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 1968 Tiger EDWARDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Edwardsville, Illinois Volume Fifty-FiveDedication To you, the students of E.H.S., this book is dedicated. Each of you—whether you be sophomore, junior, or senior— is an important part of our campus. You are another chapter in the student history of this high school. Many of you may be active in its organizational life; others may be primarily interested in its academics, arts, or sports. Whatever is your interest and activity, you are vital to the life and welfare of our school. You are a part of the traditional "E.H.S. Family." Within this book are the formalized realities of high school life; within your memory are the unposed, unwritten recollections which accompany your TIGER. We give this book to you, the students. You have written the past year and know it best. The Yearbook StaffTable of Contents Academics .............................. 4 Organizations and Clubs ................24 Athletics ............................. 70 Activities ............................ 86 Portraits ............................ 100 Advertisers Index .................... 162 1967 Spring Activities ............... 164 The Graduating Class of 1966 left to Edwardsville High School the money to pay for a painting of a tiger to be erected in the lobby of the new gymnasium. When school began in the fall of 1967, Mr. Udell Robinson, custodian, suggested that the tiger be painted and placed on the wall of the new gymnasium. Mr. Robinson offered to pay part of the cost. Mr. Lucco viewed this suggestion as being quite worthy of consideration and obtained the approval of the Class of '66. Mr. Lucco employed Mr. James Kane, an Edwardsville sign painter, to paint the tiger on a 21' X 7' piece of canvas. A small ceramic tiger was his model, and within a few weeks the colorful "Flying Tiger" (pictured below) was finished. The canvas was framed and hung on the wall in the new gym. Thanks to the Class of '66, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Lucco, and Mr. Kane, the symbol of E. H. S. has a permanent place in our school. WtmnhH I , thoUaMol IU 1968 Tiger Academics HE WORVivian, Carol, and Kevin are busily employed in impressing Mr. Pilney. Art Mr. Richard Pilney Art I, II, III Concentration8 Mr. Robert Gass Typing, Personal Typing Notehand. Economics, Business Law Mr. Kenneth Freeland Clerical Practice. Bookkeeping Department Head, Driver Training, Coach-cross country-ass . in basketball Mrs. Dolores Day Business Typing, Shorthand Secretarial Practice Mr. Robert Gregor Recordkeeping, American History, Coach-basketball baseball Business Education Mr. Eugene Little General Business, Recordkeeping, Personal Typing Mr. George Salovich Introduction to Typing, Typing. ShorthandMrs. Adrienne Hayes Counselor Mr. O. Glenn Johnson Guidance Director, Counselor Mr. Daniel Oberle Counselor Miss Elsie J. Sloan Dean of Girls CounselorMrs. Lorene Isaacs English IV, English Essentials Mrs. Lillie Pearl Helm English Literature, Special English II Mrs. Judith Gale Reading, English II Mrs. Mildred Moran English II,IV M r. Jack Ott American Literature, Journalism, TIGER TIMES Mrs. Jacqueline Rader English II, English Essentials English Mrs. Arene Burgess English I,II Mrs. Dianne Williams American Literature, English Literature Miss Lea Ruehlmann English n, Forensics, Speech Miss Esther Syverson American Literature, English Literature Mrs. Margarette Warmbrodt English Essentials, Advanced Placement English, YearbookForeign Language Miss Grace Cunningham Spanish I, French I,II,III Mr. Francis Dwyer Spanish I,II,III Miss Mary Ann Estoppey Latin II Mr. David Shonkwiler German II,III Department HeadCarol Hargraves and Linda Braudmeier need a dove in their kitchen, too. Homemaking Mrs. Kuethe looks on as Carol Haarman sews her hand into the seam. Priscilla Starr, second year homemaking student, learns to boil water.Industrial Arts Mrs. Elisabeth Miller Mechanical Drawing I,II, Architectural Drawing, General Shop Mr. J. D. Miller Metals n, Wood II, General Shop, Tennis Coach Department Head Mr. Norman Reuscher Electricity I, Wood I, General Shop Mr. Richard Ford P.E. Department Head Crafts, Metals, General ShopLibrary Miss Vivian Thompson Nancy is using some of the facilities of the library kept suitable by Lois, Laura, Brenda, Florence, and Kay, as well as other librarians.Mathematics Mr. Jack Elam Geometry, Trigonometry Department Head Mr. Elliott French Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra Mrs. Helen George Algebra, Advanced Algebra Mr. James Hindelang Plane Geometry, AlgebraMr. Cleaon Etzkorn Instrumental Music Dept. Head Music Mr. James Kessinger Vocal Music, Music TheoryMr. Shirley Barton P.E., Boy’s Health, Driver Training, Gymnastics Coach Mr. Paul Fuchs P.E., Football Coach, Athletic Director Mrs. Anne Gregor Introduction to Business, P.E. Mr. Melvin Kuethe P.E., Ass't. Football and Wrestling Coach Miss Emily Pritchard P.E., Girls' Health Physical Education Mrs. Marilyn Weidner P.E. Mr. Freeland explains the principle of the internal combustion engine to a group of interested students. Driver Training Health The boys' P.E. class prepares for some tough action on the gridiron.Mr. Donald Atkinson Chemistry, Physics Mr. Lee Bollinger Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry Science Mr. Gayle Day Geography, Biology, Advanced Biology, Department Head Mr. Joseph Petty BiologyMr. Jerry Oliver American History, Psychology Social Studies Miss Susan Rosenbaum World Affairs, Government, American History' Mrs. Virginia Amos Sociology, American History Mr. Richard Hutton Miss Esther Goeddel World Geography, American History, Boys Health, Driver Educ. World History Department Head Mr. John McCarty World History, American History, Advanced Placement History, Soph. Football Coach Mr. Pat Price American History, Driver Training, Track Coach Miss Goeddel's class listens attentively to a history lesson.Special Education Mr. Zene Gergen Special Education Intramural Activities 21If it's not primping, . . Faculty Informals . . .it's purse-snatching. Cocktails anyone? Showdown in 157Now what? Yearbook sponsor? Actually, Columbus DID fall over the edge. So are you! s-c-r-e-e-e-c-hOrganizations and Clubs Edwardsville High School Student Council How 1: Mrs. George Advisor. D. Horstman, Pres.jM. Morrow V-Pres.; D. Schumacher, Sec'y; J. Hyten, Scribe; D. Braasch. Treas. How 2: P. White, K. Wahl. J. Sievers. M. Freitag, L. Hohrkaste, M. Wehrend, J. Kohli K. Brandt, H. Hamilton. P. Demasters, J. Burrus J. Rieger, D. Gaither. Row 3: D. Ladd, M. Dorsey, K. Peters, J. Harrison, C. Loebach, P. Brubaker, K. Erikson, T. Armstrong, J. Kohli, M. Dean, J. Hotz, R. Weber. Row 4: K. Barnhart, P. Peterson, D. Speckman, G. Lewis, R. Hock, M.Soper, J. Small, D. Peek. D. Hamilos, D. Greenwood, S. Moore. 26Student Council is the voice of the student body. Student Council's purposes are to stimulate cooperation between the faculty and the students, to rouse student responses toward problems of the student body, and to stress loyalty, not only to athletics but also to all school activities. Student Council Officers Dan Horstman.................President Martha Morrow...........Vice-president Diane Schumacher.............Secretary Don Braasch..................Treasurer Jill Hyten......................ScribeAcademics—Bonnie Brave, Cindy Hanfelder, Marcella Dorsey Organizations and Clubs—Virginia Hans, Susan Potter, Ray Weber Athletics—Joe Leitner, Tad Armstrong, Don Braasch Activities—Steve Moore, Phil Cooper, Debbie Mullen Seniors—Jill Kohli, Marcella Dorsey, Diana Sievers Juniors—Debbie Mullen, Cindy Hanfelder Sophomores—Peter Bradbury, Pam Fellhauer Business Manager—Joe Hotz Tiger Times Staff Row 1: Marilyn Tretter--Editorial Editor; Kathy Lambert--Editor-in-chief; Vic Kreuiter--Feature Editor; Dan Ax--First Page Editor; Mr. Ott--Sponsor; Row 2: Jeanne Fleming--Assistant Page Editor (1); Karen Ontko--Assistant Feature Editor; Tom Liebler--Business Manager; Mark Dodson--Assistant Editorial Editor; Dale Jellen--Assistant Sports Editor. 30-' JlMsVU NATIONAL £ HONOR. SOCIETY Row Is Peter Bradbury, president; Joe Leitner, vice-president; Donna Crismon, secretary; Susan Potter, treasurer; and Mrs. Miller, sponsor. Row 2: Tom Sido, Diane Schumacker, Jill Kohli, Jill Hyten, Nancy Starnes, Judy Sievers, Ray Weber, and Tom Dezort. National Honor Society PAGE SPONSORS DON OHL OFFICE SUPPLY HOLIDAY ONE-HOUR CLEANERS F. W. WOOLWORTH CC ILLINOIS LUMBER CC N.H.S. members hard at work on one of their projects.Varsity Cheerleaders Mrs, Weidner--Sponsor Irene Thatcher Jayne Watson Linda Ohms Jacki Finke Jean Hairson Jill Hyten J-V Cheerleaders Linda Rohrkaste was chosen to replace Cindy Riese who moved away at the end of the football season. BURNS' NURSERY MARCELLA'S HAIR STYLISTCheerleaders in Action 5 How 1: Mrs. Helm sponsor, M. Morrow. T. Allen, D. VanVertloo, M. Horsley, D. Kulp, D. Ax. Row 2: D. Crismon, M. Dodson, W. Oglesby, J. Heuer, V. Keele, B. Hock, J. Doyle, G. Hilberry, D. Born. How 3: M. Tretter, S. Davis, C. Gengler, L. Ellison, M. Bollman, V. Kreuiter, S. Moore. 36 Pen ‘n' Inklings Staff Office Help Row 1: P. Nischwitz, J. Vieth, C. O'Dell, L. Buesser, T. Horvath, B. Ingram, C. Landrus, J. Hyten. How 2: N. Kernahan, C.Kruse, R.Simpson, P. Demasters, L. Werner, M. Wehrend, B. Best, P. Bernett, L. Braudmeier. How 3: J. Weihe, K. Kubicek, D. Jurgena, B. Bartels, J. Mueller. B. Kessel, F. Highlander, J. Harris. Row4: C. Sullivan. L. Lamkin, D. Schmacher, R. Howlett, B. Kuethe, C. Franklin, M. Yack, K. Martin, B. Dickmann.row 1: Miss Sloan, Tanya Collins, Joyce Gat ton, Darlene Crabtree, Jenny Lewis. Row 2: Debbie Paur, Marie Steelman, Betty Boccaleoni, Chris Winter, Judy Kruse. Miss Sloan’s Helpers Never a dull moment! PAGE SPONSORS WALT BLACK SPORTING INC. PIZZA KING MADISON FABRIC CENTERRow 1: Kay Aubrecht, Janice Wiehe, Kathy Row 2: Paula Stewart, Judy Zoelzer, Sandy Franklin, Marcella Dorsey (Pres.), Jani c e Green, Debbie Bell, Sally Munzert, Bev Kaiser Neese (Sec-Treas.), Susan Potter (Vice-Pres.) Future Teachers Future Nurses Row Is Violet Keele, Rita Frillman, Miss Pritchard, Michalene Eck (Pres.), M a r t ha Cres (Vice-pres.), Diane Born, Bonnie Schoenleber (Sec.), Chris Long, Marlene Lienemann, Kathy Moore. Row 2: Donna Freueh, Terry Horvath, Cindy Missey, Judy Cruse, Mary Lou Wisnasky, Barb King, Sharon Durr, Linda Eaker, Ruth Miller, Aloha Isringhausen, Theresa Meek. Row 3: Alice Grebel, Judy Borth, Patty Nitswhitch, Kathy Hall, Vicki Straube, Janice Boyle, Kathy Modene, Dottie Shaffer, Mary Sampson, Janet Allen.1st row- J. White, S. Braymen, M. Harris, J. Sievers. A. Whitehead. 2nd row- K. Ohm, B. Hayes J. Borth, S. Morgan, K. Williams, J. Heuer, S. Johnson. 3rd row- Miss Thompson. D. Schaffer L. Schmidt. S. Davis, A. Brayman. 39Row 1: Mr. Ruescher, sponsor, Byron Walters, Glen Isaacs, Mike Soper, Charles Tedrick. Row 2: Mike Hodges, Bob Akers, Bruce Kuethe, George Shindel, Mickey Troechler, Bill Dickerson, Dennis Davenport, Ron Hoenig. Technicians Club Audio-Visual Aids Club PAGE SPONSORS AMERICAN UNITED LIFE EDWARDS VIL L E FROZEN FOODS CHUCK SCHMIDT INSURANCE INC. CLAYTON CLEANERS Row 1: Dennis Prusa, Bill Dickerson, Mark Autenreib, Willard Hansel, Larry Farrell, Carl Shimunek, Miss Goeddel, sponsor. Row 2: Russell Henke, Tom Altefogt, Phillip Bast, Dave Williams, Mike Reiter, Gary Geovannini. 7 AOMusic Organizations A Cappella Choir Row 1: D. Graunke, J. Watson, J. Gatton, M. Best, J. Harbers, K. Bishop, B. Jennings (pres.), D. Peek (vice pres.), W. Oglesby (sec.), T. Collins (treas.), J. Becker, D. Kulp, L. Buchta, D. Ladd, S. Mudge, M. Dean. Row 2: K. Cerny, G. Hilberry, J. Knowles, S. Shaw,L. Weishaupt, K. Wahl, M. Caulk, J. Short, K. Englemann, P. Simpson, N. Starnes, P. Brubaker, D. Mullen, D. Crismon, J. Neese, S. Green, F. Highlander, I. Thatcher, Cindy Warhol. Row 3: K. Barnhart, J. Sievers, J. Mateer, S. Heidinger, D. Shumacher, L. Lamkin, J. Heuer, M. Morrow, C. Loebach, N. Gerdt, C. Fultz, M. Ratzlaff, C. Pence, M. Dean, C. Moore, V. Volrab, A. Eidson, V. Hans. Row 4: A. Washington, J. Noto, J. Parker, D. Price, A. Wigfield, R. Howlett, D. Brandt, D. Allen, D. Helmkamp, J. Wiemers, R. Weise, J. Heine, T. Armstrong, G. Isaacs, B. Walters, D. Braasch, R. Eberle. Row 5: D. Ax, T. Schmidt, D. Van Vertloo, G. Shindel, D. Erlich, C. Tedrick, T. Kribs, T. Barr, K. Felhank, M. Aljets, D. Hamilos, R. Solomon, D. Horstman, K. Henke, D. Martin, J. Kappler, G. Hans, T. Zoelzer. Mr. James Kessinger, choral director Madrigals Row 1: T. Collins, J. Heuer, M. Morrow, D. Shumacher. Row 2: N. Starnes, K. Englemann, J. Sievers, W. Oglesby, P. Simpson. Row 3: D. Peek, D. Price, G. Isaacs, B. Walters, R. Weise, B. Jennings. Row 4: D. Ax, D. Van Vertloo, K. Pelhank, J. Wiemers, J. Kappler.Sr. Girls’ Ensemble How 1: Kay Bishop, Doris Graunke. Row 2: Madeline Best, Sue Heidinger, Virginia Hans. Row 3: Sandy Green, Kathy Barnhart, Carla Pence, Janice Neese. Junior Mixed Ensemble Row 1: Martha Dean, Dodie Ladd. Row 2: Jean Short, Lauri Weishapt, Lois Buchta, Jeanne Harbers. Row 3: Alan Wiglield, Mary Caulk, Ann Eidson, Cindy Loebach, Cathy Moore, Patty Brubaker, Don Braasch. Row 4: John Noto, Gerald Hans, Dennis Erlick, Dan Hamilos, Richard Solomon, Tad Armstrong, Jim Heine. Boys’ Quartet David Peek, Bob Jennings, Terry Schmidt, Tom BarrAll District Choir Row 1: Tanya Collins, Judy Sievers (All-State and European tour delegate), Janelle Heuer, Kathie Englemann, Virginia Hans, Wanda Oglesby. Row 2: Bob Jennings, Jerry Kappler, Byron Walters, Roger Weise, Mr. Kessinger. Sr. Girls’ Choir Row 1: Nancy Cooper, Nancy W'arren, Julie Burrus, Row 4: Carol Hodson, Linda Robinson, Ava Jacki Finke. Row 2: Mr. Kessinger, Trina Klaus. Brayman, Lorna Dotray, Paula Nagel, Sharon Row 3: Mickey Eck, Glenda Bundy, Sandy Morgan, Bensa, Janice Rizoli. Charlene DeWerff, Marilyn Tretter, Chris Long.Junior Girls’ Choir Row Is N. Casey, K. Erickson, N. Tosovsky, P. Miller. Row 2: A. Shreffler, J. Lewis, J. Noud, B. Eck, C. Reise, B. Schoenleber, D. Caulk, J. Harrison, K. Hymel. Row 3: Mr. Kessinger, director, P. Brown, B. Pritchard, J. Doyle, S. Eyman, D. Born, L. Strackeljohn, J. Unterbrink, M. Meyer, P. White, M. Daily, K. Krumeich. Row 4: J. Eaker, B. Eaker, D. Rogers, C. Hanfelder, E. Chesnutt, S. Randall, K. Peters, K. Ohm, C. Rosenthal, G. Meyer, B. King, R. Schmidt, J. Harrison. Row 5: M. Cox, T. Kirchner, P. Fellhauer, J. Schoettle, J. Gallagher, M. Peo, S. Durr, K. Franklin, T. Tate, A. Whitehead, B. Best, M. Cress, K. Bardelmeier, C. Loyd, D. Brodie. Junior-Senior Row 1: S. Schwager, D. Ellis, J. Cochran, M. Neuenschwander. Row 2: P. Seaton, J. Fifer, L. Spiller, N. Pape, K. Sterman, S. Palmer. Girls’ Chorus Row 3: P. Farnoff, K. Bartels, M. Wisnasky, J. Kruse, P. Sullivan, M. Morgan, S. Stulken, M. Mindrup, S. Cook. Row 1: P. Simpson, B. Eck, M. Modene, L. Hall, P. Brubaker, C. Pence. Row 2: A. Diest, S. Brown, C. Modene, S. Ruescher, B. Zika, T. Jones, J. Borgsteade, R. Knecht, T. Brave, B. Akers, P. Bradbury, P. Shipkowski. Row 3: D. Peek, J. Nuernberger, K. Aubrecht, M. Tiek, M. Morrow, K. Kays, J. White, D. Wiemers, C. Wehling, D. Radcliff, K. Sido, A. Shreffler, A. Eidson, R. Durham, B. Biarkis, K. Hawley, C. Aumann. Row 4: Mr. Idle (student teacher) C. Hanfelder, G. Hans, G. Isaacs, B. Gaston, S. Madison, R. Inmann, D. Goebel, B. Brueggemann, M. Clayton, A. Mehl, L. Laswell. EHS Band. . .in Room 250. . .in concert. . .on the field,Row 1: S. Johnson, J. Noud, L. Schmidt, C. Schmidt, J. Sartoris, B. Pritchard. Row 2: C. Stinson, R. Bartels, D. Dreimeyer, S. House, C. Warhol, T. Hackethal, J. Dissler, C. Moore, B. Means, M. Morrow. Row 3: J. Meyer, D. Hessel, T. Barnsback, G. Boda, E. Eckert, W. Grotefendt, J. Jones, R. Sheibal, S. Hanfelder, K. Zeisset, S. Molitor, P. Curry, J. Becker, S. Stubblefield, D. Shaffer. Row 4: S. Mudge, M. Dean, G. Shindel, R. Balster, S. Madison, D. Hentz, J. Meyer, C. Pence, J. Schnell, P. Cooper, R. Kreeger, C. Tedrick, B. Eden, B. Walter, N. Gerdt, D. Arnold, T. Sido, Mr. Etzkorn-Director. Concert BandMary Modene,Andrea D i e s t, Beth Eck, Sherry Hackethal, Janice Noud, Judy White Twirlers Executive Council Row 1: Mr. Etzkorn, Director; Cindy Warhol, V. -pres.-Treas.; Rolla Durham. Pres.; Ann Schreffler, Sec.; Andrea Diest, Majorette; Cindy Hanfelder. Row 2: Jeanne Nuernberger, Glenn Isaacs, Bob Means, Ed Eckert, Terry Jones, Carla Pence, Carla Schmidt, Susie Mudge.Serving E.H.S.G.A.A. Officers: Sandy Madison-historian, Debbie Diana Sievers-Sec y» Sue Potter-Vice-Pres., Luckett-point chairman, Kathy Barnhart-Treas., Suzanne Schmidt-Pres. PAGE SPONSORS PERSONALITY KL AUSTERMEIER FORD Girls’ Athletic Association PAGE SPONSORS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN KLUETER BROTHERS CONCRETE PRODUCTS 50 Row 1: Sandy Madison, Debbie Luckett, Diana Sievers, Kathy Barnhart, Susan Potter, Suzanne Schmidt, Miss Pritchard-Sponsor. Row 2: Diane Schumacher, Chris Clarkin, Lucia Lamkin, Joyce Gatton, Irene Thatcher, Julia Burrus, Marcella Dorsey, Bev Kaiser, Nancy Starnes, Carla Pence, Donna Crismon, Bonnie Brave. Row 3: Madeline Best, Susie Sulc, Jo Anne Helen, Sally Munzert, Rosemary Landers, Jeanne Nuernberger, Rosie Hormann, Nancy Cooper, Janice Rizzoli, Judy Sievers, Donna Atkinson, Marie Steelman, Suzanne Porter. Row 4: Sheri Spurlin, Nancy Heberer, Charlene DeWerff, Theresa Jones, Marilyn Ratzlaff, Doris Graunke, Sharon Smith, Pat Snajdr, Nancy Warren, Kathy Modene, Pam Tolliver, Vivian Keele. Row 5: Donna Owens, Peggy Asselmeier, Paula Hessel, Jeanne Fleming, Glenda Bundy, Ava Brayman, Theresa Meek, Carol Pontius, Bev Tenick, Bev Sparks, Marshia Tiek, Nancy Friedline, Jayne Watson, Michele Harris.How 1: S. Stulken, J. Harrison, D. Ladd, S. Shaw, R. Galliher, K. Kubichek, D. Rogers, S. Ruemnler, D. Mikes, C. Hanfelder, C. Moore, D. Born, D. Caulk, D. Jurgena, K. Martin. Row 2: D. Caban, M. Cox, C. Reise, K. Dickey, K. Pontius, M. Mindrup, P. Brubaker, N. Casey, T. Fox, M. Morgan, J. Allen, D. Brodie, S. Brayman, A. Eidson. Row 3: D. Mullen, C. Loyd, J. Harrison, K. Peters, P. Miller, E. Harris, M. Meyer, J. Doyle, K. Aubrecht, D. Adair, K. Ohm, J. White, S. Ash, P. Sullivan, K. Franklin. Row 4: B. Pritchard, K. Bartels, M. Cress, N. Munzert, T. Horvath, C. Missey, P. White, A. Whitehead, J. Fifer, K. Bardelmeier, J. Dedert, P. Gregor, M. Modene, I). Schaffer, B.Schoenleber. Junior G.A.A. G.A.A. Sponsor-Miss Pritchard Sophomore G.A.A. Row 1: J. Meyer, R. Frillman, L. Williams, K. Sullivan, A. Stolte, J. Kohli, L. Highins, D. Speckman, D. Crismon, R. Kreeger, S. Hanfelder, R. Lane, S. Peterso--.. Row 2: L. Rohrkaste, M. Utechtt, D. Augsburger, C. Ursprung, L. Madison, P. Schipkowski, S. Blakey, D. Force, J. Hamby, K. Solis, D. Goodman, D. Gerstencker, K. Mellenthin, B. Hillis, Row 3: K. Isaacs, P. Nischwitz, L. Jurgena, B. Brunworth, M. Dettmer, C. Bundy, V. Straube, K. Zimmer, P. Stewart, J. Wider, M. Wehrend, J. Jarrett, I . Bussmann, S. Hackethal. How 4: C. Sines, G. Hoffman, V. Kessel, S. Copper, V. Keele, J. Smith, C. Schwartz, L. Copper, R. Horman, S. Deak, J. France, H. Hamilton, C. Stinson, J. Bernhart, S. Hymel.PAGE SPONSOR MEYER T. V. MICHEL'S TIR BATTERY, INC BALLWEC DRL STORE OVER BECK'S P AND WALLPAPE STORE Front Row; Ken Terry; Dan Ax, president; Dave Van Vertloo, vice-president; Dennis Greenwood; Janet Dickess; John Fensterman; Mr. Bollinger. Middle Row: Janice Slaby; Pat Hamilton, Sandy DeConcini; Joan Harris; Terry Fauver; Randy Bennette; Roy King. Back Row: Trina Klaus; Denise Banjavic; Jerry Thirion; Phil Cooper; Leon Dorsey; Dennis Garde. Photography Club Recorder Club 1. to r.: Mr. Kessinger; Janice Becker; Ellen Messerly; Susie Mudgc; Nancy Gerdt; Pat Simpson; Margo Dean; Cindy Warhol; Kathy Engelman.PAGE SPONSORS JOSTEN’S LEITNER CONSTRUCTION FREDMAN BROTHERS FURNITURE LANTZ HOMES INC. How 1: Kathy Barnhart, Brent Wohlford, Debbie Paur, Janice Rizzoli, Judy Sievers, Diane Sievers, Beverly Tenick, Steve Engelke. Row 2: Donna Crismon, Tom Dustman, Betty Boccaleoni, Alice Raab, Janice Singleton, Sharon Smith, Suzanne Porter, Danny Robien, Lennis Isenberg, Row 3: Mr. Price-Sponsor, Julia Burrus, Cindy Fultz, Greg Drexilius, Mark Autenrieb, TomSido, Scott Aljets, Paul Shultz, Alan Sievers. Table Tennis Row 1: Debbie Rogers (Sec.), Mark Ostendorf (Pres.), Chris Winter (V.-pres.), John Busker (Treas.), Rita Frillman, Connie Starr, Dennis Linkemann. Row 2: Ed Piper, Jim Wallace, Jerry Deen, Dan Brunworth, Bob Meintrup, Tad Armstrong, Mark O'Laughlin, John Small, Dave Mindrup. Row 3: Mr. Price-Sponsor, Jim Hellrung, John Stroh, Jim Simms, John Shelly, Leo Welch, Dale Whittaker, Rich Gillig.Chess Club Row 1: J. Klaustermeier, T. Hiles, D. Votrain, D. Peek, M. Ostendorf, C. Winter, C. Weber, K. Lambert, D. Whittaker, J. Knowles, Mr. Ott, B. Stinson K. Stroyack, R. Solomon, D. Hentz, W. Emhausen. Row 2: T. Kirchner, S. Cook. J. Cochran D. Mikes, R. Weise, N. Casey, R. Landers, P. Sullivan, B. Best, M. Caulk, F. Highlander, D. Banjavic, M. Yack. C. Clarkin, G. Ladwig, B. Stevens. Row 3: S. Munzert, B. Ingram, L. Ladwig. T. Fox. V. Evans, M. Meyer, R. Schmidt, C. Rosenthal, K. Bardelmeier, K. Bartles, K. Franklin, C. Reise, G. Meyer, J. Shelly, J. Simms, B. Breihan, C. Eden. Row 4: B. Akers, D. Moody, T. Liebler, C. Starr, B. Niebling, D. Horstman, J. Hellrung, S. Burton, G. Pendleton. D. Agles, R. Mareing, S. Stulkin, P. Brubaker. Row 5: P. Cooper, R. Durham, B. Gaston, G. Bode, J. Harrison, M. Allaria, T. Huntsman, R. Bennette, R. Cruse, V. Kreuiter, D. Hileman, S. Klingel, J. Harris. Row 1: D. Jurgena. R. Hoenig, C. Hentz. R. Bennette, R. Cruse, S. Porter. M. Combs C. Loebach. Mr. Ott-Sponsor. E. Parrott. N. Friedline, M. Tiek, B. Tenick, B. Hock. Row 2: B. Brave. F. Schulte. W. Grotefendt, R. Weise. T. Schmidt. F. Stinson. K. Stroyeck, B. Akers. A. Sievers, M. Blase, T. Gatton, R. Behrhorst, N. Heberer. Row 3: L. Rhodes. J. Shelly, D. Banjavic. M. Yack. B. Nichols, S. Hamilton, S. May, A. Wolfe, D. Moody-, F. Harbison, P. Bosch, L. Schweiger. B. Sparks. Row 4: C. Johnson. J. Anderson, D. Whittaker. E. Kriege, R. Hormann, M. Neuenschwander, S. Ruemnler, R. Gillig, D. Wiemers. J. Noto. K. Pontius. K. Sido, P. Seaton, V. Tenney. Row 5: M. Landers, K. Kessinger, T. Hiles, D. Votrain, J. Simms, D. Brown, C. Heepke. E. Wendel, B. Williams, K. Sedlack, E. Piper, M. Kirchner, D. Gaither.Row 1: Jim Meyer, Mike Meyer, Joe Hotz-Pres., Jill Kohli-V. Pres., Jill Hyten-Sec., Mike Allaria-Treas., Mrs. Gregor-Sponsor, Mr. Gregor-Sponsor. Row 2: Judy Poneta, Janet Allan, Ellen Harbison, Linda Werner, Judy Kruise, Joyce Underbrink, Jacki Finke, Larry Frieta . Row 3: Art Mehl, Dan Lockhart, Melvin Johnson, Chuck Meyer, Kay Hawley, Joe Reiger, Tom Newton. Row 1: Susie Shaw, Trey Mudge, Mr. Oliver-Sponsor, Sheri Stullken, Bob Hotz, Dale Keller, Patty Miller, Lynn Bulmer, Paul Jen kins, Terry Horvath. Row 2: Glenn Stafford, Cindy Missey, Debbie Mullen, Monica Cox, Joan Harrison, Kay Peters, Marilee Mindrup, Nick Hackett, John Towell, Rich Mareing, Gary Gebhart. Row 3: Ted Spitze, Jean Harrison, Linda Greene, Bruce Hampton, Ira Turner, Dave Svoboda, Keith Baer, Michele Morgan, Steve Klingel, Dennis Svoboda. Row 1: V. Reed, S. Colgate, D. Ax, M. Morrow, W. Oglesby, T. Allen, K. Platt, M. Thomason, E. Howlett, Mrs. Helm. Row 2: L. Hayes, M. Morrow, S. Moore, J. Meyer, V. Kreuiter, M. Bollman, M. Kircher, J. Abbot, C. Hansen, D. Allen. Row 3: B. Bowels, L. Moore, L. Robinson, J. Doyle, V. Volrab, D. Luckett, V. Keele, J. Heuer, L. Weishaupt, J. Weimers, M. Dodson, D. VanVertloo, K. Terry. Row 4: G. Hillberry, B. Pritchard, C. Gengler, S. Davis, M. Tretter, B. Hock, D. Kulp, M. Curry, M. Horsely, L. Ellison, J. Fensterman, E. Levering. Row 1: D. Crismon, S. Reusher, B. Zika, B. Bowels, C. Loyd, c. Pence, D. Patterson. Row 2: B. Robinson, R. Kreeger, M. Curry, L. Ellison, D. Born, C. Ringering, L. Moore. Sponsor. . . Mrs. Helm 5.1. T. (A) President. . . Dan Ax Vice-President. . . Martha Morrow Secretary. . . Wanda Oglesby Treasurer. . . Tom Allen 5.1. T. (B) President. . . Donna Crismon Vice-President. . . Sharon Reuscher Secretary. . . Barb Zika Treasurer. . . Brent BowlesRow 4: Mike Combs, Tom Kribs, Jay Eberle, Tom Newton, Garland Wallace, Dick Burroughs, Bob Meintrup, Curtis Dickshot, Mr. Gregor, Sponsor. Row 3: Mark tfLaughlin, Bill Kibikas, Tom Zoelzer, Tim Utechtt, Keith Baer, Bill Schmidt, Rich Gillig, Clark Lott, Kenny White, Theo Hairston. Row 2: Dennis Hammer, Marlin Gusewelle, Dennis Agles, John Busker, Mike Aljets, Tom Dezort, Dennis Erlick, DaveMindrup, Mike Allaria, Tom Barr. Row 1: Jerry Schwear, Bill Dean, Louis Johnson, Joe Leitner, Pres.; Ray Weber, V-pres.; Joe Hotz, Sec'y; JoeReiger, Treas.; Gary Spiller, Larry Freitag, Jim Clemons, Mike Henderson, Charles Kassing. Lettermen’s ClubHow 1: V. Tenny, P. Seaton, P. Hoppe, S. Eyman, S. Spurlin, V. Stewart, M. Best, J. Gallagher, L. Ohms, T. Klaus, C. Hodson, S. Heidinger, 1. Thatcher, K. Brandt, H. Hamilton, E. Harris, Mr. Burton, sponsor. How 2: D. Adair, M. Dorsey, M. Steelman, R. Gallagher, N. Friedline, D. Ladd,S. Shaw, S. Sulc, J. Heine, J. Finke, M. Caulk, D. Jurgeno,N. Tovosky, P. White, K. Zimmer, R. Heggemeister, C. Schmidt, K. Bishop. Row 3: C. Ursprung, D. Augsberger, C. Landers,N. Munzert, P. Burnett, C. Revell, D. Banjavic, M. Yack, K. Kubicek, M. Cox, M. Mindrup, J. Harrison, M. Neuenschwander, S. Schwager, J. Gat ton, J. Fleming. Row 4: R. Lane, D. Howells, C. Saurwein, P. Gregor, C. Houba, D. Lopez, S. Corbin, S. Palmer, N. Kernahan, J. Lewis, P. Demasters, L. Cooper, J. Watson, J. Short. Girls' Gymnastics Historic Battles Club Row 1: George Rieken, Charles Hall, Dave Triebes, Steve Atkinson; Mr. McCarty, Sponsor; George Shindel, Tom Harrel, John Abbott. Row 2: Bill Kibikas, Dave Stevens, Bill Huntress, Myron Province, Dennis Chesnut, Dennis Hammer, Tom Mates. Row 3: Dennis Shaake, Dale Espamer, Ed Fitch, Gene Bode, Greg Black, Charles Bode, Mark Allison, Rich Harrison.Row 1: Jonese Bowens, Argia Bertolina, Marianne Gogloza, Cheryl Wildrube-Treas., Lynn Whyers-Sec., Linda Frantz-V. Pres., Rosemary Landers-Pres., Sandra Ash, Mr. Salovich-Sponsor. Row 2: Florence Daly, Karen Krumeich, Kathy Slipis, Lorainne Buesser, Janet Schoettle, Sharon Cooper, Judy Mateer, Marylu Wisnasky, Barbara King. Social Studies Club Row 1: Miss Goeddel-Sponsor, Bill Walls, Myron Provence, Dan Hamilos-V. Pres., Janice Neese-Sec.-treas, Susan Potter-Pres. Row 2: Jerry White, Pete Varty, Dave Wetzel, Carla Pence, Sandy Madison, Bonnie Brave, Bev Kaiser, Virginia Hans, Jeanne Neurnberger, Theresa Jones. Row 3: Tracey Dunn, Linda Williams, Kara Ohms, Suzanne Schmidt, Peggy Asselmeier, Judy Mueller, John Small, Kevin Engbretson. Row 4: John Hoover, Steve Mudge, Darrell Moore, Tom Mates, Edward Fitch, Ed Bennett, Alan Wolfe.Row 1: Kevin Sido, Mr. Elam-Sponsor, Diane Dale Erspalmer. Row 2: Barry Bergerman, Lance w Schumacher-Pres., John Gagliardo-V. Pres., Nancy Murray, Kay Pontius, Nancy Heberer, Lois Lee, Starnes-Sec., Bruce Wooldridge-Treas., Linda Lee, Rodney Gilbert, Dave Martini, Brent Eden. Math Club Row 1: Joan Harrison-Publicity, Kathy Dickey-Pres., Kitty Platt, Jenifer Lewis, Donna Townzen. Row 3: Shelly Randall-Sec., Monica Cox-Treas. Row 2: Jim Wiemers, John Helmkamp, Mike Horsely, Mr. Pat Kircher, Laurie Weishaupt, Marcia Thomason, Pilney-Sponsor. Row 1: Jerry Ahart, Clark Lott, Peter Bradbury -Pres., Ray Weber-V. Pres., Tom Dustman-Sec., Karen Bardelmeier-Treas., Roger Johnson, Alan Stimac, Jon Harris, Morris Bradshaw, Judy Wider. Row 2: Marilyn Tretter, Kathy Bartels, Martha Cress, Jane Richards, Kathy Hall, Donna Woods, Janice Straube, Paula Bertles, Donna Atkinson, Cindy Gengler, Kathy Modene. Row 3: Brent Wohlford, Mike Aljets, Steve Moore, Mike Bollman, Bill Breihan, John Meyer, Mark Fungston, Bill Schmidt, Scott Aljets, Don Price. Biological Science Club Row 1: Glenn Rogers-Sec., Randy Stahlhut-Treas., Mike Soper-V. Pres., Clark Hanson-Pres. Row 2: Rodney Gilbert, Lance Murray, Brent Eden, Barry Bruggeman, Dan Lando, Chuck Miller, Randy Hock. Row 3: Mr. Atkinson-Sponsor, Dale Jellen, Bob Niebling, Mike Hodge, Jim Morris, Craig Eden, Barry Howard.F.F.A. Row 1: Mr. Siebert, sponsor, Dennis Ernst, Leon Dorsey, Dennis Greenwood, Roger Poos, Kenny Grotefendt, Steve Haarman. Row 2: Dale Segar, John Young, Bruce Dorsey, Gary Franklin, Tom Colley, Larry Franklin, Chuck Heepke. Row 3: Vernon Hale, Jim Klinke, Mark Funston, Dennis Goebel, Bill Zinschlag, Steve Johnson. F.F.A. and F.H.A.' sell popcorn and candy at the basketball games. F.H.A. Sharon Bensa, Darlene Crabtree, Nancy Pape, Bev Bazillion, Cathy Hendricks, Charlene DeWerff. Row 2: Tanna Tate, Vicki Mize, Caryl Knecht, Vicki Stewart, Bev Bartels, Caorl Haarmann. Row 3: Connie Sines, Bonnie Klaujs, Bev Whyers, Rose Stevenson, Marlene Lienemann, Diane Grotefendt, Diana Hall. Mrs. Kuethe is sponsor.How 1: P. Simpson. T. Jones. K. Bishop, S. House, B. Jennings, S. Mudge, P. Brubaker, D. Peek, Mr. Kessinger Sponsor. J. Burrus, J. Nuernberger, G. Bundy. L. Dotray. How 2: A. Washington, M. Dean. K. Wahl, D. Schumacher, T. Schmidt, D. Horstman. R. Durham. A. Deist, T. Barr. J. Noud, M. Modene, C. Fultz, N. Casey. Row 3: G. Hilberry. S. Madison, N. Starnes, N. Tosovsky, J. Rizzoli, N. Cooper, D. Graunke, D. Ladd, N. Warren, C. Tedrick, G.Shindel, A. Shreffler. D. Braasch, T. Zoelzer, R. Weise. Row 4: L. Buchta. K. Henke, A. Wigfield, E. Eckert, R. Bartels. L. Weishaupt, V. Volrab, S. Heidinger, C. Warhol. J. Becker, N. Gerdt, J. Harbers, D. Brandt, D. Hamilos. Junior-Senior Music Listening Club Officers: Bob Jennings, President; David Peek. Vice-President; Susie Mudge, Secretary; Patty Brubaker. Treasurer. Sophomore Music Listening Club Officers: Charles Miller, President; Rosemary Mellenthin. Vice-President; Cindy Wehling, Secretary; Kathy Sullivan Treasurer. How 1: D. Gerstenecker, C. Wehling. R. L. Hall, R. Krieger, S. Reuscher, S. Sullivan, Mellenthin C. Miller, D. Gusewelle. K. R. Horman, S. Hymel, J. Zoelzer, L. Jurgena, Behrhorst. T. Bast. How2:D. Woods, J. Zoeller, J. Mateer.Row 1: Steve Thomas, Trina Klaus, Jill Hyten, Sharon Rae, Sue Deck, Lois Bussman, Kathy Daech, Hope Hamilton, Kenny Kubicek-Pres., Lucia Lamkin-V. Pres., Carol Pontius-Sec., Denise Crismon-Treas. Mr. Shonkwiler-Sponsor, Glenn Rogers, Roger Johnson, Beth Eck, Donna Caban, Cindy Hanfelder. Row 2: DaveTriebes, Fred Shulte, Russell VVeise, Bob Talready, Dave Stevens, Karen Hepke, Carol Harmon, Janice Weihe, Rhonda Schwengel, Cassie Stinson, Janet Early, Ann Heine, Janet Allan, Ellen Harbison, Bob Means, James Heine, Dan Lando. Row 3: Doug Cox, Arthur Mehl, Alan Wigfield, Diane Stoices, Theresa Stimac, Betty Raab, Morla Utecht, Jane Richards, Ellen Kottwitz, Sandy Hanfelder, Jean Borgstede, Debbie Stewart, Angie Rightnowar, Cindy Loyd, Barbara Kessel, Pam Felhauer, Margaret Peo, Lee Sweiger. Row 4: Dan Brunworth, Jim Winkle, Phil Curry, Kevin Kays, Jamie Jarrett, Linda Rohrkaste, Kathy Sullivan, Mary Wehrend, Ann Stolte, Jane Kulp, Kim Martin, JoAnn Bernhart, Jim Meyer, DonnaSpeckman, Pat Peterson, Ricky Scheibal, Orville Johnson. Row 5: John Morris, Bobby Bertels, Bill Neese, Larry Friedline, Dan Lockhart, Mike Niebruegge, Bob Preloger, Randy Hock, Greg Arth, Dan Driemeyer, Steve Figenbaum, Tom Brave, Rich Gillig, Paul Berends, Jim Cerny, Mike Sauerwein. German Club Spanish Club Row 1: Steve Askins, Dave Bleikamp, Mike Freitag, Mr. Dwyer-Sponsor, Jill Kohli-Pres., Kay Peters-V. Pres., Karen Ontko-Sec'y., Kay Erikson-Treas., Jean Meyer-Treas., Mark Hartung, John Wendler, Tom La Faver, George Riecan, Tom Harreli. Row 2: Jon Kohli, Mary Bennett, Jani Simmermaker, Judy Yieth, EdKriege, Dennis Svoboda, Dave Gaither, Brad Bridwell, Steve Bartlett, Ruth Simpson, Martha Dean, Linda Werner, Janice Noud, Jim Parker. Row 3: Debbie Scott, Violet Rice, Margaret Ellis, Angela Whitehead, Wendy Washington, Maude Daily, Kay Aubrecht, Margie Dettmer, Betty Jo Brunworth, Barb Zika, Robin Thompson, Judy Poneta. Row 4: John Fifer, Jim Halstead, Bonnie Dickmann, Wanda York, Nancy Hawley, Kathy Bundy, Irene Van Hooser, Glenda Bundy, John Padgett, Barry Jellen, Mark Clayton, Tom Meierant, Terry Barnsback, Roger WelLRow 1: Miss Cunningham-sponsor, Betty Boccaleoni-Pres., Steve Bartlett-V. Pres., Debbie Paur-Sec., Carla Schwartz-Treas., Gail Ladwig, Dana Kulp, Sue Palmer, Steve Mudge, Phillip Bast. Row 2: Hope Hamilton, Janice Zoeller, Sherry Corbin, Judy Dedert, Sharon Durr, Pam DeMasters, Linda Cooper, Jane Doyle, L inda Noud, Sandy Sullivan, Cindy Wehling. Row 3: Lynn Rallo, Donna Howerton, Lucille Jurgena, Linda Leach, Cheryl Molliter, Jane Piper, Sheila Carter, Judy Kaiser, Debbie Slivka, Kathy Zimmerman. French Club Latin Club PAGE SPONSORS M. H. BRAASCH- BUILDING CONTRACTOR ILLINOIS CANDY COMPANY DAIRY QUEEN SIEVERS’ AUTO BODY Row 1: John Terry, Brent Bowles, Joe Meyer-V. Pres., Shelly Hymel-Pres., Tim Neubauer-Sec.-Treas., Diane Halleck, Charlie Bode. Row 2: Barb Hillis, Tracy Dunn, Rita Frillman, Donna Woods, Sharon Reuscher, Linda Shimunek, Tom Gatton, Jeff Noll. Row 3: Paula Stewart, John Hoover, Vicki Straube, Kathy Hall, Riva Krieger, Robbie Horman, Alan Sievers, Lynn Laswell.Forensics Club Row 1: Miss Ruehlmann, Sponsor; Sandy Morgan, Sec'y; Peter Bradbury, Pres.; Gerald Hans, V-pres.; Jack Klobnak, Treas. Row 2: Kenny White, Jackie White, Andrea Deist, Tanya Collins, Michele Harris, Rita Rohrkaste, Janet Dickess, Bernice Robinson, Joe Meyer. Row 3: Joe Shaw, Rodger Schmidt, Sharon Brown, Peggy Gray, Ellen Messerly, Judy Dedert, Bill Dean, Louie Johnson, Don Price. National Thespian Society Row Is Miss Ruehlmann, Sponsor; Martha Tom Allen. Row 2: Byron Walters, Jim Weimers, Morrow, Pres.; Marie Steelman, V-Pres.; Bonnie Dickmann, Chris Clarkin, Wanda Oglesby. Virginia Hans, Sec'y; Kathy Engelmann, Treas.; 66 PAGE SPONSORS H M SPORTING GOODS EDWARDSVILLE IMPLEMENT COMPANYRow 1: Miss Ruelmann--sponsor, B. Schoenleber. D. Hymel, K. Isaacs, A. Heine, D. Sievers, M. Morrow—Pres., M. Steelman--V. Pres., V. IIans--Secy., K. Englemann--Treas., T. Allen, R. Simpson, D. Mikes, B. Dickmann, P. Tolliver, C. Pontius. J. Pendleton. Row 2: K. Daech, R. Rohrkaste, C. Rosenthal, J. Gallagher. B. Best, D. Caulk, J. Simmermaker, D. Jurgena, T. Fox, S. Randall, M. Thomason, L. Ladwig, K. Platt, C. Weber, A. Raab. J. Wiemers, R.Soloman, D. Werner, B. Bridwell, S. Burton. Row 3: S. Rae, J. Watson, T. Collins, T. Berends. M. Daily. A. Edison. K. Moore, P. White, M. Harris, K. Kubicek, D. Stroyeck, F. Stinson, O. Johnson, P. Berends. J. Shaw, K. White, L. Johnson, G.Isaacs, J. Klobnak. Row 4: S. Sulc. J. Heine, K. Lambert, J. Gatton, B. Kessinger, W. Oglesby, J. Fleming, J. Meyer, L. Higgins, S. Hymel, J. Bernhart, J. Boyle, P. Hoppe, M. Morroy, T. Dunn, D. Liliensik, D. Hileman. Row 5: R. Schmidt, M. Meyer, B. Brunworth, R. Schwengal, L. Williams, D. Burroughs, J. Kappler, L. Schmidt, J. Parker, G. Hans, R. Schmidt, B. Walters, K. Barnhart, V. Keele, C. Kruse, K. Bundy, P. Nagel. I. Thatcher, B. Stevens, L. Lee, K. Ontko, P. Harris. Dramatics Club The Dramatics Club presented two one act plays for the student body. The cast for "Overtones" (above) included C. Hodson, V. Hans, C. Clarkin, and J. Watson. "The Man in the Bowler Hat" in-eluded T. Allen, L. Lamkin, J. Wiemers, J. Klobmak, E. Eckert, B. Bridwell, and W. Oglesby.Row 1: T. Engel, P. Carter. M. Yack. D. Banjavic. E. Harris. L. Bulmer, P. Crook. D. Keller, P.Regna. D. Svoboda. Miss Rosenbaum-Sponsor. B. Kessinger, J. Harris. Row 2: L. Welch. T. Fauver. P. Stevens, A. Stoltz. J. Towell. B. Hotz, J. Hackett, L. Spiller, D. Ellis. P. Miller. J. Gallagher. Row 3: M. Harris, L. White. J. Hamlin, J. Thirion, W, Kassa, J. Harris, C. Lott, J. Wallace, J. Stroh, L. Buchta, T. Berends, J. Shaw. Row 4: B. Dean. F. White. K. White, L. Johnson, D. Brown. M. Bradshaw, V. Eilers, C. Groeteka, B. Bollman, T. Werner, J. Buchanan, D. Schipkowski, S. Burton. Record Club Folk Song Club Row 1: S. Hanfelder, T. Brave, R. Rohrkaste. M. Freitag, L. Rohrkaste. T. Collins. J. Kohli. H. Hamilton. S. Deak. L. Higgens. M. Wehrend,S. Cooper, L. Bussman, J. Mateer, A.Stolte, D.Stoces, G. Isaacs. Row 2: A. Eidson, T. Stimac, M. Utechtt, J. Early, K. Engbretson. M. Horsley, D. Allen, D. Jones. L. Lee, A. Ritenhauer. J. Mueller. D. Smith. D. Goodman. R. Mellenthin, D. Gerstenecker, J. Dedert. J.Borgstede. J. Kappler. Row 3: E. Eckert. C. Hanfelder, M. Peo. P. Fellhaur, D. Frueh, R. Schumacher. D. Wendler, J. Thiroin, J. Hamlin. D. Banjavic, B. Robinson, L. Hall. S. Perterson, J. Buchanan, V. Eilers, C. Groeteka. W. Grotefendt, Mr. Shonkwiler, Sponsor. Row 4: R. Bartles, J. Kulp, K. Sullivan, C. Stinson, J. Bernhart, D. Crismon, D. Cox, R. Moseley, K. Martin, D. Speckman. G. Meyer. P. Sullivan, B. Pritchard, S. Figenbaum, P. Curry, T. Barnsback.Athletics SEATED: K. White, B. Dean, M. Henderson, M. Allaria, J. Hotz, J. Leitner, M. Aljets, R. Johnson, L. Johnson, T. Barr, J. Deen, L. Freitag, J. Rieger. MIDDLE ROW: D. Wallace, G. Rogers, T. Newton, K. Baer, B. Huntress, B. Meintrup, B. Schmidt, B. Kibikas, K. Krotz, G. Spiller, J. Wallace, E. Piper, G. Shindel. BACK ROW: E. Linn, T. Armstrong, K. Zeisset, T. Colley, D. Triebes, D. Hamilos, S. Aljets, M. Bradshaw, R. Johnson, B. Preloger, S. Gallatin, N. Hayes, R. Mareing, D. Gaither, D. Cullipher. Coach Paul Fuchs in his second year as the head coach of the Tigers has initiated a rebuilding of pride in the E.H.S. team. With the assistance of Coaches Dick Ford and Mel Kuethe, Mr. Fuchs was able to direct the fighting Bengals toward a profitable season. Coach Jack McCarty, a recent addition to the E.H.S. staff, has led the sophomore attack in his initial year in coaching football. Football The sequence below illustrates a typical Tiger game. The E.H.S. Marching Band added color to the home games. Louie Johnson, one of the leading ground gainers, finds an opening and digs for yardage. The third picture shows what goes on in the locker room at half time as the Tigers plan their second-half attack.The Football Tigers got off to a good start this year by beating Belleville East 20 to 7. The Bengals let the E.H.S. fans know that they were out to win games by scoring more than half of the points in this first game than were scored all games last year. The traditional rivalry with Collinsville resulted in a 7-7 deadlock in a hard fought game. The highlight of the season was the E.H.S. victory over East St. Louis for the first time since 1938. Edwardsville had something to cheer about again as the Tigers got their first Homecoming victory since 1959 against Granite City. The game with Belleville West, who finished first in the conference, proved to be a real battle. The Maroons walked off the field winning by the narrow' margin of five points-19 to 14. Season Record Tigers 20 Belleville East 14 Tigers 0 Althoff 7 Tigers 0 Wood river 0 Tigers 7 Collinsville 7 Tigers 20 East St. Louis 7 Tigers 0 Alton 42 Tigers 20 Granite 0 Tigers 14 Belleville West 19 Tigers 18 Roxana 0 Catch me if you can! Gary Spiller displays his second effort for extra yards.Lettermen. Bottom row: R. Johnson, R. Johnson, B. Dean, J. Rieger, E. Piper, G. Rogers, J. Wallace, K. White, D. Wallace, L. Freitag. Middle row; K. Baer, J. Deen, S. Aljets, T. Newton, M. Bradshaw, G. Spiller, B. Preloger, L. Johnson, K. Zeisset. Top row: B. Huntress, D. Hamilos, B. Meintrup, D. Triebes, B. Kibikas, M. Aljets, G. Shindel (manager), D. Cullipher, B. Schmidt, T. Barr, A. Allaria. Not pictured: M. Henderson, J. Leitner, J. Hotz Tri-captains of the 68 Football Tigers were M. Henderson, and J. Rieger. B. Dean, Football Awards Top tacklers of the 68 season, M. Henderson and J. Rieger, were a great asset to the team. Seated: K. Proit, K. Kessinger, J. Schell, D. Wallace, M. Halstead, M. Freitag, T. Mitchell, R. Voyles, H. Zobrist, J. Cerny, C. Horvath. How two: T. Mates, F., Bottoms, D. Patterson, J. Wendeler, O. Johnson, P. Peterson, B. Blair, P. Berends, A. Thomas, R. Butcher, L. Johnson, Manager-G. Shindel. Row three: C. Rathert, B. Buchheim, J. Dycus, M. Allison, D. Doersam, C. Miller, T. Spitze, B. Dorsey, L. Laswell, T. Ringering, M. Glass. Sophomore Football Belleville East 21 Tigers 19 Belleville Althoff 40 f 12 Wood River 12 »» 47 Collinsville 13 ?? 12 Granite City 13 f« 6 Alton 18 it 25 Belleville West 44 tt 7 East St. Louis 18 tt 13 Morris Bradshaw, top sophomore ground gainer. Lynn Laswell, best defensive and offensive lineman.Standing: Coach Freeland, Mark O'Laughlin, Garland Howard. Kneeling: Theo Hairston, Jay Eberle, Ray Wallace, Scott Renken, Mike Combs, Manager-Barry Weber, Ed Bennett. There's nothing like a trip to State to cheer up tired runners! Cross-Country After a long five years' sleep, the fighting Tiger harriers came back to produce another state team. With the advantage of its beautiful new course, the 1967 Cross Country Squad, under the expert direction of Coach Ken Freeland, was able to attain an enviable position in the realm of that grueling sport. Thirteen years ago, the Tigers had a string of eight state teams, but in 1963 the string ended—until this year. Of the nine state teams produced at E.H.S., five have been under Coach Freeland's direction. An accomplishment such as this expresses the greatness and determination of Mr. Freeland. Before the state final, the Tiger harriers showed their teeth and produced a very successful season, despite numerous injuries to various runners.Kneeling: Gary Giovanini, Ron Hoenig, George Wallace, Ray Eberle. Standing: Coach Freeland, Jim Kraph, Tom Kribs, Art Mehl, Doug Doll, Manager-Barry Howard. They're off! The contestants in the Edwardsville Invitational Cross Country Meet begin the rounds of the SIU track.TIGER HARRIERS IN ACTION. Top Left, Garland Wallace, senior; Middle Left, Ed Bennett, sophomore; Bottom Left, Ray Weber, senior; Bottom Middle, Mike Combs, senior; Bottom Right, Scott Renken, junior; Middle Right, Jay Eberle, junior; Top Right, Mark O’ Laughlin, junior. Center: Varsity Team after receiving individual district honors.Bo-o-osker Rock 'Smitty Row 1: Tom Dezort, Dennis Agles. GarySpiller, Marlin Gusewelle, Jerry Schwear, Bill Schmidt, John Busker, Dick Burroughs (manager). Row 2: Coach Robert Gregor, Jon Harris, Steve Gallatin, Neal Hayes, Dennis Erlich, Morris Bradshaw, Assistant Coach Kenneth Freeland. Jon cans a bucket! Basketball ’68 Style Our TIGERS ought to get this rebound! 80 Basketball Schedule OPPONENT WE THEY Highland Belleville, East Cahokia Alton Wood River Granite City Centralia Tournament Belleville, West Collinsville Quincy East St. Louis Madison Alton Wood River Granite City Belleville, West Collinsville East St. Louis Roxana Centralia 77 47 79 60 78 45 61 84 65 69 82 43 Second Place 62 48 68 71 55 54 46 53 79 58 83 86 68 39 63 57 65 55 52 48omore Basketball How 1:G. Filer, C.Miller, J. Ahart, B. Preloger, C. Johnson, J. Wendler, B. Blair, M. Bradshaw. R. Schumacher, M. Niebruegge. R. Hock, P. T. Ringering, D. Doersam, Coach Hindelang. Peterson. Row 2: D. Cox (Manager), M. Johnson,First Row. Larry Freitag, Jesse Baldwin, Mark Row. Larry Ellison, Jim Meyer, Dave Cullipher, Peterson, Larry Friedline, Theo Hairston. Greg Mike Aljets, John Kruschik, Jim Simms. Lewis, Mike Freitag, Coach Mel Kuethe. Second Varsity WrestlingFirst Row: Leon Donald, Ed Bennett, Mike Henson, Kevin Engbretson, Kenny Ziesset, Tom Mates, Coach Melvin Kuethe. Second Row: Jim Lynch, Dennis Renfrow, Chip Horvath, Ron Voyles, Barry Brueggermann, Bill Kibikas, Tad Armstrong, Jim Halsted. Junior Varsity WrestlingRow 1: B. Burian, T. Mudge, D. Braasch, D. Greenwood, R. Williams. W. Barnett, B. Bertels, J. Noto, J. Clemons. Row 2: E. Levering, J. Cemy, Coach Barton, D. Bleikamp, T. Spitze, and E. Bennett. Not pictured: S. Gordon, D. Hartley, M. Hartung, and K. Behrhorst, the Tiger's "hard working" manager. Gymnastics ’68 Once again the Tiger Stretchpants Department recorded an undefeated season. Under the direction of first-year Coach Shirley Barton, the Tigers extended their winning streak to 20-0 by twice adding Wood River, Roxana, Mt. Vernon, and University City to their list of victims, plus a single win over Herculanium, Missouri. The top gymnast for the Tigers was Jim Clemons who never failed to come up with smooth routines and good scores. Other three-year veterans—Randy Williams and Dennis Greenwood-helped carry the team with good routines on high bar and side horse, their "main events." A welcomed addition to the squad was senior Bob Burian whose work on rings, long horse, and high bar was excellent. Junior Trey Mudge improved his trampoline work greatly and promises to be one of the best next year. Walt Barnett contributed good work in all events. These along with Don Braasch, John Noto, and Eugene Levering are the nucleus around which next year's team will be built. Sophomore Steve Gordon burned the mats and dazzled the crowd with his tumbling; he also worked tramp along with Mudge and Braasch. 85ActivitiesHomecoming ’67Jill Hyten Jayne Watson Mike Allaria Mike Henderson Special Attendants Senior Attendants Kathy Barnhart Jacki Finke Tom Dezort Brad BridwellNancy Casey John Busker Linda Ohms Don Braasch Bill Schmidt Kay Erikson Juniors Homecoming Attendants Sophomores Denise Crismon Bob Preloger Randy Hock Karen Brandt Pat Peterson Donna SpeckmanmPillow Talk Presented by the Senior Class--Directed by Miss Lea Ruehlmann Jan Morrow Jonathan Forbes Brad Allen . . Alma .......... Pierot ......... Mrs. Walters Tony Walters Marie .......... Yvette . . . . , Miss Conrad . . Carol Hodson . . . Glen Isaacs . Brad Bridwell . Jayne Watson . . Jim Wiemers Kathie Engelmann ..........Dan Ax . Rita Rohrkaste . Wanda Oglesby . Chris Clarkin Supervisor . . Miss .Dickenson Policeman . . , Bessie . . . . Mrs. Frost . . Mrs. Ames. . Graham . . . . Girl in Club . Tilda........... Ann............. Marie Steelman Virginia Hans Tony Berends Tanya Collins Lucia Lamkin . Margie Yack . Tom Newton Janet Dickess Irene Thatcher . Chris WeberChristmas Concert Choral Director - Mr. Kessinger Band Director - Mr. EtzkornChoir Robing Under the direction of Mr. Kessinger,Powder Puff Basketball Game Senior Girls, 36 - Junior Girls, 6 Faculty-Firemen Basketball Game E.H.S. Faculty singes Edwardsville FiremenPortraitsRow 1: Herbert Brockmeier—Secretary; Roy Fruit— Coffee, Wendelin Pass, Willard Pfeiffer, Nich Hamilos— President; A. Gordon Dodds--Superintendent of Schools; board members. Paul Heepke, Member. Row 2: Chester Buchta, Gary Board of Education Mr. Brockmeier talks to Mr. Fruit about problems concerning School District 7. Mr. Dodds looks over the fiscal reports. V'F OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Firnhaber . . registrar Mrs. Borgstede . . secretary Mrs. Roseberry . . bookkeeper Miss Becker .... secretary CAFETERIA STAFF: Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Kirchner, Mrs. Grosenheider, Mrs. Paproth, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Van Hooser, Mrs. Neuhaus, Mrs. Meyer, (not pictured--Mrs. Schmidt). PAGE SPONSORS AUERBACH'S EDWARDSVILLE GLASS AND SEAT COVER SERVICE HELPEE-SELFEE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS LISBON SHOP 103 CUSTODIAN STAFF: Row 1: Mr. Weigand, Mr. Bowles, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Robinson. Row 2: Mrs. Strassen, Mr. Neubauer, Mr. Bernicky (Head Custodian), Mr. Jackson, Mr. Holtman.Senior Class Officers Row 1: Tom Barr-Vice President, Joe Leitner-President. Row 2: Jill Kohli-Treasurer, Julia Burrus- Secretary PAGE SPONSOR: 104 REMBRANDT STUDIOSDAVID ABRAM PEGGY ASSELMEIER German Club 2; Biology Club 2; Social Studies Club 3 4-GAA 3,4; Prom Committee 3. DONNA ATKINSON Prom Hostess 2; French Club 2; Biology Club 4; GAA 4. DANIEL AX Photography Club 2,3,4 (Pres. 3,4); SIT 3,4 (Pres. 4); Interclub 3; "Tiger Times” 4; "Pen Inklings” 3,4; Chorus 3; A Capella 4, Class Play 3,4; National Thespian Society 4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Golf 3,4; Baseball 2. WENDY BALDRIDGE Archery 2,3; Football 2,3,4; Track 2. DENNY AGLES German Club 2; Lettermen's Club 4; Card and Record Club 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Cross Country 2; Baseball 2. MICHAEL ALJETS Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 3,4; A Capella 3,4; Biology Club 3,4; Lettermon's Club 3,4; Latin Club 3; Archery 3. MICHAEL ALLARIA Spanish Club 2,3; Stamp and Coin Club 2,3; Bridge Club 3,4 (Sec. 3,4); Dramatics Club 4; Lettermen's Club 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Class Officer 3 (Treas.); Homecoming Court 2,4. GARY ARTH Chorus 2; Biology Club 2; Spanish Club 2, Archery 3-Table Tennis 3; Student Council 2. STEVEN ASKINS Chess Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Stamp and Coin Club 3-Historical Battle Games 4 (Pi :s.).DENISE BANJAVIC Social Studies Club 2,3; Math Club 2; Chess Club 2,3; Girls Gymnastics 4; Card and Record Club 4; Music Listening Club 2; Class Play 4; Prom Committee 3. KATHY BARNHART Music Listening Club 2; Latin Club 2, SIT 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; GAA 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Homecoming Court 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Table Tennis 4. THOMAS BARR Football 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Track 3,4; A Capella 4; Chorus 3; Music Listening Club 3,4; Chess Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Prom Committee 3; Class Officer 4 (Pres.) BEVERLY BARTELS FHA 2,3,4 (Sec. 3); Office Worker 2,3,4. STEVE BARTLETT Stamp and Coin Club 2; Chesr Club 2; French Club 3 4 (V-pres. 4); Spanish Club 4. BEVERLY BAZAILLION FHA (V-pres. 3, Pres. 4). JANIE BECKER Latin Club 2; MusicListeningClub2,3,4;Band 2,3,4; Chorus 2; Math Club 2; Baroque Recorder Club 4, A Capella 3,4. DEBBIE BELL French Club 2; FT A 4. SHARON BENSE FHA 2,3,4 (Treas. 4); Prom Committee 3; Chorus 2,3,4. TONY BE RENDS Biology Club 2; Prom Committee 3; Dramatics Club 4; Record Club 4; Class Play 4.PAULA BERTELS German Club 2; Chorus 2; Biology Club 4. MADELINE BEST Carterville High School 2,3; A Capella 3,4; Girls Gymnastics 4; FHA 4; GAA 4. LARRY BEYER KAY BISHOP Latin Club 2; Fencing Club 2 (Sec.); Girls Gymnastics 4; Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Math Team 2,3. BETTY BOCCALEONI French Club 2,3,4 (Pres. 4); Table Tennis 4; Miss Sloan s Helper 4; Prom Committee 3. MIKE BOLLMAN Biology Club 2,3,4; SIT 4. BOB BOLI MAN Spanish Club 2; Arche 17 3; Record Club 4. ALBERT BOTHMAN Chess Club 2,3. PETER BRADBURY Forensics Club 3,4 (Pres. 4); Biology Club 2,3,4 (Pres. 4); National Honor Society 3,4 (Pres. 4); TIGER 4; Band 2,4; Class Play 3. DAVID BRANDT Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Music Listening Club 3,4.BONNIE BRAVE German Club 2,3; Biology Club 3; Social Studies Club 4; Chess Club 4; Chorus 2,3; TIGER 4; Prom Committee 2,3; GAA 3,4; Film Club 3. AVA BRAY MAN Spanish Club 3; Chorus 4; GAA 3,4; Library 3,4; Prom Committee 3. BILL BREIHAN Biolog}' Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 3,4. BRAD BRIDWELL Chess Club 2, Spanish Club 2,3,4 (V-pres. 3); Baseball 2; Student Council 2; Homecoming Court 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Prom Committee 3; National Thespian Society 4. LORRAINE BUESSER Business Education Club 4. GLENDA BUNDY Marshall High School 2; GAA 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Music Listening Club 3,4; Chorus 3,4. ROBERT BUR I AN RICHARD BURROUGHS Biology Club 2; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Chorus 2; Cross Country 2,3; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,3; Class Play 3,4. JULIA BURRUS Music Listening 2,3,4; French Club 2; Chorus 2,3,4(Pres. 3,4); Table Tennis 3,4; SIT 3; Prom Committee 3; Class Play 4; Class Officer 4 (Sec.); Student Council 4; GAA 3,4; Film Club 3. ROY SAM BURTON Dramatics Club 4; Record Club 4; Letterman's Club 4-Football 3; FNA 3; Chess Club 4; Class Play 4.DAVID CARPENTER JOHN CARPENTER PAM CARTER Art Club 2; Music Listening Club 3; Chess Club 4; Record and Card Club 4; Class Play 4. KATHLEEN CERNY Chorus 2,3; A Capella 4; Music Listening Club 2,3,4; Art Club 2. DENNIS CHESNUTT CHRISTINE CLARION French Club 2; Dramatics Club 3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Class Play 3,4; National Thespian Society 4; GAA 3,4. JIM CLEMONS Gymnastics 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 2,4; Lettermen's Club 4; Gymnastics Club 3,4; Stamp and Coin Club 2,3; Spanish Club 3 (Pres.); Class Officer 2 (Pres.); Student Council 2,3; Interclub 2,3. KENNETH CLINE Historical Battles Club 4. TANYA COLLINS Girls' Gymnastics 2,3 (Sec.); Prom Committee 3; Art Club 2; Bridge Club 3; Dramatics Club 4; Folk Song Club 4 (V-pres.); Forensics Club 4; A Capella 3,4 (Treas. 4)-Class Play 4; GAA 3. MIKE COMBS Chess Club 2,3,4 (V-Pres. 4); Lettermen's Club 2,3,4-Prom Committee 3; Cross Country 2,3,4; Track 2 3 4-Chorus 3.NANCY COOPEK German Club 2; Music Listening Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Chorus 2,3,4 (Sec, 4); GAA 3,4. PHIL COOPER Basketball 2,3; Band 2,3,4; TIGER 3,4; Photography Club 4; Chess Club 4. KENNY COTTRELL DARLENE CRABTREE FHA 2,3,4; Librarian 2,3; Library Club 2,3; Miss Sloan’s Helper 4. DONNA CRISMON Chorus 2,3; Biology Club 3; SIT 3,4 (Sec. 3, Pres. 4); Table Tennis 4; "Pen Inklings " 4; Miss Sloan's Helper 3; Prom Committee 3; Prom Hostess 2; GAA 3,4; A Capella 4; National .Honor Society 3,4 (Sec. 4); Librarian 3,4. GARY CROSS ROLAND CRUSE SUSIE DAVIS Library Club 2,3,4 (V-pres. 3); FT A 2; SIT 3,4; GAA 3. BILL DEAN Football 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Basketball 2; Track 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Record Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; Historical Battles Club 4. MARGO DEAN Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Chess Club 2; Music Listening Club 2,3,4; Recorder Club 4; Fencing Club 3; Band 2,3,4.SANDY DeCONCINI Prom Committee 3; Photography Club 3,4; Table Tennis Club 2; Film Club 3. JERRY DEEN Football 2,3,4; Letterinon's Club 3,4; Table Tennis 3,4. ANDREA DEIST Band 2,3,4; German Club 2; Chess Club2;Music Listening Club 3,4; Forensics Club 4; Prom Committee 3. LARRY DETERM AN CHARLENE DeWERFF GAA 3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; FHA 2,3,4 (Sec. 4). TOM DEZORT National Honor Society 3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Cross Country 2; Baseball 2,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Class Officer 3 (Pres.). JANET DICKESS FNA 2,3; Photography Club 2,3,4 (Sec. 4); GAA 2; Forensics Club 4. BONNIE DICKMANN Spanish Club 2,3,4; Class Play 3; Dramatics Club 3,4; National Thespian Society 3,4; Office Helper 2,3,4. CURTIS DICKSHOT MARK DODSON Greenview High School 2,3; French Club 3; "Tiger Times” 4; SIT 4; "Pen Inklings" 4; Film Club 3.BETTY DOERSAM GAA 2; Spanish Club 2. LEON DORSEY '• A 2,3,4 (Sec. 3, Pres. 4); Photography Club 2,3 4-Chorus 2. MARCELLA DORSEY FTA 2,3,4 (Sec. 3, Pres. 4); Student Council 2,3,4; SIT 3 (V-pres. 3); TIGER 3,4; Prom Hostess 2; Prom Committee 3; Class Play 3,4; GAA 4; Girls Gymnastics 4. LORN A DOTRAY Chorus 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; Music Listening Club 3,4. RICHARD DOUGLAS GREG DREXELIUS French Club 2,3; Table Tennis 3,4. ROLLA DURHAM Band 2,3,4 (Pres. 4); Chess Club 2,3,4; Music Listening Club 2,3,4; Film Club 3. TOM DUSTMAN Golf 2; Table Tennis 3,4; Biology Club 3,4 (Sec. 4). MICHAELINE ECK French Club 2,3; Chorus 3,4; FYA 3, Ves. 4); Film Club 3. CRAIG EDEN Band 2; Chess Club 3,4; Stamp and Coin Club 3; Physical Science Club 4.LARRY ELLISON REMBRANDT STUDIO JOHN FENSTERMAN SIT 4; Photography Club 4; Wrestling 4. JOHN FIFER JACKI FINKE Girls Gymnastics 3,4 (Treas. 3); Student Council 2,4; Prom Committee 3; Chess Club 2; French Club 2,3; Bridge Club 4; Varsity Cheerleader 4; GAA 2,3; Chorus 2,3,4 (Treas. 3,4); Homecoming Court 3,4. JEANNE FLEMING Wrestling 2,3,4; SIT 4. LINDA EMMONS KATHIE ENGELMANN A Capella 3,4; Chorus 2; Recorder Club4; Music Listening Club 2; Dramatics Club 3,4 (Treas. 4); National Thespian Society 4 (Treas.); Class Play 3,4; Prom Committee 3; SIT 3. DENNIS ERNST FFA 2,3,4 (Rep. 4); Archery Club 3. TERRY FAUVER JED FREDRICK Cahokia High School 2,3; Chorus 4; Audio Visual Club 4; Record Club 4.DAVID GAITHER Alton Senior High School 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Student Council 4. DAN GALLAGHER DENNIS GARDNER JOYCE GATTON Girls Gymnastics 4; Dramatics Club 4; Prom Committee 3; Chorus 2,3; A Capella 4; French Club 2; Music Listening Club 2,3; GAA 3,4. PATTY FORNOFF Art Club 2; Chorus 4. LARRY FREITAG Spanish Club 2,3; Lettermen s Club 3,4; Bridge Club 4; Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Baseball 2,4; Track 3. NANCY FRIEDLINE Latin Club 2; Chess Club 4; GAA 3,4; SIT 3; FT A 3; Girls Gymnastics 4; Prom Hostess 2; Prom Committee 3; Class Play 3,4. CINDY FULTZ Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Music Listening Club 2,4; Film Club 3; Art Club 2; Forensics Club 3; Dramatics Club 3-SIT 3; Table Tennis 4. MARK FUNSTON JOHN GAGLIARDO Math Club 4 (V-pres.); Film Club 3.CINDY GENGLER Office Helper 2; FNA 2; Biology Club 2,3,4; SIT 3,4; ’’Pen Inklings" 3. NANCY GERDT Music Listening Club 2,3; Chorus 2; ACapella 3,4; Baroque Recorder Club 4; Fencing Club 3; Band 2,3,4. RODNEY GILBERT German Club 2,3; Chess Club 2,3; Physical Science Club 4; Math Club 4. SUSAN GESCHWEND Art Club 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Photography Club 2,3. DENNIS GOEBEL Band 2,3,4; FFA 2,3,4. MARIANNE GOGLOZA Spanish Club 2; Business Education Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3. JIM GOODALL DORIS GRAUNKE A Capella 3,4; Chorus 2; Music Listening Club 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; French Club 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Prom Hostess 2. PEGGY GRAY Latin Club 2; Forensics Club 3,4. LINDA GREEN Granite City High 2; Card Club 3,4; Chorus 4. 115SANDY GREEN Music Listening Club 2; Chorus 2,3; ACapella4; FT A 3,4. DENNY GREENWOOD Gymnastics 3,4; Photography Club 2,3,4(Treas. 4, V-pres. 3); FFA 2,3,4 (Treas. 3, V-pres. 4); Student Council 4. THEO HAIRSTON Cross Country 2; Wrestling 2,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4. KENNETH GROTEFENDT FH A 2,3,4 (Treas. 4). PAT HAMILTON Photography Club 2,4; Granite City High 3. SKIP HAMILTON Table Tennis 3,4; Chess Club 3,4. JACK HAMLIN Record Listening Club 4; Folk Singing Club 4; Visual Aids 2,3; Track 2,3,4; Class Officer 2 (V-pres.). DENNIS HAMMER Biology Club 2; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Stamp and Coin Club 2; Historical War Games Club 4; Football 2; Track 2,3,4. BRUCE HAMPTON Chess Club 3; Card Club 4. MELVIN HANKSVIRGINIA HANS Band 2; Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Student Council 2,3; German Club 2,3 (V-pres. 3); Dramatics Club 3,4 (Sec. 4); National Thespian Society 4 (Sec. 4); Social Studies Club 4; Class Play 3,4; TIGER 3,4. WILLARD HANSEL Audio-Visual Aids Club 3,4. CLARK HANSON Band 2; Photography Club 2; Technicians’ Club 2,3; Class Play 3; Prom Committee 3; Physical Science Club 3,4 (Pres. 4); SIT 4; Gymnastics 3. TERRY HARBERS SUE HARGRAVE Prom Committee 3. JOAN HARRIS Spanish Club 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3; Photography Club 4; Record and Card Club 4; Prom Committee 3. Library Club 2,3,4 (V-pres. 4); Forensics Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; GAA 4; Record Club 4. RICHARD HARRISON Historical Battle Games Club 4. NANCY HAWLEY Chorus 2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; GAA 3, SIT 4. NANCY HEBERER Chess Club 3,4; Math Club 4; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Biology Club 3; Prom Committee 3; Office Helper 2.PAULA HESSEL GAA 3,4. JANELLE HEUER Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; SIT 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Library Club 4; Music Listening Club 3; Miss Sloan’s Helper 3. FAYE HIGHLANDER JV Cheerleader 2,3; Class Officer 2; Prom Committee 3; Chorus 2,3; Chess Club 2,3,4; German Club 2; A Capella 4; Music Listening Club 3; Dramatics Club 4; Homecoming Court 2; Office Helper 4; Girls’ Gymnastics 2. DANE HILEMAN Chess Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3; Dramatics Club 4; Student Council 2. SUE ANN HEIDINGER Music Listening Club 2,4; Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Girls’ Gymnastics 4; French Club 2,3; Prom Committee 3;Chess Club 3. JOANN HEIEN Chess Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3; GAA 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Table Tennis Club 3; Girls’ Gymnastics 4; Dramatics Club 4. TOM HELDENBRAND Archery Club 2,3; Chess Club 3. JIM HELLRUNG Latin Club 2; Bridge Club 3; Chess Club 3,4; Table Tennis MIKE HENDERSON Football. 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Baseball 2,3,4; Lettermen’s Club 3,4; Homecoming Court 3,4. CATHY HENDRICKS FHA 2,3,4 (V-pres. 4); Chorus 2.DAVID HILES BEVERLY HOCK Band 2; Chorus 2; Music Listening Club 2; French Club Chess Club 3,4; SIT 4; Class Play 3. MICHAEL HODGE Physical Science Club 2,3,4; Technicians Club 4. CAROL HODSON Chess Club 2,3; FNA 2; Dramatics Club 3,4; Girls Gymnastics 4; Chorus 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Prom Committee 3. COLEEN HOLIDAY ROSIE H OR MANN DAN HORSTMAN Latin Club 2; Chorus 2; Prom Committee 3; Prom Host 2; Student Council 2,3,4 (Treas. 3, Pres. 4); Class Officer 3 (V-pres.); A Capella 3,4; SIT 3; Chess Club 3,4; Music Listening Club 4; Cross Country 2; Tennis 2. JANICE HORTON St. Paul High School 2,3. CHRIS HOUBA Photography Club 2,3; Chess Club 3; Girls' Gymnastics 4; Officer Helper 3. JOE HOTZ TIGER 4; Lettermen’s Club 3,4 (Sec. 4); Bridge Club 4 (Pres. 4); Student Council 4; Latin Club 3; Football 2,3,4.LAURA SUE HOUSE Library Club 2; Music Listening Club 3,4; Band 2,3,4-Fencing Club 3 (Sec.). BARRY HOWARD Physical Science Club 2,3,4. SHARLINE HUNDLEY CAROL HUNT JILL HYTEN German Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Bridge Club 3,4 (Sec. 4); Varsity Cheerleader 3,4; Class Officer 3 (Sec.); Chorus 2; Student Council 3,4 (Scribe 4): National Honor Society 3,4; Office Helper 4; Homecoming Court 2,4; Prom Committee 3; Girls' Gymnastics 2. GLEN ISAACS A Capella 4; Chorus 3; Band 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Prom Host 2; Class Play 3,4; Technicians Club 2,4 (Treas. 4); Photography Club 2; Dramatics Club 4; Folk Singing Club 4. I.ENNIS ISENBERG Table Tennis 2,3,4; Archery Club 3; Photography Club 4. DALE JELLEN ROBERT JENNINGS Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4 (Pres. 4); Music Listening Club 2,3,4 (Pres. 4). LOUIS JOHNSON Football 2,4.ROGER JOHNSON German Club 3,4; Biology Club 2,4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. THERESA JONES French Club 2; Music Listening Club 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Social Studies Club 4; GAA 4. DEBBIE KAHLE Spanish Club 3. BEVERLY KAISER Chorus 2; Music Listening Club 2; Latin Club 2; GAA 3,4; FTA 3,4; Social Studies Club 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Prom Committee 3. JERRY KAPPLER Chess Club 2; Table Tennis 3,4; A Capella 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Folk Singing Club 4; Chorus 2. CHARLES KASSING Track 2,3; Lettermen's Club 4. VIVIAN KEELE GAA 4; SIT 4. RICK KEETON JAMES KEITNER Prom Committee 3. BRENDA KESSINGER Chorus 2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Dramatics Club 4; Record and Card Club 4.SUE KESSLER Wood River High School 2,3. TRINA KLAUS Columbus High School 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Girls' Gymnastics 4; Chorus 4. JIM KLAUSTERMEIER Archery Club 3; Chess Club 4. VICKI KOVARIK Dramatics Club 4; Girls' Gymnastics 4; Chess Club 2,3; Art Club 2,3; GAA 3. RONNIE KRANER Biology Club 2; Chess Club 3. JIM KRAPF Cross Country 3,4. VIC KRUETER Stamp and Coin Club 2; Homecoming Court 2; Chess Club 3; French Club 3; Class Play 3; "TigerTimes” 3,4; SIT 4. CARYL KNECHT Band 2,3; Music Listening Club 2; FHA 2,3,4. JUDY KNOWLES French Club 2,3,4 (Sec. 4); Band 2; Chorus 2,3; A Capella 4; GAA 3; Bridge Club 3; Dramatics Club 4; Prom Committee 3. JILL KOHLI Student Council 2,3,4; Bridge Club 3,4 (V-pres. 3,4); Prom Committee 3; TIGER 3,4 (Co-editor 4); Class Officer 4 (Treas. 4); Spanish Club 2,3,4 (Pres. 4); National Honor Society 3,4; FT A 2; Chorus 2,3; Class Play 3; Film Club 3. PAGE SPONSOR: EDWIN G. KOHLI, PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERCAROL KRUSCHIK JOHN KRUSCHIK KENNY KUBICEK Band 2; German Club 2,3,4 (Pres. 4); Class Play 3. BRUCE KUETHE Technicians Club 3,4. DANA KULP French Club 2,3,4; SIT 3,4; Chorus 2,3; ACapella 4; Prom Committee 3; "Pen Inklings" 4; GAA 3. WALTER KYRO GAIL LADWIG French Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Record Club 4. KATHY LAMBERT French Club 2; Chorus 2,3; Chess Club2,3,4(Sec. 3, Pres. 4); Bridge Club 3; GAA 2,3; "Tiger Times" 3,4 (Editor 4); Dramatics Club 4; Prom Committee 3. LUCIA LAMKIN German Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Chorus 2,3; Bridge Club 3; GAA 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; A Capella 4; Prom Committee 3; Film Club 3; Office Helper 2,3,4. ROSE MARY LANDERS French Club 2; SIT 3; Business Education Club 3,4 (Pres. 4, V-pres. 3); Chess Club 4.DAN LAN DO German Club 2,4; Biology Club 2; Physical Science Club 3,4; Baseball 2,4. LINDA LEE Belleville West High 2,3; Math Club 4; Dramatics Club 4. JOE LEITNER Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3; Golf 2; Track 3,4; Lettermenfs Club 2,3,4 (Pres. 4); National Honor Society 3,4 (Y-pres. 4); Class Officer 4 (Pres.); TIGER 3,4 (Co-editor 4). GREG LEWIS TOM LEIBLER "Tiger Times” 3,4; Social Studies Club 2,3; Archery Club 3; Class Play 3; Chess Club 4; Chorus 2; Film Club 3. SHIRLEY LIENEMANN CHARLES LIENEM ANN DENNIS LILIENSIEK Table Tennis 2,3; Chess Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 4. DENNIS LINKEMAN FFA 2,3; Table Tennis 3,4; Technicians Club 4. HAZEL LOGSDON Business Education Club 3.CHRIS LONG Latin Club 2; FNA 2,3,4 (Treas. 4); Art Club 3; Prom Committee 3; Chorus 3,4; Class Play 4. DIANA LOPEZ FHA 3; Girls Gymnastics 3,4; Venice High School 2. DEBBIE LUCKETT German Club 2; Business Education Club 3; Social Studies Club 3; Prom Committee 3; SIT 4; GAA 3,4. SANDRA MADISON GAA 3,4 (Hist. 4); Social Studies Club 4; Music Listening Club 4; French Club 2,3; Math Club 3; Band 2,3,4. LLOYD MARCUS PAGE MARTI Art Club 2. LINDA McCLARA DAVID McEWEN Technicians Club 3. LONNIE MCFARLANDVALERIE MITCHELL KATHY MODENE Biology Club 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; FNA 2,3,4; GAA 3,4. DAN MOODY Chess Club 2,3,4. CATHY MOORE Art Club 3. 126 THERESA MEEK Chorus 2,3; Spanish Club 2; Student Council 3; Art Club 3; GAA 3,4; FNA 4; Dramatics Club 4; Class Play 4.’ ELLEN MESSERLY German Club 2; Forensics Club 3,4; Art Club 3; Recorder Club 4. JOHN MEYER Biology Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3; SIT 4; Record Club 4; Social Studies Club 2. BOB MICHAELS DAVID M INDR UP Tennis 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Table Tennis 4. BRAD MITCHELL Archery Club 2,3; Music Listening Club 4.LARRY MOORE Student Council 2; Table Tennis Club 2,3; Archery Club 3; Chess Club 2; Golf 2,3,4. STEVE MOORE Latin Club 2; Table Tennis Club 3;Stampand Coin Club 2,3; TIGER 3,4; Biology Club 4; Student Council 4; SIT 4; "Pen Inklings" 4. SANDRA MORGAN Library Club 2,3,4; Fornesics Club 3,4 (Sec.4); Dramatics Club 3; Chorus 3,4. MARTHA MORROW Latin Club 2 (Treas.); Music Listening Club 2 (V-pres.); Chorus 2; Band 2,3,4; A Capella 3,4; Class Play 3; Student Council 2,3,4 (V-pres. 4); Prom Committee 3; SIT 3,4 (Pres. 3, V-pres. 4); "Pen Inklings" 3,4 (Editor 4); Interclub Council 3; Dramatics Club 3,4 (Pres. 4); National Thespian Society 4 (Pres.). RUSSELL MOSELEY Social Studies Club 3; Stamp and Coin Club 3 (Treas.); Record Club 4; Folk Music Club 4; Chorus 2. SUSIE MUDGE Band 2,3,4; A Capella 3,4; Music Listening Club 2,3,4 (Sec. 4); Latin Club 2; Fencing Club 3; Recorder Club 4. SALLY MUNZERT Prom Committee 3; Chess Club 3,4; FT A 4; GAA 4. LANCE MURRAY Math Team 2; Physical Science Club 3,4; Math Club 3,4. JANICE NEESE Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Band 2; French Club 2; Social Studies Club 3,4 (Sec. 4); FTA 4 (Sec.); GAA 3,4. TOM NEWTON Football 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Biology Club 2,3; German Club 2; Bridge Club 4. 127BETTY NICHOLS Art Club 2; Chess Club 3,4; Table Tennis Club 3; Record Club 4. BOB NEIBL1NG Latin Club 2; Physical Science Club 3,4; Chess Club 3,4. JEANNE NUERNBERGER French Club 2; Band 2,3,4; Music Listening Club 3,4; Social Studies Club 4; GAA 4. CATHY ODELL WANDA OGLESBY Music Listening Club 2; Latin Club 2 (sec.); Chorus 2; Math Club 3; FT A 3; Homecoming Court 3,4 (Queen 4); A Capella 3,4 (Sec. 4); SIT 4 (Sec.); Dramatics Club 4; Class Play 4; National Thespian Society 4. KAREN ONTKO Dramatics Club 4; ’’Tiger Times" 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Spanish Club 3,4 (Sec. 3,4); GAA 3; Film Club 3; Class Play 4. MARK OSTENDORF Latin Club 2; Chess Club 3,4; Table Tennis Club 2,3,4 (Sec. 3, V-pres. 4); Baseball 2,3,4. DONNA OWENS FNA 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Biology Club 2. JOHN PADGETT Spanish Club 2,3,4. SUE PALMER French Club 2,3,4; Table Tennis Club 3; Girls Gymnastics 4; Chorus 3,4; Band 2.KENNY PAPE GARY PENDLETON ED PIPER Prom Committee 3; Table Tennis Club 3,4; Lettermen's Club 4; Chess Club 4; Golf 3,4; Football 2,3,4. CAROL PONTIUS German Club 2,3,4 (Sec. 4); Art Club 3 (Treas. 3); Class Play 4; GAA 3,4; Dramatics Club 4. SUZANNE PORTER French Club 2; Table Tennis Club 3,4; Chess Club 3,4 (Pres. 4); Prom Committee 3; GAA 4; Class Play 4. Baseball 2; Chorus 3; A Capella 4; Table Tennis Club 3,4; Biology Club 2; Technicians Club 3; Photography Club 4. NANCY PAPE Chorus 4; Chess Club 3; FHA 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Office Helper 2,3. DEBBIE PAUR Chorus 2,3 (Sec. 2,3); French Club 2,3,4 Sec. 4); Music Listening Club 2; Table Tennis Club 3,4 (V-pres. 4); Prom Committee 3; Miss Sloan's Helper 4; Class Play 4. DAVID PEEK Band 2,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; Music Listening Club 2,3,4 (V-pres. 4); A Capella 3,4 (V-pres. 4); Basketball 2,3; Baseball 2,3,4; Student Council 4. KEVIN PELHANK Spanish Club 2,3; Chess Club 2; Football 2,3; A Capella 3,4; Chorus 2. CARLA PENCE German Club 2,3 (Treas. 3); Biology Club 3; Social Studies Club 4; SIT 4; A Capella 3,4; Chorus 2; Prom Committee 3; Prom Hostess 2; Class Play 4; Band 2,3,4; GAA 3,4.MARILYN RATZLAFF Music Listening Club 2; Chorus 2,3; German Club 3; A Capella 4; GAA 3,4. CAROL REID GAA 2,3,4; Art Club 3; Chorus 2,3. RICK RENKEN CHERI REVELL French Club 2,3; Chess Club 2,3; Girls Gymnastics 4; Record Club 4; Prom Committee 3. SUSAN POTTER German Club 2; FT A 2,3,4 (V-pres. 4); Social Studies Club 3,4 (Pres. 4); Film Club 3 (Treas.); Prom Hostess 2; Prom Committee 3; TIGER 4; National Honor Society 3,4 (Treas. 4); GAA 3,4 (V-pres. 4); Class Play 4; Chorus 2. DON PRICE Biology Club 3,4; Forensics Club 4; A Capella 4; Baseball 3. MYRON PROVENCE Baseball 2,3,4; Social Studies Club 3,4; Historic Battle Club 4. MARY QUADE ALICE RAAB Art Club 2; Table Tennis Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Class Play 4. BILL RANEKBILL RICHARDSON JOE REIGER Football 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Baseball 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4 (Treas. 4); Student Council 3,4; Latin Club 2; Bridge Club 4. JANICE RIZZOLI French Club 2,3; Class Play 3; Prom Committee 3; Table Tennis Club 3,4 (Treas. 3,4); GAA 3,4; Chorus 4; Music Listening Club 4. LINDA ROBERTSON French Club 2; SIT 3,4. DANNY ROBIEN Coin and Stamp Club 2,3 (Treas. 3); Table Tennis Club 3,4; Archery Club 3; Dramatics Club 4. LINDA ROBINSON Chorus 3,4. GLENN ROGERS Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Biology Club 2; German Club 2,3,4; Physical Science Club 3,4 (Sec. 4). RANDY ROHRKASTE Student Council 2; Art Club 2; French Club 3; Folk Song Club 4; Prom Committee 3. RITA ROHRKASTE PETE ROM BACH 131DENNY SCHEIBE DANNY SCHIPKOWSKI French Club 2,3,4; Card Club 4. CARLA SCHMIDT Band 2,3,4; Photography Club 2; Music Listening Club 3; Fencing Club 3 (V-pres.); Class Play 3; Girls Gymnastics 3,4. LENNIE SCHMIDT Latin Club 2; Band 2,3; Music Listening Club 2; Wrestling 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Folk Song Club 4. RODGER SCHMIDT Dramatics Club 3,4; Forensics Club 4; Class Play 3,4. SUZANNE SCHMIDT Prom Committee 3; Social Studies Club 3,4; GAA 2,3,4 (Pres. 4). TERRY SCHMIDT German Club 2; Chorus 2; Golf 2,3,4; A Capella 3,4; Chess Club 2,3; Music Listening Club 4. KAREN SCHNEIDER DEBBIE SCHULTE German Club 2. DIANE SCHUMACHER Student Council 2,3,4 (Scribe 3, Sec. 4); FT A 2; Spanish Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Math Club 4 (Pres.); Office Helper 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; GAA 3,4; A Capella 3,4; Chorus 2; Music Listening Club 3,4; Math Team 2,3. TOM SIDO Music Listening Club 2; Table Tennis Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 3; Latin Club 2; Band 2,3,4; Bridge Club 3; Basketball 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Film Club 3. DIANA S1EVERS German Club 2; GAA 3,4 (Sec. 4); Prom Committee 3; Film Club 3; Bridge Club 3; Class Play 3,4; Table Tennis Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; TIGER 4. JUDY SIEVERS Music Listening Club 2; Chorus 2; ACapella3,4; Table Tennis Club 3,4 (Sec. 3,4); FT A 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Library Club 4 (Pres.); Prom Committee 3; Student Council 4; Latin Club 2; GAA 3,4; Math Team 3; Class Play 3. JIM SIMMS Table Tennis Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 3,4; Record Club 4; Track 2,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3. PAUL SCHUTZ Basketball 3; Table Tennis Club 3,4. LEE SCHWEIGER German Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; Prom Committee 2. JOE SHAW Table Tennis Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 4; Archery Club 2,3; Record Club 4; Basketball 2; War Games Club 4. JOHN SHELLY Table Tennis Club 2,3,4. RICH SHIMUNEK GEORGE SHINDELPAT SIMPSON RUTH SIMPSON Spanish Club 2,4; Office Helper 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Class Play 4. JANICE SINGLETON French Club 2; Table Tennis Club 3,4. SHARON SMITH GAA 3,4; Film Club 3; Table Tennis Club 3,4. PAT SNADJR Spanish Club 2; GAA 3,4. SARAH SOUTH BEV SPARKS GAA 3,4; Chess Club 3,4; Art Club 2,3,4; Class Play 3,4. GARY SPILLER SHERI SPURLIN Film Club 3; GAA 3,4; Prom Committee 3; FHA 3,4; Girls Gymnastics 4. NANCY STARNES FT A 2,3; German Club 2,3; Math Club 4 (Sec. 4); Music Listening Club 4; Prom Committee 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; GAA 3,4; Class 134 play 3,4.CONNIE STARR Band 2; Biology Club 2; Spanish Club 3; Music Listening Club 3; Table Tennis Club 4; Chess Club 4. MARIE STEELMAN Dramatics Club 3,4 (V-Pres. 4); Class Play 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Girls Gymnastics 4; GAA 3,4; Miss Sloan’s Helper 3,4; Chorus 2; Social Studies Club 2; FHA 2. BARB STEVENS VICKI STEWART FHA 2,3,4; Library Club 2,3; Girls Gymnastics 4; Chorus 2; Prom Committee 3. ALLAN STIMAC Latin Club 2; Basketball 2; Biology Club 3,4. JOHN STROH Baseball 2; Table Tennis Club 4; Record Club 4. SUSIE SULC Art Club 2,3; Chess Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 4; Girls Gymnastics 4; GAA 3,4. DAVE SVOBODA CHARLES TEDRICK Biology Club 2; Technicians Club 3,4 (Sec. 4); Chorus 3; A Capella 4; Music Listening Club 3,4; Band 2,3,4. BEV TENICK Art Club 2,3; Table Tennis Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Prom Hostess 2; Chess Club 4; Class Play 3,4; GAA 3,4. 135KEN TERRY Latin Club 2; SIT 4; Photography Club 4; Gymnastics 2. IRENE THATCHER Dramatics Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Girls Gymnastics 4; Cheerleading 2,3,4 (JV 2, Varsity 3,4); Class Play 2,3; Prom Committee 3; National Thespian Society 4; Chorus 2,3 (V-Pres. 3); GAA 4; Student Council 3. JERRY THIRION Latin Club 3; Photography Club 4; Record Club 4; Folk Song Club 4. MARSHIA TIEK Latin Club 2; Band 2,3,4; FT A 3; SIT 3; GAA 3,4; Prom Committee 2,3; Class Play 3,4; Chess Club 4. PAM TOLLIVER Dramatics Club 3,4; French Club 2; GAA 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Prom Committee 3. MARILYN TRETTER Spanish Club 2; SIT 3,4; Dramatics Club 3; Biology Club 4; "Tiger Times" 3,4; Chorus 3,4; Class Play 3; "Pen Inklings" 4. JANET TURNBEAUGH DAVID VAN VERTLOO Photography Club 3,4 (V-Pres. 4); SIT 3,4; A Capella 3,4; Chorus 2; Golf 2,3,4; "Pen Inklings" 3,4. JIM VEST Football 2; Cross Country 3; Track 2,3,4; SIT 3; "Tiger Times" 4. JUDY VIETH Spanish Club 2,3,4; FT A 3; Prom Committee 3; Office Helper 4.DAVID VOTHAIN KAY WAHL Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Music Listening Club 3,4; Student Council 4. DAVE WALLACE Arthur Hill High 2,3; Football 4. GARLAND WALLACE Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4. JIM WALLACE Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2; Table Tennis Club 3,4; Record Club 4. BYRON WALTER Technicians Club 2,3,4 (V-Pres. 3, Pres. 4); French Club 2; Dramatics Club 3,4; Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Band 2,3,4. Band 2,3,4 (V-Pres. 3,4); A Capella 4; Music Listening Club 2,3; Recorder Club 4; Fencing Club 3 (Pres.). NANCY WARREN Chorus 2,3,4 (V-Pres. 4); FNA 2; Student Council 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Music Listening Club 3,4; GAA 4. ALLEN WASHINGTON Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4. JAYNE WATSON French Club 2,3; Chess Club 2; Girls Gymnastics 3 (V-Pres.); Dramatics Club 4; Bridge Club 4; Chorus 2,3; A Capella 4; Cheerleading 4 (Varsity); Homecoming Court 2,4; Prom Committee 3; Class Play 3,4.CHRIS WEBER Class Play 3,4; German Club 2; Chess Club 3; Dramatics Club 3,4; GAA 3; Miss Sloan's Helper 3; Record Club 4. RAY WEBER National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 4; Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 (V-Pres. 4); Biology Club 2,3,4 (V-Pres. 4); Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; TIGER 4. ROGER WEISE Latin Club 2; Chess Club 3,4; Music Listening Club 4; A Capella 3,4; Math Club 3; Chorus 2; Golf 2. LEO WELCH Student Council 2; Table Tennis Club 3,4; Record Club 4. TOM WERNER JACKIE. WHITE Latin Club 2; FT A 2,3; Dramatics Club 4; Library Club 4; Class Play 4; Band 2,3; Record Club 4. KENNY WHITE Lettermen's Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Track 2,3,4, LOUIS WHITE Baseball 2; Spanish Club 2,3; Record Club 4. RAY WHITLOCK Cafeteria helper 2,3,4; Projectionist 2. DALE WHITTAKER Chess Club 2,3,4 (V-Pres. 2,4); Table Tennis Club 2,4; Social Studies Club 3. 138LYNN WHYERS Band 2,3; Business Education Club 4 (Sec.). TERRY WIEGAND Projectionist 2. JIM WIEMERS Art Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; National Thespian Society 4; SIT 4; Class Play 3,4; Chorus 2; A Capella 3,4. CHERYL WILDGRUBE French Club 2; Business Education Club 4 (Treas.); Prom Committee 3. BILL WILLIAMS DAVID WILLIAMS Audio Visual Aids Club 2,3,4; Table Tennis Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2. KAY WILLIAMS Library Club 3; GAA 3. RANDY WILLIAMS Track 2; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 4; Lettermen's Club 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Film Club 3. BILL WILSON TOM WILSON Baseball 2; Track 2. 139 CHRIS WINTER ClS) 3h4C1Ul 2,3; TablG TennlS Club 3,4 (Sec 4); Chess BRENT WOHLFORD Biology Club 2,3,4; Table Tennis Club 2,3.4 (Treas 2 Pres. 3,4); Tennis 2,3,4. BRUCE WOOLDRIDGE Math Club 2,3,4 (Treas. 4); Physical Science Club 2,3. MARGIE YACK Office Helper 3,4; German Club 2; Chess Club 3; Bridge Club 3; Girls Gymnastics 4; Record Club 4; Class Play 4; GAA 3; Prom Committee 3. WANDA YORK Spanish Club 3,4. page SPONSORS: WALT SCHLEMER REALTY AND INSURANCE AGENCY BEN FRANKLIN STORES PIZZA KINGIllinois State Scholarship Semifinalists: Row 1: K. Engelman, B. Hock, J. Becker, C. Warhol, M. Tretter, S. House. K. Bishop, G. Ladwig, J. Hyten, D. Sievers, B. Brave. Row 2: K. Lambert, W. Oglesby, D. Crismon, V. Hans, J. Kohli, N. Starnes, S. Potter, B. Tenick, J. Sievers, A. Raab. Row 3: L. Lamkin. D. Schumacher, M. Morrow, C. Pontius, N. Gerdt, C. Fultz, M. Ratzlaff, P. Bertles, S. Porter,S.Madison, C. Pence. Row 4: R. Weber, P. Bradbury, L. Murray, J. Hotz, M. Bollman, J. Meyer, B. Breihan, P. Cooper, J. Leitner, R. Johnson, K. Kubicek, S. Askins. Senior Honors Vickie Stewart, 1967-68 winner of the Future Homemakers A-ward. SA R-winner, Joe Leitner and DAR-winner, Jill Kohli. Peter Bradbury and Kay Bishop, National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists,Senior LEADERSHIP - Joe Leitner, Martha Morrow, Jill Kohli, Dan Horstman. SCHOLARSHIP - Peter Bradbury, Donna Crismon, Kay Bishop, Ray Weber. ATHLETIC - Diana Sievers, Jim Clemons, Suzanne Schmidt, not pictured. Gary Spiller.Personalities TALENTED - Wanda Oglesby, Tanya Collins, Rolla Durham, Bob Jennings. :gp iJ [T L i ' if IB '•Class Officers 145 Dobby Rogers Bill Schmidt Treasurer V. President Cindy Reise . Tad Armstrong Secretary PresidentRow One, Top to Bottom; John Abbott, Deanna Adair, Robert Akers, Frances Aleksiak, Scott Aljets, David Allen, Janet Allen. Row Two: Tom Allen, Thomas Altefogt, Tad Armstrong, Sandra Ash, Kay Aubrecht, Craig Aumann, Mark Autenrieb. Row Three: Keith Baer, Karen Bardelmeier, Walter Barnett, Kathy Bartels, Rick Bartels, Randy Bennette, Argia Bertolina. Row Four: Roberta Best, Greg Black, Linda Boccaleoni, Gene Bode, Diane Born, Don Braasch, Sharon Brayman. Row Five: Jeff Breihan, Deborah Brodie, Dwight Brown, Pam Brown, Sharon Brown, Patty Brubaker, Dan Brunworth. Row Six: Lois Buchta, Madonna Buckingham, Roger Buesser, Lynn Bulmer, John Busker, Donna Caban, Patricia Caddy. Row Seven: Alan Campbell, Loresa Carpenter, Nancy Casey, Deborah Caulk, Mary Caulk, Ella Chesnutt, Joey Cochran. Row Eight: Tom Colley, Sue Cook, Rhonda Copeland, Sherry Corbin, Monica Cox, Rose Mary Craft, Martha Cress. Row Nine: Mark Cristel, Gloria Crite, Sharon Crites, Walter Crowe, Pam Crump, Richard Cruse, Dave Cullipher. 146Row One, Top to Bottom; Maude Daily, Brenda Dale, Glenn Daniels, Terrilee Davenport, Danny Davidson, Martha Dean, Bill De Coneini. Row Two: Mike DeConcini, Judith Dedert, Kathy Dickey, John Donner, Darrell Douglas, Jane Doyle, Sharon Durr. Row Three: Charles Duvall, Barb Eaker, Joan Eaker, Jay Eberle, Ray Eberle, David Ebrecht, Beth Eck. Row Four: Edward Eckert, Keith Edwards, Ann Eidson, Paul Elliot, Dorothy Ellis, Gerald Emshousen, Kevin Engbretson. Row Five: Steven Engelke, Tony Engel, David Erb, Kay Erickson, Dennis Erlich, Roger Ernst, Valera Evans. Row Six: Susan Eyman, Danny Ezell, Larry Farrell, Pam Fellhauer, Josephine Fifer, Ricky Eickmann, Linda Foster. Row Seven: Toni Fox, Gary Franklin, Kathy Franklin, Larry Franklin, Linda Frantz, Richard Frey, Donna Frueh. Row Eight: Bill Fuller, Janny Gallagher, Kevin Gallagher, Steven Gallatin, Rhonda Galliher, Jerry Gardner. Row Nine: Mary Garner, Bill Gaston, Kathy Gatton, Gary Gebhart, George Gibson, Richard Gillig, Richard Goodall.Row One, Top to Bottom; Betty Gordon, Pat Gregor, Diane Grotefendt, Marlin Gusewelle, Stephen Haarmann, Jim Hackett, Charlene Hairston. Row Two: Charles Hall, Diane Hall, Bill Halstead, Daniel Hamilos, Cindy Hanfelder, Gerald Hans, Linell Hanson. Row Three: Jeani Harbers, Ellen Harbison, Frank Harbison, Dennis Harbry, Tom Harrell, Buddy Harris, Elizabeth Harris. Row Four: Jon Harris, Jean Harrison, Joan Harrison, Kaye Hawley, Brenda Hayes, Neal Hayes, Charles Heepke. Row Five: James Heine, David Helmkamp, Kenneth Henke, Dennis 148 Hentz, Randall Hessel, Paula Hester, Gina Hillberry. Row Six: Donna Hogue, Michael Horsley, Theresa Horvath, Robert Hotz, Donna Howells, Michael Howells, Charles Howerton. Row Seven: Rodney Howlett, Raymond Hunt, William Huntress, Carol Huskey, Kay Hymel, Barb Ingram, Paul Jenkins. Row Eight: Linda Johnson, Ralph Johnson, Barbara Jones, David Jones, Ray Jumper, Diane Jurgena, Erick Keeton, Row Nine: Dale Keller, Michael Kershaw, Barbara Kessel, George Kessel, Marilee Kessler, William Kibikas, Barbara King. Row One , Top to Bottom; Roy King, Charles Kinsey, Michael Kircher, Trish Kirchner, Daniel Klenke, Stephen Klingel, Jack Klobnak. Row Two: Rita Knecht, KaiKosanke, Thomas Kribs, Edward Kriege, Kevin Krotz, Karen Krumeich, Judy Kruse. Row Three: Kay Kubicek, Dodie Ladd, Linda Ladwig, Darlene Lamkin, Lois Lee, Eugene Levering, Jennifer Lewis. Row Four: Marlene Lienemann, Eddie Linn, Cynthia Loebach, Calvin Lott, Clark Lott, Donald Lovell, Jack Lovett. Row Five: Cynthia Loyd, Michael Luchtifield, Robert Lytle, Shirley Madison, Rich Mareing, Dennis Martin, Kim Martin. Row Six: David Martini, Judith Mateer, David May, Theresa McClellan, James McCoy, Dennis McCracken, Robert Means. Row Seven: Robert Meintrup, John Merkel, Charles Meyer, Gayle Meyer, Mary Meyer, Denise Mikes, Don Miller. Row Eight: Patricia Miller, Ruth Miller, Walter Miller, Marilee Mindrup, Cindy Missey, Vicki Mize, Mary Modene. Row Nine: Cathy Moore, Charles Moore, Michele Morgan, Gary Morrison, Dick Mudge, John Mueggenburg, Debbie Mullen.How One, Top to Bottom; Nancy Munzert, David Nelson, Mindy Neuenschwander, Mark Nischwitz, John Noto, Janice Noud, Ray O'Dell. Row Two: Kara Ohm, Linda Ohms, Mark O'Laughlin, David Ostendorf, Charles Paddock, Jim Parker, Evelyn Parrott. Row Three: Winnie Patterson, Margaret Peo, Kay Peters, Mark Peterson, Kitty Platt, Judy Poneta, Kay Pontius. Row Four: Roger Poos, Barb Pritchard, Jim Pulliam, Shelly Randall, Cindy Reise, Brenda Reiter. Row Five: Eddie Renfrow, Scott Renken, George Riecan, Bill Rieger, Robert Riggins,Carol Ringering, Debby Rogers. Row Six: Joyce Rogers, Cynthia Rosenthal, Susan Ruemmler, Dennis St. John, Mary Sampson, Cheryl Sauerwein. Row Seven: AlanSchipkowski, Linda Schmidt, Rosemary Schmidt, Bill Schmidt, Bonnie Schoenleber, Janet Schoettle, Susan Schwager. Row Eight: Jerry Schwear, Pam Seaton, Keith Sedlacek, Dottle Shaffer, Kevin Shaffer, Suzanne Shaw, Carl Shimunek. Row Nine: Mary Shimunek, Alan Shoptaw, Jean Short, Ann Shreffler, Kevin Sido, Janice Slaby, Harold Slemmer. 150Row One, Top to Bottom: Kathy Sllpis, John Small, Larry Stewart, John Smith, Marchie Smith, Patti Smith, Rich Solomon, Mike Soper. Row Two: Allan Spiller, Lynne Spiller, Randy Stalhut, Roger Stalhut, Marvin Stamm, Russell Stamm, Karen Sterman, Patrick Stevens. Row Three: Fritz Stinson, Karen Stone, Linda Strackeljohn, Donna Strader, Nancy Stroud, Kevin Stroyeck, Sharon Stulken, John Sulga. Row Four: Patty Sullivan, Dennis Svoboda, Tanna Tate, Vivian Tenney, Greg Thomas, Jim Thomas , Steven Thomas, Marcia Thomason. Row Five: Patricia Todd, Nancy Tosovsky, John Towell, Donna Townzen, Jim Trebing, David Triebes, Mickey Troeckler, Ira Turner. Row Six: Joyce Unterbrink, Timothy Utechtt, Martin Vadalabene, Irene Van Hooser, Jim Vanzo, Valerie Volrab, Tempest Wall, Billy Walls. Row Seven: Wendy Washington, Rich Watson, Connie Weber, Mark Weiler, Don Wein, Laurie Weishaupt, Ed Wendel, Dale Werner. Row Eight: Linda Werner, Leona Varble, Rene Wheeler, Becky White, Judy White, Paula White, Angie Whitehead, Dan Wiemers. Row Nine: Shirley Wiesman, Allan Wigfield, MaryLu Wisnasky, Alan Wolfe, Mike Wood, Kenny Zeisset, Bill Zinschlag, Tom Zoelzer.Sophomores Class Officers Randy Hock . , Kathy Sullivan Sharon Rea . , Karen Brandt . . . President . . . Treasurer . . . Secretary Vice-President •152Class of ’70 J. Ahart N. Aleksiak M. Allison R. Behrhorst E. Bench E. Bennett B. Biarkis B. Blair S. Blakey M. Blase D. Bleikamp G. Boda C. Bode J. Borgstede J. Borth E. Bottoms G. Bradford M. Bradshaw B. Bowles J. Bowens D. Bodine L. Bowles J. Boyle J. Anderson D. Arnold G. Arth D. Augsburger J. Baldwin F. Balster T. Barnsback S. Barthi P. Bast T. Bast J. Beal K. Behrhorst M. Baecher J. Bailey J. Baker M. Bennett P. Berends J. Bernhart C. Bettorf S. Brown L. Bussmann R. Butcher S. Carter J. Cerny R. Clark M. Clayton M. Cleveland R. Clifton D. Colclasure S. Colgate M. Combs B. Cook K. Cook L. Cooper S. Cooper K. Brandt B. Brase G. Brase L. Braundmeier T. Brave D. Bray man B. Brueggeman B. J. Brunworth J. Buchanan Buchheim C. Bundy P. BurnettD. Erspamer V. Eilers M. Ellis J. Ellison S. Fiegenbaum G. Fifer E. Fitch D. Fitch J. Fitzmaurice S. Foehrkalb D. Force M. Fox J. France M. Freitag B. French J. Cordera A Portrait of D. Cox D. Crismon M. Curry P. Curry K. Daech F. Dailey D. Davenport E. Davis M. Dawdy S. Deak P. DeMasters D. Determan D. Dettmer M. Dettmer B. Dickerson M. Dickman J. Dissler D. Doersam D. Doll L. Donald B. Dorsey L. Friedline R. Frillman B. Fullriede D. Garde T. Gatton D. Gerstenecker B. Downing D. Driemeyer D. Droege T. Dunn J. Dycus J. Early S. Eberhart B. Eden M. Glass D. Goodman S. Gordon A. Grebel J. Green C. Groeteka W. Grotefendt D. Gusewelle C. Haarman S. Hackethal R. Hagemeister G. Halbe K. Hall L. Hall J. Halsteadthe Future E. Howlett V. Hundley J. Jarrett V. Jason B. Jellen C. Johnson L. Johnson M. Johnson O. Johnson S. Johnson C. Hentz D. Hessel M. Hester R. Hoening G. Hoffman K. Hogue J. Hoover P. Hoppe R. Horman R. Horvath D. Howerton T. Huntsman S. Hymel K. Isaacs A. Isringhausen M. Isringhausen S. Johnson K. Kays V. Keele N. Kernahan V. Kessel K. Kessinger L. Ketcham B. Kilmurray W. King L. Kirby B. Klaus J. Klenke J. Kohli E. Kottwitz R. Kreeger B. Krieger S. Johnson J. Jones G. Judge D. Jurgena L. Jurgena J. Kaiser J. Hamby W. Hamil H. Hamilton D. Hartley M. Hartung L. Hayes C. Hampton V. Hale S. Hanfelder C. Hargrave K. Heepke L. Heffernan A. Heien J. Helmkamp B. Henke R. Henke D. Henson M. Henson L. Higgins T. Hiles B. Hillis R. HockOne Down... R. Lane J. Lantz L. Laswell L. Leach V. Lewis H. Lischmann D. Lockhart R. Long D. Lovsey T. Lowenstein J. Lynch L. Madison J. Martin J. Mateer T. Mates A. Mehl T. Meierant R. Mellenthin M. Mettnier J. Meyer J. Meyer J. Meyer M. Meyer C. Miller S. Mitchell T. Mitchell C. Moliter D. Moore L. Moore M. E. Moore M. W. Moore J. Morris iiW M. Morrow S. Mudge J. Mueller S. Munzert B. Neese T. Neubauer M. Niebrugger P. Nischwitz J. Noll L. Noud B. S. Petrokovich B. Odell A. Partridge D. Patterson C. Pence P. Peterson S. Peterson R. Pfeiffer J. Piper B. Preloger K. Prott S. K. Provaznik D. Prusa P. Quade B. Raab D. Radcliff L. Rallo G. Ranek L. Rapp C. Rathert S. Rea V. Read B. Snajdr K. Solis D. Speckman H. Spiller T. Spitze E. Spronce G. Stafford T. Stimac C. Stinson D. Stoces A. Stolte V. Straube A. Stroh S. Stubblefield S. Suess K. Sullivan S. Sullivan J. Terry J. Tinsley G. Thomas R. Thompson K. Treat R. Sheibal J. Schell P. Schipkowski P. Schlemer D. Schwab C. Schwarz R. Schwengel D. Scott D. Segar S. Shaffer M. Sharp L. Shimunek B. Shindel A. Sievers J. Simmermaker C. Sines M. Sisson J. Smith G. Slaby R. Smith D. Slivka B. Schneider F. Schulte R. Schumacher D. Renfrow S. Reuscher L. Rhodes V. Rice T. Ringer ing B. Robinson L. Rohrkaste R. Ruffner R. Sanderson M. J. Sartoris M. Sauerwein D. Schaake M. J. Richards A. Rightnowar D. Ringering P. Starr R. Stephenson D. Stevens B. Steward D. Stewart P. StewartC. Ursprung M. Utechtt L. Vanek V. Vanzo P. Varty R. Vaughn R. Vieth D. Voyles R. Voyles G. Wallace D. Wallace M. Walls C. Wehling M. L. Wehrend W. Wehrend R. Weise R. Wells J. Wendler J. White B. Whyers J. Wider J. Wiehe M. Wild D. Williams L. Williams G. Wilson R. Wilson J. Winkle S. Winn H. Winter D. Woods J. Young B. Zika K. Zimmer B. Zimmerman H. Zobrist J. Zoeller J. Zoelzer P. Zwick B. Bertels C. Bettorf E. Fitch G. Giovanini R. Innman L. Jackson P. Schlemer P. Bosch G. Cox J. Johnson D. Laird L. Laird J. LeBlanc G. Madison C. Mehl Not Pictured: George Baldwin Henry Pillow Andy ThomasPage Sponsors' Index AMERICAN UNITED LIFE EDWARDSVILLE GLASS SEAT COVER SERVICE Wm. Dorsey, Moro, 111. 102 E. Vandalia St. 656-7511 Page 103 377-6129 Page 40 AUERBACH'S 126 N. Main St. 656-4801 Page 103 BEN FRANKLIN STORES 116 N. Main St. 1504 Troy Rd. 656-7430 656-3529 Page 140 BURNS' NURSERY 1053 Franklin Ave. 656-5336 Page 34 BALLWEG DRUG STORE 1530 Troy Rd. 656-3435 Page 52 THE BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE 103 Purcell 656-0057 Page 35 M. H. BRAASCH, BUILDING CONTRACTORS P. O. Dorsey, 111.' Prairetown, 111. 888-2401 Page 65 CHUCK SCHMIDT INSURANCE, INC. 214 St. Louis St. 656-0120 Page 40 CLAYTON CLEANERS 501 N. Main St. 656-1070 Page 40 COLONIAL AGENCY 1501 N. Main St. 656-7381 Page 176 DON OHL OFFICE SUPPLY 132 N. Main St. 656-5404 Page 32 DAIRY QUEEN 423 S. Buchanan St. 656-9702 Page 65 EDWARDSVILLE FROZEN FOODS 246 N. Main St. 656-1477 Page 40 EDWARDSVILLE IMPLEMENT SERVICE 1601 Troy Rd. 656-6482 Page 66 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. 300 St. Louis St. 656-6200 Page 50 FREDMAN BROTHERS FURNITURE CO. 119 N. Main St. 656-4400 Page 53 F. W. WOOLWORTH 200 N. Main St. 656-6203 Page 32 H. M. SPORTING GOODS 1513 Troy Rd. 656-9775 Page 66 HELPEE-SELFEE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS 501 St. Louis St. 656-0784 Page 103 HUDSON'S JEWELRY 213 N. Main St. 656-0784 Page 29 HOLIDAY ONE-HOUR CLEANERS 112 Hillsboro Ave. 656-0202 Page 32 HOFEDITZ MUSIC SHOP STUDIO 412 E. Park St. 656-1925 Page 165 ILLINOIS LUMBER CO. 225 E. Vandalia Ave. 656-1514 Page 32 ILLINOIS CANDY CO. P.O. Dorsey, Illinois; Prairetown, 111. 888-2381 Page 65 JIM JONES, INC. 1407 Troy Rd. 656-1032 Page 167JOSTEN'S Mike Lawrence, Representative 1591 Franklin, Carlyle, 111. Page 53 KLAUSTERMEIER FORD Alhambra, 111. IIU 8-3435 Page 50 KLUETER BROTHERS CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. Route 157, Hamel, 111. 656-1358 Page 50 EDWIN KOHLI, PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER Personal Patron EULALIA HOTZ, COUNTY CLERK Professional Patron LANTZ HOMES, INC. 307 N. Main St. 656-3346 Page 53 LEITNER BUILDING SERVICE 1129 W. High St. 656-4115 Page 53 LIBSON SHOP 134 N. Main St. 656-5119 Page 103 MADISON STORE FABRIC CENTER, INC. 115 Purcell 656-5033 Page 37 MARCELLA'S HAIR STYLIST 445 S. Buchanan St. 656-3612 Page 34 MEYER TELEVISION SERVICE 225 N. Main St. 656-4620 Page 52 MICHELS' TIRE BATTERY, INC. 208 S. Buchanan St. 656-1180 Page 52 MOTTAR DRUG CO. 206 N. Main St. 656-0067 Page 167 NATHAN MARCUS SHOP 146 N. Main St. 656-0241 Page 29 OVERBECK'S PAINT WALLPAPER STORE 130 N. Main St. 656-0195 Page 52 PIZZA KING 202 S. Buchanan St. 656-6214 Page 140 PERSONALITY BEAUTY SHOP 318 Hillsboro Ave. 656-0704 Page 50 REMBRANDT STUDIO 1005 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. Pages 104 113 R. H. ROSENTHAL REALTORS 217 S. Buchanan St. 656-6163 Page 165 SHUPACK'S 124 N. Main St. 656-1307 Page 29 SIEVERS AUTO BODY 813 N. Main St. 656-1093 Page 65 SHEPARD OFFICE SUPPLY 116 St. Louis St. 656-3901 Page 165 SIEVERS MUSIC STUDIOS 219A Hillsboro Ave. Allen Dr., Hammel, 111. 656-3561 633-2357 Page 165 WELLS TIRE SERVICE, INC. 125 W. Vandalia Ave. 656-1540 Page 167 WALT SCHLEMER REALTY INSURANCE AGENCY 431 E. Vandalia Ave. 656-1459 Page 140 WALT BLACK'S SPORTING GOODS, INC. 540 E. Broadway, Alton, 111. 462-3550 Page 37 YONAKA JEWELRY STORE 100 E. Vandalia Ave. 656-1943 Page 29 1631968 Tiger 1967 Spring Activities 164PAGE SPONSORS: Science Fair 1967 SHEPARD OFFICE SUPPLY SIEVERS MUSIC STUDIOS HOFEDITZ MUSIC SHOP STUDIO R. H. ROSENTHAL REALTOR'SNaughty Marietta CASTS: Capt. Warrington ................ D. Scarborough M. Hofeditz .................M. Hutcherson B. Walters ................... B. Lynch C. Coffman ....................K. Pelhank S. Cunningham ........................D. Hans R. Blind ...................V. Eidsmore R. Schmidt .................... D. Vieth M. Richardson .................. W. Oglesby K. Englemann ................... P. Hartung C. F ruth ......................M. Cooper B. Caban ...................... J. Cato M. Morrow .................... R. Chester T. Collins .................... J. Heuer M. Henderson .................J. Horstman ................... T. Schmidt ................. J. Kappler .................D. Van Vertloo ................... M. Laaser ...................L. McCarey D. Graunke .................. R. Weise ................... J. Wiemers ... K. Skaggs, P. Harrell, J. Bernhardt, N. Starnes. K. Barnhart, C. Towell ... M. Wallace. V. Hans, J. Sievers, D. Schumacher . . D. Richards. S. Mudge, P. Simpson Lt.-Gov. Grardet Etienne Grardet Sir Blake Silas Slick Rudolfo Florenze Marietta Lizetta Adah Fanchon Nanette Felice Night Watchman Pirate .... Indian .... East Indian . . Sailor ......... Groziella . . . Guard .... Servant . . . . French Dancers Spanish Dancers Accompanists"INHERIT THE WIND" CAST Drummond...........Chuck Coffman Brady..............Greg Anderson Judge................... Bob Lynch Rachel ............... Mary Allen Bertram Cates ......... Jim Terry Hornbeck ............. Jeff Kendall1966-1967 Tennis Team Row 1: Brent Wohlford, Greg Bob Mindrup, Rich Soloman, Dave Wetzel, Coach J. D. Mudge, Mark Laaser. Dave Mindrup, Louis Kotva. Jerry Miller. Kappler. Row 2: John Abott. Alan Wigfield, Reed Overbeck, 1966-1967 Basketball Regionals were held in EHS for the first time £ 7 “Late Pictures” Coach Gregor distributes 1966-1967 Baseball awards.How 1: Nancy Starnes, Jill Kohli, CarolynGueldner, Dede Davis. Jill Hyten. Row 2:Donna Crismon, Sue Potter, Judy Sievers, Diane Schumacher, Pat Potter, Theresa Wille, Raydine Chester. Row 3: Tom Sido, Ray Weber, Peter Bradbury, Mike Artrip, Greg Anderson. Row 4: Mark Laaser, Tom Dezort. Not Pictured: Joe Leitner. National Honor Allen Neese speaks on the history of the National Honor Society. Nola Jones lights the candle for Service. Margie Cooper lights the candle of Leadership. Society Initiation Linda Meyers tells of the aims of the Society.Tiger Mark Hofeditz reaches base on an infield hit. EHS 8 Alton 3 ft 9 Belleville West 6 ft 0 Granite City 6 ft 0 East St. Louis 10 ft 1 Collinsville 2 ft 0 Alton 3 ft 1 Wood River 4 ft 7 Staunton 3 ft 5 Belleville West 10 ft 3 Roxana 1 ft 3 Granite City 1 tf 5 East St. Louis 4 ft 2 Collinsville 0 tf 5 Belleville East 1 ft 4 Wood River 1 ft 8 O'Fallon 2 ft 5 Lincoln 1 ft 7 Staunton 5 ft 7 Mount Olive 3 ft 0 Vandalia 1 ’67 Tiger Baseball Row 1: D. Hamilos, D. Peek, J. Schwear, M. Allaria, B. Ricker, A. Weber, T. Wilson, B. Fuller. Row 2: M. Hofeditz, K. Martintoni, J. Poole, M. Henderson, D. Erlick, G. Rogers, D. Smith, M. Province, K. Is'ekola, T. Zoelzer, B. Gregor. Row 3: Coach J. Hindelang, R. Johnson, M. Ostendorf, C. Dickshot, J. Brunworth, M. Gusewelle, J. Rieger, T. Sido, D. Erb, Coach Gregor.E.H.S. Varsity Track Squad. Seated: B. Dean, G. Wallace, V. Jason, B. Jurgena, D. Scarborough, M. Wisnasky, J. Jackson, M. Combs, K. White. Second row: C. Kassing (manager), M. O'Laughlin, C. Lott, D. Hammer, D. Burroughs, R. .Weber, L. Freitag, J. Leitner, J. Vest, T. Allen, C. Burgess (manager), Third row: COACH Pat Price, J. Eberle, J. Busker, S. Renken, B. Schmidt, M. Algets, T. Barr, K. Krotz, D. Cullipher. The extra ’’oomph" of Vince Jason going for the gravy. Vince qualified for state in the discus. Track ’67 This is the smooth form of "Scrappy" Jackson which led him to school record and statewide recognition.Junior Varsity. Seated: K. Stroyseck, R. Eberle, G. Black, C. Lott, J. Allen, K. Krotz, M. Kircher. Kneeling: K. Baer, D. Cullipher, P. Stevens, M. O'Laughlin, J. Eberle, K. Ziesset, B. Lytle. Standing: P. Kribs, J. Busker, B. Schmidt, B. Kibikas, S. Aljets, S. Renken, Coach P. Price.Coach: J. D. Miller Squad Members: -Louis Kotva •Reed Overbeck •Greg Mudge •Jerry Happier •Mark Laaser •Dave Mindrup •Brent Wohlford John Abbott Bob Meintrup Rich Solomon Dave Wetzel Allan Wigfield •Letter Winners Dave Mindrup, Reed Overbeck, and Mark Laaser (background) warm up before a meet. Tiger Tennis ’67 E.H.S. Golf We regret that golf pictures were not made available to us. The Tiger Golfers, under the direction of Coach Jack Ott, compiled a 5-6 record. They finished 5th in their conference and 3rd at the District Tournament. Randy Schmidt placed 5th in a field of 80 golfers at District. Members of the squad were as follows: Seniors: S. Cunningham, B. Donner, K. Meyer, R. Schmidt, D. Tudor, B. Lautner, M. Artrip. Juniors: T. Dustmann, L. Moore, T. Schmidt, D. Van Vertloo, S. Askins, D. Ax, E. Piper. Sophomores: D. Lovell, E. Wendell, T. Utechtt, E. Piper, R. Sulga, R. Watson, M. Vadalabene, J. Donner, T. Armstrong, C. Hall.Individual Awards Ken Klette accepts the award given by the Sons of the American Revolution. Senior Honor Assembly Karen Hess receives the BPW Award.Senior Class Day Senior Breakfast■«!»• • w WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo.. U.S.A.1 K

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