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 EDWARDIAN seventy eight SEASONS IN THE SUN Edwards County High SchoolMUSIC ?.....YES, JUST LISTEN. HEAR THE SOUNDS OF LAUGHTER, THE GRINDING OF MOTORS, THE "SINGER SEAM- STRESS" , AND OTHER EVERYDAY SOUNDS OF MUSIC SELDOM HEARD ON THE STEREO BUT IN LIVE PERFORMANCES. MEM- ORY TAPES WERE MADE THIS YEAR; BEAUTIFUL SOUNDS OF THE YEAR WE HAVE RECORDED FOR YOU. LISTEN CLOSELY AS YOU LOOK AT EACH PHOTO ON EVERY PAGE AND YOU'LL HEAR THE SOUNDS VIBRATING CHORDS AGAIN AND AGAIN. If THE TOP TEN FOR 1978 SCHOOL LIFE ORGANIZATIONS FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES JUNIORS FACULTY ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS SENIORS ADVERTISING■ Miff IX 4 MUSIC. . YES. JUST LISTENHEAR THE SOUNDS OF LAUGHTER, GRINDING OF MOTORS, SHUFFLING FEET AND OTHERS mmThe Mighty " ” Rock and Roar During Every Game The Pep Club is the largest club at Edwards Senior High School, designed to promote spirit for our playing teams. The Club meets on occasion before a game to sing our school song, and participate with the cheerleaders to demonstrate our support for the coming games.1st row L to R: Ms. Gwaltney, Tony Johnson, April Waite, Billy Reid, Brian Blade, Jenny Clodfelter, Lora Rodgers, Nicole Quinn, Carole Mur- phy, Lori Lomas, Patti Harrison, Lori Libke, 2nd row: Doug Kelsey, Shane Gash, Brad Doty, Glenn Weightman, Lyndall Caldwell, Alan Baugii- 3rd row: Greg Parish, Marcy Parish, Cheryl Quinn, Sharalee Hocking, Kathy Mason, Melody Greatline, Susan Wallace, Michelle Harms, Cindy Williams, Kelli Clodfelter, Lisa Wiseman, Mark Densmore, 4th row: Danita Woods, Diana Fewkes, Angela Boewe, Josie Lankford, Sally lie, Becky Clodfelter, Kevin Root, Sarah Fisher, Beth Sample, Kelly Wallace, Rhonda Speir, Bonita Fewkes, 5th row: David Freeman, Charolette Witte, Chris Gill, Pam Mann, Stacey Latting, Marla Caldwell, Melinda Ewing, Faye Davis, Rick Mason, and Bruce Thomason. DRAMA CLUB 10L to R (sitting): Tim Carlson, Lee Ann Smith, Rhonda Crask, Sarah Fisher, Elana Brokaw, April Waite, Lisa Browning, Angel House, Stv Brokaw, April Waite, Lisa Browning, Angel House, Steve Wissel, L to R (standing): Kathy Pollock, Susan Leigh, Rhonda Speir, Ralph Evans, Kelly Wallace, Joe Stoll, Deb Goodwin, Lesha Keener, Paula Thomason, Tim Totten, Cheryl Quinn, Josie Lankford, Alan Baughman, and Miss Thomas. 111st Row Robin Chalcraft, Cheryl Quinn, Lynn Dreschel, Becky Clodfelter, 2nd Row Jenny Clodfelter, Sara Kelsey, Nicole Quinn. 1-?ST VMM SECRETA HIES L to R (sitting): Rhonda Speir. Jane King. Connie Short. Angel House. L to R (standing): Danila Woods. Delaine Lynch, Teresa Blair, Gina lies, and Josie Lankford. 13E™? ?«n .L 1““" Kathv Po,lock- Ra|Ph Evans. T.m Totten, Kelly Wallace nlle 7nrf Bald'.n9- J?® Stoll. 'le, ln9ram. Beth Sample, Melinda Ewing, Chuck Hilgeman, Lori L'bke. 2nd row: Lisa Fewkes, Josie Lankford, Alan Baughman, Pat Woods, Jeff Foxx Mitch man oBOWVeJJ' h?" G,ll Car a Re,d' Teresa Giese, Pam Gawthrop. 3rd row: Debbie Mark Tracv Lelcli Mcorn- Li a C,odfe,ter' Charolette Witte. Damta Woods. Cindy Williams, 'racy Leigh, Kelli Clodfelter, and Mr. Prater. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICAStudent Council TOP 1st nnv L to R Auchy Ivwkes. Kelli Gttpbell, Steve Htaaf, Bill Ricci Omiette Hide, 3klnnv Rijii Bas. Tim Totten, Bill Ritt. aul hvn (ill. BELCM 1st nnv LtoR Lori Libke, Beth San fie, Mchelle Hans, Joe Stoll. Janet ting 3k?nnv Melody Qvculiic, St null D ty, Quick Hlgpnm, Melinda Ewing, Kevin Root, Jeff h an Jerry Ivgtum, lliaut’ Lynch, ad LyndJl Calchvil. 15IFyltyire INIyirses of America L to R (seated): Mrs. Wampler, Cathy Woods, Lori Libke, April Waite, Holly Root, Kathy Pollock, Lisa Fewkes, Paula Thomason, (standing): Jau Lisa Fewkes, Paula Thomason, (standing): Juanita Williams, Rena Bare, Kelli Campbell, Kathy Bishop, Marilyn Compton, Lee Ann Smith, Cindy Alcorn, Pam Kelsey, Joetta Green, and Lisa Browning.National Honor Society 1st row L to R: Lori Gill, Janet King. Audrey Fewkes, Susan Leigh, 2nd row1: Holly Root, Kelly Wallace, Jane King, Delaine Lynch, 3rd row1: Alison Bowen, Rhonda Speir. Elana Brokaw, Emily Woods, (standing) Olin Shillings, and Mr. Abendroth. A Special Thanks to Mr. Abendroth for many years of guidance and sin- cere interest in the future aspirations of Edwards County scholars. May God richly bless your influence. 17Trill A SENIORS: L to R Anita Overshiner, Angel House, Jane King, Joetta Green, Cindy Alcorn, 2nd row Charolette Douglas, Lisa Eewkes, Kathv Pollock , Audrey Eewkes, Tracy Smith, JUNIORS: L to R Kathy Utley, La- Donna Root, Charolette Witte, Robin Chalcraft. Tonya Kimbrell, SOPHOMORES: L to R Sandy Holmes, Sharon Perkins, (standing) L to R Jane Greathouse, Linda Bunting, Karla Miller, Tracy Leigh, Cathy Mason. Sharalee Hocking, Linda Bunting. I RESHMEN: L to R Kathy Garwood, Lisa Bevins, Rose Short, Karleen Nelson, Lora Rodgers, Gena Summerfield, Pam Shaw, Kim Roosevelt, Susan Michels, Patricia Woods, Galia Sch- mittler, Ann Grey, Tammy Thomas, Donna Longbons, Pam Gill, Mindy Mason, Jana Longbons, Beth Copeland. Shanna Wampler, Michelle Miller, and Mrs. Saxe.FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA AG 1 (sitting) L to R Jerry Michels, Barry Hodges, Aaron Fewkes, Marvin Fewkes, Michael King, Bryan Arnold, (standing) Gary Cullison, Marty Fisher, Tom Campbell, Robbie Wick, Mark Hortin, David lies, Robert Yokel, Kenny Fryman, Allen Shillings, Brad Beadles, AG 2: 1st row (L to R): Randy Bunting, Darrel Van Blaricam, Mark Bunting, Brian Wiseman, Junior Fewkes, Richard Bunting, Jim Witte, Rick Utley, AG 3: 1st row (L to R): Roscoe Short, Olin Shillings, Gary lies, David Greathouse, Steve Perkins, Bill Putt. Duwayne Glover, 2nd row: Roger Waters, Mark Dens- more, Stan Bunting, Greg Mann, Mark Bunting, Greg Winter, Kelley Vallette, Phil Bunting, Far! Reid, Rodney Williams. OFF1CFRS: L to R: Olin Shillings, Gary lies, Duwayne Glover, Far! Reid, Steve Perkins, David Greathouse, and Mr. Hank Hendren.SPECTATOR STAFF EDWARDS COUNTY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PAGE I Top Row: Pat Woods, Karla Miller, Sharalee Hocking, Janet King, 2nd Row: Alan Baughman, Jeff Ingram, Faye Davis, Danny Gill, 3rd Row: Steve Perkins, Melinda Ewing, Marla Caldwell, Lori Libke, 4th Row: Jane King, Kathy Pollock, Lori Gill, Lisa Fewkes, 5th Row: Delaine Lynch, Angel House, Audrey Fewkes, 6th Row: Rhonda Speir, Kathy Bishop, Michelle Harms, Pam Kelsey, Lisa Browning, 7th Row: Tim TOtten, Joe Stoll, Ralph Evans, 8th Row:' Mr. Calhoun, Cindy Alcorn, Liz Bailey, Carla Ried, Tracy Smith Mrs Whitehead, 9th Row: Tonya Kimbrell, Joetta Green, Debbie Goodwin, Debbie McKibben, 10th Row: Angela Boewe, Becky Clodtelter, Lora Rodgers, Jenny Clodfelter, 11th Row: Josie Lankford, Scott Calhoun, Sally lie, Tony Johnson, and Doug Kelsey. IOR HAPPENINGS! - Pollock and Audrey Fewkes e time this issue of the or is out, we seniors will dered our graduation an- ments and our caps and It seems unbelieveable are getting ready for our ion. It just seems like ay that we walked through rs and into the main hall d, immature, green fresh- men we turn around and are, seniors, soon to take ) at the real world, nay wonder where all the seniors came from. Well, the seniors recieved their pictures and everyone is ; around trying to collect Vhile others are impatiei. ting for theirs to arrive, ugh graduation is only six away, Christmas is just the corner. So, keep in lat the Christmas Dance ng up and don’t forget tcial someone on Decern UNIOR NEWS by Faye Davis everyone! How did you your 1st quarter grades? i be quite a shock, atulat.ons! Our float en- ,ick ’em Tonight” placed he Homecoming parade, ho helped build the float ?ally fine job, and your s appreciated, everyone ordered the g of their choicef .There me really nice rings to m. saw some worried look- s in the halls, it could en, and most likely was, s of us juniors having to Constitution test. he basketball season has md ♦hose playing on the Drr the junior class are: romason, Roger Metcalf, ranklin, Fred Knackmus, ers, Jeff Ingram, Roscoe eff Stoll, David Kimpel, m Roosevelt. Good luck asketball games starting, seeing the Pom Pon girls ing at the hal f time show, e junior class are: Diane Josie Lankford, Angela Sally lie, and Cheryl SONG DEDICATION by Faye Davis Charlotte Witte to Marvin Wise- man— ‘‘Whenever I See Your Smilin Face” Fave Davis to Someone Very m GIVE A SMIL A Walking down the hall day, 1 noticed all the kic me. Some of them were m little circles hashing oi thing, probably some cn gal or laughing about joke. With my mind on class, I wondered if it v it. Why wasn’t I laugh something? Why coul enjoying the time in classes? I glanced arc noticed there was some to it. There were othe me. They too were prob cerned about their m Quickly 1 dropped my and started concentratii next class. After the 1 left the room to go t Again I noticed the fac had smiles and some wer Sitting down for lunch thinking. Whv couldn’t smiles and laughter s around? Why couldn't my troubles and smile? could brighten someone by smiling and saying always heard that if you one smile you would re. back. Maybe we all ouj it. The next time you . one, why not smile ar It's bound to make somt GUESS WH( This month's guessUWAuSUIAN The Edwardian Staff this year consisted of the following people; L to R: Debbie McKibben, Norma Reid, Lisa Wolfe, Angel House, Susie Williams, Beth Riggs, Mr. Norman Howell, Josie Lankford, Gina Fewkes, and Brenda Root. Not included in the picture is Teresa Blair.1st row L to R Debbie Markman, Lisa Fewkes, Beth Bunting, Lori Gill, Cheryl Quinn, Beth Copeland, Lora Rodgers, Colleen Harms, Michelle Harms, Susie Williams, 2nd row Charolette Witte, Beth Sample, Melinda Ewing, Marla Caldwell, Renee Roosevelt, Kelly Duncan, Kelly Wallace, Pat Howard, Jamie Smith, Rhonda Shaw, 3rd row Melody Greatline, Gina lies, Cheryl Bowen, Aline Snidle, Jessie Briggs, Donald Woods, Sue Hayes, Glenn Weightman, Tim Carlson, Alison Bowen, 4th row Kim Roosevelt, Brad Doty, Tony Johnson, Doug Kel- sey, Pam Shaw. Mindy Mason, Cindv Williams, Darlene Douglas, 5th row Jeff Fewkes, Greg Brandt, Lyndall Caldwell, Jeff Balding, Opposite page 1st row Lynn Dreschel, Patty Jones, Marjorie Snidle, Ann Grey, Shonda Doty, Sandy Holmes, Janice Mason, 2nd row Pam Mann, Billy Reid. Brian Blade, Susan Wallace, nanna Wamp- ler, Dena Markman. Julie Michels. 3rd row Steve Wissel, April Waite, Holly Root, Lisa Wiseman, Bruce Me Kech- nie, Craig Bunting, Nile Weber, tm Anuy brock, Rena Bare, Karleen Nelson, Beth Provine, Lee bnggs, Susan Giese, 5th row Judd Hunt, Kelli Clodfelter, Jeanette Roosevelt, Tracy Leigh, Jana Longbons.ecus BCHORD 1st row: April Waite, Sara Wiseman, Nile Weber, Susan Williams, Pam Shaw, 2nd row: Janet King, Nicole Quinn, Mindy Mason, Diana Fewkes, Charolette Witte, (sitting) Steve Wissel, Matt Seals, Tim Sizemore, 3rd row: Tammy Thomas, Susan Wallace, Tracy Leigh, Shelly Young, Marla Caldwell, 4th row: Renee Roosevlet, Melody Greatline, Tammy Bailey, Bath Sample, Cindy Williams, Angela Boewe, 5th row: Danita Woods, Tim Orr, Kevin Shock, Juanita Williams, Kelli Clodfelter, Lisa Wiseman, Mark Hortin, and Brian Roosevelt. 26i wnt L Kirs L to R: Lee Ann Smith, Audrey Fewkes, Gina lies, Diana Fewkes, and Danita Woods. l’OA -l»ON Cliti L to R: Tammy Bailey, Jane Blackford, Donna Longbons, Jamie Smith, Nicole Quinn, Colleen Harms, 2nd row: Angela Boewe, Josie Lankford, Susan Giese, Cheryl Quinn, Sally lie, and Diana Fewkes.FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President-David Bennett Vice President-Kim Gawthorp Treasurer Beth Copeland Secretary-Nile WeberKevin Alfield Scott Alcorn Brian Arnold Tom Bailey Geoffrey Barnett Brad Beadles David Bennett Lisa Bevins Tim Boldrey Craig Bunting Patricia Bunting Tom Campbell Rick Carlson Melinda Carlson Greg Chalcraft Becky Clodfelter Bill Colbert Denise ColbertBeth Copeland Pam Cook Monica Couts Shonda Doty Marilyn Ellison Mary Ellison Brain Emge Aaron Fewkes Marvin Fewkes Marty Fisher Murvin Fisher Kenny Fryman Kathy Garwood Kim Gawthorp John Giese Pam Gill Todd Goble Larry Goodwin Brenda Graham Ann Gray John GrayLarrv Griffin Angie Grimes Barry Hodges Kelly Hotzclaw Mark Hortin Terri House Pat Howard Jason Hulfachor Mike' Hungate Greg Ibbotson Tim He David lies Jerry Ingram Lynn Keener Paul Kimpel Micnel King Carl Lemay John LomasCLASS Oc EIGHTY ONE Donna Longbons Jana Longbons Denna Markman Gary Markman Melinda Mason Kevin McCorkle Bruce McKechnie Kim McKechnie Jeff McKibben Jerry Michels Susan Michels Michelle Miller Jeff Moats Sneila Moats Mike Moutray Billie Neel Karleen Nelson Tim Orr Misty Overshiner 33Tom Ratcliff Rusty Rickard Lora Rodgers Kim Roosevelt Ellen Sampson Joe Sampson Gaila Schmittler Kevin Schock Denisa Scott Rick Scott Maria Schafer Pam Shaw WHAT'S YOUR NAME LITTLE GIRL ...CLASS OF EIGHTY ONE Rhonda Shaw Allen Shilling Brett Short Carol Short Rose Short Jamie Smith Gena Summerfield Brad Tate Tammy Thomas Danny Tomblinson Beth Vogel Shannon Wampler Nile Weber Dorothy Wells Mike West Robbie Wick Sara Wiseman Judy Woods Bob Yokel Shelli YoungSOPHOMORESTammy Bailey Rita Bare Mark Beehn Clarence Bell Terry Bell Jim Blackford Cheryl Bowen Greg Brandt John Bratsch Lee Briggs Mark Bunnage Linda Bunting Colleen Bailey Elizabeth Bailey Kenny BaileyLinda Sue Bunting Mark Bunting Randy Bunting Richard Bunting Scott Calhoun Rhonda Carter Kelly Clodfelter Mike Clodfelter Gary Cullison Brad Doty Darlene Douglas Lynn Drechsei Kelly Duncan Brian Ellis Vince EmgeRoger Fornwalt David Freeman Candy Fryman David Garris Shane Gash Larry Giese Susan Giese Pat GUI Mitzi Glover Tina Goldman Donny Greathouse Jane GreathouseMelony Greatline Colleen Harms Michelle Harms Mike Harris Patty Harrison Kathy Hayeraft Sharlee Hocking Sandy Holmes William Hunphrey Joyce Hungate Judd Hunt Tony Johnson Marti Johnson Paul Johnson Dan Karns Doug Kelsey Sara Kelsey Mike Kimpel Jeff Lambert Tony Laws Tracy Leigh Lori Lomas Julie Maas Cathy Mason Janice Mason Kent Mason Marc Mason Rita Mason Jerry McDowell Davis MessmanJessie Michels Kenny Michels Karla Miller Carole Murphy Greg Parish David Parker Sharon Perkins Bill Powell Nicole Quinn Jeanette Roosevelt Renee Roosevelt Kevin Root Scott Saxe Kevin Schilt Mike ShawRussell Short Sue Sizemore Rick Skees Kirk Smith Marjorie Snidlc Seaton Snidle Paul Stevens John Summerfield Randy Turner Richard Utley Darrel Vanblaricum Susan Wallace Steve Waters Tim West Cindy WilliamsBrian Wiseman Lisa Wiseman Jim Witte James Wood Patricia Wood Pat Wood Donald Woods Jack Woods Kevin Bailey Rena Bare Brian Blade Angela Boewe Robin Chalcraft Rick Christensen Jenny Clodfelter Lisa Clodfelter Willie Elliott Melinda Ewing Mike Ferido Bonita Fcwkes Vicki Giese Chris Gill David Ginther Duane GloverJeff Bradham Barbara Coale Diane Fewkes Debbie Goodwin Phillip Bunting Debbie Cooper Sarah Fisher David Greathouse Melody Burkett Doug Copley Kevin Frankland Judy Grubb Marla Caldwell Barry Cowling Pam Gawthorp Mike Hayes Jeff Carlson Lori Crabtree Kent Gay Junior Hay craft Phil Carlson Faye Davis Teresa Giese Chuck Hilgeman To The Limit - One More TimeMLASS of Chris House Sally lie Gina lies Jeff Ingram Charlene Kimbrell Tonya Kimbrell David Kimpel Fred Knackmuhs Lori Libke Tom Lynch Pam Mann Debbie Markman Steve Perkins Bennie Perry Gary Potter Larry PotterDorri Johnson Terri Knackmus Rick Mason Cheryl Quinn Melanie Johnson Lonnie Knowles Gerald Medler Bill Read Teresa Johnson Kathy Lambert Roger Metcalf Carla Reid Tim Karns Josie Lankford Julie Michels Earl Reid Lisha Keener Stacey Latting Tim Myers Bryan Roosevelt ... We Can Make I Is Fine Bob Keepes Rick Leveque Lori Orr LaDonna RootDavid Rudolph Beth Sample runny Scot! lina Sizemore Qiristal Stennett Bruce Tate Bruce Thomason Kelley Vallette Juanita Williams Terri Wood Danila W oods Roscoe Short Jeff Stoll Kathy Utley Charlotte WitteThere are many different roads in life. Somewhere, along every road, a person comes to bumps, ditches, holes and ruts, which he has to overcome (cross over). As he goes along the roads and over- comes these interferences, he learns what he can do and what he can't do. He also learns wrong from right, and bad from good. He learns of deceit, betrayal, hate, sadness, pain, fear, and loss. Of love, happiness, security, and victory. Of life and death in le learns about other people, their different personalities, characteristics, and their different ways (of feeling, of acting, and of living.) When a person comes upon a ditch or rut which he cannot over- come, he (sometimes) realizes that he must exit this road, to travel a new one (if he is to accomplish anything.) When he merges onto a new road he gains more knowledge; of other (maybe new) things, people, and of himself. But no matter how many roads a person travels, and know matter how much knowledge he aquires during his long, hard journey, he cannot stop along the way to rest, he must continue traveling, continue learning. For there is no end, no limit, to all there is to learned about life. As I sit here and ponder my lot in life. And wonder where I've gone wrong. think of the many roads in life. The one's have chosen seem long.ADMINISTRATION FACULTY-tasffif Dean A bendroth Betty Anderson Peg ■Mdfield George Calhoun 6utM»cl Jim Clodfelter Vera Bunting Ed Dawkins •IHMit'SJL’AT »iinut At Dewaine Prater Carolyn Saxe Steve Pollock Carroll Stanhope Lawrence |j Speir | Tom Walters Janet Thomas Bonnie WamplerCOOKS Ethyl Newport Frieda Thread CUSTODIANS Charley MooreSCHOOL BOARD Seated: Bessie Borga, Don Walker, Don Harms, Standing: Tom Hortin, Bob Hayes, George lie, Delmar Sample, Eugene Seals. 61 Mr. Robert Wallace, Principal Mr. Donald Walker, Superintendent ADMIllNIIISTflAirilOlNI VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD 1st row L to R Joe Stoll, Kevin Smith, Tim Totten, Jeff Stoll, Bruce Thomason, Roger Metcalf, Tim Myers, 2nd row Greg Mann, Dennis Mewes, Jeff Ingram, Fred Knackmus, Rick Skees, Mr. Hargrave Trophies for Great AthletesSOPHOMORE SQUAD 1st row L to R Jim Witte, Paul Stevens, Jerry McDowell, Pat Wood, Scott Saxe, 2nd row Mr. Walters, Mark Bunnage, Kenny Michels, Doug Kelsey, Tony Laws, Kirk Smith, Rick Skees. FRESHMAN SQUAD 1st row L to R Kenny Fryman, David Bennett, Brad Tate, Kevin Shock, 2nd row Mr. Duncan, Marvin Fewkes, Jason Hulfachor, Paul Kimpel, Mark Hortin, Jerry Ingram, Scott Alcorn, Larry Goodwin, Kevin Bruce. 66'.a c I 1st row L to R Debbie Goodwin, Pam Mann, Pam Kelsey, Renee Roosevelt, Lisa Bevins, 2nd row Jenny Clodfelter, Elizabeth Bailey, Faye Davis, Miss Anderson, Tonya Kimbrell, Mindy Mason. Girls Varsity Basketball o bVbj oj o»g) 3 a -a -a -zryd vc o 8 arrgYoiiirsT 'axainrinro a " y t atj g vrrrrTY cnrrrroTTYir rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrri. f ' Vr ft 1st row L to R Ralph Evans, Kevin Franklin, Jeff Stoll, Jim Witte, Jerry McDowell, Scott Saxe, Jeff Carlson, Randy Turner, 2nd row Mr. Grubb, Gerald Medler, Joe Stoll, Junior Haycraft, Roger Metcalf, Kenny Michels, Tony Laws, Bruce Thomason, Russel Short, Bob Keepes, wnne Elliot, Mr. Duncan. Scott Saxe vahsity sasebauI t X JR. VARSITY BASEBALL 1st row L to R Murvin Fisher, Bruce Me Kechnie, Pat Gill, Kevin Ahlfield. Mike Clodfelter, Tim Orr, Scott Alcorn, 2nd row Mr. Grubb, Russel Short, Jim Witte, Kenny Michels, Tony Laws, Jerry Me Dowell, Randy Turner, Scott Saxe. Kneeling: Bruce Thomason, Jim Witte, Standing: Gerald Medler, Willie Elliot, Bob Keepes, Kevin Franklin. from the score book We They Fairfield 1 9 Grayville 3 1 Lawrenceville 2 13 Red Hill 2 3 Flora 2 9 Olney 1 2 Me Leansboro 0 4 Fairfield 7 11 Noble 10 5 Regional Tour. Fairfield 7 9Kenny Michels Jeff CarlsonJunior Haycraft Russell ShortQIII LI SOFTBALL TEA 1st row L to R Charolette Witte, Melinda Ewing, Chris House, Colleen Bailey, Lori Orr, Elana Bro- kaw, Terri House, Elizabeth Bailey, 2nd row Ms. Hendrickson, Marla Caldwell, Pam Mann, Maria Shafer, Karleen Nelson, Dori Johnson, Rhonda Speir, Paula Thomason, Coach Anderson. EDWARDS 5 0 7 8 17 4 14 18 OPPONENTS Flora 11 Newton 15 Newton 9 Crossville 19 Gray ville 23 Flora 9 Crossville 10 Grayville 8Mt. Carmel McLeansboro Areola Christopher Red Hill Eldorado McLeansboro Flora Fairfield1st row L to R Kathy Bishop, Kelli Campbell, Pam Kelsey, Joetta Green, Jenny Clodfelter, Marilyn Compton, 2nd row Pam Mann, Melinda Ewing, Beth Sample, Marla Caldwell, Char- olette Witte, Kathy Greathouse, Debbie Goodwin, 3rd row Becky Clodfelter, Kim Gawthorp, Lori Orr, Jeanette Roosevelt, Elizabeth Bailey, Renee Roosevelt, Kathy Utley, Rhonda Speir, Coach Anderson.FRESHMAN L to R Beth Copeland, Kim Gawthorp, Mindy Mason, Angie Grimes, Shannon Wampler J.V. L to R Susan Wallace, Colleen Bailey. Cindy Williams, Kelly Duncan, Michelle HarmsACTIVITIESKING DENNIS MEWES AND QUEEN SARA KELSEY 82HIGHLIGHT CHRISTMAS DANCE CANDIDATES Dennis Mewes and Elana Brokaw Junior Haycraftand Melinda Ewing Davis Messman and Sara Kelsey Jason Hulfachor and Terri House 83Chapter Sweetheart Charolette Witte Man of the Year Junior Fewkes PLOW IBOY PROMEscort Jody Goolsby and Janet King Escort Gary lies and Delaine Lynch Escort Joe Stoll and Rhonda Speir Escort Greg Mann and Holly Root Escort John Spray and Audrey Fewkes Escort Dennis Mewes and Jane King'; J+LCheerleaders join Fool hall players in Che parade.SPECIAL EVENTS ADD VARIETY TO THE YEARS ACTIVITIES Counter-clockwise, Drama Class Skit, All School Assembly, Art III dress up as Famous Artists, Bow Day Participants, Town Country Art Show, Aline Snidle 1st place.SENIORS3TJm7TT3 SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIOR OFFICERS SENIORS Vice-President Jane Blackford President Treasurer Sec retard1 Steve Wissel Jane King Paula Thomason CLASS OF Along with carwashes, bake sales, and Booggin’ to WVJC, We sold candy, worked on floats, and elected the greatest queens! Flordia was great, but our sunburns still hurt. And all that sand we brought back was really just dirt. We moved through the year with our minds on the ending. Just to find that when we got there, it was only the beginning! Joni A hi fieldMitch Bailev Jeff Balding Cindv Alcorn Alan Baughman Teresa Yokel Blair BishopSENIORS"YESTERDAY . . . I BELIEVE IN YESTERDAY."SENIORSTIMES OF YOUR LIFE DO YOU REMEMBER?' Lisa Fewkes Melvin Goldman John Hal lam Kate Greathouse Joetta Green"TOP OF THE WORLD . . LOOKING DOWN ON CREATION Susan I.eigh •Laine Lynch Dennis Mewes Debbie McKibbenSENIORS'THE WAY WE WERE . . . IN THE CORNERS OF MY MIND.' Norma Reid Brenda Root Holly Root Beth Rigg Cltris Roosevelt David Schwarzlose Peggy Reid RootSENIORS Olin Shilling Lee Ann Smith i"WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN . .Kelly Wallace Gerald Turpin Roger Waters Susie Williams Glenn Weight man Victor Wiles SENIORSSENIOR ACTIVITIES FOR THE RECORD Brad Adams: Cross Country 1. Joni Ahlfield: ECHS- FHA 1.2. Pep Club 1,2,3, BiCentenial Club 2, FT A 2.3. Spectator 2.3, McLeans. High Los Amigos Club 4. Cindy Alcorn: Pep Club 1.2,3,4, GAA 1,2. FTA 1. Drama Club 1.2,3, Spectator 1,2,3,4, Chior 1,3, Treasurer 3. FHA 2,3,4, Student Council 3. Vice President 4, FNA 3,4, Mitch Bailey: Drama Club 1.2,3.4, Pep Club 1,2,3, 4, FTA 4, Band 1,2, President 1. Jeff Balding: Drama Club 1,2,3, Pep Club 1,2,3, Band 1.2,3,4, Chorous 1,2, Pep Band 1.2,3,4, FTA 2,3,4, Football 2. Spectator 2.3, Alan Baughman: Edwards County High School. Kathy Bishop: Edwards County High School. Jane Blackford: FHA 1.2, GAA 1,Pep Club 1.4. Pon Poms 4, V. Presideat 4. Charlotte Douglas: FHA 1.2,3,4. Pep Club 3,4 Ralph Evans: Baseball 1.2,3.4. Drama Club 1.2,3.4. Band 1.2.3. Pep Club 1,2.3,4. Student Council Vice President Eastern IL. District Ass. S.C.. FTA 3.4, Spectator 1.2,3,4, Foreign Language Club 2,3,4, Junior Class President. Russell Ewing: Edwards County High School Audrey Fewkes: Pep Club 1,2,3.4, FHA 1,2,3.4. Sec. 3.4. Section 6 B FHA Treasurer, Spectator 3.4. Student Council 4. Majorette, National Honor Society 4. Home coming Queen candidate. Gina Fewkes: FHA 1. 2. Student Council 1, Pep Club 2,3. Lisa Fewkes: GAA 1,2, Secretary 2. Band 1.2,3.4, Pep Band 3.4. Pep Club 2.3.4, Student Council 3.4. FNA 1,2,3. 4. Secretary 2. V. President 3, FHA 1, 2.3.4. V. President 3, President 4, Spectator 3.4, FFA Sweetheart candedate 3, FTA 3,4, Drum Maj 3.4. Alison Bowen: Band 1,2,3,4, President 4, FTA 2. 3.4. Jazz Band 2.3, Pep Band 2.3. IMEA All State 3. National Honor Soceity President 4. Jessie Briggs Pep Club 1.2,3,4, Band 1.2,3,4, Spanish Club 1,2,3, Teresa Yokel Blair: FHA 1,3, Pep Club 1,2,3, Drama Club 2.3. Edwardian Staff 4, Student Sec. 4. Andrew Brock: Basketball 1, Cross Country 1, Band 1.2.3,4. Danny Gill: Edwards County Senior High School. Lori Gill: Band 1.2,3.4. Pep Club 2. Pep Band 3,4, FTA 3.4, National Honor Society 4. Spectator 4. IL. State Scholar, Who's Who in Music. Melvin Goldman: Edwards County High School. Kathy Greathouse: Pep Club 1.2,3,4. Band 1,2,3, FHA 1,2, Sweetheart Queen candidate 2. FTA 3, Spectaa Spectator 3.4. Volleyball, Softball. Basketball. Elana Brokaw: Pep Club 1,3,4, FHA 1.2,3,4, Soft- ball 2.4, Spanish Club 3.4, reporter 3. President 4, Spectator 3. National Honor Society 4. Junior Class secretary. Christmas Queen candidate 4. Lisa Browning: Pep Club 1.2.3,4, FHA 1. Foreign Language Club 4, J.V. Cheerleader 2. Spectator Staff 4. FNA 4, reporter. Volleyball Manager 4. Phillip Buckles: Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Beth Bunting: Band 1.2,3.4, Pep Club 2 3 4 Pep Band 3.4. Stanley Bunting: Edwards County High School. Lyndall Caldwell: Football, Co-captaln 4 Spcc, ,or 1.2, Drama Club 1.2,3.4. Ban 1.2 3.4 Chorus 2 Student Council 3.4, V. Preside, V,ce£4 “ Km9Cand,da,e ’■ Fres ™" das. Joetta Green: J.V. Cheerleader 1.2. Pep Club 1,2.3, 4, FHA 1.2.3,4, Chapter Sweetheart 1,2, Officer 4, Spectator 3.4. FNA 4, Volleyball. John Hallam: Edwards County High School. Susan Hayes: Pep Club 1,2.3.4, Band 1.2,3.4 Pep Band, FHA 1.2, FNA 3. Linda Holley: Special Olympics 1,2,3. Angela K. House: Bonds Wilson High School Pep Club 1,2,3, Library Monitor 1.2, Cobra Staff 2,3, Spanish Club 2,3, Junior Board Rep. 3. Jr. Sr. Prom Committee. Student Council 3. ECHS Pep Club 4, Edwardian Staff 4. Spectator 4. Homecoming Com. Christmas Dance Com., Foreign Language Club 4. Teresa Huff: Edwards County High School. FNA PeP C,ub '-3'4- FHA 1. Spectator 3 hNA 3.4. Candy striper 3. Student Council 4. Sluder Librarian 3. Girls Volleyball 4. Timothy Carlson: Band 1,2.3.4. Drama Club 1.3 4 Pep Band 1.2,3.4. Stage Band 2, Chorus 3,4. Marilyn Carter Compton: FHA 1,2,3. Pep Club 1,2,3, 4. Foreign Language Club 4, FNA 4. Alan Cowles: Track 1,2, Cross Country 1,2, Band 1, 2,3.4, Marla Crackel: FHA 1,2,3. GAA 1, Pep Club 1.2.3,4. Rhonda Crask: Bi Centenial Club 1,2, Spanish Club 4, FHA 1, Student Librarian 4, Mark Densmore: FFA 1.2,3,4. Pep Club 1,2.3.4, Drama Club 4. Gary lies: FFA 1,2,3,4. Assist. Treasurer 3. V. President 4. Pep Club 1,2,3.4, State Farmer Award. Patricia Jones: Chorus 1, Band 2,3,4. Pep Club 3. Pamela Kelsey: Pep Club, FHA 1.2.3. FNA President 4, Spectator 4, Volleyball, Basketball, Soft- ball storekeeper. Jane King: Sweetheart Queen 1, Pep Club 1,2,3,4. FHA 1.2,4, Student Council 2,4. Student Secretary 3.4. Sr. Class Treasurer, Spectator 3.4, Who's Who 3,4, NHS reporter. Distinguished American High School Student, Homecoming Queen candidate 4. Janet King: Pep Club 1.2,3,4, Chorus 1,3,4. Student- Council 1,3,4, FHA 1.2. Spectator 3.4, Sophomore Class President. NHS 4, Who's Who 4. Homecoming Queen candidate. Distinguished Americn Queen candidate. Distinguished American High School Student 4,Susan Leigh: Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Foreign Language Club 3.4, FHA 1,2,3,4, Historian 3. Christman Queen 3, FTA President 4, National Honor Society 4, Who's Wbo 3. Delaine Lvnch: FHA 1. Pep Club 3.4. Foreign Language Club 2,Drama Club 3, Spectator 3,4, National Honor Society 4. Who's Who 4. Soph. Class Secretary, Student Council 4. Student Sec. 4, DAR Award 4. Gregory Mann Edwards County High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Debbie McKibben: FHA 1.2.3. Peo Club 1 2.3 4 Spectator 3, 4, Edwardian Staff 4. Dennis Mewes: Pep Club 1,2,3.4, Basketball 1,2, 3.4, Drama Club 1,2, Cross Country 1,2. Rebecca Moody: Special Olympics 1. Richard Moody: Edwards County High School. Anita Overshiner: FHA 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1.2. Kathy Pollock: Pep Club, Band 1.2. Pep Band 1.2. Drama Club 1.2,3,4, FHA, GAA 1. FNA 1,2,3,4, President 3. Spectator 2,3,4, FTA 3.4, Foreign Language Club 4, Freshman Class Treasurer, Junior Class Vice President. Chapter Queen Sweetheart 3, Who's Who 3,4. Karen Provine: FHA 1,2, FTA 3, FNA 3, Pep Club 2.4 Bill Putt: FTA 1.2,3.4, Crosscountry 1, Track 1, 2. Spectator 2,3, Bi-centenial Club 3. FFA 1 2 T a Section Winner in Outdoor Recreation 3. State win- ner in Forestry 4. Student Council 4, Enviromental award of excelence 1. State awards in Forest Fire Pre- vention 3. Norma Reid: FHA 1,2, GAA 1, Pep Club 1.2.3,4. Edwardian Staff 4. Beth Rigg: FHA 1, Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Bi-centenial Uub I, tdwardian Staff 4. Pam Rodgers: Bi-centenial award in art 2. Chris Roosevelt: Pep Club 1.2,3,4. Brenda Root FHA 1,2, Pep Club 2,3,4. Holly Root: Pep Club 1,2,3,4. FHA 1.2. FNA 3,4. Band 1,2,3,4, V. President 4, Pep Band 2.3,4, X mas Queen candidate 1,Sophomore Class Treasurer, Jr. Class Treasurer, National Honor Society, Home coming candidate 4. Peggy Root: FHA 1.2. NHS 4. David Schwarz lose: Building Trades 4. Olin Shilling: FFA 1,2,3,4, Livestock and Soil judging. Public Speaking. Kevin Smith: Cross Country 1,2, Pep Club 1.2,3,4. Basketball 1.2,3,4, Spectator 2. Class Favorite 1. Lee Ann Smith: FHA 1,2.3. GAA 1. FNA, Pep Club 2,3,4, Freshman Secreta Pep Club 2,3.4, Freshman Class Secretary, Twirler, Foreign Language Club 4. Tom Smith: Pep Club 4. Tracy Smith: Spectator 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1.2,3,4, FHA 1,3.4, Officer 4, Drama Club 1.2. Librarian 1. Aline Snidle: FHA 1. Band, Pep Band I.2.3.4. Pep Club 1.2,3,4. Stage Band 2. Rhonda Speir: FHA 1, Pep Club 1.2,3.4, Spectator 2, 3.4, Drama Club 2,3,4, President 4, Cheerleader 1,2,3,4. Captain 2,3. National Honor Society 4, Who's Who 3.4. Foreign Language Club 4. V. President, Distinguished American High School Student 4, Student Secretary 4. Homecoming Queen, Basketball Softball, Volleyball, Best all around. John Spray: Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Drama Club 1.2, FFA 1,2, 3.4, Secretary 4. Crosscountry 1, Basketball 1,2, Foot- ball 2.3. Ken Staley: Building Trades 4. Joe Stoll: Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Cross Country 1,2, Base balll,2,3,4, Basketball 1.2,3,4. Spectator 2.3.4. FTA 3.4, Foreign Language Club 3.4, Student Council 4. Ron Thompson: Football 2,3, Pep Club 2.3. Tim Totten: Football 1,2.3,4, Co-captain 4. Drama Club 2,3,4, Spectator 2,3,4, Baseball 1, Basketball 2, 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, FTA 2,3,4, Foreign Language Club, Sophomore Class Vice President. Student Council 4. Gerald Turpin: Drama Club 3, Play cast 2. April A. Waite: GAA 1, Drama Club 1,2,3,4, Band 1, 2.3.4, FNA 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1. Pep Band 2,3.4. FLC 3.4, Spectator 1, Chorus 2,4, Candystriping 2.3,4, Kelly Wallace: Pep Club Bi-centenial Club 1.2. FTA 1.3.4. FHA 1,2.3. Band Pep Band 1.2. Drama Club 1.2.3,4, School Play 2,3.4, Cheerleader 3.4 Caotain 4. Foreign Lanquaqe Club 3.4. Who's Who 3,4, National Honor Society 4, Treasurer 4, Pom Pon 2 Roger Waters: Football 1.2, FFA 1.2,3,4, Pep Club 4. Glenn Weightman: Band 1,2,3.4, Pep Club 2,3, Pep Band 1.2,3,4, Drama Club 1,2.3.4. Stage Band 1,2, Chorus 1, Who's Who 4, National Merit Scholar 4. Sue Williams: FHA 1, Band 2.3,4, Pep Band 2,3,4, Bi centenial Club 1,2, Chorus 4, Edwardian Staff 4. Greg Winter: Basketball 1.2. Cross Country 1.2. Foot ball 3,4, FFA 1.2,3,4, Farm Work Chairman 3.4, Stephen Wissel: Pep Club 1,2. Band 1.2,3.4, Drama Club 3.4. V. President 4. Pep Band 1.2.3. FLC 3,4, Student Council 4, Senior Class President. SAR Win- ner, Cathy Wood: Pep Club, FNA I.2.3.4. FHA 1.3. GAA 2, Candystriper 2. Emily Woods: GAA 1, FHA 1,2,3, Band 1,2,3, Pep Band 1,2.3, Pep Club 2,3. Who's Who 3. National Honor Society 4, Distinguished High School Student.BEST ALL AROUND Rhonda Speir and Steve Wissel MOODIEST Kathy Pollock and Tim Totten MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Delaine Lynch and Glenn Weightman GABBIEST Tracy Smith and Tom Smith BIGGEST FLIRT Janet King and Ron Norsworthy MOST MUSICAL Alison Bowen and Jeff Balding FRIENDLIEST Paula Thomason and Dennis Mewes MOST ATHLETIC Pam Kelsey and Joe Stoll CLASS CLOWNS Jesse Briggs and Danny Gill SHYEST Charlotte Douglas and Brad Adams MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Kelly Wallace and John Spray BEST DANCER Kathy Greathouse and Mitch Bailey BEST LOOKING Susan Leigh and Lyndall Caldwell BIGGEST BROWN Lisa Fewkes and Ralph Evans BEST DRESSED Joetta Green and Phil Buckles BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Kelli Campbell and Gary liesCLASS OF 78LOOK AT ME NOW!!!GOLDSMITH’S HOME FURNITURE CO. LOWELL ANNA MAE GOLDSMITH PH. 456-8880 WEST SALEM ALBION FLOWER GIFT SHOP W. MAIN ALBION PH 445-3121 WEDDING FLOWERS BOUQUETS - PLANTS CORSAGES - NAPKINS WEDDING INVITATIONSALBION LUMBER ALBION LOCKER PACKING ALBION LOVIN'S PHARMACYi CUNNINGHAM ELECTRIC CO, SUPPLIES - MAINTENANCE CONSTRUCTION ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR GEORGE WEIGHTMAN - HOWARD CUNNINGHAM PHONE 446-5342 446-5344 446-5343 MITCHELL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE dependent AGENT INSURANCE ♦REAL ESTATE ♦BOND SERVICE H.J. Mitchell 445-2201 E.D. Mitchell 445-3462 18 W Main Albion Dial 445-3113 "The Agency That Appreciates Your Business" ®Trim o,l COMPANY DRILLING • DEVELOPING PRODUCING RAYMOND A. MESSMAN PH. 446-5117 BROWNS 12825 W. Main Albion, III. PHONE 445 - 3059 "peatcvUtty fix. SfiwUuuean, DAIRY DEL CARRY OUT ORDERS PH. 445-8645 OPEN DAILY 5 AM-10PM AM-10PM SUNDAYS WEST MAIN ALBION ntJ (-““-r ,rpn I adding a porch? adding a room? do it now! ,i j For Complete Remodeling or Building Needs One Call Does it All! Concrete ’Roofing ’Pole Building ‘Siding ‘Masonry "No Job Too Large or Too Smoil ILLINOIS PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Coal is Illinois’ greatest natural resource We clean it up and send it to you by wire! MARKS DOBBS BUILDING CONTRACTORS Steve Marks Albert "Dale" Dobbs j t West Salem Illinois 456-8983 or 456-8962 129J.F. STEWART SONS GROCERIES DRV GOODS PH 445-2515 ALBION TIRES, BATTERIES ACCESSORIES - AUTO REPAIR CERTIFIED MECHANIC ON DUTY CUSTOM FARM SERVICES BROWNS SOIL TESTING SPREADER SERVICE FERTILIZER - CHEMICALS PHONE 446 - 5152 ALBION JOURNAL-REGISTER More paid circulation in Edwards Co. than all other area papers combinedBENZING CHEVROLET ALBION "ORDER GRADUATION" PRESENTS EARLY Sue’s Sewing Center Baby World PATTERNS - FABRIC AND NOTIONS INFANT GIFT ITEMS Sizes for Infants thru Size 7 Albion Illinois  I 25 EAST MAIN ALBION EBER SLOVER PH. 445-2911 DAY MANAGER 445-316 NIGHT COPELAND FURNITURE • FINE FURNITURE • MOHAWK CARPET • FRIGIDAIRE • MAYTAG ALBION 1 to 5 Daily All Day Saturday ALBION And Sunday Generalized Line of Antiques Large Stock of Lamp Parts Old Lamps Wired Restored Television Equipment Co. ItCil D.C. WILLIAMS SON RCA-WH1RLPOOL-AMANA 132 JEWELERS ALBION WEST SALEM, ILLINOISBAILEY FARM CENTER COMPLETE FARM SERVICE BROWNSMCLEAN IMPLEMENT INC. RED HILL SERVICE STATION PH 445-2825 - ALBION SUNOCO PRODUCTS YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER Ph. 445-2216 ALBION, ILL BOB MASON, OWNER GOODYEAR REMINGTON - MULTI MILE TIRES ALBION GRAIN PHONE 445-3417Quality Cleaners Soils and Stains Removed with Ease and Care West Main Albion, 111. HOFFEE BROS. PONTIAC - CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE - GMC NEW USED CARS-TRUCKS ALBION Del-La-Rey DRESSES - PANT SUITS - BLOUSES JEWELRY - INFANT WEAR PAINTER FRANKLAND HARDWARE Shop and Save at Del La Reys Richard and Kristine Bunting West Salem, Illinois Albion, Illinois LOWELL E. SMITH DOTY’S RADIO SHACK YOU INDEPENDENT AGENT SERVES YOU FIRST INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE WEST SALEM Come In And Look At Our Complete Line Of Tandy Leathercraft WIB DOTY'S SHACK ON THE SQUARE Phone 456-3244 West Salem, IllinoisEMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE AIR CONDITIONED OXYGEN UlMlI MIDI c7i nig fit Jluto Supply Speed and Hi-Performance Products Phone 456-3746 105 North Street West Salem, 111. 62476 rrrrrrrrrrrrrarry ™9 HOWARD FORD SALES SERVICE JOHN HOWARD 456-8821 - 456-8592 WEST SALEM 5 FfRD When America needs a better idea. Ford puts it on wheels.LARRY BOEWE UPHOLSTERING COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADS WEST SALEM BONE GAP COLONIAL LAUNDRY Mon.- Sat. 6 a.m. - 9p.m. J-K FARM SUPPLIES JERRY’S BARBER SHOP iurs. Sat. D.S.T. 6p.m.-9p.m. S.T. 5p.m. - 8p.m, JULIE’S TOWN COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP GENERAL HARDWARE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES BROWNS Wed. Sat. By AppointmentChampion Laboratories JL WEST SALEM—ALBION CHAMP—PYROIL—SENSITROL INGRAM FUNERAL HOME 201 E. CHURCH ST. WEST SALEM, ILLINOIS WEST MAIN ALBION HERSCHEL JOHNSON RT. 15 EAST ALBION ALLIS-CHALMERSFARMERS MILL Albion Edwards County Motors Your Local Ford Dealer Our 20th Year of Serving Edwards County Albion Illinois COWLING MOBILE HOMES 445-2774 445-3016 RT. 130 NORTH ALBION ALBION ILL SIZEMORE’S LUCKY DOLLAR STORE ON THE SQUARE - WEST SALEM KEITH REID AUCTIONEER ALBION PHONE 445-2233 140JIM’S AUTO SALES CLEANEST FAIREST PRICED CARS AROUND ON THE SQUARE ALBION ALBION SAVINGS LOAN ASSOC. DIVISION OF MT. VERNON SAVINGS LOAN ASSOC. 10 WEST MAIN ALBION MICHAEL R. STLEDGER VICE PRESIMfJT "WHERE THOUSANDS SAVE MILLIONS" SEARS Mu-th lAQMjL CATALOG SAILS M I. I C M A 1 CHERYL TAYLOR CATALOG ORDERS 11 NORTH 5TH ALBION PH 445-2314 - CHERYL TAYLOR PORTER’S AUTO SALES HIGHWAY 130 SOUTH Phone 445-3571 Albion, Illinois 141BONE GAP ELEVATOR GRAIN - FEED -SEED GRINDING AND CLEANING Phone 447 3384 Box 96 Bone Gap, Illinois 62815 MEN'S AND BOVS CLOTHING FAMILY SHOES TEEN STYLES Phone 445-3215 Albion, Illinois ALBION i:oiiii'avi:xt CO.INC. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER PH 445-2393 ALBIONALBION FOODLINER RALPH, MARTY NORTHUP AND SONS 143SUSAN’S LARRY’S SHELL RED KEN Full Service Salon RED KEN Retail Center MEN'S AND WOMEN'S STYLING Susan Markman Judy Knight Phone 445-3329 ALBION AND GRAYVILLE Phone 445 8144 HOT DOG STAND CARL JENKS, OWNER Fifth and Main Street Albion, Illinois EDWARDIAN AWARDS Seated: Norma Reid, Lisa Wolfe, Gina Fewkes, Angel House, Standing: Beth Rigg, Debbie McKibben,Sue Williams, Teresa Blair, Brenda Root. Holly Root, Health Improvement Award Steve Wissel and Rhonda Speir, Albion Rotary Club STUDENT SECRETARIES Angel House, Jane King, Delaine Lynch, Rhonda Speir.COMMENCEMENT 1978 Alison Bowen, Math Award Delaine Lynch, DAK Steve Wissel, SAR Joe Stoll, Curtis Memorial TrophyAmerican Legion Award Olin Shilling, Janet King. Gary lies, Jane King Kelly Wallace, Art Award TOP TEN Seated: Alison Bowen, Janet King, Delaine Lynch, Lori Gill, Emily Woods, Standing: Holly Root, Peggy Root, Olin Shilling, Jane King, Glenn Weightman.Librarian Asst. Rhonda Crask Asst. Guidance Secretary Joetta Green WVJC SCHOLARSHIP Brad Adams SPECIAL AWARDS- Seated: Delaine Lynch, Lisa Fewkes, Tracy Smith, Janet King, Standing: Mr. Wallace, Kelly Wallace, Rhonda Speir, Audrey Fewkes, Lyndall Caldwell.

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