 Watsek, Raymond 66 Watson, Craig 83 Watson, Todd 51, 202 Watts, Travis 83 Weakley, Douglas 51 Weatherly, Tonya 67, 131 Weber, June 83, 191 Weber, Karl 101, 104, 137, 160 Weber, Patrick 67 Weber, Scott 83, 146 Wedel, Anne 20, 51 Wegeng, John 67, 178, 194 Wegrzyn, Laura 83, 148 Wegrzyn, Lynda 33, 51, 148, 190, 191 Weiler, Jennifer 67, 202 Weiner, Damain Weingartner, Kirsten 33, 51, 166, 213 Weiss, Teresa 51 Wiessman, Michael 83, 203, 195 Welburn, Lester 67 Wells, William Werden, Robert 101, 137, 160, 248 Werner, Daniel 83 Werner, Dawn 67, 148 Wescott, Tom 67 West, Craig 83 West, James 67 West, Michele 83 West, Curt 94, 101 Westbrook, Dawn 96, 101 Westerhold, James 83, 210 Westfall, Joseph 98 Wetzel, John 101 Wetzel, Kimberly 83 Whitaker, Sharon 51, 197, 217 White, Craig 83, 133, 136, 153 White, Craig S. 101, 137, 195 White, Jenna 101, 206 White, Joyce 101 Whitsell, James 83 Wickham, Patricia 83, 150 Wiegand, Paul 101, 137 Wiehe, Dorothea 115, 180, 181, 183, 188, 189, 199 Wiemers, Jennifer 101, 144, 156 Wiemers, Matthew 83 Wiemers, Robert 45, 51, 163 Wilder, Merle 51, 179, 191, 204, 206, 213 Wiley, Kathryn 67, 201, 203 Wilkening, Gary 51, 191, 192 Wilkening, Michael 67, 133, 161, 163, 164 Wilkinson, Arthur 67 Wilkinson, David 83 Wilkinson, David 51, 196 Wilkinson, Jennifer Wilkinson, Jody 83 Wilkinson, Robert Wilkinson, Tiffany 67 Wilkinson, Vernon 83 Williams, Carl 101 Williams, Paul 83, 151, 163 Williams, Ronzell 101 Williams, Timothy 52 Wilson, David 67 Wilson, Debra Wilson, Patricia 83 Winchester, Kelli 101 Winchester, Roque 52, 196 Winchester, Shane 101, 160 Winfield, Barbara 52 Winfield, Windy 83, 142, 156, 167, 168, 247 Wing, Catherine 83, 163, 205 Wing, Elizabeth 52, 196 Winkler, Rebecca 83 Winkler, Richard 67, 178 Winslow, Cindra 67 Winslow, Kermit 83 Wise, Todd 101 Wisnasky, Benjamin 67 Wisnasky, Kay 52, 118, 132, 217 Wisnasky, Lynn 83, 132, 208 Witschie, Amy 83, 191 Wolf, Kristin 90, 101 Woll, Ryan 101, 146 Woll, Tracey 102, 126, 128, 131 Womack, Dayle 84, 193, 206, 208 Wood, Jennifer 32, 52, 178, 196 Wood, Joel 84, 202 Wood, Melissa 84 Wood, Robert 52, 195, 218, 248 Woodard, Susanna 52, 179, 181, 182, 183, 185, 190, 191, 204, 205, 210, 213 Woodin, Jerry Woods, Andrew 84 Woods, Julie 84, 178 Woods, Steven 6, 32, 52, 146, 176, 177, 187, 188, 191, 213, 217 Woolfolk, Clarence 84 Worthey, Paul 84, 146, 195 Wuellner, Damien 102 Wyvell, Keith 67 Wyvell, Kevin 102 Y FOR THE YEARS TO COME Yates, Amy 102 Yates, Donna 84 Yates, Shawnna 102 Yehling, Pamela 84, 191 Yehling, Rod 52, 196 Yehling, Tonia 67 Young, Lisa 52, 118, 178 Young, Tracey 102, 104 Yureck, Michael Z FOR THE ZANY CLASSES Ziegler, Sarah 84, 165, 173 Zika, Michael 197, 218 Zoeller, Frank 67 Zoelzer, Robert 84, 136 Zupanci, Thomas 84, 146, 160, 171, 206 Zwick, Rebecca Office Supplies SHEPARD Office Furniture Office Machines OFFICE SUPPLY Sales Books Register Forms 310 Hillsboro Ave. Rubber Stamps Edwardsville, IL. 62025 CARPET ROOM “Where The Red Carpet Comes Out For Our Customers” Dial 618 656-3901 201 W. High, Edw. 656-5029 Phone (618) 656-1943 LZ, Auto Tires HAMEL Truck Tires Farm Tires SERVICE CO., INC. Tractor Duals Batteries Repair Service 24-Hour Tow Service Service On The Farm Box 128 Hamel, Ill. 62046 YONAKA JEWELRY 100 East Vandalia Edwardsville, IL 62025 800-642-7857 618 633-2217 Drug Store For Everyone - = ie CE a : mt Pr a = 2 SCHWARTZ HEALTH MART 156 N. Main St. Edwardsville, IL. PAPE Complete Banking Service FARM SUPPLY Two Shien a Locations Rt. 140 — Edwardsville 24Hour 656-6566 Magic Touch Banking Pet Supplies Lawn and Garden Supplies Farm Supplies DO DROP IN of Edwardsville 300 South Buchanan Edwardsville, IL. Open 5:30 A.M. Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners 656-0057 Downtown: Montclaire: 330 West Vandalia 300 Montclaire Ave. Compliments Of EDWARDSVILLE . INTELLIGENCER tom’s (NEN) Your Hometown Downtown Edwardsville Daily Newspaper Covering All KLUETER BROS. High School Sports CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. 117 N. Second St. icih dees aarti Cs oute OX ighway 656-4700 Edwardsville, IL 62025 656-1198 656-2581 “Quality Concrete Products” BURHMESTER WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. 201-203 N. Second St. (618) 656-0490 Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 Office: (618) 656-5336 Home: (618) 656-7931 EDWIN H. BURNS SONS NURSERY, INC. Landscape Designing 1053 E. Franklin Road Edwardsville LEVAYS The Gift Store 211 East Vandalia St. Edwardsville, IL 62025 Telephone 618-656-6268 Decorative Accessories For Office And Home COZY HOME FURNISHINGS 143 N Kansas Edwardsville 656-1266 unfinished furniture DONALD G. McGINNIS, CLU Agency Manager i a ll TH} ! iit ( h , i! hint Hannu - ul [ 900 Hillsboro Ave. Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 Off. Ph: 656-5037 LIFE - HEALTH - AUTO - HOMEOWNER - FARMOWNER FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN 300 St. Louis St. Edwardsville, Illinois 656-6200 Time, Temperature And Weather: 692-4011 1506 Troy Road Edwardsville, IL 62025 656-3875 PLETCHER FUNERAL HOME 627 St. Louis St. Edwardsville, IL 656-2218 HAMEL COOPERATIVE GRAIN CO. Feed-Grain-Fertilizers-Seeds-Grinding Hamel, Illinois 62046 Carpenter Location 633-2215 656-2833 MARKET BASKET PRODUCE The Finest Of Fresh Fruit And Produce 443 S. Buchanan Edwardsville, ILL. 62025 Phone 656-9055 A. MIRRING FLOREST 118 N. Main St. Edwardsville, Illinois 656-7800 Rt. 4 Hwy. 159 South WHISTLE STOP Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor 656-2048 Quelity end Service le Our Motto HAMEL SEED FARM SUPPLY, INC. At Junction 4 and 1-55 Seed — Fertilizer — Seed Cleaning Chemicals — Farm Spraying — Farm Supplies RR 1 Worden, Ill. 62097 Wilmer, Bob, Randy Kienke, Owners 618-633-2641 Leonard and Virginia Bush. proprietors COTTONWOOD) «atc =- PET SHOP COMPLETE LINE OF PET SUPPLIES Tropical Fishes Birds : quariums and Supplies 492.0387 8. 348 Jooction Dr.. Mw. 15 Cottonwood Mali Edwarcsy-i'e 1. 6202 P ss0Designs “Designed To Be Remembered” 656-0334 109 Purcell-On The Courthouse Sq. Where’s The Beef? Sandwiches Pastrami Reuben Corned Beef Clubs PHONE 656-1841 Jewelry Brooks Pewelers COMPLETE LINE OF FINE JEWELRY 213.N MAIN EDITH BROOKS EDWARDSVILLE, IL 62025 oz s ° ¢g %, PHONE 6546-1093 HOME 6546-8272 —@ ES ate SHEVILES ALTO BODY, iC. EE TE ALVIN SIEVERS 813 NORTH MAIN EDWARDSVILLE, ILitnois 62025 MBHANNIE’S Wo men 5 Appa -e l Marilyn Burton 138 N. Main St. And Edwardsville, IL Carole Ann Fritsche 656-5353 Unicorn Travel Consultants “On Courthouse Square 111 North Second Street Edwardsville, Illinois €2025 Phone 618-656-2264 Dial 618-656-7788 VALLOW FLOOR COVERINGS 500 E. Vandalia Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 OUR POOL: BUT..... It’s your money! All sizes and shapes ein ground Fiberglass or stainless steel walls So why not have the finest the industry has to offer fully in- with concrete bottom. stalled in your back Fully warranteed yard. A year round immediate construction summer of healthy dates fun and relaxation Call Today 656-1426 THEIMS CONSTRUCTION CO., INC 103 Seminole, Edwardsvilia, IL 62025 Absolutely Free Estimates SHUPACKS Fi Ose Ss 124 North Main Street 656-1307 AREA CODE 618 633-2265 105 East State Street Hamel, Illinois 62046 NcB HAMEL STATE BANK Exec. Vice-President Secretary MICHAEL H. BREEN OPEN MON - SAT McMICHAEL’S 9:00 - 5:30 DOWNTOWN FLOWERS - ; (656-8109 |= == 128 N. Main, Edwardsville, IL Cottonwood Station R 159 Glen Carbon, Illinois 692-0550 FLORISTS’ MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY 500 St. Louis Street 656-4240 CR VUTUA INSURANCE COMPANY — Congratulations Class Of ’85 VB Co Auto Glass - Custom Mirrors Furniture Tops - Plate Glass Storm Doors And Windows Thermo Replacement Windows Upstairs At Glen Carbon, IL 62034 Windows And Screens Repaired The Whistle Stop 618 656-7838 HERITAGE Your One Stop Movie Shop GLASS AND MIRROR 517 E. Vandalia St. The Edwardsville, IL F , Bus. 618-656-9500 ramery Where Customers Are Treated 216 E. Park St. As Friends Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 (618) 656-5749 A Touch Of Elegance In Framing THE ECORD COMPANY For Value In Music 315 Cottonwood Mall Edwardsville, IL 3675 E Nameoki Road Granite City, IL. 656-7750 876-7334 KENNETH C. HYTEN D.D5S. BRENT D. 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Main Edwardsville, IL 62025 656-2214 MANY STYLES - FASHION TOPS CUSTOM PRINTED SHIRTS PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING Mrs. Earl Kriege David E. Kriege KRIEGE HARDWARE 112 E. Vandalia Street Edwardsville, Illinois 656-7588 EDWARDSVILLE FROZEN FOODS 2) . eye? 246 N. MAIN ST EDWARDSVILLE Lt 62025 FRESH MEATS FREEZER MEAT FINEST LUNCHMEAT OUR SPECIALTY ORDER BY PHONE FROZEN FOODS PHONE 618.656.1477 Compliments Of OVERBECK’S WALLPAPER PAINT 130 N. Main 656-0195 ILLINOIS LUMBER CO., INC. Edwardsville, IL 62025 e e 514 E. Vandalia St. Richards Brick Company lle, TL MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS All Your Business Needs P.O. Box 407 — 234 SPRINGER Ave. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 62025 Phone: 656-1514 254-9400 Television Phone 656-0230 epipeionns y Audio inc 244 S. Buchanan (Rt. 159) Phone 656-0230 Edwardsville erie Sram SEP) State Of The Art Audio Systems Congratulations Class Of ’85 Bil Paciaiemaace Satellite Television Systems A Congratulations Class ‘Of, 1985! No Matter As " A ate) We Are ... The Tigers Are ce Number One! ‘SS — = - ae SS Sa Als |

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