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W ,,, f 1 W av YM X , X4 f QW SE rw J if Jfyqw X f : Q 4 f -. '3 , , fi? W2 ,P 5 "7l.,W? 4,4 VW. M 1 ,f ,Q ff 46 WWE fi . 3 Q wa z wif 1 ' vi 3 M 3 ,:.j,g 51 fs iff 6: 5 fm -Ji WN' M. 1 Sv W4 J 1 w 5 a 273W 2 ': N 5?j',lg . W, ...M .. ..... -My ,....,,.f -. nmlwffm-W Af MA ' -1 .afMf4.i,JAea,um.':Jgm 1iffK "'Si7Wfi2M 'f NGRTH ATLANTIC CRUISE OF USS EDWARD MCDUNNELL QDE-10432 A IA E A, J? X E ' fgblff, X 43204 4 fa X A W x X, WZ! 1 ff? U 5 MAY 1970 - 8 SEPTEMBER 1970 T BLE OF C0 TE T Title . . Dedication . . The Ship ..... Commanding Officer Executive Officer . . , Department Heads The Crew . . The Trip . Map ..... Daily Deceiver Homecoming . Editors Page DEDICATIGN T0 FAMILIES GF THE CREW OF USS EDWARD MCDONNELL CDE-10432 You have given more than can be expected to the total effort of the ship THE HlP The history of USS EDWARD MCDONNELL began on 1 April 1963 when her keel was laid in the Avondale Shipyard at Westwego, Louisiana. EDWARD MCDONNELL was launched on'l5 February 1964, and on 25 January 1965 she departed the Avondale Shipyard for Charleston, South Carolina, where she was commissioned on 15 February 1965. After an extensive shake- down period and a complete fitting-out in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, EDWARD MCDONNELL assumed operational status on 14 January 1966 under the administrative command of com- mander, Anti-Submarine Warfare Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. She then joined the Atlantic Fleet Htmter-Killer Force to conduct advanced ASW fAnti - Submarine Warfare! exercises. On 16 May 1966, EDWARD MCDONNELL de- parted Norfolk for an extended deployment to Eastern Atlantic and Northern European waters, ASW exercises were conducted continuously en- route and upon arrival in the Norwegian Sea, The underway schedule was often grueling, but such ports as Trondheim, Norway, Kiel, Ger- many, and Aalborg, Denmark, offered welcome opportunities for liberty and the chance to meet the people of these cities. ASW exercises con- tinued through the summer, with port visits to Copenhagen, Denmark, Norrkoping, Sweden, and Dublin, Ireland, all of which extended a warm and friendly reception to the ship. On 1 September 1966, the ship's home port was changed from Norfolk to Newport, Rhode Is- land. The ship then came under the administra- tive command of Commander Escort Squadron SIX. From 1 September 1966 to the end of the year, EDWARD MCDONNELL participated in three more advanced ASW exercises. The ship celebrated Christmas and New Year in Newport with the crew enjoying holiday leave. The new year of 1967 brought to EDWARD MCDONNELL and her crew a schedule which was, for the most part, equally divided between l underway exercises and regular in-port upkeep periods. From January to September, the ship conducted periodic exercises at sea which in- cluded ASW tactics, gunfire support, and anti- air-craft gunnery. On 22 September 1967, ED- WARD MCDONNELL deployed to the Mediter- ranean with other units of the Atlantic Fleet. Operations during this three-month deployment served the ports of Naples, Italy, Palma, Mal- lorca, and Gibraltar. The ship returned to New- port on 16 December 1967, just in time to celebrate the holidays. The year 1968 began for EDWARD MCDON- NELL with a tender availability prior to entering Boston Naval Shipyard for her regular overhaul. Arriving at the shipyard on l February 1968, the crew of EDWARD MCDONNELL began the long job of overhauling such equipment as boilers, sonar, electronics, and ordnance. In February 1969, her overhaul completed, EDWARD MCDONNELL departed the Boston Naval Shipyard for refresher training in the Caribbean. After six weeks training at Guan- tanamo Bay, Cuba the ship put into West Palm Beach, Florida on 13 May for Armed Forces - . , r w ..., 1, X- 1114.411 mfxznz . "'1m'Z:' ...i'?'V . 1 .,'img-......aJ..4E?Z....?fQ.z..ff'.'niP W A. Day celebrations. The ship returned to Newport on 5 June, having participated in Fleet Exer- cises onher way north. EDWARD MCDONNELL remained at or near her home port for the re- mainder of 1969. In January 1970 EDWARD MCDONNELL headed south again for a month of training in the Car- ibbean Sea. She returned to Newport in February and began making preparations for her deploy- ment to Northern Europe in May. M .1 COMMANDING OFFICER Commander A. M. Sinclair, USN Commander Sinclair enlisted in the Navy from his home of Santa Cruz, California, in 1944. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1951. His pre- vious duty at sea includes service in USS ANTIETAM QCVA-369, USS SHAN- GRILA QCVA-385, USS YORKTOWN QCVS-105, USS FIRECREST QMSC-105, USS RASHER QSSR-2695, USS BAYA QAGSS-3185, USS PARCHE QSS-3843, USS PIPER QSS-4095, USS BANG QSS- 385j, and USS DALE QDLG-193. He served as Commanding Officer of the USS FIRECREST QMSC-101 and USS BANG QSS-3851. He attended the Armed Forces Staff College, in Norfolk, Virginia, received a Master of Arts Degree from San Francisco State College, and served a tour as a project manager at the Naval Ordnance Systems Command in Wash- ington, D. C. Commander Sinclair is married to the former Virginia C. Young of Greene, New York, and has two daughters, Amy and Beth. Q Q' - L '1z2..3L'2H4..p Vwflflffs: .1:7i...A92.I..,Qf.:fl'uT' EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR J. W. Hilt, USN DEPARTMENT HEADS LCDR B- R- LT T. N. Tanber LT J. S. Redd LT B. G. Moore G008if1S Weapons Operations Supply Engineering THE CRE First ivision LTJG P G Boorum BM1 F Campbell BM3 R Parrott BM3 G Gau11n . a u . v M ' ,W ,,M,,MA-,KM-an 'W ...aiu SN P. Barry SN J. Carrera SN E. Bourrage SN L. Collier SN R, Gasque SN W. HOI'b8.t MSN T. Griffith SN C. Leisey .- 2 ff ,- ' :www . wa M-.af z ,, W, ,,f SN W Moore SN A S11ver SN A Yarger SA N Antequera SN D N1co11 SN G Strosn1der SN R Z1emba SA J Cress SA J George SA H Garc1a SA R Hyder BMC W Morr1s SA L Kates SA W Long SA M Korlofsky SA R Moore SA P Mahoney SA B. Moore f .. -11", 5 Q , .1 . ,V ., ., . -v... .. .NA H, JM, ,,.,..... ...N ,...L..M.gLSff..,.m:..,,- , ,QMQQK 4 - ,.,.-V .- ...H .m..H.1 .- .f ,:n..., ,,L, K FTGC R. C. Cotton GMG1 R. Beaudoin FTG1 R. Cruz GMG2 R. James GMG2 H. Koziarz FTGSN S. Bragg FTGSN S, Koraleski FTGSN J. Strait , SN G. Favreau SA T. Baker 10 G Division ,..n.nL....f4f..m.nn..mxn.g N. - X , I" f 2 QCQKGTVZ.. ...LEAK 7ffWn'?9.1'7zh. , fmnqriki... LTJG J. H. Eddy, Jr. Division MM2 L. Manning MM2FBfsnffnnan MM2 G. Sinklear MM3 G. Ethier MM3 B. McCrady MM3 W. Olsen MM3 J. Patti FN J. Carraway FN B. Kennon FN D. Kinee FN D. Peery FA E. Riggenbach 11 BTC S L Mart1n B DIVISIOH BT1 J Morphew BT2 W Taylor BT2 J Reddy BT2 T Wells BT3 D Blackwell BT3 T Gaulin BT3 E Gumnv BT3 G Herget BT3 J. Laskowski BTFN H. Justiniano P BT3 R. McNeil FN G. Hoffman FN N. Paree FN W. Rowland FN L. Robinson FA D. Kruse A-nf f - fm- .. i v wwf-vn4,.:sm: .Y ' - M sf. "1 K. .ifff A' 34-R? if 'WE' . .al ' gh , :Q 1 3 Q-. - . ' ,,,, ' ' 1. Q' " --+, if ,....-f.:-v,.,. ,ZW . ,....... .... . 1: 4 E? i if P w i u I 12 R Division I P J fi in ' ENS L. T. Womack EN1 R. Fisher DC1 P. Silvia MR1 G. Moffat i i i. V. ii is I i . i EM1 E. Streator SMF2 J, House Q IC2 K. Brown Q i 1. SFP3 J. Boyhan EM3 T. Callahan H SFM3 W. Buse El '14 H I: il P W MMC W. J.WMurphy C C CCCC C EMC O. Kimball DC3 T Gardner DC3 L McCo11och IC3 S H1tchcock EM3 K M0I'1a1'fY IC3 D Szewc FN S Chamblee MM3 S Weber FN J Harper FN C M111er DCFA B R1SpO11 FA J Smlth FN S P1erce FA L Dorsey ayyls, .N ,-,. ,Mi xW,,.v,, ,. I ,. - Q ,-ww-T CWO2 D. C. Richardson Division ST1 J. McNeill STG2 G. Edison ,STG2 A. Latz STG2J. Varrecchia STG2 J- C011inS STG2 M. Hiener STG2 J. Rodriguez STC K. F. Wray STC R. W 1-Iammesfahr STG2 L Wlnkler STG3 D Brown GMG3 L Hourlcan STG3 J Osterm111er STG3 R Behr1ng GMG3 L Herstad TM3 J Mueh1e1sen STG3 B Smlth STG3 P W6HdG10WSk1 GMG3 R Spangenberg SN D MacDonald SN B Stewart L 1 , ' S ,. , M, , 4, K -, Q . .1 .fn .., .. f .... .,.. . ' V . ' ,m f..wwM -wma-fmxmww f f ,,.....A . -- ....,,........ . . LTJG N. H. Morgan 0 C Division YN1 C. CiI'010 RMI W. Kirkpatrick SMI R. Jensen RM2 R. Brissett RM2 P. Cahill SM3 J. Cribbis QM2 W. Musante SM3 R. Flick RM3 G. Lyles PN3 R. Piers QM3 L. Omland RM3 A. Rizza QM3 C. Urps SMSN C. Davie QMSN- E. Shenk YN3 D. Stacy YNSN J, B1-eady SMSN L. Morne PCSN S S11Va SN C Holgerson SN D Barto SN R Wells HM1 R E Ingersoll ENS J. C. Dranchak 01 Division RD1 A. Major RD2 B. Bartoh RD2 P. Adams ETN2 R. Fox ETR2 A. Gibbs V RD2 T. Houghton ETR2 D. Gloeckler RD3 L. Carter RDC R. F. Sweetman ETR3 G. Kennington ETR3 R. Nelson ETN3 D. Kresin RD3 J. O'Connor RDSN L. Bowen RD3 D. Wood RDSN J. Putorti RDSA J. Sola RDSN G. Taft ETC R. W. Field . 'Kmmlv 1- metfammuw za.:...-:.4mm:m.,.x,.-.www f - mmf .,w..J.L.,L.,.. .,.............- ., LTJG A. F. Goss SK1 O. Crossman SD2 N. Bainto DK3 R. Carusillo SD1 R. Razon SHL2 K. Coe CS3 E- Gallegos SH3 R. Haag SKSN D. Rouen Pgwers Division 3 K CSSN R. True TN L. Briones SN Walsh TN L. Baliwas SN J. Joy TA M. Datoc SA D. McKay SA D. White TA F. Espinas FA R. Weber .. M. .... .wwf 'Awww' M the cruise was a saga of the ship - - ff' .... MLS the Captain the Crew 1 1 MQW. .... 4f..1 4.4.gfA'uw.f7...1 WMM2 f 1,4 f ,4,L,y'wygfZ mf N 1, 27 21 we El W N 5, X in port ' ' ,-:.f. A"--Q..-..'-.A.,,L:f 1 m.,m....1..W,.m..m-,Q..M., ..-1f.:1.,mimgmlzwzm,f4.n:,,w'.n4.m img' QMHIZN 5 5 i 29 concentrating --1. .Ln ,.um.n.zmL.1..m.xuJmg.. .. relaxing w,-QW. straining against the sea Wandering in strange lands together J. WW H -1-fdmfwnnwifww .1.4 z:,L m.m:za. .A - ff' .1,Z4i: " ', ff . 1 alone 35 dejected elated h, W ms. iKRi" ff7fWf'3V2'2" 37 steaming with others steaming alone K I v CRUXSE is 1 w 75 1 OF rms' Cb U99 EDWARD MCDONNELL i 1 Y I - hw .1 E' H ,-, -W ' 7 f if Y. r NQR Y 4 5 31 fl UNITED mucmd 'f -lin: A 1 1 ,I N o R 1- H 'QA . f""" Q X ,,f""'.w""" Q ,,v""", ' 'i' E -1 - ',,.---""' ' s"""""- . . hw, nguporf jf : ., ,.-fffsgow U 1' 0 1' 'l sau' gg0o0'.. .0 34 ....u o..i 'R F I OCEAN S 1 .w,..,,.W.,.,. ....,..... .,.,.. Q w..,., . H- ""' . MA, ., ,Y-gg., -W VHF 4- . ' Q' all fUqN 7RwEGlAN,-"'- 'ft I' " ' if x :XJ ll SEA E 1, xp ' J! "" UP, J 5 la, I 3 A Q ,' is 5 Q .1 'I if 1? ' , o X Q Q ,gh-N fb 1 f Q 2 Q 1 ,.T.'x r ,Ula I I ,'.'V uns !xQY:Yhlql Xi VA - . T -ggfrtr ,. ...Q 1'2'.x. fl' , ,,,"?NM4?ffgL K ' .cc . X Oren new M ' 'Q ,DQ M 7 sovbgarn on I mr:iERN:2NY E .1"' :r BZ' XP 36 mqy L"'5f'.I""' R 9 Jun CQPENMAQEN I9 N.. Nu-, HAMQUQG 13 Jul gp- CI ' LEITH Q0 ,.. ...SS SPMN Q D 3 I qug Qiivof, Q B, FAS LANE 5 qu., l SOUT HAMPTON 18 aug NE WPORT 3feP the cities were beautiful and all that surrounded W- Www.-un -- ,Q .. V .w.....w.1 ....... . . ..4.......... ., . .. ..,.,. ,. . and the structures and the people "1 -w--vm WM.-N M.. ,......, . .. . with F1610 detail replenishment detail 4 and endless Watches - v .,.....y.. W ,,,,,, , 5 " "" " 1 49 athletics contests W XX.... , ,, 1' ,Z , K 5 Qjaf f Q 'wif V' ff- 'if ,L ,, , , A , M 1 F ......-,, f. .wwf A .ZW-um.. the parties gl' -..ex to X? Qjfl Weather: Yes xg X1 YTX N ff.: ,f ' " .1 6 . Z 1 A fe - mf if M er WD ,ZD a 'Q Y 507 iwfwfwfffe ,,YbLfi,N'O. lg flora. MQi1TOf.2Oi efebsetheri is b,1eiSSeidi TQ. com together ifdsvies g... 'DISK GROLLP ATTACKS Saweofsvf Dateline - BERMUDA - LATE SATURDAY EVENING.A TASK 3 FLYING RWMQR GROUP CONSISTING OF TWO NAVY DESTROYERS AND AIRCRAFTV RUTHLESSLY INTIMIDATED NATIONAL WATERS ON THE IT WAS A SUBMARINFH. ,After repeated buzz- AN UNARMED SAILBOAT IN INTE PRETENSE THAT THEY nTHOUGHT R afifNz-mfifefej ing of the boat by fix-N 7531! 50714 E 'gfqcflf ed wing aircraft and threatening flashing hr In an attempt to regain ,thier Qmemer status, Eng- light messages sent byyineering head cleaners, both ships, the attack funder the direction of MRl was finally broken offfMoffatt have instituted a ostensibly to regroup and find the real sub. Some feel, however, it was merely to find an- other innocent victim. Sources close to the action expressed gen- hnssivo re-modeling program iaimed at changing their im- iage. The Motion Sickness Rating Association has a- greed to re-inspect at a la- N tor date. However the X rating Cpersons under 18 no uine shock at the anger admittedD'will stand until generated at the sailw the submarine's call sign. In.the words of one witness, HI thoughth it was funnier than holly y the re-modeling is comple- ppted. A spoksman for the ANMSRA confided that he ndid l not fool the head would bo 4, boats failure to answer N 1: ready by fnepinsypeo deadline -'J N but donft let the Ca tain P knew thattn DEVlL'S CORNER ""b':'-'-'u y Doktor Strange nequal time for the bad guys...n W CLEANS k'DIRTYS f DEPT. A nSailorn is a clean A nSeamann is a dirty X , IENA: Do we need sheets?5 1 SUPPEY-SKINNY -as BORGE: Yes, one. ENAZ A pillow? BGRGE: Yes, a pillow. VILGOT SJOMAN - from ! w ?Mr. Goss must be worried O. Qboht something. People say lhe sleeps asttho.he'wero' HI AM CURIOU3, Yetnevilaviwm OH versace 1 Nwhat Ensign took his first shower of the cruise on Mothers Day...and why? What.Second Class Sonar- man is living proof of T110 ory?. Q A The UHOLY HELON is alive and well. It just didn't 'want to get involved. MURPHY'S LAWS Teday's laws delve into tha t obscure field of thought known as Mathema- tics. Even with the Nwmv Mathn, old Murph's laws are still as valid as ever.'Wp continue with installm nt three of the series: A- In any given miscal- culation, the fault will never be placed if more than one person is involvec B- Any error that can creep in, will. C- All constants are variables. D- A decimal will al- ifways be misplaced. E- In a complex calcu- lation, one factor from the numerator will always move into the denomenator. Or+Y?ZDf?2L7DffCf-'fiwse I Eifiwdlyhwffl filo. Ifcg ,O,O., I I HWGQ, DEAR CRABBY - Dear Crabby, I live in confined quarters with another individual who not only refuses to take a nNavy Shcwern, but any shower at all. What should I do? Offended Dear Offonded, First congradulate him on his attempt to conserve doesn't work, try a IXILQ-.DX fox? NJA Pt O What was really behind Satur- day Evenings unprecidented at- tack on the defensless sailboat? 1 As a npro-sailingn paper, The Daily Deceiver must protest this type of harrassment by the HPower Boat Establishment.n I In all fairness, it must be teperted that this ship's high- Yly sophisticated electronic earsighted pilot with glaucoma. fresh water. If subtltyiequipment was led astray by a G.I. Brush and a paint scraper. fDear Crabby is a reg- ular feature of The Deceiver. All letters should be addressed to the Mess Decks MAAQ mhis does not, however, excuse the ship from sending a written apology via ncarriern pigeon to to the slighted vessel, 3 Any repeat of this performance will undoubtedly bring a reactio from the International Yacht lacing Union. -ED ' I-,-nf, Inu' gipgrrgas tithe EDITOR Dear Editor: The junior officers of the Eddy Mac, being displeased with the managment of the MCDONNELL HILTON, are planning a nsleep-inn at the HILTON to pro- test for an 8 hour work day, no watches and weekends off. signed, THE SNIPE ,OPERATIONS COINWERSATIONE r ' we think Mr. Redd has an H eyesight problem. Either t that or he's part Polack. IWho else would use Binecularsl T in Sonar Control. LTJG Neisingh Cotherwise J known as nEasy Ridernj has ,given up motorcycles, so he says. However, he's the only one who answered the , ,motor scooter ad in DD V01 1 Dear SNIPE No. l, and personally I Right on! ythink the Chaplin's worried -ED f I iso , , O I I O O W T FLYING TIPS MORE CIEANS a DIRTYS H U Use epoky glue for the Ottern is a clean VBeaverN is a dirty N ,feathers on your new wings, ,since'wax melts when you get too close to the sun. EMDR I N THE ,HOLE Is EMC Kimball really Y suffering from 'Dunlops Diseasen? The Snipe ening to Ifresh'wat s are threat cut off the er to force the rest of us to break out our o Budwieser aches of OHEA LTH Noms 5 Use caution when play ming footb all on the tLos.Angeles Freeway WEAPONS'WORLD W Seems like Ens. Idster 1S'WOTT16d Lisbon bar tenders won't know how to fix a MINT JULEP. Is STG2 latz secret ly preparing for a foray in stocking nicillin stead of ASK MR he keeps his slee Lisbon by up on Pen- shots new in later? BOORUM why talking in N 7 p, It s hang G ing on the wall by th SWitCHo" o 0 0 fine an is printed nightly on the midwatch. Dist 50 copies Hon. Ed. -T,P. Nast Ed in Chief-RA Behring Mng. Ed. -JC Collins Cont. Ed.-RC Piers Printer- Homn Letters to ED. do not necessarily reflect the attitude of DD or its staff. -ED I I I I I I I I I I I I I I the gags 1 V I I I I . . I 'I I I I I I I II I, II If I, I II II II 14 L. I I : I '54 mm I ,-,.,,.- ,Q .-. -t '- Coming home X rf, , XX '91 iw fx x , 'fi' Q I4 V s X ,,, W N, - X f I4 .X x f . -f2r7.'MA?. editors page 43' WALSWORT!-I Cruise Book Office PUBLISHING 915 West 21st Street COMPANY Norfolk, Virginia 23517 Marceline, Mo., li,S.A. ff V J f f 1 f f

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