Edwards County High School - Edwardian Mirror Yearbook (Albion, IL)

 - Class of 1951

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Edwards County High School - Edwardian Mirror Yearbook (Albion, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1951 volume:

, 54 . A , w vw .514 If .335 G- 2, ,K A '- " -- . ,,,1,g..iw--'aa-f-A... ..- ,, "- - ' "'--ff' 1 "id"---:-'-1-. , . , , ' n.. -4- -. "-1' - 'Q-f 1:1 - ' f' - af V?" vf"g1 .-.-' , Q , 1- - R- .-Qt1g..,q:.,-fry-5,514--f-.: - 4'-:fi--. , - -.X ,Y-75: . 'F-:i.?, .- - , QS: "1 Z7 -:V-"fi,-'f+5"" . '.w ' I Q 3 Q, ----a.-:N ii.. .Q -fix ,. it ., , H -V - .. . ' AF - V. H i-. .- 4 - 1 + - "1 .-A if-'Swf'-'- V ' .- r f . ,- --f .. . - .. - g. fi, '1 ' -.3 5 - fr-7'-R - --'Q' .fs -- 2 . "'r-1"- .- -. -Q " ,- 'uf-3.0 .-.f ..- sv '- ' :nw 'r . E.-:f 11- -V ., "- v f, - - -- 2- - .vig-'f'f -.19 4- - -1 -1- - - ' "Q 2faxg"v +- Q g - 1 45551. -'-, ,.-1-u p 1 -4"'V piyippqf ':- - ,. " -5 "- - .--- V 1- -f', f " gikgggiiiugio ----agxgifiv-:'1'?3i5.fif?',-, ' ' -:g f e - V- - - -' ' . .. .-- .' -, h, V ,f Y ' 1 ..., .- " - A ' " - - - . 1 , , -- 1.4 N , ,Q -11,5 -Q . Q .,", ' 2 'L , ,LJ , V 5 -. --1' T '- ami? jjgw. gm- :- 324. . f, " -ir 1 A f A- ., M - '-M .1 ,,:1".g- , PL-iz,-5:53--Qf', -, 139- 3 . -- my S "--. ,1--- ., . fl - ' ' Q F fm-V . - -- ?-"k1'?i':' - - Y - .4 -A 1 N-L...-'-fX"'fkC?'ir -lx -ws. 1' -' - ' -'Q-ff -W f ' V. "' -w H.,-' ' "MT-3-f'G,, "Q A "' 1. -' ', , V - ' "ii, P- , a.-j .- , - ' 1 L1 - 5315-1 S-2' Rm' 2' 11? ' '2'i'1-'f-.l'ffV-.1-ff +P'-2 F .-,- :-- '- - ., - -Q, - - ?"if1?W'l-9-'f - A - -' " -- - 'P , -I ?g3Fk,53gfghi:55'Kw-gslivf-f,,.V,.1ff5,,g,L.- .g, -Aga, -1-355-,jc -- lrif: 5 WQ-fi g 5 3,3f?p.-- ,ptfgf .si r '35 - -aiu 4 , H gl Jr 21 - - ' --'- gfq,'-gg:,'91-5Qjzwg5.2?13e5i'? Q1' 3,535 ff -- "-fag ifi :-gafi. "" X. gn '-,psi ,V , -" '5H--- -n.-.- - V, - -2- -'-ff . ' -f X, . , , -' H w Q Q-R Qi gr A-rg-S-3.5 -:AL-. ff- ,C.,ZfYfIv,'- Y ' . -:- 1 , 41 - .Y,.,, - X i 1"f'f-' ' --, - .Q , - - ' T1 V - - - C -V . 'W -. W' - ig.: 4 -V v N- 22-VP: Yip. , f'5!ff'-f?"-.'-'1'fP'-1' -ff---5-.gr --M12-ag? -,ya ff- " -fig: -5 2--fad' 1- ' f . . --- V ' - -wg g. 'gf a2a.'-gif?-rf---3 2154143 ff?Lg4ffe--'12- F-P4'ii'f:'. - -A , 1 -"-rf'gwJ', ,g - r'f-'32-f?ff?fq,5.si,-if V: -s -,-A--Va-V fm. F- , . V . - 5 2-.Yi 535 .. 25 ," ' ,' f- -.7 . 5 -E-'gi ,gf 5 ,ig-.--' ff .2 -:gf- 5 pf-.Vg 4 ' ,,"? Lam.-fniutg -Ni s .. - - -. f .VVV Q , - ' ' ' f - f ' A, ' , - . A - .'-- -',-- '- I- , C . f .J .V - . 1 - '-'- 1 ',A' , A 4, ,Mi,,,'3,,5gLl1'V, .K,w F5,"SQ-3'-4,55 V-ij , v Y . Qgflbfg.,-54 4-ffSf.,ilg-i'?- .-,jg.Q' ' L. 45251,-f'11Vf V -X ' tl 5- f- ,iggi 'ii-,'j,,fz,:,1iLiiiiIg'5 V , , 11-nf - I ., '93-4, T1 .,-ff .1 V g -:pf 'pf-g .5 ' ... iw- -. -"-" '1g5f'F+ . . - - . ."' - ' ff- V ' ' f gr - . HQ J- 1-if ' 'H'-if' 5 -V V '- -. 'SZQ-., TT. '-Q if -fx. F - f -- -- 1 -f - ' '- ' Y 1 . . - ...- - - -. -. -V""'-. -V ---- V - . - -- . , .. ' ' . 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" .fm -- V -fm - , V .4 6, J ., 1 ,IVQ 5 5.5554 '.Qa-55-Ifv1i,L 1 Q . FOREWORD H! WE PRESENT THIS FIRST EDITION OF THE ECHOES TO THE PEOPLE OF THE EDWARDS COUNTY UNIT. USE THIS BOOK TO HELP YOU BECOME ACQUAINTED WITH YOUR SCHOOL. THOUGH IT IS NOT PERFECT, WE HOPE YOU WILL ACCEPT IT IN THE SAME SPIRIT OF FELLOWSHIP AS IT WAS PREPARED. WE WISH TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION DURING THE PAST YEAR. MAY THIS BOOK BE A SOURCE OF PLEASURE TO THOSE THAT SEE IT. ANNUAL COMMITTEE Virgil H. Judge Superintendent DEDICATION To you, M . Virgil H. Judge, Superintendentg A. B. Gill, President: A. M. Walton, Secretaryg Pernie Marks, Dale Moore, Harold Schwarzlose, Ramer Schrader, F. Frank Saxe, Members of the Board of Education, for your competent and friendly service to all who come in contact with you, and because we are grateful to you for your contributions toward making our school a better place to attend, we dedicate this annual. ill sd WTI' lem EDWARDS CDU? ' UN IT Sew rms MZ. Nl- IKGL n'2v::wL U DCD 31 B P' F' O 'Q So nz 35 as ff 'fa I 'E FH U 00 O C I o nr- as rs si I-DCP su. 0 OD' Hs PI-' Es I a.. EH P' O gc' -7: sa C 2,5 is U0 ol BD we E: O 5 Suusville M M, 51 .. .. ........ 'T i -4 w ' S I- 51 . 191 2' i fl K KA 0 s- 2 gf eaoqrgwvso e e 3 F It S Q: gr X i P 5' , Q W 2. ' 'S S -. k, e F I 2 f'1 F' dollars. ' ' There are 1630 pupils enrolled. The total estimated expenditure for this year is S352,5l0.00, divided as follows: Educational fund S308,3l0.00g Building fund S26,700.005 Bond fund S17 500.00. The total tax rate for the school year 1949-'50 was Q1.04 on each 5100.00 assessed valuation. BOARD OF EDUCATION A. I. Walton, Secretary, Pernie Marks, Harold Schwarzlose, A. B. Gill, President, Ramer Schrader, Dale Moore, F. Frank Saxe. The Board of Education meets regularly at the Courthouse in Albion on the fourth londay night of each month. ' ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Roy Luthe, John Edward Skinner, Ralph Fehrenbacher, Harry Higgins, Virgil H. Judge, Superintendentg John Kisser, H. E. Searby, John E. Roosevelt. lisa Helen Libks Miss Mary Anna Frankland Secretary to the Superintendent Assistant County Superintendent in charge of Elementary Music Z ..,-, llfllill ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Kindergarten Back Row- Dorothy Crawford, Susan Davis, Karen Walker, Harriett Johnson, Bonnie Manges, Barbara Baker, Miss Ina Skinner, teacher, Kenneth Gubbins, James Carter, Sara Ellen Aulvin, Marilyn Summers, Steven lalker, Steven Mann, Roger Mann. Row Two- Bobbie Lynn, Donald Frankland, Larry Neal, Howard Johnson, Chester Ulm, Jr., Kenton Saxe, Earl Gene Frankland, Lester Clark, Anita Kneezle, Anna Marie Yeagley, Arlene Longbons, Marilyn Noah, Donald Bevins, Gill Medler, Billy Maldlow. Row One- Van D. Jones, Richard Woods, Wayne Ewing, Glenda Fulk, Sandra Newport, Sandra Heil, Donna Cullison, Hedy Cox, Sandra Colbert, Blythe Braday, Melba Vickers, Anita Speir. f:,ih WEST SALE! SCHOOL First Grade Back Row- Max Bunting, Phyllis Kinkade, Jean Kegley, Richard Krajec, Gretchen Zerlgch, Verlin Cokley, Sharon Nelson, Pamela Drysdale, Miss Lois Harrison, eac er. Row Two- Roberta Knackmus, Robert Stevens, John Hedrick, Sharon Huohel, lar Ronk, Donnie Clodfelter, Diane Brandt, Jerry Dunn, Jerry Orel. Row One- Gilbert Stevens, Billy Higgins, Eddie Rothrock, Gary Scott, Thomas Hall, Larry Mason, Loy Balding. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL First Grade Back Row- Jon Willett, Bobby Brake, David Stennett, Mary Ann Sarver, Mrs. Willena Graham, teacher, Phillip Barrett, Howard Bunting, Steve Ewing, Brenda Lee, Gary Hazelton. Row Two- Tommy Tucker, Patsy Bunting, Kathy Lambert, Linda Barber, Clayton Wilson, Paul Romero, Larry Mann, Dotty Lou Mason, Sharron Martin, Willis Wood, Gene Sweatt. Row One- Otho Woods, Marlene Nevius, Glenn Keener, Arrol Stewart, Judy Hortin, Stanley Dodson, Mark Fooks, Linda Ewing, Kay Roosevelt, Ross Hering, Monnle Howard. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL First Grade Back Row- Tom Sawyer, Harold Wirth, Jimmy Simms, Paul Collins, Miss Nadine Medler, teacher, Tom McCormick, Tommy Jones, Charles Huff. Row Two- Edward Lambert, Ronnie Elliott, Yvonne Bunting, Karen Rae Nash, Helen Gill Karen J h , o nson, Bobby Collins, Francis Waters, Jerry Keener, Glenn Blakley. Row One- Russell Morrison, Gary Wilson, Margaret Hambly, Jackie Copeland, Jane Colyer, Dickie Hawkins, Tennie Lou Poynter, Jimmy Copley, Sue Ellen Lynn, Norman Cullison, Marcia Hall, Roger McK1bben. Absent from this picture were Billy Meserole and Luther Garrett. BROWNS GRADQ SCHOOL First and Second Grades Back Row- Richard Wayne Butterick, Marilyn Kay Gray, George Fredrick Bering, Larry Wayne Bender, Wilfred Wayne Crackel, W. Kenneth Mabrey, Norman L. Bredenkamp, John Edward Weisenberger, Roamary Miller, Irs. Opal Byram, teacher. Row Two- Ronnie J. Sulzer, Donald Ray Bybee, Norma Jean Nelson, Nina Fern Deffendall, Harlan Keith Rose, Nancy Carole Wood, Linda Sue Painter, Terry Lee Luttrell. Row One- Dale Ksonnyj Stillwell, Joh Carlbert Stroup, Terry Lee Ervin, Lewis Jan Blackford, Wllburn Lee Walker, Franklin Leroy Bybee, Vernon Ray Brown. 'Q 4 f af - 4' -- BONE GAP SCHOOL First and Second Grades Back Row- Scharlene Doty, Eddie Miller, John Dappert, Mrs. Ruth Mason, teacher, Janet Gumbrell, Shirley Coleman, Patricia Johnson. Row Two- L.A. Ferns Myers, Patricia Inman, Steven Bare, Billy Markman, Sandra Briggs, Richard Gumbrell, Jimmy Root, Nancy Mewee, Robert Cralle, Gilberta Smit Row One- Helen Faye Koertge, Garry Garner, Carolyn Sue Root, Glenn Barnett, Mary Delsher, Duane Smith, Coralie Pierson, Judith Gibson, Ronald Graham, Lila Mae Hocking, Micheal Collins, Charlotte Ann Gill. h ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Second Grade Back Row- Gary Maroney, Linda Sue Hazelton, Marilyn Keener, Marilyn Pierce, Jack Ellen, Donna Schmidt, Steve Aulvln, Mary Barnhart, Linden Bunting, Ronald Roosevelt. Row Two- Mary Ann Speir, Gail Reum, Judy Quinn, Donald Duncan, Donna leserole, Miss Fernanda Inskeep, teacher, Vernon Thompson, Darla Willett, Michael St. Ledger, Wayne Cooksey. Row One- Verl Griess, Linda Rotramel, Sheryl Balding, Margy Roye, Robert Smith, Richard Waters, Dwight Howe, Urban Tinckham, Allen Nevius, Sandra Reid. "dT"'We M . WV., . - . . . L' ? xi eww 'fwfr V ffQ,.'G',.., QT: - ' - x L K c,.,,a ..,,e.,..,,,.,,.,, .'. , , I ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Second Grade Back Row- Errol Wall, Carol Sawyer, Jan Foster, Tommy Wesson, Miss Inez Harrison, teacher, Ray Scott, Ben McKechn1e, Bobby Hawkins, Danny Keener, Row Two- Sharon Pierce, Jimmy Howard, Herman Hasse, Rickie Braday, Patricia Walker, Karen Hallam, Mickey Musselman, Sandra McWilliams, Robert Gubbins, Denny Bailey. Row One- Patty Lyons, Oren Smith, Nola Fawkes, Freddie Wissel, Larry Colbert, Donald Nash, Karla Bevins, Trudie Hallam, Brenda Johnson. .FA WEST SALEM SCHOOL Second Grade Back Row- Darrel Tomblinson, Miriam Kortge, David Higgins, Lynda Gerlach, Daniel Jones, Donald Fryman, Carol Yonaka, Sharon Fitzwilliam, Sue Koch, Mrs. Flo Ridgley, teacher. Row Two- Alberta Mason, Mary Selbert, Norma Woods, Patsy Persinger, Madeline Gertsch, Phyllis Swinson, Linda Lodwig, Virginia Huffington. Row One- Charles Hasewinkle, Richard woods, Richard Hazel, John Fitch, Jimmy Feldman, Charles Brant, Johnny Carleton. ' "I!"iIf7:SfQL3iLfjl2m. . f'f'f'!,,,,, Y h I A --.l . ,M N -...... ,.e,.,,. , ? BONE GAP SCHOOL Second and Third Grades Back Row- Richard Hargrave, Joy Myers, Jerry Stocker, Darrell Balding, Mrs. Mary Veith, teacher, Clarence Reid, Jolene Pierson, Gary Schwartzloee, Robert Howard. Row Two- Geneva King, Jimmy Stocker, Marilyn Fawkes, Max Reisinger, Imogene Wood, Deon Belt, Barbara Nelson, Frank Scott, Mae Barnett, Jack Gray. Row One- Brenda Cowling, George Skees, Linda Doty, Sandra Morris, Cletls Root, Jackie Thread, Jo Anne Smith, Jayne Ann Brines, Billy Tarpley, Eldonna Nelson, Darla Jo Pierson. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Third Grade Back Row-Ronald Lynn, Bonita Allen, Dorothy Wise, Claude Griess, Beverly Elliott, David Hogue, Mike Balding, Doris Johnson, Jimmy Hall. Row Two- Marilyn Sweatt, Jerry Shaw, Ann Rodgers, Sue Collins, Miss Zula Berg, teacher, Lester Garman, Dickie Barrett, Bobby Bevins, B uce Wilson, Sylvia McKitr1ck. Row One- Sally Lindsey, Earl Bailey, Ruth Johnson, Earl Ray Lee, Darrell Best, Charles Root, Judy Green, Sue Abby, Janice Benson, Melba Pottorff. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Third Grade Back Row- Jerry Schmittler, Marie Meserole, Nickle Dynis, Paul Brake, Robert Bunting, Miss Phyllis Redd, teacher, Carolyn Tinckham, Marta Fooks, Tom ie Cowling, Robert Wilson. - Row Two- Phyllis Meserole, Dick Baker, Tom Hunt, Nancy Shaw, Tommie Schock, Velma Bowers, Camille Bamberth, Karen Bunting, Johnnie Jacques. Row One- John Gwaltney, Marilyn Reid, Jerry Harper, Priscilla Jones, Troy Horton, Beverly Garman, Stevie Bennett, Mary Lou Howe, Larry Nash, Dolores Stennett.' r 1 WEST SALEM SCHOOL Third Grade Back Row- Paul Myers, Thomas Fitzwilliam, Sue Ann Knackmus, Louise Feldman, Teddy woods, Jackie Feldman, Jimmie Short, Glenn Dunn, Robert Yates, Donald Stevens, Mrs. Dorothy Farmer, teacher. Row Two- Joyce Troyer, Wilma Schwarzlose, Sharon Boewe, Mary Lou Rector, Ruth Royer, Ada Frances Myers, Mary Sue Cokley, Joan Matthes, Sara Lou Gadau. Row One- John Gadau, Gary Gene Smith, Jerry Smith, Jimmie Johnson, Frankie Dobbs, Eddie Bradham, Barry Beehn. BROWNS GRADE SCHOOL Third and Fourth Grades ' Back Row- Allyn Butterick, Ronald Wood, Rex Berry, Joe Mosson, Donald Rodgers Row Three- Mrs. Wlnifred Searby, teacher, Philip Waggener, Eugene Siefferman, Teddy Ervin, Charles Miller, Michael Hering, William Brown. Row Two- Jenn James, Maris Deffendall, Shirley Stillwell, Mary Rae Gines, Beverly Seals, Larry Gene McRoberts, Miss Schroeder, teacher. Row One- Sharron Rose, Carole Jo Nelson, Bernice Sulzer, Linda Gray, Eileen Brandon, Beverly Cowling, Eunice Mabrey, Joyce Wood. ALBION GRAEE SCHOOL Fourth Grade Back Row- Steven Edge, Tom Everett, Larry Shaw, Verla Copeland, Rebecca Ann Carter, Doris Campbell, Wayne Stenett, Suzannah Manges, Ruth Huff, Paul Culllver. Row Two- Robert McCormick, Kate White, Michael Etheridge, Nila Jean Bunting, Clinton Blakley, Richard Crome, Mrs. Maude Stevens, teacher, Patricia Balding, Judith lalker, Billy Lynn, Milton Woods. Row One- Mary Morrison, Janice Fieber, Debera Works, Johnny Collins, James Powell, Richard Metcalf, Kenneth Fawkes, Lana Lambert, Pamela Hallam, Judy Fbhrenbacher, Karen Colbert. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Fourth Grade Back Row- Sue Cowling, Suzanne Lambert, Betty Jo Ile, Marilyn Ruth Foster, John Eagleson, Keith Copeland, Barry Yokel, Michael Willett, Mrs. Wandalee Triggs, teacher. Row Two- Ronald Orr, Larry Walker, Marilyn Lea Longbons, Philip Utley, Kent Nale, Janice Wick, Robert Dixon, Linda Lee Musselman, Marsha McKechnie, Loreita Spann, Wanda Nash. Row One- Bobby Robinson, Evelyn R1BS, Jon Judge, Patty Wilson, Lana Pitzer, Larry Lee Browning, Danny Prince, Donnie Johnson, Linda Rae Roye, Steven Bassett. 15 L 1afJNzmXei'If'1w WEST SALEM SCHOOL FOurth Grade Blok Row- Clark Knackmus, Junior Fryman, Joe Tomblinson, Billy Krajec, Ruth lcbowell, Janet selbert, Mrs. Helen Doty, teacher. Row Two- Bette Bradham, Mary Rothrock, Ruth Slunaker, Lorraine Doty, Joann Hazel, Thelma Ibbotson. Row One- John Summerfield, James Swlnson, Harry Kortge, Robert Mason, Gale Baldlng, Tom Orrel. V 6, 1' ' inn- , if A Aff A BONE GAP SCHOOL Fourth and Fifth Grades Back Row- Richard Bunting, Clyde Reid, Ronnie Miller, Dick Correll, Mrs. Esther Kleeer, teacher, Gary larkman, Beverly Nelson, Sharon Patterson. Row Two- Burton Hocking, David Byford, Patty Houchins, Sammy Collins, Joyce Gumbrell, Gary Bryan, Glendola Nelson, Mike Woods, Judy Rigg. Roi One- Karla Hiller, Judy Miller, David Harms, Ronnie Kelsey, Larry Mayo, Ray Root, Jerry Moves, Jack Koertge, Linda Gill, Frankie Root. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Fifth Grade Back Row- Anita Roosevelt,.Joyce Braday, Lana Ewing, Joanne Hallam, Pamela Greek, Linda Woods, Kay Baines, Mary Ellen Sawyer, Lynda Waters, Tanya Morrison, Mrs. Gladys Woods, teacher. Row Two- Marjorie Speir, Martha Speir, Jo Ellyn Dolezal, Nolan McKitrick, Ronald Mann, Rex McKechnie, Charles Shupe, Brenda Lindsey, Ann Newport, Vicki Hallam. Row One- Terry Shepherd, Jimmy Warren, Gerald Bunting, Gary Reid, Eddie Xaunders, Wayne Shaw, Keith Bunting, Larry Gash, Russell Garris, Robert Metcalf. ,Mg-gr, ,aL.e fawwasc nys, ' we-sp - e f , -l,,o,a,aaaaweee Q .,f'x'4 ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Fifth Grade Back Row- Bobby Hallam, Richie Shaw, Donald Garman, Jackie Meaerole, James W. Green, Charles Allen, Tommy Hawkins, Dick Bunting, Gary France, Mrs. Mary Lou Smith, teacher. Row Two- Phyllis Hedge, Judith Roye, Doris Lynn, Judy Kitchens, Gloria Ile, Faye Huff, Louise Vickers, Dorothy Johnson, Jean Collins, Marjorie Smith. Row One- Rebecca Lee, Wayne Bell, Terrell Denson, Glen Wilson, Billy Parker, Jerry Roosevelt, Brian McK1bben, Bobby Wilson, L. D. Price, Joyce Chapman. fy' x WEST SALEM SCHOOL Fifth Grade Bsok Row- Mrs. Bernadine Eagleson, teacher, Darrell Troyer, Philip Yates, Larry Huchel, Richard Walker, Billy Lindsey, Andrew Krajec, Mike Nelson, Jim Witte, Ernest Harris, Darryl Doty, Junior Jones, Harvey Fitzwilliam. Row Two- Jo Ann Rothrock, Mary Ann Biehl, Laverne Johnson, Michael Kaericher, Gene Schwarzlose, Robert Kinkade, Robert Greathouse, Norman Kitley, John Bratsch Row One- Phyllis Mason, Carolyn Gadau, Katherine McDowell, Margaret Landis, Jeanette Hilgenberg, Sherrill Beehn, Faye Troyer, Ruth Ann Cokley. BONE GAP SCHOOL Fifth and Sixth Grades Back Row- Roger Wood, Donald Harms, Jack Kelsey, Mrs. Evelyn Pettigrew, teacher, Dorothy Montg mery, Joyce Morris, Evelyn Correll. Row Two- Harriett Morris, Jerry Deischer, Mary Doty, Jimmy Sim ons, Dora Stone, Linda Gray, Jimmy McK1nz1e, Betty Tarpley, Richard Bunting, Doris Skees. Row One- Linda Grubb, Robert Knight, Wilma Mason, Billy Root, Goldie Inman, Colleen MoManaman, Larry Gill, Rosanne yierson, Clarence Tarpley,Jr. BROWNS GRADE SCHOOL Fifth and Sixth Grades Back Row- Sharon Welsenberger, Sylvia Mabrey, Bonnie Sue Mosson, Madelene Wiggins, Wilma Gray, Sue Ellen Cunningham, Carol Ann Dukes, Mrs. Edith M. Reid, teacher. Row Two- Betty Jo James, Delores Brown, Sandra Rose, Gloria Stillwell, Elizabeth Butterlok, Marilyn Wiseman, Clyda Jean Crackel. Row One- Connie Ray Wiggins, Vearl wood, Johnny Wood, Dickie Berry, Jimmie Denton, Harry Ray Curtis, Gilbert James. WEST SALEM SCHOOL Sixth Grade Back Row- Charles Rothrock, Carl Stevens, Jay D. Knust, Roger Stewart, John Beehn, Larry Markman, Wilfred Schwarzlose, Ronnie Mason, Robert Hlldenberg. Row Two- Diana Mullinax, Melba Myers, Loretta Swartzbaugh, Phyllis Rae Reid, Marjorie Rothrock, June Boewe, Albert Hayner, Charles Quillen, Donnie Bowen, Mrs. Ruth Higgins, teacher. Row One- Loretta Haumesser, Sharon Lindsey, Mildred Hayes, Lois Brant, Norma Slunaker, Ruth Walker, Jane Orrel, Shelby Persingere Beulah Gawthorp and David Stanford absent. 2' ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Sixth Grade Back Row- Robert Bunting, Charles Kramer, George Lambert, John Wissel, Don Harper, Kenneth Robinson, Ross Bunting, Jim Prince, Walter Allen, Mr. Charles Boyles, teacher. Row Two- Gail McManaman, Patsy Porterfield, Norma Chappell, Shirley Martin, Beulah Ile, Sandra Musselman, Glenna Meserole, Rue Etta Green, Barbara Coon, Susie Fehrenbacher, Phyllis Colyer, Faye Nash. Row One- Arlen Colbert, Steve Colyer, Barbara Keener, Rosalie Hensley, Helen Clark, Larry Miller, John Orr, Finley Stewart, Jack Vickers, Gene Rice, Marvin Jacques. BGSU' Y,,n WW .X 5 dev- Nr ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Sixth Grade Back Row- Owen Burroughs, Gale Browning, Chuckie Young, Freddie Speir, Hilbert Bell, Franklin Keener, Richard Bunting, Johnny Poynter, Ronnie Hazelton, Paul Campbell. Row Two- Mary Tucker, Virginia Glllard, Betty Splittorff, Sandra West, Louise Kramer, Janet Glover, Jean Judge, Carolyn Bunting, Kay Bunting, Barbara Lake, Mrs. Helen Campbell, teacher. Row One- Jane Wolfe, Betty Walker, Charlotte Walker, Carl Clark, Dolores Mitchell, Sandra Mitchell, Bobby Greek, Danny McKibben, Darrell Hasse, Larry Rice, Bobby Copeland. fffgaff . . ff' he by A ff, a "-figilfffai 'N S, Q-asv.. , A 1 Q S c WEST SALEM SCHOOL Seventh Grade Back Row- Mr. Roy M. Luthe, teacher, Paul Bowers, James Miller, Ben Balding, Lee Woods, Howard Haycraft, Wendell Gawthorp, John Mewes, Jerry Nelson, Clyde Buckles, Gerald Knust, Johnny Gill, James Hoeszle. Row Three- Lee Roy Barnhart, George Tomblinson, Lena Turpin, Ann Walker, Barbara Brant, Connie Bunting, Patricia Hardy, Sharon Quillen, Dolores Harris, Shirley Feldman, Kathryn Johnson. Row Two- Evadna Brown, Joyce Boewe, Joyce Landis, Carolyn Lomas, Marilyn Beehn, Dorothy Lynch, Ruby Scott, sharon Barrington, Wanda Tucker, Patty Gillard, Shirley Baker. Row One- Robert Matthes, Bernie Lomas, LeRoy McDowell, Jack Mills, Robert Rector, Arthur Short, Charles Maas, Sammie Huchel, Fdward King, Jon Sams. w 1 w BROWNS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Seventh Grade Back Row- Jimmy Duncan, Bennie Litherland, Darlene Crackel, Ballard Miller, Claribel Longbons, Mrs. Dorothy Litnerland, sponsor. Ro: Oni- Phoebe Lee, Betty Brown, Elizabeth Mosson, Judy Butterick, Lenora Fa rch ld. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Seventh Grade Back Row- Dennis Smith, Jack Martin, Helen Banks, Floydene Vickers, Doris Carter, Leon Carter, Charles Culiver. Row Two- Gail Wilson, Nina Fewkes, Florence Cook, Helen Green, Nancy Pike, Judith Mann, Annetta Bunting, Robley Bassett, Lillie Harris, Mary Ann Crawford, Mrs. Helen Coles, teacher. Row One- Wendell Bell, Howard Roosevelt, Steve Hortin, Harlan Schmittler, Gary Miller, Eddie Bailey, Donald Pottorff, Robert Williams, Ronald Wlles, Ronald Johnson. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Seventh Grade Back how- Gary Reid, Ray Metcalf, James Utley, Joe Huff, Jerry McConnell, Larry Fehrenbacher, Gene Sams, Mr. John L. Bailey, teacher, Row Two- Hazel Hallam, Sandra Collins, Jame Cowling, Barbara Tibbs, Virginia ggzless, Barbara Reeves, Connie Ringham, Oleta Hall, Darlene Bowman, Marilyn W. Row One- Donald Walters, Eldon Mann, Albert Duncan, Robert Briscoe, Wanda Glover, Joyce Bunting, Ray Metcalf, Hubert Campbell, Raymond Quinn. -Iwi " QZFIL' " ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Eighth Grade Back Row- Margaret Hawkins, Billy Reum, David McKibben, Ronnie Hallam, Eldon Mann, Darius Rice, Ray Hall, John Elliott, Royce Bullock. Row Two- Harold Hortin, Harold Fawkes, Philip Waters, Tommy Hallam, Shirley Conover, LaJune Spruell, Mr. Harold Orr, teacher, Janell Green, Lonnie Keener, Allen Kimbrell, Gladney Bunting, Jerry Bullock. Row One- Barbara Works, Sharon Duncan, Janice Rigg, Madeline Colyer, Lois Works, Marjorie Roderick, Sandra Pitzer, Alberta Roby, Joan Fairchild, Ronnie Naylor. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Eighth Grade Back Row- Linda Balding, Wilma Clark, Paul Chalcraft, Tommy Mayes, Gary Spray, George Hogg, Ralph Bunting, Frank Chalcraft, Joan Elliott, Carolyn Smith, Mrs. Jennie Kershaw, teacher. Row One- Larry Judge, Ronald Cullison, Mary Lou Chapman, DeLor1s Chalcraft, Beverly Wilson, Mary Carter, Marilyn Ile, Shirley Wiles, Gene Greek, Darwin Abby. BROWNS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Eighth Grldb Back Row- Robert Walker, Ronald Barnett, Albert Fryman, Dick Lee, Norman Gray, Ronnie Crackel, Russell Bredencamp, Don Butterick, Billy Harrison, Irs. Winifred Searby, sponsor. Row one- Mary Wlggoner, Lucille Briggs, Imogene labrey, Ruth Lambert, Forma James, Shirley Cowling. ... M, . V WEST SALE! SCHOOL Eighth Gradn Back Row- Roscoe Short, Robert larkman, Ronald Mason, Glen Clodfelter, Ronald Schwarzlose, Ronnie Brandt, Don Sams, Robert Hayes, lr. Carroll Stanhope, teacner. Row Two- Charleen Royer, Nancy Bradham, Wilma Bunting, Norma Bunting, Betty Wiseman, Phyllis Taylor, Janice Boewe, Yvonne Reid, Patricia Walker. Row One- Betty Hayes, Anita Hayner, Marilyn Harris, Patricia Fitxwilliam, Beverley Lynch, Elizabeth Hayes, Berniece Knakmuhs, Mildred Haumesser. "' " """"f11f'f-'-M BONE GAP SCHOOL Junior High Back Row- Irs. Edna Gill, teacher, Nita Dappert, John Shelby, Louise Wood, Glenn lorris, June Gray, Roy G. Gill, Shirley HcK1nz1e, Larry Mclanaman, Helen J. lyers, Mr. Ralph Jibben, teacher, Junior Knight, Glenna larkman, Esther Nelson, Jack Leslie, Helen McK1bben, lr. Clarence Campbell, teacher. Row Three- Hr. John Kisser, principal, Patsy Simmons, Shirley Williams, Shirley Inman, Virginia Bunting, Narita Root, Nancy Woods, Joyce Bunting, Angileah Bunting, Joe lewes, Benny Leigh, Roy Morrison. Row Two- Eugene Kelsey, largie Doty, Lulu Stone, Bslva lcK1nz1e, Nieta Orr, Janice Doty, Marilyn Reid, Linda larkman, Delores Doty, Clara Ann Reid, Dick Doty, Curtis Buchanan. Row One- Lloyd Barnett, Robert Leigh, Donald Longbons, Roy Myers, Jerry morris, Kenneth Root, Robert Pollman, Donald Coale, Bobby Delsher, Paul Bunting. WEST SALEM SCHOOL Ninth Grade Back Row- Brinton Wynder, Richard Rodgers Keith Reid R 1 Jerry Woods nu naming Bobby Hon-1 B511 L ' Ona d,,,,,Cm1odf'1t"" gglgsd Hgrayiinrl L10Yf1,Harry. tewhgr- ms' charles S ernem' 0' on S6 U" Keith Smith. David Marx, Darrell Walker B111 D9ischer gizgzigagohnson, Leslie Hayes, Rosaline Doty, Patsy R1chards,,lary Feldman, , Row e- Jean Witte Helen Hoeszle V101 t Kngkmuh 1 R Summerfield, Dolores Hall, Lois Selbert,eD1anne B12h1Y Ola othrock' Patty BROWNS JUIIOR HIGH SCHOOL Ninth Grade Beck Row- Don Mosson, Garrell BPOWD, lax Butterick, Dick Stroup, George Iles. Row Two- Bobby Roosevelt, Hershall Orr, Jim Fryman, Bill Ervin, Doyle Briggs, Ronnie Hiller, Mr. Ed. Searby, sponsor. Row One- Nina Rodgers, Nona Rodgers, Gerry Weisenberger, Donna Rude, Lynn Duncan. QBAWQUSLQFFDB, WEST SALEM SCHOOL Tenth Grade Back Row- Floyd Bunting, James Wisner, Dale Miller, Jack Clodfelter, Don Giese, Roy Kuykendall, Galen Slunaker, Herman Ahlfield, Jack Schernekau, Rex Walker. Row Two- Mabel Haumesser, Fredric Brandt, Harold Provine, Boyd Brant, Richard Brostow, Dale Stover, Gene Landis, James oentz, Daniel Bowers, George Shelby, Stanley Greatline. Row One- Helen McKinney, clara Wiseman, Phyllis Boyer, sandra N0yer, Barbara Auldridge, Shirley McDowell, Doris Bare, Barbara Orel, Joan Hilgenberh, Anna Stanford. WEST SALEM HIGH SCHOOL Eleventh Grade Back Row- Jeanne Feldman, Wayne Schilt, Harold Feldman, Darrel Gillard Joanne Reynolds. Row One- Betty Gertsch, Wanda Sum erfield, Barbara Fitch, Gilberta Rector, Joan Gawthorp. ' S 2? sr -.un-.. S.. ----A ..n,n...e. A ' S' W" 'S 4' """"""'M' ' 'J S iEi'Fm,M O , ,wadn,WWd .A new gf, FAQS SMITH SCHOOL Room I First and Second Grades Back Row- Doris Burkingstock, Eddie Tait, Junior Cunningham, Ronnie Perkins, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowers, teacher, Lawrence Michele, Ray Brown, John Crlael, Mary Michele. Row One- Randy ladding, Wilbur D. Vallette, Bruce Longbons, Wayne Denton, Lavern Baxter, Owen R. Frankland, Billy Hortin, Phyllis Hortin, Lana HOPUIDQ .Q -I I. 'IUUU' KU 'li .1 . . - f ,...........------------ --W-I-Q-----I --- W- - SMITH SCHOOL Room II Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades Back Row- Janice Deaton, Judy Vallette, Doyle Hortin, Mrs. Emily Gill, teacher, Doyle Judge, Sammy Kershaw, Tommy Hortin. Row Two- Garry Hodgson, June Caldwell, Donald Deaton, Richard Hortin, Jimmy Hortin, Keith Burkingstock, Bobby Baker, Tommy Hortin. Row One- Larry Hodgson, Larry Graham, Kenneth Hortln, Charles Baxter, Linda Perkins, Marjorie Kershaw, Barbara Perkins, Susan Landingham, Joyce Chalcraft. IS l1l'1ll 'ax se .gy s u I , ff I: Y -51 - L Sf J-jr M A C' SMITH SCHOOL Room III Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades Beck Row- Wanda Proctor, Virginia Kershaw, Sharon Glover, Dorothy Michele, Mr. John B. Roosevelt, teacher, Gary vellette, Paralee Perkins. Row Two- Lela Denton, Keith Michele, Lurene Michele, Frederick HcNew, Kenneth Baker, Billy Wayne Perkins. Row One- Bruce Hortin, Bennie Caldwell, Paul Gill, Linda Baker, James Brown, Phyllis McNew, Gene Perkins, Mary Hodgson. WABASH SCHOOL Primary Room Back Row- Lena O'Dan1el, Marilyn McKibben, Earnest Annlss, Cecil O'Dan1el, Mrs. Della Sawyer, CGBCDGF, Judy Saxe, James Ewing, Doris Garrls, Judith Kerr, Alice Woods. Row One- Billy Jones, Keith Bunting, Karen Conover, Linda Ewing, Verlene Winter, Barbara Hamilton, Karen Johnson, Larry Simms, Nancy Smith, Sue Bunting. PN, WABASH SCHOOL Upper Room Back Row- Elaine Winter, Mary Jean Smith, Kate Annlss, Mr. Leland Hooper, teacher, Billy Straight, Janet Ramsey, Ray Garriss. Row Three- Nancy Woods, Linda Mae Smith, Marlene Moore, Thomas Mann, Olen Ray Hudson, Herbert Penner, Carl Wlles, Paul Ray Bunting, Jerry Gill. Row Two- Wilma Anniss, Katherine Sue Wright, Marjorie Woods, Hazel Duke, Donald Johnson, Bruce Fryman, Doyle Chalcraft, Larry Conover, Samuel Jones, Allan Ray Medler. Row One- Charles Ray Moore, Jean Woods, Harold Penner, Roy Adams, Mary Frances Jones, Joe Anniss, Judy Bunting, Darrel McK1bben, Dorian Jay Smith. BOND SCHOOL Back Row- Lynda Rea Harrie, Mr. Daulty Mason, teacher, Sandra Barnhart, Leon Barrie, Janice Bunting. Row One- Emaleen Sue Harrie, Ruby Brock, Paul Jerome Bailey, Chickey welsen- berger, Larry Weieenberger. SCOTTSVILLE SCHOOL Back Row- Vernon Kimbrell, Patricia Moore, Thelma Smith, Mrs. Mildred Hooper, teacher, Jean Pettigrew, Donald Pettigrew, Duane Kimbrell. Row Two- Clara Nell Pettigrew, Leroy Jones, Jamee Green, Eileen Jones, Lowell Green, Anita Jones, Karen Pettigrew. Row One- Barbara 0'Danie1, Betty Jean O'Dan1el, Ronald Jones, Roy Lee Carter, Stephen Moore. A .. A BLOOD SCHOOL Back Row- Shirley Fritchley, Betty Walker, Lionel Harris, Hrs. Marie Gaede, teacher, Donnie Stover, Jean Rodgers, Shirley Garrett. Row One- Darrel Buckles, Neil Bare, Joye Harris, Sharon Knackmuhs, George Khackmuhs, Jerry Rodgers, Kenneth Russell, Judy Rodgers, Kenneth Bare, Harold Lloyd Headley and Larry Harris absent. r ENTERPRISE SCHOOL Back Row- Janet Harrison, Walter Crackel, Gene Wilborn, Donald Bunting, Hrs. Vena Curtis, teacher, Rita Wllborn, Virginia Lambert, Gary Bunting, Stephen Lambert, Elvis Woods. Row One- Bobby Harrison, Nick Crackel, Aaron Wilborn, Mary Byford, Esther Briggs, Patsy Bunting. - "' BROWN SCHOOL Back Row- Mrs. Lorraine Michael, teacher, Gerald McC1eave, Gary Lutne, Larry Luthe. Row One- Robert Hayner, Donald McDowell, Judith Quillen, Sandra Densmore, Phyllis Qulllen, Nancy Rothrock, Mary Ellen Richards, Ronald lcCleave, Ronald McDowell, Larry Mccleave. AFV! SHELBY SCHOOL Back Row- Clifton Ibbotson, Archie Harrie, Gene Bennett, Charlie Hayes, Hrs. Sadie Johnson, teacher, Lynn Roy Harris, James Harrie, Duane Hayes, Linda Ahlfield. Janice Gill. Sarah Lou Walker. Row One- Gilbert Barnhart, Jimmie Hayes, Donnie Harris, Ruth Ann Gill, Eleanor Greatllne, Judy Knust, Linda Bennett, Charles Gaede, Doris Deischer, Charles Carlson absent. SEVERNS SCHOOL Back Row- Wanda Collins, Janet Shilling, Phyllis Bailey, Hrs. larie Bunnage, teacher, Evelyn Clark, Donn Jones, Paul Newport. Row Tio- Donna Nason, Sue Clark, Jack Snldle, Lonnie Bailey, Kenneth Ile, Kent Collins, Charles Clark, Donnie Ile, Elaine Fewkes. Row One- Joyce Shilling, John Shilling, lary Ellen Clark, Connie Sue Bailey, Janet Lee Hauerken, Marilyn Brake, Eddie Fawkes, Russell Clark. ANNUAL COMHITTBE John Edward Skinner, Chester Gillette, John Kieser, Chairman, Virgil H. Judge, Mrs. Helen Coles, Roy Luthe, Hrs. Jennie Kershaw, Miss Wilma Walters, Miss lary Anna Frankland, Miss Helen Libke. 1 Mary Lou Allison Secretary at 'ki BONE GAP SCHOOL BUILDING Albion Grade. Arlene Hudson Secretary at Senior High. -, ll ll x Q N xx X I n x CX 5 uff Clarence Lambert Custodian at senior High. -i Alwyn Moudy Secretary at West Salem. Members of High School Faculty Lloyd Hutchinson, Pinckney Sears, George Troutt, Luanna Gould, Bonalynn Chism, Mignon Esarey. upunqppr' Harvey Fullerton Custodian at Browns. P Henry Lemke Forrest Thread Custodian at Custodian at West Salem. Bone Gap. VATHLETICS AND PHYSICAL ED CATIOH BONE GAP JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL THAI Back Row- Robert Leigh, Robert Deisher, Donald Coale, lr. Clarence Campbell, coach, Roy lorrison, Eugene Kelsey, Joe levee, Kenneth Root. Row One- Roy lyers, John Shelby, Dick Doty, Junior Knight, Roy G. Gill, Larry lolanaman, Glenn Morris, Benny Leigh. al 1 -H A Coach Hortin in center demonstrates a simple technique of winning football games. Says lr. Hortin, 'All you have to do is to carry the ball over the goal line more times than your opponents." ,W ,..... .fm-of-xf'f X. A L! 1 A M Q Professionals in the making. Baseball game between Severns and Bond School. Cooking up a deep,dark secret. 'fi V A QE f 5. .., ,T 5 ,....,....s.,,l., .Q we , A A N ' Mai' ' EDWARDS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM Second Squad Back Row- Lyndon Wharton, Manager, Kenneth Bunting, J. B. Ickler, John Aehc P8 Lester Shaw, Marvin Miller, Jim Elifritz, Don Halbeck, David Hart, Coach. Row Three- Lester Paul Smith, Manager, warren Bell, Melvin Campbell, Melvin Bailey, George Fewkes, Keith Shaw, Bill Splittorff, Rodger Saxe, Gene Mason, Darrell Judge, Bill Sarver. Tvo- Lavalle Letting, Ronnie Shaw, Gene Fooks, John McTaggart, Ted Wood, Shaw, Doyle Spruell, Leroy Hallam, Donald Walker. One- George Tribe, Paul Johnson, Bob Caldwell, Jay Winters, Bill Bailey, Longbons, Lloyd Lambert, Gene Beihl. Row Ray Row Roy 5-qQfi94wf, fl, ggneMwf'?wfdye .w,.n'H G W. Ja ' ' "" " 2 '-'-.-fi Z' I .1 ,,,,.K. .e,'.:' in-awe 1 fi, " eg In V f .. , , I, t ,M Q , , U, . S 1 - A - Q -Q 5 n EDWARDS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM First Squad Back Row- David Hart, Coach, Lester Paul Smith, Manager: Milton Terry, Gordon Gillette, Elbert Spruell, Jack Aulvin, Thomas Keener, Darrell Judge, Lyndon Wharton, Manager, Virgil Hortin, Coach. Row TWO- Ronnie Mitchell, George Tribe, Ray Span, Freddie Proctor, Bob Kitchene, Gene Coggland, Jimmy Harris, Willis Cunningham. Row One- Lavalle tting, Marvin Miller, John Schrader, Rioh rd Spruell, Donald Davenport, Dean Walters, Eugene Dutton. ft i. ALBION GRADF SCHOOL Basketball Team Blok Row- Steve Hortin, Wendell Bell, Gene Greek, Harold Orr, Coach: Tommy Hallam, Charles Bunting. Row One- Larry Fehrenbacher, Gene Sams, Lonnie Keener, Harold Hortin, Larry Judge. 'I C7 ' 4 - .Wwe M WEST SALEM HIGH SCHOOL Basketball Team Back Row- Frederic Brandt, Wayne Schilt, Raymond Miller, coach, Jack Clodfelter, Richard Bristow. Row One- Herman Ahlfield, Darrel Gillard, Harold Feldman, Chet Orrel, Roy Kuykendall. EDWARDS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Basketball Squad First Squad Back Row- Dean Walters, Lester Paul Smith, Lyndon Wharton, Managers, David Hart, Coach. Row Two- Darrell Judge, James Elifritz, Jack Aulvin, Laval Letting, Charles Tribe. Row One- Ronnie Mitchell, Gene Copeland, Nile Balding, Bob Kltchene, Elbert Spruell. Thomas Keener. EDWARDS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Basketball Squad Second Squad Back Row- David Hart, Coach, Dean Walters, Lester Paul Smith, Lyndon Wharton, Managers, Virgil Hortin, Assistant Coach. ROW TWO- Ray Shaw, Ronnie Shaw, Galen McKibben, Roger Saxe, Donald Walker, Doyle Spruell. Row One- Ted Woods, Russell Bowers, Lester Shaw, Lloyd Lambert, Donald Davenport, Richard Spruell, Paul orr. Q WEST SALEM JUNIOR HIGH Basketball Team Back Row- Jerry Woods, Brlnton Wynder, Charles Johnson, Keith Smith, Keith Reid, Raymond Miller, coach. Row Two- Ronnie Clodfelter, Max Balding, Ronald Schwarzlose, Ben Balding, Ronnie Brandt. Row One- Leroy McDowell, George Tomblinson, James Miller, Charles Maas, Jack Mills. 4 BROWNS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Sports fSeventh and Fighthl Back Row- Jim Duncan, Ronald Barnett, Albert Fryman, Don Butterick, Ronnie Crackel, Billy Harrison, Robert Walker, Mr. H. E. Searby, coach. Row One- Bennie Litherland, Dick Lee, Norman Gray, Hallard Miller, Russell Bredencamp, Harry Curtis. L I BROWNS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Sports CF1rst Teamj Back Row- Max Butterick, Doyle Briggs, Jim Fryman, Mr. H. E. Searby, coach. Row One- Don Mosson, Ronnie Miller, Bill Ervin, Dick Stroup, Garrell Brown. f I BROWNS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Activity Pep Club Back Row- Shirley Cowling, Lucille Briggs, Donna Rude, Imogene Mabrey, Nina Rodgers, Nona Rodgers, Ruth Lambert, Darlene Crackel, Mrs. Dorothy Litherland, sponsor. Row One- Gerry weisenberger, Phoebe Lee, Betty Brown, Norma James, Judy Butterick, Lenora Fairchild, Claribel Longbone. Cheerleaders- Lynn Duncan, Elizabeth Monson, Mary Waggoner. BONE GAP SCHOOL BROWNS GRADE SCHOOL GPBGBS 3-6 Physical Education Class SMITH SCHOOL Basketball Back Row- Paul G111, Bennie Caldwell, Jimmie Brown, Bruce Hortin. Row One- Frederick McNew, Billy Wayne Perkins, Gary Vallette, Kenneth Baker BOND SCHOOL SFVFRNS SCHOOL EONF GAP SCHOOL SMITH SCHOOL O ALBION GRADE SCHOOL ALBION GRADE CHFFRLEADERS Nancy Pike, Janell Green, Lois Works, Judy Hortin WEST SALFM JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLFADERS Jane Boewe, Patsy Hardy, Joyce Boewe WFST SALEM HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLFADERS Helen McKinney, Jean Feldman, Shirley McDowell ALBION GRADP SCHOOL Basketball Teams and Cheerleaders P 'Little Browniesn Browns Grade School rn' Getting set for a fire GOOd Conduct fighting demonstration King and Qpeen SPFCIAL VDUCATION Miss Wilma Walters-Speech Therapist A flannel board and pictures are used to teach the sounds of letters. Voices are recorded from time to time to enable the student to evaluate his progress in speech. The hearing of each student in speech class is carefully checked by means of a pure tone audiometer. TRANSPORTATION AND DRIVER TRAINING ...mi Xi. ,f wnfrwra' Y, FORD 88.5 K -.4 W.. ...M--s.. k "Q so r ' Driver training is given at both West Salem and Albion. Roy Luth0 is instructor at West Salem. Elizabeth Kershaw at Albion Driver training has been a popular and important addition to the curriculum of the Edwards County Schools. Qi' 5, , , l of t-wpky. t , , r. .1 f f " ,Ja . "A M2 ,X win. MSIE'- 93v' H ' - 5' ' ' as f Y s . X N 'fa' R gwwM6iwmwmu.'M f4w X1 ' pst r - :- - 'pw 4' .,1,,v A , I Q: ' " 1' ftiniv 5544 - ' 4' ' f I ,,a " 9 4 , 5 Ms, l A.,rt,W. , ,,,, l ,,, A Arriving at school at West Salem. - Pupils are dry, warm, and clean. The school district now owns all its buses. A two year experience record showed district owned buses to be much chea er than those contracted. Actual cost figuring 201 depreciation is about 20fpper mile. The state reimburses 520 per pupil per year. Last year the district received 514,520 from the state for transportation assistance. This left a total net cost to the district of about Q20,000. for the year. Seventeen large buses and five carry-alls travel a distance of approximately 1000 miles per day transporting over 800 pupils. Pupils and buses at Bone Gap. Part of a fleet of seventeen ' Qg3!" tr large buses and five carry- ' alls lined up for inspection at Senior High School. 1 1' f t to back are: 1,0 ggzyvoiloygcganzgi Albert Reid, Calvin King, Wesley Cooper, C1Yd' trmzm' Virgil Bunting, Dee Spencer, Ivan liles, Ronald Mayo: transportation d 'C or' Raymond Creme, Glenn Johnson, ora Kight, virsil lichen' Part of the bus fleet which operates out of West Salem. '7' gm.. Q -2--,-+..f"' 4 ' -gf- ', J! .ss .. N U -P -. -1-1, - gin, 1: c b k Psrlegrszgzgngozlggnsengeat Serum Clodfeltern Chas- Slumker' Floyd sum erfield, Vernie Feldman, Donald Walker. Driver training student and instructor measuring distance required to stop after a signal is given. The average l distance required to stop y going twenty miles per hour is l about 42 feet. HUSIC 4 , Music Festival Com ittee making glans. Standing- Mr. Ralph Jibben, Mr. ichard Foster. Seated- Mrs. Emily Gill, Miss Nellie Schroeder, Miss Mary Anna Frankland, Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Thelma Troutt, Mrs. Maude Stevens. 1 'yvflfw' viii? ff" iff 9' ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 1 Rhythm Band ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 4 Tonette Band ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 2 Rhythmic games ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 8 Making tape for radio broadcast BROWNS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND Back Row- Elizabeth Butterlck, Ruth Ann Lambert, Sharon Weisenberger, Miss Nellie Schroeder, director. Row One- Billy Harrison, Donna Rude, Lenora Fairchild, Carol Ann Dukes, Darlene Crackel, George Iles. WEST SALEM GRADE SCHOOL Grade 1 Rhythm Band ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 2 Rhythmic games Wilfred Brandt directing tape recording for radio program. Shirley Wick, Gene Fooks, Larry Brandt, Carol Marks, Charles King, Mr. Wilfred Brandt. BONE GAP SCHOOL Grades 2-5 Singing Games 4 1-v-y+- I 2 1 BONE GAP JUNIOR HIGH BAND Back Row- Rosanne Pierson, Patsy Simmons, Robert Leigh, Larry McManaman, Esther Nelson, Mr. Ralph Jibben, director, Glenna Markman, Roy G. Gill, Eugene Kelsey, Junior Knight, Donald Coale. Row One- Donald Harms, Nancy woods, Louise Wood, Shirley williams, Shirley McK1nz1e June Gray, Nita Dappert, Jack Kelsey. xr In sag 'HH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND AT ALBION Back Row- Robert Sheraden, Robert Graham, Laurence Bunting, Loren Smith, Donald Myers, helen Bunting, Jack Lambert. Row Seven- Galen McK1bben, Kay Dappert, Alice Mae Robinson, Rosemary Gawthorp, Gene Newport, John Boewe, Norma Young. Row Six- Gary Chalcraft, Curtis Ingram, Gene Biehl, Glenna Dappert, Donald Hallbeck, Dellas Graham, Ruth Marriott, Harry Glover, Larry Brandt, Maurice Shepherd. Row Five- Marjorie Metcalf, Eleanor Johnson, Ruth Fieber, Joann Hortin, Edythe Longbons, Alice Dutton, LeAnn Thread, Madge Reid, Lona Fewkes, Row Four- Denalee Kitchens, Marjorie Ile, Lois Nelson, Jackie Copley, Shirley Bunting, Betty Harris, Shirley Nash, Shirley Wick, David Cowling, Linda Green. Row Three- Barbara Foster, Mary Smerdon, Eettye Williams, Ninnifred Young, Becky Leigh, Robert Craw, Louise Brown, Darrell Judge, Joann Doty. Row Two- Veda Shaw, Rose Campbell, Joann Collins, Russell Bowers, Dickie Mullinax, Judy Lambert, Nancy Davison, Fthelee Dunlap, Sarah Spray, Marjorie Huff, Virginia Howard. Row One- Dick Foster, director, Joann Tribe. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL FIRST BAND Back Row-Philip Waters, Darwin Abbey, Tommy Mayes, Tommy Hallam, Mr. Richard Foster, Director. Row Three-Gail McManaman, Vicki Hallam, Alberta Roby, Anita Kay Baines, Beverly Wilson, Dorothy Johnson, Larry Fehrenbacher, Ray Hall, Linda Woods. Row Two-Sharon Duncan, Jean Judge, Janet Glover, Nancy Pike, Sandra Collins, Barbara Reeves, Mary Ann Crawford, Jane Cowling, Phyllis Hedge, Susie Fehrenbacher. Row One-Shirley Conover, Rue Etta Green, Barbara Coon, Ralph Bunting, Janell Green, Ray Stennett, James Prince, Judy Kitchens. Carolyn Sue Smith. fxyr P WEST SALEM BAND Back Row- Ralph Jibben, Director, Michael Kearicher, Sharon Quillen, John Beehn, Edward King, Beverley Lynch, Herman Ahlfield, Sandra Noyer, Shirley McDowell, Charles Johnson, Galen Slunaker, Stanley Greatline, Jack Schernekau, Sharon Lindsey, Ernest Harris. Row Two- Darryl Doty, Robert Kinkade, Wilfred schwarzlose, Wendell Gawthc p, Ronald Mason, Paul Bowers, Gene Landis, Bill Deischer, Ronald Clodfelter, Keith Reid, Barbara Auldridge, Jeanne Feldman, Jon Higgins, Lee Woods. Evadna Brown, Jane Orrel, Carolyn Gadau. Row one- Barbara Brant, Donnie Bowen, Charles Quillen, Mary Ann Biehl, Phyllis Mason, Norma Slunaker, Joyce Boewe, Diana Mullinax, Kathryn Johnson, Marjorie Rothrock, Melba Myers, Mildred Hayes. Foreground- Patsy Richards, Helen Hoeszle, Joan Reynolds. BROWNS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Activity Girls Chorus Back Row- Miss Nellie Schroeder, director, Sue Ellen Cunningham, Carol Ann Dukes, D0nna Rude, Darlene Crackel, Charibel Longbons, Mrs. H. E. Searby, pianist. Row One- Sharon Weisenberger, Mary Waggener, Judy Butterick, Lynn Duncan, Marilyn Wiseman. WEST SALEM Girls' Glee Club Back Row- Ralph Jibben, Director, Rosalie Doty, Mary Feldman, Violet Knakmuhs, Evelyn Ahlfield, Helen Hoeszle, Phyllis Taylor, Patsy Richards, Lily Gawthorp, Betty Hayes. Row One- Dianne Biehl, Jeanne Feldman, Dolores Hall, Barbara Auldridge, Jeanne Witte, Lois Seibert, Anna Stanford, Beverley Lynch, Clara Wiseman, Phyllis Royer, Viola Rothrock. SMITH SCHOOL Room II Rhythm Band WEST SALEM GRADE SCHOOL Grade 5 Tonette Band ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 5 Vocal Instruction fldg ALBION GRADE SCHOOL SECOND BAND Back Row-Nina Fevkes, Susie Lambert, Gladney Bunting, Marilyn Longbona, Wanda Glover, Annetta Bunting, Sandra Pitzer, Marilyn Foster. Row One-John Orr, Kenneth Robinson, Brian McK1bben, Danny Prince, Barbara Lake, Gloria Ile, Ronnie Hazelton, Mr. Richard Foster, Director. Gwwsw BONE GAP SCHOOL Primer? Classroom 'l'Ww Q8 BROWNS GRADE SCHOOL Classroom CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 6 Map Work ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 6 Movie Projector at Work ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 7 Science Project BLOOD SCHOOL Weekly Reader Lesson BLOOD SCHOOL Writing Lesson Lscudi Hdii '- WVST SALFM HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Class Back Row- Richard Rodgers, Keith Reid, Jerry woods, charles Johnson, Bill Lomas, Bob Harris, Charles Summerfield, Leslie Hayes. Row Two- Jon Higgins, Bill Deischer, Galen Slunaker, Richard Bristow, James Wisner, James Gentz, Daniel Bowers, Keith Caywood, teacher. Row One- Darrell Walker, Dale Stover, Stanley Greatline, Rowland Hardy, Gene Landis, Dale Miller, Boyd Brant. NVST SALFM HIGH SCHOOL Newspaper Staff Back Row- Lloyd Harry, adviser, Daniel Bowers, Rex walker, Sandra Noyer, Patsy Richards, Clara Wiseman, Jack Schernekau, Carroll Stanhope, adviser. Row One- Joan Reynolds, Jeanne Feldman, Shirley McDowell, Patsy Sum erfield, Wanda Summerfield, Joan Hilgenberg, Anna Stanford. EDWARDS HIGH Home Economics Class EDWARDS HIGH Typing Class EDWARDS HIGH Industrial Arts Shop vw EDWARDS HIGH Fanm Shop fir su.. L - za.-A 'v M WEST SALEM SCHOOL Student Council Back row- Lloyd Harry, adviser, Gerald Knust, Don Sams, Stanley Greatline, Jack Schernekau, Jerry Woods, Chet Orrel. Row Two- Phyllis Taylor, Jane Boewe, Ben Balding, Max Baldlng, Daniel Bowers, Rex walker, Carroll Stanhope, adviser. Bow one- Ann Walker, Patsy Richards, Betty Gertsch, Gilberta Rector, Barbara Fitch, Betty Wiseman. WPST SALEM HIGH SCHOOL Girls' Athletic Association Back row- Joan Reynolds, Jeanne Feldman, Barbara Fitch, Shirley McDowell, Helen McKinney, Sandra Noyer, Rosalie Doty. Row Two- Wanda Summerfield, Mary Read, Lois Seibert, Dolores Hall, Patsy Richards, Dianne Biehl, Miss Allen, CBBCHSPQ Row one- Jeanne Witte, Helen Hoeszle, Violet Knakmus, Viola Rothrock, Patsy Summerfield, Joan Hilgenberg, Anna Stanford. WTST SALEM Typing Class ALBION GRADE 1 Student Counci EDWARDS HIGH Chemistry Class BONE GAP SCHOOL Industrial Arts P ALBION GRADE Fire Prevention Week .p 'ex-Q., Q ALBION GRADE FiPBt Grade Art ii lr u I WFST SALEM Speech correction ALBION GRADE FIPS Prevention Parade ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 5 Wall Plaques made in Art and Sci6nce combined ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 3 Painting Clay Models 'CL xv ALBION GRADE SCHOOL GPBd9 6 Paper Macho ART ,Eff "mfs ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Fire Prevention Posters A ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 7 Church Scene ALBION GRADF? SCHOOL Grade 4 Hand-.work Display ALBION GRADF SCHOOI. ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Clay Work Grade 5 pipe Organ Display Grade 7 Ire. Kershaw ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Grade B Basket Weaving Textile Painting ALBION GRADE SCHOOL At work in Kindergarten - I ..a A , ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Halloween Time 0 Q l J ALBION GRADE SCHOOL Milk Time-Kindergarten A I 1.1 1, llgaii 'a.-NL ALEION GRADE SCHOOL Grade 1 Reading Activities ...ff 14 CAFETERIA All town attendance centers and the two and three room rural schools offer school lunch. It is hoped every attendance center can have the program in the very near future. 1145 pupils are now eating at school cafeterias. L... Lunchroom, kitchen, pupils and cooks at Albion Grade School. .r.... Kitchen at Senior High School. Cooks - Edith Hortin, Nettie Smith. smith School Cafeteria Left to right - Mrs. Ivan Baker, Mrs. Camilla Landinghimv USP? Hodgson' Phyllis McNew, Lola Deaton, Frederick HcNew. Primary rooms at Bone Gap giving thanks for delicious school lunch. CAFPTVRIA AT BON? GAP GRADVS' v-V Noon time at West Salem. ,f 5 Lunch time at Wabash. 5, 'fdii to the Wabash School. Lunch in the upper room Hot lunches are transported This service will perhaps be available to all rural schools next year, if they are interested Wabash. EDWARDS HIGH CAFETFRIA E v1"'s"V" 6 ' t s, Helba Gill M-vang, 'ALBION GRADE Lunch Time BONFT GAP Cafeteria H I ALBI ON GRADE Sec ond Grade Hands Inepecti ALBION GRADE Kindergarten Bill .Q A Erma Rude .. . 12- Y' , -, -- .-1' L.,' .- af-af ' "Qi 7 . A N ,A Q ' 51 """f1-A .,.f-f f -w, Q' k ... .,. Q -. ,- ,,,.. .-, A, 5 AM 4595- .35-.,.., ,. .. , W., -. A ,A 'A A1'P"'4,w" "--4'-5-f-'fg,,w " ' , A . , A ,,k,,, . ---qf.w-n-Mg4-,,,,:,4- -iq, -1. ---.35-Q,V-.-.1--':e:,,' A -- -- - . ,A qv :gg f' wu,'.-Q,-H.y.v'H V., V 4:4 :-3 T, .123-A, V ,Q 5j1gg.f,- .--U ,-- ,.f1.f ' ' " ' - ,. K:-fvfsf - A , - ,-1 - 'iff'-+54 "'."'Z"..- Sify., , 4 ,,, N '2 A- ki" -1-' Y If 5" , ,p '. .3""' 31 -Y 4 A lv r 0 1 L.. K 1 ,:1j ',?-gi7"' -5:79, " wg 'f-x L':?,,AA-'g.,w-xy. iwiiiazegtzk-.'j-4 . .1 Y 'Z .. f -, if -9' -' .-aff 'H "il-H M' 1-ff' ' - ,.,- ' f' V ' ""H-' 'K-Fi" , fi A Ui If arf 0 VV . 3 ,A V P , xr ??f,Ag5-at-:LA was QV, ,v,.,-3,-fa. , - - - - K+-Q --A-. ' ,K '--.-f f-'gf-1.-' - 1 ' f -,gr . A, -2- - -4 L- - --6 5 - 51' df ff Sei' 1 ' "" - ' ' 3'- A .. 4231 . 57' :if ,W ,AF-fr - we ' A 551'-E ' 'if 'SL W vim . -4' RTF' x if A -, A-. . 5. ef-- -t , , ,, 1-., dv - ,--V H 79 4-gg wt ,. A f -fm 353 1 ' 4 L vi -" 'fi' - 5"?afi"'.,7'llF3efYS.i'?gf.-"A - -. ., .2-.'4""i5" 1 317' " " ' - 116 5 . ,- '- " x -, - -' ,. -.AW , -1- .. f- ' 4- E-A ff ' - ' ' A :,"- 1 1-Y 'Q-. ' ' ' ' ,, ik 11 '39 'H' 5 fr - A. V , ., 7,-1,4-.Mem Y- ., v , - -2335,--Q. '--,, K Y -- . ,Wim , A 9 " f" 5-1 gf - -. V - V'fQ' A-"A ' A - ' '1, 4 ' r A V-. T - ' A " . " . R ig , A' " if-if A .l,. . A - A V V q an L. J - I In xv' A 1 V':Y 4. fl V ,. 'V g 4' H , . -f ," .5 Q A , , A , -A., J ,-5-A ep 51' W XM ' ' 'QF 2 ' A: "' e A nw' .9 'R , ,, 1- -:Q K 393' 'V' 3 X A- +- ,s 2- , : ' ' -'Q' 1 -I 4. "1- w 1 3 1977531 1 V w Q v 1 ,-, Q : , . , W an 5 MA :L 'H 15.5 Q Q, P H an L ig Eg v 3, mf, 'E' ge L 'ri if J Q.. 'P Q C V A 3 Wang' gg? I- -5, A Y I Si! -Ng 2 V ig fs X59 Q' K ' f P' 2- ge-H-592-If ' -'44 "f 1 E 51 ,,., ,, 1 ,Q ad, 554 'LJ Z , K , x 1 I V Wag Ltgiim K , if , ' , , f x , N H ,A - ii' A 1 :H 9 JI' 2' L 1 ,, S1 'E f mga? -rf, 5, 'fiarxav , r 1 A -4 gn f . fi' ' , .A A .. .f - A A, - ' -A - , A A -A - ,', M - A. - A 2 - - Z ' ,' AA , . - ' A 'ir ,-1 -V 1 'F 7 X-f 'vi 'Y u-1 --.v'f:' - - A Q 5 'V ' ":A -ii - . V . .. '1 ' Q L1 M " -- Q "" iff' " " A sf 'A 9' X-5 ' x A A. '51 -' - , Vg. "-' r " A 9' Ni- ii ' v ' f,. 1 g SW'-. 14 lf: ' - A 11+-f "- - a 4 . ' lb :IJ '- 1, ' . Q A In.-:,,LSw , g V1 - x.,- A Elvis- 3 -,M A Q I .I V4-. ,. p .ll--if 1351. 4 ,- ' g f '- - ,gf , . -1A 1 .A - QV , wA . .A ' 5 r - ' ' - f H--53" 'W , A ,a f-,r -4 -H , " 5 yi -2 -..'1-'1, Q 2 ff ff , g, , .A - -. -' Af- X F-A " -5- Q ,. ff. :Lg ', -fx , - g ' -4, -- f T . 1 fig .1 wnr ' 'JE' 5,7 J: -5. leg? " E"? 'f K Ig' Yf"i'f'W' ,. k' ,gf Q-is-s,.,I 1 Y1' f" ,, "' ' 'r 4' F " ' 1 , - .A A, 1 ' fig? -51 ,,- W5 -. J f - A 'av ' X M- 'h w A '. fm 4 Q ,.V. AA fb - N- '1' 1 4 - - A - 1 i f A- -, A f. .Q , .HW - .V.- A. - - -- - ' f 1 ", QA A 1 - - -1' f - - 1- AQ? - was-A , uv 33241235-,fi--2--"F"4i,LQ . 'gf - 1 -1 - A fri- ,Q , , -1 ' V Q-,.f?",,g,,' ' : sf 2 4 R Q - - 1 M - -A 'W fj QA -- --1-ffm-iw MM-WQ3' 'Cf x -"' gli' Q ' -, 254 - -M if ---Q ' 'V I. e 'Kai---,Aw '-.' fi' .A - 2 I , . 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A. ,546 ' -M -, '-' -2 f ,,r, 'f- - 'f- A, -, 2 : I .-:E f - - f - - A 'MAN ' 'KH x -- if 'naw' "1 A 9 wg' . - , A .,,,, V- " , , A kill, F3 - ' 4 , . - -,L .-' 1 - .A,f ' fr-f s A. - - -'wr ' ' Q A E VI N . .wa rm A ,v'fif,H1Lgar-A r- - fi, A . . II,-:fi 'g,n"". f f ltg? . ', V' A "fn ' ' ' .A A , - 1 - - - , - 'ff W1 in Af 7, A, Q A ' " ' , W u. A M Q 02 , 5 W ff tel., , 1 33' Q .R ig? f-,M ,Z . J " la, by ' ' ,W " L W N 3 M , A A- -A , -- -- - ' " ' 1-"'- ' ' -,, f. as-A-.. - -if'--if- '1 , - ,:' '.f ' - -.' ..- -fa, J : ' ," U .1A..- Kiki ' ' ,gg , . -'i:'xT?lF'? 1Qf g:fLy153-- -f-f f " sr 1 1 V A ' if -'g ap g, , U -fp :- f ,ffm--.-.. -N...-- -- J , MA... ,, A - .

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