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WELCOME BIENVENUS WILLKOMMEN BIENVENIDO TIGER 1984 Edwardsville High School Edwardsville, Illinois Volume 71 Tiger Yearbook| Staff Editor-In-Chief Karen Meyer Business Manager Staff Tracy Hartzel Ellen Ladd Lori Marks Terri McCarty Donna Menoni Kathy Meyer Senior Section Samantha Cathi Gagliardo-Editor Paolucci Kathy Firsching Jill Pifer Anne Holderread Debbie Sullivan Circulation Manager Dawn Sullivan Photographers Andy Koepke-Senior Chris Brammeier : Cathy Forsting Advisor Greg Giedeman Mrs. Bonnie Enoss Darrell Meek Eric Nordhauser Dawn Van Table| Of Contents Faculty Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Homecoming Sports Activities Advertisements Remember Hurricane Alicia The devasting hurricane Alicia grew from a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, August 16, 1983. Alicia strengthened in size and power with every hour that passed by. Protective measures were taken to decréase the amount of destruction that was to come. A portion of Galveston was protected by a levee built to withstand eighteen feet waves. People who lived in mobile homes were asked to evacuate. Businesses were boarding up their When . . .. EHS School Mascot On Tuesday September 6, 1983 Ed wardsville High School students found the school had a new mascot. Herbie, the eighty pound fiberglass Hereford steer had been taken from Edwards- ville Frozen Foods and placed on top of the school building. The last time Herbie was taken was over ten years ago when he ended up in a farmers field. August 18, 1983 windows and doors to protect their investments. On Thurs- day, August 18, 1983 hurricane Alicia crashed into the Texas and Louisiana coasts sending sheets of rain through windows and doors with devastating winds reaching near 115 mph. Because of Alicia’s eye being off centered, more heavy thunderstorms and rains attacked the area after Alicia crossed the coastline In August and September of 83’, the city of Edwardsville had a disruption in the operation of the water flow. Edwards- ville city residents were instructed to boil their water until further notice In August, a boil order was issued because of lighting that had stricken the water plant and caused the city water tanks to run dry. As a result of the water loss, people were asked to limit the use of water in order to refill the water tanks. Local businesses, such as laundromats and car washes, were asked to shut down for the day Again in September, a boil order was in effect for two days because of a large water main break. The pipe that broke was one of the oldest water mains in the city. The cause of the break was primarily the age of the pipe History in the making What? The Space Shuttle Challenger Where? Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral, Florida When? 2:32 am Tuesday, August 30, 1983 After a seventeen minute delay the space go up into space. The space shuttle launch shuttle Challenger left the earth leaving a bril- could be seen for a radius of 150-200 miles. liant display of sight and sound. In just a few The flame from the shuttle launch bounced off minutes after it’s liftoff, the Challenger was the clouds creating a brilliantly lit sky. The sky circling the earth 184 miles high. The Challeng- was so bright one could read a newspaper three er’s crew included the first black astronaut to miles away The 1983 summer season was one of the hottest ever. The high temperatures combined with high humidity caused closing of E’ville’s public schools. Temperatures reached the top of the thermom- eter making it almost impossible to keep cool. The seasons went from one extreme to another. The winter was hard. Snow storms came with- out warning. As a result of the heavy snow, schools were again closed in the St. Louis area. Because We Missed You The 1984 Tiger is dedicated to Mrs. Ernie Nathan. Mrs. Nathan has taught English and French at EHS for many years. She has also devoted much of her time and guidance as advisor to the National Honor Society and S.1.T. This year, a prolonged illness has caused Mrs. Nathan to be absent from EHS for most of the school year. . “We miss you! Please hurry back!” a G0) ee District 7 Administrative Staff 2 Mr. Roy Olive Superintendent of Schools Mr. Rue Foe Mr. Bob Stuart Mr. Gerald Webb Asst. Superintendent of Business Affairs Director of Instruction Director of Personnel Board Of Ed ucation Mrs. Dianne Franke Mr. Nick Hamilos Mr. Roland Nelson Mrs. Pat Scerba Mrs. Susan Welch Mr. Rudy Wilson Mr. Dave Woelfel EHS Administrative Staff . George Halsey Principal Mr. Robert Gregor Mr. Don Dillow Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Mrs. Carol McCormack Assistant Principal Secretarial Staff Mrs. Borgstede - Guidance Office Mrs. Burns - Bookkeeper Mrs. Burian - Secretary Mrs. Emrich - Registrar Mrs. Jackson - Secretary Mrs. Leady - Attendance Secretary Humanities Mr. Gerald Bradley Mr. Dennis DeToye Ms. Bonnie Enos 7 Ms. Lea Mainer Mr. Jim Richmond Mr. Dick Rogers Business Ms. Diane Gebhardt Ms. Anne Gregor Ms. Martha Hanson Mr. George Salovitch Ms. Pam Sidener Ms. Judy Verseman Counselors Mr. Charles Finley Ms. Hazel Loucks Mr. Dan berle Mr. Richard Pilney Mr. Jim Tilashalski Ms. Sharon Ms. Liz Brown Ms. Ann Jacox Kettenhofen Ms. Ernestine Nathan Mr. Jack Ott Ms. Jacqueline Rader Ms. Lessie Shashack Ms. Peg Spellman Ms, Dianne Williams Mr. Fran Dwyer Ms. Sandee Harmon Mr. Bill Meister Ms. Mary Ann Ms. Marion Ms. Winifred Russell Thompson Woodard Applied Arts -. - Mr. Bill Collman Mr. Dave Cooper Mr. Paul Garner Jesse Joiner Ms. Carolyn Kuethe Ms. Marian Lewis Mr. Norm Reuscher aN Mr. Jack Elam Mr. Elliott French Mr. Jim Hindelang Ms. Mary Lancaster Ms. Linda Powell Ms. Peg Schultheis Mr. Dan Suess Ms. Vicki Summers Mr. Gary Winkle 12 P.E. And Health Mr. Dick Ford Mr. Bill Funkhouser Ms. Sherry Skelton Mr. Warren Stahlhut Mr. Bud Vallino a= os " Mr. Gerald Baker Ms. Rebecca Beal Mr. Lee Bollinger Mr. Gayle Day Mr. Jim Price I Robert Remmert 13 Social Studies Driver’s Ed. Mr. Winston Brown Mr. Paul Fuchs Mr. Jack McCarty Mr. Pat Price Mr. Bill Nunes Mr. Tom Pile Ms. Delores Regna Mr. Joe Symanski Education Special a | Mr. Steve Heal Ms. Jan Highlander Ms. Bernece Johnson Ms. Patricia Penelton Nurse Cafeteria Workers Vi Root, Dorothy Dustman, Shirley Orman, Elizabeth Arth. Top Right: Betty Schrieber, Gail Korvik, Lower Right: Marion Utecht, Barbara Peter- son Ms. Doris 14 Dankenbring Librarian 1¥ Ba. {| Ms. Lynn Brown Not Pictured Ms. Janice Carver Mr. Richard Dempsey Mr. Barb Ellebracht Mr. Tom Heepke Mr. Jim Jackson Ms. Nola Keepper Ms. Saralee Strauss FRESHMEN Ed Beyer Scott Biancc Angie Bland Dan Block David Blumenstock Dennis Boehr Lakshmi Bollini Cristy Bough Rodney Bourn Brien Bowers Betty Bowles John Boyer Susan Boyer Earnell Branson I don’t ask for complications but they come to me in spite I never look for ghosts yet they haunt me in the night I’ve never told the sun to stop or told the rain to come I either cling to more or less but never just to some I think I wish I didn’t care if laughter came at all I only wish that tears would leave and problems would be small Dana Bra se Dawn Brase Marshall Brase Larry Brown Portia Brown Mary Beth Broyles Ken Buck Byron Buckman Jon Buford John Burk Andy Burns Pat Burns Deron Burrus Jim Busch Aimbderiy Calhoun Dwayne Davis John Dean Brian Debolt Rob Deconcini Liza Decoteau Richard Delgado Gabriel Edmond Diane Elfrink Leasa Ellis David Evans Mark Evans Phil Evans Dan Farmer Tommy Fayollat Jenni Felchlin Paula Felchlin Colleen Fields Carrie Fisher Bonita Flor Scott Florini Cathy Forsting Marc Franke Mark Frey Linda Frisse Laura Grezlak Liza Grezlak Mike Grist Shawn Grubb Jeff Guerra Darian Guillory Beth Gusewelle Cheron Guyton Dale Hadley Kevin Hahn Lewis Haines Yvette Hairston Milissia Halbrook Jackie Hamilton Laura Hamilton Priscilla Hammon Lesley Hangsleben Greg Hann Clay Hanvey Jane Harper Kim Harrick Debbie Harris Ron Hartmann Betty Hartzel lan Gibbons Gail Gies Pattie Gi Misty Gillmore Tim Glover Michelle Godin Sara Hepler Jenny Herb Edward Hess Kenny Hess Nicole Hess Robert Hesse k Havens ie Hawkins Jane Helms Joanne Henderson Shari Henderson ‘ Henke Corey Henry Jeni Henry Matt Hillman Julie Hilt Paula Hintz Kurt Hofmann Julie Hohenstein Susan Holderread Bob Horton Debra Horvath Lee Horvath Jimmy Hovey Charlene Hubbard Christine Huff Alton Lewis Robert Littlejohn David Loge Mike Long Ronnie Long Lesley Loyd Michael Lus ter Amy Lynn Bill MacDonald Nicole Maher Shellee Mahlandt Deanne Mallory Brendan Malone Rhoda Malone Bill Markowitz Lori Marks Marshall Milford Beth Martin Anne Matta Dave McCalla Monica McCarthy Rob McClellan Ju McCleland Sandy McCord t 1a McCoy Ke McDaniel Christy McGauley Amy McReaken Darrell Meek ch Meikamp Tom Metcalf Amy Meyer Dan Meyer Beth Meyer Gerry Meyer Brett Meyer Katy Meyer Steve Meyer Michelle Meyers Jody Michlitsch Michael Mick Steve Miller Tina Miller Jennie Milligan Melanie Milton Diane Mitchell Rita Monroe Teresa Montague Kelly Moore Kristin Moore Varice Morgan Steve Ohren Carla Opel 7 : Teresa Paddock Darlene Parham Dale Patterson Scott Paur Steve Paur David Peel Tim Peters Gregory Rapp Gina Reeves Erin Reilly Dal Vernon Reising Shawn Reiter Mark Renken Matt Reuterman Ben Richards Beth Riley Rh a Rinaldi Mark Ringering Jeff Roderick Darsha Scott Bryan Scroggins Michele Shaheen Bill Sharp Sara Shaw Stacy Skaer Julie Slemer Jennifer Smith Aaron Sokolowski Kathy Sotelo Sonetta Spillers Tracy Sporrer Kelly Spotanski Stevenson Susie Stille Eric Stoces Robbie Stoces Janet Stoff Jim Stotts Wanda Stram Ronnie Stroder Roger Strohmeier Derek Sturniolo Debbie Sullivan Jimmie Sullivan Sangeeta Swamy Daniel Swiecick Rachel Symanski I marvel at some miracles and remember them as good I stand and watch catastrophes and wish I understood I try to do what’s good and right and turn my head at bad I hate it when my plans don’t work and | start to feel so mad Mixed emotions I’ve learned to face and make it through the day I know I’m only growing up and everything’s okay Joy Evridg Rich Thompson Ron Thorp Ray Trebing Tina Tretter Jeff Tripp Jeff Turner Brian Tutka Dawn Van Robyn Vanek Eric Vanzo Kristie Varnado Vicki Vrabec Charlei Wallace Jeni Wallace Shawn Walton Lori Warren Kim Wetze Craig White Mike Whitehead Patty Wickham Matt Wiemers David Wilkinsor Jody Wilkinson Vern Wilkinson Tricia Wilson Windy Winfield Cathy Wing Becky Winkler Kermit Winslow Lynn Wisnasky Amy Witschie Dayle Womack Joe Wood Andy Woods “a se) a = on QO. e) ya ¢ dv = EL i) dv I LL, “32 Freshman Class Officers Row 1: Nicole Hess - Vice President, Tom Zupanci - President. Row 2: Laura Grezlak - Secretary, Gina Reeves - Treasurer. Mrs. Marion Thompson and Miss Pam Cook The Freshman class began their fund-raising in a unique way by selling nachos at the Tiger Football games. Remember the Homecoming float? We worked hard and it looked great! Unfortunately, the truck wouldn’t start so it never left the garage! Our second semester fund-raiser was another first for EHS, an aerobics excerise class,It was a popular activity where everyone improved their fitness while having fun. Freshman Class Sponsors 10) fs (0) (0) te Melanie Adams Dianna Ahlers Mark Allen Melissa Allison Steve Archer Mike Arnett David Ashby dim Bain Roger Baker Sherrie Barnes duleigh Barringer Sean Baublitz Sarah Beard Daryl Beetner Cecil Bell Paul Bender Lavay Bengtson Julie Bequette Amy Bertels Cindy Bertels Larry Bertels Mike Bettorf Cindy Bigham Tammy Blakey Lisa Bockstruck Ginger Boda Carla Bowen Arlinda Boyd Benjamin Braddock Jamie Bradshaw Stacey Bramhall Kim Bratten Mary Brewster Dee Brickner Sheri Brinkman Jay Broadwater Rex Buckingham Steve Budny Chris Burns Jeff Burns Steve Burnside Bill Burnside Lora Callahan Benobra Carr Maria Carter Christy Catalano Carl Cauble Al Celmer Jennifer Chen Jerry Clark Nathan Claudson Shawn Clayton Kristina Colley Janet Cook Donna Coppola Bryan Corley Stephanie Corsere Larry Cralley Kim Crow John Cullen Dawn Curtis Cara Davis Kenny Davis Kim Davis Melissa Dean Lisa Deconcini Angie Deppe Ann Deppe Tim Dial Beverly Dickerson Warren Dissen Theresa Doolen Kris Dorsey Joe Drew Trevor Dumar Kelly Dumas Melissa Dunaway Susan Eberhart Jimmy Edmond Tom Ellis Kurt Ellsworth p J : brian rarretl Keith Faulkner David Lynne Foehrkolt Greg Foster Stacey Francis Rebecca Franke Theresa Frazer Steve Fruit Michelle Fuentes Chris Garbe Matt Gehrs Valerie Gibbons Diane Giebe Paula Giles Neal Glasgow Beth Goff Michael Going Pau! Gorby Victoria Gorman Julie Grapperhaus Eric Gregory Chery! Grimm Scott Grimm Suzanne Gude Maria Gusewel Tamiko Guyton Ron Haarmann Kerry Hanke Jim Hanks Edi Melissa Harlan Rick Harmon Ellen Hartley Don Hawk Bill Hawk William Hawkins Jeff Heinemeier Jean Helms Matt Henke Jeff Highley Lynn Hiland Bob Hintz What is this feeling that I have? On top of the world And then at the bottom. Looking pretty, Feeling ugly. Happy Then sad. These are the best years of my life Janet Hoeke Patrick Hoffman Bobby Holly Paul Holshouser Jim Holt Dawn Holtman Nick Jaki Raquel Jasper Deirdre Johnson Gary Johnson lat to JONNSIOF Mike Kafka Greg Kasten Caine Kelso June Kerley Paul Kessman Tina Kessmann Steve Kiefer Danny Kilgor« Bob Kinder Jeff King Kirsten Kirby Don Klingsick Travis Morrison Kerrie Mortland Jeff Mount Janet Mueggenburg Diane Mueller 5s J gorery AISSOUR} 4 (THETIC DEPT Patrick Murphy Narayan Nair Clay Naugle Ann Nelson Chuck Nelson Michelle Nelson Rose Nicol Julie Nilsson Mike Noeltner Jamie Nolan Nikki Nolte John Norton Tim Norton Ray Notter Pat Nuernberger Steve Nunes Debra Olsen Kammy Opel Jennifer Ottwell Yet The worst. My body’s changing But are my feeling? I am At the end of childhood On the verge of adulthood At the crossroads Of two lives. —— Steve Palmer Sam Partovi Jill Feinberg Dawn Petras Elizabeth Pile Dan Piper Lisa Poeling Janet Ponce Debbie Ponder Neil Probst Eric Provaznik Gieta Rademacher Ann Raffaelle Jeff Rallo Mike Rami Amy Ramon Sue Ray Amy Razeghi Gary Reller Scott Rendleman Bryce Renken Chris Revelle Cindy Reynolds Meredith Robinson 43 Rothe d Roustio Amity Rutt Rodney Rutz Stephanie Ruyle Glen Sammor Susan Sawler Mark Schaefer David Schaepperkoetter Tammy Schipkowski Cheryl Schlechte Jeff Schmidt Rob Schmidt Amy Schofield Ann Schofield Jennifer Schrumpf Chris Schulze Ted Schwalb Lori Sedlacek Brett Sever Laura Sexton Michael Shaheen Angie Sharp Bill Sheeley Jaimee Siedhoff Jim Siedhoff Carlisa Simburger Paul Smith Sam Smucker Christine Snell Cami Spencer Cari Spencer Neil Sperandio Ricky Simmons Dawn Simpson Laura Bob Sirtak Don Sisson Leisa Sittner Cristi Slaughter Alison Smith John Smith Lonnie Smith Marva Smith Mike Smith Tank Spiller Laura Sporrer Stacy Springs Gregg Stade Don Stark Daman Steelman Alison Steiner Brian Stewart Stacey Stoops Mike Suhre John Sullivan Debbie Sultan 46 Mary Pat Traxler Mike Tulgetske Lisa Tweedy Nike Twesten Amy Vanek Laura Vaniger Debbie Van Patten Rhoda Vaughn e Veith Jerson seth Vogt Thad Vuagniaux Johnny Warren John Washt Ray Watsek Tonya Weatherly Pat Weber John We y W r Lester Welburn Dawn Werner Jimmy West Thad Summers Kim Swift Shawn Syddall Chris Threlkeld Scott Tolie Ann Tosovsky Kathy Wiley Mike Wilkening Art Wilkinson Tiffany Wilkinson David Wilson « BOLL Fe, Debbie Wilson Rich Winkler Cindy Winslow Ben Wisnasky Karen Wolfe Sophomore Not Pictured Keith Wyvell Tonia Yehling Kimberly Dusky Frank Zoeller Richard Goodwin Tom Hartzel Patrick Higgens Marlon Lobdell Lisa Mainer John Martin Michael Newmann David Price Scott Reynolds Carl Roberson Amie Sparks Gerald Stennis Kathy Timmerman Annette Travis Shelia Weeks Sophomore Class Sponsors row 1: Rene Mattingly - Treasurer. row 2: Chris Garbe - Mrs. Patricia Penel ? President, Amy Vanek - Secretary, Becki Lippold - Vice Pres. ws. Patricia Penglton and Mrs. Lisbeth Brown 47 JUNIORS ja Baird Steve Bancroft Alisa Barnes Trish Barnett Karen Bockstruck Chris Boda Jenny Boedeker Stacy Boeker 1 Boeser Bonngard Micheal Boom Dan Bower Samantha Bozack David Bradley Amy Bramstedt Kathy Brans Brenda Briney Cynthia Brooks Debbie Brown Lisa Brown Rita Brown Barb Bruhn Dennis Bugg Joe Burlingame Connie Burnett Tim Burns Troy Burrus Denise Busch chrissy Carlson Rob Carpenter Chris Carter me Linda Cutler Sue Dragich hy Dudacek n Dujka Tracy Dunaway Mark Dunnagan Daryl Durell Faith Durer Fred Durer Bill Dycus 52 Rita Flor Jerri Foehrkolt Lolly Ford Beth Foster Chuck Fox Dana Franke Sabrina Frentzel Brian Frey Dana Galbreath Gary Garbe Mary Garrison Jim Gasper David Gehrs Tom George David Gerber Sheri Gibson Dawn Giebe Greg Gied Doug Gieseking Patrick Gillespie John Goff Barb Gueldener Gary Guillory Karen Hackethal Kevin Hackethal Suzanne Hacking Dale Halbrook Gary Hamel Joe Hamiltor Jim Hammond Kevin Hanke Elmer Hansel Deneen Hansen Stephanie Harris Shawn Haubrick Debra Hauschild Don Hemphill Gary Henderson Mike } iengehold Marc Henry Mark Henson Casie Herb Tina Herman Terri Hertel Bob Hess Lisa Lerct Karl Lewir Pat Lewis Donald Lindsey Samuel Llewellyr Juniors Not Pictured Pamela Kruschik Tracy Loewer Terri McCarty Johranne Rogers Aimee Hanes Peggy Skaggs Mark Hangsleben Rosezenna Stennis Crystal Hughe Jamie Weiss Sheri Jacot Robert Wood Kare n Kirk Rebecca Zwick Marlon Lobdell Melissa Long Scott Looney Emigdio Lopez Mike Lowry Carolyn Luketich me ot fone aed . me OUCuir € Ronna Reckman Alison Reeves Charles Reiter Bill Reiter Lisa Renken Steve Renken Debra Kay Reynolds Charles Richard Bob Riess PJ Riley Jay Ringering Michelle Rogier Rosalie Romano Maylean Rouse Junior Class Officers Row 1: Val Koelker - President, Karen Farmer - Secretary, Lisa Turnbull - Treasurer. Row 2: Tracy Dunaway - Vice President. Scott Skief Laura Smith Ron Smith Gary Sommer Kip Sorenson 2 “2 aa % ve Miss Sharon Kettenhoffen and Mr. Bill Funkhouser Chris Stoces Pam Stoecklir Lisa Strausbaug}! nh 3 a” ¢ al ‘= , 4 bud - F Steve Strohmeyer Steve Stuart Scott Sturniolo Craig Suermann Dawn Sullivan Scott Sumner Clint Taber David Taylor Michelle Thatcher Stacey Thomasor Michelle Thompson Todd Thompson Tim Thorp Koreen Tretter Lisa Turnbull George Turner Doug White Merle Wilder Gary Wilkening Tim Wibliams Ro jue Winchester Barb Winfield Elizabeth Wing Kay Ann Wisnasky Jennifer Wood Susanna Woodard Steve Woods Rod Yehling Lisa Young Mike Zika ) HF LO) 5 to PAUL MALLORY ABERT “ABERSON”’ Intramurals 3,4; O.O. 4; WHO’S WHO SHERRI ALLEN “PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!” Student Council 2 TODD A.J. AMBUEL “CRAZY” “AM” Football 1,2,3,4; Print Staff 4 LINDA ANDREWS JAMES D. ACRA “LOOKIN GOOD” Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; D.O. 4 SCOT ALLISON KELY LYN ANDERSON “TO KNOW WHERE | STAND, IS TO KNOW THE PATH I TAKE!” vir T'S: TO BE iTS UP’ TO ME.” Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; D.E.C.A. 4 JOE ARCHER LAURA ARNOLD WA DE ASHLEY “BOO” Band 4 “IF SOMONE DOESN’T HAVE A SMILE ON THEIR FACE, GIVE THEM ONE OF YOURS.” Intramurals 3,4; Yearbook Staff 1; Print Staff 4 DORINDA ATKINSON SANDRA BARNES ANITA BARR MIKE BATSON “] WILL ANGIE LANDERS AND KIM CALHOUN ALL THE PUNK THEY WANT!” D.E.C.A. 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Guidance Worker JANA KAY BAYER . 7 LANCE BEARD “HEY BUD, LET’S PARTY!” German Club 1,2; Student Council 1; Office Worker 2; O.0. 4 CYNTHIA BEATTY JAMES BECKWITH Print Staff 3; Editor 3, Editor Emeritus 4; French Club 1; N.H.S. 3, Pres. 4; Homecoming Court 2,4; E’ville Spirits 4: Those Who Excel Award; Nat’! Merit Semi- Finalist MARC ALAN TONYA BERGAN BEHRHORST “TOO TALL” “IT’S BEEN A SLICE” ‘ ROGER A. BERKMAN ANGELA BERTELS “THE WOLF MAN” Wrestling 1 JOSEPH BERTELS KAREN BERTELS SHARON BERTELS LEIGH BLUMENSTOCK DAVID BOCCALEONI FRED BORT MARK BILLEAUD “JE L’AIME” Soccer 1,2,3,co-capt 4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Print Staff 4; Intramurals 3,4; Drama Club 2; E’ville Spirits 4; Senior Class Vice-President ELIZABETH D. BOEDEKER “LOVE MEANS NOTHING TO A TENNIS PLAYER!”’ Print Staff 3,4; S.I.T. Sec. 3, Pres. 4; German Club 1,2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 4 MARK S. BLYTHE “! MARK BLYTHE, LEAVE MY LOCK AND ALL OF THE GREAT MEMORIES TO KELLY M. AND MY BATTING AVG. TO MOTO.” DORIAN W. BOWIE “GIZMO” “ALWAYS REMEMBER, GHANDI LOVES YOU!” Print Staff 4 BETH ANNE BOYD “THE WORLD TODAY DOESN’T MAKE MUCH SENSE, SO WHY SHOULD I PAINT PICTURES THAT DO?” Print Staff 4; Drama Club 1; S.O. 3; Art Seminar 4 RICHARD H. BRASE Wrestling 1; Track 1 TIMOTHY ALAN BRINKMANN “WORK AND SACRIFICE, BUT MOST OF ALL BE MELLOW.” Basketball 1,2,3,co- capt.4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; WHO’S WHO, Nat’! History Award PAUL BROOKS TRIXIE BOYLES “! WISH CAROL MARTIN THE BEST OF LUCK AND CHRIS MARTIN TO ENJOY LIFE DAY BY DAY AND TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING.” Print Staff 4; Art Seminar 4 RHONDA BRINEY TIM BRODERICK Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2; Print Staff 3,4; Homecoming Court 3; Royal Escort 4 HAROLD “BEN” BRUKER JULIE M. BRYANT Gymnastics 1; Print Staff 4: Intramurals 2; Student Council 1,2 BRIAN BULLARD KYMBERLY ANN BURKE “KYMMER”’ “GO FOR IT!” Volleyball 1,2,3 CINDY L. CAMPBELL $.LT. 3,4 MIKE BUCHANAN TERRY BURGESS WILLIAM “BILL” CALDWELL FRED CARPENTER TONY CARPENTER CHRISTINA CHAPMAN “CHRISSIE” REGINA CLARK STEPHEN CLOW TRICIA YVETTE CASON Intramurals 2,3; Student Council 2,3; Pom-pon Squad 1,2,3,4 VICKI L. CHARTRAND “I HAVE HAD A GREAT FOUR YEARS AT ELS.’ E2?.A. 12,3: SiO: 3; Homecoming Court 3; Art Seminar 4; E’ville Spirits 4; Peer Listening 4 DONNA CLEMENTS Library Worker 4; Guidance Worker 3 LINDA COLEMAN D.E.C.A. 4; Orchestra 123 TRACEY L. COLEMAN JAY MICHAEL CORGIAT “THE BEST PERSON TO BE IS YOURSELF. THAT’S WHO EVERYONE LIKES THE MOST.” Football 1,2,3, co-capt 4; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 1,4; E’ville Spirits 4: Senior Class President KELLY J. COURTNEY Gymnastics 1; Softball 1 CINDY COX “WHAT DO YOU MEAN AM I READY FOR COLLEGE? IS COLLEGE READY FOR ME??” Field Hockey 3, tri-capt 4: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,3,4; Softball 2; WHO’S WHO ROGER COOKE CARLA CORNWELL “BUFFY” Field Hockey 1; Basketball 1; Intramurals 4: Drama Club 2,4; Student Council 1,2,3; E’ville Spirits 4 COLLETTE DANIELLE COWAN “CEE CEE” Volleyball 2,3,4; ey Basketball 1,2,3; Intramurals 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; E’ville Spirits 4 MICHAEL COX “CASANOVA” “FRESHMEN, HAVE FUN WHILE YOU CAN: BECAUSE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, IT IS GONE!” Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4 GREG CRAINE BRETT CURTIS TAMMY DAVIS DAVID DECONCINI JUDITH D. CROSS ““REMEMBER GIRLS WHAT HE DOESN’T KNOW WON'T KILL HIM!” Gymnastics 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; French Club sec treas 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3; O.O. pres. 4 GEORGE CUVAR “THANKS FOR A FUN FOUR YEARS!” JULIE DECKER NICOLE S. DELEONARDIS Tennis 1,2,3,4: Student Council 3; Intramurals 4; E’ville Spirits 4; WHO’S WHO; Senior Class Treasurer; Basketball Stats 2 THERESA C. DENNIS “| WILL GET YOU YET’ Intramurals 3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; S.O. 4; Band 1 DEBRA E. DIAL “IT’S ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE”’ Intramurals 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4 ROBERT DICKERSON CAROL L. DIGGS “DIGGER” “HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR DREAMS” 0.0. 4 MARCIA DENNY “THE BEST THING ABOUT THE FUTURE IS THAT IT COMES ONLY ONE DAY AT A TIME.” Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1; Student Council 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 2,4; WHO’S WHO; Soph. Class Sec.; Junior Class President REGEANA RACHELLE DICKERSON “ENJOY YOUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS WHILE YOU CAN: THERE IS NO COMING BACK” Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 4 ELIZABETH ANN DIERKES “STICK WITH SCHOOL AND NEVER QUIT” KIRK A. DISSEN “I KIRK DISSEN, LEAVE MY COKE BOTTLE COLLECTION TO “ERIC ONLEY.” Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3; Band 1,2; Homecoming Court 2 DANETTE DORSEY » KEITH ECKFORD Football 3; Track 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Intramurals 2,3,4 RICK L. DODD Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Homecoming Court 3; E’ville Spirits 4 LEVI H. DOZIER JR. “PETE” L.O:C. +5.0:S,, 1 RENT MAD AT YA!” Football 1; Basketball 2; Intramurals 2,3,4 SHERRY ANN DONNELLY “T FOUND THE ONE | LOVE IN HIGH SCHOOL.” 0.0. 4 TIMOTHY DOUGLAS DIANA DUNCAN Guidance Worker 4 BRENDA LEE EDGEWORTH “TLL MISS YOU Og Student Council 3; D.E.C.A. 4; Pom-pon squad 2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 4 JOHN EDMOND “JKnought”’ Football 3; Soccer 1,2 capt. 3,4; Basketball 2; Track 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Intramurals 3; French Club 1 Pres., 3; Homecoming Court 2,4 3a HOLLAND ELLIS RANDALL EMERT KATHLEEN MARIE EVERSMAN “BOOTS” “STUDY LESS, PARTY MORE, WE’RE THE CLASS OF ’84!” Art Seminar 4 LAURA A. ELFRINK “| LEAVE TO THE NEXT REDHEAD IN MR. LOUER’S CLASS ALL THE UNHUMOROUS PUNS YOU WILL HAVE TO PUT UP WITH.” Intramurals 1,3,4; Dramz Club 1,2,3,4; Thespians 1,2,3,4; A Cappella 2,3,4; Art Seminar 4; E’ville Spirits 4 KRISTINE ELLSWORTH DAWN MICHELE EVANS “THE MEMORIES OF MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST. I'LL MISS YOU E.H.S.!” Print Staff 4; Student Council 1,2; Guidance Worker 3; D.E.C.A. vice pres. 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3, co-capt. 4; E’ville Spirits 4 DAVID L. FELCHLIN “RIUEY™ Football 2,3,4; Track 1,3,4 GIDGET R. FELDER MIKE FENCEL “| LOVE YOU MOM!” “THE FENCE” Basketball 1,2,4; Track ) “! SAW GHANDI AT 3; French Club 4; WOODSTOCK” Guidance Worker 2,3,4; Band 1,2 Print Staff; $.O.; Art Seminar 4 FELICIA FIFER MICHELLE A. FINK “| LEAVE MY THANKS AND SUPER MEMORIES OF THE NICE TALKS AND FUN TIMES I HAD IN ENGLISH WITH LINDA A. TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. I HOPE THEY CAN BE AS FORTUNATE AS | WAS.” Intramurals 2,3; Office Worker 3,4 LISA FINKE KATHRYN FIRSCHING Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 2; Yearbook Staff 4 SHAWNA FLANIGAN : JULIE ANN : FOEDERER Art Seminar 4; Homecoming Program Cover 2,4 CHRISTOPHER FREYMUTH CATHI LEE GAGLIARDO “DO YOUR BEST, NO ONE CAN ASK FOR MORE”’ Intramurals 3,4; Drama Club 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; E’ville Spirits 4; Yearbook Staff 2; Sports Ed. 3; Senior Ed. 4; U.S.B.E.A. Award LISA GAVIN SHERRY GERONIMO “BREAK LOOSE” Student Council 2; Art Seminar 4 RONALD FRISSE “LOB” German Club 1,2,3,4; Computer Club 4 ROD L. GALBRAITH “LATER” KIMBERLY GEISEN “MICKEY” “LIFE IS WORTH LIVING, ONLY IF YOU CAN LIVE IT UP!” S.1.T. 3; Library Worker 2; Art Seminar 4 GEORGE C. GESCHWEND rint Staff 4; Band ,3,4; Jazz Band ,3,4; All District Band P 1 1 3 3 i. 4 KELLY GIVAN ROBERT W. GOODWIN “BOB SLOB” “MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS WERE GREAT. TOO BAD | SPENT THEM IN HIGH SCHOOL!” DEIRDRE GIBBONS TIM GOEBEL GINA GEISEKING “SO LONG E.H.S.!” Guidance Worker 1,2,4; Mixed Chorus 1,4 GARY GLASER Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Wrestling 2; Track 1,2,3,4 LEANNE RAE GOODE “LUKE” “GOLLY-GOLLY- GOLLY!” Librry Worker; F.F.A. 4; 0.0. 4 GARY GORMAN SMUETLY= Football 3,4; Intramurals 3; H.E.R.O. 4 MARY ELLEN GORMAN STEVEN GRAHAM DARREN GRAYSON Intramurals 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Computer Club KARLA GABRIELLA GREGORY “YEAH, BUT IS IT A MERCEDES?” CATHERINE GOWER LAVETT J. GRANGER Track; Print Staff; D.E.C.A. 4 CYNTHIA D. GREENE “GOOD-BYE” French Club Pres. 4; Library Worker 2; Homecoming Court 1; Pom-pon Squad 1 (capt.), 2,3; E’ville Spirits 4; Sophomore Class President JAMES GREMAUD CYNTHIA LYNN GRIMES “SHUT UP AND GET IN LINE PLEASE!” N.H.S. 3,4 Treas.; Pom- pon 3, Capt. 4; National History and Government Award 3 tha - MICHAEL L. GUERRA MICHAEL R. GRIMM DAVID HAAG Spanish Club 2,3,4; Chess Team 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; All- District 3,4 JEFFREY A. GRIMM LARRY E. GUTHRIE SANDY K. GUELDENER HOPE HAMANN ROBIN ANDREA HAMANN “THE MOMENT MAY BE TEMPORARY, BUT THE MEMORIES ARE FOREVER.” Intramurals; O.E.A.; O.O MACHELLE D. HAMBY “MY YEARS AT E.H.S. WILL ALWAYS BE MEMORABLE.”’ Print Staff 4; D.E.C.A., Sec. 4; Library Worker 2; E’ville Spirits 4 CARLA HAMILL ; HELEN HAMILTON “TROUBLE” Print Staff 3,4; Art , Seminar 4 Art Seminar 4; E’ville Spirits 4 TODD HANSEL “HANS” Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 4; Print Staff 3; E’ville Spirits 4 MELISSA JO HANDFELDER LINDA HARING DOUGLAS HANN TRACY LYNN HARTZEL “SE AGE, Gymnastic mar. 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Yearbook 2,3, Business mgr. 4; Drama Club 1; Orchestra 1,2, Pres. 3,4; Art Seminar 4; E’ville Spirits 4, WHO’S WHO; MAD Circus 1 CATHERINE LYNN HAYDEN “IT WILL TO SHANE AND CHRIS AN OPEN INVITATION TO ANY OF MY HOMES YOU KNOW WHY! TO JANA, A PLEASANT SMILE, AND CARRIE ALL OF OUR GREAT MEMORIES!” Gymnastics 1,2,3; Pom- pon 3,4; Cheerleader 2 LANCE HAYNES BRIAN K. HEAL D.E.C.A.; Nurses Office Aide LESLIE LYNN HAVEN “PLL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE WILD. N-CRAZY TIMES | HAD AT E.H.S., | WILL MISS YOU! GOOD LUCK TO THE ONE AND ONLY CLASS OF ’84” Basketball 1; Print Staff: Intramurals CHRISTEN L. HAYDEN Gymnastics 1,2,3; Print Staff 4; E’ville Spirits 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 KAREN HEADLEY MARK HEINEY LISA HELLMANN RON HELLMAN D.O. STEVEN HELLMANN , JENNIFER HENDERSON Field Hockey 1,2,3, tri- capt. 4 JOHN HENDERSON : RICHARD HENGEHOLD PATRICK HENKE a GLENN HENNINGER Football 3; Wrestling 1,2; — Intramurals 3; S.O. 3 Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus German Club 1,2,3,4; A JENNIE RUTH HERMAN “THE SENIOR CLASS IS ON A ROLL” S.1.T. 2; Student Council 1; 0.0. 4 ERIC HESS GAYLE MARIE HILLA “BOOLA, BOOLA NO MORE SCHOOLA” Library Worker 2 WENDY HINTZ D.E.C.A. 4 TRACY LYNN HERTEL “HOW HIGH I AM, HOW MUCH | SEE- HOW FAR I REACH DEPENDS ON ME!” Track 1,3; Cross Country 3; O.0O. 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4 PRESTON HIGHLEY “PRESTONE II ANTIFREEZE” . y 4 [ ie MICHAEL HINTON SHEILA MARIE HITCHENS “LIVE FOR TODAY, PLAN FOR TOMORROW, PARTY TONIGHT!” “DIMPLES’”’ Intramurals 4; Print Staff 4; WHO’S WHO MINNIE HO JOHN HOGEN “THANK YOU MOM,DAD, TEACHERS AND FRIENDS. YOU’VE MADE MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS COMPLETE.” Intramurals 3,4; Yearbook 2; Drama Club 1; History Club 1,2; French Club 1; N.H.S. 3,4; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; ANNE MARIE HOLDERREAD Intramurals 4; Yearbook 4: Drama Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Art Seminar 4; WHO’S WHO TERRY HOLEMAN LEONARD HORMANN ANGELA MARIE HOLEM “THE ROAD IS LONG, THERE ARE MOUNTAINS IN OUR WAY, BUT WE CLIMB A STEP EVERYDAY” S.LT. VP, 2 Editor 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Student Council 1; N.H.S. 3,4; Office 1; Orch. 1,2,3; E’ville Spirits 4; DARWYN HOLMAN L YNN HORVATH “SHORTY” “BLUE EYES” “ALRIGHT” German Club 1; S.O. 4 RICHARD HOUSEN “HOUSE” “SOME PEOPLE LEAVE THEIR MEMORIES, SOME PEOPLE LEAVE THEIR POSSESSIONS, I'M JUST GOING TO LEAVE LATER!” JENNIFER ELIZABETH HUCH “IT ISN’T EVER THE SAME Thespians 3, Pres. 4; Drama Club 2,3, pres. 4; French Club 3; WHO’S WHO: A Cappella Choir 3,4 Pres. 4; All Regional Cast Drama Club 3 DAVID HYPES Track 3,4; Cross Country 3,4 ELISA JELLEN TRACY LYNN HRBEK Print Staff 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 4; Class Treasurer 2,3; WHO’S WHO MARCELINE HUFFMAN SLOAN JAROSIK “SLOANER” DELBERT L. JENNINGS DAREN JOHNSON us Ii Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4 DWONE JONES “CLEAN LIL JONES” Football 1; Chess Team 4; Wrestling 2,3; Library Worker 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; TINA R. JONES D.E.C.A. 3; HERO, 2 BRAD JOUETT Library Worker 4 KELLY JOHNSON KENNETH WILLIAM JONES “YOU WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR LiFet”’ Wrestling 1,2; D.O. 4; Intramurals 3 MIKE JORDEN D.E.C.A. 4 MELINDA KANE Sete “MAY THE TIGERS CONTINUE TO ROCK - ON AS THE YEARS GO BY!” Intramurals 3,4; Mixed Chorus 4 LEANDRA MICHELLE KEITH “TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT I AM NOT A GOODY-GOODY!”’ Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Softball stats. 3; Office Worker 3; Art Seminar 4 HYUNG T. KIM “I CAN’T SAY I'M SORRY TO BE LEAVING. I ONLY WANT TO REMEMBER EVERYONE I’VE MET, EVERYTHING I’VE DONE, AND EVERY MISTAKE I'VE MADE — AND TO LEARN FROM THEM ALL.” GORDON N. KEATING “MUMFORD” Thespians 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Scribe 4; News Quiz Team 4; German Club 3,4; Chess Team 2; Student Council 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Math Team 1; Computer Club 3,4 RONI SUE KESSINGER CHERYL LYNN KEITH “LOST F.F.A. 1; Intramurals 2; Orchestra 1,2 JANE MARIE KERSHAW “LIFE IS A DRAG AND THEN YOU DIE!” Print Staff 3,4; Student Council 1; Library Worker 1; D.E.C.A. 4 LISA MARIE KESSMANN “KESS” “SEE YA, LAURIE KING BRUCE KIRK KRIS KIRK Football 1,2; Intramurals; Guidance Worker 3; A.V. Worker 2 TRISH MICHELE KEITH KOENIG KLUCKER “THE BEST IN LIFE IS YET TO COME!” Basketball 1,2; Drama Club 1,2; Intramurals 2,3; German Club 1,2,3,4; S.O. 4; MAD Circus 1; WHO’S WHO iw ANDREW R. KOEPKE TYLER L. KORDING “HERKIMER” “ROOSTER”’ Yearbook 2,3, Club 3,4; N.H. Math Team ‘ Computer Clu Mixed Chorus 1 SCOT KOSTYSHOCK LISA MARIE KRAPF “WHEN YOU HAVE A DREAM, DON’T LET ANYTHING DIM IT. KEEP HOPING, KEEP TRYING, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.” Track 1; Student Council 1,2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 4 CATHERINE JEFFREY KREBS KRCHNIAK “KATY” Golf 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Symphonic Band 3,4; MAD Circus 1; WHO’S WHO; Intramurals 4; Print Staff(managing editor) 4; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Drama Club Lesa LYNDA KUETHER ANGELA CHRISTINE LADD “ERNIE” “LITTLE ONE” “EVERY JOURNEY, NO 5 MATTER HOW LONG, E’ville Spirits 4 BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP.”’ Field Hockey 2; Track 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Intramurals 3 JUDITH LADD MICHAEL LAGEMANN GARY LAIRD WILLIAM DEAN LAMB Intramurals 3; S.I.T. Business Mgr.)3, (Vice- Pres.)4; History Club 1; News Quiz Team 4; German Club 1,3; N.H.S. 3,4; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 2; All-District 2,3,4 NANCY LANDIN SUSAN J. LEVY “TO THE SCHOOL, | LEAVE WHATEVER GOOD LUCK I MAY (OR MAY NOT) HAVE HAD!” S.1.T. 4; Drama Club 2; N.H.S. 3,4; WHO’S WHO LORI LAMMERT Art Students: ‘““The masters of the art world were once beginners.” Track 1; Cross Country 2: S.1.T. 2,3; Drama Club 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; A Cappella 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Art Seminar 4. STACY LEACH Office Worker D.E.C.A. GERRI L. LANGE DAVID LINDSEY LAURA LANCASTER ROB LEGATE KATHY ANN TODD LOHR LIPPOLDT : “LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!” Track 1; Intramurals 3; F.F.A. 4; O.0. 4; O.E.A. JAY LONG TRACY A. LOWRY Gymnastics 1,2,3; Office Worker 4 TIMOTHY LUNDAK RANDALL K. LUTTRELL “IT’S BEEN REAL — AND IT’S BEEN FUN — BUT IT HASN’T BEEN REAL FUN!” RANDY MAHAN JAMES MALENCH Track 2,3; Intramurals 3,4; S.LT. 2; Drama Club 2; French Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Computer Club CORDELIA LAVERNE MALONE “LIL’ BITTY MAMA” “| LEAVE MY HEIGHT TO MY BROTHER JASON AND MY GOOL LOOKS TO MY SISTER RHONDA.” Track manager 2,3; Atten. Office Worker 1,2; 0.0. 4 KEITH MARKS MARK MARTIN KARLA EVONNE MASON “KARLITA” “PARTY HARDY, CLASS OF 84’” Student Council 1,2; Band 1,2,3; E’ville Spirit Spirts 4; Flag Corps 3,4 SCOTT MARGHERIO “I LOVE YOU KELLY M.!” Football 1,2,3,4; Print Staff 4; Wrestling 1,2,3; Intramurals 3; Library Worker 2; Homecoming Court 1 JANICE MARLOW TERRI A. MARTIN Track 3; Cheerleader 1; Pom-Pon Squad 2; E’ville Spirits 4 MIKE MATEER MARK MATHES “THUNDER” Football 1,2,3,4 JEFF MCCALLA DANA RAE MCDANIEL Intramurals 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; French Club 1; Student Council 1,2,3,4; WHO’S WHO MATHEW MCINTYRE JIM MAYBERRY CHERYL MCCOY ROBERTA MCDERMOTT RODNEY E. MCMULLEN “B.C.” “SONZUN " ; “FISH” Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3; Homecoming Court 1 FRANK ELLIS ROBYN ANN MCPHERSON JR. MEIKAMP ““BUGGER”’ = 0.0. 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Flag Corps 1,2,3, Capt. 4; Band Sec.-Treas. 4; O.E.A. Treas. 4; O.0 Sec. 4 STEVE MENG ELIZABETH METZLER Cross Country 1,2; Band N.H.S. 3,4; Mascot 3; 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4,; Art Seminar 4; E’ville Art Seminar 4 Spirits 4 KAREN MARIE MICHELLE MEYER MEYER “MEYERS” “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.” Yearbook 2, Asst. Ed. 3, Softball 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Editor 4; Student Council ‘ how 1; Art Seminar 4 “ng PAULA MIKOLASZUK JESSICA LYNN SARAH MILLER 0.0. 4 “GEDDY-LEE” “TOTALLY GNARLEY” “EVERYONE SHOULD ENJOY WHAT THEY’VE GOT WHILE THEY’VE GOT IT!” Track 1,2,4; Cross Country 1; Print Staff 4; Drama Club 1,2,4; S.O. 4; Student Council 1; E’ville Spirits 4; Class Treas. 1 LORI ANN MODRUSIC “MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS HAVE BEEN GREAT, AND THEY WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED.” Print Staff 4; D.E.C.A. 4(Treas.); Library Worker 2: Office Worker 3; E’ville Spirits 4; Cheerleader 1,2 JEFF MUELLER JONATHAN NABE NANCY MARIE NEKOLA “LIVING IN A FANTASY, FROM NOW ON » Field Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Art Seminar 4; Softball 1,2 KELLY S. MURRAY “GO FOR IT, GUYS!” Intramurals 3,4; Student Council 1,2 LAUREEN NELSON MOREN SHERI LYN NAUGLE “SMILE, IT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!” Student Council 3; N.H.S. 3,4; Cheerleader (capt. 1,2,3.),4; E’ville Spirits 4; Class Vice-Pres. 3 MICHAEL NELSON Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; O.0. 4 CARL JAMES NOLAND TRACEY L. OHL Intramurals 3,4; Student Council 1; Office Worker 1: Cheerleader 1; E’ville Spirits 4 NANCY BETH OWENS “WHATEVER THE CHALLENGE, WHATEVER THE TEST, WHATEVER YOU'RE STRIVING FOR, GIVE IT YOUR BEST!” Track 1; Student Council 1, Vice-Pres. 2,4, Scribe 3; Office Worder 2; WHO’S WHO; Baseball Stats. 2,3,4; Basketball Stats. 2,4; E’ville Spirits 4 MARY NICOL DAVID ODEN “S’CRUIZIN?”’ Drama Club 3; French Club 2; Student Council 4; Computer Club 4 JIM OLIVE “IT LEAVE: TO AM ALL MY TOY MACHINE GUNS; TO DEB MY NOSE; TO SCOTT MY E.T. CAR; AND TO ROD AND RICH ALL OUR GREAT TIMES.” Soccer 1,2,3,4; Tennis 3,4 BRIAN P. PADDOCK “Bp” Baseball 1,2,3,4 ED PAKOVICH 0.0. 4 DOUG PASHEA “WHAT’S CRUSIN?”’ Basketball 2; Cross Country 3; Tennis 1 JAMES PEDIGO RODNEY w. PHILLIPE “I LEAVE: TO STEVE, TIM AND CHRIS MY UNENDING TEAM SPIRIT; JAY A FAMILY MAN CAR AND WARDROBE; AND THE CLASS OF ’85 A SMILE AND ALL THE FUN THEY CAN HAVE!” Soccer 1,2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; Homecoming Court 2 WARREN PARKER OSCAR JAMES PATTERSON JR. “SMOKEY” Football 1; Baseball 2: Intramurals 2,3,4 JOSEPH PETERSON CHRISTOPHER PIFER Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; WHO’S WHO TAWN ELAINE PROBST Field Hockey 2,3; Intramurals 4; French Club 1,2 DONNA REED Print Staff; Office Worker; D.E.C.A. RICHARD PIZZINI JEFF RAY GAYLE MARIE PRIMAS “LIVE, LOVE, AND LAUGH!” Print Staff 3; Student Council 1,2, Office worker 1,2; D.E.C.A. Vice-Pres. 4; S.O. 3; : Pom-Pon 1,3,4; E’ville rs w2 = Spirits 4 . m - on vas CATHERINE RAULSTON ““GO FOR IT!” Basketball 1; Softball 2; Intramurals 1; S.I.T. 1; Drama Club 1; German Club 3; Spanish Club 3; French Club 3; N.H.S. 1 DEBRA K. REAMES “LIKE A MUG!” “CHUBBY, AIRHEAD” Guidance Worker 2; O.0. 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Football Manager JERI REED “BYE EVERYBODY!” Office Worker; D.E.C.A. DAVID REINER “| LEAVE MY SCHOLASTIC ABILITY TO VAL K. ALONG WITH 2” OF MY HT. TO HER, PAT H., THAD V. AND DENANNE.”’ Soccer 2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Drama Club 2; History Club 2,3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4; Stud. C. 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4 RYAN RENKO i LAURA RIPPER “MARIE” RON RODENMEYER DAVID RENKEN TODD RINALDI a) RANDALL C. ROBERTS “IN SPACE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU CLASH!” Soccer 1,2,3,4; Tennis Intramurals 3,4; Print Man. Ed. 4 STACEY A. ROSEMAN “GO FOR IT!” “MOOSE”, “DPSVRY”’ S.O. 4; English Office Worker 3 BETH ELLEN “ROSE” JOANNE ROSENTHAL RUSHING “YOU'VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!” NATALIE SAMMON JENNICE ANNETTE SANDERS “ROGER, THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN TIMES DURING OUR E.H:S. YEARS!” “JENNY” “GOOD LUCK TO ALL E.H.S. STUDENTS.” Gymnastics 1,2; Track 1,4; D.E.C.A. 4 MICHAEL SCHAEFER DAVID SCHEIBAL JACQUE SCHERFF ; AMY L. SCHIEN “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES E.H.S.”’ Track 1; Tennis 2,3,4; Intramurals 4 LAURA SCHIEN . NIKKI SUE SCHINDEWOLF “IT WAS GREAT WHILE IT LASTED!” “TO MY SISTER | LEAVE ALL THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL DAYS!” Spanish Club 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Flag Corp 1,2,3,4; E’ville Spirits 4 BRIAN NOEL LISA MARIE SCHMIDT SCHOONOVER “SCHMITT Y” 7 “IT’S BEEN FUN, BUT I'M GLAD IT’S OVER.” Football 1,2,3; D.O. 4; " Baseball 1,2,3 Print Staff 4; Library Worker 4; 0.0. 4 DEBBIE SCHWARTZ TINA SEDLACEK “KEEP LOOKING UP D.E.C.A. AND GOOD LUCK ALWAYS!” Intramurals 3,4; Student Council 1,2; N.H.S. 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 2; Queen 4; E’ville Spirits Pres. 4; Soccer Stats. 4; Who’s Who JULIA ANN SETTLE BILL SEDLACEK “RIFE SNOT MEASURED BY THE TIME WE LIVE, BUT BY THE ADDED INGREDIENTS WE GIVE.” Intramurals 3; Yr. bk. 2; Thespians 2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; A Cappella 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; All-District 4; Stud. c. 1; Who’s Who DAWN SICKBERT “SMILE, IT MAKES THE WORLD A LITTLE BIT BRIGHTER!” Track 1; S.C. 1; O.O. 4; Mixed Chorus 1,2; E’ville Spirits 4 JOHN SISSON “PINTO SURFING!” “GO FOR IT!” “JOHN BOY” Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3; Student Council 1; N.H.S. 3,4 SUSAN SHAW STEVE SIMPSON MICHELLE SHEA THERESA SIMBURGER LESLEE MARIE SINCLAIR Tennis 1,4; Baseball Stats 1; Nurse’s Aide 2; P.E. Office Aide 3 KAY SKAGGS JANET SKIEF CONNIE L. SMITH “E.H.S. ’'M LOYAL TO YOU “SCOOP” Softball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; S.C. 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3; E’ville Spirits 4; Soph. Vice Pres. SCOTT SMITH JAN SOTO JULI SKIEF Office Worker 3; FLE:B:0. 1 LISA SMITH Gymnastics 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Pom-Pons 2,4 capt 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4 SHANE SMITH PATRICK SPENCER LETITIA MARIE SPERANDIO “IT’S NEVER OVER TILL IT’S OVER.” “TISh” Track 3; Drama Club 1; Student Council 1,2; Office Worker 3 DAVID STEINMANN CARRIE SUZANNE STADE “TO SHANE AND CHRIS AN OPEN INVITATION TO ANY OF MY HOMES YOU KNOW WHY. A PLEASANT GOODBYE TO JANA AND TO CATHY Student Council 1,2; Guidance Worker 1,2 MICHAEL TODD STEWART “IF YOU PLAY FOOTBALL ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE, LEARN YOUR PLAYS!” “STEW” Football 3,4; Track 3,4; Art Seminar 4 TIMOTHY STACK j rok ANGELA STEWART FREDRIK STAHRE ANGELA STOCES Tennis 1,2,3,(capt.)4; Softball 1,2,3,(co-capt.)4; N.H.S. 3,4 SANDRA LEE STRADER Intramurals 2,3; French Club 1,2,3,4 MIKE SVOBODA “ARBIE” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; 0.0. 4 RODNEY L. STROHMEIER “STROH” “PEOPLE MAY DOUBT WHAT YOU SAY, BUT THEY’LL ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU DO!” Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; TAMMY SWIFT “| WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER MY FRIENDS BY CALLING ME SHORTY. THEY DO BECAUSE THEY CAN’T FIND ME IN CROWDS, BUT THEY ALWAYS DO. IT MUST BE MY BLONDE HAIR THAT DOES IT. THAT’S WHY THEY CALL ME SHORTY, BUT YET BLONDIE 5 RANDALL LEE STROHMEIER “MOOSE” “JOHN DEERE, PIGS, AND CORDOBA!” Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; N.H.S. 3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3, pres. 4 BETH R. SUHRE O.0.; Mixed Chorus PADMANBH SWAMY CHRISTOPHER SWITZER LISA LOUISE THEABEAU “WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO BEING ALL WE CAN BE!” Track 1,2; Intramurals 4; D.E.C.A. 4, area II sec.; Fresh. Class Vice-Pres. ROBIN ELAINE THOMPSON 0.0. 4; A Cappella 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; E’ville Spirits 4 RANDY A. TAKE “RAT” Thespians 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4 TODD THOMASON CRAIG THIEMS “BIGBIRD” “FREDBIRD FOREVER” Baseball Manager 3,4; Football Manager 3,4 DARRYL TODD SEAN TAYLOR DINO THOMPSON LEIGH ANN TOSH Field Hockey 1,2; S.O. 4; Intramurals 3,4 MARK TREBING SHAWN TURNER DEANNA UNGER CLAY TOSOVSKY LORI L. TUCKER “LIVE EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST, FOR THERE MAY BE NO TOMMORROW!” D.E.C.A. 4 DAVID TWEEDY JAMES DANIEL UNGER TERESA VANEK “THERE ARE MANY JOYS THAT LIFE CAN BRING, BUT FRIENDSHIP IS THE SWEETEST THING.” Golf 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1; Yearbook Staff 2,3; N.H.S. 3,4; Homecoming Court 3,4; Art Seminar 4 LYNETTE VIETH “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO Y OU LOVE OR IF YOU LOVE, BUT THAT YOU DO LOVE.” Basketball 1; Intramurals 3,4; Mascot 2,3; Art Seminar 4 JEFFREY A. WADE “SHEP THE ROMEO” “IT’S 1984 AND I'M WALKING OUT THE DOOR.” Football 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4 @ om B " LARRY WALLACE LESLIE JEROME VAUGHN SLESTER™ “THROUGHOUT THE YEARS IT WAS ROUGH, TO ALL MY FRIENDS | GIVE THEM MY LOVE. AS THE YEARS GO BY I[’LL REMEMBER ALL OF YOU. LOVE YA, LESLIE.” Basketball 1; Intramurals BRETT VUAGNIAUX CARMEN ELAINE WADLOW “DUMBO” “GO FOR IT” Library Worker 2; Attendance Office 1 MIKE WALTON “GIVE THE DRUNKS WHAT THEY WANT.” Football 1,2; Art Seminar 4; Wrestling 1 JAN RICHARD ROY W. WEHLING WEBER Football 2,3,4; O.0. 4; Intramurals 2,3; Guidance Worker 1 “THE SENIOR YEAR IS LIKE THE LEAVES, AT THE END OF THE YEAR YOU’RE OUT ON YOUR OWN.” Basketball mgr. 1,2,3,4; History Club 1,2; C.C.F. 2,3,4; D.O. 4 » of’ JANNA WEST MIKE WEST ' S.0. 3 SCOTT WETZEL , WILLIAM WICKHAM i LN hs Swim Team 1,2,3,4: Student Council LAURA WILL DAVID MAURICE WILSON “REESE” “YEAH, BUT IS IT ART?” “JUST TAKE YOUR S.1L.T. 2,3 tres. 4, sec. TIME AND DO IT and art director; Art RIGHT.” Seminar 4 Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 2: STEVEN WOOL GRADUATING JUNIOR ALISON REEVES “TO THOSE WHO THINK LIFE IS A COMEDY. TO THOSE WHO FEEL, LIFE IS A TRAGEDY.” Print Staff 2,3; Drama Club 1; Student Council 1,2,3; A Cappella 2 RALPH WILSON KIMBER LEE ZUPANCI Track 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3; N.H.S. 3,4; E’ville Spirits 4; Class sec. 3,4 VERNON L. WILSON “FINALLY” Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3 Seniors Not Pictured James W. Abbey Shaundra Lee Allen Melody Baker Wiley Baker Sean H. Braddock Tom V. Brewer Derek M. Brown Henry R. Burge Anthony Carpenter Michael D. Carpenter James P. Cavolo Michael L. Coolbaugh Jamie Czerny Melissa Delgado James Dycus Kenneth Eberhart Tracey Epperson Craig L. Foster F. Kent Giles Gretchen Goehe Jennifer A. Goldsmith Brian K. Hamby Karen A. Hamlet Scott D. Hardwick Cheron C. Henderson John L. Hildebrand Timothy L. Holeman Kenneth C. Hovey Keith Hug Sara B. Jackson Christina L. Kaman Victor Keller Jack L. Keuss Michael A. Kyro Jennifer Latempt Troy A. Litticker David Mayhall Daniel E. McEwen David L. McFerran Renee V. Miller Rick L. Nelson Keith W. Palmer Michael Pratt Vernon E. Radford Timothy Revelle Della L. Riggins Maureen A. Rollberg Jasen J. Saffel Patrick A. Sanders Fletcher Sarver Anthony Schienschang Demitrius Shaw James Stennis Sterling Thompson Scott Warrer Glen T. Wegeng Sherry A. Wells William D. Wheat Mary F. Wilkinson Rodney L. Woll In Memory Of nnn JACQUELINE MARIE DARIN K. ORMAN ANGELA MILLER “EVERYONE CAN GET WHAT THEY WANT OUT OF LIFE IF THEY TRY.” Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 1; Drama Club 1,2; Student Council 1 Senior Class Officers = , eS a | Senior Class Sponsor Mrs. Mary Lancaster and Mr. Joe Symanski Row 1: Jay Corgiat - President, Mark Billeaud - Vice President., Row 2: Nikki DeLeonardis - Treasurer, Kim Zupanci - Secretary. Facing Graduation Faces of old and faces of new, People we know and people we knew. Growing together then drifting apart, Always an ending and now a new start, At graduation we all grow nearer And all of our friends seem so much dearer. And as we say our final goodbye, One last embrace and one more cry, A “keep in touch” and a “‘promise I will” A “‘remember when”’ but, better still, A place in my heart, you'll always stay, This is what’s said as we go our own way. Laura Rollins, Miller Place, N.Y 113 Our final year has come and gone, leaving it’s mark on our memories as well as in our hearts. : The Class oe One memorable day in September 1980, we took our first steps toward the building known to us as Edwardsville Senior High School. We were anxious about our high school years, yet frightened of the new experiences we would be dealing with. Got lost and were looked down upon by the upperclassmen? Of course, but under the fine leadership of our class officers Ben Bruker, Jessie Miller, Lisa Theabeau, Janna West and the support of one another we survived. Remember John Anderson’s visit? The Iranian Hostage crisis? MAD Circus? The Tigers sending the Kahoks . " al ™ aay wer 7 a © ‘ 7 “Somewhere over the Rainbow” at the homecoming game? Even though we were only freshmen, our class was just as proud as the rest. Why not? We were nearly Sophomores! As sophomores we had a more important role in the school Our sophomore football team shined with a 7-0 record! The baseball Tigers went to state! Pets were even allowed in school, when our lockers were sniffed by the trained dogs! Our homecoming “Fame” was represented by Marcia Denny, Cynthia Beatty, Debbie Schwartz, Rod Phillippe, John Edmond and Jeff Krebs. After all this, what more could we ask for? Only to be an upperclassman, a Junior! To start the year off right, we were captured by the excitement of the Cardinals being the World Champions! We were saddened by the last episode of M.A.S.H., but received a laugh from Mrs. Gregor, our winner of the “first annual Kiss the Pig Contest!’” Many looked forward to The WHO concert; dreaded the up and coming A.C.T. test; counted Cassie; and even received the first in-school detentions?? Homecoming to all was as “Sweet as a Rose.” The prom committee of Marcia Denny, Kim Zupanci, Sheri Naugle, 116 Tracy Hrbek, Mrs. Lancaster and everyone else did an excellent job turning the gym into the South Seas for the annual Junior-Senior Prom “Sail On!”’ Our junior year was certainly fantastic! We did everything a class could do and even tried some we shouldn’t! Soon came the year we have all been waiting for, 1984. Finally we are SENIORS!! A year of decisions, of what is to be. A year of senior fun. School spirit exploded with the forming of the E’ville Spirits, knowing we received the last of the free hours, and the fact that we beat the Juniors in every class competition at the Christmas assembly. We will have fond ‘‘Memories”’ of our Homecoming Queen Debbie Schwartz and Royal Escort Tim Broder- ick. By spring, most have made plans of what is to come. Prom and the Senior Breakfast came and went, and soon we were donning our caps and gowns, making ready for our final days at E.H.S. Many of us will never see each other again after gradu- ation, but our memories will be with us forever. The good times covering the bad. As the diplomas are put into our hands, we realize an important part of our lives is now behind us. We can only hope we have made the right decisions. We say our good-byes to the friends we have made, for new friends there will be more; just remember your old friends and the great times you had, being a part of the Class of ’84! 117 Great Times This is senior Todd Lohr on the Edwardsville Tiger before it was mounted on the high school. Todd’s grandfather built the tiger in his workshop at home. At E.H.S. lh eld z ey wt elf Homecoming ’83 Hee PALETTE ATED ELITE TA TEA Middl ll fi ' bs owe ' Tn oy li i | Mull WHA " MA AI ] } ; ae | my % is ot - . 5a ’ ¥'! Kal F Memories THREE Be Ua DLE UREA Ai dinate Val 1} AM TD Ensemble ye MEMORIES Master And Mistress Of Ceremonies Anne Long And David Vieth Lisa Brown And George Turner Freshman Attendants Gina Reeves and Tommy Fayollat Amy Lynn and Craig White Robyn Vanek and David Evans Susan Eberhart and Don Stark Senior r Alison Smith and Thad Summers Cynthia Beatty and Steve Woll Junior Attendants Jackie Ott and Fred Durer Jamie McDonough and Doug White Lisa Turnbull and Roque Winchester Marcia Denny and Jeff Krebs 1983 Homecoming Queen And Royai Escort Miss Debbie Schwartz And Mr. Tim Broderick Homecoming Court Queen Candidates And Royal Escorts Susan Shaw and Jay Corgiat Teresa Vanek and Tim Broderick Debbie Schwartz and John Edmond SPORTS Freshman, Sophomore And The J.V., Sophomore and Freshman cheerleaders in- spire spirit and enthuiasm throughout the school. They cheer at pep assemblies and lead the crowd at football and basketball games. Under the guidance of Miss Sherry Skelton and Mrs. Marion Lewis, the girls attended a cheering camp in the summer to improve their skills. They practiced in the sum- mer and continued through the school year to develop new routines and polish the traditional ones. om =— Se mote fa - AD ° Sophomore Cheerleaders: Row 1: Jamie Bradshaw, erly. Row 2: Lisa Tweedy Dawn Ingram, Dawn Curtis, Sheri Brinkman, Tonya Weath- Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Row 1: Dobby Pile, Rhonda Vaughn, Kelly McGinnis, Nikki Nolte, Karen Kirk, Michelle Nelson Freshman Cheerleaders: top to bottom: Kari Gullicksrud, Michelle Meyers, Lisa Grezlak, Julie McClelland, Esta Saversa, Rhonda Rinaldi Varsity Cheerleaders The Varsity Cheerleaders are the school leaders in pro- moting enthusiasm and spirit for the EHS athletic teams. The Tiger Mascots worked with the cheerleaders to lead the crowd at football and basketball games. Varsity Cheerleaders: Row 1: Sheri Naugle, Dawn Ev- Tracy Hrbek, Deanette Dorsey, Chris Hayden. ans, Laurie King. Row 2: Tamiko Flamer, Deanca Dickey, Tiger Mascots: Kathy Dudacek and Kristi Kline Pom-Pon Squad The Pom-Pon girls perform at Pep Assemblies and pro- vide half-time entertainment at athletic events. The girls Gtr choreographed their own routines under the direction of Mrs. Pam Sidner and Mrs. Becky Beal. With Santa’s help, : ' r ty | their routine was a hit at the Christmas assembly. } } i} “Al a Row 1: Linda Andrews, Cindy Grimes. Row 2: Janna West, McLaughlin, Andrea Beeler. Row 5: Amy Schoefield, Amy Tricia Cason, Gayle Primas. Row 3: Cathy Hayden, Lisa Lancaster, Mary Garrison, Desiree Chaffee, Kris Reilly, Smith, Brenda Edgeworth, Theresa Simburger. Row 4: Ann Schoefield Misty Munro, Kay Wisnasky, Carlise Sellers, Laura Freshman Football team on defense with 75 tackles 1 interception. Quarter- back Gary Heimeier finished the season with 131 yards passing and an average of 37% pass completion. The Freshman football team finished the year with a 4-2- 1 record. Rohan Johnson led the team in most yards rushing (363) and in scoring (32 pts.). Brett Coffey led the Row 1: Pat Peterson, Ed Hess, Gary Niemier, Ron Thorpe, Tom Tom Zupanci, Jon Nolan, David Blumenstock, Steve Paur, Bob Zoelzer, Mike Grist, Darsha Scott, Bob Horton, Scott Paur, Chris Metcalf, Jeff Petroff, Matt Hillman, Lee Horvath, Earnell Branson, T.C. Povter, Marty Evans, Dan Farmer. Row 2: Jon Leady, Ben Carpenter. Row 4: Roger Strohmeier, Mark Ringering, Kevin Haun, Joe Devine, Mike Mick, Craig White, Rohan Johnson, Lance Jakich, Richards, Steve Ohren, Gerry Meyer, Ron Hartman, Steve Miller, Greg Santoni, Dan Meyer, Rich Meikamp, Phil Evans, Billy Noud, Dwayne Davis, Brett Coffey, Craig West, Mike Donald Kendall Couch, Ken Kiefer. Row 3: Dallas Haynes, Shawn Walton, . do io f 2 Sophomores The 1983 Sophomore Football team ended their season with a 1-6 record. Quarterback Dan Long finished the season with 152 yards completion and a 40% pass comple- tion record. Dan Piper led the team in receiving (12) and scoring (12 points). Glen Sammon topped off with the most rushing of 303 yards. Scott Tolie lead the defensive tackles with 84. S € Row 1: Gary Reller, Brett Sever, Bill Burnside, Jim Bain, Steve Farmer, Bob Kinder, Jeff King, Bob Hintz, Randy McMurray. Row 2: Mike Wilkening, Shawn Syddall, John Washburne, Bob Schmidt, Clay Naugle, Mike Suhre, Todd Peck, Glen Sammon, Gary Reller, Steve Roxana CBC Althoff Collinsville Granite City Belleville West Alton ad aomnneoes Burnside. Row 3: Scott Tolie, Mark Schaefer, Larry Bertels, Dan Piper, Jimmy Edmond, Trevor Dumar, John Sullivan, Dan Long, Vic Marinko, Rich Hosto, Cecil Bell. Varsity Football he Tigers finished the 1983 season with a record of 4 wins and 5 losses. A rash of injuries kept the Tigers from having an outstanding season. Victories over Collinsville, C.B.C. (St Louis) and Belleville Althoff were the highlights of the season Jay Corgiat was voted the Outstanding Player. Steve Woll was voted the Best Defensive Player and Todd Spiller was voted the Best Offensive Player. Gary Gormon was selected as the Most Improved Player and Jeff Krebs was picked for the Tiger Spirit Award. 2) ie . 2% a 3? 1 a 25. 64 4ts 372,10 52 no Oe Moca g 2 ane EE we 15 if ae x 5° 476 Tea Te 74 . 72. ? 7 ae « «OF 0, 7 c.4.Sc RAD DORE 3 Be lS SAS a 5 ‘ nN cee Mae =a tet — ? a= = - Row One: Manager-Sam Bozack, Gary Glaser, Lane, Eric Onley, Reese Wilson, David Horton, Erik Anderson, Mark Mathes, Shaun Braddock, Mike Stewart Todd Ambuel, Dave Felchlin, Rodney McMul- Mark Blythe len, Scott Margherio, Greg Craine, Mike Nelson, Sittner Jay Corgiat, Alan Kohlimiller, Don Stark, Man ager-Michelle Vieth, Manager-Eric Hess. Row Two: Manager-Ernie Kohlenberger, Jeff Krebs, Tom Ponder, John Sisson, Kirk Dissen, Jeff Chris Leady, Bill Cooper, Pat Gillispie, Jay Hes , Randy Strohmeier, Steve Woll, , Dave Scheibal, Charles Richard, Mike Allen, , David Deconcini, Manager-Leisa Jim Acra. Fow Four: Sam Llewellyn, Kip Soren Manager-Kim Sorenson. Row Three son, Doug Weakley, Todd Spiller, John Ed Manager-Jim Cuvar, Manager-Anne Travouski, mond, Jody Rogers, Shaun Turner, Tarnell Mar Manager-Debbie Reames, Kent Giles, Roy Wehl tin, Craig Foster, Darry! Durrell, Mike Walton, ing, Joe Dent, Doug Gieseking, Kymar Granger, Mike Cox, Doug White = 3 ws Ww 15 w oe. La w L Lt Junior Varsity Soccer Finishes Season At .500 Row 1: Scott Weber, Dale Hadley, Brian Tutka, Stuart Dabbs, Clark Drew, Steve Fruit, Tim Norton, Bob Sirtak, Tom Fayollat, Brett Chaffee, Oberlag, Neal Glasgow, Paul Krapf, Jeff Roderick, Eric Stoces, Patt | Dave Johnson, Ben Moyer, Bill Markowitz, Mr. Symanski. Hoffman, Gabe Edmond. Row 2: Debbie Schwartz, Sam Smucker, Joe The Junior Varsity Soccer team finished the season with a 7-7-3 record. Tom Fayollat was selected as this year’s Most Valuable Player and Tim Norton was the Most Valu- able Defensive Player. Sea ay! a -- ® ra oy cae Soccer Seniors MVP Standouts Varsity MVP’S Junior Goalkeeper P. J. Riley was a big asset to the Team MVP Mark Billeaud Varsity team with his .07 GAA average Offensive John Edmond Defensive Randy Roberts Row 1: Jack Daughtery, Eric Moran, Bob Reiss, Thad Vuagniaux, Jim Olive, Fredrick Stahre, David Reiner, John Edmond, Rich Pizzini, Fred Durer, Rod P. J. Riley, Mike Rami, Scott Wetzel, Tom Faylott, Ralph Wilson, John Phillipe, Randy Roberts, Sheri Jacobs Edmond. Row 2: Coach Dwyer, Steve Benway, Mike Smith, Chris Stoces, J.V. And Varsity Field Hockey J.V. and Varsity Players: Row 1: J. Foehrkolb, C. Gilham, V. Koelker, D. Reilly, G. Scheibal. Row 3: Coach S. Petty, N. Nekola, S. Holderread, J. Savoca, K. Stevenson, B. Riley, J. Helms, A. Lynn, M. Stevenson, P. Wick- Henderson, M. Ladd, M. Denny, K. Farmer, L. Pitman, S. Dragich, L. ham. Row 2: C. Bough, L. Gavin, S. Lynn, R. Malench, S. Corsere,C. Lee, E. Lancaster, C. Cox, L. Ford, E. Onley, T. Wilkenson, Coach D. Tissier. Ne Oo LS) Riverview Lindberg Mary's Institute John Burroughs Principia Vrsuline St. Joseph's Visitation Nerinx Hall Villa Duchesne Lutheran South Cor Jesu Midwest Tournament Ritenour Cor Jesu John Burroughs Mary's Institute Field Hockey Continues Tradition Of Excellence Varsity Field Hockey: Row 1: L. Lancaster, L. Gavin, E. Onley, M Koelker, S. Lynn, C. Cox, K. Farmer, S. Bertels, Coach D. Tissier, T. Denny, C. Lee, N. Nekola. Row 2: J. Henderson, J. Foehrkolb, L. Pitman, Wilkinson mgr., G. Scheibal mgr S. Dragich, S. Corsere, L. Ford, D. Savoca. Row 3: Coach S. Petty, V The Varsity Field Hockey team ended the season with a strong 11 - 5 record. They placed third in the St. Louis Midwest Tournament. Cindy Cox made a record 20 saves against John Burroughs High School and was chosen for the Midwest All-Star team. Nancy Nekola was named EHS most valuable player. Les aa Koh ts “hag bind Freshman Volleyball " 13, S TGERS a. wRISy, i g Me :20 TIGERS iy, 40 w 4) a a er — Row 1: Anita Lebro, Paula Felchlin, Missy Schaefer, Laura Kerke- Stille, Debbie Hawkins. Row 3: Karla McDaniel, Mrs. Tevis - coach, meyer, Jenny Felchlin. Row 2: Yevette Hubbard, Lisa Durer, Susie Julie Slemer J.V. Volleyball The Junior Varsity Volleyball team had a season record of 6-12. The team consisted mostly of Freshmen and Soph- omores with Junior Maylean Rouse adding a touch of ex- perience. Team Captain Rouse lead with 122 points serv ing. Row 1: Debbie Ponder, Carrie Mortland, Missey Schaefer Maylean Stille, Karla Lickfield. Row 3: Coach Mrs. Hyten, Ann Nelson, Julie Rouse. Row 2: Kirsten Kirby, Lisa Durer, Stephanie Ruhle, Susie | Slemer, Coach Mrs. Tevis Varsity Volleyball Has Winning Season The Varsity Volleyball team had a record of 10 - 4. Junior Stacy Boeker led the team with 118 points in serving. Sophomore Susan Eberhart came in a close second with 115 points. The varsity squad will be losing four seniors this year. They are Lea Keith, Collette Cowan, Kely Anderson and Regina Dickerson. Varsity Volleyball: Row 1: Susan Eberhart, Stephanie Ruhle, Regina Dickerson, Maylean Rouse, Lea Keith. Row 2: Kely Ander- son, Collette Cowan, Coach Kay Hyten, Stacy Boeker, Kristi Kline Swim Team The Boy’s and Girl’s Swim teams swam at Sectionals for a chance to make it to the state competition. Boys compete in February and girls compete in November. The girl’s 200 yard Medley Relay Team, composed of Missy Emrich, Laura Meyers, Debbie Ponder, and Mary Pat Traxler, took first place at Sectionals in Springfield, Illinois, and qualified for the State Tournament. BOYS Row 1: Richard Thompson, Randy Roth Row 2: Bill Wickham, Dan Mateyka, Topher Stapleton GIRLS Row 1: Michelle Meyers, Debbie Ponder, Patti Wickham. Row 2: Laura Meyers, Sara Ziegler, Beth Parrill, Mary Pat Traxler, Sponsor - Mrs. Gregor, Missy Emrich (not pictured) Golf Team Goes To State The girl’s golf team finished the season with a record of 5-4. They finished 2nd at at both the IHSA Regional and Sectional Tournaments. They finished 5th at State. They finished 2nd and 9th in their two major tournaments. Caro lyn Luketich was chosen as MVP The boy’s golf team finished the season with a record of 23-0-0. They finished 2nd at the IHSA Regional and Sec tional Tournaments. They took first place in 5 out of 6 of their major tournaments and placed 2nd in the 6th. Alex Vandiver was chosen MVP. The boy’s golf team succeeded in remaining unbeaten for the second year in a row ketich, Beth Gueswell, Sara Hepler, Robin rison, Troy Burrus, Scott Rendelman, Hal Dick Gerber David Peel. Row 2: Scott Florini, Vanek, Brian Helm, Coach Row 1: Brett Meyer, John Beatty, Jeff Hy ten, Steve Woods, George Turner, Pat Mor Patton, Chris Scheibal, Clay Hanvey, Melanie Lentz, Teresa Vanek, Shelly Bigham, Rich Donner, Alex Vandiver, Paul Worthey, Carolyn Lu Tennis The Girl’s Tennis team won 6 games and lost 7 this year. doubles, therefore, they went to Arlington Heights to the Their conference record was 2-2. Angie Stoces was select- State Tennis Championships. Kathy Dudacek, Leslee Sin ed as a member of the Metro-East Squad. In District Tour- clair, Kim Zupanci and Jacque Scherff also participated in naments, Angie Stoces and Deeni Scherff finished first in the Belleville East Tournament. ’ ’ - ont Row 1: Gina Reeves, Sandra Kim, Kim Zupanci, Laura Sinclair, | Scherff, Angie Stoces, Kathy Dudacek, Amy Vanek, Dana Rachel! Symanski, Renee Mattingly, Chris Garbe. Row 2: Nikki Krapf DeLeonardis, Amy Schien, Deeni Scherff, Janet Ponce, Jacque Row 1: Alex Kropp, Tim Schroeder, Scott Wetzel, Mark Bil- Moran, Jim Olive, Steve Kropp, Todd Watson, John Wiggins, leaud, Pat Hoffman, Karl Lewin. Row 2: Steve Archer, Joe Coach Dennis Joyce Archer, Jeff Grimm, Dwone Jones, Frederik Stahre, Eric Girls And Boys The Boy’s Tennis team won 6 games and lost 8. Their Conference record was 2-2. At the Belleville East Tourna- ment, the singles players were Eric Moran, Joe Archer, Scott Wetzel, Carl Lewin, Jim Olive and Mark Billeaud. The doubles teams were Joe Archer and Scott Wetzel, Eric Moran and Carl Lewin, Jim Olive and Mark Billeaud. Jim Olive and Mark Billeaud were overall winners, making it to the consolation finals Cross Country = “ Girl’s MVP - Juliegh Barringer Meat Boy's MVP - Tim Flamer “ Row 1: Debbie Funkhouser, Lisa Brown, Mona Holt, Suzy Gude, Thad Summers. Row 3: David Hypes, Steve Nunes, Brett Asbeck, Juliegh Barringer, Deanne Mallory, Mary Ann Sheely, Missy Enrich David Meizen, Grant Paul, Floyd Coleman, Jeff Grimm, Chris Pifer, Row 2: Tim Flamer, Pat Burns, Joel Misukonis, Rod Rutz, Danny Eric Gregory, Kevin Abernathy, Jeff Rallo, Chuck Nelson, Coach John Kilgore, Dan Block, Mike Murphy, Vernon Wilson, Dale Patterson, Dean Freshman And Sophomore Basketball oss é If Row 1: Scott Schipkowski, Gary Niemeier, Pat Burns, Dan Meyer, Jim Busch. Row 3: Rohan Johnson, Bob Horton, Dalvernon Reis Ron Dycus, Dan Block. Row 2: Coach Ringering, Craig White, ing, Lemond Collins Todd Schmidt, Todd O’Laughlin, Mark Ringering, Tom Medcalf, Row 1: Danny Piper, Thad Vuagniaux, Ben Carr, Mike Smith, Eric Luketich, Cecil Bell, Brent Krebs. Row 3: Ricky Goodwin, Mike Kolesa. Row 2: Coach Weider, Mark Berry, John Washburne, Dan Going, Paul Bender The Freshman’s most valuable player, leading re- bounder, and leading scorer this year was Craig White. The most improved player was Lemond Collins and the Tiger Spirit Award went to Mark Ringering. The Sophomore’s most valuable player this year was Eric Kolesa. The leading rebounder and scorer was Mike Going. The most improved player was Cecil Bell and the Tiger Spirit Award went to Brent Krebs. Varsity And Junior Varsity Basketball a - + : J a. @ 9) Gp Orvrg@ergrgwW Ay Neer 7 i= " “VIL fr Vib, Visa sVILy una) ivy d ‘may 51,32) 0 ty 30. Sl 42) 52) 40 —f— ra “| —% Th] nu . Wo rs N @ bt I iS rica Varsity: Standing; Assistant Coach Tom Pile, Jim Steward, P.J. Riley, Kneeling; Manager Jan Weber, Pat Lewis, Brent Krebs, Mike Smith, Mike Going, Al Vandiver, Dan Martin, Tim Brinkmann, Dave Todd Spiller, Kelly Dumas, Dan Stark Gerber, Jody Rogers, Rod Strohmeier, Head Coach Bud Vallino PA A th DY “VILip) VILIp lag VILLE ¢ VILL Pvp) 7 in, 30 42 7 50 A ye " Pen sViLdy 22 Junior Varsity: Standing; Coach Tom Pile, Jim Steward, P.J. Riley, Vallino Kneeling; Manager Jan Weber, Pat Lewis, Brent Krebs, Mike Alex Vandiver, Dan Martin, Dave Gerber, Mike Going, Coach Bud Smith, Eric Kolesa, Kelly Dumas, Don Stark This year’s Varsity Basketball team had a good season overall, considering the returning of only letterman, Tim Brinkmann. With the competition they had to face, a win- ning season was not in picture. Leading scorer was Rod Strohmeier who averaged 13 points per game. Leading Rebounder and Most Valuable Player was Tim Brinkmann The Free Throw Award went to Todd Spiller who averaged 70.1%. Most improved players were P.J. Riley and Kelly Dumas. The Spirit Award went to Jody Rogers and Kelly Dumas. The season ended with a 13-12 record Junior Varsity’s leading scorer, leading rebounder, and Most Valuable Player was Jim Steward. Most improved player was Alex Vandiver and The Tiger Spirit Award went to Eric Kolesa Freshmen And Junior Varsity FRESHMAN: Chris Jones, Anita Lebro, Amy Lynn, Erin field, Julie Slemer, Lori Kueghter, Tami Dorsey, Yvette Reily, Jackie Hamilton, Christy Bough, Kim Harrick, Jenni- Hairston fer Smith. Sitting: Susie Stille, Sara Hepler, Windy Win JUNIOR VARSITY: Coach Petty, Jane Helms, Janet Ponce, brina Frentzel, Stephanie Corsere, Stephanie Ruyle, Deeni Sara Hepler, Julie Slemer, Ann Nelson, Missy Ladd, Missy Scherff Schaefer, Beth Riley, Coach Tissier. Kneeling: Amy Lynn, Sa- is) -O a a) aaa WY) © © Girl’s Varsity Basketball Sta —e Coach Petty, C-Sharon Bertels, C-Cindy Cox, Paula i Kneelin ng Stephanie Ruyle, Ste —. anie Corsere, Sue Eberhart, Sabrina Elaine Onley, Missy Ladd, Janet Ponce, Ann Nelson, Coach Tissier. Frentze ger , Deeni Scherff S atnata J ! Asta, " Or? 401 E 0 The girls Varsity Basketball Team ended their season with a 10-14 record and won their first Regional this year Elaine Onley held the team’s leading averages in field goals 48%, rebounds-9 per game, and points-14.7 per game Cindy Cox played in the McDonald All-Star and was named Most Valuable Player. The Spirit Award went to Sharon Bertels. Freshman - Sophomore Wrestlers The Freshman - Sophomore Wrestling squad was led by Marty Evans with a 10-0 record, Aaron Misukonis with a 9- 2 record and Steve Nunes with a 9-3 record. Tracy Morri- son placed fourth in the sectionals in the 105 pound class Row 1: Brian Rohrkaste, Stuart Dabbs, Shawn Reiter, Mark Tom Zupanci. Row 3: Steve Miller, Craig Watson, Jeff Petroff, Franke, Marty Evans, Brian Tutka. Row 2: Earnell Branson, Tim John Dickerson, Ben Richards, Marshall Brase. Row 4; Dan Farm- Glover, Craig Poeling, Kendall Couch, Bill Noud, Steve Ohren, er, Bob Hesse, Kevin Hahn, Ed Hess, Bill Markowitz, Kyle Betts J. V. Wrestling Squad The Junior Varsity Wrestlers made a strong showing this year. Together with the varsity team, they wrestled one meet for the entire student body at a special assembly. Marty Evans 8-2-1 Row 1: Aaron Misukonis, Jim Bain, Chuck Nelson, Todd Bain, Row 3: Mark Dunnagan, Larry Bertels, Gary Gorman, Jay Hesse, Steve Nunes, Corey Henry, Scott Reynolds. Row 2: Bill Burnside, Dwayne Davis, Trevor Dumar, Mark Mathes Rod Rutz, Brett Halemeyer, Steve Farmer, Jeff King, Bob Hentz. McMullen And Wilson Go To State aaaae” Bir. Varsity Wrestling: Row 1: Ron Smith, Tracy Morrison, Dennis Bob Reiss, Manager Becky Reilly. Row 3: Coach Gary Winkle, Rod Hitch, Thad Summers, Joel Misukonis, Mike Wilkening, Marck McMullen, Rex Buckingham. Kent Giles, Mare Henry, Reese Wil- McMahon. Row 2: Eric Hess, Erik Anderson, Pat Henke, Jon Goff, son, Coach “‘Babe”’ Stalhut The Varsity Wrestling team had an outstanding season record of 24-1-1. They placed first in tournaments at Beth- alto, Carbondale and Hazelwood East. The squad was sec- ond in the Regionals. Seniors, Rod McMullen and Reese Wilson, both placed first at Sectionals, qualifying them to go to State. McMullen tied for seventh place at State. Boy’s Track ons. They came in 3rd in the Mineral Area, 2nd in the Centralia Relays, 4th in the Springfield Invitational, and 2nd in the Belleville West Relays. All of these meets con- sisted of anywhere from 8 to 25 teams. The team was led by consistently strong performances by Seniors: Rodney McMullen, Kirk Dissen, Gary Glaser, Vernon Wilson, Sean The 1984 Boy’s Track Team Was one of the most outstanding in the team’s history. The top performers were among the best in the Metro Area and in the state. Early success was built on an attitude of confidence that contin- ued throughout the season. The team was champion of the Conference Relay Meet, Hazelwood Central Relay Meet, and their own Tiger Relay Meet and werg County champi- Row 1: Mr. Bill Coleman, Bob Kinder, Deron Burrus, Greg Magac, Vernon Wilson, Rojan Johnson, Earnlle Branson, Mike Wilkening, Matt Hull, Mr. Winston Brown. Row 2: Maurice Moore, Trevor Dumar, Paul Worthey, Gerry Meyers, Aaron Misukonis, Robbie Wiemers, Tank Spiller, David Hypes, Chris Revelle, Chris Meyers. Row 3: Chuck Hunt, Grant Paul, Rich ard Delgado, Mick Custer, Dan Block, Rodney Rutz, Richard Schmidt, Joel Misukonis, Brett ‘Azbeck, Bill Noud. Row 4: Craig White, Paul Edmond, Randy McMurry, Doug All en, Ed Saw Turner, and Juniors: Scott Ahart, and Tim Flamer. yer, David Johnson, Kevin Hahn. Row 5: Craig Foster, John Edmond, Gary Glaser, Kymar Granger, Keith Eckford, Kirk Dissen, Sean Turn er, Scott Ahart, Rodney McMullen The Tigers took 3rd place in the District Competition. 110 High Hurdles The Tigers had 7 people qualify for 9 events and went on 300 Low Hurdles Rodney McMullen, Hokie Wil- to compete in the state semi-finals held at Eastern Illinois University. Girl’s Track Has Record Breaking Season Row 1: Esta Saverson, Jane Harper, Angie Schlueter, DeVaughn Dickerson, Lora Callahan, Kerri Mortland, Maryann Sheely. Row 2: Carol Ann Bennett, Deanne Mallory, LaVette Grang ‘ “! | er, Cathy Anderson, Dawn Peterson. Row 3 Ronni Ramsey, Stephanie Neely, Kirsten Wein gartner, Sara Hepler, Paula Rozyck, Juliegh Barringer, Mr. John Dean. Row 4: Jackie Hamil ton, Mona Holt, Debbie Wilson, Darlene Par ham, Tricia Wilson, Lisa Brown, Anne Chen, Charlene Hubbard, Sonetta Spillers The Girl’s Track Team had a very good season. Many EHS records were broken. Julie Barringer set four new records alo ne. They were the 3200 m., 1600 m., 800 m., and the 400 m. The 800 m. Relay record was broken by DeVaughn Dickerson, Charlene Hubbard, Sonetta Spillers, and Esta Saverson. This new record time was 1:46.8. The Medley Relay record was broken by Judy Cross, Tricia Wilson, Julie Barringer, and Debbie Wilson, in the time of 1:55.4. Esta Saverson set a new record in the Long Jump of 17 ft. 10% in. The Girl’s Track Team captured many titles this year. They included 1st place in the Gateway East Conference, 2nd place in the Gateway East Relays, 2nd place in the Alton Relays, and 2nd place in the Madison County Meet. —— — h Softball Team Shows Great Promise Row 1: Angie Stoces, Connie Smith, Lynn Highlander, Maylean Winfield, Jennifer Smith. Row 3: Coach Hyten, Jamie McDonough, Rouse, Stephanie Corsere. Row 2: Stephanie Ruhle, Jacque Karen Meyer, Elaine Onley, Christi Bland, Becky Patterson, Barb Scherff, Ann Tosovosky, Karen Farmer, Deeni Scherff, Wendy Winfield The ’84 Softball team had a successful season with a 10- 4 record by mid-May. This was their last year for Confer- ence recognition so the team went all out for the seat of Conference Champs. The team will be losing four seniors this year: Angie Stoces at second base, Jackie Scherff at first, catcher Connie Smith and Karen Meyer who was positioned at third base and outfield. Pitcher Elaine Onley had a 9-1 record. Onley and Stoces led in RBI's. Freshman And Sophomore Baseball Sophomores: Row 1: Chris Burns, Bob Sirtak, Cecil Bell, | Nelson. Coach Steve Moss, Dan Langendorf, Dan Long, Neil Sperandio, John Washburne, Danny Rolens. Row 2 Brent Krebs, Mike Going, Steve Burnside, Paul Holse- Steve Kiefer, Scott Tolie, Steve Farmer, Jeff Rallo, Chuck houser, Asst. Coach Robb Harris. see Freshmen: Row 1: Todd Schmidt, Roger Strohmeier, Dean Mike Grist, Ronnie Dycus, Paul Aberli, Phil Evans, Bob Horton, Corgiat, Tom Fayollat, Mark Ringering, Mike Long, T.C. Por- Richard Miekamp, Dan Farmer, Marty Evans, Paul Krapf, Pat ter. Row 2: Coach Schumacher, Larry Brown, Gary Niemeier, Burns, Coach Schaefer Varsity Baseball The E-ville Baseball squad had a 9-5 record after 14 games. Three year starter, Todd Hansel, hit over .500 and led the team in stolen bases. P.J. Riley hit over .500 and led the team with 40 RBI’s. Right fielder, Mark Blythe was close by with a .400 batting average and 30 RBI's. Pitcher Dave Scheibal was carrying a 5-2 record and Rod Stroh- meier a 4-2 record. Rick Dodd did a fine job as catcher and had a batting average of over .300. Varsity: Row 1: Kerry Barrios, Pat Lewis, Mike Brian Paddock, Eric Kolesa, Eric Hosto, Billy | Martin, Rod Strohmeier, David Scheibal, Mark Cox, Rick Dodd, Todd Hansel, Daryl Durrell, Dycus. Row 3: Coach Tom Pile, Fred Durer, Blythe, P.J. Riley Steve Stuart, Mike Lowry. Row 2: Todd Spiller, Troy Burrus, Jeff Burns, David Gerber, Dan me by 7 RY: Ay hes nr ” x HAY ps ee eae “ cm] ‘ ACTIVITIES re a © spand Y) a e) e) oO ram © The 1984 Tiger was pro- duced by a hardworking staff under the leadership of Edi- tor Karen Meyer. The staff met after school twice a week, all year long, and fre- quently put in extra hours as deadlines approached. They learned to take quality pic- tures, draw good layouts, type accurate captions and to run fund-raising activities. Editor-in-Chief Karen Meyer Senior Section Cathi Gagliardo - Editor Kathy Firsching Anne Holderread Business Manager Tracy Hartzel Circulation Manager Dawn Sullivan Staff Ellen Ladd Lori Marks Terri McCarty Donna Menoni Katy Meyer Kathy Meyer Samantha Paolucci Jill Pifer Debbie Sullivan Photographers Andy Koepke - Senior Chris Brammeier Cathy Forsting Greg Giedeman Darrell Meek Eric Nordhauser Dawn Van Advisor Mrs. Bonnie Enos Row 1: Cathi Gagliardo, Cathy Forsting, Mrs Pifer, Anne Holderread, Row 4: Debbie Sulli- Enos, Karen Meyer. Row 2: Chris Schulze, Betty van, Terri McCarty, Lisa Schmidt, Tammy Char Hartzel, Cecile Yoon, Sandra Kim, Chris Bram- trand, Donna Menoni meier, Tracy Hartzel. Row 3: Andy Koepke, Jill Darrell Meek Karen Meyer our Editor-in-Chief Row 1: Lori Modrusic, Missy Hamby, Dawn Ev ans, Lisa Turnbull, Jessie Miller. Row 2: Dian Mor, Lori McCord, Shawna Flanigan, Gretchen Goehe, Lavett Granger, Kelly Anderson, Alison Reeves, Chrissie Chapman, Randy Roberts, Mr Row 1: Leslie Haven, Mark Billeaud, Beth Boyd, Eric Hess, Jim Dycus. Row 2: Beth Fos- ter, Sterling Thompson, Chris Hayden. Row 3 Shawn Uhe, Larry Bloemker, Ron Rodenmeyer, Brian Bullard, Dorian Bowie, Scott Wetzel, Lisa Finke, Mary Gorman, Todd Ambuel, Scott Mar- Detoye, Lisa Schoonover. Row 3: Brian Hamby, Helen Hamilton, Fran Wilkinson, Trixie Boyles, Joann Rushing, Julie Bryant, Jane Kershaw, Donna Reed, Melissa Peters, Cory Weiley, Kim Holecek Editorial Staff Shelia Hitchens - Editor Katy Krchniak - Managing Editor Alison Reeves - Managing Editor garhio, Tracy Hrbeck, Laura Arnold, Mary Ann Sheely, Laura Arnold, Leigh Ann Blumestock, Mike Fencel, Katy Krchniak, Elisa Jellen, She- lia Hitchens, Sara Jackson, George Geschwend, Mr. Detoye, Natalie Sammon The Print is the EHS stu- dent newspaper. The staff consisted of two journalism classes which coordinated to produce a unified publication. The Print covered areas of concern to students; changes in school policy, recongition of achievements, sports and offered students an opportu- nity to express their point of view. This year, the ‘“Mis- Print’’ was also published; a collection of untruths, satire and humor. YRIS Wg HL 2 = O © = C cad 2 The EHS Drama Club gave students the opportunity to become familiar with many aspects of the theater. Working on- stage, members took part in acting, sing- ing and dancing. Backstage, students worked with stage lighting, make up, set design, set construction, and publicity. Both groups worked many hours togeth- er to achieve their goal of the best shows yet. To raise funds this year, Drama Club members sold stuffed animals and pock- etbook calenders. The money earned was then used toward a theater festival and work shops at Illinois State University to broaden the theater experience of those who excelled in the Drama Club. Students particularly interested and talented in the theater joined the Thespi- an troupe. During many hours of work, both onstage and backstage, students earned Thespian points. After accumulat- ing 10 points, a Thespian nominee had to participate in and pass “‘grueling initi- ations.”’ Finally Drama Club had a formal dinner meeting at the Holiday Inn to offi- cially honor the new Thespians. Mrs: Mainer has put in 17 years of hard as sponser’ of Drama Clib. The use of knoWledge and experience in theater has helped all of the Drama Club members to better them- selves and their abilities in theater, giving all of the shows an air of professionalism Officers: Jennifer Hutch, President Julie Decker, Historian Gordon Keating, Scribe Drama Club: Row One Debby Funkhouser, Debbie Harris, Brian Asbeck, Gena Reeves, Mike Beatty. Row Two: Debra Olson, Lisa Levy, Dee Brickner, Sam Smucker, Tom Ellis. Row Three: Susanna Woodard, Pat Novotny, Ted Meyer, Lisa Brown. Row Four: Julie Decker, Gordon Keating, Shawna Flannigan, Jennifer Huch, Julie Settle, Anne Hol- derread, Katy Krchniak, Elisa Jellan Not Pictured: Aaron Bass, Denise Busch, Lee Clark, Carla Cornwell, Theresa Jim Mayberry, Dana McDanel, Dave Meinzen, Kathy Meyer, Tina Miller, Doolin, Tami Dorsey, Laura Elfrink, Mary Garrison, Greg Giedeman, Cheryl Samantha Paolucci, Melissa Peters, Chris Primas, Michelle Rogier, David Grimm, Mike Grimm, Shawn Grubb, Suzanne Hacking, Jane Harper, Kim Roustio, Denanne Savoca, Angie Schuleter, Demetrius Shaw, Scott Skief, Harrick, Casey Herb, Hyung Kim, Sandra Kim, Ellen Ladd, Lori Lammert, Shanna Stanberry, Randy Take. Thespians: Row One: Lisa Levy, Casey Herb, Brown, Laura Elfrink, Shawna Flannigan, Susanna Woodard, Scott Skief. Row Two: Gretchen Goehe, Michael Hinton, Tricia Howell, Kathy Meyer, Dee Brickner, Julie Settle, Den- | Gordon Keating, Ellen Ladd, Jim Mayberry, anne Savoca. Row Three: Jennifer Huch, Julie Tonya Otte, Samantha Paolucci, Demetrius Decker. Not Pictured: Joanne Bonngard, Lisa Shaw, Randy Take, George Turner D 3 0. " 0 LL, Curious Savage is the story of an eccentric widow, Mrs. Ethel Savage, who converts her husband’s fortune into cash and wishes to start a trust fund for ‘“‘peo- ple with a desperate need to be foolish.” Her snobbish children, Titus, Samuel, and Lily Belle, put her into an insane asylum, called “‘The Cloisters.” There, she be- friends some other patients: Mrs. Paddy, Fairy May, Florence, Hannibal and Jef- fery. Mrs. Savage’s children only want to get her money back for themselves. They abandon her when her money suddenly disappears, not caring what happens to her. But it turns out the selfish children were fooled. Miss Willie, a nurse and friend of Mrs. Savage, had taken the money. In the end she returns the money to Mrs. Savage, which enables her to go out in the real world. Mrs. Savage is sad- dened, however, when she must leave and realizes that her friends in “The Cloisters” are more sane than those peo- ple ‘outside’. CAST The Guests: Florence Melissa Peters Hannibal Tom Ellis Fairy May Shawna Flanigan Jeffery Demetrius Shaw Mrs. Paddy Susanna Woodard The Family: Titus Ted Meyer Samuel Pat Novotny Lily Belle Laura Elfrink Mrs. Ethel Savage Carla Cornwell The Staff: Mrs. Wilhelmina Jennifer Huch Dr. Emmett Hyung Kim Tom Ellis portraying Hannibal Ted Meyer portraying Titus Hyung Kim portraying Dr. Emmett Carla Cornwell portraying Mrs. Ethel Savage The Curious Savage a a | ba Susanna Woodard portraying Mrs. Pad dy Shawna Flannigan portraying Fairy May, Laura Elfrink por- Demetrius Shaw portraying Jeffery traying Lily Belle, Pat Novotny portraying Samuel, and Jennifer Huch portraying Mrs. Wilhelmina The 1984 Variety Show was directed and performed solely by the students of Drama Club. The numbers included “‘I’m Alive!’’, a selected scene from Blithe Spirit, a dance foursome to the theme from “Shaft’’, ““Up in the Sky”’ - an origi- nal skit, a selected scene from Arsenic and Old Lace, a dance solo to ‘‘Salsa- tion’’, and the finale - A Musical Tribute. Student Directors Mike Beatty Dee Brickner Shawna Flanigan Jennifer Huch Alison Reeves Cast Brian Asbeck Tom Ellis Marla Feeney Debbie Funkhouser Nicole Hess Katy Krchniak Lisa Levy Ted Meyer Misty Munro Ann Piper Heather Paxson Debra Olsen Gina Reeves Julie Settle Sam Smucker Kirsten Weingartner Kay Wisnasky Jennifer Wood Susanna Woodard 3 oe Y) thet a Sc - Crew Randy Take Gordon Keating Jim Mayberry Aaron Bass Greg Giedeman Kathy Meyer Shawn Grubb Theresa Doolen Julie Decker J.J. Jackson - Technical Advisor Thanks to Mrs. L. Long for staying after school with us all those rehersal days. This year, the annual spring musical, “‘Godspell,”’ was performed for a nearly sell-out crowd on each of its 3 performances ‘“Godspell” is a musical based on the gospel accord- ing to St. Matthew. It relates the events concerning Jesus Christ and his disciples until his crucifixion and resurrec tion Audiences were delighted with talented performances from the entire cast, and es- pecially by the marvelous protrayal of Jesus Christ by David Meinzen CAST: Dee Brickner Michael Beatty Shawna Flannigan David Meinzen Debbie Harris Ted Meyer Tricia Howel Scott Skief Jennifer Huch Sam Smucker Julie Decker Lisa Levy Ursla Doty Pat Novotny Laura Elfrink Dave Roustio Debbie Funkhouser Denanne Savoca Tammy Golder Julie Settle Jean Helms Carmen Wadlow Susanna Woodard BAND: Dan Lumma - lead guitar Steve Meng - bass Rod Phillipe - set drums Mrs. Edie Harris - keyboard DIRECTOR: Mrs. Lea Mainer VOCAL MUSIC AND CHOREOGRAPHER: Mrs. Kate Motley jesisnyy Suds [[edspoy Computer Club Chess Club The computer club enables it’s members to further their knowledge about computers. They meet in the math lab and use the opportunity to explore computer possibili- ties beyond what is covered in the classroom. Row 1: Matt Hilman, Robert Wood, Greg Lawrence. Row 2: Bill McDonald, Christine Huff, Dale Womack. Row 3: Lance Beard, Andy Koepke, Gordon Keating. Row 4: Ron Frisse, Mike Grimm, Jim Ma lench. Row 5: Aaron Bass, Shane Smith, Karl Lewin. Row 6: Mrs Linda Powell, Mr. Jim Hindelang, Darren Grayson, David Fisher Row 1: Hyung Kim, Eric Moran. Row 2 Karl Lewin, Ed Luan, Dave Fisher. Row Gary Wilkining, David Oden. Row 3: 4: Mr. Jim Hindelang, Mike Shaheen Award Winners Shane Smith David Reiner Hyung Kim qn Aroj}sipy Row 1: Dave Fisher, Danny Unger, Deborah Robert Schroder. Row 3: Karl Adams, Rick Brown, Missy Emrich, Mary Pat Traxler, Harmon, Rick Harmon, Floyd Coleman, Ed Marla Feeney. Row 2: Pat Henke, Larry Spicer, Mr. Bill Nunes. Row 4: Shane Smith, Bloemker, Tom Chapman, Piccolo Swamy, Hyung Kim, David Reiner The math team partici- pates in various math compe- titions in the southern Illinois area. Members are selected by recommendation of their math teacher and by passing an examination. weal Ue Row 1: Steve Nunes, Ron Frisse, Lance Beard, Biggs, Mark Hagnsleben. Row 3: Mr. J. Elam, Row 2: Ed Luan, Andy Koepke, Laura Meyers, BilllLamb, Ann Chen, Hyung Kim, Marla Feeney, Minnie Ho, Tracy Dunaway, Jennifer Chen, Tom Debra Olsen. Y oy} 2) oO = S)) S | — = Roy) 9) S LL, The three foreign language clubs at EHS expose students to many aspects of foreign culture and deepen their knowl- edge of other countries beyond what they learn in the classroom. Separately, they take part in the Homecoming Parade and take various field trips. Together, they sponsor the International Dinner. This event features appetizers, main dishes and desserts from each of the three coun- tries. There is also entertainment pro- vided by the school’s orchestra which is accompanied by folk dancers in costumes native to the country they represent. Ev- ery few years, one or more of the clubs takes a trip to their country. This year, the German Club took a trip to Germany over Easter Vacation and the Spanish Club took a trip to Spain over the sum- mer. International Dinner French Club Row 1: Laura Grezlak, Sandy Strader, Eric Moran, Mark Frey, Carlisa Simburger, Rachel Symanski, Heather Paxson, Sherry Henderson Row 2: Jim Malench, Kim Wetzel, Sandra Kim, Gidget Feldler, Gina Reeves, Lee Clark. Row 3: Cathy Raulston, Gary Henderson, Melissa Long, Janet Hoeke, Valerie Gibbons Row 4: Sponsor-Mrs. Russell, Cyndi Greene, Marla Feeney, Carolyn Lut- ketich, Beth Foster, Rita Brown, Theresa Simburger, Tina Tretter, Mi- chelle Rogier German Club Row 1: Gary Wilkening, Andy Keopke, David Reiner, Gordon Keat- ing, Lance Beard, Ron Frisse. Row 2: Trish Klucker, Carla Gregory, Steve Hypes, Kirsti Rogers, Christine Huff, Jackie, Hamilton. Row 3: Debbie Murphey, Jackie Watseck, Laura Will, Laura Unterbrink, Maylean Rouse. Row 4: Sponsor-Mr. Meister, Chris Henke, Jennifer Bodecker, Bonita Flor, Linda Frisse, Jackie Ott, Tina Acord, Betsy Bodecker, Cathy Raulston, Cathy Ursprung Spanish Club Row 1: Greg Lawrence, Sean Taylor, Stacey Crook, Dee Brickner, Elisa Jellan, Randy Roth. Row 2: Judy Weber, Monica McCarthy, Carol Crabtree, Linda Wegrzyn, Amy Ser tak, Julie Settle. Row 3: Sponsor Mrs. Thompson, Rhonda Beetner, Steve Woods, Casey Herb, Merle Wilder, Angie Holem, Lisa Bock- struck. Row 1: Val Koelker, Stacy Boeker, Tracy Dunaway, Nancy Owens. Row 2: Denanne Savoca, Jim Malench, David Reiner, Gordon Keating, Hyung Kim. Row 3: Anne Chen, Chris Grezlak, Kelly Knecht, Allison Reeves, Gina Reeves, Dave Oden. Row 4: Terri McCarty, Sue Marohl, Kathy King, Cheryl Musch. Row 5: Shawn Grubb, Betty Hartzel, Lisa Brown, Cathy Ursprung, Mark Frey. Row 6: Roberta Malench, Jill Pifer, Karla McDaniel, Sandra Kim. Row 7: Carrie Fisher, Lynn Wisnasky, Missy Emrich, Rich Donner, Greg Hann, David Evans. Row 8: Lisa Grezlak, Anne Holderread, Julie Nilson, Karen Sisson, Eric Gregory. Row 9: Celeste Debolt, Gieta Rademacher, Dana McDaniel, Nicole Hess, Cathi Gagliardo, Jenni Milli- gan, Laura Grezlak, Tom Zupanci, Monika McCarthy, Mr. Hindelang. Stacey Boeker, Val Koelker, Deanne Savoca, Tracy Dunaway, Nancy Owens Student Council provides a forum through which students can speak out and propose ideas to better the school. At the weekly meetings of the Student Council, the committies report what they have discussed and make any recommen- dations they have agreed upon. Individ- ual representatives and any other inter- ested students may also propose ideas at the open meetings. One of the main goals of Student Council, according to Presi- dent Val Koelker, is to represent the stu- dent body on issues concerning the school as well as encouraging student in- volvement in all activities. In the spring, fourteen members of EHS Student Council attended the Illinois Association of Student Councils State Convention in Chicago. At the conven- tion Val Koelker was made President of the IASC. [lounod juapnys News Quiz Team S.LT. is an organization that publishes a booklet titled “Pen ‘n’ Inklings’. The book- let consists of poems, short stories and other creative writings submitted by the stu- dent body. The News Quiz team com- peted against other schools in the Metro-East area. The competition consisted of a quiz show between panels where they answer questions dealing with current events. Row 1: Cynthia Cambell, Holly Ellis Row 2: Susan Levy, Karla Gregory, Kel ly Doolen. Row 3: Jenny Boedeker, Bet Mrs. Lisbeth Brown - Sponsor, Bill Lamb, Jenni- fer Chen, Hyung Kim, George Keating. Not pic- sy Boedeker, Cassandra Herb, Angela Holem, Deirdre Gibbons tured - George Turner. Row 1: Steve Piper, Jay Broadwater, Bob Abel, tels, Karen Bertels. Row 3: Roger Strohmeier, Marc Franke, Jeff Heinemeier, Larry Bertels, Sharon Bertels. Row 4: Rich Hosto, Joe Bertels Pat Weber. Row 2: Mike Svoboda, Angie Ber- Row 5: Mr. Heepke. Row 1: Dawn Brase, Glen Bertels, Randy Strohmeier, Leanne Goode, Kathy Lip- poldt, Chris Rothe. F.F.A. is a national organi- zation which combines leader- ship with agriculture. The stu- dents complete requirements for the first four degrees of agriculture which include studies beyond what is usual- ly taught in agriculture. At the completion of the first four degrees, the students will earn the ‘“‘Greenhand” degree. F.F.A. also sponsored Tractor Day, when students drive tractors to school and display them. On Barnyard Day the students bring farm animals to school and invite the local elementary school children to come learn about farm animals. V JO Siowsey ainjny = ® Oo 9) Audio Visual 7) ts 0) =a ro = ra e) a = st A.V. is a group of students who help in the audio-visual department at Edwardsville High. They assisted Mr. Jack- son in providing media ser- vices to the faculty. The library workers pro- vide services to students in the media center. The work- ers help the students locate the materials they need. They check out books, magazines, and other sources to the stu- dents that provide the infor- mation they are looking for. Row 1 Greg Geidemann, Geita Rademacher, John Dickerson. Row 2: Reid Patterson, Mark Martin, Jeff Rallo, Mark McMahon. Row 3: Jim Row 1: Janet Mueggenburg, Kim Mills, Cindra Winslow, Jan Weber, Beverly Dickerson. Row 2: Barbara Davis, Dayle Womack, Missy Dean, Mayberry. Students not pictured: Bill Piggott, Jim Bain, Dennis Bugg, Todd Bain, Al Celmer Rose Nicol, Dwone Jones, John Wegeng, Angie Lebro, Donna Clements. Not pictured: Keith Wyvell The office workers at Ed- wardsville High help the sec- retaries in the main office de- liver office memos to stu- dents and teachers, and col- lect the attendence envelopes 2 from the classrooms. They Att t sory. } receive one quarter credit for their services. SIOYIOM, 2dIJO Laura Sexton, Melissa Schroeder, Kassie Hud- |Leady, Chelsea Johnson, Carla Bowen. Row 3: son, Deborah Ponder, Michelle Nelson, Rebecca Cara Davis, Jenny Miller, Paula Giles, Tiffany Patterson. Row 2: Marilyn Mayberry, Jan Howard, Lester Welburn The Guidance Office Workers help the counselors for one class period a day. Their duties consist of run- ning errands for the counsel- ors, and helping with the clerical work in their offices. The workers receive one quarter credit for their ser- vices. G) cS Ou 9 5 2) © O =a OQ © O = - © = ” Row 1: Jeff Roderick. Row 2: Pat Burns. Row 3: seking, Diane Duncan, Kim Swift, Kim Davis. Amy McReaken. Row 4: Angie Bland, Gina Gei- ”n ons a Q, Y) a LL] Melanie Adams Dianna Ahlers Linda Andrews Laura Arnold Brian Asback Trisha Barnett Kriston Barton Kris Bautsch Nikki Bautsch Cynthia Beatty Diane Becker Andrea Beeler Lavay Bengston Mark Billeaud Shelly Bingham Tammy Blakey Angie Bland Christi Bland Betsy Boedeker Jenny Beodeker Beth Boyd Amy Bramstedt Jamie Bradshaw Dee Brinkner Sheri Brinkmann Cynthia Brooks Lisa Brown Rita Brown Denise Busch Lori Callahan Tricia Cason Christy Catalano Desiree Chafee Vicki Chartrand Anne Chen Carla Cornwell Stephanie Corsere Collette Cowan Cindy Cox Carol Crabtree Dawn Curtis Jamie Czerny Becky Dabbs Kim Davis Nikki Deleonardis Angie Deppe Ann Deppe DaVaughn Dickerson Regina Dickerson Deanca Dickey Rick Dodd Danette Dorsey Kris Dorsey Sue Dragich Joe Drew Kathy Dudacek Susan Eberhardt Brenda Edgeworth Laura Elfrink Kris Ellsworth Missy Emrich P.J. Estrin D.J. Estrin Dawn Evans Christy Faber Marla Feeney Carrie Fisher Tamiko Flamer Lolly Ford Cathy Forsting Beth Foster Beckey Franke Michelle Fuentes Cathy Gagliardo Chris Garbe Mary Garrison Lisa Gavin Sheri Gibson Dawn Giebe Diane Giebe Mike Going Dave Gorsach Cyndi Greene Eric Gregory Cindy Grimes Jenny Gray Susy Gude Kari Gullicksrud Lisa Grezlak Tamiko Guyton Mellisia Gallbrook Carla Hamill Missy Hamby Todd Hansel Stephanie Harris Ellen Hartley Tracey Hartzel Betty Hartzel Cathy Hayden Chris Hayden Jenny Henri Casie Herb Terri Hartel Angie Holeman Mona Holt Dawn Holtmann Tricia Howell Tracy Hrbek Kassie Hudson Denise Hughes Donise Hughes Dawn Ingram Chelsea Johnson Deirdre Johnson Charmaine Kemp June Kerley Hyung Kim Dorothy Kinder Cathy King Laurie King Kiristen Kirby Karen Kirk Kristi Kline Val Keolker Dana Krapf Lisa Krapf Brent Krebs Ellen Ladd Missy Ladd Susan Ladd Margaret Lanahan Amy Lancaster Charlotte Landrum Jean Langenwalter Anita Lebro Melanie Lentz Deirdre Lightfoot Melissa Long Carolyn Luketich Laura Luna Stacey Lynn Lisa Mainer Sue Marohl Terry Martin Julie McCleland Sandy McCord Cheryl McCoy Amy McCreaken Anne McFerran Kelly McGinnis Laura McLaughlin Liz Metzler Karen Meyer K athy Meyer Laura Meyers Michelle Meters Jody Michlitsch Melanie Millton Ann Minner Lori Modrusic Marina Mosby Diane Mueller Misty Munro Cheryl Musch Jim Musch Sheri Naugle Michelle Nelson Kathy Nieland Julie Nilsson Nikke Nolte Pat Nuernberger Tracy Ohl Nancy Owens Jackie Ott Tonya Otte Sam Paolucci Beth Parrill Angela Patterson Hal Patton Theresa Pauli Rosalind Perkins Lanea Peters dill Pifer Dobby Pile Lori Pittman Debby Ponder Gail Primas Ann Rafaelle Cathy Ralston Mike Rami Ronna Reckmann Kris Reilly Dave Reiner Beth Riley Maylean Rouse Paula Rozychi Esta Saverson Denanne Savoca Missy Schaefer Wendy Schaefer Nikki Schindewolff Tammy Schipkowski Denni Scherff Jacque Scherff Chris Schulze Angie Schlueter Kristi Schwalb Debbie Schwartz Amy Scofield Ann Scofield Carlise Sellers Laura Sexton Arwa Shahin Susan Shaw Mary Ann Shelley Dawn Sickbert Beth Sidener Carlisa Simberger Theresa Simberger Dawn Simpson Karen Sisson Leisa Sittner Vicki Sittner Alison Smith Connie Smith Laura Sporrer Tracey Sporrer Stacy Springs Angie Tenllado Robin Thompson Julie Nilsson and Debbie Schwartz Ann Tosovsky Lisa Turnbull Lisa Tweedy Shawn Uhe Cathy Ursprung Rhoda Vaughn Michelle Vieth Beth Vogt John Washburne Tonya Weatherly Anne Wedel Kirsten Weingartener Michelle West Scott Wetzel Cathy Wiley Debbie Wilson Tracia Wilson Barb Winfield Cathy Wing Liz Wing Janna West Kay Wisnasky Lynn Wisnasky Jennifer Wood Susanna Woodard Steve Woods Keith Wyvell Tonya Yehling Lisa Young Kim Zupanci z E’VILLE SPIRITS was a new club this year. It was organized by Miss High by having contests involving school spirit. E’ville Spirits has definate Sherry Skelton. The club provided leadership in the spirit of Edwardsville ly aroused the enthusiasm of E.H.S Si. ce aS onl PS 7 eae “oh, ER Ti oo 5 —jnt = O eo) Y) i e) fe) Be is} c Ae, fend © yah The National Honor Society is an organization which recognizes students across the nation who demonstrate outstanding charac- ter, service leadership, and scholarship. To become a mem- ber a student must be a junior or senior, must have at least a 3.0 grade average, and be recom- mended by the faculty. New members are inducted each spring. SENIOR INDUCTIES Lance Beard Elizabeth Boedeker Jay Corgiat Cindy Cox Gregory Craine Judith Cross Marcia Denny Kirk Dissen John Edmond Laura Elfrink Shawna Flanigan Michael Grimm Tracy Hartzel Gayle Hilla Shiela Hitchens Jennifer Huch Trish Klucker Jeffrey Krebs Lynda Kuether Robyn Meikamp Rodney Phillipe Chris Pifer Richard Pizzini Amy Schien Michael Walton JUNIOR INDUCTIES Erik Anderson Thomas Biggs Christi Bland Jennifer Boedeker Stacy Boeker Daniel Bowan Lisa Brown Troy Burrus Anne Chen Carol Crabtree Thomas Dujka Tracy Dunaway Marla Feeney Jerri Foehrkolb Dawn Giebe Suzanne Hacking Mark Hangsleben Deneen Hansen Debra Hauschild Cassandra Herb Kristi Kline Valerie Koelker Stacy Lynn David Meinzen Donna Menoni Ann Minner Joel Misukonis Marina Mosby Jackie Ott Tonya Otte Samantha Paolucci Alison Reeves Paul Riley Michelle Rogier Paula Rozycki Denanne Savoca dann Scherff Laura Smith Gary Sommer Tracy Stahlhut Stephen Stuart George Turner Jacqueline Watsek Lynda Wegrzyn Kirsten Weingartner Merle Wilder Kay Wisnasky Susanna Woodard Steven Woods Row 1: Cathi Gagliardo, Sheri Naugle, Andy Koepke, David Reiner, Gordon Keating, Eric Hess. Row 2: Minnie Ho, Susan Levy, Collette Cowan, Karla Gregory, Bill Lamb, Linda An Cynthia Beatty, Debbie Schwartz, Angie Stoces, Angie Holem, Liz Metzler, Tim Brinkmann, Mrs. Gebhardt. Row 4 drews, Row 3 Julia Settle, Karen Bertels, Cyndi Greene, Lisa Gavin, Connie Smith, Kim Zupanci, Laurie King, Susan Shaw. Row 5: Karen Meyers, Randy Stro meier, John Sisson, Cyndi Grimes, Randy Take, Teresa Vanek, Rod Stromeier. NHS Officers: Bill Lamb, Susan Shaw, Cynthia Beatty, Cyndi Grimes Row 1: Vicki Chartrand, Liz Metzler, Cynthia Greene, Jennifer Wood Row 2: Laura Smith, Janna West, Liz Wing. Row 3: Nancy Owens, Mrs Loucks, Julie Settle PEER LISTENING was a course that involved learning communication skills, tutor- ing skills, and responsibility. During the second nine weeks of the course, students worked on peer assignments around the community. }SI] 100g Suluo Row 1: Dan Engelke Row 2: Paul Kessman, Andy Woods Row 3: Jan Weber, Stephanie Thomas, Mrs Powell, Mr. Finley The Christian Campus Fel- lowship was an organization to promote Christian fellow- ship on campus. This was ac- complished through social ac- tivities, bible studies, trips, and study groups. Jazz Band Band Officers: Row 1: Rod Phillipe - President, Rich Pizzini - Vice President. Row 2: Marla Feeney - Secre- tary, Robin Meikamp - Treasurer = WwW) = = oS fund S se) = — B= WY) R= The EHS band students audition for the Symphonic and Concert bands in the late fall. The Symphonic band is for the more advanced student. They both per- formed for parents and friends at several concerts throughout the year, including the annual Christmas concert. The Orchestra gives string players the opportunity to learn and perform various types of music written for string and full orchestra. The Jazz band meets after school. It is a special group which is designed to famil- iarize students with the swing and jazz styles of music. Orchestra Officers: Tracy Hartzel - President, (not pictured) Sandra Kim - Vice-President, Betty Hartzel Treasurer, Laura Unterbrink - Secretary Symphonic Band: Row 1: Christi Bland, Bill Lamb, Marla Feeney, Jenny Herb, Steve Nunes, Lisa Decoteau, Michelle Lee, Debbie Hauschild. Row 2: Alison Smith, Kay Wisnasky, Angie Bertels, Cheryl Grimm, Dee Brickner, Kelly Hunter, Katy Krchniak, Robyn Meikamp, Christy Bough, Cecile Yoon, Sharon Bertels, Kristen Barton, Vickie Gorman, Carla Bowen, Janice Marlow, Nikki Schindewolf. Row 3: Karen Bockstruck, Barb Meyer, Misty Munro, Jodi Schindewolf, Jenny Weiler, Melanie Milton, David Rader, David Meinzen, Mike Jacober, Steve Stroh- meyer, Glenn Enz, Mike Grimm, Pat Morrison, Clark Oberlag, Brian Farrell, Kim Moore, Rich Pizzini, George Geschwend, Aaron Bass, Nathan Claudson, David Hagg, Beth Goff, Row 4: Marc Hickman, Angie Schlueter, Wade Ashley, Brett Knight, Jamie Nolan, Karl Lewin, Rodney Phillipe, George Turner, Mr. Rogers, Steve Meng, Pat Hoffman, Grant Paul, Bill Eadie, Chris Threlkeld, Karen Bertels, Deneen Hanson, David Kohlenberger, Jill Schmidt, Todd Watson, Kristiane Naegler, Dan Bowen, Randy Lanham, Joel Wood, Travis Morrison, Jenny Schmidt Orchestra: Row 1: David Perry, Ed Luan, Susanna Woodard, Julie McCleland, Anne Chen, Laura Unterbrink, Lisa Smith, Jennifer Chen. Row 2: Sandra Kim, Hyung Kim, Joanne Henderson, Betty Hartzel, Debbie Sultan, Steve Nunes, Jenny Herb, Laura Pointer, Jean Helms. Row 3: Sangeeta Swamy, Rose Nicol, Denise Hughes, Dawn Giebe, Kristen Kirby, Anita Keith, Dee Brickner, Christy Bland, Bill Lamb, Christy Bough, Shanna Stanberry. Row 4: Lakshmi Bollini, Merle Wilder, Tracy Hartzel, Stephanie Thomas, Ben Moyer, Pat Nuernberger, Nathan Claudson, David Haag, Beth Goff, Pat Hoffman, Grant Paul, Dan Bowen, Todd Watson, Randy Lanham, David Kohlenberger, Karl Lewin, Rod Phillipe, George Turner. Director Mr. J. Richmond. Not pictured: Tiffany Howard, Donise Hughes, Kelly Sullenger, Marla Feeney, Jamie Nolan Row 1: Kris Moore, Laura Kerkemeyer, Dawn Brase, Laura Kilgore, Kristen Barber, Debbie Harris. Row 2: Lori Marks, Michelle Noto, Ann Notter, Debbie Wilson, Dan Sweickiki, Ann Nelson, Dana Nelson, Sheri Schaefer, Lanea Peters, Janet Stoff, Stephanie Carpenter, Carlisa Simburger, Maria Carter, Alicia Sims. Row 3: Patricia Wilson, Tammy Dorsey, Renee Gates, Janet Jones, Glen Bertels, Patty Gillham, Scott Pour, Paul Worthy, Brenda Mattea, Bill Markowitz, Rhonda Schaake, Ron Stroder, Stephanie Range, Steve Piper, pueg }180U07) John Phillips, Kyle Betts, Bill Hawk, David Peel, Brett Halemeyer. Row 4 Dan Block, Mike Weisman, Bill MacDonald, David Johnson, Craig Watson, Diane Giebe, Brett Asbeck, Kelly Schmidt, Brian Helm, Jim West, Greg Foster, Shawn Haubrick, David Fisher, Steve Paur, Steve Ohren, Kurt Hof man, Rob Schraeder, Nicole Hess, Kerry Berioz, Rich Delgado, Brian Tutka, Kathy Wiley, Mat Reuterman. Director: Mr. Richard Dempsey. Not pictured Beth Null, Marty Jones, Jamal Jackson, Don Stark, Dan Kilgore ep) S 3 42) ° =, oO je) o 7 a. 21}SAYDIO Rifle Corps: Row 1: Sharon Bertels, Karen Bockstruck, Barb Meyer. Row 2 Angie Bertels, Karen Bertels oer ‘ “ i r) M SO orcs oe = — pees - . i — — N + , a ae ” ae 4 Flag Corps: Row 1: Janice Marlow, Debbie Rothchild, Nikki Schindewolf, Deneen Hansen. Jenny Wiler, Lenea Pe- Carlessa Simberger, Carla Brown, Mari Carter, Robin Mei- ters, Laura McCleland kamp. Row 2: Mr. Dempsey, Kelly Hunter, Kristen Barton, E.H.S. Marching Band All band members are part of the EHS Marching Band. The band traditionally performs at all home football games and marches in local parades. They occas- sionally march in parades in nearby com- — Drum Majors: Steve Nunes, Rich Pizzini, Marla Feeney munities as well. Brett Asbeck Wade Ashley Kristen Barber Aaron Bass Kristen Barton Kerry Berioz Angie Bertels Glen Bertels Karen Bertels Sharon Bertels Kyle Betts Christi Bland Dan Block Karen Bockstruck Christy Bough Carla Bowen Dan Bowen Dawn Brase Dee Brickner Lisa Brown Stephanie Carpenter Maria Carter Nathan Claudson Lisa Decoteau Rich Delgado Tommy Dorsey Bill Eadie Glenn Enz Brian Farrell Marla Feeney David Fisher Greg Foster Renee Gates George Geshwend Diane Giebe Patty Gillham Beth Goff Vickie Gorman Cheryl Grimm Mike Grimm David Haag Brett Halemeyer Deneen Hanson Debbie Harris Shawn Haubrick Debbie Hauschild Bill Hawk Brian Helm Jenny Herb Nicole Hess Mare Hickman Pat Hoffman Kurt Hofman Kelly Hunter Jamal Jackson Mike Jacober David Johnson Janet Jones Marty Jones Laurie Kerkmeyer Dan Kilgore Brett Knight David Kohlenberger Katy Krchniak Bill Lamb Randy Lanham Michelle Lee Karl Lewin Bill MacDonald Robyn Meikamp Bill Markowitz Lori Marks Janice Marlow Brenda Mattea Kim Moore David Meinzen Barb Meyer Steve Meng Melaniae Milton Kris Moore Pat Morrison Misty Munro Kristiane Negler Ann Nelson Dana Nelson Jamie Nolan Michelle Noto Ann Notter Beth Null Steve Nunes Clark Oberlag Steve Ohren Grant Paul Scott Paur Steve Paur David Peel Lanea Peters Rodney Phillips John Phillips Steve Piper Rich Pizzini David Rader Stephanie Range Mat Reuterman Rhonda Schaake Sheri Schaefer Jodi Schindewolf Nikki Schindewolf Angie Schlueter Jenny Schmidt Jill Schmidt Kelly Schmitt Rob Schrader Carlisa Simberger Alicia Sims Alison Smith Don Stark Janet Stoff Steve Strohmeyer Ron Stroder Debbie Sultan Dan Sweickiki Chris Threlkeld George Turner Brian Tutka Craig Watson Jenny Weiler Mike Weisman Jim West Kathy Wiley Debbie Wilson Patricia Wilson Kay Wisnasky Joel Wood Paul Worthy Cecile Yoon Mr. Rogers - director pueg dSuryoseyy O i) — = O a eo) oe O The choral groups worked under the direction of Mr. Gerald Bradley. The Mixed Chorus is open to any interested student at EHS. The A Cappella Choir is a more advanced group. Students must demonstrate their proficency at an audi- tion before being accepted. Both choral groups put on several con- certs for parents and friends throughout the year. They also join the bands and the orchestra in the Christmas concert. Choir Officers: (top to bottom) Laura Elfrink - Trea- surer, Julie Decker - Secretary, Demetrius Shaw - Vice President, Jennifer Huch - President All District Singers Row 1: Lisa Levy, Allan Celmer. Row 2: Stacey Crook, Jean Helms, Julie Settle, Angie Sharp. Row 3: Scott Skief, Deme- trius Shaw, Laura Elfrink, Lori Lammert. Mixed Chorus Row 1: Kris Jones, Katy Meyer, Kristi Varnado, Kari Gullicksrud, Michele Shaheen, Tonya Bast, Priscilla Hamman, Kim Wetzel, Janet Jones, Chris Huff, Shelly Kinsey, Kim Holecek, Lisa McA- dams. Row 2: Annette Travis, Misty Gilmore, Barb Davis, Laura Hamilton, Auneen Sikes, Gina Gieseking, Wanda Stram, Beth Meyer, Michele Thomason, Nicolle McCormick, Lesley Hangsla- ben, Anita Lebro. Row 3: Cathy Wing, Diane Elfrink, Christy McGauley, Cynthia Brooks, Ron Thorp, Richard Thompson, Dwayne Davis, Rhonda Beetner, Angela Lebro, Melinda Kane, Gail Gieseking. A Cappella Choir Row 1: Melissa Peters, Jean Helms, Julie Decker, Anne McFerren. Row 2: Stacey Crook, Diane Becker, Amy Lancaster, Janice Mar- low, Julie Settle, Angie Sharp, Lisa Levy. Row 3: Vera Moore, Jennifer Huch, Juliegh Barringer, Scott Skief, Demetrius Shaw, Allan Celmer, Glenn Henninger, Laura Elfrink, Lori Lammert Office Occupations was a cooperative business educa- tion program in which a stu- dent went to school half a day and worked in some business office either in the morning or afternoon. While students were receiving on-the-job training in secretarial, cleri- cal, accouting, data process- ing, or other office related areas, they were also earning Row 1: 1 arry Guthrie, Ed Pakovich, Roy Wehl Schoonover, Laura Schien, Robin Hamann, n incom ing, Judi Cross, Learne Goode, Janice Soto, Kathy Lippoldt, Jennie Herman, Sherry Donne! BS S Robin Thompson. Row 2: Cheryl McCoy, Jana ly, Mr. Salovitch We offer our congratula- Beyer, Carol Diggs, Chris Freymuth, Lisa tions to the following Office Occupation students for plac- ing first in the area 2 OEA Contest: Robin Hamann, Roy . Wehling, Jennie Herman, Officers Carol Diggs, Robin Thomp- son, Robin Meikamp, Jan Weber, Chris Kaman, Felicia Fifer. The first and second place winners attended the state leadership conference in Chicago last March and re- presented Edwardsville in State Competition. Row 1: Cheryl McCoy, Chris Feymuth, Judi Cross, Row 2: Ed Pakovick ip) ¢ O © OQ, = O O O 09) O Pi a O Robin Meikamp, Tracy Hertel Row 1: Tracy Hertel, Tammy Swift, Deanna la Mikolaszuk, Beth Suhre, Gerri Lange, Rodin Unger, Dawn Sickbert, Jan Weber, Mr. Salo- Meikamp, Debra Reames, Paul Abert vich. Row 2: Felicia Fifer, Cordelia Malone, Pau- Row 1: Donna Reed, Lori Tucker, Wendy Hintz, Stacy Leach. Row 2: Mrs Verseman, Della Riggins, Karen Hamlet, Mike Carpenter. Row 2: Darin Orman, Tina Sedlacek, Rick Nelson. Row 4: Melody Baker, Joe Peterson, Dawn Evans, Jenny Sanders. Row 5: Mike Jorden, Lavette Granger, Brenda Edgeworth, Lisa Thbeau = yp b atcial Row 1: Lori Modrusic, Angise Stewart, Regi- na Clark, Cheron Henderson, Brett Vuag niaux. Row 2: Gayle Primas, Missy Hamby, Row 1: Clay Tosovsky. Row 2: David McFerran, James Stennis. Row 3: Mike Pratt, Mrs. Versman, Scott Smith Linda Haring, Haring, Anita Barr, Brian Hamby, Jane Kershaw, Linda Coleman, Joann Rushing Officers: Row 1: Jane Kershaw - Sales Manager, Mrs. Verseman, Brett Vauag niaux, President, Row 2: Brian Hamby Sales Manager, Missy Hamby - Secre tary, Gayle Primas - Vice-President Distributive Education was a cooperative education pro- gram designed to meet the needs of students preparing for a career in marketing. Students that were enrolled in this program received one credit for on-the-job training and one credit for related classroom. Study in Distribu- tive Education included dis- play, advertising, sales dem- onstrations, inventory work and office machines. uoT}eONpy SAINISIG Officers: Row 1: Lisa Thebeau - Presi dent, Lavette Granger - Secretary. Row 2: Dawn Evans - Vice-President. Row 3 Mike Jorden Asst. Sales Manager, Brenda Edgeworth - Sales Manager. (not pictured) Scott Warrer - Treasurer Social Occupations Home Economiecs Related Occupations is a course de- signed to give students on- the-job training in areas of child development, food and nutrition, clothing and tex- tiles, and other related fields. Students are placed in a train- ing center and are under the supervision of the employer as well as the supervising teacher. Students also spend time in the classroom where they study how to get jobs, how to hold jobs and how to keep personal records. Social Occupations is a work-study program where students gain experience in service careers. Their jobs range from a teacher’s aide to working at the SIU broad- casting station. Row 1 Kris Kirk, Sandy Barnes, Julie Skief, Sherry Wells, Michelle Shea. Row 2: Pat Spen cer, Hank Burge, Dorinda Atkinson, Mrs. Lewis, Row 1: Jim Olive, Sheryl Myers, Mark Martin, Judy Ladd, Karen Kirk. Row 2: Stacey Rose- man, Peggy Skaggs, Lisa Smith, Leigh Ann Tosh, Vernon Wilson. Row 3: Ben Bruker, Tra- Jeri Reed, Fletcher Sarver, Gary Gorman, George Vaughn cey Coleman, Theresa Dennis, Joli Harris, Jon Goff, Mike Coolbaugh, Steve Graham, Patrick Henke, Mr. Nunes Row 1: Randy Mahan, Kenny Jones, Mike Bu- chanan, David Steinmann, Row 2: Mr. Cooper, Jim Acra, David Boccaleoni, Bill Caldwell, Dar- ryl Todd. Row 3: Keith Marks, Warren Parker, Mike Svoboda. Row 4: Gary Laird, Brian Schmidt. Row 5: Terry Burgess, Keith Koenig, Steve Hellman. Row 6: Chris Switzer, Jeff Mueller. Row 7: Ryan Renko, Craig Foster, Mike Nelson. Row 8: Danny Beckwith, Tim Douglas, John Hildeberand. Row 9: Mark Heiney, Dino Thompson, Paul Brooks Interelated Cooperative is a work program for seniors interested in vocations relat- ed to specific occupations. The student acquires exper- ience and marketable skills through supervised on-the- job training. A related class is taken covering areas such as safety, job interviewing, busi- ness principles, organized la- bor, consumer and taxpayer responsibilities. = ct © = 2. e)) a © Ou O ° oO ae) © Lam 3 e)) = © © = d Y) jund be Art Seminar is an advanced course for seniors who wish to develop indi- vidual, special interests in art. The stu- dents also assemble a port-folio of work which represents the best of their high school art projects and put on the annual Senior Art Show. Row 1: David Felchlin, Vicki Chartrand, Kim Geisen, Mike Fencel, Karen Meyer, Nancy Nekola. Row 2: Kent Giles, Sterling Thomp Row 1: Lynette Vieth, Sherry Geronimo, Mr. Detoye. Row 2: Dorian Bowie, Lea Keith, Sandy Gueldner, Carla Hamill, Cathy Eversman, Tammy Swift, Linda Hering. Row 3: Tom Wegeng, Teresa Vanek, Tony son, Mr. Detoye, Tracy Hartzel, Anne Hol derread, Julie Foederer. Row 3: Darin Or man, Mike Walton Carpenter, Laura Elfrink, Lori Lammert, Beth Boyd, Laura Will, Jim Albee. Row 4: Steve Meng, Helen Hamilton, Fran Wilkin- son, Trixie Boyles, Mike Stewart, Scott Smith, Brian Bullard. We’ve Only Just Begun Prom Queen Mary Gorman And King Tim Broderick The annual Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Meridian Ballroom at SIU-E on Satur- day, May 5th. Music for the evening was provided by the band ‘“‘Spectum’’. Couples attending the dance elected Mary Gorman and Tim Broderick as Queen and King. Junior-Senior Prom Senior Breakfast Presenting The Class Of 1984 Graduation Senior Class President Jay Gorgait 1506 Troy Road Edwardsville, IL 62025 656-3875 HAMEL OIL PRODUCTS Conoco Jobber Gene Hansen Owner EDWARDSVILLE Phone: 633-2227 INTELLIGENCER Baldwin Filters Your Hometown Daily Newspaper Covering All Mrs. Earl Kriege David E. Kriege High School Sports KRIEGE HARDWARE 117 N. Second St. 656-4700 112 E. Vandalia Street Edwardsville, Illinois 656-7588 garth GRO RN THE NATURAL FOOD MARKET 219 Hillsboro Edwardsville, IL (Y%2 Block From The Post Office) 656-3375 New Evening Hours: Monday-Wednesday 9:30-6:30 Thursday And Friday 9:30-8:00 Saturday 9:30-5:00 A. MIRRING FLORIST 118 N. Main St. Edwardsville, Illinois 656-7800 — The Barbers” 25tition (FB = 410 COTTONWOOD ROAD EOWAROSVILLE. IL 62025 GENE STRAUB PHONE: (618) 288-9663 Over 1200 Transfers Lettering Numbers 233 N. MAIN EOWAROSVILLE 656-2214 MANY STYLES - FASHION TOPS CUSTOM PRINTED SHIRTS PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING FLORIST’S MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Congratulations Class Of ’84 MARKO JEWELERS We Carry A Large Selection Of Sweetheart Rings ¢ Speidel J.D.’s Jostens. 335 Junction Drive Edwardsville, Ill. 62025 CARPET ROOM “Where The Red Carpet Comes Out For Our Customers” 201 W. High, Edw. 656-5025 KITCHENLAND 201 W. High St. Edwardsville 656-5024 Bea eT IT} [oie i rie ee eat) Cottonwood Mall 678 692-6055 “The Auto Air Specialist” Bill Arth Owner AIR CONDITIONING — TUNE-UPS — CARBURETOR — ELECTRICAL — BRAKES — EXHAUST GENERAL REPAIRS MODERN DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT PrOMPT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE 1901 N. MAIN — EDWARDSVILLE CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT 656-8447 Auto Tires HAMEL Truck Tires SERVICE CO., INC. Farm Tires Tractor Duals Box 128 Hamel, Ill. Batteries . 62046 Repair Service 24-Hour Tow Service Service On The Farm READY-MIX SERVICE, INC. 800-642-7857 618 633-2217 Excellent Service Quality Concrete MARKET BASKET Two Locations To Serve You PRODUCE Alton, Ill. 466-6247 The Finest Of Fresh Fruit And Produce Hamel, Ill. 633-2236 443 S. Buchanan Edwardsville, ILL. 62025 Phone 656-9055 Office Supplies SHEPARD Office Furniture Office Machines OFFICE SUPPLY Sales Books Register Forms 310 Hillsboro Ave. FAMILY Rubber Stamps Edwardsville, IL. 62025 AGW RESTAURAN®. Dial 618 656-3901 MPE a Salutes The 604 St. Louis St. Edwardsville, Ill. Class Of 4 1984 o-— — CARL MICK 1902 N. Main Edwardsville, IL General Contractor 656-5751 NORTHSIDE DAIRY BAR 130 Wellesy Ct. Edwardsville . SIEVERS EQUIPMENT CO. MB.WANNI E’S STEIGER. Women’s Appare [ New And Used Farm Equipment Allis-Chalmers Simplicity Lawn And Garden Equipment Marilyn Barton 138 N. Main St. Carol And Fritsche Edwa rdsville, ZU. CLADLAS 65 b- 5353 Ph (618)633-2622 Ph. (217)324-2114 Hamel, IL. Litchfield, IL. A.C. Factory Trained Mechanics 134 N. Main St. i 7 Downtown Edwardsvill Phone (618)656-1943 } e Lr» 656-7494 YONAKA JEWELRY Ba | 100 East Vandalia Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 Owned and Operated by the Specialty Shops of St. Louis STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Ralph R. Ellsworth STATE FARM Stephen R. Ellsworth (618)656-2932 Ga (618)656-0282 1403 Troy Road INSURANC E Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 MATEER FUNERAL HOME 210 N. Kansas Street, Edwardsville, Illinois BUHRMESTER INNKEEPER MOTEL RESTAURA Wallpaper And Paint Co. xaeeg tte Stan Pat Friemann 201-203 N. Second St. Hamel Phillips 66-633-2276 1-55 140, P.O. Box 327 (618)656-0490 Hamel, IL 62046 Rest. 618-633-2551 Motel 618-633-2500 Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 THIEMS CONSTRUCTION CO. 656-1426 Free Estimates-Bonded-Union Contractor 103 Seminole, Edwardsville Concrete Basement Driveways Contractors Floors Steps Garage Porches ‘ ‘ Floors Retaining Residential-Commercial Sidewalks Walls SUNSET HILL CEMETERY MAUSOLEUM AND GARDENS RR 7 Box 245 Edwardsville, IL. 62026 EDWARDSVILLE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Butler’s Chevrolet, Inc. Cassen’s Son’s, Inc. Four Flags Motors Mindrup Continental Motors Compliments Of WM. D. PIZZINI, INC. Compliments THE BOOKSHELF 105 Purcell St. 656-8022 Office: (618)656-5336 Home: (618)656-7931 EDWIN H. BURNS SONS NURSERY, INC. Landscape Designing 1053 E. Franklin Road Edwardsville THE HAIR ROOM Craig Mike Dona Helen Michelle Kelly 100 N. Main St. Edwardsville, IL Television ™ Audio inc. 244 South Buchanan Edwardsville, IL. 62025 618 656-4620 THE ECORD COMPANY For Value In Music 315 Cottonwood Mall Edwardsville, IL 3675 E Nameoki Road Granite City, IL. 656-7750 876-7334 Heating Cooling Air Distribution Electronic Air Cleaning Home Insulation, Humidification ERNST HEATING COOLING CO. P.O. Box 301, Hamel, IL 62046 Telephone: (618)633-2244 Or 2644 Albert Ernst Air Conditioning Engineer PLETCHER FUNERAL HOME 627 St. Louis St. Edwardsville, IL 656-2218 Rich Krumm Don Posey Rt. 2 Box 35 Edwardsville, IL 62025 (618)656-1198 656-2581 PHONE 656-1841 Jewelry Brooks Jewelers COMPLETE LINE OF FINE JEWELRY 213 N. MAIN EDITH BROOKS EDWARDSVILLE, IL 62025 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN 300 St. Louis St. Edwardsville, Illinois 656-6200 Time, Temperature And Weather: 692-4011 EDWARDSVILLE FROZEN FOODS FRESH MEATS 3 . FREEZER MEAT eye? Flowers FINEST LUNCHMEAT = im OUR SPECIALTY ORDER BY PHONE FROZEN FOODS 656-0334 “Designed To Be Remembered’”’ 618.656.1477 246 N. MAIN ST E 109 Purcell- On The Courthouse Square PEDAL SHOP Bicycles Sporting Goods Adidas Speedo Raleigh Schwinn Danskin Head Price 616 Franklin Ave. Edwardsville, IL. 62025 (618)656-7701 M Re fh Te I FUNERAL HOME PHILIP H. WEBER MICHAEL D. WEBER EDWARD RODNEY 304 N. MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, IL 62025 (618) 656-4655 Compliments Of tom’s (NEN) Downtown Edwardsville Quality end Service is Our Motto HAMEL SEED FARM SUPPLY, INC. At Junction 4 and 1-55 Seed — Fertilizer — Seed Cleaning Chemicals — Farm Spraying — Farm Supplies RR 1 Worden, Ili. 62097 Wilmer, Bob, Randy Klenke, Owners 618-633-2641 DO DROP IN 300 South Buchanan Edwardsville, IL. Open 5:30 A.M. Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners EDWARDSVILLE NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Two Locations To Serve You: Main And St. Louis Schwartz And Kansas 656-4316 EDWARDSVILLE NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO. Main St. Louis Streets €dwardsville, IL 62095 Drug Store For Everyone S-S CHM 7 peret- ers re . os RASTER SB i SCHWARTZ REXALL DRUGS 156 N. Main St. 656-1000 Compliments Of OVERBECKS WALLPAPER PAINT HAMEL COOPERATIVE GRAIN CO. Feed-Grain-Fertilizers-Seeds-Grinding 633-2215 Hamel, Illinois 62046 656-2833 Carpenter Location Edwardsville, IL. WHISTLE STOP Next To Cottonwood Mall Gifts, Deli, Nicknacks Wilburt H. Schneider Real Estate Agency CHICAGO TITLE INSURANCE CO. 241 N. Main St. Edwardsville 656-4345 Title Insurance Abstract ¢ Escrow COTTONWOOD RACQUET CLUB Tennis And Racquetball Pro Shop 656-4058 BALLWEG DRUG STORE Health-Mart Full Value Drug Store Cottonwood Mall 656-3435 RENA’S DANCE UNLIMITED 113 W. Vandalia Ballet, Tap, Jazz Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced 3 Years Thru Adults 692-1080 KID TOWN “Quality Clothes For Children 104-106 N. Main Street Edwardsville, Illinois Phone 656-8440 PAPE FARM SUPPLY Rt. 140 - Edwardsville 656-6566 Pet Supplies Lawn And Garden Supplies Farm Supplies Wide Selection Of Magazines Books DUNGEONS DRAGONS LITTLE PROFESSOR BOOK CENTER 310 Cottonwood Mall Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 ROBERT WALKER 302 Cook Avenue P.O. Box 188 Hamel, Illinois 62046 e Design Buildings ¢ Construction Management e Star Building Systems The End ile A pe yee ns tte ABs

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Edwardsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Edwardsville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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