Edwardsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Edwardsville, IL)

 - Class of 1936

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zz'-x2i.:,a:u:mawfx.'f4z1-nmsr.-5sawn:-w.xE.1' 125' LMSSQ-L,-L':1Q.2is I',",f3'f:zi. Ac' -. -APL. ww. ':. ?1.x':i3'.5.':.-SL' K. .1:,x-rffH::.Q MMKSZWQPEQIEJX. -za .s-v51.:.m-.1sf.r5.' I-ua :asm ..124.x, wwxssiaa -my mzggm, as--r.X1w6fh13Q.i:,if1 .:..,3f'7h :mu K I -. 1 'l'lll 'l'll'I I I L I CD 3 I2 THE SENIOR CLASS Edwardsville Hiqh School Edwardsville, Illinois Q Q i 5 5 x if i' 4. S l 417 5 Y . sf C Volume XXIII CARI. HOFMEIER MARGARET STULLKEN Co-Editors ELMIER KELTNER Ari DICK MUDGE Business Manager IOSEPH HENTZ Circulation Manager My I 0l'lUl0l.ll Shakespeare said, "All the worlds a stage, and the men and Women merely players." On looking over this nineteen thirty-six edition of the "Tiger" We find ourselves able to say, "The school is just a stage, and the pupils merely puppets trying eagerly to play im- portant roles in education, dramatics, or athletics." We hope this annual will loe an inspiration to these students who are trying to gain the heights, that We, the class of nineteen thirty-six, have now attained. Vg. W' , ',?5gh' , Q 'I Q, 1, if M5 WW I X ' ...Lz:'g4i?'1a I .nf Q ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES W'l'lll'l'! aww, MMM 7fl:?7lfnQf4J Qjuzffazwv-'PJL '13 d " 77 H1 1 M 'f 1 U gwly aw-15,5 Z-7, aff" ' U 4. 55 6 LA -vf. li ff Maggy? 41 025529 M vm I 1 1 i E 2 I 5 1 , 1. 2 ? f r 5 Zi E 5 5 E 11 ,u i 'AIDlllll!5'l'l!A'I'l0l ,, ,,, W. W. KRUMSIEK Administration STUDENT ACTIVITIES We read and hear a great deal today about high school students getting the opportunity of participating in various activities in their school. Some schools go so far as to have students almost entirely regulate order and discipline offenses. ln those instances, punishment meted out has been more severe than otherwise. There remain, however, many other activities in which students can participate and find out whether they have , any talent. An increasing number are given opportunity this year. Students are in charge of selling tickets for athletic contests, plays, and operettas. They also sell candy during the noon intermission. Several girls plan, prepare, and administer the lunches served at noon with but little guidance from the home economics teacher. Older students have helped take charge of beginning band students to assist the directory others direct choruses and quartets: some officiate in boys' and girls' basketball games. This publication is planned and worked out almost entirely by students with some help and guidance by faculty members. Groups of girls in the Hi-Tri are led in discussion by one appointed by them. Principal This of course means that youth today has many more opportunities than it has ever had before. More interest is manifest on the part of adults today to create this chance, too. We read of instances where the mayor has turned over the city's administration to the Boy Scout organization or the chief of police has given the boys charge of handling the traffic, and they have generally done a good job. No doubt they may not do as well at times as adults, but it gives them a chance then to be criticised constructively and try to do better the next time. We learn best by doing even though it may be a bit expensive at times. However, the one characteristic that is in youth's favor and carries through when given a chance to execute assignments is enthusiasm. With a little guidance of that, much can be accomplished. And can we tell just how much a student has learned by selling tickets or parking cars at our games? Among other things he probably can interpret a great deal about our character by our attitude and what we say during a transaction. 'W' e probably don't have "old heads on young shoulders" now any more than we did twenty-five or more years ago, but the average student knows more about more things than he did at that time and, yes, knows it as well too- -certainly by experience! W. W. KRUMSIEK. Eight Admxnistrcztlon THE BOARD OF EDUCATION This is written to acquaint you with this group that is such an important factor in the life of our school. All of us are aware of its existence, but most of us thrust it into the background with the other things we know little about. After all, it is the "power behind the throne." Probably some of you did not so much as know the names of the board members. Now that you do know their names and have seen their pictures, we shall explain something about their meetings. On the first Tuesday of every month, the regular meeting of the Board of Education is held in the principal's office over at the Iunior High School Building. Apparently there is a great deal to be considered in keeping a school system running smoothly because the meetings usually last about two hours. Besides, there must sometimes be special meetings. The procedure is much the same as at any other meetingfroll call, the minutes of the last meeting, allowance of claims, reports of the various committees, etc. They vote by Hayes" and "noes" when the question involves money. All the members of the board are present, and the meetings are open to the public. Now, l think perhaps you know a little more about this important organiza- tion than you did before. lesse L. Simpson .... ..... P resident A. E. Bayer ........... ............. S ecretary Robert Cunningham Charles Sido B. A. Bollman Frank Godfrey Mrs. George A. Handlon SIDO, BOLLMAN. BAYER, CUNNINGHAM GODFREY, SIMPSON, HANDLON sn Nine Administration ADAMS, GEWE, BENNER SLOAN. PERGREM. WOOD, CHEEK BROWN. RICKE. DAVIS. QUERNHEIM STEINER. VOSS Ten 3 v V t, FOREIGN LANGUAGES ENGLISH COMMERCIAL LIBRARY AND OFFICE VERA ADAMS Mathematics: French Southern Illinois Normal U., Ed. B, University of Wisconsin, M. A. Western Reserve University Colorado University VERA BENNER Mathematics: German MacMurray College, A. B. Iowa University EDNA E. PERGREM Music: English Iames Milliken University, B. S. M. Northwestern University University of Wisconsin .ALICE ICHEEK I English University of Illinois, A. B. University of Missouri, M. A. ETI-IEL M. RICKE Commerce Iowa State University, B. S. in Corn. University oi Minnesota Drake University MARIE OUERNHEIM Commerce University of Illinois, A. B. University of Wisconsin Administration CARLA GEWE Latin Washington University, A. B. University of Wisconsin Colorado University ELSIE I. SLOAN English Charleston State Teachers' College, B. E. Washington University ISABEL WOOD English University of Illinois, A. B. University of Wisconsin V RUTH BROWN Commerce Indiana State Teachers' College, B. S. GRACE E. DAVIS Commerce Illinois State Normal U. University of Illinois Eureka College PAULINE STEINER Librarian NIGEL VOSS I-I. S. Secretary Eleven I . Administration MATHEMATICS HISTORY AND ART SCIENCE RICHMOND, HARRIS, LOVE KINSEL. THOMPSON, OLIVER, BLODGETT GIBSON, SEIBERT, WEIGEL, GOUZA KOLE, MRS. KOLE, VARNER, MRS. VARNER g Twelve TICS MUSIC Administration LILLIAN RICHMOND Home Economics University of Illinois, B .S. I. I. LOVE Mathematics University ot Illinois, B Engineering .E. GRACE THOMPSON Englishp Art Iohn Herron Art Institute, B. A. E. DARRELL R. BLODGETT Assistant Principal Shurtleti College, PH. B. Washington University, M. A. ELMA SEIBERT Home Economics University of Illinois, B. S. University ot Wisconsin IULIUS I. GOUZA Science University ot Michigan, B. S. in Ed. University oi Illinois Vtfashington University OUIDA B. KOLE Physical Education McKendree College University of Wisconsin VIRGINIA HARRIS Algebra, Geometry Ohio Wesleyan University, A. B. P. HENRY KINSEL History Charleston State Teachers' College, B. E. Washington University University oi Illinois ILA OLIVER History Washington University, A. B. A. M. GIBSON Scienceg Mathematics Illinois VVesleyan University, B. S. Vtfashington University VIRGINIA L. WEIGEL Biology University of Illinois, A. B. University oi Michigan, M. S. STEPHEN A. KOLE Director ot Athletics McKendree College, A. B. Illinois Wesleyan Northwestern University University ot Wisconsin WILLIS C. VARNER Band Director Northwestern University LOIS VARNER Special Teacher ot Strings Northwestern University Thirteen V I E r I Sf' V- 523515 V.,VV V iris Vzfr M V .,g.1. , V 5' 'L' V 2 Q .HV 4 'Jag' 'fr V ' ' V3 .Ji gV ..'E:1aV. iV'p-1355522 ix NKKQV' ev 3 ' W ww- .J ,V wa V S' 'V A' ' WU," J.-xl .MMU F "' WV' 't 3'-'VV'-V fV-'ie-V- - ' Q 5 Q 5 . f" 1: 3' -af Va Qi iiiyw E V. is .1 3 "s w 'E W 32" Y .V . V.Vff1,'i ,, wif..-.V Vw 4,.Vv3VV.,44.,Vq -NV L 53.535-9 V H V. ,Z V VV 'V ' VV Vw. 4 '52 QV? 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After four long years of labor we were booted out the door, lust as on life's great journey we'll be booted all the more. We stroll down life's great highway, our diploma in our hand lust what it symbolizes, l can not understand. It can not stand for study, of this l am quite sure- Our books were never open, 'less we dropped them on the floor: Or when we had to use a page for a paper wad or two, Or if we had a great big wad of chewing gum to chew. Of course we have learned something, what more could you expect? The girls have learned the art of paint. The boys have learned to neck. Remember the girls' first experiments in the science of Cosmetics? They reminded us men CAhem! Ahemll of a morning after headache. We've also learned the art of dressy we no longer roll our socks. And when we're in our formal dress, we parade around the block. These are just a few things We have learned, along with many more. We're always first in everything, especially to the door. Scholarship-first in our classes. Band-first in the brasses. Lovef-first with the lasses. Athletics-first in our passes. First in peace and first in war. lf you ask me this has gone too far. We were and ever will be the leaders of E. H. S. And there never, never shall be as great a Senior class. We may go on to higher learning where father went to school, To acquire a Harvard accent and the good old game called pool, How to wear a Raccoon coat and smoke and cheer and stay up nights That, my dear, dear classmates, is what college life is like. The girls go in conquest for a hero of the grid, And he if doesn't make the team, he promptly gets the skids. And that is something E. H. S. we'll never do to you. For to you dear Alma Mater we ever shall be true. An orchid to you E. H. S., you've brought us fame and fortune. You've given us happiness, cheer, and lifep of these we've had our portion An orchid to our teachers, although why l do not know, For behind our dear sweet teachers' C?J backs 'tis not orchids that we throw. And an orchid to you, my classmates, an orchid to you all, For some day maybe your picture will hang upon these walls. Gr if it's not your picture, maybe you yourself will hang, And you'll join your dear old classmates of that good old High School gang Sixleen 1 1 l Presenting the Class of 1936 9I1101'S f f T ,. .. fu Vp QE V , M. SICKBERT L. SCHADE G. STUBBS Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer President A REVIEW BY OUR PRESIDENT About September l, 1932, a mighty little band of timid but eager Freshmen turned their steps toward the "big-house" Cwith no reflections on Sing-Singl. We were surely a peppy gang-until the shock of those first report cards, remember? Our entrance to High School just seemed to start things off. ln our first year, the band held the spot-light. Imagine, a national championship right in our own back yard! And then we wereeSophomores! Very dignified Sophs, tooffor the first week or so of school, but our enthusiasm soon ran away with us as we cheered our "wow" of a football team on to a championship. About that time We were having quite a task trying to figure out which angle was the supplement to-etc., ah, sweet memories! The band was again a success and our track team walked away with district honors, the first in the history of E. H. S. With the cheers of that last race resounding in our ears, we awoke the next morning as-Iuniors! Naturally, following our terribly dignified Sophomore year, came the sophistication of being Iuniors. Determined to make this a banner year for Iuniors, we settled down a bit-just a bit. Lacking none of our old pep, however, we went loyally ahead, finding that the slight upset in the athletic department turned out fine after all. After saying good-bye to our old friend Mr. Gunn, and welcoming our new teacher of science, Mr. Gouza, we turned our thoughts to basketball. Boy, what a team! And which lunior girl cried the hardest when we lost that heartbreaking game to Alton? Finishing the year by going to the long awaited Iunior-Senior banquet, and watching the band and track team come through with two more championships, we now were-oh, pinch me to see if l'm awake-we were Seniors! Here we are, one hundred and thirty-odd strong, as fine a crew as will ever graduate from "deah old Alma," the first Senior class never to "go Senior" on the rest of the school lwe thinkl. Of course, all we could hear or say the opening days of school was, "Say, these Freshies get smaller each year." But there is an end to all good things, and it's time to say good-bye to this grand old spot, so remembering all the wonderful days we've had beneath the roofs of E. H. S., we wish that any success we may have had, or will have, will be carried over to the class of '37, Seven teen Seniors Tony Allaria 5 "Vine" 0. "Thafs me." - Cheer Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l, Z, 45 Operetta l, 2, 45 Orchestra 4. Ann Black "Angee" "Wait a minute, I forget m Cheer Club 45 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Hiking l, 25 Volley Ball 25 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Elmer Bevilacqua t . Iulia Mae Attig Q "Iulie" "She has them ivories in her power." nist for: Iosephine Ashcxuer HID.. "Two eyes soft and brown. Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 4. Douglas Begeman "Doug" "The boy with the blue car Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, Z, 3: Cheer Club 3. Iustin Boeker Hlusty., y gumf' "For every Why, he has a Whereforef' Cheer Club l, 2, 4: lunior Play 3: Athletics Publicity Mgr. 4: Tennis 45 Tiger Staff 4. , in , . f f- -'--f -- ,. at ' . fy . 'V . ' ' . ii ' r .,.,, .ezwgig if f'f'ffr e g Wg - Me! .' 1- ' . Q f"'J'lf " ---:' I if rmibfi, l fvl nike nwop.. Gordon Blackbum "Dis here is me." "Blackie" Cheer Club 47 "He has the mincing step of a Commerce Club 4' chicken treading on eggs." Q Marjorie Blixen I : ..Mm,gie.. LaV1ne Brave "A quiet mfnd is richer than tl uvineYu - crown." "Our Ethel Barrymore." Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 4: lunior Play 3: Glee Club 2, 45 G. A. A. 25 I, ' Girls' Council 25 Band l5 Q 'ii Hikinq 45 Orchestra l, 25 Operetta 3, 45 Hi-Tri 4. Tiger Staff 4. l l George Brendle .Arthur Buchanan 1 ..Doc.. HAH.. W "Women are my specialty," - "Somehow I like a brunette." Football 45 Cheer Club l, 25 Track 35 French Club 3, 45 Boys' Council 2, 35 Tennis l, 2, 35 Class Sec. 25 Hi-Y l, 2, 35 Tiger Staff 4. Hi-Y Treas. 3. - Eighteen J Marie Buckles "Buckles" "Elly chfef ambition is to get hy? Cheer Club l, 2, 47 Glee Club 27 Gpereiia Z, S: Hiking lj Hi-Tri 3, 47 Band l, 2, 3, 47 Crcheslra l, 2. Kerrol Childres "Buck" "Let the World step bgvg I'll take it easy." Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 47 Band l, 2, 3, 4. Edith Dickerson "Eddie" "A most serious lady who doesn't waste any time? Hiking l. Seniors Claxton Burroughs "Clack" "Do I look romantic?" Cheer Club l, Z7 l, 2, 3, 47 Hi-'Y' Sec. 37 Hi-Y Pres. 4. Charles Caulk "Charlie" "The Jeff of 'Mutt and Jej7'.,' Cheer Club 3, 47 Cheer Leader 3, 47 Ecnd l, 2, 3, 4. Carol Crouch 7 7 "Tools" ' -Q 1 "Monday comes too soon after :f un ':"" I l t' A Sunday night." 4,5 cheer Club 2, 3, 4, 7 - ' Hi-Tri 3. ,N ...,., 7, 7 A - 'Y 'iff' ""5 ' z Lawrence Donaldson "Larry" "Sometimes I sit and think, others just sit.', Band l, 27 Cheer Club Z, 3, 4. Harriet Dornacher "Door Knocker" "A girl of many moodsf, Girls' Council l7 Band l, 27 Cheer Club 2, 47 Drawing Club 47 Hi-Tri 4. Helen Esiabrook "Holly" "She laughs at the wiggling of a straw." Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 2, 47 Hiking 47 Hi-Tri 3, 4j Operetta 2, 4. Nineteen Muriel Dippold ..Dip,, "lVhy is this thus? And what is the meaning of this thusness?" Cheer Club l, 2, 47 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Council 2. G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 47 G. A. A. Pres. 47 Commerce Club Pres. 47 Siarnp Club 3, 47 Obereila l, 2, 3, 47 Volley Ball l, 2, 3, 47 Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Archery 3, 47 HisTri 4. Chester Dooley "Chet" V "The best men are those who say the leastf' Worden H. S. l, 2. William Engelmann "Bill" "Well, we couldn't find one for youf, Cheer Club 2, 47 Glee Club l, 27 l'li-Y 47 Band l, 2, 3, 47 Orchestra 2. l 1 Seniors Michael Evanko "Mickey" "If I'm too busy to sleep nighlf, can sleep in class." Football 3, 4. Selma Fagg "Selm" "Our fashion plate." Cheer Club l, 4: Hiking l, 2: l-li-Tri 4: Basketball l, 2, 4, Baseball l, 2, 4. Kathleen Fitzgerald "Nooky" - "Miss Fred Astairef' Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club Treas. 3: Hiking l: Girls' Council Sec. l: T ' l 2 emits ' Q Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, Operetia l, 2, 3 4: lunior Play 3: French Club 4: liiflnri 3, 4. Matilda Evans I "Tillie" "When you and duty clash, let duty go to smash." Geraldine Farrar . A4 ..GenY.. "Oh, this learning! What a thing if islv Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 27 Hiking l, 2: Archery 4: l fell Hi-Tri 4: Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 3. J 6 Adeline Frey "Angelina" "It,s rather nice to see my name ln printf' Operetta l, 2, 3, 4: Tennis l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball l, 2. Iuanita Gibson "Nita" "Never idle a moment, but always thoughtful of others." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri 3, 4. Irwin Groteiendt 'fIrwin" "I couldn't have been naughtyg I didnit have time." Band 4. Iuanita Greear "Nita" "You don't realize my possibilitiesf' Cheer Club l, 2, 3: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Hiking l, 2: ' Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta l, 2, 3: junior Play 3. Ag: kt-I 'f.', ,fri M1 " ' 2 xl V 'A-1ri..f' lTWenlJ' Harold Gillig "Red" " 'Tain't orangeg it's redf, Viola Grant nv-in "Success is as you measure it: measure it in happiness." Colin Handlon "Colin" "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh n moref, Cheer Club lg Glee Club l, 2, 3: Tennis 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Basketball Capt. 4: Iunior Play' 3: Operetta 2, Hi-Y 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3: Football 4. 0 H. 5. 1 I l VZ 1'J!fM!f ' , Io Honchak "Toad" "In more Ways than one, Fm a speedy guy." Track l, 2, 3, 4: Golf 3. Ralph Huelskamp "Torchy" "There must be lzard Work in him for none ever comes out." Cheer Club 4: Commerce Club 4. Ralph lucid ..Ralph.. f'He dances right well I sayg with emphasis." Cheer Club l, 2, 4. Seniors Helen Hcrnser "Honey" "You'll do, little girl." Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Operetta 2, 3: I-li-Tri 3, 4. Dorothy Henderson ..Do,.. "When there's nothing else nights, I stud'y.' Cheer Club l, 2, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball Z, 3: Tennis 3: Operetta l, 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2: Orchestra l: Hi-Tri 4. Ioseph Heniz "Denny" "He is Wit's peddlerf' Class Pres. 3: Boys' Council 2, 3: Iuriior Play 3: Cheer Club 2, 3, 4: Tiger Staff 4. JCL! Carl Hofmeier "Huck" "His mind sees more than the eyes of other men." Tiger Editor 4. Milton Hubach "Bud" "He has a way with him." Baud l, 2, 4. Albertincr Iellen nm.. "Good nature and good must ever join." Hi-Tri 3, 4: ' Cheer Club 3, 4. Twenty-one Frank Harbison Harvey" "Who? Me? I'm Mr. Harbisonf' Cheer Club l. Mary Louise Hart "Mary Lou" "It's not art, but Hart that wins 10 dv the World over." Cheer Club 4: Glee Club Z, 3, 4: l-liking 2, 3: Basketball 3: Hi-Tri Council Hiflri Pres, 4: Operetta 3, 4: lunior Play 3: Band 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3: G. A. A. 2, 3: Tiger Staff 4. 3, 4: Charlotte Henry "Lottie" "One could never accuse her of boisterousnessf' Band 2, 3, 4. aww Y J I --Y.. ,.................,,, .A W .. 4 Irene Kreici ..I.. "Silence is more musical than any sound." Helen Kunze "Helen" "Stately and tall, she walks through the hall? Cheer Club l, 2, 45 Hiking l, 25 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Valley Ball lj Commerce Club 45 French Club 45 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Archery 3, 45 Hi-Tri 4. William Lamkin "Sneeze" "Oh yes, I'm an 'E' man." Football 3, 45 - Basketball 2, 3, 45 Tiger Staff 4. Arthur Kayser HAH.. "Thinking is but an idle waste of lhoughtf' Commerce Club 4. lip , KJ JJ Ay Hale Keltner with "Hale" "A man about town." Lcrurine Knecht "Babe" "Write me as one who loves his fellowmenf' Cheer Club 45 l-li-Tri 4. Marie Kreici "Kreici" "Nothing is ever achieved Without enthusiasm." Cheer Club 25 Glee Club 25 Commerce Club 45 Band l, 2, 3, 4. Earl Ladd ,A f- li' MEGA.. I "It is better to play than do by nothing." --.J Cheer Club l, 2, 35 l-li-Y l, 2. 'Dorothy Ann Landon "Dottie Ann" "Dots and dashes in the gayety of life." Cheer Club l, 2, 45 Glee Club 25 Operetta 25 l-li-Tri Council 35 Hi-Trl 3, 47 Hi-Tri Secretary 45 French Club 45 Tiger Staff 4. -1 Twenty-two Elmer Keltner Hspm.. "Art, that is his drawing pointf, Drawing Club 3, 45 Tiger Staff 4. Marie Kncruel "Hema" "She is neat, she is sweet, from her bonnet to her feet." Cheer Club 45 Glee Club 45 Operetta 45 Hiking l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Archery 3, 45 l-li-Tri 4. Dorothy Kniser MDM.. "Success comes in cansg failures in can'ts." Basketball 15 Hiking 15 5 , ' Volley Ball 25 J Band l, 2, 3, 45 M Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. I 7 f LaVerne Leitner Mariorie Lee , "Verne" "Margie" ,' "I Would be friends with you." "She shames the nightingale."C Cheer Club l, 47 Cheer Club l, 2, 47 Glee Club 2, Commerce Club 3, 4, Commerce Club Vice-Pres. 3: Commerce Club Trecs. 4, Hi-Tri Council 4: Hi-Tri Vice-Pres. 4, Opereita 2: Baseball lg Slamp Club 3, 4. Rose Luksan "Rossie" "lVIincing little paces." Cheer Club 3, 4: Commerce Club 3, 4: Stamp Club 35 I-li'Tri 3. Frances Madoux "Frankie" "There,s mischief in this girl." Cheer Club l, 3: 1 l Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Commerce Club 47 Hiking l: Baseball lp Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta l, 2, 3, 47 Iunior Play 3: Hi-Tri 4. Robert Love .:Bob.. "lVhat,s in a name?" Track 3, 4. Libby Mack ' nLibu "lf laughs are expensive, she is extravagant." Cheer Club l, Z, 4: Glee Club 2: Baseball 2, 37 G. A. A. 2, 3: Hi-Tri 3, 4: Operelta 2: lunior Play 3: Orchestra lg French Club 4. Staunton H. S. 1, 2, G. A. A. 3, 4: Easkelball 3, 4, Archery 4, Volley Ball 3: Hi-Tri 4. Twenty-three -,sf VP I "A girl of gentle mannerf, . Wfi Rodney McNeil1y Margaret Ann McManus UMUC.. ..MaY., "Study or not study, the World "The girl with the dreamy eyes." gves on-" Cheer Club 1, 3, Cheer Club l, 2, 3, Commerce Club 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1: Qrchesiycr 1, 2, BCISlC9llDGll l. William Mead "Billy" . "Noi as serious as he looks." Hele? M?non1 Cheer Club 2, 3, 4: Gmk ales Club 3, 4, "Where duty leads I follow." Operetia 4: Hiking 31 44 Football Mgr. 4g Basketball Mgr. 3, 4, Track Mgr. 3, 45 Drawing Club 3. Mildred Meyer "lVlillie" Lester Meyer HLGSH "We have nothing against him." Seniors J!! zffgfbcg 'X 'fx - ,X 3 Seniors William Mottar s "Bill" "Pm not in the roll of comm men." Cheer Club l, 2: Cheer Club Sec. 2: Hi-Y l, 2: Band l, 2, 3, 4: l Orchesira l, 2, 3, 4: French Club 4: French Club Pres. 4. Dick Mudge "Dick" "The great American problem. Cheer Club 2, 3, 4: Boys' Council l: Stamp Club 2, 3, 4: Stamp Club Sec.'Treas. 2: Stamp Club Pres. 4: Tennis 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. Arlene Ohren nk.. "Always out for a good time." Cheer Club 2: Glee Club l, 2: G. A. A. 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3: Volley Ball 2, 3: l-liking 2: l-li-Tri 3, 4. Howard Mudd ,.Mud.. Cheer Club 2, 4: Slamp Club 2, 3: French Club 3: Commerce Club 4. I there anything I don't know?" Vivian Norder "Tarzan" "Say, kid, did you come to E. H. S. to study?U Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 4: Commerce Club 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Archery 4: Baskelball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball 3: l-liking l, 2, 3: Hielri 3, 4. , Velma Opel uopel.. "She did nothing in particular but did it Well." Cheer Club 2, 4: l-li-Tri 3, 4. , Q Franklin Peirce ..Sug,. ,dx "The World knows little of its greatest men." Cheer Club 4: Glee Club 4: Stamp Club 2, 3, 4: Stcmo Club Vice-Pres. 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Drawing Club 4: Operetta 4: Drum Major l, 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheer Club l, 2, , : Hiking l, 2: Commerce Club , 4: i' Commerce Club Pres. 4: A Hi-Tri 3, 4: Archery 3: lx G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball l, 2, 3: U D Volley Ball l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: ,, M., Tennis l, 2, 3. 0. Twenty-four "Haven't I met you somewhere?,' 1 fp 3 4 if Marie Plessa "Maria" "Do not Women make the World go 'round?,' Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 4: Commerce Club 3, 4: Hiking l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Baskeiball l, 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball 3: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: l-li-Tri 3, 4, D lunicr Play 3. Lester Puhse Lester Poos "Les" 7 .Them din., 530252 to grumble "ref the world slip by .md I'll lake and complain." It easy' S Cheer Club 2, 3, 4: Iudith Reilly Truck 4. "Iudyf' Cheer Leader l, 2, 3, 4: 3.9 jg 3 4 Alvina Ringering "Ringy" "Another blonde maidenf' Hi-Tri 3, F gg g l .W Mildred Schwager "Mil" "It is tranquil people who accomplish much." Cheer Club l, 2, 47 Hiking 47 Orchestra l, 2. Dorothy Sellmeier ,,DOn.e.. "She is a Winsome tl1ing.' Cheer Club lg Hi-Tri 3: Basketball l. Willard Smith "Willie" "The lad with the wavy hair." Cheer Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4: Stamp Club Z, 3, 47 French Club 3, Operelto 3, 4. Seniors Wilma Robertson "Will" "She has but to lift her pen, and out flows a stream." Cheer Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l, Z, Hiking 3, 4, Baskelbal . "Susie" 6 Www Thelma Robinson f nzlflake Way or me, l'm comin!" Cheer Club l, Z, G. A. A. l: Baseball l, 4, Tennis l, 2, French Club 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4. Dorrance Russell Margaret Rishel , "Rishel" "If it is possible for a Woman to , succeed, then she Will.' Cheer Club 2, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 47 Operetta 2, 3, 47 Band ly French Club 4, l-li-Tri 3, 4, Hi-Tri Council 47 French Club Vice-Pres. 4. Robert Robinson ..Bob.. "Content lo live, though n Work." Cheer Club l, 2, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4. Rebecca Rohrkaste ot to ref' HDOYY.. HJ "Becky" "I'm not as innocent as I lookf' us! a hunk of good nam Hi-Tri 3, 47 , Hi-Tri Council 4. Violet Scheibe ..Vi.. "Full of sparkle and dash and go, she's diferent from the rest you know." Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 47 Commerce Club 3, 4, Commerce Club Treas. 3: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 47 Volley' Ball l, 2, 3, 4, Lillian Sedlacek "Shanghai" "A quiet, unassuming girl? Hi-Tri 4. Ioseph Slaby NIOSH "Beware! I may yet do something sensationalll' 0 Cheer Club 4, . Stamp Club 2, 3, 4. Twenty-five i .J Seniors l Lloyd Stubbleiield "StubbY" "Is he really that shyfp' Commerce Club 4. Kenneth Tudor "Ken" "Such a Way with women." 'Wood River H. S. l, 25 Stamp Club 3. Edward Tuxhorn ..Ed,. "Says little, but does things." Cheer Club 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y Sec. 45 Band l, 2, 3, 4. A August Soehlke x "Iunior" "Hope I fall downstairs before get to class to take that test." Football 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Basketball Capt. 3, 45 Track 3, 4. Evelyn Stahlhut ..Evo.. "To do good rather than be conspicuousf' Glee Club 25 Operetta 25 Hi-Tri 2. Ioseph Stepanovich .,Ioe.. Stamp Club 2, 3, 45 Stamp Club Pres. 25 Drawing Club 3, 45 l Debate 2, 3. Margaret Stullken .,Mcrg., "Brains and ability are a marvelous combination." Cheer Club l, 2, 45 Clee Club l, 2, 45 Commerce Club 35 Operetta 2, 45 Girls' Council 25 Hi-Tri 3, 45 l-li-Tri Sec. 45 Asst. Editor of Tiger 4. Betty Tuxhorn 4 ..Bep., "Blushes may come,and blushes may gag but freckles hang on forever." Cheer Club l, Z, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 ' Oneretta 2, 3, 45 l-liking l5 Tennis 25 Basketball l5 Hi-Tri 3, 45 l-li-Tri Treas. 45 luriior Play 35 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2. Novella Ukena "Novella" "I guess yozfd call her exotic." Commerce Club 4. '- Twenty-six "He strives for enlightenment." I Dorothy Sornerlad "Dott'e" "Giggling makes the World go 'roundf' Glee Club l5 Hi-Tri 3: G. A. A. 2, 3, 47 Hiking lg Archery 45 Baseball l, 35 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Volley Ball 25 Opereita 1. Donald Stahlhut IIDOIIII "Bashful men are so surprisingf Cheer Club 45 Stamp Club 3, 4. Allister Stewart "I-X. K." "What is the need of brains ufhrn one is handsome?" Cheer Club l, 2, 4: Cheer Club Vice-Pres. 25 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4: Class Vice-Pres. 25 lunier Play 35 Glee Club l, Z, 3: Cperelta 2, 35 Hand 2, 3. 4 'YQ 3? ,.g: s 5 ,, fx! I fflycl ij! 1 gf J! ' Xl xr" Walter Wadsworth "Yeogulthorpe" "I'm not ajfecled by the gentler sex." Melvin Werner "Mel" "The old maestro of the guitar." Cheer Club 3, 4. Vlasta Yindrak "Vlasta" "She needs no eulogy, she speaks for herself." French Club 3, 4. Anthony Allaria uwop., "Introducing my cousin." Norman Prante "Prant" "Blushes are the badge of inexperfencef' Worden H. S. l, 25 Football 4. Ioseph Secllacek the.. "Seldom seen, seldom heard." Emil Tenick mrek.. "A man's a man." ,, I Seniors Leona Viere "Leona" "Everything is so puzzling." Glee Club l, 25 Commerce Club 3, 45 Commerce Club Sec. 3. Dorothy Weeks MDM.. "An all American girlf, Cheer Club, 2, 3, 45 Commerce Club 3, 45 Commerce Club Vice-Pres. 35 Hiking l, 25 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 35 Volley Ball 3, 45 l-li-Tri 4. Lorene Winter HLOI.. "She may not be able to do ever - thing, but she can sing. Cheer Club 2, 35 Glee Club l, 2, 45 Operetta 1, 2, 45 Baseball 25 Tennis 45 Hi-Tri 4. Clyde Hartung' "Clyde" "He does his running in drug store." Myrtle Puhse UMW.. "One must know how to be bored." Tennis l, 2. Raymond Slemer URGY.. "Give me the wide open spaces.' Cheer Club 3, 4. Bennett Dickman uverg.. "Tall and handsome." Twenty-seven Raymond Miller ..Ray,, "A he manf' Football 3. Olin Schwalb nwimpy.. "So beautiful and bright stood he." Cheer Club l, 2, 3, 4. Stanley Spevok ..spiv,. "His talents were of the silent leindf' I oseph Zaruba ,.Ioe,, "We like your smile." Iohn Muzik ..Iohn,. "All's Well that ends well." t 4,4 Seniors OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Seniors, upon passing out of the life in these sacred halls, do hereby bequeath to all our dearly-beloved High School student body and faculty, as designated in the following passages, all our most valuable posses- sions. In this year, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-six Anno Domini, to-wit: I, Anthony Allaria, leave with the hope that hereafter people won't call me Tony. Tony Allaria, leave with the wish that people won't call me Anthony I, Iosephine Ashauer, leave my soulful eyes to Dorothy loseph. I, Julia May Attig, leave my flying fingers to Billy Tietze. I, Douglas Begeman, leave my way with the women to lames Mindrup. I, Ann Black, leave with hope. I, Gordon Blackburn, leave my dainty walk to Earl Leitner. I, Marjorie Blixen, leave my bridge-playing ability to Lois Harrell. I, lustin Boeker, leave my scientific mind to any dumb-cluck who intends taking Physics. I, LaVine Brave, leave my "come-and-get-me" look to Katherine Tuxhorn. I, George Brendle, leave my shifty hips to Annamae Piper. I, Arthur Buchanan, leave my Essex to Libby's pop. Marie Buckles, leave my bluff on the teachers to Carl Ackerman. I, Claxton Burroughs, leave my even disposition to the Irish in school. I, Charles Caulk, leave my wee Voice to any soprano around town. Kerrol Childres, leave with a fervent prayer-"O, Lord, please don't let 'em make me come back again." I, Carol Crouch, leave my surplus beaux to Elizabeth Fischer. I, I. I, 1, Edith Dickerson, leave without help from anybody. I, Muriel Dippold, leave my sweet manner to Marjorie Stafford. I, Lawrence Donaldson, leave my snicker to George Roth Vxfolf. I, Chester Dooley, leave my dreamy look to Geraldine Watson. I, Harriet Dornacher, leave my retiring manner to Gregor Walter-he needs it! l, William Engelrnann, leave my perfect grammar to Harriet Suesson. I, Helen Estabrook, leave to buy more jewelry. I, Mickey Evanko, leave my "yarns" to David Simpson, upon whose passing on they go to "College Humor." I, Matilda Evans, leave my meekness to Audrey Gamble. Selma Fagg, leave my wardrobe to the next member of the family. I, Geraldine Farrar, leave my titian tresses to Florence Straub. I. I, Kathleen Fitzgerald, leave to find a man who can entertain me for more than two hours at a time. I, Adeline Frey, leave my front seat in 203 to any future Senior who cares to cut up. I, Iuanita Gibson, leave for the corner right now. g I, Harold Gillig, leave to double for Gable. 1, I, luanita Greear, leave to put Harlow in the shade. l, Irwin Grotefendt, leave my quick intelligence to George Blume. Colin Handlon, leave to help F. D. R. Viola Grant, leave my slow smile to those toofgiggly preps. I, I, Helen Hanser, leaife my spectacular study hall exits to Vera Bayer. I, Frank Harbison, leave nothing to nobody. I, Mary Louise Hart, leave sweet memories of myself. I, Clyde Hartung, leave without regret. I, Dorothy Henderson, leave my high-heels to Margaret Frampton. I, Charlotte Henry, leave for larger cities. I, Ioseph Hentz, leave my humor to anyone who can stand it. Carl Hcfmeier, leave my physique to anyone. 1 I, john Honchak, leave to learn the ways of life. I, Milton Hubach, leave to put in full time on my job. L Ralph Huelskamp, leave for Legion Park on Saturday nights. fContinued on page ninety-onel I - Twenty-eight Seniors CLASS PRCPI-IECY The door to the future is locked, but as the old saying goes, "Where theres a will there may be a keyhole." So here's peeking at the balmy future. The class of '35, fifteen years hence: Which reminds me, Ioe Hentz, owner of the "Hentz Drug Company," has added Duesenbergs and Hug trucks to his line of "drugs." I.. F. Peirce, Com- modore to you, has resigned from the navy to take up the doorman's livery at the "Allaria Hotel" in Glen. The Tonys are duly pleased with I. F.'s strut. lt is rumored that Michael Evanko, who has all the earmarks of a successor to Clark Gable, is that way about Hiln Yhonsr, better known in E. H. S. as "Honey Hanserf' Ioe Sedlacek and his Glen Carbon "Black Birds," containing in the lineup: Dorry Russell, Ioe Zaruba, Bay Slemer, and Stan Spevok, have been crowned World's Champions. They are the best all-men toe- dancing team ever organized. Earl Ladd and Bud Hubach have completed a cross-country race via thumb. Earl was given the decision by a hang-nail. Flash Gordon Blackburn has given up calling hogs, at least for the present, to shuffle off to Buffalo with Rebecca Bohrkaste. Iustin Boeker, current sensa- tion among dancing circles, has been starred in "Elevate Your Arches" or "Kick Up Them Heels." At any rate he does the "Karijoula" in his best form. He had Fred Astaire worried but Howard Mudd, famed mechanic, came to F red's rescue with a super-charging job that increases his speed fifty per cent. Howard claims he can super-charge anything from an ostrich egg to a Shakespearan play, the latter being the harder. Doug Begeman, who ought to be the proud father of a bouncing boy, is heart-broken, not because he won't bounce, but because the kid's mouth isn't shaped right for the clarinet. Lester Meyer and Norman Prante are big time politicians: that is, they have a big time at the national conventions. They go to both. Margaret Rishel and Art Buchanan have combined interests. They're both interested in "Art for Art's sake." "Bep" Tuxhorn, Olympic star, has perfected a new dive which, if done perfectly, will push all the water down to the other end of the pool, or lake for that matter. Fanny Fitzgerald, hopeless surgeon, tried to separate a pair of Siamese twins. She separated them O. K., but she forgot, to put on a patch and as a result they are in constant fear of dropping something. Dottie Ann Landon, famous explorer, has the honor of being the first person to carve her initials on the North Pole. lohn Honchak and Bob Love, after having run to victory in the Olympics, moved to China and went into partnership in the "Rickshaw racket." Ed, the Snitch, Tuxhorn, is spending the winter in Atlanta, Georgia, because he absent mindedly left some dirty finger prints in the wrong places. Walter Wadsworth, Melvin Werner, and Lloyd Stubblefield were fired from a C. C. C. Camp for complaining that they weren't seeing enough. Ann Black, woman scientist, has succeeded in proving that black is white and it wasn't so hard at that. Evelyn Stahlhut and Dorothy Somerlad went on a European tour and were drafted into Hitler's woman army. They wrote home that they would be back after the next war. Sounds a bit' optimistic, if you ask me, but of course you didn't. Elmer Keltner is sojourning at Leavenworth for attaching his Iohn Henry to one of Ralphael Huelskamp's cartoons. Elmer says that it gives him a chance to catch up CContinued on page seventy-fivel Twenty-nine Seniors SENIORTOWN MERRY-GO-ROUND Somehow or other the gossip around here is rather scarce, so what I can't find out l'll make up and you can expect almost anything. These Senior- town people try to keep all their private happenings to themselves, but every-once-in-a-while l put one over on them. Did you know that . . . lt's the real thing with Gail Stubbs and Lelia Schade . . . Bep Tuxhorn is doing plenty of stepping out on O. A. O. up at Champaign . . . Frank Harbison is making his Whippet do 60 on the way to school each morning . . . Ioe l-lentz has been dating a certain lunior . . . l wonder . . . Ann Black didn't chew gum on December 17 . . . Two worthy Seniors have been meeting at noon and coming to school together . . . three guesses . . . Ninety per cent of the Senior girls go for blondes . . . really . . . our new motto is-a swell blonde is worth five dark and handsomes . . . A certain Seniortown girl has been chasing around after a certain Seniortown man- hope she gets him--I can't tell any more than that . . . Wilma Robertson has had two Volumes of poetry published-secretly . . . LaVine Brave has lots of boy friends from out of town . . . Colin Handlon thinks that the Sophomore and Iunior girls really have what it takes-he just doesn't know the Seniors . . . George Brendle kinda agrees with C. H .... Ralph Huelskamp and Iuanita Greear are doing specialty dances at a club in a nearby town . . . W. Engel- mann spends his spare time writing short stories . . . and to top it all . . . Honey Hanser has signed a contract with Sparamount for 1937 to make musical skits and she will have an orchestra of her own. This is a bit of unverified gossip, so it's yours to verify. l just found out the other day that Colin Handlon has been dating D. A. Landon when he doesn't have to practice basketball or run a lOO yard dash . . . There are also rumors that Art B. is two-timing Margaret Rishel . . . Nooky Fitzgerald can't seem to make up her mind whom she really likes-one of her own Seniortown men or Ioe College-l wasn't really told, l only heard . . . ludy Reilly was dated up for one full week during March and I heard she got plenty mixed up-who wouldn't . . . Marie Buckles spends many a week-end in Alton and she says she visits a cousin, but you can't fool me, l'll bet there are other reasons . . . l' hear that Bill Mead makes a habit of getting in at 6:30 on Sunday mornings . . . The Seniortown girls are really taking advantage of Leap Year and the boys really enjoy it, too . . . Mickey Evanko is quite the man about town CSeniortown7 and the girls are all clamoring for Leap Year dates-l know of one girl who has asked him for four dates already . . . I hear that when Bill Mottar meets a girl he likes, he showers her with all kinds of gifts ttoo bad he goes for out-of-town girls? . . . l've been doing a lot of snooping in the halls and l overheard Clax Burroughs saying to Doug Begeman, "l do wish some of these girls would find a new line to use: l'm getting pretty tired of that old stuff like 'does my fur bother you' and 'take me home, I must put my hair up in kid curlers'." Better take heed, girls . . . Remember- l' said that this is unverified, so don't be too hasty in your conclusions. Looking over some of the song hits of the year we find some very interest- ing titles. Don't you think these song titles fit these people? A The Bells of St. Mary's--George Brendle Cheer Leader Charlie+Charley Caulk CarmenwSug Peirce Where Am I?-D. A. Landon Thinking of You-Bep Tuxhorn Foot Loose and Fancy Free-Dick Mudge A Little Bit lndependent-Nooky Fitzgerald Sweet and Slow-Dot Sellmeier Sweet Adeline-Adeline Frey Iust a Dreamer-Ed Tuxhorn Love ls the Sweetest Thing-Gail and Leila Mary Lou-Mary Lou Hart Iuanita-luanita Greear There's Something About a Soldier-Bill Mottar tContinued on page one hundred twol Thirty Iunlors IUNIOR HISTORY The curtain rolls up tor the third actfyes, it has been three short years since we made our debut on the stage of dear old E. H. S. During our tirst act we were just timid puppets, badly needing the guiding hand ot the teachers who stood back ot us, Occasionally, when we took a ialse step, or pulled on our strings the wrong way, we were censored. However, we learned quickly and soon overcame our stage tright and became more selt-confident. By watching the veterans oi the stage, we soon mastered the technique ot acting and even vaguely understood why the upper classmen were amused at our earlier dramatic antics. But because We were an exceptional class in every respect, we soon gained the admiration oi the entire stage troupe. Looking now upon the second act: there are the same characters taking part. Ot course, the improvement is very noticeable? And did you notice how those Senior girls eyed Dave when he burst forth into melody? tWe must coniess we did a bit ot oggling ourselves! By now we have outgrown our amateurish ways and tind that we are accepted in the ranks ot the pro! fessionals. Next we turn our attention to the new arrivals Cl-leavens! W' ere we ever that green?l and give them a big dose ot what we had received. We can assure any skeptic that there was no lack ot ingenuity in our methods? Now tor the third act! At last we are among the enviable upper classmeny and our presence is acknowledged by all to be invaluable. Members ot our company have taken part in the various shows and have done so quite successfully. You'll tind some ot us tackling with the best ot them on the football field, shooting high at the old hoop in the gym: cutting tancy capers at the school dancesg developing musical talent under the able direction ot Mr. Varnerp putting up our share ot candidates tor the honor-roll, and, in general, helping to make things "hum." it we sometimes torgot our cues, we didn't seriously bungle any scene and we responded readily to any suggestions by the stage managers. Vfe have done our share of loyal backing. We have always been among the tirst to appear at school tunctions and the last to leave. Beneath those orange and black capes, prominent at athletic contests, beat a stout number ot lunior hearts. Vie have become such good triends with each other that we divulged even our inmost secrets such as middle names. At least "Bargreaves" is dit- terent! Quick, Watsonva blush! Now we are ready tor the last act-and may it be our best. We know our parts and we intend to play them to the best oi our ability so that when at last beneath those queer, four-cornered hats sits the class of '37, it will be the biggest and the best ever. Boll up the curtain! Cn with the show! Officers loseph laros .... ......... ...... P r esident B. Spitze ........... ....... V ice-President Annette Krumsiek .... .... S ecretary-Treasurer Thirty-one I l Juniors UPPER PICTURE J. Biarkies, M. Dippold, S. Biarkies, Crocker, Blase, Ackerman, Bekeske, Creear DeConcini, Closterman, Dotray, Bode, Crouch, Baker, Cunningham, Broderick Bast, Brower, Eberhart, Dittes, Donaldson. Eihausen, Dressel, Dorr, Barnett Bernthal, Bezdek, Elik, M. Blumberg, Augsburger, V. Blumberg, Eaton, L. Dippold, Clayton LOWER PICTURE Franke, Judd, Hotuiz. Klein, Fausi, l-louba, Kubicek, Krupski, johnson, Honchak Godfrey, Creear, Havelka, Hardbeck, Hamlin, Hommert, Hessel, jaros, Hinnen Fox, Frampton, Krumsiek, Hagemeier, Ferguson, Giardina, Klaustermeier, Krieger, Knecht, Kuethe, Grebel Fitzpatrick, Fischer, Hess, Gull-er, jones, Huggins, Heinemeier, Klunk, Francesconi Thirty-two Class 19 Iuniors UPPER PICTURE Metzger, Schon, Morgan, Linder, Schlueter, Sch'rmer, Lamb Lloyd, Munzert, R. Schaefer, Schwager, Merl-tel, Marti, Paul Overbeck, Overstreet, Reid, Rector, Porter, Pletcher, Meikamp, D. Schaefer R. Miller, Mltchell, Rotter, Neuhaus, Schroeder, V. Miller, Lingncr, Moore, Nix, Nicolussi LOWER PICTURE V. Spitze, Trebing, Smith, Vazzi, Schneider, Spevok, Zirges Winkle, Simons, Young, Xvebb, Theuer, R. Spitze, Stevens Smolek, Ward, Watson, Wells, Stephens, VVolf, Wchlert, Vveber Stahlhut, Trares, Troeckler, Suessen, Wbltering, Seaton, Zak, Slaby, Spanholtz, Simons Thirty-lhree " '1 Iumors IUNIORS DAY-BY-DAY Did you know? In case you didn't, l've jotted down a bit of this and that. So here goes. First, consider the status of some of us. Take as an example, lane Huggins with her inheritance-a feather bed. Some fluff. And Eileen Ferguson is in a position to say, "Home, Iamesf' Speaking of cars, Billy Hessel is to receive a Ford when he reaches the all-important age of twenty-one. Wait a minute, girls: take your time. Clark Baker has a canoe, but his mother does the paddling. CThere always has to be a catch in it someplace? Frances Dressel has it when it comes to ancestors. Her great, great, great, etc., came over on the Mayflower. CMy ancestors waited awhile because they couldn't "take" being crowded while traveling? By the way, Ruth Miller's father is not of Iewish descent. tlt's just his initials.l l just came upon a real scoop. The Blumberg girls are twins. It makes you feel good when you come across an item like that. Another-Dorothy G-rebel wears lipstick. ls it a case? loe laros and Mary Giardina are writing manuscripts. lt must be pretty bad with Betty Iones, too-seventeen pictures of Gus Hydron on her dresser. Where does she find a place for all of them? Dorman Broderick has passed up "Little Hunt"-in the carp he couldn't turn in time. And then there are those who prefer red-heads. Frank Godfrey for one. Alas, Dorothy Eaton is a brunette. Agnes Rotter likes them when they wear brown suspenders. Elizabeth Fisher keeps Rodney busy watching a certain Mr. Richardson. Someone just whispered that Betty Guller is no longer a rambler, but a "clinging vine." l have one case of brotherly love to report-Beebe Mitchell sends home-made candy to her brother. l wonder? The drill goes round and round ow-oo-oo with lean Dorr as the young lady who wants to be a dentist. Speaking of the name lean, Claragene Fox is now "lean" if you please. Back to the ambitious, Edgar Claytor has surgery as his goal. All it takes is ten years plus Sl0,000. I guess Dave Simpson was training for his life work tflag pole sittingl when he ate his lunch on one of the rafters of the gym during junior Play practice. They surely go through a lot for those performances. Marian Barnett sat for four hours having her hair fixed for the operetta. Cl'low'd it look men?l Speaking of entertainment, Vera Rector prefers "Mounds" "lug" Wells says, "l'll take Highland." l know why. Before l' forget it, Blair Watson would like to have all valve caps loose next Halloween. Gee, it's been pretty cold these days. Allen Stephens possesses a nice hat bearing ear muffs. But lack Cunningham did the gallant thing. l-le took off a pair of wool socks in zero weather to fill out the ice skates of a dizzy "fem," Well, l'm afraid the grapevine route is temporarily frozen up, and so we'll have to wait for it to thaw out before I can give you more of this and that. " 1 Thirty-four '1' ""' Sophomores SOPHOMORE HISTORY lt was iust a year ago last September that, as the new "Freshies," very much looked down upon by the high and mighty luniors and Seniors, we entered good old E. H. S., taking the razzing and teasing in a very tolerant manner. We soon grew accustomed to all of thisgwe just had to-and the novelty of it wore off for our tormentors too as, after a few more or less half- hearted attempts, they gave up the whole idea. But this year, as the saying goes, "the worm has turned." We now have our chance at this year's group of newcomers, and I can say we're not letting that opportunity slip by either. Since we have gained this much elevated and highly esteemed position of Sophomores, it is very easy to forget that we were quite recently in a similar plight. We feel very much at home now, and a great deal of that old confidence has returned. Since we have become better acquainted with the school, we now run around the halls quite importantly. A lot of our high hopes and aspirations, which dropped into obscurity and insignificance along with us, have again come to light. At the first party C"get acquainted" partyl We attended many of us "came cut of our shells" so as to speak, and showed some of the wondering upper- classmen we were really human after all. Even some of our more timid members were there. That set the ball rolling. Many who stayed only in the background last year have really "snapped out of it." Among our number you will find some who have become football and basketball heroes, or very important and active members in the various clubs and organizations. Some of the athletic heroes, much to the sorrow of a few Sophomore girls, have been showering their attentions on several "Freshies." This class has the reputation of being an exceedingly noisy one. Several of us have gotten into a little trouble in our efforts to be heard above our fellow classmates. The first floor seems to be both popular and entertaining not only for members of our class, but also for certain gentlemen from the second floor. The benches are very convenient for talking it over. And thus, in spite of the apparent hopelessness of the case at the begin- ning, and the many expressions of doubt as to where we would end, we have pulled through safely-have come out on top. ln the short time we have been here, we have grown very fond of E. H. S., and l'm sure we'll all be very sorry when the time comes for us to don our caps and gowns and say farewell. OFFICERS Billy Moore .... ........... .......... P r esident R. Webb. . . ....... Vice-President B. Hentz .... .... S ecretary-Treasurer Thirty-fire 1' -- W N ,J . 'Uj ix Sophomores .K , fl ,,f W k fl - . Al A 'S ' ff' V. ,fffjA'i3'uff!fJ I- 'C' w 'I l 42,4 3, "l , A ill Class 19 0-La, x his V ,Y I, C , UPPER PICTURE J 'V Fischer, Dycus, CoOf:"'ex', Goff, Brown, Biarkis, Bast, Buchanan, Cemoules ' S. Barlels, L. Ba-r-Lila. Bayer, Farrar, Ditchburn, Barnett, Bishop, Allen Baird, Cullens, Cummins, Forshaw, Beltman, Fahnestock, Fagg, Cragg, Ambrozat Bender, Drexelius, Bc-hkndt, Bauer, Dunstedter. Francesconf, Bush, Eilers, Dickerson LOWER PICTURE Lebegue, l-lenl e, Hotz, Krsuiter, jenkins. Lanham, Hackney, Kaufrnan, Krumeich Honchak, Henry, Ingram, Losch, Herrin, jahn. Leitner, Hyten, Handley, Hamlin Harrison, Jennings, Kuhn, Hanvey, Kriege, Huelsl-Lamp. Lischka, Love, Lebefla, Hofedltz Harms-ning, jose-ph, llc-ntl, D, Joseph, Hubach. jc-llen, Harder, llommc-rt, Loewe-n, Husv Thirty-six ' 610-4.04, io of 38 LZ! WZ? cwm UPPER PICTURE E. Miller, L, Miller, Howells, Merkle, Caulk, Meyer, Martindale, Mindrup Moore, Nash, Neuenschwander, Neuclecker, Parrot, Paur, Meek, Metzger Mateer, Howerton, Miller, Piper, Markham, Menoni, Rosenthal, Mateyka, Mayberry, Nischwitz Rhoads, Rothe, Ohren, Norder, Noto, Reid, Rotter, Robinette, Rathert, Meyer, Loewen LOWER PICTURE Scheibal, Weishaupt, Trebing, E. Schmidt, Tietze, Webb, Xxfilliams, Sickbert, Trares, T. Trares, Walter Schlemer, Young, Winters, Shaffer, Stack, West, Veesart, Thompson, Schwager, Shimunek Stolte, C. Schmidt, XVisnaski, Weidner, Thackston, Zika, Ukena, D. Schmidt, Vowels, Schneider, Stullken Veith, Ursprung, Spengel, Wood, Wagner, Soehlke, Volz, Watson, Vowels, Stelzriede, Schneider Thirty-seven - Sophomores SOPHOMORE SLANDER Lend an ear! Do you know that Roy jenkins is making a collection of girls' rings, hair pins, wooden ducks and dogs? CHe'll be cutting out paper dolls ne:-ct.j Really, our class has gone literary. Bill Tietze has used Leo Mateyka's book on "How to Make a Man of Yourself." Bill's now a big man and he's going to give the book to Walter Ditchburn so he too can have a muscle. Gregor Walter, who holds the world's undisputed title for asking dumb ques- tions, gets them from Arlyn Rosenthal's book, "How to Make a Teacher Have Grey Hair." Very soon, I am told, Alvin Scheibal is going to publish a book entitled "Nutty Nertzy Rhymes" solely for the Seniors. Esther Bettman is to be a writer too-an advisor to the lovelorn. Speaking of ambitions, l should mention that if Dana Mudd ever grows up, he is going to be a big game hunter. CAt least he has the hat.l Well, last year's annual really was a help to someone. ln the Senior Class will, the Webb boys were left a book of telephone numbers. My last report was that they were really making use of them. Poor fellah! john Kelly Krumsich, his mother's pride and joy, gets history test answers from-then gets a 50. CMaybe, he can't read.l My, what is this class coming to? Do you know that several Sophomore boys have had their hair curled? It may be all right, but wouldn't Mr. Krumsiek look well with a permanent wave? Speaking of hair, it seems that Annamae Piper has the magical powers of changing the color of her hair. She's blonde again. Maybe she heard that gentlemen prefer blondes. CBut who wants a gentleman?l Del Meyer joined the Hi-Y so he could give his "frat" pin to Vivian joseph. l wonder if they like each other, or has it become just a habit? An old romance burns again, or at least smolders, with lrmgard Rothe and- take as many guesses as you like. Gosh, isn't it a shame? Maybe you didn't know it, but jack Handley is a woman-hater. just like Mike Broderick. On the other hand, Richard Nash is becoming quite a ladies' man. And poor Earl Roy. The Senior girls are just leading that Herrin boy around by the nose. Meanwhile, Ed Barnett would like to be on the good side of one of those Freshman girls, but Hazel always changes his mind tif anyl. Have you heard about the fourth hour English class trying to persuade Miss Cheek to get married? She blushed three shades of red and said, "No, l will be true to good old E. S." Another thing about English classes-is Melvin Trebing always so bold and boisterous as he is then? lt's a good thing that Vincent Meek's name wasn't put on Leo Kaufman. just think of calling a football fullback "meek" Lastly, l'd like to advise the Sophomore girls to get to "chuggin." Many ot the Sophomore boys are courtin' theljreshies. It looks as if the Sophomore beauties tif anyl are being pushed out of the gentlemen's hearts. Thirty-eight Freshmen FRESHMAN HISTORY We, the "Freshies" of Edwardsville High School, entered this building for more "book larnin' " on that memorable day, September 3, l935. Our coming was something like that of the New Yearfwith plenty of noise and ready to start a new life. At first we had a great deal of fun sliding and running up and down the halls. The dignified upper-classmen seem to remark, "You can always pick out a Freshman by the way he acts." Well, they too were Freshies at one time. Soon a great deal of this spirit was taken out of us. ln lunior High we were the big fish in the puddle, but our position out here has been made pretty clear. We realize we occupy a position of insignificance, and we'll try to take it on the chin. The first few days seemed to be taken up by endlessly climbing stairs, getting lost, and trying to get to our classrooms, only to find that we were appearing in them at the wrong time. The good-natured razzing we took in good spirit, as we know it is all in the life of a Freshman. After becoming adjusted to our proper places, we have entered into the class activities with a will, and we have tried to participate in at least some of the many clubs and sports. ln the Glee Club, we sing gleefully, in the Cheer Club we cheer cheerfully-l guess that's enough of that for the time. With the Halloween party we were initiated into the social life of our school. Perhaps, at first, for some of us it was a little hard to break the ice. ln fact, some timid souls didn't venture so far as to come. But just wait until we have our own party. We won't mind if we step on each other's toes, or if we are not doing things in true Emily Post fashion. After all, there must always be a first time. Then there was that "dreaded" day when our report cards came out. A few of us were on the honor roll, but the others, well, you can guess that. Perhaps all this business of X, Y, Z, together with the AAA and so on is too much for some of us. We have found that there is more to the A, B, C's than we had ever imagined. We promise ourselves to work harder tlet's hope we do itl, so just keep an eye on us. We have now become a fixed part of the student bodyg we are proud to be a part of the High School, and we hope to do big things before we graduate. Officers President .......... . . .... I. Bardelmeier Vice-President ....... .... G . Cummins Secretary-Treasurer. . . .... L. Harrell Thirty-nine Freshmen Class UPPER PICTURE Bardelmeier, Dippold, Cummins, L, Fischer, Brave, Burian, Bode, Colbert Cockroft, Blume, Fox, G. Fischer, Darm, Agles, Evans, Drew, Felclworth Foehrkalb, Crane, Bollman, Dierkes, Clawson, Belshaw. Enos, Daech, Chandler, Bristow, Campbell Eihausen, Engelmann, Faust, Barnett. Frampton, Bosworth, Diver, Baughman, Ax, Baines, Burns, Churchill - LOWER PICTURE Liebler, Godfrey, W. Luksan, Kellerman, joseph, Hogue, Henke Kane, Hinnen, Goff, Bowman, Kreuiter, Lange, F, Luksan, G, Hall, jackson, L. Hall Lee, Cl. Koch, A. Gregor, W. Gregor, Berry, Klingel, Kurman, Lautner, Kniser, E. Hunt, Knecht, Hammer Krejci, Knowles, Glenn, jereb, Gamble, Ingram, M. Hunt, Harrell, A. Kribs, Kretschmer, Kanady Lal-ze, Klein, Greenwood, S. Kribs, Kesl, V. jones, Levora, Leonard, Giese, Ca, Koch, H. jones, Kovarix, Becker r P'0, ty l m . l L Freshmen e 5 5 x l UPPER PICTURE Schreiber, Southard, Rogers, Marks, Sladky, Rothwell, R. Stahlhut, Wi. Schwear, V. Stahlhut, Slemer, E. Meikamp, Mudd, H. Meikamp Poneta, Seaton, Stolcis, Rahn, Marti, Shimunelc, A. Nleikamp, Meyer, Stuteville, Stermon, Stone, Treat Neutzling, Ranek, Pitonak, Moriarity, Schwalm, Rozum, Ontko, Spanholz, Sommerfeldt, Metz, Reding, Plessa, T. Schwear, Moelhenry Patton, Straub, Shashek, Unger, L. Smith, Schneider, Ostendorf, Nischwitz, Tuxhorn, Somerlad, Thatcher, Marshall, Prolzst, Rohrkaste, A. Smith LOWER PICTURE Abel, Knauel, Weeks, Wehling, Vogel, Bayer, Montgomery, Martin, Owens, Buhr, Slezinger, Kidd Hudson, Buchley, Baughman, Walter, Browning, Kerchkoff, Fitzpatrick, Graham, Kanady, Zajicek, Stafford, C-ildersleeve, Mester Rubis, Winkle, Buddhu, j. Moore, Mullane, Harmon, Bartels, H. Claeser, Welch, Votrain, Veesart, E. Wieduwilt, Lamb, E. Moore XViegand, Vieth, Young, Winte, Landa, L, Soehlke, Harrison, Nord, Talick, Wood, XVilhelm, Wolf, Wenger M. Claeser, Fensterman, Neuenschwander, Kleuter, jaggers, Hotuiz, C. Soehlke, Simons, Metzger, Abendroth, West, Wise, Vanek, A. Wieduwilt Forty-one 1 V M.-v,.q,,f gf-sv ,, E, QQQ. V 7 L ' :wf'2:,f-.':'f-ffm -M22 '5 .f ?"'i3i4 assi? -gain fw,m-:La1'f:-:v-f- mmf. 'ww . "fir, "1w1e11f-may aff-.H-mf. 2i4.'2e:21'i-was' gm- -ea 1 ve m4,5ff+i -'mgggx f:g.g.gL4a1i,1z5v.v:, If iqfvzg,.35 zgzwsgkyywg ,. 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Tackle l'36l- 'lt is said in football, a line is as strong as its tackles. Mickey was one of our two good tackles. He played best when the going was tough. Lindel! Webb, Tackle i'37l- Lindell paired with Mickey as player and when he blocked them he blotted them out. Bill Lamkin. Center f'36l--eBill was shifted from end to center the backfield with plenty of accurate pigskin. Colin Handlon, Quarter Back l'36l-Colin started the season back, and signal caller. He called signals for the last three Alvin Hornmert. Guard t'37l'-f-Hommert held down the other ol it. His fine blocking made possible the many long runs. the other tackle. A fine defensive this year to replace Grebel. He fed at guard, but finished as a quarter games that Were won. guard position and did a good job Allister Stewart, Guard f'36l--Allister took over Handlon's guard position late in the season. A fast, hard-charging guard: that's Allister! Howard Theuer. End l'37l---Like Randell, this was "Howdy's" first year of football and he played end. He loved to smack the opposing interference down and make the tackles. Captain Stubbs. Half Back f'36l-Gail was the "hub" of the Tiger backfield. He could kick, run, and pass, a triple-threat man of the first caliber. Truly a great player! George Brendle. Hall Back l'3Sl-George, "Doc," to his teammates, played halfback. l-le sported a pair of hips that would make a hulu dancer envious. Buster Hyten. Half Back t'38le-Buster played a halfback and with his speed he made many long runs. Good luck to you and your 1936 Tiger football team, Captain Hyten! Leo Kaufman. Full Back F381-eLeo was the Tigers' fullback. He was just a little 150 pound package of dynamite, "use no hooks." He loved to hit that line. Norman Prante. Full Back f'36l-Norman was the Tigers' "heavy duty" fullback. He held up the Worden tradition of supplying the Tigers with good football players. Tony Allaria. Guard l'36l-Tony played guard. He was one of those "watch fob" guards, blocking being his specialty. loo laros, Quarter Back C377-Joe played quarterback. Although the lightest man on the team, he held his own with the "biggest." Allen Stevens. Half Back t'37l-NA hard-running, rugged back, and could he tackle! Howard Rogers, End f'39l-Howard played end. Another great tackler. You saw him in the Thanksgiving Day game. Billy Moore, Center f'38lfHe hit the opposing backs with much gusto! Ask the flrst string back- fieldg they know. COACH KOLE Handlon, Kaufman, Stubbs, Hyten Theuer, L. Webb, Evanko, Stewart, Lamkin, Hommert. R NVebb Forty- four L 1 Football FOOTBALL SEASON Staunton. 20 ....,...................,....................................... Edwardsville. 0. The Tigers opened their football season at Staunton. Staunton scored first on a ninety-five yard run for a touchdown. Tigers lost ball twice when in a good scoring position. St. Louis U. High, 22 ................................................,........ Edwardsville. 0. St. Louis U. high was the first guest of the Tigers and went home with a Z2 to O victory. The lunior Billikens stopped an early Tiger drive and went on to score freely. . Beaumont. 26 ................ . .............................................. Edwardsville, 12. Beaumont brought to Edwardsville a team built around Swenk, an outstanding halfback. The Tigers led twelve to six at the halt, but Swenk came back in the second hali and Beaumont marched off with a hard earned victory. Benld. 14 .................................,...........................,..... Edwardsville, 6. Tiger squad was riddled with illness and injuries. Neither team had won a game to date. Benld got the first bite ot the victory pie. Rout! High laclcsonville, 7 ........................................ . .......... Edwardsville. 12. Tigers went almost eighty-three miles to win their first game. lacksonville led the halt seven to nothing, but the Tigers had too many laterals the second halt. We're otf. Hillsboro. 26 ................................................................ Edwardsville, 0. Hillsboro is supposed to be the best team in the state. Tigers bottled up Corso but forgot about Camplin, a haltback. Tigers gained more yards but had no scoring punch. Gillespie. 6 ................................................ . ............... Edwardsville, l3. The Tigers had a long rest as a result of postponement of an Armistice Day game with Metropolis and almost a week's postponement of the Gillespie game. The game was marked with many fumblesg runs of titty yards were nullified by fumbles recovered by the opposing team, lt was the second Tiger win ot the year. CAPTAIN STUBBS Puhse, East, jaros, jenkins, Thompson, Meek, Simons, A. Gregor, W. Gregor, Mayberry, Meade Coach Kole, Shimunek, Allaria, Prante, Hessel, Stephens, Henke, Kubicek, Moore, Buchanan, Spitze, Poneta, Asst. Coach Gouza Handlon, Kaufman, Theuer, L. Webb. Stewart, Lamkin, Hommert, Evanko, R. Webb, Stubbs, Hyten F orty- five H im Basketball R, Webb Captain Handlon B, Hyien lVl P p BASKETBALL SQUAD Buster Hyten. Forward V387-This was Buster's first year as a regular player. Although not a high scorer, when the going was tough and baskets were needed, he made them. His speed made him a good quick break man. Buster was a good long shot and could hit his one hand shots with either hand. Buster was a little wild at times, but that was probably a little football still in him. Captain Elect David Simpson, Forward i'37l-Here was a ball handler par excellent. Give the ball to Dave on his finger tips and he could put it where he wanted it. Dave was the clown of the squad and not a dull moment was passed when he was around. Some people may have thought that Dave never became excited or nervous. True he hid his feelings under an expression- less face, but it was Dave who was the most nervous before hard games. Randell Webb, Center i'38l-Here was the Tigers' candidate for all state center position. Although he didn't get the choice, he received honorable mention and still has two years to go. Bandell was a great point-getter and with his height he got plenty of "tip-ins" and rebounds. Toward the end of the season he got on to the idea of faking a shot and dribbling in for a set-up. lf anyone got in his way he just kept coming and would almost take his opponent along with him. Captain Handlon, Guard C361-Colin is without doubt one of the best players to don a Tiger uniform. He was a good shot, with two hands, or either one, an accurate passer, a shifty dribbler, a great defensive player, and a fine team man. Colin received honorable mention as all-state guard, a choice he well deserved. Colin was the coolest player on the team. On and off the floor he was a good captain. lf things weren't going right, he could figure out what the trouble was and correct it. He will long be remembered by the school and fans. Lindell Webb, Guard l'37l-Lindell paired with Bandell at the "double pivot" to give the Tigers a brother act. With his weight and height he was valuable as a rebound artist. He could hit long shots and he got his share of the tip-ins. Lindell, like Buster, had a wild streak in him which may also been the foot- ball in him. Lindell had plenty of competition from Paproth for his guard position, but when things looked black he buckled down and worked that much harder. - - - Q ' F arty-six "' if Basketball Lam L. Webb D. Simpson L. Kaufman Melvin lBibl Paproth, Forward C377-This was Bib's first year on the squad and he quickly became the Tigers' number one substitute, filling in at guard or forward, whatever the occasion called for. Bib possessed a good hitting eye, especially with his left-hand shot. Some people never considered "Bib" as a basketball player, but he had all the assets of one, a good shot, a fine pair of hands, speed, and the ability to handle himself on the floor. Iohn Merkel, Center l'38l--This was lVlerkel's first year of regular basketball. He could hit the basket with the best of them and only lack of experience kept him from playing regularly. Iohn, or "Archie" to the fellows on the squad, has his best basketball still ahead of him, being only a Sophomore. He was not very impressive at the start of the season, but he developed rapidly and finished in fine style. Leo Kaufman, Guard l'38l-Leo played only the first half of the season, but he played plenty of good basketball in that short a time. He was a good long shot and could drive in and make those set-ups. Leo was a little wild, but will settle down with experience. With a year's growth, Leo should weigh about one hundred seventy pounds which would add plenty of size to next year's team, as he looms up as Captain Handlon's successor. Bill Lamkin, Guard l'36lfThis was Bill's third year of basketball, but couldn'i break into the first string because of lack of speed. He came in handy as an experienced substitute. He could hit the basket, but seemed content to feed to the other players and play more of a floor game. George Brendle, Forward l'36l-George Wasn't on the squad until the season was Well under way, but he Wasn't new to the squad for he had played the year before. George liked to play rough, and the rougher the going the better he liked it. George could ride the other players during the game, that is, "razz" them on the floor, thus making a player become self-conscious. When they tried to ride him, they found out it didn't bother him. Edgar Henke. Guard l'39l--Henke was the baby of the squad, not because of size, but because he was the only Freshman. This was the first year Henke ever played in a basketball game. He looks like a coming prospect and you will hear from him in a year or two. He played Well this year with so little experience and he has ability, size, possesses a good eye, and is fast. Forty-seven Basketball GAME WTH MT. PULASKI BASKETBALL 1935-36 Gillespie, I9 ...............,.................................,,............, Edwardsville This was thc Tigers' first game of the season. ln the last half they wiped out Gillespies one point lead and went on to win easily. Staunton, 17. ...... .... ,,....... ...... .............,....,..............,,,.. E :l w a rdsville, Staunton furnished the opposition for the Tigers' first home game, The Tigers again won by a comfortable margin. Hillsboro. 26 .,.................,...............,...,..,.....,,.,.....,..... Edwardsville, The Tigers were out to square up the beating Hillsboro gave us in football. l-lillsbords late rally saved them from being beaten badly. Litchfield, 23 ...,..,....,..,................................................ Edwardsville, The Tigers had little trouble in downing Litchfield in their second home game. This was the Edvvardsvilles fourth win in a row. Decatur. 23 ....,........,...........,........................,............. Edwardsville. Decatur was the first Big Twelve foe of the Kole-men. Edwardsvilles wonderful play in this game ranked them high among other teams in the state. Urbana, 15 .....,,............................,.......,..................... Edwardsville, Urbanc was the second Big Twelve school to lose to the Tigers, who were in the midst of a winning streak. Edwardsville wasnt as hard pressed as the score indicates. Alumni. 26 .......,....,..,...,..,............,.......,,.................... Edwardsville, This game was one of the most exciting games played here for some time. lt took the Tigers an overtime period to nose out the ex-Tigers. straight wins. had little trouble scoring. winning streak at ten games. Champ Lngn, 12 ....,.............,....,,..... Gillespie, 16 ......,...........................,...... Edwardsville, The E. l-l, S, had little trouble in winning from Gillespie the second time they met. This was the flrst game in which our team was really "hot." , . . . . . . Edwardsville. Champaign fell before the Tigers by an even more "lop- sided" score than did Urbana. This game made nine Metropolis, 19 .......................,............. , . Edwardsville, Metropolis wasn't up to its previous standard, due per- haps to the long trip they had to make. The local boys Staunton. 26 .......... ............................. E dwardsville. Upsets! Upsets! Everywhere! Staunton broke the Tigers' Mt. Pulaski, 35 ...................................... Edwardsville, The Mt. Pulaski players hit the hoop from anywhere, CAPTAIN HANDLON while the Tigers were a little "off" the first half. Forly-eight l L Basketball Coach Kole, Lamb, Henke, Merkel, Theuer, Paproth, Kaufman, Mead Captain Handlon, Lamkin, R. Webb, L. Webb, Hyten. Simpson Vandalia, 20 .........,..............,..................................,... Edwardsville. 22. Edwardsville took a close game from Vandalia on the losers' court, Many shots were missed by the Tigers that would have made their score larger. Litchfield. 23 ................,..............,....,.......................... Edwardsville. 28. The orange and black team played about its best game of the season at Litchfield as far as handling the ball and floor work were concerned, but missed many of their shots again. Beaumont. 13 ............................................................... Edwardsville, 23. Beaumont's team wasn't the kind of team that usually represents that school and the Tigers took the measure from them for the first time since the two schools began their rivalry. Clinton. 18 ...............,.........................,....,.............,..,. Edwardsville, 12. Clinton brought to Edwardsville a team of good ball-handlers that played "keeps" with the ball until they had a set shot. The Tigers seemed a bit "jittery" in the game when they got shots at the basket. Mt. Pulaski. 14 .....................,.................i..................... Edwardsville, 19. Mt. Pulaski. was the team that beat the Tigers earlier in the season by fifteen points. The Tigers played great ball to win by five points. Lebanon, 10 ................................................................ Edwardsville, 23. Lebanon came here to settle an old score, but they didn't succeed in doing so. Vandalia, 19 .....,......................................................... Edwardsville, 22. Vandalia was another team which was not convinced that the Tigers were better. Result! One of the best games played here this season. McKinley of St. Louis, 18 ............ ...........,...... E dwardsville, 34 McKinley the day before had just won the championship of the St. Louis City League. McKinley was substituted for Oblong whose players were unable to come to Edwardsville. The Tigers had little trouble in winning. Hillsboro, 24 .......,.......,....... . ................ Edwardsville. 21. The Hillsboro team was much improved over the one the Tigers played earlier in the season. Their accurate shooting won the game for them. Metropolis. 34 .................,...................... Edwardsville. 32. The Tigers lost a closely played game at Metropolis. lt was the first Metropolis victory out of four games played with the Tigers. Benld, 19 .......................... .,............... E dwardsville, 30. Our basketeers added one more game to their schedule and another "win" to their win column. The game was played at Highland in the new gym. Decatur. 15 ......................... ................. E dwardsville, 37. Decatur was beaten for the second time this season by the Tigers. All the team really "clicked" fContinued on page one hundred fivel ASST. COACH GOUZA - - I ' Forty-nine ' Tennis ' Simpson. Boeker, Merkel. W'inter. Mudge, Mr. Love TENNIS The activity in tennis during last spring and fall was somewhat diminished due to bacl weather conditions. The squad consisted of Simpson, Arthur Buchanan, Mudge, and Merkle as familiar faces from last year, and Winter, Boeker, and Peirce made their appearance as new members. The spring schedule was delayed in starting due to getting the courts in condition later than usual. With six matches scheduled, we were able to play only three, two with Alton and one with Granite City. We won one match over each school. Matches were cancelled with Okawville, East St. Louis, and Belleville. Last fall the weather man again interferred, causing three matches to be cancelled. We did try to run a boys' singles tournament, but it reached the final match which was never played. Buchanan and Mudge were suc- cessful up to that point. However, David Simpson, our tennis ace, did agree to challenge the winner, and he did not compete so the others would have more interest in the tourney. Tennis activity this spring will consist of a few postponed matches, one of which will be with Beaumont High School of St. Louis, and concentration on the district meet, from which the winners of first and second places in the singles and doubles will compete at Champaign for the state champion- ship. We have high hopes for Dave Simpson's repeating as district singles champion. Tennis, although considered a minor sport here, is one of the most valuable for future individual enjoyment. Not many experts are found in this game, but high honors are not always the measure of a good whole- some sport. lf we happen to get Colin l-landlon interested this spring, there will be some stiff competition for Simpson. Give Colin about four weeks of good stiff drill and there might be another singles champion contender in this district from Edwardsville. lt would seem that in some sports unless you are above average in skill the interest is lost. ln tennis, although keen interest is shown in witnessing the matches between experts, the real enjoyment comes to those who play the game. Tennis is a game full of action, but is not too strenuous as sometimes thought. Fifty Track TRACK The Tigers opened their track season last spring by participating in the Maplewood Relays. The Tigers finished third in the relay division and fifth in the entire meet with a total of seventeen points. The Tigers' two mile relay team took third place. The distance medley team C440-220-880 and milel of Yates, Stubbs, Hoffman, and Burrus won their event in 8.06, just five seconds off the relay record. The Tigers for the first time staged their own relays and to celebrate took first place in their own relays with a point total of 53-lf 3. Maplewood took second place with 41-5X6 points and Webster Groves was close behind with 39 points. The distance medley team again won its event and the Tigers 480 yard hurdles relay team won its event. The Tigers journeyed to the southern part of the state to take part in the Harrisburg meet. Running on a rough track the Tigers piled up a total of 56111 points to take first place in the meet. Outstanding performances were turned in by Yates, who finished second in the l00 yard dash, the two mile relay team which won their event, Freshman relay team which took first place, the distance medley team which again won its event, and Hydron who placed second in the shot. The District Meet had been pointed to by the Tigers all spring. Their chances of Winning were very good and the winners and second places were allowed to participate in the state meet. The Tigers came out winners with a total of 32 points. Granite City and East St. Louis were tied for second with 28 points each. The Tigers again lacked very many first places in the events, but took enough of the other places to finish in the driver's seat. Probably the most outstanding performances of the afternoon was in the mile run, with Paul Burrus winning the event in 4 minutes 39 and one tenth's second for a new district record. The Tiger 880 relay team were second in 880 relay. Their time in their heat was l minute 34.4 seconds, a new school record. At the state meet Paul Burrus placed fourth in the mile, winning his own heat. The Tiger relay team won their heat in l minute 32.2 seconds, a new school record, but did not place in the meet. This meet is held at the University of lllinois Stadium and is the goal of all lllinois High School tracksters. Handlon, Hackney, Puhse, Kaufman, Honchak, Young, Mgr. Mead Coach Kole, Jennings, Hyten, Theuer, R. Webb, Roffman, Brendle, Lamb, Winkle, Asst. Coach Gouza Burrus, Baker, Hydron, Stubbs, Yates, Bauer, Soehlke, Berger, Love, Diites Fifly-one 1 ul 1 1 'Girls' Sports GIRLS Fifty-t Girls' Sports GIRLS' SPORTS The girls' athletics are grouped under G. A. A. association which is directed by Miss Weigel. lt is primarily for girls interested in athletics, but a few take part because they can thus be excused from physical educaton. Many girls are interested as well as adept in both. This group has a great deal of fun together. lt is not all athletics, of course. They have their various social functions. Losing teams generally entertain the winners. There is also the Christmas party for the poor children, and Playday. The officers for this year are Muriel Dippold, president, Ann Black, vice- presidenty and Mary Frances Bender, secretary-treasurer. The organization covers quite a number of activities so that there is always something going on the year round. ln the fall there is tennis, base- ball, hiking, volleyball, and archery. These same activities fill up the program in the spring. ln baseball the captains now are Bernadine Hess and Betty Huelskamp with Ioy Bobinette and Ruth Greenwood as vice-captains. Miss Brown has taken this activity over for the spring season. ln the fall, Dorothy Weeks' team was the winner. The losing team was piloted by Marie Plessa. Vice- captains were Helen Westbrook and Helen Stahlhut. Miss Quernheim was their leader. The Hiking Club has as its president Marie Knauel. Betty Frampton is vice-president, and Shirley Baughman, secretary-treasurer. Under the direc- tion of Miss Oliver, the club travels approximately sixty miles in eight weeks. They hike every Thursday and on some Saturdays. On Saturdays is when they get their mileage. This is one activity in which the leader must also participate. Fifty people were active in the club this year. Volleyball is taken over by Miss Harris. Last fall Muriel Dippold and Violet Scheibe were captains. Goldie Greenwood and Iudith Reilly were their subordinates. Goldie Greenwood's team as the winner was entertained at a picnic. Now Edna Botter and Betty Huelskamp are captains for the spring season. Vice-captains are Mary Ellen Krieger and Dorothy Weeks. Since archery is comparatively new, there has been no formal organiza- tion. This activity is steadily growing. For the spring season, there will be about twenty-five out for this sport, thus making more equipment necessary. Dorothy Fitzpatrick won the loving cup in the play-off of the tie between Lois Harrell and Dorothy. The winner keeps the cup until the next season. During the winter months, basketball holds the spotlight. The Seniors were given a banquet as winners of the tournament. This was quite an event. The captains were: Freshmen-Hilda Plessa, Sophomores-Betty Huelskamp, Iuniors-Myrle Donaldson, Seniors-Marie Plessa. Miss Brown and Miss Steiner assisted Miss Weigel in the coaching because of the great number who came out. They took charge of several groups on Saturday. Perhaps something should be mentioned about keeping training. This is another way of gaining points in aiming toward the various awards. Health rules must be kept for sixteen weeks. ln fact, this is one of the requirements. Those who receive their first state awards are Margaret Blumberg, Viola Blumberg, Muriel Dippold, Myrle Donaldson, Mary Giardina, Marie Knauel, Mary Ella Krieger, Helen Kunze, Marjorie Lee, Vivianne Norder, Dorothy Somerlad, and Helen Westbrook. This is a letter l in blue and white. The following girls get the second state award, which is the highest you can receive: Ann Black, Muriel Dippold, luanita Greear, Marie Knauel, Marie Plessa, ludith Reilly, and Helen Westbrook. A map of the State of lllinois in the G. A. A. colors, which are blue and white, will be given to these girls. Fifty-three hx V -VV .V -,VVV Va- T :VV - V V-V V,-'5,1,J..V"':--Vg:-,V.E'-frm?-'Vi1'?.2.'i':e,1VV.V--'fa'VI-'-I.'fVri,'V-A5- ' TY iv 1 1 ' f ,V V - -ia MV.-VsV',-iV'HZ:Vg3VI., ff,-'-.21 2:34 WL'-1"f:'i-.-'-VQTSV' V ' ggi- nf- -M-ffifrv' q:5g3fJVQ,-V- ?',,g':fVH-15" ' 'kiwi-5' 2 -V-1325 . sf--Vg? VQSTK5- d,1V?Vg?, '9V,5s'- A' P-fu, 9' '-,-VVV V-24:2-??W2V,Vf5-.rf VV,-,- - , Q V ,3V,gVvm,-gy-f'4Q1V4wV,V-V- V-fV-,VVV:QVV:-V- V513 M-Fx f:-"' ffm- '--'- 'V-,VV-2 - Q 5554.-' a X ':Z2Vmz"'?-QQ. 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Tiger Staff f ,, Ez f , A f .. ,v . 1 WX 1 f , '- x Xxx. ' "gif K7 ' A - ., .,,, ,"V: ff- ., .L ?AMar rr afrhw nfwg g gs 'X V 1 1, , 'L-M ,W 5:5 if f Aww' .gfjnw-f 'EJ' TIF- tg 'N 1' W ff Q if , haf JAN 4 gy, ffl ' i 5 4 , 'Ei N A E " i 5? f 1 rwwfxwm, Sv. 1 2? W gm LE fi, QW if fx QmfS5,5m Z, rt A if S, B' S ' ff ' 1 Y " I..l ,bi lj -.1 , W I 4 , ,.r,, I Q W ff gf 4 fi fy ,Q ff, X 5 12" . Q, M f . .ff g k '12, 1 . gi K xi ii i. . ' 2 -. ' 9 wrw' 2 Mr. Kinsel, Stepanovich, Schneider, Keltner, Mr. Blodgett Neudecker, Dornacher, Henderson, Dressel, Peirce Faculty Advisers-Mr. Blodgett, Mr. Kinsel F i fzysix r f'1iA'l, K V954 L? Organizations Hi-Tri Council Stullken, Tuxhorn, Watson Miss Quernheim, Frampton, Leitner, Rishel, Miss Benner Faculty Advisers-Miss Quernheim, Miss Benner Burroughs, Simpson, Peirce, Handlon, Tuxhorrx, Martindale Mr. Love, Cummins, Stewart, Buchanan, Mudge, Brown Hamlin, Cunningham, Stullkon, Herrin, Meyer, Hall, Lange President-C, Burroughs. Vice-President-A. Stewart Hi-Y Club Tre-asurer4A. Buchanan, Secretary-E. Tuxhorn, Faculty Adviserflwr. Love Fifty-seven I f 1 I J Music I .ttf Mott-ar, C.. Augsburger, D. Augsburger, Hunt, R. Weidner, Etzkorn, Soehlke, C. Weidner, Knis Rasplica, Clayton, Sickbert, bl. Augsburger, Peirce, W-lch, Creear, Hofeditz, Guller, Ellsperman, Beg Purpose ot the Instrumental Music Department The department of instrument music strives, not to produce a few highly- trained musicians capable of filling symphonic positions, but to bring an understanding and appreciation of better music to many. Music helps mold character, helps build citizenship, and points the way to many of the finer things of life. The concerts given by the band have added to the musical recreation and appreciation of the entire community, and the orchestra, while a little over-shadowed, has provided a worth-while background for many plays and functions given by the classes and various organizations of the school and community. Among those classics included in the repertoire of the orchestra and band are: "The Sleeping Beauty Waltz" by Tschaikowsky, "Tales from the Vienna Woods" by Strauss, "Symphonie lVlilitaire" by Haydn, "Spiritual Rivers" by Gault, "Son and Stranger" by Mendelssohn, "First Norwegian Rhapsody" by Christianssen, "Overture to Peter Schmoll" by Von Weber, "Symphony in E-flat" by Fauchet, "Egmont Overture" by Beethoven, "Light Cavalry" by Von Supper, 'l:'inlandia" by Sibelius, "Phaeton" by Saint Saens, and "The Universal ludgmentu by De Nardis. District, state, and national contests in which we have participated have given us the opportunity of seeing and hearing such famous figures in the musical world as Arthur Pryor, Karl King, Harold Bachman, Captain Charles O'Neill, William Revelli, lames Gillette, Peter Buys, Victor G-rabel, Herbert Clark, Frank Simon, and Edwin Franlco Goldman. These varied associations, acquaintances, and experiences have created memories that we shall cherish to the end of our lives. Soloists and Ensembles Soloists and members of ensembles play a very important part in the instrumental music department of our school. Besides playing in contests, they fill in on many programs of all sorts, and last year appeared on Fifty-eight mtv, 'A Music approximately fifty programs. Among these were programs of school, church, home, programs of fraternal, civic, and social organizations. Solo and ensemble contests are held in cone nection with the regular band contests. All Edwardsville contestants who entered the contests at least placed in the district. Last year's soloists who Won recognition are Bernadine Spanholtz Cdruml and Cleo Betzold Cpianol, third in the dis- trictg Donald Greear Cbassl, Harold Kribs tpianol, Iosephine Augsburger tljrench hornl, Betty Clay- ton and Franklin Peirce Cxylophonel, Murl Siclcbert fbassoonl, Lorraine Rasplica toboel, and Calvin Hofeditz tBb clarinetl Won second in the district: William Mottar Ccornetl and Grace Augsburger toboel placed first in the district and third in the state. Those who Won first in the district and second in the state are Ruth Weidner CEb clarinetl, Dorothy Kniser Cbassl, and Cleaon Etzkorn Cbari- tonel. State champions are Betty Guller Cpianol and Willis Varner, Ir. tbassl who also placed in the national. ,Llql Calvin Hofeditz and Douglas Begeman won 132 first in the district and first in the state with their clarinet duet. Among students who Won recognition in grade school contests and are now in high school is lack Welch Clirench hornl, second in the districtg Lorene Soehllce Cbassoonl, Dorothy Augsburger Cljrench hornl, and Marjorie Hunt and Geneva Weidner Cflutel Won first in the district and second in the state. Anita Ellsperman Ccornetl is state champion cornetist and a member of a state champion ensemble. I' XJR VV HKU lVI.!'lI1La1'1 I I ' 4 Music THE MARCHING BAND That colorful pageant of enthusiastic young manhood and womanhood that radiates dignity, culture, and refinement, that group that holds us all in its thrall-The Marching Band. With its inspiring music it leads the march when the athletic teams triumph and it softens the sting of defeat when they lose. With its letter and intricate weaving formations, it furnishes much whole- some, educational entertainment for the fans during the football season. One of the most impressive sights ever displayed on the athletic field was the Parade of Flags, given with the assistance of the Cheer Club. Mr. Varner does not confine the work of the marching band to mere school activities, because this organization has served an important part in many civic undertakings, such as playing in the American Legion Parade and the Christmas Community Parade, as well as helping to create good community fellowship in conjunction with the local "Good Will" tour. Thus the marching band, with its martial airs, is an organization that will live in the thoughts of both young and old, as a living exponent to further happiness! what nobler creed could it possess? TRANSPGRTATION T-o-o-t . . . t-o-o-t . . . So long! And the train carrying the Edwardsville High School Band chugged slowly from the station. lt is only by their excellent performances, precision, intonation, and interpretation that they have qualified themselves for the highest competition. Although our concert band is ninety strong and has had annual trips to either state or national contests, we have not been obliged to depend upon public tax money. All funds for transportation, housing, meals, recreation, and emergencies have been created by direct effort of our organization, parents, friends, and public philanthrophy. ln Cleveland, Ohio, on May l4, 15, l6, we will again enter national competition in the name of Edwardsville and for the first time as a national honor band to represent the great State of Illinois. We will not predict a victory, but our motto is "Don't give up the ship." Sixty Music BAND HISTORY The fall of l93U marked the beginning of the Edwardsville school bands. The first band was composed of thirty-five charter members, all of whom were bona-fide Iunior High School students. A marked degree of progress in this group justified the extention of the band work to the high school. The first high school band was organized September, l93l. This group con' tinued to grow and by the date of their first annual spring concert had reached a total of sixty members. The following spring of l933 found us entering our first contest with a band of ninety pieces. With this high school organization of less than two years' experience, we were able to play "Egmont Overture" in a manner that induced the judges to give us a rating of one. At Urbana the following May we were again placed in class one and recommended to represent the state in the national contest to be held at Evanston, lllinois, in lune of the same year. Here our final rating was in group two. Even though we had less than two years of experience, Arthur Pryor, a national authority, rated us as one of the best bands in the nation. Since l933, we have never failed to receive a rating of one in the district contests. Our arrival at the state contest in N334 was far behind our schedule, being just fifteen minutes before our playing time, and even under this tremendous strain we were able to win a championship rating, losing national representation by one-half of one point. The l935 state contest found us qualified as national honor band for l936. The ratio of growth established during the first three years of band activities in Edwardsville has been maintained through to the present and was climaxed by the gala concert on February 5, l936, given by the high school band, augmented by the grade school bands with a grand total mem- bership of approximately three hundred students. BAND STAFF "Music goes 'round and 'round and . . while we are not heartily con- cerned about the name of that popular ballad, it is suggestive. The band staff is the energy nucleus which keeps the wheels of band industry and enthusiasm going. Members of this group are not elected and can qualify only through service and efficiency. Sixty-one V, 4 Or crnizcztions Stamp Club Mudd, Berry Mudge, Stepanovich, Peirce, Godfrey, Stahlhut, Slaby, Martindale Dippold, Morrison, Howerton, Miss Davis, Leitner, Gamble, Becker President-D, Mudge, Vice-President-A. Krumsiek, Secretary-M. Dippold Faculty Adviser-Miss Davis Commerce Club Pletcher, Weeks, Scheiber, Lee, Kunze, Viere, Plessa, Wilrfl Miss Ricke, Dippolcl, Leitner, Luksan, Norder, Reilly, Reid President-V. Scheilwe, Vice-President--M. Lee, Secretary-D. VVQ-eks Treasurer-A. Kayser, Faculty Adviser-Miss Ricke Sixty-two w V 'A Organizations Glee Clubs W if ,f Lf,"-r - Scheibal, Mindrup, Wfinter, Tietze, Sickbert, Rasplica, Mead Martindale, j. Dippold, K. Tuxhorn, Wise, Vlfeidner, Klein, Meyer. Koch, Hall, Neuenschwander, Blume Dierkes, Bardlemeier, Rishel, Fitzgerald, B. Tuxhorn, Knauel, Estabrook, Blixen, M. Dippold, Wolf, Kriege, Loewen, Staflord, C. Cummins Lake, Frey, Kuethe, Baird, Cullens, joseph, Rothe, Miller, Bristow, Lee, Barnett, jones, Nischwitz, Ostendorf Guller, Miss Pergrem, Attig, Bettman, Hubach, D. Cummins, Hunt, Hart, Frampton, Leonard, Wood, Henderson, XVatson Treasurer-M. Stullken, Faculty Adviser-Miss Pergrem French Club Tietze, Smith, Peirce, Simons Rector, Bayer, Weidner, Love, Kunze, Frampton, Krumsiek, Forshaw, West Robinson, Miss Adams, Yindrak, Rischel, Fitzgerald, Mack, Ferguson, Schwager, Broderick, C. Cummins, Ditchburn Wfisnaski, Bettman, D. Cummins, Rhoads. Hubach, Attig, Landon, Dittes, Herrin, Buchanan, Mottar Presidents-A. Buchanan, B. Mottar, Vice Presidents-E. Herrin, M. Rishel Secretary-Treasurers-V. Yindrak, L. Dittes, Faculty Adviser-Miss Adams Sixty-three Lf Organizations Trebing. Sickbe-rt, Hanks, Stubbs, Mead, Etzkorn, Robinson Metzger, Meyer, Lischka, Miss Benner, Bartels, Ilarmening, Martindale L'o1nn1itte-sill. Stubbs. B. M:-ad. E. Henkf-, Faculty Adviseriyliss Benner German Club I Dramatic Club Leilner, Markham, Bayer, Bartels Yifeidner, llubach, Miss Brown, Hurmening, Vowells Fax culty Adviser+Miss Brown Sixty-four e Organizations Cheer Club Mudd, B. Tuxhorn, Caulk, Reilly, Krumeich, Winter, Miss Sloan Stewart, Hall, Meyer, Smith, Gamble, Miller, Bardelmeier, G. Cummins D. Cummins, Troeckler, Guller, K. Tuxhorn, Simpson, Schade, Leitner, Attig, Kane President-D. Simpson, Vice-President-B. C-uller. Secretary-K. Tuxhorn Treasurer!-L. Schade, Typist-L. Leitner, Faculty Adviser-Miss Sloan 9 Scheibe, Churchill, Somerlacl, West, Knauel, Lee, Kunze, Plessa, Creear, V. Norcler, Rotter, Huelskamp, Robinette Miss Weigel, Hommert, Ostendorf, Gamble, Nischwitz, Black, Bender, Levora, Harrell, Ciardina, Henderson, Watson Ohren, Hubach, C. Norder, Greenwood, Barnett, Dippold, Reilly, Wolf, Ciese, Frampton, Leonard, Ax President--M. Dippold, Vice-President-A. Black Secretary-Treasurer-M. Bender, Faculty Adviser--Miss W'eigel Sixty-five G. A. A. 1 L .w E , ' 17544921-74E"'1QfIW", 'J LH'f:5U1',f751l?:2WVJ"'ai?-f,':IC1'121f'e?',1 "T'i-fifvwx-v,,1,--I 1 .1,S1':' , Y Vw 4T7TfT'Hf'i1'-"Tifv1 , , ,- , . ., , ,. , 1 ,.3c, . ,,,s1e,.g.,.. sv, , 1 4 1, ,UK f',.,,,, , .,,,,, 4 . 1, ,.,,,.,g?., ,. M. Q 41,11 ,, , , A " V f ,--- , , 111 "Wi-111 G11 vi- , ,L ,if ,, pw . 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NJA. '1 M111 - 11:--,CF1 ff S-gfvww'mf-?1S11xz1-S -, ww- 4. ak, -LV www 1, xgfi:11,,-,., 57 1' .1i'i1w,11w,-:1 , 924 . 1 ,- 92,4113-:,,1 ww 111, 112 ,A 73,1-,11,111.-2-4 I ' ' 1' ' ' 1' ' 1- 1 v ' usa- 1- 11 fn:-,Q-:1 ,1 1 - 1- 2, ' 11-1 11- - lVIiA'l'lll!lE1i Opel etta TUNE IN Presented by the Glee Club "Tune in to our croonin', da da da-da de da da"-those IJGDDY songs oi that operetta still linger with us. The story was something like this: Kasper Kroggins, played by Murl Sickbert, Czar of the cod-fish industry, and Dave Simpson as lerry Kennedy, his advertising manager, have decided to tell the whole world about Kroggins Kippered Kodfish over the air. loe Brown, played by Willard Smith, operator oi WTNT, is to put on a test broadcast. li successful, he will be able to make necessary payments to Franklin Peirce, as Lysander Phipps, the former owner but a iamous theatrical producer now. There is really double trouble when it's revealed that "Mitzi, the Mystery Soprano," who is to be the star of the program, is Marjorie Lee, as Mrs. Kroggins, who has much more ambition than talent. Ierry promises to keep her oii the air. Billy Mead, as I. Bottomley Binks, the announcer, aids him. The telephone operator, Betty lones, replaces her on the program. lt so happens her name is really "Mitzi." Mrs. Kroggins is pushed into an elevator which they stall between iloors. lust as the program is being concluded in comes Mrs. Kroggins. She sings into a dead mike, thinking she is broad- casting, but she catches on after a telephone call. What a kettle of iish! Mrs. Kroggins wants Jerry discharged, Kroggins' otter is oii, lean, Marian Barnett, is angry with loe for humiliating her mother, Phipps tells loe to pay up or turn over the station, Mitzi quits the station and lerry. But all ends well. Phipps signs Mrs. Kroggins by mistake for a musical review, and loe is to get clear title for arranging this. Phipps just hears her voice: that's enough. The contract is torn up. The real Mitzi gets the part then. Throckmorton, played by Delbert Meyer, supplies the silver lining. He has been trying to see loe all during the play. He brings the news that Ioe is heir to a large estate, including patent rights to the kippering process. Other characters were the sister team-Tilly, Billy, and Milly played by Betty Guller, Phyllis Hubach, and Betty Tuxhorng Earl Herrin, as "Dynamo" Dave, production manager of WTNTp and Herman Winter as Bob, the engineer in charge of the control room. The chorus should be given a cheer. They presented a very colorful backgroundp the dancers too-in tact, all helped to make a very success- tul operetta. Sixty-eight Scene from the Operetta "Tune In Scene f1OII1 the Iunlor Play Growin Pains" Class Plays HGROWIN' PAINS" Presented by the Iuniors A new deal in scenery, and most important, the sound equipment. This story, which centered around the heartaches and thrills of the Mclntyre chil- dren through the age of adolescence, was really packed with laughs. Mrs. Mcintyre was played by Marian Barnett. Her husband, often abstracted to total deafness, was Allen Stephens. George, Dave Simpson, was handicapped by a vocabulary too large for him. His sister Terry, played by Betty lones, was induced to give up her status as a tomboy. Iohn Havelka, as Brian, was her hero. There was Vincent Spitze, as Dutch, who had quite some trouble with his girl, Patty, played by Dorothy Troeckler. Some of Terry's friends were lane, Iane Hugginsg Miriam, Helen Stahlhutg Sophie, Bernadine Hessg and that new girl Prudence, Betty Guller. The new girl was bewitching until her place was taken by Elizabeth Fischer as Vivian. We must mention Esther Reid as Elsie, whose mother, Grace Porter, pushed her ahead. Some of George's friends were Amar, Tommy Hamlin, Hal, William Hessel. Then there was the cop, Wilfred Schirmer, and last but not least Behrendts' dog. Miss Pergrem directed the play. "SHIRT SLEEVES" Presented by the Seniors Gail Stubbs, as Franklin Rand, Charles Caulk, as his son, and Margaret Stullken, as Mrs. Rand, took the principal parts in "Shirt Sleeves," the Senior play directed by Miss Sloan. Edith Dickerson, as Kitty, had the comic lead with Franklin Peirce as her boy friend. Helen Hanser, Diana, La Verne Leitner, Esther, and Betty Tuxhorn, Margie, played the important ingenue parts. Colin Handlon had the villain's role as Richard Crandall, who fore- closed on the old homestead. Dick Mudge played the part of Donald Band, the elder son. Iustin Boeker was the auctioneer and Allister Stewart portrayed Norman Aldrich, the dull suitor of Diana Band. Dorothy Henderson and Muriel Dippold played young girls' parts as friends of Diana. Wilma Robertson and Leila Schade took the parts of snooping shoppers at the auction, Alpha and Omega. The cast was completed by Ioe Hentz and William Engelmann as baggage men, Billy Mead as the clerk, and Murl Sickbert a bidder The depression furnished the back-ground for the plot, based on the theme that the fortunes of a family go from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations. l I 1 - Sxxlyvpzne X HALLOWE'EN PARTY On October 3l, amid such ill omens as broken mirrors, black cats, and skulls and crossbones, we held our annual Hallowe'en party in the High School gym. Mae West, lndian maidens, Gabriel, Dutch girls, and clowns could be seen in the crowd. After the grand march and awarding of prizes, there was dancing. Later in the evening we were given a new deal in food Cwe surely did appreciate that? and so ended another Halloween Masque. SENIOR-IUNIOR LEAP YEAR PARTY As it was the twenty-fourth of Ianuary, in the year one thousand nine hun- dred thirty-six, the girls were at last given a break and allowed to escort their secret passions to the Junior-Senior leap year party given in the gym. Some fair youths were even presented with corsages and called by such as Artina, Alice, Galta, and Wilhema. After a short program which included the singing of popular songs, we danced to the music of Ed Ahrens and his orchestra. Dance programs were tried, again the girls successfully did their bit and secured many partners tor their dates. GIRLS' KID PARTY The old girls entertained the Freshman girls at a kid party Thursday night, April 2. All were requested to dress as kids and act quite kiddish Cthat wasn't hard for most of usl. Songs were sung by the group and there were a few recitations by the guests. Every one seemed to enjoy dancing to the music of loe Ladd's orchestra. Lollypops, ice cream, and cup cakes were the refreshments served. FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE PARTY The Freshies held their "coming out party" with the Sophomores in April. The party was held in the gym and everyone had a good time. We wonder it the boys were very bashful and afraid to ask the girls to dance, thereby making the girls dance with each other or if the poor girls took advantage of leap year. .G. A. A. BANQUET About fifty girls attended the G. A. A. banquet given Saturday night, March 28, to honor the winners of the girls' basketball tournament. Eunice Giese was toastmistress and toasts were given by Betty Huelskamp, Hilda Plessa, and Marie Plessa. Other G. Af A. members took part in the interesting program which included songs sung by the group. The tables were decorated with pastel shades of crepe paper and there were programs of pastel shades with basketball trophies for favors. There were also paper caps for the guests, the Seniors and Cubs. Y Seventy Lyceums PROFESSOR PAMAHASIKA PETS On October 2, l935, Professor Pamahasika came for our first lyceum. His act proved so interesting the year before, that he was brought back. And could his dogs perform! Some could even climb a ladder. A small fluffy white poodle gained my admiration. The dogs took turns jumping on a pony's back for rides. That is, when the monkey did not interfere. The mention of monkey generally means amusement. The cockatoos were next. These beautiful birds proved themselves quite intelligent. They counted by ringing a bell, waltzed, took turns on a see-saw, and gave the baby of the group a buggy ride. Capturing a fort was their last act. A fire started by a miniature cannon was put out and a new flag hoisted up. Three beautifully-colored parrots were also shown us. THE WONDERS OF SCIENCE This lyceum was brought to us by Harry C. White, who, with his unique collection of scientific equipment, demonstrated to us some of the miracles of the science of color chemistry and light. Mr. White uses in this lecture paraphernalia valued at many thousands of dollars. ln one of Mr. White's demonstrations he uses a bromoscope and demonstrates the power of the smallest lamp in the world. By the use of this instrument, he shows how physicians are able to take from the bodies of humans foreign substances such as facks, pins, etc. The electric eye with all of its wonders was demon- strated, the transmitting a beam of light and the lighting a light, turning on fans, making bells ring, etc. There was also a reproduction of Edison's first lamp. Next Mr. White showed the use of the Cathantograph or Radio Pen. With this instrument he writes in letters of fire on a far away screen. lt was with the same type of instrument that Mrs. Bryd was able' to write to Admiral Byrd while he was in the Antarctic. Last, but not least, he made the most beautiful colors appear on cloth. This is accomplished by use of the black ray. A ray which, when seen in darkness, permits the human eye to see what it has looked at but never actually seen. With the use of this ray many unsuspected marvels came out of the darkness. Truly, this was the most startling and unusual demonstration of color that we had ever seen. ETHEL HANLEY'S MARIONETTES We all enjoyed this lyceum given by Mrs. Hanley and her HapDYfGo- Lucky Marionettes. Popular stories of childhood, singing and dancing, and vaudeville sketches were reproduced. There were "The Little Dutch Mill," "Princess Petite," a jazz symphony. Did we get fooled when the monkey stopped clapping? l'll say sol And just who wouldn't like to own a skeleton which would fall into a pile of bones and then become a boney frame again by merely pulling a string? Next there was a sketch "The Man on the Flying Trapeze." The program was concluded by "Shirley Temple," "Freddy, the Clown," "The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf." lt was great fun to watch the Three Little Pigs duck behind their doors the minute the Big Bad Wolf appeared. Seventy-one - We wish to take a few minutes out and thank our advertisers for backing our book in the fine way they have shown. It is through them that this annual is made possible, but we believe that the Seniors. who are the coming generation. the under- graduates, parents, teachers. and alumni, who will see and read this book will repay them by their patronage. Seventy-two INDEX A. G P. Grocery Store .... B. 61 R. Recreation ...,.. Ballweg Pharmacy .... .97 94 98 Bank of Edwardsville. . . . . . 108 Barnsbaclc, Dr. R. S. .... 95 Beauty Mart ...,...... . . . 109 Bohm, Alvin C. ....... 109 Bothman, A. G Sons .... . 78 Brockmeier, Dr. C. ..... . 98 Butler Chevrolet, lnc.. . . . 99 Buckles Transfer ........ . . 98 Buckley ci Buckley ............ . .. 110 Buhrmester Paint 6. Paper Co .... 97 Burroughs, Gordon ............ . 98 Burroughs, Simpson G Reed .... 110 Burton, C. W. ..,.....,..... . . . 97 Callahan, lames T. ........ . . . 104 Cassens 51 Sons ..... . . . 92 Cassens' Tin Shop .... . 97 Cathcart's Cafe .,..... . . . 99' Central Shoe Repair .... . . . 101 Clayton Cleaners . . . . . . 100 Cochran, Dr. C. R.. . . Delicate Drug Co.. . . Delicate Grocery .... Dornacher, George ..... Eaton, H. B., ......... Eberhart Bros. Grocery .... Eberhart 61 Dustman .... Eden Bowling Alley ....,... Edwards lce Co. .......... . Edwardsville Building 5: Loan Edwardsville Consumers Co. Edwardsville Creamery Co.. Edwardsville Fruit Store .... Edwardsville Lumber Co... . Edwardsville National Bank G Eeck, lohn F. ............. . Estabrook, W, L. .......... . Excelsior Laundry .... Ferguson, Dr. E. C. ........ . Figge Service Station ....... Fink Electrical Supply G Co. Fink, Dr. L. ............... . Fitzgerald, Peter , ....,.., Frey, Adolph ............. Gabrileen Beauty Shoppe. . . Geers Corner Store ....... Geers, Lester ............. Halley's Cash Market ....,. Hardbecks, Geo., Grocery.. Harris G Goetz .......,...,. Hartung Bros. Barber Shop. . Harwood Auto Parts Co.. . . . Henry, H. Simon .......... Herii-lones ............ Hiles, Perry H.. . .. Hirsch, Dr. 1. A... . Hodges, Ben ..... Home Nursery .... Hotz Lumber Co.. . . . Hurst Pontiac Co.. .. Illinois Lumber Co.. . . lahn-Ollier .........,.. Kellermann, Simon, lr.. . . . Kiem's ......... 97 106 . 95 114 97 109 ...114 109 . 74 Assn. ..... 104 97 , 75 90 ............100 Trust Co... 103 114 110 89 110 114 . 77 . 90 . 93 . 90 . 109 . 95 . 80 . 95 90 83 ...109 . 98 110 102 101 . 95 . 74 . 74 107 105 . 83 115 83 109 Seventy-three TO . ADVERTISERS King Bee Candy Kitchen .... K1ueter's Grocery ........... Knauel, Dr. R. I. ............. . Ladd, Ioe and His Orchestra ..... Lamkin's Market .............. Leclaire 'Store ..,.............. Litchfield G Madison Railway ....... . .. Lore Beauty Shoppe .................... Madison Madison County Abstract 6. Title Co.. . .. County Mutual Automobile Ins..- Madison County Oil Co. ............... . Madison Store ......................... Marks G Weber Funeral Home .... McKittrick, S. W. ...,.......... . Meyer, E. C. G Son .......,.. Mudge, D. 1-1. ..... . Nash, Dr. M. D. ,..... .. Nelson, N. O., Co. ...... .. Neudecker Barber Shop ..... Oliver, Dr. A. H. ........ . Overbeck Bros. .... . . . . Palace Store ........ Peerless Cleaners ..... Penney, 1. C. ........ . Raifaelle 6. Ferguson. .. Richards Brick Co. ...... . Rosenthal Insurance Co.. . . . Runge 61 Zeigler ........... St. Boniface Bowling Alley. . . Schmidt's Tin Shop ....... Schoon 6. Kruse ........ Schroeder, Dr. W. H.. .. Schwarz, 1. L. ........ . Schwartz, Leonard .......... Scott, F. M. .................. . Scott, Drs. 1. M. G Lawrence ..... Shepard, Dr. E. E. ............ . Shupack's ........ Silverbloom, lnc. . . . Smith, Wm. M. P.. .. Solter :S Kreige ........ Sound Service Shop .... Straube Funeral Home .... Strebler Studios .......... Terry, Gueltig G Powell .... Texaco Service Station .... Tietze, Dr. H. C. ....... . TriACity Grocery Co.. . . Tunnell, Ferdinand. . . . Vanzo . . Wahl, Dr, E. .............. . Waldo's Clover Farm Store. . . Vllharti, Dr. .......,,............ . Warnock, W. W. .............., . Vfarnock, Williamson 51 Burroughs ....... Wayne Grocery ................. Vlfehrle, lohn, Service Station ...... Wells Tire Sales .............. Western Illinois Oil Co.. . . Wildey Theater ........ Vlfilliams, Dr. Byron P. .... ., Willis lewelery Store ........ ., West End Service Station .... .. Whites Cafe .............. . , Vifoodlawn Gardens ...... ,, Vfoolworth, F. W. ..... ,, 90 110 114 94 109 107 74 104 95 111 89 90 108 110 90 89 90k 80 95 95 81 '77 93 107 112 93 S0 90 94 100 101 95 101 91 110 95 114 90 104 90 110 97 96 113 93 95 98 93 109 107 98 110 98 89 114 110 114 80 82 100 90 83 110 98 109 95 Compliments of BEN H-ODGES County Recorder ir las f resh' as the mountain breez new modern air conditioned COCLERATOR 10 Days Free Trial O O E WARDS ICE C0. Phone 40 es in nty-four -HOME NURSERY AND GREENHOUSE TREES AND SHRUBS CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS Edwardsville, lll. Compliments of LITCHFIELD 8: MADISON RAILWAY St. Louis Gateway Route Free Pickup and Delivery SERVICE Less Carload Shipments EDWARDSVILLE CREAMERY C0 QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk, Cream, Cheese, Butter, and Evaporatecl Milk 2234 WQ Park sf. -. i- -I . For Prompt and Satisfactory Delivery .Phone 365. if CContinued from page twenty-nine? on sleep. Hale- Keltner is being sued by Laurine Knecht and Vlasta Yindrak for heart bombing. Marie Buckles, famed woman psychologist, has advanced the startling statement that if people don't send their children to school they will be uneducated men and women when they grow up. A. K. Stewart has put into operation what he terms a self-sustaining cat and rat ranch, where one sells the skins of the cats, feeds the rats on the cat's carcasses, and the rats to the cats. After this masterpiece, he was confined in a "nut house," but l heard that he escaped. Murl Sickbert and his girls' choir have varied singing in church by vocalizing for the inmates up at lacksonville, where they have a more appreciative audience. The gals are Charlotte Henry, Edith Dickerson, Geraldine Farrar, Adeline Frey, Viola Grant, Carol Crouch, Leona Viere, and Mildred Meyer. Mary Louise Hart, snake charmer for the Century Circus, owned by Lester Poos and lrwin Grotefendt, was bitten by one of the snakes. I think it was Lester. She is at death's door and "Doc" Brendle thinks he can pull her through. Charlie Caulk is now "QYping" the EQYDtians. l-le's a chiropractor in Cairo. Ralph ludd, notorious racketeer, was trapped yesterday by Iunior Soelhke and Olin Schwab, "Cf" men. Leila Schade, who is teaching kindergarten, was heard to remark, "It's surprising what one can learn from one's work." CWell, that depends . . . D Bill Mead and Dick Mudge are employed as flag pole sitters. Bill says that, although they're out to make a mark on ' tContinued on next page? Seventy-five -I . BGTHMAN SL S0 Be Sure and See NEW 1936 V8 NGW DN1DISPLAY WE SERVICE JNL1. MAKES OF CARS Vandalia Street Phone 602 Firestone Tires Ford and Lincoln Dealers tContinued trom page seventy-tive? the world, he hopes it won't be on the pavement seventy-tive stories below. Lester Puhse, an enterprising young undertaker, was jailed recently tor trying to change the labels on the medicine bottles ot several doctors. CTake it either Way.J We have discovered what Curl Hotmeier used to practice on the way to school. He's one of New York's ablest sandwich men. CYou know, between two signsj 'Willard Smith, daring adventurer, is about to attempt a trip over Niagara Falls in a market basket. He assures us that it he tails he'll try again with a new basket. A bill was recently received by the school board tor the purchase ot eleven pairs ot brass knuckles. Bill Lamkin, our coach, says that our boys will wear them to entorce tair play Cand incidentally a victory for E. H. SJ. Harold Gillig was tired from the air mail service for adding P. S.'s to all the letters he carried. Gctil Stubbs is running a pet shop in Boston. He not only sells pups but also rents out sailors to exercise them. Bill Engelmann and Bob Robinson are especially in demand by certain young ladies who always accompany their "pets" on these walks. Bill Mottar and Rod McNeilly are the organizers ot a band that plays at Kerrol Childres' night club on 42nd Street CBenldJ. Claxton Burroughs is the master ot ceremonies and he is sup- ported by a SDCIDDY chorus consisting ot losephine Ashauer, LaVine Brave, Matilda Evans, Marie Knauel, Francis Madoux, Helen Menoni, Vivian Norder, Myrtle Puhse, Alvina Ringering and Mildred Schwager, known as the bowling alley team or the ten punks. Iuanita Greear and Ray Miller are posing as Mexican dancers. Art Kayser and F rank Harbison have turned "copper" and when they were last seen they were chasing Ioe Stepanovich from Battery CContinued on page one hundred sixi ' Seventgwsix Our best wishes and success to the class of 1936 and to the entire student body of E. H. S. PALACE STGRE e CO. Madison ennniym Dnnnnnni sim LEO E. FINK LJNDELL J. KNISER Fink Electrical Supply SL Company 107 Purcell Street Dealers of Everything Electrical General Electric Radios - Electric Stoves Electric Refrigeration - Household Appliances Mazda Lamps - Dry Glas -Roper Gas Stoves Electric Contracting S ty NYU SEPTEDIBER 9 SEPTEDIDER 13 X OCTOBER 17 OCTOBER 31 MARCH OFLTIME BROADCAST Good afternoon, everyone! This is your news reeler bringing to you the "March of Time" broadcast through the courtesy of Station E. H. S. Take off your hats, don your loudest socks, and imagine yourself back in your high school days again. All sei? .. Good evening, friends. This broadcast brings big news. September 4 'Tis said, "A little learning is a dangerous thing." So we've come back to E.. H. S. for more.- - 7 We notice that the underclassmen do not seem duly impressed with the new dignity of the Seniors. What's the matter, Seniors? 9 First downfall in the Senior class. Do be careful of those steps, Harriet. l2 Meeting of those interested in Cheer Club. 13 Band going strong! Practicing for contest. l6 Senior rings and pins arrive. Quite nifty looking tat least the Seniors think sol. 18 Mighty Seniors elect class officers and Tiger Staff, 23 "Back to school" night observed by parents, 24 American Legion Parade in St. Louis and we get out of school. There were some goin's on -just ask Harold Gillig for details. V I 1 27 Annual affair' -school privileges tighten up. Staunton 20 Us O. October 2 Our first Lyceum. Oh, those pets .... 3 Who was Nooky falling for when she fell down the stairs? Anyway, Gail picked her up. A St. Louis University High 22--Us O. Better luck next time, Tigers. 7 Blue Monday. l0 Weird noise issues from Miss Pergrem's room. Reason Bep's scream when a bug got down her back. ll lt's a habit- Beaumont 26 Us l2. I7 Six weeks tests. We're all deep in the dumps. l8 Pep meeting. Say, Dave, what's this about your new nick-name, "Peaches and Creamn? 24 and 25 We take a vacation, Teachers don't. Ain't we got fun! 28 Victory is ours. lacksonville 7 Us l2. 31 Halloween party. Ghosts walked and witches Wailed, Clowns performed and confetti sailed. Seventy-eight ' " t t , - Seventy-nine November ! 4 Seniors are getting their much longed for pictures. 5 lunior play goes off with a "bang" 6 Operetta tryouts. 8 We certainly did like those descriptions pertaining to football which you gave us, Mrs. Kole. L 15 Some of the clocks have a lazy spell. 20 Football field gets its face dried by P. E, boys. Z2 No school. We sling our books in the closet and go galavantinf 28 No school, Festival of the Turkeyl Granite City 6 -Us 20. 29 No school. Hash today. December 2 All back again and working hard. Emphasize the Hard! lt certainly is after four days of leisure. V 3 Two guilty consciences! Helen E. and Helen H. just couldrlt decide which one Mr. Blodgett meant to have a iront seat this morning. 5 Cheer Club presents the football team with pictures, taken of themselves in action. 9 l wonder why some of these Senior girls are such firm believers in Fate. lO Operetta "Tune ln" given by Glee Clubs. l2 The "E Squad" is organized with Bep and Ioe as captains. 13 Say, what do you think of our new scoreboard? lB Christmas trees are up. lt won't be long now. l8 Talk about peacocksl Did you see the new football sweaters? l9 Santa Claus paid the Cheer Club a visit today. lf you don't bring our basket- ball players candy, nuts, and oranges, Well, nuts to you, Santa. 20 Merry Christmas, everybodyl See you all again next year. Icmuary 2 Oh, dear, back again. Did anyone ask if we were glad? Kill 'emi 6 Who, oh, who accidentally let the fire alarm go off? lU Those orations were all right and so was that assembly sing with the music going 'round and 'round 13 Library privileges taken away from "The Chosen Pew." l5 lt is rumored that Curly Herrin turned off the lights on the lower hall one dark afternoon. l6 Ralph I. creates a sensation in 203 by pulling a large green comb from his pocket, combing his hair, and then handing it to Honey, l7 Freshie-Senior yell contest, Who says the Seniors haven't any pep? 20 Some are going to study for a change. At least they are taking books hoine. tContinued on page one hundred eleve-nl NOVEDIBER 4 NOVEMBER 28 DECEMBER 13 DECEMBER 19, 20 R. H. ROSENTHAL Besfwishesof AGENCY N. -0. NELSON C0. Let us protect your loved ones Offices with insurance. in 'Palace Store Building. Phone 163 Compliments of LESTER GEERS States Attorney lg L Makers of "NONCO" FIXTURES The brass and wooden Parts of "NONCO" plumbing lixtures are made by local people and guaranteed by a local concern. Eighty WELLS TIRE SALES Goodyear Tires and Tubes 1,1 Exicle Batteries See us for Auto Supplies and Accessories There is 'happy home magic Artists of great note have in every dollar room of our papers. X designed our latest wall paper ' l UVERBECK BROTHERS The Home of Fine Wall Papers and uality' Paints and Varnishes l-n the refinement of curve, line and Of all the joys of life that color there is beauty that exalts. inward feeling having the home painted has few rivals Muriel D.: "Did your cousin marry a man of culture? " Harriet D.: "Yes, agriculture." l-lelen Westbrook: "The horn on your car must be broken." Myrtle Donaldson: "No, it's just indiffer- ent." Helen Westbrook: Hlnditierentl What do you mean? " Myrtle Donaldson: "lt just doesn't give a boot." loy Hobinette: "Who was Tallyrand?" Dorothy l-luse: "A fan dancer, and cut the baby talk." Roy lenkins: "May I take you home?" Audrey Gamble: "Sure. 'Where do you live? " Miss Adams: "Now we find that X is egual to zero." Don Shaffer: "Geel All that Work for nothing." Mr. Krumsiek: "I wonder if Mr. Simpson meant anything by it?" Nigel Voss: "By what?" Mr. Krumsiek: "l-le advertised a lecture on 'Fools,' and when l bought a ticket it was marked 'Admit One'." Eighty-one Miss Thompson: "My high school certainly takes an interest in its graduates." Miss Harris: "HoW's that?" Miss Thompson: "Why, here l get a note from the dean saying he will be glad to hear of the death of any of the alumni." Claxton: "l see you're letting your little brother drive the car." Dick Mudge: "Yes, he's still too young to be trusted as a pedestrian." Randell Webb: "What's this stuff?" Miss Weigel: "Thats poison ivy." Ftandell: "Well, don't Worry. l just picked some: l haven't eaten any." Charles Godfrey: "How come you write so slowly, fella?" George Wolf: "l gotta. My girl can't read very fast." Thelma Robinson: "You're so dumb l wouldn't even call you a ham." Bob Robinson: "Why not?" Thelma: "A ham can be cured." D. Simpson: "You look sweet enough to eat." B. lones: "l do eat. Where shall We go?" lsabelle N.: "l caught my foot on the stairs." lerry O.: "How far had you chased it?" Western Illinois Oil Company GGIDIPEBIAIF' Edwardsville Greenville Granite City Bunker Hill Staunton Carlinville Jerseyville Mascoutah Collinsville Alton Wilsonville Venice Litchfield Gillespie Belleville Trenton Breese Highland O'Fallo.n and orth Missouri Gil Compan GGIDIPEBIAIR' Macon Centralia Moberly Monroe City Kirksville Shelbina Brookfield V Marceline Mexico Paris Clarence Helen Kunze: "1-Xren't ants busy little things? They work all the time and never play." Marjorie Lee: "Oh, l don't know. They attend an awful lot of picnics." Gail Stubbs: "How can you afford to take so many girls to such expensive restaurants?" George B.: "Easyl lust before we go in, l ask each girl if she hasn't been putting on weight." Louis Fischer: "VJhat's an operetta?" George Cummins: "Don't be dumb. lt's a girl who works for the telephone company." Mother: "Now, Henry, don't go so far out in the water." Little Henry: "Yes, but you let daddy do it." Mother: "Well, that's different. Daddy has his life insured." Mr. Gibson had placed some specimens of rocks on his desk and was about to explain them to his pupils. While his back was turned for a moment, one of the pupils placed a piece of very stale bread among the rocks. Then Mr. Gibson went through the specimens, saying, as he picked up each one, "This is a piece of sandstone, this is a piece of granite," and so on. Eventually he came to the piece of bread, and holding it up, he said, "And this, boys and girls, is a piece of confounded impudencef' Night watchman Cphoning the fire stationlz "Our building has caught fire from the lightning. Come quick." Fire chief: "Try to put the fire out." Night Watchman: "l've done everything I could. I opened the door marked 'Fire Escape' but it won't go out." A man who was hanging on the rear end of a crowded street car was greeted cordially by the occupant of a high-powered limousine as they stopped behind a traffic light. "Who's the big shot?" asked a fellow stranger. "lust a business associatey he signs the letters l write." Eighty-two I l EDWARDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL for BETTER EDUCATION ,gl ILLINOIS LUNIBER CO., INC. for BETTER MATERIAL HARRIS 8: GOETZ I. G. A. STORE .-Q... . , . Edwardsville s Finest Food Market QUALITY Meats, Groceries, Vegetabies and Home Dressed Poultry Compliments of SIMON KELLEHNIANN, .IH Circuit Clerk Compliments of C. E. WILLIS ....Q.... Jewelry and Watch Repairing -1-E 128 North Main. Street Eighty-four Gorsiia or Gmea. US... eh! Rhevnffm Here. 37 xii' MX 5 XV 45+ .: E ,, X Wg ..-.. Ji' Sip: " 11 jg f .,,, , 5..f,..- Q WSW? " 2 A -,e jj- Eng .X iff- , ,.,.,. 45- x , - 4 ,, 'i x ' V' - 5 sf , W 5' ' by -' 5 t ififrf 1 'J ' ' A. EZ. gli 1 .m 'P x ,Q .. may . A . x -gd Waftfv-'Q-gg.-Q'rJ122.! Hwy Ice Tglxfaff .....l'ladam? Highly-fve "T Glen Carbon ?oNce.. , Rh FfY'CShlC5-A I . a 1 Eighty-six Eighty-seven Eighty-eiglzl EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY for General Laundry Work We Give Eagle Stamps Phone 105 for Prompt Service W.W. WARNOCK 8: CO. Men's Clothing From the cheapest that's good to the best that's made HART SCHAEFNER 84 MARX Suits for graduation ......... .,.S1-1.75 and up Hats for graduation .................... S 1.95 and up The latest Novelties in Shirts ........,... 590 and up W. W. WARNOCK 62 CO. Eighty-nine f-1.15 Mobilgas Mgbiloil M0'BILGAS-MOBILOIL Socony-Vacuum Oil Company INCORPORATED Lubrite Division Saint Louis, Missouri Compliments of D. H. NIUDGE Circuit Judge A , Compliments of WM. M. P. SMITH Attorney at Law Compliments of KING BEE CANDY KITCHEN GEORGE COUKOULIS, Prop. The place to buy your ice cream and candy. Compliments of EDWARDSVILLE FRUIT STORE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Compliments of SHUPACK'S Compliments of DR. BYRON P. WILLIAMS OSTEOPATH-PHYSICIAN Room 4, Palace Store Building Compliments of DR. M. D. NASH Ninety Compliments of GEO. HARDBECK'S GROC. VEGETABLES AND MEATS Phones 121-120 Compliments of DR. L. FINK Main Str Compliments of ADOLPH FREY MEATS AND POULTRY get 'hone 62 Compliments of RUNGE 84 ZIEGLER SHOE STORE Main Street Compliments of MADISON STORE Purcell Street Edwardsville, Ill. Compliments of SONS E- C- MENEEENEQ "Mark the Spot with Beauty Forever" K N inety-one The 9th Period when "Frosh" meets Senior on an equal footing at 7 Lenny s- where lessons are drowned in Cokes while affairs of state and date predominate. Don't be late for the 9th Period COKE DATE at slromv A DRU6 STOREMQQQ Evfnrgorv tContinued from page twenty-eighth I Arthur Kayser, leave my way with the Women to Allyn Kellerman. I, Elmer Keltner, leave my statuettes to Mr. Blodgett. I, Hale Keltner, leave---just leave. I, Marie Knauel, leave quietly as always. I, Laurine Knecht, leave Physics with regret. I, Dorothy Kniser, leave my Sousaphone to lunior Schneider. I, Irene Kreici, leave my friendliness to Dorothy Fitzpatrick. I, Marie Krejci, leave my timidity to Blair Watson. I, Helen Kunze, leave my haughty height to all those groveling shorties. l, Earl Ladd, leave my curly looks to Vincent Spitze. I Bill Lamkin, leave my "strong, silent type" to Ed Barnett. Dorothy Ann Landon, leave my vacant stare to Irmgard Rothe, Marjorie Lee, leave to succeed Madame Schumann-I-Ieink. I, La Verne Leitner, leave my flawless hairdress to Lea Dippold. I, Robert Love, leave my brother to take care oi "her" and her sister. I, Rose Luksan, leave without a single sigh. I, Libby Mack, leave my giggle, off-key singing, and mincing gait to H. Stahliiut. I, Frances Madoux, leave my gum-chewing to Miss Pergrem. Margaret McManus, leave my Irish eyes and name to Keturah Stelzriedr. Rodney McNeiIly, leave to rival Rudy. Billy Mead, leave to tell stories on the Children's Radio Hour. Helen Menoni, leave my good temper to any explosive teacher Lester Meyer, leave, hoping to lose my shyness I I, Mildred Meyer, leave smilingly and sweetly I I I. I, I. I. I, I. 1 l, Bill Mottar, leave to teach the primary grades how to play Post-Office. I, Howard Mudd, leave my arguing to the next Debate Club. I, Dick Mudge, leave Mr. Gouza ready to enter Alton's House on the Hill. I, Vivian Norder, leave my flashy feet to sister Cleo. I Arlene Ohren leave my lusty voice to Randell Webb. If Velma Opel, leave my air of satisfaction to Betty lones. I lContinued on next paqel Raymond Miller, leave the memory ot my handsome se-It to a certain I-'reshie tor , Franklin Peirce, leave my dramatic voice to next-year's Public Speaking Class. is it a Sophitl IL 1 CASSE S SL S0 Dodge Dodge Cars Plymouth Trucks -,.. i Complete Se,-vice Guaranteed on Used all makes C of Cars 'ars 121 Hillsboro Ave. Phone 111 Edwardsville, Ill Continued from page ninety-onej l, Marie Plessa, leave for loe's next dance. , Lester Poos, leave my sincerity to Wayne Walter. l, Norman Prante, leave my suddenly discovered football power to Coach. , Lester Puhse, leave my "star-witness pose" to Buster Hyten. , Myrtle Puhse, leave happily- it's lune. l, Iudith Reilly, leave my manner to Vera Rector. l, Alvina Ringering, leave my contented air to Marian Barnett. l, Margaret Rishel, leave to retrieve that Essex. l, Wilma Robertson, leave my unusual personality to lane Huggins. l, Robert Robinson, leave for Highland. l, Thelma Robinson, leave my musical laugh to Lucy Marie Bernthal. l, Rebecca Rohrkaste, leave my demure smile to Vivian Ioseph. l, Dorrance Russell, leave still rather bashful. l, Leila Schade, leave my kid-curlers to Earl Herrin. l, Violet Scheibe, leave my sales-talk to party committees. l, Mildred Schwager, leave my dainty feet to Robert Truitt. l, Olin Schwalb, leave--thank heavens! l, loe Sedlacek, leave my typing ability to Elmer Ashauer. , Lillian Sedlacelc, leave my poker-face to Betty Clayton. l, Dorothy Sellmeier, leave my petite voice and figure to Selma Bartels. l, Murl Siclcbert, leave my mechanical knowledge to Model-T owners-e--and Essex owners. l, loseph Slaby, leave my sister to carry on. l, Raymond Slemer, leave to accomplish much. I,iWil1ard Smith, leave my croonirig to "Spool:s" iLeeJ Hudson. l, August Soehlke, leave to set our provbasketball team on its feet C?l. l, Stanley Spevolc, leave my earnestness to lack Cunningham. l, Dorothy Somerlad, leave my vivacity to Clarine Leonard. l, Evelyn Stahlhut, leave my platinum curls to Virginia Baird. l, Donald Stahlhut, also leave a sister. l ' l, loseph Stepanovich, leave the encyclopedias to George Cummins. l, Allister Stewart, leave my knack ot thinking up "cute" hairrcuts to W., W. K. I I I l fContinued onpage one hundred one? 11- Ninety-two - fri? y TR' Cm ,,i' r1", ' "" ' ,. ' G RU: C01 V i f' 1 ,hw i , 'Q j4':fff7j,:," 1:?, ' iii X wi +1-it i -o- ' 55 - i 1 -R ' 4-, er s? my J' -agfj .wif-3' -1 The Stores I That Save 1 fifweeeeeeeef You Money X K Two Stores in Edwardsville For every type of architecture and every color scheme RICHARDS BRICK CO. 234 'iSpri.nger Ave. i -,... Compliments of PETER FITZGERALD E055 rev M ' ANYTHING 5 EVERYTHING We want to serve you C T We call for .and deiiver ounty reasurer 110 St. Louis Phone 27 Ninety-three i 1 1 EdwardsviIle's Finest Bowling Parlor ST. B0'NIFACE BOWLING ALLEY.-S Fun for Young and Old Free- Instructions at All Times. Compliments of JOE LADD and his URCHESTRA Q Bowl For Health Alleys i , Give Your in perfect Q Muscles Condition -O Exercise and O and Your 3 Pocket t t ll, Brain Billiard Tables H Relaxation B. 8a R. RECREATION Little Freshie: "Father, how do you spell 'hiqh'?" Father: "H-i-q-h. Vtfhy do you want to know?" Little Fresiie: " 'Cause l'rn Writing a composition on the 'high ena'." Dismal Dawson: "Kin you help me? l'm trying to get back to me poor old mother. She ain't seen me face for ten years." Miss Davis: "l guess that's the truth. Vtfhy don't you wash it?" Visitor: "And at what time do you have dinner, my little friend?" Terrible boy: "Soon as you've gone." Brideqroom tin poetic frenzy as they stroll along the shorel: "Roll on blue ocean, roll." Bride: "Oh, Gerald, how wonderful you are. It's doinq it." Mr. Varner ltrying to locate discordl: "What key are you playing in?" Norman Wells: "Skeleton key." Mr. Varner: "Skeleton key?" Norman Wells: "Yeah. It fits anything." N inely- four 1 thou deep and dark DR. R. S. BARNSBACK Compliments of Jeffersori Building C 'ty 135 North Main Street Madison County AbStl'8.Ct Compliments of and Title Co. Cerke's Office DELICATE GROCERY Abstracts of Title. h . 218 North Main Phone Main 31 Certificates of Title. Title Insurance Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Compliments of DR. J. M. SCOTT DR. LAWRENCE SCOTT OPTOMETRISTS 130 North Blain Street Compliments of TEXACO SERVICE STATION FIRE CHIEF GASOLINE and CERTIFIED SERVICE Ray A. Stullken, Prop. Vandalia and Buchanan St. GEERS CORNER STORE South Buchanan Ph0Il0 1143 Compliments of DR. W. H. SCHROEDER DENTIST Phone Main 545 Compliments of HALLEY'S CASH MARKET FOR SNAPPY SERVICE Phone Main 214 Phone Compliments of DR. A. H. OLIVER Ninety-five DR. 1. A. HIRSCH Bank of Edwardsville Building 8 to 10 A. M., 1 to 2 P. M., 7 to 8 P. M. Phones: Office, 1745 Residence, 317 Illinois and Missouri Licensed traube Funeral Home ' ' Phone 60 512 North Main Street EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS f MA 1 KM "- mfg- TW: zffimirl 4-SCH If awp, ' II JW' 1- 'W' 1 if m N inety-six 00m-PlimffntS 0f Compliments of A A -- C W BURTON 1 f A l l ATTORNEY AT LAVV Compliments of Compliments of EDWARDSVILLE CONSUMERS CASSENS ICE - COAL - COKE SHEET METAL AND WARM AIR HEATING Phone 470 235 CTRT10 Air Condition Yronr Home for Health S0 U N D SERVICE SHOP C"mp'i""mfS of RADIO SALES AND SERVICE DR, C- R- J. E. LANTERMAN, Prnp. CHIROPODIST 208 St. Louis St. Edwardsville, Ill., Phone 243VV Gerber Building Edwardsville Ill Compliments of Compliments of BU HRIVIESTER PAINT AND PAPER oo. Vvallpaper, Paints and Supplies. 224 North Main Edwardsville, Ill. ATTORNEY AT LAXV day Customer: "Vtfaiter, there is a tack in this doughnut." Vtfaiterz "Well, well, the ambitious little thing must think it's in a tire." David S.: "How did you like my singing today?" Allen S.: "Well, l'll tell you. Your singing gets worse every day, and today you sang like after tomorrow." Muriel D. tin otticeiz "l think you're wanted on the phone, sir." Mr. Krumsiek: "You think. Don't you know?" Muriel D.: "Well, sir, l answered the phone, and someone said, 'Is that you, you old idiot?' " Bob Truitt: "l say, baby, can you take a joke?' Betty Clayton: "lf you mean that as a proposal, no!" Puhse Ccoming in lastl: "Did you take my time?" Kole: "l didn't have to. You took it yourself." Leo Dippold Ctaking corner at 65 miles per hourl: "Wheel Don't you feel glad you're alive?" L. Puhse twhorn she had picked uplt "Gladt l'm amazed." Mr, Gouza fatter a lecture in physicslz "Are there any questions?" Rodney McNeil1y: "Yes How do you calculate the horse-power of a donkey engine?" B. Dickmann: "l'll never marry until lv meet a Woman who is my direct oppositeff A. Kayser: "Well, there are a lot of intelligent girls in this school." , "' Ninety-seven Compliments of Compliments of DRE El WAHI- TERRY, GUELTIG 8: POWELL ATTORNEYS AT LAVV NHUOHZII Ballk Building National Bank Building Compliments of DR. H. C. TIETZE Offices in . 00 . 'z - l' " Edwardsville Bank Building .1 0 W W mda ia Street Phone 341 HARWOOD AUTO PARTS GO. Compliments of WHITE'S CAFE of 7 OUR MOTTO - CLEANLINESS B East College Phone 3 146 North Main Street Compliments of Compliments of BALLWEG PHARMACY GORDO'N BURROUGHS GWALGREEN SYSTEM" ATTORNEY AT LAW Compliments of Compliments of DR. BROCKMEIER DR. H. E. WHARFF Bank of Edwardsville Building Palace Store Building Phone 939 When Miss Quernheim wus G Iittie qiri, she was given permission to serve the tect at her mother s bridge party. I-Ier mother noticed something suspicious in her teotcup, cmd said, "Marie, did you strain the tea?" Marie rep-Iled, "Yes, mother. I couIdn't find the tea strainer, so I strained it through the fiy swotterf' Her mother was terribly shocked and said, "Why, Mariel" Marie replied, "Don't worry, mother, I didn't use the new one. I strained it through the reoi old fly swcxtterf' Ninety-eight Take the Ride That Is Making Thousands Say: lt's the Only Complete Low Priced Car BUTLER CHEVROLET INC. CATHCART'S CAFE Tries in every way to serve the public. The best prepared quality food money and experience can produce. Give us :L chalice to provc our cl um. GEO. B. CATHCART 4Ninety-nine A K I If Iii -'Lv ' N- i15':fi.'t2 Xaj- 3 . V.. f Q I ,QL , M y . QE' "II A " P15155 P , Q"' " . -nw.. ,vmfwew-5.vw.,q,: -,.. ,.mf-fa--9.w.:,..i.i, Spend for the Home First EDWARDSVILLE LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of SCHMIDT TIN SHOP 229 North Main Street Edwardsville, Illinois Hundred CLAYTON CLEANING AND LAUNDRY SERVICE We Give Eagle Stamps We Call for an-cl Deliver E. Vandaliai Phone 1070 Compliments of the WILDEY THEATRE SCHOON Kc KRUSE Tires and Brake Service Tires, Tubes, Vulvanizing Road Service TYDOL GAS AND VEEDOL OIL 1.2-6.11 Brakes Tested and Relined Egg-'-1-1 Phone 284W 1. L. SCHWARZ Groceries and Meats Fruits and Vegetables a Specialty Phone Main 91 231 N. M ain St Compliments of PERRY H. HILES ATTORNEY AT LAVV Edwardsville National Bank Building Compliments of CENTRAL SHOE REPAIR tContinued from page ninety-twol l, Lloyd Stubblefield, leave my size to "lug" Wells. l, Ga 'l Stubbs, leave my "melting" looks to Melvin Paproth. l, Margaret Stullken, leave my carefulness, exactness, and primness to brother Bob. l, Emil Tenick, leave my sneer to Leo Kaufman. l Ellsworth Thomas, leave my mix-upable name to Betty Wise. f l, Kenneth Tudor, leave my ability to slay 'em to Ioyce Bartelmeier. I, Betty Tuxhorn, leave as soon as possible for Illinois U.-nope! Illinois Wesleyan. l, Edward Tuxhorn, leave my look of sophistication to all you naive Sophs. l Novella Ukena, leave with much knowledge. 1 I Leona Viere, leave my great voice and tiny body to Lucille Lake. l Walter Wadsworth, leave my smiling countenance to any grouchy janitor. l, Dorothy Weeks, leave my indifference to too-ardent girl-friends. l Melvin Werner, leave to Serenade the fairer sex with my guitar and yodeling. l Lorene Winter, leave my voice to anybody with operatic aspirations. v i l Vlasta Yindrak, leave my elegance to the coy, clinging-vines. l, loseph Zaruba, leave my handwriting to Miss Wood. r 1 l Albertina Iellen, leave for the medical world. l Ralph Iudd, leave my rhythmic walk to Allen Stephens. All these priceless possessions are given over only on the condition that they are used wisely and Well. We, this honorable class, do hereby act as one mind in one body, in leaving the above-named objects in care of the students, the students in the care of the faculty, and the faculty in the care of the Alton State Hospital. We, the undersigned, do now affix our name and seals this day to the above-written document. WITNESSES: Senior Class of 1935. One Hundred One 1 .iii-...l-.4 ., f 5 115 ' EQ5iiQif5 5 :'Z .i,':I..',QEfQ:Q2:i ' - .552if2155EEf:Z.Is:-:::,-.-.... ": E5.:"f':"1-'Z5E5:3 ff: ,.-,.,?: . ' -.3'Q:2:5:E:5:5:2'i:1:5:i:5'l 3" Q:Etg :fq"" N" 'S:1 . 1 -:s-:'.-Z-21-: .+P 'HE-:Z-I!-. 3 - . - - Q, 5.3j5:5533 .5EA-1'-221. 2: 5 .jug - ' z3'5-:f'f- Z1 -s:grass--:-:.5ess.:s:a:1:e:ss:s:1:-.:.. I.. -2fa:sfs:s:s:s:s:s:5:a:5:e::15 -I 'T'12Ea?2E:EzEsEsEaE555E5 'i' ..5I51- i1i5E5E5E5E5E5E3E 2525555E535525535:E9E?E5E3E?E53Eul2'5??ErE5E?Eff5E5152515355221-. aiiiirjijr "li-52' 'E -'Hi . ...,..,. ..,... ....,N... A ....., ,,.,. b , . A ,.,. ..,.,. ,.-,..,.,., , . Compliments of JAMES T. CALLAHAN County Auditor A ' ' 'x'Qx .Xe Q O LOOK FORWARD! lf' If 1 1 f Q -13 As in Checkers - - - fe, yy' hy, H . , Foresight Wins Consider the necessity of providing for future fin- nd remember that you can best make tive years. ancial security a such provision during your produc future needs by Start now to accumulate for your stematic savings plan. adopting a sy f this Association The Building and Loan Plan o u do this. EDWARDSVILLE LOAN ASSOCIATION Edwardsville National Bank and ' d'ng Trust Company Bull 1 will help yo It's No Secret . . . You too can Shop and Save at the SILVERBLOONI 118 North Nlain Street LORE' BEAUTY SHOPPE Complete Beauty Service of the Highest Quality Phone 645R Palace Store Bld Q ... 'One Hundred Four Compliments of Hurst Pontiac Compan Sales Through Service Wood River. 23 .....,., tContinued from page forty-ninel REGIONAL TOURNAMENT The Tigers won their first game after an expectedly-hard game. Granite City. 26 . Edwardsville Edwardsville. Captain Handlon and his men went into the semi-final round with another hard game before them, but they won out. Collinsville, 13 ....... ,....... .............,...........,... ....... .,........ E d w a rdsville. An old rivalry was renewed in this game. The Kaholcs were a good team and the Tigers won out in the closing seconds. SECTIONAI. TOURNAMENT lerseyville. 15 ........................................,..................... Edwardsville The Tigers ran roughshod over their lersey County opponents the first halt, and the second team finished the second half. Litchfield. 20 ...........,................................................... Edwardsville, The Tigers won their semi-final game at the Gillespie Sectional Tournament after a hard battle. Vandalia. 34 ...,.,.................................,......................, Edwardsville, Only Vandalia, a team the Tigers had beaten twice, lay between them and the State Tournament. Vandalia played a good game to represent the Gillespie Sectional at the State Tournament. POST-SEASON GAME Carlinville. 19 ......,................................,....................., Edwardsville This game was played for the benefit ot the band. The spirit of the other games seemed to be lacking and the Tigers barely won out without the services of Captain Handlon. One Hundred Five f School F ountain Lunch and Supplies Curb Service Delicate Drug Company The "REXAl..l.." Store "FAMOUS FOR FOUNTAIN DRINKS" Athletic Goods Candy CCont1nued from page seventy-six? Park in New York. foe was in an unfortunate predicament with his toot caught in a soap box. Muriel Dippold and Lorene Winter have been selected for the women's doubles on the Davis Cup team. Muriel throws a wicked racquet, so watch out, gals. foe Slaby and Don Stahlhut are running an elaborate tattooing agency. Ioe is their walking advertisement. Marie Plessa and Dorothy Weeks are on the foliet basketball team. fudy Reilly is leading their yells and she has the job cinched for ten years to come. Dorothy Henderson and Selma Fagg, actresses, are having a divorce race to see who can have the most husbands in the shortest time. At present Selma is leading with six victims to Dorothy's tive. Violet Scheibe, slot machine magnet, has installed a new machine invented by Colin Handlon. lts cleverest feature is its habit of kicking back when someone "slugs" it. Marjorie Lee is one of our class who has risen in the world. Besides being rather tall, she's a singer on the seventy- fifth floor of the H. C. A. Building, and her voice rises still higher. Margaret Stullken has abandoned ambulance chasing to go into the divorce racket in a big way. She is at the receiving end of the "Divorce Special" between Hollywood and Reno. lt is rumored that Margaret is secretly connected with Dot Kniser, Helen Kunze, Rose Luksan, and Thelma Robinson, who turnis her with triangle cases. lrene and Marie Krejci, who run a dairy, put some compound into their milk that makes it sell. Men who hitherto lived on Scotc order three quarts oi milk daily. Chester Dooley, race track owner, had a close shave today when LaVerne Leitner of the anti-something-or-other league gave them a lecture against gambling and he only avoided an open clash by giving her a "hot" tip on the fifth race. She won and all's well luanita Gibson is the proprietor of a hat shop on Fourth Aven ue. Dorothy Sellmeier CContinued on page one hundred ninel One Hundred Six LECLAIRE STORE NOTPHNG BUT THE BEST WE DELIVER 113 - Phones - 114 To the GRADUATES of 1936 .E..,, We give hearty Congratulations a Sincerely wish them every Success in the Future. ' I 1 Pswunvcom Nv,xnc. 107 North Main Street H0 T Z LUMBER COMPANY ,,- Everything to Build Anything nd STOP! and EAT ,at the V A N Z Oi Bar Adjoining Restaurant The best food combined with prompt and One Hundred Seve courteous service. 1+ NORTH SECOND STREET Compliments of S. W. McKITTRICK ATTORNEY AT LAW Edwardsville National Bank Building Compliments of DR. E. C. FERGUSON Compliments of WAYNE GROCERY North Main Street Phone 39 Compliments of BUCKLEY 8: BUCKLEY WALDO'S CLOVER FARM STORE Home Dressed Veal and Poultry Fresh Produce and Staple Groceries Free Parking at Rear of Store 132A Main Edwardsville Compliments of W. L. ESTABROOK Compliments of SOLTER 8: KRIEGE 110 North Main Phone 388 WEST END SERVICE STATION MOBILGAS MOBILOIL Operated by B. Smith and R. Ladd Compliments of KLUETER'S GROCERY SERVICE WITH A SMILE Phone 324 Compliments of F. M. SCOTT County Superintendent of Schools Compliments of BURROUGHS SIMPSON REED ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Compliments of H. SIMON HENRY SHERIFF MADISON COUNTY One Hundred Ten adison Count Mutual Automobile Insurance Compan "A SERVICE THAT SERVES" 306 Edwardsville National Bank Building P H O N E 961 tcontinued from page seventy-nine? Z3 Exams start. Oh, the lucky ones who don't have to take them. 24 lunior-Senior. Leap Year Party. Bravo girls! 25 Revenge is sweet when you get it. We beat Beaumont at last. 27 ls it cold? Well, I guess! Teachers grade exams with coats on. 28 We come back to learn our fates. February 3 Nice weather for snow and snowballs. 6 You learnin' anything? lO This morning about ten girls were invited by Mr. Krumsiek to come to his ottice and do their talking. i4 Colin sent loads ot valentines today and received one from a certain Senior girl. Some mush, l'd say. l7 Said valentine was left in library. Of course, Nooky says she didn't mean it, but then - 21 A. K. uses a henna rinse. 'Nuff said. 24 Oh, those crazy Seniors, runnin' around tryin' to sell Tigers. 26 We were entertained by the Hanley Marionettes today. 28 Pep meeting tor Decatur game. March 5 Didnt know we had Amos and Andy on our facultyg did you? 6 The team rests after the first night of the Tournament. 7 Edwardsville l4fCollinsville 13. Everyone went wild land some weptl. Team is almost mobbed in Cathcarts f9' Whatta pep meetingl But it isn't every day we win a Regional Tournament tour first, by the wayt. 13 We beat Litchfield. Aheml CContinued on next page? One Hundred Eleven J AN U A N V. Q.. RY 25 ' l U' ' P OQLQ00 wg QW 'ww V MMi WW7 WL ' E 0"L . , N-' ,- Z, fe WOW lmlwff I ' l57 4 Qlhf,-J4fb'v3" J' Q41,fvi2,L4Jf'3 ij 3,49 ZA 3 U QXETMmZLQ Q ' W ' . WWSSOG Enwn Rnsvu.l.E L INTELLIGENCER k x , -

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