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' -, . f-1' , ,.: z. .- A -M , '- 'J .H 41, 'xl r...1.. -. . Q I X ,.-1 A -H ,wk . W " - '.. he ' .5 ' nf .- . A . , . Q, ' ' 1- . V... ,q , ,M -lk-.M-H-4 "'T'5ef - we-.-QT. I we. n.""f . ,. 'V L win, ' ' 1, W- ' 4 ' ' ., - V L P wi 4, -sum: .'.'- " J X , ," V 4, ,, , X' . J- V "lg Lf' . .-4. 4 , ..A , ,N - ,N - 5 , , If . lf' W.. ' ,.'f' -. , 'S+ A-,mi 'A g Y , V. - ' N Q, ' " ' .L ' fi' . , a . M H - J ,.,f,q'l 1 Z h Omngfiuf ' 'wh " Lf 1 A -f-- ., V -- Q-. '41 ' 4 - . - 4 ' Q, N J ' f-H J.: Q, . . S rf, L " ' y , ,J-L, w ' cf' 'f- ' 1- V' l -, , -V V 1. 1 . . h , L 'J wp, , l ' 4, ' ' " gym'-',ae fm M H w in . 1 -N ,gl . V . , 1 . S' Mmgigi' ,,IvI I. ' ,rc i l.- .fs'. H 7 . 'wx-"v.' -.J . .,. SW? rx " -L:- -. "51- II1!-I., Hx , . M' 1 I - .-- ...N x A o.. A I, A Q 5 - - ,. I ff I L 1- . f, r xi,-rl 1: A .1 ., . -- . 1 ,.a-1... 1. 1- 1 . , -I L ,II In 44 --W ,. rpg -45 ui I1'- 'r- VPI' , 4: ', , .,,.I -,..,., 7,5.., . -9. iz if II: II ,I,. I ,.II, A.-I .QI Ig,'.' .. 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A x --'. .,-5 : V 771 P1 'lp r 1 2' .-"5 -'L 'ff."'S,-7 1 .5.I. .I.. ,.. 1, ,- ,,,i - 'f . -I 117 .:,'I' .4 V -- -N -' -'t ' -. . 2 2'-wg lf' . 1 ,. " . wr-.1 ,.- ,1 1. III! IMII . tIII5I'f'I:qIIq,E?,,'I1Is- ,Q-fig ' V f, 1. "ld, S'-gr-7' Xi " Q2 I ' L"" A .Q ff" . '. S.. 1" II'iw!,.A" ' 'V' .- - , !..eI,.,1-,' .I ,N . . 4. , .1 ..- if .1 . x--J ,In . ., 4. x -, ,- 34, 'Z " ' 751: lf -'ff 'fx' r-'f,g"f. ' r- I 4.'wf'19!T'f.- 23 .,1,. III. . .,,. I -.IIgI4'I I, I ,I .,. I. II.. IIQII .LI '- 1-. Z1 1- :M " J 4, '. " - 'Li . E+- Ig b ,- ' 'J - . 'ffl iv?fr9f'3ji5Ll If ..f-.2 - ., .- :ff E V.1.,.g ' . , 1-A W V f.-"+ rv .-. 4 , I f, . ' - I I II 1-,L I-I , . lar , -. 1- . . I . I . -'?f'57 ' " 6" " - . ' 1- ,' -, df II .4.5'-v, 92- ,ir ,. R . ' .f:3A I4 ,n-,,,.fI' .' I I .-,.I,fLIIwI1 I .. I ' I I ' x f 4 ,.II . I I . , 4 '. A -1 .,' ...Q .M 3 1 - I 3.":.1: 'E Q I I f 1-ij I I' I' f - :il 4. .i1' A',f,I! Az", I .. II I I - . wx, w ' . 4.. . ' .f1,,?fg:1f'- " I . fl-H+ -1 ' . '77f'f34fEv ' f. ' '. ...Ia , ' , 'I I 1' H ' " 1. 4 Ik. ' f V: . .',-. ?, ' ' ' . I . . I- .1 ,. 5.5.5.-. U' b V! -4' nw I , I iii.-1 'II-' I. I .. . IEE" '7'-F fl" ,' 2 u .. . , 1 V" .. . .o rn , I .-ff' ,4,,?,... if -I-1 fl., Q5-,AIR P, 1.4-, - 1 .I-QI, ., V . -3- -'1 3..- . 'F A Edwardsville High School, Edwardsville, Illinois 654102 wwf-W1 IN DYE 6743 lim Hliqertouin Has Something Hein" Tigertown or EI-IS. has during the past school year of l9fl2 and '43, received and undertaken many changes. Like so many other projects and industries that are expanding because of the present war effort, Tigertown is now proud- ly using her new addition in full force. Pictured above, you see several views of the new building. ln the upper portion we present our new manual training shop, and to the left, that amiable looking person is Mr. Wood, Tigertowns new principal. Mr, Wood and about one-half of our faculty are spending their first year in our town. A few more pages and you'll meet Mr. Ballweg, who needs no introduction, Mr. Hanser, and Mr. lohn Eck, new president of the School Board. These men are serving their first year on the board. War has caused changes here in our little town as it has over the country. Mr. Gibson is in the army and Mr. Allen, last year's Tiger sponsor is now a naval air cadet. The call for technical men and the lack of manpower in our war industries has caused a drain on our na- tion's teachers. So not only Tigertown, but others as well have felt the "pinch," Surveu of liqertown OUR GOVERNMENT "Eddie" presents the "brains" behind Tigertown's smooth-running efficiency. Meet Mr. Wood, our mayor, the Board of Education, our Supreme Courtg and Tigertown's Aldermen, the faculty. Meet "Eddie" on page eight in the north corner for first hand information. OUR SOCIAL REGISTER Pictures! dances! plays! Meet the 1942 Football Queen. Go with "Eddie" to page thirty-eight, see and read about our social life from the big football prom in autumn to the spring parties closing our school year. ORGANIZATIONS Introducing on page sixty-four, Tiger- town's many clubs, pictures, and Write- ups of the various activities of 1942 and '-43. Also by special Wire "Eddie" will give the inside dope as to what goes on in Mr. Shannon's band room. WE RESIDENTS "Eddie" shows us Tigertown's famed populace from the retiring residents, our Seniors, to the embryo geniuses, the Freshmen in a pictorial tour from page thirteen to thirty-seven. . TIGERTOWN HEROES Presenting brawn, muscle, handsome men. lust meet "Eddie" on page fifty. He will tell you of the fine records of our football, basketball, and track men. "Eddie" ought to know because his in- formation came from Manager Mike. 4 rr' V, . f I-1 -. L wg- N- 'ff -,..r . V fi.: P .. IV. r v iff. .V .4 41 1. .2 "v .1-5 si' 4' 453. 44.0 . .2115 fini' ZW. , .,j4f. ,K V if V' ' .ty.::1, ,g Av mn ' "lv 1" I ' " P , .,,,. 3, , . fy.. .. tim' -. 4 .5-,i : U E4 . :J4 4 -. 'V .f .V . i gl"5'3 ,uw , in 4. a sr , .r N . , 1 . 4 'L 1 4 .35 Q H. il!-SWA' . I'-.ht ,.". .ll-1 If 4' 14, X 1 'Vyl-.P fi: -s- , ,D xii ' N .1611 . A.,- FILA X I 4 ',-. . . '..a , . ., 4, , .'- ,' p .1 ., 4. .- ...V ., , f T.. V 4 , I 1 fa' Vf.,-. . L it , .V.. ...bg 9 ,- uv' , a .4 Pd: . A YA ...- ,as 4 H' IJ .9 .. ,,. Y x 5 -. u, 1 1- w- 4 .YV r , '51 A 1 A 4,11 ...L ' 3 ...V .. 1 1 Q . ' r-.. . 4 V -- k VV'f+g4 4.4 4- 4 'd14'-pVf..1u.,- 3 V .115 -I 351.-L - - 4' 1? , 7-..' ' .3511 if , . ,- s. . ' 'LEE M. V ,,...,. 4,1 . .rx l y Q 254 . up iiff.. 4' 4 4' , -fi V514 .,-5- 4"1f':,t . :Vi-1 , , A ,:... ' 'L fa. ,V A .Aj UV-2 . -Q. '," if 14' ". 4 " 4. '.L ' 1 , ,ggi-. 1 ia' 'V 44 V14 -4 "e, Q , I 'A , , -f 41-M "1 . P . I , .l -,L " ".!1.jg,1 , Yfj-M1 may ' 4 .9 G.. fp, .4 X,--1.4,--1 -..Ln " V Vmxkxl . 2,-.,.u. My , I-. -:JFK -1 -?...fA1 ,.-' lf", .V yy .5 9. . l,. , 1 V. ' - ,A I ,I V w . '. ' -4, 1.1 ' 4 , 4 ' +5 , 1 41, . 3- '-,'4 11 fl A ,EV 5 - " v -- . 1- - ' .4 1 ' ' 1 if , i 'U' :14 1 , 1 .1-4 -V , V -' ,.- 1-,244 my 1.4 1 ' . " ,I K 2 y 'Q FI.: f 1 ' ' , , M 4 ,.'.W VX ': 4 ' L'. 'iff 'V 1 4 'I N 'l'.V ,' - . I 'VV k - .4 V. 4 .L 13-1 ' J.. Q11 -,U VV .' -.T . .. M 4 -41 V. ,. Q.. VV. 4, ,, V, , Lg, f ,, i 4 Q: 'gm gi , f ' , -:,.-V2.4 '5' .?' 'Q , ' "rips . 1' 'fi .43 .Q-j1'3f1'ft'-5' .4 vw, . V. Q . , ., - ,W . .r .4 TV 4 ii .wr 4-'.1-'S4'1l'.3'11'k-.Z' -ml V - "'11T'4' 1-"1-Uv ' f ' V 0 V '.. ' 'af'-'4s'1,'-Q4f'?'E-' -3 .J ...' sf . 11 .V 4 A l' ..., V 5 -u. -qsfgfg, 'gpgg-.1. . , 4 -4 , , -- Y :....- VV I,-4. -V . ,i ,1- ,V A . . V .3 I . . ,Z L., , ,..- 44 41- f 4 .. f. ,r Q, V.,,fL - V " " "' " V ir ,127 - ' .V 4 4? 4 ' "1 1' 4 1 "V-x-.',f4,J5Q.1'1vi757'1-' Ve, '4 "' . ' ' 1 r , ffffw-'-.Vf ' , A , V 'S . -fr. j:',.4:.. .1 ' ,A fp' .fi ,-'- ' .f ' .4 13. .' ' : 1.V4,S V' 'JV 24 4 "fi, 44:-'I -, fr. ,Q--1 4 I V ' V. -' V- -,V X ,V . 1 1 V. . RE: 434 H' ' .fx if 4-.11 .wg ,Q g '45 , , , L' ut, V. ' " .25 ':. 'f lb.. 1i'i"22f,,' 'r. , 1,5 4,1 -. '..'.r:.:5.1V41.4 5? 'V -WV 4 " 'H'-' 33 ' ' Y fr we e'.:L n 14 " ' g ' H .-.3 :4 Tv 1' ft 4 V ' 1 vi HJ 1, '-5 .LXR 53- 1 '5"u.I-Q .V 4 4' sv., "H ,. -1 3,4-yn .431 4 g M1 4 '4 1. vg, ar.: .1 I :Q-1A,5::,,,. 2 . M.,-, iii, . I ,. lv: -..Vw .L U I . 3-: ' ', 1 4 - . V . .fzw , ,, nj U, I gf., . ' , I 'Un' I .-7 D. -- ,V 4. . ' . . ,. 5.1- ' -.-:H WE 1 11 V. -V. ...f:, VT -:V ' .1 ..:'.lla A X t ni F Tigertown is horn gnd t'Eddie" too in the '43 Tiger we present to you. This is iti Look thru it pleose We know you will like it so don't be Eddie got the key to the city, you see or tegse. To get inside Hdopew on you ond ine. At the ggirie, the ploy whether know Eddie wos there right on the spot. n or not As To He He So Wt wan H the poges untold, Eddie oiwoys is there igugh with you, toiik with you, even get in your hgir. hegrd that in the Chemistry iob. sow that in the tgxi cob. ggther 'round students ond give eor to he ro knows more dbout us thon even do we. CAPTAIN CLYDE FRUIT Lett to right: Edward I. Ballweg, Harry Hanser, I. F. Eeck, President, E. A. Alexander R C Cunningham, Mrs. I, F. Gilham, Dr. Wayne B. Cox, Secretary. tlut Supreme Court As every democratic government must have a judicial body, chosen by the people, so Tig- ertown has her Board of Education. We think our seven judges are the best. This year We are welcoming Mr. Ballweg, Mr. Hanser, and Mr. Eeck to the board. Captain Clyde Fruit, now serving in the Army, should also be given Special tribute. Captain Fruit took time from his Christmas furlough to look over the schools and its problems with Mr. Alexander. This group of people, without compensation, 8 have the responsibility for five school build- ings on their shoulders. All of these schools present their problems of finance, up-keep, recreation, and ever-existing modern develop- ments. Our judges have selected the fine staff of teachers who are trying vainly to give us resi- dents some knowledge. PS.: As the book goes to press, we are noti- fied that Captain Fruit has been promoted to a Major. :Mi in.. Judges MR. ALEXANDER-GOVERNOR folly, with red hair and always a smile gives us the picture of the typical lrishman, and it also brings to mind Mr. Alexander, our Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Alexander's day is filled to the brim with the administration of Edwardsville's entire school system. l-le has expertly managed all the problems that four schools have presented. MR. WOOD-MAYOR We welcomed Mr. Wood from Alton this fall, introducing him to his first year in Tigertown. Everyone who has met him has been struck by his per- sonality and friendliness which has won for him all of Tigertown's praise. Under Mr. Wood's guidance many favorable changes have taken place this year, such as the noon time recreation facili- ties. Mr. Wood said that he has been in this business twenty-one years, but hastened to explain that he started at the age of nineteen. MR. LOVE-DEAN OF BOYS Comes the first period in the morning and many of Tigertown's men become acquainted with Mr. Love. Mr. Loves day is one continuous line of boys, problems from tardiness to-ah, ab- sence. This makes his twelfth year in Tiger- town and he is spending his sixth year as Dean of Boys. l943 with its eighteen year old draft law has brought many problems to Mr. Love, and the boys have greatly appreciated his advice and information. MISS SLOAN-DEAN OF GIRLS A cheerful smile, an approving nod, a quick step, and Miss Sloan has passed by. Being mother, teacher, nurse, counsellor and numerous other characters at Bl-l.S. must be an inspir- ing occupation. At least our Dean of Girls seems to thrive on it. Every girl has found in conferences with Miss Sloan an understanding, sympathetic and true friend, All of Tigertowns gals wish to say, "Thanks, Miss Sloan, for being so swelll" 111111f11111111 l..f1 .' . .1 FLORENCE MARIE HACKETT-English U. C7 "11 1 R C' ELSIE SLOAN-English 1f11.:1 111111014 i51a11f 11 11-1 112.1 C1111-'nw 1v.1g111.11, W1111111111'111'111 U M A 1,1111:1w1' 111 1711 DOROTHY VVILSON-English U, 01 1111I1f1!. 1'1.111::. 1111:1f11: S1111111, 1353, W11.:111r1G1or1 U 1.11 A EDNA ABENBRINK-Home Economics 1f, 1111 '. 1., f5'.1-1 T1111'1111r1: R 11,1 1'1, C1110rf1f1f .111111 FRANCES TENDICK--Home Economics M1,11' 1V11t1.1': C1 11' 11, 13511, U 411 111111015 EDNA BIBBY-Librarian. FAYE SEATON-Office Secretary. CARL G A S T O N-w-Agriculture C111'1'1fQ111 11.l1' L .11 11- .. , U 1:1 111111,11.: L yn 1351 RALPH SHANNON-Music 111111015 Wf1.'1f1'y1,1:1 1: ' M 111"1'1 "1'1''1'11"111U"11"1"11V .1 ,..,.1.,.1.+.4 ..'f .1 BURTON NOTHDURFT-Manual Trgzininq fl 1 11111K 11111 51111111 1n1111'11f11,z C11111-111, 1513 1 131 GRACE CUNNINGHAM-Spanish McKfe1111rf-1 C111 11 U 1',- 1 1111r1cu1,:, 14 U m1 W1L1C1'JI1Ll1T1 U C 1111111111 M A VERA ADAMS-Math., English S. 111111015 15m ::1 11 151111 U U1 W11'1:f111.1111 MA., W11.:1111111 1111: U U 111 C1111c11'1111:, W1-.,111r11 1V'1f'l1F'1'V!' U CARLA GEWE-Lulin VV111'11171111cJr1 U, 13 A, U 1 Cf 111 111f' M A, U 11 V1l1,'f'or11:i11 IOHN 1. LOVE-Math. U O1 1111110111 155, 11 111 L' 1,:111111, M rw, 1:1 1.r1 CHRISTINE YOUNG--Mcih. -fWr'11:1Qr11 11111101 1.111111 T1-1,1f'1.L111: C0115-qv-, 1'1 Q11 1fd MARGARET WEINGAND-Cor1mer':e- If 1111 111113 S1'11r' '11-111'11f1'." C '11f1f1f, 121141 5 6.0 Hldermen MARY SHEAHAN - Commerce - Wasliinaton AB., Columbia U. V X HSARAH THOMAS-Commerce-Central Mo. State Teachers' Colleae, B. of Ed. EUGENE LITTLE-Commerce4Maryville Col- leqe, AB., U. of Tennessee, M.S ISABEL WOOD-English--U. ot Illinois, AB. U. ot Wisconsin, M.A., University of Califor- nic. ELIZABETH ISAACS-English-Cornell Col- lege, AB., Columbia U., MA ALICE CHEEK-Enqlish-U. ot Illinois, AB., U. of California, U. ot Missouri, M A. IOAN HUNTER-Science--IT. Illinois State Teachers' Colleae, B. of Ed. ELNORE STOLDT-SciencehMacMurray Col- lege, AB., U ot Mirhiqan, MS., U. at Wi.:- consin, CECIL PFEFFER-Science-N. If Mitagzouri State. WARREN MULCH-Social Science--U. of Illi- nois, BS. in Ed. P. H. KINSEL-Social Scienceflfureka Col- lege, AB, U. of Illinois, U. of Chicaaa, Wash- ington U., MA, DEAN TRACY-Social Science-Wm. Iewell Colle-ae, AB., U. of Missouri, A.M. ESTHER HARLAN-Phys. Ed.-Illinois State Normal, B.Ed GLENN SMITH-Phys. Ed.--HU. of Missouri, B S., U. of Illinois. Y l 2 -l l T to A N ! E K E t f l 1 t Early in September when the "Tiger" was just beginning to develop, we were trying to find a theme to help us produce the schools best "Tiger" Then there came a little "tap" at the door and in stalked "Eddie," "What are you doing here?" l said looking down at him. "l've been around here a long time, you guys just haven't noticed me. l understand you need some help," he shouted up at me. "l certainly do," l meekly replied. And so began "Tiger Eddie." -THE EDITOR Senior Class lllill Doris Askamit, leave my glamour to some deserving Iunior with or without glasses. Evelyn Arth, leave so my sisters will have a chance. Milburn Arth, leave as quietly as I came. Bernice Bangert, leave to begin a long future with Norman. Shirley Bardelmeier, leave a shining example to all future Home Ec girls. Harold Bartels, leave my pal Bunte, all alone? Bob Bartlett, left early to avoid any possibilities of a broken heart. Marie Bast, leave my gentle manner to Miss Cheek. Roland Bauer, leave to study the art of becoming a rural Casanova. Iune Baumgartner, leave with my hopes unfulfilled. Victor Becker, leave my basketball ability to Bob Brower, but Ruth goes with me. Arnold Beckemeyer, leave and without a woman tool Peggy Bigham, leave my gift of gab to one as able as l. Marian Bivens, leave! Harold Black, leave my "Technique Class" in want of another experienced tutor. Waldemar Blase, leave slowly, surely, not in dread. Lillian Blatevogel, leave E.H.S., a petite, untouched, blonde Miss. Bob Blumberg, leave a vacancy in the swing band. Edna Bouse, leave a soldier's wife. Wilma Br'aasch, leave my nonchalant manner to Sara Clark. Charles Braden, leave to work for Iohn Powers. Henry Brandt, leave to be an employer, not an employee at the U. S. Ra- diator. Douglas Brase, leave with heart unfurled. Germaine Braundmeier, leave to seek my fortune, a man. LaWanda Bridwell, leave my shy brother, Dick, uncared for. Carl Brockman, leave to conquer many feminine hearts with my Iohn Payne personality. Barbara Brower, leave to follow in the path of my Assistant Chem. Teacher. Iudith Brunworth, leave to spend more week-ends in Champaign. Dorothy Bryant, leave not as a Bryant but as a Whitsell. Mary Ann Bryant, leave my "oornph" to one who is worthy of the challenge. Eleanor Burle, leave to right the wrong for my native country, Chez. CContinued on page 943 14 " It OFFICERS HAROLD BLACK President HAROLD HOGUE Vice-President MARY IO KELLERMAN Secretary-Treasurer Uui Retiring Residents Freshmen? Indeed we were when we entered this large building tour years ago. Green? Not too green We are proud to report. We knew there were no elevators, escalators, or 'rain checks, so we considered ourselves quite intelligent. We took kidding in our stride, even liked it a little. The fun poked at us was taken good-naturedly, so we were permitted to enter to an ob- scure existence as Sophomores the next term. Soon We blossomed into proud and gracious Iuniors. We loved our teach- ers and stood in awe of the mighty Sen- iors. We Went ahead in our quiet Way, biding our time until We would be "Kings of Tigertown" and gain the cov- eted title offered. For a year now we have gloried in our Seniorship. We have led the stu- dent body in activities social and cur- ricular, our athletic teams have won for us praise and fame. We have lived a glorious life in this, our E.H.S. of '42 and '43, and We are certain you will hear of the fame of the never-to-be- forgotten class of 1943, as we join the ranks of the proud alumni. r.- og' .r yr P rf, . A f N .. .y mg! A x IL 1:5 ,A 5 BETTY LOU AHRENS "Betty Lou" "A voice full of music and expression." EVELYN AHTH weve.. "Don't'rl1sh me, boys." I i I 1 DOUGLAS BRASE "Doug" "Girls, don't bother me." milf BOB BAHTLETT "Smoky" "My heart is wholep my fancy tree. Go way, lit- ile girl, don't bother me." "Ea Hy the Belle 62 Glen Crossing." . ' - . Y MILB URN ARTH DOlYS'AKlAMlI 'Ackey , l "Mil" "Why do girls shun me?" . SHIRLEY BABDEIMEIER HE BRAN - "Shirley" 6 "if . -- , 1' ' - "Som doy I wil ke egg" lgiuimmer myself known." mc N, 1 ' A X RAYMOND 51,555 CHARLES BRADEN "Ray" "Charlie" "Hey, le-et, where ya UA speedy man from going with that boy?" Worden. " BOB BLUMBEHG "Bob" DOROTHY BRYANT "Punk" "l've added Whitsell to my name." V "Bashliil? Are you kid- din?" , u . 1, Ni WN gy . :QB ' 'fi , H5391-D FEACK HAROLD Burns AR LD BEKEMEYEH H Blackie ..Hobo.. ..Beky.. When love and duly "The harder I try to be "Blessings on thee little . . Clqshf lelwlhe duly go gooderp the worser I man." ' ' 1, , to smash. cm,-1 . 7 n JJ . " J - I .v 7 l , :Q If 1 Q ,x EUGENE BAFTEI-S WAI. AR L I vrcron nzcxsn H -Eugg - r ' ..Hunk.. Procrasllnmwn is the "Girl ke me llus- "The man who tried to lhlef of mme' t re .' do nothing and succeed- : I ed." ' C 'U A "freshie" green os grass could be Wcrndered in ond soid to me, Pardon my good mon but is this where A fellow can Corrie, study, laugh ond ne're 16 Senior qi 4 r B BR R BERNICE BAIGQT . mb.. nnelnie.. ' el g od an dilier- "Full aygentlejkindness nt.' he! lo s and language def f, 4 I PEGGY BXGHAM CARL JOSEPH "PDQ" BROCKMAN "School is such a bo e." "B:-ocky" 7 1 "So beautiful cmd brigh 4 t K f bq s 1 1 MARIAN BIVENS MARIE BAS-r "Bivsns" ..Mm,Y.. "Everything is so puz- zling." EDNA BOUSE "Edna" "Mrs,-if you please." 0-1-sfQ,9.7 805--v LILLlAN HiOTEVOGEL ' 'lphdx-ty" "I cam :among you here so sud nly." D IL " sses 5 n be attrac- tiv ." "Giggling makes the world go 'round." ' 1 K, GERMINE BRAUNDMEIER "Brandy" "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." X . X. La A B DllVELL wiYRBethHg "Little-but oh, my." '. v I X il 'I' i-LpMAs c LG E f'Pal iv P "H wh s ' ' A 1 have HO . Glass hi Pr' P wir. Snhqsyiu U 1 ul , ilnifll hgigl- yowiruow I was MARYANN BRYANT ' 'Maryann' ' "A lieutenant in the hand is worth ten ' . P vates anywhere." M , ,W if IUNE BAUMGARTN gir -wise and er- wise," K ' 1 ELEANOH MARIE BURLE "Burly" "Write me as one who loves his tellowmenf' W IUDITH BHUNWORTH -1-1...t,," fl y "Nature made her D " should, t t bad a not t ,I I it ff' ,zf Ja xi f MYRLN COOPER ..MaC.. "Oh, yes, l'm here." 17 6 XG' 3' 1 .4 ' I 4 if , . ,R llfgm Leave unless he choose to do? That was before this young man who, Entered EI-l.S. four short years ago Had growen to love the dear old place ,.. , . - Which in his heart now holds a space. A freshman he was for only one year From then on "He's a Sophomore" came to his ear As a Iunior lad he was Very debonair MAXINE COLB ERT "MuckieK 'll have heard the ' t- inqale hersenf' fifth LEONA DEI-IN "A typewriter is a good companion." X, 'N f pm LEONARD DURHAM "Len" "l'm tor the Marines all the way." CAT E 'I 1 uthv.. "Have you ever been to Worden?" E RS FLORA LEE ENGELKE ..Dod.. "Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty." WILMA KATHRYN ENGELKE "Willie" "Prairietown? Where's that?" l8 ff UV fd -.1 EDNA LEE CLARK "Lily" "Don' yo all make fun of my accent." WALTER LUDWIG DUVALI.. Ir. ..Nip.. "I have heard Uncle Sam's call " NORMA DUSTMANN "Annie" Ulnnocence abounds " . U h man Navy 1 , ADRIAN CHISTE "Christy" "Very chic and petite." LORETTA IEAN DIERKES "Dirk" "A red head with a beautiful disposition." WILB UR DUSTMAN ' 'Wib ' ' "A man's a man lor all that." J UBGNY.. 'lSay, girls, have you heard the latest?" Gronmm I AM marry rzusrsnmnn HELEN EBERHART "Curly" To please others is my aim." BERNADINE FOEHRKALB "Bem' ' "Say, kid, what's new?" Lu ERN DS o d only type." MARY VIRGINIA FOEHRKALB ucimw.. "l'm a GAA girl." Senior I OHN I-'OX nhhlmi... "Fox or Wolf . . it's all the same." BETTY IANE FLETCHER ..Bab... "Dancing is wondertul recreation." X .f .W -- I MA RSODNICK Ma "Leave me itoiiiysell cmd I'll get along." CHESTER HARRIS "Chu" "l'll be merry and free- l'll be sad for nobodeef' CLETUS HENRY .-ned.. "Tain't orange: it's red. I I . -. Wi LLA . M.. A hand aide rugged man." ll Class PAYE FRICKENSTEIN "Frickie" "A pleasant smile, a gracious way, thus she always has her way." ELSIE IOANNA GODDARD "Goddard" "Never ready, always late, but she smiles . . and so we wait." LAWRENCE FINKE "linkie" "Why should l study and make myself mad?" IEANNE GODFREY "Boots' ' "Oh gee-now where are my glasses?" 7 f . .fy 1 La A 'GREEN j : by" 'Q So std d a 1 ' , boi rous n .. V ' fllw rw U IEANNE HARRIS "B er!" l am. seeking a man." BENNETT HENSLEY nnump.. "Our Mr. Five by Five." A LD HOGUE "Mittens" Iso ? I know all bout X . it l EDWIN GERHNG ..Ed.. " 'Tis hey I know him by his gait." Nouns RA 4, : ' nd word or e rw VERNEDA HILL , "I tell the teachers." A M up .1 RALPH HEEPKE "Napoleon" "The build of Li'l Abner with the antics ot Dog- wood." 19 The Sophomores griped him and "freshies" got in his hair Before very long his Seniorship was gained And graciously over all the rest he reigned. As an alumnus now in the outside world To the winds his banner of prestige is unfurled a. ' up-Q, . Li . 1 V .Ax will as l a Q . .W . ' t 1 6' 1 Fifth 4 f-. tl 5 i ran f H v- ti We are going to miss the old place in the future. In the spring the trucks humming along the highway, that make it so hard for the teach- ers in the south end to be heard, I' X . IUNE HARING' 'l'm new here." If N W ERWIN IAMES HOSTO . . lim. , "The best men are those who say the least," NORMA HANSER "Norm" "Oh, for some good re- porters." BERNARD HUELSKAMP "B umps' ' "There may be a better man than I-but l doubt it." ZZWTLAQMJ CHARLES HARBRY "Chuck" "This army life." -.. DOROTHY IELLEN "Where duty leads, I tollow." MARY LOUISE KENT "Kansas City Kitty" "Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiamf' 3 D K t " ldon" " e ' rden men are strong. 20 BILL IENKINS ' 'Ienlxs" "Never t?J his gaze on woman bent," MARY IO KELLERMAN ' 'Kelly' ' "lust look me over, but don't overlook me." THEODORE R. KETCHAM ...redn "Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more." EMMALENE KAUFMAN ..EmmY.. llBookkeeping genius." MW HE N HOMANN "Silence is more musical than any sound," DONALD ANDREW HUENEMEIER "Heinie" "Napoleon was a little man," N y X 2 t HELEN IEREB "Helen' ' "To do good rather than be conspicuous." CRYSTAL KENNECKE "Chris" "Say kid, did you come to EHS. to study?" ,I xi ' M y IVAN xmn. If. snug.. "Bewarel I may yet do something sensational." NORMA LEE LANTERMAN "Noxmey" I Senior 1 MUHL LUTES "Tis better to wear out than to rust out." BETSY LINDBECK HEMI.. "Merry heart, laughing eyes-this 'nard is deck- ed in modern quisef' , . ' 1 LEILA LEITNER "Lil" "Naughty but nice," MELBA LE ING "One could er accuse her I ' GLADY In LOIS LOEMKER aQie" "Coke" " Ii tl ll h .llxrlif "My heart belq to ' at is ee n1n'g,6l Slick," tl f fl " ' ns thu n .su x. V ,,. -E rw ly I .' - BETTY MACDONALD BETTY ANN LONG "Batty" "A happy lind." ELNA McGOWAN "Bea" "Merry heart." WWW VERNON MEYER "Vernon" 'Physics-that's for rne. " Uneny.. "Good girls are hard to find." ISAB EL METZGER ulzzy.. "I want what I want when I want rt." VERNON MEYERS "Buddy" "Ye old scientist." Class WILLIAM LEE "Bill" "Do you think I should qet a crew cut?" H1-IRRIET LANGE .. ts., "Such sp , o writer vb v e see ." rl' ' VIRGINIA LEVORA "Gina" "lt's often lonelyvbeing good " sf J 7 RUTH TZGEH "Shorty" "My true love hath my heart and I hav his." 1 . X VIRGINIA MATEYKA "Gina" "When I must I had bet- ter " MELVIN MEYER --Mein "Brawn andy.-br' n are a rnarvelou mbina- tion-if have 'em." M f . If X 1 f bf 21 Sr U 1 I ,E 4 S Jj H gl XA -, M I ' L' X. L I f the 3:37 bell that sends a cascade of voices, arms, and legs over the campus toward Ball- wegs. While the brawn and muscle tread their Way toward the gym after saying goodby . Ai if f if l to the girl friends. Autumn and Winter with its assortment of bon fires, dances, exams, etc. Comes ll:5O and food is gulped down the hatchway in order to make room KENNETH MACDONALD "Kenny" "lt's the navy for me." X . 't . ' EW' of A tx tj LMEH E1-11.5 J l m "I may il ok like a la- dies: man, but l'm not." IDELL M. OSTENDORF "Boots" "Do not women make the world go 'round?" GRACIE PITTMAN ' ' Gracie ' ' "The girl with the drea- my eyes." BETTY PIPER "Betty P." "Blessed are the little for they can become no smaller." BOB ROTH "Roth" "I couldn't have been naughty, I cltdn't have time." 22 EISIE MENK ..Menk.. "Have you seen a sweet- er disposition?" ROBERT MAYBERRY ' 'Bob' ' "lf worry were the only cause for death, I would live forever." GILBERT PRANTE . .Gib . . "l'm in the Marines." GLENN PHILLIPS. Ir. ' ' Glenn' ' "I never could remem- ber when the 4th ot Iul was-1. WZ , A I JXWAQ KATHEAKNE POYD K "Teeny" "Make way tor me, I'm comin'." NIGEL REYNOLDS ..Nige.. 'ilt is the tranquil people who accomplish much." F MARVIN MOEHLE ' 'Marve ' ' "What is the need of brains when one is hand- some?" vror.A NISCHWIT ' "Mommie",, J "l've got my rn 1,1-have you?" ALYNE M. POOS . "Poosie" 'll loved him, so l mar- ried him." 1 f 15-65 RQ yirm PERRY "Betts" "To a young heart every- thing is fun." DOROTHY IANE PIAZZI MDM.. "No girl should learn to love before twenty-it's too large an audience," IOHN REID "Iohnny" l'Cantent to live, though not to work." Www? MW Senior O MARILYN AHN "Mai n" "Do you ean Wool- ' VERA SCHAAKE ..v.. "A good housewife she will make." BILL SCHNEIDER "Polly" "My chiel ambition is to get by," ERNIE KEITH f',v-f' V SEDLACEK 4 "Gilder" 1 "A he-man." 'vffg I . f . 'lf J- 'V ROSE MARIE SHANNON "Butch" "Aren't Uncle Sam's boys nice?" fi ox A -MILD RO SSEL "Mil' - " o nat a ood must j ' . KENNY SCHEIBAL "She-balls" "There must be hard work in him tor none ever comes out." RAI-X ON usChOll" "I'm not as innocent as l look." SUZANNE DEE SENTENNE usue.. "You'll do, little girl." THEODORA S ASHEK "Te y ' "I leave wit ack. wardl lc." C 1 "' fx ly . 'Ill EVE!-YN SEJVR ' EDNA smnxs "-Eva," ' Us k .. U l H Q5 I par y A gill Ol mls m ! "l would be friends with ner." X' Youff . all ll! A 'f fp f x" Class BRICE L. SAYERS "Brice" "Me and Glen . . we're pals." REINHARD SCHMIDT "Smitty" 'Seldom seen, seldom heard." LAWRENCE DOUGLAS SCHULZE ' 'Fish' ' "Hope I tall downstairs before I get to class to take that test." SHIRLEY SHAFER "Shirt" "A quiet, unassuming girl." RALPH SHILLATO "Ralph" "Dis here is me." BETTY IUNE SOMERLADD "Somer" 'An all-American girl." 23 Tv tor dancing, ping pong, small talk, and big talk, not forgetting the hallway assortment of ever faithfuls. No one forgets the last big fling with next years "big boys" entertaining. And the little jaunts taken afterwards or is that jointsl Oh well, The hep-cats on the stage at noon, swinging to records of Goodman and Grey, while the boys sit in awe or disgust, Whichever suits them. All this and much more. I OSEPI-I LOUIS SPERANDIO "Duder" "Thema ain't no use to q imbe and compl 1 " 'S "-'xlfh' N STURGEON " turge" ' came alter Man and 's been alter him e e moe." MARGUERITE THREEWITT I "Cuddles" . "l'll wake his pwn up yet." I , IJ M I' ' I J . if .11 f J N , J ' I . 'l JJ x ,' -l ,I v ' ALVIN UI-IE ..Uhe.. "lt l did say some hing, y o u wouldn't e me," .Fl It iw f l . U bg of , LQ.-If . iff JALICE WEIDNER "Alicia" "And who is this crea- ture man, that l should be mindful ot him?" KENNETH WOOD "Kenny" "A student cmd a gentle- man." 24 GERALDINE STAHLHUT A ..GenY., Nl could be a Powers model" RUTH MARYANN SUHRE "Rough" "As quiet as a mouse is she, and yet no trap has caught her." , Rx! Y GEORGIA TRAULSEN x "George" J"Sorrv fellas, l work till if ten o'clock " ELMER C. UNTERBRINK "Iohnny" "l would have to tall tor a city girl " ,, 4' Q MARY IANE WIDENER ..Mm,Y.. "l know a little about men" ti ZWZ, RO RT GIUS Bob" "F t table of my me , l'll wipe all tilt IACK HENRY TAKE "I"redie" i'And then hw will talk- good gosh' how he will talk " GEORGE IOI-IN TALICK "Talick" "The world could not ao on without me " BETTY TROESCI-I "Betty" "Poets alone should kiss and tell " VIRGINIA VOYLES "Ginnie" Ulndependent, always " I, of I I he ROBERT WHITE "Whitie" ' l work at the Wildeyf' AR UH RLES ZIKA "Zeke" l n is nd mast t ' Senior DOROT Y BRYANT "I'v add Whitsell m ' VIRGINIA WHEAT ' ' Ginny" "Marriage rs woncleriulf' ,A ..F . to " IS slo G g is beti r an "Stermon" "The fair, the chaste, the inexpressive she." FRANK ZAR OVELLA MAE STERMON , is W-" RUFUS WILLIAM RAMSEY "Bud" "Such c way wrth wom- en" ' m SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES . . ROLAND BAUER "Army hie icxscmcxtes me. ROBERT PARKER "1 foil to see the point." IN MEMORIAM . . . WILLIAM BROWN "I'm from Springfield, Missouri," ARTHUR WELCH . "Hove you ever seen rne type?" GLEN EYMAN "A good egg. sunny side- up." MISS GRACE DAVIS DONALD WELCH Faculty Class of '44 Class Z5 Sound mari and belle Game time 'T werity Freshies Armistice Day Doc Meyers Tiger Times Lookit him would ya' Wm. Place. Show! Wliat'sa matter l'm hungry Smokers-Two Junior The year was 1940 and the month of September was in full swing. During our first year we, as most Freshmen are, were seen but not heardg at least in most cases, for we had a deep respect for the Seniors. Ninteeen hundred forty-one came around and we found ourselves to be Sophornores. By this time, we discov- ered that we Wern't considered out- casts, and our names could be seen in the records of a majority of the school's activities. Now we are Iuniors, and quite proud Hesi OFFICERS CLAVIN REID President BOB NORRIS Vice-President HM MARKS Secretary-Treasurer dents of it too. We have come out of our shells and into the open. Now there's hardly a school event or activity offered where the Iunior class is not well repre- sented. This year we sponsored the Iunior play entitled "The Night of Ian. l6th," which was quite a success. The Iunior-Senior Prom was also handled very capably by our class. Although we have had a very profit- able and successful year, We, as lun- iors, are looking forward to next year when we become the "Big Shots" of E.H.S. -ing, 6' Junior Residents 1 fffzfqjid Mu I Aummonn, Arth, Arbough Auqsburoer, Ax, Arbuckle if---Brodie, Brrcher, Bode, Broderick Behrendt, Bohm, Bouse 3 Dorsey, Evers, Crow, Evcxns, I., Donnenberg IIVCIHSS, I, Ifnolish, D., Davenport, I. fl Imgqers, Kohmonn, Iones Hydron, Kellenberqer, Iones, Iohnson 28 H Krurneich, Kurz, Loutner, Koch Londo, Kruckelberq, Lewis CoIIey, Coolbouglr, Cox Crowford, Clowson, Cronin Burger, Brown, Clork Burion, Brutmnit, Bunte Schoenleber, Schmidt, Schnerder Sleuuner, Schoenleber Schmidt 4 Junaur Residents BClllQl1i11GH, Barnes, Bardelrneier, Baits, Banqe, Baerlaein Seals, Settle, Shaffer, Slckbert, Schwallo, Shafer, Short Helsing, Patton, Rohrkaste, McNeilly, Mei-e kotnp Neuhaus, Netnnich, Conner, Nilsson, Nantz, Kershaw, Nordstrom, Kesl Lloyd, Luksan, Long, Maggie, Lyerla, Lischtnann Marks, Mathis, McCracken, Matteer, Massa, May, May, Marth fHiclcs, Heepke, Heady, Hartung, Harrell Herman, Haywood Gaertner, Flavin, Foltz, Fink, Foehrkolla, Fagg, Frey in l 1" 7 Junior Residents Ukena, Stahlhut, Strahan, Stahlhut, Tos- if vosky, Soehlke, Stewart, Stroud, Stille -Sievers, Smith, Slovak, Smith, Black, lrvin, Lanham, Spanholtz Reising, Schikowski, Sasek, Schafer, Sasek, Rosenthal, Schierrneyer Norris, Knauel, Kruetzberg, Klostermeyer, Koch, Owens Wild, Woll, York, Wilkinson, Werden, Wilharm, Winkle, Schmidt, Kes- senger --Grange, Gent, Grotetendt, Grosenheider, Grinsteacl, Gusewell, I-lardbeck, Gephart 3-Vogel, Vieth, Viere, Weber, Walker, Rogers, Van Camp Wendel, Weiler, Westerholt, Werner, Wiemers, Wehling, Welch OFFICERS l . BILL AKSAMIT l President IOHN MARKS Vice-President ANDY NELSON Secretary Sophomore Residents We are not exactly considered the upper crust of society in this big city, but that hasn't kept us from achieving some glory in Tigertown. We were :lefinitely typed last year when we were Freshmen, but we shall become known next year as the luniors, second in command, though now as Sophomores, we are unheard of. You can bet We are going to do things in the future. lust now, we are buying our War stamps, adding mighty men to future championship teams, and sending' beautiful voices toward the music department. Not to mention the many "Einsteins" that are springing up among us. The nineteen forty-four school year is drawing near and We're ready to go places. Sophomore Hosidoois 1 First row: Woods, Wells, Voyles, Unter- brink, Votrain Second row: Weaver, Wild, Ward, Vietli, Van Ormar, Wilson, Williams Top row: Walker, Wicorek, Wayne, Yenne, Zoelzer, Woll, Winte, Winte, Weidner, Whyers, Zoelzer 2 First row: Evans, Frickenstein, Fergu- SOD Second row: l-larrnon, Evans, Feezel, Cwoodnick, l-larnel, Foehrkallo, Fergu- son, l-lance, Figge Top row: Feldner, Fleming, Fagan, Gildersleeve, Greenwood, Frisby, Hans 3 First row: Downing, Etzkorn, Erickson, Coolbaugh, Coultas, Deploe, Davis, Cooper, Cunningham Second row: Eicher, Dugan, Ellis, Dow- ning, Dale, Eberlnart, Cooper, Don- brow, Eickmann, Conrad, Claytor 4 First row: Hentz, lellen, Gros- enheider, Kreutzberg 'fy Second row: Knoche, l-lenry, lones, l-luelskarnp, Hubbard, l-licks, Kleuter Third row: Kruckelberg, Kruckelberg, Iohnson Top row: Hawes, Klenke, Kruckelberg, Ketclfiam, Kovarik, Klaus, Hotz, How- ells, Iahns Sophomore Residents 1 First row: Leitner, Mateyka, Mueller Kurmann, Meikamp, McDermott Lanham, Mayer, Mindrup, Losch Lutes Second row: Marks, Krumeich, Mun- zert, Lenglet, Morrison, Levora Lange, Levora 2 First row: Beck, Becker, Badalamenti Brase Second row: Alexander, Browning, Backs, Bardelmeier, Bekemeyer, Biv- ens, Carter Top row: Brase, Bange, Bagby, Alexan- der, Arbaugh, Beck, Birdwell, Aksa- niit, Bearden 3 First row: Reynolds, Rosenthal, Orman, Robinette Second row: Rizzoli, Sands, Rethmeier, Raffaelle, Nischwitz, Schaeffer, Pryor, Owens, Sayers, Niemann Top row: Runge, Pellichof, Sommer- feldt, Nelson, Robinson, Saathoff, Ont- ko, Reiter, Pittman 4 First row: Schmidt, Schoenleloer, Slem- mer, Stoltze Second row: Unterbrink, Tencick, Scher- mann, Schmidt, Smith, Svoboda, Stahlhut, Shaffer. Top row: Shashek, Springer, Troeckler Sheppard, Smith, Suhre, Stewart, Townzen, Schroeder, Schmidt 1 1 1 1 OFFICERS EDWARD FIEGENBAUM President BOB GEERS Vice-President BETTY BOEKER Secretary-Treasurer Uur Emhruu Geniuses Last September E.H.S. was reinforced with a group of one hundred seventy- five raw recruits-the freshmen. No physical examinations were requiredg they took us in "lock, stock, and bar- rel," just as We came. lt is true, l.Q. tests were given later, but no one was rejected as utterly disqualified. For every "recruit" there were three super- visors-the upper classmen-who were quite determined that We should keep our place. After a few weeks any embarrass- ment, we may have felt, began to dis- appear. By then We were taking part in the activities and joining clubs. Our training was made more attrac- tive by occasional social events. We took part in the all-school parties and more particularly the Freshrnan-Sopho- more party at which the class made its debut: We believe our class has talent and that it will respect the traditions and high standards of EI-I.S. nGeni Brase, Brower, Bowles, Augsburger, Al brecht, Arth, Bangert, Boeker, Arth, Am buehl, Brandt, Arth, Arbuckle, Blume Baerlein, Brown, Breitbarth, Cummings Amistadi, Bryant Prusa, Schoenleber, Schwager, Schaf- fer, Schmidt, Schmidt, Rowlands, Ow- ens, Pike, Schomloerg, Bezaloek, Schei- bal, Schneider, Rizzoli, Phelps, Schelm- mer, O'Brein, Schaake, Ochs, Noto Hartman, lngrain, Hall, Hance, Henry Heherer, Hinnen, Hainbly, Holtgreve Hanser, Hanning, Holonyak, Henderson Heepke, Hale, Hall, Guzy, Haug, Hlavsa, Heepke, Hardheck, Howerton. USES 1 1 1 Drescli, Dorsey, Davenport, Fields, But- ler, Douglas, Clark, Dude, Dustman, Corionitis, Butcher, Crowe, Cooper, Cooper, Daech, Clawson, Claytor, Cald- well, Davis, Durham, Dietz, Daech Schaeffer, Stroud, Schroeder, Trent, Speckman, Tipton, Southard, Schroeder Beck, Schirmer, Stoehlinger, Smith, Ten- cick, Tosh, Schroeder, Straube, Schoen- leber, Schwalb, Shepard, Sheppard Suhre. Truitt, Weaver, Zillibotti, Zika, Ukena Warning, Warren, Widener, Vielhauer Yenne, Wollbring, Young, Yehling, Wil- helm, Walker, Vanzo, Wehling, Weber, Welch Emhru 1 f 0 Gent 0 Geni Engleke, Grinstead, Evans, Ewell, Finke Gardner, Goodnick, Gullic, Gephart Fox, Farrell, Fiegenbaurn, Frey, Ford, Erickson, Gernoules, Geers, Gray, Gill- ham, Going if Kovarik, lones, Langford, Leach, Leach, Krupski, Kriege, Kessell, Kessenger, Klenke, Lando, Kruckeberg, Kelleher, Kelley, ludge, lordan, Kipp, Klueter, Kohlburn, Knauel, King Menglekamp, Menk, Meikamp, Mayer, Mann, Lee, Miller, Mueller, May, Mich- el, Nix, Nischwitz, Loyd, Merkle, Meyer, Nealy, Modene, Mindrup, Meyer, Mc- Realcen, Lenglet, Moehle USES H Our furry friend to the right reports that the Veiled Prophet turned green with envy when lie read of Tigertowns social season. The old boy then went into a Coiiia when he saw our tootloall queen, We had tire, gas, and later, tood rationing, but these were simply challenges to our ref sourcefulness. Eddie was there to make sure that Susies gown wasnt stepped on by lohnny and to prod Bill along so he'd ask Mary to dance. Briefly, Eddie tended to all the little ihings that inade the occasions successful. Hnmecom World War II brought us our annual Homecoming festivities with all their zest and bustle. ln welcoming the town's former residents back to their old stamping ground, the only event missing was the big parade. A big roaring bonfire, our defeat of Collinsville on Armistice Day, and the excellent presentation by our football boys of the 1942 Football Queen on the following Saturday compensated for that which tire rationing conquered. The day before the game saw the 40 inq..I942 wood piled high in the parking lot. About 8:00 o'clock you could see the flames leaping high as snake dances, cheers, and songs grew with the ex- citement. Norm Nilsson was Master of Ceremonies. Talks were made by Mr. Wood, Mr. Alexander, Co-captains Hensley and Black, and also the jubi- lant Mr. Mulch bounced forward to give a much awaited talk on football. As the fire died away, we retired to our homes to await the big game. We did go home, didn't we? funth One of the most outstanding social events of the season was held on Novem- ber' 14. The occasion was the annual Football Prom. This year the lettermen and their maids sponsored the event and made a great success of it. Promptly at 8:30 o'clock the lights were dimmed and one by one the maids and lettermen Walked down the aisle. After they were assembled on each side of the stage, a fanfare announced the coming of our retiring queen, Miss ludy Kubicek, es- corted by Glenn Schlueter. After she had taken her place on the throne, another fanfare proclaimed the entrance of our lovely queen, Miss Faye Frickenstein, es- corted by Norman Nilsson. When she ap- proached the throne, she knelt and was crowned "Queen of the 1942 Football Sea- son. a I I Prom LETTERMEN AND MAIDS: Carol May Cleona Lutes Nina lane 1-leady Theodora Shashek Elvira Schafer Sue Sentenne Bette Piper Ruth Metzger lean Sturgeon Beverly Bardelmeier Ovella Sterman loyce Grinstead Beverly Fink Mary Lou Black LaVerne Grosen- heider LaVerne Eads Betty Somerlad loanna Goddard Leila Leitner Bob Bode Bob Hartung George Koch Harold Schafer Marvin Schoenleber Ed Gerling Arlin Meikamp Victor Becker' Iohn Fox Cletus Henry Wilfred Hilla Harold Hogue Bernard Huelskamp Don Huenemeier Marvin Moehle Lawrene Schulze Ed Winkle 1-larold Black Bennett Hensley 41 Q HaIInwe'en Partu On October 3l our gym was changed into a haunted house. Many witches, clowns, and other spooks as well as others in colortul and beautiful cos- tumes got together and had a real time at the annual Halloween Party. llach one was looking over the other trying to figure out who might be who. Soon the grand march was held and prizes were awarded tor the best cosf tumes. Then we all unmasked and be- gan to recognize each other. We continued the party by dancing to the music of Walter Schlemers ore chestra. Most beautiful girl el-lelen Coroniotis Handsomest boy-f---Dick Bearden repref sented a soldier with red hair. Best witchfrlfd Gerling Most original Cfirstlf-flienneth Sheppard Csecondj-Mr. Alexander Best disguisefludy Ferguson and Mary Rizzoli Best national-Chester Harris and Car men Nemnick wore Turkish costumes Best comic Ctirstl Marilyn Bagby and Ethel Pryor were negroes Csecondl Alfred Daech dressed as a penguin. Best group Ctirstlffldlarriet and Harold Lange and Betty and Bob Schroeder rep' resented the four aces lsecondlfhlorma and Dorothy Han' ser wore dresses made of leaves, lthirdl-fMiss l-laclcett, Miss Thomas, and Miss Weigand represented Winken, Blinken, and Nod. Best of any other costume Cfirstl Do lores Finke dressed as a cowgirl Csecondl-Dwight Rosenthal was a wounded soldier Famous peopleflfleanor and Helen Springer dressed as Martha and George Washington p- ' O 'i Juni The lunior play "Night of Ianuary l6" by Ayn Ranc was presented on November 23 before a large audience. The play was under the direction of Miss Sheahan. The plot centered around a courtroom drama in which a girl was being tried for murder. The jury, twelve citizens of Ed- wardsville, after hearing testimony on both sides, found the girl, Karen Andre, not guilty. Tigertown was proud of the splendid performance given by Attorneys Flint and Stevens and by Karen Andre. They were typical of the large and talented cast. 0 r Plau CAST Karen Andre .,,.....,.. Darlene Schneider Attorney Flint .... .....,....... I ack Broderick Attorney Stevens. .. Dr, Kirkland ..,... Mrs. Hutchins. . , Van Fleet ....,.. Elmer Sweeney . ,. Nancy Lee Faulkner .. fohn Whitfield ......, Magda Svenson .,...., .. lame Chandler ....,,...,. .. Roberta Van Renselaer. . . Siguard Iunquist ....... . . Larry Regan ......... fudge Heath ..... Bailiff ......,..... Prison Matron ..... Clerk of Court .... Policeman ......,. Court Attendant ,.... .. Secretary to Flint. ,....... . Secretary to Stevens ,...... . . . .Bernice Meikamp Stenographer of Court. .. ...,....Don Mathis . . . . .Iunior Gaertner . . . .Dorothy Clark . ..,. Dallas Harrell . . . . . .Dick Brummitt . .Betty Schiermeyer . , . . . . .Hal Wilharm ... , . .Rosalie Vogel , , . . . .Ruth Behrendt .Beverly Bardelmeier ........,Lenny Kesl . ..., lim Flavin .........Iim Marks . . . . . .Louis Schmidt . . . .Mary lane Gent , . . . . . .Bob Soehlke , , . .Kenneth Coffey ..........Agnes Ax .Doris Klostermeyer . . ,Carmen Nemnich l , is i H1 I. K E I., igslpj lu'- Uperetta Much of Tigertowns talent was put forth into a Gilbert and Sullivan comedy, "Shreds and Patches," which was given December lU and ll under the direction of Ralph Shannon. The operetta, given two nights so as to give more people a chance to see it, was a great success. Two specialty numbers, one given by agile sailorettes, and an- other by Chinese girls, were especially helpful in supporting the cast, as was the entire chorus. The plot was centered around an opera company starting a new show. Obstacles arose and were coped with efficiently by the excellent cast, and everything ended as it should, happily. CAST Patti Zuviel .............. Alice Weidner Mr. Mutterby .... .... C hester Harris lohn Darte ........ . . ,Tom Colgate Harry Oliver ................ Don Mathis Ienny Lind Nearly ....... Maxine Colbert Mr. Coyly ........... .......... B ill Lee Eileen Gray ............ Iudy Brunworth Midas Goldentouch ........ Vernon Bunte Stage Hand ................. Ed Gerling Accompanists ...,,.... Elizabeth Isaacs, leannette Fleming Hld Partu The annual Kid party always gives the femmes of EHS. a chance to vir- tually let down their hair and go back into the forgotten past of their child- hood days. Armed with big hair bows, short dresses, roller skates, penny suckers, and double-bubble gum Cif they could get it? the girls came forth into the gym and had a typical "little girl" time. Dancing, rope jumping, swings, ping- pong, and roller skating was enjoyed by all. Teachers, Seniors and Fresh- men alike got into the mood and before long all were playing together like the kids next door. loe Ladd's orchestra supplied the mu- sic for the rug-cutting, and Ioe and his boys got quite a laugh out of the whole thing. PnurPong -Kid Style Fun,huh? VVe ahh x 'if' 4 'x' fy! y 'V Sadie lt tal-:es the girls to make a success ot rr thing, The lsli-Tri made another smash hit with the annual Sadie Hawkins Party. This was the boys' night to turn the tables. liven though gas rationing had started, a lot of the girls got the Ntamily car' tor the evening and the others used good, old shoe leather tthat wasn't ra- tioned thenl. The girls treated them in gentlemen style called for them, opened doors, and did every little thing they pos- sibly could for them, Also many clever corsaaes showed up. Everything "from soup to nuts" was used. Hawkins' Paitu A big coronation was also held Bette Piper being crowned Daisy Mae, and Dicla Bridwell as Lil Abner. Before the coro nation Doris Aksamit and Mary lo Keller man sang "l'm Nobody's Moo'Cow Nowf Dancing to Toe Ladds orchestra and table tennis furnished the entertainment tor the evening. When the announcement carrie that re treshments would be served, there was a mad scramble tor the door. Potato cliirvs, hot dogs, and soda was dished out to all the Dog Patchers. is ,. , W, 4 l -"1 lil 5 I il- IC February 25 found the small try of El-l.S. growing up and having a shindig of their' very own, Looking in on this event, so important in a Freshman or Sophomore's life, "Eddie" saw and heard may interesting things. Over there, feet not yet trained in the art of dancing tapped briskly to the music supplied by the Tiger Swing Band, at some tables at the far end of the gym, Chinese checkers and card games were in full swing. Further entertainment was supplied by the FI'9Sl'1l1'lC1H quartet singing sev- 7 Q .i P if to it X Freshman Sophomore eral numbers, piano solos by loe Rizzoli and Lloyd Schroeder and a military dance by Darlene Gerden and Eugene Mayberry. Later when the orchestra played a Conga routine, even the shy- est freshie could not resist getting into the line and doing the one-two-three- kick with the best of them. 'lEddie" was proud of the success of his proteges and is quite happy in the fact that he knows that here was the making of capable classes to come, which gave him the assurance that the social lite of EHS. would be well taken care of by the eager Frosh. J f Sent The Senior Class presented the coin- edy, "Dont Take My Penny," on the night ot April lti. lt was a success and greatly enjoyed by all who attended. The play was directed by Miss Cheek, and she and the entire cast deserve praise for their hard work. The play concerned the struggles of two girls, Penny and Sally, to get the part of Diinity West in a movie. Kerry and Greg, boy friends of Penny and loarina, try to keep Penny from getting the part because they want her and loanna to go into a tennis tournament with them instead. They cook up a scheme which involve impersonations and models, but don't get away with it, ln the meantime, Sally has become in- terested in a chicken farm more than Ut 48 Plau movies. All ends well with Mavis, Penny's older sister, getting the part of Dirnity West. The Cast Sally . . .flaye Frirkciigzt--iii Penny , .. . Mavis . Toanna Lydia , Gram .. Claire Flsie , , Lucille Henrietta , . . . Norman .,. .. Mark , . Greg Kerry ... Caleb , . , . . . Red . . , , . Harrison Day ., . Rohr-it'i P+-ru leanne Godfrey Georaia Traiilrt'-ri , , Leila Lcvitner .Ioanna Goclrttird Gerry Strihlhut ...Doris Akziamit ,. Betty Lou Ahrcnai Mary Louinc Kent , .Harold Hoauf- Marvin Moehlri Lawrence linker ...,.Tom Colgate- Charles Braden Bennett llf"D:2l"NY Fri kdfttlltlfl Braden Un The Pruull IWr.CMbsom SonmzVVetk4uggerS DhghtLHe Sknnp Day NacMecSLeHa NoonMme BaHwegS Aherthe FambaHIFom Gamma TEwmlt5idQways Nh SeaE,SkHemnan HGVH1 Thanks Coach Saxophonmt B "Hey, 'Eddief where you going?" l shouted. 'lCh, l'm going down to the gym and help lim Marks make some baskets," he replied, sliding down the banister. Our boys gave the fans a fine show this year. 'Transportation was a big problem for both the team and the fans, but we managed to get there somehow. "Eddie" was in the thick of everything, ale though he still laments the Belleville game. You see, he was supposed to hold a big umbrella over Hensley but got in a hurry and forgot the darn thing. Collinsville game. Blackxe' around the end. Practicefnthrough the Window. Tigers turn 'tMudfCats." But kreig at Midnight." Schmidt got him. i Football Games Al1's Grim in Tigertown A spirited team traveled to Granite, hopeful of continuing their winning streak, but came up on the short end of a l9-l3 score. A brilliant run, on the kickfoff, gave the Tigers high hopes when Koch took the pig skin on a re- verse and darted some 7U yards for the first marker. But the Happy War- riors counted three times, while the Ti- gertown gridders had to be satisfied with 6 points until the final seconds, when Black crashed over, Hensley made the placement. Tigers Claw Trojans After being knocked off by Granite, the Tigers sharpened their claws for Madison. The crowd, attending their first conference game at home, went wild as the Tigers sank their claws deep, sending the Trojans home with a 20-U defeat. A second period tally by Koch would have been sufficient, but Becker pranc- ed across to make it l4 after both of Hensleys placements were good. The third period brought the crowd to their feet, when Becker sprinted some 60 yards for the final tally. I942 Football Tigers... . S Tigers. .. . .32 Tigers... ..l3 Tigers... ...QU Tigers. .. . U Tigers. .. .. U Tigers. .. .. U Tigers... .. 6 Tigers... .13 Total. .. .. Gillespie . . Staunton . Granite City Madison . East Side . . Wood River Belleville . Alton .... Collinsville Total . . Schedule First row-Henry, Ramsay, Winkle-, Shatter, Huels- kamp, Fox, llartung, Bode, Manager Gerling. Second row-Manager Meikamp, Becker, Huenmeier, Black, Hensley, Hogue, Schulze, Nilsson, Koch. Third row-Coach Smith, Schmidt, Bauer, Rosenthal, Reid, Moehle, Mathis, Hilla, Bartlett, Ontko, Coach Tracy. 'If Q bf' gs. if L2 ,en 1 , an l' 4 . f- ' . iv' rwfi ' - . f . A , N K mi-5 ' ' ' T' 4 "r"1'. ,,.. L ff: 4" e' ', .J 'A X., . ,xi f-,M ' V.. X -.3 , ' af2 .ei"l it .51 if 33- I 1 :,-'S f -' , 5 fx ... I f ' .Q yr .m,, . BECKER Back BODE End WINKLE Center RAMSAY Center S CHOENLEBER Guard MOELHE Tackle SCHULZE Tackle KOCH Back HUENEMEIER Guard HUELSKAMP Guard SCHMIDT Back FOX Guard LETTER Our Tigers Over Their Tigers The hopeful Tigers opened the sea- son in colorful fashion, by pinning an 8-O verdict on the Gillespie Tigers. The Tigers "T" formation was new to the local fans, but met with their hearty approval when the Tiger eleven broke through for decisive gains. The first and last marker came when Koch plunged over from the 2-yard line in the third quarter, Tigers Scalp Kahoks To make the Homecoming complete the Tigers Won their first conference game on Armistice Day. Norman Nils- son snagged two passes in the end zone to produce the Tigers' score. Hensley converted his fifth placement of the season. The local gridders play- ed championship football in the final half, holding Collinsville to only one first down in the best defensive playing of the season. Tigers Go Rollin' Along The Tigers demonstrated their power by rolling up a 32-U victory over the Staunton Bulldogs. A recovered block' ed kick by "Fish" Schulze supplied the first marker. Hensley hit pay dirt three times to sew up the contest. Behind good blocking, Wilfred Hilla sprinted lOl yards for the final touchdown in the closing seconds of play. Staunton was slightly favored before the kickeoff, but the Tigers "T" proved to much for the Bulldogs. MR. TRACEY AND MR. SMITH, Coaches IHEH Oilers Oi.l'Tigers The Oilers, led by Luther Harris, trounced the locals 13-O for their third straight loss. The Tigers made big gains all through the contest, but at the goal line the punch just wasn't there. Wood River's tallies came in the first and third quarters, and threatened again when Harris broke away for 0: 65 yard gain. The Tigers were handi- capped by the loss of Vic Becker, but Paul Schmidt took over and did a splen- did job at left half. Tigers cmd Mud-Don't Mix The 10-0 score does not do justice to the fighting Tigers. The field, a mass of mud, showed the teams evenly matched, except for the breaks of which the Tigers did not have their share of this season. A fifty yard run by Dick Mclifelvey produced the first tally. The second was the result of a Tiger fum- ble, while the final score came on a re- covered punt in the end zone. The Tigers fought hard for a score, but between the Maroons and the mud the boys from Tigertown could not penetrate the Big Reds pay dirt. BLACK AND HENSLEY, Co-Captains HOGUE Tackle BLACK Back SHAI-TER End HENSLEY Back NILSSON End BARTLETT Center HILLA Back HENRY Back x BR W H UNG Back ROSENTHAL Tackle BAUER End Tiqr-r Tiger Timor Tiqer Tiqfr Tiqer Tiger Tiqvr Timor Tiqrir Tifler Tirier Tiqor Tiqer Tiqer Tiqer Tim-r Tiof -r Timer Tiqnr Tiqer ethal I7., 40 ..., 24 ,.., 27 ., Koch Schulze Nilsson . . Highland . . Litchfield , , . Studnton . , Granite 43 .., ... Livinqston 24 25 ,,.. 37. . 43 34 .... 4l.. 33 .... .. 30. 36, , 33 l5, . 26 .. . 21 . 34 ,. 4l.., 39 . .. . . . . Modison . . . Alumni . Collinsville .. . Belleville .. Host Side . Alton . Greenville Wood River Granite City . Livinqston .. Modison . Collinsville ,, Belleville ,. , Alton . . . Eost Side Wood River Morks Becker Ketchom Q Letterman 1943 LAWRENCE SCHULZE . . . "Fish" is a veteran of the Tiger squad and in play- ing his last season gave a very good account of himself. He was second among Tiger scorers, gaining 141 points. TED KETCHAM . . . "Ted" was a re- serve last year and has been a very able replacement for any of the start- ing five this year. He is a good re- bounder and a good shot. MARLOWE KETCHAM . . . "Mar- lowe," a Sophomore has seen quite a bit of action this year and should see much more. One interesting feature about him is that he is not of draft age. BOB ROTH . . . 'lBob" was a very capable reserve this year, he was short but very fast, although he wasn't much of a shot he made up for it with his floor work and ball handling. VICTOR BECKER , . . "Hank" is an- other veteran on the Tiger squad, this is his fourth year and his third letter. He is a good shot and a very good de- fense man. NORMAN ROSENTHAL . . . "Star Dust" is another Sophomore. He will have two more years of play. He is small but fast and was always good for a basket or two. Rosenthal, Schmidt, Marks, Roth, M. Ketcham, Black Basketball With football' tucked away, the boys turned their fancy to basketball. The Tigers had five lettermen returning from the previous year and the prospects of the team looked very bright. The boys started off the season with a bang, overpowering a small team from High- land 50-17. The Tigers never let up until they had rung up seven victories Standing: Coach Smith, Manager Tencick, john Marks, M. Ketchum, Schmidt, Ro- senthal, Manager Meikamp. Sealed: Becker, T, Ketchum, Nilsson, Schulze, lim Marks, Black, Koch, Roth. t -vc. .i. M. in succession, including a victory over a heretofore undefeated quintet from Livingston. They then started their regular conference season, finishing this with a record of eight victories and six defeats. lt should be written in the record books that this was the first Tiger team to go through a season of non-conference games without a defeat. Tournament--1943 After completing a good season the TlGERS ventured to the regional tourf ney held at Woodriver, On opening night, they played against lowly Madi- son and swamped them to the tune of -14 to 28, in the preceding game, Wood- river had beaten Alton 58 to 25. The lollowing night, Granite City had a hard time overcoming a very stubborn Roxana team, while Collinsville ran 59 rough shod over Western M, A. ln the semifinals the TIGERS couldn't guite cope with Woodriver and were beaten 58 to 28, while in the other game, Collinsville had a tough time beating Granite City. Woodriver then won the final game from Collinsville, 42 to 38, and Went on to the sectional and then State for higher laurels. Manager Tencick Coach Smith Manager Meikamp l liqertuwn lhinclads Back Row-Coach Smith, Marks, Ellis, M, Ket Cham, Mathis, Iahns, T. Ketcham, Nilsson, Bennett, Haywood, Aksamit, Runge, Stoltze Second Row-Bartlett, Mgr,g Kahtz, Corrie Hensley, Stolte, Iones, Schaffer, Daube Pendracky, Purtle, Reid, Gerling, Mgr. Front Row-Bridwell, Becker, Huenemeier Colgate, Schroeder, Zaruba, Munzert, Ontko Marks, Meikamp. mfs f fe- 4-cnt' -1 'A' X T" XXL. X Q5 X-.Q l X K, y N ., QM, Late in the month of March when you see a group of thinclad fellows jogging around an oval shaped underpath you will know that the Tigertown track sea- son has started to get into full swing. These lads work hard every day until late in May When they have their last and biggest meet, the Conference meet is anticipated by almost every fellow on the squad. A brief summary of the past season will show that the Tiger trackmen never quite achieved their ambition although they did come close with third place in the Conference Meet. In five previous meets they Won two, placed second in one, third in two, and fifth in another, Even if the record didn't show that they were champs of the Conference, they were champs to us. 60 Letterman Wheel Muscles Hensley Lookl He inode it. Guess Who? Hey! Harold Wolit for ine. 61 1943 SENIOR DIVISION Harold Block-lUU-220-Relay Harold Schaefer-Mile Dole Purtle-100-220-Reloy Wilfred Hillcx-Discus-Shot Put Harold Stolte-440-Reloy lim Marks-High jurnp-Pole Vault Bob Kohtz-200 Low Hurdles-High Hur dles-Relay Harold Corrie-lOO-220-Relay Bennett Hensley-Discus-Shot Put Bud Iones-Holt Mile Wolter Pendrocky-220-Relay-Broad lump Eugene Doube-lUO-220-Relay IUNIOR DIVISION Dick Bridwell-lUU-Shot Put Tom Colgate-Discus-Shot Put Vernon Beckei-Holt Mile Norman Nilsson-Hurdles Lester Munzotrt-Brood lump-Relay Frank Zorubo-50-100-Relay Corl Ontko-50-100-Relay Don MothisfDiscus-Shot Put Heap Big Squawl Ruffians Volleyball Gutter' Ball Hot Stuff! Eddie'S G. H The purpose of the G.A.A. is to get girls interested in athletics and teach thern better sportsmanship. To join this club a girl rnust take physical education and some sport. Each sport counts a number of points and after a required number of points are made a letter is awarded. A girl may be awarded four letters in all, one each year. Officers are elected frorn the Senior girls. There is also a girl in charge of each sport, but they do not have to be Seniors. Meetings are held every other Thurs, day. Programs are prepared by a dif- ferent coinirrittee each meeting. in-if if .H. Girls At the end of the year a trophy is awarded to a Senior girl who is outf standing in G.A.A. work. Some of the qualifications considered when choose ing this girl are good sportsmanship, loyalty, honesty, leadership, scholastic standing, athletic ability, and persons ality. Two of the outstanding events of tlie year for the girls are the GAA. Aluinf nae Banquet and the Farewell Party for all the Senior girls. Since they couldn't go to play-days out of town this year, they had a playf day with the G.A.A. from the Ir. High School. 'J K! ' 1 Girls Hlhlellc Hssncialion DGBOTHY BRYANT President MARY POEHBKALB Viceepresldent BETTY SQMEBLAD Secretary LA WAUNA GREEN Treasurer G. A. A. OFFICERS BOARD MEMBERS DoLoREs soHoENLEBER Basketball IOYCE GBINSTEAD Softball CLARIBEL HUELSKAMP Volleyball IEAN DIERKES Archery VlVlAN IOHNSON Bowling First row: lwl-ll, Mrller, Vllflli M. Bryanl, Monk, Plrrelskaxrxyr l'l1erl-c--s, Somerlad, Vovlmrkallw, Wlul sell Gwen Grlrlslvarl, Sclmwrmloluer, lolmfzorx, All-x andcr, Van Ormor, Losclx, Bmlw, Kent Second row: Sclrmull, May, Le--, Krupslcl, Vlollr Shaltm, lfucksou, Browmna, Arbouglx, Tron! Ward, vlvtjHClCk, l'reeL:el, Arlh, lln-nry, Warnlrla Caller Third row: llarlan, Hauser, Zxlllbolii, Kr-sl, Kesfzm aer, Nezlxazm, Flllktl, Muellm-r, Eaaan, KTOIOIIHIH Elqae, Baaby, Nlx, Lana:-, Sclrmmlz-r, Mor-lxlc Proscln, l7f1Vk?YlPOll Fourth row: Sclmurll, Sie.-lmlmqf-r, Uonbrow, Hicks: Mcxteykn, lones, Luksan, SllK?llI?Gl'd, Pryor, Forqu son, Sp:1nqur, Sayers, Stroud, llurmen, Hwzzolr. X u K . , , Q 5 Q , 1. f Q.. 4, 5 A J-,, Q4 ' 1 J, 1:34 .M r 5 g I 'M " -4, -.I . 'xwdwii A -Em A g Ia KA , W I X se-uv-ww 1 L.. . z :5 f ....... ... - 1 Ki x ' 1 X ' Q Q MW vw-M... ,,,g,..,..,l.,, D 1 fx Y' x sm Q x -4 "N, Q ,ghfgii xx YJ.: I gvw I s'- 2 ' gill, D Q , 1: rv' M1-at 5-M -,-ggglv ' ' nh-xx.. .l'.ill . - xg , ' . a Q , 1 Qin :gp 14 . " '- - au. f X I -f ' ,J P+ X' " ' '5 A .faq 3' hvgy' ' Q -v"" T 17 ' ' fly, ,xg . 1552 Y --, w.g i,f3f5fi? iS'343!9iilQ' fi: ,. am .gaiyjim yrfir , 7 i Z,nv,?d!n if -can "fu ff? -A A 4 fy? Wen jf -wrfavf1r519zM X ff: it """J Q - -A-M' A 'MW' ,J ,gi , y X' ' lx 3 A -, ' , , - fav . V :M--u.p.t1 TQrl-lgqgxfmi Z n, , 1 ,TAX M W 5 fxgfagsggxc, faff ....J, ' N . l k yd t xNQlm,e-J ' V V- R nv f- 5' ,sq "xii . . I an , Q' i 2. xg ' 4 ' f' -0 'F H.. it c f,e:g,:-yr-w , . f + , . 1. .. , Speech Science Student 1 if ., .I Stub The purpose of the Speech Club is to train students in crea- tive dramatics and in the appreciation of good drama. Four meetings are held each month. One meeting is devoted to the directing group and one meeting to the acting group. At- tendance at one of these study meetings entitles a member to attend the business meeting and the program meetings. The club prepares an annual assembly progr'am to be presented to the entire student body. This year the Speech Club pre- sented a three-act play entitled "Seeing Double." Sluh Test tubes, field trips, little fishes, etc., are topics for dis- cussion among the Science Club members. All students who have had a year of science may join. The science teachers are their sponsors. Every Monday, the activity period is the meeting time-just come up to room 305, if you are interested. Members may carry on special projects as part of the club program. The annually sponsored Lyceum this year was on Liquid Air. This organization consists of representatives elected from each Home Room. They meet every Thursday to Work on ideas for improving the school. Each member is similar to a Congressman, representing a certain state. Everyone has com- plimented the council on its work toward making the noon-hour a more pleasant one-dancing, ping-pong, and volleyball are now offered to the students. Council members also have charge of the War stamp sales which are held in the Home Rooms every Tuesday. 67 Span ish latinB The QA if X Vni Club This club, the Spanish Club, is for all students taking Span- ish. 'The purpose is to familiarize the students with the cus- toms, literature, songs, and arts of Spain and Spanish-Amer? can countries. The meetings, which are held every two weeks, are conducted, as much as possible, in Spanish. There are no regular dues. Each year a fiesta is held. Spanish costumes are worn and Spanish customs are followed. Efforts are made to follow the motto of the Americas: "Amigos Siempre." Officers for the year Were: Presidente-Charles Schmidt, Vice-Presidente-Frank Deitzg Secretario-Marjorie Mindrup. La Tertulicr The Latin Club was organized a few years ago to enable pupils studying that language to learn more about Roman life and civilization than the class period affords and to enjoy social activities. This year the club met the first and third Thursday of each month. Varied programs were presented, including an assembly program. The club cooperated in the Schools at War program of the U. S. Treasury Department by putting on "A Message from Bataan." The annual Roman banquet ended the year's activities. A1 this affair the freshmen acted as "slaves" and served the upper classmen who dined in true Roman fashion without knives and forks. ce nt Tiqertnlun Tigertown speaks!-through its newspaper, the Tiger Times. Edited by the journalism and advanced typing classes it is one of the finest institutions in the school. It gives prac- tical experience to those who write it, splendid practice to those who type it, enjoyment to all who read it, and plenty of headaches for Miss Isaacs and Miss Thomas, the faculty sponsors. The paper is now six years old. The first issues were pub- lished in 1938 by the members of the Tiger Staff. The venture had been tried before, but due to lack of support, had failed. It was known as the "Tiger Rag" during its first year of exist- ence. In '39 the Tiger Staff abandoned the idea, but it was carried on by members of the student body who took an inter- est in journalism. The name was changed to "E.H.S. Tiger Tales" and remained so until 1942 when the name was again changed to "Tiger Times." . 68 SPANISH CLUB KC'll9l1E'T,BFYGIH,Gllll1GT1l,COOlbGL1Ql1 Schmidt, Voyles, Frisby, Ellis, lordon, lellen, Erickson, Deitz. Smith, Carter, lfricl-mon, lolinfson llvnry, Sdmek, Slim'-fer, Speckinuri, Barnes, Butler, Mita: Ciinninczhnm, Vielhuuer, Lein- liiim, Klvrike, Butcher. LATIN CLUB Meikczmp, Meikcxmp, M c G o W C1 n Kurmcxnn, Fox, Heberer, Feldren Schirmer, Shcxshek, Troeckler, Beck Strdhun, Hunce, Nieinann, Miss Gewe, Williams, Dctnnenberg. Sdsek, Dugan, Bezcfbek, Evers Bciuglmicm, Fleming, Lutes, Moyer, lones, Pittman, Wocorek, Sheppard Zoelzer. TIGER TIMES STAFF Kidd, Blaise, Goodnick, Schmidt Reid, Ramsey, Schon, Zcmrubci Isaacs, Blotevoqel, Whitsell, Three- witt, Shannon, Sliver, Hunser, Horing Suhre, Hill, Lange, Bdhn, COMMERCE OFFICERS President Slut lf-3' Stralian Vice-President Maclvlvirir- Massa Secretary-Treasurer Mlldix liovslm-l Sponsor Miss W1 lIlfI'TIlil HOME ECONOMICS OFFICERS President Hiilli Metrger Vice-President loan llwikns Secretary-Treasurer Wilma lfriqvrlkn- Sponsors I'ianc'if: 'lhriclick llulim Alrt-nlvink Commerce Club The purpose of the Commerce Club is to acquaint the students with business problems and to serve as a vocational guide in selecting the type of job the students desire. Any student enrolled in a commercial subject is eligible for membership, The group meets once a month and has many varied and inter- esting programs. The club serves as a means of in- creasing the students' knowledge of common business problems in the world today. The discussion of affairs in the commercial field in the meetings is a valuable aid to the students' knowl- edge of everyday business affairs. 70 Home En. Uluh Any girl who is taking a home eco- nomics course or has completed at least one year of the work is eligible for membership in the Home EC Club. The group meets twice a monthg one meet- ing is usually devoted to business and the other to programs, talks, games, or songs. The club is affiliated with the State Home Economics Club Association and sends delegates to the state club camp at Lake Bloomington during the month of August. F. F . H. Along with the agriculture depart- ment a club was organized called the FPA. This is not merely a local club, but is part of a national organization of farm boys studying vocational agricul- ture in the public high schools through- out the United States. The local chapter serves to create in- terest in agriculture. lt also affords an excellent opportunity to teach farm boys some of the fundamental prin- ciples of group leadership and co-op- eration, This club is one of the most active organizations in El-LS. and there is probably no other club which is made up of more enthusiastic members. The club promotes individual projects and is a convenient way for all the farm boys to "get together and com- pare notes." lihraru Club The Library Club is a new organiza- tion: last year was the first year for it. This year the organization expanded and divided into two groupsg the Fresh- man Library Club and the Senior Li- brary Club, the latter consisting of Sophomores, funiors, and Seniors. The clubs meet on alternate Wednesdays. From the club members, a library staff was organized. The Librarian, Miss Bibby, is to be given credit for this, 71 AGRICULTURE OFFICERS President Ted Kelcham Vice-President Vernon Becker Secretary Wilbur Dustman Treasurer Leslie loggers Reporter Marlowe Ketchum Sponsor Mr. Gaston LIBRARY OFFICERS President lean Dierkes Vice-President Hose Marie Shannon Secretary-Treasurer Lawauna Green Sponsor Miss Blbby tiger ' ' IUNIOR First row: Schwalh Massa, Strahan, Baughman Mmkamr, McNf-rlly, Gent, May, Fink, Schrer riir-3" r, B!'17t'lf'lt'tI1'1Oli, Hoody, Black, Second row: Trey, Cronin, Ax, Herman, Vogel lleinnrclz, May, Clark, Schoenleber, Neuhaus loaa, Barts, For-lrrkalh, Foltz. Third row: Smith, Lando, Long, Uannenberq, Beh Tflttrll, Klostr-:nit-yor, Tosovsky, Crowe, Grotetendt Kolirnann, Stahlhut, Bouse, Brown. Fourth row: lolrnson, Burges, Dorsey, Spanholtz Lnvvrx livers, Marllr, Schnerdz-r, Heising, Wcfster lrolt, liarnos, Lrschmann. Fifth row: We-nclel, Van Camp, Augsbergf-r, Vreth Gros'-rrlrf-rdor, Bohm, Crawford, Cwrinstecrd, Claw son, Sloan, l'COilf"t'll'V3VQl'T. SENIOR First row: Sparks, Loomker, Fletcher, Bridwell, Arth Kr-nneckr-, Sontennn, Sturgeon, Goddard, Lertner, Alcsamrt, Pryor, Bryant, Chtldres, Baumgartner Troosch Second row: Bryant, Lukson, Somerlad, Foelirkalb, llrrcewrtt, House, Kent, Burlo, Third row: Miss Sloan, Brunworth, Roessell, fiber hart Braasch, Poydcrck, Widener, Foehrlcalb, lraulson, Kvllermon, Lrndbeclc, Stahlhut, Long Frrclconstorn, Harris, Lantr-rman, Fnaelke, Hill Suhr'-, lfncrelke, Henlce, FHESHMAN First row: Wilkinson, Nix, Fngelke, Ingram, Men qelkamp, Grrnstead, Trent, Lee, Hance, May Schmidt Second row: ilwsfll, Coronrotrs, Boeker, Miller, Holt arovc, Hlavsa, Butler, Heberer, Menk, Clark We-aver. Third row: Kris-ae, Yenne, Miss Cunningham, Steehl rnaer, Mor-tile, Hambly, Mueller, Suhre, Finke Albrecht, Mrckel, Shafer, Schaeler, Brown, War nina, Howlands, Hartman, Dustman, Gardner 'ltr ton SOPHOMORE First row: Lanlram, Wilson, Donlsrow, Rizzoli, Moore, Pryor, Owens, Carter, Conrad, Van Ormer, Ma- yt-r, Losch, Flemrnq, Second row: Ward, Tencick, Foehrkalb, Arhough, llrrQr1rt,Scltaol0r Backs Lutes Brownm Per u r r f gr Q ' son, lohrrson, Flaao, Mindrup, llrcks, Scherman. Third row: Mc-rlcamp, Miss Cunningham, Nischwitz, 'l':ovclclr-r, Bock, ifrchf-r, Stahlhut, Klueter, Lertnor, Schmidt, lfrrclcson, Baaby, Fagan, litzlcorn, Schmidt, llardolrner- -r. HI-Tri Council The Hi-Tri is a strictly all-girl club in which "Eddie," being a male, has long been interested. He sits in on every meeting and whether the girls know it or not, is highly influential in helping make decisions in business and pleas- ure transactions. He has quite a time dividing his time between the Senior, funior, Sophomore and Freshman divi- sions of this large club, all of which work for one common good. The Hi-Tri Council is "Eddie's" spe- cial haunt. This group is the governing body for all the Hi-Tri's and is the head of the annual "girl-drags-boy" par'ty. Top row: Miss Sloan, Mayer, Strcxhan, Kellerman, Lindbeck, Ferguson, Miss Cunningham. Second row: Piper, Baughmon, Colbert, Frickenstein, Aksamit, Herman. First row: Schroeder, Nix, Ewell. This party is always a great success due mainly to the enthusiasm of this club of several hundred girls. The girls enjoy Hi-Tri, as it gives them guidance in personal matters as well as in a general sense. Here girls can discuss any problem they may have at the moment and feel certain of sympathy and guidance. The clubs ideals are high and its rules and by- laws are faithfully kept by each mem- ber. Every girl belonging to this club is proud of that fact and eagerly tries to live up to the splendid motto, "We build the latter by which we rise." 73 131- iw- "36i."'Nii Eddi EDITOR IN-CHIEE - Assistant Editor f f BUSINESS MANAGER f f f - Assistant Business Manager ADVERTISING MANAGER f - Assistant Advertising Manager SALES MANAGER fff- Assistant Sales Manager - SOCIETY EDITOR f f f SPORTS EDITOR - - - - Assistant Sports Editor - PHOTO EDITOR - - f IOKE EDITOR - ART EDITOR - TYPISTS SPONSORS 943 - f - BOB ROTH - Isaloei Metzger NORMA LANTERMAN - Iudy Brunworth - HAROLD BLACK - Ieanne Godfrey -- DORIS AKSAMIT A Maxine Colbert - - RUTH METZGER - BENNETT HENSLEY - Bernard Huetskaiiip - CHARLES BRADEN - BETSY LINDBECK - SUE SENTENNE g LEONA DEHN grtziiaiwjr LANGE f MR, LITTLE I s 4 Mrss woon l Miss HUNTER e ' s 6 a n q I Snapper' Charlie Where'd you Come from, Kellyw 'Hg-,m K9 SALES STAFF- Colbert, Ioanna Goddard. AD STAFF- B tor Becker. Here before you is the most colossal production of the Tiger ever pre- sented, We are all Well satisfied with this masterpiece which outdoes any of its predecessors. At least the hard working staff will agree: Editor, Bob Roth, the Advisors and "Eddie," our mascot, began their worries and many hours of hair-pulling, Izzy Metzger, Assistant Editor writing and rewriting copy, poems and stuff, Norma Lanterrnan, Business Manager, always in a dither as to how we stood financially, the Advertising Staff, under Harold Black putting the pressure on reluctant businessmen. Sales Manager, Doris Aksamit and staff delighting students with their super-salesman speeches, Charlie Braden, photographer, always around with his inevitable camera, loke Editor, Betsy Lindbeck, putting forth all her' super- moronic ability to dig up some new jokes, Art Editor, Sue Sentenne, slowly going mad, trying to please Roth with variations of "Eddie," Ruth Metzger, Society Editor, having a nervous breakdown from attending all the social events, Ben Hensley and Bob Bartlett, later replaced by Bumps Huelskamp, Sport Editors, slightly confused with everything in general. Working together we have emerged victorious and proudly present the TIGER of Forty-three. The Best Yetl I tContinued on Page l27l 75 Mary Io Kellerman, Doris Aksamit Maxine Ierry Stahlhut, Harold Black Leila Leitner Ioanna Goddard, leanne Godfrey Chester ,, Harris, and standing there beaming is Vic Hr-H The I-li-Y is an organization for boys and the discussion of boys' problems. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. The club meets at night, once a Week or' once every other Week, according to the wishes of the members. At the meetings there is a regular business meeting, then a talk by some outside speaker or a discussion of the problems of boys. HI-Y Front row: Vry, Brower Kelleher, Klenkr-, Bad alcrmenti, Frrrko, Mr-1 kamp. Second row: Erase-, Grey Rosenthal, L e v or a Marks, Nance, Frrrd well. Buck row: Wrnte, Herd Colgate, Marks, Bear' den, Nilsson, Brrrmmrtt Fox, Hartels, lirrnte Meyer, I l. Love. BOYS' CHORUS Front row: Gorlrna, lto- sentlrul, Frckrnann, Bolster, Hosto, Mathis. Back row: llarrrs, Smith B ri rr t e, Bekc-rneyeri Marks, Parker, Lee, Colgate, Kershaw. Bugs' Glee Club "Down by the Old Mill Stream" with the boys around the piano, and were off for another song session with the Boys' Glee Club. This group of shin- ing males has proved to Tigertown that the girls aren't the only ones who can sing. The boys also make up the male section in the mixed chorus and some of the potential Carusoes sing in the A Cappella Choir. Any Wednesday after- noon about l:37, drop around the band room and you can hear some beautiful booming basses and tremulous tenors, liqertnwn music When anyone in Tigertown wants music-any kind of music-he is sent to Mr. "Doc" Shannon. "Doc" then enlists the cooperation of the band or the swing band to give you your music. lf that isn't satis- factory, the mixed chorus or A Cappella Choir will cer- tainly settle the question. You need look no further. This has been the first school year in which we have enjoyed the comforts, advantages, and pleasures of having music headquarters in the new building. The rooms are comparatively sound-proof-a help to the teachers in the neighboring rooms, since "Four o'clock lump" isn't especially condusive to the study of Caesar. Headquarters in the new building are complete, with an office for Mr. Shannon, two practice rooms, a music library, and the rehearsal room. There are built-in cabinets for instruments and music. Since our move into the new building, marked prog- ress has been made in all music organizations. The fellows and gals have really buckled down to try to prove to the people of our town that BHS. deserved their support in helping finance the building of the addition. May we express our thanks to you all? Without the direction of Mr. Shannon the progress wouldn't be so noticeable. He is not only gifted as a musical director and teacher, but in his spare time does a bit of arranging for the band, swing band, and cho- rus. He has been the dir'ector of all music activities in Bl-l.S. for four years, being a freshman with the class of '43. However, everyone hopes that he won't "gradu- ate," but that next year will again find Mr. Shannon on the EHS. band podium. MIXED CHORUS Bow 1: lolrrrson, Losclr, Alexander, Terr' Crclrz, Ward, Ilrckmann, Rosenthal, Bal- sater, Hosta, Matlirs, Gerlrng, Frgge, Srrrrrraur, Hrzrxolr. How 2: Metrtaer, Brrrnwortlr, Brower, Hicks. Vretlr, Srnrtlr, Parker, l3elcemeyer, Marks, I,r-e, Colgate, Kershaw, Brrnte, Harris, Hrnckrnarr Arborralr, Aksarnrt, Frrcken stern, Godfrey. How 3: 'l'lrrr'ewrtt, Bohm, Van Ormer, Pitt man, Sprrrra:-r, llans, Ferguson, Frsliel, Osrenclort, Sclrerrrrarrrr, Nrschwrtz, lftz- lcorrr, Mayer, Lrrtzt, Foelrrkalb, Smrtlr, lirclror, Henry, liallrrelle, Ilrigelke, Hen- kc-, lirrat-lkv, H1-yrrolds, llornann. Row 4: Bf'IIl'I4'lI'I'IF?If'T, Sclrrerme-yer, Fink, Sr-ntr-mre, lle-arly, Ilrrclcson, Fagan. Vfiolrrkalb, Wilson, Colbert, Weidner, Hrownrng, Trarrlsf-ri, Behrendt, Van Cmnt I-Cell'-nb:-raer, Arrqsbrrraer, Pago, Fovlrrkalb, Bates, Foltz, Gent, Tos- vnslcy, Ferguson, Fleming, Brrrle. Standing: Mr Shannon, Grrnstead, Claw- sorr, Nernnrch, May, Vogel, Herman, Wrrsterlzolt, Barnes, Poos, Lrndbock, Stalrllrrrt, Kellvrrnann, Prazigtr GIRLS CHORUS Row I: lolrnson, Losclr, Alexander, Ten, Crclc, Ward, Clawsorr, Bohm, 'l'lrreewrtt, Stalrllrrrt, Kellermann, Prazzr, Frage, Il. Sr zrnaer, Hrzrolr, Row 2: Metzger, Brrrnworth, Brower, Hicks, Vretlr, Grrnstf-ad, Herman, Bardelmerer, Aksamrt, Frrckenstein, Godtrey. How 3: Schrevrmr-yer, Van Ormer, Pittman, Srrrrmer, Hance, Wrllramson, Frshel, Ofrtrrndrrrl, Sclrermf-r, Nrsclrwrtz, lltz- kozn, Mayer, Lrrtzi, For-lrrkalb, Smith, lfrclrer, llf-nry, Haltaello, lfnqell-re, Hen-- ke, lfrrqwllcf-, Reynolds, Homarrn. Row 4: Fink, Sf-ntennf-, lleacly, llriclcsorr, Fagan, Voclrrkcllb, Wrlson, Colbert, Wvrrdrrer, Browning, Trarrlserr, Belrrentlt, Varrffarnr, Kelli--nberqer, AIIC15bIlTQF?Ir Vogt-l, May, Plemnrclr, Folly: Gent, Toss vasky, Fr-rarrson, Vlernrrrq, Brrrlo. E I Standing: Mr Shannon. A CAPPELLA CHOIR How I: lirfrvvfrr, Mr-truer, Colbert, Hearty, 11 Gmlrrvr, Matlrrs llrclcrnanrr, Kell:-rmarrn, lin'-it-lrrif-rff:', ltarrrr'-ss, Poos 1 Q Row 2: Hzrrrrwortlr, Wf-rcirrer, Marks, Brin' tv, Lon, ffalfratff, llrrrrrs, Stalrllrtrt, Ak frnrrrrt Mr Slrarrrrrrrr '3 G '3 rv if Shannnn's Snnqsters Passing through the third floor corri- dor after the fifth period, a promising E.H.S. hopeful, bent on earnest en- deavor and stuff, suddenly senses that the air is pervaded with music. This is a carry-over from the chorus period just ended. The choral section of the mu- 78 sic department, perhaps the only class in which constant use of the vocal cords is appreciated, is enjoyed by all taking part. Ralph Shannon, talented niusic supervisor, is busy until 'leventeen mn developing ideas and arranging ina- terials for this department. Swing Every fourth Friday is the time . . . for What? . . . a matinee dance with music by the Tiger Swing Band. The Freshmen start to wiggle and the Sen- iors start to cut up the gym floor. You should have seen "Eddie" play- ing Chester's bass fiddle. I-le had quite a time, much to the disgust of Doc Shannon-lt seems he broke several dozen things-l-lowever- The Swing Band had its beginning about five years ago and has continued from year to year with much success. Band Besides playing for the matinee dances it plays in assemblies, at the Iunior and Senior Class Plays, and this year furnished the music for one of the schools largest parties, the Freshman- Sophomore Party. These Iive'in Hep cats played at sev- eral of the basketball games and also took part in the all-school music festi- val. They also entertained the Lincoln School students on several occasions. The Band members are interested in popular music and enjoy playing it. This year's vocalists, two Senior girls, Doris Alcsamit and Mary lo Kellermann added a whole lot to the popularity of the orchestra with their vocal rendi- tions. ffm Tiqertnwn OFFICERS President - - - Alice Weidner Vice-President - - Chester' Harris Secretary ---- lim Flavin Librarian - - Dorothy Westerholt The HHS. Band started rehearsals the first week of school and has continued them faith- fully three times every Week on Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday mornings. The band made some very brilliant perform- ances on the football field at the games last fall. The band formed various letters and sym- bols for their team and opponents, always end- ing the routine in front of the Edwardsville grandstand, playing "Loyalty" or some familiar 80 Band Firgjow: Wayne, Flavin, Beck, Shashek rx. Second row: Beck, Shatter, Albrecht, Har fell, Woll, Smith. Third row: Fields, Schwab, Ingram, Knau el, Moehle, Bouse, White, Henry Scheibal, Henderson, Talick, Fourth row: Barnes, Kesl, Rizzoli, Baum gartner, Losch, Poos, Schwager, Beck Runge, Blumberg, Metzger, llqeriuuln Band First row: Hence, Fleming, Brandt, Brow er, Shaffer. Second row: Dude, Broderick, Lyerla, Phillips, Hosto, Gardner, Bagby, Ma this. Third row: Erase, Quade, Stolze, Saat hott, Kennecke, Ienkins, Brummitt, Wes terholt, Ott. Fourth row: Iahns, Seals, Norris, Etzkorn, Engelke, Shannon, Weidner, Brockmcm, Harris, Levora. march. The band worked hard on their for'- mations, but the interest and appreciation showed them by their audiences made the time spent seem worth while. The band further showed its loyalty and school spirit by boosting the basketball team at almost every game of the year. lts snappy tunes between quarters and halves of the games went a long Way toward making the season a success. This year for the first time the band used some Well-known symphonic numbers, special- ly prepared for band instrumentation. The stu- dents and public enjoyed them immensely. The band not only plays for school events, but also for the public. Annually it is asked to play for the P.T.A., and the spring vesper' concert is always well attended. 81 liqertulun lattler lt's September and here we come fready or notl back to our dear Alma Mater, some to slave, some to play, others to-well, I won't say. There seems to be a slight traffic congestion. Never saw so many stu- dents here before, especially Freshmen. Seems kind of lonesome without the Alumni beauties decorating the school, but we still have plenty of wallflowers. BEAT'GlLLESPIEll mysteriously appears on the side walks again.-We look on with envy while the seniors flash their rings-Remember the assembly on the foot- ball field??? Ummmm-nice, huh?-Seniors mourn the fact that they must take P.E. Government rule-Oh well- October-found us mourning the death of Miss Grace Davis. Seniors all worried about T.B. tests. The old love affairs are being renewed, and new ones started. Our football team not doin' so well.-Two days vaca- tion for Teacher's Institute. Oh happy dayl Then came the dawn-report cards. What a shock to the Freshmen, the rest of us are hardened by experience. Hallowe'en Party-Whoooooo-such costumes! November-bustles in with a snow drift and E.l'l.S. takes to their boots and sleds. Seniors with their class pictures always tucked under their arms wandering about the halls as if they owned the joint. Everybody pushing everybody else in order to get the jalopies going on the slick ice in front of school. Operetta try- outs and Shannon's worries begin. Those nite prac- tices-'nuff said. December brings continued arctic weather and E.H.S. buckles down to face it. Operetta, "Shreds and Patches" given-nice work kidsl Coast Guard Day in our fair city and Tigertown is honored with a perform- ance by the Coast Guard Band-Wasn't fohn Paul Iones wonderful???? Christmas decorations appear and boys carry mistletoe around-careful girlslll Assembly given by chorus members-very impressive. Vacation -Whooppeellll Alumni and Tigers meet on the hard- wood-I guess they know who is boss now. January brings a new year and we tum wayward feet back to E.H.S. Forgetful typists just will type '42 instead of '43-oh the pity of it all. Big Tiger Assem- bly-wasn't Finke cute? Ad ,staff goes "adding" on lContinued on Page 1441 82 ' - ...L L-.,, .,..i'HE55x.L.f-x . . :aa"5iT.1Q"'.- nz.. ff' WW: 5? W K 1 gx Q xx-L 3 wk 'Ari' .IP Tiff? , X: xi Nh' S ... 2 sw. L .. M .Q - wx. 4 Zi frgrsn. I 'l A 1 C' X 5 5 4' pi ' Q .. Q-' , asa VT 'I' 'I ',, w ,,., Q .i 'N' Efl 1 -L ' 'VF'- A G B Feed 6 Seed.. Ann's Beauty Salon. Auerbach's ......... Ballweg's Drug ..... Bank of Edwardsville Barnsbach, Dr. R. S.. Beauty Mart ........ Becklold 6: Co.. , Herel Ben Franklin Store .... Blumes ............. Bob's Band Box ..... Bothmans .......... B. G R. Recreation .... Butler Chevrolet . .. Butler Store . Busy Bee Bakery .... Cassens 6: Sons ..... Cathcart, George B.. City Dept. ................... . Clayton Cleaners . .. Clover Leaf Loan Ass Cochran, Dr, C. R.. .. ociation. . Cox, Dr. W. B. ................ . Crossing Inn Desmond Mfg. Eberhart Grocery ..... ...... Edwardsville Consumers Co... Eeck, Iohn ................. Edwardsville Edwardsville Edwardsville Edwardsville Edwardsville Edwardsville Creamery ...... Feed 6: Seed ..... Loan Association ..... Lumber Co. ..... . National Bank. . . Water Co. ...... . Estabrook, Will L. ...... . Ferguson, Dr. E. C... Fiegenbaum, Paul Figqe's Shell Station .... Fink Electrical ..... Fredmans Bros. ..., . Geer's Corner Store. .. Gift Shoppe ........ Gun Club ........ Hartman, Harry Hartung Bras. ..... . Healy, Ios. .......... . Heidelberg Oil Co.... Hellrung, Dr. C. M... I-lerfl-lones ......... Hirsch, Dr. I. A. ..... .. Home Building Loan Hotz, Eulalia ........ Hotz Lumber Co.. . .. Hurst Pontiac ..... Idlehour . . ...... . . ldlewood Inn ....... Illinois Lumber Cog... Imbers Keenan, Dr. O. R.. . .. Kiem's ........... King Bee ...... Kist Soda ........ Klueter's Grocery .. . Ladd, Earl ....... ' f heu 96 .....1l9 .....1l8 114 124 .....12l .....l07 96 97 .....107 96 .....108 ...l27 .....1l8 ...119 ..,..ll9 .....lO2 .....l1l .....l16 99 94 .....l25 .,...ll1 .....1U6 , .... 119 99 110 122 111 .....130 .....110 .....l36 .....ll0 .....114 95 ...121 .....111 ....,119 .....l00 .....114 106 .....12l .....ll9 117 121 .....112 .....128 99 .....104 99 .....107 .....l13 .....l10 .....l21 .....ll5 ...95 .....115 .....l07 115 ....-:111 95 . ...131 ....tlO7 .....l03 Hre, Folks Ladd, Tom ...... Leclaire Store ........ Lee Shops .............. Leland Barber Shop ......... Leon's Beauty Shop .......... Madison County Food Lockers Madison County Mutual ....,. Madison Store ........... . Malt Shop ............... Marks Funeral ............. Marks 6: Weber Funeral ..... Metcalf, Clyde S. ........ . Mindrup Autos ......... Mottars Drug . .. Nash, Dr. M. D ...A Nelson's Mfg. ....... . Nischwitz, Theo. Normans Market Orman's Standard .... Overbeck Bros. . . .. Overstreet, Clay . ..... Parent-Teacher Ass'n .. Peerless Cleaner ..... Penny, I. C ....... . .. Planning Mill ...... Pork House Market .... Raffaelle G Ferguson .... Ray's Market .......... Rhodes 6: Burford ..... Richards Brick Co. .... . Rosenthal, R. H.. . . . Runge G Ziegler ..... Sally Ann Bakery ..... Sample Shoe Shop .... Schmidt, Oscar . . . . . Schmidt Tin Shop ..... Schneider Funeral .... Schroeder, Dr. W. . . . . . Schulte G Alhert Schwartz Drug Scott, Dr. L. M. .... . Sheppard, Bud .......... Shupack, A. .......... , . . . Silverbloom s ....,........... Simpson, Reed, Burroughs... Solters 5: Krieges ........... Springer, F. E. .......... . Straube Funeral Strebler Studio ...,.. Strejcek, Frank Taylor, Paul ........ Tietze, Dr. W. C. ..... . Tomboy Grocery ....... United States Radiator .... Wahl, Dr. E. F. ....... . . Warnock, W. W. ..... . Wayne Grocery ....... Weber's Shell Station ..... Wehrle, Iohn .............. Western Auto Association .... White Cottage ............. Wildey Theater .......... Wonder Cafe ........ Woodlawn Gardens .. Woolworth, F. W ..... How Hleet Tiqertuwnk Backbone Q The 1943 Tiger is made possible by our advertisers O .'7t'.4 out duty to Jfdlld feibzd Mem On the following pages the Tiger Staff has endeavored to list as many names as possible of the boys that are now serving in the armed forces. Because we were forced to close the compilation of names so that the book could go to press, there will be many names missing. However as best as we can we present to you the men who have attended El-l.S. at some time dur- ing the last four years and are now serving our country in the various branches of the armed forces, liqerI0u1n's Warriors Q mf iygfgy Q ,ifwf XM , whiff 0, FIGHTING YQ Austin Rahn .... Edgar Henke . . . Clinton Faust . . . Orville Marti . .. Leland Hall .... Robert Lange ..... Harold Meikamp . . . Arlyn Rosenthal .... Warren Weeks . . . Howard Rogers .... William Rau ..... Albert Gregor .... Charles Kane ...... George Cummings . . . Mike Agles ........ Ronald Cooper ...... Charles Knauel ..... Maynard Kellenberger Paul Stafford ........ Everett Baird ........ Louis Bassett . . . George Gent . . . Len Menoni ....., Charles Schafer .... Lamoine Etzkom .... Eugene Koenig . . . Willis Cooper .... Walter Suessen .,.. Iohn Brown ......... lim Knowles .......,. Bob Neuenschwander Wilbur Volz ......... Tommie Wood ...... Leroy Reiter .... Olin Wetzel ...... F rank Kolesa ....... Willis Augsburger , . . Fred Feldworth ...... Warren Kerckhoff .... Thorton Lane ....... Paul Mueller .,... Ralph Schmidt . . , Ernest Tosovsky .... Frank Vanzo .....,. Lawrence Weber . . . Wayne Cline .... Russell Treat . . . Dwane Voltz . . . fflrmuf 88 Arthur Dees ...,.... Leonard Soehlke . . . Roy Slemer ....... Edwin Zika ....... Glenn Ackerman . . . Roger Huelskamp .... Louis Henke ......... Kenneth McDonald .. Charles Hogue ...... Kenny Grebel ...... Ed Agles ........ Cecil Burrus ....... Quinten Eihausen .... Douglas Edwards . . . Kenneth Homann .... Lloyd Fischer ....... Aaron Iones ......... Vernon Klaustermeier Charles Munzert ..... Herbert Richards .... Glenn Schlueter .... Bill Schmidt ...... Bill Snajdr ..... Bill Wolf ....... Pete Weaver ..... Clifford Williams . . . Charles Rizzoli . . . Albert Kesl ..... Roland Bauer .... Brice Sayers . . . Bill Lee ............ Norman Merkel .... Vernon Meyers ...... ARMY AIR CORPS Ioe Long ............ lack Parker ....... Ioyce Nilsson ..... Charles Harbry .... Colemani Stone ..... Wayne Walters .... Ioe Landa ....... Kenny Cassens ...... Wayne Metzger ..... Gilbert Bergschneider Robert Baker ........ Rolla Durham ...... Lloyd Neuhaus ..... William Belshaw A1Gildersleeve . Bob Berry ..... George Blume . Everett Winkle . . Melvin Thomas . . . Vernon Stahlhut Maynard Ioseph Blair Watson . . . Melvin Blase . . . George Demo . . Iohn Cotrell .... Walter Davis . . . Bob Dillon ...... Tom Roberts . . . Ioe Daum ...... Blaine Stermon Iohn Dierkes . . . Kirk Stafford . . . Gerald Grosenheider .. William Gregor Gilbert Hall .... Edward Mateer . Thomas Moran . Kenneth Albrecht Roy Buddhu . . . Roman Stolcis . . Tom Schrier . .. fllavuf ...'39 ...'39 ...'39 1 ...39 .139 ...'39 ...'39 ...'39 ,..'37 ...'4l ...'4l ...'4l 1 ..,4l ...'4l ...'4l ...41 ,..'4l NAVY R AIR' Henry Foehrkolb . . . Iames Belshaw .... Bob Adamick .... George Lautner . . . Robert Churchill .... Cletus Foehrkolb . . . Edward Tipton ...... Melvin Colclasure . . Edward Wille ....... Bill Davis ......... Charles Massa .... Roman Hentz .... Don Zajicek ..... Maurice Gregor . . . Richard Tipton .,... Bill Vieth .......... Delmar Schoenleber CORPS '39 Willard Fletcher .... . . .'4U Ioyce Bardelmeier . . .,.'42 Wendell Browning . MARINES . . .'39 Richard Gerdt . . . . . . .'39 Harold Daech . . . , . . '41 Wilbur Henlce ..... . . .'4l MERCHANT MARINES ...4O ...4O Darrell Starkey .... Bruce Barth ...,. COAST GUARD ...'40 . .'42 89 Ioe Pitanek . .. H UVJL X M 1900 . . llqertnuin . . 1925 Baby pictures on most counts are portraits usually kept much in the clark. However, on one of "Eddie's" numer- ous expeditions these beautiful ex- amples of EHS. personalities as they used-to-was were uncovered and be- cause of their appeal and rare beauty were selected to represent the "small fry" of '24 and '25, lf you will look closely you will be able to observe the eager expression of sober intelligence which led one to glorified heights as Editor of our Tiger. By that easily detected "come-hither look," you will recognize a few of our glamorous co-eds. Brawn and brain are also represented, as are our prin- cipal and Dean of Boys in characteristic attitudes. Who can deny they "Were" and "are" beautiful babies? For identification of these pictures, ao with "Eddie" to page l2U and see Whos Who in EHS. I-I-q-e-r-s! Tigers! TIGERS! Tigertown is proud of the splendid performance of our cheer leaders throughout the year. To be a good pep and cheer leader is definitely not an easy job and not one to be learned easily. Thus Tigertown has taken up the plan of electing a new leader only when a vacancy occurs by graduation. With this plan there is always one or two experienced leaders in the lineup. The present cheer leaders have been an asset to our school, a help to our athletic teams, and were rewarded by the support of an enthusiastic student body, and as a final tribute, were pre- sented with a letter at the end of the year. That's the way to spell it and that's the way to yell itl TIGERSW 'Y A. w R+-J 6' - lr .fr iff! ,v und y A Q ,N- sk -S 'H' , s f 'ni r r f' mmf' e " 16: ,gn w bu- ,dm L. iv' dkfnifiiffd v?-4'-ION :S xx H.-gl fi Q I I 5' 'rm . "y 'jim N Sf- if' v if.: L 'Q 'Fw 1.1 f- .- fw S- vs X '11-' Fu yn 1-'ga' ep N fu -mr ,QL is Arrzgn 'clvliiim I L , .- Y "4 -f R 1? N-ixfapivii 1. u 94. 0.- 'T'! A Compliments of F R A N K I . W O L F Idlewood Inn St. Louis Rd. ff af af G O O D E A T S af af ff COURTEOUS SERVICE af if af Phone 1129 Edwardsville, ilverbloom' Inc. -M.-m1u-I1.,,1.uu11.1.-nu.-n.,i,.i1,,,.1,.u1....-.4...--u........-.1.:1l1iyil4-11:11.-.I in1.0.1..,1,,,,1,,.-ll.-...-,,,1..1 1.g.-..1,,,,1 1 -. - "The World is old, yet likes to laugh, New jokes are hard to find, A whole new editorial staff Couldn't tickle every mind. -w1.,,11,411.4-,.i...1..,.-.,,i,,.1W1.H-.MiM--.Ifl.-nl.-uu1un1l.n1uq RUNGE-ZIEGLER SHOE CO. CROSBY SQUARE Authentic Fashions in Men's Shoes We Give Eagle Stamps BEN FRANKLIN STORE Featuring Onward Brand School Supplies Edwardsville, Ill. So if you meet some ancient joke, Decked out in modern guise, Don't frown and call the "Tiger" a fake, Iust laugh-don't be too Wise." 1.-. 1 1nuiqll-,.,1..1un-.llillt11.11.141 1 1 1 1 - Compliments of DR. M. D. NASH DENTIST 420 N. Main St. Edwardsville, Ill. -Il1Hl...l1.I1I.1...1..l,..1W1,,,1,g....1.u1,g1.n1l.1.g.. Compliments of W. L. ESTABROOK 401 Bank of Edwardsville Building Compliments of KING BEE CANDY KITCHEN GEORGE COUKOULIS The Place to Buy Your Ice Cream and Candy Compliments of SOLTER 6 KRIEGE HARDWARE 110 North Main St. Phone 588 COVERS AND BINDING for the 1 9 4 3 T I G E R 'k 'k i' --by-- BECKTOLD CO. St. Louis, Mo. 'A' 'A' 'k Lennie Kesl: "Oh, listen to that marvelous 'swing' Alice Weidner lplaying the pianol: "That was music." 'Siegfried's Deathf " Mr. Shannon: "That's classical music they're Don Mathis: "l'm not surprised." playing." l I Lennie: "Well, it sounds qood enough to be According to George Koch, the three chief races 'swing.' " of man are sprints, hurdles, and long distance. ............-..-..-.................-..-.1-...-...-.......-.......-..T...-..1-M.-.......-.1-.1.-..-....-.......-..-...........-..-..- - BoB's BAND Box l : Compliments of CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS l ROBT- FERGUSON' If-I Prop- A. 5. B. FEED 6. SEED STORE. I Inc. I 1' 1. ' 1. ego l Wholesale and Retail Z E 1 1 if -A' ff No Shrinking 'l' No Odor i PI'Ofil Reaper, A. B. Feeds " NO Fading ' Flour - Hay - Feed - Salt 61 Seeds l A Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Nl Grinding, Cleaning and Mixing To Fit Everyone's Purpose l l if -nf is YOUR APPEARANCE IS OUR BUSINESS ! -We pick Up and DeliVerT "Where Feed and Seed ls a Science" Phone 28- 112-114 s. Mum st. if "' 'f I 96 Thirty-five Years behind the camera Not A Minute behind the times uk 1 if S T R S E T U L D E I R O S SENIOR CLASS WILL fContinued from page 941 I, Betty Fensterman, leave to let the outside world know what I know, and that's plentylll I, Lawrence Finke, leave with Bekemeyer to "paint the town red." I, Betty Fletcher, leave to teach my grand-children the art of jitterbuggin. l, Bernadine Foehrkalb, leave to begin a planned future of my own, l, Mary Foehrkalb, leave to organize a women's champion five. I, Iohn Fox, leave to join the Waacs. I, Faye Frickenstein, leave with fondest memories of four beautiful years at E.H.S, I, Edwin Gerling, leave my towel cart to the Athletic Department. I, Robert Guis, leave E.H.S. two and one-half inches taller than when I enter'ed. I, Joanna Goddard, leave E.H.S. without a "Holy Terror." I, Malcolm Goodnick, leave to create a sensation somewhere, somehow. I, Ieanne Godfrey, leave to bewitch men with my eyes. I, Lawauna Green, leave to teach others how to obtain a personality plus. I, Norma Hanser, leave Tiger Times to mourn my departure. I, Iune I-laring, leave just to be leaving. I, Chester Harris, leave to amaze the public with my outdoor qualities. CContinued on page 993 1 -::7: 1 :iz -5 ir- -. :.f:::- -7-:ig -gg?-gg --7- 1--L? 1 1: f:,-. if if if COMPLIMENTS OF MARKS -WEBER 1 ff if AMBULAN CE SERVICE EDWARDSVILLE WOOD RIVER af ff if 98 I . Compliments of l ! Compliments of R A Y ' S M A R K E T I I I LR Meats. Vegetables and Groceries I DR' CECH-IA M' HE UNG 128 N. Mum St. Phone 58 I Palace Building Phone 224 -ni5,1111ni.qi-pi1111.-.uilginigl.-..l.T..1..ig.igg., ! -..T,.i.,i.,.-.gg1.17.1.1117-gg-ll-111:-nu-nl-aiu:-:nu DR. 1. A, 1-nnscr-1 CLAYTON CLEANERS Bdnk df Edwardsville Building 1 Cleening end Leundrv Service I 8 fe 10 am" 1 'O 2 pm" 7 fe 8 pm' A Service With Personal Attention -PHONES- ' Office 174 - Residence 317 I Ill E. VCtI1dCillCI SI. Phone lU7U 1 1ll1ll1ln1ll1I-11ll--11lI1ul1ll1ll-ll1ll1ll1Il- I -,,1,,,1,,,,,1:,1,,,,7:,i,-gf. 1 1 i:f1..1.:7.::.gi,.- I Compliments of Compliments I sHUPAcK's SHOE srons EBERHART BROS. GROCERY T P 7 A. Shupack inilg.qu1ni1.15.1.4111-q1.p1p.1..1..1ui.pi..ig.-.ggiM.1.1I,I1,..........1.......1,,1.......1.,,1 1 1,1 1 - SENIOR CLASS WILL CContinued from page 985 I, Ieanne Harris, leave to study the art of "telling twins apart." I, Ralph Heepke, leave my physique to Ierry Straube. I, Norene Henke, leave to make myself better known. I, Cletus Henry, leave laden with education. I, Bennett Hensley, leave to help Notre Dame raise its scholastic standar'ds. I, Verneda Hill, leave because, you see, it's the natural thing to do. I, Wilfred Hilla, leave with Ovella. I, Harold Hogue, leave, but not unattached. I, Helen Homann, leave, shaping my future as I go. I, Iames I-Iosto, leave the E.H.S. musical department to seek a new tenor. I, Bernard Huelskamp, leave to change my name permanently to "Burnps." I, Donald Huenemeier, leave to prove that the little are the mighty. I, Dorothy Iellen, leave to go back home as per usual. I, Bill Ienkins, leave, a "Man of Mystery." I, Helen Iereb, leave, just leave. I, Emmalene Kaufman, leave, a shy young miss. I, Mary Io Kellerman, leave to become soloist in a name band. I, Crystal Kennecke, leave, known to all by my gentle swagger. I, Mary Louise Kent, leave with fire in my eyes. I, Ted Ketcham, leave fair Warning. She's mine. I, Ivan Kidd, leave, I hope. fContinued on page 1015 LE LEY MARKS A service as modern as tomorrow As gracious as yesterday Ambulance Service Phone 577 210 N. Kansas St. Edwardsville, 111. Mary Io Kellermann: "l'm going to enter my dog Warden: "Boys, l've had charge of this prison for in the dog show this year." ten years and we ought to celebrate the occasion. Lawrence Finke: "Do you think he'l1 win?" What kind of party would you suggest?" Kelly: "No, but he'11 meet some nice dogs." Prisoners Kin unisonjz "Open-house." Leo E. Pink Lindell I, Kniser PINK ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 81 CO. 107 Purcell Street 'k 'k 'k Dealers of Everything Electrical GENERAL ELECTRIC ik' Radios ii? Electric Ranges il? Electric Kitchens if? Electric Refrigerators iff Household Appliances Sf? Mazda Lamps Si? Electric Contracting Sf? Fishing Tackle and Shotgun Shells Sf? Movie Equipment 100 SENIOR CLASS WILL fContinued from page 991 I, Eldon King, leave now and forever. I, Norma Lanterman, with Izzy and Iudy in my little black Plymouth. I, Harriet Lange, leave to spend more time at Ballwegs. I, William Lee, leave my argumentative ability to Mary Rizzoli. I, Melba Leichsenring, leave to pertorm my several duties well. I, Lelia Leitner, leave to set the world on fire. I, Virginia Lvora, leave to become a one woman symphony orchestra. I, Betsy Lindbeck, leave to spread sunshine with my smile. I, Lois Loemker, leave to spend more time with Slick. I, Betty Long, leave to give Tommy a suitable send-off to the army. I, Gladys Luksan, leave to seek the company of one who can out-talk me. I, Kenneth Macdonald, leave to help Uncle Sam and his Boys. I, Virginia Mateyka, leave to manufacture enough gum for all my needs. l, Robert Mayberry, leave to become a "Fuller Brush Salesman." I, Edna McGowan, leave with no regrets. I, Elsie Menk, leave my athletic ability to one as deserving. I, Isabel Metzger, leave lack to no one, 'cause he's "My Guy." l, Ruth Metzger, leave With "My man Becker." I, Melvin Meyer, leave bound for the Army Air Corps. I, Vernon Meyer, leave to be alone. tContinued on page ll3l -u-u1g'1..1..1..1.1 1 1 1 .-...Qu-. 1 1 1u1u..-un..u.- .. .. -. -. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1n- ! I Compliments of . C5 i 'N SCHMIDT TIN sHoP I - +9 l SHEET METAL AND HEATING C 1, omp iments of I ' WAYNE BROTHERS E o.:.n:...o:3 ,-.,.?i::,.'E E 5""H I GHocER1Es AND MEATS E..--'I--1'-..E i North Main St. Phone 38 229 North Main St. 1 Phone l246W g Edwardsville. Illinois f ' E. H. SCHMIDT Q4 I I 101 Ccxssens Oc Sons DODGE and PLYMOUTH DEPENDABLE USED CARS 41 Years in Business , 5 K , , , .,., , . , .,.,,,.. ,. ,.,. ',.., , , .. . .. , MASSEY-HARRIS FORD FARM IMPLEMENTS 1 Complete Service 1 121 Hillsboro Ave. Phone: 307. 308. 309 102 -k iv if Compliments of F REDERIC E. SPRINGER 9811 "Till, XLS SIf1O'I ILS OZ9 NOILVDIHHHFIIHOW 2713 S.l.DflCIOHCl 'IIEIOW 255 SHIHOSSHOOV 22?- SNIHSVNX 5? 'TIO'-HHOW 235 SVEYIIHOIN 55 l!5lJ!vEf3N Qffrflgg-3 n"0li95 ScINY.I.S TIDY3 NOl.l.V.l.S HOIAHHS CINH .LSHAA CICIVT 'IHYEI .g.1nu1lqllullll-..n1u,-qliluzun1un1uu1uu--nn1ni4.1nilu..1,1.p1p.1u.1M1.ui.gllpi11.1.-.gi.....gi.g1..1...-ll.-gl. Miss Sloan: "Tell me something about Milton." lack Take: "Well, he wrote 'Paradise Lost,' and his wife died, and he wrote 'Paradise Regained."' I l "ls Bob a bookworm?" "No, just an ordinary worm." ..q.1nn1..u1pw1..i -.win-an-.lu-.uni -. -.. 1 1un1nn1nu1nn1n141niW1H1,pllg-..1..1..1.,1..1...... 1 1 1 1 - Attorney-at-Law 'I' i' i' l56 N. Main St. Edwardsville i i' i Ed. Gerling: "Doc, when this injured hand heals, will I be able to play the piano all right?" Doctor: "Why, certainly." Ed.: "Gee, you're a wonderl I never could play before." 'k 'k 'R Compliments of OVERBECK BROS. "The Home of Fine Wallpaper and Paints" 'R 'A' 'k 120 N. Main Street EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. 'k 'k i' Compliments of T H O S F . L A D D CONTRACTOR 229 Commercial St. -if -A- ak Plastering - Concrete iv -rf -Ar Phone 1003 Edwardsville, Ill. 'kit l Compliments of Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE sronf: 1 DR-,H- C- TIETZE TONY IANSEN, Prop. l l H l 1 f 140 North Mum Stl Phone 73 Offices in Bank of Edwardsville Building ------------------------------------- ------------- if -..-......-..-..-......-..-.............-..-..-..-..- ll Compliments of 1 7 RHODES and BURFORD FREDMAN Bnos. l l F. 1. MILLS, Mgr. 111 Mm Phone 400 '-031070707 TIliIITIITIITlllllillillillillillllli 3 1. liiii llilluuzll-illilli lui in L in l G l Compliments of Compliments of MADISON STORE WONDER CAFE Purcell Street Quality Food - Quality Service Edwcrdsvlue' mmols So. Buchanan St. Edwardsville, Ill. I Tom Colgate: "ls it true that it's bad luck to have Mr. Little: "The presidents of two macaroni com- a slack ccgfgllawH1Dou?" d h ih I Sianiefs are' in conference discussing a merger of QXID YI W EI' ell' lI'IIl . man or inouzelg epen S on e you re G Iohn Fjx: "Putting their noodles together, huh?" ...qi ....1....11111i...111.-11111.1,....1,1 -1111,-1111-.. 111111 .. .- 1 111111.11...n...11111111..-..11,.1 1 111.1 -ll-.1.... 1111111111- Herff-Jones Compan Indianapolis, Indiana Designers and Manufacturers . ---Of--- Class Iewelry and Graduation Announcements Cups, Medals, Trophies Official Iewelers to Class of l943 Edwardsville High School Represented by R. L. Iacobs lacksonville, Illinois 104 "N- NEW DQ, X I i in fx, Compliments of LOCAL LABOR UNION 84 OF EDWARDSVILLE Congratulations to the 1943 "TIGER" guage LEONARD SCI-IWARTZ, Prop. A DRUG STORE F OR EVERYBODY Edwardsville, Ill. .gg-....1ln1.q1..1ug.-M1,,,1,,,,.-.,.1,,,,..,.,,1....,,.-..1...-lu.-..1.,1..-.,.1.,1M....1.......-...1,.1,,.-..1.,..-..1.,1......1... Mr. Kinsel: "Who discovered America?" Nina lane Heady: "Ohio" "Pop": "You're wronqg Columbus discovered America." Nina: "Oh, I didn't think his first name was necessary." Mr. Love: "How old would a person be who was born in l898?" Bumps Huelskcamp: "Man or woman?" l l Mr. Pfeffer: "Did you ever lake chloroform?" Bob White: "No, who teaches it?" -,,..,.-.....-..1..1..,.-ll-...1,.1....,,,,.-ll.-.,1 1.4.1 1 .. il.-.gi,.,...,.-....,.,.-...1..1.......1...-..1...1. .-nini. ... - CROSSING INN So. Buchanan Specializes in Chicken Dinners. Plate Lunches and All Sandwiches E. Rudat, Prop. GEERS' CORNER STORE DEPEND ON US For Quality Merchandise Troy Road Phone 1143 G. Marti W. Geers B L U M E ' S Compliments of l Mrs. George Blume NORMAN IMBER ! ! - .. -....-..-...-...........-..-..-......-..-.....- -.. .... - ... - - - - - - - - -..- ! NATION - WIDE srons i Compliments of Normans' Market Q 1 B E A U T Y M A R T N. Wehrneyer-Props.-N. Dankenbring 211 Commercial St. Phone 215 N. Mm sf. Phone 696 We Deliver l ?lllillllliIlTllTlli illili lillillTlllllT'llillT'll- I 3gpg-1.1-IliIllIIn-nlllllin!I1will-Tilt-Ili-ll-illiliilll 1 Compliments of Compliments ef K1.UErER's GROCERY F. w. WOOLWORTH co. ! We Give Eeele Sfemee Corner of Main and Hillsboro Your Extra Saving i Phone 374 lL?llll:?l:2 Gini!!II2-I-tw---Z?illTllllllllilll ""-llilI+lI?:I?:ii::7::j:Zl::l::?::?::4:'l'-7:7 -3"-':":i'cT Leila Leitner: "Where are we going to eat?" Mr. Kemp: "What was done to Louis XVI dun Bennett Hensley: "Let's eat up the street." the French Revolution?" Leila: "Gosh, no, I don't like asphalt!" Celeste Frey: "He was gelatinedf' SUCCESS TO YOU As you go through life you'll see that successful people are those Who learned to save . . . save regularly, profitably, and safely! When you draw that first pay check, start the habit of saving regularly . . . then you'll be ready when opportunity knocks! Let us show how Building and Loan Shares can provide for business opportunities and security for later life. HOME BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Edwardsville National Bank Building EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS 107 liniI-1qi.-..1.u1nu1ui-u-gnu-uni in-111111 1nu1un.-up-nnlnni -ui .-.li 1 1 l 1 A. Rothman of Sons Service Department Open 'Til M.idnight WE SERVICE ALL MAKES OF CARS VANDALIA STREET PHONE 602 Charles Braden rushed into Ballwecfs Druq Store Clerk: "These are especially strong shirts, madam. shouting: "Fathers beinq chased by a bull!" They simply laugh at the laundry." Mr. Ballweg: "What can I do about it?" Customer: "I know that kindg I had some which Charlie: "Put a new roll of film in my camera." came back with their sides split." 'k 'A' 'A' Lv.. Q , When you plan to build, remember this . . . IT PAYS TO BUILD WITH BRICK. No painting, lower insurance, permanent beauty, low upkeep, protection against fire . . . these are all very important y considerations when they concern YOU mor: Bmcx coMMoN BRICK Gnd YOUR HOME- HOLLOW ms BUILDING nnocxs ,, ,, ,, FLUE LINING GLASS BLOCKS Richards Brick Company EDWARDSVILLE ST. LOUIS 108 Raffaelle 81 Ferguson 0 TOBACCOS CANDIES CIGARETTES 0 207 West High Street Ph 147 EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS 1 U9 Compliments of EDWARDSVILLE LUMBER CO. 'k 'k 'k Headquarters for ,fix 'X -A L f N EI ,x A. 1ff.'L pol al ' ,Bl I . A ls SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Paints and Varnishes Old Lady: "Surely your mother could find pieces of material more like you t ousers when she patches them." Fred Weimers: "That aint a patchg that's me." EDWARDSVILLE WATER CO. Edwardsville Water is pure and filtered by sands laid down by nature as it comes into our deeply driven Wells g o'.s.::. ua: a J as ' nf: g 9 0 'u , Edwardsville Water Co. W. T. COMPTON, Manager EDWARDSVILLE CONSUMERS COAL CO. 'A' i' 'A' --Dealer in-- MOUNT OLIVE and SHARA COALS 'k i 'A' Phone 470 A. I. MATEYKA lean Dierkes: "My, that's a sad-looking library!" Rose Marie Shannon: "Why? Because it has panes in the windows?" lean: "No, because all the books are i t' rs." COMPANY -4.1I,-pu1ru1nn1u,1v-ni...inn-1.1111-.un-..1nn1nn1u-I Compliments of T O M B O Y S T O R E 'I'HE COMPLETE FOOD STORE Waldo - Harris, Props. 132 N. Main St. Edwardsville -'11.1.1511..1.q1..1..-.gg1l.- Compliments of EDWARDSVILLE FEED AND SEED STORE Phone 284 1 1 1..1.g1..1..1u1nu,1l.1un1..1uu1lq1.lillilu- : Compliments of K I E M ' S WOMEN 'S APPAREL Eclwardsvilles Fashion Corner Guide: "This is Bunker Hill Monument-where Warren fell, you know." Marie Ax: "Some drop-killed him, I suppose?" -gn--Ibn.-1..1,gi-.-I.-...1..1..........1nn1..-...1.n1 -..,1..1. PAUL G. FIEGENBAUM REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 5"':sff-:t"3 of' :S ' g Peo S No. 8 Gerber Building DR. WAYNE B. COX Extends Hearty Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1943 Greetings and Best Wishes to the Graduates PARENT TEACHERS ASSN Edwardsville, Illinois .ig -.ll1.I11:n1.IQuill...--11nnipp1qn1nn1.-1uu1 1 The Stores of Greater Value L E E S H O P S Mr. Kinsel: "All the stars are worlds like ours.' Iudy Brunworth: "Golly! Wouldn't you hate t be on one when it twinkledlu N LAD Compliments Of GEO. B. CATHCART FS JP COMPLIMENTS LABOR UNION-LOCAL No. 179 EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS -,...-..1..-...1.,.-5.-.p,1..1.'1lg1.'1 -...1...1..1m.....1 .... ginil. Arnold Bekemeyer: "Say, have you 'Wild Geese' in here?" Miss Bibby: "What do you think this is, a butcher shop?" 1,,.....,.1u1 1.,1..1....-'41.......-..1.... ....1..1..,1g.-....1..- Compliments of D R . E . F . W A H L National Bank Building PORK HOUSE MARKET MEATS AND POULTRY Phones 393 - 595 Ted Schumacher Compliments of WILDEY THEATRE 1..i..--..1.,1...-......1.,,1,,l.-,....,1 ..1...-I Crystal Kennecke: "Why do you speak hoarse?" Iecm Sturgeon: "I was talking through a sc door and I strained my voice." Compliments of E A R L O R M A N Earl Harold 201 E. Vandalicx St. ... lu..nl.11-1.-..i.,1,.1.'i.q1..1....g 1 Compliments of PAUL C. TAYLOR COUNTY RECORDER .- ...g...,11,.i.,1.,....1..1.......i..inn....... Compliments of IOSEPH HEALEY PROBATE CLERK i if 1 if I Wheel and Axle Alignment Service Dynamic Wheel Balancing I Brake Service I I af if if I I I I MINDRUP' S AUTOMOTIVE I SERVICE 7 I Edwardsville, lll. I -nr t if 1 I I -.g-..u1n..Qu1gu1g...- 1- 5: 213: :Y if 11:34 5-4 2: :fncuuu GOOD LUCK ALWAYS TO THE GRADUATES OF '43 EULALIA HOTZ Your b COUNTY CLERK 1 1 1 1 .. 1..1..1..1nn1nn1..1.n,1un1nn1g.--.1 SENIOR CLASS WILL lContinued from page 1017 l, Elmer Moehle, leave to find my one and only. I, Marvin Moehle, leave to find a comb suitable to comb my hair. l, Viola Nischwitz, leave to realize my fondest hope in the near future. I, Idell Ostendorf, leave to find someone to talk to. I, Bob Parker, leave a ping-pong paddle to all my colleagues. l, Roberta Perry, leave in the hope that some day I shall discard my glasses. I, Glenn Phillips, leave Miss Cheek to joy in my departure. I, Dorothy Piazzi, leave to surprise a lot of unsuspecting people. I, Betty Piper, leave as little, as blond, and as cute as I came. I, Gracie Pittman, leave to find someone as demure as I. I, Alyne Poos, leave my life to Mel. l, Katherine Poydack, leave Mr. Mulch very much in awe. I, Gilbert Prante, leave, a man Without a heart. l, Marilyn Rahn, leave my dimples to Miss Sloan. I, Bud Ramsey, leave to become a Man. I, Iohn Reid, leave. Understand-l'm leavingl I, Nigel Reynolds, leave to eat more spinach and grow much taller. I, Milda Roessel, leave without a care. I, Robert Roth, leave my good humor and wit to next years Editor. He'll need itI I, Brice Sayers, leave a sister to conduct the family love affairs. fContinued on page ll7l 113 Compliments of "The Corner Drug Store" 'k ir ir Main and Vandalia Streets Edwardsville, Illinois i 'k 'k Mr Wood: "See here, my man, who told you to "Mary, did l liear you kiss someone, in tlie lcit-" plant that new :slirubbery in my front yard?" Chen?" Gardener: "Your wife." Mr. Wood: "Miality pretty, isnt it?" "Well, Mother, the junk man said tie cam over for a little oven " -...-...1...1...1 1.,.1...1...i1u.1.i..1 1i4i.1,,,.1 1 1.1 1m1u..1mi1u..1....1 ,1 1.i.1 1....1.....- .1.,.1 1 1 - Compliments Oi U. S. RADIATOR Compliments of IOHN F. EECK Attorney-at-Law Bank ot Edwardsville Building Compliments I Compliments WEHRLE'S GROCERY STORE 5 -my Road 7 IDLE HOUR BILLIARD HALL Phone 1126 220 Noffh Main - .. - - -..-..-..-..-..-..-..- - - - -..- 1 -......-..-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. g EDWARDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL . . f COIT1pl11'1'1eI'1'tS of Better Education I ' ILLINOIS LUMBER CO., Inc. CLYDE s. METCALF t for T BETTER MATERIAL -. -.-n-n-n-u-u-u-n-n-u-n-u-n- -lm -...- ... -..-...-..--.-..-.H-.H-..-----.---- - - Compliments of ' ' DE. o. E. KEENAN 2 Compliments Ol Bank of Edwardsville Building S Phone 32 I I -..-..-..-..-...-..-..-..-..-..-.-- -..- -...-..- -..i..-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-......-..- - - Clet Henry: "Where's Atoms?" Miss Gewe: "What does 'rex fugit' me-an?' Miss Adams: "1-Xtoms? Oh, you mean Athens, Betty Ann Long: "The king flees." Why that's in -. Miss Gewe: "Make it a perfect tense by usinq Clet: "No, I mean Atoms, the place where every- has." body is blown to." Betty Ann: "The kinq has fleas." UNE!-I Tfl INMOTTARIS - f W - L f - A ,fs : - fs X y, my gi ff W, 1 tc.: cow W T y ,t W 'slr 1771" l j r. f it I N. 95' m y vt ' i 5 I P in I i 7, .1 t mf ' MW' gg, ..! -- , .. ,,...l. , A , 1 K N --P t - ' he 'X Skt Phone 67 206 N. Main ll5 CITY OF EDWARDSVILLE MADISON coUN'rY, n.Lmo1s OSCAR SCHMIDT Mayor EDWARD H. POOS City Clerk IOSEPH ROTTER City Treasurer O ALDERMEN George H. Blume Elmer F. Carter Edward l... Eberhardt Charles P. Long Fred Michel POLICE DEPARTMENT C. F. Mindrup, Chief Fred Hofeditz, Night Captain Edward H. Meier, Patrolman Fred W. Losch, Patrolman Iohn Huse, Night Watchman GORDON BURROUGHS Corporation Council M. ESTHER FUNKE City Attorney ALDERMEN Walter Nolte T. Evans Reilly Walter F. Sievers Chas. G. Stahlhut Frank B. Weeks FIRE DEPARTMENT Dennis Hentz, Chief Arnold Schaffer, Fireman E. W. Weeks, Fireman Chas. Fiegenbaum, Fireman STREET DEPARTMENT Erwin Sehnert, Superintendent Hubert Kennedy, Assistant Superintendent Compliments and Best Wishes o HARRY T. HART A Sheriff SENIOR CLASS WILL lContinued from page 1131 Vera Schaake, leave with education and good-nature in tow. Kenneth Scheibal, leave to enchant the little, not the mighty. Reinhard Schmidt, leave my trusty Ford to Mr. Wood. Bill Schneider, leave to live and love. Ray Schon, leave El-l.S. with a goodly amount of very little. Lawrence Schulze, leave to some day woo and win with my physique and fiddle. Ernie Sedlacek, leave to reform Glen Carbon and its many honored inhabi- tants. Suzanne Sentenne, leave to prove that "Precious things do come in small packages." Shirley Schafer, leave to help produce bigger and better melons at lower prices. Rose Marie Shannon, leave BHS. very much in doubt, Army or Navy? Evelyn Sliva, leave as others have done before me. Betty Somerlad, leave to devote myself to Winkle. Edna Sparks, leave Miss Thomas, E.H.S., and my shorthand class with a worry. Ioseph Sperandio, leave my blond curly locks to fade and fall. Geraldine Stahlhut, leave El-l.S. guessing as to my love life. Ovella Sterrnan, leave with many tales to tell of E.l-l.S. CContinued on page ll8l ll7 SENIOR CLASS WILL fContinued from page 117D l, Iean Sturgeon, leave my school life to smash as I go out and find something new and different. I, Ruth Suhre, leave my artistic ability to the future art editor of Tiger Times. I, Iack Taake, leave to conduct a class in Public Speaking. I, Marguerite Threewit, leave to venture back to Chicago, or elsewhere. l, George Talick, leave, you don't mind, do you? I, Georgia Traulsen, leave my henna rinse to Marjorie Mindrup. I, Betty Troesch, leave my life in the hands of fate. I, Alvin Uhe, leave the F.F.A. to struggle alone. I, Elmer Unterbrink, leave the girls in E.H.S. to sigh and swoon. I, Virginia Voyles, leave to join my red-headed friend, Mary Lee. I, Alice Weidner, leave to accomplish all that's good no matter what the effort. I, Arthur Welch, leave to wander alone and desolate in this world of sorrow. I, Virginia Wheat, leave, a married woman. I, Robert White, leave my manly charms to Bob Brewer. I, Mary lane Widener, leave, but let it be known I shall not be forgotten. l, Frank Zaruba, leave all E.H.S. a firm reminder to be good and be different. I, Arthur Zika, leave to master the art of shorthand. I, Theodora Shashek, leave to let everyone know my middle name is Barbara. Witnessed by: Signed by: THE STUDENT BODY THE SENIOR CLASS 11 Zi! QTZI ' SI2lI'l:il:i Ii lillTl:ililli'lCflCllIil:illT::iIZllCllC4 -4 Ifflillilillliixfii- "-llllii 4 A U E R B A C H ' S LADIES' APPAREL . Always Something New to Offer l COMPLIMENT S We Specialize in Formal and To THE Bridal Outfits xl CLASS OF '43 . U it fl BUTLER CHEVROLET Eagle Stamps-Your Extra Saving I 126 N. Main Edwardsville ll 118 Compliments Of EDWARDSVILLE GUN CLUB ..n1q.1..i....-I1...II..I.1.111111111.11111ui...-....-...1q.i..- RADIO SERVICE HOUSE AND AUTO can 1122 FIGGE'S SERVICE 123 W. vfmdmiq 1 .- .- 1..1..1.i.qi.,1...1...-.11111.1.1.1 1 1.1- Compliments of BUSY BEE BAKERY Compliments of Fredman Bros. Furniture Co. 111 Main St. Phone 400 -1,-...-11.1.11..1.,.-...-nilI-...1..1....g.1...-ulqliu. BUTLER'S GROCERY YOUR 1.G.A. STORE 1202 Madison Phone 843 -.1.11.1ll....11.111...-1.1.111..1..1..1..i.l1ll1..111.1.3 Compliments of ANN'S BEAUTY SALON 140-a N. Main Barbara Brower lenterinq butcher shopl: "Where's 'P c eese." h Bobby Frey: "He just went out. May l wait on 'P you." -lg.-1.1.1.--ql1..i..1...............,1..1 1 1 .. 1 1qi..,.1...-..1......1..1 .......-..1 1 -. 1 -. .- 1 1 1 1 - 218 Main Phone 128-W Georgia Traulson ton the farml: "What's that stuff, On those sheep?" Ted Ketchum: "Wool," Georgia: "I'll bet it's half cotton," . n Compliments of DESMOND MFG. CO. 318 St. Louis St. 1 1 x K " -nkcg. 4 OSCAR SCHIVIIDT AGENCY Every Form of I N S U R A N C E PROTECTION Edwardsville. Ill. Phone 138 11.1.-I.-ni11.115.11.111-1.-.1.1..1....-11.1..1n.1.-131.9 MADISON COUNTY MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COIVIPANY "A Service That Serves" I I 306 Edwardsville National Bank Building Phone 961 PEERLESS CLEANERS Deal THE CASH AND CARRY WAY and Save I FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE 110 N. Second St. Top: Isabel Iiitzggr,-I.-If-LUV? E113 Ecgxtenge,-CT1c5lg Eraden, Ieanne Godfrey. Middle: Bob Roth. Bottom: Iack Take, Ioanna Goddard, Norma Lanterman, Doris Aksamit, Mr. Wood. I Compliments of WOODLAWN GARDENS I. H. Blixen I I 1407 St. Louis Street WHITE COTTAGE INN CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS 545 Y u Iohn Hensley, Prop. PHONE FOR RESERVATION Center Grove Road County 927Wl -u1u....1 1 1.g1.'1...-llinninuiuni -.. 1. 1 in- i Firestone Store Compliments of Service for All Makes of Cars DR- R. S- BARNSBACK Oliver Farm Equipment Iefferson Building Edwardsville H U R S T P O N TI A C C 0 . T 401 North Main Phone 508 T 1 :at 1 1 n1uu1nn1nn1nu.-lui 1 1n1u1uu:un-nu- -..1..1..1I..-ll-...1p-1.piI.1..1lp1uu1uu.-u-u1'..-u- I Compliments of f Compliments 7 f Da. E. c. FERGUSON I O Bank of Edwardsville e LEON'S BEAUTY SHOP l l 1ll7lg7.11II1IllllillillillllllllillilllllTlllh i S I . Compliments of C0ff1D1iH'1e1'1tS I GIFT SH o PPE Martha Paul Wildey Bldg. Hfrrfung Bibs- Barber sh0P Of 4 -n1un1u1gl1u1lp1.4.1nn1---u1n.....1..p1nn1.11.11..1ln-11114111111-an1.41I.1pp.-u-uq1.u1.u-.-.1.n1.u1..1..-lg. BASKETBALL LETTERMEN fContinued from page 575 Harold Black-"Blackie" was the key man in the Tiger offense until mid-year when he was lost by graduation. He was a stellar floor man and had CT very good eye. Iim Marks-"lim" led the powerful Tigers throughout the season, finishing sec- ond in conference scoring and landing a berth on the All-Conference First Team. George Koch--"George" didn't come into his own until the middle of the sea- son, but from there on, he was a very essential rnan in the Tiger machine. Norman Nilsson-"Worm" was handicapped throughout the season by sick- ness, but in spite of this he was a very good floor man rebounder and made his share of the points. 121 -.--.--....1...-..1..1.,1.,....g.1.,1..1.,.1..,-.. EDWARDSVILLE CREAMERY COMPANY QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk. Cream. Cheese. Butter and Evaporated Milk 223 W. PARK ST. 'k 'k 'A' For Prompt and Satisfactory Delivery Service PHONE 364-365 i' i' 'k A poem composed by Bette Piper including the Geraldine Stahlhut Qin elevatorlz "Third floor words "analyze" and "anatomy:" please." My analyze over the ocean, My analyze over the seap Oh, who will ao over the ocean And bring back my anatomy? Compliments Ot MECHANIC'S PLANING M I L L . Inc. is if ff Phone487 Elevator Man: "Here you are, daughter." Gerry: "How dare you call me daughter? You're t f th I" no my a er. Elevator Man: "Well, brought youAup, didn't I? in.. iniN..1.1W1-111.1...1..-........1.11..-...i,.....1..1..1.,1..i.. l 5 MALT SHOP 1 TIEMANN 'S E I l 1 I l ! HOME MADE ICE CREAM 1 E Giant Malted Milks 10 cents I 1 I 1 ! 213 N. Main St. 1 l EDGAR TIEMANN, Prop. T 122 -up-...inuinu-.lin144-un1lu1np-un1nu1uuinu1 Football-CContinued from page 527 Tigers-6 RED BIRDS NIP TIGERS Alton-12 One of the most exciting games of the season brought to blows the Tigers and the Red Birds. The Birds drew first blood by blocking a Tiger kick, recovering it, and taking it over for a touchdowng the third quarter brought another Cardinal tally which finished their scoring. A fourth period blast gave the hometowners their first score while the gun went off as the Tigers were knocking on the Red Birds' goal line. 211411.11 Norma Lanterman: "I would like to take a book home." Miss Bibby: "Something light?" Norma: "It doesn't make any difference. 1 have my car outside." Chester Harris: "Do you make life-size enlarge- ments?" Mr. Strebler: "That's our specialty." Chester: "Fine Here's a picture I took of the Grand Canyon." -nl1q.1-g-.n1u1uq-nu1la-unl1cn-u-nesus:uu-nn1qu1uu-Quuinl1uu1n.Qqq1.11.111.111111111115151-gli..-pg-m1111141-I Compliments of Simpson, Reed 61 Burroughs ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW National Bank Building 1 11111:-n-.unin.1....-..1...1..1...1..1..1. E . I . S H E P A R D OFFICE SUPPLIES "Everything for the Office" 112 St. Louis St. Pho PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ne 989 Compliments of MADISON COUNTY FOOD LOCKER -..1..1..i.. 1 11.11.15- Compliments of LECLAIRE STORE "NOTHING BUT THE BEST" 512 Leclcrire Ave. ' Edwardsville. Ill. ..l,1n1I.-.,..1..1..1...1,.1. 1 1..1.l.1.q1.gini.g1.p- Compliments of LELAND BARBER SHOP :fn 4 n:-u:-n:-::+u:7nn1ln1n-1.1 1ul1ll:llu I t Z X llbg 31.4, li- lub' A-1, X. 'Z is . ,X A. 5,2-1 ,Wim lm- fm. ' 1, 1. rs, 47' 49 9 A gi' 1 MLW X , .llf -f ff-.' . ' " ff" X N 'Hr '47 Q!! - ft. H'- 'Q M f .I LV IM, IM 1 - n fl t it-I .I I - 1i'-in ,.'i,l1f fig ' :'ff--495' t . 1-'.I'-Xp L , 'ap ' iii-lTt'1't?':glLllu-ill " V-1.-.--I -fag-M V ,1 .!mlgyg..:w1!! E!! leuvlul : K H- -"".-- ..,1w f, ,' , V xiii AMERICA'S FUTURE must be shaped by the youth of the country. The magnitude of the job in the y-ears ahead will require sound character and Well trained minds, as never before in the nations his- tory. Your successful completion of your high school course gives you the firm foundation you are sure to need for th-e civic and national duties that lie ahead. Sir CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES and sincere wishes for the continued achievement in the years to come. ii? THE BANK OF EDWARDSVILLE 75 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE Edwardsville. Illinois Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 124 Do Business With a Dependable Firm R. H. ROSENTHAL 0 INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE See Rosenthal on all your insurance problems We have a Special Savings Plan for Young People I Try Our Confidential Service O 223 S. BUCHANAN ST. Edwar'dsville, Ill. Phone 163: Res. 525 -np-1.1pp...nn1.gp1..1n1..i..-u.-..1pn-pninuillipnill Bob Cox: "Wanna buy a Ford," Bill Hicks: "What's wrong with it?" Bob: "Nothing" Bill: "Then what do you wanna sell it for?' Bob: "Nothing" Bill: "I'll take it." -1.-.ninlgg..I....qi..1..1..i..--..1..1ui.1 i 1 Compliments of DR. W. H. SCHROEDER D E N T I S T Bank of Edwardsville Building 1.4.1..1.l1.g1u.1upiugin-..i..1..1..1..1.p1I..-n Compliments of WEBER SHELL STATION 1 .1 1 1 -. in- Compliments of EDW. SCHNEIDER FUNERAL HOME 71? I-Iart Schattner 61 Marx Clothes ik Stetson and Champ Hats 71? Munsingwear Underwear ik Arrow and X-Act-Fit Shirts jf? Beau Brummell Ties ik Interwoven Socks ik I-Iickok and Paris Belts l I The Newest Thing in Sportswear l I W. W. WARNOCK 6 CO. Now in the Palace Building -ui 1U..Hin.,.pinl-..1.ui..1.,1..-.lip.1..1..1n- Compliments of SCHULTE and AHLERT IEWELERS 'k 133 North Main Street 11-11-1..1..-ninlniI.1..1..1...1-.1..1n-.l.1n-q- lack Broderick: "Here's some candy. Sweets for the sweet." Izzy Metzger: "Thank you. Here are some nuts." l l lst Pig: "I never sausage heat." 2nd Pig: "Yes, l'm nearly bacon." 1l.1.'1..i..1..1..i..1,.1..1p-1u.1uq-..i..1...-..1.g1.g1u- Compliments of DR. LAWRENCE SCOTT OPTOMETRIST 130 N. Main St. -.11 1 1 1.inin1n1ql-qp1ni..i-q1upi'g1gg1n- Compliments of SALLY ANN BAKERY -IU1 .1..1u.. 1.l1lq1q.t...1l.i..11.-.-Iilq.-..1..1... DR. C. R. COCHRAN Chiropodist and Foot Specialist Gerber Bldg. Edwardsville, Ill. Betty Lou Ahrenl Hi-Tri l. 2, 4 Speech Club 4 Commerce 4 Latin Club 2 Chorus l Senior Play Doris Rkeamit Raymond Blale Worden I, 2, 3 Tiger Times Staii 4 Charles Braden Student Council 1 Science Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4 Camera Club 3, Vice Pres. 3 Hi-Tri li 2' 3' 4' Pres' 2 .Tiger Photographer 4 Student Council 2, 4, Secretary 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Science Club l, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Iunior Play Senior Play Senior Osleretta 3, 4 Football aid 2 A Cappella 4 Evelyn Arth Hi-Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Commerce Club 3 Football Maid 3 Student Council 4 Milburn Arth Camera Club 2, 3 Model Club 1, 2, 3 Track 3 Shirley Bardelmeier Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3 Home Ec, Club 2, 3, 4, President 2, 3 Speech Club 4 Commerce Club 2 HENRY BRANDT F.F.A. 3, 4 Douglas Brase Hi Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 3 Football 3 Senior Play Bob Bartlett Football 3, 4 Athletic Mgr. l, 2, 3, Tiger Times 1, 2 Tiger Sports Editor Speech 2 Dorothy Bryant G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Speech 2, 3 Commerce 3 Volleyball l, 2, 3 Bob Blumberg Latin 2 Camera Club 2 Science 1, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Swing Band 4 Model 1 Germaine Braund- meier Alhambra 1, 2, 3 Eleanor Mary Burle Stamp Club l, 2, 3, Treas. 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Library Club 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3 Commerce 3 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 4 Camera 3 Hcilv s Senior ' Hia 4 4 Lillian Blotevogel Worden l, 2, 3 Tiger Times 4 Home Ec 4 LaWanda Bridwell Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce 3 Pittsburgh 2 Harold Black Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 1, 2 Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Cap- tain 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Class President 4 Tiger Advertising Mgr. 4 Eugene Bartles Stamp Club l, 2, 3, President 3 Science 4 Band 2 Arnold Belremeyer Science Club 3, 4 Chorus 4 Harold Bartles Hi Y 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres, 4 Model Club 2, 3, Treas. 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Operetta 1, 2, 3 Band l, 2 Track I, 2 Football 1 Latin 2 Cheer Leader 4 Iunior Play 3 Iunior Rotarian Science Club 4 Waldemar Blase Worden 1, 2, 3 Basketball 4 Victor Becker Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 F.F.A. Treasurer 3 Tiger Ad. Stati 4 Class Officer 2 Barbara Brower Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus l. 2, 3, 4 A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Science Club 3, 4, Sec. 4 Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4 Music Aspreciation 3 Speech ub 3 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Bernice Bangert Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4 Student Council 2, 3 G.A.A. 2 Class Officer 3 Wilma Braasch Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce 3, 4 Peggy Bigham Commerce 3 Hi Tri 1, 2. 3, 4 Library Club 3 Home Ec. 3 Speech 4 Carl Ioleph Broclrman Hi Y 2, 3, 4 Model 1, 2, 3 Speech 3, 4 Operetta 2 Chorus 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3 A Cappella 2, 3 Maryann Bryant Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A,A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce l, 2, 3 Latin l, 2 Speech 3, 4 Marian Bivene Hi Tri 3 Chorus 3, 4 Marie Bust Hi Tri 2, 3 Commerce 3 E FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF THE Q I ARMED FORCES . . . GET A frlfa CHEST X-RAY I re I ' I u I I l B. 5: R. RECREATION MADISON COUNTY 8 ALLE-YS -H DANCING i TUBERCULOSIS ASSOCIATION Comer of Vcmdcrlia cmd Iohnson Sts. ----------'---'---------------------------------- Call 238 for Reservations f Florence Sills, Manager 14 1 1 -msunnncr aorncv I U0 ALL Types 5 ":ANUci2AIziilAPriIa'ivCGii ' 5 .igfgifwiifoo Qi Pl-i?J4NES I26-,64fr, LQ, EDWARDSYH.'I.'L', ILL . ' I I I Eddie's Gang CContinuedl On the serious side, the staff would like to thank the following people for the help they have given us in publishing the '43 TIGER: Mr. I, W. Patterson, Huston-Patterson Corporation. Mr. Robert Loewer, Indianapolis Engraving Co. Mr. A. I-I. Strebler, Strebler Studios. The Board of Education for its splendid cooperation. Our sponsors, for all the headaches the staff caused them. Last, but not the least, the entire faculty. The staff tried to make this book as different as possible. The War has changed some things for us Without our efforts, but the TIGER has come through again. We hope you have appreciated your trip through Tigertown with "Eddie", and this year's staff Wishes the IQ44 TIGER staff plenty of success, 127 CLASSIFICATION 1-A 0 First call comes to those best fitted for service, Whether the pursuit be mili- tary or commercial. Today, under wartime conditions, an increasing number of firms all over this locality are giving us a "l-A" Classification, as evidenced by their reliance on our Printing Services to prevent loss of good will and to insure future profits. 0 Mr. Business Man, we can help you meet the challenge of today's unusual problems and the problems of post war trade. You can depend upon our prompt and efficient Printing Service to bring you through these perplexing times with flying colors. FOEHRKALB BROS. PRINTERS 109-111 Hillsboro Ave. Phone 19 Edwardsville. Ill. Bill Ienkins: "We had an egg in Worden that was Aviator: "Wanna fly?" six inches 1ong." Doris Aksamit feagerlyl: "O-o-o-o yes!" Wilfred Hillat "Huh, we got something in Glen Aviator: "Wait, I'1l catch you one." Carbon that'll beat that." I l Bill: "What" Miss Hackett: "What's a metaphor?" Wilfred: "An egg beater." Glenn Eyman: "For cows to graze on. 1lllllillillilllllillillillill iliiiii lllll?Illlllllllllllllllllilllllilllillllillill Tiii l AND I Compliments of ,L ENIOY MORE SAVINGS PROFITS l D . H . MU D G E H We have savings accounts that can be adjusted to fit your needs. CIRCUIT JUDGE 3, ly Open one soon. V lt H I l Q' ft..."-Q 7 EDWARDSVILLE LOAN ...Jones oh: H ASSOCIATION ll E Second Floor Edwardsville National Bank Building -pin-Z D-I CD 2 i FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OE THE 5 ARMED FORCES . . . GET A xrifa 7 CHEST X-RAY ' u l I I B. 6 R. RECREATION MADISON COUNTY 8 ALLEYS - DANCING TUBERCULOSIS ASSOCIATION Corner of Vcmdalia and Iohnson Sts. --------------M---------------------------------- Call 238 for Reservations Florence Sills, Manager i 'IDSURRIICE HGHICV : Him Y H0 ALL. TVPES 4 3 !63'5?AZU' 'LEELTFE E 1 : HE -Emile moo 'gf' I mibmzs IZ6-649. L, EDWARDSYILI.-E, ILL. ' I I Eddie's Gang fContinuedl On the serious side, the staff would like to thank the following people for the help they have given us in publishing the '43 TIGER: Mr. I. W. Patterson, Huston-Patterson Corporation. Mr. Robert Loewer, Indianapolis Engraving Co. Mr. A. H, Strebler, Strebler Studios. The Board of Education for its splendid cooperation. Our sponsors, for all the headaches the staff caused them. Last, but not the least, the entire faculty. The staff tried to make this book as different as possible. The war has changed some things for us without our efforts, but the TIGER has come through again. We hope you have appreciated your trip through Tigertown with "Eddie", and this year's staff Wishes the 1944 TIGER staff plenty of success. l27 ST. BONIFACE BOWLING ALLEY Wholesome Entertainment for Old and Young Found on Ed. Gerling's registration card: Question: Give your parents' name. Answer: Mamma and Papa. I I Harold Bartels: "Have you read 'Freckles'?" Faye Frickenstein: "No, mine are brown." -..1...11.....1......,1.....n1.,.i....1.11.-...1ll1..1 .. 2.1 HEIDELBERG OIL CO. Deep Rock Service Station Main and Vandalia Phone ll78 COMPLETE DEEP ROCK LUBRICATION Best Wishes of N. O. NELSON CO. I I Makers of "NONCO" FIXTURES I I All the brass parts of "NONCO" Plumbing fixtures are made by local people and guaranteed by a local concern, .41....-...1ni.I.-.ui1.1ll-...1.,.....1..1..1,.11..1lmilpin. Andy Smith: "Did you take a bath this morning?" Vernon Bunte: "No, is there one missing?" l l Betty Cronin: "What is it that elephants have that no other animals have?" Agnes Ax: "Baby elephants." ,,..,,1...-.l1...1ll1..1.,.-..1......1n.. 1 1. 1......1..- I I Compliments of Iune Baumgartner Worden 1, 2, 3 Home Ec. 4 Band 4 Edna Bouse Hi Tri 3, 4 Commerce 3, 4 Chorus 4 Judith Brunworth Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 S eech 1 Mgxed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta l, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Tiger Ass't Bus. Mgr, Latin 1, 2 Commerce 3 Music Appreciation 3 Thomas Colgate. Ir. Student Council 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4 Latin 1, 2 Camera 2, 3 Model 3 Speech 3, 4 Hi Y 3, 4 Track 3 Iunior Rotarian Iunior Play 3 Chorus 4 A Cappella 4 Senior Play Demaris Childres Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 French 2, Sec. 2 Commerce 3, 4 Cheer Leader 3, 4 Football Maid 2 Speech 3 Myrlin Cooper Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Betty lane Fletcher Chorus 1 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 1-li Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Library 3, 4 Speech 4 Sena Elsie Ioanna Goddard Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Speech l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4 French 1, 2, 3 Tiger Staff 4 Football Maid 4 Library 3 Ieanne Godfrey Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Maid 3 speech l, 2, 3, 4 usic Appreciation 3 Cheer Club 1, 2, Sec. 2 Chorus 1, 2, 4 A Capgella 2 Tiger ss't Ad. Mgr. 4 Science 4 Latin 2 Operetta 1, 2 Senior Play Malcolm Goodnick Tiger Times Ass't Editor 4 Lawauna Green G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3 Library 3 Speech 4 Science 4 Edwin Gerling Model 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3 Stamp 1, 2, 3 Chorus l, 2, 4 Operetta l, 2, 4 Camera 2 Science 4 Athletic Mgr. 3, 4 Senior Play Chester Harris Science 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3 Speech 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3 Junior Play Tiger Swing Band 3, 4 Band 3, 4 Latin l, 2 Stamp 1, 2 1-Ii Y 2, 4 Ieanne Harris Springfield 1, 2 Marine High 3 Hi Tri 4 Chorus 3, 4 Norene Cora Henko Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 German l, 2 G.A.A. 2 Home Ec. 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3 Operetta 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Cletus Henry Model 1, 2, 3 Football 3, 4 Basketball 2 Track 2, 4 Music Appreciation 3 Speech 4 Science 4 Bennett Hensley Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Co-Capt. 4 Basketball 1, 2 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Tiger Staff 4 Class Officer 2 Senior Play Maxine Colbert Hi-Tri l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Hi-Tri Council TJeas. 4 Cheer Leader l Cheer Club 1 Opbretta 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3 Tiger Asst. Sales Mgr. 4 A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Edna Lee Clark Hi-Tri 4 Home Ec. 4, Treasurer 4 Iunior Play 3 '5 Adrian Chiste Hi-Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Commerce Club 3, 4 Football Mail 3 'nr Hctivities Leona Dehn Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. 2 Commerce Club 4 Tiger Typist 4 Wilbur Dustman F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 Walter Ludwig Duvall Wrestling 1 Loretta I ean Dierkes Latin l, 2 Chorus 1 Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Library 3, 4, Pres. 4 Speech Club 2, 3 Home Ec. 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4 Leonard Durham Student Council l, 4 Latin 1, 2 Track 2 Football 3 Norma Dustmann Worden l, 2, 3 G.A.A. l Chorus 2, 3 Commerce Club 4 Helen Eberhart Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4 Catherine Eilers Worden 1, 2, 3 Home Ec. 4 Giordan Ersparner Model Club l, 2, 3 Camera Club 3 Betty Fensterrnan Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce 3, 4 CLASSIFICATION 1-A 0 First call comes to those best fitted for service, whether the pursuit be mili- tary or commercial. Today, under wartime conditions, an increasing number of firms all over this locality are giving us a "1-A" Classification, as evidenced by their reliance on our Printing Services to prevent loss of good will and to insure future profits. 0 Mr. Business Man, we can help you meet the challenge of today's unusual problems and the problems of post war trade. You can depend upon our prompt and efficient Printing Service to bring you through these perplexing times with flying colors. FOEHRKALB BROS. PRINTERS 109-1ll Hillsboro Ave. Phone 19 Edwardsville. Ill. Bill Ienkins: "We had an egg in Worden that was Aviator: "Wanna fly?" six inches long." Doris Aksamit feagerlyl: "O-o-o-o yes!" Wilfred Hilla: "Huh, we got something in Glen Aviator: "Wait, I'l1 catch you one." Carbon that'll beat that." l I Bill: "What," Miss Hackett: "What's a metaphor?" Wilfred: "An egg beater." Glenn Eyman: "For cows to graze on. -...............-..-......-..-. ..------ ..-..l...-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-.... -..-........-.. I ' LooK AHEAD NOW lf 1' AND Compliments of ENIOY MORE SAVINGS PROFITS ll ll . D . H . D G E We have savings accounts that I can be adjusted to fit your needs. CIRCUIT JUDGE 1 I Open one soon. l? L H l l .. l . o..olo.s H l I EDWAADSVILLE LOAN ASSOCIATION Second Floor Edwardsville National Bank Building i 130 -1l1ll1u1luill Verneda Hill "THIRST AID" Keep Ice Cold ORANGE KIST Ready to serve at home Enioy all KIST Flavors pu-nl-n ilq1ql1u1.lu1lg1.q1ll Ieanne Harris: "Look there's a dear, old-fashioned girl. Her dress buttons all the way up the back." Doris Aksamit: "Nonsense, that's her backbone." I I Bette Piper: "Does Goddard have her way?" Iean Sturgeon: "Does she. Sayl She even writes her diary a week ahead of time." I I Victor Becker: "Do you know Iohn Brown?" Harold Black: "No, what's his name?" Vic: "Who?" I I Petrovitch: "Howsky am 1 going to open the doorsl-ry?" Boris: "Sapsky, haven't you got a passkey?" I I Mr. Little Cvisiting penitentiarylz "What's your name, my good man?" Convict: "999." Mr. Little: "Oh, but that's not your real name." Convict: "No, that's only my pen name." I I "Now," said Mr. Shannon, "we will play 'Stars and Stripes Forever.' " "Gosh," exclaimed Bob Norris, "1 just played that." I I Ray Schon: "l want a shirt with a 14 collar and 34 sleeves," Fred Stroud: "What's it for, a centipede?" I I Mr. Love: "Here's an easy problem. Suppose there was a Mr. Iones, a Mrs. Iones, and a baby. How many would there be?" Bill Lee: "Two and one to carry." -un1niaiu1:11nu-.uu.-ui:-.1lg..qu1u1en-n-151111151 Senior Hctivities Flora Lee Engelke Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3 I.aVerne Had! Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce 3, 4 Science 3, 4 Speech Club 3, 4 Wilma Kathryn Engelke Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 4 Band 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Home Ec. 3, 4, Sec. 4 Music Appreciation 3 Football Mail 2 Bernadine Foehrkalb Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Mary Virginia Foehrkalb Hi-Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1. 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. Vice-Pres. 4 Iohn Fox Chicago, 1, 2 Science 3, 4 Chorus 3 Football 3, 4 Library 3 Hi-Y 3. 4 Faye Frickenstein Class Officer l, 2 Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4 Student Council 2, 4 Latin 1, 2 Iunior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Operetta 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Queen 4 Student Council Vice-Pres. 4 Lawrence Finke Iunior Play 3 Council Student 3 Tiger Sales Staff 4 Hi-Y 4 Iune Hating Alhambra 1, 2 Marine 3 Tiger Times Staff 4 Norma Hamer Speech 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Stamp 2, 3 Latin 2 Commerce Club 2, 3 Tiger Times Editor 4 Helen Hamann Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. 3 Chorus 4 Erwin Iames Hosto German l, 2 Music Appreciation 3 Operetta 3 Band 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce 2, 3 Home Ec. 2 Stamp 2, 3 Tiger Times Staii 4 Wilfred Hilla Track l, 2, 3, 4 Football I, 2, 3, 4 Harold Hague Football 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 4 Speech 4 Senior Play Ralph Heepke Boys Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 I-'.F.A. 2, 3, 4 Hi Y 4 Bernard I-luelskamp Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Speech 4 Class Otlicer 3 Music Appreciation 3 Donald Andrew Huenemeier Model l, 2, 3 Track 2, 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Bill lenkins Worden 1, 2, 3 Band 4 Track 4 Helen Iereb Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Commerce 3, 4 Dorothy Iellen Latin 1 ' Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Stamp l, 2, 3 Commerce 3, 4 Mary lo Kellermann Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec- Treas. 4 G.A.A. 1, 2. 3 Latin l Music Agpreciation 3 Speech Home Bc. 3 Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella 4 Ofieretta 2, 3, 4 Cass Ollicer 4 Football Maid 3 Tiger Stait 4 Crystal Kennecke G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Speech 1, 2, 4 Latin 2, 3 Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Science 2, 3 Mary Louise Kent Westport High School 1, 2 Hi Tri 4 G.A.A. 4 Library 4 Chorus 3 Senior Play Sen: Ivan B. Kidd. Ir. Tiger Times Staff 4 Theodore R. Ketchum Bethany High 1, 2 Library Clu Treas. 3 T k 3 4 rac , Basketball 3, 4 F.F.A. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4 Eldon King Worden l, 2, 3 F.F.A. 4 Emmalene Kaufman Alhambra l St. lacob 2 Norma Lantern-ian Hi Tri l, 4 Latin I Tiger Staff Bus. Mgr. 4 Student Council 2, 3 Leila Leitner Student Council 1, 2 Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 3 Latin 1, 2 Speech l, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4 Football Maid 3, 4 Hi Tri Council 3 Tiger Ad. Stalt Senior Play William Lee Science l, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 3 Speech 3, 4 Latin l, 2, 3 Music Appreciation 3 Iunior Play 3 Operetta 3, 4 'nr Hctivm Betsy Lindbecl: Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Music Appreciation 3 Speech 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Home Ec. 3 Chorus l, 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Latin l, 2 Iunior Play Tiger Ioke Editor Melba Leichsenring Spanish 4 Gladys Lulrsan I-li Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Stamp l Home Ec. 4 Commerce 4 G.A.A. 1, 4 Harriet Lange Hi Tri 1, 2 Band 1, 2 Science 2, 3, 4 Commerce 3 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Tiger Typist 4 Tiger Times Statt 4 Lois Loemlrer Worden 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 4 Virginia Levora Hi Tri 3 Latin 2 Speech Band 2, 3 Chorus l Betty Ann Long Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. l Latin l, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3 Student Council 4 Chorus l, 2, 4 IlIBS Betty Macdonald Hi Tri l, 2, Sec. 2 Latin l, 2 Hi Tri Council 2 Commerce 3 Speech 3 Elna McGowan Peitshans High 1, 2 Latin 4 Ruth Metzger G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Latin 1, 2 Hi Tri l, 2, 3 Chorus l, 2 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Home Ec, 3, 4, Pres. Football Maid 3, 4 Tiger Society Editor Isabel Metzger Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Latin l, 2 Science l, 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 A Cappella 4 Music Appreciation 3 Speech , 2 Cheer Club l, 2 Cheer Club Committee Cheer Leader 3, 4 Tiger Times Staff l Tiger Ass't Editor 4 Virginia Mateyka Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 4 Stamp Club Home Ec. 3 Vernon Meyers Model Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Library 3, 4 Science 4 Wrestling 1 Melvin Meyer Track 2 Hi Y 4 Kenneth Macdonald Camera 3 Hi Y 2, 3 Student Council 3 Tiger Times Stat! 3 Ellie Menk G.A.A, l, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. 3, 4 Football Maid 3 Marvin Moehle Worden 1, 2, 3 Football 4 Senior Play Elmer Moehle Worden 1, 2, 3 Robert Mayberry Football 3 Track 3 Viola Nischwitz Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Speech Club l, 2, 3, 4 French Club 1, 2, 3 Library 3 Football Maid 3 Idell M. Ostendorf Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 1 Home Ec. 2, 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3 Senlur Gilbert Prante Worden 1, 2, 3 Alyne M. Poos Hi Tri 1, 2, 3 Latin 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 1 Operetta 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Science 3 Gracie Pittman Hi Tri 3, 4 Chorus 4 Music Appreciation 3, 4 Glenn Phillips. Ir. Worden High 1, 2, 3 Roberta Ann Perry Hi Tri 1, 2, 3 Latin 1, 2, 3 Music Appreciation 3 Speech 4 Chorus 1, 3 Katherine Poydack Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Betty Piper Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Speech 2, 3, 4 Library 3 Hi Tri Council 4 Dorothy lane Piazzi Hi Tri 1, 2 Latin l, 2 ' Band l, 2, 3 Chorus 4 Hctlvmes Bob Roth Granite City l Student Council 2, 3, 4 Sec, 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 3 French 2 Tiger Editor 4 Marilyn Rahn Operetta 1, 2, 3 Chorus l, 2, 3 Music Appreciation 3 Tiger Times Stall 1, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2 Milda Roessel Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Ggrman 1, 2, Sec.-Treas. Commerce 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 4 Brice I.. Sayers Roosevelt High Taylorville Township High Kenny Scheibal Speech 4 Science 4 Latin l, 2 Iunior Play 3 Nigel Reynolds Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 4 Commerce 3 Iohn Reid Hi Y 2, 3, 4 Model 3 Cheer Club 2 Football l Iunior Rotarian 4 Tiger Times Stati 4 Rose Marie Shannon G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 Camera 2, Sec. 2 Library Club 4, Vice- Pres. 4 Theodora Shashek Hi Tri 1, 2 Latin l, 2 Speech 3, 4 Science 3, 4 Commerce 3 Football Maid 3 Evelyn Sliva Alhambra 1, 2, 3 Tiger Times Statt 4 Vera Schaake Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Latin 2 Horne Ec, 3 Commerce 4 Speech 4 Ray Schon Track 3, 4 Iunior Rotarian Reinhard Schmidt Tiger Times Staff 4 Bill Scheider Worden High 1, 2, 3 Student Council 4 fdanfqmumlf ? YOU BET IT v 0 0 1 To The sTaTT parTicularIy, iT represenTs The cuIminaTion of a concerTed eTTorT To presenT The many acTiviTies and happenings oT The school in graphic Torm. To The sTudenT body iT is The mosT Treasured oT books. o o o o IT is more Than a job oT prinTing: iT is The YW' fa A K f ' 1 .swf ' 'i:'f'L"k T reproducTion oT your ideas on Tine paper and The binding oT Thern in a beauTiTuI cover so ThaT They will live Torever. We are parTicuIarIy proud oT The repuTaTion we have builT Tor cooperaTion, experience and qualiTy. We're glad we were chosen as The prinTers oT The I943 TIGER. HUSIIIII-IIIIIITIISUII EUIIITIIIIHIIUII 36l-65 NORTH MAIN STREET 'A' DECATUR, ILLINOIS 134 'Ii Sf fr 1"' I AA A. I ,1.- g ' 2 ' 4521:- P va ie I m ,g 'W Af X fx- 935' A ffiwf T j , zV,,,. .W 1 HWY? ,Q .M :H .wr af 14' if 5 I iLM3Mf4'1q.z -- v ,. - ap? ,, -QT. 1. Y ' f, ' 44,4 ':'vi..x-nf.-. x 4 . 1 w xx ,sf A 'L .v I nfiazmm A. t ' '55, ff' A fini! I E 'bww ,V Q. WY' lIIi!'l'fl I DIA APOLI E GR VI G COMPA Y, I C INDIANAPULIS , INDIANA ,,.,,,, A X. .wuslf ., I ,41,' 1 A . ""9W1 Nz' ft" " ' . r . - '2'- -fn THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT In the yards of a Shipbuilding Company at Newport News, Virginia, a plaque mounted on granite bears these words: "We shall build good ships-at a profit if we can- at a loss if we must-but always good ships." The words have much significance and are widely applicable. 'A' A Bank, like any essential institution, must build at a profit when it can, and at times may suffer loss, but in adversity or prosperity it must never deviate from sound banking. Through the years you are likely to have need for a good Bank. The earlier you establish this relation the sooner you will benefit by it. This Bank invites you whether your account is large or small. 'A' It Is Your Bank - Your Bank to Use 5. Y' P ,X 'lyk xi on I, .2-' if ,, Lx ff' f gy! TW" x f 1 Buy War Bonds AT THIS BANK EDWARDSVILLE NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY ' CHARLES BOESCHENSTEIN, President WITH A RECORD OF UNBROKEN SERVICE 136 Index of "Eddies" Trip Through Tigertuwn SEPTEMBER- 8 Fr'eshman Day with all the new little "Freshies" wandering around the halls. 9 The upper classmen have the school for a day. 10 Such an artistic paint job on the walksl BEAT GILLESPIEH Where has that been heard before? 11 First matinee dance of the year with a large attendance. Even the Freshmen turned out. 16 Seniors start flashing their rings around. 18 Assembly outside on the football field. Cheer leader tryouts. Congratu- lations to the new cheer leaders-Bunte, Smith, and Bartels. Started out the season with a bang, winning from Gillespie. Score: 8-0. 25 A swell game with Staunton because we won, 32-0. 28 Seniors vote on picture frames. 30 Mr. Strebler starts showing the birdie to the Seniors. 30 Seniors receive bad news! They must take P.E. in order to graduate. Oh, goodness-and they thought that was all over. OCTOBER- 22 l Lyceum sponsored by the Science Club. Mr. Elliot Iames talked on "Liquid Air." Memorial service for Miss Grace Davis. Game with Granite City. Came out on the wrong end. We lost, 19-13. 2 5 Ouchl No, it really didn't hurt. T.B. tests for the Seniors. Fire drill or Air-raid? Couldn't quite make up our minds today. 8 Reception held for Freshman parents. 9 Won the game with Madison, 20-0. 16 Another black mark on us for the game with East St. Louis. Score: 26-0. Vic Becker also had some bad luck in this game. 16 End of first marking period. 20 Matinee dance for those hot feet of E.H.S. 23 Yippeel First vacation since school started. Teacher's Institute. 23 Game with Wood River. Score: Wood River, 135 Edwardsville, 0. 26 Bad day for some of us. Report cards were issued. 30 Very muddy day with Belleville. 1 guess that's the reason we lost. 31 Boo! Annual 1-Ial1owe'en Party. fContinued on page 138l f 137 "EDDIE'S" TRIP THROUGH TIGERTOWN CContinued from page 1371 NOVEMBER- l0-14 Homecoming. 10 Big bonfire cmd pep session in the parking lot to start off the Home- coming. 11 Armistice Day. No school. Homecoming game with Collinsville and hurray we wonl 12 Reception for Sophomore parents. 13 Everybody being good little boys and girls-parents visited school. 14 A gala homecoming ending-the Football Prom and Faye Frickenstein crowned Football Queen of 1942. 20 Iunior Play-Karen Andre found "Not Guilty." 23 Got off at 3 p.m. today. 25 End of second marking period. 26-27 Thanksgiving vacation. 27 First basketball game with Highland and we wonlll DECEMBER- 4 Basketball team goes to Litchfield and brings home the bacon. 7 Report cards. Oh mell 8 Game with Staunton and we won. Score: 28-24. 10-11 Chorus gives operetta, "Shreds G Patches." ll Game at Granite City. Another one to our credit. 15 Showed Livingston who was the best team, Score: Livingston, 43g Edwardsville, 60. 17 Coast Guard Band makes appearance here at school. There's some- thing about a uniform . . . 23 Christmas assembly. 23-Ian. 4 Vacation. 30 Alumni Game and Dance. I guess we showed those graduates!! Score: Alumni, 25, E.H.S., 31. IANUARY- 4 Everybody trudges slowly back to school after a wonderful vacation. 8 Game with Collinsville here. 9 Game at Belleville. 12 Iust beat East St. Louis by one point, 35-34. 15 Defeated Alton-54-41. 19 Another one of those one point victories-34-33. 21-22 The great big heddache is here-Semester exams. 25 Kid party for all the girls. 29 Overtime game with Granite City. We came out on top, 37-36. CContinued on page 1397 138 "EDDIE'S" TRIP THROUGH TIGERTOWN fContinued from page 1385 FEBRUARY- l Began the month with report cards. 5 Won our game with Madison. ll Sadie Hawkins Party-the boys seemed to have a good time. 12 Another one point game-but this time it was us on the bottom and Collinsville on top. l3 Made up for last night by winning from Belleville. 19 Won another game-this time We defeated Alton. 20 Bragging too soon-We lost the game with East St. Louis. 23 Still another loss-this time with Wood River. 26 Freshman-Sophomore Party. A good time was had by all. MARCH- 2 Regional tournament at Wood River. Won the game With Madison. 4 Lost the game with Wood River. And here We thought We were going to state. 9 End of the fourth marking period. l7 Fatal day-report cards issued. 19 Matinee Stamp and Stomp Dance. APRIL- l6 Senior Play. The Senior's pride and joy. 22 End of fifth six Weeks. 23 Good Friday-no school. 24 Conference Relay Meet. 30 Quad Track Meet. 30 REPORT CARDS AGAIN!!! MAY- 2 Vesper Concert. 8 Iunior-Senior Prom. Everybody struttin' their stuff. 8 District Track Meet. 14 All-school musical. 21 Class Day. The Seniors all decked out. 22 Conference Track Meet. 27-28 Senior examinations. 30 Baccalaureate. JUNE- l-2 Semester exams for under classmen 3 School picnic. 4 Report cards. 4 Commencement. 139 Suzanne Dee Sentenne Kirkwood Hi h 1 Alton High 2 Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Speech 3, 4 Hi Tri 3, 4 Tiger Art Editor 4 Lawrence Douglas Schulxe Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Science 4 Operetta 3 Edna Spark: University High 1, 2 Worden 3 Hi Tri 4 Betty Iune Somerladf G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4 Hi Tri l, 2, 3, 4 Ioneph Louis Sperandio German 1, 2 Geraldine Stahlhut Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 glomehlilc. 2, 3 ec 4 lgizic Appreciation 3 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Tiger Staff 4 Senior Marguerite Threewitt Chicago 1, 2 French 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Hi Tri 4 Chorus 4 Speech 4 Georgia Traulsen Hi Tri 3, 4 Library 3 Home Ec. 4 Speech 4 Football Maid 3 Senior Play Auvin Uhe Alhambra High l, 2, 3 F,F.A. 4 Betty Troesclx Worden High 1, 2, 3 Elmer C. Unterbrink Bethalto High 1, 2, 3 lack Henry Take Model l, 2, 3, Sec, 2 Science 4 Speech 4 Camera 2, 3 Tiger Sales Staff 4 lean Sturgeon Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A,A. 1, 2 Speech 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Maid 2, 4 . 0 Hctlvliles Ruth Maryann Suhre Hi Tri 2, 4 Commerce 2, 3 Tiger Times Staff 4 George Iohn Talicl: Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin 3 Virginia Voyles Latin 2 Hi Tri 2, 3, 4 Mary lane Widener Bremen High 1, 2, 3 Hi Tri 4 Alice Weidner G.A.A. 1 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3 Hi Tri Council 3 Speech 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin l, 2, 3, Treas. l Student Council 4 Library 3 Science 3, 4 Music Appreciation 3, Vice--Pres. 3 Iunior Play A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Swing Band 2 Virginia Wheat Stamp 2, 3 Home Ec. 3, 4 Hi Tri 3, 4 Commerce 2 Speech 4 Kenneth Wood Bethalto High 3 Robert White Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Ovella Mae Stermon Hi Tri l, 2 Latin 1, 2 Science 4 Football Maid 3 Rufus William Ramsey McCovey High l, 2 Tiger Times Sports ditor 4 Staunton 3 Frank Zaruba Student Council 3 Track 3, 4 Arthur Welch Worden l, 2, 3 F.F.A. 4 ,,, , , D wg,5ffzff:f ,f'f W1 EJ f W Wfgglvfgf X, JW . Q .. -if + wa Wi Wwfffffw YAMWWWMQ Md' WV Hutugraphs . . U JE' gi! A ,"ffQAg.li-swf' Hwy- 'vQfQf"',4f M5 ww, jwfb MM M . Wfww M g ,S-.3iW' ??f7Mg W new Wwbfwif wlfffawzi M0 W U ,WWWW55 ffm wyy , f'j f2ff f,32? '??j fl? J 'AZ f gy! Sf N TW Mb ff W Hmmm . , , ,: i M 1 , , A M ff HuIngraphsF'f7fyP?fW Wfjbwfw W MM mf W WMA WA ,QiWjlMMy4avXf1?jL? ' M wg . - ww' Afw MM ww 9 1 . Mmmbwa www dpeqfmiwat, MMM W"j5J1' 2f,i1fiH'M M M OWZSSQJ' W5 3ffw1,W,,l5f5fj4-A 1 143 at 'W H liqertouln lattler fContinued from page 823 , school time-better watch out-And then comes our Waterloo, final exams-Much cramming. The teachers get out compasses and grade books to mark down zeros. Too bad- February is ushered in and a woeful student body receives report cards and resolve to do better next time. Sadie Hawkins party a great success. Short dresses, hot music-and lots of pep-How's about it boys, did we girls show you a good time?'? Of course we did. Seniors measured for caps and gowns-it won't be long now. Will we, or will we not have a prom? That is the question. March finds the Tiger staff in an uproar. We must sell more ads, we must sell more books and we must absolutely get down to business. Several of the staff burn the midnight oil working in the staff room. Have you got a date for the prom???? What kind of formal shall I get? Everyone is excited about the one formal event held at E.H.S. Miss Sloan gives out "pink slips" to Easter "Shoppers" but we don't mind, just so we get our Easter bonnets. April showers tell us what month it is and girls leave sweaters and skirts in the dim, dark past and blossom out in bright prints-Ah, spring-and you know what that means-absentees from school, boy and girl walk- ing hand in hand-L'amour, l'amour-The Tiger goes to press. Thank heaven. Now all we have to do is wait and pray. Senior Play, and that Finke again.- Doesn't he make a pretty girl???? Oh, Oh, report cards again. Seniors won't have to worry after this six weeks. Beautiful May brings with it the Iunior-Senior Prom. Those strapless formals whoo, whoo . . . Beautiful formals, beautiful girls, and handsome boys, my, my, how they grew-why I can remember way back when these people were Freshmen-seems such a short time. Class day and the Seniors put on the "Dog" and really strut their stuff. The halls are deserted after the Seniors leave and the under classmen look around and decide they are the "big shots" from now on. Baccalaureate quickly follows and the 4th of Iune finds the proud Seniors sallying forth in cap and gown. Thus ends my picturesque trip through this fair city, so l'll say "So long, to all you students." 144 A . - I -1 -f 11. 1 'I 1A W. 1l. M115 1 'W 115 u . '31 1 ' -531151 1 1 :.I' ' ff ' H V -' 1 15 V1-1111" - 1 . 411. X .1 , -1 1 ' 111 , ' N., 1 i'j!1151 W 'f r A 1 111: 1 ' 4 f - I 1 n :I W V tu F " P 1 1 -1 1 1 -1 , 1'-1 fu ' H 1-11 ,X ..x1. 1, -.' 1 "Lai 'vw " H ' xt ',"" 1. -1 ' " ' .1 L 1 ' 11'-,, 1 M, H" 11 ' H 1 1 I Q' ft1'!113 '- L ' 115' ' A 5' 1...' f W 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1' '- " W F ' P ' ' - 1 1 1 .XN1114 ,r t1 1 1 . ,111-1 7 A V '1 5 1 Pi? ' 1 1 ". ff, 1 , 1 I 1 .,,, 1, 1 '111,' I '11 1 1 ' W ' Yjpp u 1 1 1 -' 4 n Q 'WF' 'A ., --it 'nn ? "" 5' M' 11' X -,H 1 .5 .15 av 1 . , 1 I l 1 N,l .- 1- -. n1 - . eq n 11, I LA. 11 .11 1 nv 1 11 JL I 11. .".a 1 'I lx! . A 1 11 . A F - F 11111 K' V 1 1. 1 1. 1 X 1111 -' -1 :- . '- V XXV ' A 1 'i1 4' v , ., Q 1 1,1 1 , A-A."n111 T I 1 11" gin mf .11-. 'ML 1 , 1 1 , P .vi t W. 2 VC-' , '-m..f.' ,. .r . ? 1211 L57 " -LU " 'f-1:1 '- . H - -4' -1' -. 1- 52 1 ' 1 ' J ' ' 151.3 ,xi '- L -'11 .1 ' '- W .N 1 1 . fl 5 ' ', rf 1" , We f ' ,J 'VY 1 1. . . 1 A 1 D 1 '- 1. 4- 4 Y, 7 ' 111 !,11. 1.. 1 1- . ..-.., . 1 1,111 . . 1 1 Q' S 1' .,, ,.,. 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