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Edward Little High School - Oracle Yearbook (Auburn, ME) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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x I9 l EDWARD LUTTLE HUGH SEHEILEIL AUBURN MMNE N KUAYSE K Ml fllfllf w.lme Feqeleelln Marlene Haskell Elzeleelll Ledden Jeen Smdh Reglmald Anderson Jean Crossman George Wesferberg ff fffflll Il Llllllllll Shlrley Farrell f'!'f -. Z551,Sl'l1v.f.i 7,!L1l114flv1'.s , 71 A x UI I IUUI l ., . A UN A r Q ' , 4I'f , f 7l""llX fm' x':- IQ f 'H' V ,' 1 .Qui H1 Iv llli D9dICd+IOl'1 Facul+y Senior Personalmes Juniors Sophomores Ac'r1vn+les Calendar Sennors Honor Paris Sporfs Adverhsemenfs Page Nl v. . O ,Ll ltflflllll I X055 O proudfy dedlcaze Ihm Chaxk M155 Margafef Gardner deep appremanou 0 har tU1C1l!lfZQ mferesr and szmcm ef offs on our bphaf ix,,5g-1 :L ft- 40,1 ' X Ej:1e,e:g 1122? Page Sf 1 en Page Ezght SN. ARNOLD G WESTERBERG BA EdM Prim :pal Born ln New York Cary Prepared af Carson Long lnshiuie Was graduaied from Pennsylvanna Sfafe College wl+h a degree of Bachelor of Arfs un Eclucahon Dad graduefe work af Unlverslfy of Marne and arfended Bates Summer School Recenved hrs Masler of Educahon degree from Bafes College Before comung -to Edward Lnffle an I936 he faughf m New Yorlc In Sullivan Marne and In Dover Foxcrof+ Marne He was submasrer 'From Seprember I943 io I946 when he was ap pomfed prmcupal ,J r if F AEML TY lr' rg' MISS JESSIE W ALLEY BA M A Latm and German Born un Massachusehls Prepared af Edward LuHle Was graduaied from Baies College wufh a Bachelor of Arfs degree Dud graduafe work af 'lhe Unuver suly of Vermoni and Bafes where she receuved lhe Masfer of Arfs degree Came Qo Edward LuHle un I9l5 Faculiy advuser of fhe Lahn Club MRS AMY F ASHTON Business Muthrmatu s 7 upf Il flllllg, Business Mrnhmm Uffurf lnuluuu Born un Lewusfon Maune Prepared of Lewusfon Hugh School Was graduafed from fhe Normal ITraunung Course af fha Auburn Maune School of Commerce Auburn Maune Aflended the summer un l948 Taught a+ Slandush Hugh School Sebago Lake Maune before comung fo Edward Lu++le un l94B She us on of fhe faculfy advusers of fhe Assembly Board and of fhe Sfudenl Councul Serves as freasurer of 'lhe Cafeferua Fund and of lhe Edward Luflle Hugh School Parenls Musucal Asso cnahon MISS NANCY BARTHELEMY BS Phuuml Frlumtmn for Czrls Born un Cambridge Massachusefls Was graduafed from Arlungion Hugh School and Sargegi College Boslon Unuversufy She us faculiy advuser of the Gurls Aihlehc Assocuaiuon of ihe Cheerleaders and of fhe Assembly Board ARTHUR J BELLIVEAU BA 'lluthemutucs and Baseball Born un Gardner Massachusefis Was graduaied from Gardner Hugh School Was graduafed from Cushung Academy and Baies College He faughf ai' Websler Junuor Hugh School and was a 'Fresh man coach ai Bales College Served four years un fhe Army before comung fo Edward Lufile un fhe sprung of l94b Affended Clark Unuversufy Summer School ' s s ' , ' . , I Y , ' r u session of 'fha Auburn Maihe School of Commerce A . Page Ten WILLIAM BRADFORD BA un Educaluon V PAUI BOOTHBY luclulul ll url mul lluulmrzuunl Urauung Born un Auburn Maune Prepared af Edward Lullle Hugh School Alfended Gorham Normal School and was graduafed un I934 Taught un Walervulle Junuor Hugh School from I934 lo I942 and un Gulman Hugh School al' Norlh Easl' Harbor from l942 lo I943 Dud defense work from I943 lo I945 and worked as an experumenfal machunusl for lhe Chap lun Corporafuon of Soulh Porlland from l945 l' l948 Taughl af Websfer Jumor Hugh School from u94C fo I950 MRS ELIZABETH H BOWEN BA ullulluu mall: Q Born un Manchesler New Hampshure Prepared al Brockton Hugh School Nlassachuseffs Was gradu aled from Colby College where she receuved a Bachelor of Arls Degree Al' Colby she was a member of Phu Bela Kappa and of fhe Sugma Kappa Sororufy Has laken several courses al Teachers College Columbua Unuversuly Taughl' af Morse Hugh School Bafh Maune and al' Ossunung School for Gurls Ossunung New York before comung fo Edward LuHle un l932 Facully advuser of Lub ary Proclor Club uu uuuffful Born un Phuladelphua Pennsylvanua Prepared af Soufh Lancasler Academy Massachusells Was gradualed from George Washunglon Unuversufy Washungfon DC wulh a Bachelor of Ar+s degree un Educafuon He has 'laughl' un Woodward School Washunglon DC Unuon Sprungs Academy New York Greafer New York Academy New York and McLean Hugh School un Vurgunua Came lo Edward Lu++le un I944 ls an advuser of lunuor boys and sponsor of lhe Key Club and Oufung Club MRS BEATRlCEC BURKE Home lac 071011111 s Born un Lewuslon Maune Prepared al Lewuslon Hugh School Lewusfon Maune Was graduated from Unuversufy of Maune wulh a Bachelor of Scuence degree Before comung fo Edward LuHle un I949 she laugh? af Maduson Hugh School Maduson Maune and af Lewusfon Hugh School Lewusfon Maune She us a member of Omucron Nu honor socuely ,.,ull1 'u u " E A .- '- 7' . . . . . . . 0 , . I ' - . . . , . ' I I ' I . . . . . . . . Y . s . I I J -f 1' Physuus -furmzuuluu and Rmlm ' , . . . , . ., . . I U .I . . I I u I ' , . . . - - . . . ' . I . . . .,, 5, GRAYDON BU RNS Murhune Opemtmn Born un Wuscasser Maune Was gradualed from Morse Hugh School Operated the Andrews Ma chune Company from l929 I939 He slarled lhe 'lraunung for defense un l940 under siafe supervusuon He has been un fhe machune business for fhurfy years He came ro Edward Luffle un I944 MISS EDNA M CANHAM BA Englush Born un Auburn Maune Prepared ai Edward LuH'le Hugh School Was graduafed from Farmungfon Slale Teachers College and Bafes College wulh a Bachelor of Arfs degree Taughr un Auburn Wulsons Mulls Sfonungforu Buchfleld and Kenfs Hull Maine before coming lo Edward LuHle un I947 Has laluen exfensuon courses ai' lhe Unuversuly of Maune and Bales College Affended summer ses suons a Bafes and lhe Unuversufy of Maune RUSSELL D CARROLL BA MA 1 up: Il Vlflllg and Bnolukeepmg Born In Washungfon Maune Prepared af Lewusfon Hugh School Was graduated from Hales College wufh a Bachelor of Ads degree Before comung fo Edward LuHle un I937 he laugh? af Hodgdon Hugh School and af Maplelon Hugh School un Maune Receuved h s Masler of Aris degree from Columbus un I940 He us Durecior of Auduo Vusual Auds and us un charge of concessuons af lhe games ROBERT P CHAPLIN lswzstunt Musur Director Born un Lewuslon Maune Prepared al' Edward Luffle Hugh School Served four years wfh fhe U S Navy Aiiended fhe New England Conservaiory of Musuc and mauored from I946 l950 un arrangung musuc I 5 'A ' ' . . . 'L X u l Q . . - Page Tu elve MISS DOROTHEA A DOWELL BA H1 vtnrs and Snr mlrsgv Born sn Pawfuclref Rhode Island Prepared af Dow Academy Franconsa New Hampshsre Was gradu afed from fha Unsverssfy of New Hampshsre wsfh a Bachelor of ArI's degree Affended summer ses ssons iaksng graduaie work af fha Unsverssiy of Idaho sn I943 Ihe Amerscan Unsverssiy Washsng 'Ion D C sn l945 and fhe Unsverssiy of New Hampilllre IN I946 I947 I948 and I950 ln I949 Yale Unsverssfy Fseld Trsp fo Greaf Brsfasn Taught sn Bovsll and Orofsno Idaho and sn Brsdgfon Masne before comsng Io Edward Lsffle sn I947 Chasrman of Carnival Ball and Sensor Dance Decorahons for Jumor Sensor Prom MISS HELEN F DOWNS B S Horne Fr mwnsu S Born sn Showhegan Masne Prepared af Soulh Porfland Hsgh School Was graduafed from Nasson College where she recesved her Bachelor of Scsence Degree sn Home Economscs She has faughf a+ Eppsng New Hampshsre and sn FaImou+h Hsgn School sn Por+larsd Mame Affended Unsverssly of Mame summer sessson sn I949 LINWOOD L DWELLEY BS Sczence and PhymalEducat1on lhrumr of Wsnler Sports Born sn Calass Mame Prepared af Masne Cenfral Insfsfuie Was graduated from Unsverssly of Masne wslh Bachelor of Science degree sn Educahon Played foofball af preparaiory school and college Was a member of fhe Kappa Ssgma Fraferns-Iy Dsd graduafe work af Baies College and Unsverssly of Mschsgan He was a teacher coach ai' Forf Ken? and a+ Calass before commg fo fhe Auburn schools sn I930 Dursng 'Ihe summer he ss proprsefor of Wslderness Canoe Trsps for Boys MISS SARAH ENWRIGHT BA Frensh Born sn Calass Mame Prepared af SI Sfephen Hsgh School Recesved her Bachelor of Arfs degree from Acadsa College Dsd graduaie work af Ba+es McGsll Harvard and fhe Unsverssfy of Parss Be fore comsng +o Edward LsH'le sn I922 she faughf sn Guslford Mame Advsser of sensor gsrls Page Thirteen . ,.. , . I I - ' I I I ' I--I I I I I - I I I I , . I I I ,.. , . I I , I . ,.. , . . . W ,.. , . . . I I I " I , . . MISS MARGARET GARDNER. B.A. English Born nn BFUYISWICB Marne Prepared at Edward Little Hugh School Was graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor of Arts degree Attended summer sessuons at Bates Boston Umversnty and Emerson New England Summer Workshop nn I949 Before commg to Edward Lnttle un I943 she taught at Norrndgewoclr Old Orchard Beach and at Brewer Marne She as Chalrman ofthe Assembly Board and E03 the Jumor Class Commnttee and the Oracle ta DONALD M GAY BA Music Born nn Casco Meme Prepared at Casco Hugh School attended the Umversuty of Marne where he recenved the Bachelor of Arts degree Before comlng to Edward Little IH I944 he taught at Berwick Academy Spaulding Hugh School Rochas ter New Hampshire and Wllllams College He as the director of the Band and Chorus QA MISS ELSIE M GERVAIS BA MA ll nv lr un: lstvlx Born nn Westboro Massachusetts Prepared at Edward Little Hugh School Was graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor of Arts degree and received her Master of Arts degree an I943 I college she was elected a member of Phu Beta Julllnard School ot Music and Sorbonne University ot Pans Unxvers ty ot Marne extensuon courses and Unlverslty of llllnols Before coming to Edward Little she taught at Webster Junior Hugh School She s a member of the Assembly Board faculty advuser of semor marchlng STEPHEN GRENDA BA MA IJ lutur 1 fllhlftn s I hvsual ldurulmn Huul lumlz 0 lwznlbrzll Born nn Lawrence Massachusetts Prepared at Lawrence Hugh School Was graduated from Co lumbna Unlversnty where he received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees Coached at Columbna Umverslty Manhattan College Umver suty of Delaware Was Director of Athletics at Floyd Bennett Fueld and Battalnon Commander at Navy Pre Flnght School nn North Carolma Drs charged from the U S Navy wlth grade of Lueu tenant Came to Edward Lnttle In I946 Page Fourteen F " ' l ll W a Q I . ' . n Kappa. Attended summer sessions at Middlebury, 5 7 A , ' f ' I ' P' aqui-uv-"' ea.-'Ne MISS GWENDOLYN G HARDY School Nurse' Born un Woolwuch Maune Prepared al' Edward Lullle and Lewusfon Hugh School Alfended Cen frel Maune General Hospufal Lewuslon Maune and receuved nune monihs Publuc Heallh Traunung al Summons College She was slaff nurse af Lewusfor and Auburn Red Cross She us a member of lhe Maune Sfale and Naluonal Nursung Assocualuon Alfended summer sessuons af Summons College I948 I949 lnslruclor of lhe lwelve hour course un Red Cross Home Nursung MRS JOSEPHINE T HAYDEN BA lvugllsh uml lluxlnry Born un Ruver Foresf lllunous Prepared al Benlon Harbor Hugh School Benton Harbor Muchugan Was gradualed from Boslon Unuversufy where she receuvad her Bachelor of Arls degree Has faughl In Evenung School un Wellesley Massachusells and has faughf Englush and scuence un Newlon Hugh School un Massachuseffs She us a member f Sugma Kappa Sororuly Co Chaurman of Class Nughl' Facully advuser of Sludenl' Councul GEORGE W HODSON BS Sruunu and Rlllllfrll lnlurrrualwn Born un Burnley England Prepared af Camden Hugh School Allended lhe Unuversuly of Maune as Mechanucal Engineer for lwo years Aflended Pennsylvenua Slale College un the summers of l940 4I. Alfended Gorham Sfale Teachers College fwo years and lwo summers l93b and I937 I946 and I948. Came fo Wallon Junior High School in l937. Taughf in Augusla in I938. Refurned lo fha Auburn school sysfem in I939. Al Maine he was on lhe rifle feam for fwo years and also on lhe boxing feam. Was presidenf of flue Alpha Lambda Bela lrafernily af Gorham. He is head of lhe sraff of flue Vocafional and Induslrial Arls Deparlmenfs. MISS MAUDELENA S. HUSKINS Huukkvepirug anal Business Malhenufuticx Born in Lisbon Falls Maine. Was gradualed from Edward Lillle High School and lhe Maine School of Commerce. Did graduafe worlu af Columbia Harvard and Bales. Came 'lo Edward Lillie in l9l6. ln charge of placemenf service for girls who are going info business. P039 f'1.fll't'll MISS MARGARET B JORDAN BA 'llathematzrs Born ln Auburn Maune Prepared af Edward Luffle Hugh School and al' Bafes College Dud graduale work af Bales and af Harvard summer schools Taughf un Mexuco Maune and Sanford Hugh School Came fo Edward Lufile un I923 Faculfy advuser for lhe Edward Llflle Hugh School Dramafuc Club and Durecfor of fhe Senuor Class Play MISS LlLLIAN KELLEY Shnrlluunrl I K II Yrruuuruplmn ll Typeurutung I K Il Born un Jonesporl Maune Prepared a+ Jonesporf Hugh School Was gradualed from 'Ihe Normal Commercual Traunung Course at Beal Busuness Col lege Bangor Maune A++ended summer sessuons a+ Bosfcn Unuversuly I947 and l95O Washunglon S+aie Normal School l948 Unuversuly of Maune I949 Ba+es College Courses I949 50 Taughi af Luver Worked as accoun+an+ and Deparfmenfal Supervusor un the Accounhng Deparimenf of +he Amerucan Opfucal Company Soufhbrudge Massachusefls I943 Faculfy chaurman 'For Junuor Senuor Prom Faculfy advuser for Junuor Class Rungs MRS ANNA B KENNEDY BA MA English Born un Orange Massachusefts Prepared af Tech nucal Hugh School Sprungfueld Massachusefis Wa graduafed from Whearon College wufh a Bachelor of Arls degree Was graduared from Columbua Unuversnfy wuih a Masler of Arfs degree Summer and wunfer courses af Clark Unuversuty and Bafes College Before comung fo Edward Luflle un I930 she iaughf af Brookfueld Hugh School Broolrfueld Massachuseffs Faculiy advuser of the Oracle DANIEL W LOWE Przntung Born un Turner Maune Prepared al Edward Luffle Hugh School Was graduared from Gorham Normal School Tough? un Massachuseifs and af Webster Junuor Hugh School before becomung a member of rhe Edward Luflle sfaff Page Sixteen .' 1,' , l I . more Falls, Farmingfon, and -Gardiner, Maine. CHARLES MacARTHUR AB Englush Born un Lewusion Maune Afiended fuffeen hugh schools 'funally beung graduafed from Brughfon Massachuseffs Was graduated from Bales College Facully advuser of Ihe Sfahon and of 'fh Assem bly Board MRS ELIZABETH PACKARD BA History Born un Auburn Maune Prepared al Edward Luflle Hugh School Was graduafed from Bales College wufh a Bachelor of Arfs degree Allended summer sessuons af Bales Taughl un Lalrevulle Hugh School Lalrevulle Connecfucuf Websfer Junuor Hugh School and Edward Lu+Ile Hugh School She refurned I Edward Luffle un I948 Faculfy Co Chaurman I Class Nughf MISS ENNIE PULKKINEN Secretary to the Przncupal Born un Munof Maune Was graduafed from Edward Luflle Hugh School un I946 Durung I9-16 I947 she served as secrelary for I'he Deparfmeni of Guud ance MISS ALICE G ROBINSON B S M Ed Educatuanal Cuulance Born un Porfland Maune Prepared af Porfland Hugh School Was graduaied from Gorham Normal School Gorham Maune Receuved Bachelor of Scuence un Educahon degree from Ihe Unuversufy of Maune Receuved Masler of Educahon degree Irom Bosfon Unuversuiy un I949 Taughf un lunuor hugh schools un Soulh Poriland and Porfland before comung fo Edward Luffle Hugh School un I950 Served un Ihe WAC wu+h Ihe Amr Force from I942 Io I946 Guudance Durecior of Sophomore gurls guhuf lllt ill ALFRED N SAVIGNANO BS Bzolugu Born un Newfon Massachusells Prepared a'r New lon Hugh School Gradualed from 'rhe Unuversuiy of Maune wulh a Bachelor of Scuence degree un Educaluon Malored un Physucal Educaluon Coached 'Foofball af Hampden Academy and Ellsworfh Hugh School Also 'faughl buology al Ellsworlh He has served un fhe U S Marune Corps Came lo Edward Luflle un l950 gag .D LAT. WLM, Q' fYQ!'4D RO R A SCHMIDT AB Biology mul Mulluumutu x Born un Harfford Connechcul He allended gram mar Iunuor hugh and senuor hugh school un Harlford Was graduafed from Weaver Hugh School Harl ford Connechcul He spenl 'lhree years un fhe Army serv ng wulh lhe 99fh lnf Duvusuon and lhe 442nd Troop Carruer Cp un European Thealre Al un malhemahcs Pracfuced leachurug af Edward Luflle whule a senuor al Bales He was graduafed from Bales un June l950 wulh an AB Degree EVERETT P SMITH BS Chemustry Born un Walerboro Maune Prepared af Kenls Hull Was graduaied from Colby College wu+h a Bachelor of Scuence degree Alfended summer sessuons al Harvard and al Ba'I'es Pruncupal af Malfawamkeag Hugh School submasfer a+ Bar Harbor Hugh School pruncupal af Poiler Academy and LeavuH Academy Came fo Edward LuHle I946 Has charge of debaiung us faculfy advuser of fhe busuness managers of 'lhe Oracle and us chaurman of fhe commuffee on sellung lucluels al allulefuc games Taughl chemuslry af Bafes College fhree aliernoons each week durung fha pasr lwo years. MRS ELAINE M SYLVESTER becretary to the Guzdance Department Born un Harruson Maune Prepared al schools un Soufh Parus and Auburn Maune Was graduafed from Edward LuHle Hugh School un I946 Came io Edward Luflle un I947 Page Eighteen Assusla nf baskelball coach 3 ' . ' ' a . ' l ' M l 0 x I . . . . . . D . iended Bales College from I946 lo I950, mailoring 'u ' l . ' ln MISS DOROTHY WELLMAN BA Fruglush Born un Lewusfon Maune Prepared af Edward Luflle Hugh School Was graduaied from Bafes College where she receuved her Bachelor of Ads degree Dud one years graduale work af Bafes College Affended summer school ai +he Unuversufy of Maune Has liken resudence courses af Bafes In I944 she came fo Edward LxH'le from Wallon Jumor Hugh Faculiy advnser for Senuor Banquel' and of TAB Secre+arues FRANK E WIMMER BA l N llus rx Born an Lusbon Falls Maune Prepared af Lusbon Falls Hugh School Was graduafed 'From Bafes Col lege wufh a Bachelor of Ar+s degree Taughf for fourfeen years un New England schools besudes coachung skuung and wunfer sporfs Affended Ad vanced School an Army Traunung for iwo years He prevuously coached wlnler sporls af Websfer Junuor Hugh School Coaches golf af Edward Luiile Facul fy advuser of the S+uden+ Leguslafure and of ihe Jumor Town Meehng raduo show men? CLAYTON D TAYLOR W nmlunrkung Born un Auburn Maune Prepared af Edward Luifle Hugh School Was graduafed from Wenfworfh lnshfufe Aiiended summer sessuons af Gorham Sfafe Teachers College and lhe Unuversuiy of Maune and also look Exfensuon Courses af Baies College Taughf af Websier Junuor Hugh School Served un ihe Unufed Sfafes Navy Seabees He s a member of fhe S+aff of +he Vocaiuonal Deparl' ARVARD V WEBSTER B A llurrrlnr ur luuuluunu Suhnuuzslcr Born un Bangor Maune Prepared af lsleboro Hugh School lsleboro Maune Was graduaied un I930 from Unuversufy of Maune wufh a Bachelor of Arfs degree Dud research work af Bangor Siafe Hos pufal Aifended summer sessuons at fhe Unuversufy of Maune Harvard Unuversufy Boslon Unuversufy and Columbua Unuversuiy Has faughf exfensuon courses for Bosion Unuversufy Unuversuiy of Maune and Baies College Before comung fo Edward Lulfle un l943 he laugh? an Casco and was pruncupal of fhe consoludaied schools un Alfred Maune Has charge of feshng and counselung un fhe Junuor Hugh Schools Durecfor of Guudance for fhe cuiy of Auburn Submasier of Hugh School Lecfurer for Deparfmenl of Educafuon af Bales College Faculty manager of aihlehcs u Pugr 'Vuneteen ual a T XX .' I . '. .I . " 1 iw I l - . - l 'Q if X 1 L ' Wi 'Mr .W -. ,il Tal mu QIQ , -.3E':r :- WA 5 X 1 J L- 'rrr I ff fx iff, 5 ' ff, Pi? ' 7? .V !l X fs 4 uf gf .4 ' A V ' ' ' Wifi .......,-. fy , 3 ' f- 1 JF..-' :rf aff SENUUJJLEQS 6 i Page Twenty tuv PHYLLIS EVELYN ADAMS llul Born In Auburn Meme March I6 I933 Hears a Iof says a Iullle Good nalured modesf a qulef manner KEITH RAY ALLEN lxllfrfrll Born un Lewls+on Marne January I0 I934 Gladness and loyfulness of Ihe hearf as e ue of e man Easy going full of fun Band 2 3 4 Audro Visual Alds 3 4 MARCIA JEANNE ALLEN Born In Bafh Meme December 9 l93I A bundle of mlschxef and an ocean ol smnles Neal and Inm beauhful black halr Oracle Personallhes Head Typlsi 4 Ouhng Club 2 Dra rnahc Club 2 4 Talenl Shows 3 4 Junuor Semor CONIYTIIIIGB Decorahons 3 Band 2 3 4 Order of Slenographlc Efficiency VIRGINIA JEAN AMES lznnx Born In New Gloucesfer Marne July 3 I9.1 If IS belief Io be bashful than bo'd Curly darlr haur reserved a good friend GAA 2 3 YTeens 2 3 4 Lain Club 2 Junnor Ped Cross Represenfahve 2 3 4 REGINALD GODDARD ANDERSON lugglf Born In Orono Marne February 5 I933 If qulelness be 'Ihe winner he wnll never lose Depen dable fhoughlful of ofhers Oracle 4 Business Manager Adverhsmg 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Teen Age Boolr Club 2 Jumor Sensor Cornmnlle 3 Talenf Show 2 Semor D uma 4 Posfers 'R "' X , " I' I '+h rf +h K VM y 4- . z .I : . .. S . I . l 1 ,3 PAUL EMERSON ANDREWS Born m Auburn Mama January 29 I933 lf you wanf ihmgs done call on a busy man An eff: clenl' band manager has IS a good sde 'Io be on m an argumenf Sfudenf Councul 2 3 4 Junuor Class Rmg Commlffee 3 Ou! mg Club 2 3 4 Season Tuclei Represeniahve 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Manager 2 3 4 Sechon Leader 3 4 Track 3 Base ball 2 Manager 2 Jumor Senlor Commlflae 3 elecfrlcuan Marshal for Graduahon 3 Talani Show 3 Senior Drama 4 MARIE MARGUERITE LORRAINE ASSELIN Born m Auburn Mama June 28 I933 Her ways are ways of pleasaniness Radlafes o lovely fo loolx af-dellghlful fo know Lahn Club2 3 4 Ouhng Club 4 Choru 4 G A SUE ROBIN BAILEY SLLSIC Born lh Lawlslon Maine March I5 I934 She IS our frlend falfhful and kmd fo us Obllgmg always smnlmg her qulefness IS dacephve Oracle Personals 4 Lahn Club 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 G A A 4 Junnor-Senior Commlffee Decorahon 3 Dramahc Club 4 Semor Drama 4 TICRQI Commuffee CARROLL WARREN BANKS Banks Born m Rlpley Mama May 8 I933 No one knows whaf he can do unhl he Ines Wmfar sporfs anfhuslasf hep on fha hlclzory ancl brlghl on fha blade PHILIP WILLIAM BARIL Phzl Born m Auburn Mama May I0 I933 Youfh comes buf once m a llfahme so engoy If A gay pranlsfar a launly alr Chorus 2 3 4 Page Twenty three .. ' . i YM ' . . : ' : s 2. 3. : - . A- 2, 3, 4. luge Tuerm four DALIA BARTKUS Born un Kaunas Lllhlrllllld Sepiember 30 I933 Thy modesiy IS a candle to fhy meni Capable admurable nnspnrmg Oracle Chairman of Faculfy Personals 4 Chorus 3 GAA BRUCE ALAN BARTLETT Born nn Poriland Malne Seplember 4 I933 He fakes away gloom wlfh a song Cordlal and cour feous loves fo laugh and spread cheer Oracle Typusf 4 Lafm Club 3 Chorus 2 3 4 Teen Age Book Club 4 Jumor Semor cOmmI+l'88 3 Execuhve Comms? fee 3 Talenl Shows 2 3 4 Order of Sfenographlc Eff: WILLIAM FERNAND BARTLEY acl. Born IH Jackman Maune Augusl 24 I932 An ounce of wif vs worih a pound of sorrow Barrels of 'fun wha? a Ime he has! HnY 3 Chorus 3 Foofball 2 Naval Reserve ELIOT GERALD BEAL .lun Born nn Auburn Meme July I9 I932 A good llsfener IS a silent 'Flafferer Tall dark and fhen some casual ever ready +o help WILLIAM JAMES BEAUCAGE Beau Born n Auburn Marne November 7 I933 Silence IS e fruend who never befrays A perfeci en Heman deep appreclahon sound ludgmenf 4. . ciency' 4. l l I :aj .uv Ac yn .. . . . . ' . y., 9 - 1 ' . ,- MARIE MADELEINE HELEN BEAULIEU I 111 Born In Lewlsfon Maine June 28 I932 By Ihe work one knows Ihe workman sporfs minded dlllgeni worker reserved Lam Club 3 Chorus 3 GAA 2 3 4 Board 4 Junl Sensor Commlflee Decorahon 3 MARVIN MORRIS BECKERMAN 'llurz Born n Brooklyn New York Aprnl 3 I933 e best way ouf IS always fhoughf Sensnble cam drsposlhon reliable Oracle Ari Commxffee 4 Lahn Club 3 Debahng 4 Junior Town Meehng 4 GERALD LIONEL BEGIN Jfrrx Born ln Wafervllle Marne June I7 I932 as ws? IS always qunck and ready True sporfsman HIY 2 3 4 Baskefball 3 4 Usher af Graduahon 3 Key Cu 2 3 VERNON ALFRED BELL Fern Born In Hamlm Marne February I5 I93I W: has always a ready answer Always on Ih mlsclnevously mcluned bui defmrlelyl Junior Town Meehng 4 Nahonal Guard GORDON PARRIS BENNETT JR in Born In A.Jburn Marne June 9 I933 For he s a lolly good fellow Happy go lucky musical as a loke for every occas on Band 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Senior Play 4 Business Manager 1-' f all 1" I' g g . . . , , . 1 'or- "Th ' ' - I ..H. . . . i.. H a brighf spark-a knack for making friends. I b -. . . . . .. .y y.. e gow MH, -, -h ' 'z Pm" Tzawzlv- in' QQ Page 71461111 sz: CLAIRE MARTINE BERGERON lfcrgu Born m Auburn Marne March 6 l932 s fhe smlle she has and her cheerful alr lhaf spread sunshme lusl everywhere Keeps our classes m an uproar Iasclnallng eyes arhsllc A 2 3 FHA FRANK RICHARD BERRY Born m Lewlslon Mame May I8 I933 sfaunch frlend Ouhng Club 4 Jumor Sensor Commnflee Decorahng 3 Usher al Graduallon 3 Sensor Drama 4 Sound Effecls Properlles NORMAN EMERY BERUBE N IIHI Born xn Auburn Mame Augusl I2 I933 Common sense IS no? so common Faulh u lo duly capable easy 'lo gel along wnlh PAULINE LUCILLE BERUBE Born m Auburn Mame Aprll Il l932 A preHy gurl ns lllme a melody Sweet lempered has shclc 'ro nhveness lrlm Ioolrmg Season Tuclmel Represenfahve 2 Chorus 2 3 GAA 2 3 4 Junior Sensor COMMIIIGB Decorallon 3 VIVIAN ANNETTE BERUBE II Born m Topsham Mame May I7 I933 Though shy she may Ioolr, lhere s lmplshness nn her eyes No lruer frnend wunsome "Oracle" 4, Ar? Commlllee, Personals, Typlsf, 4, Chorus 2, GAA 2, 3, 4, Junior Senlor Commlllee 3, Order of Sleno graphic Effnclency 4 " 'Ti ' ' - A A K G.A. . , Q . . . 4. K s,..k -""' 1 l as 3, - ' . ' . . I M' 3,3 "Silen+ lcnighlf' A clear sense of duly. A Ilalr for science H I I II - Q ' . I . ' . fi, ..V- ,,. ELINOR WINNIFRED BICKFORD Bzchy Born rn Lewlsfon Marne November 8 I933 Joy IS noi' In Ihlngs I s n s Friendly smlle good nalured a happy companion Lahn Club 4 Junior Red Cross Represenfahve 2 Chorus 2 Teen Age Book Club 2 JANICE VIVIAN BICKFORD Bzrlry Born rn Lewlslon Maine November 8 I933 The pen us fhe fongue of the m nd A superb eques frnenne a fufure wnier an ardeni reader Library Procfors Club 2 Junlor Red Cross Represenfahve 2 Chorus 3 GAA 3 4 Dramahc Club 2 3 CLAIRE JACOUELINE BILODEAU Born In uebec Clly Canada June 2l l933 We love her for her smule her loolcs her genlle way of spealung Shell make e reluable secrefary a cheery mnss G AA 3 Y Teens 3 Order of Sfenographac Effnclency 4 ROLAND JOSEPH BILODEAU B111 Born In Lewnsfon Meme November 24 I93l Has foe was folly and hrs weapon wal A hunlr of man a bushel ol fun super good humor HIY 2 3 Chorus 2 Foofball 2 3 4 Key Club 4 BERN ICE ELIZABETH BLOOD Betty Born In Lynn Mass Oclober I8 I932 Modesfy rs a shmmg Iughl Beauhful red head charm mg belle well poised Oracle Charrman of Personalmes Band Lnbrarran 3 4 Dramahc Club 2 4 Talenf Show 4 Pug: Tu enlv vez en U . , ,r . . . - . L. . , 1 1 . u . I I I .. - H., - . . .. . . .. I . - . , 1 . . I . . 5 . . . , g , . O . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . Q - Q . .4 . ., . . . .. . . . .. ' . I I - I I .. , ,, . -. . ,. . . . . .. - . . . I I ' Pug: lu mix Light JERRY EUCLID BOUCHARD jerry Born In Sloclcholm Maine November 24 I933 Very agreeable 'Full of fun lllmed mde d by everyone Merry wll always ready 'Io lend a hand Usher af Graduahon 3 RUTH ANN BOURGAULT lxuihu Born nn Tllfon New Hampshnre March 7 I932 If IS 'Folly noi Io be lolly Peppery good company wmnlng personallly Srahon Sfaff 2 3 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Band 2 GAA 2 3 4 Junior Sensor CommnHee3 JACQUELINE CLAIRE BOUVIER Juclllz Born In Auburn Marne November 4 I932 A rung on a finger s worih fwo on th phone Lois of charm well dressed darlr eyed beaufy Band 2 3 4 YTeens 2 Debby Teen 2 Talenf Show 3 LAWRENCE WILLARD BOWIE Lana Born ln Lewus+on Mame December 28 I933 Sl10I'I and neaf and hard fo beai A sfaunclw frlend a gemal nafure Teen Age Book Club 2 Secreiary 2 MARY ELLEN BRAINERD .buszc Born an Lewiston Maine Ocfober I3 I933 A sahsfynng mlxfure of wisdom and galefy Prefers mail: on flue qUl8'l slde a musecal enfhuslas+ Oracle Personals and Subscrlphon 4 Lahn Club 3 Ouhng Club 3 4 Band 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 JumorS mor Commlfiee 3 Sensor Drama 4 Programs RALPH OWEN BRALEY Bralev Born n Auburn Marne Ociober I8 I932 A+ home on fhe grldlron All round alhlefe a regular fellow Sfudenf Councll 2 3 4 Season Tlckef Represenlahve 3 Foofball 2 3 4 Proxora HIY 2 3 4 Presldenf 3 4 Tracl: 2 3 4 Wlnfer Sporis 2 Key Club 2 Chorus 2 3 Afhlehc Councul 3 JANICE ELAINE BRIGGS an Born In Lewusfon Maine March 25 I933 Shes gof a smule fhal' IIIS her face and she wears I+ every day Fun lovmg a grand sense of humor always fallung a mule a mmule Sfahon Sfaff Journalism Represenfahve 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 Band2 Chorus3 GAA 2 3 4 YTeens2 3 Taenl Show 3 MORTON AARON BRODY Mort Born In Lewiston Marne June I3 I933 When Morfon says somefhmg irue or false he malres you belleve If A class orafor gels 'Ihe besl of a bar gam. Oracle Adverflslng 4 Debahng 2 3 4 Vlce Presldenf 3 Presndenf 4 Band 2 3 Usher af Graduahon 3 Jumor Town Meehng 2 3 4 Sensor Play Reaclung Commlfiee 4 Talenl Shows 2 3 Degrees of mersl' honor excellence and dnshnc hon n 'lhe N FL Sensor Drama 4 Casf ROBERT ALLAN BROWN Bo 1 Born nn Lewlsfon Mame December 25 I933 The essenhal flung an life for happlness IS I e gn I of frlendshnp Independenf lndusfraous worker Chorus 2 3 DOROTHY LOUISE BRYANT Du! Born In Auburn Malne July 7 I933 A preffy nurse speeds recovery Happy go lucky alh fude Band2 Chorus3 4 GAA 3 4 Page Tzuntw rum 55 97 1 . . . . . 1 I . . 1 - . . . . 1 I I I I v 1 I SCJ 31 I I I . . . . 1 1 : . . 1 - . 1 I . . I I I I I - I 1 . 1 1 . . 1 . . I l . 5. In h f , . 1 . : . - . . . I wx r. ' 1 Page Th 1 fly NANCY JANE BUBIER an Born In Auburn Malne January 3l l933 e who has lrue 'lrlends IS rlch Snappy brown eyes amicable a 'lranqull miss Chorus3 4 GAA 3 4 FHA 2 SHIRLEY ANN BUBIER Boob Born nn Auburn Mame November Il I933 A merry hear? malres a cheerful conlenf An ar'den+ wmfer sporfsman quuef buf congenlal Oracle Personals 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 GAA 3 4 Dramahc Club 4 Sensor Drama 4 MARIE GERALDINE BUCK If rn Born ln Lewlslon Maine November 5 I933 e spealzs not all she fhunks Reserved yet congemal calm manner Oracle Personals 4 GAA 2 4 Dramahc Club 4 YTeens 3 Semor Drama 4 Tuclre? Commuflee SALLY ANN BURROWS Born m Lewlslon Marne February 6 I933 As merry as lhe day I5 long A snappy malorefle enloys a good hme always full of pep Band Malorefle 3 4 Chorus 2 GAA 2 3 4 Junlor Senior Commlllee 3 YTeens 2 3 Talenl Shows 2 4 Order of S-lenographnc ELFICIGHCY 4 JOAN ELAINE CARVER Born en Auburn Marne June 6 I93l None lunow her buf lo luke her none name her bu+ fo praise A cheery mlss wllh a merry hearl GAA23 FHA2 Y' ds., iv "WW-v NORMA JANE CARVER N urm Born in Auburn Maine December I7 i932 A smile goes a long long way Happy go lucky near aHracfive manners GAA 2 3 FHA 2 3 4 HISIOYIBD 4 Order of Sienogra phic Efficiency 4 ANDRE CHARLES CHARRON my Born in Auburn Maine February 8 I933 A man of achon An ardenf sfudenf of II1 sciences aw aquahc siar C orus 2 3 Swimming 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 MARILYN MAY CHASE Born in Raymond Maine November 30 I932 Five feel' Iwo eyes of blue a I'rlm Ii++Ie figure who has infellecf foo A ready smile digniry STUART RONALD COHEN "Slr'lL'fc'. Born in Berkeley Calif. May 3 I933 The suresf way noi fo fail is fo be defermined 'fo suc- cee . Smoorh Iallrer-ca ual-has a glad hello or everyone Swimming 2 3 4' Junior-Senior Commiffee 3' Usher af Graduafion 3. BEVERLY JOAN COLBY .,l. Born in Lewisfon Maine, Ocfober 30 I933 'She may look quief buf look again. Imp of mischief in her eyes-preffy as a picfure-likeable. Chorus 2, 35 G.A.A. 3, 41 Junior-Senior Commifiee 31 Y- Teens 2, 3, 45 Taleni Show 25 Order of Sfenographic Effi- ciency 4. l'nge' Tlrl'ln-nm Page Th ? fly-I1l'0 ALECK MATTHEWS CO UTTS Pmky Born In Auburn Marne Ocfober 5 I933 une? n a llvely way Nonchalanf companronable HI Y 4 Baskefball 2 3 Escorf a+ Carnival 4 JEAN PHYLLIS CROSSMAN Jeanie Born rn Lewlslon Marne Augus 4 I933 Laugh and lhe clas laugh wrfh you bul you sfay afier class alone An mafed conversahonalns+ wllllng worlc r rrrendly hello Sfahon Exfra Curricular Crrculahon Manager 3 4 Ora cle Co Business Manager 3 4 Subscrlphon Commullee 4 Debahng 2 3 GAA 2 3 4 Dramahc Club 2 3 4 Junro Iown Meehng 2 3 Senior Drama 4 Casl ROBERT MacLEOD CROSSMAN B01 Born In Lewnsfon Marne March 5 I932 As good nafured a sou' as e er frod on sho of learher Never Qlum manly shy BETH RAE CROWELL UBCIIQ' Born in Sou+h Paris Maine May 4 I934 She generafes her own sunshine. Capable-reliable- sociable+ha., a never-failing laugh. Chorus 2 3' Dramafic Club 3 4' Senior Drama 4 Cast RAYMOND BERTON CU RTIS Ray Born in Paris Maine May I5, I933 "A sound head and an honest hear+." "Hun+ing's 'For me."-friendly fo all. "Oracle", Adver+isEng 43 Senior Drama 4, Sfage Sei. SARAH ELIZABETH CURTIS Born In Auburn Maine March I3 l932 Sulence IS my speclaliy Noi 'loo senous rare sumpll Clly of manner Chorus 2 3 4 PATRICIA MARGARET DACEY Patsy Born m L8WlSl0h Marne May 5 I933 Of a cheerful muen a pleasmg eye and a mosl noble carnage Graceful dancer wunsome ways self reluanl' Sfahon Slaff 3 4 Oracle 4 Co chanrman of Personal: Iles Lubrary Procfors Club 2 3 4 Secrelary 4 Lahn Club 2 3 4 Presldenr 3 Aednle 2 4 Jumor Red Cross Represen ahve 2 3 4 Presldenl 4 GAA 2 3 4 Teen Age Book Club 2 3 Talent Show 4 Sensor Drama 4 Tuckel Commnlfee TOM E DALEY Bzg Tom Born In LBWISTOD Maine March 8 l92b He knows how fo lreep us nn flue besf of spnruis Greai In h wil' man of mnghi and mam vefera Semor Drama 4 Sfage Sei S B ERNESTINE DANFORTH Ernie Born nn Wales Marne May I5 I933 Slmplnclfy ns fhe background of good fasle Reliable sociable consnderaie Corus23 GAA234 FHA3 STANLEY LEO DAVIDSON Stan Born nn Lewnsion Marne July I4 I933 like 'lun I like lokes abou? as much as mosf folks Able senslble qunei bui emplwahc Oracle 4 Arl Commlflee Debahng 2 Teen Age Book Club 2 4 Swlmmmg 2 3 4 Jumor Town Meefmg 2 3 4 Senior Drama 4 Properhes Page Thzrtv three ..w,, ba . . . .. - . . .. . . . . . - U H . . . .. . . . . . ., . . -- - -. , .. .. . . I I I ' T - , - . I . . . . . . 1 f I 1 . I ' ' I . I I - - - I . I ' . I I 1 - If - n . . . .. . .. .. s - - n. , . I. -w . . . .. . . . . .. . l1 , 3 . . . , , 3 . . . . S6 5, . . . .. . . . .. I . . - .. .. - , - , . . . I I - . I I v - , . FRED ELLSWORTH DAVIS Re Born In Auburn Meme Augusi I l932 He comes wlfh a gusl' of laughfer Brughf red haar and sfafure fall amiable HI Y Vuce Presldenf and Secreiary 2 3 4 Ouhng Club 2 4 Chorus 2 3 Wlnler Sporls 2 3 4 Junior Senior Com mlffee Execuhve C0mmIIIB6 3 Usher af Graduahon 3 ALEXANDRE FRANCIS DECHENE Flash Born ln Auburn Maine February I I932 He knows fhaf Ilfe IS noi so shorf fhaf there IS noi always hme for courfesy Sharp appearance perfect manners a smcere and worthy 'fnend Sfudenf Councll 2 Hn Y 2 3 4 Season Tnckef Represenfa e 2 3 4 Chorus 2 4 Baseball 2 Key Club 2 Escorl ai Carnnval 2 3 4 PAULINE JACQUELINE DENNIS Denny Born an Auburn Manne Augus14 I933 She I5 preffy Io well wlfh and wlHy 'Io lalh wlfh Sweel Sludenf Councll Sensor Councul Represenlahve 4 Lahn Club 3 4 Ouhng Club 4 Chorus 2 3 4 GAA 3 4 Dramahc Club 3 YTeens 2 3 4 ILLENE JESSIE DEXTER Born an Lewlsfon Mame May 28 I933 Her playing IS always In lrey never flaf and always sharp An all round good fraend poised well groomed Oracle Subscrlphon Commnffee Personals COMMIIIGB 4 Chorus Accompanusi' 3 4 GAA 3 4 YTeens 2 3 Talen Shows 2 3 BARBARA JEAN DICKEY Barb Born an WBIBYVIIIS Maine Augusl 5 I932 A whiz af lhe Iceyboard Very lalreable reliable lmagmahve Chorus 2 3 4 PIBYIISI 3 4 Junior Sensor Commrlfee 3 Music Commaflee Junlor Town Meehng 4 Talenf Shows 2 3 4 Page Thrrty four Si df, if ,l fiv ..: I .3.':'I : .3.4: li YI 8' hear? of a lass-sunny disposiflon-energefic. if ,I NANCY LOU DIONNE Born nn Auburn Marne July I5 I933 Sllence ns golden bu? she s off lhe gold siandard Life of fhe pariy class lesier one grand gal Ouhng Club 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 4 Dramahc Club 2 3 4 YTeens 2 3 4 FREDRICK JOSEPH DONOVAN Fred Born m Lewlsfon Marne June 8 I933 Some 'lalxe ihenr ease and sleep an act or lwo Angellc eyes as carefree as fhe breeze an lrnsh charmer Sfnhon 4 Oracle Ari CommlHee 4 Lahn Club 2 3 4 Sensor Drama 4 Ouhng Club 4 Band 2 3 4 Junlor Senior Commnfiee 3 Dramahc Club 4 Coronahon Commullee 4 Sensor Drama 4 BEVERLY ARLEEN DOTEN Doddze Born m Auburn Marne Ocfober 5 l932 Ouallfy not quanhfy Tranqusl with an even lemper dannfy Inffle mass Oracle Adverhslng Commnffee 4 Ouhng Club 2 Chorus 2 3 4 GAA 4 TeenAge Book Club3 FHA 2 WILLIAM ANTHONY DRISCOLL L Born nn Auburn Marne Sepfember lb I933 The greafer fhe man fhe greaier fhe courlesy Every unch an E L man Baskefball 2 3 4 MARY ANN DUNTON Born an Bingham Marne Seplember 28 l933 Blushing sefs off her dumples Cheerful achve GA A parflclpanl' a lllreable lassue Oracle Adverhslng Commnfiee 4 Ouhng Club 4 GAA 3 4 Page Thzrlv ffm' . . . .. . . . .. . , . , , 1 . . . , , 1 - . I - I l ' .4 n . . . -. . .. - , . -. - .. in .. - l - , . . - . . . I I . . I ' I 2 T Si '59 . . . .. . . .. . . , . - .. .. .. . 1 . - . . . , , 3 . . . : - 1 . . . . as .M BIZ . . . -. .. . . . . . I I ' . . . 1. . . .. . .. .. .. . . , , , . . . , . Page Thsrty six NATALIE SUE EARLEY Aan Born sn Lewssfon Masne December I9 I933 Shy and modes as a vsolef Dasnfy and oh' so sweei naHy Nalalse Oracle Adverhssng CommsHee Subscrsphon Commsffee 4 Lafsn Club 2 4 Oulsng Club 4 GAA 4 Dramahc 4 Talent Show 4 Sensor Drama 4 Properfses CARLEN E GERTRUDE ESTES Born sn Ogunqusf Masne February I2 I933 Has a happy way of dosng 'lhsngs Thoughfful and ssn cere frsendly ways Chorus 2 3 4 GAA 2 YTeens 2 3 4 Order of Sfeno graphsc Effscsency 4 Sensor Drama 4 Tsckef Commsffee MARY FARRINGTON ESTES Born sn Auburn Masne February I9 I93I e makes an arf of conversahon Sfudsous and saga csous very polsfe Oracle 4 Adverfsssng Lsbrary Procfors Club 2 3 4 Pressdenf 4 Ouflng Club 2 3 4 Carnsval Ball Decorahons WILMA FAY FOGELSOHN Vzckz Born sn Bosfon Mass January 4 I934 Lsfe ss a sesf and all fhsngs show sf I Ihoughl so once bu now I know sf Dependable wsH'y loyal frsend free siylssf Sfafson Feaiure Ednfor 2 3 4 Oufsng Club 2 3 Teen Age Book Club 4 Junsor Sensor Commsrfee Decorahons 3 Talenf Shows 3 4 Oracle EdllOI' 4 Lsbrary Procfors Club 2 3 4 Junsor Red Cross Represenfafsve 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 SHIRLEY ANN FORD Born sn Lewssfon Masne June 2 I933 Her frsendlsness bars none Hosi of frsends nea+ ap pearance good worker Ouisng Club 2 4 Band 2 3 4 Teen Age Book Club 3 Junsor Sensor Commsffee 3 Order of Sfenographsc Effscsency 4 Oracle Typsng 4 "Sh ' ." ' - 25 Drama+id Club 2, 3, 4, TickeIs 2, 3, 4: Senior Drama 4. f ' .-.. -Q - -Q - ' ARMAND JOSEPH FORTIN csArmys9 Born in Lewisfon Maine May 7 I928 e man wlfh fha? enchanhng smule A greaf vel wuf ooks on his slde Hn Y 2 Jumor Red Cross 2 VERA MARIE FREEMAN Born In Lawlsfon Marne December 2 I932 There s mischief un her manner Sparlxlmg lrlsh eyes chaffer box Pepsodenf smule Oracle Subscrlphon Commuliee 4 Lahn Club 3 Ouhng Club2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 GAA 2 3 4 Jumor Sensor Com mniiee Decorahons 3 Dramahc Club 4 Taleni Shows 3 4 JACOUELINE LUCILLE GAGNE Jackie Born In Lewlslon Marne May 23 l932 She wnll malze merry wherever she goes A lmaclr or malung friends a confagnous laugh Chorus 4 RICHARD ARTHUR GAMMON Dzch Born In Auburn Maine November I3 l930 afom Class Presndeni 2 3 4 Sfudenf Council 3 4 Vnce Presndenf 3 HuY 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Treasurer 2 Vlca Presldenf 3 Afhlehc Council 3 Foolball 2 3 4 Basllefball 2 3 Baseball 2 3 Junior Sensor Commlllee 3 Usher af Graduahon 3 Key Club 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Talenl Shows 2 3 4 Co Chairman Pop Concer+ 4 Jabberwocks 3 4 Presndenf 3 4 ROBERT HENDERSON GARDNER Bo Born In Porlland Maine July 8 I933 Mnschuef ns fhv mxddle name Crmkllng eyes flurfaflous flafferer fun fo know! Sfahon 3 Hu Y 4 Chorus 3 4 Baseball 4 Usher al Gradu ahon 3 Dramahc Club 4 Semor Drama 4 Tlcltef Commrl 'lee ...rh . . . l.. . h l ' ' . aye!! 56 ' 39 .. . '.. .F u - ,vs "Man of lhe people." Courleous----colossal-a mighry K6 h!! Page 'I'h1'rty-sezvwz Pugn Thirty eight 'im JOAN GERRISH Ioanze Born In Forlland Marne November 2I I933 We admlre luer lreenness of m nd as much as we enloy l1er merry clwaller Jovlal nalure good lnumored and enlluuslashc Fourlh Honor Oracle Personal Commnllee 4 Ouhng Club 3 4 Chorus 4 GAA 3 4 Junlor Sensor Commlliee 3 Dramallc Club 3 4 Talenl Show 4 Sensor Drama 4 NATALIE LOUISE GETCHELL Nat Born In Lewlslon Marne May I5 I933 A llllle hny prelfy wully cl1armlng miss Wnnnnng ways easy fo gel along wl+l'1 Slahon 3 4 lnlramural CIfCUl5+lOH 4 Oracle 4 Subscrlp hon Commlllee Oulxng Club 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 GAA 4 Properhes SALLY ALCOCK GIBBS Gzbln Born In Walllwam Mass Augusl 8 I933 ay If wlllw musnc Perlcy llllle mlss lovely volce frlendly smile full of pep Oracle 4 Personals Ouhng Club 2 3 Band 2 3 4 Chorus 3 Dramallc Club 2 Talenf Shows 2 3 4 EARLE ALBERT GILMORE Born un Manclwesler Marne Ocfober I8 I932 As good nalured a soul as wallrs m the corridors of E L Has a good word for everyone very BmbIllOUS A Pafrol 2 3 NORMAN PAUL GINCHEREAU "Norm Born an Auburn Marne July 4 I'-732 Good humor IS goodness and wlsdom combined Super sense of humor grand sporl HI Y 4 Ouhng Club 2 Chorus 2 3 Basketball 3 'A 3, 45 Junior-Senibr Commillee 3: 'Talen+lShow 4: Senior Drama I ' IIS n 1 g .gg n v i - T ' ' ' ' ' C. . , , 4. l 'fix MARCEL RAYMOND GIRARDIN Mzke Born IN Lewlsion Marne Sepfember 24 I932 n lo do comes of domg Unassummg buf nlce fo lrnow never could be funer Chorus 3 Foolball 4 MARIETTE YOLANDE GOBEIL Marv Born In Auburn Meme Aprll 30 l933 A good companion makes good company Shorl' and cure a wmsome lass Order of Slenographuc Eflncnency 4 JOHN JOSEPH GODIN Labure Never do loday wha? you can pu+ off unh 'romor Man about 'lown sharp dresser quvfe a UTI Sludenf Council 2 HuY 3 4 Chaplain 4 eason Tuck Represenfahve 2 3 4 Baskeiball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 4 Ush r af Graduahon 3 Key Club 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Born In Lewlsfon Marne Oclober ll I933 RUTH JUANITA GOLDRUP W hoopu Born an Llsbon Meme June I9 l932 Jusf a llllle buf of sunshine wrfh a fluff of golden err Full of energy well lnked by all Chorus2 3 4 YTeens2 3 FHA 2 4 CHARLES VICTOR GOUGER JR. ic Born in Lewisfon Maine Sepfember I2 I933 A fhousand girls do nol charm him. uiclc on 'Phe come-back-smoolh dancer-his quiefness is decep+ive. Lalln Club 2' Oullng Club 2' Chorus 2 3 4' Baseball 2. Page' 'l'f11'rty-nimr WMMMMWJW 4:52 W 8 Page F orly W A M 4 1559 iffy if ss ics! Born in Lewlsfon Maine Sepfember l I933 If hes whusflnng all +he fume lhafs our Vncfor Basket ball Manager supreme sees fhe happy snde of Isle HIY3 4 Preslden+4 Band 2 3 4 Baslelball 2 3 4 Mana ger 4 Football 3 4 Traclr 2 3 4 JOYCE ANN GOVE Born an Gardiner Marne Augusf 2 I932 A smile as her frademarl: Peppy cheerleader pleasanf dISPOSlllOh lois of pep vlm and vigor lon Sfaff 2 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Ch 2 3 GAA 2 3 4 Junior Senior Commllfee 2 Dramahc Club 2 3 4 Candldafe 'for Carnival ueen 4 Cheerleader VERNA LOUISE GOVE Ima Born un Lewlslon Marne July I9 I933 Smcerlfy IS a heavenly gulf lndusfrlous lund ou? sfandmg Sfudenl Council 4 Slahon Slaff 2 3 4 Co Edlfor 3 4 Oracle 4 Business Commnflee Lafn Club 3 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Junnor Red Cross Represenlahve 3 4 Presldenl 3 Secrefary 4 Dramahc Club 4 Secrelary Talenf Shows 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 4 Senior Drama 4 Tlclxef Commlffee LYNN BURDETTE GRANT Born In Auburn Marne Augus+ I5 l933 Speak Infle say much A sfeaclfasl friend Junlor Town Meehngs guy excellenf speaker Oracle 4 Debahng 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Wlnler Sporfs 2 3 Dramahc Club 4 Junior Town Meehng 3 4 Presadenf 4 Tolenf Show 4 C A Palrol 2 3 4 Sensor Drama 4 Elecfrucran FOREST STANLEY GREENWOOD Stan Born an Wales Marne Sepfember 2 I93l Keep your face fo ihe sunshune and you cannol see +he shadow ldeal school splrlf mduspensable 'lo lhe 'lraclc feam Track 2 4 Baseball 3 4 K .. . . .' ' . . ' . .. . ' ' - xv - . . l "S1'al' " 3 ' , , g orus , , 4: . . : ' ' O : 3. 4- g A .A 1 . .. - ,-,-, , . . . . .. . .. . . : 5 . : ' . . z . . : ' ' E - I a I I l 1 . I ' - - . . I v Zyrywjigs , 5 as 5 ry , n:z,f,e x . . . I .1 - .. . - . . I ' QQ- hx 'I' Q :lfiiix e I 1q Y A f . 1 . 1 I . v - W .f xr ' ' - ' ' ' ' g 3 ereh . . . 4 ,. ' QQ I ' K P S6 S! . . , .. . ., . . . . Q I . - CARL KOHLHASS GROVER Born In Auburn Maine December I5 I926 e secret of success us constancy to purpose Specual smnle always alert and up to date Out ng Club 4 CONSTANCE LEE GURNEY funrm Born In Presque Isle Marne January 24 I933 Words are merely wand but then so IS a tornado Sparkling eyes enthuslastuc vnvacnous coquettlsh Stahon Statt 2 3 Fashion Editor Outing Club 2 3 Chorus 2 3 Section Leader4 GAA 2 3 4 Dramatuc Club 3 4 Talent Show 4 Chaurman ot Decorations tor Pop Con cert 4 Sensor Drama 4 Artlst GEORGE WINSLOW GUSTIN ll Born In Lewiston Marne September IO I932 outspoken genial Proxora HIY 4 Teen Age Book Club 2 Football 3 Chorus 2 MAURICE ROBERT HACHEY Ilush Born In Auburn Marne Aprll I3 I933 Best friend a fellow ever had Tall dark trnendly type keeps things Ilvely never falling good nature Proxora Hn Y 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 KATHRYN FRANCES HAMMOND Ixzttv Born In Auburn Marne August 25 I934 Thoughtful and wnllung a favorite wath all who llnow h Staunch 'Frlend gentle and Iow vo ced construc Ive thmlxer Jumor Red Cross Representatnve 2 3 Band 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 Dramatlc Club 4 Sensor Drama 4 Tlclrett Commnttee . I . I I ...rh . A . I . .. - I -I I I ' 1 I I I ' .I . I. , I . . I . I I4: I I I f - - I I I I I I ' Q 1 . I . . IT ,I I .X . ' I . I I "No horsing around." Yankee twang--droll remarks- '- : - : I 4: I. , -I . I . I I I II . .I . - I I ' I I I I - .I f- ,II I I I II . . . . I er. - - L --- - ' ' . : . I : .- I I I I - Pup' l"nrII'-IIIII Pugf I' urn lun BARBARA WHEELER HANCOCK ffsafzf' Born In Wafervllle Meme March 7 l932 To be frusfed IS a greaf compllmenl' Well rounded personalufy has a never 'fdlllflg smule Teen Age Book Club 2 3 4 Audlo Vusual Alds 2 ANN LYLE HARDING Born nn Lewnsfon Meme Aprnl 20 I'-733 Where sulence relgns Neef and pehfe sfar GAA afhlefe GAA 2 3 4 Vuce Presndenf 3 ERNEST JOSEPH HART III Born nn Lewls+on Meme March 3I I93l Ernesf by name earnest by nafure ulel bu emplwa hc manly prachcel HIY4 MARY LOUISE HART ou Born m Bosfon Mass December 25 l932 Blessed w+h a happy dnsposuhon Hearf gold reserved muss WILLA CORCILDA HARTFORD Llghtnzn Born In Leeds Meme Ociober Il I933 How flue world loves an oui-door gurl Lulres -lo read a gym experi preH'y miss from Leeds Ouhng Club 2 Chorus 2 4 GAA 2 3 4 Sensor Repre senfahve 4 Dramahc Club 3 Order of Sfenograplnc Eff: cnency 3 4 MARLENE RAE HASKELL Born In Exeier New Hampshire December ll I933 Nolh ng greaf was ever achrevod wufhouf enlhuslasm uallfles an leaclershup her words do show her wil Sevenlh Honor Oracle 3 4 ASSOCIBIB Edufor 3 Co Ednlor ahn Club 3 4 Aedule 3 Chorus 2 3 GAA 2 Teen Age Bool: Club 3 Y Teens 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Presndenl 4 Sensor Play Reading COYHIHIIISE 4 Talent Show 2 Sensor Drama 4 Casf GRACE ETHEL HAYNES franc Born In Lewlslon Malne February 3 I933 Twas her fhnnlung of others made you lhnnlm of her Truslworlhy a wlse and undersfandlng hearf an Al frlend Ouhng Club 2 Band 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 Teen Age Book Club 2 Dramahc Club 4 Talenl Shows 2 3 ROBERT EUGENE HEFFERMAN Ilermrm Born In Lewlsfon Manne March 23 933 A ll'Hle nonsense now and fhen IS relished by fhe besl' of men Versahle conslderafe incomparable Indus pensable rnuslclan FIYSI Honor Class Vnce Preslden+2 3 4 Slahon 3 4 News 4 Aednle 4 Junlor Class Rmg Commnlfe 3 Ouhng Club 2 Season TICREI' Represenlahve 2 3 Band 2 3 4 Vuce Presudenl 3 Presldenf 4 Marshal for Gracluahon 3 Talenl Shows 2 3 4 Sensor Drama 4 Cas+ JOAN YETTA HIGGINS Joann Born nn LEWISIOH Marne Augusl 3l I933 Her forhfude and courage have won for her the admura hon of all her classmafes Gay fun lovmg unaffeclecl charm Salon Sfaff2 3 Lal Club2 3 Cho 2 3 GAA 2 3 Jumor Sensor Commlffee 2 Dramahc Club 2 3 Tale I Show 2 WILLIAM FRANCIS HIGGINS Bzlx Born In Lewusfon Marne Augusl I2 l93l Baslle ball IS fhe spice of life Ind spensable afhlele unpredlclable sincere HIY 2 3 4 Foolball 2 3 4 Co Capfaln 4 Baslcelball 2 4 Capfaln 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Key Club 2 3 4 Escort I Carnuval 4 Naval Reserve lar In Mn Q . . . . - . ' 4:L' .: --I-.3,4: . . I . ' D I Edilor 4g Slludenl Council 2, 3, 4g"'Gracle" 4: Lalirl Club 3, " 'I I' " , 7 in , 5 rus , 3 . . . . : ' - ' ' : ' . : n .S -yi H '- . . : . . . - ' 1 . 3. . . ' : . . 2 . . : e ' g' " rlx'-l -If ERVIN EUGENE HINKLEY JR Hznlr Born nn Phullrps Marne November I9 I933 The perfeci answer for every quesllon Combahve vocnferous opmnonafed keen sense of humor Debahng 4 Chorus 2 3 WILLIAM ELWIN l'lODGKlN I Born In Auburn Marne Augusl' I6 I933 Happy am I from care Im free Speedsfer congenral fellow Roalxs handy man Band 2 3 4 Key Club 4 Proxora Hn Y 3 4 CLYDE BERNARD HODGKlNS Born m Lewlsfon Marne May I I933 The force of hrs own mernl malres his wav Bound or DUANE ATWOOD HODGKINS 'lrchcr Born nn Lewnsfon Marne December I6 I933 e world deals good naluredly wufh good nafured peo ple A fruendly senior fall darll and qulle 'lhe man Hn Y 3 4 Basketball 2 Wmfer Sporfs 2 Baseball 3 Usher af Graduahon 3 JOAN LOUISE HODGKINS Ioanze Born In Lewuslon Marne November I0 I933 Her 'frowns are fairer by 'lar 'lhan smiles of olher mald ens are ulel and rehrlng a swee+ dlSpOSIl'I0h Oracle 4 Lahn Club 3 Ouhng Club 4 Chorus 2 3 4 GAA24 56B'1lF5 .. . . . ll.. f Universify of Maine-helpful spiril. "Th - ' - - Q . . . L . .. D RALPH LINWOOD HODGKINS JR W oody Born an Auburn Marne Augusf 3 I933 Men Ink bullefs go farfhesf when fhey are smoofhesl The Iund of guy we luke Io have around Krupa s Ind Ouhng Club 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Dramahc Club 4 Escorl Carnival 4 Camera Club 2 Sensor Drama 4 Cas? RICHARD WILLIAM HUBBARD Droll Born un Auburn Marne August 8 I933 Whafsoe er he funds Io do he does :I wllh all h mnghl' Wmler sporfs enfhusrasf a sernous worker HI Y 4 Oullng Club 2 Wlnler Sporfs 2 3 FRANKLIN EDWARD HUNNEWELL .Squeaky Born In Durham Maine Augusl 2 I933 Sfrong convuchons precede greai achons hard worker a qulef nalure Audro Vrsual Aids 3 VIRGINIA MAE HUNTINGTON Born an Lewlsfon Marne March 28 I932 e does Indeed show sparks of wr? Humor unsur passed an enfhusnashc red head FRED ALLSTON HUNTRESS JR Bugs Born rn Lewrsfon Marne Ociober 2 I933 ss mdependenl' He goes TISIIIDQ on Ins own lnne An outdoor man sfraughl shooier an all round good fel OW Afhlehc Council 4 Swimming 2 3 4 Traclc 2 3 4 Page Fort! fi . . S6 f 35 . . . .. . nr a , .. , . . . . i I I I I I I I I I - .. - Av . I . rr . . . . . . .. , Is . ' I I I is V , ss . . . .. . . . .. A ' . . . . ..Sh . . ,, , . U ,s . . . .. . . . . . . .. He . . I I I I r I - Pug: Fm Is wx BARBARA THERESA HURLEY Born sn Auburn Masne November I9 I933 Creafes happsness wherever she goes Arhsfsc abslshes Oracle Ari and Subscrsphon Commsffees 4 Lafsn Club 2 3 Oufsng Club 4 GAA 4 Junsor Sensor Commsffee Decorahon and Ari 3 Y Teens 2 3 4 JEANNETTE ALICE JOHNSON an Born sn Auburn Masne Augusf 5 I933 Always cheerful shell falk your blues away Vsvacsous funlovsng ssncere GAA 2 3 4 YTeens 2 3 4 Sensor Drama 4 Tucker Com msffee MURIEL AGNES JONES Jonesy Born sn Auburn Meme November I2 I933 Makes fhe most of everyday Enlhussasfsc frsendly smsle dependable Chorus Z 3 4 Chorus Lsbrarsan 3 4 Junsor Sensor Commsf iee Decorahng 3 Talent Shows 3 4 Order of Sfenographsc Effscsency 4. PATRICIA SEMMES JONES G! Born sn Bsrmsngham Alabama February 25 I933 Hs nsce fo be nafural when you re naI'uraIIy nsce Imp ssh frsendly manner coniagsous laugh Sfahon Sfaff Reporfer 4 Oracle Arf Commsffee 4 Chorus Concerf Group 4 GAA 4 Dramahc Club Chasr man of Sfudenf Coaches 4 Junsor Town Meehng 4 Sensor Play Readsng Commsflee 4 Talenf Show 4 Sensor Drama 4 Casi DOROTHY .IOS EPHINE JORDAN Dot Born sn Gray Masne May 7 I933 A surpasssng 'Frsendshsp youll never forge? Gemal manners reserved and appealsng CSI !l 64 !7 Q ' ' . . , .- . .- CCP !! K !l BETTY FAYE KEENE Beny Born nn Wesf Poland Marne Ociober Il I933 A frrend may well be reclconed fhe masrerpnece of na fure Wavy loclrs undying 'friendliness caphvahng smle Order of Sfenographlc Efllclency 4 MONA MAY KNOWLTON Peanut Born nn Farmmgfon Marne November 20 I93I Mlschlef as her middle name Pehfe preHy eyes flrrfahous. Ouhng Club 2 3 Band 2 3 4 Sechon Leader 3 4 Jumor Sensor Commlffee Z 3 Talenf Show 3 ELECTA ANN LABRECQUE Blondze Born rn Lwermora Falls Marne Sepfember 2 I'-733 Her ways are sweef her heart as lund Conslderafe a quae+ soft volce an amiable mnss Teen Age Book Club 2 YTeens 2 3 Ouhng Club 3 Order of Sfenographuc Effrclency 4 ALBERT ARTHUR LA CHAPELLE Born un Auburn Marne December I5 l93I prompf decnsuve man no breaih he wasfes A flaur for woodcarvmg fall lanky fellow RICHARD LACOURSE Dzck Born In Auburn Marne May 24 I933 Tall fall darlr and handsome Mechamcally mlnded a frrend of everyone Ouhng Club 2 Chorus 4 Foo+balI 2 Proxora HI Y 2 3 Wrnier Sporfs 2 Usher af Graduahon 3 Key Club 3 4 Paar' Fmlx u nl. AT. T Chorus 2, 3, 4: Season Ticker Represenfa+ive 2: G.A.A. 25 KAI!! ..A . . z '.. . ff ' ll ' : : : '- . . 4: A , A 'wn l Page Forty ezght REJ EANNE MAY LAGANIERE lean Born In Lewlsfon Marne May 4 933 By fhe merry fwlnkle In her eyes were sure she has secre+s fo which we re noi' wuse Whnz on fhe fypewruier hreless vnfalnfy Y Teens 2 FH A 2 Audlo Vlsual Aids Offnce 4 ROBERT MENARD LANGLEY ut Born an Portland Marne Ocfober 4 l932 ll IS iranqull people who accomplnsh much Wonder man on slues bland and bashful A perlecf gentleman HnY 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Vnce Preszdenf 4 Band 2 3 Track 2 Wmfer Sporfs 2 3 4 Capleln 4 Jumor Sensor Com WILFRED LARRY LAPOI NTE Born nn Auburn Marne September 22 I93I Youlh comes bu? once ln a llfehme so enloy If A gay pranlzsfer a gaunfy aur FRANCES HELEN LATOUR Fran Born m Lewlsion Meme February 5 I934 Cheerfulness as The besf promofer of healih Happy go lucky afhfude hear? easnng mnrfh Chorus 2 Y Teens 2 Order of Sfenographlc Effncuency 3 4 JOHN ROLLIN LEAVITT Born nn Lewlsfon Maine July 30 I933 A llghf hearf luves long Loves a good lolue congenial 'fellow a perfeci fnend Lahn Club 2 4 Band 2 3 Basleiball 2 Wnnfer Sporfs 2 lelen Shows 2 3 Golf 2 3 4 . . I . ' ' ' 1 Us ,, miHee,IUsher 23 Key Club'4.' I - I JOSEPH ARTHUR ROMEO LECLAIR Meo Born nn Lwermore Falls Meme June 2I l933 A merry smile wms fame and friends Musical lmplsh dynamlc Ouhng Club 2 3 Band 2 3 4 Wlnfer Sporls 2 Usher ai Graduahon 3 Talent Show 3 Proxora Hn Y 2 4 CONSTANCE MURIELLE LECOMTE l Ulllllf Born In Lewlslon Maine Oclob r I6 I933 Always seen wrfh fha? naughiy fwnnlzle rn her eyes Wally foulours la P0lIlBSS8 dulcel' lones Nln+l1 Honor Oracle 4 Lahn Club 3 Oufmg Club 2 Season Tnclxei Represenfahve 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Lubrarlan 3 4 GAA 3 4 Y Teens 2 Talenf Show 3 JEANNE ROSE LEHOUILLIER Born 1n Lwermore Mame Augusi 5 l932 Wall: her whole hearts welcome un her smule Has frrendlmess and galeiy always a good word GAA 3 4 YTeens 2 FHA 2 4 HERBERT LEWIS LELANSKY Herby Born nn Rangeley Marne June I4 I933 Sorta quuer sorla shy we all thunk he s a regular gu Swums like a fush sober buf subtly humorous Swummmg 2 3 4 Co Capiam 4 Tracln 2 HENRY J ULES LEPAGE Hank Born nn Lewnsfon Marne Augusf 20 I933 Hrs diligence wall wan a place for hum an fha world Wall achueve great helghfs a really lnlreable friend Oracle 4 Adverhsung 4 Chorus 3 Teen Age Book Club 3 Pug: Forty nine .4 1, 1 ' I l I I ' . : . . : ' : I I ' 1 - H, .,.. . . . 1 . . e . .. . . . .. - I .1 .. l . . . l . . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I - - - 1 I ' I - h,It"tlllllft'y' . . I . I ' .. . . . . .. . . . , : - g . . . , . 4. ,,, . I ' I I .. . l , . .- 1 1 Y- H ,s . . I . ' ' U - en v a ' ' " .. .. -1 , , - g I I ' r '. . RAYMOND HENRI LEVEILLE Born In Auburn Meme December 2I i932 VISION IS forhlude Mr Carrolls rnghf han m n re sourceful Audlo Visual Aids 3 4 GENICE LINDSAY 1 I Born ln Leeds Meme November 20 I933 e meer Thee lllce a pleasani fhoughf Apprecnaflve bug hearfed happy G A2 34 FHA2 34Secre1ary2 GEORGE EDMOND LOVETT fr nrgle Born an Lewlslon Marne January 4 I933 No man casfs a shadow who faces 'lhe sun Mlschle vously lnclnned a broad ou+look on life Graduahon 3 Sensor Drama 4 Properhes BEVERLY MARGUERITE LUCAS ll Born In Porfland Marne December I l932 Why should life all labor be7 Broad mnnded furla 'hous eyes nonchalanf Chorus 3 ELIZABETH BARRY LUDDEN Bury Born In Lewlsfon Marne July IO l932 She has a nafural genius for combunlng work wafh plea sures A well rounded personallfy ge'rs ihnngs done Oracle Edntor 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Chorus 2 GAA 2 3 4 Dramahc Club 3 4 Junlor Town Meehng 4 Talen? Shows 2 3 4 Page Fifty .. .. . . ' , . d a - l ii "fl 'I " .A. . . , 3 .... , . , 3. , JR. Lalin Club 23 Proxora Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Ouling Club 27 Usher al' A MB, h., FOREST EDWIN LUDDEN Butch Born sn Auburn Masne July I0 l932 A smoofhse on Ihe dance floor Sporis enfhussasf born msxar qusfe a charmer HsY 2 3 4 Proxora 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Chorus Swsmmsng 3 4 Jumor Sensor Commsliee 3 Key Club 4 DONALD ALTON LYON Born sn Bangor Meme December ll I93l An ounce of ws? ss worfh a pound of wssdom Never a care Iollsfy af sis besf JAYNE FRANCES LYON lame Born sn Lewssion Masne June I4 I933 Wsfh thai asnf we goi fun Iools Carefree 'Full of zsp sporfs enfhussasi Sfahon Sfaff 2 3 4 Sporls Edsfor 3 4 Oracle 4 u scrsphon Commsfiee Oufsng Club 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Book Club 4 Talent Shows 3 4 Class Nsghf 3 Sensor Drama 4 Properhes EDWARD MAURICE LYONS Eddse Born sn Saugus Mass Augusi I5 l932 Where there ss fun sn fhe maksng Ihere ss Eddse Whaf a lsne' Lady charmer sus? a solly good fellow Foofball 2 3 4 LOIS ARLEEN MACKAY Born sn Oalsland Masne July I4 I933 Beiler Io be small and shsne Ihan fo be bsg and casi' a shadow Pleassng personalsiy snappy masoreI+e heaps of charm Siudenf Councsl 2 3 4 Slaison Sfaff 2 Junsor Class Rsng Commslfee 3 Ouhng Club 2 4 Junsor Red Cross Represen Iahve 4 Band Masoreiie 3 4 GAA 2 Junsor Sensor Com msfiee Decorahons 3 Candsdale for Carnsval ueen 4 Order of Sfenographsc Effscsency 4 Page Fsfzy one '- . . . I ' . . : 3. 4: " ' 'usb- Season Ticlse+ Represeniafive 2, 31 2: 3, 4: Teen-Age NLD!! . I I . n 3 ul: . ' Q : Page Fifty tu 0 PIERRE JUDE ROBERT MAHEUX Pets Born rn Lancasfer Penn J ly 2I I933 Thai curly wavy red hair enchanfs every member of Ihe 'female specles Excellenl sporfsman 'firm friend HIY I 2 3 4 Ouhng Club 2 4 Chorus 4 Wlnler Sporfs 2 MARY ELIZABETH MARSHALI Born un Lewusron Marne Decembe 3I I933 Looks as If Shes jusf sfepped our of a band box Ponsed beauhful blonde a regular socnallle Srahon Exchange Edllor 3 4 Oracle Personaluhes Com mllfee 4 Lahn Club 2 3 Ouflng Club Decorahons for Ball 2 3 4 Chanrman 4 Chorus 4 GAA 2 3 4 Junior Sensor Commnffee Decorahons 3 Dramahc Club 2 3 4 Play Read Ing Chairman 4 Debby Teen 2 3 Talenl Shows Scrupf Com mlffee 3 4 Candldafe 'for Carnival ueen 4 ROGER WILLIAM MARSHALL Hot R ul Born nn Lew sion Marne Augusf I3 I930 Gave me a car and I m happy A cheery hu or every one glnb conversahonallsi' Proxora I 2 3 4 Ke Club 2 WILLIAM HENRY MARSHALL B111 Born In Lewlsfon Marne December 20 l932 He SIIS hugh m all peoples hearfs Remarkable mlncl surprisingly wrH'y muslcally lncllned Nlnfh Honor Sfudem Council 3 4 Oracle Arr CommlHee Chairman 4 Proxora HI Y 3 4 Chorus 3 Talenl Show 4 CORINNE VIVIAN MARSTON Coker Born ln New Gloucesfer Maine Augusi 9 I933 Words may show a woman s wni buf achon her mean mg Aihlefe a genfle and low volce fhoughfful alr GAA 3 4 FHA 4 Treasurer4 ' . -. u . ' . 2 ' 'I Q .. y -, HI-Y, , , , g y , 3, 4. S6 ' 99 JOYCE EVA MATTH EWS Born In Lewlsfon Maine Auqusf 30 l93I Laughfer nof slqhs scare froubles away Jolly laun+y Iovlal Oracle Subscrlphon Comml'Hee 4 Ouhng Club 2 Junior Red Cross Represenfahve 2 Chorus 4 GAA 2 Junlor Sensor Commlffee Decorahons3 Y Teens 2 3 CARROLL GRACE MAY Born In Lewlsfon Maine February I5 I933 Popularlly IS fhe reward of good nafure EIIICIEYII band lubrerlan BNIIDIIIOUS a friend fo all Oracle PersonaIlhes4 Ouflng Club 2 3 4 Band Librarian 3 GAA 2 3 4 Jumor Senior Comml'IIee3 Chalrman 3 Sensor Drama 4 Prop rhes FRANKLIN ROY MCALISTER Bur Born In New Porfland Mame December 26 I932 A mos? lllleable sensor Polsed sux feel Iwo eyes of bue Oracle Arf Commllfee 4 Chorus 3 4 Dramahc Club 4 Talenf Show 4 Nahonal Guard Senlor Drama 4 Cas? VIRGINIA EMILY McCLlNTICK I nzgu Born n Soufh Harpswell Marne November 24 I933 Much Good IS done up an IlHle bundles A maiden never bold pensive and pleaslng Chorus 2 LOIS MARILYN McGEE Born In Lewusion Malne Auqusl 29 I933 The mos+ manufes+ sngh of wsdom s conhnued cheer fulness Makes fhe mosf of every day execuhve +ype a dry sense of humor Ouhng Club 2 Band 2 3 4 Order of Slenographlc Effl clency 4 Junior Senior Commaflee Decorahons 4 Pugl I' 1 In thru .van . I ' I , I I K I - 1 . : : : : I - - : - , : - . . 2. : - - . . . : - . . . Q . , . - - .. I.. . I ' I I - 1 ' ' I : : . . , ' I . I , I .. . . 5 E . h ' 1 . . : - : - . - Page Fifty four CHESTER LOUIS McNALLY Chet Born un Auburn Maine February 2 l928 The besf work mn Ihe world IS oflen done by a qunel' person A down fo earlh person Ihe sulenf lype DOROTHY HELEN MERRILL Dot Born nn Leweslon Marne November I3 I933 Her presence lends IIS warmfh and cheer lo all who are forfunafe enough lo know her prachcal clown fo earlh soff spollen Band 2 3 4 Teen Age Book Club Secrefary 3 BRUCE IRWIN MICHAEI lllllm Born m Auburn Meme November I0 I933 Relaxahon as an I Argumenlallve dramahcally minded bug hearled Teen Age Book Club 2 Swnmmmg 2 Dramahc Club 2 4 Senior Play Reading Commlflee 4 Talenf Shows 2 3 4 Sensor Drama 4 Casl RAYMOND JOHN MICHAUD Ray Born In Brunswick Maine April 2 I932 He IS as good as the besf Raduo Ray Grand class male Usher al Graduahon 3 Audao Vlsual Aids 3 4 Talenl' Shows 2 3 Elecfrlclan 2 3 Sensor Drama 4 Eleclrlclan ROMEO ADRIEN MICHAUD Rome Born nn Topsham Maine December 6 I932 They are wlse who say luflle Sfudlous consclenhous a wonderful 'lrlend Flflh Honor Lahn Club 2 3 .. . . M I.. . z .. . .. "Oracle" 4, HI-Y 4: Oufing Club 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 4: 3' : . .' . I : : 'G 'Q DANA WINSLOW MILES .Skeet Born nn Lewrsion Marne January 9 I933 He ns a loyal hue nnduslruous frlend Dugmfled man ners an even dlsposmon FRANCES ANNETTE MOODY Born nn Lowell Mass December 22 I933 She lulres fo reward loudly and fo blame quoefly S bu+ sub+Iy humorous Ihoughrful alr Band 2 3 4 Dramahc Club 3 ROBERT GIBB MORGAN B0 Born nn Auburn Marne July 22 I933 Be happy go luclry Mlrlhful prowess on lhe grldlron 2 4Chous234FoobaIl34TraIr 3 Club 4 IRENE MARIE MORIN Born rn Auburn Marne December 5 I93I Her smule us fhe sweelesi +hai ever was seen A grand sense of humor a swell gurl Band 2 HARVEY LINWOOD MOULTON Born In Wales Marne January I9 I933 Harvey IS a friend of ease hes always 'lrylng hard fo please Qunei' and lnduslrnous goes all ouf for manual 'Irannmg Page Fifty-fire Pugv F1 ty szx HOLMAN FRANCIS DAE MURPHY JR fwulzbv Born In Lewlsfon Meme February I8 I932 I+ fakes a man +o sfand fhe grand Orlgmalnfy siamma personallfy +alen+ Siahon 2 Ari' Edlror HnY 2 3 4 Chaplaln 4 Sea on Tnclref Represenfahve 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Baslre+ball 2 Mana ger Assembly Board 4 Chaurman Dramahc Club 4 Chalr man Talenf Shows 2 3 4 Key Club 2 Naval Reserve DONALD RUFUS NASON H11 Born nn Auburn Marne December3 I932 A wulllng worlrer who IS never foo busy fo lend a helping hand Achve band worker unobfrusuve buf always 'Frnendly Band 2 3 4 Chorus 4 NELSON OWEN N EWCOM BE Born In Lewlsfon Maine May I9 I933 e world furns aside fo le? any man pass who knows where he IS going In scouhng he qualifies persever ance Oracle 4 Lahn Club 2 3 4 Debaflng 3 4 Chorus 2 3 Teen Age Book Club 2 Talen+ Show 4 ANNE HAMPTON NEWTON Born ln Bosfon Massachuselfs July 7 l93I A wlnnnng way a pleasani' smile dressed so neal and qurle In slyle A Skllflg and salllng enfhuslasl' a value ble addlhon 'lo EL MARILYN OAKES Malllc Born In Lewlsfon Maine June 3 I933 A frue sanlsman and a wonderwoman on sluus Tremen dous lllung for all sporfs 'Full of pep and vuvacufy Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Secrefary Treasurer 4 GAA 2 3 4 Secrefary 2 Jumor Represenlahve 3 Treasurer 4 Sfudenf Council 2 Jumor Sensor Commlffee 3 Dramahc Club 2 ll u gg ' - .: n- I I ' ' : S ..,, ., H gl . 1 u . . I . I s luTh I . I I My . . . .. - - . lu - ' 8,1 RICHARD JOSEPH OUELLETTE Unk Born In Auburn Malne Auqusl II I933 ou can+ keep a qood man down Wrrher +han mosf obllgmg manners llve wure fun io be wllh Foolball 2 PETER EARLAND PACKARD el Born In Newlon Cenfre Mass July 24 I934 Guve hum fhe rue and hell follow ihrough lnlhahve dry humor frusiworfhy frlend S u enf Council 4 Sfahon 2 3 4 Alum Edf r 3 4 Oracle 4 Personals Chorus 2 3 4 Presldeni 4 Traclr 2 Manager Usher af Graduahon 3 Assembly Board 2 3 Key Club 4 Dramahc Club 2 3 4 Vice Presrdenf 3 Presudenl 4 Sensor Play Reading Commuflee 4 Talenf Shows 2 3 4 Senior Drama 4 Casf JAMES CLIFFORD PALMER lzmmx Born In Hudson Marne Ocfober 4 I932 If he has a chore fo do he II do li An all round guy casual loves a good poke Swimming 4 Audio Visual Aids 4 Camera Club 2 RODRIQUE GERALD PARENT lil! Born In Lille Marne Sepfemben I9 I933 He has ihe secre+ of confenfmenl Keeps s m nd has sludles sfeadfasf ELAINE SHIRLEY PENLEY Born nn Auburn Marne Seplembe I0 I933 Once a frnend always a friend Firm and sfeadfasf sincere execuhve iype Oracle- 4 Adverflsung 4 Ouhng Club 2 GAA 2 3 FHA 2 3 4 Vnce Presudeni 3 lu,.,1 1' It Page Fifty-ezght RITA MAE PERRY Born In Hebron Maine July I9 I932 A frue frnend ns a found ireasure Sound ludgmenf seremiy aifrachve manner FHA 2 CONSTAN CE ANN PETERSON Pete Born an Lewusion Marne Sepfember 7 I933 So much vlfallfy an such a small paclrage' Coquefhsh naffy and near enfhuslashc cheerleader Sfudenf Council 2 Siahon Adverhsmg 2 Oracle Sub scrlphon 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Band 2 3 GAA 2 3 4 Junlor Senior Commlffee 3 Cheerleader 3 4 Usher af Coro nahon 4 Sensor Drama 4 Chairman of Commuffee on Pro perhes JEAN ELEANOR PHILBROOK Born an Lewnsfon Marne December 7 I933 Her hanr ns no sunmer than her personalliy Enferprus mg-courteous pleasmg dlsposrhon Oracle Adverhsmg and Subscrlphon 4 Lahn Club Ouhng Club 4 Chorus 3 GAA 3 4 Talenf Show 4 MALCOLM WINTER PHILBROOK Born an Lewnsfon Marne February I8 I934 Why use your head when you have an addmg machme7 Smooth dancer spmfed red head speed demon lon 3 HIYZ 3 4 Ba +aII2 3 4 KeyC b Escorl at Carnnval 4 CONSTANCE LORRAINE PICKLE Born in Auburn Maine Augusf 20 I933 She dresses wifh ihe arf of a model. Sfrawberry blonde -fu+ure model-friendly and a'Hrac+ive manners. Sfa+ion 2 3 4 Adveriising Manager 3 4' Oracle 4 Subscripfion Personals Typisi' Ouflng Club 2 4' Season Ticl:e+ Represenfafive 2- Band 2 3' Junior-Senior Commirree 3 Decorahons' Talenf Show 2 Scripi' Commiiiee- Candidale for Carnival Queen 4. BEVERLY JOYCE PRATT sagevva Born in Auburn Maine March I3 I933 A sweel volce can calm a s+orm Friendly a defmrle assel fo lhe class fun lovlng Lahn Club 3 Chorus 4 Teen Age Book Club 4 Talenl' Show 4 KENNETH A PRATT Iurly Born rn Harlford Conn November IO I933 Be flxr+ahous and be happy Surls us 'ro engoys llfe 'lo 'fhe ufmosl VIVIAN MARGARET PRESTON ee Born rn Groveland Mass Sepfember I5 I933 There IS muslc ID everylhlng abou? her Heaps of 'lun lo lunow conhnual gaxefy 'falfhful fo duly Oracle 4 Ouhng Club 4 Season Tnclref Represenfahve 4 Chorus 2 3 GAA 2 3 4 Dramahc Club 4 Talenf Shows L 4 Senlor Drama 4 Poslers JUDITH LOIS PRITZKER flltljf Born rn Phlladelphna Penn March 7 I934 and IS somefhmg A monopoly of As a wrllmg and capable worlner Second Honor Oracle Co Chairman of Personals 4 Lahn Club 3 4 Lrbrary Proclors Club 3 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Cv AA 2 3 4 Teen Age Boolr Club 4 SHIRLEY JOANNE PULSIFER Pulsre Born n Hiram Marne Ocfober 28 I933 A llflle mass who IS sure fo please wherever she goes or whatever she does Radlani smile a personaluly bub blnng wnlh charm Oracle Subscrlphons 4 Lalm Club 3 Oullng Club 2 3 4 Chorus 4 GAA 3 4 Dramahc Club 4 Talenf Show Scrupl Commulfee 3 Sensor Drama 4 Casf I'u,,f P It 1 .. . . . a HT...- SEV 7, "Some dream o'F being somefhing, buf Judy lneeps awake H- 'if r-rz'ne Pug: Nut! CLIFTON WALLACE QUINBY JR L 1 Born In Auburn Meme June 4 l932 A Spori m every aspecf of fl1e word Never a worry or cere beskefbell devc+ee Beslreibell 3 4 Track 2 MARY CAMERON RAMSDELL Born In Caribou Meme February l I934 A sehsfymg mxfure of wisdom and gelefy Very mce and very llvely e damfy mam selle effncuenf secrelary Ouhng Club 2 3 Season Tlclref Represenlahve 3 GAA 2 3 4 Debby Teen 3 Talenf Show 3 Sensor Councul 4 Order of Sfenogrephlc Efficiency 4 MARJORIE ANNETTE RAND 'llurglf' Born In New Gloucesfer Marne Ociober 2I I932 Born wufh e gulf of laughfer and a sense flwai flue world as med A lolly nerure and a broad smnle Luvely con VBYSQTIONBIIST MARLENE EVELYNE REDMUN Born an Auburn Meme December 29 l932 A nicer gurl or a belief 'friend can be found nowhere reduenl smale e fwmldung eye GA23 THEODORE CARLTON REYNOLDS 2ND Teddy Born m Auburn Meme June 30 I933 ulle e led wcfh flue lassles Sunny dlsposlhon very fellcahve never e dull momenf wrlh Ted around Chorus 2 Teen Age Book Club 2 Usher er Graduahon NORMAN EUGENE ROSE Norm Born un Lewusfon Marne Sep+ember l4 I933 His speech IS Shorf 'lelllng much In a few words Gnrl shy-suis hugh In peoples hearfs confaguous laugh NORMAND P ROUSSEAU 'V0rm Born In Lewlslon Maine February 5 I933 As handsome as fhey come A fall and mlghfy lad sheeplsh gran HY3 Chorus2 3 4 JOAN MADELYN ROWE Born In Pholllps Maine January I8 I934 Wal and wusdom are born an a lady Sfudnous blushmg blonde reserved Band 2 3 GAA 2 Jumor Sensor Commuflee 3 CHARLENE ROYALL s a frlendly hear? fhaf has plenly of friends Snappy Head Cheerleader bubbling personallfy charmmg Ouhng Club Z 3 4 Chorus 2 4 GAA 2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Head Cheerleader 4 Candldafe for Carnwal Queen 4 JACOB NATHAN RUBI N Jake Born In Lewlslon Marne Seplember I9 I933 Always has fhe last word Lofiy s+a+ure conversa honalnsl argumenfahve Debahng 2 3 4 Vuce Presndenf 3 Secrefary 4 Jumor Town Meehng 3 4 Degrees of merll honor and excellence nn Na 'honal Forensic League Page Sun nm 5- : . . - Born in Lewiston, Maine, December I4, l933 HH i . . ... li 77 Page S1119 tuo RICHARD CEDRIC RYDER Dick Born ln Llvermore Malne April 24 I933 Achons spealr louder lhan words Efflclenl' sh manager casual ever ready Io help Ban 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Manager Wnnfer Sporls 3 4 Manager Sensor Drama 4 Sfage Sei JOAN LORRAINE ST HILAIRE Jormze Born m Auburn Marne Augusi I4 I933 She IS 'lruly happy who makes olhers happy Popular maloreffe per+ young mass a swell classmale Oracle SUIIISCTIPIION Chairman 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Vnce President 4 Band Malorelle 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 4 Assembly Board Secrefary 4 YTeens Vlce Presudenf Commuflee. DORIS HERMIEN SAWYER 0 f Born ln Auburn Marne Seplember I4 I930 Trufh ns wrfhun ourselves Casual dngnrfled prachcal Chorus 2 4 FHA 2 3 4 Second Vnce Presudenf 4 DOROTHY MARION SAWYER Int Born nn Auburn Marne May I7 I933 Those who are fanr wnrh ofhers usually f re well hrs? rafe friend a lnflle buf shy and modesi Chorus2 GAA 2 3 4 KEITH MARVIN SAWYER on Born In Lewnslon Mame December 5 l932 Good humor IS Ihe heallh of ihe soul Ever ready wal' a cordial fellow Oracle 4 Adverflsmenfs Track 3 Sensor Drama 4 Slage Se d . . : . . . : ' . . 2: Presldenf 3: Talenl Shows 2, 3. 43' Senior Drama-4, Ticlel' an ,, Stl 93 " ' ' ' a .H A ulj ,sv I. I l IMOGENE BELLE SEVERANCE Born nn Lewlsfon Mame March I6 I933 A friendly dnsposnhon IS more valuable fha o voracnous reader Ouhng Club 2 Chorus 2 4 JANIS BEVERLY SEWALL llll Born n Ruchmond Mame December II I933 Her braln wlfh mlschlef Iusf bubbles over Llve wlre perky elflsh Ouhng Club2 3 4 GAA 2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Candi dale for Carnival ueen 4 Order of Slenographlc Efficiency 4 Sensor Drama 4 Properhes LUCILLE GRACIENNE SIMARD Lucie Born In Auburn Mame Augusr IB I933 e smgs away sorrow and casls away care Loqua clous a hearl as bug as fhey come carefree Sfahon 2 3 4 Business Manager 4 Ouhng Club 2 3 4 3 4 Secreiary 4 Talent Shows 3 4 CHARLES JAMES SIMONES Charllz Born m Lewnsfon Mame January 30 I932 Musuc and Charlle have charm Sincere compannon a e mierlucle of dynamuc progression 2 4 Ban 2 3 4 Choru 2 3 4 Traclx 3 Us a+ Graduahon 3 Key Club 2 3 4 Taleni Shows 2 3 4 Sensor Drama 4 FAYE LEONA SMALL Smallu Born m Mmof Marne July 3 I933 Brlghf eyes ram nnfluence Happy llH'le mlss sparlrlung eyes companlonable Chorus 2 Pug: Sllfl flrru " ' 1 ' ' ' ' n g ld." A My -. l y. . 6 Z. - . . y I . I y "Sh ' ." - Chorus 2, 31, 4: C.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Dramalfic Club 4: Y-Teens 2: bl in 1 E 1 I i - Hi-Y . 3. : d . . : S . . : : her Page Sun' four RICHARD WINSLOW SMALL Itchy Born In Auburn Marne Augus+ 28 1932 Alfhougln fhe class of 5I musf part Duck and hrs 'al op wall never deparl Wai and lolllfy loves +o 'lease and fllrf wbfh lhe gurls HnY 4 Foofball 2 3 4 Key Club 2 3 4 Naval Reserve JOAN ELINOR SMITH ,lodlz Born n Lewnsion Marne Aprul 22 I933 you are loolung for accompllshmenfs Keep your eye on Jodle Capable GAA prex zesf for sporis ambn hous Elghih Honor Sfuclenf Council 3 Oracle Co Edllor 4 Lahn Club 2 3 Vlce Presldenf 3 Jumor Class Rlng Com JOHN WILLARD SNOWE Nnmz bull Born In Lewlsfon Marne January 3 l932 Hrs mfurhon and sense of dufy wull brmg John success A debonaur manner a rogulsh grm Proxora Hu Y 2 3 4 Tracl: 2 Key Club 4 Dramahc Club 4 Escorf al Carmval 4 Naval Reserve MARY JANE SPILLER Mane Born In Raymond Marne November 25 l932 A merry hearf fhar laughs af care A creafor of murfh a congemal companuon Chorus 2 3 4 ANDREA SPIRO Andy Born In Auburn Marne Augusf 4 I933 e world deals good nafuredly wnih good nafured peo ple A frnendly sensor fall dark and qlllle the man Baseball 3 4 HH . . . miffee 3: Band 2., 33 G. A. A. 2, 3,l4. Presideni 4. "Th i - ' '- ' HAROLD MALCOLM SPRAGUE De Ill on Born IH Waldoboro Marne July 5 I934 A brvghf wif and a wullmg hand Our class comedian always spreaclmg cheer fhe class Nnmrod Proxora HuY 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Usher a+ Graduahon 3 Ke Club 2 3 4 GEORGIA MELBA STACEY f 101,114 Born an Lewlsfon Marne December 7 l932 Her lwlnlllung eyes are a sign of her good nalure Gay manners full of fun sincere Oracle 4 Typusf GAA 2 3 4 Jumor Sensor Commuliee WALTER RUSSELL STARKEY Nfllllnl Born IH Auburn Meme Ocfober 8 I933 Baslrelball IS lhe arf of sporfs Shy loyal Wnldcal good afhlefe Baslcelball 2 3 4 HELEN JULIA STEWART Born In Colebroolm New Hampshure July I2 I933 The smlle on her face reflecfs lhe kindness In her heerf Never a grumble never a grupe earnesf and consclen 'hous G A 2 3 JUNE SYLVIA EVELYN TAME funn Born nn Lewlsfon Marne May I0 I933 Good humor springs bes+ from happiness Excelleni qualuhes for a fufure homemaker Chorus2 4 YTeens2 FHA 2 4 Y - I ' 3: F.H.A. 2', 3, 43 brelerl olf glenographic Efficiency 4. .A. . . . Page Sllllf-fl'8 1. I. Page N1 xts W1 RICHARD PAUL THAYER Dick Born In LBWISIOH Meme Aprul 6 I933 Whaf would ihe world be wllluoul 'Fun and 'lrollc7 Neat curly hanred unassumlng HIY 2 Poolball 2 3 4 Wmfer Sporls 2 3 Key Club 4 Naval Reserve ROLAND LEON THERIAULT If :Hu Born In Caribou Marne May 2l I933 Enlhuslasm I5 flue life of fhe soul A slar beslnefball cenfer a very llkeable 'fellow orus 2 3 4 Foolball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Base CLIFTON WILSON THOMPSON Born In Friendship Meme March 4 I933 He plays lhe game and plays ul fair A goo sporl ands our feam fo VICIOTY QUICL walled Chorus 2 3 Foolball 3 4 Track 2 3 4 WILLIAM KENNEY THURSTON Born m Auburn Marne Seplember 2 l932 Beller lo do lhan Io wash nl done Easy lo e along WIII1 qulel and lnduslrlous Football 2, HELEN JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE Born m Soufh Livermore Maine March I8 I933 oo wnse lo err loo good 'lo be unlund lndusfrnous a perfect sfudenf sernous and demure Slxlh Honor Oracle Personals Commlflee 4 Library Proc 'Iors Club 4 Lalln Club 3 4 Junior Red Cross Represenla hve 2 G A A PATRICIA IONE TRACY Pat Born ID Ellsworfh Marne Augusl 26 I933 A qulel frlendlmess In her manner Ellsworfhs loss as our gam an aflable personaluly easy lo lool: af GAA 4 MAITLAND DWAINE TRAFFORD l Born In Poland Mane May 2l l932 Nolhlng IS lrnposslble lo a wlllmg hand Effncuenf slu manager unruffled dasposmon Oullng Club 3 Wmfer Sporfs 3 Sln Manager 3 Senaor Drama 4 Slage Ser ROBERT ARTHUR TURCOTTE H1 Born nn Lewnslon Mann Augusl' 27 I933 Hls smlle us worlh a hundred frowns In any marlrel' Dynamnie of our class has wal' and gollniy who could muss has muschnevous smlle7 Proxora HnY 2 3 4 Chorus 2 4 Foolball 2 Wmler Sporfs 2 Key Club 2 3 4 HELEN FRANCES VAN ECK Baby Born n Lewuslon Maine February 7 l933 sonq of beauly ns a goy forever Creahve arhshc ablllfy suncere genfl manners Oracle 4 Chorus 3 4 GAA 2 3 4 Talenf Shows 2 3 4 Order of Sfenograph c Efflclency 4 JANE VARNAM fame' Born In Harruson Marne November 26 I93l Whos nlce7 Whos lovely? Whos fun 'lo be wafl17 Janne Wmsome lrue friend sunny dnsposuhon a queen wlfh regal quallhes acle 4 Ouhng Club 2 4 GAA 2 3 4 e Book Club 2 Junior Sensor COmmlf+86 3 D amahc Club 4 Carnival Queen 4 Sensor Drama 4 Tlclref Commullee Pugz NI uh sez en .. -, S I A I I .. .... ., . . ju' : ' , . ' : ' , . .. lb., . . . A . -. . '- . , : . : : ' : . . . .. ., .. -L. 1 e . 3 1 . .. . ,, "Or " g ' , 3 . . . , , :Ten-Age : - : ' ' : : . . - L4- 'L alk- 1-851' 1 N hw X Page Nun ugh! GALEN IRVING VEAYO, JR. "Spike" Born in Houlfon, Maine, Oclober 25, I933 "Wilh his frombone he will slide merrily along." The spark of 'lhe crowdf swimmer enlhusiasl-a band sup- porler. Band 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Co-Caplain 43 Junior-Senior Decorafions 3, Usher ai Gradualion 3: Talenl Shows 2, 3, 4: Senior Drama 4, Casl. ROBERT EDWIN VERRILL "Buff, Born in Lewislon, Maine, February 24, I933 "lf I shool al lhe sun, I may hif a s'lar." Capable- reliabIe-sociable- an even disposilion. KENNETH EVERETT VINING 1 x Born in Auburn Maine June 26 l932 e lhe past be flue pasf I live for lhe Iulure slalwarl fellow qunclm readiness lo help a friend Proxora Hi Y 3 4 Sea Bees LLOYD WHITMAN WATERMAN lx rr ld Born in Lewnsion Maine Ocfober I5 I933 e Ines? of lhe sporf is lo do +he besl and lo sa nolhung Soff spoken lovial personalnly a sporls 'lhuslasf Usher al' Graduahon 3 Proxora Ha Y 3 4 GEORGE ARTHU R WESTERBERG Born in Bellefonfe Penn January Il I933 His reserved mann r conceals a dynamic personallly Capable execuhve always a genfleman indispensable Sluden-I Council 2 3 4 Secrelary 3 Presldenf 4 Oracle 3 4 Assnslanf Business Manager 3 Business Manager 4 Hu Y 2 3 4 Secrefary 4 Ouhng Club 4 Band 2 3 Chorus 4 Foolball 2 3 4 Junior Senior Commnllee General Chairman 3 Usher af Graduahon 3 Key Club 2 3 4 Secrelary 3 President 4 Naval Reserve 4 Coronallon Escort 4 A "lin f'ml'I 6 "L 1 . ' A f .. 1 , -s , . -, Th . y . ' I ." - , ' ' ' - en- Q. 'Q -I 6 . Q ' . . . . ' : " ' . , X ii A I r 1 I . ' Q . ' I , , XY'-Z jljf . . : - . ,E7 1 5fii?QTlig.i': ' I i ' CONSTANCE ANNE WEYMOUTH Connie Born sn Lewssfon Masne Seplember 9 I933 A gsrl who msxes reason wslh p easure and wssdom wslls msrfh Scholasfsc aflasnm nls a caplsvafsng personalsly an effscsenl' worlrer Thsrd Honor Sfalson 2 3 4 Co Edsfor 3 4 Oulsng Club 2 3 4 General Clsasrman of Carnsval Ball 4 Season Tsclsef Represenlafsve 2 3 4 Chorus 2 GAA 2 3 4 Dramafsc Club 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Debby Teen 3 Cand dale f Carnsval ueen 4 Sensor Councsl 4 S nsor Drama 4 Casf GERALDINE LILLIAN WHIRLEY frry Born ln Auburn Masne June 20 I933 ln 'Frsendshsp she was ee ly faughf lo belseve Saxo phone slylssl a lreless worlrer a ready smsle Oracle Personalsfses 4 Band 2 3 4 Teen Age Boolr Club JOHN STANLEY WHITE Johnny Born sn Lewsslon Masne December 29 I933 Thoughl' ss deeper lhan all speech A glad h llo f everyone unruffled manner alerl Oracle 4 Proxora Hs Y 4 Band 3 4 Teen Age Book Club 2 3 Usher al Graduahon 3 Sensor Drama 4 Properhes CYNTHIA ANN WHlTMORE Born sn Lewsslon Masne March ll I934 A comforfable sorf of person fo be wslh Mafhemafs csan a conslrucfsve llssnlrer has dsgnsfy of manner Lalsn Club 3 4 Secrefary Treasurer 3 Oulsng Club 2 4 Chorus 2 Junsor Sensor Commslfee Decoralsons 3 Dramalsc Club 2 Y Teens 2 Sensor Drama 4 Properhes BARBARA JUNE WILLIAMS Barb Born sn Worcesler Mass January 3l I933 ss lranqusl people who accomplssh much Lovely vosce curls of gold loves lo dance Chorus 2 3 4 Dramahc Club 3 Sensor Drama 4 Properfses Page Sluts nrnr .. . . . , . . . . . l I I : : 3 or Q : ' ' : 2 ' . . ...I T 21 Junior-Senior Commillee 37 Talenl' Show 3. CG YY 1. . ' ' ..l .. e -s or K6 Y, .sh . . . '.. f' Svrwzty EARL LAWRENCE WITHAM lzggx Born In Monmoufh Meme Aprll 7 I933 Youfh IS full of pleasures An our door enlhusuasl oodles of fun BRUCE WOODARD Born un Auburn Meme June 6 l93l No hull ns loo bug for Bruce io cllmb or lo slu down An experf carpenfer a sharp dresser Ouhng Club 2 3 4 Chorus 2 Teen Age Book Club 2 3 Wmfer Sporfs 2 3 4 JumorSennor Ccmmuflee 3 Audlo V ual Aids 3 4 Proxora H Y 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 GIRL Verna Gove Mary Ramsdell Conslance Weymoufls Charlene Royall Carroll May Sally Gibbs Janis Sewall Marilyn Oalres Mary Marshall Vera Freeman Marlene Haskell Elizabelln Ludden Wilma Foqelsohn Ma y Ramsdr-ll an l l'l a Joan H qgnns Sally Gibbs Jayne Lyons Pafrucna Jones Marlene- Haskell Consfance Gurney Ann l-lardung Nafalnc- Early Januce Brnqqs Pauline Berub Judullw Pr lzlrer Joan Srnlllv Joan Gcrrusln Lois Macluy an Sl Hrla Elnzabelh Blood Conslance Gurney Constance. Weymoulh Charlene Royall Ma nlyn Oalus Sally Gabba endaz ?ewcwmZdL'6ea ITEM MOS1' Acllve Mos? Poised Besl Execulive Most Popular Tallesl' Shorlesf Culesl Mosf Happy-Go-Luc Prelfiesf Girl Handsomesl' Boy Most Flirlarious kv Mos? Lilcely-to-Succfxf' Besl' Allwlele Besl-Na und Mosl Courleou Bas? P rsonu :ly B sl Dana r fs Snngu Bo-sl Muslcran Besl Adress esl Acfor fsl pnalu r Be-sl Arlusl Mosl Bashlul Mosl Modesl Wulluesl ulslosl Mos Sludrous Mosl Ambulwous Mosl Talkomye Mos? F endly C sl Sm le Prellmsl l-lalr Prelllesl Eye Ne mlesl Dresser MssE L E L Corridor Coupl Culesl' Couple BOY Pele: Pooloro Holman Morony Roberi- l-lefferman Rooorr Hofforrnon Carroll sonar Rsonnro Gammon John G-oosn Linwood Hooolino John Snowe Kennerh Pratt Robe? Helfermarl William Higgins Malcolm Sprague Wnlluam Marshall Richard Gammon Forost Luddr C arl s Slnnonrs Galen Vayeo Bruce Mlclwa l Morlon Brody Wslluam Marshall Wnlluam Beaucaqe Wnlllam Marslwall Roland Bllocleau Jolm Wlfnlo Romeo Mlclvaud Jacob Rubun Roborl Turcoll Richard Smxll Ruclurd Tlnayrr Robert Turcolr Rnclmard Tlmyu Alex De-cl1enL Wlllram Hoclglun Herb rl Lelanslzy I N r Ill 1 n f :H Y. x 3 . . Jo S. il Irr- X U r ' A V l ' 'N e ' -rm A B2 f ' Q l'l e A P B - ' 0 . B2 S 2 . . . . . K A e O 'r ' ' , ' r rl, ' r Jo . ' lrf- ule l 2 ' r f ' as ' 4 . o 4 4 s l . . Mr. E. L. George Weslerberq I. I ' - , tk . . . . - D 'riqa' 1' 1' I maj ,fa GQ A I l 5 Z if O Q 8 K in s 5 R A 8 A fi V L .3 1 . ,f5,.:+,i . 4 3, 1' Kf I 5. 4 ,.,.-an-lu' S I 3 Y 1. . A A 3 X5 A ' .M . X tr Y: ' lf4',y"V4 , . I 1? ' fi' . F '6- 'fn' 2 .fy-9 2 5-',..f,,.-ff' wvqff 1 V. 1 Xxxxx'-..5-V if 1 INN-Xxxi wx 'Q in . 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N gf f :J 'Q P' I is If mfffi' N QJHHNUEQILQS Mnldred Adamskn Mrldred Alden Marllyn Allen Norman Babblfl Richard Bangs Dale Barry Belly Barron Shirley Bean Clyde Beafon Jr Jacqueline Belanger Elame Bennell Eugene Bennell John Leo Berkley Loulse Berube Andrew Blcklord Ned Blgelow George Bishop J Jeannefle Brsson George Blau- Yolande Blass Gloria Bolsverl Glenn J Boslon Reginald Bouchard Roger Boucher Joanne Boulay Verna Bourgom Barbara Bowen Merlon Bouue Shurley Brackefl Irene Brefon Arlene Bruggs Barbara Briggs Belly Brown Kell L Brown Belly Burgess Rnchard Burns B uce Bufler Mary Campbell Wendell Carlrn Emnle Caron Jacquelsne Carpenh Lorrame Carpenher Theresa Carpenher Wrlfred Carver Marnlyn Chase Constance Chasse Mary Cheefham Ellsworfh Chrpman Clarre Cholmere Cleo Clark Raymond Clark Richard N Clouher Jack Coffin Marrlyn Coleman Jeannelfe Collef Carl R Condon Sieven Coy Jr George Crang BF Norman L Cummrngs Jacqueline Currre Barrrff Curhs Roberl Cushman Roberf Damon Jean Davrs Norman C Davis Pllhl Nr 1 r nlx frght unror M Shrrley Dean Anlhony DeBurra Nancy Dechene Warren DeCosler Muchaelune Delahanly Raymond Demers Beverly Demungway Lorrarne Deschamp Janef Dexler Georgefle D onne Roger W Donahue Rulh Donahue Claudelle Doshe Dons Doucelle Roberf Doucelle Roger Dubors Rlchard Dupuis Eugene Elclk Davld Ellloll Sumner Elwell Dolores Esies Shirley Farrell Frances Flckell' Rrchard Field Joanne Fowler Eleanor Fradkln Beverly Francus Foresl' French Roberf Frosl Jr Reginald Gardner Francis Garey Rose Gaslonguay Duane Galchell Carol Glggey Shirley Gllbrlde David E GIlPdlfIC Rrla Glrardrn Joan Godrng Alr1a Goodwin Ruchard Granf Roberf Greeley Joanne Greene Elrzabefh Gross Henry G Groves Lewis A Gushn Nancy A Hall Dolores Hanlon Rrchard Hanscom Palmer Harruman Joan Hari Chrlshne Hawklns Roberf Hearn Mona Hecker Frances Heron Paul Hncks Gene Hrggms Phllllp Hllll Donna Rae Hull Clarence Holbrook Janef Howard lrene Huard Alberf Hughes Barbara Hurd rbara Hurwllz n Hyde Donald lrlsh Gall Jackson Richard Johnson Gloria Jordan Burfon A Joy Waller Keene Joan Krnner Palrlcla Klrk Jacqueline Lagole Roger LaRoche Cecnle Lavone Nancy Lawyer Venlse LeBlanc Jacqueline LeBIond Jeannelle LeBlond Annne Lee Roberl Legendre James R Lelghfon Jeannine Lelourneau Pauline Levasseur Douglas E Libbey Marlha Libby Ralph Llbby Slanley Lnbby Eva Llzolle Theresa Lrzofle Barbara Lolhrop David B Lovell Thomas Lufkm Bruce Lullerell Wrmfred Lyon Lorra ne Maulhol Mary Mayor Sfephen Manyak Armand Marcolfe Leonard Marcolle Conslance Marsh Lorrame Marshall Joan A Marhn Alfred Merc er Madelrne Merriam Rulh Meserve Audrey Messier Jucllfh Muller Norman Moran Gerald Mollram George Moulfon Claylon Murphy Kalheryn Murphy Arlhur Harry Myrlc Lorrame Nadeau Wendell H Nason Joan Nelson Jacqueline Nlles Elva Nummo Vrrgrnra Norfh Richard S Osgood Laurnanne Ouelleffe Aubrey Palmer Jr Emile Pepnn ln Rodney Perkins Eslher Phnlbrlck Rlchard Phrlbrook Joseph Phrllpon Dora Pike Paulelle Poulm Donald Proclor Ronald Provosl Wayne Ralph Whulney Rawson Norma Ray Cllflon Race Consfance Rich Duane Rllchle Pafrlcla Rogers Colefle Rousseau Bernice oy Gerald Roy Janice Russell Jacquelnne Shaw Ellzabelh Smnlh Wlnslon L Smllh Dorolhy Snow John Sparks Susan Spearm Pafrlcla Spencer Roberl Spencer Bernard Sawyer Lloyd Sears J Dawn Spooner Carol Stevens Gladys Sloddard Lois Slurlevanl Lawrence Tardnfl Wllllam Taylor Harry Templelon Ger+rude Theberge Wrllls Thurber Charles L Thurslon Mildred Lors Trafford Ernesi Turgeon Norman Tweedle Carl Wallon Grace Wazms Duane Wealhern Hannah Wheeler Wmona Wheeler Henry Whrhng Wilfred Whlflng Glenna Wnghl Harold Wllllams Wrllram Wrlllams Alice Wrlson Charles Wufham Wal+er Wood Jacquelme Woodard Janlce Woodcock Gerry Wrughl' Arlhur Young James F Young Wlllard Young Wllllam M Young l I fl I , , I Q I r. Q . . R - - l , r. '11 . ' H - L Nancy Genllle 7 - ' ? ,Q 53 f. T-Q E ww ,..:.,..:-:gpgrea-2?-wff-' . K M y, V Y 4 In A - .. :M , A A m 1.2 , 135 . .ww , Kwwwepfit-'M S, I , ., W R , ' ,tvngx ., Q ' ,sf . 10 I- Mhz A In :Q lib 2 Z . I L1 'IQ if J K, E 'lac 3 11.1 'I,j'n'11 , ,E N a. W . , sig QA I ,. KL51 M Q L' X gy 5 ' n A x Q -5 Q K 1 Y 4 Q , Xa, ENE , 5 .,,--V gig 1 3 ' ' Q ' V ' Q , J 1591! as -+-'Fi " 1 A: li If Qin'-.3-'31 'gif' 'WV my ln.. ' V in-,, X .- gl 1 , 335 gg? Q! ' X, Q .,A.. ,,v... V N 55 aff' 3' 1 ' C 'Q U .. Q , '5. A , fi W -,P is, 4' na- 1 K f Q ,, ,, . 1 "xr,-11 Latin l x 7 1, , 3, ,A ' itlna.. hfh' Tvyvfwbi , 3. 1 Yflfifk? gf ' lflb ' XI Q . fi f 'N wfawf' flwfw Q 54-P ' v Wi. WW ""'ff-iii-fi:: -4 J A ,Q x' -LW -1 Ox -,Fa Q 'ix . E, E K . fxxtxx , , nl-41 A ' N. X 'R , Ts, ' 'Y 5 ' a 2. 49 ni HU Cf? HHEIMMLSE YZ 5 dx I 9 'g 3 0 ' Q -. 9. ,lb , of ' , ' V! -X 1: rf' it . I A K -' ' fr . P. . XI YV ' ., .-gy .' ,A , 21' Aj' K ',7, t 4- NV4 ' iff? 'gf "rx - if ---I .. Alf J 1L. -K '- 4 rf -xi-1 'V 1 ,wk . .mv 1 S x L 7-1 - by ' .. -L 'Y ' 1, N . u Y t-NK l1':- , Cx ' W 'Xi ' . A ,A fr 'N' s ,Q T 51 xx Palrncna B Abboll Phyllls Alexander Mary Allen George Anlhony Laurnce Arnold Dorns M Arpnn Rnchard Aube Helen Ayolle Jeannelle B Bachand Roberl Baden George Banley Regnnald R Ballard Conslance Barber Poberl F Barnl Carol Beal Claylon A Bean Jeannelle Belanger lorence Marne Belnsle Lorranne Bell velle R Bellavance Donald H Berman Annla M Berube onslance P Berube Gerald Berube Lloyd Bn hop Belly B acln Sandra Blanchard Cecnle Bolduc Marnorne Boolh Yvelle D Bouchard Nancy Lee Bowen Alan F Bowne Arnold R Bowne Beverly Ann Bowne Carolyn Bowne Vnrgnl Bowne Ernesl C Bradbury Adele Brody Mary E Brown Roberl L Brunelle Belly Anne Bryanl Charle H Bryanl Henberl Bryanl Roger Burns Geo ge Cadman Jeannne Cadwell Raymond G Callahan Eleanor Carll Angelnna lda Caron Eva M Caron Lorranne Carrner Dorolhy Carver Nancy Lee Carvnlle Arlhur Cass Jr Angelnna L Cayer Beverly Chase Warren S Chase Donald Chenard Bernnce Chnld John Clarln Paulnne Clarln Belly Cleveland Rnchard Clnllord Norma F Clough Prnscnlla Coburn Lucnlle Colby Delphnne Comeau Barbara Ann Corey Jacquelnne Cole Nancy Coller Barbara Coy Jane Cushman Pup Inghh mo CSO!! OFYI OPI' Sally Davns Darrel DeCosler Shnrley Deschanne Donald Dnclney Irene Henrnella Dnonne Connne Dee Carmen A Doyon Carolyn Drngolas Laurella Dubois Jane L Ducharme Roger Dulresne Lloyd Dunn Davnd C Dullon James Phnlnp Dullon Nancy Dyer Lnllnan Eldrndge Mary Elwell June Emerson Roberl A Esles Rulh Esles Marnlyn Ann Evans Irma Feldman Roberl Fellows Arlene Fellon Carmen Fnlleau Roger Flemnng Paulnne J Fournner Edwnna Fowler Sally Franln Edward French John F Garnell Henrnelle M Gaslonguay Dorolhy Galchell 633, Berlrand Gaulh er Ronald A Gelchell Lorranne Gnasson Judnlh Gnlman George E Glndden Rnchard K Glover Monnque Gobnel Elanne Gorman Charlene Goudey John H Gough Marcel Goulelle Melhyl Gowell Kennelh Granl Dawn Grass Romeo Gravel Jr Beverly Gray Eleanor Rulh Greenlaw Marlene E Guenlher Normand Gurerelle Shnrley Hall Claudelle M Rose Halle Davnd Hanrahan Jannce Hardnng Rnchard S Harrns Joseph Harlnell Geneva Hawlnnns Thomas W Hayden Belly Hlcls Norman Hncks Janel Lee Hnggnns El zabelh Holbroolr Jordan A Holl Lucnlle J Huard Bealrlce R Hunnewell Palrncl M Hurley Barbara Jaclcson Jeannelle Jaclnson Bruce M James 641 4.1 Calla! R ncha rd Jones Roger Keough Florence Eva Lagasse Jacqueline Lagueux Lons Lamb Roberl Lamberl Normand Lamnelle Gladys Larrabee Joan LeClanr Nancy Lengh Dorolhy D Lemay Mnrnam Leonard Rnchard MacLane Douglas A MacLeod Alcena Marchanl Maurnce Mancolle Rnla Marons Mary L Marshall Carol Ann Malhews Roberl C Maxfneld Joyce Helen McAlnsler Elanne McCarly Belly McClnnlnck Palrncna McClnnlnclt Glenn McKeown Harry McNally Rlla M Mellonn Harrnel Mellzer Faylene Merchanl Margarel Merrnam Marnlyn Merrnam lberl Merrnll Roberl R Merrnll Carlene Mnller Radclnlle Mnlchell Jr Jannce Morgan Joan L Mornn Thomas A Morrnson Davnd Mollram Carl Mueller Bruce Myrnclr Paulnne P Nadeau Marnlyn Newcombe Angela Nnchols Dwnghl Nnchols Margarel O Connor Hope Oldham Kennelh Oldham Charles Osborne Lorranne Ouellelle Normand W Ouellelle Dnana Parlner Shnrley G Parlrer Harold Parsons Arlhur Pellelner Rober Georg Paul Penley Florence An nn Elanne Perry June Perry Rae Perry Roger Perry Cynlhna Phnlbroo Davnd Pnnkham Frank H Pnper Jr Carl Plansled Conslance Clanre Ponrner Yvonne Ponrner Eleanor Polley Wallace Polley Roberl M Poulnn James A Prnnce Dolores Proulx Rncha d Provosl Faye Pullrlnnnen Leslne E Pulssler Waller H Rand Jr Wnllnam L Randall Mary Ann Reardon Ann Rees Ronald B Reynolds Kay Roberls Jane Mary Robinson Lorranne Roy Anna G Rubnn Roberl Russell Lawrence Sanborn Lucille Sanborn Phnl Sawyer Ann Shoppe Marlene Sedgeley Vernnce Sedgley Thomas Shaw Dorolhy Sheloolxe Nancy Shnbl s Roger Snmard Mildred Smnlh Maurnce Snell Jr Barbara Snow June Slaple Nancy Lee Slephens Roberl W Swnll Susanne Swnfl Joyce Tame Conslance Tassnnaru Charles F Taylor Elnnor V Taylor Fredernck G Taylor Regnna Taylor Romeo M Taylor Maurnce Thernaull Wallace Therrnen Mary Thnslle Barbara Anne Thompson Arlhur Thurber Sarah E Thurslon Roberr Tnllany Marnan Tnmberlalre Margarel Toomey Lawrence Towle Jr Nalalne Trnbou Roberl Trnpp Marlene Trober Peler Truesdale Jannce Tulls Wnllnam Varney Lons E Wagg Joan Leah Ward Duane Walerhouse Ralph Walson Mnllord Waye Bennla Wealhern Ernesl Welch Marguernle Weslon Barbara Lou Whnle Glendon Wnghl Roberl Wrlne Dorolhy Ann Wnllrnnson Donald Wnllnams Fern Wnng Elanne Woodman nyarnnfnrnilna I JS 'I 3 " T. '-Qn, f-" x 3 1 UB 'C A W1 I' .. ggi 5 F A f- ag' RQ-' ,! I f 'U ' Q31 5. , . Y h 8 V ,iw .,. ', JJ W M W .5 U 5 V - 5 . .4 A 1 y 3 5 25 , 624, R f .f . Q ' . Q ,wh . '34 V WWE? f--,O -fl- Q 1 ' E 1 fl, ,X -isP"',f 31' 1 V ,gf ff, --,, ' 5, T , if Nl ' . can fins' S 1 ix ' mf, -'fx' . 13 .- A ,,,. - ,el 'sm ef .Q . 4,4 , . A , .".l'v 4: x-fm., x. 5. ima? 'giilfg-5,c:ig,f:w3 Q2 SMX Q ' ' f , an 2. I " e 3? ' -J-heir K ,Q 3 I- -:ol ,lt AU' Vg MTHWITHES ATN 43 1,, x ,:T va.. ' -, .J L - SEPTEMBER Sepfember 8-School opened. Seprember I5-Firs+ game-E. L. 25 - Morse 6. Sepfember I5-"S+aIion" sponsored "Gel-Acquainfed Dance" Sepfember I8--Dramafic Club officers elecfed Pefer Packard, Presidenf. Sepfember 27-Lafin Club officers elecled-Belly Gross, Presidenf. Sepfember 29- Foofball game with Souih Poriland' So. P. 56 - E. L. 0. OCTOBER Ocfober 6-Foofball game wifh Lewislon-L. 28 - E. L. 7. Ocfober I4-Fooiball game wifh Deering--VD. 6 - E. L. 6. Ocfober 20-Senior Talenl Show. Ocfober 20-Foo+ball game wifh Sf. Doms --E. L. 28 - S. D. 6. Ocfober24 'Mary Marshall elecled E. L. represenfarive for Nafional Beaufy Week. Odober 26-27-Teachers' Convenfion in Lewisfon-Auburn. Ocrober 27--Foorball game wifh Rumiord- -E. L. 33- Rumford 7. November November November I November November November November Novem ber December December December December December NOVEMBER I -Class officers elecred. 6-Y-Teens wenf Io "planning mee+ing" in Augusia. 0-Edward LiHle Concerf for Teachers' Convenfion. IO'-Senior Talenr Show. II-Edward LiHle vs. Lewisron in foofball af Lewisron-27 f O. I3A-Swimming Ieam sfarled pracfice. I3-La+in Club inifiarion. I7-I8-H Hi-Y prepared for Older Boys' Convenfion. DECEMBER 2-Key Club Snow Slide. 8 HE. L. vs. Wesibrook-Wesfbrook 6I - E. L. 27. I2--E. L. vs. S. Poriland-So. P. 49 - E. L. 45. I4-E. L. "ChrisImas Carol" Presenialion. I5--Swimming meef wifh Deering-E. L. 4I - D. 34. December I5- -Chrislmas Holiday. December 23-Baskefball game with Soulh Porfland-So. P. 59 - E. L. 48. December 29'--Baskerball game wiih Morse-Morse 45 - E. L. 38. JANUARY January I-Showing of "MacbeIh". January 5-- Baskefball game wifh SI. Doms-SI. D. 43- E. L. 33. January 5---Swimming meef wirh Porlland Boys' Club-E. L. 40 - P.B.C. 35. January 5-Movie "Schumann S+ory". January 6-- Mid-winfer concerf of Band and Chorus. January I2 January I2 January I3 January I3 January I7 January 20 January 26 Swimming mee? wifh Brunswick-E. L. 4l - Brunswick 34. Baskeiball game wifh Lewisfon-L. 58 - E. L. 42. College board exams. Movie Dance sponsored by Ihe Audio-Visual Aids Deparfmenr. Baskefball game wiih Bafes Frosh-B. F. 40 - E. L. 32. -Swimming meer wifh Deering- E. L. 5I - Deering 24. Baskefball game wirh WesIbrookiWes+brook 53 - E. L. 27. January 26-27-E. L. Winler Carnival. January 27 Jane Varnam crowned Carnival queen. February February February February February February February FEBRUARY 2-Baskelball game wilh Morse-Morse 45 - E. L. 38. Swimming meet wilh Hebron-Hebron 4I - E. L. 34. -3-Ski Team lakes firsl place in Berlin winter carnival. 2 2 6-Baskelball game with Bowdoin Frosh-V B. F. 54 - E. L. 43 9-E. L. vs. Lewisfon --VL. 48 E. L. 30. 9-Swimming meer wilh Porlland-Porfland 55 - E. L. 20. 9-IO f E. L. wins sfale ski championship. February I3-Baskelball game ai Rumford-R. 42 - E. L. 4I. February Ib-Swimming meel wifh Bowdoin J. V.'s al Brunswick Bowdo -Soull-I Portland and Edward LiHIe Debale reams al E. L. Soulhweslern Maine Sfudenf Council Convenlion af E. L. 4l - E. L. 34. MARCH March I6-I7 New England Concerl Feslival March I9 Comporlo Hi-Y. March 20-Key Club. March 2I-- Proxora and Senior I'Ii-Y's. March 22 March 23-Debale for assembly. March 23-Bales League Debale af Porlland. March 24 March 26-Comporio Hi-Y. March 28-Y-Teens. March 28 Proxora and Senior Hi-Y's. March 30-Hobo Hop. March3I Slale Sludenl Council Convention a+ Bangor. APRIL April I3-23 Spring vacalion. April I8-I9-20-Senior Class Play, "The Young in April 23' Hearl' Baseball-E. L. vs. Bowdoin J.V. April 24-Baseball-E. L. vs. Brunswick. April 27 -Baseball-E. L. vs. Sf. Dom's. April 28-Track meer al Brunswick. April 28-E. L. Spring Band and Chorus Concerl. MAY May 5 Weslern Maine Music Feslival al Porlland May I8 Junior-Senior Promenade. May 24-25-26 New England Music Feslival in Boslon. June 2- June IO- June II- Iune I3-- June I3- Iune I4- June I5--V JUNE Slale Track Meel. Baccalaureale Services. Class Night Class Banquet Graduation. Alumni Nighf. Summer vacalion. in fx 'fgjdli 'isa - iffy-.f 3 Furs? Ro J Prl+zker J Ger Ish C LeComfe M Haskell Second Row W Marshall H Timberlake R Mnclwaud J Smnfh R Heflerman gCAllaFl! .SLA00!.HOII0l 01,5 CA... of 19-S1 Flrs+ Honor Roberf Hefferman Second Honor Judllh Prlhker Thnrd Honor Consfance Weymoufh Four'fl1 Honor Joan Gerrlsh Roberf HeFFerman Jucllfh Prlfzker Consfance Weymou+h Joan Gerrush Romeo Mlchaucl 5 Pugv I' lghn eight Helen Tumberlake Marlene Haskell Joan SmrI'l1 Consiance LeCom+e William Marshall l ' LH O X I 3 X lf a, ' ' ' I f I. 6. ' 2. ' ' 7. 3. 8. ' 4. ' 9. . ' 9. ' ' nil Flrsf row Mr Smlfh P Packard J S+ Hllalre J Crossman V Fogelsohn J Smuih M Haskell E Ludden G Wesferberg S Farrell P Dacey Second row J Varnam J Prllzker F Donovan M Esfes L Granl R Hefferman G Veayo M Sprague N La yer F McAllnsfer N Newcombe R Anderson M Beckerman W Marshall H Van Eck V Berube Third row J Whufe B Hurley C Marsfon H Tvmberlake V Presfon S Bauley J Hodgklns L Pickle J Gerrlsh C Pelerson P Jones B Blood N Earley H Lepage rfll, C7 , Snnce early sn Oc+ober l950 'rhe four edn'rors Marlene Haskell Vlclu Fogelsohn BeH'y Ludden, and Joan Sml+l1 have spenr many afiernoons In an efforl fo accomplu h fhenr numerous duhes Marlene Haskell and Be+'l'y Ludden had charge of group and candid plcrures, Vackn Fogelsohn and Joan Smnfh, of Sensor glossues The fheme, "shoes", was chosen because of nfs greaf umporfance +o our nndus+rnal commum+y The ar'r commlH'ee, wrlh Bull Marshall as chairman, s+ar+ed nmmedlafely +o plan rhe dnvlsnon pages In accordance wlfh ll1IS +heme Barbara Hurley and Sfanley Davidson also confrlbuled drawings. The lefrermg was done by Claire Bergeron. The personals commlffee headed by Pafsy Dacey and Judufh Pruhker spenf innumerable hours In search of sur+able quofahons. Marcna Allen, as chaarman of 'lhe 1'ypls1's, was responsible for +he 'rypxng of all copy The business s+aFF wrlh Jean Crossman, George Wes+erberg, Reginald Anderson as managers, and Shirley Farrell, as assis+an+ manager, worked hard 'l'o secure adverhse men+s fo help funance fhe publicahon Thus sfaff, assvsfecl by Joan S+. Hilaire, also had charge of collecflng subscrlphons and senior engravang fees Thai fhe book mlgh+ be ready by lhe flrsl' week un June, all mafernal had +o be al' fhe prunfers before Aprnl vacahon Therefore, many sprung evenfs had 'fo be wrn++en up In anhcrpahon J S. Pug: flgllll lllll fi fs B' . I Was,-,ai , ' s -wb? eg spa - f , - 'ADIJ-'s vt X V 5x25 ' fjfggii ,, , . if , , . 1:-xl I . . . , . . , . , . , . , . r . , . , . , . . I . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . w I . , . , . , . , . . . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . C6 y 7 1 u n 1 I S Of? 3. "-w.. cs 'Q Z' 5 awww' nf if mapmdmgg Fursl Ro J Crossman M Haskell P Jones S Pulsller B Cro ell Second Ro G Veayo B Muchael R Hefferman F McAllsler R Hodgknns R Gardner M Brody P Packard CIIIOI lfllllll Frank Vreelands hnlarnous comedy The Young an Hearf was chosen as lhe l95I sensor play This IS lhe clever s'l'ory of a 'Famuly who are ousfed from lhe Rlvlera prachcally pennlless because of gambling dlmCUl+I6S On fhe 'lraln 'lo Paris lhey mee+ a frlendly rnch old lady who exfends an mvlfahon +o lhem +o her home un London for lwo weeks Because of her apparenl weallh lhey accept only 'lo realnze afler a fume 'rhal +hey love lhe old lady loo well lo lake advanlage of her The family parts were 'laken by Bruce Michael Befh Crowell Pefer Packard and Palrncua Jones whsle Marlene Haskell appeared as fhe lady nnvolved Playnng maior supporhng parls were Roberf Hefferman Conslance Weymoulh Morlon Brody Lmwood Hodgkms Jean Crossman Shlrley Pulslfer Franklln McAlls+er and Galen Veayo Joan Gerrlsh Shlrley Bubler Kalhryn Hammond Mary Ellen Brainerd Grace Haynes Mary Esles Lucllle Slmard Joan Hodgklns Roberl Gardner Fred Donovan Paul Andrews Charles Snmones George Gusrm and Fred Davis appeared as exfras Jayne Lyon served as slage manager and on fhe business s+aFF were Gordon Bennell as business manager wlfh Palrlcua Dacey Geraldine Buck Jeannelle Johnson Jane Varnam Vnvuan Presfon Regmald Anderson Verna Gove and Sue Barley as has able asslslanls 1l.lv urs ro efchell P ackard C S o H Murpy J Sno e R Small G Wesfer arc B Lulferell P Thayer R Gammon Second ro N Cummings A Dechene K Bro n R Fello s R Mnfchell R Osgood K Cld am A Hughes D Duffon R Lacourse W Hodgkuns L Berkley J Coffm A Palmer P Harr man Thlrd row R Morgan R Bouchard F Luoden M Sprague N Young D McLeod G Glndden R Tu He D s G Higgins R Lan jvfy A The Edward Llffle Key Club has conhnued This year 'fo uphold nfs lracllhon of serving fhe School and commum+y nn every possible way Smce +he club IS prnmaruly a service organlzahon fh members have vol.m+eered 'I'helr hmo and energnes +o and fhe March of Dimes fhe Buddies Fund fhe Auburn Lewusfon Kuwanls Club s drlve fo under prlvlleged chnldren fhe Lewlsfon Auburn Anl'1Tuberculos1s Assoclahon and are now ralslng money 'ro purchase a loud speaker for +he school audlforuum The E L Key Club IS aFfilna+ed wn+h 'rhe Kuwanls lnlernahonal and sponsored bf fhe school and fhe Lewls+on Auburn Klwams Club Each mon+h +wo sensor members are selecfed +0 a++end 'lhe weekly meehng as Junlor Klwanlans This year marked fhe lmhahon of 'lhe Snow Slade an early wmler dance which will become an annual Key Club sponsored affarr Also a mofnon was passed llmlhng membership +o forfy fave sfudenls fweniy sensors flffeen lunlors and len sopho mores The Club has been capably led by Pre nden+ George Wes+erberg assns+ed by Richard Small Vice pr srdenl' Bruce Luiferell Secre'I'ary and John Godin Treasurer Mr Bradford as adviser has added much +o fhe efficiency of 'rhe club 'rhough hxs wise counsel pahence and lovlalxly I 1 Mn gp Q L q l 4 Q F' f w: R. G , . P , . im nes, . h, . w , . , . b J, w: . ' , . , . w , . w , . ' , . , . ' h . , R. Sw.if+,- , rco' ,I . lri h, I. I' ' , . gley. I l I l l l I f f' - I ll . . . . . .. . ., . . . - 2 ' : . . ' . - . I I I ' J. G. 'rgw 'rn H Furs ro S Burro s C Bulodeau E Labrecque M Jones M Redmun M Ramsdell V B rube H VanEck Second ro J Sewell B Colby E Penley C Esfes M Allen N Carver M Gobenl A Harding L Maclray P Berube Thrrd row M Chase P Tracy G Sfacey L McGee B Keene B Hancock S Ford W Ha lford j Offlel' of Senograilglf C Fnfy The Order of Sfenographlc EFFlcnency formerly fhe Order of Gregg Arhsls fhus shor+hand speed +es+s and ihe fypmg speed +es+s The mlmmum requrremenr fo become a member ns 'ro pass fhe fnve m1nu+ slx+y words a mlnure ducfahon fesl' Then one mus'I' be able lo 'rranscrlbe +he nofes nearly and accura+ely wl+h no more fhan Eve per ceni errors Af+er fhns fhe s+uden+ may progress a+ hrs own speed Some of +he s+uden'rs have already succeeded nn passmg fhe five mlnuie elgh+y words a mmu+e fesf The maferual used for 'rhe duc+a+lon speed +es+s ns iaken from +he Busuness Teacher a monfhly magazine The lyplng lesfs are prln'l'ed nn 'lhe secre'I'arual maga zme Today s Secre+ary For +he work accomplished sa'hs'Fac+or:ly cerhficaies and puns are awarded These are recognized by prospechve employers as proof of +he abllu'ry of fhe applucan+ 'ro do hrs work compe+en+ly and efl"iclen+ly As fhe malornly of fhe members are planmng +o enier fhe busmess world 'rhe slenographlc experlence fhey have gained durmg 'lhe pas+ year by bemg members of fhus group will prove mvaluable fo fhem MA ' + w: . w, . ' , . . . , . , . , . e . Le ' ' ! ' I l year consis+s of lhe +wen+y-eighl members who have successfully passed +he various Page Xinely-tu'o 3.. , .- gf lx 'f - it ' .. is X XV " f- . v X ' I ' ' Na :fx 5 x , , , K- ,- I , ,. W aspgv' ' . X- . 'fl ' . . sf, 1 . I ,., ww ' 4 fr .5 K ., ,V . . , s Q 4255? sg. vu, r - Fronl ro R Gammon R Hefferman W Marshall G Huggins G Wesfe berg V Gove P Andre s P Paclra d Second ro E Woodman S S H+ J Coffnn K Oldham Mrs Hayden D Parlxer D McLeod B Chase B Roy nd ues u os ean Lnb C Rlce W Wu rams a e Felo till KVI! COUIILI The purpose of fhe Sludenl Councll IS io represent 'rhe sfudenfs of Edward Lu++le and +o seek +o serve 'lhelr mduvldual ln+eres+s as well as fhose of +he school as a whole The council rs composed of a delegafe from each home room plus councul members af large and each class has equal represen+a+lon Early In fhe year fhe council chose as officers George Wesferberg Presldenf Gene Huggms Vlce Presldenf and Leo Berkley Secrefary under whose capable leadership +he year s 6Cl'lVl'l'l6S were conducfed Progecfs of The councnl Included 1'he prlnhng and sale of Edward LrH'le sfahonery +he sponsorship of fhe annual Easfer seal campalgn +he polnshmg of school frophles and an all school clean up campaign On March 30 lhe annual Hobo Hop was held The dance fea+ured a fufurlshc lheme and mcorporafed +he popular +hlng and ofher unusual decorahons ln March several members of fhe Sanford Sfudenf Councll vlsl+ecI Edward L1l+le nn order fo see how E L school dClIVIl'I8S are conduc+ed Delegales from +he council parflclpafed an dlscusslons and achvlhes of +he S+a+e Convenhon of Sfudeni' Councils which me? rn Bangor on March 3I The Soulhwesfern Conference of Sfudenf Councils mei' af Edward LlH'le on Aprrl 7 for panel drscussrons and o'l'her achvlhes fig Xnlx r w: . , . , . , . ' ' , . r . . , . w, , r , wz . , . w' , . ' , . , . , . , . . Th'r row: J.lN'I , R. D b i, C. B , R. ' by, . ' , . 'll' , T. H yd n, R. l ws. ' I' ' 'I T ' R. H. 'LH' 1' -If! s P Dacey o elsohn P Paclrad C WeymouTh V Gee l uvcm n J on R Bouchard Second ro J Crossman Ma shall P Jones R BourgaulT J Fo l L o J Mu er L Sumard E Fradlxn J Howard T rd o D WeaT ern GaTchell E hulbruclc J M Tun R L,ona ue Dex er D RTc c N GenTule tallllll :I Q STa uon E L H S has now compleTed uTs TwenTy TourTh year of publucahon Under The co eduTorshup of Verna Gove and ConsTance WeymouTh The l950 SI edu Tuons receuved a TursT place award un The Columbua Scholashc Press AssocuaTuon conTesT Tor hugh school newspapers The paper TeaTures news of The varuous aThleTuc socual and scholasTuc acTuvuTue of The sTudenTs and of The TaculTy of Edward LuTTle Thus year a new secTuon was unTro duced un The alumnu column a buographucal slceTch of a promunenT Edward LuTTle gradu aTe The number of papers mauled To subscrubers has uncreased greaTly as more and more sTudenTs leave To loun The servuces and wanT The STaTuon as a lunlx To school and home The annual geT acquaunTed dance The TursT of The school year was sponsored by The STaTuon sTaFF aTTer The Morse home game The proceeds of The dance wenT Toward The exp nse of The paper As us usual The sTaFf was changed un January and The uunuors moved up To eduTorual and managerual posuTuons whule sophomore reporTers and adverTusemenT solucuTors began Theur Traunung The new eduTor un chuef us Regunald Bouchard and Nancy GenTule us assocuaTe eduTor FaculTy advusers are Muss Edna Canham and Mr Charles MacArThur W lug. Mm u Mm DYYYFYQQQDDFF ' 'stu Muni! 96 Fnrsf ro M Merriam J Huggins Mnss Alley R Hefferman P Dacey E Badbury R Bangs E Gross S Coy M Gowell A Wnlson M Hecker E Polley M Merriam Second ro S Frank C Glggey F Donovan C Thursfon R S :ff D Dlckey R Merrnll R Esfes H Goldman D Parker N Ne combe J Gough C Whdmore S Barley J Tuffs M Timberlake S Davis B Hurley M Campbell A Briggs Third row L Wagg E Nimmo C Doe J Prllzker S S IH M Reardon E McCar+y C Goudey J Holi M Haskell H Tlmberlake B Coy A Rubin E Fradkun N Earley E Woodman E Blckford C,lL.fm CH The Sodalllas Lahna has had anofher busy and successful year The club mee+s every fhree weeks In Room 20 Wllh Miss Jessle Alley as faculfy adviser Be'Hy Gross served as Ponhfex Maximus Presndenf and fhe ofher officers elecled were Ruchard Bangs Consul Vac Presldenf Slephen Coy Censor Secrelary Ireasurer Pafrucla Dacey and Roberf Hefferman Senior Aedlles Represenrahves Carol Glggey and Allce Wnlson Jumor Aednles Ernesr Bradbury and Melhyl Gowell Sophomore Aedlles The +wen+y new sophomores were duly mnhared on November I3 a+ a slave auchon Roberf Hefferman as auchoneer called for buds whul 'Ihe slaves were made Io perform +rlcks by +he slave drlver Marlene Haskell The annual Chrlslmas par+y was held December I I af which fume a Chrns+mas play was presenfed by fhe sophomores humorous gvfls were exchanged and refreshmenfs were served The club en+er+alned Ihe Cony Hugh Lahn Club of Augusfa al' a meehng on February 8 A+ Ihls hme a sluf was presenfed In whlch a famlly from anclen+ Rome found 'Ihemselves In a new world They were Indeed confused unhl Roberf Herferman chanced by and explained Ihmgs fo fhem On April 5 Ihe Edward LrHle club 'Iraveled +o Cony where fhey were royally enferfalned wn+h a radlo play a puppel' show and several varrefy acfs lrzlr F sr o B Chase R Donahue M Esfes D Grass J Pr+z er Second ro R Esles H Timberlake C Phlbrook M Chase R Ballard 3 ,s,m,.,,, 1Q.,,,,,,, cm The Lubrary Prociors Club consusfs each year of sfudenls who devole fheur sfudy periods fo helplng +herr fellow s+uden+5 fund maferual and books rn 'rhe school lrbrary These s'I'uden+s also keep +he library un order and check books rn and ou+ By use of fhe Dewey Decimal sysfem, proc+ors can easily fund reques+ecl malerral As a group, fhey usually mee? once a monlh ro dusf fhe books, 'ro lake s+ock, and fo check books The I95O 5I officers are Mary Esfes, Presndenl, Roger Donahue, Vrce presudenl, and Dawn Grass, Secre+ary 'rreasurer Wu+h lhe able assns+ance of Mrs Bowen as facul+y advlser for fhe group, fhe club flourishes This year several inferesfecl paren+s have con+rnbufed numerous new volumes fo 'the library. These are deeply appreclaled by bolh s+uden+s and faculfy The Freedom Shrme which was given fhrs year by +he Exchange Club will find a home In fhe Edward LiHle Library. The llbrary subscribes 'lo various perlodscals such as "Life", "Seven+een", "Amer: can Homes and Gardens", "Mechanrcal Science", "Newsweek", and fhe "Chrrs+1an Science M0hl+OF". All fhese are avarlable 'lo mferesfed sludenfs as well as +o lhe drFferen+ depar+men+s Any sfudenf who rs lnferesfed In library work and In helpang +he school rs mvlied +0 loin fhe Library Proc+ors' Club. V. F. gf' NIIIPIT sr. Furs? o Mr Sm fh N Ne combe M Brody J Rubin Second ro R Bangs L Granf M Beclzerman N Cole A Hughes L Berlrley D Be man Le flllllg The Edward LlHle Debahng Councsl has had ano'rher busy season Thus began wnih E L s playnng hosf +o erghr Marne schools xn fhelr fhlrd annual prachce 'lourney Affer compehng In several prachce lournamenfs nn which +hey won a hugh percen'I'age of deba+es Edward Lu++le sen? +wo 'reams composed of Donald Berman Morfon Brody Alberi' Hughes and Jack Rubm +o +he Umversrly of Marne 'lournamenf The +eam composed of Berman and Brody almosl' brough+ fhe cup back +o E L for fhe fhlrd consecuhve year buf afrer wnnnmg seven siralghf +hey los+ un lhe semu fmals by a splnl' decnsuon Edward Ln++Ie senl fhe same speakers +0 compefe nn +he Bowdoun League where fhey fnmshed w1'h hugh scores In Their respechve dlvlslons As fhe Oracle goes +o press +he members awau+ 'rhe resul+s of +he Ba+es pre llmlnary round wufh Edward Ll'H'le facing shff compehhon un Porfland and Sou+h Porfland The nahonal debafe queshon fhrs year has been Resolved Tha+ 'rhe people of fhe Unlled S+a+es should relecf 'rhe Welfare Sfafe The officers of fhe council for fhe year I950 5I have been Mor+on Brody Presndenf Nelson Newcomb Vlce presldenr and Jaclc Rubin Secrefary All In all no one wull deba+e 'rhe facf +ha+ our debahng squad has had a very successful year' 111- lin' -, 8 X' - , uf 5' af' va 'ff-+ W' 'vb""Af'i6"J WAOYVQY 'Qui' V ll 'b 4 A v" X an in G hi 4"'4 1. I Y .. rl at-L xW" iv + o J De ecod o u .X4J.50HI A gon I I! Each Sepfember a new Assembly Board launches anofher series of weekly program for Edward Luffle sfudenfs Armed wlfh calendars schedules lisfs and pencils freshly sharpened fo promofe insplraflon sfudenf and faculfy members sul down fogefher This year fhe sfudenf represenfahves have been seniors Holman Murphy and Joan S+ Hlllare Sfudenf Chairman and Secrefary respecfively IUDIOFS Reginald Bouchard and Janef Dexfer sophomores Ernesf Bradbury and Jill Fowler Faculfy members are Miss Gardner Miss Barfhelemy Mrs Ashfon Miss Downs Miss Robinson and Mr MacAr+hur The group has planned a program highlighfed by fhe colorful falenf shows by fhe spirifed rallies and by fhe enferfamlng performances of fhe school orgamzafions The falenf shows have been fhe besf yef wlfh seniors winning firsf place again Their show wruffen and dlrecfed by Holman Murphy gives fhe class of 5I permanenf possession of fhe Talenf Show Trophy The Board s acfuvufles have included a highly successful dance and fhe lnaugurafnon of a sysfem of awards Special emblems designed by Jill Fowler are fo be presenfed fo fhe Board members who earn recognlhon Wlfh fhe help of all fhe school organlzafuons 'rhe Assembly Board has concluded anofher year anofher program of assemblies M ll XI U 9 rl s . l 5 1' J' . O . if' 5 i l if L Firs row: J. F wler, J. Sf. Hilaire, . xfer. S n r w: E. Bradb ry, H, Murphy, R, Bouchard, 1 fo rack fheir brains for new ideas. : . ' - . . . U H. . Egfr 'mf -vfulit Furs? row P Le as eur C Marslon D Sa yer N Lawyer A Arpn D Proulx A Messuer l Duonne Second row Muss Downs L Bell E Caron R Goldrup J LeBlond M Allen J Morun L Marshall G Lundsay Mrs Burlre Th rd ro S Thursfon N Bubuer C La oue A Caron J LeHouulluer E Pcnley C Po ruer L Dubou J Ward L Carruer ll till? OH! ell! CLLQIU 0 .!4l'Yll2I"lLCl The F H A us a naluonal organuzahon formed fo leach hugh school gurls lurfher developmenl' un 'I'he plannung and carryung our of achvulues relafed +o rhe home and fo promofe a growung apprecuafuon of +he loys and safusfacfuons of homemakung The Edward LuHle chapler meefs un fhe annex fwuce r1on+hly under fhe supervusuon of Mrs Burke and Muss Downs The home economuc feachers The officers +hus year are as follows Nancy Lawyer Presudenl' Dorus Arpun Fursf Vuce Presudeni' Dorus Sawyer Second Vuce Presuden+ Dolores Proulx Secrelary Corunne Marsfon Tr asurer Norma Carver Husforuan Lorraune Marshall Reporfer The season of I95O I95I opened wllh a Mo+her and Daughfer banquel Lafer came a lea for fhe gurls un lhe club a S+ Valenlune s box socual and a slcafung parly In +he sprung a game and card parfy and a Mofher and Daughler rea have been planned Due +o flue facf fhal fhus year +here are so many gurls un fhe sfale who are enrolled un fhe F H A fhere wull be fwo sfafe conven+uons fhe Eas'I'ern and Wesfern Bolh are fo be held on Aprul 28 wulh Edward Lu'Hle servung as hosf lo The Wesrern Abouf seven hundred gurls are expec+ed +o affend each convenfuon I1 ' hfl11'lYlIlII it Maioreiiesz A. Berube, L. Mackay, J. S+. Hilaire, J. Niles, J. Woodard, E. Gorman B Bur es S. Burrows. Firsi row: S. Gibbs, L. Lamb, D. Dickey, D. Hyde, D. Proulx, M. Allen, L. McGee, G Whire J. Dexfer, J. Higgins, R. Hefferman, S. Ford, E. Gross, C. Goudey. Beiween firsr and second: R. Meserve, J. Howard. Second row: C, Simones, S. Elwell E. Polle R. Merrill S. Swifl S. Br kefi v , y, , , ac , V. Go e, K Hammon L. Wagg, G. Haynes, J. Jackson, L. Huard, R. Maxifeld, V. Gould, G. Benneff, J. Lyon J Coflin W. Rand, B. Chase, H. Oldham, C. Core, B. Coy. gall!! On 'l'he firsi' day of school in Seplember, approximafely one hundred and foriy band members congregafed in fhe music room +o s+ar+ rehearsals under +he supervision of Mr. Donald Gay. The group was divided info 'rwo equal parrs. One secfion, com- posed mosfly of sophomores, was fo rehearse during +he Fiffh period, while fhe ofher was 'lo meer fhe six+h period. The elec'I'ion of officers was held in May and Sepfember. Roberr Hefferman was chosen Presideni of rhis large organizafion, assisied by Sumner Elwell, Vice-president, Mefhyl Gowell, Secrerary-Treasurer: and Carroll May and Es+her Philbrook, Librarians. Paul Andrews, Philip HiiH, and Roberf Fellows were elecfed Band Managers, and Diana Parker was delega+ed fo keep a careful record of afrendance. During fhe eniire foofball season, +he band accompanied +he feam on 'rheir games. A new ser-up in marching was fried +his year in +ha+ The band used eigh+ files insiead of fhe usual six. This avoided The awkward appearance of a long and narrow band. Two concerfs, fea+uring bo'I'h fhe band and chorus, were presen+ed during fhe school year. The annual mid-win+er conceri' was held in January, and +he spring con- cerf in April. Pugi- Um- llunrirmi Third row: S. Dean, D. Merrill, J. Marrin, G. Jackson, F. Donovan, C. Halle, K. Allen. E. Woodman J. Young, J. Fowler, M. Robinson, B. Briggs, M. Reardon, M. Oakes, S. Parker, l. Morin, C Wilham, M. Gowell, R. Glover, L. Pulsifer, B. Jackson, M. Libby, R. LeClair, R. Cushman. S Bubier, C. Philbrook, J. LeBlond, J. Laioie, C. Marsh. Fourrh row: 6. Veayo, H. Groves, D. Wilkinson, M. Brainerd, W. Hodgkins, M. Boofh, J. Holi B. Pelleiier, J. Tufis, S. Coy, J. Prince, K. Oldham, D. Nason, A. Goodwin, D. Parker, M. Coleman C. Doe, B. Wearhern, D. Wealhern, J. Leighron, N. Newcombe, S. Spearin, R. Wafson, N Ouelleffe, J. Whiie, E. Bradbury, R. Gerchell, D. Grass, S. Davis, L. Colby, F. Pulkinnen. Fiifh row: J. Dunfon, G. Cadmun, D. Williams, R. Ryder, P. Hii'r+, P. Andrews, M. Allen, R. Swifl D. Gefchell, C. Barber, J. Fowler, Mr. Gay, D. Hill, C. Rich, M. Knowlion. Highligh+ing rhe year was rhe New England Concer+ Fesiival held from March fourfeenrh 'through ihe seven+een+h and sponsored by +he Band Paren+s' Associaiion. A one hundred and fifry piece orchesira, under fhe direcrion of Professor Francis Findlay, Professor of Music af Bosron Universify, held rehearsals a+ ihe Walion School. Professor John Raymond, Direcror of music a+ Laiayeire College, insirucfed 'rhe fhree hundred voices in 'rhe chorus, while fhe +wo hundred piece band, under rhe supervision of Dr. William Revelli, Direcior of 'rhe Universify of Michigan band, rehearsed a+ +he Websier School. AHending were s+u:len+s represen'ring more fhan ninefy differenf ci+ies in New England, When spring comes and drilling siarrs again, +he +hough+s of rhe band members will be on fhe fesfivals which are 'io come. Porfland will sponsor 'rhe Wesfern Maine Fesiival on May 4-55 and Bosron, fhe New England Audi+ion Fesfival on May 25 and 26. ln boih cifies rhe E. L. Band will ralce parf in drills which +hey have pracficed long and hard under 'ihe leadership of Frank Sfephens, Jr. As June draws near, iears gafher in The eyes of rhe seniors as +hey realize +ha+ nex+ year fhey will no longer be wearing 'rhe brigh+, snappy, maroon and whi+e uniforms, buf 'ihe ioy of happy memories will remain in fheir hearls. V. G. f'ugi' Hur lllmillril U11 iw? urs ro er I n e o e ulk nen M C a Second o C G gqey D R ichne H T mberlake M Allen D Hyde J Woodcock L Hua d rd 0 Ca er ams Fo e f lllll0I XC! IOJJ Durmg +he enrollmenf druve an fhe fall +he Jumor Red Cross enllsfed nearly one hundred percen+ of lhe s+uden+ bodv al Edward LuHle as members The councll con snsfs of one represenfahve from each homeroom Pafrlcla Dacey as Presuden+ presuded over 'lhe meehngs fhe o+her officers were Vuce preszdeni Joan Sf Hnlanre Secreiary Verna Gove and Treasurer Jer: Dionne The council works under 'rhe able supervnsuon of Mass Elsie Gervans The Jumor Red Cross as a whole works nn cooperahon wrlh fhe Lew1s+on and Auburn Red Cross Chap+er of whlch Mrs Henry Thacher IS fhe local Jumor Red Cross Sponsor For lhe Chrls+mas prolecf fhe Council boughl and wrapped Chrusfmas gulls for ihe mmaies of fhe Auburn Cnfy Farm To add a llffle exfra cheer +he Councnl senf each person af fhe Farm a Chrns+mas card For +he sprung proIec+ fhe Red Cross has asked all 'rhe s+uden+s a+ Edward L:++Ie 'fo brmg glass lars woolen fell and lea+her scraps playmg cards and various ofher games lo be se-n+ +0 fhe Veferans Hosp 'lal a+ Togus These supplies are 'lo be used fo conhnue fhe craff 'lherapy program a+ 'rhe veferan cen'rer Thus an some small ways +he Jumor Red Cross has 'lrled 'fo bring a lu+'rle happiness fo fhe less for+una+e l,IIl' lllllllilfff T11 Il Z kiwi W B-7 fxj Fnrsi o Fadkm P Packard V Go e Second P Jones C Weyrnoulh H Murphy B Cuffs M Ma shall lllllllllll AIA The Edward L1Hle Dramahc Club under The supervlslon of Mass Margaref Jordan meels regularly every rhlrd Monday evening of lhe mon+h Anyone In fhe school as eluguble 'ro become a member of fhus club The dues are Frfiy cenis for +he year The officers of +he club are as follows Peler Packard, Presnden+, Eleanor Fradkln, Vnce presudenf, Verna Gove, Secre+ary, Consfance Weymoulh, Treasurer, Pa+rlcla Jones, Chalrman of Sludenl' Coaches, Holman Murphy, Chairman of Informal Meehngs, Barrl+'r Curhs, Chaurman of +he Producfvon Slaff, Mary Marshall, Playreadlng Chanrman The program for 'rhus year has consus+ed of +he readmg of "The Beggar's Opera,' and "The Muracle of +he Danube," by several of +he omcers of +he club, and of 'rhe presen+a'rnon of "Roseland," and "The Tryshng Place," by ofher members of fhe organ: zahon The ever popular Dlckens' "Chrls1'mas Carol" was presenled for +he publlc December I4, and 'lhe following mornmg, as an assembly program, for 'rhe sfudenfs ln January, a 'Few of fhe club members were glven 'I'he opporfunlfy of seeung Miss Eva La Gallnenne read and acl' scenes from +he greai' works of aulhors such as Shakespeare, lbsen, and Sheridan Three one ac+ plays are scheduled +o be puf on for 'rhe general publuc somehme In May. V. G Puw Um Hlllnlnrl Ihr my I. . ' I . , xggi3sjff.fkQf,i,,5 l - vii? NEiT,,,fll 4 15 A gal, e in i C C ff! Q A V ' 17 I T T T: , vs 2 - P .s .f M J 'L 7 c Xl , , ' 1 i . ' l Q ' . f as te ' ' 1 J' as ' r w: E. r ' , . , . v . row: . , . , . , . I , . r . . , ' V ' X C . . Frrsf ro R Gammon G Huggins V Gould G Wesferberg B Lu++erell Second ro A Couffs G Began N Young D Hodgluns M Phlb oolr A Palmer B Ga dner Th rd ro R Morgan R Bouchard C Slmones A Dechene R Small JU Vrcfor Gould was elec1'ed Presldenf fhrs year of lhe Hr Y O+her ofhcers were Gene Hrggrns Vrce presldenf George Wes+erberg Secre+ary Bruce LuH'erell Treas urer John Godrn Chaplain Gerald Rousseau and Wallace Whale served as advrsers The members parhcrpafed In many achvrhes during ihe school year ln November many of +he boys allended 'rhe Older Boys Conference held rn Auburn 'lhrs year Bruce Lu++erell was up for presrdenf ln Aprrl fhe club senl' srx delegaies +o 'lhe U N Assembly which was held af The Unaversuly of Marne The purpose of +hrs convenhon was 'lo pass resoluhons fo Improve fhe Unrfed Nahons Assembly The club vo+ed fo send Bruce LuH'erell as a represenfahve fo fhe Hr Y Congress whrch will be held af Cleveland Ohio In June Some of lhe o+her achvlhes fhal have been enloyed by fhe club are roller slcahng parhes hayrrdes sponsorrng dances and parhcrpaflng rn school assembly programs The club also sold programs during ihe foo+ball and baslzefball seasons and wr+h fhe Y Teens helped fo sponsor a show al' Togus The lasf bag evenl of 'lhe school year wall be fhe annual blow our parly held 'lhe las+ of May lug Um UI I 1 Flrsf row D Spooner J Morln L Srmard M Haskell A Berube C Hall D Proulx R Esfes Second row P Abboff C Polrler A Lee F Lafour C Tasslnarl D Lernay L Huard C Rousseau Y Bouchard P Denms LCIIJ Thus year because of a large enrollmenf fhe Edward Lnffle Y Teens was dnvuded Info fwo groups fhe lunlors and sensors and fhe sophomores The former group elecfed as officers Marlene Haskell Presldenf Lucille Slmard Secrefary and Dawn Spooner Treasurer Mass Janef Brown was fh faculfy adviser of fhrs group Officers of fhe sophomore group are Amfa Berube Presldenf Claudeffe Halle Vlce presldenf Dolores Proulx Secrefary and Joan Morn Treasurer Mlss Muriel Girard served as faculfy adviser The members enloyed a crowded program fhroughouf fhe year Dances suppers and speakers on dlfferenf vocafnons mef wlfh enfhuslasflc response Lucille Srmard served as general chalrman fo see fhaf blrfhday cards and favors were senf fo nnmafes of fhe Home for Aged Women Each year fhe Y Teens and Hn Y plan several meehngs fogefher Mosf successful was an enferfamlng program puf on for fhe soldlers af Togus The mam evenf of fhe year IS fo be fhe Amual Sprung Conference fo be held In Lewlsfon and Auburn March 30 3l and April I Represenfahves from Bangor Bar Harbor and Porfland 'logefher wlfh gurls from Lewlsfon and Auburn began making conference plans soon affer fhe Chrusimas vacahon The fheme IS Planmng Today for a Beffer Tomorrow I1 fill Illll IM 4 'lf fl " x lf I Third row: B. Hurley, S. Dechene, C. Esfes, M. Guenfher, J. Johnson, L. Doubois, J. Ducharme, Y - I I 1 ' I . I I I . . . ., . ll . B. H. 'rgv ff 1 fl'-I l"i1 ,W .-"fra, b-. Wme a MBo HIIIOI Ullfll Ulllllg Oll I In June of l95l Jumor Town Meehng produced and durecfed by Mr Frank Wummer a member of fhe Naflonal Commnfiee of Jun or Town Meehngs wull have complefed nfs 'fourlh year of broadcashng from +he s+udlos of W LA M Thus organnzahon has made a number of advancemen+s 'rhus year mcludmg new melhods of program pre sen+a+lon and a rev sed poxnfs sysfem The round fable fype of program rniroduced lhls year ns very sample bui 1+ as quule dependenf upon audlence parhcupahon I+ conslsls of four or fuve speeches +wo munu+es rn lengfh followed by a dlscusslon peruod un which +he sfudlo audience +akes par+ All of fhe speeches ln anofher new 'rype of program are ex+emporaneous Thus means +ha+ all mformahon mus+ be +horoughly s+udued before +he program goes on fhe anr Al+hough fh s +ype of program IS ex+remely ln+eres'l'ung 1+ ns noi used very of+en because of +he splll' second 'hmung wh ch xs needed fo keep +he show movmg Thug 'facfor us always a problem bofh +o +he dxrecfor producer and fo fhe program manager If a lag seems lmmlnenl one of +hese people mus+ fill rn The Jumor Town Meehng emblem IS round wufh a mllce IH +he cen+er around which are Inscribed +he school leHers These medals will be Issued fhrough +he revnsed ponnfs sysfem ll l'lI ll urs? Mc eo n Woo a Carro Mnc au P o econd o J amer N or e R Tnffa P .!4lll I0 IAJUH .fduli Edward Ln++le Hugh School was selecled for The second fume as a Pllol School In fhe Nahonal Educaflon Assoclahon Pllof School Program Wn+h +hls selechon wenl an award of five hundred dollars IH Audlo Visual Auds malerrals Edward LlHle Hugh School us 'the only school nn Maine so honored and one of flffy fave schools In 'l'he counlry Thus year fhe prolechomsfs have become members of lhe Prolechomsls Club or America and have been nssqed membership cards nn +ha+ organuzahon The Auduo Vnsual Ands boys were awarded emblems pending lhe passung of a +es+ desugned +o keep fhe boys on lhelr foes These emblems were designed by 'rhe depar+men+ This year fhe Audlo Vnsual Aids boys affended 'lhe School Prolechonusls Club of America D vlsnonal meeflnq held al Durham New Hampshire where 'lhey were guesfs of lhe Unuversnly A ranking svslem has been lnnovaled for +he members of fhe Audlo Vusual And Deparlmenl Thus IS carried oul by means of small prmled cards whnch are filled In by lhe feacher a+ +he showmg of +h Fnlm From lh se cards +he Audno Vusual Auds lnslruc 'for learns lhe lndnvudual performance of 'the operalors The Audio Vrsual Auds Depar+men+ IS also bulldmg up a fulm sfrnp library lo meel fhe growing demand of lhe varnous classes of Edward Lnflle. ll'f!'llIll ', urs rox l Dexle P Jones J Cverrlsh M Jon s G Sfod ar D Comeau J Lagueux J Belanger A Berube J Ma++hews E Lebrecque S Farrell C +e C LeCom+e L Simard D Bryan VanEclx S ulsifer M H alre B Duc e C Beal P Alexander R Donahue Mr Gay econd row P Spenser A Nichols M D lehaniy G Jor an Boisverl V Leblanc J Power C Bean P Packard J Er-ierson A Rubin C.. Sleven J Hodgluns N Clough D Carver M Leonard J Perry IOI HJ The chorus of Edward LiHle High School, under fhe experl direcfion of Mr. Donald Gay, consis+s of approximarely one hundred-fifly voices. The officers of This group are Peier Packard, Presidenfg Jeri Dionne, Vice-president and Jacqueline Lagueux, Sec relary-Treasurer, The secrion leaders are Shirley Farrell, firsr soprano, Connie Gurney second soprano: Helen VanEck, firsr alfog JeanneH'e Bisson, second al+og Charles Simones, firs+ bass, Richard Gammon, second bass. lllene Dex+er and Barbara Dickey serve as accompanisrs. The chorus 'rhig year inaugura+ed +heir firsl Pop Concerl, an affair which 'rhey hope will become an annual one. I+ was held on February l0 and was very successful. The special concer+ chorus, chosen by Mr. Gay, consisis of aboul' eigh+y members who fhis year sang a+ many local funciions. Of 'these were ihe concer+s given for fhe men's clubs, a conceri' in Lewisfon cily hall for 1'he Slale Grange, and 'lhe annual conceri a+ The armory which was held on January 6. Among +he selecfions sung were "Prayer of a Norwegian Child," "Coun+ry S'ryle," "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor," and "Coming Through fhe Rye." l'ugz' Um' l!UllIll'l'1l Iiilifllf d o P Kirk, G. Dionne, C. Royall, B. Pra++ R. Donahue, B. Bar+leH, D. Gilpafric, G. Benne++, R Cloul er, G, Berube, R. Demers, R. Dubois, D. Choinard, R. Reynolds, G. Wighf, B. Williams, Wheeler, L. Asselin, S. Bailey, P. Dennis, C. Tassinari, l. Brefon, J. Bisson, M. Marshall. Fourlh ro R. Gammon, A. Dechene, C. Gouger, D. Irish, R. Turcofie, F. Ludden, R. Gardner, R Therrlaull, B. Michael, N. Rousseau, L. Granl, G. Weslerberg. R. Frost R. Lacourse, B. Curfis R Ande son, P. Maheux, B. Myriclr. This year a small group of aboul' lhirly-five weni' fo Middleboro, MassachuseH's for a ioinf concer+ wilh Middleboro High. The group sfayecl overnighr fhere and among o+her +l1ings+l1ey were 'frealed 'ro a few hours in Bos+on and sighf-seeing around Plymou+h Rock. The Jabberwoclcs, anolher branch of lhe chorus, consisfing of eighl' boys, were again recognized lhis year as an oufslanding high school group and enjoyed singing a+ many func+ions. Auburn was chosen fhis year as +he si+e for +he New England Concerf Fes+ival in which abouf fwelve members of our chorus parficipared. The enfire chorus, con- sisfing of lhree hundred and 'rwenly-five boys and girls from all over New England was under 'the direclion of Mr. John Raymond of Lafayefle College, Wilh The close of lhe school year lhe chorus will again par+icipa+e wifh 'lhe band in +he annual Spring Concerl held a+ The armory. They are also looking forward +o 'lhe Weslern Maine Music Feslival and fhe New England Audilion Fesfival. They will make fheir lasf appearance a+ Baccalaureafe in June. C. G. l'f1uw Um' llllmffwfl lim' J LWDWJ ilfffiff W ff xl X , , . . A . rv , fr rf' T la I . - . v 0 A '. I I K . , , . n , - I' of ' 8 x I 9, tl ' N ' N lf l I l 1 4 A x , 7 pnill. .. I 1 A ' 7 K "IJ Furs? ro D Rlfchne J Fournier V Sedgley J Prlfzker R Donahue B Wheeler Second ro B Praff M Marsha'l D Gefchell G Wghf R Perry D Carver MN Thurd ro S Descha ne A Thurber R Banks R Mnfchell B Barileff J Lyon A, 42004 cu ln The fall of I946 The Teen Age Book Club was organized af Edward Ll++le under The leadership of The faculfy adviser Mass Doroihy Wellman Agam +hls year fhe club ha proved very popular A+ +he begmmng of 'the year each Englush +eacher appom+5 a member of each class fo represent 'rhai class as fhe T A B ecrefary I+ IS +he du+y of fhe secre+ary 'fo keep a record of each book boughf and +o see +ha+ +he books are dlsfrlbufed affer fhelr arrlval Every mon+h a Ius'r of a+ leasf Five books us submu++ed 'ro +he s+uden'rs from whuch 'ro make fhear own selechons Thus llsf always offers a wnde varnefy of fypes uncludmg novels shor+ sforles biographies adven'I'ure SIOFIGS and poe+ry Such hlles as Sfars ln My Crown Losf Horizon Lucky To Be A Yankee Guadacanal Diary Four Greaf Tragedies by Shakespeare Call If Treason and Sarafoga Trunk are only a few of fhe many selechons ihai' have been In +he T A B lls'rs +hns year Thus club shmulales good reading among 'The sfudenfs and gives 'lhem an opporfu m+y fo s+ar+ a collechon of books BB ' w: . ' ' , . ' , . , . ' , . , . . w: . , . ., . , . i , . , . . ' wt . l , . , . , . ' , . , . . -e ll . . l . . . . . s . ' I . . I . . . H I I I I ' ll ll ' Il II II ll r U ll Il I I I I ' Il Il ll ll ll ' - Pugv Unr' Ilumlrml Ten JW, ff! il ff . AS, af QL-5 UMTS I ll llll Jeff ly , L H V L rv U , 1 4, W ff' f' ,ff fyn ll 1 V J! 1- 1, JZ f Aff 1 ff fxlftf 1 ,, . 1' ' ,lf VI 9 , I xu 5' x x X :X X .L fx A C 'Uv'-'Q ,,,-f X nf K hx I X N X-Z ' X. x , 7-SX Barbff rsf o oua onne Gen e P Pou n econd ro e J Go e C Pele son C Ro a IPI ll ll Is everybody ready7 shouls head cheerleader Charlene Royall O K leis go' Then one of +he new cheers One a zuppa Team Beam Choo Choo or Allemande echoes fhrough fhe gym sophomore gurls Carol MaHhews June Perry Dorolhy Sheloslce and Elaune Woodman were chosen fo replace nexf year fhe four senuors Joyce Gove Connue Pe+erson Charlene Royall and Janus Sewall Jeru Duonne wull lead lhe cheerung squad nexf year assusfed by Joanne Boulay Nancy Genhle Chruslune Hawluns and PauleHe Poulun LuHle Connue Conner as mascoi has been a charmung addu+uon +o +he squad The cheerleaders have been very busy fhus year lhunluung up udeas for fheur fwo bug rallues The one lhey especually enloyed worlung on had for a +heme Deane Do You Remember7 The gurls also enloyed worlrung on fheur bullehn board un lhe gurls gym Thus showed +he qualufucahons of a cheerleader whuch are Pep Personaluly Pouse and Pleasung Appearance One of +he specual +rea1's of ihe year came a+ +he end of The foofball season when fhe cheerleaders and 'ream became guesfs of Bos+on Unuversufy for lhe day Muss Nancy Barfhelemy us facul+y advuser fo fhe cheerleaders Fi rw:J.Bly,G.Du ,N. +il,. ll. S w: J. S wall, . v, A - r , . y ll. Cl f I U ' ' If I 'J On March I9, +ryou+s for new cheerleaders were held in +he audi+orium, Four C. R. J. L. I Um' Hlnuuflvvf Thllffuu .1 v . 4 up .A I 1 ' I Q J S 1 . , , I f ' ff .J ' 1 l . I!! Ak' l Q ' 4 'P ya s 31,6 'a 56 is .I Flsf o C Tess nar M Oakes Mlss Barfhel my J Smulh M Beaulueu Second ro B Roy N Trnbou A Be ube W Hariford J Niles P Poulm 3f,g,4,4 The G A A ns composed of gurls from all +hree classes under 'rhe dlrechon or Mlss Nancy Bar+helemy A board consnshng of 'ren members ns chosen each year fo make plans for The specual a+hle+lc program The G A A officers are Preslden+ Joan Smnfh Vace preslden+ Paule'H'e Poulm Secrefary Connie Tasslnaru Treasurer Manne Oaks Sensor Represenfahves Wllla Harfford Madeline Beaulieu Junvors Jacue Niles Bunny Roy Sophomores Anlfa Berube and Na+ Trlbou The G A A offers many achvlhes whlch mclude held hockey volleyball baskel ball sofiball bowlung modern dancing horseback rldlng +ennls and plng pong The members may parhclpafe an as many spor+s as +hey wlsh and credufs are glven for each undlvldual spor+ Any gurl wl+h slxfy credlfs wlll be awarded her numeral and each wlrh one hundred and +en credn+s her E L leH'ers A pendanl' as gnven for one hundred and snx+y credu+s and +he gurl wrlh fhe hughes+ number of credn+s for fhree years recerves a blazer The awards are glven af fhe annual banque+ held an May Affer fhe compleflon of each achvrly mframural compehhon as held and fhe wmnlng class recexves a cer+aun number of credl+s The class wu+h fhe largesf +o+al of crednis has rls numerals engraved upon +he G A A plaque The lasl' achvrly 'I'ha1' ihe G A A sponsors ns fhe Mass Debbze Teen Con+es+ lhe wmner of which recenves a bracelei llfr ll 6 sa o 40 ao 67 65 .ef-as Irs ro urns A mer Ins a Bae W Hlg ns R Du os G Wesferberg R Demers R Bnlodeau C Thompson Second R Doucelle K Oldham R Clarlc J Phlnpon G Gush M Girardn D MacLeod R Aube R Gammon V Gould ur e au G erel e u es hle ey M c e R Gra R Morgan W Carland Coach Grenda Fourlh ro Coach Sa ignano D lrlsh E Lyons K Bro n Manager N Berube Assns+an+ Manager P Harriman Manager R Burns Coach Bell: eau fl,.,fA.1 If Allhough fhe foo+ball season of l950 was no+ full of Eddie vicfories fhe aufumn gaie'I'y was lhere and So was 'lhe school spirif. The season began Sepfember I5 wilh lhe annual game wifh Morse. The lwo leams slugged il our in fhe rain and mud wifh fhe final counl' showing Edward LiHle 25 Morse 6. Ralph Braley and Billy Higgins fhe co-caplains along wilh Gene Higgins all-s+a+e cenler supplied lhe brunl of fhe affaclt The following Friday fhe Eds iourneyed down fo Porfland Sladium where +hey were nosed our by a I2-7 score a+ +he hands of the LiHle Boy Blues. The nexl week-end game was a nigh+mare againsl Soufh Porfland which finally came our Capers 56 Eddies 0. The firsf game of Ocfober found The Edclies running up againsf ihe predicled s+a+e champs Lewis+on. The final score showed Lewisfon 28 E, L. 7. The following week fhe Red Ghosls wen? +o Deering where in +he final minu+es Billy Higgins refurned a punl' fo lie lhe game 6 all. The nex+ +wo games +he Eddies 'fools easily 'From S+. Doms and Rumford, 2I-6 and 33-7 respecfively, buf lhey losi fhe Armislice Day game 'lo fhe "Blue Devils" 27-0. G. W. I 1 Um' llumlrwl l"nurtr" S RTherau W ke RDu os I ns on byVGold Maae Second ro B Lufferell Asssfant Manage R Demers J Godin C Rce M Phlb oolz G Beg E Hgg ns Coach Belll eau ga.5L0l6Cl OPP Wesfbrook Ba+es Morse Sf Doms Porfland Lewnsfon Rumforcl Wesfbrook Soufh Porfland Ba+es Morse Bowdom Lewusion Rumford S+ Doms Deernng Bull Hlggms won +he Edward Ln++Ie foul shoohng championship malung 46 ou+ or 50 baskefs When compefmg for fhe Maine S+a're 'rifle Bully came m fourfh shoohng 43 ou+ of 50 W H I U1 nl Fir f row: . r I H, . Siar y, . b I , W. H'ggi , N. Y u g, C. Quim , . u n g r. f E. L. . 27 bl 45 49 48 Sou+h Porfland 59 38 45 33 . 43 4l 43 42 ' 58 40 25 27 57 32 33 32 40 35 37 43 ' 54 30 ' 48 4I 42 36 . 53 39 ' 50 'ngw r w Ill: 1 :ml l"fH ll kd' -H... urs? ro Therrnaulf D lrsh G Anihony C Rce R Barl R Demers E Hugg ns D Mc eo Second V Gouger C umby W Siarlrey A Sp o D Decosle G Boslo Smad DeCos+er R Dubois P Andre s Manager K Grani Ass slanl Manager u o N Davis D Hodgluns C Condon G Glidden K Oldham W Rand R Joh son Taylor L Berkley Mr Bellsveau Z?,mL.1! This year 'fhe Oracle wen+ fo press ioo early for ihe baseball leam fo be officially organized or uniforms issued. The schedule of games is as follows: Apri' Apri May May May May May May May May May fr fn' nr' 24 27 Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward LEH e LiH e Li++ e Li++ e LiH e LiHle LIH e LiH e Li++ e LiH e Li'H e Brunswick Sf. Doms. Morse Bares Frosh. Rumford Lewislon Brunswick S+. Doms. Morse Rumford Lewislon homel home away SWB away home away away home home awa ss-A half +'!'Qee 5 we Wifi' 2W"a""I's Q?- an-www W NAKSW' M km? AWN' urs ro R Wylie R Hanscom T Shaw A Charron A Hughes C Thompson R Laroche R Lamleffe Second row F Taylor P Taylor R Ballard R Gauher K Brown G Cadman N Cummlngs R Langley R Burns G Roy W Smufh Mr Dwelley Third row D Ryder R Provosf R Fellows R Therruaulf R Bouchard R Mlfchell G Veayo G Bosfon R Cloufler Mr Savnagno Jjljfy mn I"ClL ' The l95O 5l fraclc feam fhns year will be under fhe fuforage of Mr Linwood Dwelley and hls new asslsfanf Mr Alfred Savlgnano The nucleus of fhe feam wsll b fhe refurnmg leffermen Ralph Braley Andy Charron Alberf Hughes Dlclr Hanscom and Cliff Thompson and fhree boys who saw considerable acflon laf year Fred Hunfress Roger Laroche and Roger Boucher The schedule fhus year has been revised fo puf emphasis upon hugh school rafher fhan upon college freshman meefs The schedule is as follows: Apri -Brunswick af Bowdoin College May -Af Gould Academy May -Androscoggin Valley Championship Meef May -Bafes Freshmen af Bafes College May -Bafes Relays af Bafes College May 24-Lewisron a+ Bafes College June 2-Sfafe Meef af Bowdoin College A.. lay 1' Hu' llunlf 'l .N 'll'llfl n ff-A' finds s N Cumm ngs R Ryde R Osgood R Feld R La gey K a eco d ro I a e o s ayo ecosf W ll ams P Manager rdro ee e ue ce aae 'dvd jf .170 In The Easfern Unlled S+a+es Ski Champions of Edward LrH'le Hugh School had anofher successful season under +he capable durechon of Coach Lmwood Dwelley Thus is ihe second year fhaf Edward Lnffle has held ihe Marne S+a+e Championship +l+le Duck Field Duck Osgood and Norm Cummings were hugh scorers for +he year Duck Field fool: 'furs+ place un lumpmg In 'lhe Eas+ern followed by Norm Cummings who placed 'fourlh Duck Osgood look fursf place rn cross couniry a+ +he Marne and New England Slu Meer and second a+ ihe Eas'I'ern Ski Meer The en'r re llsi of Ski Meefs for 'lhe year were as follows an an 9 9 6 e Mar 2627 I73I 90 I67 23 24 E L Wlnfer Carnival Gould 28008 E L 27308 Dual meel wlfh Hebron E L 39506 Hebron 347 00 Berlin Wm'l'er Carnival E L 386 84 Lacoma 35909 Slale Meer a+ Andover E L 38604 Gould 37l 06 New England Meer ai Middlebury Vermonl' Hanover 36I 07 lThurdl E L 356 48 Gould Wmler Carnival Gould 375 43 E L 370 24 Easrern Unr+ed S+a+es Meei af Andover New Hampshire E L 367 92 Gould 362 94 I rg: Un Hunrl rl l'lL1lf -of l l Luv' 'W ' "W ' wr l I ' ,K .f ' ' 4 K- I Fir i row: . i , . r, . , . I , . n l , . Brown, P. H rriman. S n w: R. Swifl, F. P'per, R. B ril, R. F ll w, R. T l r, W. D er, D. i i , . HHH, Thi wz R. L g ndr , F. Davis, P. H rl y, R. Mil h ll, M n g r, D. Elliofl, D. Libby, R. Merrill. 'W f '44-4 7' if ' P"4. S 2 5 ' 'T l ze ea , I, X 1 , " . A gf - I ' ' ' : J . - - . . ' ' - . , . . . J . - - ' - , , . , . F b. 2-3 - ' ' ' - . . . , ' . F b. -I - - . . . , . F b. -I - ' , -- . , ' F b. - - ' ' - . , . . . . 2-3 - ' , ' - . . . , R. L. 'I ' 1' r 1 .nf 1'r'n L s., 3 M Oalces L Asseln R Langley P Harrnman Qlllllg The Farsi meehng of +he club was held November 8 ai which 'fume all lhe commnr fees for +he January Coronahon and Ball were orgamzed lmmedna+ely followmg elechons Manue Calcs and Lorrame Asselln Secrefary Treasurer and Asslsiani Secre fary Treasurer s+ar+ed collechng dues whale Palmer Harriman The Presndenf and Bob Langely Vnce presndenr helped orgamze +he commlHees Once agam +he weafher man +rled has besf fo preven+ +he siagnng of 'rhe Wnn+e fo make possuble one of +he usual evenis The day of fhe Carnuval dawned a brlgh+ snowless day buf as Mr Dwelley had had ihe landmg and fresfle of fhe lump wel packed wdh snow hauled un from our of fown +he s'ruden+ body was able +o see rhe slu ieam In achon The slalom and cross coun+ry were held at Befhel because of snow conduhons The Coronahon and Ball +oolx place The same evenung wu+h Palmer Harruman crownmg Jane Varnum as queen Af+er 'rhe coronaflon and fhe preseniahon of slu medals In 'lhe audu+orrum 'rhe Ball was held In +he gymnasium MO lr lf Hn ' " ' ' v G 2 Carnival, bu+ wi+h luck and wifh fhe help of several +ruclcs, enough snow was 'rransporred I l . . I '1 ga' fn' mlfwl Xiu t 1 31 L-elf ,,,,.-1 ,-4 rv""" Second H Lelansky G Veayo T Sha F Hunfress Coach Beal R Cushman W and D Barry C Walron N Babbu++ Mad jc an gl"l"'l.9 , Uwnfff' IC, jf ggllfllllllllllg ffllll The swammmg feam under +he able coachmg of Mr Beal was one of fhe s+ronges' m +he hlsfory of +he sporl a+ E L Al+hough 1+ los? 'four meefs 'rhe +eam was compehno agamsf some of fhe fas+es+ compehhon an New England The leH'ermen are N BabbrH D Barry A Charron S Cohen R Gefchell F Hunlress N Larochelle H Lelansky A Mercier A S+ Plerre W Smr+h W Varney G Veayo and C Wal+on Co caplams H Lelanslcy and G Veayo wnll be succeeded by C Walfon nexf year The schedule was as follows OPP Deering Porfland Boys Club Brunswuck Deering Hebron Porfland Bowdonn J V s Marne ln+erscholas'hc S'I'a+e Meel fhlrd place for E L I , ' VX gs-gill V , A ,E+ 7 -I if h ,if , 2 Z - + T ef! 5 H m l . A 'kh' "' Tan .-sl . , 1- 4.5 J if If Q l . , .. Firs+ row: N. Larochelle, W. Smiih, R. Sf. Pierre, R. Mercier, R. Gehzhell, K. Judson, A. Charron. row: . . . , . w, , , , . , . R . I0 W 1 s v 3 E. L. . 4I ' 34 40 ' 35 34 ' 4I SI ' 24 34 4l 20 55 28 ' . .' 47 G. V. lug f'lll' lllmflrml T141-ull' rs? e o P Har m Second a a C Coach W mme Vea o Lea H fl Wllh four mns +wo hes cl one defeal' lhe l95O golf +eam ,us m ssed +he Sfafe Championship The members were Lee Nmles Frank Folsom Mucha l Dac y Damel May May May May May June June Home Home a+ Norway Home Porfland Home Deerlng 8 2 lxorway l Vlorse 2 Norway 4 Morse 3 Deering 7X2 Lewns+on 3 A+ lhe frrs+ meehng of 'lhe l95l 'leam sux men reporled only one of whom IS a veleran player O l95O The schedule will b prachcally 'rhe same as 'l'ha'r of fhe lasl SGBSOFI I U1 H1 I ll: I Fi row: R. F Il ws, . ri an. row: R. B II rd, J. Ofllln, V r, G. y , J. vi . j f 5 4 Miller, and John LeaviH. The schedule was as follows: 9 ' -E. L. 7 Q I5 lf. L. I4 - l 22 B h E. L. 4 -. 24 E. L. II - 25 E. L. 3 - 5 E. L. 7'f- ' ' 7 E. L. 9 - ' J. 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V Q l l . , I ' 1 I 'V J X V . . l D ' Y H V I ' Q I 7 V l l fr Um' nl 'ml Tflilflrjrrlll' I ' 4 "W-KA' '71 ' 'J "g" 'NFA 'Y' ' """'gA" 'W' 'YW' ""R"' '5' Z Cfmnjvlinlunrs of r 1 w TEAGUE GL STEVENS 991 Mun bran Luulsrou MIIUL FI AIXDER9 Qorrgcl Clothes fox Mm Xuburn 'Mum C UIHPIIITYQVYIN ul me ILXXISIOX ,ww ALIBURN CH1XROlk PURITAN CHEN ROI Enl CO bfi Ninn Strut luxmton N um I1 U1 H11 II I ll 5 3 - w - i l g CQ. 3 N Y I A 1 x X ' - 1 v ' , . ' J X X E Mu' A ' J 5' ,rr S DIL-Xl.l' R lime 15 Y11.x1as L f - 1 N -1-'LL' f " AV, ,.1f ' '1 ue' lw ffrwf uf' C omplnmnts of McFadden Motor Car Q0 nc PACK ARD SAI LS my SPRXI I 43 XVashmgton grunt Auburn D111-? 640 C omplzmcnls of AUBURN DIE C0 UNC Vx xshmglon Strut Xubum 'Xhlm sl Vx IS 1 ZIZ Mum Sturt Iuxrslon Mum MAL S OIL BURNL R SLRVICJ: XXL Qmrucc All Nhkw oi Orl Burnus D 1 Z OOXI Z C ourl Strwt Auburn Nilllh i ., I . A . . Tf .L ' i 7 Ci f 1 . . , K 1 1 4 .. 4. 61 1 ' 5 .- I, - fich' ' Nh 'S SEARS. 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Desjardins' Studio Mlflass of 1937" 86 fNl.1inSIrcul Auburn. Nlainc A Dial-4-5218! Ccm1plz1mnrx of BELGRADE SHQE COMPANY AUBLRN MAINE ML-5 on 171117 anis ul Storm Auburn Thuam Bldg L BXBERGE BRQ5 CJYLLIIIIOLISLS 747 C-,nur Sl Xuburn . 2 Q 1 K l1S'IAPaI ISHKU IS-4 " f' 1 ',, tv ' HD A A - I 5 , X 0 N ,I , 1 1 A G I L Um'lllH1rl1'ffll"nrlx-I T HERTUN S jg, ffl? ff Zlflllflffg Lev ISYOU Iisbon and Pine SIS J--J The Corner Market IZ7 Dum Au lt I lkr Strut D111 4 8402 C mlplumnlsof Lawrence MUSIC and Appllance Co 319 I ISIWOH Strut I uslston XIIIUL DUNLAP S FOR INQURANCE C ourt Strut Auburn Phone 4 5408 C omplrments of Glenwood Bakery IO Park Street Iuuslon Nlnm BIRTHDAX AND PAR I X C AKES OUR 'SPEC IAI TY B E N O I T S PRI:P HAI L C I OTHIJS CDutHIters to Men and Boqb Qenozt S D4 szamdl specially for llluh um1Prep School Men I I xx Islov I U llzlllzll 9 1 II 'old XV. IIiclwv Virginia H IIicIwv ff ' I 3 ' L VI. V x, L 41. s ki i' 1 - L xi ' - - Vi ' IN NIAINIS I'I"S .N -' A Y A 73 .' 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