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 To help keep these and other memories bright and vivid, we have composed a scrapbook oi school liie with the help of paste, paper, pencils, and a lot of patience. We hope that in later years when you uncover your dusty 1953 yearbook in the attic it will help you recapture some oi the fun, excitement, and happiness of your past school year. THE TIGER 1953 Our high school days will always remain indelible in our thoughis and memories. There are lots oi little things that we will always remember about our school; tor instance . . . the bustling beehive in the oiiice on Monday mornings . . . bean dances in the gym . . . 7th hours . . . interesting lyceums and peppy (?) pep assemblies . . . contused Freshies and suave Seniors . . . the satisfied feeling after an especially good report card . . . books and beaux . . . basketball games and Mr. Brock . .SCHOOL a GH Doesn t anyone ever remember to bring his locker key? — Main office. Pasted in our from a typical day Four Before school finds us renting locker keys, looking for books, rushing to meetings, and hurrying to Roll Room. Finally the chaos subsides and 8:30 finds us at the start of a new school day. Announcements are read and then—oh, oh, there's the buzzer and it's off to our morning classes. "Santa’s little helpers." —Shop. Five They come up with anything from posters to portraits. — Art Class.Complicated new machines intrigue and interest some. —Physics Lab. Six Studies take u school day but noAll through the morning we dream about lunch time and at noon the race is on as we run down to the gym, stand in line for tokens, and then sit down, relax, and eat. Due to the unwritten law that girls sit on one side of the gym and boys on the other, the gym lobby is the place to talk, compare jokes, and just horse around. Grand Central Station has nothing on this at noon! —Gym Lobby.Don't forget to let the emergency brake out! Driver Ed. car. The interests o are shown in our FAfilttTaking care of a library isn't as easy as it looks. —Library Workroom After lunch, It's back to work again as fourth hour begins. Occasionally the regular schedule is pleasantly interrupted by an assembly or club meeting. Everybody looks forward to these, although regular classes are also instructive and interesting. And she wonders why we re never in our seats when the bell rings! - Sophomore EnKlish Class. NineNo loafing in this class. —Mechanical Drawing Claes. Our scrapbook variety of classes Ten"Well, you see, Mr. Brock, it’s like this." —Principal's Office. One class runs into the next with time in between for a quick drink at the fountain (if you're lucky enough to be near the front of the line) and a hasty "hi” to your friends. Once in a great while Mr. Brock calls some one in for a friendly conference to straighten out individual problems and difficulties. El even The watering trough. —Lower Hall.Stan, the Man—hero hour. Alton Baseball Diamond TwelveTakes Two to Tango, also jitterbug. Bean Dance. After school, some go straight home while others stay for athletics and still others can be found sipping a nickel coke and "chewing the fat" at Ballweg's. In the evening, the building is often the scene of games and dances. Finally the day is ended and the building is emptied except for the janitors, whose work is just beginning. The "pause that refreshes" after a hard day at school. Drugstore Fountain. ThirteenClockwise: Mr. Clyde W. Fruit, secretary: Mr. Albert Cassens, president; Mr. Chester Buchta; Mr. Wilbur Suhre; Mr. E. L. Alexander, superintendent of schools; Mr. Rudolph B. Hans; Mr. William J. Bode; and Mr. Lamont Heidinger. Board of Education What do these smiling faces mean to you — qualified teachers, pleasant buildings, a smoothly run school? These things and many more are ably and cheerfully handled by our seven-member Board of Education, and we commend its members on the fine job they are doing. Superintendent Mr. E. L. Alexander is known to all, from kindergarten to high school. Through the years we have learned to trust in his judgment and kindliness and, as high school students, we have not found our confidence misplaced. We thank him for the contribution he has made to our happy school memories. Mr. E. L. Alexander SixteenPrincipal No one can deny that Mr. Brock is an extremely busy man, but he is ready with a friendly smile to talk to any student any time. Friendliness seems to be his most outstanding characteristic. Although he isn't really stem, he maintains discipline at all times and holds the respect of everybody. It is necessary for him to perform a variety of tasks, from speaking at assemblies and chaperoning bean dances to solving game ticket problems and cosponsoring Student Council activities. His work is really appreciated by the students even though it isn't always made apparent by their actions. Mr. George F. Brock Mr. Richard Erzen Miss Elsie J. Sloan ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL A newcomer to E.H.S. this year, Mr. Erzen has quickly won his place in the students' hearts. One of his many jobs is to handle the "tardies” and other delinquents, which he does-in a kindly manner. The fact that his work may sometimes go unobserved is a tribute to his efficiency, and may be noted by his lack of enemies. DEAN OF GIRLS Going to college or looking for a job? Miss Sloan is willing and able to help you select the right school or the right type of job for your own personal needs. She can be found at her desk long before school and long after, her friendly smile putting you at ease as you discuss your problems with her. SeventeenFaculty Miss Nellie Alexander, B.S., M.S. “Math and chess are her two great loves ” Algebra Mr. Arthur Apprill, B.S., A.M. “A big heart under a stern look ” World History, World Geography, Psychology, American Government Miss Betty Bates. B.S. “Keeping all the would-be Amazons in line is no easy task.” Physical Education Mr. George Briggs, B.S. “ ‘Without a Song’—E.H.S. ivould be a very dull place ” Vocal Music Mr. A. M. Gibson, B.S., M.S. "He gives the freshmen their first taste of science” General Science Mrs. Alice Crocker, A.B.. M.A. “A peach of a teacher, grease paint and amateur actors.” Speech, English Miss Grace Cunningham, B.S., M.A. "Una persona muy simpatico—in other words, a nice person to know” Spanish, French Mr. Cleaon Etzkorn, B.M.E., M.M.E. "Just plain ‘Gus’—a friend to all band members ” Band Miss Carla Gewe, A.B.. M.A. "Everyone's problem is her problem —in any language ” Latin Down the hatch - - Eighteenliss Esther Goeddel, B.S., M.A. Miss Lorraine Hatscher, B.S., M.A. Miss Ella Helm, B.S., M.A. ihe brings history ght out of the books id into the assroom” merican History “The mainstay of our Tiger Times staff” Creative Writing, English “Could anyone tell me the Pythagorean Theorem?” Geometry, Advanced Algebra Girls will be girls! Mr. Richard K. Hutton, B.S. in Ed., M.S. “He’s the first trainer of our future athletes ” Physical Education Assistant Coach Miss Joan Hunter, B.Ed., M.S. “Believe it or not, her students are sorry when the bell rings” Biology NineteenFaculty Mr. Hunt, Mr. Soehlke. Mrs. Strasen. Mr. Fiegenbaum and Mr. Utechtt. Custodians Keeping a school clean and in good working condition is not an easy job. However, we are very lucky in having five custodians who are capable and also friendly to everybody. Mr. Benny Isselhardt. A.B., M.S. “One of our favorites -after only one year.” Living Problems, English, Driver Education, Football and Track Coach “Who do you think keeps up the pep of the school?” General Business, Bookkeeping Little, A.B. Anyone care for a good book?” Librarian Mrs. Betty Lange, B.M.Mrs. Edith Mr. A. E. Little, A.B., M.S. “Jack of all trades— ASDF LKJ " Typing, Shorthand Mrs. Elisabeth Miller, B.S. in Ed., M.A. "What would our yearbook be without her?" Mechanical Drawing Mr. James Loy, B.S., M.S. “He does a good job of keeping his budding scientists from blowing up the lab.” Physics, Chemistry Mr. J. D. Miller, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. “Shop and tennis manage to keep him busy the year ’round.” Shop, Tennis Coach Mr. Joe E. Lucco, A.B., M.A. “A joke for every occasion except a basketball game.” American History, Economics, International Relations, Living Problems, Basketball and Baseball Coach Miss Janet Paar, B.S. “Is there an artist in the crowd?” English, Art TwentyMiss Lucy Parkey, B.S., M.S. “What boy wouldn’t like to latch on to one of her efficient homemakers?” Homemaking Mrs. Rose Sands, A.B., M.A. “A friend to all, especially Freshmen.” English Mr. Chester Seibert, B.S. “Come down to the Ag. room and learn how to become an expert farmer." Agriculture Miss Aletha Smiser, B.S., M.A. "A sweeter person is hard to find." Shorthand, Typing, Secretarial Practice Mrs. Frances Tuxhorn, B.S., M.S. “She teaches the girls the tricks of the homemaking trade." Homemaking Miss Isabel Wood, A.B., M.A. “Last but not the least in our affections." English, American Literature Mrs, Verna Firnhaber and Mrs. Coleta M. Zimmerman Office Secretaries Much of the efficiency of our school is due to the work of our two office secretaries, Mrs. Coleta M. Zimmerman and Mrs. Verna Firnhaber. Students and teachers alike benefit from their talents and suggestions. Twenty-oneClass Officers Don Koenig, vice president Gerry Svoboda, secretary Rich Ladd, treasurer Rich Mueller, president (seated) Senior Class History It doesn't seem very long ago that about one hundred and forty students entered E.H.S. to begin four years of outstanding leadership in scholastics, athletics, music, dramatics, and many other activities. As Freshmen, we soon proved that our class would be one of which to be proud. However, it was during our Sophomore year that upperclassmen and teachers really began noticing the class of 1953. We presented an outstanding Freshman-Sophomore party, featuring a Brown Derby theme and, for the first time in our school's history, the basketball team went to State with one of our class members, Jim Barton, on the team. While Juniors, we produced the humorous play, "Our Miss Brooks" and the Junior-Senior Prom (remember the "Showboat?") was a great success, if we do say so ourselves. This same year the baseball team had a near-perfect season and went to State with quite a few Junior players. W,....... vam Dark hair and dancing feet . . . flashing eyes and hands in motion . . . changeable moods ... an enthusiastic sports fan and an athlete, herself ... a deep respect for the spiritual side of life ... a loyal friend •— In our hearts that's how we will always remember Joan Serfas. Without a doubt, though, the year of 1952-1953 was the most outstanding of all. During the first three years the class had been developing their leaders and then as Seniors it set a good example for all other classes to follow. The Senior play, "No More Homework", was a big hit and all sports ended with very successful records making our Senior year at E.H.S. complete. Twenty-two Joan Serfas — 1935-1952Seniors f ELFRIEDA ALJETS Always has a nice word for everybody . . . can take a joke . . . she persists in being nice. JUNE ARTH Sweet and serious ... a friendly manner . . . determined. MARGARITA AUTENRIEB An artist without an artist’s temperament . . . superior leadership qualities. MAGENE BALDRIDGE Gay . . . energetic . . . very reliable but takes life as it comes. JOE BARRY Tries to catch up on his sleep at school . . . nix on homework. JIM BARTON He really knows his way around a basketball court . . . always ready for a joke. GERTRUDE BAST Sincere friend . . . mischievous twinkle in her eye. RICHARD BAST Congenial when awake . . . a school girl blush. MAUREEN BECK One who left E. H. S. and came back to finish her Senior year . . . quiet, but friendly. ROY BECKETT Casual, but smoothly dressed .. . likeable . . . keeps the ball rolling with choice remarks. ANNE BERGANDINE Sweet as spice . . . always tries to be nice . . . thorough. ROBERT BITTICK What’s Romeo got that 1 haven’t? . . . likes best to do nothing. DAVID BLAEUER His motto is “Learn and Earn” . . . doesn’t have much weight to throw around, still was noticed on gridiron. CHARLES BLUME Truly a good guy . . . came to school for a purpose . . . willing to help. RICHARD BODE A good companion . . . minds his own business . . . agreeable. Twenty-threeSeniors Twenty-four MERLIN BRASE Doesn’t mind that school is almost over . . . gets along with everyone . . . manner all his own. BETTY BRIDGEWATER Diligent worker . . . makes friends easily . . . loves to laugh. LOREN BUHR Friendly . . . unassuming . . . a hidden sense of humor. ELVERA BURGES Utilizes all her talents ... a really wonderful girl. LEONA BURTON Brown eyes . . . easy to work with . . . always tries to please. JOANN CASSENS Stately . . . intellectual . . . strong character. JAMES CLOSE A nattiral with a cornet . . . ambitious . . . sunny disposition. BOB COLLINS Likes to read . . . believes school is the place to study . . . wants to be an author. EMIL CROOK Another light boy who made good at football . . . popular . . . always seems to have fun. MARY ANN DAIBER Pert . . . friendly disposition . . . eager to help .. . always happy. TOM DAILEY Knows how to make friends ... a comeback for every line. NANCY DANIEL Romance is her specialty . . . beautiful blue eyes. DARL DETTMER Able Student Council president ... a really friendly 9uy. JOAN DORSEY Versatility unlimited ... a friend to all, Freshman to Senior. JAMES DUGGER He will go far in few steps . . . . always hungry.Seniors HAROLD ELLINGTON Quiet but has many friends ■.. many favorable qualities. SHIRLEY ERNST Possesses an infectious giggle . . . always has a joke on hand. DOUGLAS ERWIN Knows how to handle horses . . . easy to know . . . very friendly. STAN FINCHER Pilots a Packard convertible . . . swings a ivicked bat . . ■ has friends in every town. PHYLLIS FLACK An efficient FHA president . ... a charm all her oum. DONALD FRISSE Never grunts, groans, or grumbles ... an all-right guy. CLETUS GARDE Never loud . . . he knows that it’s wise to be inconspicuous. HELEN GOERTZ Knows where she's going . . . knows how to get there . . . born blonde. DONALD GREBEL Knows how to handle a tennis racket . . . sincere . . . kind. MARIAN GREGOR Always prepared for a joke . . . laughing and smiling comes easy. PAT HALL Loved -E.H.S. so came back for Senior year . . . tall . . . dark beauty. VIRGIL HEEPKE Quiet in a refined sort of way . . . amiable . . . considerate. RICHARD HELMKAMP Light hair, dark complexion make a good combo . . . leader in FFA. HELEN HESS One of the powerhouses in girls’ sports . . . genial. JOAN HEUER Gentle and sweet . . . never a complaint . . . very pleasant. Twenty-fiveSeniors DONALD HOWELLS Inclined to be tall, dark, and handsome . . . always a favorable word. DONALD HULL New here ... Quickly made a place for himself . . ■ pleasing disposition. KATHERINE JAROS A conspicuous figure on the girls' bowling team . . . lots of fun. ROBERT JOHNSON A real pitching ace . . . can pitch hay too ... intelligence plus. TOM KELAHAN He is distinguished by his walk . . . takes life easy. DICKSIE KESSMAN Agreeable with everyone but has ideas of her own . . .will never be friendless. SHIRLEY KESSMAN Surely she will alivays succeed . . . dependable . . . artistic. BRUCE KIRK “Toofus” ... a guy who fits into everyone’s plans . . . swell fellow. WILLIAM KLEFFMAN He may be quiet but not without friends . . ■ very generous with compliments. EVELYN KNOCHE A bom musician ... a hidden sense of humor ... always willing to help. DONALD KOENIG An active FFA member . . . anything he undertakes, he will complete, well. ANITA KOLESA Marriage doesn’t seem to affect her . . . eager to learn ... always agreeable. DONALD KRUCKEBERG A likeable guy . . . gets along with 'most everyone. RICHARD LADD You won’t find a nicer lad ... only says the right things, leans toward the lazy side. ROGER LANDRETH Likes to sleep in class but sports wake him up .. . knows everyone well. Twenty-sixSeniors BOB LEITNER “Jeep" . . . broad shoulders . . . studies are the least of his worries. TOM LISCHMANN “Look quick, before I turn sideways" . . . dependable to a high degree. WAYNE LONG Content to watch life go by, if .. . pleasant personality. HOUSTON LOWRY Speed on track or football field . . . generous . . . amiable. DALE McCRACKEN He has good qualities even he doesn’t know about . . . smiling became a habit. RICHARD McCRACKEN Always cheerful . . . always kind ... it seems to be easy to make friends Richard’s way. JACK McCURDY His voice will startle you at first ... if things aren’t interesting, he’ll make them change. KATHLEEN McGILVARY Enthusiastic about everything . . . inviting personality .. . dependable. DOLORES MILLER Quiet in an attractive way . . . never pessimistic . . . 99 44 100% pure. MARIAN MORRISON Very sweet ... a whiz in girls’ basketball . . . favorite song, “Jack, Jack, Jack." GLORIA MOTL Likes horses . . . reads a lot . . . artistic . . . seen often but seldom heard. RICHARD MUELLER Looks are deceiving . . . he’s very athletic . . . everyone loves a blond. GINGER MYERS Has knack for music ... dependable . . . always cheerful. BEVERLY NEUHAUS A capable “Tiger" editor . ■ ■ succeeds in anything she attempts. JOE NOELTNER Jokester . . . expresses himself with his eyebrows. Twenty-sevenSeniors BABS NUERNBERG Neat . . . never ruffled . . . natural blond . . . associate editor of The Tiger Times. ROBERT O'BRIEN The name sounds Irish . . . jolly . ■ ■ red hair completes the picture. PATRICIA O'HALLORAN Leads a life of laughs . . . Irish, naturally . . . likes to dance. PRENTISS OVERBY Doesn’t say much but it’s always important . . . strives to please. RONALD PATTON A pal to all .. . doesn't believe the saying that silence is golden. RICHARD PENELTON Anyone can be somebody if he just tries . . . popular in any crowd. MURL PERADOTTI Good natured . . . he’s most interested in FFA and farming. NORMAN PROVOW Swell fellow with little to say . . ■ still has plenty of friends and good times. FRANK RADECKE Knows how to handle the rackets . . . “Life, liberty and the pursuit of women.’’ ROGER RANEK A real sport ... a hidden but ready wit . . . has loads of pals. DICK REID He’ll never see his second childhood; he’ll always be in his first. TOM REILLY Seems to have a way with the girls . . .everything about him is favorable. BOB ROBINSON If he can’t do something well, he won’t do it . . . everyone’s buddy. GEORGIANNE ROBINSON Slow but sure . . . likes responsibility . . . clear complexion. JIM SCATES Has a comeback for everything . . . will do anything for a laugh . . . essential to the football team. Twenty-eightSeniors VERNON SCHAEFER If he can't say anything nice, he won’t say it. EMOGENE SCHMIDT Always smiling . . . beauty combined with brains ... a perfectly charming queen. BOB SCHNEIDER You may be hearing him on radio, he’s a real crooner . . . refined. ARLYN SCHWALB Is involved in a racket (tennis) .. .neat, well dressed .. . soft voice. EARL SHAW The kind of guy that never bores you . . . always ready with a smile. HERMAN SHAW Spends more time with a ball than with a book . . . has many friends. DAN SMITH One of our twins ■ ■ ■ reared on a farm . . . corn-fed kid. SAM SMITH Our other one . . . reared on a farm ... corn-fed kid. ARNOLD SOMMERFELDT Fun loving . . . forgetful . . . never worries about anything. ROBERT SOUTHARD Full of fun and mischief . . . helped a lot in football DONALD STAHLHUT Living in the country doesn’t stop him ... he must like to exercise his vocal cords. GERALD STAHLHUT He should be a ladies’ man . . . look at those dimples. MARILYN STAHLHUT Ought to make someone a good secretary . . . petite . . . one of our many small seniors. PAUL STERNITZKE Nice to know . . . fun to be with ... an all round good kid. MAURICE STILLE "Scrub” . . . keen sense of Humor . . . never makes excuses for things gone wrong. Twenty-nineSeniors NANCY STINE Our only red-headed girl . . . utilizes all her time. BEVERLY ST. JOHN Efficient . . . for her, shorthand is a snap . . . has a knack for gathering friends. JOHN STRICKLAND Everyone likes him . . . tall . . . solemn, hut humorous. JAMES SUHRE Devotes his time to getting an education . . . everything about him is pleasing. GERALDINE SVOBODA A smile makes a beautiful face . . . she has sweetness to spare. ROBERTA TAUL Always pleasant . . . always ready to be nice. ANN TAYLOR Another of our true blondes . . . in Decatur now . . . missed very much. JOAN TREAT Cool and collected . . . small but mighty . . . never an tin-kind word. FRANK TWENTE A man who says little, makes few mistakes . . . sincere. BOB UNGER Chess fanatic . . . reads a lot . . . science minded . . . wants to be a teacher. BILL VADALABENE He owns a walk known only to Bill . . . loads of fun. JOE VAN WINKLE “Rip” to his many friends . . . really lives up to his namesake. SHIRLEY VOTRIAN Short and snappy . . . dark . . . cute . . . charming. RONALD WADLOW Staunch supporter of good times . . . missed by the team when out with a bad leg. HARLENE WALL • Headed for a successful career . . . sincere . . . faithful. ThirtySeniors PATRICIA WATKINS Her good qualities are many . . . likes to skate. JOE WATSON Future manager of Cassens . . . going in the right direction for success. GLENDA WEBER "Live, love, laugh, and be happy”—that’s her motto. ROBERT WEIDNER Hidden talents . . . friendly fellow . . . quite a joke lover. ALVIN WENTZ Tall . . . blond ... an asset to our school. NANCY WIESEMAN A model of kindliness . . . nice to all. ALVA MAE WILLE Very faithful to her many friends . . . cheerful. HARLAN WILLE Nothing disturbs him . . . except school, that is. WALTER WILLIAMS Genuine friend . . . good worker . . . has friends to spare. SUZANNE WILSON Highly capable Tiger Times editor . . . always neat . . . fun loving. ROY WOOD Outstanding wit . . . supporter of good times . . . far from studious. JACQUELINE WYATT Sincerity is her most favorable trait. ROBERT ZOELZER He’s included in everyone’s plans . . . makes sure everyone’s having a good time. MARJORIE ZUIDEMA Well known for her musical ability ... a born leader . . . wants to become a nurse. Thirty-oneJuniors S Officers were, left to right; Billie Mae Lange, vice president; Imogene Smith, secretary; Allen Cassens, president; and Peggy Duffy, treasurer. Kent Ahrens Delores Amistadi Lyn Anderson John Autenrieb Mary Baird Kay Ballweg Rose Ann Barone Jerry Barton Phyllis Basham Carol Bekemeyer Colleen Bekemeyer Joseph Blackmore Martha Elaine Blase Gloria Bohm Ronald Bollinger Ray Bouse John Boyer Lois Brakhane Shirley Braundmeier Jim Broshow Shirley Dix Burlingame Shirley Butcher Shirley Cain Carol Casna Allen Cassens Barbara Chandler Shirley Chandler Judy Cherry Carl Clark Levonda Clem Ivan Cliff Joey Ann Conner Wm. Cunningham Henrietta Cwan Kay Dalhaus Donna Daniel Shirley Davis Suzanne Dietrich Donald Dudacek Peggy Duffy Sue Dunlap Lloyd Dustman Thirty-twoJuniors Marlen Dustman Geraldine Eberhart Elizabeth Eilers Dolores Emshousen Vernon Erb Ronald Evans Judith Fiegenbaum Mary Ann Fincher Donald Flack Kenneth Flavin Nancy Flynn Joan Foehrkalb June Pashea Ford Ronald Foster Betty Franke Dorothy Franke Judy Fruit Nancy Giardina Virginia Giacomelli Marlin Goff Carolyn Green Robert Gregor Wilma Gusewelle Gloria Hall Bernard Hannig Donna Havelka Jim Heeren Lucille Heilman Edith Helmkamp Joyce Helmkamp Paul Hertel Everett Hess Ann Hosier Lorene Hosto Lena Houba Lester Howerton Patricia Hughes Wilma Hundley Bobby Jackson Luella Jones Patricia Jones Betty Lou Joyce Gerald Kacer Pat Keller Ronald Kessman Gene King Jack King Paul Klueter Harry Kreutzberg Nadine Kriege Darlene Kuhn Rosemarie Landa Billie Mae Lange Virgil Langley Thirty-threeJuniors Gayle Leonard Sandra Lerch Margaret Jane LeVora Elsie Lewis Paul Lizotte Darlene Loos Bob Mallory Anita Manns Bill Mateyka Calvin May Harry McGowan Donald Meikamp Mary Lou Meikamp Marlene Meyer Barbara Moomaw Joan Mount Laura O’Connell Donald Ohl Dina Orten Marilyn Ortgier Leroy Owens Lucille Paul Bill Pfeifer Donald Prott Don Purcell Robert Pyle Francis Reiter Donald Reynolds George Rezabek Virginia Riggs Joan Rinkel Norma Rohrkasse Jim Ruhl Robert Ruhl Genevieve Sander Bob Sajovetz Carol Schaefer Charles Scheibal Marlene Scheibal JoAnn Schmitt Gene Schriedel Roger Schroeder Bill Schwalb Gerald Shashek Lois Shepard Gregory Sibaila Thirty-fourJuniors Shiriee Simmons Donald Smith Imogene Smith Mary Smith Jean Soden Jane Southard Donald Southard Shirley Spencer Paul Stahlhut Loretta Mae Stanley Dale Stegall David St. John Wm. Strasen Delores Svoboda Robert Taul Ronald Thompson Roblee Thorpe Betty Jane Tinor Arthur Trousdale Eileen Uelsmann Maureen Uhe Harrold Underwood JoAnn Unterbrink Wm. VanHuss E. Wendel Van Stee Loretta Vasiloff Jim Vaughn Taylor Vaughn Dorothy Vestel Walter Walker David Walter Barbara Webb Kenneth Weber Bob Wehrle Kay Weiler Ted Werner Betty Jean West Nancy Widener Leslie Wieduwilt Jacklyne Willman Betty Wilkening Shirley Wilkinson Jack Williams David Wilson Mary Lou Yates Dorothy York Thirty-fiveSophomores Off icers were, left to right: Rose Marie Compton, president: Ralph Leuschke, treasurer; Dolores Sharp, secretary, and Gerald Mateyka, vice president. Paul Adams Carol Bardelmeier David Bardelmeier Evelyn Barnard Verlene Bartels JoAnn Barton Ruth Bast Mike Bequette William Bequette Susan Bergandine Beverly Bess JoAnn Bollman William Bolzenius Loretta Bradshaw Lucihe Brase Robert Bratten William Bratten Reid Brazier Jimmie 3rend:e Janet Brimbau Eari Brockmeier William Buch Evelyn Buehler Carol Bunte Kay Burrus Martha Cermak Marcia Charlton James Clark May Cliff Jerry Collins Rose Marie Compton Linda Corl Judith Crook Thomas Crossman Patricia Cunningham Ray DeConcini Hulda DeSherlia Phyllis Dorsey Michael Duffy Wendell Durr Carole Easton Mary Ann Eck Thirty-sixSophomores Carl Ellington Janet Elswick Jeraldine Ewell Donald Finke Floyd Fisher Raymond Jerry Fitch Sa'ly Flago Margaret Fleming Frederick Funke James Gagliardo Colleen Garde Virginia Garde Sylvia Giardina Dee Ellen Gibbs Robert Gilbert Donald Glaser Marilyn Gower JoAnn Grebel Beverly Green John Grinstead Frances Hackethal Patty Haney Robert Hans Robert Henry Hans Marilyn Hansel Richard Hartnagel Carol Haynes James Heoerer Louis Heilman Wilbur Helmkamp Mary Grace Henke Lucille Hering Carroll Hooks Maurice Howe Larry Howells John Jacobi Donald Jason Marian Jenne Henrietta Johnson Sarah Jane Johnson Billy Judge John Justice Edward Kane Bobby King Charlotte King Gerald Koenig Herbert Krapf Ralph Krohn Roger Kuchta John Kuehn Johnny Lehotz Richard Lenz Donna Rae Leonard Ralph Leuschke Thirty-sevenSophomores Oliver Lewis Edward Lohr Kay Long Mary Jo Long Flora Lovsey Bernice Luebbers Darrell Madison Francine Marti Gerald Mateyka Neta Mayberry Rosemary Maynard Darrell McDonald Hazel McGowan Kathleen McLean Alvin McNeilly, Jr. Irene Mennemeyer Arlene Mick Edward Moorman Connie Myers Harold Nelson Eunice Nolte Verna Mae O'Dell Loretta Paoli Maurice Patterson Bill Penelton Gloria Penelton Melvin Penelton Ronald Penelton Ronald Pratt David Price Dale Provow Frank Prusa Marcelle Perot Leonard Perry Dan Pulliam Nancy Pyle Kenneth Reising Lindley Renken Charlene Ringering Harold E. Roemelin Merrill Rosenthal Mary Jo Rozum Diane Rudat Sharon Sanders Richard Sasek Mary Ann Schaefer Thirty-eightSophomores Carolee Schafer Edward Schlemer James Schiemer Marlene Schlemer Kathryn Schlesinger Marlene Schoettle Jane Schroeder Clarence Scott Patsy Senn Carol Serfas Harry Shaw William Shaw Dolores Ann Sharp Marjorie Sickbert Leon Smiddy Robert Smiley Faye Smith Suzanne Smith Laverne Spencer Leonard Sperandio Allene Spernol Barbara Steely Betty Strader Carol Strasen Margaret Strohmeier Janet Suhre Leo Taul Beverly Thomas Jeanette Thomas Janice Tillery Kay Trowbridge Eva Twente Nadine Walker Roger Weber Rosalie Woiler Lynette Werner Robert Wetzel Doris Wiehe Rose Wilkening Dwaine Wille Lawrence Williams Willis Wilson Sarah Wisnasky Shirley Wohlford Kenneth Ziegler Jean Zoeller Thirty-nineFreshmen Left to right, officers were; Audree Cassens, secretary; Allan Weber, treasurer; Bill Schwartz, vice president; and Harold Patton, president. Ronald Aljets Linda Anderson Kenneth Arnold Joanne Aubrecht Maxine Ayers Louis Baptist Kenneth Bartels Robert Bast Charlene Bauer Margaret Ann Bauer Janet Beck Lanoma Bedwell Darrell Behrendt Arlene Bell Cyrus Blackmore Richard Blase Marilyn Blythe Jack Boccaleoni Delores Boeker Richard Bosch Dorene Bradley Donna Brakhane Barbara Brooks Sylvia Ann Bunte Erma Burges Shirley Burlingame Thelma Butcher Mary Alice Butler James Cain Sharon Carnaghi Elijah Carpenter Audree Cassens Gloria Cassens Pat Cassens Frank H. Chandler Mary Chartrand Loretta Chlibec James Christians Phil Corlew Don Culbertson Michael Davidson Billy Paul Davis Esther Davis Lessie Davis Russel Davis Marilyn Dawes Richard Dickerman Essie Dickey FortyFreshmen Shirley Mae Dinwiddie Suzanne Early Joan Edwards Robert Engelmann Jerrett Fagan Donald Fencel Evelyn Fields Jaclt Foehrkalb Helen Franke Albert Fravell Billy Fulton Harley Fultz Robert Gagliardo Martha Gardner Lois Gardner Jim Gemoules Shirley Gentry Herman Gerbig Anthony Giardina John Green Loretta Hansel Roberta Hanser Doris Hardy Theresa Harmon Thomas E. Harper Barbara Harrison Bonnie Hart Robert Heeren James Heinemeier Phyllis Heifer Richard Helmkamp Marvin Henke Patricia Henry Glorianne Hickey Sherlyn Highlander JoAnn Hinnen Peaqy Hosier Nancy Howes Dorothy Hufstedler Georgia Hughes Leona Hydron Mannie Jackson Samuel Johnson Leroy Johnson Ronald Kessinger Sharon Kessman Gail Jones Maurice Jones Walter Justice Harold Kast Jerry Keyes Delore King Eldon Knoche Vernon Koenig Forty-oneFreshmen Jane Kotva Margaret Kriege Gary Ladd Marilyn Lambert Patricia Long Robert Lowry Elizabeth MacGregor Joseph Makler Shirley Leitner Sandra Lewis Suzanne Marks Wilbur Mateyka Stuart McElwain Cynthia McKee Roger Lynn McNeilly Elsie Mehrer Charles Meyer Virgil Miller Janet Moller William H. Moorman May Morris David Morton Toni Musso Arlene Noll Earlene Orman Joyce Pape James Peterson Luther Pike Louis Pinkas Donald Pratt Martha Mount Donald Munzert Harold Patton Frank Peterson Velda Mae Primas Jean Prott David Provaznik Theresa Raffaelle Carol Rasplica Robert Louis Ray Ronald Reid Mary Sue Reilly Rosemary Reinke Kenneth Reiter Preston Robinson Gerald ine Rotter Carol Sajovetz Jean Satterlee Bobby Lee Reed Charles Reed Jerry Robien Linda Robinson Richard Schaefer David Scheyer n ft S' M : ft ft . V ) Forty-twoFreshmen a - i a a ■f,u' . cs sii'ti Walter Schramm William Schwartz Ronald Schwartzkopf Janet Schwear Elaine Sellner Raymond Shaffer Bill Semon Sidney Shashack Billy Sheppard Charles Simmons Roger Smith Edward Snajdr John Sorum Doris Sotl Melba Spiller Ruth Stahlhut Doyle Stegall Charlotte Stoces Darleen Stoecklin Dalian Strader Ruth Stunkel Patricia Szegedy Larry Thompson Shirley Tomlinson Raymond Trebing Eieanor Turner Howard Unterbrink Charles Vadalabene Joel Van Stee Govoner Vaughn David Viere Joann Vohradsky Dwight Wade Betty Wadlow Nancy Wallace Mable Washington Sandra Watkins Lindell Webb Allen Weber Joan Weber Ross Wehling Charlotte Weinberg Gloria Weishaupt David West James West David Wilkinson Ronald Williamson Billy Winter Betty Marie Wise Shirley Witcher Janice Wohlford Walter Wydra Clarine Young Earl Zoeller Forty-threeRow 1—Babs Nuernberg. Susy Wilson. Fev Neuhaus. Helen Goertz. Nancy Stine. Row 2 Joan Dorsey. Miss Wood. Georgie Robinson. Bob Schneider. Mrs. Miller. Emogene Schmidt, David Bardelmcier. Writing copy . . . taking pictures . . . selling ads and subscriptions . . . typing the contents . . . selecting a theme . . . working on the dummy. As you can see, the Tiger staff has had a busy year. Few people realize all the work that goes into the making of a yearbook. You won't hear any complaints, though, for we have enjoyed every minute of it. Nothing we have done would have been possible without the guidance of our sponsor, Mrs. Miller and her assistants, Miss Wood and Mr. Gibson. Tiger Staff Forty-six Beverly Neuhaus - Editor1952-53 Tiger Staff Beverly Neuhaus Joan Dorsey ......... Bob Schneider Georgianne Robinson Babs Nuernberg Emogene Schmidt Nancy Stine Helen Goertz Suzanne Wilson David Bardelmeier ........ Editor Class editor Ad manager Photo, editor ... Club editor Sales manager Literary editor Typist Typist Photographer Trying to solve the yearbook problems. Ad Staff Sales Staff Row 1—Glenda Weber. L’mogene Schmidt. Pat Watkins. Row 2—Rich Mueller. Tom Dailey. Rich Penelton Row 1 Ginger Myers. JoAnn Cassens. Helen Goertz. Row 2 Mr. Gibson, Betty Bridgewater. Marjorie Zuidema. Bob Schneider. Row 3—Richard McCracken, Dari Dettmer.Row 1—Jane Kotva. Audree Cassens. Joanne Aubrecht. Donna Rae I eonard. Nancy Flynn. Janice Wohlford. JoAnn Schmitt. Linda Robinson. Betsy MacGregor. Carolee Schaler. May Cliff. Margie Zuidema. Row 2- Sara Johnson. Richard McCracken. Leonard Perry, Shirley Wchlford. Ralph Leuschke. Pat Cunningham. Gloria Weishaupt. Marian Jenne. Pat O’Halloran, Tom Reilly. Wendell Durr. Anne Bergandine. Richard Dickerman. Babs Nuernberg. Kathleen McGilvary. Betty Bridgewater. Linda Anderson. Ginger Myers. Kathleen McLean. Phil Corlew. Nancy Stine. Eciwardsville High Drilling in the mud . . . Practice? . . . PP (Plenty Power) . . . Having a bake sale to raise money for the band trip . . . playing at basketball games . . . ticket sales campaign . . . dress rehearsal (whew!) . . . these are the things that go together to make the E.H.S. band. This year's band consisted of 83 members in the first band and 30 members in the second band. To highlight the year a commemorative concert was presented in which the band played the music that the 1933 band played when they placed second in the nation. On their second concert, the band played "Suite Ro-mantica ' which was arranged for band by Mr. Etzkorn. This was the U. S. premiere of the selection. Forty-eight Drum Majorettes May Cliff and Patsy Senn Row 3 Margarita Autenrleb. Don Orebel. Bill Fulton. Jo Ann Cassens, Gloria Bohm. Joan Edwards. Jim Close. Bill Pfeifer. Bill Shaw. John Autenrfeb. Ronald Patton. Bill Buch. Richard Saaek. Walter Justice. Eddie Snajdr. Jimmy Brendle. Maurice Jones. David Price. Don Jason. Harold Ellington. Allen Cassens. Barbara Brooks. Roy Beckttt. Reid Brazier. Ruth Stunkel. David Walter. Tom Lischmann. Row 4 Bonnie Hart. Evelyn Fields. Carol Rasplica. Ronnie Aljets. Marilyn Dawes. Pat Long. Gloria Cassens. Harley Fultz. Bill Bratten. Laura O'Connell, Patsy Senn. Fred Funke, Melvin Penelton. Raymond Schaffer. Jim Gemoules. Richard Hartnagel. Roy Wood. Harold Kast, Bill Schwalb. Bill Wetzel. John Sorum. Eunice Nolte, Gerry Shashek. Gayle Leonard. Bill Mateyka. Row 5- Mr Cleon Etzkorn, Richard Helmkamn. Don Flnke. Lonnetta Hansel. JoAnn Vohradsky, Phyllis Dorsey. Darrell McDonald, Jack Foehrkolb. Dwight Wade, Lucille Brase, Preston Robinson. School Band Edwardsvil'e members of Ail-State Band Margie Zuidema. Jim Close, Laura O’Connell. Nancy Stine. JoAnn Cassens. Margarita Autenrleb. John Autenrleb. Don Grebel. Director Mr. Cleaon Etzkorn Forty-nine Row 1—Evelyn Knoche. Janey Southard, June Pashea Ford, Sue Dunlap, Glnny Riggs. Joan Dorsey. Carol Schaefer, Sue Bergandlne. Rosemary Maynard, Ginger Myers. Row 2—Emogene Schmidt. Mary Baird. Marlene Schelbal, Beverly Neuhaus.Mary Lou Melkamp. Georgie Robinson. Joan Rinkel. Mary Lou Yates. Helen Goertz. Donna Havelka. Margie Zuidema. Row 3—Mary Smith. Carl Ellington. Jerry Stahlhut, Dan Flack. Ted Werner. Jack McCurdy. David Walter. Robert Gilbert. Jim Heeren. Row 4—Jay Blackmore. Ivan Cliff. Roy Wood. Herman Shaw. E. Wendell Van Stee. Bob Schneider. Virgil Heepke. A Capella Choir "Remember When?" . . . candlelight concerts and plenty of practices . . . singing over KFUO . . . recording for KWK . . . robes and music, costumes and scenery . . . solos and ensembles . . . put them together and you come up with one of the | most active organizations in E.H.S., the A Capella Choir. Director - Mr. George S. Briggs fifty A CAPELLA CHOIR, cont. The A Cctpella Choir is composed of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are selected from the smaller choruses because of their singing ability. Their activities are many and varied, including concerts for the student body and the public, ensemble singing for organizations in Edwardsville, and going to the Spring Choral Festival. The year was climaxed by a trip to Charleston, Illinois. Gay Nineties - - ' Ye Olde Barbershop Quartet’ Roaring Twenties - - Short skirts, rouged knees, flapper hairdos. Sublime Sixties - Dignified, somber, and oh-so proper.Girls’ Athletic Association Officers lclt Row Glenda Weber, vice pres., and Bev. Neuhaus. treas ont Row Emogene Schmidt, secy., and Marian Morrison. pres Get ready to help it over! Volleyball and basketball after school . . . bowling on Wednesdays . . . the Freshman initiation (food'n Frantic Fresh-ies) . . . the Senior Banquet (smooth Seniors for the last time) . . . are all a part of the fun we've had in G.A.A. Fifty-turn Row ' l-8ue Dietrich. Mary Baird. Kay Ballwcg, Judy Fruit, Pat Jones. Beverly Neuhaus. Glenda Weber. Miss Bates. Marian Morrison. Emogene Schmidt. Helen Gcertz. Billie Mae Lange. Peggy Duffy. Ann Hosier. Row 2—Nancy Giardina. Katherine Jaros. Alva Mae Wllle, Beverly St. John. Maureen Beck. Helen Hess. Nancy Stine. Dina Orten. Carol Schaefer. Barbara Chandler. Carol Casna. Barbara Moomaw. Row 3 -Sue Dunlap, Glnny Riggs. Joan Foehrkalb. Pat Kel’er. Jane Southard. Gloria Motl. Magene Baldridge. Gloria Bohm. Georgle Roblr son. Joyce Rae Smith.Marian's done it again! The Girls' Athletic Association is made up of all girls in school who are interested in athletics. Their meetings are held after school twice a week and this year more emphasis was placed on individual sports such as archery, tennis, bowling, and badminton. Letter awards are made at the end of each year to the girls who have accumulated the correct number of points for their letters. Row 1—Jane Kotvi. Gloria Casscns. Janet Schwear. Janice Wohlford. Carolee Schafer. JoAnn Barton. Rose Mary Maynard. Barbara Steely. Kay Trowbridge. Janet Suhre. Susie Bergandlne. Eunice Nolte. Phyllis Dorsey. Gerry Rotter. Row 2—JoAnn Aubrecht. Esther Davis. Sandy Watkins. Joan Weber. Linda Anderson. Eleanor Turner. Carol Rasplica. Carol Serfas. Pat Cunningham. Kay Burrus. Judy Crook. Sally Flagg. Nancy Howells. Shirley Tomlinson. Rose Marie Compton. Shirley Wohlford. Row 3- Dorothy Hufatedler. Diane Rudat. Maxine Ayres. Lynette Werner. Darleen Stoecklin. Marilyn Dawes. Erma Burir-es. JoAnn Vohradsky. Margo Kriege. Earlene Orman. Peggy Hosier. Linda Robinson. Toni Musso. Sylvia Giardlna. Marcia Charlton. Carol Bunte. Janet Brlmbau. Henrietta Johnson. Marilyn Hansel. Row 3—Loretta Bradshaw. Jean Zoeller. JoAnn Grebel. Mary Sue Reilly. Susan Marks. Barbara Brooks. Pat Long. Pat Henry. Joan Edwards. Roberta Hanser. Betsy MacGregor. Phyllis Heifer. Mable Washington. Gloria Penelton. Marilyn Gower. Carol Haynes. Audree Cassens. Gloria Weishaupt. Ruth Stunkel. Cynthia McKee. Boy, I wish I had a rope! Sophomores hold a Hi-Tri meeting. Hi-Tri Once a month the class groups of Hi Tri meet and four times a year the girls hold a joint meeting, each time with a different class in charge. The Hi Tri organization sponsors quite a few par ties during the year, but the main goal of the club is to help make better citizens of its members. The Hi Tri officers of each class and the Council officers elected from the Senior Class makeup the Hi Tri Council. Row 1 Joan Fochrkalb. Peggy Duffy. Shirley Kessman. Evelyn Knoche. Emogene Schmidt. Joan Dorsey. Katherine Jaros. Margie Zuidema. Suzanne Wilson. Row 2—Miss Helm. Miss Cunningham. Mary Ann Eck. Lynettc Werner. Linda Corl, Phyllis Heifer. Betsy MacGregor. Joan Edwards. Miss Sloan. Mrs. Little.Presenting the first place trophy from the Mount Judy adding up March of Dimes contributions. Vernon Christmas Tournament to President "Gus. Student Bean Dances . . . records at noon . . . publishing the handbook . . . sponsoring assemblies . . . Christmas Dance . . . working to make our school a better place in which to learn ... is the aim of the Student Council. Council The student governing organization of E.H.S., the Student Council, is composed of representatives from each roll room. Once a week the members and their sponsors, Mrs. Sands and Mr. Brock, meet to discuss school problems and to plan various activities which the club sponsors. This year's president was Dari Dettmer. Row l—Sue Marks. Sally Flagg, Ginny Riggs. John Stricklard. Dari Dettmer. Judy Fruit. Roberta Hanscr. Barbara Brooks. Row 2 Magenc Baldridge. Mrs. Sands. Joan Dorsey. Ted Werner. Don Ohl. Rich Ladd. Kathleen McLean. Ruth Stunkel. Row 3—Joan Edwards. Ann Hosier. Bobby Reed. Bob Schreider. Bob Wetzel. Kay Ballweg. Pat Haney. Pat Henry.Row 1—Bruce Kirk. JoAnn Heuer, Margarita Autenrleb. Suzanne Wilson. Miss Hatscher. Babs Nuernberg. Joan Dorsey. Helen Hess, Joe Barry. How 2 Marian Gregor. Pat O’Halloran. Nancy Wieseman. Marilyn Stahlhut. Jackie Wyatt. Gloria Motl. Elvera Burges, Ginger Myers. Mary Ann Dalber. Katherine Jaros. Row 3- Betty Bridgewater. Roy Wood. Richard Penelton. Jim Scates. Richard Mueller. Sam Smith. Stan Fincher. Don Grebel. Anne Bergandine. Times Writing stories . . . deadlines . . . cutting stencils . . . mimeographing copies . . . Thursday night assembly lines . . . the finished product . . . your copy of The Tiger Times. The Tiger Times is published bi-weekly by the Creative Writing class, which is composed of Seniors interested in journalism. This year's editor was Suzanne Wilson. The members of the class held an election during the first subscription campaign in which they created and named a little girl friend, "Effie," for "Eddie." Also they held a mock national election which was very successful. To kick off their second subscription campaign they presented a short play depicting the exaggerated life on The Tiger Times staff. mwaoMLRow 1 Peggy Hosier. Earlene Orman. Toni Musso, JoAnne Barton. Pat Keller, Rosemary Maynard. Carolee Schafer, Gerry Rotter. Margo Kriege. P.ow 2—Linda Corl. Marcelle Perot. Allene Spernol. Janet Brimbau. Henrietta Johnson. Sally Flagg. Diane Rudat. Susie Bcrgandine, Marilyn Gower. Virginia Garde. Jane Schroeder. Pat Haney. Janet Suhre. Mary Sue Reilly. Row 3 Rosa lee Eller. Jeanette Thomas. Beverly Thomas. Laverne Spencer, Arlene Mick. Janice Tillery. Rita Strader. Lanoma Redwell. Shirley Spencer. Rose Ann Barone. Darleen Stoecklln. Nancy Giardina, Marilyn Ortgier. Theresa Harmon. Kathryn Schleslnger. Row 4—Maxine Ayers. Theresa Raffaelle. Suzanne Marks. Pat Henry. Nancy Wallace, Roberta Hanser. Velda Mae Prlmas. Phyllis Heifer. Erma Burges. Linda Robinson. Carol Serfas. Barbara Steely. Mary Jo Long. Kay Trowbridge. Marlene Schoettle. Judy Crook. Pep Club Orange beanies and white blouses . . . "We've got a T-E-A-M!" . . . "Come on, kids, let's yell!" . . . "Won't you please buy a pin or a book mark?" . . . group cheering at pep assemblies . . . with these activities the Pep Club and the Cheerleaders loyally support our ;eam. This year's Pep Club was the most active one in E.H.S. history. The aim of the club is to provide organized cheering at games. Any girl in school may be a member. The Cheerleaders are chosen in the fall on the basis of ability, school spirit, and enthusiasm. They lead the cheering at all games and pep assemblies. Letters are awarded at the end of each year. Their sponsor is Mrs. Lange. Second Team Cheerleaders—Earlene Orman, Toni First Team Cheerleaders—Pat Keller, Rosemary Musso, Gerry Rotter, Margo Kriege, Peggy Hosier. Maynard, JoAnne Barton, Carolee Schafer.F. H. A. Officers Come and get it! Colleen Garde, Shirley Votrian, Phyllis Flack, Shirley Davis Future Homemakers of America Initiation . . . scavenger hunt . . . guest speakers . . . F.H.A. week . . . hobo day . . . Parent's Banquet . . . F.F.A. Banquet . . . party for visiting chapters . . . installation . . . perfect attendance trip . . . these and many others are the activities of the Future Homemakers of America. The purposes of the F.H.A. are to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfaction of homemaking, to encourage democracy in home and community life, to work for good home and family life for all, to provide wholesome individual and group recreation, and to further interest in home economics. Row 1—Szcgedy. West. Davis. Strohmeier. Howes. Sajovetz. Bauer. Satterlee. Row 2 Highlander. Dlnwidaie. Amistadi. Brakhane, Havelka. Kessmann. Leitner. Hackcthal. Haynes. Giardina. Wise. Garde. Gower. Knocke, Votrian. Row 3 Stuhlhut. Flynn, Schmidt, Soclcn. B-aundmeier. Sander. Franke. Widener. Beck. Prott, Noll. Hess. Daiber. Ernst, « Fleming. Schwcar, Miss Parkey. Row 4 Pyle. Wlsnasky, Garde. Ewell. Ellers. Yates. Vestel. Vasiloff. Charlton. Bunte. Mick. Bartels. Flack. Early, Carnaghi.F. F. A. Officers Hey! Where’s the pop corn? Gerald Stahlhut, Don Kruckeberg, Murl Peradotti, Don Koenig, Walter Williams, Richard Helmkamp Future Farmers of America Running the concession stand for basketball games . . . market day at East St. Louis . . . boy's project tour . . . grain and poultry judging contest at Freeburg . . . livestock and dairy judging at Chester . . . hamburger fry and treasure hunt with FHA . . . State farmer degree . . . local and sectional public speaking contest ... all this goes to make a future farmer. The primary aim of the F.F.A. is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. Each year an award is made to the outstanding senior F.F.A. boy. This year honorary memberships were issued to Mr. Wilfred Helmkamp and Mr. Arnold Stahlhut, who are fathers of two F.F.A. boys who became State Farmers. Row 1 Dale Stegall, Virgil Heepke. Robert Johnson. Paul Sternltzke, Donald Koenig, Murl Peradotti, Walter Williams, Donald Kruckeberg. Richard Helmkamp. Gerald Stahlhut. Sam Smith, Dan Smith, Roy Bouse. Row 2 Kenneth Ziegler, Maurice Patterson. Donald Hull. Darrell Behrendt. Lawrence Williams. Tom Harper. Jack Foehr-kolb. Mike Bequette, Richard Bosch, David Provaznik. Robert Hans. Bill Bequette. Kenneth Reising, Mr. Seibert. Harold Roemelin, Marvin Henke. Row 3 Jerry Koenig, Reid Brazier. Edwin Schlemer. Wilber Helmkamp. Harry Kreutzberg. Kenneth Weber. Paul Stahlhut. Marlen Dustmann. Douglas Erwin. Ronald Bollinger. Row 1 Sue Dietrich, Nancy Stine. Beverly Neuhaus. Margarita Autenrieb. Betty Bridgewater. Georgte Robinson, Helen Goertz. Elvern Burges, Jane Southard Ginger Myers. Row 2 Jack McCurdy, Babs Nuernberg. Pat O'Halloran. Emogene Schmidt. Joan Dorsey. Glenda Weber, Jo-Ann Cassens. Anne Bergandlne. Mary Lou Meikamp. Ann Hosier. Joan Rinkel. Carol Schaefer. Jim Heeren. Row 3—Richard Ladd. Jim Close. David St. John. Kay Ballweg. Mary Ann Fincher. Kathleen Me-Gilvary. Mrs. Crocker. Jim Barton. Bob Gregor. Alvin Wentz. Science Club Dramatics Club "Ology" contest . . . blood typing . . . ballistics ... air pressure . . . snakes . . . projects . . . films and slides . . . local Science Fair ... St. Louis Science Fair . . . Illinois Jr. Academy of Science . . . Westinghouse Science Talent Search . . . these are some activities of the "little Einsteins of E.H.S." All those who have taken science are eligible for membership in the Science Club. This year's members were required to take part in the regular meeting and have a project for the Science Fair. Funny serials . . . decorating our float (We're expecting!!) . . . picking our play . . . make up . . . stage fright . . . altogether equal Dramatics Club. This club is composed of Juniors and Seniors who are interested in plays and acting. A play, "Three Old Maid Aunts," was presented in February by the club. How 1—Wayne Long. Bob O'Brien. Jim Hebercr. Margie Zuldema, Elfrleda Aljcts. May Cliff. Gary Ladd. Ronald Reid. Jerry Rohicn. Row 2 Mias Hunter. Roy Beckett. Gene Schricdel. Ted Werner. Jim Dugger. Bob S hn ider. Paul Riveter. Mr. Loy. Row 3- Walter Walker. Allen Weber. Gayle Leonard. Jim Suhre. Paul Llzottc. Ronnld Patton. Leroy Owens. Kenneth Weber. SixtyRow 1 Teresa Harmon. Diane Rudat. Dolores Sharp. Joan Foehrkalb, Nancy Daniel. Row 2 Betty Wadlow. Marilyn Blythe. JoAnn Bollman. Velda Mae Prlmas. Ruth Bast. Janet Brimbau. Allene Spern- ol. Patsy Senn. Verna Mae O'Dell. Shirley Wilkinson. Betty Wllkenlng. Row 3 Mrs. Little. Gloria Motl, Pat Hughes. Carol Serfas, Alva Mae Wil'e. Jackie Wyatt. Evelyn Buehler. Lessie Davis. Cynthia McKee. Marilyn Ortgler. Row 4 Frank Chandler. Leonard Sperandlo. Floyd Fisher. Maurice Jones. Don Smith. Eldon Knoche. Dalian Strader. Jim Peterson. Library Club Latin Club Working during study hall and after school . . . filing books . . . working out designs for the bulletin board . . . this is only a small part of the service the Library Club gives to our school. Christmas party with the Spanish Club . . . Roman Banquet... St. Louis trip . . . reports on Romans . . . are some of the activities of the Latin Club. The Library Club is open to any student in school who is willing to work two or more hours a week in the library. The purpose of the club is to teach the students the duties of a librarian. Anyone who is taking or has taken Latin is eligible for membership in the Latin Club. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the members with Roman customs and habits. Their meetings are held during lunch period. Mrs. Little is the sponsor. Row 1 Maxine Ayres. Lois Gchring. Phyl-iis Dorsey. Bernice Luebbers. Donna Rae Leonard. Suzanne Smith. Susie Bergandine. Shirley Wohlford. Janice Tillery. JoAnn Aubrecht, Joan Edwards. Row 2 JoAnn Vohradsky. Darleen Stoecklin. Mary Grace Henke. Eunice Nolte. Rose Marie Compton. Linda Corl. Pat Cunningham. Jane Schroed-er. Betsy MacGregor. Erma Burges. Barbara Brooks. Row 3 Janet Moller. Mary Sue Reilly. Fred Funke. Billy Judge. Roy Wood. Ralph Leuschke. Bob Hans. Gloria Weishaupt. Marilyn Lambert, Miss Gewe. nm Sixty oneRow 1—Francine Marti. Sue Dietrich. Mary Grace Henke, Carol Serfas. Row 2 Miss Cunningham, Harry Shaw. Oliver Lewis, Tom Kelahan. Bob Unger. Merrill Rosenthal. Ed Kane. Leonard Sperandio. Spanish Club LeCercle Francais Buenas dias senores y senoritas . . . sombreros . . . rosas . . . pinata (at Christmas) . . . these are some of the words you will hear echoing through the meeting of the Spanish Club. The aim of the Spanish Club is to acquaint the members with various Spanish customs and habits by means of skits, movies, songs, and games. Spanish is spoken as much as possible during the meetings. The sponsor is Miss Cunningham. Bonjour . . . parlez-vous francais? . . . merci beaucoup . . . Mademoiselle . . . Monsieur . . . C'est si bon . . . comment allez-vous . . . comme ci, comme ca . . . are all some of the words and phrases you will hear outside 310 when the French Club is meeting. The unusual fact about this club is that every member of the French class is automatically a member of the French Club. They meet once a month during class period. The meeting is spent with contests, games, songs and talks, all in French. Row 1—Mary Jo Lons. Maureen Uhe. Jo-Anne (Jnterbrink, Dorothy York. Joyce Rae Smith. Shirley Gentry. Irene Mennemeyer. Row 2 JoAnne Barton. Glnny Riggs, Sally Flagg. Kay Burrus. Pat Haney. Marlene Schoettle. Barbara Steely. Judy Crook. Henrietta Johnson. Beverly Bess. Sandy Watkins, Jane Kotva. Row 3 Miss Cunningham. Carolee Schafer. Audrce Cassens. Lonnetta Hansel. Ruth Stunkel. Janiece Wohlford. Pat Watkins. Ann Taylor. Sue Dunlap. Judy Fruit. Pat Jones. Carolyn Green. Carol Bardelmeier. Marcelle Perot. Connie Myers. Jean Zoeller, Marilyn Hansel. Row 4—Roger Ranek. Dari Dettmer. J e Barry. Jerry Barton. Kent Ahrens. Rich McCracken. Bill Cunningham. Calvin Maw John Justice. John Kuehn. John Jacobi. Bill Sheppard. Walter Wydra. Wilbur Mateyka.Row 1—Don Flack. Bob Wetzel. Allen Cassens. Row 2 Charlene Rlngering, Marlene Schlemer, Norma Rohrkasse. Shlrlee Simmons. Billie Mae Lange. Peggy Duffy. Sarah Johnson. Kathleen McLean. Rosemary Maynard. Marian Jenne. Judy Fiegenbaum. Nadine Kriege, Gloria Hill. Row 3 Miss Alexander. Boh Sajovetz. Miss Heim, Clarence Scott. Maurice Patterson. Don Glaser. Bill Schwartz. Phil Cork w. Walter Justice. James Gagliardo, Ed Moorman. John Jacobi. Bill David. Ronald Foster. Ronald Kessmann. Don Reynolds. Row 4 Harry Shaw. James Gemoules. Pat Cassens. Herman Gerbig. Harley Fultz. Paul Hertel. Jerry Koenig. Harold Roem-elin, Merrill Rosenthal, Ronald Thompson. Bob Wehrle. John Auten-rieb. Bill Schwalb. Leslie Wiedu-wilt, Bob Mallory. David Walter. Roger Schrocder. Robert Unger. i Math Club F. T. A. Brain twisters . . . puzzles . . . recreational problems . . . tangrams . . . toss a needle and obtain pi . . . mechanical brain and the binary-notation . . . add them all together and the result is the Math Club. The Math Club is designed to stimulate interest in mathematics, and to take care of various activities that there is no time for in class. The co-sponsors are Miss Helm and Miss Alexander. Open house . . . candy sale . . . cadet teaching . . . district and state meetings. The F.T.A. is a growing club. More and more, students are recognizing the need for teachers and are taking advantage of the facilities of the F.T.A. to help them prepare themselves to enter this field. Members are given a chance to decide whether or not they will really like teaching as a career through actual practice teaching or cadet teaching. The Edwardsville Chapter of the F.T.A. is affiliated with the national and state organizations. Miss Alexander, as sponsor, helps to make the many activities of the club a real success. Row l Maureen Uhe. Kay Burrus. Kay Trowbridge. JoAnn Unterbrink. Judy Crook. Sarah Johnson. Kathleen McGilvary. Row 2 Bob Unger. Nancy Stine. JoAnn Cassens. Betty Bridgewater. Babs Nuernberg. Margarita Autenrleb. Row 3 — Joyce Helmkamp. Edith Helmkamp. Marlene Schocttle, Lynette Werner. Miss Alexander. Delores Sharp. w --XV Sixty threeRow 1 Paul Kluctor. Jim Heine-meier, Wendell Durr. David Bardel-meler. Bob Mallory. Jim West. Wilbur Mateyka. Row 2 — Roger Kuchta. Kenneth Bartels, Virgil Miller. Don Stahlhut. Don Ohl, Jim Suhre. Don Smith. Harold Patton. Miss Goeddel. Movie Operators Movie projector . . . wire recorder . . . slides . . . opaque projector . . . movie film ... all make up the equipment used by the movie operators. Under the able guidance of Miss Goeddel, the movie operators of E.H.S. work together to provide enjoyment to the entire student body by showing us the interesting, educational films provided by the school. Photography Club Flash! . . . developing . . . printing . . . enlarging . . . the result ... an entry for the Photography Club's monthly picture contest. The aim of this club is to interest more students in photography and to enable them to take better pictures. Instruction in developing printing, enlarging, and other phases of photography is given to the members. Row 1—Ivan Cliff. Joyce Helm-kamp. Luella Jones. Barbara Webb. JoAnn Unterbrlnk. Kay Dalhaus, Joey Conner. Marilyn Dawes. Pat Long. Roberta Hanrer. Elsie Meh or. Richard Dickerman. Row 2—John Grlnstead. Jay Blackmore. Gerry Rotter. Suzanne Marks. Kay Trowbridge. Peggy Hosier. Toni Musso. Linda Robinson. Gloria Cassens. Dee Ellen Gibbs. J» i Helnemeler. Bill Moorman. Mike Davidson. Tony Giardina. Row 3 David Bardel-melcr. Howard Unterbrlnk. Roger Weber. Vernon Schaefer. Donald Southard, Torn Crossman. Don Dudacek. Lloyd Dustman. Michael Duffv. Wendell Durr. Harold Kast, Joel Van Stee. Gerald Shashek.fetf Row 1—Joan Treat. Harlene Wall, Gloria Rohm. Magene Baldridge. Lola Sheppard. Dina Orten. Marlene Meyer. Row 2 Dlcksle Kess-man. Delores Miller. Edith Helm-kamp. Kay Weller. Eileen Uelsmann. Beverly St. John. Imogene Smith. Row 3—Virginia Giacomelli. Martha Blase. Colleen Bekemeyer, Miss Smiser. Carol Bekemeyer. Lucille Heilman. Susie Wilson. Business Education Sound System Field trips . . . guest speakers . . . tips on being an efficient secretary . . . telephone tactics . . . business procedures . . . how life is in an office ... all make up the program of the Business Ed. Club. Good secretaries are needed in every phase of business, and the Business Education Club strives to fill this need. The club consists of Junior and Senior girls who are interested in business and secretarial work. The sponsor is Miss Smiser. Repairing the sound system for football games . . . setting up the microphones for plays, assemblies, and games . . . furnishing the sound for Farm Bureau meetings . . . playing records for bean dances and at noon . . . what ever is asked of them, the Sound System boys are ready to help any organization in school or in the community. Any boy in school who is interested in electronics and is taking or has had science is eligible to become a member of the Sound System group. Row 1—James Helnemeler. Larry Thompson. John Jacobi. Floyd Fisher. Row 2—Mr. Loy. Donald Fencel. James Gagliardo. Paul Adams. Ed Moorman. Ethard Van Stee. Fall 1953 Freshman day . . . football games . . . Home coming . . . hayrides and wiener roasts . . . Junior play . . . Halloween. The days following the beginning of the new school year are busy ones indeed as old and new students struggle to throw off the lethargy of summer vacations. Freshmen learn to find their classrooms as well as their lockers and upper-classmen renew old acquaintances and seek new friendships. As usual, football games draw a large crowd of interested spectators. These games, together with numerous hayrides and wiener roasts, help to account for the evenings of E.H.S. students. Football Returning lettermen ready for 1952 season. Row 1—Ronald Wadlow, Emil Crook, Rich Mueller. Row 2—Bob Robinson. Houston Lowry, Herman Shaw. Jim Scates.Row 1—Herman Shaw. Bob Robinson. Rich Mueller, Jim Scates. Bob Leltner. Rog Land ret h. Ron Wadlow, Don Howells. Earl Shaw. Houston Lowry, Emil Crook. Dave Blaeuer. Row 2—Head Coach Benny Isselhardt. Mgr. Jack Boyer. Harry McGowan. Tom Crossman. Don Smith. Les Howerton. Jay Blackmore. Harry Kruetzberg. Walter Walker. Frank Twente. Roy Beckett. Bob Southard. Tom Dailey. Row 3—Ass’t. Coach Dick Hutton. Line Coach Joe Lucco, Walter Schramm. Gene Schrledel. Bill Cunningham. Jim Brendle. Harold Patton. Leon Smiddy. Bill Kesscl, Bob Sajovetz. Bob Jackson. Everett Hess. Greg Sibaila. Kent Ahrens. Row 4—Roger Kuchta. John Green. Bill Schwartz. Stu McElwaln. Sam Johnson. Dave Morton. Harley Fultz. Elijah Carpenter. Pres Robinson. Bill Smiley. Bill Penelton. Alan Weber. Fritz Behrendt. Row 5- Dan Pulliam. Sid Shashack. Bill Judge. Darrell Madison. Ron Pratt. Ray Shafer, Jay Fagan. Pat Cassens. Tom Harper. Lindell Webb. Mike Davidson. Ron Aljets. Russ Davis. Virgil Miller. Govoner Vaughn. Row 6—Wilbur Helmkamp. Don Prott. Richard Hartnagel. Earl Brock meier. Bunky Kane. Kenny Zeigler, Harold Nelson. Dave Price. Richard Lenz. Bob Hans. Wendell Durr. Oliver Lewis. Clarence Scoti. Carl Clark. Harry Shaw. 1953 Football Season Cheering fans and muscle-bound football players . . . gridirons and hot dogs . . . victory and defeat . . . that's what makes up a football season at E.H.S.! Led by our new coach, Benny Isselhardt, our Tiger football team had a very successful season as it wound up with a record of 6 won, 1 tied, and 1 lost. Our Tigers got off to an impressive start as they downed Granite City 32-8. Houston "Dub-bie" Lowry, using his ability to carry a football so far so fast, was the sparkplug of this game. Not quite so hot as they were in the first game, the Tigers almost let the second game slip away from them. However, they proved their worth as they sped past the Wood River Oilers 12-7. Continuing to pile up victories, the fighting Tigers racked up another as they defeated the Gillespie Miners 19-7. Then came the downfall—namely, our traditionally fierce rivals, the Collinsville Kahoks. Even though it was a pretty even game, the scoreboard at the end showed the score to be 19-7 in favor of—you guessed it—the Kahoks. This ended an eleven game winning streak which was started the previous year. Football managers and coaches Roblce Thorpe, manager. Mr. Lucco. coach. Mr. iHaelhardt. head coach. Mr. Hutton, coach. Jack Boyer, manager. After licking their wounds from the last game, our ferocious Tigers snapped back to victory by serving the Roxana Shells a 27-21 defeat. Bob Leitner's leaping intercept at the end of the game saved it from being a tied ball game. Then came the "upset of the year" — our spectacular victory over the Alton Redbirds. Although outweighed by twenty pounds per man, we roared on to victory as the winning touchdown was made in the last minute of the game, making the final score 25-19. In our next game, ’ the Staunton Bulldogs didn't know what hit them as we devoured them by the lopsided score of 40-8. We ended the season on a slightly unpopular note as we tied with Lanphier of Springfield 25-25.DAVE BLAEUER DON SMITH bob SOUTHARD EMIL CROOK BOB LEITNER FRANK TWENTE EVERETT HESS BILL PENELTONQueen Emogene and King Rich — beginning their reign. Highlight of the Year, the 1952 Homecoming The big climax to a happy weekend Seventy-twoSpecial Maid, Joan Dorsey, with her escort, Johnny Strickland. To all of the students at E.H.S. the word "Homecoming” means an exciting weekend— returning alumni ... a thrilling football game .. . gaily decorated floats ... a corny assembly . . . and, as a climax, the much anticipated coronation of the Homecoming queen. created an atmosphere Those lucky people — members of the Royal Court.Front Row—Pat Long, Mary Ann Eck, Ann Hosier, Babs Nuernberg Back Row—Bill Schwartz, Ralph Leuschke, Don Ohl, Don Koenig Front Row—Mrs. Carl Mick, Gerry Svoboda, Ginny Riggs, Linda Corl, Barbara Brooks Back Row—Bob Kirk, Rich Ladd, Allen Cassens, Gerald Mateyka, Harold Patton Little Billy Lucco, with his contribution for the queen. Seventy-four of pomp and pageantry. This year, as usual, the festivities started with a parade down Main Street, a snake dance, and a bonfire on Thursday night. The following evening our fighting Tigers really broke the Roxana Shells by defeating them by a score of 27-21 in the all-important football game.Surveying their future subjects — Slippery" Muelier — coming through. Those Pepsodent smiles were even brighter after the game — Our Tigers changed the expectations into a reality. Saturday night was THE big dance of the year. Our queen was vivacious Emogene Schmidt, who was escorted by our favorite football star, Rich Mueller. Special Maids were Joan Dorsey and Glenda Weber. Many alumni and students were seen dancing to the music of Walt Schlemer's orchestra. EXPECT U Seventy-fiveJunior Play ‘The Little Dog Laughed” Don't tell me there's a psychologist running around in this school! Yes, you're right. It's Laurie Huntington (Mary Lou Meikamp) home from college with plenty of new ideas to torment her parents (Ginny Riggs and Bob Mai lory) and her brother, Wally (Bob Wehrle). "The Little Dog Laughed" is the name of the play and how could it be otherwise, for no one could help but laugh at the hilarious antics in the Huntington household when Laurie decides to give her mother's society friends the famous "ink blot" test. The results are so startling that Laurie's family decide to teach her a much-needed lesson. There are hard feelings on both sides for quite some time, but all ends happily with even the audience agreeing that this year's Junior play was one of the best ever. A guy can t have any privacy! Front Row—Bob Mallory. Ginny Riggs. Mary Lou Meikamp. Bob Wehrle Second Row—Kay Ballweg. Sue Dunlap. Judy Fruit, Joan Foehrkalb. Gloria Bohm. Billie Mae Lange. Third Row—Jack Boyer. Leslie Wieduwllt, Allen Cassens, Ted Werner. Miss Alexander.The O'd Woman in the Shoe and her five children You name it and I'll build a cage for it! We re turtles, if you can’t tell. Kind of big babies, don't you think? Halloween Party Doughnuls and candied apples . . . snakes and turtles . . . witches and goblins . . . tramps and walking paper boxes . . . You can expect practically anything at our Halloween Party here at E.H.S.! This year, per tradition, a grand march was held and all the "characters" (and we do mean "characters"!) paraded around the gym to the strains of Bob Dillon's quintet. By the way, could anyone tell us where Ethard got his long, pink underwear? This information might be needed for future use. Seventy-sevenWinter Varsity Although they didn't go quite as far as they would have liked, the basketball squad ended a very successful season with a record of twenty-four wins and five losses and a tie for first place in the Southwestern conference. Nine players and two managers were awarded letters at the end of the season. Jim Barton, captain of the squad, made the All-conference and All-district first teams and he, Bob Gregor, and Don Ohl were chosen to be on the All-Star team at the Mount Vernon tournament. Early in the season the Tigers placed third in the Madison County tourney after losing to Alton in the first game. Basketball . . . Christmas Vespers . . . G.A.A. Initiation . . . Hi-Tri Kid Party . . . F.H.A. . . . F. F. A. Party. The coming of winter hasn’t slowed down any of the activities at E.H.S. In fact, it seems that the ball has just now started rolling—the basketball, that is. The season has gotten off to a fine start and looks as if it will be a successful one. E.H.S. social life is now in full swing in spite of the shadow of approaching semester exams. Oh well, everyone is sure to pass all his tests in fine style anyway. First place in the Mount Vernon Christmas tournament was snagged by the Bengals as they walked off with a 65-56 victory over the host team. After losing a heartbreaker to Pinckneyville on their home court, the E.H.S. cagers snapped back by defeating Madison with a sell-out crowd in attendance. Revenge for an earlier Collinsville defeat was gained as the fighting Tigers walloped the Kahoks, 62-49, giving Edwardsville a tie for first place with East St. Louis in the Southwestern conference. After this game the Tigers were rated fifth in the State, missing fourth place by only two points. Basketball Ronnie Kessman, Bill Mateyka. Mnnnie Jackson. Don Ohl. Jim Barton. Jim DugRer. Jim Hceren. Herman Shaw. Bob GreRor. John Strickland. Don Dudacck. Joe Barry. Bill Penelton. Coach Joe Lucco.Basketball B Team Row l Mannic Jackson. Ronnie Kcssman, Allen Cas3cns. Ted Werner. Bill Mateyka. Row 2 Harry Shaw. Jerry Barton. Richard SaseK. Lloyd Dustman. BUI Shaw. Sam Johnson. Row 3 Bob Wot el. Roger Weber. Harold Patton Bill Winter. Darrell Madison. Coach Hutton. Probably the most exciting game of the season was the last game of the regular schedule, a repeat performance with Mount Vernon. After a tough struggle the Tigers came out on top, 71-70. The biggest disappointment of the year was the Regional tournament championship game which the Tigers lost to Collinsville by the score of 76-57. Below is the 1952-53 basketball schedule: Edwardsville 62, Highland 56 Edwardsville 66, Taylorville 60 MADISON COUNTY TOURNEY Edwardsville 49, Alton 51 Edwardsville 84. Granite City 40 Edwardsville 54, W.M.A. 39 Edwardsville 59. Belleville 49 Edwardsville 56, Pinckneyville 60 Edwardsville 60, Collinsville 63 Edwardsville 61, E. St. Louis 47 MT. VERNON TOURNEY Edwardsville 57. Carrier Mills 54 Edwardsville 66, Harrisburg 54 Edwardsville 65, Mt. Vernon 56 Edwardsville 74, Madison 63 Edwardsville 50. Roxana 48 Edwardsville 69. Alton 52 Edwardsville 75. Wood River 33 Edwardsville 77, Granite City 47 Edwardsville 65, Belleville 37 Edwardsville 74, Murphysboro 59 Edwardsville 39. E. St. Louis 56 Edwardsville 62. Collinsville 49 Edwardsville 61, Litchfield 49 Edwardsville 53. Wood River 45 Edwardsville 73. Alton 63 Edwardsville 62. Granite City 41 Edwardsville 71, Mt. Vernon 70 REGIONAL TOURNEY Edwardsville 56, Granite City 50 Edwardsville 67. Alton 41 Edwardsville 57, Collinsville 76JOHN STRICKLAND JIM BARTON BILL PENELTON DON DUDACEK DARL DETTMER HEAD COACH LUCCO■M W hS •s V HERMAN SHAW BOB MALLORY JIM HEEREN OACH ISSELHARDT ■ c- v ) JOE BARRY G.A.A. Initiation and Hi Tri Kid Party Food, food, and more food . . . lipstick smeared Freshies . . . roller skating in the halls . . . dolls, diapers, jumping ropes, and jacks . . . Those are some of the things that were seen at the G.A.A. initiation and Hi Tri Kid Party this year. Boys are strictly forbidden at these two allfemale parties and the girls really let their hair down and have a good time. Dancing to the sweetest music this side of Glen Carbon provided most of the entertainment for the Kid Party this year while at the G.A.A. affair the Freshmen furnished lots of laughs for the upperclassmen with their initiation antics. Upper—This is the way we wash our hands. Lower—If Emily Post were only here! You're only young once! Quick, Mom, a needle and thread. I've got a rip!Sprin a fc Sadie Hawkins party . . . science fair . . . Senior play . . . Junior-Senior Prom . . . baseball . . . track .. . golf... tennis .. . Baccalaureate . . . Commencement. Ah, spring is here at last—that magic season when birds flit gaily over the tennis courts and students catch cold from going without their coats. Boys are out in flocks playing baseball and tennis or running track, and the girls are hunting madly for dates to the Sadie Hawkins party. Seniors begin to be a bit thoughtful, not quite knowing whether to be glad or sorry that their days at E.H.S. are coming to an end. Baseball The baseball team enjoyed one of its most successful seasons. It won 16 games and lost only two. Each of these was lost by only one run. The Tigers brought home many trophies. Among them were those won for placing first in the Southwestern Conference, first in District (on page 12 we see Stan making the winning tally against Alton), and first in Section; the latter qualified them for State, where they lost their first game to Morton of Cicero by a score of 4-5. SEASON'S RECORD E.H.S. Tigers Opp. Livingston W 10 0 Belleville . L 1 2 Granite City , W 3 2 Highland W 13 5 Alton W 4 3 Staunton W 8 7 Granite City W 8 0 Livingston W 5 4 East St. Louis W 5 3 Roxana W 10 2 Collinsville .. W 9 2 Wood River ... W 9 8 District Granite City W 4 2 Wood River . W 6 5 Alton W 6 2 Sectional Salem W 10 1 Staunton W 14 5 State Morton ... L 3 4 Row 1—Don Gehrig, Roger Landreth. Stan Fincher. Don Ohl. Ray Perry, Bob Scates. Dean Pletcher, Bob Gregor, Houston Lowry. Row 2 Coach Lucco, Bob Bittick. Bob Johnson, Bill Mateyka. Herman Shaw, Dari Dettmer, Richy Helmkamp. Bill Penelton. Richy Sasek.Tennis The tennis team played 13 matches during the 1952 season. They were successful in winning eight matches while losing five. Don Lexow, Arlyn Schwalb, and Lloyd Dustmann represented the school in singles matches. Grebel and Buhr, Brummitt and Rad-ecke paired up to play doubles. At the District Tournament Edwards-ville won third place. The two doubles teams and one single player were defeated in the semi-finals. Two lettermen who graduated and are not pictured are Don Lexow and Ray Brummitt. Row 1—Arlyn Schwalb. Don Grebel. Loren Buhr. Row 2—Ted Radecke. John Autenrieb. Paul Sternltzke. Row 3— Coach Miller, Lloyd Dustman. Track The '52 track team under Coach Hutton had a very good record. They won the County Track and Field Meet, placed third in the Conference Track and Field Meet, won three dual meets, and placed well in all the others. Of the 13 boys who lettered, seven were outstanding— Houston Lowry, who was county champ in the 100 and 220, district champ, and sixth in state in the 100 yard dash; Bert DeSherlia, county and district champ in the mile, who also was sent to state where he placed 12th; Ron Harris, who set a new school record in the Vi mile with 2:05.1 and was county champ; and the relay team, composed of Rich Penelton, Jim Barton, Joe Smoltz and Houston Lowry, which led in the county. Since only three lettermen graduated, the remaining boys and the new thin clads are expecting another good season. Row l Lea Howerton. Bob Robinson. Kent Ahrens. Ronnie Harris. Bert De Sherlla. Wilburn Hart. Carl Jason. Herman Shaw. Row 2—Roy Beckett. Jim Barton. Rich Mueller. Don Smith. Joe Smoltz. Bill Kessel. Bob Sajovetz. Rich Penelton. Row 3—Ronnie Wadlow. Don Howells. Everett Hess. Gene Schriedel. Dale Stegal. Jim Dugger. Dave Blaeuer. Bob Jackson. David St. John, Ivan Cliff. Row 4—Bill Pfeiffer. Wendel Durr. Earl Brockmeler. Jimmy Brendle. Harry Kreutzberg. Bob Bell. Bill Cunningham. Wilbur Helmkamp. Coach Hutton.Row 1—Beverly Neuhaus. Glenda Weber. Helen Gocrtz, JoAnn Cassens. Shirley Vot-lan. Suzanne Wilson. Margarita Autenrleb. Row 2—Margie Zuidcma. Joan Dorsey. Emil Crook. Bob Leitner. Betty Bridgewater. Mrs. Crocker. Row 3—Tom Kelahan. Roy Wood. Jim Barton. Alvin Wentz. Richard Ladd. Don Koenig. Senior Play The Seniors have done it again—this time with a play that was really tops. "No More Homework" is the story of the zany adventures of Student Council President Pamela Jones (Bev Neuhaus), her boy friend, Buzz Bailey (A1 Wentz), and the school trouble maker, Shalimar Ames (Glenda Weber), when they try to run the school for a day in the absence of the proper authorities. They have many suggestions from various students, but unfortunately none that is very practical. Several teachers, along with a cleaning woman, janitor, and pompous school board president, help to complicate the plot, and romances crop out in unexpected places. Pam, already the busiest girl in school, finds that she has a peck of trouble on her hands. Those who saw the play, however, agree that these troubles are all satisfactorily worked out and that the performers all did justice to their roles. CAST OF CHARACTERS Mr. Lundquist Roy Wood Miss Goodin Shirley Votrian Miss Clendenning Helen Goertz Miss Ogilvie Betty Bridgewater Mr. Harper Emil Crook Coach Guthrie Bob Leitner Pamela Jones Beverly Neuhaus Buzz Bailey Alvin Wentz Shalimar Ames Glenda Weber Midge Murphy Suzanne Wilson Elmer Ames Don Koenig Faversham Lightly Richard Ladd Tallulah Ploetz Joan Dorsey Ronald Sassoon Jim Barton Miss Dill Margarita Autenrieb Tik Tok Tom Kelahan Mrs. Ratchet JoAnn Cassens Prompter Margie Zuidema Eighty-fiveSense of Humor—Jim Scafes Senior Personalities These Seniors were chosen by their classmates as the most outstanding in the fields which they represent.Afterglow... It doesn’t seem long ago that we came to E.H.S. as Freshmen and here we are Seniors, getting ready to graduate. Who knows what we’ll be doing next year—going to college, working or perhaps even getting married. Happy memories of these past four years will be with us for a long time and the few unhappy ones will sort of slip away and be forgotten. “We’re loyal to you, E.H.S. ’ and always will be. Eighty-seven1. Hen party 2. Surprise! 3. Back in Junior High 4. "Dirty Dozen" minus Kelahan 5. Our "high jumper” 6. The long and the short of it 7. That's no rope, kids. 8. Why, Babs! 9. Ride 'em, cowboy! 10. One, two, three, kick! I I. Who are you trying to scare, Annie? 12. Say cheese 13. Up in the air, Junior Birdman! 14. Oh, you kids! 15. Something from Arabian Niahts? 16. Busy beavers backstage. Eighty-eight 1. Stand back, Sinny! 2. You lucky, lucky boy! 3. Linda qets her man — 4. It must have been a good one! 5. Our hard-working cheerleaders 6. Chain reaction 7. What's the attraction - - cars or gals? 8. Mountain climbers? 9. The meeting will now come to order. 10. Well, like I was saying - - - I I. Susie in Switzerland 12. Winners of the "Dear Santa" contest. 13. Gus and company 14. The band out of uniform 15. Who’s that coming down the hall? Eighty-nineELFRIEDA ALJETS Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Corresponding Secretary 4 Chorus 2, 4 JUNE ARTH GAA 1, 2 FHA 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 1 MARGARITA AUTENRIEB GAA 1,2,3, Latin Club 1, 2 Secretary 2 Band 1,2,3, 4 Vice President 4 Pep Club 2 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Secretary 4 Hi Tri 3, 4 FT A 4 Tiger Times 4 Art Editor 4 Junior Play Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Senior Play MAGENE BALDRIDGE French Club 1, 2 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2 HiTri 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Student Council 4 JOE BARRY Basketball 1.2,3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 4 Science Club 2 Tiger Times 4 Sports Editor 4 Hi Y 1,2 JIM BARTON Basketball 1, 2 , 3 . 4 Footba'l 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2 Track 1, 2 , 3 Hi Y 1,2 President 2 Class President 1 Science Club 1, 2 Dramatics Club 4 Senior Play GERTRUDE BAST Library Club 1,2,3 Treasurer 2 Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 MAUREEN BECK Ancilla Domini High Donaldson, Indiana 2, 3 Hi Tri 4 GAA 1, 4 FHA 1, 4 +3ndex to Senior tiuiti eJ ROY BECKETT Band 1,2,3, 4 Photography Club 3 Track 2, 3 . 4 Science Club 4 Football 4 Library Club 1 Aviation Club 3, 4 ANNE BERGANDINE Hi Tri 1. 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1 Latin Club 1 Dramatics Club 4 ROBERT BITTICK Hi Y 1,2 FFA 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3 , 4° Football 2, 3 DAVID BLAEIJER Latin Chib 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 CHARLES BLUME Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 RICHARD BODE FFA 1, 2 Chorus 3 MERLIN BRASE Hi Y 1,2 Chaplain 2 Baseball 1 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1, 2 Science Club 1, 2 Student Council 3 BETTY BRIDGEWATER Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 3 Student Council 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 President 2 Pep Club 2 GAA 1, 2, 3 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Hi Tri 3. 4 Senior Play FT A 4 Sec.-Treas. 4 Tiger Times 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 Junior Play Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee LOREN BUHR Basketball 1 Hi Y 1,2 Tennis 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ELVERA BURGES Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics 2,3,4 FHA 1 Chorus 2, 3 Tiger Times 4 Office help 4 LEONA BURTON Amherst, Ohio 1 Latin Club 2 Band 2, 3 Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 GAA 2, 3 Office help 4 JOANN CASSENS Band 1,2, 3,4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 President 4 Junior Play Office help 4 FT A 4 Reporter 4 Tiger Ad Staff Senior Play JIM CLOSE Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Treasurer 2 Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Dramatics Club 4 BOB COLLINS Spanish Club 1, 2 Hi Y 1,2 EMIL CROOK Football 1, 2, 3 , 4 Track 2, 4 Hi Y 1,2 Senior Play MARY ANN DAIBER Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 2 Publicity Ch. 3 Photographer 4 Tiger Times 4 Office help 4 TOM DAILEY Hi Y 1,2 Latin Club 1,2,4 Vice President 4 Junior Play Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Sound System 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2 Tiger Sales Staff 4 NANCY DANIEL Latin Club 1, 2 GAA 1, 2 Pep Club 2 Band 1,2,3 Commercial Club 3 Hi Tri 3, 4 Library Club 4 DARL DETTMER Baseball 1, 2, 3 , 4 Basketball 1, 2 Manager 3 , 4 Hi Y 1,2 Student Council 1, 2, 3. 4 President 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4 JOAN DORSEY Latin Club 1, 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 2, 4 Vice President 4 Class Secretary 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Play Dramatics Club 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 Feature Editor 4 Tiger Class Editor 4 Chorus 2 Choir 3, 4 Student Council 4 Homecoming Special Maid 4 Senior Play JAMES DUGGER Basketball 1,2,3 Manager 4 Baseball 1, 2 Track 3 Manager 4 Science Chib 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 4 Hi Y 1,2 HAROLD ELLINGTON Lincoln 1 Band 2, 3, 4 HiY 2 SHIRLEY ERNST Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 4 Office help 3, 4 DOUGLAS ERWIN HiY 1,2 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 STAN FINCHER Baseball 1, 2 , 3 , 4 HiY 1,2 Tiger Times 4 PHYLLIS FLACK Bethalto C. M. 1 FHA 2, 3, 4 Ways and Means Ch. 3 President 4 Hi Tri 4 Office help 4 CLETUS GARDE FFA 1 Letters awarded that year. Ninetyto S enior eS nuec t HELEN GOERTZ Library Club 1 Science Club 2, 3 Vice President 3 Dramatics 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Chorus 1, 2 Choir 3, 4 Tiger Typist 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 Senior Play DONALD GREBEL Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Tennis 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Basketball 2, 4 Tiger Times 4 Aviation 3, 4 Sec.-Treas. 3, 4 Latin Chib 1, 2 Hi Y 1,2 MARIAN GREGOR FHA l Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3 Tiger Times 4 Chorus 1,2,3 PAT HALL Troy 1,2,3 Hi Tri 4 VIRGIL HEEPKE FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 RICHARD HELMKAMP FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3 Baseball 3, 4 HiY 2 HELEN HESS FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 4 Tiger Times 4 Girls' Sports Ed. 4 JOANN HEUER Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Ed. Club 3 Tiger Times 4 Exchange Editor 4 Office help 4 DONALD HOWELLS HiY 1,2 Track 3, 4 Football 4 DONALD HULL Alton 1, 2, 3 FFA 4 KATHERINE JAROS Hi Tri 1, 2, 4 Hi Tri Council 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 ROBERT JOHNSON FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 , 3 , 4 TOM KELAHAN HiY 1,2 Science Club 1, 2 Football 3 Junior Play French Club 3, 4 Senior Play DICKSIE KESSMAN Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Busines Ed. Club 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 SHIRLEY KESSMAN GAA 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 3, 4 Secretary 4 BRUCE KIRK Football 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2 HiY 1,2 Student Council 3 Treasurer 3 Spanish Club 1, 2 Dramatics Club 4 Sound System 1 Junior Play Tiger Times 4 Business Manager 4 BILL KLEFFMAN HiY 1,2 Aviation Club 4 Science Club 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1 Golf 3 , 4 EVELYN KNOCHE Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 4 GAA 1, 2 Chorus 1 Choir 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Commercial Club 3 FHA 4 DONALD KOENIG FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Pres. 3 Sentinel 4 HiY 2 Class Treasurer 3 Class Vice President 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Senior Play ANITA KOLESA Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2 Library Chib 2 DON KRUCKEBERG FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 3 Secretary 4 HiY 2 RICHARD LADD HiY 1,2 Science Club 1,2,3 Basketball 1 Student Council 4 Class Treasurer 4 Dramatics Club 4 Vice President 4 Senior Play ROGER LANDRETH Baseball 2 , 3 , 4 Football 3, 4 ROBERT LEITNER Track 3, 4 Football 1, 3, 4 Science Club 1, 2 HiY 1,2 Senior Play TOM LISCHMANN HiY 1,2 Science 1, 2 Band 1,2, 3, 4 WAYNE LONG Science Club 1,2, 3,4 Aviation Club 3, 4 HiY 1,2 HOUSTON LOWRY Lincoln 1 Basketball 2 Football 3 . 4 Track 3 , 4 Baseball 3 , 4 DALE McCRACKEN FFA 1, 2 Chorus 3 Junior Play 3 HiY 1,2 RICHARD McCRACKEN Band 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Spanish Club 1,2, 3, 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 KATHLEEN McGILVARY Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1 Band 1,2, 3,4 Latin Club 1, 2 Dramatics Chib 4 Office help 4 Pep Club 2 FT A 4 DOLORES MILLER Central High St. Louis, Mo. 2 Hi Tri 4 Business Ed. Club 4 MARIAN MORRISON GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Sec.-Treas. 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2 Chorus 1,2,3 Junior Play GLORIA MOTL GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1,2,3, 4 Secretary 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Times RICHARD MUELLER HiY 1,2 Secretary 2 Class President 4 Football 1, 2, 3 , 4 Track 2, 3 Student Council 2 Royal Escort 4 Tiger Times Tiger Sales Staff 4 GINGER MYERS Band 1.2,3. 4 Librarian 1, 2 Chorus 1 Choir 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Dramatics Club 4 ■ Treasurer 4 Tiger Times 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 BEVERLY NEUHAUS GAA 1, 2, 3. 4 Treasurer 4 Hi Tri 1, 2. 3, 4 Library Club 1 Science Club 2 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2 Choir 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Class Secretarij 2 Tiger Editor 4 Office help 4 Senior Play Letters awarded that year. JACK McCURDY Chorus 2 Choir 3, 4 HiY 1,2 Sound System 1, 2 Photography Club 1, 2 Sec.-Treas. 2 Movie Operator 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2 Dramatics Club 4 Junior Play Senior Play Prod. Manager Ninety-onelex to Sc cm or Slctivitie5 it nee JOE NOELTNER Hi Y 1,2 BABS NUERNBERG Front Royal, Va. 1, 2 Hi Tri 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 3 FT A 4 Vice President 4 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Band 3, 4 Chorus 3 Junior Play Tiger Club Editor 4 Tiger Times 4 Assn’t Editor 4 Homecoming Maid 3, 4 GAA 3 ROBERT O BRIEN Hi Y 1 FFA 1 Science Club 2, 3, 4 Aviation 3, 4 PATRICIA O'HALLORAN Band 1,2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Jr. Sr. Play Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 Pep Club 2 PRENTISS OVERBY Hi Y 1 RONALD PATTON Band 1,2, 3,4 Science Club 1,2,4 Hi Y 1,2 RICHARD PENELTON Lincoln 1 Basketball 2 Baseball 2 Track 3 , 4 Tiger Times 4 Band 2, 3 Hi Y 2 Tiger Sales Staff 4 MURL PERADOTTI Band 1, 2 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Y 1,2 NORMAN PROVOW Roxana 1, 2 FRANK RADECKE Hi Y 1,2 Tennis 1, 2, 3 , 4 Golf 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Junior Play Photography Club 1, 2 Vice President 2 ROGER RANEK Basketball 1 Library Club 1 Hi Y 1,2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 DICK REID Hi Y 1,2 Latin Club 1,2,4 Chomis 2, 3 TOM REILLY Band 1,2, 3, 4 Hi Y 1,2 Science Club 2 BOB ROBINSON Science Club 1, 2 Hi Y 1,2 Vice President 1, 2 Class Vice President 1 Band 1, 2 Football 1. 2, 3 , 4 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1. 2, 3 , 4 Baseball 1, 2 Tennis 2 GEORG'ANNE ROBINSON GAA I, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 2 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Tiger Photo Editor 4 Junior Play Chorus 1, 2 Choir 3, 4 JIM SCATES Corning, Ark. 1, 2 Football 3 , 4 VERNON SCHAEFER Math Club 1 Photography Club 3, 4 EMOGENE SCHMIDT Class Secretary 1 Hi Tri 1. 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 2, 3, 4 President 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Pep Club 2 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Homecoming Maid 3 Homecoming Queen 4 Junior Play Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Tiger Sales Manager 4 BOB SCHNEIDER Hi Y 1,2 President 1 Science Club 4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 2 Chorus 1 Choir 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Class President 3 Student Council 3, 4 Tiger Ad Manager 4 Junior Play ARLYN SCHWALB Hi Y 1,2 Basketball 1 Tennis 1, 2 , 3 , 4 EARL SHAW Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Track 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3 Hi Y 2 Lincoln 1 HERMAN SHAW Lincoln 1 Football 2, 3 . 4 Basketball 2, 3 , 4 Track 2 , 3 Baseball 2, 3 , 4 HiY 3 Choir 2, 3, 4 DAN SMITH FFA I, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 SAM SMITH Class Vice President 3 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3 Tiger Times Track 4 Football 3 ARNOLD SOMMERFELDT Photography Club 1, 2 Library Club 1 Tennis 1, 2 HiY 1,2 ROBERT SOUTHARD FFA 1, 2 Football 3, 4 HiY 1,2 Track 2, 3 DONALD STAHLHUT Library Club 1 Movie Operator 3, 4 Photography Club 3, 4 Treasurer 4 GERALD STAHLHUT FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Photography 3 Chorus 3 Choir 4 MARILYN STAHLHUT Chorus 1, 2 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 PAUL STERNITZKE Science Chib 1,2,3 FFA 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3 , 4 Band 1 HiY 1,2 MAURICE STILLE FFA 1, 2 Baseball 1,2,4 NANCY STINE Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1,2,3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Pep Club 2 Junior Play Dramatics Club 3, 4 FT A 4 Tiger Literary Editor 4 Office help 4 BEVERLY ST. JOHN Band 1 Spanish Club 1, 2 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2 Chorus 2, 3 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 JOHN STRICKLAND Class President 2 HiY 1,2 Treasurer 1 Student Council 1,2, 3,4 Vice President 4 Band 1 Baseball 1,2 , 4 Basketball 1, 4 Handbook Committee 3, 4 JAMES SUHRE HiY 1,2 Photography Club 4 Movie Operator 3, 4 GERALDINE SVOBODA Spanish Club 1,2,3 Vice President 3 Homecoming Maid 2, 4 Hi Tri 4 Class Secretary 4 ROBERTA TAUL Worden 1 Hi Tri 4 ANN TAYLOR Springfield, III. 1 Spanish Club 2, 3 Hi Tri 2, 3 Choir 2, 3 Decatur 4 Letters awarded that year. Ninety twoJOAN TREAT GAA 1, 2 Hi Tri I, 2, 3. 4 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 Chorus 1,2,3 Pep Club 2 FRANK TWENTE Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 FFA 1, 2 Hi Y 2 Pep Club 2 BOB UNGER Math Club 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1 French Club 3, 4 FT A 3, 4 BILL VADALABENE Hi Y 1,2 JOE VAN WINKLE Football 1, 2 Track 1 Hi Y 1,2 SHIRLEY VOTRIAN Hi Tri 1,2, 3,4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Songleader 2 Vice President 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play RONALD WADLOW Football 2, 3 . 4 Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Hi Y 1,2 9ndex to Senior Jtcb uitieA — (Continued HARLENE WALL Spanish Club 1. 2 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 Hi Tri 4 Chorus 3, 4 PAT WATKiNS Decatur, Ala. 1,2 Tampa, Fla. 2 Spanish Club 3, 4 Hi Tri 3, 4 Tiger Sales Staff 4 GLENDA WEBER Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 1 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 4 Cheerleader 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Junior Play 3 Homecoming Special Maid 4 Dramatics Club 4 Tiger Sales Staff 4 Senior Play ROBERT WEIDNER Hi Y 1,2 Football 1 ALVIN WENTZ Hi Y 1,2 Treasurer 2 Science Club 1,2,3 Vice President 3 Dramatics Club 4 Junior Play Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Pep Club 2 Senior Play NANCY WIESEMAN Business Ed. Club 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1 C horns 1 ALVA MAE WILLE Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2 Library Club 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Band 1, 2 GAA 3, 4 HARLAN WILLE Hi Y 2 Math Club 1, 2 Baseball 2 WALTER WILLIAMS FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 4 HiY 2 SUZANNE WILSON Latin Club 1, 2 GAA 1, 2 Band 1, 2 Chorus 3, 4 Business Ed. Club 3, 4 President 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3t 4 Hi Tri Council 4 Tiger Times 4 ■Editor 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 Tiger Typist 4 Senior Play ROY WOOD HiY 1,2 Science Club 2 Latin Club 1,3,4 President 4 Tiger Times 4 Production Mgr. 4 Band 1,2, 3. 4 Choir 4 Senior Play JACQUELINE WYATT Bunker Hill 1 Chorus 2 FHA 3 Library Club 4 Hi Tri 3, 4 Tiger Times 4 ROBERT ZOELZER HiY 1,2 Science Club 1, 2 Tiger Ad Staff 4 Class Vice President 1 MARJORIE ZUIDEMA Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 4 Treasurer 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Class Treasurer 2 Choir 4 Science Club 2, 3, 4 President 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Junior Play Senior Play •Letters awarded that year. Ninety-threeAnd ex of -Advertisers A B Feed Seed Store I I 3 Agnew Shell Service 106 Associated Service I 14 Atkinson's TV Service 108 Ballweg's ..... I I I Bank of Edwardsville 130 Becktold Company 101 Ben Franklin Store I 16 Betzold, F. P. Agency 105 Big Boy's Supply Co. 116 Glume's 121 Bob's Band Box I 12 Bothman Sons 128 Brockmeier, Dr. C. L. 102 Brooks Jewelry 115 Brown, Jesse R. 118 Buckles Transfer 96 Buhrmester's 120 Busker's Hardware 115 Busy Bee 12 I Butler Chevrolet 128 Cain Lumber 102 Cassens, George 108 Cassens Sons 128 Champion Motors 128 Clayton Cleaners 122 Clover Leaf-Home Loan 104 Cochran, Dr. Clifton R. 101 Coffman, Don 118 Collins, Dr. Jerre C. 100 Cox, Dr. Wayne B. 123 Dairy-Del Store 127 DeLaurenti, Joseph M. 100 Delicate, Dr. William E. 114 Desmond, M. Mfg. Co. I 10 Dippold Bros.................. 109 Do-Nut Shop ............... I 15 Dunlap-Hotz Motor Co. 129 Durr, Eldon M. ............... 110 Edwardsville Central Auto 116 Edwardsville Consumers 99 Edwardsville Creamery Co. 119 Edwardsville Implement Co. 105 Edwardsville Lumber Co. I 14 Edwardsville Motor Service 109 Edwardsville National Bank 97 Edwardsville Savings Loan 98 Eilers, Wilfred C. 104 Enloe's Self Service Laund'y 126 Estabrook, W. L. 123 Famous Dept. Stores 105 Fashion Bootery 105 Figge Service Station I I 5 Fink, Dr. Leroy M. 114 Flagg and Corlew 101 Fruit Service Station 102 Gerbig's Bakery 103 Gordon-Michel Tire Co. 106 Harrell, Dallas T. Son 106 Hellrung, Dr. Cecilia M. 118 Herff-Jones Co. 126 Herrmann, Dr. C. J. 96 Hill, Dr. M. R. 119 Home Nursery ................ 127 Hoover Bros................... I I 5 Hotz, Eulalia ................ I 19 Hotz Hardware 123 Hurst Pontiac Co. 129 Idlewood Inn 102 Illinois Lumber Co. 103 Imber's Men's Wear I 15 Jim Jones, Inc. 124 K L Wood Specialties 99 Kane, Edward 122 Kansas Street Market 124 Kaufmann's Market 99 Kiem's 96 King Bee Candy Kitchen 118 Klueter Feed Store 114 Kriege Hatchery 108 Ladd, Thos. F. 96 Lee Shops I 14 Leland Barber Shop 106 Leona's Beauty Shop 105 Lexow Electric 105 Litchfield Madison R. R. Co........................ 102 Little, Geo. E. Jr........... 124 Lux Theatre ................. 121 Madison Co. Abstract I I I Madison County Mutual 109 Madison County Tractor 107 Madison Store 124 Mainer Barber Shop 108 Marks, Lesley M. 122 Marks, Robert L. 98 May's Cut-Rate Drug 110 Mechanics Planing Mill 104 Meyer Monument Co. 127 Meyer Television 96 Midwest Loan 122 Mindrup's Automotive Service .................. 129 Moore-Stork Cleaners 109 Morrison Farm Supplies 117 Mottar's Drugs 112 Mudqe Mudge 120 Musso's 124 Nash, M. D., D.D.S. 102 Orman's Standard Service 103 Overbeck's 126 Pizzini, William D. 120 Quade's D-X Service 104 Ray's 1. G. A. Store 100 Reed, James J. 105 Richards Brick Co. 106 Rissi Studio 96 Robinson News Agency 118 Roger's Osh Kosh 101 Rohrkaste Dairy 123 Rosenthal's 99 Sanderson, Dr. M. S. 123 Schmidt, Oscar W. 121 Schmidt Tin Shop 126 Schneider Funeral Home 1 12 Schneider Motor Service 105 E. J. Shepard Shupack's 100 100 Silverbloom 11 1 "66" Bowl 99 Solter and Kriege NO Springer, Frederic E. 114 Straube Funeral Home 103 Strebler, A. H. 125 Suhre Appliance 101 Tom Boy Market 98 "Uncle Louie" 98 U. S. Radiator Corp. 100 Victor Cleaners 116 Vuagniaux, Waldo L. T. 98 Wahl, Dr. E. F. 100 Wayne, Dr. M. F. 100 Weber Funeral Home 1 16 Weeke Tobacco Co. 108 Weir, Dr. Robert W. 1 19 Wells Tire Sales 119 West End Service Station 112 Western Auto Associate 120 Wildey 102 Wilkens, George 1. 1 10 Wilson, Earl C. Agency 118 Winter's Pharmacy III Woodlawn Gardens .. 124 Yonaka Jewelry 101 Ninety-fourOUR ADVERTISERS TO EDWARDSVILLE STUDENTS: Owing to increased costs of yearbook production, we have been obliged to depend heavily upon our advertisers' financial assistance. Without their support many of you would have been unable to purchase yearbooks. It was possible to sell the 1953 TIGER at approximately one-half of the cost of the publishing because of the wonderful cooperation of our advertisers. They have been generous and considerate in purchasing ads. When you patronize them, mention their ads in the TIGER; give them your utmost support in every way that you can. TO EDWARDSVILLE ADVERTISERS: We wish to extend our sincere thanks to you for your cooperation and for the cordial reception you have given to our ad solicitors. This response has been greatly appreciated by us and we are confident that the students will show their appreciation by patronizing you. THE TIGER AD STAFF. Ninety-fiveTHOS. F. LADD CONTRACTOR PLASTERING, CONCRETE LATHING Phone 1003 229 Commercial St. Edwardsville, 111. DR. C. J. HERRMANN 202 N. Main St. Edwardsville. Illinois Compliments of BUCKLES TRANSFER AND WAREHOUSE COMPANY Prompt Service All Work Guaranteed TELEVISION SALES SERVICE Phone 462 225 N. Main St. RISSI STUDIO COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS 604 W. Main St. Phone 682 Ninety-sixTHE TIME OF YOUR LIFE to open a savings account IS NOW! AND, you might as well start with the bank you will want to stay with and that is The Bank On The Comer With The Clock Ninety-sevenCompliments of “UNCLE LOUIE” ROBERT L. MARKS D. D. S. Edw. Savings and Loan Bldg. Edwardsville, 111. Compliments of Harris Tom Boy Market VERNON HARRIS, Prop. GROCERIES - MEATS 132 N. MAIN ST. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. Your Life Insurance PROTECT YOURSELF and FAMILY NOW WITH OUR NEW ACCIDENT-SICKNESS and HOSPITALIZATION COVERAGE PLAN YOUR FUTURE VACATIONS WITH LIFE INSURANCE WALDO L. T. VUAGNIAUX 309 Hillsboro Ave. Phone 2465 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS Special Agent NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Pointers . . . About Worthwhile Saving Start with a convenient amount . . . ADD to the account regularly. YOUR savings, PLUS earnings added semi-annually, will give you a substantial amount before you know it. MAKE IT A POINT to save at - - Edwardsville Savings and Loan Association 140 North Main Street Edwardsville, Illinois Ninety-eightCompliments of “66” BOWL 300 West Vandalia St. “DO BUSINESS WITH A DEPENABLE FIRM” H. ROSENTHAL, Realtor SELLS HOMES. LOTS, FARMS. BUSINESSES INSURES EVERYTHING INSURABLE Members of American Legion ard Veterans of Foreign Wars 34 Years of confidential service to the public SEE THE MAN OF MANY YEARS EXPERIENCE R. H. Notary Public 217 S. Buchanan St. Edwardsville, 111. Phone 163 Residence 525 or 2014 R. N. W. K L WOOD SPECIALTIES And General Building Phone 533 1932 456 E. Vandalia Edwardsville, 111. EDWARDSVILLE CONSUMERS COAL CO. Dealer in QUALITY COAL Phone 470 A. J. MATEYKA Best Wishes to the Class of '53 from KAUFMANN'S MARKET 109 North 2nd St. Pete, Edith, and Frank Ninety-nineDR. EUGENE F. WAHL NATIONAL BANK BLDG. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. MARSHALL F. WAYNE D. D. S. Clover Leaf-Home Loan Building EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. JOSEPH M. DeLAURENTI JERRE C. COLLINS, JR. M. D. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE Bank of Edwardsville Bldg., Edwardsville, 111. BUILDING RAY'S IGA STORE United States Radiator MEATS and GROCERIES Corporation THE BIGGEST LITTLE BOILERS - - - RADIATORS STORE IN TOWN Over 59 years a great Phone 58 name in heating E. J. Shepard Office Supply “EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE” 108 St. Louis Street Phone 989 Compliments of 124 N. Main St. One hundredPhone 193 C. R. COCHRAN, D. S. C. CHIROPODIST AND FOOT SPECIALIST Gerber Bldg. Edwardsville, 111. Compliments oj ROGERS' OSH KOSH COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 138 North Main Phone 598 Flagg and Corlew, Engineers 116a St. Louis Street Edwardsville, Illinois Phones: Office 70, Res. 1620-W2 SUHRE’S Furniture Appliance Inc. AUTHORIZED NORGE DEALER SALES—TELEVISION—SERVICE Phone 1585 Edwardsville "Visit Our Hobby Shop" COVERS and BINDING Compliments of OF 1953 TIGER by YONAKA Jewelry Store BECKTOLD COMPANY 112 N. MAIN ST. St. Louis, Mo. PHONE 1943 One hundred oneM. D. NASH D. D. S. 470 N. Main Street EdwardsvilJe DR. C. L. BROCKMEIER BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BLDG. OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Litchfield and Madison Railway Company t( •r2 L }------- 1 ST LOUIS GATEWAY | - -y ROUTT "The Friendly Yard" CAIN LUMBER • PITTSBURGH PAINTS e RUBEROID ROOFING SIDING • BUILDERS HARDWARE • ELECTRICAL PLUMBING SUPPLIES 1507 TROY ROAD PHONE 1721 EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. IDLEWOOD INN RESTAURANT AND BAR CHICKEN. STEAK, AND SHRIMP Opal John Peterson FRUIT'S STANDARD SERVICE 305 West Vanda’.ia STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS PRESENTING THE SEASON'S OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINMENT . . . IN A MODERN COMFORTABLE FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE One hundred two★ ★ ILLINOIS :LUMBER CO., Inc.: ★ ★ Compliments of GERBIG'S BAKERY BAKERS OF SALLY ANN PRODUCTS EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. Compliments of EARL ORMAN'S STANDARD SERVICE 201 East Vandalia Edwardsville, 111. Phone 1120 ILLINOIS AND MISSOURI LICENSED Straube Funeral Home PHONE 60 5 1 2 North Main Street Edwardsville, Illinois One hundred threeQuade's DX Service Washing - Lubricating 236 N. Main Phone 1145 Edwardsville, 111. ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE REAL ESTATE WILFRED C. EILERS AGENCY Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. Phone 796 Compliments of MECHANIC'S PLANING MILL, Phone 487 Start Right . . . Start Saving Where Saving Pays CLOVER LEAF — HOME BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 148 NORTH MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS One hundred fourLEXOW'S ELECTRIC For Fashion Firsts WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES See SALES AND SERVICE PwliTT 107 E. Vandalia Phone 585 107 N. MAIN ST. SCHNEIDER MOTOR SERVICE Compliments of 1320 Troy Road Edwardsville, Illinois LEONA'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 998 St. Louis Office 214 Hillsboro Ave. MERCHANTS TRUCK TERMINAL 827-828-829 South Broadway Edwardsville, Illinois CHestnut 2274 2275 Phone 482 Residence 1308 EDWARDSVILLE F. P. BETZOLD AGENCY IMPLEMENT All Your Insurance Needs Irven L. Bagby Son Sales—John Deere Tractors—Service John Deere Quality Farm Equipment 202a North Main 1601 Troy Road Phone 1723 Edwardsville. Illinois Compliments of FASHION BOOTERY JAMES L. REED “For Better Quality In Better ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Styles In All Price Ranges" Edw. National Bank Building One hundred fiveCompliments of LELAND BARBER SHOP 106 St. Louis Street DALLAS T. HARRELL SON REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Phone 330 115a Purcell St. GORDON-MICHEL TIRE AND BATTERY CO. INC. U. S. TIRES, TUBES. BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES We give and redeem Eagle Stamps 203 S. Buchanan Phone 1180 AGNEW SHELL SERVICE • Road Service • Exide Batteries • Firestone - Good Year Tires LIGHT MECHANICAL WORK 603 N. Main Phone 1152 FOR BEAUTY AND PERMANENCE It pays to build of brick • • They do not burn nor decay • • • They are everlasting Richards Brick Co. EDWARDSVILLE ST. LOUIS FACE BRICK • COMMON BRICK • HOLLOW TILE GLASS BLOCKS • BUILDING BLOCKS FLUE LINING • GLASS BLOCK VENTILATORS One hundred sixGENERAL® ELECTRIC HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Have your Kitchen and Laundry planned by our Experienced Kitchen and Laundry Personnel TELEVISION and RADIO See Our Display of These Famous Nationally Known Television Sets! GENERAL ELECTRIC HALICRAFTER Black-Daylight Television The Set the Experts Buy CROSLEY The Family Theater MADISON COUNTY TRACTOR EQUIPMENT CO. 130 Hillsboro Ave. Phone 1760 Edwardsville, 111. One hundred sevenCompliments of ATKINSON’S TV SERVICE Phone 1685-R2 Compliments of MAINER BARBER SHOP 217 North Main Street Compliments of KRIEGE HATCHERIES TROY ROAD SECOND AVE. Producers of HI-SIRED BABY CHICKS PHONE 1011 A SINCERE "Thank You . . . " Johnston's Chocolates WEEKE TOBACCO CO. We have enjoyed serving you during the past year and we hope that you, too, have found it a pleasure to deal with us. The entire "Cassens Family" of our over two hundred employees joins us in expressing our desire to continue to merit your patronage. GEO. CASSENS ARNOLD CASSENS ALBERT CASSENS HAMEL EDWARDSVILLE One hundred eightCompliments of MOORE and STORK CLEANERS 511 North Main Phone 471 EDWARDSVILLE MOTOR SERVICE FARM MACHINERY • REFRIGERATION Tractor Service Repairs • Welding Compliments of DIPPOLD BROS. FEED 309 St. Louis St. Edwardsville Madison County Mutual AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY “A SERVICE THAT SERVES” 306 Edwardsville National Bank Building Phone 961 One hundred nineCompliments of ELDON M. DURR 514 St. Louis Street Compliments and Best Wishes GEORGE T. WILKINS CCUNTY SUPERINTENDENT Madison County Schools Compliments of SOLTER AND KRIEGE HARDWARE 112 E. V AND ALIA ST. PHONE 588 Congratulations to The 1953 Tiger © »gga£ For Years The Symbol Of Low Prices In Edwardsville Compliments of M. Desmond Mfg. Co. Plumbing and Healing Supplies 318 ST. LOUIS ST. One hundred tenCompliments of WINTER'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY 105 Purcell • Phone 216 "WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS" Compliments of MADISON COUNTY ABSTRACT AND TITLE CO. 112 HILLSBORO AVE. PHONE 81 BEST WISHES AND CONTINUED SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF ’53 ▼ THE SILVERBLOOM, Inc. Compliments of :ore J3allweg 3)rug. Sit . ‘Wa£g een Agency EDWARDSVILLE ILLINOIS 136 NORTH MAIN ST. • EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. PHONE 272 One hundred elevenCompliments of E. P. Schneider Funeral Home West End Service Station ST. LOUIS WEST STREETS PHONE 1135 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS Robert (Doc) Heidinger Henry (Hank) Dohle BOB'S BAND BOX CLEANERS LAUNDERERS ▼ NO SHRINKING • NO FADING • NO ODOR A Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service to Fit Everyone's Purpose YOUR APPEARANCE IS OUR BUSINESS T 112-114 S. Main St. Edwardsville Phone 28 MOTTAR DRUG COMPANY EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS Good Health To All From Rexall PHONE 67 One hundred twelve A. B. FEED and SEED STORE, Inc. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PROFIT REAPER A. B. FEEDS HAY FEED SALT SEEDS GRINDING CLEANING MIXING “WHERE FEED AND SEED IS A SCIENCE” One hundred thirteenWILLIAM E. DELICATE M. D. 206a N. Main Phone 7 Compliments of FREDERIC E. SPRINGER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Edwardsville National Bank Bldg. ASSOCIATED SERVICE MADISON STORE BUILDING EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. LEROY M. FINK, D. D. S. Edwardsville National Bank Building EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. BE FASHION WISE WITH BUDGET BUYS from the LEE SHOPS Compliments of KLUETER'S FEED STORE FEED AND SANITATION SUPPLIES 401 ST. LOUIS ST. PHONE 374 EDWARDSVILLE LUMBER CO. Phone 4 Phone 5 Second High Sts. One hundred fourteenFOR THE BEST DO-NUTS IN TOWN THE DO-NUT SHOP 301 N. MAIN ST. Compliments of PHONE 1100 IMBER'S MEN'S WEAR FIGGE'S SALES AND SERVICE ZENITH AND ADMIRAL TELEVISION 123 W. V AND ALIA GOOD FOOD AT EVERY DAY LOW PRICES HOOVER BROS. I. G. A. STORE MADISON AND FRANKLIN AVE. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. J. W. Busker Son HARDWARE 219 N. MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. Compliments of BROOKS JEWELRY 213 N. MAIN STREET One hundred fifteenCompliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE MELODY BAR 103 NORTH MAIN ST. Edwardsville Central Auto Supply, Inc. 106 E. VANDALIA ST. Edwardsville, 111. Phones: 2278-2279 BIG BOY'S SUPPLY CO. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS 237 N. Main St. Phone 1234 OUR CLEANING SERVICE WILL GIVE YOU THAT WELL GROOMED APPEARANCE WE ALL DESIRE Compliments of VICTOR CLEANERS Compliments of FUNERAL HOME (MARKS-WEBERI 52 YEARS OF SERVICE AMBULANCE SERVICE Edwardsville Phone 655 One hundred sixteenMODERN POWER FARM EQUIPMENT Morrison Farm Supplies JAMES MORRISON, Jr. Allis-Chalmers Farm Equipment Ccrno Feeds, Seeds and Poultry Supplies DeLaval Milking Machines Hotpoint Appliances Jewel Paints PHONE 284 ST. ANDREWS ST. • EDWARDSV1LLE, ILL. One hundred seventeenCompliments of DON COFFMAN INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of DR. CECELIA M. HELLRUNG 419 N. MAIN ST. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON CONSTRUCTION and DEVELOPMENT CO. HOMESITES, Inc. ---and---- Earl C. Wilson Agency ALL UNDER WILSON MANAGEMENT COMPLETE REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE SERVICE 620 E. Franklin Edwardsville, 111. Compliments of King Bee Candy Kitchen GEORGE COUKOULIS THE PLACE TO BUY YOUR ICE CREAM AND CANDY Compliments of JESSE R. BROWN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '53 Robinson News Agency GEO. ROBINSON One hundred eighteenROBERT W. WEIR, D. C. 231 N. MAIN ST. ▲ PHONE 300 GOOD LUCK ALWAYS MAURICE R. HILL, D. D. S TO THE GRADUATES OF '53 409 BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BUILDING MISS EULALIA HOTZ Compliments of Your COUNTY CLERK WELLS TIRE SALES, Inc. Edwardsville Creamery Co. MILK • CREAM • CHEESE • BUTTER • EVAPORTED MILK Grade A Homogenized Milk WEST PARK AND JOHNSON STREETS FOR PROMPT AND SATISFACTORY DELIVERY SERVICE PHONES 364-365 "CONGRATULATIONS, TIGER!" One hundred nineteenCompliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE TONY JANSEN. Prop. Compliments of DICK H. MUDGE, JR. JOHN G. MUDGE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. 315 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 73 Bill's Hobby Shop In Rear Compliments of BUHRMESTER PAPER AND PAINT CO. 201-203 N. SECOND STREET EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. Compliments of William D. Pizzini WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR PHONE 39 One hundred twentyCompliments of BUSY BEE BAKERY 218 MAIN PHONE 128 Compliments of BLUME'S APPAREL 104 N. MAIN EDWARDSVILLE "Movies are better than ever" LUX THEATRE "THE FRIENDLY THEATRE" OSCAR SCHMIDT CHARLES (Chuck) SCHMIDT OTTO (Buck) Homann OSCAR SCHMIDT AGENCY INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE 305 N. Main Edwardsville One hundred twenty-oneCompliments of LOANS Edward A. Kane, A. I.A. To pay accumulated bills, to purchase clothing, household necessities, or to repair or purchase a car, or for any other purpose. Our ARCHITECT aim is to help you. Have only one place to pay. We invite you to visit our office. Your business will be kept strictly confidential. ▼ CLAYTON CLEANERS MIDWEST LOAN CO. 501 NORTH MAIN STREET 156a North Main Edwardsville, 111. EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. S50 to S500 Phone 1082 LESLEY MARKS FUNERAL HOME A SERVICE AS MODERN AS TOMORROW ... AS GRACIOUS AS YESTERDAY DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE.....................PHONE 577 AMBULANCE SERVICE.........................PHONE 577 ’T" 210 N. Kansas St. Edwardsville, 111. One hundred twenty-twoCompliments of W. L. ESTABROOK 107 Purcell Street Congratulations Class of ’53 It's ROHRKASTE DAIRY BAR DOUBLE THICK MALTS YUMMY ICE CREAM SUNDAES SUPER DELUXE ICE CREAM SODAS CURB SERVICE 1003 NORTH MAIN ST. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. MAURICE S. SANDERSON, M. D. Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. Phone 206 DR. WAYNE B. COX EXTENDS HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 HOTZ HARDWARE One hundred twenty-threeMUSSO'S RESTAURANT AND BAR North Side of Court House STEAK. CHICKEN. SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES KANSAS STREET MARKET Compliments of CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES MADISON STORE "YOUR FRIENDLY CORNER GROCER" “62 Years on the Phone 643 415 N. Kansas Square" GEO. E. LITTLE, Jr. 425 St. Louis Street "LET GEO. INSURE IT" Insurance Real Estate Compliments of WOODLAWN GARDENS J. H. BLIXEN 1407 St. Louis Street One hundred twenty-fourTHIRTY-ONE YEARS AGO ... AND TODAY Just thirty-one years ago! In the year 1921 we photographed our first Senior class for the Tiger—The Class of 1922 consisting of 36 students. Today we are still serving them, making portraits of their children and grandchildren, their friends and relatives. We Are Justly Proud of Our 34 Year Record as an Edwardsville Home Institution A. H. STREBLER YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER 405 St. Louis St. One hundred twenty-jiveCompliments of OVERBECK'S "The Home of Fine Wallpaper and Paints" 120 N. Main St. Edwardsville, 111. ENLOE'S BENDIX SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY 120 S. Main St. Phone 302 Compliments of SCHMIDT TIN SHOP SHEET METAL • HEATING Phone: Shop 467 — Residence 204R 239 NORTH MAIN ST. EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. E. H. SCHMIDT TO THE CLASS OF 1953 THANK YOU HERFF-JONES IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO MANUFACTURE YOUR CLASS RINGS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS HERFF-JONES CO. Indianapolis Official Jewelers And Stationers To E. H. S. REPRESENTED BY SINCE 1928 R. L. JACOBS JACKSONVILLE, ILL. One hundred twenty-sixCongratulations and Good Luck To the Class of '53 MEYER MONUMENTS "Mark the Spot with Beauty Forever" PAUL E. MEYER DAIRY-DEL STORE 211 E. V AND ALIA ST. TELEPHONE 138 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HOME NURSERY AND GREENHOUSES ERNEST TOSOVSKY, Proprietor CUT FLOWERS TREES PLANTS SHRUBS MEMBERS OF F. T. D. ® PHONE 1790 AND 1791 EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS Stores at Granite City, Collinsville, Wood River and Staunton TO SERVE YOU "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" One hundred twenty-sevenCongrat CLASS ( fr Edwardsville Automobi A. Bothman Sons FORD Phone 079 Butler-Chevrolet CHEVROLET BUICK Phone 123 Cassens Sons, Inc. DODGE PLYMOUTH Phone 308 Champion Motors, Inc. OLDSMOBILE Phone 16tions to F 1953 e Dealers Association Dunlap-Hotz Motor Co. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Phone 87 Hurst Pontiac Co. PONTIAC Phone 35 Mindrups Automotive Service DESOTO PLYMOUTH Phone 310 One hundred twenty-nineTHE BANK OF ED WARDSVILLE CAPITAL $150,000.00 SURPLUS $250,000.00 ‘ ‘8 5 YEARS IN BANKING” THE BANK for EVERY BANKING SCERVICE LOANS — For All Worthwhile Purposes Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Each Depositor insured up to $10,000.00 PHONE 57 One hundred thirtytoy rap It J One hundred thirty-one -Aui oijrapns , One hundred thirty-three s utocfraph toar apt J One hundred thirty-fiveEngraving by PEORIA ENGRAVING CO. Peoria, Illinois Printing by INTELLIGENCER PUBLISHING CO. Edwardsville, Illinois One hundred thirty-six

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