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Tiger ’79 Edwardsville High School Edwardsville, IL Vol. 66Edwardsville High School is a place for reuniting old friends and making new acquaintances. As the year begins lockers and halls quickly fill. Before classes students gather in the lobby and at lockers which reflect the varied interests and activities of their owners.Daily student routine varies from early bird to work study to vocational schedules and includes both required and elective courses. A few of the new courses that were offered this year were Jewelry Making, Current International Issues, Advanced Geometry and Math Fundamentals.The new open campus system allows students the freedom to visit favorite eating spots like McDonalds and A W during free periods as well as socializing and relaxing. For students who do not have afternoon jobs, there is always something to participate in after school, whether it be football, volleyball, student council, drama club, or yearbook meetings.As you flip through the following pages hopefully you will find many memories of the people and the events that made the ’78-’79 school year at EHS.Seniors "Feels kind of good. Lots of fun." "Trig is a lot less fun when you're taking it." "Time for college women. Ready to go!!" "It feels good to leave." — Tom Guffy — Tim Meinzen — Steve Jackson — Ron McCaskill "Best years of my life so far. Met a lot of new friends. Had some good times.” — Ty Nilsson "When you're a senior and things start to pay oft you wish you could start your first 3 years over again.” — Randy Suhre "Most enjoyable years of my life." — Jay Eihausen Linda Aldridge Steven P. Aufdemberge Carey Andrews Dennis Bahr Kathy Barnes Larla Barringer ELIZABETH LEE ADES French 1; Band 2; NHS 3,4; Who's Who. CINDY AHRENS Track 1.2. STEVEN P. AUFDEMBERGE Math Team 3; Band 1,2; Chorus 1.2. LARLA BARRINGER SIT 2.3,4 (bus. mgr. 3. editor 4); NHS 3.4 (project chairman 4); Speech Team 1; German Club 1,2,3,4 (sec. 4); Symphonic Band (v. Pres. 4); Choir 1.2; A Cappella 3.4; Pep Band 1,2,3.4; Intramural Volleyball 4; Intramural Bowling 4; Homecoming Mistress of Ceremonies 3; All-District Band 3; All-District Orchestra 4. 5Kathryn E. Beatty Robin M. Beck Andre Bennett Karen Lynn Berry Dana Bertels David Biggs Janet Bixen Marianne Blahous DOUG J. BARTON Baseball 1,2,3; Football KATHRYN E. BEATTY GAA 1; Track 1,4; NHS 3,4; Varsity Basketball Statistician 2; Powderpuff 3,4 ROBIN M. BECK Yearbook 2; NHS 3.4 (bus. mgr. 4); German Club 1; GAA 1.2; Pep Club 1; Chorus 1; Intramurals 2.3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 1; Homecoming Queen 4; Homecoming Committee 2.3; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Who's Who; Class Vice-President 2; Class Treasurer 4; Powderpuff 4. KAREN LYNN BERRY Field Hockey; Chorus 1,2,3; Spanish Club 4; Drama Club 1.2. 6Linda M. Blase Jared Bobo John Bode Michael Boehm Scott R. Boeker Kurt C. Borchers LINDA M. BLASE Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; Powderpuff 3,4. JARED BOBO Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1.2; Baseball 1. Scott Boeser SCOTT R. BOEKER Football 1,2,3.4; Baseball 1.2. GARY BOLLMANN Intramural Softball 3; Intramural Bowling 2,3. RONDA SUE BONE GAA 1,2; Student Council 1,2; Powderpuff 3,4; Office Worker 3,4; Tiger Times 4. KURT C. BORCHERS Marching Band 1.2,3,4; Symphonic Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1,2,3,4; All-District Jazz Band 4; All-District Rep. Band 4; Brass Choir 1,2,3; Cross Country 1,2,3; Track 1,2.3.4; NHS; Who’s Who. Gary Bollmann Ronda Sue Bonea Suzy Brase Kelly Breen Bruce C. Briney Conrad D. Brooks Greg M. Brunworth Mark Buchheim KERI LYNN BRADLEY Student Council (historian 3.4); GAA 1; Spanish Club 2,3.4 (sec. 4); Chorus 2; A Cappella 3.4; Madrigals 3.4; Girls Tennis 2.4; Powderputt 3; Office Worker 2.4 SHAWN BRADY Football 1.2,3,4; Basketball, Baseball 1. TERRY L BRAKHANE German Club (treas 3); NHS 3.4; Chorus 1.2. BRUCE C. BRINEY Spanish Club 4; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2.3,4; Marching Band 1.2.3,4; Pep Band; All-District Jazz Band; All-District Band; Tennis 1. CONRAD D. BROOKS Tech Club 2.3.4; Spanish Club 4; Tennis 1. GREG M. BRUNWORTH Chorus 1; Tennis 1,2,3. MARK BUCHHEIM Football 1.2,3.4; Track 1.2,3.4; Homecoming Court 1; Homecoming King Candidate 4 8Lara Jill Buford James C. Buhr Richard Burden Paul Burge Kim Burke Douglas Burlingame Lori Jo Burns Thomas E. Burns Donald Busch Barry Bushong Leonard R. Bussmann Craig Butcher LARA JILL BUFORD Drama Club 2; Chorus 1,2; GAA 2; Powderpuff 3.4; Intramural Volleyball 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Office Worker 2,4; "Tom Jones" 2. JAMES C. BUHR Tech Club 3.4 (pres.); Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Thespian 3,4; NHS 3.4; Band 1; Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; A Cappella 3.4 (treas 4); Cross Country 1; Tennis 1,2,3. LEONARD R. BUSSMANN Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; Football; Intramural Softball 2,3,4. 9Terri Lynn Clements Melinda Yvette Coburn Vance Cole Colleen A. Coleman TOM BUTLER Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4. ERIC CARVER History Club 3.4; Model UN. LINDA CLAWSON Freshman Chorus; O.O. TERRI LYNN CLEMENTS MELINDA YVETTE COBURN FBLA 2; GAA 1.2.3; Field Hockey 2. French Club 1; NHS 3.4; Basketball 1; Field Hockey 2; Who's Who. COLLEEN A. COLEMAN Art Club 1.2,3,4 (pres. 4); Russian Club 1; Tiger Times 3; PE office Worker 2.Debra Crabb Mark Crabtree Lynette Crain Terry Creamer MICHELLE K. COLLIGAN Yearbook 2; O.O.; Homecoming Court 3; Powderpuff 3,4; Office Worker 1,2,3. DARLA K. CONNOLLY JULIE COTTRELL Drama Club 1,2; German Club 1; Thespians; Office Worker 4; French Club 2. Powderpuff 3. 11Curt Diel LaDonna S. Dillmon Kelly Douglas Linda Downing GARY DAVIS JR. DONNA G. DENTON LaDONNA S. DILLMON Drama Club; Spanish Club; Lettermans Club; Art Club 1,2. Choir Band; Band Letterman; Football 4; Track 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Transferred from G.C.H.S. 12Dawn F. Eck Cindy Eden Angela Michelle Edwards Susan Eibeck DAWN F. ECK GAA 1; Field Hockey 2; Softball 2.3; Track 1; Volleyball Manager 2; Intramural Volleyball 3; Homecoming Senior Attendant; NHS 3; 0.0 4 (v. pres.). John Eickmann DOUGLAS S. DUNBAR History Club 3.4 (pres. 4); Student Council 2,3,4; Model UN 3.4; Speech Team 4. LENNY EUGENE EAST VICA 3.4; D O 4 ANGELA MICHELLE EDWARDS Spanish Club 2.3.4; Drama Club 3; History Club 3.4; Speech Team 3.4; Pep Club 1.2; OEA 4; Chorus 1.2; A Cappella 3; Track 2.3.4; Powderpuff 3.4; Illinois State H.S. Championship for Track and Field 2; District Track Championship Winner 2; MAD Circus 3.4; NHS 3.4; Who's Who 3.4. National Merit Semifinalist 4; Student Council; Model UN 3. Jay Eihausen JAY EIHAUSEN Baseball 1,2.4; Basketball; Football 1; Golf 2.3.4; Homecoming Court 1. DANA R. EMBERY Track 3. 13Barbara Faulkner Jean Fedor Linda Ferguson Rachel Fifer Joel Firsching Marcia Fisher Michael Fitzmaurice Bradley Flaugher DEBBIE ENGELSDORFER Art Club 4 (v. pres ); A Cappella 3.4; Madrigals 3.4; MAD Circus 3. KURT ERICKSON Drama Club 2.3.4; Tech Club 2.3.4; Student Council 3.4; Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; A Cappella 3.4. LINDA FERGUSON German Club 1.2.3; GAA 1.2; NHS 3.4; Band 1,2,3; Field Hockey 1.2.3; Softball 2; Powderpuff 3. JOEL FIRSCHING Soccer 2,3.4. MARCIA FISHER German Club 1; GAA 1; Powderpuff 3,4 14Lisa Kaye Flaugher Julie Foehrkolb Brad Fultz Jenny Franke Alan F. Fremont Robert Gabalis Michael P. Gallaher JENNY FRANKE NHS 3.4 (treas. 4); Student Council 1,2; A Cappella 3.4 (pres. 4); Madrigals 3.4; All-District Choir 3.4; All-State Choir 3.4; Drama Club 1.2; Speech Team 1; Class President 3. Suzanna Garver LISA KAYE FLAUGHER Spanish Club 2,3.4 (sec. 3. pres. 4); GAA 1.2; Powderpuff 3; Librarian 2.3. JULIE FOEHRKOLB NHS 3.4; Tiger Times 3; Field Hockey 2.3.4; GAA 1; Who’s Who 4. ALAN F. FREMONT Concert Band 1.2; Symphonic Band 3.4; Pep Band; Stage Band 2,3.4; Marching Band 1.2,3.4; All-District 4; Soccer 2.3,4; Wrestling 2.3.4; Intramural Softball 3. DOUG FREY VICA 3.4; Band 1.2.3; Soccer 2; Intramural Softball 3: D O. 4. Phil Gatton MICHAEL P. GALLAHER Chess Team; Math Team; Bass Choir 2; Madrigals 3.4; All-District 3.4; A Cappella 3.4; Swim Team 2.3.4; Intramurals 4. Susan Goode Ann Gorman Harold Walter Graunke Tina Marie Griffin MARK J. GERDES Tech Club 2.3,4; Drama Club; Symphonic Band 1.2,3,4; Stage Band 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Tennis 1; Soccer 2; Speech Team 2,4. NANCY GEUSS German Club 1,2,3,4 (treas. 4); SIT 2,3,4 (sec. 3, pres. 4); Ecology Club 2; Band 1,2,3.4 (rifle alt. 3,4); Pep Band 1,2,3.4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 4; Powderpuff 3.4; Track 4; Tiger Usherette 2. Roy V. Griggs HAROLD WALTER GRAUNKE German Club 1; Freshman Chorus; Mixed ROY v GRIGGS Chorus 2; A Cappella 3.4; Baseball 1; Football Football; Wrestling 1,2,3; Baseball 1. 2. TINA MARIE GRIFFIN Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Freshman Chorus; Treble Choir 2; O.O. 4.Lori E. Gvillo Larry Hackethal Allen C. Hall Debbie Hall David Hammond Chuck Hanes Daphne Hansel TOM GUFFY LORI E. GVILLO CHUCK HANES Football 1,2,3,4 (capt. 4); Track 1,2,3,4. Powderpuff 3.4; Intramural Softball 3. Golf Team Varsity Letter Winner; Tiger Times. DEBBIE HALL Spanish Club 2.3; Office Worker 1; GAA 1; Track 3; Powderpuff 3.4. 17Jane Harbers Bud Harrison McKinley Hardmon Brett Hardy rrwT Tina Hargis Bill Harshbarger Gregory Joseph Hartnagel Monte Haun Douglas B. Havens Paula Hayden Russell Hayes Jayne Head JANE HARBERS GAA 1; Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; Powderpuff 3.4 Office Worker 2.4 BILL HARSHBARGER HERO 4; Wrestling 1 18 GREGORY JOSEPH HARTNAGEL Football Manager 1.2; DO 4. MONTE HAUN NHS; Football; Baseball 1.2; Basketball 1.2.3; Homecoming Court 3. DOUGLAS B HAVENS Band 1.2; Football 1.3; Wrestling 3.4; Track 2.4; CAP 2 RUSSELL HAYES III SIT 3.4; French Club 1; Cross Country 1; Football 2.3.4; Track; Basketball 1; Intramural Weight Lifting 2.3.4; Tiger Times 1.Teresa Heiney Michael Hellmann Nancy J. Helmkamp Debbie Heien Joel B. Helms Jamie Henderson Brian Hendrick Kathy Henson Lynn Henson Linda Sue Hessel Leann Hiles Lavette Hill NANCY J. HELMKAMP LINDA SUE HESSEL LEANN HILES Track 3; Powderpuff 3.4. Drama Club 1.2,3; 0.0 4; Freshman Chorus; HERO 4; Chorus 1; Cheerleader 1. Powderpuff 4; Library Worker 2.3. LYNN HENSON Band 1,2; 0.0. 4. 19Mark D. Hischke Stuart Hoeke David Holmen Randy Holtmann Donna Renee Huber Russell Lee Hughes Sharon Lorraine Hurst Nancy Inman MARK D. HISCHKE Intramural Volleyball 4; Intramural Softball 3,4. SUSAN HOSTO DECA 4; Softball 1,2,3,4. EILEEN MARIE HOVEY HERO 4. DONNA RENEE HUBER Class Vice-President 1; Powderpuff 3.4; OEA 4 RUSSELL LEE HUGHES Tiger Times; Football 1,2; Cross Country 3; Track 1,2,3,4. SHARON LORRAINE HURST Symphonic Band 3.4; Concert Band 1,2; Marching Band 1,2,3.4; Rifle Squad 3.4; Treble Choir 3; Track 3.4; GAA 1; Powderpuff 3,4; Speech Team 4; Usherette 2; Prom Committee 3. Tami Suzann Howerton Lynne Hosto Susan Hosto Eileen Marie HoveyEdward Johnson Teresa Ann Jorden STEPHEN JACKSON Baseball 1,2.4; Basketball 2,3,4; Football 2.3.4 Kenneth Johnson Timothy Johnson Holly Jones BETTY JAMISON French Club 1,2; NHS 3.4; GAA 1; Pep Band 1 Marching Band 1; Chorus 1.2; A Cappella 3.4; Basketball 1,2.3.4; Homecoming Committee 2; Intramural Volleyball 3. VERONICA JENKINS HERO 4; Photography Club 1. KYM JONES HERO 4 TERESA ANN JORDEN HERO 4 21Kathryn A. Kadlecek Kim Kessinger Mark Klunk Steve Kampwerth Candace Kane Shari L. Kitchen Shelli Klenke Mary Kokoropoulos Debbie Kostyshock Don Kerr Robin M. Kline Cheryl A. Kriege KATHRYN ANN KADLECEK German Club 1; GAA 1; Chorus 1,2; Art Club 1,2,3.4. CANDACE KANE Track 2; Powderpuff 3.4; Cheerleader 1; GAA 1; Pep Club 1; Office Worker 1.2. 22 JOHN KEYSER Football 1.2,3; Wrestling 1; Track 1; Homecoming Court 2; Royal Escort 4. DEBBIE KOSTYSHOCK Drama Club 1; Student Council 1.2; DECA 4 (pres ); Chorus 1.2; Powderpuff 3; "Hobbit" 1. CHERYL A. KRIEGE German Club 1; GAA 1; Chorus 1.2; Powderpufi 3.4; Homecoming Court 3.4; Who's Who 4; NHS 3.4 (sec. 4).Jean C. Kruckeberg Shelley Kuhn Mark LaBlance Teresa Ladd Amy J. Ladwig CAROLYN A KRIEGER DECA 4; Chorus 1,2. JANE ELLEN KRUCKEBERG Symphonic Band 1.2,3,4; Pep Band; Marching Band; Flag Corps 4; All-County Band; All-District Band 3.4 JEAN C. KRUCKEBERG Chorus 2; 0.0. 4 SHELLEY KUHN Spanish Club 2; Drama Club 2; Freshman Chorus; Treble Choir 2. AMY J. LADWIG French Club 1.2; Class Secretary 4; Office Worker 2.4; Tiger Times 4; Intramural Softball 3; Powderpuff 3. Deborah A. Lamb DEBORAH A. LAMB GAA 1.2; Track 1.2.3; Powderpuff 3; 0.0. 4 23 —Brian Lesemann Bruce Lesemann Rita Lesemann Sheryl A. Lesemann ROY LANHAM Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Soccer 2; Track 3.4. BRIAN LESEMANN German Club 4; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus; A Cappella 3,4; Madrigals 4; All-District 4; Track 4; “Sweet Charity." RITA LESEMANN Chorus, 1,2,3; O.O. 4. SHERYL A. LESEMANN German Club 2; Chorus 1,2; Intramural Softball 3,4; Track 2; Office Worker 2. 24Mike Lossau Debra Jo Ludwig KEVIN LEWIS Football 1.2.3,4; Basketball 1; Track; Homecoming Court 1.4; Tiger Times 4. Steven G. Loucks Michelle Lucas JEFFREY T. LONG Chorus 1; Baseball 1; Who's Who 3. STEVEN G. LOUCKS Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2.3,4; Marching Band; Pep Band 1,2.3.4; Stage Band; A Cappella 3.4; Chorus 1,2; Madrigals 3.4; Wrestling 1; All-District Choir 2.3; Homecoming Court 3. MICHELLE LUCAS German Club 2; Prom Committee 3; Chorus 1.2; Powderpuff 3; Usherette 2; Student Council 2.3. DEBRA JO LUDWIG Class Secretary 2; NHS; Who's Who; Field Hockey; Tiger Mascot 1.2; Choir 1.2; A Cappella 3.4; All-District 3.4. Dan Ludwig Katherine A. Luedders KATHERINE A. LUEDDERS Chorus 1.2; Intramural Softball 3; Office Worker 2.4; Powderpuff 3.4; 0.0. 4. 25 Kimberly A. Marks Diana Martin Ronald Martin RICH MADISON Football 1,2; Wrestling 1.2; Baseball 1; Homecoming Court 2. BARBARA MAHER Mixed Chorus 1.2.3; Field Hockey 2; Softball 3. Fred May MICHAEL G. MANGUM Basketball 1.2; Baseball 1.2; Football 1,2.3.4; Intramural Basketball 3,4. Angela Lynn Luna Kimberly Markowitz Ralph Matthews ANGELA LYNN LUNA HERO 4. Rich Madison Barbara Maher Michael G. MangumDarin McBride Ronnie McCaskill Mike McDonald Dotty Anne McGillian Kent McGinnis Robert McLean Michael McManus Mark D. McMurray Pam McPherson Randy Means Jeff Meile Tim Meinzen MIKE MCDONALD DOTTY ANNE McGILLIAN KENT McGINNlS Drama Club 4; Tiger Times 3.4; Track 4; "Go French Club 1,2; Drama Club 2; SIT 2; Football Manager 2,3. Ask Alice’’ 4; Transfer from N. J. Freshman Chorus. Mixed Chorus 2; GAA 1.2; Intramurals 1.2; Who's Who 3.4. 27Clinton Morgan Brenda Morrison Daryl Mosby D. Beth Murray Paul Myer Barb Myers Leanne Nealy Gail Nekola BRENDA MORRISON Chorus 1.2; Powderpuff 3.4. DARYL MOSBY Basketball 1.2; Cross Country 1; Football 2.3.4; Track 1,3,4; Junior Achievement 3. D. BETH MURRAY German Club 1.2.3; History Club 3; Concert 1.2; Marching Band; Symphonic Band 3.4; Pep Band I.2.3.4. 28Diane Newman Keith Niemeier Ty Nilsson Mona M. Noeltner Karen Marie Norris Tina Noto Pam Ohl Pat O Laughlin Susan Olive TY NILSSON Golf 1.2,3.4; Basketball 1.2,3.4; Baseball 1.2,3,4; Homecoming Court 3; NHS. Senior class sponsors are Mr. Joe Symanski and Mrs. Elizabeth Kasten. MONA M. NOELTNER Spanish Club 2.3; Drama Club 1,2.3; Class Vice President 3; Tiger Times 3; Powderpuff 3.4; Track 1; “The Hobbit” 2. KAREN MARIE NORRIS Drama Club 1,2,3.4; Speech Team 1.3; Thespian Society 2,3,4; Jr. Theatre; Chorus 1.2; A Cappella 3.4; Madrigals 3.4; Swing Choir 4; All-District 4; All-State Candidate 4; Intramural Volleyball 4; Powderpuff 3; Homecoming Mistress of Ceremonies 4; “Hobbit" 1; Christmas Show 2; MAD Circus 3; Stage Crew “David Lisa" 3. SUSAN OLIVE Class President 1; Student Council 1.2; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella 3.4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Tiger Times 3. 29Rod Opel Jean R. O’Neal Sue Olney Paul J. Ottwein Chris Owens Bill Paddock Jim Pakovich David F. Palmer Alan Paoni Bob Parker Kent Patterson SUE OLNEY HERO 4 (pres.); Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; Basketball 1; Office Worker 3. JEAN R. O’NEAL German Club 1.2; SIT 3.4 (treas. 3) GAA 1.2; Freshman Chorus 1; Powderpuff 3.4; Office Worker 3; Prom Committee 3; Tiger Times 4 PAUL J. OTTWEIN Football; Homecoming Court 2. BILL PADDOCK Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2.3.4; Pep Band 1,2.3.4; All-County Band 3.4; All-District Band 3.4. 30 rPam Patton James Perini David R. Perry Anthony P. Perry Tim Peterson Karen Pfeiffer Ruth M. Phillips Lisa K. Phillipson Paul Pizzini Thomas Primas Debbie Provazmk Paul Provence PAM PATTON Class Treasurer 1; NHS 3.4; Who's Who: Tennis Baseball Statistician 2.3.4 ANTHONY P PERRY Wrestling 1.2; Track DAVID R PERRY 0.0 4 USA K PHILLIPSON Drama Club 1. FBLA (historian 2). Student Counol 1.2.3; Class Secretary 3. Prom Committee 3: Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1. Intramural Softball 3.4; Powder puff 3: Drama Club o«ays 1 PAUL PIZZINI NHS 3.4. Symphonic Band (sgt at arms 4). Stage Band, All-Distnct Band 3.4; Soccer 2.4 31Carol Raab David Raffaelle Duane Renko Mark Renko Lonnie Reynolds Eric Richardson Randy Rickard Mark F. Rimkus Ann Rockwell Jim Rolens Todd Romann Sharon Rouse CAROL RAAB DAVID RAFFAELLE Freshman Chorus; Treble Choir 2,3; Wrestling 1,2; Golf 3,4 Junior-Senior Choir 4. MARK F. RIMKUS Spanish Club 3,4; Track 1,2,3; Soccer 3,4. 32Carolyn Sackett Robert Sardigal Tara Sauerwein Ruth Elaine Schaefer Jeff Scheibal Karen Scheibal Steve Schemmer Jed Schlechte RUTH ELAINE SCHAEFER JEFF SCHEIBAL Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; Swim Team French Club 1; NHS 3.4; GAA 2.3; Who’s Who; Tech Club 2.3; Chess Club 3; Drama Club 2.3.4; Tennis 1; ' Tom Jones;" Junior Theatre Mixed Chorus 2; Band 1; A Cappella 3.4; 1.2,3.4; A Cappella 3.4; Madrigals 3.4; plays; Student Council 1; Speech Team 4 Softball 1.2,3. 33Katheryn Ann Schlemer Jane Marie Schmidt Sharon Schmidt Karen Schmitt Nina L. Schoenleber Mark Schrader Mary Katherine Schramek Bonnie Schrumpf Robert T. Schultheis Tracey Schultz Michael Schwalb Rhonda Schwalb KATHERYN ANN SCHLEMER OEA 3.4 (local pres., area v. pres . regional v. pres ); Powderpuff 3.4; Office Worker 2. JANE MARIE SCHMIDT Spanish Club 3; Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; A Cappella 3.4. KAREN SCHMITT Field Hockey 1.2; Intramural Softball 3; Office Worker 2.3; 0.0. 4; OEA 4 NINA L SCHOENLEBER Powderpuff 3,4 MARY KATHERINE SCHRAMEK HERO 4; French Club 1; VICA 4; Chorus 1; Band 2.3; Marching Band 1.2; Concert Band 2.3; Pep Band 2.3; GAA 1. 34Debby Ann Schwan Susan Schwarz Debbie R. Schwendemann Craig Scroggins Amy Louise Sedlacek Debra Lynn Seybert Deborah Shanklin James Semanisin Teresa Shipton Susan Settle Lori Siefert DEBBY ANN SCHWAN Freshman Chorus; Chorus 2; GAA 1; Tiger Times 4; Student Council 2,3. DEBBIE R. SCHWENDEMANN DECA 4 (treas ); GAA 1 AMY LOUISE SEDLACEK O.O. 4; Cheerleader 1.2.3; Powderpuff 3.4; Homecoming Court 2; Office Worker 2. DEBRA LYNN SEYBERT Field Hockey 1.2.3,4; Basketball 1.2,3.4; Softball LORI SIEFERT Spanish Club 2.3; Freshman Chorus 1; Treble Choir 2; Usherette 2; Prom Committee 3. 35Lynn Smith Marcia L. Smith Noel Smith Lorrie Snydpr Laurie Ann Sobkowski CAROL Y. SIMPSON Drama Club 1; FBLA 2; Student Council 1.2,3; Class Treasurer 3; Prom Committee 3; Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1; Intramural Softball 3.4; Powderpuff 3; Drama Club plays 1. KENNETH BRIAN SLATTERY Drama Club 2.3.4 (pres. 4); Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; A Cappella 3.4 (v. pres. 4); Madrigals 3.4; All-District 3.4; Swim Team 1.2,3,4; "Tom Jones;" 2 Christmas plays; Homecoming Master of Ceremonies 4. MARCIA L. SMITH DECA 4; FHA 3. LAURIE ANN SOBKOWSKI Class Secretary 1; Class President 4; German Club 1; Student Council 3.4; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; All-District Band 4; Freshman Chorus; Mixed Chorus 2; A Cappella 3.4; All-District Choir 3; All-County Band 3.4; Softball 1.2,3; Social Occupations 5. Barbara Smith Carie Lynn Somraty CARIE LYNN SOMRATY Spanish Club 2; Powderpuff 3,4; GAA 1,2; Intramural Softball 3; Student Council 1,2; O.O. 4 (parliamentarian). Andy Simmons Kenneth Brian SlatteryDawn Doreta Sparks Cheryl Spencer Keith Spotanski Scott Spurgeon Theresa Stack Lori Stanhope Bryan Steele Laurel Steinbrecher DAWN DORETA SPARKS GAA 1; HERO 4. SCOTT SPURGEON Football 1,2,3.4; Homecoming Royal Escort Candidate 4. HELENE MARIE ST. PIERRE Spanish Club 2.3; NHS 3.4; Track 1,2; Tennis 3,4; Powderpuff 3; Transfer from California. BRYAN STEELE German Club 1; Chorus 1,3; A Cappella 4; Chess Team 2,3,4; Math Team 3; NHS 4; History Club 4; Tiger Times 3. 37Cheryl Steinkuehler Mike Sullivan Dan Svoboda Raymond Switzer Nina Taylor Sheila Kay Terrando John Terry Randy L. Suhre Brent Suhre Kim Stephenson RANDY L. SUHRE Photography Club 2; Wrestling 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Track I.2.3.4. DAN SVOBODA History Club 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; Cross Country 1; Football 2; Track 1,2; Model UN 2,3. NINA TAYLOR A Cappella 3.4; Chorus 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Class Treasurer 3; Class Vice-President 4; Drama Club 1. SHEILA KAY TERRANDO French Club 3,4; SIT 2,3,4; FHA 1,4; GAA 2,3,4; History Club 3.4; Tiger Times 3.4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Powderpuff 3.4; Intramural Bowling 2,3,4; Homecoming Usherette 2,3,4; Prom Page 2.3; Model UN page 3.4. 38Richard A. Thiel Pat Thomas Gary Thomason Barb Timmons Jeffery Tosh David Brian Townzen Lisa Ann Treat Ted T. Trebing Nick Unangst Liz Unterbrink Lorrie Vacca Jay Vanarsdale RICHARD A. THIEL Ecology Club 1; German Club 3; Chorus 1.2; A Cappella 3.4; Cross Country 1.2,3.4; Track; Powderpuff Cheerleader 4. LISA ANN TREAT A Cappella 3.4; Chorus 1.2; Madrigals 4; All-District Choir 3.4; Intramural Volleyball 2.3; Intramural Softball 2.3; NHS 3.4 TED T. TREBING Baseball 1,2.I Dawn Renee Wade Sheila Warren Lynne A. Walker William Wander VICKY VIERE German Club 1.2; GAA 1,2; Powderpuff 3.4; Prom Committee 3. ANNA M. VOTRAIN E. Block 1; Pep Club 2; GAA 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Cheerleader 1; Powderpuff 3.4; Tiger Times 4 Marti Warren Ginnie Watsek JONI MARIE VANCE Spanish Club 2; Boys Sophomore Baseball Statistician 2; Boys Varsity Baseball Statistician 3,4; Student Council 1.2; Office Occupations 4. DAWN RENEE WADE Chorus 1,2; GAA 1; Tiger Times 4; Student Council 2.3. LYNNE A. WALKER Chorus 1.2; Office Worker 1.2,3,4. 40 GINNIE WATSEK Drama Club 2; French Club 2; Chorus 1,2; Clinic Worker 2.4; "Tom Jones” 2.Chris Watson Karen Weber Paul Weber Brian Weiler Chris Weiler Jerry E. White Todd Werner Laura J. Westfall Frank Whitehead Dennis Whitworth Jeffrey A. Whitaker Debbie A. Wilder DAVID WELCH Russian Club 1.2.3 (pres.); Band 1.2; Tennis 1; Golf 2.3.4; Math Team 1,2,3. LAURA J. WESTFALL GAA 1.2; FFA 1.2,3; HERO 4; Chorus 1; Powderpuff Manager 3. JEFFREY A. WHITAKER Who s Who 3.4; NHS 3,4; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2.3,4 (pres. 4); Marching Band 1.2; Drum Major 3.4; Stage Band 2,3.4; Mixed Chorus 2; A Cappella 3.4; Pep Band; Baseball 1.2; Wrestling 2. JERRY E. WHITE HERO 4; ‘The Hobbit” 1; “Tom Jones” 2. DENNIS WHITWORTH Football 1.2; Basketball 1.2.3; Baseball DEBBIE A. WILDER Chorus 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Pep Club; Powderpuff 3. 41Rodney A. Williamson Sue Williamson Carmen Wilson Carol Lynn Winte ANNE MARIE WILDGRUBE French Club 1; Photography Club 3; Chorus 1,2; GAA 1,2. COLLEEN WILEY Spanish Club 2,3,4; GAA 1.3; Powderpuff 3.4; Intramural Softball 3. JILL ANN WILLAREDT GAA 2; FHA 1; Pep Club 1; Chorus 2,3,4; Volleyball 1 (manager 2,3,4); Track manager 2,3; NHS 3,4; O.O. 4. BARBARA J. WILLARD Student Council 2.3. German Club 1; Yearbook 2,3; GAA 1; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella 3; Powderpuff 3.4; Prom Committee 3. RODNEY A. WILLIAMSON HERO 4; Basketball 1; Wrestling 1,2,3; Football 1.2. SUE WILLIAMSON GAA 1,2; Chorus 1.2; Powderpuff 3. CAROL LYNN WINTE German Club 1; Student Council 1,2,3,4; (exec, board 1.2,3,4 pres., district board, state board); History Club 2,3,4; NHS 3,4 (v. pres.); Pep Club 1,2; Chorus 1; GAA 1; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 2; Basketball 2; Who's Who 4; Class President 2; Math Team 2,3,4; Citizen’s Advisory Council 3,4; Model UN 3.4. Mark Wilson David Wood DAVID WOOD Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2. 42Dawn Zoeller Denise Zoeller Nancy Zoelzer Ralph W. Zwick DEBBIE YATES Class Treasurer 2; Tiger Times 4; Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1; Pep Band 1; Powderpuff 3; Office Worker 3; Varsity Art Team 4 PAM ZACHA HERO 4; Symphonic Band; Pep Band 1,2,3.4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4. NANCY ZIKA NHS 3.4. Concert Band 1. Symphonic Band 2,3.4; Chorus 1.2; A Cappella 3.4; Math Team 1. NANCY JANE ZOELZER French Club 1; Drama Club 1,2,3; Thespian Society 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella 3.4 RALPH W. ZWICK Wrestling 1,2,3.4; Football 2. 43Seniors Not Pictured — Dwain Gaines Fred Partridge Erik Adams Mark Gilles Kevin Pratt Kirk Artrip Debra Graham Alicia Raymer Melanie Barrett Sherril Hale Janice Rethorn Judy Beaty James Holder Leonard Riley Mike Bobrowski William Scott Holmes William Sampson Steve Bobrowski Stephen Jackson Victor Sheffer Paul Bojkovsky Rouhani Jafari Jeff Smith Cynthia Cockrill Mike Janco Noel Smith Karen Coulson Stephanie Jewett Sam Sparks Jerry Cullen Kym Jones Randy Stark Tom Curran Melody Kerckhoff Tom Sworm Gary Davis John Keyser Shari Thomas Corinne Descote Brad Lenth Corianne Thompson Greg Dial David Lexow Virgil Tindall Tina Ellington Moosa Maarouf Tom Troeckler Dana Embery Tom Mayabb Glen Valle Drew Ezell Robert Miller David Welch Steve Francis Mike Mullikin Steve Wetherington Robert French Darron Murphy Daniel WymanJuniors “I’m one year older!” —Terri Wood “Feels good knowing there’s only one more year left.” —Mel Thomason Tim Acra Sue Ades “You don’t have to worry about what other people think of you.” —Christine Hainsworth “Three stumbling blocks past. One more stumbling block to go.” —Beth Malench “One year closer to getting out.” —Connie Tucker Sue Adkins Kori Agne “It is fantastic being a junior!” — Robert McDonald “Class of 80 is GREAT!!!” —Tom McNanley Terri Ahart Jim Ahrens Danny Ailaria Kathy Allen Ronny Allen Glen Allison Barb Anderson John Anderson Sherri Armes Don Arth Kathy Ashauer Ellen Bailey Barry Bain Greg Baker Bonnie Barnard Derek Barnard Nancy Bartels Lisa Basden Terry Becker Dirk Beetner Juniors 45Dan Bennett David Bequette Sue Berlemann Darryl Bertels Debbie Bertels Oscar Bettorf Randy Betts Bill Blase Joe Boccaleoni Rhonda Bockstruck Cathy Boehm Kim Bollinger Common pastime for juniors is chatting by lockers. Gayla Bollmann Karl Borchers Melinda Bort Kim Bostick Pat Bowens Pat Brazier Brian Brenton Jeff Briney Vince Broderick John Bruker Craig Brumitt Lynn Brunnworth Randy Buente Laurie Buhr Billie Burke Joan Burkhart Jim Bushrow Kerry Butcher Jon Byron Jan Caban Teresa Cade Chris Callender 46 JuniorsPat Callender Bob Camarata Denny Carag Vince Carpenter Frank Chandler Jim Chapman Marcus Claudson Tim Clawson Lonette Clayton Lynette Clayton Angie Cler Jamie Cline Marcia Cook Tina Cooley Class officers — Angie Cler, pres.; Jetaun White, treas.; Joan Burkhart, sec.; Susan Coffey, v. pres. Michelle Corlew Maria Costan Angela Coultas Alyssa Cox John Craig Mike Craig Tim Crane Chris Criminger Fred Criminger Lori Crockarell Steve Crockarell Kevin Cross Kip Cross Julie Daech Bryon Daggett Tom Dannenberg Eddie DeFord Brenda Dennis Juniors 47Carol Dapping Renee DeRousse Don Dillon Cindi Dodd Andy Dodson Cindy Donner Deann Dorsey Jere Dresch Jeff Dudacek Carolyn Dujka Kendrea Durr Dan Duryea Class sponsors Mrs. Sandy Sampson and Mr. John Berglin smile for the camera. Jennifer Ebel Ken Ebert Jeff Eden Daniel Edmond Brian Elliff Lynn Elliot Liz Emert Ellen Enloe Denise Evans Tammy Everett Julia Fanning Larry Fear Charles Feldman Lori Felts Donna Finke Brad Fisher Dawn Flamer Scott Flaugher 48 JuniorsMike Foehrkolb Keith Fore Sherry Foster Charlie Fowter Richard Fralinger Kim Fravell William Frey Dennis Frisse Alesia Galbraith Richard Garde Dianne Gebhart Jeff Gephart Adam Gergen Therese Geuss Brian Gieseking Mary Gillmore Anita Glasper Kathy Gobble Jill Graham Dan Graville Ronda Gray Sharon Grayson Tina Greer Arthur Grist John Gueldener Larry Gueldener Terry Gueldener Beth Gusewelle Alan Hahs Christine Hainsworth Jim Hair Karin Halverson Vickie Hamlet Eugene Hampton Nancy Hanks Robert Hanneken Juniors 49Tom Hanson Bill Harbors Angela Hardmon Mark Haring Bill Harrison Shawn Harville Rodney Hayes Rob Heepke Mark Hellinger Kenny Hellrung Lisa Henderson Jodi Hendrick Eddie Henke Joe Henry Dawn Henson Mark Herrmann Teresa Hessel Rob Hildebrand Rachel Hischke Vicki Holeman Lisa Holt Joan Holtmann Yvonne Hornberger Linda Horrell Kris Horvath Lori Hosto Pat Hovey Deron Hrbek Sharon Hudlin Rich HughesMatt Huntley Patsy Hurst Joe Hutton Rob Hyten David Ingram Sharrie Jackson Sheila Jackson Palmer Jason Jim Jatcko Angel Jines Gary Johnson John Johnson Kevin Johnson Brenda Jones Julie Jones Tracy Jones Brian Kaman Chris Kaufmann David Kay Ernie Kayser Shawn Kee Sherry Kemp Jeanne Kershaw Lisa Kienholz Jenny Kinamore Kathy King Jeff Kiszla Cheryl Klenke Lori Klobnak Kevin Knezik Diane Knoche Todd Knutzen Linda Koenig Becky Kolesa Linda Kostyshock David KrouseDina Kyro Gary Lake Donna Lange Ron Langendorf Robin Lantz Gay Laswell Richard Launer Glen LeDuc Sarah Leitner Lynda Leonard David Lizotte Bonnie Loew Todd Lohr Rhonda Long Tom Long Cheri Lovett Bill Lowe Bob Lowry Robert MacDonald Tim Mackie Don Madson Cathy Mainer Beth Malench Tom Malench Jon Malone Merri Mangum Bob Manville Now that's what I call a racket! Brian Margherio Richard Marshall Sam Martin 52 JuniorsMy autograph? Why of course! Dave Mateer Sarah Mateyka Calvin May Miguel May Jana Mayberry Sharon McBride Kevin McCracken Keith McDonald Monica McDonald Marcia McDougal John McElroy Gene McGillian Bob McManus Tom McNanley Becky Meikamp Dena Meikamp Sharon Meinzen Bob Merkel Scott Merritt Jay Metcalf Gerald Meyer Nancy Meyer Mary Middleton John Miller Mark Miller Nancy Miller Scott Miller Tracy Moren Juniors 53Mike Morrisey Lisa Mosley Carol Mueggenburg Ron Mulach John Mullane Keith Mundy Laura Munsell Ray Munzert Charlie Myer Debbie Myers Valerie Neeley Mark Nekola Maureen Nelson Jeff Neumann Mike Norris Sam Noto Peggy 0‘Laughlin Trudy Owens David Palmer Susan Paoni Terri Patterson Les Paul Albert Pauli Rhonda Pence Mike Peradotti Gina Perini Lisa Perry Mike Pertee Jim Peters Craig Phelps 54 JuniorsAnn Pletcher Dan Ponce Stan Pontius Kathy Poos Raina Porter Tammy Potter Rick Pratt Tracy Price Mike Prott Susan Puhse Debbie Puilin Jane Quade Ryne Raffaelle Patty Ramsey Annette Ray Terri Redford Scott Reid Dennis Reising Kirk Reising Mike Reising Ric Roller Audrey Renken Roxanne Renko Tim Rhodes Angelique Richardson Vicky Rickard Kim Ringering Terry Rodemeyer Nancy Roney Tom Rouse Velvet Rouse Sarah Runkle Ramona Saddler Juniors 55Paul Saffel Troy Saffel Tina Schaake Tom Schaefer Jim Scheibal Doug Schiber Sally Schienschang Mike Schipkowski Jim Schmidt Steve Schmidt Jeff Schoettle Lisa Schrader Dave Schubert Theresa Schubert Doug Schwab Lisa Schwab Bart Schwalb Melanie Scott Marcia Seeger Dan Semanisin Lynn Shanklin Greg Shashack Todd Shaw Bill Sheppard Mark Sherman Chris Short 56 JuniorsMarla Simms Mark Skief Kathy Slivka Barb Small Andrea Smith Dan Smith Mary Smith Ray Smith Vincent Smith Todd Sobkowski Pattie Sommerfeldt Roberta Speidel Robert Spiller Beth Stanley Jeanne Steckling Rob Stegall Greg Steiner Lisa Stephenson Jim Stolte Curt Strader Cindy Strain Jim Stram Stacy Stuart Brian Suhre Juniors 57Brenda Dennis and Amy Benjamin head out for lunch. Jeff Taylor Ruth Taylor Terry Thiems Melanie Thomason Brian Traband Ray Travis Dan Trebing Pam Trebing Sharon Troeckler Connie Tucker Mike Tyler Shelley Vallino Roger Vanloo Tom Viere Dan Vieth Lora Vowels Sue Wallace Chris Wander Carla Warren Andy Wasser Mike Watson Brian Webb Ross Weber Karen Welch 58 JuniorsJudy Wendel Bret Werner Jon Werner Melinda West Vickie West Lisa Westerfield Becky Whitaker Chris White Jetaun White Barb Wild Jeff Wild Geoff Wilkins Scott Willman Clay Wilson Sybil Wilson Tina Wilson Kathy Wisnasky David Wiwczaroski Melissa Wolf Amy Wood Mark Wood Terri Wood Mike Yates Paul Yates Pat Zacha Tina Zika Brenda Zimmerman Cindy Zwick Juniors 59Juniors Not Pictured — Greg Berkman Beverly Bradford Robert Bradford Alvin Brooks Joseph Bushrow Roger Cartwright Patty Clutts Paul Cristel Greg Eaves Clifford Faulkner Dennis Gvillo Sammie Jones Danny Manning Ken Mayes Marian Mitchell Bruce Turner Leah Vines Coleman Weissman 60 JuniorsSophomores “Sophomore’s number one in the year of ’81!” — Kris Stahlhut “Going to a new place is leaving the old place which used to be new.” —Sue Collins “Better . . . cause we want to be” —Susan Dunbar “Arise, go forth, and conquer!” — Paula Tripp Kevin Alexander Lori Allen Janet Anderson Linda Anderson Sue Anderson Amy Armstrong Lisa Atkinson Taina Badalamenti Garrick Barnard Don Barnes Yvonne Becker Greg Beckwith Lisa Bell David Bender Gary Bennett Tim Bennett Cheryl Benway Diane Bequette John Bixen Tom Blahous Brian Blakey Jim Blase David Boedeker Kerry Boeker Sophomores 61Sheila Boeser Scott Boggs Dennis Bouse Beth Boyer Debbie Boyer Jamie Boyle Terry Boyle Vickie Boyles Elaina Bradshaw Brian Brady Brenda Brakhane Debbie Braly • Angie Brase Diane Brase Kay Braundmeier Lee Bridgman Jon Briney Cindy Brockmeyer Candace Brown Bob Brown Barbara Bruer (Cauble) Brett Bruhn Mark Bruker Judy Brunnworth Beth Buehler Deanna Bullard Jim Burgess Paula Burgess Jim Burns Todd Carnaghi 62 SophomoresLisa Carter Sherry Carter Sharon Chance Jenny Chandler Julie Chapman Gina Clayton Tammy Cluster Sherrie Coleman Jeff Colligan Susan Collins Kevin Cook Mike Cook Anne Cravens Mike Crockarell Sheila Crockarell Becky Dedert Daphne Denton Jane DeRousse Brian Dickey Bruce Dickman John Dickshot Bill Diggs Linda Dumas Susan Dunbar Doug Durell Ann Dustman Liz Eadie Lisa Eaker Darla East Sara Eden Duncan Edmister Bonnie Edwards Scott Elliff Ted Engelsdorfer Kris Evans Brian Farmer a Sophomores 63Jeff Faulkner Roger Felts Janet Fisher Bob Fisher Dee Fitch Barb Foe Tim Fouts Susie Francis Susan Franke Marie Fremont Becky Frillman Darrell Frisse Mark Gaertner Jeff Gaines Jenny Gallaher Sandy Galliher Paul Garde Dave Gargac Julie Gatton Sally Gengler Sam Gerdt Robyn Gergen Brian Gerstenecker Sandy Gerstenecker Melanie Giberson Connie Gibson Bryan Gieseking Ronnie Gillespie Geri Glaser Allison Goldsmith 64 SophomoresI Louise Gorenz Gary Graham David Grant Gerard Gray David Greco Rae Griffin Jean Grubb Dan Gude Van Gum Neil Gusewelle I Jim Hackethal Lisa Halbe Greg Halbrook Greg Hall Larry Hall Bryan Halverson Bryan Hammonds Ed Hanks John Haring Martin Harms Jane Harrison Kim Harrison Tom Harrison Cari Hartnagel Jim Hawkins Dan Hawkins Theresa Hawkins Brian Heidbrink Brandon Heiney Shelley Heiney Pam Helle Phil Hellmann Reed Hellmann Sharon Hellrung Ann Helms Kristen HelselTraig Henson Angie Hernandez Laura Herron Greg Hiland Randy Hilliard Karla Hinton John Ho Laura Hoeke Lora Hofmann Paul Hogen Steve Holland James Holt Class officers - Kris Stahlhut. treas.; Jane DeRousse. sec.; Chris Zoeller. v. pres.; Kim Wilson, pres. Renee Holtmann Kathy Hosto Sandy Huber Doug Huddleston Bill Hughes Shayne Hummel Jana Ingram Bill Israelson Nancy Jamison Darren Jellen Doug Jenkins Doug Johnson Guy Johnson Laticia Johnson Leif Johnson Michelle Johnson John Jones Judy Jones Patrick Jones Raymond Jones 66 SophomoresJackie Jorden Chris Jouett Susan Kacer Mike Kaiagian Bill Kaman Grant Kang Geri Kannall Nathan Karlen Phil Keating Allen Keith Kelly Kerckhoff David Keyser Dawn Keyser LaVonda Kibbons Holly Kienholz Denny Kiley Karen and Kay check-out the scenes. Teri Kimball Corey King Kim Kirk Scott Klaustermeier Kyle Klette David Koertge Pam Koller Glenn Kotkiewicz Larry Krapf Ronald Krieger Lori Kroeger Curt Kruckeberg Scott Kuether Carma Kuhn Kelly Kuhn Kenneth LaBlance Ed Lamb Jeff Land Sophomores 67Jana Loeh Kelly Logan Kim Long Steve Love Carolyn Lovell Alecia Luna Chris Mackie Bob Maher Greg Makler Penny Makler Veronica Malone Dee Ann Marit Brenda Markowitz Tracy Martin John Matta Scott May Kevin Mayabb Mike Mayes Steve McCormick Kim McCoy Lisa McGhee Robert McMurray Kevin Mead Robin Meier 68 SophomoresBob Menk Richard Metzger Brian Meyer Ron Mihalich Joe Mikes Tim Miller Tim Milner Darryl Misukonis Lisa Mize Lisa Moore Ralph Moore Laurie Morehead Ken Moreland Anita Morris Brenda Morris Pat Mueggenburg Russell Mueller Billy Mullen Greg Mundy Mary Myer Shannon Myers Kevin Neeley Mary Nekola Beinta Nelson Mike Nelson Welcome to the $1.33 Beauty Shop. Sophomores 69Todd Nelson Susan Neunaber Karen Neutzling Steve Newby Joe Newman Pattie Newman Mary Jo Newton Gail Niebur Mike Niemeier Beverly Noeltner Bob Noeltner Sherry Nolte Pat Norris Paul Nuernberger Dale Oberlag Greg Oberlag Greg Oberto D. J. Ohl Kevin Olive Mike Onesky Brad Opel Dari Opel Lance Orman Shari Pace Vicki Paige Sandy Paoni Pam Parker Alex Pellock Paula Perini Janice Peterson R.W. HARMOh Captured: several specimens of studentus sophomorus. Regis Phillipe Elsie Pillow 70 SophomoresPatti Pine Dianne Pinkas Life for the sophomore class has its ups and downs. Todd Plageman Dale Prater Scott Primas John Rader James Reagan Karen Reckmann Lisa Redick Brian Regna Denise Rehling Mary Rendleman Carol Renken Roy Revelle Pam Reynolds Daniel Rhodes Terry Riggins Jeff Riggs Mike Riley Peggy Roberts Susan Roberts Seth Robinson Sophomores 71Suzie Rolens Stacy Rush Sherry Rushing Angel Ryan Elaine Saboff Tim Sampson Kelly Sawyer Alan Schaake Jim Schaefer John Scheibal Todd Schlemer Andy Schlueter Please! Don’t let my fans know where I spend my free time. Dawn Schreier Tammie Schrumpf Steve Sedlacek J.R. Segrest Beth Sellers Diane Settle Scott Shaw Terry Shearred Jim Sheppard Joe Sim Beth Simpson Cindy Slezinger Carrie Smith Jeff Smith Pam Snow Andy Somraty Barbara Sparks Dan Spencer Leslie Spencer Jerry Spiller Kim Spotanski Sue Spurgeon 72 SophomoresSteve St. Pierre Kris Stahlhut Randy Steele Martin Steffen Debbie Steinmann Glen Stephens Jeff Stoecklin Kim Strader Helen Stram Stephen Strohman Jeff Strohmeyer Blake Suhre Jeff Talick Dan Tang Lori Tate Phil Taylor Kevin Thebeau Jeff Thomas Richard Thompson Tammy Thompson Gail Trebing Nancy Triebes Paula Tripp Chuck Troeckler Lori Troeckler Karen Tucker Joy Turner David Unterbrink Tina Valle Brian Van Camp Sophomores 73Greg Velligan Curt Voyles Randy Voyles Frances Walker Debbie Wall Amy Wallace Tracy Walton Steve Wander Mark Ward Steve Webb Kent Weber Tim Weber Mara Wedel Cindy Weiler Scott Weiler Margaret Weissman Jeanna Weldon Julie Wescott Dianna White Morris White James Whitehall Steve Whitworth Beth Wieseman Tim Wild Mark Wilder Mike Wiley Elizabeth Wilkins Jenny Wilkinson David Williams Randy Williams The devil made me do it! 74 SophomoresSerious (almost!) portrait from the class of 81. Kim Wilson Lesia Wilson Clay Wilson Tracy Winte Amelia Wisnasky Cindy Wisnasky John Wood Mitchell Woodard Delmar Woolsey Jay Worthey Shelley Yates John Zagel Tracy Zika Bob Zoelzer Chris Zollars Sophomores 75Sophomores Not Pictured — Terry Brewer Patricia Counts Cheri Cunningham Derrick Dantzler Clayton Dunn Michael Holland Michelle Hug Vickie Ladd David Lawrence Joseph Pertee Bobby Joe Smith Jeff St. Clair John Whitehead Laurie WoodFreshmen “Being a freshman? It’s not what I expected.” — Mary Sulc Toby Adkins Kyle Ahart “It takes alot of getting used to.” — Laura Bielicke “You get picked on, especially by the seniors, but it’s still fun.” —Chris Niemeier “It’s a drag knowing you have three years to go.” — Eric Bornemann Tim Ahlers Steve Ahrens “It’s no fun being a freshman!” —Jill Foehrkolb “I like the open campus, and school’s great.” — Ron Buente “It will be better when I’m a sophomore.” — Debbie Lange Ron Anderson Lana Andrews Phyllis Andrews John Arth Janice Bain Kim Baker Steve Bangert Randy Banks Joan Bardelmeier Steve Bardelmeier Becky Barnes Sherri Barnes John Bartlett Celeste Barton Stephanie Barton Jeanea Batson Jeff Bean Cathy Becker Amy Benjamin Rhonda Bennett Freshmen 77Matt Berlemann Becky Bertels Keith Bertels Paul Bertels Laura Bielicke Cinda Blankenship Tim Blythe Mary Bobrowski Tina Boccaleoni Marlene Bosch See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, think no evil. Tina Bosley Adrian Bowie Mark Boyer Lisa Bradford Danny Brandhorst Jim Brase Pat Braun Ron Brinkmann Bruce Brooks Laura Buehler Jackie Buehler Ron Buente Linda Buford Laura Burian Donna Burke Ann Burns Jack Burns Dena Burrus Robert Caban 78 FreshmenMichelle Cade Dwayne Cannady Fae Carlson Kelly Carter Paul Cerbie Kim Clark Laurie Coffey Karen Collins Rene Combs Kelly Cook Leo Cook Pam Cooley John Cooper Elise Corlew Class officers - Paula Jones, pres.; Ann Renken, v. pres., Cristy Nelson, sec.; Cindy Cornwell, treas. Cindy Cornwell Cliff Couch Carmela Coultas Tami Courtney Laura Crain Keith Criminger Tammy Crouch Patty Cullen Jackie Davis Jim Dean Kayde Decker Mike Deleonardis Barb Denny David Denton Theresa Detienne Freshmen 79Jerry Dickerson Lisa Dickerson Brian Dickey Steve Dietz Greg Dobrinich Keith Donald Don Dorsey Darren Doty Jeff Dresch John Dujka Brian Duncan Dawn Dunn Richard Eberhart Erik Edmister Gene Edmond Sherry Ellsworth Eric Evans Kim Everett Mike Fagan Rhonda Walter Joan Fanning Stephanie Farmer Dennis Fellhauer Melanie Flamer Brett Flaugher Jill Foehrkolb Scott Foehrkolb Linda FosterChris Garbs Jeff Gause Mike Gentry Mike George Scott Gerdes Scott Gillespie Bob Gillmore Chris Goehe Mary Goodall Don Gorsage Donna Grant Kathy Gray Sherry Gray John Gregory Dawn Grenzer Cathy Grezlak Maria Grisolano Mike Grubb Glen Gusewelle Susan Gvillo Barb Hair Dan Halcom Greg Hamlet Jim Hanes Want to see a funny picture? Freshmen 81Presenting ... the one and only — George Johnson of '82. Tina Hanser Tim Harris David Harvey John Hatfield Leslie Havens Mark Hawkins Patricia Heberer Kimberlee Heifer Kyle Henderson Mary Henderson Crissy Henke Cindy Herrmann Drew Hettehausen Jeff Hindelang Deborah Hischke Eugene Hitch Joe Ho Stacy Lynn Hoehn Tracy Holeman Lisa Hoskin Sherri Hoskins Bill Houba Sherry Houghton Tracy Huffman 82 FreshmenRod Humerickhouse Tina Hunt Mark Hyten Randy Jackson Marita Jason Jim Jestes Lori Johnessee George Johnson Jim Johnson Mark Johnson Mark Johnston Melody Jones Paula Jones Rhonda Jordan Mark Kaman Karrie Kannall Cindy Kasten Todd Kaufmann John Kayser Mike Keith Betty Keller Pam Kessinger Kerrie Ketterlin Tom King Katie Knecht Larry Knecht Mariam Samaie and Stacy Roehn — caught in the act. Freshmen 83Jeff Knezik Kim Koelker Shellie Koenig Mike Kohlmiller Costa Kokoropoulos Ralph Kostyshock Linda Kotkiewicz David Kuehnel Doug Laird Alan Lake Dennis Lancaster Debbie Lange Cheryl Langenwalter Rodney Lanham Sharon Laswell Mike Latempt Andy Launer Judy Leiper Susan Leitner Chris Leonard Joe Levora Gary Lewis Bob Lohr Carmen Long Mindy Lorch Linda Ludwig Karen Luedders Robert Luttrell Bill Lyons Kevin Macdonald Freshmen love school so much they line up at the doors to get in! 84 FreshmenKevin Marks Bobby Martin Car a Martin Garry Martin Roger Martin TorreW Martin Tro'y Matlock Earl Mattea Joke? What joke? Did someone tell a joke? Melissa May Ellen Mayhall Erin McGIWtan Karla McGinnis Kris McManus Tom McMullen t Beth McNanle V Jodv McBae Kim McVe'i Marvin Meng Uoelle Merritt John MIcK Brian Miller Christine MilletGarry Miller John Miller Mary Miller Scott Miller Sue Miller Robin Misukonis Jackie Mitchell Jerry Modrusic Larry Monroe Ruthane Monroe Kim Moore Marty Moore Tom Moore Kevin Mosby Look out, World! Here comes the class of 82! Derrick Mosley Tammie Mueller Judy Mullen Mark Mullikin Tory Myers Scott Nobe Sankar Nair Cindy Nelson Sharon Neuhaus Chris Newby Mark Niebur Chris Niemeier Lisa Noeltnqr Janet Norfleet Lynne Oberdieck 86 FreshmenTim O'Laughlin Tommy Owens Diane Paddock Danny Palmer Bob Parrott Mike Pashea Craig Patterson Lynn Patterson Tony Patterson Kelly Patton Diane Perry Jim Peterson Sara and Judy may laugh, but Carla McGinnis still hasn’t found the 3rd floor elevator. John Petras William Phillips Mike Piter Don Piper Dan Pizzini Lori Plumb Patty Ponce Linda Porter Joe Potter John Powell Scott Prater Steve Price Dawn Proctor Shelly Pulliam Greg Raffaelle Freshmen 87Mary Ramsey Pam Reed Dan Regna Steve Reinneck Chuck Reising Dearyle Reising Linda Reising Todd Reller Ann Renken Karen Renken Leanne Robinson Sara Rockwell Kevin Rodemeyer John Romann Cherlyne Rouse Cindy Rouse David Rudloff Mary Jo Ruhl Tara Russell Cathy Schaefer Paul Schaefer Mike Scheffel Jo Scherff Anna Scheibal Jeff Schipkowski Gerald Schlemer Paul Schlueter Five minute passing periods mean crowded halls. Paul Schmelzel Ed Schmidt Jan Schmidt Iris Schoenleber Linda Schoettle 88 FreshmenFree periods offer extra time for library work. Chris Schroeder Paul Schultheis Sonia Schultz Paul Schwalb Jeff Schwarz Carrie Shaffer Dan Shashack Ken Shaw Tanya Shaw Dawn Shearred Glenn Shelley Joe Shematek Joseph Sheppard Eric Sickbert Stephanie Simons Ann Sinclair Connie Skief David Slogar Andi Smith Danny Smith Kelly Smith Lee Smith Melissa Smith Richard Smith Tracy Smith Vicky Smith Ted Snyder Alice Speidel Freshmen 89Mary Stack Brian Stahlhut Scott Standley Douglas Stanhope Rex Stark Chris Steinkuehler Dana Steinmann Richard Stevens Marcie Stille Scott Stoecklin Whitney Strohmeyer Matt Strub Barry Stults Neil Suermann Mary Sulc Wendy Talley Tad Thiems Brad Thomas Mark Thomason Wayne Thomason Bill Thompson Cheryl Thompson Shari Thompson Kevin Tracy Darlene Trebing Gretchen Troester Brandy Turner Eugene Tyler Gena Umberger Karl Unterbrink 90 FreshmenCarmen Verseman Jerry Wade Jon Walker Jim Wallace Dominic Walsh Aaron Walton Ken Walton Mark Warren Kenny Washington Ron Watsek John Wehling Kathy Wehling Joe Welch Renee West Tracy West Andi Wetzel Julie Wetzel Bill Whitaker Rich White Sharon White Brett Whitworth Scott Whitworth Tom Wiley Jill Wilkinson Doug Williams Jeff Williams Randy Williamson Alex Wilson Bonnie Wilson Candy Wilson Pattie Wise Franklin Wiseman Tim Wood Mia Wuerz Mike Zubal Freshmen 91Freshmen Not Pictured — Thomas Acor Donald Anderson Eric Borneman Kristina Buchanan Robert Buck Tonya Cooley Eric Jackson Steve McEwen Blake Meyer Robert Noud Catherine Oeara Karen Pratt Heather Sarber Russell Smiley David Thomas Julia Wetherington Steve Wrigley 92 FreshmenMr. Jack Klotz Administrative Staff at Hadley House Mr. Gerald Webb Mr. Rue Foe Mr. Robert Eberle Miss Patsy Garver Mr. Rue Foe is the Assistant Superintendent in charge of business affairs. Mr. Gerald Webb is the Vocational Director and Night School Coordinator. Miss Pat Garver is Director of Cafeteria Services. Mr. Robert Eberle is Director of Title I and Research. New to the district this year, Mr. Jack Klotz is Assistant Superintendent in charge of instruction.94 Superintendent EHS Principal Mr. Roy Olive Mr. Neal Schmelzel District 7 Board Of Education Row 1: Mr. Don Schaake. Board President; Mr. Roy Olive, District Superintendent; Mrs. Ruth Cook; Row 2: Mr. Rue Foe. Assistant Superintendent of Business Affairs; Mr. Nick Hamilos. Mr. Ronald Briney. Mr. Rudolph Wilson, Mr. William Foster. Mr. Roland Brummitt. Mr. Jack Klotz, Assistant Superintendent of Business Affairs.Administrative Staff Assistant Principal Robert Gregor Assistant Principal Richard Pilney Each person on the administrative staff handles student discipline. Assistant Principal Gregor was in charge of the sophomores; Mr. Pilney took care of the juniors and seniors; and Mr. Halsey worked with the freshmen. "The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the optimist wakes up and says. "Good Morning. Lord.'' and a pessimist wakes up and says. "Good Lord, morning!" -Mr. Halsey 95 Assistant Principal George HalseyMrs. Joyce Pulliam, Mrs. Marilyn Tolliver. Mrs. Jenell Emrich, Mrs. JoAnn Strain, Mrs. Linda Burns, Mrs. Marge Borgstedt, Mrs. Gerry Burian. Teacher AidesCounselors Row 1: Mrs. Hazel Loucks. Mrs. Liz Gehrlng; Row 2: Mr. Dan Oberle. Mr. Jim Tilashalski, Mr. Charles Finley. Mr. Glenn Johnson. School NurseIndustrial Occupations - Mr. Darvin Bloemker. Mr. Dick Ford, Mr. Paul Garner. Mr. Doug Anderson, Mr. Norman Reuscher, Mr. William Collman. Mr. J.D. Miller (department chairman). Applied Arts Department Agriculture - Mr. James Creek The Applied Arts Department includes Industrial Occupations, Ag and Biological Science Occupations, and Home Economics. Mr. J.D. Miller is chairman of the department. Home Economics - Mrs. Marian Hequembourg, Ms. Beverly Storer, Mrs. Carolyn Kuethe 98Business Department Row 1: Miss Pam Cook, Mrs. Dolores Day, Mr. Myron Thompson; Row 2: Mr. George Salovich (department chairman), Mrs. Liz Kasten, Mrs. Martha Hanson, Mr. Robert Brede, Mrs. Anne Gregor, Mr. Craig Louer. Art Department Mr. Dennis DeToye (department chairman). Mrs. Bonnie Enos, Ms. Sandra Sampson. Mrs. Jacquelyn Heuser, Mr. John Berglin. 99Row 1: Mrs. Lea Mainer, Mr. Jack Ott; Row 2: Mrs. Winifred Woodard. Miss Barb Ellebracht, Mrs. Dianne Williams. Miss Peg Spellman. Miss Sharon Kettenhofen. Mrs. Lessie Shashack. Mrs. Jackie Rader (department chairman). Mrs. Arene Burgess; Row 3: Mrs. Jo-Ann Nitz. Mr. Jesse Joiner. English and Speech Departments Mrs. Ann Jacox and Mrs. Ernestine Nathan •When we were hired we didn't realize we were hired to teach a foreign language." — Mrs. Dianne Williams 100Foreign Language Department Mrs. Mary Ann Barnes. Mr. Bill Meister. Mr. David Shonkwiler (department chairman). Mr. Fran Dwyer. Mrs. Ernestine Nathan. Mrs. Mary Ann Russell. Drivers Education Department Mr. Pat Price (department chairman). Mr. Mel Kuethe, Mr. Dick Gerber, Miss Sherry Skelton, Mr. Dick Ford.Math Department Row 1: Mrs. Vicki Summers. Mrs. Margaret Schultheis. Mrs. Marian Whitfield; Row 2: Mr. Gary Winkle. Mr. Elliot French, Mr. Daniel Suess. Mr. James Hindelang, Mr. Jack Elam (department chairman), Mr. William Caulk. 102 Media Center Mrs. Carole Wohlford, Mrs. Carolyn BrownScience Department "What you have now is a complicated formula. Mr. Gayle Day serves as chairman of the science department. The science department includes classes in biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics. The department offers a variety of interesting assignments, including dissecting frogs and rats. A new addition to the staff this year is Mr. Terry Cown. Mr. James Price. Mr. Bob Remmert. Mr. Jerry Baker. Mr. Lee Bollinger. Mr. Terry Cown. Music Department The music department has been very strong from its beginning. Besides vocal and instrumental instruction, the department is also in charge of the flag twirlers and rifle squad that lead the marching band during football season. During the rest of the year the band splits into the concert and symphonic bands which perform at concerts. Mr. Richard Rogers (department chairman). Mr. Phil Atkins, Mr. Gerald BradleyMr. Jack McCarty, Mr. Winston Brown, Mrs. Delores Regna, Mr. Pat Price, Mr. Tom Pile, Mr. William Nunes (department chairman), Mr. Paul Fuchs. Special Education Faculty Row 1: Mrs. Bernece Johnson, Ms. Saralee Strauss; Row 2: Mr. Joe Symanski, Mr. Steve Heal (department chairman), Mr. Jack Ott, Mr. Zene Gergen.Miss Kay Hyten. Miss Trudy Stilwell, Ms. Sharon Petty, Mrs. Emily Monika, and Mrs. Judy Marco (seated). 105Left to Right: Ed Force. Gary Heideman, William Phillips. Hilbert Wachter. Harold Williams, Floyd Logan. "The cafeteria workers always work hard, but still keep on smiling." Cafeteria Staff Row 1: Mrs. Viola Stille. Mrs. Bernadine Kirchner. Mrs. Brenda Sperandlo. Mrs. Elizabeth Arth. Mrs. Dorothy Luchtefeld. Mr. John Kesl; Row 2: Mrs. Dorothy Dustman, Mrs. Vera Nlcol. Mrs. Sharon Johnson. Mrs. Sharon Finke. Mrs. Marian Utechtt, Mrs. Sara Lee Curry, Mrs. Shirley Orman; Mrs Ronna McGauley (not pictured).On May 1st of 78, a band called Freewheelin’ hit the school. They performed for students at an afternoon assembly. This was just a preview of what would go on in concert later that night. Among the songs played were some old rock hits made famous by various groups.“Go Ask Alice” 1.) Alice (Mitchell Woodard) tells her story to Joel (Jeff Taylor). 2.) Helen (Barb Wild) and Douglas (John Johnson) share in their happy thoughts. 3.) Samuel (Mike Norris) shows a few moves to Alice (Mitchell Woodard). 4.) Marge (Alison Goldsmith) tries to settle Alice (Mitchell Woodard) down a bit. “A totally stimulating experience.” —Corey KingAlice Aberdeen: Mitchell Woodard Helen Aberdeen: Barb Wild Douglas Aberdeen: John Johnson Alexandria Aberdeen: Laura Buehler Tim Aberdeen: Chris Goehe Beth: Kay Wilson Samuel: Mike Norris Chris Vetrano: Kendrea Durr Jill Peters: Sharon White Bill Thompson: Matt Huntley Jan Fujara: Frances Walker Joe Driggs: Mike McDonald Gloria: Leslie Havens Freddie: Shari Pace Peg: Pam Parker Sheila: Margaret Weissman George: Corey King Joel Reems: Jeff Taylor Marge: Allison Goldsmith Gertrude: Sue Collins Babbie: Christy Nelson Tom: Doug Huddleston Doctor Miller Corinne Descote 1.) Freddie (Shari Pace) says, ‘ Come on. give it back. Peg (Pam Parker)." 2.) Tim (Chris Goehe) listens intently as Alice (Mitchell Woodard) tries to explain herself. 3.) The others listen to Doctor Miller (Corinne Descote) as she tells Alice (Mitchell Woodard) not to worry, because it will all work out. 4.) Alice (Mitchell Woodard) thinks ......................."Dear Diary. ’ "Don’t do it!” "Do it. do it!" —"Bill Thompson" "It was never more zestfully done. I’m sure." —"George”Choruses Take Musical Tour The theme of the Spring Choral Concert was Songs from Around the World. The Treble and A Cappella choirs and Freshman and Mixed choruses performed international favorites such as “Dominique.” “Edelweiss,” “Song of Galilee,” and "Wonderful Copenhagen." During the evening the A Cappella choir presented Director Bradley with a memento of their trip to Indiana. •What I enjoyed most was acting like people from other countries and learning their language. — Sharon Meinzen "Most students enjoyed dressing up in different costumes from around the world.” — Director Gerald BradleyJean Fedor. Linda Ferguson. Monte Haun, Jayne Head. Mark Hischke. Betty Jamison. Cheryl Kriege. Debbie Ludwig. Ronnie McCaskill. Timothy Meinzen. Gail Nekola. Mike Nilsson. Patricia O'Laughlm. Pam Patton. Paul Pizzini. Ruth Schaefer. Jeff Scheibal. Karen Scheibal, Kenneth Slattery. Helene St. Pierre. Brian Steele. Lisa Treat. Jeff Whittaker. Jill Willaredt. Carol Winte. Nancy Zika. juniors. NHS Inducts 50 New Members The inductees of 78 were Clyde Edmond. Chris Foederer. Debbie Haarman. Kathy Howlett. Kathy Lowry. Elizabeth McCall. Bill Mudge. Eddie Paddock. Daniel Schaefer. Stuart Versman. Angela Vuagniaux. seniors; and Elizabeth Ades. Larla Barringer. Kathy Beatty. Robin Beck. Marianne Blahous. Kurt Borchers. Terry Brakhane. James Buhr. Melinda Coburn. Lisa DeRousse. Dawn Eck. Angela Edwards. 112When spring rolls around, National Honor Society has its annual gathering to induct new members. Members, chosen from the upper academic levels of the junior and senior classes, are chosen on the basis of their leadership, scholarship, service, and character in the school, community and the nation. Mr. Robert Gregor opened the ceremonies that saw 50 students join 37 previous members in the National Honor Society. Open to the public, the program was followed by a reception.m Three rock groups—Zoned, Strutter and Majik Dust —performed in a Student Council sponsored rock concert. The bands, whose members include EHS students and grads, made their grand entrances in limousines. l2l Student Council Sponsors Rock Concert 1.) Students enjoy music 2.) Jim Strickland. Ed Horton, and Keith Francis sing to the audience 3.) Rock fans purchase their tickets. 4.) Majik f 4 J Dust plays for students. 115,m • % In a homecoming assembly Friday afternoon a Kahok Funeral was held. Presiding over the funeral was the Reverend Coach Pile. After the Kahok eulogy, Kevin Lewis was noted for his outstanding legs in a contest among football players; and Dee Fitch won the autographed football raffle. Preceding the homecoming game a bonfire was held at which a coffin containing a defeated Kahok “football player" was burned. This led to the final climax of the evening—a 27-13 Tiger victory over Collinsville. Bonfire Fires Up Players And Crowd"I was happy with the Homefcoming Assembly. I hope we can have more like it." —Jill Graham Homecoming Parade Leads Festivities Starting the homecoming festivities was the traditional parade. The theme was "Fairy Tales.” Leading the parade were the three queen candidates followed by the EHS Marching Band, junior and senior powder puff teams, German Club, NHS, FFA, and Student Council. Cheerleaders received recognition for best float on truck or wagon, while Mascots were awarded first place for car or walking participation. 117The Thrill Of Victory. . . ROW 1: Ramona Saddler. Patsy Hurst. Brenda Jones. Deann Dorsey; ROW 2: Anita Glasper. Angela Hardmon. Yvonne Hornberger; ROW 3: Ellen Enloe. Vickie West. Gayla Bollman. Julie Jones, Lori Koobnak, Lisa Perry. Bonnie Barnard. Kathy Poos. Ten Patterson. Theresa Schubert. Cathy Mainer. Beth Gusewelle; ROW 4: Donna Finke. Cheryl Klenke. Kori Agne. Brenda Dennis. Lynn Brunnworth. Jana Mayberry, Joan Burkhart. Terri Redford. Tina Wilson. Lisa Westerfield. Tracy Price. Nancy Meyer. Marcia Selzer; ROW 5: Merri Mangum. Annette Ray. Lisa Schrader. Dawn Thompson. Sheila Jackson. Dawn Flamer. Terri Ahart. Vicki Holeman. Shelly Vallino. Stacy Stuart. Jetaun White. Julie Daech. Nancy Hanks. Sharon Troeckler. Terry Eaker; ROW 6: Coach Jim Hindelang Ml Following the parade was the annual Junior and Senior Powderpuff game. The Juniors defeated the Seniors for the first time in nine years with a score of 24-6. 118ROW 1. Michelle Grist, Donna Huber; ROW 2: Dawn Eck. Debbie Hall. Kathy Henson, Kim Carr, Lori Gvillo. Cari Somraty. Judy Beaty. Kathy Beatty; ROW 3: Michelle Colligan, Con Thompson. Amy Sedlacek. Sharon Schmidt. Lynn Walker, Kathy Schlemer. Colleen Wiley. Sue Williamson, Sue Morrison. Betty Jamison. Vickie Viere. Sue Hosto, Sheila Terrando; ROW 4: Nancy Leitner. Jean O'Neal. Teresa Heiney. Kathy Leuders. Barb Willard, Joni Vance. Linda Blase. Nancy Geuss. Pam Ohl. Lori Burns. Sue Olney; ROW 5: Julie Gilham, Angela Edwards. Theresa Shipton. Ronda Bone. Linda Hessel, Gail Nekola. Cheryl Kriege. Kelly Breen. Sue Brase. Rhonda Schwalb. 119 And The Agony Of Defeat! [31 1.) Team captains Deann Dorsey. Terri Ahart. Lori Gvillo and Betty Jamison wish each other luck while Referee Louer cautions all to "play fair." 2.) Senior Sue Hosto tackles junior Susan Coffey. 3.) The Dallas Cowgirls they ain’t!!!Homecoming Royalty Robin Beck and John KeyserWhere Fairy Tales Come True Special Maid JoAnn Dagy and Royal Escort Mark Buccheim, Queen Robin Beck and King John Keyser, Special Maid Susan Olive and Royal Escort Scott Spurgeon Climax of the week’s homecoming activities was the traditional coronation and dance. Attendants and escorts stepped from Cinderella’s pumpkin coach to be presented to retiring Queen and King Angela Vuagniaux and Andy Russo, and each maid curtsied gracefully. As the court assembled amidst autumn golden mums and pumpkins, the mistress of ceremonies introduced the special maids and their escorts—JoAnn Dagy and Mark Buccheim, Robin Beck and Scott Spurgeon, Susan Olive and John Keyser. Queen Robin Beck then received her crown from King John Keyser. The ceremony ended with the “Fairy Tale” court paying its respect to the new royal couple. Following the coronation, royalty joined their subjects for the homecoming dance. Music was furnished by Z Bros. Master and Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening were Ken Slattery and Karen Norris. 121Cinderella Court ROW 1: Freshman Attendants Mary Stack, Becky Barnes, Paula Jones; ROW 2: Escorts Larrv Monroe, Mike Kohlmiller, Tommy Owens; ROW 3: Senior Attendants and Escorts Cheryl Kriege and Brad Lenth, Dawn Eck and Kevin Lewis; Retiring Queen Angie Vuagniaux and Escort Andy Russo; Special Maid JoAnn Dagy and Escort Mark Buccheim. Pays Homage To Homecoming Queen 122 ROW 1: Sophomore Attendants Kelly Kerckhoff, Peggy Roberts, Janet Anderson; ROW 2: Escorts D. J. Ohl, Joe Sim, John Wood; ROW 3: Special Maid Susie Olive and Escort Scott Spurgeon; Junior Attendants Sheila Jackson, Angie Cler, Dawn Flamer; ROW 4: Escorts Bill Blase, Phil Conreaux, Jim Stolte.1.) Homecoming court members file on to the dance floor after the coronation to enjoy music by Z Bros. 2.) Alan Fremont and Kim Carr watch excitedly as Robin is crowned. 3.) Barb Wild and Ken Lewis, and 4.) Jim Sheppard and Cathy Spenner join the court on the dance floor. 5.) Retiring Queen Angela Vuagniaux makes a gracious farewell bow as Escort Andy Russo looks on. [3)It’s Sadie Time Again!! [31 1.) Kim Talik and Phil Gatton get a kick out of dancing. 2.) Jumping is one way to get into dancing —check Kathy Spanjers and Mike Gallaher! 3.) Chris Jouett and Mike Nelson promenade 4.) Linda Ferguson and Monte Haun get ready to talk to Marryin' Sam. |4|The Sadie Hawkins dance offers not only square dancing, but also food, contests and marriage .... Marriage? Yes. Marryin’ Sam was on duty to hitch up willin’ couples. A cake eating contest was held with a prize for the “Best Eater.” Later the cutest couple was named and the Little Abner Award was presented. After picnic suppers, couples joined in dancing—country style. 1.) Jeff Whitaker and John Robertson develop a new way to eat cake. 2.) Jeff Briney. Kim Talik and friends circle up for a square dance. 3.) Jeff Whitaker and Debbie Engelsdorfer won the Cutest Couple Award. Allan Fremont and Linda Ferguson won the Little Abner Award. 4.) Alan Fremont puts his foot down with a dosey-do. 1251.) Debbie Engelsdorfer. Ken Lewis, Mitchell Woodard. Daphne Hansel, and Ken Slattery sing along. 2.) Jim Norris gives a fruit fly eulogy. 3.) Lindsay Weber speaks with her eyes as she presents a reading. 4.) ' Let me tell you!” says Nancy Fralinger. as Mr Symanski breaks the actors' rule do not peek through the curtains during the show! 5.) Ms. Bev Storer. Mrs. Jackie Rader, and Mrs. Dianne Williams are ready for their grand entrance. 6.) Alexander (Jeff Taylor) tells of his terrible, horrible, very bad. no good day. 7.) Mad Circus attracts many to student art exhibit. 8.) Here we go! "A good way to show people your art work!" —Vickie West “It was mad! It was an art happening!!” according to Mr. Dennis DeToye, art department head. Mad Circus—product of the music, art, and drama departments—made its debut at EHS. The circus was designed to show off student skills—painting, ceramics, drawings, weaving; acting, dancing, singing. To complete the circus atmosphere, teachers performed as a company of clowns. Students And Faculty Go Mad!!!Patti And Steve Reign At Prom 128 Junior Class President Jenny Franke; Attendants Angela Vuagniaux and Kim Durr. Prom Queen Patti Newton and King Steve Langendorf; Escorts Doug Heidbrink, Dan Schaefer and Steve Tilashalski. Flowers and clouds provided “Summer Breeze” atmosphere as Patti Newton and Steve Langendorf were crowned queen and king of the Junior-Senior Prom. Other queen candidates were Kim Durr and Angela Vuagniaux. The king candidates included Doug Heidbrink, Dan Schaefer and Steve Tilashalski. Entertainment was provided by March Hare. After the prom students enjoyed “The One and Only” at the Wildey. Junior class sponsors in charge were Ms. Sandy Sampson and Mr. Ray West.1.) Andy Russo and Susie Olive relax after an evening of activities. 2.) Debbie Ludwig assists Queen Patti Newton in adjusting her crown. 3.) Scott Minner. Bruce West and Ed Horton play role of gentlemen for sponsor Ms. Sandy Sampson. 4.) Steve Tilashalski and Kim Durr dance to the music provided by March Hare 5.) Students enjoy a banquet of fried chicken and mostaccioli at the American Legion. 129“Episode In The Life Of An Author” [6 ) [7] This year's contest play was the Drama Club's adaptation of Jean Anouilh’s “Episode in the Life of an Author.” The director was Mrs. Lea Mainer. The cast included: Mike McDonald Corinne Descote Barb Wild Chris Goehe Daphne Hansel Corey King Roger Felts Christine Hainsworth Chris Zollars Kendrea Durr Matt Huntley Mike Norris John JohnsonEHS Performs At Its Best 1.) Lori Crockarell. Sue Collins, and Vicki Smith prepare to sing. 2.) Denny Carag entertains the crowd with his piano playing. 3.) Karen Norris and Daphne Hansel display talent with mime routine. 4.) Tim Elmore and Darryl Misukonis tune for their performance. 132Members of the EHS student body displayed their talents in the annual variety show. Acts from reciting poetry to disco dancing were performed. This year 1st place went to Angela Edwards for singing, 2nd place to Denny Carag on the piano, and 3rd place to Karen Norris for reciting. 133What Is Love? 134Cast members: Karen Norris - director Kay Wilson Daphne Hansel Chris Hainsworth Margaret Weissman Pam Parker Mitchell Woodard Frances Walker Ken Slattery Roger Felts Charles Feldman Mike McDonald Corey King 135Students Paint Murals For The Art Seminar Class.1. ) Mr. DeToye helps students with their murals. 2. ) Jean Kruckeburg works hard on the new mural in the cafeteria. 3.) Jill Bufford paints a steady line. These murals were painted by some of the students in the Art Seminar class. Student Council provides money for the paints and supplies. The murals reflect the varied interests and activities of students ranging from science to old movie stars. 137Graduation Takes On New Look [2] 1.) Sue Perry and Ed Horton wait to present opening graduation addresses. 2.) Dee Dee Ward positions her top ten award medal with help from Gail Lechner and Mrs. Lechner. 3.) Mr. Roy Olive offers his congratulations as graduates receive their diplomas. 4.) Mr. Robert Gregor gives final instructions to seniors before ceremony. Graduation took on a new look in 1978 with an open-air ceremony on the EHS football field. According to Principal Neal Schmelzel the new arrangement was not only successful, but also much cooler. Brief graduation addresses were made by Senior Class President Ed Horton, and Sue Perry, student body president. 13) 1 138Row 1: Dana Steinman, Melinda West. Kathy Becker, Becky Barnes. Tammy Vallow; Row 2: Sue Puhse. Marianne Blahous, Tracy Winte, Barb Denny. Kim Strader. Coach Kay Hyten. West Leads Team With 1 10 Points "We'll do better next year.' —Sue Puhse "We learned more about volleyball. I was proud to make the team. Hope to have better season next year." — Dana Steinman The Junior Varsity record at season’s end was 4 wins - 12 losses. Melinda West led the team with 110 points on serves. Marianne Blahous had top honors with 83%, 99 passing assists and 26 hits. 139Row 1: Melinda West, Karen Tucker. Kay Braundmeier: Row 2: Coach Kay Hyten. Ellen Bailey, Carol Winte. Diane Settle. Vickie Hamlet Varsity Volleyball has Top Honors Varsity Volleyball record at season s end was 10-8. Carol Winte was the leading player in service, passing, and hits. The team scored on 94% of Carol’s serves for a total of 141 points. She also had 164 spikes. In passing, Carol had the most points with 185, while Ellen Bailey had the leading percentage with 83. Carol and Ellen were tied with 85% on hits. Karen Tucker led the team with 73 blocks. Kay Braundmeier and Karen had 243 assists in setting. "We learned to work better as a team. I think we will work harder this summer to improve our record next year." — Kay Braundmeier "We had a decent season but it could have been better We ll get 'em next year." — Karen Tucker 11 ) 1401.) Vickie Hamlet shows her skill as she spikes the ball. 2.) Karen Tucker led the Tigers with 73 blocks. 3.) Ellen, Diane. Kay. Karen position themselves for return of the ball. 4.) Carol Winte and Karen Tucker wait expectantly for a point. 5.) Ellen Bailey had the leading passing ‘ percentage with 83. 141Cross Country Team Hopes for a Better Season Row 1: Carolyn Dujka, Robert Luttrell. Richard Thomas. Brian Stahlhut. Steve Pence. Nancy Geuss; Row 2: Ed Lamb. Kevin Cross. Karl Borchers, Duncan Edmister, Rich Thiel. Ken LaBlance.The Varsity Tigers were rated number 1 in the area by the POST-DISPATCH and the METRO EAST JOURNAL, while clinching the Southwestern Conference Title with a record of 9-3. During the ’78 season 3 records were broken— —most consecutive wins of 14; —Jim Holecek pitched most wins, 15-6; —Tim Gamble broke the record of most stolen bases with 20. The Varsity Baseball Team completed the season with 21 wins and 6 losses. Varsity Tigers Have Record Breaking Season 144 Top Hitters: Bob Buehler And Rob Harris145 ROW 1: Bill Harbers (manager), Steve Langendorf, Bob Buehler, Tim Gamble, Rodney Jackson, Les Fear. Phil Conreaux, Jamie Semansin, Doug Barton, Jim Holecek, Pam Patton (statistician); ROW 2: Coach Bill Funkhouser. Rob Harris, Dan Allaria. Dennis Whitworth, Dale Hartnagel. Jim Scheibal, Darrell Wehrend, Mark Schaake, Jim Stolte. Joni Vance (statistician); ROW 3: Coach Zene Gergen. Mr. Bill Cochran, (trainer), Vince Broderick. Tom Hanson. Ty Nilsson. Dave Wood. Mr. Dick Hutton (trainer). Varsity Tigers Clinch Southwestern Conference Title "Most balanced club I have ever had." —Coach Bill Funkhouser |3J HI Varsity In Action 1.) Bob Buehler slides into 3rd. He’s safe! 2.) Dale Hartnagel rounds 3rd and heads for home. 3.) The gang s all here! 4.) Safe or out? It’s a close call for Tim Gamble. 146 (41And In The Underclassman Division The Sophomore baseball team finished the season with a 10-1 conference record and a 12-4 over all record. The only conference loss was to Alton in the last game of the season with the score 7-6. The team had an outstanding pitching staff in Vince Broderick, Jim Scheibal, Tom Hanson, and Dan Allaria, who also started on the varsity team. Leading the list of sophomore hitters were Kip Cross, with a batting average of .340 and 6 home runs, Dan Allaria with a .462 average and 3 homeruns. Backing them up were Phil Conreaux with a .419, Bob Manville with .400, and Bob McManus with a .388. The over all team batting average was an impressive .354. The freshman baseball Tigers finished a successful 11-2 season. Leading hitters for the team were Larry Hall with a .468 average, and Bruce Dickmann with a .417 average. Bryan Hammonds led the club with 14 stolen bases. In the RBI department, Tim Milner led with 14. Freshman Tiger pitchers had excellent records. Bruce Dickmann recorded 4 wins and no losses; John Wood, 3 wins and no losses; and Scott Klaustermeier, 4 wins and 2 losses. According to the coach, Tim Milner looked good in the outfield, with Randy Hillard playing a good shortstop; Jeff Smith looked strong behind the plate as catcher. ROW 1: Phil Conreaux. Scott Reid. Greg Shashack, Dan Ponce. Jay Metcalf. Tim Clawson. Manville, Jim Stolte; ROW 3: Tom Hanson, Dan Semanisin. Mark Nekola. Vince Broderick. Jan Caban (manager); ROW 2: David Krouse, Dan Allaria. Rich Hughes. Kip Cross. Bob Jim Scheibal, Bob McManus. Coach Dan Suess. Sophomore Team Makes Top Spot In Conference “The sophomore baseball team was an outstanding group of athletes.” —Coach Dan Suess 00 ROW 1: Bill Kaman, Randy Hillard, Brandon Heiney, Tim Milner, Brian Farmer. Brad Opel. Bryan Hammonds; ROW 2: Jeff Smith, Scott Klaustermeier, Jim Schaffer, Allan Keith. Greg HiHand, Scott Primas, Coach Bill Hyten; ROW 3: John Wood. Reid Hellmann. Jeff Thomas. Bruce Dickmann. Larry Hall. Brian Dickshot, Brian Heidbrink. Freshmen Finish With 11-2 Record “We played together as a team and we had a lot of hustle and determination.” — Bruce DickmannPat Meyer Qualifies For State ROW 1: Greg Brunworth. Bill Mudge, Pat Meyer. Kevin Noll. Scott French. ROW 2: Coach Gerald Bradley. Stuart Verseman. Jim Buhr. Scott Bradley. Tim Mackie. Jeff Dudacek. Coach Kim Demars 150ROW 1: Scott Shaw. Chris Mackie. Dale Oberlag. Kent Weber. Greg Oberlag; ROW 2: Coach Gerald Bradley. David St. Pierre. Brian Lerch. Tom Blahous. Martin Stephen. Tim Bennett. Senior Pat Meyer gave his best achieving a 12-7 record. Seeded second, he earned a first round bye but lost in the second round at the state tourney. The varsity Tigers netted a 6-14 season record.Young Team Builds Toward Future ROW 1: Jo Scherff, Sue Ades, Chris Hainsworth, Noelle Merritt, Kelly Patton, Lori Hosto; ROW 2: Cindy Donner, Pam Patton, Keri Bradley, Susan Leitner, Cari Hartnagel; ROW 3: Coach Emily Monika, Ann Sinclair, Kathy Ashauer, Betty Keller, Helene St. Pierre, Janet Andereon, Michelle Johnson, Nancy Jamison, Sherry Nolte (manager). The girls’ tennis team finished their season with a 6-7 record. Captain Pam Patton finished 4th in District, qualifying for State Tournament play for the second consecutive year. The team’s overall record was about the same as last year’s, according to Coach Monika, but within the matches the win loss record improved. “It’s encouraging to have so many young players. I consider this year a building year.” —Coach Emily Monika Pam Patton served as captain of the team with Helene St. Pierre as co-captain.1.) Tennis requires accuracy even for the opposition. 2.) Tennis means player-coach rapport to Pam Patton and Mrs. Emily Monika. 3. ) For Lori Hosto. tennis means follow through. 4. ) For Kathy Ashauer. it's concentration. 5.) And sometimes tennis means trying again. [3]ROW 1: Dawn Eck, Barb Smith. Jean Fedor. Sue Hosto. Amy Armstrong. Debbie Seybert. Sandy Gerstenecker. Lisa Henderson; ROW 2: Kay Braundmeier, Barb Maher. Vicki Hamlet. Dianne Settle. Sue Morrison. Denise Schaake. Barb Anderson. Nancy Meyer. Sherry Rieger, Coach Kay Hyten. Softball Team Swings Into Action 154 (1)According to Coach Kay Hyten, the softball team “almost had the perfect season,” winning the regional, but losing in the sectional to Cahokia. Score in the final was 3-1. Pitcher Denise Schaake, who also played 3rd base, was voted best all-around player with a .426 batting average, 32 RBI’s, and a 4-1 pitching record. Sue Morrison led the team in stolen bases with a record of 18. The top fielder, Sue played 1st base. Lisa Henderson was named the top pitcher with a 9-2 pitching record. Lisa, Denise, and Sue were all voted to the METRO-EAST and NEWS-DEMOCRAT All Star Teams. Jean Fedor, Sue Hosto and Dianne Settle received honorable mentions. X |3J 1 ) Diane Settle keeps her eye on the ball. 2.) Jean Fedor checks her swing. 3.) Tigers score another run as Lisa Henderson crosses the plate. 4.) Diane Settle warms up. 5.) Coach Hyten plans her strategy with team starters.ROW 1: Jody Hendricks (manager), Jill Willaredt (manager). Carolyn Dujka, Kim Wilson, Angela Hardmon, Peggy O'Laughlin. Julie Fanning. Jenny Sultan. Diane Spanjers: ROW 2: Jana Emery. Angela Edwards. Sharon Hurst. Kathy Howlett. Carol Lexow. Kathy Allen. Marie Fremont. Diana Brase. Lori Allen. Coach Sherry Skelton; ROW 3: Tina Wilson. Dawn Flamer. Debbie Lamb. Sue Ades. Mary Rendleman. Kathy Spanjers. Beth Brase. Barb Foe. Debbie Braly. Tina Greer; ROW 4: Patsy Hurst. Nanci Helmkamp. Dawn Thompson. Ellen Bailey. Terri Ahart. Dawn Keyser. Pam Helle, Gayla Bollman, Tracy Bertels. Alyssa Cox. Eileen Spanjers. Three Tiger Track Records Fall 1978 TRACK STATISTICS Three Tiger girls’ track members broke records during the ’78 season. Barb Foe, freshman, threw the discus for a record 106' 10" and put the shot 32' 31 4". Eileen Spanjers, sophomore, also broke dual records with a 5' 2" high jump and a time of :32.8 in the 220 low hurdles. Sophomore Terri Ahart set a new mark in the 220 year dash with :27.1. Their efforts helped the Tigers to win over Granite City South and Staunton, also over Cahokia and Madison. The girls placed second out of five in the city meet, and 9th out of 16 in the districts. There were no state qualifiers. Ill 156“It was frustrating because of the weather and injuries that we had, but I am sure we will bounce back this year because a lot of them were underclassmen and they have a lot of determination.” —Coach Sherry Skelton 1.) Barb Foe watches intently as the old record falls. 2.) Terri Ahart set a new record in the 220 year dash. 3.) Eileen Spanjers hurdles to the lead. 4.) Dawn Thompson starts off relay. 5.) Dawn Keyser just clears the bar. 157ROW 1: Kevin Lewis. Maurice Hurst. Tony Perry. Pat Ells. John Fanning; ROW 3: Russell Hayes. Bret Werner. Bowens. Rob Hyten. Elonza Sherman. McKinley Roy Lanham. Karl Borchers. Mark Nelson. Mike Ahart. Hardmon, Daniel Edmond. Bryon Daggett; ROW 2: Rich Hoenig. Mark Helle. Andre Bennett. Daryl Mosby. Mark LaBlance. Jeff Schoettle, Dave Warning. Drew Jim Jatcko, Rusty Hughes. Mike Leonard. Coach Riggs. Kurt Borchers. Tony Coleman. Tom Guffy, Barry Winston Brown. Bain. Mark Rimkus. Phil Hans. Mark Buccheim. Andrew EVENTS PARTICIPANTS RECORD SET Mile Run Ed Lamb 4:38 Shot Put Mark Helle 54 ir Triple Jump Elonza Sherman 45' 4" 480 Yd. Shuttle High Hurdles Hughes. Daggett Hardmon. Martin 1:06.5 Pole Vault Relay Leonard. Hans. Daggett. Martin 44' Hvywt. 110 Yd Dash Mark Helle 10.85 Distance Medley Riggs. LaBlance Brown. Lamb 11:44.33 Mile Relay Colligan, Holt. Lamb. LaBlance 3:49.7 220 Yd. Shuttle Hurdles Bain. Bowens 40.2 Pole Vault Phil Hans 1 r 6" 220 Yd. Inter Hurdles Joe Sim 31.5 330 Yd. Inter Hurdles Joe Sim 43.3 “They should be very strong in the districts. They will be weak in the field events due to the graduation of Mark Helle and Mark Nelson.” —Coach Winston Brown 158EHS Track Shows Running Is In. . . ROW 1: Scott Nelson. Jeff Colligan. Scott Elliff, Ken LaBiance, Jeff Riggs. Ed Lamb. David Bender; ROW 2: Glenn Kotkiewicz. Jim Holt, Bob Brown, Brian Regna, Derrick Dantzler, Joe Sim According to Coach Winston Brown, the Edwardsville High School track team has improved over previous years. Their field events were at their peak due to the power and strength of graduates Mark Helle and Mark Nelson. 1.) Tony Coleman strides over the hurdles. 2.) Pat Bowens is determined to make it to the Both team and individual records fell. The track team placed third in the conference relays. They had a dual finish. 3.) Mark Rimkus tries to keep in pace with opponents. 4.) Coach Winston Brown poses thoughtfully meet record of 4-3. 159ROW 1: Tom Malench, Dave Raffaelle, Rich Metzger, Andy Wasser, Jack Burns, Jeff Schipkowski, Dave Slogar, Barb Anderson; ROW 2: Greg Hiland, Jay Eihausen, Ty Nilsson, Rod Opel, Jay Worthey, Dave Welch, Bob Manville, Scott Merritt, Alan Schaake, Chuck Hanes, Coach Dick Gerber. The ’78 golf team was led by returning seniors Jay Eihausen, Ty Nilsson, and Rod Opel; and returning junior Tom Malench. The average strokes per player at all players tournaments was 39.79 for the fall season of ’78. The best won-lost-tied percentage record of the season was .960; 24 matches won, 1 match lost and no matches tied. The best individual matches won-lost-tied percentage was .856 with 166 matches won, 22 matches lost and 14 matches tied. Rod Opel had the best individual percentage of team matches with a percentage of .978 for the fall. The lowest Decatur Tournament score for 18 holes was a 77 by Jay Eihausen. At the Belleville West Invitational Tournament, the lowest score for 18 holes was 75, by Ty Nilsson. The EHS golf team, for the 5th consecutive time, were in District play. They placed 2nd in Sectional play to advance to Springfield the last 7 out of 8 years. The team has also advanced to state the last 3 consecutive years. Coach Dick Gerber was voted by the golf coaches in the state of Illinois as Golf Coach of the Year for 1976 and 1977. Mr. Gerber is State Chairman for Golf Coaches in Illinois.[1] 1.) State tournament qualifier Barb Anderson demonstrates a strong drive. 2.) Tom Malench tees off. 3.) Dave Welch shows how a back swing can improve style. 4.) Jean Kershaw practices follow through. (2J Golf Team Continues Winning Tradition (41 (31 1611.) Jack Burns sinks the ball with a putt. 2.) Ty Nilsson is a senior four-year letterman. 3.) Rod Opel looks out at his destiny. 4.) Jay Eihausen put concentration into his swing. “The greatest asset of the ’78 golf team was the team’s ability to play well in the matches and tournaments.” —Ty Nilsson 162 7 Soccer Squad Breaks Several Old Records! Row 1: Greg Mundy. Blake Meyer, Mark Johnston. Grant Kang. Larry Krapf, Ron Martin, Tori Schlemer. Jim Peterson. Mark Hyten, Ken Shaw; Row 2: Coach Fran Dwyer. Mark Bruecker, Chris Mackie. Dale Oberlag. John Rader. Mike Wiley. Scott Nabe, Glen Shelley. Greg Oberlag; Row 3: Tom Blahous. Martin Steffen. Ron Mulach. Mike Riley. Brian Gieseking, John Hatfield. Brian Meyer. Mike Pfeifer. Kent Weber. In the scoring department Tom Blahous led the team with 8. Mike Foehrkolb was the top point man with 12, and Alan Fremont led the team with 12 assists. This year’s team broke several previous records, which include: most goals scored in a season - 29 (this breaks the previous record of 14); most goals scored by a player in one season - 8 by Tom Blahous (last year’s record was 6 goals); most points scored by a player in one season — 12 set by Mike Foehrkalb (last year’s high was 8); most total team points - 51 (last year’s record was 25). The team record was 5-10-1. 1.) Ron Martin dives while attempting to save a goal. 2.) Greg Oberlag dribbles the soccer ball down enemy territory. "I felt they played to their potential and next year there will be alot of young players coming up. Overall the team should be pretty good!'' —Coach Bruno Gwardys 163Varsity Soccer Shatters Five Records 1.) Scott Roller in action!!! 2.) I caught it!!! 3.) Mike Foehrkalb jogs to assistance. 4.) Up! Upl and away. 5.) Coach Gwardys consults referree. 164Row 1: Ron Martin, Alan Fremont, Randy Rickard. Tracy Jones, Greg Oberlag. Tom Blahous, Chris Mackle, Dale Oberlag, Randy Means, Mike Riley; Row 2: Kathy Cook, Coach Bruno Gwardys, Mark Rimkus, Bob Smith, Ron Mulach, Mike Foerkalb, John Bode, Mike Watson, Eric Reller, Brian Gieseking, David Mercer. The varsity tigers had a successful season, breaking five records. Tom Blahous guided the team with eight goals to break the previous record of six. Also having a record breaking season with most points scored was Mike Foerkalb with twelve points. The team as a whole smashed three records—twenty-nine goals in a season; total team points; and the most important, was the largest number of victories with a 5-10-1 season. 165Row 1: Gail Niebur, Debbie Lange. Carol Lexow, Becky Bertels. Tina Greer, Julie Foehrkolb. Barb Smith, Melinda Bort; Row 2: Sheree Hoskins, Peggy O'Laughlin. Becky Kolesa, Sandy Gerstenecker. Debbie Ludwig, Amy Armstrong, Deb Seybert, Karen Berry, Coach Sharon Petty; Row 3: Nancy Meyer, Karen Weber, Patty Ponce, Kate Henderson, Lisa Henderson, Linda Ludwig, Kyle Henderson, Jill Foehrkolb, Pat O'Laughlin. The 1978 girls field hockey team was the first team to bring home a State Championship to EHS. The Tigers advanced to State by defeating Wood River 3-0 and Mascoutah 1-0 in the downstate sectional tourney. The state games were held at New Trier East in Chicago. Going into State the Tigers had a 10-1 record. This paired them in the quarterfinals against McHenry whom they defeated 1-0 when Deb Seybert centered a shot to Melinda Bort. Bort, who was only making her second start of the season, brought them to a big victory. The next day in the semifinals the Tigers took Deerfield. Early in the second half, Julie Foehrkolb converted a Becky Kolesa corner. The final score was 1-0. This victory meant a shot at the State Championship. 166The ’78 field hockey team ended their season with a 13-1 record. Senior Deb Seybert held many team records— most career points of 47, 23 points in one season, 14 goals in one season, 21 career assists, and 3 goals in state tournament. Deb Ludwig had most shutouts in state tournament with 2, and 12 shutouts in regular play. Becky Kolesa had most assists in state tournaments with 2 in one game. The Tigers had a total of 39 goals for the season and held all opponents to a total of 3 goals. "The girls did it first! We re 1!” —Sandy Gerstenecker "It was great being able to go to state and we all learned alot.” —Debbie Lange "I think we all played as a team and won as a team." — Deb Seybert The championship game consisted of a 5-0 victory over Chicago University. Sandy Gerstenecker scored the first goal assisted by Karen Berry. Deb Seybert contributed two goals, one off a Kolesa and Foehrkolb corner, and one unassisted. The fourth goal was scored by Foehrkolb off a corner by Kolesa. Chicago University then scored, but Tiger Amy Armstrong scored the fifth goal by assists from Sandy Gerstenecker and Pat O’Laughlin. Edwardsville came close to the title in '76, finishing second to New Trier West. The Tigers returned to state in ’77 and were eliminated by West in a quarterfinal match. This year they set a record for the number of goals scored in a title game. "We really worked for it and as a team we did It. — Becky Kolesa 167Row 1: Sally Gengler. Sheila Terrando, Debbie Boyer, Gina Clayton. Kim Spotanskl, Jill Buford. Miss Sherry Skelton (sponsor). Janice Peterson; Row 2: Annette Ray. Ann Cravens. Sherry Kemp. Marla Sims. Paula Tripp, Karla Hinton. Bonnie Loew. Larla Barringer. Bob Fisher; Row 3: Jim Shepard. Greg Hall. Chris Criminger. Tom McNanley, Brian Gieseking. Fred Criminger. Jim Blase. Brett Bruhn; Row 4: Mike Cade. Gerard Gray. Guy Johnson. Tony Lebro, Mike Riley. Don Barnes. Bev Noeltner. Lori Allen. Gayla Bollmann. Intramurals Volleyball Champs Row 1: Sherry Kemp. Marla Sims. Paula Tripp. Karla Hinton. Bonnie Loew; Row 2: Greg Hall. Chris Criminger. Brian Gieseking, Fred Criminger. Tom McNanley.Row 1: Arthur Grist. Vince Carpenter. Bryan Hammonds. Mark Sherman. Doug Barton. Tom Butler, Kevin Lewis. Mark Buchheim, Paul Ottwein, Brian Traband. Pat Bowens. Phil Conreaux; Row 2: Scott Reid. Greg Steiner, Jeff Schoettle. Jeff Smith. Scott Primas, Andy Somraty. Russell Hayes. Roy Griggs. John Terry. Scott Nelson. Monte Haun. Lenny Bussman; Row 3: Jeff Briney. Ross Weber. Ryne Raffaelle. Scott Boeker. Barry Bain. Brian Margherio. Brian Regna, Rex Humerickhouse. Bret Werner. Morris White. Daniel Edmond; Row 4: Miguel May. Tom Guffy. Shawn Brady. Andre Bennett. Nick Unangst. Mike Mangum. Scott Miller. Scott Flaugher, Jim Jatcko, Bruce Turner. Randy Suhre. Jared Bobo; Row 5; Richard Hutton (trainer). Coach Tom Pile. Coach Craig Louer. Scott Spurgeonn. Kip Cross. Jeff Wilkinson (manager). Brad Sample (manager). Bill Harbers (manager). Coach Dick Ford. Tigers Enjoy Homecoming Victory Over Kahoks “It’s a tribute to the kids that they finished for the 5th consecutive season with a winning record." —Coach Tom Pile "I felt we didn’t play up to our potential. We should have won more games." — Daryl Mosby 170The varsity completed its fifth consecutive winning season with a record of five wins and four losses. Scott Spurgeon was named to the All Metro-East Football Team, while the Most Valuable Player award was given to captain Tom Guffy; and Daryl Mosby was awarded the Most Valuable Award for offense. Kip Cross was named to the All-District Team. One of the most enjoyable victories this year was over our arch-rivals, the Kahoks, at homecoming. 1.) Tigers push Kahoks back. 2.) Kip Cross gains yardage while Tiger teammates clear the path. 3.) Greg Steiner carries the ball in a one-on-one confrontation withr a Kahok. VARSITY FOOTBALL STATS Avg. passing yards per game - 40 Avg. rushing yards per game -155.3 Avg. score per game - 14.2 Total points -128 Individual Attempts Yards Average Bennett 103 460 4.46 Buchheim 78 321 4.1 Guffy 36 230 6.38 Receiving Catches Yards TD’s Mosby 10 304 5 Tackles - Butler 56 with 37 assists Unangst 52 with 44 assists Interception - Cross 5 Scoring - Mosby - 5 TD’s for 30 points Guffy - 4 TD's for 24 points Buchheim - 4 TD’s for 24 pointsSophomores Tackle 4-3 Record Row 1: Randy Voyles, Alan Keith. Paul Garde, David Bender. Robin Meyer. Clay Wilson, Brian Farmer. Todd Schlemer, Seth Robinson; Row 2: Brian Hammonds. Jeff Colligan, Kyle Lewis, Andy Schlueter, Lee Bridgman, Kerry Boeker. Brian Dickey. Morris White. Greg Makler; Row 3: Jim Holt. Bob Menk, Doug Johnson. Phil Heilman, Glenn Kotkiewicz. Kevin Mead, Robert McMurray. Todd Nelson; Row 4: Randy Williams. Greg Oberto. Chris Zollars. Gerard Gray. Steve St. Pierre. Larry Hall. Joe Sim. Terry Riggins. Kevin Thebeau; Row 5: Coach Babe Stahlhut. John Dickshot, David Keyser, Doug Durell. Brian Brady. Gary Bennett. Derrick Dantzler, Brad Opel, Coach Dennis DeToye. The sophomore team ended their season with 4 wins - 3 losses. They were victorious over Cahokia, Alton, East St. Louis, and Collinsville. Doug Johnson had the leading number of touchdowns with 18. Jeff Colligan had 22 complete passes, and Terry Riggins had 362 yards in rushing. Total offense ended up with 761 yards rushing and 447 yards passing. The team averaged 172 yards per game. "We're great!” — Brian Hammonds "I think the sophomore team will go to state their senior year!" —Terry Riggins 1721.) Todd Schlemer and Glen Kotklewicz run down the field, while Larry Hall kicks off. 2.) Coach Babe Stahlhut calls for a practice run of a play. 3.) Cheerleaders help boost morale of the team. 4.) Kevin Thebeau tackles opponents while Jeff Smith attempts to help him. 5.) Coach Dennis DeToye practices a scrimage with the Tigers. [5]Row 1: Richard Eberhart, Danny Brandhorst. Bob Gillmore, Paul Cerbie. Torrell Marlin. Donnie Dorsey. John Dujka, Paul Bertels. John Mick. Bob Lohr; Row 2: Jim Johnson (manager), Tim Blythe. Steve Price. Rob Humerickhouse, Eddie Schmidt. Bob Parrot. Doug Stanhope. Garry Lewis. Paul Schlueter. Jim Hanes. Chris Leonard; Row 3; Barry Stults. Jeff Williams. Rodney Lanham. Keith Hanke. Bobby Martin. Jeff Schwartz. Brett Flaugher. George Johnson. Danny Shashack. Mike Kohlmiller. Mike Gentry; Row 4: Danny Regna. Eric Bornemann. Gene Edmond. Alan Lake. John Arth. Paul Schwalb. Dan Pizzini. Mike Zubal; Row 5: Coach Jack McCarty. Mike Deleonardis. Bill Houba. Bill Lyons. Matt Berlemann. Bruce Brooks. Kevin Mosby. Glenn Gusewelle. Paul Schaefer. Brad Thomas. Dave Schumacher. Freshmen Tackle Season with a Winning Effort “We were pretty good, considering the competition.” —Chris Leonard "We should have been better than what the record showed.” —Brett Flaugher "We could have done better." — Larry Monroe "The games were fun. but practice wasn’t.” — Kevin Mosby "We could have done better, but we had a lot of fun. They’re a good bunch of kids.” —Coach Jack McCartyRow 1: Darlene Trebing. Cheryl Thompson. Lori Manning. Tina Hanser, Gabe Frltgers; Row 2: Gerard Gray. Linda Foster. Susan Gvillo, Jeanea Batson, Angie Hardmon, Patsy Hurst. Melanie Barrett, Anita Glasper. Mrs. Kathy Dingman (sponsor); Row 3: Scott Elliff. Debbie Braly. Sheila Boeser, Janet Anderson. Kori Agne, Mary Jo Newton. Sherry Nolte, Marla Simms. Leslie Havens. Gymnastics Team Gymnastics take self discipline and physical fitness from each individual. Not only is there a desire to win as a team, but there is a desire within an individual to better himself. Hours of daily training and coaching are the essentials to team and individual success. 176"Our team is really growing, it's getting better each year, and it's super fun." — Marla Simms (Placed 6th in state competition) "Every day I look forward to gymnastics practice." —Mrs. Kathy Oingman “I wish men's gymnastics would grow in the future." —Scott Elliff 1. ) Sherry Nolte gets ready to swing into action. 2. ) Gerard Gray shows ability on the parallel bars. 3.) Scott Elliff demonstrates strength on the rings.Row 1: Tim Hardmon, Bryon Daggett. Kris Horvath, Tony Perry. Alan Fremont. Jim Schmidt. Mike Wiley. Row 2: Scott Merritt. Phil Hans. Ryne Raffaelle, Nick Unangst. Brian Regna, Ross Weber. Miguel May. Pat Brazier. Tony Perry Leads Varsity Wrestlers RECORD FALLS FASTEST FALL SUP’R MAJOR Tony Perry 31-34 16 0:45 3 3 Nick Unangst 24-24 11 1:04 3 Tim Hardmon 18-17-1 1 3:51 3 5 Alan Fremont 8-12 1 3:52 2 178The Varsity dual meet record for 79 was 10-10. The Tigers had 11 lettermen for the season. Top scorer was Tony Perry with 131 points and 12 falls. He placed 1st in districts and then qualified for sectionals. "I go the distance even though I may lose." — Phil Hans "Could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse." — Bryon Daggett 1.) Nick and Kevin congratulate Pat after a victory. 2.) Phil Hans shows control over opponent. 3.) Tony Perry was voted by team as Most Valuable Player. 4.) Miguel May regains control. 5.) Ross Weber struggles for a takedown. 6.) Senior Alan Fremont works hard for victory. "I thought we got quite a bit of mileage from our team. We didn't have a senior on the team with 4 years of experience. The future looks pretty good." —Coach Stahlhut 179Row 1: Mike Nelson. Bill Harbers. Mark Sherman. Todd Schlemer. Ron Mihalich. Jon Briney; Row 2: Andy Somraty. Palmer Jason, Greg Makler, Bob Spider, Scott Elliff, Jeff Henry. JV Wrestling has 12-3 Season The Junior Varsity wrestling team ended the season with a 12-3 record. Junior Jim Schmidt was the leader of the team with 98 points, 16 falls and a record of 16-4. Brian Regna had an undefeated record of 15-0. 180Freshman Wrestling Row 1: Karl Unterbrlnk, Tom Acor. Eugene Hitch, Greg Hamlet. Tim Harris. Paul Schmelzel. Dave Denton; Row 2; Bob Gillmore. Joe Shematek, John Walker. Matt Strub, Chris Leonard. Todd Reller. Mike Scheffel. Mike Pashea; Row 3: Ed Schmidt. Steve Price. Gary Lewis. Eric Bornemann. Joe Welch. Dan Regna. Bob Lohr. Bob Parrott. Joe Potter. The Freshmen record was 5-3. They placed 5th in both the Granite South and Belleville West Tournaments. Gary Lewis led with a record of 10-2, 7 falls and 57 points. Ed Schmidt and Dan Regna each had an 8-2 record. "It was alot of fun and I’m looking foward to next year." — David Denton "I have better hopes for next year." —Dan RegnaSixteen Year Record Is Broken Row 1: Dan Plzzini. Ken Shaw. Paul Schlueter, Dan Shashack, Derrick Mosley (capt.). George Johnson. Mike DeLeonardis, Ron Anderson. Jim Johnson (manager); Row 2; Jeff Williams (manager), Brett Flaugher. John Hatfield. Bruce Brooks. Erik Edmister, Paul Schaefer. Brad Thomas. Jeff Gause, Kevin Mosby. Glen Gusewelle (statistician), Coach Dave Tissier. Tiger Frosh broke a long standing freshmen record for total wins in one season this year. Their record for the season was 18 wins and 4 losses. The freshmen participated in two tournaments — Belleville West, placing first; and Granite City North, placing second. The Most Valuable Player Award was given to Paul Schaefer. "Outstanding season, better seasons to come. We have the potential later on of becoming top team in the Metro-East.” — Derrick Mosley "Outstanding record of 18-4. We had super effort by the kids. Best record for freshmen in sixteen years." —Coach Dave TissierSophomore Basketball "Although we weren’t big in size, we managed to beat our opponents with our quickness.” —John Dickshot "I was very fortunate to have coached these kids. They had played together before and I was very proud as a first year coach." —Coach Terry Cown1.) Ty Nilsson starts the game off with a flashing smile. 2.) Vince Broderick grabs the ball admidst all the players. 3.) Dan Allaria pushes through to shoot for two while Tom Hanson and Ty Nilsson watch patiently. 4.) The team relaxes while a time-out is called.Girls’ JV Basketball Row 1: Nancy Jamison, Sandy Gerstenecker, Sheree Hoskins. Iris Schoenleber. Peggy O’Laughlin, Sue Renken; Row 2: Kay Braundmeier. Betty Keller. Karen Tucker. Andrea Smith. Tami Vallow; Row 3: Coach Sharon Petty. Nancy Meyer. Dearyle Reising. Barb Anderson. Becky Frillman, Cathy Schaefer, manager Becky Kolesa, Coach Trudy Stilwell. [2]With excellent playing by first year players Betty Keller, Becky Frillman, and Iris Schoenleber, the Girls’ JV Basketball team ended their season with an 11-3 record. Losing to rival Collinsville and Alton accounted for the 3 losses. Freshman Betty Keller led the team with 207 points and 148 rebounds. Iris Schoenleber and Karen Tucker tied with 116 points. (4] 1.) Nancy Jamison gets the rebound. 2.) Betty Keller attempts pass to a teammate. 3.) Team and coach take a break to discuss plays. 4.) Karen Tucker shoots for two. 5.) Betty Keller takes a jump shot. 189Row 1: Iris Schoenleber. Amy Armstrong, Betty Jamison. Betty Keller. Pat O’Laughlin, Karen Tucker. Deb Seybert; Row 2: Coach Sharon Petty, Nancy Meyer, Diane Settle. Barb Anderson, Tracy Moren. Becky Frillman, Dearyle Reising, Becky Kolesa, Coach Trudy Stilwell. Varsity Squad Puts Forth “Great Effort” According to Coaches Sharon Petty and Trudy Stilwell, the varsity basketball team put forth a great effort. They were a young team with the exception of three seniors: Pat O’Laughlin, Betty Jamison, and Deb Seybert. Sophomore Amy Armstrong led the team scoring with 263 points breaking Denise Schaake’s old record. Diane Settle was behind her with 205 points. Freshman Betty Keller came into the varsity squad with a 72% average on the free throw line. Tracey Moren, a 6' 2" junior, broke the rebounding with 211.191Deann Dorsey, top center. Left to Right: Peggy Roberts. Theresa Schubert. Cathy Mainer. Terri Ahart, Joann Dagy. Dawn Flamer, Angie Cler. “Tigers are G-R-R-REAT!” "it's slot of fun but alot of hard work and practices." —Angie Cler 192 The Varsity Cheerleaders do more than just cheer at games, they try to get more students involved and raise our school spirit. They also work with our newly formed spirit club, the Bleacher Bums.Top: Joy Turner. Dee Ann Marit; Bottom: Kori Agne, Lisa Perry. Mary Jo Newton. Sheila Jackson. "It’s really a lot of fun but it’s a lot of hard work too. I think it’s worth the time and effort.” — Lisa Perry “We’re Loyal to You, EHS . . .” Junior Varsity Cheerleaders - Row 1: Sheila Jackson. Mary Jo Newton. Lisa Perry; Row 2: Kori Agne. Joy Turner, Dee Ann Marit. 19340 Row 1: Debbie Braly. Tammy Cluster. Stacy Stuart; Row 2: Lisa Halbe, Lori Klobnak. Vicky Rickard. Wrestling Soccer Cheerleaders "You have to do alot of practicing, but at the end it's all worth it. especially the tournaments." —Vicky Rickard Leslie Havens Anna Scheibal. Erin McGillian, Mary Stack. Carmen Verseman. Melanie Flamer. Karrie Kannall. 194 Freshman CheerleadersTiger Mascots This year’s Tiger Mascots are Paula Tripp (bottom) and Sue Franke. Their goal as mascots is to get everybody involved at basketball and football games and raise that Tiger victory spirit. 1.) As game time approaches Paula and Sue suit up for Tiger business. 2.) Paula gets ready for the Tiger surprise holding the traditional run-through banner. 3.) Sue heads the spirit line. 195Row 1: Sharon Hellrung. Chris Jouett, Kris Stahlhut. Kay Braundmeler. Sandy Galliher; Row 2: Gall Nlebur, Yvonne Becker, Rae Lee Griffin, Pam Parker. Jana Ingram, Sheila Boeser, Sue Franke. Deanna Bullard; Row 3: Mr. Dennis DeToye (sponsor), Elaine Saboff, Becky Frillman. Shannon Myers. Lorie Allen, Sue Dunbar. Pam Helle. Paula Tripp. Sue Neunaber. Brenda Brakhane; Row 4: Mona Noeltner, Michelle Johnson, Tom Blahous, Mitchell Woodard. Kristen Helsel; Row 5: Anita Glasper. Grant Kar.g. Bob Fisher. Jan Schmidt. Gabrielle Fritjers; Row 6: Linda Dumas. Candy Brown. Lisa Moore. Lisa Bradford. Anita Morris. Elaina Bradshaw. Jayne DeRousse. Bleacher Bums Are Spirited Bunch Earlier this year, Bleacher Bums was organized by Sue Franke. Associated with the Spirit Committee, the group has around 40 members. The Bums’ goal is to raise the whole school’s spirit and to cheer the Tigers on to victory!!! But their specialty is doing the “bunny hop” at basketball games between the JV and varsity games. They also lead off cheers to help out the cheerleaders. “Arise, go forth and CHEER all the way!” — Kris Stahlhut “A lot of spirit in a little group.” — Paula Tripp 196GroupsStudent Council "It’s an experience you won't forget.” —Tracy Walton "I’m happy to be elected by the students and looking forward to being president. I hope that in the future Student Council can do alot of good things for the school.” —Jon Byron Row 1: Pam Pierce, Joe Welch, Sankar Nair, Ronney Brinkman, Laura Bielicke, Christy Nelson, Ann Renken, Cathy Grezlak; Row Ron McCaskill, Sue Collins, Sue Dunbar, Beth Stanley, Rhonda Pence, Carolyn Dujka, Renee DeRousse, Chris Zollars, Kurt Erickson, Mitchell Woodard. Cindy Cornwall; Row 3: Shawn Kee, Brian Gieseking, Dirk Beetner, Chris Hainsworth, Sue Wallace, Jetaun White, Carol Winte, Ellen Bailey, Tracy Walton, Karen Welch; Row 4: Mike Norris, Doug Dunbar, Mr. James Hindelang (adviser), Robin Beck, Terri Wood, Tracy Winte, Brenda Markowitz, Frances Walker, Jenny Franke, John Mullane, Chris Kaufmann, Jeff Taylor, Scott Boggs. “Student Council has done a good job in helping to raise school spirit.” —Ellen Bailey Row 1: Duncan Edmister, Jeff Taylor, Roger Felts, Barb Wild; Row 2: Ellen Enloe, Angela Edwards, Kay Wilson, Allison Goldsmith; Row 3: Mr. Jesse Joiner (adviser), Doug Dunbar, Jeff Scheibel, Kendrea Durr, Pam Parker, Margaret Weissman. 197Office Occupations — Learning Through Experience Row 1: David Perry, Craig Butcher, Missy Colligan, Amy Sedlacek, Teresa Heiney, Karen Lamb, Teresa Shipton, Dawn Eck, Marty Warren, Mr. George Salovich (advisor); Row 4: Schmidt, Mickey Grist, Angela Edwards; Row 2: Patty Grohmann, Linda Clawson, Robin Ruhl, Rhonda Schwalb, Joni Vance. Sheila Warren, Kathy Luedders, Barb Timmons, Lori Evans, Linda Hessel, Jean Kruckeberg, Tara Sauerwein, Jill Willaredt, Rita Lesemann, Carmen Carie Somraty, Donna Huber. Linda Blase, Kathy Schlemer. Wilson; Row 3: Tina Griffin, Kim Marks, Vicky Bayer, Debbie Wilder, Kelly Breen, Debbie “I feel that Office Occupations is a great organization. It’s something worth your time.” —Donna Huber 198Russian Club Mike Weber, Grant Kang, Butch Chandler, Todd Sobkowski. Karen Scheibal. Spanish Club Row 1: Lisa Mosley (treas.), Lisa Flaugher (pres.) Mark Rlmkus (sgt-at-arms), Nina Taylor (vice-pres.). Kerry Bradley (sec.), Jana Loeh; Row 2: Mr. Fran Dwyer (sponsor), Cincy Cockrill, Holly Kienholz, Mary Rendleman, Karen Berry, Helene St. Pierre, Angela Edwards. Kathy Slivka, Elaina Bradshaw; Row 3: Jeff Taylor. Scott Kuether. Sue Collins. Lora Hoffman. Laurie Buhr, Jill Graham. Pam Pierce. Terri Redford, Christie Pinkley.Row 1: Mr. Jack Ott (advisor). Maureen Nelson. Brian Elliff, Jean Fedor. Sheila Terrando; Row 2: Noel Smith, Mimi Wuerz, Karen Coulson. Angelique Richardson. Lonette Clayton. Karen Pfeifer. Dawn Wade. Deb Schwan. Amy Ladwig, Brenda Morrison, Laural Steinbrecker. Melanie Scott; Row 3: Carol Simpson. Pam Ohl. Lisa Phillipson. Brian Hendricks. Rusty Hughes. Tom Long. Mark Wilson. Robin Lantz. The TIGER TIMES staff publishes nine newspapers per year plus one Senior Edition. They enter several contests. Last year they came within a few points of winning first place in a contest in the St. Louis area. The staff placed second in competition with forty other St. Louis area schools. The TIGER TIMES newspaper is not just a high school newspaper, but also teaches the staff journalism and mass communication through the actual production of a newspaper. Many of the TIGER TIMES alumni are now majoring in journalism and others are working in areas of advertising, television and radio. "Working for TIGER TIMES is easy, fun and self rewarding. I recommend it to everyone!" —Sally Mateyka Tiger Times . . . Not Just A High School Paper Row 1: Debbie Yates. Sybil Wilson. Kathy Henson. Carolyn Krieger, Anna Votraln. Ann Gorman. Sally Mateyka, Ronda Bone; Row 2: Brad Fultz, Ross Weber. Lynette Clayton. Andy Wasser. Leanne Nealy. Kim Lane. Debbie Heien, Leah Vines;Row 3: Kathy Cook. Doug Barton. Leann Hiles; Row 4: Mr. Jack Ott, Mike Mangum, Todd Shaw. Dennis Whitworth. Veronica Jenkins. Kevin Lewis. Sue Puhse, Jean O'Neal, Lisa Henderson. 200Row 1: Brenda Morris, Lisa Schwab (co-editor). Donna Lange (co-editor). Monica McDonald. Lisa Mosley (business manager); Row 2: Jana Mayberry. Laurie Buhr, Kris Stahlhut. Not Pictured - Vicki Holeman Mrs Jo-Ann Nitz (advisor). Yearbook Staff Preserves Memories Of EHS - 1978-79 "It gives me great pride to contribute to the school by being on the yearbook staff." — Lisa Schwab “It was hard work, but it’s worth it."NHS Row 1: Melinda Coburn, Jill Willaredt, Julie Foehrkolb, Debbie Ludwig, Jim Buhr; Row 2: Dawn Eck, Betty Jamison, Jayne Head, Ruth Schaefer, Robin Beck, Ty Nilsson; Row 3: Kathy Beatty, Cheryl Kriege, Ken Slattery. Jeff Scheibal, Liz Ades; Row 4: Helene St. Pierre, Pam Patton, Gail Nekola, Paul Pizzini, Carol Winte, Tim Meinzen, Larla Barringer; Row 5: Brian Steele, Karen Scheibal, Jenny Franke, Kurt Borchers. Jeff Whitaker, Paul Myer. Terry Brakhane. Mark Hischke. Laurie Svoboda, Nancy Geuss, Kathy Sllvka, Roger Felts, Scott Kuether, Diane Knoche, Sue Brase, Sheila Terrando.Tech Club Row 1: Mark LaBlance. Matt Huntley. Daphne Hansel; Row 2: Foger Felts. Donny Barnes. Paul Nuernberger; Row 3: Denny Carag. Pat Norris, Chris Zollars. Jim Buhr, Kurt Erickson. Barb Wild. AV Workers Row 1: Chuck Raising, Mike Kalaglan, Ron Mlhallch, Faye Nelson, Greg Hall. Keith Crimlnger; Row 2: Randy Means. Jeff Henry, Brian Regna, Scott Gillespie. Doug Burlingame, Jim Reagon. Gerard Gray. 203Math Team Row 1: Sankar Naire. Jana Loeh, Noel Smith: Row 2: Don Barnes, Karen Welch, Ron Blnkman, Joe Welch, Tom Malench, Brad Flaugher; Row 3: Chris Kaufman. Jeff Kiszla, Bryan Steele, Mr. Jack Elam (advisor), David Welch, Martin Steffen, Francis Walker, Terry Brakhane. Library Workers Row 1: Lisa Dickerson, Stephanie Simons, Cindy Kasten; Row 2: Jane Quade, Annette Ray, Connie Skief, Tracey West; Row 3: Alice Speidel, Dina Kyro, Kelly Smith, Karla Hinton, Susan Francis, Cindy Wisnasky, Sue Brase.205 History Club Row 1: Paula Hayden. Sue Olney. Stephanie Jewett. Kim Stephenson. Laurie Westfall. Elaine Hovey. Mary Schramek. Pat Zacha; Row 2: Jerry White. Bill Harshbarger. Don Kerr. Glen Valle. Gladys Daube, Theresa Jordan. Dawn Sparks. Veronica Jenkins. Rodney Williamson. Dwain Gaines, Miss Beverly Storer (sponsor). Angela Luna. HERO officers are Sue Olney. president; Kim Stephenson, vice-president; Gladys Daube. secretary; and Dawn Sparks, treasurer. Jon Byron was voted best delegate in political committee; and Shawn Kee was voted best overall delegate at the Model UN out of a field of 250 area students. HERO Row 1: Ron McCasklll, Shawn Kee; Row 2; Rob Hyten, Jon Byron. Mike Norris. Mark Hyten; Row 3: Chris Kaufman, Frances Walker. Pam Parker, Kristen Helsel, Karen Welch. John Mullane, Sheila Terrando; Row 4: Charles Feldman. Brian Gieseking, Dirk Beetner. Chris Zollars, Martin Steffen, Kori King, Jeff Taylor, Jeff Briney, Christine Hainsworth, Daphne Hansel.Thespians Row 1: Barb Wild. Ken Slattery. Kay Wilson; Row 2: Jeff Taylor. Daphne Hansel. Kendrea Durr. James Buhr, Mitchell Woodard. Karen Norris. Doug Huddleston. Pam Parker. Christine Hainsworth. Ken LaBlance. Drama Club Row 1: Barb Wild. Ken Slattery. Kay Wilson; Row 2: Chris Goehe. Leslie Havens. Sharon White. Patti Heberer, Laura Buehler, Melissa Smith. Christy Nelson. Stephanie Simons; Row 3: Chris Zollars, Mitchell Woodard. Cindy Weiler. Shari Pace. Allison Goldsmith. Frances Walker. Corey King. Pam Parker. Sue Collins. Mike Norris; Row 4: Kendrea Durr. Jeff Taylor. Denny Carag. Dirk Beetner, John Johnson. Christine Hainsworth. Cheryl Benway. Todd Sobkowski. Angel Ryan; Row 5: James Buhr, Ken LaBlance. Karen Norris. Mike McDonald. Corrinne Descote, Daphne Hansel. 206Drama Club members work both on and behind stage to earn points to qualify for membership in the Thespian society. Throughout the year the two drama groups, under the direction of Mrs. Lea Maner, are involved in contest work and presentations for grade schools, church and public groups. The students develop their acting skills through weeks of preparation, learn to build sets and apply makeup, and discover the hard work required to present a polished performance. Their efforts are rewarded with applause and personnal satisfaction.German Club Row 1: Kevin Olive, Kristen Helsel, Sue Dunbar, Marie Fremont. Ann Renken, Shellie Koenig, Patty Heberer; Row 2: Nancy Geuss, Christine Hainsworth, Mitchell Woodard, Pam Parker. Cindy Wisnasky, Lisa Atkinson, Chris Niemeier; Row 3: Diane Knoche, Mr. Dave Shonkwiler (sponsor), Jennifer Ebel, Sharon White, Brian Lesemann, Larla Barringer. Jetaun White, Judy Wendel, Sue Wallace. French Club 208 Row 1: Terri Wood, Liz Eadie. Kendrea Durr. Scott Kuether. Roger Feits, Margaret Weissman; Row 2: Mitchell Woodard. Barb Wild. Barb Small. Kay Wilson. Mrs. Mary Ann Russell (sponsor). Sheila Terrando. Mike Watson. Allison Goldsmith.Office Workers Row 1: Becky Dedert, Julie Wetzel; Row 2: Amy Ladwig, Karen Luedders, Carol Renken, Brenda Morris, Terri Kimball; Row 3: Sue Olive, Judy Beaty. Brenda Jones, Sherry Rushing. Nancy Jaminson, Kathy Cook; Row 4: Mary Schramek. Ronda Bone. Audrey Renken. Mindy Lorch, Gayla Bollman, Debbie Steinman, Brett Bruhn, Amy Wood, Julie Daech, Dana Steinman. Peggy Roberts. Brenda Markowitz, Karen Halverson. Row 1: Susie Francis, Cathy Wehling, Anita Morris. Elaina Bradshaw. Sheila Terrando; Row 2: Laurie Svoboda, Mrs. Hequembourg (sponsor), Ramona Saddler. Candy Brown. "Sometimes it’s bananas in there, but I like it”. — Brenda Markowitz "I like it a lot; Mrs. Tolliver and Mrs. Strain are so nice.” — Linda Dumas FHA "I think it’s a great group.” — Laticia Johnson "A group of very nice girls.” — Mrs. Hequembourg 209FFA Row 1: Paul Bertels. Kevin Marks. Andy Launer. Ed Schmidt. Jeff Knezlk, Dennis Reising. Dan Rhodes. Curt Kruckeburg; Row 2: Mr. James Creek (sponsor). Kraig Patterson. Steve Newby. Tony Lebro. Paul Schwalb. Doug Williams. Tim Rhodes. Mike Niemeier; Row 3: Eric Sickbert. Ray Svoboda. Tom King. Sam Sparks. Johnnie Gueldener. Bob Zoelzer. Glen LeDuc. Joe Newman. Oscar Bettorf. Row 1: Marcia Smith. Pam McPherson. Melissa Mills. Debbie Kostyshock. Sue Hosto. Mr. Robert Rohrkaste (sponsor); Row 2: Debbie Schwendemann. Ted Zagel. Mike Lawrence. Carolyn Krieger. John Terry. Mike Williams. Eric Carver. DECAChess Club "Chess Club is the only club that doesn’t know any "knight’ moves. ’ — Mr. James Hindelang Row 1: Todd Plagemann, Doug Huddleston. Joe Ho. John Ho; Row 2. Phil Gatton. Bruce Dlckman. Mr. James Hindelang (sponsor). Mark LeBlance. Brian Steele. Joe Welch. Christian Campus Fellowship "The purpose of CCF is to provide an opportunity for Christian witness and fellowship on the campus." —Mr. Charles Finley Row 1: Kevin Johnson. Carey Andrews; Row 2: Mr. Charles Finley (sponsor). Vicky Rickard. Kim Baker. Paul Weber. 211Mixed Chorus - Row 1: Carol Renken. Kay Wilson. Laura Hoeke. Kristen Helsel, Sherry Nolte. Chris Jouett. Gerald Bradley (director); Row 2: Pam Parker. Cindy Weiler, Kris Stahlhut. Roger Felts. Larry Krapf, Michelle Johnson. Cheryl Benway. Angel Ryan; Row 3: Sheila Terrando. Allison Goldsmith. Mitchell Woodard. Scott Kuether. Pat Norris. Elaine Saboff, Margaret Weissman, Sue Collins; Row 4: Frances Walker. Louise Gorenz. Becky Frillman. Chris Zollars. Joe Ho. Barb Foe. Dawn Schreier. Jenny Gallaher. Mixed Chorus and Jr. Sr. Girls Choir A Cappella Choir Row 1: Mr. Bradley (director), Kathy Slivka, Christine Hainsworth, Susie Olive. Betty Jamison. Rachel Hischke. Amy Wood, Ruth Schaefer. Debbie Engelsdorfer. Vicky Richard. Lori Klobnak. Kim Bollinger; Row 2: Nancy Zika, Sue Puhse, Sharon Meinzen, Ellen Enloe. Darryl Bertels, Steve Loucks. Ken Slattery. Rich Thiel. Harold Graunke, Kurt Erickson, Barb Wild, Lynda Leonard. Sarah Leitner, Daphne Hansel; Row 3: Keri Bradley. Lisa Treat. Sue Schwarz, Nancy Zoelzer. Vincent Smith, Terry Becker. Jeff Whitaker. Bryan Steele. Jeff Taylor. Mike Lossau. Tina Noto, Nina Taylor. Karen Norris. Jane Schmidt; Row 4: Therese Geuss. Debbie Ludwig, Larla Barringer. Jenny Franke. Kirk Beetner. Jim Buhr. Brian Lesemann, Bruce Lesemann, Mike Gallaher, Jeff Scheibal. Michelle Corlew. Karen Welch, Kendrea Durr. Laurie Sobkowski. A Cappella Choir Officers Ken Slattery, vice-pres.; Pat O’Laughlin, sec.; Jenny Franke. pres.; James Buhr. treas. 213Row 1: Karen Norris, Lisa Treat, Amy Wood, Jeanne Franke. Keri Bradley. Ellen Enloe; Row 2: Ken Slattery. Mike Gallaher. Brian Lesemann, Bruce Lesemann, Jim Buhr, Jeff Schiebal, Steve Loucks. Madrigals Freshman Chorus Row 1: Linda Reising, Karen Luedders. Toby Adkins. Kathy Wehling; Row 2: Debbie Hischke. Marlene Bosch. Linda Schoettle, Dana Steinman, Laura Burian, Jan Schmidt. Patty Heberer; Row 3: Shelley Pulliam, Stephanie Simons. Vicky Smith. Dennis Fellhauer. Eric Sickbert, Cindy Cornwell. Gabrielle Frijters. Dawn Grenzer.Row 1: Alan Fremont, Andrea Smith, Randy Steele. Bob Gaballs. Beth Wilkins, Michelle Johnson; Row 2: Paul Pizzini, Darryl Bertels. Whitney Strohmeyer, Scott Gerdes. Jeff Strohmeyer; Row 3: Steve Loucks. Debbie Wall, Chris Zollars, Laura Mansell, Mark Gerdes, Kristen Helsel, Brian Leseman, Kathi King, Mike Lossau, Jeff Whitaker, Kurt Borchers, Tim Mackie, Steve Strohman. Stage Band Band Officers - Row 1: Larla Barringer. Barb Small; Row 2: Jeff Whitaker, Paul Pizzini. Mr. Dick Rogers (director). All District Choir and Band - Row 1: Jeff Taylor. Mike Gallaher, Lisa Treat, Karen Norris, Paul Pizzini, Kim Bollinger, Amy Wood; Row 2: Vincent Smith, Darryl Bertels. Alan Fremont, Larla Barringer, Michelle Crolew, Jane Kruckeberg, Jenny Franke, Laurie Sobkowski, Ken Slattery; Row 3: Bruce Briney, Kurt Borchers. Mike Lossau, Bruce Leseman, Bob Gabalis, Brian Leseman. Jim Buhr, Melissa Wolf, Ronda Bockstruck, Kendrea Durr. All State Band and Choir - Row 1: Paul Pizzini, Mike Lossau; Row 2: Jenny Franke, Karen Norris. Michelle Corlew. All-District, All-State Band And ChoirSymphonic Band And Drum Majors Row 1: Lori Sobkowski. Kristen Helsel, Larla Barringer, Liz Eadie, Kay Wilson, Laura Munsell. Dorothy Murray. Beth Stanley; Row 2: Tim Bennett, Grant Kang. Nancy Geuss, Jane Kruckeberg. John Matta. Nancy Zika, Marie Fremont. Melissa Wolf. Ronda Bockstruck. Barb Smith. Sharon Hurst. Daphne Hansel; Row 3: Pat Zacha. Diane Knoche, Carmen Verseman, Deborah Hischke, Susan Puhse, Jenny Gallaher. Beth Wilkins. Randy Steele. Andrea Smith. Bob Gabalis, Bruce Briney. Michelle Johnson. Alan Fremont, Jennifer Ebel. Drum Majors Tim Bennett and Jeff Whitaker Row 1: Jeff Briney. Michelle Corlew. Phil Keating. Carey Andrews. Brian Leseman; Row 2: Dan Pizzini, Mike Lossau. Roy Lanham, Jeff Whitaker. Kurt Borchers. Kathi King, Tim Mackie, Sharon White. Becky Bertels. Susy Brase; Row 3: Bruce Leseman. Gary Wilson. Tracey Walton. Darryl Bertels, Whitney Strohmeyer. Chris Mackie. Steve Strohman. Pam Zacha. Paul Pizzini. Mark Gerdes; Row 4: Mr. Dick Rogers (director), Kathy Allen. Steve Loucks, Debbie Wall. Chris Zollars, Marcus Claudson. 216Row 1: Brenda Dennis. Jan Schmidt. Jim Brase. Paul Schmelzel. Sandy Gerstenecker; Row 2: Karl Unterbrlnk. Allen Schnaake. Paul Garde. Scott Boggs. Will Hamzy. Marvin Meng. John Dujka. Jett Hindelang; Row 3: Scott Gerdes. Tom Wiley. Paul Bertels, Rod Lanham. Donny Piper. Jett Strohmeyer Keith Bertels; Row 4: Randy Banks. Jett Williams. Ken LaBlance. Timmy Johnson. Row 1: Tim O'Laughlin, Beth Boyer. Sharon Hudlin, Susan Dunbar, Teresa Geuss; Row 2: Jo Schert, Lynn Oberdieck. Susan Roberts. Tanya Shaw. Melissa Smith. Beth McNanley. Patsy Hurst; Row 3: Amy Benjamin. Sheree Thompson. Melissa Corlew, Cheri Lovett. Tina Greer. Dina Brase. John Miller. Lisa Hoskins. Paul Nuernberger. Concert Band, Flag And Rifle Squads Daphne Hansel, Kathi King. Laura Munsell. Jane Kruckeberg, Teresa Sharon Hurst. Barb Small. Michelle Johnson. Tina Greer. Geuss, Sue Puhse. Beth Stanley. Marie Fremont. 217Row 1: Sue Brase. Brenda Dennis. Sandy Gerstenecker. Becky Bertles. Jeff Hindelang. John Dujka. Will Hamzy, Marvin Meng, Paul Garde. Karl Unterbrink; Row 2: Carey Andrews. Sharon White. Dan Pizzini, Mike Lossau, Scott Boggs. Tim Mackie. Alan Schaake. Kurt Borchers. Roy Lanham. Marching Tigers Fill Football Half-Time Row 1: Diane Knoche. Pat Zacha, Tanya Shaw. Melissa Corlew. Melissa Smith. Jo Scherff, Row 2: Melissa Wolf. Rhonda Bockstruck, Susan Roberts. Amy Benjamin. Cheri Lovett, Lynn Oberdieck. Sheree Thompson. Deborah Hischke, John Matta, Carmen Verseman. Row 1: Beth Boyer. Kristen Helsel. Dorothy Murray. Jennifer Ebel, Kay Wilson; Row 2: Liz Eadie. Sharon Hudlin, Patsy Hurst. Sue Dunbar. Tim O'Laughlin. Larla Barringer, Jenny Gallaher. Row 1: Paul Bertels. Bruce Leseman. Rodney Lanham. Tracey Walton. Gary Wilson. Brian Leseman. 218Whitney Strohmeyer. Tom Wiley, Don Piper. Paul Pizzini, Jeff Strohmeyer. Mark Gerdes. Steve Strohman. Chris Mackie, Pam Zacha. Jan Schmidt. Jim Brase. Phil Keating. Michelle Corlew. Jeff Briney. Paul Nuernberger, Scott Gerdes. Grant Kang. Keith Bertels. Darryl Bertels. Row 1: Nancy Geuss. Lisa Hoskins. John Miller. Andrea Smith; Row 2: Lori Sobkowski. Beth Wilkins. Allan Fremont. Bob Gabalis. Bruce Briney. Randy Steele. Melissa Corlew. Timmy Johnson. Ken LaBlance, Randy Banks, Debbie Wall. Marcus Claudson. Chris Zollars, Steve Loucks. Paul Schmelzel. Dina Brase. Kathy Allen. Jeff Williams.Autograph Page Compliments of Rembrandt StudiosCongratulations to Class of 79 1979 Corvette Coupe BUTLER CHEVROLET, INC. Downtown Edwardsville Finest in Young Men’s Furnishings tom's Edwardsville, Illinois “Our 51st year” 656-6400 Vle rfelevison kudb Known by the companies we keep me WEBER FUNERAL HOME 304 N. MAIN STREET Edwardsville Alton 244 South Buchanan 92 North Port Drive 6186564620 618 466 8772 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS 62025 MRS EARL F. KRIEGE KRIEGE HARDWARE PHONE 656-4655 DAVID E. KRIEGE STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOME OFFICE • BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS Paints, Power Tools, Plumbing: and Electrical Supplies 112 E. Vandalla St. Phone 656-7S88 EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 62025 Ralph R. Ellsworth AGENT Like A Good neighbor. State Farm Is There. Off. Phone: 636-2304 2 13 South Buchanan Street Res. Phone: 636-2932 Edwardsville, Illinois 62029 226Visit Our Drive-In Facility: Edwardsville National salutes the young men and women of the class of ’79 Two locations to serve you . . . Drive-in facility . . . Schwarz and Kansas Streets Main bank . . . Main and St. Louis Streets EDWARDSVILLE NATIONAL BANK aruty%utf tympany 656-4316 227 Going places by growing your way8ALLWEG WALGREEN DRUG STORE BUHRMESTER Two Locations to Serve You WALLPAPER and PAINT CO. Montclaire Shopping Center — 656-3435 201-203 N. SECOND ST. or EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS 62025 4 Cottonwood Rd. — 288-7291 (618) 656-0490 B B RECREATION 441 S. Buchanan - Edwardsville, IL — 656-8533 Skamper Campers - Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers Fold Downs - Truck Campers - Mini Homes Congratulations Seniors from THE BEAUTY STATION Rt. 159 Next to Cotton Bowl Edwardsville, III. 656-4804 "Gur L (Serving Q o tt BUS 656-3616 RES 636-7007 EVERGREENS SHRUBS TRIMMING SEEDING Edwin H. Burns Be Sons NURSERY AND LANDSCAPE SERVICE 1093 EAST FRANKLIN ROAD EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS 62029 Phone. '618) 656-9336 HBLutm’i. n omen'i. c ffijiarel Rich 8t Sue Williams ioa n. main OWNKRS • Malta. EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. 62028 228The Bank Of Edwardsville 330 W. Vandalia 300 Montclaire First Federal Savings Loan AUTOGRAPHS Time Temperature Call 692-4011The Store Compliments of: CHAMPLIN STATION THE DONUT SHOP 656-9700 701 Hillsboro Since 1947 Quality Shoes For The Family ENLOE’S SHOE ROOM 138 North Main 618-656-0199 Edwardsville, Illinois “Congratulations” EDWARDSVILLE BARGAIN CENTER Congratulations GRADUATES EDWARDSVILLE AUTOMOBILE DEALER ASSOCIATION Butler Chevrolet, Inc. Knowles Ford, Inc. Cassens Sons, Inc. Mindrup Continental Motors Four Flags Motors, Inc. 230WEDDINGS • WREATHS • FLOWERS UNIQUE GIFTS • HOME PARTIES GIFTS OF STRAW HAMEL READY MIX P.O. Box 25 Hamel, IL PHONE: (618) 656-0472 TUES.-SAT.: 10:00 A M.-5:30 P.M. (CLOSED MONDAYS) 944 HILLSBORO CAROL GENTEMAN EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 62025 618-633-2236 GOLD LFinOe. CLASS RinGT GIV£ VOU ft CHOKE DIAMOND CENTER 2-4 WEEK DELIVERY MONT-DE-CLAIRE BEAUTY SHOPPE 1990 Troy Road Edwardsville, Illinois Phone: 656-6694 Lucille Redford, Prop. 5 Operators to Serve you 132 N. MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. 656-0784 231LEUUiS LEWIS REALTY 707 N. Main Street Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 Office 618-656-3084 Home (618)-656-3372 Harry R. Lewis Jr., C.R.B. President Real Estate »Home Building • Appraisals • Insurance • Land Development • Real Estate Loans • Real Estate Investment Counseling STORE HOURS MONDAY THRU WEDNESDAY 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. THURSDAY FRIDAY 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. SAT.: 8:00 A.M. it) 7:30 P.M. RALPH DAVE’S 228 North Main Street Edwardsville, Illinois Ralph Schempp (Owners) Dave Helmkamp We accept food stamps 656-4642 © (619) 656 0061 OflcpttcCaite J. IS. 9nc. QUALITY and SERVICE is own MOTTO AL EVERSMAN LARRY UNGER 1413 TROY ROAD EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS 62025 Hamel Seed £ Farm Supply, Inc. AT JUNCTION 4 AND 1-55 Seed - fertilizer • Seed Cleaning Chemicals - Farm Spraying - Farm Supplies R R 1 WORDEN. ILL. 62097 Phone 616-633-2611 WlLMER A BOB KLENKE Owners MONTCLAIRE ENTERPRISES, INC. 1536D Troy Road EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS 62023 Shari V. Wilson Phone Bus. 618 656-5200 RES. 616 656-5010 LA W] A W DRIVE-IN 604 St. Louis St. Edwardsville, ILL. 62025 (618)656-5033 Hours: 9:00 to 5:00 Friday: 9:00 to 5:00 JOHNSON’S DRAPERIES Custom Drapes Shades Traverse Rods 115 Purcell Street Edwardsville, III. 62025 Evenings by Appointment dv[aAi±on Gountyi =Sfon fox tyVomtn 126 NORTH MAIN EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. 62029 232Ijcmaka flewel uf, lOO EAST VANOALIA EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS 62025 MITCHELL’S SPORTING GOODS 1990 TROY ROAD, EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS 62025 618 656-5599 OVERBECK'S WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE Fine Paints and Home Decorations 130 North Main Street Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 Phone 656-0195 TLETCHER Funeral Home 627 ST. LOUIS STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS RON AND DON DUNCAN 0 118 N. MAIN 696-7800 EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS 62025 MADISON SERVICE COMPANY 900 HILLSBORO AVE EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 62025 Over 600 Transfers - Lettering - Numbers BROOKS JEWELERS 213 N. Main Edwardsville, Illinois Phone 656-1841 233 N. MAIN Edwardsville 656-2214 Edith Brooks Many Styles - Fashion Tops Custom Printed Shirts Promotional Advertising Many Crafts 233 Congratulations Class Of ''79” ANNIE’S HAMEL COOPERATIVE GRAIN CO. • Dresses • Suits • Separates • Vests • Sweaters • Handbags • Hats • Belts • Scarves FEED - GRAIN - FERTILIZERS - SEEDS - GRINDING PHONE 633-2215 • HAMEL, ILLINOIS 62046 JUNIOR and MISSES SIZES 3-16 109 Purcell St. 656-5633 Carpenter location 656-2833 R 3 Edw. Ill SIEVERS EQUIPMENT CO. MIDWEST TITLE INSURANCE, INC. ALLIS-CHALMERS — NEW IDEA — ALLIED — KEWANEE — HOMELITE AND McCULLOCH CHAIN SAW Route 157 North P.O. Box 217 PHONE (618) 633-2622 HAMEL, ILLINOIS 62046 633-2623 656-4026 225 NORTH MAIN ST. EDWARDSVILLE, IL. 62025 618 - 656-8616 AGENTS FOR - PIONEER NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE SCHMIDT KITCHENS 201 West High Street Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 (618) 656-5024 Gliks Leading Department Store AIM kli INI - ■ Locally Owned • Nationally Known D D SANDBLASTING LOCALLY OWNED • NATIONALLY KNOWN Two Locations to serve you Ben Franklin Stores 116 N. Main St. and 1522 Troy Road Edwardsville, IL "We specialize in small parts” Phone 377-9675 234  THE FLEEING GROOM wm© h® utejp IS CAPTURED . . . AND SO IS EVERY Country Store L 1 r-« ( ) SPECIAL MOMENT OF YOUR SPECIAL DAY. Bread Beer Jack Milk Wine Ott Canned Goods Spirits Superb Groceries Hand Dipped Ice Cream 0 WEDDING and PORTRAIT Gourmet Foods Deli Lunches 0 PHOTOGRAPHY 1-618-656-1546 Cottonwood Junction Highway 159 Glen Carbon, IL J. L. Luttrell, Prop. EDWARDSVILLE SAVE-A-LOT DISCOUNT FOOD STORE 400 St. Louis Street. Congratulations Class of 79 STAHLY CARTAGE CO. EDWARDSVILLE FROZEN FOODS THE SAUSAGE SHOP 246 North Main Edwardsville 656-1477 231 N. Main Edwardsville, IL 656-2226 Sausage-Cheese-Wine-Sandwich-Beer Congratulations Best Wishes SCHMIDT’S CARPET ROOM 201 W. High - Edwardsville, IL Thanks for your patronage! "Where the red carpet goes out for every customer!” 1 IGtH S 1 AFFSo another year at Edwards-ville High comes to an end and students depart for the summer. The once crowded classrooms and halls will soon be empty and lockers will be abandoned. The Tiger also comes to a close with the passing of 1979.

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