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3 . F .J V . .1. 'A . r 1 A .-f ' v JAQQMR 5 was ' '24 A 1 1-.5 6471" :1 I' Il V ' L " 1 gr-ff - . ,,. , , - ' li ,T .. wr f: .E A gi-xg A . .L ,-im, ,, , f '1 'Q 51 'EA A 'A .54 39 f,:'HE?'fr J X 1 Qkgiit , 'S 3 Ja 4 1 ' ul, 5-J ,- k . . 1, ,, -4 i 5,7 if gif' ' 5,55 ' 1 ' 1 5 3-T355 ' wgfr- - 'n- Q 'Q' 1, S Aff"71i:a.Q ,,- Q f 11. - H A . -1:1 ' .,m,,-:.z,1.--- E , 5 I N Q-he wh-V -.4 i f ' 1 V - f fall.-EF-.I'.1. ' L! 1' , . 1, X ,BU M , 3' X , l 1 - "an: 0 A ,.-mmm - I umm. -.,11.n-.mn.-. ...J-z.. vm-.. . ., l .1-x1--.-x-mm-1-uw-,...ggp.'Q4 nu--nu mf. -.--Nw-, um,-. .--uv .I-E'--f .sf - .,u.W .0 ,- ,mn -ll-nur 1511- vunummg:-mum-. .nm ,U-l-.-.-Vw -- L. num -' 11- vnu- Q1 X- -- 1 1mf:m.v. -. .-4, .nl ann .1, umm. Y my w- 4. ,4 , -v Lu ummm-1-D-lu .QLQ Margie Gunn--Creator of nPixieW THE YEARLING Presented To You by The Senior Class Edwardsburg Consolidated High School 1955 Individual Photos by Powell-Detroit Engravings by South Bend Engraving Printing by Cassopolis Vigilant N -J -Q sci' sf!i'5" ,M ,-xx Y' Y -7,11 xng.. Q -- fl Tn Ks A pcfK win om XX lx 9 T3fxiE H X ? INR 11. N Annual .s I-S'3' XX E i gxf xii Q Z' ' ZET. +P I N? F , ? I A y Ifffi e '5 M X 'A jf? - M e asf S W 'ff 9 XM gg 1 E ,gs A K X fs Ez be-S . kk' My Wi 'S l ANNUAL STAFF TABLE OF CONTENTS PRESENTATION: ANNUAL STAFF: TABLE OF CONTENTS: ADMINISTRATION: School Superintendent A Principal- School Board -- Office Secretaries. FACULTY - BUS DRIVERS - CUSTODIANS: SENIOR DIVISION: History - Will - Prophecy - Senior Individual Pictures - Activities, SPORTS: Cheer Leaders - Game Schedules - Football- Sport Snaps - Boys' "A" Basket- ball - "B" Team - Track - Baseball - Girls' Basketball. ACTIVITIES: Senior Play - Junior Play - Calendar - Student Council- F.H.A. - Library Club Music - Debate. UNDERCLASSMEN: Juniors - Sophomores - Freshmen JUNIOR HIGH: Fifth Grade - Fourth - Third - Second - First- Kindergartens -- Adamsville - Clinic - Hot Lunch. ALUMNI! 1888 - 1953 ADVERTISING: ADMINISTRATION M. C. Blanchard------Suparintendent Edwardsburg Consolidated Schools Office in New Building Harlie lang, Prasidentg Gordon Eggert, Secretaryg Douglas Hurley, treasurerg George Harris, Trusteag Russel leach, Trustee: School Board Bertrand D. Long Principal, High School and Junior High OFFICE PERSONNEL Left to right: Inez Harwood, Virginia Leach at typewriter, Merilyn Van Epps, Joyce Bonebright, Dolores Valentine, Beverly Barkley, Jeannie Smith at telephone, and Joan Riddarsporre. These girls were chosen from the present senior class to assist Mr. Long in his office. They have a schedule of certain periods during the day that they work in the office. For their work in the office, they receive one fourth credit. Some of the things they do are: sell typing pads and shop cards, type and run off the hot lunch menus for this building, answer the telephone, type eligibility lists for athletic events, and make up each day the attendance sheet summary. At the beginning of the fall, the girls helped also with the rental of books to the students. This is the first year that we have used students in the office and it has worked out very nicely. The girls have done their work very conscientiously. I think the people that have called while they were at work in the office have found them to be courteous and helpful. The girls themselves have also received some valuable experience. FACULTY fmxx' '4,nH'5gq 0 11 rzuari srtrand D Lax: .J knee P mcinal Traiuia FACULTY MAINTENANCE - BUS DRIVERS It takes a number of people to have a well run school, administration, school board, maintenance, bus drivers, teachers, and of course students. Our school has often been complimented by visitors and inspectors on the well kept appearance of our buildings. We have our maintenance force to thank for this. Mr. Harry Olson is the member that has worked for the school the longest, having started in 1927. Besides helping with the buildings, and driving a bus, he has been re- sponsible for the mechanical work on our busses for a number of years. He seems to have that "mechanical touch" that can fix things for us. Mr. Merle Wyland is in his 10th year here and besides helping with the mainten- ance of the high school building has charge of the heating of the high school building. The fact that we get through the school year with the minimum of discomliture speaks well for his work. Merle is always willing to help with the little things we ask and never refuses to look for boxes of things we have tucked away in the stock room. Mr. James has been with the school for about three years as bus driver, custodian and official "locker-up-er" after meetings. He is always pleasant in spite of the fact that we often linger in the halls talking after our meetings. Mr. Onstott has charge of the care of the new building and he certainly takes a lot of pride in making it look nice. You can see his car parked outside the building late almost every evening. Our bus drivers: Irvin Bame, Henry Bonebright, Nathan Metcalf, Rollo Click, Virgil Swaim, William Babcock, John Overholt, George Stack, Thurman James, and Jesse Onstott have done a very good job of transporting our children safely to and from school. It is really a job with the buses so crowded. Mr. Stack and Mr. James also help in carrying our athletic teams to events in the evenings. So, to all the people that make our school a success, we give a big vote of thanks for their splendid co-operation. Y W9 ' Qenior Play SENIORS , HISTORY FIRST GRADE The year was nineteen hundred and forty-one, A. D. It was a very special day for the citizens of Edwardsburg, Michigang as it was enrollment day at Edwardsburg's Consolidated School. We were all standing real close to our mothers as this experience of school was entirely a new one and not exactly to our liking. The class-roll that year was: Marge Gunn, Faye Standiford, Burt Blanchard, Kent Claire, Inez Harwood, Bob Beopple, Jim Griffen, Chuck Fox, Lois Akin, Laverne Ward, Zane Torrence, Louis Huffman, Robert Fisher, Joyce Bonebright, Ronnie Gordon, Dick Shanahan, Virginia Parker, Martha Geiger, Benny Starkweather, Gordon Swinehart, Janet Baily, Mary Johnson, Lois Beckman, Bion Carpenter, Gloria Shetterly, and Barry O'Neil. Everything was pretty much routine this year. We'll never forget the daily occur- rences of Bob Beopple skipping down the hall clutching his rompers for Mary Westfall to "button-up." Our favorite song this year was "I Am A Monkey." If we practiced real hard and sang the song all the way through, we received the honor of standing up in front of the class and singing a solo. Marge had long curls that were very tempting for little boys to pull. More than one of the boys stayed in a week of noons regretting his hasty action. SECOND GRADE Our teacher this year was Hazel Westfall. We lost three classmates and gained Marilyn Van Epps, Donna Leist, John Molnar, Virginia Leach and Bette Davis. Being exceptionally well-behaved children, nothing very serious happened during the year. That is if you don't count the time Dick Shanahan was paddled and the one "small" misunderstanding when Chuck Fox had to stay in for swearing. Our favorite su-bject was arithmetic with "Jo-Jo, the Monkey," a little character that held the balls we had to count. Our favorite sport was "Boy chase Girls." It's very odd how that was to continue to be our favorite sport for ten more years. THIRD GRADE Mary Montgomery, Inez Harwood's aunt, was our teacher this year. Inez per- sisted in calling her 'Aunt Mary," so in order to form a more "homey" atmosphere, we did likewise. However, we were dreadfully misunderstood and along with Inez, we were firmly reproved for our efforts. This year was rather uneventful as we discovered there was more to school than just play. FOURTH GRADE Inez Harwood, in order to break the monotony, told Mrs. Padbury she had gone to Paris. A very convincing yarn that had to be corrected a bit forcibly by Mrs. Harwood. Shirley Sokock was in our class for a while. Jim Hanson, Joe Jones, and Jeanne Fetters entered, but otherwise it was a rather quiet year. FIFTH GRADE This year our teacher was Fleata Cornwall. We lost Virginia Parker and gained Patsy Spenner. This was the year that Virginia Leach received boxes of candy and loads of Valentines from the male section of our class. The top contenders for fair Ginny's attentions were Burt Blanchard, Kent Claire, Jim Hanson and Ronnie Gordon. As for the girls, they were more or less concerned with the gallant Stanley Weiler of the sixth grade. Especially Jeanne Fetters and Donna Leist. We'll never forget the time Jim Hanson stood in front of the room making like an airplane, with wide swooping gestures and a motor sound. He had to do this as punishment as he had been doing it quite cheerfully before then to impress his classmates. Strange how airplanes lost their charms to Jim after that! We were so accustomed to seeing Lois Ann Beckman stand in front of the room with a wad of gum on the end of her nose, that it almost seemed unnatural if she wasn't there. Reading was our most difficult subject this year. and also the most strenuous. .Lois Ann fainted from read- ing too much. Mary Lou was drafted in her place and fainted also. Being a brave man to the end, Burt Blanchard carried on until he felt a trifle "whoozy" and the teacher decided we'd gotten enough out of reading for one day. SIXTH GRADE This year we gained the Morris twins, Joyce Swanson, Joan Kerr, Dick Cates, and Jackie Mitra. We'll always remember the excellent acting of Duane Muff when he used to gaily smile after being thoroughly pounded with a razor strap almost daily. One day we noticed Faye looking rather pale up by the pencil-sharpener. After all, Duane had only sharpened a grasshopper in it before. If anyone ever wanted to find Jim Hanson, all they had to do was to glance up at the front of the room. and locate him perched on Mrs. Van Dusen's cheesebox. SEVENTH GRADE This year, Frank Bickel, Leonard Kmitta, Stanley Weiler, Toby Osler, Richard Mackling, Truman Potts, Ray Langguth, Laverle Hatch, Barbara Sturges, and Ada Hole entered our class. We lost only one of our other classmates, Janet Bailey. We had gained the reputation of the largest class Edwardsburg ever had. We organized the Junior High Youth Council this year and everyone in the high school realized we were there, too. This year, we learned square-dancing in addition to our other studies. EIGHTH GRADE In this grade, we gained Nina Armstrong, Pat Canty, Barbara Long, Brownie Bottom, Chester .Kqmitta and Joan Riddarsporre. We lost Toby Osler and Duane Butrick. This year we were superior over the seventh grade and received the pleasure of initiating them for Youth Council. NINTH GRADE To enter our class this year were: Janice Johnson, Delores Reinoehl, Genevieve Persing, Delores Valentine, Pat Poling, and Colleen Phillips. We lost Joann Kerr, Bill Neff, Joe Jones, and Lois Beckman. The beginning of the year started off rather badly as the boys and girls had different home-rooms. We protested loudly Cas usuall without any success. Our ability in sports began to show this year. We were very proud of Ray Minix, when he got to play on the Varsity team as a reg- ular, much to the upper classmen's envy. Our girl's "Freshman" basketball team won every game they played, while the regular girl's team lost some of their games. Our boys got to go to their first track meet and came back red as beets from the sun, and happy over making a good showing. This year we had a high, school minstrel show, consisting mostly of freshmen. We'll never forget Mary Lou's part: "Stay out of the garden, boys." There were two freshmen cheerleaders this year-Marge Gunn and Virginia Leach. TENTH GRADE This year Lois Beckman returned and we lost Joyce Swanson and Stanley Weiler. VVe began pairing off in twos this year. There was Marge and Jim, Ada and Wayne, Frank and Nina, and Mary and Ray. Most of these couples are still together. We'll always remember the "line-up" of the couples at noons and between classes. The football team was rapidly depending on the sophomores. Our first "I-Iayride' was after a victorious football game, with Frank Bickel as the hero. This is the year that our class was best united. We had a lot of good times and consider it our best year in High School. ELEVENTI-I GRADE The ones to enter this year were Chuck Reinks, Beverly Barkley, and Ed Daniels. We lost Pat Canty and Pat Poling. This was our first year to have a Romeo in our class, being no other than Ed Daniels. It was both amusing, and very, very inter- esting. We gave our Junior Play "Cheaper by the Dozen." We had a double cast of characters and poor Miss Yeager felt as though she had a double head when it was all over. A few of the Senior girls and Miss Yeager went to Constantine- to see their play, which was the same as ours, and decided ours was the best. Aside from Miss Yeager forgetting to bring along any money the trip was more or less un- eventful. The Saturday night, cast had a party at Ada's house. Between listening to "The Three Bells' and playing dirty hearts and eating with our guest of honor . . . Lindy Howe, we had a very nice time. This was a year of different opinions and ideas. Although it was rather a high-tension year, we all had a goodi time and learned a lot. We won the King-and-Queen contest with Wayne Barr and Nina Armstrong. We gave a Prom for the Seniors at the Four-Lakes Country Club. Re- member the dark porch? Oh, wasn't that you? Ohhhh, dear! TWELFTII GRADE Our class enrollment at the beginning of this year was forty-eight but we lost Mary Hiatt, who brightened many a dull classroom and now have our present forty- seven. Ours is the largest graduating class in the history of Edwardsburg. Going completely against "Tradition" we wanted green gowns for graduation. However, we were unable to get them so settled for blue: We did get green on our announce- ments though. Contrary to what happened in the past, we won the King and Queen contest again with Tony Kujawski and Genevieve Persing. Our drive was assisted by one wrecked car and a minor scrap drive, much to the Sophomores and Fresh- men's dislike. Thank you, Juniors for your help! Our Senior Play this year was "Beyond Reason." We'll never forget the try-outs, the surprises, and play practice, will we Mrs. Andrews? We have done more work this year than ever before and once again had unity in our class. We wonder what the under-classmen will do when we are out of Mr. Lewis' assembly. You'll have to take the blame yourselves next year boys. We are looking forward eagerly to graduation, our Senior Prom, and our Senior trip to New York City. CLASS WILL We, the class of '53, being of outstanding intelligence, brilliant mind, and ex- ceptional ability, do hereby lovingly bequeath to the faculty and subordinate masses, our most treasured possessions. . To the school board and P.T.A., we will our undying gratitude for their thought- ful control over our "hot rods." To Mr. Blanchard, we will pews for his new office so that the atmosphere will be more iaheml appropriate. To Mr. Long, we will a nice big sympathy card for losing us: and all the hooks in the office for future keys. To Mr. Mette, we will a reservation to a nice quiet rest home, we feel he probably needs it after listening to us voice our likes and dislikes all year. ' Being a class bitterly opposed td the "We've done it in the past, so we'll do it in the future" lament, at this time find it necessary to use it after all. Unable to think of anything original, we, "as they have done in the past" will to Mrs. Ham a new piano. We hope the future brings you one. To Mr. Campbell, we will courage unlimited for another grueling year of driver's training. We also will the underclass boys, knowing that he will make them into as fine a football team as we've had. To Mr. Harcourt, we will a yardstick, in hopes that next ycar's basketball team will measure up to the team of '52-'53. It may also be used on the sevent.h grade boys for practical purposes!!! To Miss Yeager, we will a huge bouquet for sponsoring the Annual, Girl's Basket- ball, the Library Club, and Debating. We also will to you, the Juniors, hoping they will be as efficient an Annual staff as we've been. Isn't that right, Miss Yeager? To Mr. Lewis, we will an electric track in study hall, so he can travel around it twice as fast, in his usual ATTEMPT to keep it quiet. To Mr. Shanahan, we bequeath all the D's and E's we accumulated in geography class. May he never forget. us. To Mrs. MacDonald, we will our calorie and nutrition sheets, we sure don't want them. To Mr. Galbreath, we will a nice bound-journal so that he can jot down his war experiences for our library. They will be treasured always. Who knows? Maybe we'll add a few of our own some day. To Mrs. Andrews, we will a year's supply of cough drops, candy bars, and potato chips to eat in class. We also will a bushel of time clocks to throwi at disagreeable students. We shall now begin our individual wills ....... I, Lois Akin, will my quiet characteristics to Pat Radecki, Janet Kinzie, and Norma Gauvreau in hopes they will put them to good use. I, Nina Armstrong, will my ability to tap-dance to Beverly Overmyer in hopes that it will help her. I also will my absolute non-salt lipstick to Ruth Ellen Morse, hope it relieves you of your troubles. I, Beverly Barkley, will my ability to go steady with a senior .boy to Nadine Run- kle and JoAnn Beckwith. I also will my house to Joan Rienks, another girl who wishes she lived in town. I, Wayne Barr, will my Navy Reserve card to any under-classman who doesn't consider college an easy way out. I, Frank Bickel, will my ability to get along with the teachers and stay out of trouble in my senior year to "Bum-Bum", in case he needs it. I, Dean Bidwell, will my end position in football to Kenny Maxwell, and an old typewriter to Bill Mackling and Terry Stephens so they won't have to wreck the good ones that are left in the typing room. , I, Mary Bigelow, will my, quietness to anyone who would like to get an "E" in class discussions. I, Burt Blanchard, will my long-legs to Maynard Fetters, and my fast-walk to anyone having trouble making the last bell. I, Bob Boepple, will my ability to get along with Miss Yeager, to the Junior boysg and to Ernie Sanders, my position on the football team. I, Joyce Bonebright, will my ability to stay out of trouble with the teachers to my brother, Bruce, he should make good use of it. I, Yvonne Bottom, will my abilit.y to write long letters to Sandra Ward. I, Kent Claire, will my political opinions to any underclassman who likes to argue politics. I, Chuck Fox, will my football parka to Ray Hunsberger as I feel he'll be need- ing itg I also will my voice to anyone wishing to carry on any friendly discussions with Mr. Mette. I, Russell Garl, will my ability to keep quiet in class to anyone having trouble doing so. I. Ronnie Gordon. will my height and basketball ability to the basketball team of '54 in hopes that it will help them. I, Jim Griifen, will my nickname, "Five Dollar Dog", to Donald Bigelow. He seems to like it quite well. - I, Marge Gunn, will my ability of getting to play basketball without going to practice, to the sophomore girls who seem to resent the fact. I, Jim Hanson, will my ability to brag to Ed Griffen, who doesn't need it, but will probably use it. I, Inez Harwood, will my quietness to Carol Kinzie, Dawn Miller, and Barbara Krecioch. I hope they will put it to good use. I, Ada Hole, will my ability to debate, to anyone who can "grin-and-bear it"g I also will my self-control to the couples who can't resist cuddling all the time in the halls of E.H.S. . I, Donald Jetter, will my key hook on the keyboard to anyone who wants it, I won't be needing it. I, Janice Johnson, will my high notes to Mrs. Ham's future Glee clubs, and my brother to Mr. Long. He'll probably see quite a lot of Monte in the next four years. I, Chet Kmitta, will my hairy arms to David Jones. I, Leonard Kmitta, will my name "Hot-dog" to Jerry Toth, and my ability to mind my own business to the sophomore girls. I, Tony Kujawski, will my ability to keep quiet in Miss Yeager's Lit. class to Barbara Krecioch and Dawn Miller, to Mr. Long the extra set of keys I turn in. used to I, Ray Langguth, will all the slivers I collected while on the football bench, ex- cept one for a souvenir, to the janitor so he can keep the school warm next year. I, Virginia Leach, will my cheerleading ability to Beverly Overmyer and Ger- aldine Shoemaker in hopes they will have better luck next year. , I, Barbara Long, will my concentration in business English class to anyone who enjoys a good library book. I, Richard Mackling, will to Donald Bigelow, my strong arm to help him in brawls at Elkhart. I will my shrill whistle to David Jones. I, Ray Minix, will my high school sports career to anyone who would like their school days more interesting. I, John Molnar, will my quietness to Bruce Bonebright and Tom Warrell it will improve their relations with the members of the faculty. to make in hopes I, Gloria Morris, will all my history answers to Carol Hunter, so she won't have to turn around so much in class. I, Phyllis Morris, will my age to Larry Kulp, hoping he will put it to good use, and to Ruthie Ann Kline, my ability to write love letters. I, Genevieve Persing, will my freckles to anyone who wants them. I certainly don't. I, Lyle Pontius, will my ability to argue to my! cousin, Louis Huiman. I, Truman Potts, will my ability to stay out of the Tic-Toc, and the Niles Skating Rink to Ken Taylor, who seems to have a tough time doing so. I, Joan Riddarsporre, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Andrews to Bruce Bonebright. I, Dolores Reinoehl, will my naturally curly hair to Sally Bolton, I also will my ability to get along with the boys to Barbara Krecioch. I, Chuck Rienks, will my manly physique to David Jones, and my football ability to Harold iMortJ Lee. I, Dick Shanahan, will all my extra athletic letters to John Doe. John Doe isn't real, but I don't have extra letters either. I also suggest if you want to make the honor roll, don't take a course from Mr. Long. I, Gloria Shetterly, will my skirts to Kathleen Sanders in hopes that throw her jeans away. she will I, Jeanne Smith, will my ability to pluck my eyebrows and still have some left to Sandra Click. I, Patsy Spenner, will my naturally curly hair to Virginia Landis, and my old socks to Doris Fetters because she doesn't seem to wear any. I, Faye Standiford, will my comfortable chair in history class to Mort Lee, the same trouble I had, keeping awake under the influence of Mr. Mette's voice. I, Barbara Sturges, will my ability to do Mr. Mette's assignments to Dick Poor Dick, for some reason never finds time to do them. some of who has soothing Kitchen. I. Dolores Valentine, will my eagerness in Mrs. Andrews' classes to anyone who has difficulty keeping awake. I, Merilyn Van Epps, will my Ford tractor to Ray Hunsberger so he won't have to walk home since she is so interested. so much. Also, I will the driver of Lookwell truck 6 to Dawn Miller, I . . We, the class of '53, will to the class of '54 all our clever sayings and witty re- marks, old wrecked cars, and our ability to irritate the sophomores. These things will help them earn the title we shall soon vacate, "Those Seniors". We also will our best wishes for a terrific senior year. We, the Senior girls, will to the Sophomore girls all of the Senior boys fwith a few exceptionsl, may their dreams all come true. We also will our ability to get a fellow without first running him down. We will to the Freshman, first and foremost - Bob Boepple. Secondly, our ability to get what we want. To the Eighth graders, we will our stamina and courage, as we feel they will need it next year at "initiation" time. ' To the Seventh grade, we will our ability to giggle and not sit still. Also, our unique methods of wriggling out of situations. We would like to add our genuine love of cinnamon balls and bubble gum. To the subordinate mass in general, we will our clever ideas, witty sayings, sar- castic remarks and egotism. We also will all the tables and chairs with our names engraved upon them, may you remember us always. The will has been signed, sealed, and acknowledged by the members of the class of '53. CSignedl Wee R. Leaving fSignedJ Wee R. Glad CLASS PROPHECY It is January 20, 1972. The group gathered in the home of Mrs. Jeanne Smith represents the small number of graduates of the class of '53 who still reside at the "Burg", and who 'are not part of the huge crowd gathered at Washington for the in- auguration of President-elect Kent E. Claire and Vice President-elect Clyde R. Minix. The group includes other than Jeanne, the former Gloria Shetterly, Joan Riddar- sporre, Dolores Valentine, and various little representatives of their happy homes. Others are Truman Potts, Dick Shanahan, Tony Kujawski, Lyle Pontius, Ray Lang- guth, Russell Garl, Don Jetter and their wives. They have gathered to watch the inauguration of the former members of their class. Jeanne snaps on her CV Ccolorvisionb set and hears the deep resonant voice of announcer Charles Fox who is to cover the inauguration. They settle back in their chairs as Chuck begins: This is Charles Fox bringing you a report of the inauguration of President- elect Kent E. Claire and Vice President-elect Clyde R. Minix. First however, I shall give a brief resume of the election last November. The President-elect had little difficulty winning the election. it was smooth sailing most of the way. For a short while the Democratic candidate, Robert Boepple, seemed to be quite a serious threat, but that old phrase, "It's time for a change", failed t.o'work in his case. If the Democrats are to win the next election, Ada Hole, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and wife of Admiral Wayne Barr, will have to coin a new slo- gan. The one used in this past election had already been worn out by another party years before. Due to the brilliant administration of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower and capable Republican followers, the former Senator Claire was converted from a tried-and-true Democrat to a Grand-Old Republican. The same may be said for the Vice President-elect. Now to continue with news of the inauguration. After breakfast at the classy new restaurant "The Buffet" owned by Patsy Spenner and Faye Standiford, Claire and Minix will begin their trek to the Capitol steps to take their oath of office. Because of the experience gained at "The Cupboard", a restaurant at Eidwardsburg, Michigan, their home-town, the girls became fine connoiseurs of food and decided to open the restaurant. It is rumored that the President-elect has already picked a few members of his future cabinet. Although not official, these are a few of the members believed to be chosen: Secretary of State, James G. Hanson, noted for the diplomacy with which he handles problems concerning foreign affairs C?Jg and Ronald Gordon, an old, high school friend, as Secretary of the Treasury, Franklin J. Bickel, President of Colonel Motors, will most likely be Secretary of Defense. However, it is feared lby some that if he accepts the position, he will have to sell the enormous amount of stock he now owns in the company. Admiral Wayne Barr will probably be under-Secretary of the Navy. Burton L. Blanchard will most likely be Postmaster General. Due to ex- perience gained at old E.H.S., Blanchard has proven himself quite capable. Virginia Leach, faithful party worker and Representative from Michigan, is favored to be Treasurer. As a result of the efficient management of the various funds at E.H.S. in former years, there is no doubt in Claire's mind as to her capability. Yvonne Bottom and Barbara Long will probably be Food and Drug Administrators. As a result of a high school course in Home Economics which also involved nutrition, the girls, genuinely encouraged by a cake which turned out better than anyone elses ialthough that's not saying muchl, became deeply interested in the correct and sanitary preparation of food. As we sit here on the rostrum erected on the steps of the Capitol, I am sur- prised to see so many members of the class of '53 among the crowds lining the streets. Lois Akin, Merilyn Van Epps, Gloria and Phyllis Morris, Inez Harwood, Genevieve Persing, Joyce Bonebright and Dolores Reinoehl are but a few. These girls, bored with domesticity, decided to come to Washington and secure office jobs during the election. They wanted a little change of pace. The President-elect and Vice President-elect have arrived at the Capitol and are now on the rostrum preparing to take their oaths. Mrs. Claire and Mrs. Minix are seated close by. Mrs. Minix is the former model, Mary Bigelow. The crowd is now silent as opera star, Janice Johnson, comes to the head of the rostrum to sing the national anthem. Miss Johnson's voice is beautiful. It's a shame, however, that we are unable to see her. She is so small the top of her head is the only thing visible. Strange, how this inauguration reminds us of one in the past. Dean Bidwell, owner of a large hat firm, has made millions from the sale of "Inauguration Day" hats. The President-elect, going completely against tradition, had ordered green Derbies for the occasion. It seems he had been very disappointed be- cause he, along with others, couldn't wear that. particular color at some high school activity his senior year at E.H.S., his Alma Mater. In this way he is getting even. As we glance into the crowd standing below the rostrum, we are amazed at the great number of celebrities, many of them graduates of Edwardsburg High School. I can see from here, Nina Armstrong, popular musical comedy star who will appear at the Inaugural Ball tonight, Chuck Rienks, former football hero, John Molnar, ace movie cameraman: Leonard Kmitta, matinee idol, and Beverly Barkley, wife of Franklin Bickel and popular lady wrestler. "Break their Bones Bev" it seems decided to become a wrestler when after a high school basketball tournament, she emerged the winner of a fight with some poor soul who had the audacity to swing at her. I also see the popular artist, Ri-chard Mackling, who's beautiful painting of President-elect Claire appeared on the cover of America's leading magazine, The Monday Morning Prop. Also an article by the well known columnist, Barbara Stur- ges, appeared in the same magazine. Miss Sturges, encouraged by the 'popularity of a gossip column she wrote in high school days, dedicated her life to printing the latest "dirt" about the politicians. The Chief Justice has just finished administering the oath of office and the orchestra below us breaks into the strains of "Hail to the Chief". The orchestra is conducted by the brilliant young conductor, Chester lAuturol Kmitta. The benedic- tion will now be delivered by the "Five Dollar Dog". Oops, I mean the Reverend James Griffen of the First Presbyterian Church of Edwardsburg. It was a per- sonal request of the President that Reverend Griffen, an old friend, deliver it. The President and Vice President are now preparing to leave for the White House where they will rest until time for the Ball. Incidentally, the Inaugural Ball will be colorvised tonight at 10:00 P. M. Both the "First lady" and Mrs. Minix will be wearing dresses designed by that fashion genius, Margery Gunn, who is wife of James G. Hanson. Mrs. Claire's will be Rem- brandt red taifeta and Mrs. Minix's will be Picasso pink satin. Both are truly masterpieces. This is Charles Fox leaving the air for station CNS-CV which has just brought you a complete coverage of the inauguration of President Kent E. Claire. Tune in tonight at 10:00 P. M. for a complete coverage of the Inaugural Ball. The small group gathered in Jeanne's living room were silent, each deep in his own thoughts. It is safe to say each was probably thinking of the same thing, namely, the fact that so many members of their class of '53 had, in one way or another, been apart of the inauguration of a great President! SENIORS DEAN BIDWELL .... "There is always hope in a man who actually and earnestly works." BURT BLANCHARD, Salutatorian . ."I like workj it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours." YVONNE BOTTOM .... "Her pencil was striking, resistless and grand. Her manners were gentle, complying and bland." KENT CLAIRE .... "Give me leisure or give me death l" 5 LOIS AKIN . . ."What sweet delight a quiet life affords." BOB BOEPPLE . ."I cameg I sawg I bluffedf' MARY BIGELOW .... "Silence oft of pure innocence persuades wh-en speaking fails." JOYCE BONEBRIGHT.."Why then you're in love." SENIORS INEZ HARWOOD .... "Content thyself to be absurdly good." DON JETTER .... "He who has a firm will, molds the world to himself." JANICE JOHNSON, Valedictorian .... "In- tellect-the starlight of the brain." CHESTER KMITTA .... "Oh, give us the man who sings at his Work." CHUCK FOX .... "There is no index of character so sure as the voice." RUSSELL GARL .... "They always think, who never talk." RONNIE GORDON .... "W-e can do any- thing we want to do if we stick to it long enough." JIM GRIFFIN .... " 'Tis good will that makes intelligence!" SENIORS RICHARD MACKLING .... "A good laugh is sunshine in a house." RAY MINIX .... "Fortunate is the man who can express himself with charm." JOHN MOLNAR .... "If you wish success in life, make perseverance your bosom fri-end, experience your wise counsellor, and hope your guardian genius." GLORIA MORRIS .... "Peace is the evening star of the soul, as virtue is its sung and the two are never far apart." LEONARD KMITTA .... "Life is not so short but there is always time for courtesy." TONY KUJAWSKI .... "This world belongs to the energetic." RAY LANGGUTH .... "Progress is the ac- tivity of today and the assurance of tomorrow." VIRGINIA LEACH .... "Kindness is wis- domg there is none in life but needs it, and may learn." SENIORS DOLORES REINOEHL . . ."Being a Woman is a terrible difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men." CHUCK REINKS . . ."A smile is the whisper of a laugh." DICK SHANAHAN .... "Genuine and in- nocent wit is surely the flavor of the mind." GLORIA SHETTERLY .... "Constancy is the compliment of all other human virtues." PHYLLIS MORRIS .... "She that can have patience, can have what she will." LYLE PONTIUS .... "Thinking is the talk- ing of the soul itself." GENEVIEVE PERSING . ."Speech is greatg but silence is greater." TRUMAN POTTS .... "Victory belongs to the most persevering. !7 SEN IORS NINA ARMSTRONG .... "Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece." ADA HOLE .... "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time We fall." BARBARA LONG .... "Reserve is the tru- est expression of respect toward those who are its objects." BARBARA STURGES .... "Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society." PATSY SPENNER .... "Reason clears and plants the wilderness of the imagination to harvest the wheat of art." FAYE STANDIFORD .... "Of plain, sound sense, life's current coin is made." DOLORES VALENTINE .... "Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought." MERILYN VAN EPPS .... "One of the sub- limist things in the world is plain truth." A SENIORS MARGE GUNN .... "Grace is to the body, what good sense is to the mind." JEANNE SMITH .... "I'll take his hand and go with him to the deep wells of life." WAYNE BARR. . ."A deep, genuine, heart- felt sincerity is a trait of true and noble manhood." JOAN RIDDARSPORRE . . ."Blue eyes with a wondrous bewitching charm, eyes that are fountains of thought and song." BEVERLY BARKLEY . ."A beautiful smile is to the countenance what a sunbeam is to the landscape." JIM HANSON..,.."The first impulse of conscience is apt to be right." FRANK BICKEL .... "The eye speaks with an eloquence and truthfulness surpassing speech." LOIS AKIN Girl's Basketball 1, 2, F.H.A. 2, 3 Library Club 2, 3 NIN A ARMSTRONG F.H.A. 1, 2, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Minstrel Show 1 Library Club 2 Class Secretary 1 Class Treasurer 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Girl's Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 BEVERLY BARKLEY Tupper Lake, New York Band Orchestra Glee Club Jr. Varsity Cheerleader G.A.A. Washington Clay 2 Co-Eds G.A.A. Edwardsburg 3, 4 Girl's Basketball Speech Debate 3, 4, Junior Play Senior Play Library Club Treasurer Annual Staff WAYNE BARR Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3 Minstrel Show 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Vice President 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Class Vice President 2, 4 FRANK BICKEL Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 DEAN BIDWELL Football 1, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Minstrel Show 1 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Class President 4 3 SEN IOB MARY LOU BIGELOW Girl's Basketball 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Hot Lunch Program 2 F.H.A. 1, 2 Library Club 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Annual Staff 4 BURTON BLANCHARD Salutatorian Class President 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Minstrel Show 1 Salutatorian 4 ROBERT BOEPPLE Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-captain 4 Baseball 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Secretary-treasurer 3, Student Council 3, 4 Vice President 3 President 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Debating Team 3, 4 F.F.A. 1 Annual Staff 4 JOYCE BONEBRIGHT Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 F.H.A. 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Operetta 2 Annual Staff 4 YVONNE BOTTOM F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Minstrel Show 1 Junior Play 3 Hot Lunch Program 3 Annual Staff 4 KENT CLAIRE Football 1, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Student Council 4 Track 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 ACTIVITIES CHARLES FOX Glee Club 1 Football 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 4 Annual Staff 4 Varsity Club 4 Junior Play 3 Announcer F.F.A. 1 RUSSELL GARL F.F.A. 1 Glee Club 1 Annual Staff 4 RONNIE GORDON Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 1, 2 F.F.A. 1 JIlVI GRIFFEN F.F.A. 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Baseball 2 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Annual Staff 4 MARGE GUNN Girl's Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel Show 1 Operetta 2 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Cheerleader 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 JIM I-IANSON Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, Student Council 1 Glee Club 1, 2 INEZ HARWOOD Girl's Basketball 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Operetta 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Office Work 4 ADA HOLE Girl's Basketball 1, Library Club 1, 2 Speech 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Minstrel Show 1 Junior Play 3 Debate Team 3, 4 Student Council 3 Class President 2 Annual Staff 4 Bus Patrol 1, 2 F.H.A. 1, 2, 4 DONALD JETTER Elkhart 1 Science Club Edwardsburg 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 JANICE JOHNSON Valedictorian F.H.A. 1, 2, 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3 Vice President 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel Show 1, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 4 Secretary 4 2 Girl's Basketball 1, 2, Valedi-ctorian 4 CHESTER KMI'1'.l'A Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Captain 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel Show 1 Operetta 2 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Secretary 3 Junior Play 3 Class Vice President 1 F.F.A. 1 LEONARD KMITTA Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-captain 4 F.F.A. 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Minstrel Show 1 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 TONY KUJAWSKI Football 3, 4 Track 2 F.F.A. 1 Junior Play 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball Manager 1, 2 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 SENIOR ACTIVITIES RAY LANGGUTH GLORIA MORRIS CHARLES RIENKS Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 South Bend Riley 1 Operetta 3 Football Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling Girl's Basketball 3 Track Annual Staff 4 Play F.F.A. 1 VIRGINIA LEACH Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Girl's Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Hot Lunch Program F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 PHYLLIS MORRIS Glee Clrub 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3 3 South Bend Central Football 2, 3 Swimming 2 Track 2 Play 2 Wrestling 3 2,3 Student Council 1, 3, 4 Secretary 3 Treasurer 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3 Vice President 2 President 3 F.H.A. 1, 2 Treasurer 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Minstrel Show 1 Annual Staff 4 Class Treasurer 2 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 4 Annual Staff 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Hot Lunch Program 3 GENEVIEVE PERSING Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Edwardsburg 3, 4 Track 3 Football 4 Senior Play 4 Annual Staff 4 DICK SHANAHAN Football 4 Junior Play 3 Student Council 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Football Manager 1 Bus Patrol BARBARA LONG Class Treasurer 1, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Minstrel Show 1 Annual Stall' 4 Junior Play 3 RICHARD MACKLING Football 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Minstrel Show 1 Basketball manager 1 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 RAY MINIX Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel Show 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 President 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Annual Staff 4 JOHN MOLNAR F.F.A. 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 LYLE PONTIUS Glee Club 1 Football 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Bus Patrol 1 F.F,A. 1 TRUMAN POTTS Football 1, 2 Track 1 F.F.A. 1 Student Council 1 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Annual Stall' 4 Glee Club 1, 3, 4 DOLORES REINOEI-IL F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3 Historian 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Minstrel Show 1 Bus Patrol 3 Hot Lunch Program Annual Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 GLORIA SHETTERLY Girl's Basketball 1, 2, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Annual Staff 4 JEANNIE IF8tt8fS, SMITH Girl's Basketball Manager Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Junior Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Library Club 1 F.H.A. 1 Class Secretary 3 PATSY SPEN N ER Glee Club 1, 2 Minstrel Show 1 Operetta 2 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Secretary 3 Girl's Basketball 1, 2, 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 3 Junior Play 3 F AYE STANDIIFORD JOAN RIDDARSPORRE F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Girl's Basketball 2, 3, Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 F.H.A. 1 4 Historian 3 Library 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Minstrel Show 1 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Office Work 4 Girl's Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 BARBARA STURGES Girl's Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 2, 4 Library Club 2 Treasurer 2 Junior Play 3 Bus Patrol 1 Annual Staff 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Minstrel Show 1 DOLORES VALENTINE Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 FH.A. 1, 2, 3 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Office Work 4 Hot Lunch Program 4 MERILYN VAN EPPS Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3 F.H.A. 2 Library Club 3, 4 Bus Patrol 2, 3, 4 Office Work 4 Junior Play 3 SN APS SPORTS DIVISION , -ul Q 5' gp 23 CHEER LEADERS 49' QQ? QQ? lv? Ruth Ellen Norse, ilerrff Miller, ViI'affIx!.Z'li.t?x Lmlch, Joan Riemks, Ann Ffaffoury. SCHGGL SONG Fijht on Old Fi. Ii. S. Mgjht right dovm that floorg 'fiith our colors flying, We will cheer you all the wore. Rah! Rah! H Rall! Fight on old E. IZ. 3. , fiqjiut on for Vistcmy, Spread far the gfame of our- fair' name, Come on Ef1war'f3.sbur5-------letis ROu it H8 'riff . xr -Q-5,9 r 4339 'B-Q?saga,F3f9'G,xi 'QPSJG Q O,f,,Xox,'W,Oe2-::iSgf ,.:31G ea A. G as ifawe 'Sj69m.H 'wi' X563 A0011 W gmc, f QAC39' 6369 Fw m2ii5i"' "I C28-315-"ix 'ieismxfx my ' ' ' 252530 in A 'fffgi ., QQQQQQX 91 M58 W Q s G , If 'S-27 I 'ff K vu f fl? is 5 3' 'Bb 5 - fl, N U m2 , .Z. g,,1i.5,, 9 ah, 'ft L5 IQ n"w-:lf 1512, .. riifvajg ,2'f,,,j2 gfllyt Qs f 5,1 1:9 I 's,.?,,l ,i ,Q 1579 3-if L? Q0 SPORT SCHEDULES FOR 1953-54 As we know all of our readers are Edwardsburg High School fans we are listing for your convience the schedules for football and basketball for next year as they now stand. September 18 September 25 October 2 October 9 October 16 October 23 October 30 Novem-ber 6 November 13 FOOTBALL - "53" White Pigeon Marcellus Washington Clay Galien South Bend Catholic New Buialo Constantine Cassopolis There Here Here There Here Here Here There 3130 year with the lights and our Edwardsburg was very proud of our new field last large attendance at the night, games made the effort of all the organizations that contributed well worth while. Bill Campbell, assisted by Mr. Harcourt did a very good job of coaching. November 24 December 4 December 11 December 15 December 18 January 12 January 15 January 19 January 22 26 January January 29 February 5 February 6 16 February February 19 February 26 BASKETBALL Baroda New Troy Three Oaks Galien Stevensville New Buifalo Eau Claire Bridgman Baroda New Troy Three Oaks Stevensville Galien New Buffalo Eau Claire Bridgman - N53 - 547, Here Here There Here There Here There Here There There Here Here There There Here There This year, due to the fine coaching of Mr. Harcourt, we certainly had a successful season, and our tournament games were a credit to the school. We hope we have equally as good a season in 1953-'54 as we had in '52-'53, FOOTBALL - 1952 Bottom Row: YinHbir1er W'ller L Y 1 New Fmffalo-----6 Cullen ----- ----- 7 South Eend------12 Colon -------- ---UL Lihiw Pig'f2on----'I I2lkl'xar't "13"- ---- 6 Constantine ----- 18 Cnsmopulis --.- --6 76" glee 2 Lost-Q iff 1 ,.1 , , an7gutA,Barr,Fox,Riwnks,C.2ienks,BiQwe11, Gr en ' ' ' End Row---: IIsarcour::,Aset. Cof.cEx,Kujamski,Shanahan,Toth,L1msford,Davi4Zhizar, C. Ymitta,'Rw J'DQ316,Le' X1nitba,Cnmpbel1--COACH. ' 3145 Row- -- : Ifyfvrs, Schx i t'c5ndorf'f,EiLmsberger', Painters ,Barr Hanson,GiDbs--Manager. Top ---- ---: rainsJilopfenstein,O'cto,Pcntius. - 1 .:,. if Q X. bf Campbf: 11-Goa C231 E XV ,Q 2 K R ?,0.0T.E1ALE V , . 1 - . , b! :fdchcff-1----US 1' CQ-Hes-----.1y. -1--ff ' 136,411 os ----- 12 1700175611-'1'I'0phy-52. Eddies-----242 -M ' - Zddies-----26 Tidcfiees-----S6 Yidfics --39 Vfwfms-----EO L ' 255 Q lion 6 Q BI--VALLEY LEAGUE ,Q cm - , -Q., . W W-W-v N-A W Y W 7 PM Harcourt-Asst.-Goaeh R?QnIQqm-Cheeg leqder k fu-wmv. LjT'f'x 'iz' for tw Tourmrzcnt xiii? 4 FOOTBALL - 1952 fifelzuf---T'su"i:iel 1 H1 A 5 S 2 W -X ff, v.Vw -M . .,.,,... , , , S .QQE-J-1154, E.L52f':La?r:r'QilC,?, 33393 2 L. 1i:m?h'm,L. 'oQfp1c,Coacl I2m'oom't,7, ?Ihr::fm,"T.. ' ','.T' J. 'FOff,'f.fZif1'H?1w 1533. T'f1:f1z1f.rf,", 'f7f'xI"i?OI'K,7, "Jw, , Bid A -"--M'-M-W'-W '--f "ff-11-' Qlw :- M Lunsford-Qriffen-Bonebrlrfht Out for tz'8.ck---- Q f K 'W " 'W Bidwell ariwfms tnmugna x 1 2 1 ' BOYS' "A" TEAM Na SHARES Gassopclis...,, 4 Haw Buffa1o,,,,gg gyda 1 va W Tr Q DISERECT GHAMPS-- 55 rcourt Eddies. Q Eddiea. Eddieio 4 Eddies. Eddiego Eddies. EddiBS. A Eddiesa Eddies. Eddieau Q Eddies. .4 EddieSa Eddies. w Eddiea. Eddies. aaeonov75 aooonn0?7 Stu Jghnganoo Bafodaandcoci oon67 ...SI .ei QIIICYD I 1 ..:69 oval Oll?2 .u:gg 'IIB wash ouseosq59 South BQBdnouoa 411001979 Galiensnvooo OllOOOO?1 Cassopmlis..... ,..,,..g5 Stevensville... agggqpq 5 White ?ig5Onil6 qqpuuqgg HBH G1HiT8un no .,,5,,g HHPtf0Fdosso .,.....6 Ca:-ssopolis.. . oonoaaiga Barodaoooaba ggggqgl,-za G6.lfL61'1nuas.n .......96 Constantina. .. ,,,.,.,7? Stevensville .u....100 EHR Glaifaob --Conference Games Won...l3 Lostaosh Qyo gb BOYS' "A" TEAM V V K we '53 Eddies Eddies fgyn QQ Front! D. Bidwell, L. Imaam, Yfiimrax, R. Gordon, Coach Harcourt Back : B. Blanchard, B. Mackling, J. Hanson, J. Toth, C. Kmitta, S. Sanders, Mgr. L 7 .15 ,':. zz, 2 ":' X VN Y 3 ST Y A 2 1- 2 x ,K " i I ..,, , 5 OQQT' ix ?. li2 mMe1 Q? "P 'A..- . VICKSBURG REGIONAL ll.OQgO OIOIQ 6 usoo452 .f X394 Nashville 1 a c U U58 Ngrth l:U3.3.n1l'3 A Q 95g Hartfor'd......5 ,- cmummzmca PIJAY 0v?:'fE- 5rd NACE 9""6? New fgI'0fy'Ol4no59 BCYS' "B" TEAM -- BASKETBALL First row: Dean Mohney, Vee Radebaugh, Tom Warrell, Dick Ellls Richie Myers Larry Clup, Coach Campbell. Second row: John Barker, Terry Stephens, Mike Stephens Dennis Otto Dick kitchen, Don Bigelow. Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg Edwardsburg 60 43 45 50 46 57 50 ...--.- 55 , ,.,.... 57 44 60 50 62 61 74 CONFERENCE St. Johns .,... . Baroda ...,,..,.,. ...... South Bend Galien ........,,, .. Cassopolis ...,.,. Stevensville ...... White Pigeon Eau Claire ...... Hartford ,,,,,,..., Cassopolis ,,.,... Baroda ...r....... Galien ...,......... ..... Constantine Stevensville .. Eau Claire ,.,,, PLAYOIFF New Troy ,,,,, Record-Won 12, Lost 4 TRACK TRACK SCHEDULE - 1952 Placed Schools 2nd, April 10 Berrien Springs 7th, April 19 Ann Arbor 2nd, April 22 Berrien Springs 5th, May 3 Albion lst, May 17 Berrien Springs Kalamazoo 2nd, May 24 East Lansing Twin Five Conference fpracticel River Rouge Relays Berrien, New Troy, Edwardsburg Track and Field Meet Regional Track and Field Meet State Final The above '52 schedule speaks for itself with the title "State Runner Up". For a small school we seem to be fortunate enough to have boys that are good in all types of athletics. Track appeals to certain boys that don't. care for football, baseball, or basketball. A boy that is too light for football, or not. large enough for basket- ball can find a place in track events. Bill Campbell is the coach of the track team and in the several years that we have participated in this sport, we have done very Well. Date April 15 April 29 May May May May 6 9 12 16 TRACK SCHEDULE for 1953 Schools Berrien Springs New Buffalo Galien Albion Berrien Springs Kalamazoo " YVarm Up ,v Baroda, Galien, Edwardsburg Baroda, Stevensville, Edwardsburg Track and Field Meet Conference Meet Regionals As our annual goes to press too early for events, we are hoping for a successful season for the track team. BILL CAMPBELL, Coach US to record the results of the '53 track BASEBALL 1952-53 COACH - BOB METFE This is the large group of boys that went out for baseball this spring. The regular team will be found in the calendar. Let's support our school baseball team by all coming out to the games. Who knowsAsome future big league stars may come from Edwardsburg. There is probably more of a career in the professional line in baseball than any other sport. Our team is coached byRobert Mette and with the good material coming on we are sure that he will turn out some good teams. We can use a cheering section at baseball games as well as any other sport. Schedule of Games for 1953 Date School Place April 17 Stevensville Here April 20 Bridgman Here April 23 Baroda There April 27 Eau Claire Here April 30 Three Oaks There May 4 Bye May 7 Galien Here May 11 New Troy There May 14 New Buffalo Here mm..w.-.Mn-W 1. Arr... . .wr---L-A. -Jw.. ... .1-.H ww , .. Y -fl .mu -mv,-W.-1-',,.-H 4 N-A .f . 41.5.1-1.1- ff. U - 01.1-.-T,-y Lf- -x-.1 , 1 1-Q --X-.n -: fm. --wx.,-,ff -5 'M-ww.,--4 w-1.1.--vw...' . vw he-.,,,,q.f-1-X-rw.,-v, GIRLS' BASKETBALL GIRLS' BASKETBALL GIRLS' BASKETBALL 10-11-12 Front row: Joan Riddarsporre, Patsy Spenner, Beverly Barkley, Virginia Leach, Margie Gunn, Joan Rienks, Nina Armstrong, Barbara Sturgis. Second row: Beverly Overmyer, Audrey Glaum, Faye Standiford, Ann Padbury, Gerry Miller, Nadine Runkle, Joann Beckwith. Back row: Gerry Shoemaker, Jackie Krecioch, Jeannie Smith 4Manager7, Gloria Shetterly, Miss Yeager, Coach. We are sorry to lose so many seniors this year and will surely miss them. However, we have several juniors and a large group of sophomores that show promise for next year. Due to the hard work and excellent team work of the girls, we were able to win all our games this year. GIRLS' BASKETBALL - NINTH GRADE First row: Norma Bigelow, Judy Kehoe, Gayla Pontius, Joyce Minix, Janet Kinzie, Norma Gauvreau, Jean Robinson. Second row: Doris Standiford, Mary Lou Funk, Nancy Leiser, Sandy Click, Judy Gibbons, Elizabeth Westfall. Although the 9th grade girls don't get to play on the regular team, they were very interested in basketball and almost every Friday night after school they worked very hard practicing. They were very co-operative and will be a big help to the team next year. ACTIVITIES est Ray-Town Hall E 3? Q' Jani , J rm vglggictgriinm Burt Blanohard , Salutatorian I .,....I.,M...-.,.,...........--W A 3 SSIIIQR2-v"Iff.TJ?f FQ Queen of' E-TO-T3.1LL i Ku jaw ski -?ex-sing . Man.. Runner-ups for Sno-Ball E Eli efnks-Eiiefnkaviionebwi gm 5 Runklb Clyde Loring SENIOR PLAY Dr. Wilfred Steele ....... ....Y,.,.,.........,..,,, .....,..,......,...,,.,......,,.........,,.,, .,..... , ..l..,...., .... . Sonia Petroff Jean Heather Skip Tolliver . Kose Colfax .......,... CAST - "BEYOND REASON" James Griffen Nina Armstrong Beverly Barkley Bob Boepple Janice Johnson Ray Mini:-1 Marge Gunn Dean Bidwell ' Virginia Leach Eve Patterson ,.,..., Ted Blaine ...... ,.....,,,..,... Delilah .,.,...,....,,,. Dusty ....,..,................ ,,..,,,i.. B urton Blanchard Sarah Colfax ,..... ........ J oan Riddarsporre Wolfe ,..,...,.,,.... ....,,.,...... - ..,..........,,..........,.................., ,....,...,,. .... ..............,.,.... - .......,..,.........,................,,......,,......,............,i....,,,.. C h a r les Rienks Ticket Committee, Dolores Valentine, Joan Riddarsporre, Inez Harwood, Marilyn Van Epps, and Genevieve Persing. Stage Managers, Richard Mackling, Ronnie Gordon, John Molnar, and Truman Potts. Announcer, Chester Kmitta. Director, Mrs. Andrews. Ushers, Patsy Spenner, Joyce Bonebright, Faye Standiford, Inez Harwood, Marilyn Van Epps, Yvonne Bottom, and Barbara Long. IUNIOR PLAY Uirector..........Miss Yeager TicketS........Kenneth Taylor ?F0mPters................Cast Stage Managers..A1 Windbigler Terry Stephens, Bob Bailey Carl Keck,Bil1 Maekling, Richard Davidhizar...... Announcers: Bob Bailey, Dick Kitchen. , Coatumea........Eorma Bowers 'TIF' TQTQTHTTR ONLY ?l'iE'WY' ACC I An QTI9I'1iD2 in the I' all Act II The next evening Act III A few minutes later CAST-JUEEQRS xt Zwtaxivgllu 4 0 q to ss QJGQD t L18-Ivyuoovvo .-...Carol Hunter ' ' Phoebe Harwood '. Barbara Kvecioch Lou... ......Garol Kinzie Shirley Fetters QQQQQDSWII If49.XWel1nQuongggDOn231f3 Duck Nelsonf,......Haro1d Lee John Maxwe11.......Jack Rienks Gladys Gooch.........Rowena Shank Char1esWRrainsMHurke..David Jones Dr. Jeffry Gooch......Jim Konrath Badge Burns WCepn..Terry Stephens Gther Po1icemen.....Q1 Windbigler Richard Davidhizar..Car1 Keck September 2 3 19 23 26 30 October 1 10 17 18 23 29 30 November 4 8 14 21 27-28 December 3 5 16 18 20 24 25 January 1 5 6 9 19 20 23 24 30 13 15 February 27 CALENDAR Whoopee! ! ! ! School started. Wonder when our first vacation is? First football game of season. Tied New Buffalo 6-6. Our first game and we showed it,-led all the way until last minute when Buffalo scored. CChet7 Senior pictures taken. Gee, hope it doesn't look like me. My, isn't every- one dressed up though. We beat Galien! Hurray for Eddies! lGood game for the reserves who played three-quarters of game-Chetl. Annual Staff announced. Seniors start magazine drive, girls against boys. Wonder who will win. Colon, here we come. We beat 46-16. "This team was big, but they showed no speed, or passing ability-so we creamed them". iChetJ Magazine drive ended, we sold more than any other class, 52,193. Those boys would win! A Sophomore hay ride -more fun. The senior boys went on a sanitation campaign during sandwich sale by seniors. Ray washed the hotdogs fin lab tool the rest of the boys dried. The girls threw them in the garbage. How does it feel to get a clock thrown at you, Bruce? That will teach you to disagree with teachers. Lion's Club Halloween party! What cute costumes. Notice!! Please turn all car keys in to office! P.T.A. Carnival. What a gorgeous picture that artist drew of you, Jan, I can hardly tell it's yau. We're out to beat Cass, Whoopee, we did 20-6. "This team had us scared for three quarters of the game, but during the 3rd quarter we opened holes in the line, and passed them to win 20-6" lChetD. Senior Play. My, but those seniors are good actors and actresses fWrit- ten by a seniorl. Thanksgiving vacation. What'll you have, turkey or more turkey? Senior pictures arrived. OOOOOOOh, do you look snazzy! First basketball game. WE BEAT ST. JOI-IN'S CATHOLIC! Shh- isn't nice to brag. Debate with Hopkins. Won both affirmative and negative. Nice going Bev., Ada, Bob, and Jerry. Juniors get their rings. Right pretty now, but not quite as pretty as ours. Wonder what I'll get for Christmas? Yippee, Christmas vacation. No school for almost two weeks. Merry Christmas Happy New Year! Hope you got more sleep than we did! Sort of good to get back to the old grind. Did you say school was out May 29th, Faye? Hot lunch good today! Mexican hamburgers. lNote: Day before inauguration dayl Ray Minix standing in lunch line: "Feed up today, boys, there'l1 be a bread line tomorrow." Lucky us, we got to watch the inauguration and parade on television, and at school too! CTe1evision, courtesy of Louis Duckl Thank you. We play Hartford, here. Well, the best of teams lose sometimes. Snow Ball Dance-Senior King and Queen. Yay, seniors. Thanks, juniors, for your help. We played Baroda. Another victory, naturally. Hope we beat Stevensville! Darn 'em anyway! We hear that the geometry class is getting pretty good on "figures", just what kind we don't know. We played New Troy in Twin Five Playoff. Great work boys. WE March April May June 3 5 6 12 13 14 17 19 22 27-28 1 4 3 5 6 7 9 10 10 11 13 14 16 17 24 15 24 28 29 1 WON. The juniors cleared over S60.00. Oh, boy now we will be able to have the prom inside. fJust jokinsl The girls' basketball team beat Cass again-it was the last game of their season and they won every game. Congratulations, girls! TOURNAMENT-We played Cass and won, too! TOURNAMENT-CAgain, I can't believe it? Come on boys beat New Troy. THEY DID, bless 'em. Class C District Champs. Vicksburg here we come! Regionals at Vicksburg. Hooray, we beat Nashville. WE BEAT NORTH ADAMS. Go Eddies, beat Hartford! Darn, great work anyhow, boys. Chose announcements. How agreeable those seniors are! Sophomore girls thought they were mechanics and turned all the burners around in the home ec. room on the stoves. Jim Conrath got so enthusiastic at play practice he fell off the stage- no harm done, just another dent in our gym floor. Junior play. The juniors are pretty good actors, too. Another year and they'll be as bad-I mean as GOOD as the seniors. No more school this year! APRIL FOOL How come the 10th grade girls didn't hear the fire drill bell in the home ec. room that day? You girls surely aren't concentrating that hard on learning to cook! Good Friday. What's gonna happen, we got a day off! In My Easter Bonnet. No school again today. Mr. Long and Mr. Blanchard must not be feel- ing well. NOTICE: Mr. Mette has picked his baseball team for 1953. It is: Dean Bidwell, L. Kmitta. L. Pontius, T. Potts, R. Minix, B. Boepple, R. Gordon, D. Klopfenstein, C. Keck, D. Bigelow, K. Clair, Ed Griifen, and D. Duck. We hear that Deloris Reinoehl got a sudden yearning for a truck ride during the 6th period assembly. Faye S., Patsy Spenner and Miss Yeager burn the midnight oil to try to finish the annual. Time: 11:30-Well, there's always another time. When the director of the P.T.A. show came into Mr. Long's room to be introduced, we don't think he knew it, but he had a lot of ink smudges on his face. But wait-on the other hand maybe he was trying to im- press her for a part in the minstrel. SENIOR CLASS MEETING-We really did want green gowns for commencement, Mr. Long. What ungrateful person could have put that tack on a teacher's chair after she had just said that they had been such angels while she was out of the room????? Wheeeeeeee Jackie Krecioch and Ann Padbury won Hrst place in the speech contest at St. Joseph. We also got 2 seconds and 2 thirds. Mr. Mette's so nice. Showed us how to keep a bowling score during history class. fWa.sted effort, we still aren't quite sure.l Joan R. and Patsy went to Cass to the printers for Miss Yeager. Where's the Vigilant Oifice girls????? Beverley Barkley, J. Toth, Sonny Sanders, Jackie Krecioch, Ann Pad- bury, and Sandy Click attend the annual debate day at Ann Arbor. Big place isn't it kids? Say, Sonny who was that cute girl across the table from you at the banquet? Junior-Senior Prom at the Hotel Elkhart in the ATHENIAN ROOM- real swanky! Bobby Wear-'s orchestra from Elkhart. That sure is a tricky fountain for the punch, juniors. Baccaleaureate Commencement. Couldn't even hear the speaker. Jan Johnson and Burt's knees made such noise knocking. Glad I wasn't valedictorian and salu- tatorian iOh, Yeah,l School's out and we are really proud of our annuals. Seniors embark on their trip to Washington, D. C., and New York City. Three more days and we are officially alumni of Edwardsburg High School. STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right, seated: JoAnn Beckwith, Janice Johnson, Dick Kitchen Virginia Leach. Standing: Shirley Fetters, Kent Claire, Sandra Click, Judy Kehoe Bruce Bone bright, Jerry Miller, Dick Shanahan. Officers: President, Robert Boeppleg Vice President, Richard Kitchen Secretary Janice Johnson, Treasurer, Virginia Leach. Sponsor: Robert Mette. October 27, November November December December 14, 23, STUDENT COUNCIL ACTIVITIES 1952-Handbooks completed and given 1952-Mcck Presidential Election 1952-Dance after Cass Game 6, 1952-Sox Hop 1952-Christmas Program 4, January 14, 1953-C.A.S.M.S.C. Meeting January 24, 1953HSnowball Dance PROGRAMS PRESENTED October 23, 1952-"Southland Singers" December 8, 1952-Ken Smith "Quick Artist" March 7, 1953f"The De Willois" March 19, 1953-Assembly on "Sounds of the Air" 011 LIBRARY CLUB Joyce Minix, Norma Bigelow, Gayla Pontius, Ruth Ann Kline, Phyllis Christner, Vir- ginia Landis, Nancy Lieser, Jean Ann Robinson, Charlene Eggert, Susie Kantz, Beverly Overmyer, Nadine Runkle, Juanita Wishart, Carol Kinzie, Carol Hunter, Shirley Fet- ters, Beverly Barkley, Delores Valentine, Joyce Bonebright, Joan Riddarsporre, Gene- vieve Persing, Faye Standiford, Patsy Spenner, Miss Yeager, Sponsor. We have a large group of girls that are interested in library work this year, and are glad that so many of the freshmen and sophomore girls are helping out. Next year we plan to give quite a bit of training to the girls that are working in the library. Some of the senior girls will be greatly missed as they have been working in the library ever since they were freshmen. We have added a number of new fiction books this year and have a good assortment of magazines for the students to' read. The girls have had several parties this year, a wiener roast in the fall at Mrs. McNabb's and several others. We are getting quite a lot of enjoyment out of our secret pals, and find this an opportunity to learn to do thoughtful things for other people. F. H. A. President, Rowene Shankg Vice President, Phyllis Morris, Secretary, Phoebe Harwood: Treasurer, Inez Harwood, Historian, Judy Gibbons, Parlimentarian, Carol Hunter, Sponsor, Mrs. Macdonald. In October we attended the Michigan State-Penn State football game at East Lansing. We sent delegates to the Regional convention at Kalamazoo. It was decided there to sponsor a war orphan and each chapter in this region donates toward that. At Christmas time we had a gift exchange and went caroling. March 10th and 11th was the state convention at Michigan State College and we sent two delegates. We gave an Easter program for the old people at the County Infirmary this year. GLEE CLUBS QUBD 51153 Mmrse 1'42"3, VSAT!! Music Dirastor DEBATE AND SPEECH Our debate topic for this year was RESOLVED: That the Atlantic Pact Nations should form a Federal Union. This year our debate team consisted of Ada Hole, Beverly Berkley on the Affirmative and Jerry Toth and Bob Bopple on the Negative. We will be very sorry to see Ada, Bev, and Bob graduate this year as that leaves us with only one experienced debater. Jerry Toth is only a sophomore though and has two more years and there are a number of other people interested for next year. Our first debate this year was with Berrien Springs at Edwardsburg. This time we won the affirmative and lost the negative and with our next debate here with Hopkins we were very happy to win both decisions. Next came our debate with Homer, the school that proved out Waterloo last year-well, Waterloo the Second. They really are good debaters though and go into the state finals each year. Our last debate was with Comstock and we won the affirmative here and lost the negative. The total was four and four. Of course we would like to win them all but that is one thing that debating teaches you that the people with the best arguments and constructive points Win. C.Of course we don't always argee with the judges, but then neither do the others when they lose.D We have found that in debate you can't bluff, but you have to have the evidence and the proof for it. The climax of the debating season is the annual Debate Day at Ann Arbor with the championship debates of the A and B divisions. The students that attended this year were Beverly Barkley, Jerry Toth, Sonny Sanders, Jackie Krecioch, Sandy Click, and Ann Padbury accompanied by Miss Yeager. The students enjoyed their tour of the campus and also hearing the state debate championship contests in the afternoon. The day was climaxed by a dinner sponsored by the Detroit Free Press at 6:00. SPEECH ACTIVITIES This year we did quite well in the District Speech Contest at St. Joe High School. Edwardsburg, St. Joe, and Berrien Springs competed in this event. Our contestants were Ada Hole and Beverly Barkley in the dramatic divisiong Jackie Krecioch and Sandra Click in the declamations, and Ann Padbury and Charlene Eggert in the hum- orous division. Ann and Jackie placed first in their divisions and in the dramatic division a second count to break the tie was made with Beverly getting five points against the other girl's six. Our total score was two firsts, two seconds, and two thirds. Sandra Click, Jackie Krecioch, and Rowena Shank entered the state T.B. speech contest and, although they didn't win any place, got a chance to give their speeches over the Benton Harbor Radio Station. Shirley Fetters and Jerry Toth tried the con- test on the United Nations. It involved a lot of study and the test covered three hours. We haven't heard any results yet but Jerry and Shirley undoubtedly are the two best informed people in the community on the United Nations. Our junior and senior girls were glad to help out when the chest X-rays were taken. The girls worked in shifts giving the announcements over the loudspeaker in the town hall and operating the record player. About 15 girls participated in this. We also enjoyed giving a panel discussion at the November P.T.A. on the current debate topic. The girls also gave their T.B. speeches at this meeting. UN DER-CLASSMEN S F A 1 Cv "' 1 V' Q0 ca Q I Ns' .4 Wi' ...fffxy .0 ...f---1v fyidmifi IUNIOR CLASS Top row:Norma Bowers, Richard Davidhizer, Donald Duck, Shirley Fetters, Audrey Glaum, Phoebe Harwood, Carol Hunter, David Jones, Carl Keck, Carol Kinzie. Second row: Jim Konrath, Barbara Krecioch, Harold Lee, Dawn Miller, Harry Miller. Third row: Gerry Miller, Jack Rienks, Joan Rienks, Rowena Shank, Kenneth Taylor. Absent: Dick Kitchen, Terry Stephens, Al Windbigler, Bob Bailey. OFFICERS President ....,..., ...... J ack Rienks Vice President ......,...,....... Donald Duck Secretary ....A .. .,A,,., Joan Rienks Treasurer ...,.......,..... ..,..... J im Konrath Sponsor, Miss Yeager ACTIVITIES The juniors have kept quite busy this year and have worked hard to bring their treasury up to pay for the expenses of the Prom and to have a good amount left over to apply on their senior trip. We started out by selling sandwiches at noon twice a week before hot lunch started and then have sold all year at football and basketball games when it was our turn. We had a very successful scrap drive in November and another in April. Several bake sales throughout the year also helped out. As another project, we sold hosiery from the Hi-Stocking Club and under the management of Shirley Fetters were quite successful. It hasn't been all work as we had a party at the school in November and one at Miss Yeager's house in December. Our junior play "If Mother Only Knew" can be classed as both work and play. The juniors all co-operated very well and enjoyed presenting their first play. Of course the highlight of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom at the Elkhart Hotel. It was held in the Athenian room and the music was furnished by Bobby Wear's orchestra of Elkhart. A group of the juniors picked the place out for the prom one night after play practice and were quite thrilled with the ballroom with its long carpeted hall. Of course it looked even better when filled with our guests in their lovely formals escorted by- fcan those be the boys we see at school every day?l SOPHOMORES 5 CLASS ROLL Top to bottom: Andresen, Beckwith, Krecioch, Bigelow, Bonebright, Barker, Eg- gert, Griffen, Hoffman, Kantz, Klopfenstein, Wishart, Pontius, Mains, Mattox, Mortimer, Morse, Wolfe, Lunsford, Overmyer, Padbury, Proctor, Runkle, Sanders, Sharp, Shoe- maker, Toth Worrell, Windbigler, Stover. CLASS OFFICERS President .,...,.,.,. ,. A.,,,,,,,,.,...........r..,.,. ,..,...,..,.,,,.......,.,.,.....,..,,,., H arry Proctor Secretary ......,.,...,......... ,.., , , ,,,,, , Larry Mattox Vice President ,, ,,,.. ..,, , Ed Griffen Treasurer ...,,,..,,.,,,....,,.,......,..,,..,..,r,,........,....r..............,........... ..,.... N eal Lunsford Sponsors: Mrs. Macdonald and Mr. Galbreath CALENDAR October 8 ., ,..,..... .,...........,............,,,.............,,,,, F reshmen Initiation December 13 .,.....,,,. ..,......., ,.,...,,,.,.....,..,.. ...... , . , 1 ,,............. Class Party February ,,..,,,..,. .....,...,...........,...,,..,,.....,,,............,.,,, , .. Bake Sale April 11 ,, ,..,, , ..., , H ,.,,,,....., ....,....,.,.,,.,,..........................,.l,,.,. T rip to Chicago The King and Queen for the sophomores for the Sno-Ball were Nadine Runkle and Bruce Bonebright. NINTH GRADE NIN TH GRADE CLASS ROLL -FIRST GROUP First row, left to right: Sandy Ward, Jimmy Freeman, Marlene Higley, Mrs. Andrews, Ted Jones, Doris Fetters, Judy Kehoe, Mary Benge. Second row: Doris Standiford, Pat Fodrocy, Juanita Bankston, David Fisher, John Cox, Larry Barr, Dick Ellis, Dick Aken, Mary Condon, Sally Bolton, Ray Hunsberger, Dolores Van Scoik, Hazel Helmlinger. ' SECOND GROUP First row left to right: Jean Robinson, Judy Gibbons, Richie Myers, Norma Bige- low, Elizabeth Westfall, Phyllis Christner, Norma Gauvreau, Ruth Ann Kline, Doris Meckling, Virginia Landis. Second row: Joyce Minix, Patsie Radeckie, Sandy Click, Gary Sweitzer, Dennis Otto, Vee Radebaugh, Mike Stevens, Lonnie Schmidtendorif, Larry Culp, Nancy Lieser, Janet Kinzie, Gayla Pontius, Dean Mohney. President ...... -..--..--..-....- .... -...- .... - ..,. -,...- ..,.....,...,.., CLASS OFFICERS U..- .... Richard Ellis Vice President ...... -...-...-,.- ..... -...-.-.-.--..- ............ ,.- ..... -.,.. Larry Kulp Secretary -- .....,,.... - ..... - A... -..W .... - ........,.....,. -,,.- ..... - .......,.,...... -- .......,...... Judith Gibbons Treasurer -..---.... .... .... - ... .... - .... - .... -.-.--- .,.. - ..... - ..,...,... , ..., Patricia Fodrocy Student Council Representatives, Sandra October 18 . .... February 14 - ........, February 28 - .......l -...- .......,. ..... . .. March ..,,......, ,-., Click, Judy Keh0e CLASS ACTIVITIES - .... - ........., - .... -...- ...., - ........ ---.- .... -...--..-...- ,.... Hayride - ......... --..-.. ...................,. . ...,..,.......,.............. - .... - .... Bake Sale Return Party for Sophomores Bake Sale 17. 1 "' .13 H .Iii wx f..." J, ,A 'p ,pn Af , -, K., , r 1 g 4 . -.. - :X--. K., mf '-inf f- ' ' ' .A Mlvw Aft wi '- f ESQ-gf v 11 -nj - ' r. 'L 1 -'---1 in . . ,l? A pl ',.,fl- lr ,. f Hz -f "W-V iii: , 525' If , .,W, .Q fb' . if A 1 ., , . ' qs. ., '- . . " ' Q ,Q F ,. . ,. . I UNIOR HIGH DIVISION Ea Rue Har-court EIGHTH GRADE MR. LEWIS, Teacher Back row, left to right: Mr. Lewis, teacher, Pat Egmer, Carol Chris- tophel, Shirley Miller, Nancy Warrell, Charles Winter, Bob Randall, Larry Thompson, Allan Padbury, Mary Lou Barker, Charles Hoien, Donald Swanson, George Konrath, Abbie Abshire, Grace Klip. Front row: Gary Briesacker, Betty Kulp, Jim Ryder, Pat Freeman, Phil Drew, Paul Maehler, Harold Lowe, James Whitcomb, Rosa Lee Car- penter, Rosalie Sanders, Monte Johnson. Absent: Sally Proper. EIGHTH GRADE MR. SHANAHAN, Teacher Back row, left to right: Richard Westfall, Stanley Suski, Terry Jones, Romona Lewis, Max Thompson, Carl Burger, Charles Wishart, Kathy Sanders, John Kujawski. Middle row: Leah Powers, Mary Ann Mossman, Loretta Checkley, Sandra Slocum, Barbara Bowman, Judy Wilkinson, Martha Nichols, Nancy James, Mr. Shanahan. Bottom row: Tom Emenaker, Phyllis Hoover, John Dryer, Ronny Kmitta, Barbara Randall, Sam Robinson, Bill Bailey. SEVENTH GRADE MR. MACDONALD, Teacher Back row, left to r1ht: Elizabeth Horvath, Herman Townsend, Carol Koporc, Leslie Proffitt, Carl Shiedler, Rex Carpenter, Rose Chew, Mary Fox, Jeralyn Keck, Durelle Butrick. Middle row: Charles Chew, Larry Bidwell, Bill McNabb, Joan Weso- lowski, Herbert Clausen, Charles O'Connor, Sharon Eaton, Teddy Ann Kulwicki, Larry Banghart, Mr. Macdonald, teacher. Front row: Faith Tompos, George Morningstar, Danny George, Carol Riddarsporre, Barbara Bonebright, Betty Suski, Larry Haven, Bob Spen- ner, Annie Williamson. SEVENTH GRADE MR. HARCOURT, Teacher Back row, left to right: Kathleen Stephens, Mary Ann Pantilla Marion Gibbs, Jack Kujawa, Edwin Hudson, Milton Egmer, Ray Rade- baugh, Marne Brown. Middle row: Mr. Harcourt, teacher, Norman Landis, George Bolock Spurge Bankston, Sylvia Whitcomb, Frances Wendl, Larry Swaim, Clar- ence Rienks, Robert Thorpe, Diana Myers. Front row: Janet Leedy, Deanna Konrath, Marilyn Otto, Mary Mol- nar, Judy Ziolkowski, Nancy Sodeman, Marjorie Carpenter. Absent: Jerome Farmer, Donald Copper, Ray Helmlinger. SIXTH GRADE MRS. BROWN, Teacher Back row, left to right: Mrs. Brown, teacher, Martha Morse, Delbert Landis, David Richards, Velma Copeland, Loretta Dryer, Patricia Abshire, Donald Howe, Sylvia Gloede, Robert Hudson, Sheri Freedline, Marjorie Mains, Patricia Pabreza, Kay Vollstedt, Terry Harris, Marrilee Sheidler, John Pantilla, William Checkley. Middle row: Clyde Poppe, George Briesacker, Jerome Mitra, Eugene Montgomery, Tom Littman, John Beckwith, Willis Maxwell, Thurman James, Bill Bates, Kent Carpenter, Gary Sanders, Tom Sodeman. Absent: Ruth William. EDWARDSBURG SCHOCL SAFETY PATROL April 18 - ,.,. . ,,,..,.,...........,.,..,,.,........ ....,.....,,,................,.,...,,.,.,,,...............,,,,..,.. ........ ,.....A S 0 c k Hop April . .... - .......... Bake Sale May , ,,,. -,, ..... ......,.,,.,.,,, ..,,.....,,.... . . . Bake Sale May .,.,,,.,.........,..A....,.A,,..,, ,,..........,,..,.,.A ,.,,.............A. , ,....,,....,......... .,.x,,.... P i c nic at Tower Hill The Safety Patrol had four shifts. The first shift goes on in the morning, the second shift goes in the first half of the noon hour and at the last half half the third shift goes on. The final shift goes on at night. The patrol members are from the 6th and 7th grades. They are protecting the children continuously, and the children co- operate very well. Just to make sure that the members are doing their job right their sponsor, Mr. Macdonald, gave them a patrol test on March 20. The average score out of 36 possible points was 31 points. The Iieutenants of the school safety patrol are as follows: Larry Haven, Larry Bidwell, Carol Riddarsporre, and Teddy Ann Kulwicki. Their captain is Bill McNabb. SAFETY PATROL MEMBERS 1st Shift: Larry Haven, Lieutenant, Kent Carpenter, John Beckwith, Carol Kopore, Kay McNabb, Patsy Pabreza. 2nd Shift: Larry Bidwell, Lieutenant, Tom Litman, Sherry Frestline, Nancy Sode- man, Diana Myers, Marnie Brown, 3rd Shift: Carol Riddarsporre, Lieutenant, Jerome Mitra, Jerry Keck, Don Lowe, Janet Leedy, Bob Thorpe. 4th Shift: Teddy Ann Kulwicki, Lieutenant, Gene Montgomery, Sue Balyeat, Bar- bara Anern, Robert Spenner, Kathleen Stephen. SIXTH GRADE MRS. VAN DUSEN, Teacher Back row, left to right: Charles Cooper, Chris Thorpe, John Elmore, Wilma Oaks, Barbara Martin, Glenn Gibbs, Barbara Cavern, Mary Brod- zinski, Daniel O'Connor, James Couch, Elizabeth Mahoney. Middle row: Shirley Haslam, Tom Kehm, Mary Hurley, Mike Seuss, David Wishart, Jared Horvath, Joseph Griffin, John Chew, Janice Shoe- maker, Douglas Andrews, Mrs. Van Dusen, teacher. Front row: Donald Mortimer, Janet Mohney, Judy Long, Donald Langguth, Wayne Fetters, Sue Balyeat, Marjorie Rasler, Kay McNabb, Dennis Patterson. GRADE DIVISION - NEW SCHOOL Doris Olson-Secretary M.C. Blanchard-Superintendent ' Eduardaburg School, Hazel Westfall-Principal . Grades FIFTH GRADE MRS. BOEPPLE, Tcacher Back row, left to right: Douglas Harris, Leona Carpenter, Gayle Kehm, Joanna Leedy, Gretchen Pyle, Priscilla Whitcomb, Peter Andresen, Pamela Lovell, Judith Turnock, Karen Davis, Barbara Christoph. Middle row: Jerrilyn Hoien, Freddie Dorrier, Robert Batz, James Checkley, Sandra Feirick, Lessie Lawshea, Charlie Lawshea, Kathleen Rienks, Daniel Richards, Ros-e Fox, Karen Reed. Front row: Mrs. Boepple, teacher, Jerry Duck, Ray Smith, Kay Jack- son, Donna Haven, Robert Chew, Edwin Ksiezopolski, LuAnne Stuglik, Susan McDonald, Linda Smith. Absent: Larry Ward, Don Pillow, Robert Valentine. FIFTH GRADE MRS. JONES, Teacher Back row, left to right: Richard Higley, June Valentine, Lee Marsh, David, Checkley, Billy Suski, Donna Hoover, Hugh Anderson, Charles Weinberg, Mary Lou Kinzie, Franklin Creamer, Daniel Kulwicki, George Snyder. Middle row: Lois Klip, Carolyn Jones, Tommy Eaton, Gary Bankston, David Sanders, Christine Sheidler, Patsy Klopfenstein, Morris Evans, Rudy Koporc, Mary Anne Gailhouse, Veda Radebaugh. Front row: Mrs. Jones, teacher, Karalie Doczy, Kathryn Leach, Judith Kohler, Susie Drew, James Reeves, Terry Vandygriff, Patsy Town- send, Michael Morningstar, Sharron Carpenter. Absent: Nancy Brown, Sara Proper. P FOURTH GRADE MRS. PADBURY, Teacher Back row, left to right: Barbara Littman, Elnora Creamer, Diane Walker, Karen Nichols, Gerald Griffen, Pamela Seuss, Sharon Kohler, Reaburn Butrick, William Doczy, Sandra Vandygriff, Maureen Krone- Witter, Drexel Akin. Middle row: Tom Egmer, Michael Horvath, Fred Gaskill, Edward Drew, Shirley Osborn, Judy Bolton, Lyle Bame, Robert Rubeck, Brenda Rydzinski, Fred McCormick, Larry Couch, Alex Horvath, Mrs. Padbury, teacher. Front row: Mary Whitcomb, Barbara Lucado, William Long, Carolyn Valentine, John Smith, Sylvia Harp, George Mooth, Patricia Quinn, Anthony Pabreza, Alan Beach, Ruby Williamson, Paul Windbigler. FOURTH GRADE MRs. EGGERT, Teacher Back row, left to right: Beverly Gibbs, Kay Lov-ell, Patrick Hurley, Robert Overmyer, Miriam Landis, John Bittle, Eileen Myers, Janice Pat- terson, Patricia Edwards, David Sheidler, Warren Bolton, Carolyn Kmitta, James Funkhouser. Middle row: Vern McCain, James Niver, Judith Vollstedt, William Hudson, Jeffrey Horvath, Virgil Helmlinger, Eldon Copeland, Russell Gibbs, Helen McCormick, Donald Cavern, Linda Harris, John Rush, James Dor1'ier. Front row: Cheryl Davis, Sandra Whiting, Carol Van Scoik, Wayne Bankston, Robert Theil, Anthony Petrowsky, Judith Grunewald, Robert Shireman, Sue Sodeman, Sandra Litty, Patrick Wesolowski, Mrs. Eggert, teacher. Absent: Errol Davis, Dorothy .Williams, Gwendolyn Cowan. THIRD GRADE Miss MARY WESTFALL, Teacher Back row, left to right: Jane Ward, Lonnie Lue Perkins, Kathleen O'Connor, Elizabeth Thorpe, Martha Scheibelhut, Janet Emenaker, Nedra Hurley, Dian Metcalf, Shirley Landis, Sue Ann Cornwall, Carolyn Rydzin- ski, Josephine Stuglik. Middl-e row: Mary Westfall, teacher, Billie Martin, Donald Smith Donald Christner, Louis Kujawski, John Klip, Kenneth Bowers, Charlene Kantz, Von Beckwith, Jerry Van Harlingen, Rand Eddy, Tommy Clement, Jimmy Molnar, Jimmy McCain, Donald Konrath. Front row: Carol Ferry, Richard Turnock, Jimmy Welsh, Jerry Myers, Shela Freeman, Kay Clark, Carla Jones, Sandra Lloyd, George Griffin, Danny Morse, Leora Lawshea. THIRD GRADE MRS. WARRELL, Teacher Back row, left to right: Linda Jones, Helen Kulwicki, Kate Gibbs, Henry Jourdan, Charles Clark, Garth Maxam, Elroy Feirick, Frank Suski, Adam Brodzinski, Tim Parson, Patricia Lane, Mary Jane Kronewitter. Middle row: Patricia Cooper, Karen Pantilla, Donna Vollstedt, Jerry Niver, John Mueller, Franklin Forrest, Betty Jo Forrest, Gary Solloway, Lyle Quimby, Kathryn Griffen, Mary Manchow, Roger Randall. Front row: June Sanders, Constance Simbulan, Leona Vandygriff, Albert Konrath, Susanne Flowers, Alan Pianowski, Kathryn Egmer, Patricia Davis, Gary Liggett, Mrs. Warrell, teacher. SECOND GRADE Miss HAZEL WESTFALL, Teacher Back row, left to right: David Nichols, Warren Smith, Myra Jean Canfield, Carol Rinehart, Ronald Mooth, Charlotte Klopfenstein, Virginia Standiford, Nancy Armstrong, Kay Swanson, Mary Rush, Peggy Car- penter, Judith Banghart, Lonnie Williamson. Middle row: Lorna Mitchell, Vivian Keathley, James Languth, Gary Smith, Miriam Worrell, Joseph Jendrzejewski, Michael Rienks, William Couch, Clyde Copeland, Wilma Standiford, Carolyn McCarn, David Mor- timer, Wayne Haugen. Front row: Lonnie Liggett, Cynthia Martin, Roberta Glaum, Connie Clement, Bernadette Brodzinske, Terry Henke, Gretchen Wendl, Phyllis Barker, Diana DeFreesfe, Carol Briesacker, Miss Hazel Westfall, teacher. Absent: Richard Beavo. SECOND GRADE MRS. BLAIR, Teach-er Back row, left to right: Lyle Montgomery, Michael Smith, Donald Briesacker, Jay Windbigler, Victoria Kiezopolski, Michael Bretschneider, Sharon Whitcomb, Richard Rubeck, Judy Kendall, Steve Jones, Beverly Littman, Bill Lee Pennington, Joseph Stuglik, Georg-e Farmer, Teddy Grishaber, Terry Lane. Middle row: Ralph Suski, Jayne Carpenter, Jeanine Leedy, Gary Miller, Connie Copper, Richard Powers, James Gibbs, Richard Becker, Harlan Hurley, Dennis Morningstar, Beverly Smith, Barbara Balyeat. Front row: Kenneth Sodeman, Emma Chandler, Dale Holley, Sandra Banghart, Lynn Marsh, Linda Bame, Marilyn Taylor, Jonne Clark, Rich- ard Maxwell, Lynne Akin, Mrs. Blair, teacher. FIRST GRADE MRS. WYSOCKI, Teacher Back row, left to right: Gregory Davis, Richard Bigelow, Terry Shetterley, Jimmie Cripe, Leah Quimby, John Bralick, Tommy Fodrocy, Joyce Kollar, Mary Suski, Marsha Patterson, Michael Helmlinger, Sandra Probst. Middle row: Mrs. Bette Wysocki, teacher, Gerald Beach, John Reed, Marshall Forrest, Alan Van Huffel, John Fox, Sally Jones, Charles Smith, Harry Keathley, Cheryl Odell, Freddie Kuespert, Dickie Gibbs. Front row: Jack Sodeman, Tommy Couch, Michael Smith, Pat Whit- ing, Geraldine Leist, Glen Kentner, Diane Carpenter, Janet Warrell, Roger Mattens, Jimmy Lowe, Tommy Evans. Absent: Kathy Horvath, Danny McCarty. FIRST GRADE MRS. RINEHART, Teacher Back row, left to right: Tony Suski, Sandra Sodeman, Ruthann Fuson, Susan Maxam, Robert Beavo, Virginia Ward, Joe Bowman, Ann Follmer, Sally Smith, Jane McManus, Larry Smith, Sue Ann Horvath, Thomas Parson. Front row: Trudy Westphal, Jerry Starkweather, Brian Claire, Roxane Martin, Beverly Shireman, Jack Rinehart, Patty Kantorowski, David Feirick, Michael Raab, Diana Banghart, Jennifer Jackson, Kenneth Egmer, Mrs. Rinehart, teacher. MCRN ING KINDERGARTEN MRS. VANCE, Teacher Back row, left to right: Jerel Williamson, Larry Lovell, Stanley Smith, Robert Konrath, Billy Keeley, Joyce Parsons, Betty Shireman, Barbara Smith, Roxane Taylor. Middle row: Arnold Lovelette, Toni Kring, Linda Flowers, Nancy Trump, Robert Seggerman, Marjorie Checkley, Bonnie Hawkins, Terry Bidwell, Scott Everett, George Feirick. Front row: Mary Ann Liggett, Mary Gibbs, Mary Valentine, Gary Knapp, Phyllis Shoemaker, Irma Brown, Sandra Davis, Alby Beach, Dennis Kehoe. Absent: Sharon Bittle, Carl Jones, Lynn Ryder. AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN MRS. VANCE, Teacher Back row, left to right: Jean Bowman, Richard Martin, Linda George, William Standiford, Laurel Harden, Mary Jean Dryer, Donald Lofthus, Beverly Landis, Larry DeLucenay, Cynthia Metcalf, Sheldon Hart, David James, Sally Tharp, Mrs. Vance, teacher. Front row: Ron Pillow, Donn Westfall, Dale Westfall, Birdella Car- penter, Patricia Balyeat, Marilyn Davis, Linda Harry, Robert Quinn, John Meredith, Jr. MORNING KINDERGARTEN MRS. VAN NESS, Teacher Back row, left to right: Toni Tompos, David Shugert, Paul Ferry, Mark Smith, Jerry Jourdan, Gail Kapore, Billy Scheibilhut, Eddie Forrest, Stephen Morse. Middle row: Danny Bittle, George Christner, Gerold Schelstraite, Beverly Dandis, Lynn Andrews, Kenneth McCain, Luana Harris, Brian Ames, Sally Cornwall, Mrs. Van Ness, teacher. Front row: Barbara Whiting, Elaine Turnack, Dean Westfall, Lynn Keathley, Judy Fisher, Stanley Kantarowski, Marsha Potts, Linda De- Freese, Irene Suski. AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN MRS. VAN NESS, Teacher Back row, left to right: Virginia Morris, Linda Wolf, Bobby Edwards, Jerry Westfall, Mary Jane Kulwicki, Kenneth Bishop, Donald Ort, Patty Dobrick, Jennifer Funkhouser, Judy Miller, Mrs. Van Ness, teacher. Front row: Cecelia Littman, Linda Howe, Ronald Lowell, Carolyn Griffin, Elaine Cook, Connie Bickel, Gregory Lawsen, Sandra Quinn, Billy Brodzenski. ADAMSVILLE MR. SCHMIDTENDORFF, Teacher Back row, left to right: Paul Sweitzer, Lyle Cornish, Dick Weinberg, Janet Freimund, Margaret Griffen, Marsha Solloway, Connis Rydzinski, Denny Thompson, Tommy Thomas, Margo Scoville, Floyd Kantz, Judy Eaton, Dick Bates. Middle row: Roger Pyle, Susan Rydzinski, Linda Kirkdorfer, Linda Massey, Joel Becraft, Carl Lichtenbarger, Douglas Osborn, Sandra Rink, Richard Griffen, Karen Christner. Front row: Mary Lee Smith, Marlin Bowers, Billy Bottom, Jimmy Chew, Phyllis Rasler, David Lane, Betty Christner. SCHOOL CLINIC NURSE - Grace Mackenzie PATIENT - Tommy Couch The school clinic is a three room unit located in the new Elementary Building. Most of the equipment was purchased by the School Board. The expense of operating the clinic is paid by the P.T.A. This includes the salary of Mrs. George Mackenzie, a registered nurse. Mrs. Mackenzie is on duty each day during school hours and the noon period to care for children who become ill or are injured at school. The' clinic is equipped with four cots and two of these are in a separate room to provide isolation for children suspected of having a contagious disease. An average of twenty-five children per day visit the clinic for treatment. In case you are interested in an overall picture of patientsg from September 5, 1952 to April 1, 1953, there was a total of 3,120 students from both grades and hlgh school treated in the clinic. HOT LUNCH Mrs. Fetters, Mrs. Beckwith, Mrs. Proper, Mrs. Long TYPICAL MENU MONDAY WEDNESDAY Chili and crackers Potato salad One roll with butter Bologna salad sandwich Cole slaw Buttered peas Cookies Creme filled doughnut Milk TUESDAY THURSDAY Beef and noodles Turkey sandwich Rolls, butter, and jelly Noodle soup and crackers Buttered green beans Apple sauce Milk Sliced peaches Milk FRIDAY Egg salad sandwich Potato chips Chocolate pudding Slice of cheese Buttered corn Milk The total of meals served during the month of March was 9,273, an average of 441 per day. Graduates of Edwardsburq High School 1888- Jennie Hanson Ida Harward Bertha Thompson Laura Snyder Merta Miller 1893- Dora Silver Henrietta Hadden 1894- Blanche Williams Letta Lukenbach Hugh Beauchamp Lisle Shanahan Florence Holdeman 1896- Miriam Graham Grace Hogmeir Mable Parsons Jessie Thornton Carrie Hadden Alice Brady Ann-a Beauchamp Matie Cobb Clifford Brady 1897- Inez Smith Fred Harwood Andrew Hadden 1898- Constance Brady Verna Paul Jessie Rickert Robert Hadden Claude Reed 1899- Walter Thompson Maxa Cook William Parish 1900- Margaret Hadden Elizabeth Runkle Ida Runkle H. J. Carlisle Warren Quimby Ida Perkins Florence Parsons Marion Brady Harry Kitchen 1901- Winifred Smith Arthur Runkle John Kitchen 1902- Carl E. Manchow Ella Truitt Martha Hadden Arthur Brady Harry Meredith George Andrus Loyd Dunning Minnie Rogers Eleanor Bacon 1903- Winnifred Hanson George Hadden Genevieve Light Maude Kelsey Lewis Runkle Adah Curtis 1904- Zendella Truitt Lottie Rose Flora Martin David Bacon Charles Bement 1905- Leona Bean Belle Harwood Lydia Thornton Mary Snyder Glenn VanAntwerp Bessie Oliver 1906- Thomas Head Leidy Olmsted Elizabeth Hadden Harry George 1907- Coy Walker Owen Breece Edith Westfall Grace Williams Cora Martin 1908- Edwin Brady Daisy Schweitzer Clayton Schweitzer Frank Hicks Walter Smith Roy Martin 1909- Claude Pemberton Hazel Westfall Henry Thompson Donald Bement 1910- Mary Westfall Ralph Dinan Ray Westfall Orville Quimby Belle Thatcher Ruth Rogers 1911- Esther Pearson George Redfield Maurice Parsons 1912- Ferdinand Potter Murray Wade Henry Truitt Glenn Quimby Lewis Rhoades 1913- Elton Lahr Tracy Click Lewis Sherrill John Barbier Imah Barbier Charles Andrus Lumon Harris Fleeta Morse Georgia Tuesley Annie Wade Gertrude Barber 1914- Beatrice Gall Ruth Hanson Gula Thatcher Gladys Rhoades Letta Beardsley Glenn Sherman 1915- Angie Gayman 1916- Percy Garl Roger Dawson Mason Rogers Benjamin Bement Howard Westfall Jessie Way Robert Patterson 1917- Mary Rhoades Marion Morse Marion Wade Marie Davis Rowena Keeley Carrol Westfall 1918- Gladyce Claire Mae Gall Lora Harris Tora Harris Mae Morse Albert Schermerhorn Grayce Truitt Homer Tuesley 1919- Mamie Masten Gail Rininger Margaret Smith Blanche Maxwell Glenn Gilman John Parker Donald Maxwell Foster Dempsey Louisa Gall 1920- Ruth East Mildred Dawson Marjorie Fisk Clarence Rhoades Hilda Garl Marion Beardsley Ruth Truitt Anason Westfall 1921- Merle Claire Barton Wade Beulah Bement Vivian Hicks Jacob Gall Rollo Click Imogene Carlisle Maple Fissel 1922- Vernon Baker Donaldine Mills Kenneth Keene Irvin Bowers Ruth Waller Alice Houtz Harold Gilman Clarence Conrad Eva May Bement Allene Allen Ruth Kru-pp Mary Hibschman Pearl Lowe 1923- Lynn Manchow Freman Crocker Garland Bowers J. Earnest Rhoades Russell Gilman John Garmon Lucille Gall 1924- Malcolm Tuesley Harold Tuesley Kenneth Gilman Pauline Davis Ruth Bernice Sampson Ruth Fissel Grace Claire Bernice Runkle Luella Aldrich 1925- Dale Harris Edith Annis Russell Click Ruth Breece Roseel Dale Justin Lockwood Harlie Long Melvin Krupp Mildred Dempsey 1926- Samuel Bolton Robert Sherman Eleanor Davis Dorothy Griffen Catherine Germinder Jeanette Friedmond Kathryn Pedersen Ella Worrel Marion Conrad Alta Bowling Willis Gilman 1927- Ralph Britton Yale Ehret Laura Bowers Stanley Giltre Caroline Smith Thomas Pedersen Ruth Smith , Howard Sherman Edna Bishop 1928- Thomas Runkle Meyer Kushner Vera Dorman Arthur Rinehart Howard Garl Mildred Smith Esther Hoffman Lucee Smith Lucy Keely Evelyn Schrump Kenneth Jackson Lucille Dunning 1929- Andrew McCombs Clyde White Esther Gall Thelma Westfall Howard Dempsey Elizabeth Smith Thurl Clymer 1930- Duane Thornton Dean Wilkinson Armand Baird Waldo Ehret Marguerite Jasper Ruth Jeanette Truitt 1931- Marian McCombs Lynn Fickies Joe Gessinger Ernest Runkle Evelyn Rininger Roger Rinehart Grace Miller Harry Fetters Marvin VanHuffel Charles Kownover Thelma Fetters Steven Horvath Duane Foster Elizabeth Gall Dorothy Runkle 1932- Roger Smith Carolyn Sherman Eleanor Harrison Carol Bolton Lester Klinedinst Anita May Louise Oest Vonda Fiedler Cloyd Montgomery William Petersdorf Gerald McNabb Joyce Thornton Charles Renkes David Smith Loyal Lane Be-rdyne Sampson YaVonne Lane Eugene Harris Marjorie Fiedler 1933- Bertha Williams Forest Klinedinst Vivian Van!-luffel Dudley Cook Michael Derbin Bernita Ellis Ralph Bressler Robert Leahy Adelaide Runkle Daisy Robinson Katherine Harrison Albert Bacon Richard Schweitzer Ma-ry Ellen Claxton Marjorie Olson Richard Smith Mary Katherine Walter Dale Claire Otis Montgomery Winafred Cook 1934- Caroline Shankweiler Berdean Switzer Harry Beagles Arvilla Huffman Eleanor Fickies Vernon Smith Don Hicks George Bement Hubert Martin August Karacson Junior Gessinger Robert Follmer Helen Oest Carrie Gearhart William Miholich 1935- Roe Hayes Chester Cushway Felix Boron Howard Montgomery John Kaminski Juno Doxsee Emily Boron Margaret Walter Elizabeth Stephens Don Bressler Charles Derbin Dorris Claire Royce Campbell Elva Hagaman Howard Truitt Lyle Smith Frances Kepley 1936- James Harrison Dale Klinedinst Rose Petersdorf Russell Smith Doris French Richard Stone Richard Follmer Lewis Runkle Charles Bement, Jr. Hazel Stalter 1931- Evelyn Sherman Marian Campbell Phyllis Ellis Katherine Bement Mary Smith Bernice Bacon Josephine Schipper Roger Bressler Max Williams Robert Brown Vivian Smith Esther Dryer Milford Martin Florence Follmer Anna Tharp Bernard Kronwetter Herbert Klinedinst John Carbiener Albert Kairis Martin Mischke 1938- Kathryn Pickard Gerald Lane Darwin Dunning Eleanor Bacon Robert Valentine Burt Davis Allie May Olds Josephine Dryer Elizabeth Kairis Janet Beals Doris Olson VValter Baird Alice Sharp Jean Stone William Bolton Robert Dunning 1939- Margaret Crothers Joe Bird Walter Strong Daniel Kaminski Janette Duffy Frances Walter Matthew Boron Robert Funk Erma Klinedinst Jack Harrison Vada Lowman Alfred Johnson Floyd Allbaugh Kenneth French Agnes Tonk Jeanne Lee George Keely Rose Ann Kaja 1940- Berniece Oest Mildred Sweitzer Robert Beals Rosann Smith Raymond Crowel Joanne Lee Robert Long Virginia Bacon Darrell Matchette Patricia Crothers Nan Harder Mabel Westfall Barbara Bement Mildred Bolton Russell Koon Thelma Bacon Marjorie Way Lilah Fickies Catherine Amos Peter Brelowski Irene Roberts Mary Jane Niver Eleanor Shaner Mary Jean Bement WVilliam Amos 1941- Lucille Gritton Kay Gillette Amy Kaminski Morris VanCamp Phyllis Ross Nathan Metcalf Mary Belle Olds Stanley Brelowski Jean Olson Robert Williams Mae Tiedemann George Tiedemann Clifford Sharp Maurice Truitt Charles Keifer Esther Truitt Val Ratkowski Maxine Renwick Earl Fickies Marjorie McKinney Norman Miller Grace Hitchinson Marian Duncan Jeanne Baird 1942- William Gee Leon Ellis Melba Zimmer Esther Geiger Rose Brelowski Dorice Harwood James Holloway Lillian Miller Jack Toner Glenn Babcock Robert Rinehart Glenn Sharp Robert Reed Mildred Funk Vernon Annis Stella Krol Agnes Krol Jane Lee Lorraine Arter Phyllis Gearhart Dean Decker Ira Clark Della Dale Robert Bailey Edward Allbaugh Robert Bretschneider Dale Keeley Richard Franz Wilma Story 19-ik Merle Harris Nadene Franz Ellen Tharp Laura Johnson Irene Bartol Dorothy Bartol William Kollar Zigmond Palucky Jack Kehoe Virginia Hutchinson Dean Clausen Delores Hess Virginia Doyle Rose Hurd Carl Allen Wayne Barrows Kenneth Bishop Dean Hamilton .lack Sanders Eugene Williamson Elsie Kantorowski 1944- Erma Andrews Doris Annis Florence Bement Delbert Cleghorn Gerald Eggert Dale Franz Barbara French Agnes Feagler Elayne Gordon Arlene Gordon Robert Hanson Phyllis Hill Leroy Johnson Ella Metcalf Margaret Olson LeRoy Peterson Janice Ratkowski Ileen Shetterly Joan Stone Marjorie Tharp Virginia Wishart Edward Bird 1945- Mary Krecioch Peggy Thompson Richard Johnson Betty Allen Patricia Gillette Raymond Simbulan Nancy Crothers Raymond Bray Mary Bretschneider Elaine Miles Howard Kehoe Robert Lane Jean Krecioch Barbara Andrus Robert Curtis Jean Ireland Herman Bishop Raymond Carpenter Margaret Keely James Bigelow Maxine Banghart Marian Starkweathe 1946- Horace Wishart Lewis Westfall Alice Williamson Anne Williams Eilene Mackling Jean Reinoehl Martha Bame Anita Kaminsky Doris Beach Rosemary Taylor Barbara Austin Marjorie Silver Joan Boron Shirley Bailey 1' Melva Freligh Marjorie -Curtis Shirley Griffen Ralph Ganger 1947- Nora Bailey Charles Bickel Evelyn Bigelow Norma Claire Patricia Clausen Edward Eggert Fred Gardner Lucille Gauvreau Pauline Grove Richard Huffman David Ireland Joan Kehoe Vera Kirkdorfer George Kitchen Carl Larson George Pabreza Lois Rinehart Jack Scheibelhut Russell Starkweather Louis Stennis, Jr. Frances VanScoik Ann Williamson Carol Zimmer 1948- Rodger Allen Leo Bartol Edwin Beach Peggy Bierman Richard Boepple Dorman Bowers Bettie Brown Merril Butrick Effie Carpenter Richard Cook Margaret Curtis Charlene Davidhizar Mildred Dipert Merle Gearhart Arthur Griffen Robert Gunn Charles Harris Richard Harris Phillip Hill Robert Larson Roger Long Donald Mackling Beverly Rinehart Donna Rcssow LaMar Shetterly Frances Silver Patricia Way Julia Weiler Edward Emenaker 1949- Robert Allen Dean Andrus Richard Bement Don Chew Clayton Dipert William Farmer James Gardner Harvey Gordon Alfred Hoifer Barbara Gunn Richard Hanson Norma Howard Albert Kantz Elizabeth Ann Molnar Robert Pinkerton Kay Shanahan Violet Skullman Mary Spenner Jeffery Welch Laura Westfall 1950- Joan Akin Lois Beopple Drexel Cook Wayne Crowel William Ellis Margret Emenaker Nancy Fetters Barbara Gibbs Gladys Huffman Mark Kaminiski Betty Larson Robert Myers Robert Pabreza Evelyn Poling Wiley Potts Kim Shanahan Rosemary Smith June Starkweather Laura Jeanne Stauffe Donald Sturges Theresa Stuglik 1951- Carol Bailey Barbara Banghart Willard Blanchard John Braniff Margrette Bunn Oscar Davidhizar Susie Duck Barbara Funk Gladys Gauvreau Janice Gunn Willard Harris Darlene Kantz Janet Kitchen Harold Leach Nancy Lee Wendell Leist Marilyn Long Vera Metcalf Frank Molnar Robert Overmyer Bette Radecki Margret Reed Norman Shoemaker Marjorie Spenner Jim Stone Beverly Taylor Nancy Vail Florence Wishart 1952- Lucille Barker Arlene Boepple Wayne Bowers I' Orabelle Buttrick Georgia Christophel Alice Cloud Richard Ditch Donn French James Gaunder Daniel Hoover Jane Hurd Teresa Kraus Donna Leist Alice Miller Sally 0rt Juanita Pinkerton Helen Reeves Joyce Schmidtendorff William Stack Conrad Stephens Jack Strand Keith Miller Allan Wilfert Margaret Wixted Carole Zimmerle I CONGRATULATIONS MUTUAL CUT-RATE DRUGS "Two Stores To Serve You" Prescription Specialists 103 E. Main 17th and Oak Niles, Michigan Buy Your Comprehensive Farm Liability Policy Compliments of DAN W. EVERETT Village Physician Including Farm Employees from The Place To Go For Names You Know INSURANCE AGENCY Za Z1 Zliaif - I Phone 14 Cassopolis, Mich. I L B E R T 5 PINK'S REPAIR SHOP WELDING GENERAL REPAIRING L. Pinkerton Niles, Mich. Phone 2713-W2 Four Floors Quality Furniture For Happier Homes SIGRIST FURNITURE, Inc. 121 S. MAIN STREET Phone 3-3607 Elkhart, Ind BARRON LAKE GROCERY Fresh Meats and Vegetables Charles 86 Arlene Shurte Phone 3445-W R1 Niles, Mich. DANIEL'S GROCERY D-X SERVICE STATION Auctioneer ADAMSVILLE, MICHIGAN Phone 33-F2 SORG In Goshen and Elkhart Everyone Trades with The SORG BROTHERS LEADING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE MIDWEST H. A. POWELL STUDIOS "Photography at its Best" MICHIGAN and OHIO Save up to 5029 on Jewelry and Diamonds Our low overhead means Lower Prices. We invite you to open a charge account at no extra charge. CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '53 BREEN'S JEWELRY HART-IE LONG 406 South Michigan Street Phone 7-3630 South Bend, Indiana 'IX 5 NZB! -f Z FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE - DRINK MILK FOR GOODNESS SAKE DRINK MILK FROM WAMBAUGH SANITARY MILK CO. C Arrow Shirts Botany "500" For Gifts you'll give with pride FALvEY,S Let your Jeweler be your guide The Store for Men and Boys Corner Main Sz Second Niles, Mich. 213 East Main Niles, Mich. DEAN,S DRUG THE MAYFAIR SHOPPE 227 E. Main Niles, Michigan STORE 126 E. Main st. W0mGH'S Apparel Niles, Mich- Phone 153 Because You Love Nice Things CONGRATULATIONS ECONOMY DRUG STORE MUTUAL CUTRATE The REXALL Store DRUGS "Two Stores To Serve You" P. S. Krajci, Pharmacist Prescription Specialists 201 Main Street Niles, Michigan 103 E. Main 17th and Oak Phone 1008 Niles, Michigan COMPLIMEN T S OF CARL BENDER Store to Your Door cRocER.uzs I ics CREAM MEATS NEW PARIS INDIANA W4 aww Main at Second - Niles p BEST WISI-IES from A an P SUPER MARKET coUs1Ns GRQCERY Pete ""dg'1'Si Mgr' 6 Niles - Michigan M-60 East 2 Miles NILES MICH. lt Pays To Drive Out KERR HARDWARE We Have A Complete Food Market COMPLIMENTS BLACKMOND'S IEWELRY and OPTICAL STORE Corner 3rd and Main Niles 1 Michigan Niles Most Complete Hardware Store 210 No. End St. Phone 919 SCHWARZ NEWS AGENCY East Main 303 Niles, Michigan Wholesale and Retail Ansco Film - Cameras Newspapers - Magazines For Complete Home Furnishings Throughout PEARSON'S FURNITURE STORE 420 so. Main Elkhart, Ind. Phone 2-1296 SYKES IEWELERS Phone 2-3202 102 So. Main Street Elkhart, Ind I jzaihemy Shop with Pleasure in Northern Indiana's Most MODERN Department Store . . . Serving thei Community for over 48 years. COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERTSONS SOUTH BEND INDIANA F A Y ' S Quality Jewelers -- Silversmiths Headquarters for Fine WATCHES - DIAMONDS JEWELRY - SILVERWARE South Bend, Indiana Say It With Flowers From ELKHART FLORAL COMPANY 208 North Main Street Call 2-1584 Elkhart, Indiana MARTIN FURNITURE CO. FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS APPLIANCES FRIGIDAIRES SPARTON RADIOS SPEED QUEEN UWASHERS OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9:00 P. M. PHONE 338 Com plimenfs of STUDENT COUNCIL B 4-Floors Quality Furniture For Happier Homes Leather Drying and SIGRIST FURNITURE. INC. Ref 1 hl g 131 South Main St. Cassopolis Mlch ga Phone 3-3607 Elkhart, Indiana BEST WISI-IES T0 '53 CLASS RELIABLE DAIRY Phone 6-2481 SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Congmfulafjons fo the Class of 53 LIONS CLUB Congratulations fa the Class of 53 EDWARDSBURG CONSERVATION CLUB HERF -JONES COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS C E BOGGS, Mich g' R p t t 150 Lakeside D S E Grand Rapids 6, Mi h g CLASS RINGS CLUB PINS COMMENCEMENT IN VITATIONS MEDALS A TROPHIE CONGRA TULA TIONS -- CLASS OF '53 NILES AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATI DALBERG MOTORS Inc Oldsmobile GERTI-I CHEVROLET Inc Chevrolet LOWE MOTOR SALES Studebaker - Cadillac McCOMB MOTOR SALES Mercury 0 NEIL MOTOR SALES Ford EARL A NOBLE Inc Pontiac A. A. MAURER Dodge - Plymouth SUPERIOR MOTOR SALES Chrysler n COMPLIMENTS OF PARMALEE'S DEP'T STORE NILES, MICHIGAN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 HARLIE LONG TERESA G. KRAUS DRESSES - INTIMATE APPAREL ACCESSORIES 206 No. Main St. Mishawaka, Ind. 5 - 6 4 1 5 Open Friday Evenings Till 8:30 COMPLIMENTS OF W. H. CONNELLY Furniture - Funeral Directors CASSOPOLIS MICHIGAN W. W. WILT SUPER MARKET ON ROUTE 20 IN ELKHART t rner of Elkhart Avenue and East Jackson Boulevard MICHlANA'S MOST COMPLETE FOOD SHOPPING CENTER HAPPY MQTQHING THRU LIFE ELKHART AUTO DEALERS ASS'N COMPLIMENT S GF EDWARDSBURG LUMBER CO LUMBER - COAL - BUILDING MATERIAL EDWARDSBURG, MICHIGAN COMPLIMENT S OF LOUIS B. DUCK FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES DELCO HEAT MOTOROLA TV F 8: W PUMPS YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS ADAMSVILLE, MICHIGAN ON US-112 PULLEN'S SERVICE PETER PAN I SINCLAIR STATION Cleaners and Laundry ' DOR-MAR M-62 Edwardsburg Phone 103 Edwardisburg J. L. Pullen COMPLIMENTS OF DELUCENAY'S DRUG Phone 42 Edwardsburg COMPLIMENTS OF GAILHOUSE APPLIANCE and HEATING Phone 88 M-62 Edwardsburg EDWARDSBURG GARAGE Official AAA Road Service COMPLIMENTS OF COUCH'S VARIETY and Gwrge T. Stack, PI'0p. H Edwardsburg, Michigan M-62 Edwardsburg SINCLAIR THEISEN - CLEMENS Cities Service T. D. James, Agent Quality Petroleum Products SERVICE STATION Compliments of Chas. Pabreza Edwardsburg Michigan DIAMOND LAKE BOTTLING CO. Pepsi-Cola and Orange Crush Phone 242 Cassopolis, Mich. COMPLIMENTS OF' PROTAN E CORPORATION AMERICAN GAS SERVICE Cassopolis Michigan Frank McCormick FOOD SHOP A The Best Place to Trade After ll Cassopolis, Michigan Phone 314-F2 Cassopolis Michigan STICKLE'S AMERICAN CLEANERS "If your clothes are not becoming to you they should be coming to us." COMPLIMENTS OF CASSOPOLIS DAIRY CASS COUNTY LUMBER 6 COAL CO. Cassopolis, Michigan phone 123 Lumber and Builders' Supplies Coal and Coke Phone 173 Cassopolis Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF HAYDEN TRACTOR SALES IOY 5, HARDING Good Clothing And Shoes Phone 206 Cassopolis, Michigan For Men and Boys Cassopolis Michigan W. B. HAYDEN 6 SONS CO. Compliments of Hardware 1- Appliances THE C-A-SS COUNTY Implements -1 Heating STATE BANK Plumbing Capital S100,000.00 CASSOPOLIS PH. 38 Surplus 370,000.00 HAYDEN MOTOR SALES. INC. Authorized FORD Dealer Cassopolis Michigan Phone 206 WIGWAM DRIVE-IN "Heap Good Food" PAULI AND MAE EASTON Phone 350-F2 Cassopolis, Mich. COMPLIMENTS OF RENEBERG HARDWARE Cassopolis, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CASSOPOLIS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF CASS FARM SUPPLY Quality John Deere Farm Equipment Cassopolis, Mich. Phone 348-F2 CASS COUNTY FARM BUREAU OIL CO-OPERATIVE. INC. Owned by Cass County Farmers Phone 47-F3 -- Cassopolis, Mich. LUBRICANTS GASOLINE, FUEL OIL, MOTOR OIL Compliments of COMPLIMENTS or THE ' WILLIAM MEREDITH EDWARDSBURG ARGUS Printing General Hauling - and 1. THE ANDRUS AGENCY Phone 133-F6 Edwardsburg Insurance ' Phone 35 Edwardsburg Compliments of H ARP'S RUNKLE STANDARD SERVICE Groceries - Meats INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Line Insurance Phone 8 Edwardsburg Michigan General Merchandise Corner US-112 and Cass Road Phone 9138-F2 Edwardsburg Michigan Compliments of FRANK R. OSTROWSKI Painting - Decorating Phone 154-F22 i US-112 i- Edwardsburg Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF CLAIRE BARBER SHOP MANCHOW HARDWARE Plumbing - Paints - Appliances SKELGAS Edwardsburg Phone 165 COMPLIMENTS OF TAYLOR'S RESTAURANT Edwardsburg, Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF WENDT GRAIN CO. EDWARDSBURG PHONE 31 Compliments of STANDARD OIL BOYS G. BABCOCK - AL KANTZ - DON KANTZ F. MAXWELL YOUR LOCAL DEALERS -Phone 56-- THE VILLAGE MARKET Compliments Of Quality Groceries G , SERVICE STATION overnment Inspected Meat Edwardsburg Michigan BOB MORSE Phone 27 Edwardsburg Phone 9160 "Everything To Build With" OSCEOLA LUMBER COMPANY Dealers in Building Materials Osceola, Indiana Automotive Parts MOTOR SUPPLY CO., INC Elkhart, Ind. ELKHART PAINT 6 WALLPAPER CO. RAY E. BAUM 310 So. Main St. Elkhart, Indiana Fine Jewelers Artists Supplies - Paints Wallpaper - Awnings - Window Elkhart, Indiana Blinds For the Best in SPORTING GOODS see BORNEMAN :S SONS Hardware - 76th Year 228-230 South Main Street Elkhart, Indiana BUNGALOW DRIVE INN COMPLIMENTS , We Specialize in Home Cooked BELL'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION GREASING - WASHING TIRES - BATTERIES M-62 Edwardsburg Shrimp and Chicken - Sandwiches Home Made Pies CALL 92-R3 EDW. Open 8 A. M. Till 12 P. M. Route 62 and 112 COMPLIMENTS OF THE HAMS LUMBER-New and Used Edwardsburg Michigan THE CUPBOARD FOOD OF DISTINCTION Edwardsburg, Michigan Phone 9161 COMPLIMENTS OF BAUGHER'S SPORT CENTER EDWARDSBURG MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF LANE'S MOTEL Edwardsburg Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF Your De Kalb seed com and De Kalb AL'S Chix Dealer D-X SERVICE STATION ROLLO E. CLICK Tel. Edwardsburg 128-F11 Edwardsburg Michigan HAZARD I Want to see You ELECTRIC SERVICE ATKINSON ZELTTNG f,IlEl'iiI5E1f1Cs211fffNS HEATING ' HARDWARE FRED ATKINSON 59 cAssOPOLIs MICHIGAN Pf0Pfief0' DQY Phone MOORE'S CLEANERS 6Zg.s5.9.fmC?0- Exclusive STA - NU - FINISHING PRGCESS 6'Ikharf5.Zest.S'Ion9 OCTA - CLENE RUG CLEANING Regular Service in Edwardsburg PHONE 3428 M M748 Elkhaffi I MAEY's BEAUTY SHOP EDWARDSBURG, MICHIGAN Located ML mile N. W. of Kessington, Michigan Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday CONGRATULATIONS Evenings By Appointment Only TO CLASS 0F '53 EAST MAIN GARDENS Cut Flowers - Plants - Floral Designs NILES, MICHIGAN Phone 1018 1521 E. Main S COMPLIMENTS TO STUDENTS EDWARSDBURG SCHOOLS WINIFRED SWARTHOUT SPECIALIZED SCHOOL y PHOTOGRAPHER CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF '53 I SOUTH BEND ENGRAVING 8: ELECTROTYPING CO. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA CASSOPOLIS LUMBER CO. 6 SAWMILL Retail Lumber, Millwork and Builders' Supplies Cassopolis Phone 45 THE CASSOPOLIS VIGILANT Cassopolis, Mich. Read by Cass County People Since 1872 JOB PRINTING CASS CO-OPS, INC. QUALITY FARM SUPPLIES Farm Bureau Brand Phone 3 Cassopolis, Mich. MARK'S CAFE Elkhart's Finest Restaurant Phone 4-0530 118 S. Main St. Elkhart, Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF PROBST MOTOR SALES PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE Good Will Used Cars Phone 1 Cassopolis, Mich 111 WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS .... WE INVITE YGU TO SEE THE COZY, ROOMY HOLIDAY 22 West-Wood Products, lnc. CASSOPOLIS, MICH. MARTlN'S FEED STORE W. E. I-IUTCI-IENREUTER ELKHART ' INDIANA "EVERYTHING TO BUILD WITI-I" OSCEOLA LUMBER C0. Decrlers in Building Material OSCEOLA INDIANA -mzumnr:-. K. ,-. .mug fm nm, M.-4g.1.mr. V mr --amz.-. .. - nm.. -.111-,- n r ., u . 1 . r av-' I 4 nm N f . ' r .41 'min N ug.. cffiuifhv. -wan? x -gmug -.v A mgnnmnw- uv-.mm-mmm.-.1-4.-v,-.-fm.. v.. .rm-.Y ur-nun. A: 'l fraf' 'C' , fp., + t.. ' . uv-I V 4-V -S' 1 '5 -V. E I 2 ,' 'SQ ,L1 5 ,. ,G I .94 -jpwfjfig 4 M! , Q M Qfwwzfs -if GAAJO Zrmbm- 3 -1-r an V, .-nu.-1-.inn 4-1 li-1-v11..uur.1gA...f-111,.- --1--1 'E , 5??ff' A 1 ' A 1 f-if LJ "X " K H "Nu- ,-" 1 f M if 4 F -1- '53 ir- ' ' 22 x J ' 6 ffh. . Ev , Ill: '3 1 - , Q 193' -. Wa 4 X WA ,. I "1g+01':"- . ,. 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Suggestions in the Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) collection:

Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 28

1953, pg 28

Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 89

1953, pg 89

Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 110

1953, pg 110

Edwardsburg High School - Yearling Yearbook (Edwardsburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 5

1953, pg 5

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