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Wfwyfwmw jQ4,,,W,, TICEER 1937 I-I-I G5 I- Co-Editors JACK CUNNINGHAM BETTY FRAMPTCN Art FRANCES DRESSEL JEAN Donn Advertising Manager VERNON HARDBECK Circulation Manager JANE HUGGINS N pcrxqxndq A 'Q my 'T L I 2 I1 Z 3 1 1 2 " FORE W ORD 1 3 O I 3 It IS the main purpose of our modern 2 system of education to build up the l- characters of the individuals and to develop their personalities. Through V5 personal contact, advice and 'through 0 the stud of sub 'ects nearest our inter- : Y J 9 ests, our instructors have guided us 3 I- through these more cultural channels. m We, the staff of the nineteen hund- 3 red and thirty-seven Tiger, will conf' 1 . . Q sider our purpose Well served 1f We 9 have done anything at all to further I1 . the cause of educatlon and to make 'A our World a better place in Which to G live. 1 1 Z I1 U5 C1 1 3 3 I'- .ll00L SGIIODL SGIIDOL S0lIO0L SCH 1 G FOUR 1 51:5 N, ,MQW -fjfgw 'pix fm- W 5 1 ,,,g:Lf'f'W , Lfkgifw f -I N ,, W ? A ,, signage? ,, M Eff fm if -- I 1 " - cg 22-an , '2 fc -9' w 2 , ' , I ,V fy gf-4 1-:5m1,.Lm Q ,:,,,1 , , H,-2iF.iffg1,1f if 2333 , ' f pf, ' V' i- +ng,,f:,,, gg, , AQ: . afgvf j a, , , ,in ,A 5 f ' 1 ,ag ' Mg, Ji 'Sli mmm T2 f,?fw?'W f 9 ,L i flffz . K G ge ' If S awww ,M .W HM X wk f 6, , .1 , F ,K 'ff QQ' ,I ,, ,, I Rai, 'ns iff , f, i , f f . , S T i 2 , . L,-:N--24' M' ' A AAN Y .2 i .5 22? ff vpyysfy Y 5 z . ,sac f Y 3 f Q 1 Z 3 K 4 ,X nv- 4, 5 ,'..,,m5 ' 3 , Z Y, 2 ., 2 ,IJ Qf V f Y ,. .Wgi9!w:"fN5 H 'wk ,M M X QQ- , mg, ' gc 514 K f, 3 Q v ffefifgg " V, 2 5 Z ,- 92 W my Q, 3 1 + ,X ,i 'W 7 ' Nigga 515: 5 E W, W, Lg is if m,,, v 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 , V 4 DMINISTR TIO CLASSES THLETICS ORGANIZATIONS FEAT RE lin? JMTQX. f. " ,.,..,,mmE364Q , L+- -if-' .J as-. Q Ag 1 . , ' 3322 as yrs? wwkggf gg 4 KV2 'xwif Jvdbwfrf X f. 'jf ' , Q, ,. 1: .JSMJ ' A A yfigigij . 'if' lil -:iff A ' 'Z ' ' Wzfiif' -23-3 53a 'qw -is 4,4 sv . -:JM ' :.. '51, H51 r-- 2' lr,"-',1fff fffsm -ft Y' ' ' , ' -' .4 :si ' ' ' 5 ' KJ. ' ri? 1 1 w P ,H 9 Q 2,53 It .1 , 1 . ,j wk V T -, Y N, ' w gQ,5 1 gf ' mp 'M feAf' 0' W 'Q' 1 ' 1 SEVEN A Qi? SGHO SGHUUL SGHUDL SCHUUL SCHOOL SGHUDL CHUUL W. N35 00L V-1. MT ? w .. mv, 5 'rug ffl? wwf iii! T , 2134 A ff: f 19435 ,V Ek.. L .via Ni? X51 W 6 , Y if 1 ,,i 3. XM 5, 'Z .X . 15 hmm Fi' N 1,5 Q. ,. El, Y M 1 , A 4 A f ,S , 15' 4 1 N: ,F UA . 1 , ,554-2 I T' ,Q in ' xx 'xii iq hcl 'Q w wa Wg M He ,Qi QQ -f :egg 4 52 I I Ai' N n E nm To express in some small measure our gratitude and appreciation for his sixteen years of untiring and unfailing :iivotion to Edwardsville High School, for the growth and scholastic standards We have attained under his conscien- tious leadership, and for his personal kindness to each of us as our instructor, advisor, and friend, We respectfully dedicate this book to our superintendent, Mr. W. W. Krumsiek. i TEN Mrs. U. A. 1ln1.'fIlrm A. IU. Haywr Sl'I'I'Fff1I"lj E. A. Hnllnmn CII111l'1P,Q Sirlo l"ranL1 GlIKIfjI'I'Lll It?obr'rf Ufzmlvlwiltlglzmuv, B0 RD OF EDUCATIO Tho autlm:-ily to lll2Il1ElgO an School systn-111 is L'GI"I12lIl1IY am IYIIIJ0l'I'ElIll trust. For this rc-zlsoll, 501110 of the pwple most i11tQ1'Ust0cI in tho IlOtIl'I'lllQIlt of our school syslvm arc eloctt-11 to servo on tho Bcmrtl of Hfluczxtioll. This Imzlrcl, made up of seven 1ue111Ircs1's, Imlps to g'11imIo our school tI11'UI1g'I1 its St01'x11y IiI'c. The board is of course subject to thc will ot' tho peoplv. A g'1'0:1t deal of time and thought is givoll uu- sultisllly by tho Imzlrcl in 2111 offort to gin- us tlw In-st p1'0IJ2l1'2lII0ll for our futurc. Thv stu- FI. E' Sl,,,j,,'U,?,- mlonts arc j1I'2lI0flII to tht- board for the oppor- l,I'l'HIlII'llf tuulty' they zmffmwl tlzom. ADMINISTRATION AIJMIIIISTRATIUII ADM . ,. Y, ,W Y , , --,. ,..- ?"Y I K ,. M W Z J. J. LOVE ISABEL WOOD Mathematics English University of Illinois, B. E. University of Illinois, A. B. Engineering University of Wisconsin M. S. in Education P. HENRY KINSEL ALICE CHEEK CLARA JANE DAYTON History English German, English, Art Charleston State Teachers' University of Illinois, A. B. University of Illinois, A. B. College, B. E. Uni Washington University University of Illinois RUTH BROWN Commerce Indiana State Teachers' College, B. S. University of Illinois VERA ADAMS Mathematics, French Southern Illinois Normal University, B. E. University of Wisconsin, M. A. Western Reserve University Colorado University versity of Missouri, M. A. VIRGINIA HARRIS Algebra, Geometry Ohio Wesleyan University, A. B. Washington University JULIUS J. GOUZA Science University of Michigan B. S. in Ed. University of Illinois Washington University MARY KEOUGH Commerce Illinois State Normal University, B. E. 1' .I lj! ' VS tx' V ipyff.Qe ., Z! , fl 'V ,I ULINE STEINER GLI'.NN SMITH lx ,O Librarian Director of Athletics ' W University of Missouri --Y' Y THIRTEEN G FA LTY GU FA LTY CU FA LTY GU FA LTY DU FA LTY GU FA DULTY FA TY A E 1 34 t JWM, J si! in 41 Iiiffwf X f,' ' ' FOURTEEN 3 4 ll- MARIE QUERNHEIM FRANCES TENDICK Commerce Home Economics 5 University of Illinois, A. B. MacMurray College, B. S. I'- ' Western Illinois State QI Teachers' College 3 CJ 4 Ill- ,- ELSIE J. SLOAN GRACE E. DAVIS EDNA E. PERGREM I- English Commerce Music, English "I Charleston State Teachers' Illinois State Normal U. James Milliken U., B. S. M. 2 College, B. E. University of Illinois Northwestern University G: Washington University University of Colorado University of Wisconsin University of California i Eureka College LL Shurtleff College ,- H -I 0 2 . 2 ILA OLIVER A. B N WILLIS C. VARNER 1 History Scie e, matics Band Director un Washington University, A. B. Ill. We U iversity, B. S. Northwestern University NVa ' n- University 3: x I- -I S GD 4 ll- CARLA GEWE DARRELL R. BLODGETT NIGEL VOSS ,- Latin Assistant Principal H. S. Secretary I- Washington University, A. B. Shurtleff College, Ph. B. -I University of Wisconsin Washington University, M. A. Colorado University University of S. California 2 G7 4 ll- 51 . I' ELNORE STOLDT HELEN JEAN LUNDBERG -I Biology Physical Education 2 Maclvlurray College, A. B. Augustana College University of Michigan, M. S. University of Iowa, B. S. 2 4 I-L HFTEEN ,- H -I x Q ...Tu-Z .... :. Z F 1 37 LASS 0F 1937 GLASS 0F SENIOR SHADY IDE You will never realize the dullness of gossip until you try recording it on paper. So with a page of observation notes and a tired brain, or maybe just an absence of brain, I will set about to push your eyebrows into your scalps. Did you know that a certain young man named Larman has been disturb- ing the heart palpitations of the fair sex? Is Marian Barnett one of his indul- gent admirers? . . . June Overstreet bunged up her nose one night when the boy-friend smashed up the Free Bridge .... Names are essential, no doubt, but somebody must have thought Agnes Rotter was quadruplets. . . . Robert Schaefer tried this line for popularity, 'tl have a cousin who dances in Holly- woodf' Every girl in the room wanted to know more about the cousin. . . . Fred Faust manicures his fingernails with a lead pencil. CHuhj . . . If you want to see perfection in the art of scission just watch Bernadine Hess cut cor- ners on her way to her locker. . . . Blair Vllatson is laboring in obscurity. He is raising a mustache and no one can see it except maybe a certain very special blonde lady .... I'll bet Dorothy Troeckler finds the ditty "Just Plain Bill" a song after her own heart. . . . Dorothy Fitzpatrick and Clark Baker hold a record as the schoolfs steadiest steadies. They should try Hollywood where competition is stronger. Remember when we were vaccinated? A certain bunch of Senior lads spent almost one whole afternoon in a doctor's office frightening anticipating patients. . . . Betty Frampton still persists in becoming a school teacher regardless of all the tragic examples she is at present contacting .... The Blumberg twins are planning on becoming nurses. IVill they have their patients in a delirious dilemma, seeing double? . . . Is Mike Broderick hunting for Hunt all the time or does he just look that way? . . . I heard some elder classmen got a rcal treat riding in the dumb waiter at a well-known Sophomore's home. . . . 441,111 Nuts About Muttsn is a song that must appeal to Frank Godfrey, at least at one of our football games Frank nearly drowned poor little "IVilliam" with affection. cuvvllllilllln is a canine. That is, this "I'Villian1" is.D . . . 'Lea Dippold certain- ly must believe that variety is the spice of life. Have you ever noticed her col- lection of gentlemen friends? . . . Life will be harmonious for Dave and Betty. She'll play for him and he 'll sing for her, and so on into the future. . . . IVho is Mary Giardina Haunting at Joe Jaros? . . . If you don't know John Crocker you had better look him up. He's a promising young columnist and some day you may be able to say, 'tl knew him when--" . . . A compliment for Jane Huggins. She's no fright, ankliug down the hall .... Norma Schroeder's folks are in the meat business. How's business? The Stakes are tough tI'm just as sick of that game as you ai'e.j . . . Frances Dressel crocheted a coat, cover, or hood, as you like, to keep Annette Krumsiek's nose warm. It's a masterpiece. ClVill this exposure embarrass theintj . . . George Roth IVolf would make an ace "automobile test driver." He knows more about wrecking a car than anyone alive .... If you must learn theatre etiquette just sit behind Gertrude Knecht and her blonde heart-throb. They have genuine CContinued on page 1019 EIGHTEEN S 0F 1937 LASS 0F 1937 CL ARLIE SCHON JEAN DORR JOHN CROCKER Secretary Vice President President QQ ffm, 1 fi ,fe SENI HISTORY i. " ln the latter portion of the year of 1933, when we first focused our optics upon the stately structure of lt. H. S., there arose in our tiny, yet undeveloped brain a question that seemed unanswerable. YVhat was il. H. S. to hold in store for us? After struggling through four years of the grueling grind we can raise our now swelled skulls and answer this: We do solemnly swear that when we were in the lowest level of this afore- mentioned dungeon, We respected our up-per classmen and humbly laid our tongues to the task of idolizing our tutors, We approached the steps with the utmost care, and propelled our anatomies along the corridors with a gentle grace never to be forgotten by one Harvey B. Gunn. Vife then rose to the sophistication of being Sophs. The aforementioned statement holds good for the best segment of our Sophomore year. life also have to add to the ever increasing list. In our Sophomore spell of torture we never shirked or let 'up in our fa- ' xorite sport of studying. A Soph was never seen chewing gum or propelling any foreign object to a picked destination. Next our chests bulged. Wie were Juniors. Boy! Did we razz the ldreshies yy hen they cantered into one of our classrooms or strolled unmolested into one of our favorite study halls to find strange faces all wreathed in mirth Our athletes showered us with trophies won on many far iiung fields and Hoors. VVQ were regional champions for the first time in the history of our dear ole alma mater. District track fell to the onslaught of our worthy speed- sters. So We closed the Junior year with laurels of victory on every front. Seniors? Why yes. We are Seniors and does it go to our heads? No. We now are Seniors of a studious, athletic, and dramatic type. VVe are try- ing for a sheep skin diploma that is of no significance but to be used as a guid- ing light in our search for success. NINETEEN 1 Harold Schumach "Hal" My heart is wh 3 my cy free. Go way, lit le don't bother . ' Alhambra High , 2, 3, Cheer Club 4. Band 4. Ruth Miller "Ruthie" So noisy, boisterous, and gay.' Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 1, 2. Baseball 1, 3. Basketball 1. G A. A. 1. 2. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Hi-Tri 2, 3. v Ruth Mitchell "Beebe" Her air, her manner, all who see admire." Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Volleyball 1, 2. Baseball 1, 2. M' i ' ' 1 r l A tw-J' jr f ,. P Virofinia ranfve 2 'i , I, D Robe Schaefer Ginger .. .. , , , Bob "Silence is wisdom." H 1 ,th th New Douglas High 1, 2. 3. A good '0lZlE'g91tfffe",,w' ra er Band 4. ' ' Science Club 4. 50191109 Club 44 Wilfred Schirmer "Willie" 'll sit and gather honey." Junior Play 3. Anna Jeanette Simons "Annie" I'm just as cheerful as shows." my face Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Hiking 3, 4. June Overstreet "June" "She quits the narrow path of sense for a dear ramble through impertinencef' Hiking Club 1, 2. Baseball 1. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Tiger Staff 4. Hi'Trl 2, 3, 4. Hi-Tri President 4. Operetta 2. Vernon Hardbeck "City Farmer" A modest little fellow. 9il'l5i but oh so nice." Cheer Club 4. Track 3. Tiger Staff 4. Norma Kuethe "Too+s" "A gushing child of nature." Cheer Club 4. Uperetta 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. Hiking 1. Garnett Lamb "Lamb" "Pretty, laughing, bouncing boy. mother's pet and father's joy." Basketball 1, 2, 3. Track 1, 2, 3. Cheer Club 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Wilson Schwager "Willie" " 'Tis better to wear out than to rust out." Cheer Club 1, 2, 3. Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ENIDRS SENIDRS SENIURS SE Vera. Meikamp "Vera" "Of all girls she is most studious." Hi-Tri 2, 4. Cheer Club 3, 4. Blair Watson Bargreaves "Give me my fling and let me say my say." Hi-Y 4. Junior Play 3. Science Club 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Clieer Club 1, 3, 4. French Club 3. Helen Stalfilhut "S+ally" "Slowly provoked, she easily forgives." G. A. A. 1. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2. Volleyball 1. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Class Play 3. Glee Club 1, 2. Operetta 1, 2. Tiger Staff 4. Ruth Neuhaus "Ruthie" A "To have friends, one must be a friend." Worden High 1, 2. Cheer Club 3, 4. Science Club 4. David Simpson "Dave" Whenever I sing, look in the trees. It is the birds." Class President 1, 2. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball Captain 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y President 4. Operetta 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club President 3, Junior Play 3. Helen Nicolussi "Nicky" "One tongue is sufficient for a woman." Kenneth Weber "Weber" "lf you want knowledge you toil for it." Cheer Club 3, 4. Harriet Suessen ngeseil HA friend that makes the least is often the most useful." Girls' Council 1. Basketball 1, 2. Baseball 2. Cheer Club 1, 2, 4. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Hi-Tri Vice President 3. 4. Howard Theuer "l-lowdy" "His stature is tall: I hate dumpy man." Football 3, 4. Basketball 3. Track 3. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. must noise fl Vincent Spitze "Vll'lCSH I am the very pink of courtesy." Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 4. Cheer Club 1, 3, 4. Science Club 4. Junior Play 3. Marjorie Stafford llMargIl "And I compel all creatures my win." Basketball 1, 2. Baseball 1, 2. Volleyball 1, 2. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Roy Spitze "Spitz" The simple, silent, selfish man 1. worth a world of tonguesters. Vice President Class 3. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SENIDRS SENIDRS SENIURS SENIURS S RS SENIURS SENIURS SENIDRS EN Lea Dippold Hludyu "She seemed a part of joyous spring." Stamp Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club 4. ,N- Hiking 3. if i Giee Club 1. ll Operetta 1. Basketball 1. fx K Hi-Tri Council 2. fx Hi-Trl 2, 3. Donald Greear "6reear" "I help to make an all-round school." Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Fay Seaton ..Fay,. "Shy she was and I thought her cold." .el 5? Myrle Donaldson "Donny" "She excells in sports." Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4. Volleyball 1. 2 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. Vice Ppesldenf 4. Cheer Club 3, 4. Hi-Tri 2. Archery 2. Tennis 2. Milton Dippold llDippy.l "A student and a gentleman." Baud 1, 2, 3, 4. Margaret Blumberg "Marg" ,- "Love is the business of the idl ." Basketball 1, 2, 3. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. J Operetta 1. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Eugene Bode "Gene" " 'Tis better to have Ioafed and flunked than never to have Ioafed at all." Julia Francesconi "Julie" "A native from far across the Rhine." Cheer Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Hiking 1. Hi-Tri 1. Glee Club 4. Richmond Merkle "Rich" UHe was the mildest mannered man." Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Jack Cunningham "Jack" "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." Cheer Club 1, 3. 4. Cneer Club President 4. Tiger Staff Editor 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Vice President 4. Science Club 4. Viola Blumberg ll .li VI "Love is the idleness of the busy.' Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Voiicynaii 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2. G. A. A. 1. 2, 3, 4. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Q, .cfs ii! lrx, Dorman Broderick "Mike" "Love may come and love may go.' Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. French Club 3. Science Club 4. SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Virginia Ward Hein.. "Manners so kind yet stately! Band 2, 3, 4, il Hiking Club 2. Commerce Club 3. Hi-Tri 2, 3, Cheer Club 2, 3, 4. Ray Closterman HRGY.. "The world knows little of its greatest men." Bessie Slaby HBGSSH "Hers is a love that can perpetual be." Anna Bezdek "Annie" "Not only good but good for something." Udell Nlason "Stinger" "You can send a boy to school. but you canlt make him think." Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 2. 3 Q Betty Jones "Jonesy'i "Clothed in originality." Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Volleyball 1. Band 1, 2, 3. Hi-Tri 1. Operetta 2, 3. Class Play 3. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Norman Blase "Norm" 'lln aspect manly, grave. and sage." Worden High 1, 2, German Club 3. Science Club 4. Cheer Club 4. Ona. Lingner Nona.. "A good heart is better than the heads in the world." Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Volleyball 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Clark Baker iiB6iiGH For men may come and me m go, but I go on forever. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3. Chee! Club 2, 3, 4. all Charles Bode "Charlie" "From thc table of my memory I'll wipe all books." Gertrude Knecht "Gert" "Secure in the hearts of many friends." Hi-Tri 3, 4. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Al Schlueter "Vesh" "He was of stature passing tall, but sparely formed and lean with all." Orchestra 1, 2. Band 2, 3, 4. Tiger Staff 4. Eileen Ferguson ii ii Sue "Rich, fashionable robes, her person deck." Cheer Club 1. 2 3. -l. HilKin', 1. Ficziclt Slab 3. Hi-Tri 2. Cleaon Etzkorn "Gus" "I feel a song coming on' Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4. Trombone Soloist 3, 4, Baritone Soloist 1, 2. 3, 4. Band Staff 3, 4. Brass Sextet 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Operetta 4. Boys' Sextet 4. Elizabeth Fischer "Liz" 'To doubt her fairness were to war!! an eye." Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 1, 21' 3. Commerce Club 4. Junior Play 3. Bernadine Hess "Berny" The best in life is conversation." Baseball 1, 2, 3. Baseball Captain 3. Operetta 1. Glee Club 1. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. German Club 3, 4. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Junior Play 3. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1. William Johnson "Ban" "Oh, he with the skillful fingers!" Tiger Staff 4. Cheer Club 2, 3, 4. Stamp Club 1, 2, 3. f 1 ff, I or ' ' " Dorothy Woltering "Doi" There is no moment without some duty." Volleyball 1. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 3. Hi-Tri 2, 3. Vernon Linder "Linder" Tall and erect, but bending from his height." Cheer Club 3, 4. Track 1. Mary Giardina ii ii lXl6l'lC9 ln fashions wayward and in love unkind." G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Volleyball 1, 2, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 4. Tennis 3. Archery 3. Hi-Tri 2. 3. Cheer Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Herman Crouch "Crouch" "Oh, how he twist: the mother English." Cheer Club 1. .. ' ' yz imdb al Norman Wells ..Juq,. "He who falls in love with him- self will have no rivals." Football 4. Junior Play 3. Cheer Club 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3. Esther Reid "Essie" Say not always what you know, but know what you say." Hiking 1. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Junior Play 3. Commerce Club 3. Hi-Tri 2, 3. George Roth Wolf "George" Bo gone, my cares, I give you to the winds." Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Science Club 4, Hi-Y 4. Junior Play 3. SENIORS SENIORS SENIDRS S H il l l l l l l IURS Grace Alu-gsburger "Gracie" "Pretensicn is nothing, Common sense is everything." Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Stamp Club 1, 2, 4. Hi-Tri 2, 4. Melvin Paproth "Bibs" "His deeds yet live!" Cheer Club 3, 4. Stamp Club 1. Commerce Club 2. Basketball 3, 4. Elizabeth Ann Guller "Belly" "Untwisting all the chains that tic the hidden soul of harmony." Basketball 1. Band 1, 2. Orchestra 1. Operetta 1, 2. 3, 4. Cheer Club Vice President 3. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Pianist for: Glec Club 3, 4. Operetta 3. 4. Cheer Club 4. Commerce Club 4. Junior Play 3. Pearl Smolek "Pearlie" "There i': nothing in the world as contagious as laughter and good humor." Hiking 2, 3. Basketball 1. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Alvin Hommert ii,-qumpii "Wonder what this old place will be without me?" Foo'hall 2, 3, 4. Chee! Club 3, 4. Science Club 4. Bernice Eihausen "Bern" "Who spake no slander . No, nor listened to it." Cheer Club 1, 4. Hi-Tri 2. Emmitt Winkle "Wink" "inches do not determine the man." Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Football 1, LJICGI' Club 1, 2, 3, 4. French Club 2, 3. Llcience Club 4. Hi-Y 4. Lzoys' Council 2. Mary Elizabeth Clayton . "Betty" "Smiles are the language of love. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club 2, 3, 4. Bennie Wohlert "Bennie" "A speedy lad from Worden." 94" v , . .. A ' f 4, 'ix' Larnian Engelke "Lemon" "I may look like a ladies' man, but l'm not." Alhambra High 1, 2, 3. Band 4. J.ane Huggins ,.Hug.. "I am a part of all that I have met." Band 1, 2, 3. 9 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Operetta 1, 2, 4. ll Junior Play 3. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Tri 2. Tiger Staff 4. Tennis 2, 3 Carl Ackerman "Ackerman" "A taste for books is the glory and pleasure of mv' life." Cheer Club 2, 4. Cheer Club Treasurer 2. Science Club Vice President 3, 4. SENIORS SENIURS SENIORS SNIURS SE A. il il fi lRS SENIURS SENIDRS SENIURS SENIOR! Betty Frampton "Preamp" "A friendly smile. A gracious way, She's very quiet, Yet sometimes gay." G, A. A. 2, 3. Hiking Club 3, Vice President Hiking Club 3. Secretary Hiking Club 4. French Club 3. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4 President Junior Hi-'Tri 3. Hi-Tri Council 3, 4. Secretary Hi-Tri Council 4. Tiger Staff 4. John Havelka "l'lavellca" 3 "No wonder the girls like rneg i take such wonderful care of my hair." Junior Play 3. Operetta 4. l science Club 3, 4. l President Science Club 4. l Gke cmb 4 ' Cheer Club 3, 4. Olga Ellk ii . I. Oggie "I know little about men," , Girls' Council 1. Hi-Tri 2. Stamp Club 4. ,-an Norma Schroeder "Butch" 'Tis better to be out of the world than out of fashion." Glee Club 2, 4. Thomas Hamlin HRGQSH "May your shadow never grow less." Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. 4. Junior Play 3. Science Club 3, 4. Hobby Club 2. Operetta 4, Football 1, 2, 4. VVrestling 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Tiger Staff 4. Dolores Klunk "Klunlcie" "All the world love: a quiet girl." Worden High 1, 2. Cheer Club 3. G. A, A. 1, 2. . ll QM ' Robert Truitt ilsobi, There's mischief in this man's eye. Cheer Club 2, 3, 4. Science Club 4. Program Committee Cheer Club 4. Hi-Y 1, 3, 4. l , ,l I .flgorotliy Fitzpatrick "Doi" bf - "Her very smiles are fairer far ' Than frowns of other maidens are." Cheer Club 1, 2. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Tri 2. Operetta 1. Band 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1. Hndng L Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Archery 2, 3, 4. Charles Krupski "Charlie" "Jolly good fellow wherever he goes." Robert Kubicek "Bob" "A good natured country chap." Band 2, Frances Dressel "France" "Live then, our great encourager of arts, Live forever in our hearts." Drawing Club 3, 4, Stamp Club 1, 3. Bicycle Club 4, Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Tiger Staff 4. William Wascher "Bill" "He gets around." Fffingham High 1, 2, 3. Basketball 3. 4. Track 3. Band 1, 2. Science Club 3, 4. SENIORS SENIDRS SEIHORS SENIDRS Ray Young ,.Ray,. "Here's a medal I presented to myself an a token of my self-esteem." Track 4. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Harriet Overbeck ll .. Rudy "To all obliging, yet reserved to all." Basketball 1. Cheer Club 4. Glee Club 3, 4. Operetta 3, 4. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Hi-Tri Council Treasurer 4. Junior Hi-Tri Secretary 3. French Club 2. Catherine Trares "Kate" "A modest blush she wears, not formed by art." Cheer Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1. Mary Brower "Sticky" "None but herself can be her parallel." Worden High 1, 2, Cheer Club 3, 4. Frank Godfrey "Bob" "He gives his thoughts no tongue." Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 2. 3, 4. Stamp Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Science Club 3, 4. Dorothy Eaton "Dot" "My face is red, is yours?" Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club 4. 4? Allen Stephens IIAHYII "A model boyg does not smoke, chew, swear, or make love." Football 3, 4. Junior Play 3. Vice President Cheer Club 4. Sophomore Class Secretary 2. Science Club 4. Dorothy Oreloel "Nool4y" Full many a love in loving youth was mine." Cheer Club 2, 4. Glee Club 3. Baseball 1, 2. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A. 2, 3. Operetta 3. Nelson Metzger "Metzger" "Ever obliging and courteous." Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2. Science Club 4. Hi-Y 4. Dorothy Schaefer "Dot" "She might talk more." Cheer Club 4. Hi-Tri 4. Karl Hotuiz "Karl" "Marks-not girls- Havc been my aim." Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Dorothy Troeckler HDOSH "We dare not trust those eyes Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. G, A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Hi-Tri Council 2. Junior Play 3. Tiger Staff 4. Elmer Zirges "Zirges" "If worry were the only cause death, I would live forever. Worden High 1, 2. Jean Dorr "Jean" "Art is my long shot." Cheer Club 4. Glee Club 1, 3, 4. Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1. French Club 2, 3. German Club 3. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Class Vice President 4. Tiger Staff 4. John Crocker "Johnny" "The life of a newspapsrman the life for me." Hi-Y 4. Glee Club 4. Operetta. 4. Cheer Club 3, 4. Tennis Team 4. Class President 4. nnette Krumsilek "Krum" 'Who mixed reason with pleasure if and wisdom with mirth." Glee Club 1. Operetta 1. Class Secretary-Treasurer 3. stamp Club 1, 2, 3, -1. Vice President Stamp Club 3. Girls' Council 1. Hi-Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri President 4. French Club 3. Hi-Tri Council 4. Agnes Rotter li . ii Aggie Let us not burden ourselves too heavily with knowledge." Hiking Club 1. Volley Ball 1, 2. Baseball 1, 2, 3. Glee Club 1, 2. Operetta 1. 2. Hi-Tri 2. Thelma Dressel "Wimpy" "Seemingly so bashful and demur, but really isn't." Glee Club 1. 2. 3. Cheer Club 2, 3, 4. Operetta 1, 2, 3. ii Lillianne Dittes "Lili" "ls she not passing fair?" Worden High 1, 2. French Club Secretary 3. Archery 3. Hiking Club 3, 4. Vice President Hiking Club 4. Science Club 4. Cheer Club 4. Hi-Tri 3. G race Po rter li . .I Gracie n "True as a dial to the sun." Adeline Heinemeier "Heinie" "Short in stature, but long in common sense." Vllorden High 1, 2. Cheer Club 3, 4. Clarajean Fox "Jean" "Her modest look a cottage might adorn." Class Secretary-Treasurer 1. G. A, A. 1, 2. Volleyball 1, 2. Basketball 1, 2. Hi-Tri 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3. Frank Houba "l-louloa" "From little sparks may burst a mighty flame." Band 2, 3, 4, Lucy Nlarie Bernthal I 5 ll ll Lucy l'm from Worden, the garden spot of America." Worden High 1, 2. IRS SENIDRS SENIURS SENIORS SENIDR iv SEN Michael Bekeske "Mike" "If records be mu brass band." Worden High 1, 2. Track Team 4. sic, then I' Stanley Biarkis "Sian" "A man' Clarence Daech "Bu+ch" "Everything gives way before me Football 4. Wrestling 4. Evelyn Eberhart llcookyll A good housewife she Cheer Club 2, 3. 4. Hi-Trl 5, 4. Fred Faust "Freddy" g is more useful than silence." Cheer Club 4. "No!hin Walter Franke "Wall" "Silence is golden." Cheer Club 4. Edna Godfrey "Edna" "I came among you here so suddenly." Hubert Henderson "Henderson" "Still water runs deep." m a s a man for all that." will make." "A go ii Orville Hinnen "Choch" an is man and master of his fate." "For m William Hotz VIBFHII "His high sch without a stain." Boys' Council 2. ool record closed Joseph Jaros "Joe" "The best gifts come packages." Football 3, 4, Cheer Club 2, 3, 4. in small Robert Ju-ddw "Bob' "A cheerful disposition is a of ready cash." Band 2, 3, 4. Cheer Club 3, 4. Melvin Kleine ..Jay.. "An affable Collinsville High 1. and courteous boy." Paul Kurz UKUFZH . od nature is worth more than k nowledge or money." Gilbert Lloyd .i6ib.- "A snappy looking little man." Tiger Staff 4. Athletic Manager 4. LaVona Loewen "Loewen" No padlock, bolt. or bar can secure a voice." Vernon Munzert ll ll Mouse "What sweet delight a quiet li affords." H ll Lewis Morga "Louie" "He said right or wrong what came . t , in o his head. ' Velma Pletcher "Vel" "Full of gentle kindness, her looks and language are." Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 4. Cheer Club 1, 3, 4. Operetta. 1, 2, 4. Commerce Club 3. f Lloyd Smith ii ii Jap "A laugh is worth a hundred groans." Track 3. John Spevok "Gena" HH e that is slow to anger is better than the mighty." Viola Suhre ..Vi.. "Shy and kind she goes her way, making friends every day." Floyd Thompson "Thompson" "Some day you'll realize what a great man l am." Anna Zak "Anna" "Independent always." IORS SENIORS SENIURS SENIORS SE S WILL CLASS WILL CLASS WILL CLAS i'HERE'S TO YOU" 'We, the Seniors of lfldwardsville High School, llldwardsville, lllinois, be- ing' as yet of sound mind, before we pass entirely out of the world of E. H. S. and into another world, desire to will, bequeath, or otherwise to leave to such personages as we herewith stated below, to-wit: I, Carl Ackerman, leave my bicycle to "Gus, the Janitor." I, Grace Augsburger, leave only one more to carry on. I, Clark Baker, leave with Dot, after waiting two years. I, Michael Bekeske, leave to tutor Einstein. I, Anna Bezdek, leave my shyness to Mary Ellen Rowekamp I, Lucy Marie Bernthal, leave my store of parlor stories t?J to Lois Cory. I, Stanley Biarkis, leave my super-intelligence to Buster Hylten. I, Norman Blase, leave my Physics Lab. Manual to Some Junior. I, Margaret Blumberg, leave with Calvin. I, Viola Blumberg, leave with Calvin when he can't tell us apart. I, Charles Bode, leave a year late. I, Eugene Bode, leave my curly hair to Robert Harris. I, Dorman Broderick, leave my ritzy manners to Bruno Rubis. tBurpJ "Pardonez moi." I, Mary Brower, leave nothing to nobody. I, Betty Clayton, leave for 637 Hillsboro Avenue. I, Ray Closterman, step out to have a short beer. I, John Crocker, leave my E. H. S. Sports column to some poor Junior. I, Herman Crouch, leave my bicycle to Mr. Krumsiek to be used on slick mornings. I, Jack Cunningham, leave my Charles Atlas physique to Pete Smith. I, Clarence Daech, leave my Ipana smile to Dot Joseph. I, Lea Dippold, leave my Freshmen friends to somebody their own age. I, Milton Dippold, leave my fairy stride to Kelly Krumeich. I, Lfllianne Dittes, leave my job in the dark room to .Terry Watson. I, Myrle Donaldson. leave my athletic build to Virginia Lee. I, Jean Dorr, leave to keep a date with Major Stephens. I, Frances Dressel, leave my artistic touch to Bill Tietze. I, 'Ilhelma Dressel, leave because I have to. I, Dorothy Eaton, leave for the farm. I, Evelyn Eberhart, leave my gift to gab to Phyllis Hubach. I, Bernice Eihausen, leave to get married. I, Olga Elik. leave my sweet manner to Helen VVray. I, Larman Engelke, leave school in order to get away from Urp Rothe. I, Cleaon Etzkorn, leave my blue suit to my little brother. I, Fred Faust, leave to peddle my papers. I, Eileen Ferguson, leave my wardrobe to ten or twelve relief families. I, Dot Fitzpatrick, leave with Clark. I, Jean Fox, leave with a man. Three guesses. I, Betty Frampton, leave to look at furniture with a man from U. of I. I, Julia Francesconi, leave in Truck No. 5 of my dad's fleet. I, Walter Franke, leave on Route U. S. 66. I, Mary Giardina, leave with Eileen. I, Edna Godfrey, leave my dreamy ways to anybody. I, Frank Godfrey, leave Jean S. leaning against the wall outside the library. I, Dorothy Grebel, leave a string of broken hearts. I, Donald Greear, leave my hidden ears to Vlfaldemar Jahn. I, Betty Guller, leave my novel ttHigh School Romances" to Eunice Giese. I, Thomas Hamlin, leave my appetite to John Montgomery. I, Vernon Hardbeck, leave in time for milking. I, John Havelka, leave my wav of kicking the mud off my shoes to Del Meyer. I, Adeline Heinemeier, leave for home with Bennie Wohlert. I, Hubert Henderson, leave my bicycle with two Hat tires. I, Bernadine Hess, leave to meet a man with unruly straw hair. CLASS WILL GLASS WILL CLASS WILL I, Orville Hinnen, leave my quiet manliness to Leo M. I, Alvin Hommert, leave my heart in Collinsville. Nicholas Honchak, leave my sense of humor to Charles Liebler. Karl Hotuiz, leave my Ugruntn to Mr. J. J. Gouza. I, William Hotz, leave to learn the ways of the world, peddling papers. I, Frank Houba, leave to teach all Edwardsville kids how to do the Glen Carbon hop. Jane Huggins, leave to manage the Poor Farm. Joseph Jaros, leave to get away from Kate Tuxhorn. I, William Johnson, leave my wise cracks to the nut cracker, i. e., the principal. I, Betty Jones, leave a fund to be used by high school girls to call up their college men. I, Robert Judd, leave my bowed legs to Wally Goff. I, Melvin Kleine, leave with very little of anything. I, Dolores Klunk, leave so that Lucy Marie won't "polute" me. I, Gertrude Knecht, leave my winning manner to Viv Joseph. I, Annette Krumsiek, leave my superior French to Herbert Simons. I, Charles Krupski, leave with "gas" who? I, Robert Kubicek, leave my farmer instinct to Hazel Fahnestock. I, Norma Kuethe, leave my agricultural tendencies to Betty Thackston. I, Paul Kurz, leave my terrific imagination to Penny Martindale. I, Garnett Lamb, leave to become Mayor of Worden. I, Vernon Linder, leave my hitch-hiking nose to John Dierkis. I, Ona Lingner, leave my contented air to M. Glaeser. I, Gilbert Lloyd, leave with a complete football suit. I, LaVona Loewen, leave without anybody knowing it. Udell Mason, leave for Bonnellie's Night Club. Vera Meikamp, leave my book "How to Get an Education" to Squirt Abel. I, Richmond Merkle, leave to be near my mother. I, Nelson Metzger, leave just a sister. I, Ruth Miller, leave Gerald Klingel to some Junior. I, Ruth Mitchell, leave my white boots to Mary Lou Francis. I, Lewis Morgan, leave for the CCC camp. I, Vernon Munzert, leave to coach Man Mountain Dean. I, Ruth Neuhaus, leave Ed Barnett to Dot Cummins. I, Helen Nicolussi, leave for Glen Carbon via the P. T. A. bus. I, Harriet Overbeck, leave my sleepiness to Judy Wisnaski. I, June Overstreet, leave my funny giggle to Anita Cullens. I, Melvin Paproth, leave for the Club Idle Hour. I, Velma Pletcher, leave the school to itself. I, Grace Porter, leave because with one year of college IIITI much too advanced for you. I, Virginia Prange, leave upholding the Prange record. I, Esther Reid, leave my ability to vamp the boys to Annamae Piper. I, Agnes Rotter, leave with Lewis Morgan, I, Dorothy Schaefer, leave my hair dyeing process to Virginia Baird. fIt's a fake? I, Robert Schaefer, leave for Glen Carbon every Saturday night. I, Wilfred Schirmer, leave my ability to argue about cars to Dog-bite Stullken. I, Al Schlueter, leave my tales of Glen Crossing Celebrities to Alvin Scheibal. I, Arlie Schon, leave my Dodge to Bob Caulk. I, Norma Schroeder, leave my name 'fButch" to Edna Rotter. I, Harold Schumacher, leave for another henna pack. I, Wilson Schwager, leave in my private car. I, Fay Seaton, leave, just leave. Anna Simons, leave my surplus weight to the Kribs twins to be equally divided. , Dave Simpson. leave my list of jokes to Leo Kaufman. I, Bessie Slabv, leave to help Joe with the station. I, Lloyd Smith, leave my dancing to Jim Dippold. I, Pearl Smolek, leave my talkativeness to Marian Ostendorf. I, John Spevok. leave the Chemistry room clean. I, Roy Spitze, leave to sell cows at Buckles' Sales. I, Vincent Snitze, leave my art in giving facials to Ray Neuenschwander. I, Marjorie Stafford, leave my acting to Anna Hofeditz. I, Helen Stahlhut, leave to take up beauty culture. I, Allen Stephens, leave my shifty hips to Agnes Foster. I, Harriet Suessen, leave my timidness to Curly Herrin. I. Viola Suhre, leave never to return. I, Howard Theuer, leave to put the Granite City Steel Mills on its feet again. I. Catherine Trares, leave my brothers to carry on. I, Dorothy Troeckler, leave to go to Illinois Wesleyan. I, Floyd Thompson, leave the teachers peaceful. I, Robert Truitt. leave for the bread line. I, Virginia Ward, leave to meet Bennett4then to get married. I. Blair Watson. leave the High School with a blurred memory of unbelievable happiness. I, Kenneth Weber, leave for the farm near Carpenter. fContinued on page 935 I, I 1 I, I v I. I I, I LASS PRUPHECY LASS PROPHEGY CLAS FLASHE CF THE FUTURE Vile, the Class of 1937, do here and now prophesy that twenty years hence the foregoing events will take place : Carl Ackerman has been recently appointed to the Supreme Court to till the vacancy left by Clark Baker, who resigned to manage the VVildey Theater. Grace Augsburger with her brothers and sisters has started the law iilm Augs- burger, Augsburger, and so on through the generations. Bennie VVohlert, El- mer Zirges, Michael Bekeske, Adeline Heineineier, Buth Neuhaus, and Kenny lveber have signed a petition for bigger and better roads between lVorden and Edwardsville, on which their children can get to school in five minutes fiat. Anna Bezdek has taken over the bus line between Glen Carbon and Edwardsvile. Stanley Biarkis and Norman Blase have stumbled onto the amazing Ui dis- covery that Physics is the bunk. tVVe wonder what J. J. Gouza will have to say about this.j Margaret and Viola Blumberg, the Hot Toddie Twins, are now dancing in the new night club owned and operated by Calvin Hofcditz. Char- lie Bode and the Mussolini Black Shirts, amateur basketball team, which is coin- posed of Allen Stephens, Vincent Spitze, Blair NVatson, .Tack Cunningham, and Melvin Paproth, have just returned from the Olympics where they walked away with the highest honors and have just signed a contract to make a picture in Hollywood starring Marjorie Stafford and Annette Krumsiek. Dorman Broderick, known to his classmates as 'tMike," and John Crocker are the sole owners and editors of the Daily Gossip, formerly known as the HI." Herman Crouch has gone into the bicycle business selling bicycles to those students who live near Roxana so that they may pedal to dear ol' lil. H. S. Betty Clayton, now wife of the President of the Laclede Steel Corporation tid. TJ, gives daily talks over Station YVTMV on "lVhy the VVoman's Place ls ln the Homef' News Flash! It has been said that Mary Brower is not the girl we once knew, a calm and dignified lass, but is now one of the leading hostesses in the new lllorden Dance Pavilion. Bay Closterman is now in the Alton Hospital for the Feeble-Minded, after being pursued for twenty-four years by girls asking for chewing-gum. Clarence Daech was recently crowned the lVorld's lllrestling Champion when he defeated Paul Kurz. tl bet K'ate's gladj To liea Dippold we pay our tribute, for she is the best female Pharmacist in the world and some say she is better than some of the best men in the profession. Milton Dippold, an- other famous Physicist, heartily agrees with Professors Biarkis and Blase on their wonderful discovery, and his only wish is that he could have made the startling discovery that brought so much 'ttilthy luci-et' to those renowned men. Myrle Donaldson, June Overstreet, and Vernon Hardbeck, who are teachers of shorthand in Fl. H. S., are running stitt competition to see who will be the first to have their respective classes write T150 words per minute. tftood work, Miss Brown.l .lean Dorr and Harriet Cverbeck are the new Blues Singers in the night club owned by Dorothy Grebel and Norma Kuethe. They are sup- tContinued on page ninety-fiveb THIRTY-Two CLASS 1938 BETTY RHOADS, Vice President BUSTER HYTEN, President EDWARD BARNETT, Secretary-Treflsur UNICR HI TORY "Three long years" we have tried to study and give our teachers Ura f hairs. The teachers sav we have succeeded in the latter. Z5 .f On the first lap in 19334 we came from the lower gradzs green, lost Freshmen. For the iirst week we were always in the wrong study hall. lVe learned fast and soon we had the rooms and study halls all straight- ened out, but the upper classmen nagged us and teased us about using the elevator. Then they looked the ltlreslunen girls over and formed a different opinion of our class. VVe went to our first school party, the Hallowe'en party. lVe stood around and envied the upper -classmen for being able to dance so well, but we gathered all of our courage and asked some of the girls of our class to dance. And so along came June, dear old June. VVell, September rolled around and found us right hack in the harness. Now it was our turn to laugh and tease the green and lost Freshmen. VVe tried to get them to go to the elevator but for some reason or other they were wise to that one. That year we had a good time at the parties, dancing, eating, and watching the poor Freshmen. By the time June rolled around we were readv for our vacations. Then we went into the third lap of the race through school. VVe were upper classmen and all took advantage of that. Vile thoughl the Freshmen were getting smaller right along. WVe are now ready for the fourth and final lap. And when We iinish this one we can say, "Vile came, we saw, and we conquered." JUNIURS JUNIURS JUNIURS JUNIORS JU Lebeque, Herrin, Hamlin, Honchak, Hage meier. Jahn. Leitner, Hyten, Krumeich Hackney. Jenkins. Harrison. Harris, Henry, Kreuiter. Losch Jennings, Luksan, Ingram, Kaufman. Henke, Howells, Love, Harmening. Joseph Lischka, Kriege, Herder, Hofeditz, Lebeda. Jellen, Loewen, Howerton, Hentz, Joseph Hubach, Bzlrtels, Hammert, Huel:kJmp, Hanvey. A SCPHOMORE' VIEW OF THE IU IOR I often wonder what good old IC. H. S, would be Without the Juniors stand- ing around and gossipilig in the halls Knot that they improve thoni anyxj The one thing the Juniors can do better than 1110 Sophoinoros is Hunk. However, we Sophoniorvs hope to be Juniors some day, and when that time comes The fables will be 'fui'nod. Ditchburn, Barnett, Goff, Dooley, Dezcrt, Biarkis, Cooper, Gemoules, Davis. Bardelmeier, Dippold, Gwyn, Allen. Bu chanan, Faust, Caulk, Bishop, Bast. Bush. Dilworth, Bartels, Eilers, Ambrozat, Craig, Bettman, Forshaw, Bayer. Drexelius, Dunstedter, Baird, Barnett, Cul lens, Cummins, Francesconi, Behrendt, Bender, Bauer. Fagg, Fahnestock. S UNIURS JUNIURS UNIURS JU I Metzger, E. Miller, Meyer, Merkle, Mind- rup. Moore, Nash. l-- NlillCF, Meek. Neudecker. Parrot, Martindale, Ostendorf, Nischwitz, C. Menoni, D. Meyer, Rathert, Mateer. Morrison, Neuenschwander. Probst, V. Miller, Rothe, Rhoads, Noto, Norder, Reid, Piper, Robinette, Rotter. Rose. V ' ' .A I JUNIOR'S VIEW OF HE JU ICR Vilhilo tho Senior Class has been causing all the disturbances hero at school, the Juniors have boon steadily forging ahead until W0 are now in a position to look down upon the Hl1I1110COSSZ1I'j'H Seniors. lt is rumored that the teachers adiniro and appreciate tho co-operative ability of tho Junior Class more than any other class they havo had the honor io teach. The loyal backing ot' the .lunior Class in all social and athletic events is also an outstanding point in our favor. ln other words, all we want to Say is, Xvc oan't bo Hboatf' Q H. Schneider, Scheibal, Winters, Walters, Williams, Tietze. Sickbert, Thompson. E. Schmidt, Slemer, Shimunek, Trebing, T. Trares, Stullken, J. West. Veesaert, Stuteville, J. Trares. FK. Vowels, Thackston, M. Schneider, Stelz- riede, Soehlke, Schmidt, Zika, Ukena, Schwager, G. Schneider. Watson, Stolte, G. Schmidt, J. Schneider, E. West, Ursprung, Vieth, Wood, Wagner, L. Vowels, Woodward. JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIURS JUNIURS JU JUNICR CHATTER Heard the latest? Well then, lend an ear. Did you know that- Betty Thackston turns down three of four dates a night in Glen Carbon? Her most ardent admirer, George Allen, is having stiff competition in the person of Alvin Scheibal. Earl Herrin has started down the "long, long trail a Windingl' into the principal's domain. Earl makes the rounds at least once a week. Speaking of making rounds, did you know that Frank Hamlin makes the rounds of the U. S. Radiator Corporation every Saturday? tHe's Watchman--believe it or not., Earl Leitner has turned out to be quite a ladies' man this year, after all, While Roy Jenkins at present is strongly opposed to the feminine gender. tTough, girls, and he might get a football letter this yearzj That affair between Del Meyer and Vivian Joseph is still the wonder of the school. lt must be the real McCoy. Cn the subject of atfairs, Mr. Gouza in- sists on calling Vincent Meek "Squeeky." Vincent doesn 't mind so much, only he prefers a little more accent on the last syllable. Clf you please, Mr. Gouza.i Bill Tietze has made a man of himself the past year. tBill is only six feet three inches tall and weifflis ?????.j Selma Bartels has changed her ways' she Z7 F1 . 7 prefers to dine at "Hotel Coronado." tGo easy, felloyvsl Betty Rhoads has an S. P. tseeret passionj but refuses to reveal him. t'l'ake three guessesi Anita Cullens is no longer lovelorn. Vernon Hardbeck is the heart throb now. tThey say Anita likes Plymouthsj Wie all Wonder where James Mindrup and Jane Tipton go every night after school. tDo you suppose they go home?j Starting on the subjct of cars, George Schneider has a lot of trouble with his little yellow car. Some fellows like to tinker With his motor just to see what makes it tick. tThere's not much in there to tick: it's a Fordj Clifton Losch has a very characteristic walk when he marches in the band. His secret ambition is to be a tester for Thomas McAnn shoes. Speaking of ambitions-Buster Hyten seems to have a lot of interest in a certain Sophomore blond tone guessl. Maybe he has ambitions, too. It seems that the Frosh and Sophomore girls are leading the race for the upper classmen. tBetter step along, Junior and Senior girls.j Thus ends Junior Chatter for the third lap of the four educational years at good old E. H. S. RS JUNIURS JUNIURS JUNIORS JU DR .J ' ff M522 CLASS 1939 GEORGE CUMMINS, Secretary-Treasurer MARIAN WENGER, President BILLY VOGEL, Vice President SGPHOMORE HISTORY During all the long years of ltl. H. S. history, life never really began until the fall of 1935 when the class of '39 entered high school. Ars "Freshies," after we had been able to find the right study halls and rooms, we started off to show the upper classmen just of what we were made. Many of us entered athletics and some were successful in securing letters, while others spent more time with books and were rewarded by the steady appear- ance of their names on the honor roll. The Freshmen girls took part in sports and athletics of their own and the class took part in all the social life of the school and were well represented in the operetta, plays and programs. This year after greeting the new Freshmen in the usual way We started off just Where we left elf. Some of our last year's athletic heroes again won hon- or on the teams and the social lite started with a bang! The lirst lioor is fast becoming a Ulovers' lane" as many of the young gentlemen escort the ladies down the hall to the very handy benches along the wall for a brief chat. Vile hope that in our next two years we may take part more in the activities of the school and set good examples for the oncoming classes. WVe shall be sorry when the time comes for caps and gowns. SUPHOMURES SOPHU DRES SUPHUMURE Hinnen, Henke. Hojue, W. Greg0T', Kiingel, Godfrey, Gllff- L. Hall, CI. Koch, Jackson, Kreuiler, G R. Hunt, Jereb, K-ssl, Harrell, M. Huni, Krejci, Giese, Ingram, Holder, Kretschmer. Hammer, Knccht. V. Jones, P. Jones, Ch Koch, A. Kribs, S. Kribs, Kovalik, Greenwood, Knowles, Gerling. FRESHMAN'S VIEW OF OPHOMORE Ui' course we think the Sopliouiores are all right, but lho only H1'Q21l,7 class in High School is the Frcslimzui Class. The Sopliouioros should know so much, but they roally know so little. llvlicu wo become Soplioiuores, we will so far surpass those of toclay that ii wou't he fuiiiiy. Fox, Berger, Belshaw, Colbert, Dilworth Berry, Clawson, Agles, Fischer, Brave. Foehrkalb, Dierkes. Ferguson, Enos. Evans, Daum. Cummins, Blume. Augsburger, Elisperman, Diver, Daech Churchill, Chandler, Bristow Camp- bell, Faust. Becker. Eihausen, Burns, Ingels, Bartel: Frampton, Foster, Baughman, Barnett, Ax. SUPHOMURES SUPHUM RES SUPHUMURE Hall, A. Gregor, Kellerman, Joseph, Kane, , l Southard, Wehling, Veesaert, Stone, R Stahlhui, Slemer, V. Stahlhut, Schwager, Schreiber. Weeks, Votrain, Ed. Wieduwilt, Sterman Welch, Vogel, Walters. Winkle, Treat. Shashek, Thatcher, Tipton, Tuxhorn, Wenger, Wolf, Winte, Wilhelm, Smith. Summerfelt. Wood, Straub, Unger, Vanek, Schwalm, W. Wieduwilt, Young, L. Smith, Vieth, Spanholz. ,J 2 Y A ,Af Ltfvyqel XJ Y.-an A OPHOMORE'S VIEW OF THE OPHO ORE CLASS Beauty and brains have been combined in making our Sophomore Class the pride of the school. ln a recent survey it has been discovered that We not only have the most gorgeous girls and the most handsome boys, but also Inueh musical talent, clrarnatie, and athletic ability. Many teachers have found our class the sunshine of the school and are amazed at its spectacular leadership and its success in reaching the highest scholastic standards. Poneta, Luksan, E. Meikamp, Moehle. Long, Mayberry, Rogers. Marks. Klingel, Kellerman. CI. Koch, H. Meikamp. Meyer, Lange, Kreuiter, Marti, Rahn, Lee, Kane. Nicchwitz, McReaken. Mateyka, Ranek, Knecht. Plessa, Ruhr- Kaste, Meek, Kretcchmer, Reding, Kesl, Knowles, Long, Ontko, Ca. Koch. Moelhenry. Pniton, Metz, Lautner, Marshall, Krejci, A. Kribs. Levora, Leonard, S. Kribs, Lake, Neutzling, Moriarity, Kovarik. SOPHDMORES SUPHOM RES SUPHOMORE SGPHOMURE SLANDER Pull up a chair, u'e're clishm' dirt,- Get time the scandal. Y i There S vzofhiwq iw old E. H. S. ll'e Seplzies cnfmrof lzczwlle. ,DID YOU KNOXV THATS Allyn Clflinsteinl IiOll01'1I1tlll,b6'ttQ1' known as 'tStraight A" Kellerman, hasn't always been so smart. lVhy at one time he was so dumb he liunked out oi' the reform school. Alia! At last l've been able to find out what the "VV" stands for when a certain Sophie signs his name Ray W. Marks. lt seems that Ray W. was born during the iWorld VVar so his fond Mama made his middle name "Weather'- strip" because he kept his Dad out of the draft. SETTIN ' AROUND 109 1 Charlie "Killer" Kane got so interested watching a girls' P. E. class run around the track in their gym clothes that it took a lot of persuasion to get his mind back on some other figures, thc ones he had to construct for his geometry. Did you ever notice how the gang perks up and takes interest in lessons when NV. VV. K. drops in? Never weary, the last man hasn't been captured yet--Hunt, Margy, Hunt. Attention fella 'sg there 's still romance in the air. You ought to come into Miss Cheek's lifth hour English class and hear Lois Harrell read one of her heart throbbing compositions. Quote-HAS We ride slowly down the moonlit trail our hearts beat in rhythm with the horses' hoofs. " lVhatta tale! lt's also been undertoned to me that Eunice Giese is so modest she won't even Work improper fractions. "Tucker" Godfrey told me he has a new kind of trailer for his car. lt's the man from the Finance Company. Jeanne VVolf says her life is an open book but I think a few pages have been torn out. Mrs. Leonard's little girl, Clarinc, thinks Lindbergh is some kind of a cheese. Margaret Frampton told me she has gone into the business of selling crackers. She reports that business is very crummy. Put this all together and what have you got? Just a bunch of "Fugitives from the Brain Gang." SUPHDMORES UPHOMURES SOPHDMDRE CLASS 1940 WAYNE COX, President PATTY LOU GIESE, Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR BUCKLEY, Vice President FRESHMAN HISTORY Extra !! Freshmen have arrived. Un September J, 1936, one hundred graduates of the Edwardsville Junior High School crashed the gates of E. H. S. iWith great expectations in mind, we entered the place of learning to show what we had accomplished so far in our lives. We could be found in any part of the building, looking things over with a most sophisticated air. Although the floors were slick from being waxed, we Freshies took no heed of the warning given to us by the other classes about run- ning and sliding through the halls. Consequently many of us took tumbles and were laughed at by the upper classmen. .As time went by a11d we were continually ignored by our "superiors", it dawned on us that we were only a fraction of a large student body. NVe then decided to settle down and we realized how foolish we must have acted. The first few days of classes we were still getting lost and always ap- pearing in the wrong rooms at the wrong time. This caused us to be razzed . and embarrassed, but we tried to be good sports about it. After becoming adapted to our proper places we participated in many clubs and sports. XVe then mixed with older pupils and soon became accustomed to Fl. H. S. With great hopes for the future, we are nearing the end of our journey through the freshman year. We are awaiting the time when we will be Sopho- mores and can look down upon thc new class of Freshmen. FRESHMEN FRESH EN FRESH EH FRESHM Gildersleeve. lVl. Graham, Haynes, Martin, F. Landa, Jaros, Nleddowsi Harbi- son, Kerckhoff, Meikamp, Nlester. C. Graham, Kennedy. Kueker, Leitner, Macke, J. Landa. Gusewelle, Kellen- berger, Kolesa, Hittner, W. Metzger. Henke, Kovarik. Mateer. Lane, Henderson Giese, Gius, M. Glazier, Frey, Hon- chak, Gonezeski, Hudson, Herman. H. Landa, B. L.and:i, D. Metzger, Meikamp. Krejci, ln,ram, Jones, Jenkins. Hil- denstein, Henke, Holder, Hilla. Hotuiz. Jaggers. Klueter, Jarrett, Jennings. Krticka, Lawyer, Lee, Longwisch, Hartung, H. Glazier, Harrison. Henry. WH T A SENIOR THINKS GF FRESHME Forgive us, Freshmen, if We speak too harshly of you. It is not that we really 'think so badly of you, but that we like to tease you. Now that most of our "razzi11g" has subsided and you are quite established in our dear old E. H. S. we are proud of you, yes, very proud of you. Vllhat would our Cheer Club and pep meetings be if it were not for you? Our Glee Club would sadly miss some of the girls-QNoW don't feel slighted, boys, it would miss you, tool. It grieyes us to think what ihe whole school would be like if it were not for you. v f . , . -, li ll e eouldu't get along Without a few Freshies, at least. .J its i f . td, . ! . Fitzpatrick, Bayer, Buddhu, Huse, Drew Burian, Bettman. Abel, Buckley, Baughman, Browning, C Foehrkolb. Colclasure, Churchill, Cas- sens, J. Foehrkolb, Davis, Dees, F. Feldworth. Drew, Cox. Calve, Colbert, Emshauseii, Christman, Cline. Augsburger, Drex- elius, Elelshaw, C. Barone. E. Fischer, M. Feldworth, Cloud, V Fischer, Eaton, Christy, Brooks, Bast, Evans, Burgdorf, Cory, Crossman, Eberhart. Fink, Francis, Bergschneider, E. Barone. Carter, Bray, Beck, Caulk, Black, Brant. Behrendt, Bartels, Aben- roth, Fenstermann. RESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Fll SIIME Richards, Stack. Schneider, Nemnich. Adamick, Menoni, V. Wiemers, Warner, Yates, Starkey, Joseph. Schaefer, Woods, Nlellenthin, E. Wiemers, McMichael, Huhach, Rubis, Holder, Meikarnp, Weckman, Zika, Wilkison. Carter, Klaustermeier, Mottar, Hawkins Stubblefield, Perry, Lloyd, Vieth, Wer- ner. Talick, Lingner, Wray, Viere, Wehner. WH T FRE HME THI K OF THEMSELVES Green! Of course we were green, but probably no more so than our upper classmen when they entered this great institution of learning. Yes, perhaps we have searched for the famous E. H. S. elevator with the guaranteed service, but not for long. l'm quite sure we've entered a room expecting to take Algebra, and then discovered We were seated amongst Seniors all ready to study Pub- lic Speaking. My, how the time flies! lllould you believe it, rl see a Freshman on the honor roll? Here's another and another, and looking down the list l see sev- eral other Freshies' names. Just, look at the Freshmen filling the vacant seats in the glee clubs. Tennis, baseball, volleyball, hiking, and all other activities are well represented by the "Fresh" too. Time is still marching on and it Won't be long 'till We shall be informers and pranksters to the next bunch of "Freshies." Owens, Orman, Puncher, Etzkorn, Basset, Mindrup, L. Soehlke, Svoboda, Theuer, Troeckler, Tosovsky, Stolcis, Rishel. D. Neutzling, Scheibal. Feryanitz, Edwards, Bristow, W. Neutzling, Daum, Pekar. Stafford, Suchy, Sladky, Slemer. Farmer, Oettel, Rubis, Schlemer, Daven- port, Schaefer, Meyer, Thomas, Er- Iich, Baird, Sperandio, Schneider, F. Schmidt. Ostendorf, Weidner, Simons, K. Soehlke, V. Schmidt, Stelzriede, Shierbaum, Rutz, Traub, Muzik, Nord, Talick, Flosinos. 1 Cooper, L. Soehlke, Neuenechwander, Sues- sen, Rowekamp, Suffolk, Piazzi, Opel, . Reid. Peters, Poos. FRESHME FRESHMEN RESHMEN FRE Il sf le EQ ' I lv Z be A A Q., WE, .my v , 21 .,1j2ig' ' Q 95 4 fa' :- -,'. ' 5 4 .gij-l'5Z'3, Q u gs A-JE. f 'G UDTBALL FOOT AL UOTBALL UTBAL Allen Stephens, Half Back t'3T1fAllen was fast and shifty, and when he tackled them they Went down. Vincent Spitze, Quarter Back f'37J-Vin- cent could kick and pass Well, and tackle hard. Roy Jenkins, Quarter Back C387-He has another year ahead of him. Roy can kick well and is a good ball carrier. Lindell Webb, Tackle t'37JALinde1l was a fine defensive player, and when he blocked they stayed down. COACH SMITH Coach Smith eanie here from Co- lumbia, Mo., where he had pro- duced winning teams and proved himself to he a Very good Coach. He won the friendship of all the boys on the teams the first day they prac- tieed. He was patient with them and showed them what they were doing wrong in a way that con- vinced them he was right. l'Xltll0l.l.g'll the teams didn't win many games, they were hard to beat. He taught the players a new style of play that will, without a doubt, turn out championship teams next year. FORTY-SIX FORTYFSEVEN FOOTBALL FUUTBA L UUTBALL FO0TB was , ' A' eff' new it is 1 ., L. 'f I 'ffi-'-: I , fs. ,-5ff' 1i,, , , ,gf ,,,. ?J,.ftfifff'l?E'g iff- d"fl?UVi,lti:i1'. t ,K-wwsi, - CAFTA I N HYTEX The i935 football team chose wisely when they voted Buster the captain of the H HGH Tigers. Buster proved himself to he a Very good captain and an excellent player. Although he may have seemed nerv- ous in a game, when he got the hall in his hands he held it. Buster was the speed demon ot the hackiield, for when he got the hall he was off like a Hash, and was very hard to down. This was Buster's second and last year on the iirst team and he made them successful ones. Frank Poneta, Tackle C395-He played hard and blocked well and came through in the "pinches." Robert Buchanan, Guard C383-When a good blocker and tackler was needed, Bob was on the job. Alvin Hommert, Guard V373--Due to an injury, Alvin didn't get to play the final part of the season, but in the games he played, he blocked well and kept the opposing guard out of the Way. Norman Wells, Tackle C379--"Jug" and Daech fought hard for the tackle position but neither yielded. "Jug" made thc line heavier and harder to get through. FOOTBALL FUUTBALL FDUTBI Co-Captain Elect Billy Moore, Center t'38JfBilly could slice through a line and tackle the opposing bac-ks before they could get started. Randell Webb, End C383-As this was Randell's second year of football, he was more experienced and his ability to catch passes was more outstanding than last year. Vincent Meek, End t'38lf"Squeek," as he is known, held up the end position when Randell was out of the game. Co-Captain Elect Leo Kaufman, Full Back C385-"Tub," as his teammates know him, was the "powerhouse" of the backfield. He liked to plunge through the line. Ralph Hackney, End C381-Ralph could smack down the opponents' interference, as you probably saw him do in the Thanks- giving Day game. FUOTB LL Urbana 26 ltldwardsville 0 The Tigers opened their football season at Urbana. Urbana nosed in l4 points the first half and got two inore touchdowns in the last quarter. Beaumont 54 lildwardsville 0 Beaumont again brought to Edwards- ville a team built around their star Schwenk. Beaumont was considered the best high school teani in the lllldCllQXVGSi. Mattoon 28 lfldwardsville 6 The Tigers broke the "jinX" and made their first touchdown of the year, but eouldn't get more. Hillsboro 26 ltldwardsville 6 Hillsboro, using an "aerial" attack, se- cured a lead and held it throughout the game. Gillespie 0 Edwardsville 31 The Tigers got together and fought hard, played one of their best games of the year, and got their Hrst victory. FORTY EIGHT FUDTBALL FUOTBALL FUUTBALI SASN Bcnlcl T lCdwai'dsVille 19 Again dctc1'ini1u-rl to win, the Tigers fought lizlrcl and won easily. Collinsville 19 lildwardsvillc l3 The Armistice Day game and the Tigers' old rivals, Uollinsvillc. Tigers out-played :incl out-gaincml 'flie Kulioks, but they didn 't get the lwczilzs. Madison 0 Eclwarrlsvillc G The 'l'ig'ci's lll2'lllElL1'Qll to score in the early' part ot' the ganic and thou liotli tczuns licld 4-ztcli other scoreless. Granite City 6 .l+ldwai'clsx'illc 0 Tliziiilisgiviiig Day gzuno and another old rival. llvitll SCY01'2ll. inches of snow and oolcl wcatlici' thc teznn put up ai good light, but the llappy XVZll'l'l0l'S score-cl just before the half. Clarence Daech, Tackle C'37Je-This was "Butch's" first year at football and he turn- ed out to be tough and had the ability to hold out opposing line-men. Howard Theuer, End i'377f"Howdy,' liked to break through the interference and "smash up" plays before they could get started. Joe Jaros, Quarter Back C373--Joe was the lightest man on the team, but when he got the ball he was off like a flash, getting through the smallest holes. Howard Rogers, Guard t'39b4Howard, 'tBugs" to his teammates, was shifted from end to guard and held this position well all season. Edgar Henke, Half Back C393--'Edgar played in the line and then was shifted to the backfield where he showed his power. FORTY-NINE BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBAL BASKETBALL 1111011110111 14 1'111w111'11S1'11111 211 This was 11111 '1'ig'111's' 111's1 g'1111111 1711 11111 s1111s1111. 111 1110 11131 1121111 111111' 111111111 1111011 111111 1111Ss1111 1111 11110111 11111117s 1W11-11111111 1111111 111111 XYOII. 1121111131111 23 '1111111'111'11sVi1111 15 1211111211121 111111111 11 11111'11 1111 1110 T1g'111's 111' 111111111115 11111111' long' s11111s 111111 1110 Tigors W11111 11111111111 111 S1011 1'111'1111 29 1C11w111'11sv11111 211 'F1111 11111111 got 21 11VQ1IJ0111t 101111 111 11111 111's1 111111, 11111 111111111 02111111 1111011 W1111 1111111x' 11 J-1115 111111 1111111 . rw S1101s 111111 W1111 11111 g1111111. 1111111011 19 141111w111'11Sv11111 214 T110 '1'ig'111's W11111 1111 11111 H11111' 1111101'111i11011 111 11111 0v011 W1111 0111111111 l'111' 11111 11111111110 111Qj' g'11V0 11s 111s1 y11111'. This was 11111 S1111111111 T1g'111' Vi1:1111'y. C'APTA1iX SIMPSON 1111S1 5'0111"s 11aSk01111111 1011111 112161 10 pick El 01111111111 1'01' 1111s YCHI' who 011u111 1111 11111 s111111s 111? C111111 11111111- 11111. 'D11V11 111111 11111110 21 g111111 11pp0111'- 11111111 1111'11ug'1111111 1110 s011s011 111111 110 1111111111111111113' was 11111 11110 111 suc- 11111111 111 11111 0111'11111111ey. 1J11v11 was 2111 11x0111111111 1111l111111111101', which 111111111 111111 El S1l'Ollg' 11f11111s1V11 1111111. 111111111 11 was i1111111ssi1110 10 Work 11111 1111111 111 11111' 21 S111-1111, 1J11v0 XVOl11i1 1111111011 111111 s1111111 P11111 11111s1 of 1110 1111111 W1111111 111111 1w11 11'10l'C 11111111S 111 11111 T1g111's1 s0111'11. BASKET ALL BASKETBALL AS ETBI 1 ASS1 STAXT 1111111111 G1 JUZA His 111111 was 111 15111. 1111111111111 11115 1111X1 y11111'1s 11111111. H11 was S11f'C1'1SS- f111 111 1111'1111lg' 11111 g'111111 11111y111'S. S11V111'111 1111ys 111 111s1111sk111111111S11111111 1 1V111111 p1'111111111111 111 11111 111's1 1911111 1111111 11111 s1111s1111 15111 111111111' way. 1111 1l11'111111cz1111 21 S1111111111 11111111 111111 was 11111 111' 11g'111,, 111111 11111111 111! 11111111 W111 1111111111111 11111111' 1111111 111 y11111's 111111111113. 1111 w111'k1'11 1121111 111 111111111 11111111 11111111 11111 1112118 911 111111' 111111111 11111111' 1111111 111 1111 111 21 1115111 111111f11. 1111 111111111 11 1111ss111111 1111' 11111 111111011 111 S11111111 1118 1111111 w11l1 11111 f11's1 11111111. SAS 11111111111 29 E1111'111'11sv11111 25 The 111Ss 111' 11111 two W111111 111115 111111111 11 1121111 1111' 11111 T1g'111'S, 11111 111Qy 1'11ug111 1121111 111111 l1Q2l1'1f' 1111111 11111 EX-T1g'111'S. Mt. P11111s111 311 IC11w1111'11sv11111 22 M1. 131111111111 111'11ug'111 111 E11w111'11s1'11111 El 11111111 111' g111111 112111 11111111101's 111111 1112011111111 s11111s. T1111 T1g111's 1'11ug'111 1121111 11111 c111111111'1 1111111 1111111' 111111-11111111 1111111 11111111111111 111 11111 1121112 C'1111111sv111e 236 E1111'111'11sv11111 111 T110 T1g'111's 11151 111 1T1111111s1'11111, t11011' 11111 l'1V2l1S, 111111 W111'11 C1111S111111'e11 111111 111 11111 111131 11111111S 111 11115 111s11'1c1. 1,11t11111111111 211 111111V111'11sV11111 21 L111f11f111111, 1111 11s 111111111 1:11u1'1, was 11111 111 15111 11V1111. This 11111111 111111111 '1111111y 11111g' s11111s 111111 "1111se11 011177 11111 '111g'111'S. LL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL John Merkle, Center C389-Archie, as he is known to his team- mates, was a good pivot and rebound man. He still has another year ahead of him and with this year's experience he-'ll go strong. Edgar Henke, Guard V393 - Edgar paired with Merkle at the other pivot post. When John was out of the game, he jumped cen- ter. He was a good re- bound man. Capt.-elect Leo Kauf- man, Guard V385-Leo was a little Wild at the first of the season, but he settled down and played good basketball. He was a good fast break man for driving in and making set-ups. Granite City 32 Edwardsville 20 The Happy lfVarriors brought a good team to Edwardsville to get revenge for beatings re- ceived last year. Vandalia 34 Edwardsville lT Vandalia, on its home court, again beat the Tigers by taking many long shots which couldn't be helped. Clinton 16 Edwardsville 8 Clinton, determined to get revenge for the beating received while at Edwardsville, played "keep away" and the Tigers didn't get a chance to score. iVhite Hall 38 Edwardsville Q0 Vilhite Hall had a team with every man six foot or more and beat the Tigers by making many tip-in shots. Metropolis 36 Edwardsville lli Metro olis usinv' 'food ball-handling' and ac- ! rv 21 Z1 curate shooting, again Hnosed out" the Tigers. Carmi 45 Edwardsville 29 The Tigers fought hard, but the Carini team "got hotn in the last half and won. Mt. Pulaski 42 , Edyyardsville lil Mt. Pulaski hit the basket from anywhere on the tloor, and the Tigers couldn't get started. F I FTY-TWO BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBA Collinsville 31 Edwardsville 18 The Tigers played hard and had the Kahoks worried the lirst half, but lost out in the last quarter. Granite City 30 Edwardsville 25 With the score tied up at the half the Happy lVarriors started shooting long ones and got a five-point lead and held it Oblong 30 This ganie was one of Edwardsville 28 the inost exciting gaines of the year. Oblong inade a basket from the center of the floor with seconds to go and beat the Tigers bv two Joints. b 1 XZQSSZXQSSZKX liEGlONAl. TOURNAMENT Jerseyville 28 Edwardsville 30 The Tigers won their lirst game. After be- ing behind all through the game, they made a basket with only a few seconds to go. lVood River 3-L Edwardsville 28 The Tigers went into the senii-finals and played a hard game but lost out. Alton 20 Edwardsville The Tigers decided that third place was bet- ter than fourth and beat Alton to get third place in the tournament. FIFTY-THREE Buster Hyten, For- ward C'38J - Buster paired with Dave in running up the scores throughout the season. He was a good long shot and could shoot one handed with either hand. Melvin iBib7 Paproth, Forward C387 - Bib played only the first half of the season, but he played well. He was a good ball han- dler and a good left- hand shot. William G r e g o r, Guard C397 - Gregor didn't start playing on the first team until the Alumni game in which he made a good show- ing. He was a good shot and fought hard on rebounds. TRACK TRACK TRACK RACK TRACK Managers Lloyd and Mead, Paur, C. Young, Wadsworth, Sedlacek, Scuthnrd. Vvinkle, Nlr. Gibson. Coach Kole, Dierkes, Bekeske, Burroughs, R. Young, Hardbeck, Hackney. Lamb. Wehling, lvlr. Gouza. Simpson, Brendle, Love, Theuer, Webb, Smith, Henke, Honchak, Mudge. TRACK '1'110 'F11l'L'1'S 1111011011 111011' 1l'2lC1i fs021s1111 W1111 21 111001 1111 1111111' 1i1w11 110111, Many , 111W11s W111'0 0l11'O1'Q11Q 1110 11121111 011111011111-1'S w01'0 1101121111111, 11211'1111V1110, 211111.101- S0y1'1110. '11110 T1g'01's 021811K XVOII 1110 1111101 W1111 lllillif' 11131 111211103 T110 F1'0s11- 1112111 1'01ay 1021111 11121110 21 111111 0x111b1111111 115' SV1111111lg 2111 111011' l'O1Zif':4. 7111111 TCA S1111 was 1qi1XY?11'41SY1110, 5-Lg C211'1111v1110, 3125 211111 .'101's0yY1111-, 26. T110 D1st1'1c1 31C012ltf1l'EIll11,0011K was 1110 T1,q111's' 1:11:11 211111111 215 11 112111 1741011 111 1511'11vi1111s y0211's. T110 'F1g'01'1s 111111111 001 111a113' 11101 111210115 11111 112111 0111111g11 1111101's 111 111111 1110111 1111'1111g'11 1111 11111 W1111 281111111111 Nast S1. 11111115 111111311011 s0c111111 W1111 211 Il101111,S, 211111 A121111s1111 111 11111'11w11112211111111s. A11111111gr11 111'02111111g' 1111 1'0C111'11S, 11111s1211111111g 1101'1'111'111z1111:11.s w01'0 111111011 111 113' 1111I1C11211I, 1111V0, T110u01', 211111 S111111s,1111 111 1110 111110, 1121111-111110, 11111'1110S, 211111 111112111 ,11111111. 111111, 1111111:1121k, 211111 S111111s1111 XVL-H1 111 11111 S12110 311101, 11111 1111111 '1 1112110 1 1 FIFTY-FOUR TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS TEN TENNIS The tennis activity during last spring and tall consisted ot four matches. There wasn't much time for practice and it made it hard to have a very large schedule. The lr-ttermen were Simpson, Nerkle, TVinter, Booker, Handlon, and Mudge. Dave Sim son our "tennis ace " El0'2lI11 won the District Sinvles Cham- 7 7 C C pionship. This made him champion for two consecutive years. Merkle and VVinter, our doubles team, got second in the District, being beat out of lirst bv the East St. Louis team. This meant that Simpson, Merkle, and Vlinter went to the State Tournament at Cliampaign. At the State Tournament, Simpson drew a tough game and lost his first match. Merkle and Vlinter, however, were more fortunate, they drew a team more their match and won their first game, but lost out in the semi-finals. The activity this spring and fall will be stepped up somewhat, due to the re-entering ot the conference. There will he added to the District Tournament a conference tournament in which the team will compete. TVe have high hopes for the team to Win both District and Conference Championships and then go into the State Tournament. Simpson, Godfrey, Merkle, Vwlinter, Crocker. Mr. Love, Ditchburn, Schneider, Neudecker. FIFTY FIVE ING WRESTLING RESTLING WRESTLING Mr. Blodgett, Bassett, Simons, Rogers, Daech, Buchanan, Mgr. Losch. Henke, Rubis. J. Daum. E. Daum, Shimunek, Dippold. WRESTLING In 1937 11'1'eSt1i11g IJGCE11110 il 111111111' sport 111 IQ. H. S. 211111 11 1111s 1111- 111'111111se of bGCOI1111lg' one of 1110 11111S1 111te1'11S1i11g 21c1i1'i1i1-s 111110. 11111011 11111 S1-21so11 S1311- e11, not many were ,1T1tQ1'0StCC1 111 11, 11u1 2111111 21 s111111111i111 112111 11111111 2l1'1'31lg'1'11 111111 schools 111 the c1111fQ1'1111ce of 1111111511 1C1111'211'11s1'11111 is 111111' 21 11111111111-1', 11111111 11111115 est was c1'ea1:e11. Ma1c11eS 11'e1"e 116111VV1t11 .A.L11'O11, Bo1111v11111, 1NI2lC11SOI'1, 211111 G1'2111i111. Letterlnon : Louis B21ss111t 112111111 out 11119 111 11111 season. H11 NV1'0S11G11 111 1111111 11111115 in the 115-pound dass, and won the 1as1 111'o. Bob 1311o11a112111, in 1110 1,45-1111111111 class, 1111111 1'1'1I"Gl' 11011173 211111 111s1 sQ1'01'z11 tOHg'11 ones. Butch IJ?1QC1l, 11111 only 111t1111'1112111 111 g1'211111z11o, 112111 11115 points 6111311511 up for 111111 in the 11e211'y11'111g111 c121ss. J1111 D1111111111, 111111 111 11111 c21p1,21i11s for '37 211111 '32'1,11'1'11s111111 111 11111 125-110111111 C1388 211111 1vo11 most of his bouts to score 271,12 11111111S. 111 111e 5121111 !I10111'11Z1- mont 111111 1os1 his first bout 211111 was C111111I1E1t9l1. 1-1e1'11 S11111111s, also 21 captain for next 1112113 11'i11 I111 111st 111 111111-S1-2121111, 111111 111 g1'2111u211io11. H0111 was U1111GfQ31Qf1, 11'i11g' 11111 1121111 111ng'111 1121111Qs 211111 11'i11f ning 111115 110 was 21 c11111c1111111' 111 11111 155 211111 165 1111111111 class 211111 1111is111111 11'i111 22 11011115 111 111s c1'Q11i1. At 1119 S121to II10l11'II?11IlC11t 12111111 f111is111111111 11111'11111211fQ. FIFTY-SIX ATHLETICS THLETIGS ATHLETICS ATHL Collinsvllle Game Granite Game All washed up Between the halves Simpson Huddls Groans Officious Hazzard Grunts ! T .- r L Granite Game VVebb Hyten ai FIFTY SEVEN L ... AY PLAY DAY PLAY DAY PLAY Donaldson Greenwood Miss Cheek Hammer Huelskamp G. A. A. PLAY DAY The G. A. A. Play Day was held at our school this fall. Delegates from eight neigliboring towns were invited. The Ulyinpie sehenie was carried out and there were eight girls on a teznn, each team representing a nation. There was competition in basketball, discus throwing, hasehall, yolleyhall, and archery, and the teani having the most points was rewarcleil. The United States team won and wooden pins with G. A. A. carved on thein were the prizes. After the games the girls were seryefl refreslnnents. FIFTY-EIGHT G.A.A. G.A.A. G.A.A. G.A.A. G.A.A. G.A.A. . Metzger, Eberhart, Neuenschwander, Abenroth. Donaldson, Jarrett, Lingner, V. Blumberg, M. Barnett, Nischwitz, Ostendorf, Weidner, Watson. Jaggers, Soehlke, Klueter, Caulk, Burns, Churchill, Probst, Daech, Bristow, Troeckler, M. Blumberg, Miss Cheek, Hotuiz, Campbell, Greenwood, Faust, Chandler, Levora, Wolf, Wenger, Harrell, Kribs, Kovarik, Moelhenry. Ax, Hammer, Norder, Black, E. Barnett, Metz, Wood, West, Baughman, Dunstedter, Trares Rotter, Bender. Q EENS GF THE RELAY The G. A. A. is an active organization of girls for the purpose of furthering health, sportsmanship, and athletic ability among girls. Awards are given for a number of points gained by participating in sports throughout the year and keeping training rules. The athletic activities in which points are gained are basketball, volleyball, tennis, archery, baseball, and hiking. A bicycle club was organized this year. The organization was fornied in the fall ot' 1928 and is a ineniber of the Illinois LCHQ110t7iiHlg'l1SCi14Jl7l Girls. lt is under the leadership of Miss Alice Cheek and Miss Helen Jean Lundberg. There are eighty inenibers this year. There are inanv social activities throughout the year. A Christnias par- tv was given for titty children. A farewell banquet was given for Miss Vir- ginia iweigel, tornier sponsor. A play day was held on October 24 with girls froin seven neighboring schools as guests. The officers for this year were Marv Ella Krieger, president, Betty Huels- kainp, vice president, Ruth Greenwood, secretary, Louise Hainrner, treasurer. Betty becanie president when Marv Ella left school, and Mvrlc Donaldson was named vice president. FIFTY-NINE TENNIS CYCLING HIKING IISEB l BATS, BOWS Baseball was under the direction of Miss Keough. The schedule of two nights a Week was planned for but was not carried out due to Wet grounds. The captains and vice captains respec- tively Were: Ruth Greenwood and Margaret Love, Betty Huelskanip and Mary Ella Krieger. A tournament of thirteen games was played with Huelskamp's team winning seven out of the thir- teen games. Volleyball was under the supervision of Miss Harris. Captains were elected and teams organ- ized. The captains were Mary Ella Krieger and Betty lluelskampg vice captains ot the respective teams were Mary Giardina and Myrle Donaldson. Due to an extremely Wet season the schedule was not finished. Instead of the usual "loser" treat "Winner" party, a Dutch supper was held. The Hiking Club was organized under the di- rection of Miss Oliver. The girls hiked a total of sixty rniles which consisted of short hikes every Thursday after school and long hikes on an occa- sional Saturday. The elected officers were: Anna Jeanette Simons, president, Lillianne Dittes, vice president, and Betty Frampton, sec- retary. The girls Who complete the hiking re- quirements receive 24 points toward G. A. A. credit. Archery was under the direction of Miss Cheek. About thirty girls inet twice a week. Points were kept and Lois Harrell was high scorer for the sea- son, with Dorothy Fitzpatrick second, and Jeanne Vilolf third. SIXTY ALLi VOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL ARGHERY TEN AND BASKETS The girls were not able to finish the schedule as planned, so they received only 100 points in- stead of 112 for G. A. A. credit. The G. A. A. owns its own equipment which it bought two and a half years ago. The tennis squad, which was under the direc- tion of Miss Steiner, consisted of seven girls last fall. They were Lois Harrell, Margaret Frampton, Eunice Giese, Jeanne Vtlolt, Clarine Leonard, Marian 1Venger, and Vera Levora. A tournament was started, but due to the inclem- encv ot' the weather they were able to reach only the semi-finals. La st spring the Edwards- ville girls won both ot their meets against 1Vood River. Those awarded letters for winning at least two out-of-town matches Were Lois Har- rell, Margarct Frampton, Jeanne VVolf, and Lo- rene Vfinter. Basketball was held twice a week under the supervision of Miss Lundberg. The girls were divided up into six teams and a "Round Robin" tournament was played. The standing of the teams and their captains at the close of the tournament were as follows: Red, captain, Lois Harrell, Yellow, Eunice Gieseg Orange, Char- lotte Kovarik, Green, Bernadine Probst, Blue, Myrle Donaldson, and Purple, Joy Robinette. Later on in the season class teams will be chosen, captains elected, and a class tournament played off. SIXTY-ONE .. 3:5-' ' I iv, J' f X ' , X 1 .1 qwbxx 5 Y x xi X-Qxx Q! -Sax C 022. CD50 U Z5 U' P' 'T'-waz rcdl n 1fS th the Q 1 H M W1 th 11 6-4 hen os 'iffrs.1.a1.'2ff-- TD er 'Ailffili' 95' 0 1 ' .-14.-:"' ,...'5ff2"it 0 WN S of ff F TIGER STAFF TIGER STAFF IG R STA Mr. Blodgetf .. Lloyd, Johnson, Hardbeck, Schlueter, Cunningham, Hamlin, Nlr. Gouza. Miss Wood, Troeckler, Dorr, Dressel, Overstreet, Frampton, Huggins. Miss Dayton. To edit a year book is no easy job. Each year, however, the staff with its sponsors publishes il good Tiger for you. The staff is made up of twelve members. They are all Seniors who were elected to their oliciees hy the stuclent body. The election is helml in the spring so that the first and basic plans can he begun eyen before school starts again. Each niemher of the stalf has worked liarrl on his job for your annual. The stali' thanks you for your eo-operation. Here is your annual, anml we hope you like it! w SIXTY-FOUR ERIOUS AND FRIVOLUUS The Hi-Tri League is an organization planned and carried on bv high school girls. It was organized in answer to a definite need which was realized as the girls faced their own situations and as they appreciated their own op- ' portunities and responsibilities. Meetings are held on set dates. Each class meets separately as it can function much more effectively in smaller groups. The groups meet twice a month from October to April. . The councilis the general governing body and is composed of eight niein- bers, the four executive officers chosen from the Senior class and the four group presidents. . Discussions in the Freshman group emphasize the desirable traits of char- acter. Sophomore topics attempt to develop social attitudes and leadership. Junior groups deal with the art of gracious living. Seniors discuss the choos- ingofalife work. Miss Quernhcim sponsors the Senior and Junior groups and Miss Brown advises the Sophomore and Freshman groups. The main social function of the vi ' V ear is the "Kid Party." J Miss Quernheim, Overstreet, Overbeck, Soehlke, Miss Brown. Krumsiek, Harrell, Barneti, Rhoads, Frampton. I TRICUUNCIL HL TRICDUNG EXPLOSIVE The Science Club started in E. H. S. last year when a group of industrious students sponsored by Mr. Gouza met and drafted a constitution. There are about eighty such clubs throughout the State of Illinois and the members oi? these clubs set ui iro'ects which ertain to cheinistr f biologv ihvsics and 1 aw.: l . a physiography. Each vear in May the clubs ffo to some citv to wut their 'ro'ects on dis nay, v 1 C5 v r . These are judged and the Winners are given medals or cups. This is the hrst year that E. H. S. Science Club will go to the Junior Academy of Science to compete for the prize. The club has about forty members who meet every XVednesday at 1:00 o 'clock. The club puts on programs f01'tl1ObC1l9l:1t0fiiZS111Q1HbC1'S. On these programs are speakers who tell of some industry which pertains to science. . The purposes of the Science Club are to arouse general interest and ap- i preciation, to keep up With the progress of modern science, to study the appli- cation of science in industry and elsewhere, to promote high scholarship, to develo friendshi amonv' u ils and teachers to remote general intellectual D 7 ts development, to discover pupils ot unusual ability, and to have tun. Havelka, Metzger, Schaefer, Tietze, Williams, Thompson, Cunningham, Ackerman, Blase, Martindale. Vvinkle, Wascher, Mindrup, Koch, Dierkes, Marl. Veesaert, Vlalters, Cassens, Fischer. Mr. Gouza, Kane, Lee, Rahn, Marti, Losch, Marv. Veesaert, Nash, Stullken, West, Vogel, Meddows, Miss Sfoldt. Wilkison, Sperandio, Campbell, Dittes, Neuhaus, Howerton, Morrison, Prange, Broderick, Wolf, Schwager. science cw LICK 7 STICK EM Hear ye! Hear ye! The history of the High School Stamp Club. Though only four years old, We are now on the great road to success and climbing high- er and higher each year. Our membership boundaries are widening with the years and we hope they will continue to do so. The object of the club is to increase the students' interest in stamps. Be- sides the discussion of stamps and the different phases of stamp collecting, the club members have profited much by the many auctions held in the periods set aside for the club. Meetings are held every twenty minute period on Tuesday. The offi- cers are Penrose Martindale, presidentg Austin Rahn, vice presidentg and Stepanoyieh, secretary. Miss Davis is the club 's sponsor. 'EM AND Joe Buckley, Slaclky, Montgomery, Stahlhut, Buddhu, Martindale, W. Walters, Slemer, Marl. Veesaert, Miss Davis. Meddows, Suchy, Volz. Dierkes, Troeckler, Barry, Marti, Flahn, Brave, Marv. Veesaert, Stepanovich. Christman, Sperandio. Dilworth, W. Neutzling. Welch, Foehrkalb, Wilkison, Evans, Stermon, Cline, Stullken, G. Walters, Yates. Herman, D. Neutzling, Elik, Augsburger, Dippold, Krumsiek, Campbell, Menoni, Becker, Schmidt, Oettel. MPG LUB STA PCLUB Si Hamlin, Stephens, Jenkins, Truitt. Crocker, Cunningham, Mr. Gibson. Barnett, Watson, Giese, Dippoid, Joseph, Miller, Huggins, W est, Spitze. Yea Cheer, Yea Club-Yea, Yea, Cheer Club! There are clubs and clubs in our school, but the one which concerns the most students is the Cheer Club. The purposes ot the club are to interest the student body in athletic ac- tivities and to turnish organized cheering at the games. For the last few years, this group has been meeting in the gymnasium during the twenty-minute pe- riod on Thursday. At this meeting they have tried to interest the students in basketball games and football games and other athletic events. Any student may belong to the club. The officers are chosen by yote of the entire club. The list of officers in- cludes the president, Jack Cunningham, secretary, Eunice Giese, treasurer, Blair Vilatson and Monitors. The Cheer Club also has several important commit- tees. The most prominent is the Program Cornniittee. This group of students plans the programs for the year. The sponsor, who is always a member ot the faculty, is Mr. Gibson. i The programs ot' the club usually consist ot' yells by the cheer leaders and t club and speeches made by ditterent students and faculty members concerning games, school spirit, and so forth. Yes, the Cheer Club is a thriving organization. CHE ER CLUB GHEER GLU CHARACTER RS The Hi-Y is 2111 o1'gz111izz1tio11 i11 111e high schools for young 111e11 interested i11 the Young' 3101178 Christizui Arssocizitiou. The 11211110 sigiiihes High School "Y," Mr. Love, E1 11101I1b0l' of t11e fa1cu1ty, is the spo11sorz111d was recognized this year for his services with the highest award i11 the o1'g1111izatio11. Young' 111611 i11 the sehoo1 XV1S1l11lg' to become 111011113018 are required to attend four meei- ings, after w11ich they :ire e1igib1e for t11e secret 11lC111Cf10l1 when they promise "to create, 111z1i11tai11 111111 extend througliout the school 211111 co111111u11ity high stzuidzirds of C1l1'1St1Zll1 U112l1'E1CtP1'H 211111 to support the 0l'22'Hll1Z31101l,S p1z1tfor111, dy111a11ic and objective. I Induction privileges students to wear the Hi-Y pin, Z1 red tI'1211lg'1C border- ing a White cross ou El 1ie1dof b1ue, which is guarded with a Hue go1d chain at- tached to the letter "EW Meetings fl'01'I1 w11ich the boys gain inspiration are he1d on Monday every two weeks. The states are divided i11to councils under which the clubs are 111e111bersg our elub is i11 the SOuiQ11NVOStQ1'I1 111i11ois cou11ci1. Every year the e0u11ci1 ho1ds an Older Boys' Conference which the older mem- bers attend. Ill the SC1100111bI'8II'LY21I'0 books owned by the e1ub which the boys may and are encouraged to read. This YQHI' t11e Hi-Y 112111311 active iuemb ship of thirty-eig11t boys. 1 BUILDE OI'- Cummins, Metzger, Tietze, Nleyer, Watson, Hall, Lange, Crocker. Winkle, Losch, Dierkes, Stone, Stullken, Nash, Mindrup. Wolf, Mr. Love. Buckley, Hudson, Buddhu, Veesaert, Cunningham, Simpson, Martindale, West, Vogel, Baughman. HI-Y GLU Henderson. Loewen, Schaefer, Lingner, Knecht, Miss Brown, Klaustermeier, Schumacher, Stephens, Brown. Guller, Elik, Jellen, Bezdek, Lischka, Rothe, Fischer, Hess. Fitzpatrick, Augsburger, Howertcn, Troeckler, Stahlhut. Hentz, Schmidt, Piper. Fagg, Trares, Dunstedter. BALANCING BUDGETS The Commerce Club was organized in January under the sponsorship of Miss Brown. The tirst regular meeting was held in February at which time the officers were elected. The purpose of the club is to further the students' knowl- edge of the business problems in the world today. Membership is open to Juniors and Seniors enrolled in the eonnnercial course, or to those taking' at least one commercial subject. Meetings are held after school on the first Thursday of each month. At these meetings business problems are discussed by the members. The otfieers are lilizabeth Fischer, presidentg James Brown, vice presidentg Vernon Harclbeek, secretary-treasurer. CE CLUB COMMERCE CLUB COMMERCE CLU CLUB CLEE CLUB CLEE CLUB CLE l Dilworth, Nischwitz, G. Ostendorf, K. Stelz. riede, R. Weidner, Harrell, D. Joseph. Cummins. M. Eaton, Kriege, Hildenstein, Bast, Ranek, Bristow, Pletcher, Wolf, Overbeck, Miller, Baird, Rothe. Watswn. Krefci, Gerling, Jones, Schneider, Wenger, West. Kuethe, Schroeder, Opel, Dorr, Hubach. Wood, Stafford, E. Barnett, Fischer, Hender son, Giese. Cory, Crossman, Rowe- kamp. M. Ostendorf, Cullens, V. Joseph, Rhoads. Mis: Pergrem, Guller, Kovarik, G. Weidner, B. Stelzriede, Fink, Suffolk, Hunt, M. Bar- nett, Tuxhorn, Huggins, D. Eaion, Frey. WHERE MUSIC GCE ROUN Every day during the sixth period, the sweet nielodious Voices of the Glee Clubs ring over the building. Cn Monday and lVednesday the boys meet. The Girls' Crlee Club was divided into two parts, one group ineeting on Tuesday and Thursday and the other meeting on Friday. This year as usual the Girls, and Boys' Crlee Clubs coinbined to give an operetta. It was entitled "Up ln the Air," and was a great success. All boys in the Glce Club have a chance for the boys' sextette. This year we are also having a spring musical, given by both Glee Clubs. Etzkorn, Tietze, Sickbert, Svoboda. Dippold. Feldworih, Stahlhut, Haynes, Herrin Hall, Nash, Winters, Lamb, Fischer. Bardelmeier, Havelka, Crocker, Dierk-as, Meyer Stullken, Lange, Blume, Cassens. Miss Pergrem, Guller, Hamlin, Simpson, L Schlemer, Scheibal, Theuer, Sperandio, R. Kreuiter, Foehlkalb, W. Schlemer. ECL SHARPS AND FLATS '1'111- 13111111 111111s1s 11111 111g11 SQ1111111 111s11111e1's 111111 111 11111 s1fv1111 1'11111's 111111 it 11218 1111011 111'g'11111z1111 11218 sec111'1111 w11l11 1'1-1311g111t11111 111 st11te 211111 1111111111111 COlll1J01111Ol1. But 1ts 1-0111 11111111 1111s 111 its 111111v11111111 g'1'11W111 111 the k1111w11111g11 1111 11111s11', 11111 1111111'0c111t11111 11f11111s113, 111111 its service to 1111- s111111111 211111 c1111111111111t5'. T1111 13111111 111111111 1111t1111s111s111 to pep 11111111111gs 111 prep- 111'11111111 1111' 111' 1'11111111'11111111 of 11111112110 1fve11ts. lt gives 11111111' 111111 1191Q11t1!11S s111111111 spirit when it 11pp0111's 011 the 11101111111 110111. It givz s s1w111'a1 1f1111ce1"ts El year, 111111111g to 1110 01111111111 11t'1- of 11111 11:111111'111111ty. 11 t'u1'111s111-s music 1111' plays 111111 11t11111' 111'11g1'11111s which 111'1- g'1VCl1 2112 school. 11111111 1331111 111Q11111111's gf1'R1'11l2l10, 1111111y of 11111111 go 1111 with t111111' study of 11111s11', 111111111115 1t 21 p1'11fess1111'1 01' 21 1111111112 1'111"e1111y tW11111y 1111111111111's of 11111 M1u111c1p111 B111111 11111 f111'111:1' 11111111 1111111111111's. T1111 1:31111 is 1CC1 115' XV1111s V111'111:r. It meets for p1'113- tice t111'1111 1111111s 21 week. The students take lessons 111 groups 11111'111g' 1111-11 p111'11111s, 11su1111y 11111311 21 Week. T111- 13111111 is 2l11'CE111j' 1111111111011 to 0111111 the state 1:11111- 11et1t11111 this y11111' 211111 1121VC 1191-11 w111'11111g 011 the prograin for s11V111'111 1111111t11s. fContinued on page seventy-fourb Cboe Augsburger, Grace Krejci, Florence Bassoon Sickbert, Murl Soehlke, Lorene Piccolo Hunt, Marjorie Flute Weidner, Geneva. Wise, Betty E b Clarinet Weidner, Ruth E b Clarinet Baird, Virginia Begeman, Douglas Dippold, Milton Dotray, Loren Fahnestock, Hazel Fitzpatrick. Dorothy Henry, Charlotte Huggins, Jane Joseph, Vivian Lee, Virginia Lischka, Adele Merkle, Richmond Meyer, Delbert Probst, Bernadine D BAND BAND BAND BAND B Alto Bass Robinson, Thelma Seaton, Fay Sickbert, Vern Simons, Herbert Stuteville, Harold Thackston, Betty Volz, Evelyn VVard, Virginia Wayne, Mary E. Clarinet Bayer, Vera Stevens, Calvin Clarinet Fenstermann, Virginia Tuxhorn, Edward Alto Saxophone Tenor Gibson, Juanita Houba, Frank Schlueter, Al Zak, Anna Saxophone McNeilly, Rodney Wells, Norman Baritone Saxophone Schwager. Wilson Cornet Barnett, Edward Belshaw, Billy Bishop, Albert Diver, Margaret Ellsperman, Anita Etzkorn, Lamoine Handlon, Colin Hotuiz, Karl Klingel, Gerald Krejci, Marie Miller, Ruth Mottar, William French Horn Augsburger, Dorothy Caulk, Charles Engelmann, William Judd, Robert Lischman, Harold Welch, Jack Trombone Barnett, Marian Cummins, Dorothy Henderson, Dorothy Jones, Betty Martin, Paul Baritone Baker. Clark Cummins. George Etzkorn, Cleaon Harrison, John Robinson, Robert BEISS Greear, Donald Harrison, Elvinzr. Kniser. Dorothy Schimnek, Anton Schlemer, Walter Smith, Annabel Theuer, Howard Cello Bartels, Irma Sommerfeldt, Aloha String Bass Fischer, Elizabeth Fischer, Louis Hari? Cullens, Anita Percussion Clayton, Betty Jenkins, Roy Loewen, LaVona Nix, Gertrude Paul, Eddie Pierce, Franklin Spanholtz, Bernadine Watson, Blair BAND BAND BAND BAND BAND ANI "MUSIC HATH CHARM " fContinued from page seventy-twob The B2111d u11ii'o1'111 is 21 black 211111 o1'2111g11 cape 211111 c21p XVOI'll over white. Much ti1111- is spout 011 Il'lil1'Ci1illg' fo1'11121tio11s 211111 the B21111l 11121k11s 2111 illllJl'OSHiVC 2l1Jp02ll'ElllCO Oll the 'field lcd bythe d1'11111 lI12lj0I'S, the fi21gs, 211111 1-scort 211111 the lllilllj' lll0llliJOl'S 0xoc11ti11g' the i11t1'ic21tQ 11121111-111'Q1's which co111pli111c11t the visiting tc21111s 211111 111121111111 our own. B2111ds 21111 2111 ll!llJ0l't2ll1i 2lSS4't to El school 2111cl 1111 orcst lllilllj' studoiits 111 2111 0xt1'21-cu1'1'ic11l211' o1' c111"1'ic'11l211' activity who 21111 11ot p211'ticul211'ly iiitcrcstnfd ill athletics or club lllQl11iJOl'S1llp. But ill h2111d it is 21s true ZIS ill any other phase of school work, the stucloiit lllllSt put i11 El good 1111211 of time ill p1'21c1iQi11g'. Bright 1111ifo1'111s 2111d polished i11sl1'11111e11ts 211'o not the b2111d 21lo11c-. 0111" baud deserves 21 lot of credit 211111 those who partake ill it 2l1'Q 1'CC9iVlllg Z1 t1'21111i11g' gratis which to il l211'ge 1111111- ber of students is 21 good thing, 21s otherwise they would be denied 'the privilege. Violin: Talick, Mary CI:1rine': Trombone Augsburger, Grace Talick, Mathilda. Dippold, Milton Engelke, Larman Bai-tels, Ruth Cello Dotray, Loren Martin, Paul Curia' ROSS Bartels, Irma - ,, Ureifeliusi Vlctof Schierbaum, Betty Bassoon Barlggxfrison John Eusperman' Anna' Sommerfeldt, Aloha Soehlke, Lorene ' Etzliorrgl Cleaon String Basset Bass un , eanor " W- - Leonard, Glavine Elnerhart, Mary Cornet I Greek" Donald Patton, Norma Fischer, Elizabeth Belshaw, Billy - Drums I Rohrkaste Faith Fischer, Louis Etzkorn, Lamome Spanholtz, Bernadine ' ' Spanholtz, LaVerne Sheldrop, Margaret Flute Simons, Mary Ellen Hunt, Marjorie Frer1Ch Harp Piano Sperandio, Henry Weidner, Geneva AUESDIIFZST. DOFOUIY Stelzriede, Keturah Welch, Jack TRA ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA URCHESTR SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTESTANTS OF 1936 High school soloists Who Won recognition in 1936 contests are Donald Greear tbassj, third in the district, Dorothy Augs- burger thornj, Grace Augsburger toboej, and Anna Zak tpi- anoj, second in the district, Betty Clayton txylophonej, Mar- jorie Hunt fpiccoloj, Murl Sickbert tbassoonl, and Betty Wise tfiutej, first in the district and third in the state, Franklin Pierce txylophonej, and Ruth W'eidner tlilb clarinetj, first in the district and second in the state, and Anita Ellspernian fcor- netj, and Cleaon Etzkorn Cbaritonej, first in the district, first in the state, and third in the national. The baritone quartette composed of Clark Baker, Robert Robinson, John Harrison, and George Cunnnins placed second in the district. Geneva VVeidncr ttiutej, Grace Augsburger toboej, Milton Dippold, and Douglas Begenian tclarinetj, Doro- thy Augsburger thorny, and Murl Sickbert tbassoonb were members of the Woodwind quintet which won first in the dis- trict and second in the state. The saxophone quartet composed of Douglas Begeman tfirst altob, Al Schleuter tsecond altoj, Rodney McNeilly t tenorj, and XVilson Schwager tbaritonej won first in the district and first in the state. Bill Mottar tfirst cor- netl, Colin Handlon tsecond cornetj, Anita Ellsperman thornj, Marian Barnett ttrombonej, Cleaon Etzkorn tbaritonej, and Dorothy Kniser tbassj were in the brass sextet which Won first in the district, first in the state, and second in the national. Grade school soloists Who are now in high school are Der- mot Feryanitz ttrornbonel, Elvina Harrison, tbassj, and Rae Theuer tcornetj Won second in the district, andLarnoine Etz- korn tcornetj, Virginia Lee felarinetj, and Geneva VVeidner tflutej won first in the district and second in the state. Members ot' grade school ensembles were Vifillis Augsburg- er, Bob Colbert, and Donald Schneider QB b clarinet quartette, second in the districtjg Virginia Fensterinann tclariniet quar- tette, second in the districtbg Lorene Soehlke twoodwind quin- tet, second in the districtj 5 and Lanioine Etzkorn and Rae Theu- er tbrass quartette, first in the district and second in the statej. D BAND BAND BAND BAND BAND 4 S V I'OfI 9 4 hee ji: ,.. n s Petxte - clappi would .I 7 ,ff ' i1.4 s etc f ut Q1 A ,uf MELODY A D MIRTH "Count ten-pull H10,I'l1lg,,-tl'llSwSCl11g' recalls the exciting eliniax ot the 0Jeretta "U in the Air." The story concerns basetul Harold Post Jlaved 7 . 7 l . by David Simpson, and his attenipt to win Betty Burbank, Marian Barnett, by performing some daring feat to please her father, George Burbank, played by Richard Nash, who will not tolerate a weak, spineless young inan tor his daugh- ter, .lane Huggins, as M rs. Burbank, is powerless to dissuade her husband. .lohn llavelka, as Henry Kleflulloin, a friend ot' Burbank's, proposed to stage a spectacular tlying stunt by a young aviator, .lee Bennett, played by Delbert Meyer, and he offers a prize to any aniateur who will inake a parachute jump. Earl Herrin, who takes tl1e part of Harold's busybody friend, Jini Far- ter, regards this as a perfect opportunity for his friend to niake good and to gain the reputation for bravery, while not actually going up at all. .Inn devises various alibis and one by one they tail, ineanwhile getting llarold niore and more deeply involved. Finally he is forced to go through with it and by a coniic fluke he gains the reputation of a dare-devil. By this tiine he has gained the approval ot' Mr. Burbank, leaving no obstacle in the way ot his winning Betty. Other characters were Dorothy Curnrnins as Shirley Kingston, Virginia Baird as Mrs. Mcflulloin and Edwin Haynes who played the part ot' Juniper Johnson, a colored man. Annie and Jannie, twin daughters of the Mcthil- loni's, were played by Clarine Leonard and Patty Giese. The operetta was presented by the Glee Clubs and directed by Miss Edna Pergrein. PERETTA PERETTA OPERETTA UPERETT FOOTLIGHTS AND POTLIGHT P111'e111s C2111 be such 21 problem, ileeiclefl .limlesey 111 the 111100-2,101 o:1111v41y. whieh was produeeil by the Juniors, Noye111be1'4, 1lllf1Ql' the c1i1'eetio11 of Miss 14111113 LJ0l'g'I'0l1'1. The title role was played by Roy .le11ki11s, Elllll fhllllil Cul- 10118 H1111 AAvHli10l11211' 11111111 were the 11111011-1111rrassefl Dlfitllfll' 211161 f?1lllCl'. 131111111 Deverez111, 1111 ?1Cll'l3SS, 11211'gH1'Ut Dilworth, was the cause oi' the anxiety of Mr. El11i1A1l'S..lOllOS. 3lElllC1'S 139031110 even worse, when it was 1,lisooye1'ec1 after the .lmieses had clone z1ll they could To get 151211121 outo1"tl1ei1'so11'slife, that she was the niece of Stanley Jackson, Elvin Heiilce, with XVll0111 Mr. Jones was eager to estzihlisli business oo1111ee1io11s. Vera 'Bayer played the part of .lone- sey's sister, z111c1 Dorotliy Cu111111i11s was Klildrecl Ellis, who had been eiigagecl to Jouesey before 111311121 came along, but who easily recoiiciled her loss with Billy Morgzui, Edward Bariiett, who suddeiily 11eo211'11e Very z1ttrz1c1ive XVllQll it was cliseoyererl lie was the heir to 21 large f01'tll1'1G. The other roles were Mr. Silverberg, who bought the Jo11es's z1u'1o111obile from .loiiesey without 1he kilowleclge of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, George Solineiderg the poliee111z111,wl1o oo11- cluctecl Mr. Jones to jail with Nr. Silverloiirg, 112111163 lXli11c1rup, Katie, the iriaial, Phyllis Hubzxelig 211111 the two plumbers, who stopped the leaking of the hot waler faucet by fixing it so i1 would not r1111 at all, Joyce Bill'l1OlH1C?lL1I' 211111 Jz1111es Dim old. '-7 A , ,f J , ,V 1- ' fpfi H! 'll JUNIUR PLAY JUNIDR PLAY UNIDR PLA ITIES BEHIND THE FUDTLIGHTS "Big-Hearted Herbert," a three-act comedy, was presented by tl1e SCIIIOI' Class May I3 under the direction of Miss Elsie Sloan. Big-hearted Herbert Kalness is a self-made 1112111 who has rise11 from l1un1- ble beginnings. His success and belief in himself have turned him i11to a grou- chy and dictatorial PSYSOII. He has no idea as to how to raise his three cl1il- CIYGII, Junior, Robert, EIIIKI Alice, and he treats them as babies, GVCII though they are past their childhood days. Also he always imagines he lives a very plain life, even though his wife, Elizabeth, has quite successfully modernized a11d decorated their hon1e. The day arrives XVIIOII their daughter Alice becomes engaged to Andrew Goodrich, a11d at a dinner to celebrate the event Herbert goes o11 one of his ter- rible tantrums. On the next day Herbert brings one of his best customers over to dinner. His wiI"e IVHIIIS to show him what it would be to live as simply as he thinks he does, so she serves them a very plain dinner in a room decorated very plainly. Finally, Herbert realizes that his IIIRIIIIGI' of living is IIOI so humble, and that his life will be happier if he is more of a father and less of a tyrant. THE SOCIAL WHIRL GIRLS' KID PARTY The Hi-Tri sponsored the annual girls, kid party, held IVednesday, Feb- the gym. All girls dressed EIIICI acted quite kiddish. Songs were group. Joe l1add's orchestra furnished the music for CIHIICIIIQ. pop, a11d CHIIKIY we1'e enjoyed by all present. ruary IO, i11 su11g by the Jello, cakes, J UNI! DR-SEX IUR PARTY The Juniors a11d Se11iors held a party Friday, March IO. A program co11- sisting of the singing of popular songs started tl1e evening's GIIIQITZIIIIIIIOIIT. Danc- i11g followed, music furnished by Babe Scl1wa1-tzkopi' and his orchestra. Cakes, ice-cream and pop were served i11 tl1e latter part of the evening. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE PARTY The Idreshies were officially initiated into tl1e social lite ot' Fl. H. S. at tl1e Freshman-Sophomore party, held i11 tl1e gym March 31. Ping-pong Zlllfl danc- ing provided QIITQIJEZIIIIIIIOIIT for the evening. The soda EIIICI hamburgers "hit tl1e right spot," and NVIICII "Home, Sweet Hemel' was played, everyone SGQIIICKI reluctant to leave. They even tell us the boys forgot to stand OII one side and the girls o11 tl1e opposite-we wonder!!- ACTIVITIES AGTIIIITIES ACTIIIITIE HALLDWEEN HALLUWEEN HALLUWEEN H LLO EE P RTY A wide assortment of weird-looking creatures, including ghosts. goblins, witches, clowns, and many others, held a social gathering in the attractively decorated gyni, Saturday, October 31, in celebration of HaHowe'en. The party began with the grand inarch, during: which the prize winners were selected. Dancing furnished the principal entertainment though ganies were pro- vided for those not dancing. Later in the evening refreslimeins appropriate to the occasion were served. 2 i S i Probst Gibson Foehrkalb Cheek Baughman Dippold Krumsiek Ward Simons Jenkins Thatcher Steiner Levura Hyten Young Troeckler EIGHTY-ONE u UK LO0K LO0K LO0K LO0K LO0K EIGHTY-TWO Stum ped "Studenis" The Some Fun Jones Girls Star-gazers Capt. Miller and Fitzpatrick in Venice Pears Mr. Krumsiek in Africa Triplets Mandy Lou TCTIIIITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIII LEISURE MOMENTS The assembly programs are the bright spots of the school year. Every week we go to the gym for about fifteen minutes of enjoyment planned for us by the program committee of the Cheer Club or by Mr. Gibson. A lot of credit is due them for giving us such worthwhile entertainments. Ccca- sionally we have lectures on holidays by some resident of the city. YVe always especially enjoy lectures when they are given along with moving pictures. llle get so much more from these discussions when we see the subject illustrated. Several times we have had moving pictures from the Bell Telephone Com- pany. We also have lyceum programs which are popular with the students. These are performances put on by people who are skilled in various arts of music, dancing, and magic. . The student body always enjoys outside talent and we often have former students of the High School come back to give us musical selections or speeches. During the football and basketball season we have a lot of enthusiasm which certainly puts over a pep meeting and especially when a member of the faculty joins in and is our leader. Then, if we are in a singing mood, we can count on Miss Pergrem to lead the assembly in singing our school songs and occasionally popular songs. The student body responds to these assemblies by a better attitude toward their studies. They take us from the regular grind of classes and when we come back we feel like working once again. LIVE AND LEARN The Latin Club was organized with Miss Gewe as sponsor in December, 1936, with the following officers: Consul, Frances Dresselg Praetor, Lois Harrell, Seriba, Jeanne XVolfg Quaestor, Junior Buckley. The Consul and Praetor are ex-officio members of the advisory committee which consists of Annette Krumsiek, Harold Lee, Clarine Leonard, and David Yates. This committee plans the programs and acts upon matters which cannot be decided by the club as a whole. Any student taking Latin is eligible for membership and there are about thirty active members. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in Latin, to learn more about the interesting myths and legends, and to further the study of Roman civilization, noting especially the relationship between it and our modern civilization. NBS!!! Click! Click! Click! What is the noise that comes from Room 103 every Tuesday after school? It is the new Knitting Club. The sponsors of this club are Misses Dayton and Tendick. There are about thirty members, some worse than others. The more advanced knitters are making sweaters while the beginners are struggling over pocketbooks. If knitting is in your line, drop in! EIGHTY-THREE IIZE 0llR ADVERTISERS PATRDNIZE 0lIR ADVERTISERS The Editors of the Tiger Wish to thank the many merchants and professional and business men for their splendid cooperation in help- ing publish this, our year hook, so that the progress of Edwardsville High School may be recorded. PATRUNIZE UUR ADVERTISERS PATRDNIZE UUR ADVEH I DEX T0 AD ERTISERS A. R1 B. Feed Store .,.. Auerbach's Style Shop .. Ballweg Pharmacy . Bank of Edwardsville Barnsback, Dr. R. Beauty Mart ....... B1ume's Women's Apparel Bothrnan 8: Sons Bohm, Alvin ,...,. Buckley Sz Buckley .,.,..... Buhrmester Paint 8z Paper Co.. . . Burroughs, Gordon Burroughs, Dr. E. L. .,.. Brockmeier, Dr. C. Busker Hardware .. Butler Chevrolet Cassens Tin Shop ., Cassens 8: Sons Callahan, James T. Cathcart's Cafe Central Shoe Repair Clayton Cleaners ..... Delicate, Dr. Wm. E. .. Desmond Mfg. Co. . Dippold Bros. ..., . Dixcel Oil .......,. Dornacher. George . .. Eaton, H. B. ...,... . Eberhart Bros, ....,,. Eberhart Sz Dustman .... Eden Bowling Alleys ..,.... Edwardsville Lumber Co. . .. , Edwardsville Building 8: Loan . Edwardsville Feed Store ..,., Edwardsville Consumers ..... Edwardsville NVater Co. .... . Edwardsville National Bank Edwardsville Creamery ...... Edwardsville Bottling Works . Edwardsville Cleaners ......... Edwardsville Hotel ........,. Edwardsville Ice Co. . Eeck, John F. ..... . Estabrook, W. L. . Excelsior Laundry . . Fahrig's Coffee Shop .... Ferguson Smoke Shop .... Ferguson Beauty Parlor .. Ferguson, Dr. E. C. Figge Service Station .. Fink, Dr. L. .. Fink Electrical . .. ., Fitzgerald, Peter .,... Foehrkalb Bros. . .,.. .. Gabrieleen Beauty Shop .. Geers Corner Store ...,. Geers, Lester .....,... Gem Hamburger Shop Gordon's Garage . . . . . Hardbeck, John ......,... Hardbeck's Grocery ..,. , . . . Hartung Bros. Barber Shop. .. Harwood Garage ..,......, Henry, Simon .. Herff-Jones ....... Hirsch, Dr. J. A. ., Hiles, Perry .... Hodges, Ben Home Nursery .... I-Iotz Lumber Co Hurst Pontiac .... Idlewood ................ Illinois Lumber Co .. Indianapolis Engraving Co. .. Keenan, Dr. O. R. .....,. . Kellermann, Simon, Jr. .. Kellerman, Simon, III .,... Klem's Women's Apparel .. King Bee Candy Kitchen .... P age 119 110 123 100 86 94 112 122 95 94 88 88 88 119 95 100 94 105 110 101 86 99 94 90 86 112 95 102 98 98 112 96 119 86 86 95 124 104 108 114 119 102 86 88 114 88 95 114 8 3 112 S8 101 110 118 98 90 96 114 107 114 92 98 86 98 109 94 98 96 123 90 116 114 92 125 88 90 114 123 86 P Klueter's Grocery . .. - - Knauel, Dr. R. - Ladd, Joe .,....., -- Lamkin's Market .......... - Leclaire Store . . , ...,. ....., . . Litchfield 8a Madison R. R. . .. Lore Beauty Shop ............ .. Mack, S Madison County Abstract Office .......... .. Madison County Mutual Auto Insurance, .. . . . Madison County Oil .. Madison Store ........ Marks Funeral Home . Meyers, E. C. ....... . Milton Oil .......... Mindrup's Garage .... Modern Beauty Shop . Mottar's Drug Co. Mudge, Judge D. H. . Nash, Dr. M. D. ...... . Nash Bros., Cleaners .. ol ....... ...... . .. ..... ....... . . Nelson, N. O, ........ . Neudecker Barber Shop Nolls Bakery ......... Oliver, Dr. A. H. Overbeck Bros. Palace Store .,..... Peerless Cleaners . . . Penny Company ...... Raffaelle 81 Ferguson .. Reed, J. L. ........ . Rhodes-Burford ....... Richa.rd's Brick .,..,.. Rosenthal Insurance Co. Runge 8: Ziegler ....... Schmidt Tin Shop ..... Schulte a Ah'lert Jeweifym ' Schwarz, J. L. ............ . Schwartz Furniture Co. . .. . . Schwartz, Leonard ...... Schroeder, Dr. W. H. . Scott, J. M. and L .... Shepard, Dr. E. E. .. Schumacher, John ...., Shupack's Boot Shop Silverhloom Company . Sinclair Service Station Simpson, J. L. ........ , Smith, Wm. M. P. . Solter Sz Krlege Sound Service .............. Springer 8: Springer .. .... .. St. Boniface Bowling Alleys standard Oil ............... ' A Standard, B, C. Adams .. Straube Funeral Home Strebler Studios ......... Tietze, Dr. H. C. .....,.... , Three Flower lce Cream Co. .. Three4Mile House .......... Terry, Gueltig 8z Powell Texaco Service Station .. Tri-City Grocery ...,.... Tunnell, Ferdinand Vanzo ..........., Wahl, Dr. E. F. .. Wayne Grocery ....,............. Wayne, M, F. ....... .............. . . Warnock, NVilliamson 8: Burroughs ..,. ,. Weber Funeral Home .....,..... Wells Tire Sales ..,.......... West End Service Station .. Wehrle, John .....,..... Wharff, Dr. H. E ....... Willis Jewelry ..., Wildey Theater ...... Woodlawn Gardens .. 'Woolworth, F. W. .... . U. S. Radiator Corp,... EIGHTY-FIVE age 8 . 95 114 94 94 110 123 101 94 111 118 98 108 123 112 94 114 116 99 94 112 106 102 118 112 122 103 92 92 117 88 121 121 97 94 9? 101 94 101 115 98 88 98 102 98 106 102 88 102 98 114 114 93 106 112 120 113 102 102 118 112 123 96 102 114 102 88 112 112 117 121 112 86 98 86 107 102 88 86 I'RDNIZE DUR ADVERTISERS PATRDNIZE DIIR ADVERTISE Dippold Bros. Wholesale and Retail Crain Compliments ot John F. Eeck ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Edwardsville Banlc Building PHONE 166 Compliments ot John Wehrle Service Station and Tavern Edwardsville, Ill. Phone IIZO Troy Road Compliments ot Central Shoe Repair Charlie's Place Compliments ot King Bee Candy Kitchen GEORGE COUKOULIS The place to buy your ice cream and candy Compliments ot Klueteris Grocery We Give Eagle Stamps, Your Extra Saving Phone 374 Compliments of United States Radiator Corp. Compliments ot Edwardsville Consumers Ice - Coal - Coke Phone 470 235 Crane St. Compliments ot Dr. Ferguson Bank ot Edwardsville Compliments ot Harwood Auto Parts Co. 300 W. Vandalia Phone 345 Compliments ot Edwardsville Feed and Seed Store Phone 284-R Compliments ot DF. B8.I'I1SlDHCk Jetterson Building City EIGHTY SIX CALENDAR ALENDAR CALENDAR CALEN 1 2 9 10 11 14. 17. 18 23 25 1. 2 7 8 9. 10. 13. 14 15. 21. 22. 23. 24. 27. 30. 31. TIME MARCHES ON! SEPTEMBER- Freshies get their first taste of high school! Girls' athletics being organized. First Tiger Staff meeting. Jack is our editor. G. A. A. Farewell supper for Miss Weigel. U September 1 Mighty Seniors seen flashing their rings. Operetta cast selected. Cheer Club organized under Mr. Gibson. Too bad! Tigers came home from Urbana with the short end of a 26-0 score! Charlie broke his collarbone in football practice. Beaumont 54W-Tigers 0--and was that hard to take! September 17 OCTOBER- Jack elected president of Cheer Club. Mattoon 28-Us 6. It's getting to be a habit! Junior Play tryouts. We were UP IN THE AIR with the glee clubs tonight. Hillsboro 26fUs 6Y'nough said! Worse luck . . . we must be vaccinated or ELSE! Free cokes! Oh, Boy! October 8 We did hope the teachers would take the 21-day suspensiong instead they're all getting vaccinated. Just our luck! Fire drill. Amelia Earhart lectures in gym this evening. N0 school! Teachers' meeting. No school today, either. G. A. A. holds the E. H. S. Olympics. Gillespie O--Tigers 31. HURRAH! Tigers defeat Benld. Hallowe'en party. EIGHTY-SEVEN ERTISE ET PAYS T0 ADVERTISE IT PAYS T0 ADVERTIS Compliments ot F. W. Woolworth Co. Corner oi lviain and Hillsboro Compliments oi i J. l... Simpson Attorney-at-Law Compliments ot Bulurmester Paint and Paper Co. Wallpaper, Paints and Supplies 224 North Main Edwardsville Compliments ot Dr. M. Scott Dr. LHWYCHCC Scott oPToMETR1sTs I3O North Main Street Ill Nortli Compliments oi Wayne Grocery Groceries and Meats Main Street Phone 39 Compliments oi Dr. l... M. Fink Dentist Compliments ot Gordon Burroughs Attorney-at-Law Compliments ot J. L. Reed Attorney-at-Law Phone 32 Dr. Q. R. Keenan Banlc ot Edwardsville Building Suite 408-409 Compliments ot Fahrigfs Coffee Shoppe Coffee and Teas Hillsboro Ave. Plione I36 Compliments ot Dr. E. L. Burroughs Dentist Compliments ot V W. L. Estalorook 3l2 Banlc ot Edwardsville Building EIGHTY IGHT CALENDAR CALENDAR CALENDAR CALEN TIME MARCHES UN! N OVEMBER- 4. Junior Play goes off with a bang! 5. No school this afternoon. Teachers go to Champaign. 6. And . . no school today. 10. NEWS FLASH "Mr. Kinsel has snakey hips!" 11. Armistice Day. Kahoks 19-Tigers 13. 13. And how those teachers sing! 17. Six weeks tests . . . woe is me! 20, Mr. Gouza interviews the football team. Beat Madison! 25. Rev. POP Stephens delivered Granite's funeral sermon be assembly. He had us in tears-of laughter. 26. Turkey Day. Hapy Warriors down the Tigers 6-0. 27. No school today. DECEMBER- 1. Junior Class sponsors H1000 Miles in Mexico." 2. Report cards go out today! Gosh!!! 4. Scott and Wakefield magic. 10. Cheer Leaders elected. RAH! RAH! 11. Tigers 20-Litchfield 14. SWELL. 23, No more school until next year! 29. E. H. S. rejoins conference. 30. Alumni beat us. EIGHTY-NINE fore the November 17 November 26 December 1 December 4 RTISE IT PAYS T0 ADVERTISE IT PAYS T0 ADIIERTISI 3539235233235 T T I-Iotz Lumber Company i 539138235352 i Everything Compliments of to Build Anything Simon Kellermann, Jr. ass as M asf asf Circuit Clerk Bi K K K K EE H We 35 EZ Compliments of C PIMSIWS OI Geers' Corner Store M' Desmond Mfg' CO' Plumbing and Heating South Buchanan Phone II43 Materials and Service assaesaszmasf Hzafzarzzsz ' CALENDAR CALENDAR CALENDAR CALEN TIME MARCHES ON! J ANUARY- 4. School begins with a sigh. You mean a bell. 7. Rain, rain, rain. "This page is all wet!" 8. Tigers journey to Mt. Pulaski. 11. Watch out! The ice is slippery! 21. Semester exams. 22. If I had only studied harder-- 25. No school! 29. Tiger matmen bow to Alton! FEBRUARY- 1. VVeird noises, hysterical laughs, no alarm, it's just "Sug" demon- strating Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" to the public speaking class. 2. Greenville College quartet entertain assembly. 3 Curly's having a quiet history lesson in the office-a class all his own. 9 The Hot Toddy Twins KB. J. and J. H. to you? sang their own concoction of the students' ideas of the teachers, to the tune of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"--no connection really! 10. Girls' Kid Party. 12 Tommy had a little car, which he thought was stolen, but he found it in the lot, where it had been roamin'! 20. Tigers defeated by Collinsville. 22. No heat-no school. Reason--broken steam pipe. 27. "The 'statistics' make it hard to hear a speaker in the gym!" says Jean Dorr. NINETY-ONE 'I January 11 January 29 February 9 February 10 I'ROIIIZE OUR ADVERTISERS PATRUIIIZE OUR ADVERTISER Edwardsville Compliments ot High School 3 I-IHYCIIDCCIC S tor Better Education aes za za ass sz Illinois Lumber Co., Inc. tor Better Material 5 eggiflle We want to serve you 35 5 X K K We call tor and deliver Grocery and Meat Market ZSEBSSMKK Quality Meats, Groceries. Veqetabl and Home Dressed Poultry K K 'Sf 35 K Phones IZO I2I We To the Graduates ot I937 give hearty Congratulations Sincerely wish them every Success in the Future y ass sf fa za za I' l l IO St. Louis Phone 27 IO7 North Main Street l GU NINETY TWO LASS WILL GLASS WILL GLASS WILL CLAS "wif" W ' ' CLASS WILL CContinued from page 31? I, Norman Wells, leave my name "Pot" to Earl Leitner. I, Emmitt Winkle, leave my paper route to my brother. I, Bennie Wohlert, leave my mustache to J. J. Love. I, George VVolf, leave my insurance policy to the Madison County Mutual Auto Ins. Co. I, Dorothy Woltering, leave for the country. I Ray Young, leave Gin Baird and Wilbur Davis still talking in the hall. 1 I, Anna Zak, leave for Czechoslovakia. I, Elmer Zirges, leave for larger cities. I, Elizabeth Fischer, leave my plans for better Fisher Bodies to Leola K. All of these priceless possessions are given over only on the condition that they are used wisely and well. VVe, the undersigned, do hereby affix our hand and seal this day to this document. IVitwesscs: MAE 'VVEST lLI1CKlfZY Mousn Pormw: RIALB NUSTAVV 34 Bi M 352 35 Edwardsvilles Finesi Bowling Parlor St. Boniface Bowling Alleys 130 North Buchanan Street Fun for Young and Old Free Instructions at All Times NINETY-THREE ISE III THE TIGER IT PAYS T0 ADVERTISE III THE TIGEI I..amkin's Market Best Meats at Best Prices 333 North Main St. Phones 595-596 We Deliver L. H. BUCKLEY D. BUCKLEY Compliments ot Buckley 81 Buckley Attorneys at Law Madison County Abstract and Title Co. GERKE'S OFFICE Compliments ot Beauty lVIart Abstract ot Title Title Insurance Certificates ot Title Compliments ot Dr. W. E. Delicate 206 N. Main St. Edwardsvil Leclaire Store Nothing But the Best Charles Mulach, Prop. We Deliver I l3- Phones -I I4 Compliments ot Runge Bc Ziegler Shoe Store Main Street le, Ill. Giese Bldg. Phone Dr. A. Hirsch Bank ot Edwardsville Building 8to1Ga.m.,1to2p.m.,7to8p.m. Phones: Office 174 ---- Residence 317 J. I... Schwarz Groceries and Meats Fruits and Vegetables a Specialty Phone Main 9l 23l N. Main Compliments ot CEISSCHS Sheet Metal and Warm Air Heating Air Condition Your Home tor Health Compliments ot Dr. lVI. D. Nash Dentist Compliments ot Mindrupis Automotive io4w.vanda1ia Service Phone Bralce Service, Willard Batteries Wheel and Axle Alignment Service NINETY FOUR CLASS PRUPHEGY GLASS PRUPHEGY GLA FLASHES OF THE FUTURE CContinued from page thirty-two? ported by a chorus composed of Frances Dressel, Thelma Dressel, Dorothy Eaton, Evelyn Eberhart, Bernice Eihausen, Olga Elik, and Vera Meikamp. Lillianne Dittes, Helen Nicolussi, Virginia Prange, Esther Reid, Dorothy Schaef- er, Una Lingner, Viola Suhre, and Katherine Trares are cigarette girls. Robert Schaefer and Norma Schroeder are happily married and have charge of the new Schroeder Butcher Shop in Edwardsville. We are told that Wilfred Sehirmer supplies the rabbit meat for their sausages. David Simpson has just signed a contract with the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He is accompan- ied on the piano by Betty Guller and the symphony orchestra under the direc- tion ot' Cleaon Etzkorn. Leading members of the orchestra are Donald Greear, Larman Engelke, Harold Schumacher, Wilson Schwager, Ruth Miller, and La- Vona Loewen. f Eileen Ferguson and Mary Giardina are the only girls of the Class of 1937 who are lucky enough to have a chauffeur drive them to all these new night clubs owned and operated by their fellow classmates. Libby Mack, who graduated in the Class of '36, is being pushed for honors in the junk business by Julia Francesconi. Julia says that in another year fContinued on page ninety-seven? Hardware and Sporting Goods Compliments ot Ranges and Washers Paints and Varnishes F er uson Smoke Sho J. W. Busker l-ldw. g P 2I9 N. Main Edwardsville, Ill. IO8 St. Louis St. Compliments ot Compliments ot Alvin C. Bohm George Dornacher Attorney-at-Law Fancy Groceries Bohm Building We Deliver Phone 643 Compliments ot Compliments ot . Dr. R. l. Knauel Edwardsville Water Co. , Chiropractor A. P. Harris, Supt. IZZA North Main Street For Good Health NINETY FIVE SE IT PAYS T0 ADVERTISE IT PAYS T0 ADVERTISE I t -AI t W if L- l - -gr:-H. 1 1 " gg 'ir " K I U3 I ii i' 56 5 :' 'T -I 'V - A I Y, 5 Spend tor the Home FIFSI Compliments ot Lester Geers as za sz as zsf , States Attorney E Assistants dwardsvl e Leslie G. George, Bernard J. O'NeIl Austin Lewxs Secretary Irene S. Mueru Compliments ot Trifcity Gro. Co. W H K H BSE The Store That Saves You Money Q Compliments ot M Q 5 H X5 Ben Hodges Two Stores In Edwardsvrlle County Recorder NINETY SIX R. H. Rosenthal Edwardsville . the home of l K K E M K Compliments of lnsurance and Realtor Schmidt Tin Shop Let Rosenthal serve you with all your Insurance problems 229 North Main St. Salary Savings Plans for young people Try our confidential Servfce Edwardsville' ll7a N. lVlain St. Palace Store Bldg. N M M K N Edwardsville, Ill. Phone I63 or 525 FLASHES GF THE FUTURE tContinued from page Ninety-five? she will be on even terms with Libby and then"'watch the junk fly." Dorothy Fitzpatrick is cashier of the- Wildey' Theater,where Clark is the new manager. It is said that Jean Fox still buys her groceries at the Tom Boy Store. VVe believe that her better half, Kermit, will sooner or later own the place. Tommy Hamlin and Frank Godfrey have been convicted of grand larceny for having dismantled the furnace in the Radiator concern. It is said that people think just as much of John Havelka as his classmates did in 1937. Betty Frampton did a pretty good job as assistant editor of the Tiger in 1937, but it seems that Broderick and Crocker, co-editors of "The Daily Gos- sip," won't give her a job. Maybe she's too good for them? Bernadine Hess, Jane Huggins, Elizabeth Fischer, and Betty Jones compose an orchestra which may be heard over Station VVTMV at 4:30 every Sunday morning. VVill you be listening? Gertrude Knecht, with her husband, has charge of the new Dairy Farm east of Edwardsville. Agnes Rotter and Ruth tBeebej Mitchell can 't decide which one will marry either Vernon Munzert or Robert Judd. John Spevok and Howard Theuer are engaged as animal trainers in the St. Louis Zoo. They take care of the monkeys. Robert Truitt is employed by the Shell Petroleum Company as chief petroleum engineer. Norman Wells, A tContinued on Page Ninety-nine? GLASS PRUPHEGY CLASS PRUPHEGY CLAS Compliments ot Madison Store Purcell Street Edwardsville, lll. Compliments ot Eherhart Bros. Grocery IO9 North Second Street Compliments ot Perry H. Hiles Attorney at Law Edwardsville National Banlc Building Compliments ot Hartung Bros. Barber Shop l28lf2 North Main Compliments ot Dr. H. E. Wharff Palace Store Building Phone 939 Compliments ot Shupackis North Main Street Compliments of Eloerhart B: Dustrnan Groceries and Meats Vegetables IO6 North Main Street Phone 390 Gahrieleen Beauty Shop Mrs. Hazel Johnson, Prop. Gerber Building Phone 607 Compliments ot H. Simon Henry Sheriff Madison County Compliments ot Solter gl Kriege Hardware IIO North Main Phone 583 Compliments ot Dr. W. H. Schroeder Dentist Phone Main 545 Compliments ot Dr. E. E. Shepard Dentist Banlq ot Edwardsville Building FINESS MID PRUFESSIUNAL BUSINESS AND PRDFESSIO Clayton M Q if Q Q Cleaning and Laundry Service D.l'l.lVludge sages We Give Eagle Stamps Circuit Judge We Call for and Deliver ifiiiiktii-5352 352352353155 Ill E. Vandalia Phone lO7O FLASHES 0F THE FUTURE tContinued from page Ninety-nine? the millionaire playboy, is being sued for breach of promise by both Anna Zak and Anna Simons. He must have got his Annas mixed! Louis Morgan, who is mayor of VVorden, and Lucy Marie Bernthal, also a life-long resident, have announced their marriage which took place Way back in February, 1937. William CBanj Johnson has just replaced Boake Carter, and may be heard over KMCX at 6 :45 p. in. Fred Faust has taken over his father's job of Street Commissioner. Karl Hotuiz and VVilliam Hotz are now running "Ye Old Newspaper Standf, Bob Kubicek, Joe Jaros, and Al Schlueter have incorporated a dating bureau and some of their regular customers are VValter Franke and Velma Pleteher, Frank Houba and Bessie Slaby, Nicholas Honchak and Grace Porter, Alvin Hommert and Fay Seaton, and Orville Hinnen and Edna Godfrey. Hubert Henderson is new president of the Bank of Edwardsville. The bank also employs Garnett Lamb and Gilbert Lloyd as cashiers. Vernon Linder has just signed a contract to play in the Ziegfeld Follies ot'1957 and has taken the place of Snozzle Du- rante. Udell Mason is now a leader of an orchestra and an outstanding composer of the past decade. He is also president of the Chamber of Commerce of Ed- tContinued on page One Hundred Seven? CLASS PRUPHEGY GLASS PRUPHECY CLASS Buy a New Chevrolet The only Complete Car-Priced so Low ,QW-I 7, 'aff WE gf!! Butler Chevrolet The l-lonor Roll Bank ,V ' X ,Q-1 33221. -22 hht, l h"'Q l 1-f I - EdWafdSVf"e- "'- Capwal ---- S I 5 0,000-00 Surplus ---- Sl 50,000.00 Established I868 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. JTLER CHEVRULET BANK 0F EDWARDSVILLE BUTLER G SENIOR SHADYSIDE CContinued from page Eighteen? tlieatrical technique. . . . Don 't tell ine Norman TVells has a Freslnnan iivterest- ed .... Betty Clayton is such a quiet young lady. lt's evident that her whole interest is centered on those after school hours with lil. T .... Puppy love reaches its peak in the Miller-Klingel roniance. Just watch theni. l might even say, just watch everybody if you crave scandal. XT0L1i1'Q apt to poke your nose into lots of things and also, you're apt to get your nose pinchedg so if you intend to dig up scandal you had better be well equipped with defensive devices. 362343535235 Compliments ot Compliments ot Sunn Service Stations - y Schwartz Furniture Co. Sol Mack, Proprietor South Buchanan St., at L. 84 M. Tracks III Main Phone 400 Cathcartis Cafe Tries in every way to serve the public. The best prepared quality food money and experience can produce. Give us a chance to prove our claim G. B. Cathcart 00D GASULINE FURNITURE F000 GASULINE FURI I C E. Edwardsville lce Co. Orville J. Ostendort Phone 40 Best Wishes Three Flowers lce Cream Shop Candy - Sodas - Ice Cream Wildey Building, Edwardsville, Ill. Compliments ot Ferdinand Tunnell Attorney-at-Law 142 N. Main S+. Compliments ot H. B. Eaton Attorney at Law Compliments ot Dr. H. C. Tietze Ottices in Edwardsville Banlc Buildfnj Compliments ot NCUdCCkCY BElI'lDCI' l35 North Main Street Compliments ot Dr. E.. F. Wahl National Bank Building Compliments ot Woodlawn Gardens J. l-l. Blixen I407 St. Louis Street Compliments ot Schulte Bl Ahlert jewelers and Watchmakers I33 N. Main Compliments ot Shaw's Service Station Sinclair Products Vandalia and Kansas St. Phone Il5O Compliments ot Wm. lVl. P. Smith Attorney at Law Compliments ot john Schumacher North End lvlobilgas Station Main and Union Edwardsville, III. RUNIZE 0UR ADVERTISERS PATRUNIZE UUR ADVERTISER Qur best Wishes to the success of the Class of 1937 and to the entire student body of E. H. S. Palace Store Co. Madison Countyis Dominant Store TIME MARCHES ON! iContinued from page ninety-one? LVIARCH- 6. T's win third place in tournament. S. Did you see Herbie's medal for Wrestling--,Not bad, eh, what? 10. Aha a poetess on the facultyfa bow, Miss Pergrem! March 15 15. Measurements for caps and gowns takenffWon't be long now, Seniors! 17. Report Cards go out. 19. Junior and Senior party a "howling" success! 29, Avoid Tiger Nerves! Buy a Tiger! 30. Frank G. made his iirst recitation in Sociology-so they say, we're still wondering. 31. Freshies hold their "coming out" party with Sophs. CContinued on page one hundred live? PALACE STORE C0. PALACE STCRE CC. PALACE ST l Edwardsville Creamery Co. Quality Dairy Products l Milk, Cream, Cheese, Butter and Evaporated Milk 223 W. Park St. For Prompt and Satisfactory Delivery Phone 365 Leo E. Fink Lindell Kniser Fink Electrical Supply SL Co. 107 Purcell Street Dealers of Everything Electrical General Electric Radios - Electric Stoves Electric Refrigeration - I-lousehold Appliances Mazda Lamps-Dry Gas-Roper Gas Stoves Electric Contracting LECTRIG EDWARDSVILLE CREAMERY 00. FINK ELEOTRIl Cassens Gt Sons, Inc. Distributors New and Used Car Dealers Ei M K 5 M Complete SCrViCC Dependable for Used Cars All Makes MZSZPEMXX IZI Hillsboro Ave. Phone 308 Edwardsville, lll. 1 TIME MARCHES ON! fContinued from page one hundred three? APRIL- 1. Tiger sales going strong! No April fool, either! April 6 2. No school-teachers' institute! 6. Bands make a splendid showing at Band Festival! 7. Miss Brown resigns to accept position in Decatur. 8. Commercial Club presents Miss B. with small token of appre- ciatio-n 12. Cast for Senior play, "Big Hearted Herbert," selected. 13. Safety pictures by State Highway Department. April 8 PLYMOUTH DUDGE PLYMDUTH DODGE PLYMUUT Shop at Silverloloonfs Save Your Sales Checks! We Will Give a Full Cash Refund For Every Cash Transaction Qn One Day During the Month SILVERBLUQMS II8 North Main St. Standard Service Gasoline - Oils Complete Lubrlcations Tires - Tubes - Batteries and Auto Accessories Y. R. McDougal, Prop. Compliments ot C. E. Willis Jewelry and Watch Repairing I-Zi X52 335 if 36 I28 North Main Street Best Wishes ot N. O. Nelson Co. M a ke rs of Hlxloncon Fixtures 392352355324 The brassa d den parts of HNONCO plumbing fixtu es a e made by local people and gua a teed by a local c c I'ROIIIZE UUR ADVERTISERS PATRUNIZE OUR ADVERTISER Phone I86 3I7 North Main Gordon's Garage Super Service M za as za Bi K 35 K Q M Compliments ot M Q M K wiidey Theatre Engineered Lubrications M5555 MQMMQ 1 Specialized Brake Service FLASHES OF THE FUTURE CContinued from page Ninety-nine? wardsville. Charlie Krupski has been voted the world's champion cigarette moocher. George XVolf has captured the Speed Record of the world on the Salt Flats ot' Utah. His speed was 700 m. p. h.! Melvin Kline was the designer of the car with which George made the record. Richmond Merkle is the world'shottest clarinetest and is known as the Benny Goodman of l957. His trio also consists of Nelson Metzger at the drums and Arlie Schon at the piano. Roy Spitze is the auctioneer at Buckles' Edwardsville Sales Barn. Dorotliy VVoltering, Pearl Smolek, Helen Stahlhnt and Harriet Snessen have just accepted positions in the President's Cabinet of the United States. Lloyd Smith and Floyd Thompson are also members. Mrs. B. Dickman, formerly Virginia Vllard, is now telegraph operator at the Western Union office. Emmitt Winkle is general manager and messenger boy. And last, but not least, we come to' Dorothy Troeckler, who has been the most successful of any of us because she has inherited seventy-five billion dollars. This prophecy may sound some-what balmy, but, my friends, take it not too hard. ABLELTENTY SGTUnLPLHEENns. PATRUNIZE 0lIR ADVERTISERS PATRUNIZE 0UR ADVER Complimenrs of The New Marks Funeral Home 210 N. Kansas St. Phone 577 MMMMBQ J. E. Marks L. M. Marks Edwardsville Bottling Works " GW w a t c h m e do my stuff" A refreshing drink of Orange Kisr lor orher Kisf beveragesl puls fresh energy quickly info brains and muscles. This fine, healrhful drink hils lhe spor. Hs slimulaling eflecr is due 'ro lhe fruir iuices, sugar, and carbon dioxide ir conrainsg rh b ' r r rh " rk l " if ese ecomemver suga, e spa pug o bodily energy. Flavors for every rasre. Orange Kist BottlingCompany Phone 598 H L I .',4.,. . --roi . . i v f--as ', ' ,. L '. 'E e .. kg.. V A I ' xy, v 2" gp 1' if leaf. , E f 'K gf - if x 1 X i 1 .1 ' ' 'I ii i' Q.. f f' ' A ' ' 1 5 5 W. 4,1 : AV D , A fi . - , 1- I .-, " ,- --'-' or ii We I. - I' il' ' ,-' ,f if SLI- g-ge fn- -QL. 5 i '- -' ',. ff 'fbi 5'1" f- K7,ZJ'l '- . ' " 5 ??,f - 'A ' 'J 'i ye, -V ff I -51.1 W A " -,ig 'ii v " ff' ,751 f' x x ,I f 1? A H ...M ' ' ,A ,- Y.ii.:'15'-4-4,2 ,- '..-lvllwke. ' - 'i , lARK'S FUNERAL HOME EDWARDSVILLE BUTTLING WUI Herflllones Compan lndianapolis, lndiana Designers and Manufacturers Class ewelry and Graduation Announcements Cups, Medals, Trophies Qfficial Jewelers to Class of I937 Edwardsville High School Represented by R. L. Jacobs, lOO9 E. Monroe Belleville, Illinois "You should love your enemies," a preacher told a redskin. "I do. I love rum, whiskey, tobacco, and women," grinned the crafty Indian. 253634535155 "How much do you charge for weighing hogs?" Bill T. asked the man at the station. 'AOh, just get ong I'll Weigh you for nothing." 3523535234332 B. Hess--"I do my hardest work before break- fast." Betty J.-"What's that?" B. Hess---"Getting up." 351 362 332 SSE 35 "Rastus, give me a sentence with the word 'amphibious' " "Yassah. Most fish stories am fibiousf' if Ei 35 35 322 "Mistah Lawyer, I wants a divo'ceJ' "What has the ole man done now ?" "Dat ole fool done got religion and we ain't had chicken fo' three months." BQBSKKQMXQ The three chief races of man are: sprints, hurdles, and long distance. JOKES JUKES JUKES Tramp-"Would you please help a poor guy whose wife is out of work?" HZXMKZ4 Wells: "Mamma, if I be good, will you give me 9, nickel?" Mamma: "No, You'll be good-for-nothing." 3553535235 Opportunity Seized! "Sweetheart, if I'd have known that tunnel was so long, I'd have kissed you." Kate T.-f'Gracious! Wasn't that you?" 35355551 Parson-"Do you know where little boys go when they smoke?" Boys--"Yep, up the alley." MBSHMH Unique sign on Broadway buildingf"Shoes Shined Inside." 1435555 Before marriage, bushels of kissesg after mar- riage, a few measly peeks!-Get it? MMMH35 "I owe it all to you, Gracie, darling," said the man as he borrowed a ten-spot from his wife. JOKES JUKES JUKES J0 Compliments of Litchfield 8: Madison Railway St. Louis Gateway Route Free Pickup and Del'very Ser :ce Less Carload Sh pments Our Best Wishes and Success To the Seniors, Faculty, and Student Body of E. H. 5335552332 Auerbachs Apparel for the Discriminating Miss Iikikik-5352 Peter Fitzgerald County Treasurer 3435135332352 N Complments ot ames T. Callahan County Auditor TRUNIZE UUR ADVERTISERS PATRUNIZE DUB AIJVERTISEIl Madison County Mutual Automobile Insurance Company 55555 "A Service That Servesn 55555 306 Edwardsville National Bank Building Phone 96l The Lightning Bug. The lightning bug is brilliant, But it hasn't any mind, It blunders through existence, VVith its headlight on behind. 55555 Maggie: "The garbage man is here." Absent-Minded Prof.: 'Tell him we don't want any." 55555 "I have an impression!" exclaimed Prof. Gouza. "Now, class, just what is an impression ?" he asked as he touched his head with his forefinger. No answer. "VVhat, no one knows '? Can't anyone tell me ?" "I know," said Simpson. "An impression is a dent in a soft place." Prof. Gouza changed the subject. 55555 Warden--"No. 03468, I'm sorry. I find we have kept you up a week too long." Convict---"That's O. K. Knock it off next time." 55555 Doctor: "You cough more easily this morning." Patient: "I should. I've been practicing all night." Alas ! The sorry world is sighing now. The flu is at the doorg And many people are dying now Who never died before. 55555 Sign on a. Scottish Golf Course. "Members will refrain from picking up lost balls until they have stopped rolling." 5 5 5 5 5 B. H.: "Joy has dyed her hair black. Don't tell anybody I told you so." J. J.: "Why?" B. H.: "She wants to keep it dark." 5 5 5 5 5 "Mike, did ye put the cat out before you went to bed?" "Sure!" "I don't believe it." "Well, if ye don't believe me, get up and put him out yourself." 55555 Captain Con sinking boat?-"Does anyone know how to pray?" Passenger-"Well, you pray, and the rest of us will wear life belts. VVe're one shy." MADISUN CUUNTY MUTUAL AUTUMUBILE INSURANCE GI Compliments ot Blurneis IO4 N. Main Phone 509w Compliments ot Dallas Harrell Service Station Compliments ot Warnock, Williamson and Burroughs Attorneys at Law Compliments ot Bartels Bc Wise Service Station Hillsboro and St. Andrews West End Service Station Mobilgas - Moloiloil Service ls Our Motto Bridge Ticlcets L. L. Schade and Son Compliments ot Eden Bowling Alley at Eden Evangelical Church Compliments ot Nash Bros. For Better Cleaning and Better Clothing Phone 482R Edwardsville 2l2 St. Louis St. Compliments ot Terry, Gueltig Bl Powell Attorneys at Law National Bank Building Sliellubrication Figge Service Station Shell Products Radio Service Compliments ot Dr. M. F. Wayne l48 N. Main Phone l28 Compliments ot Dr. A. H. Oliver Phone 236R North Kansas Compliments ot B. C. Adams Dealer in Standard Oil Products St. Louis and Vandalia TRUNIZE 0UR ADVERTISERS PATRONIZE UUR ADVERTISER' STREBLER STUDIUS STREBLER STUDIOS STREBLER The imprint or Signature on your Photographs Trade Mark Ideal I1 hyour photog ph I p 'I 01 ,0 - pk. "tim I? Wilixzisz. I 2 I 5 0 if 'Y ov!- Our IDEAL is to render the greatest possible service at a price which WiII be entirely satisfactory 35355225 A. H. Strebler Studio Phone ZI I I 2 St. Louis Street Residence 270R Edwardsville, Illinois ONE HUNDRED THIRTEE ITRUNIZE UIIR ADVERTISERS PATRUNIZE UIIR ADVERTISER l l Cornplimenis of Cornplimenis oi . . 4 EdY'V3.I'dSV1uC Dry Cleanlflg l . Modern Beauty Shop i Odorless Dry Cleaning Purcell Si. Phone 373 Ii2 S+. Louis Si. Phone 583 Complimenis of Complimenis oi Springer gl Springer A- HafdbCCk Round Oak Furnaces Attorneys-at-Law Skelgas l56 N. Main Si. Edwardsville, III. 3I4 Si. Louis S+. Phone 24352 V l Complimenrs of Simon Kellerman Ill Complimenis of The Idlewood Sound Service Shop Radio Sales and Service J. E. Lanierrnan, Prop. 208 Si. Louis S+., Edwardsville, Ill. Phone 243W Complimenis of The Gem Hamburger Shop Home Made Pies and Chili 5c -- Hamburgers -- 5c The Vanzo The Home of Golden Fried Spring Chicken and Oysiers Two Entrances 203-205 Second Street Besi Wishes io ihe Class of I937 Excelsior Laundry Phone IOS for Prompi Service Complimenis oi Joseph Ladd and His Qrchestra Cornplimenis of Ferguson Beauty Shop Nina W. Ferguson - - - Kaihryn McLean Siubbs Bldg. Phone I72 ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN SDHWARTZ DRUGS SDHWARTZ DRUGS SDHWARTZ DRI School Supplies - Soda Fountain - Candies 35353513-XM Headquarters for School Children XEBSMXQM Wliiwuziz lt I II I ll A DRUG sronzajllttuglte fvfmfaom' Phone I 00 Edwardsville, lll. TEN SCHOOL COMMANDMENTS First-Thou shalt keep all books nec- essary to reciting open before thee while in class. Second-Thou shalt speak no evil of thy teachers in a way which shall reach their ears, for the wrath of the Faculty is mighty. Third-Thou shalt not put thy feet in the aisle unless they are too large to keep under the seat, for by so doing thou shalt trip a Wandering Freslnnan. Fourth-Learn thy lessons or put them on thy cuff, for he who learns shalt be given high marks, but woe to him who forgets. Fifth-Thou shalt keep thy tongue in thy cheek during the last period, else thou shalt bring down the Wrath of the Principal upon thy head. Sixth-Freshmen shalt not bring to school playthings such as marbles, sling shots, or candy, for he who does is ban- ished from his classes. Seventh-Thou shalt not covet thy class1nate's history notebooks nor his geometry, nor his gym suits nor any- thing that is thy Cli'1SSl11Z1tC,S. Eighth-Remember the law "Thou shalt be to school on time," for he who disobeys shall be stricken from the eX- emption lists. Ninth-Seniors, thou shalt not write notes nor whisper nor run down under- classmen. Tenth-Thou shalt not stay out later than 8 o'clock, for thus do thou dull thy wits. ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN IUTTAR DRUG CD. HURST PUNTIAG MOTTAR DRUG 1937 PONTIAC STRAIGHT EIGHT TWO-DOOR TOURING SEDAN . , . 122-inch wheelbase u D C roomier 100 per cent Unisteel Bodies by Fisher . wider seats 50 per cent larger trunks . more power , . greater economy. Hurst Pontiac Co. NSales Through Service" School d Fountain Lunch Supplies an Curb Service Mottar Drug Compan The "ReXall" Store if ff if ff ff "Famous for Fountain Drinksn Athletic Goods Candy ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN MARKS 81 WEBER RAFFAELLE 81 FERGUSON MARKS Compliments of Ratfaelle SL Ferguson Distributing Agent M aes sez 35 Tobaccos Candies Fine Liquors XTRONIZE UUR ADVERTISERS S PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISER l M Mobllgas 'Fi 'ff Moblloll G0 I"'l Mobilgas-Mobiloil Socony-Vacuum Oil Company lncorporafecl Lubrite Division Saint Louis, lvlissouri Noliis Bakery 8: Ice 35 35 Ei 395 Complimenis of Cream Company Alton, Ill. M K li K 35 Complimemts of 3 Mile Tavern Route Il2 34 35 If 35 K Drink, Dine, Dance xx xx ses rss xx 3 Miles North of Edwardsville 355923523535 For Private Parties and Dances Phone County 92lR2 Printing Done on short nofice and in The best style of The arf as sez sa sa as Stationery Office Supplies X4 sa za ses xx Phone is Foehrkalb Bros. lll Hillsboro Avenue Edwarclsville, III. 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'76 Wagga? 4L Z- N Ni 5: 'ffwwi' Z-WR ' W" ' 1 alll- elm 'eggs 0 RICHARDS BRICK CD. RICHARDS BRICK CD. RICHARD For Lasting Beauty Build With BRICK sample Walls or let Before you build see our display of our representative submit samples at no obligation We manufacture a complete line of STRUCTURAL CLAY PRODUCTS RICHARDS BRICK CQ. 234 Springer Ave. Phone I 8 Compliments of Rhodes-Burford I-louse Furnishing Co as Q2 M ses wi Philco Radios Portable Underwood Typewriters EE E E2 35 Q l36N Main St. I Edwardsville, lll. Ph Wells Tire Sales Goodyear Tires and Tubes See Biiiilifiill Exide Batteries me if if as if Us for Auto Supplies and Accessories FDRD UVERBECK BROS. BUTHMAN FDRD UVERBEO l . Bothrnan SL Sons Be Sure and See New 1937 V8 Now on Display We Service All Makes of Cars Vanclalia Street Phone 602 Firestone Tires Ford and Lincoln Zephyr Dealers More Happiness For You Of all the joys of life, that inward feeling having Lef Us Help You Colled H the home painted has few rivals. Qverbeck Bros. The Home of Fine Wall Pa ers and Paints P Dealers in Happiness, Cleanliness, Cheery lnspiraiion Remember Shabby Homes Don'l' Breed Cheer In Your Quesf for Happiness At nightfall when you move away from the throng, do you find your home in a discordant '- Turn YOUI' Steps OUP Way note, or an atmosphere of peace and beauty? I ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO PATRUIIIZE 0llR ADVERTISERS PATRUIIIZE 0llR ADVERT Home Nursery and Greenhouse i 35353623225 Trees and Shrubs Cut Flowers Potted Plants is za as as sa Edwardsville, lil. Lore Beauty Shoppe X N f X X Complete Beauty Service of the Highest Quality ax an an if an Phone 645R, Palace Store Bldg. Compliments ot E. C. Meyer or Sons Monuments St. Louis Road "Mark the Spot with Beauty Forever" Compliments ot Kiem's' Ready to Wear Formerly Edwardsville Cloalc and Suit Co. Corner Main and Hillsboro Compliments ot Texaco Service Station Fire Chiet Gasoline and Certified Servic- Edw. H. Meier Vandalia and Buchanan St. Compliments ot Ballweg Pharmacy 'iwalgreen System" Marian B.-"And I don't think I ought to get Zero on this exam." Miss Sloan-"I know that, but it's the lowest mark there is." 523623582635 Father: "How often must I tell you it is bad manners to dunk your bread in gravy?" Bob T.: "Yes, father, but it's good taste." A gent asked the green Irish maid, "Can you tell me of my wife's whereabouts?" The maid blushed. "To tell the truth, sir, that's them on the line." BKXKKBE "Mr, Farmer, why are you running that steam roller over your field?" 'Tm going to raise mashed potatoes." ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE 'ANY EDWARDSVILLE NATIUNAL BANK 81 TRUST CUMPAN' A QR m ul' . it ml" f 5' . 5 ,lv 'fghjlm lwl lgll lull "" ltis the Style to Have A Savings Account There is no feeling that lends one so much confidence as it is to have money in the bank that is available when needed A Savings Account with this bank means something more to you. It establishes a contact that will be of benefit to you in days to come Edwardsville National Bank and Trust Company 2 X 7 , l... .. -J 4 4 TUGRAPHS AUTUGRAPHS AUTUGRAPHS L ,LM pV,g 0, we-+ gf' 'mf ' U 1 U '12 7 V 475 I f 1-JL ba U. I 13, V Wjfwv H20zw,4Jff 1 JMQJ X , 9 ww QW , 4 ff X A qw' 3 ?. ,HE . - fl I 'N ff vxdfv-ns,Q,gf-, 1 1, -.LZ ', 15,2 gjffffi : Q 1 J fy JM-' 5 MMMN f,1'4,,4f A V f , , Q Z' n7'f' ff 135 Lf! f f ' MN '. fi MALJLUL . X. pl ?t x I ' I ,,-'Aw'-J fir, A ,,, , r Jvfjfvikrzf 7 QWQ' 7 2 uf-.?'5 afmfngdfqww Auroannrus Auroannrus Auroannr R TIGER TIGER TIGER TIGER TI M SUI QW' 'W , 'ffmssocm Sf ww xB ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT PRINTED BY INTELLIGENCER PUBLISHING COMPANY EDWARDSVILLE. ILLINOIS A? ' '

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