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4""W- 'rf ff 'Fiji J Q ""J JM 1 A 5' W W J ' t fu Uh 5 ., QPHMMLnfW,,, af VQ Www if 'A " ,W , I U' i j X 'wfx iffy Qf5gfkyf . ' Qvgiigvaf . ? Xi? .jKrJWwFr? Lpfb 4nyMWjbi 1 ?-Cifsm MMM f iw' if N 'Mfg f A, F .s ff ff! A WWJNMQLMA f if fiEE.6lQ. S. r 9,94 Ay,wf.,9 wv-19 Q wwww I ' 1' :JY 'Tn QJJJW w 1 Hwy nf dME?f 7W?qWc wh W ' rw -ZLZS. 1 II ffm, i WMM if 4 QW y mwqg . vwpomvgqfhw 'Wffmf W' mffwvgmwmw faffwfw WWW- bfLTS:Y.Q44'32? vsfiiue?-izfgff, W 'iff " HEML ,Y V . 'Fl' AL...--..... -.. . fry- -M -.l ,,,,,,,dr.:,,m. KJ w 1. wg, ,-,-'W X Q ffwr.g?1.f', az ,'D,1.,,wq,w'z,4f.T. ish FQ: 'L fi 1, V 73""1bi5?"4.Sff 1 M75 ,SX 4 fr Sym ' ' . , . 0 'L-qffik Lge gg ESQ, :QQ MSF .4 QW .' ' ff P0 xab ' . Qkol , 5 Ani? hah f , -4. 1, Hjf: .iw mR.,.f f d . J K-ff ' J Q W' :I b 5 W 'ff f A WI . Il IEDWARDSVILLE men ' I UVA. 1' Tw I ?' ff V4 ZZf4Z QQ 42 42 pi , L We 2699.99 51? i J' I , W ,T My 'J CI!! I I IW W 'IJ M' , fly' Z JYVQIG nI r Q I I 'IJ bib! I ,AVI ' ,Q gf!!! bfzfjfxf Q54 Q ,I If If ,ff I If fI I 'Y ff IJ ff Q, HA I, J 1' il I I I I I I I I I Q :1 :I :I :T I III U U1 I 14 3 1 X 5 Iva-an N SEPTEMBER l954 AN EIVENTFUL YEAR STARTED AT E.H.S. EvERY THING mom ERESHMAN DAY T0 COMMENCE MENT WAS AN EXCITING EVENT FORIYME. I A K 1 N ., -' 7' Y U : ' , E K Q F- , ' W x - , . I - -. .1 1 'L 4 - Q?-,I 1 'mit 99' :-"1-T-yl5j?+.:'?+' 'ffm--'vw -V .4 . -sf ,.1,!l,. ,g..,,tf-QM rfn':f.g-.WJ uw, :- 1 x I fl 5 ' 1'2"-f:1'Fff:, L ., ilwgk j -- :if 'E""" F. ei' xr 1 . :fem 2 asf U : 3.1: 1 1' Q 1 . "G -U .bg DA- .ak- J- 11" f--'-E 1-514-... .74- , W-1 uf 1 'Il".f44i'r'f:pL-4 M.,-L1 ..,.c: 5-1. ' 3-"' J'-c 4 , J'- -..5-Q-Qw-fg "... LOOKI G THROUGH THE' 1955 TIGER llilllh :,'1,"'. I' . U. , fl :lull " -Q, s 1 1 . , .--1.1: .11 -5 Q ff gr... fj,.?, ag.:-4-04, JN -v vw- . 1- 4 ,M 5- Q.-A Hi.. -N., 4-,1f.g,,+221: -LT' . ' 1 1153: -V ,121-3i:?,:'11-.3'1Iv: -:vit-, -'MES' '--2: Q- -+9i'.15.. '-':1'5'fLF?w:-ff-L ., 'a N., V ,,.,g' -1 3L.y5,,,.-- -- . ,- 4' ,,..,. --vf:..5f' , E .f 'Att' ,. , 7 :'t'.4i-x-ffii 516- ivgij-H331-,-3.-S- s .,EE -1fr.u:"':L:i"-- ' . 'fl -Pr, ff Y :P ., r '11 Qgj,-.1 -gi,-jx 1.4-E' 515-1323--c'1'g,a . " ' . -fr! 4. -'-11 X,-9-wi ,Q L. J +-131, 'r - . Af ' I " 'F 1 P ff . ,, . . ,Li ' 4 .ff ,f ' fr, - 'V ir" 4 ,gk K K :Q , 't I' ,, I J X, x SVILLE DIS m.,.,, 7 J -4- L! , pjipfifji ! M wg K' J iff iff? WWQHIGH M2 W J jlQ..1.L1nu1n.g 'J-L if TT-fi -fif mt. :mx QOJ.b A -1- .. , 4 A M1 Y I l 1' 4 4 lisswer' 9520? 'W fi: ! X X E 4 1 E, 5 Q J , Q ! 4 1 V 1 i X i Y 1 I 1 Q I 4 5 i 1 5 3 I W Y Y i 4 w 51 f 5 2 7 f V 2 Q A Q f Q.. flun- if A FRESHMAN TRYING TO FIND STUDENTS ARRIVING AT SCHOOL, HIS CLASS- "Here, at last!" "This must be the place"' SEPTEMBER BROUGHT SCHOOL DA YS ANE EHS OPENED ITS DOORS TO ME. . MR. BELCHER GIVING OUT SCHEDULE CARDS. DUTTING BOOKS IN A LOCKER ON THE FIRST DAY. "This is the way it all began." "Neatness that IS short-lived." Page Six 5 K Z S 2 WWA., f mm www , 4 ? 2 W g.. 7 , iw' I 3 ff ffmffkf f f W wal Jifw, MR. SEIBERTS AGRICULTURE CLASS, 1 "Farmers of the future." W - R H rum 1 1 J MR. ERZEN'S ALGEBRA CLASS. 'N "Someone isn't paying attention " 1 1 fb I FRESHMEN FOUND CLASSES BEWILDERING. MISS CUNNINGHAM'S SPANISH CLASS. MISS P15-AR'S ART CLASS "Ride 'em cowboy!" "Anyone for modern art?" '43 ' WDW? Pal' , RN l' d V,-sv . JZ1 A 2 I "iv-. Page Seven X 1 I L.-fi. fx I if lg' A ,ga 43 , W T 1 Qs gb 7. ir Q, T if ,,. Ox! LW ,A 5 ww L. 1" Q S , ff f I ALONG CAME OCTOBER AND . THE SNAKE DANCE. "On to the bonfire," , X 2 A , A if . -X X ,V R: K K K . ,Av . X , X Q 1, ' - .Q O m ls.-,fn 'fix sfxi 'TX ,A XX ART CLUB FLOAT LATIN CLUB FLOAT "XYe 'painted' the town that night." "In any language it was, 'Beat the Kaholcsl' " F.T.A. FLOAT G,A.A. FLOAT "The Tigers taught them a lesson." "We really scalped the Kahoksln x if , , O S X il, K M.-A. , in ,V O M , ' 'rg A - ,f Q " fsesfsifv' A A 1 . W- , 9-Ml... , mas- A Page Eight .frnwiiu THE EXCITEMENT OF OUR HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES. Tense with excitement, I stood shivering on the corner as the parade which began our BIG WEEKEND came into view. Following the parade and pep rally, I joined the snake dance and wriggled my way to the bonfire. Fri- day I saw "The Last of KahOkS,!5 a S .:4.:. , .:.: ,.,,:. 4 .. , sented by the first hour QM T f . '.f I dramatics class. That night I saw a repeat per- 7 NM MW formance as the Tigers R410 The beautfiul climax to all our festivities was the dance and Coronation on Saturday night. I joined the other loyal subiects and paid homage to our new queen. Kathie Mc- Lean, and her royal escort, Jim Brendle. fi' f Q 7 gi., xwwwm W4 ,. :Ki Q I massacred Collinsville by I , 23. is a score of 21-18. , 4 A j I A , f ., yi ,:,, uf 4 M, .i,, , 2 ? f g . X QUEEN CANDIDATES E i QUEEN KATHY MCLEAN AND HER ROYAL ESCORT, KATHY. JANET, AND PATTY. JIMMIE JOE BRENDLE' --pictures of happiness." "Only the beginning of a successful reign." , if IDEN Patty Haney Kathleen McLean Jimmie Joe Brendle Pat Haney Loon Smidd Pat Long Bill Winter Jo Ann Ranek Rolland Brunnworth omecoming Kourf TIFICATION OF PAGE 10 AND 11 Kathleen McLean Janet Suhre Richard Sasek I Janet Suhre D. A. Sharp Ed Lohl' Sarah Johnson 5' XYilhur Helmkamp Rflbefifi Brush Cai-ma Lynn Hume Harold Patton Buzzy Shaw Marina Lucco Beverly Bru h s JQFFY Johnson David Eherhardt Page Nine if il 35,1 5, . .wifi .4, its vip v P, v E Q fo v LX' A' '94 RQ' - k v .2'fK9-201559 'YW'lTfc?1'-'- V '7 ' ' .'.' .XY-X073 Y S341-'x'iY'-'Y .Vi" -,GIQXX Qs7WfWxaRiif'1'l ,'4,',' 7d?W . .., , f.3??ii-AQJYW 7,1 Vx f A5111 V 'F1'v.'fx'7Y5'f Mi .. 4 0-f i! X 11 753, my -' ,Quia W 0 ' f" ' mf xX ., Q . xx 54 fl s ,E . .MQ .., ff N -4 X f f in 'lx X,C? .,:p,l A ffLa1.A,fv- J' , 3' aww , fa -. ..,:-.,-4, -.1 f -. 4. ,f Q' K , 1, , an A ' - 'W - " N V. ,.,i9'v,y ,5 5, ,,, gi f' if f fy-L' - ,c r z 1 A x 3 Af w M f ' ' 0101.-, V 'lfl f ,A .4.v, ,, Lf ,,.,.., H -fl 2 5,15 3 fx A" f f V -4-'AC VK QYQQ 4 X f , ,X-N W.L,i5:f3f:f. , .m,,. , g7y,qQ2 :My ,ra ' , 35' w 1 f f 6 iw ' ,, X 'W wi? N .0 449, .f 14: Q 7 f 4 WV A J w ff ,f as ,Q ,mv 1 X Xa vw 4' al' yy Mx' , 'od' .x .Q . . . ,, .' ' F , A X Tlff. , f 5 N 'C . , mf '-'Q ?f?6fw'Y" '. , f: "2 me -Vi . .1 af x .!' . A W, ,LL , , J ky, iwli4f4gf ,,5, 6:5ZQg-. . "?E5,q, ,v . A, . , ' , 'gf' T " 3 1 :Xf" f M- V- .. 9 N iff v i, ,e W, f ,5, T " w w w, ff .' 7 :5 52025 ' . '4' 'ff' lffikigi' , lf' -' 9 " I , ' ' ' i'-V. wif? gn'-f' Src P " A .V Q'-'Q " ' fx, f wa- -, cs-. -Q' . 'ff , Q-g " " ' w, fy ., 1 . 1 ' " . '55 G' f ,, 9? f W f f " t ' 4' ' XXV' ff QM' K f 7 we f 1 A ww, ,N ,, fm? 4 fa? .Q , 17. N ew -Q iff, , V 1, , , , f f 5 , , , 4 ,. f A f 5 V s y dy qwf' X fyx Ag: ,S J ffff NAVY f, xxfifig r, f, V X f ' 932' ' Off C 'f 5717 -,QV-V.-wwf 74:41 lk! Nw f C 'X ,C fyff f fr: ff way-,L--pyx gf.."s:V-ww -Q: 2-A:'A.goX1v1f'f,c'p4f.orfX'QQxf, FALLINC LEAVES AND THE SMELL OF SMOKE BROUGHT ME TO THE JUNIOR PLAY What we y y' g, J'm?" unior Way The juniors gave a delightful ren- dition of '4Teen Time" on November 19th. Wendy Meade ,.,.....,i.. . ..... Jane Kotva Babe ,..,..,..i...........,,.....i.. .... Erma Burges Mr. Meade ........i,, .,....,.. J oel Van Stee Mrs. Meade .i.,,...,..,........i..i Joan Edwards Tim ,..i....i.......ii..... ii........i W alter Schramm Mulligan .......,.,. ..,........ S tuart McElWain Darby ........i....i .,.....,.i......, .....,, J i m West Harley ,i.....,i.,,....i ....,..i M aurice Jones Marietta ...,........,,,.i,.i,..,.., Gloria Weishaupt Miss Denning .......,,...., ...iii..,... S usie Butler Gay ,.....,..ii...,..t,...,....., ..,......,..., M argo' Kriege Wilber .,..,.,....,..,i. ....i,...,.. B illy Steelman Tiny .T ........,i..,...i,, .,...,,. . T Bill Moorman Mrs. Nash .i,..,,. .,,..,..i R oberta Hanser Gus .....i.,,....i.........i...,. ....,....., W alter Justice Nona Ayres ...i....i........i ....ii,i,, R uth Stunkel Teen-Agers Gerry Rotter, Cy Blackmore, Lois Gehring, Toni Musso, Roberta Brush, Peggy Hosier, Audree Cassens, Cyn- thia McKee, Earlene Orman, Herman Gerbig. A c makes a L, cl policeman." Ext KX SKOKIANS FRENCH CAFE DANCEPS "They SC3I'6d ITIS!" HOOYI! la! la!" AND HALLOWEEN . I saw ghosts, Witches, animals, and even some characters from outer space dancing to the music of Dick Beardenls orchestra at the Halloween Party. I had such a time trying to guess who everyone Was! Prizes were award- ed for the best costumes. ll SIAMESE TVVINS "Inf-mlnitff' LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE - AND HER DOG. "I Wonder whether it bites?" ' A aff. 3 il jg 1 ,J f ' A ,ff 46 Ny HUMPTY DUMPTY "You'd never guess it was Gerry Rotten" 'Y 'we mn X H? 4 QW! Ai Q U 5. f.5f"r, Q cf THE SOCK HOP "Bermudas - the height of fashion," The dances were a big part of the social life of EHS. Early in the fall we literally danced right out of our shoes to protect our newly refinished gym floor. The Sock Hop was our first dance of the year. A talent show was featured at the Turkey Trot. The Christmas dance, a formal occasion, was indeed one of the big events of the holiday season. The final event, the Junior-Senior Prom, was a beautiful climax to our social calendar. THE KID PARTY "XVhat a time we had in Mother THERE WERE NO DULL MOMENTS IN SOCIAL LIFE OF EHS FOR ME SQUARE DANCE IN CHOIR coNcERT H "Swing around, swing around R" THE JUNIOR - SENIOR PROM "Bi1I just told a funny" L rf THE TURKEY TROT "It was a. gala occasion." ANOTHER SCENE FROM THE PROM "Gates of Paradise" H ONCERT ' t nowman could ' d ce!" DECORATING THE HALLS "Deck the halls with boughs of holly." PUTTING UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE "Don't fall off the ladder, Joel." R .X ' Q-l xg: CHRISTMAS l SCENE FROM CHRISTMAS CONCERT "Twas the night before Christmas." JT DECEMBER - DECORA TIONS, CAROLS IN THE HALLS, THE SMELL OF EIR TREES-ALL THIS 1 REMEMBER OF MY CHRISTMAS AT EHS. Page Fiftee 'Qi 5 i Chivalry is not dead. "Even angels H8611 3 dll'6CiIOT." sg ,g, f f AA 5 X Y , 55 "Just a bit clumsy of me." enior Cfafid Wag The seniors gave a "heavenlyH perform- ance of f'DoWn to Earth? Agnes ..a....,..,, ,,,,,,,, ....,. A A , ,.....,. Mary Grace Henke Wilfred ,,.,,,r r.4.aa......,,,, V,,,aa. .aa.a. ...,.a,, A A A A Ed Moorman Pilone .,..,... ...,.,,. A .... Darrell Madison Augusta Applegate ,,,,,,...l ,.,r,. A A Lynette Werner Diana Clump ,AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAA A D i ane Rudat Orpha Teel AA AAAAAAAAAA ,,,,A,,... A A Suzanne Smith Ruthie Teel A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAA D. A. Sharp Millie Bromsley ,A A A AAAAAAA Sally Flagg Baxter Bromsley AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA John Keuhn June Bromsley ,A AAAAAAAAAAA Janet Suhre Richard White AAAAAAA A AAAAA A Dale Provow Herman Howell A ,A AAAAAAAAA A Maurice Howe Robert Hanley AAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAA J 0 hn Justice "None of them look like angels to me." ISITIE I IE! fllll lilil ' Looking toward the future." "Through the doors of EHS we stepped, taking with us bits of Wis- dom, some book learning, valued friendships, and many memories." Paige Seventeen F Q 4 I k 1 pr Reading clockwise: M r . Chester Buchtag Mr. Albert Cassens, presidentg Mr. Clyde Fruit, secretaryg Mr. E. L. Alexander, superintendent of schoolsg Mr. Elmer Papeg Mr. Wilbur Suhreg Mr. La- mont Heidingerg and Mr. Rudolph Hans. The mem- bers of the Board of Educa- tion are elected because of the experience they have gained in business. These men assure us capable- teach- ers, an efficiently run school. :i nd pleasant buildings. Page Tweniy MR. E. L. ALEXANDER "The big wheel." uloerinfenolenf Most of us have known Mr. E. L. Alexander since our grade school days. Although the burden of guiding our schools rests upon his shoulders, he always takes time to attend some of our school functions. The friendly smile and cheerful 4'Hel1o'l of our superin- tendent will be long remembered by the stu- dents of EHS. MR. NOLAN CORRELL "He's interested in what's best for us. Mr. Correll, a man of many tasks, is our principal. He keeps our lives at EHS running smoothly. Among his many duties this year was the task of seeing that beginning the operation of our new cafeteria in the middle of the year did not cause too much confusion. His interest in our problems and his fairness make us all respect his advice and judgment. Mr. Erzen, o u r assistant principal, t e a c h e s practical math and is the Dean of Boys. Another difficult job, that of transportation director, is also his. He is never Without a pleasant Word and is a real friend to all of us. Miss Sloan is one of the busiest teachers at EHS. Besides teaching English essentials and composition she is our guidance coun- selor. This position calls for a maximum of knowledge and understanding. She is also Dean of Girls and a Hi Tri sponsor. nwyyww, W 31011. . MR. RICHARD ERZEN "He looks just like 0116 of US." MISS ELSIE J. SLOAN "A friend well-known to all the girls." ' f Page Twenty-One . ,.,l W4...-Q . .4 me f f f f f 1 X 7 34 Y, ,M 'W' Ziff 45 f -f' , ff' f f f .1 , V f I 'WW ,4iQf..,Wf- X QQV- K fg,17f'f .f A " f' ., - f" 4 kr " ',!4 4 J ifQ,4Q Q 'ifff ,J ' " " L 4' ' f , 71,1 1 zgfg, ff f .' ' Miss Nellie Alexander, B.S.. M.S. "She's a math teacher who's full of fun and always ready to help a future teacher." Mathematics Mr. Arthur Apprlll, B.S., A.M. "Watch that twinkle in his eye." Social Studies Mr. Howard Belcher B.S,. M.B.A. "Another new instructor, he teaches typing and bookkeeping." Commercial Subjects Mr. George Briggs, B.S. in Ed,, M.S. in Ed. "His kids and his music are his 'major' interests." Vocal Music Mrs. Alice Crocker, A.B., M.A. "When a speech is to be made, her students always rise to the occasion." English, Speech MISS PARKEY HELPING A STUDENT. "It just takes practice." HELPING SOMEONE TO FIND A BOOK. "IT.'s in the book." A DINNER IN THE LIBRARY. "Coach Perry seems to be having a good time." 4 2 MR. ETZKORN DIRECTING THE RESERVE BAND "One, two, three, play." Although we don't often show it, we do appreciate the faculty members. We realize that the assignments, their friendly words of criticism, the seventh hours, and their guid- ance in extracurricular activities are prepar- ing us for the responsibility that will be ours after graduation. ef5t' at Miss Grace Cunningham, B.S., M.A. "A soft voice and 'Grace' ious manner make her a favorite," , 'fbffj W, ,W ff 7 7 Mr. Cleafm ElZk0l'n, Miss Carla Gewe, Mr. A. M. Gibson, Miss Esther Goeddel, B.M,E., A.B., M.A. B.S., M.S. B.S., M,A. He's just plain 'Gus' to "When in Latin class, do as "He opens the eyes of the Hwhoever Said that history us." the Romans do." freshies to the wonders of was dull cguldrft have been , science." in her class." Band Latin General Science Social Studies Page Twenty-Three i TYPICAL SCENE IN OUR NEW SHOP. Ifascinatinf. gadget for washing hands, isn't it?" Miss Lorraine Hatscher B.S., M.A. We're happy to have her back at E.H.S." English, Creative Writing Miss Ella Helm, B.S., M.A. Miss Helm steers her stud- ents through the sea of mathematics. " Mathematics Mr. Richard Hutton B.S. in ED., M.S. He shows the boys the ropes of physical education." Physical Education Assistant Coach Page Twenty Four S t- zz K Q if X X X S 4 Y . X s .f Us ,' , f fp Miss Joan Hunter, Mr. Benny Isselhardt, B. Ed., M.S. A.B., M.S. "Her students are 'hunters' "When you are 'on his of insects and other living time,' you are sure to get organisms." something accomplished." Biology English Drivers' Education Living Problems Football Coach Mrs. Coleta M. Zimmerman, registrar, and Mrs. Verna Firnhaber, secretary, are always willing to help students and faculty members who take their problems to the office. They are always on the job, selling tickets, taking MRS. ZIMMERMAN, REGISTRAR. "Look! Cowboy boots." 6 5 'Z I +1 if 4. f , Kr X. .2 I , 5 , ,aa y.er as Mr. A. E, Little, Mrs. Edith Little, Mr. James Loy, Mr. Joe E. Lucco, A.B. M.S. A.B. B.S., M.S. A.B., M.A. Wasted time iS UDKHOWH in "A 'little' English can take "It's an experimental busi- "His classes and teams are his Classes." you a long way." ness 4 chemistry and the 'most' !" Commercial Subjects English physics' that ls' Social Studies Science Basketball and Baseball Coach care of locker keys, and answering the tele- phone. Mrs. Zimmerman also arranges our schedules, and Mrs. Firnhaber handles the money for athletics, organizations, the cafe- teria, and all other school activities. MRS. FIRNHABER. SECRETARY "Big time financier." W' W COACH LUCCO' S OFFICE. t. "It's not often invaded by girls." Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, B.S. in Ed., M.A. "Our yearbook comes to life with her expert guidance and advice." Mechanical Drawing ,. f . f f V .,., :lf ff U.. M W fm ' f ww J 't If . J Z 1 Z V y Zi. - 7 KQV - .. tif' Mr. J. D. Miller. B. S. in Ed.. M. Ed. 'Producing handymen and tennis players is no 'racquet'." A Shop Tennis Coach Page Twenty-Five Ziff VCL!! 63521 1 v "9"9 ..g. ,A X as ,JIT Li 1!""N' K Miss Janet Paar, B.S. 'Her art sfudents measure up to 'par' Art Miss Anne Perne, 1 B.S, gm! "We all liked her so well as I: fi student teacher that we X asked her to come back." H X' ' XX 7 Physical gEducation M s X ,fx I ff L' . -, M192 V f ij", af.-f " ' . , 2 , , J- C" ,,,, ML., , Ra-a V, X Mr. Norman Reuscher. B.S. "He came to E.H.S. in the right year -- just in time to have a new shop." Shop Ana-...J Mr. Chester Seibert, B.S. in Ag., M. Ed. It's easy to keep them down on the farm when Mr. Seibert teaches Ag." Agriculture MR. BRIGG'S MUSIC THEORY CLASS. "Musicf?J is composed here." Miss Lucy Parkey, B.S., M.S. "Her students are respons- ible for those wonderful smells that make us wish it were lunch time. " Homemaklng Mr. Richard Perry B.S. in Ed., M.S. "We don't see him very much, but we ha.ven't for- gotten his coaching of our football team." Assistant Football Coach Speech Correctionist Mrs. Rose Sands, A,B,, M.A. 'What would our student council do without her?" English ,f Miss Aletha Smiser, Miss Vivian Thompson B.S.. M.A. "Taking care of our library She's 'tops' with her short' is no easy job." hand pupils." Commercial Subjects Librarian f KA R Q X 1 fs X S 196 X , fi n ff L f f 4 X' 5 f I . 5 fe ! , fs N S fini f ' fr if fy j ZW 5 I 4 1 , M B, Ed. 7 ' " V , 2, vw swiss Q3-gs. rs. Frances Tuxhorn B.S., M.S. her classes girls learn to 'SEW 3. fllle S98.IIl'." Homernaking Our school is lucky to have these cus- todians Who keep our school building and campus clean and attractive. MRS. STRASEN, MR. UTTECHT, MR. SPANHOLTZ V.: 1 W f f' Z. laA faf 4, 4 X Q Y f U X 7 , ,rir X T1 Z, LZ I f WM J 'Sr , X f f 3 1 , X f I f , Mr. Philip VVeber, B.S. in Ed. "Maybe you forgot to on the ignition." Driver Education General Business turn MRS. SANDS HELPING A STUDENT WITH READING. "It's certainly a mechanical age." RJ Miss Isabel Wood. A.B., M.A. "She's so nice that her stud- ' ents just naturally appreci- ate good literature. " Literature , ,,' xfq X, - I , ' I I ' f" ' W f' . . . -4,1 I , . K- A i if ' . .A - f f ' z aah ' . 2- iii". 4 f 7. 'M ' 1 'fill ,, ? A I fi? N' 7" n fl! 5 ' 'l'.f'ffV i'?'7i'7f'Wf4 V. Q? 'V ,... 1 3 ..V, 5,-I Mr. Harold P. Yung, B.S.. NI. Ed. 'Hes young in more ways than one." English Algeora Page Twenty-Seven '1L,f 4' s 3 TOP ROW'-Managers-Van Stee, Heinemeier, Miller, Spencer, Hellinger, Corlew, Fagan, Coach Isselhardt, Coach Perry, Coach Hutton Coach Lucco. FOURT H ROW-- Brunnworth, Pfeiffer, Pulliam, Shaw, Chandler, Howerton, Behrendt, Pratt, Cassens Schaffer. THIRD ROW--Weber, Carpenter, Turner, Reed, Johnson, Winters, Hoffner, Harper, Patton. SECOND ROW -Shaw. Madison, Bartels, Arnold, Robinson, Schaefer, Howells, Hartnagel, Kuchta, Price. FIRST ROW--Crossman, Helmkamp, Nelson, Smiddy. Brendle, Lohr, Krohn, Penelton, Hans, Wilson. f fp "The Brains of the outfit," Page Thirty 1954 joofaaff ,Slam A big crowd was on hand to see the Edwardsville Tigers open their season by defeating Granite City. The scoring of Sam Johnson and Bill Penelton, with the help of Harold Patton on passing, led the Tigers to an easy win over the Warriors. Final score, Gran- ite City 0-Tigers 20. When the horn sounded ending the Edwards- ville-Wood River game, the Tigers were only two yards away from the goal-two yards away from win- ing what was probably the best game in several years. Final score Wood River 13-Tigers 7. Bill Penelton was the outstanding player of the Staunton game, running the ball for a total of 225 yards in four plays in the first and fourth quarters to rack up a total of 19 points for a night's work. The final score was Staunton 12, Edwardsville 28. The Homecoming game proved to be a great suc- cess with the Tigers again winning over our rivals, the Collinsville Kahoks. Final score Kahoks 18- Tigers 21. For the Marquette of Alton game, our winning Tigers came through. The greater part of the scor- ing was done by Leon Smiddy. Other outstanding "Penelton's on his way!" plays of this game occurred when Jim Brendle inter- cepted a Marquette pass, and Patton hoisted a 30- yard pass for a touchdown. Final score Marquette of Alton 0-Tigers 21. Tigers' winning streak was snapped by Alton. Edwardsville was held to only 140 yards, while Alton pushed the ball for 273 yards. Final score Alton 9- Edwardsville 7. Edwardsville was unable to overcome the power- ful but underrated Roxana team. Final score Roxana 19-Edwardsville 14. The Tigers started the Madison game off by scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter and didn't go a period after that without scoring. Madi- son's only score came in the second quarter. Final score Madison 7-Edwardsville 33, The Tigers ended their season by downing the Springfield Lanphier team by a score of 39-19. All in all, the boys had a good season with 6 wins and only 3 losses. SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL SQUAD l f 1 .N , .Cgxl W , X ' - A is ' I mg 1 , f , ,'f' -is -www my 2 1,-i I' 7 , O YJ 2 ' .J 4 fe' M' , Vi My we W 5 Lrg A Y, , I 1 J f'llYm,'x ' ' 'V-w"','. , ' 'Hug fin -7-t 15,2 ., W vi, . if , X , ' W K , I .ff , W" 7 fa, '54 ' 'U -Mia-f za . ..,, .Mi , . g., 'Qc' nf' , , gb . 'f-ff-up ' 'Dv' 1, .tl l. "Do we have a game tonight?" "Penelton does it again!" TOP ROW-Coach Hutton, Wynne, Brazier, Bradshaw, Nicoles, Kraft, Coultis. THIRD ROW - Powell, Willie, Morton, Handcock Bell, St, John, Dippold. SECOND ROW - Kent, Lewis, Noll, Harris, John- son, Kover, Riggs. FIRST ROW-Henry, Gower, L e n z , Probst, Dettmer, Landers, Dorsey. Page Thirty-One !.,Smwiff-13, K. SMN' b A N9H H4 ami Mligfww R Kwdif S-Ifo4uw4wz,f K NKXM E. LOW.. -wif NHlH!!!'!"' T28 Klwfwx.. mm wM'Wf0wMwW M,g,w X5 '--Yi' RV ' D Maiouaehn, T- hiHtXeKU ' X 'K .,,,,,., i Y WW , R x0'?r'--W-'Mf X6 fb Wi V ,P ,, .... M 'R ? wwafbm X, 1 'ff ' i A , A 2 TJ? Qfpwxfjbix GMM m:3'm,.,f1ff ,' vf: L wj.,':i,w E' M' V Q" sf ' ' ff , V 5 figz 3 HNe,Q.w-fvv 35693530 R.HwU3s'wcwybQ.- U M: H Sfrw-.w"" ww w,w1s.,w Q, ,, " wa, wg - T,TW'WXLOJL,, 2513! hn , Penclton, Sasek, Coach Lucco, Sh w, Chandler, Burns. BACK ROW Coach Hutton, Jackson, Patton, Vaug FRONT ROW Mallory, Hoffner, May, Pulliam, , a Page Thirty-Four k it. Manny!" "Here come Tigers down the floor. Come on, Tigers, we want more!" And that is just what we got-more and more victories as the season progress- ed The team played its first game at Highland on November 26. They clawed the Bulldogs and went on to win the County Tourney at Madison. They seemed to have a stage fright when they played their first couple of home games. First, they ran aground highly-ranked Pinckneyville in a double overtime thriller and lost by two points. They then beat Gran- ite at Granite. Back home for the second home game of the season, the Tigers played host to Belleville, who handed them another two-point defeat. About this time Christmas vacation came, and the team traveled to Harrisburg for the Egyptian Holiday Tourney. There were seven conference teams in this tourney with EHS the only team from another conference area invited to play. For the second straight year the first place trophy was brought back to EHS and placed in the office trophy case. By this time the Tigers had a seven and two record. fn! "We got McAfoos surrounded!" EHS's old rival, Collinsville, next handed the high-flying Tigers their third defeat 55-54. This must have made the team mad because they Went on a rampage, chewing and tearing up ten straight basket- ball teams. Then disaster struck. Coach Virgil Fletcher's Indians from Collinsville invaded EHS and ended the winning streak. The Tigers bounced back, beat- ing Litchfield, Gillespie, and underrated Alton. The Bengals lost their last game of the season with Wood River. Tourney time was here again, and EHS was slat- ed to play in the tough Collinsville Regional. The Tigers flew into the Kahoks from Collinsville and put them on the sidelines for the rest of the tournament. Alton, twice beaten by EHS, ended all our hopes of a State Tourney berth by stopping the Bengals with a 87-76 defeat. This left the Tigers with a 22-6 record for the year. So to finish the song and our outstanding season for the Tigers-YEA! TEAM! SECOND BASKETBALL SQUAD What a jump "Chalk it up for the Tgers TOP ROVV -- Tormohlen Vaughn, Dippold, Head: Winter Burns, Hoffner, NI rton, ers, Har Hyte Vllashington Coach Hutton. SECOND ROW - Jacobi, C lt Bradshaw, Noll, J h P tter, White, l l M d'son FIRST ROV! 4Beck, Land rhar t. Harris t F it, Haywood U1 N h 1 ic os. Page Thirty-Fzr hm Zwfmfrz Th vi 1 X. Pi 3 by 1 W, -. ,ff nk ,M ,.,.m2 1 Xt x Af X 5, 31, favewmsmlxw ,, x V bmw rf 1,42 ---gf' "' 'W' ,ff X, ,N F, 6 fi W. ,L ,,aa, 7 , 02 f 7' 4ifff95iW'Y3'3VEsWE?7f3Wf9 S I 0 4, 3 gf Q g M if WE' bn-6 W . Q 'W MW L,f Q fgrmvs P . ' 519: i XA Q54 I ,V . 5 2 ag ' V' Q, K, had is -D M .I 1 ,, ,M I ffgf I if bf E V! z.ea'afKf" 1 N mm ug , 92 ,, Qi ,Y E f . - 5:1 ? 2 9 W ,, g, ag A 'K x 3' -f Q S 5 X ww f'- QAM' KZ, EN! if I uv ' I 3' 4 - , V3 fe, e- " .sp - xt f Q "7 f m . " , , ,, E F M , ii 3 9 A ,X ll I f 4 M f we ?3'TT'.lix 35 Q9 5-W ., " -- , , .- -W, r , ' K K I . , IN-'SXVW3 Y 'Z,Q'l"fY'74l7 ff' I I A NuQ"l-UVJQITY -,. , ' 6 is K Q, 'sf f 2 i ,M wif QE, fd 7 'Mix , 14 gf .s Ky fi I 1 S is gaifegaff The 1953-54 baseball team made a "Hit" of their season by ending with a total of 13 wins and 4 losses. One of the highlights of the season was Bill Ma- teyka's no hitter against Alton which won him a part time scholarship at Southern Illinois University. The double header at Decatur was certainly a score for the Tigers when we defeated them twice in one day. Even though Bill Penelton and Rich Sasek had a time finding the ball in the Granite City game, we beat Granite. We were defeated by Staunton in the District Tournament, we can still truthfully say we had a powerful team. BACK ROW'-Robinson, Hans, Ch ndler, Shaw, Webb, Pulliam, Howerton, Winters, Th p P lt n SECOND ROW'--Ohl. Sasek, Schelbal, Gregor, Leuschke, Mateyka, King, Burns. BOTTOM ROW-Coach Lucco, Patton. Mateyl-ia, Brunnworth "-Ja '44 Page Thirty-Eight , X Zigi, :Hit BACK ROW-S'h mm. Lohr. Dustmann. .inlaid The '54 tennis team, after playing thirteen matches, ended with a total of nine meets won and four meets lost. Lloyd Dustmann, John Autenrieb, and Dave Bardelmeier represented the school in single matches. Weber and Rosenthal, Lohr and Wetzel paired up to play doubles. Lloyd Dustmann and John Autenrieb plac- ed second in the doubles at the district tourn- ament, thereby qualifying for state tourn- ament where they lost their first match. The entire team ended their season by placing second in the district, losing to Gran- ite City by only one point. t j4acA The 1953-54 track team proved to be a great credit to EHS. Although they won only one triangular meet with Collinsville and Al- ton, they were outstanding in their individual achievements. Wilbur Helmkamp became the outstanding track man of the team by setting a school record for the half mile of 2:5.6 He also won first in the district for the mile, which he ran in 4:37 .9. Weber. FRONT ROV! B delmeier. R tl 1 ' t BACK ROVX--Durr. Helmkamp. FRONT ROW-Smiddv Johnson Shaw I f K . f Other outstanding members of the team were Bob Sajovetz and Leon Smiddy. Both of them were edged out in the district by only a narrow margin. Sam Johnson proved to be a good 100 yard dash man, and Bill Cunning- ham, Kent Ahrens, and Gene Schriedel did their best in the 440. Page Thirty-Nzne ' 1 X I I Page Forty-Two "Neyer without copy to be typed." "Theirs was a never ending job" x The Tiger Staff is given the task of creat- ing the yearbook. The members are chosen at the end of the school year, and when school starts the next fall each member is assigned to a specific position on the yearbook staff. Any person interested in composition, adver- tising, financial matters, photography, sales- manship, or art may find a very interesting and enjoyable spot on the Tiger Staff if he is willing to work hard. -1 X """""""'S'Pv i U I' SL!! FRONT ROW -Francine Marti. Diane Rudat, Barbara Parker, Colleen Garde, Patty Haney, Patsy Senn. SECOND ROW--Gerald Koenig, Marilyn Hansel, Shirley Wohlforci. D. A. Sharp, Lucy Hering, Sarah Johnson, Lynette Werner. THIRD ROW-Velda Mae Primas, Roger Weber, Mrs, Miller, Miss Wood . ig QV -p-zu -ugnv AA' ,af - 7 7 955 .nga ia!! l "Diane's stick figures have personality plus," Editor-in-Chief ,V,AA...,.,..A. r Colleen Garde Business Manager ...A ,... . Gerald Koenig Literary Editor ...,,,r,,i,,, ,.r., ..V,..i,i . . Dolores Sharp I Activities Editor .L rr,,rrr... . rrr... Shirley Wohlford Club Editors: Barbara Parker, Francine Marti Senior Class Editor .,....,,.r..,....,,ri......,........ Pat Haney Underclass Editor ,,,,.,,,,,.... ....rr V elda Mae Primas Sports Editor ,.,,...r...,..,...rr.....,.ir,.....,..r,,....,...r,... Pat Senn 4 Tiger Sales Managers ..r..i.......,, L nette Werner, rj Y Lucille Hering Picture' Editor .,,r r . .. Marilyn Hansel Art Editor ........,........,..,,..r ,.,,,,..,..,., r or r , Diane Rudat A .A Advertising Manager ..,......rr . , ,. Sarah Johnson .The executive typ Photographer .r.... ,.., . , ,,,. ,,.,, . Roger Weber Layout and Business Adviser H Mrs. Miller Literary Adviser r .Vr.........,,.r ,, Miss Wood Advertising Manager ,,r. .V.....i r r ....i.,, Mr. Gibson "What salesmanship powers the Ad Staff had!" Page Forty-Three SALES CAMPAIGN. A NIGHT WORKOUT. "Remember the strike!" "Get ready for a big issue"' The Tiger Times staff is made up of the members of iger the creative Writing class. With Marian Jenne as editor, they publish our bi-Weekly newspaper, the Tiger Times. It is through their efforts that We learn about all of the news, 'med gossip, and fashions at E.H.S. TOP ROW--Miss Hatscher, Eunice Nolte, Lynette Werner. Ph llis D D y orsey, on Glaser, Paul Adams. Connie Myers, Kathie McLean, Colleen Garde. SECOND ROW--Patsy Senn. Judy Crook, Rosemary Maynard, Marian Jenne, Pat Cunningham, Jane Schroeder, Sally Flagg. BOTTOM ROW-Don Munzert, Ray DeConcinl, Michael Duff y, Leonard Sperandlo, Larry Williams, Leonard Perry. ,a .Y GETTING STAMPED FOR A BEAN DANCE. SELLING SODA AT A BASKETBALL GAME "Ten cents, please." "Business was booming," Every Tuesday morning at 8:05 you will see the various 31 J t members of the Student Council hurrying to room 301 for 'ff en their regular meeting. Each roll room in E.H.S., depending . on its size, elects one or two persons to represent it on the OUWU council. The purpose of the council is to decide the policies which our school will follow during the year. During the school year the Student Council sponsors many activities. Among these are the numerous bean dances, the publication of the Student Council Handbook, and the selling of schedule pencils. We all appreciate the fine job that this organization does in representing the many students of E.H.S. TOP ROW-Sam Makler, Wade Buckles, Joel Van Stee, Cy Blackmore, Royce Dettmer, Carrol Wildmann, Kathleen McLean, Judy Crook. THIRD ROW-Mr. Correll, Velda Mae Prirnas, Bob Heeren, Lee May, Roger Weber, Bob Wetzel, John Fruit, Mrs. Sands. SECOND ROW-Judy Anderson, Paul Gerling, Colleen Garde, Jerry Johnson, Rollin Whited, Sharon Webb, Shari Robinson. BOTTOM ROW-Audree Cassens, Susie Butler, Sue Marks, Pat Henry, Rita Kirk, Annette Barton, Robbe Solomon, Patty Haney. ' 2 A :nw - THF KID PARTY. INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS fl: Capers." "A bevy of beauties i ri The purpose of the Hi Tri organization is to teach the girl of today to become a better citizen. Hi Tri is governed by a staff of officers known as the Hi Tri Council, which is composed of the officers of the individual class groups and four girls elected from the senior class, who act as the of- ficers of the council. Vocal and piano solos and talks made by guest speakers provide the entertainment for this large organization of girls. Hi Tri also sponsors the Kid Party and the Sadie Hawkins Party. FOP ROW -'Miss Helm. Miss Cunningham, Marina Lucco, Beverly Brush, Roberta Hanser, Lucille Hering Etta Lexus Pat Long. Sharon Sanders, Miss Sloan, Miss Thompson. BOTTOM ROW-Sue Marks, Virginia Martin, Rose Marie Compton, Kathleen McLean, Patty Haney Donna Behrendt Anita VVhited. ALLENE SINGING FOR PARENTS' NIGHT. SALLY WAS TEACHER FOR THE EVENING "School days, school days." "Attfmptin2 to teach an audience of adults." F13 The Carl Sandburg Club, better known as the F.T.A., was organized to encourage more students to enter the teach- ing profession. The members of this club are often called upon to act as cadet teachers when members of the faculty are absent. This year one of our members, Lynette Werner, published the national magazine, "The I.A.F.T.A. Newslet- ter." The F.T.A. had charge of National Education Week and also sponsored a Thanksgiving dance. TOP ROW-Sally Flagg, Velda Mae Primas, Toni Musso, D. A. Sharp, Patsy Senn, Lynette Werner, Judy Crook, Kay Burrus, Darleen Stoecklin. SECOND ROW-John Kuehn, Marian Jenne, Ruth Summers, Eunice Nolte, Phyllis Dorsey, Bernice Luebbers, Barbara Parker. Jim Brendle. BOTTOM ROW-,Joanne Aubrecht, Gloria Weishaupt, Gloria Cassens, Joan Edwards, Jean Burnett, Gerry Rotter, May Cliff, Miss Alexander. . JUNIOR - SENIOR G.A.A. TOP ROW Earlene Orman, Cynthia McKee, Roberta Hanser, Velda Primas, Pat Henry, Sherlyn Highlander, Bonnie Hart, Sharon Carnaghi, JoAnn Vohradsky, Phyllis Dorsey, Carol Bardelrneier, Peggy Hosier, Marilyn Gower. Sandra Lewis. Tl-MRD ROW Marlene Schoettle, Sue Marks, Pat Long, Theresa Raffaelle, Mary Sue Reilly, Gloria Cassens, Phyllis Helier, Marilyn Dawes, Barbara Brooks, Marcia Charlton, Carol Bunte, Joan Weber, Maxine Ayres. SECOND ROW-A Cynthia Vernon, Audree Cassens, Roberta Brush, Darleen Stoecklin, Joan Edwards, Joanne Aubrecht, Gloria Weishaupt, Janiece Wohlford, Judy Crook, Sally Flagg, Pat Haney, Eunice Nolte, Kay Burrus, Janet Suhre. BOTTOM ROW- Jane Kotva, Betty Cell, Susie Butler, Geraldine Rotter, Erma Burges, Toni Musso, Margaret Kriege, Pat Cunningham, Rosemary Maynard. Jane Schroeder. Q -X4 A mural sports. Besides teaching the rules for - - - different sports, this club builds character and sportsmanship. The members meet four The Girls' Athletic Association gives the times a Week and take part in such sports as girls at EHS a chance to participate in intra- volley ball, basketball, bowling, and tennis. FRESHMAN - SOPHOMORE G.A.A. TOP ROW---Sharon Flynn, Myrna Yates, Dorothy Mennemeyer, Marina Lucco, Lois Moore, Margaret Wilkinson, Donna Harmening, Kay Hotz, Jean Burnett, Thelma Burton, Mary Ellen Watsek, Mary Cook, Carolyn Schroeder, Janet Fruit, Judy Giertsen, Nancy Carter, Isabelle Raspllca, Nancy Mueller, Gayle Nicolussl, Joyce Harris, Anita Whited. FOURTH ROW-Betty Michael, Pat Gagliardo, Sue Dittes, Donna Davis, Judy Witschie, Nancy Kelly, Sue Ann Green, Beverly Brush, Gail Hayes, Carol Dunbar, Sara Daech, Marlene Dettmer, Judy Helfer, Judy Wilharm, Mary Ann Brockmeier, Marcella Skaggs. Shirley Hollandsworth, Sue Pivoda, Ann Foster. THIRD ROW--Beverly Perry, Sandra McMurray, Sue VanWinkle, Carol Stunkel, Donna Neuhaus, Judy McGowan, Pat Bode, Judy Schwalb, Shari Robinson, Phyllis Cell, Dora Hutton, Rosemary Agles, Nancy Long, Susan Fruit, Janice Smoltz, Sharon Webb, Kendrea Burk, Carol Westbrook. SECOND ROW-Patty Blind, Donna Behrendt, Virginia Martin, Phyllis Stack, Phyllis Barnes, Myrna Motl, Christine Deist, Judy Anderson, Pat Miller, Carma Lynn Hume, Kay Holbeck, Carol Magee, Robbe Solomon, Annette Barton, Doris Dankenbring, Joyce Smith. BOTTOM ROW-Patsy Enos, Katherine Stine, Idel Martin, Jeanette Ulrey, Alice Albrecht, Jeanne Skamenca, Mary Jane Schumacher, Billie Wise, Joann Ranek, Janice Van Hoosier, Eileen Hertel, Anne Volma, Sharon Perry, Sharon Crow, Bonny Funkhouser, Rita Kirk, Diana Bickell. . .. .F '- "iQIFJ.i .KlHlh '34L WKWz nr:'lWVi?l.QM74a4ZZ411.4'-457 'f '2 ' ' 9"-'f,!KE47- CAQQPLGJQFJ I am sure we have all noticed the girls who lead us in yells during pep assemblies and ball games. They devote a good deal of their time to practicing and creating new cheers. We all owe a great deal of credit to these girls that lead our team on to victory. BACK R0WYRosemary Maynard, Earlene Orman, Toni Musso, Geraldine Rotter, Margaret Kriege, Peggy Hosier, JoAnn Barton. FRONT ROW-Marina Lucco, Dora Hutton, Eileen Hertel, Kay Holbeck. Rl' l'f"l TOP ROW - Sharon Carnaghi, Kay Mateyka, Kay Hotz, Elizabeth Gallina, Jeannie Cherry, Marlene Pulliam, 1-iclen Philllips, Sandra Waltenbaugh, Barbara Kraft, Patricia Gagliardo, Ruth Bosh, Marlene Howerton. THIRD ROW - Phyllis Barnes, Sylvia Jones, Donna Davis. Judith Witschie, Judith Dutton, Phyllis Peradotti, Sandra Sidener, Shirley Lewis, Donna Kyro, Linda Love, Alberta Bartels, Miss Parkey. SECOND ROW - Nancy Kelly, Alice Albrech't, Pat Hackethal, Clara Jean Ringering, Shirley Roemelin, Betty Turn- er, Donna Busch. Lucille Smiley, Jo Ann Goertz, Georgia Bollman, Audrey Martin, Carla McMurray. BOTTOM ROW-Sharon Sasek, Jeanette Ulrey, Marianne Semon, Norma Stack, Darlene Renken, Sue Pyle. TOP ROW--Ruth Dinwiddie, Carol Wagner, Jean Prott, Arlene Mick, Bonnie Hart, Linda Brown, Donna Behrendt, Janet Casna, Virginia Martin, Isetta Bedwell, Flora Menoni, Shirley Dinwlddie. SECOND ROW,Shirley Erb, Arlene Noll, Charlene Bauer, Janet Schwear, Susanne Early, Alice Hansel, Sherlyn Highlander, Betty Wise, Marcia Charlton, Faye Smith', Carol Tanase, BOTTOM ROW-Miss Parkey, Jeraldine Ewell, Verlene Bartels, Frances Hack- ethal, Carol Bunte, Sharon Flynn, Helen Franke, Carol Sajovetz, Martha Johnson, Nancy Pyle, Margaret Strohmeier. The F.H.A. is one of the most active clubs in E.H.S, Its members are kept busy selling refreshments at the basketball games, prepar- ing and serving the various banquets given at E.H.S., sponsoring the annual style show, and giving a combined F.F.A. and F.H.A. skating Page Fifty JJA party. The members also sent packages to under-privileged children overseas. For those members having a perfect attendance record, an interesting trip is provided as a special reward at the end of the school year. TOP ROW - Roger Smith, Don Jason, Harold Patton, John Jacobi, Bill Moor- man, Jim Heberer, David Cocks. THIRD ROW - John Grlnstead, 'John Paddock, Mike Kent, Dale Lowenstein. David Eberhart, Harold Hancock, David Hart, Marvin Henke. SECOND ROWvMiss Hunter, Tom Parker, Jerry Robien, Richard Wiedey, Dale Welch, Lonnie Clayton, Mike Brazier, Richard Beck. BOTTOM ROW-Jim Sheppard, Bill Shep- pard, Lynda Easton, Janice Durr, Joan Weber, Sue Marks, May Cliff, Etta Lewis, Bob Jacobi. - 513,44 The Future Farmers of America is a nation- al organization of boys who are studying vo- cational agriculture. Aside from their varied activities at public speaking and state judging contests, they also help at football and basketball games, keep- ing the public supplied with popcorn and soda. An annual Father-Son banquet is a special feature of this club. TOP ROW-Eldon Schoeber, Don Haus- man, Marshall Bardelmeier, Victor Und- erbrink, Richard Bosch, David Lagemann, Mike Bequette, Calvin Haring, Ronald Pratt, Donald Lange, Gary Newton, Roy Franke, Gerald Stahlhut. THIRD ROW - Melvin Lesemann, Ross Wehling, Allan Weber, Earl Meek, Rich- ard Schaefer, Charles Simmons, David Provaznik, Donald Finke, LaVerne Isen- berg, Donald Kruse, Mr. Seibert. SECOND ROW - Merle Stahlhut, Bill Mugler, Clemens Hess, Mike Brazier, Bill Dustmann, David West, David Pass, Ed Watsek, Dale Haywood, Allyn Buchta BOTTOM ROW-Donald Dorsey, Eugene Lohr, Donald Pratt, Kenneth Ziegler, Bob Hans, Reid Brazier, Walter Hanks, Wilbur Helmkamp, Darrell Behrendt, Roger Ruyle, Maurice Patterson. cience In order to meet with the varying interests of the students of E.H.S., the Science Club has been divided into two groups, one for those students whose interests lie in physical science and the other for those students whose interests lie in natural science. Both groups are under the guidance of a staff of officers consisting of one president, two vice- presidents, one treasurer, and two secretaries. After the business meeting is conducted, the two groups divide and hold their separate meetings. The most important project of the Science Club is sponsoring the annual Science Fair at E.H.S. Page Fifty-One Any former or present Latin student is TOP ROW e Marilyn Lambert, Cynthia McKee, Erma Burges, Mary Sue Reilly, Judy Helfer, Isabelle Raspllca, Barbara Fiegenbaum, Judy Wllharm. Janet Weh- meyer, Bob Nuernberger, Will Radecke. Bryan Madison, Gary Kesl. FOURTH ROWW--Barbara Brooks, James Sharp, Beverly Brush, Ruth Gusewelle, Verna Schaefer, Suann Page, John Kays, Gerald Uhe, Ronald Enloe, Eldon Knoche, Lee Boergadine, Shirley Best. THIRD ROW - Maxine Ayres, Barbara King, Richard Ayres, Wayne Miller, Janice VanHooser, Jerry Johnson, Ann Foster, Katherine Stine, Kendrea Burk, Janet Dinwiddie, Beverly Kraft, Miss Gewe. SECOND ROW--Harriet Fiegenbaum, Judy Giertsen, Sara Daech, Phyllis Cell, Dora Hutton, Judy Anderson, Pat Henry, Marlene Dettmer, Kay Holbeck, Annette Barton, Anne Volma, Jeanne Skamenca. Billie Wise, Patty Blind, Janice Smoltz. BOTTOM ROW - Sharon Crow, Betty Peterson, Helen Dinwiddie, Joann Ranek, Gail Hayes, Diana Bickell, Joyce Smith, Doris Dankenbring, Adelaide Henke Rosalie Horstman, Mary Grace Henke. Wafl, CLA Any student having a definite interest in mathematics is eligible for membership in the Math Club. Working with slide rules, playing mathematical games, working mathe- matical puzzles, and drawing tanagrams are some of the many things done during this club's meeting time. Page Fifty-Two TOP ROW-Gerald Koenig, Virgil Miller, Rolland Brunnworth, Robert Wetzel, Wade Buckles, Lee May, Herman Gerbig. SECOND ROW-Mr. Yung, Dave Nichols, George Tormohlen, Jim Zuidema. Shari Robinson, Pat Cassens, Edward Snajdr, Phil Corlew, Merrill Rosenthal, Miss Helm. BOTTOM ROW W Louis Baptist, Justus Horstman, Kenneth Erb, Paul Gerling. Jimmy Love. Glenn Rinkel. ofafin eligible for membership in the Latin Club. The Latin Club has many varied activities during the year. Among them are the Latin Club-Spanish Club Christmas Party, a field trip taken to visit points of interest in St. Louis, and the club's big event of the year. the Roman Banquet, which is held in May. TOP ROW-Lindley Renken, Bill Moorman, John Jacobi, Paul Adams, Gerry Lelch- senring, Bob Gagliardo, Ralph Leuschke, Gerald Koenig, Richard Blase, Walter Justice, Will Radecke. THIRD ROW-Mr. Yung, Richard Dicker- man. Bob Dippel, Jim Gagllardo, John Paddock, Ronald Pfeifer, Ed Moorman, Bill Judge, Herbert Krapf, Lee May, Alfred Landers. SECOND ROW - Louis Baptist, Fred Funke, Bob Glenn, David Cocks, Bryan Madison, Wade Buckles, Gordon Mallory, Gerald Weiler, Bobby Bast, Sam Makler, Bill Fulton. BOTTOM ROW - Richard Wiedey, Ben Ryan, Gerald Schaefer, Royce Dettmer, Bob Jacobi, Jim Hazzard, David Hart, Bill Sedlacek, John Fruit. laania La Tertulia, better known as the Spanish Club, is a very popular club in E.H.S. Its purpose is to acquaint its members more fully with the customs and language of the Spanish speaking countries. The two highlights of the year for the Spanish Club are the Spanish Club-Latin Club Christmas Party and the Pan American Day assembly, which it sponsors in May. TOP ROW-JoAnn Strasen, Dwane Van Hooser, Mervin Satterlee, Geraldine Hufstedler, Mary Ann Brockmeier, Donna 1 Harmening, Audree Cassens, Patty i Szegedy, Mary Jo Long, Carolee Schafer, Carol Bardelmeier, Marlene Schoettle, Terry Bollman, Norman Smith. FOURTH ROW - Gerald Mateyka. Jim Brendle, Earl Powell, Charles Reagan, Marilyn Hansel, Lonnetta Hansel. Robbe Solomon, Carol Magee, Dallan Strader, Kenneth Schwartzkopf. Richard Lens, Harold Roemelin. THIRD ROW-Miss Cunningham, Sharon Webb, Janice Bunte, Eileen Hertel, Judy Schwalb, Alberta Holt, Carol Wilcox. Margaret Bauer. Dorothy Hufstedler, Ann Holben, Janet Fruit, Pat Miller, Nancy Long, Helen Watsek, Sue Stern- itzke, Janet Suhre. SECOND ROW - Thelma Burton. Mina Voyles, Jean Nunnally, Marie Crabtree, Carolyn Schroeder, Marina Lucco, De- lores Butcher, Mary Cook, Mary Watsel-L, Christine Deist, Carol Westbrook, Susie Fruit, Carma. Lynn Hume, Janiece Wohl- ford, Lessie Davis, BOTTOM ROW - Eldon Knecht, Neil Sperandio, John Fruit, Gary Ahrens, Jim Poneta, Tommy Wetzel, Ronald Pfeifer, Buzz Shaw, Gordon Mallory, Rollin Whited, Bob Bast, Sam Makler. .Ad fl'0I'l0l'n g One of the newer clubs at E.H.S. is the Astronomy Club. Its purpose is to help all the members learn as much as possible in all phases of astronomy. Besides the regular monthly meetings a few night meetings are held when the members observe the celestial phenomena about which they have been studying. Page Fifty-Three TOP ROW - Webb Lewis, Larry Lerch, Richard Kretschmer, Barbara Wadl0W, Margaret Wilkinson, Esther Davis, Bill Sedlacek, Gerald Flaugher, Sue Ann Green. THIRD ROW -- Jane Waterfall, Carole Haynes, Shirley Tomlinson, Betty Wad- luw, Ardienne Schafer, Carol Dunbar. Lois Moore, Judy Davis, Bonny Kaye Funkhouser, 'Miss Thompson. SECOND ROVV-fMurije:1n Metcalfe, Judy Kidd. JoAnn Vohradsky, Janet Brimbau, Jean Satterlee, Leona Hydron, Kent Zimmerman. BOTTOM ROW---Carol Cliartrand, Phyllis Stack, Shirley Carson. Rosemary Agles, Evelyn Buehler, Anita Whited, Gloria Cassens, Kay Trowbridge. PQIQCA Twice a month, during the regular class period, the French Club holds its meeting. The entire business meeting is conducted in the French language so as to give the mem- bers practice in speaking. French. After the business meeting is held, French games are played, French songs are sung, and some- times reports are given on the customs and language of the French people. At the end of the school year, usually in May, a banquet is held, and gifts are given to the graduat- ing seniors. Page Fifty-Four TOP ROW-Cecelia Shaw, Richard Wiedey, Marvin Rushing, Ben Ryan, Miss Cunn- ingham, Ed Moorman, Pat Haney, Mary Grace Henke. BOTTOM ROW-Flora Menoni, Joel Van Stee. Linda Corl, Pat Cunningham, Marljean Metcalfe. Oli Pdf? ug Do you like books? If so, the Library Club is the club for you. This is a very active club the year around. All members are re- quired to Work in the library one and a half hours a week and to learn to use the re- sources Which the library provides. Much pleasure is found in decorating the bulletin board to fit the season of the year. An annual Christmas party is one of this clubls special features. TOP ROW-Earlene Orman, Betty Wadlow, Bernice Luebbers, Miss Smiser, Beverly Fehse. Mary Chartrand, Nancy Howes, Joyce Pape. THIRD ROW-Lucille Brase, Janet Els- wick, Donna Brakhane, Phyllis Helfer, Linda Anderson, Ruth Stahlhut, Mary Ann Schaefer, Donna Leonard, Sylvia Giardina. SECOND ROW - Rose Wilkening, Doris Wiehe, Carol Strasen, Sarah Wisnaski, Marilyn Gower, Virginia Garde, Glori- anne Hickey, Loretta Chlibec, Theresa Harmann. BOTTOM ROW-Hettie Mayfield, Theresa Raffaelle, Clarine Young, Charlotte Stoces, Dolores Boeker, Francine Marti, Jean Zoeller. cggiteflflafl is E.H.S. has a new club this year, the Letter- man's Club. Officers were chosen, and an ap- propriate constitution, code, and motto were adopted. Any boy who has won an official "E" in one of the recognized sports at E.H.S. is eligible for membership in this club. The members of the club undertook two projects, selling Tiger signs and patrolling our gym during the lunch period. TOP ROW-Wendell Durr, Kenneth Bar- tels, Tom Harper, Harold Patton, Billy Winter, Joel Van Stee, Tommy Burns, Rolland Brunnworth. SECOND ROWWMF. Correll, Jim Heine- meier, Roger VVeber, Tom Crossman, Ralph Leuschke, Wilbur Helmkamp, Ralph Krohn, Robert Wetzel, Wade Buckles, Merrill Rosenthal. BOTTOM ROW - Robert Hans, Gerald Mateyka, Bill Penelton, Jim Brendle, Richard Sasek, Leon Smiddy, William Shaw, David Bardelmeier. ufiinezid glclucafion The Business Education Club consists of junior and senior girls whose interests lie in the business field. The purpose of this club is to promote good office conduct and to pro- vide added instruction in business education. Speeches given by prominent businessmen. field trips to various business offices in Ed- Wardsville, and the club's annual Christmas Party are the varied activities of this club. Page Fifty-Five pA0i09l'al0Ag Many students Wonder Why there always seem to be photo- graphs of various types on the bulletin board in room 322. If you will inquire within, you will discover that these photographs had been entered in the Photo- graphy Club's monthly contest. This club strives to interest its members in the various phases of photography. TOP ROW -e Marshall Bardelmeier, David Bardelmeier, Howard Unterbrink, Donald Fencel, Michael Henry. SECOND ROW --Ronald Schwartzkopf, Bill Judge, Jim Heinemeier, Herbert Krapf, Paul Hofmeier. Roger Weber, Ralph Leuschke, Charles Reed. BOTTOM ROW-David Kriege, Bob Hyten, Marilyn Dawes, Sue Pivoda, Jim Hair, Dennis Tudor. uiafion "Off We go into the Wild blue yonder." This year more and more boys are joining the Avi- ation Club. The club meets the second Wednesday each month to discuss and build model air- planes. When these boys get together, the sky's the limit! TOP ROW-Roger McNeilly, Eugene Helm- l-ramp, Harold Hancock, Richard Hartnagel, Jack Foehrkalb, Jim Robinson, Philip Robinson, Tony Giardina. SECOND ROW - Bill Shaw, Wendell Durr, David Price, Ray Barnes, Earl Brockmeier. Joe O'De1l, Richard Helmkamp, Maurice Mixon. BOTTOM ROW4Larry Lerch, David Morton, Jim Sheppard, David Wleduwilt, Garland Noll, Bill Sheppard, Tom Kraft, Marion Davis. . A If you are interested in dramatics. you were probably seen ramafzcd u ivin a reading or skit at the Dramatics Club tryouts this year. 8 g i ! a'I" flH'-BE: Nl ll finiTZL',z.f. Perhaps you helped plan such topics as applying make-up, choosing plays, or moving prop- erly on the stage, which were used for discussion at the month- ly meetings. You may also have been seen in the play, "The Nut Family," which was presented for the student body March 11. It was all of these things that made a busy year for the Dram- atics Club. TOP ROW-Jim West, Walter Schramm, Walter Justice, Joel Van Stee, Robert Hans, Richard Sasek, Reid Brazier, Mrs. Crocker. SECOND ROW - Ed Moormon, Velda Mae Primas, Marjorie Sickbert, Marian Jenne, Barbara Parker, Carol Easton, Susie Butler, Maurice Jones. BOTTOM ROW-Roberta Brush, Rose Marie Compton, Carole Haynes, Lynette Werner. Judy Crook, Jane Schroeder, Margaret Kriege, Kay Schlesinger. Are you one of these boys that is heard calling "testing" at al- most every event held in the gym? If so, you must be a mem- ber of the Technicians Club. This club is one of great importance to the school. The members operate the stage lights, curtains, mikes, and other school equip- ment for plays, parties, and pro- grams held here. TOP ROW-John Jacobi, Bob Nuernberger, Paul Adams, Ed Moorman, Jim Gagliardo, Bill Davis, SECOND ROW - Oliver Lewis. Eugene Ursprung, Floyd Fisher, Dale Welch, Jerome Holtrnan. BOTTOM ROW-Frank Chandler, Joe Rotter, Webb Lewis, Ronnie Riggs, Bob McElwain, Jim Fish, Donald Fencel. Those students interested in developing their artistic ability belong to the Art Club. Each member must have a project on which to work at each meeting. They have done such things as textile painting, oil painting, and designing of Christmas cards. TOP ROW - Sandra McMurray, Dorris Williams, Verna Mae O'dell, Esther Davis, David May, Bobby Ziegler, Vernon Koenig, Sandra. Lewis. TI-ILRD ROW - Jane Kotva, Peggy Hosier, Ralph Krohn, Leon Smiddy, Roberta Hanser, Jean Schmid, Betty Cell. SECOND ROWfGerry Rotter, Toni Musso, Betty Strader, Leola Weinberg, Janet Moller, Marijean Metcalfe, Henrietta Johnson. BOTTOM ROW-Lucille Hering, Sally Flagg, Pat Cunningham, Pat Haney, Sharon Perry, Diane Rudat. One of the most important clubs in E.H.S. is the Audio Visual Aid Club. The members of this club donate their time in order to show the various ed- ucational films to the student body of E.H.S. We all appreciate the time and effort the members of this club put into this Worth- while project. TOP ROW-Larnie Sidener, Wilbur Mateyka, David Wilkinson, Paul Adams, Wendell Durr, Jim Heinemeier, Harold Patton, Kenneth Bartels, Ralph Leuschke, Roger Kuchta, Miss Goeddel. BOTTOM ROWSVirgil Miller, Bob McElwain. Webb Lewis, Larry Washington, Carrol Wildmann, Fleming Bradshaw, Donald Kruse. Calvin Haring, Page Fifty-Seven .14 Cjalaeffa Ciilliil' The selected mixed choral group. namely A Capella Choir. is very active at EHS. For their first appearance this year they presented the Fourth Annual Variety Concert, en- titled "Holiday." Besides the many other concerts given by this group, an octet representing the choir appeared in a television broadcast at Belleville. Q2-A , Cizoir The Girls' Choir has participated in several concerts this year. This choir is made up of thirty-five voices which were selected by Mr. Briggs, the director. The girls study more advanced music than the choruses and give more public per- formances. Besides appearing in concerts, they have sung for community clubs and various school functions. P age Fzfty-Eight -if s- TOP ROW-Mary Jo Long, Beverly Thomas, Berniece Luebbers, Gloria Weishaupt, Marilyn Dawes, Cecelia Shaw, Sylvia Giardina, Ca- role Haynes. THIRD ROW-Carol Bunte, Betty Wise, Carol Sajovetz, Audree Cassens, Gloria Cas- sens, Mina Voyles, Ann Vol- ma. Clarine Young. SECOND ROW - Marilyn Gower, Joyce Pape, Gloria Penelton, Joan Edwards, Sarah Daech, Cynthia Mc- Kee. Sue Hartnagel, Susie Fruit. BOTTOM ROW-Janet Brim- bau. Janet Casna, Jean Sat- terlee, Martha Johnson, Carol Rasplica, Helen Wat- sek. Sharon Perry, Marcia Charlton. TOP ROW-Bobby Ziegler. Eldon Knoche, Jim Heinemeier, Paul Hofmeier, Harold Kast, Harry Shaw. Buzz Shaw, Maurice Jones, Bob Hans, Walter Schrarnrn, Bob Nurenberger, Don Glaser. THIRD ROW-Joe Makler, Gary Kesl, Jim Brendle, Darrell Madison, Kenneth Ziegler, Pat Cassens, Jim Fish, Lee Boergadine, Kenny Bopp, Elijah Carpenter, Cy Blackmore, Carl Ellington. SECOND ROW-Sue Marks. Ruth Stunkel, Mary Grace Henke, Shirley Wohlford, Judy Crook. Suzanne Smith, Margie Sickbert, Marlene Dettmer, Roberta Hanser, Nancy Wallace, Jane Kotva, Kathy McLean, Barbara Parker. Lucy Hering. BOTTOM ROVVM-Allene Spernol, Kay Schlesinger. Sue Sternitzke, Jean Zoeller, Colleen Garde, Cecilia Going. Earlene Orman, Rosemary Maynard. D. A. Sharp, Etta Lewis, Margaret Kriege, Marian Jenne, Rose Marie Compton. Joanne Aubrecht. Marilyn Lamber. MUSIC LISTENING CLUB TOP ROW--David Morton. Bob Reed, Cyrus Blackmore, Earl Brockmeier, Bill Shaw, Ruth Stunkel. Ruth Summers, Bill Fulton, Louis Hellmann, Kenneth Reising. Don Glaser, Jere Collins. THIRD ROVV-Mr. Briggs, Linda Corl, Ruth Bast, LaVerne Spencer, Gloria Weishaupt, Lois Gehring, Beverly Thomas, Suzanne Smith, Carol Mitchell. Shirley Wohlford, Linda Blaeuer, Christiana Scott, Cecilia Going, Joanne Garrard. lker, Joanne Aubrecht, Joan Edwards, Darleen Stoecklin, Nancy Wallace. Jean Burnett, Idel Martin, Rita Kirk, Bonnie Funkhouser, Lois Davis, Audrey Schaake, Nancy Carter, , BOTTOM ROW!Kay Burrus. Kay Trowbridge. Rosemary Maynard, Sarah Johnson, Kathy McLean, Eunice Nolte. Phyllis Dorsey. Pat Senn, Elaine Pour, Connie Myers. SECOND ROW-Cynthia Vernon, Nadine Wa 'tcKl"T'f'7'W'W2TYZYT , ' ' 't ' vm R'-,M xxx-5.155 . ,twnyr ,vux,,j,gi N?,,4,Fv. ,Q W 'H 7 ' , -.lib FLUTES 'flllavld Cocks i'May Cliff Wade Buckles i'Phyllls Cell ftRlchard Wiedey Carolee Schafer Bonnie Hart OBOES "TMarian Jenne 'Jimmy Love Betty Cell BASSOON 'P + Phil Corlew CLARINETS "'TAudree Cassens '+Joan Edwards 5t"rBill Fulton "+Jane Kotva Leonard Perry Uoanne Aubrecht iCarol Rasplica 'f+Jim Zuldema +Gloria VVeishaupt Donna Rae Leonard Shirley VVohlford .Ianiece VVohlford Bob Nuernberger Helen VVatsek Janet Suhre Evelyn Fields Doris Dankenbring Marlene Schlemer' Mary Cook .I CAS Com-eff Zim! Ql":i0l'll'lQ A LTO CLARINETS 'itMarilyn Dawes Verna Schaefer BASS CLARINETS i+Pat Cunningham "Dora Jayne Hutton ALTO SAXES Ruth Summers Pat Long "Annette Barton Suann Page Marina Lucco TENOR SAXES "Harold Kast 'iBarbara Brooks BARITONE SAXES Louis Baptist Wayne Miller CORNETS Bill Buch 'i+Walter Justice g'f'rBlll Shaw 'r+Maurice Jones Him Brendle rEd Snajdr Don Jason Richard Sasek David Price Ronnie Pfeifer Bunky Kane Jack Foehrkolb Preston Robinson Christiana Scott FRENCH HORNS ifTWendell Durr ttCarol Dunbar iiiRichard Dlckerman Gary Kesl Sharon Flynn Don Finke TROMBONES Paul Gerling 'iEunlce Nolte TBob Wetzel Bobby Reed Dave Wilkinson Alfred Bell BARITONES ,'TRuth Stunkel Jimmy Fish Reid Brazier Richard Helmkamp BASSES i+Rlchard Hartnagel 'Ray Shaffer i'Clarine Young Bob Hans Tom Parker PERCUSSION 'f+Gloria Cassens :3'f'P3.t Senn Jere Collins Fred Funke Cecilia Shaw Harley Fultz Darrell McDonald oncerf Hzioerfoire or 1954-55 "El Capitan", Sousag "Oklahoma" Sel- ection, Richard Rodgersg "A Trumpet- er's Lullaby", Leroy Andersong "Tri- umphial March" from "Quo Vadis", Miklos Rozsag "A Tribute to Glenn Miller", arranged by Henry Gassg March "Grandioso", Seitzg "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue", Rodgers, "The Happy Wander- er',, Moller, "The Irish Washerwomann, Andersong "Sentimental Journey", Les Browng "The School Musician", Beebe and Paulg "Hallelujah Chorus", Handelg "United Press March", Paul Lavalleg Overture "1812", Tschaikowskyg "Say It with Music", Irving Berlin, Spanish March "Comandante", Guentzelg "La Gazza Ladra", Rossinig "El Charro", Tarverg Themes from "Scheherazade", Rimsky-Korsakoffg "Pavanne", Morton Gouldg "Lights Out", McCoyg 'tLa Mas- carada",Harold Waltersg 'tDancing Tam- bourine", Pollag "First Swedish Rhap- sody", Eric Leidzeng "TV Suite", Walters, "Belle of the Ballu, Andersong HThe G. B. A. Story", William Beebeg "Kiddie Ballet", Ralph Hermann. i County Institute Sight-Reading Band All-County Band 5 All-State Band Page Sixty ederue QI"50l1I'lQ FLUTES CORNETS Kendrea Burk Rosalie Horstman BASSOON Kay Holbeck CLARINETS 'Shirley Tomlinson Suzann Hartnagel Ruth Dinwiddie Shari Robinson Jean Burnett Jimmy Sharp Georgia Bollman Rosemary Agles Sue Pyle ALTO SAXES Carla McMurray Ronnie Martin TENOR SAX Sandra McMurray BARITONE SAX Pat Blind FRENCH HORN Kate Stine TROMBONES Eugene Helmkamp Dari Hess Jim Robinson Mike Gower f In Concert Band Preston Leonard Bob Scheibal Richard Beck Mary Ellen Watsek Joe O'Dell Ray Eberhardt Larry Washington Dwight Wade Shirley Roemelin Eldon Schoeber Ronnie Riggs Eugene Ursprung Harold Roemelin BA RITONES Will Radecke Mike Brazier Fleming Bradshaw BBb BASS Harlan Reising PERCUSSION rClarence Scott Ann Foster Judy Anderson Judy Helfer Lillian Christians Margaret Wilkinson Jay Fagan Ann Holben part of year. f ,S-,,y'.5il, r as 4 7 1 4 y AQ f W A yx V 4 X ff X ,X fy 1 6 ' if Q , ...f wwf 'Zyf If f f f ,M ' s X' , at Q ' - i .J FW arm W fy! W I Z r W! 7 , X, 1 WA L MW J gm " EZ! Ii, x V J' fx, awww, ' I -f I ' p e A S Za X '. 'K K fm.: ,, L2 W'-T y ,jf 4, , "WS- lhfh, xW X' 'W PAUL ADAMS CAROL BARDELMEIER EVELYN BARNARD The master mind behind our Sweet and sincereg nice to be near. "Fm not ready to eat out of any public address system, man's handln WAYMAN ADCOCK DAVID BARDELMEIER f'To live a long life-work little? "Can I dance? Can I drive? Man, en for Cfadd Ljfkrifory As my senior year, 1955, draws to a close I find myself doing a lot of reminiscing. It seems such a short time ago that I entered E.H.S. as a shy freshman. My freshman year was filled with so many new experiences. The Freshman-Sophomore Party was my first big high school event. Homecoming, basketball games, the Kid Party, and the Sadie are all outstanding memories of my freshman year. By the time I was a sophomore I was beginning to Nfeel more at home in E.H.S. I remember the Freshman- Sophomore Party sponsored by my class. It was called EHS Studio One and was the first in a long line of successful productions staged by the class of l55. An unusual event took place during my sophomore year. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS STANDING: Jimmie Joe Brendle, presidentg Bill Penelton, Vice-Presidentg Ed Lohr, treasurer. SEATED: Francine Marti, secretary I'm the 'coolest cat, alive!" ,fy f I .. fa , , ' We Sigh - , . I I , , f g- I, Z r ff so fi V LORETTA BRADSHAW A smile, a flash, and she's gone! LUCILLE BRASE The best way to have a friend to be one. xi M V BILL BUCH " 'Live and let live' is my philosophy." EVELYN BUEHLER The .second lady with a lamp. VERLENE BARTELS RUTH BAST J OANN BOLLMAN Our loveliest farmerette. NI know it, but I donit know how "Lux to me is a show, not a soap." to say it? JOANN BARTON BILL BEQUETTE 'fWhen love and duty start to Oh, how he twists the mother clash-let the duty go to smashlv English! REID BRAZIER PEGGY ANN BREWER EARL BROCKMEIER EHS's "Tennessee Plowboyii Her bright brown eyes reflect her Blushes are the badge of engagement ring. inexperience. JIM BRENDLE JANET BRIMBAU Royal escort, co-captain, too, Jim, Like the northwest mounted, she we think a lot of you. always gets her man. CAROL BUNTE MARY CAIN MARTHA CERMAK "Friendliness is hard for some, She was a maid so very meek that "Silence is golden-Fm 20 caratf but Fve a smile for everyone." even her shoes refused to squeak. KAY BURRUS - BETTY LOU CELL A Tiger fan, a lot of fun, our Sense of humor, dancing feet, lots female athlete number one. of fun, she can't be beat. Page Sixty-Five ls Wxgalldisgvr . . ,,.. -if X. Xp. .X s Qs 5' ks- NGXS F fi " ' -L f, Mx ,ii 1 . www X xx 7 It f Q . X f I , vs Z s.sXef, MARCIA CHARLTON JERRY COLLINS LINDA CORL Dynamite comes in small i'Great men have made mistakesg Not a worry, not a care,' posture packages! I have made mistakesg therefore poise, and beauty rare. I am a great manlu MAY CLIFF Brains galore! Need we say more? I voted in my first presidential election. Of course, it was only a mock election, but it proved to be a very interesting experience for everyone. My junior year arrived, making me an upperclass- man. I still remember the thrill of ordering and finally receiving my class ring. The Junior Play, t'Father Was a Housewife," revealed some excellent junior talent. When basketball season began, with a member of my class on the first five, everybody had high hopes of our being a member of the Sweet Sixteen. The East St. .Louis game was our ticket to Champaign. I'll never forget that wonderful State Tournament! As spring progressed, I began busily working on the Junior-Senior Prom, and on the evening of May 1 the many hours of hard work were rewarded . . . the May Day Prom was a brilliant success. All too soon my junior year came to a close and NICEST PERSONALIT' . .,.....,.,............. .... K ATHIE MCLEAN "Queen Kathie," elected because of her friendly smile and wonderful personal' ity. She was a Homecoming Queen of whom we were all proud. ROSE MARIE COMPTON Honest, truthful, loyal, kindg a better friend is hard to find. MICHAEL DUFFY "Ah, yes, just living keeps me busyf' WENDELL DURR "I'm a perfect gentleman- when the teacherls looking." SALLY FLAGG Though she never digs the point of a pun, she's happy go lucky and barrels of fun. FRED FUN KE As shy as he looks? I wonder. JUDY CROOK PAT CUNNINGHAM PHYLLIS DORSEY A sunny- disposition, a heart that's 'Tll be merry, I'll be free, Itll be It can be said she's on the move, filled with fun! of all the girls at sad for nobodeelu and better still she's in the groove. EHS. thereis not a nicer one. TOM CROSSMAN RAY DeCONCINI Since Tommy got that red convert, "Well, by golly, at least Fll make the girls withflhim sure like some horse a good jockeyfll to irt! O CAROLE EASTON JERALDINE EWELL FLOYD FISHER It's a womanls prerogative to She cooks and sews the perfect "Where I go, trouble follows." change her mind. way, and so she's head of FHA. JANET ELSWICK DONALD FINPT The mildest manners, The best men are those the gentlest heart. who say the least. JAMES GAGLIARDO GINNY GARDE DONALD GLASER "Grades, not girls, A friendly smile, a gracious wayg she's Always happy, never sad. have been my aim." usually quiet, but sometimes gay. Full of pep and never bad CU COLLEEN GARDE SYLVIA GIARDINA She worked and slaved for eight long months to get the Tiger outg Ever true to her work, her word, 1 she's clever, cute, and nice, besides-an all around good scout! and her friends. Page Sixty-Seven ,f K i tiki 1 f fi X s xffii . , ., fs' bN'il"'Y ig, ' 3,115 MARILYN GOWER JOHN GRINSTEAD PATTY HANEY In June Iill trade my pencil and "A model boy does not chew, Dark hair, sparkling eyes, paper for the pots and pans of smoke, swear, or make lovefi merry humor, she's a prize. a housewife? BEVERLY GREEN FRANCES HACKETHAL Alfriend that makes the least noise "My face is red-is yours?', is often the most useful of all. I found myself a senior. My senior year has passed so quickly, almost too quickly. The football team, with many senior stars, had a very successful season. To most of us the highlight of the season was the home- coming celebration. The Tigers' victory over the Kahoks was thrilling. The parade, with the colorful floats, the band, the bonfire, and the pep assembly, fremember those Indians?J, all contributed to a wonderful home- coming. On Saturday evening the climax was reached as Kathy McLean was crowned Queen of our Senior Homecoming. Before I knew it, basketball season had arrived with each game more exciting than its predecessor. Of course our regional tourney victory over Collinsville will always stand out as the game of the year for me. With the end of basketball season I suddenly realized how short a time I had left at E.H.S. BEST ATHLETE ,..... . .............,.....,....,......, BILL PENELTON A letterman of basketball, football, and baseballg and also a nice guy to know. Bill was voted this year's "athletic asset." rr JIM HEBERER Like a chimney-I smoke." LOUIS HELLMAN "Women fluster me." ,f W ' M7 " JOHN JACOBI f'My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." DONALD JASON . He uses his head for something besides keeping his ears apart. ROBERT HANS MARILYN HANSEL CAROLE HAYNES MTVN? mfljmify of P60Ple aren,t She needs no eulogyg It isn't the yarn you use above average, so why should I she speaks for herself. but how much you have be an exception?" on the ball that counts! ROBERT HENRY HANS RICHARD HARTNAGEL You don't have to be "Just because I'm an end in noisy to be fun. football doesnlt mean Fm an end in everythingfy l .. WILBUR HELMKAMP LUCILLE HERING LARRY HOWELLS "When there's nothin' A smile that's gay and fancy freeg "Must know sumpin', to do, let me do it." full of fun and jollity. but don't say nothin'." MARY GRACE HENKE MAURICE HOWE "Just call me 'Flo', I talk in His mind sees more than a steady stream." the eyes of other men. MARIAN JENNE SARAH JOHNSON JOHN JUSTICE Her name is a synonym for All blondes are not light headed. Even though vanquished, Tiger Times and hard work. he would argue still! HENRIETTA JOHNSON BILL JUDGE She would stop St. Peter's HI swallowed my gum on the way roll call to ask a question. to get my first datef' Q1 Page Sixty-N ine 1 Q , I ., ve 'I' 'QYW6 - WSH y , 1 I si? - , I ' E if ,gg w e 6 ,,,,,f, I , , I , Nx , A -I K ,,. , . Q . -A - 1 f ss XQ.k f as I An-S! 4 I N. ..., 4 i g , is Q , EDWARD KANE GERALD KOENIG RALPH KROHN 'Give a inan a horse he can ridef, A quiet nian but quite a man! "Fin EHS's prize pugilistf' CHARLOTTE KING HERBERT KRAPF "Success is as you measure it. "I have fun flying around so why I measure it in happiness." Spring was wonderfully exciting with the anticipa- tion of all the graduation festivities to come, however, as each annual event, spring sports, the Sadie, and the Prom, passed, I realized it was my last as a student at E.H.S. Well, here I am graduating, but as I think back overall the fun I've had and all the friends I've made during my four years of high school, I know I will al- ways remember my senior year, 1955, as the most won- derful of all. BEST STUDENT ..,.,.........,.........,............. DELORES SHARP Voted our student of the year-a charming miss who seldom missed on any- thing. 'D.A. was a prize pupil, praised by fellow-students and teachers. should I landfv' OLIVER LEWIS "When I can't think up a good excuse, I do what I'ni .supposed to do." ED LOHR "A sleeping boy is a good boy. Iirn greatll' f x U95 A -P ,. - 'rf-ua ELAINE MADISON "Say not always what you know. but know always what you say? RUTH MALSON A girl of few words is the best girl of all. ROGER KUCHTA RICHARD LENZ RALPH LEUSCHKE Full of vim and pep and fun, "Never do today what you Bashful men are hard to find heis a friend to everyone. can put off till tomorrow? JOHN KUEHN DONNA RAE LEONARD "Beware-I may yet do something Woman came after man and she's spectacular", been after him ever since. KAY LONG FLORA LOVSEY DARRELL MADISON "Oh, for a lasting love!" UI might be better if I would, "This town moves too slow but it's awfully lonesome for meli' being good? MARY JO LONG BERNICE LUEBBERS Her voice, her manner, and her "Can two live as cheaply as one? walk, but most of all her stream I hope so!" of talk. FRANCINE MARTI ROSEMARY MAYNARD KATHLEEN MCLEAN Diminutive only in stature. Girls with good lines There never was a sweeter gal, a make the best catches! truer friend than she. In fact, she's t . t EHS-' 'h GERALD MATEYKA DARRELL MCDONALD Ops G Shojgfj ,Qat G Queen f'Let others climb the ladder of HI could do it twice. success-I'll take the elevatorf' whatever it was."' I - Page Seventy-One ARLENE MICK DONALD MUNZERT HAROLD NELSON She does her work with a smile. Tut, tut, my man, the "What will the women of EHS girls wontt hurt you. do without me?', ED MOORMAN CONNIE MYERS Wit and wisdom hand in handg A snappy dresser, nice to knowg he'll leave his mark upon the land! a smiling face thatts all aglow. o ole iv 25 Ql'll0l" Ql"1f0l'L6l L L96 S ,. .xyff f' A Every class has its personalltles and the class of 1955 is no exception. Elected by popular vote of the senior class, We feel that these students truly represent the things for which they were chosen. 5, I' ' MOST TALENTED ...,..........,,...,....,......,...... ROSIE COMPTON We'1l never forget her singing in the Junior Play. She played the piano and even composed music, Rosie was a welcome addition to our festivities. RONALD PENELTON "I live my life the perfect way. I sleep all night and half the day? LEONARD PERRY "Fm not versed in the science of love." ' 4l S ,ss , I7 NANCY PYLE If one never opensmonels mouth out of turn, one never has to pull one's foot out of it. KENNETH REISING "Whatever I do, I do right with a good strong will and all my might! EUNICE NOLTE BARBARA PARKER GLORIA PENELTON We all like herg- "The staccato beat of the type- "A good man's hard to find how can we help it? writer keys is music to my ears." but I've found minef' VERNA MAE O'DELL BILL PENELTON "I came-Fm gladg Pm going-Fm gladder!" f . T 73. F .IAQQI 1 WWW Q45 WN 2 sax r RONALD PRATT DALE PROVOW Itis the quality of the words that To understand him count-not the quantity. you must know him. DAVID PRICE FRANK PRUSA It's better to play than do nothing-the cornet, that is. On the gridiron, on the court, there never was a greater sport. DAN PULLIAM "Daisy Mae should have seen me first!" Inches do not determine the man. LINDLEY RENKEN HAROLD ROEMELIN MARY JO ROZUM A little nonsense now and then is "If women were my only worry. Small and dancing feet relished by the best of men. I would never have a wrinklefl GEORGE REZABEK MERRILL ROSENTHAL If youire always smiling, you A friend of the people, wonit have time to worry. preferably female. B - ' Page Seventy-Three ,mp e f , Vi R My , ,,,, at ,, 'fx Q ,h . , ,, 4--k X' A, ' A? R ' ig, ff at R '74 I ,,,U ef mgfl .sv - ,f gxxx X X S 5 Y N Wg, 4 V 1 ' je ff "'x A W ,W 7, .A ,, ,, My 7 s, t Q. 1 we 4 , S4 fm .-N! ,, .s , .1 ff ,f f-Q M , ,,fiX s f .M ,WRU ,,1 DIANNE RUDAT SHARON SANDERS MARY ANN SCHAEFER saucy srnile, a turned up noseg 99 44!100'7b pure. Life is not so short that one can- shelll have beaux whereler not take tune to be courteous. she goes. ROGER RUYLE RICHARD SASEK 'Trn here for no great purposef' A grin on his face, A laugh in his eye, A trrck up hts sleeve, A real swell guy. MARLENE SCHOETTLE "They say, 'Actions speak louder than wordsf I know betterlu 'rYP1cAL HIGH scuools SENIOR ,.... .. SALLY FLAGG "A cheerful smile and a friendly hello Always lingered in the air After Sally had been there," A fine representative of high school seniors was Sally with her interest in people and her liking for school life. CLARENCE SCOTT The great economlzer of energy. W or LEON SMIDDY Always a smile, never a frown- fLeapin, Leon! the senior class clown. ROBERT SMILEY "I corne to school when there alnlt nothin' better to dof' .,-f"X! CAROLEE SCHAFER JIM SCHLEMER KAY SCHLESINGER Neat and sweet from head to feet. Such a dollg a shame he's taken. Music is well said to be the . speech of angels. EDWIN SCHLEMER MARLENE SCHLEMER ':See my big blue Buick?" She'll kiss whom she pleases. She'll please whom she kisses. PATSY SENN HARRY SHAW MARJORIE SICKBERT Basketball's greatg lovefs even "Pauses make my speeches We call her "Our Little Margie," better. longer." but sheys not at all scatter-brained. Coaches say, "They don't go togetherli' DOLORES ANN SHARP BILL SHAW Sweet as sugar, 'Sharp' as spice, His joke list is a mile longg his mighty cute, and mighty nice. trumpet blows forth quite a song! FAYE SMITH LAVERNE SPENCER ALLENE SPERNOL One good heart is better than all She never troubles trouble From small notes a mighty song the heads in the world. until trouble troubles her. can burst! SUZANNE SMITH LEONARD SPERANDIO Indepedent now and forever. A small gun of large caliber. Page Seventy-Five L5 BETTY STRADER MARGARET STROHMEIER RUTH ANN SUMMERS She says very little, She,s calm and collected and "I'll just read my book, but she never has to. never dejected. if you dontt mind." CAROL STRASEN JANET SUHRE Always the sameg Watch out, fellowsg those big always good natured. brown eyes are dangerous! ROGER WEBER We could call him a quiet man- if we didn't know him so well. EGVIEST SENSE 01911 IZUIIXOR ... . . .1 ,,.. .,........ .... S LIEUSN SIQIIDDY ROSALIE WEILER a ever you ca e m - " eap ng son" or " m ng m y," e was ff ' ' 1955's choice for the most humorous guy on campus. Would anyone need more I Mk? work' It fasqznates me'q proof than thjg ,uctureff I can sit and look at it for hours. LARRY WILLIAMS "And his eyes have all the seem- ing of a demon that is dreaming? WILLIS WILSON "What's going to happen is going to happen, so why exert myself?" I, iff' l I LEO TAUL KAY TROWBRIDGE V NADINE WALKER "I hear a hollow sound. Never ready, always late. A steady beau keeps a girl Who rapped on my head?" but when she smiles, fied UP! we have to wait. BEVERLY THOMAS BONNIE VOLENTINE "Fm not funny, Giggling makes the world go it just seems that way." 'round R l'rrrese iff? , .f f 1 I' LYNETTE WERNER DORIS WIEHE DWAIN WILLE "I don't know everything, ' Slowly provoked, she quickly A quiet mind is richer than but just try to prove it." forgets. a crown. ROBERT WETZEL ROSE WILKENING "Go 'way, little girl, don't bother The flame of love burns brightly me, Fm very busy, canit you see?" when a girl finds her match. ,me-f , X X IZ? I I, , fd, ' ff: I I ,ff nw, ' , 1 5, Q, ff. G, M X X ff NO PICTURE Carl Ellington Zi 1 f 6 'f f 1 ff f f X 5' y ff f f W 7? 4' 5 z Z Zz ' . f Y t , ,I , ., , f . , 1 'VI 1 1.1 I - x H T- He , - jf,.:f, ,f, si iisiff iff, 4 sw 9 f ' 1,jfQ M y ,vf4'2f"'Z.'f 'f" U-V " I ' I SARAH WISNASKI KENNETH ZIEGLER I "I study army etiquette." "Pm 15716 fflfm QWVS Eddie Fisher." SHIRLEY WOHLFORD JEAN ZOELLER At 5:00g cloth, pattern-mess. t'It'S hGTd P0176 711289 At 6:00p a lovely dress. 1'7h-971 0112 18 WL ZOUG-U Page Seventy-Seven QS . 4 5 h f i "s - ..: X- Q7 4 - A S . f V ff...,, J ...gi xr- .. 9,1 K Q 3 h V 3' XLR as "' NA, . 2 X. . '- 3. Q ' ' . . K ' '. . l f. ,.,,,. S-1 t - , f . . v 1 ' in I Q I . X V Q- R " Y, xx X i ,nw '- X .ff , X X35 H Jin 4?-Se. 'fn r 'J 'N 'Zi W .jx ,.. ff-'-'FV ,., X .,,,,, i his 4 L.. M R ,V .,.x. x x ut A v :Sr QV A ' vkgij- X Q 'vi 1 ' J . X as , . A . X X SI? 1 K .uw x ' . 4:9 an . 1 f " K K" l .40 N X ,lwf + fgf' wa 4: S K . QC'-1 S.-ff E' X 4, K . I f x flsjx X .M . t l Q Q ...mfg x , , to .1 " X . . X V .m,rM..fgfalffi, A . V Q -azaias f ff ROW ONES ROVV TVVO ROVV THRE ROVV FOUR Anderson, Linda: Arnold, Kenneth: Aubrecht, Joanne: Ayres, Maxine: Baptist, Louis: Bartels, Kenneth: Bast, Robert: Bauer 3 Bauer. 1Y11lI'KJl!'t'I Ann. Beck. Janet: Behrendt. Darrell: Bell, Arlene: Bequette, Mike: Blackmore, Cyrus: Blase, Richard: Bocqaleoni, Jack: Boeker Bosch, Ptivhard. EW Bradley, Doreneg Brakhane. Donna: Brooks, Barbara: Brush, Roberta: Bunle, Sylvia Ann: Burges, Erma: Burlingame Butler Susie: Carnaghi. Sharon Carpenter, Elijah: Cassens. Audreeg Cassens, Gloria: Cassens, Pat: Chandler, Frank, Chartrand, Mary: Chlibec, Loretta s, James: Corlew, Phil. union! ,. ' . K .. 4 JUNIOR cLAss OFFICERS I STANDING: Pat Henry, Vice-President: Bill Winter, President. f - SEATED: Velda Mae Primas, Treasurer: Pat Long. Secretary. ' " ,, 0-- Nl " .wwf E Sf 22 .. .ff as , ...W V Z9 'II W Q . I bg I-A .- rw it f 5 A .c w Q' fi E . Davis, Lessie. f ard: Dickey, Essie. Edwards, Joan: Engelmann, Robert. ,Q vs I- s. at I Xwrs. ROW ONE-Culbertson, Don: Davis, Billy: Davis, Esther ROW TWO-Davis. Russell: Dawes. Marilyn: Dickerman, Pich ROW THREE - Dinwiddie, Shirley Mae: Early, Susanne if I K1 1, at f J :Y . J 'N 4 , - I , f V ,ff L5 4 ,,. f , .' ,f f , ,,,, Qty f V YL," ' jg I I if : I f W f f J f 0 WX!! X N 2, W 4 v f 4 - of .J A.,. 1 J E ,- f y 'iffy' ft? f in I ' C V, w V ,gl 1 lu I ' 4 f X we :X K 1 'if ' f f V, Lsjff , 'Q f sl, f' 1 CU' K ,gf 1' - AW fx f- , mf A A , , f J J - M. Q n j , -- f---' X A ,,f H 7 . ,. y "f - 4 ,' ' f ' 4 zz f ,ww f M J 'I f - I Q N' X 5 S 1 ' V-.fr ' W 'Zi 5 v ff fi f ' iw f 'ff' , f ,X 2 X 1 5 ," N' U we 1 ' V 'W 'ff Q , fr f 3, M' e , J , J i we -sz . x -. 5 of , , f- 'W , L 5 C Q 'ff s W - X . 4 3 -'H-V f f - ,f . 's -N ' 2 ,, Q aegis ' N' ' 'W mm?! 4 f A X 'fl 4 ' ,Sf -L. 1 To I , , .r ,, ,, , ,W ,,,, V 7' k K ' J 12 HJ: , ' , V ' 5... . J' 1: " Q' ' A 'aj 'W"f:,v9',, M 4 Wu, . , -X , V - , Z ,, M- -. I f I X, I, 1 . K V. A F r. X 5 f ,fu:w,, "' f : 'W , ,J f ff 1 A , , , MW , 1 7 4 4 X Q a A fff wi Q 'f 5, 4 fa 4- ,f if " MQ f, X, - f X I as 1 ' f as I .X fi .f ,W 2 X ' 'f , , ' . 9 X my " 1 A ' ' X ' " I L Q ,.. ,1 W V f 1 ,, r k ,, A - 1513. E J ,,,5.za-. ' 1, f, ' J .4 4 Q L V W5 1 ff J if 'Z 1 r, i. , Y J ,, , 4 ,Q , , - M f E , ,, , MW! X " ' W i 1 aj X f - I tf X , ' , f f ,, " :Q 1 'X Ks' ' - if , K -X " 'J 'V A ,f 4 11 'i , X A ' W' Qgrfif' J X , X x , , A fl. , '41 , X ,W lfiav-ff", 1 f fy U ,A V m, - f 57 fum-,,, ' Q , "'ff'Z,'w 2 " PQ ,, ff e - I ' ' f f ff , . I ROW ONE-Fagan, Jay: Fehse, Beverly: Fencel, Donald: Fields, Evelyn: Foehrkalb, Jack: Franke, Helen: Fulton, Billy: Fultz, Harley: Gagliardo, Robert, ROW TWOWGehring, Lois: Gerbig, Herman: Giardina, Anthony: Green, John: Hanks, Walter: Hansel, Lonnetta: Hanser, Roberta: Hardy, Doris: Harmarm, Theresa. ROW THREE-Harper, Thomas Eg Harrison, Barbara: Hart, Bonnie: Heeren, Bob: Heinemeier, Jim: Helfer, Phyllis: Helmkamp, Richard: Henke, Marvin: Henry, Pat. ' ROW FOUR--Hickey, Glorianne: Highlander, Sherlyn: Hinnen, Jo Ann: Hoffner, Carl: Hooks, Carroll: Horstman, Justus: Hosier, Peggy: 1 Howes, Nancy: Hufstedler, Dorothy. . A lflJ'll0l"ff f ' ,M Q var.-' J Q , . ,, 1 . F, I ,V M I , :Wm ,,, , ,x , Y ' ' MARGO KRIEGE, EARLENE ORMAN, RUTH STUNKEL. 'T Fl ' ' "Would you all like to hear a little old tune from us?" ff X , f f gf' J - , 5 1" K ., M f I A K , K , 7 , I Q A ,lv , V , v b ll I , "4 , az. Z I . it I 1 ff V V N, . , 1 ' f ' f 2 -. ' 4 . fa K -Ji? .... ROW ONE-Hughes, Georgia: Hydron, Leona: Isenberg, La- Verne: Jackson, Mannie. ROW TWO - Johnson, Leroy: Johnson, Samuel: Jones, Gail Ann: Jones, Maurice. ROW ThreeAJustice, Walter: Kast, Harold: Kessmann, Sharon: King, Bob. A , 4A --it AV.. 709' . .g i ' Xi? ,ggi , . I, -fs K sv ,gs MZ' 'KV S ff 1 I I X U K silk. , 0, 'Si Vg, 4' , ix R J .J , K x ,. ,G , . -. lt ,f fy f X, -, ' f -'Y V 35? Y 'N W vs... " Y -. X Q" 'l V ISM, s , f if N 'I I W ' U' J. A s .I ., W' ,fx f 'f 0,,.' K X . sg: ,fm .A A X M A . X . ,. X f X 1 5 . wx, . A I i Lt X b' X X iw iw NX. t MAS, A of -2 P n f eq , .,. , X' A A I K ', L If x 1 V X .gi -if Af 1 X Q-gwx V 'W , - R 1 ' emffff. ' s"'U' " K ,W I A yy? :in ,X V KN I I Q ss ,V , 'J T' ' -1, . I NXxLk L 2, ' X .41 U RJ ,, ' ' J' J 5 if . 2 - . -121 f R "5 iw M ' , 2, ' . 4 , ' iff ' sf I H11 if 5 ' H 'i ROW ONE Sandi a, Long, Patricia. ROW TWO Lowry, Robert, Makler, Joseph, Marks, Sue, Mateyka, VJilbur, May, David, Mayfield, Hettie, McElwain Stuart' McKee Cynthia, McNeilly, Alvin. v ' ROW THREE McNeil1y, Roger, Mennemeyer, Irene, Miller, Virgil E., Moorman, Bill, Morris, Mary, Morton, Davin, Musso, Toni, Newton Charles, Noll, Arlene. ROW FOUR -Orman, Earlene, Pape, Joyce, Patton, Harold, Peterson, Frank, Peterson, James, Pike, Luther, Pinkas, Louis, Pratt, Donald Primus, Velda Mae. A I uniom "This is what you get for missing the last elevator." King, Deluru, Knoche, Eldnng Koenig, Vernon, Kotva, Jane, Krlege, Margaret, Lambert, Marilyn, Leitner. Shirley, Lewis, 5 4 'av D V 5. J X, -of , X mag W 1' ff Q' ' J Af! , . ....,,N - 7. , Q WCW . 21,29 9?-LT. 15 Mak ' fl x J Vfjf W' f 'K "HP ? , f , A ' . X ' 7' f M ' f s 2 5 'UM f' ' - , if Q , "VV f 1 1 -Y 1 . . L 5 ff rv ROW ONE-Prott, Jean, Provaznik, Davldg Raffaelle, Theresa' Rasplica, Carol, Ray, Robert. ROW TWOYReed, Charles, Reed, Bobby, Reid, Ronnie, Reilly, Mary Sue, Reiter, Kenneth. ROW THREE-Robein, Jerry, Robinson, Preston, Rotter, Geraldine, Sajovetz, Carol, Satterlee, Jean. 3:3355 K l f , ff ., -V , V , ,fr ,. X. A4 4 A 'V 3 'I Ag, W .I A A A if t 5 , F f . - A A, P . fx A ff ,4,, A. f s f ' gf h ' V , Y V V IVV, V - 4 1 I fm' ,gi f x g ff, X If 3 ' V V-'VN X V I' KA fk.. s f f . 9 y A , WW ' ,iw , 2 , ' y ' I N, V, J V V ? V ' X ?X f K. A. . N ' f V '22 we V X" ' , ff if A. A . K V? - 'iw 'rl V x v l R f 11' W X s 1 A " ' A I ' xv . fqg' VV! ,:,m...,. A V A VV V7 Zz! V V ,, ., V I VV X. A :M-'QM 1 4 f ' ' 'n ' . f ' ' f X ,V .AJ 'I ' , k - 1 f ' "K ' . VM V wear, ,WW J ew ,WMA ' 1 WW- 1 ' Vygf ' 1 Vfyff O , , XL, lg , V, A- ywffwfff ff? . ,W ,, , f. A ,V ,W 3 3 A f N, I ff. ,B f A f N ' I gf , 4 , ef A Y X- . ffl f' ROW ONE-Schaefer, Richard: Scheyer, David: Schrader, Kenneth: Schramm, Walter: Scliwartzkopf, Ronald: Sellner, Elaine: Semon, Bill: Shaffer, Raymond: Shashack, Sid. ROW TWO!Sheppard, 1511: Simons, Charles: Smith, Roger: Snajdr, Edward: Spiller, Melba: Stahlhut, Ruth: Steelman, William: Stoces, Charlotte: Stoecklin, Darlene. ROW THREE-Strader,Dallan:Stunke1,Ruth:Szegedy, Patty: Tabron, Shirley: Tomlinson, Shirley: Trebing, Raymond: Turner, Eleanor: Turner, Theodore: Unterbrink, Howard. ROW FOUR-Vadalabene, Charles: Van Stee, Joel: Vernon, Cynthia: Viere, David: Vohradsky, JoAnn: Wade, Dwight: Wadlow, Betty: Wallace, Nancy: Washington, Mable. t W uniorfi A ' 5-0 14-N. ' , -1.5, ' , ' ' , Bob at work. A sight to warm any teacher's heart. "' , V ' 44 f A A : W le" 5, V HFNVSV XV 4' A X A .1 X Q X r -V , V I.. ,, N I 5 f Q, Jrf X f s V .A 'X , V 'V VV V Af VV? A Z 2 f V V V f V .KV VV , A V W - mf aff W ,lb ROW ONE-Webb, Lindell: Weber, Allan: Weber, Joan: Wehling, Ross: Weishaupt, Gloria.. ROW TWOgWest, David: West, Jim: Wilkinson, David: Williamson, Ronald: Winter, Billly. ' ROW THREE--Wise. Be'-W? W0hlf0rd,:.Janieceg Wydra, Walter: Young, Clarine. . ..,, ...af WML ..,. A A-A -ALVMM A IV kk' W -M44 ,sg , C . 1 . A . 13: A if 1 Si 3' as 'C A 3 A ,Q ' , is ' N . V b Nu-f ' 9 - 1, fx, 4 'f lg ' ,V " f?"?l".., Q R ,..-,,!., -S gf. ,Qi , ,,X,W. ysf I. A x 3, Q W A , We f x rv, i v ' X C Nt Q 1' A in ' M Q . . A X ' N N I . . . S- N. xx A- . V, .4 . -f -- . - we - l f 1 . , f'f' 1 I I I k X . ,r I A fx ., - ' .- , 4- , . f""'..s ss A .. 1 bg X ' f, M . V A in z ' ' uf" 5 f XM I Q ' X . i I , N , I , We-.. q I N Q 4' 1 '- f rv 1 f A . X s . we A ff-A ... 1 A T' -.f f f N, Aw fir Mfr. ROW ONE Ahrens, Gary, Arth, William: Ayres, Richard' B'd V , fi e, ernag Barnes, Phyllis, Barton, Annette, st, Bobby, Bedwell, lsettu. ROW TWO Behrenrlt, Donna, Bess, Marlene: Best, Shirley, Bickell, Diana, Blaeuer, Linda, Blind, Patty, Boergadine, Lee, Bollmann, Terry. ROW THRICIC Bum , K th gp enne gBraml, Joe, Bratten, Sam, Brendle, Richard, Brooks, Joyceg Brooks, Thurman, Brown, Linda, Brunnwortll, Holland. ROW FOUR Buckles. Wade, Buchtzx, Allyn, Bunte, Janiceg Burns, Tommy, Busch, Delraeg Carson, Shirley, Carter, Gerald: Casnzi, Janet. xSTJ,0A,0l'l'l area SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Standing Holland Br-unnworth, president, Tom Geriche, treasurer Seated: David Cocks, secretary, Marlene Dettmer, vice-president. QM ,-fm 'v M, WK ff' ,Aj 14 Z' Q 44 f Y Y 1 KW K 5 x, f X f A 2 N 4 v , 'Pi xt 5 ' 9 Y M 1 fa . is ROW ONE--Chan Dankenbring, Doris. ROW TWO--fDavis, 'Dorothyg Davisdlklariong Deist, Christineg Dettmer, Marlene, , lhinwiddie, Helen. - dler, Jimmie: Cocks, David, Crow, Sharonp Daech, Sara Lee: av' be ,W , fe Uris W X , . .,, 3 A X r 'B ,I We 'nw 1 , L f ' s as 17' Q, 9 , Q60 V X ,443 A YQ'-ma W , 7. . Q , V M 5 Q , 'ffl 2 ff 't A f If f f . 4:5 N , 519 X X .'4W,v. Z . Q 3 Wx., ' -..W Ax ' Wahl. ff '54 - f s V. -' "' f ' do ,," I , . l YN X mix J A ,NV I ' V I X . X g Q . . 1 uf 1 QQ f gf .1 , J Z , X G I ' ' '59 V' , X . A' F ' "'0Wg. ' X 4 kflf-Q , ' ' r'N' r N an ,f E 597. . , . 3 , . i X ' ', -' Q1Q.v.w, T 5215 ,LA ' . , X ' . . l g UQ fxs ' -1, sf' E' if we ' fi , -- ,-1' I 2, y, , ' ,V Q fl fwwff 'Q ,' Aff' fkfyffr Q' S773 W f 9 ' ' In . aff' , was . ' wipQa,,, . 'j f X. ., . YW., , . , ,wiki , 5 Q . 4. X , Q x A V , X " D 4 f f f: V, V I - X i bg ,. . f 11, i .RW ,sf f f f , f f A , I Q' f x A X Q sz r 41' 5 Lf eh , . . qw, M ,M ,f s Z fa' . ROW Qgl- Dinwiddie,Ruth3Dunbar,Car01,Dustmann,Billyg Eilers, Bob, Elberson, Billy Endicott, Katherineg Engelke, Verna: Enos, Patsy. ROW TWO!Erb, Shirleyg Fish, Jamesg Fisher, Bill, Flaugher, Geraldg Flynn, Sharong Franke, Roy, Fruit, Susang Funk- houser. Bonny Kay. ROW THREEfGarrard, Joanneg Gericke, Thomasg Gerling Pauly Glaser, Jerry: Glenn, Robertg Going, Ceciliag Hair, Jimg Hamor, Jane. ROW FOUR-Hansel, Alice Mayg Haring, Calvin, Hartnagel, Suzanng Hausman, Donald: Hayes, Gailg Haywood, Carol Jean, Hellinger, Richard, Hellman, Bernard. .QOIOAOFYIOFEJ Miss Goedde1's Geography Class. "So there you are!" rr. sfffsv, f ws fx X " s X , uw 1 ,,,, V ff ,.. M. , K f A Q x . , - s 4 x W X ss 4 f . f " s f f . 2 ' , , 0,-gf' y , f' Y W, ' 3 X ,,J'2.x - X f an 9, "' M, ,, . , f. .X 1,-Q. L X its 5' V 'ff fs!! F wif --' ' F 1 f l 1 Qi 544- 1 V' 4 V- .1 , , . f , ,W Q.. -. Q 33 A l ly ,K N V rl . 2- i ' ROW ONE4Helmkamp, Eugeneg Henke, Adelaideg Henke, Shirleyg Henke, Victor: Hertel, Bill. ROW TWO-fHertel, Eileen: Hess, Darlg Hofmeier, Paiilf Holbeck, Kayg Holshouser, Roy. ' ibn. haw fl.. A V 3 . is Fifi i Y f Q f? ! 33 lip Q V 'S Y 4 .Y W, Q m -fb. , ff , 15: ,Q .. , A N' 4 ' W A -Fav V 1 , X, QW , r - We., ,M r . Q 11' Y , fl f' ' ,, 4, f vm 1 Q 7 f ff Q 3, 'Y if J 5 V, 7 , if O my--v ., Y , ,Ar iii? ZA X V li f l ' ' .'f-"T 1 , 1 fisaueifi fri, ' , 1 'X X-N. ,Q 1 'Z K 4 X A 1 I , V ,S xx an ,, 1. I 1 ,L - 0-N,,, , M J-.X , f if X .. O -'31 is-'X vhj , A- X I ROW ONE I-lorstman, Rosalie, Howertnn, Glenn, Hufstedler, Gemldlneg Hume, Carma Lynn, Hydron, Phillipg Hyten, Bob' Jesies, Jzmetg Johnson, Juyce. ROW TWO Johnson, Martha, Jones, Barbara, Judge, Kiethg Kesl, Gary, King, Barbara, Kirk, Rita Jeang Klustermeier, Betty, Knevht, Eldon. ROW THREE Kovarik, Jerry, Kriege, David, Kruse, Donald, Kruse, Shirley Ann, Kyro, Donna, Lange, Donald, Leichsen- ring. Jerald, Leonard, Preston. ROW FOUR Lewis, Ettug Lohr, Eugene, Long, Nancy, Lowenstein, Dale, Madison, Bryan, Magee, Carol, Makler, Sam' Mullory, Gordon. 30,04 0l'l'l 0I"8:f D0n't ask me what she's trying to prove, read it off the board." f,f f x f 5 , . -, ,,,,, my ,V . 'Z V , f , ' ' ' V' XFX. x 'V' 1 X x H fl E, In Q 2 lu ' fx 3 . . , ,O L I 4 M, ,, i 2 fr f - X' , h 2 Ll. ' 2 , VW . l " a - , , A 'Q r. 4 Q ' V A' - ' :TZ ' f f r 0 ' nw I an ROW ONE-Maison, Frances, Markham, Gary, Martin, Allen, Martin, Audrey' Martin, Irlel. ROW TWO-Martin, Ronald, Martin, Virginia, May, Lee, McDougal, Dennis: Menoni. Flora. ki A i 5 f ' -www' ., ' .. I ' .1 X 1 xx . VV is mfg A I A 'M wif Q5 M 14 C H ,iv A y f I 3 .A ii 4 5 ' 1""': '37 I 1 '?""' ' if 1 ROW ONE-Metcalfe, arijean: Miller, Patricia: Robert. ROW TWOvOrten, Shirley: Paddock, John: Pass, ROW THREE-Pfeifer. Ronald: Pike, Rosemary: ROW FOUR-Reising, Harlan: Rozum, Jean Lee: Scheibal, Lonnie. i ,! NN' 'if' , , mi, 1 X, k,'.x4 La LA 'Q f X, f ff f 5 ' f Z Mt I ., 1 I fi, I fl I , I 431971 Z W X VW 7 ' f V ff .2 f Q if i 5 f -Rx ,, 2 1" fig A f J f J 2 , 'Whfk hi ' A .1 f X 359 f A I , 5 Z 1 w l ,I fri? 363 Q Z ,, ,g'f7" We X ' ,' IQ -w flw fr-L if YE ,NX A A , 5 Q ,, F V, owl: 1 V , X 1 1 1 f ., A, f, 4 . ,-.W ft: QWW I I V' ww MBS W X ff Q , ,, , il X Q ,f ' ' ff-W , h Q K ,, , L x V I, .a ffkf if A ,Ii fl ' an s yr X X mr e. 4 fgyy ,V ' 4 Y g a Moller, Janet: Motl, Myrna: Neuhaus, Virgil: Nuernberger, Robert: Nunnally, Jean: Ononi, David: Pate, Janet: Perry, Beverly: Perry, Imelda: Perry, Sharon: Peterson, Betty. Pivoda, Sue: Poneta, Jim: Prott, Ronald: Pulliam, Richard: Radecke, VVi1l: Ranek, Joann. Ruemmler, Wilbur: Rushing, Marvin: Ryan, Ben: Satterlee, Richard: Schafer, Adrienne: SOFAOMOPQJ Barbara caught between two cameras. U 'ffl sis f M , w ' ' . Z 0 f ' , , , f. , ut, f Q 'PX X ' A ,fi f a A ff f i f I , ' I Q- 4 , 5 Q 'Q 42 f , , X ' X Q N. f W, ' ' i 4 ROW ONE-Scheibal, Robert: Schmid, Jean: Schmitt, Marian: Schoeber, Harvey: Schumacher, Mary Jane. ROW TWO-Schuessler, Howard: Schwartz, Robert: Scott, Christiana: Sedlacek, Bill: Semon, Marianne. Wt Vw 4 , I , , W X XM N ,nz- Z x 194, 1 . ,J it i N new Ai , M 'S ' W, YN' V Q .iz It M f 1' . J t . If ' I ff f Sh X W , , ev f P J .ff Q I X VR r' ' , K s . f ' V its ' ..X,. Q f N ' J ,,, ,1',1? 4 f " 1-tx it K vk.. 2fkk,k j : 42 W g ff 'L A ' ' X s af 0, iii: XX X " AQ? QF ' 'ii J ' ' it iii J ' ,-Jw ff L ROW ONE Shaw, Buzz: Shaw, Cecelia: Sheppard, James: Sidener, Larnle: Simmons, Margaret: Skamenca, Jeanne: Skief, Dorothy: Smith, Joyce. ROVV TWO Smoltz, Janice: Solomon, Robbe: Spencer, Robert: Sperandlo, Neil: Stack, Norma: Stack, Phyllis: Stahlhut, Gerald: Sternitzke, Sue. ROW THREE-V Svoboda, Leonard: Tanase, Carol Ann: Tormohlen, George: Trebin' ' Unger. Richard: Ursprung, Eugene: Van Hooser, Janice : Vanwinkle, Sue. ROW FOUR-fVaughn, Emma: Vaughn, Jimmie: Vernetti, Robert Lee: Volma, Anne: Voyles, Mina: Wagner, Carol: Walker, John: Watsek, Edwfa rd. A I SPA omoreri ,M 5 3 6 f wi fx -X" V e 1" . a J ' 4 , I , Z W , , Z , , ., f ' . -' , 7 1 2 X Hardworking, efficient, and intent upon their work. f. 4' w , ,W I A K What are they making, kindling? I V' 7 ' H ,A f -Z f ,, 1 , I: , I 1, A 9 VY 1 , 1 A- , I ' J 4' eg g , if , an 474, ,V :xy jf f, ,t i. rv. , l f. ,, . 1 , llf ' I ,J S, . .:" 'P-.. f W l f,, 'f , ' , ' , f ,X ,,, 1 ' T, N' I if ..., f , . 1 , , ,,, , , g ' ff , 3 , ' ' - 5 , , , f sr, I ,gf 2 t 5 X QW ,xih I V I: Q , 1 , CQ l u U ROW ONE-Watsek, Helen: Welch, Dale: Werner, William: Westbrook, Carol: We-tzel, Thomas. ROW TWO-Whited, Rollin: Wiedey, Richard: Wilson, Sandra: Wise, Billie: Wright, Barbara. ROW' THREE--Yates, Myrna Loy: Young, Janet: Ziegler. Betty: Ziegler, Bobby: Zuidema. Jim. 4 K ,ff-rf' I E ' - N X .1 Q , , X r l A ,Q X 3 1 ' Y a fi i I f 1 4' ... x I ff, 1, , Q ? I , El YL , I T-,asf 9 : r N-f QQ ' ,f me , ,fum f- .W , : Mg, A X "-51? -r r r T- ., r fr: ,V -ga V Vx X W Q - v, ,, . 'lv Q K 4 5 an J VV .. ' X fr' -4- , f 4 K! 11- G If , f fr G , ! , XX V . , s , l ,Ms I 4 an 2 Q K infra X K, f ..f1:,. 1 2, 4 , , 1- M ' ff? f . .li ff f N' -Q . ' i , iw 291 I 1 af Q ' Q '- ' . ' l eiir ...T f Xl ROW ONE--Agles, Rosemary: Albrecht, Alice: Altefogt, Jo Ann: Anderson. Harriet: Anderson, Judy: Bardelmeier, Marshall: Barnes, Ray- mond: Bartels, Alberta. ROW TWO-Beck, Richard: Bell, Alfred: Bernhardt, Gary: Blase, Kathryn: Bode, Pat: Bollman, Georgia: Bosch. Ruth: Bradford, Lillie. ROVV THREE-Bradshaw, Fleming: Brazier, Mike: Brewer, Kendall: Brockmeier, Mary Ann: Brooks, Thelma: Brush, Beverly: Buch, James: Burk, Kendrea. ROW FOUR-Burnett, Jean: Burton, Thelma: Busch, Donna: Butcher, Delores: Byford, Charles: Carter, Nancy: Cell, Phyllis: Cerny, Mary Ann O .,gl"Q5Al'l'l Q11 ' 'wh ' Y if Q FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ' Standing: David Hart, treasurer: Bob Jacobi, president Seated: Dora Hutton, secretary: Judy Anderson, U 'fi' N' vice-president. 7 Q l 1 " vi ,If Z ,A 1 f Q, 'QQ r y ,J 5 .... . " X 5 . sl, 21 I. , f, , X i : ,T ' ,, 3 7 X 2 , i f--X , -ar V . , ,i Qi AWE ROW ONEfChartrand, Carol: Cherry, Jeannie: Childres, Kerrol Gene: Christians, Lillian: Clayton, Lonnie. ROW TWO-Cook, Mary Irene: Coultas, Levis: Cover, Michael: Crabtree, Marie: Daniels, Tony. ROW THREE-Davis, Donna: Davis, Judith: Davis, Lois: Deak, Charles: DeConcini, Albert. , A. , 1 E f i ff Qi I 13 v , W V Q x ' , 1323 f , J f N V fl! 4 I 1 . xx fy V 4f'7""" ' V, . 'fly :lf my 'eq In " fri' " .SEV 5 . f 'fr Cc fav W x 'zz , 1 f f s X f . -A ,f ' '. 1 ff, .N Ph... . ,.,. 1 , . :W-waff , M sf- 3- I . in X"'vwx' "EF9f 3 X. . '30-3 ,j "' , su-e NR 4 ,K - we ., f .. + M I , 9, . k .- , J ni' Qs 4, X . N 7 X f 'K .. f f 1 - 1 X , ,ka E v an riff, 'f I f Af 1 ell , ,w r .Q ... J , .. . ,FT 'A' . L aff J if . ' i is Q 1 'J iQ J V' J ' 1 , E' J I f'1 'l b 'Q t , f i ' r v""".i :F ROW ONE- Dettmor, Royce: Dickey, Arlander: Dlnwlddie, Janet: Dippcl, Bob: Dittes, Charles: Dittes, Sue: Donald, Elouise: Dorsey, Donald' Durr, Janice, ROW TWO'f'Dutton, Judith: Easton, Lynda: Ebcrhart, David: Eberhart, Ray: Ellington, Henry: Ellis, Minnie: Elswick, Robert: Enloe, Ronald 3 Erb, Kcnnctli. ROW THREE- Flepzenbaum, Barbara: Fiegenbaum, Harriet: Fife, Johnny: Finke, Lois: Foster, Ann: Fruit, Janet: Fruit, John: Futhey, Wilma: Gagliardo, Patricia. ROW FOURHGHIHHH. Elizabeth: GieFfS9n, Jlldiihi GOEIWZ, JOAHHI Gower. Mike: Green, Sue Ann: Gusewelle, Ruth: Hackethal, Patricia' Hancock, Harold: Hanks, William. jl"8dAl'l'l8I'L MR. GIBSON'S ROLL ROOM A qi - By the happy look on their faces you know they' freshmen. QM' 47' , re WH' f , wg. X , L A, x g ,W , iw y . . . ff 1 Xf . 5? 4. 1 W ff 0 W ROW ONE--Harbi Harris, Lloyd. Michael. 9' 1, ,, vz,,,,,w V' N- ' , . i f Z. , , 'Z' .1 'f fr-L , ' J ' pf X , V X x 5 'T ,ny 'W' f , ,H E, "W ,V . pf " af . V . Ag -, ix ' X 5' Nu' R .2 fa" l W 2' ,Q 'Y' . , b X V 4 1 f ,X ff ,, gs ' 9 V I! ,I , ,K V? Q, V 43 1 i h gf' f, , ,,,. ,J , i CL xx By ' gp I var" , , ' Z f ' -,f K 525 ,JM XY N ' w- : aS,fzy:1,fi"' 32265 'E K f ' SOD, John: Harmening, Donna: Harris, Dar rel: H arris, Joyce: ROW TWO-Hart, David: Haywood, Dale: Hazzard, Jim: Helfer, Judy: Henry, ROW THREE-Hess, Clemens: Heuer, Janette: Holben, Meredith Ann: Hollands- worth, Shirley: Hollowich, Steve. - 4' Ar-Q .W ' v X , -"' ix 5 J -za QS "'h 9 ... 1-S' , K 7 Gan 5 ' , x. ":."" X '40 5 5 'V' a yf gk 'r 'H' -A ., I ff , If , h 1 iv X .,,r,,, S X .1-" ' I fx, K' A Z' Nw- W wJ f f ,K W s f . W f S ' X X mm.. 5 ' Q "V wa J :QL J is N' X K . 2 af , , .,., V Z" V 5 .5 ..,.,.. , , , ' ,NW .f ,jq of , ,, x f v ,S ' 3 "W "V 1 'L 1 J w...,w.". ,s 'K Q X , t, , , W S , -il A 5: Ks se 5 X 2 f 1. f ' - Q .fi S V ,J V : A H .X ,g ,, z' , . '. , ' ' f , ., -S -- , t 1 , ref. .. S KS . - , J , : I .V ,S I y s ., R X , f "f' J' J , is W N 5 s - '-'-- m.....,1 , ,acne , iw' Q uv 2 Ng: Q A. -- V W, X fffff " ' , , , 1 ,w jfjtgxfgn E If 5 J .,. N S J., ,, S ,gg 1 ,L X , ligne ,K N f Q , 1 Q lf W ri' ,f Q . x ,ff . X 2 s . A I . A 5' "Q: if I V..-f . X A - . 1 L ,Q V if ' N M Q ' . if ,, I U ,Z I Ll , 'Il , fi VV I Si . 1 .t ,lf I ,. A L ' . 2 buff R . 1- ' . 'P .af . ,- ' -X, ROW ONE-Holt, Albertag Holtman, Jerome, Holtmann, Warren, Hotz, Kay, Howells, Joanne, Howerton, Marleneg Hutton, Dora Jayne, Jacobi, Bob, Johnson, Jerry. ROW TWO--Jones, Sylvia, Kaufmann, Dennis, Kaufmann, Sandrag Kays, Johng Kellerman, Patsy, Kelly, Nancy Kay, Kent, Michaelg Kidd, Judith Ann: Kovarik, Franklin. ' ROW THREE-Kraft, Barbara, Kraft, Beverlyg Kraft, Thomas, Kretschmer, Richard, Krueger, Sandra Kay, Kruckeberg. Myrna, Kubicek, Janetg Kyro, Robert, Lagemann, David. ROW FOUR4Landers, Alfred, Lenz, Ronaldg Lerch, Larry, Lesemann, Melvin, Lewis, Shirley, Lewis, Webb, Love, Jimmy: Love, Linda Leeg Lovsey, Ronald. ' A GY L 45? gf' ref! men ,V -t 'Chl Q Q' . ,' CHEMISTRY CLASS " Q z ' Anoxhcr branch of the Atomic Energy Commission. - 1 ' .V sb, 'N' lil A I ?,,..?,, . ' N ' ' ' f 4 A' , if f 1-' .pf -if-f J . , I , Vw, A, f X Y' .4301 .f,,! f--5, ROW ONE-Lucco, Marina Louiseg Magruder. Bill, Mateyka. Kayg McElwain, Bob, McGowen, Judy. ROW TWO4McLean, Robert, McMurray, Carla Jeang McMurray, Sandra, McNeilly, Richardg Meek, Earl. ROW THREE-Mennemeyer, Dorothyg Meyer, Charles, Michel, Elizabeth, Miller Wayne, Mitchell, Carol. s wi - ff L N Weiss -Lv 1 ,,.,, i ,D I6 NN x 6 WN lx P Q , Z' 3 fwarf A., 5 V I, ' fn' S Y-Wvfe ,slr x ' L! . We , R x fl .S ' N. J :I S .A ,K K , , Q x 4 x 0 X f 9 A1 x Q ,fvsz . i , . V v 11735, K I -K , , , v5-. v: it .e ' K ' e X - r ,ff , ,N X ... Q M' ' J --fe, V. ' , ff S X' W mv- X 'fx 4 5: I J f O W G If ' J Q K: V X . Q .1 5 f . 4---. fue' X . A O i 3 I -J I f 29: 'v-"V 'UI' X . X .. X , ' -f fx lx J X ' V S 'Pk vfa , f J ,V " P , , ' , 5, ' f . .dvi ' f ' 9 X ' 5:9 g-...f , , xy J , 1 - 1' A rn... ..,.f ,ex 4. 1.241 ' . . F " ' 9 . Y ,. " 'Nb' Q K " 'Q 1 - ,I - Q ',,, 'N-4 e ' "1 ? 'QQ , fi, f ,Y yf X r, "' 'f . - ' 5 2 I , fg 3 ' : -' ,f ' ' In 1 ' IZ ,J 1 f "'i fl' ' Dv! 1' -Q" P 42: 5 Q ,, j X ROW ONE Mixon, Maurice: Momlenc, Robert: Morton. Donald: Moore, Lois: Mueller, Nancy: Mugler, William: Nekolaxr aymond: Nelson, Roy: Neuhaus. Donna, K ROW TWO---Neuhaus, Vernon: Nichols, Dave: Nichols, Johnny: Nicolussi, Gayle: Nobbe, Kenneth: Noll, Garland: O'Dell, Joe: Ostendorf, Nancy: Page, Suann. ROW THREE-Parker, Tom: Peradotti, Phyllis: Phillips, Helen: Pour, Elaine: Powell, Earl: Prusa, Jerry: Pulliam, Marlene: Pyle, Alta Sue' Rasplica, Isabella. ROW FOUR-Reagan, Charles: Relsing. Dale: Renken, Darlene: Riggs, Ronnie: Ringerimz, Bernard: Rlngering, Clara, Jean: Rinkel, Glenn' Robinson, James: Robison, Philip. 1 ,Mr ROW ONE-Robinson. Shari: Roernelin, Shirley: Rotter, Joe: Rozyck, Francis: 6 ii red I'l'!6I'l A E-3 if Q v f ' . , , fr 'K f iv W J f ' ARDE ov- f' , " in , I F H f 1' A Sf , -,ff Gy CAUGHT O F G V 73. ff ,TW nz wwf la ., x f i yy WY, ,... M if 'J have - pf W7 ,J "' X ' f gg - 'V ,XZ .ro Sasek, Sharon. ROW TWO--- Satterlee, Mervin: Schaalce, Audrey: Schaefer. Gerald: Schaefer, Verna: Scheibal, Kenneth. ROW THREEf-Schipkowski, Dorothy Ann: Schneider, Robert: Schoeber. Eldon: Schroeder, Carolyn: Schwalb Judith. is , X-lin ., , ' ,,,, , 4 S9 4"!"' , R 20.1-V i 1 2 . f J Q' f 9 ,fel Q i 1 0-.4 M x yf- My ' fs INR wwf fr, W -K, ' L , S ,. 5 l 1 -',-,,,, :LA mfr J gg.. if 5 f ' -- S J ?"',' x I .fm It ef?-Y? w xf' .fy . .,,, ,X ,, 'Jf it I , ,, Ss , S V Q ff' X 'yu 94 543 4 E Wife , 1- ' 4 Fx H , ' 2 Z , g ff as S , ,f Iv if was ' , 'MOP ff ,fi 'X S--'ll J J -8+ ,- ,ill X -M i F ' ff' . . , I I Q xx I2 -, ff I, A lg Xf X -ff t to ...S 6 5511, M9 J fag? 5' ., X, I ..,-if-' ' f. . . - vs ,,,, . . Q, ,H b . Q 'X I , 4 Z 5 fi-tM,,,f 'A A If , . 1 H f i 5, . ,Q If S- ,A ' ,, . Q f K gg . , ' ft' ' , M 3 1 S V151 J ? J 'f J ff "' X ROW ONE-Schwartzkopf, Kenneth, Sedlacek, William, Smiley, Lucille, Smith, Norman. Sharp, James, Sher fy. 'V O V ' f Z J 1 J 41. f s? 'fs-f , , Z . I 4, V , Z 1 f ,gg View' f f gn 7, j 3 V V if , N 4- gf ! f 1 K N'fJ it 5 OW' 1 ' gp , i ,f NN ,, ,,,,, M fl ' 'V ' 4 .f , 0 '7""" 4 X M! fl fi , F 7 rv' ' M' S f , , 3 1. ll ,QW as t u ,. -f ' - + f':g f' f -ii' jx :NR I , K , "2 "M i " f 7 Q f I 'Sm J l ff -v J ' 5 f - Ig... , ,, as, f fyf Q , fix, Q . . ifiig ,, M , J all if -, sf, A ' I 1 X , 1, M fi M Marilyn, Siclener, Sandra, Silas, Maurice, Skaggs, Marcella, ROW TWO-Stack. Robert, Stahlhut, Merle, Stillwell, Lawrence, Stine, Katherine, St. John, Jerry, Stoces, Gloria, Strasen, Jo Ann, Stunkel, Carol Ann, Thomas, Larry. I' B tt ' Uhe, Gerald, Ulrey, Jeanette, Unterbrink, ROW THREE-Thompson, Lawrence, Townzen, Janet, Trojahn, Bill, Tudor, Dennis, ' urner, e y, Victor, Vadalabene, Samuel. ROW FOUR4Van Hooser. Dwane, Wadlow, Barbara, Wag Mary Ellen, Webb, Sharon, Wehmeyer, Janet. . ,, A , 5 Q L' , . N I ,,,, , , " if f +V X ,f Q, Iwi, ,V W f f L X If a I . 3 am! f figs f f X f f . W , Z Q ' V ,Q YU? ROYV ONEf1XfeileI', Gerald, Weinbeig, Leolag White, Bob: Whited. Anita Vliocluwilt, David. ROW TWO4Wildmann. Carrol, Wilharm, Judith, Wilkinso Rodger, Williams, Dorris. ROVV 'TIIREEgWi1lmann, Ronald, Witschic, Judith, Wynne, Kent. n, Margaret, Willie, Charles, Zimmerman, ner, Marlin, Waltenbaugh, Sandra, Washington, Larry, Waterfall, Jane, Watsek, gl"0.5Al'l'C Q11 P, E. TEACHER. MISS ANNE PERNE. Just a kid at heart. "Now isn't that right?" 'Q f- -f V 'Q its-L, A A 1, Waitinz to be shot mwith a camera, 5. "We haven't changed much." 10 . Those seventh hours were sometimes that ISJ. lonely. 6. When we were just kids, V 2- Justice. a la Rembrandt- 11. One Way of remaining anonymous in 7 "Be careful, Miss Wood." a Picture- 3. The "Long" and "SChoettle" of our 12- You Should' fe seen th th t Y t EHS bean dances' 8. An All-Star Team. V awayl 9 one 3 E0 9. Shirley and Rosie during one of their .14 A typical junior' pose. bad days. 13. The end of a perfect line. Page Ninety-Two 14. What happened to the long curls and 18. Just where they belong, behind bars. hair ribbons today? 19. "Oh, Bill!" 15. GAA brought out the mob spirit in us. 20. Watch it Judy, that's quite a load. 16. Kids or vandals? 21. A cheerful patient - before the TB 17. Republican Day at EHS. shot. 22. Now, if I move here . . . 23. Hey, Ma, look at us now! 24. VVho spilled what? Did you ever see a snowman with blank suede shoes? Page Ninety-Three PAUL ADAMS Pep Club 4 Movie Operator 4 Spanish Club 3 Sound System 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 Tennis 1 Chorus 1, 2. 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play Cast WAYMAN ADCOCK Astronomy Club 4 Choir 1 Letterman's Club 1, 2 Photography Club Football 1, 'F2 Basketball 2 Baseball "2 Track 1 Highland High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico 1. 2 CAROL BARDELMEIER G.A.A. 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3 Chorus 1, 2 DAVID BARDELMEIER Letterman's Club 4 Math Club 4 Secretary-Treasurer 4 Movie Operator 1, 2 Pep Club 4 Photography Club 2, 3 Spanish Club 1 Tiger Staff 2 Basketball 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2, "3, 4 Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Office Helper 4. Junior Play, Cast EVELYN BARNARD Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Gillespie High 1 VERLENE BARTELS Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Hi Trl 1, 2, 3, 4 Office Helper 4 Pep Club 4 JO ANN BARTON Art Club 4 Future Teachers 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Tiger Times 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 RUTH ANN BAST Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2, 3 Music Listening Club 4 BILL BEQUETTE Future Farmers 1, 2, 3 JO ANN BOLLMANN Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 LORETTA BRADSHAW Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 LUCILLE BRASE Band 1, 2, 3 Business Education Club 4 Girls' Chorus 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 REID BRAZIER Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Future Farmers 1, 2, 3. 4 Reporter 3 Vice-President 4 Page Ninety-Four Lgnvlex fo enior .x4cfiUifie:5 JIMMIE JOE BRENDLE Band 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Choir 4 Future Teachers 4 Letterman's Club 4 Vice-President 4 Football 1, 2, 13, '4 Co-Captain 4 Tennis 2 Track 1, 2, 3 Class Officer Vice-President 1 President 4 Homecoming Escort 1 Royal Escort 4 PEGGY ANN BREWER Hi Tri 3, 4 Logan High, Logan, W. Va. 1, 2 JANET BRIMBAU Girls' Choir 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2. 3. 4 Treasurer 3 Pep Club 2 EARL BROCKMEIER Aviation Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 4 Football 1, 2 Track, 1, 2, 3 BILL BUCH Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Sound System 1, 2, 3 EVELYN BUEHLER Girls' Choir 3 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 4 Hi Trl 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 1 CAROL BUNTE Choir 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Sales Staff 4 Hi Trl 1, 2, 3, 4 KAY BURRUS Future Teachers 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 H1 Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 3. 4 Photography Club 1 Spanish Club 2, 3 Vice President 3 Tiger Times 4 Chorus 1 Office Helper 4 Junior Play 3 MAY CLIFF Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3. 4 Future Teachers 2 Dramatics Club 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Photography Club 1 Science Club 2, 4 Librarian 4 Junior Play 3 Cast JERRY COLLINS Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Listening Club 4 Basketball 1 Tennis 1 ROSE MARIE COMPTON Choir 3, 4 President of A Cappella 4 Dramatics Club 4 G.A.A. 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 1 Hi Tri Council 1, 4 Treasurer 4 Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Class Officer President 2 LINDA CORL French Club 3, 4 Vice-President 3 President 4 G.A.A. 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 President 2 Hi Tri Council 2 Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 4 Student Council 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Homecoming Maid 2 JUDY CROOK Choir 4 Dramatlcs Club 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Future Teachers 2, 3, 4 President 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Student Council 4 Secretary 4 Tiger Times 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 TOM CROSSMAN Band 1 Letterman's Club 4 Photography Club 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, "3. "4 Prompter Basketball 1 Track 1, 2, 3 MARY CAIN Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Hi Tri 4 Spanish Club 1, 4 Granite City High School 2, 3 PATRICIA CUNNINGHAM Art Club 4 BETTY LOU CELL 5jj,g'c,j'g,,,Q' gl 4 Art Club 4 Secretary 4 Band 1' 2' 3' 4 G,A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 G-AAA 1- 2' 4 Secretary 4 Hi Tri 2, 3 Math Club 3 Pep Club 3, 4 Student Council 1 Class Officer Vice-President 1 Granite City High School 1, 2 MARTHA CERMAK Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 MARCIA CHARLTON Girls' Choir 4 Future Homemakers 1, 2. 3 Treasurer 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2. 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Pep Club 3, 4 President 3 Photography Club 3 Tiger Ad Staff 4 Tiger Times 4 Assist. Editor Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prop Man RAY DeCONCINI Tiger Times 4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 2 Track 1 PHYLLIS DORSEY Band 1, 2 Chorus 3, 4 Future Teachers 4 G.A.A, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 4 Science Club 3 Secretary 3 Tiger Sales Staff 4 Tiger Times 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prop Man MICHAEL DUFFY Photography Club 1, 2 Tiger Times 4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 2 WENDELL DURR Aviation Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman's Club 4 Movie Operator 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 23, 'F4 Junior Play 3 Cast CAROLE EASTON Dramatics Club 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3. 4 Library Club 2 Pep Club 2 Photography Club 3 Dallarway High, Pine Bluff Ark. 1 Pine Bluff High, Pine Bluff, Ark. 1 Walls High, Walls, Miss. 1 Wichita Kansas High, Wichita, Kan. 1 CARL ELLINGTON Choir 2, 3, 4 JANET ELSWICK Business Education Club 4 Hi Trl 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1 JERALDINE EWELL Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Hi Trl 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1 Office Helper 4 Harrisburg High School 1 DONALD FINKE Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Farmers 3, 4 FLOYD FISHER Library Club 3 Sound System 3 Junior Play 3 Prop Man SALLY FLAGG Art Club 4 President 4 Band 3 Future Teachers 3, 4 G.A,A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Photography Club 3 Spanish Club 1, 2 Student Council 1 Tiger Sales Staff 4 Tiger Times 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prop Man Senior Play 4 Cast FRED FUNKE Astronomy Club 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Library Club 1 Science Club 4 4 Indicates year letter was awarded. Lgnclex fo .gnior .fd JIM GAGLIARDO Math Club 1, 2, 3 Secretary 3 Science Club 4 Sound System 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3, 4 Sound System COLLEEN GARDE Choir 4 Future Homemakers 2. 3 Treasurer 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Student Council 4 Tiger Staff 4 Editor Tigers Times 4 Pep Club 4 VIRGINIA GARDE Business Education Club 3. 4 Future Homemakers 1. 2. 3 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2 Tiger Sales Staff 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 SYLVIA GIARDINA Business EdLlCal.l0l'1 Club 4 Secretary 4 Girls' Choir 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Future Homemakers 1. 2, 3 Pianist 2, 3 G.A.A. 2. 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 DON GLASER Chorus 1, 2 Choir 3. 4 Math Club 3 Music Listening Club 4 Tiger Times 4 Sports Editor 4 Homecoming Esort 1 MARILYN GOWER Girls' Choir 4 Business Education Club 3, Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 . Hi Tri 1. 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3 BEVERLY GREEN Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 JOHN GRINSTEAD Photography Club 1, 2, 3 Vice-President 2 President 3 FRANCES HACKETHAL Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4 Pianist 4 East Alton4Wood River High Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 PATTY HANEY Art Club 4 Secretary 4 French Club 3, 4 President 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 4 Secretary 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2. 3 State Treasurer 4 Secretary 3 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 National Student Council Convention 4 Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Chorus 1, 2 ROBERT HENRY HANS Chorus 3 Choir 4 Dramatics Club 4 Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3 President 4 MARILYN HANSEL G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 l-li 'l'ri 1, 2. 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4 'liger Staff 4 Picture Editor Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 RICHARD HARTNAGEL Aviation Club 1, z, 3 Banu 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman s Club 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4-4 CAROLE HAYNES Girls' Cnolr 4 President 4 Dralllatlcs Club 3, 4 Secretary 4 Future Homemakers 1, 2 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 .Hi 'lri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 4 Pep Club 4 Junior Play 3 Cast JIM HEBERER Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 2 Treasurer 3 President 4 LOUIS HELLMANN Future Farmers 1, 2, 3 Music Listening Club 4 WILBUR HELMKAMP Band 1 Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Reporter 4 Leterman's Club 4 Football 2, "3, '4 Track 1, "'2, '3, '4 Homecoming Escort 4 MARY GRACE HENKE Choir 3, 4 French Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 President 3 Senior Play 4 Cast LUCILLE HERING Art Club 4 Business Education Club 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Hi Tri Council 4 Tiger Staff 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Class Officer Treasurer 3 MAURICE HOWE Senior Play 4 Cast LARRY HOWELLS Letterman's Club 4 Football 3, '4 Track 3, 4 JOHN JACOBI Astronomy Club 4 Secretary-Treasurer 4 Math Club 2 Spanish Club 1 Science Club 3, 4 fiuified - Confinue C MARIAN JENNE Band 1. 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Future Teachers 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1 Math Club 2 Pep Club 4 Science Club 3 Tiger Times 4 Editor 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Publicity Director HENRIETTA JOHNSON G.A.A. 1, 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 3 Spanish Club 1, 2 SARAH JOHNSON 152-H111 1. Future Teachers 2, 3 Li.A.A. 1 l-11 'lrl 1, 2, 3, 4 I-li 'l'ri Council 4 Vice-President 4 Latin Club 1 Library Club 3 Math Club 2 lvluslc Listening Club 4 'Treasurer 4 Student Council 1 Tiger Staff 4 Homecoming Maid 4 Jr.-Sr, Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prompter Handbook Committee 1 Class Offiwr Vice-President 3 BILL JUDGE Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Photography Club 4 Student Council 3 Football 2 Basketball 2 Baseball 1, 2 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 JOHN JUSTICE Pep Club 3 Spanish Club 1, 2 Senior Play 4 Cast EDWARD KANE Band 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club 1, 2 Football 2, 3 Baseball 1 Track 2, 3, 4 CHARLOTTE KING Future Homemakers 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 GERALD KOENIG Astronomy Club 4 Future Farmers 1, 2 Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 President 4 Pep Club 4 Tiger Staff 3, 4 Homecoming Escort 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Class Officer President 4 HERBERT KRAPF Astronomy Club 4 Photography Club 4 Basketball 1 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 ROGER KUCHTA Letterman's Club 4 Movie Operator 1, 2. 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, '4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 JOHN KUEHN Future Teachers 4 Chorus 1 Pep Club 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Senior Play 4 Cast RICHARD LENZ Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3 Track 4 DONNA RAE LEONARD Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Education Club 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Library Club 1 Pep Club 2 RALPH LEUSCHKE Astronomy Club 4 Band 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Letterman's Club 4 Movie Operator 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, "3, 4 Homecoming Escort 2 Class Officer Treasurer 2 OLIVER LEWIS Frencll Club 1, 2, 4 Chorus 2, 4 Math Club 2, 3 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 4 Sound System 3, 4 Football 1, 2 EDDIE LOHR Art Club 4 Letterrnarrs Club 4 President 4 Pep Club 4 Football '3, '4 A Basketball 1 Baseball 4 Tennis 1, 2, '3 Homecoming Escort 4 Class ,Officer Treasurer 4 KAY LONG Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Office Helper 4 MARY JO LONG Choir 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Cast FLORA LOVSEY Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 BERNICE LUEBBERS Business Education Club 4 Choir 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Pep Club 4 Science Club 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Secretary 4 Junior Pla BOB HANS sound System 1, 2, 3. 4 AdVemsif1g3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 RALPH KROHN Latin Club 2 DON JASON Art Club 4 Letterman's Club 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman's Club 4 DARRELL MADISON Pep Club 4 French Club 1, 2 Pep Club 4 Choir 3, 4 Football 1, 2. 43. 44 Treasurer 2 Football '43, '4 Letterman's Club 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Science Club 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Movie Operator- 1 Track 3 Treasurer 4 Track 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Track 1 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Chorus 2 4 S Indicates year letter was awarded, Page Ninety-Five agncfex fo en for Football 2, 3, '4 Tennis 1 Track 2. 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play 4 Cast RUTH MALSON Hi 'l ri 4 Alton High 2 Bunker Hill High 3 FRANCINE MARTI Business Education Club 4 French Club 1, 2 Vice-President 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Tiger Staff 4 Club Co-Editor Class Officer Secretary 4 JERRY MATEYKA Spanish Club 1, 2. 3, 4 President 3. 4 Football 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Homecoming Escort 2 Class Officer Vice-President 2 ROSEMARY MAYNARD Choir 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2. 3, 4 Library Club 1 Math Club 2 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 3 Tiger Times 4 Chorus 1 Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Cheerleader 11 2, 3, 4 DARRELL MCDONALD Band 1. 2, 3, 4 Football 1 KATHLEEN MCLEAN Band 1, 2 Choir 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 President 3 Hi Tri Council 3, 4 President 4 Latin Club 3 Math Club 2 Secretary 2 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 4 Student Council 1. 2. 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Tiger Times 4 Chorus 1, 2 Handbook Committee 4 Homecoming Maid 3 Homecoming Queen 4 ARLENE MICK Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1 ED MOORMAN Astronomy Club 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Latin Club 1 Math Club 2 Sound System 2, 3, -1 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play 4 Cast DON MUNZERT Tiger Times 4 CONNIE LEE MYERS Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 2. 3. 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Tiger Times 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Il HAROLD NELSON Letterman's Club 4 Football 2, 3. "'4 Page Ninety-Sigir EUNICE NOLTE Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Future '1t2iCl1cI'S 4 Vice-President 4 G.A,A. 2, 3, 4 '1'ieasu.er 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 music Listening Club 4 President 4 Pep Cluo 4 Science Club 3 Vice-President 3 Tiger' Staff 4 Ad Staff Tiger Times 4 Production Manager Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prop Man VERNA MAE O'DELL G,A.A. 1. 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Library Club 2 BARBARA PARKER Band 1, 2 Business Education Club 3 Choir 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Future Teachers 4 G.A.A. 2 Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1. 2 Tiger Staff 4 Club Co-Editor Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Gilman High School 1 BILL PENELTON Letterman's Club 4 Treasurer 4 Football 1, "'2. 'i3, "'4 Basketball 1, "2, 43, "'4 Track 1. 2 Baseball 41, 42, "3, "4 Class Officer Vice-President 4 GLORIA PENELTON Choir 4 G.A.A. l. 2. fl Hi Trl 1, 2, 3 4 RONALD PENELTON LEONARD PERRY Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 RONALD PRATT Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2 Baseball 2 Track 3 DAVID PRICE Aviation Club 4 Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Letterman's Club 4 Football 1. 2. 3, 44 Track 1. 3, 4 DALE PROVOW Future Teachers 4 Senior Play 4 Cast FRANK PRUSA Baseball 2 DAN PULLIAM Lettermans Club 4 Football 2. 3 Baseball 1, 2, 43 NANCY PYLE Future Homemaker: 1. 2, 3. L Sectional Projects Chairman 4 Projects Chairman 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3. 4 Officer Helper 4 KENNETH REISING Future Farmers 3 Secretary 3 .Acfiuififfs - Confincre, LINDLEY RENKEN Astronomy Club 4 Vice-President 4 Golf 1, 2. 3. 4 HAROLD ROEMELIN Band 4 Future Farmers 1, 2, 3 Math Club 1, 2, 3 Spanish Club 4 Baseball 2 MERRILL ROSENTHAL French Club 1, 2 Letterman's Club 4 Math Club 1. 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 34 Manager 4 Tennis 1. 2. 13, 34 Junior Play 3 cast MARY JO ROZUM Artlllub 4 Future Homemakers 1, 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 DIANE RUDAT Art Club 4 G,A.A. 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2 Treasurer 2 Pep Club 1. 2. 3, 4 Science Club 3 Tiger Staff 3 Art Editor Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play 4 Cast ROGER RUYLE Future Farmers 2, 3 4 Baseball 1. 2 SHARON SANDERS Future Homemakers 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Office Helper 4 RICHARD SASEK Aviation Club 1 Band 1. 2. 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Letterman's Club 4 Tiger Staff 4 Basketball 1, 2, "'3, 44 Baseball '41, 12, 43. "'4 Homecoming Escort 4 MARY ANN SCHAEFER Business Education Club 3, 4 President 4 Hi Tri 1, 2. 3, 4 Office Helper 4 CAROLEE SCHAFER Band 1, 2, 3. 4 G.A.A. 1 Hi Tri 1, 2. 3. 4 Pep Club 1, 2 3 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1. 2 EDWIN SCHLEMER Future Farmers 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 JIM SCHLEMER MARLENE SCHLEMER Band 3 4 Hi Tri 1, 2 3 4 Math Club 1, 2. 3 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Officer Helper 2. 3. 4 KAY SCHLESINGER Choir 4 Dramatics Club 4 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3, 4 MARLENE SCHOETTLE Choir 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 3. 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Cast PATSY SENN 4 Band 1, 2, 3, Libarian 3 Secretary 4 Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Teachers 4 Secretary 4 G.A.A. 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3. 4 Latin Club 1. 2 Library Club 3 Secretary 3 Music Listening Club 4 Tiger Staff 4 Sports Editor Tiger Times 4 Exchange Editor Officer Helper 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 DOLORES SHARP Choir 4 Dramatics Club 4 Future Teachers 2. 3, 4 Historian 2 Secretary 3. 4 G.A,A. 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 3 Library Club 1, 2 Secretary 2 Pep Club 4 Student Council 4 Treasurer 4 Tiger Staff 4 Literary Editor Senior Play 4 Cast Homecoming Maid 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Class Officer Secretary 2 HARRY SHAW Choir 3, 4 French Club 1. 2 Letterman's Club 4 Math Club 1, 2. 3 Football 1, 2. 3. 'i'4 Track 1, 2, 3, 14 Basketball 1, 2, 3 BILL SHAW Aviation Club 2, 3, 4 Presirlent 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman's Club 4 Music Listening Club 4 Vice-President 4 Student Council 1, 2, 3 Football 1 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 2 Track 1. 43, 4 Homecoming Escort 3 MARJORIE SICKBERT Choir 3. 4 Dramatics Club 4 G.A.A. 1, 2 Math Club 3 Junior Play 3 Prompter LEON SMIDDY Art Club 4 Letterman's Club 4 Pep Club 4 Football 1, 42. 43 Track '41, 42. t3. 44 Homecoming Escort 4 Handbook Committee 4 Roosevelt High 1 ROBERT SMILEY Football 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2 Pep Club 2 Track 3 4 Indicates year letter was awarded FAYE SMITH ANET SUHRE J Future Homemakers 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Mount Olive High 1 Chorus 1 SUZANNE SMITH Business Education Club 3 Choir 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Music Listening Club 4 Junior Play 3 Prompter Senior Play 4 Cast LAVERNE SPENCER G.A.A. 2 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3 4 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 2, 3 LEONARD SPERANDIO French Club 1. 2 Library Club 1 2 Sound System 1 Tiger Times 4 ALLENE SPERNOL Choir 4 Girls' Choir 3 Future ,Teachers 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1. 2, 3, 4 President 3, 4 Pep Club 2 Tiger Times 4 Jr,-Sr, Prom Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Prompter BETTY STRADER Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 CAROL STRASEN Business Education Club 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3 MARGARET STROHMEI Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3 Degrees Chairman G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1 Homecoming Maid 1. 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prompter Senior Play 4 Cast RUTH ANN SUMMERS Band 3, 4 Secretary 4 Future Homemakers 3 Future Teachers 4 Hi Tri 3. 4 Secretary 4 Music Listening Club 4 Benton High 1, 2 LEO TAUL BEVERLY THOMAS Business Education Club 3 Choir 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 KAY TROWBRIDGE Future Teachers 2 G.A.A. 1, 2 Hi Trl 1, 2. 3, 4 Latin Club 1 Library Club 4 Music Listening Club 4 Pep Club 2, 3 Photography Club 2, 3 Treasurer 3 Junior Play 3 Cast BONNIE VOLENTINE Hi Tri 3, 4 Highland High School, High- land, Illinois 1, 2 NADINE WALKER Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Trl Council 3 J Hi T , 3, 4 Vice-President V , , g .- 1 92 , L t l f X 3 O me O cfiuifiefi - gonfinue .gnofex fo .gznior .24 Library Club 1 Pep Club 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3 ROGER WEBER Lettermen's Club 4 Photography Club 1, 2, 3, 4 President 2 Vice-President 3, 4 Student Council 4 Tiger Staff 4 Basketball 2, 3 Tennis 2, "S, '4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Class Officer President 1 ROSALIE WEILER Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2 LYNETTE WERNER Dramatics Club 3, 4 President 4 Future Teachers 1, 2, 3, 4 President 2 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3. 4 Hi Tri Council 1, 2 Pep Club 2, 3 Tiger Staff 4 Tiger Times 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play 4 Cast ROBERT WETZEL Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4 President 2, 4 Sec.-Treasurer 3 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Football 1 .Basketball 1, 2 Manager 4 Tennis 1, 2, 43, '4 Handbook Committee 1, 2, 3 DORIS WIEHE Business Education Club 4 Hi Tri 1, 2. 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 4 l tr .gl l Q 3,3 it ROSE WILKENING Business Education Club 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 DWAIN LEE WILLE Tennis 1, 2 LARRY WILLIAMS Future Farmers 1, 2, 3 Tiger Times 4 WILLIS WILSON Letterman's Club 4 Football 1, 2, 3, '4 Track 1, 2 SARAH WISNASKY Business Education Club 4 Girls' Choir 1, 2 Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 SHIRLEY WOHLFORD Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Treasurer 1 Music Listening Club 4 Tiger Staff 4 Girls' Choir 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Office Helper 3 Class Officer Secretary 3 KENNETH ZIEGLER Choir 4 Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Football 2 Track 3 JEAN ZOELLER Business Education Club 4 Vice-President 4 Choir 3, 4 G,A.A. 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 ' Indicates year letter was awarded it I , Page Ninety-Seven 1 n 3 igigigjyig ,il , . Ig I. -NF x 'V .J 5 N X I- I J, W N' f X .I 3 I I I X' - J" ' I X e A, ' , , p Q' If J . T , . F Qui: I 0 J p ' ff TO OUR ADVERTISERS X n . Ni . ,K is 1 I We thank you for your patronage, which We realize makes r I 1 I the publication of this book possible. The use of more pictures N ll in the 1955 Tiger will make the advertising section of greater I . interest to the reader. We feel that these advertisements will I X influence many young purchasers. EDWARDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY Compliments it fl 7' fs. of I Sarah Johnson showing two of our sopho- A Friend' mores, Donna Behrendt and Virginia Martin, n A a neutral shade of lipstick which would look ' ' Q f ' I ' ' good on either of them, at I D- l . S y D. B. WARNOCK F . P ,. - - ' . ATTORNEY AT LAW . ' Insurance T 5 ' 136 N' Man' Phone 272 115A Purcell sf. agafvgxfville age Ninefyfiglzl " 5 1- LWIU mmm untill Wlllil , X Q12 . X, X I 5 ff, Hx 1 'wuiw I " L un Bin ' I-I L , If In 't i . HI l ,aa fm, W 4 IT ,I f I 1 ' A5 3 , - III -.,. riigfn. ,l' f"I PF! g, 'wi 1'-5 'Ii ki 'ru ,', lf, 1 B., ,'III "rsh glfi vfrxbjf 'J' '-.2-11 'I I 2Irff'El7fi 'zen m 1 - Q - 'Za' 1 " A --,g-,-.f. , .,,, . 4 I "S, 5' nl, - .i-,.ii?r? , L.. zrifiifn fi'fi23 " " f hat WBT befam c60pp0 c 0 Q ,, . Ttunlw ARE WE, IN AMERICA, placing too much emphasis on "security', and not enough on "opportunity"? Is it not "opportunity" that has al- ways distinguished this Country from other economic systems through- out the world? THE THREE MAJOR ELEMENTS which characterize the Amer- ican Way of Life are freedom, ambition and incentive. Freedom means, among other things, that we can choose our own way. Ambition, in this Country, is usually rewarded and not thwarted. Incentive exists because of the opportunities that are ours. LET US NOT whittle down or undermine these priceless charac- teristics. Let us not trade them off for that anesthetic thing called "security" in the political sense. LET US RATHER build our own security by seizing our opportun- ities-let us attain security by our own industry and thrift. BECAUSE we are interested in YOUR Futurep-YOUR Security,- because of that!-we encourage you to be alert to, and prepared for, OPPORTUNITY Industry and Thrift will help you, of course,-but a friendly, aggressive bank can be helpful, too. THAT IS WHERE WE COME IN! ,.', ., EDWAR ONAL Q R I e' ' A BAN K AN f ? '? TOMPANY On the Corner With the Clock Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page Ninety-Nine l Jane Schroeder really knows how to sell records, as Eldon Knecht, Jim Heberer and John Green readily know when they enter the Melody Bar which is affiliated with the BEN FRANKLIN STORE l03 N. Main Phone 430 I , The Thomas Crossrnans, both Jr. and Sr., in front of a company truck. EDWARDSVILLE ROOFING CO. Over 40 years of service fo the people of Edwardsville Mrs. Corrington helps Gary Kesl with his deposit at Clover Leaf-Home Building 8: Loan Association l48 N. Main Phone 122 Page One Hundred fi f fi ft of 3 fx K 5 ,5 rf fu ' X 15 ,Q Q ,M-V . ' f f 4 ,, f rf ,x X 1.75, f V, Harley Fultz, Donna Rae Leonard, and Patsy Senn make a thorough inspec- tion of a new power mower at FARM SUPPLIES Page One Hundred One Q Wei' as I I Congraiulaiiggjs rf Q C L A gs CSA F I 5 5 Qi e 1 U, SHELL sa YJCE STATIGNS ,ff vp 7' ,ff Y QV f Jima yeew, gg, e !f A 1 '+'k'3'1'g"J ,. , A s ji! ie f 7 ' 3 3 ffflf f',,4tg 4Lu,.4:.f1Z7 I f?QE?5Xex J .V f. 3 gee- ef fe f , ,ee ' "9 'M 'ff'z l ! f 'ks A 1 Q 'R x Agnew Shell Service Bode's Shell Service Figge Sales and Service MeLeen Shell Service 3 .Weber Shell Service O ' w We ' - ff PgOHd IN PHGTOGRAPHY There is N0 SUBSTITUTE -for QUALITY A. H. STREBLER TPHOTOGRAPHER eg T or E A E i ,. Q -sf 5 John Grinstead receiving keys for his new 1955 Mercury Station from Arnold Cassens at CASSENS MERCURY SALES Wg , " f n I I -Q, fix y f 'Ig -A , wl-:Ars IN YOUR FUTURE? 3 ' I' in planning a future you will want to make sure that you have enough funds or . . Business Opportunities it Your Home t Travel and Vacation Time if Extra Money for Emergencies it Retirement A Savings Account earns above average returns here. EDWARDSVILLE SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 140 North Main Edwardsville, Illinois Madison County Mutual AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY "A SERVICE THAT SERVESH 306 Edwardsville National Bank Building Phone 96I PgOHddF iffiw W -in-W 25 Q OW Mix. DAIRY i. Mi Delicaiessen Famous for Our Super-Thick Mal+s and Fine Dairy Proclucis rf frglira air fl. lf Paul Gerling, Gary Kesl, ob Nuernberger and David Cox are being tire ted by George Lautner at fp! ' HI WAY CAFE 461 E. VANDALIA STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. George and Mary Lautner Route 66 Iwi' "Do Business With a Dependable Firm" R., H. RCSENTHAL, Realtor of on - ' .R. SELLS HOMES, LOTS, FARMS, BUSINESSES I INSURES EVERYTHING INSURABLE Members of American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars 34 Years of confidential service to the public SEE THE MAN OF MANY YEARS EXPERIENCE R. H. R. Notary Public 217 S. Buchanan St. Edwardsville, Ill. Phone 163 Residence 525 or 2014 Page One Hundi ed Sia' QU N ,fQ 2 j M ' 23 H 'f'W"LWNwH4fmw f ' fb ff ww FURNITURE 81. APPLIAN , Inc. Mm ,W J "Your Furni+ur api! Appliance Cen+er" I , C5 We Wlzaf V 241 N. MAIN STREET HONE 1585 EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. W5 ZMAZZ! O PgO Compliments of , :P J L Wesllhern Au+.o I Compliments D D I ,fp Assocla+e S+oreO W JL arcelIa'sxgBseau+y Shop U , LL 6 I T. JANSEN, P FI r Glen Crosiwf 1617-R1 315 N. Mai Sireet Ax t P20332 73 LI ,. I 5, my I ij ' xv yu," V fwgl fix' ' Ig ry I I . . ' I Umed Sadie? Radlatp 'A ,CYALENTIN S 'GA , If Super Markei' Qorporajar - pk. p QF FOR FINEST IVIEATS BOI RS - -:FINA IATORS .i 8 AND QRQCERIES N-fxfj Over 60 yearsia grleaf fp J. 604 Franklin Road qarma in h ting gf 1 .-' Phone 401 If A ' ff . -' 1 fi . ' ,N , Y EIIJ' Q VI ' ,N TVA 1'-525 '? A I ' I ' - I gg jg I 1 5 12? 5' 11.4 5-E' 'F x FOR BEAUTY AND PERFORMANCE ! I 4 N! pf" A iggxj' If I It pays to build of hfixcki ' I K ,-If They do not burn norgcay Ak 8 1' J ' ' ' They are eveffasting I , I b IC ar s rlc 9. R' h d B ' k C EDWARDSVILLE ST. LOUIS FACE BRICK ' COMMON BRICK ' HOLLOW TILE GLASS BLOCKS ' BUILDING BLOCKS FLUE LINING ' GLASS BLOCK VENTILATORS H d dEgh if 'N V- X. L, f 1 1 L' TK,-A. SKB. FEED and SEED STORE, Inc. I-', ' . N- . . . I. , WHOLESALE' ANIQERETAIL I V' - -Q-1 ' , L- N - . . PROFIT EAIREIQ ABQIQEEDS NUTRENA FEEDS I Q, FEED SALT SEEDS ,SCRINDING CLEANING MIXING u 044 WHERE FEED AND SEED IS A SCIENCE" PQ OHd STANDARD SERVICE DEPT stones SAVE 3570 305 West Vandalia on Your Cleaning Bill. Make Us Prove lt. STANDARD DIL PRODUCTS Ladies' Dress 90c Men's Suit .ii.,, , 90c Ladies' Suit 90c ug Ladies' Skirt . 50c ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE Men's Pants S 50c WILFRED C. EILERS Meh'STieS S we AGENCY , W k Qualty or manshlp Prompt Service g Cleaned in a d l00! Phone 796 Tff1.f,Inptam DEPT stones Bank of Edwardsville Bld 'a I , I ,ylf Q Eldon Schoeber, Idel Martin and Harvey Schoeber in front of HAMEL SERVICE COMPANY ELMER SPECKMAN Firestone Tires D-X Products Hamel, Illinois Page One Hundred Ten Ladies' Sweater 50c .:: REAL ESTATE '-'Q -lg- QUALITY DAIRY HENRY HAHNENKAMP, Distributor Moro, Illinois LOWENSTEIN'S AG STORE Moro, Illinois Phone 4301 Dial Phone Bethalto 7655 Dial Alton 2-I030 WILLIAM E. DELICATE Congfatulations M, D. FRANS BEAUTY SHOP 206.3 N. Main sf. Phone 7 To The Class of '55 Compliments of C5ERBIG'S BAKERY BAKERS OF SALLY ANN PRODUCTS EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. RAY'S IGA STORE IVIEATS and GROCERIES THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN Phone 58 -E-Luau KUA-NWA-b bww! 19.4. 'M Lx' E , Bank -pfsA.42f..T-K-'9'b,, , Komo . M ' , A, ,ri 3.1.5, Ni' BEKEMEYIER TRACTOR . - ful ' ,U , 3. IMPLEMENT L.,v.iu9fa-Ea.. Qu- - 'YNIXH-sg... ,,,., gg, PHONE46 HAMEL,u.LlNols lLe'Y-A-s Q14-aa-. 'A5-xJ'S- .XM-'Za-rQ.b l ,431- PQO HddEZ Q 2 I IM Linen senvnce mcffe ' ,rw LVL, . , L X Left to right-Marlin Nordike, Ed Moorman, Linda Corl, Mike Duffy, Donna Leonard George Rezabek, Harley Fultz, David Wilkinson, Danny Pulliam, and Gary Kesl. Congratulations To Classof I955 IF IN TI-IE FUTURE you should go into Business get your Towel Supplies from MODERNE LINEN SERVICE Madison County's Largest Laundry devoted "To Serving Modern Businessn PHONE 3371 TROY, ILL. Page One Hznzdred Twelve Compliments of W. J. PURCELL 8: CO. Compliments of LOUIS A. SMITH "Uncle Louien Phone193 MARSHALL F. WAYNE C. R. COCHRAN, D. S. C. D. D. S. CHIROPODIST AND FOOT SPECIALIST Clgver Leaf.l-lome Loan Building Gerber Bldg. Edwardsville, Ill EDVVARDSVILLEI ILL. FOR TI-IE BEST DO-NUTS IN TOWN THE DO-NUT SHOP 301 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 1100 F. P. BETZOLD AGENCY All Your Insurance Needs 202a Norlh Main Phone 1723 Sl1UlJElEli'S ,. I :E l 'Z' -I-X ..5' 124 N. Main Sl. COVERS and BINDING OF I955 TIGER by BECKTOLD COMPANY St. Louis, Mo. PQO HddTht Construction of our new EHS shoproom was designed and supervised by Edward A., Kane AIA Willard Flagg k -4 f My , NW " 1 v , 1 E W . - i iii 1fiARCHiiTECTi sTRucTuRAl. ENGINEER . , xx 'Z . Page One Hundred Fourteen 4 Q f Q, , .Huw ,,,, , ,.,ie,M- ,,,., M ,,,,,,. - ,,....V,,,,, W ,,,,, .Q i., .,,, mag , , 2? I I ,, J sufxfeffa 5 jg!!-gfW'h3A5aAPPLtcQ f HAMEL! fu.. Gerald Leischsenring and Kenneth Reising accompanied Marvin Suhre on a cold morning to refuel the truck at the bulk plant. SUHR5E'S GAS 8tAPPI.IANClE CO. Agricultural Ammonia Propane for Heating, Cooking and Tractor Fuel Sheet Metal Shop HAMEL, ILLINOIS Donna Brakhane, Lucille Brase and Elmer Moritz pause a moment for a picture at HAMEL CO-OPERATIVE GRAIN CO. ELMER MORITZ, Manager HAMEL PHONE I5 CARPENTER PHONE EDWARDSVILLE I604W2 Page One Hundred Fifteen Congra+ula+ions +o CLASS OF '55 from EDWARDSVILLE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSCCIATION A. Bofhman 8: Sons FORD Phone 601 Bu+ler-Chevroloei' CHEVROLET gl BUICK Phone IZ3 Cassens 84 Sons, Inc. DODGE Zia PLYMOUTH Phone 308 Chamgion Mo+ors, Inc. LDSMOBILE Phonelo GosseH' Mo+or Co. CHRYSLER 8a PLYMOUTH Phone 87 Hursi' Ponfiac Co. PONTIAC Phone 35 Mindrup's Au+omo+ive Service DESOTO 61 PLYMOUTH Phone 3l0 OHdd Congratulations to The IQ55 Tiger Mak lDwARO.fvn.l.I uunoll Filling Prescriptions ln Edwardsville C mpliments of KRIEGE HATCHERIES TROY ROAD s. SECOND Ave Producers of I-II-SIRED BABY CI-'ICKS Poultry Supplies Since I9l8 PHONE mn OSCAR SCHMIDT CHARLES lChuckl SCHMIDT OTTO lBuckl HOMANN OSCAR SCHMIDT AGENCY INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE 305 N. Main Edwardsville PgOHd A T While waiting for her turn, Sally Flagg is seeing that EVELYN DUGGER 136 N. Filmore Phone 2943 gets the hem straight on Pat Cunningham's formal. Jessie Foster is watching the procedure Leona Bange uses while cutting Kathleen McLean's hair at LEONA'S BEAUTY SHOP 214 Hillsboro Phone 619 xx A ,KAVAA X Mg or x 4 . Two new Dodges being serviced by Alvin Meikamp, Ray Barnes and Virgil Miller at PRIMAS GARAGE Glen Carbon Phone Dickens 4-7436 - 4-7437 Page One Hundred Eighteen E Compliments of Compliments of I-IILLTOP HGUSE DON COFFMAN INSURANCE RESTAURANT AGENCY Q C0mPU"mOf A ASSOCIATED SERVICE DR' CECEIISIQ MHNHSEFLRUNG MADISON STORE BUILDING EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. EDWARDSVILLE a MOTOR SERVICE f ,I FARM MACHINERY 0 REFRIGERATION ar Tractor Service H D , fIflll ,IIii 1 Repalrs 0 Weldmg ,E --A - S. ES , I rv ' . 1' Gooo LUCK ALWAYS M P ,J j: I rg" a - X TO THE GRADUATES O 55 MISS EULALIA HOTZ ' f ri, ' 5 QI V Your Compliments of CQUNTY CLERK WOODLAWN GARDENS J. H. BLIXEN 1407 Sf. Louis Street P Q O Hundred Ninetee ,a f' "nh 9' ,5 1 Chowhounds Donald Morton and Mervin Sat- Gail Niccolussi knows of the fine cleaning terlee drool over the fresh vegetables dis- service of played at , MOORE and STORK HGYYIS TOITI BOY MdFk9+ 511 N, Main phone 471 132 N- Main P51009 14 and gives her instructions to Helen Hess. ,H vvtv - 4 1 Louis Hellman and Ronald Martin in front of "Homes of the Future" IN HAMEL SUNNY ACRES Constructed and sold by HAMEL LUMBER COMPANY Page One Hundred Twenty 5 if I Oily g 'I " oviesare e++er if 11 I I I Qi! xf ' I Ihan ever 151 M Lux f THEATRE IM 311WDrth Mai reet I I if of IU' lf X' nes:gEffice, Main 1 - Res., Main 261 THE FRIENDLY THEATRE lj' I . I I ' HOME MNURSIERY AND I GREENHOUSES x CUT FLOWERS ' TREES ' PLANTS 9 SI-IRUBS 1 , 1 MEMBERS OF F.T. D. 0 PHONE 1790 AND. 1791 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS Stores af Granite City, Collinsville, Wood River and Sfaunfon TO SERVE YOU "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" P Q O H Cl dl' tj 3 xy I lf,-v Ak li. , . 1 1 VJ if ,Q "i ' D X1-A 1 . . x ,, 1 5 uf' ' X f ' t F Jr,!"' .-' vis-' Best Wishes jj N V' tJ', N ' iq. i h I , f MN John,stonjsffChtoooTa'tes Tot ec assof 55 , ff , 'D ff,Jnv1 MCCORD 3 rf it gf- R li ffff I Edwardsville, Illinois X41 ,Tzu 5 Q 4 ,' I 5 L f V ' fi A " , f,'!f X fy Representing 1 ,X V- .t J' , WEtEKE TQBACCO CO. ,if YOUR cLAss RING coMPANY i JOSTEN'S ,f I Sk it 'i ' ,4 L LN ik E N Q! H R 4 . z EDWARDSVILLE LUMBER CO. Phone 4 Phone 5 Second and High Streets Page One Hundred Twenty-Two 9 4:7 ' - ,4 V' ' ll s , at Q ,..-,,, ' I Princess Beauty Sa on 202a N. Main St. Edwardsville Takes a lot of gas, doesrft it Smiddy? Wil- liam Quade Qcenterl is making a refill with the help of Leon Smiddy and "H" Nelson at QUADE'S PHILLIPS 66 Service Station HAMEL MUTUAL TELEPHONE COMPANY Hilbert Schumacher Manager Katherine Seeger Lucinda Bekemeyer Lillian Schmidt 141 W. Vandalia Phone 362 Operators 3- L Ve f A f T X J s P I pl X , . A , 1 143: Q :L L 5 ' ' -. It - n -mx ' mn, 21 A . X 4: E V ' " I A li f- 1 l.-.Yi--flaw-V . ' I ' ,-rl'-L 'wg 1 gp If lf' E 1 R' "-. A ff - A 7 'wfmlaii 1 .. H ,, M ,,...-- r .x -.- . Qc -...-M..-Q..--.....,, ,, ,,,p' fm, 655 WEBER FORHERLY MARKS-WEBER quhetaffyome 304' NORTH MAIN STREET EDWARDSV I LLE J Page One Hundred Twenty-Three wwf M , wid ,, W My if WW 47W'ff Wi W 5 W Ml , ,, 9 M? iff!! 21,4 D affix 0JfNX"HJ ,' ff of L., w2y"'.',f1,e 4 6, -' UCTIGN A MPANY JW W 3 Roberf B. Dunlap W E EDWARDSVILLE CONSUMERS COAL CO lron Fireman Selectemp Heating Oil - Gas - Coal William Southwick showing some of the fine Phone 470 jewelry to a previously satisfied customer, A. J. MATEYKA Kay Hotz' SOUTHWICICS GIFTS 235 N. Main Phone 408-R Takes a lot of milk to keep John Kays and Ronnie Enloe going. Mrs. Robin- son helps to make this business transaction at EDWARDSVILLE CREAMERY CO. West Park and Johnson Streets "CONGRATULATIONS TlGERS" Phones 364 - 365 Page One Hundred Twenty-Fiv Compliments of W. L. ESTABROOK Compliments of PERSONALITY BEAUTY 107 Purcell Street DR. EUGENE E WAHL MEmgIjQjGffIfg,S NATIONAL BANK BLDG. PLANING MILL Inc EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. PHONE 487 ' ' Compliments of M EARL oRMAN's TELEVISION STANDARD SERVICE 20l East Vandalia Edwardsville, Ill. Phone I 120 SALES 8: SERVICE RADIO TELEVISION AIR CONDITIONER Phone 462 225 N. Main St. C mpliments of DIPPOLD BROS. FEED BOB'S BAND BOX CLEANERS lk LAUNDERERS 4 Q Q NO SHRINKING 0 NO FADING 0 NO ODOR A Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service to Fit Everyone's 309 sf. Louis sf. Purpose YOUR APPEARANCE IS OUR Edwardsville BUSINESS 4 4 Q ' 112-114 s. Main sf. Edwardsville Phone 28 OHddT WS DALLAS T. HARRELL 8: SDN REAL ESTATE 8. INSURANCE Phone 360 ll5a Purcell St. Compliments of ELDON Nl. DURR 5l4 St. Louis Street DR. C. J. HERRIVIANN 202 N. Main St. Edwardsville, Illinois Compliments of EAKER'S BARBER Sl-IOP l28V2 N. Main St. Compliments of 'lime ents --'- 'R '- - N1 E fi 5 UIC QR fl.-rw..xwmgsixiinsaz-wunfonq-,wx 4 EM. lMBER'S MEN'S WEAR I-IAMEL HARDWARE 8: APPLIANCES ALBERT ERNST, Proprietor Phone Hamel 44 Barbara Brooks is showing Audree Cassens Compliments of Wilson Construction and Development Co. AND Earl C. Wilson Agency All Under Wilson Management COMPLETE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE SERVICE one of the many selections of jewelry at 620 E. Franklin Edwardsvme BROOKS JEWELRY 213 N. Main St. Phone 784 Page One Hundred Twenty-Seven Madison Coun+y Trac'ror anol Equipmeni' Company GENERAL ELEGTRIG Household Appliances a LESS WORK ' MGRE INCOME Q of It-fAAc T130 Rial PER ACRE go H1 1 t1FjI1 it ,P . f D ' K 1 e' .t.j,f", ff ' r xg f' F - 1 1 , , K , . ,' . V z -- 'fl' V i:.Y 'u bl ' l I r" I V I' ' 'af . A! if , 1 If , ' N I 4 K 1 f Igvffl 1 fp, , L! J. !,: fd I., 'lv .. 1 I , I . I ! !' 1 'F L X, 'J , V' . f M ,r FiE,RfsfoNAL LOANS 1 H. , "H try .' ffff 1' 1 1 All 1' f ' l if ,fyd I.. M 4'f"H . ' ., A ' ,f if 1 . f M.. f ,A ' If f fe. f' S50 up 5500 1 X f in ' it ' J rj , V ,Q lf' s fi!! 12" 'll',f1, lf' ,V A , r ly cogplimgheg :jf 1 jflvfl, M01 I, , ill. r jeff ' sf tl 1" fur! 'rr I if t , f it ,lf fu Z 1 'V 1 I! 'U J 'I l -row if ,r . if of" ff .ff if V u ir,ifVVQl7l-.cS- HLRE flnc. I fe' 1' J ,ff V ,,g ipnff ffl Midwest Loan Company ljlffll 'M 5 'I52 North Main Street l!4r"'f'! J ' 'l 'V ' k' Q Edwardsville, Illinois f I if ' ll' , f. JI!!! X Phone 1082 lr' tfilnijll! !' , fy . 'fs l I V all fl' ID I ll UM I Sf' A , of l f 4' ' Q M X02 ' 'U Z' U. A fl' ' Compliments of I Ib!!! if if I' . In :jf li I gf!! ' I I 0 D o 0 o 4 I lam . EIZZIDI Sf' f' li!! 'R X 'W XQ W f t- IL ES LEFDIS UToR 79 t Qgphtvr I 0 l ' U5r2?V7l W ggwiww "P5N39ef- gf! MM fl 1 f A Page One Hundred T ty N Page v f i sf 4 S Z4 fi JoAnn Goertz and Dale Haywood find out how this stove works at "Two chicks," Connie Meyers and Eunice Nolte, learn about hens from Emil Klueter JIM JONES, Inc. at I . d S. I . I IN Zn I KIue+er Purina Feed S+ore Phone I32'W Troy Road Phone 374 STAH LY CARTAGE x Co xx '-2 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS if we PETRQLEUM ,I lm ,j+fg'LxR A N s P o R T s O ne Hundred Thirty Compliments of FREDERIC E. SPRINGER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Edwardsville National Bank Bldg. Compliments of LEL BARBER SI-IOP 106 St. Louis Street JERRE C. CO X JR. IVLDIW R ERT L. MARKS D. D. S. BANK 0 DSW-l'l'E ardsville Savings and Loan Bldg. U fi? . Edwardsville, ln. Ompi? ts O P Compliments of N TED'S MARKET A I S L. RIEE GROCERIES and MEATS Edw dsville National Bank Building 1310 N, Main Sf, phone 565 Marvin Busker shows an assortment of Wares to Kenny Bartels and Beverly Perry at J. W. Busker and Son Hardware 219 N. Main Phone 115 CAIN LUMBER PITTSBURGH PAINTS I ELECTRICAL and PLUMBING SUPPLIES See Us for Free Estimates "THE FRIENDLY YARD" 1507 Troy Road Phone 1721 Edwardsville, Illinois Page One Hundred Thirty-One ,A nl l 1' X I' " ' 4 l ' - . -J lll' Nl' Q VV ll xx A it camglzmems of , '- lf , JOSEPH -M. De LAURENTI N B I - 0 Attorney-at-Law t it-'FV ,Q RoomA,502-3 Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. l A. SI-lAf1dr9WS 3a Vandali-I . Phone: Edw. 2345 Edwardsville, Ill. VX, K ' . , s sa Q, 2 - A K . B Bl?-UCE O. '.l:lEGENBA.UlVl Q 'E Insurance and ReaTESfater . W . Wildey Theatre Building' XX- EdwQdwHk Q 2 I . Q STVIAURICE R. I-IILL, D. D. S. 409 BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BUILDING s E' , J 7. kANsAs l sniem MARKET O X 5 sr 1cHolqE'MlQATVs,anll GRocERlEs . . X. w , ' 1 l ., lENLOE'S X. A BENDIX SELF SERVICE l . , Vwoulz FRIENDLY CORNER ' LAUNDRY XX' v' , oRocER', f il 2' . . . Phone.643 415 N. Kansas V 120 S. Mam Sf. Phone 302 Q 0 0 Mrs. Yonaka telling two of our juniors, Nancy Wallace and Sue Marks by name, of the table setting and glassware at 004 Yonalca Jewelry S+ore 112 N. Mmm PHONE 1943 Rissi Sludio CQLLINSVILLE, ILLINGIS 604 W. Main St. Phone Dlckens 4-0682 Q 9 9 Page One Hmzdred Thirty-Two , 3 Wy' A idly! X X My ly plirefsfz QW WBIG BOY'S SUPPLY co T W W 6 WG rj ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES C f V Sy! i I J, ' sPoRTlNG Gooos Jw 'I M V W1 2 N. Main St. Phone 1234 I1 I b If YR E V GA f' V l 11, I X 2 f f M I Compliments of X S 7 , X! TIRE AND BATTERY CO ' BUHRMESTER Inc. PAJDER AND PAW CC- I BATTEIJSLZSSAZEEESOR.ES 201-203 N. SECOND STREET L' We give and redeem Eagle Stamps EDWARDSVILLE, ll. . ' 2o?:hS,Q,,EUf:1Z3an 'A A. Road Serv M U S S O ' S Restaurant and Bar Q North Side of Court House Ed Fick and Gloria Weishaupt watching to see that Roberta Hanser operates the type- writer correctly at SHEPARD OFFICE SUPfPLY 108 St. Louis St. Phone 989 Steak, Chicken, Spaghetti Sandwiches CLAYTON CLEANERS 501 NORTH MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. -1 PQO H d dTh tyTh gl , .X Assn, Richard Blase and Sharon Sanders know of the good service rendered by HAMEL OIL COMPANY WM. H. HERING, Manager Icenferl Hamel, Illinois Phone l0X22 or 2X26 We 55 X J f . I 1 I WJ A N KAL HOME . ' . F 5 , X,,,KXY 4 44 ' V A SERVICE AS MODERN AS TOMORROW ' . . .AS GRACIOUS AS YESTERDAY 'ji DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE . . . PHONE 577 AMBULANCE SERVICE . . . PHONE 577 4 4 4 210 N. Kansas Sf. Edwardsville, III. Page One Hundred Thirty-Four I I J A AMO-f 1 W Ay ni Egg ' I A I wi' ,W X fro fy' X 97 W IW I " if ,Aff-Pg WM. in I fi 4 I , If gy 4 m Zz o I f i A ff, 'X pig WM! W If H ,I 14 xt Compl eiis ff K wif? I I W5 if . I ' IRM 's . 'IJTY SALON IU X 511 Mi! Aj ZW? M I 4, if I gf IIOY M. PINK, .D.s. ,WV IV I DR.C.L.BROCKMEHJl BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BLDG. OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN .1 ' A, x s 5 , fCo'mplime'5yts of , JESSE R. BROW cERBER9Sf'-MQTLIQL 2 , A 1 H,-v ,mi ' 1. 5, 1 LADIES APPAREL FURS OUR SPECIALTY 1 x ' ' ' We Specialize I in Wedding Gowns - ' 5 and Formals Page One Hundred Thirty-Fiv fpffff I I Iv If I! I -1 ff f C, M IW fl I ,Ig uw - W QV . GEO. E. LITTLE, Jr. ff fp' I I Bari. wjsons C 0 425 Sf. LoulsSIree1' LET GEO INSURE IT BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BUILDING I 84 R I E I I 5 A Page One Hundred Thirty-Six MCH R RUG CO 'ANY WARDSV E IL IN IS EW it R X Ea O 67 1 K Mm I D Q Q v I" ' ' I 2 I L E X O W ' S CLARENCE BOHM I 107 E. vandana sf. DANCE ESTUDIO Phone sas Edwardsville, ul. , 'J Instruction in . WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES Jitterbug - Waltz - Rumba , '- -' Tango ' '-P0"'a ' Cl'a"eS'0" - U YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS Fox Trot - Marnbo I , . In White - - In Color . I . . -. 'I 'I I QL :fc K X H ,., Complimevits of Q In-li: . FASHION BOGTERY SOLTER AND KRIEGIE "For Better Quality in Better Styles in All Price Ranges" 112 E. VANDALIA ST. FINE FOOTWEAR FOR THE PHONE 588 ENTIRE FAMILY Shown here are Barbara Wadlow and Darrell Behrendt demonstrating a cedar chest at FREDMAN BRGS. Furniture Co., Inc. 117-119 Main St. Phone 400 Sul1re's l. G. A. Store ROY HALBE, Proprietor Hamel, Illinois BE FASHION WISE WITH BUDGET BUYS from the LEE SHOPS Page One Hundred Thirty-Seven X .. ., 6,1415 .f. J f'.'faf'l4.ff fjalffs-.4A,fl Lhhli Iliff" Q 'AUG'-f-l.t 'I . 4371. I f-.,f rf .Q-J fl V P 4' ..,,7 - .A , Le! if". .. L , ..lSEEGElg'S MAR-KET 'B f I 5' Lrfchfield vel Madison A . .. - L I 4- 14, ,. i ,f V L 'OJ ' ffl LL:-1" N: - , ,,,,, I A, , ISQIIIIVQY Company, M ,- ' Free Delivery ,ll el ' p' " '- F IV ' .gi .Q .Q 4 1 i 4 if l Y 1,2 A If 1, X' WI i 215 N..'MAlNST.' 5' 1 5,aZTzwiAfff'4' ' I' ' .. fi, .- J-. 'I .t 1' , ff. , 1.3 V QQ-j,.I gil.. gicggxr, J iz if iM.'1trliLP Compliments of Compliments of OVERBiECK'S DICK H. MUDGE, Jr. "The Home of Fine Wallpaper and Pai fs" JOHN H. Munee " 120 N. Main Sl. Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. Edwardsville, Ill. Compliments of N O L T E ' S Red 8: White Store GROCERIES - MEATS - FEEDS SHELL PRODUCTS Phone 7683 Moro, Illinois Employed at PROTECT YOURSELF and family now with our new accident- sickness and hospitalization coverage m N, Main phone 458 Waldo L. T. Vuagniaux 309 Hillsboro Ave. Phone 2465 are Don Glaser, Ruth Bast, and Ruth Sum- mers Who are working f?J in the hat depart- ment. Edwardsville, Illinois Special Agent N E W Y O R K L I F E Insurance Company Page One Hundred Thirty-Eight f , Y 5. V' f-CU? 1'l."w-.-ov, O 29,.,r,g 5. may '4.T'.:YlroL 1 Compliments of V 4 .MBV Janet Wehmeyer is inspecting some of the S T R A U B E gl 1- .41 in J' ,-,g44.'l?g'37 'f F U N E H E 'plumbing fixtures at 1 1 azmff. snns , M. DESMOND MFG. CO. 318 St. Louis St. Phone 1820 ga S 'r 1, , , , ., 4 -' f . , Wa . ,W My, 5, KM, Y 1 , M . ,Na-0 , ,J 'Groks ,1 .W T , ' K f f L5 1 I ffg"QxZf-Q wkzn ff? ,wwf f11M"y 1,,,- y f Q , A' ' " f -f ,-f A-vw' X ' 6 , ., Y y ,lfsg,,. ,, , f If ' awww- --1 5 A , nw . - .ff ',,,.,, , ,fr Ui wwf Dave Martin, who manages the D-X Oil Company has been c Hanks, Jr. for a new supply of fuel oil. D-X OIL COMPANY Dave Martin, Agent Gasoline Motor Oil D-X Furnace Oil alled by William Range Oil Phone Hamel 3X14 Phone Edwardsville 1273 Page One Hundred Thirty-Nine PP If TIP A 'IJ My ' W I W 00 plzments of i A ' Compliments of 5, A BLUME'S APPAREL A A E. P. SCHNEIDER I04 N. MAIN EDWARDSVILLE Funeral Home Com liments of . . I p Wes+ End SGFVICS S+a'I'Ion S ST. LOUIS 84 WEST STREETS ' PREscRIP'rIoNs ouR SPECIALTY' PHONE 1,35 105 Purcen , Phone 2,6 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS HWE D0 APPRECIA-I-E Robert IDocJ Heidinger 8. YOUR BUSINESSH Henry IHankJ Dohle J' yi Q 0 Q 0 I h I A QI. f D " 5 HOTZ4xffcf1f7fSdjWE I2 I-IARnwAR'570'-ef:,..H,.,f CM' R 3 1'f1w ' Q LZ' PRESENTING THE SEASON'S ' OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINMENT . . . X I2 gg A COMPANY "' IN A MODERN COMFORTABLE FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE 0- it ... Page One Hundred Forty gf? Q5 0 Q- xii 7' ' VXX, - :'- Ki .2 -I '--'Jff ' ful 2, "'f-- ' 'q "iVxIn -f' srl? 1915 44, 1 ,-.. TT - . gm E 3 .V E 0 N IH gli . ,a f 2545 421, sl fs. EPM- ""' K i Q All F 5' ii i P??1TE,ELf5IE T51 EI?" 5 Il it A Q? QE 5 5 THERE IS N0 SUBSTITUTE Q for MIINEY IN 'THE BANK 0F EIJWAIIIJSVILLE 1. Your savings deposited in our bank have the protection provided by sound management . . . by regulations, laws, and careful examinations . . . by our membership in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Cwhich insures the safety of your funds up to 510,000 for each depository 2. Depositors in our bank are creditors-and the deposits are not invest- ments in the bank, but our direct obligations. Your money is handy when needed, and it earns interest While on deposit. 3. Wlryep you save at our bank you can do all your banking under one roof. 1 . , I V. 1 5 ' fi BA FFERS ALL THESE ADVANTAGES. I . BUIL QR SAVINGS BACKLOG WITH US! T E THE BANK or EDWARDSVILLE m Immune SINGE-I868 Member Federal Reserve System PHONE 57 Page One Hundred Forty-One A 6. B Feed 6. Seed Store Associated Service A Auerbach's A A Ballweg's A A A Bank of Edwardsville A Barton 6. Sons Co. A AA Becktold Company Bekemeyer Tractor 6. Imp. Ben Franklin Store AA A Betzold, F. P. A A Big Boy's Supply Co. Blume's AA AA A AA Bob's Band Box A A Bohm Dance Studio A Bothman's Garage AA A A Brockmeier, Dr. C. L. A A Brooks Iewelry A AA A Buhrmester's A A A Busker's Hardware A A A A Butler Chevrolet A Cain Lumber A A A Cassens 6. Sons A A A A Cassens Mercury Sales Cassens Sheet Metal A Champion Motors A - Clayton Cleaners A A Clover Leaf Loan A AA Cochran, Dr. Clifton R. AA A Coffman, Don A AA A Collins, Dr. Ierre C. A A A DeLaurenti. Ioseph M. AA Delicate, Dr. William E. A Desmond, M. Mfg. Co. Dippold Bros. A A A A Do-Nut Shop AA AA A A A AA Dugger, Evelyn AA AA AA Durr, Eldon M. AA A A D-X Oil Co. AAAAAAA AA Eaker's Barber Shop AA AAAA AA Edwardsville Consumers Edwardsville Creamery Co. Edwardsville Lumber Co. Edwardsville Motor Service Edwardsville Nat'l Bank A Edwardsville Roofing Co. Edwardsville Sav. 6. Loan Eilers, Wilfred C. A Enloe's Self. Serv. Laundry Estabrook, W. L. AA A Famous Dept. Stores AA Fashion Bootery Fiegenbaum, Bruce O. A Fink, Dr. Leroy M. A A Flagg, Willard Fran's Beauty Shop F redman Furniture Fruit Service Station Page? One Hundrmi Forty-Two .gn alex of .fdoluerfifiem 1 Gerbers Motel A A A AAAA AAAAAAA A AA . 1 Gerbigs Bakery AAAA A AA AA Gordon-Michel Tire Co. AAAAA A Gossett Motor Co. AA AA Hamel Co-Op Grain A AAAAAAAAAAAAA A Hamel Hardware G Appl. Hamel Lumber Co. AAAAAAAAAAAAA Hamel Mutual Tele. Co. AAAAAA Hamel O11 Co. AAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Hamel Service Co. Harrell, Dallas T. 6. Son Harris Tom Boy Market AAAAAA Hellrunq, Dr. Cecilia M. AAAA A Herrmann, Dr. C. I. AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA Hill, Dr. M. R. AA AAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAA A Hilltop House Restaurant H1 Way Cafe AA AAAAAA Hogue's City Service A Home Nursery AA AA Hotz, Eulalxa AAAA AAAAAAA A Hotz Hardware Co. AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA A Hurst Pontiac Co . AA AA Illinois Lumber Co. AAA. AA Imber's Men's Wear AAAAA Irma's Beauty Salon AA AA lim Iones AAAAA A AAAAA AAAA A AAAAAAAA AAAA A A Iosten's, Iim McCord, Rep. Kane, Edward A A A AAAAAA AA Kansas Street Market Kessman, D. H. 6. Son A AAAAAAA A Klueter Feed Store AAAAA A A A Kriege Hatcheries A AAAA A A AA A L 6. M Railway Co. AAAAAAAA Lee Shops AA AAAAA AAAAAA A AA Leland Barber Shop AAAA AAAAAAA AAAAA Leona's Beauty Shop AAAA AAAAAA Lexow Electric AA AAAAAAAAAAAA AA Little, Geo. E. Ir. AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAA Lowenstein's A G Store AAAAAA Lux Theatre AA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA A Madison Construction Co. Madison County Mutual AAAAA Madison County Tractor AAAAA. Madison Store AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA Marcella's Beauty Shop AA Marks, Lesley M. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Marks, Robert L. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA A May's Cut-Rate Drug AAAA AAAAAA A AA Mechanics Planing Mill AA AA Meyer Television AAAAAAA Midwest Loan AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA Mindrup Automotive Serv. Moderne Linen Service Moore-Stork Cleaners AAAAAAAAAAAA Morrison Farm Supplies AAAA A Mottar's Drugs A A Mudge 6. Mudge A A Musso's A,,A,, I Noltes A AAAA Orman's Standard Service Overbeck's AAAAAAAA A AAAA AA AA Personality Beauty Salon Pizzini, William D. AAAAAA AAAAAAAAA Prunas Garage AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Princess Beauty Salon AAAA A Purcell, W. I. 6. Co. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Quade's Phillips 66 .A AAAAAAAAAAA AA Quality Dairy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA Ray's I. G. A. Store AAAAAA A AAAAA A Reed, Iames L. AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAA A Richards Brick Co. AAAAAAAA AAAAAA A R1ss1 Studio AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA AA Rohrkaste Dairy AAAAAA AA Rosentha1's A AAAAAAAA AAAAA A A AAAA Schmidt, Oscar W. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Schneider Funeral ome A H Seeger's Market AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA Shell Service Stations AAAAAAAAAA Shepard, E. I. AAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA Shupacks AAAA AA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Silverbloom AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA 66 Bowl AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA Smith, Louis A. AAAAAAAAAAA AA A AAAA Solter and Kriege AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA Southwick's Gifts Springer, Frederic Stahly Cartage Co. E. AAAAAAA AAAAA Straube Funeral Service A Strebler, A. H. AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Suhre's Furn. 6. Appliance Suhre's Gas 6. Appliance A Suhre's I. G. A. Store AAAAAAAAAAAAA Ted s Market AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA A A AAAAA AA U. S. Radiator Corp. AAAAAAA Valentin's Market AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Vuagniaux, Waldo L. T. AAAA Wahl, Dr. E. F. AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Warnock, D. B. AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Wayne, Dr. M. F. AAAAAAAAAAAAA Weber Funeral Home AAAAAAAAA Weeke Tobacco Co. AAAAAAAAAA A Wells T1re Sales AAAAAAAAAAAA AA AAAAA AA West End Service Station A Western Auto Associate Wrldey A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A Wilson, Earl C. AAAAAA AAAA AAAAAAAAA A Winter's Pharmacy AA AAAAAA Woodlawn Gardens Yonaka Iewelry A , . 1 ,H - X A , 'f - r , A ,A , .. E it Li lA L H - 1 ' f ,I . 5,4 A M-bm M,ZM,4 - ' 6 1, Af ' - 1 ufograla A , 'Q au' l ,iflVf":,' 'vfi MJF! Mr' D fad,-K-7 5 JT N". ' ' ' ' L , f 1: FJ QI VL, J, L14 L ly. ' W Q 'TLV.f"if,,fl-I fl xl lvfy MW q ,VF iff' if ' f' -lf' 'T Agway C8 , hi-,lrKf'jb. 11' I I , 5 1 , 5 09 - Q f ' 1 kj 9 6 wcie. ,gy In f ' if A yi'-LQ , ry 1':' . x - Ylixlkifis .D ff 2 ' cn Lf? gum", ,WI 'gif' - -1 'jiri' .fx , ly fu L . ,ff M ,gf jf' ,J f,fg.g,,,.,-J Vfo-ffm,4f3 I Qfj J 1 K Jw-'-2' +L, ' ' ' 1 -J , 'm," M Y . I Lfd'3 , - - kj ' pf' 'few YfffM-f' Z 1, Y viii! -3 0 2- XXMA 4 g, Qu!! jg, Q ,, Lp bus-4,119 -IL . E 1.2 , - QA,-Q,,,f , nf 1 4' 1 5, f. 1' MWMW f gb W. W1 F . ' ,Z7Qaif4W"yW W A , .. 79174 X30 T-4. ' jjQ4 WV WLQAM m M JCE Mg? LN 'Jinx ' ffgeg,Q.7g621:f'r?3mfXgg2:3 ' I 'N' 'H . 1' - A .:.. A . .. . ...fe ' -. . , .0112 'A ' L L' ' M "! " " 2 ' -f f--f A--in-f-M-u, +- - . -que , ,I Ig S ' Q ' if .A 4 I, LD D N . ' ' ' Va! 5 pf 1 4. D- , Mfff Kg! of 1 If ufogralbga 7 ' of ' 7 H' I M fw ff " LMI' rj I ' , f I!! K V T 4' if W' fl , , - fl 1 v.0V -I rf ffl LXJM-7' iixpf'-A -1 I u O ' , 'L J , 1 ,' Ar! A .5 auf' VU ' 1' ff f f 1 fflbdf' I MMO I V . , de 3" p f , f' C0 ,,q,4,4:-24:9 1 Al f f"' ' ff , 'J' Lf!! ' 4 A' K l ' ,f ff ff" ' P J ,Fl ji' , ,-I V ff -X f M' A' ' ' . ' ' ' "J, X' IN' f I L .Q I-I ' ff' V , N ,X ,DVI A XJ' ' 1 4 ! ,mf ""f'! ' ' 'f' ', 'j' 1""' ' , 1 I-4, f"!..e'.Af' .- ,A A .C " 1 dl' 'I X' V I jf . f . .I We ww We , X .MW ,- ' I ,J - if N fzlif . 1 nl! A 'dVL'u"f l . J --Pr' " Q56 I 4 , . af' Ib' I. . - l " , V ' 6'I " ' I --4 ' " I-14 ,' 7 Tl 1 , W' f , If f X W F " JP , My gf N W ESQ A Fi . X I X .f r-lr' K, XPS? NF' wyw , J, M' Printing by A Engravings by INTELLI CEB PUBLISHING COMPANY PEORIA ENGRAVING COMPANY Edwardsville. Illinois Page One Hundred Forty-Four gk-M A .,,, -f ' ' "I """J'l'q.a,1,,a if EL Peoria, Illinois KQJGJ J. if 'jf if V MX' if fl!! UMW fffpbfppf 1' f fjcf QW M fjffmfy W ,W W 3' Wx! nvfw NME wwjjxfw fp MW 'O' 41, WW Il Wi- H JWW W 3 M M Mjifxf J fi w Qfqfgiimffv 4 Q? W ww W 'Ngjww vfwfy W YJ g rp S gf gf My Y yu, xv H' 0 ii AWGN W W in , , fl MMM Mnjw W Q M fa WERE LEM' Y' Qffisk mwwkicfwww Wg JN aw, lmigw it-Leg Lwuohem 0.2 114 , '7'U-JCE! XQLAU , A I ' f lluww

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