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Tiger - 1976 Edwardsville High School Edwardsville, III Vol. 63 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Me ee oe re Graduating Class of 76 Pe aon 6 Sports selaiarh aks . 40 Sumi ete ae sg ks s s ¥ GR Ms Me as oe 62 Activities Sophomore Class CRRGEIERCNOIEE so ee Sn ke ne Sw Rane Ses 112 Freshman Class Spring Activities Faculty and Administration Sponsors’ Index MR, FRANK KOLESA Beyond the rainbow's end, there Lies The Land of Love and Light Where shadows never dim the skies Hii, iy, Fon there--there 44 no night, HY iV And though the 204s is hard to bear RS we ws 1 SS S , = Of Loved one, on of friend We know that we shall find then there Beyond the rainbow's end. Brad Allen Brian Anderson Golf 1,2,3,4 nas Albrecht VICA 3,4 Dawn Aljets GAA 2,3: FHA 1,2.3.4 (sec., repoter Art Club 3; VICA 4 (Co t man Band 1,2,3; Mixed Powder Puff Football 3 GRADUATES OF 76’ Class Officers L to R) Phil Nelson (sec’y.), Renee Ellsworth (v-pres.), Mike Arth (treas NOT PICTURED Chery! Dickshot pres Kathy Arth Page Sponsor Rembrandt's Studio Mike Arth Steven George Bailey Som ird Marvin Ballance Russian Club 1,2 (v.pres. 1,2.) Photography Club 3.4; Tech Club 2.3.4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Thespian vy 2.3.4; S tudent Council 1,2,3 Fred Barton Barringer David Beal Basketball 1,2 2 Basketball 2.3.4: National Society 3.4; Illinois State ho’s Who Darrell Beckwith Debbie Bender Hope Bennett Debbie Berlemann Diane Bertels Jeffrey A. Bertels FFA 1,2.3; Intramurals 4; Who Drama Who; Illinois State Scholar Choru Brenda Boeser Kevin L. Borchers Chorus 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; In Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band tramurals 1,2,3.4; Interscholastic 2.3.4: Stage Band 2,3,4; Football Softball 3 Interscholastic Field Wrestling 2 5 ee Hockey Volleyball Mgr. 3.4 3 Shery! Boda Basketball Mgr. 3.4; P.E. Office Donna Bojkovsky Office Occupations 4; O.E.A. 4; Chorus lorker 3.4 F.B.L.A. 2.3,4(Historian, Pres. 4); Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 3 GAA 2.3; Student Council 1,2: h Bums 2,3; Powderpuff Interscholastic Track 2; Brenda K. Braasch Kimberly E. Bowles D.E. 4 (sec.); Spanish Club 2 G.A.A Chorus 1,2; Chorus 1.2; Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 3; Diane Bowler Interscholastic Track 1,2,3 Office Worker 2,3.4 George Bradford 2» : i 2.3.4 (pres. 4 1 ional Honor Society 3.4; Student Council 4 Chorus 1 Tiger Usherette 4 Illinois State Scholar; Who's Who Chris Buhr Jeffery L. Bushrow Pam Burgess G.A.A. 1,2; Chorus 1 Steven Emanuel Carpenter Football 1,2 Keith Carpenter Track 1,2,3,4 | Steve Burlingame Thomas Lee Carroll Student Council 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Tiger Times 3; Cross Coun try 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 2,4; Illinois State Scholar; Who’s Who ann Marie Cartwright Tom Catalano dget Tean Cerny stamp Cl 1,2.3,4 Who James M. Close = , oF Michael Coleman German Club 4; National Honor ’ Society 3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Baseball 1; Basketball Who's Who; Illinois State -holar; National Merit Semifinalist Cathy Coldren Thomas J. Coolbaugh D.O. 4; Track 1,2; Football 1,2; Janice Cooper Dan Compton Kathy Coolbaugh Basketball 2; Intramurals 2,3,4 Clinic Worker 2,3,4 of Lori G. Cooper Linda Coppedge Dexter Corley Glen Courtav Chorus 1,2; Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 3. Art Club 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Librarian 2.3 Jeff Cox ‘ ; Band 1,2,3.4; y Nancy Cralley Stage Band 1,2; : Chorus 1,2 Football 1. Lisa Crain French Club 4; Chorus 1,2; Powder Puff Football 3,4 Jim Dannenberg Deborah Dannenberg Football Mgr. 2.3.4; Basketball Mgr John Criswell Keith Cullen Chorus 1,2; D.E.C.A. 4 2.3.4 George Daube Barbara Debeaux 2,3,4; Art Club F.F.A. 1,2,3 reporter 3 1,2; Interscholastic mt 1,2,3,4; Interscholastic Interscholastic Field Intramural Basketball t j 1 1,2,3,4 ES Chery! Ann Dickshot S.1.T. 2; Senior Class President; National Honor Society 3 4;GAA 2: Interscholastic Tennis 2,3; 7 A Homecoming Court 3; Student 2.3.4; Homecoming Com- Cheryl Ann DeRousse Sheila Diel Drama Club 2,3,4; Thespian Society 3.4; Speech Team 2,3; Usherettes 4 atherin Chorus 2; Jr.-Sr. Girls Choir 3; Stu it Coulcil 1,2,3,4 (Executive ACappella 4; Madrigals 4 Vice-President 4); Ger 1,2,3.4; National Honor Society 3,4; Drama Club 1,2; Math Team 1,2; Chorus 1,2; ACappella 3.4; All District 3,4; Madrigals 3,4 Illinois State Scholar; Who's Who Lisa Gaye Dissler Spanish Club 2; Chorus 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4 Cathy Donahue Jeff Denton Dillmon Terry Donner Varsity Golf 1,2,3,4; Intramural Soccer 1,2 A Ply Dawn Rae Dorsey Patricia A. Downing Lana S. Draper Brad Alan Drda D.E. 4 (Pres.): Chorus 1,2.3: Chorus 1; Librarian 2 Cross Country 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4 Interscholastic Track 1; G.A.A Homecoming Court it Council 1,2,3; Interscholastic Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Freshman Class President 3.4; Intramurals 3; Powder Puff Football 4 ) Lindell Dumas Erin Duggan Jennifer J. Duncan German Club 1,2; Chorus 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2 Patti Dunn Mark Duncan Barry Dunn Transfer from Murphysboro 4 Helene Elizabeth Dyer Jeff Eaker John William Eibeck, Jr Stamp Club 2,3; Chess Club 1; Drama Club 1; Symphonic Band 2,3,4 (Stu dent Director 3); Tiger Band 1; Stage Band 2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Foot ball 2.3.4 Greg Erspamer Orren Eberhart Denise L. Eck Tennis 1,2,3,4 Office Occupations 4 Homecoming Committee Russ Eidson Football; Track 3,4 John Robert Ellsworth Ecology Club 2,3,4 (pres. 3,4 C.C.F. 3,4; Chess Club 3,4 Veda Marie Ethington Romona Erspamer Chorus 1,2 Venita Renee Edwards Interscholastic Track 1,2,3,4; H coming Court 2; Queen Can- i 4; National Honor Society 3.4; Illinois State Scholar; Cheer leading 1,2,3.4; Student Council 2.3.4 T. Renee Ellsworth Student Council 3,4; Spanish Club 3.4; Chorus 1,2; ACapella 3,4; Madrigals 3,4; All-District 3,4; All-State 4; Senior Class Vice- President Shirley Eyman Lynne Ellen Fear German Club 1,2; Ecology Club 3.4; Chorus 1,2 Kimberley Fiedler Spanish Club 2.3.4 treas. 3, pres. 4); Student Council 2.3.4; Tiger Times + Chorus 2; In tramurals 2,3; Prom Committee 3 Marsha L. Foehrkalb Drama Club 1,2; Thespian 1,2. Amalie Jane Fedor F.B.L.A. 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2; A Cappella 3,4 (treas. 4); Interscholastic Field Hockey 3,4 (co- captain); Interscholastic Basketball 1,2.3,4; Interscholastic Volleyball 3; Interscholastic Softball 2,3; In- tramurals 1,2,3,4; Nancy Sue Felts ylogy Club 4; Chorus 2; A Cappella orus 3,4 June A. Fink Gary Russell Force Football 1.2; Baseball 2 Kathy Fralinger a. 7 - Fensterman Donald Frisse Scot Fleming Tim Gergen Danny Gatton Alan R. Gerstenecker V.LC.A. 4 John Gammill ract ) tball 1,2,3; In ross Country Steve Gerdes ; -uss regional recorder 2.4; Cross Country; V ity Basketball Mgr. and Stat. 4; Track 2.3.4; Varsity Baseball Mgr. 4; Intramurals 4 Thea Garver Mary Gerdt Pamela K. Giardina ¥ ok 3: C us 1,2; Powder Puff Football 3.4; G.A.A. 1,2; Tlli- nois S S r; Who's Who; Homecoming Committee 3 Robert Gobble Gary L. Goff Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Wrestl ) ing 2 Melody Gibson Mitchell Gieseking VICA 4 Cheryl Marie 4 Goodall ‘ ' : Mary Frances Russian Club 2,3; ; Gorenz Chorus 1,2; Jr rt Club 3; Cho- ; us 1; Powderpuff ; 2 : A Sr. Girls Choir 3 ootball 3; Li- ’ Drarian 1,2,3 Laura Ann Goree Office Occupations 4; Tiger Band 1; ™ Chorus 1 Joanette Lynn Green G.A.A. 2,3.4; Intramurals 2,3; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Pep Band 2.3.4; Interscholastic Track 2,3,4; Interscholastic Volleyball 3; Interscholastic Field Hockey 3,4; Carol Gremaud Powderpuff Football 3; Transferfrom G.A.A. 1,2; Office Occupations 4 Thomas C. Grubaugh Terry Grayson Fort Eustis, Virginia 2 (sec'y); Chorus 1,2 Band 1,2,3,.4 ui 4 Mark Gusewelle Helen Ann Hackethal resa L ethal Katherine M. Hagstrom Russian Club 2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; VICA 4 (sec'y 1.A.A 2.3; Art Club } Bleacher Bums 2; F.B.L .A. 4; Librarian 2 Track 2 Chorus 1 ) Cheerleader Homecoming Court 3 Sophomore Candice Elaine Hanfelder Chorus 1,2,3 Marsha Halbe Allan R. Hans VICA 3.4 (v.pres Chorus 1,2; A Cappella 3; All-District 3; Wrestling ? 1.2 Henry ‘Hank’ Darnell Harris f Harris Varsity Football 2.3.4: Varsity 1 3.4; Thespian Society Basketball! 4; Varsity Baseball 3,4;; National Honor Society 3.4 Sp sh Club Frank A. Harris Homecoming Court 2,4 Sophomore Class Secretary Club 1,2.3; Chorus 1,2; GAA William J. Hawkins Anne Hazen rici n Kris Ann Heinemeier Drama Club 1,2; Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella 3,4; All-District 3,4; Tiger Usherette 2; Drama Club-Plays 1; Prom Committee 3 Beth A. Henry Spanish Club 1; Office Occupations 4; F.B.L.A.; Chorus 1,2 Cindy Heldenbrand Denise K. Highlander Kevin B. Hinton Timothy G. Hillmer Football 1,2; Track 1; Cross Coun- Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Tennis try 1,2; Intramural Basketball 3; Darlene Marie Hlavsa Robert Hillman 1,2.3.4 D.O. 4 DECA 4; G.A.A. 1 = Steve Hofmann Football; Track 1,2,3; National Mer Scholar nois State Scholar Nat il Hon ociety 3,4; W Who: Math Team 1,2.4; Scholar Qu Jane Elaine Horvath Transfer from Oscoda, Michigan 4 Neal Jackson Carol Hogue Catherine A. House ie Ann Jatcko German Club 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Office Worker 2,3,4; Powderpuff Football 3,4; Tiger Usherette 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; Who’s Who Mary Holder J'Deanna Hudgens Bleacher Bums 2; G.A.A. 2; Spanish Club 2.3 (v.pres. 3); Student Coun cil 2.3; Yearbook 3; Chorus 1,2 Powderpuff Football 3; Office Worker 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Tiger Times 4 Randy Johnson Dana Horrell Kyla Annette Isringhausen Chorus 1,2 Timothy L. Johnson Football 1,.2,3.4; Baseball 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 2,3 | Tracy Lynn Joiner Marsha Jones Thomas Jones Mary Jane Jouett D.E. 4 (vice-pres.); G.A.A. 1,2,3 Office Occupations 4; OEA; IOEA Drama Club 1,2,3 Tiger Times 4; Powderpuff Football 3,4 G.A.A.; Librarian 1; Office Worker 2 D.E. 4; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella 3,4; Interscholastic track 1; Drama Cl lub Plays 1,2,3; Office Interscholastic Basketball 3 Worker 1,2,3 Cynthia Dawn Kampwerth Band; Pow- Clarence Kelly derpuff Football 3 Betty Jean Kappler Spanish Club 4; Chorus 1,2,3; Office Worker 2 Debbie Kelsay Office Occupation 4; O.E.A.; Brian Kershaw Michael King 1O.A Football 1 David King Art Club 4 Robin Michelle Kniffel French Club 1; Drama Club 1,2,3; Tiger Times 4; Student Council 1,2 Bleacher Bums 1,2; Chorus 1,2; G.A.A 1,2.3; Powderpuff Footbal! 3,4; Drama Cl Plays 2,3: Holiday Classic °n Candidate 4 Susan Marie Kribs G.A.A. 1,2; Drama Club 1,2; Chorus 1; Track 1 Karen Sue Klueter Bleacher Bums 1 1,2,3,4; Choru ball 4; Who's Who Richard A. Koenig F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 (vice-pres. 3, pres. 4) Bradley K. Krome Wrestling 2; Wrestling Mgr Basketball Intramurals 3 Lela Faye Knecht Office Occupations 4 J. William Klunk Carey Kolesa Robert W. Kohl miller Tiger Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Chorus 1,2 A lla 3.4; Swing Choir 4 4: Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Football Mgr. 1,2,3.4; Wrestling 2 neich C.C.F. 3; Chorus 1 Office Worker Aimee Kurtzrock Larry Langendorf licki Lebegue Daniel L. Leitner VICA 4 GAA 2 Tennis 2.3.4; Cross Country 1 ) Wrestling 2 Steven H Lesemann Randy Lee Leitner ’ “ay = " oF he Chorus i; Golf Wrestling 1; Intramural Basketball 1,2 Perry Leopold Kenneth Lienemann Carol Lynn Liley Carl Levering Alan Lienemann F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 FBLA 2; Band 1,2 a ¢ os ; James W. Long National Honor Society Band President 4; Track 1 Westerville Tennis 2,3,4; Illinois State Scholar Robert Dean Lovett k Alan Loucks : VICA 4; Track 1 A Cappella 4; Transfer from Ohio, 4 Ann Long James A. Luedders John Maeras Chorus 1,2; A Cappella Chorus 3; Tiger Times ¢ Baseball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3 Basketball; Football 1 Brian Keith Lowry Jeff Lyons Tiger Band 1; Concert Band 2; Symphonic Band 3,4; Stage Band 3.4; All-District Band 4; All-State Band 4 Janelle C. May Sam Makler DECA 4; Office Worker 2,3,4 Wrestling 1,2 Mark Marfia Gerald L. Marth Kaye McCalla avid McCoy cert Dan McElroy DECA 4 vall 1 ] Alice Ann McLean Spanish Club 2,3; 7 F Student Council Jane E. Meek 2.3.4: Tiger Times , Chorus 1,2; In 4; Chorus 1,2; . : terscholastic Wake. 12,2545 ; Track 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2; Intra- G.A.A. 1,2; In r als 2,3; Illi- @ ; tramurals 1 no State Schol . ar; Who's Who John McLean Jo an Meek Chorus 2; Powderpuff Football 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Office Worker 4; In tramural Volleyball 1,2; Tiger Times 4 Kathy A. Meinzen Ann Melling Linda M. Metcalf Philip Meyer Teri Mick iy Club 4; Student Council Art 1,2,3; Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1,2 Bleacher Bums 1,2,3,4: Choru A Cappella 3,4; wy shal Me: Mark Thomas Minner Annette Morris Footbal! 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Basket- ball 1; Intramurals 2,3,4 James Allen Morehead Jr F F.A. (Reporter 2,3); D.O. 4 President 4); Office Worker 2 Claudette Morris Joe Morrisey Diane Morrison Derek Mosher Ww wirete Barbara Munzert cliz varry Nealy hil Nelson German Club 4; National Honor rman Clut nd 1,2.; Dr Club 2.3.4; (v.-pres Thes Society 3,4; Bleacher Bums 2.3.4 All-County 2; All C ian Society 2.3.4 (v.-Pres. 4); Foren- Freshman Cheerleader; J].V 3and 3.4; All n ll of Fame ic am A Cappella 3,4 Cheerleader Hr Varsity and ynor 4 horu Madrigal 4: Tennis 1.2.3; Soccer Cheerleader 3,4 (captain 4); ‘lub 3.4; Illinois State Scholar; Who's Powderpuff Football 3,4; Iho; Senior Class Secretary Homecoming Court 3,4 (Special Attendant 4): Tiger Times 3 Vicki Lynn Newman ‘ OEA; IOEA: Joan Neudecker if % Area II IOEA; Art Club 3,4; P Office Occupa G.A.A. 1,2 F Wan tions 4; Office ! Worker 4; G.A.A. 1,2 Tony Neumann Football; Track 1,2,3.4 Tom Nilsson Football; Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2; Intramurals 4 Patti Noeltner French Club 2; Drama Club 2; Student Homecoming Court 3; Illinois G.A.A. 1; Spanish Club 1; Chorus Council 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella State Scholar; Who's Who 1.2.3; Track 2 Tammy Noto 3.4; Homecoming Committee 2 Patti Nuernberger Ronnie Owens Chorus 1,2 Tim Peck Marilyn Paul G.A.A. 1,2 Debbie Perry Kathy Peppers G.A.A. 2,3. 4 Sherry Paddock Office Occupations 4; Chorus 1,2 Penny Pelan Office Occupations 4 (treas.); Chorus 1; Cheerleading 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 1 Mark A. Perry Baseball 1 C. Scott Patterson Track 1 Brent Penelton Denise Peterson G.A.A. 2,3,4; Russian Club 2; Bleacher Bums; Interscholastic Volleyball 3; Interscholastic Field Hockey 3,4; Interscholastic Softball 2.3; Intramural Volleyball 3,4; Volleyball Stat. 4; Girl’s Basketball Stat. 3; Varsity Basketball Stat. 4; Powderpuff Football 3; P.E. Office Worker 3,4. Donna Poneta Tiger Times 4 — i : ‘ John Poole na Pontius pres. 3 dvisor 4; German I Honor Class Vice Tiger Usher puff Football 3.4 ivisory Council to Board o du D.A.R. Award 4 Eric S. Poppe Lisa Porter Who's Who; Outstanding Teenager Tiger Times 4; Intramurals 3 Art Club 4 of America 3 Steve Proffitt Mohammad Mehdi Rahimi ? OZ, Bob Ranek Dean Reckmann Student Council 2,3 cher re F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2 F.F.A. 1,2.3.4 2.4: G.A.A 1,2; Chor Powderpuff Football 3 Cecilia Marie Reiter German Club 1.2,3.4 (v.-pres. 4); Student Council 4; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3,4 (v.-pres 4); All-District 4; Rifle Team 3 (alt.) All-County a Interscholastic Tennis 2,3; Powderpuff Football 4 Jerry S. Reid Football 2.3.4; Wrestling 1,2,3 Vickie Reed Robert Reinneck Janet L. Renken Seth T. Renken Office Occupations 4; Chorus 1,2; A Cross Country; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4 Debbie Reyman Deborah Janelle Renken Cappela 3 . 2S a ae Richard Charles Rezabek Baseball 1,2 Patrick P Rohrkaste Baseball 1,2; Golf 3.4 Jeff Rosenthal Baseball 2; In tramurals 3,4 Barb Roney Lisa Rusci li Drama lub 1; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella 3.4 (v.-pres. 4); Madrigals 3.4: Swing Choir 4; Drama Club Plays 1: Homecoming Court 3,4; Mary K. Ryan Student Council 1; Prom Com G.A.A. 1,2,4; Student Council 3,4; M J Rouhani Dan Runyon mittee 3 Spanish Club 3 (sec’y); Chorus 1,2 : y a A i! Elaine R. Ryks Drama Club 1,2 Chess Club 2; German C n Club 2.3.4; French C ‘ub 3; S.1.T. 2.3: Band 1,3 Teams 3,4; Drama Club Play F y Roberta Schaake Michael F. Schlueter Speech Teams 2 “lub 2,3,4; Rus lub 4; Ecology Chess Martha Saboff Student Council 2 Chorus 1; Tiger U Powderpuff Football 3,4 Who 4; Illinois State Scholar Paul Scheibal Lori Schnack Ecology Club 2.3.4: G.A.A. 1,2 Bleacher Bums 2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Office Worker 2,3,4; Tiger Usherette 4 a — 3,4; German Clut sherette 3 Who's aN Rodney Sackett VICA 4 ose Susan M. Schlemer Office Occupations 4; Yearbook 2 Chorus 1; G.A.A. 1; Office Worker 1,3 Lori Schopp Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1,2; G.A.A 1,2,3,4 Karen Scates Chorus 1,2 James E. Schlueter Tiger Times 3; Intramurals 2,3; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Who's Who 4; Illinois State Scholar Brenda J National Honor Society 3,4; G.A.A. 2.34 v.-pres. 4); Interscholastic Field Hockey 3,4; Interscholastic Volleyball 3,4; Interscholastic Basketball 3,4; Interscholastic Softball 2; Softball Mgr. 3; Intramural Volleyball 3,4; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Office Worker 2.3; Powderpuff Football 3; Girl's P.E. Office Worker 4. Schrage i VA ¥ ’ Sandy Schuette G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Powderpuff Foot- ball 4. Stan Shaffer Becky Singleton S.1.T. 2,3; CCF 4; Russian Club 3,4 (pres. 3, sec’y. 4); Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Jr.-Sr. Girls Choir 3; Illinois State Scholar, National Merit Semifinalist; Betty Crocker Award. Karen E. Schulze Dan Skaggs DECA 4. Greg Arthur Schwalb Jim Shepard Stan Slemer Russian Club 2; Wrestling 1. Kevin Scroggins Timothy M. Shipton VICA 4 Barbara Slivka G.A.A. 1; German Club 2,3,4 (sec’y. 4); S.1.T. 3,4; Pen 'n Inklings 3,4 (assoc. editor 3, Editor 4); National Honor Society 3,4; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella Choir 3,4; Illinois State Scholar; Scholar Quiz Team 3,4 (alt. 3); Tiger Times 4; Who's Who 4. Susan Kay Slivka G.A.A. 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2; Jr-Sr. Girls Choir 3; Illinois State Scholar 4; Tiger Usherette 4; Who's Who. Kevin M. Smith Football 1,2; Track 1 Tammy Smith Stephen S. Smith Photography Club 3,4 (pres. 3); Tech Club 4; CCF 3; Illinois State Scholar; Transfer from Metropolis 2 Paul Sommerfeldt Norma J. Sparks Golf 1,2,3,4; Illinois State Scholar; Office Occupations 4; O.E.A. 4; Math Team 2 1.0.E.A. 4; Area II 1.0.E.A. 4. Carol E. Sperling Tiger Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; A Cappella 3,4; Lawrence Ray Smith Library Club 1,2; Spanish Club 2; CCF 4; Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Baseball 1; Tennis 1; Wrestling Mgr 2; Football Mgr. 2; Homecoming Committee 3; Girl's Volleyball Cheerleader 4 Randy Smith Football 3,4 © ) mn im |) — —. ill n m ‘ FAG: wh, Tracey Sobkowski Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1,2; Interscholastic Volleyball 3; G.A.A. 2,3. Tim Smith Wrestling 1; Who's Who; Illinois State Scholar Sherry Stahlhut Tiger Band 1; Symphonic Band 2.3,4; Pep Band 3; Chorus 2; Powderpuff Football 3,4. Wy Steve Stahlhut Page Sponsor VESTEL AND STRAUB BARBER SHOP Rick Stephenson Football 2; In- tramurals 2 Carol Sulc VICA 4 Roy Stark Mike Swiecicki Football 2, Intramurals Marla Kay Starkey G.A.A. 1,2: Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1,2; Office Worker 2 Jeannie Stewart Barbara Swift German Club 1,2,3,4 (Historian 3, Pres. 4); Student Council 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Illinois State Scholar 4; Who's Who; Tiger Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3; Rifle Team 3 (alt.); Tiger Usherette 3; Powderpuff Football 4; Office Worker 2 ht : : “a = Ve a Danny L. Steinman VICA 4; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 1,2: Wrestling 3,4 Patricia Strohmeier Chorus 1: Office Worker 1,3,4 Illinois State Scholar: Who's Who Lisa Taliana Drama Club 1,2,3,4 (pres.4); Thes- pian Society 1,2,3.4 (pres.4); Speech Team; Chorus 1,2; Drama Club Plays 1,2,3,4; Thespian Plays 1.33 Peggy Dori-Marie Tenllado FBLA 2; Office Occupations 4; OEA 4: IOEA 4; Area II IOEA 4; Chorus 1,2; Jr.-Sr. Girls Choir 3; A Cappella 4; Librarian 3 Stephen Tarpey Country Track 1 Cross Wrestling . - Albert Lee Tolle VICA 4; Chess Club 3; Wrestling 1,2.3,4; Track 1; Football 2 Marsha Timmons Chorus 1,2 Steve Traband FCA 2; Tiger Times 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling; Baseball 1,2; Track 3; Homecoming Court 1,4 (Royal Escort 4) Julie Tracy hompson Stephen Tillerson Office Occupations 4 Douglas Totten Tech Club 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4; In- tramural Basketball 2.3.4 Edward Tosh Patricia K. Trebing Yearbook 3,4; Chorus 1,2; GAA. 1 Track 2; Kenneth A. Turner Baseball 2 Ronnie Ukena Duane Unangst FHA 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Office Chorus 1,2; Football 1,2,.3,4; Wrestl Worker 1 Melinda Elizabeth Utechtt Daniel Vetter Office Occupations 4. ing 1.2.3 DeAnna M. Unterbrink Drama Club 1; Chorus 1,2; Jr.-Sr Girls Choir 3,4; Powderpuff Foot ball 3; Michael E. Utechtt Tennis 2 Shelly Vida Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1,2; Powder puff Football 3,4; Sophomore Cheerleader 2; Wrestling Cheerleader 3.4; Office Worker 3,4 Ron Viere Intramural Basketball 3,4 © : SY Curt Ursprung FFA 1,2,3.4 Rita M. Vesper Offi ce Occupa tions 4 Page Sponsor REMBRANDT’'S STUDIO Tammy J. Voyles G.A.A. 1,2; Tiger Times 4; Tiger Usherette 4; Sno-Ball Committee 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Student Council 3,4 Sarah Walker Scott A. Wallace German Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2.3.4 Theresa Marie Vuagniaux Kathleen V. Walker Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Thespian Society G.A.A. 1,2,.3; Office Worker 1,2.3 2.3.4; Bleacher Bums 4; G.A.A. 1; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Page Sponsor REMBRANDT'S STUDIO soe ee ae ve ay a " - - - “§ : - - J . i - re Scott D. Weber Stamp Club 3,4 (pres. 4); Football 4: Wrestling Dave Wasser Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Cross Country 1,2 4 Michael Weber Golf; Intramural Basketball 4 Debra S. Werden Patricia A. Ward Spanish Club 2,3; Yearbook 2,3,4 (Editor 4); Student Council 3; Bleacher Bums 2: Tiger Times 4; Chorus 1; Powderpuff Football 3; Homecoming German Club 2; G.A.A. 1 (rep.); Committee 2,3; Office Worker 1; Tiger Times 4; Student Council 1,2,3.4: Bleacher Bums 1,2; Chorus 2: Cheerleading 2.3; Intramurals Gary Werner Kerry Weinacht Virginia Ann Weishaupt 1 1.2; Powderpuff Football 4; Tennis 1 Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; DECA 4; Chorus 1,2 1495 Teri Lyn Whitaker Chorus 1,2 Diane Wilder Chorus 1 Nancy Willaredt GAA. 1,2.3,4 Society 3.4: Bleacher Chorus 2 Volleyball 2.3.4 Nation Intersct al Honor Bums 4; 10olastic Volleyball In tramurals 2,3,4; Powderpuff Foot ball 4 Who's Who: Chapter Sweetheart 4 F.F.A Tina M. Wilfong Art Club 1,2,3,4 Gayle Wille Bleacher Bums 2; Student Council; G.A.A. 1; Tiger Times 3; Of fice Occupations 4; Chorus 1 Cheerleading 2; Interscholastic Field Hockey 3; Powderpuff Football 3,4; Who's Who; Librarian 1; Prom Com muttee ? 1 Club 2.3; Chorus 2; G.A.A 2; Intramural Volleyball 1,2 Powderpuff Football 4; Who’s Who Barb Wieseman Jamie Wilkinson VICA 4) Michael B. Winter CCF 4 4 (treas Candy Wolbert Debora Ann Zacha G.A.A 2,3 Chorus 1,2; Powderpuff Football 4 NOT PICTURED Chris Anderson Christina Beausang Carl Bettorf Kar! Bogle Phillis Bradford Susan Bruker Murel Cunningham Robert Dean Robin Dicken Jeff Eaves Pete Eftimoff Harold File Mary Wooster Terry Hargis Tony Hargis Johnny Huie Robert Jarrett Kent Lizotte David Lorch James Marcrum Mark Mazurier Jessie Mitchell Ralph Morgan Joyce Noud Joseph Petty Fred Wopat David M. Yates Tiger Times 4; Intramurals 3,4 Gregg Schiber Robert Schrader Keith Sharp Cynthia Siedhoff Brian Thompson Mark Townzen Jo Gina Vines John Wilkinson Dirk Williams Donald Williams Mike Wood Tom Zagel Athletics Randy Smith Jeff Hornberger Hank Harris Russ Edison Rob Jarrett Kevin Borchers Greg Schwalb Dave McCoy Jerry Reid Fred Wopat Steve Carpenter Page Sponsor RICHARDS BRICK Tigers Have Proud Season by Mark Minner, Frank Troeckler Dennis Braundmeier The Edwardsville Tigers ended their season on a disappointing note, losing their last conference game to Belleville East 21-3, and losing to Rock Island Alleman 23-7 in the first round of the state playoffs. Even with these two losses, the Tigers can be proud of their season, one of the best in Edwardsville history. The Tigers ended up tied with Belle- ville West for the Southwestern Confer- ence championship. This is the best Tiger finish since 1940, when the Tigers tied with East St. Louis for the title. The Tigers also represented the Southwestern Conference in the state playoffs, by virtue of the 13-0 win over Belleville West earlier this season. The Tigers’ offense featured some of the best talent in the conference. Jeff Hornberger (807 yds. rushing) and Steve Carpenter (673 yds.) were both named to All-Conference teams. Randy Smith (tac- kle), Kevin Borchers (center), Greg Schwalb (guard and Hank Harris (end) were also honored. The Tiger defense allowed fewer points per game (6.6) than any other Edwards- ville team in history. The opposition scored only 10 points in the first half all year, and only 75 first downs. Defensive leaders for the Tigers were Russ Eidson (132 tackles), Steve Traband (127), and Rob Jarrett (115). Defensive players Jerry Reid (tackle), Jarrett (LB), Dave McCoy (tackle), Eidson (LB), and Fred Wopat (middle guard) received All-Conference honors at season’s end. Overall, the Tigers finished with an 8-2 record, the same as the 1940 team. The Tigers would like to thank the people of Edwardsville (and especially the faithful 600 or so who attended the Rock Island game!) for their undying support and enthusiasm. All-Conference |! Tigers Named oe . . SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL J. Green, T. Johnson, M. Schaake, T. Coleman, R. Reid, G. Kiaer, C. Ed mond, M. Koenig, S. Reller, E. Sherman, M. Leonard, D. Warning, A Russo, R. Peterson, P. King, R. Carpenter, D. Eck, M. Hurst, S. Zubal, M Matthews, T. Gamble, C. Fultz, D. Heiney, R. Bogle, D. Breen, D. Gunder son, B. Schrage, R. Jackson, S. Minner, D. Heidbrink, D. Mercer, L. Capps S. Dempsey. K. Diel, R. Ruhl, D. Hartnagel, G. Johnson, S. Bayer, M Helle, D. Hans, M. Nelson, M. Ahart, L. Fear, D. Schaefer, R. Hoenig, G Steinmann, ]. Holecek, R. Gregor, T. Schmidt, R. Howerton, C. Brandt, M Schmitt ‘Hit the Showers " “Which way did he go?” — ¥e € S12 @ 8 6.8.3 bn Swe 8 Aeon me Sede AR ere pee eee “oy ene aren . allies Coil - FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ROW 1: (L to R) M. Bradshaw, M. Campbell, B. Donahue, J. Keyser, L. Bussman, M. Schwalb, R. Opel, R. Madison, J Bobo, R. Martin, J. Smith, S. Terry, T. Peterson, K. Lewis ROW 2: Mgrs. M. F irice, D. Hall; J. Eihausen, M. Haun, S. Daugherty. D. Huggins, T. Butler, D. Barton, K. Niemeier, R. Baugher, B. Si R. Griggs, M. Boehm, A. Bennett, R Williamson, M. Bucheim, Mgr. S. Hartnagel ROW 3: Coach Schumacher, D. Crouch, T. Guffy, R. Hughes, P. Ottwein, J Schlechte, S. Spurgeon, D. Whitworth, B. Reed, S. Boeker, P. Provence, S. Brady, N. Unangst, S. Murphy, D. Havens, R Suhre, Coach McCarty ee SY age Sponsors VARSITY BASKETBALL . A W DRIVE IN LEU'S I.G.A. FOODLINER KROGER EMPLOYEES METCALF AGENCY Page Sponsors RUSTY’S RESTAURANT FARM FRESH MILK STORE BROWN REALTORS LEVAY GLASS ges Uk HH dmeier, M. Br T. Breih JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW 1 (L Page Sponsors MOORE AND STORK CLEANERS ROBERT L MARKS, D.DS. WOODLAWN GARDENS, INC FLORISTS’ MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY L to R) ROW 1: D. Mosby, M. Haun, T. Nilsson, D. Hartman, J Bennett. D. Wood Semanisin, R. Opel, T. Bulter, K. Lewis. ROW 2: J. Eihausen, A D. Whitworth FRESHMAN BASKETBALL L to R) ROW 1: T. Eaker, A. Sherman, S. Langendorf, J. Malench, T Gamble, S. Rockwell, R. Harris, J. Fox, ROW 2: Coach Pile, D. Harrison, S. Brady, A. Paoni, M. Ma ngm, N. Ur angst SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL egor, S. Baye J. Gree en, M. Schaake, D. Schafer, P B. Harvath, S. Erikson, R. Jackson, P. Brazier yey, S ber Beckwith, D. McCoy. 2nd ROW: M. Colligan non, C. Ware Hernandez, D. Lewis, D. Steinman, J. Span irs, B. Edmond, R. Jackson, J. Aljets, K. Balsters, H. Highlander. 3rd ROW: D. Murray, J. Frazier, P. Lewis, T. Reising, T. Vernatti, D ans, J. Huber, J. Leitner, A. Ru R. Bogle, S. Dempsey. 4th ROW B.S rs, Mgr. M. Arnold, M. Nelson, A. Tolle, M. Helle R. Howerton, F. Wopat, S. Traband, Coach Stahlhut, L. Simburger Ist ROW: Ed Paddock S. Tart } S. Can 1975-1976 WRESTLING FRESHMAN WRESTLING NOT PICTURED L. Reynolds, S. Kampwerth, J. Tosh, P. Burge. Ist ROW: Coach Collman, J. Smith, B. Reed, R. Suhre 2nd ROW: B. Harshburger, M. Schrader, M Mulligan, T. Perry, M. Gerdes, P. Gatton, B. Fultz. 3rd ROW: W. Mitchell, T. Meinzen, R. Zwick, R Griggs, J. Bobo, G. Burgess, J. Fanning, D. Raffaelle Page Sponsors DERBY STATION BUHRMESTER WALLPAPER PAINT PRAIRETOWN FEED SERVICE DR. LOUIS GEMOULES SCHMIDT'S HEATING AND COOLING HAMEL READY MIX STAHLY CARTAGE CO AUGUST MIRRING, FLORIST Bs 3 7 ws eB iggeaial.4e ! od TT] aa Be es 2 BOTTOM C. Bowens CENTER ROW Left to right Ms. Hyten, C. Dappert, J TOP M. Fedor, R. Beck, M. Connelly, C. Winte, S. Hazen, K. Markowitz, T Fink. D. Dorsey. N. Willaredt, C. Bertles, B. Schrage, A. Frey, Ms. Stilwell Hargis, J. Willaredt, M. Dyer, N. Wilhold, B. Boeser, Peterson GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL Page Sponsors EDWARDSVILLE CREAMERY CO. DRDA ELECTRIC FRANCE PLUMBING HEATING JACK’S 66 SERVICE a te a | — | ; : | i CUA io ae Pah ae =T : : — = BOTTOM ROW left to right: B. Smith, J. Russel, N. Wilhold, A. Frey, E N. Helmkamp, C. Dappert, M. Feddor, B. Boeser, N. Scheibal, L. McCall, S Harms, D. Petterson, P. O’Laughlin. CENTER ROW: K. Schmidt, K. Berry Sherpard C. Bertels, B. Schrage, J. Green, D. Seybert, D. Ludwig. TOP ROW: Ms. Petty Girls’ Field Hockey Team FHA (color picture next page) Sharon Poos, Jill Willaredt, Kathi Cook, Mary Schramek, Karen Kuethe, Dawn Aljets, Tracy Bertels, Brenda Harris, Sheila Terrando, Joyce Rushing. Connie Bertles, Donna Bertels, Diane Bertels, Chery] Lesemann, Beth Brase, Vivian Braasch OW 1: (1 to r) C. Dappert, S. Morrison, T. Schmidt, M. Fedor, B. Schrage, A D. Schaake, N. Scheibal, D. Seybert, S. Stevenson, B. Smith, Ms. Petty (spon rey, ROW 2: K. Burden, J. Fedor, S. Shepard, P. Jamison, S. Reiger, M sor) oburn ROW 3: Ms. Stilwell (sponsor), P. O’Laughlin, S. Olney, K. Markowitz, IRLS BASKETBALL — Mascots- D. Ludwig. J. Schmidt, S. Sim oo so Cross Country- S. Bingham, J. Meyer, S. French, S. Marfia, M. Wilms, S , ' tf : Renken, L. Barringger, C. Geuss, S. Tarpey, J. Bolton, S. Langendorf, a oo a a + =m, go. h Fi hot t t see i. tS Coach Roustio s = ‘ ROW 1: T. Hanson, T. Nilsson, J. H awley, J. Distler. ROW 2: J. Malench, i! P. Sommerfeldt, R. Leitner ROW 3: Coach Gerber, P. Rohrkaste, K Weinacht, M. Weber, J. Merkel, R. Jarrett JUNIOR | VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 1 to r) K. Aylward, S. Broderick, R. Owens, D. White+ ate P. Cr »0k, D. Dorsey, D. Cluster test SEER, ff ee. + SBN VARSITY CHERREESDERS = 1K Die oe ee ert, V. Edw ROW J. Wilkir K. Stare, K soaks FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS ef pes ii ie FALL SPORTS AWARDS Juniors 9S ‘JOISIU) BLIP “uUaeprtsa., M. Abbott 3 5 QO a 3 pI e A ° N a 2 Jj e wx = e D. Anderson C. Albl E. Albrecht J. Aljets K. Allison G. Ambuel B. Anderson J. Arnold M. Arnold S. Ashauer S. Aubrecht K. Aylward J. Ballance K. Balsters J. Bartels A. Barton G. Barton A. Baumann S. Brode G Brown D. Bornemann D. Bouse V. Braasch S. Bradford M. Brady D. Braly E. Brase L. Brase B. Bratten D. Braundmeir J. Brown J. Bruer D. Brunwortt E. Buehler R. Buehler J. Burress B. Burton J. Butler S. Caban L. Cadwallader K. Cannon M. Cannon J. Carrigan J. Cassens M. Chester J Chiste I. Christakos R. Clark D. Cloninger B. Close G. Cluster J. Cobetto L. Cockril G. Coffey J. Compton Dudacek Dujka Dunn Dunn 3. Durham J. Distler T Dodson J. Donald Pp T Douglas Downing x. Curry =. Dettmer Dever -. Dickman 5. Dierkes Cook . Cooper .. Coultas Cox Coy » E - - Eberhart 3. Edn ». E D. Ezell R. Farmer A. Fedor J. F erraris J. Fisher B. Fisher P. Fitch J. Foehrkalb K. Force M. Fortado S. Foster K. Fox L Fox D. France P. Franzi B. Gregor M. Griffin B. Grigg A. Griggs P. Gueldner S. Gunderson K. Gunn M. Gusewelle S. Guyot P. Haarmann é P. Giardina D. Gibson L. Gibson T. Gibson K. Gillihan D. Gillis D. Graham S. Graham T. Green D. Greene { J. Gerlach J I N Gengler C. Gerhart Geuss K. Jouett J. Kadlecek P. Kayser J. Kelleher B. Keyser K. Kinamore J. King J. Kipp C. Kirchhofer D. Kirchhofer T. Jackson E. Jarosik R. Jarrett D. Jason V Jason S. Jellen D. Johnson K. Johnson P Johnson R. Johnson A. Leopold D. Lewis J. Lazerson M. Leitner J. Leitner inski R. Labardi J. Lawrence M. Ladd T. Koethe D. Kulf oe v x mM Q K. Lewis T. Lockett C. Loew K. Loew G. Logan M. Lucas S. Ludwig G. Maag G. Maag K. Maedge T. Maes J. Makler J. Maering S. Marfia C. Marshall D. Martin T. Martin Mayberry Mazurier McCormick M. McCoy R. McDougal K. McGinnis S. McIntyre J. McLauchlan McLean McPherson McRae MecReaken Meek ; e Fe etme! rey eapereeretarr,, L. Merkel B. Mewes D. Meyer J. Meyer C. Miller C. Milton V. Missey D. Mize S. Monroe Moore Morehead Morrisey Morss Moutell S. Mueggenburg M. Mueller R. Mueller G. Mulnik D. Murray N. Myer J. Nelson K. Nelson T. Nelson B. Nemnich T. O’Laughlin A. Ondes J. Orman A. Ottwein J. Owens B. Pakovich J. Pape A. Parker R. Partridge P. Paul T. Pauli Cc Pe ake L. Perini J. Perry M. Peterson D. Petrovich P. Pfeiffer R. Philabaun W. Phillipp P. Phillips t L. Pruett K. Pulliam R. Pyles L. Reinhold W. Reinneck J. Rendleman D. Renken K. Reuscher G. Rezabek C.R R. Ringering R. Rogers T. Rohrkaste M. Rusiolelli J. Rushing M. Russo C. Saffel K. Saffel M. Sanders D. Sands J. Sartoris P. Sauerwein R. Schaefer N. Scheibal R. Schien D. Smith B. Sommerfeldt S. South J. Spanjers R. Sparks . Spiller . Spurgeon Stahlhut . Stahlhut Statler J T J T G Sellers Semanisin Semon Sethaler Short D. Sido S. Sim F. Skinner K. Slattery S. Slemer Schmidt Schmidt Schneider Schreier Schuette B. Schmidt C. Schmidt B. Tarpey Trebing Trebing . Troeckler Trusty Tucker R. Turnbeaugh J Tweston S. Tyler J. Unterbrink L. Unterbrink Y. Unterbrink L. Utechtt V. Vacca M. Vallow J. VanArsdale Ventura Vieth Wait J. Warren K. Watsek K. Webb . Weber P. Wedel a + : its ret 4 S. Wehling A. Weir K. Wendel C. Werner S. Whitaker D. Whitworth L. Wieseman J. Wilkinson B. Will D. Willard D. Williams R. Williamson M. Willms T. Wilson K. Wimberly T. Bobrowski J. Bone B. Borton L. Cadwallader D. Chapman D. Cloninger G. Coffey R. Coy M. Cummins B. Daugherty A. Dickman r | Donald P. Douglas C. Durham L. Elliot Page Sponsors BOB KINSEY MOTORS, INC. WELL’S TIRE SALES CLOVER LEAF SAVINGS LOAN TOM’S MENS WEAR Activities tg: = ar, xt = a J i. ap - yy YE 2 BE (975 HOMECOMING PARADE - “SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW” 1975 HOMECOMING QUEEN Kari Meyer i’ baad UO Y = O Venita Edwards 4 Barb Munzert Hank Harris we Tom Carroll Lisa Rusciolelli Greg Schwalb NOT PICTURED: Cindy Siedhoff Fred Barton Junior Attendants Gayla Cluster Grace Maag Brad Wait Dennis Braundmeier Linda Merkel Bruce Klobnak Sophomore Attendants c Bill Mu dan reshman Attendants JoAnn Dagy Robin Beck Kevin Lewis Jay Eihausen Chrystal Flammer Mark Buchheim AUTO DEALER'S AIRE ASSOCIATION ; = A Y 3 A - 6a) MONTCL BOWL POWDER @- DONKEY BASKETBALL GAME BARNYARD DAY [The annual Barnyard Day sponsored by the F.F.A. was held on Friday, February 13, in the E.H.S. Ag room. Several hundred hildren from the area grade schools came to see displays of farm equipment and animals. Mr. David Russell is the F.F.A. spon- 1 pe hiv Yonovalion SNO-BALL Mr. Mrs. Claus Mr. Pile and Miss Skelton Y ea a O =. O o A. © Nn K. Ackerman M. Adair M. Ahart R. Allen J. Almond A. Ardeshir B. Anderson L, Anderson C. Andre M. Andrews K. Askew J. Atkinson C. Aubrecht B. Autenrieb B. Badalamenti R. Baggett M. Ballantyne B. Balster S. Balsters S. Bardelmeier M. Barnard D. Barton J. Basden S. Bast D. Bauer M. Baumann S. Bayer C. Bec R. Beck h B. Bender R. Bennett Bergschneider Bertels Bertels Bertels Bertels a : : My | =. ; ; V. Best - J. Bettorf Ww S. Bingham L. Blankenship K. Bobo . Boda Boehm Boeser Bogle . Borchers M. Bort C. Bowens K. Bowles J. Bradford V. Bradford J. Brown Y. Brown N. Bruker E. Brumitt A. Bucks Caldwell ¥. Cambon Cannon Capps Carnaghi B. Clark A. Clawson K. Cleveland L. Close D. Cluster S. Bradley E. Brammeier E. Brase D. Breen D. Brown Buehler Burden Burge Burgess Butcher R. Carpenter S. Carter C. Cassidy D. Catalano R. Chestnutt J. Cobetto A. Coleman N. Coleman M. Colligan J. Conreaux R. Cook J. Coolbaugh R. Cooper P. Corbin D. Corley G. Counts D. Cox D. Cox M. Coffman R. Crabb M. Crane P. Crook P. Crossman C. Culkin D. Culver F. Curry J. Daech D. Daube R. Davidson J. Dempsey D. Denton D. Depping T. DeRousse C. Dettmer C. Dickerson S. Etzkorn R. Evans T. Evans Evans C. Farmer R. Finke T. Fisher C. Foederer G. Foehrkalb I .. Foehrkalb J. Fox N. Fralinger K. Francis J. Goldsmith D. Goebel D. Geuss K. Gerstenecker C. Gergen D. Gerdt J. Gehrs J. Gauf A. Gardner P. Ganz C. Gamble T. Galbreath D. Gaines S. Gaertner C. Fultz K. Fritz N. Frey B. French S. French S. Frederick J. Frazier G. Fravell A. Good B.G J. Green M. Greenwood R. Gregor Gremaud Gunderson Haarmann Hacker Hackethal K. Haeffner M. Hagemeister R. Hainsworth J. Halcom J. Hamlet R. Hanks D. Hans M Hansen R. Hanson M. Harms B. Harris R. Harris D. Harrison K. Hartnagel R. Hartnagel R. Hawkins D. Heidbrink D. Heiney M. Helle D. Hendrick Hendricks Henry Hernandez Herrman Hildebrand man Hines Hoeke R. Hoenig D. Hogen T. Hogue J Holecek C. Horsley M. Horsley B. Horton B. Horvath B. Hosto D. Hosto S. Howells R. Howerton K. Howlett B. Hubbard J. Huber J. Hutker L. Hufstedler C. Hughes D. Hughes M. Hurst D. Hutton W. Isenberg D. Isringhausen D. Jackson J. Jackson R. Jackson R. Jamison D. Johnessee G. Johnson R. Johnson T. Johnson G. Jones L. Jones R. Jones S. Jones L. Kacer S. Kalvin M. Kane M. Kayser E. Keller C. Kiaer G. Kiaer J. Kienstra C. Kiley P. King S. Kircher M. Klie J. Klueter C. Knecht H. Kniffel M. Knoche T. Knoche M. Koenig G. Kombrink T. Kording R. Laramie D. Laswell G. Lechner J. Leitner K. Leitner M. Linden L. Lizotte A. Long K. Lossau L. Loucks K. Kostyschock C. Kuethe C. Kuhn S. Langendorf B. Lanham M. Leitner D. Lenhardt M. Leonard K. Lewis R. Lovell K. Lowry T. Ludwig A. Mackenzie C. Makler L. Mateyka M. Matthews L. McCall T. McCall R. McCoy D. Meyer T. Meyer J Mikes D. Miller J. Miller or Hy i Moore S. Morgan S. Morrison R. Mosher B. Mudge J. Malench B. Marti D. Martin D. Martin S. Martin McDougal McGinnis McMichael Mercer Mewes K. Milton S. Minner M. Mitchell P. Monroe J. Moore L. Mueller S. Myers M. Nelson S. Nelson T. Nelson T. Nuemann J. Newman P. Newton M. Noeltner J. Norris J. No ud ]. Oberlag J. Oberlag D. Olive |. Onesky L. Ontko P. Overby R. Owens L. Pace S. Pace E. Paddock C. Partridge M. Paulda S. Perry Peterson Phillips Ponce Raffaelle Ramach Reller Renfrow Renfrow Renken Revelle G. Riggs C. Riley R. Ringering J. Robertson S. Rockwell J. Russell A. Russo J. Sardigal D. Schaake M. Schaake M. Ramsey K. Reckmann R. Reid B. Reinke T. Reising D. Reynolds K. Rickard K. Rickert S. Rieger A. Riggs S. Rolens C. Rollberg R. Romann J. Rouse R. Ruhl D. Schaefer D. Schaefer L. Scheibal D. Schemmer L. Schiengshange B. Schrage J. Schramek M. Schubert M. Schulte M. Schumacher A. Sherman R. Siedhoff L. Simburger C. Simmons D. Singleton M. Schmidt T. Shmidt L. Schmitt P. Schmitt T. Schoenleber K. Seamen M. Sebourn L. Sedlacek T. Segrest J. Shelley F. Slemer C. Smith P. Smith W. Snow K. Spanjers Spengel Spotanski Stahlhut Stanley 4. Steele L. Steele G. Steinmann J. Stennis S. Stephenson M. Stille B. Strain J. Strasen B. Straube J. Strickland K. Talick T. Tarwater J. Thomason S. Thompson S. Tilashalski J. Tillerson L. Tolle S. Tremor P. Triebes A. Troester S. Tucker R. Umberger S. Vaughn T. Vernatti S. Verseman M. West L. Westerhold K. Westfall D. Whitaker D. White C. Wiegand N. Wilhold T. Wille M. Williams M. Williams D. Willms S. Wilson M. Wolf D. Wood J. Wood Page Sponsors BALLWEG’S DRUG STOR YONAKA JEWELRY BEN FRANKLIN STORES SALLY ANN BAKERY ” ves O a 40) N = 4) ©) } O 2 sired [fo ae i 2 ; O I I ICE ROW 1: D. Eck. J. Renken, D. Highlander, C. Siedoff, N. Sparks, ROW 2 C. Boda. M. Jones, V. Neumann, D. Kelsay, L. Knecht Pelan, G. Wille, M. Halbe, S. Paddock, B. Henry eee ROW 3: S. Tillerson, D. Vetter, R. Reinnect Schlemer, Mr. Salovich OCCU PA | | Bowler. C. Liley. R. Vesper, R. Schaacke, L. Gorree, C. Gremaud Pack. ROW 1: J. Cobetto, N. Cambon, J. Bradley, B. Slivka. ROW 2: L Weber, J. Atkinson, D. Hosto, K. McGinnis, A. Dickman, ROW 3: D. Bequette, E. Dickman, K. Lossau, L. Tarwater, T. McCall, J Kellher, L. Cadwalder. ROW 4: J. Sartoris, J. Kipp, J. Oberlag. K Horsely, D. Kulfinski Page Sponsors JESSIE’S CAFE HOME NURSERY GREENHOUSES, INC. THE WHISTLE STOP COUNTRY STORE JIM JONES ASSOCIATES DRUM MAJORS AND FLAG TWIRLERS (R to L): Sue Gunderson, Ellie Harms, Cindy Stahlhut, Mary Schumacher, Beth Coy, Jean Gabalis, Teresa Schreier, Kimberly Meier yi ti | y ) (R to L) Jeff Cassens, Robert Dean , j et | f yh i | { ‘ N (R to L): Nancy Strohmeier, Brenda Autenreib eas 1 Q- . 2 2 ee al e 2, CDeg on? N ‘ Sd Da V.tA.A: SITTING: K. Sharp, H. Hackethal, D. Reyman, R. Stark, V. Lebegue, C. Sulc, P. Burgess, P. Clements; STAN- DING: A. Gerstenecker, M. Geiseking, R. Sackett, J. Morehead, A. Tolle, D. Aljets, T. Coolbaugh, K. Hinton, L Nealy, Mr. Marten (sponsor), J. Wilkinson, C. Levering, B. Lovell, M. Ballance, K. Smith, T. Shipton, C Marshall, L. Langendorf Ist ROW: J. May, D. Dorsey, T. Noto, D. Hlavsa, B. Land 2nd ROW: V. Wisaupt, D. Dannenberg, M. Jouett, K. McCalla, T Peck 3rd ROW: D. Skaggs, J. Dillmon, T. Joiner, B. Braasch, Mr. Rohrkaste (sponsor). . ‘ " a‘ ¥: GERMAN CLUB BACK ROW: W. Woodard, L. Barringer, S. Kriege, B. Willard, C Connelly, D. Goebel, F. Eilers. ROW 2: J. Craig, K. Stahlhut, B Price, J. O'Neil, S. Hazen, M. Saboff, R. Coy, J. Jatco, K. Doll, B Sommerfelt, S. Calvin, E. Rykes, N. Geuss, M. Horsley, L. Moore, V Munzert, J. Close, R. Berry, S. Etzkorn, D. Brawley, D. Riggs. ROW Braash, D. Carraghi, L. McCall, J. Oberlog, S. Verseman, T 4: J. Franke, S. Kircher, P. Patton, P. Jamison, D. Murray, D Brekhane. ROW 1: Mr. David Shonkwiler (sponsor), B. Ferguson Willms, J. Price, B. Wait. ROW 3: M. Schulte, R. Beck, L. Ferguson, Sgt. at Arms), B. Swift (Pres.), C. Reiter (V. Pres.), A. Dickman V. Vacca, T. Ferrari, G. Lechner, R. Dujka, K. Cadlacheck, D Treas.), B. Slivka (Sec.), K. Reuscher (Hist.) FRENCH CLUB ROW 1 (L to R): M. Coburn, N. Cambon, Mrs. Russell, C. Schmidt McGuillian, B. Jamison, K. Kacer, A. Long, E. Rikks, M. Morrisey ROW 2: S. Gunderson, B. Badalamenti, L. Hofmann, K. Losseau, D ROW 4: S. Ashauer, L. Loucks, N. Meyer, E. Ades, M. Schramic, A Brown. ROW 3: S. Hrbek, D. Wood, A. Bridgman, K. Seamen, D Ladwig, K. Ponce, K. Talick, W. Woodard —s eS Re RENT 1 to r) ROW 1. M. Connolly, S. Meek, R. Ellsworth, K. Ryan, K. Fiedler, Mr Kelleher, L. Ontko, L. Weber, C. Dettmer, A. Neuhas, M. Chester, K. McGin Dwyer (sponsor), G. Ambuel, C. Miller, ROW 2. K. Cleveland, D. Geuss, B nis, J. Kipp, B. Kappler, N. Meyer Harris. A. Fedor, A. Conreaux, J. Schmidt, J. Mareing, ROW 3. B. Close, J RUSSIAN CLUB 1 to r) ROW 1. B. Burns, M Lossau, ROW 2. P. Foe, N Cambon M Kokoropoulos ¢ Coleman, V. Braasch, L. Cad- wallader, ROW 3. J. Cassens, A. Kovarik, M. Burge, B. Will, B. Singleton, E. Ryks, Mr Meister ( sponsor) ’ - ee OO F a 3 ROW 1: R. Mosher, A. Freemont, ROW 2 Eaves, D. Opel, D. Raffaelle ROW lur ROW 4: Mr ytansky. M. La rane. ROW 5 Nemnich, C a 4 ie vA 7. STAMP CLUB ROW 1: E. Rykes, K. McGin nis. B. Nemnich ROW 2: M LaBlance, S. Gallaher, L. Cad wallader, D. -Gerdt, D. Webb, P. Gatton, R. Ellsworth CHESS CLUB Mrs. J. Nitz Unterbrink, P. Trebing (Bus. Mgr.), P. Ward (Editor), M Gusewell, Mrs. M. Warmbrodt-sponsor R. Williamson, D. Ward ROW 4: T. Ferrari, K. Schultz, L. Ontko, S. ROW 1: ( to r) S. Meek, S. Sim ROW 2: D. Werden, D Bridgman, J Crook, A. Dickman, K. Stahlhut, S. Eihausen, E. Dickmann Mareing, P. Newton, S. Ashauer ROW 3 C. Stalhut, G. Jones, L YEARBOOK STAFF Student Council- J. Price-Pres., K. Doll-V. Pres., S Eihausen-Sec’y, G. Rezabek-Treas., C. Colden-Scribe, B Swift, M. Saboff, J. Nelson, B. Mudge, J. Rouse, L. Reinhold, T. Enloe, A. Neuhaus, S. Abert, K. Brady, V Edwards. K. Fieldler, J. Jatcko, A. McLean, C. Reiter, K. Ryan, D. Werden, G. Wille, P. Foe, J. Kelleher, B Koepke, J. Mayberry, T. Schmidt, R Pyles, D. Carneghi, C. Boehm, T. DeRousse, K. Durr, R. Jones, L. Moore, S. Verseman, C. Wofford, S. Broderick, R. Dujka, L. Merkel, C. Price, R. Williamson, R. Beck, J. Dagy, M Boehm, J. Bode, J. Schiebal, D. Ludwig, A. Edwards, J. Franke, J. Coleman, C. Winte, C. Dickshot, D. Treat, K Lossau, S. Olive Football Team- B. Klobnak, J. Green, M. Minner, R. Stephens, G. Barton, T. Nilsson, G. Kiaer, S. Carpenter, M. Lucas, D. Braundmeier, J. Schneider, T. Wilson, J. Hornberger, L Bertels, P. Brazier, T. Johnson, J. Rendleman, S. Traband, F. Wopat, A. Kovarik, K. Borchers, R. Jarrett, C. Fultz, D. Williams, G. Schwalb, P Schneiball, B. Keyser, M. Nelson, T. Neuman, D. Unangst, R. Edison, A. Parker, R. Lanham, J. Eibeck, J. Al- jets, R. Smith, J. Reid, R. Haring, M Helle, H. Highlander, D. McCoy, M. Hammonds, J. Spanjers, D. Dunn, D. Schlueter, H. Harris, S. Weber, S. Hofmann, M. Brady, F. Troeckler, G. Viere, B. Ventura, R. Trebing, J. Van Arns Dale, B. Edmond Tiger Times Identification D. Adkerson, J. Eaves, K. Fiedler, H. Harris, R. Kniffel, A. McLean, C. Pletcher, L. Schopp, K. Schulze, S. Vida, T. Voyles, D. Werden, D. Yates, P. Nelson, K. Gunn, J. Rendleman, K. Aylward, M Brady, D. Braundmeir, J. Cobetto, §. Crook, S. Fensterman, J. Fink, T. Garver, S. Guyot, S. Helmkamp, E. Hunt, K. Koenig. J. Logan, J. Meek, A. Melling, M. Minner, S. Traband, F. Troekler, P. Ward, G. Cluster, D. Berlemann m 8g aed 88, 75, 08 84,99, " 16, 80,» 1. Ate se Be 9g 8 AO BT ee G8 74, guihtshy 9S My 3 Ri, your ay Bye, 82 er, EA ay 432 = VET ee “et — 5a Vad a eke ROW 1: K. Yount, D. Koytschock, J. Whit .. Connolly, N. Cam y.C P. Nelson, K rady, L. Weber, S. Bennet, C bon, S. Heckee. ROW 2: S. Harris, N. Fralinger, M. Korpopulus, C iren, K sley, R. Muller, M. Geuds. ROW 4: S. Bailey, D Derouse, C. Simpson, H. Bennett, K. Berry, D. Culver, M. Connoly rdt. M. Art Strader, M. Noeltner Huber, J. Franke H. Taylor, T. McCall, J. Weber, L. McCall, M. Horsley, L. Moore Adkerson, L iliana res Celleher, J. Norris ott ROW 3: M. Gerdt, K. Walker, D. Pontis, B. Sommerfelt, M. Linden dard ‘arwater ; n DRAMA CLUB = Tih as Fi sais I Ries Tee. 3 LY Fale ol 7 : : tL: Liga i a sas 15 - | aad —— Led os = el To jae Sad pei en es Page Sponsors CASSENS SONS, INC STATE FARM INSURANCE OFFICE WORKERS ROW 1- J. May, K. Melosi, L. Compton. ROW 2- A. Wildgrube, K. Douglas, D. Kostyshock, P. Gremaud, B. Braasch. ROW 3- M. Bort, C. Kane, D. Dorsey, S. Vida, J. Beaty. ROW 4- C. Kraner, W. Isenberg, J. Meek, K. Gillihan, D. Hosto, D Wy, ; ee ee oe oe 2 ak Wy Catalano. ROW 5- D. Ceuss, D. Goebel, S. = R. Abram, J. " Shelley, B. Renke, D. Haarmann. ROW 6- J. Jatcko, C. Wilson, D. Cluster, M. Dudacek, L. Jones, K. Engbretson, T. Evans, S. Tremor THESPIANS L. Taliana, K. Walker, J. Kelleher, D. Kiley, D. Adkerson, C. DeRousse, L. Weber, K. Yount, S. Bennett, K. Brady, T. Coldren, S. Harris, W. Woodard, D. Pontius, M. Gerdt, S. Bailey, P. Nelson, M. Arth, C. Buhr, P. Gerdt, J. Norris. Page Spensors FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN IRMA’S BEAUTY SALON, INC EDWARDSVILLE FROZEN FOODS GLIK’S DEPARTMENT STORE SA. ¥. CLUS ROW 1: S. Bobrowski, J. Wood, T. Brandhorst, Durham, D. Green ROW 2: C R. Pyles, M Pinkas J Twesten 1 Schoenlaber, T Bobrowski, R Sweitzer. G. Thomason LIBRARIANS H. Bennett, D. Treat, J. Brown, K. Bergschneider, D. Unangst ROW 1: D. Huber, N. Helmkamp, P. Menk, S. Hale ROW 2 ROW 3: Miss Thompson (sponsor) J. Bettorf, S. Kalvin Cc D. Haarmann, S. Poos Winte. P. Ohl, D. Bone, S. Matlock, L. Crane, L Hessel, V. Bayer, ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARS (L to R) Ist ROW: J. Close, P. Giardina, S. Smith, P. Nelson, S. Bailey, E. Tosh, P. Sommerfeldt, C. Buhr, 2nd ROW: S. Slivka, B. Singleton, E. Ryks, M. Saboff, M. Fedor, K. Walker, B. Slivka. 3rd ROW: L Barringer, J. Schlueter, T. Nillson, T. Carroll, S. Weber, P. Strohmeier, K. Meyer, H. Bennett, D. Bertels, V. Edwards, J. Bradley, L Fear, J Jatco, T. Smith, B. Chapman, B. Swift, K. Doll NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS STANDING: M. Fedor, K. Walker, J. Schlueter, J. Close, B. Singleton SITTING: S. Bailey, E. Tosh 126 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3rd ROW: N. Willaredt, C. Buhr, J. Close, S. Bailey, S. Hof mann, J. Long, T. Carroll. Mrs. Ernestine Nathan-sponsor PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB ROW 1: J. Rendleman, J. Stewart, B. Mudge ROW 2: J. Butler, J Kelleher, B. Sommerfeldt ROW 3: B. Dunn, G. Coffey, K. Meyer, Mr Ott (sponsor) NOT PICTURED, Shawn Guyot D. Harvell, M. King, J. Criswell, K. Jouett, G. Kiaer, D. Crossman, T. Ferrari, L. Weber, T. Tarwater, C. Fedor, M. Glengler, B Jones, D. White, J. Bone, M. Huntley, G. Werner, T. Hackstraw, A. Amiri, M. Jafari-Rouhani, R. Walton, J. Hartung, D. Har- min, T. Ludwig, T. Downing, A. Krutqrock, L. Porter, C. Dappert, L. Gemoules, S. Minner, A. Long, T. Wilfong, D. Denton, C Hogue, D. Detoye (sponsor), K. Peppers, J. Gerbach Pa. Page Sponsor REMBRANDT STUDIOS 127 ROW 1 (left-right): L. Burge T. Schreier, N. Zika, D. M ROW 2: M. Griffin, B. Brase T. Emert, Y n Ferguson Geuss, B. Briney, R. Gabalis, A. Fremont ROW 3: S. Hurst, C.C r ]. Cassens N. Inman, K. Lan “a T. Griffin, R. Jones, L. Her D. Si T. Peterson D. Lewis, D. Frey, K. Bertels, D. Welch OW 1 (left right): K amon, K. Borchers, D ansel, D. Murray, B tenreib, C. Wofford ROW 2: Gabalis, A. Fremont, P. hmison, J Buhr, K. arkowitz, J. Sardigal, B. semann, J. Whitaker, R hnham, D. Bertels, M. Gillis OW 3: D. Frey, K. Bertels, Welch, J. Cobetto, S$ rden, L. Early, R. Sardigal, Havens, M. Janco, J hmidt, G. Johnson, B. mison, R. Martin, S. Eibeck, Lesemann, C. Andrews ANDING: R. Schaefer, T. rubaugh, T. Hendricks, S alsters, S. Louchs, S. Holmes, Triebes, J. Gilles, D. Yates STAGE BAND Left to Right: G. Schuette, K. Borchers, R. Coy, P. Pizzini, M Gerdes, J. Eibeck, R. Berry, R. Dean, S. Verseman, J. Alfets, J Cobetto, B. Kohimiller, D. Murray, J. Pizzini, A. Barton, J. Mareing, J. Lyons, R. Philabaun, B. Sommerfeldt, K. Lewis, S. Marfia, D. Borchers, S. Gerdes (NOT PICTURED: M. Harms) — " — Ist ROW (L to R): Roger Philabaun, Cheryl Hansel, Kimberly Sommerfeldt, Connie Bertels, Anna Barton, Lisa Dissler, 4th Meier, Kay Cullen, Michelle Burge, Terri Voss, Mary Cannon, ROW: Steve Marfia, Dan Runyon, Kevin Borchers, Randy 2nd ROW: Pam Zacha, Dale Fellhauer, Dennis Gunderson, Elam, Kurt Borchers, Keith Milton, Suzy Brase, Debbie Brown, Nancy Myer, Vera Jones, Larla Barringer, Patti Giardinia, John Eibeck, Jim Long, Jeff Lyons, Rick Coy, Donn Murray, Angie Goodman, Lissa Kacer, Diane Bertels, Mr. Rogers, 3rd Nila Yount. (NOT PICTURED Myron Harms, Ellie Harms, ROW: Paul Pizzini, Mark Ge SYMPHONIC BAND lst ROW (L to R): Nancy Strohmeyer, Tracy Bertels, Beth Coy, Beth Myer, Robert Dean, Kathy Lassau, Kathy Kinemore, 2nd ROW: Betty Grigg, Cecilia Reiter, Carol Sperling, Kathy Hertel, Kenna Hartnagel, Sue Gunderson, Donna Bequette, Ken Lewis, Sherry Stahlhut, Richard Berry, 3rd ROW: Carol Hoeke, Sue Broderick, Cindy Kampwert, Mary Schumacher, Cathy Buhr, Jane Kruckeberg, Jean Gabalis, Joanie Green, Doug Totten, Jeff Cox, Bob Kohlmiller, Stuart Verseman, 4th ROW: Barry Hosto, John Pizzini, Mike Arth, Steve Wehling, Greg Schuette, Dan Newby La ool BAN D (Left To Right): Mr. Rogers, Director, Cecilia Reiter (Vice Pres.), Beth Myer (Sec.-Treas.), Jim Long (Pres.), John Piz- OFFICERS zini (Sgt-at-arms) ROW 1 (L. to R.) Mr. Bradley (director), V. Jones, J. Schmidt, P. Tenllado, D. Treat, N. Felts, M. Jouett, S. Abert, P Franzi, B. Noud, S. Bennett, M. Burge, L. Rusciolelli, C. DeRousse, ROW 2 C. Heepke, R. Farmer, K. Yount, S Harris, C. Coldren, V. Vacca, R. Schien, M. Loucks, S. Marfia, T. Thompson, B. Kohlmiller, D. Smith, J. Stephens, K Reuscher, L. Merkel, J. Mareing, S. Bertels, H. Bennett, ROW 3 N. Strohmeyer, C. Sperling, M. Chester, S. Broderick, T. Enloe, M. Fedor, J. Schmidt, D. Braly, J. Spanjers, M. Fortado, J. Morrisey, D. Kiley, G. Schiber, K. Walker, A Kovarick, B. Coy, E. Harms, B. Slivka, ROW 4 M. Leitner, C. Bertels, L. Utechtt, J. Hartman, K. Meyer, K. Doll, K Brummit, J. Sartoris, P. Nelson, R. Berry, R. Coy, T. Bertels, D. Runyon, K. Brady, J. Craig, P. Foe, A. Fedor, C Buhr, R. Ellsworth, K. Heinemeier 3 = 4 = . = MADRIGALS ROW 1 (L. to R.) Mr. Bradley (director), C. DeRousse, C. Sperling, L Rusciolelli, ROW 2 J. Morrisey, L. Merkel, B. Kohlimiller, S. Harris, T Thompson, ROW 3 P. Nelson, R. Ellsworth, T. Bertels, ROW 4K. Doll, R Berry, R. Coy, K. Brady he —s A CAPELLA JR. - SR. GIRLS’ CHOIR ROW 1 (LtoR.) T. Schreier, L. Meinzen, K. Stahlhut, D. Nettleton, E. Albrecht D. Kohlmiller, D. Kulfinski, ROW 2 J Brown, J. Kipp, B. Koepke, M. Abbott, B. Will, P. Unterbrink, J. Cobetto, L Wieseman, C. Stahlhut, A. Dickman, NOT PICTURED E. Dickman MIXED CHORUS Members: K. Lowry, L. Emshousen, M. Ballantine, W. Isenberg, C ! D. Kruse, D. Goebel, R. Walton, D. Hernandez, D. Martin, N Bertels, P. Corbin, K. Seamen, P. Crook, L. Kacer, K. Aylward, J. Bartels, L. Loucks, D. Bertels, P. Paul, P. Haarman, G. Krombrink, B. Renken, K Haeffner, T. Gibson, B. Reinke, S. Ashauer, J. Wilkinson, B. Ohm, R Hilliard, M. Dyer, L. Hoffman, P. Jamison, M. Dustman, K. Kostyshock A. Clawson, K. Gillihan, J. Newman, P. Steiner, C. Dettmer, J. Atkinson, C. Foederer, T. Ferrari, P. Overby, C. Rollberg, D. Hackethal, P. Revelle, B. Balster, T. Schmidt, J]. Hufker, J. Basden, L. Weber, N. Kronk, L FRESHMAN Members: E. Ades, L. Barringer, R. Beck, K. Berry, L. Blase, S. Bone, J Bornemann, K. Bradley, T. Brakhane, S. Brase, G. Brunworth, J. Buford, J. Buhr, L. Bussmann, T. Callender, J. Cassens, L Clawson, J. Coleman, K. Cook, B. Criswell, L. DeRousse, L. Dillmon, A. Edwards, K. Erickson, |. Ethington, L. Evans, B. Faulkner, L. Fear, J. Fedor, J. Ferguson, L Ferguson, J. Franke, T. Frederick, M. Gass, H. Graunke, T. Griffin, M Grist, J. Harbers, S. Hazen, J. Head, D. Heien, J. Helms, L. Hessel, L Hiles, M. Hill, B. Jamison, S. Jewett, K. Kadlecek, M. Kerckhoff, D Kostyshock, C. Kriege, C. Krieger, S. Kuhn, K Kulfinski, T. Ladd, B Lesemann, B. Lesemann, R. Lesemann, S. Lesemann, J. Long, S. Loucks, i a t Ontko, T. Tarwater, W. Woodard, K. Semon, M. Horsley, K. Durr, N Willhold, L. Moore, A. Vuagniaux, J. Kienstra, H. Kniffel, M. Dudacek, R. Abram, L. McCall, T. Hogue, K. Lossau, C. Horsley, K. Talick, K Spanjers, N. Cambon, K. Cleveland, M. Bort, P. Schmitt, K. Jouett, G Trusty, A. Goodman, J. Oberlag, L. Jones, K. Boda, L. Perini, D. Cluster, C. Bowens, K. Borachers, S. Eihausen, C. Aubrecht, P. Smith, T. Evans, K. Howlett, D. Brown, L. Burge, P. Newton, R. Owens, J. Russell, J Hamlet, D. Ward, S. Cannon, J. Cobetto, C. Culkin, T. DeRousse, S. Etzkorn, B. Ferguson, C. Geuss, M. Harms, T. Hendricks, B. Hosto, T Johnson, M. Leonard, K. Lewis, A. Madison, M. Noeltner, K. Ramack, S. Wallace, T. Wille, J. Kelleher, D. Borneman, Mr. Bradley, director CHORUS M. Lucas, D. Ludwig, K. Luedders, B. Maher, K. Markowitz, K. Marks, R. Martins D. McGillian, B. Morrison, K. Norris, T. Noto, P. Olaughlin, S. Olive, S. Olney, J. Oneal, C. Peters, L. Phillipson, C. Raab, S. Rouse, J. Scheibal, J. Schmidt, T. Schmidt, M. Schramek, R. Schwalb, D. Schwan, S. Schwarz, T. Shipton, L. Siefert, C. Simpson, K. Slattery, L. Sobkowski, L. Steinbrecher, B. Suhre, N. Taylor, S. Terrando, P. Thomas, D. Tiller- son, L. Treat, D. Wade, L. Walker, V. Watsek, K. Weber, L. Westfall, D. Wilder, A. Wildgrube, B. Willard, T. Williams, J. Williamson, C. Winte, H. Zanger, N. Zika, N. Zoelzer, Mr. Rogers-director ALL-DISTRICT MUSIC Ist ROW (LtoR): J. Pizzini, A. Kovarik, V. Jones, S. Harris, M. Burge 2nd ROW: C. Durham, K. Doll, K. Walker, R. Ellsworth, J. Schmidt, T. Schmidt, K. Meier. 3rd ROW: J. Lyons, T Smith, M. Arth, S. Gerdes, D. Runyon, R. Dean, K. Brummit, B. Myer, C. Reiter ALL-STATE MUSIC (L to R) lst ROW: J. Schmidt, R. Ellsworth, S. Harris, J. Pizzini, R. Berry 2nd ROW: J. Lyons, A. Kovarik, C. Durham, V. Jones, R. Dean ON FLOOR: K. Lewis, S. Cannon, B. Kohlmiller, K. Borchers (L to R): D. Bertels, J. Oberlag, W. Woodward (SEATED), L. Utechtt, T. Enloe, R. Berry, R. Coy (SEATED), J. Schmidt, D. Smith, R. Ellsworth, V. Jones BETTY CROCKER AWARD D.A.R. AWARD EXCHANGE STUDENT FROM GRIFFITH HIGH SCHOOL IN GRIFFITH, NEW SOUTH WALES, | AUSTRALIA %e se PRINT SHOP P. Eftimoff, T. Vuagniaux, C. Dickerson, Mr. Carr-instructor ECOLOG Y C LU B Page Sponsor P. N. HIRSCH COMPANY Ist ROW R. Thiel, L. Fear, K. Kulfinski, B. Sommerfeldt, D. Kulfinski BACK ROW: R. Berry, L. Schnack, J. Schmidt The 1975-1976 Scholar Quiz Team was the winner of the Ist Semester KMOX-TV Scholar quiz competition. MATH TEAM lst ROW: (1 to r) Jenny Franke, Nancy Zika, Dave Welch, Mike Gallaher 2nd ROW: Mr. Elam (sponsor), Scott Bradley, Steve Tilashaski, Kevin McGinnis 3rd ROW: Dave Kiley, Mary Cannon, Joann Mareing, Bruce Nemnich, 4th ROW: Kathy Walker, Jim Close, Steve Hofmann, Jim Long. NOT PICTURED.- Janis Atkins aaa w THE SCHOLAR QUIZ TEAM 1 to r-Billy Burns, Barb Slivka, Steve Bailey, Donna Pontius, Dave Mercer, Kathy Walker f JUNIOR G.A.A. SENIOR G.A.A. ROW 1: S. Schutte, L. Shopp, N. Willaredt ROW 2: M. Feddor. B. Boeser, D. Peterson, T. Green ROW 3: C. Dappert, B. Schrage FRESHMAN G.A.A. ROW 1: A. Edwards, S. Shepard, K. Stevenson, B. Smith ROW 2: K. Berry, S McGillan, K. Markowitz, J. O'Neal, P. O’Laughlin, D. Lamb, G. Daube, B Goode, P. Zacha, K. Marks, K. Kadlecek, B. Timmons, N. Leitner, J. Coleman Maher, L. Flayer, G. Cooper, V. Viere, L. Blase, T. Clements, D. Sparks, C A. Sedlacek, S. Olive, L. Burns, C. Kane, A. Votrain ROW 3: D. Eck, D Wiley, C. Cook, K. Luedders, K. Breen, K. Kessinger, C. Winte, M. Fischer, B Jackson, D. Hall, D. Schwenderman, S. Williamson, D. Wade, L. Ferguson, ] Willard, P. Patton, C. Krieger, L. Nealy, J. Harbors, Miss S. Skelton, L ‘oehrk H. Zanger, J. Vance, B. Jamison, C. Somraty, S. Schmidt, G Sobkowski, D. Seybert, R. Schwalb Beck, R. Bone, J]. Fedor ROW 4: A. Wildgrube, M. Schumek, D SOPHOMORE G.A.A. ROW 1: D. Wood, E. McCall ROW 2: B. Bender, K. Tallick, T. Hogue, L P. Gremaud, D. Brown, D. Olive, A. Goodman, L. Westerhold, M. Borgue Sedlacek, D. Catalano J. Russell, N. Wilholdt ROW 3: Mrs. S. Petty, J. Shelley, CHRISTIAN CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROW- D. Crabb, B. Sommerfeldt, B. Singleton, M. Connelly, L. Smith. SECOND ROW- M. Winter, G Connelly, M. Mazauier, Advisor Mr. Finley, J. Kellher, K. Yount, R. Ellsworth, R. Grabb GIRLS TENNIS BOTTOM ROW L to R- C. Hudlin, J. Conreaux, M. Linden, J. Fink, A. Barton, P. Patton, N. Leitner, C. Fedor TOP ROW- Mrs. Monika, S. Kircher, P. Foe, T. Enloe, M. Abbott, M. Ades, D. Wood June Fink and Anna Barton 2nd in doubles at District; Represented the District at State ROW 1 - Left to Right: J. McLauchlan; D. Goebel; D. Bequette; Schnack:; C. Stahlhut; S. Poos; Sponsor: Mrs. Gregor; A. Leopold; P. Pfeiffer; T. Voyles; K. Reuscher; S. Helmkamp; ROW 2: L S. Slivka; J. Bradley E BLOCK ROW 1 - Left to Right: G. Lechner; B. Slivka; K. Klueter; N. Willaredt; B Munzert: V. Edwards; T. Schmidt; L. Wieseman; D. Renken. ROW 2: J. Cobetto; J. Kelleher; J. Wilkinson; D. Dorsey; T. Sauerwein; R. Beck; J. Rouse: D. Huber; J. Franke; C. Winte. ROW 3: K. Koenig; J. Schmidt; Ss Meyer Sim; K. Jouett; S. Ramsey; D Wilder; P. Ohl; A. Sedlack. ROW 4: S Broderick; K. Alyward; K. Schmidt; P. Crook; H. Kniffel; D. Cluster; V Best: R. Owens; M. Dndask; D. Hernandez; D. White; A. Kovarik; B. Will; A. Votrain; J. Conreaux. ROW 5: G. Durham; L. Jones; R. Jarrett; K Page Sponsors HUDSON JEWELERS WEBER FUNERAL HOME F.D.L.A. ROW 1 (1 to r) M. Bender, K. Garrison, K. Bobo, G. Trusty, D. Kohlmiller, L. Perini. ROW 2: K. Hagstrom, K Schmidt, Miss Cook (sponsor), D. Bojkovsky, S. Mueggenburg, P. Suessen, C. Spiller F.F.A. ROW 1 (| tor) T. Meyer, N. Willaredt, D. Depping, J. Vieth, R Hanks, K. Bertels, D. Miller, Mr. Russell (sponsor) ROW 4: K Pyles, D. Stanley, R. Partridge. ROW 2: M. Lawrence, R. Vieth, Reckmann, G. Steinmann, M. Sanders, D. Denton, J. Fischer, D T. Heepke. D. Daube, M. Colligan, R. Ringering, M. Crane Reckmann, R. Klenke, R. Strasen, J. Morehead, R. Klenke ROW 3: G. Kruckeberg, R. Koenig, G. Daube, B. Ranek, R f . a SPEECH TEAM Page Sponsor FRONT ROW: D. Pontius, K. Norris, M. Gerdt, M. Kokoropoulus, L BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE Barringer, B. Tarpey, D. Gerdt BACK ROW: A. McKenzie, M. Loucks L. DeRouse, P. Nelson, T. Smith, Sponsor Miss Cook, L. Taliana, M Linden, S. Bennett, C. Buhr 7c! CLUB Ramach, § Bailey. BACK ROW: E. Hunt, § Smith, C Buhr. P. Gerdt FRESHMEN FRESHMEN C. Ahrens L. Aldridge Z., Class Officers E. Adams E. Ades i ; = ; ; C. Andrews K. Artrip D. Atkins J. Barr » in f , L. Barringer D. Barton D. Basden R. Baugher S. Olive-President J. Beaty R. Beck P. Patton-Treasurer L. Sobkowski-Secretary D. Huber-Vice President R. Baugher V. Bayer K. Berry D. Bertels J. Benjamin A. Bennett D. Biggs M. Boehm R. Bone T. Brandhorst Cc Brooks P. Burge = eis L. Blankenship Ss Boeser J. Bixen S. Boeker S. Bone S. Brase G. Brunworth G. Burgess M. Buchheim K. Burke M. Bradshaw D. Burlingame T. Brakhane 1. Bobo K. Bradley L. Burns M. Bobrowski P. Bojkovsky J. Buford T. Burns S. Bobrowski G. Bollmann K. Borchers K. Breen J. Buhr D. Busch J. Bode B. Bolton J. Bornemann B. Briney R. Burden B. Bushong L. Bussman K. Clark M. Colligan D. Crabb P. Cristel R. Curry T. Butler T. Clemments C. Butcher L. Clawson D. Connolly R. Cooper M. Crabtree B. Criswell G. Daech —s P. Crockarell J. Dagy G. Daube Cover Cannon Coburn G. Cooper J Cassens C. Coleman K. Cook J. Cottrell D Cre such D. Denton Daugherty K. Chesley J. Coleman S. Cook T. Creamer S. Curless L. DeRousse B. Donahue L. Dillmon K. Donald C. Eden P. Dickerson K. Douglas L. Downing L. Early L. East A. Edwards S. Eibeck J. Eichmann J. Eihausen t K. Erickson J. Ethington D. Ezell J. Fanning L. Fear J. Fedor J. Ferguson L, Ferguson R. Fifer M. Fischer B. Flaugher L. Flaugher J. Foehrkalb J. Franke A. Fremant T. Fredenck B. Faulkner M. Fitzmaurice C. Flamer K. Frillman R. French es” - . y ’ ¥ Pa M. French D. Frisse M. Gerdes D. Graham S. Hale D. Hammond B. Hardy M. Gallaher R. Gabalis M. Gilles B. Fultz N. Guess H. Graunke E. Gude A. Hall N. Hanneken T. Hargis D. Hans E. Harrison B. Harshbarger L M. Grist Hackethal J. Gass S. Gillham M. Gass S. Goode T. Griffin T. Guffy D. Hall J. Harbers P. Havens D. Hansel G. Hartnagel D. Hartman A. Gorman R. Griggs D. Hall T. Hardman J. Hawley M. Hayn D. Heien J. Henderson B. Hendrick M. Hischke aS D. Hayden R. Hayes T. Heiney M. Hellmann N. Helmkamp J. Helms L. Henson L. Hessel L. Hiles D. Hill . M. Hill K. Hinton S. Hoeke ’ J. Holder S. Holmes S. Holmes - R. Holtmann L. Hosto S. Hosto T. Howerton " R. Hughes S. Hurst N. Inman D. Jackson : T. Jeffrey V. Jenkins D. Holmon D. Huber C. Hudson K. Jackson M. Janco S. Jackson B. Jamison K. Kadlecek Kroeger S. Jewett E. Johnson telly M. Kerckhoff D. Kerr K. Kessinger c M. Klunk M. Kokoropoulos D. Kostyshock A . Kriege C. Krieger C. Kruckeberg J. Kruckeberg K. Kruschik S. Kuhn ¢. Kulfinski M. Lablance C. Ladd T. Ladd ay t K. Lane R. Lanham M. Lawrence B. Lesemann B. Lesemann Vv J. Kruckeberg A. Ludwig D. Lamb D. Leach N. Leitner D. Leach Leichsenring oA s Ms ee of ¥ R. Lesemann M. Lossau A. Luna R. Martin D. McBride R. McLean A M S. Lesemann S. Loucks R. Madison S. Matlock R. McCaskill M. McMurray D P. McPherson Lewis Lucas McGillian K Markowitz M. Mangum D. Martin K Marks B. Loew D. Ludwig T. Loker D. Ludwig R. Maes R. Matthews P. McKee J. Menk K. McGinnis T. Meinzen K. Luedders S. Maher F. May D. McLean W. Mitchell C. Morgan G. Nekola T. Noto B. Orman J. Pakovich J. Perini a. er” D. Mosby G. Morss K. Niemeier B. Morrison D. Newman P. Ohl J. O'Neal P. Ottwein A. Paoni D. Perry B. Parker T. Perry C. Peters M. Mullikan D. Opel F. Partridge K. Pfeiffer T. Peterson t | B. Myers M. Noeltner P. O'Laughlin C. Owens K. Patterson R. Phillips L. Nealy K. Norris S. Olive W. Paddock P. Patton L. Philipp M. Porter B. Pinkas B. Reed T Rogers r=, L. Phillipson P. Pizzini e D. Provaznik P. Provence C. Raab D. Rafelle D. Renko M. Renko L. Reynolds E. Richardson R. Rickard M. Rimkus T. Romann K. Ruhl M. Ruhl R. Ruhl D. Rushing T. Ryan C. Sackett M. Sampson R. Sardigal T. Sauerwein R. Schaefer K. Schlemer D. Schmidt K. Sampson T. Sackett J. Scheibal J. Schlechte K. Scheibal S. Schemmer J. Schmidt M. Schwalb D. Seaman A. Simmons J. Smith C. Somraty K. Schmitt D. Schwan S. Schmidt R. Schwalb A. Sedlacek C. Simpson K. Smith D. Sparks L. Smith K. Sparks S. Shepard S. Sparks V. Sheffer L Siefert C. Spencer M. Schramek S. Schwartz B. Schrumpf D. Schwerdemann J. Semanism K. Slattery L. Snyder K. Spotanski M. Smith C. Spencer R. Schulteis C. Scroggins D. Seybert B. Smith L. Sobkowski K. Spurgeon .. Steinbrecher B. Suhre S. Terrando B. Timmons T. Stack R. Stark R. Suhre M. Sullivan D. Svoboda R. Switzer J. Terry K, Terry R. Thiel P. Thomas . G. Thomason D. Tillerson V. Tindall J. Tosh D. Townzen L. Treat R. Trebing T. Trebing N. Unangst E. Unterbrink J. Vance V. Viere A. Votrain D. Wade S. Warren M. Warren B. Townzen V. Vacca J. Vanarsdale L. Walker V. Watsek W. Wander C. Watson C. Weiler D. Welch B. Weiler T. Werner D. Whitworth L. Whyers J. Williamson — » K. Weber P. Weber a L. Westfall S. Wetherington J. Whitaker G,. White D. Wilder A. Wildgrube C. Wiley B. Willard J. Willaredt T. Williams R. Williamson C. Wilson M. Wilson C. Winte D. Yates K. Yates D. Wood M. Wuerz D. Zoeller D. Zoeller H. Zanger N. Zika J. Wilson P. Zacha N. Zoelzer R. Zwick o% ee, " Pests vigey sy AXXKAAS OOK SUPPLEMENT Area Contest: Second Third- | OFFICE OCCUPATIONS BANQUET Robin Reed- Mistress of ceremonies Filing Contest: Second- Kim Crawford Typing Contest: Third- Ramona Thomas A SPRING BAND CONCERT CHORAL CONCERTS Smile, You’re on Candid Camera ; A Hole in My Pants % It’s Raining on A Cappella Lawrence of Edwardsville Mixed Chorus That's Showbiz Retiring sponsor - Mrs. E. Miller; New sponsor Mrs. E. Nathan; Member - Tom Beck NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION Guests enjoy refreshments Chris Buhr - inductee Mrs. Bramson .. Katie Tarwater Olivia Grayne Fab + Sire @ Fam 2s clas ert C Hubert Laurie Daniel Kruse Nurse Libby .. Lisa Taliana Mrs. Terence Mary Gerdt Dora Parkoe Donya Adkerson Inspector Belsize Dave Kiley Phil Nelson 2 ° s » Bor rs v Pe] HAWKINS DANCE STUDENT COUNCIL ® BEER BASH Yeah Jay. uh huh! We know GIRLS’ SOFTBALL Nancy Scheibal, Amy Frey. Sue Morrison, Toni Hymel, Roberta Schaake, Denise Peterson. June Fink, Cindy Haskell. Brenda Boeser, Mollie Fedor, Sue Meek, Cin- dy Boehm. Carla Bowens. Sharon Rieger, Kathy Aylward, mgrs. Carol Dapport, Brenda Schrage, Donna Laswell. coached by Mary K. Hyten, Sharon Petty “ea. . 4 i - a a ae eS a —— ROW 1: P. Foe, J. Olson, S. Sim, K. Bowles, R. Ondes, L. Ontko, J. Russell, Fralinger, B. Coy, D. Bertels, V. Edwards, C. Blase. ROW 4: P. Giardina, A D. White, A. Fedor, L. Wild. ROW 2: S. Ashauer, A. Barton, P. Sauerwein, Bridgman, D. Kruse, J. Craig, S. Vaughn, R. Williamson, T. Bertels, K. T. Dicky, J. Green, N. Handy, S. Sellers, S. Edwards, Ms. Skelton, Coach Bobo, P. Suessen ROW 3: J. Nelson, M. Bort, L. Westerhold, C. Stahlhut, J. Meek, A 1975 GIRLS’ TRACK RECORD EHS 96% Okawville 38 Roxana 2642 at Roxana EHS Cahokia postponed EHS 85% Granite North 36% at Granite North EHS 60% O'Fallon 8442 Triad at O'Fallon EHS 70 Greenfield 81 Carrollton at Carrollton Cahokia Invitational at Cahokia EHS 52 Alton 70 Alton Marquette at Alton Districts EHS 5th out of 35 teams at Belleville East State -EHS7 qualifiers - Dawn White - mile - K. Bowles, V. Edwards, S. Edwards L. Ontko - 440 relay - K. Bowles, V. Edwards, S. Edwards, L. Ontko - 880 relay -R. Ondes, J. Meek, D. White, L. Ontko - mile relay GIRLS’ TRACK am aan. te ROW 1 - C. Kolesa, T. Beck, J. Neumann, J. Burkhart, B. Pfeiffer, S Carroll, K. Weinacht, G. Riechmann, L. Enloe, H. Harris, V. Allaria J Mueller, J. Thomas, T. Johnson, M. Gusewelle, S. Marit, G. Rezabek Kovarik, B. Stolte, Coach Funkhouser, J Dannenberg (manager), Coach (manager). ROW 2 - H. Newman (manager), R. Stephens, P. Scheibal, T Hutton, Coach Bruce VARSITY BASEBALL SOPHOMORE BASEBALL left to right- Coach Moss. K. Johnson. T. Martin, J. Logan, B M. Lucas. G. Barton, A. Kovarik, M. Hammonds, W. Reinneck Jones. G. Durham, D. Braundmeier, C. Koertge, R. Semanisin J. Merkel. D. Williams B. Gregor. G. Viere BOTTOM ROW. J. Spanjers, B. Klobnak FRESHMAN BASEBALL Dale Hartnagel Rick Ruhl Andy Russ Greg Kiaer Greg Kiaer Rodney Jackson . SON} AY : h ) WS WAS AY Ss WAY at ANY ' wy NY iy UY VARSITY TRACK —— Se. ee bal ROW 1: B. Burton, G. Curry, G. Goff, M. Willms, S. Marfia, J Dickerson. T. Carpenter, B. Keyser, K. Howes, S. Tarpey, $ Krumeich, P. Wilson, J. Meek, G. Maag, V. Ahart, T. Wilson, Hofmann. D. Theil, F. Troekler. S. Gerdes, M- Arth D. Jason. D. Johnson; ROW 2: A. Amiri, T O'Laughlin, S Schlueter, Coach Schonkwiler. ROW 4: Coach Brown Carpenter, J. Rendlemen, C. Loew, T. Neumann, B. Penelton. Howes. J. Meyer. T. Diehl, R. Eidson. S. Traband. t S. Renken, J. Bolton, M. Nelson, Coach Stalhut: ROW 3: R Hornberger. C. Guess. K. Hampton. P. Brazier, $ Wehling Ambuehl. D. Pitts ROW |: M. Helle, S. Bingham, S. Bayer, R. Jones, S. Bardelmeier, G. Steinmann ROW 2: M. Nelson. R. Howerton, J Hill. P. King. T. Eaker ROW 3: Coach Stalhut, D. Heidbrink, T. Wille. D. Martin. M. Leonard, D. Warning ROW 1: Tom Breihan, Steve Bailey, Richard Jarrett, Doug Totten; ROW 2: Mr. Bradley - Coach, Mgr. Oran Eberhart, Tim Hilmer, Scott Weber. Danny Leitner, Tom Hilmer VARSITY TENNIS = ROW 1: Pat Meyer, Kevin Noll, Steve Fredericks, Steve Wallace, Bill Mudge ROW 2: Bill Straube, Don Hans, Richard Hoenig, Richard Gregor, Scott French, Richard Hainesworth, Scott Bradley, Mr. McCarty - Coach = FRESHMAN TENNIS Betsy McElroy and Dave Seybert American Legion Awards Susan Small Scholarship Lisa Frank Student Council Award SENIOR HONORS NIGHT Vince Allaria Scholar-Athelete Award Nancy Handy and Dave Runyon Literary Awards “Oana Mr. Symanski Senior Teacher of the Year Award Mary Caban Class Valedictorian ATHLETIC AWARDS NIGHT Butler - Sophomore Basketball “Just think, someday you'll be here.” “What you see is what you get!” ‘It's two doors to the right.” Do the Bump | JUNIOR - SENIOR PROM “COLOUR MY WORLD” af bi COMMENCEMENT 1975 on O — ay) » a 2 = = oO = a Mrs. Gerry Hyten Secretary of Board SEATED: Mr. John Hunter, pres.; Mr. A. Gordon Dodds, supt.; Mr. Nick Mr. A. Gorden Dodds Hamilos, Mr. Ruldolph Wilson STANDING: Mr. Roland Brumitt, Mr. Chester Superintendent of Schools Buchta, Mrs. Brenda Kiaer, Mr. Don Schaake ADMINISTRATORS Mr. Rue Foe Assistant Superintendent Director of Personnel Business Af- fairs Mr. Roy Olive Assistant Superintendent of Instruction MR. NEAL SCHMELZEL Yom. Phe S Ain’ i si jl! MR. ROBERT GREGOR Assistant Principal ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Page Sponsor REMBRANDT STUDIOS CAFETERIA WORKERS AND CUSTODIANS to R.) Mr. William Phillips, Mr. Floyd Logan, Mrs. Bernice oore, Mr. Leonard Johnson, Mr. Homer Marti L. to R.) Mr. Hilbert Wachter, Mr. John Pyles, Mr. Frank Martin Toni, Mr. Ed Force (L. to R.) Mrs. Mary Ann Paproth, Mrs. Esther Hartley, Mrs. Viola Stille, Mr. John Kesl, Mrs. Eloise Carpenter, Mrs Mildred Opel, Mrs. Dorothy Dust- man, Mrs. Luell Fear, Mrs Elizabeth Arth, Miss Debbie Renken, Mrs. Vera Nicol (L to R): Miss Karma Becker, Mrs. Janelle Emrich, Mrs. JoAnn Strain, Mrs. Cl eta Roseberry, Mrs. Betty Koenig, Mrs. Marge Borgstede, Mrs. Gerry Burian OFFICE PERSONNEL SCHOOL NURSE Mr. Ramon Heinemeier (L-R) Mr. Charles Finley, Mr. O. Glenn Johnson, Mr. Daniel Oberle, Mrs. Elizabeth Gehring, Mr. James Tilashalski Mr. Robert Mead COUNSELORS = Z. nm =. ae = i fa a2 — Business Education Department (L to R) Mr. Dick Ford, Mr. Mel Kuethe, Mr. Dick Gerber, Miss Mary Kay Hyten, Miss Sherry Skelton, Mr. Pat Price (Dept Chairman), Mr. Steve Moss DRIVERS’ EDUCATION FACULTY ROW 1 Mrs. Dianne Williams, ROW 2 (Lto R): Mrs. Sharon Organ, Mrs. Lessie Shashack, Mrs. Lillie-Pearl Helm, ROW 3: Mrs Sharon Kettenhofen, Mrs. JoAnn Nitz, Mrs. Margarette Warm- brodt (Dept. Chairman), Mrs. Arene Burgess, ROW 4: Mrs Ernestine Nathan, Miss Margaret Spellman, Mrs. Ann Jacox, ROW 5 STANDING) Mr. Jack Ott, Mr. Jesse Joiner, Mrs. Lea Mainer, Mrs. Jacqueline Radar ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT SEATED: Mrs. Mary Anne Russell, Miss Ellen Motiejaitis. STANDING: Mr. David Shonkwiler (Depart- ment Chairman), Mr. Francis Dwyer, Mrs. Constance Ades, Mr. Wilis Meister, Miss Sharon Kettenhofen Mrs. Mary Anne Barnes Mrs. Marian Hequembourg Carolyn Kuethe Mrs n — = oe 2 o O ae ‘ ISeRR aS Fe se ts seni Ist ROW (LtoR ROW: Mr. Doug Anderson AGRICULTURE Mr. David Russell Beer eX oe A eS : Se Sead reeset, sgt be Saami ay? : a neh “pteet UV INDUSTRIA Mr. Ken Hi L ARTS Mr. J. D. Miller Norman Ruescher MEDIA CENTER Miss Vivian Thompson, librarian, and Mrs. Sarah Thompson, audio-visual director MATH DEPART- MENT SEATED: Mrs. Vicki Summers, Mr. James Kirbach, Mrs. Aletha Uhe. STANDING: Mr. Jack Elam (Dept. Chairman), Mr James Hindelang, Mr. Dan Suess, Mr. Elliot French MUSIC DEPARTMENT (L to R) Mr. Philip Atkins, Mr. Gerald Bradley, Mr. Richard Rogers-Dept. Chairman (L. to R.) Mr. Mel Roustio, Mr. Richard Ford (Dept. Chr.), Mr. Kenneth Klette, Mr. Melvin Kuethe. NOT PICTURED: Mr. William Funkhouser, Mr. Richard Gerber, Mr. Warren Stahlhut GIRLS P.E. DEPT. ROW 1: (L. to R.) Miss Trudy Stilwell, Mrs. Sharon Pet- ty. ROW 2: Mrs. Emily Monika, Miss Mary Kay Hyten (Dept. Chr.), Mrs. Marilynn Weidner, BACK ROW: Miss Sherry Skelton BOYS P.E. DEP I. SITTING) Mr. Lee Bollinger, Miss Dixie Bunting, (STANDING) Mr. Gayle Day, Dept. Chairman, Mr Robert Remmert, Mr. Gerald Baker, Mr. James Price teen 2 oe SCIENCE TEACHERS FRONT ROW (L to R): Mr. Stephen Heal (Dept. Chairman), Mrs. Bernece Johnson, Ms. Saralee Strauss; STANDING: Mr Jack Ott, Mr. Joseph Symanski. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Zene Gergen SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT VOCATIONAL MODEL PROJECT Donna Mallory - secretary Elizabeth Daby - director cS pape, SOCIAL STUDIES : DEPARTMENT STANDING: (L to R) Mr. Steve Moss, Mr. Winston Brown, Mr Paul Fuchs, Mr. Tom Pile, Mr. Joseph Symanski, SITTING: Mr s (Dept. Chairman), Mrs. Delores Regna, Mr. Jack PAGE SPONSOR INDEX A W DRIVE IN 604 St. Louis St 656-4575 page 46 BALLWEG'S DRUG STORE 1530 Troy R 656-3435 page 111 BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE 330 W. Vand 656-0057 page 144 —S BEN FRANKLIN STORES 1522 Troy Road 116 North Main 656-3529 56-7430 BOB KINSEY MOTORS Highway 159 south 656-6340 page 79 page CASSENS SONS, INC 121 Hilsboro Ave 656-6070 page 123 CLOVER LEAF SAVINGS LOAN 200 East Park St 656-6122 page 79 BROWN REALTORS 201 E. Vandalia 656-2278 page 47 BUHRMESTER WALLPAPER AND PAINT 201-203 N. Second St 656-0490 page 52 PONTIAC. TO DEALER EDWARDSVILLE CREAMERY CO V“ Pp Sy W. | k S PAY TO THE ORDER OF EDWARDSVILLE FROZEN FOODS 246 N. Main St 656 656 FARM FRESH MILK STORE 2 S. Buchanan FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN 300 St. Louis Street 656-6200 page 125 FLORISTS’ MUTUAL INSURANCE 500 St. Louis St 656-4240 page 49 S ASSOCIATION Ye OF GREASING jt [ANTIQUES] ‘ORK CLEANERS 1 JONES ASSOCIATES KROGER EMPLOYEES 7 N. Kansa 56-R060 +f $ PRAIRETOWD PURINA Firestone RUSTY’S RESTAURANT N. Main St SALLY ANN BAKERY 102 W. Main St 656-4509 SCHMIDT'S HEATING COOLING 239 N. Main St 656-7457 page 53 STAHLY CARTAGE CO P.O. Box 486 656-5070 page 53 STATE FARM INSURANCE 215 S. Buchanan 656-2304 page 123 TOM’S MENS WEAR 229 N. Main St 656-0550 79 D page WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. 1 page 41 courtesy of HAIRCUTTING = BY AM eT A SoA) ENPERT N GARDENS, IN‘ STATE FARM S INSURANCE THE EDWARDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER - si? AALS ob ns ef, % hth ad a tg jee i oA iP Cin ) ? ri. ¢ ie on 4 i + : . if hee ; ; ‘ y e Pied 4 “ - ' vem! . Shits « a. p “f A ’ fz fi rv y i; ; : iv : 7 J - . ae a : so. si ‘4 — ‘al te ed PSA i. eZ 3 x " " i 7 rsa wd ri 7 Mf F, : | : nei " ‘ 4 ‘ . " S . b 4 . $ Py - ® z +. nd F LS } . , i : 4 - ie - PST ie ‘ ; par Lie ri ‘ : “; 7 iv ee a % wg 7 ; f f 7] be Alas eS Ts, one AL ae 3 7 a : 33. + " 4 femat | ' vitow = Met ecte al) 2 , = bed 7 wy c¥, Paes . Sy ' a? - ® J ‘ m1 et f° $e o 4 Bi AAAs ae Pat! Pats het ad ie ‘vc hs | AeA v: ' a ’ , Pagel ad : : ae. ny! i} : a 1) ‘ i 34 a s

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