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Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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BLA lf DVS ARDSPOR I le Semors and Sponsors at l95l dedlcate this annual to the Edwardsport School For our grand and enloyable years here we shall always oe proud Wecherlsh the manytond memorues we we have had together We love and honor the never forgotten tradltlons of your past which reach back more than a half century Rolling back the years we see our parents relatlves friends teachers and officials gorng here You are a wonderful school whose success has been contrlbuted to by all No other school can top your record or command a higher position ln the future we know that the Edwardsport School wall carry her banner hugh She has wonderful alumnu to back her a live and active student body ta sall forever on and the best ot teachers and oftnclals to pilot her on a course of whuch we shall always be proud Edwardsport you are the school of our choice and our love Moy you be at the tap forever, and whether we are far away or near you shall always be Our School EWG Edutor and Chxef Barbara Rnchter Pncture Edntor Etta Archer Sports Editor Barbara Wilson Productlon Manager Anuta Valle Artist Barbara Hunt Typist Thelma McDaniel Photographer Bruce Hayes Business Manager Paula Rogers Subscrlptuon Doris Webster Bull Harper Advertisement Vuolet Hartmg Bill Lett Sponsors E Ward G R Rage Published by EDWARDSPORT HIGH SCHOOL Edwardsport, lnduand l9 N ' 'Y ' 1 V X J , K .J . , . ' . ' I , . . . . V ., V I l , 1 I D ' O , 1 I V I ' ,I F. . rd Activity Editor .............. Patty Julian ' A ...... I , I l ...... V ' , l . ,. . rs Our Annual IS not lust a book Wuth cover and pages galore It s a book ot our school day memories Wuth puctures of fruends we adore It also contanns pnctures Of the teachers who help us decade How to choose the rught way of destiny For the road of education IS wade So let s linger awhule wnth these memories That the book of our choice has defined And as the years pass we will remember These days we are leavmg behmd May we strlve on ever relentless To the goal we may further attain And with God s help we wall accomplush The works we have strived for an vam We shall forever remember Our teachers and Class of fnfty one Where efse are they any better To do the work they have done Loyal Alumni we shall always be And on through the years we see Those who follow us carrying on The best of work whatever It be We are proud of you Edwardspart Long may you llve our wonderful school Your standards are hugh and good We shall back you forever and true Edwardsport Senior Class o 2 F 1951 ULH BOOK UF ,NIENIURIFQ F! Ji' Corless Hull Trusfee Edward H Menke Trustee V T h 1950 Vngo Townshnp 1942 1950 :go owns up EDWARDSPORT HIGH SCHOOL Lloyd A Allen Knox County Superuniendenf Of Schools 3 Fqlhs E. wma, A B, M A Pnncupol of Edwordsport Hlah School X. ff . Y 3 h 5 ' 4 ' AW f f ' , 1 1 I 'I ' I . I . . I H D " i P ,N -- ' S A ,Z W V ' ll n ,J . Aix Freduth Trebuchon Grades Three and Four lndrana State B S Mildred Adamson English and Lubrary Oakland Cnty College A Jack Seargeant of nn s Robertlne Atkinson Grades Two and Three lndnana State B S Gordon R Rogers Coach Phys Ed and Druvers lndlano State B S 1? - 4. ,iam K ucnlle Bunte Grade Six lndlana State l Thornton Westfall History and English lndaana State B S l 494 John W Roberts Math and Science lndnana State, B S L . , . A , B.S. if f -9 ., YQ ' fx . . ' , .B. ,Q f Band, Chorus 1seJf,'M u. lll'oi,B.S. gd. ' .S A 9 , ' . . - Ed, Irene Chandler r Mech Drawing of Mlchngan B .nl Mary Wright Commerce lndlana State B Mnldred Hudson Primary Canterbury B S Clair M Dean History Latm Butler A B Joy Holmes Home Economics Phys Ed Purdue B S HarleyH Dusque Voc Agriculture Purdue B A S M S Dudle Soc Studies English Agnes French Grade Fave Indiana State ' Y? A t, . ' , U. ' ' .S. ' 5 , if ff' 1 . 9 , . I yr ' ' t . f-1, . . y I , . W I. fl , ' I ' l Indiana State, MIS. 4' Q ' I KH' F fl Q . K' ' , B.s. Mrs Louise Goodwin Mrs June Overton Mrs Franklin Wright and Mrs Leofy Evans We appreciate the cooks serving us such wonderful meals Mrs Opal Hagemeler -ffm, 5: Mr, Franklin Wright and Mr. Clarence Howard. The custodians have won our sincere appreciation through their kindness, their will- ingness to help us solve our problems, and through the comforts they have provided by efficiently performing their duties. 6 f . 'j'Qf1-an 2 2, 5- ,, 9' 1 1 if ,y A. 1 1. S? 1 gi f-,pf lk 2-ix ya 9 A 'Sul .4 'A -diff' al, E a H , . ,Q L' 'f1'1'4-A. H' 141 1 f, ,K , 'ir Anlta Volle President F E ard Sponsor A94 'U Patty Juluon Vnce Presldent Barbara Richter Secretary ,fn ne, 'Er' Etta Archer Gordon Reporter Sponsor SENIOR CLASS HISTGRY It won t be long until we graduate Time has passed swuftly smce 48 We thought at would be grand when we were through But now to thunk of at makes us mighty blue Yes now we ve all changed our tune Because we re graduatmg very soon When we were Freshmen It could be seen That That Then That But That Now Remembering the prom: the ball games md all the loys and tears We would not trade these faur years for anything that you could give As all theur happy memorles we will so oft relive we weren t any Juflerent from all the rest had graduated and become the best when we were Sophomores at seemed swell to know only two more years we had to go when we were Juniors, we soon began to doubt at would really be so mce after we were out we are Sensors loolung back through the years 1 -gp- 'ini P aul a Rogers Treasurer R Rogers 'fe'-7' 4 M Q5 H 1' 5 ,J " iff 4 Q f If . fr 2 . .W - . 4 1 li ETTA ARCHER 4H 5-12, Class Presndent 7-10, Reporter 12, Chorus 9- 10, Senior Play 12,,Cheerleader 7-8. KENNY BARNES Basketball 9-10, Baseball 12, Soft- ball 9-11. vi sn- JOE BUNTE Basketball 911, Sensor Play 12, 4-H 9-12. JOE CATT Basketball 9-12, 4-H 9-12. DENNIS EHLERS 4-H 10, Basketball 9-11. DONALD EVERETT Student Mgr. 11-12, Annual. hr "fl- a., -.... ' ff 'e'f RICHARD HARPER Basketball 9-12, Softball 9-11, Baseball 12, Senior Play 12. VIOLET HARTING - -12, Chorus, X2 year, Prompter of Senior Play 12. 6 Se ' C' BRUCE J. HAYES, JR. Basketball 9-122 Softball 10-115 4-H 105 Table tennis champion 10. BARBARA HUNT 4-H, 2 years5 News reporter 10, Chorus 7-115 Senior Play 125 En- tertainment committee. PATTY JULIAN Senior Play 125 Chorus 9-105 Vice President ol Class 125 Office Sec. 11-125 Basketball Queen 12. WM. LETT Basketball 10-115 4-H 5-12. FRANK MALONE 4-H 8-125 Vice President 9-115 Senior Play 12. THELMA McDANIEl. Chorus 7-105 Band 7-105 Class Play 125 Office 125 4-H 6-10. CARL McGLONE Basketball 125 Softball 9-115 Base- ball 125 Student Mgr. 11. HAROLD MUNDY Basketball 9-11. 5? JO PINDELL ,ff Band 11-12 Office 12. BARBARA RICHTER Librarian 11, Office Sec. 11-12, 4-H 4-12, Sec. of Class 12, D. A. R. award 12, Senior Play 12. -E? PAULA ROGERS Librarian 9 12, Chorus 10, Class Treas. 11-12, Senior Play 12, Dept. Editor of School Paper. ARTHUR SPANGER Basketball 9-12, 4-H 8-12. MAURICE STREMMING G Senator, Civics 12, President, Phys. Ed. 12, Annual. ANlTA VOLL E Class President 12 Class Sec 11 Office Sec ll 12 Basketball Queen Attendant I2 V1 DORIS WEBSTER Senior Play 12, Office Sec. 12. BARBARA WILSON Band 6-9, Chorus 7-9, Senior Play 12, Library 11. 'Q 45. so any ll Eric Arcber Joe Bunte Joe Cari Dennis Ehlers P in Neff! S A E Donald Evereff Bill Harper Bruce Hayes Violet Harfing Puffy Julian -C S r'l 3 5 Thelma McDaniel Barbara Hun? v-sill' 3' pe J' . bye: G 1 ' f f-1.: Paula Rogers Frankie Malone Cwl MCGIOTW 1 1-.2-n": '- Ei 12 'Em Maurice Sfremming ' V l Anno ole Doris Webster i Y Jo Pmclell Barbara Richter CL SS WILL We the Senror Class of Edwardsport Hugh School County of Knox and State of lndrana berng ot un ound mind and drsrnte gratlng memory after tour strenuous years do hereby make publnsh and declare thus as our last and best will and testament hereby revoking all former wrlls bequests and devises of what ever nature by us already made FIRST We gave devise and bequeath to the .lunror Class the Sensor Holiday rf they can get It atd all memorres brtter sweet or otherwise of Edwardsport Hugh SECOND Be rt hereby known that all members ot the Senror Class generously wth charsty tor all of malrce toward none bequeath the tollownng personal class belongungs to underclass men to help them rn the pursurt of happrness May they apply ot wnth rapud and spreadnng strokes To the Sophomore Class we leave our quick wuts raped elucrdatlons and b st at all au ab laty t play hookey without having to make up double forthe lost time To the Hugh School unfants Freshmen we leave our utmost sympathy and our abulrty to absorb Englrsh science math and all those studres whlch are beyond the comprehension of theor undeveloped mental capacrtres I lndrvrdually we wrll the followrng l Barbara Richter wrll my personalrty and ablluty to get my man and keep hum to Nancy Lett l Thelma McDanlel wrll my abllrty to get boy frrends to Clarre Benslnger N w w f A I A V I U I C . ' ' . A l -I . L . I I V I I I ' , : l. . .I 4 I . ' V I I I I 1 5 ' , g ' V , . I - l. Our dignity and good sense we leave to the Junior Class: ll. ' ' , ' ' ' , e , r i ' o Ill. ' ' K l I I I I I V. ' ' ' ' : I I I I ,A ' . V I Paula Rogers wull my skating abullty to Marqultta Stoel tlng I Barbara Wllson w II my obeIltytodanceto.Ioyanne Kahre I Etta Archer will my q.net manners to Sharon Winkler I Bruce Hayes will my curly halr to Jack Walters I Kenny Barnes wall my abllrty to play basketball to Bob Arc r I Carl McGIone will my abnlrty to get Bookkeeping to Anne Koenvg Bull Lett will my one Ilttle curl to Jack Spoonmore Dennis Ehlers will my teasing to Vlctor Pearce Dee Mundy will my ability to play hookey to Jimmy Dyer Arthur Spanger will my height to Rex Klrchoff .Io Pmclell will my abuluty to blow a horn to Mary Jolf-ann Violet Hartlng wull my bashtulness to Judy Carnahan Doris Webster, will my gltt of gob toMarsann Spangle .Ioe Catt wall my physique to Bull Shepard Joe Bunte will my beautiful eyes to .Iam Rankms Anita Volle will my way with the Cotts to my sister Richard Harper will my way with the gurls to .Iam Evans Frank Malone will my acting ablllty to .Iam Summers Barbara Hunt will my dimples to Ruta Hollors Maurice Stremmmg will my carefree ways to .Ioan Berger Patty Julian will my shortness to Marilyn Woodruff Donald Everett wrll my ablllty to catch rabbits to Bull Hunt I3 I I , ' , I A ' . I I ' I- I ' I I , . I I I ' ' . he. I I II . I . . I I II . II . I . II I, I , ' I - I, , ' ' . II I . , . I I mgsmeler. :I I ' I I 'I I ,I I ' , . I, , ' ' ' . I, , ' ' ' ' . I II . I I A I . . 1 . I, , ' . II I . . . . . I I, , ' ' ' . I, ' ' , ' . I, ' , ' I I ' I . I II I . Hurry Up, Mert" Mert" Hunt, "Web" Webster, Pete" Archer. Agfa iff? W ak 9 " Q 5 4 5 1 32 "As l was Saying" - "Web" Webster, "Tam" McDaniel. Lighthorse Brigide" Biggs" McGlone, "Dee" Mundy, Hank" Malone, "Bullet" Lett, Mort" Everett. "On the March" "Mort" Everett. 'Smiles" 'Sl1orty" Stremming, "Gig" Harper. "Walking Trio" "Pete" Archer, "Red" Hurting "Mort" Hunt. 'Up and Up" 'Snipe" Hayes, "Gabby" Barnes. "Shut-eye Sorority" "Meri" Hunt, "Pete" Archer "Barb" Wilson, "Web" Webster, "Jan" Pindell, "Reg" Rogers Red" Harting. I4 NAME Etta Archer Kenneth Barnes Joe Bunte Bruce Hayes Joe Catt Donald l. Everett Dennis Ehlers Ruchard Harper Voolet Hartlng Barbara Hunt Patty .lullan Frank Malone Thelma McDanuel Carl McGlone Jo Plndell Barbara Rrchter Anita Volle Dorls Webster Paula Rogers Barbara Wilson Arthur Spanger Maurice Stremmlng Harold Dee Mundy SENIORS OF 1911 NICKNAME Pete Gabby u Snape Mort Denny u e Mert Lu u Hank Tam Biggs an Barb Nuta We 09 Barb Pondwater Shorty Deetle HOBBY Pen Pals Basketball Smoking Blonds Basketball Outaoor Sports Gtr s Datlng Sewing Recipes Skating Hunting Gomg Places Basketball Makrng Fudge Letterwrutung Sewlng Salt Shakers Skating Cooklng Basketball Playln Dancing l FAVORITE EXPRESSION Oh' Boy All Right Horse Feathers l Don t Know Oh my gosh Nuts Hello hon Oh' Shoot Bo Ktd Oh Boy Let s Eat I d reckon Holy Cow Come see me Oh Sugar Oh Joe Oh Thelma O Bull Pedettle Shucks Good Job Shoot Fare AMBITION Nurse Army Army Navy Farmer Ath Trarner Race Driver Army Malor Nurse Housewlfe Nurse Earmnng Old Maud Navy Housewlfe Housewute Housewife Housewife Teacher Farm Wnte Farmer Farmer Pres of U W W n L, ' R,p . ' Hi Si ' A . . - I I l ' . G9 . . ' ' R d ' . ' Y, ' ' Bill Lett Bullet Hogs Let's Eat Fflfmef ' l ' . s J s M ' i . b 'I ' R ' h, . -9 - . . 5 490' Alan Hauswlrth President Mrs Holmes Sponsor Winans- Wagyu Rhea Evans Vrce Presudent Ruta Hol I ars Reporter JU IOR 124 Shnrley Hawkms Secy Treas Miss Wrlght Sponsor Three years ago as a llttle class of green freshmen we started hugh school at E. H S. There were snxteen of us enrolled nn our class that year, Jack Nelson, Jack Spoon more, and Jam Summers, havmg started together un the tnrst grade at Edwardsport. Ada Potter, Vlctor Pearce, Wnlma Strark, Norma Sue Strosnlder, Jlm Evans, and Ruta Hollars also lomed our class IH the grade school at Edwardsport. As Freshmen, Rhea Evans, Sue Cargal, and Bull Memerlng entered our class from the Bruck School, and Mary Due and Helen Spanger came from Westphalia School. Our freshman class also Included June Chambers, who had attended grade school at Freelandvalle, and Alan Hauswnrth from Mlchlgan. However, after spendmg only two months with us, Alan moved to Walnut Grove, lndlana. As sophomores we lost Brll Memerlng, June Chambers, Wilma Stark and Ada Potter from our class, but we welcomed one new member, Shirley Hawluns, from Blcknel. Thus year we are gumorsl Alan Hauswlrth relomed our class this year, makmg us a class of thnrteen. Durmg the second semester Norma Sue Strosmder, dropped out so we are now an even dozen the smallest, but lOlll8Sf class of E. H. S. Rhea Evans and Shirley Hawkins' 17 6 W c P we , , ,f V' . ' W 1 , ' 'V so ga 4 Z he " E I 'Q Sue Cargal Jim Evans Alan Hauswirfh Rita Hollars Victor Pearce Jack Spoonmore Mary Due Rhea Evans Shirley Hawkins Jock Nelson Helen Spanger Jim Summers ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Shirley Richter Shirley Dudley Virginia Barnes Wanda Neldrmg haus Martha Spanger Betty Volle Marilyn Woodruff Beverly Hartsburg Nancy Lett Wanda Bare ROW TWO Mr Roberts Sponsor Rex Knrchoff Bob Archer Claire Bensmger Wilma Volle Marilyn Golden Rosemary Berryman Ann Koenig ROW THREE Eddie Rogers Joe Putt man Larry Spaulding Robert Muller Edgar Hammelman Norman Clark Ronme Cunningham SOPHO ORE ln the fall of 'l950 25 of us started as Sophomores We welcomed Shirley Dudley as a newcomer to our class During the year we lost Ralph Sanders, who moved to Detroit in February Mr Roberts was our sponsor this year and has been for the past two years Our class officers were President, Eddie Rogersp Vice President Ronnie Cunninghamg Secretary, Nancy Lett, Treasurer, Marilyn Goldenj Reporter, Bob Archery and Sergeant- of-Arms Robert Miller. I9 -242 ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Carol Elkins Janice Fields Carol Smith Mary Johannmgs Rosemary Privett Sharon Jones Shirley Everett meier Dorothy Fountain Morquetta Stoeltmg Shdon Winkler Judy Camahan Sharon Maran ROW THREE Jim Rankins Bull Shephard Jim Joan Berger Marndell Miller Sue Clark Sue Ful Dyer Bill Lee Marvin Knight Jack Walters Bill ford ROW TWO Mr Seargeant Sponsor Arthur Hunt Nadine Foderman Doris Snyder Floyd Catt Pearce Jim Brown Lanny Taylor Colleen Smith FRESHMAN Class History At the beginning of the year, the enrollment of our class was 29 The new pupils bemg Sharon Jones, Mary Johannungsmeier, Marquetta Stoelting, and Jim Dyer all commg from Westphalia Not long afterwards Lanny Taylor joined us After Christmas Wanda Morris and Norman Parham quit But, to boost our enrollment Janice Fields and Dorothy Fountain came making our class a fine one of thirty In March we welcomed another new member. She was Jennie Lou English We now have a class of 31, with twenty girls and eleven boys Our class officers are President, Maridell Miller, Vice President, Bill Lee, Secretary, Sharon Jones, Treasurer, Sue Clark, and Reporter, Jim Brown Our sponsor, Mr Seargeant came to E H S. in i948 to direct the band He has been our sponsor for the past two years. EIGHTH GRADE ROW ONE LEFT TO RlGHT Myrna McClaf1n Sandra Kahre Eva Klrchoff Barbara Page Nancy Powers Audrey Hulen Joanne Kahre Manann Spangle Margne Tlncher Rlfa Summervulle ROW TWO Mrs Adamson Sponsor Ruta Tevebaugh Ruta Schaefer Kathryn Pufiman Lous Vnllwock Jerry Morrns Larry Moreland De Wayne Stark Ball Summers Joe Malone ROW THREE Mar vlyn Chaney Karul Boyd Pafiy Beadles Carolyn Clark James Anderson Holly Buck Mnlo Held Etalnny Koenig Larry Alexander John Wenz Jack 1 er SEVE TH GRADE ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Duxue Humble Karen Boyd Marlene Spaulding Morolyn Juluan Elnzabefh Brown Marulyn Snyder Martha Wenz Jean Kllllon Sharon Walfers Loreffa Snyder ROW TWO Tommy Byers Donald Early Bar bara Bobell Kaiherlne Crouse Sandra Hollars Nancy Moreland, Sue DeCoursey, Sue Brummerf Linda Brand Jerry Saucerman Gerald Snyder Mr Dean Sponsor ROW THREE Joe Cargal Bobby Hubbard Dlckue Overton Ermal Malone Larry Spaulding Jerry Hammelman Wayne Pae per Jnm Moser Erme Snyder Jerry Westfall Bobby Lawhead Donme Sfrawsnuder Gnlbert Dmkens 1 5 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 - Z ' 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 . , , l U , b 1 I , 1 1 1 ' I """" 1 2? I f A i r l L A . 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l 1 1 ' 1 1 ' : 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' V 1 . , . SIXTH GRADE f ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Donna Fields Nancy Saucerman Eddue Parham George Teve baugh Kenneth Shepherd Miss Bunre John Brown Donna Kaenlg Melassa Buck Roy Wood ruff Karen Nelson ROW TWO Rrchard Knight Barbara Lulung Ursula Memermg Mary Powers Judnh Gurion Janice Walnman Carolyr Kahre ,P Janet Keri Norman Brown Roberf Fountann Rowld Westfall Larry Banks ROW THREE Jerry Bunte Peggy Lulung Claude Bedwell Karen Edwards Norma Brown James Mason Marllyn Trabby Vera Dowden Darlene Patrick Phyllis Sampson Ruta Rogers FIFTH GRADE M v ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Howard Prnvett Rlchard Donaldson Judlth Marhn Judlfh Pearce Kay McDaniel David Overton Charles Page Dennis Quakenbush ROW TWO Jane Dlnkens Charles Wullnams Charles Snyder Arthur McClaf fan Beverly Eroderman Ruta Proper Sondra Boyd Larry Goodwnn Burlene aavukoslu Bar lsara Bateman ROW THREE Nancy Jullan Connue Elscus DOOHNO Allen Nancy Smnth Carolyn Jones Mrs French Sharon Woodruff Linda Pneper Larry Harper Nancy Anderson Rosmary Memerlng 22 i THIRD AND F0 RTH GRADE ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Lynette Carna han Sandra Mooney Janet Martin Paul Shepherd Bruce Donaldson Mrs Trebuchon Gary Bedwell James Knight Linda Capehart Beverly Mundy Jerry Lee Julian ROW TWO Marilyn Baker Ronald Canada Ruth Ann Miller Don Carnahan Phyllis Richter Richard Cunningham Larry Adkins Patty May Mary Tevebaugh Dixie Pie per ROW THREE Don Lillegren Eddie De Coursey Tommy Patterson Alberta Snyder Max Bell Ronald Hammelman Sharron Hall Viola Crouse Benny Summers Charlene Southard Larry Horst Ronald Crecelius David Moreland ROW FOUR Wayne Flscus Glenda Wright Joyce Linneweber Don Fountain ABSENT Mary Low Hart Warren Pearce Donna Mengedoht John DeMoss Beverly Strosnlder SECOND AND THIRD GRADE L, lar ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Bedwell, Jerry Brocksmith, Jerry Chambers, Mickey Harts- berg. ROW TWO: Billy Luking, Brenda Mundy, Jerry Jones, John D. Miller, Joan Villwock, Fenton Girton, Jim Fish, Jim West, La Mar Rogers, Robert Strata, Barbara Tevebaugh, Linda Kirchoff, Thelma Hall, Rosalie Tribby. ROW THREE: Sandra Green, Bruce Bobell, Dean DeCoursey, David Linneweber. Bobbie Sue Faith, 23 Patricia Fiscus, Jim Vingis, Vicki Mason, Jim Wilson, Nancy C. Killien, Pamila Warren, Linda Stark. ROW FOUR: Raymond Chasteen, Stevie Lee,Carol Southard, Ray Snyder, Kay Ann Meyers, Robertine Atkinson, Martha Woodruff, Ronnie Wolters, Mariorie Powers, Eleanor G. Dean, John Puttman, Marilyn S. Knight. ABSENT: Dorothy Joslin, Tommie DeMoss, Beverly Schiller. ,SSA FIR T GRADE 35? ROW ONE LEFTTORIGHT Wenonal1Cl1ambers Jo Ann Smuth Sonny Hall Davld Saucerman Carolyn Spanger Darla Gene Brown Mrs Hudson Karen Bedwell Bruce Snyder Bob Warner Donna Woodruff Ted Warner and Betty Mundy ROW TWO Charles Wright Bobby Jones Danny By rne Terry Carnahan John Koenug Robert Spauld Bells of 962 L. Ing Donna Yagle Sherry Muller Blllle Klrchoff Joe Wmkler Mary Jo Vmgus Bruce Muller ROW THREE Ronme Anderson Marvm Ruchfer Kenny Quakenbush Jlmmle Byers Davnd Robbuns Ray Strate Gary Flscus Danny Yagle Elkuns 4 Young Amernca "Grade FdCulfy" QA "Tots and Teacher" ATHLETICS is-it Q7 x Kenny Barne WW Ml! O 006 Archer o Arfher Spang r fir' Q Qc? OC 0 Y'-r Ml' Roqers Jack X Q g if Nelson Aw 'W-kay X,,f S-"' GY' GG Edd e Marvin MCGMHG Rogers Knlghf' Rmhard Harper E I-I b VARSITY I95I r x U' 1 57N . ' iff X W X 4 .1 Q xx !' ' W' I . f' 'W 0 A 2 K.. xx ' X X 1 f, .'xak?', " I B b 2:11 :Q-43 ! X Q I , V G N 0 A A V Mez: f , I, ' 4" M "fx f ,, 1 A 'F' , J x xx A N 3 7 , f' Y C TT e , 9 xx fir' Q is 5 ,A A XL! R if 5 A rx fd ' ' . ,E D 'X " ' W mv ff . , 4 xx' 1 X 4 1 ,ff f f' . , V Q ? ' f -.,. It L Q if f fl 2 yas: I r K - E ' A .,.. Y . 4 5 , lr Zv glam I ,, ,, I 7 f an . 1 ,Z xr-X QQ' ! aff- 17N 1, , A , f ' - ,,,V 'E A , , ,,. f " QW, 5 , V , m N . ,fl f 1 1 , ,mpg ,n If 1' I rf, I 'f , l, 'Cxff' I R I V , -'M' , ,faif , WW, ,j - 'V 'z 1 R 'XX ' ' '75 L' f 5' ' , f R' N " 4 gf ' 113, 6 -T V ' if x wg, A .. r ? Xx , , - 1. X r f . f 53' , ', Jfim if' N qw Ji f m , ' 12 ' 3, Jr , afl 4 1' V 1 rf' f r f r - X . g 2 T' L X r f X 4 ,I A I jg I A . Q ' Bill 5 -ff' C I . ' L I X C I l - - VARSITY 19 1 KENNY BARNES Senror 5 8 190lbs Kenny rs the leader of our team havrng served as captarn the entrre season Besrdes berng a very good long shot he generally has drawn the rob of guardrng our oppon nts offensrve star Kenny rs playmg hrs thrrd year of varsrty ball and rs a very hard worker and always puts every thrng he has rnto a game JOE CATT Senror 6 175lbs ln playrng hrs second year of varsrty ball Joe has been our offensrve leader wrth hrs left hand shots Joe uses hrs srze and abrlrty to lump under both baskets Thrs has accounted for a large number of our rebounds for the season RICHARD HARPER Senror 5 11 160 lbs Whrle plavrna hrs thrrd year of varsrty ball Rrchard rs known for hrs hard work and hard playmg durrng a good game Although he has had a lot of tough luck on hrs shots thrs year Rrchard rs a very capable rebouncler hrs hustlrng attrtude rs an rnsprratron to hrs team mates ARTHUR SPANGER Senror 5 10 130 lbs Although handrcapped by a lack of experrence rn playmg hrs frrst year of varsrty ball Arthur has came up wrth some outstandrng performances and on one of hrs good nrghts can makethrngs tough on any good defensrve man CARL MCGLONE Senror 5 10 170 lbs Carl rs playrng hrs frrst year of varsrty ball and although lackrng experrence he has been a very hard worker and hrs attrtude has been outstandrng Carl rs a very capable defensrve man and rs one of our leadrng rebounders ROBERT ARCHER Sophomore 5 7 130 lbs stays for the year Always hustlrng he has speed to burn rs a very good drrbbler and can be depended upon for hrs share of the pornts Great thrngs are expected of hrm rn the future rf he keeps hustlrng and contrnues to rmprove JACK NELSON Junror 6 135 lbs In playmg hrs frrst year of varsrty ball Jack has often grven opposrng defensrve men trouble wrth hrs shrfty fakrng antrcs under the basket Although he has had some bad breaks on hrttrng from the freld Jack rs at present our leadrng free throw artrst EDDIE ROGERS Sophomore 6 1 155 lbs Eddre has done a very capable rob of playmg on the B team and subbrng on the varsrty He rs possessed wrth a very good rump shot and rs a consrstent scorrng threat If Eddre con trnues to work hard and rmprove he has the srze and brarns to become anexcellent ball player BlLL LEE Freshman 5 8 135 lbs Brll started the season on the B team but hrs scorrng abrlrty and floor play along wrth hrs hustlrng got hrm a promotron to the varsrty where he has started qurte a few games B ll has an excellant one hand shot and very good foot work under the basket Brll wrll work and contrnue to rmprove and should make a very good ball player MARVIN KNIGHT Freshman 6 140lbs Lrke Brll Marvrn started the season on the B team but hrs reboundrng abrlrty along wrth hrs wrllrngness to carry out an assrgnment won hrm a promotron to the varsrty where he has started some games Although lackrng rn experrence wrth a lot of hard work and o desrre to always get toughter Marvrn has the makrngs of a very valuable team man 26 ' A I ll - r 1 ' . . 8 . 0 I . Y- ? I I A . . . . I ll . " 1 I ' - 1 . I . .... . . . I v I ll ' I I ' r ' I -ll ' I I ' 3 ll "' r r ' Bob is only a sophomore andrshrndered byalack of size, but has proven one of our main- . . I . . ' 1 1 l . ' r r ' , , . I ll " I 1 ' . . . rn rr . . . . I . . ' ' ll n. - , , . . If If 1 - . . 1 . . I . . . . - i I . ' I 1 ' . . . .. ,, . . . . . I l . I . . , . I3 TEANI ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Bull Shepherd Joe Puffman Jnm Rankm Eddie Rogers Marvm Walters ROW TWO Bull Lee Jack Spoonmore CHEERLEADER LEFT TO RIGHT Sharon Jones Rhea Evans Beverly Horfsburg 27 ff 97 ' Alan Hauslwinh, Rex Kirchoff,. Jim Dyer, Jael: Knight, Edgdr Hammelmanl. I SEVE THyUWDEHHfH1GRADEBALLTEAI ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Larry Alexander Stark Larry Moreland Larry Banks Phillip Jerry Hammelman Jerry Saucerman Joe Cargal Spauldlnq CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT Ruta Summervnlie Marolyn Julian Eva Mae Kurchoff 28 ROW TWO: Jerry wesffall, Jerry Mogris, Dewayne fix. 5 ,fx if L I 'IRQ JF if , LXR: "nf 15 4Q Q EE AN ATTE TDENTS Q 'mu wit go LEFT TO RIGHT Betty Volle Anita Volle Putty Julian Queen Snyder 9"""' i P'Q mfr Pictures from Senior Play Mary Due Dorn s una ,1 l ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Rhea Evans Sharon Jones Joan Berger, Maridell Miller Bar baro Richter Etta Archer Mary Due Nancy Lett Shirley Hawkins Marilyn Golden ROW TWO Mrs Holmes Peggy Lukmg Janet Kent Al berta Snyder Elizabeth Brown Marilyn Snyder Sue Brumett Sue DeCoursey Dixie Humble Loretto Snyder Donna Fields Donna Koenig Norma Brown Beverly Hartsburg ROW THREE Wanda Bare Violet Harting Jean E Kill: n Sharon Walters Lindo Brand Sondra Hollars Collene Smith Reto Hollars Lindo Pleper Nancy Anderson Nancy Smith Kay McDaniel Barbara Bateman Sharon Woodruff Marilyn Trlbby ROW FOUR Melissa Buck Shirley Everett Virginia Carolyn Clark Cloud Mary Ann Johanmngs meler Rosemary Berryman Jane Ann Dmkens Martha Wenz Myrna McClaffin Judith Martin Ursula Memermg ROW FIVE Nancy Soucermon Karen Nelson Joyanne Kahre Kothyrn Puttmon Lois Villwock Sandro Kahre Lois Snyder Shar on Winkler Judy Carnahan Sharon Morgan Sue Fulford Nadine Frodermon Carolun Kahre Jon ice Wommon These girls are only o port of the 'll7 girls who completed 4H progects in Virgo township during the summer of i950 These glrlsrepresent enrollment in Westphalia Brick and Edwordsport Clubs Barnes Marilyn Woodruff ine Clark Norma Smith ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jock Walters, Frank Malone, Arthur Spanger, Joe Bunte, Joe Catt, Bob Archer, Bob Brown, Donny Koenig. ROW TWO: Tommy Byers, Bill Lee, Ronnie Cunningham, Robert Miller, Edgar Hommelmon, Jim Dyer, Marvin Knight, Jim Evans, Jim Sum- mers. ROW THREE: Mr. Disque, Ermal Malone, John Wenz, Milo Held,'Billy Summers, James Anderson, Jim Mason, Norman Brown. 30 ON STAGE LEFT TO RIGHT Shirley Everett Carolyn Clark Judy Pearce Barbara Lukmg ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Joan Berger Sue Clark Norman Brown Ed Parham Jack Walters Bob Archer Jerry Brocksmith Claude Bedwell Sue Cargal Peggy Luking Elizabeth Brown Kenneth Shephard Jerry Saucerman ROW TWO Karen Nelson Frank Anderson Jack Spoonmore Barbara Page Kathryn Puttman Dick Overton Sue Fulford Janice Wannman Linda Brand ROW THREE Larry Goodwin Norma Brown Jane Dinkens Marilyn Tribby Judy Fields Carolyn Kahre Sharon Moran Carol Elkins Barbara Bateman Jim Mason Jerry Hammelman Wayne Pieper ROW FOUR Sharon Winkler Patty Beatles Jim Evans Bob Miller Larry Banks Colleen Smith Nancy Lett Eva Kirchoff Rex Knrchoff Jo Pindell Norma Smith Marilyn Golden Sandra Kahre Marilyn Woodruff Jack Nelson Mr Seargeant Lois Villwock Joe Putt man Maridell Miller Edgar Hammelman Jean Kllllon FRONT ROW Linda Klrchoff Small Malorette OUR BA D What would school life be like without our band? .Certainly it is one of the very essential departments in school life It is to school what music is to life We have two bands at Edwardsport, a High School Band, and a Grade Band The picture of the latter was out of focus and does not appear in this annual For that we are sorry We have a fine grade band and in the years to come it will be seen as well as heard Here students start in the band as soon as they fall out of the cradle No wonder they are good In later years We have a fine band director, Jack Band Seargeant, who toots a mean horn himself Our band puts in long hours of practice and drill in order to turn up and tune up with their usual fine performances at home or away We are proud to mention that it placed first at Bruceville and second at Elnara in the contests this year We have a fine Band Mothers Club which has done much toward promoting our band efforts They back us at home and abroad They feed us at home and applaud us in contests and concerts We are proud of them 31 --- F E. rd GLEE CL B cr ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Duxne Humble Karen Boyd Barbara Bobell Marolyn Jullan Mar lene Spaulding Marulyn Snyder Elnzabeth Brown Jean Kullnon Sharon Walters Loretta Snyder ROW TNO Dorothy Fountann Carol Elknns Rosemary Prnvett Janice Fnelds Colleen Smith Sandra Hollars Katherme Crouse Nancy More land Sue DeCoursey Sue Brummett Lmda Brand Mary .lahanmngsmeler M Secrgeant THIRD ROW Sue Fulford Shirley Everett Sharon Jones JudyCarnahan Nancy Lett Mae Klrchoff Carolyn Clark Reda Schaeffer Audrey Hulen Sharon Winkler Sharon Moran WandaBare Mgrllyn Wood ru MAJ ORETTES : 1 .. fi . . .TWVF . ........ 1 S -,. , 1 gr---'fi B in.: , , wwe. Q XG? ' .sv 035 ' A ,fu Q - . M, , we, '. gn I ri, if . W..- .,-,e.,...,,...g-Q , .., QA E 1 , P, ,. angina- ,, , W i . , ...W . L..,,--.w,.... .Vt ' ...e......,..,........-,,.,..,.....4. FIRST ROW: Linda Kirchoff, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Pearce, Shirley Everett, Carolyn Clark, Barbara Luking. 32 f. os' v I WN High School Faculty wig li 'wr Elementary Faculty Coach Blowing Bubbles By Myself Ll ITD 'Tl' Pals ff i l l 1 5 1 0 o'o Bus Drivers Our Cooks 33 .M 'Wx OFFICE SECRETARIES ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Patty Julian dunt Marulyn Golden Rhea Evans Sh1rIeyHaw Barbara Richter Anlta Volle Thelma McDaniel Kms Beverly Hartzburg Dons Webster Jo Pmdell ROW TWO Barbara EDIT 0 RAL STAFF ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT Paula Rogers Anna Volle ROW TWO Patty Julian Richard Barbara Hunt Violet Hartung Barbara Richter Ruchard Harper Frank Malone Carl McGlone Etta Archer Barbara Wilson Dons Webster Bruce Hayes Thelma McDaniel 34 1-11 Z 4' - , C2 V 1 1 F Ei 9, s. - ,, 'X 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 7 My -..-.... v..4 fp- , , -l 1-nf ..-- Q ,L we 'r X " Q . px 1' cz , x - 1 w 1 Z 1 ' Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 : ' SENIOR DAY 5 Hl?'Q V , it ,K 7 a H z if Alam ,yy N ' 4 QR? aw' 1 3 2 'ix Q .jg-pr , v 'y er- 5 7 1 1, C if K . W .4 'V' , M V " f . f rg! .,. 1 x . M fe! 1 Q f-5 ' 95149 ,rw 5 mfs V hh ff 'fl P 4 3 Y' 2 Q' "R f ,X A. 'S Q' 4 .K ' ' I, V' ji w , 3 X , X t A 4 si W mf -P A 1 A ., A A , AL J W, i - Q 1 4 i 3, X I 4. 4,,', -x 36,12 v 2 J l . N .1 - ' - -. A -' 'f X 1 'f . 4' 3 46, S f, 3' ' ' rl 0 is A 'Q 1 -., Senior Beauties Lucky Trio Bus Pilots "Lookout, Boys" Unattached Jolly Juniors Senior Daze "Flying High" S1 XJM A, U .1 I 3, ' 'ff-.3 fr, awww - ' , 3p3q,isf!N.,j 51 . fi' P! , . Na ' lf' Q . 'Wy' ,A V' 9 ' . ' I a tv ' I' ' , I . , 5 ' ' J' 35. Y 1' A 'r . . eff' I: tv: z 5 ' - ,Q if Q ww fuk if, ' lf rw , 4... .rw rW3zQ,g 5 ' ' , -1- 4 and Q. L 9'-51 . 'll dll mm. z wg: nun: son umm-1 1-ussn.u noun no an fbidwarbspnrl 1911 Szfwnl 1950 lluct SPANG IN. oourn s qi A DA AR s NDA Q00 luvu LU. JANET Monks JG ,.-1 XJ NORIVIA HE DEERE ELDS IUBV SNYDEI. WILHA ARCHER ELPH ED 99' 1:- L JACK E. C P IV S E SM N SAYINIE BRAND AL ER ON C ARLE5 LINNf.WElll Q QQ EXW? Wwqfvw 2 Mfg L WARD O 1 NORMA BUNTE' SPANGER MA! ON BAILEY .. 4 , ' ' . -I ,5 2.57 I 6 , , I 0' '1- A. f I g U ' . 4 ' S I . JA f I W ..,...... A Q ' ' 'WH' vu--4-nm :V I In ,:I. , -0 . . :QL I' I , A. ..- I I wi il' gi f ' v N A k W ' o GWCN A W N N Q WA UWIN I J " M Q ' M . X I 0 I E A , I ' V? Y V Q I g, I 00 ER 2 vY non n ov 1' I um sumo rf Q Q ' .Q o digg . . I RD. - M DRIVERS EDUC T10 14? Barbara Hunt and instructor Reece Rogers .-' L '-,- ,, -. f . -, H, . .,v - - ' ' - , . ' -1,4-, , ,f, . .1 . . . e I Principal F. E. Ward and Supt. L. A. .len Edwardsport High School had its first course in Drivers Education during the school year of l95l. .Mr. Rogers taught the course to the senior class and next year the group will include both juniors and seniors. The instruction proved to be very popular with the students and was very educational. All people should take Drivers Education whether they are licensed to drive or not. A drivers license does not necessarily make a good driver any more than a marriage license makes a good husband or wife. 38 1951 Etta Archer Kenneth Barnes Tommy joe Bunte joe Catt Denn1s Ehlers Donald Everett R1chard Harper Vxolet Hartlng Bruce Hayes Barbara Hunt Patty jul1an B111 Lett Frank Malone Thelma McDan1el Carl McGlone Dee Mundy jo Ann Pmdell Barbara R1chter Paula Rogers Arthur Spanger Maurxce Stremm1ng Anlta Volle Dor1s Webster Barbara Wllson 1950 Wllma Archer jack Baxley Paul Bobe Sam Brand Robert Brown Norma Bunte jack Cooper DlXle Fields Wanda GOOdWlH Wanda Harg1s jean Held8nIelCh Bruce jackson Vrrgmia Lee Donald Overton janet M0l'flS Gwennxe Sage Eugene Sm1th Ruby Snyder Bruce Spanger Elfr1eda Spanger B1llTress1ar 1949 Mxlton Atkmson jack Carnahan Retta Chambers Max Dyer Gertrude Everett Patty Gross Betty Harper Doyle Huffman Elmer johann1ngsme1er Patty Lett Donald Messel Glen Pepmexer Mark P1nn1ck Davxd Reed Carolyn Schroeder Edna Spanger Gertrude Volle Normar Volle 1948 Betty Archer Lewxs Brewer Eugene Brown Marg1e Burton joretta Chasteen Alxce Clayton janet Goodwln Ronald Harsha Benny Green jr N1na Hunt Morrxs jackson Hosea Land Gordon Lawyer Mary Lett jack McGlone B111 Messel Evelyn Mundy Max NICYSQO Viv1an Stremmmg Robert Summers Dons T1l1y Dean Wxlson Marquita Wmkler 1947 Robert Armstrong Helen Benoit LUMN A 1151 of the Edwardsport graduates Bl Vera Berger V1rg1n1a Boulard Beverly Brown Gaye Chasteen Mary Donaldson Merom Duke Gene Green Emalee Hargxs Rxchard Hartxng Carl johannmgsmemr Bob jones Patty Kxxrnxller 'R1ta Mason Gordon Messell Anna MCLIH Delores McL1n Wllma O-'Dell Barbara Paul Gertle Spanger Rxchard Spangle Alvln Volle Hollxs Wampler Bob Walters 1946 Martha Brough W1lber Curry jack Dyer Conrad Frazxer jr Robert He1denre1ch B111 H111 Delores K1xm1l1er Earl L1nneweber Patrxca Mason Dallas M1l1er Mary McKelvey jacquelme McDonald Gxlbert Mundy Ruth Pahmexer Mary Snyder Lee Allen Pepmexer Reta V11lwock Arthur Volle juanxta Wallace R1chard Walters Allce Chambers Roy Volle 1945 Merl 1n Anderson Dale Bxshop Chester Brown Margaret Chambers Doris Dlnkens Ruth Due Betty Harsha Ralph K1rchoff Dorothy L1nneweber M1ldred McDonald Frxtz Nxerste Anna Overbay Ida Paul Helen P1eper Paul Schroeder Myrtle Snyder Denora Stremmlng Mary Sanders Treasa Voll1no Wayne Messel 1944 Vernlta Volle Rosemary Goode Dor a Hartxng Paul McGlone 'Verma Heck Robert Brown Clayton Curry Etta Donaldson Lloyd Duke june Harnngton jack Mason O T Montgomery Ralph Paul Doris Rxchter Albert Schaeffer Annabelle Shepard Davld Wrxght George Mxller 1943 Glenn johnson Reece Rogers Carl Mackey Helen Anderson Lennard Lukmg Donald Anderson nce the 1924 annual M1ke Atk1nson Dons Bames Lou Ellen Brewer Ralph Buescher Lucxlle Burress Emest Conrad Betty Due james F1scus G1lbert Horst Carol johnson Betty jones Rolland Kahre Carolyn Kxrchoff Mary Ellen Kxrchoff Mary McDonald Dorothea Spanger Paul Sprmkle Donald Stoeltmg Shxrley Stremmxng W1lhe1m1ne Stremmmg Wendell lhampler Gerald Dean Wxnkler 1942 Lowell Thompson Irvin P1eper Barbara Frazxer Gerald Due Gretchen H111 julxa Brown W1lma Ashby Frelda Barnes Gladys Begeman jean Clark Wanetta Dochoff Kathleen Frederlck Mary Hageme1er Lois Hartzburg Wanda Hunt Rudolph Hartzburg Earl Hughes Lo1s Koemg Carl Lamb Nad1ne Lawhead Carl Lee Charles Mar-tmdale Luc1l1e McL1nn Gerald M1ller Herman Rxchter Rolland R1sh Ruth Schuckman Robert Shepard Donald Snyder Helen Staley Robert W1lson jack Wampler 194 l Ruth Berger Wilma Curry Claude Canada Betty Hunt Alfred johannxngsmexer james Klrchoff jean Lett Ralph Mackey B111 Mxx Gertrude Pleper Helen Schroeder Ruth Stremm1ng Paul Schuckman Helen B1shop V1rg1n1a Chambers Ray Hall Charles Hunt Ruth johnson john Koenxg Donald Lukxng Kenneth McG1one Ruth Mundy Vera Spangle 1940 R1chard wflght Marcella Wamman Corenna wllS0h Eugene Walters Wrxght Anderson Betty Crawford B1ll1e Rose Atkxnson Emest T1lly jr Maynard Evans Martha Mundy Robert Pmnlck Cleon Overbay Carl Houghlanf' Charles Linneweber Lorene Stremming Ruth jones l A Forrest Messel Edgar Hartlng Edward Schuckman Charles Wright William DeMoss Herman Koenig Jr Doran Klrchoff Byron Koenig Ruby Hagemeler Wllllam Hartzburg Robert Snyder Dxck Wright Catherme Berger Doris Corne Nelson Haper John R Hartzbur Rex DeMoss Merle Jones Naomx Tomey Maxine Hartzburg Thelma Hartzburg Lois Bicknell Gayle Koenig Janet Dxnkens Olxve Holt Paul Kerzan Vxrginxa O D Charles Payne 1939 Chrxstxe Atkinson Merlm Arthur I' orrest Ashby Marjorie Baker Earl Byrne William Chambers Vlvxan Curry Merlin Everett Donald Emmons Raymond Haper Elva Mae Koenig Dallas Lankford Wtlllam Landford Dorothy Montgomery Betty Naugle Martm Pleper Jr Anna Reeve Laura Rxchter Joy Wampler Loxs Wampler Burton Woodruff Lewxs Wrxght Raymond Straw 1938 Charles Anderson Madolynne Arthur Martha Begeman Oscar Berger Elizabeth Berry June Cochran Edgar Fulford Clara Grose Margaret Haper Dons Koenxg Betty Koenxg Helen Koenlg Charley Lawyer Oacar Luetkemexer Kenneth Messel Dorothy Mlller Merlm Naugle Monolo Page Thelma Payne Anna Mae Richter Leona Spangle Neal Walnman Marxon Wnght Rex Mxx Clifford Gates 1937 Carl Anderson Jumor Brocksmxth Marne Brough Violet Dlnkens Orvxlle Drlnkuth Edlene Fieldxn Thelma Hom Ruth Hom Ruby Lawhead Wlllxam Mundy Carl Overbay Vlrglnxa Scudder Ralph Scudder Roger Rlsh Charles Southard Carl Vlllwock Marjorxe Wampler l936 George Abraham James Archer Charles Beebe Wllllam Berger Donnell Berry Ethel Chambers 1933 Ethel McGlone Harry Noble Bucknell Agnes Leutkemeler Leone Wrxght Gordon Wampler Marie Ranklln Jeannette Scudder Bernxce Hulen Mary Frances Lee John Scudder June Bxcknell Gamet Phxlltppe R1chard Lynn Oscar Anderson Elouxse Overbay Ernest Berryman Helen Martha Koemg Edythe Colegrove Russell Berryman Frances Scudder Joseph Schaeffer Lena Schaeffer Arnold Buescher 1932 Helen Conrad Hazel Mlller Dora Pleper Dorothy Vxllwock Rex Horn Russell Stoelting Helen Brocksmxth Merle Neal Llllxan Spangle lhxllxs Thombleson l93 l Dons DeMoss Wxllard McGlone Mary Mundy Howard Mlller Opal Messel Elxzabeth Buck Wxlma Phillxpe Frances Fxscher Juanita Carnahan Maurice Reeve Paul Comett Ralph Conrad Howard Wampler Gertrude Rlchter Mary L Brocksmxth Earl Jones Lucxle Koemg 1930 Sarah Mlller Hllda Hammelman Blanche Strange Lucxlle Bunte Clara Pieper Claude Winkler Arthur Sparks Woodrow Sparks Wlllxam Huffman Norman Wampler Foster Kxrchoff Delbert Mundy Paul Lynn 1929 Elsie Lawhead Luclle Huffman Genevieve Wampler Genevle Morrxs Gamet McGlone Louis Tomey Marjorie Shackleford Elmer Pleper Paul Hammelman Francis Bensinger Paul Vxllwock Josephine Baker Mae Jones 1928 Mary E Boyer Frances Johnson Alma Relchman Mary E Wright Mildred Mundy Helen A511531 Martha Chambers Stella Chambers Gloria Kelley Harry W Reeve John G Mlller Burton Bunte Louis Wolfe Samuel DeMoss Frank Dxnkens Robert French Walter Gates Savllla Hackett Gertrude Haper Martm Lamb Buddy Lee Maurtce Mackey Ralph McGlone Hazel Mlller Karl Mlller Ruth Mxx Faye Owen Irene Rxchter Annabelle Scudder Vxctor Spangle Vhayne Stoeltmg Grace Sulllvan Garnet Surnmervxlle John Wamman Robert Yagle Herschel Yagle 1935 Jane Atkmson Herbert Beuscher Exleen Chambers Vemon Conrad Lucxlle Crawford Kathryn French Vu-gmxa Lee Fellmy Paulme Leutkemexer Ervm Moran Joe Mundy Martha Lynn Mildred Neal Jane Rankin Ruby Pearce Vernon Richter Esther Sager Wlllxam Scudder Leo Summerville Wnllxam Wxnlger Roberta Wrxght Denny Wrxght 1934 Elmer Day Frank Scudder Kenneth Anderson Vera Mae Wampler Mary Ann Fulford Valerxe Klrchoff Hortense Morrxs Hazel Pearce Nancy Reeve Mxldred Wmkler Harold Koenxg Leonard Pleper Ralph Saucerman James Tanyanyx Mary E Hom Edith Rickard Evelyn Nxerste Mathxlda Schmxdt 1921 Emma Mlller Anna L Adkins Irma Kahre Alxne Lxke Franl-ue Camahan Ruth Stoeltxng Elsxe Vlllwock Goldle McDan1els Wynema Lukxng Ralph Snyder Ray Strange Ray Banks Paul Sparks Wlllxam Jones Russell Willxams Glen Wolfe Carl Wolfe Carl Pleper l926 Eva Anderson Mlldred Chambers Anna F Saucerman Vera Reeve Helen Buck Norman Kahre Byron Chambers Marlon Wampler Elxzabeth Shackleford Helen E Bateman 1925 Helen Holt Elsxe Pleper Nathalme Stoeltxng Sara Kelley Bertha Mlller Leona Freund Bonnie DeWeese Clara Summers Ada Hom . g A ' ' ' ell V' ' ' l Mildred Tribby Emestine Berryman "1 3:6 W ' A E, F 4 , , .za 5 if- Y- ep, E ,eg ,fi 12 fl fig R BLYTHE G ARAGE S1ncla1r Products Gates T1res Phone LUKING Sales and Servlce Maytag Apphances I-Ieatlng Equlprnent Electrmal W1r1ng Phone 17 5 Cornphrnents of WHITE RIVER LODGE OF EDWARDSP ORT Independent Order of Odd Fellows No 280 Fr1endsh1p Love Truth EDWARDSPORT LUMBER AND HARDWARE CO " et us flgure your needs Edgar W Fulford Owner Phys1c1an and Surgeon Phone 33R 1 Edwardsport MEATS Candy School Supphes H G BELLAMY MUNDY 'S G ROCERY Edwardsport Compllrnents of EDWARDSPORT BRANCH Secur1ty Bank and T rust Co Edward sport Indlana R O Beebe HelenL Pleper Rolland R1sh Dale Mundy Propr1etor Member Federal D eposltlnsurance Corporatlon 34 L ' J. A. SCUDDER. M.D- GENERAL-MERCHANDISE YAGLE S SERVICE STATION Auto Accessorles BERTHA BEAUTY SHOP WaSh1Hg Greasmg Phone 176 Phone 37 Edwardsport Route 67 Edwardsport EDWARDSPORT ELEVATOR HULEN S BARBER SHOP Hartlng and Syester S1nce 1912 Edwardsport LeCOCQ S GROCERY General Merchandlse Complunents of Phone 29 FREELANDVILLE IMPLEMENT Comphments of COMPANY Robt D Moore State Auto Ins Asso Bxcknell Ind1a.na Comphments BUESCHER 8m BLUMN BARB1-:Rs BUCKTHAIJS HARDWARE Fr ee1andv111e Ind1ana Free1andv111e Ind1ana P hone Z2 C0mP11mentS of HARLEY STREMMING LINNEWEBER I G A GROC General Merchandlse W h 1 I d Westphaha lndlana est? a la n lang Est. 1889 SIMON DUE HARDWARE A Complete Hardware Store Westphalla Indlana Phone ll LINNEW EBER GARAGE etter chevrolet serv1ce' We stphaha Ind 1ana Comphrnents of HARTING FEED SERVICE Westphaha Ind1ana OSCAR N IERSTE General Insurance Telephone 11 or 45 Westphaha, Indlana FR I QL o If Tractor s and E qu1pment Delaval M1Iker Louden Barn Equ1pment Wash1ngton Imp Co Wash1ngton, Indlana Terer Haute Heavy Hardware Co , Inc T e qmckest shmppers Telephone C 3333 LD6 545 to 549 N 13th St Terre Havte Ind DISTRIBUTORS Mlne and M111 Suppl1es Automot1ve Parts and Equ1p General Electrlc Automat1c Heat1ng E qu1pment A1r Cond1t1on1ng and P ackaged coohng and freezlng Equ1pment HB ' T: J , vu ' ' vs A , h nu I Yypvww J pf gk W ' ' Compllments Of ENOCO COLLIERIES INC NO 5 Mule Brucevllle Ind1ana TEAM OUT F1TT ERS 'May more Lmve Longer HERFF JONES C O Manufacturlng Jeweler s and Stat1Oners LADSON S SPORTING GOODS Tndlanapohs 7 lndlana Lmton Inchana Comphments Of VETERANVS TAXI Blcknell Indlana 1n Compllments O1 E R SMITH I o . -Y . 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N. on 67 - Bicknell, Ind. ' SHASTA COAL CORP tW WOLFE KOEING CORP B k Compliments of B'cknel1, Indiana Bes ishes from ic nell, Indiana When you re ln our c1ty make FOX S DRUG STORE Your headquarters Here you w111 get courteous SERVICE FOX'S DRUG STORE Gompllments of RISLEY AND SON FLRNI I U COMPANI 114 118 South Man St B1ckne11 Indlana RE Comphrnents of DUNN'S CLOTHING STORE Blcknell Ind Good Luck from TRESSLAR'S 5 81 10 Blcknell Ind1ana Comp11ments THE BICKNELL DAILY NEWS Blcknell Ind Comphrnents of OSBORNE'S DRESS SHOP B1ckne11 Ind1ana PATRON S Henson gl Boyer Barbers Keashng Market Wm C Phllhps Rlley S Grocery Smxth H Townsend R1Ch rd Goble Best Wlshes From WESTERN AUTO ASSOC STORE B I.. Delaney Owner Blcknell , , . . , . I Q. . ll ' ' . 1 ll ll , . 1 of 1 ' 9 I . 1 . . ' r r I . . , . E, . 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" ' ff fl X ' gn.. 9. a Contributed By BIERHAUS 81 SONS Visitors Welcome Congradulations and Best Wishes VINCENNES RELIABLE FURNITURE STORE eff-ultlz ez AND SOUJ5 Q We deliver in this area every Thursday 42 years of fair Dealing G F OSTERHAGE LUMBER CO The Home Buxlders Department Store Phone 313 V1ncennes Indlana L B READ Photograpl' er 50 a VIHCEHHCS n Phone 55 lnd1anapol1s Vlncennes Coach Co nc 910 Maln Street V1nc:ennes Ind lana 4 round tr1ps dally to Indlanapohs Leavmg We charter buses anywhere at anytune Phone 13 7 KERN STUDIO 424 Maln Phone 808 Vmcennes CHARTER BUS SERVICE Reasonable Rates Blue B1rd Lines Incorporated 1418 Maln St. Vmcennes Phone 754 Best Wlshes To Class of 1951 TIP TOP CREAMERY CO MEADOW GO LD DAIRY PRODU CTS 1 I ., I . ' 7:03 a.m. - - 9:03 a.m. 1:33 p.m. 1 6: 33 p.rn. 3Min ' , Id. ' CONGRATU LATIONS POWERS' You can be proud of your name and of the lndustry from whlch lt comes Remelnber th L Xmerlc in free enterpmse made It poss1ble We 'foo are proud of our name and of the famous names whlch we feature General Electrxc Internatmnal Harvester Porter Pa1r1ts and Wall Paper THE SAITER MORGAN CO Congratulahons To The Class of 51 From GIMBEL BOND The Store Confldenc e Bu11t Your Comrnunlty Muslc Center N D DAVIDSONS MUSIC CQMPANY Vmcennes lnd1ana 1 We Thank Everyone Who h V1ncennes Helped 1n anyway to make thls annual a Success 1951 Senlors S T Y . , . , - 0 Vincennes, Indiana. I - CO. ' ' H I . 3 P. I- AYTOGHAPHS 1HLIi XI'Il

Suggestions in the Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) collection:

Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 13

1951, pg 13

Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 60

1951, pg 60

Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 28

1951, pg 28

Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 23

1951, pg 23

Edwardsport High School - Power Blazes Yearbook (Edwardsport, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 60

1951, pg 60

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