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The 1954 TIGER (ddcbuarols vi lie JAfi S £jwardiviffle, 3((inoisEdwardsville Edwardsville,s!ou!||| v |OOljD$ Lifr rriiiMfiOur three M. C.'s of the year. This page sponsored by EDWARDSVILLE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, JACK DIPPOLD, WALTER KRIEGE Walt Schlemer's main attraction — really wows 'em.The big three cheerleaders! JoAnn Barton, Pat Keller, Rosemary MaynarcJ Peppy and energetic are words which describe our cheerleaders. Their jumping feet can be seen at all the football and basketball games as they cheer the Tigers to victory. Always busy making up new yells and practicing, you can hear their voices resounding through the halls after school. Earlene Orman. Toni Musso, Gerry Rotter, Margo Krlege. Peggy Hosier Hey, you kids, come on and yell! The first trophy — but not the last!The school gets the Christmas spirit.Sheppard prepares his helicopter for flight Wonder if it ever Ten got off the ground?  Ik WILL IM! that team bight OUTOFOURHAIB Optimists! C.J4.S. Jl homecoming Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! The sound of marching feet started the E.H.S. Homecoming activities on the night of October 1. These feet were seen in the parade which ended with a pep rally on the Court House lawn. Next came the excitement of the weaving snake dance which broke up with a pep rally at the E.H.S. parking lot. Last, but not least, was a free bean dance. Friday, an assembly was given by Mrs. Crocker's first hour speech class. In the evening the Tigers lost to Staunton by the sad score of 14 to 0. The climax of the foregoing events was the crowning of the Homecoming Queen— lovely Ginny Riggs, who entered the gym on the arm of Don Ohl, Royal Escort. Preceding them were the special maids, Ann Hosier and Pat Keller.Pretty girls (?) are like a melody. The dead-end kids of speech class assembly. Ann Hosier Allen Cassens Pat Keller Paul Klueter Ginny Riggs Don Ohl Sue Dunlap Ted Werner Carma Lynn Hume Lee Boergadine Mary Ann Eck Roberta Brush Bill Shaw Bob Heeren (Identification for Pages 12 and 13) Queen Ginny Pat Keller Ann Hosier Kathy McLean Gerald Koenig JoAnn Ranek Buzz Shaw Pat Long Bobby Reed Judy Fruit Greg Sibaila Their majesties at the climax of a big night. Which will be queen?A little of the Old Country JUL owe en Big feet, rubber feet, and any other kind you can think of were in style the evening of October 31. It was the annual E.H.S. Hallowe'en party. Many costumes—some comic, some pretty, and some original—were seen that evening. Music was furnished by Carl Mick's Orchestra. Refreshments were served. If this is what you catch, let's go fishing! These cats are real hep!J4i - Dri —J icl f tr![j Feet going up and down the first floor hall on roller skates were a common sight on the evening of January 26. Other feet were seen jumping rope and later on many were seen dancing to the music of Walt Schlemer's Orchestra. All this happened at the Hi-Tri Kid Party when many of the E.H.S. girls dropped their high school ways and acted like little kids.Happy ending. Eighteen What's the big discussion about? The junior play, "Father Was a Housewife," was given on the evening of November 7. The play was very enjoyable. Julie Butler........................................... Diane Rudat Doug Butler................................ Dave Bardelmeier Dr. Ann Butler...............................Lynette Werner Tom Butler..................................... Wendell Durr Mrs. Hanson Marlene Schoettle Hank Steincke .............................................Ed Moorman Warren.....................................Merrill Rosenthal Sergeant Lutzfelder.............................. Paul Adams Mrs. Cranfield Jane Schroeder Mrs. Ames..................................Kay Trowbridge Pat Flanagan.................................... Marcey Parot Mrs. Norris ............................................. May Cliff Miss Osborne ................................ Carole Haynes Calvin Pepper.............................. Darrell Madison Cynthia Lewis Rose Marie Compton Director .................................. Miss Alexander Complications have set in. Let s do it this way. 'Senior PL, "Glamour Boy," the senior class play, which was given on the evening of May 7, showed the problems of high school life in a way that amused everyone. CAST Chauncey J. C. Roberts Mr. Garfield Corky ........... Flash ........... Photographer Announcer Miss Davis Miss Prescott Miss Higgens Miss Thorndyke Mrs. Mooney Georgia Belle Clarissa Audrey Roxanne ......... Pat ............. Susie ........... Judy............. Ted Annabel le Tex ............. Peggy ........... Prompters ....... Properties Business Manager Director......... Bob Wehrle ........ Ivan Cliff Ethard Van Stee Kent Ahrens Jim Heeren Don Smith Allen Cassens Mary Lou Yates Lois Sheppard Mary Ann Fincher Jane Southard Carol Schaefer Ginny Riggs Pat Keller Kay Ballweg Joan Foehrkalb Pat Jones Sue Dunlap ........ Judy Fruit Ted Werner Ann Hosier Leroy Owens Peggy Duffy Barbara Webb Donna Havelka Nadine Kriege Paul Klueter Mrs. CrockerTwenty oneBehind the school scenes are those whom we know as the Board of Education. Chosen by popular vote and from different walks of life, they are able to handle our school affairs because of their experience acquired in business. Under their guidance we are assured a good administration of school affairs. Reading Clockwise: Mr. Chester Buchta; Mr. Albert Cassens. president: Mr. Clyde Fruit, secretary; Mr. E. L. Alexander, superintendent of schools; Mr. Elmer Pape; Mr. Wilbur Suhre: Mr. Lamont Heidinger; and Mr. Rudolph Hans Mr. E. L. Alexander The quick, sure step and friendly smile of Mr. E. L. Alexander have symbolized a part of school life to most of us ever since our grade school days. He is never too busy to speak to each one of us by name, even though he has the responsibility of a large and important job. Mere words can not do justice to his ability to perform his task well. His record will show that he has guided our schools successfully since 1937. Twenty-two This page sponsored by TRI-CITY GROCERYMr. Nolan Correll j rincipaf Mr. Nolan Correll came to E.H.S. as a stranger this year, but in a short time he has become a well known and well liked figure in our school. Immediately taking a great interest in school affairs, he has capably handled many problems and decisions. On the side he enjoys attending school functions such as athletic games and dances. He also assists the Student Council in its numerous activities. Through his ability and pleasant manner he has quickly won the respect and friendship of the students and teachers. We are very proud to have had Mr. Correll as our principal. - Isdistanl f- rincipaf A friendly assuring manner and a quick warm smile are characteristic of Mr. Richard Erzen. He is ready to counsel anyone at any time and we rely on his sound judgment. Although this is only his second year at E.H.S., he has already won his place in our hearts as a valued and trusted friend. Mr. Richard Erzen Miss Elsie J. Sloan can Anyone with any kind of problem can rely on the help of Miss Elsie Sloan. She is always ready to give sincere and beneficial advice which , will help you choose the job for which you are qualified or to select a college best suited to your needs. In fact she is a fine friend to have because she is able to counsel you on any problem. Twenty-threeMrs. Louise Mottar - Study Hall Teacher Miss Nellie Alexander, B.S., M.S. “Any way you add it, she's nice as she can be." Mathematics Miss Grace Cunningham B.S., M.A. “In French, Spanish, or English, there's no one any nicer.” Spanish - French Mr. Cleaon Etzkorn, B.M.E., M.M.E. "Hats off .. . leader of our famous band." Band Miss Carla Gewe, A.B., M.A. “She loves Latin, but most of all she loves her students.” Latin Mr. A. M. Gibson, B.S., M.S. “He teaches the ‘A, B, C’s’ of science.” General Science Twenty-four Miss Ella Helm, B.S., M.A. “Ready to share her knowledge and love of mathematics.” Mathematics Miss Joan Hunter, B. Ed., M.S. "She's the very capable state chairman of the Illinois Jxinior Academy of Science.” Biology Mr. Richard K. Hutton, B.S. in Ed., M.S. “Always on the ball.” Physical Education Assistant Coach Mr. Benny Isselhardt, A.B., M.S. “He builds minds as well as bodies.” English Drivers' Education Football and Track CoachMr. Arthur Apprill, B.S., A.M. ‘His sunny disposition makes him a favorite with his students." Social Studies Miss Betty Bates, B.S. “She’s often mistaken for one of her pupils.” Physical Education Mr. George Briggs, B.S. in Ed. “His classes serenade the school.” Vocal Music Mrs. Alice Crocker, A.B., M.A. “Not all the peaches come from Georgia.' English - Speech Miss Esther Goeddel, B.S., M.A. “She makes history as real as the present." Social Studies Mrs. Betty Lange, B.M. “Perfection is her password." Commercial Subjects ScL ool 1Ta y Mrs. Coleta M. Zimmerman and Mrs. Verna Firnhaber are our very capable office secretaries. If you were to count the many, many steps they take each day to keep our office running smoothly, it would be quite an astounding total. They are kept busy performing countless services for teachers and students alike. We value their help and the friendly interest they take in our problems. Mrs. Coleta Zimmerman and Mrs. Verna FirnhaberMrs. Vivian Blume - Study Hall Teacher Mrs. Edith Little, A.B. “She keeps the Tiger Times’ presses rolling.” English Mr. J. D. Miller, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. “His classes produce the future handymen.” Shop Tennis Coach Miss Aletha Smiser, B.S., M.A. “She keeps the town supplied with secretaries.” Commercial Subjects Miss Janet Paar, B.S. “Who knows, one of you may be a Michelangelo." Art Miss Vivian Thompson, B.Ed. “Always ready to help ‘Little Women’ or ‘Little Men’ find a good book.” Librarian Miss Lucy Parkey, B.S., M.S. “She’s as sweet as her own apple pies.” Homemaking Mrs. Frances Tuxhorn, B.S., M.S. “When she says ‘what's cooking,' she means it literally.” Homemaking Mrs. Rose Sands, A.B., M.A. “She helps the freshmen solve their English problems.” English Miss Isabel Wood, A.B., M.A. “Her pleasant helpful manner endears her to everyone.” English Twenty-sixMr. A. E. Little, A.B., M.S. I Wizard on the keyboard, typewriter that is." commercial subjects Mr. Chester Seibert, B. S. in Ag„ M.Ed. fe turns ‘green horns’ to 'green thumbs’.” griculture Mr. Harold P. Yung, B.S., Ed.M. AM the girls fight to get into his classes." English Mr. James Loy, B.S., M.S. “Driving a bus, supervising the sound system, and teaching science keep him on the go.” Science Mr. Joe E. Lucco, A.B., M.A. ‘‘Never a dull moment when Coach is around.” Social Studies Basketball and Baseball Coach Mrs. Elisabeth Miller, B.S. in Ed.. M.A. ‘‘Her versatility and personality make our yearbook a success.” Mechanical Drawing ,J % CICU Custodians These are the people who literally "follow in our footsteps" in taking care of the school. Morning, noon, and night they can be seen busy at work trying to keep our school clean and orderly. We wish to express our appreciation for the excellent job they do. Mrs. Strasen, Mr. Utechtt, Mr. Hunt and Mr. JonesWish we had brought our earmuffs! Young at heart! Happy landing! 8 £.M.S. 3acJu at €i « She went that-a-way! Percy and Coach replaying last night's game.mm Daniel Boone Seibert, "Duck Hunter” Gibson, and Dick Tracy” Erzen warm up at half-time. Another natural canasta! ! Lemon or sugar in your tea? Twenty-nine Miss Helm uses geometric ornaments.' . a enior In September, 1950, our class ol '54 stumbled into the halls of E.H.S. During our four years in high school we changed in many ways and we grew in stature and learned a world of facts about a multitude ol subjects. Through the years our social life was highlighted by the annual parties — Freshman-Sophomore Party, Sadie Hawkins Party, Halloween Party, Christmas Dance, and the Junior-Senior Prom. None of us will forget the Cokes after school, bean dances, and our "stampede" at noon. Each year a special event was our Homecoming—the parade, bon-fire, football game, and to top it off, the crowning of the queen during the Homecoming Dance. In sports we were well represented in basketball, football, baseball, tennis, and track. Our (f class helped go to state in basketball and to establish outstanding records in all other sports. School was not all play and no work. Each day we attended classes to be rewarded by receiving report cards each six weeks. Some of us helped direct the school activities by representing our Roll Rooms in the Student Council. Others helped produce the Tiger yearbook or publish the Tiger Times and still others worked in the office. We attended assemblies sponsored by various clubs of which we were members. Our 7th hours can’t be overlooked in our list of school activities. In future years as we wander back through the memories of student life at E.H.S. we will realize that those years are unforgettable and will always be treasured. S enior CL aii cerS Left to Right—Judy Fruit, Secretary; Allen Cassens, President; Judy Fiegenbaum, Vice President; Paul Klueter, Treasurer S en i or A Kent Ahrens “He can resist anything but temptation.” Delores Amistadi “Her talents are of the silent kind." Lyn Anderson “Not as serious as he looks." John Autenrieb “Worry little, study less—John's idea of happiness." Mary Baird "Nice, happy, and gay is she. full of fun and jollity.” Kay Ballweg “Smiling, cheerful, and sweet, she’s a girl that's hard to beat." Rose Ann Barone “You don't have to be loud to have fun.” Jerry Barton “Park—dark, car—star, Miss—kiss, slap!” Carol Bekemeyer “Being quiet bores her.” Colleen Bekemeyer "Her life is on a partnership.” Jay Blackmore “Even if all great men are dead, I’m not discouraged.” Martha Elaine Blase “Warm or cold, shine or rain, Martha's smile seems to remain.’ Gloria Bohm “One could never accuse her of being boisterous." Ronald Bollinger “Height does not determine the man.” Roy Bouse “Oh, what a quiet boy, or don’t we know him?” Thirty-threeSen i or5 Jack Boyer "The harder he tries to be gooder the worser’ he is.” Lois Brakhane ”No truer friend to be found." Shirley Braundmeier “She must have been a beautiful baby." Jim Broshow “The less there is learned, the less there is to forget.” Shirley Cain “Friendly, sweet, and always natural.” Theohalor Carpenter "One of our more quiet seniors.” Carol Casna "A cheerful, most attractive lasst a worthy member of our class.” Allen Cassens “His friends are many—his foes— are there any?” Barbara Chandler "Happy and gay—that’s her way.” Shirley Chandler “Neat and sweet from head to feet." Judy Cherry "A laugh is worth a hundred groans." Carl Clark "When he can’t think up a good excuse, he does what he’s supposed to." Ivan Cliff "He doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but he does believe in a second look." Joey Ann Conner "A smile is worthless until given away." Bill Cunningham "He’d be hard to replace." Thirty-fourSeniors Henrietta Cwan “A girl who always does her best, her ability unit survive life's test." Kay Dalhaus “Gentlemen prefer blondes, but all men aren’t gentlemen." Donna Daniel “You never know what she is going to do next." Shirley Davis “She’s calm, collected, and never dejected.” Sue Dietrich “Very quiet and shy is she, a nicer girl you'll never see." Don Dudacek "An athlete, clever, and popular too, he’ll be good in whatever he’ll do." Peggy Duffy "Heart of gold arid personality plus!" Sue Dunlap “Happy-go-lucky, jolly and gay, always ready for work and play." Lloyd Dustmann “We often see this lad about, into mischief without a doubt." Marlen Dustmann “A good man is hard to find." Geraldine Eberhart “Not loud and noisy—pleasantly still; but when it’s important, talk she will.” Elizabeth Eilers "She’ll never have any trouble getting along." Dolores Emshousen “Independent always." Vernon Erb “You may not hear him, but he's there." Ronald Evans “Why should he study and make himself mad." Thirty-fiveSenior A Judy Fiegenbaum “She's charming, friendly, and kind; girls like Judy are hard to find.” Mary Ann Fincher “Rather calm and quiet, but still she’s lots of fun.” Donald Flack “Donald is a merry lad. always laughing, never mad." Kenneth Flavin “Why take life seriously?” Nancy Flynn “In sports she’s a highlight.” Joan Foehrkalb “To all her smile is extended; by her no one is offended.” Ronald Foster "Let others climb the ladder to success; 7’It take the elevator.” Betty Franke “Just naturally musically inclined." Dorothy Franke “She works quietly, but well." Judy Fruit “Her smile is there for all to see, a popular lass she’ll always be." Virginia Giacomelli “She brings happiness.” Nancy Giardina “When she’s gone, I’m sure you'll find many happy memories she’s left behind." Marlin Goff “If study makes a man, bring back my cradle days." Carolyn Green "You can depend on her.” Bob Gregor “Athletics and girls occupy my time." Thirty-sixc . jen t orS Wilma Gusewelle “Nice to know.” Gloria Hal! “Be gone my cares; I have no time jor you.” Bernard Hannig “I wish the fellow who invented work had finished it.” Donna Havelka “Her ambition: happiness.” Jim Heeren “He’s quite a big man around here.” Lucille Heilman “Anyone interested in a blonde?” Edith Helmkamp “Sincerity leads to success.” Joyce Helmkamp "Studious and mischievous by turn. Paul Hertel "Small in stature—big at heart." Everetl Hess “Nonsense and study don't agree; I’m sure the latter’s not for me." Ann Hosier “Happiness and laughter are the main spokes in her wheel of life.” Lorene Hosto “She's easy to get along with." Leona Houba “Carefree about all things is she, always kind to you and me." Lester Howerton “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of women." Patricia Hughes "She’s always busy.” Thirty-sevene . Seniors Wilma Hundley “A pleasing disposition has she, always kind to you and me. Bob Jackson “Onward, onward time in thy flight, and make the bell ring before I recite. Luella Jones “Shyly reserved. Pat Jones “Gay of heart and bright of face, no one else can take her place. Pat Keller “Full of spirit, full of fun, and full of pep that gets things done. Ronald Kessman “Books were made for worms alone; the sight of them makes me groan. Gene King “Small but mighty. Jack King “Not a word spoken more than needed. ' Paul Klueter “A laugh and a smile makes life worth-while. Harry Kreutzberg “Takes life as it comes. Nadene Kriege “Oh, no, I never blush. Darlene Kuhn “Like the Northwest Mounted she got her man. Ronald Lagemann “At least I got to finish high school here. Rosemarie Landa “Quiet and demure. Billie Mae Lange “When you hear a laugh ring through the air, just look behind you—Billie’s there. Thirty-eighte . jcn t or A Gayle Leonard “One of our more quiet seniors— until you get to know him." Margret Jane Levora “Ain’t a devil?” Elsie Lewis "A pleasant little way about her." Paul Lizotte “Have a good time while you’re able." Darlene Loos “Interesting and agreeable." Bob Mallory “B.T.O.—Big Time Operator." Billy Manville “Seldom seen, seldom heard.” Bill Mateyka “Careful, girls, don’t fall over his line.” Calvin May “Life is quite gay for me." Harry McGowan “He takes his time, but he always gets there.” Donald Meikamp “When you’re alive—live." Mary Lou Meikamp “She sparkles with a good humor. Marlene Meyer “Be sincere, but never be too serious.” Barbara Moomaw “With work to do she gets it done, but she’s never too busy to join the fun.” Joan Mount “Seen but seldom heard." Thirty-ninec . —jen i or A Laura O'Connell “Giggling makes the world go • round.” Don Ohl “Whatever lie does is done with ease.” Dina Orten "A girl of gentle manner.” Marilyn Ortgier “It’s great to be alive." Leroy Owens "Unpredictable as California weather.” Janice Parrott "The best gifts come in small packages." Bill Pfeifer "My heart is whole, my fancy free, go away little girls, don’t bother me.” Donald Prott “Life is what we make it.” Robert Pyle "Strictly business—monkey business.” Frances Reiter "Quietly she goes her way, without having much to say.” Donald Reynolds ‘"Oh, for a study hall to sleep in!” Virginia Riggs “Our lovely Homecoming Queen.” Joan Rinkel “She has what it takes to get along, going through life with a smile and a song." Norma Rohrkasse "Is she quiet and demure? Maybe— but don’t be too sure” Jim Ruhl “Why row, when you can drift?” FortySen lord Bob Ruhl “My heart will never grieve for school” Frank Rushing “Let’s not burden ourselves heavily with knowledge.” Bob Sajovetz "On the football field he sets a dizzy pace, and in cupid’s field he leads the race ” Genevieve Sander “Sunshine follows her.” Carol Schaefer “She likes to talk fast because she can say more.” Charles Scheibal “Easy to remember—hard to forget.” Marlene Scheibal “Full of fun and mischief too.” JoAnn Schmitt “Good actions crown themselves.” Gene Schriedel “Well, a sense of humor is essential too.” Roger Schroeder “Has anyone seen my halo?” Bill Schwalb “Always out for a good time—well, is that a crime?” Gerald Shashek “Get thee behind me, Satan.” Lois Sheppard “Always eager to make new friends.” Greg Sibaila “He is liked by everyone, and you'll find him lots of fun.” Shirlee Simmons “The girl who works well, achieves success.” Forty-onee . —Jen i or A Donald Smith "Likeable guy—nice to know.” Imogene Smith “Pert and saucy, but never bossy.” Joyce Smith "A friendly smile, a gracious way, she's a little bit quiet, but mostly ( ay.” Mary Smith “A happy heart and a willing mind.” Jean Soden "Red head-—’ttuff said.” Jane Southard “Always happy—never sad; full of pep and never bad!” Don Southard "He can't be bothered with serious thoughts." Shirley Spencer “Dark hair and laughing eyes, she'll have fun at all she tries." David St. John "When David's finished, he’ll go far away from schools, wherever they are.” Paul Stahlhut "Not as bashful as he looks.” Loretta Mae Stanley “The girl with the Pepsodent smile.” Dale Stegall "A farmer in the making.” Rita Strader “It’s the quiet people who accomplish much.” William Strasen “Never let your studies interfere with your education.” Delores Svoboda “Nature made her as it should; not too bad, and not too good.” Forty-twoc . —jen lord Robert Taul “Let the world slip by and I’ll take it easy." Ronald Thompson "A little man of great capacity." Roblee Thorpe “Robtee’s slogan: 'The world was made for fun and frolic.’ " Betty Jane Tinor “A shy Miss in our school who never breaks a rule.” Dweneth Trent “The only way to do a thing right is to be serious about it.” Arthur Trousdale “Bashful boys are so surprising." Eileen Uelsmann “Never a dull moment she sees." Maureen Uhe “A girl who is really just the right type—plenty of fun and easy to like.” Harrold Underwood “Sometimes I sit and think; other times I just sit.” JoAnn Unterbrink "So diminutive, so petite, blonde hair and awfully sweet.” William Van Huss “When there’s nothing to do, they let me do it.” Ethard Van Stee "He stands, a stature full of strength, upon the pedestal of life. Loretta Vasiloff “Seems she always has soinething good to say." James Vaughn “He strives for enlightenment.” Taylor Vaughn “Patience is the best remedy for any trouble.” Forty-threeLeslie Wieduwilt "Life is just a merry-go-round." Betty Wilkening "Shy and kind she goes her way, making friends every day." Shirley Wilkinson "She never has a worry or a sorrow; what’s not done today can wait 'til tomorrow." David Wilson "Thinking is but an idle waste of time.” Mary Lou Yates "There’s mischief in this girl." Dorothy York “Her eyes shine from a certain ring’s reflection.” Kay Weiler "A quiet mind is richer than a crown.” Ted Werner “The Lord said ’Let there be foolishness,’ and he created me. Betty Jean West “For every why, she has a wherefore." c . JjemorA Dorothy Vestel “Cupid’s arrow hit its mark, when it landed in her heart." Walter Walker “Getting laughs is his specialty.” David Walter "He feels a song coming on.” Barbara Webb “Her talking speed is 460 W.P.M." Kenneth Weber "Wonder what the old place would be without me?” Robert Wehrle “He stands on the brink of a great career; will someone please shove him in?” Forty-fourSenior f erSona As the result of a Senior class election, these four Seniors were chosen on the basis of their outstanding ability to represent these five fields—athletics, citizenship, friendliness, leadership, and talent. Allen Cassens was chosen by his class to represent two of these fields. Talent — Judy Fiegenbaum Judy, master of piano and organ, is kept busy accompanying the school A Cappella choir, soloists, and the choir of her church. She is always in demand to play for various clubs, as her talents include both popular and classical music. Star performances in basketball, baseball, and golf have won for Don the title of a true athlete. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch honored him by choosing him as one of the first five on their All Star Team. Later he was chosen on the first five of the state team, and radio station KXOK named him Illinois All Star prep basketball player of the year. Friendliness — Ginny Riggs A warm smile and a pleasant disposition are characteristic of Ginny, our Homecoming Queen, who has been a member of the Homecoming court for her four years in high school. This year, during the State Basketball Tournament at Champaign, she was crowned "Sweet Sixteen" Queen. Citizenship - Leadership — Allen Cassens Allen, who has served as president of his Junior and Senior classes, is well respected as a fine school citizen and leader. His character and personality are sure to bring him success in all he attempts. Forty-fivejuniors JUNIOR OFFICERS Left to right Scrrah Johnson, Vice President Shirley Wohlford, Secretary Gerald Koenig, President Lucille Hering, Treasurer Adams, Paul Adcock, Wayman Langley, Virgil Lerch, Sandra Mann, Anita Rezabek, George Ruyle, Roger Bardelmeier, Carol Bardelmeier, David Barnard, Evelyn Bartels, Verlene Barton, Jo Ann Bast, Ruth Bequette, Mike Bequette, William Bess, Beverly Bollmann, JoAnn Bradshaw, Loretta Brase, Lucille Brazier, Reid Brendle, Jimmie Brewer, Peggy Ann Brimbau, Janet Brockmeier, Earl Buch, Bill Buehler, Evelyn Bunte, Carol Burrus, Kay Cermak, Martha Charlton, Marcia Cliff, May Collins, Jere Compton, Rose Marie Corl, Linda Crook, Judy Crossman, Thomas Cunningham, Patricia DeConcini, RayDeSherlia, Hulda Dorsey, Phyllis Duffy, Michael Durr, Wendell Easton, Carole Eck, Mary Anne Ellington, Carl Elswick, Janet Ewell, Jeraldine Fioke, Donald Fisher, Floyd Flagg, Sally Funke, Fred Gagliardo, Jim Garde, Colleen Garde, Virginia Giardina, Sylvia Gilbert, Robert Glaser, Don Gower, Marilyn Grebel, JoAnn Green, Beverly Grinstead, John Hackethal, Frances Haney, Patty Hans, Bob Hans, Robert Henry Hansel, Marilyn Hartnagel, Richard Haynes, Carole Heberer, Jim Heilman, Louis Helmkamp, Wilbur Henke, Mary Grace Hering, Lucille Hooks, Carroll Howe, Maurice Jacobi, John Howells, Larry Jason, Don Jenne, Marian ' Johnson, Henrietta Johnson, Sarah Judge, Bill Justice, John Kane, Edward King, Bob King haHotteKoenig, Gerald Krapf, Herbie Krohn, Ralph Kuchta, Roger Kuehn, John Leonard, Donna Rae Lenz, Richard Leuschke, Ralph Lewis, Oliver Lohr, Ed Long, Kay Long, Mary Jo Lovsey, Flora Luebbers, Bernice Madison, Darrell Marti, Francine Mateyka, Jerry Maynard, Rosemary McDonald, Darrell Mick, Arlene McLean, Kathy McNeilly, Alvin Mennemeyer, Irene Moorman, Ed 3un i orS Munzert, Donald Myers, Connie Nelson, Harold Nolte, Eunice O'Dell, Verna Mae Paoli, Loretta Parker, Barbara Patterson, Maurice Penelton, Bill Penelton, Gloria Penelton, Ronald Perot, Marcey Perry, Leonard Pratt, Ronald Price, David Provow, Dale Prusa, Frank Pulliam, Dan Pyle, Nancy Reising, Kenneth Renken, Lindley Ringering, Charlene Roemlin, Harold Rosenthal, MerrillRozum, Mary Jo Rudat, Diane Sanders, Sharon Sasek, Richard Schaefer, Mary Ann Schafer, Carolee Schlemer, Edwin Schlemer, James Schlemer, Marlene Schlesinger, Kathryn Schoettle, Marlene Schroeder, Jane Scott, Clarence Senn, Patsy Shaw, Bill Shaw, Harry Sharp, D. A. Sickbert, Marjorie Smiddy, Leon Smiley, Bob Smith, Margaret Faye Smith, Suzanne Spencer, Laveme Sperandio, Leonard Spemol, Allene Strader, Betty Strasen, Carol Strohmeier, Margaret Suhre, Janet Summers, Ruth Ann Taul, Leo Thomas, Beverly Trowbridge, Kay Valentine, Bonnie Walker, Nadine Weber, Roger Weiler, Rosalie Werner, Lynette Wetzel, Robert Wiehe, Doris Wilkening, Rose Wille, Dwain Williams, Larry Wilson, Willis Wisnasky, Sarah Wohlford, Shirley Ziegler, Kenneth Zoeller, JeanSopl otn ores SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Left to right Pat Long, Secretary Bob Heeren, Treasurer Sue Marks, President Joan Edwards, Vice President Aljets, Ronald Anderson, Linda Arnold, Kenneth Aubrecht, Joanne Ayres, Maxine Baptist, Louis Bartels, Kenneth Bast, Robert Bauer, Charlene Bauer, Margaret Ann Beck, Janet Bedwell, Lanoma Behrendt, Darrell Bell, Arlene Blackmore, Cyrus Blase, Richard Blythe, Marilyn Boccaleoni, Jack Boeker, Dolores Bosch, Richard Bradley, Dorene Brakhane, Donna Brooks, Barbara Brush, Roberta Bunte, Sylvia Ann Burges, Erma Burlingame, Shirley Mae Butler, Susie Cain, Jim Carnaghi, Sharon Carpenter, Elijah Cassens, Audree Cassens, Gloria Cassens, Pat Cell, Betty Chandler, Frank Chartrand, Mary Chlibec, Loretta Christians, JamesCorlew, Phil Culbertson, Don Davis, Bill Davis, Esther Davis, Lessie Davis, Russell Dawes, Marilyn Dickerman, Richard Dickey, Essie Dinwiddie, Shirley Early, Susanne Edwards, Joan Engelmann, Robert Fagan, Jay Fehse, Beverly Fencel, Donald Fields, Evelyn Foehrkalb, Jack Franke, Helen Fulton, Billy Fultz, Harley Gagliardo, Robert Gardner, Martha Gehring, Lois Gemoules, Jim Gentry, Shirley Gerbig, Herman Giardina, Anthony Green, John Hanks, Walter Hansel, Lonnetta Hanser, Roberta Hardy, Doris Harmann, Theresa Harper, Thomas E. Harrison, Barbara Hart, Bonnie Heeren, Robert Heinemeier, Jim Heifer, Phyllis Helmkamp, Richard P. Henke, Marvin Henry, Patricia Hickey, Glorianne Highlander, Sherlyn Hinnen, Jo Ann Hosier, Peggy Howes, Nancy Hufstedler, Dorothy Hughes, Georgia J. Hydron, Leona Jackson, Mannie Johnson, LeroyJones, Gail Ann Jones, Maurice Justice, Walter Kast, Harold Kessmann, Sharon King, Delore K-’oche, Eldon Koenig, Vernon Kotva, Jane Kriege, Margaret Ladd, Gary Lambert, Marilyn Leitner, Shirley Long, Patricia Lowry, Robert Makler, Joe Marks, Sue Mateyka, Wilbur May, David Mayfield, Hettie McElwain, Stuart McKee, Cynthia McNeilly, Roger Miller, Virgil Moller, Janet Moorman, Bill Morris, Mary Morton, David Musso, Toni Noll, Arlene Orman, Earlene Pape, Joyce Parker, Frederick Patton, Harold Peterson, Frank Peterson, James Pike, Luther Pinkas, Louis Pratt, Donald Primas, Velda Mae Prott, Jean Provaznik, David Raffaelle, Theresa Rasplica, Carol Ray, Robert Reed, Bobby Reed, Charles Reid, Ronnie Reilly, Mary Sue Reinke, Rosemary Reiter, Kenneth Robein, Jerry Robinson, Preston Rotter, Geraldine4- -'i O?5 -- - ’ ifejr f! , SL -3. k -IT A -S op h om ores jf ‘ ri .4 r» if A'w r i -) Sajovetz, Carol Satterlee, lean Schaefer, Richard Scheyer, David Schramm, Walter Schwartz, Bill Schwartzkopf, Ronald Schwear, Janet Sellner, Elaine Semon, Bill Shaffer, Ray Shashek, Sidney Sheppard, Bill Simmons, Charles Smith, Roger Snajdr, Edward Spiller, Melba Stahlhut, Ruth Stegall, Doyle Stoces, Charlotte Stoecklin, Darleen Strader, Dalian Stunkel, Ruth Szegedy, Patty Tabron, Shirley Tomlinson, Shirley Trebing, Raymond Turner, Eleanor Unterbrink, Howard Vadalabene, Charles Van Stee, Joel Vaughn, Govoner Vernon, Cynthia Viere, David Vohradsky, Jo Ann Wade, Dwight Wadlow, Betty Wallace, Nancy Washington. Mable Webb, Lindell Weber, Allan Weber, Joan Wehling, Ross Weishaupt, Gloria West, David West. Jim Wilkinson, David Williamson, Ronald Winter, Billy Wise, Betty Witcher, Shirley Wohliord, Janiece Wydra, Walter Young ClamneCredit rein men FRESHMEN OFFICERS Left to right Lee Boergadine, President Jim Chandler, Treasurer Buzz Shaw, Vice President Virginia Martin, Secretary Ahrens, Gary Arth, William Ayres, Richard Bade, Verna Barnes, Phyllis Barton, Annette Bast, Robert Bedwell, Isetta Behrendt, Donna Bess, Marlene Best, Shirley Bickell, Diana Blaeuer, Linda Blind, Patricia Boergadine, Leland Bollmann, Terry Braml, Joe Bratten, Sam Brendle, Richard Brooks, Thurman Brooks, Joyce Brown, Linda Brunnworth, Rolland Buchta, Allyn Buckles, Wade Bunte, Janice Bums, Tommy Busch, Delrae Butler, Charles Carson, Shirley Carter, Gerald Casna, Janet Chandler, Jimmie Cocks, David Crow, Sharon Daech, Sara Lee Dankenbring, Doris Davis, Dorothy Davis, Marion Deist, Christine Delehanty, Jerry Dettmer, Marlene Treilimen Dinwiddie, Helen Dinwiddie, Ruth Dunbar, Carol Dustmann, Billy Eads, Jimmie Eaton, Rosalie Eilers, Robert Elberson, William Engelke, Verna Enos, Patsy Erb, Shirley Fish, James Fisher, Bill Flannery, Robert Flaugher, Gerald Flynn, Sharon Franke, Foy Fruit, Susie Funkhouser, Bonny Kay Garrard, Joanne Gericke, Thomas Gerling, Paul Giller, Arthur Glaser, Jerry Glenn, Robert Going, Cecilia Gueldner, Wilma Hair, Jim Hamor, Peggy Hamor, Janie Hansel, Alice May Haring, Calvin Hartnagel, Suzann Hayes, Gail Haywood, Carol Jean Hellinger, Richard Heilman, Bernard Helmkamp, Eugene Henke, Adelaide Henke, Shirley Henke, Victor Hertel, Bill Hertel, Eileen Hess, Dari Hill, Delores Hofmeier, Paul Holbeck, Carolyn Holshouser, Roy Holtmann, Warren Howerton, Glen Hufstedler, Geraldine Hume, Carma Lynn Hydron, Phillip Hyten, Bob Jestes, Janet Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Martha Jones, Barbara Judge, Keith Kellerman, Patsy AnnJreilmen Kesl, Gary King, Barbara Kirk, Rita Jean Klostermeier, Betty Knecht, Eldon Kovarik, Jerry Kriege, David Kruse, Donald Kruse, Shirley Ann Kuhn, Eldon Lamkin, Johnnie Lange, Donald Leichsenring, Gerald Leonard, Preston Lewis, Etta Lohr, Eugene Long, Nancy Lowenstein, Dale Madison, Bryon Magee, Carol Makler, Sam Mallory, Gordon Markham, Gary Martin, Allen Martin, Audrey Martin, Idel Martin, Ronald Martin, Virginia May, Lee McDougal, Dennis Menoni, Flora Metcalfe, Marijean Miller, Patricia Motl, Myma Nickle, Bob Nuemberger, Robert Nunnally, Jean Onori, Robert Orten, Shirley Paddock, John Pass, David Pate, Janet Perry, Beverly Perry, Imelda Perry, Sharon Peterson, Betty Pfeifer, Ronald Pike, Rosemary Pivoda, Sue Poneta, Jim Poneta, JoAnn Prott, Ronald Pulliam, Richard Radecke, Will Ranek, Joann Ray, Rickey Reising, Harlan Rozum, Jean Lee Ruemmler, Wilbur Rushing, Marvin ft ft vi % % fc. rs, ,'y fj V ft cy V A O ■u -4 l 'Jresl men Ryan, Ben Satterlee, Richard Schafer, Adrienne Scheibal, Lonnie Scheibal, Robert Schmid, Jean Schmidt, Raymond Schmitt, Marian Schoeber, Harvey Schumacher, Mary Jane Schuessler, Howard Schwartz, Robert Scott, Christiana Sedlacek, Bill Shaw, Buzz Shaw, Cecelia Sheppard, James Sidener, Lamie Simmons, Margaret Skief, Dorothy Smiddy, Philbert Smith, Joyce Smoltz, Janice Solomon, Robbe Southard, Betty Spencer, Robert Sperandio, Neil Stack, Phyllis Stahlhut, Gerald Stegall, Horace Sternitzke, Sue Svoboda, Leonard Tanase, Carol Ann Tormohlen, George Trebing, Ronald Unger, Richard VanHooser, Janice Van Winkle, Sue Vaughn, Emma Vaughn, Jimmie Vemetti, Robert Lee Volma, Anne Voyles, Mina Wagner, Carol Walker, John Watsek, Helen Watsek, Edward Wiedey, Richard Welch, Dale Werner, William Westbrook, Carol Wetzel, Thomas Whited, Rollin Wilson, Sandra Wise, Billie Yates, Myrna Loy Young, Janet Ziegler, Betty Ziegler, Bobby Zuidemajin Orcj aniza tlonSFifty nineFirst row—Barbara Moomaw. Joan Foehrkalb. Judy Fruit, Kay Ballweg. Pat Keller Second row—Walter Walter. Nadcne Kriege. Mrs. Miller, Miss Wood, Sue Dunlap. Don Southard 954 lajj t Judy Fruit ......................Co-Editor Joan Foehrkalb Co-Editor Barbara Moomaw Club Editor Kay Ballweg Class Editor Nadene Kriege Literary Editor Sue Dunlap Advertising Manager Pat Keller ......................... Sales Manager Don Southard Picture Editor Walter Walker Sports Editor Jerry Koenig .............. Junior Editor Velda Mae Primas Sophomore Editor Leon Smiddy Art EditorNow, kids, this is the way it goes." Have you seen feet rushing in and out of 108? Tiiese feet belong to members of the Tiger Staff who are going to and from the new Tiger staff room. Writing, proofreading, selling ads, taking pictures, working on the dummy, and many other things go into the making of the Tiger. In the fall plans are drafted for the makeup of the book, and during the rest of the year pictures are pasted and articles are written and prepared for the printers. Finally, in May comes the finished product. iff The latest additions to the Tiger staff are a sophomore, Velda Mae Primas and a junior, Jerry Koenig. They each represent their classes as class editors. SALES STAFF AD STAFF First row—Janey Southard, Pat Keller, Ann Hosier. Joyce Helmkamp First row—Mary Baird. Don Dudacek. Pat Jones Second row— Mary Lou Vote., Grea Sibaila, Lloyd Dustmann. Second royv A||en Casens Sue DunU,p. Bob Wehrle. Mr. Gibson Peggy DuffyThe assembly line! Current events, gossip, sports, letters to Santa contest, and fashions are found in the Tiger Times. This bi-weekly paper is put out by the members of the Creative Writing class. This class is composed of seniors interested in journalism. This year E.H.S. and Collinsville High published a joint newspaper which proved to be a success and of interest to both student bodies. Lots of steps in putting out a paper. First row—Mrs. Little. Dweneth Trent. Mary Lou Melkamp, Bi Hie Mae Lange. Kay Ballweg. Sue Dietrich. Joan Foehrkalb Second row—Rose Ann Barone. Donna Daniel. Carolyn Green. Rojcaiarfe Landa. Marilyn Ortgier. Lucille Heilman. Lyn Anderson Third row—Judy Cherry. Joey Conner. Judy Fruit. Pat Jones. Gloria Bohm. Barbara Webb. Barbara ChandlerOfficers making BIG plans! The Student Council is an organization which seeks to stimulate better student relationship, helps co-ordinate student activities, and works for the general welfare of the school. Its members are elected from each roll room. Last June, Mrs. Sands and Don Ohl attended the national convention in Portland, Ore., where Don was leader of a discussion group. This was the first time E.H.S. had been represented at the national convention and the students feel honored to have had one of their classmates play such an important part in a national meeting. E.H.S. was also honored by having Ginny Riggs serve as secretary of the Collinsville District of Student Councils this past year. L ounci Student Council congratulates Miss Colonius on her speech. First row Robbe Solomon. Imogene Smith. Ann Hosier, Kay Ballweg, Don Ohl. Ted Werner. Olnny Riggs. Ruth Stunkel. Rita Kirk Second row—Mr. Correll. Sue Marks. Patty Henry. Joan Edwar ds. Linda Corl. Pat Haney. Kathleen McLean. Barbara Brooks. Mrs. Sands Third row—Annette Barton. Roberta Hanser. David Wilkinson. Bob Reed. Wade Buckles. Paul Gerling. Sam Maklcr. Fourth row Bob Wetzel. Bill Judge. Lee May. Allen Cassens, Greg Slbaila. Bob Mallory, Leslie W’ieduwllt. Leonard SvobodaPlenty of food for all - - 'cept boys! Bare feet, roller skates, and little girl slip pers are seen at the Sadie Hawkins and Kid Parties, which are just two of the many activities sponsored by Hi-Tri. This organization, open to all girls in E.H.S., is divided by classes into four groups. The Council is the governing body of the club. Serving on the Council are the officers of each class group and four girls elected from the Senior Class to act as officers of the Council. Teaching girls to be better citizens and creating better relations between its members are the aims of Hi-Tri. Hot time at the wiener roast! HI-TRI COUNCIL First row—Cynthia Vernon. Roberta Brush. Ann Hosier. Kathleen McLean. Gall Hayes. Imogene Smith Second row—Miss Helm. Miss Cunningham. Billie Mae Lange. Mary Baird. Gloria Hall. Miss Thompson. Miss Sloan Third row Nancy Long. Nadine Walker. Ruth Summers. Roberta Hanser. Barbara Chandler. Pat Keller. JoAnn Ranek— Watch out for the hornets! This year the Science Club has been divided into two parts —a Natural Science Club and a Physical Science Club. The clubs are composed of budding young scientists interested in furthering their knowledge of science. The Physical Science division has collected a library of scientific material and has had lectures and demonstrations. The Biology Club has studied such things as the use of the microscope and the courtship dances of birds. e. science John is fascinated by the spectroscope. First row Mr. Loy. Marian Jenne, Phyllis Dorsey. Eunice Nolte. Patty Henry. Rosemary Maynard. Joan Weber. Miss Huntei Second row Bernice Luebbers, Sue Marks. Eleanor Turner. Walter Walker. Jim Heberer. Gary Ladd. Theresa Raffaelle. Diane Rudat Third row—Pat Long. Billy Elberson. Philbert Smiddy. John Walker. Richard Wiedey. David Cocks. Bill Sheppard. Harvey Schoeber Fourth row—Walter Schramm. Robert Vernetti. John Paddock. Paul Klueter. Kenneth Weber. John Jacobi. Bob Zeigler Fifth row—Dale Lowenstein. Harold Patton. Ted Werner. Maurice Jones. Don Jason. Bill Pfeiferlure JlonicmuL j m erica Oh, for smaller feet! woi The purposes of FHA are to promote an appreciation of the satisfaction of homemaking, to encourage democracy in all phases of life, and to further interest in home economics. Events of the year include parents' night banquet, formal installation of officers, party for FFA, initiation, and the perfect attendance trip. First row—Jean Soden. Verlene Bartels. Delores Amistadi. Frances Hackethal, Virginia Garde, Ruth Summers, Lois Brakhane. Virginia Martin. Donna Behrendt Second row-Betty West. Dorothy Franke. Arlene Noll. Sylvia Giardina. Mary Lou Yates. Carol Bunte. Shirley Davis, Donna Havelka, Jerry Ewell, Marcia Charlton Third row JoAnn Garrard, Arlene Mick, Nancy Flynn, Charlene Bauer. Martha Johnson, Emma Vaughn, Nancy Pyle, Linda Blaeuer. Shirley Erb, Helen Franke, Miss Parkey Fourth row JoAnn Schmitt, Carol Wagner, Alice Hansel. Carol Sajovetz, Verna Bade. Cecelia Shaw. Margaret Strohmeler, Sarah Wisnasky Fifth row Jean Prott, Marilyn Gower. Colleen Garde. Betty Wise. Shirley Dinwiddle, Janet Casna. Flora Menonl, Carol Tanase. Isetta Bedwell Sixth row-Linda Brown. Lorene Hosto. U retta Vasiloff. Sherlyn Highlander. Beverly Fehse. Suzanne Early. Janet Schwear. Bonnie Hart. Nancy Howes. Sharon FlynnEntertaining the F. H. A. Judging contests play a big part in the lives of our future farmers. Learning new methods of farming and working toward the development of agricultural leadership and citizenship are the objects of FFA. The boys are kept busy during football and basketball season operating the popcorn concession. Each year the members entertain their fathers at a Father and Son Banquet. 3ui 3 armerA J A m erica Testing the milk for butter fat. First row Howard Schusr.ler. David Pans. Maurice Pa t ter son. Gerald Stahlhut. Eugene Lohr. Allan Buchta Second row Bill Hertel. Kenneth Reislng. Bob Hans. Wilbur Hclmkamp. Harry Kreutzberg, Reid Brazier. Roland Bollinger Third row Darrell Behrendt, Marlin Dustmann, Jack Foehrkalb. Harold Ro:nelin. Ed Schlemer. Bill Bequette. Kenneth Ziegler. Bob Jackson. Walter Hanks. Roger Ruyle. Horace Stegall Fourth row-Bill Dustmann. Paul Stahlhut. Calvin Herlng. Bob Ellers. Richard Bast. Marvin Henke. Ronald Pratt. Bill Arth. Ed Watsek. Mr. Seibert Fifth row—Don Lange. Larry Williams. Richard Schaefer. Ross Wehllng. Robert Scheibal. Mike Bequette. Don Prott. Don Kruse, J immy Eads Sixth row—David Provaznlk. Doyle Stegall. Charles Simmons. Don Finke. Harold Underwood. Kenneth Weber. Louis Heilman Tom Harper, Roy BouseFjrst row Margo Krlege. Peggy Hosier. Gerry Rotter. Earlene Orman. Toni Musso. JoAnn Barton. Pat Keller. Rosemary Maynard Second row—Beverly Thomas. Maxine Ayres. Nancy Wallace. Diane Rudat. Patsy Enos. Beverly Perry. JoAnn Ranek, Virginia Martin. Carol Westbrook. Donna Behrendt. Helen Watsek, Roberta Brush Third row Darleen Stoecklln, Jane Schroeder Cynthia Vernon. Sue Marks. Sara I ee Daech, Judy Crook. Kay Trowbridge. Theresa Harmon. Beverly Green, Ruth Stunkel. Shirley Tomlinson. Audrey Cassens, Rosalie Weiler. Pat Haney. Mrs. Lange Fourth row Bonny Funkhouser. Carole Easton. Susie Fruit. Jean Zoeller, Marilyn Ortgier. Janet Suhre. Loretta Paoll. Kay Holbeck, Pat Blind. Marcey Perot. Theresa Raffaelle, Roberta Hanser, Pat Henry. Phyllis Heifer, Marilyn Lambert. Erma Burges. Velda Mae Prlmas. Mary Sue Reilly. Mary Alice Butler. Janice Smoltz, Pat Miller "T-I-G-E-R," ''Yea, team," these are just a few of the many yells we hear coming from the Pep Club members. Providing organized yelling at games is the purpose of the group. This year Mrs. Lange, club sponsor, has added something new to the cheerleading squad—boys! These two brave souls are Lloyd Dustmann and Bobby Zeigler. a The Aviation Club is a group of boys who are interested in model airplanes. They meet the first Wednesday of each month to build and discuss model airplanes. First row Phil Hydron. Jim Sheppard. Bill Sheppard. Eugene Helm-kamp. Vernon Koenig Second row—Tony Giardina, Louis Pinkas, Keith Judge. Harold Unter-brlnk. Jim Hair, Joe Braml. Gary Kesl Third row Marvin Rushing, Thomas Gericke, Bill Pfeiffer. Ronald Pfeiffer. Earl Brockmeier. Richard Hartnagel. Roger McNellly, Bill ShawFourth row Maurice Patterson. Jim Poneta, Myrna Motl. Ruth Bast. Gerald Flaugher, Dalian Strader. Shirley Tomlinson. Marilyn Blythe Third row Pat Hughes. JoAnn Pon-cta. Henrietta Johnson, Carol Sue Dunbar. Shirley Witcher. Loretta Paoll, Miss Thompson Second row Sarah Johnson. Shirley Wilkinson. JoAnn Bollmann. Evelyn Buehler. Gloria Cassens. Christiana Scott. Audrey Martin First row -Sue Plvoda. Marijean Metcalfe. Janet Brlmbau, Allene Spernol. Velda Mae Prim as, Patsy Senn. Dorothy Davis Taking care of the library is the job of the members of the Library Club. Filing cards, checking books in and out, straightening shelves, and taking care of the magazines are a few of the jobs done by the group. This work enables the boys and girls to learn more about the library. The Latin Club consists of present and former Latin stu- ) dents. Talks on Roman myths and legends, songs and games (( [(ft comprise the entertainment during the meetings. The purpose of the club is to further acquaint students with the Roman way of life. The big event of the year is the Roman Banquet, at which the members wear togas and eat as the Romans did. Usually, the freshmen act as slaves at this affair. First row Eldon Knoche. Sharon Crow. JoAnn Ranek, Gall Hayes. Annette Barton. Anne Volma. Billie Jean Wise. Helen Dinwiddle Second row—Mary Grace Henke. Marilyn Lambert. Joanne Aubrecht. Barbara Brooks, Cynthia McKee. Darleen Stoecklln. Doris Danken-brlng. Janice VanHooser. Diana Blckell. Betty Peterson Third row'—Shirley Best. Phyllis Barnes. Joyce Smith. Shirley Wohl-ford. Bonny Funkhouser, Rose Marie Compton, Etta Lewis. Sara Lee Daech. Mary Sue Reilly. Erma Burges. Will Radecke. Miss Gewe. Bryan Madison Fourth row- Maxine Ayres. Sharon Perry. Janice Smoltz. Wade Buckles, JoAnn Vohradsky. Pat Blind. Barbara King. Richard Ayres. Paul Gerling. Lee Boergadine Fifth row—Lois Gchrlng. Adrienne Schafer. Kay Holbcck. Adelaide Henke. Gloria Weishaupt. Joan Edwards. Linda Corl. Kathleen McLean. Bill Judge. Bob Nuernberger. Fred Funke. Marlene DettmerFirst rflw David Smith, Gordon Mallory. Jim Fish. Roland Whited. Eldon Kuhn. Terry Bollmann. Robert Bast. Tommy Wetzel. Ronald Prott Second row Maureen Uhe, Nancy Wallace. Jane Kotva. Jean Nunn-ally. Lessle Davis. Sandy Watkins. Sylvia Bunte. Marlene Bess. Rita Kirk. Joe Makler Third row Ruth Stunkel. Roberta Hanser, Alice Hansel, Dorothy York. Joyce Smith, Sue Dunlap. Pat Jones. Judy Fruit. Patty Miller. Mina Voyles, Carol W?estbrook, Thomas Gerlcke Fourth row Miss Cunningham. Carol Rasplica, Audrey Cassens. Beverly Bess. Phyllis Heifer. Irene Mennemeyer. Robbe Solomon. Nancy Long. Carol Magee, Christine Deist, Kent Ahrens. Preston I eonard. Jerry Barton. Jim Brendle. Mary Jo Long, JoAnn Barton Fifth row Susie Fruit. Pat Szegedy, Dorothy Hufstedler. Carma Lynn Hume. Jean Zoeller. Sue Sternltzke. Helen Watsek, Janet Suhre, Eileen Hertel. Cynthia Vernon, Neil Sper-andio Sixth row—Marilyn Hansel, Carol Bardelmeier, Kay Burma, Pat Haney. Janlece Wohlford, Carolee Schafer. Marlene Schoettle. Calvin May, Cy Blackmore Seventh row—Kenneth Shaw. Gary Ahrens, Bill Cunningham. Harley Fultz. Everett Hess. Jerry Mateyka. John Green. Paul Adams, Ronald Pfeifer, Charles Reed Anyone wishing to belong to the Spanish Club must have taken or be taking Spanish. Promoting a better understanding of the Spanish language and the people who speak it is the object of the club. Each year the organization sponsors an assembly commemorating Pan American Day. Jrench The students in the French class are members of the French Club. Meetings are held once a month during class time. The object is to give students a further acquaintance with the language by dramatizations, conversations, and singing of French songs. First row Richard Wledey, Ben Ryan. Pat Jones. Judy Fruit, Marl-jean Metcalfe, Flora Mononl Second row Sandra Lerch. Marcelle Perot. Kay Ballweg. Sue Dietrich, Pat Cunningham. Pat Haney, Cecelia Shaw Third row — Miss Cunningham. Frank Chandler. Dwight Wade, Joel Van Stee, Ed Moorman, Marvin Rushing First row Jerry Koenig. Carl Clark. Phil Corlew. Jim Zuldema. Edward Snajdr. Bill Schwalb Second row Merrill Rosenthal. Herman Gerbig. Pat Cassens. Ronald Thompson. Chariene Ringering. Marlene Schlemer. Marjorie Slckbert. Bill Davis, John Autenrieb Third row Miss Helm. Louis Baptist. Ronald Aljets. Roland Brunn-worth. Walter Justice. Allen Cassens. Virgil Miller. Bob Wetzel, Lee May. Mr. Yun.T Fourth row' James Gaghardo, P ob Wehrle. Ronnie Kessman. Harry Shaw, David St. John. Kenneth Flavin. Dave Wilson. Roger Schroe-der. Don Flack. Feet, inches, angles, ratio, and integers are discussed in Math Club. The members also work puzzles and experiment with different types of problems. Developing an appreciation of math and realizing our dependence on it in all phases of life are the objects of the organization. wu cu The Future Teachers sponsor the Education Week open house and assembly. Anyone interested in teaching is eligible for membership. By assisting the teachers of E.H.S., the members learn the qualities of a good teacher. 'Jutare Jeacli J A ers meric a First row Sue Van Winkle. Dolores Sharp. Maureen Uhe. Joyce Helm-kamp, Jo Ann Untcrbrlnk. Edith Helmkamp Second row Miss Alexander, Sarah Johnson. Kay Burrus. I on Smith. Lynette Werner. Billie Mae Lange. Joan FoehrkalbFirst row Ronald Aljcts, Calvin Haring. Ralph Lueschke. Dave Bardelmeier. Bob Scheibal. David Wilkinson. Miss Goeddel Second row—Jim Helnemeier. Roger Kuchta. Virgil Miller. Wendell Durr. Harold Patton. Kenneth Bartels, Bob Wehrle. Don Smith Third row—Wilbur Mateyka. I-arnie Sidener. Bob Mallory. Paul Kluetcr. Don Kruse. Lee Boergadine Operating the movie projector, wire recorder, and other audio-visual equipment is the job of the movie operators. If it weren't for this club, we would not be able to enjoy the many fine films which are shown during the year. (Hjrajj , "Smile pretty"—"Don't squint"—snap!—click! — "Watch the birdie." These orders are heard by anyone having his picture taken. Taking good pictures, developing, printing and enlarging are taught to the members of the Photo Club. First row—Ben Ryan. Dale Welch. Bob Hyten. Bob Reed. Roy Franke. Joel VanStee. David Krlegc Second row -Carole Easton. Gerry Rotter. Pat Cunningham. Kay Trowbridge. Marilyn Dawes. Betty Tin-or. JoAnn Unterbrlnk. Theresa Har mon. Roberta Brush. Luella Jones Third row—Susie Butler. Peggy Hosier. Barbara Webb. Jim Hair. Paul Hofmeler. Jim Helnemeier. Dave Bardelmeier. Toni Musso. Marilyn Ortgler Fourth row — Harold Unterbrlnk. Ronald Reid. Don Fencel, Don Southard. Harold Kast. Frank Peterson. Bill Moorman. Roger Weber. John Grlnstead First row Nadene Krlege. Edith Helmkamp. Lucille Hering, Elizabeth Ellers, Carol Bekemeyer, Dina Orten. Barbara Chandler. Barbara Parker Second row Lucille Heilman. Rose Ann Barone. Gloria Hall. Beverly Thomas. Sandra Lerch. Marlene Schclbal. Joyce Helmkamp. Peggy Duffy. Mary Ann Schaefer. Suzanne Smith Third row Judy Cherry, Delores Svoboda. Martha Elaine Blase. Nancy Giardina, Marlene Meyer. Imogene Smith. Carol Casna. Colleen Bekemeyer. Barbara Moomaw Fourth row Norma Rohrkasse. Kay Wynne Weller, Billie Mae Lange. Carolyn Green. Miss Smiser, Judy Fiegenbaum. Wilma Gusewelle. Eileen Uelsmann The Business Education Club is composed of juniors and seniors interested in business. During the year field trips are taken to places of business and the qualities of a good office worker are dicussed in the meetings. The purpose of the organization is to supplement class instruction in the duties of the business office. First row Dale Welch. Lloyd Fisher. Jim Fish. Paul Gerling Second row — Oliver Lewis. Jim Helnemeier. John Jacobi. Bill Buch. Robert Nuernberger. Walter Schramm Third row Ed Moorman. Wendel VanStee. Paul Adams. James Gag-liardo. Don Smith Ei liduca i i ( mcianj The techncians are in charge of the mikes and all stage equipment. Their job is to operate the sound system, lights, and spotlight for plays, concerts, and assemblies. They also play records at noon and for bean dances. 3;TtFirst row Kay Ball wen. Ginny Riggs. Ann Hosier, Mary Ann Fincher, Pat Keller. Jane Southard. Sue Dietrich. May Cliff. Judy Crook, Joan Foehrkalb Second row Mrs. Crocker. Carol Haynes. Gloria Rohm. Marcey Perot. Mary Lou Meikamp. Lois Sheppard. Joan Rinkel. Carol Schaefer. Jane Schroeder. Lynette Werner Third row David Walter. Bob Mallory. Leslie Weiduwilt. Bob Gregor. Jim Heeren. Lloyd Dustmann. David St. John. Ed Moorman. Don Meikamp 2), ram a Juniors and Seniors interested in acting are eligible for membership in this group. Besides sponsoring an assembly, the members present a short play each February. This year "Seeing Double" was given. The group studies different aspects of acting and make-up. oir The Girls' Choir is something new this year. It consists of 34 girls and meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during sixth hour. Participating in concerts and singing for different local clubs constitutes its activities. First row Loretta Bradshaw. Evelyn Buehler, Nancy Glardina. Betty Franke. Elsie Lewis. Jean Satterlee, Kay Schlesinger. Janet Brimbau Second row Allene Spernol. Dolores Sharp. Judy Crook. Colleen Beke-meyer. Cynthia Vernon. Martha Gardner. Betty Wise. Carole Bunte. Joyce Pape Third row — Carol Bekemeyer, Dolores Emshousen. Rose Ann Bar-one. Beverly Thomas. Shirley Wohl-ford. JoAnn Grebel. Roberta Hanser, Marilyn Lambert. Carol Sajovetz. Fourth row Sarah Johnson. Carole Easton. Edith Helmkamp, Sylvia Giardina, Nancy Wallace. Cynthia McKee. Henrietta Johnson. Lucille Hering First row Mary Smith, Maureen Uhe, Sue Dunlap. Glnny Riggs, Kathleen McLean. Joanne Aubrecht. Barbara Parker. Ruth Stunkel. Mary Ann Eck. Sue Marks. Rosemary Maynard. Jane Southard. Barbara Moomaw. Earlene Orman. Jean Zoeller Second row Marjorie Sickbert. Margaret Krlege. Marian Jenne. Carol Schaefer, Jane Schroeder. Eileen Uelsman. Mary Baird, Judy Flegenbaum. Joan Rinkel. Billie Mae Lange. Mary Lou Melkamp. Peggy Duffy. Donna Havelka. Mary Grace Henke Third row—Rose Marie Compton. Carl Ellington, Joe Blackmore. Cy Black more. Walter Schramm. Harry Shaw, David Walter. Kent Ahrens. Pat Cassens. Joe Makler. Jim Heeren Fourth row—Mary Lou Yates, Don Glaser. Maurice Jones. Don Flack. Wen del VanStee. Ted Werner, Harold Kast, Walter Justice. Ivan Cliff. Darrell Madison 4 C appeda Ck oir "I Hear America Singing"—Christmas concert in which parts of the "Messiah" were sung —spring concert—all these add up to the work of the A Cappella Choir. The membership has been increased to 50, and this year the group meets every day. An operetta, "H. M. S. Pinafore," was given in March. This is the first operetta that has been given for several years, but a lot of us remember that "Pinafore" was presented when the Class of '54 were eighth graders. y This page sponsored by MADISON CONSTRUCTION CO. Orie T. Dunlap Robt. Dunlap Seventy-five(Concert 1953 - 54 FLUTES ♦May Cliff ’♦David Cocks ’Carolee Schafer ’♦Wade Buckles ♦Richard Wiedey OBOES ’♦Marian Jenne ’♦Betty Cell BASSOON ’♦Phil Corlew CLARINETS ’♦Billy Fulton ’♦Gloria Bohm ’♦Jane Kotva ’♦Joan Edwards ’♦Audree Cassens ’♦Betty Tinor ♦Leonard Perry Gloria Weishaupt Jimmy Zuidema Donna Rae Leonard Janiece Wohlford Shirley Wohlford Seventy six PERSONNEL Nancy Flynn Joanne Aubrecht Carol Rasplica Bob Nuernberger Janet Suhre Helen Watsek Evelyn Fields ALTO CLARINETS Marilyn Dawes ♦Doris Dankenbring BASS CLARINETS ’♦Pat Cunningham Anne Volma ALTO SAXES ’♦Allen Cassens Pat Long Ruth Summers Annette Barton TENOR SAXES 'Barbara Brooks Harold Kast BARITONE SAXES ’♦Bill Schwalb Louis Baptist STRING BASS ’Ethard Van Stee CORNETS ’♦Bill Shaw ’♦John Autenrieb ’•Bill Pfeifer ’Walter Justice ’•Richard Sasek ♦Bill Buch ’Maurice Jones Bunky Kane Ed Snajdr Don Jason Jim Brendle Ronny Pfeifer David Price Bob Jackson FRENCH HORNS ’♦Wendell Durr ’♦Richard Dickerman Sharon Flynn Gary Kesl Don Finke Carol Dunbar ♦County Institute Sight-Reading Band ’All-County Band TROMBONES ’♦Jerry Shashek Gayle Leonard ’♦Eunice Nolte Bob Wetzel Paul Gerling Bobby Reed BARITONES ♦David Walter ’Ruth Stunkel Sue Sternitzke Reid Brazier BASSES ’♦Richard Hartnagel ’Clarine Young Ray Shaffer Bob Hans Melvin Penelton PERCUSSION ’♦Laura O’Connell ♦Gloria Cassens ’♦Patsy Senn Fred Funke Jere Collins Clarence Scott Harley Fultz(Concert Repertoire for 1953-54 "Under the Double Eagle," J. F. Wagner; "Stephen Foster Melodies," arranged by Luis Guzman; "Polonaise in Ab," Chopin; "Trumpet and Drum," Lang; "Dragnet," W. Schumann; "Belle, Belle, My Liberty Belle," Merrill; "Bobby-Sox Suite," Walters; "Sleigh Ride," Anderson; "Blue Moon," Rodgers and Hart; "Pride of the Mini," King; "March Glenda," Gail E. Menk; "Stradella," von Flotow; "Big State Polka," Irons; "Morning” and "In The Hall of The Mountain King" from "Peer Gynt Suite," Grieg; "Partly in Eb Minor," Cleaon Etzkom; "American Army," Iasilli; "The Bremen Town Musicians," Foreman; "Dixie Fantasy," Cailliet; "Boogie Woogie Mice," Paisner; "The Purple Carnival," H. L. Alford; "Zacatecas," Codina; "Cortege" and "Scherzo," Mussorgsky; "The Phantom Regiment," Anderson; "Fatinitza," von Suppe; "Arrangers' Holiday," Bennett, Walters, Yoder; "La Boheme," Adapted by A. A. Harding. ‘Gail Menk is a former E.H.S. band trombonist, class of 1948. rz eAerue PERSONNEL FLUTES Bonnie Hart Maxine Ayres CLARINETS Suzann Hartnagel Shirley Tomlinson Ruth Dinwiddie Janet Jestes Marlene Schlemer Ronald Martin BARITONE SAXES Pat Blind Jim Heinemeier BASSOON Kay Holbeck STRING BASS Sally Flagg CORNETS Jack Foehrkalb Christina Scott Preston Robinson Preston Leonard Bob Scheibal Dwight Wade Lucille Brase BBb BASS Jim Gemoules TROMBONES David Wilkinson Eugene Helmkamp Dari Hess BARITONES Jimmy Fish Richard Helmkamp Will Radecke PERCUSSION Cecilia Shaw Darrell McDonald Jerrett Fagan Bob Schwartz Seventy-sevenSomething s missing! Flappers of 54 The officers "plotting" the Freshman Initiation This page sponsored by JIM JONES, Inc. Seventy-eight Q.A. A. Jumping and running feet are seen when the GAA girls are around. Basketball, softball, volleyball and bowling are just a few of the activities open to girls. Twice a week meetings are held after school. Each girl earns points during the year, and if, at the end of the year, she has enough points, she is awarded a letter. The purposes of GAA are to give the members a better understanding of game rules and to improve their ability in sports. One of G.A.A.'s many activities.Jr.-Sr. Fourth row Marilyn Gower. Dolores Sharp, Kathleen McLean. Judy Crook. Sue Dunlap. Mary Baird. Marcelle Perot. Billie Mae Lange. Carol Schaefer. Kay Ballweg. Ginny Riggs. Carol Haynes. Third row—Jean Zoeller. Sylvia Giardlna. Marilyn Hansel. Eunice Nolte. JoAnn Grebel. Gloria Bohm. Phyllis Dorsey. Janet Suhre. Marcia Charlton. Carol Bunte. Kay Burrus. Second row—Betty Tlnor. Peggy Duffy, Ann Hosier. Judy Fruit, Pat Jones. Jane Southard. Sue Dietrich. Barbara Moomaw, Anita Mann. First row JoAnn Barton. Jane Schroeder, Pat Cunningham. Rosemary Maynard. Diane Rudat. Lynette Werner. Marlene Schoettle. TJresl. - Soph. a 4. j. Seventii row' Carol Magee. Gloria Cassens. Sharon Flynn. Gloria Weis-haupt. Roberta Hanser. Janiece Wohlford. Beverly Fehse. Carol Sue Dunbar. Velda Mae Prlmas. Phyllis Heifer. Marlene Dettmer Sixth row Cynthia Vernon. Toni Musso. Susie Butler. Margo Kriege. Marilyn Dawes. Gail Hayes. Joyce Smith. Cynthia McKee. Fifth row —Erma Burges. Earlene Orman. Pat Blind. Pat Long. Maxine Ayres. Helen Watsek. Doris Dankenbring. Gerry Rotter. Lessie Davis Fourth row—Cecelia Shaw, Kay Holbeck, Joan Edwards. Audree Cassens, Linda Brown. Janet Schwear, Sara Lee Daech. Ruth Stun!:el. Nancy Howes. Third row Theresa Raffaelle. Joan Weber. Anne Volaaa. Roberta Brush. Peggy Hosier. JoAnn Ranek. Mary Sue Reilly. Carol Rasplica, Jean Nunnally. Alice Hansel Second row — JoAnn Vohradsky, Janice Smoltz. Barbara Brooks. Sandy Watkins. Patty Henry. Dar-lcen Stoecklin, Virginia Martin. Donna Behrendt, Carol Westbrook, Pat Miller. Janice VanHo »s« r. Joanne Aubrecht First row Jane Kotva. Christine Deist. Sue Marks. Susie Fruit. Carma Lynn Hume. Betty Zelgler. Rob be Solomon. Annette Barton. Nancy Long Seventy-nineEighty-one First row—H. Kreutzberg, G. Slballu. B. Sajovetz. L. Howerton. D. Smith. G. Rezabek. K. Ahrens, I. Cliff, E. Hess. B. Jackson Second row—H. Shaw. H. Nelson, D. Pulliam. D. Madison, J. Brendle. R. Krohn. W. Helmkamp. D. Price, W. Walker, B. Cunningham Third row L. Smiddy. E. Lohr. R. Hartnagel. W. Wilson. R. Lenz. T. Crossman. B. Hans. R. Kutcha. B. Penelton Fourth row—H. Patton. S. Johnson. K. Bartels. P. Robinson. J. Cain. T. Harper, P. Cassens. R. Shaffer. L. Howells Fifth row S. McElwain. K. Arnold. V. Miller. L. Webb. I). Behrendt. R. Davis. C. Simmons. P. Corlew. R. Scheafer Sixth row—J. Fagan. J. Green. E. Carpenter, D. Morton. R. Aljets. S. Shashack, E. Snajdr. E. Kane. B. Schwartz Seventh row -Coach Isselhardt; Coach Hutton; J. Helne-meler. Mgr.; J. Van Stee. Mgr. An inexperienced Tiger team opened the football season with a 25-7 loss to Granite City. Half-back Leon Smiddy, led the boys with real "drive" as he scored the only touchdown and extra point. With the combined passing and running of Perrin and Schwalbe, Wood River was able to skim over the Tigers with a 13-0 score. Half-back Smiddy grabbed a punt in the second period and made a run-back of 35 yards. He also intercepted an Oiler pass for a 15 yard gain. In the first half of the game between Staunton and the Tigers, neither team gained yardage. In the third period, the Tigers moved to the Staunton three yard line only to fumble the ball which the Bulldogs recovered. Luck was with the Bulldogs in the fourth period with seven minutes to go when they scored two touch downs and extra points. The Tigers lost 14-0. Bob SajovetzAt the half, the Kahoks led the Tigers 20-0. But in the second half, for the first time in the season, the Tigers showed that they had real come-back. When Harold Patton passed, Sam Johnson, Bill Penelton, and Leon Smiddy ran for several gains. Penelton carried the ball across for the only touchdown, but the con version failed. Again the Kahoks scored, ending the Everett Hess Tom Harper game with a Collinsville win 26-6. Harry Kreutzberg Ivan Cliff Though Edwardsville lost to Marquette of Alton 20-12, the Tigers showed they had a lot of fight. With six minutes gone in the first period Marquette scored their first touchdown. Johnson grabbed a punt for a beautiful 65 yard run, but he was called back when officials ruled him down with only a small gain. The Tigers then marched the ball right up to the Marquette goal and Half-back Smiddy scored six points. Marquette scored two more touchdowns before Johnson Lester Howerton Jim Brendle Bill Cunningham Bill PeneltonWilbur Helmkamp Harold Patton bulled the ball across for the final touchdown. Les Howerton exhibited very fine blocking and tackling. Although Kreutzberg, Johnson, Sajovetz, Pen-elton, Howerton, and Brendle showed up swell against Alton, the Redbirds won 20-7. With six seconds remaining Smiddy plunged across for six points. Patton passed to Sibaila for the extra point. A 26-26 tie between Roxana and the Tigers started off with Penelton scoring on an intercepted pass. Sajovetz tallied the extra point. Smiddy scored two touchdowns and one conversion. A Smiddy to Sibaila pass accounted for the other touchdown. Greg Sibaila scored 19 points during the game, giving the Tigers their first victory over Madison 39-9. Howerton scored on a pass interception, and Penelton scored after a long run. Johnson also scored a touchdown and two conversion points. Kenny Bartels This page sponsored by EDWARDSVILLE CREAMERY COGeorge Rezabek Kent Ahrens Penel'on scored the first touchdown and conversion point in the Tigers' last game, as Edwardsville defeated Lamphier of Springfield 26-19. Sajovetz scored the second and Patton the third touchdowns. Sajovetz scored again and Sibaila made the conversion for the last point of the season. The season's record was two wins, one tie, and six losses. Sam Johnson Tom Crossman Don Smith The Undefeated 1953 Freshmen SquadEasLtLM 1953-54 1953 - 54 Tiger Squad Coach Joe Lucco. Richard Sasek, Bill Pcnelton, Bill Mateyka. Harold Patton. Mannie Jackson. Govoner Vaughn, Den Dudacck, Don Ohl, Bob Gregor, Ted Werner, Allen Casscns, and Jim Heeren The Tiger basketball season started off with a six game winning streak, which included winning the Madison County Tourney. The season's first upset was by Pinckneyville with a 48-34 loss. Truly one of ihe most exciting games of the year was the last game of the Christmas Tournament with Mount Vernon. It was a hard fought game all the way, but the Tigers pulled ahead for a 54-49 victory. This won for E.H.S. the Little Egypt Tournament. The Quincy game, though a loss for the Tigers, was another exciting game. As fourth quarter ended, the teams were tied and also at the end of the first overtime. Of course, in double-overtime the first team to score wins, and luck was with Quincy as they scored to win 63-61. The last regular scheduled game was another of the best games,even though the Tigers lost to Mount Vernon 75-73. The Tigers, with a 21-5 record, were rated sixth in the final prep poll by the United Press Board of Coaches. The 1954 Tigers set the highest score in the history of the school by defeating Western M. A. 110-58 in the first game of the Alton Regional Tourney. The Tigers defeated Alton in the regional semi-finals 77-44 and went on to defeat Madison 93-68 and capture the Alton regional crown. E.H.S. won over Greenville in the first round of the Wood River Sectional 66-45. The final game of the sectional with East St. Louis was really an outstanding game. The Flyers led the Tigers through most of the game, at one time being 14 points ahead. Several of the starting players fouled out in the third quarter, and as the tension rose the Tigers began to gain. With seconds remaining in the game, and as the gym rafters rang with cheering, the Tigers nosed ahead to win 74-72. This entitled the Tigers to go to the State Tournament. Don Ohl was E.H.S.'s high scorer with 406 points in 25 games. He led the Tigers with graceful sharpshooting and superior ball handl ing. Don showed his ace ability at Quincy in a thrilling double over time.Throughout the season, Bob Gregor showed his skill at shooting and rebounding to rank second in points with 396 in 26 games. Bob showed his skill over and over but especially at the DuSable game. Pivotman, Jim Heeren handled his key position well as he played the game above the heads of his opponents. Jim ended the regular 26 game season with 296 points. His best game was with Mt. Vernon, the last game of the season. Don Dudacek was the Tigers' set shot artist and was often a threat to opposing teams. This was proven when he and the powerful Tiger bench forged ahead of East St. Louis for the Sectional win which enabled Edwardsville to be one of the "Sweet Sixteen." At the end of the season Don had accounted for 274 Tiger points. Bill Penelton, the Tigers speedy little guard, repeatedly showed his outstanding ability of fast-breaks, ball stealing, and dribbling. Bill racked up 121 points for the season. Bill stood Second Team First row — Wade Buckles. Buzzy Shaw. Jim Chandler. Bill Winters. Sam Johnson. Coach Isselhardt. Coach Hutton Second row — Bobby Reed. David Morton. Llndel Webb. Pat Cassens, Lee May. Tom Burns. Rich Pulliam. Gordon Mallory Third row Wll Radecke. Bryan Madison. Lee Boerga-dlne. Ronnie Pfeifer. Glen Howerton. Dari Hess. Louis Baptist. George Tormohlen. Ralph Leuschke. Bob Hytenout repeatedly during the year, especially in our game with Mt. Vernon in the Christmas Tournament. Ted Werner, Mannie Jack-son, Harold Patton, Govoner Vaughn, and "Zot" Sasek, the Tiger reserves showed their ability and fighting spirit throughout the season especially in the East St. Louis game. As four of the regulars fouled out, these boys were called upon to carry on. It was through their help that the Tigers went "on to State." Mannie Jackson Ted Werner Harold Patton Eighty eight1953-1954 SEASON'S RECORD Edwardsville 74, Highland 50 Edwardsville 60, Jacksonville 42 Edwardsville 83, Granite City 40 Pinckneyville 48, Edwardsville 34 Edwardsville 68, Belleville 45 Edwardsville 59, Collinsville 39 Quincy 63. Edwardsville 61 2 OT) Edwardsville 80, Madison 47 Edwardsville 67, Alton 45 Wood River 54, Edwardsville 42 Edwardsville 83, Roxana 33 Edwardsville 61, Granite City 59 Edwardsville 74, Murphysboro 49 Edwardsville 74. Belleville 58 Edwardsville 83. Taylorville 47 Edwardsville 44, Collinsville 36 Litchfield 65, Edwardsville 52 Edwardsville 67, Alton 53 Edwardsville 64, Wood River 58 Mt. Vernon 75, Edwardsville 73 (Tournament scores on page 95) Bob Gregor Bill Penelton Don Dudacek Richard Sasek"Hurlers" Bitticlc - Patton - Johnson Basel, J[ 1953 Again the Edwardsville Tiger baseball team had an outstanding season. The Tigers won the Sub-District, District, and Sectional Tournaments. This qualified the Tigers to go to State. We lost the first game to Proviso 3-5. The Tigers ended the season with a record of 17 wins and 4 losses. SrT:, viwr jriur, fVtT. - if;. ii 0 r i V ta -Tt O yn yfy V. First row—Joe Barry. Coach Lucco. Coach Hutton. Harold Patton. Bill Penelton. Dari Dettmer. Roger Landreth. Don Ohl. Bob Johnson. Houston Lowry Second row—Richard Sasek. Richard Helmkamp. John 8trlckland. Bob Gregor. Charles Schelbal. Ralph Lueschke. Bill Mateyka. Bob Southard. Stan Fincher. Bob Btttlck. Preston Robinson Hitters" Fincher - Gregor Lowry - Landreth - Ohl This page sponsored by EDWARD A. KANE A.I.A. Architect U4 A L First row—Harry Kreutzberg. Dale Stegall. Roblee Thorpe. Gene Schriedel. Leon Smiddy. Kent Ahrens, Bob Jackson. Leroy Owens. Don Smith Second row—Willis Wilson, Bill Cunningham. Everett Hess. Bob Sajovetz. Les Howerton. Dave Blaeuer. Roy Beckett. Richard Penelton. Harry McGowan. Allen Casscns Third row—Jim Dugger. Raymond Shaffer. Sam Johnson, Harry Shaw. Kenny Bartels. Wilbur Helmkamp. Wendell Durr, Tom Crossman. Roger Kuchta, Edward Kane. Earl Shaw. Darrell Madison Fourth row—Tom Harper. Virgil Miller. Elijah Carpenter. Russell Davis. Sidney Shashack. Coach Isselhardt. Louis Pinkas. Pat Cassens. Ronald Aljets, Wilbur Mateyka. Doyle Stegall JracL 1933 tennis 1933 9 'tsSi r— As a whole the '53 track team had only an average season. A team of Beckett, Lowry, Ahrens, and Helmkamp took second place in the distance medley of the conference relays. The season did, however, spotlight one of E.H.S.'s greatest trackmen, Houston "Dubie" Lowry. Lowry won first place in both the 100-yard dash and 220-yard dash at the State District meet. This qualified Lowry for the State meet in which he took sixth place in the 100-yard dash and fifth in the 220-yard dash. Houston also broke a standing school record and set his own of 22.4 seconds in the 220-yard dash. First row—Bob Wetzel. Ed Lohr. David Bardelmelcr Second row —Coach Miller. John Autenrieb. Arlyn Schwalb. Don Grcbel. Frank Radecke. Lloyd Dustman, Loren Buhr. Paul Sternltzkc The Tigers' tennis team has always had a successful season, but the 1953 season can well be termed, outstanding. Under the leadership of Coach Miller, the Tigers swept through a 12-match schedule undefeated and went on to win the Southwestern Conference and take second place in the District Tournament. This is the third year since 1947 that the tennis team has been undefeated. The 1953 - 54 Tiger Sta ve Tournament Team Sinny Riggs - - "Sweet Sixteen Queenr“Journ ament The Tigers ended a most successful basketball season by winning the Regional and Sectional Tournaments, then proceeding to capture fourth place in the State Tournament. In our first game the Tigers were scheduled to play the favored Peoria Central Lions; how ever the Tigers turned the tables and defeated the Lions 60-54. Ohl shot .500 from the field and cashed in six free throws for 26 points. Gregor piled up 18 points, one basket of which was a tremendous 50-foot shot from near the center line. This success put the Tigers in line to play the Barrington Broncos. The Edwardsville-Barrington game proved to be the most exciting game that the Tigers played in the State Tournament. It was touch and go throughout the entire game with neither team enjoying a lead of more than five points. At the end of the game the score was tied 53-53. In the following three minutes overtime, the Tigers went on to victory, 59-57. The final day of the tournament the Tigers met the DuSable Panthers, one of the title favorites. During the first half the teams seemed evenly matched, but due to DuSable's run and shoot method, the Panthers soon pulled out ahead and went on to win, 89-73. The combined score of 162 set a new record for being the highest combined total for two teams in tournament history. In the playoff of the consolation game, the Tigers were defeated by the Pinckneyville Panthers, 54-42. After this final game the Tigers were presented with the fourth place trophy of the State Tournament. This was the greatest honor an Edwardsville basketball team has ever receiv ed. ♦ ♦ ♦ Cs ueen Each school entering a team in State Tournament play also enters a girl as candidate for "Sweet Sixteen" Queen. Ginny Riggs, our charming Homecoming Queen, was chosen to represent our school. At Champaign she competed with girls from the other 15 schools. We were very proud that Ginny was chosen to be Queen. Friday night in the Armory, she was crowned and kissed "Sweet Sixteen" Queen by Ed Makovsky, Illini basketball captain-elect. Surely no better representative of our school could have been chosen, and no queen could have been lovelier. Ninety-threeNinety fourl ou We won 28 games altogether and lost seven. We won five trophies, four of which were first place trophies; the other one was Fourth Place in the State Tourney, our highest honor of the year. Don Ohl won the Free Throw Trophy with 74.2 percentage, for his third year. Don Duda-cek was runner-up with a 73.4 percentage. 850 people from Edwardsville attended the State Tournament. This is the sixth time that Lucco's teams have won 20 games or more during a season. The Tigers had the tallest player (Jim Heeren 6' m“) and the shortest player (Richard Sasek 5' 5") at the State Tournament. This was Bob Gregor’s second trip to the State Basketball Tournament. On his first trip, he set a State Tournament record of being the youngest player (14 years old) to make a field goal in Tournament play. Wade Buckles refused to take a bath during the State Tournament 'cause he didn't want to wash off the good luck. Bob Gregor and Don Ohl were chosen on the first five of the Post Dispatch All-Star Team for this area. Edwardsville made the most points scored by a losing team in Tournament history in the Edwardsville-DuSable game. Bob Gregor is fourth top tournament scorer with 79 points. Don Ohl and Bob Gregor were chosen on the United Press first team of the all-tournament squad. Bob Gregor's 50 foot shot was the longest shot made in the Tournament. Bob Gregor was high scorer (566) of the year, with Don Ohl second (549). ♦ ♦ ♦ 55 ournamen t Sc cores Madison County Tournament—E.H.S. 49 E.H.S. 85 Wood River 54 64 Madison 47 73 1st Place Christmas Tournament—West Frankfort Harrisburg .............39..............85 West Frankfort 52 55 Mt. Vernon .............49..............52 1st Place Regional Tournament- —Alton Western Military 58 110 44 77 Madison 68 93 1st Place Sectional Tournament—Wood River Greenville 45 66 East St. Louis 72 74 1st Place State Tournament- —Champaign Peoria Central 54 60 Barrington 57 59 Du Sable 89 73 Pinckneyville 54 42 4th Place Ninety-five This page sponsored by BROOKS JEWELRY and BALLWEG'SWOW. WHAT A TROPHY MOTHERLY LOVE LAZY BONES! WHAT A CREW RIGHT FROM THE MAYFLOWER HIS FAVORITE HOBBY — EATING TYPICALLY LINDA WHAT A FIGURE! COMPETITION FOR MARILYN MONROE SO IN LOVEWHAT A CLIMB WHAT A WIFE HE’LL MAKE ■v,« JUNIORS FEEDING THEIR FACES! WHAT’S THE NUT,, DOING IN BETWEEN A FUTURE PARIS FASHION RIGHT FROM THE CHORUS LINE! YEA FRESHMEN! HAPPY NEW YEAR! PALS! DIG THOSE CRAZY PAJAMAS! MUST HAVE BEEN A GOOD ONE DON’T LAUGH LADY: YOUR GIRL MAY BE INSIDE!jHH| WHAT IS IT? HEDDA HOPPER GLEN CARBONITES BOB GRAY IN CA VAN STEE PLAYS “SANTA CRAZY JUNIORS! 4 WHAT A POSE P QUITE AN ACTOR COME AS YOU ARE” PARTYYOUNG UNS OH. TO BE YOUNG AGAIN! STAUNCH SUPPORTERS OOO-LA-L A! HAPPY. CAROL? LONG AND SHORT OF EHS SCOTTISH LASSIES WHAT’S SO FUNNY? LEADING “LOYALTY JR. HIGH CHAMPIONS WHY STUDY SO HARDKENT AHRENS Choir 4 Hi-Y 1 Spanish Club 1, 2. 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Senior Play DOLORES AMISTADI Hi-Tri 1.2. 3, 4 Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4 LYN ANDERSON Hi-Y 1 Tiger Times 4 Science Club 1, 2 JOHN AUTENRIEB Band. 1, 2, 3. 4 Vice-President 2 Treasurer 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Math Club 3. 4 Tennis 1. 2 . 3 , 4 Junior Play 3 Prop man MARY BAIRD Tiger Ad Staff 4 Choir 3. 4 GAA 1. 2. 3. 4 Hi Tri 1. 2. 3. 4 Secretary 4 Hi Tri Council 4 Library Club 1. 2 KAY BALLWEG Tiger Class Editor 4 GAA 1. 2. 3, 4 Hi Tri 1. 2. 3. 4 Dramatics Club 3. 4 Secretary 4 Latin Club 1, 2 French Club 4 Student Council 1,2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Tiger Times 4 Co-Editor Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play Handbook Committee 1 ROSE ANN BARONE Girls' Choir 4 GAA 2 Hi Tri 1.2, 3.4 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 3 Business Ed. Club 4 JERRY BARTON Sarasota. Florida 1 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 President 4 Basketball 2, 3 Manager 4 Junior Play 3 Cast One hundred s:,. tor ctiuitieA CAROL BEKEMEYER Girls' Choir 4 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3. 4 Spanish Club 2 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 COLLEEN BEKEMEYER Girls’ Choir 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 JOE BLACKMORE Choir 2, 3, 4 Hi Y 1 Photography Club 2, 3 Science Club 1 Football 3 Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1,2,3, 4 Track 1 MARTHA ELAINE BLASE Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Pep Club 3 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 Office Helper 4 GLORIA BOHM Band 1,2,3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3. 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3. 4 Dramatics Club 2. 4 Latin Club 1 Tiger Times 4 Business Ed. Club 3 Junior Play 3 Cast RONALD BOLLINGER Future Farmers 1,2,3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 ROY BOUSE Future Farmers 1,2,3, 4 JACK BOYER Hi-Y 1 Dramatics Club 4 Photography Club 1 Track 1,2,3 Football 1, 2 Manager 3 Junior Play 3 Cast LOIS BRAKHANE Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1,2, 3,4 Treasurer 2 SHIRLEY BRAUNDMEIER Hi Tri 1,2, 3.4 Future Homemakers 1, 3, 4 Library 2 JIM BROSHOW Hi-Y 1 Science 1 Basketball 1 Track 3 SHIRLEY CAIN East Prairie, Mo., 1, 2 Hi Tri 3, 4 FHEOHALOR CARPENTER Brooksmlle, Miss., 1,2,3 Hi-Tri 4 Pep Club 4 CAROL CASNA Hi Tri 1, 2, 3,4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Business Ed. Club 4 Secretary 4 Junior Play 3 Student director ALLEN CASSENS Tiger Ad Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Hi Y 1 Vice-President 1 Student Council 4 Pep Club 1 Math Club 1.2.3, 4 Vice-President 2 President 4 Basketball 1.2,3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Escort for Homecoming 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play Handbook Committee 3 Class Officer 3, 4 President 3 President 4 BARBARA CHANDLER GAA 1, 2 lli Tri 1,2,3 4 Vice-President 2 President 4 Hi Tri Council 2, 4 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 1 Library Club 1, 2 Treasurer 2 Business Ed. Club 4 SHIRLEY CHANDLER Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2 JUDY CHERRY Hi-Tri 1,2,3, 4 Tiger Times 4 Future Homemakers 1, 2 Business Ed. Club 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CARL CLARK Math Club 2, 4 Football 2, 3 IVAN CLIFF Choir 3, 4 Operetta 4 Hi Y 1 Latin Club 2 Photography Club 3 Science Club 1 Football 1. 2, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Track 2. 4 Senior Play JOEY ANN CONNER Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Photography Club 2, 3 Tiger Times 4 BILL CUNNINGHAM Hi-Y 1 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Math Club 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2,3.4 HENRIETTA CWAN GAA 1, 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2 Office Helper 4 KAY DALHAUS Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Photography Club 2, 3 Tiger Times 4 DONNA DANIEL GAA 1 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3. 4 Tiger Times 4 SHIRLEY DAVIS Shipman, III. 1 Hi Tri 2. 3, 4 Future Homemakers 2,3.4 Secretary 3 SUE DIETRICH Tiger Ad Staff 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3. 4 Dramatics Club 3. 4 Latin Club 1, 2 French Club 2,3.4 Vice-President 2 President 3 Tiger Times 4 Co-Editor Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 DON DUDACEK Tiger Ad Staff 4 Hi Y 1 Latin Club 1, 2 Photography Club 3 Basketball 1, 2 , 3 . 4 Baseball 1, 2 Escort for Homecoming 2 Class Officer 2 Secretary 2 PEGGY DUFFY Tiger Sales Staff 4 Choir 4 GAA 1, 2, 3. 4 Letters awarded that year.e . Jjcmor ctivilied nuec Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Secretary-Treasurer 3 Hi Tri Council 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Future Teachers 4 Pep Club 1 Math Club 3 Business Ed. Chib 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Class Officer 3 Treasurer 3 Senior Play SUE DUNl AP Tiger Ad Editor 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2. 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Hi Tri 1, 2. 3, 4 Pep Club 1 Spanish Club 1,2, 3, 4 President 3 Homecoming Maid 1, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play LLOYD DUSTMANN Tiger Sales Staff 4 Hi Y 1 Dramatics Club 4 Photography Club 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 Tennis 1°, 2°, 3, 4 MARLEN DUSTMANN Future Farmers 2, 3, 4 GERALDINE EBERHART Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Office Helper 4 ELIZABETH EILERS Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1,2,3 Business Ed. Club 4 DOLORES EMSHOUSEN Girls’ Choir 4 GAA 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3 VERNON ERB Spanish Club 1 RONALD EVANS JUDY FIEGENBAUM Choir 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 2 Hi Tri Council 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Student Council 1 Math Club 3 Business Ed. Club 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Handbook Committee 3 Class Officer 4 Vice-President 4 MARY ANN FINCHER GAA 1 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Play DON FLACK Choir 2,3,4 Operetta 4 Math Club 2, 3, 4 President 2 Vice-President 3 Secretary-Treasurer 3 KENNETH FLAVIN Hi Y 1 Math Club 1,2,4 NANCY FLYNN Band 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1,2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1,2,3 ,4 JOAN FOEHRKALB Tiger Co-Editor 4 GAA 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 President 3 Hi Tri Council 3 Dramatics Club 4 Future Teachers 4 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 2 Library Club 1,2,3 Secretary 2 President 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play RONALD FOSTER Math Club 2, 3 Basketball 2 BETTY FRANKE Girls’ Choir 4 Hi-Tri 1,2, 3, 4 DOROTHY FRANKE Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 tuture Homemakers 1,2, 3,4 JUDY FRUIT Tiger Co-Editor 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 French Club 4 Student Council 2, 3 Treasurer 3 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 1 Spanish Club 1,2,3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer 2 Vice-President 3 Homecoming Maid 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play Handbook Committee 2 Class Officer 2, 4 Treasurer 2 Secretary 4 VIRGINIA GIACOMELLI Livingston, III. 1 Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 NANCY GIARDINA Girls’ Choir 4 GAA 1,2, 3,4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4 Library Club 1 Business Ed. Club 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 MARLIN GOFF Hi Y 1 Science Club 1, 2 Track 1,2, 3, 4 CAROLYN GREEN Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 Library Chib 1 Spanish Club 2, 3 Business Ed. Club 4 Office Helper 4 BOB GREGOR Dramatics Club 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Football 1, 2 Basketball 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Baseball 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Golf 3 Escort for Homecoming 1 Class Officer 1 Vice-President 1 WILMA GUSEWELLE Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Ed. Club 4 GLORIA HALL Hi Tri I, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Hi Tri Council 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Math Club 3 Business Ed. Club 4 Treasurer 4 Junior Play 3 Prop man Handbook Committee 3 BERNARD HANNIG Band 1, 2 Hi Y 1 Math Club 1 Basketball 1 DONNA HAVELKA Choir 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Future Homemakers 1.2, 3,4 Vice-President 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Office Helper 4 Senior Play Prompter JIM HEEREN Band 1, 2 Choir 3, 4 Operetta 4 Hi Y 1 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Photography Club 1 Football 1 Basketball 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Baseball 1 Track 2, 3 Senior Play LUCILLE HELLMANN Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Latin Club 2 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 3 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 EDITH HELMKAMP Girls’ Choir 4 Hi Tri 1.2, 3,4 Latin Club 2 Future Teachers 3. 4 Business Ed. Club 3. 4 Office Helper 4 Junior Play 3 Prop man JOYCE HELMKAMP Tiger Sales Staff 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Hi Tri Council 3 Future Teachers 3, 4 President 4 Photography Club 3 Library Club 1. 2 Business Ed. Club 4 Handbook Committee 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee PAUL HERTEL Hi Y 1 Science Club 1 Math Club 2, 3 EVERETT HESS Science Club 1 Spanish 2,3,4 Football 1, 2, 3 , 4 Track 1,2,3, 4 ANN HOSIER Tiger Sales Staff 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Couicil 4 President 4 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2 Homecoming Maid 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Office Helper 4 Letters awarded that year. One hundred oneJL Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play Cheerleader 1 Handbook Committee 3 LORENE HOSTO Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Future Homemakers 1,2, 3,4 LEONA HOUBA Hi Tri 4 LESTER HOWERTON Hi Y 1 Future Farmers 1 Football 3 . 4 Track 2,3,4 PATRICIA HUGHES Hi Tri I, 2, 3. 4 Library Club 1,2, 3, 4 WILMA HUNDLEY Hi Tri J, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2 BOB JACKSON Band 1,2, 3, 4 Future Farmers 1,2,4 Football 1 ,2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Track 1, 2, 3 , 4 LUELLA JONES GAA 1, 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Photography Club 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 PAT JONES Tiger Ad Staff 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club 4 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 1 Library Club 1, 2 Spanish Club 3, 4 Jr. Play 3 Student Director Senior Play Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Office Helper 4 PAT KELLER Tiger Sales Manager 4 GAA 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 4 Secretary 4 Dramatics Chib 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Pep Club 1,2, 3. 4 Homecoming Maid 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Cheerleader 1,2,3, 4 Senior Play lex to Senior Activities — (Continued RONALD KESSMANN Band 1, 2 Hi Y 1 Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Tennis 1 GENE KING Crescent City, III. 2 Hi Y 1 Science Club 1 Football 1 Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 4 JACK KING Spanish Club 1 PAUL KLUETER Hi Y 1 Science Club 1,2, 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer 3 President 4 Movie Operator 1,2, 3, 4 Escort for Homecoming 4 Class Officer 4 Treasurer 4 HARRY KREUTZBERG Hi Y 1 Future Farmers 1,2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3 4 Track 1,2,3 NADENE KRIEGE Tiger Literary Editor 4 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Math Club 3 Business Ed. Club 4 Junior Play 3 Prop man Senior Play Prop man DARLENE KUHN Hi Tri 4 Future Homemakers 2 RONALD LAGEMANN Jerseyville, III., 1,2,3 ROSEMARIE LANDA Hi Tri 4 Tiger Times 4 Office Helper 4 BILLIE MAE LANGE Choir 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 1 Hi Tri Council 1, 4 Vice-President 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Future Teachers 4 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 1 Math Club 3 Business Ed. Club 4 Vice-President 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Class Officer 2, 3 President 2 Vice-President 3 GAYLE LEONARD Band 1,2, 3, 4 Hi Y 1 Science Club 1,2,3 Basketball 1 Track 1 MARGARET LE VORA Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 ELSIE LEWIS Band 1, 2 Girls’ Choir 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Math Club 1 PAUL LIZOTTE Hi Y 1 Science Club 2, 3 Track 1 DARLENE LOOS Hi Tri 4 BOB MALLORY Hi Y 1 Dramatics Club 4 Vice-President 4 Latin Club 1 Student Council 4 Math Club 2, 3 Vice-President 3 Movie Operator 2, 3, 4 Basketball Manager 3 , 4 Junior Play 3 Cast BILLY MANVILLE Marine, III. 1 Highland, III. 2 BILL MATEYKA Band 1, 2 Hi-Y 1 Secretary 1 Latin Club 1 Football 1 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Class Officer 1 Treasurer 1 CALVIN MAY Hi Y 1 Spanish Chib 1,2, 3, 4 Football 1 HARRY McGOWAN Photography Club 3 Future Farmers 1, 2 Football 3 Baseball 1 Track 3, 4 DONA I D MEIKAMP Hi Y 1 Dramatics Club 4 Latin Club 1 MARY LOU MEIKAMP Choir 2, 3, 4 Operetta 4 GAA 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 Spanish Club 1 Junior Play 3 Cast MARLENE MEYER Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 BARBARA MOOMAW Tiger Club Editor 4 Choir 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 President 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prompter JOAN MOUNT GAA 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 LAURA O’CONNELL Band 1,2,3, 4 GAA 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2 DON OHL Hi Y 1 Latin Club 1 Student Council 2, 3, 4 President 4 Math Club 2 Movie Operator 1,2,3 Basketball 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Baseball 1♦, 2 , 3 , 4 Golf 1 , 2 Escort for Homecoming 3,4 Royal Escort 4 DINA ORTEN GAA 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2 Business Ed Club 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Prompter MARILYN ORTGIER GAA 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Photography Club 4 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1 Library Club 2, 3 Letters awarded that year. One hundred twoe . Senior -Activities LEROY OWENS Photography Club 2 Future Farmers I Science Club 3 Track 3 Senior Play JANICE PARROTT Fredricktown, Mo. 1 Sullivan, Mo. 2, 3 Hi Tri 4 Tiger Times 4 Business Ed. Club 4 BILL PFEIFER Band 1,2, 3,4 Science Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Aviation Club 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Basketball 1, 2 Track 1, 2 DONALD PROTT HiY 1 BOB PYLE Band 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Football 1, 2 Baseball 1 FRANCES REITER Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 DON REYNOLDS Hi Y 1 Math Club 1,2,3 VIRGINIA RIGGS Choir 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1,2,3, 4 Secretary 3 Vice-President 4 Pep Club 1 Spanish Club 2, 3 Secretary 3 Homecoming Maid 1,2,3 Queen 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Office Helper 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play Handbook Committee 3 Class Officer 2 Vice-President 2 JOAN RINKEL Choir 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Dramatics Club 1,2, 3,4 Junior Play 3 Prompter NORMA ROHRKASSE Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Math Club 3 Business Ed. Club 4 Class Officer 1 Secretary 1 JIM RUHL Hi Y 1 Math Club 1 Basketball 1 ROBERT RUHL Hi Y 1 Library Club 1 FRANK RUSHING Roxana, III., 1, 2, 3 BOB SAJOVETZ HiY 1 Math Club 1,2,3 Football 1,2, 3 , 4 Track 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 GENEVIEVE SANDERS Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Future Homemakers 1, 2 CAROL SCHAEFER Choir 3, 4 GAA 1, 2. 4 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Dramatics Club 1,2,3, 4 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play CHARLES SCHEIBAL HiY 1 Baseball 3 , 4 MARLENE SCHEIBAL Choir 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Future Homemakers 1 Business Ed. Club 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee JO ANN SCHMITT Band 1,2,3 Hi Tri 1,2,3, 4 Future Homemakers 1.2, 3,4 GENE SCHRIEDFI. Tiger Sales Staff French Club 4 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 , 4 ROGER SCHROEDER Band 1 HiY 1 Spanish Club 1 Math Club 2, 3, 4 BILL SCHWALB Band 1,2,3, 4 Vice-President 4 Hi Y 1 Math Club 1,2,3, 4 President 4 Football 1 Baseball 1 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 GERALD SHASHEK Band 1,2, 3, 4 Hi Y 1 Latin Club 1, 2 Photography Club 3 Junior Play 3 Prop man LOIS SHEPPARD Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 1,2,4 Business Ed. Club 3 Junior Play 3 Prompter Senior Play GREG SIBAILA Long Beach, Calif. 1, 2 Student Council 4 Tiger Sales Staff 4 Science Club 3, 4 Football 3 . 4 Baseball 3, 4 Escort for Homecoming 4 SHIRLEE SIMMONS Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Math Club 1,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 1 Junior Play 3 Prop man DON SMITH Future Teachers 4 Sound System 4 Library Club 1,2,3 Vice-President 3 Football 2, 3 , 4 Baseball 1 Track 2 , 3, 4• Senior Play IMOGENE SMITH Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 4 Treasurer 4 Student Council 3, 4 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Class Officer 3 Secretary 3 JOYCE SMITH Granite City, III. 1, 2 GAA 3, 4 Hi Tri 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 MARY SMITH Choir 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1,2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1 JEAN SODEN Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1. 2, 3, 4 JANE SOUTHARD Tiger Sales Staff 4 Choir 3, 4 GAA 1,2, 3,4 Letters awarded that year. nuec Hi Tri 1, 2. 3, 4 President 1 Hi Tri Council 1 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 2 President 4 Pep Club 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Prompter Senior Play DON SOUTHARD Tiger Photography Editor 4 HiY 1 Photography Club 1,2,3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 SHIRLEY SPENCER GAA 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3. 4 Vice-President 1 Hi Tri Council 1 Spanish Club 2 DAVID ST. JOHN Hi Y I Dramatics Club 3, 4 Science Club 1, 2 Math Club 4 Track 1,2,3, 4 PAUL STAHLHUT Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4 LORETTA STANLEY Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 DALE STEGALL Future Farmers 1,2,3 Football 1 Baseball 1 Track 2, 3 RITA STRADER Hi Tri 4 WILLIAM STRASEN DELORES SVOBODA Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Business Ed. Club 4 ROBERT TAUL ROBERT THOMPSON Math Club 1,2, 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer 3 ROBLEE THORPE Football 3 Track 4 BETTY JANE TINOR Band 1,2,3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3. 4 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Photography Club 4 Library Club 2 Business Ed. Club 3 One hundred threeclex to Sc 'em or —Activities nuec DWENETH TRENT West Plains, Mo. 1,2,3 Hi Tri 4 Tiger Times 4 Library Club 4 ARTHUR TROUSDALE Wood River, III. 1, 2 EILEEN UELSMANN Choir 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 Busmess Ed. Club 3, 4 MAUREEN UHE Choir 4 Future Teachers 3, 4 Spanish Club 1,2, 3,4 HAROLD UNDERWOOD Future Farmers 4 JOANN UNTERBRINK Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Future Teachers 3, 4 Photography Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 1,2,3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Junior Play 3 Prop man BILL VAN HUSS Library Club 1,2,3 E. WENDEL VAN STEE Midland, Mich. 1 Band 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Operetta 4 Sound System 2, 3, 4 Science Club 2, 3 Math Club 2 Aviation Club 3 Football 2 Track 2 Senior Play LORETTA VASILOFF Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1,2, 3,4 JIM VAUGHN Hi Y 1 Future Farmers 1,2,3 Baseball 2, 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 TAYLOR VAUGHN Band 1, 2 Student Council 1 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3 DOROTHY VESTEL Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Homemakers 1,2, 3 WALTER WALKER Tiger Sports Editor 4 HiY 1 Science Club 1,2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Tennis 1 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 DAVID WALTER Band 1,2, 3,4 Secretary 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Operetta 4 Hi Y 1 Dramatics Club 4 Latin Club 2 Secretary 2 Photography Club 1 Math Club 3 BARBARA WEBB Photography Club 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Senior Play Prompter KENNETH WEBER Band 1 Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 3, 4 BOB WEHRLE Tiger Ad Staff 4 Hi Y 1 Math Club 1,2,3, 4 President 3 Vice-President Movie Operator 1,2, 3,4 Baseball 1 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play KAY WEILER Hi Tri 4 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 TED WERNER Choir 2,3,4 Student Council 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Science Club 1,2, 3,4 Secretary 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3 Tennis 2 Track 1 Escort for Homecoming 4 Junior Play 3 Cast Senior Play BETTY WEST Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Future Homemakers 1,2, 3,4 LESLIE WIEDUWILT HiY 1 Dramatics Club 4 Student Council 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Math Club 3 Junior Play 3 Cast Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 BETTY WILKENING Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Library Club 3 SHIRLEY WILKINSON GAA 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1,2, 3,4 DAVID WILSON Spanish Club 1, 2 Math Club 4 Football 1 MARY LOU YATES Tiger Sales Staff 4 Choir 3, 4 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Student Council 1 Future Homemakers 1,2, 3,4 President 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comittee 3 Senior Play DOROTHY YORK GAA 3 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 Pep Club 1 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 One hundred four Letters awarded that year.A B Feed Seed Store 113 Associated Service 123 Auerbach's 114 Ballwcg's 95 Bank of Edwardsville 137 Barton Sons Co. I 14 Becktold Company 136 Ben Franklin Store 116 Betzold, F. P. Agency I 18 Big Boy's Supply Co. 133 Blume's 123 Bob's Band Box 120 Bothman Sons 134 Brockmeier, Dr. C. L. 132 Brooks Jewelry 95 Brown, Jesse R. 136 Buhrmester's 133 Busker's Hardware 117 Butler Chevrolet I 34 Cain Lumber 128 Callahan, James T. 126 Cassens, George 136 Cassens Sons 134 Champion Motors 134 Clayton Cleaners 112 Clover Leaf-Home Loan 108 Cochran, Dr. Clifton R. 119 Coffman, Don 110 Collins, Dr. Jerre C. 136 Cox, Dr. Wayne B. 133 DeLaurenti, Joseph M...... I 15 Desmond, M. Mfg. Co. . 94 Dippold Bros. 110 Do-Nut Shop ................. 112 Dugger, Evelyn .............. 126 Dunlap-Hotz Motor Co. 134 Durr, Eldon M................ 118 Eaker's Barber Shop 128 Edwardsville Beverage 129 Edwardsville Central Auto 122 Edwardsville Construction Co. 7 Edwardsville Consumers I 14 Edwardsville Creamery 84 Edwardsville Implement Co. I 12 Edwardsville Lumber Co. .. 117 Edwardsville Motor Service 122 Edwardsville National Bank 107 Edwardsville Savings Loan 129 Eilers, Wilfred C............ 114 Enloe's Self Service Laundry 126 Estabrook, W. L. 120 d)ndex of! sdduei tiicr. Famous Dept. Stores 135 Fashion Bootery 122 Figge Grocery 126 Fiegenbaum, Bruce O. 112 Fink, Dr. Leroy M. 135 Flagg and Corlew 115 Foehrkalb Bros. 94 Fredman Bros. 131 Fruit Service Station 128 Gent Son 131 Gerber's Motel 122 Gerbig's Bakery 115 Gordon-Michel Tire Co. 135 Harrell, Dallas T. Son 115 Harris Tom Boy Market 114 Hellrung, Dr. Cecilia M. 110 Hill, Dr. M. R. 112 Hogue's Cities Service 133 Home Nursery 124 Hotz, Eulalia 116 Hurst Pontiac Co. 134 Idlewood Inn 131 Illinois Lumber Co. 1 12 Imber's Men's Wear 131 Jim Jones, Inc. 78 Kane, Edward 90 Kansas Street Market 131 Kiem's 124 Klueter Feed Store 114 Knauel, Dr. R. 1. 128 Kriege Hatchery 119 Ladd, Thos. F. 136 Lee Shops 117 Lela.nd Barber Shop 108 Leona's Beauty Shop 108 Lexow Electric 135 Litchfield Madison R. R. Co. 130 Little, Geo. E. Jr. 135 Lux Theatre 129 Madison Co. Abstract 124 Madison Construction Co. 75 Madison County Mutual 120 Madison County Tractor 127 Madison Store 125 Mainer Barber Shop 119 Marks, Lesley M. 110 Marks, Robert L 120 May's Cut-Rate Drug 112 McLean's Shell Service 133 Mechanic's Planing Mill 132 Meyer Monument Co. 132 Meyer Television 125 Midwest Loan 1 19 Mindrup's Automotive Service 134 Mode O'Day 126 Moore-Stork Cleaners 122 Morrison Farm Supplies 120 Mottar Drugs 1 19 Mudge Mudge Musso's 128 123 Orman's Standard Service 120 Ovorbeck's 128 Pizzini, William D. 118 Quade's D-X Service 126 Ray's 1. G. A. Store 128 Reed, James J. 123 Richards Brick Co. 125 Rissi Studio 132 Rosenthal's 130 Sanderson, Dr. M. S. 130 Schmidt, Oscar W 123 Schneider Funeral Home 125 Schneider Motor Service 115 Seeger's Market 124 Shepard, E. J. 118 Shupack's 117 Silverbloom 130 "66" Bowl 123 Solter and Kriege 110 Smith, Wm. M. P. 124 Springer, Frederic E. 135 Strebler, A. H. 109 Suhre Appliance 111 Tri-City Grocery Co. Top O' The Town 22 122 "Uncle Louie" 130 U. S. Radiator Corp. 135 Valentin's Market 129 Vestel Barber Shop 128 Vuagniaux, Waldo L. T. 108 Wahl, Dr. E. F. 108 Wayne, Dr. M. F. 118 Weber Funeral Home 116 Weeke Tobacco Co. 133 Wells Tire Sales 116 West End Service Station 125 Western Auto Associate 115 Wildey 122 Wilson Construction 126 Winter's Pharmacy 124 Woodlawn Gardens 133 Yonaka Jewelry 115 One hundred fiveTO OUR ADVERTISERS We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the Edwardsville advertisers whose help made this book possible. We are sure the students will show their appreciation by patronizing your stores.YOU CAN WRITE That Will Pay off MAKE THIS YOUR BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH ---every month Figure out where you want to be FIVE YEARS FROM NOW! 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BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BUILDING ♦ K LADIES APPAREL FURS Our Speciality WE SPECIALIZE IN WEDDING GOWNS ft AND FORMALS. 'O One hundred fourteenJOSEPH M. DeLAURENTI ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Bank of Edwardsville Bldg., Edwardsville, 111. DALLAS T. HARRELL SON REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Phone 360 115a Purcell St. Compliments of GERBIG'S BAKERY BAKERS OF SALLY ANN PRODUCTS EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. Compliments of YONAKA Jewelry Store 112 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 1943 Flagg and Corlew, Engineers 116a St. Louis Street Edwardsville. Illinois Phones: Office 70, Res. 1620-W2 SCHNEIDER MOTOR SERVICE 1320 Troy Road Edwardsville. Illinois Phone 998 St. Louis Office MERCHANTS TRUCK TERMINAL 827-828-829 South Broadway CHestnut 2274 2275 Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE TONY JANSEN, Prop. 315 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 73 Bill's Hobby Shop in Rear One hundred fifteenCompliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE MELODY BAR GOOD LUCK ALWAYS TO THE GRADUATES OF '54 103 NORTH MAIN ST. MISS EULALIA HOTZ Compliments of Your COUNTY CLERK WELLS TIRE SALES, Inc. ♦ Compliments of FUNERAL HOME (MARKS-WEBER) 53 YEARS OF SERVICE AMBULANCE SERVICE Edwardsville Phone 655 One hundred sixteenCompliments of 124 N. Main St. BE FASHION WISE WITH BUDGET BUYS from the LEE SHOPS J. W. Busker Son HARDWARE 219 N. MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. EDWARDSVILLE LUMBER CO. Phone 4 Phone 5 Second High Sts. One hundred seventeenCompliments of ELDON M. DURR 514 St Louis Street MARSHALL F. WAYNE D. D. S. Clover Leaf-Home Loan Building EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. F. P. BETZOLD AGENCY All Your Insurance Needs 202a North Main Phone 1723 ♦ E. J. Shepard Office Supply "EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE" 108 St Louis Street Phone 989 ♦ Compliments of William D. Pizzini WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR ♦ Phone 39 One hundred eighteenCompliments of MAINER BARBER SHOP 217 North Main Street Phone 193 C. R. COCHRAN, D. S. C. CHIROPODIST AND FOOT SPECIALIST Gerber Bldg. Edwardsville, 111. Compliments of KRIEGE HATCHERIES TROY ROAD SECOND AVE. Producers of HI-SIRED BABY CHICKS PHONE 1011 LOANS To pay accumulated bills, to purchase clothing, household necessities, or to repair or purchase a car, or for any other purpose. Our aim is to help you. Have only one place to pay. We invite you to visit our office. Your business will be kept strictly confidential. ♦ MIDWEST LOAN CO. 152 North Main Edwardsville, 111. S50 to S500 Phone 1032 MOTTAR DRUG COMPANY EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS ♦ Good Health to All From Rexall ♦ PHONE 67 One hundred nineteenCompliments of W. L. ESTABROOK BOB'S BAND BOX 107 Purcell Street CLEANERS LAUNDERERS ROBERT L. MARKS ♦ D. D. S. NO SHRINKING • NO FADING • NO ODOR Edw. Savings and Loan Bldg. Edwardsville, 111. A Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service to Fit Everyone's Purpose Compliments of YOUR APPEARANCE IS OUR EARL ORMAN'S BUSINESS STANDARD SERVICE ♦ 201 East Vandalia 112-114 S. Main St. Edwardsville Edwardsville. 111. Phone 1120 Phone 28 Madison County Mutual AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY "A SERVICE THAT SERVES" ▼ 306 Edwardsville National Bank Building Phone 961 One hundred twentyMODERN POWER FARM EQUIPMENT Morrison Farm Supplies JAMES MORRISON, Jr. Allis-Chalmers Farm Equipment Corno Feeds, Seeds and Poultry Supplies DeLaval Milking Machines Hotpoint Appliances Jewel Paints PHONE 284 ST. ANDREWS ST. • EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. L. One hundred twenty-oneCompliments of GERBER'S MOTEL and TEXACO SERVICE ROUTE 66 Edwardsville EDWARDSVILLE MOTOR SERVICE FARM MACHINERY • REFRIGERATION Tractor Service Repairs • Welding JONES' TOP O' THE TOWN DRIVE INN Dining Room Fountain Service Phone 2387-R3 Compliments of MOORE and STORK CLEANERS 511 North Main Phone 471 FASHION BOOTERY "For Better Quality in Better Styles In All Price Ranges" FINE FOOTWEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Edwardsville Central Auto Supply, Inc. 106 E. V AND ALIA ST. Edwardsville, 111. Phones: 2278-2279 PRESENTING THE SEASON'S OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINMENT . . . IN A MODERN COMFORTABLE FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE One hundred twenty-twoASSOCIATED SERVICE MADISON STORE BUILDING EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. Compliments of "66" BOWL 300 West Vandalia St. MUSSO'S RESTAURANT AND BAR North Side of Court House STEAK. CHICKEN. SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES Compliments of BLUME’S APPAREL 104 N. MAIN EDWARDSVILLE Compliments of JAMES L. REED ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Edw. National Bank Building OSCAR SCHMIDT CHARLES (Chuck) SCHMIDT OTTO (Buck) HOMANN OSCAR SCHMIDT AGENCY INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE 305 N. Main Edwardsville One hundred twenty-threeCompliments of Wm. M. P. SMITH SEEGER'S MARKET Free Delivery 215 N. Main St. Compliments of MADISON COUNTY ABSTRACT AND TITLE CO. 112 HILLSBORO AVE. PHONE 81 Compliments of WINTER'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY 105 Purcell • Phone 216 "WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS" HOME NURSERY AND GREENHOUSES ERNEST TOSOVSKY. Proprietor CUT FLOWERS • TREES • PLANTS • SHRUBS MEMBERS OF F. T. D. • PHONE 1790 AND 1791 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS Stores at Granite City, Collinsville, Wood River and Staunton TO SERVE YOU "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" One hundred twenty-fourCompliments of MADISON STORE "63 Years on the Square" Prompt Service All Work Guaranteed J TELEVISION SALES SERVICE Phone 462 225 N. Main St. West End Service Station ST. LOUIS WEST STREETS PHONE 1135 EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS Robert (Doc) Heidinger Henry (Hank) Dohle Compliments of E. P. SCHNEIDER FUNERAL HOME FOR BEAUTY AND PERMANENCE 1 1+ pays to build of brick . . . They do not burn nor decay . . . They are everlasting Richards Brick Co. EDWARDSVILLE ST. LOUIS FACE BRICK • COMMON BRICK • HOLLOW TILE GLASS BLOCKS • BUILDING BLOCKS FLUE LINING GLASS BLOCK VENTILATORS One hundred twenty-fiveENLOE'S BENDIX SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY 120 S. Main St. Phone 302 Compliments of JAMES T. CALLAHAN SHERIFF EVELYN DUGGER 508 PHILLAPENA Specializing in CLASS DAY, FORMAL, AND WEDDING GOWNS Compliments of FIGGE GROCERY 401 ST. LOUIS ENJOY OUR QUALITY FOODS PHONE 535 Compliments of Mode O'Day Frock Shop 128 N. Main Street EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS QUADE'S D-X SERVICE FIRESTONE TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES WASHING - LUBRICATING 236 N. Main Phone 1145 Edwardsville, Illinois Compliments of Wilson Construction and Development Co. AND Earl C. Wilson Agency All Under Wilson Management COMPLETE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE SERVICE 620 E. Franklin Edwardsville One hundred twenty-sixMadison County Tractor and Equipment Company GENERAL ELECTRIC Household Appliances 1111 111 LESS WORK MORE INCOME PER ACRE One hundred, twenty-sevenVESTEL BARBER SHOP Compliments of OVERBECK'S "The Home of Fine Wallpaper and Paints" 120 N. Main St. Edwardsville, 111. CLEAN LINEN STERILIZED TOOLS 304 S. Buchanan St. Edwardsville. 111. Compliments of EAKER'S BARBER SHOP RAY'S IGA STORE 128 2 N. Main St. MEATS and GROCERIES THE BIGGEST LITTLE DR. R. 1. KNAUEL STORE IN TOWN Chiropractor X-Ray Laboratory Phone 58 707 N. Main Edwardsville Compliments of CAIN LUMBER DICK H. MUDGE, Jr. JOHN G. MUDGE PITTSBURGH PAINTS Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. ELECTRICAL and PLUMBING SUPPLIES See Us for Free Estimates FRUIT'S "THE FRIENDLY YARD" STANDARD SERVICE 1507 Troy Road Phone 1721 305 West Vandalia STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Edwardsville, Illinois One hundred twenty-eightI. B. C. Root Beer Other Popular Flavors EDWARDSVILLE BEVERAGE CO. Phone 1201W 109 S. Kansas VALENTIN'S IGA Super Market FOR FINEST MEATS AND GROCERIES 604 Franklin Road Phone 407 "Movies are better than ever" LUX THEATRE "THE FRIENDLY THEATRE" WHAT'S IN YOUR FUTURE? In planning a future you will want to make sure that you have enough funds for . . . Business Opportunities Your Home Travel and Vacation Time Extra Money for Emergencies Retirement A Savings Account earns above-average returns here. EDWARSDVILLE SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 140 North Main Edwardsville. Illinois One hundred twenty-nineCompliments of "UNCLE LOUIE" MAURICE S. SANDERSON, M. D. Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. Phone 206 Litchfield and Madison Railway Company I’ST LOUIS GATEWAY || ROUTC BEST WISHES AND CONTINUED SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF '54 THE SILVERBLOOM, Inc. Notary Public "DO BUSINESS WITH A DEPENDABLE FIRM" R. H. ROSENTHAL AGENCY REALTOR SELLS HOMES, LOTS, FARMS, BUSINESSES INSURES EVERYTHING INSURABLE Members of American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars 35 Years of confidential service to the public SEE THE MAN OF MANY YEARS' EXPERIENCES "ROSENTHAL SELLS" 217 S. Buchanan St. Phone 163 Residence 525 or 2014 R. H. Edwardsville, 111. One hundred thirtyKANSAS STREET MARKET CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES "YOUR FRIENDLY CORNER GROCER" Phone 643 415 N. Kansas IMBER’S MEN'S WEAR FREDMAN BROS. FURNITURE CO., Inc. 117-119 N. MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS PHONE 400 IDLEWOOD INN RESTAURANT AND BAR CHICKEN. STEAK, AND SHRIMP Opal John Peterson George Gent Son PLUMBING HEATING CONTRACTORS SERVICE INSTALLATIONS PHONES 327 - 2110 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS One hundred thirty-oneCongratulations and Good Luck To the Class of '54 MEYER MONUMENTS "Mark the Spot with Beauty Forever" PAUL E. MEYER Congratulations To the Class of 1954 THE TIGER STAFF Compliments of MECHANIC'S PLANING MILL, INC. Phone 487 DR. C. L. BROCKMEIER BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BLDG. OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN RISSI STUDIO QUALITY SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS 604 W. Main St. Phone 682 One hundred thirty-twoMcLEAN’S SHELL SERVICE PARK AND BUCHANAN STREETS Compliments of HOGUE'S CITIES SERVICE St. Andrews $■ Vandalia DR. WAYNE B. COX EXTENDS HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 JOHNSTON'S CHOCOLATES WEEKE TOBACCO CO. BIG BOY'S SUPPLY CO. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS 237 N. Main St. Phone 1234 Compliments of BUHRMESTER PAPER AND PAINT CO. 201-203 N. SECOND STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. Compliments of WOODLAWN GARDENS J. H. BLIXEN 1407 St. Louis Street One hundred thirty-threeCongratulations to CLASS OF 1954 from Edwardsville Automobile Dealers Association A. Bothman Sons FORD Phone 601 Butler-Chevrolet CHEVROLET BUICK Phone 123 Cassens Sons, Inc. DODGE PLYMOUTH Phone 308 Champion Motors, Inc. OLDSMOBILE Phone 16 Dunlap-Hotz Motor Co. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Phone 87 Hurst Pontiac Co. PONTIAC Phone 35 Mindrup's Automotive Service DESOTO PLYMOUTH Phone 310 One hundred thirty-fourLEROY M. FINK, D. D. S. Edwardsville National Bank Building EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. Compliments of FREDERIC E. SPRINGER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Edwardsville National Bank Bldg. LEXOW'S ELECTRIC WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES SALES AND SERVICE 107 E. Vandalia Phone 585 United States Radiator Corporation BOILERS - - - RADIATORS Over 60 years a great name in heating GORDON-MICHEL TIRE AND BATTERY CO. Inc. U. S. TIRES. TUBES. BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES We give and redeem Eagle Stamps 208 S. Buchanan Phone 1180 GEO. E. LITTLE, Jr. 425 St. Louis Street "LET GEO. INSURE IT" Insurance Real Estate 4uturu± DEPT. STORES Phone 661 SAVE 35% on Your Cleaning Bill. Ladies' Dress 90c Men's Suit 90c Ladies' Suit 90c Ladies' Skirt 50c Ladies' Sweater 50c Men's Pants 50c Men's Ties 10c Quality Workmanship - Prompt Service Cleaned in a modern 100% Union Plant One hundred thirty-fiv COVERS and BINDING OF 1954 TIGER by BECKTOLD COMPANY St. Louis, Mo. THOS. F. LADD CONTRACTOR LATHING. PLASTERING. CONCRETE Phone 1003 229 Commercial St. Edwardsville, 111. JERRE C. COLLINS, JR. M. D. BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BUILDING Compliments of JESSE R. BROWN Geo. Cassens Sons Sales Service Since 1901 HUDSON - PACKARD HAMEL OIL COMPANY M M FARM EQUIPMENT Hamel, Illinois One hundred thirty-sixOUR BANK WAS BUILT ON SERVICE COURTESY PROMPT FRIENDLINESS ATTENTION CONVENIENCE . . . and we're not through "building” yet—won’t be, as long as there is something we may do to make your banking connection with us more pleasant and more complete. Why not make our bank financial headquarters for all your money matters? THE BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE ESTABLISHED 1868 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System PHONE 57 One hundred thirty-sevenOne hundred thirty-eight oarapli J One hundred thirty nineEngraving by PEORIA ENGRAVING CO. Peoria, Illinois Printing by INTELLIGENCER PUBLISHING CO. Edwardsville, Illinois One hundred forty

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