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W ? gf." U wxnlrvw NJ I fx . W W NQXKW . Syl my Aqaiw f f ywgwf RSE., yWig,jW V Q3 g fail f:1'lQ5Y3f2i5 1 ii , MS' ' X . 'lv- Ws??VfVJyiJCHfJgWgi7l' 30"MjQfiuf' QW? awk Mgg' 9 f , 1 ' Wfff' X W 3 , D c G N JLQL A' W ? ww 4 Mgfxggjw mu, Jw, 4' 19 6' K' 'R-A V31' f ' 1' , ' 6 ' A 7, fywsff 'W "' ,,.,,w. . 4 E. t y,,1:.w-'zu X. REM: , f nfgewf ,x "Hs . 326 f ,ggi aff' X M 'K ri, 6 K W :4 Ag 1, ,KL mv 4 r V1 A ' A ' L EJ ' . 44' L . H v Af . e , I , , X " ' 'vu x ' ,g f - ' f 9 a - . . ' 'MQ - - 3 V W 'M J .isa 'f"'g,Af . 'V ' 'Q ' ' 1 ' . ,i V- Q--xv' 'ywafi' ' ' ' ' A' 7 f F 1 'gg R 'I l- 572- f . - - if :HY , , 'ti f . , .Q I - ji , .. . - Y r yr f ' qj x H 5,5 V N' KP V 4 ' 'V J wir My 'Y M z.f:f'fi3:f'f W ' ' L ,I A ,J N MW ,f 'VM 35 W if "QM My ww ' 1 ww WWW M Wff LW JSM 9 'Wl ,, , . V , - ' OL q W 524 DM QW-.' ggi? fiaawv , ,A cj 'vf Q My EMM VB Www ,35 gfjfyyy . iw 4f5fB, Jw W 'QXIX 'K ' 'I L 'W ' ' , QT Zu, I I ,2- 1 ' M . V ,-,' ' ' f . , .Laf .fv".' ,. W 'uh' Him ,. , 1 I , . 'V X 1 ,vw A ' NJ 2 - Q 2- - , , ' ,z 'Q F ,fin . V 'g 5.65 f, '- X. , ,513 , Mvami 1 ,- fs V ffWf.:?44Q?f' fl - i"4,1fi 5' wiillfi' 4, JZf5f'73ffffffff+ fff'M iw! QM WWMW Bmwh B dggfwji f ff? f Q iimf if f if Wwfiiffzfgiffwff W ff Www MMM ff . ' QMQZWW Qwfwff 6 MWJWW NME? of . - gmufd- '. ' 'E ' RY EAN GERKE , ' my 1!yfkj N. . ,, . 'N-,N NN ENLOE V 4, hip 'U 2, TE EDITOR A x l, ' W M' :J -21"""'3':"-L ,1' Nl? t Wg fffgfwffff wwf' 9? 'ff 'ffm Qjiiw 1' f" - 3' JU-4-wr' 0 'Q I V, , 'f arf 5 af- . , Rf I I 1 ,fy I ,K fn Q., Gang. ' THEM TNQQMS, TTL. 5 ' 6 A I yi-6,4 Ulf if D J! ff! Ax tp ,Q BANDON PLANTATION W 5 +1 EDENTON., NORTH CAROLINA lj January 1 P if 9 TO 'ras GRADUATES or Enwmnsvrm-: HIGH scx-xoon, past d present and future: 5 Q Many times we old grsdudxjdy mms . ff backward to school days with a nostalgic tende yeas. Time,the I . great lsveller,flattens out the worries, struggles and minor . 4- ' . Y tragedies of youth, and leaves only happy remembrances. X A We forget struggles over Math and Science, arguments with N .w X A t- P i. In such a veinll think of the school days, knowing now that G , Wm teachers, principals and schoolmates, that caused us anxiety 0 I missed much that I should have gainedg rushed by the 'knowledge that was to be had, in avmad scramble to finish and be about the I ' The thing that I regret most of all is that I was not a better a d more conscientious student of' the important and vital X 3 .4 53 9 223 fi QB of 05,518 O hist y f' the region in which I lived. It is a fascimting s - Exe n zlari, the lish occupation and the period th ni nd Fr age. Even more interesting are 4 e rea ' ' ns r m rginia and North Carolina, through 'J' s d e at ended in Illinois in the early 1800s. A 0 e Flin is at y is as yet unwritten. Perhaps some graduate K ' Eldw dsv e Hi h ill be the one to tell the story, so importan I n he story o he United St tee. ' am very proud of' having g d 3 '- 'rom the school in which , t I my mother Flora Chd n Clar as 5 a d as an honor studentg and proud to be ' 1 Q,--9 - say f- e ,-A o friends of' school. . SQ ., . ,A . - . V f ., . , N i H Inglis H ' letcher. 1 1 SE S X xg 7 I C I ' a J 0 2 if Q I 'fffw ' In .fh Glllflltlllllib CDllilllll3fllEWiifiMQl4lS I . W7 l W My ,f 5 fl 0 , ' - 1'2" A' 2 -, H 1, li' f in ,j Il 1 - Vi' I rx ' y ir' 2 - , ,O if J' bf ,gt ik H ' - WI.- L fi .ef 7 'WWW N THE HALcYoN DECADE X ' ' of the l89O's which our generation has come to know as the 5 k 'M an "Gay 90's" Edwardsville high school students labored over' their assignments, wasted their time, played pranks, and en- ' .jo d yna of the same activities that we enjoy today. -ygether ety was mo prevalent a ong the young people w a h customs c nge human nature remains fb hen 'nd ther s a girl is in for us to say, but we do Q f lt - ch e s e f r school we respect I dedicate the 33 u , X ' E e gr0 H S fou' ed many of the If nobl o , B l ig to t graduates of the 90's especially to the ,W lustri s au r, Mrs. Inglis Fletc , g uate of the class . of 97, w m we have asked to their spokesman. i Jl y . Fletcher has had a colorful care r, livin lin iforn Washington, and Alaska. She 0 1 went to Afri a studnnativel custdms and witchcraft. Out of this xp ien me two books, "The White Leopard" mind "Red as in " urning to her ancestral home in North Carolina kshe a written 'thef following delightful historical novels: "Ralei h's Edehni' 'DMSH' of Albemarle," Lusty Wind for Carolina," and "Tail of the Brave"-allxof which have been translated into many Europeah languages. M . For her brilliant contributions to the pages of American W - 1 , history in vitalizing the past we dedicate our yearbook to her in particular and to the graduates of the 90's in general. I 7 wi Gm M' i GZ 454 Wijagfilncjff FJIW7' F4607 We 17.43555 5 4,65 fn' 10415574 Zpfllg I, 531.417, 3 ' i l X. Mrs. Marie Weir Von Weise 2a'wi.duMAf5" Sim., .haw-e Glll'lllillllE5 GAY QIHIIYS EACHERS WERE POPULAR in l89O but there was a reason! The Intelligencer in that year was conducting an exiting contest for the most pop- X ular teacher. The reward was a trip to St. Paul. Letter were published in every issue with su h e sive p 's as "the best lady teacher in the publi hools, ' d "t sweetest teacher in the worl " U ln the first year of the deca the e of n ' girl's eye wore a short overco , long air, a a o - tache. He took her for a ride i he ba y clay o spri . During the long winter evenin of ' r he sp e to s X of love in the parlor in a Turk' cor behi bambo portieres as they say on tete-a- te ai s. f M , 2 , The young man's heart i se day, wo a ' X I' " vor., wasp-waisted, tight-fitting ba u s andi co r M of velvet or moire. Her thic ole irt, r d wi X ,EE QQ!-' classic elegance, was of dignifi lengt almo u i g X the floor. When the o ng cou pla te ' , e w M EKH l , thick woolen trousers nd sh ore h J U LL draped and of a length hat wou ex noth 1: abo ' a'ung.aAA, 1-v the lower portion of shoel er estria 'le - 2 , 9 included a kilted skirt ove full r sers y xlqq X version of today's sl sl dra in a the '---a- T . X M jwkirt was ofa le th th would pos e f I' cha M , ois leggings were ' co the b of - , le . Q61 -31' should me full ski f ughr b Q r or Q bush. .X g f I ircuses and travel ' gs W rov' ente t i '-Q, 4 6 W aon with G. A. R. enc pme , MQ erab pic - W in the summer, and sk ' g and .c ighln DOF in T 6 winter, The Street Fai '- Octob l8 ie fwh'ch 0 s n e followin ges, vide our at da and nights. Specialty se ' tions ' lude e vell L Lf qi Magniscope, which :mf ced w scen in ba a the Phillippines ana hu eeno r ree tnig balloon ascensions by the o g s ro a night ascensions being illuminate nd a om ie fireworks from the balloon in mid-air. Especially attr 4 ive was the Harvest Queen Parade, with the beautiful queen riding on a float accompanied by all the carriages in town completely covered with paper flowers and the spectacular parade of the Goo-Coos on the final night. N N ,ff to Alllrpllllllllllllltlllll llfDllF Clll'llFlllllE5 EVE it CLASS OF l89l Edward S hlagenhauf , Maude Burroughs Caqlrlk Segetiggce r . " 7 . Minnie Crocker I 'sexo ff 1 ' 1 Charles Schwarz ' Q 51 1 Lula Schwarz Dv pid if A f J ' 1 John Stokes CL ' 189 1. l .9 A J' , gf! '- Clara Thurneau D Q 'ff ' f fggu Fi tp. -, - iq r e 1 l fe' is CLASS OF l 2 wJ Rus A 'hill Mabel Cullen SC W0 ff gffilstl ' Charles Fahn V ' eb 5t'C"f' Fred Fahnesto ' Edgar Gerke Jessie G ' Jessie Anna Daisy Hobson 'lliam J. Krome , a Riniker ar Thurnau Ma indall 4 Jose h Waters l SS OF i893 ischer Cusewelle t udy Keller X Keller eown fie ash 1 orge Taylor sephine Trares orence Wenner ith Wharff laxton Whiteside VD . Xlii ' 5 I n J l Sf, ? eown it N .f' ' X B CLASS OF i894 Nora Burroughs Elizabeth Friday Carrie Greeneberg Katharine Hack George Martin Fanny Mudge William H. Nix Fannie Richards George Schaffer ji? f il ma Spring 39 i l ' W ters df r Wilkins ,i CLASS OF l896 Joseph Belk Elizabeth Bernius Jennie Brinkman -Elizabeth Davis Mae Desmond Thomas H. Eaton E. Breese Glass C. Cooper Groves Jennie Hall Rosalie Martin Edwin Newlon James hitbr d lf ff l . f ' o l X o' 5 MMV ll ll 5 9 ,i SS l89 B jami errflu inna rk harl ya nk R' e Sc z I sea hw z o Ju' Tyn l ine ir H ll fl D CLASS OF l898 Elizabeth Barnsback Elizabeth Bentley Leland Buckley jd! Clara Burroughs 6 i Pearl"Carr M fl Henry Childs , Roger Clark f , W Georgia L. Davis.,! Vickie Dorr 'Q C Tillie Hack ffn I George Handlon Florence Hobson Mary Jeffries irchie Kremer lvin McKee Dick Mudge William Roa Edna Vance Minnie Whitbread Albert Zimmerschied ir CLASS OF i899 Nellie Barnett Cora Cunningham Alice Daniels George K. Eaton William C. Martin Minna Schwarz Claude Sebastian Besse Shaffer Louis A. Smith Carrie Wenner J. Pogue Whiteside Rudolph Wolf i 5 lllDllllDlINllllE5llEBllR AND lIDlllllll2nlllQlllll3 SllBllHll4D4Dllln HEADS 1 1815-1830 77 1860-1903 ,, Hiram Roundtree Dolly Stearns Joshua Atwater Wm. Barrett Madame de Jerome Don Alonzo Spaulding Dame Hastings John Sawyer 1830-l84O 8 ' Samuel Allard Thomas Atwater Silas Scandrett John Barber Dame Alden Dame Chapin Dame Loomis Preceptor Gibson SUPT J. M. PARKlNSON i840-l86O 77 Superintendent of Schools Master Dwight in H395 Master Potter Jane Allen Superintendent in l895 Hannah Eastman Mistress Whip Moses B. Sherman Jacob W. Terry Orsamus C. Drake Elizabeth Livermore G. M. Cole Geo. H. Knowles R. Price Ryder H. H. Keebler Charles T. Stratton Daniel W. Kerr W. M. McMullen Wm. F. Ely Geo. W. Pomeroy J. N. Dewell l. H. Brown Geo. F. Miner J. M. Parkinson G. W. Parkinson l903ll947 8 T. W. Birney Heywood Coffield Charles F. Ford W. W. Krumsiek E. L. Alexander 1 l 1 Q TEACHERS OF THE 90's 3rd Row-Nina Gardner, Jessie Bickelhaupt, Josephine Hadley Yates, Emma Schwartz. 2nd Row-Mattie Sherman, Catherine Evans, Mamie Durr, Kate Evans, Edith M. Tuxhorn lst Row-Miss Newlan, Nona Barnsback, Rose Cline, Georgia Stillwood, Birdie Barns- back, Josephine Springer, Minnie Greenberg. lDllllllR S4EllHlllDlDllbS lDllF GlllllHllllE5 QMDQS . ,,w11ff3'?5f qw. t, ,X fi M244 4960... ,Qt Q ' X 'Lfik 1 Q! - 7 ukfcf kifgaok if I Q .4 Q OR MANY EDWARDSVILLE . g Cc: gs. jf . . . . . dit X ' Qi! citizens the picture above of the primary and high school I 'fd-qc buildings will revive many pleasant ond, perhaps, painful A ,. fuk, memories of their school days. Located on the present. . I ' C Z, site of the Columbus and Junior High buildings, these two Sf , J C'044.xg structures served as the Fountain Head of Knowledge for Edwardsville youth for many years. The wells at the back of the buildings with their tin dippers from which ' . f everyone drank tbefore the age of germs? and the fence k in the foreground on which one tested his sense of balance I and the boys in particular "showed oft" for the girls were the chief attractions about the building. With an enrollment of near l,OOO pupils in these two schools and the First Ward in l895, the city of Edwards- ville was in need of further expansion in its schools for the accommodation ofthe pupils. The Board of Education in that year was composed of W. F. L. Hadley, president, E. P. Greenwood, seretary, Dr. E. W. Fiegenbaum, E. J. Jeffress, W. D. Harnist, Alonzo Keller, and AA. Suppiger. ' 5 f-rx lg!ig Q3.i.l, N' Qglfal gl 7 WHEN WE WHERE CYlDllllllNll1l3v Alllllillb GAY! Top: Graduation dresses ofthe 90's worn by Miss Nellie B. Keller Cseatedl and Mrs. Lucy Keller Carson, twin sisters, Bottom: A group of young girls of the 90,52 From left to right: Tina Stillwell, Emma Cot frey, Marie Weir, Georgie Davis, Leone Weir, Minnie Whitbread, lrma Springer, Mrs. Lanham. IIHIIAVIIEB SGIIIfIIIlIIDIIE5IINIIG1IlIS IIBIEIIAIINIIIIBTIIESIID IIMIIIIIMBIIBIIZ' AN EXCHANGE OF HATS! IWhy, grandmother, how could youII Norman Bahrenburg Fannie Mahier IMrs, C. O. NashI Birdie Brown T. L. Cullens A COOL DRINK! Amy Jeffress Maude Barnsback Bahrenburg and Cullens A BIOLOGY FIELD TRIP! Norman Bahrenburg,Fannie Mah- Ier, Giadys Varnum, unknown, Maude Barnsback, Birdie Brown, Florence Tarft, Clarence Baird, Seated: Herbert Crocker, Minna Lynch, Genevieve Keller, Elmer Brown. I I I SWEET lEfllE5llNlllIE?JVllllIli5VlIE5!? GAY YOUNG LOTHARIOS! The swaggering poses ot the boys indicate the same rougish fun exemplifeid in our boys today. Left to right: T. L. Cullens, Louise Mudge, Maude Barnsback, Courtland Bradshaw, Ceo. W. Crossman, David W. Fiegenbaum, John K. Sutter YOUNG LADIES OF THE 90's! The attractive young lady with the parasol designated as Minna Clark is Inglis Fletcher to whom we have dedicated this book. Irma Springer Minnie Krome Minna Clark Clara Krome Pearl Finch Mary Jeffress Katharine Hack Jennie Pogue llllllxlll Clllflllillllib swlalffll' lll56MllE5 Amo llEvCYlll2E Not the old water wagon! fl, Q I love o porodel lToken Aug. 28, l900l First Auto in Edwardsville! lToken Aug, 28, l900l AS GIQllHllllE56Y llblDlDllKJllE3lllD llillblll' 6llFllHllllE5 QNDQS Upper Panel: Miss Carrie Walt is known to many present day students as the genial custodian of the Madison County Historical Museum. Marie Shwarz is the grandmo- ther of Virgnia Wayne. Maude Burroughs is the grandmother of Wilbur Warnock. The high school building now stands on the land that formerly was Julia Hadley's pasture. Center Panel: C. W. Burton is our present State's Attorney. Hortense Corbett taught school in Edwardsville a number of years. F. M. Roo in later years left a book collec- tion to the high school. Lower Panel: Wilbur Trares is the father of Bob and John Trares. Wilbur Gerke is our present postmaster. llDlD CMDTU KNEW CfllfllllllllEBSllEB llDllE3llRSlDlINllSi' Upper Panel: The infant, Doris Early, is the mother of Fred Cillham. Lower Panel: Nina Travous is better known to high school students as Miss Louise Tra- vous. Ella Tunnel! is our own Miss Tunnell, study hall supervisor of 204 this year. lDllUllR SfIl2llHlllDlDlll5 6lllJllDlllDA'Jllf . H. S. COULD NOT RUN so smoothly and efficiently without the co-operation of the school board. They see that we receive the best in- structors for each subject and that the necessary equip- ment is at hand. Mr. George Little is president and Mr. Clyde Fruit is secretary. The other members are Mr. Clyde Hartung, l Mr. E. J. Ballweg, Mr. Lester Brockmeier, Dr. W. B. Cox, and Mr. Harry Hanser. Mr. E. L Alexander, as superintendent of Edwards- ville schools, has a tremendous job, but one that has proved himself capable of handling with great efficiency. Mr, E, L, Alexander Mr. Alexander is a friend to all, young and old. f Top--Left to right: Mr. Edward J. Ballweg, Mr. Lester Brockmeier, and Dr. W. B. Cox. Bottom-Left to right: Mr. Clyde Fruit, Mr. Harry Hanser, Mr. Clyde Hartung, and Mr. George Little. 'V' ' ,N 1 V-we W R . ' l f' , 1 I I J me 5 i if Aipiiviiiiiii'i1i'iis.ClfiM.Giiijiipiii1i ." xxsyjdkfbts MR. GEORGE F. BROCK You've all heard the name, "George Brock." lt's quite a popular name out here at Edwardsville High School. For George Brock is principal of E. H. S. Mr. Brock is friendly, kind and, above all, practical. He puts his practical knowledge to use in dealing with everyday problems which regularly confront him. A conscientious atmosphere surrounds Mr. Brock, and he is always interested in the students' welfare. This combined with a firm hand make him largely responsible for the smooth running order of our school. MR. DONALD F. LEWIS Unlike the perpetual man of whom it is said, "Jack of all trades, Master of None," Mr. Donald Lewis is indeed master of his many "trades" here at E. H. S, Mr. Lewis has a fine personality and has a wide range of interests, from sponsoring the year book to being Dean of Boys. ln between, Mr. Lewis also finds time to sponsor the Tiger-Times, the school newspaper, and, in ad- dition, being the active sponsor of the Hi-Y. Mr. Lewis handles all these jobs remarkably well, so well that he is about alla student could ask for in the way ofa fine man, a good friend, an expert teacher and a wonderful organizer. MISS ELSIE .l. SLOAN Although being Dean of Girls is Miss Elsie Sloan's foremost activity, it is by no means her only one. It is true she keeps a watchful eye on the girls of Edwardsville High School and serves them valuable, practical advice, but Miss Sloan also is the chief sponsor of the Hi-Tri, of which some 250 girls are members, and she teaches three periods each day. BRASS lDllFllFllllElllfpllRS SENIOR President ,T ,. .,.,., . Richard Eck Vice-President ,.V.,......,,V., Donald Gray Treasurer r,r.rr....,r Maxine Schaefer Secretary ,i... ,. Mary Mateyka SOPHOMORE President ., .r...., .i... .i.., F r ed Mohri Vice-President ri.,. ,r,..r G eorge Metcalf Treasurer ,r,. ., ,..,....... . Danny Eilers Secretary , . Roland Brurnmit l6 JUNIOR President .....i, 4. . John Trebing Vice-President .T ...,.r.,..., Patsy Ohl Secretary-Treasurer . Joan Highlander FRESHMAN President ,......,. .i.V. ....,. D o nald Helfer Vice-President .tr.......,.,. Pat Berleman Secretary - Treasurer ..,., Camilla Smith -s i GQ r KMrLQ1!g!14rgQsv!1frMM1ergqogj'-M1WebgyfeyjeM9391My4wifM14M4M24QMPMM14M1sbMtMbMrLQsrLQsL ,!!!Z!PKv9fQ!!XQ!!A ' " ' x Q 'f- Q W Q ' 1. Q 13 is k. tw, H E , " gf- ' Pu I Q 5 Qlth? -1- ' ' nf Q 31 2 , 2 4. . 5 :Z VX , J- W , 2 ' .- - Q E ,uw L f Q, D .... , 2 1 - Q I l V I Q D , 2 9-, J Q 9- Ei Q E 11. C 03 C, is S, Q W 2 fr C ......C'-5 2 , - E - T: ,. E S E Q 3 Q 1 1:- 2 1 . Q Q I ' ' ' ' Q E Q Q 'lihilililikiii li' 'MEN'KNEWigiiiiilfgiiffiiimiimli6150155154 l5al53N1i liA 15506 15600 iii 1i75XlF l5fiYi liKYiHYii ALBUM W1Q 1,a fZW fwifw W W4 WM ivy ,1fPc'fwICf1w.QjCL,:b Q95 11,0 MMQLQA-W Q4,cVJQUQ,K,Q,A.Ai.7,Lj EEWPTLHPD QM Lana!! Wgwfffm TWHWW L 7Mfq112N.1LJM..JAM.g.A7,,. ifixzzmw lIlEM3lllllll96lIT0Y NELLIE ALEXANDER B. S. in Education Mathematics ARTHUR APPRILL B. S. in Education A. M. Social Science DONALD W. ATKINSON B. A. Science EMMA BERGMANN 9-f"""" B. S.g B. S. in Library Science Library WILLIAM BREWER B. S. Physical Ed. and Coach GEORGE S. BRIGGS B. S. Vocal Music ALICE CHEEK CROCKER A. B4 M. A. English and Speech GRACE CUNNINGHAM B. S.g M. A. Modern Languagesv CLEAON ETZKORN B. Music Instrumental M ic L A. B.g M. A. ' Latin-' A. M. GIBSON B. S.g M. S. Science ESTH ER GOEDDEL B. S.g M. A. Social Science BETTY GULLER B. Music Commerce MILDRED HALBRUEGGE. B. S. LORRAINE HATSCHER B. S. in Education English Physical Education X Mw- CARLA L. GEWE I ' 5 . . t. B"""X AM.-A-U.Ti.,4,u ,"""n -4 ELLA HELM B. S. in Educationg A. M. Mathematics JOAN HUNTER B. of Educationg M. S. Science A. E. LITTLE A. B.g M. A. B. S.g M. S. Commerce JOE E. LUCCO A. B., M. A. Social Science and Coach ELIZABETH MILLER B. S. in Educationg M. A. Mechanical Drawing J. D. MILLER B. S. in Education Shop B. S.g M. S. LUCY A. PARKEY Home Economics ROSE SANDSM A. B. English CHESTER SEIBERT B. S. Agriculture ELSIE J. SLOAN B. of Educationg A. M. Englishg Dean of Girls ALETHA SMISER B. S. Commerce FRANCES TUXHORN B. S. Home Economics ISABEL WOOD A. B.g M. A. English ELDEN MAE WILHELM Office Secretary COLETA ZIMMERMAN Registrar IIFQMBIIIIIIIQGIIFGTY NELLIE ALEXANDER ii Degrees: B. S. in Education, Northwest Mis- souri State Teachers College, Kirksville, Mo. Birthplace: Clifton Hill, Mo. High School Alma Mater: Amboy, Ill. Additional College Education: Missouri Uni- versity 2 years, Western Illinois State Col- lege 3 summers. Previous Employment: Rural school, Chariton County, Mo., 6 years, Bucklin, Mo., High School 2 years: Keytesville, Mo., High School 3 years, Western lllinois State Col- lege, summer term. ARTHUR APPRILL 1, Degrees: B. S. in Education, Missouri State Teachers College, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Birthplace: Hermann, Mo. High School Alma Mater: Hermann, Mo. Additional College Education: University of Chicago, 3 terms, University of California, I summer. Previous Employment: Country School, Her- mann, Mo., 2 years, Hermann, Mo., I3 yrs. St. Charles, Mo., I year. ' DONALD W. ATKINSON ii Degrees: B. A., Illinois College. Jacksonville. Birthplace: Greene County, lll. High School Alma Mater: Jacksonville, Ill. Additional College Training: University ot llli- nois, 3 terms, Penn State Diesel Sch., I term. Previous Employment: Carmi High School, I-2 year, Physics instructor while college stud- ent, U. S. Navy. EMMA BERGMANN ii Degrees: B. S., McKendree College, B. S. in Library Science, University ot Illinois. Birthplace: St. Clair County, lll. High School Alma Mater: O'Fallon, lll. Previous Employment: Olney Public Library, 5 years, O'Fallon High School, O'FalIon, Ill. WILLIAM BREWER, ,, Degrees: B. S., University of Illinois. Birthplace: Greenville, Ill. High School Alma Mater: University City, Mo. Previous Employment: Coast Guard, 3 years, High School, Herculaneum, Mo. GEORGE S. BRIGGS v Degrees: B. S. in Education, Eastern lllinois State Teachers College, Charleston, Ill. Birthplace: Charleston, lll. High School Alma Mater: Charleston, Ill. Additional College Education: Christiansen Choral School, summer session. IIFAIIMIIIIIIIIQCM GEO. F. BROCK 9 Degrees: Ph. B. Missouri Valley College, Mar- shall, Mo., M. Ed. University of Missouri. Birthplace: Neal, Kansas. Additional College Education: Marquette Uni- versity, I summer, University of Wisconsin, I summer, University of Iowa, I summer. Previous Employment: High School, Harrison- ville, Mo., University High School, Milwau- kee, Wis., High School, Carrollton, Mo. High School, Hannibal, Mo., U. S. Navy, University of Missouri, Counselor, Camp Soswagaming, Big Bay, Mich., Field Man, International Harvester Co. ALICE CROCKER D Degrees: A. B., University of lllinois, M. A., University of Missouri. Birthplace: Cornland, lll. High School Alma Mater: Clinton, lll. Additional College Education: University of Colorado, I summer. Previous Employment: Robinson, Ill., 4 years, County Treasurer's Office, 2 summers. GRACE CUNNINGHAM n Degrees: B. S., University of lllinois, M. A., University of Colorado. Birthplace: Edwardsville, III. High School Alma Mater--Edwardsville, Ill. Additional College Education: McKendree College, 2 years, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, I summer. Previous Employment: Jr. High School, Mount Olive, lll., 2 years, High School, Worden, I2 years. CLEAON ETZKORN D Degrees: B. Music, Millikin University. Birthplace: Highland, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Edwardsville. Previous Employment: Army, 4M years, Mc- Bride High School, St. Louis, M year. Z ii. I ' Q. f II' I' 1 ,.- ri I9 llFAlF3IllIlllpCllF6lT IIFAIIMIIIIIIIIJM CARLA L. GEWE D Degrees: A. B., Washington University, M. A., University of Colorado. Birthplace: St. Louis, Mo. High School Alma Mater: Yeatman, St. Louis. Additional College Education: University of 'Wisconsin, I summer, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, I summer. Previous Employment: Payroll Dept. Interna- tional Shoe Co., 2 summers. A. M. GIBSON ,J Degrees: B. S., Illinois Wesleyan University, M. S., University of Michigan. Birthplace: Clayton, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Clayton, Ill. Additional College Education: University of Illinois, 2 summers, Washington University, 2 summers. Previous Employment: Goreville, lll., 4 years, Community High, Kansas, lll., 2 years, U. S. Army, 3M years. ESTHER GOEDDEL is Degrees: B. S., University of Illinois, M. A., University of Illinois. Birthplace: St. Louis, Mo. High School Alma Mater: Waterloo, Ill. Additional College Education: Southern Illi- nois University, 2 years. Previous Employment: Public School, Water- loo, lll., Typist, St. Louis, I summer. BETTY GULLER ii Degrees: B. of Music, Illinois Wesleyan. Birthplace: Edwardsville, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Edwardsville. Additional College Education, University of Chicago, Gregg College, Chicago. Previous Employment: Bluford, lll., I year, Alton, Ill., 2 years, Harvey, III., 3 years. MILDRED HALBRUEGGE I Degrees: B. S., Ursinus College, New Jersey. Birthplace: Bridgeton, N. J. High School Alma Mater: Bridgeton, N. J. Previous -'Employment Playground Director, Alton, Ill. 2 years, New Jersey, 2 years' Playground Supervisor, 2 years. LORRAI NE HATSCH ER D Degrees: B. S. in Ed., Illinois State Normal. Birthplace: Madison, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Madison, Ill. Additional College Education: Washington U. Previous Employment: Standard Steel Spring, I summer. I 20 ELLA HELM D Degrees: B. S. in Education, Univ. of Missouri. Birthplace: New Haven, Mo. , High School Alma Mater: New Haven, Mo. Additional College Education: Howard Payne, 2 years, Colorado University, I summer. Previous Employment: Tipton, Mo., New Hav- en, Mo., Excelsior Springs, Mo. JOAN HUNTER Q, Degrees: B. of Education, Eastern Illinois State Teachers College, M. S. in Botany, Univers- ity of Michigan. I Birthplace: Illinois. High School Alma Mater: Edwardsville. Previous Employment: LaGrange, Worden, Ill., File Clerk Western Cartridge, summer. DONALD F. LEWIS ,i Degrees: Ph. B., Shurtleft College, A. M., Uni- versity of Missouri. Birthplace: Golconda, Ill. High School Alma Mater, Metropolis, lll. Additional College Education: University of Illinois, 2 summers, Extension, Southern Illinois University, 2 winters. Previous Employment: Township High School, DuQuoin, Ill., Principal, Township High, Sesser, Ill., Florist's Assistant, State Hos- pital, Alton, lll., Western Cartridge Co., E. Alton, Instructor, Shurtleff College. A. E. LITTLE is Degrees: B. S., Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn., M. S., University of Tennessee. Birthplace: Benld, Ill. High School Alma Mater: T. H. S., Benld, Ill. Additional College Education: University of Illinois. Previous Employment: Scottville, lll., 4 years, Shipman, Ill., I year, State Department of Education, Springfield, III., 2 years. JOE E. LUCCO 75 Degrees: A. B., Greenville College, Greenville, lll., M. A., University of Illinois. Birthplace: Dawson, New Mex. High School Alma Mater: Pocahontas, Ill. Additional College Education: Coaching Ses- sion, Shurtlett College. Previous Employment: High School, Pocahon- tas, 8years, Principal, Kincaid High, 2years ELIZABETH MILLER X Degrees: B. S. in Education, Central Missouri State Teachers College, M. A., Colorado State College of Educaion. Birthplace: Higginsville, Mo. High School Alma Mater: Higginsville, Mo. IlEAll'2IIIlIII9qlFCIf IIEAIIMIIIIIIIIQCIY Additional College Education: Washington University, I year. Previous Employment: Knob Noster, Mo., 2 years, Normandy, Mo., High, 4 years, Cen- tral State Teachers College, I summer, Summer Camps. J. D. MILLER W Degrees: B. S. in Education, Central Missouri State Teachers College. Birthplace: Warrensburg, Mo. High School Alma Mater: Warrensburg, Mo. Additional College Education: Colorado State Ag. and Mech. College, I summer. Previous Employment: Crystal City, Mo., I year, USAAF, 3M years. LUCY A. PARKEY 2 Degrees: B. S., Alabama College, M. S., Uni- versity of Tennessee. Birthplace: Jamesville, Mo. High School Alma Mater: Pike Road, Ala. Additional College Education: Lincoln Memor- ial University, I term, University of Illinois. Previous Employment: High Schools at Erin and Cumberland Gap, Tenn., Divernon and Hoopeston, Illinois. ROSE SANDS D Degrees: A. B., Shurtleff College. Birthplace: Edwardsville, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Edwardsville. Additional College Education: Illinois State Normal, Washington University. Previous Employment: Madison County Schools CHESTER SEI BERT it Degrees: B. S. in Agriculture, University of Illinois. Birthplace: O'Fallon, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Freeburg, Ill. Additional College Education: University of Illinois, I summer. Previous Employment: High School, Brockton, Ill., 2 years, U. S. Army, 5 years. ELSIE J. SLOAN it Degrees: B. in Education, Eastern Illinois State Teachers College, M. A., Washington Univ. Birthplace: Liberty Prairie, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Edwardsville, Ill. Additional College Education: Northwestern University, I summer, Shurtleff College, I term. Previous Employment: High School, Stonington and Shelbyville, Ill., Western Cartridge Co., 3 summers, Summer School, I summer. ALETHA SMISER n Degrees: B. S., Central Missouri State Teachers College. Birthplace: Butler, Mo. High School Alma Mater: Butler, Mo. Additional College Training: University of Oklahoma, University of Iowa, Teachers College, Grady, Col., Gregg College, Kan- sas City College ot Commerce. Previous Employment: Amoret, Amsterdam, and Pinciney Mills, Mo. ELLA TUNNELL 2 Birthplace: Edwardsville. High School Alma Mater: Edwardsville. Previous Employment: Edwardsville Jr. High. FRANCES TUXHORN 2, Degrees: B. S., MacMurray College. Birthplace: Murrayville, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Roadhouse, Ill. Additional College Education: Western State Teachers College, I summer, University of Illinois, 3 summers. ELDEN MAE WILHELM ri Birthplace, Troy,' Ill. High School Alma Mater: Edwardsville. ISABEL WOOD it Degrees: A. B., University of Illinois, M. A., University of Wisconsin. Birthplace: Girard, Ill. High School Alma Mater: Girard, lll. I' Additional College Education: University of California, I summer. Previous Employment: Mt. Olive, I year, Staunton, Ill., I year. COLETA ZIMMERMANN D Birthplace: Edwardsville. High School Alma Mater: Edwardsville. Previous Employment: Bank Building. E?-'T H 75: .ad :W ffm fffuftr li :- ff .9 4 V I .. , . , ff g iii!! I I 5. Q Fi T I w 21 W I lllll llll lllll llli llll llll llll ll r if lv al if lgldig' ' l' lil ,ii H' . ' fl l Egyltlllli j N y Sllli5llNlllll4DllR BRASS llfllllllSqIlfiDllRClf 1 U OUR SHORT YEARS AGO, THIS graduating class of l948 entered the Edwardsville High School for the first time-as freshmen. Yes, it's true, for we, thinking that our education should have a firm foundation, like hundreds before us, started at the bottom. We studied hard as Freshmen, for we knew that here would be laid the stepping stones of our future careers, that this would have to be one of the strongest structures in the building of our education. Football, basketball, baseball, and track, along with the appearance of our names on the honor roll, all took important parts in this foundation, until at last we were Sophomores. As Sophomores we realized the importance of obtaining good materials for the continuation of our structure upon the already sturdy foundation. With this realization firmly set in our minds, we began the building of our structure proper. High scholastics, balanced curriculum, athletic activities, successful plays and fun-loving parties all took their place in this rapidly-growing house of character. g At long last we became Juniors. Juniors, and we were to continue and form the third portion of this, our education. We looked at things a little differently now, for we were becoming men and women. It was here that we began to lay the colorful stones that we would later boast of and remember. A successful football prom, good athletic teams, our first Christmas dance, and a colorful Junior-Senior Prom all were important constituents along with our state tour- nament baseball squad. lt was in the fall of i947 that our eyes were turned toward the unfinished portion of this, our high school life. For we were Seniors, a goal we had been seeking to reach for three years ,and what we were to do as Seniors would forever serve as a reminder and forerunner to the thousands who would follow us. Yes, we had to make our building fool-proof. And Fool-Proof we made it, with all our studies, sports, assemblies, and parties adding the finishing touches to our now-completed structure. lt is now that we are reminded that these important, fun-loving days are gone forever, that our faces will no longer grace the halls and classrooms of E. H. S., that we will now have to take our place in the busy world. And while we must leave Edwardsville High, never to return, there is one bit of light that brightens our hearts dimmed with sadness. Yes, one bright light cuts a path through our aching hearts. For, as we leave, we know that we carry into the world with us a structure so strong that nothing can weaken it, so good that it will never be influenced by hate and so influential that we will always carry with us a fondness for Edwardsville High and never forget what she has done for usl 1 VERNETTE ABERT I "They don't always save the best till last" Hi-Tri 3, 4. 09 MARY A 01.0 " A Preslden Tenn: 3 4 Tiger Times 4 Senior y 4. ., 'O n 1 er dau. i- 1, 2, .A.A. 2, , - ramatics Club 3,'4g HARRY AUGSBURGER I "Oh, when the moon shines over the cowshed" Basketball 1, Track 1, 43 Football 1, Wrestling 45 Science Club 1, 4. LOUIS BALDRIDGE I "ln a few years they'll be calling me 'Admirall 'i Spanish Club 1, 2g Chorus 2. BERNICE BANGE I "lt can be said she's on the move- and better still she's in the groovev Operetta 2, Chorus 1, 2, Hi-Tri 4. !j 9 O ff ' BANGE I hear the long shots are coming through Hialeahv WILLIAM COTTER I "Ready to take my place in the hall of fame" Decatur 1, 2, 3, Senior Play 4. CHARLES HALL I "No, lim not a private detectiveu Football 1, 2. JOE KRUPSKI I "The South had Lee, E. H. S. had Me" ass Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cl Pres. ", Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4g President 4. TOM LEHOLTZ I "l'm not mean, just mischievous" TONY SCHIPKOSWSKI l "Ah, yes, just living keeps me busyi' .x -'fn el 11' j-J ufrfll X 6 I W A s 1 1 1 5 -i V 9 l 'A l HN' ,slim I N6 2 23 ROY BARNSBACK I "First representative then senator-watch me" Latin Club 1, Science Club 4. FRN BILYEU I "I'm easy to get along withy' P Chorus 2, 4, Hi-Tri 4. C A t LEONARD BIVENS V, I "I always have the r ,' te i e a astword" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, a 4, C r Leader 2, 3, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secr y , us 3, 4, Band 2, 3 4, Senior Pr. Comm. 3, ermlen's Club 2, 3, 4, Music Club 4. X, f" DOROTHY MA DE I "Neat and sweet from head to feett' Hi-Tri 4. MARILYN JEAN BODE I "Tell me your troubles" Home Ec. 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 3, Hi-Tri 4, Chorus 4. LAWRENCE BRASE I "All people from the farm are not corny? F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4. CORINNE BROCKIVIEIER I "All great women are influential-need any advice?" Band 1, 2 3, 4, Operetta 2, 4, Junior Play 3, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri Council 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Officer 2, Dramatics Club 3, Library Club 2, Science Club 2, Music Appreciation 3, Tiger Ad. Manager 4, Tiger Times 4. CLARENCE BROWN I "When should I get my truck' F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3. SHIRLEY BROWNING I "I do get aroundt' Latin Club 1, Hi-Tri 1, 2 3, Treasurer 2, Football Maid 4. MARGARET BUCH I "You'lI find many girls in E. H. S.-Not a nicer one" Hi-Tri 1, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3 4, Secretary 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 4, Tiger Staff 4. SALLY BURROUGHS I "I came, I saw, I conqueredu G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Sports Head 2 3, 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Student Council 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2 4, Spanish Club 4, Senior Play 4. DOLORES CARTER I "E. H. S.'s gift to musici' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Music Club 3, Operetta 2, 4, Music Apprec. 4, Vice Pres. 4, Hi-Tri 4, F.H.A. 4. VERNON CARTER I "Mrs. Crocker cured me of being bashfuI" DON CLARK ' I "I moved around so much I wasn,t even her to graduate" JOYCE ANN CLARK I "The flame of love burns brightly when a girl finds her match" Chorus 1, 2, 3, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, Library Club 1. ROBERT COLE I "An outs g and student" Sorento 1, , tball 4, Baseball 4, Lettermenfs Club 4, Tig St f4. MARY KAY CONSIDINE I "One should keep one's knowledge to oneself" Chorus 1, 2, 3, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, Commercial Club 4. LILLIAN COOK I "l'm reallv a good 'cook' U G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri 2. NANCY COX I "Beauty and brains are har find- These are assets tha minet' Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, H'- uncil 1. 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Stude t Council EZ3, retary 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Clas IW , Juni Play 3, Football Maid 3, Ban , rus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, Office Girl 4, Jr. r P m Comm. 3, Dramatics Club 4, Scretary 4, Senior Play 4. DAVID DAVENPORT . I "I can associate humor with anything" Basketball 1, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Band 3, Lettermn's Club 3, 4, Track 3, 4. ELAINE DEVRIES I "ltve got a big deal on." Home Ec. 2, 3, Hi-Tri 4. BETTY DIERKES 4 I "As one stockinqifaid to the other, 'Let's run' U Chorus 1,Yi,3,f4, Sganish Club 1, 2, Science Club 3, 4, Dramat s Club . BETTY DORSEY I "Just keep laughing sporty" Science Club 3, 4, Hi-Tri 4. LINDEN DRDA I "l'm another country romeot' Band 3, 4, Chorus 4. DORIS VIRGINIA DRESCH I "Fm here, but my heart's in Highlandu Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Corres. Secretary 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4. MARCELLA DURR I "She says what she thinks and she means what she says-she's usually rightt' Austin, Texas, 1, 2, Tiger Times Assoc. Ed. 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Hi-Tri 3, 4, Tennis 3, Office Girl 4, Junior-Senior Prom. Comm. 3, Dramatics Club 4, President 4 Senior Play 4. CHARLES EBERHART I "Call me 'Flow'-I talk in a steady stream" Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 2, Science Club 2, 3, 4, President 3. RICHARD ECK -4 1 I "lt's such Va bore to e haigdimev Senior Class Pr sideu 4, ootball 3, 4, Granite C. 1, Track 2. 3, 4,M'e ling 2, 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Senior Play 45 SHIRLEY ANN ENLOE I "True to her word, hergflork and her,,friends.' Assoc' Edi'or ig 4, o 1fZ'A Cap elhaff, opere'TEg3?1'faHJcf?il'b 1,,2, , ,Hi-Trp 3, 4, Librar -ub 1 Craft Club , Jumonfiay 3, TIQSY Times 4, Jr-Sr, Prom Committeej., LYLE EVANS I I J I "I guess being romantic just runs in the family' RAY EYMAN I "There may be something I don't know, but l doubt it" Track 3, Photography 4, Sound System 4. JANET FAIRES I 'il helped put out the Tiger Timesv Marine 1, 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Chorus 4, Hi-Tri 4, Tiger Times 4. MARGIE FlGGE I "Having fun is my specialtyv F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 4, A Cap- pella 3, Dramatics Club 3, Jr. Sr, Prom Committee 3, GAA. 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 4. LEROY FINK I "To know him is to like him" Chorus 1, 2, Latin Club 1, Science Club 1, French Club 4. GERALDINE FLETCHER I "A person can find a companion in me-Why lim as friendly as can be" Hi-Tri 4. NORMA LEE FRISBY I "Men-Umph, they merely bother me" G.A.A. 4, Hi-Tri 4, French Club 1, 2, 4, Commercial Club 4, Chorus 1, 2. Q QA I "One person in E . nlxtlttalk Dave-Me." Basketball 1, 2, 3 , ball 2, 3, Manager 1, 2, Hi-Y 2, Letterments lub , 4. DARLENE GEERS I "After long years of searching, l've finally found himi' . Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Operetta 2, Jr. Sr. Prom Committee 3, Football Maid 2. RALPH GEPHART I "A soft night, a moon, a girl-nuff saidn Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 1, Track 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, President 2. FRED GARDNER4,MA I1 JACK GERARD I "What will the women of E. H. S. do without me?" Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, MARY JEAN GERKE I "Ain,t l a little devil?1' Tiger Editor 4- .A. 1, 2, 3, , Sportshead 3, Sec- retary 4, Hi-T i , 2, ' 2, 4, Dramatics C , horus 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN GIESER I "Another bride-to-be" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A,A. 1, 4. DON GRAY I "Honest, sincere and easy to get along with" Class Vice-President 4, Circulation Mgr. Tiger 4, Projector Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3, French Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3. VIRGINIA GRINSTEAD I "Like Frank Buck, l bring ,em back alive' Commercial Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, Library Club 3. DORIS GUNTER I "Come and converse with me" Science lub 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, President 3, Operetta 2, Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, Library 1, 2, Senior Play 4. KATHERINE HAIR I "All blonds are not light-headed" Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Library Club 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Office Girl 4, Football Maid 4. SHIRLEY HARMENING I "lim going to sit on the bosses lap" Tiger Times 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Vice-President 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Baton Twirler 1, 2, 3, Tiger Staff 4. DON HASTINGS I "Don,t mess around with me, boyi' Sound System 2, 3, Manager 3, 4, Science Club 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Senior Play 4. BILL HAYNES I "William Haynes to you, sir" DARLENE MAE HENKE I "I fell in love before I finished" Band 1, 2, Chorus 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 3, 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr, Play 3, Football Maid 3, F.H.A. 3, Cheerleader 3, French Club 4, President 4. HERBERT HENKE I "All great men are dead or dying-I don't feel too sharp myselfu Baseball 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, lass Officer 3, Hi-YT, 4, Student Council 4. DON HINNEN A I I "One nice thing about being a manager is having assistantsl' Football Mgr. 2, 3, 4, Baseball Mgr. 3, 4, Basketball Mgr. 3, 4, Lettermenis Club 2, 3, 4. JIM HOFFMAN I "School is great-for basketball, baseball and-U Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Lettermenis Club 2, 3, 4, Sec-Treas. 4, F.F.A. 4.x EVELYN HOLONYAK I "I do other things b " Hi-Tri 4, Library Clu Q enc bil. MARIAN HOMANN 'Q I "Quietly she goes her way, without having much to sayv Mixed Chorus 1, 2. WILLARD HOPPE I "Me nickname is Mercury" Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Lettermenis Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4. HILDA HOWERTON I "I took over where my brother left offi' CHARLES H UDSON I "Common sense and practical knowledge-an asset to any youth" Junior Play 3, Track 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, Tiger Times Cir. Mgr. 4. DICK IBERG I "Math is simple when you know howv LAWRENCE JAROS I "The Alley-Cop of Glen Crossingv Baseball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Lettermenis Club 2, 3, 4. 1' I I . uv' O BETTY JONES I "Me and Rosey are sisters" ROSEMARY JONES I "Among other things, l get to see the shows free" Office Girl 4, Library Club 1. JAMES KAHMANN I "A friendly smile for everyone-He's tops in E.H.S" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Track 2, Class President 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Student Council 4, Treasurer 4, Band 3, 4, Tiger Sports Editor 4, Tiger Times Sports Ed. 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Dramatics Club 4, Jr. Sr. Prom. Committee 3. FRANCES KELLEHER I "They say men are the stronger sex-Prove it" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Spaniih Club 1, 2, Operetta 2, French Club 4, Chorus 2, 3, . JUDITH KELTNER I "What has Lily Pons got that I haven't-Andre Kostalanetzfi Football , , ' , 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 1, Operetta 2, f A' . . , , ' -Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Dram- atics Club 3, I atin C - . YVONNE KE I "Beauty is only one of my many fine qualitiesv Football Maid 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, G.A.A. 2, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, Dramatics 2, 3, Junior Play 3. JOHN KESSEL I "Everybody's pali' Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Lettermenis Club 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY KLUETER I "Thinking of others is easy" Library Club 1, Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, F.H.A. 4. JOHN KOLESA I "Just ask Mary Lou what my possibilities are" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. NORMA KRUCKEBERG I "l'm that cute little blond girl you saw in the halls" JEAN CLAIRE KRUMEICH I "And she can dance too" Hi-Tri 4. DORIS LANDERS I "Diminutive only in staturev Football Maid 4. JOAN LASCHKE I "Science is on the march-when do we leave?" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 4, Latin 2, 3, Tennis 4, Craft Club 4, Junior Play 3, Hi-Tri 4. LESTER LAUTNER I "Shake the hand that shook the hand of the great John Lf' Band 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Movie Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4. LINCOLN LAWRENCE I "Everybody looks up to me" Bethalto 1, 2, 3, F.F.A. 4. Q E2 5 I EUGENE LEITNER' l "Not only the biggest but the greatest of the Leitner clan." Hi-Y 3. CONSTANCE LONG I "Silence is golden-lfm 20 karat" Library Club 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, Librarian 2, Hi-Tri 4' Commerce Club 4, Tiger Times 4. MARGARET MARKS I "Personality means a lot to every girl" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports-head 3, Vice-President 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri Council 1, 2, 4, President 4, Class Vice President 1, Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4. ROSEMARY MARTIN I "I'm going to study nursingv DORIS MATEYKA I "With me kindness is a necessityv Library Club 1, Hi-Tri 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4. MARY MATEYKA ' E I "I made a big hit in high schoolv ' G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Editor Newsletter 3, Vice President 4, Dramatics Club 3, Football Maid 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4. BETTY MATHIS I "Pert and saucy, but never bossyv Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Junior Play 3, gfereltta 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Commer. ub . FRED MAY I "Dependent on no one but myself" F.F.A. 1, 2, Band 3, 4. EUGENE MAYBERRY I "A good man's hard to find-l'm always hiding" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Lettermenls Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Presi- dent 4, Dramatics Club 4. GERALDINE McGlLL I "Say, now, how about that?', Hi-Tri 1, 4, Library Club 1, Secretary-Treasurer 1. BETTY Mcl NTOSH I "Like they sometimes say of prizefighters, l'm a knockoutu Hi-Tri 1, 4. GAIL MENK I "Well, now I think things should be different" Music Club 4, Pres. 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. RICHARD MERKLE I "A small but mighty man" John Burroughs 1, 2, Photograph Club 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Science Club 3. ROSEMARY MEYER I "Madam Curie had nothing on men Science Club 4, President 4, F.H.A. 3, 4, Hi-Tri 4. JUDY MIDCAP I "She doesn't have to pretend to be nice-she is" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Junior Play 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Senior.PIay 4, Student Council 2, Football Maid 4, Tiger Staff 4, Tiger Times 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4- 1 1 CORA ELLEN MULLIKIN I "The teachers' model student" Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri 4, Chorus 1, 2. HOWARD NANTZ I "De boys call me 'Butchi " Band 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, Football 4. GEORGE NAUMANN I "lf I 's always laughing, have time to ,, Bask a , 3 r 1, 2 - Cl i- , 3. NORMAN NEKOLA I "I can't understand why everyone kids mef, MARIAN OHM I "Sincere ways filled all her high school daysv Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4, French Club 4, Dramatics Club 3, Spanish Club 1, Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 3. VAN ADDOCK I "We , by golly, at least lill make some horse a good jockey'T, MARY LOU PERINI I "A girl who is really just the right type-Plenty of fun and easy to liken Band 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4, Hi-Tri 4, Football Queen 4, Football Maid 3, 4. LLOYD PHILLIPS I "A lot of people say l'm small, to which l reply: 'So what? U Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1. 2, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Sound System 2, Service Club 2. GLENN PIZZINI I "Around and around he goes, and where he stops, nobody knowsi' Tennis 3, 4, Science Club 1, Hi-Y 1, Chorus 2, Tiger Staff 4. GAYLORD POWELL I "All presidents should have a fancy namen Student Council 1. MARIANN RAU G "Some may be able to outsmart me, but none can outtalk me" r. Prom Comm. 3, Library Club 1, 2, Commerce Club , KYM REED Fl "Along with my unbiased opinions, I elaborate profuselyi' Hi-Y 3, 4, Arizona 1, 2, Tiqer Times 4, Tiger Staff 4, Dramatics Club 4, Senior Play 4. DELORES RENKEN , W-- "Here I am graduating, and 'l- bet ydu didnit even know l was heren RUDY ROSENTHA I "After all, JangMadison as' ajiall mann Junior Play 3' vie c ,,4,,sci ' ce club 1, 2, 4, Spanish Clu 1, S d yn 3. MELORA SACKETT Q I "Music intrigues me" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Elli-Jrl 1, 2, 4, Spanish Club 1, Operetta 2, Music u . DON SCHAAKE l "l'm the kind of guy girls dream about" Hi-Y 3, 4. MAXINE SCHAEFER I "Friendliness may be hard for some, but I have a smile for everyonei' Hi-Tri 3, 4, Chorus 2, Commercial Club 4, Student Council 4, Football Maid 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4. ROBERT SCHAFER I "After all, we come to school to studyu Latin "club 1, 2, science club 1, 2, Football 2, Tennis 3, 4. 'I DON SCHAUERTE l "You don't have to be loud to have funn Science Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4. LORETTA SCHERMANN l "Life is quite gay for mei, Band 1, 2, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Reporter 4. HARRY SCHIERMEYER ' l "Well, a sense of humor i essen ' ' Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Operet 2, e ,4, S nce Club 1, Tiger Staff 4, Chor NORMA JEAN SCHILLER l "lim another Glen Carbon bellen Hi-Tri 1, 4, Library Club 1, 2, Vice President 1, Treasurer 2. RUTH SCHLECHTE l "I fit anywhere-at home-at school-or even with Ches's cows" Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Council Secretary 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, Football Maid 2, Tiger Times 4, Latin Club 1, Senior Play 4. MARGARET SCHLEMER l "A woman of the world" F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 4, Library Club Secretary 4. PAUL SCHLUETER I "I spend a lot of time just thinking" F.F.A. 1, 2. MARILYN SCHOENLEBER l "I'd rather have a 'Davenport' than a sofai' Hi-Tri 1, 4, President 4, Hi-Tri Council 4, G.A.A. 1, 4, Football Maid 4, Senior Play 4. JEANNE SCHWALB l "You can't help but notice me" Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3. 4, Commercial Club 4. DON SHAFF l "A truly f' low" Football 1, , sketbal 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Class P sldent 1, Lettermen's Club 3, 4. LEE SILLS . I "When I caQ't think up a good excuse, I do what l'm supposed to" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri Council 1, Operetta 2, Dramatics Club 3, French Club 4, Foot- ball Maid 3, Tiger Society Ed. 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4. RICHARD SOEHLKE l "Studying is fun" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Librarian 3, 4, Music Club 4j Technician 4, Latin Club 1, Treasurer 1. DAVE SOTL I "Women go for us tough guysf' JOANN SOUTHARD I "Short, quiet, but with the air of a woman" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Tiger Staff 4, Com- mercial Club 4. VIRGINIA STALIONS I Stubborn yet small, But live a line to top them all" Chorus 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN STEEHLINGER I "live a great career ahead of me in Journalism" Tiger Times 4, G.A.A, 1, 2, Hi-Tri 4: Commercial Club 4, Craft Club 4, Tennis 3, 4, Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 3. ELMER STEINMAN I "I decided to finish my educaLion" MARJORIE STEINMAN I "You know, girls play tennis too" Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, Spanish Club 3, Tennis 4. "4 TOM STOLZE I "The only way to do a thing right is to be serious about it." Technician 4, Music Club 4, Football 1, 2. JOHN STRADER I "E, H. Sis Prize pugiIist" Wrestling 3, 4, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Movie Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2. eos STRAUB2 I "Just becaifss- my pop's an undertaker doesn't make ,mel a tiff ' Foottlall 1, Track 4, wrestling 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. x, EOB STUNKELI . "Hey, Einstein, move over!" :Wood Ruler 1, 2, Band 3. BARBARA TALBERT l "I have fun flying around, so why land " ATiger, Times Editor 4, Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Chorus 2,'3, Spanish Club 2, Office Girl 4. F - ROBERTA THOMAS -'K'-juxcalxn . e s v D' Hi-Tr ,'4, ibr r ub 1, President 1. CLARA THOMPSON I Thinking is a hobby of mine" Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Library Club 2, HifTri 4, Chorus 4, Tennis 3, Junior Play Comm. 3, Craft Club 4, Commerce Club 4. VIRGINIA THOMPSON I "Sheis going to marry an 'Earl' 'J Wood River 1, 2, Hi-Tri 4. MARYLOU TREBING I "Scholastics are my specialty" Commercial Club 4, Hi-Tri 1, 4, Library Club 1, 2, Reporter 2. GERALD UNTERBRINK l "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of women" F.F.A. 1, 2. MARTHAJEAN UPTON I "Seriousness is the foundation of thought" Student Council 1, Latin Club 1, Tiger Times Staff 4, Commerce Club 4, President 4, Hi-Tri 4. ELLA MARIE VANEK I "l'm new here" Collinsville 1, 2, Hillsboro, Mo. 3, Hi-Tri 4. BETTY VOLZ l "Gee, is it Monday already?" Latin Club 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Hi-Tri 4, G.A.A. 2. BOB VOLZ l "Tim rom year to ycar-but why worry --nothi 0 fear" Band 1, 2, , 4, Basketball 1, 2. PAT VOWELS l "Walking to school keeps me healthyu Tennis 3, 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Junior Play Comm. 3, Craft Club 4, Tiger Times 4, Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 3. ss CLIFFORD WEIDNER l "l say, lef! i 'gate th s' oni' Football 4, Classnpsu r nd 1, 2, , 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Tiger Sta 4. X JAMES WELCH l "Pm E.H.S.'s prize pupil. Who says so-Mel" Basketball Mgr. 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. PAUL WETZEL I "With my fiery red hair, all the girls I can snare" Basketball 1, Track Mgr. 3, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4, Tiger Ad Staff 4. LEROY WH EAT l "Without a doubt, our out Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Council 2, 3, 4, President 4: Treasurer 2, Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y BOB WIEHE l "Rhythm's just in my blood, guess" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi . t4, F h Club 3' usic Club 4. EUGENE WILD Xl I "I live in the country, but that doesn't stop me" Football 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 4. FERN WOOD l "Where there's an Abner, therets a Daisy Mae" Library Club 1, Hi-Tri 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4. IRMA WOODS I "I just couldnit get along without 'Luxt U Student Council 1, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4. MARILYN WOOSTER I "Life would be a lot less complicated without men't Assistant Tiger Times Editor 4, Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, French Club 4, Spanish Club 1, Dramatics Club 3, A Cappella 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Tiger Ad Staff 4. 1' 'AMW l . Qiliiilimiiiipiia pisisss iiriiiiiisqirpimr i N at 1 , F L...,J PPER CLASSMEN, THAT'S US! Suave, sophisticated, debonair, aristocratic, experienced Juniors. We've dabbled in some daring doings this year. Furnishing the exitement for those foolish Freshmen has been fun. Careening around corners with cars has been crazy. Sashaying around with the opposite sex has been superlative. But has all this big-time, glorious gallavanting, this romantic rambling, gone to our heads? Has it increased the surface area of our pates? Well, something had to enlarge our heads enough to accommodate all our brains. Besides all this, we Juniors can revel in anticipation of our next adven- turous year. More rollicking, roaming, and reckless romancing. But enough of this. Really we do feel that obr accomplishments in athleti-cs, dramatics, student council activities, Hi-Tri, Hi-Y, G.A.A., and in other organizations have shown that the Juniors are quite capable of fol- lowing in the footsteps of this year's illustrious Seniors. Our class play, "A Lucky Penny," was both a dramatic and a financial success. We also contributed our quota to the cast of "A Slip of a Slipper," the operetta presented by the chorus group of E. H. S. ' We feel confident that our Junior Prom will surpass those of previous years in beauty of decorations, excellence in music, greater attendance, and more genuine fun. - So when next September rolls around, by virtue of our activities and ex- periences we shall be ready to assume the responsibilities of our predecessors. THE JOYOUS ADVENTURE Life is a joyous adventure, lt and the future hold Changes, mystery, hope, A lure to happiness, fame or gold. From past to eternity narrowing, But stretching far to its end, Choose what you take with you carefully, Then to your journey bend! ML' .L ' B x l Alexander, Charles ' ,- I Arth, Mary Jean ,J W,'V. ' V 2 M 'fi S Barnhart, Bob ,H Barnsback, Mary B' i 'F if 'li' Barry, . up ,I J I ,..,V K: :gg .v,. H f Y Lim: Baumgartner, Wayne Beck, Beverly Berleman, Bob Berleman, Jim Berleman, Tim Bode, Ray Brase, Louis Brase, Marilyn Brazier, Rita Broshaw, Constance Buhr, Olin Butcher, Everett Callahan, Dorcas Carlin, Helenmary Cerny,Tony Coleman, Carl Coolbaugh, Harlow Davis, Carol Davis, Lenetta Delicate, Scott Deppe, Ethel Dillman, Evelyn Dippold, Mabel Drda, Jack Dunlap, Ann Durham, Oliver " Eberhart, Jane I 'wif rig Eberhart, Jean -', we A,, 1 EIV ' Eberhart, Marcella : iI " F efel r gjf Eeck John R L- - Evans, Bill Fagan, Mary Ann Fellenstein, Charles Flannery, Betty Jean Flavin, Jean Fleming, Tom Frey, Ruth Funston, Albert Gillham, Fred Graham, Ethel Grant, Betty Greeling, Marjorie 1 ,x 'r a 3 2-' ' i s Green, Bob if Halbe, Vernon ' Hanser, Kenny Harris, George 12555 5 , 'qv ,Q L Harrison, Joan ,af Y"" Hartman, Joan Hawkins, Anita Heberer, Don , .Q ai, Heinemeyer, Ray ' Hentz, Mary - ' 3 me ' -:few 'iam .. . Highlander, Joan ix, , V Hoffman, Richard 9322 iaro 4 Holman, Dale 5 ' '- 'ii ii3ff551ifl71+ Q Q1 is if - i f I Hooks, Don P - al l Hulsker, Lloyd i L Jestes, Howard .V - Johnson, Marie r ' Johnson, Thelma Q H King, Raymond ,KVV Klueter, Hershel V if l so S, , Knebel, Eunice 1' g , A f 1, Knecht, Lucille rr, Q , ' . r - 1- fi a , X r " Q LLLII Lesemann, Victor . .W f 2 Q ll 1' , 3- was iriver A -' LEWIS. Bob l Lewis, Sharon , 5. 5 9 t t A . Long, Margaret fr i-- M P" " i s - ' ' " ' . 8 - . s Q' 1 if Q K .... ,.,- 'P Long' Shmey ,. -1: ' , Q L , "" - ' MacCracken, Bill ' rf V A K ' Mtv A K sign' Marti, Vernon Mathis, Grace . as H, Maxfield, David , , ' Mays, Charles . . , "'1Rfiiii-.pti'- 1' f i' McDougal, Gerald , -- ' 7 V if' ' U, - , n A l ,, A Q H Hi Maman, Mary Pat 2 i-i: , fu , ,.., - 5 N, Q. Q V Meyer, Pauline --Q A or gf , j Moehle, Arlene 5191 " ' a A 1 Q Nealy, Clyde v- ,vlr 5 it A, I 23 l f, 'K y Vx, BR Nordstrom, Russell 1 s. U? QE- f U 1 ' gy V, iff il wg Ohl, Patsy ag,-F , I t s ' , ,S , , Y Ostendorf, Roy Y .file P-'1f,.'9 s it 5. ' ' , ... ' , if ' Q' Q7 A 1 Overmeler, Carol ., 1, M Q, H 'fir I . , 1 ,,Vk, , 5,54 , paddock, Joy Mae L N i 8 it Patton, Etta Rae -,, 9 ll ,153 ' . Q . 36 Phillips, Bill Pierson, Virginia Pike, Dorothy Pinkas, Frank Poos, Doris Primas, Betty Provaznik, Frank Ranek, Marilyn Reinke, Arlyn Riggs, Jack Roedel, Constance Rozum, Shirley Rupp, Rosemarie Schiebal, Lorraine Schoenbaum, Violet Schoettle, Norma Senn, Rodney Shaffer, Lola Shaw, Elizabeth Slowey, Tom Sperandio, Kenny Sperandio, Nadine Steiner, John Steinman, Robert Strejceck, Donna Thorpe, Odell Tipton, Betty Tosovsky, Charles Trebing, John Troeckler, Jerry Varner, Wayne Viere, Earl Vohradsky, Jack Vaugniaux, Earl Waffensmith, Joan Weiler, Raymond Widener, Jim Widicas, Wilber Wieduwilt, Janet Wille, Theodore Williams, Rose Marie Willeford, John Zoelzer, Raymond Zoelzer, Vernon Zrust, Jolene . W MX : SfllDlllE3llHlllDlllVllllDllRllE5 CLASS llHIllllS6llFlDllRCM ' i if W XJ' .aef gfigk 1 . l rj T f ,ff HAT CLASS? SOPHOMORES! How many? l5l strong. What have we done? PLENTY! Yes, just ask anyone what class shows potentialities of becoming one of the finest groups ever to enter and graduate from E. H. S. At first, they might answer "The Senior Class," but after giving the matter some thought, they would undoubtedly answer-"The Sophomoresf' You might retaliate, "Just what have the Sophomores got that makes them such "Wheels?" In the remaining lines we will make an attempt to tell you just what makes us click. First of all, we have some of the most scholastically inclined groups of students in existence today. Secondly, the most brilliant athletic prospects and performers belong to our great menagerie, And who are those beautiful women seen strolling down the halls? Why, they're Sophomores, of course! It is a well known fact that the juniors of next year will be composed of probably the most beautiful women our age ever has seen. Adding to the ever-increasing popularity of our class is the friendly atmosphere that surrounds all Sophomores, lt is true some are more friendly than others, but even the lowliest Soph tends to make himself well-liked and co-operative. And so, we can't help but think that you, dear readers, will also agree that we, the Senior Class of '50, arefbeyond the shadow of a doubt, the most talented, versatile, and courageous of all classes! We are Sophomores, it is true, And some may scoff at things we do. But at length you must admit, In any high school, we would fit. For we are brave and strong and true, And love dear "E-D" through and through. Our years here we would deign to prolong, But, as others before us, we'll move along. But before we go, we've two more years, Filled with laughter, song and tears. We have that knack to mix school and fun, Thus we are loved by everyone! 1 0 Abert, Shirley Aljets, Mary Arbuckle, Richard Arnold, Jim Arth, Joyce Autrey, Betty Baldridge, Yvonne Bange, Dorothy Beck, Eugene Bekemeyer, Ruth Berleman, Lester - Bickle, Edith Blatnick, lna Rae F ,L- W ,I W f. Bollman Barbara RP Breve, Marilyn Ji' U -" r -'J-hr Bray, Leslie ' Brunworth, Evelyn Brumitt, Roland Buehler, Verna Burger, Pat I 'Y j ' A Chandler, Bob v P V Clawson, Ray ' ' Davis, Alice ' M' fi 4 5,1 Davis, Betty C. Davis, Mildred Davis, Virginia Doeblin, Ronald Dannenberg, Donald Durham, Billy Eads, Rita Eilers, Danny Enloe, Jack Erspamer, Roman Fagan, Betty Lou Fiegenbaum, Bill Fiesler, Jean Figy, Susanne Flagg, Patty Jo Flavin, Carwin Fredrickson, Henry Frisby, Mary Lou Gusewelle, Marilyn , Gerden, Darlene t A0 X 39 v'- get ci' "V--arf I ,ar-' Us S as x Q 9, . , le -xi af 2 ,WA sz i. Y Ag p. - -:E L I . K -Lg . -. ,fren lpn Gemoules, Pete Gallina, Louis , Haase, Bill Hagemayer, Bill Hans, Marie Heuer, Donald Hill, Robert Hanvey, Beatrice Holtman, Vernon Hosier, Sue Jaros, Theresa Hunt, Harold Jacobs, Clyde Jellen, Joseph Jones, Barbara Jones, Joe Kesl, Jim Kacer, Lawrence Kennecke, Lois Kessel, Charles King, Shirley Knoche, Eunice Kriege, Judith Kruetzberg, Koenig, Delores Kovarik, Jim Mary Kyro, Rose Marie Lance, Leslie Lane, Lawrence Lane, Mary Langenclorf, Leroy Leitner, Leroy Lewis, Harry Lexow, George Magee, Jack Lischman, Lavon Long, Jane Mayer, Marilyn McDonough, Sylvia Mellenthin, Franklin Merkle, Rosemary Metcalf, George Meyer, Alice Meyer, Evelyn Mick, Carl Moehle, Charles Neuhaus, Caryl Mohri, Fred Nekola, Joan Nicolussi, Lillian Overbeck, Edwin Paul, Emil Parrott, lvan Peters, Helen Kg: Polston, Phyllis Poneta, Rose Marie Poydack, Evelyn Prott, Dorothy Puncher, Betty Jane Renken, Leroy Rethmeier, Marian Sampson, Betty Lou L 2 - Schaefer, Jeanette x ig Schlemer, lrenern , Schmidt, Delores Schoenleber, Arlene Schroeder, Charles Schumacher, Erwin Schwager, Frederick Schwehr, Agnes Jo Smith, Iris Spenser, Elizabeth Spanholtz, Rudolph Steinman, Alyne JSteinman, Carl S r der, Sarah Stoecklin, Donald Svoboda, Roman ghul, Jerome Taylor, Sylvia Tipton, Kenneth Trares, John Twente, Fred Twente, Lyndell Wheat, Ray Wheat, Robert Whittenberg, Nina Wibbing, Shirley Wieler, Norma Wilkinson, Richard Ukena, Kenneth Vermillion, Charles Vogel, Sylvia Vohradsky, Marie '- Q Vollintine, Beverly VonBrock, Sam 109 7, Wagner, Corrine 'J Agp Warburton, Marilyn Warnock, Wilbur Watson, Mary Jane Wayne, Virginia Weidner, Florence Weidner, Mildred Wood, Doris Yehling, Darlene Yenne, Louis Zoelzer, Henry ,JO vt 41 e. Q22- N X MGX X lllxlllillfsgllllllllllllzkllllll BRASS llHlllllS6llliiDllR6M is wax w if iigaiiii lxr . 7 iw' ' 1 it S nl f N I Nga T' i ,'-X Q ' ' -:v-ffiuaaiiiiiiif' , -,.,' -2-:I-xzw---" 'nh vt-:.-. i " isamwex, ' JW ' NE DOWN, THREE TO GO! That's the story of our Freshman class, the class of l95l. Foryus Freshmen, almost Sophomores now, the past year has gone quickly. We hope the next three will progress at an even faster pace and will be filled with even more fun and fancy-free, frivolous frolicking. Some of us, we now shamefacedly admit, were slightly apprehensive upon entering the halls of our terrible turmoil. Now, however, we are more self-assured, more confident. We are nearly acclimoted to this weird envir- onment of E. H. S. Soon, undoubtedly, we will become aggressive, audacious, and even arrogant, as Seniors are. That's progress for you. But in the midst of progress, tradition and custom have preserved cult- ure. From the infancy of Edwardsville, it has been the custom and tradition for us freshmen to be jeered, teased, confused, frightened, and razzed by the upper classmen. Throughout this past year, this custom has been rigidly observed, as we "Freshies" can well testify. Yes, culture, through custom, has been preserved. Exactly what have we Freshmen done in this, the most novel of our four years? Well, whatever it is, rest assured that it will be very glorious and wonderful when it's the subject of reminiscences thirty-five years from now. SHIPS As into the world we're launching, On our voyage o'er the sea, As we ride the roughest breakers Or the calm depths merrily, As we meet the wrecks of ages Or the master ships sublime We'll not forget the teachings That braved our hearts to try That lead us ever onward To our harbor by and by. 3 Agles, Bill Alexander, Gerald Arnold, Gene Arth, Audrey Ballweg, Marilyn Balster, Laura Barry, Jim Bauer, Bayer, Albert Berleman, Pat Brase, Doris Bratten, Emma Brldwell, Cathryn Buhr, Shirley Buhrle, Ruth Burgess, Charles Butler, Jack Camarata Virginia Carlin, Arlene Clark, Wilma Considine, Jack Cooper, Jackie Daiber, Vic or Davis, Lenora Determan, Janis Dillman, Frankie Doeblin, Donna Dorsey, Sammy Douglas, Edward Dustman, Kenneth Dustman, Marlene Dustman, Robert Engle, Carol Engelke, Genevieve Erickson, Gordon Evans, Gwendolyn Fiegenbaum Donna Firnhaber Gerald ,K . ' V . , ' , , in , V -Q f i: , A aft, vi a .. . -at ' f E221 X VFX 'F ' W. sag a, ,L ,.. V' .i f , E , VV if - VV " 31 7 517: ., ,- " J 1 i 22291, 1 Q ' x -, :hw 1' V xi 7 1 gif 'er ' ei' La, 7' , nf . -7 . t , Ai, A fg . , -.-- .Q ..k,, S ', n'fvw -' , l- ,,,11Q. g'7l" 32151 ,sl 3 f -, ' K -. 2 "Lkf V 5 .x Blame 'F fmt x ,?"" J ---' - g l ,., L "'L' . Q seg I ,h. - -f 1 fe - Li 'K -' fK-f ffm? 1 , . K S if f l . .,.L, J,lQWf ,,.. . . . .vAL., -l,RL "-A , W"'N ,:.--, , M' .sr f , " ' i pig: ,' A :f ., -- -' an Wei? 44 YSQYI I' - 'idziilif if 1, 1. F f L ., "Q . W. J., , -I . gf ' QQ ., W ' -,fwffeiz H' ii.. . ,,,, ,sg -f- - . . ,f ffitg, ?I- F' 5 as G 9,355 Ji 3' f 51, f ,V , ., 7..,. V A In N 4155: , 52851 fi, ' ' " ' : A, zissf f V 1 :5535 5 ffl 'fi fi , ' 4 4, 1-ui n,.,,:, . Q 'Sl .an te-f .,5 '-ff . . If - ' 455' - 5 V K f M1 Flagg, Norman Flavin, Jerry Fleming, Beverly Foehrkalb, Joe Ford, Bob Garde, Jerry Gass, Bill Gaston, Jim George, Jim Gieseking, Alvin Gieseking, Wilma Gordon, Janice Graham, Pearl Greenwood, Bob Grinstead, Billy Hanser, Carl Hanser, Harris Head, Frank Heberer, Julia Helfer, Donald Hellman, Carl Henke, Arlene Hittner, Patricia Hodge, Forrest Hoppe, Clifford Jereb, Charles Keller, Jack Kessman, Richard King, Marie Klaus, Milton Klenke, William Koenig, Doris Koenig, Dorothy Krupski, Betty Ladd, Jim Lane, Mary Lewis, Margaret Long, Joan Martin, Dorothy Mayer, James McBride, Frank Mindrup, Jane Moritz, Bernice Nelson, Ruth Nelson, Tom Newell, Mike 0'DeIl, Evelyn Orman, Beverly Orten, Greta Perini, Louis Pekar, Raymond Rabus, Joan Raffaelle, John Ranek, Delores Reichmann, Glenn Reiter, Clyde Reiter, Dale Riley, Bill Rohrkaste, Richard Rosenthal, Ross Schafer, Lowell Schmidt, LaVern Scholl, Charles Schwager, Nancy Leach, Billy Sedlacek, Betty Steinman, Charlotte Settle, Frances Show, Johnny Simmons, Delores f ,Mi smith, camaua 5" Spencer, Dorothy I iv 'V spam, Clyde 1. if' ,, Stille, Marwin Stoces, Mary Ann Stracklejohn, Rita Strahan, Dale Strickland, Mary Jean Stunkel, Lois Suhre, Robert Svoboda, Raymond Walker, Charleen Weber, Bill Werths, Flora Wilkinson, Edna Wilhold, Oliver Wille, Elmer Woll, Ray Woods, Rodney Young, Mary Margaret ilFAilMIUIilIL9iIiAiIR il? A431553 Y-C1-0 to you! Three big wheels When we were Freshmen Sign mine next Schwoger the contortionist Qyick, George-ci lcwnmower! xi J Y Innocence obrood , Q J fl 'Twern't funny! Freshie flirts Q. Q Borflies of distinction R ,JL 46 4,-A 1 it ka GDM? GIIUIHIUIEB GEQQAMIIVJIIIIINIIIS Oh! and Brown Schema' and Hoffmen Burroughs and Wheat McLean and Gephart Water lilies Tihtype characters Stags survey the situation Herb the Hitter Drop dead How about a ride? S1,1mmwsmfgmmfmymemfwgmfrgwgyqrgqmmfhgqer WQQZQMM4mmmnpzngywfr, ,npgffmgnmwm E Q Q E Q S 'Z Q I X ig Q Q ' P Q Q N , 1 'I' ' 3 5 -- lx Q ' s xl Q E 2 2 x 3 N 0 E X as E R Q RQ. :Q- 2 N x .- :S .2 Q X 3g XJ 2 xx - E 2 3 Q Q 3 ,Q I wmmmmf emm'mzmm1mfmf A as Q as Q was 4 as Q umm A159 mms . umm Q wmv :mms 4 0 ATHLETICS . ,WW 9W71f1Yf Qxf My Q My Vsjuvx. ki-I-LN-Q-a.r ' elk if-'J-X2 P5 UM MNH? fLf'fj QSM-a.Jmcx,L, o.,Qw-m:L.M:qu-1. AMN - wwgqivkwi 4-M5-. CX.,-r R""'k?-X -M-s f- 'aw-L.s..,,k X IIFIDIDGJIFIIPQQCMIIQIIIQ . W WE tl YN A T J . My ' 'Q 3- - ,M . HE l947 EDITION OF EDWARDSVILLE 5 High School gridiron activities, mainly in the E. H. S. Foot- f ,II ball team, while not having a spectacular record in the it won-and lost column, winning 2 games and losing 7, dis- ' played a fine fighting spirit on the gridiron which will be ' 1 remembered for vears to come. Both winning games were , ' -f'1fI"'Ni' conference tilts. Every team but East Side, Granite City, and f Alton were scored upon, the latter being played in a sea of . 9 Yu II L i mud. The Tigers were Dlagued all season by bad weather, U5,1M"'6 " 5 games being played in rainy and muddy weather. In , Possessing possibly one of the best-balanced and fastest ' ,LL backfields in the conference, the Tigers were unable to -. ,J JL shake their backs loose consistently. The forwgrd wall of I if Q I X IJ K MT J the Tigers, however, was composed mostly of underclass- men, and if the Bengals can gain sufficient backfield depth in '48, they should give a good account of themselves, no matter who the opponent may be. FOOTBALL SQUAD THIRD ROW-Coach Lucco, C. Mick, H. Coolbaugh, cf Hoppe, N. Weiler, C. Mays, J. Riggs, F. McBride, C. Nealy, R. Wilkinson, L. Bivens, D. Robertson, R. Barnhart, E. Wild, Coach Brewer. SECOND ROW-J. Kessel, R. Eck, F. C-illharn, E. Leitner, L. Lance, J. Kolesa, R. Heine- meyer, D. Davenport, J. Trebing, T. Slowey, C. Weidner. FIRST ROW-D. Hastings, D. Hinnen, W. Hoppe, J. Kahmann, D. Shaffer, J. Krupski, J. McGee. i I I 49 IIRAIIMIIIIEB AIIEBIITEIDIIEIIINIIGIIITS I. TIGERS 7, GILLESPIE 26 ft ' The Miners displayed a powerful running attack and connected for 2 touchdown passes in between. Gillespie scored 2l of their points in the first half. The Tigers actually outplayed the Miners in the second half, outscoring them 7 to 6, proving their good conditioning. 2. TIGERS 6, STAUNTON 7 ff This was a tough one to lose, inasmuch as the Tigers had one of their touchdowns called back, a 68-yard run by Krupski. The Tigers outgained the Bulldogs both on land and in the air, their touchdown coming on a pass from Kahmann to Kessel. 3. TIGERS 0, EAST ST. LOUIS 39 il The E. H. S. boys put up a good fight, but the forward of the East Siders and their pow- erful ground game proved too much for them. The East Side line outweighed the Tigers' about 20 pounds to the man and proved very instrumental in producing the score. 4. TIGERS l2, WOOD RIVER 6 4K Scoring both their touchdowns in the first half, this was probably the Tigers' best-played game of the season. Don Shaffer, fullback, scored both Tiger touchdowns, the first on a plunge from the one-yard line and the other ona 60-yard sprint after receiving a pass from Kessel. 'The Tiger line proved an impregnable wall to help spoil the Oilers' homecoming festivities. 5, TIGERS 6, BELLEVILLE 35 rf The score does not truly tell the story of this game, as the Maroons scored in the final I0 seconds of play against the Tiger reserves, and Willard Hoppe had one of two 55-yard touchdown runs called back. The Maroons 50 made only 3 more first downs than the Tigers, outgaining them I5 first downs to l2. The offensive game worked very effectively, but the defense was poor with both regular centers, Kolesa and Riggs, out of the line-up. y 6. TIGERS 7, COLLINSVILLE 24 44 The Kahoks displayed a fine defense which the Tigers were unable to crack until the final 3 minutes of play. Krupski plowed over from the 2-yard line to climax a 60-yard drive. Weber threw two touchdown passes for the Kahoks. 7. TIGERS 0, Ai.ToN 8 .. The Hilltoppers managed to win this one played in a sea of mud. The Tigers' offense gained consistently all night but failed to gain inside the Alton 20-yard line. Undoubtedly a dry field would have told a different story. 8. TIGERS 0, GRANITE CITY 20 4 Granite City brought to town a vastly im- proved ball club, inspired by their victory over East St. Louis. This was the Tigers' homecom- ing, and they displayed a fine spirit, but the Granite line was iust too tough, even holding the local boys on the 6-inch mark with 30 sec- onds remaining in the game. Time ran out after 2 downs or the Tigers would have scored eventually. 9. TIGERS 8, MADISON O K Proving that they were definitely a su- perior ball club, the Tigers outgained the Trojans I5 first downs to 3 on a muddy, snowy field. Willard Hoppe got away for a 60-yard run early in the second quarter and the Tigers were on Madison's I-yard line at the half. Thus the Tigers played their last game of the season in weather that was predominant throughout the entire season. llFlDlDqlfllBAlll9llI9 lll.fJllECllFfllFlIl2llRllMlllIliBllNll Joe Krupski ..,.., Willard Hoppe Don Shaffer 4A,,. Jim Kahmann ,, John Kolesa , Haltback ,, ....,, Halfback .. Fullback Quarterback ., .....,..,.,., Center John Kessel ..........,. ,.r..,....,.,. E nd Clifford Weidner Richard Eck ...,,,.....r Eugene Wild ,..,... John Trebing .. Eugene Leitner . Pete Bivens .r,... Leslie Lance r..... Ray Heinemeier Torn Slowey r...,., End End End . Tackle Tackle Tackle ......,Guard Guard ....,,Tackle Dave Davenport ...l., .... . Halfback Fred Cilharn . .. Cuard FOOTBALL LETTERMEN THIRD ROW D Davenport F Glllharn, C. Weidner, E. Wild, L. Bivens, J. Kessel SCOND ROW T Slowey R Eck L Lance, J. Krupski, W. Hoppe, D. Shaffer. FIRST ROW R Heinemeier J Kolesa, J. Kahmann, E. Leitner, J. Trebing. f' K flllllm 3 i . DWARDSVILLE IS BECOMING MORE and more of a basketball town each year. Why? Possibly because the basketball Tigers of Edwardsville high have, for the third straight year, won 20 or more games. This year the fans in Edwardsville beamed with pride at their roundball team and followed them faithfully no matter who they opposed on the hardwoods. The local five responded by winning 20 games while losing only 9-a fine record indeed. While finishing llPozfXSllKllE5C'Jllflll2bQ4Mllolllo s ff qw fi 9, J fg: 'ff but fourth in conference competition, the local quintet won more games than either the second or third place teams. Due to a mid- season case of bad luck, the local boys dropped five straight games by the combined total of 9 points. The losing way was definitely not the Tiger way, however. The boys started the season off with 9 straight victories before losing, 38-36 to a scrappy Wells of Chicago team at Mount Vernon in the Holiday Tournament, after they had defeated Pinckneyville 44-39. The Tigers knew that in beating Pinckneyville they had defeated a fine team, but they didn't know just how good the Panthers were g l Fourth Row-D. Stoeklin, M. Newell, C. Scholl,, B. Greenwood, O. Wilhold, G. Erickson, J. Butler, B. Weber, B. Grinstead. Third Row--Coach Brewer, J. Kesl, H. Coolbaugh, C. Alexander, J. Enloe, R. Wheat, J. Steiner, B. Arbuckle, B. Fiegenbaum, D. Eilers, R. Ridgway, R. Brumitt, R. Wheat, Coach Lucco. Second Row-D. Davenport, F. Gardner, J. Hoffman, B. Coleman, L. Wheat, G. Nau- mann, R. Heinemeier, F. Mohri. First Row-J. Kahmann, H. Welch, D. Hinnen. 52 NA' until after the State Tournament. Yes, Pinckneyville won the state tournament and lost but one game out of 34 throughout the entire season-to the Edwardsville Tigers. In the past two seasons, Pinck- neyville's teams have lost but four games-two of these to the same Tigers, who this year handed the State Champs their lone defeat. After the Wells contest, the Tigers came back the same night to aeteat a fine Fairfield team 53-5l to bring home a shining, third- place trophy-third best out of l6. Then the local quintet came back to take first place in their own holiday invitational tournament two days later by taking the measure of Alton 53-38, and defeating Wood River, who had prev- iously ousted Roxana, 47-43 to gain first place and another trophy. Then came a victory over East Side, after which the local charges tasted defeat from Collinsville and Wood River. Theffollowed A 45- fl' 6 Q .4 9,1 A' :J f ' jj? lv a L BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD up with victories over Belleville, Granite i- Tigers '--' 60 i'iigi'iiC'rid --.'-----tt.-, 35W City, Alton and Madison before hitting 2- Tigers 44 Livingston '--.---.-... 41 W their bumpy road of defeat, losing consec- 3- Tigers 5i STOUFITOH .....,.,....,. 23 W utively to Roxana, East Side and Collinsville 4- Tigers ---48 Grgriiie CirY '-'--'-' 33 W lafter leading throughout the gamel and 5- Tigers 56 TgYi0rViiie ---t-.----.- 39W Wood River, not to mention the 47-46 over- 6- Tigers 70 Airorl .-t.4.,........... 43 W time defeat at the hands of Belleville. The 7- Tigers 73 Modison .............. 32 W Tigers warmed up in defeating a hot Dupo MOUNT VERNON HOLIDAY TOURNEY five, 65-51 to Close their feQUl0r Season. 8. Tigers .... 69 Effingham t.....t...,. 44W lt was here that the Bengals lost the services 9, Tigers r'44 plnckneyvllle AVAEIAVA 39 W of George Metcalf, sophomore guard, who chipped a bone early in the second quarter. Fred Gardner took MetcaIf's place and the Edwardsville caqers won two tournament l0. Tigers .. l l. Tigers .. 36 Wells lChicagoD .... 38 L 53 Fairfield ..,...,....... 5l W iThird Place? EDWARDSVILLE INVITATIONAL ,... games, one a 7l-53 victory over Western TOURNEY Military, the other a 52-50 win over Roxana. 12. Tlgers 53 Alton ...4'A.,..'..4A.'4 Then their old rivals, the Collinsville Kahoks 13. Tigers 47 Wood River bA.AA .'.A came along and, with a red-hot second half, TFlrSl Plocel defeated the Tigers 69'43' l4. Tigers 47 East St. Louis ......., Many highlights could be named as out- l5. -l-lgers 33 Colllnsvllle standing throughout the season. There was l6 Tlgers 36 Wood Rlver " ' the 9-game winning streak, the victory over l7i Tlgers 52 Belleville """"r' Pinckneyville, the second Collinsville game, 18' Tigers 55 Grrmlre "r"""' where the Tigers led the Kahoks by margins T94 Tigers 54 Alton ' of l0 and l2 points before losing out in the 20. Tigers 60 Madlsorl ""i"""A'A" final period, 49-46, and last but not least, 21' Tlgers 44 Roxana 44A"' ' the thrilling second half surge that swamped 22. Tigers 39 East Sr. ' Western' , 23. Tigers 46 Collinsville .. . Yes, Coach Lucco s boys have concluded 24' Tigers 46 Wood Rlver cnother season, and to mention success, we 25' -l-lgers 46 Bellevllle 'ii"""' merely Seed to mention c-:he twosnew troph- 26' -l-lgers 62 Dupo """ ' ies stan ing in the awar case. uccess and ""'A"""i"""' sportsmanship have filled each minute, each 27 T, REGlc'3lllA5NT2URN,'?A,fflENT play, each game this season. The members 28' ,rfgers "" es em ' 'ferv- of this year's squad have accomplished a ' lgers "" 52 ROXQHG ,"4t ""'i"i"' 29. Tigers .,.. 43 Collinsville .......... name not only for themselves, not only for the school, but for basketball itself at Edwardsville Highl lSecond Place? 20 VICTORIES, 9 LOSSES 38W 43W 45W 42 L 40 L 40W 47W 36W 5lW 46 L 40 L 49 L 43 L 47 L 5lW 53W 50W 69 L 53 llBASlllQllli56lllllBQMll9llt9 lltallglllfcllt llRllMllllli5llNll LEROY WHEAT, Center-Leroy led the Tigers in scoring this year with 404 points. He was chosen on the All-District and All-Conference first teams, an honor which he richly deserved. He was our main point-maker and rebounder, a fine fellow off the court A Senior. l BOB COLEMAN-Bob came to us this year from Sorento and proved to be a big asset to this yearis five. Possessing a fine drive-in shot, Bob put it to use in scoring 266 points. Besides his point-making, Bob was a fine rebounder. A Senior. l FRED GARDNER, Guard-Fred wis sixth man on Metcalf's place, he came through with flying colors, the squad and when it came time for him to take leading the team in the Regional tournament with 42 Saints. Throughout the season he scored 96 points. A enior. l GEORGE METCALF, Guard-"Georgie" was the youngest member of this season's quintet. He scored 247 points in 26 games, was injured in the Dupo game and saw no action in the final three games. A fine fellow with the "old try," George will be leader of next year's team. A Sophomore. l JIM HOFFMAN, Guard-Jim was our "playing coachi' this year, a court general, setting up play after play with his uncanny ability to see a man in the open. Besides being a play-maker, Jim scored 255 points and was chosen on the All-Conference squad. A Senior. I DAVE DAVENPORT, Guard-Dave, besides playing a major part in keeping up team morale, was a fine clutch player and scored many a point when the chips were down. He scored 44 points-a fine record for the ineand-out action he saw. A Senior. I JACK ENLO. Forward-Jack, like lVlohri, has the make-up of a fine player and should prove a valuable link next season. Always noted for the large quantity of shots he maneuvers, Jack should be a standout in the future. A Sophomore. l CHARLES ALEXANDER, Guard-"Chucki' is a good shot from the floor and shows spurts of added drive down the middle. Should he develop next year, he will be one of the better players on next yearis quintet. A Junior. l RAY HEINEMEIER, Center-Ray was a rugged bal' player this year and with added finesse should develop into a fine center for next year. Ray could always be depended upon for his rebounding ability and usually got his share of points. A Junior. I GEORGE NAUMANN, Forward - George played regularly, and scored 86 points. His main ability was in controlling rebounds, especially off teh opponents, backboard. A Senior. l FRITZ MOHRI, Forward-Fritz undoubtedly will become an outstanding basketball player, possessing all the necessary qualities: speed, height, finesse, point-making and rebounding. It is a pity indeed that Fred is moving to Canada and will be lost to Edwards- villets future teams. A Sophomore. A 61lUlli51lNllllNll1llS . ly J OACH J. D. MlLLER'S TENNIS CHARGES i L W, fared pretty well in 1947, the first tennis season in quite a number of - years. ln the very early spring of 1947, as soon as the snow left the courts, X - lfllifi Coach Miller's enthusiastic aspirants could be seen working out daily. j . Their diligent practice paid off, as the net squad walked off with a num- - Wg ber of victories in intrascholastic tennis matches, held mostly with ' Collinsville, Belleville, and Granite City. The squad continued to improve, and at the end of the season there were found eight participants deserving of letters. The year 1948 should be an even bigger year for the netsters of E. H. S. 1947 LETTERMEN 1. Fred Atherton--Singles 5. Danny Eilers-Doubles 2. Rodney Senn-Singles 6. Scott Delicate-Doubles 3. Don C-ray-Doubles 7. Harry Schiermeyer-Doubles 4. Dick Merkle-Doubles 8. Charles Moehle-Doubles GIRLS' TENNIS P. Vowels, C. Roedell, M. Steinman, Mr. Miller, 'J. Steehlinger, C. Over- meier, J. Laschke. BOYS' TENNIS Standing- D. C-ray, R. Steinman, H. Hunt, S. Langendorf, S. Delicate, G. Pizzini, B. Schafer, D. Eilers, C. Moehle, R. Senn, Mr. Miller. First Row- R. King, J. Gaston, C. Coleman, C. Fellen- stein, H. Schiermeyer, R. Merkle, T. Berleman, H. Fredrickson. i 55 1lEnAS1lEB1lP0A1lB1ll9 HE MEMBERS OF THE BASEBALL SQUAD of 1947 hold the distinct honor of being the first athletic team in the history of the Edwardsville high shool ever to go to a state tournament. Throughout the season the team won 15 games while losing only 4. Before going to the state meet, the boys had to beat Wood River, Alton, and Central Catholic of East St. Louis in their own District tourney and Benld and Woodlawn in the Sectional. The Tigers won from Central Catholic 5-4 in 12 innings on Leroy Wheat's home run in the first of the 12th. ln the Sectional meet, Wheat struck out 21 batters to set a tourney record as the Tigers won 3-1 from Woodlawn. ln the State tournament the boys were paired off with Gage Park, a strong Chicago team, in the first game. The boys from Chicago scored 3 runs in the first inning to win 3-1 as Wheat held them scoreless for the remaining eight innings. They were considered by many, nevertheless, as one of the outstanding teams at the 16 team tournament. At any rate, they will long be remembered as one of the, if not the, most outstanding teams ever to represent E. H. S. in interscholastic sports! The regular line-up consisted of Hoffman, center field, Jones, first base, Mayberry, third base, Henry, right field, Wheat, pitcher and left field, Jaros, pitcher, Henke, catcher, Weiler, short stop, Enloe, left field, and Schumacher, second base. . y 5 f arf f 1, is CI sw yy egg wx? FW ' . .... Ellll' 4 .. ,ai L H... i 56 BASEBALL TEAM TOP ROW-Coach Lucco, J. Hoffman, N. Henry, G. Schumacher, L. Wheat, D. Chest- nut, P. Bivens, F. Mohri. BOTTOM ROW-D. Hastings, E. Mayberry, J. Enloe, C. Jones, R. Weiler, H. Henke, R. Wheat, D, Hinnen. CllFllRAll3lllQ URINC THE COURSE of the l947 track season four interscholastic meets, not count- ing the District or Conference ovals, were held. The first was a triangular meet with Wood River and Alton. A dual meet was held on Roxana's fine cinder path. Next the Tigers entertained Alton and Highland before journeying to Col- linsville for another Tri-meet with the Kahoks and Troy. Joe Krupski and Willard Hoppe were the crack dash men along with Fritz Mohri. These boys ran the 50, l00, 220 and the 440 relays. George Naumann and Don Shaffer were the l20 and 220 yard hurdle men. John Coolbaugh and Harry Lewis lettered in the 440 and 880 yard runs. Our outstanding high-jumper was John Kessel. Richard Suess also high-jumped and broad-jumped, along with Kenny Gehrig. The shot put was thrown by Bob Long. With seven lettermen returning, the cinder path squad, with added depth and interest, should develop performers in '48, A THE LETTERMEN l. Joe Krupski-l00, 200, relays. 2. Willard Hoppe-l00, 200, relays. 3. Fritz Mohri-50, l00, relays. 4. John Kessel-High jump, broad jump. 5. Richard Suess-High jump, broad jump. 6. Kenny C-ehrig-Broad jump. AJZJ 44 ,H W " Q AIM ls? ' 9 - i H I ' sl -N 'S--L., QA . , L SEASON RECORD WON H59 Staunton Pocahontas - 2 times Livingston - 2 times Madison Collinsville Alton' Granite City Highland Wood River Alton Central Catholic Sectional: Benld Woodlawn LOST C45 Wood River East St. Louis Belleville State Tourney Gage Park lChicagol 7. George Naumann-l20 high, 200 low hurdles. 8. Don Shaffer-200 low hurdles, relays. 9. John Coolbaugh--440, relays. l0. Harry Lewis-440, 880. 57 lllgiyrllllllilllsg ACllTllHlllll9llECllTlllll3 ASSfllDll3lllQ4MllTllllDllNll The G. A. A. or Girls' Athletic Association is an extra-curricular activity open to all girls. lt offers four different sports-volley ball, basketball, tumbling, and softball. Miss Halbruegge is the sponsor and also referees at all games. l .7 so l G.A,A. OFFICERS AND SPORTS HEADS Marilyn Brase, Sue Hosier, Mary Jean Gerke, Sally Burroughs, Mildred V. l-lalbruegge, Margaret Marks, Judy Midcap, Virginia Wayne, Theresa Jaros. GYM STU NTS 58 JUNIOR-SENIOR G.A.A. THIRD ROW: H. Carlin, F. Kelleher, L. Sills, D. Dresch, R. Martin, M. Sackett, A. Moehle, C. Broshaw, J. Harrison, M. Arth, J. Southard, R. Williams, J. Wieduwilt. SECOND ROW: N. Frisby, M. Mateyka, M. Perini, M. Schoenleber, M. Wooster, C. Brock meier, J. Keltner, N. Cox, B. Tolbert, M. Durr, M. Arnold, J. Highlander, L. Lischmann D. Renken, D. C-unter, M. Fagan. FIRST ROW: D. Henke, J. Lasche, C. Overmeier, M. Brase, J. Midcap, M. Marks, M. Hal- bruegge, S. Burroughs, M. Gerke, A. Dunlap, T. Johnson, B. Barry, E. Dillman. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE G.A.A. THIRD ROW: L. Davis, P. Berleman, B. Orman, C. Smith, M. Ballweg, J. Heberer, B. Krup- ski, D. Martin, R. Poneta, T. Jaros, A. Arth, M. Widener, V. Wayne, B. Fagan. SECOND ROW: G. Engelke, E. Bratten, B. J. Davis, N. Schwager, M. Young, D. Fiegen- baum, J. Long, M. Breve, A. Schoenleber, S. Vogel, A. Davis, P, Hittner, G. Orten, A. Whittington, J. Gordon, C. Engle, E. Wilkinson, E. O'Dell. FIRST ROW: D. Doeblin, F. Settle, M. Strickland, J. Cooper, M. King, J. Long, L. Ken- necke, M. Halbruegge, S. Hosier, D. Simmons, J. Puncher, D. Wood, V. Camarata, B. Sampson. GIRLS HUNT AGIETKMGDNQ Catching flies ? ? All right, kids - make a clean break and come I out fighting! You ve got to be tall . . to be on the ball! Hopefuls Watch out Figge-there's someone behind you Future hurdler-leapers of America! SGlllfllllllDllBilNll'Jlf lE3lDllllllNllll'3llllll9 HE STUDENT COUNCIL IS the governing E.H.S. student voice. lt acts in an executive capacity, It plans assemblies, votes on school questions, organizes social activities, and supervises the general welfare of the students. Students are elected to the stu- dent council by popular vote in their respective roll rooms. Each roll room has one representative. Student Council officers are: Leroy Wheat, President, Margoret Marks, Vice-President, Virginia Wayne, Secretary, Jim Kah- mann, Treasurer. The Christmas Dance, sponsored by the Student Council, has become one of the outstanding all-school parties of the school year. The organization has been active also in the sponsoring of assembly programs and assisting any organization for betterment of the school. 0' Q, 'ffga WD IW H x f lun ' S TOP ROW: L. Perini, F. Mohri, J. Arth, J. Foehrkalb, R. Krupski, B. Weber, S. Burroughs, R. Frey, K. Sperandio, M. Mayer, H. Henke, D. Eilers. BOTTOM ROW: P. Berleman, S. Lewis, M. Schaefer, J. Kahmann, L. Wheat, M. Marks, V. Wayne, M, Arth, E. Patton, 61 Q ' h 5 I, X J N, yy gym Gllfllltlf-,illbllli SCIIFAIIFIIF SPONSORS: Miss Aletha Smiser, Donald F. Lewis, Miss Isabel Wood. EDITORIAL STAFF: Lee Sills, Society Editor, Margaret Buch, Features, Mary Jean C-erke, Editor, Joan Laschke, Art Editor, Shirley Enloe, Associate Editor. .fn I I 1 i X mmm- 'ul i , i ll Q-4 ' , I Q I f 9 . x S 'i W I lin X ti. K xx if ., 5 I :wh X, Xl' il Jli I Vi I ' I i l +. iii f i i . A c N, U: HE TIC-ER STAFF WAS ORGANIZED last May, a year ago, before the close of school. A meeting was held during the vacation days of June at which time the dummy was planned and the "C-ay '9O" theme decided upon. September and October were devoted to a frantic search for a printer. Even a trip to Champaign by staff members proved to be fruitless. Finally the Collinsville Herald con- sented to do the work, and picture taking began in earnest. Deadlines to meet became the problem of the winter months. As the balmy spring days appear, we feel the fatigue of hard work, and look forward to lazy days under the trees. IIIBIIUSIIIIINIIIIESSQS SGIIFAIIFIIF TIGER SALES STAFF: Jim Kahmann, Clifford Weidner, Harry Schiermeyer, Shirley Harmening, Judy Midcap, Don Gray, Sally Burroughs. TIGER ADVERTISING STAFF: Bob Coleman, Marcella Durr, Glenn Pizzini, Mary Lou Perini, Corinne Brockmeier, Paul Wetzel, Marilyn Wooster, Donald Schaake. HE AD STAFF UNDER THE leadership of Corinne Brockmeier undertook a concentrated drive for advertising among the business and professional men and women in October, November and December. Days after school and week ends were devoted to this important work, and finally the coveted budget was reached. The Sales staff began its drive under the direction of Don Gray and we were assured that the yearbook would become a reality. The success of previous Tigers made selling easy with students buying 500 copies of the yearbook. "i' If j Ill ill, i i it 63 GlIFllllll.?fllE5llR GIIFIIITIMIUIBS The Tiger Times, mimeographed school paper, was prepared by the Creative Writing classes as a class project. During the first semester this year's publication broke o precedent for several years by publishing the paper each week with the exception of holiday weeks. During the second semester the publication was reduced to one every two weeks but with more pages each issue. Barbara Talbert was editor ot the Tiger Times, and Marilyn Wooster and Marcella Durr associates. llL9llllll5llRAllRCY Ilfillbllllllb The purpose ot the Library Club is to promote the best interests of the library. Each member spends a few hours each week working in the library, doing any- thing trom mending books to working at the circulation desk. President of the club is Evelyn Holonyak, secretary-treas- urer is Verna Buehler, The sponsor is Miss Emma Bergman. TIGER TIMES STAFF STANDING: S. Enloe, F. Kelleher, J. Midcap, C. Hudson, K. Reed, J. Kahmann, J. Fai- res, R. Schlechte, J. Steehlinger, Mr. Lewis. SEATED: P. Vowels, S. Harmening, M. Durr, B. Talbert, M. Wooster, M. Arnold, C. Brockmeier. LIBRARY CLUB STANDING: M. Weidner, R. Williams, J. Gaston, E. Bratten, M. King, D. Ranek, SEATED: G. Evans, E. Holonyak, Miss Bergman, V. Buehler, C. Bridwell. 64 wzwfn armmfQMrmmfrwz1QmfQwzw1egQfrpz1fgQmmmryimegywfrgvzwnwyfrwynwyoxwW-nw wwwymrxvm 5 E L" Q 2 Q 11, Q Q -' Q3 Q 5' Q Q , fx, Q ., CQ P Q 2 'e 3 :P Q Q ' fi? Q2 3 C Q 5 'f C: I C 3 'ay A .9 Q A f Allnllilx lil! Q Q 5 II'-IIIl'iiViiI!II + Q 5 I-Kllllliflqlllll Q? I f Q gg . Illfllllllllllill ri Q , ll lllllllllfll , L . Ill Illllllll All 15 L- Q un 'gyy l -r Q- x H Q 2 3 Iii llliilllh Yi., .gn 0 Illlllllil I 1.5 '. 1- C 3 Q-P 'll Illlllilll , 1-y I - ,, " A 9 Q ' 5 0 r 'J 'Il IIIIFZHIH 'I ' ' ' 5 'P ::'4lmn.l cf? X -Q' A CA 4 24 6 '-::ll'llllI ,- , . ' I, Q gf --. '1ll:. I'-Il 31, I '. 1.3 :I '-::::: : ug - Q Z I--ll f .' n o 5 1. nn. 4 a - - . ,J sul-I v , 0 2 --' kx!:: ' " ' ' 1 E .. lull' ' J ill! L- ' I C Q f 'll - llllz ' - 9 X- -. I-'AI 4 E!! '-2' - , Q ' -,- ' ' .- , -- 4 I ::: 55' M -gg II! ., Q E F ell . OQQ.-:. O.. a Q Q .I ..' in 1 . -1.03 8 2 L ' ' lin ' 'g'. Q .4 ff - Q. ' 0 Q 5 'limiifiii I fiiimliAlikilimiialiaNEWMA1550465015909iimlhifkiifaM154150165iPeQvA06N1v6NliKNi6Nli E! ACTIVITIES ,, W,V V W f N Mwmww owffxiff 576099 W' My H '- N555 A jx Xb 'L it Yu. Go v -S. 5 ' 2?-it L ag Q32 A Q4 1 s 'b 1 x -s, in W SX ix lx L, S- ,yy X L, i. wash.. xe- Vmz. QQVX X- Q Q. 4. xff so sn. .A zz. ,, ' LQ 'X' '5 xr 55 "" Q QP 33 . 9 9' 14. "- 59, A JY 0 fi- 4. 5 4, XS' -1: Z 0- xl X XX, xi Ax vb "f"X Lx- x, 'LX .ox XS in ffX'Qf llh IF. A. A.llNllllD Sll3lIllIli5llNllll2llE5 ll3ll5llllllPn FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA THIRD ROW: Mr. Seibert, J. Kovarik, M. Stille, K. Tipton, R. Lewis, E. Viere, G. Unter brink, C. Steinman, V. Marti, R. Straube, L. Brase. SECOND ROW: L. Bivens, C. Spitze, J. MC Bride, D. Dannenberg, D. Holtman, R. Bode W. Gast, J. Jones, V. Daiber, H. Klueter. FIRST ROW: E. Wild, J. Strader, C. Tosovoky, E. Paul, B. Green, F. Provaznik, E. Butch- er, L. Hulsker,-O. Thorpe, J. Garde, V. Holtman, G. Reichrnann. SCIENCE CLUB THIRD ROW: V. Halbe, H. Frederickson, C. Eberhart, C. Alexander, D. Maxfield, B Hasse, R. Senn, H. Augsburger, K, Hanser, L. Phillips. SECOND ROW: D. C-unter, V. Buehler, A. Meyers, P. Meyers, C. Overmeier, B. Punch- er, S. Delicate, J. Eck, D. Schaurte. FIRST ROW: Miss Hunter, D. Dorsey, J. Laschke, M. Buch, T. Berleman, M. Mateyka, D. Dresch, R. Martin, C. Brockrneier, M. Ohm, Mr. Atkinson. . f ,yyflff iiigmiiie-iLmi3.iiE9 ieiii-iilirss SPANISH CLUB ,, seeks to help its members by conducting their meet- ings in Spanish and study- ing Spanish - speaking countries. The officers are Doris Mateyka, Presi- dent, Nadine Sperandio, Vice-President, and Billy Grinstead, S e c r e t a ry- Treasurer. LATIN CLUB n Anyone who is taking or has taken Latin is elig- ible to join the Latin Club. The officers are Marilyn Warburton, Cora Ellen Mullikin, and Corinne Wagner. The main event of this club is the Roman banquet which is held in May. FRENCH CLUB v Le Cercle Francais, bet- ter known as the French Club, is open to all stud- ents taking French,.and is intended to help them become better acquainted with the customs of the French. The officers are . Darlene Henke, President, Rita Eads, Vice-President, i and Dolores Simmons, l i Sec reta ry-Treasu rer. SPANISH CLUB THIRD ROW: P. Graham, J. Rabus, C. Engle, L. Berleman, T. Slowey, B. Riley, F. Schwager, J. Schaffer, A. Schwear, L. Spencer, J. Nekola. SECOND ROW: I. Blatnick, M. Ballweg, B. Orman, J. Mindrup, M. King, F. Werths, D. Spen- cer, R. Rupp, S. Burroughs. FIRST ROW: M. Stoces, D. Ranek, B. Grinstead, D. Mateyka, Miss Cunningham, N. Sper- andio, M. Ranek, J. Paddock, L. Scheibal. LATIN CLUB TOP ROW: J. Eberhart, J. Flavin, N. Whittenberg, B. Beck, C. Orten, J. Eberhart, R. Bauer, B. Firnhaber, J. Mayer, S. VonBrock, C. Hanser, S. Taylor, C. Smith, S. Enloe, A. Whittington. BOTTOM ROW: D. Yehling, E. Bratten, F. Settle, M. Warburton, Miss C-ewe, C. Wagner, C. Mullikin, J. Cooper. FRENCH CLUB TOP ROW: B. Wiehe, C. Brockmeier, W. Wooster, M. Ohm, V. Wayne, F. Kelleher, L. Fink. BOTTOM ROW: Miss Cunningham, J. Determan, R. Eads, D. Simmons, D. Henke, L. Sills, J. Wieduwilt, N. Frisby. IIMIIIDVIIIIIB IDIIIQIIBIIRAGIIFIDIIRSQ IABAIIMIIIIBIIRAQ SIDIIIIIINIIIID MOVIE OPERATORS v Miss Goeddel, Bill Weber, George Lexow, Jack Butler, Scott Delicate Ray Wheat, Don Gray, John Strader, Tim Ber- leman, Rudy Rosenthal CAMERA CLUB ,, TOP ROW: V. Zoelzer B. Stunkel, C. Kessel, R. Arbuckle, F. Provaz- nik. MIDDLE ROW: L. Laut- ner, R. King, H. Augs- burger, R. Brummit, R Eyman. FIRST ROW: T. Berleman R. Merkle, J. McGee, S. Delicate, D. Stoeck- lin. N ,f . .,.. .-. . SOUND SYSTEM v STAN D I NG: Roland Brummit, S. Delicate. SEATED: Tom Stolze, Ray Eyman, Mr. Atkinson, Richard Soehlke. HE MOVIE OPERATORS have played a conspicuous part in the visual education program of E. H. S. Sponsored by Miss Esther Goeddel, faculty di- rector ot visual education, the boys are assigned to the operation of the movie machine during their free periods in the school day. THE CAMERA CLUB, sponsored by Mr. A. M. Gibson, is dedicated to the study of photography. Not only has this club succeeded in taking some excellent pictures, but it has set up a dark room where the members may engage in the mechanical aspects ot photography. The boys assigned to the Sound System have succeeded quite well in controlling the "squeaking" of the P. A. system this year, with the help of new equipment and the guidance of Mr. Brock and Mr. Atkinson. .lltllllllwclf The l947-I948 School Year has proved a succesful year for the Hi-Y Club of Edwards- ville High for two reasons-in attendance and in activity. Forty-nine boys have joined the Hi-Y club this year and have been regular in their at- tendance. This is the largest number to join Hi-Y in recent years. With two sponsors again next year it is planned to widen the opportun- ities for Hi-Y membership. Highlighting the club's activities of the year was a successful Hi-Y Mixer Party at which the entire student body held a "get-acquaint- ed" party. A special effort was made to en- tertain the freshmen and to welcome them to the school. ln November the Hi-Y sponsored an all-school guidance conference which was .l held throughout the school day and which featured two inspirational addresses by Mr. E. C. Wolcott of St. Louis. The club sponsored an assembly in April which featured one of America's greatest blind musicians who ap- peared in behalf of the American Braille Sys- tem. At another assembly an impressive pre- sentation ceremony was given when the Hi-Y club donated a framed picture of the Ten Commandments to the school. Officers for the year were as follows: Jim Kahmann, president, Ralph C-ephart, vice- president, Paul Wetzel, secretary, Richard Hoffman, treasurer, Fred Mohri and Charles Hudson, chaplains, and Donald F. Lewis and Donald Atkinson, sponsors. JUNIOR-SENIOR Hl-Y 4 THIRD ROW: R. Nordstrom, J. Gerard, C. Tosovsky, C. Hudson, L. Lautner, B. Green. SECOND ROW: D. Davenport, C. Alexander, H. Schiermeyer, K. Reed, . Wiedner, D. Schaurte, D. Schaake, K. Sperandio. FIRST ROW: Mr. Lewis, L. Phillips, F. Nlohri, P. Wetzel, J. Kahmann, R. Gephart, R. Hoffman, T. Slowey. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE HI-Y THIRD ROW: Mr. Atkinson, R. Woods, J. Gaston, J. McGee, S. VonBrock, D. Eilers, W. Warnock, J. Foehrkalb, C. Hanser, L. Leitner. SECOND ROW: B. Grinstead, C. Burgess, R. Rohrkaste, C. Scholl, R. Woll, D. Strahan, B. Weber, B. Greenwood, J. Considine. FIRST ROW: B. Ford, M. Newell, J. Barry, G. Lexow, C. Schroeder, 0. Wilhold, J. Butler, B. Haase, J. George, H. Fredrickson. 68 IIFIIIJCIITIIIJIIRIIIS IIHIIIDIIMIIIIESIIMIIQMIIQTIIBIIRS IDIIF AIIMIIIIIESIIRIIIIIEQAX. FIRST GROUP TOP ROW: S. Rozum, S. Klueter, R. Meyer, L. Lischman, B. Flannery, M. Bode, V. Pier- son, M. Dippold, D. Callahan, M. Arth, R. Williams. BOTTOM ROW: S. Harmening, E. DeVries, L. Sherman, M. Hans, Miss Parkey, M. Figge M. Sclwlemer, J. Hartman, B. Beck, E. Brunworth. SECOND GROUP THIRD ROW: S. King, A. Davis, S. Taylor, D. Yelnling, C. Wagner, B. Vollentine, M. Wiedner, R. Eads, C. Bekemeyer, F. Feisler. SECOND ROW: R. Nelson, P. Grohrn, B. J. Davis, L. Davis, C. Engle, G. Engelke, D. Mar- tin, M. Watson, A. Steinman, J. Determan, D. Koenig. FIRST ROW: J. Gordon, A. Meyer, E. Wilkinson, F. Settle, B. Puncher, E. Bratten, Miss Parkey, B. Moritz, V. Davis, B. Sampson, A. Arth, E. Talleur, P. Berleman. AVIIIAGJIUINDIINIT fIEiII9ilIliIEu AIINIHID GEIHIIIEBIHSIIR IMIEBQMIDIIEBIIRS Yi, AVIATION CLUB SJW. Hagemeyer, H, Hanser, K. Hanser, C. Flavin, S. Delicate, F. Dillman, D. Maxfield. ol 5. G Oo' .av it 2'+gw'A CHEER LEADERS FIRST ROW: Pat Berleman, Janice Gordon, Sue Hosier MIDDLE ROW: Mary Lou Frisby, Arm Dunlap. TOP ROW: Jane Mindrup, Miss Helm, Grace Mathis. 70 .IEIIIIIINQGIIFIIRIII HE HI-TRI IS THE LARGEST ORGANIZATION open to all girls in school. It sponsors many parties throughout the year. The Hi-Tri activities commence with an informal initiation and wiener roast. The next affair is the popular "Kid Party" where the girls discard their dignity and'sophistication for the playful antics of little girls. Then comes the event when dating procedure is reversed. This is the Sadie Hawkins Party, where the girls invite the boys, call for them, give them corsages composed of every imaginable substance, and treat them in a "gentlemanIy fashion." The last social activity is the Hi-Tri Installation. The retiring officers and council install the officers for the forthcoming year in a candlelight formal ceremony. The Hi-Tri activities are guided and assisted by their sponsors-Misses Elsie Sloan, Lorraine Hatscher, Betty Guller, and Nellie Alexander. The Hi-Tri Council sponsors many of the school parties and deals with the problems of the Hi-Tri. The officers are Margaret Marks, President, Sally Burroughs, Vice-President, Ruth Schlechte, Secretary, Nancy Cox, Treasurer. .-Lx, HI-TRI COUNCIL THIRD ROW: A. Schwehr, N. Wittenberg, C. Smith, R. Krupski, G. Engelke, A. Schoen- Ieber. SECOND ROW: M. Fagan, P. Ohl, C. Brockmeier, M. Schoenleber, M. Figge, M. Ronek. FIRST ROW: Miss C-uller, Miss Sloan, N. Cox, M. Marks, S. Burroughs, R. Schlechte, Miss Hunter, Miss Alexander. 7I SENIOR HI-TRI FIRST GROUP 0 THIRD ROW: D. Carter, J. Farris, M. Steinman, M. Upton, P. Vowels, D. Bode, S. Klueter, B. Mclntosh, R. Thomas, G. McGill, J. Krumeich, J. Lasche, C. Mulligan. SECOND ROW: F. Bilyew, R. Meyer, M. Figge, E. Vanek, C. Long, C. Thompson, S. Burroughs, J. Fletch- er, I. Woods, F. Woods, B. Volz, D. Gunter, M. Schoenleber, D. Ren- ken, S. Enloe, E. J. Sloan. FIRST ROW: V. Thompson, B. Bange, M. Wooster, B. Talbert, M. Arnold, N. Frisby, B. Mathis, M. Ohm, M. Perini, M. Mateyka, K. Hair, E. Holynak, J. Gerke. SECOND GROUP ' THIRD ROW: B. Dorsey, E. DeVrIes, L. Schermann, V. Abert, R. Martin, M. Sackett, D. Dresch, M. Bode, L. Cook, J. Gieser, S. Browning. SECOND ROW: D. Mateyka, J. Kelt- ner, J. Steehlinger, D. Henke, M. Marks, M. Schaffer, N. Schiller, M. Trebing, Y. Kesl, D. Geers. FIRST ROW: C. Brockmeler, F. Kelle- her, Miss Sloan, S. Harmening, J. Schwalb, J. Midcap, L. Sills, R. Schlechte, M. Buch, M. Durr, N. Cox. JUNIOR HI-TRI FIRST GROUP ' THIRD ROW: L. Davis, C. Davis, M. Brase, N. Sperandio, D. Poos, C. Broshaw, D. Pike. SECOND ROW: S. Rozum, L. Shaf- fer, V. Schoenbaum, R. Rupp, J. Highlander, P. McLean, M. Arth, R. Brazier. FIRST ROW: B. Flannery, Miss Hat- scher, M. Ranek, P. Ohl, M. Fagan, H. Carlin, J. Harrison, L. Scheibal. SECOND GROUP ' THIRD ROW: E. Deppe, M. Dippold, M. Long, D. Strejcek, M. Hentz, R. Frey, J. Flavin, J. Eberhart, B. Beck, J. Eberhart. SECOND ROW: N. Schoettle, E. Kne- bel, A. Moehle, C. Roedell, L. Knecht, P. Meyers, J. Waffensmith, D. Cal- lahan, C. Overmeier. FIRST ROW: S. Lewis, G. Mathis, E. Shaw, A. Hawkins, A. Dunlap, Miss Hatscher, M. Barnsback, B. Barry, T. Johnson, E. Dillrnan, J. Wiedu- wilt. SOPHOMORE HI-TRI FIRST GROUP ' THIRD ROW: J. Schmidt, H. Peters, I. Blatnick, T. Jaros, R. Merkle, B. Fagan. SECOND ROW: D. Woods, N. Weiler, L. Knoche, M, Aljets, J. Kriege, M. Hans, J. Shaffer, F. Widener. FIRST ROW: B. Hanvey, M. Reth- meyer, E. Spencer, N. Whittenberg, A. Schwear, A. Schoenleber, Miss Guller. SECOND GROUP ' THIRD ROW: M. Breve, Y. Baldridge, V. Wayne, M. Frisby, M. Mayer, S. Abert, P. Flagg, S. McDonough, I. Schlemer. SECOND ROW: J. Arth, J. Long, L. Kenecke, A. Meyer, S. Vogle, M. Davis, B. Puncher, J. Nekola. FIRST ROW: B. Bollman, S. Hosier, M. Warburton, C. Neuhaus, P. Bur- ger, V. Buehler, Miss Guller. FRESHMAN HI-TRI FIRST GROUP ' THIRD ROW: J. Rabus, M. King, E. O'Dell, J. Gordon, D. Simmons, B. Davis, L. Schmidt, R. Nelson. SECOND ROW: J. Long, A. Whitting- ton, S. Buhr, M. Strickland, B. Moritz, J. Determan, C. Engle. FIRST ROW: G. Evans, D. Doeblin, Miss Alexander, B. Krupski, C. Smith, G. Engelke, D. Martin, J. Cooper. SECOND GROUP ' THIRD ROW: L. Balser, G. Orten, C. Walker, J. Horner, E. Bratten. SECOND ROW: R. Strackeljahn, A. Carlin, J. Heberer, N. Schwager, D. Spencer, J. Mindrup. M. Ballweg, D. Fiegenbaum. FIRST ROW: Miss Alexander, P. Ber- leman, R. Graham, E. Wilkinson, M. Young, F. Werths, L. Davis, B. Brase, B. Orman. Mr 'I llllllfkgllflltlllg llbllE56llFilFlllE5llRllMllllE5lINIl9 ll3lDllMllllMIlllE5llRll3lll1fMb MATH CLUB ,, Another new club this year is the Mathematics Club. lt is open to all stu- dents who have had one year of Algebra. lts pur- pose is to study some phases of mathematics not discussed in the class room. The officers are Don Gray, President, John Trares, Vice - President, Russell Nordstrom, Treas- urer. LETTERMEN ,, All boys who have earned a letter in one of the major sports ifootball, basket- ball, baseball, trackl are eligible to be a member the Lettermen's Club. The purpose of the Let- termen's or "E" Club is to further good sports- manship and school spirit. Officers of the club are Joe Krupski, Willard Hop- pe, and Jim Hoffman. COMMERCIAL CLUB ,, The Commercial Club is open to anyone inter- ested in learning the finer points of secretarial work. The officers are Martha- jean Upton, President, Shirley Harmening, Vice- President, Virginia Grin- Q stead, Secretary, Maxine Schaefer, Treasurer. MATH CLUB D. Gray, G. Pizzini, R. Nordstrom, D, Pike, R. Schaefer, Miss Alexander, C. Moehle, Miss Helm, J. Trares, R. Zoelzer. LETTERMEN'S CLUB 6th Row: T. Slowey, H. Henke, D. Davenport. 5th Row: R. Weiler, F. Gillham, L. Jaros, C. Hoppe. 4th Row: B. Brewer, D. Hastings, J. McGee, R. Merkle, R. Wheat, J. Kessel, C. Jones, L. Lance, C. Wiedner. 3rd Row: H. Lewis, J. Enloe, E. Mayberry, L. Wheat, G. Naumann, D. Hinnen, J. Hoffman,J. Lucco. 2nd Row: J. Kolesa, D. Eilers, F. Mohri, D. Gray, L. Bivens, J. Strader, J. Trebing, D. Schaefer. lst Row: S. Delicate, E. Butcher, F, Gardner, R. Heinemeyer, J. Krupski, C. Moehle, R. Green, R. Eck, E. Leitner, J. Kahmann. COMMERCIAL CLUB Top Row, M. Considine, B, Mathis, J. Faris, V. Grinstead, C. Long, Miss Smiser, M. Schaefer, S. Harmening, J. Fletcher. Bottom Row: M. Rau, C. Thompson, M. Upton, M. Trebing, N. Frisby, J. Schwalb, M. Schlemer, J. Southard. 74 llDllRAllMllA6Jllfllll3S9 GIBJIRAJIFGJILSSQ fll3llllS6llHDllDlllQ4MlNllS DRAMATICS CLUB T THIRD ROW: D. Gray, M. Schoenleber, D. Gunter, K. Hair, J. Keltner, DRAMATICS v The Dramatics Club is an organization of boys and girls attracted to the work ot rehearsal, the glare of the tootlights, and the applause of the audience. Officers. are Marcella Durr, Mary Ar- nold and Nancy Cox. CRAFT v The Girls' Craft Club was newly organized this year for those girls inter- ested in handicraft work with art, metal, leather, and plastics. CUSTODIANS v As we students leave the school each day in a shambles ot paper and dirt, the janitors are already cleaning for the next day. Their jobs are various and necessary to keep the building and campus in good order. To them we give our thanks and appreciation for work well done. J. Kahmann, K. Reed. SECOND ROW: C. Brockmeier, V. Grinstead, M. Ohm, M. Figge, M. Wooster, B. Talbert. FIRST ROW: L. Bivens, Mrs. Crocker, N. Cox, M. Durr, M. Arnold, E. Mayberry. CRAFTS CLUB TOP ROW: S. Enloe, C. Roeddel, M. Strickland, D. Callahan, C. Overmeier. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Miller, J. Waffensmith,J. Laschke, J. Steelinger, M. Steinman, P. Vowels, C. Thompson. JANITORS Mr. Hunt, Mr. Soehlke, Mr. Gregor, Mr. Utechtt, Mrs. Cooper. 75 TU CD B 3' o 3 E PU an -4 PU O E R. I Q E. 3 N FU ssayl I .1 ULU QAQ 'Q 'npsalq 'Q 'u lo-L '3 'Jelawl avpog 'W 'mal '44 'vv L10 'Lu wuad 'W .HI UDH 'Jas NI ON ?U U7 O D. Nm O on -K o G F 3 Q. cu 4 U 9. U' CD "1 3 -4 o c 3 EQ 0 T -1 O UD 3' O N2 F' UU sys o 'J 0 uw 'Q' Q. 3 3 Q 3 N-1 'T Z4 I' CD E. ua W If 'fi CD sm !"" O 4 rn 'K O' ro 0 gr FD 071' 'KN 3 U3 -9- GJ D No. 0 5 3 CD 5-1 V' E U' QT 5 43 FU Oo in CD 'Fl O ZC ' PU X'-I TI 270 O 1? QJF' LO? cz. 5: FN.. 'lr- or-' ' ox if 5 'U' Q3 3'-'2 FN .. Org UQ 5,2 pg L9 5-Ng Q19 58 ag W N N O VF' WE? Q2 ,ME gp we To No 53 P3 Fl' No 7' Q 3 O N3 L 7K fl KD UT No k.. L O 3 CD sw iiQ.iiiiRlL9s,g,gii2Lmiioil1il'ls l FIRST GROUP 5th Row: M.CarIin, B, Bollman, N.Whitten'burg, C.Neuhaus, A,Schwear, M.Warburton, C,Roedel 4th Row: A. Schoenleber, I, Blatnick, B, Fagan, M. Bode, R. Merkle, M, Brase, M. Fagan. 3rd Row: E, Dillman, A, Dunlap, T, Johnson, A. Hawkins, E. Shaw, G. Mathis, J. Harrison, C. Davis 2nd Row: E, Knoche, J. Kriege, N. Sperandio, L. Kenecke, S. Lewis, M, Barnsback, S. Hosier. lst Row: M, Wiedner, I. Smith, J. Hartman, R. Rupp, F, Wood, D. Schmidt, B, Sampson, SECOND GROUP 5th Row: D, Poos, R, Brazier, D. Callahan, P. Meyers, M. Figge, B. Mathis, M. Mateka, M. Sackett 4th Row: J. Wieduwilt, S. Harmening, R, Williams,J. Farris, B. Flannery, L, Lischman,J, Nekola D. Henke. 3rd Row: F, Bilyew, M, Buch, D, Carter, C. Brockmeier, V, Wayne, L. Schaeffer, V, Schoenbaum, S. Figge. 2nd Row: M. Brase, S. Burroughs, S. McDonough, C, Thompson, B. Davis, P, Vowels, D. Gunter. lst Row: M. Marks, F. Kelleher, J, Cerke, L, Sills, R, Schlechte, J. Keltner, V, Stalions, S, Rozum. 77 I IIPQIDCMSQ GIBIIHIIIDIIRIIIJS eo IIFIIRIIESIIHIIIMAIINII IIEIIHIIIDIIRIIUQS BOY'S CHORUS FIRST ROW: D. Morrison, L. Phillips, B. Hasse, K.Sperandio, G. Lexow, E. Paul, C. Schroeder. SECOND ROW: N.Lodd, B.Hagemeyer, C.Kessel, H. Frederickson, L. Lautner, D. Hastings, V. Halbe. THIRD ROW: R. Senn, L. Drda, D. Eilers, B. Fiegenbaum, L. Brase, E. Wild, E. Mayberry. FOURTH ROW: P. Bivens, P. Gemoules, R. Brummit, D. Stoecklin. FRESHMAN CHORUS FIRST ROW: G. Evans, C-. Flavin, J. Rabus, J. Mindrup, A. Carlin, D. Simmons, L. Davis. SEC. ROW: D. Brase, D. Doeblin, F. Settle, J. Garden, M. Ballweg, C. Smith, M. King, P. Berleman TH. ROW: C. Burgess, J. George, B. Orman, D. Fiegenbaum, R. Srackeljohn, M. Newell, C. Hauser FOURTH ROW: R. Rohrkaste, A. Bayer, G. Erickson, R. Greenwood, W. Goss, W. Klenke. 78 IHSMLW llFlDlDGlllflll3nAlll9lll9 lll9llR4DllMll S MISS DARLENE HENKE announced, "l give you the Football Queen of l947," Miss Mary Lou Perini entered the ballroom escorted by John Kolesa. Miss Perini is, indeed, one ofthe prettiest and most poised girls ever to reign over this annual affair. Preceding the Queen were the maids of honor: Miss Judy Midcap escorted by Richard Eck, and Miss Doris Landers escorted by Willard Hoppe, and the rest ot the beautiful, enchanting maids. Young John Brock entered with the jeweled crown just before the Queen, and Miss Marina Lucco and Miss Janet Fruit followed the Queen, carrying her train. Music was provided for dancing by Jim Willig and his orchestra. TH E ROYAL FAMILY Willard Hoppe John Brock John Kolesa Richard Eck Doris Landers Marina Lucco Mary Lou Perini Janet Fruit Judy Midcap ing' Ill l yy i i gf if L lg ' i K l lc ii X GllFlllfllllllT9 llRlDClY2Mlb lElDlUllRGQlll' MAI DS AND ESCORTS Loretta Arth, Retiring Queen ...,..A4... Nelson Henry Mary Lou Perini, Queen ..,.,,,,r Judith Midcap ,...i.., Doris Landers r.... Patsy Ohl ...,. Mary Hentz .,... Yvonne Kesl ..,.....,i.. Marilyn Schoenleber.. Maxine Schaefer ..... Katherine Hair ....,.. Joan Hartman .i.i.., Shirley Browning ,.t. Bernice Moritz ...... Marilyn Warburton Marilyn Mayer i...... John Kolesa Richard Eck Willard Hoppe Clifford Widener Ramon Heinemeier Joe Krupski .. David Davenport Eugene Leitner Eugene Wild Leonard Bivens John Kessel Tom Slowey Don Shaffer Jim Kahman THE QLJEEN'S COURT Clifford Wiedner, Patsy Ohl, Ramon Heinemeier, Mary Hentz, Joe Krupski, Yvonne Kesl, David Davenport, Marilyn Schoenleber, Eugene Leitner, Maxine Schaefer, Nel- son Henry, Loretta Arth, Willard Hoppe, Doris Landers, John Brock, Marina Lucco, John Kolesa, Mary Lou Perini, Janet Fruit, Richard Eck, Judy Midcap, Eugene Wild, Katherine Hair, Leonard Bivens, Joan Hartman, John Kessel, Shirley Browning, Tom Slowey, Donald Shaffer, Marilyn Warburton. HFGDIDGIIFJIIBQAMILQJIIQ GQTIUHEBIIESN QMINIHID MAKES FOOTBALL QUEEN Mory Lou Perini ,MAID OF HONOR MAID OF HONOR Judy Midcop Doris Landers llrllllllfwcllfllltlll lllilllllb llDAllRCllTW Three Little Maids! Two Pals! Why, Margie! Bubble gum Experts! Those Shirt Tails! Skip-to-my-lou, my darling! l S FEBRUARY 9 rolled around, the girls of E.H.S. dressed in their shortest skirts, pigtails, and rib- bons, and prepared to have a rip - roaring time at the "Kid Party." Suckers, balloons, and especially bubble gum were predominant this year. Small suckers were given out at the entrance. On going through the door, couples who had come earlier were seen dancing to the music of Joe La d.d's orchestra. Roller skating enthusiasts contented themselves in the first floor hall, A program directed bv Corrine Brockmeier was enjoyed by all ,as were the refreishments served later in the evening. llHllAllblll9lDM7llE5llBN lIDAllRClT HALLOWE'EN PARTY v The goblins fly, cats fthe kind with furl howl, witches make their yearly rounds, and last but not least, we'e taken time out from our annual pranks to attend the party in the gym- Dancing to the music of Walt Schlemer's orch- estra was the main form of entertainment. The grand march came at lO:OO with many cle- ver costumes the center of attraction. There was an odd assortment of "get- ups" mingling among the crowd this year-namely, a replica of a bonfire, the football team, singing waiters, an octopus, and 'His'n and Her'n" At the end of the grand march, prizes were award- ed to the best costumes in each different class grouping. Refreshments were served later in the evening and, after eating, the crowd slowly dwindled. The Octopus! The Grand Marchl His'n and Her'n" Mr. Brock looks 'em overl llHllllDlll4llllE3lli2lDllMlllllllNllll?f F ,,.i-., Follow that float! Aren't l the handsome halfbaclq? Ugh-heap itchy blanket The grand finale of the Homecoming of '47 A musical Tribute to the Queen "Tom" talks to us Assembly antics 4l3AllMlllIl3llllS il2Alll3llli5llRS Hoven'l you heord of Aw-buy your own the "New Look," Kym? "Millie" holds the roil up Results of the GAA initiation B. T. O. Roughing it flDlllDllE9ilRllE5EllFClllfAT "THE SLIP OF A SLIPPER" HE OPERETTA PUT ON THIS YEAR BY THE choruses was called "The Slip ofa SlipperT" This was a modern version of the well-known fairytale "Cinderella," The evening was highlighted by the spell that the fairy godmother cast over the audience when she transformed the dirty Cinderella into a beautiful princess in a white sequined gown. The wickedness of the stepmother and her daughters was very well portrayed, as were the parts of the Prince, l.ord Chamberlain, and Butler, This with the actions of a gracious Princess and Fairy Godmother led to a very successful opera. OPERETTA PRINCIPALS Countess deSourberry TT T T T Judy Keltner Prunella TT T T Pauline Meyer Clarabella T T Corinne Brockmeier Cinderella T Virginia Wayne Fairy Godmother TT Margie Figge Prince Frederick T Eugene Mayberry Lord High Chamberlain T Leonard Bivens Head Groom T T TT T T T Emil Paul Head Gardner T T TT Bill Haase Head Maid T T Fern Wood Butler T TT T T T T T Bob Ussery OPERETTA PRINCIPALS STANDING: Mr. George Briggs, Eugene Mayberry, Leonard Haase, Emil Paul. SEATED: Dorcas Callahan, Fern Wood, Virginia Wayne, Judy Corinne Brockmeier, Pauline Meyer. olllllllllNllllllDllR RELAY "A LUCKY PENNY" VERYONE, AT ONE TIME or another, has the impression that he or she is a ntural born artist. "The Lucky Penny" was at this stage of her lite when Mr. Atkin- son decided that she should display her talents in front of an audience. The play was high- lighted with a duel lwith water guns, pan hats, and pillowsl, an elopement lalmostll, and, of course, the usual agreeable ending. Penny ....... Kerry ...... .. Joanna .t....... Greg ............ Lydia Pringle Caleb Pringle Gram ...,...... Hulda .. ,.i., .. Suzette ...... Vera ......,t.i.. Georganne Miss Haskins Mr. Daly ...... Elizabeth Shaw Charles Alexander Anita Hawkins Russell Nordstrom Pauline Meyer Rodney Senn Carol Overmeier Dorcas Callahan Grace Mathis .. ......,.,.. Mary Hentz Rose Marie Rupp Joan Harrison . ..,.....,,., Robert Green Policeman .i...i..,... Frank Provaznik Photographer Gerald McDougal TOP ROW: R. Nordstrom, J. McDougal, C. Alexander, R. Senn, J. Wieduwilt, B. Beck, Mr. Atkinson, J. Flavin, M. Barnsback, B. Barry, B. Green, F. Provaznik, D. Maxfield, S. Delicate. BOTTOM ROW: J. Harrison, J. Mathis, R. Rupp, M. Hentz, A. Hawkins, E. Shaw, P. Meyer, C. Overmeier, D. Callahan. SllBllNlllll4DllR lllDlll5A6M PLAY CAST Bob ,A..... ...,...A.,....AA J im Kahmann Mother . .,., Sally Burroughs Father ...r.. .........r K ym Reed Carrie ...,.. .,.,. J udy Midcap Junior ,,.... .....,. B ill Cotter Lefty 4,..... ,,,.. D on Hastings Midge ,,....... .. Nancy Cox Dot ..,..,,,,..... , ,.,.. Ruth Schlechte Mrs. Gordon ..... ...,., M arcella Durr Mr. Cordon .r..,...r,..r. Lester Lautner Carl .........................t., Richard Eck Helen i,.......... Marilyn Schoenleber Eunice ..... .............. M ary Arnold Jane ..... .,.......,.. D oris Gunter ' , HE BABY SITTER, a rollicking comedy involving a boy whose par- ents objected to his dating one girl, was the play which was chosen by the Senior Class for presentation on May 8. The whole cast gave a fine performance, which will make the play remembered for years to come as one of the finest. SENIOR PLAY CAST Too ROW: D. Hastings, L. Lautner, J. Kahmann, K. Reed, R. Eck, Mrs. Crocker, B. Cotter. BOTTOM ROW: M. Durr, M. Schoenleber, N. Cox, J. Midcap, S. Burroughs, R. Schlechte, D. Gunter, M. Arnold. S4l2llElll4D1Dlll9 IIDAZHE Watch it fizz! That Pepsodeht smile a-s-d-f g-l-k-j ? ? Smart class ? P Who says you can't A boring life whistle in the halls? GJTJIHIUIB llMlllDllDllE5llRllNIl fll3f1-AMY QNDQS UPPER LEFT-SEVEN COY YOUNG MAIDENS Margaret Buch, Mary Jean Gerke, Lee Sills, Shirley Enloe, Marcella Durr, Corinne Brack- meier, Sally Burroughs. UPPER RIGHT: BARBERSHOP QUARTET Clifford Weidner, Don Schaake, Paul Wetzel, Harry Schiermeyer, Glenn Pizzini LOWER LEFT: FAMILY GROUP Top Row: Lee Sills, Mary Jean Gerke, Sally Burroughs, Clifford Weidner, Marcella Durr Shirley Enloe, Corinne Broclcmeier, Margaret Buch. Bottom Row: Robert Coleman, Glenn Pizzini, Harry Schiermeyer, Jim Kahmann, Paul Wetzel, Don Schaake, Don Gray. LOWER RIGHT: SOBER AND SAD Top Row: Sally Burroughs, Lee Sills. Middle Row: Margaret Buch, Marcella Durr, Shirley Enloe. Bottom Row: Mary Jean Gerke, Corinne Brockmeier. SllBllNllllllDllR W7llllll.9lllo mp: ihv gfninr CUIEIEE Being of sound mind and body, hereby proclaim this as our Last Will and Testament, commencing on the fourth day of June in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-eight: Vernette Abert, leave to scrub floors, wash dishes, and raise a family - you see, l'm getting married. Mary Arnold, leave to become a model, For Powers? No!-for Kaiser-Fraser! Harry Augsburger, leave as Glen Carbon's B. T. O. Louis Baldridge, leave to become the Navy's successor to "Bull" Halsey. Bernice Bange, leave my future and my for- tune to Elmo. Joe Bange, leave my racing forms scattered throughout the campus. Roy Barnsback, leave to become "D.A." of Chicago. Fern Bilyeu, leave my name to creditors. Leonard Bivens, leave the rafters ringing with my deep, bass voice. Dorothy Bode, leave my dimples to some frowning faculty member. Marilyn Bode, leave Jean to take care of herself. Lawrence Brase, leave to become America's model farmer. Corinne Brockmeier, leave my talkative ways to Miss Bergman. Clarence Brown, leave to become head representative for Cassens. Shirley Browning, leave, glad that this is a man's world. Margaret Buch, leave to do great things for the white collar women of America. Sally Burroughs, leave to become as well- liked in the world as I have been at E. H. S. Dolores Carter, leave the baby lCrandl cry- ing because l'm gonel Vernon Carter, leave to represent the farm- er in Congress. Y Joyce Clark, leave fond memories of my Senior year. Robert Coleman, leave all the fame l ac- quired in one year. Mary Kay Considine, leave in remembrance of Odell. Lillian Cook, leave my good name to the home economics classes. William Cotter, leave to take over Bill Stern's broadcasting job. Nancy Cox, leave my popularity at E.H.S. to some shy freshman. David Davenport, leave the before-school gym crowd to provide its own entertainment. Elaine DeVries, ,leave to become French Ambassador. Betty Dierkes, leave my walk to someone who's always late for class. Betty Dorsey, leave,having made no enemies Linda Drda, leave my noon hour job, with all its trials, tribulations, and ice cream. Doris Dresch, leave to become advertising agent for Highland and its "suburbs," Marcella Durr, leave E.H.S. without its "touch of Texas." Charles Eberhart, leave, having proved that I am a man of convictions. Richard Eck, leave, after two years of fame and glory. Shirley Enloe, leave my brother to advance the popularity of the good ol' name. Lyle Evans, leave to comb my hair in private. Ray Eyman, leave for places unknown, even to Kilroy. Janet Faires, leave, and the Tiger Times will miss me. Margie Figge, leave my sweet voice to the seventh hour teacher. LeRoy Fink, leave, tall, dark, and handsome. Geraldine Fletcher, leave as the ideal date. Norma Lee Frisby, leave my little sister here alone with all these men. Fred C-ardner, leave with the best gift of gab E.H.S. ever has known. Darlene Geers, leave on the ice truck. Ralph Gephart, leave my smile and curly hair to some lucky freshman. Jack Gerard, leave my battered up drum to another percussion genius. Mary Jean Gerke, leave to write a book on "How to get out of study halls." Jean Gieser, leave . . . period! Don Cray, leave Miss Goedel's history "cards" without a joker. Virginia Grinstead, leave my bangs to Mr. Gibson. 91 CLASS WILL CCONTINUEDI Doris Gunter, leave my pass out gifts-for a pricel Katherine Hair, leave my dimples to any dead pan. Charles Hall, leave, having proved that it IS possible to graduate in five years. Shirley Harmening, leave my ability to get along with everybody to Phillis Croak. Don Hastings, leave to become a second Charles Atlas. Evelyn Holonyak, leave to astonish college professors with my brilliance. Bill Haynes, leave silent, as I came. Herbert Henke, leave my way with women to Clyde Nealy. Darlene Henke, left-a long time ago, as Mrs. Richard Bridwell. Don Hinnen, leave to carry on my devilish ways in more practical places. Jim Hoffman, leave my flashy basketball playing to Bob Greenwood. Hilda Howerton, leave a lot of gum under the desks in study hall. Marian Homann, leave, and I didn't say much while I was here. Willard Hoppe, leave my boisterous manner to Corky Durham. Charles Hudson, leave my mechanical brain to Fred Gillham. Richard lberg, leave my ability in math to Ray Ostendorf. Lawrence Jaros, leave so that I won't have to skip school any more. Betty Jones, leave to start a popcorn stand of my own. Rosemary Janes, leave to install elevators for office Girls. Jim Kahmann, leave my record of achieve- ments yet to be bettered or beaten. Frances Kelleher, leave to become the first woman president, and an attractive one, too. Judy Keltner, leave to sing "Aida" in Nat- ional Hall. Yvonne Kesl, leave to become a Powers model. John Kessel, leave to fly airplanes for Lock- heed. Shirley Klueter, leave with my flaming hair to light the way. John Kolesa, leave Buddy and take Mary Lou along. Norma Kruckeberg, leave my name on six- teen books. 92 Jean Claire Krumeich, leave my dancing ability to the boys of E.H.S.-they need it. Joe Krupski, leave a good athlete and a good "Joe." Doris Landers, leave, and I bet you didn't even see me. Joan Laschke, leave to make good in art and science. Lester Lautner, leave with this class because I like it best. Lincoln Lawrence, leave my altitude to Rodney Woods. Thomas Lehotz, leave a "'I'oughy." Eugene Leitner, leave, still the idol of the females of E.H.S. Constance Long, leave, keeping my know- ledge to myself. Rosemary Martin, leave to become Mottar's "Strawberry blond." Margaret Marks, leave behind me many good "Marks" of achievement. Doris Mateyka, leave my quiet ways to Dona Strejcek. Mary Mateyka, leave my sweet smile to be used on test days. Betty Mathis, leave "with that ring on my finger." Fred May, leave to become one of those super salesmen you always read about. Eugene Mayberry, leave to become an im- portant "Link" in world affairs. Geraldine McGill, leave, always remaining a jolly Irishman. Betty Mclntosh, leave to rent a booth at Ballwegs. Gail Menk, leave to become a famous phil- osopher and authority an everything. Dick Merkle, leave, still believing that all brilliant scientists ride bicycles. Rosemary Meyer, leave, and Glen Carbon is proud of me. Judy Midcap, leave my sweet personality and disposition to long serve as a memory of my stay at E.H.S. Cora Ellen Mullikin, leave as Mr. Little's lone protege. Howard Nance, leave to become Secretary of the Treasury. George Naumann, leave my independent but sincere ways to ah - uh - on second thought, l'll take them with me. Norman Nekola, leave a gentleman and not a "pug."' CLASS WILL lCONTINUEDl Marian Ohm, leave, nice, neat, and never to return again. Van Paddock, leave on stilts so you can see me. Mary Lou Perini, always to remain the queen I was at the Football Prom. Lloyd Phillips, leave, a good "Buddy" to all. Glenn Pizzini, leave to laugh now and until the end of time. Gaylord Powell, leave to join my associates in Hollywood. Marian Rau, leave in a blue Plymouth. Kym Reed, leave my incomparable ways and extraordinary vocabulary to long serve in remembrance of my presence. Dolores Renken, leave, quiet, unassuming, but educated. Rudy Rosenthal, leave to grow up as big as me brudder. Melora Sackett, leave the band without an experienced flute player. Don Schaake, leave to make a national or- ganization of the "l l" Lodge. Maxine Schaefer, leave in my usual grace- ful manner. Robert Schaefer, leave my quiet ways and height to Bob Ford. Don Schauerte, leave my noon hour job to a man with a bottle opener. Loretta Schermann, leave to conduct bigger and better conferences. Harry Schiermeyer, leave to show the Navy I'm not afraid of water. Norma Jean Schiller, leave my seat on the Glen Carbon bus to a future freshman. Tony Schipkowski, leave to become hero of the militia. Ruth Schlechte, leave my locker bulging at the seams. Margaret Schlemer, leave the F.H.A. to find as good a secretary as I was. Paul Schleuter, leave my name misspelled as usual. Marilyn Schoenleber, leave the headaches of Hi-Tri to "Mick." Jeanne Schwalb, leave to become an ideal secretary. Don Shaffer, leave my athletic ability to Rodney Senn. Lee Sills, leave to become the "Terrible Terror" of the highways. Richard Soehlke, leave to study - behind test tubes. David Sotl, leave with my "boots on." Jo Ann Southard, leave-still mistaken as freshman. Virginia Stalions, leave to build smaller podiums for Speech Classes. Jean Steehlinger, leave to become a noted authoress of short stories. Elmer Steinman, leave, having proved that the Navy turns out men. Marjorie Steinman, leave my tennis racket to Nancy Schwager. Tom Stolze, leave with my record collection to become a disc jockey. John Strader, leave to wrestle with life. Bob Straube, leave for better or hearse. Robert Stunkel, leave straight A's on my report card. Barbara Talbert, gladly leave the Tiger Times to some poor, unsuspecting Junior. Roberta Thomas, leave as the original "Bobby" Soxer. Clara Thompson, leave to become a future Alice Marble. Virginia Thompson, leave -- lovely, using Ponds, and engaged. Marylou Trebing, leave my freckles to someone who likes polka dots. Gerald Unterbrink, leave to" find" myself somewhere. Marthajean Upton, leave my typewriter yell trained. Ella Marie Vanek, leave-wishing l could have been here more than one year. Betty Volz, leave to electrify the world. Robert Volz, leave, silent but sincere. Pat Vowles, leave my innocent look to Ruth Frey. Clifford Wiedner, leave my nickname to some "fowl" thing. James Welch, left my nickname everywhere l could without getting caught. Paul Wetzel, leave in my Packard to con- tinue my conquests. Leroy Wheat, leave my brothers to keep up the Wheat Athletic Record. Bob Wiehe, leave my name echoing on roller coasters. Eugene Wild, leave to live up to my name. Fern Wood, leave to prove l'm not so "knotty." lrma Woods, leave the Lux without their main attraction. Marilyn Wooster, leave without the slightest idea what will become of me. 93 Gllldlll lDllllllR ADVERTISERS TO EDWARDSVILLE STUDENTS ,- Without the cooperation of the business and professional men and women of the Edwardsville area this 1948 Tiger would not have been possible. Because of greatly increased costs of yearbook production over last year, we have been obliged to count more heavily upon their financial assistance. Without this advertising the subscription price of the I9-48 Tiger would be ,almost prohibitive for the average student. Because of Edwardsville's citizens' interest in you and in our school they have been generous in taking ads, and kindly and considerate to our solicitors. Therefore, it behooves us to show these firms and friends the value of their advertising in reciprocal good will. Mention their ad in the Tiger, patronize them in every way you can. AND TO EDWARDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BOOSTERS W The I948 Tiger has served you again in presenting your valuable message to Edwardsville students and alumni. Caught in the inflation spiral in yearbook production, we have been obliged to raise our advertising rates to meet the rise in costs. As soon as costs of production are lowered, we agree to lower our advertising rates in proportion. Because each Tiger lives and relives from year to year in hundreds of homes in Edwardsville and the Edwardsville area, your name will be seen a long time, a thoughtful remind- er to come in and buy your merchandise or to employ your services. THE TIGER AD STAFF, Corinne Brockmeier, Mgr. lllllllll fMlDlllDllRllBlElllAGllfllllDlINll PHOTOGRAPHERS: A. H. Strebler Herbert Crocker Edwin G. Eilers Thomas R. Sides Ed Ferguson Frances Kelleher Lester Lautner A. M. Gibson and Photography Club PICTURE LOAN , Herbert C. Crocker Roy Barnsback Virginia Wayne Edna Wier LITERARY CONSULTANTS Ella Tunnell R. Louise Travous Caroline Wolf E. L. Alexander PRINTING ii James O. Monroe of ENGRAVING ,A The Collinsville Herald, Owen Marsh of Pontiac Collinsville. Engraving Co., Chicago lllllNllllDllBX lDllE AllDVllE9llRGlll'llleSllBllRS A. 84 B. Feed and Seed Store 96 Ambrosius, George C. ........ lO5 Associated Service ...,.,.e ...lOO ' ' 96 Auerbach s ,..,.4...., ,..,,de.... Bal lweg's ,..,,........... ...,.., l 26 B. 81 R. Recreation ..., ....... l 24 Bank of Edwardsville ,....... 98 Barney's Motor Service .... 97 Barnsback, Dr. R. S. .... ,.lOO Becktold Company ..,.,.,,,.. 127 Big Boy's Supply Co. ....,.,... 97 ' 97 Bob's Band Box ,.....,.,...... lO4 Bothman's Garage ..., ...... l O5 Blume s ...,........... . ,...,.. , Boyer, Dr. l. L. ..., .,.,......... 9 7 Brockmeier News Agency lOl Brockmeier, Dr. C. L. ........ lOO Brooks' Jewel ry ...,.....,....., 96 Buhrmester s ....,.,..... .... 9 6 Busker's Hardware ......... . 97 Busy Bee ..,.....,,,...,.,,. .... 9 6 Cassens 81 Sons ..... ..,..., 9 9 Cathcart's... ,. ..lOl Circle lnn ...,...... ....... , lOl City Electric Co. .....,.....,.. lOl City of Edwardsville ........ l3l Clarence's Stand'd Service lO7 Clayton Cleaners .......,..... lOl Clover Leaf Loan ,. ........ lO6 Clayton Tailoring ,......... . lOl Cochran, Dr. Clifton R. lO7 Collins, Dr. Jerre C. ...,..,., lOO Colonial Hotel . .....,...,,.... l O7 Cox, Dr. Wayne B. . ...... lOl DeLaurenti, Joseph M. ..., lOO Delicate, Dr. William E ...,. lOO Desmond, M. Mfg. Co. .... lO6 Docter, Dr. Armin D. ........ lOO Donut Shop .....,.......,......,. lO8 Dornacher, George A. ....,,. lO7 Durr, Eldon M. ,.... ....,.,.,.., l O4 Eaton, Henry B. .............,. lOO Eberhart Brothers ..... ...,., l l6 Edwardsville Consumers ...l l6 Edwardsville Creamery Co. l l6 Edwardsville lmplem't Co. I l6 Edwardsville Lumber Co ...,. lO8 Edw'dsville Motor Service lO8 Edw'dsville National Bank lO9 Edw'ville Savings and Loan ll7 Estabrook, Will L. ........,,.. lO2 Ferguson, Dr. E. L ..........,.. Figge Service Station ...... Fink, Dr. Leroy M. ...,....,.. . Fredman Furniture ......,... Fruit Service Station .,......., Gordon-Michel Tire Co. Giese, Dr. F. E. . ...,.,...... ., Gunter Gift Shoppe .....,.,.. Harrell, Dallas T. ..., ....... . Harrison, Dr. T. W. .......... . Hellrung, Dr. Cecelia M. Herft-Jones Co. ............ . Herrmann, Dr. C. J. ........, . Hill, Dr. M. R. ......., ..,.. . Holiday Inn .,..,. Home Nursery .... . Hoover Brothers Hotz, Eulalia . . Hotz Lumber Co. Hub Clothiers Hunt, Edward J. Hurst Pontiac Co. ...... . l. B. C. Root Beer ,,........... Idle Hour ..................... Illinois Cities Water Co. Illinois Lumber Co. ...... . lmber's Men's Wear ...., Jones Shoe Shop ,.......... Kane, M. B. ...........,.. . Kessler's Dress Shop .... Kiems ...,. ., ....,.....,... ,. King Bee Candy Kitchen Klueter's Feed Store .....,.. Knowles Tavern ................ Leclaire Store ..,....... ...,,.. Lee Shop ,.,.,.,......,.....,.,.... Leon's Beauty Shop .......... Lexow Electric . .....,......... . Lundgren Food Store ....,,... Lore Beauty Shoppe ..,.,.,... Lux Theatre . .... .....,,..... . Madison County Abstract.. Madison County Mutual Madison County Tractor .,,. Marks, Lesley M. ....,....,... . Marks - Weber ..,..,,..,...,.,.. Mav's Cut Rate Drug ,.,...,. Mechanics Planing Mill .... Meyer Monuments ........,. Mindrup Motor Co. ......... . Montgomery Advertising Moore - Stork Cleaners Morrison Farm Supplies. Mottar's Drug ................ Mudge, Dick H. Jr. ......... . Nash, Dr. M. D. .........,... . Nelson, N. 0. ......,.....,.... , Norman's Market ,,......,. Orman, Earl .,............,..... Overbeck Brothers ...,....,. Penney, J. C. .......,...,...., . Peerless Cleaners ..,......... Pizzini, William D. ,...... , Pontiac Engraving Co. Richards Brick Co. .....,... . Reed and Burroughs ...,.... Runge - Ziegler Shoe Co. Rusty's Tavern and Cafe.. Sally Ann Bakery .......... Schlemer, Walt ,,....,.. . Schmidt, Oscar W. ,....,... . Schmidt Tin Shop .,.,. .,,... Schneider Funeral Home.. Schneider Motor Service Schroeder, Dr. W, H. ..., . Schulte Jewelers ,..,. ....,.. Schumacher Service ...,. Shepard, E. J. .,............. . Silverbloom, Inc, ......,.... , Smith, Wm. M. P. ,........ . Solter and Kriege ..,.......,. Springer, F. E. ..,............ . Straube, William C. ..,.... . Strebler, A. H. ..,............ . Suhre's Appliance Co. Tietze, Dr. H. C. .,....,.,.. . Time Tower ..,,.... U. S. Radiator .,,.... Victor Cleaners ........,...,, Wahl, Dr. Eugene F. ..,.... . Wayne, Dr. M. F. ........... , Weeke Tobacco Co. ....... , Wells Tire Sales ...........,,, Western Auto Associate . West End Foods .............. Wharff, Dr. H. E. ........... , Wildey Theatre .....,. Winter's Pharmacy . Woodlawn Gardens . Yonaka Jewelry Store ..... wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnvlwwwwvlw THB----I----IIIIIHHHEIIIII-I-I----IIIEIWWHWWWWIWHWWWWWEEK WV 3 5 3 3 5 : 5" 52 Q 0 3 Q, o . Q . 5 R 0 qt :L U1 '-nj 3 . pl I I-. . U3 Q . ' 9-I C 5 0 0 9 U O O O O n w l 2' N 5 0 ' l-I N I ,A an anna mann nnannn wwww wvlwwww wwwwwwwnw wvvwwvvwwww vw wwwwwwwwww 96 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvlw wvwvuwvuwwwwvwvuwwwuu vnnovvvvuvvuvvvlvvvwvvvvvvvuvvwwwwv COMPLIMENTS OF A. 61 B. FEED AND SEED STORE. INC. Wholesale and Retail Q22 PROFIT REAPER A B FEEDS FLOUR HAY FEED SALT SEEDS GRINDING CLEANING MIXING Q29 F Sce Q23 ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW TO OFFER IN LADIES' AND MISSES' APPAREL COATS SUITS DRESSES SPORTSWEAR Fluerbach S EDWARDSVILLE ILL COMPLIMENTS BROOKS IEWELRY 254 N MAIN STREET COMPLIMENTS OF BUSY BEE BAKERY RALPH LUESCI-IKE 2l8M ' COMPLIMENTS OF BUHRMESTER PAPER AND PAINT CO 138 N MAIN ST EDWARDSVILLE ILL E M umuummmummm Mmmmmnmuummum M MMMMMMMMMM MM MMMMM MM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM M MM wvvwwwuvwvuvvwuu wwvuwwwwvvvuwwvuvuwvvwwwwvuwwwvuwwwwwwwvuvvwuu wwvlwwwwvuwwwwwwwwwvvwwwwuvvvw COMP'-IMENTS OF COMPLIMEN TS OF BARNEY'S MOTOR SERVICE BLUME5 APPAREL 220 SECOND STREET 104 N. MAIN PHONE 274-W A DR. I. L. BOYER OPTOMETRIST I. W. BUSKER - HARDWARE 219 N' MAIN STREET EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS EDwAnDsv1LLE. ILL. THE CLASS or 1948 WILDEY THEATRE BLDG. LEOE FINK CARL COLEMAN BIG EQY S SUPPLY CQ 6+-9 OUTBOARD MOTORS AND BOATS SPORTING GOODS E MMMMMMMMMMM nplmrmannnlmuunnnnn Mmnnummnnlnmm E 2 I 5 S 3 S Z Z S I I 3 3 Q I E H g S 5 E 1 2 C 3 g 6 Q 4 4 2 S I 5 3 5 2 5 3 5 Z 3 5 S 2 7 5 s Z 3 3 5 5 3 S 3 5 3 5 5 I 4 5 2 Q 5 5 5 KR ll ll! ll RD Rl! RA lj ll IJ! IA FA ll! RA I A lb IA 5 Q x MM MMMMMMMMMMMIAMMMMMMMlnnnnnMM MMMMMMMM MM MMMMMMMM M M MMMMM MMM MM 97 gruvvvvwvuwvuwvuvvv uvuwwwu vuvuwuw vvuvvwwv uwvuvuwnwvuvvnflvvvvvvvuvlvuwwwvu 1 1 1 1 1 1 vu avuwvvnwwvvwvv ww 1 1 vnmnn 2 1 F 1 unvyy vu 1 P 1 1 S v'vvvv1wwvu1vvuuu 111 uuvvuvwvvvuvu ,1 1 vvvvwnww vuvuu'uwuuwuuvuvuvvv vuvuuu 1 H , 1, 1 f ' ' 'M f' P' fi 1l' -iff! fi- f- x F41 E! ,Eat .,J,n,v,.l.- ? F U L, NQMX .11 K QW 'yi :J I il ,ki 1 - H J'H'r-, IW to lf-41.1.1 '1 -1 ' J.. -:- gi .y f nail: :ITE E Inj? ULI , wt -' 1-' fit 111 AlVlERlCFl'S FUTURE Must be shaped by the youth of the country. 44 44 The magnitude of the job in the years ahead Will require sound character and Well trained minds as never before in the -nation's history Your successful completion of your high school course gives you the firm foundation you are sure to need for the civic and national duties that lie ahead of you Congratulations Graduates and sincere Wishes for continued achievement m the years to come' THE BANK OF ED VVARDSVILLE 80 YEARS OI-' CONTINUOUS SERVICE EDWARDSVILLE ILLINOIS Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporauon 1 1 , K K 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X g 1 1 1 P 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 5 1 g I cc cc 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 P i I I 1 1 1 1 1 , . D 2 1 P 1 g 1 1 1 5 1 1 P 1 , . 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 . :TG-'f' 'mfiiu' Ja vmuuuuaimaiuanmuumnnmmommmummuMMMMummmanMrunummmnmammmniinanmnnunnum 98 www UI I- U U 'U 0 rn D dable en Dep And 1 O 5? g?v'D xx Man L E X ,P uwwvvvvvvm-vuwguruwwvvwwvuuvwwvuwwvuuvuvvuwwuuwvu uvvuInvvINuvvnmvvuvwwvvwvuwwuvuvvuwvvvvwuvvvvvvlvlvlvvvvvuwwwwvu Q1 -L RZ' S. BARNSBACK, M. D. .JI JEFFERSON BUILDING DR. C. L. BROCKMEIER BANK or EDWARDSVILLE BLDG. ' EDWARDSVILLE' Im", OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN IERRE C. COLLINS. IR. M. D. COMP'-IMENTS OF DR. E. F. WAHL BANK or EDwABDsvILLE BUILDING NATIONAL BANK BLDG ARMIN D. DOCTER. M. D. DR. W. H. SCHROEDER BOHM BLDG. o PHONE 199 RESIDENCE 107 E. DUNN o PHONE 1711 DENTIST BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BUILDING IAM E. DELICATE, M. D. ASSOCIATED SERVICE 289206-A NORTH MAIN MADISON STORE BUILDING ONE 7 EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. I ' ro , K, D. D. s. H. E. WHARFF, M. D. EAR. NOSE AND THROAT ' DSVH-LE NATIONAL BANK 156cI No. Main St. o Edwardsville. I11. BUILDING OFFICE HOURS: Qto11A.M.,2to5P.M.,7Io8P.M. EDWARDSVILLE' ILL' Office Phone 185 o Residence Phone 402 DR. F. E. GIESE 112-A NORTH MAIN ST. HENRY B. EATON LAWYER Suite 6-7 Madison Store Building EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS DR. C. I. HERRMANN PALACE STORE BUILDING CoIvIPLIIvIENI's or WM. M. P. SMITH coIvIPLI1vIENTs or Dr. T. W. Harrison. Dentist 107-A PURCELL o EDWARDSVILLE PHONE 318-R IOSEPH M. DeLI-IURENTI A'I'roBNEY-AI'-LAW Room 503-4 Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 6:7 AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMuumvmnnmmMMMMMMnnmmMMmnnnnmmmmmmnmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMTOIMMMM coMP1.1M.r-:NTS or BROCKMEIER NEWS AGENCY Q22 SUBSCRIPTIONS TO ALL MAGAZINES PUBLISHED ALL ST LOUIS PAPERS CLAYTON CLEANERS Q23 501 NORTH MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE ILL DR WAYNE B COX EXTENDS HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS OF 4 COMPLIMENTS or CLAYTON TAILORING AND FUR STORAGE 214 St Lou1s St o Edwardsvdle Ill PHONE 177 COMPLIMENTS OF CITY ELECTRIC CO. HOT POINT APPLIANCES 203 NORTH SECOND STREET EDWARDSVILLE WELCOME TO CATHCART S CAFE 456 EAST VANDALIA EDWARDSVILLE ILL. PHONE IN ORDERS C I B C L E IMILE SOUTH OF PHONE EDW. 1125 EDWARDSVILLE ITALIAN FOOD T-BONE STEAK SHRIMP I OYSTERS 0 CAT FISH 0 SANDWICHES Goon COLD DRINKS CHICKEN IN BASKET FRED, BILL, MARY vuwvwwwwwwwwwwvvwwwwwwwwwwwuuwwwwwvlwwwwwvuwwwwwwvuwwwvuwwwwwwwwwwwwvuvvvvwuuww 1 0 .1 . O O - - n 1 , 74 w 1.- I I MMMMMMMMvmuvuumuMumMMMnnnnannnmnnnnnmnnnnnnnfumnnnn nnnnumunnnnlvnnnnannfmnlmanrnmn n ounmnnlmlmnnnnnnrmmnnulmuu vuvvvvvvwwvuwwwvuvuvvwwwv'vwvwuvWvuuvvuWwWuvnnnnnnauwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvvwuuwwwwwwuuwwwwwwwuuuvwvu Meyer Monuments "MARK THE SPOT WITH BEAUTY FOREVER" PAUL E. MEYER COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF DR. E. V. FERGUSON W. L. ESTABROOK EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS 401 BANK or EDWARDSVLILE BLDG COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF FREDERICK E. SPRINGER DICK H. MUDGE. IR. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW A'II'oBNI-:Y-AI'-LAW 156 N. Main sf. . Edwardsville BANK or EDWABDSVILLE BLDG. TO THE CLASS OF 1948 THANK YOU' HERFF IONES IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO MANUI-'ACTURE YOUR CLASS RINGS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS INDIANAPOLIS OFFICIAL IEWELERS AND STATIONERS TO E I-I S BBPBESENTED BY SINCE 1928 R L IACOBS JACKSONVILLE ILL I 1 I Q . . n e 1 1 M AMMInA,nMMuMMMMMMMAnnmmlmnnlulnnnnvumnlmunnMManMMAnMnnMMinn,nuAnn,nnnMannnuumnnluumrmnnruu.nnnnnnluvnnnAAAnMannna, Announcement THE NEW STREBLEE STUDIO WHEN COMPLETED will embrace dll that is desired in cr Modern Photo graphic Studio 4 Pledsing and restful the exterior cmd interior will be of Colonial Design 44 The new location 405 St Louis St is conveniently close to town however crwgy from the congested parking greg 44 44 Mid summer will find us reddy to greet you in our new home ff Wortch for Opening Announcement A. I-l. STEEELER Your Photographer 29 YEARS IN EDWARDSVILLE vuwwwwuuwwvylrygyyygwwwwwwvgrvInLIygggvvvwvuwwwwwuuvuwwwwwwvwunwwvuwvvwvvwwwwwv u I I I I I I I I K K I I I I I I I I I I I ' 'I I I lulnuuna MMnnlmnnumnnmnfuumnumvmnnn AM:-nuunnn Mnmmrmmn Mnnrmmunnmmnm n MMI-nun ununun VVQ 5 E 5 5 E E 5 E E 5 E 5 5 E 5 E 5 5 E E E 5 E wwvuwvvwuuvlvvvvvvwvvlmmlwvvbnvuvvvvvv wwvuwvvwvvwvvvuww In wwwWvvwwvuwwwvvwvlwwvuwvuluuuwwwww wvvwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvlwwwwuvw P z wvuwwvlwwwwwwwwvuwwvu 5' A BOB'S BAND BOX CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS COMPLIMENTS OF ELDON M. DURR iw No Shrinking o NO Fading o No Odor A Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service To Fit Everyone's Purpose COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR APPEARANCE IS OUR BUSINESS REED AND BURROUGHS qw ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 112-114 S. Main St. o Edwardsville. Ill. NATIONAL BANK BUILDING PHONE 28 iiiff ' W fl. A --v Irv "' was 'J E ,, 5 E V? I 3, A 5 Iggy H FOR BEAUTY AND PERMANENCE fwfr A It pays to build of brick If If ' - 'P " They do not burn nor decay 8 f ff ff They are everlasting RICHHRD'S BRICK CO EDWARDSVILLE s'r. LOUIS FACE BRICK - COMMON BRICK - HOLLOW TILE GLASS BLOCKS - BUILDING BLOCKS - FLUE LINING GLASS BLOCK VENTILATORS rmvmMMlunMMMMIAMMMvmnmAAMMMMMAAMMMMMMMMMMMMAAMnnnnlvumlvuuuuuvllvlmMnnvmnnnnnnnnlmanulnllvmnnlmvmnnMmnnnnanmmuanm WblvvgwwwwwwInwwvuwwInwwwvvwuv:Nwunawwwuvwwwwwvlwwvuwvuvvwwuvwvuwwuuu 'uwvuwwwwwwwwwwvvwwwvvwvvwvuwwuuwwwwwwwwwwvuuuvvvvuvwwwulvvvvvuvvvvvwvvuruwwwvuwwvvu 'uwwvvw GEORGE C. AMBROSIUS F'-" COUNTY TREASURER GOOD LUCK ALWAYS MADISON COUNTY TO THE GRADUTES or '48 MISS EULALIA HOTZ COMPLIMENTS or youu COUNTY CLERK E. P. SCHNEIDER FUNERAL HOME ow BOTHMAN E99 ONS We Sefrfmce All Makes Of Cavs 306 W Vandaha, St Phone 6OI IN-9 . MmnnfinnnnnmumMnnmrmapnnunnuaAmMMnnnAnnnnanMA,nu.nnnluuuumlmmmn,1uvuvlMvmmnAlmnAMMMluln,nnA7,Aa,na.nAna Ml,nnnMuMnliTin COMPLIMENTS OF DESMOND MFG CO THROUGH OUR DIRECT REDUCTION LOAN PLAN CLOVER LEQF HOME BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION FOURTH FLOOR NATIONAL BANK BLDG PHONES 122 and 848 LET US HELP YOU FINANCE YOUR HOME DR C R COCHRAN CHIROPODIST AND FOOT SPECIALIST GERBER BLDG o EDWARDSVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF HOTEL COLONIAL EDWARDSVILLE ILLINOIS RALPH WARTMAN Owner and Operator COMPLIMENTS OF CLARENCE S STANDARD SERVICE STATION AND FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET CAP SOUTHARD o C ADELHARDT COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE S MARKET 415 North Kansas Street Edwardsvrlle Illmols PHONE 643 NJ George Cassens Sales H U D S G N Service HAMEL ILLINOIS PHONE 17 NJ uwwwwwwvnruwwuuwwvvvvwwwwwwwmwvwwwwwvvvvwvuwwwwwwwwwwwwwvuwwwwwwwwwwwvgwwwwvvw I I I I u I I - - . ' 1 a I M nunmmnmumnnma Mnnnnnnun ulmnnnnmuummnnnnnnn luuvuuumn n vuummlmlx A MannnnnMnnvmMnnAnnnnAluunMMMn lvuwuuumn vvvvuvuvuwy 1wavannuvvwvuvuvvvvwwvum4wuuwwwwwwwuvv'wwwvuwvvwwwwwvvvvuuvvwwwwwwwwwwvvvvvvvvvvvvvuvuluww vwvvv COMPLIMENTS OF THE DONUT SHOP GLEN CARBON o EDWARDSVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF DR. CECELIA M. HELLRUNG 419 N. MAIN ST. EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. EDWARDSVILLE HOLIDAY INN IMOTOR SERVICE CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS FARM MACHINERY . REFRIGERATION ESTHER RULE, PROP. -I TRACTOR SERVICE HIGHWAY 159 REPAIRS o WELDING One Mile South of Edwardsville. Ill. PHONE 1508 00-9 COMPLIMENTS OF Edwardsville Lumber Co. SECOND AND HIGH STREETS PHONE 4 - PHONE 5 CNN9 luuuumlvvuruuuu ,nuannna Mnnmmnnnnmnnannnn anumvvuuumvmannnvmnnMMunvumnmuumunnnmumnuuvnmluunnnnnnnnnnnnan:ma lmnnuvmnnulmnnunm ww mwvvuwvuvuwvuvuwwunnwvvwvvwwwwwwvvvvvuwvvvvwvvuuvuwwvuvuuuwwwwwuuwvuvvavuu wvuwvuwwvuvuvvwuvuvvuwwu in V A sYM1Q,0LiI,jI I II ll I I FW IH R If Q ,BQJI KI STRANGE r er t ' e a Corner wuth Clock o I s w am: lar wut hu of thus bank and thu omm t war svxl atlonal I symbol of good banknng THE PAST 3 ha been c ded wnth h uld normally be a century of luvsn w rl wars eat depress n flatlon and mfla tlon major business de essuo pol: al changes new socual condltlons SOUND POLICIES as al as consrstent wnth good bankung have guided thus Institution through all sorts of condutsons CONSTANT THOUGHT IS beung gnven to the future of thus bank for the safety the welfare and the betterment of our deposutors and our community We realize that the manner In whlch we conduct our business today directly affects the welfare of our deposutors tomorrow next month next year yes, In the next decade Alert cooperation and up to the minute facllltles are provnded G43 Thls Is the Kmd of Bctnklnq Servlce You Want We welcome Your Account whether It IS large or small Fx HI wig? New Q5 BANKAN yf OMPANY W' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 9 wc ERS I Q S ' B Q he , t t d-t , h I e ry . . , d . . ,, . l ' I ' x d I 1 ' I I ' I I I I ' I I . . If I ee -I - .- ONAL Iv 5 5101: N I . Els '1 fr .'-3"f.ri- if I lt Ce -J fl 2 A: -, . e I c 0 1 V lx x 5 ar xxx - .u W If . , 'r , , - 5 s ' n T'nTnToifnim7-TvTfDn'Tn mu,nun.unmnFannn,u vunanmunv-TmTi1TvTiMuni?-ummmnFrT'i"'RnMmn- ,env-.-anna,-vt?-7'Giiiiv- 7nT vwvnuwvuwvvvvwwwvvvxnrwwwwunmvvvvwwwvunwww u'uwvuvuwvuwuvvuuvuvvwwvvwvvvvwvwnwvvvvvuv uvuvvvvvvwwvuvvvvvvvuwvuvu Q29 GORDON - MICHEL TIRE AND BATTERY CO. INC. U. S. TIRES AND TUBES BATTERIES o ACCESSORIES VULCANIZING AND RECAPPING EAGLE STAMPS zoa s. BUCHANAN Q29 GOOD FOOD AT EVERY DAY LOW PRICES im? HOOVER BROS. I. G. A. STORE MADISON AND FRANKLIN AVE. EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. PHONE 1180 Q29 1933 HUNT MOTOR CO Q23 HOTZ LUMBER COMPANY Q29 AUTHORIZED CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH soo N MAIN s'r PHONE 723 COMPLIMEN TS OF DR M D NASH DENTIST 420 N MAIN ST o EDWARDSVILLE C 0 u O C O a Q BIAIIAAAFManummmanMManuMummmlmnnmnnmmmnnmmn MummmmlmmuMuunnmrmummnnuanMn Murmmlmmnfmn Mmnnnmm vvwvnnw wwuvvvvuvlwvuvuwuuvrvuwwwwvvwwwvuvvwvuwwvvlmvvvlvvvvvvnnwumwvwuvvvvvvuvuvvwulwvuwwvvvvvuvuwvwnwwvuvuwwuvvuvvvunru COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF 1 Y 1,wmMmXXiP3 mimimxxm I THE HUB CLOTHIERS N N PALACE BUILDING ' X 4INCORPORATEDl 127 NORTH MAIN The Home of Fine Clothes EDwAHDsv1LLE's FASHION CORNER COMPLIMENTS OF BEST WISHES IFon'nerly Gartner's Grocery! GEORGE COUKOULIS Quality Food - Regular Prices THE PLACE 'ro BUY Youn 140, TROY ROAD ICE CREAM AND CANDY PHONE 1126 COMPLIMENTS OF DALLAS T HARRELL SHERIFF MADISON CQUNTY mumMmmuufunmmmmmMnnmumumMmmmmummmmmmmmmmmmmummmnnmvmvmmmmmmumuunnmmmnnunnu-mmmmmanninh ll vuvvvvwuvwvuuvvuu wuvuuwwuuwvuvvwvwvuwvuwwwannnnnwvvuvwwvuWwwvvwwwwvuuuwwuuwnwwvuwwwwvvvvvvvvvuvvvuvuvv GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES N or 1948 THE IDLE HOUR EDWARDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BIT-HARD HALL IACK HARTUNG. Proprietor FOR Ton THE LATEST SPORT RESULTS PHONE vo-w BETTER EDUCATION ILLINOIS LUMBER CO.. Inc. COMPLIMENTS or I-'on IONES BROS. SHOE SHOP EETTEE METEETEE EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. zzs NORTH MAIN STREET IN-9 COURTEOUS SERVICE HOME NURSERY AND GREENI-IOUSES ERNEST TOSOVSKY. Proprietor CUT FLOWERS - TREES - PLANTS - SHRUBS MEMBERS OF F. T. D. o PHONE 706-R EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS CNJ Stores at Granite City, Collinsville, Wood River and Staunton TO SERVE YOU "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" MMMfunnMMumManuManANAAMAAMMANMMIAMNAMAAMANMMMMMHAulMMnnlmvmlvnnhnnlmlvlmnnruuulvvuvuvuuaMvuumltnluuuulmnnlmannnannn I S COMPLIMENTS OF LADIES APPAREL 128 NORTH MAIN PHONE 425 MOORE AND STORK CLEANERS 511 NORTH MAIN PHONE 471 KNOWLES E-1,VERN ji M-M.-vi"-'N-9 1501 TROY ROAD COMPLIMENTS OF DINNERS AND PLATE LUNCHES LEON S BEAUTY SHOP SANDWICHES BEN AND JIM In Every Season Outdoor Adfuevftzsing GREATEST CIRCULATION - MOST NOTABLE ECONOMY Montgomery Outdoor Advertising Co. 112 EAST SCHWARZ STREET EDWARDSVILLE ADVERTISING WELL DIRECTED MM MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM M MMM MMM MMMMMM MMM Mlm M 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 N 2 2 2 2 2 X' 2 Q If QL 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ' E 2 - 2 2 2 2 2 2 Q . , 5 5 113 ' I Q 1 I ' VVVVIIUVUVIYIVVVIYVVVIllIllUVYVYVUUVYYUYVUVUVYVYVYUVUVVYVUVIIVYUUVYYUVVUVVYUVVYUYVYUVVYUYVYVYYUVVVQIll ' VYVIYUYUI I VV' lU15YUYVllUlIVUUU" IAIIYVV I:-nf fd 2 T 'U ' F i E 5 THE STORE OF GREATER VALUES " 2 , ,g Z f :ff 3 an , ' 4 , ' 2 MP 2 E .Q M f 2 5 -173.12 I 5 - O E B g 4 1 : LEE SHOPS X 5 3 ' 5 Q " lu 2 g z 5 QOMPLIME S QF 2, : a -V5 , V ff, : 2 5 2 CHAS MULACH N. ' f TL, Madtson County Abstract 5 z I xx E 5 - fa X 5 Propnetop X X I 5 2 qigggp riff! and Tltle CO. 3 z I A ' ' 5 2 F-'F' - D E g E 5 GROCERIES, MEATS, FRUITS, EGE BLES E 5 112 HILLSBORO AVE. PHONE 81 2 2 . NOTHING BUT 'r E T 2 z - , g 5 E If ' H Q E 5 3 'VJ IJ 5 2 , 1 5 1 1 2 E J f' J 5 E X J S I , OO INQE TS OF 5 .f Q 5 A UI , 5 s jf 5 4 1 ' 2 Z - J. Q g 5 g , 5 Q E . s - V 1 , 2 N U V' T Y ' I A. E g 1 v 5 5 f Arg ul wb' 2 5 ff' y A E 2 ' . A 5 3 ' 5 A ' 47 RS OF SE A 5 2 X N J ff f E 5 A .' 2 X, ' EDWKRDSVILLE - PHONE 655, .P E 1 , E 5 f E 2 -E E g tix 5 5 RRIRRRRDIRRDIRRRRIRDHRIRIRRRRIRBRIIIIIIRII HIJIRIIRIRRRIURDKRRRRRRRIRRRS H4 ' Wg' A 1. ' ..7w.5Mf-. -fggwvvwwwu-.w..v.. wwww vvv. .N .f...f..-v'.,.....a-. I w-wvvwwwv.1.w.Mn.A-wwwwwwwwwww '2 Cl 'il " fs-. - S 451' " fa ,P tw., 0, MODERN P ARNM P EN'lCf' Zia ,, fc , C Mornson Far '-1. JAMES MORRISON, IR. qi 5 gd X' A 'gf Y , QF ..,,.,..LMff W 'f:::1as:s:s1s1:zlsfa:fa up P PPPP L' YY 4 ' ' PP.. 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RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Edwardsmlle Creamery Co .Quczlzty Dazfry Products MILK CREAM CHEESE BUTTER EVAPORATED MILK WEST PARK AND IOHNSON STREETS FOR PROMPT AND SATISFACTORY DELIVERY SERVICE Q22 QD J L91-U IIE PHONES 364 365 mrwmmm E7 2 2 2 5 2 2 2 MMMM MM M MM MMMMMM MM MMMM MM MMM MMM M MMM MM M M MM MM MMMMMMMM M MM -d vvwwww w vu ' www w vu w ' .. 2 2 0 2 2 S 2 , aa 2 I 2 2 2 ' m 2 2 . 2 S 2 5 ' ' 5 0 5 E I 5 : 2 0 p. S O M 2 ' , - 2 Z ' ,': I 4 Q S 'U ... 2 5 F- 2 C-' ' g I." 2 III , 2 --1 g n-1 2 O 2 Z 2 rn , S . 2 E 2 ru ' S E ' : I 2 2 I g . , 5 fm , 5 I g vw, 5 er 2 . 2 5 Q 3 A S,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M , M.. . .,.,... A I wwww wvuwvvwwwwwwwwwwwwwv wwwwwwwww una wwwww wwww wwwww vuvvuvvvvu wvuwwvvwwwvuvuvvww wwwwwww F z 5 5 2 S 3 5 5 5 5 1 Z 5 Z 5 5 3 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 5 Saving A Demands Action Mere Planning is not enough . . . Act Now . . . Save regularly with one of our Monthly Plans.. . Dividends are added to your savings semiannually. Edwafrdsfuille Savings E? Loan Assn. 92041 f f,i1-gli'-all 9 Hurst Ponuac Co. PONTIAC CARS AND INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS AH' fu SALES THROUGH SERVICE W' PHONE as MW def .4?.g.-2.. 401 NORTH MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS MAAMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMM MM M MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM M MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMM Arun NI ,N 5 1 s a 2: 4 5 vvumvvvvvuvvvvvvafuw vwvvwwuvvv vuwwuuvvwwwwwv w ww wwwww ww wwww www wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Wwvuwwwwvvwwvuwuuvuwwwwwwwwwwuuvuwwvvvvlnovuvuvuvuwwvuvuwwuv wwvuwuuwvuwvuvvwwvuwwww qw FRUIT'S . COMPLIMEN-1-S OF STANDARD SERVICE FREDMAN BRQS. sos WEST VANDALIA 111 MAIN o PHONE 400 TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE QT? STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS RUSTY'S TAVERN AND CAF E 123 MAURICE R. HILL D D S 409 BANK or EDWARDSVILLE WE SERVE DELICIOUS GROUND BEEF HAMBURGERS AND TASTY SANDWICHES 1201 N. MAIN o PHONE 1113 S BUILDING Q22 PSA' 'Q Y' MRS HELEN GUNTER 216 NORTH MAIN STREET I U ' -0 f' ' g M W 1 -5, , , . 3 I 'Q ' Q 1 g . , f 5 5 5 5 Z 4 3 . 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O. NELSON CO P L A N IN G M IL L I N C- A "NoNco" PHONE 48, PLUMBING FIXTURES 1529 Q22 Madison County Mutual Automobile Insurance Company "A SERVICE THAT SERVES" Q29 306 Edwardsville National Bank Building PHONE 961 luv M 5, 5 I 3 3 5 2 i 5 5 5 3 5 5 Z 5 5 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 5 3 Z 5 E Z I 5 3 3 3 5 3 3 5 3 5 3 5 5 5 3 5 3 Z 5 5 S 5 3 5 2 5 5 5 5 G 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 I 5 5 Z 5 3 5 2 3 5 5 5 3 5 wwwwwwwwwvww 122 wwwWwwvlvuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvuwwwwwwwwwwwvuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ai Q29 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF RUN GE-ZIEGLER SHOE CO. I L Crosby Square Q22 Authentic Fashions in Men's Shoes WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS COMPLIMENTS OF illiam D. Pizzini WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR Q29 PHONE 39 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAMunro!MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNAMAAMMMM MMM 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Q Mummmmmmummmummmummnnmminmmmummmummmmanruummmmmmmuumummmuummmrmummnmuumummummmumuummm wwwwwuvwwvuvuvvwwwvvvuvvwwwvuvuw wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvuwwww yuvvwww 5 3 vw www ' wwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwvvw ww www wwww wvvwwwwwwww wvvww MUSICALLY YOURS WALT SCHLEMER AND HIS ORCHESTRA COMPLIMENTS OF GERBIG'S BAKERY MAKERS or sALLY ANN PRODUCTS EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. I. SHEPARD OFFICE SUPPLY ll Everything for the Office" 108 ST. LOUIS STREET PHONE 989 COMPLIMENTS or SCHULTE - IEWELER 211 NORTH MAIN ST. EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. COMPLIMENTS OF SCHNEIDER MOTOR SERVICE CO 1320 TROY ROAD COMPLIMENTS OF SOLTER AND KRIEGE HARDWARE 108 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 588 MMMM MMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMM M MMMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMM MM MMM M MMMM M ln: www ww www COMPLIMENTS OF SUHRE S APPLIANCES AUTHORIZED NORGE DEALER 235 NORTH MAIN COMPLIMENTS OF SCHUMACHER S NORTH END SERVICE MOBILGAS MOBILOIL IOHNSON SEA HORSE OUTBOARD MOTORS 1016 N MAIN EDWARDSVILLE MMM M MM M MMM MMM ZYIUUYVYUY YYY! ' A 3 3 3 N I 5 5 5 Q E 5 . 3 3 I E E 3 ' . 2 0 5 3 5 Z Z 5 3 E Q , 5 5 3 E 5 ro 0, 5 IJIRR lj EIRARR vvvuuvvuvuvuvwuvvwnmwvuwuvwwvwvwWvuvuvuanWwonWvuvuwwwvuwwvvwwwwwwwwwvuwwww 1 x 5 5 S, 5 A 2 m 5 1 x Q 5 E 2 5 a s 5 Z E 5 E E i 5 5 5 E z z s e 4 Q a s a : : 5 E 4 a z s wwwvuwvvwnw vvwwuvwwwwwwwwvuwwwwwwwww 5 , s 3 5 3 Z 5 5 Q a E : : a z 124 2' I OHN STON 'S CANDIES AND CHOCOLATES f5' IX dx. I R. v fe' A If I 1 I- , WILTIDEY U" . ,' I EDWARDSVILLE'S MOSTICXOMFORTABLE THEATRE . . QQEEESENTING I 1 THE OUTSTANDLNG ENTERTAINMENT OF THE SEASON ,er If if coMPL1MENTs OF WINTER"S PHARMACY Successors to Burroughs-Whiteside 105 PURCELL o PHONE 216 "WET DO APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS" COMPLIMENTS OF B 6. R RECREATION AND GRILL 300 W. VANDALIA PHONE 1109 ff CQMPLIMENTS OF WELLS TIRE SALES, INC. COMPLIMENTS or-' WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE TONY IANSEN. PROP. 313 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 73 lmlmnnlnnnuuunnmmumnulvul AMAAMMMMMMMMMAAMMAAAAMMMulnluvuluumluunnluuuuullmMMAAMnnlunnlmnnlumnananuumnnMAAAAMMMMAAMM wwwwvlwwulwwwwvvwvvwwwvuvlww vvvuwww u'uwwwwwwwwwvlwvuwwvuwwuvvvvwnruvuvvwvuwwwwwwwwwwvuwwvnuWwvwwwwwvvwwwwwwwwwwwvrvuwwvv COMPLIMENTS OF I COMPLIMENTS OF WEST END FOODS R. S. WAYNE YONAKA IEWELRY STORE PHONE 159 co1v1P1.11v1EN'rs or co1v1P1.11v1EN1's or OVERBECK BROS. LUX THEATER 114 NORTH MAIN "The Home of Fine Wallpaper and Paints" 120 N. MAIN ST. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. NATION-WIDE SELF SERVICE GROCERIES o MEATS o VEGETABLES NORMAN 'S MARKET N. WEHMEYER 215 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 696 COMPLIMENTS OF Q X lf :PA 5151-2:2 IMBER'S MEN'S WEAR . I X51 I f XA Y COMPLIMENTS OF WOODLAWN GARDENS I. H. BLIXEN 1407 ST. LOUIS STREET Q22 wwwqa E E 5 E E lmlmnnulmlmlnululvmmnnlmlm MMMMMIAMMAAMMAAanMMMMnnMuMMMI.nuMnnuMn,n AAMMMMMM MM MMIAMMMMMM ummm nmlmluuul MMMANMMMAAMAN 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 E 2 2 2 2 MMM ,nlmlmnnnnlmsmmmmmulmnnmmMMMMMMMMAAMMMMMMMMMMmr,nMMMMMmMMMMnnnAMMMMMMMMnnvulnnrmnnwuvumvmnum 5 125 COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARD A KANE MICHAEL B KANE ARCHITECTS COMPLIMENTS OF SCHMIDT TIN SHOP SHEET METAL HEATING WAR KLUETER S FEED STORE FEED AND SANITATION SUP 401 ST LOUIS ST PHO A QM' MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMAR Sh p 4 l246W Mill HM T' ,5 D W jp? 136 NORTH MAIN ST. - EDWARDSVILLE ILL PHONE 272 MMMMM MMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fb' Phone: o - Re ' nce COMPLIMENTS OF Fai, I will LE. I I . I T A j S l , Q55 CQ I 126 I I W 0 LJ ' , OEM I Q I . O E., WI M WNCCNGRATULATICNS TO ' - THE 1948 TIGER 5 a 3 , I' ' 'L N -If, S I' ' I T E :If I ,If 7 SILVE - 5: 9 o o1vI, I IDWARDSVILII ILLINOIS E EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. E 5 A. .I i 1 NC. A DRUG STORE FOR Y ff E P' ' ,I f ,PNK Mi-jp 0 I 7 LLL , 0 A ,QM Am W ipxkwwf r,Ngf2IX1' LEXOW'S ELECTRIC INC RS D IHLNDIHSQ WESTINGHCUSE K xii 0 M3 APPLIANCES UQJ JE pfyy My 5 'KBEC Rin COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE QV M193 sT,L0U1s,Mo, 7 5 luluuvum. 127 wwvvwwvvvvwuvwvuwwwwvlwvvwvuvulmwwwwwwvvwwwvv vvwwwvvwwwvlwwwwwwwvvwwwvuvlvuv wwvvwuvvlvvvvvvvvwvuww Our Cleaning Service Will Give You That Well Groomed Appearance We All Desire : A X ff P -45 we 1 an MARSHALL F. WAYNE. Do Do Su 148 NORTH MAIN sr. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. TEXACO SERVICE EVINRUDE OUTBOARD Morons WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS MEIER'S SERVICE STATION COMPLIMENTS or VICTOR CLEANERS 102 SOUTH BUCHANAN EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. OSCAR W. SCHIVIIDT Insurance Agency CEEl I X. .iv X 305 NORTH MAIN ST. o EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 4 PHONE 138 ESTABLISHED IN 1929 3 E I M u EVERY KIND OF INSURANCE PROTECTION EXCEPT LIQEE A ' L' in .M ,A Mnnnnnnmnnanrnuummunnmm MMMMMMMMMMMMMIAMMnnnnnnnnnnnnxnnlvnnnlwnnnnnflrmMMMnnuumnnmumnnrvuMnnnnnnannnnnnnmumnnmnm 5 5 1 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 5 E E 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 MMMMMMMMMMAA :Nwvwuuwvuwwwwwwvvvuvuvvwwvuwnuuwv wwwvuwvuvuwuvwwwwvuuuuwwwwwwwwv ' CQMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF DR 1-1 C TIETZE TIME TOWER SERVICE 051-1355 IN VERNON HARDBECK BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BUILDING PHONE 1152 Umted States Radlator Corporanon Merchandzsefs 0 Human Com ofrt '77 f f f ILLINOIS AND MISSOURI L CENSE Sf 1 ,V Straube unera, Homewwb 'A' iv IQ PHONE:-so ,Wo-wW'Z'I kmqfwfbyuv WW' W DSVILLE ILL f"fj?il.'f,..j ,fl gk ffm!!! f 7,'f..f Qf Q7 21 ffef'IiE F ff ff R 1 ff 1 'Q My rr L I QT, k I 'K NORTH MAIN STREET 12 qwwvwInwwwwwwvuvuwwwwwwwwvuwvuwwwwwvvwwvuvvvvvuwwvvwvvuvwvuwwwvvvvvvnnwvvwlmvuvuvvvvvnnvvvvvvmanr COMPLIMENTS OF EARL ORMAN STANDARD SERVICE STI l.l EST 201 EAST VANDALIA s'I. If ENT N5 EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. H AAAA A EEEEEEEE 2 'f' . ml- BH COMPLIMENTS or f,f'f I THE TIGER AD STAFF "" "'L "' """ CORINNE RROCKMEIER, MANAGER L B. C. ROOT BEER CO CLARENCE BROWN BOB COLEMAN EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. MARCELLA DURR GLEN PIzzINI DON SGRAAKII I +A. PAUL' wE'rzI-:L ,I MARILYN WOOSTER .. 7 , I I . +--13+ L I 8 I n , 0 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES ILLINOIS CITIES IWII co. EDWARDSVIIZLIRQIEIIK . f' 3 nun. uIMvmn.nnnulmnnnnMuA, nnnnnfumnmmannnnnmm vfum annmnrnnvmmnnmnnnlmnmnn L annumI,nnnnnnnuumvmnnnnnnmnmnnu vwwvvwwwvuvvuwwvvvvowvvv H- . wuvuvvwwvvwvvwwvawu vuvvnruwwvuwvvvvwvvguwwwwwvuwuuunuwyuvuvvuvwwwvvv U 5 ' ' Vic Mor EDWARDSVILLE W W ADISON COUNTY, n.L1No1s 4 12"-vw ' " Q 'lr if , fp , ,,,fM,,,. ,K ,J - ff' o , IDT, MAYoH , Aj, Mr' CI r oos, City Clerk Ei '- ' , r o orporation Counsel Si s otter, City Treasurer ' . Esther Funke, City Attorney E05 AL Charl ocle Walter Nolte F l r Cart f . Evans Reilly er t lol JI alter F. Sievers arle .Long Chas. G. Stahlhut iff Do aid W. Mciecm E 3 Por. E IJ T ' cl sch Chief V Karl Hammack, Patrolman R rt D' , Ni apt. Bud. Donbrow, Patrolman ash, De gt. ' Iohn l-luse, N't Watchman Wayne Kline, Meter.Patrolman E03 FIRE DEPARTMENT Dennis I-lentz, Chief Al Schwartzkopf, Fireman Arnold Schaefer, Fireman Herbert Kennedy, Fireman E03 srnszr DEPARTMENT -Erwin Sehnert, Superintendent Tan?-'in1uaaAfnU"' ' mn E nfnniiiiifii nuunnnmmn'iiiimnnkran'innnunnnFnmAiiTifrlnanMannnannF"'i7n'i-'iiininnfunnnnnn,nn,u-TYitFn' p I, f 1: :"'t""' 4 fi,Ifgiif.,-E.fjEgf5 I X vu ' V , . A , 7 5" 441.77 YI UIYUYIYUYUYIVUYUUIUUI ' 4 QYUYYVU' "4lvvU'Y YVUUYUYYYVWYUYVUUYVW lvlYUUi-NlUUYYvVf7lll'UYnUU'llllflvVVVUVUIYUYUYV A A I ,-EA fgew fffiw A QQ! , TI ' El! RAVI BYI DeSOTO and PLYMOIISH-'gf 7631 HZW Ov 'E' C W I I '21 Foil JiS55,WG Dwixwfc .I mf' EACH qdgsldiiifslvs gn E C5 .Eng VAN BUREL1?gI'fM'2'Q" 'H A 'DEAL E QI-IIcAGo 1, ILL. wh-V A eel I e Alignment Service fm ncxmic eel Balancing Brake Service I ' "THE TIGER" PRINTED BY MINDRUP AUTOMOTIVE THE COLLINSVILLE HERALD SERVICE EDW COLLINSVILLE ILL. s If l ' I, , M QJAEY M I Jw f QQ if L9 FUNERAL HO - if SEL 4 X 3 1 I' +..:,1- J. , I A SERVI E- ODERN AS TOMORRO . ' I .V ACIQUS AS YESTERDAY A Ap AND NIGHT SERVICE .PHONE 57 W ' MBULANCE SERVICE . . . PHONHS7 I , x 0 . agp E+ I ss .5 H 5 s MID N. AN S EDWAR WL ,IL iiuu-,nan nnnnmmmmmmmmumn nanmruunnain THE COLLINSVILLE HERALD COLLINSVILLE ILLINOIS 132 QPLWT,-PMJWQV WM! f ,f ' My Wfgxfjf, Q,gn'W,, Wfiwgw WWEW' W MQ J 3? Wg' My MDJJXYAZW M f fffw ,, WY ,K F W Qi QW fy J A . j gf Kf.ffXIJ'H,Hf: , :C V fwwg 2545253 ,m M?Q all Qymiww MV' 6 ff QW W MMVZXR ' .fm kin. 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Edwardsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Edwardsville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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