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.,b, HM, il Wi ,4V W 1 V i q A f M MAF? fwffgj ,QA aug ff QjLQl1f'fj wif mf s . Mick J W wiygwgwmf JW 2 CRW Xyfj MPM gfWfQM2WfiLf5Tf2ff? -Wy' Www x Q ?iWflf,Zw,fZ,,f5f'5'E 355121 M5129 xiiwff' YA 7 fwwfffmkgff XA bpopwyfffwfxffff YV v mW5 .gifw 3 Vw f'QZf2,-ERQQ W SZAMW wmfil fX9 ,WWZFJYMW Q Q fM?6f'ff WML? M533 iiffffgw 2 215422 X 5 Q' 774, Qgfgfogfffj WW W if gf S MQW LW X rm- ,6 if J W,,w1. . F' . Qg,+,,gf'2f-Qiflbf ff ig if Qyjw Nfgwp Nfwwif QM' Mfk?f'WBQi'13fw5s Q,-7' 'rl' ' 411, '.f A f ' Q .. - rp. '- -mf - X 1-J if 1. ' 9' 54 ' f 44, A 3 iwftsfi-W . N 'km-:f'f1li 1 - I D e 'ha' ix, I' , ' I' I ig ' ,. .H+ . I 156i :sw 'fv ' ' 'wi IQ r . .-. 'H 3 EA 4' H 6 ' , V! '., 1 . ' E' ' 5 1 pi x sv' ' - I xx I E ! L. r ,. Q 5 tw 's i '- .,, . W, ,R ,,, , fe, 'f-. f aw! , f- MJ' Il!! Sli, : .-1. 5' 5 1 fl 2 s -4 3' ,va 'I T -5 5 ii - Qi 1 ww A-it j . .+L W 'N ,QR f .. 1 fs 'flu if . 'Q Km, . 'gm IQ-ii'AlH' Q 4' f'?4ef ' N f-. N 'S M ' -' ' ' i '- 3 x4 Q Y 3 'iggv 'A - 4 '-.1 QQ H17 -- - ' w 2 12 3 1' ,fs V , . : . ' ,' j . , P , - vm X .I . 5 .Nh I 5 J' . R' AQ' ' :xA ' A . f . . -, H V i . ., In-u!,,,,f1y41l f .2 r A A ' - R N an .A .. - Ji-Q ,.-, . ' A A .ff 1 ' +' gp, T':r,,,-Q - V 752'-msfl' f : Ai-H Q? I . Nfi, . 4 U A V I ' 3,5 '14 yy in' I V b ,SSW ' wifi FLA fp A - I J gg Y' gs ' 3 ' ' I 1 3 '.ug 4, . . K . if .-.. H. .. 3 , AA F I , , I - V A k 'Ewa in . IQ, W 'fi ', 1.5 E- , 7 'fi I !N ,la . wif! .'fEQ .. s ,gb , .. -I I ? i?1-r wg ,,. A ,. ' w , -..-NLE... ,N I -.L ig P l . Q 1 .fiilif fx- ' 1 A 'QM . I . - L A- 4. ., ' .' ' AA: , T+TfAL,,AE-15.10 A - T- A wif-A-l'i.'W, Tw f' 1- ' . ' v j. -s , nk , I 'A I I , t . . W1 iff' M , I .I 5 Q 4 is . f , og, QQ' W A 5RD5 A 4 ana! fke cruiae off 7 Lb BEING THE EVENTFUL TALE OF THE COURSE AND J SOUND1NGS . . . THE ADVENTURES . . SIGHTS A DISCOVERIES . . . AND THE FINAL RETURN rx 4' X TO' PORT FILLED WITH PLEASANT MEMORIES N f - 1 OF THE U.S.S. EDWARDSVILLE mf' R OQMQVQ EAS A3 - .. , XL QQ x Us S A E W jlzia Laing flue Jog ofour cruioe Q1 xv .s WIC SICT SAIL IN SICl I'ICMl3ICIl wr if s P ON THE WAY IN OUR CRUISE Y L I CHARTING THE COURSE if ff M ,gp-nnintb ..,::.-'K we fzgw. at I 94 7 t RDWARDSVILLE IIIGH SCHOOI ICDWARDSVIILR, ILLINOIS fl 'I Ng ,Q S www W 66 27 ma e our cruide 6Ail96Adl92 Our' School Come into my parlor- Hey, Lollyl Why don't you smlle-7 me icafion fgf 4 'K After Principal Dinsmore Wood transferred from our ship to accept a position elsewhere, our Board of Strategy was confronted with the problem of replacing him. This Board found that the man best qualihed to take over the helm of the U.S.S. Edwardsville was George F. Brock, our new Skipper. During the year that he has been here, Captain Brock has proved what a wise choice the Board made. He has endeared himself to the crew through his friendly attitude and his will- ingness to discuss their 'problems with them at any time. For these reasons WE RESPECTFULLY DEUICATE THIS 11147 TIGER TO I'HINtVll'AL GEORGE F. BROCK 2 2 alafain offAe.SAila . . . GEORGE F. BROCK if 'K 'QL LA ff? If f, ' 3 -'4 - -'s s I 'Str A . A gi -,J ,A b g va' v, il., 7. wi, 0. -QV -, ' X'-v . 4-Q--411 ikov- Y xi- y Q -lui :Ll -L..l.ik4bi..l-lk-t-Ailinik lk--lil--AOL 8 we .Slip fi Gfew ff'-ff'-X'-f' ff 17 Tffflffff N , N I Q I X I X Board of Stratc X SY Q School Board 5 Q Chief of Staff Q Mr. Alexander Q Q Watch Officers Q Mi.v.v Sloan, Mr. Lewis Q Roster of Officers X Q Facullv 5 N X arg, 4 ix-A.-45-Aw-:fs A-rf Nxxmwck.-:J :..5Z2LLI'6l o!.S2ralegy Iflvcry ship must Iiziw its hoziril oi' strzitugy and no oxccption to this rulv is tho li.S.S. I'IcIwzn'cIsx'iIIv, which was launched by thc crow in Sep- tvinhur. In orilvr to Iwcp tho ship running smoothly, tho crow is nndor tho snporrision ol' :i wry conipotont group. This group of oiiicers is known :is tho Iloziril ol' I'IiIni':ition. Tho hoziril invinlwrs :irc :is I'oIIon's: III r. I-I. .l. lizillweg, Mr. L. Brock- nivior, Dr. W. IL Vox, Mr. Il. t'. t'unningIi:nn. Mr. t'. Fruit, Mr. II. Hanscr, Mr. G. Littlv. Mr. I,ittIi- is the prvsidcnt ot' tho ho:n'iI. Tho Imoaril oi' strzitogy iloos thvir host to soo that tho ship has :1 set course and at woll-roiinili-il program so that thoy can bring' honor and glory to tho ship. U.S.S. I'Iilwzii'dsx'ilIv. MII. IC. .I. li.Xl.I.XN'I'Iil XIII. I.. IIIUIt'KMI'IIICl! IIN. XY. II. COX R. C. CVNNINGHAM MH. V. I RlIl'l' MR. H. HANSER MR. G. LITTLFI Che! ofjfaf anal llfljafclz icerd 0 Al.EX.XNl1l-TR MISS SLOAN MR. LEXVI CHIEF OF STAFF .................................................................................... SUPERINTENDENT Alship without a chief of staff can navigate about as well as one without a rudder, but by observing the steady course of affairs on our ship, it can be seen that all the affairs have been well co-ordinated by our chief of staff, Mr. Alexander. Although Mr. Alexander has the whole Edwardsville fleet, comprising four ships, to supervise, he is never too busy to talk and laugh with everyone. WATCH OFFICER ......................................................... FEMALE CDEAN OF CIRDSJ To keep check on the ship's female contingent is the duty of Miss Sloan, one of the watch officers of the U.S.S. Edwardsville CDean of Girls to those uninitiated in Navy parlancej. She sees that the Waves of the crew are always aboard ship during maneuvers and sees that they arc comfortable and happy, or if anyone has a problem, she is always ready to help her solve it. Miss Sloan teaches English and is in charge of the Senior Hi-Tri. WATCH OFFICER ...........,..................................,................... MALE QDEAN OF BOYSJ Mr. Lewis is the watch officer for all the men of the U.S.S. Edwardsville and is in vice-command of the ship. Although watching over our male crew would seem enough of a job in itself, Mr. Lewis not only does this well but also finds time to teach American History and sponsor the Hi-Y. He is one of the oHicers in charge of our log-book, the Tiger, and is also Assistant Principal. MISS N I'II.I.IIC AI,I'IX.'XNIbI'IIi II.5.lIlI .1I. MR. AIi'I'IIIIIl AI'I'IiII.I. II. S. in I4IrI. M, A. MISS IGMMA IIICIUIMAN II. S. II. S. in I,lb. S1-1. MR. IIICUIIGIC IIRIGGS II. S. in ICII. MISS .'XI.II'I'I VIIICICK A. II. M. A. NIISSIIIIAUIC1'l'NNINIIII.,XM ILS. M. A. MII. 1'I,I'1AUN ICTZKUIIN II. M. IC. MISS I'AIlI..X IIICVVIC A. II. M, .L MR. M. A. GIIISON Il. S. In Physics M. S. in Zoology MISS l'IS'l'III+IIl GOICIHIJICI. II. S. MISS MIIIIPRICII IIAI,IiIIl'I'ZII4II'f II. S. M ISS IAJRIIAINIC II.-X'I'S1'II ICR II. S. in ICII. MISS I'Il,I..X IIICLM II. S. M. A. MISS JUAN lII'N'I'I'III II. S. in lid. MRS. MARG.'XIII'f'I' KI'R'I'Z A. lx. I2 lgoaler o Ofhcem '76- .JS Q llCllAy Gu DONALD F. LEVVIS Ph. B. M. A. MR. EUGENE LITTLE A. B. M. A. MR. JOE LUCCO A. B. M.A, MR. RAY C. MARKS A. B. MR. J.li. MILLER B. S. in Ed. MRS. ELIZABETH MILI B. S. in Ed. M. A. M R. KVA LT ER M UN KE B. S. MISS LUCY PARKEY B. S. M. S. MRS. ROSE SANDS A. B. MISS ELSIE SLOAN B. S. in Ed. M. A. MISS ALETHA SMISER li. S. III Ed. ,EI I MRS. FRANCES 'FUXHURN B. S. MISS ISABEL VVOUII A. B. M. A. MR. M. P. VVINTERS B. S. A M. A. MRS. COLETA ZIM M ERMAN Oriice Secretary 13 ' cf' fell! af 61,52 I gn N. 4. .vw Q, VM.- 'Nu Q n xx utmg Im mxlrm-4-1-4.11 Yo trying! Well, vvl1at'yz1 think wm-'rv u Cilllll kill an man for fl0'N2'? Those supvrlativu lwings: ilu liclwardsvllle uthlvtvs I' ml' llvn party Us S H I P .5 NQS... . EDWARDSVM, - X 9' Z KI f 2 ell LOI' efrf Pi esident .... ............................... J ules berard Vice Piesldent ......... Charles Foehrkalb Secretary Treasurer ......... Roy McNeilly J .szniora Cdief peffy icera There comes a time in the career of every high school student when he realizes for the first time that his days at the Institution of Higher Learn- ing are numbered, and that he is about to leave behind all the carefree days that have become so much a part of his life. It is this realization that has come suddenly upon the class of 1947. For four short years-too short--we had waited impatiently for the day that we could leave EHS and take our places in the world. We dreamed and played away the years, until we suddenly became aware that graduation time had comeg that no longer could we enjoy the lax rules that govern youth. For the first time we understood what a sad experience graduation could be. We looked back and wished that we could re-live every experience in those years: that we could enjoy our stay at EHS once more before leav- ing. Every passing day made us more aware that we would soon be gone and that the class of '47, like all the classes before us and yet to come, would be only a memory in the corridors and classrooms of Edwardsville High. So ends an experience that will long be treasured in the hearts of the people who made it a pleasant one. From a class whose record stands as the very ultimate of success in high school, we bid Good-bye and the best of luck to the faculty, students, and school. VIRGINIA ALBRECHT Virginia Cues: 'who'll get the first diploma. BETTY JEAN AMBU EL Betty Seen but seldom heard. Alhambra 1,2 Edwardsville 3.4 BARBARA ANDERSON Babs Cf W'hen u a d1MI.ffl, 5 to Eqwtlaf' '. A l --u'Fi2,3,4 . reta 2 ' ra' Stu nt oui l 3.4 Spa ish L ,4 Dramatics ub 3,4 'l'if:er Times 4 LOR ETTA ARTI-l Loretta 1'1'r got class I lm:'r'n'1 used yet, Spanish 1.2 F. H. A. 3,4 Secretary 4 Hi-Tri 3.4 President 4 Football Maid 3,4 Football Queen 4 BERNADINE BALK E Be1'nadine .qllI',.T eialm, rolI1'r!z'd. and nerr: ejected. KENNETH BEK EM EY ER Kenny To live and let lim' policyj but I 'was :serm- .rM1.v1'IJIr. DOROTHY BLASE Dot '24 big .cmilr fm' r':'rvQvbnd.x'. G. A. A. 3.4 Chorus 2 Jr. Play 3 RUTH BLATNICK enum JO ANN BRODERICK Joannie ' . . 'bl , . U a :mln F 'fxxkr' the Nm'tl1'wz'.vf fllmmtvzl, .v nlfzfays gel.: hm' man. Student Council 1 G. A. A. 1,2 Hi-Tri1,2,3,4 President 1,3 Hi-Tri Council 1.3,4 Vice President 4 Dramatics Club 3,4 Tiger Ad Staff Mgr. 4 lx thcrr anything I iluu'r kaufen' Hi-Tri 1.2.3,-1 NORMA BRUNNVVORTH Spanish Club 3,4 Norm 1,2 ggg.2inq351ge .fern my hula? Treasurer 1 - .- F. H. A. 1.2.3 1f T'l1'2'3 Sec-retar 3 L A' A' 1 ' y Tiger Times Editor' -I LUIS BORCHWARIYI' Lois .S'lu':1id nothing in 1- . 'did it ':1'r'I.'. H1-'1'1'1 1.3.4 ALVIN BOUSE Alvin Come day, go day. Gnd send Sunday. F. F. A. 2,3,4 GEORGE BRATT EN George Jr. Play Prop. Man. 3 g , Thinking is fm! nu fdlr 1m1.vlr nf time. Football 1,2 Track 1,2,4 Football Mgr. 3 F. F. A. 2,3,4 LetterInan's Club nl'If1'1llur', hill 'lol-,N B Johnny Vnm n arr my xf'm'1':lltv. 'oo ball 1.2 Baseball . Track 4 I4 A '. F. . Vive President Z! Treasurer 4 DON CHESNUT Don I1 4' Hn rouln' play Im.vkeHmlI,' ya' Cady, haw he could flax 1m.vkr'll1nlI. ' Sorento 1,2,3 3.4 Basketball 4 17 DON COLCLAS URE ucokey.. 'Tfurk--dark, L 07' 'WJIUY .llixs-k'.v - 'lui lla. al Mgr.l F0 all l 2,3,4 ketb' l2,3 ' ravk l,2 Operetta l Hi-Y 2,3 FLOYD CONNER Floyd Uv ngiud lets yu u thousand thmgs, rsfwriully buokkecfvimlf' F. F. A. 2,391 Basketball 1,2 Wrestling 4 JOHN COOLBAUGH Herman xl wvvgi' rarrful stlrdfnt, t'arf'l'ul no! lu mierdu it. Football l.2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 'l'I'aC'k l,2.3,4 NANC Y CORRINGTO Nancy .Sllu ll ki.v.v wh .v pleases .S'lw'll fwlvuxe 1 xlu' ki es. G. A. A. l, 4 Sports H 3 Vice Pr ident 4 S1 ' Club 1, , Se ,tary l Hi Tri l.2,' ' Drama s l 4 Jr.Pa . Footba id 3 Swing Band 1,2 Chorus -I Tiger Soc. Ed. 4 Oilice Girl 4 NORMA DAGGETT Little Iodine Tha harder I try to be 'goods' the 'worszfr' I am, G. A. A. l Hi-Tri l,2,3 Latin Club 1 ARLEN DALHAUS Dalhaus r,' I arrived hers for a purpose-- lmt what ? Wrestling 4 Football 4 HAROLD DANNENBERG Harold Ta Hunk is human, to bass is d1:'u1P. MARIE DIPPOLD Marie .N'e1fc'r a dull moment she sees Hi-Tri 4 Home Ec. Club 4 V ERNA JEAN DRDA Jean Our future history teacher. Chorus 1 Library Club 1 Dramatics Club 4 ARLENE DUSTMANN Arlene Her friends know her as .-lrlenc. G. A. A. -1 JAMES EBERHART ..Jim,. Success cami'-s 'in t'a11s',' mi ,vard's full of them. DORIS EBERHART Doris Thi 'way to have zz friend is lo b one. Senior Play 4 DAVID ELLIS Dave The anszvvr tu 11 maidcu'.v fwawr. Basketball Mgr. 1 Spanish Club 1 Basketball 2,3.4 Track 3,4 BETTY EMSHOUSEN Betty Quiet and unassuming. G. A. A. 3.4 RAYETTA EMSHOUSEN Rayetta I know lnwfvlv 'zullu like blondes. G. A. A, 1,3 Spanish Club 1 Hi-Tri 1 Chorus 3 18 I iff ,fi 1. i LINETTE ESPENSCHIED JULIA FIGY KENNETH GEHRIG Linette Juli - Kenny A still .WllUllUI'Uln'i' for a small ' nfs ' b 3 l'ft'c'n ff all yr at me , arf dead Maltinfgrfzgzg t , , Club 3,4 n I m 1 :Co amid. 1, H A4 f' u A.. aries Club4 . gBgmd 1 JOHANNE EVANIK Jl lay 3 i-Y 1,2,3,4 Johanne I6 lary.Sjfaff 23 Basketball 3,4 Aly lIEllj'f zfill uz':'e'r grie':'e' fur ce Gil 4 Student Cguncil 2 W 'UU -U E ELYN F NKE Camera Club 4 V ..F,nke.. JULEQ GERARD G. A. A. 1 Jules RICHARD FARRRLL -'Dick'- Dui anyone ever hom' her :av a cross word ' BERTHA FLAVIN .-Ill yrvat mon url' zlrud ur di-ilrg, Belt and fluff! feel tuu well mv- 'c i-Y f B T ' F STERMANN ats ' I UIQ-llll s me. - I' l' . A, 2 ra lub 1,.. R 2 F. H. A. Chorus 2 Always hUppVYllU'Z'C'I' sad. Full . of get and never bad? Senior Gift Comm. 4 Archery 1 Latin Club 1 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4' Aj Hi-Tri1,2,3,4 Dramatics Club Tiger Times 4 Student Council 1,2 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3 MARILYN FIEGENBAUM gi?f,gfql1ffgel.4 ,, Malyl , . CHARLES FOEHRKALR Elg3L VP.ilPd m ll blomlu. ,,Chuck,, Sec,.etaf.y'1 Football 1,2,3,4 Hi-Tri Council 1 Library Club 1 Science Club 1 Chorus 1,2 A Cappella 1,2 BETTY MAE FIELDS Betts Nature made her as it xlzouldg Not too bad, and not too good. Band 1,2,3 Hi-Tri 2 G. A. A. 3 Tiger Times Staff 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3 Class Secretary 3 Class Vice President 4 Hi-Y 2,3 ' Track 1,2 Baseball 2,3 RUTH GAERTNER Ruth She is only a Gae1'tner'.v daughter. F. H. A. 3,4 Operetta 3 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 Hi-Tri 2,3,4 Chorus 2,3,4 .S'or1'y, girls, l'm raving mvvxelf for tllc llall of l umf', Class rresident 4 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 French Club 3,4 Vice President 3 President 4 Dramatics Club 3,4 Vice President 3 Student Council 3,4 Cheer Leader 4 Tiger Bus. Mgr. 4 Tiger Times Ass't Ed. 4 Jr. Play 3 , JACK GERHARD Jack Let ot 'rx Glam ze ladde of .rur- ss, ' a c I ff' , Choru 3, U I U GELAN LI ' .. e H 1L'1:.Q a bu ur, but all lmcslfxv are - inte ' .vt-ing. c enc lub 1 C r s 1,2,3,4 Pr dent 2,4 appella 1,2 peretta 1 French Club 3,4 Secretary 3,4 Dramatics Club 3,4 Secretary 4 Jr. Play 3 19 JOSEPH PETER GIARDINA Pete ll'lio'.v the rulvst boy in .vrlmnl and why am J? Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 President 4 Boys' Chorus Hi-Y A Cappella 1,2 Operetta 1,3 Basketball Mgr. 2,3 GLORIA GIESEKING Glow Sim 1n'1'rlx no eulngv: flu' xf'r'ul:.m for l1L'r.rr'1f. .Hi-Trl 1.4 G. A. A. l RICHARD GILLI-IAM Dim-k ll lW should life' all lulmr Im? Football 1.2 Basketball 1,2.3 Track 1.2 Tiger Times Bus. Mgr. 4 NVILBUR GOEB EL VVilbur Yan don't realize my pn.r.vibilitir',v. l . F. A. Movie Club 4 SHIRLEY GRANGE Shirley Ont roalld neqer accuse her of being bni.vlr'rnu.v. Archery 1,2 G. A. A. Tiger Times 4 20 LEO GREEAR .lLe0,. I dwL'l durr be as fllllllll ax I really um. F. F. A. 4 Alhambra 1.2.3 GLENN GREEN Glenn lf one Mercf' oiwns 0nr s mourli out of turn, am' nrrrr lm: rn fwll 011z .v foul nur. Spanish Club 2 F. F. A. 'I'ra.ck 2 Basketball 2.3.1 Hi-Y 1 ROSEMARY GRILL Rosie l l-'umm' lt, but duff! kmrn- lux! lmw In .mr1'I. Hi-TPI 1,4 F. H. A. 4 Chorus 3 DONALD HAIR ul-Jonu l'.w' a good lim' 'nfllrn fixlring fur a fretly girl. Football Hi-Y 2.3.4 Baseball 3 CAROL HALE Carol S'lu' writes notes but not tlw kind you mean, Library Club 1,2 Hi-Tri 3 .Ir. Play 3 Majorette 2.3,4 Chorus 2 SHIRLEY HALFACRE Shirley lVl1v mollirrs gct nrmu' Hi-Tri 1,4 Hi-Tri Council 4 Mixed Chorus 3 llirls' Chorus 3 HAROLD HALL Harold l a'0n't knou' 'wllcrr l'm l'm gninryf' Chorus 1 LILA LEE HALL B0og ,Tll4 ll bc willv at lim' I fu11rral. Hi-Tri1.2.3.4 F. H. A. 2.3.4 Band 1.2.3 Chorus 2.3.4 Jr. Play 3 Operetta il Sr. Play 4 JIM HALLAS UJimY1 Ynu'rr' ffrxl nffer ml Band 2.3.4 Hi-Y 3.4 Tiger Ad. Stat? 4 Tiger Times 4 MARIELLA HAM MACK nMm,y,. ll's nice to br' natural -zu naturally niref' French Club 1.2 Hi-'l'l'i 4 Tiger Times 4 Dramatics Club 4 Library Club 4 qniug. lvl ui hen vnu r CERTRUDE HANVEY NELSON HENRY Gert 'I'Il get bv :wry 'wall when I lvu-:w here. IORETTA MAE HAYWOOD LOI'9tt21 MV body is in Edwardsyille bul my heart is in C'olIm.r':'ill1'. Latin Club 1 Tiger Times Staff 4 1- ARL HEBERER Spanish Club 1 Football 1,2 Hi-Y 2,4 Dramatics Club 4 UL HEEPKE Class Ofiicer 1 Football 3,4 Student Council 1,254.4 President 4 F. F. A. President l Hi-Y 3.-I Secretary 4 Tiger Sales Mgr. 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. .w 'VIARY ANN HENNIG ..Ne1,. Far every why, iw has lx , whereforef Football 1,2,3,-1 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Track 1 VVENDELL HILDEN Footb' ll 1, , Sp ' 2,3 Se 2 D atics Club 4 i-Y 4 Science Club 2 Sr. Play 4 EIN RAE LEE HOFFMAN G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 Secretary 4 Sportshead 3 Hi-Tri Hi-Tri Council el Vice President 4 Spanish Club 1.2.3 Vice President 3 lland l Chorus 4 Football Maid 2,4 UM. 1 A ,Y Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3 SileniLE5E: xzifggtvr' than A'llUl't'l1.U Tiger Ayt Editor 4 Hi-Tri 12.3.4 Dianiatlcs Club 4 Hi-Tri Council Treats. ll J Plat 3 Latin Club 1,2 President 2 WILMA HOGIC F. H. A. 4 Wilma Dranlat-ics Club 'I ff is the trummfl :vim m'l'wr:l'l1'.s.l Ch0l'11S 2.3 ' uracil. Glee Club 2.3 Alhambra 1,2 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3 XVinnetka 3 LOIS HOOKS Louie lVhcn am I to studyf' Library Club 1.2 IVA JE '. , G..A. . 1, H1 , , ,4 H ' Pres' ent 1 . ootball 'id2 .ra atic 4 F. H. Tiger . 'taff 4 Cho 1,2 ELAINE JAHN Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 President 3 hor 2,3,4 lee lub 2,3 4 'ce ' n 4 . lay 3 Operetta 3 Band 1.2,3,-1 Office Girl -l J UNE JELLEN June girl of many rnuuds l'1ger'I'1mes 4 MARGARET JON ES Margie I'm not.a: innocrnt as I I A' Hi-Tri 2 F. H. A. l Tiger Times at DOROTHY JORDAN D0t Slim-I and .vnaf'f'x'. G. A. A. 1,3 F. H. A. 2,3 Chorus 3,4 with V l .... , N I 7 l X 1' x JOSEPH KIDIJ Captain I Iiror a Imllou' .vozmdi H'lm rulifvrrl mv skull? BETTY KI vu 1 J all L. Latin Club Jr. Play 3 .IOHN KLUETER Brains l'm ll!lfGI07lf'f'IVl1f30I?01l was xllort. Movie Operators' Club 3,4 HAZEL KREUTZBERG Hazel I4rxm1 fileaxaut and olwavx nfadv ix Iufr motI0. NORMA LEE KUHN Pouch 'I hr lvrxt oiftx rome l'orkonz'.v. Hi-Tri l,2,3,4 F. H. A. l,2,3,4 Student Council 4 Tiger Times 4 LAVONNA LACKEY Posture II lux! rn,mr.v noluro .v!ra1gIi!. Latin Club l Archery Club l Hi-Tri 3 Home Ec. Club 3 Library Club 4 Library Staff 3,4 Chorus 3 in small I lo walk JACK LADD ..GuS,, I'm quite a bio man around lzvrvf' C. B. C. 1,2 Football 3,4 Tiger Times 4 Baseball 4 GERALD LANGENDORF Gerry Heroes are made, not born. Spanish Club 1,2 Vice President 2 Movie Club 3,4 Jr. Play 3 Chorus 3,4 Operetta 3 HERBERT LESEMANN ..Herb,, I came-I was glad. I'm going-I'm gladderf' F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 JAMES LONG ...Iimu I ou't belief in lore- at fin! sight. I do bellow in a seco look. Li rian 4 ' 1, , . Vice President 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 B Sw g and 2,3 H1 2 3 4 ROBERT LONG nFatu Get they behind mc, Satan! Football 1,2,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2 Spanish Club 1 Tiger Ad Staff 4 J DOLORES LONG Dude A flrrurd uf noxr and a .mum smile ratrllrx Hi-Tri 1.2.3,-l Vice President 3 G. A. A. 3 Dramatics 3.4 Vice President. 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 Hi-Tri Council 4 WILLIAM LUDWIG Muscles flu' mrn Thr Lord xaid: 'Lrt tlirrv Ive no ml: z1c.x'.v'.' and He rrroted mr Basketball 4 ROSEMARY MATEYKA Rosemary Not ax .vrrimm as .rhr Ionksf Hi-Tri 3 VIRGINIA MATI-IIS Ginny Full of .vf'iriI, full of fun, and full of Hu' frp that grtx Hungx f1'f7l1f'.H Science Club 1,2,3.4 President 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 A Cappella 1,2 Operetta 1,3 French Club 3.4 Jr. Play 3 Student Council 4 Hi-Tri 1.2,3 President 2 Band l,2,-I 1 V, I I Q. 22 RUTH JEANETTE WILLIAM MINDRUP MCDONOUGH Bill Ruth Si1f'urr .rbmzkx nf fiouirf Il may bv fha! I'm auirl, hui I like good timrx. too, ROY MCNEILLY .-Mac,- Library 1,2 . Library Staff 1,2 Alt0Hfhl f 5 ,I if . .L-4 - il 1 sllutif-13 cfGln2iig1,'5f5 n' G RALIHN11 MONICAL Hi-Y l,2,3,4 Vice President 2 Class President 2 Class Sec'y-Treas. 4 Basketball l.2,3 Track 1.2 Sound System 1,2 DEVERA M EIKAMP Devera Rm1dlmad--- 'Nuff raid. EDNA MENK Menky Thr :ffm-lr1 .r not llrnrd lint wait. F. H. A. 1 Library Club 1 Reporter l Hi-Tri l Chorus 2 Dramatics Club 4 ANNADEL MICHEL Annadel nf me vrf Slip ix nur llumr-Izr girl. F. H. A. 3,4 President 4 THELMA MILLER Dutch Utlnuu' qnmynd and src me mme tmm. ' Library Club 1 F. H. A. 1,2 Hi-Tri 1,2,3 l- -uG6I'b', X X F 'RSM lvbrks quiillx but n'c'll. l ,tg x, Y-Ii-Tri 1,2 G. A. A. 1,2.3 LORETTA MORITZ Myrt She 'would laugh at llir 'zmggimi of a straw. Worden 1 G. A. A. 2,3 Hi-Tri 2,3,-i Dramatics Club 4 Tiger Times 4 Football Maid 3 DOROTHY NEALY Dot H'hVv take' Iifr .vrriIau.vIVv. ' Hl'TI'i l,2,3,-l F. H. A. 1,2 G. A. A. 2,3,4 Chorus 3 Band 2 Jr. Play 3 BETTY NELSON Betty Slzvlj' l'6'5!'I Z'!'ll.H Hi-Tri 3 JACK NEUHAUS , . if J.O. lt ls a grral hlnqur tn lu' iz wrul pcr.m11. Class President 3 Hi-Y 2,3,4 French Club 3,4 President 3 4 Dramatics 3,4 President. 4 S I Tiger Ed. 4 5 G' K Jr. Play 3 Operetta 3 Spanish Club 1,2 Band 1,2 Sound System 3 Science Club 3 Tiger Times 4 Sr. Play 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. MARY KATHERINE O'CONNELL Mary Kay 3 Oli, do von think I law' limi I lore 'rm all.' Library Club l Science Club l Swing Band l,2,3 Band l,2,3,4 Hi-Tri l,2.3 GLADYS PATTON Gladys .4l1i'aAi's willinrz to oblige. RALPH PELICHOFF Casanova Our of flu' .lllnnlf .ll minute xlmzff' Movie Club l,2,3.-i Sound System 1,2 F. F. A. 4 Library Club l Tiger Times 4 Tiger Sales Staff 4 Fl 1 ulrmzr v 1 0 U LILLIAN PERRY ULN.. I rurnr, I xml' him. nz, und livin! I Ili V IIIIH' ' .Ili-'I'ri President I Library Club I Vice President l F. l-l. A. l.3,1 Vice President I Latin Club 2 Secretary 2 lirarna1ic'sI'lnb 1 Camera Club 1 Chorus 2,3 Uneretta 3 Tiger Sales Staff I Football Maid 2.3.1 CLARA PUYIPACK Clara I KIHHI mv rd Imlvrilv .Slmlwm mul :u1.iIlIu'r'mI. Iii' lurll. Home E0 l G. A. A. l,3.1 Hi l'ri 3,1 Cheer Leader -I ROSE MARY QUAUE Rosie v H'uIt a IIIIIIIIIP, I fmyul mr Spanish Club 1.2 Hi Tri 1,3 .Irj Play 3 Tiger Times 1 Home lic Club l ROY RAIJCLIIPF Rip I.il'l' i.v u frxl MINI ull llliriglx vnu Il lllll. H. I tlmuglrt .vu mlm' und mm' I Icuim' - .. iz. Tiger 'l'im+-s 3,4 If. F. A. 2 2-I UTTU RAFFAELLE O.D. .-l quiet man but quite zz man Football Basketball l.2,3 VERNON RENKEN Vern I'II l'llIIl1'I'Il'.Vtl'Pl than talk. F. F. A. l,2,3 VVILMA RENKEN VVilma I'm nu! IYUXIIIIII' n'uIIv I'n1 :ml Library Club 2.3 Jr. Play 3 JOHN RIZZULI John . l Iiarr said it,' lIl4T1't'I'0l'l' it IIIHJI be xo. Hand l,2,3,-I Secretary 3 Swing Band l.1 Basketball I .Hi-Y 2,3,4 Student Council 1,2 Class Secretary 2 Latin Club 4 Sound System 3 4 Service nb -1' IDONA MAF I Sl' S' 'Hilv ' zz ' an 'ublv lwrrxuu unc ulzo A av will: mr. ' ' 1 I. 3 1. A. 1 'panis lub 1.2 In-auia .ics Club 3.-I Library Club 1.2.3 Tiger Times 'I llE'l l'Y ROZUM Betty H'I.IlVI'l'l.T mi.n'lli1'I in Illfx gill, .l li' LA VVRENCE SCHLU Pl' RUTH SCI-IAAKE JILL' m er ..Ruth., She says :few littlv, but V has to. BETTY CLAIRE SCHAFER Betty lfVIiutuver I du, I du right, with I1 good strong will and all mi might. Spanish Club l,2 Hi-Tri 3.-I Dramatics Club -1 Camera Club 4 Sec-'y-'l'reasurer -I Chorus 3.11 Glee Club 3.1 Operetta 3 Jr. Play 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. ll Tiger Typist -I I-Lollyn Strange to thi: world. ln' bashful look. Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Student Council 11 PER TCU! 1 Class Vice President 2 Band 3,-I Vice President I Tiger Sports Ed. -1 JACK SCHNEIDER Heinie Small, but ah so Izundxu Spanish Club 1 Student Council 3 GLENN SCHUMACHER me'. ' liuirlx u 4lRedV! IlI.v l1r'uin's allamej my firel' a pretty girl mv lava: desire. Alhalllbfii 1.2.3 Baseball -I Basketball -l LEONARD SLEMER .iBagSv, l'm a-goin' back to 'where l .mm from - A 'Yea. Glen Lav'ban'. JERROLD SMITH Professor Tllozle over, Einstein, here I num im my Inks. Science Club 1.2.3 ALMA SOMMERI-'l'2LU'l' Alma Never trouble trouble, :ll :run troubles you. Hi-Tri 2.3.4 ' G. A. A. 2.3 Dramatics Club - F. H. A. 4 PHYLLIS STALIONS Phll!ldi6 On: tongue ix SH0lCl-L'Hl for our woman. Latin Club 1,2 F. H. A. 1,3 Hi-'Fri 2,3,4 Library Club 3 Tiger Typist -4 JOYCE STEINER nuloyceu Not only jungouil, 11112 good fm- .VU7?1l'lll1Mg.u F. H. A. 1 Spanish Club 2 Hi-Tri G. A. A. 2.3.4 Jr. Play 3 Chorus 3 'I'iger Typist 4 DALE STEWART . nstun Thr majority ay' peuplr dl'El1'f above average, so whv should I be an excep- U tion! H1-Y 2.3.4 Chaplain 4 Spanish Club 1.2 'Prank 1,2 Basketball 2.3 Football 2.3 Chorus 4 ROBERT STILL l-I Bob l'Ql'lL'1ltl of flu' 1'f'ul'l4'. lvrufcrubl female. Football 1.3.4 Band 1,2,3.4 Treasurer 3.-I Swing Band 2.3! ICLITON STILLE Eld011 Big, laughing. Lvrmring buy: lllutl1f'r'.r pet and fllll1f'l'lA' for. Hi-Y 2.4 I . F. A. 'l.2,3,4 BEVERLY STRAHAN Bev l have nuthim Ja Jay, for u Chang .A . .3 ' 1,2.3.4 i L' rary Club 1.2 Chorus 3.4 Jl'. Play 3 MARY LOU ISE STREJCEK Louie V Man has hi.: will, but :runnin I1 her way. Cheer Leader 4 Tiger Ad Staff 4 llraniatics Club 3.41 Football Maid 3.4 G ICRALDINE STRONG ucgerryn Sin: needs, o eulugy, .vhs speulu for h elf. Hi-Tl Lil RICHA 1-ISS ug ' e hw r, R lan .25 Foo 1 ' Bas a l,'l 'Fra ' 2,3 Basebal .4 icliardf' uizim V 4,6 f 'wel' ' , ,rf 'A M' .dpi-limi. 1 Ullj, ngge d l'lllll,J by I 1lll L'Ul' gut crv it' for what l klH.'7i'.u . 4 l'. In A. l,2,3,4 Vive President -I JOHN Sll'l l'ER DOC Tllirror, mirror on thc wall, .-lm I not mort handsome uf ull? Hi-Y ,2,3.4 Tl.. 1 Fot I gr.2 L erman's Clu Basketball 2 Tiger Ad Staff 4 ,,, LOUIS TAYLOR Louie Speed and a telep- mix. Granite City 1,2 Hi-Y 3,4 b 2 hone pale 'wun't S 25 MARY JANE THOMAS Tommie l vrllglil bc alter fonld, lm! rl'.c a fl'n I m'.vomr living II od. i-T ,2, ,4 . .tary3 . -Tri Coun ' .4 T cretar ' otb aid 2,3 D a ic lub 3,4 C ss V' e President 3 G. A. . 1,2 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3 Tiger Ad Staff 4 CARL THOMPSON Carl Ba.rl1fu1 mrn arr sn s1u'pri'.ung. Hi-Y 4 Track 4 PATRICIA ANN TIPTON Pat .X'rmc but lmrxelf mn be lim' Parallel. Hi-Tri l,2,3,4 Home Ec Club 3,4 Spanish Club 1,2 GEORGE ANN TOWNZEN Frosty You urwr know' what .vlrr ix goina ln do next. Hi-'I'I'i l,2,3,4 I . H. A. l,2,3.4 Treasurer 3 Tiger Times 4 ROBERT TRARES Judge ulffferyone has ard of rho Gram John L. nd tl1ev'll hear of the Gr - Bob ience f n 1,2 '. nis Ill ,2 ' -ag csC b-1' T 3 ' imes4 La lub 2 Band l Sr. Pl 4 4 KENNETH TREBING ..TI,ebn If record.: be music, then I'll hr a brass band. Football 1,2,4 Basketball 2,4 Tiger Staff 4 Track 1,2 Navy 3 JOHN VASILOFF Tannie A little nonsrnsr' now and llirn li relished bv the but of mm, F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Band 2,4 CLARENCE VOLLINTINE Junior We have here a man. what kind we know not. F. F. A. 1,2,3 HOMER VOWELS Homer I'm going to marry' the gal who lows my guitar. F. F. A. 3,4 ORVILLE WARNING uorvu From the table nl mx' mcmorv I'll wife' all mv hnnks. JO ANN WAYNE Jo Ann' I compel all rrralnrry to mv 1:-1 Hi-Tri l,2,3,4 Vice President Hi-Tri Counci Spanis Cl .2,3 Drama s ub 4 Chorus lass V1 e President l '. ay 3 ent Council l,2,3.4 S retary 3 Vi President 4 G. . A. 1,2,3,4 Sports Head 2 President 4 Tiger Ass't Ad Mgr. 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3 MILTON WECKM AN Mitzy Hitler lmsu't nnyrlziug on mr: can br indrlwndmzt, ton. Football 1,2,3,4 Track l,2,3.4 ROBERT WEILAN D ..B0b., Comic up and .var me .vomvrmifx Basketball 3,4 ROGERS VVERNER Blondie 7'l1eliair you Inf-1' In lonk at. Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 3 ROSE MARY WHEELER Rosebud ll. I I likr' In talk luxt, l1m'au.va l ran .mv mnr1'. 26 ELDEN MAE WILH Elder1 lfVith my uvorfdrous' ELM 'wards I would move the world. Library Club 2,3 EARL WILHOLD Willie lf 'wommz were my onli' worne I would be a Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Vice President 3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Operetta 3 Dramatics Club 4 CHERIE WRIGHT Cherie free' man No chance lzere, boys, 1'm falcon. Hi-Y I,2,3,4 Spanish Club 2 Dramatics Club 3 Twirler 2,3,4 EVALEAH may be a mine. SHIRLEY ZELLER Shirley She was always .rmiling. Alhambra 1,2 OVA ZILIBOTTI ll0val! Inclw.v do not dorm-mine VINCENT ZIKA Vince I do smile sometimes. Basketball 1,2 Tiger Times 4 loss U the man SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ROBERT CAMPION NEIL MORRISON Robert Joke I forgot to have my picture Remember me? Wie - Track 1,3 Basketball 1 Spanish Club 1 MILDRED ZOELZER Mildred Last but not least. DOROTHY ZIMMERMAN Dottie Here is a might. umtre Beware! all n. A. A. , , ler 4 i-Tri 1f2,3, . Libr C u Spa i 1,2 Dr tics Club 4 Chorus 4 Band 1 Jr. Play 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3 Tiger Ad Staff 4 UIUOI' C1055 2125 1 A President .................. .............. J oe Krupski Vice President .................. Herbert Henke Secretary Treasurer ............... Nancy Cox uniora ,Daffy icera We, the class of '48, boarded the schoolner ship of EHS in Septem- ber, 1944, and, although we were the same as lowly cabin boys, soon learned just what a great voyage was ahead of us. Mostly that year we were just seen and not heard. , Y Hy our second year on board, we had advanced to the rank ol' midship- men and had begun to come out of our shell cover. lt was this year, the second of our career, we started making ourselves heard and felt, as well as seen. We had representatives in all clubs and fields. Our shipmates and fellow-voyagers realized that we, now Petty Oiiicers, are invaluable to them in the varied fields-sports, music, scholarship, and leadership. By the time that we have completed our fourth successful year on this ship everyone will realize that the class of 1948 is the outstanding class of all those which have ever entered EHS. :xt Nun' .XllIiR'l', Y. ARNOLD, M. .Xl'GSlil7RGI'1R, Il H.-KLIJRIGI-I, L. RANGE, B. li.-XIZNSHAVIQ, R. :mf Nun' ISILYIQU. l . IHVHNS. L. NK JDE, D. HUUIC. M, HRASE. L. l!R4N'KfX1liIICR. lf. ,Grd lx'.m' I!ROWN,l'. IRRHWNINH, S. MUCH. M. HURK, 41. IKURRUUQRIIS. S. l'ARTI-ZR, ll. .film Rafi' 1'.XR'I'liR, Y. 1'I.ARK,.l. VHNSIIJINIQ, M PHX, N. lJlcYRIliS,l'1, DIICRKFS. K. ith Row DURSI-IY, fl. IJRDA, L. DRIZSUII, ll. llI'RR, M. IiHliRIIAR'l'.1'. HRK, R. ntl: Run' HNIAJIC. S. EVANS, L. ICYMAN. R. IFIIIGE, M. PINK, L. I l.li'I'f'HFR. C. flflv Run' FRISBY, N. GARDNER, V. 1:f1:ERS. D. HICPHART, R. 1il'lRARD.fI. HFRKR. M. XIII Run' KQSIIQSER, J. GRAY, D. HRINSTEAIJ, v. GUNTICR. lm. HAIR, K, u.xI.I.. fi Lvl Rmr IIARM ICNINKL, IlAS'l'lN1iS.lJ. IIAYNICS, li. IIICNIH-IRSHN, IHCNKI-1, ll. HICNKIC, ll. JHJ lx'fr:m' IHNNHNJL 1nwwMAN1 HUFFMANjl uuLwxYAx,u HUMANN. M. lIHl'l'lC, W. Jn! Kfm' HUWlCR'l'UN,l lll'IJSUN,C'. IH!-IRG, R. JARUS, I, JONES, li, ll 'Nl-IS, R, 4111 lion' KAIIMANN. I. KliI.l.l-IIIICR, NI KI-1I.'l'NliR,,I. KICSI., Y. KICSSI-Il.. I. lil.l'lC'I'liR, S. 511: Ibm' 1gUl.liSA,.I. KR UCKHHICRQ ., N. U iucuml-:1m'll.,l. X .ANplil35. 11, 1.11.55 glvlxgr., J. l.Al1 I NLR, l., hill lima' I.l-QI1H'l'Z, 'l'. I.4rNG,i'. MAINICR, H. MARl IA,,I. MARKS, M. MARTIN, R. ftlv film' NlA'l'liYKA, lb. M .-X'l'I'1Y KA, Nl. MATHIS, B. MAYBERRY, Ii. MAYS, K' Nlrf1lI.I., li. .Ylfl lfzm' Xl PSN K. 1 I. fNll'.RKl.l-Q, R, M I-IYI-IR, R. NlIlJCAl', j. Ml'I.LIKIN. l'. NANTZ, ll, I. K 'X NX .fx 1 . ,xxu fb X. fx.. fxX Hx X J A f-.5 x rl , lx! Row NAUMANN, u. NEKLQLA, N. num, M. PADnoc71i, Y. PEKAR. I. PERINI, M. Jn 41 lt' vu' PHILLIPS, I., PIZZINI, lj. PUPELAR, I . PUVYI-ILL, U. RAU, M. REED, K. :rd Rau' RENKI-IN, U. RUSENTHAI., R. SACKETT, M. SCHAAKE, D. SCHAEFER, M. SFHAFER, R. 4Il: Run' SClIAUlCR'1'lC, U. SCHERMANN. I., SCHIERMEYI-IR, Il SCIIILLER, N. SCHLECHTE, R. SCHLIEM ER, M. ,ith Raw SClILUl'1TliR, P. SCHUENLEBICR, Al SCIIWALB, I. SIIAFFER, II, SILLS, L. SMITH, L. Oil: Raw SOI-IHLKE, R, SUTL, D. SOUTHARIJ, ,l. STALIONS, V. sTnEHr.1Nur:R, J. STEINMAN, xc. 711: Rau' STEINMAN, 51. STOLZE, T. STRADER, I. STRAUBE. B, TALBERT, B. THOMAS, R. Stl: Run' THOMPSON, C. TREBING, M. UNTERBRINK, li. UPTON, M. VOLZ, B. VOLZ, R. 'Ui' ' sz' QS S3 Q Kfbfv 32 3 Alix: M '1iE3?k if 2324 0 ' Qu 0 MD' hd!-fi di, .ganna- u-hi uahsa-A, vistas . 2 .SOIGAOHQOFQ 30.55 Cel'5 President .............. ..........,... M argaret Long Vice President ......... Harlow Coolbaugh Secretary-Treasurer ............ Mary Hentz .SiJloLomore4 Samen fdf CIMA In the month of September, in the year 1945, a class of shy Freshies entered the portals of EHS. It took us a little while to get adjusted to the scornful glances of the Seniors and the daily rush of this great school. When the year ended, we had made quite an impression on our teachers and fellow-students. As Sophomores, we have outgrown the shyness of our first year. The upper classmen still look down on us, but not with scorn. They look with admiration and behold beauty, intelligence, and splendid achievements. We finished in second place in the Freshman-Sophomore basketball tourna- ment this year. This would indicate that our athletes will take a major part in the activities of the next two years. Of course we all know that our class will be the most outstanding ever to graduate from EHS. As a final word from the Forty-niners, let us say to all future Fresh- men, Do not let the scorn of the upper classmen bother youg just remem- ber, they too were Freshmen. Let the trials and experiences of the class of 1949 be your guide. JJ D52 Ima' 1 Al.l'1XANDI-IR,C'. ALLISON, ,I. ARTII. M. .X'I'IIIiR'I'HN, I-'. IKANGIC, D. IIARNSIIAVK, NI. HARRY, Il. IhXlIMGAR'l'NI'1R, I.. HH lx. Il. lx'fr:u ,' III'2RI.I'2MAN, J. liI'.RI.I-.MAN, R. IIIQRIJCMAN, 'I' IIUIJIC, R. IIRASIC. I,. IIRASIC. M. IIRAZIICR, R. IKRHSIIAXV. If IIl'IIR, 0. Nun' 3 lffm' .4 IHIRRIS, J. IJIiI.Il'A'I'I-I, S. K'AI,LAIIAN, D. IlICI'I'I-I, If. I'ICRNY,T. IJII.I.MAN, Ii. 1IUI.IiIVIAN,f'. IlII'I'HI,l7.M. Vll1lI,HAl'GII,II. IIRIDXMI. l'l'I.IIIiR'I'SON, IC. IlLfNI,.-XI', A. IL-XYI'INI'UR'I'. D, IIURIIA M, 4 I. IJAYIS. F. l'1AliI'1R,R. DAVIS. If. ICRICRIIART. NT. lfuiv 5 RVANEfu1 vAuAN,u FLANNHR FLAVINJ vnnnlxn FRHY,K ICIIICRIIARN I-IIIICRIIAR' I'I'1'li I lfuiv fr I-'l'NS'l'tlN 1iII.I.IIAM GILXIMXRI. liR.XN'I'. II riRIiI'fI,IXl VIH-'I-'Y It HAHFFNH II.M,l4l'I. Y II.XXIIII.I-fN 31 Cum I IANSICR, Ii. IARRIS, Ii. IARRISON, il. l.'XIl'l'M.'XN, II. I.-XWKINS. A. II IiI RI R IJ ll-. I IX I-, NI I'.I Ii R. Il Il'IN'I'Z, Xl. IIIEIIIUXXIDICN. ,I lx'1f:u ' lx'.f1.' J ICMA' 1 lfuh' y IIUI-'I INIAN, N. IUNI-18,11 l.I'1WIS,R, NIcIN'I'USII, IS, IIUI.'I'fVIANN, X. IUNICS, ID, l.4N1AN,l., XIcI,IfgXN, NI. IIllUIiS,I'. IQINILR. IAJXCLXI, NIICNIQ,-I, IIlfI.SIiIfIi, I., IQNICHICI., Ii. LUNG, S. XIICIZ, I.. IAXVUHI. If IQNli1.'II'l',I.. XI.XR'I'I, Y, XIICYHR. I' I.XlIN.l'. I..XXIC,N. XI.X'l'IIIS,4l, XlURll.'XN,XX, IIINSI PN. I.. l.I-II'l'NIiIC,I-1. XIAY. I . NICALY, l'. I1PIINSUN,.Xl, I.I'fSI'IfXIANN,Y, NIAYSJI XURIDSTIQU IflIINSUN.'l'. l.IfXYIS.S. XII-IJlll'Il.XI..Il, 4l'II.XR.X,l.. lf.f..' Fl HslI.NINnIxI Ix HXIIXXII II Rl l'.XlDIl1l4Ilx I I XI IHX I ll-IRSUN 'xr' x It, Il, 'INIXAN 'xnxx ll. 'RIXI AS, I IV' lfnfu' I I'RUYAZ1NlIi,I . I'lIINK um. M. nmm'1.l1f1f.A. lmxg-1.11, x1. RIl.l.5..l. lculglclgswy. n. R1il'.IJI'..I., 1. Rulllrl-...l. Rr1ZUM.S. lfmv J RIII'l', R, Rl l'Z, II. SCIIICIBAI.. I.. SIAIIIXIIIJT. R. Sl :Ill Ixgyrlpx 11' NI N IIUI'.l II.I'.. X SICNN. R. SII.-XFFICR. I.. SIIAVV, I-I. Nnix' 4? SIA DVVICY, R. 3uL1Vl'l'I4x1z1m.11. hI'I-.Nl-I'.L, M. SVICRANIJIU, N. STICINI-IR, ,I. STICINMAN, R, S'I'RIi,Ii'ICK. II. S'l'l'NKIiL, R. 'l'IIURT'IC, H. R aw 4 'I'IP'l'UN. II. TUSOVSKY, C. 'I'RICIIIN1i,J. 'l'RUI'XfKI,ICR, ,I. YARNICR. I.. vA1eNlcu, w. Y V I If R If If vuil Rlilikxv, J. vUAc:Nm1'x, lc. Huw 5 VVAFFENSMITII. vi-:.xvL:R, J. vr:11.12R, R. wmutus. w. WIIEIlVVII.'I', J. w1r.l.lc. 'li wll.l.lAMs. le, YOUNG, M. Zf'JIiI,ZIiR, R. Nou' 6 ,l. ZUIQLZICR. X ZRIIST, M 336 'fm L. AL jre5Amen .fdplnren fice .syeamen Well, here we are! The Freshman Class of 1946. The upperclassmen have kidded, teased, and laughed at us. The floor is now ours and we have the chance to defend ou1'selves. Actually we have some good points too. When we entered on Freshman Day, September 5, 1946, we thought that EHS was all peaches and cream. This thought, however, changed during the following' weeks. Assignments were getting harder and the upper classmen weren't a very big help in most cases. We really tried hard not to fall for the elevator and fourth floor classrooms and other gags the upperclassmen tried on us. After all, we are human beings! We are now adjusted in .EHS and have taken our place to show some very good achievements. If you look at the activities that EHS offers, you will find the Freshmen high on the lists of most of them. We hope that the half-century class of 1950 will stand in the admiring eyes of the Freshmen then as the Senior Class of 1947 shines in our eyes. We hope to turn out some whiz teams to fill the shoes of the present and past Tiger teams EHS has shone forth with. With the help of the teachers, and even the upperclassmen, we have nearly struggled through the F1'eshman year. Believe us, please. It has been fun, and the following three years, we hope, will be the same. We will be back next year as second year men-Sophomores. jl'e5AI'YlaI'l gfarid OMCQP6 President ........................ Nina Whittenbeig Vice President ............ Richard Arbuckle Sec'y-Treasurer...Marilyn Warburton fx r.. -' IIN-1.1 A Nffrr -J lfvzr J NMI' Q- lhm' fr XIII-.R'I'. 5. IC XIJIRIINLI-Q. N, IIILXY. I., K4.XII'I'I-1R.II. ILXYIS. I . I'1ll.I-lRS.I1 XI,-lI'.IS, Xl IIl'fl'Ix. Ii. IIRICYIC. M. l'IIANIJI.l'1IQ.l4. ILXYIS, M. ICI.I,IN.I QIII I IxI.l . IJ, III-Tlx!-QNII-QNI-1R,R. IIRl'N1l'I I', Ii. I'II.XR'l'R,XNIl, I'. ILXYIS. Y. ICNIAIIQ. I 4XHI,Il. I III'Hl,I-1Xl.XX.l. lIRI'NNXYHR'I'II,I-1. l'II.'XR'l'I4.XNll. ll. IIIVKICRSHN. I4 ICRSIHXNII Ix Ix I I II. I. III-AF. I', lIl'l'IIlI,ICR. Y, VIMXXYSUN, R. IlIlICIlI,IX. R. I .Xll.XN. II X I III'.R'I'I IX. NI I!II'liI'.I.I,, If, IIVRIJICR, I'. ILXNNICNIKICIUI, Il. Ill'RII.XM, II, VIIQIRIQX N XI 'TRN . Il, III,.YI'X Il'Ix, I. IIVRRIS. I.. ILXYIS. .Y ICAIIS. II. I7IIiSI.IiIx I ll XI-.NI R, XI Ill il.I.XI.XY. II. l',XKI.XR.YI'.X. Y. ILXYIS. II, ICYI'IRII.KR'l'. II. ITIISY. S. XIl'NI-R.I',. XIII,Ix,I' XI1lI'1IlI,IC.4I- NI1lIINI.I , X1UNRIS47N,I3. Ml'RI'IIN ll v p I 1 lwru ' lfww : IU-:I' 1 lwfu I lx'w-ru fl X I' II, XXIXA' II. XXlI.I..-I. II. l'IxS4IX.II II INI4N,Nl. II. IIIX,X.I,. III XIHI I.I'1S I' IIIII II RIlIY,II. IIHSIICILS. NIXXI'1I,I.I..XI IIl'Y'I' II XASIC, XX. .l.Xl'1llI5.4'. IQIQSSXIAY. XlII'fXII'.YI lC II I.XIUIS.'I'. IQINKLS. XXIXIHNIIMI. Il'.I,I,ICN,,I. IQNHVIQIQ, Ii. XNS. XI. IHXI'.S.I1. KUICNIII, Il. XXYIQY. II. IUNICS. I. IiHY.XRIIx,.I il'I-IN. II, Ii.Xl'IfR. I., IiRI'Il I'ZIII'IIi . .. . IiICNNI'X'IiIi, I.. KRII-ltilf I IQICSI.. I. IQYRU, K. , . , KIiSSIil..1'. LAIJIJ. N. ..XNf'Ii,I,. NI.XfQI'QIi..I. HXNIC, I.. NIAYIQN. M. ..XNIiI'lXII1lRI .I.. M1-ININIIIIIQII I ,I'II'I'NICR,I., MIiI,I,I'QN'I'IIIN I .I'IXVIS, II. N1I'1.XIlHNYS.t .lcxuW,1:, XII'INIi. IC. JSIINTAN. I.. XIIiRIiI.IC. R. AING, ,I. HIi'I'l'AI.I-', fi HXVRY. II, NIICYICR, A. XI IxUI..X,AI. xx 1 nu Xl NI XII I.l NSI, I., NNI INIIHRIA lc HX I'.RIII.I Ix. I., I'XlI I IIRRY I' I I ILR5. II. IUI WNW I' III h'1f:u.' I'1lNIC'I'.X, II, I'1lYIlAl'Ii, Ii. I'RU'I I', Il. I I'l NFIIICR. Il. RICNKICN, I,. R I 'I'I IM I I FR NI RII4IIARIJSIlNi 1.7. S1'IIAlil'r.R. ,I. Sl'III,ICMICR. I. lx'u:i' C lx'n:v I 5l'IIMlIP'I', IP. 5'I'ICININI,XN.nX. Si'IIHIiNI,I'1III'lR. .X. STICINIXIAN, SI'IIRHlClJI'1R,l'. S'I'IlI'2I'KI,IN. IP. SI'IIAMAl'III'1R, If. S'I'RAIlI'1R. S 5I'IIW'AIiIiR, I . SVUIIUIFA. R. Sl'IIVVIfIIR, A. 'I'AI,I.IfUII. I'- SICXTUN, S. 'I'AYI,UR, S. SMI'I I'l. I. 'I'II I'UN. If. SPICNCICR, If. 'I'RARI'fS, VI. Hffn' 9 I'IiI'fNA, lx. YKN XYINIxI.If. ,I Y.XR,AIPY, 'I'. YIfRINIII.I.lUN. l' YUIIICI., S. YI IIIRADSKY, M. YI lI,I.IN'l'INIi. R. Yi IN BROCK, S, XYAISNICR, V, lI'w:u Iv W.XRIIl'R'I'UN XI WAR NOFIQ. NX WAYNIC, V. XVIII ' K MA N. R VIIIIDNICR. M. NYIiIl,IiR, N. NYIIICAT. R. XVII HAT, R, XVI I I'I I'IiN II ICR! X S. Wibbing. D. Wilkenin R - 1 g, . Wilkinson, D. Wood, D. Yehling, L. Yenne, H. 2061291 IN MEMORY To lim in the heartb We left behind 1.5 not fo dir. - L ampbell OF SHIRLEY ZELLER 'VY Y 5 f--I JB-,X , 1 ' Isl! '- .-- 'n I,-' ' ff.: - l'l dill! OHIO ik? Q In llidin' high! Gel U10 bull, llwlf '0,l'0 only SEQ years old. 's :1 pcncil, kids, not 21 cigar. f VU' W Q f -.-9 .Q 1? 'F Q N . . 'gui'-, . . . -9? ' CJK af' ' , 5 ll-t 3-- YK :I .f' '7 1 an gy af 1' I' lm .r. RW W- T3-'. ,- 'fir , 1 qs '1 -MC pf -'JM V' 1 - Nlilifyki yr U5 ,S EDWARD -I 19611116 af U1 PQHCA lfmvl II. .IunrN, I.. Nlruluwl, I Q ' ' - . l'IIiIl'IIt'Y, XI. llama, I.1'1:1gg lf. I'1w1I:u'Ix. Y. II:1I1IlI4Ig4'. Y Ilulx, I. III:nl1m'k. I. Nvlmln XI. II.lmIx. II, SVIH-iImI. lx'v:I' .' Xllsx llxllllll1gIl.Il11, .X SVIIXYVIII, 5. Ilnllllu, If. II-,I -mvzelx, NI. Su-xnmanx, R. Klan' lm, IP. NI:etrxIx.u, N. Sm-rxnl IIIU, II. III.lll1Im'Ix, Il..XmII-1'-fm I , Iznlm lx'.I:.' : II. Iilvulvv, 'If IIm'l'I4'm:m, 'I' Slnwr-V, rl. Stl-lllvr, Ii. Stull Lal, XY. XII-rg:u1. Ii, Nord Ntxmn, I, .Xl'lmI1I. I., IIvl'1-I Hum: I'.. 1nIII1:nm. .I. -Ivllvn I.. Ix:u'n-1, lI'.':.' 1 lf XX.Igmv, I', Ixm-In-I. II Ilr,-wll, IJ, 1lu1lIm'l', ,I, IYWIIII null, Y. IfIwrImlIV. ,I.. Ifl.n'm XI. II:n'nxIr:u'Ix, X, I'.Iwv'Il:lI'I II, IMVIF. XI. IIm'I1, S. I.:-Wu lxhn' ' Klux Ill-uv, lf -I:u'nIui, N Sw-Inu-III:-, S, 'I'zn'Iwul. If Un-I lm-im, XI, XY:uIn1l'!4m, X XYIIIHI-11In-lg, I. I.:IwI1km-, K' KI ul I I IX I H, KI. SIAM-V. I' 'I'Imn1pmu, -I. IIigIlI11mIvv', lflfrv 1 R, IIUIIAIIIJIII, VI. Rlfnrll, I .MIN-Itwn, ,Ii Ifrlrx, R. Sn-nn If I'm-III-ll-lrllx. S. IP4'In':nm- IA, Sc'I1rm-1Im'r- U. II:n'ris, IC Im-II:-1'-mx, If Ifln-1Il:n'I, lx'1fTI' I XI. I'nm-In-1, 1'.III:m1I1Iy,-Y Nlzntlux, I., in-rlmg, bl. lugs I', N1rv1'l'. lffm' .' NI15wluunuugI1.m1. R. Wu-In' l,lnIm-mam, Il. hrny, -I. Nm-11 Imux, nl, li:-r:u'fI. II cience Ku:-' 1 R. ML-yur, IJ. Hunll-r, III. 51:1 tvykn, I'. Hr-w-v'. If Alxnhn. lfnfv J MIM Iilmtrr, II. Iiurwy, .I Imsvllkc-, M, Huvlm, Y. Xlmhip KI. I'4-rini, NI, Ohm, II. Dio: kvs. IP. Iirvwll. R. Nlnrtill. Nuff' Ag IJ, Ihnstingx, Il, M4-rklv, XX Nlurgnxl, II. Slcincr, II. S : Inu vrlc, 11 I':IIl'I'IlIlI'I, H. Ilznrris R Yr IN! . . IU. ruin, II. l'nIIIv:u1gIl I7 Illul on . N . lffm' 1 IJ. 421-cn, I. Irvin, I', 'I'iph R. finvrlm-l'. A. Hivllm-I, I I't'l'l'j', I.. Artll II lim-k I II:lII, KI, Sk'IN'IIIlL'II. I', IIUI gvr. Ifffh' J Nxliss I':u'kcy. .I. Nekulu, II I':ngg:m, S. Rmmn, l'. XY:ng ner. II. Tipton, KI. Ilcnnig N. Kuhn. Y. lim-Imvl. M. Rr nvk, .X M4'x'1'l', I., Sdn-iIr:lI Hn fx' J III, Iilppulwl, I'.. I'uy1I:u'k. I Srllvrlllullxl, I.. IM-Yin-X, li 'I'mu1zvll, R. XI:-ye-V, AI. :XVIII Y. II:lI1IrI4Ig1', NI. Iimlq-, Nu:-'J R. Mc-rklv, IJ. Yu-Illing. 'I':lyIul', R. Iirill, NI. INIIIQ-llc'l' XI, Iliplmlrl. If. I'uy1I:u'Ii. I SCIIICIIIKT, R. II:-klxluvcr, KI Ilzms. lx'07v5 I.. IJISCIIIIIIIIIXI. DI. Ifivslvr. I IIIIIIYI 'NI : 1. . . Ifiggv, S. Iiiupg I.. I'ISIR'llk'IlI04I, R. Iizuls, Nn1a'6 R. IN'iIIi:unx, IJ. 151-HIL-11, II IfI:mm'1'y. I Ilnrtlm-xx. Y I'ie-rsml, S. IIJll'Illll'IlIIlK,t II XIZIIPIIIIIIU, I., II1ll'l'l4, A. Sum um-rfclmlt lffm' 1 I'. WVc'l7t'I. QI. Iilllk. In MPV II. 1Il'u'Il. ,I. II:ul1mull1I, ,I -Imws, Ii, 'I'iptm1. Imtu' J If. Mvllunmnglx, II. Iiunm-n In-rg, D, Ilnh-tm:u1, Ii. I':ulI Y. Marti, F. 'l'ovnski, I. Ilusklcr, I.. Ilmsw. It Ilrnwu. -I. K1-ssvl. R. Strnnlu- I. Parrott. AI. NYiIIcfur4l. Rafi' U? AI. Sexton, G. Ure:-n, If, Butcllr-r, I. Strzuicr, 1. Iiurli P. Ilvopkc, L. Hivc-ns. X Rmxkon, II. Ilrznttvn, I. 'mi Q . X luff, G, Suhrc, I.. 1.11-c':Il'. NI . IXI nnkc. Row 4 II, Lescluzmn, XY, Kim-In-I, U. 'IIIl01'j7f', II. Yuwlus, Y. Im- mvn, If. Provzxvnik, II. Ifzm nf-nIwl:rg', If, YYIIII. If. Stllh- F, Gillhnm, V. K4-Nwl. I5 ill xgiuclenf Cjounci . . . olurarg . . . iger imezi lx'w:-' 1 Xl. XI:lv1'r,. Y. Iyzwllv, -I. .xIIIl, -I. Wznxlw, X, Xlzllln-, N. Iiuhn. M'w:v 3 l'. XIIIVN. II. S!r4'jm'Ix, lf. I':nI lfrll, -I. NIi1I1'.lp. N. lhx, XI, Nlzurlw, Il. .Xmh-umm, lx'n.'-' C II. 5ll:cIT1'l', If NInIll'I, -I, liri- .lluI,-I.. IYIln':II, II. SVIIIIH-In-r, V. I'1-Ilinxtcin. !f,fr.- .4 QI, Ilullmqnlm, ll I-111-1, R, .Xnlnu'I,l4-, Xl, II:nnm:u'Ix, .XI. Ilippuld. K. lm-L4-r-mlm. I.. I.n--In-I. XI:-N III-l'vll1'nln lfwru 1 I,. .XrtIl. l'. Iilntun, I.. Mm' ill, Ii, I ivI1Is, XI. .InIllI'f. XI, II1lIIlHIIIl'Ix, Il. ICU-Ig 41. Imxn 14-ll, N. Ixuhn lffffr ' XII. NI:nIw, II. I I.nx'ln. I. In-I lvn, I,. Il:nvw,..1l. li. .'XmIc'v' n Y Iirullnxx xllu N Nu . .. If . . 'In.nngm', II 'I'r:n'w, lfmv I I. 4-ruzunl, Y. Zulu., R XY.-xf l,.mI, I: l,.q4I1l, -I Nmlllzmf, K. H4-I-lull. I, IILIIILI-. Xl NK:-wh m.m, II II.nII. 'Ili Olgtlefnien if 6 eel' Olga efd Iron' I: J. Lucid, IN. Henry, I.. St'hlll6f9l', L. Wheat, J. Kessel, J. Kilhllliillll, IJ. Hinmfn, ll. lillis. lima' .!.' IP. Hair, R. W6-rner, C. Fovhrlialb, J. Hoffmam, IJ. Colrlzlsurv J. Kolvszl, J. lhlrli, ll. Lung. H. Plenlw. C. Jones. lima- .ff Ib. St1:nt1'sAr, G. Nlllllllllllll, IC. Leitner, W. Lf-itnor, W. Hoppv, J. NA'Plm'l1, 6'o:u-h I.m-ro. Ikon' Q: I.. Juros, K. Trvhing, J. 'l'rf-hing, J. Krupski, 0. RutT:19II0, J. f'00HHlll2,lI, ll. Stills-, M. XYPPIUIIIIII. lJ:u'lmle Henke, Leonard Bivens, Mary Lou Frisby. f'l2lI'2l Pnydur-Ii, Julffs Gvrzird, Mary LOIIJSP Strvjvoli. -17 iger SM!! TIGER EDITORIAL STAFF N. I'urrington, R. Hoffman, .I. N+-nhuus, ll, Fluvin, li. Jzulm. .I, lie-rzml, ll. Zininwrnizui, li. SI'IlIllt'It'l'. SPONSORS NIV. Nlzlrlis, Mr, lmwis, Miss Sinisvr. TIGER STAFF Eflitm .,,,.., .,,, ..,.. , . ,,,,,,. I . ,,,,,,,,,..,,..,,... Assistant Editor ....., ,.,.,..Jzu-lc Neuhaus lie-1't,lia Flavin ,Jules G9i':n'1l Business Mznnziger, ,,,,,.,,.,,, ,,,..., . ,, Assistant Biisiiwss Mzmagei '... , ,... Elaine .Iuhn Sale-s Mzmageiz, ,,..,,,.....,,,...,.. , ...,. ..P:iul Hvvpke Assistnlit Sales lvlzuizigvi '...,,,.,,,..,. , , ,Alloy M0NPilly Adve-rtising MZIIIHRPI ',,,,.....,,.. . ,.,, ,, ,..Iu Ann Broderick Assistant. Advertising Mzuiagvi '..,,,I. ..,...,. I ,Jo Ann Wayne Art, Emlitol '..,,,...,,,.., .......,,. . . , ,.....,., ......... I law LPG Hoffman Sports Iflflitorn . ...... .,,.,.,., V,..,,V, , . . ...,..,. Lnw1'v1ir'v Sm-hlueter Sou-ivty lfhlitm '...... ,,..V,,, ...V,..A.........,,,,.,,,, . . H ,U ,,,.... Nunvy l'm'ringtm1 'l'ypists,. ..,.,,.....,,, , ..,,,I Betty Sc-hut'e-V, Phyllis Stall lions. .lnyvv gf9IllPl' iger From the first of September to the last of April, those long-faced people with intent countenances whom you have seen scurrying through the decks of the U.S.S. Edwardsville have been merely the keepers of the log, the Tiger Staff. Events aboard ship and the respective deadlines of the engraver, printer, and binder left little time for dawdling. On any typical day of the school year, members of all staffs could be seen working: the editorial staff pasting pictures, editing copy, or plan- ning pages, the business staff selling or advertising Tigers, and the spon- sors hovering about, trying to coordinate all activities and making sure that the annuals are out on time and in good order. The staff has tried, through individual pictures of all the classes, more snapshot pages, novel introductory pages, and other means which are very much in evidence, to present a yearbook of which not only the Class of '47 but all the classes in the school could be justly proud. TIGER BUSINESS STAFF B. Schafer, L. Perry, P. Heepke, P. Stallions, J. Steiner. R. Pelichoff, R. McNeilly, E. Schmidt. TIGER AD STAFF ll. Long, M. Thomas, J. Broderick, L. Moritz, J. Wayne. J. Long, M. Strejcek, J. Sutter. .M-ji ounci . . . enior i-ji 1g 50 lx'w:. 1 xx, 1 S. Ihllmnlglns, S, II1uIt':u'w, R G NI. Ilcnnig, I., I'vr1'v. I.. . Arlh, M, 'l'Imm:na, .I, Ilrmlc - I uirk. Y. XVIIYIIU, I'. Iflngu. 6 ICM. ' I I I Xlim Ilznl-rlmr, Xl. Athcrlml. I' I. Nlirlrup, R. IluITln:m, N. x 0 thx, nl. lliglllumlvr, A, llnu A:-g Izxlx. XI, Hrzxw, Miva Slwm. la. hal . X :A lx'.f:u I I., IIurcIlxx:n4Il, IC. Hlill, NI. Ilgmmmrlx, IJ. Row. l., .X1'Il1. XI. lhppulxl, 5. Il.eIl.ncu'. II. .XllmIn-Vwul, M. lnwwlxlllg, I. NYrigl11, I'. 'I'i11t.-11. lx'n-yu J N, Kuhn, Ill. 'I'-mllfm-lx, I.. Hull, R. Iloiillmn, li. NY:um-, N. l'ul'l'I1lg1nul, Ii. Zilllluvr IlliHl..I. Irvin, NI. 'l'Iwllma, II. Sclmlcr. I.. l'vrrx. I., X11-rill, 1. ln.-...lk-fm.. Iffm' J R. Il:u'l'llu'r, -I. Strung, N. Iilznlllwlx, XI. Ilvmlig, II. Ifln- vin, A. Sullnnrrfulmil. l'. S111- Iiuna, 1, I'uwI:n'lN, IJ. Ncnlx. II. Slvimw. II. Smith. Xlig. Slums. unior 3 ,Q gre6An1an i' ri Iffm' 1 S. llurrnuglis, M. Ku.-lleln-r Xl, licrkc, il. Keltner. R Sclileclilv, l.. Sills, S. Ilrown ing, Y. Kewl, D. llcnkc, ll liners, S. linlrw. ll. liuntvi V. llrnckim-icr. Non' J Xl. lfiggc, l'. VOWCIS. Nl Stcinmzin, li. llnir, ll. 'l':il ln-rt, Nl. VVnmt0r. Xl, lliivh I, Nvmgd, N. Arnold, ,l lflctclicr, .l. Scliwnllw, Nl Ohm, li. liivrlws. limi' ,v l. Blirlcap, Nl. l'unt'l1vr, IJ l,l'K'Sl'll, R. Martin, ll. Xlzithim Ill. Durr, N, Fixx. Nl. Schzu- fer. Nl. Nlnrkm, S. liliwtci' S, llnrmcning, Nliw Sloan. limi' 1 5. 5ll'llI'll'l', ll, 5tl'l'jt'f'lt, ll R0lIf'l'hUll, R.. Rum, l. 1 , Ull:u':1, S. Le-wiv, R. l-'ri-v. Ill. Lung, M, llc-ntl. lfufv J hl. lliglllrmrle-r, 1. Davis. l'. .Xlrl,c:m, ll. Harry, B. llc-rk, -l, l':lR'l'll1ll'l, Xl. llipplml, Al l':lK'I'll1lI'l, li. Knvlrc-l, Nl. Rn llC'll. l.. Srlif-ilml, Ifnff' 3 Miss llatsclicr, V. lziculri, l.. Davis, ll. Pike, ll.. Poms, K' Hmslmw, M. Hrasc, Al, llnrri sun, M. l :ug:m. I, lflzivin Xl Bnrnslmrk. W i A A lfmt' .1 F. Rnedm-l, l'. l,YCI'Illt'lK'l', IJ. Fallnlimi. J. XN'it-rluwilt, A, Dunlap, li, Mathis, A. llaw' king, lf. Shaw, T. -lnlmwn. limi' I ill. Atlicrtnn, M. Vl':ii'lnu'trm, M. Vohmrlsky, ll. l'um'lu'r, ,l, l ic-sler, R. Merkel, S. Mv- Dnnonpzh, V. llrivia, Nl. lfris' hy, M. Mayer. Ruff' J ll. Davis, ll, Schmidt, U, Vlinml, Il. Ne-lmlzx, T. Varncly, M, Rcthmeier, Y. Baldridge, ,l. Arth, P. Burger, B. Fagan, M. Hrc-ve. M. Vlfcidner, l.. Kc-lixwukv, l . Neulmus. Ran' 4: Bliss llntsclwr, .X. Scliwi-lir, N. xvllllf6lIlJFI'H. H. llanvev, Al. Svlmefer, M. Davia, l', lflugg, lf. l ov1lac'k, I. Sclilcm- er. S. Vogel, Y. VVayne. S. llosirr, .l. Lnng, P. t'h:irt- hzmfl, R. l'h:1rtl1nnrl, ll. lieu'- fle-n, ll, Hnllmnn. 51 goundsgdfem . . . ,camera Cyug . . . aniford 52 lfnw I I. lilnvla-r, R, SQ-nu, R. VVI1v:1t, ll. Strzulvr, ll, llns tings, fl. L1-Xnw, R. Rmml tlml. HHTK' VV. Gn1'I1cI, .I. Rinnli, Il, I-1.15. II. lhnlllexmlxelg, VI. I..m gc-mlorf, NY. VI':xrnuck. I., I.:uHm-r. Ruin' I R. Zoclzvr, H. llnssr. NI Iluulc, I.. I'0rrv. P. Mn-vers Il. SFIIJIUI-t'l'. if Fvlxrnmlvr. I Mug!-4'. Ifufm' .' Mr. liilwsnn. R, Merkel, I Athcryon. S. Deliczltc, Y fm-Ilvr, V. II:lIIn', II. I:l'l'lI ricksfm. Mr. Hunt. Nr, Vtcrlm. Nh Suvlllkv. Mrs. F0094-r, Lg 0 C I Iran' I X llullriue lx livlirig I. ll-zirllais, ll. llcvfikc, nl. Riziuli Il . Lung. Irvin' .' l. Kllllllldllll, li. Lcitner. ll. I WVelch G 'Yau llenkc, I. V , . . 1- mainn. ll. Stewart, Il. Sutter, R. lluffmun, Mr. Lewis. Irma' 3 ll. Frcdrickson. B. llasse, L. Phillips, R. Brummitt, li. He- lmr. O. Vlfzirnixie, li. VVillmld j. llizirdinu, L. .:iiitner. lfuii' 4 D, lluvcnpurt, C, Schroeder V. Alexander, J. Magee, li Lcxow, I. Gerard, P. Wetzel YI. Ni-ulxuus, J. Gerard. Rim' 5 J. Kesl, ll. Nanlz, T. Slowey R. Nordstrom, R, Gcplmrt, K Spcrandio. D. Schunkc, K Ri-cd. l.. Taiylof. Irvin I I.. l.:1utm-r, ll. Alulurmni. N. Klvrringtun, ll. Ziiunieruiaii .l. VY:iync. ll. Strujcck, M. Slrvsjcck, ll. llcnkc, Y. Kcsl, S. Lcwi:-. li'u'w .' il. Ge-rural, B. Flzivin, B. Mu this, V. liriustead, M. Woos ter, B. Talbert, G. Gerling M. Gerke, J. Kcltner, l.. Sills M. Tliomas, M. Kelleher, R lluffnizm, B. Barry, M. Hen lllg. Ifmuj W. llilmlenstc-in, B. Trurcs J mi.. cheek, M. lei-ini, Mf Mau-ykzi, D. Gunter, S. lin- lue, l'. llroukmeier, J. Wiedu- will. B. Schaefer, S. Vogc l'. lVlr.-yur. A. Sommerfeldt A. Michel, l.. Perry. Rau' 4 Y. Drmln, B. Dierkes. M Ulim, l., Smith, lf. Menk, L. Moritz, .l. NffllllllllS, M. llam- mack, ll. Ruse, Figy, J Broderick, I. Irvin, D. Gears M. Long. R, Frey, M. Hentz 1 v 1 i -r Q . Q gan . . . gafon jwirdrd Nou' l: Il. Wood, R. Mathis. M. Szwketl. M. Ohm, M. l,t l'illi, V. BIWNTRIIIQ-'iPl'. n 5 v - w 1 - v - w 1 V - w lwll' ...' W. N2ll'llPl'. K. UI'0Sh0v. J. hwsc-i'. N. Mathis, P. May. 1 . Broun. l . 0x'vl'ii1vwi'. ll. Iiresm-li. I.. hvlillwte-1' J. Flsnvin, M. U'I'onnvl1. I-I. Tallvur. J. Long, R. Soehlkv, R. Lvwis, R. Rode. Mr. I-Ilzkorn. I-'fur J: H. Sm-hwugvr, R. VK'ivliv, H. Nzmtz. V. Zoeller, B. Stills-, I.. Ihmizi, R. Slllllklt-', R. HOITIIIHII. J. Rizzoli G. Mvnk. .l. Koh-sa, R. Vnlz, H, Hunt. E. Ovelrbevk. K. Hauser, .l. lfivk, Irma' 7: .l. Higlilun1lvr,J, Hzwrisoii, J. Hnllas, J. Xasilotf, l. VN vniiwr. ll. lbavvnpml. .l. Mvnk, lu. Me-nk. J. lxuh nmnn, PI. Holonynk. S. Wibhiiig. S. Von Riwwk, .l. Gv1'm'd. PI. Jahn, G. Mathis, H. I,ewis. Irma' I: Ilrum Major Wuynv Yuriwr. Ifllll' 3: Y. Stnlimis, S. Hzwiuvninfz. R. Kyro. tl. Mathis. J. Wziffvnsniilh. -'ilivifi i CQPCP 'LX 4 Bl Wnkecl 6101146 . . . I Clorud Huh' I IP, SIl'n'ja'c'II. I . Uvcl'lIIulc1'. II. IInIwr- Null. -I. I I:u'iu1. NI. II:u'u5Ir:u'II. IJ Im'-Ivn, M, Ilunzn, IP, III-ukv. AI. IIVII In-r,1I. Iicrlillg, I.. Sills, N. IHA. lffm' J XI, .lUIumun, II, IIuzu1n, 1. -I:1I1lx. AI Ilzlrtmzm. S. Imwls, IJ. I'iIw, II. IMI Iullzul. II, IRWIN. II. N'I1IvvIm-. I'.. Inhn. II. Sclmlcr. lfun' J II. IYIIII:Imx. YI. Wlxyllc, ,I. XIimIc:Ip XI, N'I:u'k5, S. IIIIITUIIIIIIS, II, lIe-clx I. I'1IwrI11n'1. ,I. Iilu-rI1:u't, II, Iiurrv I'. Xlvyur, I., Knedlt. II. IIQICVIIIUI' S. II:u'mcniug. lflm' 4 II, Mathis. ,I. 5t0cI1I1ngcr, II. Iznllu-rl I . NYUUII. II. Yulv, .X. II:mkinN. If Shun. A. Ilnulnp, 'I', Alulnnwn, li NI:IlI1Is. I. Ilserrimm. II. Ilrnn-r. I. U'II:u':l. II. IILIUQ, lfmu 5 Y. SIIUQIIQILIIII, I., 5ImII'cI'. XI. Xxluur Ivv, l'. IIrm'I4-lu'im'l'. I.. Ilzlvis. If IYyl1l1r. IJ, I':lrI4'r, Ii, II:nIr, If IIm- .II-I. N. Slug-1':nl1Iiu, III. I'nllNi4IIm', VI I'I:u'If. lx'u'fI'6 I. XVII-nIuwiII. NI, Ifiggv. II. Ifluununmw Y. NI1IlIlIs. If Ilnvis. I.. II:1Il, I3 Hunter. M. Ih-rkc, NI. IIUIIQ-In-1', NI X'I:lvtL'Ii:x. IIIF, IIVip:p1s. !x'.1:v 1 II. SIM-jvn'II, lk. Ilvx-x'v1u'ix-l', II. IIuIu-rant: KI. Iflznin, XI. II:11nxIv:n'II, II. Imwlvn, NI I':u-nu, II. III-nlw. kl, IivItl1m-Lil, lla-rlmu I. SIIIN. N. llvx, II, Ilmllm-r, XI. H1-:kv XI, lim-Ilvlwr. lx'w:I' J NI, lulmwn. S. II-lfum, V, Izllm. I. Ilznrx mall, 3, Imxxlx, II, Ilkc, Il, 1:lII:nIv:nn, II I'mw, II. Svllln-rIll4'. If. Iullll, II. S4'Il:1I'4'l' XI, Xluu-xII:I,1'. II:lx'IN, lx'fm'kJ . t II. IxlIIl1lIII5. -I, Nxlljllf, VI. Nlulcnp, NI Nlzlrkx. 3. Ilmmughs, II, IIcrII. ,I. I'.In-r Il:n'I. -I. IfIu-l'I1:u't, II. II:n'l'y, I'. Mcvvr I., lim-clit. II, Ilan-rim-r. S. IIIIVIIICIIIIILI Y. XI:xII1iN, I.. II:III, NI. Ifiggv. lx'u7n' I II. NIQIIIHF, I. NIU-Iullngm-l', II. I:IIIu-rl. I' XYIHIII, II. Xuln, .X. II:mIIinN. If. Shun .X, Iiunlup, 'I'. vlullnwn, ii, Nlznlhix. I II:urv'ixun, II. II1':nXw1', -I. IYivwIuwiIl, I. 1I'II:ll':l, II. IInp1u. X, xInVv'Isnll. lfwzv 5 Y. ScIxm'nIv:ulm. I.. 5I1:1I'I1-v', NI, XYIHINII-v' l'. IIl'Ut'Ii1lIk'Il'I'. I.. Ilzwu, If, XYUIIH-. I7 I'1u'h'l'. Ii, II:liI', If IIm'rIrI. X, Slwl':nl flin, NI, I'm1si1Iil1:', I. 4'I:uII. XY. V211 nm'II, II. I ie'g4-llluulxlu. lx'1 h'!m II. IIrumlll. Ix. N-lm. I.. IIuII1pN. I' III-nmuIl-s, F. S4-Ilrm-1Ivr. II, II:nssn-, Il Strverklivl. I.. IIivc-HN. ll. I.L'xuw. Mr IIriggs. . , . D . 5: qhflif gill! NAA., fx! 'N H fs Oyfi, CAOPUA . . . I e6Al'l'l6ll'l CAOPUJ lfvn' 1 I', 12m1mx1I4w, Ii. Iirulllltl. Ii, gum' QQ Spin-on-:II-v', I.. I'I1nI' INN' tl, I.vx4m'. IW:-' v' U, c'..m-r, Ib, N-.N-klm. 15. NIm'xi-mul, II. IIVJIJIVH II- I gf-nlmunl, VI. IX :u'lmrIx, lfmu : If. XYlIImI1I, AI. 4-mlI1.n1Il, I.. Ihvc-I1-, If. XYiI:I. I, Ilinrullnzn. Nlr. Ihiggx. lx'w.. 1 I. Hlzalluvk. I. Km-kuI.l. N Srllm-l1IvIn-l', Il. Sm'I1ml4Il, NI Ilau-wx. XI. IIN-w-, Y. Iiuvl-. XI, XY:nrIxlu'Im1, N. IYIIIIIUI In-rg. Huh' .' lf KL-uluuus, -I. Imng, X. XX'nun-, II, Ilnllnlzm. XI. IK'vnI- In-V. I', I'Ilzu'tl':mzI. I. Smith, Ii, Iivrw. lx'u:.' , II. Imvis, XI. .MIN-ltrrll, I.. Iiulnl1'x'Iu-, XI. llllxz-wa-IIN, If. Iimn-In', rl. Iilirgs-, NI, Ilunx, N1 l'. Ilrigge. lfmu 1 .X. S1'IlWl'Ill'. I. Ifim-sIx-1, Il IQ:-r:I1'u. 5. Ifigx. XI. Msnvr. XI, I x:1wInv, R, NTI-rkvl, II, I :l- g.m, S. Klvllulmuglx. 56 Jlyuansf 7 JJ loorfri eaald . . . enior- unior- Iron' I R. lloffnnm. N. K4Ul'l'lllgllYll, j. NVz1x'nc. l7. Zinnnervnzm. lfmu J Misa Ilzlllnnuggc, lf. Shaw, NI. Lung. S. Hnrrunglxs, M. Marks, M, Hcrkc. Huw I nl. Suutlnnxl, S. llurlm-nnn.: R. Schleclxtc. M. Kelleher, M licrkr. I.. Sills, J. Kuhn:-r, ll Urcscll. R. Martin, M. Yonai ulinv, j. Vlnrk. J. Luscllke. Kms' J X. Fox, M. Ilnrr, M. Malrkf S. Burroughs, j. Mislcup, 4 B!'UCklllt'iK'l', D. Gunter, M Xlutcvkax, M. Arnold. V. Grin- slcanl. M. VYuos!er, M. Punch- rr, H. l'ilH5hUUSt'll, D. Hlnsc. Nuzvj I. XN':nym' R. Htjfflllilll. N l'urrington', ll. Zillllllt'l'llHl!l: bl. Smith. R. Hua-l'I11e-1', ll. Fluvin, U. Nm-nly, V. l'ux'rl:nck, ll. Stein:-r, D. Rvnkcn, S. Grunge. A. llnmtnmn, M. IH- rini, Miss llZIH?1'lll'HMl', -I. Sion-hlixnzur. lx'-m' 1 S. Runnin, H. Autrx. M. VVciclncr, D. VVuod, A. Dun- lap, .X. Hawkins, li, Shaw, T. johnson. lf. Dilllnnn, ,l. VYi1-slllwih, C. 1jVtxflllCit'l', R. VVilli:nn:4. R lm' .' H. Rulwraun, M. Fzngzln. ll. Harrison. Al, lliglmlzunlur. l. Selma-fer, Il. llullrnznn. S. lloiacr, Y. NV:xym-. M. Ilruvv, If Brushow, ll. l'nll:uhzm, M. I!r:1m'. if Davie., I, Zrust, L. Svln-ihul, Al. Nckolzn, L. Liscll- num. Irma' 3 'l'- .l:Hw. Y. Iwi.. s. :fam-, lf. Fngzxxx. 1, Lung. I.. lxc-nnvcke, M. Atlwrtml, A, Schwehr, H. l'llHChQ'I'. Miss llalbrncggv. IJ. Piku, M. Dilu- nold, M. Arth, Xl. llcntz, NT. Lung, R. Frcv, P. Hess. .ggolak-.grerilzman 57 SLOW? ea U0 Aboard ship, the crew can find all shapes, sizes, and descriptions of activities to take up all its spare time. Each year more clubs have been added to the ship's roster until at present twenty-three different ones can be found. Some of these are fin their order on the preceding pagesj : The Spanish Club, the largest of the language clubs, is open to all those who have stud- ied or are studying Spanish, providing an informal approach to Spanish through its actual use. Officers of this club are J. Paddock, R. Nordstrom, and M. Ranek. All Latin students are eligible for membership in the Latin Club. Meetings usually include talks on various myths and legends of Roman literature, songs, and games. Officers are D. Gunter, C. Fellenstein, R. Senn, and N. Whittenberg. Le Cercle Francaise is composed of all members of the French class and meetings are held during class time. All business is carried on in French. Its officers are J. Gerard, D. Gray, and G. Gerling. The Science Club, which is sponsored by Miss Hunter, offers opportunity for scientific work beyond the classroom. This year the club sponsored a lyceum and a project contest in the spring. Officers are D. Gunter, C. Eberhardt, M. Buch, and M. Mateyka. The Future Homemakers of America was organized in 1942 and is an organization for all girls who are studying Home Economics. The purpose of the club is to increase students' knowledge of Home Economics and serves as ahelp to girls who desire to select a vocation in this field. A. Michel is president, L. Perry, vice president, L. Arth, secretary, and B. Beck, treasurer. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture in the nation's high schools. The local chapter serves to create interest in agri- culture and gives the farm boys more confidence in themselves and their work. P. Heepke, L. Greear, P. Bivens, J. Burk, and L. Metz are the officers. The Council is a representative body consisting of one representative from each home room. lts responsibility is to plan school projects, assemblies, social functions, to supervise elections, etc. The officers are P. Heepke, J. Wayne, N. Cox, L. Wheat. The Library Club is composed of all the Library staff and those students who are inter- ested in the Library and its functions. New books are reviewed and judgment passed on them. lts officers are L. Lackey and M. Dippold. We build the ladder by which we rise is the motto of the Hi Tri organization. The aim of the Hi-Tri is to create friendliness. courtesy, pleasure and success. The officers are L. Perry, J. Broderick, M. Thomas, M. Hennig. The Maintenance and Photography Clubs are both new this year. The officers of the Maintenance Club are D. Hastings and L. Phillips. Those of the Photography Club are L. Perry, F. Atherton, and B. Schafer. Mr. Brock and Mr. Gibson sponsor these clubs. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. E. Whilhold, J. Long, P. Heepke, and J. Kahmann are officers. Plays, pantomimes, and radio forms of entertainment are the main strings of the Dra- matics Club. This organization was brought about by a group of students who were interested in dramatics and wished to express their emotions. The officers are J. Neuhaus, D. Long, and G. Gerling. The purpose of G. A. A. is to teach girls good sportsmanship and loyalty through ath- letics. The requirements for membership are physical education and one sport each semester. The officers are J. Wayne, N. Corrington, R. Hoffman, and D. Zimmerman. J8 MISS LORICTTA ARTII OW Zloofbaf Queen goofgaf ,XPOIWL The spotlight focused on our lovely queen, Miss 1101151121 Artli, on llie evening' ol' November 9, 1946. Miss Artli was escorted to the throne by Nelson Henry, where the i'etii'ing' queen, Miss Virginia Engelke, escorted hy lloli livers, crownecl Miss Arth, Football Queen ol' 19-16. . D oaffermen ana! 7!Maic!5 Preceding the queen were the honorary maids, Miss Rae Lee Hoffman escorted by Kenneth Trebing, and Miss Lillian Perry escorted by Paul Heepke. John Brock, crown bearer, Miss Marina Lucco and Miss Janet Fruit train bearers, future students of EHS, completed the procession Music was provided by Johnny Harrison's orchestra and the first danu was in honor of the queen and her maids. Bob Geers ........................... Virginia Engelke, Retiring Queen Nelson Henry ..................................................... .Loretta Arth, Queen Paul Heepke ........................................................................... Lillian Perry Kenneth Trebing .............. ....,.......Rae Lee Hoffman Otto Raffaelle .........................., ............... J o Ann Wayne Lawrence Schlueter ............. ...,..................... J udy Keltner Donald Hair ........................... ............ J o Ann Broder'ick Jim Kahmann .................. .......................... N ancy Cox Bob Long ................... Don Colclasure .......... Bob Stille ................... John Burk ..................... ..........Darlene Henke erry Fletcher ................Yvonne Kesl Mateyka John Kolesa ..........,.............. ............. M ary Lou Perini Charles Foehrkalb .......... .......... M axine Schaefer Jack Ladd ........................... Jim Eberhart ............. ............Ruth Blatnick .. .................. Lee Sills .Na oween arf? On October 331, a wide assortment of weird creatures, such as tomh- stones, a jack-in-the-box, a worm, and characters from the Wizard of Oz were seen at the annual Halloween Party held in the high school gym. The gym was decorated with corn shocks, pumpkins, and hales of hay with an added attraction of paper witches and black cats. There was dancing, and then the main event the 'rand march. Aftei Y e the grand march, prizes were awarded to the most original costume, th hest group, the hest disguise, and many others. Music was furnished by Walt Schlemmer's orchestra. Later in the eve- ning, refreshments were served, and dancing' was resumed. After a ten dances, our annual Halloween Party came to a close. .!5Jl9a fy A' -QTL' . 1 ep O 53 . .1122 At the annual Kid Party on Febru- ary 10, in the gym, all the girls came doe tunescorted, that is lj and real- ly cut loose. The costumes consisted of a little of everything. Some wore diapers and carried a baby bottle, some wore short dresses, and others wore blue jeans. Many girls could be found skating, tripping, or slipping down the halls, and if they were not skating, they were dancing to the music of Joe Lacld's orchestra, and the familiar strains of Open the Door, Richard, still echo throughout the building. ln accordance with the circus there, a program was presented in circus style, with Rae Lee Hoffman as ringmaster. The program con- sisted of a vocal solo by lva .lean Irvin, juggling act by Virginia Wayne and Nancy Corrington, dog act by Margaret Atherton, Marilyn Warburton, Nina Whittenberg, and Agnes Jo Schwehr, tumbling act by Margaret Long, Mary Jean Gerkc, and Judy Keltner, and a lost clog rendition by Sally Burroughs. The party was sponsored by the Hi-Tri, under the supervision of Miss Elsie Sloan and Miss Lorraine Hatch- er, and committees composed of the Hi-Tri Council. After the program, there was a mad scramble to the food line, and so came the end of one of lCHS's favor- ite parties. 63 unior ,gferg Brother Goose, a three-act comedy, was presented by the Junior Class on November 21, under the direction of Miss Alice Cheek. The play centered around Jeff, an architect, who was having a diflicult time trying to get started in his profession and caring for his two sisters and brother. When Peggy, a door-to-door hosiery saleslady, discussed his plight with him, he described himself as a sort of Mother Goose, where- upon she suggested that Brother Goose would he a better name. Don Gray Jeff Adams .......................................................................................................................................... Carol Adams .......... ............... J udy Midcap Wes Adams ................ ............. C harles Hudson Hyacinth Adams .......... .......... D arlene Henke Peggy .......................... ..............., N ancy Cox Helen ............. ........... B etty Mathis v Eve Mason .......... ............ Y vonne kesl Sarah ............ ........................ S hirley Enloe ...........Corinne Brockmeier Lenore ....................... Mrs. Trimmer ............ .................. ...... J o an Laschke Joe ................................ ............. R udy Rosenthal enior Way D0n't Darken My Door, a modern melodrama, was presented by the Senior Class on May 9, under the direction of Miss Alice Cheek. The play concerned Rosemary, who had acquired a lot of romantic ideas from reading the novels of Jane Perkins, and her maid, Poppy, who fol- lowed her ideas. They refused to have anything to do with Tom and Alec, the unromantic men in their lives. An accident put Jane in the home of Rosemary's uncle, Roger, and Jane suggested a scheme to cure the girls of their silliness, in which two maiden ladies, Louisa and Susan, joined in. Rosemary ........... ........................................... . ................................. . . Tom ............... Poppy ........... Alec ........... Jane., ......... Roger ...... Louisa ......... Susan ........... ............Lila Lee Hall ..........Gabe Hildenstein .............Nancy Corrington .............Jack Neuhaus ..........Dolores Long Trares Dotty Zimmerman ..............Doris Eberhart E . A Je 14? ar QL .L...f -.v ?'V! A 5' J L xqh gggli EN! Kiwi I Ly-k Q 2 L jlwxa Q,B5.'fipv an .4 x .n iw. f Q5: f YQ if N f -9-W ma QV' 'S' is X mc, as 5' 0 5' 11 L Q ,, i ,QFQYQZE X 'N 4---Q.. -' ig 3 :V Wiki 75' , NMMA? E Q Q .,.,. Q 1 by g 5 , ' Qu. 7 K Q? M .1 J 1. , s 1 if if J H W 'ek Q . '94 55 T' g , .Q A T ! . is 5 ., ff ' 5 K S 5 u 3 '1fU!.afflw .idle 'I!UMl.eJ3n.f Now, Clizirlicl You-all ueedn't be bashful with me. Jim, whc-re did you get the masked beauty? Got off, you big lugs! Oh, Pistol! Bs P o it U53 I 2 goolgaf Tigers ............ 0 Tigers ............ 7 Tigers ............ 0 Tigers ............ 0 Tigers ............ 7 Tigers ............ 0 Tigers ............ 0 Tigers ............ 18 Tigers ............ 0 J. Burk J. Trebing L. Schlueter W. Leitner D. Hair J. Krupski W. Hoppe J. Kolesa J. Coolbaugh E. Leitner R. Long J. Kahmann 70 N ormandy ............ Staunton ............... Wood River ......... Belleville ............... Alton ........................ Collinsville ......... Granite City Madison .................. E. St. Louis ......... S I I I I I II I t II I I I I II IIN I Il L NI XX IN I I I I 4 II LI I I I lXll INIII I.IIp.,II III II ll RITII I jQ0fLCl! ln August the eyes of EHS turned to the forthcoming football season. Most followers expected one of the best football teams in years, but the boys missed Coach Gilbert and his style of playing. The boys tried to change to Mr. Strepek's single-wing, but they did not get the timing and blocking down as it should be. Although there were four- teen lettermen returning, only three were regulars last year. At times during the season the line looked like it was the best in the conference, but the passing defense was poor. Next year the Tigers should have a good team with many of the boys returning with a year's experience under their hats. Let's hope that they come through with a successful season. D. Colclasure M. Weckman K. Trebing O. Raffaelle N. Henry C. Foehrkalb mi r-E fi -gif? :r -11' E- 295 -: rr-..: rife -V -T ' E' r':-- Pg -EFF' Z' 2775! -1 - .:,. -fi 5:55 ?5 P555 7 if-T us-n-ggggu EFIUJUQ Um rc Sf: CD30 -197 -:Q.. -- F -cm:xg an 7 'D -: O 'f FV' Q LN 'A' CD U1 U1 CD n- 71 .?a5Lef6af T1 gers ........................ I T1 gers ........................ 33 Tigers ........................ I S6 ' 33 Highland ...... ......... Livington ........................ Taylorville ..................... Tigers ........................ 54 Alton .................. .............. Tigers ........................ 38 Benld .................. .............. Tigers ........................ 41 Madison ........................... Tigers ........................ 46 E. St. Louis ..................... CHRISTMAS TOURNEY Tigers ......... 56 Peoria fWoodrufTJ ..................... Tigers ......... 43 Staunton ............................................. Tigers ......... S39 Mt. Vernon ....................................... Tigers ......... 72. Tigers ...... Tigers ...... 39 Tigers ...... 42 Tigers ...... 34 Tigers ...... 48 L. G. D. G. J. 47 Pinckneyville 63rd placej... 41 Roxana ............... Collinsville ...... Wood -River ...... Belleville ............ 33 Granite City 49 Wh eat Schumacher Chesnut Naurnann Coolbaugh XX lk Nt lin, VVlw:it, Fiegcnlmu l X g I kl I lhiunport G 1 li r x g, K I t S h I WI t ll lf Ill N R 3 L ll Lucco, Kesl, Alexander, Kah- i, Enloe, Metcalf, Heincmeier, Lud- g VVieland, Mohri, Coolbaugli, Shafer, L li Marks. ga4LelLa! Tigers ...... 65 Greenville ....,....v 16 Tigers ...... 57 Alton ..................... 50 Tigers ...... 51 Springfield ...... 65 Tigers ...... 50 Madison ............ 24 Tigers ...... 36 Gillespie ............ 37 Tigers ...... 52 Madison ............ 25 Tigers ...... 31 Decatur ............... 72 Tigers ...... 44 E. St. Louis .... ,57 Tigers ........................ 39 Collinsville ..................... 53 Tigers ........................ 50 Wood River ..............,...... 423 Tigers .,...................... 40 Belleville ........... ...... , 239 Tigers ........................ 37 Roxana .......................,...... 232 Tigers ........................ 53 Granite City .................. 45 Tigers ........................ 41 REGIONAL TOURNEY Tigers ........................ 42 Tigers. .... D. Ellis J. Hoffman D. Gehrig D. Davenport F. Gardner Dupo ...........................,........ Roxana ...............,... ...... Granite City 38 38 4-1 73 PHC . . . P26 'l'he track squad ol' -16 did not fare too well because ot' the lack ot' distance runners. shotput, and discus men. The Tigers had several good sprinters and liurdlers, but the oppo- nent gained ground on the distance and throwing events. EHS finished second in a tri-meet with Collinsville and Alton, hut lost out in at dual-meet with Lebanon. Wrestling was revived this year after a lapse of seven years. Mr. Gibson took over the coaching reins again. At iirst only a few of the boys came out, but gradually the squad built up to twelve boys. The team did not have any heaviesg the heaviest man weighed only 160 pounds. Despite the fact that this was the first year fo1' all of these boys, neither Granite City nor Belleville smothered them in dual meets. Iron' I: Wecklnan, Hoppe, Shaffer, Gray, Nauman, Whilhold, Henderson. Krupski. Yehling, We-hling, Ellis. Nou' 2: Coach Gilbert, Kahmann. ldck, Kessel, Suess, Coolbaugh, Brown. Provaznik, House, Mgr. Geers. lx'u-ac I Mayu:u'd, Lcnis. llulclici . Mays. Stradcr, Flfllllllg, fuach Gibson. Row: l r:ivcll, Trclring, l,am'c. Slowcy, Provaznik, S in il li , llalliaus. - V I 71 V 56162601 Nou' I: Werner Shipkowski, Jones, Whilhold, Wheat, Mayberry, Henke, Schlueter, Weiler Run' J: Coach Lucco, Clawson, Jaros, Nealy, Hoffman, Kovarik, Henry, Kelly, Schaffer, Gardner. EHS's 1946 baseball squad had a fairly successful season, winning fourteen games and losing three. They went as far as the finals for the second straight year in the Regional Tournament. Coach Lucco will have the same squad back this year with the exception of Clawson, Kovarik, and Nealy. This is only the second year of baseball at EHS and both years have been very success- ful, as the school can boast of a two-year record of twenty-six wins against six losses. Last year was also the first year the Southwestern Conference had a full roster of teams for baseball, and it was Edwardsville's and Alton's inaugural into the baseball conference. The Tigers finished in a tie for third last year, but they will be battling for the conference and state titles in the years to come. rlg9l'S .............. ....... l C. St. Louis ...... ....... 2 D1STR1CT TOURNEY Pocahontas Tigers .....,...,, ....... 4 Tigers ......... . ....... Pocahontas .... ......, 1 Tigers ............................i.....,,....... , Highland ..... Tigers ,.......... ....... 3 Livingston ..... ..... Tigers ....... Highland ..... ...... 0 Tigers .....,....... ..... Alton ......... Tigers ........... ....... 3 St. Mary's ....... ..,.,... Tigers ........... ....... S taunton .....,. .,..... 0 Tigers .......... .,...... Staunton ....... ....... ' Tigers .............. ....... 1 0 Auiston ..... ...., Tigers .... .i..... L lranite City ........ ....... 5 Tigers ....... Madison ....... ....... T igers ........ .,....... ....... 0 B enld ..... . Tigers Belleville ..... ....,. . 6 7 Wliistlv-lmil. The big tliroo coi1l'ci'vncv. Just call mv Frvshiv. hcerzi ' You shoulda' seen that got away. The little King. Get off that grass! 266 the onv Two ol' our I'uvoi'itc tcaclio 1-2-za ----.- Happy and laughing girls. Miss Gcrke, not so much 1120. l l l 76 .jkfdanl GHC! Qldblfll . Hey! Have you seen Chuck? lf 1 slip, Mr. Brock will catch me. Our brain factory. Through these portals pass-maybe. Lillian Cook. Fred Twente. Everett Butcher. Hey, Red, quit following those girls. Don't we look tough? We're just chorus girls at heart. Hold it! They must be monkeys, they're eating Can you read this sign? bananas. We can't, either. 77 fjofiwogri . . MARY . .ln 'KF YUT , W 3 2, M-M . Hgh! .lust llliidt' li. 'Vlw mnlgoilng' qum-11 UUIIIUS in l'vOk-an-bool Jules, quit wig'g'ling'Y l'm fullillg Wal' it's jc-st likv I Said to Zvkv thuther dzlyff enior gfadd .x4cAieuemenf:i . It is our purpose that on this page we present a list of the achievements of the Senior Class, that the readers may realize that the four years spent by us in this school have not been wasted. The number of our accomplishments are not many, but the quality of each of these achievements offsets any desire that we be promiscuous in the attainment of them. The time has come to prepare a historyg a list of achievements of the graduating class. It is customary, when writing these essays, to say in a very old and very trite way, that this class is beyond doubt the greatest class ever to enter the portals of EHS. In an effort to change this, partially, we won't claim to be the greatest class. Rather, we will present our record and let you be the judge as to how much claim to fame we have. ln our first year, the year when other classes are adjusting themselves to the accelerated tempo of the upper grades, we began to take the reins of leadership and forge ahead. We were marked from that first hectic week as a class to watch. That first year, we quickly fitted ourselves into the fast moving program, and led the entire school in the sales of War Bonds and Stamps. 0urs was the only class to have a home- room with 100 per cent average for buying stamps throughout the year. We again led the school in the sale of War Bonds our second year. Two members of our class received letters in football. Baseball started and we placed four men on the team, although we were only Sophomores. Our first year as upperclassmen earmarked us for greater things to come. We sponsored the most successful Junior-Senior Prom in six years. We exhibited our talent in the Junior play musical, Marrying Marian. The moving force behind the organization of the Dra- matic Club was ours, and it soon became one of the largest clubs in school. Then came the time for us to be the oldest and most important class in school. The first Tiger to contain individual pictures of the entire student body was of our mak- ing. lt remained for us to put out the first entirely printed Tiger Times. Members of our ranks were seen everywhere, doing everything. The Senior Class play, Don't Darken My Door, was an even bigger hit than our effort of the year before. Our class presented the school with a new intercommunication system. With this myriad of evidence behind us, can you deny that we are, at least, one of the greatest classes? 79 3425148 gm out . . l'm sorry wo il2lV0l1't got K. P. Glen's gang I oi'm-vvr Arnlior. The birdies Watch the camera. Hoy, Wayne, when do you lgikq- off? Surprise! Good morning! lion-Goo!! Spring is Sprung. Cupid's work. 80 I! T i ' E it lU To Our Advertisers To Edwardsville Students . Every merchant or professional man or name you see in this Tiger has helped to make it possible for us to produce the 1947 Tiger. Without the fine cooperation of the business and professional men and women of Edwardsville all past and present Tigers would not have been pos- sible. In fact, without their help this year you students would be paying almost again as much as you have paid for your copy of the Tiger. Therefore, it is necessary for you to show these firms and friends the value of their advertising and help us to express our appreciation. Mention their ad in the Tigerg patronize them in every way you can. And to Edwardsville High Boosters . . . Remember that the 1947 Tiger has again served you in presenting your valuable message to Edwards- ville students and alumni. Your advertising will be seen by over 600 fam- ilies whose purchasing power is approximately 3650,000, a vast market, whose resources you have wisely tapped. Students and alumni will show you the current results, and because each Tiger lives and relives from year to year in hundreds of homes in Edwards- ville and the Edwardsville area, your name will be seen a long time, a thoughtful reminder to come in and buy your merchandise or to employ your services. The Tiger Ad staff, Joann Broderick, Manager Index of A 8. B FEED STORE ...... AMBROSIUS. GEORGE C. .. ANDERSON, CHARLES O. . ARBUCKLE'S STATION .,. ASSOCIATED SERVICE ....... AUERBACH'S ................,. BARNEY 'MOTOR SERVICE .. B G. R , LING ALLEYS .,... BALLWEGQ .......,......,... BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE .. BARNSBACK, DR. R. S. BECKTOLD CO. ....... .... . BETZOLD, PERCY .... BLUME'S ............... BOB'S BAND BOX .......,.. BOTHMAN'S GARAGE ......, BOYER, DR. ...........,.,..., . BROCKMEIER NEWS AGENCY .. BROOKS JEWELRY ........... BUCKLES TRANSFER ,...... . BUHRMESTER'S ...... BUSKER. J. W. ....... . BUSY BEE BAKERY ..... BUTLER CHEVROLET CALLAHAN, JAMES T. .. CASSEN'S GARAGE . .. CHATTER'BOX ........ CHENEY'S .... ........ . . . CITY ELECTRIC CO. .............. . CITY OF EDWARDSVILLE .,....... CLARENCE'S STANDARD SERVICE CLAYTON CLEANERS ........,... CLAYTON TAILORING ..,......... CLOVER LEAF LOAN .. COCHRAN, DR. C. R. ., COX, DR. WAYNE B. 94 DESMOND, M. MFG. CO. . DORNACHER'S GROCERY .... EBERHART BROS. ....,........ . EDWARDSVILLE CONSUMERS .. EDWARDSVILLE CREAMERY . .. EDWARDSVILLE ICE CO. .... EDWARDSVILLE IMPLEMENT .. EDWARDSVILLE LOAN ....,...... NATIONAL BANKW' 4 EDWARDSVILLE LUMBER ........ EDWARDSVILLE MOTOR .......... EDWARDSVILLE EDWARDSVILLE SHOE SERVICE . EDWARDSVILLE WATER CO. EECK, JOHN F. ....,......,.... . ESTABROOK, W. L. ........., FERGUSON. DRS. E. C. and E. V.. FIGGE GROCERY ,................. FINK ELECTRIC ............ .... FINK. DR. LEROY M. ., FORD DX SERVICE ...,. FOX STUDIO ..............,., FREDMAN FURNITURE .,.... FRUIT'S STANDARD STATION ,. GAMMA SIGMA GAMMA ..... GARTNER'S GROCERY . ..., . GORDON-MICHEL. TIRE CO. ., GUNTER GIFT SHOP . .,.,... . HALLEY'S GROCERY HARRELL. DALLAS T. HARTMAN, HARRY T. ,... . HARTUNG BARBER SHOP HERFF-JONES CO. ........ . HERMANN. DR. C. J. .... . HILL. DR. MAURICE .. HOME NURSERY ........ HOOVER, HERBERT C. ., HOTEL COLONIAL HOTZ, EULALIA ..... HOTZ LUMBER CO.... HUNT MOTOR ...... HURST PONTIAC .. I. B. C. ...,.... , IDLE HOUR ...,.... ......... IDLEWOOD ....................., IDLEWOOD SERVICE STATION ., ILLINOIS LUMBER C O. ,....... . IMBERS ..... , .................. ,. INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. . JONES BROS. SHOE SHOP ...... KANE, M. B. and E. A. ., KESL SHELL SERVICE .... KESSLER'S DRESS SHOP .. KIEM'S .,........,.,.,,.... 82 Page 90 115 105 115 100 115 127 103 90 117 B9 111 102 95 121 92 126 89 84 119 83 102 83 104 111 113 104 125 93 85 114 108 91 99 90 94 89 90 95 110 94 112 112 109 91 121 B3 110 116 94 96 92 100 97 97 103 92 94 102 108 106 97 118 121 88 121 114 96 92 93 83 122 88 106 116 . 109 100 84 103 127 99 93 127 101 102 115 110 118 Advertisers KING BEE CANDY KITCHEN - KLUETER'S STORE .......... KNAUEL, DR. R. I. ....... . KURL SHOPPE ...... LECLAI RE STORE ...... LEE SHOP ................. LEON'S BEAUTY SHOP LEXOW APPLIANCE .,.. LORE BEAUTY SHOP .. Lux THEATER .. ......,... .. MADISON couNTv ABSTRACT MADISON COUNTY AUTO PARTS .......... . MADISON COUNTY MUTUAL INSURANCE .. . MADISON STORE ............... MADISON COUNTY TRACTOR MARKS, LESLEY ............... MARKS-WEBER ............ .. MAY'S CUT RATE .......... ING CO. .. MECHANICS PLAN MEIER'S SERVICE STATION MEYER MONUMENTS ........ MIDWEST LOAN CO. ..... . MINDRUP MOTOR CO. ...... . MOORE-STORK CLEANERS ..... MONTGOMERY ADVERTISING MORRISON FARM SUPPLY ..... MORTON RADIO .,.......... MOTTAR'S ......... . . , NASH. DR. M. D. ..........,. NELSON, N. O. ................ . NOEL'S SERVICE STATION NORMANS' MARKET ......... ORMAN, EARL ...... OVERBECK BROS. .. PALACE FURNITURE .. PENNEY, J. C. ......... . PEERLESS CLEANERS . PIZZINI, WM. D. ...... . PRIMAS, A. M. ...... . RAY'S MARKET ........... RICHARDS BRICK CO. .,... . ROSENTHAL, R. H. G SON RUNGE-ZIEGLER SHOE CO. . RUSTY'S CAFE ............ SANDERSON, DR. M. S.. SALLY ANN BAKERY .. SCHULTE JEWELERS ,. SCHM I DT. OSCAR W. ..,....... . SCHMIDT TIN SHOP SCHLEM En, WALT OREHESTHA' SCHNEIDER FUNERAL HOME SCHNEIDER MOTOR SERVICE . SCHROEDER, DR. W. H ..,...... SCHUMACHER SERVICE ....... SCHWARTZ APPLIANCE ....... SHEPARD'S OFFICE SUPPLY SHUPACK'S SHOE SHOP ....... SILVERBLOOM , ..................... . . SIMPSON, REED G. BURROUGHS . SOLTER G. KRIEGE .............. SPRINGER, F. E. ............... . STRAUBE FUNERAL HOME .. STREBLER, A. H. ......... . STREJCEK, FRANK ....... SUHRE'S APPLIANCES .. SUNRISE DONUT SHOP .. TIEMAN'S MALT SHOP TIETZE, DR. H. C. TIME TOWER . ......... TOM BOY MARKET ..... TRARES, WILBUR A. .. U. S. RADIATOR .... VICTOR CLEANERS . WAHL, DR. E. F. ...... . WARNOCK, D. B. ........ . WARNOCK, W. W. G. CO .... WAYNE, DR. M. F. ...... . WEEKE TOBACCO CO. .. WEHRLE MARKET ..... WELLS TIRE SALES WETZEL, L. P. ........ . WEST END STATION ....... WEST END FOODS .......... WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE WHITE KITCHEN ............ WILDEY THEATER .... WONDER INN ........... WOODLAWN GARDENS .. Page 103 91 101 116 110 107 118 96 97 110 84 121 107 114 120 108 125 112 119 116 114 103 ' 99 116 B4 98 101 B7 B3 102 118 106 83 B3 91 95 119 96 122 89 118 123 107 110 93 93 107 101 91 106 100 110 91 122 108 B9 83 126 102 116 126 112 124 107 88 119 122 95 110 104 111 115 111 92 126 106 95 95 115 111 119 103 101 88 122 126 103 104 ir Complimenfs of BUI-IRIVIESTER GOOD FOOD AT EVERY PAPER and PAINT Co DAY LOW PRICES l38 N. Main s+. f f Edwardsville, Illinois ll00VEll BROS I' G' A' STORE Complimenfs of il' DR. M. D. NASH MADISON AND FRANKLIN AVE. DENUST EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS 420 N. Main S+. Edwards EARL ORIVIAN STANDARD SERVICE ir Complimenfs of BUSY BEE BAKERY 2l8 M RALPH LEUSCHKE ain Phone I28 Complimenis of OVERBECK BROS. 'A' i' Complimenfs of S H U P A C K ' S THE H-OME OF FINE WALLPAPER and PAINTS I20 N. Main S+. Edwardsville, III. I24 N. MAIN PHONE I307-W -A' ir COMPLIMENTS OF O Madison County Abstract or Title Co. II2 Hillsboro Ave. Phone 8I COMPLIMENTS OF GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES BROOKS JEWELRY TO THE GRADUATES OF ,947 254 N. MAIN STREET THE IDLE HOUR BILLIARD HALL JACK HARTUNG, Proprietor ' For the Latest Sport Results PHONE 70W I o In Every Season Outdoor Advertising offers greatest circulation, most notable economy ir Montgomery Dvitdoor Advertising Co. I I2 EAST SCHWARZ STREET EDWARDSVILLE ADVERTISING WELL DIRECTED O CITY OF EDWARDSVILLE MADISON CQUNTY, ILLINOIS OSCAR SCHMIDT Mayor O O O EDWARD H. POOS GORDON BURROUGHS Cify Clerk Corpora+ion Counsel JOSEPH ROTTER M. ESTHER FUNKE Ci+y Treasurer Cify A'H'orney O O ALDERMAN ALDERMAN George H. Blume Wal'I'er Nolfe F. Elmer Carier T. Evans Reilly Joseph Burlchardl' Waller F. Sievers Charles P. Long Chas. G. Siahlhur Fred Michel Donald W. McLean O O POLICE DEPARTMENT FIRE DEPARTMENT Fred Losch, Chief D - - Tillo Tenor, Nighf Capfain A egg Fenfh' Chef Nofiingham Wise, Pafrolman mo C ae er' lineman Rudolph Donbrow, Pafrolman Al Scl'Wa'hk0P'F' F 'em'3n Frank Nash, Desk Sg-I-, Herberf Kennedy, Fireman John Huse, Nighi Waichman O O O STREET DEPARTMENT Erwin Sehner+, Superin+enden'l' V I Ea' A SYMBOL B V gl OF , , , T GOOD BANKING STRANGERS AND NEW-COMERS refer fo fhis bank as The Bank on fhe Corner Wifh fhe Clock, buf fo fhe old-fimers, who are familiar wifh fhe hisfory of fhis bank and fhis communify, Edwandsville Na+ional is a symbol of good banking. THE PAST 30 YEARS have been crowded wifh whaf would normally be a cenfury of living:-+wo world wars: a greaf depression: deflafion and inflafiong maior busi- ness and polifical changes: new social condifions. SOUND POLICIES, as liberal as consisfenf wifh good banking, have guided fhis insfifufion fhrough all sorfs of condifions. CONSTANT THOUGHT is being given fo fhe fufure of fhis bank for fhe safefy, fhe welfare, and fhe beffermenf of our 'deposifors and our communify. We realize fhaf fhe manner in which we conducf our business foday direcfly affecfs fhe welfare of our deposifors fomorrow, nexf monfh, nexf year, yes, in fhe nexf decade. Alerf cooperafion and up-fo-fhe-minufe facilifies are provided. 'Ir This ls the Kind of Banking Service You Want. We welcome your accounf.-whefher. if is large or small. .. .,...,.s e BANK AN 'af 1251 'W ,NS f0MPANY eff , ' ,lf MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1 , 111 1 11 ,1 v 11 11' 11111111 2- I :1 11111 1 - Y 1111 1 I 111 1 - I 1 2 , '1 ' : , 1 1 , 111 1 I Y 111 - 2 ,1 1 Z 1 - , 1 M : I 1 4 2 1 1 Y - 11 11 : :0 ' I 1 ' - S 1 L E 11 A I 1 1 -v L W : 1- 1 A - 1 - L' 3 Q 1 '- T, A ,11 W 11 A 1 A 1 Y 1 - 11 1 - N v. M11 -W ,,1,,111111,'1 1 11 1 ,- A 11 111111 - 1 W - 2 - 1 1 Y 11,110 0 L11 i 1 L 1 l L1 l-0 u 1 N , H 'P Miha J mf g X N- 'ii 0 E .fv su W A gi A - 5 R '1 1 C 5- 2:1 : g 41 Q S 1111 1111 5 111 ' : HG?- I1 :- Ai EY:- 11 -Z M CD TTA R 12 6,6 TJ oTth 1 .11 1 01411 '0011111 1111 ,E11111 11 111 Iwi Cl in S rTee 1 ' 0 111 101111 :111111 l111111 111111 10 11' .1 1 1 111111 0110 111 1 1 1 111 '111 1:1 1 11 1 11111 1111 1111111111 1 11 1 1 11 11 ' 111111000 41111 1 1 1 1 11111 I1 11 111',1 01 1, 111111:',:l ' 4,11 11 111111111 1 111111 EQ '1 it 'ki' COMPLIMENTS OF SUHRE'S APPLIANCES AUTHORIZED NORGE DEALER GOOD LUCK .ALWAYS TO THE GRADUATES OF '47 I48 NORTH MAIN 'A' 'A' MISS EULALIA HOTZ Complimenfs of Your WESTERN AUTO couNTY CLERK ASSOCIATE STORE TONY JANSEN. Prop. Y 'A' I40 Norfh Main S+. Phone 73 Compliments and Best Wishes Of HARRY T. HARTMAN Complimenfs of R A Y ' S M A R K E. T MEATS, VEGETABLES and GROCERIES I42 N. Main S+. Phone 58 E. J. SI-IEPARD OFFICE SUPPLIES Every+I1ing for +he Office I08 S+. Louis SI. Phon COMPLIMENTS Il if C In + f I l .A DR.R.S.BARNSBACK BRQCKMEIER NEWS AGENCY suBscRlPTloNs TO ALL MAGAZINES PUBLISHED - ALL sr. LOUIS PAPERS JEFFERSON BUILDING Edwardsville, Illinois uk ir i' Compliments of DESMOND MFG. CO. 318 St. Louis St. ak' if ir I 1 CompIimen+s of fX6d FEHDkSEED DR.C.R.COCHRAN STORE,he CHIROPODIST AND FOOT SPECIALIST Wholesale and Refail Gerber Bldg. Edwardsville, III. -6- T 1- PROFIT REAPER, A. B. FEEDS FLOUR - HAY - FEED - SALT 8: SEEDS Complimenls of DORNACHERS GROCERY GRINDING, CLEANING AND MIXING .F -4. .6- 4l5 Nor+I'1 Kansas Sfreel' Edwardsville' Illinois Where Feed and Seed Is a Science PHONE 643 'I' T 'I' COMPLIMENTS OF . ..l1- l3b NORTH MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS PHONE272 COMPLIMENTS or DR. W. H. SCHROEDER COMPLIMENTS OF CLAYTON TAILORING DENUST and FUR STORAGE , . 2l4 S+. Louis Sfreef Edwardsville, Ill Bank of Edwardsville Building PHONE I77 Complimenfs of KLUETERS FEED STORE FEED AND SANITATION We Specialize in DDT Producfs Phone 374 40I S+. Louis S+. Complimenis of THE PALACE FURNITURE CO. II7 Nor+h Main Phone I89 Complimen+s of EDWARDSVILLE LUIVIBER CO. 'T 'i' 'l' Headquarfers for COVER EART Jil' H E H 'lf-SEQ ' 2 SHERWIMMUIAHS PAINTS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Painfs and Varnishes 4' + -5- Complimenis of SCHMIDT TIN SHOP sl-:EET METAL ,AND HEATING Phone: Shop 467 - Residence l246W 239 Norfh Main Sf. Edwardsville, Illinois E. H. SCHMIDT T 'i' T ti' A. BCTHMAN SL SGNS We Service AII Makes Of Cars 306 W. VANDALIA ST. PHONE 60I If if o o o Q Q Q MAURICE R. HILL, D. D. S. C0mP'fm'-Mo' 409 BANK OF EDWARDSVLLE BUILDING Nafional Bank Building 0 0 0 O O O FIGGE. GROCERY CONPIIMGHIS OI WE GIVE .AND REDEEM FREDIVIAN BROS. EAGLE STAMPS 40I S+. Louis Phone 535 I I I Main Ph DR. IVIAURICE S. SANDERSON BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE BLDG. PHONES: Office 206 Resi-dence 2 I 0 COMPLIMENTS OF CI I Y ELECTRIC C0 HOT POINT APPLIANCES 203 Nor+h Second Edward CompIImen+s of WAGE? f i get I Aosgsz CQMPUMENTS fi 9 T MAKERS OF SALLY ANN Pnooucrs Z ,jeu OF EdwardsviIIe.IIIinoIs HOME N URSERY AND GREENHQUSES CUT FLOWERS uk TREE S 'A' PLANTS i' SHRUBS MEMBERS OF F. T. D. EDWARDSVILLE - PHONE 706-R ILLINOIS l l Sfores a+ Grani'Ie CII C y. ollinsville . Wood River and S+aun'ron TO SERVE YOU SAY IT WITH FLOWERS 93 Complimenis of DR. E. C. FERGUSON and DR. E. V. FERGUSON Bank of Edwardsville FRUIT' S STANDARD SERVICE 305 Wesi Vandalia TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Complimen+s of JQHN F. EECK DR. WAYNE B. COX EXTENDS HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW CLASS OF Banlr of Edwardsville Building Ir Edwardsville Creamery Co. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK, CREAM. CI-IEESE, BUTTER, and EVAPORATED MILK WeTst Park and johnson Streets FOR PROMPT AND SATISFACTORY DELIVERY SERVICE 4 ff X Phones 364 365 Q f it - d' MARSHALL F. WAYNE, D. D. S. I48 Norfh Main S+ree+ EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS BLUIVIES APPAREL I04 N. Main Complimenfs of DR. H. C. TIETZE. Complimenfs of EBERHART BROS. Offices in Bank of Edwardsville Building WEEKE 'k i' TOBACCO COMPANY COMPLIMENTS ir R. G. DUN EL MAcco OF RED DOT PHILLIES HAV-.A-TA M PA cle.ARs ir EDWARDSVILLE ILLINOIS f f EAST ST. LOUIS ILLINOIS Complimenfs of ir wk DR. C. j. I-IERRIVIANN LEXOW'S ELECTRIC PALACE ST-ORE BUILDING WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES O COMPLIMENTS OF W, L. ESTABRQQK SALES AND SERVICE 40I BANK -oF EDWARDSVILLE wk 'A' BUILDING ir if ir COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF WILLIAM D. PIZ ZINI WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR 'A' i' if COMPLIMENTS OF LEROY IVI. PINK, D. D. S. Edwardsville Nafional Bank Building Edwardsville, Illinois FORD DX SERVICE DX OIL AND LUBRICATING MOTOR FUEL TIRES - BATTERIES - GENERAL AUTO ACCESSORIES O O O Complimenfs of FREE PARKING IN REAR LORE' BEAUTY SHQPPE ' ' ' 236 N. MAIN EDWARDSVILLE iii COMPLIMENTS OF GIFT SHOPPE 'ki' Modern Power Farm Equipment Morrison Farm Supplies JAMES MORRISON, JR. ,ami HAM -f fm 5:1f51?513i5Er5fE1E1ES X- is ' 112:-111:21-zzfsaifri-fi L' J. . t'2gZ:':':5:':-:eggQfgz'-. '21:zfs:sfs:s:s:sezfiii Y ., 7 1 frail 9 WC? ' ' AW' fluff R E f X fggwmi 1 .1 L ., R' 1 . x N j L is , X dxf X 1 Allis-Chalmers Farm Equipment Como Feeds, Seeds and Poultry Supplies Delsaval Milking Machines and jewel Paints 'A' 'k 'A' PHONE 284 'k ak 'A' St. Andrews St. Edwardsville, lll DeSOTO and PLYMOUTH A A GREAT CARS - FINE SERVICE - EDWARDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL A SQUARE DEAL for WHEEL AND AXLE ALIGNMENT SERVICE DYNAMIC WHEEL BALANCING BRAKE SERVICE BETTER EDUCATION f ILLINOIS LUMBER Co., Inc MINDRUP AUTOMOTIVE for SERVICE Better Material EdwardsviIIe, III. A A A A A A A Let Us Help You Finance Your Home Through Our Direct Reduction Loan Plan CLOVER LEAF-HOME BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION NATIONAL BANK BLDG. PHONES: l22 and 848 FOURTH FLOOR A A A Complimenls of II. i t t E. P. SCHNEIDER ll. ,. S'l'Il.l. slzsr I KL If ERE f Km FUNERAL HOME '11 Complimenfs of lll '97 57 XXX 5E5EfE 1. B. C. ROOT BEER CO ASSOCIATED SERVICE 'I EDWARDSVH-LE' ILL. Madison Sfore Building li Edwardsville, Illinois 'Ii' t t t LEO E. FINK LINDELL J. KNISER Fink Electrical Supply SL CO. IoT PURCELL ST. PHONE I 234 DEALERS OF lk EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL 1' if RADIOS if RANGES if ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS .AND HOUSEHOLD LOCIcERs if HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES wk FISHING TACKLE AND sI-IOTGUN SHELLS if MOVIE EQUIPMENT -I, OUTBOARD MOTORS COMPLIMENTS OF CHIROPRACTOR Edwardsville, III. 202A NORTH MAIN STREET OVER WOO'-WORTH 225 NORTH MAIN STREET JONES BROS. SHOE SHOP PHONE l060 cOuRTEOus SERVICE .T COMPLIMENTS OF 1? P s CompIimenI's of ff-Ti n RADIO E-5 T. WEST END FOODS ZI6 S+. Louis Sfreei' PHONE 238 R. s. WAYNE PH-ONE use ak OSCAR W. SCHMIDT INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 5OI-502 NATIONAL BANK BLDG. EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS PHONE I38 ESTABLISHED IN I929 EVERY KIND OF INSURANCE PROTECTION EXCEPT LIFE ir COMPLIMENTS OF n ,if -A f -I ComPIlmen+s of Hardware SIMPSON, REED 61 Pie-7 ' BU U HS wk wk I RRO G 4 1 ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW ZI9 N. MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS Na+ionaI Bank Building COM PLIMENTS OF F. PERCY BETZOLD Complimenis of Edward A. Kane Michael B. Kane .ARCHITECTS ,I ak BEST WISHES OF BEST WISHES N. O. NELSON CO. OF 'A' GAIVIIVIA SIGMA We Are Again Making NONCO PLUMBING FIXTURES 'A' 'A' WEST END COMPLIMENTS SERVICE STATION , MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL B' and R' MOBILUBRICATION BOWLING - j A FRIENDLY SERVICE ALLEYS T bzo sT. LOUIS ST. and ky We Will Be Pleased +o Serve You NN- Ir-a DRIVE IN T'-' VERNON DQEBLIN soo w. VANDALIA PHONE IIO9 MIDWEST LOAN COMPANY 505 Nafional Bank Bldg. Edwardsville, lll. Complimenfs of KING BEE CANDY KITCHEN George Coulcoulis O O C PERSONAL LOANS 525 To 5300 THE PLACE TO BUY YOUR ICE CREAM PHONE Ioaz AND CANDY S E ? COMPLIMENTS Q, Q-1: ll Za COMPLIMENTS OF OF WONDER INN IDLEWQQD GOOD DRINKS - GOOD HOSPITALITY O O C Four Miles Soulh of Edwardsville f O O 0 PHONE 950R4 O O O sus IASSELMEIER H. AKSAMIT, Proprie+or THE CHATTER BOX u..A..4h.L.f .-L.q4L4.4g...g. 3 0 som. 7 'L ICE CREAM , , Q cl-nu 1 V sANDwlcHEs -- 4 .. - 7771 TTTTTT f u m ZI3 Complimenfs of WOODLAWN GARDENS Complimenfs of J. H. BLIXEN TOM BOY MARKET THE COMPLETE Poco STORE '407 S+- Louis S+fee+ VERNON HARRIS, Prop. 4 4 l32 N. Main S+. Edwardsville ir 'A' COMPLIIVIENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1 9 4 7 BUTLER - CHEVROLET FDR... A ND l SEE Charles 0. Anderson Agency EDWARDSVILLE ILLINOIS PI-ICNE I 84 i:i:2:i:3:l:l:l:l:i:i. - - :3:3:2i5:i:2:l:2:1:3:i:l:2:i:1:l:l:i:l:fL :1:1:l:2:3:2:1:f:l:i:1:i:1:3:i:i:i:kkii Insurance Protection Of Every Kind W. W. WARNOCK 6: CO HART. SCH.AFFNER 81 MARX SUITS. STETSON AND CHAMP HATS. NEW ERA SHIRTS - ARROW SHIRTS. HICKOK BELTS AND JEWELRY. BEAU BRUMMEL TIES. INTERWOVEN SOCKS. MUNSINGWEAR UNDERWEAR. CRESCO SPORTSWEAR. OSHKOSH OVERALLS WOLVERINE WORK SHOES. W. W. WARNOCK 61 CO I27 N. MAIN IN THE PALACE BUILDING al' 'k HOTZ LUMBER COMPANY 'A' 'lr I ir 'A' GORDON - MICHEL Tire and Battery Co., Inc. U. S. TIRES, TUBES. BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES 208 S. Buchanan PHONE II80 NATION-WIDE SELF SERVICE GROCERIES, MEATS, VEGETABLES NQRIVIANS MARKET N. Wehmeyer, Prop. 2I5 N. Main SI. Phone 696 COMPLIMENTS OF WALT SCHLEIVIER AND HIS ORCHESTRA RUNGE-ZIEGLER SHOE CO. Cornplirnenfsof CROSBY SQUARE SCHULTE, JEWELER Au+hen+ic Fashions in Men's Shoes 2lI N. Main S+. WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS Edwardsville, Illinois t i x n ,W jlhfr ':'.f:'.. ',:.ffe'F:1f,1:if,,'f OF 7 E 'NR EAGTLEJL FTSEEAPNECENG GREATER VALUE A QQTARX PUBLIC paetaizvvgsgvfo LEE SHOPS z:owAnvsvlLL1:, ILL. ir ak Madison County Mutual Automobile Insurance Company A SERVICE THAT SERVES' 306 Edwardsville National Bank Building PHONE 961 REFRIGERATORS - RANGES RADIOS - WASHERS Complimenis of GARIINER GROCERY SCHWARTZ APPLIANCE 1407 TROY ROAD CO' PORTABLE RADIO phone H26 MIDGET sers , RECORD PLAYERS Main and Vandalia Phone 40I Compliments of Fox Studio CLAYTON CLEANERS . f NLA, CLEANING AND PRESSING QI' '52 Aq ,. 5 A Service Wi'I'h Personal AH'en+ion W I I II E. Vandalia S+. Phone I070 - II - ROOM 4 GERBER BLDG LESLEY MARK FUNERAL HOME 1 - A SERVICE AS MODERN AS TOMORROW AS GRACIOUS AS YESTERDAY Day and Night Service 577 Ambulance Service Phone 577 llil-f . 2I0 N. KANSAS ST. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 108 SAVING .5 T DEMAN DS 5 . ACTION IVIere planning is not enough-Act Now-Save regularly with one of our monthly plans. Dividends are added to your savings semiannually. Edwardsville Loan Association SAVINGS AND HOME FINANCING Edwardsville Nafional Bank Bldg. Edwardsville, Illinois HURST PO TIAC CO. Tk ak i' PONTIAC CARS AND INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS SALES THROUGH SERVICE -A' ir 'A' 40: NORTH MAIN STREET Phone 35 I I iii' Q5 RUSTYS CAFE . E f ' Z COMPLIMENTS egg S WE SERVE DELICIOUS GROUND BEEF 5 5 OF HAMBURGERS .AND TASTY sANowIcHEs TIIVIE TOWER SERVICE ' ' ' PAUL E. TRICREY PHONE Hsz l20l N. MAIN PHONE III3 ir 'A' QQ!- COMPLIMENTS OF LECLAIRE Q STORE A X X KESSLER'S DRESS SHOP CHAS. MULACH F000 ml Proprieior '28 N' MMN ST' PHONE 425 GROCERIES, MEATS, PRUITS s. VEGETABLES NOTHING BUT THE BEST! R iff i' EDWARDSVILLE .If COMPSZAENTS CONSUMERS COAL CO. 1 - - Dealer in - NIOT EELEELEE CO. MOUNT OLIVE and s.AHARA COALS mo TROY ROAD Phone 470 A. J. MATEYKA Complimenfs of P4 ' WHEN ITIS TIME X Qc -1 TO RE-sOLE 5 - TRY EDWARDSVILLE LUX THEATER SHOE SERVICE WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE I07 E. VANDALIA ST. I 110 PM 15 I, , yi .01fL'JdifiII?lMiiffwf7b'7 W I Said fJ 'L . ' sf - WIEZSW I f of VV ELLS TIRE SALES , INC. I Give ouihat Well-Groomed Appearance We All Desire COMPLIMENTS OF VICTOR CLEANERS BEST WISHES WILBUR A. TRARES ATToRNEY-AT.l.Aw 5I2 EDWARDSVILLE NATIONAL BANK BUILDING A A Best Wishes Covers and Binding F-rom of 1947 Tiger 1 BY .- AMES T. CALLAI-IAN 'I BECKTOLD COMPANY County Auditor ST, LOUIS' Mo, A A 111 W J wlflfl M H E WAR SV LE IOC CQ. Congratulations to the 'l Ed d , Ill' ' ,, ,, war mms l947 TIGER PHONE 40 if Residence I308 - Phone 482 V - EDWARDSVILLE a S IIVIPLEMENT IRVEN L. BAGBY 206 Wes+ High S+- A DRUG STORE FOR EVERYBODY Sales- JOHN DEERE TRACTORS-Service John Deere Qualily Farm Equipmenf wk -Av E-dwardsville, Illinois lllinois and Missouri Licensed Straube Funeral Home PHONE 60 5l2 NORTH MAIN STREET EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. ---A--4:-:-:-:A' ag Qoeauoqd -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OIOQSIHHIZI 3 HVHA I-LLSV HUC HO:I HOA UNIAHHS PIVIDEICIS HBO SHV3 GEISH S.LNfHWHfIcIWI WHVJ SIHHVH'KElSSVW A P. ssanusna ao suvax sv I5 SDIDHHJ. 'HUCIOG ' H.LUOWArId Q EIDCIOG jf: Jo sxoqnqgnsrg Q k MEYER MONUMENTS MARK THE SPOT WITH BEAUTY FOREVER PAUL E. MEYER COMPLIMENTS OF Compliment of CLARENCE'S STANDARD SERVICE MADISQN STQRE STATION 0 0 o Purcell S+ree+ AND FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET 0 0 o . . . Edwardsville, Illmols CAP SOUTHARD C. ADELHARDT TO THE CLASS OF I947 THANK YOU! HERFF-JONES IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO MANUFACTURE . YOUR CLASS RINGS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Herff-Jones Co. INDIANAPOLIS Official jewelers and Stationers to E. H. S. Represen+ed By I SINCE I928 R. L. JACOBS Jacksonville, III. COMPLIMENTS OF R. B. ARBUCKLE SERVICE STATION ST. ANDREWS AND VANDALIA PHONE I I I6 Complimen+s of WEHRLE MARKET III4 N. Main S+ree+ Edwardsville, Illinois ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW TO OFFER H 1 LADIES APPAREL ak i' GEORGE C. AIVIBROSIUS County Treasurer CQMPLIMENTS MADISON COUNTY OF U, S, RADIATOR KESL SHELL SERVICE SHELL LUBRICATION l23 W. Vandalia 'A' i' Phone II22 115 HUNT MOTOR CO. 0 0 O AUTHORIZED CHRYSLER and Q M y CQMPLIMENTS PLYMOUTH DEALERS I ' F 'R ef OF soo NORTH MAIN STREET KURL -SI-IOPPE PHONE 723 EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 2I9 HILLSBORO OOMPLIMENTS OF Complimenfs of MOORE and STORK SOLTELR AND KRTEOE CLEANERS HARDWARE 5' N' MAIN PHONE 47' l08 Nor+h Main Sfreef Phone 588 TEXACO -A SERVICE Tk Tk SKY-CHIEF-FIRE-CHIEF G A S ,k ,k THE EDWARDSVILLE . WATER COMPANY HAVOLINE AND TEXACO O I L EXTENDS BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF i' Tir WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS '947 Tk Tk . 1VlElER'S SERVICE STATION W. T. COMPTON, Manager l02 Soufh Buchanan SPARKY MEIER if if JKX,-, ii . .sygliullx i. ' ici- Il! fr Ii.: Y Q' fl F H A' X 'IT3'I i:I . ,',' f , -- . 'Ii -:inf I5I IMI M121-.iz 'I Iluarm Illll ,hall mi 1 A-Q QQ 1:4 .2 x I I -,Q 'I ei' If FII? ' ' ' ' . f 'F Americcfs Future must be shaped by the youth of the country. The magnitude of the job in the years ahead will require sound char- acter and well trained minds as never before in the nation's history. Your successful completion of your high school course gives you the firm foundation you are sure to need for the civic and national duties that lie ahead. CONGRATULATIONS. GRADUATES anld sincere wishes tor the continued achievement in the years to come. The Bank of Edwardsville 79 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE Edwardsville, Iliinois Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF NOEL'S SINCLAIR STATION , 3' REM 2? 'mmnMNxKiPgwhimQbuxm IINCORPORATEDI WO1v1EN's APPAREL THE PLACE TO GET YOUR CAR WASHED! Edwa,-dgyilleg Fashion Comer COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF I-IALLEY'S CASH MARKET LEON'S BEAUTY SHOP an HILLSBORO PHONE 2l4 'D- 'V E I 55-YF? f 5 A EK For 1 255, BEAUTY AND PERMANENCE fzvgila It pays to build of brick H 'P T T I They do not burn nor decay 8 'F They are everlasting Richards Brick Company EDWARDSVILLE ST. LOUIS FACE BRICK COMMON BRICK HOLLOW TILE BUILDING BLOCKS GLASS BRICK FLUE LINING 118 I 'A' 'k COMPLIMENTS Op KEE P - MOVING 6 so EASE O 9 IVIECI-IANIC'S L 60561960- PLANING ' ,wg W.. M I L L F1RlP BOF WARIHCUSI I n c . PHONE 487 is 'Ir i, ,k COMPLIMENTS OF Congra+ula'I'ions Gradua+es and S+uden1's Educafion DOES Pay! The communi+y has invesled abou+ SIZOO in each ' of you gradua+es since you en+ered grade school! You ONLY can defermine +l'1e dividends 'rhis inves+men+ will pay! O O I L. P. WETZEL fi ir i 's aflfxl o -Q ' GQ QT COMPLIMENTS COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT 4 ... - gag: , OF OF scHooLs TI-IE. DONUT Sl-IOP -Af -A' ans N. MAIN EDWARDSVILLE, ILL 'TTI 'HTTIASCIHVMGB UV .PB Q-2 n-1-150 ,DQS Co? 5 322 QQ! we 95, 0 1 v A CIN 'I 's f mm uulsaluam uummuuu - LQA 633 lnnmlnm umm anon nm :umm l l T 1 Q' , .,., , saoueglddv pIoq9snoH pue zguauldmbg SJOZIDUJSIJ u19J,sAS uosnglaj pxod NO YHLV SHDOH :IO SCH!! DH HO BAVS TIINX fm,oN 51001 lnjawg V 2 County Auto Parts Co. WHQLESALE RETAIL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES U6 Hillsboro Ave. Edwardsville, Ill. C I. + F EDWARDSVILLE m 'menS 0 MOTOR SERVICE, Inc HARTUNG BROTHERS FARM MACHINERY and NEUDECKER izllzl REPAIRS BARBER sHoP WELDWG T29 TRACTOR SERVICE COIVIPLIMENTS OF DALLAS T. HARRELL SHERIFF MADISON COUNTY FLY WITH PRIMAS AT A. M. PRIMAS LAKESIDE AIRPORT .I Glen Carbon, III. - Phone 604-W-2 Tri-Ci'Iy 585 or Collinsville 604-W-2 BLUFF VIEW TAVERN A. M. PRIMAS Glen Carbon, III Phone 604-W-I COMPLIMENTS OF SCI-IUIVIACHERS NORTH END SERVICE MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL JOHNSON SEA HORSE OUTBOARD MOTORS COMPLIMENTS OF HOTEL COLONIAL o o Q EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS IOI6 N. MAIN EDW.ARDSVILLE RALPH WARTMAN PHONE III7 Owner and Operafor 'A' 'A' t WHITE KITCHEN CAFE GOOD FOOD AT .ALL TIMES IVIALT SHOP HOME MADE ICE CREAM GIANT MALTED MILKS 2I3 N. Main S+. MRS. EDGAR TIEMAN. Prop. 'A' 'A' PIT BAR-B-Q RIBS AND PORK DRINKS OF ALL KINDS Phone I l50 Highway 66 Edwardsvill ir :-:-:-:-:- :-:AZ-fly' Do Business With A Dependable Firm I R. H. I RCSENTHAL SL SON lnsurance and Real Estate, Loans and Appraisals Notary Public SEE ROSENTHAL ION ALL YOUR INSURANCE PROBLEMS We have a Saving Plan for Young People - If III! XXIII' if ,X sufefifssf, , I as j'ff,f?'l'f.. 12 I if - X - I I' I 'ZW ' 2 2 EKCTUITI. 36 EKCTGTI IIII ff,,,2SsiN f Ko .-, E Wx j gk'-'xg' N I ,Vt AI ,ag xt-Alf, was 6,0 1 ,QC QNX 1, ,Il im IIINNX I ' ' -l When You Want +o Buy a Farm, or City Property, Why Not See a Man Who Knows Farms, Land, and City Property by Many Years of Experience O Let Us Save You Money . TRY OUR CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE Which Has Proven Successful for 28 Years 2I7 S. Buchanan S+. Edwardsville, Ill. Phone I63 Residence 223 S. Buchanan S+. Phone 525 JI I'I I. II I I:IIII I'I Iil I I 'I ,I I'I I I I I I III I,I 'I I I I I': I II I I I I II I I II 4I I II III I III +I! I II II I'IyIl I I, I I I II II I III I, I I 'I II I I II I II I II I I I I I I II III I I,I I, I I I II I I II I II I III II Il II I I II Ill I I I I II I III II I I:I I I I I I I ,I II I I I I I III IIII I I I 'IIII IIXI I I I I I I I :I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I III III II yll tI I I'I' I I III I v-LI 0 U '-::::---- -- ,,,v- ,,,., ::-:-:-il What's In A ame? On making a purchase or receiving a gift, invariably the first thought is to look for the Trade Mark or the maker's name. ir uk ir Very often the merit of the article is judged by the name thereon. 'lr 'Ir 'Ir In Photography the A. H. Strebler Studio Signature is recognized as a mark of high quality and expert workmanship. 'k,ir 'lr MAY YOUR NEXT PORTRAIT BEAR OUR SIGNATURE . . TREBLER STUDIOS ACTIVE MEMBER PHOTOGRAPHERS ASS'N PRES. ILL. P. OF A. OF AMERICA SOUTHERN ILLINOIS GREATER ST. LOUIS ASSN. ART LEAGUE I I II 1'1I1 lIlIlI IIIII' 'II I IIII 'II I'I, 1 I I If, 1.31, I III 'III' IDI I 'I I I III' IIIIII lI'I 41 I I'I I II III IKI SI ,I I II, I'I I,I II III 1 I:I 1,1 I I I III II I I,I I I I IC I II III II IIII III III III IM II I I I I I :I:I:I I:I:I: :II II I I 'I I I I I I I I IIIII I I :I:I:I II 1,11 IM I,I,I, IM I I III I,III I I I I IIIII 'I Ill I I I II I Ill I IIIII II .I III I 'I II I I I Ill I I I I Ill I'I Ill Ill I'I I I I :I II I 1 'I I I I 1 I 1I'I I I II I III I' I I III I4I III Il III - - - A - - - .-.-.AA-,I O O O C-OMPLIMENTS OF CHENEY'S CAFE 456 E. Vanclalia Phone I I28 0 0 0 CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS PLATE LUNCI-IES AND SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Marks-Web er FUNERAL HOME AMBULAN CE SERVICE 'k nk 46 YEARS OF SERVICE ir i' EDWARDSVILLE PHONE 65 5 il-1 'ki' Complimenls of FREDERIC E.. SPRINGER EDWARDSVlLLE'S MOST COMFORTABLE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW THEATRE . . . PRESENTING THE OUT- THE SEASON 4, ir 0 o 0 DR. I. l... BOYER 4 4 OPTOMETRIST EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO BEST WISHE-5 THE CLASS OF I947 AND 0 o 0 CONTINUED SUCCESS WILDEY THEATRE BLDG. TO THE CLASS OF '47 Compnmenhof 4 4 D. B. WARNOCK THE. SILVERBLOOM, INC. l 4 4 ATTO RN EY-.AT-LAW ll8A Hillsboro Ave. Edwardsville. lllinois 'A' ir We extend our personal 'thanks' for the courtesy extended to us by our advertisers. 'A' 'A' TIGER AD STAFF JO ANN BRODERICK JIM HALLAS IVA JEAN IRVIN DOLORES LONG JIM LONG LORETTA MORITZ MARY LOUISE STREJCEK JOHN SUTTER MARY JANE THOMAS JO ANN WAYNE BOB'S BAND BOX CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS Rosr. FERGUSON, JR., Prop. 'ki' 0 No Shrinking 0 No Odor 0 No Fading ' A Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service to Fir Everyone's Purpose YOUR ,APPEARANCE IS OUR BUSINESS ui' 'A' Phone 28 I I2-I I4 S. Main S+. IDLEWOOD SERVICE STATION LUBRICATING - WASH Joss DOROTHY ZIMMERMAN ' ' ' A FRIENDLY SERVICE 0 O O -A' i' ROUTE 66 Wm. IBIIII Ouade CIe+us IRe-dI Henry COMPLIMENTS OF BARNEY'S MOTOR SERVICE 220 SECOND ST. PHONE 274W -..N s S X , - I I I QI Q Svscmizfn mums Inu mnnnvmn -, sfnvicf fun murmur sims ,' xx t' R- -'T FAREWELL T0 ALMA MATER! Affer four shorf buf evenfful years we bid good- bye +o.our good ship E. H. S. , which has broughf us safely fhrough fhe calms and many a sformy sea. All in all fhe voyage has been a pleasanf and enjoy- able one., Our slcippers, Mr. Alexander, for four years, Mr. Wood for fhree, and Mr. Brock for our senior year have done everyfhing fo make our cruise fhrough fhe ,Sea of Learning purposeful and worfh- while. We also owe our fhanks fo fhe officers and members of fhe crew, fhe deans and faculfy, forflheir skillful and pafienf assisfance. As we prepare fo disembarlc we will always refain fond and affecfionafe memories for our Alma Mafer. 128 ,. . Q. tix f f P' L4 4 i 3, V Ag' s Me, MQ ' A 3 6 H: 1- 5 A 5. M ,LW w ,,,.- , .4-NUI' 3 K f s 5 ' 5 ,V ' ' Y 2 . , i J 5 H -5? fig!-3, r, S u 4 H , ff wjyffy GO HIGH sc OOI5 GY NAS1 'Q S M QQ? 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