Edwardsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Edwardsville, IL)

 - Class of 1931

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Edwardsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Edwardsville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1931 volume:

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Q,5w..--'fly' V .Ls Aff ' 'Y' i -,ix R Fig, , , -L QL, ' ' .. . ' Q ,, w- fi -55' ' 'E ,. .11 "' ,i T K sf ' if A 2,8 .V .uf A 4 'N' my Q 'HP sr' ff, f my F. 4:5 , X.-,. . . . -1' fr .1 mg, 1 IP?-. . W. 1--c . A . ., ff, E"vi xr , if , 1 : , . . ,I , . 11. t- .V .1 , ' af Q .. Q . , K W .: w ,.a'. N ' 3 Q '1- K F at Q! .Q 6.4 m 'Q av" , if 1 F f W , ..1.6 L 1 L v w , - .J,f,"' V . ,, yr, g . r ,lp I WV ,, A 1 :,, A A .. . .5 5 'MFC . 1 , V N,--. ., f f -.A : 1 ' ' ,,, Zi.. ' . 4 w T91 Q 5 . . '. ff, :-., . Q '. it A. + y n . . 'u .Eng-.'.v '-1 ' '13 .' 1 -1 . ' J fr ', 'K' .'. ,4--' -le- v 1,- 1' 1, ,, .,,.N . ...Q W.. n . 1 n -we , , -. ,.'f .H-.,f1':i ff -4-45 " J, , , a 1 gif., xvl I 1 " - :af I 1- -: K. - f A 1 - ,. 'J as , A , , 'P ir '11 M. 1 is 1 6 , Sf 1 n 4 v ., ,gr x r. .- Q Q, 1 g, - J ,", f, gif-a ' ,ug . n 'V , . 4' Iv ,',, 'sl ' sn' Us , fy sn- - 'lf , Q V '. -, Q t - N ' ' 1' s 11.5 ,- gt, Av A155 Q 1, I .Q 5.15 A Ki K , 1 , Q W 'Qs 'J , . -3 : V , :vk u Q - My D' Q, Y Q. I , lv' w .iv vhs. 'N ' f 4 , ' , '-' ls '4 ,i L?Q -, ' .g,,,,'P ., .., f -:V, . 1 1 "V lv! v 'Maki ' Q H N43 if. . 1 L F ,,:g,Y-ix 'V I nA .1 ag Q -' 'Hp 'if 1- ' 5 R, ,egg A ' if s ., is 9' :Lx , if m,,,,,, -Sf , v .' n , I A x gi, W 'ef ,I .EEF N ' ' .Bw ' A X , i, Hs. , 5 P x ax fu .3 .K , ' 'WJ-Q: ., X 4+ .. ..-. .- ,1 g.,,, .' t J. A-. 'W'-. Y,.- . . a ,',f " .Quai 4 '14 A f A ' 4-. w T-'GC ' .M ",. 1 .J 45. W., .Qrr , pp . 'Q-af .ww f-5 e,. .gf if ' H , ,A v 1. v . 4 1. W ' 4e 9 '4 Q ,V ,5 il? , . ,,,4v,,., M , . , , 2 if ii il YJESN , r i x Q 1 Q1 r 9 Jef. . . 'F 4 1 i V , ' if f ' .' , ' f U ay' 4 f .. 5: 4, 'lr 1. ,A '1- ' N, M-,,.f-. ' 1 . ...gf Q, wi ' A w .fr x- x 1 ' ,lf Q R u x g ' f vy 'P , -., ,Ss -x, C3 K -ws . '54 4 5,4 ryvva '-"- , ' 5- ,fn c lib? v , ,F w' L.: ,M if kiln 1 1"-w:,', a .F , 'lfyg 1' T,-All il' PAPA of ,.. 9' " ' 'ign N 1. un'-Fizz" : , 1. 3 3 I 4,34-L 51 'gf' -' ,f , m A 7. , ft, 3 'W . .,r:'.g V 'r ' 1, H , K , a., , f , - ' ,, wk , "R -4 , , V , 41 ELA I 9 5. Q: . ,Q ,, .1 , jgfpsiia ,A , if R . -tg: ,V Q . I- X, E v- 'hal si Y 1 on-, ,..u ' " 2 52 'tri 'V' 3 T' K' - -T45 I lfiik-v f I J ,W '-' .' 'ml-P54 h fi ff fir" ,ie g as-. , - 3, ' , ,ga 44- A 'awk Q,,. , L, , -f ' .- - ,- " 1 , Q 2 Y, ', ., J r K, ', J. 1 r. 4, 'f . -ef mf 4 A ffl. 63 , 4, K ' . X V, .kaf .-- . F f. 'Lf , ' ,E55 ,- - fa, - , "' w" 1,55 ' " 1f,1,9.',',m.,1s1Qi.,3- 1 'kmflmmr ,fmzief TWO THE TIGER Copyrighted b Edward Ferguson EDITOR-IN-CHIE lf' Donald Wilson BUSINESS MANAGER THIE 'TIGER CD6 616612 , ' ., I ,W 653,55 PUVSLEHED BY W, THE ':1tNIUR LLAEE 5373751 EDWAQN-5vuLx,E 3:--V f ESQEEREEWEFEL f MNUQE FZ' X ff ,,4 , Z fm' Z'T"'A3 - f 1.- FORK. T H IE T11 G IE R FOREWORD NVQ have e11dez1Vo1'ed to 1'PCOl'd fllitllflllly 111 this 21111111111 the 9ve11ts of the past year. We hope that we lllilj' arollse l1l9l1101'iGS that will 11511121111 with you. "Till the sun grows cold, And the stars are old, And the leaves of the Judgement Book unfold." i TH E Til G IE R CONTENTS Ad1l1il1iSt1'at,iO11 Seniors Un derclassmen Athletics Activities Humor .. FIVE SIX 'IF H lE T ll G lE R DEDICATION To Miss Isabel Wood, our faculty advisor, we gratefully dedicate this book TIGER THE TIGER THE OFFICE . THIE 'TIGER BOARD OF EDUCATION JESSE L. SIMPSON -------- I,l'l-'SICIPlIt JAMES L. WATSON - - - - St'CI'9tilI'y MRS. ll. IX. ILXNDLOX E. A. IIOIILMAN MAX l'. S. COIJIEICWI' R. C. CUNNINGI DR. A. A. MOORE NINI- THIE TIGER HOLD! IS il- 'WVQ' YGJX ff 4 1 avg: 'THE TIGER C HARLES F. FORD Superiuten dent KNOX COLLEGE, A. Ii, VNIVERSITY OI" VVISCONSIN, A. M. ELEVEN TWELVE TIGER W. W. KRUMSIEK Principal CENTRAL VVESLEYAN, A. B. VNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, A. M THE TIGER YICRA IZICNNICR Dean of Girls RIiltll0lll2ltiC'S-1H-'l'lll2lll II I INOIS NVUM.-XIVS l'OI.I.I'IGl'I. A. ll. CULOHA U0 VNIVICRSITY THIRTI-ZEN FOURTEEN Tl-lllE T GER D.XRRl'll,l, H, lll,OlXll'1'l"l' VERA ADAXMQQ .XSSWTRIHT l'l'ilN'ill21l lllilllltllllllllC'S-l"l'9llC'll K, J Ul"W'l0l' Ol, Axtllllxtifw Southern Illinois Normzll U.. Ed. Shurtleff College, Ph. B, lTWiIlf! College Com-him.: Cmlrse. ll. ol' Illinois YV'-'?4f9I'll KGSH' 9 U, f'n:1c'l1ilv: K'm1r'se-. IT. ul' 1':1lit'urni:1 Cfll0F2'If1U U, GRACE E- DAVIS KATHERINE FLAGG DOORk9813111QQ-Sll0l'tllill1d Home Economics Eureka College University of Illinois, B. s. Ulmols State Normal U' Oxford University, Summer School University of Illinois 'IFIHIIE TIGR .A f I ,. , CXIIIA I.. 4ll'lYKlC fl yu HAIIYICY ll. Ill'N'NI I lim 5l"ll'llf'l'-lllllllllllllilllf'N I W:lsl1im,:trm llniversily. .X. lil Illinois Collvpv, A. B. Q l'n:vm-Qitv nt' lllinni-4 M ll I LDRED Vx-2l'illlllI-IUIII l.u-"ish ilIl2l1'll'Slllll 4 I' HENRY lilNt2I'l, I'lvln0nI:1l'v Svivmw l'nive1'::ity of lllinuis l'ulll'1.ZP. B, ll. Stzitv 'l'v:u'l1v:'::' T SIX'1'El-JN THE T GE 1 MAIRIIQ Q1'1a1:NH14:1x1 l'3lSll'1 J- S110-NN Conluwrcizxl English University of Illinois, A. B. Smto Tvzzchm-1's' College, B. I IIAAX OLIVER EDN.-X If.XHl.I'1 PIGHGH Histmw. Music-English Wzxslmilmgtoxx University, A. B. 'mmcg Mmikm U" B' S' M THIE TIGER IGTHIGI. Al. RICIQIG V. NI. SMITII Typing Nillfiliilllillif Drziiae University ' -' ' A ' Iniurmty ut illiimw B S Iowa Stntv University. H, S, in L'uninwr4'e VIRGINIA I.. XVICIGIGI. ISAIZIGI, VVO Biology Pliiglisli inivm-rsily of Iliinois. A. R. Vniversity of Illinois. A. H. SEV!-INTEI-IN THE 'TIGER . ,W x J vf 'W Hmm IW b W K? . A U 'XX 1' -F . ,fr XX N-1' 2"c Y S 'L xx.-, ,M Q' xv " lx , , QW 1 THE TIGER ora I 1 w 1?-3369232 A 9 I X X K c gifmx I! fu X "7 fWY N X A X N LQ. , A X , ,' ' ,, W WJU V X W A I 1 if f X4 6 , W W , y' QW 93 THE TIGER TVVENTY President Secretary-Treasurer LUCIEN GERBER EDNA FELDNER CLASS FLOWER: Violet CLASS COLORS: Lavender and White CLASS MOTTO: Character is the only true diploma EDWARD AITGSBURGER KKEDU Hi-Y. '30-'31 BESSIE BACKENSTO GEORGE BASSFORD "GEORGIE" Junior Play, '30 P. T. A. Play Orchestra, '27-'28-'29-'30 Track, '30 Cheer Club, '28 Tiger Staff, '31 Athletic Associa- tion, '27-'28 THE TIGER A Lf. JENNIE ALBRECHT HJENH ROBERT AX HBOBU Football, '28-'29-'30 Captain, '30 Track, '29-'30-'31 Junior Play, '30 Class President, '27-'28 Glee Club, '27-'30 Operetta, '30 Tiger Staff, '31 Athletic Associa- tion, '27-'28 DOROTHY BARNETT aaDOTvv "DEBROKAW" Girls' Glee Club, '28-'29 G. A. A., '29 Girls' Basketball, '29 Hiking Club, '29 '.l'WE"I'1 Y ONP ERWIN BERLEMAN "BALDY" Operetta, '28 Junior Play, '30 Football, '28-'29-'30 KATHRYN BOTHMAN "KATE, Basketball, '28 Hiking Club, '27 Hockey, '28 Glee Club, '28 G. A. A., '28 Tennis, '29 Operetta, '29 WARREN BUCKLES HBUCKH Latin Play, '29 Junior Play, '30 Operetta, '30 Glee Club, '29-'30 Basketball, '30 Football, '29 P. T. A. Play, '30 TWENTY-TWO THE TIGER YVALLACE BLACKBURN "VVAI.LIE" Football, '2 9-' 3 0 Track, '30 GENEVIFJVE BYCH "JENNY" Hiking Club, '28 Glee Club, '28-'29 G. A. A., '29-'30-'31 Basketball, '29-'30 Soccer, '29 Class Vice Presi- dent, '30 Operetta, '29 P. T. A. Play, '30 Cheer Club, '29 Athletic Associa- tion, '28 Tiger Staff, '31 RAYMOND BUSCH HRAYH Marine High School DOROTHY CHANDLER UDOTH VERNA CUNNINGHAM --VERNH Tiger Staff, '31 Basketball, '28-'29-'30 Operetta, '29-'30 G. A. A., '28-'29-'30-'31 Vice President, G. A. A., '30-'31 Girls' Council, '28-'20-'30-'31 Glee Club, '28-'29-'31 NORMA DUNSTEDTER "NORM" Secretary-treasurer, '27-'28 Hiking Club, '27-'28 Quartette, '29-'30-'31 Junior Play, '30 Basketball '28-'29-"30-'31 G. A. A., '29-'30 Soccer, '29 President, Girls' Council, '30 .............4,L, A THE TIGER CHARLES BUSENHART "CHARLIE" Culloln High School '28 Litchfield High School, '29 Operetta, '29-'30 Junior Play, '30 Latin Club, '30 Cheer Leader, '28-'29-'30-'31 Assistant Editor of Tiger, '3l Times Editorial Staff, '31 President of Hi-Y, '30-'31 HELEN CUNNINGHAM "SLEEPY" G. A. A., '29 Volley Ball, '28 Basketball, '29 Glee Club, '28-'29 DOROTH Y DITTES HDOTU TWENTY THREE OLIN EICHMANN "'IKEY" Tennis, '30-'31 AYLEEN EPPS "SALLY" New Douglas High School Soccer, '30 GERALD FAHRIG "JERRY" Football, '28-'29-'30 Basketball '29-'30-'31 Track, '29-'30 Track Capiain, '31 Orchestra, '28-'31 Junior Play, '30 TWENTY FOUR THE TIGER ELMER ENGELMANN "DEACON" Operetta, '30 Latin Club, '29 Thanksgiving Play '29 Glee Club, '30 P. T. A. Play, '30 Hi-Y, '30-'31 BERNICE FAGG "KATE" Glee Club, '29 Operetta, '29 Basketball, '29-'30 Tennis, '29-'30 Soccer, '30 G. A. A., '30-'31 P. T. A. Play, '31 EDNA FELDNER "EDDIE" Hiking Club. '28 Girl Scouts, '28-'29 Glee Club, '28-'29-'31 Soccer, '30 Operetta, '28-'29-'30 Girls' Council, '31 3 JULIA FIEGENBAUM "JUDY" Girl Scouts, '28-'29 Hiking Club, '28 Tennis, '28-'29-'30-'31 Operetta, '28-'31 Glee Club, '28-'29-'31 G. A. A., '29-'31 Soccer, '30 Basketball, '29 RUTH FRUIT "PEACHES" Glee Club, '28-'29-'31 Basketball, '28-'29 Hockey, '28-'29 Girl Scouts, '28 Operetta, '29-'31 Hiking Club, '28 BERNIEDA HAY TI-IIE TIGER EDVVA RD FERGUSON UEDH Latin Play, '29 Consul of Latin Club, '29 Thanksgiving Play '29 P. T. A. Play, '30 Operetta, '30 Glee Club, '30-'31 Editor-in-Chief of Tiger, '31 Cheer Club, '28 ALICE FLAGG "ALLIE" Glee Club, '28-'29 Cheer Club, '29 G. A. A,, '30 Class Treasurer, '29-'30 Athletic Associa- tion, '28 Basketball, '29 Girls' Council, '28-'29-'30 LITCIEN GERBER "LOOSH" Class President, '30-'31 Tigerette, '2 7-'28 TWEN TY FIVE ALVINA HENKE "ALVINNY" Reno High School, '27-'28-'29 Tennis, '30 Basketball, '30 Glee Club, '30 Operetta, '30 DONALD KRIEGE IIDONYY I-Ii-Y, '30-'E 1 MARTIN LANGE "MARTY" Collinsville H. S., '28-'29 Tennis, '30-' 3 1 TWENTY-SIX .-4-Li qs THE TIGER ELIZABETH HOFMEIER "JACKIE" Volley Ball, '28-'29 Girls' Council, '29-'30 Tennis, '30-'31 Basketball, '29-'30-'31 G. A. A., '29 Glec Club, '31 Junior Play, '30 P. T. A. Play, '30 EDNA LADD "IRISH" Hiking Club, '28 Basketball, '28-'29-'30 Soccer, '29 P. T. A. Play, '31 Cheer Club, '29 Glee Club, '28-'29 Operetta, '29-'30 G. A. A., '29-'30-'31 Vice President, G. A. A., '30 President, G. A. A. '31 Class Sec'y-Treas., '29-'30 Tiger Staff, '31 VIVIAN LANNAE UVIVY, Hiking, '28 Girl Scouts '28-'29-'30-'31 Operetta, '29 Glee Club, '29 Cheer Club '29 G. A. A., '29-'30 Basketball, '29-'30 FORREST LINDBECK "LINDY" Hi-Y Secretary, ' '3 0-' 3 1 ROBERT MARKS uBOBn Glee Club, '30-'31 Hi-Y, '30-'31 JOHANN AI-I MERKEL HJC., THE TIGER HAROLD LEVORA uBUDu Football, '28-'29 Basketball, '29 Glee Club, '30 Operetta, '30 NORVAI. LOEWEN ccNORvJsv JOSEPH MCLEAN "JOE" Glee Club, '28-'30-'31 Orchestra, '30-'31 Football, '29-'30 Track, '30 Operetta, '30 Basketball, '30 TWENTY-SEVEN , 4' HILBERT MICHEL UHIB., Hi-Y, '30-'31 EDNA NEUHAIFS "SHORTY" Worden H. S., '28-'29 Hiking Club, '31 CATHERINE 0'CONNI-ILL TWENTY-EIGHT THE TIGER VVINIFRED MOORE "FRITZ" Hockey, '28-'29 Glee Club, '28 Girl Scouts. '28 G. A. A., '28-'29 ELIZABETH NICOLUSSI "LIZZfE" VIOLA OHM MVP, 2 .J Ln. BARBARA PIXLEY MARGARET SCHNEIDER "MARG" MARGARET SMITH UMARGIE' THE TIGER ROSE PAUR "ROSIE" DOROTHEA SANDER RICHARD SMIRL "DICK" Glee Club, '30-'31 Hi-Y Vice- Presi- dent, '30-'31 TWENTY-NINE THIRTY PEARL SMITH "BLONDIE" Glee Club, '27-'28 Hiking Club, '27 Operetta, '29 Basketball, '30-'31 Tennis, '30 G. A. A., '20-'31 Volley Bali, '30 PAUL STOLZE "STOLTZIE" Class Vice Presi- dent, '27-'28 Class President, '29-'30 Basketball, '29-'30-'31 Football, '29-'30 Track, '30 Junior Play, '30 Tiger Staff, '31 KATIE SVALDI 4sKATEv- THE TIGER HERBERT STAHLHUT "HERB" Hi-Y, '30-'31 ELMER SUHRE HELEN SVOBODA "MAG" THE TIGER EDNA , THEUER HELEN VIETH HAROLD WENTZ HWENTZIE E Glee Club, '2 7-'28-'29-'30 Operetta, '30 HDONl U Business Manager of Tiger, '30-'31 Football, '30 Junior Play, '30 Operetlta, '30 Hi-Y, '30-'31 Class Treasurer, '29-'30 Glee Club, '30-'31 1 IRENE BARTHI EVELYN LINN HUBERT KESHNER EMILY MERKEL MELVIN LAMB JAMES MORRISON RUTH ' LEUSCHKE GERTRUDE OWENS HELEN ROTHE MARY SNIDER ROY WEHRLE THIRTY-ON! THE TIGER YE CLASS WILL We, the class of '3l. being of sound mind and body. and being about to leave the noble and incomparable institution of learning. known to the illiterate and Freshmen fpardon, the Freshmen need not be exempt from "illite1'ate"J as ia high school. viz.. Edwardsville High School, gather here a list of our belo'ngings and a few things that we own 'and don't own, which we bequeath to the faculty and undergrad- ua.tes of aforementi-oned brain factory. The details follow: Jennie Albrecht leaves her front seat in the Senior home room to Ralph Adams. Edward Augsburger leaves his boisterousness to Charles Tux- horn. 'fBob', Ax leaves his harem to the school as a whole. Bessie Backensto leaves her soulful eyes to Miss Quernheim. Dorothy Barnett leaves her giggle to Danny Dippold. George Bassford leaves the Freshman Class. "Baldy" Berleman leaves his large feet to Merrell Jordan. Wallace Blackburn leaves his supplicatory but pragmatic-al at- titude to Elaine Going. Kathryn Bothman leaves Bud to Mary. Genevieve Buch leaves her three-inch heels to Pauline Steiner. Warren Buckles leaves in mid-term only to return to annoy the school with his presence. Raymond Busch leaves his large blue eyes to Clotilda Fahrig. who really d-oesn't need them. Charles Busenhart leaves "mamma" in tears. Dorothy Chandler leaves her flaming locks to Dorothy Hyten. Helen "Sleepy" Cunningham leaves her nickname to Mr. Smith, who has earned it. Verna Cunningham leaves her ondula oblongata to Mary K. Kearney, who cannot play a flute. Dorothy Dittes leaves at exactly 15 minutes and 3lfQ split sec- onds to 4. Norma Dunstedter leaves in a De Soto. Olin Eichmann leaves his tennis ability to Dwain Daniels. Elmer Engelmarnn leaves broken-hearted. Ayleen Epps leaves her beautiful wavy hair to Miss Pergrem. Bernice Fagg leaves her cold shoulder to the ice box. "Jerry" Fahrig leaves two reserved seats in 203 to George Little. Edna Feldner leaves her typing ability to Miss Ricke. Edward Ferguson leaves his position as Editor-in-Chief of the "Tiger" to some unfortunate Junior. Julia Fiegenbaum leaves for St. Louis on another visit. Alice Flagg leaves her title "The healthiest girl in Madison Coun- ty" to Marie Kays. Ruth Fruit leaves her joke book to Mr. Gunn. Lucien Gerber leaves his class to go where it will. Alvina Henke leaves her basketball ability to "Buzz" Barton. Elizabeth Hofmeier leaves her tennis ability to Mr. Smith. Donald Kriege leaves for Hollywood. Edna Ladd leaves her melodious cackle to Lillian Hudson. Melvin llamb leaves the beam -of his cheery face to be used to brace the students against surprise tests. THIRTY-TWO THE TIGER Martin Lange leaves his blond hair to the janitor the-'ll probably use it as a mop, heh!J. Vivian Lannae leaves her speed to the track team. "Bud" Levora leaves in his flivver in mid-term. "Lindy" Lindbeck leaves for the west to throw 'a real bull. Evelyn Linn leaves her industriousness to Jerry Macha. "Bob" Marks leaves his rosy cheeks and lily white hands to Wi!- liam Rasplica. Joe McLean leaves his sideburns to Mr. P. Henry Kinsel. Emily Merkel leaves her unexcelled good disposition to Miss Davis. Johannah Merkel leaves her books to the library-to sell. Hilbert Michel leaves his curly black locks to Roger Lee. Max Miller leaves by the door. "Winnie" Moore leaves her sylph-like form to Bernice Hern- reuther. "Jilll1lly,' Morrison leaves Helen Rinkel without a ride home after school. Edna Neuhaus leaves an extra brain to "Turk" Langreder. Elivabeth Nicolussi leaves. Catherine O'Connell leaves her gossiping to be carried on by Stella B-ernasek. Viola Ohm leaves her basketball ability to the football team. Gertrude Owens leaves owin' fjokej. Rose Paur leaves for the big city. Barbara Pixley leaves her stature to Jo-yce Bollman. Dorothea Sander leaves her Ufiuttering eye-lids" to Miss Wiegel. Margaret Smith leaves in an irradicated but unimpeded manner. Richard Smirl leaves his title "Einstein the Second" and his teaching .ability to Roland Pierce. Pearl Smith leaves her pearly teeth to Reno. Mary Snider leaves her winning ways and roguish eyes to Kath- erine Sedekeum. Herbert Stahlhut leaves his gray sweater to Bob Dustman. Paul Stolze leaves to ride past C?J Veva Jun-e's house. Elmer Sulhre leaves in a huff and -a blue serge suit. Kate Svaldi leaves the "j" in her name to John Johnson. Helen Svoboda leaves her swagger to Kenneth Baird. Edna Theuer leaves in a blue funk with wire wheels. Helen Vieth leaves from the inside of the building. Roy Wehrle leaves about 62 miles per hour central standard time. Harold Wentz leaves his taxi service to Festo Giese and his bicycle. Donald Wilson leaves the glee club flat. BSS 35 ESS THIRTY-THREE ,,A:...... Aa.. THE TIGER THIRTY FOUR THE LIBRARY THE TIGER f, fyn . n-.W M E X X lx ii -TX, NIJ? ., , , 7 " 5 XX x v dx N PM -' 3 THE TllGlElR JUNIORS HELEN JENSEN ALVIN BLIXEN JEAN CLARK Vice President President Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY ,Twas on the desert of the Sahara by the Tomb of Rameses the Great Where I met Amon, the great Egyptian prophet, direct descend- ent of the great god of ancient Egypt, Amon the almighty. He spake to me in his native tongue, pouring forth words of wisdom regarding the class of '32 of Edwardsville High School. Of the future of this class he would say nothing but of the past he spake a great parable. "Once upon a time a group of Arabs Went forth on the desert to capture them a band of Wild Arabian horses, called Ominom by their people because of their wild nature. They were aided by their god. Allah, and succeeded in their venture, but after this band had been secured in the barns more trouble arose. These frightened beasts, being unused to the corral and unused to the company of tame steeds, balked and tried to resort to their wild habits. But the Arabs or- ganized them and had leaders placed above them to teach them how they should behave. Gradually these mighty beasts were broken to the halter and, with the exception of the weak, who could not with- stand the lashes of the masters and succumbed, were finally made gentle. wise beasts -of burden ready to be sold at the market place. Only one step remained. to teach them to be leaders themselv-es. Of this I shall tell you nothing." Thus, with a slight shrug of his shoulders, Amon ended his tale. "But what means all this?" I inquired of Amon. "How is this connected with the Juniors?" "Oh. thoughtless one," returned Amon, "do you not see that the Junior Class is represented by the band of wild horses? Their hard- tContinued on Page Forty-one? TI-IIRTY SIX 'llllIGlElR - JUNIORS Ralph Adams, Leona Ahrens, Mildred Altefogt. Veva June Appel. Wilbur Appel Joie Ashby, Mary Baird. Edward Bauer. Stella Bernasek Loretta Blume. Arthur Brockineier, Stella Bll1'5'.IdOl'f. William Hnrian. John Coppingel' Hazel Croineans, Virginia Davenport, Daniel Dippold. Caroline Elik. THIRTY-SEVEN 'lFlHllE TIGR R JUNIORS ,yvu'!'S 4-M Harry Flniricli, Verna Feldman. Leona Francis. Paul Gerling. Festo Giese. Ilurrell Gilbert. Erina Goff, Charlotte Gueltig. Mary Handlon. Ethleen Handshy. William Henry. Vivian Hotuiz, Lillian Hudson. Ora Hydron. Dorothy Hyten, Dorothea Jacobs. Marie Hays. Mary K. Kearney. Nelson Hodina. THIRTY-EIGHT TH lil Til G IE R JuN1oRs Mgt ninth K t A .V K . - V -w,S1v,5g.J,i Norma Klein, Anthony Kochanski, Cecelia Kovarik, Spencer llamb. Rudolph Ledvinka. Vernalee Longwish, Jerry Macha. Almira Martin, Raymond Mateyka. Ella McKinney, Helen Neuhaus. Helen Nix, Blanch Orman. Lucille Pape. Roland Peirce. Orval Rademacher, William Rasplica. Marie Rotter. THIRTY-NINE FORTY THE TlIGlER JUNIORS Gilmore Schaefer, Naomi Schafer, Gladys Schmidt, Verna Schoon Wesley Sedekum. Edith Sellmeier. Ellen Stewart, Bernice Taake. Grace Thompson. Gene Tumbleson Esther Volz. Ruth Sharp, Robert Smith Warren Spitze. Harvey Voss. Dorothy Wagner. HL. T H lE 'll'lI G lE R JUN1oRs Elaine Going. Louis Walter. Sadie Watson. Mary A. Welch. Fern Young CLASS HISTORY fcontinuedl tContinned from Page Thirty-sixl ships throughout their first two years in school and the faculty are likewise represented. This class is not yet ready to go out into the world for they must yet have another year-a finishing touch." I have pondered a long time over this and have not definitely figured it out even as yet. so l'll hand it down t-o you--figure it out if you can. Keep in mind that the class officers, the leaders, were for the Freshman year: Helen Jensen, Bob Smith, and Odell Welty: for the Sophomore year: Alvin Blixen, Jean Clark, and Hinrich Cas- sens. Allah be praised! ACHMED. FORTY-ONF i W 1 lE TIGER SOPHOMORES CHARLES TUXHORN . . . ...... President ROLAND RAFFAELLE. . . ........ Vice President MILDRED AX ......... . . .Secretary-Treasurer Edna Abenhrink Ruth Alpiser Chester Ashauer Mildred Ax Judith Baird Kenneth Baird Dolores Ballweg Harold Barton Edward Bast Rudolph Becker Donald Behler Harvey Bender Milton Berleman Edith Berner Gladys Blackburn William Blixen Ellen Boyd Louise Bredehoeft Marie Brendle FORTY FWO Hilda Brockmeier Milburn Bruinworth Euierich Cassens Dwain Daniel June Davis Joseph Dicarlo Gladys Dippold Donald Dunstedter Dorothy Dunstedter Edna Dunstedter Robert Dustman Marcia Everson Iona Eagg Madeline Fahnestock Dorothy Fensterman Elizabeth Fiegenbaum Elinor Ford Juanita Forester Velma Pultz Mary Elizabeth Goetz Norma Gilbert Joseph Gregor Laurabelle Harris Minnie Haynes Ida Hellinger Anna Honchak Constance Hubach Ruth Huelskamp Bessie Jaros Marvin Jordan Merrill Jordan Margaret Kearney Wilma Klueter Raymond Kubicek Wilbur Kurlnan Ralph Ladd Leroy Lange Armin Langreder THIE llGlElR SOPHOMORES l'ldene Latowsky Roger Lee Anna Ledvinka Kermit Leu Delbert Linn Dorothy Long David Mack Clovis Madoux Robert McLean Harold Metz Mamie Moore George Monahan Jeanette Moriarity Mary Nicolussi Lydia Novak Lester Opel Elmer Poos Roland Raffaelle Vernon Ramsey Marcella Rasplica Raymond Rathert Arno Riggs Helen Rinkel George Rizzoli Frank Sanders John Schaefer Ruth Schirmer Esther Schmidt Louise Schmidt Kathryn Sedekum Margaret Shaffer Esther Sido Roy Sievers Virginia Simpson Charles Slavik Elmer Speckman Dorothy Spindler Pauline Steiner Albert Strebler Gerald Stroud Gilbert Suhre Pete Svaldi Ttillicho Tenor Arnold Trebing Charles Tuxhorn Louis Vanzo Charles Vieth Frank Volma Robert Watson Walter Weeks George Williams Melvin Winter Norman Winter Earl Wise Bertille Wy'dl'21 Louis Zak FORTY-THREE 'll' H lE Til CG lE SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY As Freshmen, we led a iniserable life. We knew next to nothing about the law and order of E. H. S. We were laughed at by the Seniors, jeered at by the Juniors, and scorned by the Sophoinores. Now that we are Soph-oniores, we tell a different story. We are the envy of the School. The wise old Seniors sigh and reineinber their happy Sophomore days. The Juniors yearn for the distinction which is ours. The Freshinen. so 'awe-stricken by our presence. are held in wonder at our power. We are really quite fanious. We have our singers, and good ones, too. We also boast of numerous musicians. orators. and athletes. We are loyal supporters of E. H. S. and no one can say that the Sopholnores are poorly represented at School activities. We dislike to think that the pictures of two other classes inust precede ours on the pages of this book. But very soon we will head the list. and, as the Seniors of 'Rf-3. we will cherish the ll16ll'l0l'y of our Sophomore days. V VIVIAN ROBERTSON. ' , :il Wi" 551- - 'Q gtg , fb , ,JW A ' ' -.. X ' -" "'3' ' 4 . - I .WV ,W V ,' .. . ,Q i L. 5, .Qt,,3,. . , I . s., . , ., , . 43 x sein I-ORlX FOUR - THIE TIGER US MEN T' lE TIGER F RESHMEN BETTY BROWN .... ......... I fresident ELSIE ROTTER ....... ....... V ice President VIVIAN ROBERTSON , . . .Secretary-Treasurer James Abhee Charles Abendroth William Ackerman Ruth Agles Elmer Ashauer George Augsburger Margaret Baker Earl Barusback Fred Bartels Edna May Bast Philip Bast Vera Bean Louis Becker Raymond Bender Bernice Bernreuther Gwendolyn Black Charles Blumberg Bernice Bollman Madeline Borchers Louise Borman Edward Breitbarth Betty Brown Lester Buch Marie Burger Charles Canis Lillian Canis Billie Catalano Robert Caulk Louis Chairney LaVergne Chandler FORTY SIX Karrol Childres Ralph Clifford William Crossman David Cunningham Burton Davenport Jane Dunlap Henry Dohle Henrietta Duvall Adam Elik Clotilda Fahrig Milford Feldman Betty Ford Martin Foster Wilbur Fowler Angelina Francesconi Norma Francis Ruth Fresen Victor Frey Virginia Genetti Elton Going Terry Gueltig Juanita Harris Roger Hartung Edward Herrin Mary Hess Harguerite Hiles Hugo Hofmeister Charles Houba Earle Ingels Carl Jensen John Johnson Alfred Joseph Verla Kaeser Ellen Kane Isabelle Kearney Lorine Kellerman Edith Keshner Melba Klueter Raymond Kuethe John Kurman Barney Lanham Bromley Lewis Jay Lindbeck Orville Linder George Little James Love James Lovsey Florence Madoux Beverly Martin Joseph Mateyka Karl McDermott Henry Mclntosh Robert McKittrick Charles McNa1nara Horace Mead Dorothy Meikamp Esther Meikamp Ida Menoni Chester Michel Godfrey Mitchell A - I T H lE Til CG lE FRESHMEN George Moelhenry Rose Mindrup Howard Morrison VValter Nietert Oliver Nix Sam Overbeek Ruth Piper Raymond llletcher Maurine Powell Jack Pritchard Dorothy lluhse Arlo Puhse Cleo Reilly Laura Riggs Mary Ritter Vivian Robertson Joe Rothe Elsie Rotter Donald Russell Norbert Schade Ardell Schaefer Wilma Schmidt Dorothy Schoon John Sehrameck Florence Shaffer Richard Shatter Glenn Spindler Elizabeth Starkey NVilliain Steehlinger Harrison Stubbs Albert Tenick Erma Tedrick Harris Tiek Eunice Traub Virgil Ukena Violet Vanzo Irma Vesper Gladys Vieth Agnes Vohradsky Josephine Volz Lois VValker Norman VVadsworth Leeds VVatson Robert VVaug'h Maurice VVeeks Cecil VVells Eleanor Wehling Orville VVest Edna VVise Mid-term Freshmen Eugene Baekensto Vera Baird VValsh Bayer Flora Dernasek Dorothy Dernreuther Joyce Bollman Robert Bottomley Raymond Burns Dorothy Closterman Thomas Cunningham Edward Daech Roy Dees John Dunning Norman lfiegenbaum Dorothy Finn Leonard Flavin Margaret Greenwood George Handlon Myrtle Hyteu Verna Koester Marie Mateylia l"l'edel'iCk Merkel Irma Musick Ruth Musick Lavon Nischwitz Alma Novak Jewel Owens Murl llaproth Adella Paur Genevieve Piper Norman Probst Charles Reichert Eugene Schmid Raymond Schrader Olin Schwalb Shirley Strebler ElValee Sullivan Marylee VVatson Jack Yates Gladys Young Verna Zika FORTY-SEVEN T H lE Til CG lE Ri FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY We Freshies attached ourselves to E. H. S. in September. 1930. Although we were many in number. having one hundred and forty- g four. we failed to receive the respect of the upperclassnien. I 4 We bravely bore the pranks of the Juniors and the Seniors. but when that handful of students, the class that had so recently been A called Freshmen but were now Sophoniores. began laughing at us. our anger knew no bounds. Under the leadership of our president. John Schranieck. we Set out to teach the Sophs a lessons After mastering such trivial studies as Algebra and Latin, we were rewarded by finding more Freshmen than Soph-oniores on the Honor Roll. At last the school too-k notice of us and we soon scaled the icy wall which had surrounded the friendship of the other students. Leaving the few stragglers behind, we entered the second half of our journey in February. Now we work hard. but are patiently waiting until we, the mighty Seniors of '34, will dedicate the Tiger and inspire other Freshmen to overcome other trials and tribulations which undoubtedly accompany the Freshmen trail. VIVIAN ROBERTSON. FORTY-EIGHT THE TIGER 6915103 3 Wffiiwf? I FORT FIFTY T H lE3 Til G lEJ R E. H. s. Foo'rBALL SEASON The "Tigers" opened their football season under the bright lights in a con- test with Gillespie. The game, played be- fore a very large crowd, ended in a score- less tie, although the Bengals were the main aggressors. Both teams played well. defensively, a'nd both made many early season offensive mistakes. The heavy Staunton eleven next came to the "Tiger" camp and were surprised to leave in defeat. The "Tigers" trailed by six points throughout the game, but by means of an aerial attack and -a blocked punt scored two touchdowns with less than two minutes to play and emerged CAPTAIN AX victorious to the score of 12-6. Marquette High of Alton was the next victim of the "Tiger" on- slaught. The Orange and Black had an easy time rolling up a good score, and in the second half the "Tiger" substitutes t-ook the field. They followed in the Regulars' " footsteps and held the Marquette boys scoreless as well as accounting for a few touchdowns. The game ended 32-0. The first conference game was played with Belleville in our own backyard. ln a stifling heat the "Tigers" suffered their first defeat. Belleville scored early in the first quarter and again in the third and fourth to bring the count to 19-0. Our next game was with Madison, a newcomer to the conference, whom we easily defeated. However, it was not until the second half that any real scoring was done, but the E. H. S. Regulars succeeded in rolling up a 33-6 score, and the second and third teams finished the game in nice fashion. East St. Louis, the "big shot" of the conference, now casually visited E. H. S. with the mere intention of giving us a go-od beating. However. they were surprised and were just barely able to defeat us by reas-on of a series of breaks. A long pass that enabled th-e East Side right end, after juggling the ball for a few seconds, to step across the goal line occurred in the last minute of the first half. Both teams TlIGlElR fought on equal terms but this was the turning point of the game. ln the sec-ond half the "Tigers" fought gamely but East Side with seven points to its credit was the more aggressive and succeeded in pushing over another touchdown. but not until the last two minutes of the game. The final score was 14-0. This ended our season under the flood lights. The Orange and Black played their first day game at Wood River and came back with a victory to their credit. The glllllti was closely played throughout and after both teams had scored one touch- down, the "Tigersl buckled down and managed to score the winning touchdown in the closing minutes of the game to make the score 12-6. COACH BLODGETT Collinsville, that traditio'nal rival of the Bengals. was the next opponent. The "Tigers',. seeming to lack that old fighting spirit that always prevails when these teams meet, played poorly on defense, and as a result had possession of the bali very little and then usually 011 their own 20-yard line. Collinsville succeeded in ripping open the "Tigers, 'l line and in the second half scored two touchdowns. This game was played at Collinsville and the final score was 14-0. Alton, next in line, was met on the local field, and the "Tigers" started out in a rush that netted a touchdown. After the first rush they unconsciously settled down and permitted Alt-on to score twice. It was by desperately playing that the "Tigers" finally succeeded in scoring a second touchdown, and upon failing to annex the extra point. the score ended in a 13-13 tie. E. H. S. next played and easily defeated Livingston by a score of 21-0. Livingston did not show much opposition and the f'Tigers" had things their own way throughout th-e game. Granite City, conference champion, ended the Orange and Black's season by handing them a beating, in a stinging snow, to the tune of 65-6. After being held to- a 13-6 score for the first half. the Happy Warriors broke loose, crossing the Bengal's goal line time after time. Every player on the "Tiger" squad was given a. chance to play and so ended a season that should have been the best. but did not end that way. FIFTY 01N le THE TIIGIER WILSON FAHRIG MCLEAN L. E. R E. R T. BERLEMAN SPITZE STOLZE F. B. H. B. H. B. BLACKBURN HENRY R. TENOR L. T. C, H. B. FIFTY-TXVO THE IIGIER Q Q . -is :Q . . L I V ,Lm1L. mwiifz:1f!.f 1- lik? .. 1 5 '-hh' . ' ' - 44 f-fl? f' - fs 'QL Vt . " a Y . "amy, '. - " ff, 5' ' ' ' A Qfriif : ' M s N V . if 4 . f ' Q , '5"'f" ,3,E X A , np - ,Q A fqvziyby by Q ' f172N3ix. ' ' A f 2 ' 2 Z' ' ifjiff . 1 X X H . V 1 . Y 'fi iii . 1 . V 1 f:3NiW.f 1' .. ver , ff c . 'if ' W v 1 ' A Q T my .., . ,Q W b " i v ' . . .. . "f , 4. l,.xNGm1Dr:R .xlxxms lx,x1'1f:H 1.. G, R. G. C. 1.,xNH.xM VANZU R.xD14:MACHER L. G. L. F I 'I' IXLIXICN T. TICNOH HAIHD Q. IX. H. H. H. H. FIFTY-THREI THE TIGER E. H. S. BASKETBALL SEASON The "Tigers" battled Beau- mont High of St. Louis to open their basketball season. Beau- mont showed the results of hav- ing had previous games and started off to a lead that the "Tigers" could not overcome. and so our first game ended in defeat by a score of 32-22. Gillespie was next met and the "Tigers" were handed another beating. Score 20-14. Both teams played a slow game and many bad passes were made. Our first conference game was played at Madison. The "Tigers" played fine basketball and held Madison to one field goal. How- ever, Madison scored 14 foul shots and the "Tigers" barely managed to win 18-16. The Bengals met and defeat- ed Livingston on the latter's home floor by a score of 19-14. The "Tigers" had things much their own way throughout the game. The annual alumni game end- ed in a victory for the alumni. Score 29-22. The game was marked by the usual roughness. Judd and Strief led the attack for the graduates while Stolze was high-point man for the "Bengals" And then Collinsville visited the "Tigers' " lair and promptly walked off with a nice victory tucked under its belt. Score 43- 20. The "Bengals" next journey- ed to East Side with high hopes. the "jinx" still prevailed and we succeeded in scoring -only 16 points while the East Siders were piling up 36. Wood River was next in line and the "Tigers" showed what they could do. As a result the FIFTY FOUR ga111e ended with E. H. S. on the long end -of a 19-14 score. After defeating Wood River the "Tigers" met the Granite City Warriors on the following night and we ,hope that th: closeness of the two games is sufficient alibi for the 41-18 beating that we took. The "Tigers,' then seeing thai it w.as necessary to redeem themselves journeyed to AltOl. fully determined to win, and did so in a fast and furious game which ended in -our favor 23-21 Belleville was our opponent and we were defeated 30-17. The "Tigers" played listlessly, and it was not until the last quarter that they showed any scoring punch. Long shots that did not go in were the feature 'of thi game. Madison, who met defeat at the hands of the "Tigers" earlier in the season, reversed the charges and decisively defeated the Bengals by a score of 27-21. The game was played on the E. H. S. floor. Collinsville again defeated the "Tigers," this time on their own floor and by a wider margin. Score 41-11. East St. Louis was next met and the "Tigers" managed to give more competition than in the first game, but East Side came out on top by a score of 31-23. The "Tigers" losing streak was extended to five when they met defeat at the hands of the Wood River "Oilers" on the Wood River floor. The score 19-12. Something seems wrong with the "Tigers,'g we wonder what it can be. Granite City was the next in line and the game was a mere THE TIGER THE TIGER repetition. with the "Tigers" making a better 'account of themselves, although the score was 40-24. At last the "jinx" was broker when the E. H. S. warriors de- feated Alton on our own flooi by a score of 33-24. Captain Tenor was high-point inan. witl Fahrig not far behind. And then Belleville upset ou' plans by handing us anothei little defeat. The "Tigers" inade but three Held goals. while Belle ville scored 9. Score 27-ll. This officially closed the E. H. S. basketball season. but in an interconference gaine witl Lebanon the "Tigers" "busted" loose for a 23-16 victory. Leb- anon placed second in the Ca- hokia Conference. Thus ended the season. ll ..T- -1- 11 .....- l- DISTRICT TOURNAMENT The district tournament was held, as in the past, at Edwardsville. Collinsville won the right to go to the sectional by defeating Madison, Edwardsville. St. Jacob, and Granite City. In doing so the Kahoks piled up over 170 points to their opponents' 70. Granite City ranked second, St. Jacob third. The Tigers were unfortunate in drawing Collinsville for their first opponent but the Bengals succeeded in holding the Kahoks t-o a better score than any other opponent. W ifi? FIFTY SIX THE TIGER TRACK 1930 The 1030 track season opened with a triangular meet with E. H. S.. Collinsville. and Belleville. which took place at Edwardsville. Park- er beat Fahrig in both the 100 and 220 and, as the Tigers were es- pecially weak in the Held events, were defeated by both teams. Col- linsville won the meet with 5315 points. Belleville scored 33m and the Tigers 27M. The Tigers, over-confident, met Wood River in a. dual meet and were surprised to come -out on the small end of a G7-51 score. Ho-w- ever, we were without Reno, and, as a result, were minus about 20 points--enough to change the results. The Quad meet took place at Wood River and the Tigers sur- prised the fans by emerging victorious with a total of 57 points. Wood River was second with 37, and Alton and Granite Hnished in order with I0 and ll points. respectively. The whole squad journeyed to McKendree to compete in the in- terscholastic meet, but the competition proved too stiff and they man- aged to score but three points. On the following week the district meet was held on the McKen- dree field and although several players managed to secure a place in the various events, Fahrig was the only one to qualify for the state meet at Urbana. He qualiiied on both the l00 and 220 yard dash. The Conference meet was again held at Edwardsville. Collins- ville, led by Parker. piled up a total of 31 points to nose out the Tigers by three points. The meet was a toss-up among Collinsville, Ed- wardsville, and East Side until the relay was run. Collinsville won the relay and thus managed to win the championship. The Tigers scored 28 points and East Side ranked third with 26113. Coach Blodgett Spitze. Blackburn, Ax, Judd, Fahrig, Tenor. Stolze, Mack, Moorman FIFTY SFVEIN THE TIGER T H lE Til G 1E R BOYS' TENNIS 1930 Alton journeyed to Edwardsville for our first match of the sea- son. Our doubles team won 6-2. 2-6, 6-2. and our singles team won 7-5, 6-3. The next match was at Belleville. The doubles team won again 6-1, 4-6, 6-3, and the singles lost 7-5, 6-1. Granite City was our next foe. Our doubles team won 6-3, 4-6. 6-4, and our singles team 211518 won 6-0, 6-2. The doubles team lost their first match of the season to East Side 4-6. 6-4, 6-1. Our singles team lost 6-3, 6-2. We journeyed to Collinsville and were defeated in the doubles 6-1, 6-4. and in the singles we lost 6-1. 6-3. Madison went down in defeat to both of our teams. the doubles winning 6-3. 6-3, and the singles 6-4, 5-7. 6-1, Our last match of the season was with Wood River. The doubles won 6-2, 2-6, 7-5, -and the singles won 6-2. 6-4. GIRLS? TENNIS 1930 The girls' first tennis match was with Granite City. The doubles team won 6-3, 6-2, and the singles teams Won the first match 6-4. 6-3 and lost the second 6-1. 6-6. The second match was with East Side. East Side won all the matches. The doubles won 6-4. 6-2, and the singles 6-4. 6-0. and 6-2, 6-2. We journeyed to Wood River, winning the doubles 6-1. 6-0, and losing the singles matches 5-6, 6-1, 6-1, and 6-1, 6-2. Our fourth match of the season was with Belleville. Belleville won the doubles 6-3, 6-1 and also the singles 6-5, 6-0. The final match of the season was with Alton. Alton beat our doubles team 3-6, 6-1. 6-5. and defeated our singles team 6-2. 6-2. l Lange, Stolze, Eichmann, Winter, Mr. Smith. Nowak. Hofmeier, Blume. Welch. FIFTY-NINI ' E Til G 1E R VQLLEY BALL SIXTY Kellc-rinziu, Baird. Brown, Ikallweg, Miss Pergreni. Shaffvr, liollniun, Fraiicis, Oruiun, Fultz. BASKETBALL 1311144-1', Hytvn, Huudlon, VVuts01i. Dlll1StGdt91', Pixley, Henke, TSu1'11et,t, Hofmeier. Miss VVeig0l, Ifruit, Heillinger, Reilly, Mindrup, Hntuiz, Steiner, McKinney, Kays Miss Qiimmheini. Cunninghziui, Hiise, Ford, Simpson, Rollluzui, S9d6kUll1, Blume, Rottvr, Kearney. Sl1:ii'1'v1', Ahenbrink, Fultz, Omizin, Robertson, B91'l1I'6lltl1EI', Baird, Kellerman, Hess Keshner. 1 THE TIGER W W Ks X M XL. 4 A -in W f . TY' ' A ' X NM' X ' 'M a " , " N X if 4 Sa' K Y X 5615 J M Y 7 J yg X ff 4' V 1 ff! J .111 XX - - THE TIGER TIGER STAFF Edward Ferguson . Charles Busenhart Norma Dunstedter. Edna Ladd ........ Robert Ax ........ Genevieve Buch .. Donald Wilson .... George Bassford. . . Verna Cunningham Paul Stolze ....... Elizabeth Nicolussi Evelyn Linn ...... Edna Feldner ..... Miss Wo-od .... Mr. Gunn .... . . .Editor-in-Chief . . . .Assistant Editor ..............ArtEditor ...............ArtEditor . . . .Cartoons and Athletics .....................Jokes .. ............. Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . ................... Calendar . . .... Sales Manager .........Typist ........Typist . . .Typist . . . .Advisor . . . .Advisor l SIXTY-TWO Ferguson, Dunstedter, Busenhart, Ladd, Ax T H IEE Tl G IE R EDITORIAL It is not easy to write a pleasant editorial, thanking everyone for helping the staff put out this annual, when the staff..the Editor especially-is feeling overworked. As we burn midnight oil striving to prepare an annual of which our class will be proud, we wonder if it is really worth doing after all. Is it really worth our time to work on something that, although it contains the products of our best efforts, will not be appreciated by our classmates and will be criticized from all angles? We cannot feel kindly toward the one who refuses to buy a Tiger, toward the one who will not have his picture taken at the time specified. We are angry at all the students because of the faults of a few. Then into our fog of deep despair comes a cheer- ful helper-perhaps a typist offering to type our annual. As we ap- proach our classmates, those who really have the interests of their school at heart, we realize that most of you, our readers, are behind us, helping us on. So, with smiling faces, we, the staff of the Tiger unite in thanking all who have aided us in creating a bo-ok which we hope is worthy of our school. THE EDITOR. Wilson, Cunningham, Bassford, Buch, Stolzc SIXTY THREF T H TE T ll CG R GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The G. A. A., which was organized in the fall of 1928, is a member of the lllinois League of High School Girls' Athletic Associations. It is a club for girls who are interested in athletics. The aim of the association is to further health, sportsmanship, and athletic ability. Under the leadership of Miss Oliver the G. A. A. members hike once a week. Miss Pergrem coaches them in volley ball. Miss Weigel is coach for tennis, and Miss Weigel and Miss Quernheim for basketball. Not only does G. A. A. otfer special advantage in athletics, but it also provides social activities. Last year we gave a Christmas charity party for the poor children of the town. This turned out such .a great success that we are going' to give the poor children a Christmas party every year. In early spring the G. A. A. always gives a banquet for the team that wins the girls' interclass basketball tournament. During the school year we have Various campfire meetings and parties. Last summer three of our members attended the G. A. A. State League camp at Salem, Illinois. There they became acquainted with G. A. A. girls from all over the state. They took part in all the sports and activities that the camp offered, and after a week they returned home, saying' that no camp could excel Salem G. A. A. camp in either fun or athletics. FTDNA LADD . .................................. President VERNA CUNNINGHAM .... ....... X 'ice President GRACE THOMPSON . . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer Robertson, lieshner, Ladd, Cunningham, Hudson, Thompson, Rotter, Kearney Miss Weigel, Kays, Davis, Young, Hess, Rotter, Rollnian, Francis Ornian, l"ultz, Jacobs, Smith, Puhse, Stewart, Hotuiz, Steiner Martin. Brown, Baird, Abenhrink, Simpson, Ax, Reilly, Bernreuther SIXTY-FOUR fx! V ill. we T H E Til G lE R GIRLS' COUNCIL The Girls' Council is an organization under the supervision of Miss Benner, the purpose of which is to foster good will among the girls of the school. and to do away with class-distinction. It also pro- vides for a form of self-government and co-operation among all the girls. encourages scholastic achievement. takes responsibility for the general Welfare of the girls. and provides for mnnerous social activi- ties. The Council is composed of three members from each class. nom- inated by the Council according to scholastic standing, and elected hy the girls of each class. The Council meets every month to discuss matters, recommend changes. and suggest improvements. The following are members: Norma Dunstedter . . ...... President Verna Cunningham .. ..Yice President Virginia Simpson . . ...... Secretary Leone .Xhrens . . . . .Treasurer lleverly Martin Lorine Kellerman Margaret Shaffer Edna Feldner liflary Alice Welch Irma Tedriclt Caroline Elik Edith lierner l E SIXTY-FIVF T H E Til G 1E GIRL scours TRooPu Berne-r, Longwish, Everson, Ford, Steiner lfzngg, Brown. lforri, Goetz, Miss Gewe Hollinger, Seclc-kuln, Breda-hoeft, Abenbrink, Simpson, Nowak I-IIKHNG CLUB Ax, Ilrendlo, Fi9Q,G1lb21Ulll, Hiles, Bredehoeft, Shaffer, Hudson Baker, Tedrivk, Wise, Mindrup, Borchers, Chandler, E. Neuhaus, H. Neuhaus Moriurity, Hellinger, S9d9kl1l11, Ford, Steiner, Kellerman, Hess, Dunstedter, Miss Oliver SIXTY-SIX - rn: A - T H lE T G lE R BOYS' GLEE CLU McLean, LOG, l"0l'QllS0ll, VVilson, Vcrsfs, BlllllllJPl'g Ax, l'1ll20llIl21llll, Ala-liittl'ic'li, Smfrl, Herrin, Svlimidt Miss P01'g1'+1111, Marks, Ut'llllf'l', VVVIIIZ, Julia l"lPQ9llbZl1llll lpiunistl GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Miss Purgrem, Feldner. Abonbrinla, Bredehuoft, Scdekum, Ford. Powell, Baird. Henke, Cunningham, Fruit Nowak, Riggs, Dunstedter. Martin, Brnwn, Roller. Ss-llmcier, Schmidt, Vesper. Bernreuther, Piper, Matoyku. Davenport, Gueltig. S. Bernasek, Handlon, Wydra. E. Schmidt, L. Schmidt, Sido, Long, Dunlap, Baird. Starkey. Frescn, Hiles, Mindrup, XVatson, Berner, Schirmer, Goetz, Fahnestock, Ballweg, E, Flegenbaum .I. Fi01.It'I1l7Zllll'!1, F. Bernasek. Hyten. Everson, Ford. Spindler, Hofmeier, Snider, Kavsur, Reilly, Pipor, Husv. SIXTY-SEVEN 'll' H 1E T11 G E R ORCHESTRA Plvtcller. Guvltig. McLean. Miss PG1'g1'9l1l, Bassford. Kuethe Martin. Sl1aTTv1'. Kezlrlwy. Culminghaln. Appel CHEER LEADERS Charles I!useuha1't - - Head Cheer Leader Mr. Smith - - Sponsox R 1 Voss, Blume, Jacobs, Busenhart, Stroud, Stubbs SIXTYVEIGHT THE TIGR HI-Y Charles Husenhart .. ....... President Richard Slnirl . . . . . .Yice President Forrest Lindbeck .. . . . . . .Secretary Harvey Render . , . . .Treasurer The Hi-Y Club was organized in this school last spring by the Granite Cit' Club. The aura-ose of this orffanization is "To create fb C v maintain. and extend throughout the scho-ol and connnunitv high standards of Christian living." This club has for its platform the "Four Cs"-eClean speech, Clean sports. Clean scholarship and Cle-in , C living. Meetings are held regularly on Wednesday nights at 7:30 o'clocli I I K- ' -. . , - , . V -' . ' ' n t iese meetings school woilv and xalious problems confrontino' the K 21 boys are discussed. This clul " " ' 04 ' ' ' J is iisinh to be one of oui most active and proininent organizations. The club has for its adult leaders Mr. Gunn and Mr. Kinsel. MEMBERS Edward Augsberger Charles Bluinberg Elmer Engelinann Eugene Schmidt Robert Marks Richard Sinirl Herbert Stahlhut Donald Kriege Charles Busenhart Donald Wilson Harvey Bender Forrest Lindbeck Hilbert Michel Harvey Voss Paul Gerling SIXTY-NINI g 'I 'll' lE TllCGlE JUNIOR PLAY "THE MUMMY AND THE MUMPS" "The Mummy and the Mumpsf' a come dy farce. was presented The play was hy the .lunior Class, April 7, in the High School Gym. directed hy Miss Mildred Barnett and was one of the finest the school has had. The action of the play revolves about Sir Ilector Fish. who hrealix. quarantine for mumps ami travels to Fenalla. a girls' school. in a mummy case. After ill'l'lVlli2 at this school, fearing he will he ar- rested for breaking quarantine. he tries to remain hidden and quite an amusing situation develops. Other plots develop along with this and especial attention is die rected to Francis Briscoe. Hacker, and the others. The play is fright- fully tangled hut is straightened out at the end and Sir Hector gets Anna, Francis Briscoe gets Dulcie. and NVilliam Laidlaw gets Maude. CAtQ'l' Ol' CHARAC'l'i'IR Sir Hector Fish. a renowned archeologist. . . Francis Briscoe. who impersonated Hector. William Laidlaw. Miss Laidlaw's nephew. . . .James Slammon CRackerl. has three men's do it ..................,............ Perkins. the sheriff ,.....,.... Auna Hampton. a western girl .... Maude Mullen. an eastern girl ............ ,. .v work to d . .Harvey Voss . .Alvin Blixen . .Paul Gerling ofhut doesn't Jerome Macha l Hademacher Mary Handlon Lillian Hudson Dulcie Dumhle. beautiful but dumb. ............. Veva June Appel Agatha Laidlaw. founder of exclusive girls' school . . . ' ' " Phoehe lleehe. a reporter for the "Daily Deliverance" . . .Jean Clark . . .Mary baud SEVENTY T E T GER SENIOR PLAY "THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING" The plot centers around Mr. Simmons, a rather gay business man, and Chet Binney, his hard-working partner. Simmons wants Ch-et to marry his daughter, Ethel, and, in order to get her interested in Chet, invents a story about Chet's love affair with a movie queen. Ethel immediately "falls" for Chet and everything progresses according to Hoyle until the movie queen, who is supposed to have loved Chet madly, arrives in town. The story is very complicated from then on. This play was presented May 7th by Miss Elsie J. Sloan. CAST OF CHARACTERS Henry Simmons, a mzmufacturer . . . . . Harriet Simmons, his wife ..... . . .....DonaldW1lson . . . .Kathryn Bothman Ethel Simmons, their daughter ...... Chestcr Binney, Sjmmons' partner Letty Lythe. a motion picture star ..... Donald Swift, a motion picture director... Roger Shields, a young Chicago blood... 'jl W'l QLITV Oltim friends of Ethel ........ Annie, a maid ................. Sadie Bloom, a dancing teacher. . . Taxi Driver ...........,..... . . .Norma Dunstedier .Edward Ferguson .. . . . . .Ruth Fruit .Elmer Engelmann . . . .Gerald Fahrig . .Dorothy Barnett Elizabeth Hofmeier .......Edna Ladd . . . .Vivian Lannae . . .Richard Smirl , OPERETTA "THE LUCKY JADE" In the "Lucky Jade" we find our -eternal triangle, the beautiful heroine, the shy yet brave aviator who is our hero, and the fortune- hunter villain. Mammy, Mary Baird, with her hfocus pocus fortune telling, makes the story very mysterious. The sheriff, Downs, Fan- chon, and Liza bring in much humor and add to the story. This operetta, presented on Nov. 18th, was directed by Miss Edna Pergrem. CAST OF' CHARACTERS Downs, a pensioner on the Courtney Estate ....,. . . . .Edward Ferguson Mrs. Courtney, a careful wife ............. . . . . .Mary Handlon Liza-Mary Ann's colored maid .... N ', . Jgifge Efrgends of Mary Ann ............ Col. Waverly, uncle and guardian of John... Herbert, . . Bill, Tcd home from college .... Tom, . ........ John Endicott, a bashful aviator ................... Mary Ann Courtney, a daughter of the Sunny South... Fanchon, French maid ......................... Mr. Courtney, a sheltered husband ...... . .. Horace Ferguson, "He never misses".. .... .. ...... . .Mary Baird . . .Dolores Ballweg . . .Clotilda Fahrig ......Ptobert Ax . . . . . . .Roger Lee . . .George Rassford . . . .Harvey Voss . . . . . .Arno Riggs . . .Donald Wilson . . . . . .Esther Sido Ladd . . .Charles Busenhart . . . . .Warren Buckles Sheriff, known by his badge ......... .............. H arold Levora Choruses ................ . .... Boys' Pianist... . and Girls' Glee Clubs Julia Fiegenbaum SEVENTY ONT' Oct. l5 T H lE Til G lE3 R LYCEUM PROGRAM, 1930-31 -The King Male Quartet. This group of singers and bell-ringers was fairly good. Their songs were rather old but their bell-ringing act had a few new "twists.', Nov. 13-Capt. J. H. Hedley. Capt. Hedley, a jumpy, nervous, little Englishman, who acted as if he were about to dive -off the stage, gave a good enter- taimnent. He told of his exciting experiences in the air service during the World War and by the end of his talk had won over all of the students with his .amazing personality. Dec. 4-The Allpress Company. Dec. Jan. Jan. Feb. Mar. 6 A fair musical performance for those who liked difficult violin music. The curly-haired violinist "won over" most of the girls and so the performance seemed to be well liked. 16-David Wulf Anderson. Although this man gave a very interesting talk, in the minds of most of the students it seemed as if he "spilled too much mush" about George Washington's love affairs. 5-Bill Bone. 'Mid the banging of radiator pipes we listened to a bald man spout poetry. He was enjoyed despite the fact that his talk was dry in a few places. 26iThe Loveless Quartet. A good quartet, which fooled most of the students by play- ing trumpets, trombones, bassoons, and saxophones instead of singing. The saxophonists amused the audience by look- ing cross-eyed. l6-Hotan Tonka. Can you still talk the Indian sign language after seeing this Indian's act? -The Frye Company. A magician and an assistant who made up the "Company" part of the program. Most of the students will probably never figure out how he shot the dart through his helpe1'. The school go-t its moneys worth out of this. Mar. 30-Anne Varner Baker. Imitations, clay-sculpturing ,and chalk-drawing work were done by a plump Woman who talked in a high-pitched voice. Apr. 27eGlenn L. Morris. A very interesting scientific show which puts a very fine finishing touch to a very good Lyceum course. On a whole the talks and exhibitions were better than the musical num- bers-but what more do you want for a thin dime? CHRISTMAS PROGRAM A two-act play, "Let the Chimes Ring." was presented under Miss Wood's direction by the Slophomores. lt was followed by an inspirational talk by Rev. David S. Wahl. SEVENTY-TWO THE TIGER 57 VARIETIES T H lE T1 CG IE R JUN1oR-s1:N1oR BANQUET May 17, 1930 MENU Fruit Cocktail Chicken Salad Creamed Potatoes Buttered Peas 'and Carrots Olives Rolls Bride Salad Saltines Ice Cream Puffs Mints Nuts Toastmaster ......................... .... P aul Stolze To the Class of '30 .... ..... T oastmaster To the Class of '31 .... ...Marshall Wayne Girls' Quartet ...... ......... S elected To the Plant ....... ...Dorothea Jacobs Piano solo ....... Alice Flagg To the Bud . . . .... Edward Ferguson Reading ..... .... K athryn Bothman To the Flower . . . . . ..... Edna Neuhaus Vocal solo ........... .... M iss Pergrem To the Plant Association. . .... Mr. Krumsiek "Dear Old High" ....... ........... A ll Senior Party On October 1st the Seniors gathercd in the High School Gym for an evening of' fun. The first part of the evening was spent in playing bunco and those who were lucky or unlucky enough received prizes. The greater part of the evening was turned over to dancing. The strains of the music were so sweet that all-or most all-of the boys and girls tripped the light and fantastic. The usual refreshments -of ice cream, cake, and pop were served and greatly enjoyed by everyone, and in spite of the rather small crowd we .all had a most wonderful evening. Hallowe'en Party On the night of October 31, 1930, all the witches, ghosts, and goblins gathered in the lower corridor of the Edwardsville Institution of Learning fotherwise known as the Edwardsville High School! to welcome the "hundreds" who 'attended the annual Hal1owe'en party. The guests were taken through the long hall in which these frightful spirits were stationed. However, nothing could stop the guests and they so-on all joined in a grand march which was led by Mr. Gunn, and he really led everyone a wild chase. Prizes were awarded for the most attractive costumes, most orig- inal, funniest, etc. Among those receiving prizes were two members of our faculty, Miss Ricke, a cowboy, 'and Mr. Smith, a woman. After the awarding of the prizes most enjoyable refreshments, consisting of pop-corn balls, apples, candy, cakes, and pop were served. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing to the tune of a most enjoyable orchestra-and the guests danced and danced. SFVENTY-FOUR THE TIGER Junior-Senior Party The Juniors and the Seniors got together and had a party. This all happened on January 22. Everyone was given the name of an automobile and various contests were held, one -of each of the dif- ferent cars participating. A gum pulling contest furnished much en- joyment and, would you believe it, one of our teachers gave the winner a very close race. Well, the Buicks won, but to cheer the losers up the orchestra started playing and immediately everyone started dancing. N-obody envied the much-loved basketball players for they had to miss out on the good ice cream cakes. and pop and they had to go home very early. Sophomore Party The Sophomore party fell on February 13. It was the same as always, having contests and refreshments, followed by dancing. The party was better attended than usual. Music was by Stroud. Girls' Party A very unusual party was held for the girls of E. H. S. on Feb- ruary 26. The .affair was a Gypsy party and upon her arrival each girl was given bunches of colored crepe paper, out of which she made her costume for the evening. Irma Tedrick was awarded the prizc for the best costume. A "wheel of fortune" and several fortune tellers furnished much of the entertaimnent for the evening, but as usual, dancing was the main feature. Circle dances were called by Miss Pergrem, who is 2 very capable "caller" There were several specialty dances during the course of the evening which pleased the girls fwith the excepe tion of those doing the dancesl very much. .E Refreshments of ice cream, cakes, and punch were served. Freshman Party The Freshman party, held on March 20th, attracted a large num- ber of the Frosh. The eats and decorations were suitable to St Patrick's Day-even Mr. Kinsel wore a green necktie, although hr was a few days off schedule. Jerry Stroud furnished the music for Y the h-op, and the Freshman party climaxed the E. H. S. social seasor Dorothy Barnett Verna Cunningham Norma Dunstedter Edward Ferguson Julia Fiegenbaum Honor Pins 1931 Alice Flagg Lucien Gerber Elizabeth Hofmeier Edna Ladd Vivian Lannae Hilbert Michel Rose Paur Mary Snider Herbert Stahlhut Edna Theuer SEVENTY-FIVE THE TIGER Hallowe'en Party ,., E35 THE TIGER IWUCDOQ xmwx 0 X X, xfi 4 X Xa , W i W W 1 'rv' vb A!- X A iii s. A ' f ,WN 1 THE TIGER f 2.- 1 N5 E3 '04 4 X 0 , W - . X, ' Ql- A v 2 'D r s g i ' ' SEVENTY-EIGHT N5 6"' v IJ cj .I , . i. C 1 1 - rv x ' . A . tg "I V' . VW 6 t , ' .llll mi f' .41 X 'W 3 V it F A. .5 'Wx CALENDAR September CU to school. .--We have classes today. Find new teachers very agreeable. -Some poor lost Freshman Wan- ders into a Senior shorthand class. Hope he enjoyed the les- son. -Men fix lights on the football field. More entertainment for 108! -Rather "blue Monday." -Boys try -out for Glee Club. -Lucien elected Senior class president. Freshies have a meet- ing in the gym. -Senior rings arrive and are we proud of them! Boys begin night football practice. Girls' Council has a meeting. -Charlie chosen head cheer lead- er at a small "pep" meeting. G. A. A. "gets go-ingf' so to speak. -Tryouts for operetta. Bob Ax elected football captain. -Two dignified UD Senior girls walk the railing around the foot- ball fieldg naughtyg naughty! -Everything serene and peaceful. -Big calamity! Girls you know you shouldn't run in the halls. Great big "pep" meeting. -First night football game-with Gillespie. Score 0-0 in favor of Edwardsville. -Books arrive for the operetta. Girl Scouts have meeting. -Man comes out from St. Louis to help work on the "Tiger" -An-other peaceful Wednesday. -Music -on the air! Don't get ex- citedg it's only the Boys' Glee Club. -Mr. Ford speaks at "pep" meet- ing. Boys beat Staunton 12 to 6. -Operetta cast announced. Try- outs fo-r girls' quartet, etc. -Senior pictures being taken. Watch the little birdie! All school children trip lightly THE TIGER October -Big Senior party! Good time had by .all present. No school-teachers "institu- tion." -Still no school. Beat Marquette 32-0 in football. Back to the old drudge. -Rain I Rain! Rain ! Boys play checkers at noon. Freshman cheer leader elected. Vanquished by Belleville 19-0. -Shell oil "Broadcasting station" visits school at noon. -Two girls fSeniorsl walk to town at noon leaving their Ford sitting at school. G. A. A. has a weiner roast -at the Legion Park. -Lyceum program this afternoon, male quartet. -And it rained! -Big "pep" meetingg new yells, "Um, boy." Beat Madison 33-6. -Girls' Weiner roast, even though it was cold. -Plays given at P. T. A. by Jun- iors and Seniors. -Oh, dear! we received our cards today. M-ore excitement. Everyone promises to do better this six weeks. -Two one-act plays given this aft- ernoon. East St. Louis beats us in football. Lots of people find it convenient to go to the auto- mobiles during the half to warm up f?J. -Just another school day. -Mr. Blodgett evidently has big feet as well as large hands, for he got them tangled up in his desk today. Not much doing at school today. -Everyone gets ready for Hal- lowe'en. A Beat Wood River this afternoon. Had a wonderful Hall-owe'en par- ty tonight. 'I M , 4' ' ' 9 "' ' 23 31 C' 2 . J ,I wk S: I .27-., fa! ,W-1 D? K-'Y .MX Q-F cf 1 CC ' ,LJ Lyceum 2 xEMEw1faf:'ff ?? fx kD sfiw i' K. of ,N R "Nu FF SAID" U x -'STS in 1 6- ' " f. ARE THEY ,Qfgfff SEVENTY-NINE 'I EIGHTY THE is HWY, 1 O10lV'7" A 9. Vol? im HMM SULLESSFUL iq W . ' Ammon fi? is H rv ,Q lr Qi HOW cofv1E?? N9 vida? ' TW Xxll A X eff? -rn-AE M0KNf1vGf AFTER THE OPERET774 t .4 t-Q ' M ,- wi- lllllllll y KX - U4 fx? L lor v i .NE '57 A arf: xQ 1 :IA .A X f' . ff' X ri. J J THE HHAPFV WARRIO fes"FfvJvy Tl-ffm 'Wfmfwfs an vf N61 " TIGER November -American History classes have election to decide wl1o'll be our next Senator, etc. -Results of yesterday's election quite different from those of His- tory classes. -Many loyal Edwardsvillians jour- neyed to Collinsville to see us come in second in a football game. -Tie with Alton in a wonderful game. -Dress rehearsal for operetta. 18-Operetta fstarring Donald Wil- son and Esther Sidol given to- night. One of the cast received a corsage from-well. just ask Clotilda Whom it was from. -Beat Livingston this morning in a very exciting football game. 24-Esther! You really shouldn't try to fall up the stairs-it's much easier falling down. 26-Big "pep" meeting to cheer our boys for the game tomorrow. -The team must have eaten too much turkey. Anyway, Granite defeated them-fand how! The game really wasn't worth freez- ing your toes for-ask those who were there. December --Everyone returns to school after the much-needed Thanksgiving vacation. -Lyceum number. Very good one at that. -Basketball seasons opens. Beau- mont of St. Louis beats us. -An algebra teacher tries to show her class how to multiply by using long division. -Basketball game with Livingston tonight. -Lyceum program-a lecturer. And did you see all the teachers rush up to touch that twig from the Nellie Curtis rose bush? I wonder why. l7 18- I0 v 0 ...a - THE TIGER ---School dismissed early on ac- count of P .T. A. Three cheers for a bigger and better P. T. A. And it snowed! Bufl Levora's car f?J shows that. -Beat Madison in a fast and furi- ous game tonight. Most exciti:i'. Markham, most excitini -Everybody is exceptionally good -so that Santa won't forget them. 33-Very good Christmas program 30 5 7 9 l3 lG- l7 20 22 23 226 27 29 30 given by the Freshmen and Sophcmcrcs. -E. H. S. defeated by the Alumni. Class of '30 gets box of candy for having most members at the game. Dance after the game. More fun! January -Bill Bones lectures to us today. -Who was it who said he just can't remember his dates? Do you kn-ow, Roger? -Defeated by East St. Louis to- night. -Are teachers absent-minded ? Coach called on Edna and was surpris-ed to find that she wasn't in class. Big "pep" meeting. Cheered o-ur team up enough to beat Wood River. -Granite City defeats us tonight. -Beat Alton in a good basketball 231116. -The Juniors and Seniors have a party. Everyone had a good time-while the party lasted. -Belleville rather walked away from us in a basketball game to- night. -Very good lyceum number to- day. -28-Review in a big way. -30-Tests! Tests! and more tests! -Madison defeats Edwardsville in basketball. Dance after the game. hi X4 Q :- ff Mya . P i 'iv j i 5 K Y I 3 Q1 'fxlgttxfum -Q HMM!! MUST'vE 5NowE0.',' A Q NEED HELP, Roc,-ER Q? F-'-0 XEDMA, Tzu. US WHEN 11445 WAR or IUIL K 'k WAS Foum4r.'!,' ,, Xl-3' 1 ..f.IfGi' n as a ll' f MLA wx-IERES EAMAQ s talk? X if ri U 5 in S09 fm of-4 THOSE -resfs IW EIGHTY ONE THE TIGER 'Qi 1 ft 0, :A Jdbao tw Q I of U Y K l ll pg EP S " lxll, A . :FW CTP 15192 'LX S .:,f,'.2 i How MANY 0 frm !fRuMs1Elf?? ilk ld.: G- 3 .-L J Co! gfwfa Mft 4 K" 5 Z February -No school today-little vacation between the semesters. By the way, the ground hog saw his shadow today. -Many "preps" added to our 'num- ber this semester. Collinsville defeats us tonight. 5-Did you feel the earthquake? It was just Johnny tumbling down the stairs. -East St. Louis defeats us in a close game. Big "pep" meeting. -Two Senior girls fall on the front walk-nobody hurt, much. -Defeated by Wood River tonight. --Harriet B. Nice and her monkey talked to us about thrift today. -Friday, the 13'th! Could that have anything to do with our be- ing defeated by Granite tonight? -An Indian entertains us in ly- ceum number . -We shouldn't have had school to- day-'twas Mr. Krumsiek's birth- day. -Pictures taken for Tiger this aft- GFHOOH. lf!-Oh! those long French lessons. N'est-ce pas, Mlle. Edna? 20-Big "pep,' meeting today! Dear Old E. H. S. defeats Alton to- night. -Seniors and Juniors are having a "banking race." Winners are to get a party. -Belleville defeats us. Reno, what a fine basketball captain you turned out to be . -Girls' annual party held tonight. -Edwardsville beats Lebonan to- night. Dupo beats Belleville in an interconference game. March Zigi E153 3-Seniqr banking average rises. ' Juniors, you had better be care- IGHTY-TWO ful. 4-"Pep" C?J meeting this morn- ing! The tournament gets un- der way. THE TIGER -Edwardsville eliminated from the tournament by Collinsville. -A lady was shot in the gym to- day. Don't be alarmedg 'twas just in a lyceum course and no- body was hurt-but I haven't yet solved the mystery of how it was done. -Collinsville brings or rather takes home the bacon fro-m the tourna- ment. -hast of six weeks is here and our six weeks' tests begin. -Man shows some pictures about Washington. D. C., and lectures us about it. -Track begins in a big way. -Assembly today for advertise- ment of the Tiger. 20-Tiger sales campaign on in full force. -One of our teachers-an English teacher, by the way-falls asleep in class. Draw your own conclu- sions. -Lyceum this afternoon. Punch and Judy. April -A boys' chorus from Illinois Col- lege sings for us. -Junior play t-onight. And girls. wasn't Alvin Blixen just darling! A quartet from Milllikin enter- tains us. Very good! -Seniors win class track meet which took place the seventh and eighth periods. -No sch-ool today. Teachers go to East St. Louis. -William Woods' Glee Club sings for us. I wonder why all those boys were in the front row. -P. T. A. program directed by Miss Rotman. -Tigers get second place in 'a con- ference track meet. 5 -Some boy runs his hand through a glass in the door. What was the matter with him? -Tiger goes to press. TQVmfcr ro T1-fffvff of og, W GOMETHIMG- nf f :I-OQ 'THIS I T I SDACC- Q. 'as soef g TO GUY 1 A ZSQ32 -' L ADNL I ly. X f .. g Q 1 4 es ,K bu ,M I u- II .ll TRACK SEASGIXJ Opgfys 13211 vas- sfvp Of: flaws 0465...-. EIGHTY-THREE See the New Spring Green Plumbing Fixtures to appreciate their beauty " "1 EATING ' MMC MATERIAL 5 PLUM NG 01460 HKTURE: After four years of effort and research we have developed a beautiful NONCO Spring Green color for plumbing fixtures. The new Spring Green is ofa light tone that will harmonize with many colors, giving the purchaser a wide selection of colors to decorate their bath rooms. Like the new Spring Green. we have developed seven other attractive col- ors for your selection-Old Ivory. Lavender, Autumn Brown. Canary Yellow, I-llne. Old Rose and Black. You can only appreciate the beauty of these fixtures by seeing them in our display room. WRITE FOR COLOR CHART. N. O. NELSON MANUFACTURING CC. Administration Office and Display Room, 4300 Duncan Ave., St. Louis FACTORIES- Noblesville, Ind., l4I1lwardsvLlIe, Ill., liessmer, Alu. lsl'iUI!'h0S 'rhl'0llQ.1'h0llf South and Middle XYest. All our colored lixtures are equipped with brass trimmings manufactured in the Ed- wardsville Plant of the N. O. Nelson Mfg. Co. NONCO Plumbers' Brass. manufactured in Edwardsville, is distributed throughout 26 states. EIGHTY-FOUR THE TIGER Festo Giese: "This poet talks of an 'Aching Void'. Now, how can a void ache?" Joyce B.: "'Have you never had a 35 BE K John Copplnger: "We hadn't been hunting long when my rifle cracked! There lay a big bear at my feet!" Edna Theuer fpolitelyl: "Had it been dead long?" H Bi K George B.: "Why is the giraffe's neck so long?" Beverly M.: "Because its head is such a long way from its body." Bi K K "Chubby": "Hello, Leeds, are you using your pencil this afternoon?" Leeds: "Yes, I'm afraid I an1." "Chuhby": "Fine! Then you won't mind if I borrow your fountain pen?" K 352 K Elinor Ford: "What makes the leaves turn red in the fall?" Jane Dunlap: "I guess they are blushing to think how green they have been all summer." 39 BSS BSS Loretta Blume: "Do you realize that each kiss shortens one's life by three minutes-why, what's the mat- ter--where are you going in such a hurry?" Baldy: "To make my will." BS! headache?" BSS ZS! Barney Lanham: "Are the fish bit- ing?" Genc Schmidt: "I don't know. If' they are, they are biting each other." 381 Z!! if Elizabeth H.: "What is it a sign of when your nose itches?" Mary S.: "Going to have com- pany." Elizabeth: "What if your head itches?" Mary: "They have arrived." 31 BS! 385 Baldy: "What do they call the in- strument the French use for behead- ing people?" Reno: "The Gillette. I think." ?9! 352 B2 Ed. F.: "I want a camel's hair brush." Charles B.: "Do camel's use hair- brushes?" 35 N 35? Mr. Blodgett: "Who discovered America?" Richard Smirl: "Ohio." Mr. Blodgett: "You're wrong: Co- lumbus discovered America." Richard: "Oh, I didn't think his first name was necessary." K BSI BE Face powder may catch a man, but it's baking powder that keeps hiln. Paul Gerling: "Yes, I used to shoot elephants in Michigan." Arthur B.: "Hah! Hah! You're lying. There aren't any elephants in Michigan!" Paul: "You're right: l shot them K 382 352 Bob Ax: "Mary said if any man kissed her without warning she would scream for her father." Bud Blixen: "What did you do?" Bob Ax: "I warned her." Bi Bi if Don Dunstedter: "Why that strange expression on your face, old boy?" George Little: "Oh, nothing: I was just thinking." 352 35 K Lydia Nowak: "Do you think Fri- day's unlucky?" Ttillicho Tenor: "No. I was born on Friday." Lydia: "And what do your parents M 361 382 Grace Thompson: "What kind of a radio have you got?" Adolph Becker: "A locomotive type." Grace: "What kind is that?" Adolph: "One with a whistle for every station." Bi 382 iii Herb S.: "That horse knows as ll'll1Ch as I do." Hilbert M.: "Well, don't tell any- body. You may want to sell him iii HK if Alvin B.: "Say, l'm going to en- ter the hog calling contest." Katy B.: "Go ahead. V11 be there rooting for you." if Elf 381 Conductor: "I ought to know whether this train's late, oughtn't I? I've been on this train ten years now." N. Loewen: "Ten years, hey? You must have got on at the same sta- X X K H. Wentz: "How much is this?" G. Dippold: "Five dollars." H. Wentz: "Aren't you a little dear?" G. Dippold: "All the men tell me X Bi 35 Miss Adams: "How old would a person be who was born in 1898?" George Hendlon: "Man or wom- an?" all." think?" some day." tion I did." that." 352 B! BE Verna C.: "Why do you speak so hoarse?" G. Buch: "I was talking through a screen door and strained my voice." EIGHTY FIVE lllinois and Missouri Licensed Phone Main 60 S T A U B IE FUNERAL HUMIE X3-5 51W 5 l 2 North Main Street Edwardsville, lll ni1 Compliments om N ll? ery 1 11.1 H "Fat" Sievers: "What is that bump you have on your forehead?" Dwain D.: "Oh, that is where a thought struck me." 35 362 35 Miss Oliver: "What was George Washington noted for?" C. Madoux: "His memory." Miss Oliver: "What makes you th'nk his memory was-so great?" C. Madoux: "They erected a monu- ment to it." B2 Bi Ei Here lies the remains of Charley Mc- Gee, VVho drove his car with a girl on his knee. 35 M 351 Miss Wood: "What does the prefix 'mag' mean?" Ed. Herrin: "Large" Miss Wood: "Give an illustration." Ed.: "I like magpiesf' BSE 35 BSE Lillian H.: "I'm glad I'm not a snake." Marie Kays: "Why so?" Lillian: "When he has a stomach ache, how's he to know whether it's a stiff neck or a sore tail?" Bi if BE "Buzz" Barton: "Here's SOIHG candy. Sweets for the sweet." V. Ohm: "Thank you. Here are SOH16 nuts." "This is food for reflection," said the bxllygoat as he ate the looking EE Bi 352 "Bud" Levora: "What makes that dog howl so?" M. Sickburn: "Just laziness." "Bud": Does that make dogs howl?" Maurice: "It does this one, he is sitting on a cactus leaf and is too lazy K EE Bi R. Wehrle: "VVhat is dust?" W. Spitze: "Mud, with the juice squeezed out of it." Bi H K Englishman ton the telephonel: "Yes, this is Mr. 'Arrison. What, you can't 'ear? This is Mr. 'Arrison -Haitch, hay, two hars, a hi, a hess, a ho and a hen." 395 Bi BSE Miss Sloan: t'Why do you spell 'bank' with a large 'B'?" Edna Neuhaus: "Because my fath- er said a bank is no good unless it has a large capital." 392 H BE When you are down in the mouth. think of Jonah. He came out all Bi 385 BE Lillian: "You're no gentleman!" George: "And you're no blonde!" glass. to get off." right. EIGHTY sEvEi 'J 7 I The gathering of knowledge requires hours and weeks of research, of steady toil - of careful assimilation yet it has no value unless stored away for use as occasions demand. The gathering of inoney is of less value unless it is safely stored for the needs of life and the requirements of business. Knowledge and finance are hard to acquire and valueless if wasted . Learn to Save The Bank of Edwardsville N I EIGHTY-EIGHT THE TIGER BABIES AND BABEES F' E: U1 EU EJ NINETY 1 1W if 2f fl3JllHllq'5'l ffrfl - rw, t r iilg'w', 'N1171 ri, fi 45,5-E--E Mull lm !t'FgUf!ElHEillllEjlm!lJqi V Ni-1 In resources, in policy and in perform ance, this Bank has proved a thor- oughly satisfactory connection -4"r' fr'S , :Q ,Q b.b. ik., EDWAR .,q- IONAL BANK ,vfm.-- -.3 : .- ew " - .Q a r -- XNXYD BE QU RE To Your Motor -- And Buy - Energy - Power - Action - Speed - Miles Not just Liquid Gallons Gasoline that is known for its qualities when put to a delivery test ---------- Refined and perfected in manufac- ture for uniformity, symmetry and the utmost strength in release - Benefited by every known superior practice for the single purpose of fuel power delivery ------ In reality it is Power-Strokes you are buying when you drive in for gas ------ ---- Madison County Gil Co., Inc. Phone 205 Edmond P. Smith, Mgr. Edwardsville, III. ININFTY ONI V? -Q i'.'f.'?'3-gi 3 1 REB' if O -ai 5 1:1 wr' 'E if sri 5 . --5' 3 92 is Us S345 Q-:r K3 .E-L " 2 3' in fi ' - LL f SSW 6.155 Distinction Dzlvbncnve zkfeas an annuals' are a ,brhne 1Qc'f0r in a successfiil book-i ofcourse service and quabfy can noi be overlooked N N N qfze Sian ofllfze zlracfe mark means i Enqrax7inq Serx7ice Plus Close Co-operaflon beiween J' fa17' and Annual Deparimenf Central ENGMWNG COMPANY CALUMET BUILDING ST. LOUIS. Nil SSOURI Com.:-:GE ANNUAL BUILDERS or AMERICA 152. .-. 1. .... .,.. . -. : --- - f G05 4 - V A Vs u . A T . Q . cl- 3 5' 'xl 1. .iz v 4 - a is .is,j- 'A ' -eos 9'-7 e5 55' ,ge P E EE- .: i l sw -Vg '?"'a? E li h..1inlhn-li-1g- Til-IIE T GER BANG! BANG! To increase the iron in the system, eat spinach, say the doctors. To increase the lead, live in Chi- X li X Mr. Kinsel: "I forgot my umbrella this morning, dear." Mrs. Kinsel: "How did you re- member that you had forgotten it?" Mr. Kinsel: "Well, I missed it when I raised my hand to close it aft- er the rain stopped." if li RUE Warren B.: "There was a burglar in our house last night." Don. W.: "And what did your fath- er do under those circumstances?" Warren B.: 'tHe wasn't under the circumstances-he was under the Bi Bi 35 Elmer E.: "VVhy is the milk so blue here?" Bob Marks: "Because it comes from disc-ontented cows." 382 ii K Bernice F. tin elevatorl: "Third door, please." Elevator Man: "Here you are, daughter." Bernice F.: t'How dare you call me daughter? You're not my fath- er," Elevator Man: "Well, I brought you up, didn't I?" if 351 EE Don D.: "What's the meaning of excelsior?" - Roland R.: "Long sawdust." B! RSE Zi cago. bed." Paul Gerling: "That detective has sharp ears and eyes." Oryal R.: "Yes. I noticed the doors are all scratched around the keyholesf' XXX Autoist tafter the accidentl: "Are you hurt, my boy?" Butcher Boy iexcitedlyl: "No, but I can't tind my liver." K X Bi The big business men held a con- vention. Among those who attended XVPFGI A big A big A big A big A Ieig A big A bio' bread man from Rye. hat man from Panama. ginger man fro111 Jamaica. bicycle man from Wheeling. onion man from Bermuda. chip from Saratoga. surgeon from Lansing. 5 A big sausage man from Frankfort. A big bean man from Lima. ld li ISE Rose Paur tin the meat shopl: "Where is the head-cheese, please?" Clerk: "He just stepped out. May I wait on you?" LITTLE WI LLI E. Little Willie hung his sister, She was dead before we missed her. "Willie's always up to tricks! Ain't he cute? He's only six!" Willie stopped a cable car By standing on the track. Which gave his system quite a jar- His sisters now wear black. Little Willie full of matches Fell in the fire and bul'ned to ashes. By and by the room grew chilly, But no one liked to poke up Willie. X X RIS Miss Gewe: "What does rex fugit mean?" Chink Tuxhorn "The king flees." Miss Gewe: "Make it a perfect tense by using has." Chink: "The king has flees." li BS 381 Sadie Watson: "I don't want any of your crackers. They tell me mice run all over them." Storekeeper: "That isn't so. The cat sleeps in the barrel every night." li! 388 381 Leone A.: "Been seeing a good deal in print about a balanced ration." Alvina H.: "Well?" Leone A.: "What is your idea of a balanced ration?" Alvina: "Peas on a knife." R! BI 382 Roland P.: "How do you like the wav my new hat fits?" Mary B.: "Fine: but don't your ears ever get tired?" Bi if 382 Helen Cunningham tat basketball gamel: "I don't see how that ref- eree can keep so cool." Charlotte Gueltig: "That's easy. Look at all the fans around him." BE 381 Bi Norma: "They say that if there's anything in a man, travel will bring it out." Jerry: "You tell 'emi I found that out in my first day at sea." X K Bi Eugene S.: "The barometer has fallen." Mr. Gunn: "Very much?" Eugene fwith guilty lookl: "About five feet. lt's broken." ZS! 331 381 Bum: "Kin I cut your grass for a meal, mum?" Mrs. Blodgett: "Yes, my poor man. But you needn't mind cutting it: you may eat it right off the ground." if 382 ll! D'd you ever stop to think that a really intelligent girl never looks in- telligent because she's intelligent enough not to? NINETY THREI Member Pliotovraphers Assoc atlol 5 of Ale ca 1,1 M EM B u,E,l5'lNIf -.9 'ff 5 'Z- o E fx -5 o 9' A. H. STREBLER STUDIO PORTRAITURE. OF DISTINCTION Displayed Throughout This Edition South Side of Court Square St. Louis Street Phone 2 I 'll'lI-lllEZ T GER THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR. Bought a new car because he could not remember where he parked his old one. Fell overboard and forgot that he could swim. Held an egg in his hand and boiled his watch. Forgot to call a spade a spade in playing b1'idge. Got up and struck a match to see if he had blown out the candle. Returned from lunch and saw a sign on his door, "Back in 30 min- utes," and sat down to wait for him- self. X N 35 Miss Barnett: "Good morning! I called to see if the doctor couldn't give me something for my tonsils." Nurse: "I'm sorry, Miss, but the doctor never ruys tonsils." K BS iii "What're ye comin' home with your milk pail empty fer? Didn't the old cow give anything?" "Yes," replied Kermit Leu, "nine quarts and a kick." 381 BE !f G. Schaeffer: "I would like to take a book home." Nigel: "Something light?" Gilmore: "It doesn't make any dif- ference. I have my car outside." 381 K 382 Dumbell: Wants to know what kind of glue he should use to make BSS Bi X "Here's where we add a little new blood to the family," said the bed- hug,-to his wife as he watched the week-end guest preparing to go to Bi X M H. Stahlhut: "Aw, gimme a kiss." V. Lannae: "I'm a gude Scotch lz1ssie." Herbert: "VVell, then, let's trade iii X X Dr. Kriege: "I saw something last night I'll never get over." Dot J.: "Oh, dear, tell me what you saw!" Don: "The moon." 382 Bi Bi Two faces were close together, the man's grim, tense: the other face was small and white, with two slen- der hands pressed tightly against it. It was those frail hands that riveted the man's horrible gaze. "Terrible!" he said, still staring. And in his voice was hopeless, stark tragedy: for that other face was the face of his watch, and these little hands told him that he had missed the last train. a yard stick. bed. a few." HOW' T0 PREVENT UHEATING. 1. Students will march to class under guard of Edwardsville's police force, equipped with sawed-off shot- guns. 2. Students will be stopped at doorway and searched for contra- band notes and the like. 3. Before entering class, each stu- dent will be submitted to a psycho- logical test to determine whether or not he has any intention of cheating. 4. Classrooms will be decorated with such mottoes as "Honesty Has Its Reward" and "Think Before You Cheat." 5. Each student will wear blinds and place a handkerchief over his mouth. 6. Students and teachers will en- ter together. and the doors will be locked and sealed. 7. Students will sit two seats apart, with teachers standing between each student. Teachers will be armed with blackjacks to inspire respect. 8. Additional teachers on the out- side will watch th1'ough peep-holes in the wall. 9. Highly tuned dictaphones will be concealed behind the pictures to catch the slightest whisper. 10. When the student has finish- ed his exam., a lie-detector will be used to find out whether or not he has cheated. Before marking the papers, teach- ers will discount 10 points from each paper on the possibility that the student has cheated. B!! BSE 382 There is a story of a young New England business man and deacon in the church who was going to New York City on business and while there was to purchase a new sign which was to be hung up in the front of the church advertising a new movement in the church. He copied the motto and dimensions of the sign but went to New York and left the paper in his coat at home. When he discovered that he had left the paper at home, he wired his wife, "Send motto and dimensions." An hour later a message came over the wire and the young lady clerk who had just come from lunch and knew nothing of the previous wire. fainted. When they looked at the mes"age she had just taken, they read " 'Unto us a child is born,' 6 feet long end 2 feet wide." BE Bi 385 Helen Svohoda: "Look, there's a dear, old-fashioned girl. Her dress buttons all the way up the back." Margaret Smith: "Nonsense, that's her backbone." NINETY FIVF ! E1 ul For Prompt, Courteous and Efficient CALL M. Desmond Mfg. Company Main 84 and 85 Plumbing and Heating Installations and Materials 318 St. Louis Street Edwardsville. Illinois Milton Oil Company lDlllXClElL GAsoiLiNiE DIXOLUBE HYVIS and MOBILOIL MOTOR OILS A Trial Tells Yzuuhllia and St. Andrews Edwardsville, Ill. E E "-N. W Build of Brick It Pays Brick gives you lasting satisfaction in all the elements that make a per- fect homefpermanence, tire-safety, comfort, beauty and economy. A Brick home costs but little more than one built of inferior materials and over a period of years it will actually save you money. Richards Brick Company EDXVARDSVILLE, ILL. 3 I NINETY-SIX T H lE Tll G lE R FOOTBALL AS IS FOOTBALL The E. H. S. Tigers left their lair and surged on the field in a mighty wave. The thirteen fans in the stands cheered wildly and so loud that they could be heard even as far as the east entrance of the field. Captain Ax lined up his men and such as were present for orna- ments, and after executing a snappy right dress and counting off, found that the satirist Tenor was missing from the field. Immediate- ly an extended search was started and at last he was found in the girls' locker room singing "Happy Daze Are Here Again." When the boys finished with him it didn't appear 'as if they were going to be able to use him. By this time the Staunton Miners had slunk -on the field. The Tigers won the right to kick off by using Mr. Krumsiek's loaded dice. Staunton returned the ball three hundred and forty-five yards in a continuous circle but were forced down because of a broken prop-el- ler. Wilson then got possession of the ball through some underhand work for which he is very well noted. The Bengals went into a huddle and came out of it upon the application of ammonia, water, the promise of stream-line helmets, and a credit account at Deli- cate's new drug store. By this time the E. H. S. cheerleaders had c-ome out of their morning salutatio fLatin meaning salutatiol and were doing s-et- ting-up exercises on the goal posts to the time -of "Hallelujah," played by Jerry Stroud's Orchestra. Spitze executed a perfect single to center. Berleman then took the ball three hundred and four inches fEastern Standard Measurementl down the side lights, collecting four dates and three bids to dances. Ax then crashed through for two yards and an Old pair of shoes. McLean, deciding to make the hole in la lifesav-er bigger, went into low gear and plunged through the West gate and was fast dis-appearing over the horizon when last seen. The cheer club expressed their great pleasure by first throwing Mr. Smith and then each other over the grandstand. By this time Blackburn had got his machine out O-f the shell holes behind the gym. and appeared on the field with all the gracefulness of a fairy with Mack trucks tied to her feet. He was immediately injected into the fray by the use of a hypodermic needle, ard just as immediately ejected for using brass knuckles and profane language. The occupants of the stands were awakened by sweet strains of the E. H. S. players singing that fam-O-us touchdown song "After the Ball Is Over." And so the spectators having nothing better to do tarred and feathered the Water boy and four teachers and went home and en- joyed their turkey dinner, even though it was not Thanksgiving. NINETY SEVEIN i.,.. . .Y Di E Compliments of Tri-City Grocery NINETY-EIGHT q5ai'5551.1f:51'?Lf.51eH 1fE' COMPLIMENTS OF r ms- Edwardsville Ill. VALUE- FIRST' 'HM ,mu sAn'73'-4C1'um AuuA85 EdWardsville's Leading Furniture Store 1.E' 'Tj i1mELW '?5Ln jlT' 5b'.l.mQQ?5'LQ Q55 u5E:n'EL':'E.'.'TF.1"d.5'r21'TiT The SILVERBLOOM Inc. 118 N. Main Street Featuring a Complete Line of lVlen's Furnishings Dry Goods Company and Ladies' Accessories 1 Located at Edwardsville l-last St, Louis Vandalism Hannibal, Mo. Stores Collinsville Wood River Granite City Christopher I' , , .. .,. . g, T'lETGlER NINIG POINTS OF ADVICE T0 GIRLS. 1-Keep away from track men, they are usually fast. 2-Never make dates with biology students, they enjoy cutting up too much. 3--The footlgall man is all right: he will tackle anything. 4-You can trust a tank many he will dive in and do his best. 5-The tennis man is harmless, but he enjoys a racket. 6-Watch out for the baseball man: he hits and runs. 7-Be careful of the member of the dramatic clubg he usually has several good lines. 8---Don't play cards with a civil engineerg he's a bridge specialist. 9--Always let the member of a band talk about himself, he enjoys blowing his own horn. BSE X X For many minutes there had been a violent ringing at the night bell of a pharmacy until finally the druggist, who lived above, sleepily crawled in- to his clothes and went downstairs. At the door he was confronted by a son of auld Scotland. t'Five cents' worth o' bicarbonate of soda for indigestion, if ye please," the latter requested. "A nickle's worth of bicarbonate of soda at this time of night?" explod- ed the druggist. "Getting me up for that when a glass of hot water would have done just as well." "Weel, weel," returned the Scot. pocketing his money. "I thank ye for the advice, and I'll no bother ye after all. Good nicht." X 382 382 "Are you laughing at me?" de- manded the irate Miss Flagg of her class. "No," came the answer in chorus. "Well." insisted Miss Flaggj' "what else is there in the room to X BK X Stella Burgdorf: "Some men thirst after falne, some after money, some after love." Joe Mc.: "I know something all thirst after." Stella: "What is that?" Joe: "Salt herring." X BBE Elf A Gossiper: "Did you have much snow this year?" Another Gossiper: "A fair amount, but my next door neighbor had more." First Gossiper: "How could he have more?" Second Gossiper: "He has more land than I have." laugh at?" GOOD GRAMMAR. Miss Gewe: "Parse the word 'kissf " Bill Henry: "This word is a noun, but it is usually used as a conjunc- tion. It is never declined, and more common than proper. It is not singu- lar, in that it is usually used in the plural. It agrees with me." X if iii Did you hear about the absent- minded professor who jumped from an aeroplane and didn't open the par- achute because it wasn't raining? X X X Miss Davis: "There's a student in this class who's making a fool of himself. When he's finished I'll com- !! X X The Professor was delivering the last lecture of the term. He told the students with much emphasis that he expected them to devote all their time to preparing for the final exam- ination. "The examination papers are now in the hands of the printer," he con- cluded. "Now, is there any question you would like answered?" Silence prevailed for a moment then a voice piped up: "Who is the X if X First Student: "My brother is so strong that the other day he tore up a pack of cards with one hand." Second Student: "That's nothing. My brother is so strong that this morning he rushed out of the front door and tore up the street." X X X First Tenderfoot ton overnight hike, examining beds constructed by Scoutsl: "This is a three seasoned bed." Second Tenderfoot: "How's that?" First Tenderfoot: "No spring." BE BIS X Elizabeth Starkey: 'tThe Lord made us beautiful and dumb." Kaarbie S.: "How's that?" Elizabeth: "Beautiful, so the men would love us and dumb so that we could love them." I IK 31 Nigel: "Would you believe it, Charles, a girl came in today and asked for a good book, so I suggest- ed 'The Three Musketeersj and she said she didn't care about the books on insects." Chas. B.: "She must have been dumb. Where is that book? I like books about insects." if 382 iii "I'm a screamer, aren't we all," admitted Claude, the beautiful bar- reltone. n1ence." printer?" NINETY NINE Meeting Ford Prices Means But Little Meeting Ford Quality Is Another Story Owners Make Our Best in Advertisers 5 Our Success ls the Result of Doing a Thing Well Albert Bothman 5 SL Sons E E5 AUTHORIZED DEALER E ?LEs-.u,1reE..'-1.i,f1J"e:1,l1'.'r1L.fa151r1.5.eLnE55 O Dippold Bros. 1? FEED AND E J F LOUR E Phone 68 309 St. Louis Street Edwardsville, Ill. J ONE HUNDRED n r1 Eh rE 1 LEE' ' A. SL B. Feed SL Seed Store 1 INC. I Distributors of HIGH QUALITY FEEDS and FLOURS VVholesale and Retail Where Feeds and Seeds Are a Science Grinding' and Seed Cleaning of All Kinds A Feed for Every Need Phone 910 , E Edwardsville, lll. Z 5 E EJ EJ Eg Coniplinlents of Q Ioe Storminger and Eg Courtney Motz E Attendants of E3 Standard O11 Service Station Corner of Vandalia and St. Louis Sts. u-1n5'.5LEP.'m51.5153mf5. ! U QUALITY AIBOVE ALL HERFF-JoNEs coMPANY of HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY an COIVIIVIENCEIVIENT INVITATIONS Official Jewelers to Edwardsville I-Iigh School IJ C WILLARD BATTERIES For All Cars .g. Service On All Makes .g. MINDRUP'S Automotive Service HOTZ LUMBER CO. Everything to Builcl Anything SANDWICI-IES Light Luncheon and Fountain DRINKS Served From a Modern Sanitary Walrus Fountain Ballweg-Schwartz Inc. Phone 100 Our Courteous Service and Fine Work Contribute To Your Personal Appearance BRYANTS BARBER sHoP 250 N. Main Street Edwardsville, Ill. ONE HUNDRED TWO Qur Hardware Makes Friends - - Our Service Keeps Them Hardware, Feeds. Seed and Poultry Supplies VVe Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps G. F. SOLTER 108 North Main St. Phone 588 Madison Store Dry Goods Clothing Shoes Edward sville, Ill. IZ l L4 School Books Fountain Lunches and Supplies Curb Service DELICATE DR G CU. The REXALL Store 66iFa1mo1u1s For Fountain Driimksw Athletic Goods Cancly J J E 'L5'J 'Ed.1': 'I . A. Keller Co. I-In 2ldIlll2ll'l0l'S for L E A C O C K SPORTING GOODS Quality Merchuiidise at Right Prices and Satisfactory Service tx In L51 SALLY ANN BRE D f E 1.WjTiTL7.: E ' ONE HUNDRI' D THRPX L E2 We carry a choice line of Art and Holiday Goods. Lingerie. Handkerchiefs. Greeting Cards, Dennison Supplies, Novelty Jewelry. Playing Cards. Tallies, Prizes MIRROR I-IOSIERY LADIES' AND MISSES' DRESSES Gll"'l'S FOR ALL OCCASIONS T e Emfre Lingerie and Gift S op 122 North Main Street J Ra io Sa es Q85 Service XVilcley Theater Building Phone 51 for The Best in Radio Universal Appliances Mazda Lamps Guaranteed service on all makes of radios and appliances VVM. E, FIGGE, Mgr. El . ONE HUNDRED FOUR Edwardsville. Illinois Cigars and Tobacco Shoe Shining Stand T e Smolke S op BILLIARD PARLOR ROBERT S. FERGUSON Proprietor Telephone 217 108 St. Louis St Edwardsville, Ill. ETGIER CAN YOU IMAGINE Reno Tenor not getting the last word? Paul Stolze in a hurry? James Abbee sitting still? Roger Lee forgett ng his girl? Edward Ferguson minding his own business? Joe McLean as a woman hater? Richard Smirl forgetting scientific problems in his conversation? Stella Bernasek not being engaged? Norma without Jerry? N ii 355 Teacher :"What people are scat- tered all over the earth?" Class fin chorusl: "Pedestrians." X K 382 Mr. Kinsel: "Can you tell me the name of any animal peculiar to Aus- tralia?" Ed Ikastz "The rhinoceros, sir." Mr. Kinsel: "Wrong That's not found in Australia." Ed Dast: "Well, sir, that's exactly why it would be peculiar." Ei 352 SSE Edna Feldner: "Can you give me an example of a paradox?" Elizabeth Nlcolussi: "A man walk- ing a mile but only moving two feet." K M 35 Things Equal to the Sa-me Thing Are Equal to l'lz1ch Other-Ban licv-e It or Not. Earl Wise is tall, A flag pole is tall. Therefore, Earl is a fiag pole. Vivian Lannae can read Latin. The Romans could read Latin. Therefore, Vivian is a Roman. Freshmen pupils like peanuts. Monkeys like peanuts. Therefore, Freshmen are monkeys. Kenneth Baird has eyes. Everybody, has eyes. Therefore, Kenneth is everybody. Dot Jacobs is noisy. A trumpet is noisy. Therefore, Dot is a trumpet. Irma Tedrick is pretty. A French doll is pretty. Therefore, Irma is a French doll. X if X The class composition was on "Kings" and this is what one boy wrote: "The most powerful king on earth is Wor-king: the laziest, Shir-kingg one of the worst kings. Smo-king: the wittiest, Jo-king: the quietest, Thin-kingg the thirstieth, Drin-king: the slvest. Win-king, and the nois- est, Tal-king." WANTED. By the 3-1 English classes - A medium to allow them to talk to one William Shakespeare so he can tell them how Macbeth looked. By the teachers--Someone to teach the Freshmen how to act in class. By Donald Wilson-More parking places in the hall. By Myrtle Hytcn-Someone to help her with her English. By Dan Dippold and Ed Augsburg- er-Someone who will give good sen- sible answers to all their questions. By Dot Barnett-A way to ride home from school every day. By Dot I-Iyten-More excuses to stay at home. BK M Bi Miss Benner: "What made you ov- ersleep this morning?" Ruth Alpiser: "There were eight of us in the house, but the alarm was set for seven only." 314 35 35 Ed F.: "Do you make life-size en- largements from snapshots?" Mr. Strebler: "That's our special- Ed.: "Fine. Here's a picture I took of the Grand Canyon." ESS BS! M Sweet little ribbon, Do not cry. You may be at ba1hin': suit Bye and bye. K K if And then there's the gal who's so dumb that she thinks she gets water on the knee from wearing pumps! 38S 35 SSS "Hey, you!" yelled the traffic of- ficer at Paul Stolze, "why don't you use both hands?" "I'm afraid to let go of the steer- ing wheel!" grinned irrespressible Paul. ty. KKK M. Kearney: "Oh, Mr. Policeman- a man has heen following me." T. P. Reilly: "Are you sure he was following you?" Marv K.: "Yr-s. I went hack two or three times to see if he was coming." ! 35 if Ed Ferguson ton exam. dayl: "All fools ask questions." 382 382 322 Helen Jensen: "So you were three months in the hospital. Must have been pretty sick." Bob Smith: "No oretty nurse." X Bi K D. Barnett: "Give us a kiss." R. Smirl: "Wait till I see who's li X X Look out for vour tongue. It's in a wet place and liable to slip. with you." ONE HUNDRED FIVE ,F nn C Our best wishes and congratulations to the Class of I 93 l and to the entire student body of E.. H. S. L' Palace Store Compan Madison Countyis Largest Department Store E MECHANICS PLANING MILL Mzlnufucturers of Doors, Windows Cabinets, Etc. We also carry a large stock window glass and install Auto Glass I ONE HUNDRED SIX i The Home of Paramount Pictures PUBLIX THEATI' The Newest and Best in Talking Pictures 35 35 252 Four New Shows Each Week 3525355 their best wishes for a Happy and Successful Life to the Beloved Sen- iors who are now at the doorway of their positions in the world of to- The nianageinent wishes to extend morrow. 4.....a.. .. THE ir Giza A DUMB CLUCK. The doctor told him to take a pickle just before going to bed if he could keep it on his stomach. Next day he told the doctor it rolled off when he turned over. 382 385 iii "Billy" fin restaurantl: 'tHarvey, how can you eat with a knife?" Harvey: "It is not so easy as it looks. Look around at the other guests: not one of them can do it." S! X X Jim: "When Mr. Smith arrived home from a western tour he fell on his face and kissed the pavement of his native city." Bill: "Emotion?" Jim: "No, banana skin." NE BSE N Miss Weigel was visiting a Zoo and gathering as much information about the animals as possible in one short afternoon. Eventually she came to the bears. "Are these animals carnivorous?" she asked the keeper. "They was, ma'am," he answered. "But they're all right since we wash- ed 'em in carbolic." BE X 382 Mr. Krumsiek, walking across a hay field in the country, met a farm- 0l'. "Is it an offense to catch fish here?" he asked. "0ffense?" replied the farmer. "No, gosh, it's a miracle." X X X Mr. Kinsel was busy sawing on the steak he had ordered-and a difficult time he was having. "Is it tough?" queried the waiter solicitously. Mr. Kinsel was exhausted. He turned to the waiter with defeat in his eyes and said: "When I order beef and get horse, I don't care. But next time, take the harness off before you start serving." 382 Elf BE Ray Kuethe: "The radio will never take the place of newspapers." Jerry S.: "Why?" Ray: "You can't start a fire with a 382 X Bi D. Mack: "What do I owe you?" Soda Clerk: "Twenty-five cents" Dave flooking sadl: "You wouldn't take the last cent I've got, would you?" Clerk: "Well, yes." Dave handed him a penny and walked out smiling. BE ! 385 Truth may get in through the door that humor opens when it finds all other doors closed. radio set." BIOLOGY. Birds have muscular gizzards so they can grind up and digest rocks. X X BK Men are living lives of ease, Their hours in pleasure spend, But not the lowly bumblebees. How painful is their end. K X BE He thought he'd made a hit, When for his photograph she prayed. "Out when this calls," she wrote on it And gave it to the maid. BE BE X I kissed her on the neck, the cheek: I kissed her lips, her brow: But I shall kiss no more this week- I've painter's colic, now. 332 ! if 'Twixt a glutton and a starving man There's difference rather neat: The first is one who eats too long- The other longs to eat. X SUE ll! Mary Handlon: "I can tell a lady by the way she dresses. Can't you?" Chas. B.: "I never watched one BK X if There are trees in California so tall that it takes two men and a boy to look to the top of them. One looks till he gets tired, and another commences where he left off. BK X X Warren B.: "What's that I hear, Wallace, about your hired man fall- ing off the roof when he was shing- ling the barn last week?" Wallace B.: "Yeh. He fell into a barrel of turpentinef' Warren: "Did it hurt him much?" Wallace: "Don't know. They ain't caught him yet." X B! X W. Appel: "You'd never think this street used to be a cow path, would you?" W. Burian: "Oh, I don't know: look at all the calves on it." 382 X X "You'll have to take less strenuous exercises and get more sleep," said the doctor to the dejected man before him. "That's my idea. exactly," said Mr. Gunn. "Would you mind coming up to the house and telling that to the S! BBE X Miss Wood: "Now. Harold. what is an anecdote?" H. Metz: "A short. funny tale." Miss Wood: "Give me a sentence with the word 'ancedotef " H. Metz: "A rabbit has four legs un' an anecdote." dress." baby? " ONE HUNDRED SEVEN ' El GAS PHONE ELECTRIC SERVICE Nlain- 2 SERVICE Illinois Po er and Li ht Corporatio GAS APPLIANCES Adolph Frey 35135135 Choice Fresh And Salted Meats Chickens Lard Cheese 3623535 227 North Main Street Phone Main 62 n ONE HUNDRED EIGHT ELECTRIC APPLIANCES :EEE Li5 G D I' I. . e icate Ki 35 H FANCY GROCERIES 51 E! . Satisfaction in Groceries or 'I Refund in Money E3 322 35 35 Bell Phones: Main 31 or 458 J Edwardsville, ni. -r IEEE.: fEEEE1 I C E Edwards Ice Company Service With El, Smile Phone 40 FLFL..'1i- 5LT15LT'l.5' 5 r SALES SERVICE Colbert Motor Car Company Yaudalia Street Edwardsville, Ill. , EQ EJ Li E51 'l:""r:1'?5"::1'E"u' EEE' : L1 C3 E Is 225m 0 EWS? 'JU Q10 F'1g'u'5'59r UcnD"5v-1 UD'-: O 5' 2. LSE" E mC? 'UGC :-FI' 23.53 2099 Ewa D"CD QCD 'O' SLE - 1.4 I 'TEFL ' ' ' 3535551 Radio and Electrical Supplies 35 Z5 Bi Bohm Building I Eb'E' Schmidt Bros. Grocers XX!! Make a Noise Like An Order - - 'Tis Music to Our Ears Phones 308 and 309 B!! Bi M IFO J SCHMIDT I 1 ? ll I "The Best Place to Bu After All" Stolz Lumber Co. Edwardsville Staunton Benld 1 Cl Beverly M.: "What's the idea of sitting out there absolutely silent for five minutes?" George B.: "That was a request 35 K 352 Lucien G.: "VVhat makes Gerald F. think he's a musician?" Ralph Ladd: "Oh, I guess it's be- cause he has drums in his ears." 35 K M Motor Cop ito Mr. Smithb: "So you saw the accident, sir? What was the number of the car that knocked this man down?" Mr. Smith: "I am afraid I've for- gotten it. But I remember noticing that if it were multiplied by 50 the cube root of the product would be equal to the sum of the digits re- 35 K K Beneath the spreading chestnut tree The smith works like the deuce, For now he's selling gasoline, Hot dogs and orange juice! SSE H BSE A canoe is like a small boy-both behave better when paddled from K H K At first the world was fiat. Then some one discovered that it was round. Now it is crooked. n nlnber. " versed." the l'93.l'. ONE HUNDRED TEN Granite City Wood River Belleville Student: "You can take your ling- er off that leak in the pipe now." Another Student: "Thank heavens! Is the plumber here at last?" Student: "No-fthe house is on M K 35 Guide: "This is Bunker Hill Monu- ment-where Warren fell, you know." John Coppinger: "Some drop W- killed him, I suppose?" K BS BSE Dan Dippold tto waiterlz "What's the name of that selection the or- chestra is playing?" Waiter: A' 'Go feather Your Nest.' " Dan Dippold: "Go jump in the lake, I asked you a civil question." M B2 Bi I eat n1y peas with honey, I've done it all my life, It does sound kinda funny4 But it keeps them on the knife. fire." When the donkey saw the zebra He began to switch his tail: "Well, I never," was his commeutg "There's a mule that's been in jail." 35 iii Bi Ruth F. ton the farmi: "What's that stuff on those sheep?" Alice F.: "Wool." Ruth F.: "I'll bet it's half cotton." his -Jn-an-n '?Fz2? " "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" oodlllawn Gardens We Have Cut Flowers and Plants For All Occasions Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere, Anytime TRY OUR Brick Ice Cream It's Delicious In For Parties Clover Leaf Dairy 113 East Vandalia Edwardsville, Ill. BURROUGHS 6: WHITESIDE Books, Stationery, School Supplies Conklin Pens and Pencils I THE Tl ER ONE HUNDRED TWELVE 1 1 :rg Spend your money where it will buy the best quality food prod- ucts. combined with the best recipes in preparation of cookin' food, also properly served WE D0 THIS Geo. B Cathcart's Cafe 456 East Vandalia Street Edwardsville, Ill. Phone 157 Mule-Hide Roofs Sherwin-Williams Paints High Quality Building Materials BUILDING MATERIAL SERVICE STATION Edwardsville Lumber Company Leclaire Co-Uperative Store Fancy and Staple Groceries and Meats VVe Pay Dividends On All Groceries Phones Grocery 113-114 Meats 27 We believe that no other group of Men or Young Men appreciate high quality in dress more than do our Edwardsville High School young men. Therefore, again, we reniind you of the place to buy the ut- niost in quality- Hart-Sehalfner and Marx Clothes Co-Operative Shoes lntterwoven Socks Mallory Hats Manhattan Shirts, Underwear and Pajamas Hiekok Belts and Buckles W. W. Warnock SL Co. I ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN Madison County Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. "A SERVICE THAT SERVESH 306' Fdwardsville N t 1 P k B ll g PHONF Tire Trouble? C A L L lil 4 ill? All All TIRE CoMPANY 'Une GENERAL 'nmszs URTEEN qfl LTri E l':E.1 095 4h 'N o ff Q FODDS Q' 79 f 'IPIBOQQ 5 . P I :Ii fi' x 1 ,f ,. 2 F r Q JJ V tif- 6, N 544 'VI XPLF XYDFXNCY E I ROCERIFS l QQ' Klueter Grocery Phone 374 .:"'u5'm"':i11"iE:"'1lH.E1r5j'EFniLfl 2 :JFEF '73 ':T':5?'.1'E COMPLIMENTS OF s Phone 655 Compliments of Motor Cars Trucks W ayne Bros and Busses Grocers ago ago Tuxhorn Motor , C0 ' RICHELIEU Edwardsvile, 111. Food Products 0 HUNDRED F lE TIGER Final EXklIIlill2lfi0llS Are Now The The The The The The The The The The An Education For Teachers. boy ate a well digested lunch. butter was digested in the kid- neys. butter was digested in the pan- creas. red corpuscles carry blood. kidneys excrete iron, sweet glands are in the skin. kidneys excrete the bad air. respiratory glands are in the skin. kidneys excrete carbon dioxide. thyroid glands are in the skin. 39535235 Pete: "No one understands me." Repeat: "No wonder: your mother WHS a telephone operator and your father a train announcer." 353535 Clotilda Fahrig was visiting on the farm. She watched the farm hands spreading out a stack of hay to dry, and could no longer contain her cur- iosity, so she politely asked, "Is it a needle you're looking for?" M3535 Doctor: "Have you been drinking water, as I directed you-30 minutes before each meal?" Bill Henry: "I tried hard, doctor, but I always had to stop after 20 minutes. It made me feel like a bal- loon." M3531 Little Willie is a funny And eccentric little waif- Swallowed all his sister's money, Said that he was playing safe. M5235 LOST-A black hound pup, about six months old. When last seen was following a man, with a white spot on his hind leg, a few white hairs on his breast and ve1'y large droop- ing ears. XIX!! R. Pierce: "Yes, that's how I am. I simply throw myself into anything I undertake." M. Handlon: "Isn't that splendid! YVhy don't you dig a well?" ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN Edna Ladd: "Do you know how to find the horsepower of a car?" B. Fagg: "No." Edna L.: "Lift the hood and count the plugs." 353825 E. Suhre: "What does it mean here by 'seasoned troops,' Coach?" Coach Cwithout hesitationj: "Mus- tered by the officers and peppered by the enemy." 352392382 Miss Pergrem: "Use the word 'tor- tuous' in a sentence." C. Canis: "I tortuous gonna give us a vacation today." 363555 Forrest L.: "Why don't you like girls?" Lucien: "Aw, they'1'e too biased." Forrest: "Biased?" Lucien: "Yeh, whenever I go out with 'em it's always bias this and bias that until I'm broke!" BSE!!! L. Vanzo: "I heard that Bill elec- trocuted himself. How did it hap- pen?" R. Adams: "He sat on a bun with a currant in it." XXX Bjornson Bjornsterne was swjimmin' Hjis cjostume he ljooked vjery sljim in. Sjome djames hjappened bjy- Tjook hjis djuds on thje sljy- Njow he's shjouting, 'To JJJJ wjith thje wjimmin!" BGS!!! If caught robbing a fish store, be nonchalant-smoke a herring! BSE!!! Edna Theuer: "All the stars are worlds like ours." Hilbert Michel: "Golly! Wouldn't you hate to be on one when it twin- kled?" KX!!! Norma K.: "I don't mean to dic- tate to you, Olin but isn't that bill- board coming at us awfully fast?" ass safest Customer: "That new clerk of yours seems a pretty steady fellow." Head Man: '4Yes, and if he were any steadier, he'd be motionless." 1 ' AMERI CA FIRST IN AVIATION Compliments of Thirteenth Dixcel Pursuit Squadron H.-lRNl'4l"l"l' FIELD Lt. Edwin Barnett Lt. Speedy Fink Lt. Jerry Keshuei' Lt. Ollie Christinan Lt. Duck Trares Lt. Yerk Keslinei' Lt. Floyd Sievers '-.2-.gf-.agp 1 egssf-i ' ny ': S -f I U1 X X 'Wil FRN "All For One. One For Alli' 'EEF lf f Your Clothes Look Better - - Wear longer if tailored or cleaned by Nash Brothers Tailors and Cleaners 212 St. Louis St. Phone 202 I' J J Oscar W. Schmidt Insurance Agency "Insurance of every kind - - for every need" 109 Purcell St. Phone 138 Edwardsvile. Ill. Il E Coninlinients of United States Radiator Corp. Edwardsville. Illinois ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEED "KNOWlNG HOW and SERVING WELL" 'T h P S.Mon gomery Co. 'j Claude Neon Electric Tube Signs Compliments of gl Raffaelle-Ferguson Company ONP HUNI RFD FIGLITFFN The Best of Everytliing in GROCERIES and lVllCA'l'S lllnomvl .4 1,l. .MI 1 Call Charlie's Grocery and Meat Service Plione T2 and 73 We Deliver C. E. WILLI For Diamonds of the Finest Quality, Watches that will give Satisfaction, Jewelry that is Stylish, Silverware of Relia- ble Manufacture. JEWELER North Main Street Edwardsville, Ill. : m V" BARTH'S Meat Market We Sell the Very Best That Grows and Take This Chance to Tell You So. Let Us Prove It ROHM BLDG. Phone 390 lidwardsville, Ill. XY1' Give Eagle Stamps I I I J Compliments of G. W. Bassford gg c .5L1F.1"'r5Li Eh u 'L LI' LEADER Cleaning Co. Dry Cleaning We Call and Deliver PHONE MAIN 400 111 East. Vamlalia St. Edwalwlsville, Ill. ONE HUNDRED NINETEEP IZ H . W . L O E W E N PHoTooRAPHER Portraits Commercial Work Panoramas HOME PORTRAITS A SPECIALTY Phone 664-W Sittings Made By Appointments Gerber Building Edwardsville. Ill. 115,51 E 5? Buckles Transfer Always First in And Ladies' Ready to Wear Warehouse CO. Edwardsville Cloak and Suit Co. A 115 North Main Street ONlf HUNDRED TWENTY Good Transfer Company Phone Main 3 T lE TIGER OUR OVVN DICTIONARY. "There's the piano," she said BANANA PEEL: Food article that "please play something." brings the weight down. DIPLOMAT: Man who remembers woman's birthday, but not her age. ETC.: Sign used to make others believe you know more than you do. FALSE DOCTRINE: Wrong medi- cine given by doctor. HORRIBLE EXAMPLE: Any prob- lem in mathematics. MAN: The only animal that can be skinned more than once. POLITICAL SCIENCE: The sci- ence of interfering in public affairs RUBBER GOODS: Opera glasses telescopes, microscopes. SQUAWKER: Baby Indian. STRATEGY IMILITARYJ: Method of not letting enemy know you are out of ammunition by continuing firing. TALE: Biggest part of a fish. VACUUM: Nothing shut up in a box. ZEBRA: Horse with stripes used to illustrate the letter Z. CADET: A man who spends half his time trying to make his work lighter, and the other half trying to -ah, you finish it! SCOTCH MOTORIST: One who waits until the hottest day of the year before buying gas for his car because he has heard that heat ex- pands things. WIFE: A woman who has taken advantage of a man's love for her. CIVILIZATION: The process of learning to cheer a hero who can knock a little white ball into a little round hole better than some one else. HICK TOWN: A place where you can move into a house and not smel' the nationality of the last tenant. LUNGE: Necessary picnic equip- ment fcollective nouni. GARNER: Part of a room. PIGEON: The act of throwing fverbl. CHEER: A thing used for sitting. ODES: Feed for horses forigin, wild odesl. b YOLK: What this is supposed to e. PAST: A bothersome person. COFFER: The person who has never heard of Old Golds. SQUAD: To sit down suddenly. BED: To wager. 31 X BSE Where yuh goin'?" "Fishin'." "What fer?" "Oh, jest fer the halibut." B! X K "Does Bill still walk with that old slouch of his?" "No, I hear he's going with better women now." He rose to his full graceful height pushed back his long black hair and adjusted his cuffs. He sat before the piano. Something was amiss. He searched. He hunted. He turned despairingly: "Gloria," he groaned. "Where in the Sam Hill is the slot?" Zi 35 382 Customer liratelyl: "Say, waiter there's a horsehair in this piece of fish." Waiter: "Oh, that's all right-may be it was one of these sea-horses." RK BE 31 "I wish we'd get a few shipwrecked sailors washed ashore," mused the cannibal chief. "What I need is a good dose of salts." if Bi X "Mary, did I hear you kiss some- one in the kitchen?" "Well, mother, the junk man said he came for a little oven." SIE X I Did you ever hear of the contor- tionist who got absent-minded and threw his wife out of joint and then kissed his hip goodby? X li K Little Boy Ito parsonl: "Please pray for my father's floating kidney." Parson: "But I can't pray for any one thing like that." Little Boy: "Well, you prayed for the loose livers the other day." iii B! X "I hear that one of our football players got choked to death." "You don't say! How did it hap- pen?" "Well, he was eatfng a piece of horse meat and some one hollered. li X 31 Frosh: "I want a dime chocolate bar." Clerk: "Nuts?" Frosh: "Nuts yourself, you impo- SK if X He: "Dearest, I love you and want you for my wife." She: "Goodness! What would she do with me?" 385 SK if M. Jordan: "Why do you keep looking at your trousers?" Don D.: "I don't like them." Merrell: "Why? They fit like gloves." Don: "That's why I don't like them. I want them to fit like pants." Zi! X if Jerry Stroud: "Did you know they took Amos 'n' Andy out of the mov- ies?" Norman W.: "Yeah, Pepsodent re- moved the film." 'Whoa !' lite oaf. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY ONE hp IJ If It's Cleanable - We Clean It If-255 :Fi ' if f gy LEAHMERQK gr C ANYTIHNG 5 svrmrname IINCORPORATEDJ Office and Plant 110 St. Louis Street, Edwardsville, Ill. TI Telephone Main 401 EDWARDSVILLE DeLUXE CLEANERS H There is Edwardsville Strength and Energy Creamery Co. In Every Slice of lll2lIll1fZ1ClllI'8l'S of MILK PRODUCTS Homekraft Milk. Cream. Condensed Milk. M' O Bread llk Powder, DeLuxe Creamery Butter and Ice Cream Ask Your Grocer For prompt and satisfactory delivery PHONE 900 PHONE 365 S imma? ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO -I-"- A -- --- Compliments of IMPERIA L BAKERY Compliments of RUNGE-ZIEGLER SHOE CO. Quality Shoes and Hosiery OVERBECK BROS. Exclusive Wallpaper 'and Paint Store Compliments of SHUPACK BOOT SHOP Compliments of F. XY. XVOOLVVORTH CO. Nothing Over Ten Cents C PhoneAOft'ice 9393 Residence 402 DR. H. E. VVHARFF Practice-4Ear, Nose and Throat 401-402 Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. Edwardsville, Ill. OFFICE HOURS 9 to 11 A. M. Daily 7 to 8 P. M. Daily 2 to 5 P. M. Daily Sunday 9 to 12 A. M. VVARNOCK. XYILLIAMSON 85 BURROUGH S The Bank of Edwardsville Buildin: Edwardsville, Ill. DR. J. A. HIRSCH Bank of Edwardsville Building Off'ce I-Tours 8t010A.M. 1to2P.M. 7to8P.M. Phones: Office 174 Residence 317 Compliments of PERRY I-l. HILES ATTORNEY AT LAW' DR. E. C. FERGUSON 303-304-305 Bank of Edwardsville Bldg., Edwardsville, Ill. Office Hours sm10A. M. 1to2P.M. 7waP. M. Compliments DR. P. L. NOGGLE of EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT EUGENE H. VVAHL 1 iz: c ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREF I Protect your loved ones with an In- surance estate by insuring with the R. H. ROSENTHAL AGENCY Office Bohm Bldg. Phone 163 Edwardsville, Ill. Compliments of LITCHFIELD 8: MADISON RAILWAY COMPANY DR. H. B. DELICATE Edwardsville, Ill. Phone-Res. 156W Office Hours 9 to 11 A.M. 1 to 3 P.M. 7 to 8 P.M. STANDARD OIL SERVICE STATION Harry Busch, Attendant Corner of Vandalia and Kansas GREASING and ATLAS TIRES Compliments of CENTRAL SHOE REPAIR SHOP CHARLIE'S PLACE Opposite McKinley Station Compliments of FERGUSON GROCERY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR Compliments of BOYLES RESTAURANT Compliments of J. VVEHRLE SERVICE STATION Compliments of HARVVOOD'S GARAGE Compliments of BEN CANIS Men's Shoes and Furnishings 213 North Main St. Edwardsville, Ill. SCHOON SL KRUSE Tclephone No. 284W TIRES and BRAKE SERVICE Tires, Tubes, Vulcanizing, Brake Testing and Relining - - Road Service. Vandalia St. Edwardsville, Ill "Tailored to Measure" From 524.50 to 347.50 Schwartz Tailoring Co. Power Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. JOHN P. HOFMEIER North Main St. Edwardsville, Ill. Phone 1 0 7 1W m Ln 'T 144. Compliments of WELLS TIRE SALES, Inc. Compliments of HARRY F. PALMER Compliments of JUDGE CROSSMAN Compliments of VVM. M. P. SMITH ATTORNEY AT LAW Rank of Edwardsville Building JOHN F. EECK ATTORNEY AT LAW Phone Main 166 Bank of Edwardsville Bldg. Edwardsville, Ill. Miss Pergrem: "I advise you to let the villain shoot himself instead of taking poison." Warren Buckles: "Real1y? Why do you suggest that?" Miss Pergrem: "It'll wake the audience up." DR. E. L. BURROUGHS DENTIST Edwardsville Nat'l Bank Bldg. Edwardsville, Ill. Phone 220 Compliments of DR. A. A. MOORE DOG AND CAT HOSPITAL A. H. LADD KL SONS 512 Kansas St. Phone 1267W Plastering, Stuccoing and Concrete WOl'k Compliments of CASSENS, TINNERS 311 N. Main st. DR. WAYNE B. COX Suite 605-6 Edwardsville National Bank Bldg. Edwardsville, Ill. Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Walter W.: "Your suit looks rus- ty." Nelson Hodina: "Well, the tailor did say it would wear like iron." Elf Bi if Olin E.: "Your mouth's open." Martin L.: "I know-I opened it myself." ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVF fiffywwfmg Cgyvyyw AQ THE TIGER -fff W5Q M46 M4 QVM R- 5 ' WOR f ' Il' l'l 1 x w uwns WP LJ ' f f z'1 f,,' f fic s I 1 r r ,154 . g1!!1fIfQO7jJ ffw f fa" S ..-Ha-A Y , li- f 4 wfl-a'ff I, EI IQP Q . II 2.1-I, I.II IIIIIIIEQIIIQQ LI .4 If3f'. 3gI', A' x, ,ni v . i+f,J, Ax T3 , ,A-,'1, Y'j.. Iagfj . -15' '1 ' - , If-ix M vII'-f III:47 .51 I IIIIIIMA 'A I ".II4. A,fiL I IQQL, I ,Q 3 If 'I , 'f'g, Q.?' .QQ im I..IIw II My .I - I ' If I ,HI TVSI 3' I ' iIgIiIiII,I,eY'n ., - ,rfb ww ,g"12:5ffsf,i,f.w Ia." ' A' 152- yffv.,-S A "img wg. L1f.fy4,,I J. 'zg -X ,xv 1 ',., I . I II I . IIN-'WI .,,fwngI II 3 - I I . is A.. Q. A Q -ff'-f ' f'L,iAf" f 4 Lhffff, gf QIHII ', Q ff- X -X 'f:,I?f:9igaQg5' ? , "" ff -fig? LIIIQIFIIIIIIILIII 'HI If ,Wa I I II . I.I ,- - IIIII . II I . A M"yA-5 gg Q' Q ' '- Ib "' QQ 1, , YI H.- 5 III -IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIVIY.. .I , g- I, D .3 I .: VIII ijijix - 'I --..,,II , ' QI. . 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Suggestions in the Edwardsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Edwardsville, IL) collection:

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