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E 9143? My Yrfffs U .f . xt,-' 'V 1 f , VN ' Q55 LV, ' , , . ug n ' D .QS 1 Q l X 3 Tliri i xl in xvilpf Q .db pw of pf a if Aff-, J mf N Xa ' , -iw 'M r ,Je ' - W ' I V ' ' k F' ,iffy 'E . P yrjfl' . v . vb' q ' ,-L qw' QMS. f X x . iw 1. wi mff?ffi 7ff?4'EiJ,, '1- 'L Q 'NQQJXN , Q! ' Ai n Q Q M C ' , , F , 5 gg X3 ,A,5gf:2eg?2,j ff.,g, Q Ko, ,if ,f 1 ,Q ,y The 1956 Yearling presented by the Seniors of . Edwardslourg High School Edwardsburg, Michigan Dedicalion The 1956 Yearling is an attempt to capture the high- lights of the school year as you lived them day by day. It is a record whereby you may pick up your Yearling five, ten, or even twenty years from now and recall these many enjoyable days. . So to you-the Student Body of Edwardsburg High School-this book is dedicated. O hge, xudykkl QW' X L5 ne Hit ev NVAYW edxwt P-SSX' Portraits by Andros Studio f' Individual pictures by Winifred Swarthout ,pf-, Beverly Wilsey Asst, to Advisor 'iii' Sandra Click Asst. Editor 2 . Troma? Business Rfckey S Man Eliza be Q Asst th W . Manaegfsfnesjstfall Snaps by Donald Langguth Printed by Litho-Art, Inc. age!- lb N - -- --lf A- g- e- .3 1 'U gg EDWANFQDSEQURG CUNSULIDATED SCHOOL k IJEUMMNaam?UMMH Lu -T'-l'.'-i1':-FE E- '-1.2.1-:'.-1.':-f.:'.-sffvvvl ' ' vi'-1'-I-I-I-I-I :::f' -1:nlnlIuIuulr'faQNk ,ITV fliw 'll,"lll""""' g-L-:5-'sz-1-1-:-.aaxg X fQQa'-gg.,-53. E..-""'-1:-.:".'f::-':f::125, V3-.:.-...-..- L1-: ---1-:.N 922:-1'.'-:-: as- :za-'::'-1-'::.-115 fm-nmm.. EEE-:IIIIIIIIIIII gfillllllllllll E.'1.-1-"'.L:'E-I-E':-'R' A E- -E." 5: ..-.:'.:.-..-Ei. , ,.E..-..-..'::. 1 iiiuwuu., 441131 l'.-F-.L"... I-I-I-I-E.":-I E-I-E-E." 2:2-if'-.-.E IJ-15-'52 :2I' 4n1::::::::::s1 :EEEF::L--:::- F- S.-.:-.':':-.:..:'-'I'-' 1 '7"E":."'E-ET-E F """"""'-I-L'-I-"'-1-l fl-::.-..--.:.-:-.: ill EE:2:l2:iiiiEFi, hNn!:!gulllIull W?QH 'f Muff 1-0 f , 'Q "1 "1 1 F H ,i,...i.Lad-Ib-3 I -ll .i an-dMllhC I 1 .1 CHARLES BODE. A.B., B.S., M.S . ,Y '51 , I H u.-mm H 5 iw-.. Administration ROBERT BRUCE SELLERS, B.S., M.S. Western Michigan University of Michigan Superintendent of Schools .Ei Wcstcrn Michigan Univcrsity of Michigan High School Principal, Chemistry ,Z tl if 'L , ...J i 1 "fp . , .' g " -fb-Q, H 1-""" ' J' ,, Ln A --fl-k, MISS HAZEL WESTFALL A B Western Michigan Grade School Principal "Al'5,'-3L!L,if:A XX!-A gf .Y Q' we-QU ns ,Z WW Board of Education w l l r l 4 A Charles Mohney, Russell Leach, Secretary, Clare Burns, Dale Padbury, President, Sam Beach, Treasurer, Mr. Sellers, Superintendent. hx 5 , ,MISS PHOEBE HARWOOD High School Clerk MISS DORIS OLSON School Secretary --.5 ',7T""':'-'-W-W.. S, ...lla JAMES WILLIAM BOEGLI, Goshen College, A.B, University of Pittsburgh College of Wooster University of Michigan Vocal and Instrumental Music MRS. VERNA DENNERT, Western Michigan, AB. Western Michigan Library, Latin, English 54 Faculty DUANE R. BROOKS Western Michigan, B.S. Industrial Arts MISS JULIA DEAN Kalamazoo College, B.S., M.S University of Michigan Science 3, I X ,, N . 'fi t- 'K . ff! xt JOHN HART YJ' Drake University, B.S., M.S. Ru ,' James Millikin University 2 , Utah State University , ' I J' A Mathematics, Physics x V WTX ' . ,t X , C fl J' is if L J , N XJ LEO B HOFFMAN North Central College B S Naperville Illinois Driver Education, History, Coach f f Mr Qi 7 ROBERT M. FRANCIS Shippensburg State Teachers College B.S. English, Coach THOMAS KENNEDY Olivet College, B.S. Western Michigan English L RICHARD JAMES STEBBINS, Indiana University B.S. Commercial Iii. i7,,, ROBERT METTE Western Michigan B.S. History, Economics . L!- 0 by -f , 7 - ,K I I is ix V . 1 IX Xi , , Egfr i 1' f fs- if MISS CATHERINE WOODWORTH Western Michigan B.S. Home Economics 8 I.. TURE -19 1 I b , 1 I I In . ,ff 7- ,",,.: ' - Q M - ,..,7,y , " ' fi f, ff" i r :Y . 1 2, ,L ,li A D - A V .. , " 1,4-1-fvj if-'xi gy- A C, 'xl L'3E5i'i1'f' 'Q -L A f " 7 -4" l , M I. A .li :.f?f3,:H,..,., , l Q .'.LQ:.f -. K I -' C. C -f' ' , A L--HP ff-x7"5' Q' ' .. . - f . ' W . - . ...,s:,,.,.-. ...4... , , ' f 1-U K ,Q 1'-7 .L .-iv:-4,1"M Q- '?:1,, - ' -2 - T - L "-""- " """ ' ,,f cf., ' :f f'1?5'i.!5Q?.?'?.3if3?ff"f'3f , 1 pirikgplf' -:-.4-'-"" A .. .- N, f 4, :.-..-- - f - ,,1s1'-say:w,.' '. wg gg rs' .- f ,.,a-.LM ,, 2 ' A '..1?,'f' ' ' '-2:f':'3:F'rf. , .M . , f -Q.,, .. 1' fx ,Q "1 ' "1" 1 'e' ' -fy , .. - . mt1'i'gZ4:Jg,v,1t'i56.'iti'ITr-J. -. -L ', . . - 4 ' l,.,f.w?' , .qkv.4j.-1:13-.FJ '-:.-'fg1xQ?2g.j,f1?-' .r ,M , , -Wi: 3. M my ..,:-,iD:,M:-Q' '. , K, '- . A ,-f'1"T1- ' ft" f f ' 1-an " . . X - ' 7"'2""L " .Q-QW T75 if Flaw., vt., 4 . Q W V, ,..- NA.. I -.-1' ""'K3?!. if ,. . ,V L gf E-,,ji' ' ' '.-4-vgygia,-Hmm ,gi ' , ,, ,WFT - T-fi., . , -L "-- if ,., .- , 'L ' . 'WL' " - ' - Y v":'gE-'57Z'iqf ' Q .,...' W 1 E5 ' ,gf ,,. , -7 ,,,,"' ,,,,7', Z f-J .. , -M," 7-In 1 V' C A h C V 1 141V - : f- 1 Compliments of Edwardsburg Conservation Club. 9 L, ,, L fb lf RICHARD AKIN Baseball Football Varsity Club 2, 3 Annual Staff Glee Club l, 2, 3 3 3 4 4 4 .CW s Q' ML I SANDRA CLICK Student Council 1 Forensic l F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. 4 Library Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Pep Club 4 mf' SALLIE ANN BOLTON F.H.A. 1 Glee Club 2 Play 3 Annual Staff 4 fi,- , X' Q Jil MARY CONDON Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Library CHRISTNER Bus Patrol 1 Glee Club 1, 3,4 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 I0 I Compliments of Stock's Inc., Elkhart. FRANK CONNER Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 JOHN Glee Club FQ U. 1 'Q 'O A9 s 44 Q, Compliments of Martin's Feed Co., Elkhart. MICHAEL DASS Elkhart High School Baseball 2, Basketball Annual Staff Play Varsity Club Y RICHARD ELLIS Football Basketball Track Varsity Club 2, Student Council 2, 3, S C vice president S C president Class President Play Glee Club 1, Annual Staff pl! X' v CRV ' o V444 1 J Tj PATRICIA FODROCY Class Treasurer FHA 12, F H A Historian ' F T A Girls' Basketball 2, Glee Club l, 2, 3 Library Club l, Newspaper 2, Play 11 2, i A fit JAMES FREEMAN Annual Staff Cross-country Glee Club Track Annual Staff 35' Irv' 4- p E .,i'l KENT GAGE Elkhart High Visual Education Science Club Boys' League MICHAEL GAUNDER Ni St. Johns Boys' Sodality Basketball Baseball Football Manager Edwardsburg Baseball Cross-country Manager Football Junior Play Senior Play Annual Staff NORMA GAUVREAU Basketball Junior Play Senior Play Library Club Drivers Training Annual Staff F.H.A. Pep Club f JUDITH GIBBONS F.H.A. F.T.A. Girls' Basketball Play Annual Staff Class Sec. Glee Club 1' f " f'!X ffA'z"H .y I Compliments of Gilbcrts Dry Goods, Mishawaka. I2 E ss lem- NH, mf +070 MM ,J XX I 1 Wx, V X 3 Q. in W ' fa..Ji-iw, ' .D H gyda' GEORGE GIBBS Football Manager Glee Club 1, 2 ti MARLENE HIGLEY F.H.A. 1, Play Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club Library 2, Annual Staff Bus Patrol 1, E , ' . . W X.. ff' RAYMOND HUNSBERGER Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 Class Pres. Student Council 3 Annual Staff Glee Club 1, 2 I3 LOUIS "TED" JONES KNO Activitiesj "5 ai.- : if , J UDITH KEHOE F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3 Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Library Club 2, 3 Play 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 2 Class Secretary 3, 4 Bus Patrol 1, 2 Pep Club 4 Compliments of the Family Shoe Store, Niles. JANET KINZIE Glee Club Play Basketball F.H.A. Library Club Class Vice-Pres. Annual Staff Pep Club RUTH ANN KLINE Glee Club Library Club Play Annual Staff Newspaper Staff Pep Club VIRGINIA LANDIS Glee Club F.H.A. Library I4 1,2 34 734 4 3, ly 27 1, gp CZft,4,C1 WMC x Af lifcfrfrz' L LX' f'7 L, AXAXVL NANCY LIESER A 3 F.H.A. l. 2, 3, 4 1 Student Council 4 4 Sr. P'lay 4 4 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3 Library 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Bus Patrol 2 1 3 2 4 4 2 4 1 BUDDY LINDGREN Jeffers High School l, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 , ,Swimming Team l, 2, 3 4 4 2 Compliments of Duleh's Appliances, Mishawaka. JOYCE MINIX G.A.A. F.H.A. Library Club Cheerleader Glee Club Pep Club Play Annual Staff Student Council KENNETH MAXWELL Football 1, 2, 3 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 DEAN MOHNEY Class President Class Vice-Pres. Varsity Club Newspaper Staff F.T.A. Baseball Basketball Glee Club Annual Staff if M, rf aio 9 DORIS MECI-ILING Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 A, 53' sketball ' Baseball Class Vice Pres. Annual Staff Varsity Club RICHARD MYERS ew 1 PM of ' Glee Club Senior Play Cross-Country Football Manager Compliments of Club Normandy, Mishawaka. I5 2 A 1,2 l, 2, 1,2 l,2,3 DENNIS OTTO Basketball Track Cross Country Varsity Club Annual Staff Glee Club Baseball Newspaper Staff :inf " 1 -w,J'i',, ii t, A 5 ', L r 5, in Wi A l 'N-his v T ,I mi' MARSHALL PHILLIPS Mishawaka Tennis Annual Staff Altold Staff Engineering Club Cadet Choir Play Glee Club Baseball GAYLA PONTIUS F.H.A. Class Treas. Annual Staff Girls' Basketball Glee Club Library Club Bus Patrol P O' A' cf i V VEE RADEBAUGH Football Cross-Country Basketball Track Varsity Annual Staff Glee Club M all W PAT RADECKI Glee Club Compliments Clair's Barber Shop. Edwardsburg. I6 x"V' 4 is-of i r.g?tf?'. ww. , I , sn, +A " ,lt 'V Q 1 tiff . X r'1,'filA its fl P fllllll THOMAS RICKEY Elkhart Visual Ed. Club Camera Club Boy League Spanish Club Play . Annual Staff ,Q S lik JEAN ANN ROBINSON Bus Patrol Glee Club Library Club F.H.A. F.T.A. Girls' Basketball Manager Annual Staff LONNIE SCHMIDTENDORFF Sl JOSCPII Academy Football Basketball Track Baseball Varsity Club Annual Staff Glee Club MBL Nu, MICHAEL STEPHENS Basketball Play Varsity Club Golf Annual Staff Glee Club Cross-Country DIANA STOCK 4 St. Joseph Academy Class President St. Joseph High Glee Club Glee Club 151,-rr., S- Play k Wg Annual Staff GARRY SWEITZER Glee Club Baseball SANDRA WARD Library Club DEANNA SWANSON gfflxclub Pep Plab' Annual Staff Glee Club Girls' Basketball Manager Annual Staff Library Club hffii Compliments of Dr. D. W. Everett, Village Physician I8 . ELIZABETH ANN WESTF ALL F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F.T.A. 1, 2, 4 Girls' Basketball 2, 3 Play , 3, 4 Pep Club , 4 Annual Staff 4 Bus Patrol 1, 2, 3 Library Club 1, 2 BEVERLY WILSEY Schoolcraft Girls' Basketball 1 Escanaba 2 Port Huron and Midland Latin Guild 3 Edwardsburg Senior Play 4 Pep Club 4 Annual Staff 4 'P' Compliments of Harlie Long Garage. I Clan Motto: m J 0' Yo Gllxl W Clan' Color: 19 2 l Clan Flower: I Life is like a pictureg paint it well Carnation Mint Green and Silver Class History On September 5, 1944 the doors of opportunity opened to the following people, Sandra Click, Dick Ellis, Jim Freeman, Norma Gauvreau, Judith Gibbons, Judy Kehoe, Janet Kinzie, Kenneth Maxwell, Dean Mohney, Richard Myers, Vee Radebaugh, Sandra Ward and Elizabeth Westfall. This was the starting of the 1956 graduating class of Edwardsburg High School. We were a proud and ambitious group setting out to put the world at our door-step. Proud because we were old enough to start to school, ambitious because it was our first chance to prove to the world that we were going to be a success. FIRST GRADE Imagine the feeling of anxiety that confronted Miss Mary Westfall our first grade teacher, when her beloved niece took it upon herself to hit Kenny Maxwell over the head with her lunch-box. This was a very eventful year having a rhythm band, parties, and chicken poxs. SECOND GRADE In second grade with Miss Hazel Westfall at the helm the class of 1956 started to sail over the rough and choppy sea of education. That was the year when we obtained another member to our crew, George Gibbs. lt also gave us our first mutiny. Jerry Hasty having a very rebellious spirit toward his mother when she failed to kiss him good-bye at school. Jerry stated and we quote, "1 want to kiss my mommy and I'm gonna" with this he proceeded to stick his fist through the glass in the door. The blood on the floor from his drip- ping fist was the first strokes of the painters brush in our motto. THIRD GRADE Miss Mary Westfall again had the pleasure of advancing our education plus our new initiates into the class Pat Frodocy, Ted Jones, Deanna Swanson, and Dennis Otto. Dennis was the founder of the now popular saying "Dennis the Menace" for the antics that he introduced his first day of school. FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES These were the sedate years with nothing much happening to the class except the blissful addition of Jean Ann Robinson our fourth year and Sally Bolton, Marlene Higley, Pat Radecki, and Gayla Pontious, the fifth year. Mrs. Padbury was content with our angelic actions. Poor'Mrs. Eggert in the fifth earned her wages largely by chasing Maynard Fetter around the room trying to find out who was cracking the bubble gum. Oh, yes, the wrath of Gods hit us this year with the installation of Mike Stephens. SIXTH GRADE Oh, the sixth grade. The year we got educated not only by our teachers Mrs. Van Duson and Mr. Harcourt but also by the fellow members of the class in our make-out sessions behind the garage. This also probably was our first touch of larceny with the theft of apples from the Home Ec. department. The sign of things to come was the acquiring of two girls and only one boy. In the form of Virginia Landis, Joyce Minix as the girls with Marshall Phillips bringing in enough ideas to our class to make up for the unbalanced col- lection of males and females on our enrollment. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Now we are impressive! We're on the High School side of the building. In fact we're so impressed with ourselves that we didn't do anything in the seventh grade and little more in the eighth. While we made the deceased "Metropolitan Opera" turn over in their graves with our production of "Streamlined Cinder- ella", Dick Akin and Nancy Lieser volunteered their services to our "parade of progress". 20 rlmri' NINTH GRADE Gad!! what a year!! all we accomplished this year was to get acquainted to the new silhouettes on our picture of, life. It seems the girls really liked physical education even though they had to skip last hour and have it without a teacher. Most of us can remember Mr. Long chasing us inside day after day. Oh, yes, the new students this year were Phyllis Christner, Mary Condon, John Cox, Ray Hunsberger, Ruth Ann Kline, Doris Mechling, Lonnie Schmidtendorff, and Garry Sweitzer. TENTH GRADE This was the year we had Miss Lardner for our English teacher. The boys with their crazy "pin-ups" and the girls continuously playing musical chairs and singing, kept us in a continual whirl. Miss Lardner if you remember always wanted to rewrite the dictionary and some of us found a few new words to put in ourselves. This year Frank Connor and Mike Gaunder joined us. ELEVENTH GRADE This was another year where we didn't know where we stood with the essence of Paris floating around the room in the form of Mrs. Schuler and the aroma of "Hillbilly Weddin" seeping over the edge of the stage. We decided to call it quits and skipped out for the week of the play to a place "unknown,'. The Junior candidates, Deanna Swanson and Mike Dass were crowned "King and Queen" of the 1955 SnoBall. Amid the mass confusion we admitted Mike Dass, Janet Souders, and Diana Stock to our class. TWELFTH GRADE Finally arriving at the doorstep of graduation after our long journey down the road of success we are a happy class of forty-seven members. This our last year Kent Gage, Buddy Lindgren, Tom Rickey, Harry Smith and Beverly Wilsey joined us. We will long remember our Senior play "Father Was a Housewife", our paper drives, wood cutting days and other projects to raise money. Now we are looking forward to the J unior-Senior Prom, the Senior trip to New York City and at last graduation. Judy, Dean, Vee, and Elizabeth 12 21 Prophecy of The Class of 1956 The date is June 10, 1981, 25 years after we were graduated from E.H.S. The scene opens at the re- union of the class of 1956, following the Groucho Marx tformerly Dennis Ottol TV program, "This Was Your Life." The party is being held at Sally Boltons' SB Circle Ranch in Texas, tn honor of Dick Akin who has just designed a hot jet which clips along at l8Q,000 miles per hour. Mary Condon, police woman, is patrolling the party because of the many valuable jewels the guests are wearing. A group of guests are now arriving. We see Joyce Minix, Judy Kehoe, Marlene Higley, and Gayla Pontius. Joyce is the founder of the N.C.A. tNational Cheerleaders Associationl. Judy is a famous movie actress in Hollywood, who has finished the film at the North Pole called, "The Ice-Cold Babyn. Marlene is the owner of a string of fashion shops along the Milky Way, while Gayla is the head of the W.W.W.A.A. tWorld Wide Women's Athletic Associationl. Now arriving on a Ford Rocket is Ted Jones and John Cox, co-owners of a rocket plant on the moon. We see that they have a couple of passengers with them from other planets, Kenneth Maxwell, who is the president of a world wide commercial granary, and Tom Rickey, a well known actor on Venus. Richard Myers is the general manager of the Duncan Hines Restaurants. Following Rich is his head Dietitian Elizabeth Westfall, who was the only waitress in the universe who could carry six trays at one time. Whoops, someone just slipped in the back door. It's Lonnie Schmidtendorff and Mike Gaunder. Lonnie is the General Manager and Coach of the Martian Robot football team, while Mike is the No. 1 water boy for the club. Along with them is Mike Stephens and Mike Dass. Stephens is the president of a universally known Organization of Loafers, while Mike Dass is a food expert, having just invented a new formula called, "Tweet Tweet Bird Seed". Buddy Lindgren has just arrived on his jet-propelled motorcycle, with Beverly Wilsey, his top designer for the Lindgren Motorcycle Factory in Indo-China. The crowd grows solemn as Pat Radecki enters. She has been a missionary in Upper Mongolia, well known for her 7,000 conversions. The' quietness subsides as Virginia Landis walks in. "Mousie" is now a prominent gossip columnist on Jupiter. Over on the divan we see Doris Mechling, head of the Bacteriology department of Neptune, along with Jean Ann Robinson Doris' top bacteriologist. The doorman, Marshall Phillips, now introduces the famous dignitaries President of the United States Dean Mohney and Vice President Vee Radebaugh. We understand that Judy Gibbons is now the Presidents personal secretary. Sitting around Deanna Swanson in the cocktail lounge we find Janet Kinzie, Norma Gauvreau, and Diana Stock. Janet has developed into a professional model instructor for the famous Powers Models. Norma has come up with an ingenious device, the original space ship to Mars. Diana is a well known singer in the Metropolitan Opera. We notice coming out of the powder room is Sandra Ward. Talking to her is Nancy Leiser and Janet Souders. Janet is a famous dress designer on Jupiter and seems to be trying to et Nanc to di l h I i . g y sc ose t e secret of how to make broiled muckle berries. Nancy IS now a Home Economics teacher at the University of Paris. Now making an unexpected visit is Dr Kent Gage the head of the Atomic Radiation Pl t U ' - , an on , to ia, and his chief assistant, Ruth Ann Kline. Attending with them are Pat Fodrocy, head waitress of Schliaol C f t . I l . . .. . . a e eria nc and Ray Hunsburger, water boy on the Big Dipper. Ray has a close affiliation with the man in the moon. Among the last guests to arrive are Jim Freeman, Phyllis Christner, and Frank Connor. Jim is owner of a large string of gas stations tStandard, of coursej. Frank is the top mechanic at Freeman's station on the planet Earth, while Phyllis is the most prominent librarian in history. The last two to arrive are George Gibbs and Gary Swietzer. George is a professor of the Unknown, and Gary owns the largest farm on Pluto. It seems that someone is missing. Sure enough, who should walk in but Dick Ellis, Sandra Click and Harry Smith We hear D' k ' ' i . - ic. is expecting to open up a new Super Sonic Petrol Station in England, while Sandra is a noted Music teacher in Germany. Last but not least is Harry, a retired Captain of the Salvation Army. We all had a very nice time at the reunion and hope that we may progress as well in the next 25 years. The Class of '56 22 1 A? Y -A 'Wi ..4.-.g....... I I Class Will R We the senior class, being of unsound minds, and failing health do make, publish, and declare this as our last will and testament and now bequeath our loved possessions as follows: To Mr. Sellers a spring-steel pogo-stick so that he can get back and forth between his office and the new elementary building at Eagle Lake easily. To Mr. Bode a large safe in which to keep all of our nickel fines. To Mr. Francis a life-time supply of life-savers, and a membership to the Lonely-Hearts Club. To Mr. Hoffman a recording that says "Get off the gym floor with your shoes on" so that he can save his voice. To Mr. Stebbins a new book of money-raising ideas for next year's seniors, and a deck of stacked cards. To Mr. Mette a Super Sherlock Holmes Detective set so that he can detect any cheating during tests and also to find out if the Bridie Murphy story is really true. To Miss Dean a M.R.S. degree to replace her M.I.S.S. To Miss Woodworth a pushbutton kitchen and a new girls' basketball team since so many of the seniors are leaving. To Mr. Brooks a do-it-yourself kit for the shop. To Mrs. Dennert all the books that she needs to complete her library. To Mr. Boegli achoir that will sound like Fred Warings, and a new Home and Family Living Class in hopes he can have better discussions. To Mr. Kennedy a new book of sarcastic wisecracks to replace his old ones since he has worn Il.0Yf. of them out. To Mr. Hart a new annual staff in hopes that he will get more cooperation out of them than he did us. To Phoebe a typewriter with her name engraved on it for her own private use. To the Juniors we will the prestige of being seniors Ha! Ha! and also the knowledge that not everyone can be outstanding. To the sophomores we will the ability to get along with the teachers and remain considerate and co- operative with the administration when they become upper classmen. We also will the ability to not catch a case of upper classitis. To the freshmen a last bit of advice, Don't ever say "Wait till we become Seniors". ' I, Dick Akin, will my ability to be a "hot rod" to anyone who likes to live dangerously and my good times to anyone who wants to find a good steady girl like mine. I, Sallie Ann Bolton, will my ability to get boys already out of the service to Mary Ann Fox and also my ability to settle down in high school to my brother, Warren. I, Phyllis Christner, will my ability to go steady with one boy to Judy Wilkinson, and my work in the library to Darlene Warner. I, Sandra Click, will my 1935 hot Ford to Richie Westfall so he can get to school on time, and my height to Monte Johnson in case he gets a top locker next year. I, Mary Condon, will my ability to keep my hair curled to Linda Figley, and my long fingemails to Grace Klip. I, Frank Conner, will my ability to go steady with one girl to Larry Culbertson, and my aqua Ford to Larry Thompson so he can save wear and tear on his feet. I, John Cox, will my Ford to Paul Maehler, so he can run down Caddies, and my ability to never argue with Mr. Hart, to anyone who might need it. I, Mike Dass, will my nick name "Tweet Tweet" to Rich Westphall who seems to have the bird brain to match. Also my chin of whiskers to Allen Padbury as he doesn't seem able to grow any. ' 23 I, Dick Ellis, will my "doggy Chev" to Hot Rod Slocum as it'seems she could use a little less horse-power, and also my ability to get along with Mr. Hart, to next year's seniors, for they will need it. I, Pat Fodrocy, will my bottles of peroxide Cwhich I have never ownedj to those who still think my hair is bleached. I, Jim Freeman, will my nick name "Whitie" to Mrs. Dennert, and my chev. convertible to my sister, Pat, so she can put gas in it for a change. I, Kent Gage, will my "hot" Ford to- anybody who wants "it" and also what's left of my chemistry work- book. ' I, Mike Gaunder, will my orange corduroys to next year's cheerleaders, in case they are short a pair, and also the hair on my chest to John Kujawski, who doesn't seem man enough to grow any. I, Norma Gauverau, will my rowdiness, laughs, and giggles to Romonia Lewis, also my Chemistry work- book to Sam Robinson, so he won't have to strain his brain. I, Judith Gibbons, will my ability to stay out of trouble and to get along with the teachers to anyone who needs it. I, Marlene Higley, will my ability to get along with Mr. Hart to anyone who needs it, and my rowdy ways and any extra jugs of hard cider to Betty Kulp who will put them to good use. I, George Gibbs, will my school mail route to Terry Jones so he may use the School Drivers Training Car, and then learn to drive better when he gets out of school. I , Ray Hunsberger, will the secret of my ability to skip school to Mr. Bode, and my ability to live dan- gerously in Cass to the future football team. l, Ted Jones, will the money I paid for overdue report cards and lost books to the other suckers that get caught. I, Judy Kehoe, will my long hair to Betty Kulp who seems to want it for next years senior pictures, I also will my position as editor of the annual to anyone who wants a "headache", I, Janet Kinzie, will my short hair to anyone who doesn't like "nightly pin-ups" also my horse, Al- geron, to Shirley Miller, to start her ranch. I, Ruth Ann Kline, will my ex-boyfriends, with a few exceptions to Linda Figley, in hopes that she can find one tall enough. To Janet Van Namee my sane and sensible school clothes as she seems to have so few of her own. I, Virginia Landis, will my nickname "Mouse" to anyone that wants it and my ability to get off the bus without a note to Ilene Sones. I, Nancy Lieser, will my loose sweaters and my ability to get along with Mr. Francis to Judy Long, who seems to want it. l, Buddy Lindgren, will my ability to drive sensibly with my motorcycle to Chuck Winters, and my motorcycle boots to Shirley Miller seeing as she seems to like the way they fit. I, Kenny Maxwell, will my ambitions to Kenny Christner, who really needs it, also my Chemistry books to anyone who's crazy enough to want them. I, Doris Mechling, will my quietness to Kenny Christner, and all my jewelry to Janet Van Namee who really doesn't need it. I, Joyce Minix, leave to Carole Christophel my position as captain of the cheerleading staff and to the whole class of "57" my ability to get out of classes Qlegally of coursel. I, Dean Mohney, will my grades to the Junior boys so that they can qualify for class offices, next year, as they couldn't seem to make it this year. I, Richard Myers, will my Stud. to any rod who needs a hot car, and my ability to play baseball to A1 Padbury who seems to have trouble with the game. I,.Dennis Otto, will my ability to grow a goatee to Allan Padbury, as he'll probably never make it, and my nickname "Groucho" to Carl Gustola. 24 I, Marshall Phillips, will my haircut to Mr. Kennedy, who seems to be lacking some, and my low hang- ing Levies to Mr. Mette in case he gets middle age spread. I, Gayla Pontius, will to Pat Freeman my ability to go steady and my even temper to Mr. Hart who seems to need it at times. - I, Pat Radecki, will my quietness in Home Ec. Class to Shirley Miller and Carole Christophel in hopes they will put it to good use. I, Thomas E. Rickey, will to anyone who wants it my ability to be a great success, and also will my government book to any junior who is interested. I, Jean Ann Robinson, will my shortness to Linda Figley, and my ability to get a diamond while in school to Marlene Fackelman. I, Lonnie Schmidtendorff, will my grades to my sister so she can improve them and my position as cap- tain of the football team to the juniors who seem to want it. I, Harry Smith, leave my ability to understand Civics, and History to Pat Freeman and my top locker to Monte Johnson in hopes he doesn't forget his step ladder. I, Jan Souders, will all my clothes to Shirley Miller, who says she wants them and my short black hair to Linda Figley. I, Mike Stephens, will my nickname to any of my supporters, and my ability not to rod my Dad's car to Richie Westphal, for he has been caught more than once. I, Diana Stock, will my voice to anyone who would like to screech in music class. I, Deanna Swanson, will my ability to control my temper, and get along with my boyfriend to Pat Pa- breza, who seems to need it. I, Garry Sweitzer, will my Shot" Ford to Dale Garl in hopes that he won't tear out as many axles as I did. I, Sandra Ward, will my nick-name "Muffin" to anyone who wants it and my shortness to Dixie Wahlen in hopes she will make good use of it. I, Elizabeth Westfall, will my ability to be ready for all timed writings to Judy Wilkinson and my typing grades to Larry. I, Beverly Wilsey, will my ability to ring the fire bell to anyone who wants to get their friends out of class, and my "shortie" P.J.'s to Barb Cavern as she seems to like them. H 25 . .. 3" . . JH . v x5 1 ,.X,,, :F -32 an X ' txr. .F A aiu . "1 A .- , ' I' 3 .I 2 I 'ff - . I ml . fr 'ff"wf 53: - . 5 LH n . , X 'I ' - f ' . . -pfizgk-2's:S5???'13Q f i r ... .1 Q . 'T Z" i' . i A , - . .1 . f--- .Q gmsilf ' " f A X' A . M ...Q . K ws - - .. yrrb .. M I 7 .- E., N , A llllllllllQ!lilll 'Lil' Wjj... . A, ,A , , V K 0 nv - N g..-fits-ua.. - -mf - Q ,V-5 S .W "-- Wg J " Q ,. ' 3? ' , ,.- ..,.,. .-m f. ln. ,"'H A g,-mv .,.. 1.. ,A I I lu' Nrlnlcrgn nc n N "NN-f MRS. MARY LOU HAM lilcmcnlury Music K. -4, 1 . we in f 1.4 'x ,A . 1 A . YQ' .4 , yr 'LN 6 'W""' j""N4A 4 , f 'Wi U . ". - . 4 'P x,., BM" 1 Q- Q .V A af K"" ""'af A L 3 'ii rf-K' .. in f S MRS. MARGARET GORDON, R.N. School Nurse lr - lima A 1 QU! .a.' ,-' A f N -"N , , . I X 'W ' .y X: A U ' I , ,.. 1-r V lin NXMI' k A H J'111'..a . .x'ii.,L.. 7 .4 P.'I.A. Supply Store x ,hh- gpsli' COOKS: Mrs. Gunn. Mrs. Wildmun, Mrs. Akin. Mrs. Riddursporre, Mrs. Quimby. Mrs. Baxnghzwl, Mgr.. Mrs. Hanson. 26 'QE 6 ?.q Ns ,5 93N W C Z Zig 7 m YL f f WSU Mxxx ,', I Ha 7 'IX 1 ff ' h-Q kg 1 vs -6 I I X ."Y:i. 3 A -age R L I Juniors Zh 4 -f .ig I - R .2 4 'J' .J . or ,X Q ' - 2' 4-E . JL f 5 F07 I C Y V K W - . 4 , s 5, K' " -I f ,W ,.,.- X z ' . 1-Q 'L S J N f . fi fb J. If f -WTI, - L' rl i 3 'N A J .7 -X A ig. W .,. N" Y ,t i , -- 2 F 'ea s s- , . . h I , 2 Ae.. j Q l 1 I - A Ar- hz: 9 , I r. x .H ' I . x .- .Wi 3 it 'K .- 1 .,, J . 5, .5 Lx,,. fa V, g y -L J r V, f ,k'L ' .N J '-V i' A J 'l ,I X , . V 5 V- K uv by 6 fm ' -af,-,xx R .1 , 'S ' -'Z -0 ' , .k' I :Huff N E Q ' I X 5 X l H Y I - 5 'A lu , ' 4 SK ii' 1-. ig- . .4 1 as I ' , " J 5!",.::1' Ji i, -Y 3.1121 L-' 7 . nam, .. - Top Row: Vivian Abshire, Mary Lou Barker, Carl Burger, Loretta Checkley, Carol Chris- tophel, Kenneth Christner, Norman Carlberg, John Dalrymple, Lance Drudge. Second Row: John Dryer, Tom Emenaker, Marlene Fackelman, Pat Freeman, Dale Garl, Doris Henning, Charles Hoien, Nancy James, Monte Johnson. Third Row: Terry Jones, Grace Klip, Ronnie Kmitta. John Kujawski, Ramona Lewis, Harold Lowe, Paul Maehler, Shirley Miller. Fourth Row: Dorothy Millin, Nourma Montgomery, Phill Moran, Mary Ann Mossman, Martha Nichols, Allan Pudbury, Sally Proper, Sam Robinson, Jim Ryder. Fifth Row: Rosalie Sanders, Sally Schmidtcndorff, Sandra Slocum, Stan Suski, Larry Thompson, Janet Van Namee, Nancy Warrell, Richard Westphal. Lust Row: Dixie Lee Whalen, Jim Whrtcomb, Ray White, Judy Wilkinson, Charles Winter. fNo picturej Betty Kulp, Tom Smith. 0 J 28 , 3 is if Q Sophomores -ie 'fe f if 1 a' .1 ew .- .jg it , P X tl f E -z-xv. J' X , at A '1 f 1 f 'y at ff, se 'P e Q ' J Je if K KFV. . , rnmgfs V: I tm N, kk- YV i , A , , ggjgrgtq J, rg-1 ', - W- f f JtgL"iQe?, ,X A r -1 X if . ,xi ,,g,, , l yg f , J. ft an I -f-Q! W J 7 0 , g 1, -ef' 5. c i J La fri fa . ,J 4: -'- 2 ' i fa if -r 1-ar - ry ,ee I 1 1 ' J ,f J H, a f ' ' J '11 ' 'f , gt, mf ' ,are it ' 7 r iiwiw C Q9 T' I J , J , in ' " L' Q f' Lu' ' Q r' V 'qt ,- K ki, I ,.,,,.., J ER K it it Q Top Row: Larry Banghart, Patricia Baugher, Larry Bidwell, George Bolock, Barbara Bone- bright, Richard Brandley, Marilyn Burnworth, Durelle Butrick. Second Row: Marjorie Car- penter, Don Copper, Sharon Eaton, Jerome Farmer, Mary Ann Fox. Daniel George, Carl Gostola, John Guy. Third Row: Janet Harris, Larry Haven, Nancy Heed, Elizabeth Horvath, Robert Jones, Deanna Konrath, Teddy Ann Kulwicki, Norman Landis. Fourth R0w.' Robert McClure, Bill McNabb, Mary Molnar, Diana Myers, Marilyn Otto, Mary Pantilla, Leslie Prof- fitt, Ray Radebaugh. Fifth Row: Judith Reaves, Carol Riddarsporre, Clarence Rienks, Mike Souders, Kathleen Stephens, Larry Stock, Betty Suski, Faith Ann Tompos. Sixth Row: Frances Wendl, Joan Wesolowski, Sylvia Whitcomb, Margery White, Phyllis Wise, Judy Ziolkowski. Those Absent: Lawrence Culbertson, and Darlene Warner. J n , O 29 reshmen X h X ' l ,, , .. J , -sv ', 5 Al i "'i - R X V I L it so A'Q' , .X 1 ' V, ,M y y 1 al .vi-M' n is W .E il-else. J .3 ' 3- Q i , ,,, F , . ' . X K si 4 . L s yt x . rj. 4' ' 0 aa- . i V S V li I A lr 1 ox Q " g li?-'llf g I '. 4 M. - N . ...Q 9 , ,:,- 3? L 2 '2 -L", W x it its-. -5 'S N, l ii E fi ' L- A '11-ibillv' -if ' , il 1 e -It 7 v a' , ,.' V R' . ill 1 l A ll - ' 'Ii J Y Y I I , . , '. ,g - ' 71 W W Ji Q., J' Q ., ,,, 9 - ' M I ' an ,. f 1 :V . f Top Row: Patty Abshire, Charles Ballard, Sue Balyeat, Bill Bates, John Beckwith, Mary Jane Brodzinski, Fharles Burns. Kent Carpenter, Barabra Cavern. Scrum! Row: Shirley Cloud. Charles Clymer. Patty Condon. Velma Copeland, Loretta Dryer, .lohn Elmore. Wayne Fetters, Linda Figley, Sandra Flanders. Third Row: Sylvia Gloede, June Guy. Terry Harris, Shirley Haslam, Susan Heed, Geraldine Hoover, Jared Horvath. Foartli Row: Robin Howard, Buddy James, Thomas Kehm. Delbert Landis, Donald Langguth, Thomas Littman. Judy Long, Donald Lowe, Elizabeth Mahoney. Fifth Row: Peggy Mains. Barbara Martin, Willis Maxwell. Kay McNabb, Janet Millin,,Janet Mohney, Gene Montgomery, Martha Morse, Don Morti- mer. Sixth Row: Cindra Null, Wilma Oakes, Pat Pabreza. John Pantilla. Dean Ramey, Marjorie Rasler, David Richards, Cherean Rickey, Gary Sanders. Svvwitli Row: Michael Seuss, Janice Shoemaker, Ilene Sones, Robert Spenner, Kay Vollstedt, Sue Ward, Floyd Whalen, Ruth Williams, Anna Mae Williamson, Julie Yeknik. 30 1 'Y la- i Iun1orH1gh C1assLQff1cers and F ,Z- Seated: Kathryn Leach, Patricia Edwards, Sara Proper, Lee Marsh, Nick Barnard, Trudy Burns, Barbara Littman, Donald Cavern. Standing: Mr. Shanahan, Mr. Horvath, Mrs. Brown. Mr. Wilson. MRS. BEATRICE BROWN, ' I' Albion College A.B. Seventh Grade lri , IQ Q XM I ' f K -I tk ft L M rl ' 1 if fi X .I ., l la iv ' ' W I 1' A i 4 'i- . L i f N i ?"Y f i WILLIAM HORVATH Indiana University B.S. Eighth Grade 31 L, ,I Q2 ,I it 'le t DONALD WILSON, Ball state College B.S. 73" Seventh Grade -g . ,Q ye , ,Q NORMAN SHANAHAN University of Chicago B.S. Eighth Grade Eighth Grade 2 , ., , J- Af' l tl If Q ' . . X l K 4 . I, A 3 4 . 3 .3 ' fg -1 " if ' 'x ' l tink N R .3 XV, 3, E - ir -4 vs - R- ' - ' 4 ' ' gg. f 5 t' ' . I ' C X- X tw K ,ft I Y, M ,F " l l '1':'1'1'1fiZ iiifil .Q ' -K 5 Tb l -- 6,5 f S - " -fi " Q' - 5 'R' , 0 ' 'Q D A . A X gs A L K ,J lg lf xx ' 5' l ,v .a u- :GQ 1 kf'1-1h..,.. , ',':i LL-' . t A ' v ' Jo g -n .: - ' X-4: ' , fx :J lx N ' -'xl JK 'Tl ,Wi k L' 4 w ' X, t 15, 'Q ,::... , ' ff - ., ' 1' , 1 jf- " ig.-,gi - -, ,Q 1 . YJ ' M , fix, :ggi .. .QL-A.i'..'.':-it X 'xvigxl ,gri 4' ' "' Q ,:. J - .N i J 5: , iv? , ' I' f' xi I lv 1 K- V 'l gg? - 1 , X , - F5 J l A l' ll I u t . e x x , I 3 4 - ,, 4 R A : ,, . v - 'L 7 in A .1 'Q 2 I S f f 4 , J ' 'i Jr ra-J ' -41. . t - , x ,..' ' xx tl l ' X 'if' 1:1 V. . 5 J - '33 ' ' ' 'J ' K K 'FJ 5 ' ' + ' K J 9 ' r L7 ' X1 W lk 'W l g '35 M " 5 A f P K ' , 4, .S ME? fibli-L . 1 J 5 s , 7 :X K J ,M - ....- Q A 7 or K f -1. 'fl Q -5, 5 , - 1 ' , K., 1 . Q 2 . . M , , , ,t W . ' -. .J 'Ti 5 l J za Q.. will till K it 1 -P fr - 5 , I '. 'ie N l'4ll'.8'I Row: Hugh Anderson,'Gary Bankston, Bob Batz, Harry liroek, Leona Carpenter, Sharon Carpenter. Bill Checkley. John Chew, Charles Cooper. .Skt-will Row: Barbara Chris- toph, Franklin Creamer, Karen Daviw, Maxine Davis, Karalee Doely, lfred Dorrier, Jerry Duck, Thomas Eaton, Patricia lidwards. Tliinl Roux' Morris livans, Barbara Fackleman, Rose Marie Fox, Mary Gailhouse. Merlyne Goodsell Douglas Harris, Donna Haven. Richard Higley. 1'J0IH'llI Row: Jerri Hoien, Kenneth Hunslwurger, Kay Jackson, Carolyn Jones, Gayle Kehni. Lois Klip, Mary Lou Kinzie, Judy Kohler, Patsy Lee Kloptenstein. Ififrlz Row: Daniel Kulwicki, 1 'fe 'x 1 Kathryn Leaeh, Pamela Lovell, Sandra lwlarquardt, Lee Marsh, Susan McDonald, Robert Millen. Patty Oakes Cynthia Sue Oakes. Siilh Rmr: Don Pillow, Sara Proper, Jack Querry, Veda Radebaugh. James Reeves. Karen Reed, Danny Richards, Kathleen Rienks, David Sanders. Seventh Row: Janice Sheidler. Priscilla Shoemaker, Linda Smith, Lucille Anne Stuglik, William Suski. Judith Turnock. June Lillian Valentine, Robert Valentine. Eighth Row: Charles Weinberg, Marcie Jean White. Priscilla Whitcomb, Dorothea Sue Wilsey. Seventh Grade l : - J it 2 J 1.4 J ' .-, , ' - V - -if K elf K I 'l, . L sg? Q-' 'R . lxlk - x f""lK 0' is' in I t ' im by ' ' ' :A J 5. 5 .K :.: i --0 ' K . ' J, ik! X W . 'K K I ' A 7, " ., i , Y, A he, . ,fb -J 1 A , 5 , Z 1 P N kl!v 'll X l , lyk Amis , A Q lhm. va 1 ' 1' . 2 MTE. 245 X J ff! 1 ' .ffl fi thff to 5 . lktl X l 5 ,J f W M J l' x .1 wen 4 v x 77 - in 'W , YY X ' l . fc , 01' 6 fi . f 2 'th 2 " ' I-Ti 7 it 9 3 ' f"'i' ' gf . . A 5 5 fl . ,g - Y-.Tr K N, , fn f -J if Y ' ffx',.f1. " - .- X, L tau 'f ' " YY ' ' , ,at - 4 Z, 'tt ,. .-, 1. is Et. ee , , , teal lil ' . .7 4 - , f A eq f .A k X X wr Xasf' lf Q ,J .t"te':tt. t . t J. r .Ae Q 'F ix y , 2 ' M ' if -2 1 ' J 2 l- A, v. I .Q . Q A L , , A K ' . .4 J f' leee Q 'fttaf A J . Q 2 -2 n ' .3 Q M 4 l ra 7' -r K Q E i A ig. X ft i . 1 F f J' A - 553355: t is f t 1 ' J, 1 '- If .yn Q"' .,.. Z.. ml l FA: " rf G S : , V M . f :' , 3 R. J 2 . ,K 4 R w Q , J 5' J ' f Lt fx W . . is J t , . 1 ..'I?Ql'1i illfflmlifil ,t t. l' . J ' if ' fa 1 -if 5 he ' lf N 7.25 Vi g ,, First Row: Flavian Arseneau. Lyle Bame, Richard Baugher, Nicholas Barnard, Alan Beach, Johnny Bettle. Judith Bolton, Sandra Brownlee, Sarah Burns, Donald Cavern. Second Row: Robert Chew, Donna Dale Claire, Robert Condon. Elnora Creamer. Cheryl Davis, Errol Davis, Robert Davis, William Doczy, James Dorrier, Karen Drudge. Third Row: James Funkhouser, Sandra Ferrick, Russell Gibbs, Beverly Gibbs, Sonja Gildner, Judith Gronwald, Sylvia Harp, Jacqueline Hart, Linda Harris, Pat Heminger. Fourth Row: Dale Hill, 'ffery Horvath, Alex Horvath, Stephen Horvath, Robert '. Jerry Hutts, Ed Kesiezopalski, Carolyn Kmitta. Sharon ,Maureen Kronewritter. Fifth Row: Sharon Johnson, A David Iesley. Ray Lindgren, Sandra'ffLitty, Barbara Littniian. William Long, Kay Lovell, Belle Lloyd, George Mangold. Roger Mann. Sixth Row: Vern McCain, Fred McCormick. Helen McCormick, Waneta McClue, George Mooth, Larry Moran, Eileen Meyers. Karen Nichols. Michael Nortor, Robert Overmyer. Seventh Row: Tony Pabreza, Connie Pe- trauskas, Patricia Quinn, Jack Rickey. James Roberts, Pamela Seuss, David Shiedler, Charles Shoemaker. John Smith. Ray Smith. Eighth Row: George Snyder. Jerry Stanley, Diana Utley, Carolyn Valentine, Sandra Vandygriff. Judith Voll- stedt, Larry Ward, Patrick Wesolowski, Paul Windbigler. Ruby William. Ninth Row: Diana Walker, Miles Ycknik. Ir. Hi Basketball Front Row: Mr. Horvarh. .lim Mcfiain, .lim Rccvcw. .lim Dorricr. Jerry Myers, Nick Barnard. Dave Sanders. Mgr. Second Row: Dan Killick. Fred McC'ormick. Dick Baughcr, Lcc Marsh, .lack Qucrry, Don Cavern. Third Row: Frcd Dorricr. Morris livans, Dan Richards, Tom Iiaion, Robert Valcnlinc, Bob Ball. Alwscnlz .lcffrcy Horvalh. Franklin Creamer. Kathryn Leach, Trudy Burns, Donna Haven, Kay Jackson, Carolyn Jones, Veda Radcbaugh Karalic Doczy. 34 i Ir. H1 Football A ,x uf' if! 1-1 by-' Front Row: .lim Fl111k11LlllNCIA. P11111 Windbiglor. 1111111 S111i1l1. Tony Pi11'11'CZl1. Jim Reeves, Jack Quarry. Jerry Duck. 1-'1z1bi.111 .-X1w1111:11. 11011 Oxu1'111yQi'. Second Row: 11.0111 IQLIIOII. Vein Mcfziin. Fred Dorricr. Ciliuulx Wci1111crg. X1 Dzivix. .lim 1J111'1ic1'. 1301111111 Caivcrll. Frcd 1NlCCorrnick. Nick 11111'11.11'd. 1111111 Rum: Daw S.11111c1w. 11111 Siixki. l,Ll1'1'j NVLLIKI. Dam Kulwick. Dam Rich- ards, Moriis lfvuns. Dick l11111gl1u1'. .lurry Hull. Rlly S1111il1. M11 11111x'111l1. .-X11sc111: 512111 Yelv nik. 'liom Clcincrit, Adamsville ,-4 4' ' 1 ,A 'I I, K '14 , ' MJ-1 -6- 71 -kg, P10111 Row: P11111 Sxxciizcr. Billy 1541110111 N1i11Q 10112. 11111 R1111i11xoi1. .locl Bccrzift. William 170111. MIIVIIIT l50WCVN-H:11'1'5 Hurts. lcrry 11111c. SQQ111111 Rumi C'111111ic fk1U111Cl1l. Kxircn Christ- ncr. 1N1a11'y Luc Smith. Phyllix Raixlcr. f11'C1C11C11 Wcndl. .1.111c lrxlcy. l.l11t1Ll Nlgmcy. Sylvia Kl1j2lWS1x1. Cy11l11i:1 M11rHn. 1111111 Row: R111111111 c'l11l1'1l11Ll11. 11111111 Kll'1xdOI'1'Cl'. Judy 1.Ll1OI1. Mzirgurcl y.1111Q11. 1,orr111 Mitchell. 8111111111 Sfllllllll. Hcxcrly Li1111111i1. Tommy Thomas. Fourili Row: 1-1115.1 Kamtf. Dnxid 141110. R1cf1111'11 liaise. Ric11111'd Ciillfcri. Wuyiic Hzuigcn, Stcphcn 1X1U1'L111. Donny '11111111pxo11. Billy 1111i1x. 17111111 l51mv111'111. C'a1r1 L1C111CF11'1L11'gC1'. Mr. SC11l111L11Cl1Q10T1-14. .'X11xc11l: .I1111cI Frc1m1lr1d. ' 35 Sixth Grade Y ff... Front Row: Gary Liggett, Richard Turnock, Gary Green, Don Konrath, Tim Parson, Allan Millin, Donald Smith, Edgar Rickey, Jim Welsh, Daniel Morse. Second Row: Sally Marsi, June Sanders, Patricia Davis, Lana Perkins, Kathryn Griffen. Shelia Freeman, Patricia Coop- er, Jo Ann Kinzie, Kathleen O'Conner, Mary Whitcomb. Joseph Stuglik. Th-ird Row: Dian Metcalf, Connie Spitler, Charlene Kantz, Mary Lynne Manchow, Karen Pantilla, Martha Scheihelhut, Ann Wyrick. Patty Lane, Mrs. Van Dusen. Absent: Garth Maxam, Scotty Quimby, Adam Brodzinski, Rand Eddy, Leonard Barkes, Jerry Van Harlinger, Elroy Fierick, Donald Christner, James Flanders. .Lf-A... .L -...J X XJ Front Row: George King, Leonard Mann, Billy Martin, Charles Hershberger, Bill Leisure Jerry Myers, Albert Konrath, Tom Gage, James McCain, Kenneth Bowers. Second Row Mary Jane Kronruritter, Carla Jones Carol Ferry, Virginia Curry, Georgia Bolen, Leona Vandygriff, Diana Bennett. Linda Lou Jones, Sandra Lloyd, Helen Kulwiekr, Henry Jordan Third Row: Wayne Bankston, John Schalliol, Cleora Daily, Carolyn Whalen, Dorothy Wil liams, Ellen Clawson, Donna Vollstedt, Janet Emmenaker, Judy Eash, Tom Clement, Mr Close, 36 Fifth Grade rw, . Q J an ... is fi 21 ' ,sf Iii t. 'V qs Ss w W xx .. .. 1 s,,q .mln - Ll x ' H 'nw has X JAO' . we Q 1,3 ..,,. , gg . Front Row: Lynn Marsh, George Farmer, Terry Henke, Ronnie Mooth, Alan Pianowski, Dwight Parker, Richard Maxwell. Second Row: Larry Hunsbergcr. Lynne Akin, Diana Dc- Frecse, Carol Rinehart. Nance Tucrlfs. Peggy Carpenter, Vivian Kcathley, Charlotte Klopfen- stein, Phyllis Barker. Margaret Carroll. 'lhird Row: Remus Burns, Sally Checklcy, Joy Shoemaker, Miriam Warrell, Barbara Balyeat. Sandra Barnard, Jessica Gostola, Sandra DeFreese, James Gibbs, Mrs. Proper. Fourth Row: Edward Mossman, Donald Hann, Richard Lunk, Calvin Johnson, Jerry Niver, Richard Becker, I-'rank Suski, Louis Kujawski, Keith L'Hommedieu. Absent: Robert Shoemaker, Warren Smith. A .41- Eront Row: Lonnie Liggett, Theodore Grishaber, John Vargo, Bill Pennington, Lonnie Wil- liamson, Jay Windbigler. Lyle Montgomery, Richard Beavo, James Lindgren. Second Row: Ralph Suski, Vicki Feirick, Mary Rush, Jayne Carpenter, Kay Swanson, Virginia Standiford, Victoria Ksiezopolski, Linda Bame, Roberta Glaum, Bernadette Brodzinski. Third Row: Joseph Stuglik, Carolyn McCain, Nancy Heminger. Wynona Barkers, Connie Copper, Beverly Smith, Rose Shoemaker, Judy Kendall. Mrs. Boepple. Fourth Row: David Nichols, Clyde Copeland, Joseph Jendryzewski, Donald Horner. Raymond Lunk, Benjamin Carroll. Richard Powers, James Langguth. Absent: LeRoy Love, David Mortimer, Dorothy Allen. 37 fi 'U' -1--....4,i.J....g-.- .....J...... Fourth Grade i 1 Front Row: Brian Claire, Roger Mattens, Larry Smith. Michael Bretsehneider. Daniel Mc- Carty, James Lowe, lidwin Wcisel. Second Row: Gloria Buclthanon, Jennifer Jackson, Roxanne Martin. Diane Carpenter, .Janet Warrell, Marlene Menlie, Patricia Kantorowski, 'lirudy Westphal, Ruthann Fusen, Vickie DeFreese. Third Row: Michael Raab, Sandra Probst, Susan Maxam, Ann Follmer. Janice Chapman. Sandra Randall, Jack Rinehart, Miss Grove. Fourth Row: David Kulwiclxi, Brian Davis, lidward Wirielx, Michael Smith, Dennis Anderson, Raymond Hoover. Absent: Richard Matthews, Cheryl Odell. lf Front Row: Michael Smith, Tom Kendle, Nicholas Divietro, Richard Bigelow, Tom Parsons, Patrick Carroll, David Feirick. Second Row: Kathryn Horvath, Joyce Kollar, Leah Quimby, Sally Smith, Sally Jones, Sharon Whitcomb, Bonnie Hill, Jane McManus. Geraldine Leist. Third Row: Steven Jones. Terry Shetterly. James Cripe, Tom Fodrocy. Ralph James, Gregory Davis, Stephen Molnar. John Bralick, Mrs. liggert. Fourth Row: John Kerr, Charles Smith, John Reed, Gary Smith, John Fox, Ronald Zook, Richard Weinberg, Harry Keathley. Absent: Beverly Wiseman, Michael Konralh. 38 Third Grade fe H51 ft, f. ' Front Row: Dean Westfall. Clare Goodsell, Stanley Smith, Edwin Chrohot, Billy Br0dZirlSki, Tommy Meredith. James Rogers. Second Row: Roland Lowell, Fern Hershberger, Gaylene Gren, Linda DeFreesc. Connie Bickel. Sandra Bauer. Patricia Balyeat, Claudia Jean Onstott. Linda Howe. Mary Liggett. Carl Jones. Third Row: Danny Bittle, Patricia White, Patricia Dobrich, Margaret Clawson, Linda Flowers, Cheryl Cain, Cynthia Petrauskas, Sheldon Hart. Fourth Row: Billy Scheibelhut. Robert Fein. Mickey Vargo, Robert Seggerman. Virgil Brown- lee Jr., Tony Suski, Dick Thomas, Gregory Lawson, Mrs. Gardner. Absent: Linda George, Glen Kentner. fa? l 'S-I Front Row: Lynn Ryder, Mark Smith. John McClure, Larry Lovell, Dennis Doane, Roy Ruohomaki, Robert Lesley, Scott,Everett. Second Row: Elaine Turriock. Sandra Davis, Betty Lloyd. Sally Tharp. Jennifer Funkhouser. Elaine Cook. Linda Schmitt. Marsha -Potts, Linda Harry. Preston Glazner. Third Row: Laura Bates. Sue Ann Horvath, Mary Kulwicki, Mary Dryer, Linda DePoy. Mary Suski. lN1arjorie Checkley. Martha Williams, Diana Arseneau, Mrs. Worrell. Fourth Row: David James. Larry Butrick. Bobby Beavo, Ronnie Johnson, Kenneth Bishop, James Weber, Larry Bowman. Gregory Parker. Absent: Judy Fisher, Michael Neff, Richard Utley. 39 Third Grade Front Row: Dennis Fresh, Ronnie Pillow, Stephen Morse, George Bates. Patil Ferry, Tommy Evans, Bobby Leet. Arnold Lorelette, Brian Ames. Second Row: Sandra Quinn. Betty Marsi. Ann Dovel, Bridella Carpenter, Nancy Schenk, Marilyn Davis. Phyllis Shoemaker, Lynette Keathly, Joanna Bosworth. Patty Doane. Third Row: Toni Kring. Cynthia Metcalf. Connie Rowley, Nancy Trump. Rebecca Fry. Luana Harris, Bonnie Hawkins. Miss Smehzer. Fourth Row: James Millin, Terry Bidwell. Kenneth McCain. Jerry Westfall. Eugene Gildner. Donald Ort, Gerald Schelstraete, Gerald Starkweather. Absent: James Swan. Johnny Allen. Second Grade Q cg- .g2- MJ-L Front Row: Dale Westfall, Scott Martin, Freddy Leet, Eric Sedenik, Freddy Horvath, Randy Kent, John James. Second Row: Jimmy Becraft, Karen Kelley, Myra Bishop, Sandra Eaton. Mary Valentine, Karen Keneipp, Barbara Smith, Peggy Troup, Pamela Parker. Third Row: Cecelia Littman. Maryellen Fuson, Barbara Fenzau, Kathy Anderson, Robin Cain, Gloria Norman, Debbie Gostola, Jerry Jourdan. Howard Menzie, Mrs. Blair. Fourth Row: Tommy Christner. Barry Pfeifer. Lyle Cornish, Randy Smith, Robert Hardin. Robert Hunt, Billy Babcock, Jerel Williamson, Keith Kirkdofer. Absent: Jon Nett. 40 Sewnd . Grade--- -fi' Front Row: Larry Cleghorn, Danny Stuglik, Bobby Quinn, George Feirick, Donn Westfall, George Bankston, Danny Brown, James Kahl. Second Row: Peggy Niver, Geraldine Guthrie, Sharon Dunning, Janice Kollar, Sherry Smith. Judy King, Becky Rinehart, Elaine Rickey, Elizabeth Rickey. Third Row: Craig Hasty. Febphie Powers. Penny Kendall. Betty Bralick, Joyce Parson, Marily Trump, Jouce Brewer, Tom Weber, Mrs. Rinehart. Fourth Row: Sammy Galbreth, Billy Keeley. Eddie Bement, Mike Antisdel. Richard Gibbs, Larry Follmer, John Scheibelhut, Lance Davis. Absent: Cynthia Checkley, Jerry Wcisel. Front Row: Stephen Rickey, Eugene Kendle, Gary Probst, Ralph Norman, Thomas I-10Yd, Keith Popour, Lane Goodsell, Leonard Guy. Second Row: Sue Ellen Morris, Gloria Hatten, Karen Kantz, Dianne Brown, Mary Ellen Jackson, Diane Duval, Irene Suski, Jill Ann Raab, Dianne Wildman. Third Row: Sandra Rogers, Connie Westfall, Martha Follmer. Shirley Christner, Andrea Schelstraete. Mary Kay Johnson. Irma Brown, Toni Tompos, Rosalyn Benjamin. Miss Westfall. Fourth Row: Benjamin Wilsey, Gregg Herreman, James Chew, Richard Martin, George Christner. Charles Elder, Larry Cook, Robert Konrath. Absent: David Tuerffs. 41 N' First Grade Front Row: Bernie Raymond. Donald Howard. David Leach. James Bowman. lirnest Wcisel. Kirk Wendt. Second Row: Glenn Carpenter. Pamela Harris. Marcia Mattens, Linda Smith, Diana Ward, Dorine Lindgren. Linda Feirick. Mike Divietro, Mrs. Montgomery, Third Row: Bobby Runkle, Jackie Yeakey. Al Kairis, David Burnsworth. Alan Reifel. George Tanner, John Dohrieh. Absent: lidward Gapinski. i xi.-5 .em Front Row: Darel Hankston. Patrick. Bolen, Roger Gregory. Douglas Troup. John Stevens. Second Row: Ethel Stevens. Linda Horner. Sandra White. Christine Dresch. Susan Mervine. Margaret Whalen, Janet Springer, l,inetta Truvillion. Norma Conley, Mrs. Montgomery, Third Row: William Wirick. Roger Harris. David Kuhish. Tominy Stout. Richard Palmer, Steven Boloek. Absent: Virgil Allen. Vickie Creal. 42 M s Morning First Grade NJ! Front Row: Steven Smale. Dennis Lowell. Michael Higley. Harold Eltzroth, Dztnnie Bates. William Valentine. Richard Bressler. Second Row: I Dehra Pearson. Shirley Hemminger, Virginia Smith, Susan Burns. Phyllis Ann Morgan, Kristen Giihert. Carol Ann Suski. Teresa Diane Jackson. Jane Montgomery. Third Row: Rohert Smith. William Anguilm. Craig Lindley, Dennis Schulliol. Thomas Carlton. Ray Fuson. Robert Hatten. Mrs. Calleja. Afternoon First Gracie ' M' Q , Front Row: Judith Smith, Jeanne Fein, Susan Bretsehneider. Rebecca Shuff, Carol Ann Bigelow, Gemma Arseneau. Judy Barns. Susan Tharp. Jean Ann Kantz, Carole Ann Welsh, Mrs. Calleja. Second Row: Richard Quinn, Gary Checkley, Darl DePoy, Sherrie Reed, Judith Vargo, Janis Sue Sammons, Terre Bolle, Gregory Johnson, Larry Townsend, Walter Linn. N ' 43 N 4 -,Y Morning First Grade Q v 1 :--.,f , Front Row: John Wiley. Carl Meredith. David Kahl. Tommy Keathley. Michael KZIHI7. James Barns. Second Row: Juanita Copeland. Judy Weber. lilaine Glazner. Nancy Cleghorn. Tonya Bottom. Bernice Morgan. 'lliird Row: Buddy Waters. John Meredith. Gerald Rasler. Stanley Kantorowski. Billy Johnson. Bobby Butricls. Dean Kalwiski. Miss l.eva M. Ritter. teacher. 'those Absent: Carol Waters. Charles Ward. Afternoon First Grade --J-s X. Front Row: Bobby Heinzmann, David Harry. David Metcalf. Gregory Lauver. Ronald Juday. Steve Ricnlss. Second Row: Mary Jackson. Carol Ann Martin. Janice Hardin. Joanne Kohler. Kitty Bishop. Nancy Mann. Margret Kronewitter. Marsha Bates. Third Row: Ronald Patzer, Gary Krupp. Frank Jendreiewski. Terrell Arnold, Miss l.cva M. Ritter. teacher. 44 Morning Kindergard-en A Front Row: Mike Weaver. John Vollstedt. Chuck Wise. Doug Haslett. Randy Smith. Duane Christner, Ronnie Eaton, Marc Miller. Greg Lloyd. Alfred Williamson. Second Row: Dianne Davis. Mona Wordinger. Kathy DeSchepper. Debby Lawson, Nancy Suski, Rachel Truvillion, Gay Humphrey, Priscilla Barrows. Esther Newgent. Sherry Jourdon. Miss Pike. 'Third Row: Joseph Horvath. Larry Grover. David Townsend, Linda Elder, Luna Eash. Leona Sabonis, Faith Gordon. Bill Kohler. Eddie Bralick, Philip Bates. Absent: Jerry Glazner. Diana Hamil- ton, Roger Antisdel. i Afternoon Kindergarden , Front Row: Bobby Babcock, Harold Purucker, Christian Drescl: Ill, John Cook, John Wirick. David Dibble, Dale Copeland. Second Row: Linda Quinn, Cathy Walker, Joyce Arnold, Charlotte Grandy, Kathy Follmer. Daralene Metcalf. Tamela Neice, Susan Bittle, Ginger Everett, Christime Norton, Candy Wendt, Third Row: Davi-.l Rienks. Steve Replogle. John Kubish, Robert King, Christopher Wendt, Sam Lovelette, Rickie Roach, Miss Pike. Absent: Sam Pratha, Penny Bretschncider. , 45 i Morning Kindergarten .., .M F X Front Row: lidward Yoder. Dennix Willis. Richard Bennett. ,loxeph Burns. Kenton Johnson, David Matten, Vharles Kantl, Ciary Shaw, Second Row: Sllnllll Kay lvlelcalf, Margo Gordon. linda Bottom. Bonita Wishart. lfarhara Morgan. .laniee Nell. Melodie Duval. Vicki Kring. Reheeea Doane. Phyllis Davis. Mias Marv Westfall. Third Row: .liidith Smith, Gwendolyn Maxam. Christine Molnar. larry Gorsneh, David Freele. Craig Gordon. Dennix lironxe. Ralph Jenkins. llarriet liunnell. .ludy Johnson. Deloris Gibson. 'lihosc .-Xhsenti Robin Ward. Afternoon Kindergarten gf "wma :nf . ., l Norman. Miehael lilly. Rohert l.itty. Charles Davis. Second Row: .lune Glaum. Bonnie Front Row: liruee Reinka larrv f'real. Rohert Circ-im. Michal Rinehart. 'lerrv Arler. Ronalt Winterrowd. Darlene Black Hawk. Marlene lilaek Hawk, .lo Ann O'C'onnor. Nancy .Io l.inn Dorothy Mann. Christine De Wyze. Susan Seggerman, Miss Mary Westfall. 'l'hird Ron Miehael Cileaxon. Allen Weiderman. .lohn Lovelelte. Audrev Wildman. Franees Keeley ,lady Ann lloward. iillgtfllkf Van Vynekt, Glenn Skeelx, George Kalzcnherger. Those Ahsent linda Sue liattein. lildon Fenton, Marcia Kendall. P' 11" ' T , Q, VI QW-rl W E5 . 47 K. IQ Sept. Calendar 7-First diy of school - there's a new crowd of wheels - who else but the class of "56". 8-No school the teachers turned chicken. 9-Back to School Dance - is everyone acquainted? 16-First football game. 21- Picked Annual Staff. 23-First home game - New Troy - lost by 7 points. Oct. 30- 7... We played Bangor CNO commentj. Eddies 19, Jimtown 6 - Yah team. 13-Snake Dance - Ruthie laid the trap for Kent - Caught him too. M, 14-Homecoming - Susan Heed elected Queen with Gayla Pontius, Janet 20- 21- Kinzie, Nancy Heed, Shirley Miller were attendants. Played Eau Claire Lost 19-16. Report cards. Is everyone still with us? Eddies 13 - Galien 7. 28-27-No school teachers went to an institution? 28-We played New Buffalo, 13-6 own favor. Nov. 5- Fall Festival sponsored by P.T.A. ll-Our last football game of the season. At Cass Rough night. 12-Sadie Hawkins Dance - what's the matter girls, bashful? 24-Thanksgiving vacation - please pass the Tums. 29-Sophomore roller skating party at Playland. Dec. 2 First basketball game Eau Claire CNo commentj. 3-Box social - Juniors. 8-10 -Senior Play "Father Was A Housewife". We are all ready for Hollywood HOW. 13-Girls basketball game at Berrien Springs. 15-High School Choir program. 17-Mistletoe Ball - Nice dance Freshmen. 20-Girls basketball game. Eddies 56 Marcellus 36. 22-Christmas Vacation - look at all the presents. Jan. 31 Back to the old grind - look at all the new clothes. 9-Girls basketball game at New Buffalo. 17-Girls played Cass here Won 51-22. 19-20 -Semester exams - They must have studied this when I was absent! ? 23-No school! we must rest our overworked brains. 24-Basketball'game with Eau Claire - Girls game at Marcellus. 28-Sno-Ball Norma Montgomery 8L Ray White were King 84 Queen. 31-Assembly program - Tromblenes. Feb. 1 7 -Girls basketball game with New Buffalo 36-34 - overtime. -The girls did it again Cass - 21 - Eddies 33. 11-Donkey Basketball - We hope the pictures tell us more clearly which- is which. 17-No school - Senior Class cut wood. 22-"Jock" Stevens learned not to stick his tongue out at teachers. 25-Sock Hop Sponsored by Student Council. March 7-Tournament at Niles. 16-F.H.A. Dance. ' 30-No School. April 1-9-Spring Vacation. May 4-Junior-Senior PROM. . 23-New York here we come. June 3-Baccalaureate. 4-Exams. 7-Graduation At long last. 48 gr 1 wg Cf' Front Row: Joe Turnock. lrvin Bzxme. Rollo Click, Lyle Sanders, Harry Culleju. Hurley Phillips Thurman James, Buck Row: William Babcock, Jesse Onstolt. George Stack, Hurry Olson, Harold Maxwell, Jim Taylor, John Overholt. Merle Wyland, Thurman James. ' ez , 1,-ry 1 J E! .uf V, . f" . 4'A, 4 K 1 qNVf..',4 r I ire, YW. ,. V - 1 ri r ' . , 7 pu --'Y , Q- , ' m.4A -H J 5 9l': - J Xi Q ,y 49 .A If-5 M Annual Staff v -.-f-1' Ist Row: Mr. Hart. Tom Riekey. Sandra Click, Judy Kehoe, Marlene Higley, Elizabeth Westfall. Ciayla Pontius. Znd Row: Richard Myers. lim Freeman. Sandra Ward, Mike Gaunder, Ruth Ann Kline, Norma Clauvreau. Diana Stock. Deana Swanson. Janet Kinzie, Sallie Ann Bolton. Judy Gihhons. Joyce Miuix. Beverly Wilsey. Nancy Warrell. 3rd Row: Richard Akin. Frank Connor, Ken Maxwell, Vee Radebaugh. Mike Stephens, Richard lillis, Mike Dass. Newspaper Staff FB i -ae ' +-kr. ar' ,nl lst Row: Mr. Kennedy. Norma Gauvereau. Nancy Warrcll, Sally Proper, Martha Nichols, Dean Mohney. Sandra Slocum. Grace Klip. Znd Row: Deanna Swanson. Carol Christophel. .lanet Van Namee. Dennis Otto. Mary Lou Barker, Janet Kinzic. Nancy James. Diana Myers. Elizabeth Horvath. Marnie Brown, Judy Ziolkowski, Judy Wilkinson, Mary Molnar, Rosalie Sanders. Sandra Click. Elizabeth Westfall. Sandra Flanders. Nourma Montgomery. 50 ,, Julie Butler Doug Butler . Dr. Ann Butler Tom Butler Mr. Hanson Hank Steinckc Warren Z Senior Play HFATHER WAS A HOUSEWIFE" PLAY CAST Joyce Minix . . Mike Gaunder Sandy Click . Tom Rickey Elizabeth Westfall Kenneth Maxwell Marshall Phillips Sergeant Lutzfelder Mrs. Cranfield . Mrs. Ames .. .. Pat Flanagan , Miss Osborne .,,.., ,. Calvin Pepper Cyntthia Lewis . . .' X. Richard Myers ,. Nancy Lieser Beverly Wisley , , Judy Kehoe Norma Gauverau A Mike Stephens . Diana Stock M f. 2 , f -71 .X 'Q . s , 5' 4' 1 , Lf X P .1 Student Council 2 F -1 - . I lla' Front Row. Judy Wilkinson, Mr. Mette, Dick Ellis, Sandra Slocum. Second Row: Jerome Farmcr, Frances Wcndl. Carol Christophel, Joyce Minix, Nancy Liescr, Donald Langguth. L1brary Club 'QF7 ' ...1 Front Row: Mrs. Dcnnert, Frances Wendl, Carol Riddursporrc, Judy Ziolkowski, Mary l.ou Barker, Rosalie Sanders, Sandy Ward. Second Row: Sandra Slocum, Judy Wilkinson. Abbie Abshirc, Diana Myers, Martha Nichols, Darlene Warner. 52 - F W f E I Sk A W I 33 X Z5 L2 3 Q if .fn gg x 1 5 2812? ig -R Rah Rah Rah' ' ' ' Look Who Smokes! ! ! ' i 5 The Gang ,ii ii Jim? ? ? ? Too to cut the Cowboy! Judy, Norma N0 Sleep Whose doing the riding? ? ? ? Bud, ROU, and Jim 53 Snaps : -- fxiflf I X , , -' X K .2 . , ,QW 1 'f K Q 'fig '65 yi . w 3 ik .--Q-1 Lazy Play Pract1ce'? '7 Jim , k i www f , .i.x X, .K Hwy:-ff-if '59 Yell Loud f ff? p -. 1 'iii Judy i 5 wow: ! 2 1 Typml . Junior Going Home? 7 ? ? Q 7 Friends ' Homecoming SUSAN HEED I. , . S ig . K 75" x Q S , , 4 ,J M . ff U' A S ' Q al wg M rd , ,X I., 1 S JW S X A " ' ' S N g ' ' ' 1 i . WHT, T, . Z A K QAI . 5 ",- ylwil I , 4 lg' -v S1-ef ily rs... X w. QW ,. ,,,- S if 1, 1' Nancy Heed. Shirley Miller, Susan Heed, Janet Kinzie, Gayla Pontius. 55 CHRISTMAS CONCERT .,.,, ' 5 ' w ' " - A ,-NX 'Q my 'Wx M, 'NH 5 ,MS 5 Q L gl 1 C W fb ' .1 sf., -K 5? VQJLA fi gf' hw S wg? 2, ,ig L . . 'S 5 43? '5""1:f5T:,ti!5 I . A , in A A . ff 1 LN ,K - ' 5 'WN-zii W E " I 3 'fTKf'12E,if15g 1 1 .1 l:i.?fFif'5f-i J C 4 -'mfi ,N f"'4 W ll , Cf :Cm my g ,V Clfiggfigf f Q f x..M....m,M..i ,, A ,.1fL.A , wg, wk fgg-,gsiif N x , 2 Q 4 51 x. -M 1-"1 Lf W2 ,eg 1 R 2121 , , t ,,:. , Q fm rw egg, M f - fm 1 ' ff Q I My I V ,SH b L .. .wg .' it 1: ff. I X ' 2 ' .Q - Q f , H Qqwi' ,.i,f'?Ei' Y ,X11 f C 'v Y :,, , , Q LL A ffm Q K Z' 1,x'sAzi.iA1,A L ',1Q,g1i4 if W! WI J A A , wwf ig A x V 57251 RYE? " Cffsffa V , ' - ff kjgg A Q!-EN ig, ft ig X ' 254: ',,. . S S, M' airs- - ifisppf flyfggifiig ' fx A ' 'wg' fig fer.. X,,,' IQggi.1gi1,fi: in flixgiff' - 2 7' b " Qii wff- L '-b' Aww ff wimfw we- ., Q ., ,. A CC P giffj. Q? 1. s' 'w g 56 QQ, .algw High School Chorus. . i 944123 lv Front Raw: Sandra Ward, Nourma Montgomery, Monte Susan Heed. Fourth Row: Leah Powers, Wilma Oaks. Johnson. Donald Lowe, John Reum, Sue Balyeat, Betty Darlene Warner, Sandra Click, Wayne Eggleston, Dale Kulp, Mr. Boegli. Sut'01ulRow.' Judy Kehoe, Pat Free- Garl, Garry Sweiter, Mary Lou Barker, Shirley Miller, man. Virginia Landis. Charles Burns, Phil Moran, Joyce Minix, Gayla Pontius, Nancy Warrell, Marlene Charles Clymer. Martha Nichols, Rosalie Sanders, Jean Higley. Fifth Raw: Janice Shoemaker, Judy WilkinS0n, Ann Robinson. Thin! Rmv: Deanna Swanson, Diana Sandra Slocum, Elizabeth Mahoney, Doris Henning. Stock. Pat Fodrocy, Norma Lee Gauvreau, Carl Burger, Dixie Whalen, Ramona Lewis, Grace Klip. Mary Con- Lonnie Schmidtendorff, Dick Akin, Loretta Checkley, don. Pat Radecki. Nancy James. Marlene Fackleman, Doris Mechling. Girls' Glee Club . Front Row: Marjorie Carpenter, Betty Suski, Marilyn Otto. Judy Reaves, Elizabeth Horvath, Barbara Martin, Irene Sones, Faith Tompos. Scmim' Row: Phyllis Wise, Sharon Eaton, Janet Harris, Mary Ann Pantilla. Carol Riddarsporre. Patty Condon. Deanna Konrath, Mr. Boegli. Third Row: Patty Baugher, Kathy Stephens. Sue Ward. Sylvia Gloede. Mary Molnar. 57 F. H. A. A Morris. Kay MeNahh. Sandra Flanders. Carol Christo- Front Row: Mary Ann Pantilla. Nancy Heed, Pat Baiigher. lilifaheth Westfall. Pat Pahreza, Sandra Click, phal. Deanna Swanson. 'l'hird Row: Kay Vollstedt. Susan Heed, Sue llalyeat. Seeond Row: Miss Wood- Barbara Martin. Susan Ward. Sylvia Gloede, Linda worth. Marge While. Kathy Stephens. Marilyn Otto, Figley, Norma Gauvreati. .lanet Kinlie. Mary Condon. Barbara Cavern. Pat Alwshire. Loretta Cheekley. Doris Sharon lfaton, .lanet Harris. .lean Ann Robinson. Martha Henning. Mary Lou liarlter. F.T.A. 42 I Seated: lilizabeth Westfall. Janet Van Namee, Nancy Warrell. Sally Proper. Sandra Click. Judy Gibbons. Judy Wilkinson. Miss Dean. Standing: Rosalie Sanders, Carol Riddarsporre. Joan Wesolowski, Franees Wendl. Abbie Ahshire, Grace Klip. Mr. Boegli. 58 Bus Patrols Front Row: Judy Reaves, Nancy Warrell, Sandra Slocum, Stan Suski, Mary Condon, Jean Ann Robinson. Second Row: Janice Shidlelj, ,Janice Shoemaker, Don Langguth, Cindra Null, Patty Condon, Shirley Cloud, Lu Anne Stuglik, Third Row: Charles Weinberg, Larry Ward, Sandra Vandigriff, Kathaleen Rienks, Karen Davis, Priscilla Whitcomb, Gail Kehm, Merlene Goodsell, Marcia White. 59 5 S39 Q ,fa , - 4 n . Prom 1955 Susic :md Ncgllc John und Martha john. 5 I Nourmu. Ray, Dlzmc. iii ' x I w wr Guylu and LarrY just Dancing! Snow Ball TL C-hcl-Can, Bill, Mary Ann 60 The Quccn und King lVl 17 .9 Q , 2-gm U f " ' j,l:,, m S SY' . K. mi M ' lbw ' yn, ., exwwx ' , , X ,. P .rw-,W .2 fb ,, 1. I -1 , K f ' ,, ,......ig,,: Q al l ,. H my-., f Q 1 -. 1 - , 'Wg' .fillzjl , -wi.--KQWA 1 , V,,,g'.,.r.i:,:iiTg,.'i,i,Q, if Q if V I 1 xp ..,-, K 4 7 .K N ,il .x vi , '- X t J . 'F . k, 4 X . ' Il: 3: 4 1 xf , . "" - MZ., R, - EK X f i' ,. '- 1 c 4 , - ' ,R Bill McNabb Jerome Farmer . Richard Westphal Allan Padbury '. ga" A 1 'VW-"'ne' ' Q if , . WET.. i f - 1. 1 R4 'l I M La QL ii U A, y Hunsberger Mr. Hoffman, Coach Mike Gaunder Robin Howard W. is u , 'V' I Kiki f , 1 X 1 -v M U Q qw! , X, A Gene Montgomery Lonnie Schmidtendorff A' I :WI , 'W 'fi Eff i.,,,,i.?f M 4 'V' if :Ii ,. -A-fwfifr' Q , ,. 45a X-3 Larry Bidwell ' if R Vee Radebaugh ' Terry Jones V Larry Thompson K 62 Q5-X N 'l an ,o Fw ,gm . 9 3 fm ,fi ,A 4 . .K , .. 4 Q rv gr -wr' M. --LK. 1 ,W.,..,,,, , ., W. W 1 7 is 'f," 1, l V Ty 1: I 'V ,. Lx., L J ,L f V 3- Y we kkrrk L 11 1 My I Y' Q A V ve "1fqW.f1v F X lf 1 1 1 - f - Q'.1 1 f P X, 1 ' 14 11- 1ss 1 11 Q 1 N 53.i?:lfi f 7 - . I Jim Whitcomb Ray Radebaugh i Buddy James Terry Harris C7 info " wa' K Schedule White Pigeon T New Troy H Bangor H .Iimtown H Eau Claire H Galien T New Buffalo H Cassopolis T ,. f-41 WE OPP. 0 0 10 6 13 13 17 L ,, S.. .2 ' xg. ' W 1 . 5 A 1 My, , 1 M, 3 iz 1 Mr. Francis . ,y 1 -, ,M,-r1x 0 13 7 25 6 19 7 6 28 Ee? Mr. Stebbins Mr. Kennedy K '73 r 'A' P ,H rv .rf ' W IA., K Ronnie Kmitta 5 . T wg if ref 1 P ' 1 y ' F QQ -gs , ' 1 l wa. ' ' nf I John Kujawski F 1 ,-.. vvs1- ' Q p ku, up I K ,,1 f l b: ' . 'P-, ff' 1 11 1 1 ,fied 11.7, bril 1 W 1 or 1 1 1 . il I xl I - - X I 4 W -. 'M 5' 1--fr 535 ff 1 . .1 - Sam Robinson Larry Stock M .11 Wiuf , S ? C' m C- Q Varsity Club rw 'T Front Row: Jerome Farmer, Gene Montgomery, Terry Harris, Bill MicNabb, Richie Meyers Dean Mohney, Ray Radebaugh, Larry Thompson, Clarence Rienks, Richard Brandley Second Row: Ray Hunsberger, Vee Radebaugh, Dick Ellis, John Kujawski, Ronnie Kmitta Terry Jones, Lonnie Schmidtendorff, Dick Akin, Bob Spenner, Mr. Hoffman. Third Row Robin Howard, Dennis Otto, Sam Robinson, Mike Dass, Mike Stephens, Richie Westphal Allen Padbury, Kenny Maxwell. Golf Team , gg Q 9 t Front Row: Sam Robinson, Mike Stephens, Richie Westphal, Bill McNabb. Second Row: Terry Harris, Don Lowe, Larry Culbertson, Wayne Fetters, Mr. Francis. 65 O ,AX Lf E5 ? ,- rv Q Q Q .fy Y , 4 ,mi ' K 31 BILL MCNABB LARRY W lf -vAg,p4M THOMPSON MIKE DASS ALLAN PADBURY RAY RADEBAUGH 66 JOHN KUJAWSKI his sw 1: is ,f Vs, fix", X . M -.ef . 99694770 VEE RADEBAUGH ROBIN HOWARD ROBERT FRANCIS C apmin Manager Coach Date Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Basketball Schedule Opponent Eau Claire New Troy .. Baroda .a.l...,.. Stevensville Galien ........,l. Three Oaks New Buffalo Bridgeman .. Baroda l,.. . .. Eau Claire .. New Troy Stevensville Qalien ...r...,.. Three Oaks New Buffalo Bridgeman . Place We H 40 T 61 H 88 T 61 H 67 H 64 T 56 H 74 T 42 H 60 H 53 H 56 T 73 T 76 H 60 T 85 Opp 60 78 62 75 39 85 57 67 23 56 57 70 62 74 68 59 If Vafslfv Basketball Front Row John Panulla Jared Horvath, Terry Harris, Gene Montgonery, Make Seuss Buddy James Second Row Mr. Hoffman, coachg Larry Stock, Larry Culbertson Larry Bldwell Sam Robmson Charles Clymer, Manager. Dec Dec Dec. Dec. Dec Jan. Jan. Ian. Jan. Ian. Jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 2--Eau Claire 9-New Troy 13-Baroda 16-Stevensville 20-Galien 6-Three Oaks 13-New Buffalo 17--Bridgeman 20-Baroda 24-Eau Claire 27-New Troy 3-Stevensville 4-Galien 10-Three Oaks 17-New Buffalo 24-Bridgeman 69 KT! KT? KHP CTD KH! KH? CTD KHP CTD GD CHI CHD KTJ CTD CHD CTI K: X 1' Q x -.M I V , . v , 'Y Yam" 'kLf"i,, ' QQ, 5. M 'pl' f 9 Q n. Miavgf ' W WU' N 3,4 I . .X :sf M 1,1 u T ff' , , A'A",A'.g' . nl ...v--24 .E- X t Girls' Basketball iff fn. by M 2 4, J " e ,Q cs - c J X 1 if .A at fir 4 'fs A f 1, Front Row: Miss Woodworth. Coachi Judy Gibbons, Norma Gauvreau. Gayla Pontius, Joyce Minix, Sandra Click. Janet Kinzie. Nancy Lieser, Judy Kehoe. Deanna Swanson, Mgr. Second Row: Loretta Checkley, Nancy Warrell. Sally Proper, Dixie Whalen, Grace Klip, Doris Henning. Third Row: Marjorie Carpenter. Carol Riddarsporre. Marnie Brown, Diane Myers. Kathy Stephens. Marilyn Otto. 1 xgdx... Gfxyla Pontius F' M J . , Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Dec. Janet Kinzie I3-Berrien Springs 20-Marcellus 9-New Buffalo I7-Cassopolis '4-Marcellus l-New Buffalo 7-Cassopolis Joyce Minix We KTJ 322 tl-Il 56 QTJ 212 KHJ 5l KTJ 39 LH! 36 QT? 33 OPP 50 36 39 22 24 34 21 Nancy -fs Llleser I -I Judy Gibbons Miss Woodworth Coach 71 Cross Country Robert Spenncr, Richard Brandley, Clarence Rienks, Ray Radebaugh, Mr. Brooks. ' 4 R Track I ' 5 First Row: Allan Padbury, John Kujawski, Ray Radebaugh, Vee Radebaugh, Dennis Otto Terry Jones, Clarence Rienks. Second Row: Mr. Hoffman, Larry Bidwell, Jerome Farmer Ronnie Kmitta, Ray Hunsberger, Tom Rickey, Larry Banghart. 72 Baseball 4,4 N45 H RUE!! Quint f'?k.s,: Front Row: Harold Lowe. Ray Hunsbcrgcr. Mike Dass. Allen Pzidhury. Richie Myers. Ronnie Kmilta, Deun Mohney. Second Row: Mr, Metre. Dick Akin. Chuck Ballzird. .lim Ryder, Ray White, Bud Lindgren. Terry Jones, Third Row: Jared Horvalh. Tom Kehm. Garry Sweilzer, Don Mortimer. Dean Raimey. .1 ,Q . L N N' gram ,,M..,, 5,3 x ' X N1 . V I - ll- r , sr-K'-Q--"'1v'r'!lQYry' K it at 4 ,NYJ K J, ,,.: 5 Lux' y i'i 1.74712 iqm-M' " .awlitelagafixize-.E 'r .. . ""'W""mM+f'f" 5..,...r,3, - A ,o,7.-,K if J gi, .,v,,.,,,,,,,,,MW..,,w-NANK K -m.w...e....g, 2,514-he-'F "rx L -, 1 iib' - V - ' Q4 ,.1,,wrcrus .W kxkg , W M., 1 N . A , W I ,. , - if i' if '. QQ ' X' A-4"'?5i3g525k3gi,m,YwWL ,' ' -Q - A h Y N- . 'M X' fini fi Q 5, ,Gif-0 we E??l?1.v,,:S.ig.".i.'Sj.3+ie-W iqfiltm all '- if b-':sr24"i!-is . . ,Kama ?1gfZ3bY:...1..M'1i.s,s!sYus? Y ka. .Hy w. li' J ' I I Q rl , r may . ' 3 J! , 1-.W THE VALIANT Warden Holt Father Daly James Dyke .losepltine Paris Attendant Jailer Student Director Director ' t j ', I 2 I ,: 1 to 'l I t Q I Allen Padbury Tom Smith Larry Thompson Sally Sehmidtendorff Stanley Suski John Dalrymple Martha Nichols Mr. Richard Stebbins , ll .lsi t is t 1 I 5 l g U ' Q ' M 5 l JUNIOR PLAYS QW MAMA'S GETTING MARRIED Flo Gail Maudie Polly Ann Mama Ray Johnny Eddie Knecland Knight. Jr. Knecland Knight. Sr. Student Director Asst. Student Director Director Judy Wilkinson Sandra Slocum Shirley Miller Doris Henning Mary Lou Barker John Kujawski Jim Ryder Sam Robinson Ronnie Kmitta Ray White . Pat Freeman Nancy Warrell Mr. Richard Stebbins COMPLIMIENTS OF MANcHow HARDWARE THE , , , EDWARDSBURG ARGUS Plumbmg - Paints -- Appliances Printing SKELGAS - and - Edwardsburg I Ph 165 Phone 35 Edwardsbu GRAND TRUNK WESTERN RAILROAD Westem Union Telegraph Railway Express Agency WALTER G. CAVERN Justice of the Peace Notary Public Phones 167 - Bus - 247 - Home W. W. WILT SUPER ,MARKET at mer of Elkhart Avenue and East Jackson Boulevard -"""' f ' ga if LU-LU-LUILT-I ifffagl 114 P V sunen manner , .,s,Jv, ri ' ,yt ,f ' 1 W" A A Serving You lx Our Plouud :VJ MICHIANA'S MOST COMPLETE FOOD SHOPPING CENTER 75 l THE FAIR Dowagiac's Dept. Store Dowagiac, Michigan LAKEVIEW RESTURANT 4411 Cassopolis St. Elkhart, Ind. Home Cooking Straus Pies Ice Cream H 8 H CLEANERS "We Operate Our Own Plant" A Particular Service for Particular People Phone 201 Edwardsburg, Michigan Simonton Lake Drugs Complete Prescription Dept. Cosmetics - Gifts 62 Toys We Write Money Orders I Zdznme Sum CHUCKS BARBER SHOP Undef Quality Photographs JENNERS At Corner of Main and Lexington popular prices Elkhart, Ind. Elkhart, Ind. Compliments of The Sporf 81 Workshop Phone e-6605 Elkhart, Ind. Compliments of Houseworth Drug Store Elkhart, Indiana You always get a square deal when you buy at BREEN'S Ask those who have! We invite you to open a charge account at no extra cost. We sell all nationally advertised Watches - Diamonds - Silverware Men's and Women's Jewelery all at a savings to you BREENSS JEWELRY 325 So. Michigan St. South Bend, Indiana Phone Atlantic 7-3630 The Place To Go For The Names You Know One man tells another it'is GILBERT'S "The primary concern of American education today is not the development of the appreciation of the 'good life' in young gentlemen born to the purple. Our purpose is to cultivate in the largest number of our future citizens an appreciation both of the responsibilities and the benefits which come to them because they are American and free." Y James Bryant Connant Every newspaper has a responsibility to its readers, in its role as a community citizen. As ex-president Herbert Hoover has remarked, "Absolute freedom of the press to discuss public questions is a foundation stone of American Liberty." Rest assured that The Elkhart Truth will continue to serve the Michiana area faithfully, in keeping with its U. S. Constitution-given "Freedom of the Press". Good luck.and best wishes to another group of fine citizens graduating from Edwardsburg High School! ,The Elkhart Truth I 77 for COUITCOUS COMPLIMENTS OF Friendly ' Service . . . 'Wu' and a full measure I of QUALITY! Elkhorfs Shopping Center JUDD DRUG STORES Elkhart and Warsaw COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF COUCH'S VARIETY PARMAlEE'S DEP'T STORE and HARDWARE NILES, MICHIGAN M-62 Edwardsburg Compliments of MIKE'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Edwardsburg Michigan Phone 9 160 COMPLIMENTS OF BAUGHER'S SPORT CENTER Edwardsburg Michigan THE CASS COUNTY STATE BANK Cassopolis, Michigan Member F.D.I.C. Capital S100,000.00 surplus S100,000.00 Compliments of CASS BAKERY Phone HI. 5-2749 Cassopolis, Michigan SIILLI'I"I' CCNSTIICCTICN CC., INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS SULITH BEND, INDIANA WENDT GRAIN CU. EDWARDSBURG PHONE 31 Sinclair Service Station R0befILaf1e GC0f8e 1301611 Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF Chas-Pabfela Superior Pattern Works Edwardsburg Michigan Edwardsburg, Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF JOY SI HARDING IIUNKLII INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Line Insurance Edwardsb Good Clothing And Shoes For Men and Boys Phone 8 Cassopolis Michiga g Michigan 79 Cassopolis Lumber Co. and Sawmill WLLAGE1- G- A- MARKET Retail Lumber, Millwork and , . Builders' Supplies Quality Groceries - Cassopolis Government Inspected Meat BOB MORSE A'l'KlNSON CHEVRULET SALES THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE Phone 27 Edwardsburg Cassopolis, Michigan "Service After Sales" Hi 5-2488 COMPLIMENTS OF Edwardsburg Lumber Co. LUMBER - COAL -BUILDING MATERIAL EDWARDSBURG, MICHIGAN 80 Compliments of 'Compliments of MAIN OAK REST GOUL'IS BARBER SHOP Niles Michigan Cassopolis Michigan Best Wishes to '56' Class PROTANE BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Compliments of HANS - RENTZSC H Automatic Gas Appliances Cassopolis, Michigan Luggage center of Phone HI. 5-2711 South Bend' Ind' CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of Class of '56' RELIABLE Momsomfkv wmzn DMRY Ph. 1292 Phone 6-2481 - South Bend, Ind. Niles, Michigan 81 ini! Sl- 11-I hi: n ill llARP'S STANDARD SERVICE Cr. U.S. 112 and Cass Road WOLF'S SUPERETTE 2111 E. Main St. Ph. 38F2 Edwardsburg Michigan , CHRlSTlANSON'S Freeman s Standard , , , . M1ch1ana's Friendly Sel'VlCe Furniture Store of Moderate Price 203 N. Main Street Mishawaka, Ind. Phone: BL. 9-2407 Edwardsburg Michigan BEST WISHES TO STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF EDWARDSBURG SCHOOLS 0 0 6 5 SPECIALIZED SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER 82 4 342 Mayfair .suoppe 227 E. Main Niles, Michigan Women's Apparel Because You Love Nice Things CASS CO-OPS, INC. QUALITY FARM SUPPLIES Farm Bureau Brand EAST MAIN GARDENS Cut Flowers - Plants - Floral Designs NILES, MICHIGAN Phone 1018 1521 E. Main St. Phone Hi 5-2731 Cassopolis, Mich. 5:10-4 , wc M Jrwrirn-, IN GOSHEN AND ELKHART EVERYONE TRADES WITH THE SORG BROTHERS COMPLIMENTS OF SYKES JEWELERS COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAM MEREDITH General Hauling 102 So. Main Street Elkhart, Ind. Phgne 133-126 Edwardsburg Lots Farms Urban Suburban Compliments of Business Properties ALBERT C. KAIRIS Real Estate Brokers Insurance Notary Public S. Side Eagle Lake Phone 12 F 32 HAVEN'S CORNER STORE "We Aim to Please" Phone 42 1- I 1 - 1 1 - i l 1 Q .!4l'l6!l'05 .SQUAD 114 Lincoln W. West Mishawaka, Indiana "YOURS FOR PHOTO PLEASURE" Phone BL. 5-5691 Edward A. Andros Compliments of AIIEBIM 004011 L'0!lll',4 Y HMANUFACTURERS OF THE FINEST MOBILE HOMES" CASSOPOLIS MICHIGAN 84 1 1 1 1 I Best Wishes To '56 Class David Jones Gordon 8. Herenoleen Drugstore with Congratulations gaharf jkraf Company to 1956 Seniofs :zos N. Main street Elkhart, Indiana Phone 2- 1 5 84 Invest Your Savings Wisely 2iZ: on nussom TRANSFER, mc. Savings Accounts 313 N. Second St. ST. JOSEPH VALLEY BANK Niiiii Miiiiigiii Elkhart, Indiana uservice Firstn Membei Federal Phones 725 and 726 Deposit Insurance Corporation 85 Gero rd's School Supplies Zipper Binders Spiral Books Pencils Dictionaries Ring Papers 109 L.W.E. Mishawaka, Ind. IT'S ROSEN BROTHERS Main at E. Marion St. Elkhart, Ind. For Brands you KNOW and TRUST Society Brand - Rosecrest - Smith Topcoats - Sport Coats Complete line of Arrow and McGregor Dress and Sportswear jefecia Q JGGUJ Dresses - Intimate Apparel Accessories 206 N. Main St. Mishawaka, Indiana Phone: BL 5-6415 DIAMOND LAKE BOTTLING CO. Pepsi-Cola and Orange Crush Cassopolis, Mich. COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. PENNY CO. Main and Second St. Niles, Michigan All first quality Merchandise 326 So. Main St. Authorized Agency for Longines - Wittnauer Watches Elkhart, Ind. Willand Bros. Bowling Brunswick Alleys and Snack Bar HEAT YOUR HOME WITH PHILGAS From Modern Stoves Co. 517 North 2nd Street 1105 Main St. Ph. 2-0807 Niles, Michigan Phone: 1420 f Best Wishes To 56 Class Lexington Book Store 113 W. Lexington Ave. Elkhart, Ind. "A book is new until you have read it" COMPLIMENTS OF Michigan Gas 81 Electric Co Home of Westinghouse Appliances Phones Edwardsburg 165 Cass HI. 5-2444 AHTLEYS Infant's and Children's Wear Phone 2-2315 214 S. Main St. Elkhart, Indiana 1956 Foster Gas 8: Appliance 116 South Main St. Elkhart, Indiana John L. Foster Ph. 3-2002 For the Best in SPORTING GOODS See Qfiiwf ua Mm mm 123 South Main Street Elkhart, Ind. FA Y'S Quality Jewelers - Silversmith 111 S. Michigan Street Headquarters for fine WATCHES - DIAMONDS JEWELRY - SILVERWARE South Bend, Indiana Compliments of Paulson's Cafeteria Inc. Elkhart, Indiana Congratulations and Best Wishes to Class of 56 From cFaJy jair geaufy .gafon 424W S. Main St. Elkhart, Indiana Compliments of W. H. Connelly Special Students Rates LOGAN 'S Junior 84 Senior Prom Over 1000 Suits to Choose From Furniture - Funeral Directors In All Sizes -- All Styles Cassopolis Alterations Incl. Michigan Place Orders Early Oliver Hotel Bldg. 107 N. Main South Bend, Ind. Ph. 3-9658 I Compliment. scHwARz NEWS AGENCIES BLA CKMOND'S JEWELRY fWayne C. Castle, Ownery Comer 3rd and Main Niles Michigan 303 S. Main Niles, Mich. Wholesale and Retail EASTMAN, ANSCO FILM - CAMERAS NEWSPAPERS - MAGAZINES GREETING CARDS "Everything To Build With" OSCEOLA lUMBER CO. Dealers in Building Material Osceola Indiana Phone 881 1 Congratulations First National Bank of Cassopolis Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Happy Motoring thru life Elkl1arfAufo Dealers Association BALL SERVICE, INC. ENYART-BATTJES CHEVROLET, Dodge-Plymouth INC- Chevrolet VERNON M. BALL, INC. LOCHMANDY BUICK SALES, INC. DeSoto-Plymouth Buick BERGERON MOTOR CO., INC. W. W. LUSHER, INC. Chrysler-Plymouth Packard CHATTEN MOTOR SALES, INC. I. A. MILLER, INC. Ford Pontiac ROY CULVER MOTORS, INC. WECKEL-KRAL Oldsmobile-Cadillac LINCOLNJVIERCURY Lincoln-Mercury COMPLIMENTS INSURANCE AGENCY OF Phone HI. 5-2781 mama sm sw CASSOPOLIS, MICH. Cassopolis, Michigan AL. KAIRIS-SOLICITOR Your Friendly Secretaries-Betty Hanship, Polly Stickles , Sportlng Goods Dealer HServices 8a Dependable Insurance" South Bend Federal Savings And Loan Association 201 S. Main Street SOUTH BEND 1, INDIANA Phone 2-3351 l l 89 CASSOPOLIS PH. HI. 5-2051 MICHIGAN CASS COUNTY LUMBER 81 COAL COMPANY Lumber and Builders' Supplies COAL AND COKE Compliments of LOUIS B. DUCK RENEBERG HARDWARE Pittsburgh SUN-PROOF HOUSE PAINT Make yours the brightest house on the block Stays Whiter-Easy to Apply Self-cleaning CASSOPOLIS MICHIGAN Phone 69 IACK'S BARBER SHOP :Sr BEA'S BEAUTY PARLOR "For Speciality In Work" 109 E. lst Street MISHAWAKA INDIANA Compliments of U' 0st I - S. I COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 214 N. Second Street Niles, Michigan Phone 1 11 ' ' 90. L 1 visit Al SMITH'S RECORD BAR for the best in I-Ii-Fi Phonographs Conponent Parts Musical Instruments TOPS IN QUALITY Phonograph Records 412 S. Michigan St. South Bend Phone at 7-3553 at 9-6540 TOPS IN FLAVOR WRAY'S Fine Ice Cream Elkhart, Ind. Compliments of . RlEoE's DEPT. stone CASSOPOLIS MICH. Compliments of I SMITH HOIST MANUFAUURING co. 108 State Sm Registered Watchmaker CaSS0P0liiS .Michigan CASSOPOLIS MICHIGAN Compliments of Vernon Twilmell Jewelry FISK DRUG COMPANY 118 w. Mishawaka Ave. THE REXALL STORE PH- 5-7690 "Prescription's Our Speciality" 'SKEEPSAKE D'AM0NDS" Wm. L. Reames, Reg. Ph. JEWELERY F94 WATCHES Cassopolis Mich. Mishawaka Indiana 91 ' Phone 236 Box 121 QUERRY'S TOOL 8. DIE COMPANY manufacturers of Precision Tool - Dies 8: Fixtures Edwardsburg, Michigan JOHN E. OUERRY HAROLD W. QUERRY New Coffee Sh op and Snack Bar Fine Food Open 24 Hours A Day HOTEL ELKHART 92 First National Bank ot Niles Deposits Up To 310,000 Insured With Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System Phone 1-7400 FALVEYS Levi'5 Samsonite Catalina Arrow Shirts Levi Pegs Jockey Underwear Store for Men 8: Boys 213 E. Main St. Niles, Michigan Compliments of your Niles A 8g P Supermarket 38 Front Ave. S. W. P. O. Box 376 Grand Rapids 1, Michigan, HARMAN BUILDING SPECIALITIES On Highway 112 At Union, Michigan lPhone: Union 3571 Mail Address: R. R. atfl Bristol, Indiana Harold C. Harman Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class Of "56" From Elkhart's Largest Store for Men 84 Boys I ESTABLISHED 1874 324 South Main Street Elkhart, lnd. Elkhart's Best Store WIGWAM DRIVE-IN "Heap Good Food" PAUL AND MAE EASTON Cassopolis, Michigan Schmeling Service Station And Sport Shop Wrecker Service Tires - Battery :SL Lubrication Union, Michigan Cass County Livestock Sale WM. BRITTON Livestock Auction Every Monday We Buy Hogs Every Day Dairy cows 84 feeder cattle bought and sold daily. Phone Hickory 5-2121 Cassopolis 6'1kharfh.Zesf Sion? Courtesy of B. M. DANFORTH Prescription Druggist Economy Doug Stone The REXALL Store P. S. Krajci, Pharmacist Main Af Jackson 201 Main Street Niles, Michigan Elkhart, lnd. ' Phone 1008 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 1956 from your FORD TRACTOR 8. IMPLEMENT DEALER BERGER TRACTOR SALES M-60 east Cassopolis, Mich. Phone HI. 5-2480 Headquarters Nationally advertisied watches ELGIN LONGINES HAYDEN MOTOR SALES, BULOVA WITTNAUER INC. HAMILTON BENRUSS Authorized FORD Dealer 5HAW'S JEWELRY . . . Cassopolls Michigan "Famous for Diamonds" Phone HI 5-2711 235 S. Michigan St. South Bend, Indiana 95 O Diamonds Jewelry KEELEY and the Watches Television Store WIll'S .IEWElRY STORE 324 Lincoln Way West Mishawaka, Indiana 107 Lincoln Way East Mishawaka, Indiana phone BL. 5-5525 Of "lf you don't know Northeast Corner your iewelfv- know your jeweler." of Eagle Lake Edwardsburg, Michigan John E. Will Phone Phone 187F24 Proprietor BL. 5-9004 CY BENNETT BOAT WORKS WIWVI FOR MEN AND BOYS Main at Second - Niles 96 y rl I 1-A 9:5 4 'bg e J-.fm , .i"' ff 4"?'Tf9. my .1-ww - nf 'fl 4 1 A .WM ie ' pe- I- '1 qw., T -. z ,fit idk. If S+ , 571.5 I ',fJ7f'i,' if S1422 ' 37 EN ' 71 , 516-f-.1 .. vs ' f'?314 , - Q PFQQ '1 ' ,. fx l. " .-ae.-T v XN,'.1 V. . 4-1 ' , ,, ., ' 2433 'ig . A: :W-:Ami 1 1 ,4 Quigg., ,g , 3, 1.254- 1 . .k r. J-'32 1 5131--,L -'eq-.--. 4.3255 - .r af 1,-1, W. 'Q YZ , 5: . '. U1 Ca :M 1 -2 r Fai: , A if-152 ' Yi ' 2.1, 5 Q?-g 1 1453-agff, Q z f i V--wwf 2 5 f xp Aj4Sy3L-:I ,, KKW, 2 ' A lv 5319. -, f' r,. A 'Qld J2.'2','.: n Vuvv., , . 5 I' F T E , 5 , FE: Iii, 1 ' :iw - . 'if ' f -,ill - ef- --U, is Wg, ' 'Al V a .qp ' , ami' 4- ' 2 W " it ' fi-1 + , -Y a ' 4351- , Q up M 7g' ,:1 " , ', - fw fiw Y -,I , gi S ' -' 'fr "L -1? fi--' ., :ft A Y .f. .Ag ,I 9

Suggestions in the Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) collection:

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Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 71

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Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 90

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