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Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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r 2 A Af 'MT mc, ' jg! f fm. X f, ' ,57 ' I1 x s 'v 11 H. . 1 I - A A K rv fl" 1 I . . Q., - ..-1.6, 'I - :L-A ,... f . , ,- , Q' ,Y 4-ii Q-" . vis' ' 53 Pai' Q. ' - "Emir" ,,,- -- A f . . . , J . ,avi + 1 "ff -fa .1 1 5 ,i .ut Es w 31' 5 h, 'fa ,il E ,,.s 13 's "1 4 1 jf 32 51 ,. Q, iv .. H: 'a x 3 Q 1? 5. E X D R 11 3 P, E 3 4 'E A 4 'Q 'J Q 's -1 9 1 fl . is 3 'Q . 1 3 ii sa? gf A : .Q M P 0 W' E R B L A Z E S EDWARDSPORT DEDICATION We, the Senior Class and Sponsors of 1952, dedicate this annual to the past, the present, and the future of the Edwardsport School. The past covers a span of more than a half century, and successful, enthusiastic alumni are everywhere to testify to our greatness. The present, with our fine student body, loyal parents, efficient officials, and capable teach- ers, is moving forward as before, even with our building at home standing in ruins, comsumed by a devastating and merciless fire. The future holds larger and greater opportunities for the years to come. Plans have been drawn for a new, modem building for our Edwardsport School. Next year's enrollment will be larger, and there will be a grand home-coming for us when all students and teachers can get back together again. Living with others has been pleasnat, and we have a host of new friends who have done many wonderful things for us, but nothing will be grander than getting back home to a new school building that we can call our own. We will succeed. We have Life, we have Spirit. We have Ambition, we have Ability, and we have Experience.We have been able to preserve our separate identity as a school, and to keep our honor high through tmusual times.We shall go on to bigger and better successes in the future. Edwardsport School, we salute you, and may you always be the school that we love. ---- F. E. Ward. ' Editor and Chief ---- Picture Editor ---- Sports Editor --- Activity Editor - -- Production Manager ANNUAL STAFF Artist ------------ Typist ------- -- Photographer ---- Business Manager --- Subscription - - - Advertisement -- Sponsors - ------ -- ---- Mary Due ----- Rhea Evans - - -Alan l-lauswlrth Victor Pearce - Helen Spanger Rita McEwen ----Shirley Hawkins - --- - Jim Evans ---Helen Branch --Jim Summers --- Sue Cargal -- ----Mary Due Rhea Evans Jack Spoonmore ---- F. E. Ward G. R. Rogers Q Edwardsport building The burning building Nov. 10, 1951 K, ,i-huM.nm.N-mwxil.-bmp-i .Mmm-wwWWu.,,aM,,,Wv,.,. .,i.i i.,.m,m-few-M-f Edwardsport School after the fire 2 THE GREAT FIRE F. E. Ward At night, November 10, 1951, in the early moming hours just before dawn, the Ed- wardsport School burned to the ground. What had been a wonderful place as school closed for the week on Friday evening was nothing but rubble and ruin on Saturday was ushered in on a beautiful day. lt all happened within an hour as far as the people were concernedg and the building, which for years was the pride of the town, now stood in smouldering ruins. Fire in a few short moments can change a lot of things, and the Edwardsport School felt the brunt of its fury quickly. Nothing was left but wall, brick, rubbish, twisted cables and pipe, and they began to fall as the flames died out spending their last licks on the life inside. The once proud school now looked as if it had been bombed by a murdering air raid, and as far as remains go, it now could easily pass for the ruins of the Colosseum of an- cient Rome or all that was left of a prehistoric city after'the wear and tear of the erosion of centuries. People were stunned by the suddenness and the completeness of their loss. Their school plant, massive and imposing, had been the whole city square. Parents of the stu- dents who were now in school had graduated from there, and even grandparents had re- ceived their education on the same SDOI. Everyone knew how the place looked inside and out as it had grown throughout the years. Now, in the flicker of a few moments, it was gone,--everything, and all that was left were memories and tears. The only thank- fulness was that the building had not been full of youngsters when the conflagration broke out. The boys and girls were trained in fire drills but some child might have darted back in unnoticed to save a choice possession or have slipped unseen into a cor- ner as the wave of excited youth surged out. All the children are left, even if the home is not, and soon on the ruins we expect a better and more modern building which will be the best that money can buy. Everything in the line of school equipment was lost in the holocaust, except the athletic uniforms and materials stored in the far comer of the gymnasium. Everyone in school had school books, now they have none, Some books were at home, but for the great majority, their equipment would be only a pen or pencil and very little paper. Typewriters, office machines, sewing machines, stoves, refrigerator, deep freezer, dishes, science apparatus, musical instruments, homs, pianos, moving picture machine and books are all gone. The new scoreboardwhich had been used in but one game went down and up in the flames. The food lockers were full of food, the deep freezer was packed with meat, and the desks of teachers and students were loaded with many highly prized possessions. All those things are no more.We must build from the bottom up. But we do have the students, and they are the most important things in any school. The past has gone. There were records in the safe that dated back into another century. The fire was so hot that it melted steel and consumed the pages that had been written by many people, and which recorded the progress of hundreds of others. But that is all history. The records of the presentstudents are duplicated in Mr. Allen's office in Vincennes. They are preserved, and no student will lose a single credit or be denied the work he had done. Everyone lost something in the fire. It may have been little or much. Some suf- fered more heavily than others. They lost musical instruments on top of all their books, but they had more to lose. Fire is no respecter of persons or things. But even if it is, it did not get what we all should cherish the most.--Life and Spirit--. Yes, we have our lives left, and we are thankful. We have our school spirit left. No fire can bum that out. We have our separate identity preserved as a school. Nothing shall ever happen to the Edwardsport School, We shall go on and be Edwardsport. Some dlay vilae twill be back in a new building which can and should be build bigger and better t an e ore. 3 Some good can come out of every tragedy, and it will this one. People will be bound closer together. Reallzations of the importance of things we have will be pic- tured more clearly to all of us. New friends will be made. We shall see how much people really can and will do for others.We shall see how much we can get along without and still make us realize more fully the blessings and oDPOrtunities we have had, and those which are temporarily taken away. We do not miss a lot of things until they are gone. We sometimes fail to appreciate how much we have when we have it and miss it much when it is taken away. Then, we wake up and are ready to fight, to struggle, and to work to get it back. We should prayerfully givea vote of thanks to Sandbom, Westphalia, the Brick, the school officials, advisory board members, teachers, and all the people who have taken us, the homeless, in. We appreciate their wholehearted cooperation, and their sacrifices that we know they have made and are making. We cherish and love them for their in- terest in all of us. No one could treat us any better and we could expect no more. If a like tragedy ever befalls you, I hope we could do as well as you have done unto us. We shall do our best to show them the best that there is in us and prove ourselves worthy of their efforts. We shall carry on and come out on top greater and better than before. To everyone who has helped us in any way we give our grateful thanks. We can never repay everyone in money but goodness had its own reward. The Bible says, 'For no greater love hath man than this that he give up his life for his friends." All in some measure have done and are doing that in your greatest possible way. To all our friends we salute you. And if ever in our life time we can help you, feel free to call on us and we shall do our best. Where do we go from here? Forward--as we always have done. We have spirit, we have health,we have life, and now we have a temporary place to go to school. We are still the Edwardsport School.With all our fine boys and girls, our many friendly parents and loyal alumni, our excellent group of teachers and school officials, and our many friends, we have the world before us, and we shall succeed! 4 HOWARD BEGEMAN CARLESS HILL Adviso Bo d ' ry ar Trustee, Vigo Twp. M, A, MIX L. A. ALLEN Advisory Board County Supt. of Schools A JAMES ANDERSON FALLIS E. WARD Adui.-nn' D,-A-A ' ' .. .Q Ns "'ll!r'1 FACULTY MILDRED ADAMSON English, Library Oakland City College 'UH' X Q. is A i CLAIRE M. DEAN Hist., Latin Butler U. A. B. ROBERTINE ATKINSON Grade 2 Indiana State B. S. HARLEY DISQUE Voc. Agr. Purdue B. A. S. LUCILLE BUNTE Grade 6 Indiana State B. S. AGNES DRINKUTH Grade 3 Vincennes U. HARRY CI-IICKEDANTZ Science Phys. Ed. Q Q' Butler Q B. S. iiyr 1 f, ' .- :igiii QLIQ ry ,,,rr5g,L W. if ,I AGNES FRENCH Grade 5 Indiana State B. S. - .- . I I Z-ii' . . ,. -'E 9. 'Q 'F ,. .Q is 1 2 A55 ess. J , , K ,. t. . .N A, W...-.. . ' p..,,.w --a . .q.r.waH-.rv E?" mx..":':.r '.,...gvff.f1: 'f ,Q-Mamn. ,,,,,. -,gr.,...,w +Ww.....,,'V L. ,..f.w,......f::e ...., X -. ...H A,,,,,.,-f .- V .L ..,.,,l QI, ,,.,.Mb,N-.,,,.w-vf f.,,t...,,, M my .N py....f,..,..m1-we ...W I .N .x..M,M..p+:':1: V 5 .Q w.,,a if .M raw, . ..frf,....,..w... w ..,, .W-:f.....f,... - at--Q . ff., H-...rims rwr,..Q"'wu fn, ,.,,,,,.-I.. 1,'.n',? 1' 'Tb aag?H'?1,ny,'Fui'eQ.t,j rr I K 3 ui rg., 5 " I is si.: -If gg N-x-if L J ,' a -1 My :uw jg H w " Q Z' 'Dv d Ii ,gg I in +55 ' 4 as AWN., ' 'I x -if ' ' ' rl 111 x s ,,, M ,,. ...r ,. MILDRED HUDSON Grade I Canterbury X . PAUL LAWRENCE Math., Science Indiana State in.. 'hn- REECE ROGERS Coach, Phys. Ed. Drwer's Ed. 'N Indiana State JOY HOLMES Home Ec., Phys Ed. Purdue FACULTY JACK SEARGEANT Band, Chorus U. of Illinois B. S. FREDITH TREBUCHON Grade 4 Indiana State B. S. MARY WRIGHT Commerce Indiana State B. S. FALLIS E. WARD Principal Govn't, Speech Indiana State A. B., M. A. 7 . - 3 Seah S' Y .r tx if N 5 R Q We 1. . pg , X K. .Q f 3 t .ffw A .gi -A 2 ya Mr. Ward Sponsor .. S5 Mr. Rogers r Sponsor 'Ps SM' A 'KLK We ' -- Mary Due Sue Cargal President Vice-President ri wiht 8'-rf Qfvkw an Jack Nelson ' B Y xg . 1 y L' -' Jack Spoonmore Shirley Hawkins Secretary-Treasurer RCPOHCI SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Three years ago as alittle class of green freshmen we started high school at E. H. S. There were sixteen of us enrolled in our class that year, Jack Nelson, Jack Spoonmore, and lim Summers, having started together in the first grade at Edwardsport. Ada Potter, Victor Pearce, Wilma Strark, Norma Sue Strosnider, Jim Evans, and Rita Hollars also joined our class in the grade school at Edwardsport. As Freshmen, Rhea Evans, Sue Cargal, and Bill Memeringentered our class from the Brick School, and Mary Due and Helen Spanger came from Westphalia School. Our freshmen class also included June Chambers, who had attended grade school at Freelandville, and Alan Haus- wirth from Michigan, However, after spending only two months with us, Alan moved to Walnut Grove, Indiana. As sophomores we lost Bill Memering, June Chambers, Wilma Stark and Ada Potter from our class, but we wel- comed one new member, Shirley Hawkins, from Bicknell. When we were juniors, Alan Hauswirth rejoined our class, making us a class of thirteen. During the second se- mester Norma Strosnider, dropped out, then we were an even dozen-the smallest but jolliest class of E. H. S. Now we are seniors! To our sorrow, Jack Nelson was unable to come back this year because of an accident during summer vacation, but to make it an even dozen again, Helen Branch came from Wheatland. Then Mrs. Edna Spoonmore joined us, and we are now thirteen. We are ready to graduate from E. H. S. There will be many sad and wonderful memories left with us all through the years. ---Rhea Evans and Shirley Hawkins 8 Q 57' affin- ""..'.!" -sf-7 'nv 4 'S W. in f ,Q s , A. -,p 5 YP vfiil 1 an-gp' ENIOR Helen Branch Wheatland Vice-Pres. Office Secretary Chorus Jr. Play-Wheatland Office Secretary Sr. Play Sue Cargal Basketball Queen Band Chorus Vice- Pres . Office Secretary Sr. Play Pep Club Mary Due 4-H Queen Attendant Chorus Good Citizenship Award Reporter President Office Secretary Pep Club Sr, Play Junior Play Jim Evans Band 4-H Shop 9 10 11 12 12 12 12 9-12 9 8n10 12 12 12 12 6 -12 10-11 9 8x10 12 9 12 12 12 12 11 Q '7 12 10 - 12 10 12 Ts y, a Q 9 3 mi , .nika I 1 'Y , . f i X N., M, " 1 C i fi X 'Lx Rhea Evans Junior Play Engaged Sr. Play 4-H Cheer Leader Office Secretary Treasurer Vice-Pres. Pep Club Alan Hauswirth Junior Play Baseball Softball President English Shirley Hawkins Junior Play 4-H President Sec, 8a Treas. Reporter Queen's Attendant Office Secretary Sr. Play Rita McEwen 4- H Chorus English Office Secretary Reporter Married ' sf SENIURS Victor Pearce 6- 'l English Helen Spanger Engllsh Home Ec. Office Secretary Jack Spoonmore Basketball Band Sec. 8z Treas. Jim Summers 4-H Agriculture Shop Sec. 8x Treas. 9312 9- 12 9-12 12 10-12 5-12 12 6-12 9- 12 9-12 9 'M SENIORS Edna Spoonmore Westphalia 1- 11 Edwardsport 12 NAME NIC KNAME HOBBY AMBITION Helen Branch Slug Reading Teacher Sue Cargal Peanut Roller Skating 1953 Coach Mary Due Toots Roller Skating Beauty Operator Jim Evans Satch Woodworking Musician Rhea Evans Rhear Dancing Telephone Operator Alan Hauswirth Al Baseball Big League Player Shirley Hawkins Shirl Dancing Join the Navy Rita McEwen Doll Kenny Be a good wife Victor Pearce Vic Girls Filling station owner Helen Spanger Pee Wee Dancing Farmer's wife Jack Spoonmore Dittmore Girls Be a man Jim Summers Jim Girls Farmer CLASS WILL I, Helen Branch, will my quiet ways to Wanda Bare. I, Sue Cargal, will my ability to be a basketball queen to Rosemary Berryman. I, Mary Due, will my ability to skate to Marquetta Stoelting. I, Jim Evans, will my bookkeeping books to Larry Spaulding. I Rhea Evans, will my yell leading to Joyanne Kahre. l, Alan Hauswirth, will my baseball pitching to Joe Malone. I I I v Shirley Hawkins, will my way with the navy to Sharon Jones. Rita McEwen, will my ability to hook a man to Beverly Hartsburg. Victor Pearce, will my horsing around to Roy Rogers CI mean Eddie Rogersj I Helen Spanger, will my ways with the Sandbom boys to Judy Carnahan, I, Jack Spoonmore, will my curly hair to Larry Alexander. l Jim Summers, will my way with the women to Edgar Dean Hammelman. r n 1 SAYING Don't you know Oh foot! Oh shoot! I wouldn't say that Blame it! Baby How tender For Pete's sake Don't cry about it Oh lawsy! Sunday-gun Beats me! We, the Seniors, being of sound mind, will our memories of the good old days at Edwardsport and leave our best wishes for a new school in the very near future. 12 1 1 5 I J0y Holmes Mary Wright Sponsor Sponsor Bob Archer Shirley Vice President BCIIY Volle President Secretary Virginia Barnes Ronnie Cunningham R ort r BP S Tl'e3.SU.l'el' UNIOR HISTORY r A 1 4 Three years ago in the year 1949, there were twenty-five of us jolly freshmen who started school at E H S There were several new students who joined our class Eddie Rogers Larry Spauldin Ral h S d ' . dl . , 8. D an CTS. 106 - Privett, Nancy Lett and Anne Koenig, coming up to join us from Brick. We also had several students from We t- phalia, Martha Spanger, Wilma Volle, Betty Volle, Wanda Neidringhaus, Wanda Bare and Beverly Hartsburg. l I n our sophomore class we received one new student, Shirley Dudley Norman Clark one of our classmates was injured in an automobile accident and was not able to attend the jub- lor year with us. Marilyn Golden moved to New Mexico and is now attending school there. 1 Mr. Roberts was our sponsor both our freshman and sophomore years. f We now have twenty-one students left in our class. There are eight boys and thirteen girls. Five of them are varsity basketball players enough to make a ood team Edd' g , ie Rogers, Bob Archer, Edgar Hammelman, Rex Kirchoff and Joe Puttman. One student Larry Spaulding, is on the second team Our s nsor M ' ' ' po s are rs. Holmes and Miss Wright and we are now making plans for the Junior .and Senior Pro! . I h ope we can keep all our class together and next year be graduated in a new school building at Edwardspo t. --Beverly Ann Hartsbufg 4 13 -W1 W, "Wi iw ' I' . 32 Lsiilfiiwlaii ' izifiafx lhgiq gsg mswgffifawgy we-Q 5: a.z2,ssre23:a-"im 22555 A ' " ' . 222 .fiWfi71Q2iWf: ill? . ., - Qui., .,., ,, H ,,, 51 , 3 : F -i I 35,-, ,.,.. .. - .:,,f,w..:, ,- ZS-q,:. .- .-:,. . , m m . .::..,:...m.,I,, :z:s:e5-fgfcsifgga META- r g DIL- ann. -- cr-'f f f, ' E:E5:'ra5.fzs5 . 1' .... ':,I' 'EIL Iii: , .., s, Ear: 1' rw' fWs,Q'?': ',, - 3 1 .. L , .4 :'ieE1:E5:. x f . Q, . fi , ' 'K x'1,?wigm , ' if' W , ai g vi fu , f if f Q is 5, UNIORS Robert Archer Wanda Bare i ig, 1 Virginia Bames Rosemary Berryman Claire Bensinger Ronnie Cunningham Edgar Hammelman Rex Kirchoff Beverly Hamburg Ann Koenig UN IORS Nancy Lett Wanda Neidringhaus Robert Miller Shirley Richter Martha Spanger Joe Puttman Eddie Rogers Larry Spaulding Marilyn Woodruff Betty Volle Wilma Volle S NNUAL STAFF 'EZ' Mary Due Sue Cargal Jim Summers, Jim Evans, Victor Pearce, jack Spoonmore, Rhea Evans, Shirley Hawkins, Helen Branch, Rita Mc- Ewen, Helen Spanger. ,Mi y ' OFFICE SECRET RIE Mary Due Sue Cargal Helen Spanger, Shirley Hawkins, Beverly Hartsburg, Rita McEwen, Sandra Kahre, Helen Branch, Rhea Evans, Bar- bara Page, Sharon Moran, Sharon Winkler, Sharon Jones. I6 1' Q! bw S'- 'QF SOPHOMORES Joan Berger James Brown Judy Carnahan Floyd Catt Claudine Clark James Dyer Carolyn Elkins Shirley Everett Janice Fields Shirley Fountain Nadine Froderrnan Sue Fulford Bill Hunt Mary Johaningsmeir Sharon Jones Marvin Knight Bill Lee Maridell Miller Sharon Moran Rosemary Privett Jim Rankin Bill Shepherd Colleen Smith Norma Smith Doris Snyder Marquetta Stoelting Jack Walters Sharon Winkler 17 5' 7948- ls, r Am s FRESHMEN Larry Alexander James Anderson Sand ra Ashby Wilma Bare Patty Beadles an 'Q' Karyl Boyd Holly Buck Carolyn Clark V,,,,, gg Judy Fields M110 Held Audrey Hulen Joyanne Kahre K X s rgfffs if 2':ll Sandra Kahre ill an Eva Mae Kirchoff 1 ii Danny Koenig - gg Myrna McClaflin ' 2 QQ! . ,, a I vga' A - fa.. if Joe Malone x A A iw Larry Moreland Jerry Morris iss"iE?5N . gf Barbara Page A Joan Postlewaite i .QQ Kathryn Puttman , ,.,. if Reda Schaefer gr: gli: ,,.:A.: 5 VA3 Mariann Spangle DeWayne Stark ' V Charlotte Stremming i Bill Summers Rita Summerville I8 it qv- -v J? ,- . r , fr-f .-1 - -- rw sg ,. ,. , J' sk ..,. Ass Q' ll 1 FRESHMEN CONT. Rita Tevebaugh Margie Tencher Lois Villwock Q1. .R Edward Volle f Judy Volle Marilyn Welch h .mg ragga , I 1. 172' -fm I I . d1Xd.X - X4.di.11 I :,: Y' TX' fiiii- ' r IRIS-is 'X John Wenz DRIVERS TRAINING CAR M fu NAL COHFRGL r-1'lf L, A. Allen F. E. Ward Mary Due Reece Rogers ff 1, R-I DUAL CONYROL I9 . 'ik in- -. gf he ks K s 'r"'l+ +4 sp' M ik nf Q' 'l M -N' 4. - I if ,..e in 7, fill EIGHTH GRADE Karen Boyd Linda Brand Elizaherh Brown Sue Brumnret Ton nry Byers Sue Defioursey Gilbert Dinkins Nina Ellen Georgie FOX Jerry lflamnelrnan Marilyn Harrsburg Sandra Hollars Dixie llunrble Marolyn Julian lean Killian Bob Lawhead Ernral Malone Nancy Moreland Wayne Peiper Jerry Saucernan Ernie Snyder Gerald Snyder Loretta Snyder Marilyn Snyder Marlene Spaulding Phillip Spauldin f Donna Strosnider Sharon Walters 20 .gnu :Piggy . , F A- -s ll . PM O .Ar 2 22' S4 . 3' Y. 'S X v X YS l 3 fr we rw X S lap 'l r:r:1-i.-sgfg+s. - ""' 'r .1 awk - 1. . 1 rf 1 J Q 4- 5 wa vii m 5 .ge 3 rg N. in 2, rf ll gg P 5? .ff JR We r K M y qw K .S SN K . K ,mx K ii , i in K 1 . QQ-l K I 4 J' -, S S we Vi .-'lla I, eree V I S QL.. iff 'Q-dr 1 +A EIGHTH GRADE ,ein - Q-. Martha Wcnz G 'I 53 4 5- lcrry Westfall s g if ,f E s K 11X 'X L I SEVENTH GRADE Larry Banks 3 Claude Bedwcll i .--'r . S 'N :' .. 'f .f Delmar Beigxhl ' b C A f E' Q Ardella Branch if ' N. q Q Q .si ll., bqi: Q john Brown h E Norma Brown v , ' 6 E - 2? Norman Brown ,as X ' Melissa Buck ,' E. Jerry Bunte SG.. Vera Dowden -A - . Y . 4. X Donna Fields l E. 5 l Jud ull GIYIOII Carolyn lxahre Janet Kent Rrchard lxnlght 8+ Donna Koenig Barbara Luking Peggy Luking james Mason Ursula Memmering E gl t i. 2l SEVENTH GRADE Karen Nelson " Darlene Patrick ' Roma Postlewaite a f, V Now Rita Rogers W ' J' tA l Nancy Saucerman I Kenneth Shephard M 'N - at L , iz-N - 'Q Phyllis Simpson , , George Tevebaugh rw Marilyn Tribby Janice Wainman W Ronnie Westfall Don Wireman L. Roy Woodruff GRADE SCHOOL CHORUS A--r Row One, Left to Right: Nina Ellett, Sue DeCoursey, Dixie Humble, Peggy Luking, Nancy Moreland, Marlene Spaulding, Sue Brummet, Sharon Walters, Jean Killion, Nancy Saucerman, Janice Wainman, Donna Fields, Barbara Luking. Row Two, Left to Right: Darlene Patrick, Elizabeth Brown, Norma Brown, Roma Postlewaite, Ursula Memering, Phyllis Simpson, Carolyn Kahre, Marilyn Tribby, Karen Boyd, Janet Kent, Sandra I-lollars Rosemary Memmering, Marilyn Julian, Linda Brand and Director, Jack Seargeant. 22 AQ Q' 3 55' I-9 4,753 , X 'F vt Y X -0 Q5 'Q' 4' F 'qw ff! 'Z 5 ar gn f""'x 1 J 5 tkiv A ' -A 33. , .. Q. IH: af, I 3504 15" 'Y A 3 J -L-, 11? " 'J '25 If - I CA xx '... , 0 A , if rf u j , -' , ga - - F :Nur bass! ' 'W 9 tr! . vw xv' I' - . SIXTH GRADE Lucille Bunte, teacher Rosemary Memring, Harley Postelwaite Linda Pierper Howard Privett Jane Dinkens Larry Harper Richard Donaldson Nancy Anderson Connie Fiscus Dennis Quackenbush Nancy Smith Judith Martin Larry Goodwin Nancy Julian Charles Page Kay McDaniel Loretta Hagedorn Sondra Boyd Sharon Turner Ada Fox Sharon Woodruff Deanna Allen Judith Pearce Barbara Bateman Rita Pieper Beverly Froderman Arthur McClaflin QF N J K gg. .,, 5 sk J we I F4 . 135- ,1 K' Sq Q: ' -IE-. 'li s"' X -. . L. ku A Fx' -.J nbili 1 l wifi' a"li 0 rs. H' 4:9 as , 'K 5. g ...f 'ar fltK'L so Q- 4 if 'r Q Q 'M-X - A ' Charles Snyder an fr L it 23 FIFTH GRADE x Y .au Qu Agnes French, Teacher G B d ll 'Ml Jaxx ary e we I Ronald Canada l f ' Richard Cunningham 4 " Q 1' N ,Q ' Jerry Branch A " Q Paul Shephard 4 ,,.. .1 -O ON ' ,M ff-fx Bruce Donaldson , N 1 W Q X Eddie Lee DeCoursey . 1, ' ' Af-Bk , Benny Summers , 'ya S , Ronald Hammelman 'QQ A 9 ! ' L, 'Lf' Y Donald Carnahan "' ' - Ruth Ann Miller f' or Ir- A S . A 3,1 . . James Knight x r A Joyce Linneweber ,Q iv- 5 Aj . , . f I 'M' Dallas Ellerr Sharon Hall . Mary Tevebaugh 'U Us Phyllis Richter 'him ' J' Dixie Pieper Larry Branch quam Marilyn Baker A Q. Sandra Mooney 4? . . 1:97 h 4 N, f' B Violo Crouss R Lynette Carnahan ' ,Q Beverly Mundy -Za as 'wir Alberta Snyder .'.A'l,a1H kk'r-.. J' , rrs'ss B , Mary Lou Hart V I 3, I Patty May ii J S . . V' , Margurltte Wright, Cook A "X S J f' era, Leafy Evans, Cook fi? rv 4. 6? A ' l'il' Meryam Knight, Cook Q K Franklin Wright, Janitor f v L 24 lf' , nd Lv . ' 'Q l,"',,: if .545 15, il A it ,S , ,,,,,, U r, .ar sc. ,y 'lf . kk .5 .v X K Q 3 x X , ,,,,x J,,,s ' . '5.kk .sr mr' "3" ,rlr ,gal-9 N , -e x 'v..4u-4 I i r. A in ,f'-3 'Q -K . .. ga. af ' we l ' ,J - A 3 'll'-'-be J, . ual' at . 4 .1 ,Q K if 1 A .. A 55, FTM , an an' dwg 1 fl.: K. K at 'V slr W I til. A ,, s wi' R ' vi 3' 9' ' if . .0 4 if . t d Q 4 X Qi, 1 YY v Mt r 'M' 8' ' . ,.,.,.A , f ag 1-Q" f M M , ' - K if lgvln 1.....-5 . A A . . .oe 9' Q' J Z M-it VI, ying. FOURTH GRADE Fredith Trebuchon, Teacher Glenda Wright Patsy Welch Thelma Hall Rosalie Tribby Barbara Tevebaugh Linda Kirchoff Charlene Southard P Beverly Strosnider Ellen Postlewaite Jack Bedwell Dean DeCoursey Robert Strate Ronald Crecelius Wayne Fiscus Larry Horst Warren Pearce Raymond Chasteen Fenton Girton David Moreland Patty Mullins Max Bell Linda Stark Jerry Brocksmith Janet Martin Jerry Julian La Mar Rogers Jimmy West ff 1 lr! 6 -.. .Jaw X i W 9 r - 1 ' ' L! . I il Q' 'Q -. 7' Q . X97 at R :HY . I X ' al 'va 1 sf R Q r-,-.Q ' 4 fi -0 Ggiivv 1. QQ , '-. 4 R-'fit 'K I 'lla s g is K - "-1-if '3 r . Xxx "" R M " "' an X ix lg Q LA' If gl. 7, -" 'Q Q 'S' . ,vb - ' 5 Robert Fields Q Qs ja' D' so . A X WZ! Qtr 25 ii B , F I 44' H' 1: 6 . s 'Q :gr R r,r!'g'r ix X ,rl . at H' qu . K...-IN .sf .1 K .f S fa ,w Y , yi. ,af W . ffl. -.- ,. no W I fail IQ' 1 --:H ..a0v'LE he P-V ind 'W q X4 'TM ra-liz' if lr? 5 ilvf THIRD GRADE Agnes Drinkuth, teacher A Dorothy Joslin ' -li P Richard Muellar I Brenda Mundy , David Linneweber Martha Woodruff f W A A . Stevie Lee Q r ' Sandra Green get Sharon Stefanelli John David Miller Nancy Killion Bobbie Sue Faith Billy Luking Pamela Warren Ray Snyder Marilyn Knight James Wilson John Puttman Carol Southard Victoria Mason Joan Villwock Ronnie Walters Sherry Jones Kay Ann Myers James Vingis Peggy Hagedorn Patricia Fiscus Thomas Porter SECOND GRADE Ted Warren an H, I .rkfl A "ri, ,ID uw' N "a,tx'm a.l . 7, V A sr-'J ttst J ,Ku' 'lf 'Rik s... K 'A ff, xl J- , :Sn :- J R 1 ,.... -if ,Q gun I -.....--v' r 'L tell ef' Ash I r?a-. -.mx . -.- . - I so h 2' 'Q ' :D ' - s o 4.-:Sy : S j Q. Simms f W9 K I Judy Postelwaite , J ' :pi ,ff yy J J 5 7 1 71 ia 55 1 at .----wah ,ga ,f Q 40"'L SECOND GRADE Robertine Atki nson, teacher f -X , LL: Ralph Beight . ' Donnie Foley -5 1 , 3' Jimmie Byers 5 4' T. .um A Karen Bedwell 4 5 ia S , Ronnie Anderson ca ' , ... ' " - W, Danny Byrne 7' Billy Kirchoff 5' X 4 .511 W J OO , , John Koenig Mary Jo Vingis .. I 4' M ,, Bobby Jones i Glenda DeCoursey 91 4 - L V, ' L Q. Jo Ann Smith Athi' - cy.. , l"if ,..-fkh ' l rl? Libs vlafihi elf.-' 4-:'r' :tx i at i 'V 'Q tvs ,.4 W?-q ,II . f 1 - 43215 E ii Jane Porter Y 'W' L I Paul Elkins '-3' mi, . Donna Woodruff 'I W F . i l ,QNX E . so Bruce Miller . v Donna Yagle . ' T ' .af 2 --" - Kenneth Quackenbush if A is Q Sherry Miller 1 my X i Y l k ' X rd " ' 5 1 R mg Charles Wright . Sonny Hall "' ' , -ur at V' Q "5" 'R Ray Strate ' R c -Q' K h QL David Saucerman 'R xx -b il fowl! If ti-. 5 gs , nj, . Marvin Richter Q R L Gary Fiscus . r.. 'QQ' 1 '--'NH-,v -",- sl hh ' sw, Terry Carnahan sly ' A A .3 R A it R M, " 'rr' a.. N ,,,,, H A r L, M Judy Turner g R " h 'A SE' Betty Mundy A, - v 0 Danny Yagle W, ' ff-,f gl x - r srrs' 1 Patricia Berger u i 'Q- .! In 27 L- .asf in FIRST GRADE Mildred lludso ii ,AEI 11. Teacher it R' M Iris Tincher Q... .,. un ar " 1 'Q ' lqifle, Q1 Q ...- TJ if A Dennis Kahre guido y Earl Martin W o ,ii , I ' ir rf., A. in gg i - , . . , T Q ' Judy Horst b K 0 ,,,. of V' ' Robert Spaulding A ,K h h A N " A .I Mug... ' Z4 ' W. f .Q A Deloris Warren W . M" M' Ralph Hagedorn i If ww I . h Max Donaldson Junior Blythe lv .,. -we l -W r , r r ' V. V H Carolyn llall i , Sharon Loheider 'V M l David Wolske a 4. ,,,, 'V 1' ,,,, Jon Koenig A V i in in M F'1d 14--"'7i i i"'? ,ff y . ary 16 S an 'xr Iimmie De Coursey 5 'w 1' JW- T, Jeff Q , A ' I' 4 W 43 in 1. K, J A C . A 4' Bob Warner J , 0 Judy Byers J. v . 1 g C .,. V l nv 1' ' 1 ,. W q""'3 ,ox ,pw A A 1 Ruth Brocksnrith A 'ai' Q- , 4, fy f I M Charles Southard ww 3 sr 0 f Y H'-I 2 V, A I Dickie Price 'X A Paula Liking h, " fr 3. 'P 6, w- ,. . ' H, 1-ew' fn" ir -W 'rl'i if" . Carla Villwock s , b . P h ,. Mike Carnahan S T... fl 'Y if a r 'U Q gk ' 'Z A X5 ,J i rr V John Tribby 4 A u A Q ,' .fl-www E Bobby Hagis Q QW' '.,, K Q M, 4-nv" Jnihuvr 'L K ' Bruce Saucerman N135 Q 'QL Dave Bunce , . .A 45 5 1 28 ltx U ,Q ATHLETICS Reece Rogers Coach Harry Chickedantz Paul Lawrence Jr. High Coach Assistant VARSITY The 1951 - 52 varsity basketball team of Edwardsport High School, composed almost entirely of underclassmen, compiled one of the better records of any Power team in a number of years. Playing without a gym of their own for the greater part of the season and with only one senior, they had a seasons record of 10 wins and 11 losses. Team morale, aggressive fighting, and a spirit of sportsmanship characterized the Powers. They lost the first five games they played, then held their own for a while and finished by winning their last five scheduled games. Their indomitable will to win and the spirit with which they accepted victory -- and defeat -- is a magnificent reflection on EZ.H.S. and its stu- dent body. -- Reece Rogers, Coach 29 Rex Kirchoff CC Marvin Knight VARSITY SEASONS RECORD 48 POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POW ERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS 30 Brucevilie 46 Freelandville 42 Monroe City 49 Sandborn 30 Decker 50 Oaktown 40 Wheatland 69 Fritchton 46 Bruceville 42 Decker 34 Freelandville Jack Spoonmore 30 Bob Archer OW Jack Walters 'POW ERS 40 Shoals 'POWERS 34 Oaktown POWERS 52 Oaktown POW ERS 42 Monroe City POW ERS 49 Wheatland POW ERS 47 Sandborn POWERS 58 Pleasantville POW ERS 48 Plainville POW ERS 57 Decker Chapel POWERS 48 Bruceville Tournament Games Edgar Hammelman ER J oc Puttman Eddie Rogers Jim Dyer 99 Bill Lee BASKETBALL ROW ONE: Larry Alexander, Jerry Morris, Larry Moreland, Floyd Carr, DeWayr1e Stark, Larry Spaulding ROW TWO: Coach, Reece Rogers, Jack Walters, Jim Dyer, Joe Puttmah, Bill Summers, Bill Shephard, POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS "B" TEAM SCORES BrucevH1e FreelandviHe hdonroe City Sandborn Decker Oaktown 'Wheadand Fritchton BrucevHle Decker Free1andviHe Oaktown hdonroe City VVheatland Sandborn PleasantviHe Plainville Floyd Cart 'POWERS 'POWERS POWERS POW ERS POW ERS POW ERS POWERS POW ERS 'POWERS POWERS ' Tournam Shoals Oaktown Oaktown Monroe City Wheatland Saudborn Pleasantville Plainville Decker Chapel Bruceville ent Games Eddie Rogers 31 VARSITY 2 . B E s Row one, Left to Right: Bill Lee, lack Walters, jack Spoonniore, Bob Archer, Rex Kirchoff, Row twoze Eddie Rogers, Jim Dyer, Joe Puttmang F, E, Ward, Principal, Reece Rogers, Coach: Edgar Dean Hammelman, Floyd Cart, Marvin Kniuhr, Left to Right: Jack Walters, Bob Archer, Floyd Carr, Edgar Dean llannnelman, Eddie Rogers, jack Spoonniore, Marvin Knight, Bill Lee, Joe Purtinan, Jini Dyer, Rex Kirchoffg F, E, Ward, Principal, Reece Rogiers, Coach, 32 5 VARSITY BASKETBALL THE TEAM JACK SPOONMORE - Senior, 5' 11" 170 lbs. Jack was the captain of the "Powers" this season. His leadership, willingness to carry out an assignment, and his ability under the boards made him a very valuable team man. BOB ARCHER - Junior, 5' 8 1!2" 138 lbs. Bob was the workhorse of the "Powers". In playing his second year of varsity ball he led the team in scoring with 276 points in 21 games,won the free throw trophy with a percentage of 59.1, and also led the team in interceptions and assists. Bob's lack of size is made up for by his speed, fight, team play, and jumping ability. Bob was the only member of the team who started every game. JIM DYER - Sophomore, 5' 8 1!2" 142 lbs. Jim played the first half of the season on the "B" team but his scoring ability and scrap won him a promotion to the varsity where he started the last eight scheduled games. Possessed with a good long shot and a pair of quick hands he has the makings of a very outstanding ball player. Passed the century mark in scoring. EDGAR HAMMELMAN - Junior, 5' 10" 145 lbs. Edgar's ability to play any position made him one of the most valuable players on the team. He was not only one of our leading rebounders but was probably the best scrapper on the team, and always dependable on defense. REX KIRCHOFF - Junior, 5' 7 1!2" 117 lbs. Rex was generally always the smallest player onthe floor. He has one of the best left hand set shots around, and in one game hit six out of seven from out on the floor. He makes up for his shortness by out-thinking the other fellow and staying about one move ahead ofthe opposition all the time. Passed the century mark in scoring. MARVIN KNIGHT - Sophomore, 6' 153 lbs. In playing his second year of varsity ball Marvin was our outstanding rebounder and tip-in art- ist. Although not exceptionally tall for a pivot man, and generally playing against a man taller than himself he still managed to get over two-hundred rebounds for the season. If he continues to work and improve he has the makings of one of the outstanding players to ever play at E.ll. S. He is also one of our better players on defense. Passed the century mark in scoring. BILL LEE - Sophomore, 5' 9" 139 lbs. In his second year ofvarsity ba1l,Bi1l was the second high scorer for the Powers with 172 points in 20 games. He was one of our better rebounders, is very fakey, has excellent foot-work under the basket, and is one of our best men on defense. Bill is strictly a team man. JOE PUTTMAN - Junior, 5' 9 1f2" 188 lbs. Joe did a capable job of playing on the "B" team and serving as a reserve on the varsity. He is a good long shot and can throw his weight around under the boards. EDDIE ROGERS - Junior, 6' 1!2" 164 lbs. Playing his second year of varsity ball,Eddie really hit his stride after mid-season. He has an excellent jump shot and developed a fake and drive that was very hard to stop. His height was very important to us as he was one of our leading rebounders. JACK WALTERS - Sophomore 5' 7" 144 lbs. Jack was another boy who played regular on the "B" team and served as a reserve on the var- sity. He has a good set shot from out, has a lot of drive and speed and plenty of fight, Won the "B" team free throw trophy with a percentage of 60.4. 33 BASKETBALL ROW ONE: Larry Alexander, Jerry Morris, Larry Moreland, Floyd Cart, DeWayne Stark, Larry Spaulding ROW TWO: Coach, Reece Rogers, Jack Walters, Jim Dyer, Joe Puttman, Bill Summers, Bill Shephard. POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS POWERS "B" TEAM SCORES BrucevHle Freelandvule hdonroe City Sandborn Decker Oaktown 'Wheadand Fhitchton BrucevH1e Decker FreelandviHe Oaktown hdonroe City VVheatland Sandborn PleasantviHe Plainville 311 Floyd Can HIGH SCHOOL CH EEHLEADICRS Sharon Jones, Bcvurly llarlsburg, Rhea Evans. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CIIEERLICAIJERS ig ,III ,yin I 'I ' - X Q X g ,i. f iz E , ffl LI. A L L I Xl vi-xi Phyllis Simpwn, Xlarolyu Julian, JL-4111 Killmh J in ... an ROW ONE: Rex Kirclioff,Jerry Morris, Bill Shephardjack Walters, Jim Dyer, Bill Lee, Marvin knight. ROW TWO F. E, Ward, Prin., Larry Alexander, Joe Puttman, Alan lianswirth, Bob Archer, Larry Spaulding, and Reece Rogers BASEBALL In the second year of baseball at Edwardsport High School the Powers had a very good record of six wins against one loss. Highlights of the season were Hauswirths no-hit, no-run game pitched against Plainville at Bicknell on Sept. 14, 19513 Puttman's nine hits in twenty trips for a .450 batting averageg and Archer's two home runs. Other players who hit over .300 were Hauswirth .38l, Archer .350, and Walters .313. Hauswirth was the winning pitcher in four games and loser in one while Archer won one and lost none. coach. Joe Puurnan SEASONS RECORD Alan llauswirth POWERS ll Sandborn 1 POWERS 6 Plainville O POWERS 8 Sandborn 0 i 6 POWERS 8 Odon POWERS 3 Plainville 0 POWERS 4 Odon 5 POWERS 6 Sandborn Z The only senior on the squad is Alan Hauswirth. In his two years of base- ball for the Powers he had 18 hits in 47 times at bat for an average of .383. A1 also pitched 99 innings, winning nine of fifteen games while striking out l73,walking 32, and allow- ing 54 hits. 36 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL WA" TEAM ra fi I FIRST ROW, left to right: Wayne Pieper,Jerry Bunte, Jerry llammelman, Kenneth Shepherd, jim Menon. SECOND ROW, left to right: Ernie Snyder, Tommy Byers, jerry Westfall, Errnal Malone, Phillip Spaulding, Gerald Snyder, Larry Banks, jerry Saucerman, Harry Chickedantz, coach, JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL WB" TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Wireman, Richard Knight, Kenneth Shepherd, Wayne Pieper, John Bromr, ltr-lnrrr Height, SECOND ROW, left to right: Ernie Snyder,jim Mason,Gerald Snyder, Bob Lawhead, Errnal Malortqcllandc Bedwell, Ronnie Westfall, Harry Chickedantz, coach. 37 3 Maridell Miller Sophomore Attendant TEAM Sandborn West Side Westphalia Freelandville Plainville Vincennes No. Bruceville South Side Oaktown Sandborn West Side Westphalia if 1 BASKETBALL QUEEN M- I K Barbara Page Sue Cargal Betty Volle Shirley Hawkins Freshman Senior Junior Senior Attendant Queen Attendant Attendant JUNIOR HIGH TEAM WINNER SCORE We 16-15 They 44-40 We 36-Z3 We Z6-Z3 We Z6-Z1 They Z3-18 They Z6-ZZ We 67-7 We 38-Z8 They 35-Z4 They 36-I9 We 58-11 TEAM WINNER SCORE Freelandville We 34-Z7 Plainville They 17-15 Vincennes No. 1 They 33-28 Bruceville We ZZ-21 South Side We 72.-Z3 Oaktown We 45-38 Decker Chapel They 30-Z8 Tourneys Westphalia We 74-10 Oaktown We 35-Z5 West Side They 40-31 Tourneys Jefferson We 36-Z6 Epson They 33-Z8 -- Harry Chickedantz, Jr. High Coach HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROW ONE: Shirley Everett, Carolyn Clark, lxlr. Seargeant, Director, ROW TWO: Joan Berger, Kathryn Pintinzrn, Sue lfulford, Myrna lxlcfllaflin, Nancy Lett, Sue Cargal, Judy Fields, Sharon Moran, Claudine Clark, ROM 'l'llRIilig Edward Volle,Carol Elkins, Norma Smith,Rex Kirchoff, Bob Archer, jack Walters, Marilyn Woodruff, Sandra Kah- re, Eva Kirchoff, Lois Villwock. ROW FOUR: Maridell Miller, Joe Puunian, Charlotte Strennning, Parry Beadlcs, Colleen Smith, Sharon Wink1er,jirn Anderson, Bob Miller, Jim Evans, Jack Spoonniore, Sandra Ashby, Edgar llani- rnelnian, GRADE SCHOOL BAND ROW ONE: Carla Linneweber, Jerry Saucerman, Larry Neidringhaus, Ronnie llarper, Karen Nelson, Larry Banks, Norma Brown, Sue Brnmrnet, ROW TWO: Darlene Patrick, joan Neidringhans, ,lanicc Wainlnan, john Brown, llinl Lnking, Elizabeth Brown, jean Killion, Wayne Piepcr, jerry llammelrnan, jim Mason. ROW THREE: Linda Brand, Henry Shepherd, Ardella Branch,Norman Brown,NanCy Sancerman,Clande Bedwell, Peggy l.11liing,CIarolyn Ranre, Ursula Memering, Marilyn Triby, Donna Fields, lack Seargeant, Director. 39 HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS ROW UNL: Director, lack Searg,eam,Audrey lluleii, Barbara Pag,e,Party Bcadles, Judy Fields, Mary Ami Jolianirigs- mr-ir, Carol lilkiiis, Wilma Bare, Shirley Richter, ROW TWO: Joan Postlewaitc, Janice Fields, Rosemary Priveit, Caroly11Cl:irk, Shirley Foriritaiii, Shirley Evcrcrt, Eva Mac Kirclioff, Sandra Kalira, Lois Villwock, Wilma Voile Sliirlw. livcrcrr MAJORETTES Carolyn Clark ,10 3 E M Q 5 X. Key, WX w i X1 iw wx NO Q W Si 213, S Akai Ryu FYI!! .XMQ Y x --1 Al me s ! JUNIOR SENIOR R E C E P T I O N 1952 A2 Lev 'ar -vs.. 's SNK I x.""o.' ' ', . mfs., "BOOSTER" CLUB "4-H" CLUB 44 Q 1' 1 ,. . . f x if 5 .ip yr ' " ' . '4 1 N, ' A ff' nt 4 ,. f , we K , . ' Nixon! HUM Juv wnfyf- AnH.ff,'f vfw.v'-'uw' ' ' -vm rxzsxmm Qghcw - ,, Ny, W '1 "WW" f"WW" W W 'll' 4 , Auunmeafmn s .3 L L Q D 1 ,,,,,,,,, L f J . Q - 1 s1qlsf5rlsoul .ff Ku :mm HARUNO ' ' 5 Msn, nn, cuxsa .nr 1,54 . i 3- - ni. - - .,. , H 5 X J c. Q, 1, ,Q g 4 M ,Sw , af , , n Q. , I 1 Y . X x ' 1 KOBERT wuvtu vnu Bram: mn.z.ns wnm ax .Maven -ffssn aunts :mu mmlw mmf v irish . . ' .. .- K ' , 'Q LW- ,E -: mxumm Munn can ,fnmvuuflasnflfx inn mason Min swufuosow BARBAM ,f1,sN,143.1. A. gm wsu oflmuoe rnuqn . N' . . Y J' .X ., x ' X . N 0 S, 5 .2- .. LKMALEE HARCH5 PATRICIA KAKMHLER swamp wfmnuc zmvn cmsn in Um: .nu-f u Mm. M- w umm unu- , E r 54 , .ar as A 57- 5 - 6 . i , . X d A K H ' 33 L.. I -f' x ' ' . f gg... Q 1, l i s 5 4 i .LxA L f ' . 1 EWZENI IRON-nl MUIAIS JRCMSCPN M572 Mflki Lfwv! lltfwfl Huy WHXSIX NQSEA A-ANU YELQMK-K wmL VRKXDYH' " 'S f "' " ' "K K " ' 6 cv L , at , Q, , U lv rv 1 3. Q Y . . A Q - A 'Q 1 1 n X '- ' f 6 9 ' fy P R, . S 5 .1 f ' r . Ann uuwun ss HY Awful K ,L +- s. 4 is ss an. ,K K. 5 ' -4 .gf-sm K 'V' WY 153. 5 . ' . X' V Y' I V K .1 - . , . , -lx. k k yi 1 if M -A - Q 53,-st : .. 'Q : R. W Viv!! QYRIHMIIQ 'Gulf IUMNCLI IVILYN MINI! JQQITTA Cilallfffl UG!!-I Jhlf YIXLV MACK!! WUI NAI INIIJYI IENNV Qi! EN 1 gr X .QQ . ,ssgff Q fb gg. as - - 49 if R wp . - f - : D . is .xr t Mi, + .:g.. 3 6. X if 1 9 wx! 1 is f . 'W' 12 5 7 f 9, f sg? 1 , X X Q' 1 -' Q 'ff A fl 5 1 ,gr nouns nnsnu mmm num- vnu wsuon vnu Mnonxn new MAIQUIYA WINKLFK QOKWN I-.RVJYIR JINYY QPUUW PN .JAQQ My GLN!! .f .W my x ., ,J ,Q 5. WM, ??F39C"A "' cuss Of 1949 3- A 5 f K WAY TY Cifbbi Jviillf Q 4 EDWARDSPORT H IGH SCHOOL . ox wok 'rv 5 'M' ' k'kA"h"' W MW' ' g R , g., af .g k + - jx . ,- f , 1, x . X if f 5 I - -an warm, 2- 4.,s.icfrn4N-In WKRETT BETTY HARPER RETTA 288881.15 :wig R25 A GERTKWIDI VDLLE PKTYY LET? ,QFK hx, 12 C.49xff,WN 0 H5 ' - ' .gr X an A K Q :mug N,-ur X fa QQ A 5 M Q.: K ,N 1 ,N . I f--. .., ' f 512 A my A Lg . gp Z 'q v f fi f - , -' k L. ' A i , - I GLU' Pf""NFvffK UIWIO REED '- M :ww www mmsusm mme: Jef-muufwwms mums nsssu Nou-we vena -za gh -- 1 X h M f 1- 0 5, ,L M h A --3' f -0 A ' Ln if i - 1 f 5' S-rf 1 5 . ef an Q' -Q. 2 A gil Q14 A. 'L L 'Q 95'-V 'Q ffl- an 9 ' QF ' ... L, ik x A , .L yhk' Nun k asm Slut! Mellow wxs.LmM TIEXSLJEK losuvr Mlawn in-. .8 B 110 ,qv . ,:,. i . A , 26 will' 5 DPI f' 4 B 95 any Ujhmvzw K A4 P ' Vg Q K K S 7 E..y-:gig C L.Wfs.:S:a mr A l 9 5 O if liufif A " ,W 5, -N-' K awsumn . W 'U Q' lla f-f , I V. - y 3 . il A x .QW m 4: Y . 'mtfvccvuwn sa qu VANDP- HARRIS humor ahvvwm XUYH LH, Jr'HNiT militias NORMK BKJNTE J G' , -Q. 6, J TF gf, .Q ""'t' ' " I A' x Q NQRMHA HELGENRP M :fr my M, New sw-fwz wxu-vu Aauqqa iLFHIf.DA swmasn A , ' at 'fr' 1 9, ' . , A -- " ' Z ..A, ' 5 ' f ' Sl ,..' J '- v .. ' 5- 5 5. ' . i ' .W 2' ' ' ' A JALMQ xoowgp, NEB i swan , SAMMLS Ebkkhn DONALD evmxfam Cummers a.fNvlf.w!.BER Maman MILL! .UM K., 4 T- 'Q ,Qi 4 .yxk 'M' Q , ,if Q Q 1 ' .1 4. x QE CLASS OF 1951 aww v 59' Pig X 5 ti' 4 ' 2 X QRT7' QE , 6. S .1 v. .w a.4...-.L 5 PM fdzvardyorf Wi I? 52-Iwo! 'M" l952 if Q 'Q' 6' Q' stlwx xl, Wir' X3 M . ' Q 5 0 'EVEN BWWU AUX wrmi R-xvmfx, JIM gwmg 'A tt x - 1 lk 6,1 , ei 0- fv ,X 1 vs' Q3 Q:-A" X- V W ,. h my X ' 'F '. tx im X , M J 5 + x L ! f Si , . X . 1 3 5 ' Q - " 4 ' X Run M'EwEw vlcfovl PENICE RH!-A Evans S: JIM SUMMER 17 Rifh N 59-KN Gill Q. wg . 'Q----f ' A Sfbhlholw 018 1951 - 1952 SCHOOL YEAR These facts are given as a matter of record for future years. We know now what we have been doing but time erases a lot of things, and facts become eroded from the best of memories. This school year has been different due to the fire on November 10, 1951, and that catastrophe may have far reaching effects either good or bad. Only what has happened can be judged. The twelve grades of school were split into three divisions but were able to maintain their separate identity and to preserve their name as the Edwards- port School. The high school held its classes at Sandborn, and there also the basketball games were played and most of the school programs were given. The Sandborn and Edwardsport schools, in the same building, were entirely separate and op- erated as if they were miles apart, but with a cooperation that was magnificent. The Junior High School went to Westphalia and several of our teachers taught there in shifts to meet their classes. Harry Chickedantz worked there all day, and also coached the basketball team. Clair Dean taught there in the morning and came to Sandborn for afternoon classes. Joy Holmes and Harley Disque commuted to Westphalia for their vocational classes and back to Sandborn to finish the day. Paul Lawrence drove down for an afternoon class and returned for his other work at the high school. Jack Seargeant taught music at the Brick school in the morning, arrived at Sandborn for lunch and band, and then went on to Westphalia for music to complete the day. Grades one to six attended the Brick school south of Bicknell, and the teach- ers were Lucille Bunte, Agnes Drinkuth, Fredith Trebuchon, Agnes French, Robertine Atkinson and Mildred Hudson. The Brick school had been renovated, and that division of the three, probably enjoyed the most solitude and was the least affected in its regular work routine. All children rode busses to school, and most of them were on two different ones, making a transfer at the American Legion Home in Edwardsport. The hours were early and late for the boys and girls, and through rain, sleet, ice, snow and sun they carried on, and with no complaints. Many families had children going to two different schools during the day, and there were a few who had children in all three schools at the same time. In the evening some of the busses picked up the children at Westphalia and took them to Edwardsport, then backtracked to Sandborn to bring the high school to Edwardsport. The process was reversed in the mornings. Some things were unhandy, but they could have been worse. Everyone was thankful that there were three good schools to go to. School went along splen- didly, but there is no place like home. "Where to in '5Z?' That is the slogan now. As this is written, May 7, 1952, the final decision has not been made. May it be for the best interests and the most successful futures of the students, parents, teachers, and alumni of the Edwardsport School. -- F. E. Ward AR CONGRATULATIONS . . . This Company is proud of the fine spirit in which the Edwardsport schools, despite handicaps, are carrying on their good American educational program. It is the some courageous spirit that enabled our forefathers to make thiscounty strong, despite all obstacles. And it gives us confidence that our children, and our children's children, will be able to keep the nation free, as they found it! Wm. F. Nelson, Supt., Edwardsport Station, and the Station staff PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA BLYTHE GARAGE LUKING Sinclair Products Sales and Service Gates Tires Apex-Washing Machine Electric and Ace yl Heating Equipm Welding Electrical Wiring Ph 34 Phone 175 Compliments of J- A- SCUDDER, M-D- EDWARDSPORT BRANCH Physician and Surgeon Security Bdrllt and Trust CO. Edwordsport, India Ph 33R l R 0 B ebe - Helen L. Pi p Ed d Rolland Rish l d M b r Federal Deposit Ins Corporation YAGLE'S DX Compliments at Service Station 8. Cafe F ' S ESTHER REBEKAH LODGE H 67 Ed d I d No. 4161 Ph 'l76 and MUNDY,S GROCERY WHITE RIVER LODGE Dale 8' Marie I.0.0.F. NO. Edwardsport, Indiana Edwardsport I d FOLEY'S GROCERY LINNEWEBER GARAGE Ph e 47 Ed d I d "B Ch l S ' G IM h d Meats h I I d S hool Supplies C dy I'I. G. BELLAMY HARLEY STREMMING OSCAR NIERSTE General Merchandise General Insu W hali Indiana Teleph 'l'I 45 W h I I CI Compliments of Compliments of LINNEWEBER OSBORNE'S I. G. A. GROC. BARBER SHOP W I1 I I cI W h I I d SIMON DUE HARDWARE A Complefe Hardware Store W h I I d Ph 'I 'I Compl imenfs of HARTING FEED SERVICE W h I I d from WULFE - KOEING CORP SHASTA COAL CURP. C g I d B Wi shes 5 VIN CEN N ES' RELIABLE FURNITURE STORE We deliver in this area every Thursday. 42yearsofF D I g Cpl f OFF UTTiS STUDIO The home of gooa' Pictu W. S. Offun Compliments of KNOX CO. FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASS'N. INC. k V Compliments of KEIN SALES AND SERVICE, INC. Compliments of BRUCE C. KIXMILLER "YOUR DODGE DEALER" B k ll V E. A. Kixmiller W. Harrington HI-WAY AUTO PARTS 1 mi. North on 67 - Bicknell, Ind. N aapfAgn snywk Wre k S Ph 35 Compliments at BUD'S HIW AY CAFE 24 Ha ur Service E y WI H 67 Bkllld C pl t Your Chevrolet Dealer Best Wishes From Your WESTERN AUTO ASSOC FOR DEPENDABLE SERVICE FOR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION B. L. Delaney, Owner Visit our Service Headquarters now k ll Compliments at CHEV. SALES k Illd h 65 RISLEY AND SON FURNITURE COMPANY l'l4-'ll8 South Main St. lc ll l 5 1 Best Wishes To Class of I952 TIP TOP CREAMERY CO. MEADOW GOLD DAIRY PRODUCTS Vincennes, Indiana Charter Service V IN CEN NES TRANSIT Ph 45 V I d Indianapolis - Vincennes COACH CO., INC 910 Main Sheet Vincennes, Indiana 4 round irips daily to Indianapolis Leaving 7:03 9:03 1:33 6233 We charter buses anywhere at anytime Phone I37 ENOCO COAL DOCK, INC. Dealer in ENOCO QUALITY COAL Quick Loading 24 Hour Service Phone 40 B II I d Compliments of S. E. Chestnut Vault Company Westphal ia, Indiana LeCOCQ'S GROCERY General Merchandise Phone 29 Edwardsport, lndi ana Compliments of 0SBORNE'S DRESS SHOP Bicknell, Indiana YATES PONTIAC 'IISN Washington B k II Id Ph 28 HORN'S ELECTRIC Sales and Service Compliments of THE BICKNELL DAILY NEWS Bicknell, Indiana Ph 398 217 N h M B k II I d O. L. BARR GRAIN CO., INC. Grain, Implements, Feed, Seeds, Fencing, and Crosley Appliances. Bicknell and Wes h I Compliments of HAMILTON MOTOR COMPANY "Your FORD Dealer" B k II Id Ph 281 Compliments of C. W. COCHRAN Bkllld MW . . . In Bottles. . . COCA -COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Bicknell, Indiana I Compliments of Est. 'I889 Compliments of FREELANDVILLE A IDIPLEMENT CQMPANY BUCKTI-IAL'S HARDWAREE F 't dT' W Ie F d II ld Freelandvrlle, Indiana Phone 22 CHARTER sus SERVICE BRYANT CHEVROLET, "Reasonable Rates" BLUE BIRD LINES, INCORPORATED '22fi':" s'168 'I48 Main St. V nnes I d V I d Compliments of VINCENNES AUTO PARTQS Vincennes, Indiana 424 M Ph 808 Groscop,s v FABRIC SHOP Fashion by the year. 213 M S I d Compliments of VERTREES GREENHOUSE Potted Plants and Cut Flow 2I7S.B ll A Ph 3322 B k II Id Congratulations To Senior Class of 'I952 POINDEXTER AND WAMPLER kll Id Compliments of ENOCO COLLIERIES, INC. G. F. OSTERHAGE LUMBER CO. C pl f The Home Builders Departme S Ph 313 V d C 9 I T Th CI f 52 From GIMBLE - BOND CO The Store Confidence Built 58 "When You're in our city, make FOX'S DRUG STORE Here you will get courteous SERVICE." FOX'S DRUG STORE Compliments of DUNN'S CLOTHING STORE Bicknell, indiana CRAIG'S CREDIT JEWELRY STORE 103 South Main Bucknell, Indiana George M. McMahon Compliments of Robert D. Moore State Auto Ins. Assoc. Bicknell, lncliana Compliments of BICKNELL TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK Bicknell, Indiana . Office Phone 143 Residence 72-W Compliments of Nocus :GA SUPER MARKET FLOYD E' DAWDSON Agent Bicknell 'ndiana Complete Insurance Protection ' 203 1-2 N. Main si. Bicknell ALBERT G CRAIG C"""'i"'e"'S " I Fitting and Repairing HUGH R' MURRAY Glasses Dry Cleaning - Hat Blocking - Shoe Repair Free Pickup and Delivery Bi'k""' "'di""" Phone 344 135 so. Mean - Bicknell Flowers for every occasion. ENMEIEIPS GREENHOUSE Specializing in Life, Accident, Sickness, and Hospital lnsurance. WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND ASSOC. COMPANIES Hiwoy 67 Phone 430 Frank McCord 207 W. 6th St. Bicknell, Indiana Agent Bicknell, Ind. Phone: 414 K Lincoln, Nebraska CO. office Phone 44 LIN TON scl-looL AND coLLEcE JEWELRY, GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS, MEDALS, CUPS AND TROPHIES DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA "It Pays To Play" .IEWELERS TO EDWARDSPORT Linton, Indiana E. R. Smith, Representative Home' BGIBS TERRE HAUTE HEAVY HARDWARE CO. INC. "THE QUICKEST SHIPPERSH Telephone C-3333 - LD 6 545t 549N th I3YI'1SI T I'I I Id 60 Compliments of JUDGE SIDNEY GALBS V I d HART EQUIPMENT CO. I 305307Wl tSt f w h gf ld Ph 488 Farm Equipment Home Soles and Service Appliances Tractors and Equipment Louden Born Equipment WASHINGTON IMP CO. whgf Id V IQUESNEYS Boxed Stationery - Gifts Greeting Cards for All Occasions BIBLES - BOOKS - GAMES Two Complete Stores Two Convenient Locations 8l1Oh Sv 644wb h T H f "Good Luck" From TRESSLAR'S 5 Sz 10 Bicknell, Indiana .lOSEPH'S Exclusive Women's Apparel i' Vincennes, Indiana Phone 211 214 Main Street I Compliments of W Y A. C.. TRAVIS, FLORIST "Bicknell Greenhouses Say It With Flowers" Ph 413 T one 436 Bicknell, Indiana Compliments of MIX'S FRIENDLY SERVICE Mobil Tires - Batteries - Oil Mobilgas Phone 88 Edwardsport, Ind. Compliments of S. S. KRESGE CO. I2 Stores! Vincennes, Indiana MQIYN This store is head quarters for every- thing the band or or- chestra player needs Saa our blg stock of lnstru- ments and accouorlu. , .,::sgj:'3:"- -A 1 ' N. D. DAVIDSON MUSIC CO. Vincennes, Indiana FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS J O S T E N ' S Representative: Ken Eslinger 2019 Crawford Terre Haute, Ind. HUN TIN GTUN LABORATORIES, INC. Wish You All . SUCCESS HOOSIER SUPPLIES, INC AUTOGRAPHS Q Q 1' Y 1: : E - 1 rl A FFT A 2 Q ii S s 5 if Q 4. . gil 5: 'F 2 Q xx 'll-L ,ao Ia: E: 'ik -2,11 i,,, --:aw 1553. , . ml, ugh li, : if if .ff 1 I4 -by Q. fx. 2 2 'H SSW- . 'i 1 ' f +3 '? rg, ' ff Z 5 , QV? 511' ,IT -5 L? -:F FE-2 . Y ...gr nm., 1 -r s

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1952, pg 51

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